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1 February 2010 Newsletter Yesterday & Today Records P.O. Box 54 Miranda NSW 2228 Phone: (02) We still have a fax but not permanently connected given that most prefer to send s and most of the faxes we do actually get are spam, but if you do need to send a fax please call first on the above number so we can have the fax to the ready. Seems like only yesterday it was telexes! Postage 1cd $2/ 2cds $3 / 3-4cds $ Country music has changed. Even with a genre that has seemingly always had a fixation for crossover there has been a continued degrading of the roots of the genre, so nowadays what they call country music is virtually indiscernible from pop music. I mean Britney Spears may have a little more bassiness in the recording but she is in essence the same as Taylor Swift (where the bassiness is replaced by the 2 second fiddle solo, which is of course played over a heavily synthesized backdrop.) But most of the Nashville scribes take the Emperor s New Clothes approach and pretend there is nothing wrong. Well, they do have to protect their jobs I suppose, but there can be no denying that the basic entities of country music, fine songs and sincere down home delivery are but for the odd, make that very odd exception, no longer exist. This phenomenon has been ten years in the making. The late eighties to three quarters of the way through the 90s produced some of the greatest country music ever made. Artists such as Ricky Van Shelton and Randy Travis ruled the charts and there were a swag of new artists coming through of similar talent. There were secondary labels such as Hightone producing traditional style music with a contemporary edge which we all embraced. How times have changed!

2 Some mornings when there is something on the antiques roadshow that I have already seen I switch over to the country music channel where I try and stomach what I can see for as long as I can. Some young thing with precious little obvious sign of talent is dancing around trying to express some form of sincerity with some song totally lacking in melody and seemingly having the same beat and tempo as the preceding one. So at Yesterday & Today Records we just do not embrace this at all. Why should we, it is not country music. We offer you an alternate universe if you like where everything we have is good and is country real country music where the now taboo subjects of drinkin, lying and cheatin are still embraced and where tradition and sincerity are a must have ingredient. We get the independent labels from Nashville and Texas where talent and great songs rule. Where the needs of country music fans are satisfied, where artists such as Merle Haggard are kings and great songs rule. If you like we are the Choice Magazine for country music fans and I don t mean those who turn the CMT on all day every day and think they enjoy it. So settle back and have a read. If you are convinced you are a real fan then take our word for what is great and reap the reward. By all means give us a call if unsure. If you are a Merle Haggard fan you will love Kenny Seratt, if you are a Ray Price fan you will love Darrell McCall. If you are a Connie Smith or Loretta Lynn fan you will love the likes of Heather Myles and Amber Digby. If you are worried that you haven t heard them, don t! Fans of traditional country music will unreservedly love what we carry. You will find a great selection of cds from $5 in our sales section. No rubbish, and they are genuine bargains. So settle back, rest a spell take your shoes off and give the list a peruse. Thank you Albums of the Year 1. Ron Williams The Longer You re Gone.$30 Ron for the uninitiated is the son of Leona Williams, who of course was married for a time to Merle Haggard. Now, having Merle as a step dad may not have been all smooth sailing but it certainly instilled a spirit of true country music greatness in Ron. If he had been around at the end of the 80s he would have been on a major label and as good and popular as say Ricky Van Shelton. He has it all. Good looks and those peculiarly personal country music nuances that make for individuality and superb country. A must. 2. Dotty Jack With Every Heartbeat $30 Just superb. 3. Joey Allcorn All Alone Again $30 The best Hank III or Wayne the Train album ever is this. That demeans Joey but it is true. If you like Wayne or Hank III you are guaranteed to love this. 4. Darrell McCall Keeping With Tradition 5. Jake Hooker Lost Along the Way $30 the superb vocalist is equally adept as a band leader and musician. 6. Amber Digby Another Way to Live Reissue of the Year A tie!! Mel Street - Mel Street/ Country Soul $34 Sons of the Pioneers/Roy Rogers Complete Commercial Recordings $240 Two different era, the classic honky tonk of Mel Street and the unsurpassed trio singing of Roy and the Sons of the Pioneers.

3 Best Roots/Americana Album Loudon Wainwright III High wide and Handsome: The Charlie Poole Project 2cds + stunning package $35 For a small contrast this is the Swedish Cowboy s Top 5 1. Ron Williams: The Longer You re Gone 2. Teri Joyce: Kitchen Radio 3. Darrell McCall: Keeping With Tradition 4. Dottie Jack: With Every Heartbeat 5. Various Artists: Hillside Records Country Song Roundup Kenny Seratt The Best Of Kenny Seratt $30 The reactivated Hillside label has been a blessing in this world where real country music is hard to find. Many bought and loved the Hillside Country cd from last year. Most of those were absolutely in awe of Kenny Seratt. Here was a man who sang like Merle Haggard and in his own right was every bit as good as the man. Merle himself has been quoted as saying Kenny sang like Lefty & me way before I did!. The good news is we now have this superb cd. It came out right at the end of December in 2009 so technically it is a 2009 release but realistically a 2010 release and you would almost call the rest of 2010 off and proclaim this album of the year right now. A few years ago I had a cd by an indie guy called Rick Stancil. Now the cd was good but I could help remarking that one track, Just a Damn Good Drinking Song was as good as example of that fabulous honky tonk sub-set that I had ever heard, well lo & behold it was a Kenny Seratt song and the original is here! There is a mix of originals and covers. Some of the originals are by songwriters S Stone & J Cunningham. The latter could be the bloke who wrote the David Allan Coe classic Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile, as his & Stone s I Found Heaven in a Texas Honky Tonk is a highlight in an album where nothing is less than a highlight. He does a wonderful job on the Tommy Collins song, recorded by Merle Haggard, Goodbye Comes Hard to Me. He has the voice and the songs. Why wasn t he the biggest star in country music? As the late Benny Hill so often said, How do you define the intangerine?. So friends, you get 17 songs and so it is like getting 1 ½ of the best albums Merle Haggard or Lefty Frizzell ever recorded. He is that good. Just amazing. Justin Trevino, who is no slouch himself, reports that on a recent benefit show in Texas, where the absolute crème de la crème of Texas artists performed, Kenny Seratt absolutely stole the show. Said Justin, People were asking who was he and where has he been!. Well, you can find out. As far as I know he only ever had one lp (though a few singles of which only one made the Top 40) and now this cd. As good as it gets maybe even better. Mickey Newbury Live at the Hermitage DVD $38 Now, sometimes it is hard to understand how an artist such as the aforementioned Kenny Seratt is a virtual unknown, but twice as hard to work out how Mickey Newbury could have made it given that his lifestyle was not conducive to being discovered and now that he is gone the handling of his material in the hands of his somewhat less than functional family. Good news though is that it is being handled by someone who is a little better than the family member who was handling things last year when in the end we had to give up on obtaining his product. So things are kind of on

4 track, or so it seems. The dvd, recorded in Tennessee s Hermitage ballroom goes for a mighty 147 minutes and features Mickey performing all his best known songs including American Trilogy, Cortelia Clark, Just Dropped In and Frisco Mabel Joy a joyous song about a woman of the night. 22 songs plus interview. Mickey Newbury The Mickey Newbury Collection 8Cds box set. $160 Nicely miniaturised and remastered versions of all his Elektra albums recorded between 1969 and The albums contained on this set are: 1. Looks Like Rain 2. Frisco Mabel Joy 3. Heaven Help the Child 4. Live at Montezuma Hall 5. I Came to Hear the Music 6. Lovers 7. Rusty Tracks 8. His Eye is on the Sparrow 9. The Sailor 10. After All These Years Again, because of the inconsistencies in supply (hopefully in the past) don t dilly dally too long! Billy Joe Shaver Live from Luckenbach Texas $30 DVD Georgia on a fast train Honky tonk heroes Thats what she said last night The devil made me do it the first time You asked me to Im just an old chunk of coal When the fallen angels fly Live forever Hottest thing in town Follow me down Love so sweet You cant beat Jesus Christ **Billy Ed Wheeler A Big Bag of Songs $28 New 28 track cd by a man who is known for his songs and appreciated by the aficionados for his recordings. His best known songs are Jackson and The Reverend Mr Black, both big hits for Johnny Cash (who also recorded other Billy Edd songs that are featured on this album such as Blistered and After Taxes and he himself is probably on more than a few compilations with his novelty Ode to the Little Brown Shack Out Back. Great songs and great storytelling are his trademarks and the original Monument recordings come up a treat. First time on cd. **Troubled Troubadours 27 Tales from the Dark and/or Strange Side of the Tracks. $28 Lust, murder, depravity, alienation, war and credit cards!! All our favourite subjects! Great bunch of rare songs by great artists. Marty Robbins sings of a man who is going to meet his maker from the electric chair, Dolly is placing her final steps high above The Bridge, and no folks she is not there just to admire the view, and so on. Many and varied but classic examples of political correctness. 1. Marty Robbins - The Chair 2. Waylon Jennings - Delia s Gone 3. Dolly Parton - The Bridge

5 4. Lorene Mann - Hide My Sin (A.b.o.r.t.i.o.n N.e.w Y.o.r.k) 5. Mark Slade - Are They Gonna Shoot God? 6. Dolly Parton - Daddy Come And Get Me 7. Porter Wagoner - Waldo The Weirdo 8. Bobby Bare - Big Ben Colson 9. Roger Miller - The Animal Of Man 10. Justin Tubb - The Family Way 11. Hank Williams Jr. - No Meaning And No End 12. Justin Tubb - The River Road Mystery 13. Norma Jean - Teddy Bear Song 14. Lawton Williams - Cold, Cold Hands 15. Trooper Jim Foster - Four Chrome Wheels 16. Henson Cargill - Daddy, What s A Tree? 17. Hank Williams Jr. - The Rainmaker 18. Arlene Harden - Congratulations (You Sure Made A Man Out Of Him) 19. Hugh X. Lewis - War Is Hell 20. Autry Inman - The Ballad Of Two Brothers 21. Stonewall Jackson - Push The Panic Button 22. Bobby Bare - Your Credit Card Won t Get You Into Heaven 23. Homer and Jethro - I Crept Into The Crypt and Cried 24. Lester Flatt - I Can t Tell The Boys From The Girls 25. Homer And Jethro - I Couldn t Spell Pffft 26. Roger Miller - Whistle Stop 27. Burl Ives - The Times They Are A Changin Due soon from Omni **Dolly Parton Fairest of Them All/ My Favorite Songwriter Porter Wagoner (two of her best on a single cd with bonus tracks) **Porter Wagoner What Ain t to Be Just Might Happen/ Sings His Own (two albums on a single cd with bonus tracks). **Best sellers from Omni. All come with the highest recommendation -Tommy Cash Rise & Shine/ Six White Horses 2 0n 1 - Lorne Greene The Man - Henson Cargill On the Road: The Mega Years Plus - Johnny Paycheck Nowhere to Run (this is in the bargains don t miss the best George Jones style singer ever may be even better than George. Don t judge him on Take This Job & Shove It. That was different to this as chalk & cheese. **Augie Meyers Country $30 Forever and a day the co-cort of the late and extremely great Doug Sahm. Also a fabulous musician on keyboards as well as accordion. Whereas Flaco played the button accordion Augie played the piano style squeeze accordion and Flaco himself was in awe of his great talent thereon. He incorporates his Tex Mex stylings (well he is from San Antonio). He balances the crying in your beer style admirably with the uptempo swinging style. I d Be Ashamed I a waltz. For fans of the Texas Tornados and Dog Sahm. **Heather Myles: In The Wind $30 This is the review of the great Swedish Cowboy. Reason I can t review it is I never had the opportunity as the first lot went like hotcakes and I still have a few orders to fill. BUT, I never figured that Heather would be so darn hopeless at promoting her own product. This is the first fully independent cd she has put out. The first on her own label. But if you go that way you have to have the product to send and you don t say you have shipped it when you

6 patently haven t. So, I am waiting for more stock and that should be here by middle of the month. Soif you want one get in early. This next lot will probably be the last unless Miss Heather wises up. Here is the Swedish Cowboy s review. Sometimes he reviews like a doctor writing a prescription but you get the idea it is a great album. Heather is the real thing. There is not a bad track here, and all bar 3 songs are originals. However, the final track, a blues with biting blues guitar and plenty of organ, doesn t really fit in, and #3 is a slowie with plenty of organ! The title track is a bit on the weak side too, so not everything is tops. There are still plenty of great songs and the singing as well as the backing is generally excellent, so this platter is still another goodie from our Heather. Let s hope the next one doesn t take as long as this one took. It s a long time since we last heard from her. Tracks: When Did You Stop Loving me Broke and Broken Hearted Shoulder to Cry On Don t Call Me Pretty Poison Mama s a Star Smokin Drinkin Dancin Again Vaya Con Dios In the Wind Walk on By Right or Wrong My Baby s Good to Me! NOTE: The next lot will be hopefully here next week. Do not miss out. **Gene Watson Matters of the Heart: Best of the MCA Years $30 There has been precious little available of Gene Watson s MCA recordings. This new UK cd changes that and full marks must go to the compilers who have done a sterling job with this 20 tracker. There are the classics Fourteen Carat Mind, Sometimes I Get Lucky and Forget, the raunchy honky tonker You re Just Another Beer Drinking Song plus great album tracks such as Three, From Cotton to Satin, Til Melinda Comes Around etc. Great and welcome selection by one of the most popular artists we have ever carried. **Cal Smith The Best of Cal Smith $30. This is the first and only cd of Cal Smith s original MCA recordings. There have been two earlier cds, both re-recordings but these are the originals. The 3 number ones are all here; The Lord Knows I m Drinking, Country Bumpkin and It s Time to Pay the Fiddler plus other favourites such as Jason s Farm, Between Lust and Watching TV, An Hour and a Six Pack, Macarthur s Hand, Bits & Pieces of Life etc. 16 must have tracks and again all the originals. **Amber Digby Another way to Live $30 Amber is as close as it gets to royalty in the Yesterday and Today Records Palace of Musical perfection. 12 new songs and for the first time we get some Amber originals, of which the best is Lie to Him, an absolute classic cowritten with the significantly great Justin Trevino. Amber s father, Dicky Overby contributes some wonderful steel guitar lines. If you haven t heard Dicky play steel you simply haven t heard one of the very best. As good as it gets. But in reflection is it as good as After it Break, a wonderful song about the demise of a relationship (with some great mandolin hidden in the mix). Or is Soul Survivor (perhaps autobiographical?) the winner in

7 the Amber writes. Let s say they are all great. Dicky Overby s superb Wrong Number must also qualify as an original. Classic song. The covers are all great too. Amber s status as a classic vocalist is enforced again on Jack Clement s great Just Someone I Used to Know. There are doubting Thomases everywhere. If I said Amber was as good as anyone in the history of country music then they would say I was wrong. Did you see the audition Susan Boyle did for You Think You ve Got Talent?? The entire place was prepared to laugh at her but she shut them up when she sang. Doubters, are you game enough to have Amber shut you up!! Superb co-production with Justin Trevino. What a talent. Amber s other albums: *Music from the Honky Tonks $30 *Here Comes the Teardrops $30 *Passion Pride & What Might Have Been $30 **Darrell McCall Keeping With Tradition $30 Amazing album. The Heart of Texas crew of Jake Hooker on Bass, Dickey Overby on Steel, Hank Singer on fiddle is as godo as the famous A team. Of all the Ray Price inspired vocalists I have no doubt that Darrell McCall is the best. Darrell s kids Guyanne (as a songwriter) and Cody (as harmony vocalist) make substantial contributions. Darrell s endlessly tuneful voice is as good as it ever was. Hello Out There is a wonderfully pretty waltz. As pretty a melody as you would ever hear and some wonderful Grady Martin style acoustic guitar to boot. Justin Trevino, who continues to amaze with his production talents has again masterminded a wonderful recording. He joins Darrell on the George Jones/Roger Miller song That s the Way I Feel. Again, I have to mention Dicky Overby on steel. The Kind of Love is an excellent western swing tune, by sometimes Wills fiddler Jesse Ashlock. Great and then some and what s more Heart of Texas have reissued 2 of Darrell s excellent albums from the early 90s on 1 cd: A Way to Survive & All I Did was Fall in Love. Both were on the Artrap label and just wonderful. The former has one of his best ever songs in Christmas in Cell #9 and the latter has a great duet with his very talented wife, Mona McCall, who appeared on the Opry as part of the Carol Lee singers (silly old Cosmic Cowboy though they were the Clair Poole singers ). Two gems now on 1 cd for $30 **Curtis Potter/Tony Booth/ Darrell McCall The Survivors. $30 My late dad was the very opposite of my mother and I. He had zero musical appreciation, well as little as humanly possible, so it came as a surprise when he said he liked anyone. It actually happened twice, so I dare say his compliments weren t torrent like. The first (actually second chronologically) was when he heard Curtis Potter sing with Willie Nelson on Six Days in Pedernales (a copy of which appears in the sale section). Well, lo & behold, this gem reminds me how right he was. These 3 are great vocalists. Tony Booth, a fine fettle of a man, was on Capitol Records as a contemporary of Buck Owens. All three are influenced by Ray Price but each has his own distinct voice. Darrell is not generally known as a writer (even though he did write the big Hank Williams Junior hit Eleven Roses ) but shows he still has it with the great Whiskey Man. The classic It Is No Secret is superbly handled with each man trading lines. The sign of a true talent is when they can weave their magic on something we are familiar with and give it new life. A surplus of riches. **Incidentally the only other artist my father actually said he liked was Leonard Cohen, who he affectionately referred to as Ikey Cohen (now before anyone goes and complains about racial

8 epithets this was also what his high school English teacher was called by all & sundry) So there! **Landon Dodd Call of the Wine $30 Great voice, songs and album and not surprisingly on Heart of Texas label, who we would almost consider the new Hightone, in that everything on the label has a quality that is impossible to bypass. And this has 2 examples of that staple of country music, the duet. And how special they are! We re Off and Loving Again is a Leona Williams song and the great lady duets on it superbly. BUT, sounding like Tim Shaw, there is till more and that is Mr Right & Mrs Wrong with Amber Digby (credited as Mrs Wrong). A wonderful jaunty song about a mismatched relationship. The dynamic Bobby Flores is superb. Face the Music is a great honky tonk number. It is also a must. OTHERS *Arnold, Eddy Memorial Best $35 Japan pressing 25 tracker. Superb sound and selection. *Tony Booth Is This All There is $30 *Tony Booth The Essential $30 first is last year recordings, the second from his time on Capitol label. Both are great. * Richie Furay Band Alive 2cds $35 * Richie Furay The Heartbeat of Love $35 The first is a live retrospective by the former Poco & Buffalo Springfield member. And the second was his first non religious recording in many yearswith a wonderful book style cover. Just great. * Lucas Hudgins The World Left is Mine $30 Great honlky tonk produced by Dave Biller in Texas. *Dotty Jack Texan in a Stetson $30 *Bobby Marquez Bobby Marquez $30 Great new singer who almost steals the show on the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree dvd *Myles, Heather Just Like Old Times $30 her debut on Hightone. Someone asked me about this. *Roy Orbison Sings/Im Memphis/Milestones 2cds $35 3 albums on 2 cds, the middle album includes his much sought version of Danny Boy. *Kimmie Rhodes & Willie Nelson Picture in a Frame $30 Duets! *Johnny Rodriguez & Johnny Bush Texas Legends $30 *Linda Ronstadt The Capitol Years 2cds Her 4 Capitol albums plus 5 bonus tracks on a great sounding double disc. What a country singer! *Leon Russell _ Best Of Hank Wilson $30 (22 collection of songs by Leon s country alter-ego) *Leon Russell Bad Country $30 Wow, a Leon country album we missed. Well it is on his own label. Seems it was recorded 2003 except the title track (which Leon fans will be reminded of Me & Baby Jane, a great song from Carney). So it is varying in its country-ness. Honky tonk Dream is pretty much the pure deal!! **Starline rhythm Boys Masquerade for a Heartache $28 A follow up to their great Live at Charlie O s album for the rockin hillbillies! **Jerry Webb There s a Song in That $30 (all originals and all honky tonk) Bear Family Records News The great German label will be fairly quiet for the beginning of the year with a few releases but then they will have a big lot of releases in March. As always we get Bear Family cds directly from Bear Family and the March releases will be here a day or so after their release, along with the

9 February releases. So please call as soon as you spot something to your fancy. February Releases *DVD Town Hall Party March $35 The line up is outstanding on this 87 minute dvd with the headliner being Leon McAuliffe, along with Faron Young, the fabulous Gordon Terry, Skeets McDonald, Tex Ritter, Rose Lee & Joe Maphis, Collins Kids, Johnny Bond etc. *DVD Town Hall Party July 25 th & August 15 th This 114 minute dvd features Merle Travis, Martha Carson, the fabulous blind musician Jimmy Pruett (who steals the show on previous issues he has been on), Gene Vincent (!) plus most from the previous volume, and I am keen to see Gordon Terry do Tennessee Stud and more of the great Jimmy Pruett. **DVD Town Hall Party August 29 th and September 5 th minute dvd features the regulars from the previous 2 volumes plus Bob Luman, Freddie Hart, the great Lefty Frizzell and an appearance by Fred Maddox. That is something I am looking forward to seeing. The Town Hall Party DVDS are always entertaining with great restored picture and sound quality. Everyone who has bought them in the past want one thing and that is MORE of them. * CD Jimmy Donley The Shape You Left Me In $32 A New Orleans based singer and musician he had 6 of his songs recorded by fellow New Orleans resident Fats Domino. Unlike the amiable Fats he was an angry young man, at least when he was drunk (and Bear Family points out he was always drinking), so the title track takes on an additional meaning. He recorded for Decca Nashville and all his recordings are included here. * CD Big Jeff Bess Tennessee Home Brew $35 digipak including 88 page book. Jeff was the husband of Tootsie and yes he founded the iconic Nashville institution Tootsie s Orchid Lounge. He was also a radio legend and his performing band featured members of the Nashville a team. His most famous song was Step it Up and Go and is featured here as are vintage radio performances and 32 tracks in all. The notes say pure country and swinging hillbilly. Sounds good. * CD Jimmy Edwards Love Bug Crawl $32 Complete recordings and a full discography by Colin Escott. Features his entire output. His title track was a country music top 10 on Mercury records and was so successful he was sent out on tour with Buddy Holly & the Everly Brothers. * CD A Girl Named Johnny Cash: an Album of Tribute Songs. Always popular this is a gam as it features a bunch of previously unreleased recordings by one of country music s greatest vocalists, the highly Frizzell and Haggard influenced Stoney Edwards. Stoney performs no less than 9 tributes: 1. The Night the Ernest Tubb Show Came to Town 2. Cash 3. Roy Acuff, the King of country Music 4. The Jimmie Rodgers Blues 5. Bob wills, the Fiddlin Man 6. Hag Sang Me A Song 7. Red Foley 8. Bill Monroe Daddy Bluegrass

10 9. Hank and Lefty Raised my Country Soul The title track is from the recording of Jane Morgan, and is both a tribute and answer song. Haggard chips in with a fine couple in Leonard, his tribute to Tommy Collins and Goodbye Lefty. And then there is the old favourite The Ballad of Johnny Cash by the fabulous Gordon Terry. This cd should be in everyone s collection for sure!! * CD Smiley Lewis Smiley Rocks $35 The new Orleans artist so readily identified with the great Fats Domino and a famous artist in his own right with songs such as I Hear You Knocking which was revived and was a big hit for Dave Edmunds. This is a 35 track gem which covers his classic Imperial label recordings. * CD Ramblin Jack Elliott At Lansdowne Studios London, these recordings date from 1955 when Jack was at the centre of the folk revival movement and date through 1959 when Jack returned to England where he recorded an album of songs by Jimmie Rodgers and Woody Guthrie. This cd has 33 tracks and has 5 previously unissued recordings, not that any of this has been available on cd before. $32 * CD Christine Kittrell Call Her Name $32 inc, 40 pg booklet A versatile singer who was part of the R & B face of NAshvilel in the 40s and 50s. She recorded for the Tennessee, Republic, Champion, Vee-Jay, Hit/Spar and Federal labels and on several tracks is backed by Little Richard. March Releases CDS **Buck Owens Open Up Your Heart 7 cds + 120pg hard cover book. The second volume in Bear Family s continuing Buck Owens reissue series includes everything recorded between 1965 and 1968 and also includes the Buckaroos albums. It was Buck Owens who had personally organised with Bear Family to reissue his complete works as only they can. This was Buck s most successful period with all singles going to number 1 on the charts. They include gems such as Waiting in Your Welfare Line, Sam s Place, Open Up Your Heart as well as the theme song Buckaroo. All up has 249 tracks with a running time of around 7 ½ hours. So, as always we say Bear Family is not cheap but there is imply nothing but quality and with so much great music they are cheaper than a plumber!! $270 **Carl Smith Hey Joe: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight $32 Sad to report Carl Smith passed away at the end of January. This collection of his uptempo and semi rockabilly songs features 34 songs and clocks in at an impressive 80 minutes. It includes the duet he did with his then wife, June Carter, on Time s a Wastin, and he really rocks out on Cut Across Shorty. All the great Smith hits such as Loose Talk, Go Boy Go, Trademark, Doggone it Baby I m in Love are all here. Sadly, a very timely release. **Johnny Horton The Ballads of Johnny Horton $35 Deluxe digipak presentation. The Bear Family box of Johnny Horton is now out of print. Whilst he made his name with mainly uptempo songs his great voice was equally adept at the ballads and this has 25 with a running time of just under 70 minutes. Horton had surprisingly few hits in his lifetime and generally the a-side was an uptempo number. The b side was often a ballad and included well known Horton songs such as Whispering Pines and the fabulous All for the Love of a Girl plus lesser known songs such

11 as Counterfeit Love and The Mansion You Stole. It also includes some of his peerless story songs like Commanche (the Brave Horse) and When It s Springtime in Alsaka (It s 40 Below). Bring it on! **Smoke that Cigarette: Pleasure to Burn $35 deluxe digipak This is gonna go straight on the must haves list. 32 tracks and over 85 minutes of songs about smoking, both the pleasures and evils and consequences of. The issue of cigarettes as a health hazard has only been of fairly recent origins. It was also seen as something socially unacceptable for women (in certain areas) and this includes a 1939 recording by Rev. J M Gates about the evils of a Smoking Woman in the Street and whilst it sticks mainly to country tracks there is a selection of pop gems included such as Peggy Lee s Don t Smoke in Bed and Johnny Ray s Coffee and Cigarettes. There are only a few obvious choices such as Tex Williams Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! That Cigarette and Patsy Cline s Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray, the majority will be things most will be unfamiliar with and even includes a Slim Dusty track Sad Cigarette. The notes are by music historian Hank Davis and include vintage advertisements. **Don Woody You re Barking Up the Wrong Tree $25 This is Bear Family s first ever ep and has 11 songs on it, 9 by Don and two he wrote, Brenda Lee s first single Bigelow (the b-side of Jambalaya ) and Billy Eustis The Rope. This is issued as Don Woody is going to appear at a big rockabilly festival in His 4 Decca rockabilly tracks (which also appear on Vols 2 & 6 of That ll Flat Git It ) are as good as anything you d ever hear and feature the guitar of Grady Martin. Morse Code may be the best of the lost and belies the belief that all rockabilly tracks are of a frantic uptempo nature. Opening with a great slap bass (that emulates the sound of morse code), this is a classic through and through. For anyone who doesn t have the abovementioned That ll Flat Git It vols 2 & 6 put this on your list! **Rudy Grazzell Lets Get Wild $32 First ever cd by a man revered in rockabilly circles but equally able to perform classic country. This has 32 tracks clocking in over 80 minutes and features his recordings for Starday, Capitol, Sun, Abbott & Award. Like Don Woody he will also be at the 2010 Viva Las Vegas rockabilly festival. He was responsible for 2 of rockabilly s most defining moments in Don t Mess with My Ducktail and Let s Get Wild and includes his cover of the classic Hearts of Stone. He was a wild man as well and the notes include details of his singing Ducktail to a group of women in a cemetery. Now, that will be good!! **Jack Earls & the Jimbos Slow Down: The Sun Years plus 2 cds $45 Includes all his Sun recordings plus previously unissued tracks as well as recordings made when he moved from Memphis to Michigan where he become a local legend. Runs to over 2 hours (including a 23 minute interview) and features 41 tracks. **The Treniers Rock $35 The Treniers were one of rock an roll s greatest performers incorporating great dance moves in their stage act as well as a sound that was highly influential on Bill Haley & the Comets. As such they were in demand for movies such as The Girl Can t Help It and Don t Knock the RocK. They were also one of the first groups to make a living performing in Las Vegas. Because of their performance schedule they were probably not able to get as many records made as they should have and so this 82 minute cd is a real pearl for rock and roll

12 fans. The song It Rocks! It Rolls! It swings! sums them up beautifully. Also includes the rather ribald PoonTang as well as Rock-a Beatin Boogie which was given to them with great admiration from Bill Haley. Do yourself a favour and type in Treniers on youtube! **The Sound of Tiki $35 with 52 page booklet in deluxe digipak. This is the sound of lounge music and was something that all hi fi nuts went (well) nutty over. Includes selections from Martin denny, Arthur Lyman, Les Baxter and more. Bear Family Cds on hand Boxes **George Jones Walk Through This world With Me The Complete Musicor Recordings Pt I 5cds (142 songs) + book $180 **George Jones Good Year for the Roses the Complete Musicor RecordingsPt II 4 cds (131 songs) + book $150 **Sons of Pioneers & Roy Rogers Way Out There Complete Recordings cds (182 songs) + absolutely stunning 160 page hard cover book. $240 **Jean Shepard Melody Ranch Girl 5 cds (151 songs) + book. Her great Capitol recordings $180 **Marty Robbins Under Western Skies Complete Western Recordings 4 cds (102) tracks + book (with all the lyrics) $150 **Johnny Cash Come Along & Ride This Train 4cds +book $120 Single Cds **Foley, Red Sugarfoot Rag (30 tks) $32 **Frizzell, Lefty Steppin Our (35 tks) $32 **Haggard, Merle Same Train Different Time Jimmie Rodgers Tribute 29 tks $32 **Hawkins, Hawkshaw Car Hoppin Mama (33 tks) $32 **King, Pee Wee Blue Suede Shoes (30 tks) $32 **Luman, Bob Rocks (36 tks) $35 deluxe package **McDonald, Skeets Heart Breakin Mama (33tks) $32 **Maddox Brothers & Rose Ugly & Slouchy (30tks) $32 **Miller, Ned From a Jack to a King (31tks) $32 **Pierce, Webb High Geared Daddy (32 tks) $32 **Pitney, Gene & George Jones Duets (31tks) $32 **Rainwater, Marvin Whole Lotta Woman (26tks) $32 **Scott, Jack Rocks (26 tks) $35 deluxe package **Snow, Hank The Goldrush Is Over (30) $32 **Tubb, Ernest Thirty Days (30 tks) $32 **Various: Shit Happens 25 classic songs of tragedy (or so some would say) each illustrated and great $38 super deluxe packaging and it includes Ferlin Husky s Drunken Driver. **Various: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight (30 tks) $32 Fantastic collection of upbeat country songs. **Various: Dim Lights Thick Smoke & Hillbilly Music 1953 (28 tks) **Various: Dim Lights Thick Smoke & Hillbilly Music 1954 (28 tks) ** Various: Dim Lights Thick Smoke & Hillbilly Music 1955 (31 tks) each $35 Amazing deluxe each in bound book form. SALE ITEMS Country Cds

13 Note: Will incorporate a lot of honky tonk and alternate titles which we have listed separately in the past. OOP means out of print means rare! All prices as marked. Allen, Terry Lubbock on Everything $20 Allen, Terry Smoking the Dummy/Bloodlines $18 Alverson, Tommy Live Again $18 Alvin,Dave Best of the Hightone Year $18 Anderson, Bill The Definitive Collection $20 Arnold, Eddy Have Guitar will Travel $18 Atkins, Chet/Mark Knopfler Neck & Neck $15 Atkins, Chet Night Atlanta Burned/ First Nashville Guitar Quartet 2on1 $15 Axton, Hoyt Gotta Keep Rollin $15 Axton, Hoyt Joy to World/Country Anthem $18 2on1 Ballew, Michael Live at Gruehne Hall (Bear Family) $20 Banford, Kevin & Bakersfield Boys King of Thrift Store Cowboys $18 Top notch honky tonk!! For Dwight fans! Bare, Bobby Columbia Years: Bare s Picks $20 Barker, Aaron/Curtis Wayne Straight from Horse s Mouth $20 Two great writer s Texas indie. Barnett, Mandy Platinum Collection $18 2 on 1 Bekka & Billy Bekka & Billy $18 (Bramlett & Burnette) Bell, Knut & Blue Collars Honkahillarockabilly $20 Superb indie! Bella, Mike Lost in the Shuffle $18 Bellamy Brothers Jesus is Coming $18 Berg, Matreca Lying to the Moon $18 Berg, Matreca Sunday Morning to Saturday Night $18 Great singer as well as Nashville s best female writer. Appeal for Emmylou fans. Big Sandy & Fly Rite Trio On the Go $18 Big Sandy & Fly Rite Boys Feelin Kinda Lucky $18 Blue Line Riders Blue Line Riders $18 (great indie) Bogguss, Suzy Booker, Patty Boone, Larry Get in Line $15 Boxmasters Somewhere Between $20 classic! Fire & Brimstone $20 Great west coast singer, appeal to Heather Myles fans. Modbilly 2cd box $20 Great cd by Billy Bob Thornton. 1 cd originals and 1 of great covers. Brown, Greg Dream City: Essential Vol cds including one of unreleased. $25 Brown, Greg Covenant $18 Brown, Junior Long Walk Back to San Antone $15 Brown, Junior Semi Crazy $15 Brown, Junior Live at Continental Club $20 Brown, Junior Down Home Chrome $20 (Telarc!) Browns Their Complete Hits $18 Burch, Paul Still Your Man $18 Burgess, Sonny When in Texas $18 Burgess, Sonny Stronger $18 Burgess, Sonny Have You Got a Song Like That $20 Not the Sun artist but superb young Texas honky tonker. Burnett, T Bone T Bone Burnett $20 Classic with just T Bone & Jerry Douglas Bush, Johnny Talk to My Heart $20

14 Bush, Johnny Lost Highway saloon $20 Bush, Johnny Sings Bob Wills $18 Butler, Carl & Pearl Don t Let Me Cross Over $18 (great) Buttercup Evil For You $18 Campbell, Scotty Damned If I Recall $20 Campbell, Scotty Smokin & Drinkin $20 Great Canadian honky tonker who would appeal to Dale Watson fans (and isn t that everybody?) Campbell, Stacy Hurt City $18 Cannon, Melanie And the wheels Turn $18 Carter Family Country Music Hall of Fame $18 Cartwright, Lionel Miles & Years $20 (indie) Carlisle, Bill Rough & Rowdy Hillbilly of the Thirties Featuring Cliff Carlisle $20 (25 tracks) Casello, Chris Done Moved On $18 honky tonk indie Plays a la Jimmy Bryant /Speedy West! Cash, Johnny Ultimate Gospel $18 Cash, Johnny Mystery of Life $20 (brilliant Mercury cd) Cash, Johnny I Walk the Line/Little Fauss & Big Halsy \ Bear Family 2 on 1 $20 Cash, Johnny Travelling Cash $18 (Bear Family) Cash, Johnny We the People $20 An American Cash, Johnny Bicentennial project also with Limeliters Country Classics 3cd set $35 Now out of print. Has 65 CBS tracks including some very hard to get on cd titles eg The Baron Cash, Rosanne At the Bottom Line $18 Chaffin, Ernie Laughin & Jokin The Sun Years Plus $20 Bear Family. Chesnutt, Mark Too Cold at Home $18 Officially one of the top 5 country cds we have ever had. Chesnutt, Mark Greatest Hits $18 Chesnutt, Mark Top Marks: His First 20 Hits $22 OOP Clark, Guy Someday the Song Writes You $20 Clark, Guy Cold Dog Soup $18 Clark, Guy The Dark Clark, Guy Dublin Blues $20 Clark, Guy Best of the Sugar Hill Years $18 Clark, Guy Boats to Build $20 Clark, Guy Essential $18 Clark, Sanford Shades $20 (Bear Family) Cline, Patsy Live at Cimarron ballroom $15 Cline, Patsy Birth of a Star $15 Coe, David Allan 16 Biggest Hits $18 Coe, David Allan Human Emotions/Spectrum VII $20 Bear Family Coe, David Allan Ghost of Hank Williams $18 Coe, David Allan 20 Road Music Hits $20 Truckin OOP Coe, David Allan Recommended for Airplay $20 Coe, David Allan Johnny Cash is a Friend of Mine $18 Coe, David Allan 20 Greatest Hits $20 Coe, David Allan The Perfect Country & Western Song $15 Coe, David Allan Whoopsy Daisy $22 2cds Coe reads his Biography to laugh or to cry?? Coe, David Allan Biketoberfest $20 Coe, David Allan Sings Merle Haggard $15 Coe, David Allan Live $18

15 Coe, David Allan For the Soul & Mind Demos $22 Cd + dvd Coe, David Allan Penitentiary Blues $18 (reissue) Coe, David Allan Nothing Sacred $15 Last one ever! Cowan, Mike Easy Chair $18 Great honky tonk Cox, Bill Rough & Rowdy Hillbilly of the 30s $20 Colter, Jesse Out of the Ashes $18 OOP Confederate Railroad Confederate Railroad $18 Officially one of the top 5 country cds we have ever had. Cooper, Wilma Lee & Stoney 24 Greatest All Time Hits $18 Cryner, Bobbie Girl of your Dreams $18 Dalley, Amy Its Time $18 Dalton, Lacy j Best (Capitol label) $18 Dalton, Lacy J Greatest Hits (CBS label) $18 Davis, Link Big Mamou $20 Bear Family cajun. Dean, Lonnie/ Will Taylor Texas Honky Tonk Shuffles $20 Dekle, Mike Fine Tuned $18 Deal, Kevin Seven $20 Dement, Iris Infamous Angel $20 Dement, Iris My Life $20 Dement, Iris The Way I Should $20 Dement, Iris Lifeline $20 Diffie, Joe A Thousand Winding Roads $18 Diffie, Joe Ultimate collection $20 (20 tracks) Dixons Still Your Fool $20 very Dwightish Duff, Mary Just a Country Girl $15 Duff, Mary The Ultimate Collection 2cd $20 Duff, Mary 1998 Tour Souvenir $20 2cd Duff, Mary Heartbreaker $15 Duff, Mary Time After Time $15 Duncan, Johnny It Couldn t Have Been Any Better $18 inc duets with Janie Fricke. Dunn, Holly Blue Rose of Texas $18 Dusty, Slim Land of Lots of Time/Song of Australia 2 cds $18 Dusty, Slim Pubs, Trucks & Plains 3cds $25 OOP Dusty, Slim Australia Is His Name 3cds $20 Dusty, Slim A Land He Calls His Own 3cd $28 OOP Eaglesmith, Fred Dusty $18 Earle/Van Zandt/Clark Live at Bluebird Café $18 Earle, Steve Transcendental Blues 2cds $18 Earle, Steve Ain t Ever Satisfied 2cds $20 Earle, Steve The Mountain (w. Del Mccoury) $20 Edgar, W C Alcohol of Fame $20 Edwards, Don Edwards, Don Best $15 Edwards, Don Saddle Songs 2cds $20 Edwards, Don Moonlight & Skies $18 Edwards, Don Going Back to Texas $15 Ely, Joe Twistin in the Wind $18 Kin to the Wind $18 (Marty Robbins trib) Ely, Joe Time for Travellin : Best V 2 $20 19tks Ethel & Shameless Hussies Born to Burn $22 (Kacey Jones) Evans, Sara Three Chords & the Truth $18 classic! Everly Brothers Sing Great Country/Gone Gone Gone $18 Faithfull, Marianne Faithless $18 Her superb country album. Dreamin My Dreams was copied by Colleen Hewitt & was number 1 in

16 Australia but Marianne s leaves it for for dead. Feller, Dick Centaur of Attention $20 His only ever cd on his own label. Includes Biff Fender, Freddy Before the Next Teardrop Falls $20 23 Rarities in English. Fender, Freddy Canciones De Mi barrio $20 24 early tracks in Spanish on Arhoolie label. Flores, Rosie Rosie Flores $20 her classic WB debut w. Wanda Jackson & Carl Perkins. Ford, Tennessee Ernie 6000 Sunset Boulevard $20 Brilliant Collection from radio shows with Speedy ` West. Superb sound. Friedman, Kinky Sold American 30 th Anniversary Ed. $20 Frizzell, David Very Best $20 (all the original recording) Frizzell, Davis/Shelley West Very Best $20 ( ditto) Frizzell, Lefty Look What Thoughts Will Do $25 2cds GH Gatlin, Larry Pilgrimage $20 (2009) Gill, Vince The Key $18 Officially one of the top 5 country cds we have ever had. Gilmore, Jimmie Dale Spinning Round the Sun $20 OOP Glaser, Tompall The Rogue (Bear Family) $20 Gorka, John So Dark You See $20 Gosdin, Vern Chiselled in stone $20 Officially one of the top 5 country cds we have ever had. In fact #1! Gosdin, Vern The Gospel Album $20 Gosdin, Vern Late & Great Voice $20 (2009 gem but Classic unreleased mid 90s recordings) Gosdin, Vern Out of My Heart $20 Gosdin, Vern Till The End $18 Gosdin, Vern 10 Years of Greatest Hits Newly Recorded $18 Griffith, Nanci Poet in My Window $20 Griffith, Nanci MCA Years Retrospective $20 Griffith, Nanci Best $20 similar to previous. This a UK release and that a US release. Guy, Charles Lee III Prisoner s Dream $18 (Bear Family) Haggard, Merle Going Where the Lonely Go $20 Haggard, Merle It s All in the Game $20 Haggard, Merle For the Record 2cd 43 Hits Newly Recorded $25 inc. duets w. Jewel Haggard, Merle Roots Volume 1 $18 Haggard, Merle I m a Lonesome Fugitive/Mama tried $18 Haggard, Merle From The King to the Barrooms $20 24 tk UK compilation of the MCA Years Haggard, Merle Big City $18 (expanded) Hall, Tom T Ultimate Collection $20 (inc. his own version of Harper Valley PTA ) Hall, Tom T Songs from Sopchoppy $20 Hancock, Butch/Jimmie Dale Gilmore Live in Australia $18 Hancock, Wayne That s What Daddy Wants $20 Hancock, Wayne Thunderstorms & Neon Signs $20 Hard hat Dave And the Honky Tonk Knights $20 Ace! Hanley, Geary The Comeback Trail $20 Hand, James The truth Will Set you Free $20 Hand, James Shadow on the Ground $20

17 Harris, D B Can I Return These Flowers $18 Harris, Emmylou Roses in the Snow $20 expanded Harris, Emmylou At the Ryman $18 (with Nash Ramblers) Harris, Emmylou Elite Hotel $20 expanded Harris, Emmylou Blue Kentucky Girl $20 expanded Harris, Emmylou Duets $18 Harris, Emmylou Trio $18 (with Dolly & Linda) Harris, Emmylou Angel Band $18 Harris, Emmylou Ballad of Sally Rose $22 Harris, Emmylou Brand New dance $20 Harris, Kevin Where Am I Going $18 Hatchet Honky Tonk Night time Man $18 With the best indie producer Mike Headrick!! Hayden, Rodney Down the Road $18 Helm, Levon Electric Dirt $18 Henson, Weldon Trouble for Me $20 Hill, Arty & Long Gone Daddys Bar of Gold $20 Hill, Arty & Long Gone Daddys Back on the Rail $20 Hill, Arty & Long Gone Daddys Montgomery s On My Mind $20 3 great indie honky tonk gems, with the last a Hank Williams covers album. Nice. Hill, Byron Ramblings $18 Hill, Byron Stay a While $20 Great Nashville writer. Hill, Eddie The Hot Guitar $20 Bear Family Hobbs, Becky Best of the Beckaroo $20 21 tracks Hollister, Doug There is a Time $20 Howard, Harlan Country Hall of Fame $18 inc. Sunday Morning Christian. Howard, Randy Best $20 Great outlaw cd 22 tks Hoyle Brothers Back to the Door $20 Hoyle Brothers One More Draw $20 great honky tonk Hunter, Billy D Country Souvenirs $18 Hunter, Billy D Inside Out $20 Hurd, Cornell At Large $20 Intveld, James Have Faith $18 Irby, Jerry Boppin Hillbilly Series $22 Great 26 tks Including the classic Driving Nails in My Coffin which he wrote. Jackson, Alan Under the Influence $15 Jackson, Alan Hits Collection $20 Jackson, Alan Songs of Love & Heartache $22 (2 new Songs plus hits collection) Exclusive to Cracker Barrel stores. Jackson, Alan Hits Collelction #2 $20 2cds James, Frank All Over Again $18 James, Sonny Complete Columbia & Monument Hits $20 James, Winston & Drugstore Cowboys Hotter Than the Flame $20 Jennings, Waylon Full Circle $20 Jennings, Waylon Love of the Common People/ Hangin On $20 2 on 1 Jennings, Waylon Waylon/ Singer of Sad Songs $20 2 on 1 Jennings, Waylon Folk Country/ Sings Ol Harlan $20 2 on 1 Jennings, Waylon Right for the Time $18 one of his last & one of his best inc. Living Legends PtII Jennings, Waylon Essential $15 Jennings, Waylon Essential 3cd version US $22 Jennings, Waylon Never Say Die Live Final Concert 2cd+dvd

18 $22 Jennings, Waylon Complete MCA Recordings 2cds $25 Jennings, Waylon Ol Waylon Sings Ol Hank $22 Jennings, Waylon Clovis to Phoenix:The Early Year $20Bear Jennings, Waylon Hangin Tough $15 Jennings, Waylon Waymore s Blues Pt II $18 Jennings, Waylon Too Dumb for NY City etc $18 Jennings, Waylon Old Dogs $18 (w. J Reed/Bare/Tillis) Jennings, Waylon Never Say Die Live $18 Jennings, Waylon The Eagle $20 Jennings, Waylon The Ramblon Man $18 Jennings, Waylon Cowboys Sisters Rascals Dirt $22 Jennings, Waylon Wanted the Outlaws! $20 the expanded Edition w. Willie/ Tompall & Jesse Colter. Jones, George Hits I Missed & One I didn t $15 Jones, George Bradley Barn Sessions $18 Jones, George Essential 2cds $20 Jones, George A Picture of me/nothing Ever Hurt Me 20 Jones, George We Go Together/ Let s Build a World Together (both with Tammy) $20 Jones, George The Rock $15 Jones, George The Grand Tour $20 Jones, George Burn Your Playhouse Down $18 Jones, George Golden Ring (w. Tammy) $20 Keen, Robert Earl Rose Hotel $18 Keith, Toby Greatest Hits $18 Keith, Toby Greatest Hits Vol 2 $18 Kelley, Irene Kelley, Irene Kentucky Headhunters Kershaw, Doug Kershaw, Sammy King, Jill Kirchen, Bill Simple Path $18 One of the best female songwriter cds we have ever had. Thunderbird $18 (hard to get 2 nd album) Live Agora Ballroom $20 Loud & lots!! Best of the Ragin Cajun $ tks Don t Go Near the Water $18 A great debut how darn good was Sammy when he sounded more like George Jones than George Jones. Nashville story The main thing Sammy Kershaw & Lorrie Morgan had in common was that they never had a cigarette out of their mouths. Jillbilly $20 indie fireball gem!! King of Dieselbilly $20 GH with not one But 2 versions of his fabulous Hot Rod Lincoln Kirchen, Bill Hot Rod Lincoln Live $20 Kohrs, Randy Now It s Empty $20 A top 5 album of yr a few years back. Superb honky tonk. Has similar voice to Vince Gill. Kreuzer, Josie Hot Rod Girl $20 great rockabilly a la Wanda! Kristofferson, Kris Closer to the Bone $18 (2009) Lady Antebellum Lady Antebellum $15 Lee, Jimmy Knockin on your Door $20 (Bear) Lee s Company White Mansions $18 A new 2009 version of the Civil War story originally featuring Waylon & written by Emmylou s one time husband Paul Kennerley. Great cover. Lewis, Jerry Lee Young Blood $18

19 Lewis, Jerry Lee Last Man standing: The Duets $18 book cover version. Lewis, Jerry Lee Rockin My Life Away $20 20 tks & 1980 Nashville Country recordings. Tops Lewis, Jerry lee The Killer Rocks On/ Boogie Woogie Country Man $18 2 on 1 the former with his great version of Chantilly Lace. Lewis, Jerry lee Definitive Colelction $18 Lil Mo & the Monicats On the Moon $18 Logsdon, Jimmie I Got a Rocket in My Pocket $20 Bear This is actually incorrect as the title was recorded as Jimmy Lloyd, which is what he recorded his rockabilly tracks under; this would be max 25% rockabilly & rest great Hank Williams influenced country & includes 2 stunning Hank tributes from 1953; The Death of Hank Williams and Hank Williams Sings the Blues No More. 29 tracks & Danny you would need this cd!! Louvin, Charlie Greatest Hits $20 20 tracks inc 3 duets w. Melba Montgomery Louvin, Charlie Less & less and I Don t Love You Anymore/ Lonesome Is Me 2 on 1 $22 Louvin Brothers 20 Greatest Gospel Hits $18 Loveless, Patty Mountain Soul II $20 A stunner!!!! Lovett, Lyle Natural Forces $18 Lund, Corb Losin Lately Gambler $18 McCall, Darrell Old Memories & Wine $20 McGuinn, Roger Live from Mars $18. This is a fabulous live album in which the leader of the Byrds performs solo a bunch of songs he performed and wrote and give the stories & anecdotes behind them all, how the famous intro to Mr Tambourine Man came from crossing a bit of Beatles with a bit of Bach, he also wrote Beach Ball yes, the Jimmy Hannan track and performs it!! Great cd. McMurtry, James Live in Europe cd+dvd $25 Martin, Glynn Home Away from Home $20 Great indie Martin, Joey Strong Enough to Cry $20 Brilliant solo album from the gal half of Joey & Rory Martin, Leland I l lpick the Guitar You Drive the Truck20 Martin, Leland Leland Martin $18 Martin, Leland Truckers for Troops $20 Martin, Tony I ll Meet You in Texas $20 Superb indie Mattea, Kathy Right Out of Nowhere $15 Mattea, Kathy Coal $20 Comparable to Mountain Soul Maynard, ken Sings the Lone Star $20 Bear Family Mellons, Ken Ken Mellons $15 Great vern Gosdin Influenced singer. Miller Brothers Boppin Hillbilly Series $20 Miller, Darnell Timeless $20 Miller, Darnell Certified Country $20 If your name is Darnell you have to be good & he is!