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1 JULy'86.-' " To ALL members & FriENds: Ch the evening 0[" JulV 10 your Ilrord of Dl'-"CtoT'S gathered to ooal wi,th [)(;m':' w'y p~ssing (j:'f,~lon:;. NJ of th ;::; GU,,,,,,-" 1..1.f.1'. is just CNer si.x years old. w" seem to have it throueh the formative years intact ClIld quite Gh'Ong. We h""" TrCTTbcru who pn:xllcc three minute c>:pc6,~ntal flint;, forty m.inute dnllllas, feat''"'' doojirontari"s, ""d feat\ll'e <:11""'Io.W. These an:! adlui' able ac..;mplish,-.,nts that h,w., = Clbout with a ~ndou(; ijjio.jnt o f cupport fr<rl1 " gr-eat lli'lily indivi<fu<lls <U1<J Ol'g.miZilticns. In the p.:mt we helve gr<:mtl fran ",Hhin, dlalllling and evolving as our m<;nt>cr:; sjcmly but Gurcly ~ inw 11m1... <;<.'Il. 1h" Ix:erd feels that it it; """ tijoo for signifimnt """nge ""d oove)~nt to ac""?liodate the needs of it' s ~ntlcro who want, and are, ~ine up very fast. If the:>e needs "re riot.ret, then these people wi11 TIDVC on taking with them the c><pericnce of the past >",<lrs. The question arises ' just what is L. LI". T.? [s it a place where people spend the first two years of their mreer after they hav<l left film school? Is it a for tllo'"..e wl-o haw never "noo filin<; before g9 to to get their tilm ca.c.:..tion? Maybe these roles are edough and those mzni>ers w)-o are looking for SCfIl'thing ITQn> should"""", on, either 00 their own, Or possibly form anoulcr rrore irwol wd c:o-opcrati vc. What C<lJOO out o f these initial dis=iolls by too board ""'re three preckrn ; n,,,, t il'pp<'o'ldles that 1 1. r :r. oould take, 1. 'Jb continue in our pl"'$(!nl capacity as a ~ei'vioo Ot"icntt,:l group to SUp!X>l"t pnxll>ction/poot prodlet ion on mcnt>ers ' 111m;, to <let at; a res=rcc center for info " "'~tion, and to suwort and e nco.ji\lll" young fi Imrnkcrs. 2. 'Jhat 1.. l. r T. should IOU"" the flcp/w c""'"l'le and tum its """"rgies tcmar<ls the inhouse pnxluction of 3,",,1] dronns and <bcs eventually leading to Uf'f pmd'ucing f""turn hlms. 3. 'nut I,ll)" a<bpts <I DO'''' Ilcl"io\>" :roill a" a support organb"tion Cilt",,.inf, to the """00 of people WI-o want to continue proo.icing in<lepenoont! i1m; on a rruch l1ireer sohe than "'" are p,"",sently ~eing at!.tit. Jr. fillo! tre "bove, or

2 to be a co-op. " 6. :;om, of th!! N>ow. "the """mll feeling woo th<lt IllT hoo to gro.i up, soon. We... t otkll"'ens u'" ~i"""t lad< of o:::e.o.ibrr.nt by the """"'rnhlp to the ~rotive. We nu::t (lloo present " mo<'e!}cri""", 1Ittittl<r, and oop.,[ully ~ the pero-ptjoo of [JFT "" the cl.n yot, join when JOU filii,," rillll. school! t'....;.::of 0\11' "",nt>em Ililvc oorio<13...,itlo" " of."ld,w., " i... ';.f.ic.~nt ca ' I~'il~'liOl' In U", taolildian filn <:QurrtIlity alld the txm~ l oolie""o that ljn "hou1d n;:llccl theoo M pirotio<1s. 11>eil<'! next lew rronths are cl'hiod to U'<l "wviv"~ of [Jr!. 111 ScI'WlN.>er (1 I'Ie\.I n.::.".t"d of Jli ~Mo'::S is to be GI!}I!Ct(!d. ;,ro is ~ing to take en tim! jcb? A few o f the l'rnsent boord are not Intc''<lsted in <bing tilis ~... t thionkless job for iijiother Y"M'. 1\n(I, OO<:auoo of the lack of!>elp freno ItCI!bcro i n the past year, " few haw e>:presood doi.t>ts ajx:ou.t cont inuing theh p.lrlicipltial with I.JTr... t all. Who is toing to org,iioue the next ~jor screening of uri' filir6? woo is ",ing to ~lish the...olunte<!r t.l!>ks that nood <bing at the of fi.,..? Will the new booru bo: ID<Ie up of new ~''8 who will have to l'<!_invent t!,-".neel when it ~s to policy d pmgre86 in UIT? \oi\lit it <Xlnl!s do.m t o is fee<l:>ack and oo-opc... tial. This is, "Cter all, s~ to be a~. We have to Imcw I>ow our rrent>ership f O!f!ls (1bOJt both UFT's future and We need volljlteers to do everything freno paintinl': the door, bringing empties h<ock to the be<::r store, to g~,i"8 woria:tqx; and writing articles f Ol' the rlcw:lietter. Wlat we have t o do is <lllllnl i nfor.,'tioo " " d <:xperimlcc, 00 t hat we Ci\I1 au gro.o M fi lj1.n"k<) rn and help eado otht",. This is just U.. b<!g.inning of tho dial.og\.e on our f uture. 1M.a di~we\r:l rrua t OlIltime fl'oll au members o f the oo-opcrotiw! mother very iqx>rtant discusllton l'<!...o lve<i.. roo.nd UIO orenoornhip bylaws. All t"""" on the board b!!lw.oed trot the key to lfly dlmg'! is in the qullity of the ","""",rship. \o'h(ot is has.",.. <bin to is " rn-org;roizo,tion of Ule "'"" betship policy with the ~i8 al the ioea that "volljltaly wori< (!<'Im:;)'OO your po:'lition in U IT'. h.:m bee" crea ted Is the ~i\fliliate status" whid> is fof",,11 those peopl!! who p"y $1[,. 00 and rather th.'ii' actively p.v"ti<lipate, be able t o co;i!w.l to the m::nthly """,t ings/sci'<!cllinge, and roa:::ive the.....l('tter onoe a rron t h ne><t stae:: i s the ",...x:.iate oett>er status", whid, auo.i5 U>e ~r au the beneli t s of;»'l "rf iliate, but aloo ~ss t o our equipro::nt, 1111 wo!1(s/1oj'l5!lii(i Jre{!tings. observaticfl of Ilo6rd of Di.roctcr' s rmot in(rl, hut the l"'t'soi, "'.mt J~, t I n 20 volljltecr houm <tt t he 0:l-0I>, be it oorkluct;"f. (1 worl<shop, wdu'''8 " n (II'tiel." for U.., "e",,,letter, 0. whntllv<l'" To 1>('00"';: a full n'i('!'i1i>er, you!iult he "l,,,,,<t.i,,,, ""~l.,,te, M(\ you!!liot JlO.,t in..., n<lt1itional 2u houro o f..,.~, but at this p;n nt you start &'CtUng plio! for your, at a ""te of throe "theorotical U ft dol1m'!:! " per hour, t.ij> to a yearly total of $300.00, "hich can bc " cd against equipnr:l<,t rejlt.ll. ihe 1920 ' s em... ges ref1<x't exll"<!fl'le l y low rates we diilrge for equi",..:mt. fob a full """1' you "'" ent~tu:!d to be " part of the BO<lrd of Direct0r8,!"<!fIt cquil""""t at,~ IC5S<!r rote th.1n lin "'-r~>ciat<l woul d piiy,..rod OlIn a190 recieve up 1<> $JOOIJ. OO in the fon. of II grunt for initi.o.tion or """,,,Jetton of a filno. II full rrert>cr -.tit aloo pay.., addition<jl $85.00 to g.:uil status. Iloth ils/;ocliitcs <Jr>d full r.iif>c1"8 ex(:r:lcted "to I"Jt in at 10SlGt 20 I'Iouro of W<,lI'it each ye.... (..... ~,t. I"f':" ~)

3 DRAMA I.incb OJtcall: "... I are curr<:h'ltly setting out to ":<pwre the aroea of children ' :; d,,,",,,. an(l are conducting film..urksh>pl:; with. c:hildron in olxlcl" to t..lp US learn m:>re abollt the creativity, perception and outl~s of today':; yaung people. Worl:ing with 11 srudents f ran &Irnr\am SchoOol's Spe ciallleeds/lliri~nt prograjll. we CO<Kluctcd a follr day """""slq:> sessicn at thi>; school in the o:.r:oourg area. 1he wcrl::shop stipulation that st~nts write film i<je<1u baaed on or rooted in their = experieno:'s proved at tirut to 00 a difficult challenge. '/he 1",red_ iate response WaS to.-.eplx>duce ;n sene way a television/li1m stene!),pe. 11owevcl', thro.tgh discuflsion, er>c:o\u"aging atudcnts t o ""fleet on thei\" = day to day experiences with friends, parents, siolings, they began to think of intel" "sting ideas for filml. Sutse'lU01ntly, each group o::npleted the filming and editing of a S"P'I' 6 dromj. of "PI'l"O><l""tcly five minuws in length and equipped with animated t itles. 1he G:mde 5 and 6 gn:>!lp wi.., <>urk with con",rters regularly as pat't of thei.r sch:x>l C'Un'iClll'~ duciood to mlke a droma. about a sl"l,l(\("nt ' s obsession with a par"ticular CCfIlJ>Jter Pn>gNIII. 1he film, entitled HElP, I'M 'I1'IAI'I' D IN A CCt1P- 1JIt:R, features a student who is SO fhated with a COIIV'ter program tmt he actually <Ire",,", that he enters into it and has trqubles getting out. 1he gra~ -/ and 8 group, f""dnatgd "ith the dynamic graphic shapes of their C<o'Il school playground deciood to rrne a <Jr>a/l\a ubout the activity surromdlng the playgrcylld. The film, entitled rrillil'6? uses the playgn>ui1d swings, ladders, bridges, etc., "" a context to sllcth the wild frolic and play of the sd>ool ' s Gru~ 1 pupils. In addition, eaell stuoont COIlf>letcd a short 16"", clear leader project Ofl whiell they <h'ew animatud shapes,,"'(i.lines. Mucn 0hlS generated, iljl(] both the tbrthl.l"iderland cable 1V CaRli! out to docu rcnt "\he dlfferont workshop stages, tead>ero and worl<shop instr\lctoro. We are """ to st-oot a short ""il(hy,n's <inni"l this fall, based on "\he findings of Mitchell

4 4 TORONW WOMEN IN FIlli AND VIDEO 'JWf'V is a non-pmfit organi?-'ltion 0 1 profesaiorvol """,,",n, foul'l<w to re<.~ ognhe ana prurol:e the cont'ributic<ls of ~" in 'th<> C:madian film and vida<> u>du5try. 1t Jluintains a support r>etl«<)li< ah<l an edtjcatic4l farun tt",t' 1 ;llkg WOfJ>e" in ll><; intchi<1tion.:,\ f ilm,mel video fi(>lc1s, "",,-'kine to e ll ~U1x! lhdt all aro.:m 01 Ulil Jlllillie alkl [,piv.lll,,;ecloi'(; <I~ r<:!sporl5iw. to the ",*,'.b of -..:<r>;:n i n the i"dusn),. '!WrY IMG initiated in Tbcerrbe, 19B1, hy" group of Glll.l>dian film professionals ~\O oano:> loecthe r "t the inlern"li<)rvll won..,n ' s f i l'" fe3tiv"l "11,rough her l~s" held i1t l laruoud ',ont in 'Ibrolto. '11l"y net with visit- 0"" from the tlew Yorl: chapter of \ lcmm in rdm whose entl>u5i asm iiild infonl\ltion_smping was the catalyst that c""ated a 1bronto chapter. 'ltill' is a seperote entity, with Jinks to chapter's i n ",,,,"... 1 U.S. c i ties (til.., Yor+:., Chi""!:,,, W<l~hington, a nd log Ani lcs "rn~:.,g u..,,,,) <lnd, Ulrollgh ~" in rilm Tnternational, to 0,",," a do,"",,, for'cign Gountri,,:;. ~nb>c'.;hip in '!Wr\' is open to all wcorr<>n \.Orting in <:-VNy facet of t he film and v ideo indu~try : ProJUOCl'!; and d i n.;c:10!"'s, crew~ and pro<1octioo person""l, perfonf('l's, cas ting a~cn t" ilrld rn1nagem, dis tr; blltom and '1 "".; l<:m, en\ert" i IYOOn t IClW)"'..., 1 ic i" t~, "r-t i:; t:;, cd,,-,i " n<1,,,!m l nlstn!:or'"j, <XII~="'';, ctxm;:ogr"uph",-.,;, 1'1'0- gmj1jll>rs and JOO<'e. A wide runge of activiti m, occur> during t ).., year : ""olthl), '.-.oetings thcit dl-.:' inioifjuti"" lif1d sunulat lng wi th guest sp::1\kers alld fi lm ~ c t-.:'enings.. professi onal w(wkshops,,00 vh i ts to technicdl plants -educational senun."il'c -scree nings of n,n:ional "nd intc... national fi l llt:] by ~" - social e""n t:; and gcilao -e ~ changes with other> Woroon in r iim dll.pte,-" """ regul a r 1'I"Iill'l't>er> newslettel' """ I1:lJl"b<!ro Di t-.:'ctory (continued... )

5 There are l.,." rutegoricc of rro-nbership' Mcrrt>ers fun,,,,,1 k;sociate -- are "",,"fc" who hily{) a min i,..,. of U,roc years of < 'p'"i "''''~ in U>e t Urn and video ind...:;try, Ot' a otin ~ year' s work in 1WfV, nn<l";\o 1;", ~tld work in 'lbronto. '~,::;:~ '~~:;;,,,~'~;:;'th" l>l.'wslettcr of charge and ron atopen I am ~n who 00 <lol """t the '""'lijil"efoonls \J<,t who wid' to join the of'ganiz.:ltion. Ass- bllt wi.." <h r><>t helve ""tine privileges. TOROII'JO Willi JU H!M hac taken the ncnrc,.. off and will be sta!'tjog ngain in September with p0rticipcltion in the 'j'rod.:l I'or,," "t the 'l'0:r«1i:0 restiva} of restival~. lop tlloc<: il\tc'''su>d in attending any of the c""nts the 1WI'I hotiiile is 36 I - S~26. QUICK CIJI'S! -Janis l.lj'ktnm g"jl"rd1y POI $WA has oold his half-ho... him I lvid ROQU: TAl KS 'to YOO ABCU\' IJlV : to Ilri tain ' s Olanr>el f<'xlr, and they are ro::w loddng at his new film tl\ lt' c jur.t "een conpleted moo IN 1I 1C Ci\Ili\RLT IT. la VITA. IHW will be screell<'d sormtiroo hef"", the Clll~"" r"" over'. J,:,n>"'Y is pr"<lcntl~ (leep into devclop,.,,,t o f his new fi lm project. *~ "Ja~~ CROCKfORD and KARf.ll lllwrie arc..,rkine OIl the GOIltimol evohltioo of their' film which started out lis a <bcur""ntary aool.!t Kan>n ' c grundfathev in tlrod:ville, tl)()n they shot sare " mwelogue" type foota!:" in Arizona and /levada, an<l they ',..., I"fM Ltarting to cut the footaee to lruslc. John GOIlccdes that "... we ' n> kin<l of JIcl:ing it up as we go aloof,. ".Idm,,1= wanted roo to ""mtion that he is a set builder,,00 is l<:<jl<ing for \'ol*-. HJO<)() J,SI_D!1l or ho"patricia R07D1ll b, if all gocu.~<'"."'i~ shoot he,' featu,..., length droll\) (]I, 1\fC early 5eptcm!.>Cr. Pat"lcia and OO- pl'(xi"""" l' are still lod<ing fo.. n>sllilcs - I], '/S 5 Qu::cn H'IM 1115,!:honc J,61 8e'!'!. '""S'ILV!.: J)1I11\lKlJ ' u II.:! 11 - hour' dr,",,, {lilly( "i~:~~ ' last $TNm is ecrnp]eted, aoo $mve i "._ to"" dist.. ibutor. Glcbal-1V, who bc.;jgll t ii pf'cyi""l(; film of Steves called TIWISI'IN1'f," jected his ~ film on thc gt'oun<ls that i t ",'0 "too ~<lcdy ". St""" jugl finid)()d directing an ep}3()(1(: 01 tjelvana ' s 1111.: EDl~ '!W fjlsan<l w,ll ""st likely he direct ing an episode t: CJ\MPB ljs for Clle. ""0M>\lJX)lM IIM.RIS ana IiIUIt\t.I, CUlNOllX have st,.,-.ted their <locul>ontary fil1i$tad (Spani~h for frien<b!\ip). Us i ng culturo 1 e"cik'lllge as a "" hide, AtIlS',1\D wi lj ""IlI"in<! tne spacial n>ultionship C1na.<b and Dba ha"" establisl\cd with regards to trade, cultur\~l e"d\anc", etc. o [ 0

6 ... _... 1\ WO'l,,\ll AUD 'IL"R 0ClG b a li"lf--ho,,{' (U,,,dy/ d,,_.iiu, (.olllplete<l in ten rroothes ill d O)~t of <>ppr<»<,rr;lwly $ 3~, OO(). OO. II WdS!Iud: without ilny (,p"",,-u"""t 01' CO);;o"'(".,ssi~t;m"" wlhltgocv<c{,.! u.[!g,,,,l:~'<l LO WI'; 1-" :. s lloi't pi~"«' "x_ pl,' i ninel""" this wao achieved. II ' ''...,,."",,,,1,,;\""';0<' I h'm, 1.,,,1. Wd~ ''' «'''Id' :.I "-<J 11 "''' '!~t. I" i rly C<lI,,,,,nti(M")al,,,,,,,,\:). k; ",,,,,,1, Ihe 1~11I" of Ute lio:>r,,-,y (~",o:.; fr;;tn U..:: [,1",_ '8. k"r' s I=k"t, 1h;" C<IIOO fran Il'" c.:.o,-"r,,1jy 1"",:er"",<1 cue "'-I1e 1101"-'1,,,,", H'I p",viool!l film $IlOrncJ<I:!ll. 'Ib, '''''L cco'" f,o," pr; vdl" i n<lini<lml~ who ; """<1 ill,no:" "wi I I", """t. (l-.,j.i ly ' Il"t wi l h., I'j l i,;! '! I<~", l ;,,(h.lly.hld li"ry c:m.:flll or;~",i~,'lioll, <."~ I I"~ t''" ' ~J I i I. fl >lew a pn:>ee"" U"'t in ""tr=ll<.'ct I'm prolld to iklvb l.oro llv.t off, 1~lt IlOt or", that T' d like to '""peat. If you ",Loh to IR1ke COiIm:>T'C,;'l filll6 (T 00)... ou very quickly rcalize that U"'y =t a heu of a l ot of 1lDIl'O'j. I don' t 1"""";t1y belie"" th<lt it' n fx'~nibl" to ~rod\lce" <inlmh i c film of <l"y kind fop k"g them thi~ coot m:;. flny "tory thilt you c,,,ate j ~.. ll,tcfiij.tically il n(;",,,,ality, 1.Jnd illtematl"" rcilliti"g arc cxpo n~jve i 'l<l LL",nces to d..db\" in. Ya., <" m 't pull i t off if lh"'"" at'" t<:d,niwl (~,fi" i "nci"" " r ijny k i od that wi ll dist",,<'t your audience fron tbe ~tory. 'n~, "'.J"(~ I 1 de" ' 1 "..",1 10 " I"".Jl II. fi n' ''''''',,1 1"''''-'''''' of A HOWl Nil) II I:~ 1:0:::: 's that tile,,"ext I',oj~<;t will,"~b\llot~.,jly ccx::t 1I0le,.,,,<,1 U",,, yo\! ' l'," d""ling with fi<:llf"cs trot just mn ' t 1", taken c)'" o f pr'v.jtely. A \-KJ!1I\II NlD III:R OCG W"~ a prod,,,,uct'l U""t 1,:/ CCI'r>:!rclal ~t.1n(i:iy'(l(;. " od logictico; "CiS ilct,,)lly incl"dibly". Only 000 principal locatict'l, a cast of t\.k) (Il<' cos t ~ involved ""'" ",,,]i,.tic tu CT"C]te" plo f"~g io,,,.. l result, one that I ' m p'oto:l of. ---Ibl> St.;.1b nih rrve ill a oolle<:tict'l of recently COI~ l.d"d filmo, imloix'n<\ent ilrld c'n_ allian, u.. t wi1l be SCl<l ood at a to-i",_"nnoun,,,,d location in TOlunto in the f~ll. ITIH rilll: i!> beinll organized by v~p'oo..:; oo-<> >'; i.n Canadl, dillll.1r1"s pa.m:icip.."ltion in t",in~: handled by Addoooo Mitchell I1nd Came1.i a rriel>erg. 1he ou",p 00-01") in...,lved "'" from K:lnt"",al, Winnipeg, ""d ca1ili!.ly. Cilrrelia a 'l<i IId,"c;/or)(; """'" il. lll!.]e C<lflc ern.:.~1 alout u", """,don il.lld prorootion of the event.jild a"", lrying to,,,,-o,,!:,,,niw ti"" filn c;lo:m inll in TOI'Or\to. 'Ihey will be lliiiking a presentation to the urn and tty to get them inten~sted and POSb ibl y involved, and "-,,,U as approoj.ching the Om.; about poosihlc help. Cmreu" and Nb ienne <If," looki,,& for =rc VOl\i"teeffi t o help "itl> t1\e initial o"cilnizoll.ion of the screeni ng and prep.:l"lt icn of "n",n t il],plica1:ions. You mn roll Mrienoo at ~3 '{ 6'135 illld C:lIoc.liil I1t '1. C:ll",, 1i,~ an<l/ op Adrianoo will (;xl'l.dij in Jj,,,,,,,,J,et. lll.. I~>"t rt111 nv~.,1. U..,,..,xl Loc,...,ml IT"CCUng on.ruly?hll" II:>r>LIY, / :'10 "I",,> il.l the l.. r.i. T. ~I>J"". ---t.b. MORE QUICK CU1S ~ ~~" 1he,,<litol' o( lo1!'cl3!tral, 'h" q,.,plerly uugazi nc Ul(lt goes out to,,11 tll(>n>l.'pg of the IIlliaooe, U..., oo] l e~ tion of film co-ops i.n, is l<x>king r,,,,,wlic1e" fol' U...,,..-,xt i",,'1(> d"e lh;,; f,'ll. r.ditop"r):1 desi""",' Kll(A <111 : wi 11 IHY lloo c.. n(~ a wanl [Of' pol'l ;dll'] pi.ace", ilnd you ron wl'il," lo I"", "t CU11'IX;I'I"l()J, n9 ILI1:,,,,rOJtlil. S1., Ibronto, 1f;1t :ls'i, 0" ph)"" 53l 3'IU l. 1 <o.<;t<ld lk,"" nude: il1=t $';,50 fot \h;g blurb.

7 , THE L. 1. F T. BOARD OF DIRECTORS. n", fellew ior; i c;') 1ist ot ljy, p""~';'tlt Ilo",'(j of IJ;"'ctoro. 'they ",,"-'<.1 lh,)t. they,,,,, ""cpo"" i!>1c for iu listed, as is theil' pi""'" 11l111/x:,'(;. Tf you ale ln w'''~t"d ir> lcndin!,\ ".:;"., support by putti,,!: ;" 5011>::...,l 'Jrltcel' tiroo, the"" px>plo ooed au Ill" help they Cln eat. 1I!'lR!I]lrn; 11ITCl,[Il... '~::i' o,<,,,,,;zing the f l!1 r CNlE:ll.lA I"'"" '" ing whilt kirkhl (klcl or iltt"nd. h ide""" ls eu,",."ntly.l li\t,,"'~'-"<l j" IIC""'" rcctr/>cfg would like to <nil- ;;,::;~:;~. OIl n i H nvi:. Ill; ~30 U3C",. /NUS IJJlmWI ",,,.I:e " I j II,.) Ja"i" 1I1f:XI\III:t!A dant: Nkniniotn,lioo "wi ['; 'Iance. on l.;,la] grunt ':liid Cor-poNte "F.f,>Ucatiom, fo,-, Alex ljrl'. is doh'i: UI(] bo::jks Jb:>oe,,6 I ~B'I) I. [lrual ~s tryine to ""'"""1..'" c:)ea l " with for U rr Il'('rr"':""S.!In 9:.:72. O:lt.TlI tlrtjn1ct, _ Mclflhcrohip. Col in ig running the d1y-to-illy op,.>rathlfl 0\ the co-op til i s G\~r and 1 S orgil1li ~i nil the!"""oers ' files, an<.l trying to recnji. t new "","'''',.-, ' 'Ih<>m ' s lots of Littl<> tnine>' to do at the off ioo :.t:at 00 o:>uld use help with. l'hone 3bl5080 op, at IJ I'T, S9ti 82J3, going ;;:;; "rklc:l),'o in equiproont, KeIth edi ted this na.;s:iettep, and is <1m """ ",lmillto», fop ffmrbers "to lie is,,1= trying to inventory all rj:t'j1l UJlIIL~r. Egu i grcnt. t:.:!;lh;s COOfliling" list of the equilmjnt t/lat """ 1 1 be 1~~/ in j, mh },<!,lp, aocl is """.-king on a fund ~ rois in g sd"'rte 1:O a,kl sc;ro rralcy to I.fl'T'5 <:offers. I""""" 8'1'1 b189 0'"' G9[ 2 ',~6. 'n~, iollow;,,!: i s...t [;,;[ of l'a ;<I- "1' r,,]] H~"/>C"J ~ I KI their n"""''''j. A ~}lete li,,' of a)1 m,'!,b 'n.,,,,;:;00:, ;,,,,,,,,,.1 r,,11, will I", I.~'l;"h"d i n the next ' '''''''Jlet I" r. COLTIl BklJI1011 ~ JG?,08u JOlt! Cktcr..rOlill ~,, 81 13'n S1I:Vr: jjlw\rco ~ ',~9 5b53 KITJII tl.11l1l.t ~ t'l" b3a~ CllMLlJA I1l:IElJERO.; - S~O O~G" RQj SlIIJUl.. 53~ I,2b9 KLI11! II IAD'{.. 3ti3 :)<,20 AlJRTI]-au: l11m lt:u. _ 53'1 6'115 )(A'111Y t'.oiuu - 53~ ~88j QlARl.L11r Ol.'hl..,33 ~61b Jl:HQ1t l'o[t~'ilwii -,% '1535 BI:'( 1011:vtW1 -,,3', Ill', "... th ese. the help peopl e ne('d all they can get. " ~

8 o WHLN I WAS I N THE EDITING R(X)M, KEl 'lli ASKED 'ID BORRCW Ml:' rnargex CARD: HE W,II,N'JD) 'ill ())PY IT FOR AN AR'fIClE ON Ha.1 1D FINANCE YOUR FIlM. So, I told him "'J cwn 111m n ",'ncing O>argcx story, wilien goes like tl,i\; : li\en...;,re two of 'I!; m:u<i.og thi~ filn and we both got C>..1l' hands 00 old ~ieccs of equipmnt ; "'J p"r1j1~r borr<lw<!d 5OIII<l famlly Irony,mcl 1""'t:1lt an ;'-"'''l'''''''';'''' BL _... e lhe etory r;ocs, frun " fri~mj wl>;) got it fran the wi<bw of a oc,cca:;<><:1 lil ", ~ lker _ <II)(! T, tool< my couruge and pur' dja.sed the l:ody of an old $T with""'" p"iroo ]e;", on my G\aT).."''' ' We tilen rrom:g<lged tile equlpll'cllt (ill ooll"terul l'or 11. loon from a I'rogr'CGsiw credit union s~thetic to the! propooed film. nl;s go",c us ju::;t enoogh rooooy to get just e!lck.lgll stock to shc.ot on ii rcoll"' to one mtio. lind with the resl1lting m)terial.. ~ wero oble to get a 511>111 o;:;ff{lletion gmnt. I d::jn ' t rocollioond Chilrgex "" the WC$oJ to fi nanoo any thing; it ' s Ii tem lly the m:mt expensive interest moo <:ning, "lid nlj U1a.r'gcx, wnich "ad oovcr,-",e n "",,<I to it' s limit before llji pll:rd'lill:c hag since boon constantly in use. ~ ri.:lry-jane Gom::s :._:-_.. ~ ( r~ w,oocnlhip bylaws cont;nuea fran page 2) ltttil '4~,~;t 8,,11 l>il'lt a300ciate <J!Id full rrmrbel'j IIilY ai..,jy renew their' 1I",,,o..o.:,»I,il-' in U,e ~ without I><>vmg to put in tile new requil"<:<l ~O f::ec hour>!;, giving th c~", reaple <l period ot amnesty. We $~S5 tnat WI'_ want!1'e!1t>c"s I-KoO are going to eet <lctiwly invo}wd with toe oo-<op. We arc go'-16 to Keep clo{;e rrad< on the volunteer hour>!;, and if you tllink that J'C".l ha"" aln>ady put in 50"" tiroo in the PU"~ year "JCAl Should appro:ltto Colin and try to 0011_ vi""" h,m. ljo<xl lild:! WE wctlr.d LIKE TO RECEIVE YOUR CCMlIN'IS, IN WRI"I1NG, ABCUr OUR PROPOSID OiIINGIS. TEll. US,,'HAT YOU 'lhink.. 'Jh;", is the last newsletter that is golng out to thooo.,.,ilixlrs I-lho I\.lve D:>t paid their <lues, so if you want to CC<1 - tinue receiving it, Scond ' IS $l~.i)u and y<:ji' CJI beo::.. e an afflli<lte rr<>l1t>er. Colin N."... w.,., Ilrunton is keeping f ai."ly regllw' hour>!; at,, ~ o "", ''" w""...",,,, "' """""""", the office, and if YOJ I\.lw any questions. ;; H"... ~ ~ ' ''_" abco.j.t LIIT polides "" want to book <!quip- ' ' '0,,', '" "",... 'M.", CO" ".,...,,' ' ' B"'''~ It...." "..' '"... W>! ",0<, """" "~«" "'" P_ p... VI< II, "W".'.'.,.."...,,'..,,w, ''',,'' ~ " "..,. b. " "...,, -,,,.,...,,' "... ",".",,',..... "",.. w.o.",,,." """,,,.,.,, ",,,,,., '''''.",, '' ">c'''' ''''' '"'~ "''"'"'' rho " ".".,,,,pi,,,,,."~."",,.. ',~,..,.. ~ "'.,., ",,' ",, ",,.,,,~.,.-, ""'''''''\I" "","'""..,,"'... " "",".. ~,,,.,~,,... <"''' '''''1' """, ~, ' 0...,,... " ",..."" "., "" "",..,.,''ow.,..., II.,,, " oki ''" ' <'O,......, Ih,,,.,, "...,,'''e,,...""«, """..,... 7."",,.,.,.,,", " " 0. "... ".,."....- ",..,..,,,... ' '10...,,..,,,, " " "",. ".. ' J"'\>< l.., a",{>o,.ent, giw him a call, or drop by for a... If"", I\J,-,,,,,,I(],,. ILIff" i~ 'IU lu,!:",,' ~:~i~, Out of the office, but has joinea the E of Directors and handles business and finmoo. lye feel i.t is irrportant to I\Jex involved with!.tit so tl1at "" ~cm:: continu ity wi th ;00'" v;:or icoo and go..., ;nt acsociate~. "',d """I'd iu, that <kspite whilt "'" l,aot r>ewg l et'te", our oonlhly rooet ings CC<1tinoo to be held on the last tbnmy of ead, rronth,('.:::-". _,",,,, Hlady

9 l ) -IlOH----_. I :::;OJ>D.----_.!.lY F I-----_._ Lii '1'0 TilE - C D. C.. A TRIP AR\.W1) INJ: (titiirio Silt in Rem ~Jena ' S oftice for a oo~l" of weeks when she ~ to ask roo to CCfID in and tillk about it. O;Jnfi<.lont thilt I ""5 going to be r<ljected in a polite """""'I', I bet" roonm:lw $ that my film WC'Jld not be purdlased for U>c ene's tokc" d><;w rot' jjldc,ffmrnt rilrrrn,h,m, CNINlIllt1 ro,;;;"",,,,,. It tuj'lkld out to be the best ten wc>:s. J ever loot. When ReM told roo tv;w rrud> she could po!lsibly "",y, I shot her thi~ ccocemed, grirmdng fao::e th<lt WilS my ide/l of tough and cool oog;>tiatico"l. The contmct I receiv<><:! in the roil a 00«>1e of weeks lilter stipulated the o f the two qu:>tcs ni-.c g<lve~, un<! 1 cot S9,OOO.OO for <rilim.ited airing over the ooxt 1j,rce,,'nd " ~rbatim agreerrent that,,11= roo to,-.,-w11 the filln to PJY or free TI once t he initial airing has been sha.m. 'Ihe bad S1m of this is that Rena. asked roo to rmke a cut in tllc film 00 as to not o[fend the sensibilities of the ",fterncon audience priimd on <1lytirrc Ole rare like 'IiW'PI:R Jam, H. D. "nd OOROllllTIOU swrr. P,,""->o!l(Illy! <bn' t Lind gtuphic ONI d<.>scr11>tions of" who skim Ci1ts arkl :sa~!\ tloelr pelts, budgies tlwt B y into pelto of boiling water, and tiny UfO's engaged in tfk., I1'o/steri<.>JS mutilatioo of pet guinc,'-pigs offerjd!!!t. sensit>ilities,(but t:}x,n a"",in, 1 think toat 111E 1EXIIS OVllNSJ'IW Ml'SSI\(;!,[ is a gi'c"t film) and I thought that t1tif:"'.'"'--- an ilr("rtant scene in the!tone, but at the JOOIOOnt I W"g TOOre CCficerned ";';";,,~_ fooding saoo of tho hungry film wol~s gath,,.,,d at "':I bad< door thiln a sip..." of integrity, so J agreed. 1t WM aired on July 16 with ""tel''!\ f1is1ern AVEJJUr., "" hour of programning that ReM reels is her I1O(;t c1aring airing in RErl CI1CW:; ' history. I mned lie"" tl'" day " ftel' to fi!ld out if tl"'re W,~g <lily fcedl.>..ld<, Md ohe told rr.:: tll(lt,,(ter MTivinG " t her office the next iliy she '""'3 expcetinc:,1 floo<j of irate ca1l.~, but Wi'" relieved IIOt til rocleve any. Prior' to the screening she Will rongrotu)ated by m"ny fil1!mj.kcro fot' her willingness to sl"'" " progr<:rn like this, a nd she n"", thinks tl\,)t she can be even bnwr,r next ye"r. Rena lk's e xpressed"" intet'(!st in at1ending or>e or 00Jr nonthl y ncetings, "rjd she says th,t her door at 1J;e, Ole is alw<lys open.!ler door is located " t ~ l5 Yooga Street, thir<l floor, "n<} her nurrdel' is 975_77"8. CMlADIfIN RITlECITONS is on the ebe at 3, 00 weekdays. Here ' s - -_Colin Brunton a list of CANADIAN RErlECl'IONS ' schedule up until August I ~. July 23 July 25 July n Jt.:.:..y 29 July JO July 31 A ViNERABU: CXX'A'>lCN and UXlKlNG ror MARTIN lavut SNCWSCJlIDl : "IHE AKr OF MIrnAEL SNIlol and "IHE POND J..Cto1G POINT ;!JlAr1JND m '!HE RCtUi and NO VACMlCl BEYOOD REAUSM RIn: IN'IO HlS'IlJR't and GA."IHllUNG AT CAMPBEUIORD IXJN "lhe SPIRIT O~SIPI -''''~O~'''' :::,and OOLD and HOT S'IUIT - the LAST MiS Of F\lKASIMA - ""'"

10 lu E'v"EN MORE QUIC'K ruts! 1 ~~"Wc hq:e!:oat u(x>il receiving th~s iosue of our """"'letter au the otj'\er 11Im co-ops will put US on their m.:oiling list and.., can start truding articles and infonn.:ltion that will benefit us all. We get ~nfo frun tne Wimlipeg l'ilm Gro1IP, but t hat's ill»,,, it, CO lee" start IlOW, eh. ~~' VOS PROrucrJOOS ( PA1RICIA ROmi/\ ana AUX l!j\itl;) say tnat their distributo" outside Canada for PA$$IW, A le'itl::r IN 16rt1 are good. "1llese people are dynarnite!" says Ale" of <XIE ITlM IISSOCTA1l:S in New York, n.y, era cllim that tt.ey are the largest <listt'ibutop of shorts and OOcuoontaries to televisictl in the U.S.A., and they hit all me markets. They Inter seem wi lung to sc:oeen anything OIl 3/" or ~ mdl vi<leo or lorrm. ested parties can peruse their hrochure on file at l..i.f.t. ***'fi>e deadline for the 12th Mnual GrieF""" r:ocljll.,ntary Seminars is July 31. The semin.;ro take place fron NovcOOer 16 - n at Niagara-oo-the-Iake this year, and ~s open to any recently ~lhed (or fill1"1$ that will be finished before the screenings) Canadi(lIl <X>c\Jmmtaries and dx:u- c:lrwms, both film illld video, any length.!'or'rrore info drq> by too office an<.! r«>tooqjy the applicatioo fom. H"StOrylx>ar<l artist MNI SPINtJt~ is loc;dng for...::.r'k (~ Y ). M"C01J1I BRltflOll is roacly 00 sign d ":u.tter of agreerrent" with Jon 1lDcheCilJl1l of Film Trensit in It:<rtr-eal to han<.!le overscao televisioo sales of A 1lUP lirould 11\K1: UlT}IRD. G:o>d (as in honest and caring) distributors m-.. hard to find, an<.! I'ecaJlll!nded ill g> to JOn by severol f il""""ero <i.lring the Alliance C<lrtter<ance in Quebec, as well as the IX's f'roncojse Picard. I1or>c on mis in the August issue. *""KEI11! I!lJIJ)Y has tinished his ten minllt" soort film 1Ilf.RI.: IS A FAUX, and is trying to get h OC1"eefICd for possible inclusloo in the restival. Keim is ~ntly shooting and pr'\':>dlcing iooy MlclDINN1's experimental film entitled 1!Q.l WIll. AtlYCNE: KNQ.l I ' M 1!f.Rf., and is " writing like a IMdnan!" in preparation fol' his half-hour dr'ili1\'l to shoot i n the opring of If [)Ot before, we ' ll get a chance to see K.::Uh ' s film at the ",,>IT!.Trr rreeting. """WIRY-JNIC ~ is CU1:ting her feature <1ocI.Irenta.)I, WOI1<ing ti,tle lilt: OOlAI l FI111, and after another trip to the east, an<.! a[)other trip to!he west, it will be by early The majority of the tedlnieal worl< OIl tl., 1'" d:ioe by WCfrCIl...,.

11 ... '... JUnE ' S 1[0' SJ[OR1'S Th" monthl.v mcetin, on,1un(! 30th \.,,,,, h 01<1 ~ t thc 1,, 1. 1". T. ~ r<'. ce nml tha,"(!mborl'l un'l 1'1' 1eml,; th,,- t C<1':1O hy wc"'~ treat od to an C-vcnil1ll of rcccnt ~.hor-t film" by L. I. I'. T. members nn,\ others. Thc \., i_mlo\'is l"ierg durk<;meu 1>y black c[lrd, the chair" re-nrrnllf'e'\, hoerg Gol,) for... buck n bottle, a nti the "'ac t right,,-"iount 0.- pcople s howed up (?3) to \'!atch rj,j~co by the CFPDC ' G Ho"" 'rurnb"ll, II tom EI;oyan ' n 1 '1 ~'" ~ ]'i\.';sj01' I'LIIYr;nOUl!Tl, (Jolin Brunton',> II TnIr lli101jtlll 1.\ ;'1, OI"l'lInlO, "11<1 n film On OIY ri l~ htn in Sou th II J'J:'icn 1>y (;)"c.y:;oto called II l 'OFPm GIIJ,J,Jm SH ioil that John :11uvc(\ over f or,,-lill Q,-,t t on... holo <1nyn. Fre,1 J one".1ropped by 'In,] 1JOl'eenc<l I'fOlll:Irv: TITlJl n11(/ an carlier fij., ~ that he ~.nd hi~ partner I;on S oott rna 1o o[llln\ IlT\lI.L TO m,;;m,. Jlespitc t lli1, heat :)n<l some init ial,)ound problemr: _'t \"a.~ a fun nir:ht. Spech'l than]:r, t o r.. \1. PfI(!ram for b~_i.ll" the D'IC1>in ~ ' :; projcct1oni"t... FIlMS FROM '!HE NEW FOUND land GENERAL MEETING, MONIYI.Y JULy 28th at 7:00 SHARP in the LIIT space, 345 Adelaide Street W., #505 A night of great films from NIFQ), the Newfoundland Independent Filmm3ker' s Cooperative, includes : SISTERS OF '!HE SILVER SCALPEL 12 minutes, by Mike Jones DOLLY CAKE 20 minutes, also by Mike Jones HEY ELVIS! 20 minutes, by Edward Rich, and EX'rnAORDINARY VISITOR, 20 minutes, oouj dn ' t find out who this at press time", Plus a wrap-up of the Board of Director' s philosophy meeting we had a couple of weeks ago about LIFT' s direction for the future, a talk on FIlM FIVE (indie Canadian film tour) and BEE R! '.., '..,... '... '... '...,.. ~ ,'......,'......, ~~. ~ ~...,, ~ ~ '...,...,...,...,~,~,.: : ~ ~ ~ '... ' "... ~ '" ~ ;! ~ ~..... '... '... '... '... '... '... '..., '.." i i "!If "!If.. ~ ~ ~ ~...., - -,....., ~, ~,... ~..,.. '... '.. '... '00; '... '......,... ""'... 'II.... ~ '... '... ~ ~... ~ ~ ~ ~, ',.. ~..,... '.. ' '... '..,... '... '~ ''li.. ' ""'... ' ",,' ",,' ",,' ",,' "" -"-... ~ -, ~ ~ ~ -,.. -, -~ ~ ~., , -, -, -, -" -. - '... -,- -, -I' '. -I -I '.,. ' ~ "". ~:'.-. _, "'!l ';""'-. ;c>.;. 4'.... _,. ",_~. _",,_ '... '.,. '.. 1lQ' YOO! No a01ed attroct ion will be the """ilk pmvicw of ;;ie,! 1I1ady ' ",,":n't film - 1HCKE IS II RII[1.Y, ten minute film at ttk! b>.g