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1 Welcome to DESMOND s Extended Donor Profile DESMOND voluntarily provided the following information which will be disclosed to future parents as an aid in their selection General information and characteristics Height: 186 cm Weight: 119 kg Build: Sturdy Shoe size: 45 Clothing size: X-Large Skin tone: Fair Facial shape: Oval Lips: Full Eyebrows: Black Beard: Black Hair: Brown, medium thick and straight Words that describe my personality would be: Laidback, smiling, funny, social, helpful and caring. I value happiness above all. DESMOND does not use prescription lenses. He has no allergies, medical conditions or physical abnormalities. DESMOND resembles the Danish soccer player Nicklas Bendtner. Click here for photos of Bendtner. Academics DESMOND has been in school for a total of 13 years including primary and lower secondary school. After his high school graduation, DESMOND spent a year in different jobs. He is currently studying at a technical vocational school where he studies to become an automation technician. He plans to spend an additional 6 years on his education, since his career goal is to get a bachelor s degree in robot technology after finishing his study in automation technology. DESMOND has previously worked as dishwasher, fisherman, sales assistant and bartender. His native language is Danish and he also speaks English, German and Spanish. He has not served in the military. I study automation technology, and my goal is to get a bachelor s degree in robot technology.

2 Q&A with DESMOND DESMOND answers questions about his life, experiences, and good memories Which words describe your personality? I would describe myself as very laidback, smiling, funny and very good at making friends and being social. I m very helpful and caring, and I really like to go out and have fun. I m not the type of guy who sits in his apartment all day doing nothing. List which musical instruments you play or have played: I played a little bit of piano in primary school, but nothing special. Describe your strong sides: I m a very fast learner, I love to set myself a goal and accomplish it in the best possible way. Also, even though I m a big guy I m physically flexible, meaning I can do many different gymnastic flips and such. How many hours of sleep do you get on an average night? 8 hours. Describe your weak sides: I m very emotional, like, if I hear a song or watch a movie that I think is sad or beautiful, I start to cry almost every time. Do you smoke? Yes. What is your marital status? Single. Do you have any children? No. Which types of sport do you play or have played? I ve played soccer for around 15 years, out of which 4-5 years was in the best and second-best youth league in Denmark. Which other types of sports are you interested in? American football and basketball is a big passion of mine. List any other hobbies you may have or have had: I m very much into music. I listen to a lot of different music, bust mostly rap. I love to dig into the lyrics and hear the stories that are being told. Religion: Christian. Do you eat healthy? I try. Do you ride a bicycle? Often. How much alcohol do you drink on average per week? 8 beers. Which countries have you visited? Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Germany and China. Describe the best holiday you have had: My best holiday would be my trip to China. It was at my last year of high school, and we were two classes going with our teachers. It was a very educating experience, and it was a lot of fun to explore the nightlife of Beijing, Shanghai and Souzhou on our own. What do you like the most about your own country? The thing I like most about Denmark, is that you can talk to anyone. If you are just being a little polite, almost everyone is willing to open a conversation and maybe even start a smaller friendship.

3 Q&A with DESMOND - continued DESMOND s dreams, favourites and experiences Who are your idols/heroes/heroines? My biggest idol must be Gianluca Vacchi, an Italian man in his 50s. He has such a positive view on life, and he has what seems to be the perfect life. He enjoys the little moments, like putting on a dance-friendly tune and just dance like nobody is watching. What are your goals in life? My goal in life is to become an expert in robot technology, which gives a very good salary, so that my future family and I don t have to worry about money. I would be the happiest man ever, if I could afford to take my future wife and kids on vacations a couple of times a year. 1 week skiing, 1 week in the south, and 1 week in some of Europe s big cities. What were your childhood dreams? Of course, I must say that my biggest dream was to become a professional soccer player, because I played in the two best youth leagues. I really thought I could become something, but sadly nothing ever really happened. Which values do you rank the highest? Happiness, definitely. Which childhood experience made the biggest impression on you? My mom and dad had their first big sailboat when I was 2 years old. When I was about 6 years old, we went on a trip for 3 weeks, sailing along the coasts of Denmark and went from harbour to harbour. That was a really great experience because we didn t plan anything, we just sailed wherever wanted. Most dangerous: When I went to Greece for the first time I was about 8 years old, and we went on a boat trip to some caves in the area. We had to swim 200 meters on almost open sea to get to the cave, and my dad, my uncle and I were swimming to the cave, but my dad and I didn t have the physical condition to do it, so my uncle had to carry me from the cave to the ship, and afterwards he carried my dad on his back. If it wasn t for my uncle s good stamina, I don t know what we should have done. Greatest sorrow: At my grandfather s funeral, they played this song by the Danish musician Kim Larsen. Everything was so beautiful and I just couldn t believe I wasn t going to see him anymore. What is your favourite colour? Red. What is your favourite animal? Sloth. What is your favourite kind of food? Steak. What is your favourite kind of music? Rap or house music. What is your favourite kind of car? Audi A5 Sports back. What is your favourite kind of pet? Dog - a pug. Which was your greatest experience or moment? My trip to China. Happiest: Seeing my grandfather get out of the hospital after being hit by a blood clot. He s 83 and was very healthy and active, so it was very sudden. Funniest: Being sent to the principal s office with my best friend for laughing in class, and when we told the joke to the principal he started crying of laughter to, and went to class with us and told our teacher to get a sense of humour. Scariest: I went on a midnight hike with two of my best friends and we walked down into some bunkers from WWII, and when we finally had the courage to enter the bunker, the door slammed behind us and we all screamed and panicked. Proudest: When we went to Spain for a soccer cup, and brought home the gold trophy for the 3rd year in a row. What is your favourite time of year? Winter. What is your favourite book and/or author? Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. What is your favourite movie and/or director? Moonlight.

4 DESMOND s family tree Information about DESMOND s siblings, parents and grandparents Paternal Grandfather Age: 72 Alive: No Occupation: Beer brewer Height: 170 cm Weight: 70 kg Eye colour: Brown Health: Was an alcoholic Paternal Grandmother Age: 79 Alive: No Weight: 50 kg Health: Died from breast and lung cancer (heavy smoker) Maternal Grandfather Age: 83 Education: Mechanic Occupation: Ship mechanic and sailor Height: 170 cm Weight: 80 kg Hair colour: Blond, aside from a blood clot last year Maternal Grandmother Age: 76 Weight: 60 kg Hair colour: Blonde Father Age: 60 Education: Electrician, sergeant and paramedic Occupation: Sergeant Height: 175 cm Weight: 75 kg Hair colour: Black Mother Age: 53 Education: Hairdresser Weight: 70 kg Eye colour: Brown, apart from a herniated disc in the neck Brother Full or half: Half Age: 31 Education: Automation technician Sister Full or half: Half Age: 28 Education: Pedagogue Occupation: Automation technicianoccupation: Pedagogue Height: 198 cm Height: 165 cm Weight: 100 kg Weight: 60 kg Hair colour: Blond Hair colour: Blonde

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