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1 1 Techinal Specifikations Version INDEX Page 2 Contact Information & General Information Page 3 Venue ruels Page 4 Stage access & Truck parking Page 5 Stage & Power Page 6 Light Equipment Page 7 Sound Equipment Page 8 Wardrobes, Catering, wi-fi & Hotels Page 9 Main Concert Hall - Stage rigging plot Page 10 Main Concert Hall - Floor plan, with seats Page 11 Main Concert Hall - Floor plan, Balconies Page 12 Main Concert Hall - Cross section Page 13 Main Concert Hall - Floor plan, no seats Page 14 Main Concert Hall - Photo Page 15 Kvium Concert Hall - Floor plan Page 16 Loadtable

2 2 CONTACT INFORMATION: Adress: Teatertorvet DK Horsens Denmark ( GPS: N O ) Postal adress: Teatertorvet 1 - DK 8700 Horsens Administration: Box Office Administration Mail Official Website Stagemanager: Torben Simonsen Mail Catering: Casper Jørgensen Mail GENERAL INFORMATION: The venue contains two concert halls, the Main Concert Hall and the Kvium Concert Hall. The main concert hall is where most concerts and theater productions are held. The Kvium Concert Hall is mainly used for classical concerts or receptions, and is therefore not mentioned much in this technical specification. Each hall can be fitted with chairs. Capacity: Main Concert Hall: Kvium Concert Hall: With chairs: 540 With chairs: 150 No chairs: 755 No chairs: 200

3 3 VENUE RULES SOUNDLIMITS According to EU noise regulations, we are enforcing a 103dB(A) limit (average over 15 minutes, measured at FOH). This ensures a healthy environment for both the audience and the employees. SMOKING Due to national law, all kinds of smoking indoor are prohibited. FIRE/PYROTECHNICS All use of open fire and pyrotechnic products are prohibited at Horsens Ny Teater, unless it s been aproveed in advance by the local fire authorities and the stagemanager at Horsens Ny Teater. Contact our local fire chief Lars Bønding (Tlf.: or on minimum 4 weeks before your production arrives at Horsens Ny Teater. CONFETTI Use of confetti products must be approved by Horsens Ny Teater before get-in. Contact our stage manager Torben Simonsen to do this.

4 4 STAGE ACCESS & TRUCK PARKING STAGE ACCESS Acces to ramp/lift (height 0,75 m) from Teatertorvet/Rædersgade, 8700 Horsens. Mesurements on lift 4,0 x 2,50 m. Door: w2,9 x b2,7 Capacity 2000 kg. Lift operates up to 1,75 m. Acces from lift directly to stage. TRUCK PARKING Horsens Ny Teater is located in the heart of Horsens city. Because of the location we don t have much parking space for trucks. The maximum capacity at the load-in dock is two semi-trailers at the time. VAN & CAR PARKING Make sure to get a parking permit from the stage manager immediatly after arrival at Horsens Ny Teater. Horsens Ny Teater can not be held responsible and do not refund parking tickets. Please notice! The route marked with yellow is a fireescape-route, it is NOT legal to park in it. Therefore the truck must be detached from the trailer and parked elsewhere when not being used for load-in or load-out. The stagemanager will help the truckdriver determin if this is necessary.

5 5 STAGE & POWER STAGE Stageheight: 1,10 meters (m) Stage-mesurement - behind curtains: Depth 10,75 m / width 12,70 m / Free-height 7,00 m Stage-mesurements - in front of curtains: Depth 2,00 m / width 12,70 m Procenium: Total-width 12,70 m /Effective width 11,50 m / heigth 6,44 m Orchestra pit: 9,0 x 3,7 meters, - max.depth from stage: 1,80 m (Normally not opened) Stageequipment - Lightbars (See loadtable): 12 x 11 m Manual bars on stage (rope/block) 6 x 11 m Lightbars, manual with winch, on stage. 1 x 11 m Lightbar, electrical winch over audience 2 mtr. from proscenium. 1 x 11 m Lightbar, electrical winch over audience 5 mtr. from proscenium. 1 x 11 m Lightbar, electrical winch over audience 8 mtr. from proscenium. Stage equipment, misc.: 6 x Top borders: 11 x 1,8 m 12 x Side borders 7 x 1,9 m 1 x Moviescreen (8 x 5 m) (located on chainblocks on stage) Risers: 13x Sunstill 1 by 2 meter risers (optional heights: 20cm, 40cm and 60cm) Crowdbarries: At concerts with a standing audience we use crowdbarriers in front of the stage and around the FOH. POWER Main Stage: 2 x 3 x 63 Amp. w. earth + zero CEE 2 x 3 x 32 Amp. w. earth + zero CEE 1 x 3 x 125 Amp. w. earth + zero CEE is an additional option. Kvium Stage: 2 x 3 x 63 Amp. w. earth + zero CEE

6 6 LIGHT EQUIPMENT Conventional lamps: 12 x Silhouette Zoom Profile 12 x CCT Starlette fresnel 36 x MAJOR P64 M. 220 V lamps Movinghead lamps: 2 x STRATOS moving spots 8 x COEMAR ProWash 250 Controllers: 1 x MA Lightcommander 24/48 ch. 2 x MA 2Port Node onpc (1024 adr.) 1 x MA onpc Command Wing (1024 adr.) with 23 touch screen PC Dimmers: 4 x OT 12-pack theatre dimmers ( 16 Amp) (stationary) 1 x OT 12-pack theatre dimmers (16 Amp) (in flightcase) Lightbars: 6 x Lightbars (stage) each with 12 plugs (16 Amp) 3 x Lightbars (in front of stage) electrical winch and 12 plugs (16 Amp.) Smokemachines: 1x Swefog Ultimate 3000, Oilcracker 2x Antari Z-1200II There are no smokedetectors located at the venue, so you don t have to ask before you fill the venue with smoke. PLEASE NOTICE! ALL LIGHTBARS ARE MADE OF SQUARE 30x50MM PIPES. HALF COUPLERS AND SUPERCLAMPS WILL NOT FIT. IF THIS IS A PROBLEM PLEASE LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE!

7 7 SOUND EQUIPMENT Desks: 1 x SOUNDCRAFT Vi6 1 x YAMAHA LS9 Fx s: 1 x TC Electronic M-ONE 1 x DIGITECH DSP 256 XL 1 x DRAWMER Dual Comp./lim. DL x DRAWMER Dual Gate DS 201 Main Speaker: 4 x d&b Ci7 top (hanging, 2 pc. per side) 4 x d&b Ci7(sub) (below stage) 2 x d&b P1200 with ctrls. (2 x top + 2 x sub) 2 x d&b Ci9 (E9)(innerfill) 2 x d&b EPAC (for innerfill) Monitor speaker/amps: 8 x JBL SM x QSC MX 3000A EQ s 2 x KLARK DN 27 graphic EQ Microphones: 1 x Shure SM 52 Beta 6 x Shure Sm 57 Beta 6 x Shure SM 57 5 x Shure SM 58 Beta A 1 x Shure SM 58 Beta 2 x Shure SM 58 1 x Shure SM 87 B 4 x Sennheiser x sets of Behringer C-2 (4 mics) 2 x Audio-Technica AT x AKG x RØDE NT-1 2X RØDE NT-5 2 x Shure SM 91 2 x Shure SM x LDI 20 DI 4 x SC 8401 DI 5x Sennheiser EW 500-G3 w. 3 pc. handheld transmitters w. 965 capsules 2 pc. handheld transmitters w. 935 capsules 5 pc. beltpack transmitters w headsets Stands: 6 x Straight 6 x Straight with boom. 6 x Straight (low) 2 x Straight (low) with boom. Backline: 1 x ELECTRICAL PIANO (YAMAHA P-150) 1 x Grand Piano (2m.(B) STEINWAY) Portable PA: 2 x d&b E 8 2 x d&b E15 sub 2 x d&b D6 amplifier FOH position Horsens Ny Teater has two FOH positions, one position on the floor level, and one in the studio on the 1st balcony. We normaly use the FOH position on the floor level, and we will contact your production if we would like you to mix from the studio FOH position

8 8 WARDROBES, CATERING & HOTELS WARDROBES 20 seats/mirrors in 3 wardrobes.(above stage, on 2nd. floor) 3 seperat baths Artist lounge, with tv, stereo, etc. Washingmachine, tumble dryer and kitchen at your disposal. Unless anything else has been arranged with the stage manager, we expect the wardrobes to be vacated 1 hour after the show. CATERING Catering will usually be served in the artist lounge. If you are traveling with a large production (over 10 people), the catering will be served in Sal 3. (above stage, on the 1st floor.) Please contact Casper Jørgensen if you have questions concerning catering and wardrobes. WI-FI We have free wi-fi for all artists visiting Horsens Ny Teater. Contact the stagemanager for log-in informations. HOTELS We cooperate with a number of hotels, so please contact us for fair prices.




12 12 MAIN CONCERT HALL - CROSS SECTION Hydraulic floor: From 5. row and backwards the floor is raised 10 cm. for each 2 rows. With flat floor, the floor is raised app. 0,5m., 13,5 m. from stagefront! All seats can be moved/removed.


14 14 MAIN CONCERT HALL - PHOTO Photo taken from the 1st balcony The the main entrance


16 Loadtable 15