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2 BRAND STANDARDS CONTENTS Brand Standards Primary Logo Endorsers Logo Lockup Secondary Logos, Black and White Margins and Minimum Size Incorrect Usage Graphic Element Brand Colors Product Imagery Info-graphics Kiosk Imagery Consumer Marketing Consumer Typography Mascot Imagery Consumer Kiosk Examples Consumer Examples Contact Us

3 4 PRIMARY LOGO ENDORSER S LOGO LOCK-UP The ecoatm logo and colors are key elements for establishing and maintaining the identity of ecoatm. They need to be used appropriately and consistently across all printed and on-screen applications. It is vital the logo retains its intended shape, form and color. To build an association between the LOB brands and the parent company name, it s important that all Outerwall lines of business be accompanied by the endorser line, Inspired by Outerwall. This line reinforces the hierarchy of the Outerwall parent company to our lines of business, and clearly establishes the LOBs as peers. 5

4 SECONDARY LOGOS, BLACK AND WHITE MARGINS AND MINIMUM SIZE Certain instances will require that the logo be reproduced without color. In these instances, the black one-color ecoatm logo is provided. Always make sure there is enough contrast between the background and the logo. There is also a one-color white option, which is to be used on full color backgrounds. Always make sure there is enough contrast between the background and the logo. A clear space is defined to maintain the impact and integrity of the logo. If the minimum clear space is not applied, these attributes will be compromised. The margin is defined so the logo is not crammed into the corner of a page. The logo must always be one half of an inch from the edge of the page px Minimum Print Size Minimum Digital Size To ensure legibility, the logo may not be reproduced any smaller than these dimensions for printed and web materials. 7

5 INCORRECT LOGO USAGE GRAPHIC ELEMENT AND CROP EXAMPLES The motif is used to fill white space in documents and layouts, making them look more appealing and creating a memorable look. The design language of the element is organic, almost leaf-like, tying it into the ecological message of ecoatm. The motif can appear horizontal across the page or at an angle in any corner. It should not be screened back, tinted, stretched, or used in its entirety. 8 9

6 PRIMARY BRAND COLORS COLOR BLUE GREEN PMS 321C 361C CMYK 100, 2, 32, 12 75, 0, 100, 0 RGB 0, 139, , 178, 51 SECONDARY BRAND COLORS COLOR PMS CMYK RGB HEX LIGHT BLUE 3105C 50, 0, 12, 0 113, 214, d2e0 LIGHT GREEN 382C 28, 0, 92, 0 190, 214, 0 c3d82d ORANGE 165 C 0, 68, 98, 0 255, 99, 25 f36f21 GRAY GRAY 25 0, 0, 0, 75 63, 63, 63 3f3f3f HEX 00969f 2cb34a The primary brand colors are blue and green and should be present in any ecoatm branded piece of collateral

7 PRODUCT IMAGERY INFO-GRAPHICS SIMPLE AND STRAIGHTFORWARD AT E S O F A ST M I CA UNI T ER ED At this point in ecoatm s life, photography has not been integrated into the marketing materials. Instead, we lean heavily on the kiosk as the hero and make liberal use of flat areas of on-brand color in vector illustrations of relevant content such as phones, tablets, MP3 players and other electronics. z. NE LA R 1o FI S I LV E R - D OL Facts are often to be called out and illustrated with an icon or picture. These facts should be short and readable, and generally appear in DIN Next W1G Bold reversed out over a rounded rectangle of a supporting color. The icons appear in a simplified fashion in white and supporting colors without shadows, gradients or texture

8 14 KIOSK IMAGERY CONSUMER MARKETING THE KIOSK AS A HERO FUN, FRESH, & ACCESSIBLE Whenever applicable, the kiosk should be displayed at a three quarter angle, facing right or left. The front facing view can be used if appropriate, like in a line-up. Line-ups should usually use front facing kiosks due to varying angles and perspectives. The kiosk s upper advertising screen should be present in all images to keep an accurate representation of the kiosk. Material tailored to the consumer needs to be many things. It needs to be fun, friendly, easy to read and understand, eye catching, and meaningful. Plenty of white space is used to promote a clean feel and give a relaxing viewing experience. The supporting colors come in handy when trying to get the attention of an on-the-go consumer and the messaging needs to be cut down to short, concise and powerful statements. 15

9 CONSUMER TYPOGRAPHY HEADLINES Headlines appear in Din Rounded regular 34 point font with size 34 leading, not medium and never bold. Often, headlines will appear in all caps. Green is the primary color for headlines. EXAMPLE HEADLINE SUB-HEADLINES Subheads will also appear in Din Rounded Regular in size 13 point font with size 15 leading. Blue is the preferred color for sub-heads. 10 pt of leading space should come before it, and 5 pts of leading space after. EXAMPLE SUB-HEADLINE BODY COPY Din Next W1G Regular should always be used for body copy at 90% grey 10 point font with 13 as the leading. An extra 5 pts of leading should go between paragraphs. One or two columns is standard. Text is most often left aligned, not centered, and not shaped around objects. Left Justifying text is occasional. 16 Example of body copy in Din Next W1G. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec adipiscing augue elementum porttitor posuere. Pellentesque eget ipsum sed in eget orci pellentesque. BULLETED LISTS Bullet points are used to convey information quickly, supplementing paragraphs of information or to replace lengthy blocks of text. They appear as small circles of light green. The bullets should be the same size as the type,10 pts. Example of bulleted list Example of bulleted list Example of bulleted list CALL TO ACTION Call to actions are usually in lowercase Din Rounded bold. This is one of the only uses for the Din Rounded Bold, and it is never used in headlines or in caps. Click-able CTAs from now on will have a button in blue with the text reversed out in Din Rounded Regular. Learn more about ecoatm WEB TYPOGRAPHY When Din cannot be used, Arial and Arial Rounded can be substituted, matching the weight and size of what it would appear as in Din. EXAMPLE OF ARIAL Example of Arial. When Din cannot be used, Arial and Arial Rounded can be substituted, matching the weight and size of what it would appear as in Din. 17

10 CONSUMER MASCOT IMAGERY CONSUMER KIOSK/MASCOT EXAMPLES THE ECO ROBOT AS A SUPPORTING ELEMENT HELPING TO REINFORCE THE BRAND Meet Eco, the friendly ambassador who embodies the giving green machine mind-set. He lives in marketing materials and ecoatm screens, and acts as the guide for the consumer through the ecoatm process for a more personal customer experience. ecoatm s mascot should be a primary consistent element of the brand, unless size or composition would benefit from its absence. We really want this mascot to be a brand standard, present in most collateral. The robot is to be used in combination with the kiosk in consumer focused marketing material. The space on its belly can be used to put different icons depending on the circumstance. At this time in the brand s life, the robot doesn t appear without the kiosk nearby. ACCEPTABLE KIOSK-ROBOT LOCKUPS 18 19

11 CONSUMER EXAMPLES CONTACT US CONTACT: ENVIRONMENTAL FACT SHEET We hope these visual identity guidelines have provided the necessary tools and guidance to create clear and consistent ecoatm communications materials. For more information about or help with using these guidelines, contact: Artwork is available from the Media Center on our corporate website. THE GIVING GREEN MACHINE Outerwall Inc. All Rights Reserved. OUTERWALL, ECOATM and their associated logos are trademarks of Outerwall Inc. or its subsidiaries