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1 A1 118 Alternative Route (Moorhead & Baird Communities) IAAC Catherine McRee A Alternative Route (Drew, Ruleville,Rome, & Sunflower Communities) IAAC Tyrone Miller A3 013 Alternative Route (Indianola & Inverness Communities) IAAC D Lombardy Rd. (North of Drew-Merigold Rd.), Shillings Rd., Rickels Rd. (Note: K- 12 Outside City Limits of Drew), Park Ave., Wilson Ave., N. Church St., Roosevelt Ave. Hughes Ave., 3 rd St., South Blvd., Main St. (Note: 9-12 Inside City Limits of Drew) D Parchman & Rome Communities, All County Roads North of Drew (Note: K-12 Outside City Limits of Drew), Shurden Ave., Booth St., Main St. (North of Park Ave.), N. Broadway St., Hughes Ave., Church St., Sage Ave., Ruby Ave. (Note: 9-12 Inside City Limits of Drew) D Drew-Merigold Rd., Whatley Rd., Harkins Rd., Lomardy Rd. (South of Drew- Merigold Rd.) (Note: K-12 Outside the City Limits of Drew), 3 rd St. (North of Park Ave.), Stacy St., Tucker Ave., Bradshaw Ave., 1 st St., Front St., Union St., E. Shaw Ave., Bridge Ave., E. Gertrude Ave., Swoop Rd., Bayou Rd., Powell Ave., Hunter Ave. (Note: 9-12 Inside City Limits of Drew) D4 7 All Eligible Bus Riders Inside City Limits of Drew (K-5) (Streets within the city limits) Tommy White Jasmine Washington Larry Moorhead Tyrone Miller AWJES Ella Thigpen D5 104 All Eligible Bus Riders Inside City Limits of Drew (6-8) DHMS M1 134 Ingram St., Sunflower St., HWY 3 (North of RR Tracks to Dollar General), E. Delta Ave. (Note: North of RR Tracks), Washington St., (East of HWY 3), East Moore Subdivision, Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Johnny Russel Dr. Jeffrick Butler JCRES Jamie Washington

2 M2 129 Baird Community, Washington St. (West of HWY 3), Oswalt Ave., Jefferson St., Church St., Pine St., Birch St., Holly Dr., Pecan Cr., Pine Cr., Pershing St. Spruce St., Inwood Ave., Maple St., Cherry St., E. & W. Delta Ave. (Note: South of RR Tracks, Faculty Row, Oak St., Ivy St. JCRES Betty Tate M3 133 Baird Community Moorhead Community (Washington St., Delta Ave., Sunflower St., Ingram St., S. Sunflower Ave., East Moore Subdivision, Pine St.) Moorhead 9 th Graders ONLY, Moorhead-Itta Bena Road RLMJH Earnestine Beck M E. Delta Ave., HWY 3 (South of RR Tracks), S. Southern Ave., Spruce St., Maple St., Inwood Ave., Oak St., Pine St., Church St., Birch St., Holly Dr., Pine Cir. (Note: Moorhead Grade Only) GHS Rosie Thomas M5 124 HWY 3 (North of RR Tracks), Sunflower St., Johnny Russell Dr., Inwood St., Roy St., Ingram St., East Moore Subdivision, Washington St., Baird Community (Note: Moorhead Grade Only) GHS Lavern Winters M6 32 Exceptional Education Route (Moorhead) JCRES/ IES Earnestine Beck N1 133 Exceptional Education Route (Indianola) Samantha Ross N2 135 Exceptional Education Route (Sunflower & Moorhead) Eddie Beckworth N Exceptional Education Route (Indianola & Inverness) IES/ N W. Gresham, Augusta, Chapman, E. Gresham, Morningside Dr., Airport Rd., Beaverdam Rd., Highland Dr., Birch, Marie, Skelton, Bud Smith Rd., S. Wade Rd., Fairview (North of Skelton) N HWY 448, Courtney Rd., McCaleb Rd., Winston Rd., Jeff Davis, Faisonia Ave., Ford Rd., Patricia, Julianne, Stonewall, Moody Edna Minton Willie Watson Ishmond Cattlidge

3 N Oklahoma, Byas, Adair, Garrard Rd. Quick Cir., Cox (West of Garrard), Birdsong, N. & S. Walker Cir., Walker St. (West of Bates), Cleveland, Slim, Curtis (West of Garrard), William, Hough, Coats, Lincoln, Cox, Beal, Mill, Church, Clay, Roosevelt, Hannah, Gray, Pershing, Chandler, Jefferson, Fountain LES Frank Brown N Lee, Jackson, Johnson, Forrest, Stewart, Hampton, Anthony, Choctaw, Atkins, Mimosa, Alexander, Fasion Ave., Carver St., Whittington, Westside Ave., Oak, Easy St., Sam Lacey, Royal Oak Apts., Delta Manor Apts., Wiggins (Between Kinlock and Garrard), Sunflower Estates (Spoonbill Court), Crane, Curtis, Barnes N Hoover, 1 st Ave., 2 nd Ave., 3 rd Ave., 5 th Ave., Broadmoor, Eastover, Fuller Ave., Henry Rosser, Jake, Kim Herman, Shannon, Ferguson, Herman Johnson, Coolidge N th Ave., Porter Dr., Garrard, Wiggins, Kinlock, Torino, Aquarius, Bates Slim Street, Walker Street, Cleveland Street N Grove Park Dr., B.B. King, Jordan Dr., Kentwood Ln., Roberts Rd., Flemming Ln., Sibley Dr., Janet Davis Cir., Brantley Cir., Ethelwaters Dr., Capshaw Dr., Lunar Cir., Galaxy Dr. N W. Percy St., Westside Ave., College Ave., Hampton St., Johnson Ave., Forrest St., Jackson St., Mimosa Dr., Roosevelt St. N Roosevelt St., B.B. King, Lunbar, Gentry Dr., Battle St., Oak St., Winery St., Duke Ave., White Ave., Belleview Dr., Janet Davis Cr. N Hoover, 1 st Ave., 2 nd Ave., 3 rd Ave., 5 th Ave., Broadmoor., Eastover., Fuller Ave., Henry Rosser, Jake, Kim Herman, Shannon Ferguson, Herman Johnson, Coolidge N Steiner Rd., Faisonia Plantation, Britt Rd., Charlie Ellis Rd., Bates-Triplett Rd., Stephen Lyon Rd., Gwen-Lipnick Rd., French Rd., McArthur Cir., Stonewall, Campbell, Terrace, Clover, Gillespie, Elaine, Virginia LES Terrence Harrington LES/ CES Mario Young Curley Purnell LES/ CES/ RLMJH Harvey Crosby CES/ RLMJH/ GHS Robert Davis Tommy White/Dave Harris RLMJH/ GHS Ollie Ryas Catherine McRee

4 N North Ave., French St., Airport Rd., Beaverdam Rd. (East of Airport Rd.), McPherson St., Lamar Rd., North Side of HWY 82 from Selecta to Airport Rd. N W. Percy St., Elmwood Cir., Chapman, Sunflower Ave., Dorsett Dr., Eastwood Dr., Seymour Dr., Lee Cir., Camilla Dr., Willow Dr., Barrett Ave., Pine Cir., Morton Ln., Baird Ave., Sledge St., Little Cir., French Rd. N Adair, Birch, Marie, W. Gresham, Augusta, Henderson, Grand Ave., Heathman Rd., Holly Ridge., Fairview N Kinlock (South of Sunflower Estates), Wiggins (Between Kinlock and Garrard), Garrard (Between Wiggins and Curtis) Serves Curtis St., Whittington Dr., Birdsong St., N. & S. Walker Cir., Carefree Dr., Easy St., Barnes St., Royal Oak Apts., & Delta Manor Apts. On Wiggins Timothy Holmes Micheal Rance John Cochran CES/ RLMJH/ GHS William Stamps N Delta Blues, Lucille, N. & S. Southwest Plaza Cir. N. & S. Davis Cir., Maybelle St., RLMJH/ GHS/ LES/ CES Gardner St., Sandy Dr. James Jimison R Exceptional Education Route (Blaine to Drew) R Doster Rd., Dwyer Rd., Fisackerly Rd., Dodd Rd., E. Bush Holeman Rd., Blaine Rd. R3 126 W. Bush Holeman Rd., Clifford Rd., Bush Rd., Belk Rd., HWY 49 (Blaine to Doddsville), Pond Ave., W. Pond St., Doddsville Community W. of HWY 49 R HWY 442 (Shaw to Doddsville), Banks-Walker Rd., Eastland Rd., HWY 442 (East of Doddsville), Lindsey Ln., McCorkle Rd., Connell Ave. R5 125 HWY 8 East, HWY 8 West (To County Line), Henrette Dr., Sollitt St., N. Front St., W. Floyce St., W. Floye St. Ext., Drew-Ruleville Rd., Jeffcoat Lehr Rd., Georgia Bell Rd., Walker Rd., Lusk Rd., River Bend Rd., Buckley-Jones Rd. Matthew Brown Laura Scott Kenji Peterson Justine Lewis Levester Moton

5 R Buckley Rd., Pecan Ave. (South of Sunflower St.), Gail St., S. Front Ave, W. Sunflower St., E. & W. Head Cir., Robinson Rd., E. Sunflower St., Skeeter- Robinson Rd., Ruby Ave., Tolbert St., Wester Line Ave., E. & W. Stevens St., Ella Rogers Chester Ave. R E. & W. Head Cir. (Apartments), Robinson Rd. (Apartments), W. Sunflower Ave., Sylvia St., Kay Ave., Don St., Pecan Ave. (North of Sunflower Ave.) Ontario Smith S Landfield Rd., Sunflower-Itta Bena Rd., Dwyer Rd., Romine-Morgan Rd., Steelman Rd., Fisackerly Rd., Bush Holeman Rd., Dodd Rd., Blaine Rd., HWY 49 (South of Doddsville to Sunflower), Benson Lake Rd., Jeffcoat Rd., Sunflower Rd. ESE Earl Liddell & Kevin Phillips S S. Wilson St., Cliff Finch Ave., Cypress Acres Ln., Hampton Rd., Stockyard Apts. Terrell Thomas S & E. Claiborne St., Sunflower Ave., Railroad Ave., Stockyard St., Hampton Rd., Cypress Acres Ln., Martin Luther King Ave., Cliff Finch Ave., Wilson St., (All Streets Inside Sunflower, MS City Limits South of Quiver St.) (K-5) S Sunflower-Itta Bena Rd., Torrey St., Delta Ave., Railroad Ave. (North of Quiver St.), Sunflower Ave., Penny Cir., Quiver St., Plantation Ave., Martin Luther King Ave., Railroad Ave. (South of Quiver St.), V & 0729 Waco Rd., Woodburn Rd., Kinlock Rd., Brumfield Plantation Rd., Compress Rd., E. Grand Ave., 3 Mile Lake Rd., Pat Sheffield Rd., Moorhead-Belzonia Rd., 4 th St., Lamar Ave., 3 rd St. V2 115 All Eligible Bus Riders Inside City Limits of Inverness (K-8) (P.M. Only) IES Terrell Thomas & Varshay Sanders Varshay Sanders IES/ RLMJH/ GHS Monica Johnson & Johnny Gibbs Juanita Moton