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1 One World 2012 Final report Youth Quake

2 Organised by People in Need Under the auspices of First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg, Minister of Culture Alena Hanáková and Mayor of Prague Bohuslav Svoboda.

3 A Summary of One World s 14th year In addition to Prague, screenings Discussions with filmmakers and spe- Fatherland (Masha Novikova), Aktuálně.cz, Rádio Česko and Rádio 1 were held in 40 other towns and cialists were part of the 118 film Framing the Other (Willem Timmers all ran festival specials. The Respekt cities around the Czech Republic. screenings. and Ilja Kok), Karama Has No Walls weekly published a special festival (Sara Ishaq). The Czech-produced supplement. The programme included 106 films Part of the programme featured eight documentary Punk in Africa (Deon from 44 countries. Overall atten- panel debates with important Czech Maas, Keith Jones) was screened at a In March, the festival s website at- dance reached 110,372. In Prague, and international figures. Czech premiere. tracted 187,227 visitors. 6,937 peo- the festival attracted 45,802 view- ple liked the festival s Facebook pro- ers (school events accounted for In Prague, there were 103 accredit- One World espouses new media as file an increase of almost 2,000 fans. 11,916); 64,570 viewers watched ed journalists from Czech and for- an effective tool for civic initiatives. in the regions (37,474 attended eign media; dozens more were ac- Through the use of modern com- The MAG festival magazine, fea- school events). credited in other festival towns and munication technologies, 22 Czech turing interviews with directors, in- cities. and foreign projects took part in formation on films and behind-the- 200 accredited Czech and foreign the One World Social Innovation scenes reports at One World, was guests came to the festival. A total of 493 volunteers and tem- competition. published for the first time. The 40- porary workers took part in organ- page edition was distributed free at In a festival first, an East Doc ising the festival in Prague and the To mark People in Need s 20th year the festival s start. Platform programme was organ- regions. of operation, an online special on ised by the Institute of Documentary Czech Television s website present- Film to support the production and Once again, a One World in Brussels ed materials from the organisation s distribution of Eastern and Central festival was held. It ran from 14 to history, including eight documenta- European documentaries. There were 23 May, screening 18 documentary ry films. From the time of its launch 230 accredited Czech and foreign films. on 12 February up to 28 March, the guests in attendance. online special attracted 16,053 The festival offered three world visitors. premieres: Sweet Smoke of the

4 Petr Jarčevský and Lukáš Houdek, MCs at Lucerna.

5 Long Live Protests! Films from two categories competed for the festival s main prizes: The main thematic category: Other thematic categories: Youth Quake With or Without You Czech Films Main Competition One World responded to the wave Documentaries examining social re- A selection of the best documentary Best documentaries with a human of protests that took place in many lationships in today s world and the films shot by Czech filmmakers over rights theme shot in the past year. countries across the globe over the means by which families and individ- the past year. past year. It not only concerned the uals deal with external social influ- Right to Know Arab Spring, but protest campaigns ences, such as migration, poverty, re- Short Films Investigative documentaries about in developed democracies. siding in social welfare facilities and Documentaries up to 30 minutes in previously unknown and overlooked adoption. length presented as blocs of films. cases of human rights abuses. The unifying element of these protests unrest and revolt was the So-called Civilisation People in Need 20 Years determination of young people who This year, the purview of our tradi- A retrospective category in the rose up against established regimes tional environmental category was form of an online special on Czech and economic systems. extended to include themes linked to Television s website to mark People lifestyle and consumption. The doc- in Need s 20 years of existence. Eight The festival s graphic visual, inspired umentaries were chosen in collabo- documentary films, videos and his- by handmade placards as a common ration with the Czech branch of the torical photographs chart the work of means of expression for various pro- Friends of the Earth movement. this organisation through the years. tests and demonstrations, also re- The online special is still accessible at flected this principal theme. Panorama the same address: A representative selection of docu- mentary films that won international awards and generated interest at foreign festivals.

6 East Doc Platform: Just Do It! The One World festival continues to focus attention on film professionals. most promising documentaries in the development and production stage. One World welcomes professionals These activities were enhanced this A jury of Eastern European forum year thanks to cooperation with the workshop tutors awarded this film In the course of the East Doc Hana Kulhánková, One World Institute of Documentary Film (IDF), the Golden Funnel prize, enabling Platform and One World, a video li- director: which organised the first East Doc it to receive extended individual sup- brary was made available to guests. Linking up with the Institute of Platform. During the festival, film in- port from the IDF. It offered 309 completed documen- Documentary Film allowed us to dustry professionals met with the aim tary films from Central and Eastern make good on our intention to ex- to support the production and distribu- The East Doc Platform Award for Europe within the framework of the tend the festival programme for film tion of Central and Eastern European best documentary project in post-pro- East Silver market, as well as all 106 professionals. Moreover, thanks to documentaries. duction went to the Italian-British documentaries from the One World East Doc Platform, foreign guests co-production The Train to Moscow. festival programme. came to Prague who had never been From 5 to 11 March at Palác Archa Currently in the rough-edit stage, the part of One World s audience. and the Divadlo Archa theatre, more project s authors will receive help Part of the East Doc Platform com- than 160 Eastern European direc- from a leading international editor. prised an open programme for ac- tors and producers met with 70 key credited One World patrons. This international television producers, East Doc Platform s motto Just Do included lectures, film screenings, a buyers, distributors and sales rep- It! refers to the fact that documenta- master class, discussions and presen- resentatives, as well as represen- ries nowadays are often created with- tations of prepared documentaries. tatives of international festivals, out outside help under very simple funds and institutions. conditions. A joint meeting for guests of East Doc Platform and One World in Lucerna A collection of 88 completed films Palace s Marble Hall provided an op- and more than 60 works in progress portunity to make new connections. were presented. Zvalka, by Polish director Hanna Polak, was one of the

7 We Won t Be Silenced A series of panel debates with important Czech and foreign fig- Miloslav Macela, director of the Department of Family and Benefit Themes of panel discussions: Q&As with directors ures was organised in Prague on the Systems at the Czech Ministry of After-film discussions were held in themes covered by eight films from Labour and Social Affairs The Arab Spring: The Year After conjunction with 118 screenings in the festival programme. Film: Syria: Inside the Repression Prague cinemas, during which the Jaromír Štětina, a senator and We Waste, Therefore We Are? filmmakers or invited Czech special- More than 700 people attended the founder of People in Need Film: Taste the Waste ists debated on the given issue with discussions, held at the Institut A Second Wind for Weary Europe? audiences. Francais. Elena Milashina, a journalist from Film: The Prism GR2011 KRISIS the independent Russian newspaper Development: Aid or Trap? The chance to speak about films per- The most prominent participants in Novaja gazeta Film: Solar Eclipse sonally with directors is one of the the panel discussions included: Adoption: The Child as a Hostage festival s most popular audience Film: Forever Yours events. Karel Schwarzenberg, Czech First Burma: Is Democracy a Game? Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Films from Burma s The Art of of Foreign Affairs Freedom Festival People in Need: 20 Years in Action Mohammad Abdulhadi, a represen- Films: Epicentre and Chechen Dream tative of the underground network Is a Post-Soviet Spring on the Way? Doctors Coordinate of Damascus, Film: Belarusian Dream which was awarded the Homo Homini prize

8 Noha Atef s presentation at the One World Social Innovation evening.

9 Yes to Innovative Ideas! One World Social Innovation is a com- networks, this project mobilises vol- Standby Taskforce Somalia v mobilu (Vodafone), Navigace.sons. petition for projects by NGOs, public unteers to search for missing chil- International cooperation among vol- cz (a navigation centre for the blind) administrations, and individual activ- dren, yielding results that put the unteers to provide localised aid to ref- ists who tackle traditional social prob- state s security forces to shame. ugees in need of assistance Egyptian blogger and activist lems using modern communication Noha Atef gave a presentation of her technologies e.g., mobile applications, video-mapping, crowdsourcing, Other projects deemed most success- Share it! project, which maps police violence. She also sat on etc. ful by the jury: the festival s Rudolf Vrba Jury. The first competition held last year was a big success. Contest winner Blow the Whistle! (USA) Mobilising citizens to successfully put The announcement of the winners of the One World Social Innovation competition was preceded by TechShare Social Innovation Camp Brno Gregory Asmolov, founder of the pressure on senators an evening of sharing and inspiration. Help Map project for coordinating res- One World became a partner of the cue efforts during Russian forest fires, Selected representatives of Czech Social Innovation Camp Brno, held sat on this year s jury. GroundTruth Initiative (Kenya) online initiatives gave speeches us- from 16 to 18 March. Based on a Fortifying a community by creating a ing Ignite Talks (a dynamic presen- British concept, people with ideas Camilla Hawthorne, manager of map of the Kibera slum tation format with 20 alternating and capabilities have 48 hours to Digital Media Initiatives at Radio slides in 15 seconds). The following turn innovative concepts into viable Free Europe, was another juror along projects were presented: projects. with Ondřej Zapletal, director of the Golos (Russia) Vodafone Czech Republic Foundation. Civic monitoring of electoral fraud Rozpoč, BudováníStátu. The event was organised by Respekt cz,,, Institut o. p. s. Out of 22 projects entered in this ChodciSobě.cz, DevelopmentCoffee. year s competition, the jury chose org,, ČistéNebe. More information can be found at: the Russian Liza Alert civic initia- cz,, Paměť národa tive. Using the Internet and social

10 Merit Badges for a Better World Other Parts of One World This year, festival audiences again Samizdat Merit Badge One World took part in the DOX BOX at Municipal Library and the Atlas had the opportunity to take part in in- Copying a book on a typewriter Global Day campaign to support the cinema. teractive tasks inspired by the stories fight for democracy in Syria. On 15 of film protagonists. Audience mem- Shopping Merit Badge March, a year after the eruption of Festival audiences were treated to a bers were able to hunt for human Responsible consumer behaviour the Syrian uprising, international concert by The Chancers at Lucerna rights merit badges in all seven festi- festivals screened films from Syria s Music Bar on 13 March. val cinemas (NOTE: merit badges are Socioeconomic Merit Badge DOX BOX festival, which did not take known as little beavers in the Czech The difficult climb up from the bot- place this year because of the political Student Do-It-Yourself festivals milieu). tom of the social ladder situation in the country. took place at five Prague university locations: University of Economics, Hundreds took part in the beaver On a Mission Merit Badge The winning films from Burma s The Czech University of Life Sciences, hunt. Jakub Čejchan was drawn as Getting one s bearings in different Art of Freedom festival were pre- Charles University s Faculty of Arts the winner of a crystal beaver tail cultures sented in a special screening in sup- and Faculty of Science, and Charles from the workshop of designer Bořek port of democratic changes in that University s Jinonice campus. Šipek. He hunted beavers the previ- Homini Merit Badge country. One of the festival s organ- ous year as well. Winners of the Homo Homini human isers, director Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi, rights prize was in attendance. Hunger Merit Badge The unequal distribution of food in As in previous years, screenings the world for senior citizens were held at the Lucerna cinema. Indomitable Migrant Merit Badge The problems foreigners encounter in Screenings of short documenta- our society ry films for children were offered

11 A stamp for completing a merit badge task. Participants in an after-film discussion. The Světozor cinema is sold out. A concert by The Chancers at Lucerna Music Club.

12 A representative of Doctors Coordinate of Damascus collected the Homo Homini Award.

13 One World 2012 Has Started! On 6 March, the One World festival Czech origin Petr Lom. The film s con- student literature competition presented. The competition was or- was launched in three locations: At tent was directly related to the festi- Normal Normalisation were also ganised by the People in Need founda- the Prague Crossroads, for the an- val s main theme the protests, unrest announced. This contest was organ- tion s Migration Programme. nouncement of the winner of the and revolt taking place in various parts ised by People in Need s One World in Homo Homini Award, and at Prague s of the world. Back to the Square shows Schools education programme in co- The opening film in the Lucerna, Back Lucerna and Světozor cinemas. how the fall of the Mubarak regime im- operation with the Respekt weekly. to the Square, was also shown in the pacted upon the lives of Egyptians. Světozor cinema, which was sold The opening film of the 14th annual The best video clips on the sub- out. This was followed by a debate festival was the documentary Back to During the opening evening at the ject of Češinci, i.e. foreigners liv- with the director. the Square by Canadian director of Lucerna cinema, the winners of the ing in the Czech Republic, were also We Express Support for Syrian Doctors The Homo Homini human rights participants, who often are in danger comparison with other Arab nations, provided to help Syrian refugees in prize, awarded yearly by the People of being arrested or killed if they were the representative said in an inter- Jordan. An SOS Syria public col- in Need foundation, was presented at to go to official hospitals. view with Radio 1. This award is a lection was launched in the Czech the Prague Crossroads venue. great honour and also gives us psy- Republic. The prize was personally accepted by chological support. This year, it recognised the work a representative for the organization of an underground network of who, after being arrested in Syria, In March, People in Need sent aid Syrian physicians operating under fled the country upon his release. from its Club of Friends to Syria to the name Doctors Coordinate of enable the distribution of medical ma- Damascus. Members risk their lives to For a long time, the people of Syria terials and equipment to 10 mobile provide medical care to demonstration have felt left by the wayside in physician teams. Other funds were

14 H. Kulhankova, right, converses with director M. Sauloy while producer M. Jangard looks on.

15 They Came to Show Their Support Hundreds came to One World to present their films, debate issues con- Overheard among the crowds cerning today s world, participate in juries and make new contacts. I was impressed by the crowds and I think it was well done, so the visitor It was my first time to visit the festi- young spectators who have come to could find and follow easily the screen- val. It was very well organised and I The Grand Jury had four foreign see the films and the attention during ings of the films he likes. It facilitates was happy to see that so many people members and one Czech from the the discussions after the screenings. the process [for people] to find films were interested to watch documenta- ranks of film professionals. The (I made this nice experience with they were interested in, plus it gives ry films. You can see from the amount Rudolf Vrba Jury was composed of my own film and I profit to praise my them an opportunity to be among at- of audience and fluent organisation five foreign personalities active in the translator, who was very competent tendees and filmmakers from the field. that the festival has found its form field of human rights. and friendly.) Noha Atef, Egyptian journalist and gathered experience to make ev- Claude Muret, coach script and ed- and blogger, member of the Rudolf erything work so well. Representatives of 15 international itor for the winning film Special Vrba Jury Mervi Junkkonen, director of After film festivals also came to One World Flight Life 4 Stories of Torture from Europe and places as far as Very diverse, a lot of very good cin- Jordan, Kyrgyzstan and Burma. I liked almost all the films I saw. As ematography, and also films with a Just wanted to send a big THANK for the film categories, quite various, subject more than a style, but that s YOU for showing Radioactivists at 230 Czech and foreign profession- very contemporary (Youth Quake), interesting to promote diversity. One World 2012 and inviting us and als involved in the production and sometimes very ambitious (With or Florent Tillon, director of French taking great care of us while we were distribution of documentary films vis- Without You). Unusual sometimes: film Detroit Wild City in Prague. We are very happy to have ited the East Doc Platform organised the Environment category seems been at One World and will try to re- by the Institute of Documentary Film. sometimes annoying, but it s much Did not choose films by categories, turn to future editions. funnier and more interesting with just used my fuzzy logic ;-) and ran- Julia Leser + Clarissa Seidel, films like Detroit Wild City in it. domly got the best films. German directors of the film Sandra Benecchi, This Human Jaan Tootsen, director of Estonian Radioactivists Protest in Japan World Film Festival, Austria film The New World since Fukushima

16 A Selection of Accredited Guests One World film competition juries One World filmmakers X. Peled (USA), Arman T. Riahi (Austria), Amélie Saillez (Belgium), and Gulbara Tolomushova (One World Kyrgyzstan), Salameh Clarissa Seidel (Germany), Mylène Nematt (Karama, Jordan), Kirijana Noha Atef (Egypt), Willy Fautré Jeffrey Brown (Czech Republic), Sauloy (France), Šimon Špidla Nikoloska and Nikolina Nedelkovska (Belgium), Susanna Harutyunyan Raffaele Brunetti (Italy), Emad (Czech Republic), Tamar Tal (Israel), (MakeDox, Macedonia), Simone (Armenia), Naung Latt (Burma), Burnat (Palestine), Niels Bjørn Florent Tillon (France), Willem Zupfer and Kristin Eubling (MOVE Petr Lom (Canada), Elena Milashina (Denmark), Carles Caparros (Spain), Timmers (The Netherlands), Jaan IT! Festival, Germany), Andrea Kuhn (Russia), Paul Radu (Romania), Sara Michiel van Erp (The Netherlands), Tootsen (Estonia), Ilse and Femke (Nuremberg International Human Rüster (Sweden), Ali Samadi Ahadi Anders Graver (Denmark), Alain de van Velzenovy (The Netherlands), Rights Film Festival, Germany), Hans (Germany) and Robert Sedláček Halleux (Belgium), Jet Homoet (The David Vondráček (Czech Republic) Habiger and Natalie Gravenor (One (Czech Republic) Netherlands), Marc Isaac (United and Chanoch Zeevi (Israel) World Berlin, Germany), Kumjana Kingdom), Sara Ishaq (United Kingdom), Margarete Jangård (Sweden), Salome Jashi (Georgia), Keith Jones (Czech Republic), One World representatives of foreign festivals Novakova, Monja Suta Hibert and Olja Latinovic (Pravo Ljudski, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Sandra Benecchi (This Human World, Austria), Aniko Mervi Junkkonen (Finland), Dara Kovecsi and Elena Naumkina (Verzio, Kell (South Africa), Ilja Kok (The Justas Gratulevicius and Gediminas Hungary), Matciej Nowicki and Netherlands), Deon Maas (South Andriukaitis (Ad Hoc, Lithuania), Martyna Slominska (Watch Docs, Africa), Helene Magne (France), Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi (The Art of Poland) Martin Mareček (Czech Republic), Freedom, Burma), Grit Lemke Claude Muret (Switzerland), (DOK Leipzig, Germany), Karol Antonio Labajo (Spain), Julia Leser Piekarczyk, Kirsty McCarter and (Germany), Ed Moschitz (Austria), Mona Rai (Document 10, Scotland), Christopher Nizza (South Africa), Mario Friso and Olivia Welke Masha Novikova (The Netherlands), (Festival des Libertés, Belgium), Rafik Omrani (Tunisia), Micha Lira Ismailova, Farida Abdyldayeva

17 Guests of One World Social Innovation Camilla Hawthorne (Czech Republic), Gregory Asmolov (Great Britain), Alicja Peszkowska (Techsoup/ Netsquared), Irina Vorobieva, Grigori Sergeev and Marina Kaceanov ( Other guests Soe Aung (Forum for Democracy in Burma), Flora Carmichael and Millicent Teasdale (Frontline, Great Britain), Martin Horák (People in Peril Association), Franak Viachorka (Radio Free Europe) East Doc Platform (Institute of Documentary Film) Kathryn Bonnici (Java Films, France), Martichka Bozhilova (Agitprop Ltd., Balkan Documentary Centre, Bulgaria), Anaïs Clanet (Wide House, France), Heino Deckert (Deckert Distribution GmbH, Filmproduktions GmbH, Germany), Anna Dziapshipa (Sakdoc Film, Tbilisi International Film Festival, Pitch.Doc, Georgia), Héléna Fantl (Archidoc La Fémis Workshop, France), Kristen Fitzpatrick (Women Make Movies, USA), Flora Gregory (Al Jazeera, Great Britain), Ryan Harrington (Tribeca Film Institute, USA), Christine Hille (DOK Leipzig, Germany), Andrea Hock (Autlook Films, Austria), Simon Kilmurry (American Documentary/POV, USA), Stefan Kloos (Kloos and Co. Medien GmbH, Rise and Shine, Germany), Rainer Komers (Rainer Komers Film, Germany), Pavel Kostomarov (director, Russia), Charlotte Gry Madsen (DR International Sales, Denmark), Sean McAllister (Tenfoot Films, Great Britain), Philippe Muller (ARTE G.E.I.E., France), Mikael Opstrup (producer, Denmark), Ayse Poffet (First Hand Films GmbH, Switzerland), Marijke Rawie (ExpertDocs, The Netherlands), Jan Rofekamp (Films Transit International, Montreal Office, Canada), Gabby Stein (Cinephil Distribution and Coproductions, Israel), Adriek Van Nieuwenhuijzen (IDFA, The Netherlands), Nathalie Verdier (ARTE G.E.I.E., ARTE France, France), Jenny Westergård (YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company, Finland)

18 The prize for best film was collected by Soňa Kritzlerová from the Swiss Embassy.

19 Winning Documentaries Best Film 2012 One World 2012 gave out a total of eight film awards. Best Film Award Special Flight Fernand Melgar/Switzerland/2011/103 min. Best Director Award 5 Broken Cameras The Václav Havel Jury Special Award for the film that made the most significant contribution to the defence of human rights: Who Killed Natasha? Mylène Sauloy/Great Britain, Russia, France, Chechnya/2011/64 min. Claude Muret, co-author of the winning film Special Flight, presented the documentary at the festival. The film s director, Fernand Melgar, could not attend because he is working on the film s sequel, which charts the subsequent fate of the protagonists after their expulsion from Switzerland. Nonetheless, he and Special Flight jury statement: The Swiss film Special Flight looks at refugees at an internment facility in Switzerland who are waiting to learn whether they will be sent back to their home countries or be granted asylum. In addition to the extraordinary and unprecedented access gained by the filmmaker, the Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi/Israel, Palestine, The Netherlands, France/2011/90 min. Rudolf Vrba Jury Award Big Boys Gone Bananas!* Fredrik Gertten/Sweden/2011/87 min. The Czech Radio Award for creative use of music and sound in a documentary Into Oblivion producer Elise Shubs sent a video greeting to One World audiences. Consequently, the deputy minister for culture František Mikeš presented the prize to Soňa Kritzlerová from jury was impressed by this film s exceptional storytelling and dramaturgy, flawless controlled camera work, intelligent and precise editing and, perhaps above all, the filmmaker s compassion and respect for his char- Special Mention from the Rudolf Vrba Jury Who Killed Natasha? Šimon Špidla/Czech Republic/2011/52 min. Student Jury Award Life in Stills the Swiss Embassy. acters. This film succeeds in transforming reality into a work of art. Mylène Sauloy/Great Britain, Russia, France, Tamar Tal/Israel/2011/58 min. Chechnya/2011/64 min. Bageterie Boulevard Audience Award Big Boys Gone Bananas!* Fredrik Gertten/Sweden/2011/87 min.

20 Volunteers count votes for the Audience Award.

21 Audiences Choose Their Favourite Film One World audiences voted for their favourite film to receive the Bageterie Boulevard Audience Bageterie Boulevard Audience Award Other placings according to audience votes: Online audience voting for the most popular films to be included in the Get Your Audience! programme con- Award. Big Boys Gone Bananas!* tinued through April. More informa- Fredrik Gertten/Sweden/2011/87 min. 2. Life in Stills (Israel) Also won tion can be found on page 30. Along with a coupon for a free ba- Student Jury Award guette, viewers received a ballot slip 3. Belarusian Dream (Russia) allowing them to rate each film on a 4. Give Up Tomorrow (Great scale of 1-5. Voting ended after the Britain, USA) last screenings 14 March. And the 5. The Island President (USA) winner was: 6. Trafačka Temple of Freedom (Czech Republic) 7. 5 Broken Cameras (Israel, Palestine, The Netherlands, France) also won Best Director Award 8. The Kingdom of Mister Edhi (Belgium, Spain) 9. I Am a Woman Now (The Netherlands) 10. Bitter Seeds (USA, India)

22 Overheard Among the Audience A selection of online responses to an Internet audience questionnaire, which was filled out by 256 viewers. I attended the festival for the first time this year and I really liked it. So my message to the organisers is to keep doing what you re doing. It s super and you have my full support. I m glad that tickets were decently priced and that the screenings weren t held in multiplexes, but in beautiful cinemas with atmosphere. I m happy about the debates as well as the fact that One World exists. I really had goosebumps when, after the film 5 Broken Cameras, the author of this film appeared before the audience! (He was there before the screening as well, but it was much more powerful after the film). It was a really successful festival. I m looking forward to next year and more films that can open people s eyes a little bit. Thank you very much for all your effort and your work. This is great and gives good energy too! Continue doing what you are doing. You show us a different side of things, and people in the Czech Republic should help each other more. We should stick together and fight for our truth always and everywhere! It s a wonderful festival. Excellent work. The entire festival really captured my heart! I think that it was great work. It must have taken a lot of effort, but the result is worth it! I really appreciate the debates after the films and the variety of films that are screened.

23 Audience members vote for their favourite film. The co-authors of a short film about foreigners living in the Czech Republic. Burmese activist Naung Latt presents a prize. Karel Schwarzenberg during the presentation of the Homo Homini Award.

24 The large auditorium of the Světozor cinema is sold out.

25 The Festival s Busy Venues Festival films were screened in nine In keeping with tradition, the festi- Festival crowds auditoriums in seven Prague cin- val s centre was the Lucerna cine- emas: Lucerna, Světozor, Atlas, ma, while guest and press services 45,802 viewers attended the The Prague festival programme at- Bio Konvikt-Ponrepo, Evald, were housed in Langhans Gallery on Prague part of the festival, a to- tracted the most people on 12 March, the Institut Francais, and the Vodičkova Street in Prague. tal of which 11,916 took part in One when almost 80% of cinema capac- Municipal Library. World in Schools morning screenings ity was filled. On that day, 3,673 at- Do It Yourself university festivals and accompanying events. tendees bought tickets to One World Although in previous years screen- organised by student teams offered events. ings were held at the Divadlo Archa documentary films at five locations One World attendance figures in theatre, instead One World used in Prague: University of Economics, the regions amounted to 64,570 In Prague, a total of 66 screenings this venue to house the East Doc Czech University of Life Sciences, people, of which 37,474 pupils, stu- were completely sold out. In the Platform, organised by the Institute Charles University s Faculty of Arts dents and teachers attended school large auditoriums, such as Lucerna of Documentary Film. and Faculty of Science and Charles screenings. 9,834 people attended ac- and Světozor, every last seat was University s campus in Jinonice. companying events. taken for the following films: I Am Despite having fewer festival venues, Around 1,500 students attended the a Woman Now, Girl Model, Carte overall attendance figures for One university screenings. This year, the regions saw atten- Blanche, The Price of Sex and World 2012 exceeded last year s. dance figures increase by 3,779 Skydancer (all in the Lucerna cin- people; the number of festival visi- ema, capacity 455); Vivan las tors in Prague increased by more Antipodas!, Mama Illegal, Big Boys than 2,000. Gone Bananas!*, The Substance and Taste the Waste (all in the large auditorium of the Světozor cinema, capacity 356).

26 A discussion after a morning screening for One World in Schools.

27 Schools Want Documentaries As is the case every year, the festival once again welcomed numerous were presented from the main festival programme. Some interesting meetings also took place during the Prague part of the Overheard at school debates: school audiences. festival. One World in Schools invited All screenings were accompanied by participating teachers from all over Question from the audience: In Prague, a total of 145 morning debates during which school audienc- the country to a programme called Which is worse? an explosion at an screenings were attended by 10,872 es could process their impressions One World in Schools Live! Part of atomic power plant or an atomic primary and secondary school of the films and analyse aspects of this programme included a debate bomb exploding? children, accompanied by 613 the given subject in a more profound with the director of People in Need, teachers. manner. Šimon Pánek. Discussion on the film Far From Home about Belarusian children Interest from schools increased con- These films are geared toward stu- Student Film Club organisers and stu- having a recuperative stay in the siderably. In Prague alone, 52 more dents and traditionally present ques- dents involved in team projects met Netherlands. schools registered with us in compari- tions and issues dealt with by their one weekend for a joint happen- son with last year. peers from various parts of the world. ing during which they daubed their This year, the programme also includ- own messages on T-shirts within the School screenings in the regions were ed films on the subject of intergenera- framework of this year s festival con- watched by a total of 36,574 pupils, tional coexistence. cept, Protests, Unrest and Revolt. students and teachers, an increase of 3,073 people compared with last The winner of the Student Jury year. Prize, Life in Stills by Israeli director Tamar Tal, offers a portrait of a One World for Children offered 92-year-old Czechoslovak emigrant three blocs of films intended for pu- in Israel and her grandson. This jury pils of varying ages from Within was composed of organisers from One the framework of One World for World in Schools Student Film Club Students, six feature-length films and One World in the Regions.

28 Regions Support One World After the Prague part of the festi- Regional festivals offered an interest- can enjoy themselves, they are open Neighbourhood, where debate con- val, One World travelled to 40 other ing accompanying programme, e.g., beyond expectation and their nat- tinued about what could be done in towns and cities around the Czech a concert by the band Traband inter- ural ability to think about things is our town to change it for the better. Republic. This represented an in- preted into sign language (Tišnov), a only systematically killed by school, Tábor, Pavla Kohelová, Cheiron T, crease of seven festival locations com- happening against cars in the centre the education system and resigned o. p. s. pared with the previous year. of town for the film The New World schoolteachers. (Tábor), a Go NGO! workshop and Teplice, Jindřich Frankenfeld, What personally pleased me the most With 2,500 inhabitants, Počatky was trade fair (Benešov), and a Living Pohip.Com o. s. was when I learned that the manage- the newest and smallest festival Library where, instead of books, peo- ment of our town hall did not have setting. Altogether, 1,345 viewers ple borrowed experts on subjects con- The timing was excellent. During the much confidence in us before the fes- came to a total of 17 public screen- cerning development aid and commu- week when the festival was on, there tival because we were a new team. Of ings and school projections. nity life (Brno). was a demonstration to save the course, after the festival they were sat- Ostravica-Textilia store as well as a isfied. Apart from a few minor hiccups, A total of 64,570 attended the re- One World in the Regions is organ- happening for the opening of the con- everything went completely smoothly. gional festivals, while 37,474 pu- ised by local teams composed of stu- troversial Nová Karolina shopping Třinec, Petr Malý, o. s. Ubot Gallery pils, students and apprentices attend- dents, members of civic associations, centre. The subject of revolt and un- ed school projections 3,973 more or workers from municipal cultural rest was therefore transferred direct- We were pleased with the s we than last year. centres. ly from the screen into action. received thanking us and the very A considerable increase in attendance was experienced at Třinec, Statements from regional teams Ostrava, Veronika Kusá, Minikino The thing that pleased us the most good response. Pontopolis was contacted by three people after the festival who want to become members of where school audiences more than was the interest of young people the association. doubled (1,531 compared with 643 As was the case last year (when I be- in what was going on around them. Polička, Petra Jílková, o. s. last year) and public screenings also gan doing debates with pupils/stu- The themes of the films captivated Pontopolis attracted around 100 more visitors dents), what also pleased me the them, there were lively discussions than the previous year (567 com- most this year was the discovery at the debates, and a new Facebook pared with 470 in 2011). that, for the most part, young people page was even created, called Our

29 One World in Brussels From 14 to 23 May 18 documentary films about human rights were screened at the sixth annual One Lom. This movie had also been the opening film in Prague. Film offerings included Special Flight, which Brussels 2012 winning film Mama Illegal One World in Brussels provides a unique opportunity for European politicians to meet representatives of World festival in Brussels. Almost was the winning documentary at Ed Moschitz/Austria/2011/102 min non-profit organisations and civic 2,000 people flocked to the screen- One World 2012, and Who Killed initiatives. ings and debates. Natasha?, which won two awards in The winning documentary was chosen Prague. Czech documentaries were by a jury comprised of Victoria Pirker The programme was launched represented by Love in the Grave, (Human Rights Without Frontiers), with the film Back to the Square Race to the Bottom and Coal in David Nichols (Amnesty International), by Czech-Canadian director Petr the Soul. and Yin Myo (a Burmese activist). One World Around the World An important part of One World s mis- festival s organisation and dramatur- event s cofounder, director Min Htin little regard for the cause. According sion is to support the establishment gy. Cory Taylor s film The Power of Ko Ko Gyi, was a guest of the 14th an- to workshop outcomes, up to 10 new and development of human rights the Powerless about revolutions in nual One World festival in Prague. The human rights film showcases could film festivals abroad. Czechoslovakia, including the Velvet winning films from Rangoon were pre- be established around the world next Revolution was screened at the event, sented at a special screening in Prague. year, e.g., Libya, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, From 25 to 28 January the first garnering huge audience response. Pakistan, Cameroon and Nigeria. The Baghdad Eye festival was held in One World was represented at the workshop was organised by the Dutch Iraq, which was a completely new ex- One World has pledged support to Cinema Without Borders workshop, Movies That Matter festival in The perience for this country. One World The Art of Freedom film festival in focused on supporting human rights Hague. provided support by helping with the the Burmese city of Rangoon. This film festivals in countries showing

30 Get Your Audience! The Get Your Audience! distribu- 1. Taste the Waste The Get Your Audience! selection of Once audience voting is concluded, tion programme aims to ensure that Valentin Thurn/Germany/2011/88 min. films was also enhanced by this year s copyrights must be obtained for se- high-quality documentary films with 2. Belarusian Dream opener, Back to the Square. Petr lected films and informational source human rights themes continue reach- Ekaterina Kibalchich/ Lom, the film s Czech-Canadian di- materials prepared for the debates ing viewers throughout the Czech Russia/2011/55 min. rector, promised to provide the docu- that follow screenings. Republic after the One World festival 3. The Carrier mentary to the programme. ends. Maggie Betts/USA/2011/88 min. The Get Your Audience! programme 4. The New World Last year s opening film, Autumn allows anyone to borrow a documen- Based on online voting, audiences Jaan Tootsen/Estonia/2011/59 min. Gold, by German director Jan tary DVD to screen to an audience. want to include the following films 5. Love in the Grave Tenhaven, has been available since Two years after it launched, there are from this year s festival in the Get David Vondráček/Czech Republic/2011/74 March for downloading by registered now up to 1,000 projectionists from Your Audience! programme: min. projectionists. all over the Czech Republic registered 6. Zero Silence in the programme. Jonny von Wallström, Javeria Online voting for films to be includ- Rizvi Kabani, Alexandra Sandels/ ed in the Get Your Audience! pro- Sweden/2011/57 min. gramme continued through April so that audiences from the regional festivals could also participate.

31 Participants in a One World in Schools film club happening. One World in Brno. Stickers for the Get Your Audience! Programme. Pupils wait for a school screening.

32 Citylight billboard advertisements for One World 2012 on the streets of Prague.

33 We Want to Be Seen During the 14th annual festival, the Other interviews were pre-record- public could listen to special radio re- ed. A 20-second version of the festival ports on Rádio Česko and Prague s spot was included 70 times in adver- In February and March, the festival Using the My Programme applica- Rádio 1 station. Throughout March, tising blocs on TV stations ČT1, ČT2 website registered 187,227 visits. tion, registered users could compile the news website Aktuálně.cz ran a and ČT24. During the festival, the site received their own viewing schedule. special column in its cultural section, an average of 8,968 hits daily. where it published 42 reviews, inter- A 40-page issue of the new endeav- Links were placed on the festival s views and news reports. our MAG festival magazine was pub- Visitors most frequently searched the homepage to the latest reviews from lished on the festival s first day. website for information on audience Aktualně.cz s online special, gather- In February, the Respekt weekly favourite Taste the Waste. ing 1,275 viewers. published an eight-page One World The People in Need 20 Years supplement. online special registered a total Via the website, YouTube and of 16,053 visits from its launch 12 Aktualně.cz users were able to watch Established Czech bloggers pub- February through 28 March. Of the 41 episodes of Video Highlights, lished 12 articles on films from the eight documentary films on offer, featuring festival news and inter- festival programme. Loan Shark was the most watched. views with directors. One World s Facebook friends rose by 2,000, to 6,937 users; 384 people follow One World on Twitter (data as of 10 April). One World recently set up a profile on Google+. Czech Television broadcast four live interviews with foreign guests of the festival in its Studio 6 programme.

34 Festival goers complete a questionnaire.

35 We Know Our Audience To better determine the characteris- The results Hardcore fans tics of festival audiences, One World ordered research from the Millward ɥɥ Almost two thirds of One World s au- Almost two thirds of the One World Utopian Brown agency. dience are women. All have a higher festival s audience are independent These people are more philanthrop- level of education (i.e., secondary or and utopian. ic and spiritually grounded, but also During the Prague part of the festival, tertiary). An absolute majority falls like change and risk. Often they are interviewers conducted a question- into the age range of Independent drawn toward idealism and have naire of 1,045 respondents in all ɥɥalmost half are festival regulars. These people have a tendency to be strong convictions. Consequently, seven cinemas. ɥɥ For one fifth, this was their first impetuous and act in a selfless man- they support many liberal activities, time at the festival. These were ner. They like to be different and are such as nature conservation or en- mostly people age 25 or younger self-confident. Often creative, they vironmental movements. They re- who came on a friend s recommen- consider themselves liberal-minded. ject materialism and expect ethi- dation or out of curiosity. Conversely, they reject superficial val- cal behaviour from individuals and ɥɥ Regular viewers had an interest ues, such as wealth and success. organisations. in documentary films and human rights. ɥɥ Almost 40 % of regular visitors were prepared to see up to five screenings. New visitors planned to watch one film only. ɥɥ For half of visitors, the website is the main source of information. The printed catalogue is crucial for a third of viewers, particularly regular.

36 Who Stands Behind Us The festival was held under the aus- Other important partners: MEDIA One World would also like to Police nad Metují; Jaromír Dvořák, pices of First Deputy Prime Minister Desk Czech Republic, Open Society thank: Active Travel, Adobe Systems, mayor of Nový Bor; Jiří Šolc, the co- and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Fund Prague, Czech Ministry of the Atoll Print, AV Kongres, Easytalk, founder of Etické fórum ČR and a phi- Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg, Environment, the U.S. Embassy Elvia-Pro, AAudio, the FAMU film losopher and teacher at the Technical Czech Minister of Culture Alena in Prague, Dutch Embassy, French school, Hertz, the Czech branch of University of Liberec; Martin Novotný, Hanakova and Mayor of Prague Embassy, Institut Francais, Israeli the Friends of the Earth movement, mayor of Olomouc; Milan Zeibert, Bohuslav Svoboda. Embassy, Canadian Embassy, Kinotechnika, the National Library deputy mayor of Třebíč; Petr Polák, Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague, of the Czech Republic, Ruefa Reisen, mayor of Tanvald; Petr Řezníček, Bageterie Boulevard was the festi- Goethe-Institut in Prague, Frontline Spedart, StarBase, TNT Express mayor of Chrudim; René Wokoun, val s general partner. Club, Dagmar and Vaclav Havel Worldwide, T.R.I., VA Unisa, the rector of J. E. Purkyně University Foundation VIZE 97, Langhans Slovak Institute in Prague, the Polish in Ústí nad Labem; Stanislav Bernard, The Czech Ministry of Culture was Gallery in Prague and Villa Vojkov. Cultural Institute, Heinrich-Böll- Počátky; Stanislav Pěnička, chair- a co-organiser. Stiftung Prague. man of the Committee for Education, was a partner of guest and Training, Employment and Sport The festival received considerable press services at Langhans Gallery in We would like to thank the fol- of the Liberec Regional Council support from the Avast Foundation, Prague. lowing cinemas for their coopera- (Výboru pro výchovu, vzdělávání, the Czech State Fund for the tion: Bio Konvikt Ponrepo, Institut zaměstnanost a sport Zastupitelstva Support and Development of Media partners: Aktuálně.cz, Czech Francais, the Atlas cinema, the Evald Libereckého kraje); and the towns of Cinematography and the EU Radio, Respekt, Lidové noviny, Rádio cinema, the Lucerna cinema, the Benešov, Polička and Třinec. MEDIA Programme. 1, Č, Literární noviny, Houser, Světozor cinema and the Municipal Sedmá generace, Student Agency, Library. In keeping with tradition, the One BigMedia, EuroAWK and JCDecaux. World festival took place with the sup- In the regions, the festival also port of Prague City Hall. The main Festival transportation provid- had the following patrons: media partner was Czech Television. ed by the Prague Public Transport Dalibor Carda, mayor of Český Company. Krumlov; Ida Jenková, mayor of

37 Audience members queue for a free baguette. Dutch ambassador Jan C. Henneman at an embassy evening in Langhans Gallery. Petr Dvořák, left, director of Czech Television, and Šimon Pánek, director of People in Need. Deputy Minister of Culture František Mikeš presents Best Film Award.


39 We look forward to seeing you at the 15th annual One World festival from 4 to 13 March 2013 in Prague. Report: Text created by Bohdana Rambousková and the One World team; translation by Coilin O Connor; proofreading by Katie Perkins; photography by Lukáš Bíba, Jan Bartoš, Kryštof Kříž and Pavel Havrda; graphic design by Ondřej Matyáš. Prague 2012.

40 Contact: One World Festival Marek Vozka Executive director (+420) (+420) People in Need Šafaříkova 24, Prague 2 Czech Republic