Wherever a trailer is shared, the point of sale is shared

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1 Overview for Nelson Madison Ltd/Indie Rights Audiences want an easy and fun way to share and buy films online. Many of them don't want to steal. They want it to be simple to find and buy the films they're interested in, and they want to share those films with everyone they know. Wherever a trailer is shared, the point of sale is shared Using Distrify > on average 1 in 16 trailer views leads to a sale*. Should you really be putting a trailer out there without giving those viewing it a way to buy the film? *From analysis of films available via Distrify, October


3 The Distrify way > Distrify is revolutionising the way audiences consume and share content online. For example, when someone watches a film trailer in the Distrify video player they can also pay to watch the full movie immediately, order a DVD, buy a download, or find out when they can see it in their local cinema. Whenever someone shares a movie, they are also sharing the online shop where you can buy it and at all points we record this behaviour feeding it back into our audience capture analysis toolset. The player works securely on any platform - from smartphone to ipad, laptop to internet-connected TV. Distrify's business model is to make great film content available everywhere and take a reasonable transactional cost from the sale price, ensuring that the majority share of the income is paid to the rights holder. Sell direct to fan > Distrify enables rights-holders to sell directly to fans of the film or TV show. The video reaches its audience via fans, their blogs, followers and friends. Basically, Distrify digitises word-of-mouth and fans share and spread the content they love. Example: Urbanized Urbanized is the third part of Gary Hustwit s design film trilogy (after Helvetica and Objectified). He is making the film available online worldwide via Distrify simultaneous to its theatrical release. Within 24 hours of its release it was embedded (and available for sale) in over 30 websites with fans of the films tweeting and talking about it, and buying it all over the world, in more than 20 countries from USA to Costa Rica to David Wogan Awesome. You can watch urban design documentary online while it's still in theaters: John Hanke Just with my kids streamed from his site in HD (on Chrome on Google TV). Great jason hilgefort want to see Gary Hustwit's "Urbanized"? Great news: the film is now a streaming rental via Distrify facebook.com/apps/applicati

4 Distrify: incentivising sharing > If there is an audience for your content, Distrify connects your film to that audience in a way that's more valuable than ever before. How? We put a point of sale everywhere that the film is shared. This turns the entire Internet into a VOD platform. Distrify also has an inbuilt affiliate revenue system to incentivise sharing and maximize profits for the rights holders. The minimum commission for fans who share and sell the film is 10%. Affiliate revenue share can be conveyed as a share this and make $$ or as a here's a little thanks from the filmmaker for helping get the film out there. Distrify makes it easy for people to embed your content on their site, blog or Facebook page, or it to their contacts. And everywhere the film is shared, so is the point of sale. Every time it sells, the person sharing it earns a commission and the rights holder increases profits. This is a controversial move but it makes sense to pay the 'file sharing experts' (those who have previously resorted to piracy) for spreading movies legally. By monetising the process of movie sharing, Distrify helps to reduce film piracy as anyone, from film fan to reviewer to entrepreneur, can aggregate and sell content online. Audiences are excited by the connection to the film and its creators monetizing this relationship fosters deeper trust and encourages ongoing participation from Markus Is it also possible to embed the movie without gaining money? Just want to share it! By facilitating and incentivising the sharing of your film, you can get your fans to do a lot of the PR and marketing work for you. Seed the trailer in the Distrify player to key sites and blogs, and let the sharing and conversations roll.

5 Engage in content partnerships The Distrify player can be embedded ANYWHERE. This is great for spreading your film around the social web and enables you to enter into content partnerships, where providers can take a higher affiliate revenue share of the takings. Example: Terry Gilliam The Wholly Family Maverick film director Terry Gilliam decided to go direct to fan when making his new film. Entirely funded by Garafalo (a pasta company), Terry had complete creative freedom to make whatever film he liked. The result, The Wholly Family, will be distributed using Distrify through his website (and wherever the player is shared). Ahead of release through Terry's website ( the film will be available first from The Guardian's website ( The film can, of course, be shared and spread from this point, but Terry will be sending traffic to The Guardian page from his site and social media profiles. Screenshot from a previous content partnership with The Guardian, illustrating player placement and inclusion of live blogging and event-based film journalism:

6 Turn your website into your own channel Although Distrify turns the entire Internet into a VOD platform to sell your film, you can also use the player to turn an area of your website into a channel for your films. Example: Empty Mind Films Independent documentary studio Empty Mind Films use a section of their website as a VOD channel to sell their films.

7 Go global! Sell in multiple languages and currencies The Internet has changed everything, everyone is globally connected to his or her social networks and anyone buying your content might want to promote your film to friends in other countries. If possible we recommend making films available worldwide to maximize exposure and profitability. Although, if required, the Distrify player can limit the availability of your film to specific geographical areas or territories. Distrify also provides a whole host of insights and data to inform planning your release, from focussing marketing to choosing which languages and currencies to make your film available in. Example: Adventures of Power Ari Gold, the director/star/writer/producer of "Adventures of Power" has managed to grow his Facebook page to over 100,000 fans. In the process he discovered a huge following of his film wanting versions with closed-captions and also Spanish subtitles. Thanks to Distrify, he can rent the film and a whole slew of extra materials in whichever language version each audience member chooses. And his Mexican fans can pay directly in pesos!

8 Insights and data Distrify has a unique and sophisticated range of data and sentiment analysis tools. You can see how many trailer views and sales are coming from the places the player is embedded and how sales change over time. You can see where in the world people are watching your trailer and use these insights to inform your marketing and PR.

9 Distrify can provide a premium in-depth live data analysis for theatrical screenings of titles comparing online sentiment, conversations and trailer views to theatrical exhibition information. This data can inform release planning, from deciding on the release window, to selecting which cinemas should take a film. Example: Cinema screenings/performance in proximity to audience demand. A UK release, Autumn 2011

10 Sell Content Socially > Distrify re-aligns the value chain for selling TV shows, films and any other filmed content. This is the beginning of a new content economy where those who formerly breached copyright are dealt-in and incentivized to share and earn and where rights holders take back control over their property. We have created a more efficient and ultimately more profitable way to distribute content. Every time you make a sale it appears instantly in your online account statement you are always in control of your money. Your audience is captured in a database and that audience becomes a selfexpanding team of super-fans and customers. It is a relationship of trust and value and ultimately increased profitability. In the last 3 months we ve secured more than 600 films and look forward to a profitable 2012 for all our partners. We d love to see some Nelson Madison Ltd/Indie Rights titles on Distrify and are happy to discuss any part of our service with you from social marketing to VOD. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you more. On behalf of the Distrify team, Andy Green