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1 Michael Edward Edgerton Associate Professor of Music Composition Guangxi Arts University; 7th Jiaoyu Rd. Nanning, Guangxi P.R.China cell: EDUCATION The National Center for Voice and Speech, 1996 to 1999 Postdoctoral Fellow Subjects: studied voice science for my book, The 21st-Century Voice topics included reinforced harmonics, chant, ingressive airflow phonation, vocal violence completed five papers and preliminary text to The 21st -Century Voice The University of Illinois, 1994 Doctorate of Musical Arts in Composition Dissertation: Fracture Zone: Clipperton et Ragusii an underwater music theatre work Two thesis papers: Sonatina Seconda of Ferrucio Busoni, and The Late Piano Works of Franz Liszt Composition Studies with William Brooks and Morgan Powell Michigan State University, 1987 Master of Music in Composition Master s Thesis Composition: A Penny for the Young Guy for chamber ensemble, voices and narrator Composition Studies with Jere Hutcheson The University of Wisconsin-Parkside, 1984 Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance Composition Studies with August Wegner TEACHING EXPERIENCE Current and Previous Positions The Guangxi Arts University, Department of Music, 2015 to current Associate Professor Teach courses in composition and new music literature Composer-in-Residence The University of Malaya, Department of Music, 2011 to 2014 Associate Professor Teach courses in Composition I & II, Form & Analysis (incl. species counterpoint), Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Introduction to Psychoacoustics; direction of graduate theses. Introduce international contemporary music performance series; direct Merle Noir, a voice group dedicated to contemporary music; and supervise new music performances by student composers. Academic Service includes Higher Degrees Committee (JIT), Academic Committee Member (JKA) and Music Division Committee. Tasked with development of DMA and MM degree programs in composition and performance. Led Musicology Search Committee. Served on PhD Committee Viva Voce (Oral Examination). Tasked with implementation and development of an innovative High Impact Research Center, The ICVR (International Center for Voice Research), a multi-site consortium devoted to the interdisciplinary study of voice. Supervision of graduate and undergraduate theses, topics including: localization in blind, blinded and sighted persons (audiology); acoustics of the angklung; acoustics of the ukulele; timing characteristics in piano performance emotion; singer s formant in Chinese-Malaysian classically trained singers; classification scheme of reinforced harmonic production; investigation of subharmonic production of the violin; multimodal tracking of bowed string instruments. 1 Of 19_Edgerton _2017 December

2 University of Teesside (Middlesbrough, England), 2007 Institute of Digital Innovation, Composer-in-Residence Acoustic Ecology: delivered lectures on acoustic ecology (listening comprehension, The World Soundscape Project, perceptual categories, sound design, acoustic design) Contemporary Vocal Ensemble: led a small group of participants in exploring contemporary/ethnic/experimental vocal techniques and performance practice which led to the production of a dada cabaret at the Python Gallery in Middlesbrough. University of Abertay Dundee (Dundee, Scotland), Leverhulme Composer-in-Residence Cognitive Psychology (PS0802A): delivered lectures covering aural perception (Gestalt grouping, stream segregation, fission/fusion, illusions), acoustics (music and voice, pressure waves, influence of environment) and audology. All lectures included many musical and/or aural examples. Contemporary Vocal Ensemble: similar to previous work, based upon principles of voice science, but adding elements of perception and sensing (Gaburo and Oliveros); ensemble is planned to present concerts and release a commercial recording featuring my piece in the spring of Conservatory of Music (Joensuu, Finland), 2001 Visiting Faculty of Music Contemporary Vocal Ensemble: based upon principles of voice science, the course examined vocal potential (including multiple methods for producing more than one tone simultaneously in a single voice) and recent trends in vocal performance that culminated in a concert of compositions from Scho nberg to Edgerton, plus one improvisation. Unaffiliated, Private Instruction Composition and extra-normal voice instruction in England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden The University of California San Diego (CRCA), 1999 Visiting Scholar Conduct research for The 21st Century Voice (Scarecrow Press, 2005) Directed a chamber vocal group Southwestern College (San Diego, CA), 1999 Instructor of Music Electronic Music (MUS 155): Introduction to electronic music theory and techniques. Experience includes use of the Putney, Moog and Oberheim synthesizers. Musicianship for General Elementary Teachers (MUS 103): Elementary music theory and skills including performance with autoharp and voice; developing elementary piano keyboard facility. The University of Wisconsin Madison, 1996 to 1999 Postdoctoral Fellow and Faculty Assistant Contemporary Vocal Ensemble: expanding extended vocal techniques by using concepts of voice science. Concerts were performed at the University of Wisconsin and other performance spaces in and around Madison, including the Wisconsin Alliance of Composers Annual Composition Festival in 1998 at Carthage College, from which the composition Sirens by Edgerton was voted as the best performance and composition by the organizer of that year s festival - composer and organist Dr. Gary Verkade. Public Speaking (CA 105): Development of fundamental skills in the preparation, delivery, and evaluation of the common forms of public address. Yonsei University (Seoul, South Korea), 1995 Visiting Instructor in Music Private Composition Lessons: An upper division composition course focusing on independent projects, private composition lessons, and self-directed research. Contemporary Vocal Ensemble: An upper division performance course focused on extended vocal techniques and improvisation. The University of Illinois (Urbana, Il), 1988 to 1991 Instructor and Teaching Assistant Music Theory and Practice I (MUS 101): Fundamental theory including terminology and notation; visual analysis of music elements, procedures and forms; written applications in short projects. Music Theory and Practice II (MUS 102): Continuation of MUS Of 19_Edgerton _2017 December

3 Aural Skills I (MUS 107): Beginning aural skills training in the areas of intervals, scales, chords, rhythm, melody, and harmony. Aural Skills II (MUS 108): Continuation of aural skills training from MUS 107. Development of performance, notational, and listening skills in the areas of rhythm, melody, harmony, counterpoint, and formal aspects of musical structure; emphasizes tonal pitch structures. Music Theory and Practice III (MUS 201): Continuation of MUS 102. Gradually increased emphasis on contrapuntal techniques, dissonance in tonal music, and musical form. Music Theory and Practice IV (MUS 202): Continuation of MUS 201. Study of twentieth century compositional methods. Aural Skills III (MUS 207): Continuation of MUS 108. Emphasis on extensions of tonality by means of changing tonal centers and altered chords. Contemporary Chamber Players (MUS): assisting with organization of concerts, programs, rehearsals, etc. Rhetoric (RHET 100): Tutoring in writing skills. Michigan State University (East Lansing), 1986 to 1989 Teaching Assistant Fundamentals of Music (MUS 180): Conceptual and notational presentation of the basic components of musical structure. Musicianship I (MUS 181): Hierarchical musical structure through species counterpoint and figured bass. Linear and vertical aspects of tonality. Ear Training and Sight Singing I (MUS 182): Dictation, melody singing using solfege (movable do) syllables, intervals to octave, error detection, quarter note values in rhythm, part singing. Ear Training and Sight Singing II (MUS 183): Dictation, singing melodies in major and minor keys. Simple modulation, chromatic alteration, error detection, rhythms, triads and components, part singing. Musicianship II (MUS 280): Techniques of diatonic modulation and soprano harmonization. Chromatic techniques. Musicianship III (MUS 281): Research base for formal categorization. Large-scale principles of musical organization. Chromatic substitution and chords derived from voice-leading. Advanced Ear Training and Sight Singing I (MUS 282): Dictation including recognition of triads, functions, cadences, seventh-chord harmonies, chord components. Two-and four-part dictation and singing. Advanced Ear Training and Sight Singing II (MUS 283): Recognition of harmonic functions in major keys, minor keys, and modulations. Dictation in two-and four-part textures including augmented-sixth chords and nonharmonic tones. Courses Taught Composition, Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Contemporary Chamber Players, Introduction to electronic music theory & techniques, Introduction to Psychoacoustics, Acoustic Ecology (listening comprehension, The World Soundscape Project, perception, sound & acoustic design), Modules within Cognitive Psychology (aural perception, acoustics, audiology), Music Theory and Practice I IV, Aural Skills I IV, Form & Analysis (including species counterpoint), Fundamentals of Music, Musicianship I IV, Musicianship for General Elementary Teachers, New Music Literature, Public Speaking, Rhetoric (RHET tutoring in writing skills), Private instruction in voice (Students of contemporary voice included soloists: Almut Ku hne, Kornelia Brugmann, Angela Rademacher-Wingerath, Rebekka Uhlig, Jan Heinke, among others) AWARDS, HONORS & RECOGNITION Recognition for Composition ST EXCELLENT AWARD, 5th China-Asean Composition Competition, THRUSH 2007 FIRST PRIZE, Kompositionspreis der Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart, Tempo Mental Rap 2007 SEMIFINALIST, Composition Contest of the Netherlands Radio Choir, Kalevi Matus 2003 SE LECTION, 5 th Dutilleux International Composition Compe tition, 1 Sonata 2001 SE LECTION, 31 st Festival Synthese Bourges, The Elements of Risk in Creation 1996 FIRST PRIZE, MacDowell Club, Unspoken Crime 1993 SELECTION, Friends and Enemies of New Music, Net/Byrinth: Rec. Study I 1989 SELECTION, Midwest Composers Symposium, A Penny for the Young Guy 1987 THIRD PRIZE, National Federation of Music Clubs, Ai 1987 HONORABLE MENTION, National Federation of Music Clubs, Dwellers of the Southwest 1986 FIRST PRIZE, Michigan State Univ-Orchestral Composition Contest, The Final Diary of a Branch 3 Of 19_Edgerton _2017 December

4 Commission 2016 Commission for new work. Proxima Centauri and Musicacoustica Festival. Commission for new work for percussion and electronics (Hawking Radiation) to be premiered during the Musicacoustica Festival in 2016 in Beijing Commission for new work. Guangxi Symphony Orchestra. A new composition (Concerto for Orchestra). To be premiered by the Guangxi Symphony Orchestra; Cai Yang, conductor at the Guangxi National Palace Concert Hall in January Commission for new work. Guangxi Arts University. New work to be premiered during the 2015 China-ASEAN Music Week (Intitulata Fontegara, for fl., vl. & pno) 2015 Commmission for new work. Guangxi Arts University. New work to be premiered during the 2015 China-ASEAN Music Week (In silence, I hide my loudest scream) by the China-Asean Youth Orchestra, conducted by Michael Edward Edgerton. Guangxi National Palace concert hall City of Oulu (Finland): commissioned The Book of One Man Dead, for Timo Kinnunen 2009 Kulturstiftung Dresden: commission of Cataphora & stipend to train vocalist Jan Heinke 2009 Kulttuurivoimala Culture Power Station: commission for installation at Oulu city Silo 2008 Ku ng Blockflo te (Schaffhausen): Commissioned Balkan Dances for Quartet New Generation 2007 Institute for Digital Innovation (The University of Teesside): Commission for AVFest The European Union, State of Sachsen & Capitol City Dresden: Commissioned a new work 2001 Fo rderband e.v./kulturbu ro in Berlin: Commission for Ur-Sprung, an excerpt from Creation of the World, premiered during RESERVOIR V in Der Kleiner Wasserspeicher in Berlin 1998 to 1999 Scientific American: Commissioned article The Throat Singers of Tuva 1998 American Composers Forum Chicago: Composers Commissioning Program recipient 1987 American Composers Forum Chicago: Composers Commissioning Program recipient 1995 David Billman: Composed Songs of Vent for multi-percussion on commission from Billman. Invitation 2018 Invited Speaker. Conference, Female Voice in the 20th Century. Institute for Music at the Fondazione Cini; Venice: San Giorgio Maggiore. 2018_03_ Acceptance to International Symposium (competitive award). My composition Wassermann was accepted for performance Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium (unable to attend) Invitation for performance and Lecture. The Art of Voice Synthesis conference & expert meeting, workshop & concert (11, 12 & 14 May 2016) in Amsterdam. Organized by Dr. Julia Kursell & Dr. Hannah Bosma. Support was provided by University of Amsterdam: Computational Linguistics, Musicology, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis ASCA; Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences KNAW; Orgelpark, Organ Studies Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; STEIM, Amsterdam to 2013 Forum of Contemporary Music Leipzig FZML (Germany & USA): Invitation to compose new work for John Cage centenary - The»Party Piece Project«2005 International Congress of Voice Teachers 6 th Conference: Invited Presenter (did not attend) 2004 Visualization of Context Driven Topologies-Digitizing the Non-Digital: Participant 1999 The University of California San Diego (CRCA): Served as Visiting Scholar to conduct research for The 21st Century Voice (Scarecrow Press, 2005) and directed a chamber vocal group. Grant/Stipend 2016 Recipient Major Grants (2nd party support). Via Loadbang, The Guangxi Arts University & the 2016 China-ASEAN Music Week received support from by Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation through USArtists International in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Recipient Major Grants (2nd party support). Via Chris Tonelli & the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation at Memorial University, Edgerton received funding (travel, stipend, per diem) for a week-long residency to train a choir and give concerts from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Grant to attend and participate in the 2015 International Gugak Workshop in Seoul University of Malaya Research Grant under the umbrella Exploring New Theories, Concepts and Pedagogical Insights Between Sound And Gesture, research looking at Vortices in Phonation 2011 Deltart residency (Romania): Travel and Residential Grant 2010 Maisons Daura in St-Cirq-Lapopie (France): Travel and Residential Grant 2009 Ku nstlerhaus Eckernfo rde (Germany): stipend to compose The Garden of Risk 2009 Visiokonsultit Ay: Grant to assist performance of light/sound installation at Oulu city Silo 2009 City of Oulu, Technical and Social Dept: Grant to assist installation at Oulu city Silo 4 Of 19_Edgerton _2017 December

5 2008 Kemi City Council: Grant to assist commission sound design for triennale Kontakt Bastu Nelimarkka Museum (Alaja rvi): Residential Grant (composed two works and gave 3 seminars) 2008 Ku nstlerwohnung Chretzeturm (Stein am Rhein, Switzerland): Stipend to prepare A Marriage of Shadows for premiere 2007 Knowledge Transfer Grant: Assisted AHRC Standard Grant Application (Bristol & Abertay) 2006 to 2007 The Leverhulme Trust: Stipend - Artist-in-Residence at the University of Abertay Dundee 2006 University of New Mexico: Stipend travel/lodging at SCI conference for premiere & lecture 2006 Univ of Cal-Santa Cruz: Stipend travel/lodging support for performance at Music for the Third Ear 2006 California Institute of the Arts: Stipend for travel/lodging for performance and lectures 2005 Paul Sacher Stiftung: Research Grant of the Paul Sacher Foundation 2005 Baldreit Stipendium (Baden-Baden): Stipend for Finalist Presentation Travel & Accommodation 2005 Borderl-ne, New Music Festival Malmo, & the Malmo Academy of Music: Stipend for travel & accomodation to attend premiere of Regret of a Noiseless Sundering by the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet 2003 The American-Scandinavian Foundation: Grant to support performance of excerpts of Creation of the World in the School of Music at the Lulea University of Technology (Sweden). Grant involved training student performers, conducting rehearsals and presenting two seminars 2003 Visby International Center for Composers (Island of Gotland): Grant recipient 2003 Cons Superior de Mu sica Joaquín Rodrigo (Valencia): Support for Lectures, travel and lodging 2001 The Arts Council of North Karelia: Residential grant to compose StringQuartet #1 and Koli; Presented one lecture at the University of Joensuu and directed a semester-long vocal ensemble at the Joensuu Conservatory of Music 2001 Humboldt University: Grant to conduct research on Nonlinear Phenomena 2000 Polli Talu Arts Center: Stipend and residential grant to compose Kalevi Matus & offer workshops 2000 Akademie Schloss Solitude: Residential grant to conduct research on extended vocal techniques in Germany, ca to 1990 primarily with Hanna Aurbacher-Liska, author of Die Stimme in der Neuen Musik and member of the Schola Cantorum Stuttgart, directed by Clytus Gottwald. The research was intended as primary source material for The 21st-Century Voice 1996 to 1999 The National Center for Voice and Speech: A 3-year Postdoctoral Fellowship. Studied voice science (acoustics and physiology) for The 21 st -Century Voice. Applied research projects were focused on topics: reinforced harmonics, chant, ingressive airflow phonation, vocal violence Arts Midwest: Recipient of a Meet-The Composer grant 1996 Kittredge Fund: Grant recipient Inclusion Biographical Inclusion in Marquis Who s Who in the World 2013 BabelScores Reading Panel 2013: Compositions selected for inclusion in catalogue 2013 GfZK Galerie fu r Zeitgeno ssische Kunst Leipzig: Exhibition of music score in Art Gallery Party Pieces Project - Exhibition of the scores in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig 2013 Forum Zeitgeno ssischer Musik Leipzig [FZML]: Composition in the Party Pieces Project included in a publication titled Book for No-Thing Prize for Publication 2014 Deutscher Musikeditionspreis»Best Edition 2014«(this is an award to the organizers of the Party Pieces Project to honor the centenary of John Cage, for which I composed part #74 of the meta-composition) Selection 2013 FAS PR 2013 (Puerto Rican sound art fair, Oct 3-26, 2013): Anaphora selected for performance and exhibition 2013 SNIM Call for Works: The Oak of Mambre shortlisted Exchange 2012 NYFA/Stichting RIO New York/Netherlands composer exchange: Ensemble Ekmeles performed the world premiere of Azure Suite by Edgerton in Brooklyn 5 Of 19_Edgerton _2017 December

6 Residencies 2011 Deltart residency (Romania): Composed 2 sonata & did an audio-visual reinterpretion of I Am Sitting in a room by Alvin Lucier 2011 Steim (Amsterdam): Developed prototype of lingual-palatal controller 2010 Maisons Daura in St-Cirq-Lapopie: Composed Folk Songs 2010 Hotel25 (Berlin): Developed Blood-Sugar-Breath, a performance of the extra-normal voice 2009 Ku nstlerhaus Eckernfo rde (Germany): Composed The Garden of Risk 2009 Culture Power Station in Kemi, Finland: Composed The Book of One Man Dead 2008 Nelimarkka Museum in Alaja rvi, Finland: Composed Yellow Room, Desolate Land, le Critérion (revision) & offered semester-long course on modern music at local school, culminating in a performance at the Nelimarkka Museum 2008 Ku nstlerwohnung Chretzeturm (Stein am Rhein): Composed A Marriage of Shadows 2007 The University of Teesside, Institute of Digital Innovation: Composed A Marriage of Shadows 2006 to 2007 The University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland: Composed fragmenta Scotia, conducted psychoacoustic research with Dr Ken Scott-Brown, gave seminars and led a performance group culminating in a performance at St. Paul s Cathedral in Dundee Paul Sacher Stiftung in Basel (research stipend): Studied the spectral research of Grisey 2003 Lulea University, School of Music (Pitea): Performed excerpts from Creation of the World 2001 The Arts Council of North Karelia (Finland): Composed String Quartet #1 and Koli 2000 Polli Talu Arts Center in Vatla, Estonia: Composed Kalevi Matus and offered workshops 2000 Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart): Conducted research for The 21 st Century Voice 1999 The University of California - San Diego, CRCA: Did research for The 21 st Century Voice 1996 to 1999 The University of Wisconsin Madison: Conducted research for The 21 st Century Voice 1996 Atlantic Center for the Arts: Recipient of Associate Artist (did not attend) 1995 Hanyang University (Seoul): Composed XHAIN, wrote three papers and gave three lectures 1994 Indiana University, Latin American Music Center: Directed A Broken Collaboration 1994 Southold Dance Theater: Served as guest composer/performer and offered lectures GUEST LECTURES, WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS, CONFERENCES, EXHIBITION 2018 Invited Speaker. Conference, Female Voice in the 20th Century. Institute for Music at the Fondazione Cini; Venice: San Giorgio Maggiore Lecture. On my compositions. Experimental Music Space (No. 27 Lane 189 Giang vo.), 10:30; Hanoi, Vietnam Lecture. Pre-concert lecture in Chengdu (NuSpace) preceding the performance of THRUSH Lecture during The Art of Voice Synthesis conference & expert meeting, workshop & concert (11, 12 & 14 May 2016) in Amsterdam. Organized by Dr. Julia Kursell & Dr. Hannah Bosma Lectures and workshops at Memorial University (St. John s, Canada). Edgerton received funding (travel, stipend, per diem) for a week-long residency to train a choir and give concerts from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Sonata (video recording by Moritz Ernst) played during Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks 5th Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci2014, taking place in Berkeley at the Clark Kerr Campus of the University of California, on Tuesday, June 3, Shanghai Conservatory of Music: Presented compositions & research; gave composition lessons 2013 University of Malaya: Presentation at ISEE_2nd International Symposium on Ethnomusicology and Ethnochoreology, November Miller Theater in NYC Exhibition of the scores in the Party Pieces Project on 17th of October 2013; FAS PR 2013 (Puerto Rican sound art fair, October 3-26, 2013) - Composition (Anaphora) selected for performance/exhibition (INTERNATIONAL) Sala de las Artes, Universidad del Sagrado Corazo n, San Juan, PR GfZK Galerie fu r Zeitgeno ssische Kunst Leipzig - Exhibition of music score in Art Gallery - Party Pieces Project - Exhibition of the scores in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig, from 22 August to 15 September SEGI College (Kuala Lumpur): Directed performance and participated in discussion, June UiTM (Kuala Lumpur): Presented seminar to composition students, November KreativAgentur (Berlin): Presented at Pecha Kucha - 20 Frames x 20 Seconds, November SEGi College (Kuala Lumpur). Lectured on my music, July 5th 6 Of 19_Edgerton _2017 December

7 2011 Universiti Putri Malaysia: Presented at International Conference on Music Research 2011 'Music and Memory 2011 KreativAgentur (Berlin): Gave workshop on the extra-normal voice, August Karl v Maria Weber Hochschule (Dresden): Presented two lectures - Extra-normal voice & musical tension, March Quiet Cue (at Staalplaat Records, Berlin): Gave workshop on modern vocal technique, March 2010 Freie Universita t (Berlin) in Languages of Emotion - Voice, Mimesis, and Emotion: Presented lecture on Musical Tension in Nonharmonic Sonorities, December 2010 Maisons Daura (Saint Cirq Lapopie): Gave lecture on composition and performance, August 2010 Elektroakustische Musik ho ren, Technische Uni (Berlin): Lectured on Electronic Voices, April 2010 Hotel25 (Berlin): Gave weekly Seminars on the creative use of the extra-normal voice, spring 2009 Koskullskulle Ko ren (Sweden): Led seminars focused on contemporary voice, September 2009 The University of Oulu (Finland): Presented seminar focused on the extra-normal voice, April 2008 Alaja rvi Folk High School: Delivered three presentations: 1 st Edgerton compositions; 2 nd overview of contemporary music; 3 rd the extra-normal voice, October November 2008 Music Institute in Alaja rvi (Finland): Directed a community group, October - November 2008 The conservatory of Music in Lugano: Presented activities with practice-led research, February 2007 York University: Presented my compositions and research, October 2007 Conservatory of Music in Malmo : Presented my compositions and research, September 2006 The University of Abertay: Lectured on composition, November 2006 Music for the Third Ear April in Santa Cruz, Festival: Lectured on my compositions 2006 John Donald Robb Composers Symposium, U of New Mexico (2006 SCI): Lectured on my compositions and research, April 2006 California Institute of the Arts: Gave three Presentations, April 2005 Borderl-ne, New Music Festival Malmo, at the Malmo Academy of Music: Gave presentation 2005 Baldreit Stipendium: Gave presentation on my compositions 2003 Lulea University, School of Music (Pitea, Sweden): Presented two lectures: Controlled use of nonlinear phenomena and scaled multidimensional phase space in contemporary music & Extra-normal voice production 2003 Conservatorio Superior de Mu sica Joaquí n Rodrigo (Valencia) Conference I Curso de Teoria y Composicion Musical: Presented on multidimensional networks, acoustics, perception rd Biennial International Conference on Voice Physiology and Bioacoustics (ICVPB in Denver): Presented Controlled Use of Nonlinear Phenomena in Contemporary Vocal Music 2002 Trans_Media Academy Real-Time & Presence: Presented creative and research activities th International Conference-Generative Art (Milan): Presented The Influence of Nonlinear Dynamics and the Scaling of Multidimensional Parameter Spaces in Instrumental, Vocal and Electronic Composition and Rebekka Uhlig performed Anaphora 2001 Technischen Universita t (Berlin): Presented electronic/computer interfaces with voice 2000 Music Academy (Tallinn, Estonia): Lectured on art & science and voice 2000 University of North London, One Culture conference: Gave presentation on palatal mapping 2000 York University: Presented seminars on my compositions and research 2000 College Art Association, National Conference (NYC): Served as Panelist on Impact of the Arts on Sciences, and presented collaboration with scientist Steven Tasko 1999 Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA), University of California San Diego: Presented lecture on the use of voice research on musical composition 1999 EAA/ASA/DAGA Joint Conference: Gave poster presentation on overtone singing 1998 National Center for Voice and Speech Conference: Presented talk on (imitated-tibetan) chant 1998 International Phonosurgery Conference, appointed as Guest Faculty: Presented research on extended voice and a poster on overtone singing; co-hosted workshops on overtone singing with Rollin Rachele 1998 Northwestern University: Led colloquium on extended vocal techniques 1997 CSU-Stanislaus, Constructions of the Human Conference: Presented talk on Corporeality of the Embodied Voice 1996 Mount San Jacinto College: Presented two-day seminar on contemporary voice 1996 University of Redlands, Composers Forum: Gave presentation of composition and research 1995 Hanyang University (Seoul, South Korea): Lectured on contemporary music and voice 1994 Indiana University, Latin American Music Center the 1 st Inter-American Composition Workshop Words and Music Conference: Gave workshops on contemporary voice & presented music theater work, A Broken Collaboration 1994 Southold Dance Theater: Gave lecture on my work and performance 7 Of 19_Edgerton _2017 December

8 PUBLICATION & PRESS Compositions Babelscores #86 2 Sonata, for alto flute ( ) #85.a_Ari(rang), for soprano sax (2010) #80 Keltainen huone, for choir (2008) #77 A Marriage of Shadows, for flute (a.fl), Alto (tenor) sax, percussion, gtr, voice (2008) #74 illusions, for, cl, bn, hn, tpt, tbn, pno, vla (2006) #73 adjusting to beams falling, for flute and violoncello (2006) #72 Tempo Mental Rap, for guitar (2005) #70 1 sonata, for piano (2004) #66 Sangītaśiromani, for 7 strings (vln & vla) (2002) #65 Tractatus I, for solo oboe (2002) #64 String Quartet #1, for string quartet (2002) #62 Anaphora, for solo voice (2001) #58 Kalevi Matus, for choir (2000) #56 le Critérion, for woodwind quartet (fl, ob, cl, bsn) (2000/2008) #55 Mamre, for violin (2000) #54 Friedrich s Comma, for two voices (1999) #39 A Holy Person Falls into the Nile as a Pelican, for clarinet and horn (1997) #35 Apposte Messe, for air-driven organ (1996) #23 XHAIN, for piano duo (1995/2008) #22 Regret of a Noiseless Sundering, for saxophone quartet (1995) C. Allen Publications #25 Songs of Vent (6 00), instrumentation: multi-percussion solo (1995) Componistenwerk #80.b. Keltainen huone (Yellow Room), for choir (2008) Conners Publications/C.P. Press Publications #49 KOSMOS, volume two on reinforced harmonics, for one to four voices (1998) #48 KOSMOS, volume one on articulation, for one to four voices (1998) #46 Azure Suite (4 30) for soprano and overtone singer (1998) #45 Taffy Twisters (6 05) for voice and percussion (1998) #43 Sirens (8 21) for four to forty voices (1998) #41 Lingua-Palatal #1 (3 28), for two voices (1997) #27 Mountain Songs (4 01), for solo voice (1995) Forum Zeitgeno ssischer Musik Leipzig [FZML] #87 Party Pieces Project, for orchestra (2013) Neue Dresdner Vokalschule (New Dresden Vocal School). Sa chsische Landesbibliothek Staats- Und Universita tsbibliothek Dresden (SLUB) #88 AbaGa baratur (4 47), for choir (2014) PRB Production #78 Balkan Dance, for 4 blockflöte (tenor, bass F, grossbass C, Subbass F) (2008) T.U.B.A. Press #05 Ai, for trumpet, trombone, tuba (1987) Uetz Verlag #09 Unspoken Crime, for violin, violoncello and piano (1988) Scarecrow Press #62 Anaphora, for solo voice (2001) [excerpt in The 21 st Century Voice] 8 Of 19_Edgerton _2017 December

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