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1 Standley Lake High School Orchestra Handbook

2 Dear SLHS Orchestra Students and Parents, Welcome to a new school year at Standley Lake! I am thrilled to be embarking together on what I m sure will be a fantastic year full of learning, music, and fun in orchestra class. My name is Kelsey Reeve, and I have been teaching orchestra in the Standley Lake area since August 2014! I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where I began playing the violin at age nine. Orchestra class was my favorite activity throughout high school, and I went on to earn my bachelor s degree in Music Education and Violin Performance from the University of Iowa and had the opportunity to complete my semester of student teaching in orchestra classes in the Adams 12 School District in Westminster. Following college, I taught for the education division of Orchestra Iowa, a professional symphony in my hometown, in a program called Fifth-Grade Fiddles. In the fall of 2012, I moved to Houston, Texas, where I spent two years completing a master s degree in violin performance while also teaching private lessons and sectionals to middle and high school string students in a nearby school district. I loved Houston, but had wanted to move to Colorado for several years, so here I am! When I m not playing my violin or teaching string players, I enjoy running, hiking, climbing, baking, learning to play the banjo, and hanging out with my crazy dog, Mowgli. Included in this handbook is the calendar for the semester, required materials, class expectations, grading policies, eligibility requirements for Solo and Ensemble and all honor groups, instrument care guidelines, concert attire information, and more. Please take the time to read this handbook carefully, and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I can be reached by at or by phone at (303) Sincerely, Kelsey Reeve Director of Orchestras Standley Lake High School Standley Lake Area Elementary Schools (303)

3 Expectations 1. Punctuality: you will be in your seat before the second bell with all materials (music, instrument, and pencil). Before the bell, you can practice the orchestra music. When the bell rings, we will begin tuning. You will be considered tardy if you walk through the door after the bell has sounded. Each tardy lowers your daily attendance grade by two points. Excused tardies are those called into the attendance office or arranged ahead of time with Ms. Reeve. 2. Participation in rehearsals and concerts: The purpose of orchestra class is to play your instrument to the best of your ability, to learn as much as you can and improve personally, and to contribute positively to the overall sound of the orchestra. Work with the group toward the common goal of quality orchestral playing. Use good playing posture: sit on the edge of your chair with a straight back and feet flat on the floor. Always have your music and pencil with you. Always play your best you are part of a team and have a responsibility to yourself and your teammates! 3. Concentrate and be alert during rehearsal. Maintain a positive attitude during class. Listen and follow directions as actively and completely as you can. Do not talk to others during class when we are playing or while Ms. Reeve is giving instructions. When the ensemble stops playing, stop playing your instrument immediately so that both you and your neighbors can hear the next instruction. 4. Take good care of the music used in class. Do not mark music in ink or anything other than a pencil. Markings should be made lightly so that they may be easily erased. Do not fold, roll, tear, or destroy your music in any way. Some of the music we will use this year will be used again in the future. Any damage to your music may incur a replacement fine. You will be given a folder for your music, so please use it and keep it in a designated place. 5. For your safety, no food or drink is allowed during orchestra class. Chewing gum and food inhibits your ability to play your instrument properly, and spills and sticky fingers can damage your instrument. Please dispose of gum on your way in the door. 6. Hats, hoods, and all head coverings must be removed when entering the Orchestra Room. Exceptions are, of course, made for religious observances. 7. Respect will be maintained in the Orchestra Room. This includes, but is not limited to, respect for yourself, your colleagues, your teacher, the opinions and beliefs of others, school property, and others personal property. Also, please respect the individuality of each musician. No two musicians play the same way, and we all have differing strengths and weaknesses, but that s what makes playing in an orchestra such a wonderful experience! If we constantly demonstrate support for one another, we will make great music together.

4 Calendar of Events: Please mark these dates on your calendar immediately to avoid conflicts with our events. August: 17 Orientation for Freshmen 18 Classes Begin! 23 Back-to-School Night 5:15 pm 8:00 October: 12 Parent-Teacher Conferences 2:00 pm 7:00 pm November: 1 SLHS Orchestra Concert 7:00 pm 14 All-County Honor Orchestra Auditions Thanksgiving Break December: 15 SLHS Instrumental Winter Collage Concert 7:00 pm Finals! 21-January 7 Winter Break January: 4-9 SLHS Instrumental Music Trip to Orlando! 8 Second Semester Begins 16, 18 All-County Honor Orchestra Sectional Rehearsals 5:30 pm 8:00 pm 19 All-County Honor Orchestra Rehearsals all day/concert 7:00 pm West Bowles Comm. Church February: 15 Parent-Teacher Conferences 4:00 pm 8:00 pm March: 8-10 SLHS Spring Musical 7:00 pm 19 SLHS Orchestra Concert 7:00 pm Spring Break April: 11 Area String Festival May: 7 SLHS Orchestra Concert 7:00 pm Senior Final Exams 17 Graduation 7:00 pm Finals!

5 Concert Attire: Members of SLHS performing groups are required to wear specific professional attire. Student will purchase through the Music Boosters: Black dress for women. Information on measurements and ordering is forthcoming in the next few weeks. Student provides: Long-sleeved black dress shirt, black dress pants, and green/blue tie (solid or pattern in school colors) for men. Black socks or hose and black dress shoes for men and women. This dress code is REQUIRED for all performances. It is expected that students will come dressed neatly (clothing pressed and clean). Any student who is not in FULL concert attire (including black dress shoes for men) WILL NOT PERFORM AND WILL FORFEIT CREDIT FOR THE PERFORMANCE. Dressing as a unified group puts the emphasis on what is being heard. All students will be expected to listen to other musical groups they are not performing in and provide appropriate support as an audience member. Required Technique Book: Sound Innovations Sound Development, Warm-up Exercises for Tone and Technique (Intermediate String Orchestra) *Please make sure that you are purchasing for your student s correct instrument part (violin, viola, cello, or bass). Music and Arts (below) sells these! Music Vendors: The following vendors are a few suggestions for renting instruments and purchasing orchestra supplies. Often these instruments are of superior quality and are accompanied by full-service maintenance coverage. Mi Vida Strings: 3702 W. 72 nd Avenue, Westminster, CO 80030, (303) Golden Music: W. Colfax Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80215, (303) Music and Arts: 7350 W. 88th Avenue, Westminster, CO 80021, (303)

6 For anyone wishing to rent an instrument from the school, a fee of $ dollars will be collected for the use of a school-owned instrument each year. Grading Policy: Two playing tests: These exams will be on the music from our concerts, as well as scales worked on in class, and will be evaluated on tone, pitch accuracy, rhythmic accuracy, articulation, and dynamics. Final Exam: The final exam will be a performance of a solo or ensemble piece. The criteria for the grade will be the same as the previous playing tests. Class Attendance and Participation: This grade reflects daily attendance/tardiness, preparedness, and attitude. You are required to have your instrument, music, and pencil at all rehearsals. Your participation grade will also be impacted by your attention to the following: Performing enthusiastically and with energy Active listening, effort, concentration, following directions Marking music Bringing materials to class Ready at the beginning of class Proper posture Following classroom rules Preparedness Concert Attendance: Showing up at each and every concert to play with the orchestra is absolutely essential! Performances are our chance to let our hard work shine, positively represent the musical community at Standley Lake High School, and enjoy playing music together. Practicing at Home: Personal practice on your instrument outside of our orchestra rehearsals is essential to the success of the ensemble. If time is spent learning notes and rhythms outside of class, more time in class can be spent unifying the ensemble, shaping the music, and learning to incorporate other expressive tools and techniques. Your personal practice time is also your chance to become fully aware of your own sound and music-making! This year, we will be uploading personal recordings every two weeks. More details on this coming soon! Assessments- 40% Concerts- 200 points each Playing Tests- 100 points each Final Exam- 150 points

7 Class Attendance/Participation- 40% 5 points per day (tardy arrival to class will result in deduction of two points, forgotten instrument will result in deduction of 3 points) Assignments- 20% Personal Recordings- 100 points each Attendance Policy: Tardy Policy: You are considered tardy if you are not in your seat with your instrument, music, and pencil when the second bell rings. An unexcused tardy lowers your daily attendance/participation grade by 2 points. Absence Policy: Unexcused absences are unacceptable, because if you are not in attendance to participate in the rehearsal, you are inhibiting the ensemble from reaching its full potential. An unexcused absence will result in forfeiture of attendance/participation points for the day. Following is the JEFFCO School District Unexcused Absence Policy: Makeup Work for Excused Absences It is essential that students absent from school make up work missed. It is the responsibility of the student and parent or guardian to initiate requests for and pick up makeup work on the day he or she returns to class from an excused absence. Makeup work should reflect class assignments missed during the absence, and a reasonable amount of time should be allowed for work completion. Time allowed to make up work is twice the number of classes or days missed (two days allowed for makeup work for each day of absence); however, an extension of this time limit may be approved by the school administration. Students who complete makeup work within the required timeline will receive full academic credit earned for the makeup work. Unexcused Absences Unexcused absences are defined as absences not covered by the grounds for excused absences, including students leaving class without permission of the teacher or administrator in charge, students missing a class without parental approval, 'sneak days,' 'ditch days,' and 'prank days,' and circumstances determined by the principal. Each unexcused absence shall be entered on the student's record and the parents or guardian of the student receiving an unexcused absence shall be notified orally or in writing by the school. Unexcused absences will subject the student to appropriate consequences, including school sanctions and/or the imposition of academic sanctions for classes missed. At the senior high school level, persistent unexcused absenteeism may, in the judgment of the teacher and school administration, result in a failing grade. Court action may be initiated by the designated school authorities when deemed necessary in order to enforce school attendance requirements. The maximum number of unexcused absences a student may incur before judicial

8 proceedings are initiated to enforce compulsory attendance is four days in one month or 10 days in one year. For attendance purposes, any absence from school resulting from suspension will be considered an "unexcused" absence. Such absences due to suspension, however, shall not be counted in the total of unexcused absences when determining if a student is "habitually truant." Makeup Work for Unexcused Absences Classroom instruction and interaction with teachers are essential to a student's education. Because of the importance of classroom instruction and learning, students with unexcused absences will be expected to complete classroom assignments to demonstrate their learning on content standards and to meet the academic expectations of the teacher. As with excused absences, time allowed to make up work is twice the number of classes or days missed (two days allowed for makeup work for each day of absence); however, an extension of this time limit may be approved by the school administration. Students who complete the required makeup work within the required timelines will receive academic credit earned for the makeup work as described below. For grades nine through twelve: o With the first two unexcused absences from a class, makeup work will be allowed for credit with one grade reduction for all work completed. o After the first two unexcused absences from a class, makeup work will be allowed for credit with two letter grade reductions for all work completed. o When an assignment has been given with a specific due date and the student does not turn that assignment in because of an unexcused absence on the due date, the teacher will enforce the original stated expectations regarding grading of the assignment if it is turned in late. o When a student has missed classroom discussions or classroom work that cannot be duplicated through a simple assignment, the teacher may elect to request that the student create a method for demonstration of the learning or the teacher may elect to assign specific work to demonstrate the learning. If the student fails to complete the work, no credit will be given. Concert Attendance: Concert attendance is mandatory. Students who miss a performance due to an excused absence will need to complete a make-up assignment. Because nothing can replace the value and experience of a concert, concessions will be made only when unavoidable circumstances arise. Unexcused absences from a performance will result in the loss of all attendance and participation points. Excused Absence from a Scheduled Performance: Legal absence from school on the day of a concert. Multiple absences on concert days are unacceptable. Last minute emergencies or illness. Such emergencies or illness require: o A letter of explanation from the parent upon the student s return to school

9 o Notification to Ms. Reeve before the concert if possible Absences without a letter of explanation will be considered skipping. In scheduling concerts, we try to avoid conflicts with other school activities, however, any student who is aware of a conflict with a school sport or school activity should notify Ms. Reeve in writing as soon as possible. Please note that work, lack of transportation, and large amounts of homework do not count as excused absences. Please plan ahead! Instrument Care Your instrument should always be in working order. It is your responsibility to maintain a working instrument. If you are renting a school-owned instrument, the school will pay for repairs, but if the student is at fault, you can be fined for repair costs. If there is a problem, see Ms. Reeve immediately. Many accidents can be easily avoided by taking the following precautions: ALWAYS wash your hands before you play your instrument. Dirt/oil will build up and destroy the varnish on the instrument. Students and parents should NEVER try to repair an instrument themselves. Not knowing what you are doing will only make the problem worse. NEVER touch the hair of the bow. Oils on your hands will destroy the hair. During the winter months, NEVER store your instrument near heat sources or windows, and NEVER leave your instrument outside (even for a minute) or in a cold car. Extreme temperature or drastic changes in temperature will cause the instrument to crack. During the summer months, NEVER leave your instrument in the car or in the direct sunlight. The heat can melt the glue that holds the instrument together. ALWAYS keep the instrument in the case when you are not using it (even if only for a minute). NEVER leave your instrument sitting out on a chair or leaning up against a wall. If an instrument falls, it will break. NEVER lay an instrument on its face (the side with the holes). This can cause damage to the bridge. NEVER let pets near your instruments. Dogs and cats could mistake your instrument or bow for a chew toy (ask Duran about the time her dog stole her violin!) NEVER let younger siblings play with your instrument. Young children do not realize how fragile and expensive the instruments are.

10 NEVER use cleaning products or even water to clean your instrument. After every use, wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth only. NEVER attempt to glue a broken bridge back together. This is dangerous and ineffective. NEVER run with your instrument. NEVER use your bow as a toy or tap it against the floor, walls, or stands. ALWAYS loosen your bow when you are finished playing! Keeping a bow constantly tightened will damage the bow. Private Lessons Private lessons are highly encouraged. Ms. Reeve can provide you with a comprehensive list of private teachers in the immediate area if you are interested. Eligibility for Honor Groups and Solo and Ensemble Festival In order to participate in ANY honor group (Western States Honor Orchestra, All-State groups, Jeffco Honor groups, university honor groups, etc.) or Solo and Ensemble Festival, each student must meet the following requirements: The student must be enrolled in a performing ensemble at SLHS. The student must be passing no less than five out of seven classes, or four out of six classes (depending on the student s class load) per semester. No more than two classes may be below a passing grade for each semester. Grades are checked each semester prior to each honor group and/or the Solo and Ensemble Festival. ALL entry fees are non-refundable. If a student is unable to attend an honor group or solo and ensemble for any reason, the entry fee is forfeited. District Policies DRUGS/ ALCOHOL are prohibited at any instrumental music function. Any student caught with drugs and/or alcohol will be sent home immediately and punished by Jeffco policy and/or Colorado state law. Offenders may be subject to suspension, expulsion, and/or incarceration by local law enforcement. TOBACCO is prohibited at any instrumental music function. Any student caught with tobacco will be punished by Jeffco policy.

11 WEAPONS are prohibited at any instrumental music function. Offenders will have the weapon(s) confiscated, will be sent home, and will be punished by Jeffco policy and/or Colorado state law. Students violating this rule will be subject to suspension, expulsion, and/or incarceration by local law enforcement. Please remember that when you are traveling with the group, you are representing Standley Lake High School. Even when you are out of uniform, you must act responsibly. Everyone wants to have fun on trips, but make good decisions. If you have to think twice about whether or not your behavior is appropriate, then it probably is not. Please review the Code of Conduct on all of these regulations. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Ms. Reeve for clarification. Trips should be enjoyable, but they must be safe for every student in attendance. Cell Phone and Personal Music Player Policy Cell phones MUST be turned off or set to silent before entering the music room. Phone calls and text messages should not be answered during class time unless there is an emergency. Headphones and personal music players are prohibited during class time. Repeated offenses will result in a reduction of points from your participation grade. Please return the contract on the final page to Ms. Reeve by Friday, Sepetember 1 st. With all that said let s have a fantastic year in orchestra class!


13 Orchestra Student Parent Contract Please return this page to Ms. Reeve by Friday, September 1. As a student and a member of the Standley Lake High School Music Department, I have read the handbook and understand the rules, grading procedures, concert attendance, and all other aspects of the handbook that pertain to this class. As a member of the orchestra, I will assume the obligations and responsibilities and do my best to accomplish the objectives and follow the principles, rules, and regulations. Student s Signature Date As parent/guardian of this child, I/we understand the rules and regulations our child is expected to follow. Parent/Guardian Signature Date Information Form - All students must complete! Student Name (Please print this should be how you want your name to appear in programs) Student Cell Phone # (optional) Student Home Phone # Parent (s) Father s Name Father s Work # Can you accept calls at work? Yes No Mother s Name Mother s Work # Can you accept calls at work? Yes No


15 Standley Lake High School Orchestras Letter Point Tally Sheet Name Date School Year Being Tallied In order to receive a Fine Arts Letter from Standley Lake High School Instrumental Music, a student must accumulate 60 points in one school year and have a B or higher in all music classes. Points are given through participation in the following activities and ensembles: Activity Points Possible Term Points Earned *Concert Orchestra Member 10 per semester *Chamber Orchestra Member 10 per semester Extracurricular string ensemble 5 per semester Pit Orchestra Member 10 Spring Musical Other SLHS Music Class Member 1 per semester Participation in the Spring Musical (not pit) 2 Spring Musical Participation in an ensemble outside of SLHS 5 per year Jeff 10 Honor Orchestra Participation 5 per year Tri M 2 per year Performance of solo or ensemble in the Collage Concert 5 per group Rating of I or II at Solo and Ensemble Festival 5 per group Audition for any instrumental honor ensemble 5 per audition Acceptance into any instrumental honor ensemble 60 per audition per month, weekly Private Lessons 2 lessons Director-approved projects 2 per instance Fundraisers 5 per fundraiser Assistance with setup at Standley Lake Area Orchestra Festival 3 Trills and Thrills- 4 hour shift 5 per shift Trills and Thrills- all day 7.5 per day Concert Attendance- outside groups (with 1 page reflection) 1 per concert OR 3 Years consecutive participation in orchestra with NO missed performances 55 *With no missed performances Total Points Earned