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2 ARRIVING END JUNE - PLACE YOUR ORDER IN STORE TODAY! GO:KEYS HAVE FUN WITH MUSIC - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY If you re looking for a fun and inspiring way to start playing music, Roland s GO:KEYS is the answer! With its innovative Loop Mix function, anyone can build fully produced songs right away, even with no previous music experience. There s also a diverse range of pro sounds to explore, plus an easy-to-use recorder to capture and share your creations. And with Bluetooth connectivity, you can jam along with music from your smartphone or tablet and work with all sorts of great music apps. Compact and battery powered, GO:KEYS lets you enjoy the magic of musical creativity everywhere you go. Fun, cool and inspiring keyboard for beginning musicians Loop Mix allows you to build songs by simply playing notes on the keyboard Manipulate the sounds of your loops with intuitive one-touch control Bluetooth audio/midi support for connecting with your smartphone or tablet Over 500 pro-quality sounds: pianos, synths, strings, bass, brass, and more Built-in song recorder with USB backup Lightweight, travel-ready, and runs on batteries GO:PIANO THE QUALITY PIANO YOU CAN PLAY ANYWHERE Have you always wanted to learn the piano, but don t have the space or budget for a full-size instrument? Roland s GO:PIANO solves both these problems, allowing you to turn the dream into reality. The affordable GO:PIANO is a top-quality portable solution that makes learning easy and fun. It features authentic sound and feel derived from Roland s premium home pianos, and supports Bluetooth for working with music education apps on your favourite mobile devices. Adding in built-in speakers, convenient practice features, and more, GO:PIANO is the perfect companion for starting your piano-playing journey. Premium piano performance in a compact and affordable instrument 61-note keyboard with standard full-size keys and 128-voice polyphony Includes electric pianos, organs, and other sounds for exploring different styles Bluetooth audio/midi support for connecting with your smartphone or tablet Metronome, transpose, and recording features support daily practice Lightweight, travel-ready, and runs on batteries

3 ARRANGERS BK-3 BACKING ARRANGER Portable, self-contained and expandable keyboard with built-in sound system High-quality sounds, rhythms, and Music Assistants Compatible with music rhythms from Roland s BK, E, G, and VA series Play a variety of backing formats (SMF, MP3, WAV, and rhythms) and record performances to USB memory Roland Wireless Connect capability for cable-free communication with iphone and ipad Centre Cancel feature allows you to turn any song into a backing track E-09 INTERACTIVE ARRANGER High-quality sound engine with 870 tones and 70 drum kits; GM2 compliant Dedicated audio outputs and high-performance speaker system 64-voice polyphony 47 Multi-FX plus reverb and chorus 16-Track recorder Friendly Music Assistants, One-Touch settings Many sounds from Roland s E-15, E-16 and other legendary E series machines E-A7 EXPANDABLE ARRANGER Over 1,500 versatile tones from all over the world WAV file import and onboard sampling function Huge library of backing styles from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and South America Powerful arranger engine with direct control buttons and versatile, one-touch performance options 156 dedicated buttons for fast access to commonly used functions Logical dual-screen layout, with backing styles on the left and sounds on the right Microphone input with dedicated vocal effects Easy to carry and transport, weighing just 8 kg/18 lbs E-A7 Tone Manager (Windows/Mac) for creating user tones and drum kits, importing and editing samples SYNTHESIZERS FA-06 FA-08 WORKSTATION SYNTHESIZER Over 2000 sounds from the flagship INTEGRA-7 sound module, including SuperNATURAL 16-track sequencer with non-stop loop recording makes it easy to build songs quickly Export your sequencer tracks to an SDHC card as a complete stereo mix, or as multitrack audio or MIDI data Onboard sampler based on the SP-404SX features 16 pads x 4 banks and direct recording/playback Press one button to instantly configure the FA-06 for use with your DAW via USB D-Beam, Rhythm Pattern, Arpeggiator, and Chord Memory functions to expand your creative flow Guitar/Mic and Line input jacks for performing, sampling, and DAW audio recording USB ports for sound expansion data, updates, and audio/midi interfacing with a computer Axial compatible - download your favourite sounds for free from Roland s Axial online library 88 fully weighted Ivory Feel-G keys (FA-08 only)

4 SYNTHESIZERS XPS-10 EXPANDABLE SYNTHESIZER Pro performance keyboard with a diverse selection of high-quality sounds for live and studio playing Sample Import function allows users to import and play custom sounds from the keyboard Six Audio Pads for triggering audio files, loops, and sound effects via USB memory or built-in XPS-10 rhythms Quick-access buttons for favourite sounds and split, layer, octave shift, and transpose functions USB Computer port provides MIDI communication with popular music software Compact, durable design with lightweight body (4 kg) for easy transport JUNO-DS61 JUNO-DS88 SYNTHESIZER Sample import function for playing user WAV files Eight Phrase Pads for triggering samples and audio songs stored on USB memory Mic input and dedicated Reverb, Vocoder, and Auto Pitch effects for impressive vocal performances Intuitive eight-track pattern sequencer with non-stop recording for quickly developing song ideas USB audio/midi and DAW Control mode and able to run on battery power Axial compatible - download your favourite sounds for free from Roland s Axial online library 88 fully weighted Ivory Feel-G keys (Juno-DS88 only) JD-Xi ANALOG/DIGITAL CROSSOVER SYNTHESIZER Interactive crossover synth with analog and digital sound engines Portable and powerful - the perfect machine for touring or studio sessions Four-track pattern sequencer and high-quality rhythm sounds Included gooseneck mic for use with built-in Vocoder and AutoPitch Process sounds with four simultaneous effects (Effect 1/2, Delay, Reverb) USB for audio/midi communication with computer music software Additional sounds and patterns available for download at Roland s Axial sound library site JUPITER-80 PROFESSIONAL SYNTHESIZER SuperNATURAL synthesis engines designed for legendary vintage synth sounds to realistic acoustic sounds Tone Blender tweaks multiple parameters of tones in realtime for complex, emotive sonic movement during performance Colour touchscreen optimized for live performance as well as favourites pads for quick patch change 76-note semi-weighted synth keyboard, and 256 polyphonic voices USB-memory Song Player/Recorder for backing tracks or quick idea capture Easy integration with computers via built-in USB-MIDI/Audio interface Additional sounds and patterns available for download at Roland s Axial sound library site Roland Wireless Connect ready - when used with ONKYO wireless USB dongle SYSTEM-8 PLUG-OUT SYNTHESIZER Versatile performance synth with advanced ACB technology and 49 full-size keys Hosts up to three PLUG-OUT synths; JUPITER-8 and JUNO-106 PLUG-OUTs included Advanced low-pass, high-pass, and side-band filters with high-resolution controls Polyphonic step sequencer with classic TR-REC style interface Arpeggio, vocoder, and polyphonic Chord Memory functions CV/Gate outputs for interfacing with modular synths and vintage gear USB audio/midi interface and control surface mode

5 STAGE PIANOS RD-300NX STAGE PIANO SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine Innovative Sound Focus feature ensures that every note will be heard in the mix Ivory feel progressively weighted keyboard provides superior feel, response, and expression Instant selection of favourite Live Sets and intuitive Live Set editing (New on Version 2.0) The RD-NX Editor can be used wirelessly with Wireless USB Adaptor (ONKYO UWF-1) RD-800 STAGE PIANO Professional stage piano with the acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano engine Newly enhanced SuperNATURAL-based electric pianos and clavs with authentic vintage sound and feel Over 1100 additional sounds for versatility on stage Roland s top-of-the-line PHA-4 Concert Keyboard with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel Dedicated controls for Live Set selection, part levels, Modulation FX, Tremolo, Amp Simulator and more Tone Colour knob provides complex tonal manipulation in real time with a single control Colour LCD and panel knobs with LED indicators provide easy visibility on dark stages WAV recording/song playback and user memory backup with optional USB flash memory Master MIDI keyboard controller features; four external pedal connections (Damper, FC1, FC2, and EXT) 1/4-inch and balanced XLR stereo output jacks FP-30 DIGITAL PIANO DIGITAL PIANOS Rich, responsive tone from Roland s renowned SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine 88-note PHA-4 Standard keyboard provides authentic piano touch for maximum expression Headphones output and quiet keyboard action allow you to enjoy playing at any time day or night Compact and lightweight body for easy mobility in and out of the home, studio, or classroom Twin Piano mode is ideal for lessons, letting student and teacher play side by side in the same octave ranges Connect USB memory to save songs you ve captured with the onboard SMF recorder Play along with your favourite WAV and SMF songs RP-302 DIGITAL PIANO Ivory feel progressively weighted keyboard provides superior feel, response, and expression Three pedals integrated into the stand, with a damper pedal capable of continuous detection Headphones 3D Ambience effect provides a multi-dimensional sound when practicing Built in USB for connectivity to educational and recording software This stylish and lightweight piano never needs tuning or maintenance


7 ARTIST RIGS KYLE PETERSEN (PRODUCER, MUSICAL DIRECTOR, KEYBOARDIST) ROLAND KEYBOARD RIG: RD-800 JUPITER-80 SYSTEM-8 JD-XA FA-06 AX-SYNTH International touring artist and producer Kyle has been performing with Roland keyboards for almost 20 years. His current rig consists of the RD-800, Jupiter-80, System-8, JD-XA, FA-06 and the AX-Synth. We wanted to know why he s so obsessed with our brand: I travel a lot and usually spend at least 4 months of a year touring. That means my equipment flies all over the world and needs to be built to withstand some serious punishment. I have, in the past two decades, never had a machine fail on me and that contributes tremendously to the confidence of a performance trust. Roland synths were the genesis of the synth world and continue to dominate the live scene they always sound fat and clean and are so easy to programme. As a musician who works in all sorts of genres with all sorts of artists - (Karen Zoid, Toya Delazy, BlackByrd, Kahn Morbee, Zaki Ibrahim, Danny K etc.) I need awesome sound quality, reliability, accessibility and versatility. Roland delivers all day every day. ARTIST RIGS ALIE KEYZ (CASSPER NYOVEST) ROLAND KEYBOARD RIG: JUPITER-80 & RD-800 Musical Director, Producer, Composer, Vocalist and Events music coordinator, Alie Keyz-Proclaim uses the Roland Jupiter-80 and an RD-800 in his Roland Rig. Why? In his own words, These two Roland beasts are easy to tame, set, and run efficiently and are compatible with all my external accessories. Alie has directed and co-produced two of the biggest shows in Africa, #FillUpTheDome ( in attendance) and #FUOS ( in attendance). I am a musician on the go doing gigs and studio work all over the world. Roland is the best for me, having shared the stage with musicians from America like Ricky Ross, The Game, Future and Omarion, and working on local productions with the likes of Cassper Nyovest, Ricky Rick, Nasty C and Sarafina 2, I stand to say Roland is user friendly and very universal on different genres and productions.

8 ARTIST RIGS NEVILLE D (GRAMMY NOMINATED GOSPEL ARTIST) ROLAND KEYBOARD RIG: FA-08 Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Neville Diedericks begun honing his musical talents at an early age. From the age of 11 when Neville D picked up his first guitar and begun strumming on the piano keys his family and friends noticed his incredible gift and begun encouraging his musical career. Neville D s name is now known worldwide, a Dove Award Winner, and now a Grammy Nominated songwriter for the hit song How Awesome Is Our God which he co-wrote with his friend and music icon Israel Houghton. I ve always been a Roland fan. I remember buying my first keyboard (I remember it well because I had to work my butt off making the monthly payments on it), and I totally fell in love with the brand. I currently play the FA-08, and for me as a singer/worship leader/songwriter, this keyboard caters to my two main needs: to perform and to create. ARTIST RIGS JAYDINE BARON (MUSICAL DIRECTOR: IDOLS SA AND SAMAS) ROLAND KEYBOARD RIG: JUPITER-80 & FP-80 South African Keyboard Player, Programmer and Musical Director, Jaydine Baron, has used the FP-80 and Jupiter-80 to create the sound of many Productions, such as Idols South Africa, The South African Music Awards, The South African Cricket Awards and for performing Artists Danny K, Loyiso Bala and AKA. Every time we start rehearsing a new show, we re always faced with the challenge of recreating the work done by the producers in studio who use a wide range of different instruments and sounds to create their tracks. With keyboards like the FP-80 and the Jupiter-80 available to me, I m never short of incredible sounds, effects and the ability to customize each patch until it sounds as close to the record as possible. Both keyboards have an amazing touch making it feel and sound as if I m playing an actual acoustic instrument like a piano, analog synth or an orchestral instrument.

9 FROM STUDIO TO STAGE AND EVERYWHERE IN BETWEEN: CREATE THE ROLAND KEYBOARD RIG THAT S RIGHT FOR YOU! XPS-10 + FP-30 For those keyboardists looking to stretch their creativity and their role in the band, this rig is a great icebreaker. With the FP-30 taking care of the piano sounds, the XPS-10 covers all of your basic brass, synth and general pop sounds. XPS-10 + RD-300NX + FP-30 This slightly more advanced version of the FP-30 rig offers you more sonic possibilities as the RD-300NX adds pads, synths and other sounds to increase your genre diversity.

10 KEYBOARD RIGS JUNO-DS61 + RD-300NX This semi-pro rig takes your playing to the next level by incorporating the pattern sequencer and live audio sample triggering of the Juno-DS. So while you re playing you can drop all those killer loops and samples and really give your sound a new edge. JD-Xi + JUNO-DS61 XPS-10 + FP-30 + RD-300NX The addition of the JD-Xi means your left hand can lay down some fat synth bass sounds, arppegiators, hits and risers. The gooseneck mic leads you to incorporating some crazy vocal harmonies and effects with the built-in vocoder. This rig now covers all of your bases and because all of these machines are lightweight and portable, they are great for touring. JD-Xi XPS-10 + FA-06 + FP-30 + RD-800 For keyboardists who are running the show or who don t have a second keyboard player to support them, this rig is essential. The FA brings a 16 track sequencer and 64 audio samples per project. The dedicated click out means that you can safely have your drummer in time with your live arrangements as you expand on your creative role within the project. The RD-800 brings more advanced layering, effects and expandability with it s Axial compatibility. The rig is for the professional musical chameleon.

11 KEYBOARD RIGS JD-Xi + FA-06 + RD JUNO-DS61 For keyboardists who want to perform exclusively with hardware, this rig delivers. The Juno-DS means an additional 8 samples per song. You ll have 72 audio samples in total, 4 Axial compatible machines, two vocoder mic inputs and an endless amount of layering options. All of the machines back-up onto USB so you can travel light and load your shows once you ve arrived at the venue, and your keyboard tech has set up your rig. JD-Xi + JUNO-DS88 + RD FA-06 + JUPITER-80 + SYSTEM-8 The international standard. As a musical director you need tools that sound amazing, are easy to program, versatile and reliable. This rig provides a sonic creative canvas unlike anything else you ve ever experienced. The SYSTEM-8 is the green and black monster that brings the ultimate in raunchy deep synth sounds to your live performances. It s easy to edit and with it s PLUG-OUT technology is endlessly upgradeable and expandable. The Jupiter-80 is also Axial compatible and because it is used on so many international albums, it really is the best asset a musical director can have on stage due to it s SuperNATURAL technology, touch screen and insane ipad editor. All 6 of these machines bring something unique and special to your live setup and ultimately show off your skills in the best way possible.

12 VISIT THE AXIAL TONE LIBRARY TODAY FOR ALL THE LATEST SOUNDS! WHAT IS AXIAL? Axial is the official Roland tone library site where you can download new sounds for your Roland synth that have been specially designed by top programmers. From recreations of vintage analog classics to modern, cutting-edge tones that are perfect for the latest music styles and beyond, Axial is your home for an ever-expanding election of unique and exciting new sounds for your Roland instruments. ABOUT THE TONES FEATURED ON AXIAL With the wide range of completely new sounds available on Axial, you ll find a continuously expanding universe of creative inspiration for live performing and music production. The sound downloads on Axial are grouped by musical genre and concept, making it easy to find the tones that will work best with your music. The site also features demo videos and sound clips, so you can check out the sounds and examples of their uses. One of the great thrills of using synths is being able to create your own original tones. We encourage you to experiment freely and tweak the tones you download from the Axial site to suit your personal taste and style, filling your Roland synth with sounds that no one in the world has heard before. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: AXIAL.ROLAND.COM AXIAL COMPATIBLE SYNTHS: FA-06/08 JD-XI JUNO-DS61/88 JUPITER-80 TERMS AND CONDITIONS Prices shown are recommended only and may differ from store to store Offers valid until 31 May 2017 E and OE /RolandMusicSouthAfrica Roland South Africa /RolandMusicSA