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2 Table of Contents KILLER CLOWN ASYLUM by Lauren..3 UNTITLED by Justin THE RETURN OF CENTRALIA by Savannah HOME ALONE by Abbie UNTITLED by Aidan...11 KILLER CLOWNS by Hunter UNTITLED by Andre PREPARE TO DIE by Natalie PRISON CRUISE by Sophia LITTLE DID I KNOW by Ellie...21 A FRIDAY THE 13 TH OF HORROR by Gabrielle...24 SCARY STORY by Joey.. 26 DON T BREATHE by Jacob C ARACHNOPHOBIA by Nicho HICKORY DRIVE, PA by Maddy INSIDE by Seth A BOY AND HIS GOAT by Jacob K...37 STRANGE THINGS by Gianna THE NEIGHBORS by Aiden.. 41 THE REVENGE DOLL by Lucy

3 Killer Clown Asylum by Lauren The cold wind blew through the trees. It sent a shiver down my spine. Eva, Natalie, and I crunched through the leaves of the woods. I saw a white building peeking out behind a massive oak tree. We jumped around the tree to find an abandon asylum. "We have to go in." Natalie whispered in the silent night. It was almost 9 o'clock pm. "No way I'm going in there." Eva told Natalie. I walked closer only but to notice a bundle of balloons. Rainbow balloons they were. They stood out from the black white wall but it wasn't so blank. There seemed to be something written on the rough surface. I walked forward to examine the wall. I heard Natalie's and Eva's crunchy footstep behind following. Choppy writing was written the wall. It said "EnjoY LIfe WhiLe you can." We stepped away from the mysterious wall in fright. Eva tripped and fell over something. She moved over and revealed a bloody knife stuck in the ground. We jumped away. I slowly snuck over to the wall and rubbed my finger on the writing. I looked at my finger. It was covered in wet blood. "This was just written." I said, trying not to make my voice shaky. It had started to rain, making our clothes damp. The blood diluted and dripped slowly down the wall from the musty rain. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I slowly glanced over my shoulder to see a tall clown. I shrieked and ran about 30 feet away. Natalie and Eva followed. He had cut, and was now holding a blue balloon from the rainbow bundle. There was an awkward pause "Nice night tonight ehh, wouldn t you agree." The clown said so quietly you could barely hear it. "No. It isn't. Its freezing, and it's raining." Eva yelled. "Well, the clown said, it s a nice night for killing." Our eyes grew wide and the clown came forward, pulling the knife out of the ground. In fear, we all bolted towards the asylum. The clown came around the corner with the rusty, bloody, knife. "C'mon guys, the clown yelled. I have three Hannah Montana tickets for you." Natalie giggled but I slapped her. "We don t want your Hannah Montana tickets!" I screamed. "Well that was do you want?" The clown asked sarcastically. "We want to get out of here!" Eva sobbed. Well I'm afraid that can't happen." Said the clown The clown slowly strolled over to us. We all sprinted out of the asylum before the clown could reach us. The clown stomped behind us. We bolted through the woods. Wind was blowing our hair back. We tripped over the blanket of wet leaves, and out feet kept getting caught on twigs. I looked back and saw the clown chasing us. The next moment, I glanced back and he was gone. I was confused and I stopped running. Eva and Natalie ran about 100 more feet before noticing I had stopped. "Let's go Lauren the clown is comi-" Eva trailed off. "Where'd the clown go." Natalie asked. "I don t know but let's get out of here," I choked. We dashed out of the woods to safety. 3

4 * * * "Ugh, were finally back home" Eva groaned. "Hey guys...natalie had a strange tone to her voice. What's that over there?" She asked. I looked over into the darkness and spotted...a bundle of rainbow balloons, and a popped blue balloon on the ground. Lying next to it, a rusty, bloody knife. 4

5 Untitled by Justin "Under the full moon of a Halloween night the haunting evil that will eat you at the crooked winding tree 500 feet high," Jim started "No, no, no you're crazy that s not the story it's all about the evil crazy man that takes control of your body as a ghost," Bob brought up "Ha! you're both wrong, it's just a regular tree, and I bet that it doesn t even exist." I say, just as I brought up this point just as Bobs grandfather clock struck 11 making a loud echo across the mainly unfinished basement. On Halloween, every year we do sleep overs with each other, this year it was Bobs turn to have it and he had, honestly the worst house. We never brought it up because Bob knew that it only was because they were going to finish the basement by the next month. At this point we were just telling each other bad scary stories that made no sense. Bob and Frank were making up a bad story about a "Haunted tree" that was in the woods behind his house. Bob was a short and skinny and went to a different school then us because he had just moved, while Jim on the other hand was a super tall and a chubby kind of kid and he went to my school as he was my current neighbor. As we were beginning to turn on a movie Bobs mom called saying she left without telling us so, we were home alone. We were silent when the door shut, that s when I leaned over to Bob and asked if he knew where she was going, he was about to answer when another bang made all of us jumped. We stayed completely silent and look at one another. As if to say we should check it out. It led us all upstairs around his kitchen and to the front door the old wooden door surrounded by a small golden doorknob I went to turn it when Bob grabbed my shoulder looked me in the eyes and told me to run. We took off around every corner an staircase around his house. Jim, Bob, and I ran wherever Bob was leading us he took a right back over through the kitchen and right up to the screen door outside Bob's house somewhere from behind us the front window smashed and running was heard behind us, he cracked it open and ran through leaves sticks and to his shed. A while way from the shed was when he told us where to go the shed was exactly where he said it would be. Here he told us to go in front of him as I started to get in front of Bob. We hauled ourselves through sticks and over bushes out to an old shed in the woods that looked no older than the dinosaurs. The inside was the same you'd expect for a shed as except with and old drawer with papers and pictures of an old tree and people surrounding it the people wearing white robes and the tree was on fire. My eyes widened as I realized that was the same tree that everyone talked about around this town, and this is the same room it started. A hand pressed against the glass on the very back of the shed. We turn around to see a man smiling at us very creepily he slowly dragged his hand off the glass and disappeared, adrenaline sets in and I run out the front door towards the man now running away I hear my two friends stumble after me to the dark depths of the forest. Throughout the dark world I feel unstoppable I charge past everything in my path, past dark houses and clearings with laughing children. I can barely keep track of the man in front of me the 5

6 man who ruined my Halloween the man I wasn't afraid of. I turn back to see my friends right behind me at an arm's length I snap out of my daze to notice they are yelling "Stop go back you need to stop he's gone!" Jim was frantically screaming. I turned back from them and noticed they were right. They were gone. I slow down just as I reach a clearing and look around. Nobody was there but there, all I saw was a large tree twisting and turning, burnt to a crisp but still standing from what I could see. I walk towards it as the man steps out from behind it looking right at me. I begin to turn around when another man steps out from behind me and another from my right the fall leaves coving the ground made it hard to get a start away from them. I want to run, but I can't so I yell at them "Go away I have a stick and I'm not afraid to use it," I then pick up a stick of the ground and wave around, that s when they charged me knocking me on the head with a rock so I put the stick with all my force to his stomach although he gave out I slight wheeze he didn't seem fazed so I took the time to begin a run. As I ran the fall leaves turned into mud from the slight rain settling in the mud under my feet make me trip twisting my ankle. I can't run so I duck behind a tree and sit behind it. After 10 minutes the world goes silent besides the rain growing stronger, I am ready to go the pain from my foot had left and they were nowhere to be found. So, I get up slowly to make sure I don t hurt my foot and turn to peek behind the tree. My heart is pounding, I overexaggerate what I will see, I turn as I hear footsteps, running away but they were coming from everywhere echoing across the forest. I notice my friends haven't been anywhere, they must have run. I look all the way around the tree to see right where I was sitting the same man smiling at me, the creepy face stares into me with his wide eyes and pale skin. This was the first time I saw, not him, but "it" up close as the strange man almost 9 feet tall stands up knocks me down from with the same rock the mud splashes up into my face and the leaves going down my shirt with my now wet hair from the downpour rain and drags me off to the deep forest through mud and rain. I wake up in pitch black and try to open my eyes or at least I try to when I notice that a blindfold is over my eyes, I try to go back to sleep when they pull off the blind fold. I don t see them so I guessed that were behind me "You are one of us now" a man with a creaky voice says, I didn t know what he had meant. I thought he was kidnapping me I was scared, but at the same time I was hungry. From his statement I was also confused. Until looked down to see large pitch-black hands. I stand up to see I'm almost 3 feet taller than I was before and notice that my screams came out as a horrific screech higher than anything I had ever heard filled the dimly lit room I sat down suddenly hungrier than before I was starving I noticed. I was in the mood for a new type of food, food of a human being. 6

7 The Return of Centralia by Savannah As the crisp wind blew across the night sky, the ground began to open little cracks of fire brushing against our skin as we stood there watching and waiting for the cold breeze of air to let out the fire. "Good job Caleb you almost got us burned to a crisp." Screamed Jack as he patted down the flame on his shorts. "It wasn't my fault that you stood there like a moth to a flame." Replied Caleb as he started to walk away. "Where are you going?!" Shouted Gabriella, but Caleb never answered he just keep walking like he knew where he was going but didn't at the same time. Charlotte started to jolt closer to the path Caleb was going than as Charlotte got closer she felt a chill behind her spine and they all felt it too. As if someone was watching them. Then kept on moving, through the buildings to see if there was something, anything that was alive but all they saw were the rubble of buildings. But from a far up on the top of a building was a creature, it didn't look normal. We stepped back trying not to drag attention to ourselves so we back up slowly but as one single pebble dropped the creature froze. Slowly turned its head and from the corner of its eye it stared into our eyes it looked confused and scared. Before it bolted and we saw a glimpse of its face as it ran away. Gabriella, Caleb, Charlotte, and Jack all looked at each other with skin as white as paper. They didn't know what they just saw but strands of flashlights whirled into their eyes blinding them from the real world. As they take a breath of reality they run to the darkness away from the light as quickly as they can in to a building. The building was uneven as the floors begin to vanish one by one they disappeared in the wind. They tried rushed out as the glomming lights followed them. But they were to late the rubble began to fall even heavier than before as the dust awoken from the ground most got out expect for one. "Where is Caleb?!" Charlotte shouted with unease. As she was about to say another word Jack quickly closed her mouth and it suddenly became silent. But from a distance they heard footsteps as Charlotte tried to mumble something Jack shushed her than they heard a voice. "Are you sure, you show shadows!?" One man complained. " Yes, they were right here!" Another man replied. "Well you have to tell the boss what you thought you saw." He said in a sarcastic way. 7

8 As the strange men walked away Jack looked backed and reminded him of the secret service. He began to conduct theories before he heard a mumbling scream by Charlotte as his hand was still over her mouth. "Oh sorry" Jack said as he wondered who those guys were. "Hey you studied about this place didn't you" As Jack turned to Charlotte "Yeah, I did a whole project on it." Charlotte replied back "So, does anyone still live here." Jack questioned "No, it has been abandoned for years." Charlotte answered "If no one lives here than who were they?" Gabriella claimed "Wait where is Caleb?!" "Uhhhh! IS HE IN THE RUBBLE!?" Charlotte proclaimed "We have to look for him." They all agree and start searching through the rubble, as time passes by they still can't find him. So, they decide to split up to cover more ground. But From a far Charlotte heard some struggling than see a group of shadows carrying moving figures. As Charlotte tried to run after them calling out for their names. "JACK! GABRIELLA!" She screeched. Something more like someone was pulling on her tugging her away from running she didn't know who or what was holding on to her so she just squired around but they just kept silent. Charlotte turned around and saw it was the men in the black suits from earlier that was chasing after them, but it didn't look like the creature before. Jack was being dragged away, away from the world he had known and into a reality that was different from our civilization but then he saw someone else that was being taken away just like him he couldn't see their face. Jack just stared over until they dropped us in to a tent, the tent had burn marks and rips all over it. Than he saw the other person that was dragged was Gabriella. Too scared for words they just stay there waiting for a sound or the courage to speak. The men that dragged Jack and Gabriella away was a human like creature but their faces were melted, abnormal, deformed. Oxygen, the dust from the rubble targeted Caleb's lungs he could barely breathe he tried to gasp some air into his lungs but it wasn't working. He was stuck he couldn't get out on his own but couldn't wait for someone either, he put all of his strength in to pushing up rocks but he couldn't do it, he was weak. Jack and Gabriella were trapped but they have to find a way to get back to the world they have known their whole lives the world they want to go back to. As the lights flickered one man began to speak. "Why did you come here?" The man said in the darkness "We thought it was abounded for years, we didn't know anyone still lived here." Gabriella replied with a soft voice. 8

9 "Good it is only you who know about us." The man said with the sound of relief. Since he was the only one talking Jack predicted that he must be the leader or chief of these people. "But what about the men in the black suits are they with you?" Jack wondered "What?!" The chief replied back with a sound of shock and horror. " It must be the government after all of these years they are finally on to us." After Jack and Gabriella gave the man a strange look he explained to them that this used to be a town until a mine caught on fire and it is still burning right now because no one could take it out it was too powerful. And the government wanted everyone out of there to be protected but a group of people stay behind without anyone knowing because we didn't want to leave ae beloved town to burn into ashes. The chief decided to let Jack and Gabriella go only if they swore to never tell anyone about this civilization. They agreed than quickly look for Charlotte because if Charlotte got Caleb out they would stick together. But all they saw was Charlotte being pushed in to a dark black SUV by the men in black suits. Gabriella quickly made a diversion, she threw a rock as hard as she could at the van and the men began searching around. From behind Jack and Gabriella opened the doors of the SUV and silently got her out than they bolted as far away as possible from the car. Soon after we saw a group of people walking towards us with someone on the chief's back, they all ran to them as they realized it was Caleb they were carrying. They found out that he couldn't use his legs and that he needed medical help so the group of towns men showed them the gate to our reality which we call home. 9

10 Home Alone by Abbie Why does this happen to us? Why now, why ever? Why here, why at this exact time? Now you're probably wondering what is the exact time and where are we. Well I am at my house just watching a movie with my sibling's...killian...finn...ethan...and my sister Isla, it is October 23, My parents all asked If we wanted to be watched tonight we said no. Now back to about the movie, I know me and my siblings are just watching a movie because are whole family went to an event tonight. We were in the middle of the movie; I was about to go get popcorn for treat when I hear a loud bang outside. We all jumped, we all look at each other. Me and my older brother Ethan look out the window and to my surprise there was nothing we what a little longer and then we see it a CLOWN. The clown looked like it he had the face of death. He Me and my brother quickly lock the door it would be easier if my hands weren't so shaky and sweaty. We go back over to the tv room and take my brothers and sister upstairs. We lock them in a room, and tell them whatever you do stay safe and keep Isla safe (because she is two). I drop a binky and a little silent baby toy on the ground next to my sister. I kiss my sister on the forehead and give my brothers a hug. I tip toe with my brother down the hall, having the lightest sound make me jump. The lights I think flickered but it could just be my head playing a joke on me, but my Ethen did not move so that made me feel a little better. We don t see the clown anymore so we take a deep breath. We keep all the kids upstairs just in case the clown was at the back of the house or came back. Me and my brother look and the down it looks a little weird so we look a little closer and then the lights turn off. My heart starts racing and I just think of all of my siblings and of my family coming home to us dead. We hear the sound of glass breaking. OH NO!!!!! 10

11 Untitled by Aidan "Hey Jeff, my son." said Mom. " Whatttt!" said Jeff. "your father and I are going out you`ll be home alone." said mom." "Not home by myself I'm too little (even though I'm 12)." said Jeff. My Mom and dad ran through the front door and said "Let's be young again." I tell you this house is so freaky. First off, my house number is nd its Friday the 13th. Then my parents are freaky. even scarier there`s no Wi-Fi. I walked into the living room and started to play on my ipad. There's no Wi-Fi so my only games I have is flappy bird and Crossey road. I'm at 3 in flappy bird that I hit a pipe. ARGGGGGGG! I threw my ipad and went into the kitchen. I open the fridge. AHHHHHHH! There's a cockroach in the fridge. I hit a cup when I swung my hand backwards trying to get as far as possible from that cockroach. Rats I broke a cup, moms going to be so mad. I quickly get the dust pan and dash back. there was a l piece of paper siting in the remains of the broken glass. I scream, " come out whoever is pranking me. Real funny." I slowly open the letter. Rippppp! I'm COMING FOR YOU. I'm sweating it's like I was splashed with a gallon full of water. " I know that it s a joke come out now." I screamed. "It's not." Whispered unknown. Once I heard that I booked it to my room. Huuuugh huaahh huaghh! I'm so out of breath and shape. I jumped into my comfy warm bed. I threw the hot covers over me. The cover is slightly moving because of the air rapidly coming in and out of my body. Creak! My closet door opened. I try to remain as still as I can, but it's hard I don t know why maybe because there's some random person in my house. I pull the covers off of me and shot up into the air into a fighting stance. There was nothing. My book shelf looked normal. My action figures on my window ceil were normal. But my closet door was ever so slightly open. 11

12 But out of my corner of my eye I saw something way worse. An about 6-foot-tall person stood on the lamppost. Wearing a red curly afro. A costume of some sort. Then a mask with a clown face. A shiny red axe was used as a cane. I saw out of the corner of my eye through the window. A clown stood there next to the lamp post with a red, shiny bloody axe. Click. I run down stairs, cutting through my living room to the front door. I check if its locked. I dash back upstairs and jump under my covers. The heat from my body starts to make my little compartment under my covers too hot to be in. I slowly unravel the covers. There's a, a, a, a, DOLL sitting on my shelf. Know what I think staying in the hot bed is better than stepping out and that doll eat me alive. I lob the covers into the air and let it gracefully fall onto me trying to get "fresh" air into it. ``Stomp! Stomp! Boom! I throw the covers off. The doll isn't there anymore. Tap. Tap. Tap. "Hey there little boy." said someone. I turn around. AHHHHHHHHHH! I run out of my door and throw anything that I come near with behind me, trying to slow down the doll. I run into my family room and hide behind the coach. I sit down and gasp for air. Ringgggg! The door bell rung. It might be my parents. I run to the front door checking my back for the doll. I unlock the door. I swing the door open. I scream, "Mom, Dad help me!" I look around I don`t see my parents. I slowly look down. I see it. The doll. I slam the door shuts. And lock it. I start running while looking backwards. I hit a hard object. I fall down to the ground grabbing my aching body. I look up to see what I hit. A tall body. Green teeth. Red curly afro. A yellow costume. A bloody axe resting on his shoulder. Perfectly matching the description of the person on the lamp post. IT`S THE CLOWWWNNNN! 12

13 Killer Clowns by Hunter I was jogging home from school. Our family lived in this creepy old town, it always creeps me out at night. The streets are always empty at night and are really old, there are a lot of pot-holes that are at least 2 inches deep. But I heard a legend that at night clowns come out at night and take children and kill them. pencil. So, I was jogging home and I felt this little tap on my shoulder like being poked with a I darted my head around but no one was there the streets were empty like a vacant desert. I turned back around but I caught something out of the corner of my eye run into the sewers. I jogged over to see what it was. I got pulled in by... " Clowns!!!!" "Ahhhhhhhhh." A clown pulled me into the sewers it smelled disgusting. I looked at his clothes and there was dry blood all over his shirt and a sharp cooking knife with blades like swords in one hand and in the other a cut off hand in the another. The bone half coming out of the hand, blood gushing out of it, and the blood is dripping down and covered his whole shoe like a blanket. I try to run away but he drops the hand in the smelly waste filled water and crabs a hold of my shirt, but nearly tears it, but gets a grip on me shirt and gets the blood on it. I scream for help. The clown said, " No one can hear you." I yelled in fear, "Ahhhhhhhh." The clown brings me to the end of the sewer. I shield my eyes from the horror that I see, 12 dead children stabbed to death by the clown I felt so bad for those children. I could see the inside of one of them. He cut off one of the children's head and hung it like it was a trophy. I ask the clown, "What's your name." In response, "Charlie," he replies. I get a cold shiver chill down my neck and to my feet. I start to cry a little because of how afraid I am. My sobs racing through the sewers but still no one can hear me. He throws me in to a cell and locks it behind me. I thought to myself he was going to capture more children. He starts to leave but stops and gives this creepy chuckle. Charlie comes back later with a kid about my age. His facial expression makes me feel worried. 13

14 Then he chops off the kid's hand like a botcher in his meat shop. The child's sobs reach the wall and echoes back. Blood rushing out to the sliced area of his hand, I almost throw up of how disgusted I was. He opens the cell door. I try to rush through to freedom but is stop the other kid runs but Charlie goes after him and I make a break for it I run as fast as I can. My feet slash through the murky and smelly water. I see the light shine in my face. It's hard to see because my eyes haven't a gusted yet everything was blurry but I knew to run to the light. I bolt hoping to not die. I feel around to see if there's a latter. I grasped the moist metal latter. My eyes start to adjust. I think I'm going to make" I yelped. I almost make it through but my ankle is grabbed, it was Charlie. I fall and slip to the ground, he starts to pull me across the street, back to the dreadful sewer. I roar for help like a lion, kick him in his face, punch him in the stomach to make him clench his stomach so he would let go, but nothing is working. I try to kick his hand one more time, I swung my foot like an axe and he lost his grip and let go. I sprint to the forest. The leaves and sticks crunching under my feet. I was about 50 yards and hid behind an old oak tree. Charlie whispered, " Where are you." Creepily. I darted far and as fast as I can, but I stumbled over a rough and bumpy rock. Charlie steps over me. I flip on to my back so I'm facing him. He pulls back his arm like he's winding up for a pitch. He swings his arm down and impales me with the knife. I whimper in agony and pain. The blood rushing through my stream exiting through the wound. He does it again repetitively, holes the size of golf balls everywhere on my body. "I beg of you stop," I moaned. I'm going to finish you off," he exclaimed. He takes his knife and finishes me off. He slices my head off and holds it up in the air like a trophy or a souvenir. "Hahahahahah!" He chuckles. 14

15 Untitled by Andre Come on in kids!" Kermit exclaimed as he tuned his guitar strings to get the right pitches. The kids dashed into the library room and closed the door. Kermit introduced himself "Hello children! my names Kermit and I'll be preforming for you. Since I don t care about you enough to ask your names I'm just going to get right into the performance." Kermit explained. As Kermit strummed his guitar and tuned it to get the perfect sound one of the kids who happened to be named Billy yelled "What's taking so long Kermit I want to hear your songs!!!" Billy exclaimed to Kermit. Kermit finished tuning and warming up his guitar and asked "What's your name kid?" Billy replied with "My names Billy." Kermit explained "Well BILLY!!! This first song is dedicated to you." Kermit said. Kermit strummed his guitar and busted out into song and sang, "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Nothing make me happier than thinking about your corpse doo doo la doo doo doo doooooooo." Kermit sang to Billy. Billy screamed "WHATS WRONG WITH YOU KERMIT YOURE SUPPOSED TO BE NICE!!!". Kermit replied to Billy with "Life isn't nice BILLY! Time for a short break everyone!" As Kermit put his guitar down to go to the bathroom. Kermit came back 5 minutes later and sat back down onto his stool and wrapped his guitar around his body as the entire group of kids including Billy gave him their attention Kermit started to speak and said "Well back to singing kids. This next song is called "your screams" another one for you Billy!" Kermit began to sing to the children once more "I'm going to make the whole world deaf with all of your screams aaaa doo doo doo dooodle la doooooo" Kermit had sang. "You're the worst Kermit!" Kermit screamed and shouted "No, YOU ARE Billy!" Kermit exclaimed. "Time for that last and final song this one is free of charge. Especially for you BILLY." "Anyway this song is called "They'll never find your body." Kermit said. The strumming of Kermit's guitar started up once again like they had many times that day. Kermit began to sing loudly and angrily while strumming his guitar and staring at Billy. "When Im through with youuuuuuuuuu they ll never find your bodyyyyyyyy and even if they didddddd... alll theyd find would be teeth!" Kermit exploded with anger until he started to yell a bunch of random gibberish nobody but him could understand "efijeiofje awpoqweqwoeifuwpjrvmrvugriu hguohgiusofenjinrgj gisjfaoidwmwffuefhiejgmiguehiufo ediaowjfeoujuhgsifjgourgn!!!!!!!!" Kermit screeched to the top of his lungs. All the kids started to panic and some even started to cry all you heard down the hall way was "MOMMMYYY MOMMYYYY MOMMYYY HELP MEEEEE!" The kids finally had enough and started thinking to leave the room Immediately. Billy ran out of the library and ran to saftey to his parents so he didn t have to put up with Kermit. But finally Kermit ran out of nowhere and yelled "You thought you could escape BILLY!" Kermit ran out of the room to attack Billy. But Billy s parents had intervened and called the police. Kermit was packed into a squad car for verbal abuse and was never to be heard from again after that day... 3 months after the incident... Billy is getting tucked into bed on a cold winter night by his mother "sweet dreams Billy" Billys mom said as soflty as possible as billy drifted off into a deep sleep his mother tiptoed out of his room. Billy was asleep and having a frantic dream about kittens and dogs running arounf in a big field. BANG BANG BANG! A loud knocking sound was coming from billys bedroom door he woke up from his sleep that was deeper than the atlantic ocean and suddenly became conscious again. In the fraction of a milisecond Billy cowered up under his covers and shook with fear. Billy's thoughts were racing faster than nascars on a track and without thinking about it he 15

16 yelled "Hello?!" And hear a loud crash come from the hallway. Billy regaining confidence he got up creaked open his bedroom door and walked down the hallway. The upstairs hallway lights flashed on in a instant and Billy jumped with a sudden burst of energy and looked behind him to start running back into his room. He ran in anc closed and locked his bedrooms door but as soon as he looked behind him when he locked the door he saw kermit with completely dark button eyes and a stitched up mouth. "Wanna play Billy?" Kermit lashed at Billy with the silver that almost looked as white as a snow storm because of how sharp and shiny it was. After that night neither Billy or Kermit were to ever be seen or heard from ever again. 16

17 Prepare to Die by Natalie October, Friday 13th It was the one night were everybody didn t want to go outside, cold windy and mostly scary. But there was this one girl who couldn t resist to go outside. She was the most eager person when it came to this night every year. Oh yeah by the way, my name is Lauren. The most curious and outgoing person you will meet. 3:30pm I walked to my dad's office and said " Hey dad can I go exploring outside by the creek?" "You know what I say every year. This is the one day you could go missing and I sure don t want you to go by yourself to this creek. Let's make a deal, if you don t tell you mother you can go, BUT you have to bring someone with you." Her dad replied. "Okay" said Lauren My face gathered up with excitement. I went upstairs to my dark dusty room with all the tools I needed, I grabbed an old dirty backpack to put all her tools: Flashlight, food, phone, water, and a baseball bat (just in case I needs to hurt something that might come after me.) 4:00pm I was walking to my friend's house. But I didn t just walk i just kind of ran almost if I was scared in some sort of way, but I never get scared. All I had to do was to turn the dirty old road to make to her friends nice and clean house. Her house was so big it was almost if she was rich, but you wouldn t expect someone who seems so rich to live on this kind of road. Her house was a giant, with a chandelier hanging right when you walk in. Two stair cases leading up to the up stair. 5 kid bedrooms, 1 master bed room that look like the whole house, 7 bathrooms, 2 kitchens (one up stair and one I the basement). Every time I walked into her house I felt a shiver up my spine. The outside of her house didn t look as big as the inside. If you would walk by her house you expect that this was the size of a mansion but to her this house wasn t a mansion. 5:43pm I picked her up and we started to walk back to my house. She had these big bright blue eyes, with her red hair blowing in the wind, she had blue and pink braces that she would call her train tracks in a mouth. She hated them she would always try to get them off early. But thank god, she got them because her teeth used to be so out of place it was scary looking. I mean I'm not trying to be mean or anything but the bad teeth thing ran in the family. Anyway, we were walking back to my house a different way I came. We saw something strange that we haven't seen before... It was... a white wall with rainbow balloons. The white wall wasn t all that white, there seemed to red splotches sprinkling all around the bumpy and scratchy 17

18 wall. I decided to go up there and see what it was. I felt a cold shiver down my spine but I wasn t old. I slowly turned around to see that my friend was gone... "What a nice night we are having, right " spoke the clown. ""I said as my mouth was shivering. 18

19 Prison Cruise by Sophia Shelby s Perspective Guys come on she s not that bad I said trying to concise them to let her come with us, but they were resisting it. Shelby no every time Bee comes with us any were something bad happens shouted Will. Ya you should listen to listen to us cried Parker. WELL GUSS WHAT, I GOT THE TICKETS FOR THE CRUISE SO SHE IS COMING WITH US! Go let Bee in. NOW I yelled. Bee s Perspective All my friends have kicked me out I wonder why I said to myself. As I was sitting outside of the door I listened, but I couldn t hear much at all. I sat there for about 30 minutes until Parker and Will came and let me in again. They acted like nothing had just happened, but I knew something was up. They had just had a fight and where back to being beast friends just like that. I didn t let it get to me to much because we were going on a cruise in three days and I was existed. As I was walking home I wondered if they were fighting about me, they couldn t, or were they. THREE DAYS LATER Parker s Perspective Finally, it s the day we are going on the cruse I said to Shelby. As we were getting on Shelby was telling me that the caption was the best in the business, all thought he looked very interesting he wooer the usual caption attire but under it was an orange shirt, he also wooer no shoes, he was also out of breath, but I didn t think much of it. Will s Perspective When we checked in to our room first class. When we walked in it was disgusting the beds were not made, there was so much stuff on the floor, the lamps had no light bulbs, and there was brown stuff on the walls! We didn t let it bother us we just called housekeeping and then went on with our day. Shelby s Perspective My goodness Bee, is it a beautiful day or what I said with excitement 19

20 yay Bee said unenthusiastically. Bee is something wrong I asked. Ummm no nothing she said nervously. I know somethings up but I don t know what. TWO HOURS LATER Bee s Perspective Hey Will you look around the boat with me I asked NO he screamed I didn t want anything to do with that, so I just left. I went into dining hall, as I was looking around I found a secret room under the table. Parker s Perspective god I can t believe that Shelby let Bee come Will said rudely come on Will we shouldn t be so mean she probably very nice I said ok sure he said winking very fast at me. Shelby s Perspective ''Guys we not on the road we are supposed to be on" I said tariffed and shaking. We went on the deak, and there were people coming on the boat. They all had hand cuffs and the CAPTOIN was unlocking them. The prisoners were casing people and messing the clean boat. They stared to chase us, but Bee lead us to the dinning haul, and under the table. "Thank god you found this place Bee you re a life safer" I said. "Yes, you are, You should be proud of yourself" Parker said KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK 20

21 Chapter 1: The Diagnosis Little Did I Know by Ellie "Krishi time for your doctor's appointment" "okay I am coming" I said as I hurried down the stairs. I was nervous because last week I took a cancer test and today we were getting the results back. Soon as we got there I felt a wave of coldness as I shivered I hated the doctor ever since I was young because I had all they problems with my body and they always had to give me shots. My life doesn t go as other kid's life goes they don t need a shot once a week their parents are not divorced and they don t have a little brother who died. I just am not always happy with my life. The doctor called my name greeting me with a friendly smile. I sat down on the table as she turned on her computer. "Krishi its official I am sorry you have stage 3 of Leukemia" I sobbed so hard. "Krishi", my mom said it's going to be OK where are all here to support you how about we stop for some Taco Bell on the way home. So as my mom promised me we stopped to get taco bell I was so sad I could barely move people were looking at me with the ugliest face like I had long green fingernails and horrible acne. " Bu bu but mu mu mom I I I do don don t wa wa want tu tu to di di die I wa wa to st st stay w w w with y y you a a and k k k Kimmy." My words just blanked I fell asleep. My mom carried me out to the car crying as Kimmy cried as well nobody knew if I was going die or not. Nobody knew if my twin sister Kimmy was going to be the only child it was a mystery. Chapter 2: School Nobody knew I had cancer so nobody knew why the heck I always were pink and a hat and why every day I had a little less hair. People didn t understand my situation. So that s why I came home with bruises in my heart that say "Krishi you re the ugliest kid at Westtown Middle school." The only ones who knew was my best friend Kimmy and my boyfriend Landon. And that s why I ended up in the bathroom the rest of the day crying because of what that 9th grader said to me. "hey Krishi" some kid screamed. "oh, wait your name is UGLYYYY hahaha YOUR FAT and UGLY HAHA YOU HAVE NO HAIR." The group of big 9th graders said as they pushed me onto the cold concert floor. I tried to be a big 7th grader and say "stop" but those words didn t come out just tears and curse words and that s 21

22 how I got sent to the principle because he thought I was bully the bully and the bully got a homework pass and a reward. I tried to explain but he didn t believe me until I showed him the scratches bruises told him some kid helped me and the kid recorded it and showed it to him so then he expelled the bullies. Then called police and my mom and I was so happy first time I was happy in 13 years. I lied back in the big black chair as tears rolled slowly down my plush cold cheek. Mr. Ralf said quietly. "Are you Okay Krishi you don t look so hot", "No, but I am not sick I I I just want to live" I said as I my tears just bursted out,"i I I ha ha have ca can cancer and those boys made me feel worse. Little did I know that my life would soon end at only the age of 13. Chapter 3: Hospital "Krishi pack your bags are going to the hospital for your treatment" We were on our way as my mom try to tussle my hair a lied down on Kimmy for the last time hopefully the treatment would do something to me and help me get strong again. "okay Krishi come right in here lay down here and we are going to do your treatment." The song Little Did You Know went on. Maybe it was my last song I would hear. I sobbed and sobbed holding Kimmy so tight as I can. "I love you Kimmy I love you Landon" Those were my last words. * * * The next morning, I woke up with a tall glass of water a bunch off cords on me and a small nurse greet me saying, "Good morning Krishi how did you sleep you have some visitors" She picked me up because I was weak from the treatments and put me in a wheelchair. "Landon Mom Kimmy you re here" "Oh honey I thought you were dead" Landon said "No just asleep" I kissed Landon for the first time ever he pushed me as he told me he had a surprise for me Kimmy came along to. He took me to the elevator pressed the button 13 accidently but then the elevator fell silent as if we were on the death floor I tried to wheel but Landon and Kimmy yelped to not. 22

23 Creek Shut Creek shut creek shut creek shut. Flicker flicker flicker flicker. The room went black, fumes of blood and dead people swirled around. Cold air flutterd around as my face turned white as powder sugar. Landon was near the thermostat, laughing, as it said 100F everything was frozen. Kimmy was frozen solid. I kicked Landon out of the way stronger then him turned up the heat and Kimmy begged for air. "Your next Krishi" he picked me up and threw me out on an empty bed as I screamed for help Kimmy sloped him so hard that he fell unconcise she helped me up as she kissed me on the head. "Kimmy I love you thanks for helping me." "yup it's called twin power now let's get out of here" we ran to the elevator leaving Landon on the death floor. We forget that the elevator was haunted but it was too late we went on it Kimmy hit the button 5 but it went back to 13. It opened a big hand pushed us to the room with Landon big red eyes sharp long fingernails saying,"hah the whole time the person that bullied you were me! I told the 9th grader to bully you I tricked you you're not dying from cancer your dying from me murdering you. You think you can report me but you can't your gone die in 30 seconds!" "All along you thought we loved each other but we don t I tricked you," he said. "STOP LANDON I HATE YOU" I said as Landon smirked as he walked away. "Come on Krishi let's get out of here! KRISHI, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Kimmy lied there on the ground hugging Krishi hoping she was asleep. she carried Krishi into the elevator pressing the 5th button but it wouldn't move smoke filled the elevator as Kimmy lied on the floor next to her sister. "Krishi I'm sorry" Kimmi whimpered like a puppy "I wish we could just start over so you don t have to die". * * * This time I really woke up London was there with a cute smile on and said "sweetie how are you feeling I got you some candy" "oh, good that was all just a silly dream" "tell me all about it" so it did me Kimmy Landon and my mom all loved me my cancer was healed I was in my happy place for once I was loved I finally felt loved. 23

24 A Friday the 13th of Horror by Gabrielle One cold October night, a girl named Jenna and one of her friends, Emily, went on the scariest hay ride of their lives together. Jenna was bout 14 years old and Emily was the same. Jenna has brown hair and brown eyes. On the other hand, Emily had beautiful blonde hair and eyes as blue as the ocean. They went on the hayride thinking it was going to be the best night of their lives. They had no clue what they were in for. They especially did not know they weren't coming back... Jenna and Emily were all ready to get on that hayride. The ride wouldn't start for it seemed like forever. They were sitting in the very back of the hayride which made it even scarier. They had to wait for everyone to get on before they started. The ride wasn t very full but in about 10 minutes it started. Slowly, they went down into the woods where all of the scary stuff was hidden. They were going slower than someone would think you were supposed to go. As soon as Jenna and Emily got in the woods where the ride started all one could hear is, "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Someone could guess they saw a clown although, from about a mile out one could hear them scream. They saw a clown... As they kept carrying on, all they could see behind them was a clown the same clown that scared them from earlier. The thing is that every time a scary moment passed, another one would join the one from before. One after another. A light blinked fast. They got closer. No one else seemed to care that these creepy clowns were following them. Except Emily and Jenna. All of the sudden the loud tractor noise stopped. The tractor broke down. At this point everyone was freaking out. Not only because they were stuck in the woods on a haunted hayride. It was the fact that the clown was getting closer and closer. The look on people's faces were like they were about to die. Everyone was screaming and yelling to get off. No one could get off because they were right by the clown and in the middle of the woods. So, if someone even tried to flee they wouldn't be able to find their way out. This is when they knew something good was not going to come out of this. Finally, the tractor started moving again. The clowns disappeared. The tractor seemed to be going the opposite way the scary stuff was. Bump, bump, bang. 24

25 The wagon started banging against the trees in the woods. Jenna figured out that the driver could not be paid for this job. There was no way. All of the sudden you could hear people screaming from up front. Jenna and Emily stood up. Over everyone all they could see was clowns driving that tractor, they just bumped into 5 trees. They just kept going. Right about now everyone on that ride were terrified. It is as if their heart skipped a beat it was so scary. Eventually, the clowns took them into an old farm building. It looked like one of those abandoned houses. No one could see anything it was pitch black and they couldn't see where they were going. Was all of this part of the hayride? Were they told to do this? Or were we almost going to die? No one knew the answers to any of these questions. The tractor came to a stop. Everyone started getting off the wagon and went into some kind of farm. As if it were a haunted house. Jenna and Emily were terrified. They definitely wanted to go home. The clowns were guiding everyone into the farmhouse. At this point there were about 10 of those creepy clowns. Jenna was wondering what was going to be in the old place. But they had no choice other than to go in. As soon as they walked in all Jenna and Emily could smell was cow poop but, also death. There was a room with dead bodies held capture. No one thought they were real so they just kept going. All of the sudden the clowns locked them in an all in black room. Jenna's heart stopped, but that s not the reason she ended up dying... 25

26 Scary Story by Joey Short breath. My throat as dry as the desert on a hot July day. My best friend Jack is next to me and we are cornered. It was a warm summer day in Delaville. I was at my best friend s house. His mom comes running down the steps. "Jack and Dan, we need to go"! "What Jack" says Dan just got here. All of a sudden, his brother comes sliding down the steps. We screamed so loud! Delaville is being invaded. How we ask. I don t know but we need to leave. Jack's mom goes to grab the keys and gets trapped. Mom Jack yells but it was too late. The mom got bitten. We need to go I say. But. jack starts to say but I interrupt him. Now! We start to run. No one in sight. The front door of the neighbor's house gets opened. Help! Three more zombies. We run into garage because he hunts. We grab one crossbow and one baseball bat. We run out. We take off to the woods. "How did this happen" Dan asked. My mind starts racing. My mom my dad where are they. We wait in the woods in shock until a horde of about six zombies come walking. We have forty-five arrows store in my pocket. We start running away towards my house. We going bolting into my house and glass is shattered everywhere. My parents both come running downstairs. We start to talk and they become dizzy. They start to walk after us. They are zombies too. "What if we are the only two left" Jack says. "We can't be" I replied. "But what if" Jack says " Then we survive on our own" I said. We start walking down the street when we hear people start screaming. It sounds like two men. We go running back into the woods. We see them stuck in a corner. I take the crossbow and shoot. I hit one right in the chest. It falls. Before I can shoot another jack runs up and smashes the zombie. The ribs fall into a million pieces. Who are you we ask. One of the guy's name is Sean the other is will. Do you guys have any weapons we asked. Sean replied "No we have food from camping" "Well why don t you show us there" I said. We go back to the camp site and they have two tiny tents. They have flint and steel and 2 little knives. 26

27 I said "You have two tiny knives for weapons that s not going to do much". Will replied " I know that s why we are going to take your weapons. We take off running and five zombies jump out in front of us. Will and Sean try to stab them but the zombie bites Will. Sean goes to stab me but jacks whacks him in the stomach making him fall. Zombies jump on him like they have never eaten before. We take off running. We both turn around and notice the zombies got bigger and faster. We start running through the woods. The zombies not far behind. Short breath. My throat as dry as the desert on a hot July day. My best friend Jack is next to me and we are cornered. I take an arrow and hit the zombie. One falls but gets formed into a bigger zombie. I shoot again and this time I hit it in the head. The zombie dies. Five more shots and I kill all of them. I shoot the last one and a blue diamond comes out. We run over and pick it up. On the back it says scent. "What does this mean" I ask. " I don t know Jack answers. All of a sudden a faint smell comes out. All around us zombies turn back into people. We make a lot of noise so the zombies come to us and when they get close they turn back into people. We run back to my house and my mom and dad both turn back to humans. After that we run to Jacks house and turn his parents back to humans. What happened they ask. "It s a long story" we replied. 27

28 Don t Breathe by Jacob C. As I wake up the other side of my couch is cold while the side I am on seems like it is on fire. I quickly sit up on the couch very fast panting to catch my breath. The first thing I think is it's just another nightmare. I throw the thin, soft blanket off of me and start to walk up to my room, and as I passed the bathroom, I realize I could take a nice cold, refreshing bath since I am the only one home. So, I go in and start letting the water run I sit in the bath and let everything but my head get eaten up by the cold water. What I started to wonder is why I always get nightmares when I take naps and never when I sleep for the whole night? Where did my mom and little sister Mistletoe go? Then I remembered that my mom took her to her ice-skating tournament and she should be back soon. I start to realize that I should be getting out of the bath now. As I get out of the bath I feel chilled so I quickly dry myself off and put my clothes on. I linger into my bedroom and turn the T.V. on. I do a belly flop on to my bed, wrap myself like a burrito in my blanket and start to nod off, then I'm out. I wake up or think I do to loud footsteps. It sounds like they're getting closer, so I jump out of my bed and look out my window to see a man standing there with an axe in his hand. He's standing just outside the woods in my backyard. The man is wearing a wolf mask. He slowly starts to tilt his head to the left and it almost feels like he is smiling at me, but I can't see his face. MOM!! I yell but then I remembered I was home alone. I don t know what to do I'm completely scared stiff, he starts walking up on the porch, towards the back door. I suddenly remember I didn t lock that door. I bolt down the steps towards the front door. I open it but it is like he predicted what I was going to do and as I open the door, the man is already there. He raises his axe and swings it, but it was so slow that I was able to dodge it. I duck, then I slide under his legs and sprint out around the back towards the woods I first saw him in. As I dart through the forest the sharp branch twigs are scraping my face. I don't know if the man is still chasing me, but I'm too frightened to look behind me. As I build the courage to look he is far behind but still chasing me. I see a log big enough for me to fit in so before I think I dive right in to the log and try not to breath. I am panting for air so loud right now I feel like people in Canada can hear me. As I start to catch my breath I hear heavy crunch noises from the dead leaves on the ground, the man is here I am going to die, I think. Then I see the bottom of his head through a hole in the top of the log. I see him raise his axe, then swing down. I see a front of an axe appear through the top of the log just as the man raises his axe again, we both see the front headlights of a car. That means my mom and little sister Mistletoe are back. I see him swing down the axe and see it go right through the log and then in to my heart and my head falls to the side. As I wake up the other side of my couch is cold as I sit straight up very fast I think just another nightmare then I realize I just died yesterday I must be stuck in some kind of time loop and the day is repeating, MOM!! I yell but no one responded that means I am once again, home alone. I need to find out who is killing me and I need to stop them or I'll just keep dying and be stuck in this time loop forever. I have no time for a nap or a bath I need to figure out a battle plan I run up the steps and into my room, throw clothes on, sprint to the kitchen and take the biggest knife I can find from out of the knife block. 28

29 Now all I do is wait for the man. Finally, about 3 hours later I see an axe burst through the front door. I stand up the man swings but I duck under it I stand up use my knife to cut the man's leg and hip so now he is limping. I finally notice the axe he has is the same axe my family keeps in the basement for emergency's and the wolf mask is the same one as my dad's that he used for Halloween a couple years ago. I am so stunned I can't move. The man swings his axe and it lands right across my face and through my skull I fall over on my side and shut my eyes. As I wake up the other side of my couch is cold and I realize I died... again. I grab the same knife and I waited this time when he burst through the door I was already there I cut his wrist then his leg he tried to swing at me but I dodged it, I kept hitting him in the arms and the legs finally he gave up and dropped the axe. I grabbed it and pointed it at him I kicked him over and ripped the mask from his face to reveal my dad's face. As I raise the axe above my head I ask. " Why would you do this" he never replied I grew impatient and drove the knife and the axe through is heart, he got back up and started to shake me he shook me faster and faster then I hear him say in my mom's voice. " Pike Pike its dinner time" I sit up panting. " How was your nap pike." " Had another nightmare" I reply. " Oh well that s unfortunate " my mom says. " How was Mistletoes game" I ask. " she won!" " Well that s wonderful" I reply. I get off my bed and leave that awful nightmare in my bed behind me. 29

30 Arachnophobia by Nicho Running, running for ages it felt like. John and Lois were sweating enough to make an entire pool out of their gross sweat. John was even hotter with his bright orange jacket. But it was cold in the Himalia's. They are charged with robbing back in their small town in dusty Nevada and got caught in October. When they were putting hand cuffs on John Lois smacked to the cop in the head with a crow bar which did kill him. They both managed to get away. They are still running away from the police and it is currently the winter of They went on many boat trips and hitch hiking rides across the world. Currently they are struggling to survive. "What time of the year do you think it is?" Asked John. "Maybe Christmas or around there is my best guess," replied Lois. They continued to trot through the cold packed snow in misery. They started to travel up hill. It won't be long until either of them catch frost bite or even worse. "Look man, it s a cave! We can go in there for now, I mean it's got to be warmer and there could possibly be water if we are lucky." Lois just shrugged his shoulders. They strolled over into the dark cave. Lois grabs a lighter out of his pocket and ignites it for a bright orange flame to glow throughout the cave. They stroll deeper into the cave. Stalagmites are hanging out of the cave. Vampire bats are dangling from the ceiling drooling on the floor. They could hear the pitter patters echo deep into the dark cave. "I duh- don t think we are the only wuh- one's here," John stuttered. "What do you mean?" Lois replied as fear stuck him like a cold knife. John pointed over to one of the far corners of the cave. At first Lois peaked over squinting his eyes scanning the floor, but John was right, the corner was occupied. There laid a fresh mountain goat open body with organs spilling out like a waterfall, but there was something even more strange. On the wall was weird logos and the words, "This is my gift for you, now take it" "Nope, let's leave this place. I am not staying here," cried Lois. "We have to we can't go back into the blizzard we'll freeze to death. We don t have another option," John called back. "Are you crazy! Do you really want to stay here. I'd rather die slowly from the coldness then be eaten alive by demons." "Come on it' our only choice, besides there's no such things of monsters and all the 'demon' baloney." The two culprits rolled in deeper into the cave. They are both scared now with their eyes fixed on every dark and empty location, alert for anything to come out. They took every step with 30

31 cation and are making sure they are as quit as they were in the empty 7/11, the night that changed their lives. Now this could be the night that ended their lives. Skitter skitter, skitter skitter. All of a sudden foot steps are echoing from the other direction. They weren't human though, more like a rat's step, faster than humans. They both looked at each other with fear filled eyes and dodged over to a mossy boulder a couple yards away. The noise got louder and louder until it sounded like it was right in front of them. John peeked over the rock and his pupils shrank. There he stared at a strange creature. It had the eight furry legs and lower half of his body like a spider. He was slimy and had a dark brown color. The waist and up was a human, a very depressed human. His head was weird. It had two human eyes but three more one spider eyes on each side of his face so eight eyes total. He curled back down and looked at Lois. He looked like he had seen Jesus. "What was it," whispered Lois. "See for yourself." Lois peeked up for about two seconds and popped right back down. He was as pale as the moon. He turned his head the other way and coughed up some of his past food. The creature stopped moving and turned its head. His piercing red eyes stared right at Lois. It slowly creeped over. Its voice was as scratchy as nails on a chalk board. "I've been waiting for a human to come across these parts," it hissed. "For me to turn back into my original form I was forced to sacrifice lives of innocent beings. He only wanted smart creatures. Then a foolish little winter monkey came in. I performed my ritual but he rejected it and said 'it must be even wiser.' I then realized human, it must be a human." He then peeked over the boulder and saw John. "Ah yes more than one human. Come here let me see you two." At that moment they sprinted faster than they have ever ran before. Faster from when they were being chased by the cops. Now there is even more fear. The ditched into different columns and parts of the cold cave. It was like the never-ending cave. Fwooop! John slipped in a miniature stream of water coming from a hole in the celling. They could hear the odd creature in the distance. John keeps on sliding down and Lois just stares. There he jumps down and together they are sliding deeper into the cave like an old fair slide. They moan every time they clash against the wall. BANG! They both land on their rears on what seems to be a small cave room. The fall was lightened because they landed in some spider webs. As Lois is untangling the web an old monkeys body was in the web, but it was rapped like a burrito. He knew they had to get out quick. "Here get up," cried Lois. "I can't, I can barely move, just go on without me. I never served my time they charged me." As in every movie, television show, or book the friends says something like no I can't or picks up their injured friend but Lois and his rotten heart just stares at him again for some good solid 30 seconds. Then he sprints into another rock hallway and leaves John behind. He gets 30 yards deep into the cave and hears the sound of an aged man yelling with the most pain possible. Lois tries to cover his ears but the sound keeps reflecting of the walls. He turns around and looks but hears nothing more. He thinks of what just happened and starts to tear up. 31

32 Lois ran, jogged, and walked for about another mile and came upon the same goat but this time there was something different. The words changed. Now they said "you have now done me well, I'll accept it." He then thinks of John and the scream he heard. His brain kept on pacing and pacing until it might explode. Lois Bregman eventually escapes the cave 5 minutes later but he changed. He never looked at himself the same way. After that expedition he travels to the nearest police department and confesses who he was and what he has done. He gets shipped back to America on a private plan. They throw him into jail and they ask him "what happened to your partner John Cannon?" He responded saying "it was all my fault." The cops quickly assumed that he killed him which he might have in an angle and charged him with man slaughter as well. They sentenced him to death. Now Lois wasn t going to argue and thought what's the point of living the rest of my life in jail, just take me now, and so they did. Now neither of them went down in history but a man, who is from in between India and Nepal saw a newspaper on the street that said "Lois Bregman finally gets brought to justice." He whispers to himself "thank you for your friend, you made the right choice". He walked away with a bright orange jacket hanging half way of his shoulders. Some stranger whispers to his brother, "look at this guy walking, it looks like he just got his legs yesterday, creep." 32

33 1032 Hickory Drive, PA by Maddy door. "Billy, come back inside! It's getting dark out!" Mary Jones yelled out of her red, wooden "I'll be right in just hold on." Billy Jones said as he came up to the concrete steps in front of his oldest sister. He lived in a neighborhood but surrounded by nothing but a cornfield Hickory Drive could have been voted the prettiest house in Pennsylvania, because it was. Billy and his family were lucky to live there. It had enough room and a big backyard for Billy to play back there. Billy turned back around and started to clean up his mess he made in the back yard. It was Friday, October 13th, The time was 7:32pm. By then Billy was almost finished cleaning his mess when he heard the sound of leaves crunching behind him. He immediately felt the pressure of eyes pressing up against his back. He got the chills running down his back making him worry. He was trembling when he said, "M-m-mary I-is tha-that you?" He turned around to more cracking noises. It was his neighbor, Marco Williams. Marco was 16 and 3 years older than Billy. Marco started laughing when he saw Billy frowning and his eyes turning red. Billy ran away and started to cry. He ran past the cornfield next to his house. There was this tall, black figure standing in the middle of the field. He stopped and walked towards the big shadow thinking it was Marco. Halfway there he asked Marco why he was out so far. The shadow disappeared when Marco answered. "What do you mean?" He replied to Billy. Billy's heart sunk so far into his chest that he couldn t move. He couldn t breathe. He just stared at the spot the figure was at. He turned is head to look at Marco to see where he was. Marco had this scared, confused look on his face. He opened his mouth and let out this awful noise. He was screaming at the top of his lungs and pointed behind Billy. "What? What is it? Marco ans-" Billy stopped talking when he felt a warm breath on the back of his neck. By then Marco was gone. He completely left him behind. He ran down the street and as far away as he could possibly get from that creepy, old house he lived near. Billy tried to follow but it was like he was glued to the ground. He turned his whole-body around. He saw nothing. 33

34 He was able to move again. He took a slight step to make his way out of the cornfield. There he goes. He took another tiny step in front of him. All of a sudden, a cold, firm grasp raps around his ankle, pulling him under and dragging him the opposite way he was walking. Billy managed to turn around and onto his back where he could see what was pulling him. He saw this horrible sight and started to cry. It was an ugly man with dried blood all around his chest and his mouth. You can tell there was something wrong with him. He had no heart. He had to be dead... Ten Years Later October 1st, 2015, a family with the last name of Williams moved into an old house that was surrounded by a cornfield Hickory Drive, PA. The house was old but was extremely nice on the inside. The William's had two daughters. They meant everything to their parents, John and Catherine. Their names were Lily and Liz, short for Elizabeth. Lily and Liz were only a year apart but didn t look anything alike. Lily was really tall especially for a nine-year-old. She had the bluest eyes you could ever imagine. She had blonde hair that looked golden and soft. Lily had the clearest skin, not even one freckle on her face or anywhere else. Liz, on the other hand, has short, thick hair that is a golden-brown color. She had freckles that weren't noticeable on her cheeks. She was average height for a ten-year-old. John and Catherine each had a brother. John had a younger brother named Marco. They lived in the house across the street from 1032 Hickory Drive. John was 3 years older than Marco. Catherine had an older brother named Liam and he was 4 years older. They lived in North Carolina almost their whole life. Liam stayed back when Catherine moved because he was married and lived there with his wife and children. A week later Lily and Liz got a trampoline for their backyard. They would have the most fun on it every night until 8:30. It gets pitch-black every night at 8:33 exactly. A few days later, Wednesday, October 13, they went outside in their back yard and flew on their trampoline. They got to stay out till 8:00 only because it was their dad's birthday and they wanted to surprise him for when he got home from work. Lily and Liz were doing front flips and backflips on their trampoline showing off to each other what they can do. Liz turned her head and looked frightened. Lily asked what's wrong and she said she saw something in the cornfield. Lily looked over and saw it too. She really wanted to see what it was so they ran over to the field and started explore the corn. They stopped walking to an old sign in front of them. 34

35 They could only see the words "Billys House" with an arrow pointing to the right. They turned right and saw a building right ahead of them. It looked familiar though. There was a mailbox standing right next to a drive way. It was exactly like the one they have at their house. Then they realized it was their house! But not the same. There weren't cars in the drive way. And the garage was closed. The back yard was only a field of corn. "Who is there?" A strange voice questioned with anger. A strange man stepped away from a tiny group of corn. Lily and Liz were scared but to frightened to run away. They saw a face of an old man in front of them. The man asked their names. They said their names and asked for his. His name was Billy and he lives in the cornfield. He told the little girls that his family lives in the house right next to the cornfield. They corrected him and said that their family lives in the house by the corn. You can tell that Billy was frustrated and mad. His head grew bigger and became bright red. His eyebrows were going inward. Billy quickly snatched Lily and Liz and ran inside his house. Billy sat them down on a chair. He started telling a story. It was unrealistic. "It was today but ten years ago," Billy continued, "I was playing in my backyard and I was told to come in for dinner. I started to clean up my mess when my neighbor Marco Williams decided to scare me by creeping up on me. I started to cry and ran along the cornfield. I saw a black figure standing where we are right now. I thought it was Marco and walked out towards the shadow. I turned around and saw Marco behind me. A co-" Lily interrupted, "Wait... My uncle is Marco Williams" Billy got up and turned completely red and sweaty. He took Liz and Lily and threw them into the basement. He ran down the stairs with a spoon and removed their heart, just like how he was but just under his shirt. And the dead man that dragged him here in the first place... 35

36 INSIDE by Seth "It's time for you to go to bed" said john's mom "But mom I don t want to go to bed there is a lot of scary noises" wined john "Stop being scared besides you need to go to bed. You have school tomorrow. And the noises you hear are just the floors" Said his mom "Ugh fine mom" sighed john John lived in an old town and an old house which made a lot of noise when someone moved and that scared him most of the time. And john couldn't sleep because he was too scared of little sounds that came from the floor but suddenly john heard a "CREAK"! Which wasn t the sound the floor made "MOM!" Exclaimed john "I think I heard the door open" John's Mom walks into his room. "John, it was probably just your imagination but if it makes you feel better I will go and check," said his mom with an annoyed voice. His mom went down stairs. He nervously waited for his mom to say something. "there is nothing down here!" his mom yelled up to him John then believed his mom about it being his imagination. And he tried to go to sleep. But suddenly he heard an "AAAAAAA...!" And just like that the sound stopped. "MOM!" John yelled but there was no response. "MOM!?" But still no response. John decided to go and take a look to see if he could find his mom. John was really nervous, he could hear his heart beating hardly and fast in his chest as he walked down the stars. Once he got off the stares he turned the light on and looked around. Then he found her lying on the floor with blood all around her body. "MOM!?" cried john But it was no use she was dead. John was alone. He really did not being alone especially in the old house he lives in. His breath got heavier and he could feel his body shaking. John got really scared and went to find a door which he could get out of the house with. As he was looking for a door he could get out of the house with he heard movement so he moved a little faster. He could hear the sounds coming closer... 36

37 A Boy and His Goat by Jacob K. "AHHHHHHHHHH!" Screamed Kevin and Billy. Billy is Kevin's goat. Kevin and Billy are running from the world-famous killer, Jason. Hold on. Let's back it up to three hours ago to how this started. It was during school when Kevin accidently knocked over Jason's water bottle. Kevin is in middle school and loves a good adventure. He apologized. He was stuttering while saying the words. His heart was pounding because he was scared of Jason. Jason got so mad that he burned down the school. Everybody kept doing stop drop and roll because that's what they learned, but after each roll their clothes caught more fire. Kevin was smart and ran out just in time so he didn't get burnt. Kevin was running as fast as he could and he was really thirsty. "Arghhhhhhh, why didn't I bring my water bottle to school today?" Complained Kevin. Kevin kept running until he reached the old abandoned barnyard. He stopped there because he kept his pet goat there. He kept it there because his parents don't know he has one and he doesn't want them to know. "Hey Billy! Bad news. A famous killer named Jason is chasing me! If you don't know about Jason, he is a killer that is a kid and he started to kill people because somebody made fun of his crocs, so the next day he brought a chainsaw and decapitated the guy that made fun of him. And then he became a killer, so now every time something he doesn't like happens to him he kills somebody and I knocked over his water bottle on accident. So, I have to hide here until he finds me." Said Kevin. Then all of a sudden, he heard footsteps. "SHHHHHHH, he's near." whispered Kevin. "HERE'S JASON!" He slammed his axe right thorough the wood of the barn. Kevin started sneaking away with Billy while making a gesture to stay quiet. They were almost out of the barn when Jason screamed, "THERE YOU ARE NOW COME HERE OR ELSE!" Kevin started to run. Then he thought that if he rode on Billy then he would go even faster. "GIDDYUP BILLY!" Exclaimed Kevin. Kevin jumped on Billy then slapped Billy right on the bottom. The night was cold and the wind was howling. Trees rustled loudly like a rattlesnake rattling. They stopped, Jason was not in sight. In a quick flash, Jason jumped out swung his axe but Kevin and Billy ducked and Jason missed. Kevin and Billy started to run again. Sweat dripping sown their faces. Kevin and Billy ran right into the wall of a kitchen that fed the homeless. They asked for a knife and so they got one and ran back towards Jason. As they were running out, the homeless people were surprised and the chefs 37

38 were scared. They ran as fast as they could. Kevin's right hand was grabbing tightly on the knife and the left hand was holding the reigns. They got closer to Jason, and right when they were about a foot away from him, Kevin shouted "GO!" And Billy jumped. Kevin was feeling good in air and he thought they could get away. What they didn't know is that Jason found a chainsaw. Jason picked it up and turned it on. He tested it by slicing a nearby tree. The tree fell on top of a fire that people were using for cooking food. The tree caught on fire and everything around it caught flames too. The part of town behind the tree was burned down and everybody with it. Only one man got out. He was black all over but then he sat down, fell over, and died. Jason laughed. Then, he started running after Kevin and Billy. "YOU'RE ABOUT TO DIE!" screamed Jason while holding the chainsaw up. "AHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Kevin and Billy. Jason was chasing them with the chainsaw. Jason knew they would jump over him so he turned around right when they jumped. Billy tripped over a rock and Kevin went flying like a kite over behind Jason. But Jason didn't know. Jason was about to cut up Billy with a chainsaw when Kevin stabbed Jason through the back and reached his heart. Blood gushed out like when you bite into a gusher and the liquid comes out. Jason fell flat on his face and lied there. Billy trotted away with Kevin on him. Kevin said out of breath, "Billy, I'm glad we got out of that together. Let's go get some ice cream!" "BA-A-A-A!" Exclaimed Billy. "They don't know I could never die!" Whispered Jason to himself. He got up and ran towards them quietly. He put the chainsaw up and when he got right behind them he turned it on and... 38

39 Strange Things by Gianna It was October 31st Halloween night. I was tired after a long night of collecting delicious treats. I was getting into bed. I was out like a light. All of the sudden, I hear click, click, click, click, that's what woke me up. It was coming from my closet. I tried falling back to sleep. But, the noise kept me awake. So, I decided to check what is was. But, right before I had the chance to get out of bed, my night light went out. I couldn't see anything. Then I hear a quite laugh. It sounded like an evil laugh. "Hehehe, I see you," Something said creepily. That's when I started to get a little scared. I started to sweat a little. I hid under the covers. I was worried to get out of bed. I tried to forget about it, but, every time I closed my eyes, I would have a scary vision in my head. I would be seeing things like, witches, vampires, ghosts, or zombies. Then I thought about it and said, "Wait a second, there's no such thing, it's probably just my sister trying to scare me." "Hehehe, I don't think so." said the creepy voice. The voice was coming from my closet again. At that point, I didn't think it was my sister anymore. But, it had slipped my mind that it was Halloween night. The scariest night of the year. Someone was trying to play a trick on me. Or... something. But, even though I was scared, I really wanted to go to bed. So, I decided to suck it up and see what was making noises in my closet. I make my way out of my bed. It was as dark as the night sky. I finally make my way to my closet. I put my hand on the doorknob. They were shaking. They were as shaky as an alarm clock. I slowly open it. When I look inside, I don't see anything. I took a moment to listen. Then, I could no longer hear any noise, or laugh. It was silent. It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Since there was nothing there, I thought it was just my imagination. So, I decided to go back to bed. I was blind. I couldn't even find the pathway back to my bed because it was pitch black. So, I put my hands out and started to use my hands to feel my way back to bed. But first, I had to shut the closet. But, as I'm about to shut the closet door, before I knew it... I was on the floor. A tall, bright, green, shadowy figure jumped on top of me. It was attacking me. "Mom, dad, help me!" I cried with fear. 39

40 "Nobody's going to help you little girl," It said happily. I tried not to listen and I kept calling for help. Nobody could hear me. The whole house was asleep. But, I wasn't going down without a fight. I tried to get her off of me. I used all my might. It was no use. I was getting tired from trying to get away. She was way stronger than I was. It was hard to fight back because All I could see was her because she was bright green. I fought, and fought, and fought. All the sudden, I woke up... It was all a dream. 40

41 The Neighbors by Aiden It was actually a really sunny day strange in our town, we don t often get sun shine so today was very special or that s what I thought. It started off a normal day clouds, rain, then like the gods blessed us the sun came out. Then a big white moving truck entered the house next to my family and 3 people came out a male teenager who looked depressed, a mom, and a dad that was weird because we didn t have any neighbors before I guess the land next to us is really soggy so no one moved in until now. We knocked on the new neighbor's door, but there was no answer, so we knocked again but no answer so we went back home, that night we made some cookies, and decided to split them and give half to the neighbors so mom told me to go and see if they were home. I knocked on the door and to my surprise it opened and I walked in and explained what the cookies were for but in a flash, I was pulled down to the basement I couldn t see, hear, or smell and they approached me and bounded me in ropes so I couldn t escape. After what I thought was a thousand years they unbounded me from the ropes and made me call my mom to explain what was going on so I dialed my mom's number very slowly and she answered within a flash and she screamed into the phone ''WHERE ARE YOU!'' And with a lot of pain I said in the neighbor's basement ''WHY ARE YOU IN THERE?'' The neighbors can explain and I put the neighbors on the phone they explained everything to my mom and I can't believe that she didn t faint then, my dad got on the phone and started cursing like he had hell in his mouth. After that traumatizing experience they brought me to their backyard and set me in the garage and brought a gun with them they said ''if the police get here in less than a half an hour I will kill you very... very... slowly'' And left after that I was silent for what seemed like 4 hours then my brain started working and I planned my escape. First, I had to get out of the handcuffs, they put on me, and I saw that the window was open so after I got free from the handcuffs, because the key was on the table I jumped through the window. Right... into a bear trap! I screamed so loud that the neighbors came running out laughing. ''so, you thought that you could escape well I don t think so'' I was still screaming in pain when I heard the sirens from the police cars and hoped for my life when I remembered ''if the police get here in less than a half an hour I will kill you very... very... slowly'' and at that moment I saw the gun come out from the dad's hand when the world went black couldn t hear, see, feel, smell, nothing but darkness. 41

42 The Revenge Doll by Lucy The old floorboards creaked as a man browsed the isles in a second-hand store. He had been doing this for the past 45 minutes now and all he could find was an old voodoo doll. In his defense, there was not much of a variety I this very, very small shop. So, he bought it. I'm not quite sure why he was even suggesting this as a present for a young girl. This young girl happened to be the man's eleven-year-old daughter, Emily. Her birthday was that evening, October 12th 1983, so he was in quite a rush. As he stepped out of the shop, he examined the doll. The first thing he noticed was on the back of its head was the word egnever. He was uncertain of what the word egnever meant, so he ignored it and started driving home. When he arrived at his house, his daughter was not home from school yet. So, he wrote a birthday card and placed it on her bed, along with the doll. Then he hurried out for work. When Emily walked into her room, she was terrified of the doll. It made her feel unsettled. She knew that her father was only trying to make her birthday better, so she decided she would let on as if she loved it. Emily was not scared of the doll. She didn t believe in that magic. It just seemed silly to her. Emily plucked the doll off of her bed anyway and examined it the way her father had before. Right away she noticed the word egnever. she didn t understand what it meant. It bothered her that she didn t know it, so she went to the library and did some research. She looked for egnever in every encyclopedia she could find. She identified nothing of the word. After a few hours of flipping through pages, Emily hadn't even thought about how worried her father might have been. She decided she would go back home. Hours passed, and Dark began to fall over the open air. The bright moonlight shone into Emily's bedroom window. So many things were running through her mind, especially the fact that her father had not arrived home yet. She wanted to stay awake until he came home, but she slowly drifted to sleep. The next morning, she felt the same unsettled feeling she had he day before after she received the doll. Emily was laying upside down on her bed when she noticed something about the word egnever. Emily got up, went over to the desk and wrote the word on a white piece of paper. She looked at it from every angle, until she finally figured it out Emily spelled the letters out loud, "E-G-N-E-V-E-R," Now, she spelled it backwards. "R-E-V-E-N-G-E." Her eyes opened widely and read It out loud, "revenge." It all made sense. 42

43 Now, Emily was panicking. She turned around to warn her father, but to her surprise, he was standing outside of the doorway. She noticed that He had a worried look on his face and he was holding a sharp knife in his left hand. "Father! Where have you been? And what are you doing with that?" Emily asked "Don t go any closer to it." He walked over to the doll and stabbed it. At that moment, Emily fell to the floor as her blood streamed out onto the white carpet. Now, no one would think the magic of the doll was silly. 43

44 Thank you for reading our TERRIFYING TALES. Copyright 2017 Ms. O Connor s 6 th Period Class All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. Printed in the United States of America First Printing, 2017 Ms. O Connor s 6 th Period Unami Middle School 160 South Moyer Road Chalfont, PA