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1 MY PHILOLOGY COLLECTION Dictionaries, Reference Books, and Books By and About People Who Loved "Words". Johnson, Samuel. DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE: IN WHICH THE WORDS ARE DEDUCED FROM THEIR ORIGINALS, AND ILLUSTRATED IN THEIR DIFFERENT SIGNIFICATIONS BY EXAMPLES FROM THE BEST WRITERS, TO WHICH ARE PREFIXED A HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, AND AN ENGLISH GRAMMAR, BY SAMUEL JOHNSON, LL.D. IN TWO VOLUMES. THE SIXTH EDITION London, Printed For J.F. and C. Rivington, L.Davis, T. Payne and Son etc. I finally got my Johnson Dictionary, and not an abridged edition! The sixth edition was published in both folio and quarto so I have all of the quotations in the quarto edition as well. If you want to know more about how Johnson wrote his dictionary, you will want to read Patrick Galloway's essay: OED. THE COMPACT EDITION OF THE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY

2 New York, 1993 (1991 was 2nd edition of Compact Edition). Complete in one huge volume, not two. I bought this book at an estate sale for $75. Glascow, n.d. circa David Bryce And Son. My smallest dictionary, in its own metal case with magnifying window. Found in an antique shop in England for less than $20. THE SMALLEST DICTIONARY IN THE WORLD "Thumb Dictionary" BRYCE'S DIAMOND ENGLISH DICTIONARY Glascow, David Bryce And Son. The same dictionary as the previous one, only bigger. MORE MINIATURE DICTIONARIES

3 A Little Webster's Dictionary, an English Italian Dictionary, Nuttal's Bijou Dictionary, a Services Pocket Fench Dictionary (Active Service Edition), and the E.F.G. Pocket Dictionary. On the end papers of the French Dictionary, is recorded the Record of Service of F.E.M Dale whose wartime service commenced April 21,1943, continued in Persia thru 1944, until he was flown to a hospital in Jerusalem on August 31,1944. previous page Powered by MSN TV next page

4 Murray, James Henry, editor. JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY London, George Routledge And Sons. This Was my only Johnson Dictionary until September, In 1994, I went back to England to visit my son and went to York for a weekend. I must have been ill that weekend because I actually passed up buying the four-volume 1818 Todd's Edition of Johnson's Dictionary, in mint conditon with marbled boards and marbled endpapers. I even had the money available, because I had won almost $24,000 in the Florida Fantasy Five Drawing in November,1993 ( I won $14,000 more in May,1995). Nevertheless, I want a "true" Johnson edition. In September 2000, I finally acquired my Johnson Dictionary, the th edition which was printed in both folio and quarto. Mine is the quarto. $250 on ebay. See my Samuel Johnson collection for more information on this dictionary. A NEW POCKET- DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH AND DANISH- NORWEGIAN LANGUAGES. Liepziz, Otto Holtzes Nachfolger. Ex-lib wth "439.8.D1" in white on the spine, but take a look at the library bookplate on the pastedown front endpaper! A dictionary for my wife, Linda, who is Danish. Maunder, Samuel. COMPENDIOUS ENGLISH DICTIONARY

5 London, 1849, Printed For The Booksellers. A new edition. Someone in England literally "saved" this book. He (or she) managed to preserve the browned and slightly tattered title page and added end papers and a black hard cloth binding. Maunder, Samuel. TREASURY OF KNOWLEDGE AND LIBRARY OF REFERENCE London, 1848, 18th edition. Longman, Brown, Green,and Longmans. A Dictionary of the English Language and Unversal Gazetteer. An added bonus: Every page of the text is surrounded on all four sides by proverbs and moral maxims! One of my first "book-collecting" purchases. I actually started out collecting "old" dictionaries and quotation books. I would drop off my new 1985 Toyota Space Cruiser at the dealership in Bury-St-Edmunds, England, and paw the bookshelves of the village's bookstores. Chambers, W. & R. CHAMBERS'S ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARY Edinburgh, W. & R. Chambers. Includes a glossary of obsolete words used in Milton's works. Note the bookplate of Blackie & Son, the English publisher of the late 1880s.

6 Ogilvie, John. THE IMPERIAL DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE Glascow, n.d. circa 1880s. Blackie and Son. A new edition edited by Charles Annandale. Four volumes bound in leather with marbled edges and endpapers. Over 3000 B& illustrations from engravings. My favorite dictionary, until I finally got my Johnson Dicionary.; it also shows the first use of the words by authors, similar to the OED and Johnson's Dictionary. Longmuir, John. "Webster's Dictionary" WALKER AND WEBSTER COMBINED IN A DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE London,1864. William Tegg. The English version of Webster's Dictionary. Leather with faded marbled boards. Goodrich, Chauncey A. editor. An American Dictionary Of The English Language By Noah Webster. Chicago,n.d. circa Donohue Brothers. A dictionary to rebind. previous page Powered by MSN TV next page

7 Harris, James. PHILOLOGICAL INQUIRIES IN THREE PARTS London,1781. Printed for C. Nourse, in the Strand. Bought on ebay for $15, minus both covers, but worth rebinding. In 1744, Harris wrote the book, Three Treatises, but he specified what they were about: I. Art. II. Music, Painting, Poetry. III. Happiness. In 1750, Harris used the word "Philological" in the title of his book, Hermes, or a Philological Inquiry Concerning Language and Universal Grammar. This book in front of me was publised in 1781, after the author's death. Although this book is titled, Philological Inquiries in Three Parts, for the life of me, I can't exactly tell you what the three parts are about. The book appears to be a conglomeration of thoughts on criticism, poetry, prose, grammar, and philosophy of the Middle Ages. All I can tell you for sure is that Part the First contains seven chapters, Part the Second contains twelve chapters and Part the Third contains fifteen chapters. There is an Appendix consisting of four parts, which is much easier to decipher, and of interest to the bibliographer in me: Part the First: An Account of the Arabic Manuscripts, belonging to the Escurial Library in Spain. Part the Second. Concering the Manuscripts of Livy, in the Same Library. Part the Third. Concerning the Manuscripts of Cebes, in the Library of the King of France. Part the Fourth. Some Account of Literature in Russia, and of its Progess Towards Being Civilized. I can safely say that the seven chapters of Part the First concern Criticism. The title of the seventh chapter is worth noting: Chap. VII. Conclusion--Recapitulation-Preparation for the Second Part. Okay, here's a few "thoughts" in the titles of Part the Second: Chapter I. That the Epic Writers Came First, and that Nothin Excellent In Literary Performances happens merely from Chance-- the Causes, or Reasons of such Excellence, illustrated by Examples Now, just the first few words of the titles of Chapters II thru XII: II. Numerous Composition...III.Quantity Verbal in English...IV Other Decorations of Prose besides Prosaic Feet... V. Concerning Whole and Parts...VI.Dramatic Speculation...VII. In the constitutive Parts of a Drama, the Fable considered first... VIII. Concerning Dramtic Manners...IX. concerning Dramatic Sentiment...X. Concerning Diction...XI. Rank and Precedence of the Constitutive Parts of the Drama...XII. Rules Defended--do not cramp Genius but guide it... Part the Third. Chapter I. Design of the Whole---Limits and Extent of the Middle Ages...Three Classes of Men...Byzantine Greeks; the Saracens or Arabians, and the Latins, or Franks...Each

8 Class in the following Chapters considered apart. Chapter II....Byzantine Greeks.. Fat of the fine library in Alexandria. Chapter III. Diression to a Short Historical Account of Athens... Chater IV. Account of Byzantine Scholars Continued...ChapterV. Niceties, the Choniate... To be continued...jerry Tooke, John Horne. THE DIVERSIONS OF PURLEY Philadelphia,1806,1807. Wm. Duane. Two vols. Covers detaching. Stated First American Edition. First edition was From Everyman's Dictionary Of Literary Biography (671,672):...Philologist, son of a poulterer called Horne, added the name of Tooke in 1782 in anticipation of inheriting from his friend W. Tooke, of Purley...became prominent as a radical politician...supported the revolted American colonists and was fined and imprisoned for attempting to raise a subscription for 1786, he published his Diversions Of Purley, a pioneer philological work which stressed the importance of Gothic and Old English Studies... This guy sounds like a hell raiser and should be interesting reading. Here is a listing of some of the chapters in his book: Some Consideration of Mr. Locke's Essay (Understanding). Of the Parts of Speech. Of the Noun. Of Adjectives. Of Conjunctions. The Rights of Man. The Rights of Man? Yes, I did a doubletake on the last one, thinking he was considering Paine's famous work. Negative. This chapter deals with A man's Right, Right conduct, a Right reckoning, a Right line, the Right road, to do Right, to be in the Right, to have the Right on one's side, and, finally, the Right other words, and brilliant words at that, he considers the dfferent meanings of the word, "Right". Charles A. Goldsmid ABAA/ILAB, in his ABE listing of this book, notes that there are variant printings of the First Amercan Edition of this work. True. I have several pagination errors that were already corrected in his copy. Webster, Noah. THE PROMPTER, OR A COMMENTARY ON COMMON SAYINGS AND SUBJECTS, WHICH ARE FULL OF COMMON SENSE, THE BEST SENSE IN THE WORLD.

9 n.p. December,1799 (1792) Printed for, and sold by the booksellers. 4th edition. Paper-covered oak boards, leather spine. Bought on ebay for $22 in Seller didn't know the author; Webster's name is not on the title page. Another later edition. Claremont,N.H John Wilcox. Fabric cover literally sewed over paper boards. Spine gone. I will rebind. Webster, Noah A GRAMMATICAL INSTITUTE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IN THREE PARTS. PART SECOND. CONTAINING A PLAIN AND COMPREHENSIVE GRAMMAR. Boston, June,1800. Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews. Sixth edition. Paper-covered oak boards, sheep skin spine. Family Library bookplate of William Pease, a possible distant relative of Noah Webster; he married a Martha Webster in PART THIRD. AN AMERICAN SELECTION OF LeÉÉons in Reading and Speaking...being the Third Part of a Grammatical... Boston,1793. Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews. Third Edition. Paper-covered oak boards with sheep skin spine. Webster Noah. THE AMERICAN SPELLING BOOK. CONTAINING THE RUDIMENTS OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE FOR THE USE OF SCHOOLS IN THE UNITED STATES.

10 Albany,1822(1783) Websters and Skinners. Revised edition. Paper-covered oak boards, leather spine. The American Spelling Book is Part I of the Grammatical Institute of the English Language. Webster, Noah. ELEMENTARY SPELLING BOOK. BEING AN IMPROVEMENT ON THE AMERICAN SPELLING BOOK. New York, n.d. G.F. Cooledge & Brother. Stated "Last Revised Edition" on top front cover. Montpelier,Vt. n.d. E.P.Walton & Sons. Stated "Last Revised Edition-Authorized" on top front cover. Both copies have the engraved title page for genuine authorized editions published after August 4, THE REGENTS' REVIEW BOOKS. SPELLING Buffalo, N.Y W. Hazelton Smith. This book contains the questions in Spelling asked by the Board of Regents of the State of New York for the past fifteen years (up to 1910). By the time I took the Regents exams in the 1960s, Spelling had been incorporated into the English Exam. Because of my high scores on the English Regents, I earned a monetary scholarship toward college tuition; however, because of my low Regents Geometry score, I did not earn a Regents diploma. My Geometry test wasn't until 1P.M, so my friends and I went to Cunningham Park and drank beer through a straw for a few hours. Needless to say,

11 everything looked like a right triangle, and I scored less than 20% on the Geometry regents. Kilpatrick, Jack Frederick. SEQUOYAH. OF EARTH AND INTELLECT Austin,1965. The Encino Press. Slipcase. "550 copies of this book have been printed Con Mucho Gusto and the type melted. Each copy has been signed by the author in the original Cherokee Syllabary which Sequoyah invented. This is Number 526". From the Introduction by William D. Wittllff: "...No gift is greater than the gift of the written word; Sequoyah is honored as one of the twelve men in the history of all mankind who invented an alphabet". Smith, William. A Smaller Classical Dictionary. London, John Murray. Thirteenth edition. A Society Of Gentlemen In Scotland. ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA; OR A DICTIONARY OF THE ARTS AND SCIENCES Edinburgh, Printed for A. Bell and C. Macfarquehar. Three volumes. This is a facsimile of the first complete edition, and one of my first "failures" as a collector. I was bidding against an English bloke at a village auction about 30 minutes away from RAF Mildenhall, England. I took the bid for L45, which was about $80, and thought I had me $ worth of books! I even contacted Karen Thompson, a noted bookseller of books on language for a possible sale. Imagine my chagrin, when I learned I had the "facsimile" edition which Encyclopedia Britannica printed for their sales people in the 1940s. Thomson, Karen. Six Awesome Catalogues On Language

12 Karen Thomson is the bookseller I was going to sell my Encyclopedia Britannica set to. If you want rare books on language, and I do mean "rare", she is the one to contact. Addenda: I actually tracked "the Karen Thomson" down in February,2002. She is still in the business and residing in Southern Scotland. Smith is much easier to read than Johnson or Quiller- Couch and he loved "words". One will usually find a copy of Smith's Autobiography, Unforgotten Years on EBAY for less than $10. I have two copies! His one collectible book which I will get someday is Youth Of Parnassus And Other Stories Of Oxford Life. MY LOGAN PEARSALL SMITH BOOKS Smith, Logan Pearsall. Stories From The Old Testament Retold by Logan Pearsall Smith. Boston, n.d. John W. Luce Company. Ex-lib. Smith, Logan Pearsall. The English Language. London,1944. Oxford University Press.Another: New York,1912. Henry Holt & Co. Smith, Logan Pearsall. Words And Idioms; Studies In The English Language. London, 1928 (1925) Constable And Company. Smith, Logan Pearsall. A Treasury Of English Aphorisms. London, Constable And Company. Smith, Logan Pearsall. A Treasury Of English Prose. London, Constable And Company. Smith, Logan Pearsall. On Reading Shakespeare. Chautauqua, New York, 1933 (1st ed.)

13 Chautauqua Press Smith, Logan Pearsall. All Trivia. London, Constable & Co. Includes Trivia, More Trivia, Afterthoughts, and Last Words. Smith, Logan Pearsall. Unforgotten Years. Boston, Little, Brown, And Company. Gathorne-Hardy, Robert. Recollections Of Logan Pearsall Smith; The Story Of Friendship. New York,1950. Macmillan Company. 1st printing, but ex-lib. Garden City, New York,1917. Doubleday, Page & Company. Signed deluxe edition. No. 82 of 100 copies printed. I wanted a signed copy of one of Smith's works. His signature is below: Smith, Logan Pearsall. TRIVIA I used this signature to verify that the unpublished manuscript of the essay, Kings of Persia, is in the same handwriting as Smith's signature" previous page Powered by MSN TV next page

14 Bockett, John. GENTILE DIVINITY AND MORALITY DEMONSTRATED: In a Brief Collection of SAYINGS, PRECEPTS, COUNSELS, SENTENCES, AND EXHORTATIONS Of Several Eminent GENTILE PHILOSOPHERS, PRINCES, ORATORS, & With a Short Account of their Lives.. London,1767. Printed for Wm. Owen,near Temple- Bar; and C. and E. Dilly, in the Poultry. A new edition. "Whereunto is added, An Apology for this Book, and Those People, who neither in former Ages had, nor at this Day have the Holy Scriptures afforded them". By Richard Claridge. My oldest quotation book, bought from rowebooks for $86 on ebay. It is bound in 3/4 leather with marbled boards. Front and rear free endpapers missing. Bockett acknowledges that the greatest part of this collection came from an ancient book "intitled" A TREATISE OF MORAL PHILOSOPHY (I'll have to research that book). Bockett's book, for those who are curious about its format, is divided into eight chapters, as follows below (Note: Bockett did not capitalize pronouns relating to God): CHAP. I. Their Opinon of, or concerning God, his Works, Power, Omniscience and Omnipresence: Also of Fear, Prayer, and Worship due to him from all Men. CHAP. II. Of the Soul of Man, its Immortality and Excellency: Of Conscience: Of Man's Life, and the Cares and Troubles thereof: Of natural Death, and future Rewards. CHAP. III. Of Princes, Rulers, Governors. Counsel, Justice, Law, Honour, Nobility: The Duty of Husbands, Wives, Parents, Children, Subjects and Servants: Of Friendship and Unity. CHAP. IV. Of Riches and Poverty, Prosperity and Adversity. CHAP. V. Of Virtue in general; and particularly of Wisdom, Understanding, Wit, Learning, Knowledge, Goodness, Faith, Truth, Humility, Love or Charity, Patience, Diligence, Liberality, Speech, Temperance, Chastity, Liberty, and Praise. CHAP. VI. Of Vice in general; and particularly of Pride, Ambition, Envy or Malice, Wrath or Anger, Sloth or Idlenes, Covetousness, Gluttony and Drunkeness, Uncleanness, Lying and Deceit, Flattery and Backbiting, Swearing, Folly and Ignorance. Of Repentence, and the Value of Time. CHAP. VII. Containing a Century of divine and moral (but short and weighty) Sayings or

15 Sentences, chiefly collected from the most noted Authors before named, and put into an alphabetical Order (100 sayings). CHAP. VIII. Giving a brief Account (according to History) what the Authors were, and of some remarkable Passages in the Lives of several of them, and in what Time of the World thry lived; beginning, and more largely treating of that wise Philosopher, Socrates. Wherunto is added An Apology for this Book... I could have added my ten-volume set of the Crowned Masterpieces Of Eloquence (see Literature). Dictionaries and Quotation Books were my first loves once I realized I was a bonafide collector. My Quotation Books Benham, Gurney W. Cassell's Book Of Quotations. London,1912. Cassell And Company. Revised edition. Bartlett, John. Familiar Quotations. London.n.d. circa George Routledge And Sons. Author's Edition. The Compiler. The Book Of Familiar Quotations. London,1860, 2nd edition, Whittaker & Co. Is Bartlett the "Compiler"? No editor listed. A Dictionary Of Quotations And An Alphabet Of Proverbs. London,1936(1928) J.M.Dent & Sons. Two vols. No.809 and 810 of Everyman's Library. Dalbac, Col. Philip Hugh. A Dictionary Of Quotations. London. n.d. Thomas Nelson And Sons. Rochefoucauld,Franois Duc de La. Reflections And Moral Maxims. London,n.d. George Harrap & Co. One of Clinton's favorite authors. Howe, W.H. Everybody's Book Of Epitaphs. London,1997 (1995) Saxon & Co.

16 Howe, W.H. Everybody's Book Of Epitaphs. London,1997 (1995) Saxon & Co. Rayner, John L.,editor. Proverbs And Maxims. London,1923 (1919) Cassell And Company PROFILE OF GENIUS. POOR RICHARD'S PAMPHLETS Philadelphia,1938. Franklin Institute. Nathan G. Goodman, editor. Nine pamphlets in a slipcase. I.Life of Benjamin Franklin, Year by Year II. Benjamin Franklin on Honesty. III.The Way to Wealth, and Words of Wisdom from Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac. IV. Benjamin Franklin on Peace. V. The Practical Dr. Franklin. VI. Benjamin Franklin on Industry, Frugality, and Thrift. VII. Benjamin Franklin on Citizenship. VIII. Benjamin Franklin o the Art of Virtue. IX. Benjamin Franklin on Religion. Thinking back, I could not have picked a more appropriate item for the occasion. Several years ago, an ebay seller actually misplaced a book I had purchased. The seller (if asked, I will tell you who) offered me a refund, or anything they had listed up for auction near the same value. The minium bid for these pamphlets was the amount paid for the missing book. The seller promptly ended the auction and that's how acquired this item. This little anecdote I call "Poor Richard On Integrity". Saunders, Richard POOR RICHARD: THE ALMANACKS FOR THE YEARS Norwalk, Ct Easton Press. Collector's Edition. Illustrations by Norman Rockwell.

17 Eau Clare, Wisconsin. n.d. E.M Hale & Co. A prime example of not being able to tell a book by its cover. If you have never read Franklin's Autobiography, you have been living a deprived life. Sad cover. Fantastic book! LIFE AND LETTERS OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Ireland, Alexander. THE BOOK=LOVER'S ENCHIRIDION London, 1890 (1882), Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. A Treasury Of Thoughts On The Solace And Compaionship Of Books. Also listed in my Books About Books Collection. A Final Note On My Philology Collection: I use "My" instead of "Moi", because I did not know I was a bibliomaniac when I collected most of this collection. However, instead of saying "woe is me", I say, "Moi is Me"! Cheers! :-) RETURN TO LOBBY previous page Powered by MSN TV next page

18 My Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch Books His last name rhymes with "ooch", not "ouch". He was the Professor Of English Literature at Cambridge University, and is still a favorite on ebay with his novels and Children's books. Quiller-Couch, A.T. Adventures In Criticism. New York, Charles Scribner's Sons. Quiller-Couch, A.T. On The Art Of Writing. New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons. Quiller-Couch, A.T. On The Art Of Reading. Cambridge,1920. At The University Press. Quiller-Couch, A.T. Charles Dickens And Other Victorians. Cambridge,1925. At The University Press. Quiller-Couch, A.T. Red Adventure Book. London,1904. Cassell and Company.

19 I used Willie's Cigarette Card to verify the "signature" of Arthur Quiller-Couch. It appears that Quiller-Couch "printed" his signature. In 1926, Quiller-Couch was President of the Edinburgh Sir Walter Scott Club, and signed the bookplate verifying that David Skinner was presented the book for taking First Prize in an Essay Competition. The book, by the way, is a 1914 reprint of Andrew Lang's Highways and Byways in the Border. As I sit entering all these books, and all these collections onto my websites, I begin to feel that I don't have mere book collections; I HAVE A LIBRARY! More Books On The Love Of Words McCrum, Robert, Cran, William, and MacNeil, Robert. The Story Of English. London,1987 (1986) Guild Publishing Mencken, H.L. The American Language. New York,1937 (1919) Alfred A. Knopf McArthur, Tom. editor. The Oxford Companion To The Englsh Language. New York,1992. Oxford Uiversity Press. Softcover. MacNeil, Robert. Wordstruck. New York,1989(2nd ed.) Penguin. Ehrlich, Eugene. The Highly Selective Thesaurus For Th Extraordinarily Literate. New

20 Ehrlich, Eugene. The Highly Selective Thesaurus For Th Extraordinarily Literate. New York,1994(5th edition. Harper Collins.). Cody. Sherwin. THE ART OF WRITING & SPEAKING THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE New York,1923 (1903) G.P.Putnam's Sons. Five volumes. Word Study, Grammar & Punctuation, Dictionary Of Errors (errors in writing and speaking), Composition & Rhetoric, and Story-Writing & Journalism. Strunk, William Jr. and White, E.B. THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE I LOVE THIS BOOK! It's the best little book on the use of English. I have three copies of the hardback (first Macmillan printing ) which was published in The paperback editions are 1967 and 1979; both also published by Macmillan in New York. See the next listings for the earlier editions of Strunk's Elements of Style sans E.B. White. But, before you do that, you need to read an endearing piece on E.B. White by none other than Andy Rooney: Strunk, William Jr. THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE

21 New York, Harcourt, Brace and Company. As of October, 2004, I have four copies. This edition is what is known as the first trade edition, following the private printing by Strunk in 1918 in Ithaca, New York. This edition consists of 52 pages versus the 43 pages of the 1918 edition. See the next listing for an on line link to the 1918 edition. Strunk, William Jr. THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE Ithaca, New York, n.d. (c.1940) The Thrift Press. I bought this little treasure for $35 on ebay in March 2001, believing this book to be the coveted 1918 edition. I shall copy the words the seller used to describe the book in his ebay listing: "...Preceeds (sic) the Harcourt Edition of This is the 'little book' that E.B. White revised. He used this booklet in William Strunk's English Class at Cornell University in It had been privately printed by Prof. Strunk. This copy I am listing was assigned to me at Cornell in the early 1940s. In 1959, Macmillan brought out 'The Elements of Style' with revisions, an introduction, and a chapter on writing by E.B. White, and listed him as co-author. Strunk's booklet has seven chapters. Two of them, one on Spelling and one with Exercises are not included in White's version...former owner's name on t.p I discovered that the Thrift Press did not publish the 1918 edition the very morning I won the bid for the 1920 edition. I stumbled upon the Bartleby link which shows that the 1918 edition was privately printed by W.P.Humphrey, Geneva, New York. In retrospect, I should have realized that the Thrift Press did not publish the 1918 edition as soon as I looked at the title page: THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE BY WILLIAM STRUNK, JR. PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH, EMERITUS CORNELL UNIVERSITY... The key word is "emeritus", a title given to retired professors. Strunk retired in 1937! The only other difference in the printing of this edition from the 1920 edition is in the Introduction; the list of books recommended for further reference and study was revised. Both

22 editions consist of 52 pages, including the chapters on Spelling and Exercises. The 1918 edtion, on the other hand, does not include the two chapters on Spelling and Exercises. In addtion, the rules concerning Syllabication are included in The Elementary Rules of Usage Section, instead of in the section titled, A Few Matters of Form. More news! There is another Harcourt edition to procure. In 1934 and 1935 William Strunk coauthored revised editions with Edward A. Tenney, another Cornell University instructor, changing the title of the 1935 edition to The Elements and Practice of Composition. Cornell University has this edition listed online as well as the 1918 and 1920 editions. Cornell has the undated Thrift Press edition listed as well, but with a circa date of Thrift Press was in business from the 1930s on, which supports the ebay seller's statement that he used the book when he attended Cornell in the 1940s. Strunk, William Jr., and Tenney, Edward A. THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE New York, c Harcourt, Brace and Company. Revised edition. No date on title page but copyright 1934(1920). I don't believe this publisher would put the date on the title page because it is a "revised edition". Revise it they did, changing the format and titles of each Chapter: Chapter I. The Three Prerequisites of Writing. 1.Spelling 2.Grammar 3. Punctuation. Chapter II. Essay Writing. 1.How to Write a Short Essay. 2. Miscellaneous Conventions to be Observed. III. The Three Elements of Style. 1.Principles Governing the Paragraph. 2. Effective Sentences 3. Diction. IV. Two Devices to Promote Effective Writing. 1. The Precis 2. The Paraphrase. V. The Business Letter. And finally, in an unnumbered section, A Short List of Reference Books. It is interesting that in 1959, E.B. White reverted to the original format of chapter headings from the 1920 Harcourt Brace edition, except for replacing the chapter on Spelling. The copyright information in the 1959 edition is confusing: The Elements of Style, Revised Edition, by William Strunk, Jr. and Edward A. Tenney, Copyright 1935 by Oliver Strunk. To the best of my knowledge, the title of the 1935 edition was changed to The Elements and Practice of Composition. Both the Library of Congress and Cornell University list the changed title. The LOC listing adds that the 1935 edition is an enlargement of Strunk's Elements of Style

23 and includes 48 practice leaves at the end (which are not included in the 1934 edition). It took me over a year to discover that Oliver Strunk, who owned the copyright for the 1935 edition, was William Strunk's son. Whereas William Strunk was a Cornell man who taught English, Oliver Strunk was a Princeton man who taught Music. Green, Jonathon. CHASING THE SUN: DICTIONARY MAKERS AND THE DICTIONARIES THEY MADE. New York,1996. Henry Holt and Co. THE JOY OF WORDS. Chicago,1975. J.G. Ferguson Ths is the last bunch of books about words. Next will come my Quotation Books! More Books ON Words! Robert, H.M. Robert's Rules Of Order. Chicago, 1893 (1876) The Lakeside Press, which was R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co. Gowers, Sir Ernest. Plain Words. a Guide To The Use Of English. London,1948. His Majesty's Stationery Office. Eves, C. And W. The Classical Spelling Book. London,1859 Simpkin And Co., Darton And Co. etc. Guy, Joseph. Guy's New British Expositor, Or Sequel To His New Spelling Book. London,1835. Printed for Baldwin And Cradock. Mawson, C.O.Sylvester,editor. Roget's International Thesaurus. New York,1924 (1911) Thomas Y.Crowell Company.

24 Hugon, Paul D. Morrow's Word-Finder. New York,1927. William Morrow & Co. Hartrampf, Gustavus A. Hartrampf's Vocabularies.London,1938 (1929) Psychology Publishing Co. Carr, Edwin Hamlin. Putnam's Handbook Of Expression. New York,1915. G.P.Putnam's Sons Carr, Edwin Hamlin. Putnam's Phrase Book. New York,1931(1922),G.P. Putnam's Sons previous page Powered by MSN TV next page