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1 Centrepointe Studio Theatre 2015 Facility Fees Centrepointe Studio Theatre is a 199-seat, multi-configurable space, boasting state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, a sprung floor and retractable seating. The theatre is the perfect setting for intimate performances, cabaret and dinner theatre, business functions, rehearsals, master classes and workshops. The Studio Theatre rental includes the use of the Studio Lower Lobby, which is an ideal location for pre and post-show receptions. Services and Facilities included with the use of Centrepointe Studio Theatre Studio Theatre Dressing Rooms Studio Theatre Lobby Green Room Volunteer House Crew Wardrobe Room Volunteer Stage Crew Loading Dock Access Shared (available to non-profit groups) Advertising on our Website Facility Fees Details of Use Facility Fees Daily 8am to midnight Coordinator for 8 hours $ Mon Sat $ Sunday 4 Hour Block Coordinator for 4 Hours $ Mon Sat $ Sunday Additional Hourly Rate Worklight Rehearsal Weekly Rental Rate Studio Lower Lobby Only Coordinator for one hour Sunday to Thursday Does not include personnel No technical elements Does not Include personnel 7 Days House Manager required at additional per hour charge $60.25 Mon Sat $ Sunday $ $ $193.00

2 Production Personnel - Per Hour Wage Position Duties Regular Premium Sunday Production Coordinates Production, Coordinator l or ll* Staff & Volunteers $35.29 $52.94 $70.58 Technician l Assistants and Stage Hands $31.96 $47.94 $63.92 Technician ll Operators Sound & Lighting $33.17 $49.76 $66.34 Wardrobe Laundry, Costume Personnel Changes & Repairs $33.52 $50.28 $67.04 Stage Door Access to Backstage for Attendant* Cast & Crew $15.30 $22.95 N/A International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E.) Local 471. *Minimum of 1 Production Coordinator & 1 Stage Door Attendant required. There is a minimum call of four hours charged at the regular wage. Premium Wage is applied after 8 hours in a single day or for work performed between 12am and 8am. Sunday Wage is applied for events on Sundays or for events that run past midnight on Saturday. A performance call is 4 hours. Multiple same day performances will result is multiple performance calls. Only 1 five hour call can be scheduled in a day. A Stage Door Attendant is required for all rentals on each rental day beginning 30 minutes prior to the licensee s arrival and ending 30 minutes after the licensee leaves. A meal penalty of $30.25 per I.A.T.S.E. personnel will be charged if breaks do not start on time or are missed, plus additional wage to be paid. Meal breaks 30 min. in length are paid breaks and meals will have to be provided by licensee during the scheduled meal time. Meal breaks 1 hour in length are unpaid and no meal is required to be provided. Volunteer Services Volunteer House Crew and Volunteer Stage Crew Volunteer House Crew (Ticket Takers, Ushers and Greeters) are available to all rentals at no charge. Depending on the performance time a meal and beverages may be required for the Volunteers House Crew. If not provided, a meal penalty of $20.00 per volunteer per missed meal will be charged upon settlement. Volunteer Stage Crew is available to all non-profit organizations and these volunteers can fill production personnel positions, with the exception of the Production Coordinator. The use of these volunteers is subject to availability. If recruitment shortages occur, the Licensee will be required to hire additional paid I.A.T.S.E. production personnel (wages outlined above). The Licensee shall provide the Volunteer Stage Crew with appropriate meals and refreshments during the engagement. If not provided, a meal penalty of $20.00 per volunteer per missed meal will be charged upon settlement.

3 Front of House - House Manager Minimum 4-hour call Required for any rental or use of theatre and/or theatre lobbies with audience or invited guests Sets-up lobby requirements Oversees house crew volunteers Oversees additional front of house staff including bar services and coat check services Evacuation/CPR/First-aid/AED $96.00/performance(4 hrs) $24.00/additional hour $36.00/overtime hour Additional Fees / Recoveries Liability Insurance (Required): User must provide proof of $1,000, public liability and property damage insurance (HST exempt). Certificate must list the City of Ottawa as an additional insured. You are also able to purchase insurance through the City of Ottawa. Please inquire with the Booking Clerk for rates. SOCAN (Required for Events with music) (The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) A performing rights organization (PRO) that licenses the public performance and telecommunication of the world's repertoire of copyright-protected musical works in Canada and then distributes royalties to its members and affiliated international societies. SOCAN tariffs are applicable whether music is pre-recorded or played live. visit for information Recording: If you are recording or filming your event and it will be used for distribution or for commercial purposes (i.e. Website/YouTube etc.), there will be an additional charge of 4 hours per paid production personnel working the event. If the recording is for archival purposes (personal use), with one camera and making only one copy, there will be no charge. Please ask booking clerk for archival waiver form prior to your booking. CMRRA: If you are planning on recording the performance of live musicians playing at your event (even background), please enquire about a CMRRA License (Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Association). Advertising and Marketing (Included) Please provide the following information about your event to be published on our website: Graphic for your event Description of your event (80 words or less) Upon completion of the signed license agreement, our marketing department will contact you regarding additional optional marketing opportunities not included with the rental of the theatre. For more information please inquire with Sam at

4 Additional Services (Optional) Bar Service Coat Check Cash bar or Host bar Bar wage waived if sales exceed $100 for pre event and intermission bar Host or Cash $17.94/ hour Minimum 3 hours $17.94/hour Minimum 3 hours Catering Kitchen Based on availability $250 refundable deposit Box Office Services (Optional) Type of User Box Office Set Up Fee Additional Performances Complimentary Tickets Commercial $ $35.00 $1.25 per ticket Non-Profit $90.00 $25.00 $0.45 per ticket Box Office Set-Up Fees include the following services: Box office set-up within 10 business days of the signed license agreement and deposit All credit card fees Multiple sales outlets including Centrepointe Box Office, website and call centre All box office staff wages Day of sales at the door for one hour immediately prior to the performance Processing of complimentary tickets Weekly sales reports and Daily sales reports 5 days prior to event (by ) A detailed box office statement of sales and revenue (post-event) No charge for the first 12 complimentary tickets printed If you would like to have tickets printed to sell yourself (pre-box), then the tickets fees (below) per printed ticket are due at the time of pick-up. Ticket Fees (applicable when using our box office services) Paid by the Ticket Purchaser based on the highest per ticket price Less Than $ $44.99 $45.00 or More All performances $ $5.00

5 Equipment Rentals (Optional, based on availability) Daily Weekly Wireless Microphones $30 each $100 each Data Projector and Screen 10x14 $75 Piano Yamaha CFlll Concert Grand $70 $230 Piano Yamaha 6 * $50 $200 Piano Tunings *one tuning mandatory $125 Masonite Dance Floor small, medium and large $20, $30, $40 -- Rosco Dance Floor $75 $150 Dance Floor Tape 2 rolls per dance floor configuration $26 Follow Spots 2 available $20 each -- Hazers 2 available $40 each $80 each Draped Tables Stage Only, 5 available $14 each -- Pipe and Drape Backstage and Lobby $35 For Centrepointe Studio Theatre Technical Information please visit: Overview Mandatory Costs: Facility Fee Additional Production Personnel(as required) Stage Door Attendant (all rental days) House Manager (for all performance days) Liability Insurance SOCAN Tariffs Optional Costs: Box Office Set-up Fees Catering Kitchen Deposits Bar Services Coat Check Services Equipment Rentals Advertising/Marketing CMRRA Please send your rental requests to: Christine M. Lane Rental Services Centrepointe Theatres Phone: ext