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1 THE MAGAZINE FOR YOUR ENGLISH A2 B1 a of English 4 YEAR XXXX N 4 March - April 2018 Imprimé á Taxe Réduite Tasmania, Australia Waitsuite The Tower of Babel People Andrew Garfield VISIT US ONLINE! 1

2 Art Artwork of the month Title: Guernica Artist: Pablo Picasso Date: 1937 School: Cubism Technique: Oil on canvas Museum: Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid Interesting fact: Picasso s black and white work is huge* (3.49 x 7.76 meters!), and is of great political and social significance. ELI srl, C.P. 6, Recanati, Tel. (071) , Fax (071) , Direttore responsabile: Lamberto Pigini. Realizzazione testi: Samantha Charlton. Autorizzazione Trib. di Macerata N. 352 del 27 ottobre Realizzazione: Tecnostampa, Loreto ELI Italy 2018 NO PART OF THIS PUBLICATION MAY BE REPRODUCED IN ANY FORM OR ANY MEANS OR FOR ANY PURPOSES WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. THE PUBLISHER IS PREPARED TO MAKE PAYMENT FOR ANY COPYRIGHT OF PHOTOGRAPHS WHERE THE SOURCE HAS BEEN IMPOSSIBLE TO TRACE. ALTHOUGH WE CHECK THE CONTENT AND SUITABILITY OF THE WEB SITES FEATURED OR REFERRED TO IN OUR MAGAZINES AT THE TIME OF GOING TO PRESS, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CHANGES TO WHICH MAY HAVE OCCURRED SINCE, AS THESE WEB SITES ARE IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH ELI. Unauthorised photocopyng is illegal. Glossary huge: very large AUDIO Your subscription includes free MP3 downloads of the audio sections of all the magazines. Visit and insert the access code found in each magazine. ACCESS CODE TEACHER S NOTES Subscribed teachers are able to download both the MP3 audio files and the Teacher s Notes in PDF format. You should register first in the Teacher s Resources area of the website

3 Samantha Greetings Hello everyone! Spring has arrived in the northern hemisphere, but it s autumn in the south. Come with us and discover what there is to do and see in Tasmania, Australia! You ll also meet Andrew Garfield, a highly talented as well as very reserved and intelligent actor. This month s report explains which are the most widely spoken languages around the world, and gives you a few tricks on how to learn them faster thanks to a fantastic new app. J Enjoy! Contents Nature 4 Tasmania, Australia AppAttack 6 Waitsuite The Tate Modern of Africa The Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Mocaa), the largest art museum in Africa, was inaugurated a few months ago in Cape Town, South Africa. The new museum hosts a collection* of contemporary art in an old, colourful, rebuilt granary*. The building was grey and very ugly, but now it looks like a bright castle with various open portholes* on nine floors. It overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is similar to London s Tate Modern! Cape Town has now become a benchmark* for art and design in Africa, thanks partly to the generosity of German entrepreneur,* Jochen Zeitz, who has donated works from his collection predominantly African art to Mocaa. Report 7 The Tower of Babel People 10 Andrew Garfield Test 11 What is your best quality? Events 12 Ten Days on the Island, Tasmania Games Galore 14 Book 16 Turtles All The Way Down adjectives adverbs the Passive form time expressions common expressions Hi, I m Grammy. This month you ll learn about: use of the Infinitive form the Present Perfect Simple Modal Verbs use of the Historical Present Glossary benchmark: measure, reference point collection: many artworks entrepreneur: person who sets up businesses granary: a place where grain is stored porthole: small window (usually of ships) reviews: assessments, ratings Guess the museum Are you an art connoisseur? In 2017, like every year, TripAdvisor has created a list of the best museums in Europe. Ratings are based on votes and visitor reviews *. Try guessing the order of the first five by writing numbers from 1 to 5! The answers are on page 14. Hermitage, St. Petersburg Acropolis Museum, Athens Victoria & Albert Museum, London Musée d Orsay, Paris Prado Museum, Madrid 3

4 Nature Tasmania, Australia Tasmania is one of the world s most remote islands. Located just off Australia s south coast, this island state is famous for its wild landscape, rugged* mountains and shimmering* waters. Let s find out about three places on the island you shouldn t miss! Hobart Start your visit in Hobart, Tasmania s capital a vibrant* port city. Although it started off as a penal colony, the city now has a beautiful waterfront, an interesting old town and plenty of galleries, boutiques and restaurants. Surrounded by wilderness* and Mount Wellington, Hobart has plenty to see and do. Make sure you visit Salamanca Place. Once the hub* of the city s trade and commerce, this picturesque* row of sandstone warehouses now hosts many restaurants, bars and shops, and the unmissable Saturday morning Salamanca Market. Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park This area is a naturelovers paradise. This huge national park has mountains sculpted* by glaciers, mountain peaks, river gorges, lakes, and wild alpine moors. There are many popular walks here, including the worldfamous 65km Overland Track stretching from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair. Port Arthur A visit to Tasmania isn t complete without touring the site of one of Australia s most infamous* prisons, the World Heritage-listed Port Arthur. Situated on the Tasman Peninsula, the 19th-century Port Arthur penal settlement is now an open-air museum. Port Arthur was once known as the inescapable* prison. Today, the convicts* and guards are gone, but their stories set in a dramatic landscape with the remains of more than 30 buildings are still there. use of adjectives, use of the passive form 4

5 Glossary convicts: criminals hub: centre inescapable: somewhere you can t escape from infamous: famous for something negative nicknamed: a familiar name for something picturesque: beautiful rage: anger rugged: rough sculpted: created shimmering: bright vibrant: active wilderness: a wild place Tasmania s dark past Read the story about Tasmania s early history and fill in the gaps with the verbs in the box below established changed estimated wiped out occupied The European settlement of Tasmania was a grim one. Scientists believe Tasmania was 1... by Aborigines for 40,000 years before British colonisation. The Aboriginal population was 2... to have been between 3,000 and 7,000 at the time of colonisation, but was almost 3... within 30 years by a combination of violent conflict with settlers; intertribal conflict; and from the late 1820s, the spread of infectious diseases to which they had no immunity. In 1803, the British 4... a permanent penal settlement. Around 75,000 convicts were sent here before the transportation of criminals stopped in The island was originally named Van Diemen s Land (named after Anthony van Diemen) in 1825, and was a separate, self-governing colony. In 1854, it 5... its name to Tasmania, and in 1901, the island became a state of Australia. Meet the Tasmanian devil Match the words in the box (1-8) with their definitions (A-) and then read the story about an unusual animal that lives in Tasmania. The Tasmanian devil is the only carnivorous marsupial left in the world and these days you can only find them in Tasmania and on the tiny Maria Island off Australia s east coast. The size of a small dog, the Tasmanian devil is stocky, has a muscular build, black fur and a pungent odour. They have a notoriously cantankerous character and will fly into a maniacal rage* when threatened by a predator, fighting for a mate, or defending a meal. This is why the early European settlers nicknamed* this creature a devil. 1 carnivorous 5 pungent 2 marsupial 6 notoriously 3 tiny 7 cantankerous 4 stocky 8 maniacal The answers are on page 14. a very small b crazy c very grumpy d only eats meat e famous for something negative f an animal that carries its babies in a pouch before and after birth g of a robust build h a strong smell 5

6 AppAttack In a globalized world like the one we live in, learning many WaitSuite languages is a key way to be successful, have fun and travel. But learning a new language is never easy, and we often feel we never have enough time to study. That s where Waitsuite comes in. This is an app, actually part of a series (a suite) of apps, created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to help people learn languages in the quiet moments of the day that is, when they re wasting time*, or have to wait for something or someone. Thanks to WaitSuite, we can increase our vocabulary and learn a language without getting tired, by making use of our free time. For example, while waiting for the lift, or when we are waiting for the doctor or... for a friend who is always late! Glossary wasting time: to lose time doing something that is not productive 6

7 Report The Tower of Babel Among the many languages found around the world, five are spoken the most. Let s read some language learning* tricks and secrets for learning quickly! The science of language learning says that it s good for new-borns to hear languages spoken even when the child is still in the womb. As adults, just like with sport and music, it s more difficult because we ask too many questions. The five most spoken languages In the great Tower of Babel, there are 7102 recognised languages in the world, but five are spoken the most. 1. English, the official language in 67 countries and the native language* of 410 million people, is the language most used for communication in the world. Old English was made up of many dialects*. It was spoken by the peoples who arrived from Germany and Jutland to England and Scotland. 2. Spanish is the official language in 20 countries, comes from Latin and originated in Castile, a region of Madrid. In fact, it s called Castilian. It is also spoken in America thanks to the Spanish conquest and Christopher Columbus. 3. Arabic is the native language of 237 million people. The Arabic alphabet is made up of 28 letters, 25 consonants and 3 vocal sounds. It is written from right to left and the first form of Arabic dates back to the first millennium B.C.! 7

8 Report 4. Hindi-Urdu is the official language in Pakistan and India. Hindi is one of India s 22 regional languages, while Urdu, which was developed between 1200 and 1800, means the language of the camp*. They are very similar but have different writing systems. 5. Mandarin Chinese is the native language of 955 million people. The world s oldest writing system (it appeared 3200 years ago!), it has no letters but several logograms i.e. a sign or character representing a word or phrase (like numbers in the European languages). hold records. Ioannis Ikonomou, a 49 year old Greek, is the best translator in the European Union. He has studied a number of languages for enjoyment (swahili, gothic and mayan) and says that the secret is easy: be inquisitive! Muhamed Mesic is a lawyer and lives in Tuzla, Bosnia. He speaks 73 languages and began learning languages while at war, meeting foreign soldiers. To learn Arabic and Hebrew fast he read the text... in the mirror! Books in all languages The most translated book in the world is the Bible. It has been translated into 542 languages, and every year they add more. Among the most translated books, many are for young people, like the sweet story of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (253 translations) and The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi (240). Among current books, there s the Harry Potter series and My name is Red by Turkish Nobel prize winner Orhan Pamuk. A really smart headset Pilot is the first smart headset capable of translating every conversation you have with a speaker of another language. It s an innovative and ingenious device that translates in realtime. It is very well designed and has two earpieces: one for you, the other for the person you are speaking to, so that he or she can understand you. Currently it works for English, French, Italian and Spanish; but Chinese, Arabic and Hindi will also be available soon. The guy who speaks many languages Matthew Youlden, a native English speaker, speaks 19 languages well. How does he do it? His five rules are: immerse* yourself fully in the language you wish to learn (books, thoughts, film, travel), find a friend you can speak the language with, observe the pronunciation and movements of people who speak it (even through videos on the internet), speak the language often in a loud voice, and listen to the language often. Like him, there are others who 8

9 Here s an original idea for learning Japanese; in Kyoto and Tokyo you can sleep in a Book and Bed. This is a library-hostel*, where the beds are located behind shelves* full of books. You sleep amongst 3000 books in English and Japanese and can read all night! Glossary Do you want to become a citizen of the world? You need to speak the language but also be familiar with how they eat in each country! In Japan, for example, you drink soup and broth from a bowl*, never put your chopsticks vertically in the dish and never blow your nose at the table. In Senegal, food is picked up using your hands, always with the right hand. Guests must take the biggest mouthfuls!* bowl: a container that contains liquid food camp: a place where soldiers sleep dialects: variations of a language, spoken differently from place to place hostel: a cheap hotel, often used by young people immerse: to insert yourself fully in something learning: study and comprehension mouthfuls: food that you hold and chew in your mouth native language: your first language shelves: wooden platforms on the wall Match The Tower of Babel, a legendary building spoken of in the Bible, probably began as a ziqqurat in Babylon. It is found in many films, comics and video games. Match each sentence beginning with the correct ending. a In the film Lupine III Legend of the Gold of Babylon... Anagram A union between English and Spanish created a special language. Invented by Hispanic residents of the United States, singers such as Ariana Grande and Ricky Martin have recorded versions of their songs in this language. L N S A P I H G S b In the Prince of Persia video game The Two Thrones... use of adjectives and adverbs c In the animation film Atlantis The Lost Empire... 1 as soon as Milo Thatch meets the population of Atlantis, he speaks of the Tower of Babel. 2 the tower is the royal palace of Babylon, the Persian capital. The final clash takes place here, on the roof. 3 there is an imaginary golden tower on which New York City is built. The answers are on page 14. 9

10 People Andrew Garfield Slim and refined with a gentle manner Andrew Garfield is a smart guy who doesn t like fame and shows great moral fibre*. Let s listen to his pearls of wisdom! Name: Andrew Russel Surname: Garfield Place and date of birth: Los Angeles, 20 August 1983 Profession: actor Distinguishing features: He Identity card has been the Sports Ambassador for WWO (Worldwide Orphans Foundation) and is the protagonist in the video We Exist by Arcade Fire Andrew, you hold dual citizenship how come? I was born in Los Angeles in 1983 to an American father and English mother, but at three years old I moved to England (in fact, I studied acting at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London). Now I have dual citizenship, and I feel equally at home in the United Kingdom and the United States. It is wonderful to experience both cultures. I feel very rich in spirit, although my deeper moral values come from my family. You ve said that fame is an ugly beast because it makes the soul arid* like the desert... Fame is dangerous; I learned this after the film Spiderman. It shapes you how it wants you to be and builds a cardboard castle around you fake and unnatural. It is stupid to worship the stars of today as if they are deities. Still today, at 33 years old, I feel like a fish out of water in Hollywood. I always seek a spiritual and deep side in everything I do, and fame is the enemy of all that. I now have a thirst for knowledge, truth and wisdom. That s why I promised myself a while ago that I would only accept roles that I believe in, and that allow me to grow. In the last few years you have always played very deep characters! In Silence by Scorsese I play a Jesuit willing to sacrifice everything rather than betray my faith. It helped me to read the book which was the inspiration for the film, and a Jesuit priest in New York guided me with spiritual exercises. Even the simple soldier Desmond Doss in Hacksaw Ridge is a man of great religious faith. In short... the last three years have been a blessing to me: I worked with two movie gods and I m on cloud nine! J Why do you live in New York? I always need a real city around me, to give me energy and stimuli. I love walking around Manhattan every morning, going to book launches and painting exhibitions, listening to live music in the evening and breathing in the lively atmosphere of New York. Glossary arid: dry and empty time expressions, and common expressions 10

11 Test 1 You prefer to... sing a dance b chat c 2 What is your favourite saying? I told you so a Damn b I ll do it tomorrow c 3 Among your friends, 4 When people ask you what your greatest achievement will be... you know exactly how to respond a you give many answers b you raise your eyes to the sky: c who knows?! 5 What animal can you relate to best? a b c Dolphin Horse Butterfly 6 How do you behave in class? You often raise your hand a and participate in the lesson You can t wait till lunchtime* b You look out the window c and dream use of the infinitive you are considered the... wisest* a most proactive* b coolest c What is your best quality? Answered mostly a : altruistic You are a very generous person, who knows when to be silent, when to talk and when to work hard*. If there is a friend who needs you, you are always there, so others are often looking for you and know they can trust you. Congratulations, it s great to have a friend like you! Answered mostly b : dynamic You face each problem with great courage and energy. You enjoy all challenges and you don t easily become demoralised* because you know how much strength you have within you. Nothing can stop you, except sometimes... your maths homework! You love to run, jump, play, stay outdoors and live life. Answered mostly c : unique You are a very rich person on the inside, full of beautiful ideas and plans but you struggle to concentrate and it s not easy to figure out what you think. In the classroom you don t often appear attentive, because you always have so many things to think and daydream about. In short, you are an artist or perhaps a misunderstood* genius! Glossary demoralised: become sad and give up lunchtime: break for lunch at school misunderstood: not understood by others wise: someone with lots of common sense work hard: do lots of work proactive: not wait in life, but rather always try to achieve things 11

12 Events Find out more about the festival: Ten Days on the Island, Tasmania Every two years, Tasmania puts on a special celebration of island arts and culture a festival that puts the world s islands on the map!* Complete the story about the festival below with the modal verbs below: x2 can must will You visit Tasmania in March! For ten days during this month the festival gathers* local and international artists. Some artists be coming from exotic* islands around the world, including Hawaii, Newfoundland, Guernsey and East Timor! Ten Days on the Island focuses on how the arts help a community develop an identity, and influence the image it projects* to the world. Visitors enjoy events and activities in 50 locations across the island dedicated to art and culture: music, dance, visual arts, theatre, literature, food and film. 12

13 Facts about the festival Read the story about Tasmania s early history and fill in the gaps with the verbs in the Present Perfect Simple form. The festival 1... (to run) since It 2... (to put on) thousands of productions* since it started, and 3... (to entertain) 1.2 million people. Hundreds of Tasmanian artists 4... (to be able to) develop their careers as a result. The festival 5... (to introduce) Tasmania to international audiences and visiting performers, and so far this celebration 6... (to sell) 250,000 tickets. Present Perfect Simple, Modal Verbs Match the festival events! Glossary exotic: foreign gathers: brings together immerse: to go deeply into something productions: events projects: shows/reveals (verb) put something on the map: to make something famous (expression) Here are some of the exciting events from last year s festival. Match the names (1-4) with their descriptions (a-d). 1 BABEL: Invisible Practice 2 ARCHIE ROACH: Let Love rule 3 CROSSROADS 4 21 LIVING ICONS Reorder the words Reorder the words below to read a famous quote by Degas about Art: a This exhibition looks at the points where roads meet and the meaning behind them. b This exhibition celebrates a group of passionate, creative individuals who have made a real difference to the arts in Tasmania. c This live performance of sound and expression will immerse* you in many of the fifty or so languages spoken in Tasmania. d This singer follows the journey of his people, and gets to the heart of what it means to be human, and to love. NOT IS ART YOU SEE BUT MAKE SEE WHAT OTHERS WHAT YOU... The answers are on page

14 Games Galore Crossword Have you read the report about the Tower of Babel? 5 Complete the crossword below, with the right definitions A variation of a language that differs from area to area. 7 2 In Arabic you write from right to... 3 The opposite of least. 4 The name of an intelligent headset that translates other languages 5 The most translated book in the world Another name for Spanish, which refers to the region of Madrid where the language was born. 7 The five most spoken languages in the world are: English, Arabic, 9 Hindi-Urdu, Chinese, and... 8 Hindi-Urdu is the official language of India and... 9 According to the best translator in the EU, the secret to learning language is being 3 True or False Did you read the story about Tasmania? Read the sentences below and decide if they are true (T) or false (F). 1 Tasmania is a state of Australia. 2 It is famous for its wild, natural landscape. 3 The capital of Tasmania is Sydney. 4 Some of the first Europeans to live in Tasmania were criminals. 5 Tasmania has a peaceful history. 6 You can take many beautiful walks in Tasmania. The answers are below. 1 T F 14 Answers Page 3 Guess the museum: 2, 3, 5, 1, 4 (1.Orsay, 2.Hermitage, 3.Acropolis, 4.Prado, 5.Victoria & Albert). Page 4-5 Tasmania s dark past: 1. occupied, 2. estimated, 3. wiped out, 4. established, 5. changed; Meet the Tasmanian devil: 1d, 2f, 3a, 4g, 5h, 6e, 7c, 8b. Page 7-9 Match: a.3; b.2; c.1; Anagram: spanglish. Pages A) 1. must, 2. will, 3. can, 4. can; B) 1 has run, 2. has put on. 3. has entertained, 4. have been able to, 5. has introduced, 6. has sold; C) 1c, 2d, 3a, 4b; D) ART IS NOT WHAT YOU SEE BUT WHAT YOU MAKE OTHERS SEE. P 14 Crossword: 1.dialect, 2. left, 3. most, 4. Pilot, 5. bible, 6. Castilian, 7. Spanish, 8. Pakistan, 9. inquisitive; True or False: 1T, 2T, 3F (Hobart is the capital), 4T, 5F (Tasmania has a violent history), 6T.

15 Liven up your lessons! English With audio materials and Teacher s notes free download: primary school elementary Français lower-intermediateintermediate intermediate advanced Lingua latina primary school elementary lower-intermediate intermediate intermediate advanced elementary HECCRBQ ZPSR Italiano primary school elementary lower-intermediate intermediate Español intermediate advanced advanced lower-intermediate Deutsch lower-intermediate intermediate intermediate advanced primary school elementary lower-intermediate intermediate elementary ELI Language Magazines intermediate advanced

16 Book Turtles All the Way Down Tassa Riscossa / Taxe Perçue The Historical Present (Present Simple for narrating past events or stories) Bestselling author, John Green, is back with a new novel about love, resilience*, and the power of lifelong friendship. Turtles All The Way Down confirms John Green s talent for chronicling* teenage life. He captures the insecurities of youth as he shares the story of sixteen-year-old Aza Holmes. The story The story, narrated by a troubled* Indianapolis teenager, Aza, begins as a mystery. Along with her Best and Most Fearless Friend Daisy, Aza decides to search for billionaire Russell Pickett, who has gone missing under a cloud of fraud* and bribery* accusations. The girls hope to pocket the $100,000 reward money. Early into their search, Aza begins to fall for Russell s son Davis, who, despite his excessive privileges (including a mansion complete with a cinema) is also troubled. He is still mourning* his mother, who died nine years ago, and he now has to deal with his father s disappearance, Anybody can look at you. It s quite rare to find someone who sees the same world you see. John Green John Green is the award-winning, #1 bestselling author of many young adult novels (including The Fault in Our Stars). His books have been published in more than 55 languages and over 24 million copies are in print. John, who has won a number of awards and critical acclaim* for his novels, lives with his family in Indianapolis, Indiana. and the knowledge that if his dad has died he has left his fortune to his pet tuatara!* Aza is trying to be a good daughter, a good friend, a good student, and maybe even a good detective. However, she is also living within the evertightening spiral of her own thoughts. Glossary bribery: the giving or offering of money for favours chronicling: telling a story critical acclaim: positive reviews from experts fraud: criminal deception for personal or financial gain mourning: sad because someone has died resilience: strength troubled: someone with problems tuatara: a type of reptile Tot of English N Poste Italiane S.P.A. - Sped. in abb. post. - D.L. 353/2003 (Conv. in L. 27/02/2004 n. 46) Art. 1, comma 1, DCB - Ancona 16