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1 We bring stories from the end of the world...from the end of the world

2 We bring stories...

3 We bring stories from the end of the world We come from a narrow country between the mountain range and the sea. This tight and diverse geography, which begins in the Atacama desert and ends in the southern glaciers, defines a multiplicity of landscapes, points of view and stories, which we share today with you. Unique stories for a global audience. From this place to the end of the world, we have built an industry around the audiovisual sector that is increasingly strong and seeks to extend ties to the rest of the continent and the world. The Chilean documentary production has been stabilized, continues to grow and is professionally improving. This is the result of collaborative work between the audiovisual community and essential institutions such as the National Council for the Culture and the Arts, through the Chilean Council for the Arts and Audiovisual Industry, and ProChile. It is thanks to them that today we are in IDFA We take this opportunity to greet its director, Ally Derks, for her powerful management during all these years at the head of this festival, which has constituted one of the fundamental doors of access to the international industry for many directors and producers in Chile. With the support of IDFA, many young Chilean filmmakers have embarked on a successful path. Today we are grateful for this support and congratulations to Ally for putting documentary among the top at a global level. We invite you to enjoy three Chilean films in the official selection: The grown-ups, Resurrecting Hassan and El patio; to know more about our cinematography in Docs for Sale; and to share with the 14 Chilean delegates at GMG and Fiesta Latina. Chiledoc Organizing Team...from the end of the world

4 Official Selection Feature-Length Documentary We bring stories... Los Niños The grown ups A group of friends with Down Syndrome have attended the same school for over 40 years, and they don t want to continue complying with school obligations. Most of their parents are dead, and none of them thought their kids would outlive them. They always believed that when their parents died, they would be able to do those things they weren t allowed to do before, like living on their own, having sex, being parents, getting married, and having a real job. But things are not changing for them, and they have to deal with the frustration of living as if they were still ten-years-old, although they are almost fifty. DOCS FOR SALE minutos HD Chile, France, The Netherlands Director: Maite Alberdi Producer: Maite Alberdi

5 Official Selection First Appearance...from the end of the world Resucitando a Hassan Resurrecting Hassan The Hartings are blind. There s father Denis, who has a passion for music; mother Peggy, who dreams of a new life; and daughter Lauviah, who is navigating the gap between childhood and adulthood. All three sing in the Montreal metro, and all are haunted by an absence: Hassan, the young son and only sighted member of the family, who died tragically a few years ago. But they are filled with hope and courage when they listen to a Russian mystic s teachings on resurrection. Carlo Guillermo Proto has made an intense but unsensational film that follows a uniquely endearing family, deeply torn between insight, guilt and mysticism. Haunted by a sometimes-difficult past, they pursue their quest for serenity at all costs. DOCS FOR SALE min HD Canada, Chile Director: Carlo Guillermo Proto Producer: Carlo Guillermo Proto Executive producers: Carlo Guillermo Proto, María Paz González, Roxana Sagegh

6 Official Selection Panorama We bring stories... El Patio El Patio In the General Cemetery of Santiago, Chile, the gravediggers accomplish their daily work, preparing the funerals, welcoming the families, taking care of the graves decorated with flowers. This is a city within a city. A serene park, where the gravediggers have learnt to cohabit peacefully alongside death. Yet, the wounds of 1973 are still present. For several months, during the dark times of Pinochet s dictatorship, Lelo, Perejil and Rogelio were obliged to secretly bury hundreds of NN (unidentified corpses) and the families of these victims are still waiting for DNA identifications and demanding justice. As time closes in on them, Lelo, Perejil and Rogelio have decided to share their memories for the first time with Sergio, the youngest gravedigger of the cemetery. DOCS FOR SALE min HD France, Chile Director: Elvira Díaz Producer: Nathalie Combe Co-producer: Claudia Barril

7 Docs for Sale...from the end of the world Alas de Mar Ocean wings Celina and Rosa, two of the few remaining people of Kawésqar origin, return to the seas where they sailed in canoes before being relocated to western civilization. Christoph and Marcia accompany them, two Swiss scientists whom they teach of their world of whales and icebergs. On the journey, the filmmaker tries to portray the Kawésqar with dignity, after the many abusive instances which they have had to endure min HD Chile DOCS FOR SALE Director: Hans Mülchi Executive producer: Flor Rubina

8 Docs for Sale We bring stories... Como me da la gana II This is the way I like it II This is the way I like it II is a remake of This is the way I like it, a film director Ignacio Agüero did 30 years ago in which he interrupted the shooting by filmmakers who were making films at that time, to ask them about the sense of filmmaking under the dictatorship of Pinochet. Today, when many chileans films are being produced and are successfully performing abroad, he interrupts the shooting of those filming to ask them where the cinematographic essence of their films is. Surrounding these shootings the film includes home movie material by the director, as if the cinematographic essence would lie on what was done for cinema. A film about the passion of filming, about the mystery of the cinematographic essence, at the end, a film that raises cinema to the height of childhood. DOCS FOR SALE min HD Chile Director: Ignacio Agüero Producers: Amalric de Pontcharra, Tehani Staiger, Viviana Erpel Grand Prix FID Marseille 2016 Best movie International Film Festival of Ourense 2016

9 Docs for Sale...from the end of the world Chicago Boys Chicago boys The thousands of Chileans marching on the streets threaten the best economy of Latin America, as the creators of this economic success observe with surprise. They recall how they became Milton Friedman s students in Chicago in the 50 s and what they were willing to do to pursue their extreme economic ideas, aided by Pinochet s dictatorship in the 70 s. Previously unseen images and new testimonies allow us to understand the historic process that transformed the Chilean people and made Chile the country that it is today, an image of success and discontent. DOCS FOR SALE min HD Chile Directors: Carola Fuentes, Rafael Valdeavellano Executive Producers: Carola Fuentes, Rafael Valdeavellano Producer: Herta Mladinic Best Feature Length Documentary, Pedro Sienna Awards of Chilean Cinema 2015 Best Directors, Santiago International Film 2015 Festival (SANFIC) Our America Award, International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City (DocsMX)

10 Docs for Sale We bring stories... El color del camaleón The color of the chameleon During the Pinochet-dictatorship, Jorge Lübbert becomes an instrument for the Chilean secret services, who force him to work for them in an extreme violent way. He is able to escape from Chile and becomes a war cameraman based in Belgium. Today, his son Andrés takes him back to the places of his unfinished past min 52 min HD Belgium, Chile DOCS FOR SALE Director: Andrés Lübbert Producers: Frederik Nicolai, Eric Goossens, Flor Rubina

11 Docs for Sale...from the end of the world El príncipe inca The inca prince The Inca Prince follows a Chilean artist and his pilgrimage throughout the Andean highlands, looking for the remains of a fantastic family tale his grandfather told him. A white man is looking for his Indian identity. Guided by old family tales transmitted by his mysterious late grandfather, Chilean artist Felipe Cusicanqui heads off on a journey to Bolivia to rescue ancient family legends linked to the Inca nobility. While in pilgrimage through the Andes, range -exploring the landscape, recovering stories from locals, looking at the way they live, farm, herd, weave, and look at the stars- Felipe experiences an adventure out of ordinary time, which finally leads him to connect with the true and hidden story of his grandfather and also guides him towards unexplored creative paths. DOCS FOR SALE min HD Chile Director: Ana María Hurtado Producers: Ana María Hurtado, Viviana Erpel

12 Docs for Sale We bring stories... El viento sabe que vuelvo a casa The wind knows that I m coming back home Chilean documentary maker Ignacio Agüero is working on his first long feature fiction film based on an old documentary project he never carried out. In the early 80 s in the Meulín Island, in the region of Chiloé, a young couple disappeared in the woods of the area, leaving no trace at all. A whole myth grew around this mysterious and tragic love story. Ignacio Agüero will travel to the place where this took place, looking for locations, non-professional actors to finally, little by little, give shape to the development of his film min HD Chile DOCS FOR SALE Director: José Luis Torres Leiva Producer: Catalina Vergara

13 Docs for Sale...from the end of the world Guerrero Guerrero Manuel Guerrero Antequera, whose father was brutally assassinated in one of the political crimes of greatest impact during the Chilean military dictatorship, began a journey back to the past, and the places where he lived through his political exile. This is the story of a boy who grew up having to deal with the consequences of the Cold War: a journey through pain and rage. An experience that concludes in an act of healing in which life takes on a completely new meaning min HD Chile DOCS FOR SALE Director: Sebastián Moreno Producer: Claudia Barril

14 Docs for Sale We bring stories... La ciudad perdida The lost city Aysén, a region in Chilean Patagonia, is the size of England but has only 90 thousand inhabitants.they live isolated, with nearly no roads, in a stunning, rough landscape. Somewhere in this lost world,a mysterious city is hiding. Five hundred years ago a group of conquerors built a city entirely in gold. They are alive. Whoever sets foot on it becomes immortal, but loses memory. It is The Lost City of the Caesars and you are here to find it min HD Chile, France DOCS FOR SALE Director: Francisco Hervé Producers: Verónica Lyon, Francisco Hervé, Xavier Rocher

15 Docs for Sale...from the end of the world Si escuchas atentamente If you listen carefully Amid the complex educational crisis facing Chilean society, four friends live their adolescence between the highways and pastures at the margins of the city. Towards the end of their primary education, a question emerges: Do they believe they ll be happy in the future? In a city that traps them between the mountains and train tracks, at a school where they learn nothing, the days go by and, we see how aspirations they may have are ignored. They only wait for classes to end so they can hang out with friends, and face together their arrival to an unwanted destination min HD Chile DOCS FOR SALE Director: Nicolás Guzmán Producer: Claudia Mazuela

16 Docs for Sale We bring stories... Yo no soy de aquí I m not from here Josebe, a 80 years old Basque woman, lives with other elderly people in a residence in Santiago, Chile. Everyday she thinks it s her first day staying there and everyday she has to realize it s not, as well as she is not in her country nor with her family anymore. DOCS FOR SALE min HD Chile, Denmark, Lithuania Directors: Maite Alberdi, Giedrė Žickytė Producers: Patricio Gajardo, Maite Alberdi, Giedre Žickytė Best International Shortfilm, Visions du Réel 2016 Best Short Film Winner Audience Award, DocumentaMadrid 2016 Best International Short Film, Sheffield DocFest 2016 José Manuel Porquet Special Award, Huesca International Film Festival 2016 Premio Speciale della Giuria, Concorto Film Festival Best Short Film Award, Budapest International Documentary Festival 2016 Best Documentary Short Film Award, IFF Message to Man Film Festival Jury s Special Mention, Festival de Biarritz Amerique Latine 2016 Best Short Film Award, Rukapillan Festival 2016

17 Finished Films...from the end of the world Chile en llamas: el arte de la censura Chile on fire: the art of censorship In the last 50 years, Chilean artists were censored or persecuted because their works showed nudity, expressed political ideas or were inconvenient for religious reasons. Censorship was active in dictatorship but also under democratic governments. This documentary series recollects their stories and recognizes their legacy min HD Chile Director: Carmen Luz Parot Producer: Carmen Luz Parot Executive Producer: Gonzalo Maza, Consuelo Silva (Chilevisión) Contacto:

18 Finished Films We bring stories... Matriz The womb At 39 and ticking against our arbitrary biological clock, I was confronted with the need to be a mother. The Womb is a filmic essay about women, family and assisted fertility. Is an experimental travel through dailly and personal archive footage, that wonders about late maternity and fragility between life and death. By an audiovisual liric I express an issue that concerns many contemporary women min Chile Director: Joanna Reposi Garibaldi Producer: Paula Sáenz-Laguna

19 Finished Films...from the end of the world Robar a Rodin Stealing Rodin One morning of June 2005, guards of the Chilean National Fine Arts Museum noted that the Auguste Rodin s sculpture, worth millions, had been stolen. It was the biggest art robbery in the Chilean history. 24 hours later, a shy young art student returned the piece arguing that he had stolen it as part of an artistic project. A documentary about art dilemmas between one of the most famous modern artists and an unknown contemporary Chilean artist min HD Chile, France Director: Cristóbal Valenzuela Producers: María Paz González (Chile), Adriana Ferrarese (Francia)

20 Finished Films We bring stories... Ya no basta con marchar Not enough with protest Not enough with protest is a documentary film that portrays the history of Chilean student movement of 2011, the year in which the national conflict for education explodes. During this period there was a redefinition of how social protest was understood in Chile, where students raised new forms of mobilization, performing different urban interventions related to the arts. The social protest of this period takes place from the side of culture, so that through painting, dance and performance, this group of students renewed social protest. A giant flag travels by different places inside and outside the country, or students who run 1800 hours around La Moneda, are some of the activities that support and mark a turning point in the forms of manifestation by the educational demands in Chile min HD Chile Director: Hernán Saavedra Executive producer: Pilar Díaz

21 Projects in Development...from the end of the world 24 noches con Fidel 24 nights with Fidel On November 10th, 1971, Fidel Castro started his official visit to Chilean President Salvador Allende and his political process. Castro supposed to come for ten days, but he stayed two weeks longer. This unexpected extension was uncomfortable to Allende and his Chilean Way to Socialism, and was the beginning of a political crisis and will end with his government two years later. This documentary is about the clash of two personalities and two ways to understand socialism, and above all, the world. In development min 52 min (2) HD Chile Director: Carmen Luz Parot Producer: Carmen Luz Parot Executive Producer: Gonzalo Maza

22 Projects in Development We bring stories... Anacoreta Anchorite Forty years ago, escaping from prison, Oscar decided to live under a cliff by the sea, completely isolated to enjoy his freedom. When he is hungry he dives or hunts, and entertains himself by reading and listening to music. This decision involves not only a physical effort to survive, but also an emotional one: in his frail body inhabits two o pposed personalities that test this freedom. In development 70 min HD Chile Director: Francisco Bermejo Producer: Francisco Hervé

23 Projects in Development...from the end of the world La Tierra del Fuego The land of fire Tierra del Fuego is a southern island of Chile, with 0.2 inhabitants per square kilometer. In it, a settler couple waits for the arrival of a road that has undergone construction for more than 100 years; a gold searcher tries to make a fortune; there is plenty of oil; adults go to church and children to school. This documentary is a portrait of a place that is slowly changing and the people who inhabit it taking advantage of its resources.z In development min HD Chile Director: Alfredo Pourailly de la Plaza Producers: Francisco Hervé, Alfredo Pourailly de la Plaza

24 Projects in Development We bring stories... Lemebel Lemebel Lemebel is an intimate and plastic portrait of one of the most important contemporary artists and writers of the Hispanic world. From his homosexual reality, he demands concepts regarding memory, human rights and sexuality, and also a place within the democratic dialog. Through extensive photographic and video files the doors of his home will open for the first time, so that we can review his past and less known artistic side; the plastic artist. In production mm, HD 80 min Chile Director: Joanna Reposi Garibaldi Producer: Paula Sáenz-Laguna

25 ...from the end of the world

26 Guests Meet Guests Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 18 h. Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 18 h. De Zuiderkerk venue. Zuiderkerkhof 72, Amsterdam Let s meet in Chilean GMG. EDA Award for Best Female-Directed Documentary will be announced by IDFA Alliance of Women Film Journalists. We bring stories... Fiesta Latina! Baile + Drinks + Latin Music All night long! Sat 19 Nov, 22 h. Arti et Amicitiae. Rokin 112, 1012 LB, Amsterdam Organized by Colombia + Chile + México + EICTV San Antonio de los Baños Cuba

27 We bring stories from the end of the world Organized by Financed by Supported by Related institutions...from the end of the world Download the Chiledoc app in Apple Store, with trends in documentary and information about the Chilean scene. chiledoc Youtube CHILEDOC