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1 Strickland Middle School ORCHESTRA HANDBOOK Mr. Michael Mr. Michael D. Burris R. Dandron Director of Assistant Orchestras Director Mr. Michael R. Dandron Associate Director of Orchestras

2 CONTENTS Welcome About the Directors The SMS Program Member Responsibilities Instruments Supplies Enrollment Fundraising Attendance Grading Discipline Practicing Chair Tests Rehearsal/Concert Attendance Concert Make-Up Policy Academic Eligibility The Orchestra Room Binders/Music Lockers Uniforms Fees Lessons School Tips Parent Pick-Up Calendar Forms

3 WELCOME Dear Students and Parents, Hello! Allow me start by expressing how excited I am about our time working together. I hope that this year will be the beginning of new traditions as well as the perfection of long standing ones. This handbook is intended to familiarize all students and their parents with activities for the year, duties/responsibilities of orchestra members, and clarify policies and procedures. It should be noted, that in addition to the guidelines and procedures presented in this handbook, all policies and procedures of Denton ISD and Strickland Middle School must be followed at all times. Especially when traveling with the orchestra; always represent your school with pride to others. If all orchestra members remember these following simple rules, we will have a fun and successful year: Ten minutes early is on time in orchestra Leave everything better than you found it Respect others, respect yourself, respect your orchestra Work hard, have fun Michael Burris Strickland MS Orchestra Director

4 ABOUT THE DIRECTORS Mr. Burris graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2009 with a bachelor s degree in music education with an emphasis in double bass. While there he studied double bass under Russell White, orchestral studies under Tyler White, and music education under Dale Bazan. Mr. Burris was an active teacher in UNL s string project for three years, as well as the Vice President of UNL s ASTA chapter. He completed his student teaching at Lux Middle School and Lincoln East High School, both in the Lincoln Public School systems under Del Whitman. He taught for two years in Petrolia ISD in Petrolia, Texas. This is Mr. Burris fourth year with the Strickland Orchestra. When not teaching, Mr. Burris enjoys performing and writing various forms of music; including classical, jazz, and rock. With his wife, Rebecca, they have two children together: Simon (4) and Willa (2.) Mr. Dandron received his bachelor s degree in Music Educatoin from Bowling Green State University in Ohio in He has studied violin with Dr. Penny Thompson Kruse and music education with Dr. Elaine Colprit. At BGSU, Mr. Dandron was able to teach and work with a diverse population of students. He student taught in the Washington Local School District in Toledo, OH and enjoyed working with students of all age groups. Mr. Dandron is a new member of the Denton community and has been giving private lessons to students in the Denton and Southlake areas since January, Mr. Dandron was raised playing many genres of music and enjoys sharing music with students who have a passion for expanding their musical interests. THE SMS ORCHESTRA PROGRAM 6 th Grade Orchestras: 6 th grade orchestra is divided into classes of violin, violas, and cellos for students who played in 5 th grade, and beginning classes of violins, violas, cellos and basses. Sixth grade orchestras will meet every day and will utilize special curriculum that will further develop musical skills; as well as to sharpen sight-reading and technical abilities. The 6 th grade orchestras will combine for one mandatory after school rehearsal prior to every performance; including SMS orchestra concerts and NRH2O contest (check your calendar). These rehearsals will take place during the school day as often as possible. Sixth grade orchestra students are encouraged to participate in the Solo and Ensemble contest in the Spring (check your calendar for specific dates). Mr. Burris will have time after school to help students with the preparation of their Solo and Ensemble. Sixth grade orchestras will travel to the NRH2O Music Festival. However, sixth graders will not participate in U.I.L. activities such as Concert and Sight-Reading. 7 th & 8 th Grade Sinfonia Orchestra:

5 This orchestra is our non-varsity U.I.L. performing orchestra. This orchestra is split between two class periods due to size. Prior to performances, both class periods will combine to prepare for performancesplease check the calendar for Sinfonia specific rehearsals. Sinfonia orchestra students are encouraged to participate in the Solo and Ensemble contest in the spring and are encouraged to participate in the All- Region orchestra audition and concert process in the Fall (check your calendar.) Help with All-Region audition music will be available in optional help sessions before or after school. Also, there will be an extra, mandatory, rehearsal & clinic for the Sinfonia Orchestra in preparation for U.I.L. Contest (check your calendar.) Please keep this date clear. 7 th & 8 th Grade Chamber Orchestra: This Orchestra is our varsity U.I.L. performing orchestra. This group will have a few more performances and special engagements than the Sinfonia Orchestra. There will be weekly before or after school sectional rehearsals for all sections of the orchestra as needed. This is extremely important to the level of music that we will be able to perform and also for UIL preparation. There may also be before or after school orchestra rehearsals at different times throughout the year for this group, especially when combining with the Sinfonia Orchestras and band students to form the Symphony Orchestra (to be decided as the year progresses). Chamber orchestra students are required to participate in Solo and Ensemble contest in the Spring and are required to participate in the All-Region orchestra audition and concert process in the Fall. Also, there will be an extra mandatory Saturday rehearsal & clinic for the Chamber Orchestra in preparation for U.I.L. Contest (check your calendar.) Please keep this date clear. ORCHESTRA MEMBER RESPONSIBILITIES All orchestra members are required to enroll for orchestra for the entire year. All members must be punctual to all rehearsals and performances, learn all assigned music to the expectation of their instructor, and try as hard as they can (always remember: there is a difference between effort and ability.) It is the responsibility of each member to be aware of the orchestra calendar. Strickland Middle School students are extremely busy because they are involved in so many activities. Students MUST inform their instructor as soon as conflicts arise. Above all, members of the Strickland Orchestra program must take pride and ownership in themselves and in their orchestra.

6 INSTRUMENTS All instruments must be approved by the director. If the director does not find your child s instrument to be acceptable, it will need to be replaced. A few tips when buying an instrument: 1. The most trustworthy instruments come from well-established instrument dealers. 2. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 3. Make sure that when you select an instrument, you have the option to return it once it has been looked at by Mr. Burris. Each student is responsible for keeping his or her instrument in good, playing condition. Always let the director know about any repairs on the instrument, whether it is school owned, personally owned, or rented. There are three major reasons I need to know: 1. We don t want unqualified people to work on our instruments. 2. We already have a reputable place to take the instruments for repairs. 3. The director can do minor repairs at the school, including changing broken strings, which saves everyone time and money. School Rentals: Due to the very high cost of maintenance and repair, students using school owned instruments are required to pay a yearly fee of $ to defray the cost of repair and upkeep during the year and over the summer. This fee may be paid in full or in three installments (dates are on the orchestra calendar). This fee allows students to play instruments that have been, and will continue to be, properly maintained. Checks for school instruments need to be made out to Denton I.S.D. Fee Waivers: If a student qualifies for free or reduced lunch, a fee waiver form may be filled out along with proof of lunch status and an instrument will be provided by the district, The cost is $25 for those on free lunch and at a $50 fee for those on reduced lunch. The Fee Waiver form is found at the end of this handbook. Checks for school instruments need to be made out to Denton I.S.D. Note that no money will be placed towards field trips until school instrument rental, participation fee, and other moneys owed are paid in full. SUPPLIES Each student must have the following items for every class: The Essential Elements book for their level and instrument (read about EE books below) Music passed out in class 3-ring binder (1 )

7 Plastic page protectors-go to any office supply store or Wal-Mart, these are not optional! Rosin (be sure you get a rosin specified for your instrument.) Shoulder Rest. Required for all violins and violas only. I highly recommend the Everest or Kun brands. Cellos and basses will need to provide their own rock stops for concerts and class use. (Anchors, which slip under a leg of their chair, work especially well for cellos. Basses need to be sure they are purchasing a rock stop made for bass, it will have a larger metal insert.) Pencils (at least 2) keep them in your binder A small dry-erase marker (when marking your music inside of a sheet protector, this is much easier) Cleaning cloth to wipe off your instrument (a bandana, or even a piece of T-shirt will do, just try to get one that is low-lent and won t leave fuzzies on the rosin) An electronic tuner- Students may either purchase a tuner from a music store (Korg is a great brand) or they may use their smart phone at the beginning of class. If a phone is used, the student must turn the phone back off after they are done tuning, and put it away in their locker after orchestra class. Many other teachers on campus do not allow phones in their rooms and will take the phone up and the student will be fined for having it. Essential Elements Books: All orchestra students are required to buy method books for use at both home and school if they do not already own one. These books should be purchased by the beginning of the second week of class. These are our technique books so they are very important to your child s progress. Please be sure that you have the correct edition. 6 th Grade: Essential Elements, Book 1 (2 nd and 4 th period 6 th grade classes will reach book 2 by the middle of the second semester) Sinfonia: Essential Elements, Book 2 You may purchase method books from Penders, Music and Arts, or at POLICIES AND PROCEDURES A. ENROLLMENT All students enrolled in orchestra will be expected to fulfill his/her obligations to the ensemble and commit for the full year. Exceptions need to brought to the director s attention B. FUNDRAISING In order to provide enhanced opportunities to our already existing program, we must find additional sources of revenue. To this end, various fund raising opportunities will be organized throughout the school year. Not all will be brochure, door-to-door fundraisers. In addition to raising funds, these

8 projects provide a unique opportunity for students and families to work together toward a common goal. If you do not wish your student to participate in the fundraisers, for whatever reason, please consider a donation to the orchestra. We need the fundraisers to raise extra money for trips, supplies, music, uniforms, etc. Note that all profits from fundraisers will first be placed towards the orchestra participation fee, school instrument rentals, and other money owed before it is placed towards field trips. C. ATTENDANCE ALL rehearsals and performances are required by ALL orchestra members. For rehearsals, students will be expected to be in their chair ready to play with all music and materials by the time the class timer bell rings. Failure to do this will result in a tardy (unless a pass is presented.) Tardiness- Our class begins via timer after the regular bell has rung in order for students to prepare their instruments for rehearsal. Any student not in their seat with all required materials at the appointed time will receive a tardy. Four tardies in one grading period will result in an after school detention the following school day. This detention will run from 3:30-4:00. D. GRADING Minor Summative- 40% Playing Tests Daily Rehearsal Progress Theory Worksheets Major Summative- 60% Required Concerts Major Unit Tests Major Projects E. DISCIPLINE Unfortunately, this subject must be discussed. In classes as large as orchestra, it is extremely important that everyone follows classroom procedures. When instructions are given, students must listen attentively. Rules to follow: 1) Know the right and wrong time to talk/joke 2) Eating, drinking, or chewing gum (with the exception of water) only at designated times/ places 3) Do not run, shove, or yell 4) Orchestra students make beautiful sounds; profanity is not one of them

9 5) Respect each other, your equipment, and your orchestra hall 6) Your director dismisses class, not the bell 7) Ask permission before leaving your seat # of Offense Consequence 1 st offense A verbal warning will be issued to the student 2 nd offense A verbal warning will be issued, and a log of the offense will go in the student s file, and points will be removed from the student s daily grade 3 rd offense A call home will be issued and the offense will be recorded in the student s file, and points will be deducted from the student s daily grade 4 th offense A referral will be issued to the school administrative office, a call home will be made, and points will be deducted from the student s daily grade 5 th offense A referral will be issued to the school administrative office, a call home will be made, additional points will be deducted from the student s daily grade, and the student s continuance in the orchestra program will be discussed F. PRACTICING Practicing is a crucial part of orchestra participation. Failure to learn your music and be prepared for rehearsals and concerts does not only affect you, but also your fellow orchestra members. Please be prepared. Practice reports will be checked based on the number of minutes practiced that week. (Monday- Sunday) Practice reports are due every Monday. Follow the guided sections on our webpage for instructions on how to keep a practice report. Practice reports will not be accepted after one day late. G. CHAIR TESTS The chair test is an important part of the successful orchestra program. Sometimes these tests cause undue stress on students and parents. It s important that you and your student understand what they are and how they should be viewed. Chair tests will be assigned at the discretion of the director with ample notice (typically a week in advance) so your student can be prepared. The materials for tests can come from any music, etude, or exercise which has been covered in class. On the day of the test, students will play the assigned material. Students may not test outside of the class setting unless previous arrangements have been made. This is to keep the tests moving smoothly.

10 Upon completion of the test, students will sit in chair order, or the order from top performance to bottom. If your student does not place in a chair you would expect, please remember that many variables can affect a student s performance on a day to day basis, and often an entire section may perform an A on their test. H. REHEARSAL AND CONCERT ATTENDANCE By participating in a performing group, outside rehearsals are necessary for any kind of success. For rehearsals, what is excused for the classroom is excused for practices. However, for performances, reasons must be severe, and for U.I.L. competition, VERY SEVERE. I will try to minimize outside of the classroom rehearsals, but they are needed and necessary. As with anything, I know that there are family emergencies. PLEASE TRY TO LET THE DIRECTOR KNOW AS MUCH IN ADVANCE AS POSSIBLE. I am very willing to help work with and around conflicts to find alternate solutions (NOT HAVING A RIDE IS NEVER AN EXCUSE). Excused Absences: Students will only be excused from concerts due to personal illness, a death in the family, personal or family emergency or a religious holiday. Due to the infrequency of our concerts, sporting events and other extracurricular activities are never excused conflicts for weeknight concerts (except in the rare case of a championship game or equivalent which the student is actively playing in.) Mr. Burris must be notified by a parent, not a student, by two weeks prior to the performance or rehearsal or as soon as the conflict is known if an absence is to be excused for one of the above reasons. In the case of an emergency that occurs the day of the concert, please notify Mr. Burris of the situation as soon as possible, preferably the following day Concerts, performances and any U.I.L. activities are considered an extension of the classroom and are required performances. Specialty concerts (Winter, Spring ) are required for all students, eligible or not. Only for U.I.L. sanctioned events and trips are the students required to pass all classes. I. CONCERT MAKE-UP POLICY FOR ABSENCES If a student must miss a required concert- the student will have the opportunity to make up the performance. The student must complete a request to reassess form and have it signed by their parent. The student will perform their concert music for a jury panel composed of musical directors from Strickland. The student will be notified when the jury panel will hear make-up concert performances. The district policy is that the reassessment will take place within 10 days of the missed performance.

11 The student will be graded much like a playing test in class. The student is expected to wear the concert uniform from the concert missed. J. ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY The UIL policy of academic eligibility will be strictly adhered to. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are in good academic standing in all of your classes. If a student is academically ineligible, they will not be able to attend any UIL performance or competition. Also, they will not be able to go on any trips or festivals, no exceptions. This not only hurts the individual student, but their orchestra as a whole. Remember, if you are having trouble in a class, it is better to get help earlier than later. There are lots of people willing to help. All you need to do is ask. K. THE ORCHESTRA ROOM The orchestra room is your room. It must therefore be treated with respect. Keep the room and all adjacent storage/practice rooms clean and organized at all times. The room will be unlocked by 7:45 AM by Mr. R. Students are permitted to drop off their instrument or practice in the morning. After a student has dropped off their instrument, they should re-exit the same door and return to their waiting area. A student found not practicing will be removed to their waiting area. The orchestra room will be locked at 4:00 each day. Students involved in after school activities that go past 4:00 will need to get their instrument after school, before they report to that activity. L. BINDERS AND MUSIC All students will be assigned their own individual binder and music. The individual student will be responsible for that folder and the contents of it. Should a folder be lost, the student will be held fully responsible for the cost of music replacement/copies which must be made. Your name, instrument, and part should be written on all of your music. Included in each binder, should be sheet protectors, a pencil, and small dry erase marker. M. LOCKERS Each student will be assigned an instrument holding place at the beginning of the year. Violins, violas, and most cellos and basses will be assigned a locker and combination lock. If the lock is lost, the student must pay $5.00 to replace the lock. Keep lockers locked for security reasons. Some cellos and basses will be given a space on cello and bass racks in the orchestra room. The orchestra room is locked every evening. Only the campus principals and I have the key to the room and the combination locks. Lockers are for instruments: not bags, jackets, school projects, etc.

12 N. UNIFORMS All uniforms must be in full order by October 6 th for Orchestra Pictures. Sixth Grade Orchestras: (all pieces are to be provided by the student/family) Black dress shoes, not tennis shoes (NO OTHER COLORS ACCEPTABLE) Black LONG socks or hose (NO OTHER COLORS ACCEPTABLE) Black pants or long skirt (female cellists- please wear pants) White, sleeveless or short sleeved camisole or under shirt. White (solid) dress shirt (short or long sleeved, but NOT sleeveless) Boys: Shirt should have a collar and be tucked in at all times. Girls: Please try to choose a shirt that is not shiny and will look uniform with those around you. Sinfonia Orchestra: Provided from home: Black dress shoes, not tennis shoes (NO OTHER COLORS ACCEPTABLE) Black LONG socks (boys) (NO OTHER COLORS ACCEPTABLE) Black dress pants (boys) White, sleeveless or short sleeved camisole or under shirt. White, long sleeved, solid TUXEDO shirt. (boys) Checked out to student: Black bow tie (boys) Black Cummerbund (boys) Black concert dress (girls) These items must be turned in at the end of the year, in excellent working condition. If a bow tie or cummerbund are damaged beyond repair, or are lost, the cost is $10 per item, or $20 total. If dresses are damaged beyond repair, a fee consisting of the dress price plus shipping will be assessed, in order to replace the dress. This cost will be approximately $90. Chamber Orchestra Boys: (these pieces are to be provided by the student/family) Black dress shoes, not tennis shoes (NO OTHER COLORS ACCEPTABLE) Black LONG socks (NO OTHER COLORS ACCEPTABLE)

13 Black dress pants White, sleeveless or short sleeved camisole or under shirt. White, long sleeved, solid TUXEDO shirt. These pieces will be checked out to Chamber boys: (for those that do not own them already) Black bow tie Black Cummerbund These items must be turned in at the end of the year, in excellent working condition. If one, or both, items are damaged beyond repair, or are lost, the cost is $10 per item, or $20 total. Chamber Orchestra Girls: (these pieces are to be provided by the student/family) Black dress shoes, not tennis shoes (NO OTHER COLORS ACCEPTABLE) Checked out to Chamber girls: Black Orchestra Dress If I am unable to find a volunteer to hem dresses, parents will be responsible for hemming dresses to the appropriate length (between the ankle and the floor). Hemming must be done in a way that preserves excess fabric. Dresses must be turned in at the end of the year cleaned and in excellent working condition. If dresses are damaged beyond repair, a fee consisting of the dress price plus shipping will be assessed, in order to replace the dress. This cost will be approximately $90. O. FEES Strickland orchestra students are required to pay a participation fee. This fee not only insures that the orchestra will have enough money to operate throughout the year, but it will also include your music fee, supplies for the classroom and personal use, your SMS Orchestra T-shirt, your orchestra locker fees and your participation fee. It is impossible for a school or district to provide enough money for every opportunity for every student in every program. Hopefully this participation fee will offset the enormous amount of money it takes to run a successful program. A fee of $50.00 is required from every student, and is due on Friday, September 9 th. Students may fundraise $30 of this fee with our fall fundraiser. Any other fees will be applied on top of the participation fee. This participation fee will be paid in one lump sum. If you are fund raising $30 of this fee, $20 will still be due on Friday, September 9 th. Please note that a student may not receive their orchestra t-shirt until the full $50 fee

14 has been paid. Additionally, students may not place money towards field trips until the full $50 fee has been paid. Participation Fee $50.00 DUE Friday, September 9 th (all) Please put all payments in an envelope labeled with the student s name There will also be a separate expense for those renting school instruments. Make ALL checks (EXCEPT school instrument rental checks) payable to Strickland Middle School Orchestra. Make school instrument rental checks payable to Denton I.S.D. P. LESSONS According to research, the average tutored student outperforms 98% of students taught only under standard classroom group instruction. Denton ISD is extremely cognizant of this and has a private lesson program available to all of its middle and high schools before and after school, as well as during your student s regular orchestra class. Teachers will be available on all instruments. All teachers selected for the program are interviewed and approved by the Denton ISD orchestra faculty and undergo a complete background and qualification check. At this time, lessons through the district are offered at the reasonable price of $18 per lesson (A REAL BARGAIN). Lessons are offered once a week. Anyone interested should fill out the private lesson request form in the back pages of this packet. Scholarships are available. Contact Mr. Burris for details. Q. SCHOOL TRIPS There will be several chances throughout the year for the students to travel off of the SMS campus to perform. The students will be expected to behave in a positive manner as an SMS orchestra student. Remember that we are representing our orchestra, our school and our city. Any and all school rules will apply on every school-sponsored trip. Any persons breaking these rules will be dealt with when we return. Any student that spends time in ISSC for a significant infraction will not be permitted to participate in any off-campus activities. Any student who is academically ineligible will not be permitted to participate in any off-campus activities. If a student loses their privilege to travel with the orchestra and money has already been paid towards the trip, the money will not be refunded. If the orchestra is traveling by school-provided transportation, students will be expected to travel with the entire group. If parents wish to take their child home, please use the following procedure:

15 The director must have a note at least 24 HOURS BEFORE THE EVENT in writing. The parent, student, and director must meet FACE TO FACE before anyone can leave. R. PARENT PICK-UP We invite parents to be in the audience at all of our performances. It is very special to the students to have someone there to share in their musical accomplishments. Whether or not parents are able to be at a contest, concert, or an audition, when an orchestra event is finished PARENTS OF EACH STUDENT ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PICKING UP THAT STUDENT WITHIN 15 MINUTES OF THE SCHEDULED COMPLETION TIME. This includes: Rehearsals outside of a regular school day Auditions Concerts at or away from Strickland Any event for which school transportation is provided Parents SHOULD NOT depend on a student calling when they are ready. If a parent or guardian is not available to pick up a student, the authorities will be called to hold the student until a parent or guardian arrives.

16 SMS ORCHESTRA Proposed Calendar Dates and times are subject to change. Please be flexible 08/25/16 Pool Party-combined with band and choir- Civic Center Pool, 6:00-8:00 08/31/16 First payment for school owned instruments 09/01/16 Beginner Instrument Drive /09/16 Orchestra Fee Due 09/23/16 Second payment for school owned instruments 10/06/16 Orchestra Pictures with Eagleton Photography 10/20/16 Fall 6:00-7:00pm, SMS Auditorium 10/21/16 Final payment for school owned instruments 10/28/16 Orchestra Costume Party 4:30-6:00 (Orch. Room) 10/29/16 MS Region Guyer (Optional for 6 th & Sinfonia, Required for Chamber) 11/03/16 First San Antonio Trip Payment: $75 non-refundable deposit 12/06/16 Winter Concert SMS Auditorium 12/09-10/16 All-Region Clinic and Byron Nelson High School (Only those who make the orchestra) 01/19/17 Second San Antonio Trip Payment: $50 02/03/17 Night of Shining Stars- Date dependent on PTA- Sinfonia and Chamber only 02/09/17 Third San Antonio Trip Payment- $50 ($25 for chaperones) 02/18/17 Mandatory Saturday Rehearsal 9:00-12:00 (Chamber) Mandatory Saturday Rehearsal 1:00-4:00 (Sinfonia) 02/21/17 5 th Grade Fiddle Camp SMS 03/07/17 UIL Concert and Guyer HS-Sinfonia and Chamber only 03/09/17 Final San Antonio Trip Payment- $75 04/04/17 San Antonio Chaperone meeting #1 5:30-6:30 04/08/17 DISD MS Solo and Calhoun MS 04/11/17 String Ryan HS 04/24/17 San Antonio Chaperone meeting #2 6:00-7:00 04/27/17 6 th Grade NRH2O Payment Due 05/11/17 4 th Grade Orchestra Demonstration (Chamber only, during school day) 05/15/17 Music Festival (5 th ) 05/16/17 NRH2O Music Festival (6 th ) 05/19-21/17 Trip to San Antonio Fiesta Texas (7 th and 8 th grade) 05/25/17 Spring Concert, Awards and Slide 6:00-8:00 SMS

17 Fee Structure Participation Fee (make checks out to SMS Orchestra) (for all students in the program) $50 Activity fee is due by September 9th. This fee covers Orchestra t-shirt, worksheets, music copies, locker use, 7th and 8th grade uniforms, and more. Each student is given one copy of music each time a new piece of music is assigned throughout the year. Additional copies are not provided- students may download and print copies on CHARMS! Instrument Usage Fee (for students who are not renting from a company) Checks made out to: DISD $125 all students who play a school owned instrument but do not qualify for free or reduced lunch- reserved primarily for cello and bass $50 all students qualifying for reduced lunch status (District approval letter must be given to Mr. Burris in order to receive reduced lunch fee) $25 all students qualifying for free lunch status (District approval letter must be given to Mr. Burris in order to receive free lunch fee) Payment plan options will be available for Instrument Usage Fees as follows: 1) Parents may pay the fee in full when school begins in August 2) Parents may pay $40.00 (Aug.); $40.00 (Sept.); $45.00 (Oct.) = $ ) Reduced Lunch students may pay $20.00 (Aug.); $20.00 (Sept.); $10.00 (Oct.) = $ ) Free Lunch students may pay $10.00 (Aug.); $10.00 (Sept.); $5.00 (Oct.) = $25.00 Required Supplies: 1. Instrument and Bow 2. Black Binder with see-through plastic overlay 3. Shoulder rest for Violin and Viola 4. Pencil (at your stand each day) 5. Package of sheet protectors 6. Rosin 7. Soft cloth 8. Rock stop for cello/bass 9. Copy of your Method Book 10. Music stand for at-home practice 11. A digital tuner. (Korg, KILQ, Fender, Snark or a Smart Device)

18 ATTENTION! PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE READ THE ORCHESTRA HANDBOOK BEFORE SIGNING! ACCESS VIA THE ORCHESTRA WEBSITE, UNDER HANDBOOK! PARENT AND STUDENT CONTRACT (Fill out and return the following forms if applicable) Assignment #1 due Friday, September 11th I have read, and am familiar with the SMS Orchestra Handbook, its contents and procedures. I will abide by the rules outlined in the Handbook and understand the consequences. PRINT NEATLY: Student Instrument Address City, Zip Phone # Daytime # Parent/Guardian Additionally, I would like to be an Orchestra Parent in the activities of this school year. I would like to: Sewing (hemming dresses) Assist in fund raising activities(sorting pies, organization, etc.) Help provide refreshments following concerts at Strickland Help chaperone bus trips Work during the All-Region Orchestra auditions (concessions, room monitor, etc.) Providing transportation to concerts for students without a ride. Medical assistance on trips (LPN, RN or MD) Other (please specify):

19 STRICKLAND MIDDLE SCHOOL ORCHESTRA PRIVATE LESSON REQUEST FORM Student Name Instrument Class Period Parent/Guardian s Name P/G Phone # Please circle all of the times you are available for a private lesson. Please circle as many options as possible. This will give you a better chance of being matched up with a teacher as quickly as possible. Once your lessons begin, they will be at the same time every week. Note-these lessons are optional and at extra cost ($17 per week.) Mr. Burris serves only as a facilitator for matching students with private teachers. Payment must be made to private teacher directly and at the time it is due. Monday Before School During School (write your class period ) After School Tuesday Before School During School (write your class period ) After School Wednesday Before School During School (write your class period ) After School Thursday Before School During School (write your class period ) After School Friday Before School During School (write your class period ) After School *A private teacher approved by the district will contact you to set up a lesson time and discuss payment procedures.

20 How to access parent/student information in PLEASE COMPLETE BY SEPTEMBER 4 th! Two ways to log in: o Either Log on to and click the ENTER/LOG IN link at upper right o Download the free CHARMS app (available on both Apple and Android devicessearch for Charms Parent/Student Portal Locate the PARENT/STUDENT/MEMBERS LOGIN section of the web page. Login to your child s program account using the following School Code: stricklandmsorch This will bring up the main parent page. This will allow you to look at the public calendar for your organization, event list, handouts and other files. o Clicking on an event on the calendar brings up the details for that event, such as times, attendance requirements, volunteer opportunities, and other event details. Note that if a calendar event is specifically assigned to your child, it may NOT show up on this calendar check the Student calendar after entering the student s ID number (see below). When you enter your child s ID NUMBER as a Student Area Password, another more detailed screen appears with even more options to view your student s uniform assignments, music assignments, financial records, forms and inventory. Please help the director maintain his records: o Update Personal Information You may help make changes to your child s student information page (such as updating phone numbers and addresses if they change) to help the teacher communicate with you more effectively. Click the Personal Info button. Finances: you will be able to keep up with your student s orchestra payments and fees: o Yearly fees o Instrument fees o Fundraisers o Trip ledgers o Optional participation fees Forms: you will be able to view forms passed out to your student in class as well as if they have returned required forms. You will also see links to enter and use the Recording Studio- which will be used for playing assessments.

21 STRICKLAND ORCHESTRA T-SHIRT FORM The cost of a student t-shirt will be taken from your student s $50 orchestra fee. If your student does not pay the fee, they will not receive their t-shirt. If you are unable to pay the full $50; $20 may be paid now and the remaining $30 may be made in the fall fundraiser. Student Name: Please circle size: YOU WILL RECEIVE WHATEVER SIZE YOU CIRCLE! NO EXCEPTIONS! Youth Small Youth Medium Youth Large Adult Small Adult Medium Adult Large Adult XL Adult 2XL If you would like to order additional shirts for parents, family members, or friends to show their support of the SMS Orchestra program, please indicate the number of shirts and sizes below. Additional shirts will be $10 each. Please make checks payable to SMS Orchestra. Youth Small #: Youth Medium #: Youth Large #: Adult Small #: Adult Medium #: Adult Large #: Adult X-Large #: