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1 New Publications Received As of February 10, 1968 The following publications on anthropological and closely related topics have been received since the previous list was closed. Only books, monographs, and fhe initial issues of new journals are listed; space limitations prevent inclusion of subsequent iourml issues and of offprints of single articles from journals. No exchanges are conducted, nor can any item be returned. Books that publishers or authors send to the Book Review Editor before or immediately after their publication dates are more likely to be reviewed, and usually will be reviewed sooner, than those he must discover himself. This listing serves to acknowledge receipt of such items, but neither promises nor precludes subsequent publication of reviews. REPRINTS, NEW EDITIONS, AND TRANSLATIONS Angas, George French. Savage Life and Scenes in Australia and New Zealand: Being an Artist s Impressions of Countries and People ar rhe Anripodes. Vols. I and ZI. (Landmarks in Anthropology.) New York, N.Y.: Johnson Reprint Corporation, x, 339, viii, 280 pp., appendix, figures, 12 plates (2 frontispiece). n.p. [Reprint of 1847 ed.] Bailey, Helen Miller, and Abraham P. Nasatir. Latin America: The Development of lrs Civilization. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice- Hall, Inc., pp., aids to further study, chapter readings, glossary, 75 illustrations, index, 13 maps (1 frontispiece). $9.95. [Second, revised ed. First ed., Barth, Fredrik. Nomads of Sourh Persia: The Basseri Tribe of rhe Khamseh Confederacy. (The Little, Brown Series in Anthropology.) Boston: Little, Brown and Company, n.d. 161 pp., 1 appendix, 10 figures, index, 1 map, 8 plates, works cited. n.p. [Also published as Universitets Etnografiske Museum, Oslo, Bulletin No. 8. Rev. AA 64:636.1 Battcy, Thomas C. The Life and Adventures of a Quaker among rhe Indians. Introduction by Alice Marriott. (The Western Frontier Library, Number 36.) Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, xxvi, 355 pp., appendix, 8 illustrations (1 frontispiece). $2.00. [New ed. with new introduction. First ed., Benedict, Ruth. The Chrysanthemum and the Sword: Patterns of Japanese Culture. Cleveland and New York: The World Publishing Company (Meridian Books), pp., index, glossary, 1 table. $2.95 [Reprint of 1946 ed. Rev. AA 49:469.1 Braidwood, Robert J. Prehisroric Men. Glenview, Illinois: Scott, Foresman and Company, pp., 4 charts, 40 figures, index, list for further reading, 3 maps. $4.00 (cloth), $1.95 [Seventh ed., with new preface. First ed Rev. AA 51:310; 60:1239.] Brewster, A. B. The Hill Tribes of Fiji: A Record of Forty Years Intimate Connecrion with the Tribes of rhe Mountainous Interior of Fiji wirh a Description of Their Habits in War & Peace, Methods of Living, Characteristics Mental and Physical, from rhe Days of Cannibalism to the Present Time. (Landmarks in Anthropology.) New York, N.Y.: Johnson Reprint Corporation, pp., 24 illustrations (1 frontispiece), index, 1 foldout map, note on pronunciation. n.p. [Reprint of 1922 ed.] Chansonnier des Preux Albanais. Introduction by Zihni Sako. Translation by 1 Institut du Folklore de Tirana (Albanie). (Collection UNESCO d Oeuvres ReprCentatives, S6rie Europbnne.) Paris: UNESCO and Bditions G.-P. Maisonneuve & Larose, pp., bibliography, lexicon, notice. n.p. Christian, F. W. The Caroline Islands: Travel in rhe Sea of the Little Lands. New York: Humanities Press, xiii, 412 pp., appendix, 39 illustrations (1 frontispiece), index, 5 maps and plans (1 foldout). $ [Reprint of 1899 ed.] Dentan, Robert C., ed. The Idea of History in rhe Ancient Near Easr. Preface by Julian Obermann. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, ix, 376 pp., chapter bibliographies, indexes. $8.50 (cloth), $1.95 [Reprint of 1955 ed. Lectures of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Literatures at Yale University.] De Vos, George, and Hiroshi Wagatsuma, eds. Japan s Invisible Race: Caste in Culrure and Personalily. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1967 [1968]. xxiii, 415 pp., bibliography, 19 illustrations, index, tables. $3.95 [Reprint of 1966 ed. Rev. AA 69(6).1 Farabee, William Curtis. The Central Arawarks. (University of Pennsylvania, The University Museum, Anthropolo ical Publications, Vol. IX.) Oosterhout N. B., fke Netherlands: Anthropological Publications, 1967 [1968]. (Distributed in the U.S. by Humanities Press, New York.) 288 pp., bibliography, 13 figures, 32 plates, 7 tables. $9.75 [Photomechanic reprint after the 1918 ed. Rev. AA 21:196.] Farabee, William Curtis. The Central Caribs. Notice by G. B. Gordon. (University of Pennsyl- 658

2 vania, The University Museum, Anthropological Publications, Vol. X.) Oosterhout N. B., The Netherlands: Anthropological Publications, 1967 [1968]. (Distributed in the U.S. by Ilumanities Press, New York.) 299 pp., bibliography, 10 figures, index, 1 map, 41 plates (1 frontispiece), 21 tables. $10.50 [Photomechanic reprint after the 1924 ed. Rev. AA 28:288.] Gibson, Charles. Tluxcala in the Sixteenth Century. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, xii, 300 pp., 7 appendices, bibliography, 6 illustrations (1 frontispiece), index, list of sources, 5 maps, 8 tables. $8.50. [A reissue of 1952 ed., with a new preface. Rev. AA 5 5 :425.] Grinnell, George Bird. By Cheyenne Campfires. Photographs by Elizabeth C. Grinnell. Foreword by Omer C. Stewart. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, xxiv. 305 pp., 9 illustrations (1 frontispiece). $1.95, 15s. [Reprint, with new foreword, of 1926 ed. Rev. AA 30:710.] Herskovits, Melville J. The Human Factor in Changing Africa. New York: Vmtaqe Books (a division of Random House), xiv, 500, lv pp.. bibliography, index, 2 maps. $2.45 ( paper). [Reprint of 1962 ed.] Lieberson, Stanley, ed. Explorations in Socwlinguistics. Foreword by Herman Turk. (Indiana University Research Center in Anthropology, Folklore, and Linguistics, Publication Forty- Four; Part I1 of the International Journal of American Linguistics, Vol. 33, No. 2 [1967].) Bloomington: Indiana University; The Hague, The Netherlands: Mouton & Co., pp., 1 chapter bibliography, 5 figures, 34 tables. $4.50 [First published as Vol. 36, No. I1 of the Sociological Inquiry, Spring Mandelbaum, David G., Gabriel W. Lasker, and Ethel M. Albert, eds. The Teaching of Anrhropolog. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, xi, 395 pp., 2 figures, index, chapter references cited. $2.95 [Second, abridged ed. First ed., Rev. AA 69(6).1 Mofolo, Thomas. Chaka: An Historical Romance. Introduction by Henry Newbolt. Translated from the original Sesuto by P. H. Dutton. Notes on pronunciation of African names b A. Werner. London: Oxford University Press 6ublished for the International African Institute), xv, 198 pp. 30s. [Reprint of 1931 ed. Rev. AA 34:349.] Sergi, G. The Mediterranean Race: A Study of the Origin of European Peoples. Oosterhout N. B., The Netherlands: Anthropological Publications, 1967 [1968]. (Distributed in the U.S. by the Humanities Press, New York.) xii, 320 pp., 93 figures, index. $9.75 [Photomechanic reprint after the first English ed., First German ed First Italian ed Temple, 0. Notes on the Tribes, Provinces, Emirates and States of the Northern Provinces of Nigeria. Edited by C. L. Temple. New York: Barnes & Noble, Inc., pp., bibliographical note to the 1965 ed., genealogical New Publications Received 659 charls and tables. Drovincial index. tribal index. $ [New impr&sion of the second ed., First ed van den Berghe. Pierre L. South Africa, A Study in Conflict. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, x, 371 pp., 3 appendices (with 30 tables), selected bibliography inder, 2 maps. $2.45 [Paperback ed. with new preface and revised bibliography. First ed Whiting, John W. M., and Irvin L. Child, Child Training and Personality: A Cross-Cultural Study. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, pp., appendix, 4 figures, name index, subject index, references, 27 tables. $7.50 (cloth) [Reprint- of 1953 ed. Rev. 56:893.] OTHER NEW PUBLICATIONS Andrews, E. Wyllys, IV. Explorations in the Gruta de Chac, Yucutan, Mexico. (Preprinted from Middle American Research Institute, Publication 31, pages 1-21.) New Orleans: Middle American Research Institute, Tulane University, pp., 7 text figures, 4 color plates, references. n.p. Bakan, David. On Method: Toward a Reconstruction of Psychological Investigation. (The Jossey- Bass Behavioral Science Series.) San Francisco: Jos~ey-Ba~s Inc., Xviii, 187 pp., bibliography, 4 figures, index. $7.50. Bass, Willard P., and Henry G. Burger. American Indians and Educational Laboratories. Foreword b Paul V. Petty. (Southwestern Cooperative &ucational Laboratory, Inc., Publication No ) Albuquerque, N.M.: Southwestern Cooperative Educational Laboratory, Inc., pp., 1 appendix, 10 figures, references cited. Single copies free Bates, Marston. Gluttons and Libertines: Human Problems of Being Natural. New York: Random House, pp., notes and sources. $5.95. Beothy, Erzsbbet. Die Bezeichnungen fiir Himmelsrichtungen in den Finnisch-Ugrischen Sprachen. Preface by Gyula DQsy. (Indiana University Publications, Uralic and Altaic Series, Volume 84.) Bloomington: Indiana University; The Hague, The Netherlands: Mouton & Co., xxxii, 241 pp., abbreviations, 2 appendices, bibliograph 1 figure, footnotes, English summary. $8.08 Black, Glenn A. Angel Site: An Archaeological, Historical, and Ethnological Study. Volumes One and Two. Preface by Gayle Thornbrough. Part 3 by James H. Kellar. Indmnapolis: Indiana Historical Society, x, 616 pp.. 2 appendices, 549 figures, index, frontispiece plate. $25.00 (boxed). Brower, Kenneth, ed. Navajo Wildlands: As Long as the Rivers Shall Run. Text by Stephen C. Jett. Photographs by Philip Hyde. Foreword by David Brower. (Sierra Club Exhibit Format Series, 14.). San Francisco: Sierra Club, pp., endpaper illustration, 1 foldout map, 72 color plates. $ Burger, Hen a. Telesis: Facilitating Directed Cultural Zhnge by Strategically Designing

3 660 American Anthropologist [70, Chain Reactions. Ann Artjor, Michigan: UNversity Microfims, Inc., , 409 pp., abstract, appendix, index, references and places cited. $5.25 (microfilm), $18.70 (xerography, paper). Eutler, B. Robert. A Guide to Understanding Idaho Archaeology. (A Special Publication of the Idaho State University Museum.) Pocatello, Idaho: The Idaho State University Museum, viii, 143 pp., bibliography, 30 illustrations and charts. $2.00 Comas, Juan. Unidad y Variedad de la Especie Humana. (Lecturas Universitarias.) [Mexico]: U[niversidad] acional] A[utbnoma de] M[bxico], Direcci6n General de Difusi6n Cultural, pp., bibliography, 12 figures, 16 plates. n.p. Contributions to Anthropology: Linguistics I (AIgonquian). Foreword by A. D. DeBlois. (National Museum of Canada, Bulletin No. 214, Anthropological Series No. 78.) Ottawa: Department of the Secretary of State, vii, 162 pp., 2 chapter appendices, 1 figure, 10 maps, chapter notes, chapter references, rdsumd in French, 9 tables. n.p. Coopersmith, Stanley. The Antecedents of Selfesteem. (A Series of Books in Behavioral Science.) San Francisco and London: W. H. Freeman and Company, ix, 283 pp., 4 appendices, 1 figure, index, 80 tables. $6.00. Crawford, J. R. Witchcraft and Sorcery in Rhodesia. London: Oxford University Press (published for the International African Institute), 1967 [1968]. ix, 312 pp., 3 appendices (1 foldout), bibliography, 1 figure, index, 3 plates (1 frontispiece), 4 tables. $ s. Davidson, H. R. Ellis. Pagan Scandinavia. (Ancient Peoples and Places, Volume Fifty-Eight.) New York, Washington: Frederick A. Praeger, Publishers, pp., select bibliography, index, 29 line drawings, 1 map, notes on the plates, 68 plates. $7.50. Day, Cyrus Lawrence. Quipus and Witches Knors: The Role of the Knot in Primitive and Ancient Cultures. Lawrence: The Universit of Kansas Press, pp., 6 appendices, {gures, index, notes, frontispiece plate. $7.50. [With a translation and analysis of Oribasius De Lrrqueis. ] Despres, Leo A. Cultural Pluralism and Nationalist Politics in British Guiana. Foreword by M. G. Smith. (Studies in Political Chan e.) Chica 0 Rand McNally and Company, xxx, 510 pp., bibliography, 6 figures, index, 1 detachable map, references to foreword, 22 tables. $4.50 Dibble, David S., and Dessamae Lorrain. Bonfire Shelter: A Stratified Bison Kill Sire, Val Verde County, Texas. Part I: The Archeology. Part 11: Analysis of the Bison Bones, Appendix by Ruben Frank. Foreword by W. W. Newcomb. (The Texas Memorial Museum, Miscellaneous Papers No. 1.) Austin: The Texas Memorial Museum, pp.. appendix, 64 illustrations, references cited, 24 tables. n.p. Dichter, David. The Norfh-West Frontier of West Pakistan: A Study in Regional Geography. With the collaboration of Nathan S. Popkin. Oxford: Clarendon Press, xii, 231 pp., 6 appendices, bibliography, 21 figures, index, 21 plates, tables. $10.10, 63s. Dockstader, Frederick J. Indian Art in South America: Pre-Columbian and Contemporary Arts and Crafts. Photography by Carmelo Guadagno. Greenwich, Connecticut: New York Gra hic Society Publishers Ltd., pp., biblography, 250 illustrations (SO color plates, 1 frontispiece), 3 maps and charts. $27.9 Douglas, Jack D. The Social Meanings of Suicide. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, xiv, 398 pp., 2 appendices, bibliography, 8 figures, index. $8.50, 68s. Evans-Pritchard, E. E. The Zartde Trickster. (OXford Library of African Literature.) Oxford: Clarendon Press, ix, 7-40 pp., 2 appendices, index, 3 plates. $6.75. Florescu, Florea Bobu, Paul Stahl, and Paul Petrescu. Arta Popular5 din Zonele Argej $i Muscel [Popular Art from the Argeg and Muscel Regions]. (Studii de Etnografie Si ArtH Popular& IV.) Bucharest: Ehtura Academiei Republicii Socialiste Romfinia, pp., 155 figures, 9 maps, summaries in French and German, tables. Lei 40. Forbes, Jack D., ed. Nevada Indians Speak. (me Lancehead Series; Nevada and the West.) Reno, Nevada: University of Nevada Press, xii, 293 pp., index, chapter notes and references, 8 plates. $5.75. Fox, Robin. Kinship and Marriage: An Anthropological Perspeclive. (Pelican Anthropology Library.) Harmondsworth, England: Penguin Books Ltd; Baltimore, Md.: Penguin Books Inc., pp., 71 diagrams, index, references and further reading. 6s. Fried, Morton H. The Evolution of Political Society: An Essay in Political Anthropology. (Studies in Anthropology, 7.) New York: Random House, xii, 270 pp., bibliography, index. $2.95 Gerbrands, Adrian A. Wow-ipirs: Eight Astrtat Woodcarvers of New Guinea. (Art in its Con- text, Field Reports: Volume 3.) The Hague, Paris: Mouton & Co., pp., comments on the plates, 20 figures, 1 map, 168 plates, references. Gld Gibson, Mary Jane, compiler. Portuguese Africa: A Guide to Oficial Publications. Washington: Library of Congress, (Distributed by the Superintendant of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.) xv, 217 pp., historical note, index, key to sources quoted, key to symbols. $1.50 Goffman, Erving. Interaction Ritual: Essays in Face-to-Face Behavior. Chicago: Aldine Publishing Company, 1967 [1968]. 270 pp. $5.75. [A collection of previously published articles. Also published as a Doubleday Anchor Original, Gorer, Geoffrey. The Danger of Equnliry: And Other Essays. New York: Weybright and Talley, [1968]. 265 pp. $6.50. [A collection of previously published articles.] Graham, Ian. Archaeological Explorations in El Peten, Guatemala. (Middle American Research

4 Institute, Publication 33.) New Orleans: Middle American Research Institute, Tulane University, pp., 81 illustrations (2 foldout), references, 4 tables. n.p. Grand, P. M. Prehistoric Art: Paleolithic Painting and Sculpture. (The Pallas Library of Art, Volume 111.) Greenwich, Connecticut: New York Graphic Societ pp., selected bibliography, chronordgical chart of prehistoric cultures, 115 illustrations, index of names and places. $ Greenfield, Sidney M. English Rustics in Black Skin: A Study of Modern Family Forms in a Pre-Industrialized Society. New Haven, Conn.: College & University Press, pp., bibliography, index, notes and references, 25 tables. $5.00. Hawthorn, Audrey. Art of the Kwakiurl Indians and Other Northwest Coast Tribes. Vancouver: The University of British Columbia: Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, pp., 4 appendices, bibliography, 537 figures, glossary, index, 3 maps, 32 color plates. $ $26.00 (Canada), 200s. Highland, Genevieve A,, Roland W. Force, Alan Howard, Marion Kelly, and Yosihiko H. Sinoto., eds. Polynesian Culture History: Essays in Honor of Kenneth P. Emory. Foreword by Roland W. Force. Preface by Genevieve A. Highland. (Bernice P. Bishop Museum Special Publication 56.) Honolulu, Hawaii: Bishop Museum Press, xix, 594 pp., bibliography of Kenneth Pike Emory, 6 diagrams, 70 figures, endpaper illustration, index, chapter literature cited, 8 notations, frontispiece plate, 13 tables. $ Hobbs, Cecil. Account of a Trip to the Countries of Southeast Asia for the Library of Congress, August-December Preface by John M. Echols. (Southeast Asia Program, Data Paper: Number 67.) Ithaca, New York: Department of Asian Studies, Cornell University, x, 92 pp. $2.00 Huddleston, Lee Eldridge. Origins of the American Indians: European Concepts, (Latin American Monographs, No. 11.) Austin and London: The University of Texas Press (published for the Institute of Latin American Studies), viii, 179 pp., bibliography, index. $5.00, 40s. Jacobson, Anita. Marriage and Money. (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia XXVIII.) [Uppsala. Sweden: Institutionen far Allman och JHmforande Etnografi vid Uppsala Universitet], xv, 172 pp., abbreviations, 2 appendices, 1 figure, 2 maps, s stem of reference, additional references, 2 foldout tables. 26 Jelks, Edward B., ed. The Gilbert Sire: A Norteiio Focus Site in Northeastern Texas. Kathleen Gilmore, R. K. Harris, Norma Hoffrichter, and Dessamae Lorrain, assistant editors. (Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society, Volume 37, for 1966.) Dallas, Texas: Texas Archeological Society, pp., 81 figures, references cited, 16 tables. $5.00 Kelly, Lawrence C. The Navajo Indians and Federal Indian Policy: Tucson: The University of Arizona Press, x, 221 pp., New Publications Received 66 1 bibliography, 2 illustrations, index, 3 tables. $7.50. King, A. Richard. The School at Moprrss: A Problem of Identity. Foreword by Georee and Louise Spindler. (Case Studies in Educahon and Cul- ture.) New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, London: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, xii, 96 pp., 1 chart, 7 illustrations, frontispiece map, recommended reading, references, 2 tables. $2.25 Klein, Martin A. Islam and Imperialism In Sene- gal: Sine-Saloum, Stanford, California: Stanford University Press (published for the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace), xvi, 285 pp., bibliography, glosindex, 6 illustrations, list of African rulers i3french officials, notes. $7.95. Knobloch, Franz. Die Aharaibu-lndianer in Nordwest-Brasilien. Foreword by Wilhelm Saake. (Collectanea Instituti Anthropos, Vol. 1.) St. Augustin bei Bonn: Anthropos-Instituts, n.d. 189 pp., 10 figures, 1 foldout genealogy, 3 maps, 12 photographs, 14 word lists. DM 38.- KuEera, Henry, and Nelson Francis. Compurational Analysis of Present-Day American English. With a foreword by W. F. Twaddell, a study by Mary Lois Marckworth and Laura M. Bell, and an analytical essay b John B. Carroll. Providence, Rhode Island: Lrown University Press, xxv, 424 pp., 29 graphs, 92 tables. $ Kuroda, S. -Y. Yawelmani Phonology. Foreword by Howard W. Johnson. (Research Monograph No. 43.) Cambridge, Massachusetts: The M.I.T. Press, xii, 88 pp.. 9 diagrams, general index, index of rules, index of tables, references, 17 tables. $ Lanning, Edward P. Peru Before the Incas. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc., pp., bibliography, 5 figures, glossary, index, 14 maps, 15 plates, 3 tables. $5.95 (cloth), $2.95 Lloyd, P. C., A. L. Mabogunje, and B. Awe, eds. The City of Ibadan. Foreword by K. 0. Dike. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (in association with the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan), 1967 [1968]. viii, 280 pp., bibliogra hy, figures, index, 7 maps, 8 plates, tables. k.50. Loman, Bengt, ed. and transcriber. Conversations in a Negro American Dialect. Introduction by Roger W. Shuy. (Urban Lan age Series.) Washington, D.C.: Center for Appgd Linguistics, xx, 164 pp., 2 tables. $4.00 Lopreato, Joseph. Peasants No More: Social Class and Social Change in an Underdeveloped Society. (Chandler Publications in Anthropology and Sociolo.) San Francisco, California: Chandler Pub&ing Company, (Distributed by Science Research Associates, Inc., Chicago.) XV, 281 pp., 4 appendices, 3 figures (1 frontispiece), index, chapter references, 17 tables. $5.50. Martin, Paul S., William A. Longacre, and James N. Hill. Chapters In the Prehistory of Eastern Arizona, Ill. (Fieldiana: Anthropology, Volume

5 662 American Anthropologist [70, ) Chicago: Field Museum of Natural History, pp., bibliography, 107 text figures, index, frontispiece, map, 6 tables. n.p. Martin, Samuel E., Yang Ha Lee, and Sung-Un Chang. A Korean-English Dictionary. (Yale Linguistic Series.) New Haven and London: Yale University Press, xviii, 1902 pp., abbreviations, order of entries, principles of the Yale romanization, pronunciation rules, table of romanization systems. $35.00, 252s. McBurney, C. B. M. The Haua Fteah (Cyrenaica) und the Stone Age of the South-East Mediterranean. Foreword by Grahame Clark. Appendices by J. C. Trevor, L. H. Wells, Phillip V. Tobias, K. P. Oakley, H. P. R. Bury, R. W. Hey, and Barry J. Kemp. Contributions by E. S. Higgs and C. G. Sampson. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1967 [1968]. xv, 387 pp., 6 appendices, bibliography, 144 figures, 3 foldout inventory sheets, 36 plates, rbunid franfais, tables. $ Miller, Roy Andrew. The Japanese Language. (History and Structure of Languages.) Chicago & London: The University of Chicago Press, xix, 428 pp., bibliography, 5 figures, subject index, word index, notes, 25 plates, 9 tables. $16.00, 115s. Miner, Horace, ed. The City in Modern Africa. (Praeger Library of African Mairs.) New York, Washington, London: Frederick A. Praeger, Publishers, 1967 [1968]. xi, 364 pp., contributors, index, list of works cited, 2 maps, chapter notes and references, 26 tables. $7.50. [Papers of the Conference on Methods and Objectives of Urban Research in Africa held at Warrenton, Virginia, April 1-3, Mitchell. G. Duncan. ed. A Dictionarv of Socioli,~ 00. Chicago: Aldine Publishing Company, viii, 224 pp. $6.00. Morris, Desmond. ed. Primate Etholoev. Chicaeo: Aldine Publishing Company, 196F [1968].- x, 374 pp., 1 chapter appendix, 58 figures, index, 26 plates, chapter references, 12 tables. $ Nash, Manning, ed. Social Anthropology. (Hand- book of Middle American Indians, Volume Six.) Austin: University of Texas Press, viii, 597 pp., 2 chapter appendices, 193 figures, index, references, 46 tables. $15.00, $ Nelleman, George. Den Polske Zndvandring ti1 Lolland-Falster [The Polish Migration to Lowland-Fulster]. n.p.: Nationalmuseet pp., 3 appendices, bibliography, 40 illustrations, summaries in English and Polish, 1 table. n.p. Newcomb, Franc Johnson. Navaho Folk Tales. Foreword by Bertha P. Dutton. Santa Fe, New Mexico: Museum of Navaho Ceremonial Art, xix, 203 pp., 29 figures, 1 plate. $8.50. Novotny, Bohuslav, ed. Musaica. Rudolf Bednhrik, Jiii Kostka, and Jozef Kreshek, assoc. eds. (Sbornik Filozofickej Fakulty University Komenskdho, RoEnik XVII [VI].) Bratislava: Slovenskd Pedagogickd Nakladatel stvo, pp., chapter bibliographies, figures, detachable map, 16 plates, chapter summaries in German. n.p. Ortiz, Carlos Buitrago. Esperanza: La Familia en la Vida Social de una Comunidad en el Noroeste de Puerto Rico (Resumen). [San Juan, P.R.]: Departamento de Instrucci6n Pliblica, Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico, pp., bibliography, 4 tables. n.p. Oswalt, Wendell H. Alaskan Eskimos. (Chandler Publications in Anthropology and Sociology.) San Francisco, California: Chandler Publishing Company, (Distributed by Science Research Associates, Inc., Chicago.) xv, 297 pp., bibliography, 14 figures, index, 5 maps, 10 color illustrations, 1 table. $7.25 (cloth), $4.00 Parsons, James J. Antioquia s Corridor to the Sea: An Historical Geography of the Settlement of Urabd. (Ibero-Americana: 49.) Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, x. 132 pp., bibliography, 8 maps (1 frontispiece), 15 plates, 4 tables. n.p. Parsons, Lee Allen. Bilhao, Guatemala: An Archeological Sludy of the Pacific Coast Cotzurnalhuapa Region. Volume I. (Publications in Anthropology 11.) Milwaukee: Milwaukee Public Museum, pp., 3 appendices, 77 figures (8 foldout), 23 plates, references. n.p. Paulston, Rolland G. Educacion y Desarrollo Socio Economico de la Selva Peruana: Una Bibliografiu Anofada. No. I. Lima, Peru: Ministerio de Educacion Publica, pp., appendix. n.p. Pi-Sunyer, Oriol. Zamora: a Regional Economy in Mexico. (Middle American Research Institute, Publication 29, Pages ) New Orleans: Middle American Research Institute, Tulane University, pp., 2 charts, 11 illustrations, references, 2 tables. n.p. Plotnicov, Leonard. Strangers to the City: Urban Man in Jos, Nigeria. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, xiii, 320 pp., appendix, bibliography, 4 charts, 14 illustrations, index, 2 maps (1 frontispiece), 6 tables. $6.95 (cloth), $2.95 Potter, Jack M. Capitalism and the Chinese Peasant: Social and Economic Change in a Hong Kong Village. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, xiii, 215 pp., bibliography, 2 figures, glossary, index, 1 map, 4 plates, 27 tables. $5.75. Ray, Punya Sloka. Linguistic Matrices. Simla: Indian Institute of Advanced Study, pp., bibliography, 6 figures. $2.70, Rs Robins, R. H. A Short History of Linguistics. (Indiana University Series in the History and Theory of Linguistics.) Bloomington and London: Indiana University Press, vi, 248 pp.. chapter bibliographies, 3 figures, index, chapter notes. $6.75. Rudolph, Lloyd I., and Susanne Hoeber Rudolph. The Modernity of Tradition: Political Development in India. Chicago & London: The University of Chicago Press, x, 306 pp., appendix (1 table), index. $8.75, 65s. Sahlins, Marshall D. Tribesmen. (Foundations of Modem Anthropology Series.) Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc., x,

6 118 pp., 15 figures, index, selected references. $4.50 (cloth), $1.75 Sawyer, Philip L. A Neural Systemic Theory of Emotion: An Outline of a New Methodological Approach to Psychology and a Theory of Emotion and the Mind. Brooklyn, New York: Theo. Gaus Sons, Inc., pp. ~. $2.95 (cloth), $1.75 Schwartz. Douglas W. Conceptions of Kentucky Prehistory: A Case Study in the History of Archeology. (Studies in Anthropology, 6.) Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 1967 [1968]. viii, 133 pp., bibliography, 39 figures, index. $6.00. Siegel, Bernard J., and Alan R. Beals, eds. Biennial Review of Anthropology, Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, vi, 368 pp., chapter literature cited, index. $9.00. Smith, T. Lynn. Colombia: Social Structure and the Process of Development. Foreword b Alberto Lleras. 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