HAWAIIAN STAR. FIVB IN A SKIFF AT I. MOVEMENT. the Hawaiian Hotel Stables; $15 regard will be paid for Its return.

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1 i HAWAAN STAR B to t n THE STAR home ollouolala A you The s tlu lliwiillnnnta pnpe tlinl goes nto VOL V HONOLULU, H, TUESDA, JUNE 3, 899 No 2273 i Hi NEW ADVERTSEMENTS S lmlllllirtc S FVB N A SKFF AT LOST ill) DVSON A dak bay diving mae stayed om Bans Boucl yesteday atenoon The HCHAM) VKRS, OP OOKAA S GREAT 8PORTNG EVENTS AT THE FEARS THAT THE HAVE BEEN EVER SHAREHOLDER TO GUT A MAGNFCENT MSSONART inde will please etun the hose to APPONTED PARK LOST SLCK MOVEMENT the Hawaiian Hotel Stables; $5 egad will be paid o ts etun Uothe o Ms Win 0 win, and is Was Clean Spot Show ot Jockeying Cew o the Mokulele Let Hanalel n a Judge Pey Decides Upon the Patition nnd Appoint a Commissione Mindanao Come Ove and Help Ub Hawaiian Boud Heads the Cy Fom ANNUAL MEETNG an Old Resident o slands Recognized as Expet Accountant o the Fnvoltes Won o Stide Sat Down on Fltuly by JudgesM Small ost Boat and Have Not Been Head The annual meeting o the Sons o to Make the Ameican Revolution wlllbeheld at t Suga Plantation Ove $0,000 Raised the ooms o the Hawaiian Sae Deposit ; building at 2 oclock noon (Bunke Hill Richad vcs, bothe o Ms Win The Kamehnmcha Day H ANA aced omed LE June 0 t is believed Bay) Satuday, June 7, 895, o thai ive election o oices and othe meh who let hee n G win, a small A decee was signed today by Judge One o the most mpotant steps evetakewas today appointed collecto geneal o customs gam, almost pleasant nnd satisactoy po ski business A have been downed Bomewhee by Pey in the matte entitled M F the Hawaiian n Boad s its ull attendance s desied it is the common emak that, between hee and Walmea They wee W 6 The place was ist oeed to Pot save o some slight digessions, the the captain, Scott vs E X detemination Pillpo and ove a Just enteed upon, to undetake the evangelization o Minda hunded othe, bill o patition o the nao, the second lagest o the Philip and cew o the wecked ATWATER, Suveyo Geoge Statemeye, who spot was clean in Secetay the exteme One schoone Mokulele, and a capente Honolulu, lias June been in the sevice since 893, but jockey, ound in n tick, was sum named W Wyman o NawlllwlL Holunloa homesteads in South Koua pine goups When this poposal wm WtW was declined by that gentleninn M maily dealt with and will not appea Captain Hay Evans paid the cew Thee linn, not hitheto been a division submitted to the Foeign Mission ally o Stmtemcye was ailed beoe the on the Hawaiian v WANTED tack again seveal days ago and om that time between the many claimants to this at Cental Union chuch Sunday moning tt was eceived with the geatest on some o the cew spent thei, Cabinet this moning, but eused time n popety and no land lines ae established The vast homestead tact s a enthusiasm, and ove $0,000 was aised ine cowd Satuday atenoon was dinking and disode Finally thei latly to conside the place nt all M small, but the aces wee excellent conduct became so bad that the deputy pnt o Damon then submitted the name o esteday thee wee ull as many shei on Wednesday that now nstantly held in view as a to cay t suitable cane out told them they The subject wns pesented by Gentleman desies unished oom M ves und he was elected people out as in ome yeas The did not leave Hanalel by Rev estate n its decee the dak he would D Hiam Bingham, chaiman o the centally located Addess A, Box M ves needs no intoduction to band played yesteday, and lunch aest them About 5 oclock ive got cout odes That the potion o the committee on Foeign Missions o, the 307 the people o the slands Since his was seved beneath the gand stand nto a small ski owned by W Wyman land lying diectly along the Ucaeh Hawaiian Boad So apidly and successully, aival, hee some nine yeas ago he Both the Jockey Club und gand and put out to sea saying they wee go shall be divided into, one o each ing to has seved with cedit as accountant stands wee cowded all walmea The day live wee Joe ving late captain Holualoa he said, ae Gllbetest teach owne o shaes in the hul o es being pepaed o thei wok that o the Mokulele, Wyman, two sailos om some deep wate Second, thee would seem to be little occasion DVDEND NOTCE on seveal, plantations Fo a long Following is a summay o Satu the hind, between this slip o Hawaiian missionaies Thee s time lie was at Ooknla and was ulso days events: vessel n Honolulu who had shipped on at all J A dividend s due and will be payable connected with Haknlati Bicycle ace, one mile, won easily the Mokulele and a and the 700 eet lecl shall be divided om the Mashall slands nocall native whose home n the Caoline slands, Ponape s aleady well evangelized The Motloc ks lpth tt shaeholdes o the Pionee Mill The commission o the new man is by John Manoa Time, 2:40 s n Nawlltwlli They passed out to into suitable tacts and sold at public (Company, Limited, on June 4, a c being made out today and he will take Hal mile dash, Kaniehumehu cup, sea n the diection o Kalalau, and auction o the beneit o the hui ae supplied, A ew ae needed The stock books o the company will be chage o his ollice at once He is at won by Cunninghams emaninto since that time have not been seen o Thid, that the land lying above the within the lagoon at Ruk And so we pesent in the city His olliclal duties Time, head o nquiies all along the coast 700 eet level and up to the govenment oad shall be divided into lots, taken o Chist But ae thee no oth may egad Miconesia as vitually 5 closed to tanses om June 2 to June and by telephone to will begin tomoow One hal dash, vaplolani cup, all the pots on this won side o ;the sland, 5, nclusive have ailed to ind one o each owne o shaes in Holunloae lands that have a special claim on With Mv ves us collecto and M by enus in 48 5 any one who has seen A SENBERG,, them The ski us? s theemint a Macedonian cy om Fiveeigh Stnckable as deputy it s elt that the ts mile dash o the nla was a Hat bottomed, small one some o Mindanao the southeasten most o Teasue Pionee Mill Co, Ltd gul occasioned by the unexpected depatue o M McStoeliu and M Clay e Royalist in :04 kaua cup was won bv Amaino ove the men at least wee Fouth, the him! lying above the unde the the Philippines nnd bounding Miconesia us t wee on the west? The Ha nlluenc Honolulu, June 9, 899 : o Jlquo and the sea was ough govenment oad, appoximately 000 aces, shall be divided into lots, one waiian Boad thinks so and asks you has been satisactoily bidged Thee was but one heat in the best two in thee totting ace between Captain Nelson o the schoone Ada o each shaeholdes in the hui suppot BAUTHOMT ully HONOLULU STOCK EXCHANGE conims Moosco and Lady Wentwoth, the oegoing dispatch Fith, that all emaining land, lying inauka o the last named potion, took this onwad step and which was Tile esolution by which the boad the As they let Hanalel, he says, they Moning session Sales: Between latte giving it up ate the ist mile called out to me weve got plenty ot so RRGATON NOTCE boads, 20 Walmanalo shall lie sold nt public auction o the heatily appoved by the congegation 75 This was something o a walking okolehao and wee going to Kalalau o Cental Union chuch s ns ollows: a Sales: On the boad, 00 McByde 5; Holdes o wate pivileges, event o those 00 McByde 5, 50 McByde at best, the time being 3:0 That was pactically beneit o all the shaeholdes in the last seen o 5 paying wate ates, ae heeby notiied Quotations: Bewe & Company 365 n the mile dash o the Kositncup them made nquiies nil down the Resolved, That wheeas, iu tho wondeul povidence o God, thee has that tho hous o igation puposes bd; Ameican, assessable 03 abked: Venus, Sympathetic Lust and Andi coast by telephone and othe mean?, Win A Wall is appointed commissione to make the division o the been opened just now a doo o cen Ameican, paid up SO asked; Ewa 390 doto inished iu a bunch Venus an but could not ind any tace o them ae om 6 to 8 oclock a m and om asked; Hawaiian Agicultual 297 bid; unde the wie a neck ahead Time, Thei ski was so heavily loaded that lands, to,, make the sales o the lots tuies shut, a doo to n Vey lage sland o iooo squae miles, Mlndnnao, ot n the ough sea that pevailed t and Uncomplete the tanses 4 to 6 oclock p m Hawaiian Suga 224 asked; Honomu 95 :47 2 would be vey likely to capsize the Philippines, hounding Miconesia on ANDREW BROWN, asked; Honokua 27V4 asked; Kamalo 2 theeouth The s mile, dash was A Supeintendent o Wate Woks asked, Kamalo, paid up CHARMNG RECEPTON the west, and so compaatively ou nea 20 asked; Kihei taken by Amaino in neighbo, :20 5 Royalist was the competito Many Guests Meet M and Ms S E nhabited by,000,000 people, and now unde the Ameican 7 asked, 7 bid; Maunalel 0 bid, Hug, Appoved: 0 asked; Oahu 322 asked; Olaa 2 among whom thee cannot be ound n S M DAMON, abked; Pionee 305 bid; Waialua, Mondays acing began pomptly at Damon single Potestant missionay o a bible Ministe o nteio ad nteim 7 bid, 20 0 asked: Waialua, a m Following is a summay o tanslated nto any o the vaious languages o the sland, save one, and that paid up SO bid, 85 asked; Walluku 400 the events M, and Ms S E Damon wee most NOTCE, asked; Walmanalo 75 Twomil e asked; Walmea bicycle ace, won by John chamingly intoduced to the people o spoken but by n small Malay tibe, this t 30 asked; Wilde steamship 0 bid; CABNET WLL CONSDER T OX Honolulu at a eception given n thei boad would make known to ts constituency nte sland C0 asked; Oahu Railway hono at Moanalua Satuday atenoon On account o the 4th o July alling FRDA ts geat desie to ente this S stock 42 bid; Govenment 6s 02; E Damon s a son o Hawaii who doo nt the ealiest possible date, and on Tuesday, the steames Klnau and Govenment 5s 00; Oahu Railway has been nboad o seveal yeas and to easible, with tho Ameican Boad n the mmediate evan now Claudlne will sail on Wednesday, July bonds etuns with his bide n chaming 05 Attoney W () Smith to Pesent young woman om Ldlnbugh M ceiizatlon o Mindanao j 5, at the usual hous HAWAAN STOCK EXCHANGE Petition o Chate M Thuston anu ais t m, unmon ae pouu oi j WLDERS STEAMSHP CO, LTD thei son nnd his wie us they well may NEW SCHEME THS Against Ministe King at Wok be, and nothing was let undone to t i, OAHU 899 Following it, tho pogam o cpmv, VymVneement week at Oahu college: eatuday, June 7, 2:30 oclock p m, Alumni day Annual spots on the cam j pus A meeting o the alumni s called, at Pauahl hall mmediately ate the games ( Sunday, June 8, 7:30 oclock p m, Baccalaueate semon n the Jbental Union chuch, by the Rev G L Peason Monday, June 9, 8 oclock p m, Col lege M C A Ainual public meeting in Pauahl hall Addess by Rev W A Gadne Tuesday, June 20, 9:30 oclock a m Gaduation execises o Punahou Pepaatoy school; 8 oclock p m, com! mencement execises o the class o 99 in Pauahl hall Addess by Rev W Mois Kincald To all these sevices the public s, codially nvited REMOVAL NOTCE H Tuschle, shoemake, may now be ound at the Occidental hotel, second doo on Alakea steet, whee all business entusted to him will eceive pompt attention NOTCE Ate, June, 899, Ms N H Zeave, omely with N S Sachs Dy Goods Company, Limited, will occupy the dess making palos o B F Ehles & Company B F EHLERS 4 COMPAN FOR SALE A bagain A istcla Edison pho nogaph, with two dozen ss loud ecods, small hon and lage hon, with stand o concets, can be head n a hall o C000 people Also Ameican bioscope, with loomovipg pictues and entie out l, cheap Apply 8 Union steet Stock and Bond Bokes Tusts Looked Ate, Loans and ; nvestments Made SAFE DEPOST BOXES AND OFFCES TO LET (Finest in the City) FRE NSURANCE SPECAL ATTENTON GVEN TO THE CARE AND MANAGEMENT OP PROPERT i mi ibi n NVESTMENT CO JJGEOROE E CARTER, Teasue 07 Fot Steet, Honolulu Sales: lietween boads, 40 Kanmlo, 3: 0 Kihei, 775; so Meiiyde ; o Olna, 2: 0 Bewing Coj, 0; 20!i5ii:,t,,Naiilku, 2:t Sales: On the boad, 20 McByde, 5; SO Kamalo, 85; 0 Nahiku, 250 THE WEATHER Weathe Bueau, Punahou p in Wind light noth notheaaweathe ine; pobably will have valley showes moning and evening Moning minimum tempeatue C9; midday maximum 82; baomete 9 a m 3008 ising, (coected o gavity); ainall 24 hous ending 9 a m 05; hu midity 70 pe cent 9 a m; dew point 04 9 a m CURTS J LONS, Obseve BOARD OF AGRCULTURE A special meeting o the Boad o Agicultue will be held at 9 oclock tomoow moning to hea the poposal o commissione Rice o Poesso A Koebele to do cetain wok o Cali onia Poesso Koebele and amily will sail by the Austalia this atenoon o the mainland The specialist will e tun to Honolulu in time to catch the steame on August 5 o Fiji FOR BAPTST CHURCH D Moehouse, secetay o the home mission boad o the Baptist chuch, will aive hee by the China om New ok He comes hee to look ove the ield with a view to establishing a Bap tist banch in Honolulu SDE TRACKED t is stated that the nceasing num be o excellent public libaies s hav ing the eect n some places o side tacking the Sunday school libay MESSENGER SERVCE The Honolulu Messenge Sevice de live messages and packages Tele phone 378 Fo Summe Wea, Cool, Comot able, Cheap A now line o Cash Hats, 60 cents each M McNERN, Fot ana Mechant steet BUSNESS MENS MEMO Tuesday, June 3, 899 Sealed tendes eceived by Comman de J F Mey, u S A until noon Wednesday June o the con stuctlon o an ollce building to be eected on the U S naval esevation, Honolulu Sealed tendes eceived by the Ministe o the nteio until noon, Monday, Juno 9, 899, o seweage pumping mateial When you Bicycle, Gun, Typewite, o any aticle o ine mechanism needs epaiing, and we will SEND FOR AND DELVER WTH OUT EXTRA CHARGE Kodaks epaied Tennis Rackets g Keys made, Finest Enamelling Depatment in the city n act epaiing done in all its banches We employ only tho best skilled help nnd guaantee all ou wok A, W PEARSON Remembe the Phone 32 pot steot J C5C5e Manoa in 5:32 The halmil e dash o the Union Feed Compauys cup esulted in a dead heat The tic was between Fank S and Venus Cunningham was dissatisied with the esult, and declined to ente his animal, Fank S o the The time was uno 49 5 o Hit Mana cup Gutellne came unde the 5 wie in :03 The mile dash o the win cup e sulted ist in a oul, Seabeeze cowding Amaino to the ence A potest was made and allowed The ule o Seabeeze was uled om the tack o lie and ined $25 n the unot Amaino won in :47 with Antidote a close second Two o the thee heats in the ith event, the best two in thee totting ace o the Stock Exchange cup and and $250 added, wee won by Loupe The enties wee Loupe, Violin, ish Lassie und uu Boy Thee was a geat deal o betting and the ace was one o the most exciting o the day Ou Boy won the second hent The time o the thee heats was 2:3 2 5, 2:5 5 and 2: S The theeouth s mile dash o the Walkapu cup was won by Venus in :8 Royalist was the only othe enty, Amaino having been withdawn duing the day The ace o the Citeion cup was an exciting event and esulted in a ine inish t was one and oneeigh th miles nnd was won by Amaino by a neck Antidbte was second and Sympathetic Last was the thid hose in the bunch The time was 2:6 5 The last event o the day was tho gentlemans diving ace, one mile, o the Jockey cup The ownes dove thei own hoses These wee the enties: Pince Davids Moosco, Pince Cupid,s Silve King, D Humphis Gussie B and Win Woltes Floa G The last named won easily in 2:38 with Moosco second esteday was a ine one o acing The dust was the only bad eatue On Satuday thee was consideable wind The oices o the day wee: Theo Homan, Edga Halstead nnd Sam Pake, judges; T V King, clek; Albet Hone and Lionel Hat, states; W F Love, James L Tobet and Louis Maks, timekeepes; W Lumaheih ei and Thomas P Cummins, cleks o the couse; Hoace Cahbe, in chage o saddling paddock MR CECL RHODES TAKES WATER Dunni the speech to the shae holdes o the Chateed Company, M Rhodes voice was aected by his cold One o his bothe diectos handed him a glass o wate s it Apollinals? inquied the speake, and on eceiving an nmmauo epiy, took a daught, said emphatically, Good, und esumed his speech London Daily Mall, Apil 22, 838 Anollinais Wate, diect consign ments om tho London Company, o sale by MACFARLANE & CO, LTD, Sole Agents o the Hawaiian slands, UNCERTAN SUGAR STOCKS Make an nvestment n low pice dy goods that Ke s now oeing and t will tlve bette etuns on tho money than uncetain suga stocks Neve beoe has dy goods been oeed at the pices he s now seuing tnem MA DELNEATOR Now eady at Ms Hannas, Fot steet A ull line o timmed and un timmed hats o sale at modeate pi ces, Fine job pinting Sta Ollce Captuii James A Kiiig today esumed his duties as Ministe o the nteio He wis pesent at the Cabinet coneence this moning The Ministe states that he s iu ai health though is still a bit weak He eels that the next ew days will pull him togethe in good shape Since leaving o Hawaii lie has allowed his bead to cop out on the sides o his ace Tilt; exta hisute decoation being quite gay makes the head o the nteio oice look olde than a man o thity o oty The matte o a chate o the pu posed Hilo nnd Honolulu Railway will be consideed by the Cabinet, Fiday Attoney V ), bmith pesented the petition at todays session, but Pesi dent Dole peeed postponing consid eation until the Hilo Railway Company, which is much inteested in the matte, could have a epesentative pesent t is undestood that M Thuston will attend the meeting with M built h on Fiday The attoneygene al ecommended that a boad be appointed to invesi gate the meits o a petition o the Honolulu Suga Company to have the oad at Aiea, though its plunttition, changed t is desied to move the diveway uthe makai so as to un diectly though the cane estate Thee lias been some objection to the poject, and an oicial nquiy into it deemed ndvisuble JCecommeinintiou adopted and the commission will bo appointed by the esiueni TRAL OF WADE The tial o Geoge Wade n the Cl cult cout o the mude o William Gillespie on the steamship Austalia will come up n August beoe ine eg ula tem This has been deinitely set tied, it is now cetain tnni an o tne witnesses o the Govenment who ae employed on the steame will be hee, SHAKESPEAREAN READNG Ms Hannibal A Williams will ead A Midsumme Nights Deam at the M C A this evening, beginning at 8 oclock shap Mendelsohns special music will be pesented unde the pevision o su Miss Patch Tickets will be on sale at the doo FULL SATSFED The Opheum was packed again last night, a small audience now is the exception Those who attend come away ully satisied, they get thei moneys woth This evening the same Duys Daughte Kate, acecomed y will be given, a ull change tomoow night you want a new caiage o you old one epaied can on w w wngnt, Received, ex Mohican, handsome line o canages,tvnu pnaeions w w WighJ MORE OF THEM USED Thee ae pobably moe Singe sow ng machines used n tlito United States than o ay othe ono make This s a vey excellent guaantee that they ae one o the vey best machines The points o meit ac stength, duabil ty, easy unning and simple constuc tion, vey lime mecnanism to get qui o ode makes epai bins small, When in need o a new sewing ma chine examine the Singe beoe pu chasing any othe make v Bege son, agent, Bethel steet Stop At tho Owl Lunch Wagon and take home a hot Chicken Tamaie 0 makethe eception n thei hono a delightul aai And such t wn: us the lundeds who ncceptev tie livvltutum tn ln nihlit ill kttiu Moanulua la an deal place o such u gatheing ts chams neve stale M and Ms S M Damon ae delightul hosts, bpeclal tains wee povided to take the guests thithe and back The Ameican lag loated om the tall sta on the lawn Poesso Bege and his band played thoughout the atenoon, while the quintette club unished mu sic u the dancing n the pavilion This dancing pavilion though only one o the tho llokl titslodge the coal and take t upon a puitom whqe the contactos expect t0 beak t up beoe t passes nto the twelvenc h dischage pipes, Wate ont solons view the pospect wtn doubtul shugs They ae at a leaiues oi woanuiuu is one mai is e j ts8 to know whethe they could not membeed on such an occasion simple was especially happy On have poited by contlvsatudathis y it n the ance in the past; at the same time the decoation s displayed Both n de ea the new contactos have not head sign and execution the decoation was steet Amy that the Richads coal s about the wok o Ms L King Above as had as mable with steel ods Ameican and Hawaiian lags wee though t daped to give the suggestion o an m, mense tent To cay! out this idea tho THE PHLADELPHA suppoting columns wee hidden with banana and tl Soon leaves and bamboo giv atte eaching San Fancisco ing an ai o lightness to the the Phad lphla will go into dy dock eect at Guests wee eceived on one o tho Pot Ochad And t will be some lanals Reeshments wee seved on time beoe she will come out again, the lawns om all accounts On the voyage om REMANS SENT HOME Ealy this atenoon the body o Wil liam Gillespie; the young man shot un the Austalia a month ago wns taken om Nuuanu cemetey and tanseed to the steame to be sent to San Fan cisco The elatives o deceased wote by the last mall o the emains KAMS DEFEAT ARTLLER Stas and Kamehamehas Satuday to Play Next The Kamehamehas deeated the Bat tey K baseball team on tho gounds at Maklki yesteday moning by a Bcoe o 22 to 7 A aily good game was put up by the atilleyman at the beginning, but they inally boke and the gamo lopsideit has been aanged o tho Kame became awully hamehas and Stas to play next Satuday atenoon n place o the Stas nnd Battey This s n ode that the sol dies may have, moe time to pactice ONE APPLCATON RELEVES THE PAN M P Ketcham o Tike City, Cal says: Duing my bothes late sick ness o sciatic heumatism, Chambelains Pain Bain was the only emedy that gave him any elie Many oth es have testiied to the pompt elie iom pain winch this liniment aods Fo sale by all deales and ducilsts Benson, Smith & Company, geneal agent, Hawaiian slands FOR CAMARNOS REFRGERATOR Pe S S Austalia Cheies Gants Oanges, Lemons, Limes, Celey, Caull uowe, uannage, itnubab, Aspaagus, Fesh Salmon, Floundes Halibut Cabs, Easten and Calionia Oystes tin nnu snem an uame in season Tukeys, Chickens New cop o Nuts and Died Fuits, Onions, Bubank Po tatoes, hwiss, amnann, Rocheot, New Zealand and Calionia Ceam Cheese, Olives All kinds o Died Fuits MMENSE QUANTTES, Ke, the Queen steet mechunt has Just eceived om London an mmense shipment o dy goods They wee by his London agent nt the puchas low est possible ates o cash, and will be sold accodingly MATTERS OF HSTOR How many geat gods had the ancient Hawaiians? Who ist discoveed the lawallnn slands? Alexandes Hawaiian Histoy answes all such questions at Golden Rule Bazaa Fo sale only Govenment Contactos Will Dedge up the Coal, Tlit t,ltlt,itilu wht n lliltll? hl Tii,,i snii iithh nt tho ont o ulchnids Btcet ae Kont to ty n new scncme o lomovlng the coal ock in tne on( Theu wln be no blasting, The,iedge Wp i,e depended upon to Samoa, with all he engines woking, she was able to make but eleven knots an hou Voluntee coal passes came down om the deck to keep he boiles up t s said that the ships bottom s n tho wost sot o condition nnd, be sides, thee s something seious tlu touble with he machiney KAMALO PLANTATON Munage Pat McLane etuns this a tenoon to Kamalo plantation on Moloka l, He epots cane planting in ull swing on the estate Building will vey shotly begin DR POSE Specialist o Eye, Ea Thoat and Nose diseases Masonic Temple Only one BEST bicycle The 99 Cleveland Come and see Stong & Gaields High Gade Dess Shoes ou Need Not Be Aaid To coss you eet n any cowd weaing a pai o these shoes Aiuue o best quality Patent Leathe A coect style o steet wea o Sunday shoe SGN OF THE BG SHOE ill til Mi in

2 utt TME TABLE 899 S S KNAU, CLARC Commande Will leave Honolulu evey Tuesday at U oclock, noon, touching at Lahalna, Ka&laea Bay and Makena the same tay; Mahukona, Kawalhao and oe the ollowing day, aiving itillo Wednesday evening Retuning will sail om Hllo evey Fiday at 6 oclock p m, touching at CAupalioehoe, Mahukona, Cawalhae, imiena, Maalaea Bay and Lahalna, xlvlnc at Honolulu Satuday night Will call at Poholkl, Puna, on the econd tip o each month, aiving thee on the moning o the day o Mlllng om Hllo to Honolulu The popula oute to the Volcano s Ml Hllo A good caiage oad the distance entl x S SCLAUDNE, CAMERON, Commande, W leave Honolulu Tuesday, at 5 clock p m, touching at Kahulul, Bona, Hamoa and Klpahulu, Maul, Retuning, aives at Honolulu Sunla y moning Will call at Nuu, Kaupo, once each sonth This company eseves the ight to make changes in the time o depatue and aival o its steames WTHOUT 3JOTCE, and t will not be esponsible Jto any consequences aising theexo o Consignees must be at the landing to eceive thei eight This company till not hold tsel esponsible o eight ate t has been landed Live stock eceived only at ownes dak This company will not be Responsible o money o valuable o passenges anlesa placed n the cae o the pus Passenges ae equested to puchase tickets beoe embaking Those to allta g do so will be subject to an additional chage o, twentyiv e pe cent The company will not be liable o Josa o, no njuy to no delay in the delivey o baggage O pesonal eects ot the passenge beyond the amount o 50000, unless the value o the same be declaed, at o beoe the issue o the ticket, and eight is paid theeon All employes o the company ae ed to eceive eight without delivtaj g a shipping eceipt theeo n the om pescibed by the Company, and which may be seen by shippes upon application to the puses o the Companys steames Shippes ae notiied that i eight la shipped without such eceipt it will ke solely at the isk o the shippe C, WGHT, Pesident S B ROSE, Secetay CAPT J A KNG, Pot Supt 8 HROKAWi, 430 NUUANU STREET, HONOLULU Cabinet VXcilcei, BAMBOO FURNTURE MADE TO ORDER REPARNG OF AL KNDS Steames o the above Companies will call at Honolulu and leave this Fot on o about the dates mentioned below: FR geneal inomation apply FROM SAN FRANCSCO AUSTRALA ALAMEDA AUSTRALA MARPOSA AUSTRALA June June July July August St The BitisliAmeica n Steamship Line, Feight contacted though om any point in tho United States to the Hawaiian slands connection wlththo nijeat NORTHERN, NORTHERN PACFC, o CANADAN PACFC RALWAS Monthly sevice om Seattle anil Taeonia with ou new Al, 0,000 ton steame, PORT ALBERT With latest impovements o a lage eight caying capacity Stong taic aangements with the TansContinentlines which enable us to give the con thee Nothen signees, the beneit o ock bottom ates on thei Easten shipments GENERAL AGENTS TELEPHONE 33 & W G RN & CO, Lti CO, Win G win Pesident and Manage Claus Speckela, Vice Pesident W, M Giad, Secetay and Teasue H M Whitney, J Audito SUGAR FACTORS, Commission Agents, aokntb ins OCEANC STEAMSHP COMPAN OF BAN FRANCSCO CAL Wights Villa AND llaniwai, These amous Beach Resots ae now unde one management A ew choice ooms may be had in new Cottage J P AWARD MANAGER FRST CLASS RESTAURANT Open until Midnight Cigas alndsoda tstate Paciic Mail Steamship Co Occidental & Oiental S S Co and Toyo Kisen Kaisha Fo JAPAN and CHNA H HACKFELD to o FOR SAN FRANCSCO CHNA JUNE 0 NPPON MARU JUNE 0 DORC JUNE 24 RO DE JANERO JUNE 7 mppon MARU JUL 4 COPTC JUNE 27 BO DE JANERO JUL 3 AMERCA MARU JUL 4 COPTC JUL 2 CT OF PEKNG JUL 4 AMERCAN MARU JUL 20 GAELC JUL 22 CT OF PEKNG AUG 8 CHNA AUG 8 CO, Ltd Agts Oceanic Steamship Company Time Table: t THE FNE PASSENGER STEAMERS OF THS LNE WLL ARRVE AT AND LEAVE THS PORT AS HEREUNDER: FOR SAN FRANCSCO i ALAMEDA May 20 AUSTRALA June 3 MARPQSA June 23 AUSTRALA July MOANA July 2 n connection with the Sailine o the above Stenmps thp Agents ae pepaed to issue, to intending Passenges, Coupon Though Tickets by any Raiload om San Fancisco to all points in the United States, and omnew spk by any Steamship Line to all Euopean Pots Fo uthe paticulas apply W G win & Co (LMTED) Geneal Agents Oceanic, S S Company,, P MR ARRVALS Satuday, June in Stm Noeau eocson, Walmei i: om 4H2Q biirh numi, 2G0 bags ice, 40 mkh tao, 20 bundles o ihbs, C nundie s, 2 deck paoreircn, Am bn?t W O win, K A Williams, om San Fancisco, May 25: C0 tons geneal mechandise, 7 hoses, C cabin passenges Stm Helene, Mncdonald, om Mahukona ; 4445 bags suga, 4ii tons scap on, 30 cattle Sunday, Juno Stm Mlkahaia, Thompson, om 5000 bags suga, 90 bags tao, 70 sundies Kapa Stm James Makce, Tullet, a: om 2400 bags suga, 7 sundies, 3 deck passenges Stm Mokolll, Dudolt om Molokal Sloop Volante, om Maul Sch Kawallanl, om Koolau, Monday, June 2 Stm walanl, Gegoy, Kukulhael e: om 2927 bags suga Am bit McNea, John Peteson, om Laysan sland, May 29! 7C0 tons guano, G Japanese, 2 Euopeans DEPARTURES Satuday, June 0 Am sh Esklne M Phelps, R T Gaham, o Delawae Beakwate: 82,927 bags suga, valued at $435,52 92 H t M Razboynlk, Kussovlch, o the Oient, 4:30 p m Am sch Emma Claudlne, V B Nellson, o San Fancisco:, 840 bags suga, valued at $0,925 Sunday, June V S F S Philadelphia, Admial Kautz, Captain White, o San Fancisco, 9:30 a m Am bk Mohican, E W Kelly, o San Fancisco: 4,650 bags suga, valued at ;T6,4 49 Monday, June 2 Sch Rob Roy, Keloha, o Koolau Tuesday, June 3 Stm Upolu, Hennlngsen, o Kohal a and Kona Stm Walaleale; Geen, o Nawlllwll l, Hanamaulu and Ahuklnl, 4 p m Stm James Makee, o Kapau, 4 p m Ȧm S S Austalia, Houdlette, o San Fancisco Stm Klnau, Feeman, way pots, 2 noon Stm Claudlne, Cameon, o Maul pots, i p m Stm Lehua, Bennett, o Molokal and Maul, S p m o Hllo and VESSELS TO SAL TOMORROW Stm Mokolll, Dudolt, o Kaunakaka l, Kamalo, Pukoo, Halawa, Wallua, Pelekunu, Honoltin, Kalaupapa, G p m Sch Ka Mol, o Hawll PASSENGERS Aivals Ped bgt W G win, om San Fancisco, June 0 Ms Edith Fulle, James Howell, Chales t Hawthone, Magaet Hawthone, Lucy M Hawthone, C Mathews Hawthone, Pe stm Helene, om Mahukano, June 2 Chales Fasle Pe bk McNea, om Laysan sland, June 2 Ais Moody, Ms Peteson, M Bell, 6 Japanese laboes Pe stm walanl, om Kukulhaele, June 2 D Fobes, M D Monsaat and 0 deck Pe stm Mlkahaia, om Nawlllwlll, June H A Allen, W Thompson, W O Smith, A H Smith, C K Haas, Ah Chow, Ah Chan Depated Pe stm Walaleale, o Kauai, June 3 C Day, Rev S Kalll, Rev; H K Kuhele Pe stm James Makee, o Kopaa, The sevices o Jun Hee, a new Che, June 3 S Hundley hae been secued Pe bk Mohican, o San Fancisco, No 9 Hotel Steet, Honolulu June Ms M K Reynolds, Ms E Telephone 574 P O Box 90 LOOK HOP s CO A Howad, Miss Celg Mashall, Miss Cone o Fot and Beetania Steets Camine Clowe, Howad Hedemann Pe stm Klnau, o Hllo and way pots, June 3 H S Richad and daughte, Ms H Watehouse, J, Miss Deacon, Ms Elliot, M and Ms J R Wilson, J McCandless, W W Cate, L A Tiuston, J C Schless and wie, Ms A M Wilson, T Wol, A Hone, T O Wilson, M MottSmit C h, W Wendte, Ms Mulvaney, P Peck, Rev J A Cuzan, Ms Moses, Miss M Hitchcock C H Hitchcock and wie, Ms M Al and child, Rev J Samoa, Rev A Pall, Rev Al and wie Rev S L Desha and 2 Daviechilden, T Cllve s, Rev C A Austin, L Bellman, J M Robinson, J F Clay, D A W M Kalaewao, S a, W F B McStocke C W Dickey, Kong Tet Ful, Rev Uyeda, C A, Eakln, Ms Nellson, Hon and Ms Mondell, Ms McTlghe and 5 childen Pe stm Claudlne, o Maui pots, June 3 Haold Cutle, Miss White, M Pond, Rev J M Lewis, F J Bown, A N Kepoikal, D McCoiston, Ms Jansen, S Cockett and child, A Gu3sonl, Pete Noa and wie, J J Combs, H N Landod, Ms M Johnston, R R Beg, Judge Stanley, Rev S K Kaaelua and daughte Rev J Kallllo, RevTE M Kulkah Hanuna Rev l, Rev J Hlhlo, Rev Tsuji, Rev Teng Ahlln Rev Lahilahl, Kauahel e, Rev F M Books, M Salto, M R W Fille and wie Pe S S Austalia, o San Fancisco, June 3 James Badln, O A Stevens, Chales E Jacox, M Cole, F N Me Candless, D A Allen,, C D Vincent, J H Belse Ms Dale Miss Dnlp M and Ms T B Richads, Poesso Koe oeie, wie anu son, K J Watehouse, A F Rooke H M Mece M nnil Ms F T Smith, W A Johnston, John wuienouse, j pj weve,, Stecke, Mons J Polllo, Miss Tanne, M and Ms A James C F Wall A PhlHtlnn C L Beal W J Schmidt, Ms F A cotte, auss a Shewsbuy, Ms L Andews, Miss M Ogllvle, Miss K Gay, Miss G Hobon, Miss H Hobon, H O Buckman and wie, Miss Hicks, Miss Michaellske M and Ms Tnio Ms E Andews, Macus Smith, Albet mb jiayman, Miss Pake, Ms H A senbeg and maid, A Michaellske, J J Collandan, E S Hicks, H Damon, Miss M; M Damon Miss E Campbell S M Damon Ms J t Shingle Miss Katie Bon, E T Nlebllng, H A oung, the Misses oung OOM PAUL Oom Pnnl n nnnthnt nntantnta VOR n unlvpanl nijusu nanta la econsideation at a monments notice Fee Pess STRONG CONSTTUTON To oty yeas was not in bed a day on account, o illness, but have ecently been thpitpnml and bladde dilllculty, und sometimes mm mo sijj ueiievang an ounce o pevention is woth a pound o cue, esoted to Hoods in snnn ill n, t has kept me in good health Ms W E Beckwlth, Lompoc, Calipnio HOODS PLLS cue, nntison,o,l ache a A GOOD TTTXS Thees one good thing when they eel dy That business men cannot pass by, Fo a and Avido its ame you hen; They ston to dlnl nt Tlnnt On daught o n bottle at Citeion Floo LNOLEUMS AND Hall LNOLEUMS, CARPETS AND FBRE MATTNG Rugs CENTER, SOFA AND STAR Potiees, CURTANS, TADLE COVERS, TABLE DAM ASK AND NAPKNS, ETC, ETC Lagest Stock Best nlucs Geat Vaiety AT E W JORDAN J FORT No 0 STREET Manila Cigas and Tobacoo La neuia, Flo de La sabela, Pela de Oiente, and Best Bands o Tea, in Tins o packages, o sale by LEE T0MA & CO, Cone o Nuuanu ond Mechant J Steets, Honolulu, H J Just aived a ine lot o Fench G P D Pipes Just ebeived a big invoioe o Mexican Cigas S? 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P O Box 535 WO Hat HATS P O Box NUUANU STREET NEW AND FKSTCLAS Wholesale mpotes and Sheet on KNG Telephone 84 HONOLULU STREET O all Kinds Sold Cheap o Cash Highest Cash Pice Paid o SecondHan Funitue at jl d Cone Niinnmi and Tlne w Wok CO, AXctiatSLOtt3LX,eic S Telephone 478 SECONDHAN D FURMOjiE! T, y Steets, Honolulu S W LBDBRBR i? 4

3 t HAWAAN 8TA, TUESDA, iwsk 0, is90 Tmsmt ;,A Ha W J J L C Auonoy ni ATKNSON Oice, Cone ltcthcl nnd King Sts, Upstais J P M BROOKS, ATTORNE AT LAW COK FORT AND H0T3L STREETS HONOLULU,, (Ove Faichllds Shoo Stoe), GU F MADWELL, Attoney and Counsello at Law HLO, HAWA D A W Sinclai 4i3 Kln St, Next to the Opea House Oice Hous: 9 to 0 a m; to 3 p m: 7 to 8 p m Sundays: 2 to 2 p m TELEPHONE 74 DR GEO J AUGUR noileoplmc Pactitione and Sngeon, Special Attention Given to Chonic Diseases Oice and Residence, Bee tanla steet, nealy opposite the Meth odlst chuch Oice Hous: 0 to 2 a m; 3 to 4 p m; 7 to 8 p m; Sundays, 9:30 to 0:30 a m Telephone 733 DR W E TALOR Oice and Residence, cone Richads and Beetanla Steets Oice Hous: 0 to 4 oclock and ev enlngs Telephone,57 DR WATER HOFFMANN Beetanla Sh opposite Hawaiian Hotel Oice Hous: 8 to 0 a m; to 3 p m; 7 to p m Sundays: 8 to a m Tel BO P O Box C0 nn i it muni ivi t lllm lukt U Consulting tooms 427 Xuuniiu Steet O Box 842 Telephone 32 V Residence, 524 Nuuanu Steet Cottage Hospital, 530 Tuuanu Steet Hous: 9 to 2 n m and G to 8 u in Sundays, 2 to G p m 3G DR MOR Beetanla St, bet Emma and Fot Telephone 277; P 0 Box S43 Oice hous: 0 to 2 a m and 7 to 8 pni; Sundajs, 9 to 2 a in, A, C, LL, OR, 0, E, WALL V DENTSTS LOVE BULDNG FORT STREET OFFCE HOURS 8 a m to 4 p m Al S clunbaum & Limited HONOLULUH CO Commission Mechants and mpotes o Geneal Mechandise San Fancisco Oice, 25 Font Steet Epitaole Lie Assuance society OF THE UNTED STATES BRUCE CART WRGHT, Geneal Manage o Hawaiian slands O G TRAPHAGEN, 223 MERCHANT ST, HONOLULU Between Fot and Alakea Telephone 743, P H BURNETTE, FNANCAL AGENT Will Buy and Sell on Commission Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Etc OFFCE: 639 KNG STREET P O Box 62 Telephone 64 RW THRUM SURVEOR Room 0 Speckels Block Plantation WLLAM Wok a Specialty STOCK AND BOND BROKER SAVDGE Mclneny Block, Fot Steet J OUDERK RK, CONTRACTOR and BULDER House Moving and all Kinds o Heavy Weights Handled XO 67 FORT STREET, HONOLULU (Opposite Club Stables) s Japanese Povisions, DET GOODS, ETC MR0SE SH0TEN NO 34 BERETANLA STREET v Telephone 562, t P O Box 885 WAAUA STOCK (X8KS Moe Hulls Aives Fom San niiutnco mid mo Filed Moo mil h wci llled Fiday n llii Wn t ii in stock ontovisy All txetpt out no om San FaiiciRcn Tin clulmiinth an tin ipum to whom tolonil Hopc Hold stock lust yea The pntlih nii M Kliinim, Heny Jacobs, loliu KoKiMiold, Levi, d, W A J look mill iltojcc F McLvoil, F DllliiiKlittm nnd tlio Wnialnu Agicultual Company uo named ns deendants iludit) Stanley has odeed a new tial ill the cumo lolm JCulkcikl vh Xalelleliuu, ejeetment S JC Kiin e iiih tiled bonds in the sum o $4,0(0 to Hell land oiikii to the Jtoblnsoii estate lls suety in Heny Smith THE GARONNE VCTORA June The S S Ga nnnn went to Vancouve this monlnc to take on eight o St Michael She will sail om hee on June 5 AN EPLEPTC Lives n constant dead o the nevous spasm which he has leaned to expect, and which he knows may ovetake him at any moment His lie s neve sae until the disease has been cued, and nothing will do this so quickly and Suely as D Miles Nevine This geat neve tonic has a peculia powe ove epilepsy, St Vitus dance, coea, headache, hysteia and kinded disodes t always gives elie and seldom alls to cue About ou yeas ago was taken with epileptic its, and could get no elie om any souce until tied D Miles Nevine t has now been nealy two yeas since t toubled me: CHAS A NVER, Fiendship, N All duggists ae authoized to sell D Miles Nevine on a guaantee that llst bottle will beneit o money will be eunded Be sue and get D Miles Nevine Take nothing else Wite us about you toubles and ailments and we will give you, absolutely ee o chage, the honest advice o a tained specialist Booklet on heat nnd neves sent ee Addess D Miles Medical Co, Elkhat, nd S 0 S Eveyonvv who has ove done any wok in Photogaphy will appeciate the many advantages obtained by using al Camea made by the Reichonuach, Moey & Will Co The Alta Camea has no equal o simplicity, dua bility and cheapness We guaantee them Pices un om $5 upwad We ae agents o the East man Kodak Co and cay a complete line ot goods manu actued by them Ou developing and omt ing depatment is in chage o a ist class opeato, who will explain to ou patons how to nanaie anv aticle usea in photogaphy We can save you annoyance and money i you,, will come to us o any inomation wanted in qonnection with the At o Photogaphy All goods will be ound as epesented E E HTCH Maket Aacliouse Building, Queen St WEMM MAKER Estimates Given o all Kinds o AWNNGS, TENTS, TRUNK COVERS, TARPAULNS, WAGON COVERS, FELD COVERS, ETC, ETC Stock Funished t Fai Pices All Wok Done Satisactoy STOCK FOR SALE sland Bed Hoses, Matched Fais, nnd Snddlo Hoses The Animals aa Thooughbed and tandad Bed, and some o the best tock n the slands ae among them Apply to V Hloe OPEN ALL NGHT COMMENCNG MA, Masonic Temple Tele 444 S i PROSPECTS OF THE lhllu NOT SO BLACK AS PANTED levlew o ColTo Statistics o the Whole Wold What Causes lnzll to Make so Geat a Success EDTOR STAR: notice you comments on the coee tade, and beg to say that do not agee with the conclusions that you have aived tit j and think t a question yet to be poven, whethe the Olaa cotee plantes wee wise to give up coee o suga secuities Fom a casual view t may look as thee s likely to be an ovepoduction o coee, but while the output o the wold s nceasing enomously, the consumption s also nceasing enomously The consumption o coee n the United States has nceased wondeully, and now, amounts to 45 pounds pe capita t took 870,000,000 pounds o ityeig ht pe cent o the wolds output to supply the United States with coee last yea thee s any dange at all, t will come om Bazil, which last yea, poduced 66,000,000 poundb o coee; 200,000,000 moe than any pevious yea, excepting 897, and 20,000,000 pounds moe than that yea But this coee s gossly adulteated and thought by many people, hadly it o use Besides, thee will un doubtedly soon be a duty put on it The value o the Bazilian coee cop o 898, mpoted nto the United States, amounted to $4,000,000; and exceeded n amount the total ee mpot o evey Bot om evey county n the wold; and being so geat t s now thought that a duty will have to be put on it in the nea utue O the othe geat coee poducing counties the Dutch East ndies po duces 20,000,000 pounds to 70,000,000 pounds Venezuela 62,000,000 pounds; Colombia 26, pounds; Costa Rica 3,000,000 pounds; Guatemala 2,000,000 pounds; Mexico 34,000,000 pounds, nnd the thity odd smalle coee poducing counties, wehave not so much to ea unue inese cicumstances u wouiu seem advisable to ind out the secet o the Bazilians success, even a com missione had to be sent thee o the pupdse, o t s vey evident that they have some method, n advance o us, wheeby they can poduce coee and sell t o 6 cents pe pound l TT,,V iv, SS,S? tlnue, paticulaly ns thee ae but ew cbuntles that can get a highe pice than we do o ou coee t must bo bone n mind that this ndusty s only n its nancy; yet notwithstanding this, some o ou most pogessive coee plantes claim to have made 00 pe cent above expenses With a good climate, good soil, good coee and by taking advantnge o all the pogess that s being made in othe counties n the coee ndusty, the Hawaiian ndusty will be alight COFFEE PLANTER Kukalau, Hawaii, June 7, 809; NEW FBER Pineapple May Pove a Substitute o Silk The ibe o pineapple s being sei ously consideed as a mateial o indus tial value n cetain banches ot manuactue, possessing a quality which, when spun, s said to supass the ideal (lax in stength, ineness, and luste, An llustation o this act s unished n the case o n cetain quantity o such ibe pepaed at Singapoe, which when tested against an equal quantity o lax, sustained 350 pounds, While the latte could not bea moe than 260 pounds As to the chaacteistics that ende it eadily adaptable o textile puposes t is stated that the mee pocess o bleaching suices to destoy the adhesion between the bundles o ibes, nnd so endes t it o spinning in the same way as llax, The solated ilaments ae descibed as vey line,, o a toleably egula diamete om end to end, but o dieent size, and o emakable lexibility, culing and cisping ead(jy unde mechanism t s conidently asseted that such ibe can be employed as a substitute o silk, and as a mateial o mixing with wool and cotton, as silk s now so extensively employed ts paticula qualities seeming to ende it specially adapted n this line HS COMPLEXON De lady o de house nsulted me by the oe o a piece o soap, said Meandeing Mike Shes one o dese pejudiced people She took a dislike to me simply because me complexion was sandy Go way, exclaimed Plodding Pete ou aint no blond know t But slep n a gavel bank last night H F liudewg Has opened a shop at the Bell Towe, Union Steet, and is pepaed to do ML DS OF PLUMBNG, THNG AND GENERAL J n a Satisactoy Manie and at vey Reasonable Pices OAHU RALWA AND LAND COS, TVK; TABLE Fom unit Ate Juiimiy lt, MOU TRAN STATONS Tatly Dally (Outwad) ex ociii nly exsun Dly Dly AU AM, AM PM Honolulu 7:0 :5 05 3:5 5:0 Peal Oity 8 a) : : Ewa Mill 8:SJ 0 2:00 4K5 0 0 WaUnae ltmo 4:45 Wnlaloa Kahuku 0;5 STATONS Dally (inwad) cx3uu Dly Dly Dly AM AM PM PM vahukll 5:85 2:8 Wtlulun H:0 2:50 Wolanae 7:0 3:55 tw Mill 5 M 7:5 05 4:32 eal City 65 8: lonolulu :0 H35 3 OS 6:2 O P, Denison, dupolntondnt P O UTH (Jon asa, t Tkt Act JlDD BULDNG, FORT ST n copouted Unde the Laws o the Republic o Hawaii CAPTAL, $400,00000 OFFCERS AND DRECTORS Chas M Cooke Pesident J B Atheton Vice Pesident C Cooke i Cashie F C Atheton Secetay Diectos Heny Watehouse, Tom May, F W Macalane, E D Tenney, J A McCandless Solicits the Accounts o Fims, Copoations, Tusts, ndividuals, and will pomptly and caeully attend to all ull business connected with banking entusted to t Sell and Puchase Foeign Exchange, ssue Lettes o Cedit Savings Depatment Odinay and Tem Deposits eceived and nteest allowed n accodance with ules nnd conditions pinted in pass bookn, copies Q which may be had upon application THE OKOHAMA SPECE BANK LMTED Subscibed Capital Ten 2,000,000 Paid Up Capital en 0500,000 Reseve Fund en 7,300,000 HEAD OFFCE, OKOHAMA BRANCHES AND AGENCES Kobe London Lyons New ok San Fancisco Shanghai Bombay Hongkong Tokyo Tansact a Geneal Banking and Exchange Business Agency okohama Specie Bank NTEREST ALLOWED On ixed deposits o 2 monts, 4 pe cent pe annum On ixed deposits o 6 months, 3V4 pe cent pe annum On ixed deposits o 3 months, 3 pe cent pe annum nteest Allowed by the Head Oice at okohama On cuent deposits, 4 pe cent pe annum On ixed deposits o 2 months, 6 pe cent pe annum New Kcpiioiic Milling,, Monoinm h i ESTABLSHED 85S BSHOP & Co, Bankes, TRANSACT A GENERAL BANKNG AND EXCHANGE BUSNESS COMMERCAL AND TRAVELERS LETTERS OF CREDT SSUED, AVALABLE N ALL THE PRNCPAL CTES OF THE WORLD NTEREST nllowed on ixed deposits: Thee months 3 pe cent; six months, 3 pe cent; twelve months, 4 pe cent CLAUS SPRECKELS WM G RWN Clans Speckels & Co 3 A TX izl is xe as HONOLULU H San Fancisco Agents The Nevada National Bank o San Fancisco DRAW EXCHANGE ON SAN FRANCSCO The Navada Na tional Bank o San Fancisco LONDON The Union Bank o London, Ltd NEW ORK Ameican Exchange Na tional Bank CHCAGO Mechants National Bank PARS Cedit Lyonnals BERLN Desden BanK HONGKONG AND OKOHAMA The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Copoation NEW ZEALAND AND AUSTRALA Bank o New Zealand VCTORA AND VANCOUVER o Bitish Noth Ameica Bank TRANSACT A GENERAL BANKNG AND EXCHANGE BUSNESS Deposits Received Loans Made on Appoved Secuity Commecial and Taveles Cedits ssued Bills o Exchange Bought apd Sold COLLECTONS PROMPTL AC COUNTED FOR BSHOP & CO Savings Bank Until uthe notice, Savings Depost s will be eceived and nteest allow d by this Bank at ouj and oneha l?e cent pe annum The tems, ules tnd egulations o the Hawaiian Postal Savings Bank will be adopted as a as it is pacticable to apply them, ind the Cash Reseve o 50,000 as equied unde the Postal Act will be maintained Pinted copies o the Rules and Reg jlatjons may be obtained on application BSHOP & CO C, NEVER & CO LTD Qaeeu St, HomMd, E, Ad E NTH FOR Hawaiian Agicultual Co, Onomea t, i suga tjo,, nonomu suga vu m Co Walhee Suca Co Mncee Huca uo tiaieakum itancn Co, Kapapala Ranch Plantes Lino San Fancisco Paokets ChasBewe & Cos Line o UoBton Do nlnti Agents Boston Boad o Undewites Agents Phliadeipnia tioaa oi uuob wites, List o Oices : P C Jonks Pesident Qbo H Robztbok Manage E, F Bishop Tea and Secy Co W F Amu Audito O M Cookk ) H Watuuoub Diectos Geo R Oatbb, ) AnheuseBusc h Bewing Associations BTJDWESER Two Caloads o this amous Bee just to hand o sale by H Hackeld & Co Ltd SOLE AGENTS FOR THE HAWAAN SLANDS HONOLULU TOBACCO CO, Ltd mpotes Successos lo Pino Slllce Tobaccos a musician, And in a pipe delightcth; t descends in n cloud Though the ogans o the noa With a elish that invlteth D Holiday (MJ and Wholesale and Retail Deales in Ameican, Havana and Manila Cigas Manuactued Tobacco om all the hich class actoies o the United States Pipes and Smokes Aticles COHXEU OF FORT AST) MERCHANT STREETS, HONOLULU Paciic Heights NOTCE Applications will be eceived at the oice o BuceWain g & Co, o the puchase o lots on Paciic Heights, situated on the magniicent hillside between Nuuanu and Pauoa Valleys and commanding a supeb, maine and scenic view stetching om Diamond Head ove Punchbowl to the Waianae ange o mountains A boad winding boulevad giving access to the popety is now in couse o constuction and choice lots o suicient aea o magniicent homesteads will soon be available On the Nuuanu side o the hill is a Pali potecting it om the high winds and heavy showes o Nuuanu Valley, ensuing a salubious climate The elevation o tho popety is om 50 to 750 eet above sea level Applications will be numbeed and iled and choice will ST One o the divlnest beneit has eve come to the human w n Thomas Caljl be allotted accoding to the numbe ot the application Only $,000 o a lot 00x200 eet Tems Easy Buce FURVTUR) J ( OHicos 7 and 8, Pogess Block DRECT VHG 0G NUUANU MSS Steet Weiing N 3a tk Co and MATTNG liiio Teas MPORTATONS, CHAN To doos above Rcctoulo Steet SPECAL SALE KTo w votes t THS WEEK Goods, Stylos KLLEAN CO, M E TotoXjj A il toix Bloolc M

4 B ax t n 6 TOUR (KP AW All Ail OlAKi luijuax, UUTj d, 0UU Ulte Hawaiian Sta (DATj AtD WEEKL) Published Evey Atenoon (Except Sunday by the llivwnllnn Sta Newspape Association, Ltd ALATAU TATKNBON Edito BHANK L 00GS, Business Manage SUUSCKUTOX RATES: Vt ea (n Advance) $ 800 Thee Months (n Advance) 200 Pe Month (n Advance 78 (Foeign, (lev ea in Advance) 200 special ADVERTSNG AGENTS Chicago James E Colby, 309 Stock Vxchnngc Building Ban tnnelsco Dakes Advetising Agency, 64 Mechants Exchange SEMWEEKL subscniltoxt local Subscibes, pe Annum $2 00 Foeign Subscibes, pe Annum 300 (Stictly in Advance) TUESDA, JUNE 3, 890 Honolulu made geneal holiday yesteday nnd spead out nto numeous amusements The aces attacted thei usual cowd, but that was by no means the sole attaction Sunday school plc; nlcs took cowds down the ailway, while i numeous small picnic paties made the valleys, aound Honolulu lnr with mey voices Fathe aield went those who wee ond o shooting, and had the muscles and enegy to climb the mountain scaps ate the elusive Koat While out to sea the white wings o many a petty yacht lecked the blue wates o the Paciic Each went ate lls 6wn paticula om o amusement, and otunate ae we that thee s so much to be done and at such modeate ates As time goes on and wealth nceases, Honolulu will become one o the meiest spots on the ace o the Slobe Coee plunte wites that the wisdom o the men who have changed ove om coee to suga n Olaa, has yet to be shown t was pointed out n The Sta o last week, that thee wee many places besides Olaa devoted to coee, and that thee wee people even n Olaa who etained thei aith n ts utue The causes o the change n Olaa wee also pointed out These wee the ap paently quick etuns which suga pomised, and the act that many had gone nto the Olaa coee lands without expeience and with nsuicient capital Olaa also sueed om ove conidence The people who ist took up land thee, got t nto thei heads that thee was no such county as Olaa n the goup, and talked n an exaggeated way o ts pospects This led the pooly equipped nvesto to ush n, with the esult o a counte depession The ae plenty o coee plantations n Kona, Hamakua and Noth Hllo, which ae doing well, and which will pove a good pemanent nvestment to thei ownes The bottom o coee has by no means dopped out The analysis o well wate which was pepaed o the wate woks bueau by chemist E C Shoey, shows the value o scientiic nvestigation Hnd the bueau gone ahead sinking well o a wa te supplyo the nothwest end o the city, without making this nvestigation, thee would have been a petty howl about the unsatisactoy quality o the wate nvestigation showed that the uthe towads Kallht the wells wee sunk, the bette the wate became, and the bueau s now able to sink wells with the absolute cetainty o obtaining a peectly satisactoy supply But thee was a time when it had been pactically decided, upon that the wells should be sunk n the vicinity o the pesent Simon liaai well What amlstak e this would have been s shown by the quuntlty o salt it contained This well gave 235 gains o salt pe gallon, while the Gullck well, uthe towads Kallhi, gave only 889 gains o salt pe gallon, an enomous dieence THE COMNG FOURTH The Fouth o July should be celebated with especial evo this yea t is the ist time that the event will be celebated unde the Stas and Stipes, and t should be moe than odinaily billiant Last yea the day passed without any geat public obsevance, but o that thee was eason The city o Honolulu had been entetaining the voluntee soldiey, that had been passing though to Manila, with a lavish hand Upwads o $30,000 had been aised by public subsciption o these entetainments, and a sum amounting to consideably moe had been, disbused pivately o the same object Again, though we wee assued that we wee annexed, the lag had not been aised The men who usually take pominent pat n the oganization o the Fouth o July celebation Wee weaied out with thei wholesoule d eots n entetaining the soldies t was no wonde that the day passed o quietly But now all s changed The Stas and Stipes loat ove the slands, and we only await the action o Congess to know exactly ou political status But though that s not settled, ou mateial pospeity s settled, and we have been enjoying a yea o mavelous commecial and agicultual gowth Neve n the histoy o the slands has thee been a peiod n such activity and success Neve in ou wildest deams did we ventue to think that beneits o annexation would come so switly o be bo wide Bpead The tangible advantages o annexation have not been conined to one paty, which has come to he dominant They have come to evey ope no matte what the opinions held beoe annexation might have been The oyalist who woked tooth and nail against annexation, and who dally eviled those who wee stiving to bing it about, shaes n the geneal pospeity, as much as and n many cases moe than those who gave both time and money n the utheance o the cause t hns been no case o to the victos belong the spoils The advantages, which annexation has bought, ae univesal on the slands, and the signs o that univesal pospeity ne plain to evey eye Take a glance aound the goup, and conside how eve sland has awakened om lethagy Look at Molokal A yea o so ago, t was out o the line o tavel Aound Kaunnkakal thee wee a ew tumble down houses nnd oest o nlgaoba Today thee ne enne lelds and villages, and the hum o a busy plantation At Kamalo thee wns the skeleton o a mill, buned yeas ago Today the place s spinging nto lie Look at anal, with ts busy plantation at Maunalel and ts landing at Kahalepalnoa, whee less than a yea ago all that was thee was a ooless chuch, and a ew scatteed huts Look nt Oahu plantation on this sland, at Walalua, also on this sland, at Klhel o Maul, at Nahlku, whee the postman, the Roman Catholic piest and the school nspecto wee the ae visitos Kauai has joined the mach o pogess, thowing open new lnnds and putting to pactical use tb, magniicent wate powe Puna o Hawaii pomises the lagest entepise yet deamed o Then conside the gowth o the capital city The extension o ts buildings, the ncease n ts school accommodations, the bustle o its steets, and the push nnd huy o its business methods Look at the habo illed with ocean going eightes, and count the unnels o the ocean lines which tie up at ou whaves All this has come om annexation, o annexation gave conidence, and conidence enabled entepise to push owad undeteed by eas o Revolution and coniscation and all the lls to which a petty govenment s exposed We ne eaping the advantage which we neve had beoe, the guadianship o ad absolutely stable govenment, which we neve could have had ns long as we emained eithe a petty monachy o a petty epublic s it not ight than that we should make a special eot to celebate the Fouth o July, ou national day, with moe than the Usual eclat and billiancy t s a geat day o us The ndependence o the United SJtates o Ameica means the ndependence o the teitoy o Hawaii, nut o the gowth o that geat nation, what might not the ate o Hawaii have been t might have been no bette than Tahiti, o the Maquesas, o the unotunate Samoa But nstead t has isen to a highe destiny, with the bight pospect o a soveeign state abong a galaxy o soveeign states Then let ev ey eot be made to muke this coming ng Fouth o July, one that we, and those that come ate us, can look back to as an histoic day One which tne men o the pesent so honoed and maked out, that the men o may say the utue Ou ancestos nnnelntml h, GOOD WLL EXPRESSED Customs Bueau Employes Pesent Testimonials to Retiing Chies F B McStocke nnd J F Clay on thei etiement om the customs sevice wee the ecipients todav o some th(ng they pize vey highly Each was pesented with a handsome engossed testimonial signed by eveyone o the itynin e employes o the customs bueau t was the ntention to make the pesentation in the pesence o all the employes But the ush o wok ollowing the holiday made this mpacticable The pesentation was made this moning by Waen Chambelain the employe who has been longest in sevice n the depatment, on behal o all his ellow employes M McStocke esponding both o himsel and M Clay, said that he could not ealize until he was actually leaving the position he occupied what it meant to have the good will and iendship o all those ussoclated with him He should pize this expession o that good will vey highly The testimonial to M Mc Stocke is as ollows: HONOLULU, H, June M F B McStocke, Esq Dea Si: t was with the deepest eget that we, the employes o the bueau o the Hawaiian custon Govenment, leaned o the esignation om the mpotant position held by you n this depatment n you new line o business pusuits we will always emembe the eve cheeul and iendly help and encouagement extended to us n the peomance o ou espective duties, and hope o you sucess n the geat entepise you have undetaken The testimonial to M Clay s woded n the same way Both ae signed by all the employes o the depatment n the ode o thei senioity, the names o the pilots, Captain Fulle and Pot Suveyo Geoge Statemeye being among the ist Note Heads, Bill Heads and Lette Heads Sta Oice T G, BALLENTNE H P EAKN Stocks in Si EWA WAALUA, Assessable and paid up HONOKAA AMERCAN SUGAR CO KHE BALLENTNE & E AKN Stock andbond Bokes Voni ony Bloclc FORT STREET, nonqlulu Timely Topics Honolulu, June, S99 Settled conditions in tho management nnd woking oce has been accomplished and in looking ove the stock the ollowing aticles ae ound Which deseve special mention, ns being o meit nnd will be sold competitive pices BLUE FLAME OL STOVES, 2, 4 and 5 Bunes FSCHERS STEEL RANGES, (at educed ates) Seveal kinds andstyles o cooking stoves to bun wood o coal A good stock o HEAV BREAKNG ; PLOWS, side hill and subsoil A good assotment o enowned PER FECT RCE PLOWS, manuactued expessly o Hawaiian Rice Plantes CULTVATORS, WOODEN OX BOWS, CANAL and GARDEN WHEEL BAR ROWS, PAN AMERCAN, STEEL TRA WHEEL BARROWS, GALVANZED assoted ENAMEL WARE, AGATE WARE RON BUCKETS, sizes 9 t,o 0 inches Also a lage invoice o geneal Mechandise to aive by the etun Austalia Give us a call and examine o yousel We sell at lowest maket ates Fot St, opp Speckels Bank Ms Cut Handled Jelly Dishes 5 cts Each See Them in Ou Cone Window ou bought eely o ou Fine Blown Tumbles nt 50 cents a dozen and ound, them excellent value The Set o Cockey, 50 Pieces o $790 pleased you The Fine Plated Teaspoons at $285 wee a supise, nnd the Nickel Reading Lamp at $200 is giving peect satisaction The Jewel Stove is saving onjou,uel bill nnd keeps the cook good nntued ou Guney Cleanable Reigeato is now indispensable and you ice bill s modeate Ou shipment o Wickless Blue Flame Oil Stoves by the nst Austalia was sold in thee days Thee ae moe on the way much to the delight o the light housekeepe We invite you to nspect the goods in ou vaious depatments ou, will be nttended by competent and couteous sales people, and you goods will be deliveed ee o chage DOD&CO SOLE AGENTS (LMTED) Jewel Stoves, Guney Cleanable Feigeatos, Pimus Oil Stoves, and Wickless Blue Flame Oil Stoves The Royal Opeit Mclneny WND Sl MLS The latest poduc duction o the most successul Wind Mill inventionin the wold Mechant s FORT STEEET Diect om Hunans Factoy, Anothe esh invoice o new ceations V Pe Moana we eceived the pettiest line o Mens Patent Leathe Steet Oxods and Russia Cal Tan Oxods eve shown in this city Thesa ae especially stylish and popula, being won with ancy coloed hal hose New styles in all colos and shapes Vici KidB on all lasts Wo intoduce the styles Shoe Stoe HONOLULU Cyclone Wooden Windmills, have poved themselves the most lasting aid equiing least cae HOWE AND FARBANKS SCALES CANE KNVES o the most appoved pattens and the Disston Ou Plantes mpoved Cast Steel No 2 Hoe is the best that has eve been made o cane cultivation New Goods constantly aiving CFC boon which they eceived, and did vey thei best to show that theyappeclated it The bithight which we enjoy, they wee uie nisi io snow inei appeciation o i,et tnis coming celebation be wothy o the day and o the new ea Stylish and Beautiul 2 t v Fot nnd HARDWARE Steets Goods COMPAN King and Bethel Ou own LMTED Steets 4 Wee eceived last week, in immense quantities, diect om Euope They wee selected especially o,my tade by my London agent and bought at the lowest, possible maket ates V will be able to sell the goods at pices that will be so low, people will eadily see they ae a much bette investment than the Sixgsi Stools: So cheap that it will epay one to anticipate thei needs and buy, to lay away, o goods such as these can neve be cheape ajid, when gone, cannot be duplicated, Hats, Timmed and Untimmed n all Shapes and Designs, with a vaiety o colo that would make a ainbow pale in compaison A MPORTER i c

5 J: j, v j ii We say that 4 N S What poo do you ant? tjt T Bette Goods Newe Goods Silk OF ALSO Tlie Peoples Povide Have made it a had and ast ule that they will not he undesold, while thei pesent high qualities will be maintained Just LATEST STLE tkei ae 3US thn o this sca PRCES PROM 50c TO,$25 Now on exhibition in the show window o ou hat depatment WAKAM HOTEL STREET HONOLULU OSTER V 0 DlTE ELTE B CREBM PMS A law is in vogue in Pai that this shall be used d all babe shops n use at THE SLENT BARBER SHOP, Joseph Popieto Alington 3ock Hotel 8 A New Having associated with us M John H West a pactical House Painte, Decoato and Wood Polishe, we ae now pepaed to give estimates on all kinds ot wok in that line M West having had a pactical expeience o ove twenty yeas in Sas Fancisco and othe lago cities on the Coast, we eel conident that any wok entusted to us will give entie satisaction to ou patons PEERLESS PRESERVNG PANT CO can tyiy at lowe pices om us any stoe in the slands (COMPAN, LTD) Esplanade, co Allen and Fot Bu HOLLSTER & CO, AGENTS New Gass Cloth, Handkechies, Doylies, Table Coves K SHRTS SLK EH! HHXDSOME CARPETS FOK:i(ALLS AND STARS JAPANESE RUGSVE R PRETT PATTTERXS A lage stock on band to select om at pices that will supise you WAVEHLE BLOCK HOTEL ST ET SAM & CO DEALERS N Fuits and Goceies Kins steet nea Alakea Telephone 220 Specialties Kona Butte and Fesh Kona Coee, always on hand Guava Jelly in any quantity Poulty o all kinds supplied Goods Deliveed Fee Eveything Sold Cheap CHAS Dy Goods Go Good Dy Goods wee neve cheape Poo Dy Goods wee neve deae Silk Cash Hats! WHS Antiseptic Solution We Aived Fenandez, Paint Shop you handle only 22 KNG STREET, TEL 9 Between Fot and Alakea Sts DEALER N GROCERES and Fesh Calionia Roll Butte and sland Butte always on hand the Shipment Goods HAS HUSTACE PROVSONS, Fesh goods eceived by evey btcame om San Fancisco SATSFACTON GUARANTEED HAWAAN gespa;, M, FVE V, Best PURE Sli, than PURE MLK CREAM Sweet VXlic RECEVE!) FKESH DALV THE DARMENS ASSOCATON 532 Fot Steet Pevents Baldness Resuscitates Weak Hai s an Excellent Hai Dessing Cues Pickly Heat at Once Keeps the Scalp Clean Leaves the Head Cool oung and Old Need t Heals all Scalp Disodes Eectually Eadicates Dandu Animates the Gowth ot the Hai Thees Nothing Like t Fo Sale by all Duggists and Fistclas s Babes F PACHECO, Popieto Ex Hongkong Mau A FULL LNE OF Japanese FNE ART SCREENS Novelties!! SLKl AND SLK GOODS, ORCELAN WARE, HANDSOME PAJAMAS, PORTERRES, KMONOS, RUGS, ETC Ail Kinds o Shits Dont, ouy until you have seen ou Stock The Gods and Pices wil suit you Muata & Go Hotel Steet, cone o Nuuanu Steet MM HAT HMlill ST A Bagain That beautiul, well aanged and comotable cottage, situate on the cone o Spence Avenue and Magazine Steet, being the Residence o J, W, Patt, Esq Containing 7 lage ooms and all moden impovements; also an abundance o ae and elegant shubbey Must be seen to be appeciated Pice, $5,500 Fo uthepnticulas, see i Will E Fishe Kenl Estate Agent & Auctionee TORT AND MERCHANT STS Copious Rains n Calionia, has done much to save he cops, nnd the maket in consequence, is not (jiilje us stong We quote n sniiill eduction om the highest pices The pices o ou choice, pue eeds must not be compaed with those o ineio gade, which may be oeed on this maket The pospects o n lago wheat cop s not ilntteitig, nnd the Hou maket einnins un E CURR T THE BEST When you want tho Best Hay, Peed o Gain; at the ight pice, ode om CALFORNA FEED CO Telephone 2, Notice Conveyances will leave Fnpnnloa o Kawaihae, though Hamakua, evey Monday and Thusday, and will connect with the steame Kinau Hoses o hie, by the day, week o tip at easonable ates Telcphono AKONA, Waimeo, o A FERNANDEZ, Paaullo Special ates to Noth Kohala A Fenaindejz, PAAULO, AMAKM, HAWA Powe o Attoney heeby give notice tlint Will E Fishe Holds Powe o Attoney o the ATLAS ASSURANCE CO OP LONDON And has ull authoity to epesent, net and sign o said company H W SCHMDT, Agent Atlas Assuance Co Honolulu, June 8, 600 Sang Gliaxi, Mechant Tailo, Suits ihndo to ode in the latest style A peect it guaanteed Light Suits and Linen Suits made to ode Re paiing Dyeing om uny colo to Dlttck NO 04 HOTEL STREET P O Box 90 Telephone 043 H A SCHOOL LADES PROPOSE TRANNG CTS SERVANTS Hoods THE All Uu Ai ts o the Kitchen to be Taught Only Gaduates o the School to be Employed Hee Announcement was made some days ago o the ntention o the ladleb o Honolulu to establish a cooking school o the tnlnlng and gaduating ot cooks While this movement had a smull beginning, t now has enlisted n t nealy nil the housekeepes o the city una must eventually meet the heaty endosement o suppot o eveyone Ais Dole, who s tempoay chaiman o the committee, has sent to this olllce the ollowing notes o the poject, which will pove o geat nteest: The ladles o Honolulu ae equested to attend a meeting at the M C A hall on Fiday moning, the 0th nst, at hal past 9 Fist To discuss the advisability o easibility o oming a society o league o the housekeepes o Honolulu, o the pupose o aising unds to establish a cooking school, and employ a competent, poessional cook o the taining o Chinese and Japanese Second Such Chinese and Japanese to pay a cetain ee o the pivilege o eceiving instuction at said Bchool Thid Said cooking school to ssue ache, biliousness, indigestion, nausea, cetiicates to sevants ate they have constipation, without puging, without gone though a cetain peiod o taining pain, without violence Fouth Such cetiicates to Eveybody be o at sometime needs dieent gades, o nstance, ist, second them and thid, accoding to competence and ates ot wages to be egulated by the gade o cetiicate held by sevant Fith Alt housekeepes, o those belonging to the society, to unite n eusing to employ cooks who do not cay cetiicates om said cooking school Sixth Cooks who have been n the employ o pesons o a numbe o yeas, and ae satisactoy and competent, to be ganted cetiicates upon examination by poessional cook, employed by the Honolulu School o Cookey BSHOP THOMPSON n the monthly meeting o the chuch deence nnd extension association to he held on Thusday evening, the deslnblll ty o nviting Bishop Thompson to visit these slands will be discussed Bishop Thompson s the chaiman o a committee o thee bishops appointed by the nst geneal convention to make enquiies o the condition o the chuch in Hnwall t s deemed expedient by ninny pesons Hint Bishop Tliompsdn should be enabled to make pesonal nquiy which should ndd geatly to the value o his epot The unds to meet the expense M ATSU KT Xiiunnu Steet, Honolulu CONTRACTOR PANTER AND PAPER HANGKR All Kinds o Wok in this Line nt Vey low Pices Give Us n Tial NOTCE All pesons owing the im o J T Wntehouse ae heeby equested to call and settle thei accounts as pomptly as possible Payments should be made to M Geoge S Wntehouso at ou onlce and ome place o busi ness n the Waveley block, Bethey steet, now occupteu by tno llm oi Heny May & Company, Limited We would also equest that all paties having claims against us, pesent same on o beoe June 5, 899, at the above location J T WATERHOUSE Honolulu, June 899 LGHT ON THE STOMACH Rainie Bee A PURE DEER POR THE HOME FOR SALE B ALL DEALERS Pills Cue Live lls Hoods Pills aeas peculia and as picas ant, in compaison with nli othes, as U Hoods Sasapailla To compound a pill wliici shall ta pleasant to take, shall not & with what byage becomes lnsolnoliwio which ln bo Just Hint mild nln i aiil to the ive and bowels whlcu si Natue to estoe he disoaeul luji tioiis that is the poblem u the pliaumeist t is easy to juie nit Unit is not what is wanted nuo uol tuo and un C VRB distuolng cathatic till set Natue to going, and elievo the head, the stomach, the live and all the ogans ot tho body om the evils o a clogged dainage The Live is tho gateway between tho stomach and tho ogans which the stomach puveys o Stop np tho goto and death quickly ensues Buden it with obstuctions and a thousand ills esult Hoods Pills CURE Live illssick head Eveybody should keep them on hand at ill times o emegencies Live lls Hoods Pills ae sold by all duggists 25 cents Sent by mall on eceipt o plco, by C, Hood A Co Lowell, Mass U SA HOBKON DRUG COMPAH WHOLESALE AGENTS B AUTHOET NOTCE TO DEALERS Notice is heeby gixeu that the poisioo Act 34 o the Session Laws o being An Act to Povide, Against the Adulteation o Pood and Dugs, will be enoced om und ate July st, SUO o such n viblt hnvu been geneously Paticula attention is called to the donated ollowing Rules: RUH Geate Ameica,, The sale o any aticle o ood which has uny substance mixed with it so as to lowe o depeciate o injuiously, Exposition alteet its quality, stength o puity is pohibited, unless thesame shall be sold in uccodanee with Rule V ) The Hawaiian Exhibit JtULH Pesons Tlie sale ot hnviui aticles thut tiny aticle o ood o thev ae willing to contibute to the which an ineio o cheape substance has been substituted in wholeo exhibit nt the Geate Ameica mposition, to be held nt Omnhn this in pat is pohibited unless tho summe, will please couiiiiiiiiiuiitt same shall be sold in ueeodance with with the undesigned Aticles desie ae: Rule V ndigenous and exotic uits gowing RULE Th e hee, natual ami peseved in jams, side o any imitation o an jellies, nti pickles, condiments, etc Specimens o domestic liiiudient ele o ood o the genuine s pohibited; such imitation i not injuioust niiiile chiely o wholly om Hawaiian aw mateial health inuy be sold when the package o containe is plainly Cuios, histoical elies, natual histoy maked specimens, etc, in collections o sepaately and sold as such in niiitings dawings, o othe at RU C V, : wok by local atists nnd iimuteiis Please stute whethe the contibu The sole o all mixtues o com tions may be sold, i thei etun is pounds ecognized as odinay ood to be insued, o anything eeing mixtues is pohibited unless the to thei cae nnd custody mine shall be distinctly labelled ns All communications should lie e ceived not nte tliiiu Satuday, luni such mixtue o eoiiipoimill 7 RULE V DAXK OGAX The sale o any aticle o ood which Secetay o Commission Contains any added siibstnnee o in gedient which is poisonous o injuious to health is pohibited HENR E COOPKR, Pesident o the Hoad o Health Honolulu, June 8, MU NOTCE The undesigned beg leave to notly thei patons apd the public thnt tlie Gocey and Povision business o thei espective llms will he consolidated nnd ncopoated unde the name and style o Heny May & Company, Limited, on June, 899 All accounts contacted pio to that date will bo due to the undesigned and not to the copoation Pending the eection o the new stoes to be occupied by the copoation on the site o the pesent stoe o May & Company, the company will occupy ns a etail depatment, the stoe now occupied by H K, Mclntye & Bos, nt cone o Pot nnd King steets Telephones Nos 22 and 92 with Messs, K Mclntye nnd Day, o May & Company, n chage The wholesale and also the etail depatment, o company will be conducted at the J T Watehouso stand on Bethel steet Telephones Nos 24 and 949, with M T May and M F Watehouse n chage The undesigned desie to expess thei thanks to thei patons and the public o past avos nnd ask that same be continued to the company succeeding them ii e mcintyiie & nnos H MA & COMPAN J T WATERHOUSE Dated Honolulu, May 8 S99 M PHLLPS & CO Wholesale mpotes and Jobbes ot AMERCAN & EUROPEAN DR GOODS, Cone o Fot and Queen Sts ART STUDO BANK0 H K0BAASH MBDALXST Exhibition evey day om to 3 p m Public invited Model Block, Fot nnd Beetania Sts SJ 7 4 V4 a

6 m ts H Hackelu & Go (LMTED) SOLE AGENTS FOR Potland Flouing Mills GLtXCl Spey Flou Co HAVE UST RECEVED A LARGE QUANTT OP THE FOLLOWNG POUULAR BRANDS: Golden Gate Flou, Supeb Flou, Olympic Flou, Gascadia Flou, O and C Flou, Golden Lily Flou, Potland Flou, Dayton Flou, Eldoado Flou Fo sale at Lowest Pices U KACKFELD & CO (LMTED) (LMTED) mission Hgens Seg to call the attention o the tade to thei complete line o hadwae Cockey i Etc, Paintsand Oils Geneal Plantation Supplies: A ine assotment o Kiich&n : Funishings GayAgateWae A Specialty Kaahunanu Hawaiian Electic Company Steet Tinsmith and Plumbe Deale in Tinwae, Cockey, Giass wae Hadwae Acatewae Cutley etc Piping Laid and Repaied No 5, mauka Hotel Steet, nea Smith Steet, l u vox bz All Bushmen Use it, Fo Cleansing the Blood it has no Equal Wo give liclow tlie jiotalt nml testimonial o M U ange Wad ot Disbmic, Queensland Some yeas ago while n Ameica had eve and Apue t let mo n a vey weak stato and quite dono up took some o D Aycs Sasapallla and t soon put mo to tights and my stength etuned cau saely ecommend Sopsoplia to othes Wlillo n the hush o this county liai an attack o scuvy hut soon got ee o this complaint by using the same lemedy Fo cleaning tho hlood and o euptions o the skin do not think t can bo beat All tho bushmcn use t Fo Constipation tke D Ajes Mn They pomptly elieve anil suely cue Take them Httli l) Ayes Sasapallla t ono aids tint othe OLLSTEK DRUG CD WHOLESALE AGENTS THE BREW OF OLMPUS THE HOFFMAN, cone o Hotel mid Nmlniiu steets, claims to be the Banne esot o gentlemen anil holds the ling L H Dee, the po pieto, h3 attained success in his liueby specially nml pesonally supelinin g: eveything connected with his stiiblislunent lie now intoduces to his patons Olyinpia Dee This biw is ioni tlie Capital Bewing to ot Ulyinpia the capital ot the State o Washington, and was eceived ny the Gnonne M Schmidt, the leading spiit o this copoation, is a pactical Chemist and liewe, and ate yeas o seach and investigation located his plant at Olympia, on ac ount o the peculia vitues o the nite o the Tun Falls, a steam that V noted o its distinctive qualities o cleaness, coldness and lack o mineal and decaying vegetable impuities Pue bee can only be made with pue wate, and Tun wate is taditional in Washington with the ndians and oiginal white settles The Olyinpia Daught is, tinde the special contol and agency o M Dee ami he invites his patons and iends to a pesonal test and is willing to abide by tbei Judgment on the meits o his latest ventue OneThi d On O Popula Sheet Music N The cleanest, bightest latest and eally a jie long un, the cheapest and best light o use la cue lainuy esidence, is tne incani j accent olectio light 8ao; nothing could tin sae A ew davs aeo a pominent ten tteman o Honolulu came ushing down to the oloa o the Electic Company and said: Give me igues o wiing my bouse, and want it done at once; no moe lamps o me bast nlgnc a lamp tipped ove ana it came to nea setting Ae to thchouse and buning o ohllden and take no moe isks Pecales, This is the sentiment o quite a numbe in the post ew weeks, who have odeed thei bouses ittod with the peect light Jut think it ove and make up you mind that you want the best and saest light; send (o the Hawaiian Electic Company and tell Jaom what yon wa J We have a complete stock o eveything in hit line and have just eceived a lot o the ey latest designs n cnanaelles llll V (LMTED) lerhant STREET ll MM UUi GRAND CLEARANCE SALE Will Commence on SATURDA 3A 27, 89) Wo will sell nil ou goods without consideing the cost, such ns: Gingham, 25 yads o $00 36 inches wide, 3 yads o Flat, nelettes, 0 yads o $00 C00 Coloed Muslins, 30 inches wide, 2 yads o $00 Flned Ognndies, 32 inches wide, 20 yads o $00 Figued Dimities, 8 yads o $00 Mens Undesuits and Dawes, pe suit, 60 cents All Wool Flannel Suits, pe Suit, $500 Chenille Table Coves, Chenille Window Cutains, Chinese Gass Linen, white and coloed, Emboideed Gass Linen Coves, etc, etc GOO KM, 20 NUUANU STREET GURRENC i HAWAAN STAR, TUESDA, JUNE 3, 3899 REFORM PLANS PilAtTiADLE SCHEME AT LAST PROPOSED Pesident Favos t n Peeence to the Moe Complicated Schemes Which Have Peon Put Fowad WASHNGTON (D C) May 30 The scheme o cuency eom which has been nnnounced, came om the Republican cuueus committee o the House and the epot as ngeeu upon s now n the hands o the Pesident The ollowing ae the chie ecommen The edemption o all obligations ot the Govenment n gold on demand Geenbacks, when once edeemed o gold, to be eissued only o gold Pemitting national nanus to issue notes to the pa value o thei govenment bonds deposited n the teasuy, lstead o ninety pe cent, as at pesent Pemitting the minimum capital o national banks to be $25,000, nstead o $50,000, as at pesent t s needless to say that this meets with the heaty appoval o the Pesident, who consides t much moe pacticable than any o the complicated schemes o cuency eom that have been suggested He has aleady ndosed, eithe n his public addesses o n his messages to Congess, evey one o the seveal popositions, and theeoe thee s no doubt that they will eceive his oicial appoval Secetay Gage emaked that tho epot o the caucus committee as above given was petty good o a state, but that was all he would allow himsel to say, because soone o late he will be equied to discuss tho subject oicially, LAWTON N COMMAND New Assignment o Toops n the Phi lippines MANLA, June Geneal Lawton has been given command o the deences o the city and toops ae oming lines aound Manila, which ae oming MacAthudivision Geneal com manes the outlying gaisons and toops ne holding the aiload and ives WASHNGTON, June The Wa Depatment eceived the ollowing today! Manila, June Smith epots om Negos that he has punished the TUle y, nsugents who mudeed Captain that the easten const o the sland s now unde the Ameican ling and that the inhabitants (ink potection against obbe bands The bands, pusued nto the mountains by United States and native toops, wee seveely punished WASHNGTON, June Replying to nquiies o the Secietay o Wa, Geneal Otis telegaphs that he is still o the opinion that toops will be necessay o eective contol o the Philippines BOAUD OP AGHCtLTUBE At the meeting o the Boad o Agicultue Satuday moning t was to allow the Omaha commissiones use o the ooms o the boad o aanging the exhibit Secetay Haughs was nstucted to povide potection o the tees on the Beach Hoad As M Pice did not each the meeting n time, nothing was done with the popoal to allow Poesso JCoebele to no to nllonla PERMTS SSUBD At a special meeting o the Boad o mmigation pemits wee ssueu o S4G talian laboes, to be bought om the nothen pat o taly Ministe Damon pesided at the meeting WORK PUOGHESSNG NAHKU, June 9 Wok at Nnhlku plantation s pogessing apidly Pesident Hocking is hee looking ate niatteis A lage quantity o mateial is nleady on hand o building the landing and the laboes quates J, A Gllllii has just been awaded a eonta ct o clealn ity aces o land SUNDA SCHOOL PCNCS Vesteday was a Tent day o Shut, dav School picnics, ( ental nlon Chuch Sunday School picnicked on the gounds o Oahu College,, the Methodist Sunday School at lleniond Gove and the Potuguese Sunday School at the Peninsula The day was ideal and the attendance at alo,theni excellent, and the enjoyment thoough DANGEROUS A steel, handle makes a naty umbella, but t also makes a ist ate Ugh thing od A New ok gil who was caying one n the steet was stnk hv llhtnlni and buned om head to oot Luckily, so Nicola Tesla says, she was standing n a puddle o wate at the time, else she would have been killed Republican Standad T CUBED HER COUGH was seiously allicted with a cough o seveal yeas, and last all had n moe sevee cough than eve beoe have used many emedies without eceiving much elie, nnd being ecommended to ty a bottle o Chambelains Cough Remedy, by a iend, who, knowing me to be a poo widow, gave t to me, tied it, and with the most gatiying esults The ist bottle elieved me vey much and the second bottle has absolutely cued me have not had ns good health o twenty yeas give this cetiicate without solicitation, simply n appeciation o tho gatitude elt o the cue eected Respectully, MRS MAB A BEARD, Claemoe, Ak Fo sale by all deales and duggists Benson Smith & Company, geneal agents, Hawaiian slands OKADA & CO, CONTRACTORS, Buildes and House Paintes 205 Queen St, Honolulu, H Fo Hongkong! (Via Guam, should suicient inducements oe) On o nbout the 0th June The Steamship City o Columbia o eight, o passage, apply to 3 WALKER, Agent, LNCOLN BLOCK, KNG STREET Heny St Goa Edwad Pollltz Membes SiocK ana Bond Excbaie, EuWaOoz,&C(i COMMSSON BROKERS AND DEAL ERS N NVESTMENT SECUR TES Paticula attention given to puchase and sale o Hawaiian Suga Stock Loans Negotiated Easten and Foeign Stocks and Bonds 403 Calionia St, : San Fancisco J S WALKER Geneal Agent o Hawaiian islands: Royal nsuance Company Alliance Assuance Company Alliance Maine and Geneal Assu ance Company Wilhehna o Madgebug nsuance Company Scottish Union and National nsu unce Company ROOM 2 SPRECKELS BLOCK, HONOLULU, Announcement! We beg to announce to he public thnt, on and ate June 5th, we will give a discount o OneThi d All O Popla Sheet Music including the latest songs and inaches THE BEBGSTROM MUSC CO, (Limited) PROGRESS BLOCK lie that, o and ate Tune 5th, we $000 pe month OMRS The Only Place in Town) to Get Quick Wok and Stictly Fesh EASTMAN FLMS FRESH PAPERS FRESH DEVELOPERS ETC, ETC, ETC The Le Munyon Photo Supply Company VSTORS OX MAU MAKAWAO, dune UM anil Ms 42G FORT STREET C C Conadt and MUs Widemann o Honolulu, have been visiting Ms Dowsett and Alexande McKibbin, at Vuuonialel, Makawao, o the past two W 6 RWK & CO weeks (Limited) BABES AND ELEPHANTS Siamese women ntust thei babies AGENTS FOR to the cae o elephants and t s said Westen Suga Reining Co o that tho tust s neve betayed Tho San Fancisco, Cal babies play about the huge eet o the elephants, who ae eve caeul neve Baldwin Locomotive Woks ot to hut the little ceatues And Philadelphia, Penn dange theatens, the sagacious animal will cul the child gently up n ts Newell Univesal Mill Co, tunk and swing it up out o lianj tay upon ts own uoaa back (National Cane Shedde) New ok U S A N Ohlaudt c,908 Chemical Fetilizes Alex Coss & Sons ni(h Gade Fetilizes o Cane and Coee Reeds Steam Pipe Cas Also Oe o Sale n A T)t tn l aiauuo x it iuv iu a P & B Paints and Papes Lucol and Linseed Oils Raw and Boiled, nduine (a cold wate paint) n White and Colos Filte Tess Cloths, Cement, Limes and Bicks H MA & CO WHOLESALE AND RETAL GROCERS 08 FORT STREET, HONOLULU Both Telephones 22 P 0 Box 4T The ist costs seveal hunded dollas, tlie second only a dolla and a hal The cut nbovo shows the U S Tip, Hie handiest little Cyclomete made t keeps tack o all the iding you do up to 0,000 miles, njid at the same time you ca n set pue pat o it back so as to show you what you do on o tip, o in you daily iding, up to 00 miles Take this tip o $50, and you will be pleased E O HALL & SON, Ltd Cone Fot nnd King JRSHAW, BV S Oice and nimay, 863 King Steet Telephone, 706 Moden and Humane Teatment Palama Planing Mill, Jea King Steet Bidge KWONG VNG FAT & GO Contactos and Buildes Sops, Bueaus, Meat Saes, Chais, Tables, Mattesses, Bedsteads, Etc Funitue o All Kinds Made and Repaied Manuactue o Doos, Sashes and Fames, Blinds, Mouldings and Backets Lumbe o All Kinds Tuned and Planed at Vey Reasonable Rates Honolulu on Woks, STEAM ENGNES, SUGAR MLLS, BOLERS, COOLERS, RON, BRASS, AND LEAD CASTNGS Machiney o Evey Desciption Made to Ode Tavtlcuhi attention paid to Ships Blacksmithing Job Wok Executed on Shot Notice CHU P CO NUUAXU ST, Between King nnd Hotel Sts GREAT CLEARANCE SALE Commencing May 5, i899 FOR ONE MONTH ONL Calico, 32 yads o $00 Gingham, 0 yads o $00 Ladies Shops, 75 cents pe pai Ladies Undeshits, 4 o 25 cents Ladies Waists, latest style, 45 cents each Black Skits, $20 each Bown Linen Skits, 95 cents each Childens Bonnets, 40 cents each Tadics Hose, 2 ps to 25 cents Cosets, 40 cents each Coloed Muslins, 0 yads, 75 cents White Cotton, Fawell, 5 yads, iiluu Bown Cotton, yad wide, 7 yads, SlUU Ladies Staw Hats, 75 cents each Flannelettes, 8 yads, $00 Mens Hose, 5 cents pe pai Mens Shoes, $25 pe pai White Shits, 40 cents each Mens Undeshits, 20 cents each, Mens Caps, 25 cents each Folt Hats, 75 cents each Mens Staw Hats, 40 cents each, On account o ou lage stock, we cannot quote pices on all lines o goods CHLDRENS PHOTOS Ae the hadest o all to make well until you become accustomed to the task Mothes tell use we ac at ou best when making photos o the little ones Ou quaint, uniques poses aithul likeness and dainty style o inishing the photos ind avo n evey mothes eyes Peseve babys petty ate in one o Williams photos FORT STREET, HONOLULU ATip totheus and a U S Tip Ae two vey dieent things WE Steets Established in 872 Estate S, G Wilde $? t X COMPAN W, C, Wilde MPORTERS AND DEALERS N LUMBER AND tjoal Building SUCH Mateials AS DOORS, SASH, BLNDS, Buildes Hadwae Paints, Oils, Glnss, Wall Pape, Etc Co Fot and Queen Steets HONOLULU, H Reigeated Poulty AND CONSTANTL ON HAND esoposisan TELEPHONE NO 45 sat Go, Who will do it? ou ae going to have you house Papeed, Painted o Decoated Whos going to do it? No one does o can do bette wok than we nvestigation poves that tew uo asgood All we ask o it is a ai pice not high, not low Eithe exteme is dangeous Any ope who gives js wok gets the best going at the aiest and squaest pice STERLNG, THE? PAVTBR Oice: Union Squae, opp Bell Towe k GOOD 4U2C THNG 9 Sand Ohia, Alagaoba and Pine Fiewood, cut and split eady o the stove; Stove, Steam and Blacksmiths Coal, White and Black Sand at lowest pices deliveed to uny pat o the city Hustace & Co QUEEN STREET Telephony 44 THE SUES, LTD Fot Steet, Nea Hotel Tel 477 Livey Boading and Sales Stables Pompt Sevice Stylish Tunouts Sao Dives We ae especially equipped to cate to you tade Fai dealing and good sevice is what we depend upon to get it Hack stand Bell Towe, Union Steet, Telephone No 39 Hacks JSos 62, 65, 0, 25, and 80 C H BELLNA, Manage nilak CAKE 6 co lid: CARRAGE AND WAGON BULDERS RUBBER TRES AND ROLLER BEARNG AXELS WLSON & WHTE HOUSE, Sole Licensees Hawaiian slands 2 Queen Steet

7 J GREEN RVER The Whisky Without a Headache Tied Natues Sweet Restoe pue bid whiskey No headache in its wake, no lassitude in its use, and whethe to make mith at the banquet boad o give comot in the hushed chambe o the sick, it is always sae to use that which is known to egiste 00 pe cent in puity EMMA STREET, NEAR EMMA SQUARE Newly Funished Rooms Electic Lighted, Mosquito Loty Poo, Cool and 3o Gentlemen Gand Cleaance Sale! Fom JxLe 3d to Jixly 3d Nos Niiunnu Steet, Next to the Empie Saloon C AFAT, , Huah o the Just eceived at the X L a lage 76 Queen Steet, nea Richad Stcetj Clothes Dyed in all Colos Desied Also Cleaned and Repaied ooluu a me Holol Lole HONOLULU, H s Nuuanu St o July 899 and well selected stock o assoted Exhibition Sky Rockets om lb to 0 lbs Exhibition Uoman Candles om 6 to 25 Halls Coloed Fies n lied, Geen and Jlne Fie Cackes, Bengal Lights, Sta Mines, Sailcisson Geyses, Topedoes, Devil among the Tailos, Tiangle Wheels, Fiewok Balloons, Lantens, etc, etc v Assoted cases o Fiewoks nt $5, $20 and $25 Tied, White and Blue Moss Tape Festooing lied, White and Blue Cotton and Wool Decoation Bunting Red, White and Blue, and Stas and Stipes Silk Ribbons T Small and Lage Size Ameienn Shields Lithogaphs o Washington, McKinley, Dewey, Gant and othe cel ebities Ameican and Hawaiian Bunting Flags om to 0 eet Ameican and Hawaiian Muslin Flags, on sticks, all sizes These goods ae all new and esh o tho best quality and will be sold at San Fancisco pices sland Odes, will eceive pompt attention THE XL, S W, Ledee, Popieto COR NUUANU AND KNG STREETS T O BOX 535 TELEPHONE 478 UEMURA & ARUK 4th M W McChisney & Sons Wholesale Goces and Deales n Leathe and Shoo Findings Agents Honolulu Soap Woks Company and Honolulu Tanney Fom all sides and om all quates o the globe, n all languages, comes e pots o the Steling quality o the Steling bicycles See the P C & M Coipany Besides a ine actoy and skilled wokmen the Steling wheel can boast o ine mateial See the P C & M Company, Fost steet Modeate in Pice Elegant in Eect Paquety Floos White Cotton, yad wide, Fawell 0 yads, $00 Bown Cotton, yad wide, heavy 8 00 LEWERS & COOKE White and Coloed Blanket pe pai, 65 Fot Steet Mens Oveshits v each, om 20c to 50 Mens Undeshits each, om 20c to 50 ROBT LEWER? F J LOWRE Mens Undeshits 3 o 50 C M COOKE Mens Undeshits, exta heavy 2 o 75 Men s Socks, black and coloed, pe pai, 5c; pe dozen 50 LEWERS & COOKE Mens Socks; vey heavy 2 pais 5 Lumbe and Buildes Hadwae Mens Socks, exta ine 2 pais 25 Ladies Hose, ast black pe pai, 0c; 3 pais o 25 DOORS, SASH, BLNDS, Ladies Hose, vey heavy pe pai, 5c; 2 pais o 25 PANTS, OLS, GLASS, Ladies Hose, exta ine pe pai, 25c; 3 pais o 50 WALL PAPER, MATTNG Childens Hose, ast Black Tpe pai, 0c; 3 pais o 25 CORRUGATED RON Childens Hose, ast black pe pai, 5c; 2 pais o 25 LME CEMENT ETC Mens Blue Woolen Suits beoe, 50; now 750 Mens Blue Sege Coats beoe, 525; now 350 To Ou Fiends Mens Blue Sege Pants beoe, 325; now 200 and Patons Mens Fine Coloed Coats om $200 to 450 Have you tied any o those Chocolat j Mens ine coloed Pants at vey low o Pices Cocoanut (esh) cakes om the Geman Bakey? They ae only 23 Coloed Felt Hats, Mens Staw Hats o almost nothing and 50 cents each and ponounced delicious by those who have tied Mens Shoes, beoe, $250; now 50 them Ode one o you Sunday Mens Shoes, all styles and dinne We also have a sponge cake Pices which we sell o the modeate sum TinliiFs Shoes i beoe Sl75: and now 50c and 75 o 5 cents each Boys Suits, latest style pe suit, $50 to 250 Geman Bakey Bovs Knee Pants j each, 4(3c and 50 S33Fot steet Headquates o genuine Ginge Silk Shawls, all colos beoe, $500; now 325 Snaps, Suga Cookies, etc Silk, Linen and Cotton Handkechies at vey low pices Telephones 677 HAWAAN STAH, TUESDA, ijtcjl 3, 800 SEVEN OLLA POJlUDA V The ceam o expeience is obtained om spilled milk OTHELLOl ill HOME BAKER CAFE LANDS Fot Steet, Honolulu, A peeed cedito is one who neve MVAS COMPAN AT THE OPEHA Fo Sale, asks o ills money HOtSU, When the day beaks, the sun shines wej7 0 V though the cacks Peomance o Shakespeaes Tagedy The only bicycle actoy n the wold New Sceney and Desses New Comedy Pomised o Next Satuday st Two lots at Kallkl, acing Kame 3 on one goundlloo s that o the Stel llvvsl V?AtAte ing Cycle Woks at Kenoshe, Wis hamcha V Road, nnd n ont o ou look sulky, said the bicycle to On Satuday evening W McVay 0 Maknams esidence, with n new tho totting wngon opened the theate o a season o legitimate dama and comedy, commenc Saa ja dwelling on v And you seem tied, was the eply ing Fom stat to comnletlont he Steling with Othello Consideable pains 2nd One lot, 9Cx200 eet, mauka o th wheel tavels oveall quate had been taken to mount o a the play well, Catholic mile, chuch pemises at Knllhl jnd though two nev scenes the mouths o 300 machines and had been specially painted the hands o COO expet The desses wee wokmen also 7 handsome See the and histoically P accuate ali ;UJ 3d Twentyou lots nt Knpalama C& M Co As the Moo M McVay gave lying a caeul and accuate endeing o the pat mauka o King steet, about Buy l, sell ai, and love the ai S00 eet om the Knpalama tamways depot By so dlng youwlll stand a ai chance The ealie passages wee given with o leading a, ai lie dignity and clea enunciation n the thid act, when ago begins to pou The Paciic Cycle & Manuactuing the 4th Five lota and houses nt Kapala venom o Jealousy nto Company will sell you his ea, the a Steling bicycle, the highest gade wheel eve man s tagic powe began to be developed) ma, and situated mauka o King steet A v gadually nceased n powe till the and on the Wnlklkl side o Mois uactued, o $60 on small nstallments climax was eached at tho end o the Estate pemises, ncome $53200 a ll make you dance cied an ate ith By physical advantages o om yea mothe, pusuing an eing son, slippe and voice and by excellent taining n hand Then, emaked the Juvenile, M McVay s well itted o the pat o Bth A we shall have a bawl Othello and he played with cae, lot o about hal an ace, mau avoiding the pitall o ant nto which ka side o King steet, about 400 so many ae so apt to all eet om the cone o Llliha and M Boggs potayed ago well ago King steets, the pemises poduce s the most subtle and most deeply dyed villain o Shakespeaes Open om 0 a ni to midnight an Ceation He income o $3600 pe annum has not a edeeming quality n him And then he s such a scheming 6th Twentythe e and lots, 50x00 eet, n plausible scoundel, masqueading un Puunul Tact; twentyiv e lota, CASTLE & COOKE, LMTED Commission lechants SUGAR FACTORS AGENTS FOR The Ewa Plantation Co The Waialua Agicultual Co, Ltd The Kohala Suga Co The Waimea Suga Mill Co The Koloa Agicultual Co The Onomea Suga Co Tho Fulton on Woks, St Louie, Missoui The Standad Oil Co The Geoge F Blake Steam Pumps Westons Centiugals The New England Mutual Lie nsuance Co, o Boston The Aetna Fie nsuance Co, o Hatod, Conn The Alliance Assuance Co, o London BEAVER LUNCH ROOM Fot Steet Opposite Wilde A Co,H J NOLTE, Pop Fist Class Xunches seved with tea coee, soda wate, ginge ale o milk Smokes Requisites Metopolitan AND NAV 8 KNG STREET a Specialty Meat Go CONTRACTORS G J WALLER, Aani Mechant Tailo Suits to ode Fit guaanteed Fine Duck Suits, $5 up; Fine Tweed Pants, (450 up; Fine Suits, $8 up Clothes Cleaned and Repaied 0 KNG STREET P O Box 44 de the guise o blu, soldiey honesty He makes no bold chage, but builds up his abic o mischie and doing by nnuendo a wod dopped hee, and action thee, all tending to his pupose o destoying Casslo, and caing nothing o the litluy he does Desdemona, o the uin he s binging upon his tusting geneal, the Moo As o todlgo, he s but a puppet n his hands, to be boken with a dagge thust when ago has done with him No chaacte, among the olde damatists appoaches that o ago n pue villainy, except, pehaps Malowes Jew o Malta ago s no easy pat to play and to M Boggs must be given high cedit o his ntepetation Twice the cutain ell upon him as he held the stage by himsel, and the excellence o his elocution and his damatic powe called oth applause which sent t up again O the suppot Miss Boye made a satisactoy Desdemona, especially n the scene whee she pleaded o the estoation o Casslo to avo n this she was vey winning, and she showed to advantage n the scene o the handkechie, and again n the long dialogue with Othello while Emilia s watching at tho doo which ends with that deep nsult om Othello We have done ou couse Thees money o you pains The play was epeated on Monday evening, but the audience, as on Satuday, was small On Satuday next M McVay and his company will put owad the comedy The Late M Jones, which s vey amusing and will cate to mo2 pnpuls test? than Othclo does A TEXAS HOTEL t s Run by the Seven Sanctiied Sistes They say that the best hotel n Texas s to be ound at Bolton, says an exchange, a town on the Santa Fe oad, and t is kept by seven sanctiied sistes, as the popietos ae populaly called Seveal yeas ago a woman n that place and he husband quaeled ove the best wuy o expounding the Sciptues to a Sunday school class, and wee so stubbon that they sepaated and wee inally divoced This amily contovesy was taken up by the town, which was soon distinctly divided between the adheents o the husband and the adheents o the wie The esult Was a lage cop o divoces, and seven husbandless women, ncluding the oiginal cause o the commotion, joined togethe and ented the town hotel One o them did the cooking, anothe was palo maid, a thid made up the beds, and so they divided the wok up among them and an the establishment upon the plan They would not employ a man about the place, although the most o thei patons wee men, o couse People say that women taveles peeed to stop elesewhee, and that would be a womans way One the seven sanctiied sistes used to dive a big caya ll down to the ailway station thee o ou times a day to meet the tains, but she let the egula tanse company hnndle the baggage The hotel pospeed om the beginning, and thee was no eason why it should not, o eveything was neat and homelike and the cooking wbb the best n Texas, which s not saying much pehaps, but s a good eason why t was appeciated, isvey Sunday it was cowded The dummes used to swam thee om all the nothen cental pat o the State, and evey passenge on the Santa Fe tains was an advetising agent The sanctiied sistes made money, as they deseved to do; they enlaged thei establishment, and stated a big laundy n connection with t, whee the dummes let thei soiled clothes to be done up while they wee out duing the week Then the sistes bought a hotel nt Waco nnd stated a laundy thee, with equal suecea, and now they ae talking one in New ok o stating ARSHP, Count von Zeppelin, a Wutembeetied g cavaly geneal, who has been o yeas expeimenting with an aiship, ate a seies o successul expeiments with small models n the pesence o the king o Wutembeg and expets, has succeeded n oming a company with a capital o 4,800,000 maks, o the pupose o exploiting his nvention A huge aiship is now being built accoding to his plans nt Manzlll, and the ist public ascent s pomised o July 3 This will be on the Boden sea, 800 metes om the shoe, as it is supposed that the aiship will make a bette exhibition o ts loating nnd steeing qualities above wate BURRTTS BOOKS Ellhu Bultt gave all his libay ncluding many mnnusclpts, to the school n New Bitain, Conn, which was named n hono o him No cae was tuken o the collection and t has now been discoveed that all the manuscipt volumes have disappeaed, as als o have many othe books Notice! We heeby notiy the public in geneal, that wo have opened a lage stoe n Household Funltue, nnd Geneal Hadwae, Speciality, mechanics tools All goods ae oeed at the lowest maket pices Please give us a call 8 Opheum Block THE ORPHEUM XWFAniL THEATER C S DESK LESSEE J F POST MANAGER Tonight! Days Tonight! Jim Posts Funny Comedy Entitled Daughte Kate Coming Attactions On aival o Austalia, May 0 a new company will open The Gentest Aggegation o Vaudeville Talent eve seen in Hono lulu at one time Box OHce opens nt 0 u m 540 Phone Alexande & Baldwin, Suga Factos AND Commission Mechants AGENTS FOR i!e CALFORNA & ORENTAL STEAMSHP CO JUDD BliDJVO, FORT STREET, HONOLULU Thee is Scacely A mouth in the yea when people do not iind something in the unitue line that needs epaiing Couches and Chais ae to be coveed and it is o couse you aim to get the most stylish mateial o a easonable pice We would like you to come aound and inspect ou GOODS We have numeous dieent pattens and stylisl designs About Bedoom Sets Witli us means a well inished set o seven pieces o SOLD ASH o OAK We Jiave just eceived a lago shipment o Single and Double Mattesses HOPP & CO, Lending Funitue Deales King and Bethel Steets, Honolulu CASTLE & COOKE, LMTED Lie and Fie insuance Agents ZST AOENTS FOR JEl NEW ENGLAND MUTUAL, LFE NSURANCE CO, OF BOSTON FRE NSURANCE CO, OF HARTFORD, CONN E SUMNO Vatclimato Gold and Silyesmitn Kukul Nuts Polished Watches nnd Jewely Repaied All kinds o Gold Tlated Wok No 38 King Steet nea the Bidge 75x50, n Puunul Tact; twentyq v lots, 00x200, in Puunui Tact 7th Six lots, 00x200, on Nuunnu steet, ight opposite the old ice woks; about 300 lots 50x00, nt Nuuanu at ea and mauka o the above lots 8th About ity lots n the Keklo Tact, situated opposite the Makee sland band stand t is admitted that it is one o the best tacts nea the Waklkt sea beach 9th About ity lots n the Kapahulu Tact 0th About,000 aces in Kenlakomo, Puna, Hawaii; the land extends om the beach to about, two miles om the Volcano th City popeties, etc,etc Pices ae the cheapest n the maket Fo uthe paticulas C AH apply to REAL ESTATE BROKERS W C Achl, ou manage, has ove sixteen yeas expeience in the UM Estate Business n this elty Honolulu, Febuay 7 SS9 New Hooks, Good Books, Pcpuln Books! Books o all Classes o Reades! Wio s you avoite autho? Klpns? GavlceV Weyman?, J K Jeome? Haggad?,, Uaeme? Clak tussell? Robet L Stevenson? Haaden? Conan Doyle? Jokal? Sleuklewicz? Anthony Hope? Chales M Sheldon? Southwoth? Waden? an Jaclaen? Gunte? Anthony Hope? Colonel t Savage? Albet loss? Malltt? Coelll? you avoite s not n this list step n at 36 Fot steet and you will bo sue to ind t, GOLDEN RULE BAZAAR 30 FORT STREET HONOLULU New Aivals By the C D Byant, Andew Welch and othe ships compel ub to sacllco unitue at cost pice We must make oom NOW S OUt TME TO BU! Hammocks n geat vaiety, om $ 75 Bedoom sets ns low as $9 Double Beds, Mattesses and Pillow complete o $5 50 Wie Mattesses at specially educed pices Mios, all styles and sizes, om 25c to $0 BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! Just aived All the most popula authos, pape coves, 0c; handsome coloed cloth bindings 35c Books lent to ead, 5 cents pe volume Old books bought and exchanged L S MATHEWS & SON Funitue Deales 20 Beetania Steet Nea Fot Steet Choice Bee,, Veal, Mutton, and Ppk ALWAS ON HANP Sausages, Live, Head Cheese, nnd Beakast Bologno CENTRAL MARKET, 34 Nuuanu St Tele 04 4 V A? 4 U

8 v M m M t Must ; Be iemembced that ou stock epesents the inest eadytowe a Clothing made iu the United States stylish, sevicabl e, becoming Clothes that have nothing in common with odinay eady made gaments, no with the kind o goods tuned out by the aveage custom tailo We have ecently added to ou stock the lines made by Hat, Schalne & Max o Chicago, in addition to ou Stein Dloch goods Do not pay out money o awkwad, old ashioned eady made Clothing when you can have the H S & M goods o the same cost Do not pay the tailos pice when you can get as good, and pobably bette, satisaction, o less than hal the money M Mclneny s MODEM CLOTHER, Fot and Mechant Steets 8!! Hawaiian Cuios Kapa, Calabashes, Luis, Native Hats, Hula Skits, Niihnu Mats, Fans, Shells, Seeds, etc HoneMad e Pol constantly on hand Mending done Neatly and Cut Flowes unished by the Woman a Exchange 25 MERCHANT ST, HONOLULU :j Telephone Hies Condensed Milk GOLF Vey complete All inteested in (his delightul ame lie naked to come iu and inspect ou stock o woodkn clubs, ikon clubs, caddy bacs colk iosk (iol? OSH CQF SWKATKllS and COLF SUN DUKS o vaious kinds esh new goods Only complete line in the city (iok STCKS te AKHD (ioj BALLS te MOTjDED line just eceived Athletic Suppotes BOXNG GLOVES Lago lino new Goods n innni n nitn i nun 52 FOtT STREET Telephone P05 iiiii NEW ADVERTSEMENTS WANTED Funished Uooiii Page MHHTNO NOTCE Sons o Ameleun llevolution inge CAHPENTUK AND ltuldkt M atsn lngo LOST Dak Say Mae Page MSCEliliANKOLS Opea House Page 8 M E KlleAn Page i S W Ledeiv Page 2 Kgan Co Ltd Pnge 8 (ente Ainelea Exposition Page 5 NEWS N A NUTSHELL lilts o Paagaphs that Give Condensed Notes o the Day Thee will bo moe hose aces on July 4 Austalia sails at 4 oclock Mall closes at 3 The band will play the Austalia ot this atenoon DuTys Daughte Kate at the tonight M atsu, capente and builde, 37 Nuu an u stet, has a cad n this ssue diaies F Sawye has accepted a splendid plantation position on Molokal A gentleman desies a unished oom centally located Addess A, box 307 Congessman Mondell and his wie let by the Klnau today o lo and the Volcano A well known pugilist was athe bested by a native n a little misundestanding Satuday The Sta was ssued ealy semiweek this moning ly n time o the outgoing sland malls Business was suspended duing yesteday All Govenment olces n the slands wee closed Gents silk ont shits, ladles muslin undewea and cosets n geat vaiety, at Egnns Fot steet Fanklyn Caty o Thums book stoe, goes on the Claudlne today to All a position at Pala, Haul Bill Alapal has petitioned o lettes o administation o the estate o the late Pehu, valued at $320 At S Ledees, cone o King and Nuuami steets, can be ound new and istcla ss secondan d unitue lllel J Kapu has been appointed administato o the tstate o the late Molly H Kapu, unde $300 bonds Special sale o milliney this week at Miss M E KUcans, new goods, latest styles Alington block Hotel steet The ndjouned meeting o the Fouth o July committee will be held at the Dill shed at 7:30 tomoow evening On account o having a day o t at the aces, the band did not give a con cet at the Hawaiian hotel last evening Sam Decke has eopened his tailoing establishment n the babe shop pemises on King nea Alakea steets The U S F S Philadelphia sailed o San Fancisco Sunday moning She will take about eleven days o the voyage AttoneyGene al Coope will be Ministe o Finance ad nteim, duing the absence o Ministe Damon on tho Coast Two soldies had a ight n ont o the M C A late Satuday night They wee pated by civilians and late shook hands The uneal o Ms Wilhelm, which look place Sunday atenoon, was attended by a vey lage numbe o deceaseds iends The secetay o the Hawaiian exhibit o the geate Ameican exposition at Omaha, has a notice to intending exhib itos n tins ssue A ewad is oeed o the etun o a dak bay diving mae, stayed om Sans Souci yesteday, Retun to Hawaiian hotel stables Deendants motion o a new tial n the assumpsit matte o F J Testa vs J P Kahahawal, et al, has been oveuled by Judge Stanley Laugh,, and the wold laughs with you The wold will laugh next Satuday night nt the opea house Go and laugh at the late M Jones F B McStocke and J F Clay let by the Kinau today to assume thei duties as manage and chie accountant, espectively, o the Olaa plantation A meeting o the Son s o the Amei can Revolution Js called o Satuday, June 7, 899, at 2 oclock noon, at the ooms o the Hawaiian Sae Deposit building M and Ms J C Schiess o Chicago, who have been at Wights villa o some time let today by the Kinau o Hllo and a tio to the Volcano and aound Hawaii The Russian cuise Razboynlk sailed o the Astatic station Satuday ate noon at 4:30 o clock She exchanged salutes with the Philadelphia as she let he anchoage M wateman o the Honolulu Bew ing Company leaves by the Austalia this atenoon He will be away some six weeks, and on his etun wok will be at onee commenced upon the bewey building Time is Money s well illustated by the huied business man in his uitless seach among the accumulation o papes in h s desk o an, im potant document which lus has just ive minutes to poduce A place o eveything, is an excellent motto Tliis is what ou new desks, witji e, thei latest, timesavin g devices, epc sent in eality All Styles nnd all pices in the lot just eceived by thd Mohican Also a lage assotment o BOOKCASES PRESS STANDS LETTER FLES DOCUMENT CHARS STOOLS, FLES ETC, ETC exn OFFCES, QUEEN ST, HONOLULU TELEPHONE 33 HOME! Thee ae but a ew lots let n the PAWAA TRACT Tems, $250 Cnsli Balance n monthly installments Go immedintaely and see tho tact, and make you selection yill E FSHER, Agent Baking Powde Mdde om pue ceam o tata Saeguads the ood against alum Alum baking powdes ae the geatest neniccs to health o the pesent day, i op R ea, w vonu The yachts Bonnie Dundee and Hawaii took a paty to Peal habo yesteday Pesident Dole sailed the Bonnie Dundee and L A Thuston tho Hawaii n the paty wee Congessman Mondell and wie The outgoing sland steames today ae cowded Some o those leaving came to attend the aces, and some o them to attend the annual session o the Hawaiian Boad and the Hawaiian Evangelical Association D A E Nichols has bought suit o speciic peomance against the Aloha Coee Company Action is to compel the sale o COO aces o coee land n Olaa o $37,500, upon which complainant claims to have a six months option Note Heads, Bill Heads and Lette Heads Sta Oice STOCKS FOR SALE HONOKAA SUGAlOCOMPAN, KAHCJKU PLANTATON COMPAN WAALUA AGUGULTUtAL COM PAN AMERCAN SUGAR COMPAN OAHU RALWA c LAND COMPAN SHARES HARR ARniTAGE, Cone King and Bethel Steets Telephone 889 JAS, E MOEGAN Auctionee and Boke 33 Queen Steet 0 Box 594 Telephone 72 FORSAE Tho undesigned oes o sale valuable pacel o Land on the southeast cone o Beetania and Mille steets The popety has a ontage o 54 eet on Beetania steet and 03 eet on Mille steet Aea 4,700 squae eet Thee ae two Cottages on the pop ety, one o which is now ented o $25 pe month Fo uthe paticulas apply to it WW J 33 Queen Steet National you want to buy o sell O ANT FORT STRBBT Flying Top Suga Stocks See Abies The geatest Novelty o the yea Flies 50tolOOteet Fo sale only by Wall, Nichols Co, s (LMTED) SOLE AGENTS FCHt HA WAT N B The Tade supplied, wite o quotations KODAKS ou ae told that thee is no Kodak but the Eastman Kcdak We handle only Eastman Kodaks Thei goods ae a guaantee o quality We have them om $5 to $35, and whethe you buy the lowest piced instument the highest, they will be ound just as epesented Kodaks make the best c Holiday Pesents, accept able to eithe sex FLlS Fast man Films ae eood Films That is tie eason we handle them exclusively ou will always ind ou Pilms esh, and tesn Piims insue the best wok Developing and Pinting! Mnnv amateus eniov the wok o developing and pinting Thee ot wlin linv nnt lip time o inclination to do the wok them selves We make a specialty o this banch o the Kodak business Ou customes ae kind enoueh to say we tun out bette wok than they get elsewhee We take niilp in this tenntment o ou business Evey Film developed caetully it ou pnoiogapne inis vnn ae making mistakes he will coect you Thats a vey im potant advantage JLet us snow ou what we can do Hobon Dug Co Headquates o Eastman Kodak supplies HAWAAN OPERA HOUSE OOMEX SATURDA, JUNE 7, 89) THE EMNENT ACTOR WLLAM MR McA And his associate jilayes in Chales Williams geatest acecomed y success The Late M Jones MR MVA AS JOHN PHLLP MACREAD BURBAGE SCREAMNG COMED PROM START TO FNSH NEW SCALE OP PRCES; Dess cicle U Paciuet l 00 Fist oo thee ows in the oaicony Back o thid ow n the balcony Galley ; Boke Fot Steet, nea King you want to buy o sell Real Estate See Abies you want you popety looked ate, ents collected; and be elieved o all annoyances See Abies L C ABLES, 35 FORT STtEET, HONOLULU Telephone 39 TRBUNE, Model 4 $5000 Blue o Black Silk Font Shits Ou Gandmothes Used t THE WHEELER WLSON SEWNG MiLCHSTE BUT, OH HOW DFFERENT THEN FROM NOW Tho old one was good, All who used t will say, But bette, a bette, The machine o toda LOCK AND CHAN STTCH, BALL BEARMG Swit, Silent and Duable Sold on monthly installments Renting and Repaiing Agent Fot Steet, nea Hotel We ae displaying in ou window 00 Japanese Rugs at $00 each LUNDBORGS, ROGER! Muslin Undewea and Cosets FORT STRBBT TRBUNE, Model 40 $5000 Black o Fench Flannelettes, in Unique Designs, at 25 Cents Pe ad The Latest in Ladies Neckwea, Veilings, Ghatelain Bags, etc PERFUME SETS AND BOTTLES Diect om the Makes; MALE & Hoodies GALLETS RCKSECKERS GOLOGNE BENSON, SMTH & CO Pot Steet, Honolulu Bine