presents February 15, 16, & 17, At Coughlin Saunders Performing Arts Center rd Street Alexandria LA 71301

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1 presents February 15, 16, & 17, 2019 At Coughlin Saunders Performing Arts Center rd Street Alexandria LA

2 will partner to produce the play, Disney s Mary Poppins, JR. The production, under the direction of Ross & Karen Schexnayder, is scheduled for February 15, 16, & 17, 2019, at the Coughlin Saunders Theatre. The play will incorporate OLPS students and parents/guardians from Kindergarten through 6 th grade both in and behind the scenes. ALL children who attend the auditions will be cast in a play role or may choose to be backstage helpers. November 8 -Auditions 5:00-6:30 pm Last Names A L in The Madonna Room Auditions 7:00-8:30 pm Last Names M Z in The Madonna Room (Call Back Auditions-parents/guardians will be contacted if their child needs to attend a call back) Participating in a theatrical production is a large commitment on the part of both the child and the parent/guardian. Please review the following information and expectations before returning the attached audition and a parent/guardian volunteer form along with a $75 registration fee to school by Thursday, November 8th. *This is a $75 non-refundable registration fee for each child who auditions for the play (please make all checks payable to OLPS). The second $75 will be due January 8, Forms are also available on the OLPS Mary Poppins, JR Registration Fee: $150 (11/8/18 - $75, & 1/8/19 $75) Includes: *Production fee *Costume cost *Disney s Mary Poppins, JR playbook *Play t-shirt *(2) general admission tickets *A show DVD Production Information & Expectations: *All children interested in a play role need to attend the audition. *All children who audition for the play will be a cast member either on stage or he/she may choose to be behind the scenes as a backstage helper. *All children who wish to participate in the play either in front or behind the scenes must return the attached forms and pay the registration fee by Thursday, November 8th. *A parent/guardian of every child who is involved in the play is required to volunteer at practices as monitors, attend parent set/prop days and serve on one of the several production committees (see attached parent/guardian volunteer form). *All parents/guardians involved with the production must be Virtus (Protecting God s Children) trained. Virtus training schedules and registration are available at 2

3 Mary Poppins, JR Cast Member Information Please Print Student Name: Attach Child s Photo Here Class Room # : Address : City, State, Zip: Parent/Guardian : Cell#: Home # : Work # : Contact Address: (correspondence will be via & Remind App) All students need to bring a 30 second song, either acapella or a YouTube karaoke, and a joke for an individual performance to the audition. They can bring the music on smart phone, tablet, device, or cd. Previous Experience: Art/Dance/Music/Acting This is my first play. I have been in a play at: School Church Lagniappe Other Please list plays/roles played: I like to dance. Please list any dance experience (where and how long): I like to sing. Please list any singing experience (choirs at school/church): I would like a part that (check all that apply): sings solo sings with a group (chorus) has a lot of lines has a few lines has no lines I don t want to be onstage but would like to work backstage (Gr. 4-6th Only). NOTE: Most lead roles include singing solos, but there are a few that require no solo at all. Cast Member: (for costume purposes) Height: Weight: Clothing Size: Shoe Size: Measurements: Head: Chest: Waist: Hips: 3

4 Please list any times and/or days that would present a conflict for attending play practices on a weekly basis, some Saturdays or Sundays. Once all applications are received, the directors will review the information and set the practice schedule based on that information. Listing conflicts is very important because unexcused absences could lead to your child s dismissal from the show. We understand that some cast members may have some prior commitments and they may have to leave early or come a little late to some practices. As long as the directors have prior notice and it doesn t become excessive, the cast members should be excused. Rehearsals will be held at Olinger Hall, unless otherwise notified, until the final week before the play where the practices will take place at the Coughlin Saunders Theatre. WEEKLY PRACTICE CONLICTS: 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO PRODUCTION TENATIVE PRACTICE SCHEDULE: *February 4 February 13 evening (homework areas will be provided). *Dress Rehearsal will be Thursday February 14. ALL CAST MEMBERS MUST ATTEND FOR THE WHOLE REHEARSAL!! *PERFORMANCES: *Friday, February 15, 2019 *Saturday, February 16, 2019 *Sunday, February 17, 2019 Please list any special needs your child may have: Cast Member T-shirt Size (Included in Reg. Fee) Youth Sizes: Adult Sizes: *XSmall (4-6) *Small *Small (6-8) *Medium *Medium (10-12) *Large *Large (14-16) *XLarge * 2X Additional T-Shirt Orders (not included in reg. fee $15) Size/s:,, $ included: Please add your additional shirt purchases to the $150 registration fee. 4

5 Mary Poppins, JR Parent Information In an effort to enhance the family environment, OLPS & Lagniappe Theatre require that students involve a parent or mentor (grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling over 18, or other adult guardian) in the PARENT/GUARDIAN TROOP. We re not asking you to step out in the spotlight, but we DO need a lot of help during rehearsals, backstage, building sets & props, in the dressing rooms and in the lobby during performances. Volunteers will be one of the main keys to the success of the production. This support enables the artistic staff to concentrate their energy on the cast and production. Please fill out the information below and return it with your child s audition form and $75 registration fee by Thursday, November 8th. NOTE: All parents/guardians will be assigned supervision shifts at practices and in the dressing rooms for the shows. Parents/guardians will only be asked to work when their child is at practice & shouldn t have to work more than 3-5 shifts. PLEASE PRINT Student s Name: Class #: Parent/Guardian Name: Parent/Guardian PLEASE CHECK Virtus Trained: Yes No Will register for Continued next page 5

6 Please check your preference: I m willing to Chair a Committee Costumes: Add final craft work to costumes & coordinate parents in the purchase of costume materials (work closely with the Costume Mistress) Sets: Assist the scenic designer in constructing and/or painting the set pieces. Props: Creating or locating props and help move props on and off stage during the production (work closely with the Props Mistress). Photography & Cast Board: Take pictures for our archives during rehearsals and at the final dress rehearsal. Create cast picture boards with captions for the lobby of Coughlin-Saunders Theatre. Backstage Parents: Help move scenery during the productions & ensure characters are ready to go on stage. Load In/Strike Out: Help transport set pieces to & from set/prop construction site/storage to the theatre before the final dress rehearsal and after the final performance. Door Monitor: Man the sign-in/out & information table during rehearsals at Coughlin Saunders Theatre to oversee sign-in/out of students and distribute information to parents and take up return information. Tickets: Design and help with ticket distribution. Snack/Meal Committee: Purchase or arrange for donations and organize snacks & meals for students at some rehearsals (all funds will be reimbursed). Cast Party Committee: Reserve party location (DPC), time, set-up/breakdown & what to bring to the Cast Party after the last Mary Poppins, JR performance. Production Program: Collect, compile cast information, design and print the production programs. Parent Name: Contact Patricia Upton with ideas or ext

7 Mary Poppins, JR Policy 1. No teens or children are allowed at rehearsal sites that are not registered for the production. 2. Cast members and parents/guardians are not allowed at rehearsal sites without an OLPS or Lagniappe Theatre representative. 3. Neither OLPS or Lagniappe Theatre is responsible for lost or stolen personal items. 4. Cast members and parents/guardians need to pick up after themselves, leaving the rehearsal sites as they found them. 5. Late pickup: After 15 minutes, $1/minute payment will be due immediately upon pickup. 6. DRESS CODE: In order to create a focused atmosphere for learning, students are expected to arrive in clothing suitable for unrestrained movement. Crop tops and other revealing attire is not permitted. All students must wear shoes that they can dance in NO FLIP-FLOPS! 7. BEHAVIOR CODE: OLPS & Lagniappe Theatre expect all parties to adhere to the following: A. Respectful conversation no yelling or foul language B. No physical contact such as aggressive play, overt affections, or hurtful teasing C. PUBLIC APPEARANCES: all parties are representatives of OLPS & Lagniappe Theatre. Good taste and wholesome, Christian conduct are required! 8. ATTENDANCE: Any student with more than two unexcused absences from practices will be asked to withdraw without refund. I grant to Lagniappe Theatre & Our Lady of Prompt Succor School the right to take photographs of my child, in connection with the Disney production of Mary Poppins, JR. I authorize Lagniappe Theatre & OLPS, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically. I agree that Lagniappe Theatre & OLPS may use such photographs of my child with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content. I have read and understand the above: Date: Parent/Guardian signature: Student Name: 7

8 Mary Poppins, JR Medical Information & Release Information Student Name: DOB: Parents/Guardians: Home #: Cell #: Work #: Other: (Circle priority phone number in case of emergency) Medical Insurance Information: Insurance Company: Group # Policy # Individual # Name of Insured: Allergies: List any previous conditions that would limit activity: List any current medical conditions: (such as asthma, etc.) Child s Doctor: Phone # Hospital of choice: Medical Release: My child is healthy and able to participate in the OLPS school play. In case of an emergency, I give OLPS & Lagniappe Theatre my permission to get the necessary treatment for my child. Parent/Guardian Date 8

9 Mary Poppins, JR Actor Contract Lagniappe Theatre is a professional theatre company and we require high standards from our performers. REQUIREMENTS OF ACTORS/PARENTS: 1. Each actor must arrive early and be prepared to begin rehearsal at the scheduled time. 2. Any actor who is late more than TWICE will be removed from the show. 3. All actors must attend every rehearsal for which they are called. Unexcused absences will not be tolerated. 4. If an actor misses more than TWO rehearsals that were not listed on his/her audition sheet under conflicts, they will be removed from the show. 5. Each actor must sign in on the sign in sheet, check in with the stage manager, ASM, or assistant director, then report immediately to the rehearsal or performance space. 6. Every actor must pay the production fee of $150. $75 due 11/8/18 & $75 due 1/8/19 $75 7. Each actor must provide his/her own personal costume pieces/accessories including shoes, socks, tights, undergarments, undershirts, hairpins, hairspray or gel, stage makeup, and eyelashes (girls). 8. Each actor and parent will assist in publicity efforts, including, but not limited to passing out postcards, putting up posters, placing yard signs, etc. 9. Each actor and parent will assist in set tear down and strike after the show. 10. Each actor and parent must participate in work days (if needed): painting set pieces, construction, etc. 11. Actors must come to rehearsal prepared to move. Proper attire and dance shoes are a must. Scripts, tape recorders, bottled water, and a notebook and pencil are needed at each rehearsal. 12. Foul language will not be tolerated. Courteous and respectful behavior towards Lagniappe Theatre cast mates, personnel, and property is required at all times. 13. Only bottled water is allowed in the rehearsal space. 14. All personal trash will be picked up by performers at the end of each rehearsal. 15. Rehearsals will be held at Olinger Hall (unless otherwise notified). 16. Parents are required to sign up for backstage help during tech week and performances. 17. Available parents will assist in load in at Coughlin-Saunders. 18. Actors and parents must check their text and daily for updates. IF YOU HAVE READ AND AGREE TO ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS CON- TRACT, PLEASE SIGN THE FORM THAT WILL BE PASSED AROUND AT PRACTICE 9

10 Mary poppins, JR FAQ With a large cast, there will be multiple questions about how the process works with a lagniappe production. This list will hopefully answer some of those. 1. Rehearsals begin at the scheduled time and end at the scheduled time, if not earlier. 2. Actors must be dropped off and signed in at designated location and picked up in the building, and signed out by a parent/guardian. 3. Rehearsals will be held at Prompt Succor (unless otherwise notified). Specific Locations will be announced later 4. There will be costume fitting days when we will need some of you to try on your costumes. 5. We will ask some of you to bring costume pieces from home. Please bring the pieces on the days provided and please ask directors about whether they will work for the show once rehearsal is over for the day. 6. Each actor and parent will assist in set load out after the show. 7. Each volunteer must sign up for at least 3 backstage assignments. If this does not happen, the actor will be removed from the show regardless of proximity to opening show. 8. The order of command in theatre is to approach the Stage Manager, then Directors. If you have a question, ask the Stage Manager first. 9. Please do not call, , or text message the Directors about running late for or missing rehearsals. These issues will go through the Stage Manager, Patricia Upton, or Assistant Director first. 10. Updates will be sent through notifications, and Remind App so check yours regularly, but will also sometimes be sent home via flyers. 11. Every actor (all ages) must pay a $150 production fee due on the designated dates. 12. Always sign in first when you arrive and report to the rehearsal area. 10