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1 CAPMT Communiqué In this Issue CAPMT Business Page 12 CAPMT Convention 2014 Pages 1-2 CAPMT Registration 2014 Page 13 CAPMT Student Programs Pages 8-11 IMTF Page 5 California Association of Professional Music Teachers Affiliated with Music Teachers National Association 2014 CAPMT Conference Fall 2013 Volume 47 #3 We have an exciting and fun filled two days scheduled for our 2014 CAPMT Conference! We are looking forward to watching master classes given by our very own Hans Boepple (right) and reknowned Peter Mack (left). Learning new teaching and practice tips from both esteemed music teachers will be a welcome supplement to everyone s teaching styles. Also in store is a concert given by Peter Mack on Saturday evening! A special treat for everyone! This year s theme focuses on practice and technology - issues that would benefit not only music teachers but our students as well. With today s fast growing t e c h n o l o g i c a l advancements in communication and information, music teachers can greatly enhance their communication and availability of resources as well as marketing their own studios. So hurry up and sign up for the conference in January. We would love to see everyone there. MTNA Fellow Award Page 4 MTNA Student Programs Pages 6-7 President s Message Page 3 Conference Schedule Friday, January 31, :00p - 5:00p Board Meeting 6:00p - 8:00p Concerto Competition Saturday, February 1, :00a - 5:00p All Day Events: Northern Festival Contemporary Festival Honors Auditions Technology Room All day observation and hands on demonstrations Continued...

2 CAPMT Communiqué Presentations: 8:00a - 9:00a Imagine That: Imagery for Young Musicians - Dr. Jyoti Hench This session presents age appropriate imagery activities for enhancing performance in elementary and middle school age musicians. Research involving imagery used in young athletes will be discussed and a variety of multi-sensory imagery activities for young music students will be presented. CAPMT Communiqué Peter J. Green, Editor CAPMT Communiqué is the official bulletin of the California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT) which is a nonprofit organization affiliated with the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA). Communiqué is published triannually. Deadlines for submission are: November 10, March 10, and July 10. All material should be sent to the editor for consideration at the address listed below. The editor reserves the right to accept, edit, or reject submissions on the basis of quality, suitability, and space. Submissions will be returned if a S.A.S.E. is included. President Sue Field 2245 Brewster Ave. Redwood, CA (650) Communiqué Editor Peter J. Green 5027 Mt. Royal Drive Los Angeles, CA (323) Advertising Ann Louise Christensen (818) Communiqué Production/ Design Sharri H. Jackson (317) :15a - 10:15a Injury Prevention for Pianists - Dr. Jackie Pettito This session will cover information about injuries and diagnosis for pianists. It will also include information on treatment. Information about risk factors and sources of stress will be discussed. The session will also include posture and body mechanics as well as stretches and exercises for the pianist. 10:30a - 12:00p Motivating Your Students: Tricks to Make Practice Painless - Peter Mack 1:30p - 3:00p Master class - Peter Mack 3:15p - 4:15p Integrating Social Media in the Music Studio: Strategies in Branding, Networking and E-Marketing - Deborah How The focus of this session will be on creating a consistent personal brand, online networking and marketing as well as using social media to create a successful music studio. 4:30p - 5:30p Innovative Ideas for Music Teachers: Technology and Internet Resources - James Ramos Busy music teachers face continual challenges from multiple fronts. This talk is a presentation on the newest technology and Internet resources to help music teachers meet challenges. The pros and cons of the new technology will be explored as well as concepts on the best organizational practice using these new innovations. The Technology Room will also be available all day for hands-on observation. 5:00p - 6:30p Royal Conservatory Music Development Program Recital of Excellence 5:30p - 7:00p Winners Concert 8:00p Peter Mack Concert Sunday, February 2, :00a - 8:30a Board Meeting 8:00a - 9:00a Royal Conservatory Music Development Program presentation 8:30a - 11:00a Lecture and Masterclass - Hans Boepple 11:15a - 12:15p Panel - Hans Boepple and Peter Mack 12:30p Luncheon and Awards Ceremony Visit MTNA and CAPMT online at:

3 From the President Dear CAPMT Members, CAPMT Communiqué 3 Many thanks to the California MTNA Competition Chair, Jackie Petitto, Coordinators, Jyoti Hench, Debbie Lagomarsino and Diane Munoz for running the California competition on Saturday, November 16th. We are extremely grateful also to UCSB Professor Chuck Asche for facilitating the competition at the UCSB School of Music. The list of winners and alternates is in this issue of Communiqué. CAPMT Conference VP Carmina Glicklich is putting the finishing touches on the CAPMT Conference Schedule (January 31st February 2nd 2014) and details are also in this issue, along with a registration form. For your convenience you may resister online with a credit card at the Conference page of As you know CAPMT is honoring Past President Kathryn Hull, NCTM with an MTNA Fellow Award, to be presented in Chicago, at the MTNA Conference. Please consider donating at, clearly noting Kathryn Hull, Fellow with your donation. There is a link on the online CAPMT Conference registration form also. The early deadline to register for the Chicago MTNA Conference is December 2nd. I do hope many of you will choose to attend. As always, my many thanks to the entire CAPMT Board, Parliamentarian, Webmaster, Bookkeeper, Membership Secretary, State Chairs, Coordinators and all of you who work so hard for our organization. Have a wonderful Holiday Season. Best Wishes

4 CAPMT Communiqué 4 MTNA Fellow Award KATHRYN B. HULL - MTNA FELLOW AWARD We need your help. The CAPMT board unanimously voted to honor longtime member Kathryn B. Hull, NCTM by giving her the designation MTNA Fellow in recognition of her significant contributions to music and pedagogy. (See her bio below.) We would like to present this award to Kathryn in front of her friends and professional colleagues at the 2014 MTNA National Conference in Chicago. To bestow this honor, we need to raise at least $1,000 in her name. All proceeds will be given to the MTNA Foundation Fund. These donations help the MTNA work for a more musical tomorrow through programs that nurture the creation, performance, study and teaching of music. How to make a contribution By Check 1) Write a check payable to MTNA Foundation Fund for any amount. 2) Write MTNA Fellow Kathryn B. Hull in the check memo. 3) Send to: MTNA Foundation Fund 441 Vine St., Ste. 505 Cincinnati, OH Online/Credit Card 1) There are two ways to make your donation. i. Visit and click Contribute Now. ii. Visit 2) In the box titled Fellow type in Kathryn B. Hull. 3) Fill in your name and payment information. Important: Your contribution needs to be sent by December 31, 2013, to ensure it is credited in Kathryn s name before the MTNA Conference. About MTNA Fellow Program The Music Teachers National Association Foundation Fellow program offers a meaningful method for honoring deserving individuals while supporting the efforts of the MTNA FOUNDATION FUND through a donation to the FOUNDATION FUND in an individual s name. Each year new MTNA Fellows are recognized at the MTNA National Conference. New Fellows are prominently recognized on the FOUNDATION FUND website and their names will appear on a plaque located at the MTNA National Headquarters. A press release will be sent to media outlets selected by the Fellow. To learn more about the MTNA foundation, visit Kathryn B. Hull Kathryn B. Hull, NCTM is an Independent Music Teacher of piano and theory with an active studio in La Quinta, CA. She had served four years as a Director on MTNA s Executive Board, four years as Treasurer, two years as Southwest Division Coordinator and two years as Vice President for Professional Activities. Among her many service highlights in California, she was charter member of CAPMT, its first Secretary, then later served as State President. Additionally, she drafted CAPMT s Bylaws and also helped develop their theory program. In addition to her work as an independent Music Teacher, she has taught music classes in schools, K-6, and was on the music faculty of the College of the Desert. As a Charter Board member of The Steinway Society of Riverside County, Kathryn helped organize the Society, writing their Bylaws and getting their nonprofit status, and served as Secretary then as President. Since 1995, she has produced Encore!, presenting professional and young award-winning musicians in concert in private homes. Kathryn is a published composer and author of children s books about musicians, among others.

5 Independent Music Teachers Forum CAPMT Communiqué 5 HOW CAN I TELL IF MY CHILD HAS MUSICAL TALENT? We hear this question just about every day from curious parents. Many tell us that they'd be much more comfortable bringing a piano into their home if they had some idea of how far their child would go with their music. 1. Piano is largely a skill and not necessarily a talent. No one who can quickly and accurately type an gets credited with being born with a talent for typing. Playing the correct notes at the correct time is a mechanical skill, which even very young children can learn. (Search child plays piano in YouTube for thousands of examples) Before the invention of phonograph and then radio, the piano was the #1 home entertainment technology of its time. Almost everyone could read music and play some piano; it was considered a very normal accomplishment for well-brought-up and well-educated children, particularly girls. No one who could competently play a song on a piano was considered particularly gifted. 2. Unlike wind, reed, brass, and string instruments, the piano is a machine that plays tones without requiring the player to have any ear for pitch (sharp or flat) or technique for intonation or resonance. In other words, once you ve learned where the notes are, you can t play them wrongly. We already know that blind people can play the piano quite well, but even a blind and deaf person can play accurately on a piano (again, search YouTube!). 3. What remains is intelligence and love of music. The good news is you win either way; intelligent children tend to do well with piano, and piano study makes children more intelligent (ask any neuroscientist). It s not hard to foster an interest in music - just bring music into your family culture in as many ways as possible. Start by singing all the time, and playing recordings in your home. If Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Cousin, the neighbor, co-worker, or church friend all play on your piano, your child will wish they could do it, too. Go to see musical theater, the opera, a jazz combo, a blues band, or any live music - this inspires desire as well. 4. What if my child is unusually gifted? You ll know! The piano teacher will spot this immediately. Your child may exhibit a very long attention span for music. They may pick up basic skills very quickly. Congratulations - many gifted pianists have done very well in life; ask Harry Truman, Condoleezza Rice, Jamie Foxx, Fred Mr. Rogers, Albert Einstein, and Thomas Edison. 5. What if my child is learning normally? Congratulations! Our customers who spend $50,000 to $100,000 on their pianos are mostly physicians, attorneys, CEO s, business owners, and other successful professionals who ve played since childhood and are treating themselves and their families to a high-quality piano. Ask any high-school principal about the accomplishments of the kids who participate in the music programs like band, orchestra, and choir. 6. What if my child isn t destined to be a concert pianist, CEO of a major corporation, or President of the United States? Have you ever met an adult who didn t wish they could play a musical instrument? The gift of being able to play music for pleasure may be one of the most important we give to a child. Everyone I know who had music instruction and can still play is grateful, and likely to pass it on to their child as well! (Reprinted with permission of David Farkas,Greene Music,( Betty Lea Martocchio, NCTM, IMTF Chair

6 CAPMT Communiqué 6 MTNA Student Programs RESULTS OF CALIFORNIA MTNA PERFORMANCE COMPETITIONS The California State MTNA Performance Competitions took place on Saturday, November 16th at University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) in Santa Barbara. Many thanks to Professor Charles Asche from the UCSB Music Department for negotiating the use of their facilities for the MTNA Competitions. I really appreciate all of his generosity and support especially with preparing the venue and coordinating outside monitors. A big thank-you also to CAPMT President Sue Field who is always willing to assist on the competition day. Congratulations to the following students and teachers: Name Instrument Teacher California Chamber Music Wind - 1 entry Representative Thornton Saxophone Quartet Douglas Masek John Hallberg Soprano Sax Peter Martin Alto Sax Nathan Chiang Tenor Sax Andrew Harrison Baritone Sax California Junior Performance Piano - 16 entries Winner Elliot Wuu Piano Yoshikazu Nagai Alternate Anna Boonyanit Piano Hans Boepple Honorable mention Eden Chen Piano Myong-Joo Lee Allison To Piano Ariel Yang Judges: Kary Kramer, Mona Wu DeCesare, Susan Kim-Pedroza California Junior Performance String - 3 entries Winner Jiho Choi Cello Jonathan Koh Alternate Nathan Le Cello Jonathan Koh Honorable mention Vincent Lin Cello Jonathan Koh Judge: Geoff Rutkowski California Junior Performance Woodwind - 2 entries Winner Shawn Liu Saxophone Terry Summa Alternate Josephine Lee Flute Christina Yoo Judge: Francine Jacobs California Senior Performance Piano - 13 entries Winner Kaili Ho Piano Myong-Joo Lee Alternate Athena Tsianos Piano Bernadene Blaha Honorable mention Kevin Knowles Piano Tao Chang Asana Onishi Piano Bernadene Blaha Jason Kim Piano Bernadene Blaha Jingfu Peng Piano Roza Yoder Judges: Edward Francis, Deborah How, Sam Chou Continued...

7 MTNA Student Programs Continued... CAPMT Communiqué 7 California Senior Performance String - 2 entries Winner Catherine Kim Cello Jonathan Koh Alternate Sabrina An Cello Ryan Sweeney Judge: Geoff Rutkowski California Senior Performance Voice - 3 entries Winner Annmarie Rizzo Mezzo-Sop. Kay Montgomery Judge: Elizabeth Mosher California Senior Performance Woodwind - 3 entries Winner Justin Wing Flute Kassey Plaha Alternate Lydia Cho Flute Christina Yoo Judge: Francine Jacobs California Senior Piano Duet Piano - 1 entry Representative Kevin Knowles Piano Tao Chang Dylan Knowles Piano California Young Artist Performance Piano - 10 entries Winner Evelyn Lee Piano Yoshikazu Nagai Alternate Alexander Agate Piano Dmitry Rachmanov Honorable mention Akina Motoyama Piano Kevin Fitz-Gerald Yinqi Zhu Piano Yoshikazu Nagai Corinne Penner Piano Lishan Hung Judges: Francoise Regnat, Polli Chambers-Salazar, Inna Faliks California Young Artist Performance String - 1 entry Representative Melody Huang Cello Jonathan Koh California Young Artist Performance Woodwind - 2 entries Winner John Hallberg Saxophone Douglas Masek Alternate Adriane Hill Flute Jill Felber Judge: Francine Jacobs Dr. Jackie Petitto, California MTNA Performance Competitions Chair

8 CAPMT Student Programs CAPMT Communiqué 8 CONCERTO COMPETITION The CAPMT Concerto Competition application deadline was extended to November 8, The Northern Audition will be held on Saturday, December 7, 2013 at the Peace Lutheran Church, 3201 Camino Tassajara, Danville, CA. On-site coordinator will be Jami Piper. The Southern Audition will be held on Saturday, January 11, 2014 at Steinway Hall, 150 E. Colorado Boulevard, Suite 101, Pasadena, CA, The winners in each category from north and south will compete as finalists in the CAPMT State Concerto Competition on Friday, January 31, 2014, at Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, 5101 Great American Parkway, Santa Clara, CA Penny Pan, Concerto Competition Chair NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN PIANO AND ENSEMBLE FESTIVALS The CAPMT Northern Festival is scheduled for Saturday, February 1st, 2014, at Santa Clara Hyatt Hotel, 5101 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara. The Southern Festival is scheduled for Saturday, January 25th, at Whittier College, Philadelphia St., Whittier. Both the Northern and the Southern Festivals feature students who received a rating of 5 in the District or Chapter Piano and Ensemble Auditions. Lauren S Herr, Northern Festival Coordinator Mary Beth Lamb, Northern Festival Coordinator Diane Norcutt, Southern Festival Coordinator Penny Pan, Concerto Competition Chair Advertise with Us! Do you know of a business, organization, or educational institution that might be interested in placing an advertisement in the CAPMT Communiqué or Handbook? Contact: Ann Louise Christensen (818)

9 CAPMT Student Programs CAPMT Communiqué 9 HONORS AUDITIONS The Honors Auditions had a decrease in the number of entrants for There were a total of 104 piano students and 2 violin students representing 60 teachers for the District Honors Auditions. The numbers of students by age categories are: Category Number of Students A: Ages 7 and under 4 B: Ages 8 and 9 15 C: Ages 10 and D: Ages 12 and E: Ages 14 and F: Ages 16 to G: Students attending a 2-year college 2 H: Students attending a 4-year college 4 The numbers of students representing each studio from each district are: District I District II District III District IV District V District VI District VII District VIII District IX 4 students representing 4 studios 28 students representing 15 studios 17 students representing 9 studios 3 students representing 2 studios 18 students representing 8 studios 7 students representing 3 studios No participants for this district 17 students representing 10 studios 12 students representing 9 studios I wish to express my thanks to all the District Honors Auditions chairs that organized and promoted for the auditions for each district: Susan Fee (I), Jennifer Hung (II), Roza Yoder (III), James McCormick (IV), Huei-Ping Chen Lin (V), Louise Frye (VI), Mami Higashi & Miji Yoo Kim (VIII), and Agatha Hou (IX). I would also like to thank all the members who also helped out at the Chapter and District level. The district finalists will compete in the state final Honors Auditions at the CAPMT State Conference on February 1st, 2014 at the Santa Clara Hyatt Hotel followed by the CAPMT State Winners Concert. Teachers, students and parents are welcome to attend the state final Honors Auditions. Also, I am looking for some volunteers to help during the final audition. If you can spare a couple of hours on February 1st, please contact Maria Le at I would greatly appreciate it. Maria Le, Honors Audition State Chair

10 CAPMT Student Programs CAPMT Communiqué 10 HONORS AUDITIONS - TOTAL APPLICANTS CATEGORY DISTRICT I DISTRICT II DISTRICT III DISTRICT IV DISTRICT V DISTRICT VI DISTRICT VII DISTRICT VIII DISTRICT IX A B C D E F G H TOTAL TOTAL TEACHERS HONORS AUDITIONS - INCOME & REBATES CATEGORY DISTRICT I DISTRICT II DISTRICT III DISTRICT IV DISTRICT V DISTRICT VI DISTRICT VII DISTRICT VIII DISTRICT IX A ($45) $45.00 $90.00 $45.00 $ B ($45) $ $ $90.00 $ $45.00 $ C ($45) $ $ $45.00 $ $45.00 $ $45.00 $1, D ($45) $90.00 $ $ $45.00 $90.00 $ $ $90.00 $1, E ($50) $50.00 $ $50.00 $ $ $50.00 $ $ F ($50) $ $ $50.00 $50.00 $ $ $ G ($50) $50.00 $50.00 $ H ($50) $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $ TOTAL INCOME INCOME $ $1, $ $ $ $ $0.00 $ $ $4, REBATES $ $ $ $84.00 $ $ $0.00 $ $ $2, ChildrenÕs Books by Kathryn B. Hull, NCTM for ages 8-12 Tory, The Time Traveler: An Adventure With Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ToryÕs Adventure With Johann Sebastian Bach Available at Barnes & Noble, or

11 CAPMT Student Programs CAPMT Communiqué 11 THE CONTEMPORARY MUSIC FESTIVAL The Contemporary Music Festival welcomes Penny Pan, the new VP for Student Programs. The Festival for Piano showcases the solo piano music of contemporary composers. Participants perform one selection published after 1935 and a piece from a second composer published after The student may choose to play for a competitive or a non-competitive evaluation. Starting in , we implemented the new guidelines and revised the categories which refined the age groups and opened entries up to a wider range of piano students from age 7 and under, to 2 or 4 year College students. This year we have forty-seven enrollments at the District Festivals, the competition starts from November 16 to December 1. Thirtyfive studios from eight districts are represented. Total entries from each district are: District I 5 entries from 5 studios; District II 15 entries from 10 studios; District III 4 entries from 3 studios; District IV- 1 entry from 1 studio; District V 7 entries from 5 studios; District VII 1 entry from 1 studio; District VIII 6 entries from 6 studios and District IX 8 entries from 4 studios. Of the forty-seven applicants there are 5 applicants in the age 7 and under category; 8 applicants in the 8-9 age category; 6 applicants in the age category; 11 applicants at the age category; 11 applicants in the age category; 3 applicants in the age category and 2 applicants in the 4 years college category. They all registered in the competitive category. There is a wider range of composers represented this year. Last year we had a lot of compositions by B. Bartok or A. Ginastera. There are six students enrolled both in CMF and Honor Auditions. Students at the District Festivals are evaluated by two adjudicators. The District Winners from each category will compete in the State Finals on Saturday, February 1, 2013, during the State Conference at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, 5101 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara CA Thanks to all participating teachers and students, specially to District Chairpersons: George Fee (I), Elizabeth Smolgovsky (II), Roze Yoder (III), Co-Chairs: James McCormick and Marta Basham (IV), Huei-Ping Chen Lin (V), Karen Roger (VII), Minji Noh Lee (VIII), and Melody Kuo (IX) for their continued dedication and service in promoting and coordinate the Contemporary Music Festival. Liliana Hsueh-Gutierrez, NCTM, Contemporary Music Festival Chair Save the Date! The next CAPMT Conference will be held at the Santa Clara Hyatt Hotel from Friday, January 31 th to February 2 nd, Guest artists will include CAPMT's own Hans Boepple and Dr. Peter Mack.

12 CAPMT Communiqué 12 CAPMT Business STATEMENT OF RECEIPTS, DISBURSEMENTS, AND ASSETS Fiscal Year , 1st Quarter Beginning Balance, July 1, 2013 Checking Account Balance 72, Endowment/Investments Account 55, Reserve Account 51, $ 179, Receipts Administration Membership 14, Districts / Chapters 0.00 Student Programs 0.00 Conference 0.00 Transfer In from Investments to Checking 0.00 Total Receipts: $ 14, Disbursements Administration (1,810.01) Membership (625.00) Districts / Chapters 0.00 Student Programs (364.00) Conference 0.00 Transfer Out from Checking to Investments 0.00 Total Disbursements: $ (2,799.01) Investment Activities Transfer In from Checking to Investments 0.00 Transfer Out from Investments to Checking 0.00 Unrealized Gains/(Losses) 1, $ 1, Ending Balance September 30, 2013 Checking Account Balance 84, Endowment/Investment Account 57, Reserve Account 51, $ 193, Elizabeth Medici, Treasurer Endowment/Investment Account shows market value Transfers are excluded from receipt and disbursement totals.

13 California Association of Professional Music Teachers 2014 Conference Hyatt Regency Santa Clara 5101 Great America Parkway Santa Clara, CA January 31-February 2, 2014 Registration for the 2014 Conference is easy! Reserve your hotel room using the method below and mail your completed Conference registration form at the bottom of the page by December 31, 2013 to guarantee your early registration conference rate. Please Note: The room block for CAPMT is available for guests to book reservations online. Looking forward to seeing you at the Hyatt Regency Online: Phone: Refer to group name: CAPMT Meeting name: Convention 2014 Closest airport: San Jose International Airport (SJC) Rates: $119 for single and double occupancy $144 for triple occupancy $169 for quadruple occupancy Conference Registration Form Please Print Name: Phone: (As it will appear on your badge.) Address: City: State: Zip: Address: (For confirmation of registration.) Check if above is a new address, phone or for you. CAPMT can update your records. NCTM Certified: YES NO MTNA Member #: Are you willing to be a monitor? YES NO Are you attending a CAPMT Conference for the 1st time? YES 2 Day Registration (by 12/31/13) $ Includes ticket to Peter Mack concert Individual Day Registration (by 12/31/13) $ per day Friday Saturday 2 Day Registration (after 12/31/13) $ Individual Day Registration (after 12/31/13) $ per day Friday Saturday Concert Only Tickets Pre-Purchase Teachers $ Students $ At the Door Teachers $ Students $ Sunday Brunch $ NO Current State, District or Chapter Positions held: Total Enclosed Register online or by mail on or before 1/17/13 Online at:, State Conference page. Website accepts Paypal, Master Card, and Visa or by mail, send registration with payment check to: Elizabeth Medici CAPMT Conference Registrar Topacio Court Wildomar, CA Please make checks payable to: CAPMT Deadline for early registration discount fee is postmark of 12/31/13. Any refund requested is subject to a $20 surcharge. No refunds after 1/31/14. Paypal and credit cards will not be accepted for late registrations. Office Use Only Check # Postmark Date: We strongly encourage registration by mail, but gladly accept on-site registration at the regular fee.

14 California Association of Professional Music Teachers c/o Ramona N. Saunders 1759 Hummingbird Lane Vista, CA Address Service Requested