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1 F08- P.O Fișa de identificare RED Fișa de identificare RED Nume/prenume autor: PETRESCU SIMONA ANCUȚA, OLGA MARTINS, EGLE GINTAUTAITE Denumirea resursei educaționale propuse: Caiet de muncă independentă pentru elevi: THE WANDERING ADVENTURE Tema/scurtă descriere: Caietul de lucru The Wandering Adventure este unul din produsele finale ale parteneriatului școlar multilateral A joy of reading, a joy of creating, Comenius , în cadrul căruia LPS a colaborat cu elevi și profesori din Polonia, Lituania, Grecia, Spania și Portugalia.. Acest caiet de lucru a fost realizat în comun de elevii participanți, sub coordonarea profesorilor de engleză parteneri în proiect.. Caietul este structurat în șase capitole și un epilog, cu ilustrații, fiecare scris de câte una din școlile partenere. La final, pe baza textului, caietul include seturi de exerciții de gramatică și de vocabular, precum și propuneri de jocuri și dramatizare.. Scopul materialului propus: didactic (de utilizat la clasă/cu elevii) pentru elev (de utilizat de către elev) x de documentare pentru cadrele didactice altele Nivel de învățământ/clasa: V-VIII Aria curriculară/disciplina: Limba engleză Material extracurricular x Competențe vizate: Înțelegerea unui text literar, de ficțiune, în limba engleză; Formularea unor răspunsuri orale sau scrise la întrebări cu grade de dificultate variabile, pe baza textului citit. Recunoașterea și utilizarea corectă în context a structurilor gramaticale învățate la clasă. Dezvoltarea abilităților artistice (interpretare de roluri pe baza scenariului )

2 Liceul cu Program Sportiv Slatina PROIECT MULTILATERAL COMENIUS Finanțat cu sprijinul Comisiei Europene prin intermediul PROGRAMULUI SECTORIAL COMENIUS The wandering adventure Acest proiect a fost finanţat cu sprijinul Comisiei Europene. Această publicaţie reflectă numai punctul de vedere al autorului şi Comisia nu este responsabilă pentru eventuala utilizare a informaţiilor pe care le conţine

3 Descrierea CIP a Bibliotecii Naţionale a României Simona Ancuța Vlădescu, Olga Martins, Egle Gintautaite The wandering adventure/ Simona Ancuța Vlădescu, Olga Martins, Egle Gintautaite. - Caracal : Hoffman, 2010 Bibliogr. Index ISBN ISBN Tel./fax: Acest proiect a fost finanţat cu sprijinul Comisiei Europene. Această publicaţie reflectă numai punctul de vedere al autorului şi Comisia nu este responsabilă pentru eventuala utilizare a informaţiilor pe care le conţine

4 The wandering adventure

5 4

6 Prologue It was still snowing. Frozen crystals falling around covered the garden like a soft, fluffy blanket. A man wearing an old coat and torn hat was crouching behind the wall that separated the garden from the rarely used path. He stood quietly while watching two boys and two girls walking along. They didn t even notice him, but that was all right. He didn t need them. He didn t need anybody. * * * 5

7 Chapter 1 Four best friends were going to the mountains to ski. Christopher and Ashley were the best skiers. They were all wearing jackets, colourful hats and scarves and thick trousers. They also had gloves and goggles to protect them from the cold wind. The weather was perfect to spend a few hours on the slope, skiing, laughing and throwing snow balls at each other. They had dreamt about that day for so long. The school term was so hard and exhausting that they really needed those few days to relax and get some strength before the next one. Christopher and Ashley were first on the slope, while Eric and Emma took a long time climbing the hill. The sun was shining and the snow flakes were sparkling in its rays. They even didn t remember such a good day full of fun and laughter. Finally, after a few hours, they decided to go to a café and drink some hot chocolate. They were cold and exhausted. Warming up in a nice café with a mug of hot cocoa sounded great. Although it was late in 6

8 the afternoon, the place wasn t very crowded. They found a table with four free places and sat around it. It was warm and pleasant inside. The fire in the fire place was cracking and quiet music was heard from the radio. Other people were drinking and eating hot meals while talking and laughing together. When the teenagers ordered their drinks, Christopher remembered something. Hey, did you all hear about little Sarah Kells? My mother heard from her mother that she s been losing things for the last few days. Mrs. Kells seemed to be very worried as it had never happened before. Oh, yes! replied Emma. She s missing some gloves and a few toy necklaces. She told me about it when I babysat her last week. Really? asked Ashley. That is strange. I have noticed today that her picture is missing from the Student of the Week poster. Yes! added Eric. It looks like it was cut off! We need to find out what is happening. I think Excuse me. The waitress was standing at their table with the hot chocolate, looking confused. Oh, thank you! Eric said, his face red from embarrassment. The lady gave them their drinks and walked away, and they continued their conversation. Guess what? Yesterday I found a newspaper talking about the Kells family. It said that six years ago there was a fire in their house. The family lost everything and didn t have 7

9 enough money to pay for anything anymore, and Mrs. Kells divorced her husband with their one-year-old baby. Mr. Kells was in despair. What is even worse he lost his job and couldn t find anything else to do here so he left the town and was never seen again said Emma. Do you think that this is Sarah s father causing all this trouble? asked Christopher. Maybe he returned and would like to get in contact with his daughter? Yes! I think so! We should find out if he is the one! Let s meet together tomorrow and investigate suggested Eric. They stood up, paid the bill, got dressed warm again and left the cosy café. It was an early evening and they could feel frosty air and see first stars in the sky. * * * The homeless man was standing in the garden which was covered with snow and ice. There was nobody there. Only the wind was blowing, whistling between the trees. Their shadows looked scary. The man was looking around nervously. He gazed at each item that he had. A pair of pink gloves some play jewellery, a pair of scissors, and a picture. It was a picture of his dear daughter, Sarah. He missed her a lot. Don t worry, Sarah, he whispered. I ll get you and take you away from this horrible place! I will! He put the things in a box, his treasure box, and buried it in the ground. 8

10 Chapter 2 The dawn of a beautiful morning has seemed as if the morning was promising a lot.light snowflakes were falling and swirling, a mild breeze was blowing.the four friends met at a café as they usually did during the holiday. Guess what they have ordered? Yes,you are right hot chocolate! And after that, of course, on skis! At least, such were the plans. But not in vain people have such a saying you are planning and the Lord is laughing...while they were waiting for the chocolate,suddenly it became dark.what s this? Worried,everyone dived to the window.ashley unexpectedly screamed: Our plans are collapsing! We won t ski! Look what is happening outside! Huge dark clouds gathered and it started to snow heavily. Christofer offered: Let s go to the skating-rink instead. Everyone agreed although without a great enthusiasm and left. Splashing through the deep snowdrifts, which were rising in their eyes, the four friends were sharing their holiday impressions and wondering about such an unexpected weather change. Soon Christopher and Ashley were torn from the rest. Everywhere they were the first: the first on the slope, the first on their way to the skating rink. While they were speeding ahead, Eric and Emma were 9

11 browsing the shop windows; they were quite tired and couldn t withstand their friends pace. Suddenly they noticed a note on one building: Library, and immediately a thought came to Emma s mind: she remembered that yesterday they planned to investigate Sarah s case. (She already called it a case in her mind). Emma started to shout as loud as she could: Stop! Christopher, Ashley, wait! It wasn t very easy to persuade them come back. At last they were here and without any explanations Emma pulled them into the library. Eric wasn t less puzzled and he mumbled: What are you doing? What about the skating rink? Only then Emma explained everything and reminded their yesterday s plans. In almost no time friends started to borrow in the pile of old newspapers. *** They were trying to find something about the fire in Kells house but the story was quite old and they found nothing. The friends were already starting to lose the hope when Ashley s eye was caught on one article in the title of which they noticed the well known surname Kells. It was the article about a man who found his happiness in a very unusual way. The title of the article was: The most famous and influential businessman in our town is telling the story of his unexpected success. 10

12 11

13 One bright morning I woke up and decided to buy a lottery ticket. That was the first time in my life to buy it. I went to a small local shop run by a man of an Indian origin. In the shop I cleared the protective layer of the ticket I bought 1,000,000 Euros I found such an inscription on it. At first I couldn t believe my eyes, but when the shopkeeper reassured me that it was true, I tried to believe. The very next day the money appeared in my account but I was not tempted to waste it easily. I decided to buy stocks of a well known company, and I chose Microsoft. In half a year the value of the stocks raised highly and I bought more and more. I kept buying the stocks and in several years I overtook the controlling stock pack. And now I m running Microsoft. Poor Bill Gates To the question of a personal nature Mr. Kells answers really reluctantly. To tell the true, he doesn t answer at all. Such intriguing information was found in the article. Christopher asked: Is it possible that this Mr. Kells is the same Kells we are looking for? Nobody was very fast to answer his question. At last Emma uttered: I believe that this Mr. Kells is somehow connected with the one we are looking for, but I am not sure that he is exactly the one. Maybe he is a relative of Mr. Kells or something like that? Ashley s opinion was strict and without any doubts: Don t be so naïve, this is not a novel, and this is life. You think if the surname is the same it means something? I am sure that this is only a coincidence. Eric 12

14 only shrank his shoulders; he was not brave enough to speak his mind. As many people as many opinions. *** The homeless man buried the box and cleaned his hands to his torn trousers. Suddenly in a bright moonlight a massive gold ring with a precious stone glittered on his forefinger. Damn it! Such a tiny detail can betray me whispered the man. He torn the ring from the finger and carefully hid it in a pocket of his torn trousers. 13

15 14

16 Chapter 3 Mr. Kells was fast asleep but those unforgettable memories kept coming to his mind The first fortnight of August went by as a wonderful dream during which he got peace and rest from his hectic daily routine. Mr. Kells had had a promotion at work and wanted to celebrate the event, so he decided to travel abroad with his wife and his one-year-old daughter. After spending some time reading some brochures and discussing where to go they chose the Algarve, as their holiday destination. At the time they were really happy and rejoiced every moment of their lives, they were young and they were in love. One of those days remained vivid in Mr. Kells memory. They woke up very early, the daylight was very bright. They thought that even sun rays were different in Portugal. In fact everything seemed to be different here: the air, the smells and the people. The Portuguese were really nice and friendly. The water was different too, it had a really fresh taste. They fell in love with the Algarve at first sight. Mr. Kells opened the back door of the car and sat his daughter on the seat, his wife sat next to the child and he drove to the nearest beach. It took them 20 minutes to get to the seacoast. What magnificent views they behold on their way cheerful orchards with orange trees, typical 15

17 houses with white chimneys, children playing football in their yards and then a shining view of the ocean wrapped in a blue noonday haze. George, let s stop here, do you see that café over there? It seems to be quite cosy. They entered the café and sat down at a free table. It was high season and the café was quite crowded. The waiter came by and they ordered two sandwiches, two glasses of orange juice and a vegetable soup for their daughter. Mr. Kells wife was really a precious pearl. She had a wonderful name Mary. She was tall and slim and her hair was curly and blond. Her eyes were sky-blue, she had a smiling face and a tender heart and for him she was incomparable. Mary, let s go to the beach, the sea is quite calm. They lay on the sand, closed their eyes and began to listen to the music of the waves. It was a great sound, like an orchestra. From a distance it seemed to be the keys of a piano, rushed at times by thin sounds of a violin. The water was warm clear blue and inviting and Mary decided to go for a swim. Sarah was playing with her toys and started to build a sandcastle. Mary came out of the water and couldn t find her daughter. 16

18 17

19 George! Wake up! Sarah has disappeared! cried Mary in despair. They looked for her throughout the entire beach, asked if someone had seen a small child but nobody had seen her. She was missing. Mary! The car! She may be near the car said Mr. Kells. They rushed to the car and saw little Sarah playing near it. Mary held her tight in her arms and exclaimed: Sarah, we were so worried, never do this again! Mary, I promise I ll never lose her out of sight again. I ll always be near my daughter. Although unwillingly he broke his promise some months later. After the fire he had no choice but to leave his family behind and disappear Nevertheless now he was back and determined to diminish the painful suffering he had caused. Mr. Kells only needed to be cautious and think of an intelligent plan. 18

20 Chapter 4 It was 1 o clock after midnight. George Kells was on his way home, drunk, with trembling feet and no balance at all. He slowly reached the front door of his house and pulled the key out of his pocket. His hands were shivering. It took some time until he finally managed to open the door. He entered the house and went from the corridor to the living room, which was covered by complete darkness. While he was trying desperately to reach the light switch, he stumbled on a chair. To hell, he shouted. Do you need any help? a voice called and suddenly the lights were switched on. Mary Kells was sitting on a chair at the other side of the room. Oh, my beloved wife, he whispered and he tried to get close to her. Stay away from me, you, drunk! Mary shouted. Where have you been again? It s none of your business, he answered with a slow and tired voice. It concerns me and our daughter! The only thing you do is wondering around and drinking. Shut up, George shouted. What s the matter? Does the truth hurt you? I said shut up!!! You are nothing more than useless! Mary replied: Shut up! 19

21 At that moment, little Sarah Kells appeared at the stairs of the upper floor, handing a toy bear very tightly in her hands. She looked scared and in a while she burst into tears. Mary run to her daughter and hid the tiny body in her armful. Disappear and never try to set foot on this house again. Never dare to approach either me or my daughter!!! George Kells walked with inconstant footsteps towards the door. He opened it and got out at the yard. He went ahead making false steps till the outside door. We haven t finished yet, you will pay it off at a very high price, he tried to shout before he went away staggering. Mary 20

22 pressed her daughter closely in her arms, trying to make her be calm and stop crying. She embraced her with tenderness she caressed her white skin and her blond hair. Calm my baby, calm, all is over, everything is all right. She took her and drove her to the armchair. She tried to lull her to sleep. Finally the little girl fell asleep in her hands. She looked so calm and peaceful.nothing could awake her. The mother carried the baby carefully in the room, kissed her on the forehead, covered her and put the lights off. She ought to be calm and forget this terrible quarrel. Nevertheless, could she forget, or this would be a nightmare following her in her whole life? While Mary was walking downstairs, she felt hot air coming from the kitchen. As she was getting closer, the temperature was increasing more and more. She tried to open the door but she sprang back the handle of the door was awfully burnt She pushed it strongly with her body. She gazed at the enormous flames, lightening fire tongues, burning everything they found! She stepped back terrified and went ahead towards her daughter s room. She hugged her and run to the outside door as soon as possible. She felt the fire hunting after her, destroying everything around. The flames, like a fiery demon coming out of the depths of hell, escaped from the kitchen and over flew Kell s house. *** 21

23 It was early spring, but this was a really chilly cold afternoon. In the beautiful green park, the shade of the trees seemed huge and threatening and the whisper of the wind passing though the foliage did increase the image of the wilderness. The winter seemed not to be eager to abandon the small town. Walk a little faster because I freeze to death Eric said to Emma. Christopher and Ashley were already ahead. I am tired and I m 22

24 freezing,too, Emma replied. Those evenings classes are a real trouble Emma added. I wish I lived in a country like Greece Eric replied. There, the days are always sunny, so maybe that s why Greek people are so happy and pleasant. It s a real magic to live by the sea enjoying the sun, Eric added. Eventually the evening classes are not that bored, Emma agreed. I have printed a picture of Santorin s beautiful sunset. It would be a good idea to prepare a project about Greek Aegean islands and Crete. I wish I lived The discussion was interrupted abruptly: Christopher and Ashley who were walking in front of the others, like they always did, had stopped to a bench where a middle-aged man was lying down unconscious. He was wearing a ragged coat and he was disheveled and unshaven. A half-full bottle was lying next to him He was immovable, his lips were livid Christopher got closer to him and checked his pulse. He looks so weak; he needs help he said. Let s call an ambulance! Ashley suggested. The sound of the siren was heard a few minutes later from the corner of the road. Two nurses got off the ambulance carrying the stretcher, where they placed the stranger on. They carried him into the ambulance and the children followed it. While they were carrying him, Emma noticed something very odd: he was wearing a big expensive ring! He must have stolen it, she thought. 23

25 Later on, the doctors announced them that the man s health was really very bad. As the children were waiting outside the patient s room, Emma s thoughts were running to the ring all the time. How was it possible for a man like him to carry such a valuable thing? Only if he had stolen it! Now he feels better, although you cannot visit him. The voice of the nurse recalled Emma to reality. Christopher was still holding the ragged coat in his hands. As he was standing up from his chair in the corridor, a wallet fell down, at his feet. And what a surprise: the wallet was full of money. From now on, they were sure he had stolen it. It was obvious the man was a thief. We should give the wallet to the police Ashley said. What may it contain? She hadn t finished her phrase yet, when Christopher pulled a small girl s photo from a case of the wallet. I know this girl, I know her! Emma cried, without believing what she saw. She is Sarah Kells! The children looked embarrassed. Nobody talked for a while, but the same thought was dancing in everyone s mind. Is it ever possible, could this man be little Sarah s father? 24

26 Chapter 5 When the man was in the observation room, a nurse called Mary entered. The moment she saw him, she was really surprised because she had already read the man s medical history. The man was familiar to her, she knew him but She couldn t remember who he was. * * * The four friends decided to speak with the mysterious man who was in the room, but they were a bit afraid... The following day, they went into the room where the man was. They sat down and started to speak with him. The man told them that he was Sarah s uncle, Patrick, and he also explained them that the money they had found in his wallet was his, he had not stolen it, he didn t need to steal since he was a millionaire because some years ago he won the lottery. Then the four friends discovered that the man who appeared in the newspaper s article was him. They also asked him a lot of questions about his brother, that is, Sarah s father, and then the man started telling them the entire story. He told them that some years ago he and his brother George were living in a wonderful country, in a country where pities turn into happiness, in Spain Until his brother met Mary, who 25

27 was spending her holidays there. Then they fell in love and they started living together in Spain But, when Mary was pregnant, both of them decided to go back to their home country. However George s brother stayed in Spain. He never again had news about George or Mary but he thought George might have gone to Spain since he loved that country so much Now the four friends had got a lot of information but it wasn t enough. The following day, the four friends looked for Mary and they told her the man s story She was really surprised, and she started to shout, because she couldn t believe what the man had told the teenagers. In Spain? How could he have come back there again? Nevertheless, the four friends decided to go on with the investigation and went to Spain, to the address the man had given them, but there was nobody there * * * Meanwhile, the man escaped from hospital and phoned his brother George who was living in England: Don t worry George, I ve sent them to a wrong address in Spain. Thank you, brother! I don t want them to bother me. * * * 26

28 The four friends realised they had been deceived and returned back to the hospital to meet the man. But he was not there and, what was worse, nobody knew where he was. They decided to return to the park where they saw Patrick again, but when noticed them, he ran away. As he was running, he dropped a small piece of paper. Eric took it and found a phone number. What can we do with it? asked Ashley. Let s call, said Emma. They all agreed and when they phoned, they found out that this number belonged to a Spanish restaurant. They were really excited and wanted to know more about their case so they booked a table for that night. Later, that evening, they arrived at the restaurant, sat at a table and asked for some typical dish. While they were enjoying a delicious meal, they saw Patrick going into the restaurant, but he didn t enter the room where they were, he walked to the kitchen. The four friends were really astonished and they didn t know what to do; Ashley stood up and went to investigate to the kitchen. When she was approaching, a waiter suddenly appeared and Ashley hid under a close table, from there she saw two men talking, Patrick and the cook and, she couldn t believe her eyes, they were twins! The cook was George! Patrick had lied! The girl could hear a conversation between them: Our plans are getting more and more difficult, some kids are looking into this matter, I think this place isn t safe, said Patrick 27

29 OK, replied George, let s arrange another appointment somewhere else; we must know what to do with Sarah. I think you should call Mary and ask her to meet to talk about Sarah, added Patrick. The two brothers agreed and finished their meeting. George phoned Mary and asked her to let him see his daughter, but Mary refused and went alone to the meeting. When George arrived, Mary realised something different in him, she looked at his neck, but she didn t see the scar that he got during the fire many years ago 28

30 Chapter 6 What shall I do? Mary was wondering herself, torn between doubts and fear, while walking through the crowded street toward the Tapas restaurant in Exeter. Can I start all over again? All these years of solitude, whilst I had to face all sort of problems as a single mother, to raise a child as well as possible And now? He s back and he implores me to forgive him Should I? Eventually, Mary met George. Or, at least, the man he thought to be George. * * * The real George rang the bell at Mary s home door. Who is it? asked the beloved voice which he longed so much for. Your daddy, my dear Sarah! WHO??? The little girl opened the door in a second. Daddy?! My love, the light of my dear - dear dear daughter! And the man kneeled on the door step, holding tight the little body in front of him. Hot tears flowed on his lined cheeks, knotting in his beard How long have I been waiting for this I thought I d never hold you like this again never in this life! Little Sarah felt dizzy, puzzled, a bit embarrassed. Who was this stranger? Her mother had told her that daddy was dead. And still beyond his strange ragged appearance, something familiar broke 29

31 through it the warmth of his arms holding her desperately, as a promise that he ll be there forever, like a real father, like all her friends fathers she knew. Is this possible? Dad, I thought you were...hmmm...dead! Mum said... but her voice faints away. George was weeping and smiling at the same time. His voice was hurried, whispering persuasive, convincing. He was telling her what? What was he telling incessantly? To forgive him, to ask her mother to forgive him too, to convince Mary to start their life together, all three of them, as a happy family, from the beginning. Yes, he has changed. He had wandered all over the world, even in Romania. Yes, Romania good memories! He told Sarah that he had been working on an archeological site, as a simple digger, somewhere in the middle of Transylvania, at some ruins of an old castle. Transylvania! Strange, charming, half - wild, half modern and civilized its main cities, Timisoara, Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Alba-Iulia,Sighisoara... have been known since the Romans occupation, when Traian, the emperor, had conquered these wonderful, blessed land. Transylvania literarily means The land beyond the forests in Latin. And people there still speak a Romanic language in the middle of a Slavonic language speaking world. That s the reason why they call themselves Români. Nowadays, the local people were telling strange stories about Count Dracula, whom they thought the castle had belonged to 30

32 Vlad Drăculea (Ţepeş-the Impaler) was born in Sighisoara, a medieval city in Transilvania. He gained the name the Impaler because of his favourite method to punish his enemies, impaling them in a wooden stake. Vlad sparked the imagination of Bram Stroker,the author of Dracula. He was bloodthirsty, but he was not a vampire. Well, the chief - archeologist said that all those words were a load of rubbish, that the remains were all that had left from Vlad the Impaler s prison. But no Romanian folk would have believed this silly story! Sarah, if you want me to, I ll take you and your mother there, to see yourselves, with your own eyes! It s true! And, more important than that he followed in a lower voice I ve found a treasure there, buried in a wall I kept the secret. I must go back there to take it with me It s yours, you deserve it! What s the gold, what are all the diamonds in the world without you? I want my family back! Please, please my dear Sarah, will you forgive me???... 31

33 Epilogue 32

34 George Kells helped his daughter carefully over some ancient bricks, then came back for the child s mother. Mary took his hand as she jumped lightly over the red stones, but neither of them let go, even after they were back on the straight path. They smiled at each other and carried on light conversation with little Sarah until they came to what was left of a low brick wall, hidden cleverly by some bushes and shrubs. Here it is! said George, as he knelt down on the soft, mossy ground and pulled out a small pick-axe. Is it there? Is it there? asked Sarah excitedly, jumping up and down. Mr. Kells repeatedly struck at a loosened brick in the old wall. I ve almost got it Yes, here it is! he exclaimed. He pulled out a miniature chest and opened it carefully. It was filled to the top with medieval coins of gold, each one worth at least 5000 pounds! Yay! yelled Sarah Oh, you did it, dear, said Mary Kells happily, hugging him tightly. Mr. Kells blinked back tears as he clutched the most important thing in the world to his heart not the treasure, but his precious family. * * * Look, look! Emma rushed into the classroom a few minutes before the bell rang to start a weekly class meeting. Her three friends were waiting for her. She slapped a newspaper down onto a desk. The headline read Briton Finds Priceless Medieval Treasure. 33

35 Mr. George Kells, along with his wife, Mary, and a daughter, Sarah, found a valuable treasure on Tuesday in an ancient medieval castle in Romania. This family of three was on holiday at Transylvania, the legendary home of Count Dracula, when they stumbled upon a small chest filled with hundreds of very old medieval coins, some even dating back to the 8 th century! All of them are made of pure gold, and the finding, as a whole, quite possibly carries a value of over a million pounds. When asked to comment on his extreme good fortune, Mr. Kells replied, I m very happy. Not only do I have assurance of material security for the rest of my life, I now have my beloved family to share it with! Mr. Kells, a former divorcee, just recently reunited with his wife and their daughter after 5 years of being apart. It seems that this family s story has a very happy ending. The four teens talked excitedly over this new turn of events until the bell rang. Everyone hurried to their seats as the teacher called for attention. Class, I have some news for you, she began. Our school has been organizing a foreign student exchange program for quite some time, and I am glad to say that twenty students have been selected to go on a trip to six European countries. These will be the students with the best marks in foreign languages, Social Studies, and Geography. Two boys and two girls have been picked from this certain class, and those students are she looked down at her papers. Christopher, Eric, Ashley, and Emma! They were so surprised! 34

36 Wow! said Christopher. So cool! You will be travelling through Romania, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, and, of course, the beautiful, as well as historic, country of Poland, the teacher added. Greece! murmured a very happy Emma. Now we can do a project about Crete and the Aegean islands And my grandmother is from Portugal! exclaimed Ashley. Oh, I can t wait! said Eric, and the other three agreed with him. Little did they know that the Kells family had decided to go on holiday to the very same countries at the very same time 35

37 Activity Page 1 VOCABULARY 1.Try to guess the meaning of the following words from the context,then check your understanding with your teacher or the dictionary.finally, make up sentences of your own,using them : crouch; goggles; exhausted; crack; embarrassment; whistle; gaze; 2. Answer the questions: a) What is the season during which the action of this chapter takes place? Give reasons for your answer,quoting from the text. b) Who are the main characters of the story? Describe them. c) Who are they talking about? What information do they have about this girl? d)how do you think that the misterious character is related to the five children? What do you think it would happen next? GRAMMAR 3.What tenses are mostly used and why? Give examples from the text. 4.Put the following adjectives in the comparative and superlative forms: Soft Fluffy Colourful Exausting Good Pleasant Hot 36

38 Confused Cosy 5. Make verbs, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, starting from the given part of speech: NOUN VERB ADJECTIVE ADVERB Frost Cover Laughter Embarrassment Despair To freeze To protect Had dreamt To warm up Babysat Cause Frozen;Frosty;Freezing Separated Late Crowded Worried - Shadow horrible COMMUNICATION 5. Act out the cafeteria scene. 37

39 Activity Page 2 VOCABULARY 1. Find synonims for these words and replace them in the text: Swirling,breeze,collapse,gather,withstand,pace,persuade,mumble, Burrow,influencial,glitter. 2. Explain the phrases: a)you are planning and the Lord is laughing b)they were browsing the shopwindows c)ashley s eye was caught d) to speak his mind e) as many people,as many opinions. COMPREHENSION 3. Answer the questions: a) What had the children planned to do that day? b) Use one or two adjectives to describe each child s temperament. c) What opinion each child had on the article? d) Who do you think the strange man was? e) What will happen next, in your opinion? GRAMMAR 4. Add as many adjectives as you can to the first paragraph, in order to enrich the descriptive text. 5. Make up pairs of antonyms starting from the words of the magazine article which the children are reading. 6. Transform into passive wherever possible. 7. Turn the direct speech into reported speech. COMMUNICATION 8. Act out the dialogues from the text. 38

40 Activity Page 3 VOCABULARY 1.Try to guess the meaning of the following words from the context,then check your understanding with your teacher or the dictionary. Finally, make up sentences of your own,using them : fortnight; hectic; brochures; rejoiced; vivid; orchards; chimneys, wrapped; haze. 2. Answer the questions: a) What did Mr. Kells to celebrate by going on vacation to Algarve? b) When did this happen? c) How was the scenery special? d) What did Mary look like? e) Was little Sarah really lost? f) Was the action in this chapter a memory or a dream? GRAMMAR 3. Transform the direct speech into reported speech. 4. Make up word-families starting from: NOUN VERB ADJECTIVE ADVERB Asleep 39

41 Dream Promotion Smell Taste Sight Choice Rejoice Think Enter Order Disappear Diminish Unforgettable Magnificent Shining Tender 5. Transform into passive wherever possible. 6. Turn the direct speech into reported speech. COMMUNICATION 7.Try to act the dialogues. 40

42 Activity Page 4 VOCABULARY 1.Try to guess the meaning of the following words from the context,then check your understanding with your teacher or the dictionary. Finally, make up sentences of your own,using them : Stumble; concern; burst into tears; approach; pay off ; stagger; caress; to lull;to spring; disheveled; immovable; stretcher. 2. Answer the questions: a) Was it the first time when Mr. Kells was coming home like this? Why do you think it happened? b) What did wake up little Sarah? How did her mother react? c) Who put the house on fire, in your opinion? d) Who do you think the stranger was? GRAMMAR 3. Put the verbs in the following sentences in different tenses (present simple, continuous, past simple, continuous, present perfect simple,continuous, past perfect s&c,future simple and continuous,etc: He slowly reached the front door ; While he was trying desperately to reach the light switch, he stumbled on a chair. She looked scared and in a while she burst into tears. Finally the little girl fell asleep in her hands. 41

43 4. Put the sententce below in the first, second and third conditional,adapting it as neccessary: I wish I lived in a country like Greece How was it possible for a man like him to carry such a valuable thing? Only if he had stolen it! 5. Turn the direct speech into reported speech COMMUNICATION 6. Try to act the scenes. Activity Page 5 VOCABULARY 1.Try to guess the meaning of the following words from the context,then check your understanding with your teacher or the dictionary. 2. Make up sentences of your own,using the words above: Pities; to bother; deceive; typical dish; astonish; appointment; scar. THINKING POINTS 3. Answer the questions to check your understanding of the text: a) In which country does the action in this chapter take place? b) How do you imagine that things could have happened since the twins splitted? Write a short story about it(10 lines). c) Why did Patrick have the telephone number from a Spanish restaurant? Did he lose it on purpose or not? d) Why did George want to talk to Mary again? Did he proceed right? 42

44 GRAMMAR 4. Transform the direct speech into reported speech. 5. Make up word families starting from the given ones: NOUN VERB ADJECTIVE ADVERB Enter Appeared Decide Afraid Deceived Agreed are looking into COMMUNICATION 6. Act out the scene at the restaurant Activity Page 6 VOCABULARY 1.Find synonyms and make up sentences for the following words: Persuasive -appeal for, appeal to,ask,beg,crave,entreat,importune,plead for,solicit Punishment -compelling,effective,eefectual,eloquent,forceful Implore -damage,botch,injure,spoil,wreck,bankrupt To ruin - beating,lashing,smack,penalty,whipping. GRAMMAR 2.Add tag questions to these sentences: a) he was not a vampire,... b) But no Romanian folk would have believed this silly story,... 43

45 c) It s true,... d) I must go back there to take it with me, Make up word families starting from the given ones: NOUN VERB ADJECTIVE ADVERB Wonder face Light Possible puzzled promise Desperately incessantly 4. Transform the direct speech into reported speech. THINKING POINTS 5. Answer the questions to check your understanding of the text: a) Was little Sarah glad to meet her father? b)how did her father try to convince Sarah and her mother to forgive him and take him back? c) Why do Romanian people call themselves Români? d) Who is called Vlad Dracul(a) and why? COMMUNICATION 6.Act out the dialogue. 44

46 Titlul proiectului: Parteneriat Fișă de identitate BUCURIA DE A CITI, BUCURIA DE A CREA A JOY OF READING, A JOY OF CREATING Tipul proiectului: Proiect de Parteneriat Multilateral Comenius PM24 Finantat prin Programul Sectorial Comenius Grant : Euro 24 mobilităti ale elevilor si profesorilor în tările partenere Parteneri : Romania Liceul cu Program Sportiv Slatina Polonia Gimnazjum nr 3 - Tarnobrzegu Spania Colegio Concertado Sagrada Familia de Villefranche - Miranda de Ebro Lituania Biržu Kaštonu pagrindine mokykla Birzai Portugalia Escola Básica do 2.o e 3.o ciclo Dr. José de Jesus Neves Júnior Faro Grecia 1 Professional Lyceum Kalamarias - Thesaloiniki Obiectivele proiectului : Creşterea interesului pentru cultura şi civilizaţia europeană Cresterea interesului elevilor pentru lectură Dezvoltarea competentelor de exprimare creativă în scris si oral Utilizarea limbilor străine (engleză si franceză) în comunicarea cu elevii din scolile partenere Rezultat final: În cadrul activităţilor din proiect şi în cadrul reuniunilor de proiect realizate până în prezent elevii au avut ocazia de a cunoaşte literatura ţărilor participante şi de a participa activ la scrierea unei cărţi. Utilizând metoda cărţii itinerante, elevii din cele şase şcoli partenere scriu împreună două cărţi, una în limba engleză, cea de a doua în limba franceză. Fiecare şcoala a pus în valoare în acest proiect specificul naţional prin referire la civilizaţia contemporană şi prin apelul la aspectele tradiţionale. Reuniuni de proiect: Polonia noiembrie

47 Spania februarie 2009 România aprilie 2009 Grecia octombrie 2009 Lituania martie 2010 Portugalia mai 2010 În cadrul reuniunilor de proiect se are în vedere analiza textelor create de elevi pentru realizarea cărtii itinerante, valorizarea cărţii itinerante prin dramatizare, lectură, fotografie, dar şi ilustrarea celor două cărti (engleză şi franceză). Schimb de bune practici: Schimbul de bune practici s a realizat prin lecţii interactive pe Internet între clase din şcolile partenere pe baza unei teme comune: legende naţionale (lectiii în limba engleză si în limba franceză). Acest proiect a oferit şcolii un bun prilej de ameliorarea a managementului instituţional prin schimbul de bune practice cu celelalte şcoli partenere, adoptarea unor strategii manageriale noi în ceea ce priveşte oferta educaţională, managementul resurselor umane şi dezvoltarea unui sistem competitiv de promovarea a programelor de dezvoltarea a resurselor umane prin intermediul programelor cu finanţare europeană. Coordonatori : Simona Ancuța Vlădescu, Olga Martins, Egle Gintautaite Autori elevi și profesori: România: Polonia: Spania: Portugalia Lituania: Grecia: Simona Ancuța Vlădescu, Raluca Enescu, Iulia Tătuc, Adriana Pătrașcu, Codruța Eremia, Ionuț Voinicu, Alexandru Duță, Andrei Lecu, Robert Marin, Cristina Nicolae, Cristian Nistor, Rădoi Marian, Roșianu Cristian, Amalia Nicolescu Ewa Paleczka, Justina Panfil, Tomasz Ordon, Radoslaw Szczur, Grzegorz Kuras. Sergio Canas Garcia, Andrea Sidranes Barruso, Paula Fuente Garcia de Lomada. Olga Martins, Bernardo Freitas, Bruno Belela, Carla Covelo, Nelma Matos, Patricia Santos, Sara Silva, Mariya-Luyiza Kolishchuk. Egle Gintautaite, Rita Valintelyte, Egle Gintautaite, Mindaugas Bistrickas, Karolis Varzinskas, Andrius Klybas, Elena Aisparaite, Laura Bruzgulyte Theodora Kostelidou, Roula Politou, Evangelos Mageiros, Loukas Porlotsis, Nestoras Kouroumanis 46