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2 Why des Gerge Silverman wrk with Americm? "Recently, I cmpleted a cmplex three -party, like -kind exchange f assets thrugh Americm. We brke much new grund with this type f bradcast sale. Americm stayed right n tp f things, prviding slutins t difficult prblems. At clsing, it was a great deal fr all parties invlved. I applaud Americm's innvative nature and prfessinal attitude." Gerge Silverman President, Sunshine Grup Bradcasting L_ Which selling strategy helps yu reach yur bjectives? 1 Cnfidential Marketing Minimizes yur statin's expsure by persnally pre -qualifying 15 buyers and selecting the five httest buyers t review with yu befre re- cntacting them with yur statin's details. 2 Americm Auctin Invlves wide expsure f yur prperty's availability, financial perfrmance and perating infrmatin t maximize the pl f buyers and achieve the highest ffer frm the auctin's mst aggressive bidder. 3 Negtiated Bid Yur statin's sensitive infrmatin is handled discreetly but public expsure f its availability is used t increase the pl f buyers t prduce the highest pssible ffer. Americm ffers yu a chice f selling strategies and the ability t get financing fr buyers. Americm's Financing Services Because we wrk with leading lenders n a daily basis, we can prvide yu with financing ver $3,000,000 by structuring a lan package that may include senir debt, mezzanine layers and pure equity. Refinancing: By reviewing yur current debt structure, Americm can help yu arrange refinancing if yu anticipate debt service shrt falls. Call befre yur bank *-, eliminates refinancing ptins. A MER ICOM Radi Statin Brkerage & Financing 1130 Cnnecticut Avenue, N.W. Suite 500 / Washingtn, DC / (202)

3 Bradcasting u; Nv 16 Bradcasters get upper hand in transfer tax fight... page 43. Wing expected t fill Dawsn's FCC seat... page 43. White Huse pushes antiprngraphy bill... page 45. GOING THE DISTANCE: LOCAL JOURNALISM '87 0 BROADCASTING'S annual reprt n lcal jurnalism shwcases the range f stries and issues cvered by a crss -sectin f lcal TV statins and cable systems natinwide, frm cvering the Ppe's U.S. tur t massing public service effrts against substance abuse. Capsule reprts n what statins and cable systems are ding begins On PAGE 40. THIRD -QUARTER BLUES O Three -netwrk time sales revenue f( third quarter is ff by mre than 4% frm last year accrding t Arthur Yung C. research. PAGE 44. ROUND THREE O President Reagan's third attempt t fill vacant Supreme Curt seat is San Francisc Appeals Curt Judge Anthny Kennedy, wh is viewed as judicial cnservative hlding generally strng First Amendment views. PAGE 47. TVB '87 Televisin Bureau f Advertising meets in Atlanta, fcusing n btaining greater share f lcal retail advertising. New NB president -elect Mll says rganizatin's gals include increasing Wad revenues, t be mre "custmer fcused, high perfrmance and grwth riented." PAGE 46. NAB WHITE PAPER 0 In 14 -page reprt t members f Cngress, NAB lays ut alternatives t taxing bradcast statins t raise mney fr nncmmercial bradcasting -taxing sale f TV's, radis and VCR's instead. PAGE 130. ENTERPRISES DISSOLVED O NBC disslves its Enterprises divisin, dispersing peratin's businesses t executives at NBC televisin netwrk and crprate cmmunicatins. PAGE 133. LEMASTERS TAKES CHARGE O CBS names Kim LeMasters, frmer CBS vice president f prgrams, as president f its entertainment divisin, replacing B. Dnald (Bud) Grant. PAGE 144. SEE YOU ON THE RADIO O CBS News crrespndent, Charles Osgd will have brader rle n CBS Radi Netwrk. Beginning week f Jan. 25, he will anchr fur, fur -minute Osgd File prgrams each weekday during mrning drive. PAGE 146. CABLE'S TOP PRIZE 0 Natinal Academy f Cable Prgraming annunces 314 ACE Award nminatins. PAGE 150. MARKETING MAN O CBS -TV's David Pltrack is charged with bth charting that netwrk's ratings frtunes and targeting new markets t imprve that curve. PAGE 175. INDEX TO DEPARTMENTS Business 133 Editrials 178 In Sync 153 Special Reprt 40 Cabiecastings 154 Fates & Frtunes 171 Law & Regulatin 130 Stck Index 139 Changing Hands 151 Fifth Estater 175 Mnday Mem 38 Technlgy 152 Clsed Circuit 7 Fr the Recrd 157 Prgraming 144 Telecastings 156 Datebk 26 In Brief 176 Riding Gain 140 Where Things Stand 10 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS: D Accu -V ather 10 0 A.F. Assciates, Inc. 54 D All American Televisin 11 D Allied Satellite Equipment 14 D American Bar Assciatins, The American Chirpractic Assn., The Americm Secnd Cver, 152 D Beam Cmmunicatins 103 D Blackburn & C., Inc. 150 D Breeders' Cup Newsfeed 27 D Buena Vista Televisin 19, C.B. Distributin C. 75 D Chapman Assciates 1570 Chicag, The University f 105 D Classified Ads CNN Newsurce Cca -Cla Telecmmunicatins 31 0 Cral Pictures Crp. 115, 117,119,121 D Dw Chemical C., The 26 0 Eastman Kdak C Richard A. Freman Assciates 140 D Michael Fx Auctineers, Inc. 142 D Fries Distributin C Gannett Fundatin 123 General Electric 18 D Greyhund Financial Crp Grup W Prductins Grup W Televisin GTE Spacenet 67 D Harris H.B. La Rue Lrimar Syndicatin 4-5, R. A. Marshall & C Media Venture Partners MGM/UA Telecmmunicatins, Inc Michigan, The University f 59, 73 0 Mrgan Stanley & C., Inc. 145, 147,1490 Natinal Assn. f Bradcasters Third Cver 0 NBC News New Century Entertainment 83 0 Newsfeed Netwrk, The 100 D Orin Televisin Syndicatin 15, 16-17, 89, Otani Crp Panasnic Bradcast Systems C Pannell, Kerr, Frster Paramunt 39 0 Petry Furth Cver D Prfessinal Cards 161 D Radi Advertising Bureau, Inc Cecil L. Richards, Inc Hal Rach Studis 93, 95, 97, 990 Sandler Capital Management 42, 63, Satellite Music Netwrk Scripps Hward Fundatin 71 0 Services Dir Hward E. Stark 34 0 D. L. Taffner /Ltd TeleVentures Edwin Trnberg & C., Inc. 156 D Tribune Entertainment C Turner Prgram Services Frnt Cver, 51, TV Direct th Century Fx Televisin USA Netwrk Wstrn Televisin 79 D Washingtn Internatinal Teleprt 107, 109, 111 Bradcasting (ISSN ) is published 52 Mndays a year by Bradcasting Publicatins DeSales Street. N W Washingtn. D.C Secnd -class pstage paid at Washingtn. D.C.. and additinal ffices. Single issue $2 except special issues $3.50 (50th Anniversary issue $10). Subscriptins. U S and pssessins. ne year $70. tw years $135. three years $190. Canadian and ther internatinal subscribers add $20 per year. U S. and pssessins $235 yearly fr special delivery. $100 fr first- class. Subscriber's ccupatin required. Annually Bradcasting O Cablecasting Yearbk $105. Acrss the Dial $6.95. Micrfilm f Bradcasting is available frm University Micrfilms. 300 Nrth Zeeb Rad, Ann Arbr, Mich (35mm, lull year $55). Micrfiche f Bradcasting is available frm Bell & Hwell. Micr Pht Divisin. Old Mansfield Rad, t'bster, Ohi ($37/yr.). Pstmaster please send address crrectins t Bradcasting DeSales St., N.W Washingtn. D.C

4 WI NESS T MARKET New Yrk "NewitaiV Chicag* Philadelphia San Francisc* Detrit Dallas Washingtn Seattle Miami Hartfrd SUPERIOR L2:9014,T\

5 E GROWTH. TION CBS BBM TAF PIX JBK KAS 'J LA ïtw SVN TNH TIME PERIOD Mn -Fri 4:00 PM Mn -Fri 3:30 PM Mn -Fri 1:00 PM Mn -Fri 4:30 PM Mn -Fri 9:00 AM Mn -Fri 3:30 PM Mn -Fri 10:00 AM Mn -Fri 11:30 AM Mn -Fri 12:30 PM Mn -Fri 10:30 AM SHARE INCREASE OCT. 87 vs MAY % +17% +40% +33% +67% +27% +20% + 7% +20% +16% SOURCE. HH Shres NSIOverr htarbovemigm As Dated Tw Star Judges. Lligh Stakes Cases. werful Verdicts. impressive Grwth! A Ralph Edwards /Stu Billett Prductin in assciatin with DR! MAR SYNDICATION. ioviwae,t,tric,ij.t5 Ca.,>Arq


7 C1sedCircuit N hurry Viacm-earlier trial ballns t the cntrary-nw appears less inclined t sell minrity interests in its diverse media businesses. Exceptins are its ailing pay cable services, Shwtime and The Mvie Channel. Cmpany has $2.3 billin in bank debt assciated with Natinal Amusements purchase, but first payment, $200 millin, isn't due until December With strnger than expected cash flw and internal grwth prjectins, selling minrity interests is n lnger must situatin, cmpany fficials believe. That is nt t say minrity deals culd nt happen, which remains pssibility fr pay services, whse chief prblem remains distributin. New target Natinal Decency Frum, lse cnfederatin f anti -prngraphy grups frm acrss natin whse demnstratins and lbbying activities early this year prmpted FCC t crack dwn n indecent aspects f "shck" radi, may target cable indecency when members recnvene in Washingtn next March fr anther rund f prtests and lbbying. With grwing "pervasiveness" f cable, said NFD's Brad Curl, "there is smething incnsistent abut saying the lcal televisin statin can't bradcast indecent prgraming, but the lcal cable system can." Piece f the actin? Mvietime, fledgling cable prgraming service that highlights entertainment available n pay and basic cable and in theaters, has had discussins with bradcast netwrk, amng ther entities, t take wnership interest in peratin. Althugh netwrk was nt named, speculatin had it that initials were thse f cable -friendly NBC. Shuld netwrk buy int service, its prgraming wuld als presumably be shwcased n Mvietime. Is cable industry ready t welcme greater netwrk participatin in cable prgraming?surce said that within industry, "there is fair split n that issue." N g As GTG Marketing cntinued sales f half -hur access shw mdeled n USA Tday last week, at least ne f three netwrk -wned statin grups, CBS's, had decided against carrying shw. Surce said CBS decisin late last Friday nt t pick up access strip was result f wealth f new first -run alternatives nw available fr fall CBS grup decisin des nt preclude individual O &O's frm buying shw. Decisins by sme f netwrk -wned statins abut access plans fr fall 1988 are expected this week. GTG had lcked up deals -all fr tw - years-in ver half f tp 50 markets as f last Friday. Nne f thse are with statins in tp five markets, hwever, where negtiatins with tw netwrk - wned statin grups cntinue. Lackluster perfrmance f checkerbard schedules n NBC -wned statins makes fur f thse statins leading candidates fr USA Tday, accrding t GTG. In Washingtn, NBC's WRC -TV is already precluded frm carrying shw since Gannett's wusa -TV has already purchased it. Partial slutin Partial sale f Strer Cable mdeled n Khlberg Kravis Rberts's recent restructuring f Strer TV statins with Gillett culd be slutin t KKR's difficult cable divestiture, suggested ne investment banker last week. Sale f 1.4- millin subscriber peratin is hampered by greater equity requirements than mst cable deals, plus existence f present junk bnd financing structure. Accrding t Henry Ansbacher Inc.'s Ry Weissman, slutin culd be t sell half - interest and management cntrl f Strer Cable. KKR culd use cash frm deal t pay ff investrs, reduce risk inherent in keeping entire prperty and retain upside ptential frm future sale f remaining interests t same r ther buyer. Fr prspective purchasers, advantages wuld include piece f attractive cmpany and greater prgraming discunts. Clse call Televisin Bureau f Advertising's president- elect, William Mll, almst didn't make it t last week's cnventin. On Friday, Nv. 6, Mll was admitted t New Yrk's Dctr's Hspital with what was diagnsed as a kidney infectin. He spent the weekend in the hspital and Mnday night, against the advice f dctrs, insisted n being released t prepare fr Atlanta. "I had t negtiate my release," said Mll. The deal was that he culd g t Atlanta if he arranged t have prper treatment. S each day f cnference, Mll tk three trips t Atlanta -area hspital t have antibitics administered intravenusly. Dwnside, upside Netwrk radi sales, which ran int rugh waters in mid -year, will finish 1987 anywhere frm 3% ff t 2% up cmpared t 1986's $380,024,808 ttal, accrding t sampling f netwrk radi executives. Hwever, sme fficals reprt netwrk's upfrnt buying seasn (typically Nvember thrugh January) fr 1988 at "gd" pace with several majr netwrk advertisers, including Sears, Anheuser -Busch and Warner -Lambert, already returning t fld. Exprt t Italy U.S. Infrmatin Agency is gaining large chunk f circulatin fr its internatinal televisin netwrk, Wrldnet, this mnth, when agreement with grup f Italian televisin statins ges int effect. Alvin Snyder, directr f USIA's televisin service, met in Milan, Italy, in Octber with fficials f Italia Nrd, grup f 40, micrwave -linked independent televisin statins, which sught and were granted permissin t take dwn signal f nehur news prgram, America Tday, frm satellite relaying Wrldnet prgraming t Eurpe. Agreement means prgram will be available ver air t 26 millin televisin hmes in nrthern half f Italy. One t many Vice f America, in midst f its $1 billin -plus mdernizatin prgram, finds itself with extra 100 kw medium wave transmitter n its hands. It bught six fr use in Caribbean and Latin America, at abut $800,000 each, because it is cheaper t buy them by half dzen than individually. And s far, VOA has hmes fr five f them -tw in Belize and ne each in Antigua, Grenada and Csta Rica (where existing 50 kw transmitter is t be replaced). At ne time, VOA planned t put tw transmitters in Hnduras and up t three in Csta Rica. But effrts t negtiate site agreement in Hnduras have nt been successful, and prblems in btaining necessary frequencies precluded use f mre than ne transmitter in Csta Rica. VOA fficials pndering fate f extra transmitter say ne pssibility is selling it. But since mney wuld g int treasury rather than back int mdernizatin prgram, that idea is nt appealing. Btswana, where VOA is cmmitted t place transmitter, is ne ptin. S is trading it with military fr equipment VOA needs. Bradcasting Nv


9 1IIHEN A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY IS OFFERED, SMART STATIONS ITMOVE FAST... WWOR WLS KPIX KTVT KHTV KSTW KSTP KPLR KRBK KPHO New Yrk Chicag San Francisc Dallas Hustn -Seattle Minneaplis St. Luis Sacrament Phenix WHCT Hartfrd KUSI San Dieg WOFL Orland WVTV Milwaukee WDBB Birmingham KSAT San Antni WOLF Wilkes Barre KDTU Tucsn KSPR Springfield KRLR Las Vegas KKTV KVRR KEYT KAME KLSR WTSG KETK KIDK KVHP WXXV Clrad Springs Farg Santa Barbara Ren Eugene Albany Tyler Idah Falls Lake Charles Bilxi I S Y N D I C A T I O N

10 1- C -ere 1 l- gqs Sta dm) A weekly status reprt n majr issues in the Fifth Estate Cpyright 1987 Bradcasting Publicatins Inc May be quted with credit. Slid Gv dentes items that have changed since last issue. AM -FM allcatins. FCC has authrized nighttime peratin fr 21 f 41 daytime -nly AM statins n 1540 khz, freign clear channel. Frequency's nighttime peratin pririty has belnged t Bahamas. Hwever, since the negtiatin f new internatinal agreements, limited nighttime use f 14 Class I -A freign clear channels will be allwed. Annuncement f 21 statins affected will be delayed until early December when grace perid fr pssible bjectins frm Bahamas expires. In respnse t FCC inquiry, Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters tld FCC Aug. 31 nt t permit FM statins t use directinal antennas, claiming it wuld lead t "AM- izatin" f FM band. Hwever, several FM bradcasters cmmenting in prceeding tk ppsite psitin, cntending directinal antennas wuld benefit FM radi and public. In July, NAB filed cmments supprting FCC's prpsal t allw mst AM daytimers (1,600 f between 1,800 and 1,900) t prvide nighttime service at r near lwest pst- sunset pwer already granted thse daytimers by FCC. Hwever, NAB said FCC shuld authrize new night- e Because 3 w Accu 41 eu. The weather may be strmy. Weather frecasts are always clear. Get the Accu- Weather advantage. 619 W. Cllege Ave. State Cllege, PA The Leading Weather Set; `,0 time service n interim basis until it cmpletes cmprehensive review f AM interference standards in separate prceeding launched last mnth. Others said FCC shuld defer any actin until review is cmpleted and new interference standards are adpted. FCC hpes t have final rder shrtly O AM stere. Mtrla's C -Quam AM stere system mved clser t establishing itself as de fact standard with Aug. 12 release by Natinal Telecmmunicatins and Infrmatin Administratin f fllw -up reprt t ne released last February n AM stere marketplace. Multisystem radis receive signals generated by tw incmpatible systems battling t be de fact standard -C -Quam and Kahn Cmmunicatins' single- sideband. Secnd reprt stated that while there is n inherent degradatin f sund quality in multisystem cmpared t single- system radis, implementatin f multisystem technlgy is nt feasible because f lack f supprt amng radi manufacturers and dminance f single- system, C -Quam standard in internatinal marketplace. NTIA recmmended t FCC that it prtect C- Quam's pilt tne frm pssible interference. Cmmissin's Mass Media Bureau has prepared statement n AM stere pilt tne prtectin. Kahn Cmmunicatins has respnded by petitining NTIA l finish its jb" by undertaking direct cmparisn f tw systems and publishing definitive study t determine which is superir. It has als submitted cmments t FCC saying that pilt tne prtectin is "unnecessary" and that it "clearly cntradicts the administratin's and the FCC's avwed supprt f the free marketplace." Meanwhile, Mtrla is claiming that standards battle is ver and that new integrated circuits in radis t be released in 1988 will slidify C -Quam and stere in general in AM marketplace. Antitrafficking. Last mnth, Senate Cmmerce Cmmittee adpted revenue -raising package aimed at reducing trafficking f bradcast licenses (BROADCASTING, Oct. 26). A 4% transfer fee wuld be impsed n bradcast licenses transferred within three years f last sale. Cngressinal interest in reinstating FCC's antitrafficking rule has been building, with legislatin intrduced earlier this year in Huse and Senate that wuld restre rules requiring bradcast statins t be wned three years befre sale. Cable regulatin. Tw federal curt judges in nrthern district f Califrnia in decisins issued ne week apart in September, ruled that cities' cable franchise prvisins requiring cable peratrs t prvide access channels and universal service and t build and maintain "state- f -theart" cable systems are uncnstitutinal -vilatin f First Amendment rights f cable peratrs. In earlier decisin, ne f thse judges, Eugene Lynch, held that Pal Alt, Calif., and tw nearby cmmunities must award franchise t Century Cmmunicatins Inc., even thugh it did nt g thrugh franchise prcess. Curts' decisins run cunter t decisins in ther curts. FCC has pened rulemaking t define mre narrwly thse televisin markets where the rates f cable systems cannt be regulated because the systems are subject t "effective crnpetitin" frm cable systems. Rulemaking was launched in respnse t U.S. Curt f Appeals in Washingtn, which endrsed FCC's basic finding that three bradcast signals cnstituted "effective cmpetitin," but which felt FCC's definitin f which signals shuld be deemed "available" in market was t brad. Upsht f rule - making is that fewer cable systems are likely t escape rate regulatin. On Capitl Hill, Huse Telecmmunicatins Subcmmittee has pstpned indefinitely versight hearing n status f cable industry three years after deregulatin. It was scheduled fr Oct. 29 but because f sudden develpments n Wall Street, subcmmittee needed t cnvene series f clsed- member briefings n situatin and cable hearing was bumped (BROAD- CASTING, Oct. 26). Subcmmittee still intends t hld series f versight hearings n cable. Meanwhile, Representatives Jhn Bryant (D- Tex.) and Al Swift (D- Wash.) have intrduced legislatin at behest f calitin f cmmercial and nncmmercial bradcasters, Natinal League f Cities and Mtin Picture Assciatin f America that wuld grant cities (as franchising authrity) right t specify "in the franchise r by any ther means. the channel r service tier n which the cable system must carry (1) any channel designated fr public, educatinal r gvernmental uses and (2) the signals f any televisin bradcast statin that the cable system is required t carry by federal law r regulatin" (BROADCASTING, Sept. 14). Children's televisin. In respnse t U.S. Curt f Appeals in Washingtn and petitins frm Actin fr Children's Televisin, FCC vted unanimusly t launch brad inquiry int children's advertising. Amng the questins t be addressed: Shuld FCC reimpse time limits n children's advertising similar t thse drpped in 1984 and are children's prgrams based n tys n mre than s- called "prgram- length" cmmercials and, if s, shuld they be smehw restricted. U.S. Curt f Appeals in Washingtn set stage fr inquiry when it remanded t FCC 1984 eliminatin f time limits n children's advertising n grund that FCC had failed t justify deregulatry actin with either facts r analysis. Impetus behind FCC actin als came frm Capitl Hill. Huse Telecmmunicatins Subcmmittee Chairman Ed Markey (D- Mass.) and Representative Terry Bruce (D-III.) have intrduced bill that wuld limit advertising during children's prgrams. Measure has supprt f fur ther subcmmittee members. Representative Jhn Bryant (D- Tex.), als n subcmmit- Bradcasting Nv

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12 ill[..-.'.. f-,. :4 - ' y/1/if.mi t r..'...'.i '1' -.r. :.....,,"i^1{"',.. ' _ M' Y I,: nt: :ili.l :.IM".;c-:-,.1..--, _. V' ) mn ; I " y. 1P Iw i, IA.-.a'. "i/ F Nw there are 100 fresi delicius, mind- bggling ttally irresistible half hi f The Benny Hill Shw fr stripping. Cmpletely re- package fr fresh audience appeal And that's nt all. We've gt 10 hurs f fast, funny, fabulus

13 ua/114 'enny Hill Specials, t. And wait till yu see be Crazy Wbrld Of fenny Hill, his utrageus new 2 -hur medy extravaganza. Grab these winners fr ur statin. Because Benny's fresher :Ian ever. Available frm D.L. TAFFNER /LTD. NEW YORK (212) CHICAGO (312) ATLANTA (404) LOS ANGELES (213) D.L. Tafner/Ud. MI rights reserved.

14 Fairness dctrine update Bradcasters are awaiting Huse actin n the fairness dctrine this week as a catch -all spending bill (the cntinuing reslutin) mves t the flr fr a vte. The dctrine is expected t be attached t the reslutin (a funding measure that keeps the gvernment perating) because it is viewed as vet-prf. The Huse delayed a vte n the reslutin tw weeks ag (BROADCASTING, Nv 9). In the Senate, Cmmerce Cmmittee Chairman Ernest Hllings (D -S.C.) has ffered a revenue -raising package (adpted by the cmmittee 12-5) that, in additin t establishing a basic 2% FCC license transfer fee, wuld cdify the fairness dctrine (BROADCASTING, Oct. 26) and add 1% t the transfer fee fr any seller wh had vilated the dctrine. The Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters has embarked n a majr campaign t defeat the measure (BROADCASTING, Nv 2). The fairness dctrine was repealed by the FCC n Aug. 4. Earlier, President Reagan veted a bill cdifying the fairness dctrine, and dctrine prpnents lacked the vtes t verride. Senatrs Bb Packwd (R- Ore.), Ted Stevens (R- Alaska) and William Prxmire (D- Wis.) have circulated a "Dear Clleague" letter supprting the repeal. In the Huse, Representative Tm Tauke (R -Iwa) and thers sent a letter t cunter earlier crrespndence frm Huse Energy and Cmmerce Cmmittee Chairman Jhn Dingell (D- Mich.), wh is leading effrts in the Huse t enact the dctrine int law (BROADCASTING, Nv 9). Dingells letter raised the specter f the lss f the equal time law, saying repeal f the dctrine strikes at the heart f equal time, which requires bradcasters wh give r sell air time t ne plitical candidate t give r sell time t that candidates ppnents. The FCC has maintained that its decisin des nt affect equal time, which is embedded in Sectin 315 f the Cmmunicatins Act. Editr's nte: Cpies f BROADCASTING'S "The Decline and Fall f the Fairness Dctrine," which cmprises a full text f the decisin, including ftntes, plus blw -by -blw cverage f the histric decisin and industry reactin, are still available fr $5 frm the BROADCASTING Bk Divisin, 1705 DeSales Street NW, Washingtn, D.C service. Prhibitins have been in place fr nearly tw decades. FCC's rules barring such crsswnership were adpted in 1970 and Cngress cdified them in Cable Cmmunicatins Plicy Act f FCC current inquiry culd lead t recmmendatin t Cngress that rules be repealed. In cmments, telcs said cable had been slw in implementing new technlgy because f lack f cmpetitin and said telc crsswnerhip wuld be f benefit t public in lwer csts. Cable grups said telcs' histry f "abuses" f cable wners and their ability t crss- subsidize their cable peratins thrugh phne revenue culd destry cable cmpanies. Reply cmments are due Dec. 2. Even if Cngress drps prhibitins, seven Bell perating cmpanies wuld still be prevented frm entertaining cable business by Judge Harld Greene's mdified final judgement in cnsent decrees that led t breakup f AT &T and creatin f seven cmpanies. As part f first triennial reassessment f mdified final judgment that resulted in breakup f AT &T, District Curt Judge Harld Greene in September decided against lifting prhibitins against Bell perating cmpanies' prviding "infrmatin services, "which include everything frm electrnic mail t videtex t cable televisin. tee, intends t ffer children's TV bill similar t ne by Senatr Frank Lautenberg (D- N.J.). Lau - enberg's measure wuld require each cmmercial televisin netwrk t air seven hurs per week f educatinal prgraming designed fr children and wuld require FCC t hld inquiries int "prgram- length cmmercials" and prgrams featuring interactive tys. Cmpulsry license. At Nv 4 panel sessin in Washingtn, FCC Chairman Dennis Patrick reiterated misgivings abut cable cmpulsry license. FCC is cnsidering reimpsing syndicated exclusivity rules n assumptin that cmpulsry license is "flawed," he said. Patrick's feelings tward license are nt academic. FCC is nw reviewing industry cmments in inquiry that culd lead t recmmendatin t Cngress that cmpulsry license be ablished. In cmments, first f which were filed last August, cable industry argued fr preseravtin f license. Natinal Assciatin f Brad- casters sftened its lng- standing ppsitin t license, arguing that license shuld be left alne fr time being. Mst bradcasters, hwever, urged eliminatin r mdificatin f rules t limit imprtatin f distant signals. It was jined by Mtin Picture Assciatin f America. NCTAviews Assciatin f Independent Televisin Statins' cmpulsry license cmments (which called fr limiting applicatin f license t carriage f lcal signals nly and ablishing license fr distant signals altgether), as vilatin f must -carry agreement that bradcast and cable industries reached last year (INN is signatry). INN nevertheless, denied it has "gne back n its wrd" and defended its actins (BROADCASTING, Aug. 10). O Crsswnership. Natin's telephne cmments filed cmments at FCC tw weeks ag calling n Cngress and FCC t drp prhibitins barring them frm entering cable televisin business in areas where they próvide telephne Direct bradcast satellites. High -pwer DBS, which wuld use Ku -band spectrum set aside fr it, has fundered in U.S. because f high start-up csts and prgraming dearth. But Eurpean gvernments are pushing ahead with launching f systems. First t give medium try n cntinent will be West Germany French -cntrlled Arianespace has tentatively set Nv 17 fr launch f West Germany's fur -channel TVSat 1. Cuntry will use tw channels fr public televisin, will turn ver ther tw t cmmercial peratrs. Lw pwer variety f satellite bradcasting resulting frm scrambling f cable prgraming n C -band satellites has emerged frm hme satellite market. It gt started in January 1986, when Hme Bx Office scrambled feeds f HBO and Cinemax and began selling subscriptins t wners f backyard earth statins (TVRO's), which nw number mre than 1.7 millin. Number f NRO hmes subscribing t cable prgraming has grwn as mre cable prgramers have scrambled feeds and begun selling subscriptins directly r thrugh cable peratrs and ther third parties. HBO nw wants ther majr cable prgramers t jin it in stepping up frm C -band t medium -pwer Ku -band satellites that can beam signals t much smaller dishes. IVI ut ua l Affiliates d it fr LESS! $725-- less cnverting t DIGITAL! On cmplete system cased n 10/2/87 pricing Call The Experts ALLIED (317) Satellite Equipment.1) 'Mutual is a registered TM f Westwd One ( Equal emplyment pprtunity. FCC has amended its bradcast equal emplyment pprtunity rules and reprting requirements. Every statin's EEO prgram will be subject t review at renewal time regardless f emplyment prfile, but FCC said review will fcus mre n EEO effrts than numbers. Statins with five r mre emplyes are required t file detailed reprts. Fr cable, FCC has adpted rules implementing EEO aspects f Cable Cmmunicatins Plicy Act f Under bradcast license renewal legislatin ffered by Cngressman Al Swift Bradcasting Nv

15 7 ft. 6 ft. 5 ft. 4 ft. 3 ft. 2 ft. Nn- wrking wmen take the law int their wn hands.

16 7 ft. 6 ft. Cagney & Lacey cllars a highe Of all the wmen wh watch Cagney & Lacey, 64% are nnwrking and available in early fringe and early evening time perids. That's higher than the percentages fr Crime Stry, Miami Vice, L.A. Law, St. Elsewhere, even Mnlighting. Put Cagney & Lacey in yur lineup. T settle fr anything less is a crime. SOURCE: N77, NAD 11/

17 7 ft. 6 ft. pe:rcentage f nn -wrking wmen. a7ria7íy` TELEVISION SYNDICATION ORION TV PRODUCTIONS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

18 (D- Wash.), same EEO frmula in Cable Act wuld apply t bradcasters. O Federal Trade Cmmissin. FTC is in midst f antitrust investigatin f Natinal Ftball League televisin rights cntracts, having issued subpenas t ABC, CBS, NBC, Fx Bradcasting and NFL. Under investigatin is pssible cllusin amng three bradcast netwrks in pressuring NFL t make rights deals with netwrks and ESPN, and t eschew bids f thers, namely Fx Bradcasting and Hme Bx Office, during negtiatin f three -year, $1.4- billin rights packages early this year. ESPN is principally wned by ABC. Fx is cmplaining mst ludly. Fx President Jamie Kellner has said Fx made highest bid fr Mnday night package, but that NFL renewed cntract with ABC. In additin t Kellner, FTC has received testimny f several high -level netwrk executives, including Capital Cities/ABC President Daniel Burke and NBC Sprts President Arthur Watsn. CBS President and CEO Laurence Tisch and CBS Sprts President Neal Pilsn have als reprtedly testified. In related develpment, league's cntract with ESPN fr package f Sunday -night games was subject f Senate hearing. Senatrs Arlen Specter (R -Pa.) and Hward Metzenbaum (D- Ohi) are expected t ask Justice Department t examine impact f NFL's antitrust exemptin as it applies t cable and t lk at ABC's wnership f ESPN and pssible antitrust implicatins (BROADCASTING, Oct. 12). High -definitin televisin. HDTV is becm- ing increasingly imprtant issue. Next mve will cme when FCC's newly frmed Advanced Televisin (AN) Services Advisry Cmmittee meets fr first time tmrrw, Nv 17. Makeup f upper tier f advisry cmmittee, "blue ribbn" advisry panel, includes chief executives f three majr netwrks, cuntry secnd largest MSO, and tw frmer FCC chairmen. Secnd tier f cmmittee cmprises three subcmmittees pen t all interested parties. Cmmittee was frmed as part f July 16 FCC rder that als launched inquiry int ATV. In cnnectin with inquiry, the FCC has als decided t hld in abeyance any reallcatin f UHF channels frm bradcasting t mbile radi until advisry cmmittee makes interim reprt next spring. Executive cmmittee f Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters has apprved frmatin f Bradcast Technlgy Center dedicated t HDTV research. Center will be under cntrl f NAB Technlgies Inc., fr- prfit subsidiary. NAB's HDTV Task Frce apprved expenditures f $200,000 thrugh end f first quarter f 1988 fr HDTV research prjects and demnstratins. Funds will cme frm $700,000 earmarked fr task frce's wrk by NAB bard last June. Advanced Televisin Systems Cmmittee's T3 grup vted Sept. 30 t apprve frmal dcument utlining standard devised by wrking grup f SMPTE n high- definitin electrnic prductin. Standard will next be vted upn by entire ATSC membership. Standard sets parameters fr HDTV prductin at 1,125 lines, 60 hz field and 16:9 aspect rati. SMPTE's full membership must als apprve standard, after which it will be submitted t American Natinal Standards Institute. O Internatinal Telecmmunicatins Satellite Organizatin. In dramatic end t investigatin by U.S. attrney fr District f Clumbia, frmer Intelsat directr general, Richard Clin, and business assciates in July pleaded guilty in U.S. district curt t criminal fraud and cnspiracy charges grwing ut f $4.8 millin said t have been siphned frm Intelsat during cnstructin f additin t its headquarters building. Clin, alng with Deputy Directr General Jse L. Alegrett, was fired by bard in December after utside lawyers and auditrs submitted reprt indicating their pssible invlvement in financial irregularities. And in September, U.S. district curt judge in Washingtn, saying ttal lss t Intelsat had been $5.4 millin, sentenced Clin t six years in minimum security prisn and rdered him t make restitutin f $865,000. One assciate was sentenced t three years and fined $100,000; ther was sentenced t tw years. Intelsat in May filed civil suit against Clin, claiming his activities resulted in damage t rganizatin f up t $11.5 millin (BROADCASTING, May 25). His attrneys filed respnse cntending that curt lacks jurisdictin ver suit. Intelsat's members, meeting in Extrardinary Assembly f Parties April 1-3, cnfirmed Bard f Gvernrs selectin f Dean Burch as directr general, succeeding Clin. O Internatinal telecmmunicatins satellite systems. President Reagan in Nvember 1984 determined that separate U.S. systems prviding internatinal cmmunicatins satellite service are in public interest, prvided restrictins are impsed t prtect ecnmic health f Internatinal Telecmmunicatins Satellite Organizatin. Thus far, eight systems have received cnditinal authrizatin frm FCC, but prpsal f nly ne, PanAmerican Satellite Crp., which has secured Peru as freign partner, has been cnsulted with Intelsat. Assembly f Parties, acting n recmmendatin f bard f gvernrs, apprved cnsultatin at meeting in April. O Jhn McLaughlin fuels the fire while respected jurnalists Jack Germnd, Mrtn Kndracke, and Rbert Nvak prvide infrmative and ften explsive pinins. Jin them all n the McLaughlin Grup. It just might be the freshest, bldest, mst incisive plitical shw n the air. Dn't miss it. The peple wh run this cuntry never d. The McLaughlin Grup Made pssible by a grant frm GE. We bring gd things t life. Land- mbile. T eliminate interference UHF televisin statins n channels 14 and 69 cause mbile radi users n adjacent channels, FCC has prpsed minimum mileage spacings between new UHF televisin statins (r new televisin transmissin sites) and existing land -mbile peratins. And if a UHF statin cannt meet spacing criteria, the FCC als prpsed, statin must wrk ut deals in which it pays shrt- spaced mbile radi peratrs t accept a certain amunt f interference r t use ther nnadjacent channels. In related inquiry, FCC has suggested making channels 14 and 69 available t mbile radi and ther nnbradcast users in areas where bradcasters cannt meet spacing requirement r wrk ut deal with mbile radi peratrs. In respnse t petitin frm Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters and Assciatin f Maximum Service Telecasters, FCC has said it will delay decisin n reallcatin f UHF channels in eight markets t mbile radi until cmpletin f its study n advanced televisin systems and lcal bradcasting (see "High- definitin televisin," abve). Bradcasters and FCC believe UHF spectrum may be needed fr bradcasting AN systems. License renewal refrm. At FCC, bradcast- Bradcasting Nv


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21 5 & KATHIE LEE Kathie Lee (-À Buena Vista Televisin

22 ers may get sme relief frm grups that file petitins t deny bradcast statins' renewal r sale applicatins and demand payffs frm affected statins t withdraw them. Under prpsed rules, nw subject f FCC rulemaking, grups filing such petitins wuld be limited t recvering nly csts invlved in preparing and prsecuting their filings. In cmments filed Oct mst agreed with FCC prpsal. Ntably absent frm list f cmmenters was Natinal Black Media Calitin, which asked fr extensin f reply cmment deadline. It has filed an FOIA request with cmmissin fr evidence f shakedwns rules are meant t crrect. absent which, it asserts, there is insufficient infrmatin upn which t cmment. Legislatin t refrm cmparative renewal prcess is pending in Huse and Senate. but fate f prpsed measures is unclear. Latest renewal measure was ffered last mnth by Representative Al Swift (D- Wash.) wh wuld eliminate cmparative renewal in exchange fr public service bligatins (BROADCASTING, Oct. 19). NAB bard rejected measure when it was in draft frm and nw says it wants radi -nly cmparative renewal measure, smething that apears t have little, if any, appeal n Capitl Hill. Hill leadership has indicated that n bradcast legislatin (at least any measure industry wants) will mve until utcme f fairness dctrine is determined. High- definitin televisin HDTV is becming increasingly imprtant issue. Next mve will cme when FCC's newly frmed Advanced Televisin (AN) Services Advisry Cmmittee meets fr first time tmrrw, Nv 17. Makeup f upper tier f advisry cmmittee, "blue ribbn" advisry panel, includes chief executives f three majr netwrks, cuntry's secnd largest MSO, and tw frmer FCC chairmen. Secnd tier f cmmittee cmprises three subcmmittees pen t all interested parties. Cmmittee was frmed as part f July 16 FCC rder that als launched inquiry int AN In cnnectin with inquiry, the FCC has als decided t hld in abeyance any reallcatin f UHF channels frm bradcasting t mbile radi until advisry cmmittee makes interim reprt next spring. Executive cmmittee f Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters has apprved frmatin f Bradcast Technlgy Center dedicated t HDTV research Center will be under cntrl f NAB Technlgies Inc., fr -prfit subsidiary. NAB's HDTV Task Frce apprved expenditures f $200,000 thrugh end f first quarter f 1988 fr HOW research prjects and demnstratins. Funds will cme frm $700,000 earmarked fr task frce's wrk by NAB bard last June. Advanced Televisin Systems Cmmittee's T3 grup vted Sept. 30 t apprve frmal dcument utlining standard devised by wrking grup f SMPTE n high- definitin electrnic prductin. Standard will next be vted upn by entire ATSC membership. Standard sets parameters fr HDTV prductin at 1,125 lines, 60 hz field and 16:9 aspect rati. SMPTE's full membership must als apprve standard, after which it will be submitted t American Natinal Standards Institute. Mergers. Special sharehlder meeting fr Adams- Russell is scheduled this Friday, Nv 20, t vte n $470- millin cable peratin sale t Cablevisin Systems. Cablevisin will invest $40 millin in buy, with bulk f financing fr deal crning frm General Electric Credit Crp. GEwned Kidder, Peabdy & C. will als prvide $125 millin frm private placement f senir subrdinated ntes. Strer Televisin has clsed n sale f first five TV statins t cmpany 55% -held and managed by Gillett Crp. FCC apprved $1.3 -billin, six -statin restructuring in Octber. Clsing n sixth statin in Milwaukee is expected after license renewal in early December. Cntinental Cablevisin has agreed t buy American Cablesystems fr $481.7 millin, r $46.50 per share. Cmbined systems wuld have ver 2 millin subscribers. U.S. Cable Crp., new grup headed by ML Media principals, Martin Pmpadur and Eltn Rule, made $233 millin ffer fr Essex Cmmunicatins, Greenwich, Cnn. -based MSO with 135,000 subscribers. ML earlier bught C4 Media, Vienna, Va. -based MSO f abut 65,000 subs fr $126 millin. Radi grup bradcast Summit Cmmunicatins is buying DKM Bradcasting fr apprximately $200 millin, secnd -largest radi - nly sale. DKM hlds AM -FM cmbinatins in eight cities. Adams Cmmunicatins has signed agreement t buy Frward Cmmunicatins' five TV statins fr $126.5 millin frm Wesray Capital Crp., which bught grup in 1984 fr $95 millin. Deals called ff in wake f stck market decline s far include: prpsed merger f cable system peratrs United Artists and United Cable, and $114 -millin TV statin sale by United Bradcasting Crp. t ML Media Partners. Als in questin is prpsed sale f Strer Cable's 1.4 millin- subscriber cable systems fr $2.5 billin -$3 billin, particularly with evapratin f high -yield bnd market, favred financing tl f Strer -parent Khlberg Kravis Rberts & C. O Public Bradcasting. On Capitl Hill, the Senate Cmmunicatins Subcmmittee tk stck f public bradcasting, 20 years after enactment f Public Bradcasting Act, at versight hearing last Thursday (see "Tp f the Week "). Senate Cmmerce Cmmittee's adptin f revenue- raising package that wuld create "Public Bradcasting Trust Fund" based n mney raised frm FCC license transfer fee was expected t be discussed as well as public bradcasting's jurnalistic independence and future f independent prductins n medium. Fund wuld nt be activated until after Sept. 30, 1989 (BROADCASTING, Oct. 26). Huse Telecmmunicatins Subcmmittee als has versight hearing scheduled fr Nv 18. In ther Hill actin, Senate passed Labr -Health & Human Services bill Oct. 4 that included $248 millin apprpriatin fr Crpratin fr Public Bradcasting fr FY Bard f Natinal Public Radi reelected Chairman Jack Mitchell and Vice Chairman Ward Chamberlin t ne -year terms.bard f Crpratin fr Public Bradcasting elected new chairman and vice chairman at annual meeting. Hward Gutin, Texas cmmunicatins cnsultant and acting chairman since March, mved fficially int chairman's spt, while New Yrk businessman and frmer CPB Chairman William Lee Hanley tk ver as secnd in cmmand. Search cmmittees have been frmed t fill vacancies in presidencies f American Public Radi and Natinal Assciatin f Public Televisin Statins, and resumes have been received in respnse t ads fr psitin f vice president- treasurer at Crpratin fr Public Bradcasting. Frmer APR President Al Hulsen and frmer NAPTS President Peter Fannn bth resigned effective Sept. 1, while frmer CPB VP- treasurer Dn Ledwig was prmted t president in July (BROADCASTING, June 29, July 6, Aug. 10). CPB bard, which grew t eight members with additin f William Lee Hanley, Archie Purvis, Marshall Turner and Sheila Tate in June (BROADCASTING, June 29), is likely t see nminatin f frmer Tennessee First Lady Hney Alexander fr ne f tw remaining spts n bard. Still under cnsideratin is Charles Lichenstein, wh has been faulted by nncmmercial system fr reputedly believing that funding t CPB shuld be cut ( "Clsed Circuit," June 29). Scrambling. Senate Cmmerce Cmmittee is slated t vte this Thursday, Nv 19, n legislatin that wuld regulate hme satellite marketplace. Backyard dish bill enjys supprt f Senate Cmmerce Cmmittee Chairman Ernest Hllings (D -S.C.) and ranking Republican Jhn Danfrth f Missuri (BROADCASTING, Sept. 7). Legislatin is expected t underg sme revisins befre it hits Senate flr. Measure wuld require cable prgramers t allw qualified third parties t distribute prgraming t 1.7 millin wners f backyard earth statins. There has been realignment f industry grups interested in NRO legislatin, with Mtin Picture Assciatin f America expressing its supprt fr Senate dish bill, S. 889 (BROADCASTING, July 27, Aug. 3). On ther frnt, Huse legislatin (H.R. 2848) that wuld permit satellite distributin f bradcast signals -superstatins -t backyard dish wners, was t be subject f Cpyright Subcmmittee hearing Nv 12, but hearing pstpned until Thursday, Nv 19. Cmpanin measure may sn emerge in Senate. O Unins. Fruitless negtiatin meeting between members f labr relatins department f CBS and internatinal president f technical unin, Internatinal Brtherhd f Electrical Wrkers, was held Thurs., Nv 5. Sides decided t cntinue meetings and all unin members remain at status qu under terms f ld cntract. It was first meeting since three -day meetings with federal negtiatr in Washingtn ended Friday, Oct. 23, with little prgress. CBS has been hlding fast t final ffer made fllwing mnth -lng negtiatins, shrtly after ld cntract expired at midnight, Sept. 30. CBS ffer is believed t include 3% raises fr each f three years f cntract and language that wuld allw fr unlimited use f daily hires. Negtiatins affect 1,500 wrkers at CBS -wned statins in seven cities. Directrs Guild f America members have verwhelmingly ratified separate three -year staff cntracts with ABC, CBS and NBC, as well as freelance cntract cvering abut 500 additinal directrs at three netwrks. Vte at ABC was 83 t 46 in favr; CBS, 68 t 33, and NBC, 94 t 20. New staff cntracts, cvering news, sprts and peratins persnnel, prvide 3% acrss- the -bard raises; minr layffs in autmated cntrl area; and mre netwrk cntrl ver editing functins. DGA came ut slightly ahead at NBC, with netwrk prviding few mre bnuses in senirity, editing jurisdictin and severance pay areas. Guild members als apprved pact cvering lw- budget theatrical feature prductins, 2,155 t 144, and cmmercials, 2,180 t 106. N Bradcasting Nv

23 ONE LESS ALLIGATOR The Bradcast Engineer wrks with time -line respnsibilities few f us will ever experience. He knws that equipment prblems can wreck prductin schedules. That's why the Otani BII audi machine is s widely used fr bradcast, news editing, and prductin. Three speed peratin, frnt panel recrd calibratins, a micrprcessr cntrlled tape cunter with LED display, and variable speed cntrl, cupled with "bulletprf' reliability and high level prduct supprt all add up t ne less alligatr snapping at yur heels. Frm Otari: The Technlgy Yu Can Trust. Cntact yur nearest Otari dealer fr a demnstratin, r call Otani Crpratin, 2 Davis Drive, Belmnt, CA (415) Telex:

24 access. prime in stripping diate imme- fr Affair Current A bught have Park and Mirrr Times Lin, Hubbard, by wned statins markets, these in success its n Based Hustn. and Dallas D.C., ingtn, Wash- Chicag, Angeles, Ls Bstn, Yrk, New in shares audience increasing by niche a ut carved already has Affair Current A - cuntry. the f 32% ver in success prven A stries. fr searching cuntry the cmb wh prducers field and jurnalists winning award prfessinal, 70 f staff a by backed is [TElEVISION, Maury Talking." Are "Peple -rated tp Philadelphia's and "Panrama," shw magazine preeminent D.C.'s Washingtn, hsted He Francisc. San and Chicag Angeles, Ls in O's & O netwrk at anchr news experienced an Pvich, Maury winner Award Emmy by hsted is Affair Current A lives. their n impact the and peple, abut stries n fcusing strip magazine investigative live -hur half daily a is Affair Current A stry. the f heart the reach t surface the beneath digs Affair Current A night, every Live hu half addictive mst Televisin's (ts611,form1% -IS SVIOIN

25 Markets Sld Binghamtn / WMGC Bstn / WFXT Chicag / WFLD Dallas / KDAF Duluth / WDIO Grand Rapids / WOTV Greenville / WNCT Harrisburg / WHTM Hustn /KRIV Las Vegas / KLAS Ls Angeles / KTTV Minneaplis / KSTP New Yrk / WNYW Nrflk / WTKR Quad Cities / WHBF Ranke / WSLS San Francisc / KGO St. Luis / KTVI Washingtn, D.C. /WTT Ideal fr News and Prime Time viewers. Accrding t Nielsen, mre f A Current ffair's wmen viewers watch affiliate ews and affiliate prime time than any f its rime access cmpetitrs* That makes A urrent Affair the perfect transitin frm yur ews t prime time! Over the past year A Current Affair has een a hit with majr natinal advertisers ecause it appeals t a yung, upscale and vlved audience -especially in the key emgraphic f wmen I /PLUS New Yrk. 5/87. Qualificatins available n request. yrighl Twentieth Century Fx Film Crpratin. All rights reserved. A Current Affair is ready t be yur statin's next Prime Access franchise. Available nw!

26 Irdreates rev. r revised entry i 1 This week Nv Natinal Federatin f Cmmunity Bradcasters public radi RF transmissin training seminar. Sheratn htel, St. Luis. Infrmatin: (202) Nv. 15- Inductin ceremnies int the Academy f Televisin Arts & Sciences Televisin Academy Hall f Fame f Jhnny Carsn, Jacques -Wes Custeau. Lenard Gldensn, Jim Hensn. Bb Hpe, Eric Sevareid and the late Ernie Kvacs. Ceremnies t be taped by Fx Bradcasting fr telecast n Nv 30. Fx Bradcasting, West Pic Bulevard, Les Angeles. Infrmatin: Murray Néissman, (818) Nv. 16- Technlgy and audience study grup. spnsred by Gannett Center fr Media Studies. Gannett Center, Clumbia University. New Yrk. Infrmatin: (212) Nv. 17 -Vide n the Air lecture, featuring Kathy Huffman. curatr /prducer. Cntemprary Art Televisin. spnsred by Schl f the Art Institute f Chicag. Schl f the Art Institute, Chicag. Infrmatin: (312) Nv. 17- Presentatin f third annual Nancy Susan Reynlds Awards fr sexual respnsibility in the media. spnsred by Center fr Ppulatin Optins. Htel Bel Air, Ls Angeles. Infrmatin: (213) Nv. 17- Marketing research wrkshp, Can Yu Make Better Marketing Decisins Thrugh Hi- Tech?" spnsred by Assciatin f Natinal Advertisers. Plaza htel. New Yrk. Nv. 17-Museum f B radcasting seminar n histry and prductin f Studi One, ne f the mst innvative and prestigius f all live televisin dramas." MOB. New Yrk. Infrmatin: (212) Nv Ninth Internatinal Sprt Summit cnference and exhibit. Beverly Hiltn htel, Ls Angeles. Nv. 18- Federal Cmmunicatins Bar Assciatin lunchen. Speaker: Dean Burch. directr -general, Intelsat, Marritt. Washingtn. Nv 18- "Gambling It All: Nuts and Blts f Starting Yur Own Business." meeting f American Wmen in Radi and Televisin, Washingtn chapter. Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters. Washingtn. Infrmatin: (202) Nv. 18 -"Hw t Get Cast in Televisin," panel discussin spnsred by Academy f Televisin Arts and Sciences. Directrs Guild Theater, Ls Angeles. Nv. 18- Hustn Assciatin f Radi Bradcasters furth annual Radi Day Atestin Galleria, Hustn. Nv. 19- American Assciatin f Advertising Agencies, New England Cuncil and Advertising Club f Greater Bstn meeting. Back Bay Hiltn. Bstn. Nv Lyla Radi Cnference, cnventin fr high schl and cllege radi bradcasters. Hliday Inn Mart Plaza, Chicag. Infrmatin: (312) Nv. 20-Bradcast Pineers, Washingtn area chapter, eighth annual awards banquet. Kenwd Cuntry Club. Bethesda, Md. Nv. 21-1Writers n Writing," seminar spnsred by American Film Institute. Mark Gdsn Theater. New Yrk. Als in Nvember Nv :0 annual Internatinal Emmy Awards gala, spnsred by I nternatinal Cuncil f Natinal Academy f Televisin Arts and Sciences. Sheratn Center. New Yrk. Nv. 24- Internatinal Radi and Televisin Sciety newsmaker lunchen, -Televisin: New Surces, New Frces." featuring Sumner Redstne. Viacm: Fred Silverman, Fred Silverman C.: Henry Bushkin, Bushkin, Gaims. Gaines & Jnas. and Brad Marks. Krn /Ferry Internatinal. Fllwed by IRIS secnd annual gds and services celebrity auctin. Waldrf- Astria, New Yrk. Nv. 24- Presentatin f Nancy Reagan Drug Preventin Award, spnsred by Entertainment Industries Cuncil. t B. Dnald (Bud) Grant, frmer president, CBS Entertainment. Beverly Wilshire htel, Ls Angeles. Nv. 24-Screening f "Interviews with the Interviewers." by vide artist Skip Blumberg; CBS's Mike Wallace will answer questins. Spnsred by Dnnell Library, 20 West 53rd Street, New Yrk. December Dec. 1- Deadline fr entries in 18th annual Natinal Educatinal Film & Vide Festival. Festival is scheduled fr April 29 -May Fr entry frm, call r write: NEFVF 314 East 10th Street, Oakland, Calif : (415) Dec. 2 -Reply cmments due in FCC prceeding (dcket ) n telephne cmpany -cable crss - wnership rules. FCC, Washingtn. Dec yléstern Cable Shw. spnsred by Califrnia Cable Televisin Assciatin. Anaheim Cnventin Center, Anaheim, Calif. Dec. 3- American Sprtscasters Assciatin furth Meeting tday's envirnmental prtectin needs is a full -time Jb. At Dw we're successfully handling tday's challenges, but we're als getting ready fr what tmrrw will bring. 'lb be specific, we see waste reductin as an envirnmental pririty during the next decade. That's why we've assembled a team f experts t frmalize ur lngstanding prgrams -we call it, WASTE REDUC- TION ALWAYS PAYS - and t find even better ways t reduce the vlume f waste generated. Dw infrmatin line. Fr news media nly V INFO We're ready tday t ans u, I. yur questins n waste reduct in and ther chemical issues. ( ) ÌASTEWRA REDUCTION ALWAYS PAYS Trademark r The Dw C6,mi,raI Cmpany Bradcasting Nv R

27 Put yur viewers n the Breeders' Cup Newsfeed begins Tuesday, Nvember 17, and yur news audience can get up t the minute reprts n the tp hrses and jckeys cmpeting in the 1987 Breeders' Cup n Nvember 21st. Yur viewers will gain a unique perspective f the trainers' strategies and wners' hpes as they prepare fr racing's $10, sham ship day. - Unscrambled and cm pletely unrestricted, Breeders' Cup Newsfeed is a daily 15 T learn mre abut the News - feed r Breeders' Cup Day. call the Breeders' Cup News - feed Staff at (213) after Nvember 13. minute satellite delivered package f features, interviews, celebrity appearances and lcatin ftage direct frm Hllywd Park, Califrnia. Yu will receive all the stries needed t cver this seven race champinship event, withut leaving yur newsrm. Last year, ver 100 statins tk their viewers t the finish line withbreeder& Cup Newsfeed. S this 't le BREEDERS' CUP NEWSFEED BEGINS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17 THRU FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20 EARLY FEED - 3:30pm - 4:00pm EST TELSTAR 301, TRANSPONDER 12V AUDIO 6.2 & 6.8 LATE FEED - 9:00pm - 9:30pm EST TELSTAR 301, TRANSPONDER 12V AUDIO 6.2 & 6.8 udience at the gate. Put them the inside track frm the art with Breeders Cup News - d, and yu'll finish a winner

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30 I I annual Hall f Fame Awards dinner. Marritt Marquis, New Yrk. Infrmatin: (212) Dec Technlgy studies seminar, spnsred by Gannett Center fr Media Studies. Gannett Center, Clumbia University, New Yrk. Infrmatin: (212) Dec. 4- Suthern Califrnia Bradcasters Assciatin Christmas party. Hllywd Rsevelt htel, Ls Angeles. Infrmatin: (213) Dec Fundatin fr American Cmmunicatins cnference n Pacific Rim ecnmic questins. Cnference, "aimed at educating the natin's jurnalists abut issues invlving news rganizatins," is funded by grant frm Gannett Fundatin. Sheratn Miramar, Santa Mnica. Calif. Infrmatin: (213) Dec. 5- "Disasters: New Challenges fr the Media" and "Media and the Law: Yur Rights and Restrictins." seminar spnsred by Assciated Press Televisin - Radi Assciatin f Califrnia- Nevada. VWdlake Resrt and cnventin htel, Sacrament, Calif. Infrmatin: (213) Dec "Cmputer Graphics fr Design," fall cnference spnsred by Pratt Center. Grand Hyatt, New Yrk. Infrmatin: (914) Dec. 7- Technlgy and audience study grup, spnsred by Gannett Center fr Media Studies. Gannett Center, Clumbia University, New Yrk. Infrmatin: (212) Dec Vide Exp Orland, spnsred by Knwledge Industry Publicatins. Buena Vista Palace htel, Lake Buena Vista. Fla. Infrmatin: (914) Dec. 8- Federal Cmmunicatins Bar Assciatin receptin /dinner hnring FCC Chairman Dennis Patrick. Washingtn Marritt htel, Washingtn. Dec Radi Advertising Bureau day -lng sales seminar, "Hw t Clse Mre Sales." Dec. 8: Registry htel, Ls Angeles, and Dec. 9: Westgate htel, San Dieg. Infrmatin: Dec "Telecmmunicatins: Current Develpments in Plicy and Regulatin," spnsred byprctising Law institute and Federal Cmmunicatins Bar Assciatin. Omni Shreham, Washingtn. Infrmatin: (212) Dec. 17- Internatinal Radi and Televisin Sciety Christmas benefit. Waldrf- Astria. New Yrk. Dec. 31-Deadline fr entries in 13th annual Cmmendatin Awards, spnsred by A nterica n Wmen in Ra- Dec VVestern Cable Shw, spnsred by Califrnia Cable Televisin Assciatin. Anaheim Cnventin Center, Anaheim, Calif. Jan ,1988- Assciatin findependent Televisin Statins annual cnventin. Century Plaza, Ls Angeles. Future cnventin: Jan. 4-8, 1989, Century Plaza, Ls Angeles. Jan , Radi Advertising Bureau's Managing Sales Cnference. Hyatt Regency htel, Atlanta. Jan , Sciety f Mtin Picture and Televisin E ngineers 22d annual televisin cnference. Opryland htel, Nashville. Future meeting: Feb. 3-4, St. Francis htel, San Francisc Jan. 30 -Feb. 3, 1988-Natinal Religius Bradcasters 44th annual cnventin. Sheratn Washingtn and Omni Shreham htels, Washingtn. Future meetings: Jan. 28 -Feb. 1, 1989, and Jan , 1990, bth Sheratn Washingtn and Omni Shreham, Washingtn. Feb , th annual Cuntry Radi Seminar, spnsred by Cuntry Radi Bradcasters Assciatin. Opryland htel. Nashville. Feb , Texas Cable Shw, spnsred by Texas Cable Televisin Assciatin. Cnventin Center, San Antni, Tex. Feb.26-28,1988 -NATPE internatinal 25th annual cnventin. Gerge Brwn Cnventin Center, Hustn. Future cnventin: Hustn, Feb March Satellite Bradcasting and Cmmunicatin Assciatin trade shw Bally's, Las Vegas Infrmatin: (800) April 9-12, 1988-Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters 66th annual cnventin. Las Vegas Cn- di and Televisin, fr "psitive and realistic prtrayal f wmen in all media frms." Infrmatin: (202) January 1988 Jan Assciatin 0/Independent Televisin Statins annual cnventin. Theme: "Independents '88: The Real Superstatins." Century Plaza, Ls Angeles. Jan Internatinal winter cnsumer electrnics shw. spnsred by Electrnic Industries Assciatin. Las Vegas Cnventin Center, Las Vegas. Infrmatin: (202) Jan. 8- Deadline fr entries in Alexander Hamiltn/ Ohi State Awards prgram cmpetitin, spnsred by Ohi State University Institute fr Educatin by Radi -Televisin. Infrmatin: (614) Jan.12- Internatinal Radi and Televisin Sciety Secnd Tuesday seminar. Viacm Cnference Center, New Yrk. Infrmatin: (212) Jan. 13- Internatinal Radi and Televisin Sciety newsmaker lunchen, "Super Bwl XXII." Waldrf-Astria, New Yrk. Jan. 13-investigative Reprting: What's the Real Stry?" sessin spnsred by American Wmen in Radi and Televisin, Washingtn chapter. Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters, Washingtn. Infrmatin: (202) Jan. 15- Cabletelerisir Advertising Bureau cable televisin plitical advertising wrkshp. Caucus Rm, Cannn Huse Office Building, Washingtn. Jan. 15- Deadline fr entries in Angel Awards fr mst utstanding prductins f mral and /r scial impact in cmmunicatins." Beverly Wilshire, Ls Angeles. Infrmatin: (213) Jan. 15- Deadline fr entries in Bradcast Media Awards, spnsred by internatinal Reading Assciatin. Infrmatin: (302) Jan Alabama Bradcasters Assciatin winter cnventin. Sheratn Capstne, Tuscalsa. Ala. Jan Natinal Assciatin t. Bradcasters jint bard meeting. Hawaii. Jan Gergia Radi- Televisin Institute, spnsred by Gergia Assciatin f Bradcasters. Gergia Center fr Cntinuing Educatin. Athens. Ga. Infrmatin: (404) Jan. 20- Federal Cmmunicatins Bar Assciatin NeDrnlíesUnga ventin Center, Las Vegas. Future cnventins: Las Vegas, April 29 -May 2, 1989; Atlanta, March 31- April 3, 1990; Las Vegas, April 13-16, 1991: Las 1kgas, April 11-14, 1992, and Las Vegas, May 1-4 (tentative), April 10-12, Cabletelevisin Advertising Bureau seventh annual cnference. Waldrf-Astria, New Yrk. April 10-13, Public televisin annual membership meeting f Public Bradcasting Service and Natinal Assciatin f Public Televisin Statins. Marritt Crystal Gateway Arlingtn, Va. April 17-20, 1988-Bradcast Financial Management Assciatin 28th annual meeting. Hyatt Regency, New Orleans. Future meetings: April 9-12, 1989, Lews Anatle, Dallas. and April 18-20, 1990, Hyatt Regency, San Francisc. April 28-May 3, th annual MIP -TV, Marches des Internatinal Prgrames des Televisin, internatinal televisin prgram market. Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France. April 30 -May 3, 1988-Natinal Cable Televisin Assciatin annual cnventin. Ls Angeles Cnventin Center. May 18-21, American Assciatin f Advertising Agencies 70th annual cnventin. Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, W Va. May 18-22, Natinal Public Radi annual public radi cnference. Adam's Mark htel, St. Luis. Infrmatin: (202) June 8-11, 1988-American Wmen in Radi and Televisin 37th annual cnventin. Westin William lunchen. Speaker: Judge Kenneth Starr, U.S. Curt f Appeals fr D.C. Circuit. Marritt, Washingtn. Jan Clrad Bradcasters Assciatin winter meeting and awards banquet. Hyatt Regency Tech Center, Denver. Jan Radi Advertising Bureau's eighth annual Managing Sales Cnference. Hyatt Regency, Atlanta. Jan. 24 -Ninth annual ACE (Awards fr Cable Excellence) Awards presentatin, spnsred by Natinal Academy f Cable Prgraming, n HBO. Jan Califrnia Bradcasters Assciatin radi and televisin management cnference. Palm Springs Plaza htel, Palm Springs, Calif. Jan Suth Carlina Bradcasters Assciatin winter cnventin. Clumbia, S.C. Jan Sciety f Mtin Picture and Televisin Engineers 22d annual televisin cnference. Opryland htel, Nashville. Jan. 30- Deadline fr entries in American Diabetes Assciatin's furth annual natinal media awards recgnizing excellence in reprting n diabetes Infrmatin: ADA Duke Street, Alexandria, Va., 22314; (703) Jan. 30 -Feb. 3- Natinal Religius Bradcasters 45th annual cnventin and expsitin. Sheratn Washingtn. Washingtn. Infrmatin: (201) February 1988 Feb. 2-3-Arizna Cable Televisin Assciatin annual meeting. Hyatt Regency, Phenix, Ariz. Infrmatin: (602) Feb. 3-7-Internatinal Radi and Televisin Sciety faculty /industry seminar, Rsevelt htel, New Yrk. Feb. 4- Internatinal Radi and Televisin Sciety newsmaker lunchen. Waldrf- Astria, New Yrk. Feb. 9- Internatinal Radi and Televisin Sciety "Secnd Tuesday" seminar. Viacm Cnference Center. New Yrk. 10- "Success in Radi and TV Sales." sessin spnsred by American Wmen in Radi and Televisin, Washingtn chapter. Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters, Washingtn. Infrmatin: (202) Feb th annual Cuntry Radi Seminar, spn- Penn, Pittsburgh. June 8-12,1988- Bradcast Prmtin and Marketing Executives /Bradcast Designers Assciatin 32d annual seminar. Bnaventure, Ls Angeles. Future meeting: June 21-25, 1989, Renaissance Center, Detrit. June 18-21, American Advertising Federatin annual cnventin. Century Plaza, Ls Angeles. July 31 -Aug. 3 -Cable Televisin Administratin and Marketing Sciety 15th annual meeting. Westin Cpley Place, Bstn. Sept. 7-9, Eastern Cable Shw spnsred by Suthern Cable Televisin Assciatin. Merchandise Mart, Atlanta. Sept , Radi '88, spnsred by the Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters. Washingtn. Future meetings: Sept , 1989, New Orleans: Sept , 1990, Bstn, and Sept (tentative). 1991, San Francisc. Sept , Internatinal Bradcasting Cnventin. Metrple Cnference and Exhibitin Center, Grand htel and Brightn Center, Brightn, England. Oct , Sciety f Mtin Picture and Televisin Engineers 130th technical cnference and equipment exhibit. Jacb K. Javits Cnventin Center, New Yrk. Future cnference: Oct , 1989, Ls Angeles Cnventin Center. Nv. 30 -Dec. 3,1988- Radi -Televisin News Directrs Assciatin annual internatinal cnference and exhibitin. Cnventin Center, Las Vegas. Infrmatin: (202) June 17-23, th Internatinal Televisin Sympsium. Mntreux, Switzerland. Bradcasting Nv

31 The best things in life are wrth waiting fr. There are lts f game shws t chse frm these days, but the Real Chuck Barris is back playing games again! The game shw yu've been waiting fr is here. Nw Available fr screening. Available fr stripping Fall '88. IIP l TELECOMMUNICATIONS A unit f e TEevisiN 1987 Cca -Cla Telecmmunicatins, Inc. All rights reserved.

32 0 N LYC N N COUL i WE HAY I CNN Newsurc, the wrld's mst c up and running ng- StarII, Trans (c'tpsi 1987

33 DO IT...AND NOW DONE IT. reprehensive daily news feed, is nw nder #7. The news just keeps getting better. CNN NEWSOUR CE. THE BEST OF CNN. EIGHT TIMES A DAY. Offices in Atlanta, New Yrk, Ls Angeles and Chicag. Phne (404) in Atlanta.

34 t cred by Cuntry Radi Bradcasters Assciatin. Opryland htel, Nashville. Feb. 12 -Suthern Califrnia Bradcasters Assciatin 3d annual Sunny Creative Radi Awards presentatin. Registry htel, Ls Angeles. Infrmatin: (213) Feb Wiscnsin Bradcasters Assciatin annual cnventin and legislative receptin. Madisn. Feb Texas Cable Shw spnsred by Texas Cable Telerisin Assciatin. Cnventin Center, San Antni. Tex. Infrmatin: (512) Feb Bradcast Financial Management Assciatin bard f directrs meeting. Intercntinental htel. San Dieg. Feb "Minrities and Cmmunicatins: A Preview f the Future," cnference spnsred by Hward University Schl f Cmnnunicatins. Hward Inn and Blackburn Center. Hward University campus. Washingtn. Infrmatin: (202) Feb. 24- Federal Cmmunicatins Bar Assciatin lunchen. Speaker: Diane Killry. FCC general cunsel. Marritt. Washingtn. Feb NATPE Internatinal 25th annual cnventin. Gerge Brwn Cnventin Center. Hustn. I March 1988 t March 3-Internatinal Radi and Televisin Sciety Gld Medal banquet. Recipient: CBS's 60 Minutes. Waldrf- Astria. New Yrk. Infrmatin: (212) March 8-Internatinal Radi and Televisin Sciety Secnd Tuesday seminar. Viacm Cnference Center. New Yrk. Infrmatin: (212) March 9-1ssues Befre the FCC: An Evening with Diane Killry," general cunsel, spnsred by American Wmen in Radi and Televisin, Washingtn chapter. Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters, Washingtn. Infrmatin: (202) March Assciatin f Natinal Advertisers televisin advertising wrkshp. Plaza htel. New Yrk. March First Amendment Cngress. rganized in 1979 by Jean Ott f Sciety f Prfessinal Jurnalists. wh is nw with Rcky Mndain News. Marritt City Center htel. Denver. Infrmatin: (303) March 15-Internatinal Radi and Televisin Sciety newsmaker lunchen. Waldrf- Astria, New Yrk. March Alpha Epsiln Rh, Natinal Bradcasting Sciety, natinal cnventin. Sheratn Center. New *irk. March Satellite Bradcasting and Cmmunicatin Assciatin trade shw Bally's. Las Wgas. Infrmatin: (800) March 22-13th annual Cmmendatin Awards ceremny spnsred by American Wmen in Radi and Telerisin. Waldrf- Astria. New Yrk. Infrmatin: (202) April 1988 April 8-10-Bradcast Educatin Assciatin cn- ventin. Las Vegas. Infrmatin: (202) April Cabletelevisin Advertising Bureau seventh annual cnference. Waldrf- Astria. New Yrk. April Public televisin annual membership meeting f Public Bradcasting Service and Natinal Assciatin f Public Televisin Statins. Marritt Crystal Gateway, Arlingtn, Va. Infrmatin: (202) April 12- Internatinal Radi and Televisin Sciety Secnd Tuesday seminar. Viacm Cnference Center. New Yrk. Infrmatin: (212) April 13- "Calling the Shts: Prducing and Directing in Washingtn," sessin spnsred by American Wmen in Radi a nd Televisin, Washingtn chapter. Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters. Washingtn. Infrmatin: (202) April 16-20th annual Glden Reel Awards ceremny spnsred by internatinal Televisin Assciatin. Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Infrmatin: Kelly J. Bell, (214) April Bradcast Financial Management Assciatin annual meeting. Hyatt Regency New Orleans. New Orleans. Infrmatin: (312) April 28-May 3-24th annual MIP -TV, Marches des /nlel-natinal Prgrames des Televisin, internatinal televisin prgram market. Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France. Infrmatin: (212) April 30-May 3- Natinal Cable Televisin Assciatin annual cnventin and expsitin. Theme: "Cable'88: Seeing is Believing." Ls Angeles Cnventin Center, Ls Angeles. Infrmatin: (202) I May 1988 May 1-8- Internatinal Public Televisin Screening Cnference, Input' 88, spnsred by Philadelphia Input '88 Alliance. Philadelphia. Infrmatin: (215) May 10- Internatinal Radi and Telerisin Sciety Secnd Tuesday seminar. Viacm Cnference Center, New Yrk. Infrmatin: (212) May Cmmunicatins '88, supprted by Internatinal Telecmmunicatins Unin and Eurpean Ecnmic Cmmunity. Natinal Exhibitin Center. Birmingham, England. Infrmatin: (301) May 11- "Starring in Yur Own Shw: Owning and Operating a Bradcast Statin," sessin spnsred by American Wmen in Radi and Televisin, Washingtn chapter. Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters. Washingtn. Infrmatin: (202) May 17- Internatinal Radi and Televisin Sciety Bradcaster f the Year lunchen. Waldrf- Astria, New Yrk. May American Assciatin f Advertising Agencies 70th annual cnventin. Greenbrier. White Sulphur Springs. W Va. May Natinal Public Radi annual public radi cnference. Adam's Mark htel, St. Luis. Infrmatin: (202) May Sprts Cnference. New Yrk Marritt A Cnstructive Service t Bradcasters and the Bradcasting Industry HOWARD E. STARK Media Brkers -Cnsultants 575 Madisn Avenue New Yrk, N.Y (212) The Fifth Estate Bradcastingm Funder and Editr Sl Taisha ( ) 1705 DeSales Street, N.W. 14eshingtn Phne Lawrence B. Taishff, publisher Editrial Dnald V. West. -araging editr Mark K. Miller tperanr'sr Harry Jesse! (Washingtn) Penny Pagan (natinal news). assistant managing editrs. Lenard Zeldenberg, chief crrespndent. Kira Greene, senir news editr Matt Stump, Kim McAvy, Jhn S. Eggertn, assciate editrs. Susan Dilln assistant editr Sctt Fitzpatrick, Randall M. Sukw (technlgy), staff writers. Anthny Sanders, systems manager Peter D. Lambed, Kasey Vannett, editrial assistants. Tdd E. Bwie, Ed Kakz, prductin. Senir Editrial Cnsultant Edwin H. James (Washingtn) Bradcasting Cablecasting Yearbk David Seyler, manager Jseph A. Esser, assciate editr Lucia E. Cb, assistant manager Thmas D. Mnre, Bruce E. Jnes. Marie G. Unger Bk Divisin David Dietz. manager Advertising Washingtn Rbert (Skip) Tash, Suthern sales manager Dris Kelly, sales service manager Meg Rbertie, classified advertising. New lbrk David Berlyn, senir sales manager Charles Mhr, David Frankel, sales managers. Hllywd Tim Thmetz, sales manager Circulatin Kwentin K. Keenan, circulatin manager Patricia Waldrn, data entry manager Sandra Jenkins, Debra De tam, Jseph Klthff Prductin Harry Stevens, prduc ^n manager Rick Higgs, prdu_'. -- issistant Administratin David N. Whitcmbe.. 2entperatins. Philippe E. Bucher..-crtrller. Tracy Henry..:.. cntrller. Albert Andersn..'.. manager Jessie Newburn Bureaus New Yrk: 630 Third Avenue Phne: Stephen McClellan..1/.... Vincent M. Diting, senr edrr red Geff Fisie, Adam Glenn, assistant editrs. Sctt Barrett, staff writer June Butler, advertising assistant. Hllywd: 1680 Nrth Vine Street, Phne: Jim Bensn, Pits( Cast editr Tim Thmetz, Héstern sales manager Sandra Klausner. editrial -advertising assistant. Internatinal Advertising Representatives Eurpe and llrilyd Kingdm: Lucassen Internatinal. Jhn J. Lucassen. Kamerlingh Onneslann AC Badhevedrp Amsterdam. Netherlands. Phne 31(2968)6226. Telex: harke nt Japan: Masayuki Harihari. Hrkan Media Inc Chitsedai lchme. setagaya ku. Tky- 157 Japan. Rare: (03) klex: c Bradcasting Publicatins Inc. A Times Mirrr Business Publicatin Lawrence B. Taisha, president. Dnald V. West, vice president. David N. Whitcmbe, vice president. Funded 1931 Bradcasting-Telecasting intrduced in 1946 Telerisin acquired in 1961 Cablera.sting " intrduced in 1972 Reg U S. Patent Office rl Cpyright 1987 by Bradcasting Publicatins Inc Bradcasting Nv

35 Gerald is a success! And that's definitely nt all talk! The results are as exciting as Gerald himself. GERALDO ranks number ne in its time perid in: DMA Rating Share #1 Atlanta WSB -TV/9AM Beats Dnahue #1 Denver KUSA -TV/9AM Beats Shriner! #1 Detrit Beats WDIV -TV/9AM Kelly & Cmpany! Miami Beats Pyramid /Judge/ #1 WPLG TV /LOAM Cncentratin /Ling! S an Francisc t Hur Mi #1 KRÖN -TV/9AM AB s ne/ San Fracisc n and #2 Seattle Beats KOMO -TV/9AM Gd Cmpany! GERALDO has a higher percentage f its adult viewers cncentrated in the W18-34 and W18-49 demgraphics than OPRAH. PHIL DONAHUE, WIL SHRINER r HOUR MAGAZINE. He's truly, the peple's chice! II DEFINITELY NOT ALL TALK NSI. 10/26-10/30/87 NTI /NSS. Seasn t Date (seek erding 10/18/871 PHOTO CREDIT' Arnie Adler/Electn,c Medta TRIBUNE ENTERTAIN c 190 Ae+ut,,dar,ileBrar:wattCmi Cmpany

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37 Yu maybe 1,000 miles frm civilizatin. 800 miles frm mass transprtatin. And 3 days frm the nearest watering hle. - But yu're never mre than 24 hurs away frm an MII Service Engineer. When yu call the MII service ht -line, several things happen that may surprise yu. Fr ne thing, smene answers 24 hurs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year If its a bard that needs replacing it will be sent ut and will be in yur hands within a day. If it requires a service call, a Panasnic MII Service Engineer will be n yur premises within 24 hurs t repairyur equipment n the spt. And with 6 service lcatins acrss the cuntry, replacement parts are never far away. It's a remarkable service prgram t Fr mre infrmatin, call MII supprt a remarkable system, the Panasnic MII. The first half -inch bradcast system t ffer single - system capability. S yu get verall reductins n everything frm man and equipment hurs t lwer training csts. Tape cnsumptin alne may be reduced by as much as 70 %. If yu're lking fr a system that ffers high bradcast quality, verall cst reductins and the finest supprt prgrams in the industry, lk int ME frm Panasnic.,- MTV- The bradcast system that +, : I business sense. r q 3b1 A sa, > :!.u., Wm. Panasnic Bradcast Systems Cmpany

38 Marquis htel. New Yrk. Infrmatin. (212) I 1 June 1988 June American Wmen in Radi and Televisin 37th annual cnventin. Westin William Penn. Pittsburgh. June Bradcast Prmtin and Marketing Execntives /Bradeast Designers Assciatin 32d annual seminar. Bnaventure htel, Ls Angeles. June Natinal Ca ncil fr Families and Televisin annual cnference. Fur Seasns Biltmre, Santa Barbara. Calif. Infrmatin: (213) June 15- "Public Relatins: Behind the Washingtn Scene." sessin spnsred by American Wmen in Radi and Televisin, Washingtn chapter. Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters, Washingtn. Infrmatin: (202) June Alabama Bradcasters Assciatin spring/summer cnventin. Gulf State Park. Gulf Shres. Ala. June American Advertising Fedemt in annual cnventin. Century Plaza. Ls Angeles. Infrmatin: (202) June Radi Advertising Bureau sales managers schl. Whartn Schl f University f Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Infrmatin: (212) (Ydayei) A cmmentary n bradcast twer business pprtunities frm Gary Hess, Silicn East Twer C., Melburne, Fla. Bradcasting's hidden business: a reprt n twer cmmissins Lets start with a riddle: What's tall, made f steel and fr mst bradcasters, a ttally verlked way f making mney? The answer: a statin's twer. Every bradcaster has ne but few realize that with a little effrt their statin's twer culd be a steady surce f additinal incme. Indeed, in sme markets, twers have generated annual prfits f mre than $I millin. The utlk fr the twer rental business is very bright. As the FCC cntinues t allcate new spectrum fr land mbile, cellular, bradcasting and ther uses, the need fr twer space will cntinue t grw dramatically. The prfit ptential f twer leasing is impressive. As a rule f thumb, a 300 -ft twer can grss up t $4,000 mnthly; a 500 -ft twer, $8,000; a I,000-ft twer, $25,000; and 1,500 -plus feet, mre than $100,000 a mnth. In sme markets, where antenna sites are in shrt supply, the rates are much higher. Hw d yu get int the vertical real estate business? First, ask yur chief engineer t brief yu n the structural limitatins f yur twer. If he des nt have this infrmatin, cntact the manufacturer f the twer fr design specificatins. If that fails, cnsider retaining a structural twer cnsultant. There are many cmpetent structural engineers listed in the Prfessinal Card sectin f this magazine. Even withut the benefit f twer blueprints, a structural engineer can tell yu all yu need t knw abut leasing space n yur twer. This analysis might reveal that mdificatins are needed t upgrade yur twer t hld additinal antennas. Yu can get the facts if yu dig deep enugh. Many bradcast statins will be building new twers t upgrade existing cverage. If yur statin is cnsidering this ptin, nw is the ideal time t design a rental twer prperty. The cst f adding strength t a new twer will be minimal when cmpared with the ptential rental incme, especially in light f the fact that the typical twer lease is fr a minimum f five years. One reasn that lng leases are ppular is the high cst t the tenant f relcating a transmitter. The cst f riggers, FCC paperwrk, etc., tilt in favr f lnger lease terms. Gary Hess is the president f Silicn East Twer C., Melburne, Fla., and f Silicn East Cmmunicatins, the licensee f wtvl(fm)- WTAI(AM) there. Frm 1971 t 1981 he was the directr f engineering f SJR Cmmunicatins, New Yrk. He is als the twer manager f Arcetex Twer C., Dallas. T find new tenants, yu may want t cnsider putting yur chief engineer n a cmmissin basis - just as yu d yur sales department. Nt nly will it supplement his incme, but mre imprtantly it will mtivate him t prspect. Remember, yu will be turning an asset with zer incme int a business with psitive cash flw. One myth that shuld be dispelled is the danger f renting twer space t the cmpetitin. In my 20 years as bth a twer landlrd and a tenant in several markets, I have never seen a situatin where denying a statin in the market access t a twer has stpped the cmpetitr frm getting n the air. Indeed, in sme instances, denying access prdded the cmpetitin t build an even mre favrable facility. Rather than engage in an unsuccessful battle, the preferred curse f actin is t enjy incme frm yur cmpetitin. Als, keep in mind that there is a prvisin in the FCC's regulatins t the effect that yur license will nt be renewed if yu deny access t a cmpeting statin t yur twer if yu wn the nly favrable site fr the lcal market area. A quick rule f thumb fr establishing the rate fr a tw -way antenna rental is a dllar per ft f height per mnth. Fr an FM statin, cnsider charging $2.50 per ft per Bradcasting Nv mnth; fr a televisin statin, $5 per ft per mnth. Keep the fllwing principle in mind: the higher the tenant's antenna, the greater the benefit t the tenant. Als, the higher the equipment that is munted n the twer, the mre structural lading it is using up. Thus, the tenant n tp shuld pay the mst. Here are sme ther practical suggestins: D nt sign an exclusive lease with any tenant. Many tw -way r land mbile businesses will push fr an exclusive lease, claiming cncern abut ptential interference frm ther users f the twer. The recmmended strategy is t represent the twer as an "as -is" prpsitin. If harmnic interference becmes a cncern, require each successive tenant t submit a study t determine what impact additinal equipment will have n existing tenants. Als make sure yu clearly limit the size f the transmissin line t be installed fr each tenant. The transmissin line creates the largest lad surce n the twer. Oversized lines will eat up twer capacity quickly. AM twers (ht twers), althugh mre cmplicated, can supprt tenants by means f iscuplers. Fr years AM -FM cmb statins have used a single twer by means f iscupling the FM. Why nt use the same principle fr tenants? Anther increasingly ppular apprach fr AM twers is t cmbine multiple AM statins int a single twer site. Tday many AM bradcasters are discvering that their existing twer site land is wrth a great deal f mney as residential r cmmercial real estate. Get tgether with the ther area AM bradcasters and prpse a cmmn site. Sell the benefits f cmmn emergency pwer, grund and equipment maintenance, etc. Mst imprtantly, each bradcaster culd realize a gd return n the sale f the twer land and mre than likely imprve their respective signals at the same time. Mst AM twer sites tday are ld and suffer bth structural and signal prblems due t age. The bradcaster wh builds the cmmn site culd realize a gd rental return and an imprved signal fr his effrts. The bttm line fr bradcasters wh watch the bttm line: Put yur twer t use. Few businesses tday can bring in incme as effrtlessly as the twer business. Make yur chief engineer a cmbinatin sales engineer and twer manager...and enjy the fund incme. fp

39 Mst shws cme and g; but the cmpetitin is here t stay. MARKET STATION DAYPART PROGRAM REPLACED Hustn KPR(/N Access NEW HOLLYWOOD SQUARES Cleveland WEWS/A Late Night BARNEY MILLER Minneaplis KARE /N Access $100,000 PYRAMID Sacrament KXTV/( Access NEW HOLLYWOOD SQUARES Milwaukee WITZ /( Access CARD SHARKS San Dieg KFMB/( Late Night (BS LATE NIGHT Jacksnville WTLV/A Access NEW DATING GAME West Palm Beach WTVX/C Late Night (BS LATE NIGHT Syracuse WSTM/N Access NEW NEWLYWED GAME Cedar Rapids KCRG/A Access NEW NEWLYWED GAME Far WDAY/A Access TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES Sinn 'field KSPR/A Access TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES Traverse City WPBN/N Access TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES BaillausatON c L` L Lz We are the cmpetitin. ',19;vmeraly, 1987 By PARAMOUNT PICTURES CORPORATION ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

40 Anthny David NBC News salutes televisin's lngest- running prgram MEET TH E PRESS 1947 creatr Lawrence E. Spivak Prgram with Senatr Rbert A. Taft James A. Farley Eric Jhnstn Harld Knutsn Claude Pepper Rbert A. Taft Kenneth S. Wherry James Duff J. Hward McGrath Elizabeth T. Bentley Lewis B. Hershey Vielen Kellems Leslie Grves Henry Cabt Ldge. Jr. Fred A. Hartley. Jr. Hugh D. Sctt. Jr. Gerge H. Gallup Clintn P. Andersn Alfred E. Driscll Jseph R Ryan Menachem Begin Nrman E. Thmas Estes Kefauver Peter, King f Yugslavia Raymnd Baldwin Clarence Streit R.W.G. Mackay Jhn McCrmack Warren Magnusn Hubert H. Humphrey Maurice Tbin. Jhn Stennis Len H. Keyserling Herbert U. Nelsn Ernst Reuter Tm Clark Earl Brwder Clendenin Ryan William Jenner Brien McMahn Gerge Malne Thedre Thackrey William Knwland Hans Freistaat Henry Kaiser Millard Tydings Ralph Flanders Charles Sawyer Grdn Gray Philip Willkle Philip Reed Patrick Hurley Gerge F. Lull Jseph McCarthy James Carey Bishp f Lndn Michael Quill Paul Duglas Jhn Crmmelin Herman Steinkraus Hartley Shawcrss William Blandy James Kern Hectr McNeil Sava Ksanvic Oscar Badger Walter Judd J. Lawtn Cllins Mrs. India Edwards Edna F Kelly Jseph C. O'Mahney Sctt Lucas Owen Brewster H. Alexander Smith Francis P Matthews Clark Cliffrd Mrs. J. Waties Waring Richard B. Russell Hmer Fergusn Seth W. Richardsn Walter P. Reuther Lewis L. Strauss Charles F. Brannan Luis F. Budenz Frrest P. Sherman Emanuel Celler Edwin C. Jhnsn Frank B. Bielaskl Paul J. Larsen, Lister Hill Styles Bridges Edward P. Mrgan Thedre F. Green William Bentn David Sarnff Karl Mundt Gerge M. Craig. James Rsevelt Bill Alexander Jhn J. Sparkman Sister Elizabeth Kenny Alexander P de Seversky Thmas E. Dewey Harld Stassen Paul H. Griffith Tingfu F. Tslang Francis J. Myers Wayne Mrse Madame Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit W. Stuart Symingtn Wellingtn K Millard F. Caldwell J. William Fulbright Sean MacBride Charles W. Tbey Lady Nancy Astr Everett Dirksen Rudlph Halley Blair Mdy'. Michael V. DiSalle Frieda Hennck Charles E. Wilsn Jhn Fster Dulles David E. Lilienthal Thmas K. Finletter Jhn L. Lewis Harry P. Cain Carlisle Humelsine Leverett I Saltnstall Eden Hugh Gaitskell ' Jean de Lattre de Tassigny Dan Kimball Guy Gabrielsn' Henry F. Grady Phillip C. Jessup Bertrand Russell Jhn B. Dunlap Jhn F. Kennedy T. Lamar Caudle W. Averell Harriman Burnet R. Maybank Ellis Arnall Newbld Mrris I Adler' Stevensn I Frank McKinney Franklin D. Rsevelt. Jr. Paul Dever Jhn J. McCly Rbert Kerr Earl Warren Jhn D.M. Hamiltn Alben Barkley Gladwyn Jebb T scan its guest list is t evke an era, the whle span f pst -Wrld War li histry. Indeed the MEET THE PRESS audience witnessed much f that histry as it was made. MEET THE PRESS was televisin jurnalism's first ptent newsmaker. Fur decades later, it's still setting the pace. A.S. Mike Mnrney Frank Pace Richard Nixn Herman Talmadge Arthur Summerfield. Sr. Jacb M. Arvey Oscar Chapman Lester Bwles Pearsn Harld C. Urey Gerge H.C. Yeh Anna Rsenberg Herman Welker Charles A. Halleck James P McGranery Yu Chan Yang Gerge Allen Russell B. Lng C. Wesley Rberts Val Petersn Stephen A. Mitchell Duglas McKay Price Daniel Carls P. Rmul Ry M. Chn James A. Wechsler Gerge M. Humphrey Jean Mnnet Grdn Dean Mike Mansfield Jhn L. McClellan Walter S. Rbertsn Gerge Meany W. Sterling Cle Alfred M. Gruenther Le Mates Lenard Hall Gerge D. Aiken William F. Dean Rbert Mrris Claytn Fritchey Nrman Ramsey Jhn W. Bricker Clarence E. Manin Martin Dies Dave Beck T. Cleman Andrews Ezra Taft Bensn Eleanr Rsevelt Albert M. Cle G. Mennen Williams Rbert Yung William White Guy Gillette Ray Jenkins Harld C. McClellan Herbart Brwnell Hmer E. Capehart: Albert Gre Harld E. Talbtt R.A. Butler Oveta Culp Hbby Jseph T. Meek Samuel J. Ervin. Jr. Pierre Mendes.France Arthur V Watkins Edgar Dixn Eugene Yates Anthny Nutting Fred A. Seatn Paul M. Butler Barry Gldwater Billy Graham'. Walter F. Gerge Mari Scelba Gaetan Martin Luis E. Wlfsn James P. Mitchell "Heinz Krekeler Lenard A. Scheele James B. Cnant'. Carmine desapi Jseph W. Martin, Jr. Aneurin Bevan Hward Pyle W.V. Lambert Marin B. Flsm Dag Hammarskjld Wilber M. Brucker Abba Eban Mahmud Fawzl Gdwin F. Knight Gabriel Hauge Dnald A. Quarles Mshe Sharett Rbert M. Hutchins V.K. Krishna Menr Herbert Hver Jseph L. Rauh Rbert Frst Sinclair Weeks Frank J. Lausche James O. Eastland Trevr Gardner Henry M. Jacksn Christian A. Herter Orville L. Freeman Allan Shivers Eugene Carsn Blake Cliftn Daniel Jhn B. HlllSter G. H. Bender Victr Riesel Arthur B. Langlie A.B. Chandler Gerge Bell Timmerman. Jr.. Ry Wilkins Arthur Larsn Jacb K. Javits Frank Clement James A. Finnegan Sherman Adams Niklai Khkhlv Glda Meir Farid Zeineddine Clare Bthe Luce Guy Mllet Jzsef Kevag Rbert Brisce Lrd Hailsham Jackie Rbinsn Vladimir Premsky Rbert F. Kennedy Maxwell Taylr Meade Alcrn James Cleman Thmas Stanley Kichir Asakai Frank Church Ralph J. Crdiner Jseph S. Clark Charles O. Prter Archbishp Makaris Thmas J. Haggerty Nathan M. Pusey Henry R. Luce Carl Sandburg Nerve Alphund Alexander Kerensky Simn Ram Lauris Nrstad Bernard A. Schriever Rbert B. Andersn Jhn B. Medaris James H. Smith. Jr. Rbert B. Meyner Edward Teller Franz -Jsef Strauss William P Rgers Nelsn A. Rckefeller James M. Gavin Linus Pauling William Strattn Abraham Ribicff LeRy Cllins Mikhail A. Menshikv Carls P. Garcia Gerge A. Smathers Oren Harris Kwame Nkrumah Cliffrd P. Case Husein K. Selim Leslie Munr Jseph Curran Le Hegh William R. Andersn Madame Chiang Kai.shek James H. Duglas Edmund Brwn Dnald N. Yates lain Macled Wernher vn Braun Anastas Mikyan Artur Frndizi Pte Sarasin Willy Brandt Sumner Slichter William Prxmire Neil H. McElry Raymnd J. Saulnier Paul -Henri Spaak Tm Mbya Fidel Castr Barbara Ward Vannevar Bush Walter Hallstein Etienne Hirsch Paul C.-E. Finet Thmas Pattn Thmas E. Murray David Lawrence Erwin D. Canham Edward Steichen Rbert Strausz- Hupe Charles Percy Mark Hatfield J. Hward Edmndsn Edgar Kaiser Richard Blling Jhn MCCne Philip Nel.Baker Jhn F Kennedy Stuart Symingtn Ezra Taft Bensn Hyman Rickver Thrustn Mrtn Paul Dudley White Jacb Javits Gerge Smathers Henry M. Jacksn Herman Talmadge Thmas Lanphler Knrad Adenauer Thmas E. Dewey Hubert Humphrey T. Keith Glennan Martin Luther King. Jr. Allai Stevensn Wayne Mrse Chester Bwles Willy Brandt Alexander Kaznacheev J.W. Fulbright Gerge Aiken Nelsn Rckefeller Duglas Dilln Gerge Gallup LeRy Cllins Lyndn B. Jhnsn Barry Gldwater Charles Percy William Rebrn Jseph Curran Edward Teller Arthur Flemming James P. Mitchell Richard M. Nixn Henry. Cabt Ldge James Wadswrth Lrd Hme Teresa Casus Rbert F. Kennedy Lenard Hall Richard Scammn Frank Pace James Killian E.R. Quesada Everett Dirksen Charles Halleck James Landis Sergi Rjas Santamarina Luther Hdges. Adam Claytn Pwell Abraham Ribicff Gerge Padmre Paul Samuelsn Styles Bridges G. Mennen Williams Rbert Weaver Sidney Farber'. I.S. Ravdin Habib Burgulba, Jr. Jnas Salk Rbert Welch James E. Webb Hugh Dryden Edward R. Murrw Arnld Tynbee Jhn Twer' Arthur Dean Thmas White James Htta Mhammad Ayub Khan Franz -Jsef Strauss Wilhelm Grewe Ott Passman Jhn J. McCly, Dean Rusk William Miller Walter Heller Frederick Bland T.F. Tsiang Cheddi Jagan Frank Ellis Glenn Seabrg Jawaharlal Nehru Jhn K. Galbraith Fwler Hamiltn Edmund Gullin Gerge W. Ball Gerge Meany Sargent Shriven Allen Dulles Francis Reichelderfer Thmas Malne Chet Hlifield Gerge Rmney Orville Freeman Thmas Ddd William C. Fster Edward M. Kennedy Gerge Cabt Ldge Sylvanus Olympics Mrtimer Caplin Edward 1. McCrmack Estes Kefauver Harld Brwn Walt W. Rstw Lucius Clay Laurence Curtis Melvin Laird Burke Hickenlper Edward Annis Wesley Pwell Lawrence Per Jacbssn Ladd Plumley Newtn Minw William G. Andersn Vance Hartke Stuart Hughes Rbert Kerr Fred C. Schwarz Isidr Brja Jhn L. McClellan Anthny Celebrezze Reginald Maulding W. Willard Wirtz Edmund Brwn Thedre Srensen James A. Farley B.K. Nehru Marshall Shulman William Scrantn McGerge Bundy James MacGregr Burns Lauris Nrstad Jhn Stennis Gnzal Fact David Rckefeller Rswell Gilpatric Jhn Byrnes Gerge W. Andersn King Hassan II Harld Wilsn David Bell Jhn Glenn' Stanley Schrtel Kenneth Keating Muhammad Zafrulla Khan James H. Meredith Gerge C. Wallace Francis Keppel Rbert Taft. Jr. Albert Rsellini Farris Bryant H.E. Gilbert Averell Harriman Richard Russell Gerge Kerman Ry Wilkins Madame Pandit Emperr Haile Selassie Madame Nhu Ry Welensky Zbigniew Brzezinskl Ludwig Erhard E. William Henry Hward W. Smith Miltn Eisenhwer King Hussein I Indira Gandhi Winthrp Rckefeller James Farmer Mark Hatfield Pierre Salinger Alan Cranstn William Knwland Thmas Michel Jhn Andersn, Jr. James Rhdes Denisn Kitchel Carls Lacerda Maurice Cuve de Murville Eugene McCarthy Mike Mansfield Rbert F Wagner Disdad Macapagal Jhn V. Lindsay Edward Brke Juana Castr Walter Mndale Jseph Tydings James Cnant Dean Burch Bernard Fall David McDnald I.W. Abel Paul Jhnsn. Russell Lng Abbe Eban Thmas Pwer Nichlas Katzenbach Henry Fwler Thanat Khman Hans Mrgenthau Stewart Udall Jhn Cnnr Grant Sawyer Jhn Cnnally Karl Rlvaag Rbert Smylie Maxwell Taylr William Parker Arthur Gldberg Abraham Beame William Buckley Mme. Chiang KaiShek Jhn Chatee Lawrence O'Brien Arthur Schlesinger. Jr Daniel Mynihan Cnstantins Dxiadln Jhn W. Gardner Rnald Reagan Gerald Frd Dean Rusk Julian Bnd W.P. Gullander Edward Brke McGerge Bundy W. Willard Wirtz Edward M. Kennedy Hubert H. Humphrey Tm Mbya Gardner Ackley Indira Gandhi William C. Fster Arthur

41 Jseph Miltn Spir James Tate l Richard Caspar Jhn Luie Edmund William Wes William Rald James Gldberg Henry M. Jacksn Michael DeBakey Jhn Grnuski Frank Church Harld Brwn Ralph Nader Edward Heath Jhn V. Lindsay Sam Yrty Jerme Cavanagh Jhn F. Cllins Ivan Allen Richard C. Lee James H. Meredith Gerge W. Ball. Edmund G. Brwn [Jhn H. Reed Jhn Cnnally William Scrantn Ott Kerner Jhn A. Lve Gerge Murphy W.F. Rabrn Orville Freeman James D. Martin I Hward Callaway Everett Dlrksen Sl Linwitz I Lincln Grdn Martin Luther King. Jr. Ry Wilkins l Whitney Yung Flyd McKissick Stkely Carmichael Gerge Meany William R Bundy Ferdinand Marcs Clark Kerr Kingman Brewster Paul Duglas Jhn K. Fairbank Jacb Javits Richard M. Nixn Warren Magnusn Thrustn Mrtn Gerge Rmney' Jesse Unruh Walter Heller Randlph Churchill Abba Eban Daniel Evans Abraham Ribicff' Melvin Laird Charles Percy Hward Baker Cliff Hansen Mark Hatfield J.W. Fulbright' Buy Diem William Prxmire William Manchester Bill Myers Nichlas Katzenbach James Vrenberg Mrs. Rbert Stuart Thmas Cahill Herbert Wechsler Earle Wheeler Jseph Clark Rbert Amry Sam Brwn Dennis Shaul David Ben -Gurin Charles Weltner Anastasi Smza Sargent Shriven Peter Dminick William Attwd Gerge C. Wallace!L. Mendel Rivers Lester Maddx C.N. Yen! Walter Schirra 'Frank Brman Thmas Staffrd Cyrus Vance Harry Ashmre Chester Rnning Olaf Palme Marian I Dbrsielski Jean de Brglie Geffrey de Freltas Jhn K. Galbraith Harld Hlt Neal Blaisdell Henry Maier Luie Welch Jseph Barr Glenn Hearn Lrd Caradn Walt W. Rstw Albert Gre Rbert F. Kennedy Kurt Gerg Kiesinger Harld Hwe Nguyen Van Thieu Henry Cabt Ldge Walter Reuther Hans TabrI Betty Furness' Lee Kuan Yew Mike Mansfield Gerge Keenan James Gavin Ellswrth Bunker William Westmreland Allard Lwenstein Jhn Cha fee Fred R. Harris Benjamin Spck William Slane Cffin Rbert McNamara Eugene McCarthy Ramsey Clark Hugh Addnizi Carl Stkes Andreas Papandreu'. Maxwell Taylr Ry Jenkins Luis Harris Richard Scammn Habib Burguiba Graysn Kirk I Tydings I Agnew Dewey Bartlett Raymnd Shafer Nelsn Rcke feller. Jhn Vlpe James Rhdes Gerge McGvern Strm Thurmnd Edmund Muskie Harld Hughes! Lawrence O'Brien Clark Cliffrd Curtis LeMay Dnn Eisele Walter Cunningham Teddy Kllek Birch Bayh Jean- Jacques Servan- Schreiber Herbert Klein Wilbur Chen'. Gerge Christian Averell Harriman Rbert Finch Eric Gldman Harlan Cleveland Paul McCracken Jerme Wiesner Abram Chayes Zbigniew Brzezinski King Hussein I Gerge Shultz Nathan Pusey James E. Allen Thmas O. Paine Wintn Blunt Arthur Naftalin Kevin White Jseph Alit' Russell Lng Edwin Reischauer Daniel Mynihan Bernadette Devlin Bufrd Ellingtn Richard J. Hughes Richard Ogilvie Jhn J. McKelthen Hugh Sctt' Svetlana Alliluyeva Glda Meir William P Rgers Shah f Iran Jhn N. Mitchell Prince Philip Jean Mayer Stanley Resr Rbert Seamans' Shirley Temple Black Frank Shakespeare Lee DuBridge Dean Burch David M. Kennedy Rbert May Richard Blling Jerme Waldie Herman Talmadge Walter Mndale Jhn D. Rckefeller IV Willy Brandt! Tm Clark' Rbben I Fleming Patrick Shea Christiaan Barnard Rbert Packwd Nahum Gldman Charles Gdell' Peter Flaherty Sam Massell Wes Uhlman Richard Lugar Antnina Uccell Charles Yst I Friedman I Weinberger Jseph Sisc Yitzhak Rabin Arthur Burns Jhn Dempsey Nrbert Tiemann Warren Hearnes Jhn Ingersll I Alexander Heard Lenard Wdcck Ralph Tyler Smith Adlai Stevensn Ill Ellit Richardsn James Ahern Jseph Rhdes. Jr. Jsiah Spaulding Edward Hambr Ben Wattenberg Lrd Clark' James Buckley Nguyen Ca Ky Mshe Dayan Paul Samuelsn =Era Nelsn Rckefeller Jhn Tunney I Carl Albert Dnald Rumsfeld Gerge Shultz. Russell Train' William Ruckelshaus Gerge McGvern Hubert H. Humphrey l Len Sullivan! hn Cnnally Gerge Bush Mike Mansfield Harld Hughes Walter ; McNerney Jhn Kerry'' Al Hubbard K. Fairbank I Jerme Chen Allard Lwenstein Gerge Rmney William P. Rgers Charles Diggs. Jr. Augustus Hawkins! William Clay Ralph Nader Wilbur Mills l I Lugar Welch Kenneth Gibsn I I Uhlman Mn Landrieu Stuart Symingtn I James Symingtn I.W. Abel Wintn Blunt Gerge Meany Paul McClskey, Jr. James I Rche Glenn Seabrg Prxmire Gerge C. Wallace Lenard Wdcck Adlai Stevensn Ill Warren Hearnes Rnald Reagan Jhn Gilligan Linwd Hltn William Milliken Luis Ferre' S.K. Chw Edgar Bensn Mari Ferrari -Aggradi Ellit Richardsn Fred R. Harris Walter Heller Patricia Rberts Harris Salvadr Allende Indira Gandhi Melvin Laird Henry M. Jacksn Arthur Flemming Glda Meir Earl Butz Daniel Mynihan Jhn K. Galbraith Kurt Waldheim Edmund Muskie Hugh Sctt Maurice Stans' Eugene McCarthy Jhn V. Lindsay Edwin Reischauer Daniel Berrigan I Reubin Askew Marshall Green King Hussein I Raymnd Shafer'. Thedre Cper J. Willis Hurst Jhn Ehrlichman Luis Harris Richard Scammn Zbigniew Brzezinski Marshall Shulman' Peter G. Petersn! Arch Mre Marvin Mandel Wendell Andersn Prestn Smith Henry Maier Richard Hatcher Kevin White Sam Massell Harry Haskel Lawrence O'Brien Richard Neustadt Shirley Chishlm Rbert Dle Jean Westwd Basil Patersn Ernest F. Hllings Thmas P. O'Neill Sargent Shriven Herbert Klein Clark MacGregr Spir Agnew Richard Gerstenberg Glria Steinem Jill I Ruckelshaus Peter Dminick Bb Wilsn I Eleanr McGvern Ferdinand Marcs Paul Warnke Herbert Stein Marina Whitman James Schlesinger Rbert Byrd Gerald Frd William Sullivan Edward Heath J.W Fulbright Caspar Weinberger Herman Talmadge James T. Lynn Lee Kuan Yew Edward Brke Henry Frd II Yigal Allan Abba Eban Hward Baker Daniel Ellsberg' Rbert Strauss Dale Bumpers Rbert Ray Mike O'Callaghan Jseph Allt Ben B Neil Gldschmidt Pete Wilsn James MacGregr Burns' James Buckley Shah f Iran Kakuel Tanaka Jhn A. Lve Jhn Gardner Daniel Inuye Ry Ash Zulfikar Ali Bhutt Walter Mndale' Rbert Griffin James Hffa Archibald Cx Charles Percy Walter Levy Ahmed Z. Yamani Barry Gldwater Frank Ikard Wright Patman Thmas Mrer' William Simn E. Duglas Kenna Arch Bth Jhn 8. Andersn Mrris K. Udall Rbert McNamara Mshe Dayan [ Jhn J. Rhdes Dixy Lee Ray Kenneth Cle, Jr. James St. Clair Frank Fitzsimmns William Brck Rbert Michel Chesterfield Smith Daniel Evans Jimmy Carter Daniel Walker Tm McCall Wendell Frd Kenneth Rush Russell Lng Ry Martin Thmas Bradley Maynard Jacksn Abraham Beame Elm R. Zumwalt Jr. Paul McCracken Charles Black Martha Griffiths Russell Rth Wilbur Chen C. Jacksn Graysn Albert Shanker Yitzhak Rabin' Alan Greenspan E. Gugh Whitlam Llyd Bentsen Wayne Hays Len Jawrski Jhn Hannah Jean Mayer Sterling Wrtman Lester R. Brwn' Mary Luise Smith Jhn Glenn William Saxbe Francise Girud Terry Sanfrd Yvnne Burke Helmut Schmidt Henry Reuss. Mike McCrmack Jhn Brademas Ella Grass Al Ullman. Jseph Sisc Frank Zarb William Cleman. Jr. Willy Brandt Menachem Begin. Thmas A. Murphy. Reginald Jnes I Irving Shapir'. Arthur Wd' Walter Wristn' Dnald C. Ck Rbert McClskey Arthur Burns Calvin Ramptn Christpher Bnd James Langley!Edwin Edwards Friedrich vnhayek Cleman Yung Richard Carver Fred Hfheinz Alexander Slzhenitsyn Alejandr Orfila I Fred Ikle. Patrick Murphy Hubert Williams! Edward Davis Rbert DiGrazla Jseph McNamara James Parsns Frank Church Rbert Gergine Jhn Ryr Prince Saud Al- Faisal I G. Brwn, Jr. Henry Kissinger Hugh Carey L. William Seidman Philip Hart Laney Hart Em= Jhn Marcum I Birch Bayh Jimmy Carter Fred Harris Miltn Shapp Llyd Bentsen Henry M. Jacksn Terry Sanfrd Mrris Udall Rgers Mrtn Yitzhak Rabin Yasser Arafat' Meldrim Thmsn William Leb Gerge Bush Thmas Kleppe Rnald Reagan Dick Clark Gerge C. Wallace Walter Heller Bb J Wdward Carl Bernstein Dnald Rumsfeld Barry Gldwater Jhn J. Rhdes. Paul Laxalt Valery Giscard d'estaing Barbara Jrdan Mervyn Dymally I Vernn Jrdan I Jesse Jacksn A. Jay Cper Jhn Ehrlichman Jhn Cnnally Hamiltn Jrdan Rbert Strauss Michael Dukakis Rbert Ray Wendell Andersn Mills Gdwin Andrew Yung': Eugene McCarthy Richard Schweiker Ellit Richardsn Jhn Sears Nelsn Rckefeller Charles Mathias Eldridge Cleaver Lenard Wdcck Rbert Dle Carl Sagan' Gerald Sften Rsalynn Carter William Scrantn James Carman Guy Vander Jagt Tm Andersn' Peter Camej Lyndn LaRuche Rgert MacBride l Miltn Friedman Jack Frd Dixy Lee Ray Benjamin Hks James R. Thmpsn Derek Bk Richard Blling Phillip Burtn Jhn J. McFall' Jim Wright Mike Mansfield William Simn Edward Levi Jack Watsn. Jr. Charles Schultze! Hward Baker Llyd McBride Ed Sadwski Brck Adams Bert Lance Pierre Ellitt Trudeau Harld Brwn Michael Blumenthal'. Jseph Califan. Alan Cranstn Bb Packwd Russell Lng' Ralph Nader Jhn Swearingen Ry Chapin W. Dunham Crawfrd Carl Bagge Denis Hayes! 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Strauss Gerge Bush Helmut Khl Andrew Yung Francis Mitterrand Jseph Biden Rbert McFarlane Jse Naplen Duarte Charles Manatt Dianne Feinstein Wilsn Gde Rman Mazzli Llyd Bentsen Charles Rbb Albert Shanker William Blger Me Biller James A. Jhnsn Richard Wirthlin Richard Lene Geraldine Ferrar David Aarn Gerge Gallup. Jr. William Schneider!Michael Dukakis Bb Graham Mark!, White Richard Lugar Daniel Mynihan Dnald Engen Marvin Kalb Rger Mudd Jhn Chancellr Tm Brkaw Barry Gldwater Paul Kirk. Jr. William J. Bennett William Friday William Janklw Les Aspin James Schlesinger Harry Summers. Jr. James Webb Max Cleland Franz -Jseph Strauss Dick Cheney Richard Darman Rajiv Gandhi Patrick Leahy Samuel Lewis Peter Ueberrth Edward Teller Gatsha Buthelezi Stephen Slari Jhn Chrtle Claytn Yeutter Gergi Arbatv Michael Armacst Mari Cum William Gray Ill Herbert Beukes Charles Grassley David Pryr Shafik El -Hut Judith Kipper Vernn Walters King Hussein I Gerard C. Smith Michael Deaver. 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Jr. Rbert Byrd Jhn Pindexter Adlf Caler William Chen I Llyd Cutler' Michael Beschlss Lawtn Chiles David Bren Jker Arry Otis Bwen Frtney Stark Max Kampelman James W. Malne Richard A. McCrmack Jimmy Carter Brian Mulrney Hidetshi Ukawa Daniel Inuye Warren Rudman A.M. Rsenthal Henry Waxman Paul Vlberding Hward Phillips Gastn Sigur, Jr. Dick Pund' Richard Hlbrke Bbby Inman Luis Stkes T. Allan McArtr Guy Mlinari Rbert Crandall Frank Carlucci Lee Hamiltn I Richard Murphy Mhammad Jawan Larijani Salvadr Laurel Bill Clintn Gennady Gerasimv Zha Ziyang. Hwell Heflin Barbara Jrdan' Said R. Khrassani 198 / Current mderatr Chris Wallace and 70 Secretary f State Gerge Shultz

42 Nvember, 1987 This annuncement appears as a matter f recrd nly WTVG, INC. $17,500,000 f Subrdinated Ntes and Equity prvided by MEDIA/COMMUNICAI'IO N S PARTNERS an affiliate f E TA Assciates Medial Cmmunicatins Partners' managed funds prvided the abve equity and debt financing and arranged fr $52,000,000 f bank lans fr the acquisitin f WTVG, Channel 13; Tled, OH. Harvey Sandler General Partner Barry Lewis General Partner acted as financial intermediary t the abve parties PO BOX 74 HEWLETT NEW YORK (718)

43 R A D I O T E L E V I S I O N C A B L E S A T E L L I T E wl. 113 N. 20 I TOP OF THE WEEK 1 FCC bund: Wing in line fr Dawsn vacancy The White Huse has tapped Washingtn cmmunicatins attrney Susan Wing t fill the FCC seat being vacated by Mimi Weyfrth Dawsn. Dawsn, wh has been nminated t be the next deputy secretary f transprtatin, is scheduled t g befre the Senate Cmmerce Cmmittee fr her cnfirmatin hearing this Tuesday (Nv 17). If all ges well, said ne cmmittee aide, Dawsn culd win full Senate cnfirmatin by the end f this week r early next. The White Huse's selectin f Wing is nt fficial, but it is seen in Washingtn cmmunicatins circles as clse t certain. Wing was nt available late last week t cnfirm her selectin. Wing, 40, is a partner with Hgan & Hartsn, a prminent Washingtn law firm with a substantial cmmunicatins practice. Amng its bradcasting and cable clients: the Natinal Cable Televisin Assciatin, Chris -Craft Industries, United Televisin, Allbrittn Cmmunicatins, Cntinental Cablevisin, Cke Cablevisin and Prime Cable. Wing's reputatin amng the Washingtn legal cmmunity is as a first -rate litigatr in cmparative hearings fr bradcast licenses at the FCC. "She was tugh," said Gene Bechtel, Bechtel & Cle, recalling a few cases in which he ppsed her. "Hgan & Hartsn has a reputatin as being tugh anyway and All indicatins are that Hllings's prpsal will nt make it int White Huse deficit- reductin plan Bradcasters may sn have reasn fr celebratin. The prspects fr defeating a cngressinal initiative that wuld levy a 2% t 5% license transfer fee n the sale f bradcast prperties brightened significantly last week, althugh industry leaders were nt resting n their laurels. Accrding t the Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters, the fee/fairness dctrine cdificatin prpsal (BROADCASTING, Oct. 26 et seq.) wn't be included in deficit -reductin package the White Huse and cngressinal leaders are cnsidering. The package, when it emerges frm the s- called "ecnmic summit," will likely replace the current budget recnciliatin measure pending in the Senate that cntains the fee prpsal and language cdifying the fairness dctrine. Despite that prgress, NAB President Eddie Fritts stpped shrt f declaring a victry. "We have cme a lng way in a shrt perid f time," Fritts said. "I'm telling yu, it's cking pretty gd." she fit int that mld." Jay Ricks, anther partner at Hgan & Hartsn, acknwledged her bradcast wrk, but said she has als represented sme cable and cmmn carrier clients. Wing is said t be as cnservative in style as in plitics. "She is definitely a Republican," said ne partner. She will have n prblem with the FCC's deregulatry agenda." Wing's name has been circulating as a pssible FCC cmmissiner since early this year. At that time, she was being mentined as a replacement fr the departing Mark Fwler. The White Huse assigned that seat t Bradley Hlmes, but Wing's name quickly reemerged when President Reagan annunced his intentin t nminate Dawsn t DOT. Wing has ne clear White Huse cnnectin. Her husband is M.B. Oglesby, a frmer White Huse cngressinal lbbyist. He is nw a partner in the plitical cnsulting firm f Hecht, Spencer & Oglesby. A native f Dallas, Wing received a bachelr's degree frm Spring Hill Cllege, Mbile, Ala., in 1969; a master's frm Sangamn State University, Springfield, Ill., in 1972, and a law degree frm Gergetwn University, Washingtn, in Between 1973 and 1976, she wrked at the Department f Health, Educatin & Welfare, serving as special assistant t the assistant secretary fr public affairs. Frm 1976 t 1978, she was executive assistant t the directr f the Cuncil fr Wage and Price Stability Gd news n transfer tax frnt Since the prpsal emerged, NAB has engaged in a massive grassrts lbbying campaign t squelch it. Last week, the assciatin was said t have cmmitments frm 50 senatrs wh will ppse the transfer fee/ fairness dctrine in the event it des cmes t a vte n the Senate flr. The assciatin is shting fr 60 vtes, giving it a "super majrity" and enabling it t stp any parliamentary maneuvers by the prpsal's authr, Senate Cmmerce Cmmittee Chairman Ernest Hllings (D- S.C.). Amng the lawmakers NAB is said t still be curting: Minrity Leader Rbert Dle (R- Kan.); Alan Dixn (D- I11.); Strm Thurmnd (R- S.C.); Bennett Jhnstn (D-La.); Jhn Breaux (D-La.); William Chen (R- Me.); Harry Reid (D- Nev.); Arlen Specter (R -Pa.); Pete Wilsn (R- Calif.); Jhn Warner (R-Va.); Paul Trible (R -Va.); Sam Nunn (D-Ga. ); Nancy Kassebaum (R -Kan.); Thmas Daschle (D- S.D.), and Wyche Fwler (D-Ga.). Even Hllings admitted bradcasters were making headway. At a Senate hearing n public bradcasting (see page 49), Hllings acknwledged the bradcasters had the White Huse n their side. "They're [brad- casters] all ver up here nw and ready t kill it... and they've gt a cmmitment frm the White Huse t kill it," said Hllings. And the senatr said he has been "fighting" back. Last week Hllings sent ut a "Dear Clleague" letter hping t clear up the "disinfrmatin spewed ut by the bradcasters." The chairman lashed ut at the bradcast industry. "They're a very, very, selfish grup," he said. "Can yu imagine the audacity f saying we favr a spectrum fee fr everybdy but us," cmmented Hllings, referring t an NAB "white paper" advcating the auctin f nnbradcast spectrum. Hllings's animsity may nt bde well fr the industry's future dealings with him. "We're clearly cgnizant abut ur future relatinship with Hllings and that's why we have made it clear we are nt attacking him," said Fritts. Fritts cnveyed the gd news t his bard f directrs and majr bradcast grup heads in a letter last week. Accrding t the letter, nly thse prpsals that are nncntrversial will "likely survive as viable parts f the budget summit." NAB has learned that the "transfer tax/faimess dctrine has Bradcasting Nv

44 TOP OF THE WEEK I I been prclaimed the mst -cntrversial f any single prpsal," Fritts wrte. NAB was als said t have plled thse Hill members participating in the summit and fund a majrity sided with bradcasters. Fritts said the NAB plans t keep the pressure n, especially in the Huse where effrts led by Huse Energy and Cmmerce Subcmmittee Chairman Jhn Dingell (D- Mich.) t cdify the fairness dctrine prir t the end f the current sessin are underway. He identified tw legislative vehicles Dingell may use t mve the dctrine. "One is the budget recnciliatin prcess and the ther is the cntinuing reslutin. We are again alerting all LLC's [NAB's legislative liasn cmmittee] t reduble their effrts in the Huse," wrte Fritts. It is anticipated the cntinuing reslutin will cme t a vte n the Huse flr this week (BROADCASTING, Fritts Nv. 9). The summiteers are trying t reach an agreement befre Nv. 20 when the Gramm - Rudman- Hllings balanced- budget law kicks in with autmatic acrss -the -bard budget cuts. They hpe t cut the federal deficit fr fiscal 1988 by at least $23 billin f which rughly $10 billin wuld cme frm revenue -raising prpsals. As f late last Friday, industry lbbyists were reprting that the transfer fee/fairness cdificatin prpsal was still ff the table. Accrding t frmer FCC Chairman Mark Fwler, nw with Latham & Watkins, wh has been wrking against the prpsal n behalf f several clients, the White Huse is firmly ppsed t the idea. The administratin finds the prpsal trubling fr a number f reasns, Fwler said. "They dn't like it because it's a tax; they dn't like the idea f reimpsing the three -year rule, and they dn't like the idea f funding public bradcasting in this way." Mrever, cdificatin f the fairness dctrine, runs cunter t the President's vet f the dctrine, he added. Still, Fwler stressed the vlatility f the situatin: "Of curse, this is s fluid, everything is subject t change." TV netwrks revenue dwn in third quarter The three -televisin netwrk time sales revenue fr the third quarter were ff by mre than 4% frm last year's ttal, accrding t figures cmpiled by Arthur Yung C. Gains in prime time were ffset by decreases in every ther daypart, especially daytime and news, the unaudited data shws. Third -quarter grss time sales revenue was $1.59 billin, leaving net revenue f $1.35 billin after subtracting $237 millin in advertising agency cmmissin, accrding t the figures, which d nt break ut the separate netwrks. Fr the first three quarters, net revenue was just behind 1986's $4.71 billin, ttalling $4.69 billin, the results prpelled by increases dayparts. Secnd quarter net time sales revenue was $1.75 billin versus $1.6 billin in the first quarter. Prime time sales, which represent ne -half f all three -netwrk sales revenue, gave the cmpanies their nly quarterly bst. Prime time net revenue fr the perid was up nearly 7% t mre than $676 millin. The daypart was up 4% t $2.43 billin fr the year -t-date. Secnd -quarter prime time net revenue was $933 millin, first quarter was $823 millin. Any increases fr the quarter and the year s far, hwever, have been undercut by substantial three -netwrk declines in 1987 versus 1986 (Add 000) daytime and news dayparts. Daytime was ff nearly 24% frm last year's third quarter, lsing mre than $65 millin t ttal $212 millin in net revenue. Fr the first three quarters, net revenue frm daytime time sales was ff almst 14% t $764 millin. Secnd -quarter daytime net revenue was $300 millin, first quarter was $253 millin. News was ff mre than $30 millin fr the quarter, with an 18% decline in net revenue t $147 millin. The decrease was the daypart's wrst fr 1987, leaving year -t -date news net revenue ff 10.5% at $490 millin. Secnd -quarter news sales net revenue was $195 millin, with first quarter revenue at $148 millin. Als declining were time sales fr children's prgraming, dwn 6% fr the quarter t net revenue f $33 millin. The daypart was ff slightly fr the year -t -date. Late night was ff almst 3% fr the quarter, with ttal net revenue f $69 millin and flat fr the year at arund $212 millin. Sprts, flat fr the quarter at $212 millin, was up nearly 11% fr the three quarters t $703 millin, with mst f the imprvement cming with the secnd quarter's $199 millin in net revenue. First -quarter net revenue frm sprts time sales was $292 millin. Prime Time Late Night Daytime Children Sprts News Ttal Revenue frm client -supplied prgraming Third quarter '86 $5,387 $0 $0 $0 $735 $0 $6,122 Third quarter '87 3, , ,117 % increase (decrease) (26.86) All ther grss revenue frm time sales' Third quarter '86 739,973 83, ,188 41, , ,802 1,649,739' Third quarter '87 791,223 81, ,209 39, , ,274 1,578,156* % increase (decrease) 6.93 (2.43) (23.60) (6.16) (1.50) (17.89) (4.34) Ttal grss revenue frm time sales Third quarter '86 745,360 83, ,188 41, , ,802 1,655,861 Third quarter '87 795,163 81, ,209 39, , ,274 1,585,273 % increase (decrease) 6.68 (2.43) (23.60) (6.16) (0.52) (17.89) (4.26) Less advertising agency cmmissins Third quarter '86 111,641 12,269 48,647 6,239 37,261 31, ,396 Third quarter '87 118,998 12,148 37,191 5,852 36,550 25, ,500 % increase (decrease) 6.59 (0.99) (23.55) (6.20) (1.91) (17.80) (4.40) Ttal net revenue frm time sales Third quarter '86 633,719 70, ,541 35, , ,463 1,408,465 Third quarter '87 676,165 68, ,018 33, , ,513 1,348,773 % increase (decrease) 6.70 (2.68) (23.61) (6.15) (0.27) (17.90) (4.24) 'Includes $17,064,000 in clr insertin revenue reprted by three netwrks fr 1987 third quarter and $10,377,000 fr 1986 third quarter. Bradcasting Nv

45 I I TOP OF THE WEEK I I Antiprngraphy push by White Huse Child Prtectin and Obscenity Enfrcement Act has prvisin including cable and pay TV The Reagan administratin last week made its mve n the antiprngraphy frnt. In a 49 -page, wide -ranging bill that it sent t Cngress, the administratin seeks t implement the recmmendatins f the attrney general's cmmissin n prngraphy (BROADCASTING, July 14, 1986). Fr the mst part, the bill -the Child Prtectin and Obscenity Enfrcement Act f is aimed at cmbatting sexual explitatin f children and the distributin f bscene material. But ne f the sectins President Reagan, in his letter transmitting the legislatin t Cngress, labels "Child Prtectin Amendments" deals specifically with bscenity n cable televisin and subscriptin televisin. It wuld make the utterance f bscene language r distributin f bscene matter by cable televisin r subscriptin services n televisin a criminal ffense punishable by up t tw years in prisn and a fine f up t $250,000. "Distribute" is defined bradly; it includes telecasting, bradcasting r cablecasting, by wire, micrwave r satellite. The definitin wuld als reach prducers, prgram suppliers and lcal peratrs f cable franchises. What's mre, the bill wuld make clear that states and cities are free t regulate bscene r indecent matter r subscriptin televisin statins, in a manner "nt incnsistent with the Cnstitutin." Obscenity, as defined by the Supreme Curt in Miller v. Califrnia, has three prngs: ( I ) Whether the average persn, applying cntemprary cmmunity standards, culd find that the material, taken as a whle, appeals t the prurient interest. (2) Whether the wrk depicts r describes in a patently ffensive way sexual cnduct specifically defined in the law at issue. (3) Whether the wrk, taken as a whle, lacks serius literary, artistic, plitical r scientific value. Definitins f indecency generally mit ne r mre f the prngs r phrases in them. The administratin bill last week had nt yet been intrduced. Indeed, it had nt even been referred t cmmittee. It is expected t be referred t the judiciary cmmittees f the tw huses this week, thugh with the sectin n cable and subscriptin televisin referred as well t the cmmerce cmmittees. But hearings are nt likely befre January. A spkesman fr the Senate Judiciary Cmmittee nted that its resurces wuld be cmmitted fr the next several weeks t preparing fr and hlding hearings n the nminatin f Judge Anthny Kennedy t the Supreme Curt (see page 47). A spkesman fr the Senate Cmmerce Cmmittee said it was "bked" thrugh the end f the year. There was n sign f hearings in the Huse either. One f the cngressinal findings in the bill wuld reflect a cngressinal view that "the prliferatin f cable and subscriptin televisin utlets requires effective safe- guards against bscene cable and subscriptin prgraming." Anther has it that "the harm caused by bscene televisin prgraming cmbined with the interstate nature f such prgraming requires that the federal gvernment must assist the states in their effrts t cmbat it." The President, in his letter f transmittal, says the sectin n "Cable Prn" is aimed at prtecting "thse mst vulnerable and impressinable members f ur sciety, ur children." Accrding t an analysis accmpanying the bill, the sectin n cable televisin "is designed t prvide a clear basis fr federal prsecutin f marketing bscene material n cable televisin." It ntes that there are questins as t whether varius antibscenity statutes nw in frce apply t cable televisin. The analysis cites a sectin in the Cable Cmmunicatins Plicy Act f 1984 that makes it a criminal ffense t transmit bscene matter ver a cable televisin system. But it says "ambiguities arising frm... cnflicting prvisins" in the act make it "unclear under what circumstances, if any," the federal gvernment culd act against "cable system peratrs wh permit bscene material t be cablecast." The analysis ntes that the bill's findings shw that even lcal prductin and distributin f bscene material can affect the natinal market fr televisin prgraming. Accrdingly, the analysis adds, the suggested findings "are intended t allay any questins" as t the federal gvernment's "jurisdictin t prsecute thse wh prduce and disseminate televisin prgraming n an entirely intrastate basis." What is nt clear is the reasn fr the need t bring subscriptin televisin within the reach f the bill. An antibscenity statute in the criminal cde is regarded as applying t radi and televisin; the U.S. Curt f Appeals fr the Third Circuit said as much in a case invlving the DuMnt Labratries in Hwever, the analysis indicates the bill's authrs are nt satisfied with that decisin. It ntes that the bscenity statute - written in the days befre televisin -refers t "bscene... language." And, it adds, "the transmissin f bscene pictures, unaccmpanied by any wrds r dialgue, might nt be within the scpe f the sectin." One f the pssibly mre significant aspects f the administratin bill is the prvisin that wuld free states and their plitical subdivisins t act n their wn t regulate bscene r indecent matter n cable r subscriptin televisin. The Supreme Curt has held -in a case invlving an effrt by Okla hma t ban liqur advertising n cable televisin systems -that the FCC has preempted states' regulatin f prgram cntent f cable televisin. The cmmissin is als regarded as having sle authrity ver the regulatin f televisin prgram cntent. The analysis accmpanying the bill says nthing abut that preemptin. But it says ne f the subsectins is intended t verride curt cases reserving the regulatin f cable's prgram cntent t the federal gvernment "and make it abslutely clear that bth the states Bradcasting Nv and the federal gvernment have a rle in this area." The industries invlved were nt ringing any alarm bells, at least nt yet. The Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters' senir vice president and general cunsel, Henry L. (Jeff) Baumann, said n Friday he had nt had time t fcus n the matter. And Seth Davidsn, the Natinal Cable Televisin Assciatin's assciate general cunsel, did nt see the bill as "adding anything new t the law." The analysis f the administratin bill nthwithstanding, he said NCTA believes the cable act bars bscenity n cable systems. And, he said, "we dn't have any prblem with that." As fr the act permitting states t regulate bscene r indecent material n cable r subscriptin televisin, he nted that the bill adds the phrase "in a manner which is nt incnsistent with the Cnstitutin." All city and state effrts thus far t regulate indecency n cable televisin have been ruled uncnstitutinal by varius curts, including the Supreme Curt. The high curt, hwever, has upheld the regulatin f indecent speech n bradcasting. USA Netwrk buys `Miami Vice' Episdes t air n basic cable netwrk starting in fall 1988 MCA TV ended its search fr a hme fr the back -end strip f Miami Vice last week by selling it t the USA Netwrk. The deal with USA, which is wned by MCA Inc. and Paramunt, ends a difficult chapter fr MCA TV t sell the ne -hur series in syndicatin in a persistently tugh marketplace. The deal gives the basic cable netwrk 92 episdes, including five tw -hur mvies, that will start in fall Dave Kenin, sen- 'Miami Vice' Hitchhiker' fr vice president f prgraming, said that scheduling has nt been decided, but he added that pssibilities include early evening and late night. In additin, USA last week said it made the first purchase f episdes f a series frm anther cable netwrk. Beginning fall 1989, US Awil l carry 39 episdes f The Hitchhiker, a half -hur suspense anthlgy that nw runs n HBO. Kenin said that series likely will fit int the netwrk's Saturday night

46 I 1 I TOP OF THE WEEK I schedule. The sale f Miami Vice t USA may nt relieve MCA Inc. f the huge deficits fr the prgram. The shw, prduced fr NBC, has a reprted prductin budget f abut $1.3 millin per episde. NBC reprtedly pays a license fee f apprximately $850,000 fr tw runs f each episde, which leaves MCA with a $450,000 deficit per shw. This wuld amunt t $41 millin fr the 92 hurs prduced fr the seasn. Sme industry bservers speculated that added revenues frm the USA deal will nt be enugh t put the shw int the black. Sid Scheinberg, MCA president and chief perating fficer. has said previusly that MCA will nt cntinue t prduce shws, particularly higher cst ne -hur actin -adventures, at deficits. Last week, Scheinberg declined cmment n the impact f the sale t USA. MCA TV began marketing Miami Vice in syndicatin nearly a year ag, but encuntered cncern by statins wh wrried that the shw might appear dated by the time it aired. MCATV reduced its marketing effrts abut a mnth after NATPE and initiated talks with several cable services and CBS, fr use in its late night schedule (BROAD- CASTING, Feb. 16). The market has remained a difficult ne fr syndicatrs. "All the hurs ut there are still having a hard time, but Miami Vice stands alne with the severity f its prblems," said Dick Kurlander, vice president f prgraming fr Petry Televisin. Thse prblems include the shw's trendiness and a lack f gd plts. Hwever, pr sales f hur shws in syndicatin has been gd news fr cable. USA's Kenin said the result has been "kncks n ur dr all the time" frm syndicatrs. Kenin des nt view these shws as damaged gds. USA nw carries tw ff -netwrk hurs- Airwlf and Riptide that did nt sell in syndicatin. Thse shws perfrm t USA's satisfactin in the ratings, he said. TVB tackles prblems f newspapers, new business Annual cnventin hears new president Mll exhrt industry t becme mre marketing riented Wrapping up what mst agree has been a pretty lackluster year fr televisin sales (estimated revenue gains: netwrks, 4%; bth natinal spt and lcal, 6%), the 33d annual gathering f the Televisin Bureau f Advertising met in Atlanta last week. Registered attendance ttaled 925, dwn frm 990 a year ag. The cnferees appeared preccupied with tw issues, including wresting a greater share f lcal retail advertising frm the newspaper medium, which has crnered abut 80% f that business. The sales executives were als cncerned with bsting new business develpment effrts, n bth the lcal and natinal level (see belw). As he prepares t take ver the helm f the TVB, president -elect William Mll said that under his leadership, the bureau's cntinuing gal will be t increase televisin advertising revenues, t be mre "custmer fcused, high perfrmance and grwth riented." The industry, he said, must becme mre marketing riented -that is, creating new surces f business -and nt just "mere schleppers f spts." Lking t the future, Mll said it was "prbable" the industry wuld at least duble its revenue base by the year The televisin industry will underg pr- Phil Dnahue appeared n videtape at TVB meeting fund change in the years leading up t the next century, said Mll. High definitin televisin and direct bradcasting services will be a reality by then, and a benefit t the marketers f televisin. "The seeds f ur future prsperity lie in the gardens f DBS and HDTV. Can yu imagine the impact f cmmerical televisin advertising n three - by -five rati, and 1,125 lines? Duble the fidelity. What impact!" If televisin expects t gain a greater piece f lcal retail advertising, said Mll, "we must knw mre abut their businesses. They must knw mre abut ur business. It's up t us t make it happen." But TVB is als charged with fstering natinal sales effrts and Mll dutifully stressed that thse effrts have t be redubled. "We'd better nt ignre the pprtunities t develp natinal spt," said Mll. "We must make it easier t buy. We must becme mre astute in target marketing t meet ur advertisers' needs." Marketing the "value" f televisin, said Mll, "must becme a way f life at ur televisin statins." Outging TVB Chairman Blake Byrne als stressed the industry's cncern with revenues, and where they will cme frm in the future. At a recent TVB -spnsred meeting f grup statin executives in New Yrk, Byrne said f all the cncerns discussed, "the majr ne was revenues." In additin, said Byrne, the executives at the meeting were cncerned that "smeday the large increases we've seen recently in ur tp categries will slw dwn r stp altgether. And if their well runs dry, what will bail us ut then? Develpmental dllars are the key." Rice exits with praise fr TVB, calls fr new business develpment In his final address t TVB members, utging President Rger Rice said develping new business "is the key t ur future, especially in the years beynd 1988." Next year, said Rice, televisin advertising will grw abut 12% t $26.5 billin, bsted by electin campaign advertising and the Olympics. Nw is the time, he said, t "lay the grundwrk fr 1989, when grwth will slip back t single -digit increases. "Business develpment effrts, bth lcally and natinally, will be the difference between statins that ver -perfrm industry averages and thse that fall shrt." Rice cited the effrts f TVB this year t cntact almst 150 advertiser and industry grups. He said that TVB's Natinal Sales Advisry Cmmittee credits the bureau's effrts with "generating sme $40 millin t $50 millin dllars in new spt dllars fr televisin this year." Rice referred t new sales tls the bureau is develping, such as the recently prduced "Case fr Market -by- Market Televisin" videtape, in which several majr advertisers endrse televisin. He als pitched a new TVB prductin, "Televisin: The Return n Investment Advantage." Narrated by Phil Dnahue, the videtape presentatin features a number f natinal and lcal advertisers, including Nestle and J.C. Penny, explaining the return, in prduct sales, n their investment in TV advertising. Rice reprted that TVB's budget fr fiscal year 1988 is up 2% t $7.8 millin, while membership is nw at 630 statins. Fr 1987, The TVB Budget was $7.62 millin, with expenses ttaling $7.58 millin. On the eve f his departure, Rice said that thrugh his 13 years as TVB president, "if there is ne thing f which I'm mst prud, it is the increased invlvement f yu, ur members, with TVB during these 13 years...increased input int TVB frm the televisin industry is what has made us better, Rice Bradcasting Nv

47 strnger, and mre able t fulfill yur needs." On a final nte, Rice said, "I tk this jb 13 years ag fr the challenge and the pprtunity t d smething f value fr televisin-a business that's dne s much fr me. I hpe I've succeeded in making just a little bit f difference. I knw I've had fun!" Cncern viced ver lack f attentin t natinal spt Cmplaints emerged at last week's TVB cnference that nt ne sessin was devted t the tpic f natinal spt sales, seen by sme as perhaps the biggest issue in statin sales. At ne TVB sessin last week, WLWT(TV) Cincinnati's Anthny Kiernan said it was "surprising" TVB had nt scheduled a sessin addressing natinal spt and the rle f televisin representatives, in light f declining revenue increases in that categry. Kiernan said the subject was "the mst bvius tpic" amng current televisin sales issues that need addressing. The key questins, said Kiernan, are hw the industry can develp new natinal business and what rle the different players invlved- including reps, statins and the TVB -shuld play in develping that business. Since 1980, natinal spt dllars have accunted fr abut 29.5% f all televisin TOP OF THE WEEK advertising dllars. In the same perid, the lcal share f the pie has increased frm 26% t just ver 29% f all televisin advertising revenue. In 1988, fr the first time, ttal lcal TV advertising is expected t surpass ttal natinal TV spt advertising. William Mll, TVB president- elect, said Kiernan's pint was "duly nted." Added Mll: "We've been preaching at TVB that the future f ur business is lcal." But he added, "we damn sure can't ignre the develpment f natinal business." James Babb, executive vice president, Jeffersn -Pilt Bradcasting, and newly elected TVB chairman, nted the issue is being addressed in ne n -ging task frce, a jint effrt f the TVB and the Statin Representatives Assciatin. D Rahh ll1 nnr1 Rvrnu NB changing f the bard. James G. Babb, executive vice president, Jeffersn -Pilt Cmmunicatins, was elected chairman f the bard f the Televisin Bureau f Advertising. Babb (whse bss at Jeffersn -Pilt is NAB Chairman Wallace Jrgensn) succeeds Blake Byrne, grup vice president, televisin, LIN Bradcasting, as NB bard chairman. In additin, the bard elected Peter B. Desns, managing general partner, Burnham Bradcasting, as bard secretary. David Allen, president f Petry, was re- elected bard treasurer. HRP's Peter Ryan was re- elected bard vice president. Three new directrs were elected t the bard: Patrick Gmiter, vice president, Cx Cmmunicatins; Kenneth MacQueen, vice president, Palmer Cmmunicatins, and Lucie Salhany, president f Paramunt's syndicatin divisin. Thmas Oakley, president, Quincy Newspapers, were re- elected t a furth bard term. Retiring frm the bard are Thmas Ckerly, president, bradcast divisin, Allbrittn Cmmunicatins; James C. Dwdle, president, Tribune Cmpany Bradcasting, and Gary Lieberthal, chairman, Clumbia/Embassy Televisin. Reagan hpes third time's the charm fr high curt pick President nminates San Francisc appeals curt judge fr Supreme Curt after Ginsburg is undne fllwing revelatin by NPR's Ttenberg f past marijuana use Judge Anthny Kennedy f the U.S. Curt f Appeals fr the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisc, represents President Reagan's third effrt t fill the Supreme Curt seat left vacant in June when Assciate Justice Lewis F. Pwell Jr. retired. And thse cncerned primarily with Kennedy's views regarding the media apparently have little reasn t be cncerned. He is viewed as a judicial cnservative wh hlds generally the same strng First Amendment views as thse espused by Pwell. Indeed, a preliminary check int Kennedy's backgrund by the Reprters Cmmittee fr Freedm f the Press indicates, accrding t the cmmittee's executive directr, Jane Kirtley, that Kennedy "lks very gd." Kennedy, wh has been n the appeals curt bench fr 12 years, appeared with the President in the White Huse press rm last Wednesday (Nv. 11) as Reagan annunced his intentin t nminate the 51- year-ld jurist. It was the type f scene that had been played ut twice befre since the summer. First, it was the President and Judge Rbert Brk f the U.S. Curt f Appeals in Washingtn, whse nminatin the Senate last mnth rejected by a vte f 58 t 42. Then, it was the President and Judge Duglas Ginsburg, Brk's clleague n the D.C. circuit, wh withdrew his name frm cnsideratin n Nv 7 in the midst f the cntrversy that blew up ver his acknwledgment that he had smked marijuana, bth as a cllege student in the 1960's and in the 1970's when he was n the Harvard law schl faculty. Ginsburg's acknwledgment fllwed the disclsure f his use f the drug, nt by the FBI, which had cnducted fur backgrund checks n him in cnnectin with his appintment t high -level gvernment psts, but by Natinal Public Radi. NPR's legal affairs crrespndent, Nina Ttenberg, had learned f Ginsburg's invlvement with marijuana during her wn backgrund check. Ginsburg's statement cnfirming his use f the drug was issued late in the afternn f Nv 5, after Ttenberg had called the Justice Department fr cmment n the infrmatin she had develped and shrtly befre she was t g n the air with the first Kennedy (I) and Reagan Bradcasting Nv f tw reprts n her findings. As fr Kennedy, he has been described as a mderate -t- cnservative jurist. And Bruce Fein, the frmer FCC general cunsel wh is nw a legal cnsultant, said Kennedy des nt have "a judicial philsphy; he decides each case n its facts." But he wuld be mre likely than Pwell t uphld federal preemptin f state regulatin, said Fein. "He wuld read the Cable Cmmunicatins Plicy Act mre bradly than wuld Pwell." As fr freedm f speech and press cases, Fein said, "he will ech the views f Lewis Pwell, wh was a staunch defender f the First Amendment, very wary f putting restrictins n speech regarding bscenity and prngraphy." The Reprters Cmmittee's Kirtley had nt had much time t research Kennedy's recrd n media issues; althugh she began the prject several weeks ag, when Kennedy, alng with Ginsburg, was n the shrt list f pssible nminees the White Huse cmpiled after the Senate rejected Brk's nminatin, she stpped when Ginsburg was chsen. But Kirtley fund sme prir restraint, libel and freedm -f- infrmatin cases in which Kennedy had written the appeals curt's pinins, and in all f which the curt had cme dwn n the side f the media. 'Iiv prir -restraint cases invlved bradcasters. In Gldblum v. NBC, in 1978, a frmer executive, Stanley Gldblum, wh had been cnvicted f securities and insurance fraud had sught a curt rder barring

48 TOP OF THE WEEK I NBC frm airing a dcudrama n the case, Billin Dllar Bubble. Gldblum alleged the prgram was sht thrugh with errrs and wuld jepardize his effrt t btain a parle. A few hurs befre the prgram was scheduled fr bradcast, n June 7, 1978, the district curt judge in the case rdered NBC t turn ver a tape f the prgram fr his review, and when the NBC lawyer refused, n First Amendment grunds, had him jailed. A few hurs later, in respnse t an appeal by NBC, a three judge panel f the ninth circuit rdered the lawyer released, and permitted the prgram t be aired. Later, the panel's pinin, written by Kennedy, was issued. It said the trial curt's rder wuld have been an impermissible interference with the editrial prcess. And in 1985, Kennedy wrte the pinin in which a panel upheld a CBS request fr an rder directing a district curt t unseal pretrial dcuments relating t the criminal prsecutin f aut maker Jhn DeLrean's c- defendant. "We begin with the presumptin that the public Cnference examines prtectins fr new infrmatin technlgies A key member f a Huse telecmmunicatins panel last week warned bradcasters, newspaper publishers and cable peratrs t stp turning ecnmic turf fights int First Amendment battles. In an appearance taped fr mre than 150 cmmunicatins industry fficials at a First Amendment cnference in San Dieg, Rep. Al Swift (D -Wash.) said the industry risks alienating lawmakers by placing its ecnmic interests first. Swift, wh serves n the Huse subcmmittee n telecmmunicatins and finance, was frced t cancel his trip after a sudden snw strm hit the natin's capital. He sent his message by satellite t the cnference which fcused n "First Amendment: Third Century" Spnsred by the San Dieg Cmmunicatins Cuncil and Califrnia State University, San Dieg, the cnference reviewed the current state f the First Amendment and related issues including whether cnstitutinal prtectins will be applied t infrmatin delivered by new technlgies. "As we prgress in the next few years, technlgy is ging t lengthen the arm f all kinds f peple wh have legitimate First Amendment prtectin," Swift said. "But there is ging J be an enrmus temptatin...t try and wrap any ecnmic desire these entities have in a First Amendment clak in rder t give a false superirity t an argument." The result, he said, will be t "cheapen it t the pint that public plicy makers are nt taking it seriusly." Swift called fr restraint by thse "wh wuld seek a First Amendment argument as a basic defense as we mve int the turf battles f the future." He questined whether legislative effrts by the natin's newspaper publishers t keep telephne cmpanies ut and the press have a right f access t criminal prceedings and dcuments filed therein," Kennedy wrte. (Kennedy als jined in an pinin, in 1982, affirming the right f the public and press t attend bth a pretrial hearing n suppressin f evidence and the selectin f a jury. The Ls Angeles Times had appealed a trial judge's ruling denying access t bth. The panel said the evidence -suppressin hearing and the selectin f the jury were presumptively pen and that the trial curt was wrng in clsing them.) In a case decided by a panel f the Ninth Circuit earlier this year, Kennedy indicated an unwillingness t side with libel plaintiffs when pinin -n matter hw extreme -is invlved. The suit had been filed against the frmer mayr f Santa Mnica, Calif., Ruth Yanatta Gldway, by a plitical ppnent named Ilse Kch. Gldway had likened the German -brn wman t "a well -knwn Nazi war criminal named Ilse Kch during Wrld War II." Kennedy said the statement was First Amendment sptlighted f electrnic infrmatin delivery services is an apprpriate First Amendment argument. The lawmaker als recalled that ABC, CBS and NBC argued the First Amendment t fend ff cngressinal interference after the 1980 presidential electins. Swift said that the early electin utcme predictins frm netwrk exit plls frced President Carter t cncede, harming sme clse state and lcal races in the West. The netwrks drpped the cnstitutinal defense and acknwledged "serius questins abut the jurnalistic prpriety" f the L-r: BROADCASTING magazine's Edwin James: Bill Bggs and Manly Huff f Gray, Cary, Ames & Frye, San Dieg; Califrnia State's Linel Van Deerlin and Henry Geller f Washingtn Center fr Public Plicy Research "nthing mre than a vicius slur" but nt libelus because it was an expressin f pinin rather than fact. Kennedy wrte, "The law f defamatin teaches...that in sme instances speech must seek its wn refutatin withut interventins by the curts." And in Lng v. IRS, a freedm-f- infrmatin case, Kennedy wrte fr a unanimus panel that in 1979 adpted a brad interpretatin f an amendment t the FOI Act t require the IRS t divulge infrmatin sught by a taxpayer. The panel ruled that the material shuld be released as lng as infrmatin identifying the taxpayer was deleted. Hwever, ther circuits have adpted cnflicting interpretatins f the amendment, and last week the Supreme Curt affirmed a narrwer view -denying release f the data the IRS was required t prvide in Lng -that had been taken by the D.C. circuit. That circuit's pinin was written by Judge Antnin Scalia in May 1986, shrtly befre his elevatin t the high curt. practice when they agreed t stp it, he said. David Laventhl, president f the Times Mirrr C., said that while the First Amendment will have a "durable future" as far as prtecting the rights f newspapers and ther print mediums, "the shape f ther media in the future is much less certain." Laventhl said the "free flw f infrmatin in thse media which this [First ment] cnference is fcusing n is certainly less secure" than print. The issue is a majr cncern t crpratins such as Times Mirrr, a diversified me- L -r: FCC Cmmissiner James Quell; cnference c- chairmen Herman Land and Sig Mickelsn, and Merrill Lessley. dean f the Cllege f Prfessinal Studies and Fine Art. Bradcasting Nv

49 I dia cmpany which publishes The Ls Angeles Times and includes a magazine divisin, fur televisin statins and mre than 900,000 basic cable subscribers. As Laventhl sees it, "traditinal prtectins shuld apply, even if the medium is untraditinal." That view recently was reinfrced in a curt case in New Yrk where the judge ruled that an n -line cmputer service was entitled t the same cnstitutinal prtectin as a newspaper. Time Inc. Chairman J. Richard Munr lashed ut at the Reagan administratin and accused it f clamping dwn n First Amendment freedms and presenting a threat t the pen marketplace f ideas. Delivering the pening night's keynte address, he accused the administratin f being hypcritical by favring press restrictins while encuraging less gvernment regulatin. "Increasingly, the emphasis is n what the peple shuldn't knw and the media shuldn't reprt," he said. "I find it irnic that sme f the advcates f these restrictins are the same peple wh, at least when it cmes t the ecnmy, speak abut getting gvernment ff ur backs. "But when it cmes t the free market f ideas and infrmatin, they seem t take an ppsite tack: putting gvernment n peple's backs with their hands ver their eyes," he said. While issues such as natinal security must be cnsidered, Munr said that "the real challenge in a demcracy like urs is t limit these ccasins as strictly as we can, t insure that the nrmal flw f facts and pinins is as pen and as candid as we can humanly make it." Munr said this administratin has shwn a "special zeal" in its attempts t decide what the American peple shuld knw. "Frm the exclusin f the press frm the Grenada invasin t the secret wars f the CIA, t the disinfrmatin campaign sur- i TOP OF THE WEEK runding the raid n Libya, t the whle sad, srdid mess f Irangate -where even the President was suppsedly kept in the dark - we've seen a grwing passin fr secrecy and manipulatin... he said. Huse passes unifrm pll clsing bill Swift bill wuld shut vting bths at 9 p.m. (NYT): Senate actin n cmpanin measure uncertain One cngressinal answer t declining vter turnut in presidential electins -a unifrm pll clsing law -made its way thrugh the Huse last week. Nw it mves t the Senate, where it has fared prly in the past. The bill (H.R. 435) -a respnse t the age f televisin and exit plling in which prjectins f winners based n results in the East are knwn befre the plls clse in the rest f the cuntry-wuld have the plls clse at 9 p.m. eastern standard time in the eastern, central, muntain and Pacific time znes. Alaska and Hawaii wuld be exempt. Passage f the measure wuld discharge Cngress's respnsibility under an agreement with ABC, CBS and NBC. They have lng pressed fr a unifrm pll clsing bill as an answer t cmplaints that their prjectins f the winner in presidential electins, based n early returns, held dwn vter turnut. They, alng with Westinghuse Bradcasting C. and Turner Bradcasting, agreed in 1985 nt t use exit plling- interviews with vters leaving the vting bth -t prject winners in the 1986 midterm electins until the plls in a state clsed. That, said Al Swift (D- Wash.), chief spnsr f the bill in flr debate preceding final Huse passage last week, "slved half the prblem." The ther half, he said, is that in a large cuntry, divided int several time znes, it is pssible fr actual vte ttals in states where plls have clsed t reveal the utcme f an electin while plls elsewhere in the cuntry are still pen. "Only a unifrm pll clsing time can prevent that," Swift said. Under the legislatin, the plls wuld clse at 9 p.m. in the East, 8 p.m. lcal time in the central time zne and 7 p.m. lcal time in the muntain states. T enable plls in the Pacific time zne t clse at 7 p.m. instead f 6 p.m. lcal time, daylight saving time in thse states wuld be extended fr an additinal tw weeks during presidential electin years. Representative Bill Frenzel (R- Minn.), an ppnent f the measure, was nt impressed. He said the bill "is attacking a windmill, a prblem that is nt a prblem." He said there is n credible study that indicates vters n the West Cast refrain frm vting because f reprts f vting results n the East Cast. He called the bill "a Rube Gldberg device" that wuld cause cnfusin and, cnsequently, "disenfranchise - ment" f vters. Swift's psitin prevailed, but nt by an verwhelming margin -208 t 189, with 36 members nt vting. Nw the questin is whether the measure will d better in the Senate than it did in the last Cngress, when the Huse passed a unifrm pll clsing bill nly t see it die in cmmittee in the Senate. Senatr Dn Riegle (D- Mich.) has intrduced a bill (S. 182) identical t Swift's in the Senate, and it has been referred t the Rules and Administratin Cmmittee. Aides t the cmmittee chairman, Wendell Frd (D -Ky.), say hearings will be held, but nt until early next year. The bill has nine c- spnsrs, including three wh are members f the Rules and Administratin Cmmittee -Senatrs Patrick Mynihan (D- N.Y.), Daniel Inuye (D- Hawaii) and Brck Adams (D- Wash.). Frd has yet t indicate his psitin n the bill. Public bradcasters lking fr a sure thing Christensen. Ledwig, Baker. thers tell Senate hearing that service's number -ne pririty is a sufficient and dependable surce f mney Public bradcasters brught their wish lists t the Senate Cmmunicatins Subcmmittee last week, and at the tp f mst f them was a plea fr what Public Bradcasting Service President Bruce Christensen called "a reliable and adequate surce f funding." "Securing such funding is the great unfinished business f ur enterprise," Christensen said at the hearing. "It is the key t sustaining prgraming excellence, preserving the institutin's nncmmercial nature and extending its usefulness int hmes, schls and wrkplaces acrss the natin." Mst f the witnesses endrsed the Senate Cmmerce Cmmittee's beleaguered prpsal t prvide public bradcasting with "a reliable and adequate surce f funding" thrugh a 2%e- t -5'/c fee n the sale f FCC licenses by bradcasters and ther users f the electrmagnetic spectrum. Effrts t enact the fee, Christensen said, are the "mst imprtant and curageus steps in 20 years t slve this prblem." The Cmmerce Cmmittee, chaired by Ernest Hllings (D- S.C.), is the parent f Daniel Inuye's (D- Hawaii) Cmmunicatins Subcmmittee. Dnald Ledwig, president f the Crpratin fr Public Bradcasting, in his testimny, called the transfer fee an "innvative step" tward the establishment f a "secure and stable surce f federal funding." Bill Baker, president f WNET-TV New Yrk and frmer president f Grup W Televisin, called the fee prpsal "nthing shrt f a strke f genius. Yu may have fund ne f the keys t ur survival." Duglas Bennet, president f Natinal Public Radi, said NPR is encuraging its listeners by mail t supprt the measure. "When the [tranfer fee] is enacted int law, the fund will enable us t fulfill ur missin f expanding service t all Americans and it insures that public bradcasters can cntinue t build an infrmatinal and cultural service fr ur cuntry." Despite Bennet's apparent ptimism, the transfer fee is mre a questin f "if' than "when." Cmmercial bradcasters, led by the Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters, have apparently succeeded in derailing the fee, and, as f last Friday, it was unclear whether Cngress wuld cme up with an alternative that wuld insure the permanent, lng -term funding that public bradcasting wants. As an alternative t the fee, the NAB has prpsed an excise tax n televisin sets, radi receivers and VCR's (see stry, page 130). At the hearing, Hllings asked fr alternatives t his fee and the NAB's excise tax, but received little respnse. Jhn Wicklein, directr f the Kiplinger Midcareer Prgram in Public Affairs Reprting at Ohi State Uni- Bradcasting Nv

50 t versity Schl f Jurnalism, wh culd nt make the hearing, submitted written testimny suggesting three ther alternatives - an imprt tax n TV sets manufactured verseas, a levy n the grss revenues f cmmercial bradcasters and a spectrum fee. Bennet was as negative n NAB's excise tax as he was psitive n the transfer fee. "The excise tax is regressive," he said. "It has all the disadvantages f a natinal sales tax." Hllings urged public bradcasters t cunter the effrts f their cmmercial cunterparts and lbby fr the transfer fee. We need t fire up these senatrs," he said. "We need fr yu t put n the pressure like the cmmercial bradcasters. They are all ver up here nw and they are ready t kill it." The witnesses agreed that a surce f adequate funding beynd the reach f the annual cngressinal budget prcess wuld have manifld benefits fr public bradcasting. Indeed, Christensen and Ledwig see it as a kind f panacea. Adequate funding is the key t prducing "quality prgraming," Christensen said in his testimny. "Withut it, public televisin will cntinue t have shining mments, but it will be difficult t sustain its prgraming excellence, increase its editrial diversity, expand the audience it serves r remain respnsive t unique lcal needs by prviding custm -tailred lcal prgram services, as mandated by Cngress." I TOP OF THE WEEK I It is als the key t preserving public bradcasting's nncmmercial nature, he said. Because f financial uncertainties, sme statins have turned t "enhanced underwriting" and put themselves in the awkward psitin f being "a bit t cmmercial." Such funding will als insulate public bradcasters frm attempts t influence their prgraming, Christensen said. "Withut it, there is always the danger that... statins and prducers, desperate fr funding, may be tempted t fashin their prgrams t appeal t a crprate r gvernmental entity that cntrls the purse -strings." In additin, Christensen said, such funding is needed fr prgram prmtin and advertising and t insure that public bradcasting achieves its gal f serving every hme in the cuntry. "Indeed, a majr issue currently cnfrnting public televisin is the replacement r refurbishment f its existing satellite intercnnectin system." Ledwig and Christensen als said public bradcasting has t keep up technlgically. "Public televisin and radi must cntinue t serve the natin by prviding the highest technical quality in ur prgrams, whether high definitin and stere televisin, r digital audi, interactive vide fr educatin r direct bradcast satellite distributin f classrm instructin t remte schlhuses," Ledwig said in his testimny. Bennet had just ne specific request: in- crease the prtin f a public statin's revenue that cmes frm CPB frm tday's 15% t abut 25%. Such an increase will "reinfrce the statin's ability t prduce lcally," he said. "Strnger lcal prductin will mean better material fr inclusin in ur natinal prgram vehicles. It will mean larger lcal audiences thrugh the day, mre supprt frm listeners and underwriters and a strnger base f financial supprt fr natinal prgraming." Attempts t influence public bradcasters' prgraming decisins was the secndary tpic f the hearing. In respnse t a questin frm Inuye, Ledwig said reprts f undue influence were "exaggerated. The rhetric n that subject far exceeds the recrd," he said. "I have nt seen the intrusin that is smetimes seen in the media." "The insulatin frm pliticizatin is exceedingly great," said Baker. "CPB des a gd jb f that." Christensen was nt s sure. He said CPB itself has intruded int prgraming decisin - making and expressed cncern that its prpsal t analyze the cntent f prgraming may have a "chilling effect" n future prgraming effrts. Befre leaving the hearing, Hllings presented a fanciful slutin t public bradcasting's mney prblems. "I think if I culd be king fr a day I'd appint Jesse Jacksn as the head f public bradcasting," he said. "Then yu wuld get sme mney." I Examining ethics at SDX /SPJ "The Chicag Experience" was what the 79th natinal cnventin f the Sciety f Prfessinal Jurnalists /Sigma Delta Chi prmised its participants last week, and given the plitical climate at the meeting, that was what they gt. Mre than 900 jurnalists and students wh attended the cnference were ffered an array f prfessinal wrkshps - 41 in all, ranging frm reprter- editr relatinships t cvering the lcal angle n internatinal terrrism -alng with trips t lcal newsrms and bureaus. They als encuntered a heated cntrversy ver an ethics clause in the SPJ /SDX charter which calls fr the sciety "t actively censure" fellw members fr vilating its cde f ethics. The debate, which threatens t split the rganizatin, cmes at a time when SPJ /SDX is rerganizing its structure and dues t try t stem declining membership and revenue. The natinal bard has recmmended deleting the cntrversial censure prvisin. Rbert H. Wills, president f the sciety and editr f the Milwaukee Sentinel, said in his message t the meeting that the prvisin has "serius legal implicatins t the philsphical aspects f censring jurnalists." Delegates were scheduled t vte Saturday (Nv 14) n the measure. On the ther side f the issue, Casey Buckr, envirnmental reprter fr the Chicag Tribune, and frmer head f SDX's ethics cmmittee, argued fr the prvisin, saying that "gd jurnalists shuld pint ut bad cases." Despite their differences f pinin n this issue, bth sides agreed that mre emphasis must be placed n ethics at the cllege and entry- level, as well as in the sciety's prfessinal chapters. That feeling was reflected in the discussins f nearly a dzen f the panels. James K. Plk, investigative reprter fr NBC News, was a panelist at "Private Lives, Public Figures and Others," a discussin that centered n reprters' privilege and ethical cnsideratins. Tw separate sessins were ffered n "dealing with ethical issues under deadline pressure," ne fr students and ne fr wrking jurnalists. "Lunch, Dinner, Disney Wrld and Other Freebees: Jurnalism, Public Relatins, and Ethics," dealt with the cntrversial free trips fr jurnalists t Disney Nbrld last year, ethics cdes, sprts tickets, free mvie passes and the plight f the small newspaper that cannt affrd t cver everything its editrs might like t. A sessin featuring Tm Olipant, plitical reprter fr the Bstn Glbe, and Jim McGee, the investigative reprter fr the Miami Herald wh bserved Dnna Rice in the cmpany f Gary Hart at Hart's Washingtn twnhuse, was standing rm nly. Mre than 400 peple attended the discussin which examined the ethics f stakeut jurnalism and the rules and ethical guidelines fr cvering plitical candidates. One f the mre cntrversial issues, drug screening in the newsrm, featured a spirited debate n the cnstitutinality f drug testing that was mderated by James Duncan, directr f emplye relatins fr the Ls Angeles Times, which requires drug testing as part f its hiring prcess. "The gal is t prvide pay and benefits better than any ther similar cmpany and we made a business decisin in 1985 that allws prvisins fr drug testing," he said. "It prvides a safer place t wrk and it cuts lsses." Anther panelist, Greg Bean, wh was fired frm a Freeprt, Ill., paper fr refusing t take a drug test, said "drug testing with n prbable cause is an utrage." Other panel discussins ranged frm ways t tackle the jb market, t hw t write better bradcast news, t hw technlgy affects delivery systems. And in an effrt t leave n cntrversial stne unturned, the cnference even ffered a sessin n "hw jurnalists lve, wrk, lve wrk and try t make lve wrk." Bradcasting Nv



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54 MULTIPLE CAMERAS. ONE OPERATOR. Impssible? Nt if yur cameras are munted n EPO Serv -Cntrlled pan and tilt heads. These extrardinary, labr- saving devices, which first fund favr in legislatures where remte -cntrlled, unbtrusive cverage was a key factr, are nw the basis fr cmplete remte -cntrlled news studis. Just lk at these utstanding features: Up t 500 preprgrammed psitins per camera, including cntrl f iris and black levels Prgrammable fade mdes that prvide smth transitin frm preprgrammed shts Ability t zm and fcus Unbtrusive Can be perated via telephne lines r micrwave in a remte studi away frm the main studi lcatin wide range f pan and tilt heads, fr full studi cameras with teleprmpters t ENG type cameras Wide range f cntrl ptins, frm panels with multiple -sht memries t simple jy stick remte cntrls. Its flexible, affrdable -and it's sld and serviced exclusively in the U.S.A. by A.F. Assciates. THE RADAMEC EPO REMOTE CAMERA CONTROL SYSTEMS Yur news shw's bttm line will never lk s gd. AFA A.F. ASSOCIATES INC. ADVANCED SYSTEMS AND PRODUCTS FOR THE VIDEO INDUSTRY 100 STONEHURST COURT NORTHVALE NJ SCRIPPS RANCH BLVD SUITE 200 SAN DIEGO CA (

55 It is the dawn, r perhaps already mid -mrning, f the "We" generatin in lcal jurnalism. The micrwave dish and the satellite newsgathering vehicle have put the wrld at the fingertips f the mst remte bradcast r cable utlet, and the lgistics, as well as the price tag, f taking best advantage f the new newsgathering technlgies have united thse statins in reginal satellite cperatives and ad hc netwrks. As evidenced by this year's special reprt, entire newscasts can, and d, riginate frm virtually anywhere. Frm cvering the visit f the Ppe t the single survivr f a plane crash, electrnic jurnalists enlarged their territry as never befre, and increasingly that territry was anywhere there was news t reprt, stries t investigate r a public t serve. Amng the scial prblems Fifth Estaters have tackled in their dcumentaries and public affairs prgraming this year are AIDS, substance abuse, hunger and pverty. Capsule reprts n what statins and systems have been reprting n ver the last year -plus begin n page 58. 3radcasting Nv SS

56 GETAWAY I5 FARAWAY PLACES Intrducing GETAWAY. The entertainment adventure abut the fascinating peple, amazing places and exciting events that clr ur wrld and capture ur imaginatin. GETAWAY is the magazine shw that's the nly place t g in Prime Access fr Fall '88. Already Sld KCBS KYW WBZ KPIX as Angeles I hii1<íciphil Bstn San Francisc

57 /%1IMY Five nights a week, thirty minutes a night, yur udience is ging t escape t picture pstcard places they lpe t see smeday... and t faraway places they have my dreamed abut. Like the Great Wall f China. A miracle f ancient raftsmanship, with a cmplex, mdern culture thriving in :s shadw. Yur audience will meet the cntemprary peple whse rts g back thusands f years, the legacy f their culture interwven with reality f the 20th Century. Fr thirty minutes every weekday evening, viewers will be transprted t a very special place and t yur statin. GETAWAY. Because ging places sends ratings saring. KDKA Piusbtu,..;h WJZ Baltimre Fr Fall '88 Prduced By AnatiuTtien4 GROUP W PRODUCTION: c u c> t In Assciatin With A WESTINGHOUSE BROADCASTING COMP/ 3801 BARIUM MAHAN los ANGEUS CA

58 Ppe's arrival n WSPA -TV Frest fires n KXTV (TV) DC9 crash n WXYZ -TV The ht spts in spt news On Aug. 16, a Nrthwest Airlines DC 9 crashed n takeff frm Detrit's Metrplitan Airprt. It was a Sunday night and wxrz -TV had a skeletn news crew Immediately the crew implemented a pre -planned disaster prcedure. News management was ntified and additinal staff called in. The statin was n the air with a reprt within minutes, and a crew was at the crash site, with thers sent t the airprt, area hspitals, t a nearby neighbrhd strewn with wreckage, the car rental building struck by the plane, the FAA, and ther lcatins. Cverage included live satellite reprts frm Minneaplis, hme f Nrthwest, and Phenix, the planes destinatin. The key t the cverage, said the statin, was planning. The disaster plan is a "layering prcess" that determines wh is t be called and in what rder. It allwed the statin peple t be in the right place at the right time and t air many exclusive reprts, including, accrding t the statin, that there was nly ne survivr (4- year -ld Cecelia Cichan). Als part f the latering plan is assigning ne reprter t handle all the calls frm utside media. Withut a persn t handle such calls, said the statin, prducers and the assignment desk wuld be tied up with utside calls. On March 4, a turbprp cmmuter plane crashed and burned while trying t land at Metrplitan airprt. Again, with preplanned assignments, the statin was first n the air with reprts f the crash and first with live pictures frm the scene. Cverage included exclusive hme vide f the accident. When lightning sparked the wrst fire seasn in Califrnia histry, itxrv(tv) Sacrament, Calif., carried extensive live cverage ver a 10- day perid. Newscasts included up t five live reprts in a single bradcast, cvering fires frm the Sierra t the Nrthern Cast and the state's fire cmmand headquarters. Kxry brught viewers rare lks behind the fire lines. CBS News aired tm reprts as part f its daily fire cverage. With the additin f a satellite truck just ver fur mnths ag, WsPA -TV Spartanburg, S.C., has been able t present events 'live', and increase its gegraphical cverage. WSPA -TV has used the "Satellite 7" t cver events in Kentucky, Nrth and Suth Carlina, and Flrida. During the Ppe's visit t Clumbia, S.C., WSPA -TV sent 30 emplyes t Clumbia and established a skybth at Williams -Brice Stadium, where the Ppe held services. The statin used the "Satellite 7" t prvide viewers with virtual "wall t wall" cverage, suspended nly fr 40 minutes during which the Ppe was in private meetings. In January, a majr snw strm paralyzed much f upstate Suth Carlina. The strm, which dumped 11 inches f snw n the area, left many rads impassable, created pwer utages and clsed schls and businesses. WSPA -TV expanded its cverage thrughut the day t keep viewers updated n which rads were in peratin, which schls and businesses were pen and the effrts f the pwer cmpany t restre electricity WsPA -rv's sprts cverage has been greatly enhanced by "Satellite 7 ". When the University f Suth Carlina plays ftball, the statin can drive the truck t the site and prvide highlights immmediately fllwing the game. High schl ftball cverage has been expanded as well. Because WSPA-TV'S market is s large, it wuld be impssible t have the "Satellite 7" prvide highlights frm the varius high schl games. The statin, therefre, has the truck driven t a central lcatin, and phtgraphers bring their vide t the truck t be fed back t the statin. Mnths f planning went int WMAO -TV Chicag's cverage f the primary and mayral races. On primary electin night, the statin preempted the netwrk (NBC) t prvide live cverage at 8-11:45 p.m. On the evening f the mayral race, the cverage lasted frm 8 p.m. t 1 a.m. Cverage was anchred by Carl Marin and Rn Magers, with reprters statined at varius wards and a panel f experts available fr cmmentary, including Chicag Tribune clumnist Mike Ryk. The statin als bradcast tw half -hur news specials n the mayral electin. Drafting the Debate analyzed the candidates' perfrmance n a televised debate, and Where They Stand, which aired tw days befre the electins, gave viewers a last lk at the candidates and the issues. Anther wmw -TV stry turned quickly frm spt cverage t expse. Fr years, law enfrcement agents had been trying t shut dwn what they believed t be a majr narctics ring perating ut f the headquarters f a Chicag gang. Marin was tipped t a raid by federal and lcal agents, and was the first reprter n the scene as agents uncvered a cache f weapns alng with sme drug paraphenalia. While the stry seemed t end there. Marin discvered that the gang was stckpiling weapns in an effrt t sell their services as terrrists t Libyan leader Muammar Khaddafi. Marin reprted the Khaddafi cnnectin n the 6 p.m. newscast. By 8 p.m., six surces had cnfirmed the stry and added infrmatin that was incrprated int the 10 p.m. newscast and the 6 p.m. and 10 p m casts the fllwing day. NBC Netwrk News picked up the stry, as well as Chicag papers. Three mnths later, the U.S. Attrney's ffice indicted the gang's leader, Jeff Frt, and three ther members f the rganizatin. The stry wn a 1986 Peter Lisagr award fr excellence in televisin reprting. Tw trains cllided in a ppulus sectin f Pittsburgh. The resulting fire and chemical leak began a tw -day vigil. Because the accident was n a Saturday, wrae -TV Pittsburgh was wrking with a skeletn staff. Reprter Stu Emry and a phtgrapher were dispatched. They determined the seriusness and called fr a backup crew. Within a half hur, the statin began live cverage. An expert in hazardus chemicals was brught in t assess the danger. Live cut -ins were scheduled thrughut the first afternn and evening. WTAE -TV stayed with the stry as emergency fficials tried t decide n evacuatin prcedures. Shrtly after the 11 p.m. news. evacuatin f a wide area began Accrding t WTAE- Ty it was the nly statin still staffing the stry. It pened up its phne lines t viewers with questins abut the evacuatin and accident. The plice prvided an fficer t assist n the phnes. There were mre than 5,000 calls. Live cut -ins cntinued thrughut the night and all the next day In additin, the statin prduced a half -hur special n the crisis, and the Sunday evening news was expanded t an Bradcasting Nv c

59 MOLLIE PARNIS LIVINGSTON Chairman Nlllie Patis Livingstn Fundatin KEN A Writer /Yen lcker Ciwnnisi New Yrk Dail; sens JOHN CHANCELLOR Cmmentatr \BC News RICHARD M. CLURMAN Frmer Chief f Crrespndents 'time -Life Publicatins Lk-NA" ke 1\--* N 1 P 0 6tv MIKE WALLACE Cme- pndent CBS News OSBORN ELLIOTT Prfessr f Jurnalism Clumbia University ELLEN GOODMAN Clumnist Bstn Glbe CHARLAYNE HUNTER -GAULT Natinal Crrespndent MacNeil /Lehrer Newshur THREE S5,000 PRIZES will be given by the Mllie Parris Livingstn Fundatin fr the best 1987 print r bradcast The Livingstn Awards PURPOSE: lb recgnize and further develp the abilities f yung jurnalists. PROCEDURE: All entries will be judged n the basis f a single reprt r, in the case f series, up t seven reprts. Organizatins may apply fr individuals, r individuals may apply n their wn. The deadline fr 1987 entries is February 15, Applicatin frms may be btained frm Charles R. Eisendrath, Executive Directr, The Livingstn Awards, The University f Michigan, Ann Arbr, Michigan 'Ihlephne: (313)

60 ar. -..:ë_._.:,^fi éî

61 r'.::.,x Iv mink "Wrks Fr Me." A Stephen J. Cannell Prductin TELE VENRRES LOS ANGELES (213) NEW YORK (212)

62 hur. The statin was cited by the Pittsburgh City Cuncil fr its cverage. With its ppulatin 60 -plus percent Cathlic, the Ppe's visit was an imprtant stry. The statin sent reprter Dn Cannn t all 10 stps n the tur. Cannn reprted live frm each stp via satellite. On July 2, 1987, viewers gt a glimpse f a trnad tuching dwn in Adams cunty, Cl., as KMGH -TV Denver reprter and helicpter pilt Peter Peelgrane and phtgrapher Bill Hitchcck flew clse enugh t recrd the funnel. The statin interrupted prgraming t warn nearby residents f the trnad's path. The vide was requested by gvernment weathercasters fr use in their training exercises. Again, Peelgrane was first n the scene when a fire brke ut at Denver's Mile High stadium, hme f the Denver Brncs. The statin prvided live vide cut -ins during the afternn. KMGH -TV cvered live the events surrunding the ambush f tw Denver pliceman. One f the fficers was killed in the incident, which initially appeared t be a dmestic disturbance, and later was fund t have been a man lying in wait fr the fficers after placing a call fr assistance. Reprters Dave Minshall and Lynn Setzer cvered the stry live fr the late news and remained n the air as the plice surrunded the huse and eventually sht their way in. Trnad n KMGH -TV Take the publisher f an award -winning weekly and his staff f reprters, and add an editr - directr, a part-time vdiegrapher, a set and crew, then split the cmmercial time. The result is a barter newscast, Newsline, frm WFHL- TV Decatur, III., a nnprfit cmmercial religius statin with a ttal budget f abut $500,000. The apprach f publisher- prducer -anchr Paul Osbrne t the prgram is t cncentrate n Decatur news (the market is Springfield- Decatur -Champaign) in a Night - line style frmat. The result is spt news cverage plus live studi guests. The prgram airs live at 5 p.m., and is repeated at 11 p.m., althugh the statin airs live cut -ins r ges live at 11 p.m. if the ccasin warrants. When the Decatur Educatin Assciatin went n strike against the schl bard, News - line devted minutes nightly t live interviews with the principal negtiatrs n bth sides. The statin was the first t have an interview with the schl bard president, and did several lcatin stries. When the strike ended, the statin aired an hur -lng special featuring the leaders f bth sides. The statin was cmmended by bth the Schl Bard and the DEA fr its cverage. Change is the bywrd at wrvrtrv) Tampa, Fla. Perhaps mst prminent was the expansin f its 5 p.m. news frm ne -half hur t a full hur. The statin added eight peple t the staff, including phtgraphers, reprters and assciate prducers. A studi hst set was added t the existing field anchr and news anchr. Anther change fr the statin is its partnership with a lcal radi utlet. WPLW(AM) simulcasts wrvr -rv's 6 p.m. newscast. Since many peple are still cmmuting when the prgram airs, the statin feels that the simulcast will attract new viewers frm the cmmuting listeners. The statin has added a tll -free WATS line that viewers can use as a tip line. they have als established a "Neighbrhd Netwrk" vide stringer system. If a viewer gets exclusive vide f a newswrthy event, the statin airs it with full credit. The statin has switched t Beta recrders, is currently switching t CCD cameras and has added micrwave capabilities t its SNV truck. Frmer pitching great Denny McClain was released frm prisn when his cnvictin fr mail fraud was called int questin fllwing a Supreme Curt ruling. The nly way t guarantee same -day bradcast f the stry was t fly a crew t Alabama. The SNV had a prir cmmitment. S a crew was sent t the Alabama prisn. There, they picked up McClain and flew him t Tampa fr an exclusive interview. There were n direct flights, s a plane was chartered. The few thusand dllars it cst, accrding t the statin, was well wrth the exclusive ftage it yeilded. The SNV truck has paid ff in a number f instances. On electin night, the statin hked up with a number f ther Flrida statins fr an ad hc satellite netwrk, and thereby carried the acceptance speeches f the gvernr and a new senatr. When Hurricane Flyd threatened the cast and then crssed the keys heading fr suth Flrida, crews flwed its curse, reprting live n its prgress. Cverage f the Ppe's visit t Miami required mnths f planning. Mre than a dzen staffers went t Miami, plus three trucks, three edit statins and a rented RV that served as a prtable studi. When Ls Angeles was hit by an earthquake Oct. 1, KCBS -TV there says it respnded with "the lngest same day cverage f any Ls Angeles televisin statin." The quake, 6.1 n the Richter Scale, hit at 7:42 a.m. At 7:48, KCBS - Tv reprter Hsea Sanders was n the air with a live reprt. Between 7:49 and 8:14, the statin cut in twice mre. At 8:14, KCBS -TV decided t g with live cverage, preempting regular prgraming, until 1 p.m. Its cverage included a news cnference held by Cal Tech earthquake center and reprts gathered by 12 reprters frm arund suthern Califrnia. At 3 p.m., tw hurs befre the start f its regular news, it returned t cntinuus cverage. lasting until 6:30. Accrding t KCBs -N between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., it was the nly statin in twn ffering news and it dubled its rating fr that time perid. Sixteen days after the initial earthquake, KCBs -TV preempted a full prime time schedule fr a special reprt n earthquake infrmatin. Because Ls Angeles is the largest archdicese in the U.S., KCBS -ry there felt extensive cverage f the visit f Ppe Jhn Paul II last September was warranted. It aired 18 hurs n the stry, beginning fur mnths befre the Ppe's arrival. The kickff was an 11 -part series fr which reprter Rss Becker and crew travelled t Rme. They decided t avid a "sft feature n the Vatican" and pursued instead hw the church frms its psitin n "cntrversial issues." Back in Ls Angeles, Cathlic pinin makers talked abut the "relevance f Vatican dctrine n L.A. daily life." Befre the Ppe arrived, KCBS -TV aired a six - part series in which it featured the results f a pll the statin cnducted n lcal Cathlic attitudes. When the Ppe arrived, the statin claims it aired "the mst cverage f any netwrk statin in the market," ver 14 hurs fllwing the Ppe's activities, plus three hurlng preview /review prgrams. The day he came int L.A., KCBS -ry went live frm 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. and frm 4 p.m. t 8 p.m. At 11 p.m. that day, it aired a special hur -lng bradcast reviewing the day When it cvered the parade (six f the seven VHF statins in Ls Angeles agreed t pl cverage; Kcas -ry was assigned t the parade), 10 cameras and 14 reprters were used. When it was all ver, KCBS -TV had pre -empted three days f scheduled access prgraming and tw f the regu- KCBS -TV captures pit bull attack lar fringe and lcal news blck. Ftage sht by KCBS -TV was picked up by bradcast and print media internatinally, when it filmed a pit bull attack n an animal cntrl fficer. The statin went t d an interview with smene wh had been attacked by a pit bull the night befre. The animal cntrl department had been ntified that the statin was planning t d the interview and that it als hped t get shts f the dg. Animal cntrl arrived n the scene while the reprter was talking t the wner f the pit bull. The wner went back in the huse and warned the animal cntrl fficer t leave r she wuld let the pit bull ut, and she did. The dg ran ut f the huse and "made a beeline fr the fficer." KCBS -TV filmed the incident. The "fld f '86" devastated thusands f hmes in the Tulsa area and much f Eastern Oklahma. K.rRHtrv) Tulsa was n the scene Bradcasting Nv en

63 Thaiiks fr a Great First Year 67uvi,LDxJ7-7, Harvey Sandler General Partner Barry Lewis General Partner PO. BOX 74 HEWLETT NEW YORK (718)

64 This annuncement appears as a matter f recrd nly September, t repeat... Thanks fr a Great First Year Apprximately 70% f the utstanding shares f Cmmn Stck f TELEMATION have been acquired by PRICE COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION The undersigned initiated this transactin Harvey Sandler General Partner PO. BOX 74 HEWLETT NEW YORK ( This annuncement appears as a matter f recrd nly TAK CO_IVIlVIUNICATIONS, INC. has acquired KITV Televisin Hnlulu, Hawaii Barry Lewis General Partner April 1987 The undersigned initiated this transactin Harvey Sandler General Partner Barry Lewis General Partner PO. BOX 74 HEWLETT NEW YORK (718)

65 December, 1986 February, 1987 as annuncement pears as a matter f recrd nly :OM MONWEALTH ;OMMUNICATIONS ERVICES, INC. Is acquired VSPD-AM and VLQR -FM, Tled ie undersigned initiated this transactin This annuncement appears as a matter f recrd nly ML MEDIA PARTNERS has acquired KATC, Televisin Lafayette, LA The undersigned initiated this transactin Harvey Sandler General Partner Barry Lewis General Partner Harvey Sandler General Partner Barry Lewis General Partner t BOX 74 HEWLETT NEW YORK ( P.O. BOX 74 HEWLETT NEW YORK ( is annuncement Tears as a matter f recrd nly 'RICE :OMMUNICATIONS :ORPORATION as acquired isnf, Televisin plin, Missuri he undersigned initiated this transactin April 1987 This annuncement appears as a matter f recrd nly WTVG, INC. $17,500,000 f Subrdinated Ntes and Equity Nvember, 1987 prvided by MEDIA/COMMUNICATIONS PARTNERS an affiliate f N TA Assciates MedialCnununicatins Partners managed fhds prvided the abve equity and debt financing and arrangers fr 852,0(10,0110 f bank lans fr the acquisitin f W PVC, Channel 13; Tled, OH. Harvey Sandler General Partner Barry Lewis General Partner 1. BOX 74 HEWLETT NEW YORK ( Haney. Sandler Barry Lewis gemrai Partner general Partner acted as financial intermediary t the abve parties P.O. BOX 74 HEWLETT NEW YORK (

66 with nnstp live cverage thrughut the fld. Twer Cam 2, which extends 200 feet abve the rf f the statin's studis, allwed it t keep cntinuus watch n the Arkansas River. Because the statin is less than a mile frm the river, it had t be sandbagged t prtect it frm the threat f the rising waters. After the waters subsided (they did nt reach the statin), a dcumentary was prduced examining the rle f the Crps f Engineers and hw the fld management was handled. The entire statin staff was invlved in the effrt, frm live news and weather reprts t manning phnes and even helping viewers vacate their hmes. On Sept 13 -Aug. 8, TV 2 accmpanied the Oklahma cntingent t the Internatina Special Olympics in Suth Bend, Ind. Reprter Linda Gelzer, news prducer Sctt James and phtgrapher Dan Sherpherd jined the athletes at the Ntre Dame campus. Viewers were given live cverage thrughut the games, and a half -hur special highlighted the week's activities. WJSU -TV Annistn, Ala., experimented with SNV t bring its viewers live reprts frm the state capital during last year's gubernatrial electin. The statin jined a grup f five CBS affiliates fr the prject. News Directr Phil Cx and chief phtgrapher Rn Simmns riginated reprts via satellite fr the early and late lcal news. It was the statin's first live news bradcast utside its studi. Reprter Greg Strud spent tw weeks in Prvidence, R.I., where an Alabama judge was tried and acquitted f charges that he had raped a 13- year -ld by while attending a family curt judge's cnference in Prvidence. Strud's reprts were fed daily by satellite via the affiliate cperative system. The statin currently carries an hur and a half f lcal cverage daily, and plans t increase its weekend cverage beginning in early Nvember. After ne f its wrst drughts, Nrth Carlina was hit n Aug. 20 by a series f slw mving strms that dumped heavy rains. The strms prduced flding and trnades that tre thrugh several cunties suth f Raleigh, N.C. The flding frced evacuatins, kncked ut phnes, blcked streets and delayed flights at Raleigh- Durham airprt. WRAL- Tv had reprters statined in varius areas, reprting n the flding and trnades, the prblems they caused and their impact n the cmmunity Charlie Gaddy, the statin's 6 p.m. anchr, did the afternn cut -ins knee deep in fld water. The legal drinking age was abut t be raised and thusand f cllege students in Chapel Hill, N.C., were ut fr a "last fling." What began as a party became a "rit," with sme students thrwing bttles and thers picking fights n the twn's histric Franklin street. A hundred plice fficers were called in t quell the disturbance. Reprter Tim Kent and phtgraphers Jay Jennings and Steve Eliznd cvered the rit, arrests and the mrning atter. WRAL -TV phtgrapher Janet Hundley captured the crash f a C -130 at Frt Bragg, N.C., during a public demnstratin. Three crewmen and ne persn n the grund died when the plane crashed during an exercise. The statin had live reprts at nn, 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. that day, using its satellite truck and micrwave capabilities. Cverage f the crash f Nrthwest Flight 255 in Detrit tk n great significance fr ursv -Tv Phenix when it became apparent the accident wuld have tragic repercussins in that Arizna city, the first stp n the plane's flight plan. Althugh the accident ccurred at a time when the newsrm was lightly staffed, the Cvering the news in The Dead Zne' By Dug Fx, news manager, WFAA -TV Dallas "The majr cities f Texas -Dallas, Frt Wrth, Austin, San Antni, Hustn, Crpus Christi, all the way dwn t the suthern tip f the state at Brwnsville, and pints in- between -are all cnnected by a Western Unin micrwave system. It's easily accessible, cst efficient and used n a daily basis by the majr city statins and their netwrk reginal feeds t swap stries and share cverage. But anything west f Frt Wrth is a virtual televisin dead zne. There's il, gas cattle, sagebrush, jackrabbits, snakes, but n micrwave systems feeding the eastern third f the state and n satellite uplinks until yu reach New Mexic, a hard day's drive frm Dallas -Frt Wrth. That's where three f the state's tp spt news stries ccurred this year: the dead zne. "When a late evening trnad literally blew away the west Texas twn f Saragsa, WFAA -Tv nly had a stry read by an anchr n its 10 p.m. newscast. The next mrning, it wrked with Cable News Netwrk in arranging t get vide f the devastatin -sht by KMID -TV Midland -t be transprted t a statin in Las Cruces, N.M., where it was relayed by satellite simultaneusly t CNN and wfaa -TV which put the unedited vide n the air live as it was fed in. By nn, wfaa -w had its satellite truck n the scene in Saragsa with tw reprters, tw phtgraphers, a field prducer, an editr and an engineer, and interrupted Saturday cartns t bradcast an 'instant' 15- minute special reprt. WFAA -TV beat the cmpeitin and the majr netwrks by hurs. "When the bdies f 18 illegal aliens were fund inside a sweltering railrad bxcar at Sierra Blanca, Tex., the same New Mexic uplink invlving fur lcal TV statins was used fr the initial ftage t be sent back t Dallas fr bradcast. The satellite truck was sent in fr the secnd wave f cverage and fllwups n the tragedy. Again, satellite newsgathering prved t be the vital link fr getting the stry ut. "By mid -summer, WFAA -TV assistant news directr, Jhn Miller, had established a 'g team' f reprters, phtgraphers, editrs, prducers and engineers t be n call n a rtating basis t respnd in the event f a majr spt news develpment. The rescue f 18- mnth -ld Jessica McClure frm an abandned water well in Midland was the first test f the g team. "Althugh Jessica slipped int the well at 10 a.m. and was making big news n the televisin statins in Midland, the stry never hit the wires until late that afternn. WFAA -Tv reprter Matt Quinn called Midland authrities wh tld him they expected t have the girl ut by 8 p.m. Unable t get t Midland n a cmmercial flight in time fr the anticipated rescue, the statin chartered a plane and flew Quinn and a phtgrapher t the scene. "Eight 'clck came and went. Jessica was still trapped. Rescue wrkers digging an escape tunnel alngside the abandned well had hit bedrck. The ging was slw 'Maybe mid - night,' they said when asked when Jessica might be cming ut. "Midway thrugh the 10 p.m. news, executive news directr Marty Haag rlled the dice and gambled. He gambled n sending the SNV truck and the g team t a stry seven hurs away that might be ver in less than tw hurs. The early dispatch f equipment and manpwer wuld be either a strke f gd intuitin r a big waste f time, effrt and mney. It prved t be the mst pivtal decisin in cvering what became a stry f internatinal prprtins. "When dawn brke acrss the west Texas plains, rescue wrkers were still digging their escape tunnel, Jessica was crying, then singing and still stuck, and wfaa -TV was telling its viewers the stry-live -frm the scene 300 -miles and n uplinks away. Matt Quinn and phtgrapher Paul Parist als prvided ABC News, Gd Mrning America and CNN with the initial live cverage f the unflding drama. WF-AA -Tv had the nly uplink ut f Midland fr the first 24 hurs. The statin's Starcam 8 truck became Jessica's vide link t the rest f the wrld. NBC, tw British netwrks, an Australian netwrk and a lng list f statins in every majr city in America wanted a piece f the 'live pie.' Nt everyne culd be serviced. The statin made a decisin t d live reprts fr its c -wned statins- khu -Tv Hustn, K1v Tulsa, wvec -1v Hamptn, Va., and inv Sacrament, Calif. -and fr ABC NewsOne. But its signal ut f Midland was satellited t statins all ver the cuntry. WFAA -1v's newscasts at 5, 6 and 10 were bradcast live n ABC NewsOne t ther ABC affiliates." Bradcasting Nv

67 The nial stiy hen is here. "Reprting live n the scene," is yur news team's all pwerful lead -in with NEWS EXPRESS' satellite news gathering service frm 6.1 E Spacenet. Experience has made us America's leading prvider f Ku band capacity. Custmers like ABC, CBS, and CNN encurage ur leadership psitin. Our Vice Cnnectin Is Unheard Of Elsewhere. Only NEWS EXPRESS features vice cmmunicatin independent f vide. Which means yur peple can talk t the statin... r t any lcatin wrldwide. We Have Mre SNC- Dedicated Transpnders than All The Cmpetitin...Cmbined. In fact, a specially develped scheduling prgram guarantees against duble bking. And five minute increment feeds assure cst effective access. News Express Leads; Yur Audience Fllws. Dn't leave the ptential fr increasing yur audience share up in the air. Cntact ur Bradcast Services Marketing Office at (703) Spacenet 1700 Old Meadw Rad, McLean, Virginia 22102

68 eeht VIkItSásn pcvd \y tcn`bp c 1987 Fries Distributin Cmpany AD Rights Reserved.

69 ff S POille e ee Y1S J1. Sve0Yri. estiti veys1 ew a es evs exeti Xes O e s tie. ti,ace t tie,e s as as e,.. BPRRH ti ti `ay r 19$$,ee `1aabe Seebe Iba,tier p a cas ter, OW he e da ys. p Ser*es bas (Ott e NN dea' COW 6,titi6 Od. O M` 6 py S '. 6'ti t ````0`èd`eg psday QSF`v tfcesr s, ,40 s,ee ax: OP 3,titi10 s 3 C B`'d'' L 65 k ltitl $ yw Teex' yew hea 321 C

70 statin respnded quickly with infrmatin n the tragedy, and with its satellite newsgathering experience, quickly arranged live cverage frm Detrit. On September 14, Ppe Jhn Paul ll visited Phenix. Channel 10 prvided live cverage f the tur, als serving as an integral part f the internatinal press pl. Dave Pattersn led a team f prducers and reprters t the East Cast t prvide live reprts f the Ppe's nine city tur. Jim LeMay, executive prducer f special prjects, was respnsible fr prducing the lcal cverage, which began with a live cut -in frm the airprt as the Ppe arrived. Live cverage cntinued thrughut the day, with highlights frm St. Mary's Basilica and St. Jseph's hspital, cncluding with the papal mass at Arizna State University stadium in Tempe. Tw explsins in tw days tested the "Iwa's news channel" theme f KWWLtrvl Waterl, Iwa. Bth explsins ccurred mre than 100 miles frm the statin. the first was a grain elevatr explsin in Burlingtn, Iwa. Weekday c-anchr Rn Steele flew t Burlingtn t cver the explsin, then flew back t anchr the 6 p.m. newscast. The next day it was weekday c- anchr Liz Mathis's turn, as she traveled t the site f a gas pipeline explsin, ging live with her reprt during the 6 p.m. news. In Octber 1987, during the NFL players strike, CBS affiliate wusa -ry Washingtn sprts reprter Ken Mease was statined in Washingtn, while reprter Chris Grdn was in New Yrk at wes -Tv New Yrk. Mease's live interview with NFLPA executive directr Gene Upshaw was sent via satellite t wcbs -TV and viewed by members f the management cuncil. They respnded immediately t Upshaw's cmments. Reprter Dave Statter and Phtgrapher Greg Guise were n the scene f the Jan. 4 Amtrak crash in Chase, Md. The statin als dispatched the statin's satellite truck and helicpter with a secnd crew The statin prvided updates thrughut the day, fr a ttal f three days. WUSA -TV was the first statin t reprt the June 11, 1987, rupture f a gas line in Centerville, Va. The first reprt was at 11:50 a.m., with updates thrughut the day Reprter Mike Buchanan delivered live interviews frm the area. Tw weeks later, the statin was again first n the scene. with ftage f the site f a natural gas explsin in Germantwn, Md ', ` itaepks y^,... Amtrak crash n WUSA -TV Tw majr events, ne planned, the ther unplanned, captured the attentin f Detrit viewers f WJBK -TV. The first was the crash f Flight 255. Phtgrapher Dan Higgins and sund technician Tbie Bez were n the scene within minutes with the first pictures f the crash. The statin was first n the air with the vide and with eyewitness accunts gathered by reprter Mike Redfrd. Within an hur after the crash, the statin had 15 crews cvering the stry, with seven live shts frm the crash scene, cmmand pst and area hspitals. Accrding t the statin, it was the first t reprt f Cecilia Cichan, the 4- year -ld lne survivr f the crash. Cverage cntinued int the evening, including a ne -and -ne-half-hur editin f the evening news. The stry was updated int the early mrning hurs, with the first reprt live frm Phenix and Ls Angeles, the flight's destinatins. In the ensuing days, reprter Gerge Sells brke the stry f the cckpit circuit breakers fr the vice activated warning device. He revealed that the breakers had been thrwn, disengaging the device. and hypthesized that the crew might have dne s t avid the intrusive nise f the warnings. which are smetimes triggered by rutine preflight maneuvers. Had the warning been engaged, the crew wuld have been alerted that the flaps were nt in the prper psitin at takeff. The Natinal Transprtatin and Safety Bard later cnfirmed the stry. The ther majr stry fr WJBK -TV was the visit f Ppe Jhn Paul II t Detrit. Mre than 100 peple, 20 live remtes and every piece f in -huse equipment were emplyed in the 17 hurs f wall -t-wall live cverage. A special set was built, fur Winnebags were used t huse crews at ne lcatin, while a whle building was rented t get the best remte, and prvide sleeping quarters at anther. T supplement a pl feed, the statin prduced several n -site remtes, plus 25 filler pieces and a ne -hur "instant" special. With almst 5,000 Special Olympians frm 75 cuntries cming t Suth Bend, Ind., and 20,000 vlunteers ready t help ut, the Internatinal Special Olympics cmpetitin was the biggest event in the market. Ws.vtrvl Elkhart, Ind., began its cverage eight weeks befre the games began, with weekly magazine- frmat half -hur specials called A Time fr Hers. The prgrams, reprted by Mary Parks and Je Palmieri, chrnicled the grwth f the Special Olympics mvement while als fcusing n the lives f the mentally retarded and the varius wrldwide rganizatins that help them. The statin prfiled businesses that hire the mentally handicapped, the athletes preparing fr the games and the peple wh wrk with them as caches and helpers. In all, eight half -hurs were prduced. During the week f the Olympics, the 6 p.m. news was bradcast live frm the games each night, plus half -hur wrapups fllwing the late news that fcused n the many inspiring stries f the games. All ttaled, the statin cmmitted 11 hurs f prgraming t the event. Since the games were a half -hur away, the statin had t set up a newsrm n the Ntre Dame campus. The early news remte was at a different lcatin each night. The statin had n budget fr the additinal hurs and equipment fr the cverage -$14,000 in vertime, the cst f telephnes installed at the remte lcatins. The ttal cst was $25,000, mst f which was underwritten by fur lcal spnsrs. The Nv 4, 1986, electin day bradcast f WFRV -TV Green Bay's Eyewitness News was extended frm its usual half hur t 90 minutes t include 24 live reprts and interviews frm candidates' headquarters. -Thrugh the Wiscnsin News Netwrk, the news departments f wlsc -N WTMJ -TV Milwaukee and wfav -Tv merged t frm "the state's largest bradcast newsgathering rganizatin." With these facilities, wfrv-tv was able t riginate live frm Madisn and Milwaukee as well as Green Bay During the week prir t the electin, wfrv-tv aired a series f special reprts prfiling each candidate. The electin day newscast wn an hnrable mentin in the 1986 Wiscnsin UPI cmpetitin fr best newscast. On the mrning f Sept. 3, 1987, a man and a yung by were rescued frm an island in the bay f Green Bay, Wis., where they had spent the night fllwing a bating accident. Althugh anther man wh had been bating with the pair was missing and presumed drwned, the Cast Guard began a search with hpes he had made it t a neighbring island. WFRV -TV assignment editr, Del Vaughn, was mnitring the scanner when he heard the call frm the Cast Guard. He knew the nly way t get the stry wuld be t first get a bat. He rushed hme, hitched his bat t his car and quickly picked up a crew at the statin n his way t the bay. During the time they were n the water, they were the nly statin there, accrding t wfrv -Tv Spt news in Buffal, N.Y., has kept wrva-ry busy. One f the mre dramatic stries ccurred this past July when a man was sptted wandering the streets f Cheektawaga, N.Y., carrying a 12 gauge shtgun. He was surrunded by plice fr tw hurs, during which time reprter Janice Lieberman and phtgrapher Jay Lauder fllwed the gunman's activities. Their cverage ran thrughut the six 'clck newscast. At ne pint the gunman began walking tward Lieberman and Lauder. Lauder remved his camera frm the tripd, but cntinued shting. The rdeal ended at apprximately 6:20 when plice rushed the gunman and tackled him frm behind. Every- I Un.t.1 tcit"jit &`Wal `r WIVE -TV stalks a gunman Bradcasting Nv n

71 _---.. _ CHARLES E. SCRIPPS Allah JACK R. HOWARD Distinguish urself in jurnalistic excellence in the cause f literacy thrugh the Scripps Hward Fundatin Natinal Jurnalism Awards prgram. Named fr the chairman f Scripps Hward Bradcasting C., the Jack R. Hward Jurnalistic Excellence Awards hnr the achievements f radi and televisin statins in cmpetitin categries fr large and small markets. Established in 1972, the awards are cnsidered amng the natin's mst distinguished prizes in bradcast jurnalism. Last year, jurnalistic excellence awards and $8,000 were presented t televisin statins WXFL in Tampa and WBRZ in Batn Ruge, and radi statins KMOX in St. Luis and WJYY in Cncrd, N.H. The Charles E. Scripps Literacy Award is named fr Scripps Hward's chairman f the bard. Intrduced last year, the ne -fa -kind award has been praised by Barbara Bush and literacy advcates natinwide. Detrit televisin statin WXYZ distinguished itself in cmpetitin- Wat d and $2,500 plus a =SpVV to a tse inn 4 2p1 $5,000 literacy grant. This btain entx53g0, ctn tt tad year, tp winners will re Fnde p36. 19ßa ate Éx ceive plaques, cash prizes phne d tt,5 1gß8, es The awat and recgnitin at a black- Rememb jack R e's fan td deadli tie banquet, and finalists will c e é ce Á Sc p4seit ó ñ {ees. receive medallins. Dn't let Chat ce E. 'Mete yur wrk g unnticed Jan Distinguish yurself. WM= SCRIPPS HOWARD FOUNDATION NATIONAL JOURNALISM AWARDS

72 thing was shwn live. Other wive-ry spt stries included: Cverage f the Ppe's visit t the U.S. Buffal has the third -largest Plish cmmunity in the cuntry and 80% f the ppulatin there is Cathlic. The statin's cverage began with a series f reprts n the status f the Cathlic church in America and cntinued with crews sent t the first and last stps n the Ppe's tur. Anchr -reprter Bb Kp filed live reprts via satellite frm Miami and a week later was jined in Detrit by reprter Wadi Sawa - bini. In all, mre than a dzen reprts were sent via satellite back t the statin. Fllw -up cverage f the crash f a Nrthwest Airlines plane in Detrit, whse victims included six western New Yrkers. The destructin by fire f a dwntwn Buffal church. The arrest f a suspect in the murder f tw Buffal priests. The suspect was caught three mnths later in San Dieg and, accrding t wive -N it gt the first interview with him. This stry wn the statin an award frm the Assciated Press. UA summer fld and, a few weeks later, a trnad. The slaying f an Erie cunty sheriff 's deputy In September, W.LA -TV Washingtn began clsed- captining its 11 p.m newscast fr the mre than 400,000 deaf and hearing -mpaired viewers in the market, ne f the largest such ppulatins in the natin. The $100,000 cst fr a year f captining was underwritten by Peple's Drug Stres, JKJ Chevrlet, Martin - Marietta and Riggs Natinal Bank. The statin fcused n team cverage f spt news ver the past year. A gd example was cverage f the Iran -cntra hearings. Thrughut the hearings, the statin had a reprter live at the Capitl, anther cvering behind- the -scenes events, and each evening presented a live talk -back segment with a principal cmmittee member abut the day's events. When an Amtrak train derailed dear Baltimre in January, wjla -Tv had a reprter live n the scene: anther wh cnducted interviews with Amtrak fficials, witnesses and victims, and a third wh reprted n the factrs that might have caused the accident. Minutes atter learning f the Califrnia earthquake, KIRO-TV Seattle was n the air with the latest infrmatin. The statin gt infrmatin ahead f the wire services by calling peple in the Ls Angeles area. The statin cmbined its infrmatin with vide frm CNN t d its wn live reprts thrughut the mrning. cverage cntinued at nn with live telephne reprts frm Califrnia, and live reprts frm the University f Washingtn Seismlgy lab. On the afternn newscasts, live reprts cntinued, including nes frm a reprter sent t Ls Angeles. A few minutes befre the end f its 6:30 newscast, smke was sptted frm a nearby restaurant. KiRO -Tv's news helicpter was dispatched t check it ut and the smke was reprted n the newscast. Within minutes, the smke turned int a three -alarm fire, patrns were evacuated and the building burned t the grund. KIRO -TV brke in repeatedly with live reprts frm the air and grund, with a wrap -up n the 11 p.m. news. The next day, the statin began cverage at 6 a.m. with cverage f the fire marshall's investigatin. When the Ppe visited Ls Angeles, KIRO -Tv was the nly lcal statin t cver bth papal masses. The statin als aired a week -lng series n lcal Cathlics. It explred such issues as educatin, celibacy and wmen in the priesthd. When the Wayne Milner husing cmplex in Kansas City, M., was trn dwn, KMBC -ry was n hand t carry the demlitin live, the nly statin t d s. A half dzen cameras were placed in and arund the building, including ne in the curtyard that prvided dramatic pictures f flying debris. A hidden camera was emplyed in a Kansas City character test devised by the statin. Several wallets, each cntaining a $20 dllar Uer,n n...and after uc.c bill and identificatin, were planted arund twn t see hw many wuld be returned. Abut tw -thirds were returned. The result was a fun piece that "really had peple talking," accrding t the statin. In Trading Places, KMBC -TV reprter Bev Chapman traded jbs with Kansas City Star reprter Rick Mntgmery fr a week. Chapman faced a city editr, the VDT, the rewrite peple and strange deadlines. Mntgmery faced the assignment editrs, the prducers, the camera, and strange deadlines. Afterward, they bth reprted n their experiences, and while each had gd things t say abut their temprary assignments, bth 'cncluded there was n place like their respective jurnalistic hmes. At sme pint, every prducer faces the dilemma f sparking interest in key state events that largely feature pmp, circumstnce and "husekeeping." Histrically, New Hampshire Public Televisin has bradcast the gvernr's inauguratin and /r the pening day f the legislature live frm the state capital. This past year, instead f cvering the remte purely as a multi- camera, gavel -t-gavel sht, NHPTV interspersed videtaped prfiles f key peple and behind -the-scenes infrmatin such as hw a bill becmes law. The talent als prvided histrical and plitical trivia when what was happening n the flr was mre imprtant t thse in the rm than t viewers. The end prduct prvided viewers with the frmality f the day's key events, yet allwed them infrmal relief frm the "husekeeping" aspects. NHPTV estimated the prductin cst at abut $1,000. When an Amtrak passenger train cllided with a Cnrail freight train utside Baltimre last January, wmar -TV brke int its Sunday netwrk ftball bradcast with its first f many reprts n the accident, which killed 16 peple. A WMAR -TV news crew was sent t the crash site and prvided live cverage f the rescue peratin n an expanded 11 p.m. newscast. Virtually the entire news staff was assigned t the stry, with the statin adding a 30- minute mrning newscast t keep abreast f develpments. Live capability n the scene was maintained until the wreckage was cleared several days later. The statin fllwed up n the stry a mnth later with a special three -part series, "Wh's Running the Railrad," featuring exclusive interviews with engineers and cnductrs wh discussed safety prblems. When the Baltimre Symphny Orchestra visited Eurpe and the Sviet Unin, WMAR -TV prvided the first live satellite cverage f the histric tur, including the jyful reunin in Russia f a musician and his mther. Reprter Susan White- Bwden, and cameraman Gerge Stver, wh travelled with the rchestra, prduced a ne -hur prime time special n the tur. When Ppe Jhn Paul Il visited Clumbia. S.C.. in September 1987, wca-ry prvided the Charlestn market with extensive cverage. Wce -TV jined ther statins in a lcal pl that prvided a live feed f raw vide and sund fr every step f the trip. That feed was put n C -band fr all the participating statins. Anchrs Terry Casey and Leslie Lyles narrated the feed frm the Charlestn studi. The live cverage was augmented by additinal stries frm wce -Tv news crews and field anchr Jean Hill in Clumbia. When fire brke ut at the DuPnt Plaza htel in San Juan, P.R., WFSB Hartfrd, Cnn., was able t bring live, firsthand reprts t its viewers within hurs f the tragedy. The statin heard f the fire abut 6 p.m. n New Year's Eve. Since San Juan is a ppular hliday destinatin fr Cnnecticut vacatiners, it checked with a travel agent and cnfirmed that several persns frm the state were bked at the htel. Reprter Jeffrey Cle and phtgrapher Rick Huntingtn caught a 7:30 flight t San Juan. Many prblems faced them in San Juan, including n access t the ne satellite uplink Bradcasting Nv

73 Michigan JurnalismFellws General Fellwships Awarded fr either specific prfessinal training r eclectic, persnal intellectual develpment. The Knight Business/Ecnmics Fellwship Offered in cperatin with the Schl f Business Administratin. The Mike Wallace Fellwship In Investigative Reprting Offered t extend individual interests. The Knight Medicine /Health Sciences Fellwship Offered in cperatin with the Michigan Medical Center. The Michigan Technlgy Fellwship Offered in cperatin with the Cllege f Engineering. Purpse: T enable prfessinals wh have demnstrated superir ability and cmmitment t attain peak perfrmance, s as t imprve American jurnalism in service t the public interest. Stipend Payments are $2250 mnthly, September -April, plus all tuitin and fees. Applicatin deadline: Feb. 1,1988. Eligibility extends t any full -time wrd r image jurnalist with five years' experience whse wrk either as an emplyee r free -lance appears regularly in UScntrlled print r brad- cast media. Individuals may nminate themselves, r be prpsed by emplyers. Special Seminars bring bth generalists and specialists int cntact with leading academics and jurnalists. Spuses are invited t participate actively. Applicatins shuld be sent t Charles R. Eiscndrath, directr, Michigan Jurnalism Fellws, 2072 Frieze Building, University f Michigan, Ann Arbr, MI Telephne (313)

74 Netwrk news, lcal style Its hard t imagine that five uplinks wuld prve insufficient t cver a state primary electin. But that was the case in Octber when the Flrida News Netwrk had t cver six gubernatrial candidates, each in a different city, each with a gd chance f making it int a runff. With a rented Ku truck, the netwrk had live remtes that night frm all six f the candidates' parties. Each lcatin had ne reprter wh wrked fr the entire seven- statin netwrk (the netwrk nw has nine affiliates). That reprter fed live shts fr electin cut -ins, as well as taped packages and interviews. Statins were able t take victry and cncessin speeches live. The six lcatins prvided mre than 50 live shts during the evening. The big effrt came at 11 p.m. FNN statins led their shws with back -t -back live shts with interviews f the tw Demcratic candidates wh made it int a runff electin. They then went t back -t -back live shts frm reprters with the tw Republican candidates wh were in a runff. All fur shts were taken at the same time by all the FNN statins. That meant every statin culd lead with the fur httest races, ne right after anther, rather than having t wait their turn and end up with the mst imprtant live sht in the middle f their sprts r weather segment. It als meant each f the statins had nly the expense f staffing ne lcatin, while receiving live cverage frm six. When the field f candidates was narrwed, FNN c- spnsred debates between the final senatrial and gubernatrial candidates with the Flrida League f Wmen Vters. All member statins carried the debates live in prime time. Mre than 40 radi statins acrss the state als carried the debates live and scres f lcal, natinal and freign reprters were n hand. The debate between incumbent Senatr Paula Hawkins and her challenger, frmer gvernr Bb Graham, turned ut t be the nly face -t -face meeting between the tw candidates in the campaign. All thrugh the plitical seasn the Flrida News Netwrk statins used their regular daily cnference calls and daily half -hur satellite feed t crdinate their effrts t make sure they had access t any significant plitical stries. On electin night the member statins again pled their resurces, sending nly ne crew fr the netwrk t each f the fur candidates' parties as well as t the headquarters f a pr- casin grup that was trying t legalize gambling in Flrida. During the evening, the netwrk supplied mre than 60 live shts. Every victry r cncessin speech was carried live. Eleven 'clck had all seven statins hitting live shts frm each f the fur candidates all at the same time. Other spt stries cvered by FNN included a Palm Bay gunman's shting spree that killed three and injured a dzen; reactin t the Iraqi attack n the USS Starke frm the Mayprt Naval Statin and the subsequent memrial service at the ship's base; the killing f a judge and prsecutr in Prt St. Je by a man upset ver his divrce prceeding, and hurricane Flyd. n the island. The statin arranged fr its cwned statin in Miami, WPLG, t edit and transmit the reprts back via satellite. Frm Wednesday (New Year's Eve) t the fllwing Saturday, Cle and Huntingtn tk cmmercial flights between San Juan and Miami. They came hme n Saturday, but returned the same day when it was learned that the dead wuld be flwn hme. During their next six days n the island they were able t use the Puert Rican uplink. The news staff back in Hartfrd was busy als, airing live updates thrughut New Year's Day, interviewing victims' relatives in Cnnecticut, gathering infrmatin frm CBS feeds in Puert Ric and cnducting phne interviews with Puert Rican fficials and Cnnecticut residents in San Juan hspitals. Phne lines t Puert Ric were jammed and it ften tk hurs fr calls t g thrugh. The statin did manage t cnduct live phne interviews with the gvernr f Puert Ric and eyewitnesses t the disaster. When a husing cmplex under cnstructin in Bridgeprt, Cnn., cllapsed killing 28 wrkers and injuring at least nine thers, WFSB was prepared. It had bught a satellite van just a few weeks befre and, accrding t the statin, the vehicle made all the difference in cvering the stry. Bridgeprt is t far frm Hartfrd t transmit live reprts via micrwave and cludy skies made it impsible fr the statin's helicpter t relay a live feed back. Fr the 10 days it tk t find the 28 men wh died, the statin kept a 24 -hur watch at the scene. In additin t the SNV, the statin sent all three f its ENG trucks t use as editing statins. At least ne field prducer and ne r tw phtgraphers were n hand arund the clck, as well as reprters. Frequently there were mre persns ivlved, including additinal reprters and editrs when needed, and security guards hired t prtect the news vehicles. In all, the statin reprted spending $10,000 n satellite time and thusands f dllars n phne cmmunicatins and vertime. WFSB prvided live feeds t the New England News Exchange, CBS affiliates and abut a dzen ther TV statins. The visit f Ppe Jhn Paul II t Miami n Sept. 10 and 11 prved a challenging news event fr WPLG(Tv). Planning began almst a year befre the visit. Anchr Ann Bishp and a news crew traveled t Rme, prducing a ne - hur dcumentary n the Ppe and the Vatican. The statin bradcast 151/2 hurs f live cverage, with reprters live frm every stp n the itinerary, and cverage anchred frm a live remte every day. Mre than 40 packages were prduced n the church in Suth Flrida. WAU -Tv Mbile, Ala., has managed t duble its weekday n -air news time withut increasing its staff. In the prcess it wn the mst news awards in its histry. In January 1986, a fire killed fur sibling children. The statin arrived n the scene befre the firefighters and befre the father f the children. The statin captured ftage f the father trying t rush int the huse t save the children, and his reactin t the realizatin that they were gne. Reprting the stry was Nancy Pierce. The videgrapher was Russ Kilgre. T g head -t -head with its cmpetitin, which had an hur mrning newscast, VALA -TV, in January 1987, debuted an hur -lng mrning news f its wn. The prgram was prduced withut hiring additinal peple. WAPtOv1 Jacksn, Miss., received the "best spt news" award frm the Missisippi Bradcasters Assciatin fr its live cverage f a "wheels up" emergency landing. The pilt was nt seriusly injured. Wnegrvf Indianaplis sent ne -furth f its staff t New Orleans t cver the NCAA finals and the Indiana Hsiers natinal champinship in basketball. Newscasts and specials cvered a 6 -day perid. It was the mst distant riginatin yet fr the statin, which began remte newscasts tw years ag. Sprts staffers cvered the games, while thers fcused n the fans and related features. The trch run fr the Pan American games wund its way thrugh Indiana. Special crews were sent ut t pace the runners, reprting live via satellite and riginating several newscasts frm trch lcatins. Its arrival in Indianaplis culminated in tw remte newscasts, in additin t an hur prime time special n the eve f the games. On the night f July 26, a trnad leveled several hmes in a nrthern suburb f Minneaplis, while the rest f the city was deluged with 10 inches f rain. KMSP -rv's news crew brught live updates and weather reprts thrughut the evening. With an hur -lng 10 p.m. news, the statin devted extended cverage t the strm, devting half f the bradcast t a dcumentary emplying natural A strm t remember n KMSP -TV Bradcasting Nv WA

75 "CAROL BURNETT and FRIENDS: Her reruns are funnier than any first -run shw" LARRY KING USA Tday 'In cmparing Octber'87 t Octber '86, CAROL BURNETT has increased the 11:00 t 11:30PM time perid in husehld shares by 75 percent. It's a funny shw, but that kind f increase is nthing t laugh at ' 3rtg. /7sh Chuck Velna VPIGeneral Manager KHJ -TV, Ls Angeles "A great shw, is a great shw, is a great shw. It's bvius that we're winning with it." 5rtg. /12sh ` Charlie Edwards VP /General Manager KTVT -TV, Dallas 'CAROL BURNEIT and FRIENDS cntinues t be a pwerhuse in late fringe, It nt nly wns its time perid, but chased M *A *S *H, the cmpetitin, right ut f the time perid" 12rtg. /2esh.* Allan Chen VP /General Manager KMOV -TV, St. Luis "CAROL BURNETT and FRIENDS brught a whle new meaning t late night with ne f the best perfrmances ever. N ne sleeps until Carl says 'gdnight"" lirrg. /32sh.* Mike McKinnn President, McKinnn Bradcasting KBMT, Beaumnt With acclades like these, 25 all -new episdes, the best cast in cmedy and the biggest names in shw business as guest stars. *PER JUL1':19é7 íö11fj1ssmóra CB rmatin: JOANNE LEIGHTON Directr f Sales and FRIENDS D,stnhuUn Cmpany 141 El Carrün Drive, Beverly Hills, Califrnia (213)

76 'WIEN OUR TRANSMITFEF STOPPED... EXCEPT TI-LE Chattanga. January 26, WFVC's transmitter - frm a Hams cmpetitr - explded. Drs blew away. Quarter- inch -thick sheet steel melted. And Channel 9 went ff the air. Wrking thrugh the night in subzer weather, Directr f Engineering and Bradcast Operatins Manager Dennis Brwn and his staff wuld bring the statin t half pwer in 18 hurs. But less pwer

77 BLEW UP, EVERYTHING EXPENSES" F. Lewis Rbertsn Vice President /General Manager, WFVC still meant less revenue. They needed a replacement fast... in 30 days rather than 30 weeks. Says Brwn with a smile, "We knew if anyne culd, Harris culd." The day after the accident, a Hams rep was n site. Assessing damage. Identifying needs. Rlling up the shirtsleeves t pitch in. And nce Lewis Rbertsn gave the gahead, a new Harris transmitter was in place and perating just 30 days after the rder. Channel 9 was back n the air at full pwer... with a picture viewers felt was better than ever! At Harris, we understand the special pace and requirements f the bradcast industry. We've respnded fast and effectively t ur custmers' needs fr ver 65 years. Supplying a full line f transmitters, antennas, cntrl systems, and ther high - quality cmmunicatins prducts. S when yur signal ges up in smke, depend n Harris t put yu back n the air. Fr the full stry, and yur free On The Air pster, call us tday TOLL FREE: HARRIS, extensin W HARRIS

78 sund, interviews with victims and pictures, but n reprter narrative. Public respnse was s great that the reprt was repeated as a half - hur special. In general, the practice f using lnger dcumentary-style pieces within the 10 p.m. news has met with favrable respnse, said the statin. One such piece, Flying High, dealt with the ptential substance abuse prblems f airline pilts. When a trnad destryed part f Saragsa, Tex., few peple in distant Mnre, La., were alarmed. But when it was learned that Sara - gsa had supplied emergency relief t Mnre during a fld, peple respnded immediately. KrvE(rv) El Drad-Mnre, Ark., fllwed the stry as vlunteers gathered clthing and husehld items and filled 10 tractr -trailers fr the 19 -hur drive. News crews went alng, with reprter Ginny Oliver prviding live daily reprts. The statin's cverage was recgnized by the Rtary Clubs f Nrtheast Luisiana, When the Ppe came t the U.S., KrvE rganized a grup f NBC affiliates in Luisiana and Mississippi and sent ne crew t cver events prir t the visit t New Orleans. Using NBC Skycm uplink and with the cperatin f wsu -ry New Orleans, KrvE anchr Kriss Fairbairn prvided cverage t the fur NBC statins, anchring all the reprts live frm New Orleans. A gunman dressed as a Ninja warrir tk ver a building at the University f Kentucky campus in Lexingtn and held plice ff fr 10 hurs. Wrvirv did sme 20 interrupts during the curse f the day. The evening news featured three sidebars, including backgrund, campus reactin and a psychiatrist's evaluatin. Frankfrt, Ky, bureau chief Barry Peel was in the right place at the right time. When frmer gvernr Jhn Y. Brwn Jr. filed his papers as candidate fr gvernr, Lt. Gvernr Steve Beshear was als filing, and challenged Brwn t a debate. Wrv was there t recrd the imprmptu cnfrntatin. In Octber f this year, at abut 8 'clck n a Sunday night, a truck driver drve an 18- wheeler thrugh the frnt entrance f a theater, crashing thrugh the bx ffice and cming t rest against the cncessin stand. Amazingly, n ne was hurt. Reprter Bb Hensley filed a package fr the 11 p.m. news. Overnight news manager /videgrapher B.W. Blantn was n the scene first and gt exclusive pictures f the driver. In the past year, wrv has significantly upgraded its news peratin, purchasing a new Truck and theater remains n WTVO WHIO -TVs aerial view f derailing set, weather cmputer and radar, adding anchrs and reprters and replacing camera equipment. The statin als went t a ne - hur frmat fr its early newscast. When a freight train derailed, causing a tanker filled with 12,000 gallns f phsphrus t burst int flames, Win-Tv Daytn, Ohi, mbilized its staff t cver the disaster. The statin's helicpter prvided an aerial view f the smke clud fr lcal and state EPA fficials, helping them t time the evacuatin f surrunding area. Using a Westar 4 cmmunicatins satellite system, WHIG -TV prvided live feeds t the CBS reginal and natinal netwrks. As a result f ver 48 hurs f cntinuusly updated cverage, the statin received the RINDA award fr best spt news cverage. On Sept. 17, 18 and 19, whio -ry initiated a ttal f 22 satellite feeds frm five lcatins acrss the cuntry. Sixty engineers, reprters, prducers and videgraphers rchestrated the cverage f: Cnstitutin Day in Philadelphia: the Papal visit in Detrit; Festival f Flight in Daytn, Ohi, and cverage f the setting f 18 wrld recrds by the B -1 Bmber in Palmdale, Calif. When Daytnian Sam Hall was captured in Nicaragua n charges f espinage in December 1986, whi -ry sent anchr Jim Baldridge and videgrapher Denny Cheatham n the first flight there. After an initial live phne reprt, further reprts n videtape were sent back via satellite. With n sign f imminent develpments, the crew returned after a week f arund the clck reprts. The Ppe's three -day visit t New Orleans required nine mnths f planning by wsu -rv. The New Orleans leg f the visit tk 36 hurs, but included 10 planned events, plus ne unscheduled ne. The 10 events were cvered by a pl cmprising three netwrk -affiliated and tw public statins. Wsu -Tv's respnsibilty was an early mrning ceremny at St. Luis Cathedral and the parade immediately fllwing. The Cathedral was a six -camera event, the parade five, with ne camera and prtable micrwave abard a flatbed truck just preceding the Ppe's car. A helicpter tw miles away (Secret Service mandated distance) relayed the signal ut f the "canyn -like" Canal Street. Because f the pl, there was n anchring frm the scene. In preparatin fr the visit, anchr Beverly Carr had traveled t the cities the Ppe wuld visit t prvide a series r reprts previewing the stps. The Ppe was t arrive Friday, Sept. 11. On Wednesday, a tank car filled with dangerus chemicals caught fire. Officials warned it culd explde. Thusands f peple were evacuated, and the Ppe's visit jepardized. Wsu -ry stayed with the stry arund the clck, with a helicpter in the air and grund teams getting as clse as pssible. The fire burned itself ut Friday mrning, and exhausted news crews were up at five AM t begin the cverage f the Ppe. Cvering Ppe Jhn Paul II's visit t Clumbia, S.C., n Sept. 11 required mre resurces than were available at wrs -rv, S the statin frmed a cnsrtium with statins in ther markets: wary Charltte, N.C.; wyff -ry Greenville, S.C., and wcsc -ry Charlestn, S.C. Six mnths f planning went int wis -rv's six hurs f wall - t-wall cverage. The bradcast began when the Ppe's plane, Shepherd I, tuched dwn at Clumbia's Metrplitan Airprt. The Ppe made stps at St. Peter's Cathlic Church in dwntwn Clumbia, the hrn ef the president f the University f Suth Carlina, and at the university stadium fr an ecumenical prayer service. Using pl cameras, the statin prvided live cverage f the events at each lcatin. In between events, the statin augmented its cverage with backgrund packages and live interviews with religius experts at the stadium and the statin's studi. Anther religius event given extensive cverage by wis -ry was evangelist Billy Graham's first crusade in Clumbia since the 1950s. Graham pened his 10 -day crusade n Saturday, April 25, frm the University f Suth Carlina stadium. The statin mved its regular 7 p.m. newscast up t 6 p.m. t cincide with the pening. The statin's weeknight anchrs. Ed Carter and Susan Aude Fisher, did weekend duty and anchred the bradcast frm the stadium. In additin t the live segments, reprters prepared tw stries n that day's crusade activities and a prfile f Graham. Wis -rvs cverage cntinued thrughut the crusade with n less than three daily stries n each evening's newscast, including prfiles f Clumbians wh attended the 1950's crusade. On the mrning f Aug. 20, 1987, a picturesque early mrning fg prved t be deadly chlrine gas leaking int a large residential area f Mrristwn, Tenn. Within minutes, WBIR- TV Knxville, Tenn., was in cntact by phne with Mrristwn radi annuncers wh were familiar with the accident. The statin aired 91111r tv re clud cverage Bradcasting Nv

79 FIRST IMAGF ti DANCING TO THE BEAT OF SUCCESS Jin us in 1988 fr an utstanding array f first run films including "Dirty Dancing" 60 Lng Ridge Rad 2029 Century Park East P.O. Bx 4000 Suite 200 Stamfrd, CT Ls Angeles, CA Telex: Telex: White Lake Curt Frt Wrth, TX Vestrn Teleritin All Rights Reserved VESTROfI TELEVISIONI


81 1/1/110'S CABLES TOP GUN. If yur answer is USA Netwrk, yu hit the bull's -eye. USA has sht right t the tp as cable's mst -watched netwrk, and we're strengthening ur leadership psitin by adding even mre exclusive and riginal prgramming t a schedule that's already cable's best. And we're using heavy artillery. The New Mike Hammer jins USA's lineup directly ff netwrk fr the cable debut f this ppular actin series. The Ace Award -winning Ray Bradbury Theater cmes abard with f pay episdes plus brand -new episdes prduced exclusively fr USA. That's tw direct hits s far, and we've gt plenty f amm left. Alfred Hitchcck Presents returns fr a secnd seasn f all-new episdes. Rbert Klein Time begins its secnd seasn with a fresh new lk and all- new laughs. The laughter cntinues with Dn Adams in Check It Out.!. nw entering its third seasn f new and exclusive episdes. Airwlf takes ff n new adventures. And everyne's a winner with ur riginal new game shws. It's this cmmitment t riginal and exclusive prgramming that has made USA Cable's Flagship Netwrk. The ne netwrk built n the kind f quality entertainment that USA adds value t yur entire cable package. All f it supprted by free billstuffers, ad mats, prgram guides, the mst cmprehensive lcal ad sales prgram in the business and majr cnsumer prmtins. NETWORK S while yu're aiming fr satisfied subscribers, remember, AMERICA'S ALL ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK n ne helps keep yu n target like USA Netwrk. Surces: NTI NCAR Special Reprt May 1987 Avg. Weekly HH Cume, Feb NHI. Excluding superstatins. Affiliate Relatins Reginal Offices: Eastern-Betsy Dirnberger (212) , Central -Carlyn McCrry (312) , Western- Barbara Kirbach (213)

82 reprts by the annuncers, prviding up -tthe- minute infrmatin and warnings t residents. After the 30- minute special reprt, the statin cut in with updates thrughut the mrning until the danger had passed. The wmen's prfessinal glf turnament in Tled benefits tw lcal charities. WTv TV) decided t make a majr cmmitment t its cverage. In additin t live cverage in regular newscasts, the statin prduced live, half - hur highlight specials each evening -a heavy lad fr a sprts staff f three. T ease the lad, freelance phtgraphers were hired. Three f the key hles were cvered cntinuusly frm prtable hydraulic platfrms, while a furth camera was free t ram. Interns were brught n as grips and helpers. Editing was dne frm tw bays set up in a mbile health van that wrvg spnsrs thrugh a lcal hspital, with half the van used fr first aid, the ther fr editing. The site f the turnament is sme distance frm the statin. In the past, a scafflding twer was cnstucted fr the ENG unit, but the additin f a 60 -ft mast slved the prblem. Sme features are prduced in advance, but a little ver half are edited n site and fed back t the statin fr the prgram. In cvering the cnfirmatin hearings f Rbert Brk, nncmmercial KTca -Tv Minneaplis-St. Paul, Minn. the task f balancing the needs f viewers dependent n an established prgram schedule and the need t prvide access t timely, imprtant infrmatin. The slutin was t ffer viewers 90 minutes f edited highlights n each f the nine days f testimny The surce f the ftage was the MacNeil /Lehrer live feed dwnlinked frm the PBS satellite. A reprter, Liz Hannn, watched the feed while it was being taped and marked the segments f interest. She als scripted vicever cpy fr transitinal bumpers. The final 90- minute shw was uplinked n KTCA -TV's C -band dish fr cmmn carriage. Budget fr the Brk hearings was $ Executive prducer. Bill Hanley "The week that was" fr CBS affiliate wruttv) Scrantn, Pa. -and ne that demnstrates the versatility f satellite capability -began at nn, Sept. 10, when anchr Russ Spencer went live frm Miami fr the Ppe's arrival in the U.S., then did live wraparunds fr the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts. Thse reprts were made pssible by the statin's participatin in the CBS Newsnet cpertive. Wyu-TV has its wn satellite truck, Spacelink, but the truck was in Clumbia, S.C., serving as the WYOU satellite truck Newsnet facility fr cverage f the Ppe's stp there. Spencer's reprt were run back t back with live shts f weekend c- anchr Beth Pwers in Clumbia. Bth Pwers and Spencer fund Nrtheastern Pennsylvanians wh were meeting the Ppe, and talked t them fr a persnal side and lcal angle, The cverage tk tw days, and appeared in the nn, 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts. Miss Pennsylvania is frm Scrantn, s next it was n t the Miss America pageant. Reprter Mike Gargiul did a live wraparund reprt frm Spacelink at the Miss America Bardwalk Parade, including an interview with the cntestant as her cnvertible rlled alng the bardwalk. In all, the statin did 23 live satellite reprts in a 10 -day perid. Mississippi has hit the satellite circuit with a vengeance, WDAM -TV Laurel, Miss., rganized and supervised the Mississippi News Netwrk, an electin netwrk and the first sprts satellite netwrk. Fr the Magnlia Electin Netwrk, participating statins jintly cmmissined three surveys t call the first and secnd primary electins, as well as the Nvember electins. The statins were als jined by satellite t cver plitical headquarters in the State Capitl f Jacksn. The lives f thusands f Jnes Cunty, Miss., residents were affected by ne f the wrst trnads in U.S. histry, which tuched dwn in Suthern Mississippi in February WOAM -P/ was n the scene within 30 minutes with reprts n damage and casualties. Live cut -ins were aired every 15 minutes thrughut the day and a 30- minute special aired at 5 p.m. The statin supplied tape t CBS, NBC, ABC, INN and CNN. In Spring 1987, severe flding threatened the Lynchburg, Va., area. WsEwry geared up fr cverage n its 11 p.m. news. At 9:30, a car struck a utility ple, blacking ut pwer t the statin, whse back -up generatr was dwn at the time. The statin was tld pwer might nt be restred fr several hurs. Meanwhile, the statin had flding t reprt and evacuatin centers t list. The engineering deaprtment ran cable frm the statin's ABC satellite dish t a live truck, which fed the signal t the transmitter 25 miles away The statin gt the netwrk feed back n. althugh the lcal cmmercial breaks were black. The statin set up an ENG camera in the parking lt and circled it with cars with their headlights n high -beam. At 11 p.m., the statin went n the air frm its parking lt, with anchr Kim Frazier updating the flding situatin and evacuatin lcatins and weather anchr Charles Middletn prviding a frecast. After prmising t be back n the air as sn as pssible, the camera panned frm the anchrs t the statin lg n the truck. Pwer was restred at 11:40, and after sme furius editing the statin aired an abreviated newscast at midnight. On a mre traditinal nte, with Lynchburg the hme f Jerry Falwell, the PTL stry was the biggest f the past 15 mnths fr WSET -TV The statin assigned its Danville, Va., bureau t the stry, since it is nly tw hurs frm Aftermath n WKBW -TV Charltte, N.C. The statin struck a wrk agreement with wsc -ry Charltte, N.C., and ABC fr feeds, the prximity f Danville allwed the bureau t edit and micrwave when they culd nt get a feed frm Charltte. Frm Lynchburg, the statin cvered the effect f PTL n the Old Time Gspel Hur, whse ffices are nly a blck frm the statin. Because f the cperatin f wsc -TV and ABC, the statin said, it had a cmpetitive advantage, feeding packages frm Charltte and breaking stries daily When Erie cunty, Pa., sheriff's department divers went lking fr a missing plane, WKBW- Tv Buffal, N.Y., went alng. It was the nly statin t prvide live cverage. Reprter David Cllin and phtgraphers Kevin Minderler and Al Macled barded the search bat and travelled t the site. The picture was relayed t a truck n shre. Macled dnned a wet suit and tk an 8mm vide camera with him t recrd the divers in actin. Thrugh a special hk -up, Cllin talked with diver Captain Kevin Caffery as he searched the lake bttm. A despndent man with a shtgun walked int a busy intersectin and stpped traffic. Plice sealed ff the area while negtiatrs tried t talk the man int surrendering. WKBW. TV went live frm the scene during the standff. Thse cameras caught the plice live as they tackled him frm behind, disarmed him and placed him under arrest. Reprter Mary Travers narrated the actin frm behind a plice car. In July 1987, a trnad ripped thrugh Cheektwaga, N.Y., causing millins f dllars in damage. WKBw-TV was the first statin t break in with a special reprt and the first t bradcast live frm the damaged area -an hur and frty five minutes f cverage indudeing aerial ftage frm the statin's helicpter. Live eyewitness accunts cupled with hme vide sht by residents helped viewers piece tgether the events. When tw plice fficers were sht during a rutine rbbery call, WXEX-TV Richmnd, Va. reprter Jeff Michael and phtgrapher Je Kuttenkuler were sent immediately t the scene. When they arrived, bullets were still flying. The tw dve under the news car t avid being hit, while Kuttenkuler began filming the exchange and the arrival f the first back -up fficers. A perimeter was immediately esatblished, and it was tw hurs befre the tw culd leave the scene. Crews were sent t the hspital, where the injured plicemen Bradcasting Nv en

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84 Wunded fficer n WXEX -TV were taken. A live truck was dispatched t the shting site and live cut -ins began within ne half hur. The gunman used a plice radi t tell his stry. Crews in the newsrm mnitred and recrded the cnversatins and plice later gave the statin permissin t use thse tapes n the air. The tw wunded fficers, wh survived, gave an exclusive interview frm their hspital beds. On the night f March 19, the lead f almst every newscast was the resignatin f PTL's Jim and Tammy Bakker. Reprter Chuck Murphy tracked dwn the Rev. Jerry Falwell at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., and gt an interview fr the 11 p.m. newscast, the nly lcal statin t d s. Anchr Mark Alexander spent several days at PTL's Heritage USA cmplex, again, accrding t wxex -Tk the nly statin in the market t prvide live cverage frm Charltte. On May 27th, the statin gt a tip that Falwell wuld fly int Richmnd after a press cnference in Charltte. A crew was dispatched t the airprt. The statin then fund that Falwell was nt flying but driving. Reprter Lisa Schaffner called every Falwell in the phne bk, and reached his daughter. The statin sent a truck t her huse t wait n the utside chance Falwell wuld be there. He arrived at 5:50 p.m., and Schaffner was n the air with an exclusive interview at 6:05. Arcadia, Fla., is 35 miles east f Sarasta, s lng befre the stry f a family with several children suffering frm AIDS became natinal news, wwsb(rv) was cvering it as a small twn schlbard issue. As the cntrversy grew ver the Ray family's children, the statin cntinued t cver the lcal stry, and sht the first exclusive vide f the Ray hme as it was gutted by a "mysterius" fire. The next day, the statin prduced a multi -part news series: "Arcadia: ATwn in Crisis," which aired n tw days during the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. news. When the Rays decided t mve t Sarasta, Fla., wwse -TV lked at its effects n Sarasta schls, children and families. When the Suncast Offshre Grand Prix came t Sarasta fr the 4th f July, wwse -Tv dedicated every news emplye and piece f remte equipment in the statin t cverage. Live remtes began July 1 and cntinued in every newscast thrugh Sunday night. The statin shwcased rganizers and racers and sht exclusive ftage f the pwerbat race. The news team deliverd mst f their newscasts frm remte race lcatins. There were specials n the race fllwing the news n bth Friday and Saturday. Sunday afternn, the day f the race final, the statin cut in thrughut the afternn with updates. The cverage tk six cameras, including helicpter shts. On Sept. 15 and 16 f this year, kna(rv) Ls Angeles carried 48 hurs f cntinuus live cverage f Ppe Jhn Paul Il's visit t that city In additin t cvering the Ppe at all f his Ls Angeles events, the statin sent veteran reprter Stan Chambers t the Vatican and t the Ppe's birthplace in Pland. The material was made int a tw -hur dcumentary that aired the week f his visit. Additinally, KTLA built L.A.'s first Ku -band mbile uplink truck t prvide cverage live via satellite t ther Tribune statins in New Yrk, Chicag and Denver. Cverage was anchred by Hal Fishman, Larry McCrmick, Sam Chu Lin, Stan Chambers, Father Michael Manning and Father Virgil Eliznd. KTLA was the nly statin t preempt cverage fr tw full days. The cverage peaked with a 14 rating, secnd nly t the NBC affiliate n Sept. 15. Its daytime ratings were dubled fr the daytime perids. The statin used six live mbile units and had remte cameras n tp f muntains and tall buildings fr aerial views. The 48 -hur cverage was simulcast in Spanish by a team f Spanish interpreters, using the statin's SAP (special audi prgram) channel. The statin received sme 4,000 calls and 2,500 letters cngratulating it n its cverage, and received prclamatins frm the Ls Angeles Cunty Bard f Supervisrs and the Ls Angeles City Cuncil. Withut live trucks r satellite trucks, but with ingenuity and effrt, wc*x.n Burlingtn, Vt., brught its viewers immediate and up -t -date electin cverage. The statin runs its wn electin ttals, independent f wire services. In 1986, accrding t the statin, it had statewide ttals smetimes an hur befre the services. With n live capacity trucks, the statin used a fixed link -rdinarily used t feed tape frm ne f its bureaus -frm Demcratic headquarters, and tw live cameras there t recrd the actin. Since the Republicans were 40 miles away, the statin used a fixed link there t, but it came nly t within several hundred yards f GOP headquarters. T slve that shrtfall, the statin gt the lcal cable cmpany t feed its live cameras back thrugh their system int the micrwave link. That enabled the statin t carry cncessin statements live and get instant reactin n -air. Since the fixed link frm Burlingtn t the studis was blcked by a hill, the statin rented an 85 -ft crane t get the receiver up in the air and get a clear picture. News directr Marselis Parsns suggested the cable TV rute as a pssible slutin fr thers. Many systems are interactive and can be used t feed tape r live shts. When Nrthwest Airlines flight 255 crashed, KPNX -TV Mesa (Phenix), Ariz., immediately sent reprters, prductin crews and editing equipment t the crash site. The Detrit bund plane was carrying many Phenix families. Using a Detrit reprter, and arranging fr a satellite hkup, KPNX-TV was able t air live reprts frm the site until their crews arrived n the scene. Fr the next several days, the KPNX-TV news team carried live and taped reprts abut why the plane crashed and the status f the sle survivr, a fur -year ld girl. KPNX-TV rented a satellite truck frm a Detrit statin fr transmissin f their reprts and als used live satellite feeds frm their sister statin in Minneaplis, KARE. Accrding t KPNx -N by acting n a tip, the statin brke the name f the survivr girl. When Ppe Jhn Paul II visited Phenix, KPNX-TV dubled all its newscasts that day. Live cverage f the Ppe's visit included his arrival t Phenix, his visit t a Cathlic hspital and his address t Arizna. KPNX was the nly statin t tape delay the papal mass s that attendees culd als view it n TV. With the additin f a satellite news truck, wrkr -ry Nrflk, Va., was able t cver breaking stries arund the regin and distant stries that affect its market. It went t western Virginia t reprt n the fight ver a prpsed 85 -mile water pipeline. Anther reprt chrnicled the cmpetitin between the muntain and cean resrts. The statin prduced a series f live reprts alng the Chesapeake Bay and Nrth Carlina's Outer Banks, examining the eclgical health f thse regins. Newstar 3 went t Philadelphia fr the Cnstiutin's bicentennial celebratin. WTKR -TV has allied itself with CBS's Newsnet, Cnus and CNN's Newsbeam, and using thse resurces, riginated live cverage f the USS Stark in its hme prt f Mayprt, Fla. The statin als riginated Cnus cverage f the Ppe's visit t Suth Carlina. In 1987, the statin expanded its fleet f micrwave vans t three and installed micrwave equipment in its Hamptn, Va., bureau. The additin f a micrwave link n its twer allwed the statin t d a live sht frm 50 miles away. The statin has als intrduced a 5 p.m. newscast, 30 minutes ahead f the next earliest newscast. The statin's research revealed sme 100,000 wrkers, including shipyard wrkers, military persnnel and gvernment emplyes, wh left wrk early enugh t watch a 5 p.m. newscast. Fr its upgraded news effrts, the statin garnered Outstanding News hnrs frm the Virginia Assciatin f Bradcasters. WTVH(TV) Syracuse, N.Y., wn tw natinal UPI awards fr its cverage f a stand -ff in Smyrna, N.Y. The stry invlved members f a "naturalist" family and law enfrcement ffi cers trying t evict them fr nnpayment f Smyrna Standff n WTVH Bradcasting Nv

85 taxes. Phtgrapher Dan Rach and Reprter Larry Sparan were litterally in the middle f the tw factins, shting the stry, while at the same time trying t calm the family members. UPI said f the stry: "Excellent cverage f a very difficult event which required curage fr bth the phtgrapher and the reprter. A ptentially deadly situatin." When an Amtrak passenger train slammed int three Cnrail engines nrtheast f Baltimre n a Sunday afternn, CBS affiliate WBAL -TV, with a trimmed -dwn weekend staff, had a crew dispatched t the scene within an hur, while its weekend assignment editr brke int prgraming with the first TV bulletin n the crash. A half -hur later, accrding t the statin, it was the first t interrupt prgraming with a live reprt frm the fire statin cmmand pst near the crash site. The statin assembled five full crews t cver ther stries, at a nearby hspital, bld dnatin center and the neighbrhd near the crash. Despite the distance, traffic jams and reduced staff, the statin expanded its early news cverage fr the stry. Using bth micrwave trucks and satellite trucks, the statin prvided feeds bth fr CBS and the Newstar Netwrk. A prime time special n the crash was prduced fr airing n Mnday night. The bitter cld afternn f Sunday, Jan. 14, was the setting f the wrst rail disaster in Amtrak histry. A passanger train and a Cnrail freight engine cllided head -n, leaving 16 peple dead and mre than 170 injured. Accrding t waz -Tv Baltimre, it was the first statin n the air with a special reprt just minutes after emergency crews arrived at the scene. The statin had three live shts and three packages in its early evening newscast, then fcused n the rescue effrts fr live reprts thrughut the night and int the 11 'clck news. The statin stayed n the scene, feeding live updates during the early mrning and afternn and int the 6 p.m.and 11 p.m. newscasts n Mnday. The reprts included interviews with rescuers wh pulled peple frm the smldering wreckage and pleas fr help frm the cmmunity fr shelter, fd and bld. The statin is still fllwing the stry as criminal charges are pending aginst a Cnrail crewman. On August 31, 1986, a cmmercial airliner and private plane cllided ver the cmmunity f Cerrits, Calif. At the time, independent KTTVtTV) Ls Angeles was airing a telethn, s +S. A KTN's Steve Ramb frm crash sight the regularly scheduled newscast had been preempted. Within mments f learning f the crash, the news team was mbilized, with live reprts n the disaster. Cverage included a prime time special reprt that evening. The statin's cverage earned it a lcal Emmy fr best spt news reprting. The stry f Jessica McClure, trapped in an abandned well in Texas, captured the natin's heart. On the final day f Jessica's plight, the Fx statin aired live cut -ins n the half hur, plus live cverage f the mment f rescue. On Aug. 30th, 1987, a fire claimed the lives f 12 peple, 10 f them children. Wish -ry Milwaukee began its cverage with reprts frm the burned hme the mrning f the fire, then fllwed with interviews with survivrs, fire fficials and neighbrs. The fire, ne f the wrst in the city's histry, raised questins abut safety that the statin addressed in an investigative series. The statin fllwed the 39 -game hitting streak f Milwaukee Brewers baseball star Paul Mlitar with reprts thrughut the streak, including nes n his health, ticket sales and ther effects f the feat. When dancer Fred Astaire died, Knvçrvf immediately dispatched a reprter t the hme f Ginger Rgers, wh lives just utside Medfrd, Ore. Calls frm ABC, CBS, Australian Bradcasting Netwrk, Grup W and dzens mre came in t the statin. The reprter gt the interview, and gt back in time t edit it, make several dubs and get them n planes t the nearest uplink. At the same time, the statin was accmmdating the netwrks wh were sending crews t d live interviews with Rgers frm the statin: First Dan Rather, then Ted Kppel, then the Australians all used the statin fr segments with Rgers. The wrst fires in the regin in 25 years prmpted KDRV t air a special half -hur prgram n the fire. The statin aired live updates n the half hur n the situatin, then pened its special with a reprt f where the fires were, their size and current cntainment infrmatin. The reprt als included segments n evacuatins, tw packages n specific fires; a package n the latest fire fighting techniques, live interviews with a variety f experts and a segment n where fd and water dnatins were being cllected. In the summer f 1987, Battle Creek, Mich., hsted an internatinal ballning champinship. Over 150 ballns and mre than ne millin spectatrs cnverged n the city fr the week -lng event. Wund -Tv wanted t cver it, but had n live equipment, and was tld that n sets r camera platfrms culd be cnstructed. Lcating an inexpensive rental micrwave slved the first prblem; the city airprt prvided the ther slutin. Using the rf f an airline hangar fr a temprary studi, WUHO -TV embarked n 21 live bradcasts, including six half -hur shws frm the champinships. Bradcasting Nv WRC -TV in snwbund D.C. WRC -TV Washingtn, D.C. was n the mve when the rest f the natin's capitl was paralyzed by ne f its heaviest snwfalls. The city's inability t remve the snw, and the "hles" in its arguments fr nt being able t d s, were utined in the statin's cverage. Althugh it des nt have a nn newscast, WRC -TV decided t g live, the nly statin t d s, fr D.C. Mayr Marin Barry's news cnference n the snw remval prblem. Recrding the mayr's first cmments n his return frm a Califrnia vacatin. The statin bradcast a full hur f lcal news at 6-7 a.m. t reprt n clsings and transprtatin prblems and again expanded its newscast frm a half -hur t an hur at 4-5 p.m. t assist travellers n their cmmute hme. Change was the rder f the day n Sept. 14, as the statin premiereed a new lg, sets anchr teams at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., new titles, pens and music. On Aug. 20, a gunman went berserk inside the mailrm f the U.S. pst ffice in Edmnd, Okla. Fifteen peple died, including the killer, Patrick Sherrill, wh tk his wn life. Frm the first wrd f the shting t the burial f the last victim, KOCO -TV Oklahma City cvered the tragedy. The statin prvided infrmatin t bth print and electrnic news rganizatins arund the wrld. In additin t its wn Gannett TV Grup, the statin wrked with ABC - TV USA Tday, CNN (including live reprts) MacNeillLehrer, CNB, Canadian Bradcasting, INN and the Lndn Times, plus many ther individual statins. The 5 p.m. news began with a special pening. T make rm fr the pst ffice stries, the sprts and weather reprts were trimmed. Fr the 10 p.m. news, new material was wrked in fr a new pening shwing scenes f the hrrr and grief at the shting site, vide f the hspital and f Edmnd City Hall, plus a memrial tribute t the victims. Every stry n the 10 p.m. cast was either new r updated. By the time he gave his live reprt at 10, reprter Bill Mitchell had been at the pst ffice fr 13 hurs, leaving nly t write and edit his packages fr the 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. news. But the stry did nt end with that newscast. The statin aired scres f reprts ver the next six days. Aug. 20, 1987, KOCO -TV remembered the nightmare, cvering the anniversary f the slaughter with stries abut the survivrs and the planned memrial service. Larry Blunt reprted n the present stepped -up security at the pst ffice. Chris Bnd tld f the cunsel-

86 rs n duty at the Pst Office t help the survivrs deal with the event. The statin interviewed a widw f ne f the victims and in a final tribute, shwed the names f the victims and what the permanent memrial t be placed at the site will lk like. Prbably the largest undertaking ever was hw WYFF -Tv Greenville, S.C., described its cverage f the Ecumenical Year in Suth Carlina, culminating with the Ppe's visit t Clumbia. The statin tk the pprtunity t examine the impact f religin n the lives f residents and t gauge the impact f the histric visit f ther internatinal religius leaders including evangelist Billy Graham and the Archbishp f Canterbury. The Ppe's five -hur visit tk six mnths f preparatin, accrding t the statin. A grup f statins cperated in a pl t prvide live cverage fr the visit. Equipped with a satellite news vehicle, several prductin trucks and all the cable they culd muster, the statin put tgether cmplete cverage, while still prducing its regular newscast. Thirteen inches f snw is big news in Suth Carlina. Newscenter 4 began live cut -ins early t keep viewers advised f rad cnditins, updated weather and clsings. The 6 p.m. news became a special "Snwbund 87," with live satellite shts frm arund the Sutheast, special graphics and lcal strm stries. WwHO -tv Des Mines recently munted a mveable camera 450 feet abve its studis n its dwntwn twer. The camera, dubbed "sky eye," which pans 360 degrees with a reach f abut 35 miles, has a view f dwntwn, the airprt, the state huse, the highway and the Des Mines river. It has been used t track severe weather, fires and ther spt news. WHO -Tv used the camera t track the Vice Presidential mtrcade frm the airprt t the statin n a recent visit. Grand Rapids, Mich., plice fficer Jseph Taylr was sht in the face as he tried t arrest a suspect. Wrvtty) chief phtgrapher Mark McIntsh and reprter Mike Murphy arrived n the scene within mments and recrded the suspect's capture and the effrts t save the dying pliceman. The statin assigned five phtgraphers and three reprters with tw live trucks and the statin helicpter t cver the funeral as hundreds f plice fficers frm acrss the Midwest came t their last respects. Cverage included a live reprt during the nn newscast as well as extensive cverage n the 5:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. news. Wïv began preparing fr the Ppe's visit t Detrit many mnths in advance. The statin began airing special segments n items f lcal significance 10 days befre the event, including a reprt n the status f the Cathlic church in Western Michigan, and ne n the winery that wuld supply the wine fr the Pntiff at his mass at the Pntiac Silverdme. WTv assigned three phtgraphers, tw reprters and a field prducer fr the perid leading up t and including the visit. The statin tapped the resurces f a fellw member f the Michigan News Exchange cperative, wivliv) De trit, t present live reprts frm that city A mtr hme was used as the editing base at the Pntiac Silverdme parking lt. Grup W's satellite uplink truck prvided the live feed during the Ppe's visit. Satellites played a big rle in Wsvw -Tv Miami's news cverage -it has purchased mre than 100 hurs f satellite time in the past year - riginating live reprts frm a Jerusalem street crner, a rftp in Rme and a mvie studi in Lndn. When Ppe Jhn Paul II visited Miami, wsvn- Tv cvered the 231/2 hur trip tuchdwn t takeff. Using 6 micrwave links and 10 live cameras, 125 peple wrked t prvide the mst extensive cverage in the statin's histry. Peter Frd and Sally Fitz anchred the first day's cverage frm the rf f a dwntwn htel. The papal mass prved a challenge. Crews wrked all night t set up the cverage. Then a severe thunder strm frced the Ppe t stp in mid -mass, and the statin t pull its anchrs frm the mass set. A cameraman and several technicians were slightly injured in a lightning strike, but the statin managed t stay n the air thrughut. When w.trfry Flint, Mich., decided t cver the United Aut Wrkers' 50th Anniversary "Sit - dwn Celebratin Parade," it was a majr undertaking. The statin prvided exclusive live cverage at 5 p.m. -7 p.m. n Saturday, Sept. 5, hsted by anchrs Bill Harris and Sue Zelenk and autmtive reprter Larry Ellitt. The statin's remte truck was used fr the first time that day, with 16 technicians and prductin persnnel required, plus anther five news videgraphers. Later that evening, the statin bradcast a live prgram at 10 p.m. -11 p.m., "50 Years After the Sitdwn," which tk a histric lk at the 1937 strike, in additin t highlights f the parade and ther cmmemrative events. The highlight f the year fr WPTV(TV) Palm Beach, Fla., was the visit f Ppe Jhn Paul II t Miami. The statin's cverage began the week befre the Ppes arrival, with a live reprt frm Rme, where the statin had sent a crew t d backgrund and feature stries. On the Ppe's arrival, the statin's newscast was anchred live via satellite frm Miami. There was als extensive special prgraming, including a live half -hur reprt n a parade dwn Biscayne Bulevard and live cverage f a mass at Tamiami park. After the Ppe left, the statin felt there was enugh lcal interest in the trip t justify sending a crew t cver the remainder f the tur. That crew fund clergy and thers frm the area in almst all the cities visited, giving a lcal flavr t the cverage. In Mid -Octber, Hurricane Flyd gave the statin an pprtunity t test its preparedness plans. Thanks t its participatin in the Flrida News Netwrk, it was able t g live alng the prjected path f the strm, including back -tback remtes frm Marathn, Miami and Frt Myers, all Flrida. When President Reagan made a campaign swing thrugh Springfield, M., t give his supprt t ex- gvernr Christpher "Kit" Bnd, KOLR(TV) was there t prvide cmplete live cverage f the the visit. That cverage required 25 peple and tw live remtes: A ne -camera remte frm the airprt and a tw - camera remte frm the arena where the President attended a rally Included in the three hurs f live cverage were prepackaged taped reprts frm staff members and studi guests. The cverage wn Missuri and Arkansas Assciated Press awards. In February, Missuri highway patrlman Russell Harper was sht dwn as he made a rutine traffic stp. KOLA was the first crew n the scene and first with live reprts n the shting. A manhunt began, and KOLR cvered the tw -day search, with reprters and phtgraphers pulling arund the clck duty. When the gunman was finally captured, the statin stayed n after sign -ff t be there live. In anther manhunt invlving the shting f a plice fficer, KOLR was n the scenes thrughut the three -week search. Special satellite reprts were arranged, using the University f Missuri, Rlla, as an uplink pint. Reprters were able t feed vide then d wrap- arund reprts frm the live feed pint. WTRF -TV Wheeling, W. Va.. has dedicated its time and energies t cvering high schl ftball. It began preparing fr the new seasn in August, and in fur weeks had prduced 44 ftball preview packages that featured every team in the Ohi Valley Athletic cnference. Their estimated travel ver winding West Virginia and Ohi rads was 1,000 miles t high schls in 12 cunties. The O \AC, accrding t the statin, is the largest rganized all - sprts cnference in the cuntry. The statin featured every team separately, beginning with the first wrkuts withut pads up t the last practice befre the pening games. The statin aired tw reprts per day in its 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. news. Cverage desn't stp with the previews, hwever. The statin tries t cver fur games each Friday night, and has expanded the sprts segment f that newscast frm fur minutes t eight and a half. A secnd phtgrapher has als been added t cllect game ftage. Anther new feature is "Student Athlete f the Week," a prfile f an utstanding player (chsen by the cnference), which airs each Wednesday night. Wrkers at Savage Industries in East Allen twnship were attempting a prcess fr which they had n permit. The resulting explsin killed a man and released a vapr clud at first thught t be hydrclric acid. WFMZ-tvAllentwn, Pa., lked at the events, rescue effrts, eyewitness accunts, the evacuatin, the cmpany's safety recrd and hw the clud was created. The stry f Mack Trucks' cntinuing struggle with the United Aut Wrkers ver the pening f a new assembly plant has taken reprters t Yrk and Harrisburg, bth Pennsylvania; Washingtn; St. Luis and Suth Carlina. Thanks t satellite technlgy and trade Bradcasting Nv


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90 agreements with several statins in Clumbia and Spartanburg, bth Suth Carlina, the statin prvided natinal cverage f the lcal stry. The statin marked the achievement f an agreement between the unin and the cmpany with a special ne -hur newscast. That cverage included multiple satellite reprts frm Washingtn and exclusive lcal interviews. When a devastating trnad hit Jnes Cunty, Miss., last February, killing seven peple, wjtv(tv) Jacksn, Miss., was there with its mbile satellite unit prviding cntinuus live cverage f the tuchdwn site and a lcal hspital where the injured were being treated. When the hmeless residents camped ut in their yards, with bnfires lighting the night sky, wjtv was there t recrd the sight. When a train derailed in Flra, Miss., frcing the evacuatin f hundreds f residents, way was there t, cmbining micrwave and satellite technlgy t allw anchrs Walter Saddler and Melanie Christpher t reprt live. When the first black Cngressman since recnstructin was elected in Mississippi, wjtv was there live. The statin then fllwed the new Cngressman t Washingtn fr the fficial changing f the guard, prviding regular inserts live by satellite. With its satellite uplinking capabilities, WJTw was instrumental in rganizing a statewide hkup f cmmercial statins that enabled them all t witness the crwning f the new Miss Mississippi. A mbile uplink truck was used, with a backup, and a five -camera setup in the auditrium. In Nvember 1986, WKE (Tv) Daytn, Ohi, bradcast its 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts frm Walt Disney Wrld's Epct Center in Orland, Fla., which was celebrating its 15th anniversary. Pinting ut that Orland is the tp vacatin spt fr Miami Valley (Ohi) residents, the statin tied in lcal reprts with reprts and interviews f Miami Valley visitrs t Epct, frmer Miama Valley residents nw emplyed at Disney Wrld and Orland rganizatins tied t Daytn. In April, the statin's newscast hit the rad nce again, with the 6 p.m. news riginating frm varius lcatins in the statin's ADI. Wrrctrvl Washingtn's "Hijacking at Dulles" was the stry f the hijacking f a cmmercial jet destined fr Dulles Internatinal Airprt utside f Washingtn. The reprt included the nly bradcast interview with the Cntinental Airlines pilt wh landed the plane and gt all the passengers and crew ut safely. There was als vide f the plane and eyewitness accunts frm passengers. Reprter David Burnett cvered the wreck f an Amtrak passenger train and freight train that turned ut t be the single wrst accident in the railrad's histry. Wrr cvered clsely the ccaine verdse death f Maryland basketball player Len Bias The statin had the last exclusive interview with Bias befre his death. In the days fllwing Bias's death, reprter -prducer Tm Hendrick interviewed a prisn inmate wh claimed that Bias was a frequent drug user and pssi- Traditinal set Quick read" set WAGetrvf Schenectady, N.Y., fr 60 years a GE statin, was bught by Freedm Newspapers. The new wners wanted t change the demgraphics f its news audience t attract yunger viewers, but withut lsing its lder audience in the prcess. Research prvided the slutin. The statin has an hur newscast at 6 p.m., while its cmpetitrs have half hurs. Research said that yunger audiences preferred the "quick read" f a shrter newscast. Rather than cut back, the statin split its newscast int tw half hurs with tw sets f anchr teams, tw different frmats and little repititin. The first half hur was designated the hard newscast f recrd, with news/sprts weather, health and cnsumer packages and peple- riented features. At 6:30 was a quicker paced, mre upbeat bradcast with "inventive reprts, live talk -back interviews and a glib anchr team," all targeted at a yunger audience. The statin has been successful with this split half hur slutin, accrding t its research, having attracted a strnger cre f yunger viewers and the much -wanted female audience. bly a supplier. The dedicatin ceremny f an arch as the gateway t the city's Chinatwn prved cntrversial. The statin's stry tld hw the arch, dnated by the Peple's Republic f China, was resented by many Chinese -Americans in the cmmunity wh identify with the Natinalist regime in Taiwan. On Tip O'Neill's last night as speaker f the Huse f Representatives, the statin interviewed him abut his accmplishments as speaker. The piece included phts f the speaker with Presidents dating back t Kennedy. The natin was stunned by the death f 37 sailrs in the attack n the USS Stark in the Persian Gulf. But nwhere was the grief mre prnunced than in the ship's hme prt f Jacksnville, Fla. Almst all the men had immediate family there and the 130,000 enlisted and civilian persnnel there felt the lss f friends and clleagues. Cvering the tragedy was an ambitius and emtinal task fr wdxr(rvf. The statin searched fr answers and explanatins, but made a cnscius effrt t respect the privacy f the families invlved. WJXT interviewed lcal Navy experts, as well as thse in Washingtn. Its mst ambitius cverage came five days after the attack. Friday, May 22, was a day f murning and tribute t the fallen. President Reagan came t the Mayprt Naval Base t cmfrt the families. Accrding t wjxt, it was the nly statin t prvide lcal cverage f the emtinal event. The prgram was anchred by Tm Wills and Debrah Gianulis, with additinal cverage frm Washingtn bureau chief, Tina Gulland. Reprter Tad Cliplef was statined inside the hangar where a service was being held. The statin brught in a signer fr the service s that the deaf wuld be included. At 7 p.m., WJXT presented an hur special, "The Attack f the USS Stark: Jacksnville Murns, The Questins Remain." The Navy requested cpies f the prgram, and cpies f it and the service cverage were als prvided t all the families wh had lst a lved ne. In May, Kvec(TV) Las Vegas acquired a satellite uplink truck (Spacelink-3) and immediately tk t the rad with a series f live newscasts revealing great weekend getaway spts near Las Vegas. Spacelink -3 als allwed the statin the first first -ever live reprt frm inside the Nevada Nuclear Test Site. When the Ppe visited the U.S., Spacelink -3 sent reprts back frm Ls Angeles and Phenix. When there were devastasting fires in Nrthern Califrnia, and an earthquake in Whittier, the statin again was n the scene. When a Las Vegas wman gave birth t quintuplets, health reprter Marti van Drn was there, filing the first reprts n the event. Reprter Rick Kirkham initiated "aqua-cam- 3 when he filed a reprt beneath the surface f Lake Mead with an underwater camera, then fllwed with "sky- cam -3" by skydiving with videcamera in tw INDX (the Independent Exchange) is perated by wvtxtrvf New Yrk's Independent Netwrk News. It prvides raw ftage t a number f independent statins, wh prduce their wn newscasts. Tribnet, a unit f INDX, is cmpsed f fur Tribune Bradcasting statins: WPix(TV) New Yrk, KTLA(TV) Ls Angeles, WGN -TV Chicag. and KwGNTV Denver. The big test f Tribnet came with the Oct. 1 earthquake in Ls Angeles. It demnstrated, accrding t the statin, the kind f cverage independent statins are nw capable f. KTLA had key reprters and anchr peple available quickly. Live units fed ftage t the statin via micrwave. The ftage was then transmitted via Ku -band t ther Tribnet statins. Bradcasting Nv

91 An annual July 4 celebratin prved a challenge t KMv -Tv St. Luis. The statin set up a remte studi n the fair grunds, bradcasting thrughut the July 4 weekend with hurly updates n crwds, traffic, schedules f events and weather. Planning fr the event began in April, with vertime budgets, cnstructin and prmtinal charges established. In additin t the talent and camera platfrms erected at the fair sight, additinal setups were placed n a riverbat dcked nearby. During the day, the fair was the anchr psitin, and at night, with crwd cntrl a prblem, the bat was used, affrding relative quiet and a panramic view f the firewrks display. In all, eight cameras were statined arund the arch grunds and abut 60 emplyes wrked n the event. It was the mst intensive manhunt in Missuri histry: the search f the Rlla, M., area fr a suspect in the shting f a pliceman and f a church deacn, slain as he prepared his cuntry church fr evening services. Krvvçrv) Springfield, M.,dispatched news crews t Rlla, sme 110 miles away, t cver the manhunt 24 -hurs a day. Initially, tapes were shuttled t and frm the statin via its Sky -3 helicpter (terrain precludes micrwave transmissin), but the lcal university had a fixed Ku -band uplink. The statin cntracted with the schl fr the exclusive use f its uplink fr the duratin f the manhunt. Principal reprter n the stry. Lisa Richardsn, prvided live and taped segments, keeping viewers infrmed f the latest sightings and develpments. The search was called ff when it was reprted the suspect had rented a car in Gergia, then resumed when he was again sptted in the Rlla area. When he was finally captured -in Ada, Okla.- leased a plane and sent tw full crews, ne t Ada and the ther t fllw Brwn thrugh the curt prcess in Oklahma City. The cverage increased peratinal csts by abut $60,000, chiefly in uplink and satellite time csts. "Netwrk televisin really missed» tiew+ tòzits the bat n this ne... liesv: day The all- American kid has grwn up! But nw the tables are turned n the Beav and he has his wn sns, Kip and 011ie Cleaver, t cntend with. Where's Ward when yu really need him? On Octber 7, 1986, Lake and McHenry cunties in Illinis and nine twnships in Ck cunty were declared federal disaster areas. Fld waters had displaced 15,000 residents and caused an estimated $5 millin in damages. Ws-Tv Chicag devted all its resurces t what became the wrst fld in Illinis histry. Over the 10 days f rain, the statin carried fur full hurs f news cverage with dzens f reprters. Chuck Gudie and Tim Ryan reprted n effrts t keep back ektave It T Beaver WLS -TV n the tali flds Ls Angeles (213) New Yrk (212) Midwest (319) Hal Rach Studis Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bradcasting Nv

92 the fld waters, while medical reprter Dr. Bruce Dan gave advice and safety tips fr dealing with the raw sewage flating int hmes. Plitical reprter Hugh Hill cvered the gvernmental aspects f the flding- during the flding, hearings were in prgress in Washingtn regarding Chicag's cntrversial fld cntrl prject, "Deep Tunnel." WLS -TV Eyewitness news team visited the same families each day t cnvey a persnal sense f the destructive curse f the fld. One f the mst ambitius prjects fr wry -w Durham, N.C., was cverage f the 1987 U.S. Olympic Sprts Festival, which features thusands f amateur athletes cmpeting at sites H LARRY M'IFI,Ñ't 4TÇJGNEA OMAS 1 Sprts festival n WTVD -TV acrss the state. The statin prvided live cverage f the pening ceremnies, using five remte sites, plus the statin helicpter. In additin t the pening ceremnies, the statin prduced 15 "Festival Faces" 30- secnd spts n athletes preparing fr the festival. The spts ran in all dayparts fr three weeks preceding the festival. In additin there was a half -hur prime time special. The statin recently added a Ku -band truck t its technical arsenal -it is part f the ABC Absat System -which it used fr the first time t prvide live cverage f the Ppe's visit t Clumbia, S.C. On the ther end f the technlgy spectrum, the statin cntinues t make mre use f hme vide material. When an Army carg plane crashed befre the sldier's families at Frt Bragg, N.C., the statin relied n three different hme vide cameras at the scene t cmpile a cmplete sequence f the crash. In September 1986, wrar -TV Altna, Pa., began using a micrwave link frm its State Cllege, Pa., ffices. The link enables the statin t receive sund bites and vide frm State Cllege, giving it live capability frm the hme f Penn State University On the mrning f June 9, 1987, three prisners escaped frm the Mifflin Cunty Prisn, in the utlying eastern sectin f the wra,f -Tv cverage area. A crew was dispatched frm the statin's State Cllege bureau, still an hur's drive frm the area where the search was centered. Videgrapher Bill Wallace recrded the capture f tw f the escapees, ne an alleged murderer. The third remained at large as the deadline apprached fr the nn newscast. Reprter Barbara Petit remained n the scene, while Wallace went t the statin's State Cllege ffices, edited the vide and micrwaved it t the statin. Petit cntinued t gather infrmatin abut the search fr the remaining escapee. The muntanus terrain precluded ging live frm the scene, but Petit fund a nvel alternative: a restaurant nearby that allwed her t use a phne lcated near a televisin set, which she tuned t the statin. Back at the studi, a map graphic was created detailing the search area, the captured prisners and a freeze frame f Petit. She then reprted live via phne, updating the serach and describing the area as she watched the map n the screen. Retired Cleveland aut wrker Jhn Demanjuk was sent t Israel t stand trial, accused f being "Ivan the Terrible," a brutal gas chamber guard wh participated in the slaughter f 850,000 peple at the plish death camp f Treblinka. Demanjuk cntends it is a case f mistaken identity W,tw -Tv cmmitted t cmprehensive cverage f the stry. Reprter Mike Cnway and videgrapher Barry Zuckerman were the nly Cleveland televisin crew t travel t Pland prir t the trial in Jerusalem. They interviewed witnesses wh cntradicted the prsecutin's claims. Cnway als filed reprts frm Treblinka. The crew then flew t Jerusalem t prvide daily satellite reprts. Cverage included the pening runds in the prsecutin's case, plus the emtinal testimny f several death camp survivrs. The statin's cmmitment t the stry cst $25,000 fr the five weeks f lcatin plus satellite csts. Thse csts were reduced by sharing the satellite time with anther Cleveland statin. When a plice shting was heard n the scanner, wr.w ÇIV) Cincinnati was the first n the scene and fund a shtut in prgress. By the time the shting was ver, a pliceman, plice dg and the suspect were dead. The statin aired six reprts, with varius angles, including the dead pliceman's family and the effect f the shting n ther fficers. A wman was sht and killed in the Cincinnati suburb f Chevit. Reprter Jeff Hirsh went t Denver when he was tld the suspect had been captured there. The result was an exclusive n -air cnfessin frm the man and a stry n why the crime had ccurred. Nrma Rashid put a lcal spin n cverage f the Ppe's visit t the U.S. She interviewed residents in eight different parishes n their cncerns abut the church, taking that input t Cincinnati Archbishp Daniel Pilarczyk, vice president f the natinal cnference f Cathlic Bishps. The result was a ne -half hur dcumentary. Rashid traveled with Pilarczyk t Ls Angeles, where the Ppe was stpping. She filed 10 reprts, with the Bishp prviding "play -by- play" f the visit. In Nvember, a dzen peple were arrested n the University f Massachusetts campus at Amherst, where they were prtesting CIA recruitment f UMASS students n the schl grunds. Wce -TV Springfield, Mass., was there fr the arrests. with phtgrapher Dick Garrett harrassed by hstile state trpers. accrding t the statin. One f thse arrested was Amy Carter. WGGB -TV stayed with the stry thrugh arraignment, pretrial hearings and the trial. When the Iran /Cntra stry brke, Massachusetts Senatr Jhn Kerry was ne f the first t call fr a cngressinal investigatin. WGGB -1v tried t line up a live satellite interview, but discvered he was n his way hme t Bstn. With help frm fellw ABC affiliate, WcvB -TV Bstn, the statin jury- rigged a cmplicated micrwave link fr an interview at Lgan airprt: When the Senatr arrived, wcve -Tv cameras relayed the audi and vide t that statin's truck and then studi, frm there it went t the Prudential Twer in dwntwn Bstn, t the studis f nncmmercial WGBH -TV Bstn, t WGBY -TV Springfield t WGGB-TV's muntaintp transmitter -studi link and finally t NewsWatch 40's cntrl rm. The interview was Kerry's first with any Massachusetts statin. Nncmmercial wrvs('ry Detrit served as facilitatr t bring tgether Detrit -area statins fr a cperative pl t cver the visit f the Ppe t Detrit. Wrvs executive prducer Bb Rssbach was crdinatr f the pl, which included the netwrk affiliates, the Fx Bradcasting statin and the Archdisese f Detrit. Each statin cntributed t the pl feed by cvering a stp n the Papal visit, supplying equipment and prductin staff. Pl participants culd use any prtin f the feed, as well as supplement with their wn remtes r in- studi reprts. During the 23 -hur Papal visit, Rssbach crdinated 18 hurs f live pl cverage, cmprising seven majr events at six lcatins, and emplying 36 cameras and apprximately 150 peple. A chemical fire at a seed cmpany in Wdburn, Ind., burned fr fur days and caused the evacuatin f 30,000 peple. WPrA(TV) Frt Wayne, Ind., cvered the initial fire call with live ftage n its 6 p.m. news and a package f stries at 10 p.m. As the fire cntinued t burn, residents f nearby twns were evacuated fr fear f pssible txic smke. News directr Wayne Ludkey assembled a team t cver the evacuatins. There were cut -ins every half hur. The decisin was made t stay n the air thrughut the night - the nly statin t d s, accrding t Ludkey-t keep residents infrmed f where t g, what t expect and hw lng they wuld have t stay away frm their hmes. One suggestin the statin had: "Call in nly enugh staff t adequately cver the event. Yu will need fresh peple the next day t pick up the stry." When the Ppe visited Detrit, WPTA -1v sent a reprter, prducer and phtgrapher t cver the event. The crew tk an editing van and news jeep. In preparatin fr the stry, they searched ut peple frm the Frt Wayne area wh wuld be meeting with the Ppe. During the visit, the team sent back reprts and did live cut -ins via satellite. Independent KFTVtrvl Santa Rsa, Calif., added a third newscast t its lineup. Jining the 7:30 and 10 p.m. news was a half -hur at 6 p.m. The 6 p.m. news cntains stries in pr- Bradcasting Nv

93 gress that are detailed at 7:30 and takes advantage f the statin's remte van. "Three live newscasts within fur hurs is a tremendus challenge' says executive VP and general manager, Jim Jhnsn. "The fact that peple knw the characters gives the sitcm an advantage... "y O Hare n WBBM Aug saw the mst rain fall n Chicag (9.35 inches) in a 24 -hur perid. Weeut -Tv carried live reprts thrughut the day, a half - hur special preceded the regular news. Reprts came frm Lester Hlt, reprter- anchr, wh was the nly reprter at O'Hare airprt, which was surrunded by water that prevented vehicular traffic in r ut. Hlt had chartered a private plane at nearby Midway Airprt and within minutes was talking t stranded passengers frm the O'Hare lbby. On March 16, 1987, KSPRtrvl Springfield, M., a frmer UHF independent, debuted its newscasts as an ABC affiliate wned by Lrimar - Telepictures. Accrding t the statin, it is the first cmplete Sny Betacam newsrm in Missuri. Hardly had the equipment been warmed up when ne f Missuri's biggest stries brke. Fugitive Jhn David Brwn, suspected f shting a pliceman and murdering a church caretaker, led authrities n a tw -mnth chase. NewsTeam 33 dedicated crews arund the clck, airing mre than 70 stries. Many f the stries were used by ABC affiliates thrughut the Midwest. The stry ended with cverage f Brwn's return t Missuri after his capture in Oklahma. The reprts wn spt news hnrs frm the Missuri Bradcasters Assciatin. A year's wrth f preparatin by KSAT -Tv San Antni, Tex., culminated Sept. 13 with Ppe Jhn Paul Il's visit t that city. Over its 11 hurs f cntinus live cverage, the statin prvided the pl feed fr tw f the six lcatins f the Ppe's visit, emplying six fixed camera psitins, ne rving live truck and helicpter shts thrughut the day KsnT -TV gt plenty f milage ut f its satellite newsgathering truck last year. Amng its stps were Saragsa, Tex., devastated by a trnad: Cmfrt, Tex., where flding claimed the lives f 10 children, and the Dallas Cwbys training camp in Thusand Oaks, Calif. Als, fr a special, "Celebrate Texas," five twns in KSAT -TV's ADI were visited, with a crew taking the satellite truck t varius schls and explaining the principles f satellite newsgathering. When the Healthtex clthing cmpanies Wally, always Beaver's cnfessr and prtectr, is still n the jb as his lawyer. Wally als married his high schl sweetheart, Mary Ellen Rgers, and has tw kids f his wn, Kelly and Kevin Cleaver. eave It T Beaver Ls Angeles (213) New Yrk (212) Midwest (319) Hal Rach Studis Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bradcasting Nv

94 clsed their three plants in Maine, thusands were put ut f wrk and WGME -TV Prtland, Me., jumped n the stry. Cverage included live shts frm the plant the day it was clsed. The statin stayed with the human stry after the initial shck wre ff. It tracked wrkers thrugh their lbbying effrts t keep the plants pen, and traveled with them t slidarity rallies arund the cuntry. The statin fllwed the wrkers thrugh retraining and new jbs, and revisited them several mnths later at a cvered dish supper at which sme wrkers gt the severance pay the curts had frced the cmpany t give them. Summer gave the news crew a chance t get ut f drs. Each Friday, the 6 p.m. news was anchred live frm a different area festival. Using terrestrial micrwave, the news travelled t August, Naples, Yarmuth and Rckland, all Maine. When the aircraft carrier Jhn F. Kennedy called n the prt f Prtland, the Friday news was anchred frm the deck f the "wrld's largest cnventinally pwered" carrier. A reprter -phtgrapher crew that had spent three days n the ship prvided features fr the bradcast. When trnad sirens sunded, Wcc -ry Minneaplis began airing weather alerts, and within 20 minutes had live ftage f the destructin. After the trnades, 14 inches f rain fell n the city ver the next eight hurs. In additin t prime time live five -minute updates thrughut the night, the statin's 10 p.m. news was extended. An hur special fllwed at midnight, and anther the next mrning at 6 a.m., alerting drivers t clsed streets. The Outlet department stre in Prvidence, R.I. burned dwn n Oct. 16, The burning building was 50 feet frm the studis f WJAR -TV, and had nce been hme t the statin. WEAR -IV was faced with the dual task f cvering the biggest fire ever t hit dwntwn Prvidence and prtecting its facilities and ffices. The stry brke n the statin's 6:30 a.m news after a security guard at the statin first sptted smke frm the tp flr f the building. The statin aired cntinuus live cut -ins thrughut the mrning. T further dcument the fire, the statin hard -lined a camera n the rf, frm which vantage it captured what frm ther angles appeared t be an explsin, but was actually the cllapse f the stre's rf, which frced smke vilently ut the upper flr windws. There were camera crews n all fur sides f the building, plus aerials frm the statin helicpter. The 6 p.m. news was expanded frm a half hur t an hur. There were multiple packages, including a reprt n the fire, a live interview with the fire chief, a prfile f sme f the firemen and a histry f the building. This year was an electin year, with all the majr statewide ffices n the blck. WEAR -TV cvered the electin frm pll t pll, having wrked ut a "unique" relatinship with the Prvidence Jurnal Bulletin whereby the statin "plugged int" its cmputer fr electin returns. In exchange the statin gave the paper the results f its exit plls. The statin als rented tw prductin vans fr electin night, Nncmmercial wipatrvi Muncie, Ind., licensed t Ball State University, debuted its daily newscast n May 4, perating frm tw ld hmes dnated by the Ball Fundatin. Using tw studis (ne in the living rm fr prductin and the ther in the parlr fr the news set), the prgram features a six -minute spt news segment cvering state and lcal stries; an in -depth examinatin f a tp stry f the day; a daily special feature fcusing n east central Indiana; sprts and weather, and a daily infrmatin segment. (Wipe's prductin switching is dne frm the dining rm and master cntrl is in the kitchen. Editing is dne in a bedrm.) In place f cmmercial breaks inside the news, the nncmmercial statin airs stck market, cmmditities and "state headlines" features with chryn graphics and audi cart "t allw urselves time t breathe and t check ur time situatin," accrding t wipe's prgram manager, Rbert R. Smith. Due t limited finances, the statin has had t depend n dnatins and creative use f materials t run the bradcast. Fr example, the statin's windw graphics are created by prjecting a carusel disslve unit nt a wall and then shting that with a studi camera since the statin des nt have the special effects equipment t generate it. Friends f Smith prvided riginal music fr the pening at "nearly n cst," Smith said, adding that staff members have becme multi -talented, learning hw t sht, edit and prduce fr a news frmat. statining ne each at Republican and Demcratic headquarters. During the flding that affected mst f the state, K1'UL -TV Use, Okla., stayed n the air 24 hurs a day fr almst a week t keep viewers up t date. During ne tw-day perid, there were cut -ins featuring extensive helicpter ftage and fur remte reprts every 20 minutes. During the cntrvery ver the Oral Rberts fund -raising appeal, the statin devted its entire 6 p.m. newscast t the subject and the pssible repercussins n televangelism. When a grain elevatr fire caused the evacuatin f hmes and businesses, KPOM -1v Frt Smith, Ark., was the first n the scene, and fr 16 cnsecutive hurs prvided live cverage frm the air and a satellite truck. When anchr -prducer Elizabeth Alex learned f a planned drug bust, she was n the scene fr exclusive vide f the sting peratin, which turned ut t invlve ne f the largest businesses in the area. Reprter Luanne Stuart received an Assciated Press first place in spt news fr her cverage f the cause and effects f a devastating lcal fld. Waz -ry Bstn said it was the first statin with a live cut -in f the crash f a small plane carrying carg int a hme in a Bstn neighbrhd. The accident, just fur miles frm Lgan airprt, claimed the life f the pilt and injured three residents. The statin fed live reprts frm the scene all day lng and cverage included reprts n the accident, the cause and neighbrhd reactin. The wrst flding in 50 years hit New England in April with parts f Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts being declared federal disaster areas. WBZ -TV sent a team f reprters and camera crews t Maine and Vermnt and als reprted live frm New Hampshire, western Massachusetts and several lcatins in eastern Massachusetts. Wez -Tv had been wrking fr a day and a half n a stry n the Seabrk Nuclear Pwer plant when the Nuclear Regulatry Cmmis- sin denied the plant permissin t begin lw - pwer testing. The statin acted quickly, with live reprts frm Washingtn n the decisin and live cverage frm New Hampshire with backgrund n the plant and lcal reactin. On Aug. 31, thunder strms started mre than 600 brush fires in the frests f suthwest Oregn. The Oregn ecnmy, heavily dependent n timber, and area hmes, were in danger. Kw-ry Prtland, Ore., sent three crews t the area. A furth crew was sent t Seattle fr a piece n hw the fires were used fr nuclear winter research, and a fifth prepared a stry n past fires and refrestatin techniques. The statin presented a 40- minute special n the fire, with anchr Tracy Barry in Prtland and anchr Pete Schulberg reprting live frm the fire scene -250 miles away -via a satellite newsgathering truck. The prgram als included a live interview with a spkesman at the Unified Fire Cmmand Headquarters in the state capital at Salem. Prtland Mayr Bud Clark dismissed the city's plice chief early ne mrning. By 10 a.m., a new chief had been named, making the third chief in eight mnths. The statin cvered the event n its 5 p.m. newscast, plus a half -hur prime time special, Cnflict in City Hall, which included an exclusive interview with the mayr, the facts f the firings and reactin frm plice fficers, their unin, city fficials and backers f a Clark recall effrt. When a bridge n the New Yrk State Thruway cllapsed in April killing 10 peple, WrERtrvl Albany, N.Y. was the first t interrupt regular prgraming with aerial vide f the disaster. WIEN prvided dramatic and exclusive cverage f a rftp sniper wh went n a nightlng spree. Phtgrapher Marty Miller and reprter Dug Myers risked injury as they prvided the nly n- the -scene reprt f the incident, which claimed three lives. In early Octber, a freak snwstrm dumped as much as 20 inches f snw in the Albany area. Hundreds f thusands f hmes were withut pwer r heat. Operating n emergency pwer, WIEN was n the air with emergency bulletins and weather updates that cntinued thrughut the day and night, Bradcasting Nv

95 expanding its early newscast t an hur and its late newscast t 50 minutes t accmmdate the increased news lad. The statin cntinued its cverage the next day with regular updates, and added an extra newscast at 5:30 p.m. A week later, the statin presented a dcumentary, The Snws f Octber. On the evening f July 15, a grass fire burned ut f cntrl in suburban Spkane, eventually cnsuming 22 hmes. A crew frm KXLY -TV there was first n the scene f the fire (their vide was later used by investigatrs t help pinpint the cause f the fire), and had live reprts n the 5 p.m. newscast, cut -ins thrughut the evening and live and taped reprts during an expanded 11 p.m. news. The statin used five reprters, six phtgraphers and tw live units. The statin aired traffic warnings, calls fr vlunteer air and referred callers t apprpriate agencies fr help. Fllwing the fire, the statin aired stries abut the cntrversy ver the start f the fire, the plight f the victims and questins f safety. The statin received requests fr dubs f its stries fr use by fire preventin agencies. "It's gee, really kinda neateven thugh that creep Eddie Haskell is still arund and junk like that..:' Chicag Tribune A plane crash at Yeager airprt in Charlestn. W. Va.. was a test f WOWK -TV Huntingtn, W. Va.'s spt news capabilities. The fiery crash late in the afternn f March 5 killed fur peple and clsed the airprt. Phtgrapher Emil Varney had t descend a steep embankment t reach the crash site, while reprter Jhn Dickinsn was sent t the airprt. Phtgrapher Jhn Dickinsn was als dispatched with the statin's live- capability van. Minutes after the van arrived, the statin had a live cut -in n the air (it had run a crawl immediately upn learning f the crash). Sme 15 minutes later the statin went live again with ftage f the crash site. WwK -TV had a cmplete reprt, with vide and interviews, n the 6 p.m. news. Because f the impact f the PTL Club scandal n the city -the cmplex is 12 miles suth f Charltte, N.C. -Wsc -ry has cvered the stry clsely, with, at times, as many as eight reprters and three t fur live shts per newscast frm varius parts f the cuntry. Wsc -Tv sprts anchr, Harld Jhnsn, was first t annunce that Charltte had mved frm last t first n the list f teams being cnsidered fr a Natinal Basketball Assciatin expansin franchise. Jhnsn brke the stry tw days befre the NBA annunced it. The news team devted many hurs t the stry as wner Gerge Shinn travelled the cuntry negtiating fr a franchise, which was eventually acquired. T cver the Ppe's visit t the U.S., wvvl -7V Philadelphia assigned reprter Cathy Gandlf t fllw the Pntiff frm his landing in Miami t his departure frm Detrit. She fed bth live and taped pieces, and accrding t the statin, was the nly lcal statin t cver the whle visit with its wn reprter. Anther breaking stry that wpvi -TV went a lng way t cver was the earthquake in The wrld's mst bnxius teenager is nw the wrld's mst bnxius husband and parent...with a sn t match! Meet Eddie's sn, Freddie Haskell! eave It T Beaver Ls Angeles (213) New Yrk (212) Midwest (319) Hal Rach Studis Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bradcasting Nv

96 Suthern Califrnia. The stry brke at 10:44 a.m. in Philadelphia; crrespndent Nra Muchanic tk the next available flight and was there in time t file live updates n the 11 p.m. news. The Nrth Carlina Assciated Press first - place award fr spt news cverage went t WNCT-TV Greenville fr its cverage f a majr schl bus accident. The statin als aired special live cverage f the three -day Mid Atlantic Farm Shw, which included live mrning prgrams, news inserts and farm news at nn and in the 6 'clck reprt. DISPATCHER: "Gt a prblem... I'd like t knw why It tk IAmbulance).19 eight minutes...? Had call engine fu :. ',.:.,, WCPO -TVs Minarcin (I) with Harvey WUSA -TV lks at ambulance delays WTVQs fire stry The year in dcumentaries, investigatins, series In April, a hspital rderly named Dnald Harvey cnfessed t killing a patient with cyanide at Drake Memrial Hspital in Cincinnati. Authrities treated it as an islated case. WCr- Tv anchr Pat Minarcin, hwever, received a phne call frm a hspital staffer wh indicated it was much mre than that. The caller said there had been many suspicius deaths in the ward where Harvey wrked. Minarcin and executive prducer Ed Wilsn spent the next 21/2 mnths talking with hspital emplyes, pring ver hundreds f pages f dcuments and talking with hspital fficials. A frensics expert was flwn in frm New Yrk t check medical infrmatin. Medical authrities acrss the cuntry were interviewed via satellite. Cmmercials were drpped frm the 6-6:30 p.m. news blck s the prgram wuld air uninterrupted. On June 23, the statin aired its findings in a ne -half hur reprt abut deaths at Drake hspital. Fllwing the reprt, cunty cmmissiners demanded an investigatin f the cunty-run hspital. After the stry brke, wcp -ry stayed n it with daily cverage. The investigatin spread t the lcal veteran's administratin hspital, where Harvey claimed t have killed 17 patients, and t a hspital in Suthern Kentucky where he claimed t have killed 13. When Harvey cnfessed t the additinal murders, reprter Cyndee Bensn brke the stry. A grand jury interviewed hspital staff, exhumed bdies and indicted Harvey fr 25 murders in Cincinnati, and mst recently fr nine murders in Kentucky. He is currently serving three cnsecutive life sentences. Shrtly after Harvey was sentenced, Minarcin gt an exclusive interview with him. Executive prducer Ed Wilsn said that thugh the statin has been credited with the stry, "it culdn't have happened withut sme very curageus staffers at Drake hspital" wh came frward with infrmatin. Their faces and vices were camuflaged by digital and audi effects, but, says Wilsn, "They tk the chance. They brught Dnald Harvey t justice." WUSA -TV Washingtn has cnducted a number f investigatins in the past 15 mnths, garnering natinal attentin. One stry in particular was "D.C. Prbe," in which investigative reprter Mark Feldstein revealed that Karen Jhnsn, a frmer D.C. gvernment emplye, tld prsecutrs she had supplied the city's mayr with ccaine and then accepted hush mney. Feldstein als btained private papers detailing the mayr's alleged sexual relatinship with the cnvicted ccaine dealer. The mayr respnded t the charges live during the statin's newscast. Amng the ther stries the statin brke surrunding the investigatin: a prminent lcal attrney was tied t the hush mney; sme f the mayr's aides were under investigatin, and a wman wh claimed t have first -hand knwledge f an intimate relatinship between the mayr and Jhnsn was cperating in a federal crruptin prbe. Reprter Bruce Jhnsn's investigatin int the "unacceptable" delay f a D.C. ambulance in respnding t a call (the subject f the call later died f a heart attack) may have prmpted the D.C. fire department's wn investigatin. By using Freedm f Infrmatin Act Requests, Jhnsn btained cpies f cnversatins between ambulance dispatcher and caller and emergency crew A day after Jhnsn aired excerpts f the cnversatins, the Fired Department began its wn inquiry. The Washingtn Pst and Washingtn Times newspapers credited WUSA -TV with the exclusive infrmatin. On the dcumentary side, wusa -TV prduced a variety f prgrams. The ne with the mst impact was a three -part series n the Cnstitutin, "Searching fr Justice: Three American Stries." In the series, Supreme Curt Justice Thurgd Marshall spke candidly with jurnalist Cart Rwan n current scial issues, unusual fr a sitting justice. The series lked at three majr areas: capital punishment, abrtin and segregatin. The segment n abrtin yielded a newsmaking disclsure: Jane Re, f the Re vs. Wade landmark abrtin case, revealed fr the first time publicly that the pregnancy that she sught t terminate was nt the result f a rape, as she had claimed at the time. WRC -TV Washingtn launched an investigatin int the city's ambulance service and prblems with its 911 dispatch system. Accident victims began calling the statin when they didn't get an adequate respnse frm 911. And n mre than ne ccasin, the Channel 4 news crew arrived n the scene befre the ambulance. The statin als managed t secure tw exclusive interviews during the year that were picked up by the wire services and widely quted by publicatins such as The Washingtn Pst and Time Magazine. The first f these was with Mayr Marin Barry's wife, Effi Barry, after allegatins that her husband had given her a fur cat paid fr ut f the Mayr's ceremnial fund. One mnth later, Susan Martin Cke, 31, wife f Redskins wner, Jack Kent Cke, 74, talked abut her husband, their recent marriage and the expected arrival f their first child. Bth interviews were cnducted by anchr -reprter Barbara Harrisn. Bb Hensley, reprter with wrv(rv) Lexingtn, Ky., brke the stry f the Frd Ecnline ambulances that were catching fire because f a faulty gas line. Hensely prduced several stries n the subject. Sme tw hurs after the first stry aired, an ambulance caught fire at a nursing hme in Lexingtn. Frtunately, n ne was hurt. KMN -ry Denver investigative reprter Dave Minshall reprted n the dangers f fire in Frd panel vans frequently used t transprt skiers t and frm lcal resrts, as well as fr ambulances. Minshall explained the design flaw in the gas tanks, which were lcated s clse t the exhaust system that the gas was biling ver and igniting. His reprts cntributed t a natinwide recall f the vehicles by the manufacturer. Bradcasting Nv

97 Kuvtrvl St. Luis reprter Ellen Jaffe received tips frm Chrysler emplyes at the Fentn, M., plant that dmeters were being discnnected n test cars, then driven n lng trips by Chrysler department heads. Chrysler acknwledged having such a prgram, saying that it helped insure quality. Eight mnths after Jaffe brke the stry in St, Luis, the U.S. Attrney's ffice indicted Chrysler and tw tp executives n charges f mail fraud, dmeter fraud and wire fraud. Eventually, 60,000 cnsumers were given warranty extensins, 40 custmers ffered new cars and natinal ads were published explaining the crrective actins. Investigative reprter Matt Meagher and phtgrapher Sctt Thmas spent several nights staking ut Sauget, Ill., nightclubs that had received repeated cmplaints abut drunk drivers. Using lw light phtgraphy techniques, the statin phtgraphed patrns "staggering" frm the bars and "careening" frm the parking lt, all in view f Sauget plice fficers n security duty at the clubs. The (- team traced the wnership f the nightclubs t relatives f the mayr and chief f plice. The result was a crackdwn n drunk drivers. New t the KMOV newscast this year is a nightly three -minute business reprt that features, amng ther things, an exclusive cmputerized stck index and a segment in cperatin with the St Luis Business Jurnal that prvides viewers n Fridays a glimpse f the Jurnal's Mnday stries. "There's mre t `The New Beaver' than nstalgia:' The Detrit News Kvrv(rvl Sringfield, M., set ut t explre the amunt and types f drug trafficking in the Ozark hills. Reprters Tny Beasn and Dennis Graves and phtgrapher -prducer Dn Cadrette each spent tw mnths talking with drug dealers, undercver agents, users and ther victims f the illicit drug trade. Cadrette accmpanied undercver narctics agent n busts. The news team als talked with the families f cnvicted drug pushers. The statin develped its wn graphic and cmmissined a lcal musician t write a musical "bed" fr the resulting tw series and dcumentary resulting frm the investigatin. All the pieces were "umbrellaed" under the title, Wasted. The tw series ran, ne at 6 p.m., the ther at 10 p.m., fr a week. On the Saturday fllwing the series, a half -hur dcumentary was aired. The dcumentary was distributed t area schls and cpies were requested by lcal law enfrcement agencies. Oregn enjys a sister state relatinship with China's Fujian prvince. Last February, sw-iv Prtland sent reprter Jhn Tuttle, phtgrapher Kevin Felts and prducer Matt Shelley t the cuntry The result f their mnth -lng trip was a furteen -part series and a ne -hur dcumentary that fcused n the bnd between the tw states. Tpics cvered included the Westernizatin f the East; ecnmic business ties; prfiles f chinese wrkers, peasants and the new capitalists; the rle f televisin, and the experience f Oregnians in China. The statin began arranging with the Chinese gvernment fr the trip tw years in advance. A new immigratin law was t have pr- June Cleaver was always the mdel hmemaker. Nw she's a city cuncilwman and a grandmther serving milk and ckies t a new generatin f Cleavers! Lave It T Beaver Minimum 85 laugh -filled half hurs f family entertainment available fr Fall '88 r Fall '89. Ls Angeles (213) New Yrk (212) Midwest (319) Prduced by Universal Pay TV Prgramming, Inc Hal Rach Studis Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bradcasting Nv nn

98 NEWSFEED Raises g My Ra Lwers My ld Pressure. "As a news directr, it's my number ne nightmare. It's 4:40 p.m. and my tp lcal stry is breaking a thusand miles away. There's n time fr my news team r truck t reach the scene. My viewers are cunting n cverage. "Instead f reaching fr the aspirin, I reach fr the phne: NEWS. That's the tll -free number fr The NEWSFEED Netwrk. They'll get my imprtant stry. Nw I can start t relax. As a member f The NEWSFEED Netwrk, I'm part f ne f the tp televisin news gathering rganizatins in the wrld. "But it's nt just thse special things they deliver. Day in and day ut it's breaking news -- frm all ver -- sprts highlights, weather ftage, series and features that I can't get anywhere else. They have a Washingtn bureau t g aftertp natinal stries and they'll even get me a 'react' frm my Cng ressmen! "All day lng they tell me what's ging n, what's being cvered and when it'll be satellited back t me. When I have a special request r a special need, they take care f it and deliver my stry in time fr air. "The flks at Grup W invented satellite news gathering and created The NEWSFEED Netwrk ver six years ag. They've been the industry leaders ever since. That's why I call them, and that's why I stick with them. Because I knw that when there's smething I need t win my ratings war, The NEWSFEED Netwrk will be there. "S even if every day isn't a picnic in my newsrm, I've gt peace f mind knwing that I'll get what I want -- when I need it. I just call The NEWSFEED Netwrk at NEWS. Yu shuld call them t!" THE NEWSFEED NETWORK GROUP TELEVISION REPRESENTED BY AU..IIwI TELEVISION


100 fund impact n agriculture in the Nrthwest. Kcw-iv sent reprter Sctt Miller and phtgrapher Terry Renteria t Mexic fr a five -part series that lked at hw the bili wuld affect lives n bth sides f the brder. Oregn farmers claimed that being able t hire nly legal wrkers wuld drastically reduce the number f ptential emplyes and that a reductin f wrkers wuld cause their crps t rt in the field. The series als examined the impact f migratin n the Mexican family, the rle f the church in prtecting illegals and the explitatin f illegals by farmers. In tw hurs f prime time prgraming, KGw. Tv aired an hur dcumentary, Asylum in the Streets, fllwed by an hur -lng discussin, bth fcusing n the wrld f the chrnically mentally ill. Last fall, PBS aired a cntrversial nine -part series, The Africans, which was denunced by sme cnservative grups as "Pr -marxist and anti -Western." In December f 1986, nncmmercial KBYLI-TV Prv, Utah, presented The Africans: Other Vices, a dcumentary in a news magazine frmat. It included a reprt n hw the PBS prject was frmulated and a discussin with critics and advcates f the series. The prgram, which began as a lcal ne -hur special prduced almst entirely by students, was picked up by PBS and cleared in apprximately 60 markets. "We the Jury" accrding t wcvs -TV Bstn, was the first ever behind -the -scenes lk at a sequestered jury. The prime time dcumentary was reprted by David Rpeik, believed by the statin t be the first jurnalist permitted t "cver" a sequestered jury. The special prfiled -frm selectin t verdict -the 16 jurrs chsen t hear the case f Paul Dunn, a Massachusetts man accused f killing his pregnant wife. Rpeik began wrk n the prgram mre than three years ag, when he apprached judge Thmas Mrse, chief justice f the Massachusetts Supreme Curt, with a request t cver a sequestered jury. Mrse agreed, and Rpeik gained permissin frm all parties, including the defendent, t cver the jury. Bitter Endings was a wcve -TV dcumentary n the cnditin f nursing hme care in Massachusetts. The special, hsted by Mike Barnide, addressed the issues f nursing care and cst, access t nursing hmes, nursing hme management and alternatives t nursing hme care. Amng the alternatives t private nursing hme care highlighted were life care cmmunities, hme care and cmmunity - based care and nnprfit hmes. In an exclusive five -part series, reprter Rn Allen tk televisin cameras inside Bridgewater fr the first extensive lk in tw decades at the state hspital fr the criminally insane. The news team was permitted virtually free access t the facility, and spent many hurs interviewing patients, crrectins fficers and dctrs. Cnvicted killer Charles Mansn is permitted t d ne interview every three mnths. Fr ne f thse interviews, he chse t talk t KCBS -TV Ls Angeles last March. The statin wanted t fcus n the questin f his sanity, since Mansn was trying t be transferred t a psychiatric hspital. Anther news hk fr the stry was that 1987 is the 20th anniversary f the frmatin f the Mansn family. The interview lasted several hurs, during which Mansn "talked aggressively, ften incherently, abut his trial and life in prisn." He als tld the reprter, Bill Stut, that there were mre killings t take place and that the "family" was recruiting mre members. Accrding t Kces -TU the interview indicated "he shuld nt be parled nr transferred t a lesser facility" In March 1987, WFSB(TV) Hartfrd, Cnn., investigative reprter Jeffrey Cle brke the stry behind the resignatin f a lcal high schl teacher, Wayne Jhnsn. Cle uncvered that allegatins f sexual invlvement with students were behind Jhnsn's leaving. In talking t ther teachers, he learned that there had been earlier rumrs f sexual imprpriety and that Jhnsn had penly dated a high schl student, married the 17- year -ld when she graduated and then divrced her fur mnths later. Cle talked t the student whse claim f invlvement with Jhnsn since she was 13 led t his being asked t resign by the superintendent f schls. Cle's stry als pinted ut that what the superintendent was nt required t d by law was reprt the incident t the state Department f Educatin r t law enfrcement fficials. This left Jhnsn's teaching certificatin intact. After reprting the incident, Cle began examining thse DOE plicies. Cle then brught the case t the DOE and the state's attrney The educatin department investigated Jhnsn and recmmended that his teaching license be revked. The state's attrney als began an investigatin. Tw weeks later, Jhnsn was arrested n 61 sex ffense charges. In additin, the state's attrney als called fr an immediate streamlining f the system fr reprting imprprieties and criminal ffenses by teachers bth t the DOE and t law enfrcement fficials. There is currently legislatin pending that wuld mandate that schl fficials take actin n such incidents immediately and reprt them t the prper authrities. (Jhnsn is currently in pre -trial negtiatins with the state and Cle is cntinuing fllw -up reprts.) In an area husing three majr military bases, civil defense is an imprtant issue. "Prime Target" was a three -part investigatin by KTIE -Tv Oxnard, Calif., int the past, present and future f lcal civil defense plans. The first part f the series traced the histry f civil defense frm "duck and cver" mania t current scaled dwn plans. The secnd installment, Blueprint fr Disaster, utlined emergency plans step by step, as they are prpsed t unfld after a limited nuclear exchange. The last part, Shelter frm the Strm, shwed ways individuals have prepared fr nuclear catastrphe. The purpse f the specials, said the statin, was t cnfrnt viewers with their respnsibilities in the face f a nuclear age. WMAQ -Tv Chicag reprter Peter Karl and prducers Dug Lnghini, Katy Smyser and Marsha Bartel brke the stry that the city deliberately witheld infrmatin critical t the health f area children. The team revealed that may area parks tested by the state had high, and in sme cases, dangerusly high levels f lead. Further, they fund, the state had never infrmed parents f the prblem, r ptential hazards. The statin immediately bradcast a list f cntaminated parks. Six mnths later, the statin decided t see if anything had been dne t crrect the prblem. While n clean -up actin has been taken, the statin fund that the Illinis EPA had applied fr mney frm the EPA Superfund. declaring six Chicag parks hazardus waste sites because f high levels f lead cntaminatin. The nging reprts als revealed that the city was using utdated testing prcedures when screening children fr lead pisning. Public utcry fllwing the series frced the city t change its testing prcedures, and the city created a Lead Task Frce t examine the prblem. In the dcumentary Wings f Eagles: Has Our Luck Run Out, science and aviatin specialist Jim Tilmn and prducer Mike Wright WGrVB -TV's view frm Bridgewater KCBS -TV's Stut with Mansn A day in the park fr WMAQ -TV Bradcasting Nv nn

101 lked at airline safety, talking t pilts, air traffic cntrllers, FAA management and aviatin experts. They als highlighted sme "startling" statistics f pilt errrs, cntrller mistakes and equipment failures. Phne slicitatin is big business in Arizna and the state has few laws t prtect the public. Krsa -TV Phenix reprter William LaJeunesse tk jbs at five different phne "biler rms" t research the tpic fr a five -part series n "Phney Mney" Hidden camera ftage shwed rganizatins sliciting mney fr charities that actually nly lines the pckets f the cmpany. The series revealed names and cmpanies t be wary f, and La- Jeunesse utlined hw t deal with telephne slicitrs and hw t tell whether they are legitimate. The statin prduced a ne -hur special that divided its time between Supreme Curt Justice Sandra Day O'Cnnr and humrist Erma Bmbeck, interviewing the tw n their activities and ambitins. WEEK -N Empria, Ill., cmbined live, tape and graphics t prduce a tri f prime time specials. The first, American Dreamers, was a half hur telling the stries f three lcal entrepreneurs wh had battled t stay in business during the city's near depressin. The central Illinis ecnmy had bttmed ut, and a statin survey shwed viewers were ready fr sme upbeat stries n the anticipated recvery Next, Memrial Day brught nearly 10,000 veterans t the area fr a "welcme hme" parade targeted in particular t Vietnam veterans. Sme 60,000 peple were n hand fr the tribute. WEEK -TV assigned three -quarters f its 20 member staff t cver the parade and its planning, and t develp sidebars n relevant issues such as wmen vets, MIAs and the disabled. The result -10 hurs f vide, six sidebars and graphics -yielded a ne -hur dcumentary, Lest We frget, by prducers Lnnie Hartley and Tm McIntyre. n July 29, 50 runners started frm Memphis en rute t Peria fr the fifth annual Run fr St. Jude. t benefit the hspitals that treat childhd cancer. Sprts anchr Lee Hall tk a hand -held camera alng fr a shrt series that turned int a half -hur dcumentary n the runners and the children they were running fr. During a six -hur telethn fr the hspitals, viewers pledged ver ne half millin dllars, a 40% increase ver the previus year. Cmbine ver 7,800 miles, 10,200 persn - hurs, 70 -plus hurs f satellite time, $34,000 in transpnder time, 360 hurs f videtape and ver 40 miles f cable; That is the recipe fr Heart f Ohi n WBNS -TV Clumbus, a series f half -hur live newscasts -mre than 125 f them -frm different lcatins thrughut Ohi. A staff f 10 wrks n each day's newscast frm venues as varied as a canal bats, museums, ball parks, festivals, mnuments and race tracks. With the exceptin f a 90- secnd news wrap -up, all the prgrams air withut a script. Fr far -flung lcatins, the statin uses its Skybeam mbile satellite truck. Clser t hme, a micrwave signal is emplyed, while using the truck as a prductin center and anther truck fr editing wrk. Heart f Ohi uses n sets, with the c- anchrs, Dave Kay - lr and Dana Tyler, interviewing peple, explring interesting lcatins and intrducing feature pieces. The c- anchrs each put tgether a package fr the bradcast, as des a reprter, trying t wrk a day in advance. The field prducer plans stries, scuts lcatins and makes travel arrangements. Originally, WBNS -TV planned t air the special bradcasts frm April 27 t May 22, but viewer respnse was "enrmus," and the bradcasts were extended fr anther five mnths. Teachers have requested cpies f the prgram that dealt with state histry and lcal chambers f cmmerce have received cpies fr use in prmting their cities. The prgram has als featured live news segments frm beynd Ohi. Thse include segments frm Seattle abut a child underging a life- saving peratin; frm Atlanta t cver the Ohi State Buckeyes in the NCAA basketball champinships and Salt Lake city fr preparatins fr a Children's hspital telethn. Dave Stantn prvides special reprts, Phil Paulin is directr and phtgrapher, Duff Lindsay is field prducer -phtgrapher, Jyce Bel - mnte is prducer and Dan Black is engineer. In 1973, a jury in Tampa, Fla., cnvicted Je Green Brwn f murder, based largely n the testimny f a c- defendant. Brwn spent 14 WHY BE A LITTLE FISH A BIG POND? TV, VCR AND TAPE SALES EARN HIGH RATINGS IN LAUREL /HATTIESBURG. Laurel /Hattiesburg, Mississippi utspends Buffal, New Yrk, the 35th ranked HH ADI in the United States, fr TV, VCR and Tape sales -perpersn. By 1990, Ttal Retail Sales in Laurel /Hattiesburg are prjected t rise 52%, utspending prjected Ttal Retail Sales increases in Mississippi, the East Suth Central Regin and the entire United States, prving that Laurel /Hattiesburg is truly a vide marketer's mecca.. WDAM-TV DOMINATES THE MARKET. Were the #1 statin sign -n t sign -ff. We have the facts, figures and prgramming, including the #1 news in the natin, t help make yur sales rate higher in the Sutheast's picture - perfect market, t. BE A BIG FISH L71 BEAM 1 COMMUNICATIONS et WDAM -TV, NBC, Laurel /Hattiesburg, MS NBC KYEL -TV, NBC, Yuma, AZ /El Centr, CA WPBN -TV /WTOM -TV, NBC, Traverse City/Cadillac, Chebygan, MI WCFT -TV, CBS, Tuscalsa, AL _ Beam Cmmunicatins Crp. Surce: 1986 Survey f Buying Pwer February 1987, Neilsn i-1 J Represented by Katz Cntinental Televisin Bradcasting Nv

102 years n death rw, including cming within 24 hurs f executin. WrsP -TV St. Petersburg, Fla., investigated the evidence and testimny against Brwn and, while engaged in that study, learned frm the prsecutr that Brwn was abut t be released because the c- defendant had changed his stry and there was n ther evi- WTSP -TVs Jhn Wilsn with Brwn dence cnnecting Brwn t the murder. WTSPry brke the stry n its 6 p.m. newscast and had live cverage as Brwn walked ut f prisn a free man. The stry was picked up by majr newspapers and the netwrks and several mnths later was the subject f a piece n ABC's 20/20. The statin's "Diagnsis: Deceptin" was a three -part investigatin int the multi -millin dllar prblem f insurance fraud. Healthline reprter Michael Salrt, phtgrapher Gene Yagle and researcher Julia Jacksn discvered that Flrida had a "natinal fraud squad," made up f investigatrs frm the natin's insurance cmpanies. The squad identifies and have arrests dctrs wh are falsifying insurance claims t get payments. The reprt revealed that this was the first peratin f its kind in the cuntry. The reprt als lked at sme f the dctrs wh were the early targets f the crackdwn. Califrnia Nrth is prduced by the prgraming department at independent KFrvry Santa Rsa, Calif., but many f its segments air n the statin's newscasts as well, and news stries are expanded t becme features n Califrnia Nrth. A segment called "Welcme Hme" earned a Gabriel award, amng many thers. The stry began as a "rutine" feature n the Mving Wall, a scale mdel f the Vietnam Veterans memrial in Washingtn that has been n display in varius cities arund the cuntry. "Welcme Hme "'s prducer tk it beynd the rutine. He tracked dwn and reunited three veterans wh had thught each ther killed in the Vietnam war. "Welcme Hme" dcumented their reunin at the memrial in Washingtn. Other segments have included nes n a cmpany that trains dgs as cmpanins fr peple with disabilities, area peple with muscular dystrphy and n the Califrnia wine cuntry f Snma and Napa. It was a year f travel fr wlp -TV Springfield, Mass. In Nvember, statin management de- cided it wuld be a gd idea t shw viewers facing a lng New England winter hw the ther half lived, s a 10- persn crew was sent t Hawaii, including engineers, prducers, talent and news teams, t prduce the news live via satellite frm Hnlulu. The statin delivered its ne -hur news blck frm 5:30 p.m. t 6:30 p.m. and its 11 p.m. news frm the balcny f the Ilikai Htel. Reprters back in Springfield cvered lcal and reginal news, then sent their stries t Hawaii via FAX machines. On Nv 11 (Veteran's Day), the news team visited the U.S.S. Arizna and Pearl Harbr. Then, in March, a crew was sent t Ireland t capture the flavr f that cuntry as St. Patrick's Day apprached. They cntacted several area families with relatives in Ireland and tried t tuch base with them. The pieces served as an apprpriate preamble t the statin's fur -hur cverage f the Hlyke St. Patrick's Day Parade. The statin was n the rad again in May "Celebrating New England" by traveling t Vermnt, New Yrk, New Hampshire and Cnnecticut t riginate newscasts frm varius venues. An FBI shting that lett tw FBI agents and tw suspects dead and several peple wunded was the subject f a news special n wswf-tv Miami. The special included tape recrdings f the FBI agents as they prepared t stp the suspects, as well as an exclusive tape recrding f ne f the suspects as he gave a layman's sermn at a lcal church. Debra Juarez West prduced the reprt, which was edited by phtgrapher Phil Zarwny. Reprter Brian Cabell and phtgrapher Henry Cardenas traveled by jeep, plane, dugut cane and ft t a cntra camp at the Nicaragua- Hnduras brder fr a reprt n the war there. On the investigative side, the statin aired a series that examined hw illegal drugs are smuggled int the cuntry. Reprter Rbert Gilmartin and phtgrapher Ken Tlliver chased drug running planes with the Cast Guard and Drug Enfrcement Administratin trackers. "Family Ties" dcumented illegal activites by rganized crime figures. Reprter Ralph Page and phtgrapher Kevin Rark spent mre than six mnths watching an undercver plice fficer make deals fr stlen prperty with suspects. Twelve underwrld figures were eventually arrested and indicted. "Juvenile Guards" detailed illegal activities f detentin guards. Phtgraphers Dale West and Rark dcumented guards trying t encurage yuths t steal cars and car parts. As a result, three guards were arrested and anther disciplined. In September 1987, WTOV -TV Steubenville, Ohi, sent a tw-man news team t Osaka, Japan, t reprt n a cperative steelmaking venture between Wheeling -Pittsburgh Steel and the Japanese The result was a five -part series, a dcumentary and a six -week series abut a steelwrker wh was being retrained in Japan t perate a steel mill in the Ohi Valley. In Nvember 1986, WBAY -TV Green Bay, Wis., investigated the death f tw migrant farm wrkers wh died f carbn mnxide pisning -they had tried t heat their trailer with a charcal grill. The statin's reprter discvered that the gas cmpany had turned ff their gas tw days earlier despite a state mratrium n utility turnffs because f the cld weather. The Wiscnsin Public Service Cmmissin was alerted and launched its wn investigatin, which discvered there were serius breakdwns in its management, training and educatin f emplyes regarding cld weather service discnnectins. As a result f the reprt and subsequent investigatin, the gas cmpany instituted training prgrams. The deaths are currently under investigatin by the state Attrney General's ffice. Wwu- v New Orleans has expanded its news cverage by mre than 30% ver the past year -plus. The ne -hur mrning news has been expanded t tw hurs, a nn Saturday newscast added and a nce -a -mnth news magazine created fr Sunday nights. The new mrning shw required revamping the frmat frm a news and weather lead -in t the CBS Mrning News t a tw -hur self -cntained news and entertainment prgram (the Mrning News was drpped). In the new prgram, an average f five guests discuss news, health, business, cmmunity events and leisure activities. The prgram als shwcases tw New Orleans staples, fd and music, prviding a stage fr lcal musicians and cking segments with new recipes and guest chefs. Fr the mnth f May, the prgram went n the rad every Friday t explre the state's culture and histry first hand. A different neighbring twn and its peple became the fcus f each shw. Althugh the lcatins were all within 40 miles f the City, the earliness f the newscast meant the prductin crew had t set up Thursday nights. The wrk paid ff, with the secnd hur f the prgram garnering a 39 share t a 23 fr Tday and a 12 fr Gd Mrning, America. The nn Saturday newscast was an adventure, said the statin, explring the "unexplred space between 'kid vid' and the afternn sprts." A cver stry explres the week's tp lcal stry, fllwed by an interview with a guest t lend a new perspective t the event. There are als mvie reviews, a lcal financial cnsultant with tips n mney management and an utdr feature. The Sunday evening prgram, Bill Elder's Jurnal, features the investigative reprter in search f the unusual stry. Examples range frm the "wantn slaughter" f geese t the explratin f the cuntry's ldest perating carusel. Team cverage was the technique emplyed by wlwrtrv) Cincinnati in its cverage f the clsing f the General Mtrs plant in Nrwd, Ohi, which was thrwing 5,000 peple ut f wrk. During the weeks leading up t the clsing, the statin prduced a variety f reprts cvering the event frm many different angles, amng them the effects n white cllar as well as blue cllar wrkers and the ecnmic effects n lcal business. One stry fea- Bradcasting Nv Inn

103 ' tured reprter Dave Rbinsn, wh arranged with the unin t wrk n the assembly line fr a day t talk t sme f the line wrkers and get a feel fr their jbs. That rapprt came in handy. On the day f the clsing, management barred news cameras. Rbinsn called the unin, and ne f its members brught a VHS camera int the plant and prvided WLwr with ftage f the last day When tw Veterans Administratin Hspital plice guards decided t "blw the whistle" n the VA plice chief, they cntacted the FBI. When they gt n respnse, accrding t the statin, they cntacted wtwr's Rbinsn. Rb - insn's investigatin fund patients and visitrs wh were willing t g n camera with their charges against the chief. Fllwing the tw -part stry, the FBI's interest was kindled, Cngress began an investigatin and the NBC Nightly News picked up the stry. The chief is still under investigatin. D Radn is an drless, tasteless and clrless gas that results frm the decay f uranium in the grund. The ptentially deadly gas in- creases the risk f cancer t thse expsed. WNEV -TV Bstn cnsumer reprter Phyllis Eliasberg first reprted n pssible radn dangers in Nvember The statin received sme 13,000 letters f cncern. Prmpted by that respnse, Eliasberg cnducted a test - fr a six -part news series -that shwed that ne f every three hmes tested had "unnacceptable" levels f radn gas. The series als shwed what ne persn has dne t alleviate the radn prblem, and lked at pssible reasns fr the high levels. -,w C. ` ,, '4/ lñln) 4 í - 1 it.1z..- 11t11I. i11 1 ( ') : - j.z.1 WNEV -TV aired a dcumentary that lked at the struggle f mre than 400,000 Sviet Jews t emigrate t the U.S. and Israel. Featured in the prgram, Free t Hpe, was exclusive ftage and interviews with Sviet Jews, plus prfiles f three families. Als prfiled was Sviet emigre Anatly Scharansky. Shrtly after the prgram aired, Misha Fuchs -Rabinvich and his family, wh had been featured in the dcumentary, were granted permissin t emigrate after eight years f waiting. Fllwing the dcumentary's airing, the statin shwed the names f Massachusetts -based rganizatins wrking fr the release f Sviet Jews. Anchr Dave Wright was amng a grup f jurnalists allwed int Iran. In "Dave Wright's Jurnal: Inside Iran," he tk the viewer thrugh the streets f Tehran and t the battlegrund where an estimated 30,000 Iranian and Iraqi sldiers have died. The special aired in February in bth the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. news. In a dcumentary that aired the day befre Thanksgiving, WRAL -TV Raleigh, N.C., investigated hunger and pverty in America and the vicius cycle that seems t cnsume generatin after generatin f children. Fr Every Furth Child, Reprter Nina Szlsberg and phtgrapher Art Hward spent tw years with pr families in rural Nrth Carlina, learning f their hpes, and the absence f hpe. It als tk a lk at welfare and fd stamp prgrams and talked t recipients abut the barriers t such aid. The investigatin lked at what cmmunity leaders are ding r nt ding t help, searching churches, schls and cmmunity centers fr prgrams designed t meet the needs f the pr. In additin t the dcumentary, the statin aired a half -hur rund table discussin immediately fllwing the prgram. The dcumentary received an award frm the RINDA and a natinal AP award. WRAL -TV sent anchr Bill Leslie and phtgrapher Rick Armstrng t the Nrth Carlina muntains t track dwn sme frmer mn - shiners and relive the "gd ld days." They fund three wh were willing t relate their stries f making white lightning and aviding the revenuers. The series, "Still n the Hill," wn UPI state and reginal awards and a cpy was requested by the FBI fr its archives. The state has been celebrating the 400th anniversary f the Ranke vyages that resulted in the clnizatin f the area. As part f a reprter, exchange, the statin sent weeknight anchr Charlie Gaddy t Plymuth, England, t celebrate the trip frm the ther end. His c -hst was English (Televisin Suth THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO ANNOUNCES THE illiam entn ellwships in radcast urnalism The William Bentn Fellwship Prgram at The University f Chicag, nw entering its sixth year, prvides a unique pprtunity fr prfessinals- televisin and radi reprters, news executives, prducers, writers -t expand their expertise n essential issues, free frm deadline pressure. The Prgram is spnsred by the William Bentn Fundatin. Each Fellw wrks with a faculty adviser t develp an individualized academic prgram f curse wrk in such fields as law, ecnmics, religin, and public plicy. The Fellws participate in a weekly seminar dealing with such fundamentals as First Amendment issues. They als meet and exchange ideas with natinal and internatinal leaders in media, gvernment, business, educatin, and ther fields f public plicy. Stipends are nrmally equivalent t full -time salary fr the six-mnth perid f the Fellwship. The Fundatin cvers tuitin and travel csts University persnnel assist with lcal arrangements fr Fellws and their families. The applicatin deadline is March 7. Fellws will be ntified by June 1. The Prgram begins September 19, T receive a brchure and applicatin frm, mail this cupn t: Directr, William Bentn Fellwships, The University f Chicag, 5737 University Ave., Chicag, IL PLEASE PRINT NAME TITLE ADDRESS TOTAL YEARS OF PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE STATION /NETWORK TELEPHONE Bradcasting Nv Inc

104 West) anchr Jilly Carter. During his week in England, Gaddy supplied three remtes fr the 6 p.m. news. Back in Nrth Carlina, Televisin Suth West anchr Jhn Dyle spent tw weeks filing stries frm WRAL -TV When the celebratin wrapped up in Mante, N.C.. Carter jined Gaddy there as c -hst. Amng the investigative reprts prepared by waz -TV Bstn were stries n: Bstn's Cardinal Bernard Law (the statin fllwed him tc Pland); Suth Africa; the victims f vilen crime; the plight f Massachusetts hmeless black student activism; imprper hazardus waste remval; substance abuse; "hidden addictins" f nictine, ccaine, alchl and fd, and advertising's rle in creating demand fr addictive prducts; AIDS (reprted frm Lndn n a British prgram t educate the public abut the disease); cntaminatin in drinking water, and prblems in the time sharing industry. Waz -TV als prduced dcumentaries n: Tip O'Neill; great black wmen; Rse Kennedy; the fight t clean up Bstn harbr, AIDS (an nging effrts that began in 1985; in 1987 the statin aired mre than 10 stries n the disease, numerus PSAs, editrials and prduced and distributed mre than 200,000 cpies f a brchure.) WJZ -îv Baltimre decided t munt an indepth lk at educatin in the state. It came up with "Class," a mnth -lng series f daily reprts in February. Each reprt examined principals, schl systems, teachers and parents. The statin ranged up and dwn the East Cast lking fr creative teaching appraches, with satellite reprts frm Tallahassee, Fla.; Hartfrd, Cnn., and the Brnx, in additin t stries frm the Baltimre area. Each week had a theme. Early n, lengthy ff - camera interviews were cnducted with area schl superintendents t find ut their cncerns. Stries examined the pay structure and incentive prgrams t attract teachers. A sidebar reprt was als dne frm Virginia, where that state's schl system has decided t try merit pay as ne answer. "Class" received ne f 10 awards presented by the Natinal Educatin Assciatin fr the advancement f learning thrugh bradcasting. WJZ -TV reprter Dn Williams decided t find ut what it was like t be a street persn and spend fur days and nights with the hmeless. He tld his prducer Isisara Bey and phtgrapher Bb Bergschneider that he wuld g it alne fr the first tw nights. He wanted t survive the way the hmeless survived -n creature cmfrts; nly what he carried in his Army laundry bag. He als had t win the cnfidence f thse he wuld later talk t and he culdn't d that with a camera shadwing his every mve. On the third day his crew jined him. What they fund was a reprter wh appeared fatigued and dazed and highly emtinal abut what had happened the past tw days and nights. The crew decided t make Williams as much a part f the stry as the hmeless they wuld ipterview Fr the next tw days Williams wuld cntinue his rle as a hmeless persn while getting a clse lk at the men and wm- WJZ -TV's Williams as street persn en f the streets. He wuld find ut hw they had gtten there, where they slept when they weren't in the missins, where they gt their fd and the danger fr them n the streets. The team prduced tw five -minute pieces. "A Clse -Up Lk at the Hmeless" was awarded a Natinal Unity Award fr reprting n scial issues and Maryland's Assciated Press award fr best investigative /dcumentary. WGN -TV Chicag's "Cntract Charades" dcumented cnflicts f interest at Chicag's Department f Public Wrks. The investigatin invlved mre than 1,000 hurs f public recrds research, hundres f FOI requests, interviews with current and past city fficials and the develpment f a cmputer database t analyze cntracting practices. Reprted by Jel Weisman, "Cntract Charades," uncvered 11 city fficials, including the Aviatin Cmmissiner, frmerly head f public wrks; tw deputy cmmissiners, and the city's chief cnstructin engineer, all with sns r wives wrking fr private cntractrs n city jbs. The series helped bring abut the resignatin f the Aviatin Cmissiner, the establishment f a City Ethics Bard, the banning f "family ties" like the nes uncvered and new city cntracting practices. Wn-TV'S mst recent investigatin began as a series in July "Txic Ash," als reprted by Weisman, revealed -and EPA tests cnfirmed -that the ash frm the municipal incineratr cntained "hazardus" levels f heavy metals, including lead and cadmium. The statin dcumented city trucks leaking the txic ash n city streets, shwed the threat t wrkers at the incineratr and discvered the city dumping the cntaminated ash in the middle f a residential neighbrhd in vilatin f EPA rules. As a result f the reprt, accrding t the statin, the city has prmised t stp dumping ash in residential neighbrhds, t allcate $7 millin fr safe ash dispsal and t begin tests fr wrkers wh handle ash. When a man was arrested and tried fr the brutal murders f six peple during a 39 -day, 7 -state dyssey, Wsuv -TV Nashville traced his steps frm Ipsilanti, Mich., t Tennessee, Califrnia, Arizna, Luisiana, Flrida and Texas, where he was finally captured. They talked t victims' familites, plice and secretly recrded telephne interviews with the accused. The result, a five -part series and hur dcumentary, was a "haunting" lk at the aftermath f a serial killer. Bradcasting Nv M. WsMV -ry prduced a five part series and a 30- minute dcumentary, "A Matter f Faith," n the little Yugslavian village f Medjugrje, where sme teen -agers claim t have seen an apparitin f the Virgin Mary. Thusands f pilgrims have since flcked there hping fr a miracle. Reprter Demetria Kaldims and phtgrapher Pat Slattery fllwed ne such pilgrimage, that f a Nashville cuple fr their child stricken with cystic fibrsis. At 7 a.m., a truck carrying three city wrkers left the Oklahma City maintenance yard. Fllwing clse behind, a Imvtiv) news crew fllwed, and fr the next several hurs dcumented hw the wrkers spent their day. Over the next several weeks, wrk crews were picked at randm and the same scene was repeated. The result was an investigative series n the 10 p.m. newscast, "Mney fr Nthing," that shwed wrkers in a number f uncmplimentary wrk pses: urinating n residential streets, running persnal errands, sleeping, reading the newspaper. After the series aired, Oklahma City fficials adpted extensive new guidelines fr wrkers. City Manager Terry Childers fired fur emplyes and suspended r reprimanded several mre. In February 1987, raw brke the news that the Pst Office had cncluded its investigatin int the 1986 Edmund, Okla., shting in which 14 peple died, and that the murders were believed t be premeditated. In December 1986, /OW reprted that many pilts were being allwed t fly despite alchhl r ther drug prblems. The tw -mnth ther medical reprts, fcussed n an Alva, Okla., family that had lst a lved ne in a plane crash in which the pilt had a bld alchl level twice the allwable limit. Railrad accident drug tests were being falsified and, accrding t KW it was the first statin t reprt the allegatins and the first t reveal that criminal vilatins were being investigated by the U.S. Attrney in Oklahma City. During the past year, watt -Tv Washingtn's cnsumer unit, led by reprter Rberta Baskin, has reprted n a number f cnsumer and health issues. They have included alchlism amng cmmercial airline pilts and lack f gvernment regulatin in the csmetics industry. In "Flying High," Baskin cnducted a tw - mnth investigatin int the the incidence f alchlism amng cmmercial pilts, the lphles that keep them flying and what is being dne t crrect the prblem and help the pilts. Baskin talked t 30 recvering alchlic pilts at Washingtn's Natinal Airprt, Chicag's O'Hare and Ls Angeles Internatinal. They revealed hw the cmbinatin f stress, bredm and lng hurs ften leads t heavy drinking. Baskin fund that Natinal Transprtatin and Safety Bard recrds shw that ne in 10 general aviatin accidents list alchl as the cause. As a result f the reprts, a cngressinal cmmittee asked her t testify n a prpsed bill t crss -match driving recrds with pilt licenses. A number f airlines are nw using the series t help in

105 the rehabilitatin f alchlic pilts. In September, Baskin received the Sctt Newman Drug Preventin Award, a natinal award hnring prgraming that wrks t prevent drug abuse. In May, Baskin cnducted a mnth -lng investigatn f the csmetics industry, examining the markup n makeup, the lack f gvernment regulatin and the types f tests cnducted befre a prduct is sld. WJLA -IV's I -Team investigatins included a lcal parachuting schl, a lk at D.0 General hspital and the vercrwding and under - funding that can lead t tragedies and an investigatin f a ne -Nazi cmpund in West Virginia, the last earned an Emmy fr utstanding investigative series fr "Skydiving" detailed the miserable safety recrd f a lcal parachute schl. Accrding t reprts filed by the FAA and the U.S. Parachuting Assciatin, the schl had mre fatalities in the last fur yreas than any schl in the cuntry. Many f the accidents, reprter Sctt Klug discvered, were apparently caused by the negligence f instructrs. As a result f the reprts, the Maryland State Aviatin Administratin and the Maryland State Senate Cmmittee launched investigatins. The statin's "Seven On Yur Side" unit, headed by Paul Berry, helps reslve cnsumer cmplaints. Earlier this year, Berry lked at the prblem f sudden acceleratin in Nissan sprts cars. There was a recall f sme Nissan cars five mnths after Berry's reprts. Gerald Hansn was cnvicted in 1987 f shting a cnvenience stre clerk, all the while maintaining his inncence. A raro -Tv Seattle investigatin uncvered discrepancies in the investigatin. As a result, Hansn was released frm prisn and granted a new trial. The statin wn a natinal UPI award fr tp investigative reprting. In "Cancer n Death Rw," the statin lked at the ethical issues invlved in keeping a death rw inmate alive s that the state can put him t death. In "Illegal Dumper," Reprter Karen O'Leary and phtgrapher Bill Heinlein stayed up all night t catch an emplye f a cleaning cmpany pumping highly hazardus waste int a strm drain. O'Leary received an award frm the Sciety f Prfessinal Jurnalists, Sigma Delta Chi fr the stry. After hearing frm numerus unhappy car wners abut the state's new "lemn" law, KIRO -IVS cnsumer unit did sme checking. They fund that the law "had n teeth." While it defined what a lemn was it did nt give car wners "lemn- aid." Fllwing the series, a tugher law was drafted, and when aut makers tried t kill the new bill, the statin aired fllw -up reprts and cmmentaries. The new bill was passed. Reprter Hilda Bryant and phtgrapher Rus Thmpsn went alng as Planned Parenthd wrkers travelled t Bangla Desh, reprting n the task f infrming the peple there abut birth cntrl. The prgram is ne that may be scrapped due t federal cst cutting. A weir -TV Knxville, Tenn., news series "Deal Street," dealt with a neighbrhd where drugs were readily available n the streets, a ptentially dangerus place t d a stry. The WEIR -Nn "Deal Street" statin scuted a resident's windw frm which t videtape and a statin emplye was wired fr sund and drve int the neighbrhd. A drug dealer apprached the car immediately with a price list and inventryalarming prf f hw readily available the drugs were. Weeknight anchr Bill Williams arranged an interview with a man wh penly claimed t be a dealer. Fllwing the reprt, plice "beefed up" effrts t crack dwn n the dealers and the series wn a first place Tennessee Assciated Press award. WCSH -TV Prtland, Me., anchr -reprter Jan Fx and chief phtgrapher Sctt Wfrrnig prduced an AIDS dcumentary in April f last year. It discussed safe sex and lked at the impact f AIDS n the peple f Maine. Mre than 100 schls in Maine asked fr cpies t use in their curricula. The statin's investigative team expsed mistreatment f migrant wrkers bused t Maine t pick the brccli crp. The same team examined the high unemplyment and ecnmic cnditins n the Indian Island Reservatin near Bangr. The reprts shwed that despite the infusin f millins f dllars frm a land claims settlement with the federal gvernment, fife had imprved little. Bth investigatins were jint effrts with c -wned wlbz -Tv Bangr, Me. In reactin t the grwing level f vilence in Michigan prisns, wlvtrvl Detrit prduced a half -hur dcumentary n the state's prisn system. Never -befre-released ftage f cnfrntatin between prisn inmates and staff, btained by the statin thrugh the Freedm f Infrmatin Act, was used t shw a level f chas, the statin said had never been seen by Michigan residents r the media. Reprter Mike Lewis discussed the prisn prblem and examined slutins with Michigan Gvernr James Blanchard. The prgram wn first place awards in the state UPI and AP cmpetitins and wn the American Bar Assciatin's 1987 Silver Gavel Award. Anther wn/ investigative stry had reprter Ned McGrath investigating the effects f radn -the clrless, drless radiactive gas that seeps int hmes thrugh water r sil -in the Detrit area after radn levels higher than EPA standards were detected in sme Michigan cmmunities. In the three -part series, McGrath traveled t a radn testing labratry at the University f Pittsburgh t lk at its prcedures and tld hmewners hw t n Bradcasting Nv Di Fr' Wáshin9tn

106 test their hmes fr radn by using a simple kit. WDivffered viewers a free brchure abut radn detectin and hw t btain a free radn testing kit. In the wake f deaths and vilent utbursts in mental institutins, wiv's Mike Wendland and the statin's investigative team uncvered serius safety and staffing prblems that adversely affect mre than 10,000 patients in Michigan's mental health system. The three - part investigatin tk Cameras inside tw state psychiatric hspitals fr a dramatic lk at prblems such as vercrwding, patient abuse and a lack f supervisin that resulted in severai patients being raped. In an effrt t find slutins t the prblems with Michigan's mental institutins, Wendland als talked with attendants wh have been assaulted by patients, lked at the lack f staff member training and scrutinized the peratins f the Michigan Department f Mental Health. Anther Wendland investigative piece expsed the multi -millin -dllar-a -year theft f dllar bills frm Detrit bus fare bxes by sme drivers. Fllwing these reprts, the Detrit City Cuncil enacted a cins -nly plicy fr city buses. Wendland fllw -up inquiries n the stry led t a three -mnth investigatin which uncvered widespread allegatins f crruptin and mismanagement in Detrit's Department f Transprtatin. The statin then aired a 10 -part reprt revealing general department crruptin including emplye theft and kickbacks and payffs t DOT fficials. KAeE(TV) Minneaplis intrduced what it believes t be the first husband and wife weathercasting team appearing n the same newscast -the statin's hur mrning news at 7 a.m. Andre Bernier highlights current weather cnditins frm the statin's "backyard," which is expsed t the elements, while his wife, Sally Patrick, details the frecast maps indrs. They banter back and frth frm their respective lcatins, smething that the viewers can easily relate t, says Patrick. The increasing use f sterids sparked an investigatin by KxTV(TVI Sacrament, CaIH., reprter Tny McEwing. "What Price Glry?" explained what sterids are, hw they wrk and their pssible harmful side effects. McEwing traced sterid use frm the pr ftball fields t lcal gyms and even junir high schl lcker rms. Sacrament' sterid users tld f their experiences with the drug. In a series f reprts n hazardus waste and the Durirn cmpany, WKEF -TV Daytn, Ohi, reprter Dan Tambellini learned exclusively that the first phase f a study f the investigatin f the envirnmental effects f Durirn's waste handling and dispsal practices had been rejected by the State Attrney General's ffice and the Ohi EPA because they had judged it biased. WKEF -TV wn a number f awards last year fr its cverage. Amng the winners were "Shuttle Explsin," a lcal reprt featuring an area teacher wh had been in the space prgram; "Brrwing Hnduras: Reagan, Refugees, and the Rebels," abut the U.S. invlvement in Nicaragua, and cverage f an accident and fire n Interstate 75 that clsed the highway. In 1984, a Hustn curt sentenced a Minneaplis man, Steve Fssum, t 12 years fr á rape he swre he did nt cmmit. Wcc -Tv Minneaplis investigated after learning that fficials invlved with the case als had dubts abut his guilt. Reprters Andy Greenspan and Al Austin became cnvinced Fssum was inncent. The investigatin lasted eight mnths, cst $100,000 and resulted in an hur -lng prime time special that aired in April f The investigatin uncvered evidence verlked by bth defense and prsecutin, including witnesses wh were never cntacted, lab tests that were nt dne, physical evidence ignred and incnsistencies in the testimny f the alleged victim. After the series was shwn in Hustn (ver KHOU -TV there), the Texas district attrney agreed t new tests f physical evidence, which prved cnclusively that Fssum culd nt have cmmitted the crime. Fssum was granted a pardn frm the Gvernr, with reprter Greenspan allwed t deliver the news persnally. Fr three mnths, wces -ry New Yrk investigative crrespndent Arnld Diaz wrked n a sthme and discvered sme were "neglectful, abusive and dwnright criminal." T d the stry, a prducer psed as an applicant fr a hme care attendant jb and used phny references and persnal infrmatin. She was hired n the spt; the agency had nt checked her ut. The sequence was filmed by an undercver camera. Accrding t wces- Ty "public fficials respnded t Diaz's reprts with a call fr better regulatin." Anther wces -TV investigative reprt fcused n bus safety. A fur -mnth undercver investigatin revealed unsafe buses and bus drivers with bad driving recrds. T research the stry, Diaz and prducer Ann Srkwitz went thrugh thusands f inspectin reprts, btained thrugh the Freedm f Inspectin Act, and discvered many large cmpanies had "terrible" safety recrds. "Thrugh lng stakeuts at bus depts and by crss checking buses under cntract with the Bard f Educatin against state inspectin reprts," Diaz uncvered lines with unsafe buses in peratin. Wces -TV discvered that little is dne t penalize cmpanies fr this negligence. And althugh New Yrk has laws t weed ut bad drivers, Diaz fund that there were ways t get arund the laws. By randmly checking the driving recrds f bus drivers ticketed by plice, the reprter fund there were drivers illegally carrying multiple licenses t hide bad recrds. Wces -TV says that as a result f the series, the New Yrk Department f Transprtatin tk Immediate actin." Investigative reprts have played a large part in KSDK -TV St. Luis's news cverage. In "Lst and Nt Fund," Reprter Rich (sme examined dzens f cases in which state prperty had disappeared, including typewriters, ffice furniture, refrigeratrs, TV sets and even a ride -n lawn mwer. In a f ivepart series, Isme uncvered sme serius flaws at drug testing labs. Anther undercver investigatin fllwed municipal wrkers n the jb. (sme fund sme drinking, reading the newspaper, cmparing paychecks and sleeping. Five city emplyes were suspended as a result f the investigatin. Anther f ivepart reprt lked at aut repair shps. (sme tk a car with sme cmmn repair prblems t several dealers, demnstrating hw thse repairs culd be blwn int big bills thrugh unnecessary repairs and parts replacement. After finding that high cunts f bacteria in sft-serve ice cream caused illness, the statin urged city health inspectrs t begin testing. As a result f the stry and numerus fllw-up reprts, the health department implemented a new testing plicy "Flrida: State f Neglect" was a series f investigative reprts n WPLG(TV) Miami. They fcused n Flrida's Department f Health and Rehabilitatin Services. The investigatin uncvered alleged instances f neglect and abuse f children, the elderly and the retarded. After the series aired, the statin and the gvernr's ffice tgether received 5,000 requests fr an investigatin. WATE -TV tk its newscast n the rad, a prject they have dubbed "Hmetwn Sptlight." Because the Knxville, Tenn., market sits in the Tennessee River Valley, between the Smky Muntains and the Cumberland Muntains, mst f the live bradcasts f the 6 p.m. remtes were difficult technically. The statin, which des nt have a satellite news vehicle, used live trucks and prtable gear t bunce the signal frm muntain t muntain and back t Knxville. Remtes have been sent frm as far away as 70 miles. The key t success fr the statin was technical planning and testing f signals. As might be expected, mst f the added expenses were in vertime fr technical crews setting up and testing shts, prductin persnnel readying the sets and the news talent getting everything dne they needed t fr that day's news befre leaving fr the remte. The statin feels the expense was well wrth it. The viewers lk frward t the appearance f the newscast in their cmmunity, and the anchrs find the n- lcatin newscast "inspiratinal and infrmative." In a 10 -part series, -TV Cleveland expsed plice fficers wh were abusing wrking rules, drinking n the jb, fixing tickets and using excessive frce. The series als revealed that ne fficer had pltted a cntract killing. The reprts triggered several interdepartmental investigatins. Eighty fficers were disciplined, three plicemen were fired and a furth cnvicted f cnspiracy t cmmit murder -the series ftage was shwn t the jury during trial. The series wn a UPI reginal Bradcasting Nv

107 Veterans Administratin Medical Center CkwWl, Crib Wade Pm* Und Cmplete Cverage WJW-TV investigates a VA hspital award fr investigative- dcumentary reprting. A tw -mnth investigatin detailed hw gvernment wrkers at the Cleveland Veterans Hspital, the largest such hspital in the cuntry, have been expsed t dangerus levels f pisnus gases fr several years. The (- Team, led by reprter Carl Mnday, discvered that VA hspital fficials had ignred warnings regarding the leaking f gas fr several years, despite an "alarming" rate f respiratry disease, cancer and ther illnesses amng wrkers. A cngressinal subcmmittee n veterans affairs is currently cnducting its wn investigatin as a result f the series. WW-TV smelled a rat when it gt a tip that empty bxes f "gvernment" cheese were being dispsed f in the trash bin f an area restaurant. Reprter Tm Meyer traced the cheese and fund that it had cme frm a suburban distributin prgram, which was missing sme 4,000 cases f gvernment issue cheese. interviews with restaurant emplyes wh tld f the cheese's theft and resale t lcal restaurants. T date, eight peple have been indicted by gvernment investigatrs acting n the reprt. Three city emplyes have been fired and an additinal 20 are expected t face criminal charges. Clleen Hunt f watxttvf New Yrk reprted an exclusive stry f a wman whse sn was taken away by the city and placed in its fster care prgram. The wman's fight t get the by back uncvered mismanagement in the scial service system and the reprt helped reunite mther and child. Reprter Alec Rberts investigated New Yrk city fficials wh were living in subsidized husing intended fr the city's needy In "Mad as Hell," Rberts als reprted n the irritants f life in the city KTrvtrvf Ls Angeles prduced a reprt n the drug prblem in the United States and Mexic: "Trail f Greed -Trail f Death." The prblem: In Suthern Califrnia alne there are 60,000 herin addicts and 40% f individuals under 35 use ccaine regularly. Reprter Chris Harris went t Mexic t discver hw the drugs are made and hw they make their way t the U.S. Harris began his search in an area knwn as the "Glden Triangle," where reprtedly 33% f all marijuana and herin entering the United States riginates. Harris went alng with a special plice squad n a missin t destry a marijuana plantatin. The special als included inter- Duty -free diversin n KRON -TV views with lcal Mexican authrities, wh described sme f the mst ntrius traffickers. One "trafficante" has allegedly made $32 millin in six mnths frm his drug dealing. They als tld f a plice chief wh is said t have pcketed $300 millin in prtectin mney. A man wh appeared befre Cngress as a pr- cntra Cathlic priest was discvered t have been paid $75,000 fr his public relatins effrts in the cntra cause, and was fund nt t be a Rman Cathlic. Thse were the findings f KRON -TV San Francisc's Mark Jnes that resulted in Cngressman Sam Gejdensn (D- Cnn.) calling fr a cngressinal investigatin. Head f the Latin American Strategic Studies Institute, Father Thmas Dwling received thusands f dllars frm cntra leader Adlf Caler t travel acrss the U.S. t build up supprt frm the cntras. In April 1985, Dwling appeared in clerical garb and identified himself as a Cathlic priest befre a Huse subcmmittee t defend the cntras against atrcity charges brught by the Rman Cathlic clergy It turned ut his appearance was arranged by Lt. Cl. Oliver Nrth. Dwling tld Jnes that he had been rdained "by the Old Rman Cathlic Archdicese," als knwn as the Nrth American Old Rman Cathlic Church f the Utrecht Successin, a splinter grup that rejects the authrity f the Ppe and such rules as celibacy fr priests. Anther series f KRON -TV reprts charged that Duty Free Shppers Inc. was vilating its cntract with the San Francisc Airprt Cmmissin by diverting business frm its leased airprt site t anther shp and that the city culd be lsing millins f dllars in rent frm the diversin, since much f what was sld at the dwntwn stre was nt reprted t the city Reprter Vic Lee and investigative prducer Craig Franklin als uncvered kickbacks t Japanese tur peratrs fr their help in the diversin. The statin shwed ncamera examples f racial discriminatin against black shppers -a pssible vilatin f civil rights statutes. Fllwing the reprts, the district attrney launched civil and criminal investigatins int the cmpany In Luisiana, many parishes (the equivalent f cunties) are named after saints, but accrding t wsu -ri New Orleans, that is smetimes where the similarity ends. Investigative reprter Richard Angelic uncvered a pattern f fraud and crruptin in St. Bernard parish. In ne series f reprts, he detailed hw a lcal plice jurr and his wife, wh served as a purchasing agent, cllected awrr Bradcasting Nv nn

108 thusands f dllars in kickbacks n air cnditining repairs. Bth were indicted by a federal grand jury and are currently in prisn. Anther stry tld f hw parish fficials had spent thusands f dllars n a tw -ft high fence arund a plice cmplex -it was fund that the cntract had been given t the relative f a parish fficial withut public bid. They had als spent nearly $100,000 n interir decratin that n ne wuld acknwledge authrizing. At the same time the parish was laying ff emplyes because f budget prblems. The stry fcused n the mney spent, the lack f budgetary cntrls and included interviews with fficials. Anther stry pinted ut that the plice jury secretary- treasurer had falsified a bill fr carpeting t cver a glf trip t Flrida. He was indicted and pled guilty. In anther Angelic investigatin, a lcal sheriff was fund t have hired and paid parttime deputies wh never shwed up fr wrk. He later admitted n camera that mst were hired as plitical paybacks r t win vtes. Because the sheriff's department gets federal funds, bth the FBI and U.S. Attrney's ffice are investigating the case. In the spring f 1987, a drug dealer slashed the thrats f tw wmen n the Suth side f Madisn, Wis. A few weeks later, gang members strangled and mutilated a yung man during an "initiatin" ceremny Residents cmplained that news cverage f thse events was giving viewers an unfair impressin f the area as crime -ridden and dangerus. WMrvttvl reprter Cathy Hansn and phtgrapher Dn Cady spent the past summer there trying t prfile the real Suth side. The result was a half -hur dcumentary shwing that ther parts f the city had mre crime and that Suth side residents were wrking hard t imprve their neighbrhds, attract mre businesses and create mre jbs. Accrding t WAVE -TV Luisville, Ky, it was the first statin in its market t take its entire newscast n the rad. Thanks t its satellite capability, the statin bradcast its news live frm Elizabethtwn and Frankfurt, bth Kentucky, and Madisn, Ind. WNEP -Tv Scrantn, Pa., faced a prblem. With widespread access t satellites, lcal news peratins have available dzens if nt hundreds f natinal stries, while at the same time cmmitment t lcal news is at an "all- time high." The real "meat and ptates" is lcal reprting, said news directr Paul Stueber. But the pprtunity t use sme f the many natinal and internatinal stries nw available shuldn't be squandered, he said. The slutin: The Wrld in a Minute, an update f the "newsreel" cncept. With tight writing and clever prductin, the statin runs seven t nine items in the allted 60 secnds. Viewer respnse has been "terrific," says Stueber. Cvering the Internatinal Summer Special Olympics in Suth Bend, Ind., Aug. 1-8 required the mst "ambitius and cmprehensive" marshalling f news frces in the histry f WNDU -TV, accrding t the statin. Fur thusand athletes frm 70 cuntries and 50 states cnverged n the city and quickly captured the hearts and attentin f the cmmunity. In respnse, WNDU -Tv expanded its 30- minute 10 p.m. newscast t 60 minutes. The 6 p.m. news included in -depth cverage f the games, while the 5 p.m. news riginated frm the games site and included n -set guests, reprts, and taped reprts. The 6 p.m. reprt included live reprts, a live interview and several taped reprts. The 10 p.m. news included fur live reprts, tw live interviews and taped reprts n athletes, events, persnalities and ther aspects f the games, plus a nightly piece set t music that set the md f the games. Cverage required ut -f- the -rdinary technical reserves. The remte set fr the 5 p.m. news -and cut -ins in ther newscasts -required a fiber ptic link t the statin, a micrwave backup and a full remte prductin truck and staff. Because the games tk place ver a wide area, the statin leased six glf carts t ferry crew and equipment. The statin als leased tw Betacams, utdr lights and eight tw -way radis. The staff was augmented with part-time hires and interns. The statins KU- satellite truck was used t prvide live and tape feeds t ther statins fllwing their athletes and t the netwrks. In late August 1986, a little girl made a dramatic appeal n WHEC -TV Rchester, N.Y., fr a liver fr herself and thers like her. Over the labr day weekend, a liver was fund and she was rushed t a Chicag hspital fr the peratin. The statin rushed t get phtgrapher Bb Hitchcck and reprter Bb Lng t Chicag. They aired a number f reprts n liver transplants in general and Christina's in par- ticular ver a tw -day perid. The statin was the first t talk t Christina by phne when she was still in the hspital and the nly statin t return t Chicag t fllw Christina back t Rchester. The statin aired an update n the successful peratin ne year later. KGMB(TV) Hnlulu, has dne five in a cntinuing series f investigative prgrams under the title f "KGMB Reprts." Reprter /prducer Matt Levi has reprted n questinable use f vending machine revenues by the lcal plice department, cvered an nging dispute between the prsecutr and the plice ver an unslved series f murders, examined the rise f Filipin yuth gangs in the cmmunity, questined the use f public funds fr entertainment purpses by the judicial branch f the gvernment and fllwed majr ccaine and marijuana crackdwns thrugh a sting peratin using plice surveillance videtapes. The Des Mines, Iwa, plice department prhibits reprters frm accmpanying fficers n nging peratins. Since the department has been using vide equipment t dcument raids, WHO-TV requested videtape sht by undercver plice n a series f herin, ccaine and btlegging raids. The plice agreed, and the vide revealed many things few viewers had seen befre, including piles f mney seized, a pt f acid used by drug dealers t destry evidence and even a man jumping thrugh a windw t try t escape capture. One f the undercver pliceman was used as narratr. The result f this cperative vide venture was a three -part series n the grwing drug prblem in Des Mines, plus a ne -half -hur fllwup special. With many saying the farm crisis was ver, WHO -TV went t the experts. In a week -lng series, the statin talked t the farmers, bankers and equipment dealers it had talked t three years earlier during the height f the ecnmic crunch. The statin fund an upbeat md and cnfidence that things were lking up. The Oscar telecast is always a big draw, but it als always seems t end 45 minutes befre the late newscasts, accrding t KOMO -TV Seattle. T carry that audience int the news, the statin prduced its wn A Night at the Oscars live, hur -lng news special, anchred in Seattle and frm the site f the Oscar ceremny in Hllywd. Reprts cvered such tpics as Hw wuld yu want Evans t vte n the Brk nminatin? Fr 48.2 Against 51.8 Ttal Calls 19,922 WNEP -TV's newsreel, 1987 style WHEC -TV's Gabe Dalmth with Christina KOMO- TV's telephne pll Bradcasting Nv

109 the health f the mvie industry in Washingtn state, Seattle as a test mvie market, recent mvies filmed in the state, mney spent in prductin, a cmparisn f real athletes and mvie representatins and a visit with a family named Oscar t see hw they celebrate Oscar night. The number f nminatins fr the mvie "Platn," prved a springbard t a series n Vietnam and its prtrayal in the mvies. In all, five prducers, eight reprter- camera learns, tw remtes and eight weeks f planning went int the cverage. Km -TV has designed its wn telephne plling system, Televte. the system emplys a persnal cmputer with a telephne intercnnect mdule. Twenty telephne lines feed int the cmputer Respnses are tallied and displayed as numbers and percentages n mnitr. Respnse has been verwhelming, said the statin, with ne pll n 011ie Nrth receiving 50,000 calls. Televte questins are repeated nce r twice each newscast, with ttals reprted each time. The statin averages abut ne Televte pll a week. Kmar/ received Best Newscast hnrs in UPI's annual reginal cmpetitin. WrsTv Clumbia, S.C., sent its special prjects team f Charley Keyes and Lnnie Wehunt t Suth America fr six days in July t reprt n Suth Carlina Natinal Guard engineers building a rad in the jungle f eastern Ecuadr. The three -part series lked at the value f the prject, its military and freign plicy implicatins and the reactin f the lcal ppulatin. Ecuadrean humidity prved even tugher n equipment than Suth Carlina's climate. Each mrning, prducer Wehunt had t brrw a hair dryer frm the female guard members t dry up the misture that had cllected inside his three -quarter-inch vide recrder vernight. Japan was als a destinatin fr a wis -ry crew. Reprter Sean Callebs and prducer Wehunt fllwed a class f Clumbia eighth graders n a 10 -day missin f peace and intrductin t a new culture. The tw filed their first stry n the 42d anniversary f the drpping f the first atmic bmb frm Hirshima, where the students tk part in an internatinal peace ceremny. Anther stry was filed frm Japan and three mre aired shrtly after the crew returned t the U.S. The cverage culminated in a 30- minute dcumentary that nt nly highlighted the students' travels in the cuntry, but explred the business ties between Suth Carlina and Japan as well. The special prfiled a Japanese native wh repre- sents the interests f Suth Carlina in Japan. A huse fire that claimed 10 lives raised questins abut safety that WISN -TV Milwaukee wanted t answer. The statin aired a series f reprts n neglect and the cnditin f inner city husing. Interviews with city inspectrs shwed that much f the city's husing was nt up t cde. The stries als talked abut preventin f huse fires, emphasizing the use and prper placement f smke detectrs. WIsN -TV examined crime in a series f fur prime time specials during a mnth -lng campaign entitled "Crime: Injustice fr All." The specials lked at the prisn system, the cycle f vilence which is passed frm parent t child, a segment in which viewers culd call in with tips n the whereabuts f suspected criminals and ne n the steps necessary t better safeguard a hme frm burglary. In additin t the specials, the 10 p.m. news featured a series f reprts n crime. Mre PCB's (hazardus chemicals used in electrical transfrmers) are burned in El Drad, Ark., than anywhere in America. When the cmpany that wns the incineratr asked the EPA fr permissin t burn mre, there was public prtest ver pssible health hazards. KTVIii -7v prduced a three -part series and a ne -hur live call -in special the night befre the hearing. A KTVE -TV crew was allwed inside the plant t dcument the handling and incineratin f PCB's, the first time the cmpany had allwed such filming. Several mnths later, the firm withdrew its applicatin fr permissin, citing a change in market cnditins. KTVE -TV hires new reprters with less than a year f experience. That ften means n -thejb training. In April, the statin spnsred an infrmal, ff- the -recrd seminar n issues in the Luisiana legislature. State representatives and senatrs frm the area were invited t a tw -hur gathering at the statin's studis t meet the news persnnel and explain the majr issues in the upcming sessin. WMAR -TV Baltimre aired tw primary electin debates between the tw mayral candidates and the three candidates fr city cuncil president. The statin's plitical cverage als included a three -part pre -electin series n the mayr's race, three plls cnducted at varius stages f the campaign, an electin night exit pll that accurately prjected the winner and T pn y a In the Wrla The Mst Imprtant Disclsure 1b Cme Out Of Washingtn In Years. Intrducing Capital Cverages frm Washingtn Internatinal Teleprt. With ur exclusive switched netwrk, it csts less t have mre live feeds frm key lcatins in the Natin's Capital. Yu pay nly fr the time yu use - in increments as small as 15 minutes. Plug in at the White Huse, the Capitl- wherever yu chse - and yu're ruted directly t satellite r studi (with IFB). Capital Cverage gives yu fast, affrdable live cverage, any time, frm anywhere in Washingtn, t anywhere in the wrld. 'Run t Washingtn Internatinal Teleprt fr services t save yu time and mney. Direct internatinal access C- and Ku -Band 7tansprtables 24 -hur peratin Netwrking Washingtn Internatinal Teleprt A Carley Teleprt Cmmunicatins Cmpany THE POWER OF GLOBAL ACCESS 6861 Elm Street McLean, VA (703) hur Operatins Center: (703) WIS -Nat Hirshima Mayral vte n WMAR -TV Bradcasting Nv

110 Starting yung. Nncmmercial Bwling Green, Ohi, has a rather nntraditinal newscast. It cnsists f 24 weekly, 10- minute news features written and delivered by sixth graders in varius area twns. The prgrams are created in cperatin with the Nrthwest Ohi Educatinal Technlgy Fundatin, and are prduced by a Bwling Green State University graduate student in mass cmmunicatins r radi /televisin /film. There are seven main bjectives t the newscasts: t prvide a writing exercise; t help students becme aware f career pprtunities in televisin; t prvide an exercise in which students are prducers f televisin as well as cnsumers; t help students appreciate their cmmunities; t shw the value f teamwrk; t prvide practical experience in mass cmmunicatin, and t develp ral reading skills. Each shw cmprises three videtaped stries, a brief recgnitin f the riginating twn, a "kid in the street" interview and transitinal bumpers. wall -t-wall cverage f returns. The statin prduced a ne -hur, prime time dcumentary, Waterline, abut the peple wh live n the islands f the Chesapeake Bay Reprter Rick Duglas and cameraman Gerge Stver spent several mnths turing the Bay, meeting and talking with thse wh take their life frm it. The prgram wn a reginal UPI award fr best dcumentary. WJAR -TV Prvidence, R.I., sent its investigative team t check ut the state's Department pf Children and Families. The result was a fur - part series n children wh run away while under the department's care. The series lked at bth their life n the streets and prblems with the DFC. The reprt prmpted an internal investigatin. "Seeking Sbriety," was a fur -part series n the Edgehill Newprt Alchl Treatment Facility, the first time TV cameras were allwed inside. Reprter Pat Mastrs and phtgraher Rbert Izz spent time with the residents f Edgehill t gain their trust and learn f their lives. The statin reprted n the treatment prcess, therapy sessins, supprt grups and the recvery prcess. The material was als incrprated int a half -hur special n alchlism. In "N Experience Necessary," the I -Team uncvered the lack f regulatins gverning private security agencies in Rhde Island. A statin intern was sent t ne firm t get a jb. The intern was hired in a day with n qualificatins, n training, n experience and n backgrund check. The series prmpted prpsals t the. State Legislature t tighten thse regulatins. On the dcumentary frnt, the statin sent a crew t the Thai -Cambdian brder fr a ne - hur special. The Rhde Island area hsts many refugees frm Sutheast Asia with relatives in brder camps. The statin brught greetings frm lved nes, and returned them. Stries included the lives f camp dwellers their effrts t gain freedm. In 1886, Gernim surrendered t the U.S. Army in Arizna. In 1987, PBS affiliate KuA'Tv 'Tucsn, Ariz., prduced a half -hur dcumentary n the indian warrir, Gernim -The Final Campaign, that was carried n mre than 100 PBS statins. The prgram garnered the highest ratings f any prgram, lcal r therwise, in the statin's histry. Hsted by Will Rgers Jr., the dcumentary was taped n lcatin at significant campaign sites in Arizna and Nrthern New Mexic, emplying native Americans, campaign histrians and sldiers in histric cstume. The rugged terrain cvered by Gernim prved a challenge t talent and crew trying t reach histric lcatins. Executive prducer f the prgram was Dn Burgess. Fran Sherlck and Hectr Gnzalez were c-prducers. Writer was Tim McIntire. Wrvcav) Chattanga weekend news anchr Jhn Favle and phtgrapher Richard Simms traveled t Denmark with a grup f area yuth n a student exchange prgram. The result was a seven -part series, "Destinatin Denmark," abut the exchange f students and their effrts t learn abut wrld peace. Health reprter Mary Ellen Lcher spent seven days in Cancun, Mexic, as part f a fllw - up reprt n the prgress f a Mayan girl wh returned t Mexic after plastic surgery in Chattanga. She travelled with tw Chattannga dctrs wh dnated their medical services fr tw weeks as part f a team f dctrs spnsred by the Plastic Surgens Fundatin. Fr her five -part series, Lcher talked t patients and dctrs. She fllwed children thrugh life- changing surgery and visited indian villages. When tw Chattangans wh wrk with area hmeless traveled t San Antni t hear a special message frm the Ppe, wrvc went alng, sending hme daily reprts fr the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. news. Fr the 10th anniversary f Elvis's death, anchrs Bb Jhnsn and Lcher spent three days in Memphis, visiting Elvis's schl, getting a private Graceland tur and talking t sme f Elvis's clse friends. The result was tw special editins f the news live via satellite frm the grunds f Graceland. A crew f 12 directrs, prducers, phtgraphers and engineers were emplyed, using the statin's ENG /Prductin truck and a rented C -band uplink. Idah Educatinal Public Bradcasting shws viewers a different scenic spt in the state each mnth. "Outdr Idah" and its crew accept the physical and technlgical demands f taking viewers n the "scenic rute." The prductin team have saked themselves taping a thunderstrm, driven 2,000 miles t get t a river and back; climbed 9,000 feet, gear in tw (including a clse scrape in which a hrse tumbled frm a rcky ledge with a prducer n its back). Respnsible fr the shw are prducer -hst Bruce Reichert, phtgrapher- editr Jeff Tucker, editr Al Hagenlck and prducer -writer Ryce Williams. An 11 -year high f nearly 10,000 Oklahma children under the age f 18 were arrested last year fr such crimes as murder, rape and rbbery. In her three -part series, "Bad Apples," Kz -TV Oklahma City reprter Cathy Davis - sn talked t three teen -ageer serving time fr murder. In additin t visiting death rw, Davis - sn went t Oklahma schl assemblies where yuth are shwn hw nt t g t prisn, t cunseling sessins and t the parents f cnvicted killers. It was the best f times. Oil prices were saring, and the mney kept rlling in. It was the bm. And then...bust. When il prices plummeted and unemplyment sared, KOCO -TV reprters Carl Wilkinsn and Bill Mitchell wanted t learn what happened. Then tld their stry in a ne -hur dcumentary, Black Gld Blues. Frm ghst twns t the Presidential suite at Phillips Petrleum, they talked with a range f businessmen, histrians, plitical leaders and small businessmen t get a feel fr the industry's cyclic histry f bm and bust. Black unemplyment is mre than duble that f whites in Oklahma City. The statin tk thse facts and figures and put names and faces n them in a ne -hur dcumentary, Why the Eagle Desn't Fly. It examined the reasns fr this inequity where it is rted and hw it can be changed. D WDAM -TV Laurel, Miss., prduced a dcumentary frm remte villages in Hnduras. Reprter Jann Rush jined a grup f Suth Mississippi missinaries traveling t that cuntry. He spent a week in remte villages with the dctrs, dentists and ther medical prfes- Bradcasting Nv

111 sinals. The resulting ne -hur special is scheduled t be shwn t the Hnduran President and minister f health. Accrding t WTv(rv) Tled, Ohi, "Medical Marvels" is a semi -mnthly series f ne - hur, prime time specials prduced as a cperative effrt by the seven televisin statins f Strer Cmmunicatins. tpics included bld tests designed t detect AIDS, Cancer and Alzheimer's disease, besity, heart transplants, surrgate mthering and mre. Each statin acts as a bureau n the prject, with a "Medical Marvels" prducer at each statin wrking independently and each respnsible fr a single stry. The lcal statin anchr des the pens, clses and intrductins fr his statin's shw. In the case f wrvc, the anchr talent is taped n lcatin in a hspital. After gas leaking frm a faulty water heater killed ne and injured several at a lcal htel, vcrw rv) Nashville began lking int the pssible causes. The result was a series that revealed that cde standards were frequently ignred in the city and that ver 6,000 buildings had never received a final inspectin. The mayr put all inspectrs n six -day weeks and called fr mre mney and mre inspectrs. The statin als uncvered apparent wrngding by a city plice fficer. The fficer, the department's chief pilt and head f its aviatin divisin, was videtaped filling his persnal plane with city fuel. The statin als fund that the city had paid fr tires fr the plane. As a result f the stry, the fficer has been relieved f his authrity ver the aviatin divisin and an internal affairs investigatin is under way. During the week leading up t a run -ff electin fr mayr, the statin extended its late newscast by 10 minutes and gave each candidate five minutes per night t discuss an issue chsen by the statin. The candidates als participated in a live electin eve debate. "They call it the ne red light yu can't run." That was the beginning f a dcumentary n cancer c- prduced by Ktcu -TV San Jse, Calif., and nncmmercial KrEH(vV). Naked in Yankee Stadium was a ne -hur special that detailed the emtinal struggles f three peple diagnsed with cancer: a psychlgy teacher; a single mther, and a yung family man. Each shared candidly their anger, fear and hpe as they tried t cme t terms with the disease. Cpies f the dcumentary were made available t cancer patients and fr use in sensitivity training fr dctrs and nurses. Accrding t KICU -TM the c- prductin apprach, with each statin cntributing manpwer, videtape equipment and prmtinal resurces, prduced a prgram that neither culd have created alne. Wsc -ry Charltte, N.C.. crssed the Atlantic t fllw the Charltte Symphny n a three - week tur f Eurpe. Fr the statin, there were the lgistics f mving and clearing equipment thrugh custms and arranging satellite time fr feeds. The trip prduced a five -part series and an hur special, Brav Charltte, the wrk f anchr Meg MacDnald, prducer Rbin McCurt and phtgraphers Bill Williamsn and Je Ehlich. KHJ -ry Ls Angeles investigative reprter Dan Medina prduced a three -part special reprt n "medi-gap" insurance, the medical insurance plicies aimed at the elderly that receive heavy celebrity advertising and suggest that federal and state health insurance plicies are nt enugh in times f crisis. His stry reprted a number f insurance cmpanies that d nt pay the elderly as their advertising suggests they d. Because f Dan's reprt, entertainer Bb Barker withdrew his endrsement frm ne such cmpany and prhibited the cmpany frm airing any cmmercials that featured him. Als, Califrnia Senatr Pete Wilsn began hearings t lk int pssible federal legislatin t regulate such advertising and the Califrnia State Legislature passed a law mandating that a disclaimer be added t all such advertising in the state. Other KHJ -TV investigative pieces included uncvering the fact that the Ls Angeles District Attrney's Office did nt prsecute cases f child mlestatin invlving children under the age f five, despite the fact that there is n basis in law fr nt prsecuting; an examinatin f the TV ratings system with interviews with the heads f Arbitrn and Nielsen and with members f an "Arbitrn family" (the statin was careful nt t air this piece during a ratings perid t avid any hint f stunting), and a stry n the children f Ls Angeles' skid rw and a ballet prgram fr them run by a frmer deputy district attrney. Nncmmercial WHA -TV Madisn, Wis. and Wiscnsin Public Televisin Netwrk jintly prduce Wiscnsin Magazine. Highlights f the prgram included a dcumentary n Nicaragua sht n lcatin by Prducer Rick Rckwell, videgrapher Jim Erskine and sund recrder Kerman Eckes. They travelled t Nicaragua with a cntingent f Wiscnsin pliticians and plitical activists t dcument the signing f the Nicaraguan cnstitutin. The shw als traveled t Krea t prduce a dcumentary n tw Milwaukee wmen wh arrange free medical care fr seriusly ill impverished Krean children. Other dcumentaries included tw n native sns wh had made their marks: magician and escape artist Harry Hudini and Senatr Gaylrd Nelsn, "father f the mdern day envirnmental mvement." Several f the shw's segments were picked up fr airing by the Mac- Neil /Lehrer NewsHur. Dave Iversn is executive prducer and Mark Weller managing prducer f Wiscnsin Magazine. WBAL -TV Baltimre reprter Jayne Miller launched an investigatin int hw prepared the Baltimre -Washingtn Internatinal airprt wuld be t handle a majr emergency She discvered that the facility, which handles thusands f flights each week, had n ambulance at the airprt and had frequent breakdwns f its fire trucks and equipment. She r): ä THE PANNELL KERR FORSTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS PROGRAM FOR OUTSTANDING FINANCIAL WRITING Pannell Kerr Frster, the natinal accunting and cnsulting firm, annunces its Furth Annual Awards Prgram fr Outstanding Achievement in Financial Writing (U.S.). Awards fr bth bradcast and print jurnalists are given fr scripts and articles aired r published between January 1 and December 31, A $3,000 Achievement Award and three $1,500 hnrable mentins are awarded t jurnalists in each categry. The prgram's fundamental bjective is t recgnize and encurage practicing jurnalists' utstanding cntributins t the public's understanding f cmplex financial issues affecting Americans. Entries must be pstmarked r delivery - dated n later than January 15, Fr entry blanks and additinal infrmatin, cntact Awards Prgram Chairman PANNELL KERR FORSTER One Wilshire Building Suite Suth Grand Avenue Ls Angeles. CA ät Winners f the.4chicscment Award Gene Erh The fk_a 'lins Register Jeff McKinney KMOX Radi St. Luis PANNELL KERR FORSTER WORLDWIDE Bradcasting Nv

112 dcumented reprts f delays in medical care because ff -site ambulances were being held up at lcked gates, and paramedics nce inside were ften cnfused abut where t g. After the series aired, state fficials secured an ambulance fr the airprt and applicatins fr mre paramedics. Anther investigatin by Miller invlved a child beaten t death by her mther's byfriend. Miller fund that instances f prir abuse had been n the scial service recrds fr years and nthing had been dne t prtect the child. Fllwing the reprt, the agency launched its wn prbe that shwed prblems in its ability t flag multiple abuse cases. Miller received AP and UPI awards fr her stry. Maryland Lemn Laws require a manufacturer t buy back cars with serius r uncrrectable prblems. WBAL -TV wndered what happens t thse cars. What it fund was that many were being resld withut being repaired. The statin tracked the paper trail f ne resld lemn t its new wner. The dealer agreed t take the car back and refund the mney Eight mnths later the statin decided t find ut the fate f the car. It had again been resld withut repair. As a result f the stry, the Maryland Attrney General's ffice has launched an investigatin and the riginal lemn law was tughened by its spnsrs. The statin als prduced a pamphlet utlining car buyers rights, and distributed several thusand. WBRZ -TV Batn Ruge, La., aired a ne -hur dcumentary featuring investigative reprter Jhn Camp detailing the inequities in Luisiana's prperty tax system. The statin fllwed that with anther Camp reprt, this time a five -part series n a Flrida -based baby brkering business that explited lphles in Luisiana's adptin laws. The prgram was credited with helping refrm thse laws. When the Jim Bakker /PTL Club scandal brke, Batn Ruge -based evangelist Jimmy Swaggart was ne f Bakkers mst utspken critics. The statin aired a prime time special n the Swaggart ministry. The reprt asserted that many f the prblems f the Bakker ministry als existed in Swaggart's. When it appeared that yung adults in a certain area shwed higher cancer rates than nrmal, WPTA(TV) Frt Wayne, Ind., decided that the questins f the areas safety needed t be addressed. It cnducted six mnths f research and interviews with cancer victims that resulted in a news series. As a result, the state cnducted sil tests and tk health surveys in the area. The tests were negative, and the survey results are still being cmpiled. The statin sent anchr Keith Edwards and chief phtgrapher Bill Schneider t Hnduras fr a week t prfile members f the lcal Army reserve there t help safeguard the building f a rad. The result was a 9 -part series n the military missin, the rad and the peple affected by it. In "Surgery Center: Surgery Scams." WBBM -TV Chicag reprted n tw health care clinics that were discvered t be charging fr surgical assistants wh weren't there, tests nt fk -PAM - ZEHMAN Mir igatíve iiim WBBM -TV investigates plight f children dne and surgery nt perfrmed. Since the series' bradcast in June, the U.S. Attrney's Office has been investigating pssible criminal fraud at the centers and the state f Illinis is investigating the dctrs wh wn the clinics fr pssible suspensin r revcatin f their medical licenses The Illinis Department f Children and Family Services was "caught and punished" as a result f a September 1986 series f reprts detailing the plight f children whse cases had been mishandled. As a result f the investigatin, the directr f the department rdered a review f 500 pending cases; the Ck Cunty directr f the department resigned; tw tp administratrs were transferred, and disciplinary actin was taken against 13 casewrkers and supervisrs. The series garnered the statin a 1987 Best Investigative Reprting award frm RTNDA. WrnR -TV Indianaplis spent seven mnths investigating public educatin. The result was a prime time dcumentary, "Class f 2000" (this year's kindergarden class). WTHR shwed what it characterized as "classrms in chas" and "schls ut f cntrl," while als shwing successful appraches t eliminate truancy and drput rates and raise educatinal standards. The statin's investigatins resulted in changes in tw state laws. Trubleshter Jdy Davis revealed a legal lphle that culd have allwed a prisner t gain custdy f a child he fathered with an underaged girl. Reprts n the lphle prmpted state legislatrs t clse it. In anther case, the trubleshter squad fund that rabid dgs were allwed t run lse because f legal technicalities abut quarantines. State legislatrs clsed that lphle as well, accrding t the statin. Reprter Bill Gephart fund that gvernment- required car defect ntices were backlgged at the Department f Transprtatin due t the "disarray f recrds." The series helped prmpt tw Cngressmen t call fr cmputerizatin f the defect recrds. WPTF -TV Raleigh- Durham, N.C., began a news peratin frm scratch n Sept. 15, it had been airing nly newsbreaks in recent years. Thirty news persnnel were hired fr the 6 and 11 p.m. half- hurs. Live capability was added, a news bureau in Fayetteville, N.C., new studi cameras, field cameras, edit statins, a set and weather graphics. In its first year, the statin wn hnrable mentin best TV newscast frm the Carlina chap- ter f RINDA, a special achievement award frm Assciated Press and an award frm the State Educatin Assciatin fr a five -part series, "Teach the Children 1Abll." Asians- Blacks: Cllisin Curse was a tw - part series n wrrtrv) Washingtn n the clash between Asian businessmen and black residents f Washingtn. "The day f an Asian stre n every crner f the black cmmunity is ver," said ne businessman. The series explred the reasns fr the success f Asian entrepreneurs. The statin wn a lcal Emmy fr its reprt n the clsing f an aut tire factry that tk the viewer n a tur f the plant in its waning days, meeting wrkers wh had spent all their wrking lives t the dying plant. In a three -part series, the statin tk a lk back at the Chesapeake Bay beach resrts and their ppularity befre the Chesapeake Bay Bridge pened up the cean resrts. The series is currently being used in educatinal prgrams at the Chesapeake Railway Museum. There are abut 100,000 illegal Salvadran refugees, In Search f Freedm: Salvadrans in Washingtn lked at the fears, culture shck and hmesickness f the displaced grup, tld thrugh the vices f Salvadran educatrs, dctrs and thers. The D.C. ffice f Latin Affairs called the series the mst pwerful reprt ever dne n the tpic. WDAF -TV Kansas City, M., prduced a series f reprts that examined the drug prblem frm a variety f perspectives. "The Pipeline lked at hw illegal drugs enter Kansas City, the amunt f mney invlved and hw plice departments are smetimes inadequately equipped t handle the fld f drugs. "High Sciety" psed and tried t answer the questins "1) Why d we use drugs? 2) Hw did we get in this mess? 3) Hw d we get ut?" "Drugs: The Bdy's Crisis" lked at the physical tll drugs can take. "Our Kids" lked at the impact n children. "Off the Ball" lked at drugs and sprts. "Inside the System" lked at what happens t a drug ffender wh enters the penal system. "What's Our Business" lked at the business cmmunity as it relates t the drug prblem, and "Success Stries" prfiled the plicemen, teachers, dctrs, cunselrs and thers wh are fighting the battle against drug abuse. What began as a weekend tribute t prfessinal ftball stars at Cantn, Ohi's, Pr Ftball Hall f Fame, has turned int a weeklng celebratin, beginning with the grand parade, and including enshrinement ceremnies and the exhibitin game. Frm the first marching band t the last play f the exhibitin game, WOAC -TV cvers the week with a series f specials, plus nightly cverage f events during regularly scheduled newscasts. The statin prvided first - ever live cverage f the Kickff Parade and the Grand Parade and interviews with the Hall f Fame Queen and her curt, visiting celebrities and event rganizers. News directr Sctt Davis tured the Hall f Fame, prfiled induc- Bradcasting Nv

113 tees and hsted a live 90- minute special previewing the upcming ftball seasn. "Hme f the Frgtten" was described by wive -Tv Buffal, N.Y., as its mst cmpelling news series." Reprter Lee Cppla detailed a lng list f abuses at a facility fr hmeless peple. Undercver reprtage detailed substandard living cnditins and neglect. The eight -part series als included interviews with frmer residents f the hme wh tld stries f drug prescriptins imprperly prescribed and f sexual abuse. The state is nw mving t have the facility clsed. In 1987, wf_vr -Tv Cambridge, Mass. (Bstn), initiated a majr news expansin. Its 10 p.m. weekday news, which had been a half -hur, was expanded t an hur, and a half -hur 10 p.m. news was added n the weekend. On the sprts side was added the half -hur Sunday Screbard at 10:30 p.m. and a Celtics Tnight pregame shw befre each Bstn Celtic away game. In June, the statin aired a lcally prduced ne -hur dcumentary, Dreams Deferred-Athletics and Academics. When the stry abut suspected mass murderer Dnald Harvey brke in Cincinnati in June. it caught the attentin f KTVutrvf Oakland, Calif. Reprter Bb MacKenzie traveled t Ohi and Tennessee and, with the help f Cincinnati's wcp -N interviewed the 35- year -ld nurses aide -accused f murdering patients -and his mther. MacKenzie discvered that Harvey had been killing since he was a teen -ager, after having been sexually mlested. The result f the interviews was a ne -hur special als shwn as a five -part series n the 10 p.m. news. Reprter Gerge Watsn, accmpanied by 45 Wrld War II veterans, tk a nstalgic trip t Guadalcanal fr the 45th anniversay f that battle. The trip evked pwerful emtins in the veterans, wh had lst friends in the battle. Adding Japanese and U.S. newsreel ftage t the mix, Watsn presented a 30- minute special and a series fr the 10 p.m. newscast. Miracles in Medjugrje was a stry that seemed t tuch deeply the largely Cathlic ppulatin f New Orleans. Wvuscry sent reprters Jim Bailey and Mary Lu McCall t the Yugslavian twn t cver the reprted visins f the Blessed Mther by children f the village. The trip resulted in a 10 -part series and halt -hur dcumentary Fllwing the stry, Bailey and McCall received requests t speak at area churches and an invitatin t appear n the natinally syndicated Sally Jessy Raphael Shw. The statin received hundreds f requests fr videtapes f the reprt. Respnse t the series was s great that the statin sent the reprters back t Medjugrje in March 1987 fr a fllw -up reprt. Miracles in Medjugrje received a number f awards, including nes frm the New Orleans chapters f the Press Club and Wmen in Cmmunicatins, and a Gld Medallin award frm the Bradcast Prmtin and Mar- keting Executives in the "special prjects" categry. Statistics shw that Texas leads the natin in the number f births by teen -agers 14 and under. Fr tw mnths, prducer Steve Wright and reprter Karen Budrie f KRIS -TV Crpus Christi, Tex., interviewed teen -age mthers, teachers, health fficials and lawmakers. The prduct was a prime time dcumentary, A Generatin at Risk, that aired early in June. Highlights included a tur f the Crpus Christi schl district's teen -age mther's schl, a yung mther explaining the difficulty f cmpleting high schl and caring fr a baby and a schl principal cmparing a curriculum withut sex educatin t "teaching smene abut rattlesnakes but nt teaching them abut pisn." Schls in the statin's ADI requested cpies f the tape t shw t their sex educatin classes. Nncmmercial WHYY-TV Philadelphia decided that the best way t celebrate the bicentennial f the Cnstitutin n a limited budget wuld be t prvide an updated sequel t Bill Myers Reprt Frm Philadelphia, a daily three -minute PBS series dne as thugh he were alive in Philadelphia 200 years ag. WHVV -TV'S 60- secnd versin, which immediately fllwed the Myers Mnday- Friday spts, talked abut the twn tday. Prducing the spts n a weekly basis -five pieces were sht each Mnday -allwed fr inclusin f cntemprary events such as the Iran -Cntra hearings and lcal electins. The spts were sht at lcatins that tied in with the Myers pieces. A single betacam was used with a tw -man crew and prtable teleprmpter. Nncmmercial WTrw(Tvt's "Crisis n Federal Street" dcumentary aired n Tuesday, Jan. 6, 1987, and garnered the statin its highest rating ever fr a news -public affairs dcumentary. The bradcast was hsted by Ndding Carter Ill and fcused n a family that has lived n public aid fr three generatins. The dcumentary explred the cmplex prblem f institutinalized pverty at Chicag's Rbert Taylr Hmes, the "largest, mst ambitius public husing prject in the wrld and the prest urban cmmunity in the U.S." accrding t the statin. Many f the prblems dealt with in the special are nw in the news elsewhere as the Chicag Husing Authrity tights Media massed fr WTTW debates DAWN OF PROMISES ROMANCE DANGER TENSION INTRIGUE Nvels fr Televisin -a first frm Cral Rmance turns t bitterness fra rich yung sciety girl jilted by a heartless pprtunist. Returning t her family ranch, she faces vilence, tensin, danger and warfare. Principal phtgraphy begins in Nvember. Viewing tape ready fr NATPE. PICTURES CORPORATION 6850 Cral Way, Miami, Flrida Tel. (305) Telex CORAL Fax (305) Bradcasting N

114 t maintain cntrl f the subsidized husing prjects in Chicag. The statin received an Emmy fr best dcumentary f lcal significance. On January 20, wrrw bradcast a ne -hur special entitled Justice Greylrd Style, which lked at the FBI -initiated Greylrd undercver investigatin f the Ck Cunty judicial system. T date, 58 judges, lawyers, bailiffs and plice fficers have been indicted and 30 cnvicted. Wnw's Jhn Callaway led a grup f individuals with expertise n the curt system in a discussin f the varius issues invlved. The discussin was prmpted by videtaped vignettes n the case. PBS bradcast the special natinwide n Aug. 9, One f the biggest stries f the year was the Mayral race. WTTw was the nly statin t get the fur candidates t appear n a live televised debate. On the day f the debate, there were sme 150 jurnalists at the studi t cver it. KING -TV Seattle prduced a number f dcumentaries this year, amng them: Senate fr Sale, a half -hur lk at plitical actin cmmittees and their influence n the plitical prcess; Shelter frm the Strm, an hur special n lw incme senirs living in pverty, and Salmn: Nt Just a Fish Stry, an hur -lng lk at the changes and upheaval in the salmn fishing industry, ne f the Nrthwest's ecnmic mainstays. On the news series frnt, KING -TV News's "Tp Stry" prduced a five -part series n the Seattle schl district, fcusing n the superintendent f schls, the gap in academic test scres between black and white students, mandatry busing and cmparing schl systems. In a fllw -up t an earlier Sviet -American jint prductin, KING -Tv sent anchr Jean Enersen t the Sviet Unin. The result was a five -part series n Sviet wmen, a 90- minute special and tw news reprts. When the Presbyterian Church was searching fr a site fr its internatinal headquarters, Luisville, Ky., was amng the candidates. The headquarters wuld bring almst 1,000 jbs, a payrll f $32 millin and a $100 millin annual budget, having an estimated $52 mil - lin -a-year impact n the lcal ecnmy WAVE -TV cvered all aspects f the stry. When church representatives met in Bilxi, Miss., t decide, the statin carried daily satellite reprts f the heated debate and dramatic vte. The general assembly vted 332 t 309 fr Luisville, reversing a recmmendatin f its relcatin cmmittee. Cverage included a live, half -hur dcumentary abut the decisin prcess that aired the evening f the decisin. Salesmen were peddling an alleged miracle drug, even thugh they had been rdered t stp by the Fd and Drug Administratin. WBBN -TV Fil Myers, Fla., expsed the cmpanies invlved and infrmed thse buying the capsules that the wnder drug tuted as a cure fr cancer was nthing mre than a cn- centrated dse f vitamins. In an exclusive interview with WBBI1 -TV a dctr admitted t a mercy killing f his wife, wh had terminal cancer. State investigatrs heard the admissin and launched an investigatin. The dctr was arrested and charged with first degree murder and cnspiracy t cmmit murder. When an earthquake struck El Salvadr in Octber 1986, KOLD -TV 7Ucsn reprter Saul Saenz and phtgrapher Jeff Bundnis, hitched abard an aircraft frm Tucsn carrying fd, medical supplies and building materials. Saenz, wh speaks Spanish, talked with lcal citizens, authrities and fficials, while Bundnis phtgraphed the damage and the relief effrts, including a warehuse full f supplies and the hmeless waiting in line t receive their supplies. Accrding t Saenz, while sme peple felt explited by the arrival f the media, mst talked willingly f the quake, seeing it as an pprtunity t ask fr much needed help. Saenz prvided a live telephne reprt frm the quake sight. After a day in the city, they flew back t Tucsn, arriving in time t run t the statin, edit tapes and give their reprts. The stry helped bring mre dnatins and a secnd planelad f supplies was dispatched within a few days. WPTF -TV Raleigh- Durham, N.C., cvered a range f AIDS -related stries, culminating with a prime acess, half -hur special, Living with AIDS. The prgram fcused n lcal AIDS patients, their families, medical prblems, the prblem f AIDS and prstitutes at a lcal military base and the prgress in research. Viewer respnse was verwhelmingly psitive. Several Raleigh dctrs and hspitals requested cpies f the tape, and the hst, Ben Garrett, spke at a state cnference n AIDS abut the rle f the media. The statin als prduced a 30- minute dcumentary, "The Bmers Face 40," lking at hw much the wrld has changed the Baby Bm generatin. WPTF -TV reprter Phil Pratt tk viewers thrugh a histrical verview f the events f that era and then tk an indepth lk at several "bmers" whse lives were prfundly affected by the values f the '60's. Kcrvçrvl Kansas City, M., aired a five -part investigative series, "Mney vs. Justice," alleging unfair and illegal practices by a lcal lawyer. KcTV petitined the state supreme curts f Kansas and Missuri, asking each t pen up any secret investigative prceedings that might have been instituted against the attrney. The statin als filed a lawsuit against the 16th Judicial Circuit Bar Cmmittee asking the curt t declare the supreme curt rules uncnstitutinal as they relate t secrecy surrunding the discipline f attrneys. Thse decisins are pending. "Hurricane Watch," was a half -hur dcumentary n wau -TV Mbile, Ala. At the beginning f 1986's hurricane seasn, the statin ran a special recapping the 1985 seasn, which included clse calls frm hurricanes Elena and Juan, and a lk at a particularly strng hurricane in It als reminded peple what t d and where t g in case f a hurricane. Fr the 75th anniversary f the Pensacla Air Statin, wnv.ry aired a three -part series n the anniversary, lking at bth the past and future f Navy flying. One f WPVi -TV Philadelphia's many dcumentaries fcused n the hardships that Vietnam War veterans face in their adjustment t life back hme and the rle the Veterans Administratin plays. "Vietnam Vets: Brken Hearts, Brken Minds" lked at the ways in which the cnflict differed frm earlier wars: its men did nt return as heres; its sldiers were much yunger and less mature; it was guerilla warfare with n frnt lines and n safe havens, nly an invisible enemy that smetimes came in the frm f armed children; it was unppular, and difficult fr bth the sldiers and thse back hme t understand. A WPVI -TV investigatin examined unsafe seafd in a three -part series and prvided viewers with infrmatin t make intelligent decisins abut a fd grup that many assumed always t be healthy KPOM -TV Frt Smith, Ark., prduced a lcal versin f the natinal special, Scared Straight: 10 Years Later, in which yuth are intrduced first -hand t prisn life. C -anchrs Bill Oltman and Elizabeth Alex tured an Arkansas prisn with fur teen -agers frm lcal schls. They arranged fr ne -n-ne talks with prisners, fllwed by a live, 30- minute 'panel discussin cmprising lawmakers and citizens. In March, WJBK -TV Detrit added a business news segment t its newscasts. Reprter Murray Feldman heads up the unit and anchrs five -minute reprts at 5:30 and updated reprts at 11 p.m. Feldman draws n a team f writers and prducers, plus a cmputer that links the statin with natinal business databases that give a natinal perspective n lcal activities. The Channel 2 business Reprt fcuses n lcal business trends, changes in lifestyle, in -depth reprting f majr business issues and nging investr advice frm lcal experts wh ffer tips n subjects ranging frm stck market strategy t IRAs t savings bnds. Knvçrvf Medfrd, Ore., cnducted a three - part investigatin int the future f the timber industry in suthern Oregn, which prvides nearly half the jbs in the regin. A Fllw -up n the series sent a statin reprter t Dallas, where he interviewed the president and chairman f ne f the largest timber crpratins in suthern Oregn. The series lked at the envirnmental and ecnmic impacts f increased cutting, statistics n hw much timber is available and the amunt f timber being cut. Bradcasting Nv

115 ate WAPTITV) Jacksn, Miss., was the first t break an investigative reprt n a male prstitute wh tested psitive fr AIDS. The plice were faced with the prblem f trying t keep him frm infecting thers. The stry was a team effrt headed by c- anchr Stephanie Bell. The reprt received natinal attentin and was picked up by majr newspapers and the netwrks. The statin fllwed up the stry with reprts n scial and medical aspects f AIDS. While turing an area hspital, KBAK -TV Bakersfield, Calif., reprter Julienne Smith nticed a cntainer f bld being pured dwn an rdinary drain. She was prmpted t ask what standard bld- handling prcedures were. What she fund, in a series f stries, was that there were cnflicting rules and regulatins, with sme f the bld ging int sewers that led t a reclamatin plant that prvided water fr agricultural use. The statin's investigatin is cntinuing. WNEV -TV cnfrnts AIDS Drug abuse facts frm WYFF Tv Public affairs: a chance t serve In respnse t the grwing cncern abut the deadly -TV Bstn launched an awareness and educatin campaign in February. The campaign included news reprts, specials, editrials and PSAs, cmmunity- related activities, the prductin f an educatinal vide and the selective acceptance f cndm ads fr the preventin f disease. One special "Sex and Singles," was sht n lcatin in area bars, health clubs, discs and dating clubs. and lked at hw the disease has affected the hetersexual cmmunity. The shw als featured a discussin grup amng singles f varius ages talking abut the effects the disease has n their dating. Anther special, "Teaching ur Children," dealt with hw t tell children abut AIDS, and featured the suggestins f parents and educatrs. Fr the secnd year in a rw, WNEV -TV spnsred a public service campaign n behalf f Prject Bread's Walk fr Hunger. The campaign included PSAs and prmtinal spts fr the May 3 walk. In additin, the statin prduced a hall -hur special t encurage peple t participate in the walk. As a result, mre than 2,500 additinal peple signed up. The walk raised $2.5 millin. In cmmemratin f the 200th anniversary f the signing f the Cnstitutin, WNEV -TV began a 14 -mnth public service campaign that included specials, dcumentaries and an awards cmpetitin designed t hnr excellence in teaching abut the Cnstitutin. Amng the specials were The Chief Justice and the Kids, featuring frmer Chief Justice Warren Burger talking t 13 student reprters, and a special n the Fifth Amendment, Pwer f Silence. WYFF-TV Greenville, S.C. : a mnth t the subject f drug ab,...; The stry began with an editrial utlining the planned cverage and asking viewers t watch the prgram as a family and discuss the tpics raised. Each reprter was assigned ne r tw reprts n a different facet f the issue. Included in the segments were actual drug raids and buys. abuse preventin and treatment and ways everyne can help in the fight. The statin's effrts were recgnized by the Suth Carlina Bradcasters Assciatin as utstanding dcumentary- series. WTHn -Tv Indianaplis's Cats fr Kids campaign netted mre than 10,000 winter cats fr needy children. The cats, dnated by viewers, were cleaned by a lcal dry cleaning chain and distributed free t pr families. The 10 -day Greater Indianaplis Chlesterl Screening Prject was cnducted at area malls. Mre than 30,000 peple tk the tw - minute test, and shwed "significantly" higher levels than the natinal average. One -third f thse tested, in fact, fund they were at high risk. Als participating in the prject were the Heart Assciatin, a lcal hspital and makers f a new testing device. KING -TV Seattle's Face t Face: U.S.IU.S.S.R. was a fllw -up t a December 1985 prgram, A Citizen's Summit, in which a Seattle and Leningrad audience were linked via satellite. In Face t Face, the idea was taken ne step further: A yung cuple wh had been in the audience in Seattle in 1985 travelled t Lenin- WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTORS OF QUALITY TELEVISION PROGRAMMING It takes a special type f cmpany t cnduct business glbally. Cral hasthe experience, rights and prduct t service the televisin industry nt nly in the U.S. but n every cntinent thrughut the wrld. If yur statin is lking fr first -rate first -runs r re -runs, lk first t Cral Pictures.The cmpany has a staff experienced in all phases f bradcasting t help statins achieve their mst ptimistic PICTURES CORPORATION 6850 Cral Way, Miami, Flrida Tel. (305) Telex CORAL Fax (305) Bradcasting Nv

116 grad t meet the family f ne f the Sviet audience members. Then the Sviet citizen visited Seattle. The prgram was hsted by anchr Jean Enersen, and was a lk at bth cultures. The effrt was a jint ne between KINGTV and Gstelradi, the Sviet State bradcasting entity, which shared manpwer, equipment and facilities. The Sviets prduced their wn versin f Face t Face as well. In June, KING -TV prduced a series f "safe sex" PSAs aimed at teen -agers, gays and the general audience. Thse aimed at teen -agers were aired in cnjunctin with a special, Teen Sex: What Abut the Kids?, that examined the questin f sex educatin in public schls. The statin has als prduced and aired a number f PSAs prmting respnsible attitudes tward sex as the best means f crnbatting sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Teen Sex: What abut the Kids? was the third in a series f specials. The tw -hur prgram lked at sex educatin in the schls. The first hur fllwed a week in the lives f students f a prgressive sex educatin class. The secnd hur was a live, instudi discussin f the merits f sex educatin. A telephne pll during the secnd hur received 10,000 calls. The statin received a 1987 Presidential Award fr Private Sectr Initiatives fr "Getting t N," KING-Tv's nging campaign against substance abuse. Included in the effrt are PSAs, specials and the spnsrship f cmmunity prjects. The syndicated Oprah Winfrey Shw, wned and prduced by wl-s -ry Chicag, traveled t all -white Frsyth cunty, Ga., t bradcast a live remte frm the Dinner Deck restauran. with the discussin. In Nvember 1986, wt_s -TV launched a ne - year campaign, "Say N! t Drugs," in cperatin with the Chicag Sun -Times. Each mnth, a drug awareness special was bradcast n wls-tv as a series f 12 features. In additin, bumper stickers, buttns, tee shirts and sweat shirts were prduced with the "Say N!" theme. Statin talent was made available fr mtivatinal speaking engagements and the statin rganized, prduced and bradcast a parade t salute thse grups active in the anti -drug area. WI-s -N in cperatin with the League f Wmen Vters f Illinis, prduced and bradcast a series f five exclusive debates amng candidates fr majr statewide ffice, including lieutenant gvernr, attrney general, cmptrller, treasurer, secretary f state and U.S. senatr. The debates were mderated by Mike Jacksn, Andy Shaw and Mary Ann Childers f wls -T',f with a panel f print and electrnic media plitical experts questining the candidates. Nncmmercial KrcA -Tv St. Paul emplyed a nvel device in a special n AIDS. Three pre - prduced "mck" news stries during the hur -lng prgram tld the stry f a hypthetical AIDS incident in a mythical Minnesta twn. Tw panels then debated the implicatins f the diseases. The discussins were taped befre a live audience as part f a statewide AIDS cnference. The three -minute mck newscasts were presented by frmer CBS News reprter Karen Brs and dealt with such tpics as cnfidentiality vs. public's right t knw, schl and wrkplace plicies, public health educatin, mandatry testing, quarantine and legislative plicies. A cmpanin utreach prject included billbards, psters, magazine and newspaper ads and educatinal brchures at a cst t the statin f $5,100 (abve cmmunity cntributins f $45,500). Executive prducer was Bill Hanley: prducer- utreach directr, Wendy Wiiberg: assciate prducer, Anne Ostberg, and prductin assistant, Gail Feichtinger. residents t test the level f radn in their hmes, as well as airing dcumentary-style infrmatin n the threat. Apprximately 6,000 tests were returned, prducing ne f the cuntry's largest data bases n the gas. The statin's effrts were highlighted in a hearing f the Huse Subcmmittee n Transprtatin, Turism and Hazardus Materials. One cngressman said f the effrt: "It was up t a televisin statin t alert us and t cme up with the nly factual data that we have." WI5N -Tv Milwaukee devted a mnth -lng series t "Schlvte," a prgram designed t help parents and thers set educatinal pririties. The series began with a Twn Hall meeting at City Hall, attended by 130 teachers, parents, administratrs. cmmunity leaders and students. The 10 p.m. news featured a series f eight segments by reprters Anne Kavanagh, Mark Siegrist, Mike Andersn, Dave Wagner and Kathy Mykleby n such tpics as desegregatin, at -risk yuth, discipline, schl financing and teen -age pregnancy. There were als three specials abut the prject. The final special, Schlvte: The Reprt Card, presented the results f the prject t Milwaukee area decisinmakers. When Wrld News Tnight with Peter Jennings riginated frm wisn -TM the statin prduced a 90- minute special, Ask the Media, in which Jennings mderated a discussin amng leading Milwaukee area jurnalists. The prgram gave the studi audience, crnpsed f viewers and cmmunity grup representatives, a chance t address their questins and cncerns directly t the media. Oprah in Frsyth Cunty Frsyth cunty had been in the news because f a series f civil rights demnstratins and cunter -demnstratins by the Ku Klux Klan. There had been n blacks living in Frsyth cunty fr the past 75 years. Winfrey wanted t find ut why. The prgram pened with clips f recent demnstratins, fllwed by an pen frum discussin. As residents discussed their feelings, sme rebutted the image f their cunty they felt had been unfairly prmted by the media. The Rev. Hsea Williams, a civil rights activitist, led picketing utside the restaurant t prtest his exclusin frm the shw (Win - frey's grund rules had been that the shw wuld feature nly Frsyth cunty residents). When the picketers were arrested, Winfrey reprted it as part f the shw, then cntinued "Fdline 24" is an areawide fd drive cnducted by KPOM -TV Frt Smith, Ark. The week befre Thanksgiving, fd is cllected and crprate and business dnatins are taken. PSAs featuring statin persnalities air thrughut the drive, which culminates in an hur -lng mini -telethn asking fr dnatins and educating viewers abut hunger. In 1986, " Fdline 24" raised ver 12,000 punds f fd that was distributed thrugh the Fd - bank and the Salvatin Army t needy families. "Fanline 24" asked viewers t help a neigh - br during the summer mnths by dnating a fan t the needy Thrugh PSAs and stries, the statin cllected 600 fans that were then distributed t needy families in the area. In January 1987, wnl -Tv Daytn, Ohi, launched a public awareness campaign n the dangers f radn gas. The statin distributed 10,000 radn test kits at n charge t area Educatinal pririties n WISN -TV Nncmmercial wmvs(1v) and wuvrçrv), bth Milwaukee, wanted t becme a majr public affairs frce t cmpliment rather than crn - pete with established news media. Their answer was Smith & Cmpany, a lcal televisin platfrm that allws area viewers t meet and talk with the mvers and shakers f Milwaukee. The shw has five prducers wh rtate respnsibility fr subjects fr the Mnday - Thursday 10:30 p.m. half -hur prgram. The shw is designed t be flexible enugh t respnd t the mrning's headlines. On Oct. 7, fr example, Milwaukee cunty's Directr f Parks was fired by the Cunty Executive, apparently because he endrsed State Senatr Jhn Nrquist in his bid fr mayr. That evening, bth endrser and endrsee were n Smith & Cmpany. Other guests have Bradcasting Nv

117 included Miriam Ben Shalm, winner f a 12- year battle with the U.S. Army after her discharge fr being lesbian; Olympic Gld Medalist Bb Beamn, and AIDS researcher Dr. Karen Lamb. WsvNtrvt Miami sent a crew t the Sviet Unin t accmpany a grup f Suth Flrida teen -agers traveling there as part f the Peple t Peple student ambassadr prgram. Assignment manager Kira Grishkff's fluent Russian prved invaluable. The trip prduced a series shwing the USSR thrugh the eyes f the teen -agers. The statin, which had sent a news crew t cver the 1986 earthquake in Mexic City, returned the crew a year later t see hw the city was recvering frm the disaster. There, they met an 11- year -ld by, brn withut legs, wh did nt qualify fr special help. With the help f reprter Brian Cabell and phtgrapher Henry Cardenas and thers wh learned f his plight, the by was brught t the U.S. and fitted with a prsthesis. The statin put tgether a special n the stry. When Flrida vters faced a referendum t legalize casin gambling and ltteries, the statin prduced a series f live and taped reprts frm Atlantic City, detailing what impact gambling and ltteries have n the cmmunities that currently have them. The majrity f the public affairs effrts f KTTV(TV) Ls Angeles were under the "Fr Kid's Sake" banner. Thrughut the year, the statin aired dcumentaries and specials dealing with divrce, drugs, runaways and ther prblems facing yuth. One special was a play written by a 12- year -ld abut the f fects f divrce n a child. In cnjunctin with sme f the specials, the statin printed an infrmatinal pamphlet that culd be btained frm the statin r thrugh ne f the campaign's crprate spnsrs. The statin was als c- spnsr f a 10k run fr charity that raised $ fr the Blind Children's Center in Ls Angeles. Statin staff were n hand at the run, handing ut Fr Kid's Sake brchures. Drunk drivers were the subject f a sbering special n KUB-TV Davenprt, Iwa. "The Quad Cities' Hidden Assassins: Drunk Drivers" examined the frightening and humiliating experience f an arrest fr drunken driving, frm the arrest, with its bking and fingerprinting, t the csts in attrney's fees, curt csts, medical treatment and high insurance premiums. Prviding the facts were attrneys. law enfrcement fficials and judges. Since the Quad cities area is n the brder f Iwa and Illinis, the prcedures in bth states were reviewed, with reprters riding alng with the fficers as well as researching the laws. There were als videtapes f actual arrests Since its air date, mre than a dzen rganizatins have requested cpies f the shw fr educatinal purpses. Tw Iwa educatinal agencies are making a versin f the prgram available fr schls. "Hidden Assassins" als received a number f awards. As a part f its Family Matters public service campaign, KIRO -TV Seattle lked at "Wh'll Take Care f Grandma," alternatives fr the care f the elderly. Five Puget Sund families were prfiled, each facing the care f an lder family member, but appraching it frm different emtinal and ecnmic grunds. The stries included a lk at what cmmunity resurces are available t lder peple and suggestins n hw t cmmunicate with the elderly Als a part f the Family Matters campaign was a special n parenting. "Cming f Age: Parents and Teen -agers," lked at sme f the ways parents successfully cpe with the task. Fur families were prfiled: a single mther and daughter; a divrced cuple wh share custdy; a wrking cuple with six children, including 17- year -ld triplet bys, and a Chinese- American family with three teen -agers. At the end f the special, all the parents gt tgether fr a discussin f their relative success Viewers f the shw were able t call the statin and speak with registered nurses and therapists staffing a phne bank. Blw the Whistle n Drugs was a prime time special in which yuth frm all walks f life shared their thughts abut substance abuse and suggestins n hw parents can hat, them steer clear f drugs. In June 1987, three driver educatin students and their teacher were killed by a drunk driver. WKBW -TV Buffal, N.Y-, was n hand t reprt the tragedy. Tw days later. the statin aired a special ne -hur editin f its 5 p.m. news entitled "Cry fr Life." The special fcused n the tragedy and the prblem f drunk driving. It riginated live frm the twn in which the Crash site n WKBW -TV crash ccurred, with parents f ne f the children as guests. the Natinal Cmmissin Against Drunk Driving, Washingtn, selected wkbw -Tv fr its Distinguished Service Award fr its effrts. Fr the first time in its histry, WJRT-ry Flint, Mich., became invlved in a campaign t crnbat substance abuse. "Team Up Against Drugs" was a cmmunitywide campaign fr the mnth f April. Included in the statin's effrts were: tur prime time specials, three lcally prduced mvies, three 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. news series, three nn news interviews, tw weeks' wrth f syndicated prgrams that dealt with the prblem, eight public affairs prgrams and ver 30 PSAs. One f the mst NOVELS FOR TELEVISION ROMANCE DANGER TENSION INTRIGUE A New Trend in Televisin Prgramming Men and wmen prtrayed in rles that audiences will get t knw- learn t lve and lve t hate. Emtinal episdes transprting the viewer int a wrld f trtuus relatinships and unfrgettable passin. Cral's nvels break unprecedented grund. A majr new televisin frce. PICTURES CORPORATION 6850 Cral Way, Miami, Flrida Tel. (305) Telex CORAL Fax (305) Bradcasting Nv

118 successful f thse effrts, accrding t the statin, was the spnsring f a PSA cntest pen t students in grades Over 400 entries fr a 30- secnd spt discuraging drug abuse were received. The tw first place awards (in tw age categries) were trphies and a cash award fr the schls. In additin, the winners assisted in the prductin f their spts. The special prgraming included a ne - hur dcumentary fcusing n the addictins f alchl, nictine, ccaine and eating disrders. And the campaign included a Prject Graduatin rally fr high schl students, at which students were asked t sign a pledge agreeing nt t drink and drive and parents were asked t pledge that they wuld give their children rides hme, n questins asked. Cming f Age was ww Detrit's 10 -part examinatin f the issues and cncerns facing the grwing number f lder peple. Anchr Mrt Crim and nine ther reprters fcused n prblems, slutins and the ways peple are cping with grwing lder -frm keeping healthy t crdinating finances and retiring with flair. Reprters Debra Silberstein and Dr. D'Anne Kleinsmith lked at Alzheimers disease and ther health cncerns; Carmen Harlan, Margie Reedy, Rger Weber and D.X. Riley reprted n care fr aging parents, senir day care, retiring in nrthern Michigan and what t expect when lking fr a nursing hme; business editr Jennifer Mre fcused n the grwing trend f marketing prducts t lder peple; cnsumer reprter Anne Thmpsn reprted n what lder cnsumers need t lk ut fr in the way numerus ffers are directed tward them, and Ned McGrath helped make sense f and ffer advice t senirs n the paperwrk maze f Scial Security. Beynd the Shelter Dr, a 30- minute dcumentary n nncmmercial KBDFTV Brmfield, Cl., traced the beginnings f the mvement t help battered wmen. It featured thse wh first ffered shelter t the wmen, activists wh raised the "cnsciusness" f many n the issue and thse wh fught fr legislatin t prtect battered wmen. It wn a lcal Emmy fr Best Target Audience Prgram. Fr its electin cverage, KSDi -Tv held a twn meeting in its studi, featuring jurnalists and cmmunity experts in agriculture, ecnmics and educatin t questin the candidates. Then -candidate Tim Wirth appeared fr 45 minutes f questining, while the ther candidate failed t appear. KBDI aired tw dcumentaries that the Public Bradcasting Service turned dwn as advcacy pieces. The dcumentaries were Dark Circle, a lk at the Rcky Flats nuclear weapns plant and Vietnam: The Impact f Media, Accuracy in Media's analysis f hw the war was reprted. The films were fllwed by a studi discussin featuring experts with diverse views and, in the case f Dark Circle, the filmmaker. The discussin centered n the prgrams' accuracy, the legitimacy f advcacy jurnalism and the PBS decisin t reject the prgrams. The Vietnam film was uplinked and bradcast by mre than 50 PBS affiliates. Wrking with area law enfrcement fficials, WKEF(rV) Daytn, Ohi bradcasts a picture f a wanted feln every Mnday at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., accmpanied by a further descriptin f the suspect and phne number f the plice department. Often calls with infrmatin cme t the statin and are frwarded t the plice, in ther cases, fugitives themselves have surrendered fllwing the bradcast. In Octber 1987, the "BOLO" (Be n the Lkut) segment was expanded t include a special feature airing Thursdays and Sundays, n "Miami Valley's 10 Mst Wanted List." The prgram was the idea f Plice Detective Bill Mullins and Lieutenant Ed Crwder. In all, 58% f the fugitives shwn have been aprehended. WrvFtîv) Nashville applied its time and talents t a number f lcal prblems. T increase awareness f chlesterl, the statin aired a series n the subject, in cnjunctin with the series, tests were cnducted and the statin distributed general infrmatin and lw chlesterl recipes. The statin dealt with the prblem f radn gas in bth a series and dcumentary and bught several hundred testing kits t sample hmes thrughut the area. Eleven KTVV(rV) Oklahma City phtgraphers packed their cameras and hit the rad. Their assignment: t capture a day in the life f Oklahma. The result was a ne -hur prtrait. The dcumentary was s well received, it was repeated. The prgram was prduced by Tny Stizza and Linda Cavanaugh. Crdinating prducers were Dana Fwler and Mary Ann Eckstein. General assignment reprter Paula Tutman f wucv -TV Luisville, Ky., highlighted prblems faced by thse with physical handicaps when she visited Luisville's new theme park in a wheelchair and fund mst f the rides inaccessible. A fllw -up ne mnth later, hwever, fund that park fficials had implemented suggested changes and trained persnnel t be mre sensitive t the needs f the Kentucky Kingdm park's handicapped visitrs. The Kentucky Chapter f the American Heart Assciatin awarded medical reprter Carline Seay their Media Award fr her series f reprts n hw many peple deny experiencing heart attack symptms. Cmmunity awareness was further enhanced when cnsumer reprter Ralph Merkel discvered that many f the prblems being experienced by newer mdel cars were caused by mixing alchl with gas. A randm survey f twenty gas statins garnered cnsiderable attentin and caused at least ne independent dealer t remve all gas with alchl frm his 15 area statins. WWKY -ry was als the first t reprt the clsing f the Luisville Times newspaper. New Hampshire Public Televisin spnsred three debates fr candidates fr the state's highest ffices. The gal was t prvide viewers with the least rhetric as well as t questin candidates frm a variety f surces. Eschewing the standard League f Wmen Vters frmat, NHPTV intrduced what it called a livelier frmat that allwed candidates t challenge ne anther, the media t interrgate them, and mre imprtantly, prvided viewers with a chance t ask questins. NHPTV said the phne respnse n its "Reactin Line" frm viewers was very favrable and the candidates' respnses prvided gd cpy fr reginal media. High Tech in the Classrm was NHPTVs respnse t its audience's interest in educatinal tpics. The live, tw -hur prgram n advanced use f cmputers and videdisks in New Hampshire classrms primarily targeted parents and students. The first hur was bradcast thrughut a fur -state regin. Based in the studi, this prgram featured fur field pieces, an audience and phne calls. The secnd hur was a telecnference fr teachers and administratrs via satellite dwnlinks t three New Hampshire sites. These target- audience viewers culd call in t experts and ther teachers t answer technlgy questins. The tw prgrams cst abut $5,500, primarily fr satellite time and prmtin. WDAM -TV Laurel, Miss., was instrumental in negtiating the first gubernatrial debate f the plitical seasn. The ne -hur debate was held in assciatin with the 'bung Lawyers sectin f the State Bar Assciatin and the Mississippi Assciated Press Bradcasters Assciatin. It was carried n a delayed basis by seven statins acrss the state. When General Mtrs decided t stp spnsring its Best f Class salute t high schl senirs, WDAM -TV sught -and fund -private spnsrship. Mre than 100 students were treated t a day f activities as well as being featured n a 30- minute special and numerus prmtinal spts. WDAM -ry dedicates each Wednesday t lcal mayrs. On its 5 p.m. news, citizens can call the statin and have their questins answered by the mayr n the air. Thrugh the Sherry Shell Glf Turnament, WOAM -TV helped raise mre than $5,000 fr the dmestic abuse family shelter in Laurel and the Girl Scuts. The full impact f the AIDS crisis was brught hme by KGMB(TV) Hnlulu, which assigned reprter Leslie Wilcx and phtgrapher Cliff Watsn t fllw an AIDS victim thrugh the last mnths f his life. The statin recrded visits t the dctr, funeral arrangements and hspital stays, culminating in an interview with the patient just 90 minutes befre he died. Prtins f the prgram have been incrprated int the Hawaii State Department f Educatin's AIDS educatin prject. The statin als cmpleted its tw -year cverage f a native Hawaiian crews vyage thrughut the Suth Pacific using n navigatin instruments. Watsn and reprter Elisa Yada sailed with the crew fr the final tw mnths, vercming varius technical prblems in the prcess. A Kangar weather cver ver a Betacam dnated by Sny and a Bradcasting Nv "

119 dispsable Expeditin Battery which runs a Betacam fr tw t three hurs and has a shelf life f five years, slved the mst basic prp - lems f salt water and pwer fr the camera Travel has played an imprtant part in news cverage fr KOMB, whse nearest neighbr is 2,000 miles away. Specials include reprts frm the Philippines immediately fllwing the verthrw f Marcs, and a trip t the All Star baseball game in Oakland, Calif. t check -up n lcal Sid Fernandez. cast in Beirut. keep the cmmunity aware f pssible T health prblems, wpta(tv) Frt Wayne, Ind., has a full -time health crdinatr wh arranges health screenings at varius sites in the cmmunity, including businesses and schls, checking height, weight, bld pressure, as well as fr cancer. Results shwed that sme high schl students had besity prblems, anther a high rate f circulatry prblems. With its Pll 21, wpta cnducts a number f cmputerized phne plls t gauge public pinin n a range f tpics, frm mandatry seat belt laws and the 65 mile -an-hur speed limit t chices fr mayr and exit plling. The statin features many f the plls n Sundays, prviding a slid stry n a traditinally slw news day. "Prject' cast n WBBM -1V Cabrini Green, ne f Chicag's mst trubled husing prjects was the stage fr wesrrres "Prject," a drama -musical perfrmed and inspired by residents, cmbined with prfiles f the lives f the cast members. The cast f the shw was invited t perfrm in Lndn last summer and the statin's dcumentary received a number f awards, including best public affairs prgram frm the Illinis Bradcasters Assciatin. Sme 4,000 library bks left ver frm a weekend bk sale were abut t be burned. That's when a viewer cntacted WHEC -TV Rchester, N.Y. The statin's Actin Team went int actin. It cllected and repackaged the bks and ffered them free t viewers n a first cme, first served basis. The next day, representatives f church grups, scial agencies and ther rganizatins turned ut three hurs befre distributin time. The bks were gne in 15 minutes. Since then, the actin team has develped BkAlert, a way t link agencies that culd put the bks t use with the libraries that wuld therwise dispse f them. Under the prgram, 1,000 bks were sent t a prisn t prvide a library fr inmates. Frmer Beirut hstages and family members f current hstages used WHEC -TV facilities t tape a plea fr the safe release f all the hstages. The tape was subsequently brad- There are 120 municipalities and hundreds f small twns in the wrae -TV Pittsburgh viewing area. In 1987, the statin began a prgram designed t serve thse cmmunities. "Our Twn" is a weekly visit t a neighbrhd f the Pittsburgh area. Reprter Yvnne Zans and anchr Paul Lng assemble stries featuring histric aspects and pints f interest in each twn. Cmmunity leaders and residents are interviewed fr the stries. The statin uses its mbile satellite truck, Newstar 4, t beam back stries frm the far reaches f the ADI In April, KOLDTV Tucsn, Ariz., munted a mnth -lng anti -drug camaign, The Spirit f Independence" Freedm frm Substance Abuse, aimed at infrming the public f the many prblems assciated with drug abuse and highlighting prgrams available. KLD-TV president and general manager, Matthew Kreiner, sent letters t prminent area business leaders and educatrs thrughut suthern Arizna asking fr their help. The campaign began n April 7, with a prime time hurlng dcumentary explring a hst f addictins. The ensuing campaign included fur editrials and dzens f PSAs, the latter featuring elected fficials, mvie and televisin persnalities and business leaders. Tw "twn hall" meetings were held at a Tucsn high schl and bradcast live. The first featured high schl students -bth in the auditrium and by phne line frm ther schls- quizzing a panel f experts, mderated by KOLD -TV anchr Vic Caput. The secnd featured adults in a similar frmat. The statin spnsred an essay cntest n the subject, "What shuld parents knw abut drug and alchl abuse?," which was pen t all schl children in the viewing area. Fllw - up interviews with the cntest winners -first, secnd and third place finishers in fur grade categries -prduced features fr newscasts and a series f PSAs. Each Sunday during April, the statin's tw weekly public affairs prgrams dedicated discussin t substance abuse. News series n the subject included "Substance Abuse in the Schls," reprter Brian Ziegler; "The Prblem Drinker," reprter Geff Oldfather; "Brn Hked," reprter Bar- WE ARE UP TO HERE IN FIRST-RATE FEATURE FILMS! Western adventure, actin thrillers, martial arts, animatin, rmance, cmedy, entertainment specials... yu name'em, we've gtem! Names like Martin Sheen, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Jan Michael Vincent, Frederic Frrest, Cristina Raines, Max Vn Sydw Francis Quinn, James Cburn Jr Rbert Cnrad, Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Jackie Chan,Tm Jnes,Tny Bennett. We have miniseries, first - run titles and re -runs, Nvels fr Televisin, and a wide selectin f hits. All eyes are n Cral. PICTURES CORPORATION 6850 Cral Way, Miami, Flrida Tel. (305) Telex CORAL Fax (305) Bradcasting Nv n4

120 bara Grijalva, and The War n Drugs," reprter Saul Saenz. All special reprts were clsed by ffering a pamphlet with names and telephne numbers t cntact fr specific prblems. Weekly "Recgnitin Certificates" were presented t persns making an "utstanding cntributin t the cmmunity fight against drugs and alchl." Wwsatrv Sarasta, Fla., c- spnsred and helped design "Step Up: A Career Opprtunity Prgram" t prvide highly mtivated yung blacks in the cmmunity with a netwrk f cntacts amng tp executives in lcal business. Ten participants were selected and matched with 10 lcal cmpanies (including wwse). A tp manager at each cmpany pledged extensive persnal time t his r her student. Wwse's news department fllwed the 10 -week prgram n a weekly basis, prfiling each participant and business partner. All the participants were pleased with the prgram. Five f the 10 yuths were hired full time by their spnsr cmpanies. The remaining five had jb ffers pending. Frm Octber 1986 t February 1987, wdaf -Tv Kansas City, M., wrked t raise viewers awareness f drug abuses thrugh the "4 N Drugs" campaign, cmbining public service annuncements, news series and printed material. The statin prvided infrmatin n the different types f drugs, their health risks, techniques n hw t say n and resurces such as the Natinal Cuncil n Alchlism and Drug Abuse. As a result f the campaign, the statin was awarded the Natinal Cuncil n Alchlism's Public Service Award, which is nt given every year. Accrding t the cuncil, the statin "tk the necessary time t develp a plan f actin, perfrm the required research and ffer a sensible, nnthreatening prgram WDAF -TV als cnducted a cancer screening prject: "Fry Nw, Pay Later." A ttal f $31,158 in airtime was cmmitted t the prject. Of the 1,374 peple wh attended the screening at an area shpping center, 475 were fund t have sme abnrmality that culd be cancerus r pre- cancerus. In cnnectin with the screenings, Meryl Kin McKean prduced a fur -part news series abut skin cancer fr the 6 p.m. news. In cnjunctin with literacy and educatin grups, ww -TV Eau Claire, Wis., has prduced tw half -hur specials and numerus PSAs fr "Prject Literacy U.S." The prgram fcused n thse wh had benefited frm literacy prgrams and the prblems illiteracy can cause fr business. It was difficult, said the statin, t find peple wh wuld cme frward and talk candidly abut their prblems in cmmunicating, but thse wh did prmpted thers t call the Literacy Vlunteers f America htline fr help. In September 1986, w,rw -TV Cleveland, in cnjunctin with the American Cancer Sciety and area radilgists, ffered free mamm- WJW-TV prmtes mammgrams grams and prvided extensive educatin n breast cancer and its current treatment. Of the 1,733 wmen tested, 32 bipsies were perfrmed. Eleven wmen had lumps remved and three had partial mastectmies. The statin received several letters frm wmen saying they wuld have been unable t affrd the mammgrams themselves. The statin supprted the campaign with a week -lng special reprt in its newscasts, live PM Magazine cut -ins and a half -hur special. With the beginning f the schl year, wawry shifted its public affairs fcus t literacy "Drp Everything and Read" stressed the imprtance f that vital skill. The campaign began with an hur -lng, prime time special, supprted by a series f 20 PSAs featuring CBS Netwrk and statin persnalities talking abut what reading has meant t them. On -air talent als participated in reading prgrams at area libraries, and sme 20,000 brchures, alng with reading tip sheets, were distributed. On Octber 14, 1986, wra -TV Altna, Pa., alng with the Pennsylvania League f Wmen alters, prduced the nly statewide live debate between gubernatrial candidates Rbert Casey and William Scrantn Ill. The panel included jurnalists frm Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washingtn. The debate was uplinked frm Altna t all the markets acrss the state. On Oct 20, 1986, the statin prduced anther debate between an incumbent cngressman and his challenger. That debate, t, was made available t statins statewide. Binghamtn, N.Y., has suffered frm racial tensins engendered by varius incidents. Nncmmercial WSKG there brught tgether principal figures in the cmmunity t analyze the stresses and search fr slutins in Frum: Peple & Prejudice. Prducer Julie Kramer first arranged a meeting at the statin f sme 20 cncerned persns fr a nnbradcast discussin at which they culd speak frankly and ff the recrd abut their resentments, fears and hpes, as well as the differing perceptins f events -perceptins that may be determined by a grup's experience. Frm this discussin and thrugh research f recent racial incidents, Kramer develped questins and recruited a six -persn panel that included Binghamtn's mayr, a scilgist and several cmmunity leaders. The discussin was mderated by statin president, Michael Ziegler. The prgram was bradcast live frm 8 p.m. t 10 p.m. n Thursday, Oct. 8. It was felt that a large studi audience might tend t turn the discussin int a play fr audience supprt r add a distracting element f emtinalism. A phne -in prgram wuld pen the discussin t the entire cmmunity, but might nt allw fr systematic discussin f issues. It als wuld leave mst callers hearing a busy signal. The slutin was t arrange with several ther cmmunity institutins t hst "participatry grups" that wuld watch the bradcast tgether with an pen phne line, and whse questins wuld be brught in regularly during the tw hurs. A number f these grups were pen t the general public. Venezuela, the hme cuntry f Cincinnati Reds baseball player Dave Cncepcin, was ravaged by massive flds in September wt-wrfrvf helped him rganize a clthing drive. The statin prvided news cverage fr tw weeks t prmte the drive, and enlisted the help f a lcal mving cmpany fr cllectin and transprtatin f the clthing t Miami, where it was met by the Venezuelan air frce. Reprter Jeff Hirsch traveled t Flrida with the clthes and interviewed the bénezuelan general in charge. The statin vlunteered its time t man the cllectin site fr the week -lng drive. When it was dne, there was enugh t fill an 18 -wheel rig t capacity. And when the Archdisese f Cincinnati called upn wi.wr anchr Jerry Springer, t help rganize a drive fr medical supplies t Blivia, the statin went int actin, cllecting ver tw tns f supplies. Springer traveled t Blivia with the suplies and reprted n what he fund there. "Sund -ff" is a feature in which the cmmunity speaks its mind n natinal and lcal issues. Reprter Jerry Springer cnducts interviews in different parts f twn fr three nights, then cmpiles them int a news segment. Wi ss i'vi Hartfrd, Cnn.. chse chlesterl as the tpic f a news series during the Octber rating bk. The statin's vice president f creative services and prjects, Lis Kteen, decided it wuld als be a natural cmmunity service effrt since the statin has lng spnsred health fairs and cmmunity events. Cnsumer reprter Mary 011ie Newman and the news department develped a series f repbrts n what chlesterl is, what it des t the bdy and hw best t avid it. Included were interviews with health experts, individuals wh have had high chlesterl levels (ranging frm Arthur Ashe t an active physical educatin teacher t a child). Newman als went thrugh the supermarket t give viewers practical advice n what t watch fr in aviding chlesterl. Kteen and the statin's prmtin staff, meanwhile, were making "Chlesterl Check" a statin -wide prject. Brchures were made available t viewers: 12 sites were established in the state t ffer inexpensive chlesterl checks ver a six -day perid. Fr $5, individuals culd have a quick, finger -prick bld test and learn their chlesterl level in minutes. Sites included hspitals and supermarkets. The statin quickly gave ut the first printing f 10,000 brchures and then exhausted a secnd run f 10,000. A year afterward, it is Bradcasting Nv

121 still receiving requests fr them. Mre than peple came t have their chlesterl checked. Sme std in line fr mre than tw hurs and. ften. the sites had t stay pen hurs lnger than planned. Newman aired her evening reprts live frm the test sites. The 1987 Breast Screening Prject. held in February, was a statewide campaign hsted by the American Cancer Sciety c -spnsred lcally by KHOU -TV Hustn. The cmprehensive cmmunity educatin campaign culminated in a week -lng series f special reprts. The reprts. hsted by anchr Felicia Jeter and prduced by Carletn Cle. infrmed viewers abut breast cancer and the imprtance f early detectin. Viewers were encuraged t call the Mammgraphy Htline. The statin als prduced and printed 50,000 breast cancer- mammgraphy testing infrmatin packets. plus 2,500 brchures n self- examinatin. As a result f the week -lng series. ver 22,000 viewers called the htline. Amng the awards the statin received fr its effrts was the American Cancer Sciety's Special Recgnitin Award. KHOU-TV'S "Stp the Madness." anti -drug campaign is a year -rund effrt. The campaign invlves extensive n -air and ff-air prjects. Amng thse: a pster and public service cmmercial cntest invlving students frm area schls; PSAs; a tw -hur prime time special: a drug htline; Prject Graduatin, a drug free graduatin party, and a pamphlet with infrmatin abut treatment. The tw -hur special, "Hard Habit t Break," featured a dcumentary that tk viewers t the "frnt lines" in the battle against drugs. Reprters traveled t Mexic as well as hlding stakeuts at knwn lcal drug hanguts. t shw actual drug deals in prgress. The secnd hur was a live audience discussin, with a panel f experts. Fr the secnd year, wez -ry Bstn devted its resurces t a "ttal" public service campaign, "Fr Kid's Sake." In additin t regularly scheduled prgraming, it included varius prgrams and prjects including: "Hme Fire Drill Prject," -Great Expectatins: Prdigies, Gifted Children and Yur Kid," "Children's Hspital Telethn," "Suffer the Little Children." "A Rck and a Hard Place," "Rap- Arund," "The State f the Child." "Kidsfair," "Drugbusters," "Ski Race fr Vednesday's Child" and "Walk 4 Wednesday's Child." A regular feature n waw -ry Philadelphia's Actin News has becme a cmmnly used tl by the Philadelphia Plice in clsing cases left pen by missing pieces f infrmatin. "Crimefighters" is the specialty f weekend anchr Rb Jennings. Plice are able t cllect data thrugh the "Crimefighters" tip line, which viewers with knwledge f a particular crime reprted n can call. Several murders and ther cases have been slved as a direct result f the feature; the mst recent was the murder f Israel Nuremberg, slved this past June after a tip n "Crimefighters." Jennings has been hnred by the Philadelphia Plice, the Fraternal Order f Plice and the Citizens PAUL MILLER WASHINGTON )\ REl'( )R'I'I\G FEI.L( )«'SHIT'S Applicatins being accepted. The Paul Miller Washingtn Reprting Fellwships prgram is designed t help Washingtn -based print and bradcast bureau chiefs and staffers d a better jb f develping lcally riented news stries in the natin's capital. Beginning in Spring 1988,12 fellws will spend tw days a mnth fr 12 mnths meeting with experienced Washingtn jurnalists, visiting the places where lcal news riginates, learning hw t btain infrmatin, and getting t knw prminent newsmakers and behind- the -scenes news surces. Eligibility The fellwships are designed primarily fr jurnalists currently r abut t be assigned t Washingtn by any reginal r natinal newspaper, wire service, r radi r televisin statin maintaining a bureau in Washingtn. Applicants' emplyers must endrse applicatins and affirm recipients will be permitted t attend all sessins. Selectin Fellwships will be awarded based n applicants' ptential t prvide superir cverage f lcally riented news in Washingtn fr readers and audiences acrss the cuntry. Schedule Applicatins are due January 15,1988 and recipients will be annunced in February Classes start in April Lcatin Many f the sessins will be held at the Natinal Press Club in the Natinal Press Building at 14th and F Streets, N.W. Others will take place n Capitl Hill. Faculty The assciates wh will teach the sessins include experienced Washingtn reprters, analysts and ther Washingtn -based experts. Fees The fellwships are tuitin -free. Meals, and when applicable, transprtatin and ldging will be prvided. Affiliatin The fellwships are an perating prgram f the Gannett Fundatin f Rchester, N.Y., in cperatin with the Natinal Press Fundatin, and using the facilities f the Natinal Press Club. Additinal infrmatin and applicatin frms are available frm: Paul Miller Washingtn Reprting Fellwships P.O. Bx 12310, Arlingtn, VA 22209, Phne: (703) Bradcast,ng N nn

122 Crime Cmmissin. The 200th anniversary f the U.S. Cnstitutin was celebrated by wpvi -TV with almst year -lng cverage. On Sept. 17, Cnstitutin Day, virtually every member f the news team tk part in the nine -hur live telecast f the day's parade. In additin, a ne -hur special plus expanded regular news cverage gave viewers a wrap -up f the day's events and live cverage f the lighting f a Philadelphia landmark, the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. Wcve -TV Bstn wanted t take a new apprach t the prblem f drug abuse. It decided a mvie frmat might be a way t tell peple smething they dn't always want t hear. The result was an hur -lng dcudrama, Secrets, starring Barbara Feldn, Jn De Vries and Christian Slater, that aired in prime time. Secrets was based n the true stry f a Lexingtn, Mass., family whse sn became addicted t drugs. Its airing was fllwed by a taped discussin between the actual family and Dr. Timthy Jhnsn, wcve -TV's (and ABC's) medical editr. The prgram ended with an verview by Jhnsn f the drug prblem in Massachusetts and acrss the cuntry. The series initiated a public service campaign against illegal drugs called, "Dn't Be Pushed." The campaign included prime time specials, news series and segments in news bradcasts. Lena S. Mrris is w.rz -ry Baltimre's senir citizen crrespndent. She gt the jb in February 1987 at age 72. A frmer faculty member and dean f student persnnel at the Cmmunity Cllege f Baltimre wh had been retired fr 13 years, Mrris was hired by the statin after a viewer wrte and cnvinced News Directr Natalea Brwn that Baltimre needed a reprter fr that beat. The viewer recmmended Mrris wh had been active fr years in civic and cmmunity affairs as ne f several candidates. In her segment, "The Years Ahead," Mrris reprts n issues f cncern and interest t senir citizens ranging frm stries abut adult, day care and senir lympics, t senir vlunteers wrking with the Maryland State Plice. Ww-ry Chicag's special reprt, "AIDS: Chicag at Risk," fcused n what it fund t be a lack f state and city actin t stp the spread f AIDS amng IV drug users. Bth the series and a half -hur special, AIDS: Smene Yu Knw, were reprted by anchr Pat Harvey. The reprts als fcused n the lack f ser- vices fr peple with AIDS and detailed the lng -term csts f failing t prvide hme health care and ther services. Kmx -TV Spkane, Wash., participated in the ABC /PBS Prject Literacy campaign. Part f its invlvement was a 60- minute prgram abut illiteracy entitled "Can Jhnny's Parents Read." A guest panel answered questins frm a live audience, interspersed with several taped reprts. The statin prduced a three - part series fcusing n the scpe f the prblem, the ptins fr slutins and the need fr vlunteer help, as well as three PSAs. Beynd prgraming, KXLY -TV was a participant in the Spkane Literacy task frce and prduced a vide tape t be used t help screen and place reading tutrs. Nncmmercial wrvsçrv) Detrit, alng with wlv(rvl there and a calitin f cmmunity grups, substance abuse prfessinals and student rganizatins, cnducted a campaign t encurage teen -agers t make respnsible chices abut alchl cnsumptin, especially at graduatin time. In that effrt, the statin prduced a live, hur -lng interactive prgram, Prject Graduatin: The TV Rally, linking schls thrughut the metrplitan area fr a discussin abut what teen -agers can d t help prevent drunk driving. Three experts led grups f students in discussins f 1) myths teen -agers accept abut drinking and driving, 2) the legal ramificatins f drunk driving and 3) the tls they need t make respnsible chices. Anther cmpnent was a telephne survey WTvs brught tgether peple frm three different lcatins via micrwave and land lines fr a 90- minute dialgue entitled The Peple, Yes: America Unedited. The prgram was a pilt fr a pssible natinal public televisin series. Mnitrs at each site kept the parties in tuch with each ther, with a mderatr at the wrvs studis. When a Grand Rapids, Mich., plice fficer was killed in the line f duty, wrvtrv) jined with WLA -AM -FM there t spnsr a radi "Requestathn" t raise schlarship mney fr criminal justice students in cmmemratin f lcal plice fficers wh had died in the line f duty Anchrs and reprters jined with the DJ's n their air shifts t help slicit pledges ver the fur -day effrt. With a gal f $14,000, well ver $20,000 was raised. Tw year's ag, WXIEX -TV Richmnd, Va., began a prgram called "Just fr Kids," designed t prvide news f interest t children while als giving them a hand in the prductin f thse stries. In cperatin with five area schl districts, each Mnday, an elementary age student reprts a news feature abut children, fr children. The prgram has als prvided the pprtunity fr students t prduce half -hur back t schl and Christmas specials. T culminate a mnth lng celebratin f Memrial Day, which had included the airing f 10, 60- secnd vignettes, W%EX -TV set up mem- bers f its anchr team at a lcal htel t give away 5,000 flags. S many peple wanted them that an extra 7,000 had t be shipped in t meet the demand. President Reagan presented WRC-TV Washingtn with the White Huse Presidential Award fr Private Sectr Initiatives fr its "Beautiful Babies...Right Frm The Start" campaign. The $3 millin, 18 -mnth campaign -in cnjunctin with the March f Dimes Birth Defects Fundatin and Blue Crss and Blue Shield f the Natinal Capital Area -was designed t attack the area's high infant mrtality rates. Anchr and reprter, Barbara Harrisn, whse wn pregnancy was clsely dcumented in many f the pieces, received a special citatin frm the United States Department f Health and Human Services as well as the Mther f the Year award presented by The District f Clumbia Human Services Department. In 1985 and 1986, almst 100 peple died in accidents invlving trucks in East Tennessee, many invlving faulty eqipment. WBIR-TV Knxville decided t investigate truck safety Reprter Tm Lee and phtgrapher Daryl Debusk visited a truck inspectin statin; the results were startling. sme trucks were running with damaged tires, ther with very little braking pwer. As a result f the three -part series, "Truble with Trucks," authrities have tughened enfrcement, decided t build mre inspectin statins and passed tugher legislatin. The special was used n a 60 Minutes bradcast and wn a Tennessee Assciated Press award. KPNX -TV lks at a "crisis" Krwt -TV Mesa, Ariz.'s Dave Marquis and Ed Oliver spent mre than tw mnths cmpiling infrmatin abut Arizna's public educatin system. Classrm Crisis, a 30- minute special that KPNx -TV aired in prime time, detailed hw cntinued decreases in the supply f mney and manpwer fr Arizna public schls culd have disastrus effects fr the future. Marquis and Oliver traveled thrughut Arizna examining rural and urban schls. The special has been nminated fr several educatin awards. Fewer students, fewer dllars. The slutin seemed t be t clse sme schls. But which nes. KwwL -ry Waterl, Iwa, held a twn meeting, "Our Classrms in Crisis," t Bradcasting Nv A

123 discuss the emtinal issue. The statin bradcast frm fur lcatins. Sme 25 panelists representing schl bards, gvernment, special interests and students were brught tgether t answer questins psed by the statin reprters, a studi audience and viewers. Preprduced backgrund reprts helped stimulate discussin. Iwa gvernr Terry Branstad appeared via satellite frm Des Mines. It takes nearly the entire KWWL. -TV staff t fill prductin psitins, hst the live audiences in three lcatins and reprt frm thers. The remaining staff must prduce a 10 p.m. newscast. KRO.Fry San Francisc launched an extensive campaign t increase its viewer's awareness f the need fr rgan dnrs fr transplant surgery. The campaign, christened "Gift f Life," included treatment f the cmplex issues invlved, plus public service annuncements, brchures, bumper stickers and dnr cards. Amng the newscast features, by reprter Sylvia Chase, were nes n the pignant meeting between a transplant recipient and the dnr's family, and a Lear jet ride with the Stanfrd Medical Center transplant team as they race t retrieve a dnated heart. In February 1987, wlsc -TV Madisn, Wis.. teamed up with the American Lung Assciatin in a three -week campaign t help residents stp smking. Prmtinal effrts fr the campaign began in January, with five, 10 -secnd vide teasers with such catch -phrases as "kick the nic," "snuff the puff" and "pack it in." Thse were fllwed a week later by 30 -secnd spts intrducing the upcming series and recmmending varius lcatins fr btaining "stp smking" guidebks. In additin, 600 press releases were sent t area businesses, chambers f cmmerce and health rganizatins. T kick ff the "Freedm Frm Smking" series, an intrductry segment was featured in the 6 p.m news and the Sunday 10 p.m. The segments previewed 20 area residents whse prgress wuld be mnitred n -air thrughut the 20 -day assignment. The campaign aired n 20 cnsecutive days, with c-anchrs Tedd O'Cnnell and Jhn Karcher leading viewers thrugh the ALAs self help manual, "Freedm Frm Smking in 20 Days." Thrugh grants frm lcal insurance crn - panies, the self -help manuals were made available t viewers free. The ALA ran ut f its 10,000 altment f manuals, and area rganizatins requested cpies f the series. WGCe -TV Springfield, Mass., presented a 21- day series in July, in cperatin with the Western Massachusetts Lung Assciatin, the YMCA and a lcal health insurance prvider, t help viewers stp smking. Of the five peple chsen t participate in the "Stp Smking with Newswatch" campaign, fur quit. In additin, thusands f Freedm frm Smking in 21 kits were distributed. The statin devted its entire 5:30 p.m. newscast n Feb. 24 t an in -depth lk at AIDS. Elements included interviews with AIDS victims, a check -list presentatin n what's knwn and nt knwn abut the disease, and guidelines n its preventin. WHO1(TV) Creve Ceur, Ill., aired its first ever Infrm -a-thn fr the United Way The Five - hur live special, "N One is Alne," infrmed viewers f the different cmmunity services prvided by the United Way Segments included in- studi and live- remte interviews with vlunteers and prfessinals, and included questins phned in by viewers. Three directrs and tw remte units t handle the bradcast. The statin als aired a 90- minute prime time special n heart attacks and a 60 minute special n teen -age suicides. WHOI -TV's Infrm -a -thn KCBs -ry Ls Angeles cncedes that cverage f the passage f the Simpsn -Mazzli natinal immigratin bill was difficult. Suthern Califrnia has an estimated 1.5 millin undcumented aliens and, accrding t the statin, many lcal businesses and thers emply them. Bringing the stry t its viewers presented a challenge t KCBs -Tv because it had t "explain cmplex laws t ur audience, many f whm were wary f them and mre f whm did nt speak English fluently enugh t cmprehend thrughly" One way KCBS -Tv brught the news t its audience was by simulcasting the series in Spanish n KALI(AM) Ls Angeles, a Spanish - language statin. One f its prgrams cvering the bill prvided a "clear, simple explanatin f the requirements fr qualificatin and the steps in applicatin." The reprt als fllwed a family thrugh the filing prcedure and featured simple graphics. On hand fr an interview was a cmmissiner frm the Immigratin and Naturalizatin Service, wh fielded viewer calls. Kces -TV als prvided a htline. Prject Lifesaver was a mnth -lng statewide public service campaign t reduce traffic fatalities by changing driving behavir. Wcc -ry Minneaplis was cnvinced that jurnalists and the public had becme cmplacent abut traffic fatalities, cmparing their cverage with the wall -t -wall stries n airline disasters. The statin recruited ther media rganizatins as spnsrs in the prject. The result was a cperative effrt amng the statin, wcc -AM >- wue(fm) Radi, the St. Paul Pineer Press and Dispatch, Rurh /Paragn Advertising and The The American Bar Assciatin's 1988 SILVER GAVEL AWARDS 31st ANNUAL COMPETITION Share with us what yu have dne t fster greater public understanding abut the law, the curts and the judicial system. Open t newspapers, magazines, bks, wire services /news syndicates, radi, televisin, films, theatre Fr materials published, bradcast r prduced Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 1987 Deadline - Feb. 1, 1988 Cntact: Marilyn Giblin Special Events American Bar Assciatin 750 N. Lake Shre Drive Chicag, IL (312) The 1988 awards will als include special- editin Bicentennial Silver Gavels fr thse winners wh identify their entries as an effrt t cmmemrate the 1987 bicentennial f the U.S. Cnstitutin. Bradcasting Nv K

124 St. Paul Cmpanies insurance cmpany In additin t playing a leadership rle in rganizing the effrt, the statin bradcast numerus special prgrams, including "Sudden Death," a 60 minute, prime time dcumentary investigating the fatalities in Minnesta ver ne spring weekend; "Minnesta Safety Test," a 30- minute prime time safety quiz; three 30- minute educatinal prgrams targeted at children; nightly reprts n traffic safety issues; a 30- minute dramatic special shwing hw t prevent family and friends frm driving drunk. and extensive PSAs. The success f the prject was due, in large part, t the accmpanying cmmunity utreach prgram. Sme 500,000 bklets were mailed t churches, schls, businesses and clubs, enlisting their supprt and presenting a detailed plan f actin fr educating peple abut safe driving. Five millin pieces f supprt material- stickers, buttns, etc. -were distributed. Results were dramatic, said the statin. Almst 250,000 drivers "tk the pledge" t wear seatbelts, nt drink and drive and nt speed. Seatbelt use during the campaign increased by 50% and the number f traffic fatalities declined. Prject Lifesaver wn a natinal Emmy fr PSAs and a Peabdy award, amng thers. "A Curable Cancer," was a mnth -lng campaign prmting public awareness f clrectal cancer spearheaded by WJAC -TV Jhnstwn, Pa. Sme 26,000 test kits were distributed. At least 10 cancers were discvered, plus 25 ptential cancers. Statin participatin in the campaign (in cperatin with a lcal hspital and pharmacy) included PSAs, a series, news stries and live reprts frm kit distributin sites. T reprt the accmplishments f area primary schl students, the statin airs a weekly 1V2- t 2- minute feature n Super Students in its early mrning weekday and Saturday evening newscasts. A student is featured wh is exceptinally active in a leadership rle in his r her schl and cmmunity, r wh has a special talent r hbby. In a public service campaign t prmte "Fd fr Families" during the Christmas seasn, KTSP -TV Phenix and Smitty's grcery stres encuraged peple t dnate fd t bxes set up in the stres. Each day, the statin aired a stry featuring either a charity wrker r a family f fd recipients. News talent appeared at varius stres prmting the drive and PSAs were prduced and aired. The drive raised 3,600 bxes f fd, each bx enugh t feed a family f fur fr a week. In a live, prime time special, KTSP -TV encuraged viewers t "Team Up Against Drugs." Debrah Pyburn- Brewer hsted the prgram, which featured a panel f cmmunity leaders that included gvernr Evan Mecham and plice chief Ruben Ortega. The discussin included questins frm the studi audience and viewers, wh called in. A segment f the prgram was bradcast frm the cunty jail, where viewers met a cnvicted drug trafficker. Cmmunity Infrmatin and Referral persnnel were n the lines putting viewers in tuch with agencies that culd assist in drug abuse prblems r telling them hw t vlunteer their time t the cause. In a campaign t prmte reading in schls, KTSP -TV sprtscaster J.D. Haywrth read classic children's bks alud t children at the lcal public library then discussed the bks with them afterwards KTAP -TVs Stryteller WVEC-TV Hamptn, Va., is lcated in the "Navy" twn f Nrflk, Va., and accrdingly has a cmmitment t the military segment f its market. One example is A Navy Christmas, a ne -hur special bradcast Christmas Eve and again n Christmas day Reprters Je Flanagan and Jhn Wessling visited ships deplyed t the Mediterranean t see hw the military cmmunity shares the hliday with family spread acrss the glbe. In preparatin fr their trip, Flanagan and Wessling assembled gifts and messages t deliver t the sailrs. In the fall f wrl.a -TV Washingtn arranged a debate between senatrial candidates Barbara Mikulski and Linda Chavez, the first f nly tw participated in by the candidates. The live, prime time, hur -lng special was mderated by anchr Renee Pussaint. Mre than 50 members f the lcal and natinal press viewed the debate frm an adjining wjla -TV studi. The debate was als selected by the United States Infrmatin Agency t shw in Jakarta, Indnesia, as part f a prgram n the U.S. electral system, including the rle f the media in U.S. electins. In June 1987, the statin bradcast its sec- WJLAs Renee Pussaint and Wes Sarginsn and annual "Seven Salutes Seven Wh Care" awards banquet, devting an hur f prime time t recgnize utstanding cmmunity service. Thse hnred included an 80- year -ld arthritis victim wh teaches self -help classes t sufferers f the ailment, and a funding vlunteer f a lcal sup kitchen. Each f the recipients received a check fr $1,000 frm wjla -TV, made ut t his r her favrite charity The telecast was sht with five cameras invlving a ttal f 22 technicians, tw prducers, ne directr, three stage managers and five reprters. In additin t the special, the statin aired PSAs featuring each hnree. Kicu -TV San Jse, Calif., devted a mnth f time and resurces t prmting cmmunity awareness f the grwing prblem f PCP use in the Suth Bay area. All editrials, PSAs and public affairs prgraming targeted the gvernment and private resurces available t treat and intervene in cases f PCP and ther drug abuse. A five -part series by reprter Rbert Braunstein and ENG phtgrapher- editr Ric Shiraki aired each evening n the 10 p.m. news. The series presented an verview f the prblem, its effect n law enfrcement fficals, its impact n family members, treatment facilities and the gvernment's apprach t the prblem. An hur -lng prductin, Angel: Dust f Death, featured questins psed by audience members and hsts t five different panels f pharmaclgical, phsychlgical, law enfrcement, legal and gvernment representatives. Executive prducers were Jan Hutchins and Ry Avila. In February and March f 1987, WFRV -TV Green Bay, Wis., presented The Hidden Cancer, a fllw -up t the statin's 1984 clrectal cancer screening prgram. The statin aired tw f special reprts with infrmatin n the natin's number -tw killer amng cancers. Mre than 62,000 test kits were picked up at area ShpK pharmacies and later prcessed by vlunteers at St. Vincent Hspital in Green Bay WFr' -TV cntinued t air updates and fllw -ups, as well as health and diet tips. Of the 794 psitive test results, 34 were cnfirmed cases f cancer, with an additinal 83 cases f plyps. The statin estimated that at least 50 lives were saved by early detectin thrugh the campaign. KJRH(TV) 'Wise, Okla., and the American Heart Assciatin cnducted free "Heartcheck" chlesterl screening with area hspitals. Over 6,000 peple were tested t see if they were at risk f heart disease. Befre the screenings, the statin ran a series n the risks f high chlesterl levels and what culd be dne t cntrl them. During the screening, reprter Linda Gelzer reprted live daily frm each lcatin. KJRH and the Tulsa Cmmunity Fd Bank teamed up fr the secnd annual "Fd fr Families" fd drive t cllect nnperishable fd fr needy families in eastern Oklahma. The drive wrapped up with a baseball game at which the admissin was cans f fd. Over 30,000 punds f fd was cllected. WPLOCTVI Miami's "Transplant" fcused n the search fr a new heart fr Mark Frye, a 27- year -ld Suth Flrida man suffering frm end - stage heart disease. It was an pprtunity t Bradcasting Nv 'IA

125 persnalize and explain the prcess. The prgram sptlighted the number f peple and talents necessary t engineer a successful transplant, the first in Flrida in 20 years. WUHO -TV Battle Creek, Mich., fund its first fray int fd drives rewarding. The prject began with cntacts made at ver 100 schls. The statin ffered t shwcase lcal yuth as they cmpeted t raise the largest amunt f canned gds. Every schl that cllected fd was allwed t send tw students fr an n -air appearance. The schls raising the mst fd were als the subject f special prfiles. Staffers Trudy Yarnell and Amy O'Rurke helped crdinate the effrt, which included schls, the statin and varius scial service agencies. When the prject was ver, 25 tns f fd had been cllected and mre than 100 students had appeared n the air. The drive wn an award as ne f the natin's tp 100 private sectr initiatives. "4 the Family" was a year -lng public service campaign by wsmvtrv) Nashville, designed t examine and celebrate the American family A series f 31 PSAS intended t teach "basic values" t children were prduced, and 11 syndicated "Fr Kid's Sake" spts were added. Later, a series f PSAs aimed at teen -agers was added. The news department prduced 15 news series, a dcumentary and tw specials n family -related prblems: A fur -part series, "Wh's Paying the Price," talked abut the prblems f fster care; the statin sent a news severely handicapped adpted children n a 2,500 mile vacatin; that same week, n the 6 p.m. news, the statin aired a series n handicapped children available fr adptin -the state reprted duble the number f inquiries and applicatins fr the children; "Kids in the Crssfire" was a fur -part series n the impact f divrce n children f all ages, and there were als series n daycare, sex educatin, drug prblems and teen suicide. Des Mines area farmers were cmplaining abut a landfill, saying that the run -ff had cntaminated a creek, which in turn had killed sme cattle, and that the city was respnsible. The city ran tests that shwed n cntaminatin, but the farmers were nt cnvinced, and called fr an independent test. WHO -TV tk water samples and had them tested at a state lab. The results als revealed n cntaminatin, and while sme farmers cntinued t battle, the independent test helped assuage mst and quiet the dispute. WHO-TV fllwed the stry with a three -part series n grundwater testing, including infrmatin n where yu can g t get water tested, the cst and related infrmatin. Independent wrre(rv) Washingtn's Capital City Magazine prvided nightly cmmentaries n a variety f tpics, including sme frm newswman Nancy Dickersn. The cmmentaries wn an award frm the Assciated Press Chesapeake Area Bradcasters Assciatin. T fcus n stries mre fully than is pssible in a nightly newscast, WTTG(TV) Washingtn established WTTG Reprts, a mnthly half - hur prgram. The initial ffering. "AIDS in Our Twn, AIDS in Our Lives," lked at the mral and ethical dilemmas Washingtnians in all risk grups are facing. "The Cmmuter Crunch" explred the prblem f increasing highway cngestin. By 2000, experts estimated, Washingtnians will be wasting sme $200 millin yearly in lst prductivity and time sitting in traffic. The prgram lked at the csts and cnsequences f the slutins t that prblem. Addressing the prblems f the natin's fastest grwing ppulatin- senir citizens -independent KCOV -Tv Ls Angeles, presents the twice -weekly Senir's Reprt with Dris Winkler. Winkler, 66, is a frmer newspaper reprter wh prvides segments n issues facing senir citizens and the prgrams that exist t help them. Winkler's prgram attracts mre mail than any ther n the statin. Sprts Star f the Week is prduced and reprted by sprts anchr Mike Chamberlin. In a market dminated by prfessinal and cllege sprts teams. Chamberlin lks fr the unsung sprts heres, bth the inspiring and the ff -beat. They have included handicapped athletes, a surfing champin and an 18- mnth -ld baseball player. The prgram wn a Glden Mike award frm RTNDA f Ls Angeles. and the Diamnd award frm the Natinal Assciatin f Lcal Sprtscasters. On the cnsumer assistance investigative beat fr wusa -ry Washingtn is reprter Ellen Kingsley. Her week -lng series, "Senir's Beware." featured a htline ver which senir citizens culd vice their cmplaints, cmplemented by a pamphlet identifying cmmn cnsumer frauds and listing supprt agencies. During the series. which identified varius types f cnsumer rip -ffs targeted t senir citizens, amng the ftage captured was sme f a "questinable" dr -t -dr salesman and a high -pressure pitch fr an adjustable bed. Law enfrcement agencies were alerted t the hazards assciated with fingerprint pwders by a Kingsley series that dcumented its ptential cancer causing agents. The series als shwed hw flaws in federal and state laws kept plice in the dark abut the dangers. In the fall f WBAY -TV Green Bay, Wis., jined with the Salvatin Army and a lcal cleaners t launch "Operatin Warmup." Weatherman Gerge Graphs asked viewers t send in cats and warm clthing fr the needy The cleaners cleaned the garments and the Salvatin Army distributed them. The gal was 3,500 pieces f clthing, the ttal came t mre than 7,000. WMTV(rV) Madisn, Wis., cnsumer reprter Bb Richards received a Glden Gavel award frm the State Bar Assciatin fr helping hun- dreds f Wiscnsin residents get their mney back when Frntier Airlines declared bankruptcy "Sex is Serius, Think Abut It" was the headline fr a series f bradcasts and prgraming n KGW -TV Prtland, Ore., dealing with teenage sexual respnsibility The statinwide effrt included a half -hur dcumentary that lked at three teen -age cuples wh were prfundly affected by unwanted pregnancies, and a half -hur "frum" prgram that brught a studi audience tgether t discuss the issue f making cntraceptives available t high schl students. In an editrial, the statin advcated the creatin f health centers in area high schls, and it prduced 50 public service annuncements and distributed 10,000 cpies f a study guide t supprt the campaign. The Oregn Health Divisin estimates that perhaps 20,000 residents have AIDS. KGW.TV launched an effrt t infrm viewers abut the disease. T that end, the statin prduced a dcumentary, A /DS...Clse t Hme, that intrduced viewers t AIDS victims and high risk grups: 35 PSAs, and 50,000 infrmatinal brchures. Each mnth, KGwry gives viewers the pprtunity t ask questins f Oregn Gvernr Neil Gldschmidt. Bradcast live the first Sunday f each mnth, Ask the Gvernr is simulcast n c -wned KGW(AM)- KINK(FM) Radi and ffered t televisins statewide via satellite. In September f this year, WJAR -TV Prvidence, R.I., health reprter Cathy Ray reprted a series n diabetes t kick -ff the statin's invlvement with a diabetes screening prgram. The prject was a jint effrt f the statin, CVS pharmacies, the R.I. Visiting Nurses Assciatin, the American Diabetes Assciatin and Ames Lab. Mre than peple have been screened fr the disease as a result f the prgram. "AIDS: Fact r Fictin," was a live ne -hur studi special that included a panel f experts and a studi audience made up f clergymen. healthcare wrkers, educatrs, cunselrs and thers. The panel als included an AIDS sufferer. In cnjunctin with the prgram, an infrmatinal pamphlet was published with thusands sent t schls, individuals and families. Fr the secnd year in a rw, KCCI -TV Des Mines, Iwa, used a series f reprts n Bradcasting Nv

126 heart disease t anchr a statin prmtin n chlesterl screening. Lw cst chlesterl tests were made available thrugh 30 hspitals and clinics in the viewing area. As a result f the prmtin, 22,000 Iwans tk the tests. KCCI -TV invited Iwa's civic -minded rganizatins t imprve their surrundings by jining "Prject Mainstreet," a prgram that helped spnsr cmmunity prjects and ffered $500 tward the task. The five winning cmmunities were featured n the statin's "Eye n Iwa" feature, with the checks presented live n camera. Fur mnths later, the statin did sme fllw -up visiting. The cncept was develped by weather anchr Cnnie McBurney In cnjunctin with a lcal hspital and pharmacy chain, WAVE -TV Luisville, Ky., spnsred clrectal cancer screening. Infrmatin abut the disease was presented in daily news segments frm health reprter Carl Grady, tests were available thrugh lcal drug stres and the hspital evaluated the tests. Tens f thusands f tests were distributed. In a news series, "Cheap Eats," reprter Melanie Bullard sught places where a family f fur culd eat fr less than $20, and cmpiled a printed list f all the restaurants that fit the bill. WMAG-TV Chicag cnducted a mnth -lng statin prject, "Yur Glden Years," which saluted the "vitality" f lder Americans. Included were reprts in the 6 p.m. news n such tpics as exercise, emplyment, entertainment and finances. There were als tw specials prduced by the prgraming department: Frever Yung, and The Glden Years, the latter featuring a studi audience f senir citizens addressing their cncerns t a panel f experts. Kris.-Tv 'Use, Okla., anchr Charles Ely wn a dupnt Award fr an investigative series entitled "Tulsa's Glden Missinary," a seven - mnth study by Ely and prducer Jim Lyns that revealed misleading fund -raising claims, misuse f funds and brken prmises by an internatinal charity. KTUL -TV als tk an indepth lk at a lcal mineral water that claimed t "super charge the immune system." KTUL -TV carried ut an eight -mnth campaign t educate its viewers abut the Cnstitutin. The effrt included PSAs, news series (including live satellite reprts frm Philadelphia) and a weekly news feature. O WTvr(TV) Tampa, Fla., spnsred a free chlesterl screening at area malls. Thusand f peple were examined and many learned that sme treatment was necessary. The statin als hired what it believes may be the nly histrian n staff at a bradcast statin, wh cntributes weekly histrical features t its newscasts. The statin's senir sptlight fcuses n issues and peple imprtant t the senir citizen ppulatin. WCBS -TV New Yrk described its "Prject Yuth" as "ne f its mst ambitius undertakings ever." It was an eight -week statin campaign n issues and cncern's f tday's yuth. There were three prime time, ne -hur dcumentaries, a half -hur children's special, several 30- secnd spts, a half -hur dcumentary, WCBS -TV: Fighting fire with field weekly news reprts, PSAs and editrials, a yuth resurce guide and a cmmunity service award. Anther public service campaign n WCBS -P called "Get Out Alive," was a mnth -lng infrmatinal campaign n fire preventin and safety There was a 17 -part series f news reprts, editrials, PSAs, cmmunity utreach effrts and crprate tie -ins. The campaign was cncurrent with Natinal Fire Preventin Week. The reprter, senir health and science editr Dr. Frank Field, accmpanied firefighters thrugh burning buildings and later described t viewers "the hrrifying reality f escaping a fire...the frightening sensatin f being vercme by darkness, heat and smke." By relaying this first -hand stry, Field hped t emphasize hw "split- secnd, knwledgeable respnses are crucial in escaping a fire." KSAT -TV San Antni, Tex., c- spnsred a 10 -day chlesterl awareness prgram that tested ver 30,000 peple. And fr the third year in a rw, it teamed up with the Salvatin Army fr "Share Yur Hlidays," an annual fd drive t cllect canned gds. A recrd 58 tns was cllected. WAGA-TV Atlanta presented a five -part series, "Grading Yur Schls," n the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts. The specials gave viewers infrmatin n hw t judge the quality f their children's schling. In cnjunctin with the the prgram, statin staffers, alng with a grup f parents, educatrs and educatinal experts, wrte a parent's guide, tens f thusands f which were distributed free as supplements in three lcal daily papers, as well as t every high schl principal in Gergia. The respnse was s great that the statin reprinted the bklet and distributed it thrugh a lcal restaurant chain. D Accrding t wrvc-ry Tled, Ohi, it has begun the first regular series f news plls, print r bradcast, in its market. Using a lcal researcher, the statin cnducts a number f telephne news plls based n a sample size f 300 and with a statistical variance f plus r minus 5.7 %. Plls have included gauging the apprval rating f the mayr and city manager and sampling vter preference n candidates and issues. When a pll -such as the mayr's race-is cnducted, bth candidates are brught in live t respnd as the results are revealed. Turn -arund time n the plls is quick, accrding t the statin. Usually a Mnday- Wednesday plling can yield results by Friday. In West Mnre, La., many yung peple were unable t play baseball due t a shrtage f fields. When baseball rganizers wanted t remedy that, KrvE -TV El Drad, Ark: Mnre, La., agreed t bradcast a live tw - hur celebrity baseball game featuring n -air talent and cmmunity leaders. The public was encuraged t cme t the game and participate in varius ther fund raising events. As a result, enugh mney was raised t supply additinal baseball diamnds. Each week, WRAU -TV Raleigh, N.C., sprts anchr Tm Suiter selects a high schl athlete fr an Extra Effrt Award fr that students leadership and sprts ability. On the academic side, thrughut the schl year, teachers and principals have the pprtunity t nminate an ustanding student t receive an award fr their schlastic achievement and leadership. Frm thse nminatins a cmmittee f cmmunity leaders and educatrs chse a weekly winner t receive their Extra Achiever Award. WrTw.Tv Chicag airs a nightly news and public affairs prgram, Chicag Tnight, with Jhn Callway On April 4, the shw brke the stry f Dnald Rumsfeld's annuncement that he wuld nt be a candidate fr president which came after several natinal cmmentatrs had cnsidered him ne f the majr candidate pssibilities. Kxrv(TV) Sacrament ffers its viewers a daily, five -minute medical feature. "Healthcast," with Gail Westrup, infrms the cmmunity n lcal medical research, including prgress n an AIDS vaccine, reprts medical news frm the state legislature and ffers advice with tips fr gd health. The series als prmtes cmmunity prjects. A five -part series n "Mammgraphy: The Picture that Culd Save Yur Life," prmpted many t cntact the Sacrament chapter f the American Cancer Sciety In April, mwn/ Steubenville, Ohi, began a five -mnth diabetes screening prject. Each week, a testing site was established in a different twn. The prgram generated mre than 1,500 screenings. Bradcasting Nv

127 Lcal jurnalism: The cable cnnectin Sag Harbr cverage n News 12 Amng the leaders in lcal cable televisin news prgraming is Lng Island News 12, the 24 -hur news peratin prduced by Cablevisin Systems. One f the rganizatin's larger effrts this past year was its nnstp cverage f the Sag Harbr (N.Y.) Initiative: a grup f writers, artists and academics wh spent a weekend discussing the prblems facing America. News 12 prvided live cverage fr eight hurs n Saturday, Oct. 10, and Sunday, Oct. 11, and incrprated material sht n Mnday fr a tw -hur summary recap that evening. Each day's panel discussin lasted six hurs, with the remaining tw filled with interviews and ther material. News 12 used a five -camera setup in the high schl auditrium, where the event tk place, and anchred the cable - cast frm an upstairs classrm. Cverage was fed back t the studi using a Ku -band satellite truck (anther truck was present as a backup). Editrs immediately began editing tape f the material fr a tw -hur wrap -up special. In all, News 12 had 24 technicians and 10 editrs -prducers wrking n the prject. The tw -hur special was fed Mnday afternn (Oct. 12) t cable systems natinwide. Jnes Intercable's system serving the Califrnia cmmunities f Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill, Edwards and Califrnia City has an ambitius news and infrmatin presence thrugh its lcal riginatin channel. Its High Desert Magazine highlights the 56 hurs f riginal prgraming the system has each mnth. HDM has dne a number f news and feature stries n military aircraft hused at nearby bases, including NASAs X -wing airplane- helicpter, the B -1B bmber and the SR -71 recnnaisance plane. The system als has spt news cverage capability and has cvered, in the past year, the derailment f 60 il tanker cars, the gvernment's Daedelus human flight prject, new F -15E tests cnducted by McDnnell Duglas and the flight f the Vyager. Jnes has a mrning talk shw that features medical news and an evening talk shw with a call -in segment that allws residents t speak with lcal elected fficials. Cx Cable's Hamptn Rads, Va., system is clsely linked with the naval peratins in the area and its cmmunity relatins prgraming reflects that. The system is currently inaugurat- News 12's satellite gear ing Sea Cadets, highlighting individual cadets. The feature will be sent by the Navy t ther naval utpsts acrss the natin. In the past year, Cx dnated mre than $1 millin in prgraming time t public service shws, including an ACE -award winning dcumentary n the tall ships that sailed thrugh Nrflk, Va. Cx has prduced 10 cmmunity frums in the past year, including ne linking Nrflk State University, the Hamptn Institute, the PTA and teacher grups. As part f the frum, a rundtable discussin n educatin was held at Nrflk State, which was fllwed by a questin and answer sessin and a receptin. Tapes f the prgram were made available t cmmunity grups. During electins in Nrflk, Prtsmuth and Virginia Beach, Cx dnates five minutes f free air time t every qualified candidate, in additin t prducing a "Meet the Candidate" frum befre electin day The system als asks gvernment fficials t nminate residents wh have made special cntributins t the cmmunity They are prfiled in a half -hur prgram entitled Great Citizens f Hamptn Rads. Cable TV Nrth Central. a subsidiary f Hauser Cmmunicatins in Rseville, Minn., undertk exhaustive cverage f a cnference n "The Implicatins f Sviet New Thinking" in St. Paul last mnth. In all, 30 peple wrked n planning, filming and assembling 27 hurs f cnference ftage frm seven camera crews. The cnference tk place at three different sites in St. Paul and featured 200 diplmats, pliticians, schlars and specialists discussing Sviet plicy and East -West relatins. The series f prgrams appeared n C -SPAN. ATC's cable system in Ithaca, N.Y., has an ambitius lcal news presence, which revlves arund its weeknight half -hur news prgrams at 6 and 11 p.m. Amng the spt news stries it has cvered in the past year was a walkut at Crnell University The sys- Bradcasting N C Media General's "Fairfax Evening Reprt" tern cvered rallies and pickets n campus and cnducted a live interview with the unin lcal president and Crnell's vice president f university relatins. Other spt news cverage included prtests n campus against Suth Africa and fllwing up n tw murders in the area. Because Ithaca has n cmmercial televisin statins, the system prvide news ftage t TV statins in Syracuse, Binghamtn and Elmira, all New Yrk. The system filed a Freedm f Infrmatin Act request t uncver the sites the cunty was testing fr a prpsed landfill. Althugh the system's request was granted in the lcal curts, its plea was rejected at the state appellate level. The system carries a weekly "Healthbeat" feature n Tuesday, which wn the media award frm the cunty medical sciety On Wednesdays, the system carries an "Adpt a Pet" feature in cnjunctin with the lcal SPCA. And during the 11 p.m. news, the system runs a listing f cmmunity events. American Heritage Cablevisin is carving ut a niche f cverage fr Cuncil Bluffs, Iwa, which rests in the shadw f the larger media in nearby Omaha. The ATC system, like its Ithaca, N.Y., cunterpart, has a lcal news peratin, running a half -hur weeknight newscast at 6:30 p.m. It plans t add a late - night newscast later this year. In July, its first mnth n the air, the system brke a stry abut a lcal plice fficer wh had been placed n leave after allegedly beating a man he arrested. The fficer has since resigned. The peratin als cvers state news frm the capital, Des Mines. D Media General's Fairfax cunty, Va., system, in suburban Washingtn, had a majr breaking news item n its lcal news shw with the rupture f a gasline pipe. Gas was sent spewing 100 feet int the air, cvering nearby hmes with thusands f gallns f the fuel. On its evening newscast, the system reprted the incident and firefighters's successful attempts t cntrl the ptential disaster. The system cntinued fllw -up cverage in the ensuing days, including live interviews during the newscasts. The system used its tw -way feed n electin night fr live reprts frm campaign headquarters. Its lcal newscast has been nminated fr an ACE award fr its news cverage each f the past tw years. W

128 1 aw & Requ1ati- ra NAB suggests tax n sale f TV's, radis, VCR's Plan is presented in effrt t prevent Cngress frm taxing sale f bradcast statins The Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters, in a 14 -page "white paper" sent t members f Cngress last week, laid ut its arguments fr why Cngress shuld cnsider taxing the sale f televisins, radis and VCR's rather than bradcast statins t raise mney fr public bradcasting. In a cver letter, NAB President Eddie Fritts als suggested sme ways the Senate Cmmerce Cmmittee culd raise additinal revenues fr the general treasury t help bring dwn the federal budget deficit: auctin ff certain nnbradcast frequencies and impse a celluar radi applicatin fee. T the dismay f NAB and mst cmmercial bradcasters, the Cmmerce Cmmittee prpsed last mnth a 2 % -t -5% fee n the sale f bradcast statins t help reduce the federal budget deficit in the first tw years f its existence and t fund public bradcasting thereafter (BROADCASTING, Oct. 26). The cmmittee estimated that the fee wuld generate abut $340 millin per year. As part f its effrt t derail the transfer fee, the NAB prpsed tw weeks ag a "mdest" excise tax n televisins, radis and VCR's, the auctin f nnbradcast spectrum and the cellular applicatin fees as alternatives. Only the excise tax wuld be used t fund public bradcasting; the thers wuld be used nly fr deficit reductin. Accrding t NAB's calculatins, a 11/2% tax f the sale f televisins, radis and VCR's wuld generate $264 millin in 1988, while a 2% tax wuld yield $351 millin. Over the next tw years, it said, the spectrum auctins culd raise $800 millin and the cellular applicatin fees culd generate $88 millin. Accrding t cngressinal aides, Fritts has already met with key supprters f the transfer fee in Cngress -Senate Cmmerce Cmmittee Chairman Ernest Hllings (D- S.C.), Huse Energy and Cmmerce Cmmittee Chairman Jhn Dingell (D- Mich.) and Huse Telecmmunicatins Subcmmittee Chairman Edward Markey (D- Mass.) -but failed t persuade them t substitute the excise tax n cnsumer electrnics fr the fee. Accrding t ne aide, Fritts's initiative did yield a prmise frm Hllings nt t ppse NAB 's effrts t find cngressinal supprt fr the excise tax. The transfer fee "is a radical and ttally unprecedented departure frm lng- established cmmunicatins plicies," the NAB said in the white paper. Funding public bradcasting thrugh the tax wuld jepardize "the essential freedm" f public bradcasters, it said. "The impsitin f... [the tax] als has the danger f leading t a sig- nificant alteratin f cmmercial bradcasters public interest respnsibility," it said. "Such majr public plicy changes deserve mre than cavalier and cursry attentin." Cngress and thers wh "have given thrugh and serius cnsideratin f apprpriate methds t supprt public bradcasting have rejected any type f special r narrw tax," the white paper said. "The chief cncern has cnsistently been that public bradcasting nt draw n s few surces f suprt that its freedm frm utside influence wuld be placed in jepardy...the cnsistent cnclusin has been that revenues raised thrugh general taxes, as ppsed t special taxes n a small ppulatin r industry sectr, must be the principal surce f federal supprt." The tranfer fee cnstitutes a "significant change" in the traditinal view that bradcasters "pay" fr their licenses thrugh their public service bligatins, the NAB said. If Cngress impses the fee, "the licenses becme mre like private prperty withut any f the attendant public interest duties, it said. "N ne has cnsidered this price -the eliminatin f the public interest standard which culd ultimately accmpany cmmercial bradcast financing f its nncmmercial cunterparts. Cngress much give these issues serius cnsideratin. It has given nne." In a prepared statement issued last week, Fritts suggested that bradcasters "pay" fr their spectrum in anther way -"by prviding their prduct free t the public." The transfer fee may strain the relatin- ship between public bradcasters and their cmmercial "brethren," the NAB said. Cmmercial bradcasters have supprted the fund -raising effrts f public bradcasters and prvided them with free technical advice and twer facilities, it said. They have even "cme t accept, even supprt, the cncept f a federal subsidy fr public bradcasters," it said. "The ultimate unfairness f the transfer tax is that it actually frces the cmmercial bradcasters t subsi- dize their cmpetitin, a nvel apprach t public plicymaking...clearly, the Cmmerce Cmmittee has nt cnsidered the effect such a prpsal will have n the cntinued spirit f cperatin between these tw vitally related frms f bradcasting." Given the NAB's argument against using "special taxes" t supprt public bradcasting, the NAB apparently des nt see its prpsed tax n cnsumer electrnics as a "special tax." In the white paper, the NAB asked Cngress t cnsider the tax, nting that it is nthing new. Between 1950 and 1965, televisin sets were subject t a 10% excise tax, it said. And, it said, the Carnegie Cmmissin n Educatinal Televisin, which set the grund wrk fr public bradcasting in the late 1960's, recmmended a manufacturer's 2% t 5% excise tax n televisins t supprt public bradcasting. "The appeal f this prpsal is that... the supprt wuld cme frm the intended beneficiaries f the system -the American viewing and listening public," the NAB said. In the letter t Cngress, NAB said applicatin fees fr the ltteries that will be used t grant cellular radi licenses in 438 markets ver the next tw years "wuld discurage the current abuses f...the lttery... by speculatrs, many f whm enter these ltteries with n intentin f serving that market themselves." If the ltteries fr each market attract just 20 applicatins, the NAB said, a $5,000 per - applicatin fee culd generate $43.8 millin. A $10,000 fee culd raise $87.6 millin, it said. The NAB 's prpsal t auctin spectrum wuld be similar t that prpsed earlier by the FCC, but exempt mre types f spectrum users. The NAB prpsed exempting spectrum used fr bradcasting, public safety, amatuer radi and cellular radi. If the 6 mhz f unassigned spectrum currently available were put n the auctin blck, the NAB said, the FCC culd raise $800 millin ver tw years. Mre n fairness. In separate filings at the FCC, the Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters and Radi- Televisin News Directrs Assciatin registered disagreement with the FCC's plicy f cntinuing t investigate fairness dctrine cmplaints stemming frm ballt issues. In a Sept. 22 letter t the Huse Energy and Cmmerce Cmmittee, FCC Chairman Dennis Patrick reiterated FCC's narrw view f its Aug. 4 actin eliminating the general fairness dctrine and Cullman dctrine in a case invlving Meredith Crp.'s wrvhtrvl Syracuse. The Cullman dctrine, at issue in Meredith, bliged bradcasters t prvide air time t ppsing grups wh want t respnd t cntrversial advertising, but cannt affrd it. Patrick tld Cngress the FCC intends t act n cmplaints "that d nt clearly fall within the scpe f the Meredith decisin, including persnal attack, plitical editrializing, Zapple and ballt issue cases." In an earlier jint filing, the NAB and RINDA said the FCC's eliminatin f the general dctrine shuld encmpass plitical editrializing and persnal attack crllaries. In the last filings, they said it shuld als encmpass ballt issues. Bradcasting Nv

129 Dispute ver legislatin that wuld change the way fees are cllected is nt likely t be reslved sn Music licensing revisited by Senate The nging feud between televisin bradcasters and music licensing scieties resumed n Capitl Hill last week at a Senate subcmmittee hearing. At the heart f their dispute is legislatin (S. 698) that wuld substitute the current blanket license fr the music rights t syndicated televisin pr- grams with a surce licensing scheme, smething bradcasters favr. But judging frm the testimny presented and the strng negative reactin the bill drew frm sme senatrs, any immediate reslutin is nt in the ffing. This is the first time Cngress has revisited the issue since negtiatins between the All- Industry TV Music License Cmmittee and the American Sciety f Cmpsers, Authrs and Publishers cllapsed (BROAD- CASTING, Oct. 5). Bradcasters have t btain a blanket license fr the music rights t a particular prgram regardless f whether they use all the sngs r nt. They pay a percentage f their grss revenues fr the license. Under a surce licensing scheme, they wuld pay ne fee fr bth music rights and syndicatin rights. The U.S. Register f Cpyrights, Ralph Oman, came ut against surce licensing. The current system, "n balance seems t be the best," he tld the subcmmittee. "I am nt saying it is a perfect system," said Oman, "it is just better than all the ther alternatives." Accrding t statistics prvided by the licensing scieties, Oman said, bradcasters spent apprximately $95 millin in 1986 n music rights fr syndicated prgrams. The senatrs als heard an impassined plea t disregard the legislatin frm crn - pser Mike Pst, whse wrk includes the theme sngs frm L.A.Law, Magnum, P.I. and Hunter. He predicted cmpsers wuld lse ut under surce licensing. "When we lse, the public will als lse, because the real questin raised by S. 698 is whether peple can make a living cmpsing music," Pst said. The music licensing scieties' lbbying initiative against the bill included a meeting between cuntry rck musician Charlie Daniels and the Cpyright Subcmmittee's chairman, Dennis DeCncini (D- Ariz.), in Phenix n Nv. 8. Despite weighty ppsitin t the legislatin, bradcasters were heartened by De- Cncini's remarks. DeCncini, while nt predispsed t the legislatin, appeared sympathetic t the claim f bradcasters that the blanket license is unfair. "I understand yu are paying a lt fr what yu dn't get," said DeCncini, adding that he is trying t "find sme way t mve t a mre equitable" apprach withut destrying the cmpser's rle in the prcess. He suggested an alternative prcedure t the blanket license, pssibly smething that wuld enable bradcasters t deduct frm the blanket license a "credit" if they have Arries David negtiated separately fr a per -prgram license with a cmpser. The Arizna senatr, nevertheless, was nt advcating any quick actin n the matter and said he wuld canvass subcmmittee members as t what curse t pursue next. His idea fr a credit seemed t intrigue thers like Senatr Patrick Leahy (D -Vt.), wh is undecided n the issue. Still, Leahy tk the bradcasters t task fr a videtape presentatin aired during their testimny. "I came here t hear peple testify live, nt [see] smething aimed at 10- year- lds," said Leahy. The tape was prepared by the All- Industry TV Music License Cmmittee and featured the grup's chief arguments fr the legislative refrm. Cmmittee Chairman Leslie Arries f WIVB-TV Buffal, N.Y., narrated the piece and then fllwed with further remarks. Leahy was unimpressed and he cmpared the tape t smething designed fr Sesame Street. Later, he asked the bradcasters if they viewed the tape as an pprtunity t air the TV statin lgs frm all the subcmmittee members' hmetwns. After the hearing, Arries defended the tape. He said bradcasters had a "great deal f infrmatin" t present and that "trying t d it rally wuld have taken 15 minutes." As fr DeCncini's suggestin fr a credit, bth sides appeared at a standff ver the prpsal. Arries indicated bradcasters were pen t any "rewrking f the legislatin." But he said they had explred the idea f a per- prgram license with ASCAP but t n avail. "ASCAP insisted that each statin guarantee them 75% f what ASCAP nw receives under the blanket license if as little as ne nte f ASCAP music was used in ne mnth under a per -prgram license," Arries said. ASCAP's Hal David tld DeCncini he thught the per- prgram ffer was the same as a credit r s- called carve ut, and was a Bradcasting Nv "pretty terrific" ffer. Bradcast Music Inc.'s Ed Cramer said he has indicated a willingness t negtiate a carve ut as far back as 1981 but that bradcasters had nt asked fr ne. The bill's mst vehement critics were subcmmittee members Ted Kennedy (D- Mass.) and Orrin Hatch (R- Utah), wh see n need fr revising the current system. "Cngress shuld nt inject itself int the prcess," Kennedy said, nting that the matter is under curt review and that the legislatin's prpnents have "failed t demnstrate the need fr legislatin." A further castigatin came frm Senatr Pete Wilsn (R- Calif.), wh testified befre the subcmmittee: "We in the Cngress shuld n mre be dictating the way that music rights are licensed than shuld we be telling Dmin's hw much t charge fr delivering pizza." The legislatin's chief Senate prpnent and its authr, Suth Carlina Republican Strm Thurmnd, said the bill prtects cmpsers and sngwriters and enables them t cllect payments fr the residual use f their music. "I believe this change [it was nt included in the previus versin f the bill] will insure that the cmpser receives payment fr his wrk," Thurmnd said. The senatr als underscred the inequity f the present system. He said Hllywd studis nt nly "receive payments frm the bradcasters fr the prgraming, they als receive a prtin f the ryalties cllected by AS- CAP and BMI," because f their wnership f music publishing cmpanies. The parties attempted t reach a cmprmise, but the TV cmmittee discussins brke ff because ASCAP was unwilling t meet bradcasters "even part way" n the matter. During the negtiatins, Arries said the cmmittee suggested a new frmula "which wuld guarantee enugh mney t pay cmpsers at current rates under a blanket license. Bradcasters insisted, hwever, that studi 'publishing' fees [currently 40 %] and ASCAP administrative charges [currently almst 20 %] be reduced. ASCAP balked and prpsed an increase in all fees charged t bradcasters." At the hearing Phenix bradcasters Richard DeAngelis f KPHO -TV and C.E. (Pep) Cney f KPNX-TV Phenix urged a legislative slutin. "What we are really asking fr is structural refrm," said Cney. "The scalled rate curt-which is suppsed t rein in ASCAP's mnply pwer -has never decided a case in 37 years f existence. The current prceeding, invlving all lcal televisin statins, is already nearing the end f its third year and the 'trial' has nt even begun," DeAngelis said. Philip Lmbard, chairman f Citadel Cmmunicatins, a bradcast -statin grup that includes WVNY -TV Burlingtn, Vt., als appeared befre the senatrs. All bradcasters want, he emphasized, is the right t bargain and pay fr the music rights. He said bradcasters need greater cntrl ver "where we put ur ttal prgraming dllars t be better able t carry ut ur wn creative

130 functin." SESAC Chairman Alice Prager stated her rganizatin's ppsitin t the bill. She called it "special interest" legislatin benefiting nly the bradcasters. The advertising industry als testified against the bill. William Cttn f the American Assciatin f Advertising Agencies defended the current blanket licensing system and said the measure, if adpted, culd cst advertisers wh use music in many cmmercials, as much as $150 millin each year. The Assciatin f Natinal Advertisers' Rbert Wehling said S. 698 wuld create an "administrative nightmare." Cable rights debated Three Califrnia curt cases serve as nexus f panel discussin f First Amendment and cable, spnsred by ABA Cable televisin systems have an inherent "right t be," said Harld Farrw, cunsel fr cable televisin systems fighting t establish that right in a number f curt cases arund the cuntry. But cmmunities that franchise cable systems have rights, t, said Larrine S. Hlbrke, cunsel fr cities that have tangled with cable systems in curt. Fr his part, Steve Effrs, president f the Cmmunity Antenna Televisin Assciatin, was less categrical in his assessment f the rights invlved; he said cable systems shuld be allwed t cmpete with ther systems in a cmmunity -but, he wndered abut the disadvantage he said an perating system wuld be under in cmpeting with a newcmer whse way was paved by curt decisins and wh, therefre, did nt carry the same regulatry baggage. That, he said, is "a legitimate public plicy questin." The three appeared n a panel spnsred last week by the American Bar Assciatin's Cable Televisin Cmmittee n curt cases invlving three Califrnia cmmunities - Sacrament, Pal Alt and Santa Cruz -that raised questins cncerning the First Amendment rights f cable televisin systems. Farrw, wh represents the cable systems invlved, said the cases grew ut f the determinatin f cable televisin systems t increase rates in the face f ppsitin frm the cmmunities that franchised them. T Farrw, f Farrw, Schildhause & Wilsn, cable is "a member f the press" whse rates a city was barred by the First Amendment frm cntrlling. Farrw, wh has been winning in early runds f the Califrnia litigatin, cntends that while cable systems -like utilities that use a city's streets -are subject t the city's plice pwers, they enjy the same First Amendment rights as the printed press. "They have a right t be." And he predicted that mst f the prvisins f the Cable Cmmunicatins Plicy Act f 1984, which authrizes cities t impse varius bligatins n the cable systems it franchises -and t limit the number f franchises it issues - wuld, "sner r later" be "ruled bad." The act, he said, "was brn sick." Hlbrke, a partner in Miller, Yung & Hlbrke, said Farrw had made "an ar- ticulate presentatin f a radical pint f view." She said that in arguing fr cable systems' "right t be," Farrw had ignred the rights f speakers ther than the cable system. In almst all cases, she said, franchising authrities prvide fr public, gvernmental and educatinal access channels. And cable regulatin, she said, "is nt a nvel idea " -it has evlved ver a perid f years, beginning with the FCC and cntinuing thrugh the Cable Act f She expressed cnfidence that, "ultimately," the Supreme Curt "will understand there are gd reasns" that cable franchising has develped as it has -that city cuncils "have nt gne ff n a frlic." As fr the Cable Act, she described it "as the best accmmdatin" f all cncerned, including the cable industry. Effrs, appeared t side with Farrw in the debate with Hlbrke. He said, fr instance, the federal and state gvernments had been "arrgant" in fashining regulatins fr cable in its early days, at a time when they culd nt fresee hw it wuld develp ver the next 15 years. But Effrs was nt prepared t supprt Farrw's psitin withut reservatin. Fr the regulatins that have lng been in place have created a fact Effrs said shuld nt be ignred in discussins f First Amendment rights. The fact, he said, is that systems that "agreed t play by the rules" and that paid substantial sums f mney t build culd be cnfrnted with cmpetitin frm systems that might nt be bligated t play by the same rules and that culd build systems fr much less mney. Fr instance, if the curts were t accept Farrw's arguments, "verbuilding" systems wuld nt be required t prvide universal service; they might be free t serve nly specific "pckets" f a cmmunity. (He said thse wh think f verbuilding in terms f plitical subdivisins are mistaken.) "Hw d yu deal with that prblem?" he asked. Effrs, incidentally, was less idelgical than Farrw in his discussin f the First Amendment. "The First Amendment argument," he said, "is a mechanism t get cable recgnized as a medium, nt just a technlgy." Farrw did nt try t paper ver the prblems the apprach he is champining wuld create fr the cable industry. "If yu want t unlad regulatins, yu have t accept the cncept f cmpetitin, nt just frm ff -air televisin and SMATV's, but ther cable systems," he said. "Smetimes that's scary. It's mre scary when yu bught a system fr $2,500 per subscriber and smene cmes in t build a system fr $600 per subscriber. But that's a business risk " -ne wrth taking, Farrw said. He said the ecnmic mdel that will emerge fr cable is that f the print press. And "the electrnic press," he added, "will be the better fr it." Hlbrke saw things differently. She agreed that cable has First Amendment rights. But where amng the varius media, print and electrnic, des cable fit in? she asked. "Cable," she said, "is a technlgy in search f its First Amendment jurisprudence." FCC's Dennis favrs structural regulatin FCC Cmmissiner Patricia Dennis, in a speech t a grup f New Yrk lawyers, said structural regulatins, rather than cntent regulatins, were the apprpriate way t "diffuse" the pwer f bradcasters. "Structural regulatin f bradcasting's pwer is mst evident in the wnership rules- attributin, ne -t -a- market, duply, crsswnership and natinal multiple wnership," Dennis said in a speech t the New Yrk chapter f the Federal Cmmunicatins Bar Assciatin. "These rules prvide the mechanism fr the cmmissin t diffuse [bradcasting's] pwer, yet they are a mechanism that is cnsistent with the print mdel f the First Amendment... The inherent pwer f bradcasting... des nt give the gvernment the right t regulate cntent." Since 1963, a majrity f Americans have reprted that televisin is their main surce f news and infrmatin, she said. "We are, unfrtunately, nt a natin f readers," she said. "It is much easier t listen and watch... This makes it all the mre imprtant fr the cmmissin t diffuse the pwer f bradcasters by restricting cncentrated wnership, particularly at the lcal level," she said. Dennis said she des nt advcate abslute adherence t the wnership restrictins, hwever. "I recgnize that there are ecnmies f scale that favr multiple wnership in televisin," she said. "I als recgnize that there are certain markets in which it is ecnmically infeasible t require separate wnership f all utlets." Structural regulatins prmte prgraming diversity, Dennis said. "I will be interested... in ur rulemaking n syndicated ex- clusivity t see if its reimpsitin culd prmte diversity." Wuld reimpsitin "tend t make the cable peratr diversify his prgraming?" she asked. Revising FCC's crss -wnership rule. The Freedm f Expressin Fundatin, a grup backed by majr bradcasters and newspaper publishers and dedicated t advancing the First Amendment rights f mass media, has asked the FCC t repeal r "substantially revise" its rule barring wnership f a newspaper and a bradcast statin in the same market. FEF said the riginal justificatin fr the crsswnership rule -the lack f diversity in mass media and imprbability f further prliferatin f new statins -n lnger hlds true. "Since the rules necessarily impinge n bth the bradcaster's and newspaper wner's freedm f expressin, the absence tday f any substantial gvernmental interest makes the rules cnstitutinally suspect." The rule is nw ding mre harm than gd t public interest, the FEF said. The rule has als cntributed t a steady decline in a number f daily newspapers, it said, adding that repeal f the rule wuld result in mre bradcast statins with imprved prgraming. Bradcasting Nv

131 Businesses divided amng NBC -TV and crprate cmmunicatins NBC last week disslved its Enterprises divisin fr the secnd time since the 1970's, dispersing the peratin's diverse businesses t executives at NBC televisin netwrk and crprate cmmunicatins. Amng thse absrbing Enterprises' respnsibilities are NBC -TV's senir vice president f sales, Rbert Blackmre; executive vice president f business affairs, Jhn Agglia; vice president fr plicy and planning, Gerge J. Hiltzik, and vice president fr finance and administratin, David Bivins, alng with the West Cast's vice president f crprate and media relatins, Jay Michelis. In a related mve, NBC ffered lng -time sales executive Jseph laricci a newly created psitin as NBC vice president f natinal and internatinal netwrking after a number f his respnsibilities were absrbed by a new department, NBC -TV netwrk peratins and services, t be headed by Hilt - zik. laricci, wh has been with NBC fr mre than 44 years and vice president f sales and administratin fr the last 19, had nt at press time last week accepted the new pst, which wuld include respnsibilites fr special netwrk events including its cverage f the 1988 summer Olympics, the 1988 plitical campaigns, and fr cntacts with verseas clients seeking expertise in building cmmercial televisin netwrks. Als last week, Hiltzik appinted a half - dzen executives t a new netwrk peratins and services department, created t crdinate n -air peratins fr NBC -TV and t versee all cmmercial inventry, statin clearances and system prcedures fr NBC -TV sales, affiliate relatins and enterprises. NBC Enterprises' rerganizatin was precipitated in early Octber by the annunced departure f President Jerme Wexler. Wexler tld BROADCASTING he expects t retire frm the netwrk at the end f the year after what he called a "very happy assciatin" with the cmpany, the last part f which was spent at the head f a divisin refrmed in 1980 by ex -NBC Entertainment head, Mike Weinblatt, after it first went defunct in the 1970's. Amng Enterprises' businesses were the marketing f NBC prgraming t bradcasters internatinally, and t cable, satellite, hme vide and institutinal markets here and abrad, as well as the licensing f the cmpany lg and the running f an NBC merchandise business. As part f the rerganizatin, NBC prmted t executive vice president, 35 -year NBC veteran Blackmre, wh will add internatinal prgram sales t his respnsibil- NBC eliminates its Enterprises divisin Blackmre Agglia ities as head f NBC -TV cmmercial sales. Reprting t Blackmre will be Enterprises' Mike Perez, cntinuing as vice president in charge f internatinal prgram sales fr NBC Entertainment, New and Sprts. Taking n freign marketing respnsibilities fr NBC Prductins' prgrams will be business affairs executive vice president, Agglia, a frmer CBS Entertainment executive, currently in charge f Prductins' dmestic sales. Bivins, NBC -TV vice president f finance and administratin, will add financial and administrative supprt fr internatinal sales, merchandising and ryalty incme t his duties while Enterprises' guest relatins and studi turs peratins will g t Miche - lis n the West Cast. (Netwrk studi turs resumed in New Yrk last Thursday, Nv. 12, after a fur -mnth hiatus during the re- Hiltzik laricci cently ended technicians strike.) Blackmre, Hiltzik and Bivins will cntinue t reprt t NBC -TV President Piersn Mapes. Agglia will cntinue t reprt t Grup Executive vice president, Ray Timthy, and Michelis t crprate and media relatins vice president, Betty Hudsn. Appinted last week t the new netwrk peratins and services department by Hilt - zik were frmer Enterprises vice presidents, Richard Brescia and Susan Becket, named vice president f enterprises and vice president f business affairs, respectively. Frm NBC -TV's sales /affiliate services, Ric Quackenbss was named vice president f peratins and Jean Dietze was named vice president f TV netwrk services. Vic Pisani was named directr f sales cntract administratin, and Lucy Radarmel was named directr f business systems. D Viacm shws $38 millin lss in third quarter Cmpany's acquisitin expenses cntribute t lss revenue, perating cash flw up with largest gain cming frm cable systems, bradcasting Viacm, citing expenses related t its acquisitin last June by Natinal Amusements' subsidiary, Arsenal hldings, last week reprted a $38- millin third quarter lss, bringing deficits fr the year t nearly $88 millin. Revenue and perating cash flw, hwever, were up, with the strngest gains in the cmpany's cable systems and bradcasting peratins. The cmmunicatins and entertainment cmpany, which als has hldings in cable prgraming and TV syndicatin, reprted cnslidated revenue up 10% t $257 millin ver the same perid last year, with perating cash flw (defined as earnings frm peratins plus depreciatin and amrtizatin) up 25% t $64 millin. Nine -mnth cash flw was up 23% t $181 millin. But Viacm's three -mnth net interest expense was nearly $69 millin, triple last year's $23 millin. Quarterly expenses t- Bradcasting Nv taled $227 millin, including $34 millin in depreciatin and amrtizatin, leaving the cmpany's earnings well ff last year's $3.4- millin gain. Net interest expense fr the first nine mnths f the year was $126 millin, up frm $54 millin in 1986's first three quarters. Nine -mnth depreciatin and amrtizatin was up 39% t $80 millin, with yeart -date expenses ttaling $645 millin n revenues f $745 millin (first quarter expenses included a $48.5- millin payment fr the terminatin f a failed management leveraged buyut f the cmpany). The cmpany's entertainment divisin shwed the biggest jump in prfitability fr the quarter, still withut registering syndicatin sales fr The Csby Shw that are predicted t ultimately tp $700 millin in cash and barter. Entertainment earnings were up 16% t $8 millin n 23% higher revenues f $23 millin. Operating cash flw fr the perid was up 26% t $9 millin. Viacm's cable netwrks, including MTV, Shwtime/The Mvie Channel and Lifetime, reprted 13% higher earnings f almst $12 millin fr the quarter, with p-

132 erating incme up 21% t mre than $22 millin. But revenue fr the grup was flat at $133 millin, and fr 1987 is up nly 1% t $388 millin. The cmpany said revenue fr the pay service Shwtime/TMC were flat as well fr the year despite an increase in subscribers since the end f Bradcasting earnings were well dwn at $7 millin, 14% lwer than last year's third quarter, althugh the cmpany said bth lcal and natinal sales were higher and perating margins imprved. Revenues were up 11% t $31 millin, with perating cash flw up 19% t $13 millin. Cable televisin revenues were up 23% t $71 millin fr the quarter, bsted by the acquisitin f Pierce cunty, Wash., cable systems in September 1986, Viacm said. Earnings fr the quarter were ff 3% t sme $11 millin, but cable perating cash flw was up 27% t $27 millin and earnings fr the year -t -date were als up 27% t $41 millin. Apprval seen fr Cablevisin deal Adams -Russell cable systems t be acquired fr $475 millin The $475 millin acquisitin f cable peratr Adams -Russell C. by Cablevisin Systems is expected t clear its last majr hurdle at a special Adams- Russell sharehlder meeting in Bstn this Friday, Nv 20. Stckhlders at the meeting are expected t cast the necessary tw -thirds vte t apprve Cablevisin's cash bid f $ per share. The bid, which was submitted last July (BROADCASTING, July 27), has already been aprved by Adams -Russell's bard f directrs. The needed clearances have als been given by federal agencies and state cable authrities, althugh the latter is cntingent n final apprval frm remaining municipalities served by Adams -Russell. A Cablevisin representative said the deal is expected t be cmpleted by early December. Adams -Russell was essentially an electrnics manufacturer until it entered the cable televisin business in The crn - pany decided t sell its cable peratins last June after several interests, including cable peratr Cntinental Cablevisin, investment cmpany Gabelli Grup and Telecable Crp. had accumulated large sharehlder Fifth Estate Earnings psitins in the cmpany, threatening a hstile takever. Gabelli's stake currently exceeds tw millin shares, r 30% f the utstanding shares, while Cntinental's hldings grew t mre than 1.3 millin shares, r 19.6%, after it purchased Telecable's 710,000 shares earlier this year. Accrding t David McLachlan, Adams - Russell vice president f finance, Cntinental plans t vte its shares fr the merger and Adams Russell Gabelli has indicated it will als d the same. The ffer calls fr Cablevisin, the natin's 15th largest multiple system peratr, t pay $294.5 millin fr apprximately 6.8 millin utstanding cmmn shares f Adams- Russell (excluding interest if paid under certain circumstances), plus additinal liabilities. Financing fr the acquisitin will be handled mainly thrugh General Electric Credi Cmpany Quarter Revenue Earnings % EPS (000) change (000) change Csms Bradcasting Third $24,100 (13) $1,500 0 Infinity Bradcasting Third $22, $1, $0.12 Jacr Third $11, ($525) NM ($0.08) Jeffersn -Pilt Third $28, $1,510 (17) Tri -Star Secnd $113, $14, $0.03 Csms is bradcasting peratin f Liberty Crp. Infinity Bradcasting's earnings frm bradcasting (perating incme befre depreciatin, amrtizatin and crprate expenses) were up 222% t $10.5 millin fr quarter. Higher revenue and earnings were due, cmpany said, t imprved results at New Yrk, Philadelphia, San Jse and Bstn FM's, as well as t additin f Dallas AM -FM cmbinatin purchased last July and FM's acquired furth quarter, 1986, in Ls Angeles, Washingtn and Tampa, Fla. On pr frma basis, statins wned befre acquisitins had 21% higher revenue and 74% higher earnings. Net financing expense fr quarter tripled t $4.5 millin due t additinal brrwings fr acquisitins. Statin perating expenses were up 37 %. Jacr attributed net lss t $3.7 millin in depreciatin, amrtizatin and interest expenses assciated with acquisitins f Republic Bradcasting in December 1986 and f KOA(AM)- KOAQ(FM) Denver last August. Bradcast cash flw (prfit befre depreciatin, amrtizatin, crprate and interest expenses and incme tax) was up 63% t $4 millin fr quarter, while statin perating expenses dubled t mre than $8 millin. Jeffersn -Pilt figures refer t cmmunicatins subsidiary. Insurance and media cmpany said bradcasting peratins "were affected by relatively sft advertising trends [and] highly cmpetitive cnditins in several f ur radi markets als had t be addressed with increased prmtinal effrts." WI -Star Pictures reprted quarterly televisin earnings f $1.3 millin n revenue f $8.7 millin, primarily frm licensing f acquired prduct t syndicatin market. Cmpany said its six -mnth mtin picture earnings als include $13.4 millin frm "mdificatin f CBS license agreement resulting in CBS's relinquishment f future netwrk televisin rights." Crp., which will arrange a 10 -year, $285 millin lan and raise $20 millin thrugh the issuance f preferred stck t a GE Credit subsidiary. Cablevisin will prvide $40 millin in equity and Kidder, Peabdy and C. will raise the remaining $125 millin thrugh the private placement f senir subrdinated ntes and thrugh a revlving credit facility. The 17 Adams -Russell cable systems serve apprximately 232,000 subscribers. They include six systems in Massachusetts, six in New Yrk, tw in Maine and ne each in Arkansas, Illinis and Missuri. The cmpany's mst recent acquisitins include the Rckfrd, Ill., cable system purchased in September fr $89 millin plus the assumptin f $752,000 in liabilities, and the Windsr, N.Y., system purchased in September fr $7.5 millin cash. Adams- Russell's pr frma net sales (net sales which als factr in recent acquisitins) fr the nine mnths ending last June 28 were $46 millin, with perating incme at $3.8 millin, and lsses frm cntinuing peratins at $3.6 millin, due largely t $10.3 millin in net interest expenses fr the perid. The cmpany's pr frma lng -term liabilities (which als factr in recent acquisitins) are $164.8 millin, plus current liabilities f $15.8 millin, against ttal assets f $166 millin. Cablevisin wns cable systems with 591,000 subscribers in New Yrk, New Jersey, Cnnecticut, Michigan and Ohi. It als has cntrlling interest in Rainbw Prgram Enterprises, which prvides prgram services including fur Sprtschannel reginal cable sprts netwrks in New Yrk, Bstn, Philadelphia and Chicag, and Lng Island News 12. It als has interests in cable entertainment channels, American Mvie Classics and Brav. Amng the fees included in the merger deal are a $3.2 millin financial advisry service payment t Gldman Sachs, and mre than $4 millin in severance payments t Adams -Russell executives wh are leaving after the merger. A -R Chief Executive Officer Jhn Lynch will receive $2.27 millin, President Neil McHugh will get $579,000, Vice President McLachlan will receive $405,000 and five ther vice presidents will receive payments ttaling nearly $1 millin. McHugh will cntinue in his current pst fr ne year fllwing the merger, and Lynch and McLachlan have agreed t nncmpeting cnsulting arrangements. A -R stck, which was as high as $41.75 n Oct. 15, prir t the current stck market slide, clsed last Wednesday at $ Bradcasting Nv I %A

133 Arlingtn, TCI adds Temp Giant MSO buys small cable prgramer peratr; deal cmbines tw TVRO package peratrs The bard f Temp Enterprises last week apprved an $8 -per -share, $46- millin buyut ffer f the cmpany by Tele -Cmmunicatins Inc. Amng ther prperties, it gives the largest cable multiple system peratr a cable prgraming service, Temp Televisin, and a TVRO packager, Temp Develpment Crp., which had been a cmpetitr t TCI's Netlink TVRO peratin. The purchase is expected t clse next year. The deal invlves an exchange f stck - TCl's Class A cmmn valued at $21 per share with Temp's stck, valued at $8 per share. Temp sharehlders have the ptins f taking the cash price r cnverting their shares t TCI stck at a rati f t 1. There are 5,700,000 Temp shares utstanding, 2,937,097 f them wned by Ed Taylr and his family. Taylr is funder and chairman f Temp Enterprises. A TCI spkesman said the purchase was driven primarily by the cable entities Temp wns and als that the cmpany fits well with TCI. Details n what TCI may d with the prgraming service, r the tw TVRO services, have nt been decided. Temp is in the prcess f altering the thrust f its cable prgraming service, targeting t an audience that is ver 45. The service had been talking t cable peratrs abut taking an equity interest in the service befre the TCI deal materialized. The service reaches sme 12.5 millin hmes and its principal prgraming is supplied by advertisers that buy blcks f time n the service. Temp is turning the service int a mre standard advertising- supprted service akin t ther basic cable netwrks, and hpes t have mst f the shift cmpleted by Jan. 1. Temp is the cmmn carrier fr superstatin WTBS, and it was unclear hw last week's purchase wuld affect that relatinship. The FCC has a prhibitin against superstatins distributing their wn prgraming, which was why Temp came int existence in 1976, t distribute WTBS, under the name Suthern Satellite Systems. TCI wns apprximately 10.1% f TBS. Bth cmpanies have set up peratins t market cable prgraming services t back- I,...-mm =Ilk /Eft ru yard earth statins. Temp Develpment began a market test f its peratin in Atlanta in September, but rlled ut the service natinally after TCI annunced its wn TVRO plans thrugh Netlink. There are tw parts t Temp's TVRO plans. It has a ne -stp prgram rdering service whereby TVRO wners can call a tll -free number and rder services directly. They are billed n a yearly basis, anywhere frm $11 t $49, depending n the number f services rdered. Presently, WTBS, WWOR- TV New Yrk, USA Netwrk and CBN are available. Temp hpes t eventually have 10 services t ffer fr $99 per year. Temp is als ffering thrugh cable peratrs three SatPak packages, which are different cmbinatins f bth pay and basic cable prgraming services. They include the fur services in the ne -stp plan, plus CNN, Headline News, Shwtime, HBO, ESPN, Cinemax and The Mvie Channel. T date, Temp has 40,000 subscribers. "The vast majrity" are frm the ne -stp service, says Temp Develpment President Marty Lafferty, "but the mix is ging t change." He said the figures are three times ahead f the prjected sales pace, with Temp seeing abut 1,000 rders per day. "Our gal is t run the very best telemarketing service in the business," says Lafferty, and it is that expertise that he believes fits well with Netlink's service. There may be a natural divisin f labr, said Lafferty, with Netlink wrking n the frnt end with cable peratrs t sign subscribers, while Temp handles the back -ffice chres. "We've ffered t take the terminals ff their hands," said Lafferty, in referring t the rdering prcess. That wuld wrk, he said, "if they accept the fact that there are tw marketing rles." The tw services culd als remain as is, he said, with reciprcal rights being traded between the tw. Laf- The American Chirpractic Assciatin There's still time t d a stry r prgram in 1987 that will bring public attentin t the health needs f ur natin. Then enter it in this imprtant cmpetitin. Clsing date -April 1, It yu have been respnsible fr a prgram r stry that is meritrius in bringing public attentin t the health needs f ur natin...if yur wrk has served t mtivate yur cmmunity t a better understanding f a health prblem...if yur effrts prmted health and welfare, yur stry r prgram shuld be entered in this cmpetitin. Enter yur wn prgram r nminate clleagues' prgrams fr awards JOURNALISM COMPETITION fr distinguished service in health reprting Awards t be given fr: TELEVISION RADIO NEWSPAPER MAGAZINE FOR RULES & ENTRY FORMS, WRITE TO: Jurnalism Awards American Chirpractic Assciatin 1701 Clarendn Blvd. Virginia CASH PRIZES AND TROPHIES WILL BE AWARDED Bradcasting Nv

134 ferty was nt sure exactly hw things wuld shake ut. "We'll see wh des what best," he said. Netlink began taking rders earlier this mnth and plans t begin authrizatins fr its TVRO service n Dec. 1. Dish wners will pay less than $16 per mnth fr the basic package and less than $9 per mnth fr pay services. The final pricing is t be deter- mined by the lcal cable peratr. In additin, Temp wns 17 cable systems which serve 16,000 subscribers in three states - Texas, Oklahma and Arkansas. Temp wns WIHT(TV) Ann Arbr, Mich.; WTPO(AM) Cnyers, Ga., and 50% f KGCr- TV Tulsa, Okla. The televisin statins had previusly been STV utlets. TCI fficials were studying whether there were any crss- wnership prblems with the purchase and indicated it wuld keep the cable systems if prblems arse. Temp Enterprises is als the parent crn - pany f Temp Sund, which distributes a package f cmmercial -free audi services, and Temp Text, which distributes data services. Cmmunicatins Equity Assciates represented Temp in the transactin. Seminar fcuses n statin sales Stck market crash affects junk bnd market as financing fr transactins The recent apprval f the Strer -Gillett sale, the new tax laws and the stck market crash have fcused new attentin and cncern n statin sales. At a seminar spnsred by the Federal Cmmunicatins Bar Assciatin and the American Bar Assciatin's frum cmmittee n cmmunicatins law, Ry Stewart, chief f the FCC's Mass Media Bureau's vide services divisin, said the cmmissin has develped new pririties in examining transfer applicatins, fcusing mre n wnership structure and less n financial ascertainment. Steve Rattner, managing directr f Mrgan Stanley & C. reflected that view fr statin financing, saying that lending institutins will be mre careful with their lans, after black Mnday. He declared the junk bnd market dead, and equity financing seriusly wunded by the crash. The sessins n "Cmmunicatins Practice: The Transactin Side," were amng the mst well- attended in the series f seminars held at the Washingtn Marritt htel. At the pening sessin, Stewart and Jel Rsenblm f Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering discussed the Cmmunicatins Act and the FCC rules that pertain t statin sales. "Sales used t be cluded with questins abut the buyer's qualificatins, cash flw and the statin's viability," Stewart said. "Nw the certificatin fr financing reduces the amunt f time we spend n sales, and I think that's a gd idea because nw the banks r the seller plices the ability f the buyer t pay ntes." Stewart said that with the eliminatin f prgraming ascertainment requirements, the FCC asks nly fr an acknwledgment that the statin will deal with cmmunity issues. Accrding t Stewart, the time saved n dealing with prgraming ascertainment nw is spent n the mre cmplicated wnership structures in tday's media cmpanies. "We have a new cncept," he said. "It used t be a crpratin, nw it's a limited partnership, with tiers and layers, r it's a crpratin where the cntrlling stckhlder is a limited partnership, which in turn has limited partners and s n. "We have a much mre difficult time fllwing the transactins in terms f the wnership patterns," he said. Rsenblm, wh utlined basic cmmissin rules gverning transactins, asked Stewart whether the cmmissin cmpares buyers' and sellers' merits in apprving a sale, since the law n this matter is uncertain. Stewart said that while the FCC des nt generally cmpare buyers and sellers, it des s in islated cases, when there may be a public interest cnflict. As ne example, he cited a buyer wh recently acquired a small suburban full -service netwrk statin with the intentin f turning it int a satellite f its wn urban statin (the FCC fund n lss f service). In the case f prgraming, hwever, Stewart said "we gt ut f the frmat business. The cmmissin feels that in mst matters the public shuld be left t decide." Clark Wadlw, f Schnader, Harrisn, Segal & Lewis, described FCC plicy regarding wnership principles and tax certificates, and changes being made in thse rules. Wadlw said the FCC is seeking diversity f wnership t prmte ecnmic cmpetitin and stimulate cmpetitin in the "marketplace f ideas." Sme FCC rules are being reexamined, such as the duply rules, which prevent an wner frm hlding tw statins whse service cnturs verlap. The FCC is cnsidering mdifying thse rules t allw statin wnership with greater verlap, permitting c -wned statins t perate clser t ne anther, s lng as they are nt serving the same market. Wadlw als said the FCC is cnsidering changes t the ne -t -a- market rule -that prevents wnership f radi statins and televisin statins in the same market -t allw certain radi -TV crsswnerships. Current FCC rules als permit distress sales t encurage minrity wnership. An wner in truble culd sell his statin t a minrity -cntrlled buyer (50% wnership, r in the case f partnerships, a minrity Wiley (I) and Geller Sitrick (I) and Rattner Bradcasting Nv general partner with vting cntrl and 20% stck wnership) fr 75% f its fair market value. The FCC als ffers a tax certificate t wners selling t minrities. A seller can defer tax liabilities until he repurchases anther statin. "The cmmissin used the tax certificate as a carrt t bring in minrity wnership," Wadlw said. The FCC is reexamining its minrity plicies and has temprarily stayed the distress sale plicy, but the tax certificate plicy remains in effect. The tax certificate rule came under scrutiny recently in Tampa, Fla., when Gaylrd Bradcasting sld its TV statin, w rvt(tv), t a partnership f Clarence McKee and Gillett Bradcasting. McKee hlds an ptin t sell after tw years. The cmmissin recently decided that the sale met the requirements and apprved it. When asked abut the decisin, Wadlw said he felt the sale was "pushing it" a little. "I fully expect the ptin [McKee's] will be exercised and Gillett will wn the statin. I was a little surprised the cmmissin apprved it," he said. Arthur Gdkind f Kteen & Naftalin talked abut the attributin rules and alien wnership. The cmmissin defines attributable interests as thse invlving direct wnership and general partners, and in crpratins, wnership interests f ver 5% (10% in mutual funds). When there is a single wner f mre than 50% f the stck, n minrity interest is cnsidered attributable. Additinally, n nnvting stck is attributable. Nr are warrants r ptins t buy stck attributable until they are exercised. In limited partnerships that meet rigrus standards f nninvlvement, wnership interests are als nt attributable. In the Gillett-Strer decisin, Gdkind said the FCC impsed such stringent cnditins that few ther wners wuld attempt a mve. "Mst statins are basically small businesses that require hands -n management and mst peple cannt accept ttal lack f cntrl f their investments," he said. Gdkind als said that alien wnership standards fall under stricter rules, with nnvting stck being attributable. He nted that the cmmissin enfrced the alien wnership rules when it required Rupert Murdch t becme a U.S. citizen befre he culd purchase Metrmedia. Clsing the first sessin was a debate n FCC takever plicy between frmer FCC Cmmissiner Steven Sharp, f Skadden, Arps, Slate, Maegher & Flm, and Henry Geller, frmer FCC general cunsel and directr f the Washingtn Center fr Public Plicy Research. The sessin was mderated by Richard Wiley f Wiley & Rein. Geller said the FCC's takever plicy sub-

135 verted the public interest cnsideratins f the Cmmunicatins Act by clearing the way fr the sale f statins t "traffickers" wh had n interest in running them. Sharp felt the takever plicy was cnsistent with the act and clearly balanced public interest cncerns with the practical cnsideratins f a mdern business envirnment. At the secnd sessin, the fcus was n business issues that affect the sale f cmmunicatins prperties. Brian Jhnsn f Piersn, Ball & Dwd, wh talked abut drafting sales agreements, pinted ut special areas f cncern fr bth buyers and sellers. He underscred the need fr prper warranties fr perfrmance, an adequate depsit fr the sale (typically 5%), prvisins requiring FCC apprval, landlrd and netwrk agreements and an understanding f lcal laws and cvenants. Jhnsn als recmmended an as -built survey f statin prperty and suggested an utside appraisal f the statin. Nting that many lawsuits have been filed ver the interpretatin f letters f intent, he underscred the need t draft these letters carefully. Brkers and investment bankers are n the frnt lines f statin sales and wrk with the nuts and blts f negtiatins. Je Sitrick f Blackburn & C., and Steve Rattner, managing directr f Mrgan Stanley, ffered their views n financing and appraising a sale. Sitrick explained the prcess f appraising by pinting ut the varius cmpnents making up the value f statin. They include the quality f the technical facilities, pwer, antenna and physical plant, and a cmparisn with cmpetitrs' facilities. An appraiser shuld als check whether the facilities can be upgraded. The market is als a vital cnsideratin, especially fr televisin and independent televisins, including the number f UHF and VHF statins and whether there is enugh prduct t supprt the statin and the cst f prgraming. Sitrick said that high prgram csts have destryed many independent TV statins. And he nted that pr prduct cannt draw the audience necces- ls6m LDnQ Anti -takever measure. United Cable Televisin bard mved at Nv 6 meeting t thwart ptential hstile takevers, tw weeks after prpsed merger with United Artists was called ff in wake f stck market crash and prtests frm majr sharehlders ver deal's terms (BROADCASTING, Oct. 26). Bard called fr distributin f preferred stck purchase rights t cmmn stck sharehlders which wuld allw half -price purchase f United shares r shares f acquiring cmpany under hstile takever situatins. Cmpany said distributin, scheduled fr next Dec. 1, was nt in respnse t specific takever attempt. Rights expire June 20, Merger mnitr. Giant Grup and affiliates including Barris Industries have taken 9.8% stake in Media General, althugh Media General's leading sharehlders say they wuld be able t frustrate takever attempt. Giant Grup reprted it had acquired millin shares f Class A cmmn stck as "investment," but might seek cntrl f cmmunicatins cmpany thrugh exchange ffer, tender ffer, merger r prxy cntest. Media General Chairman D. Tennant Bryan and Vice Chairman J. Stewart Bryan said in a prepared statement, hwever, they elect 70% f the cmpany's directrs thrugh their 70% share f Class B stck and earlier this year had cnslidated their shares int trust prtect against "any unwanted utside purchases." U.K. TV cmpany Carltn Cmmunicatins has agreed t buy Zenith Prductins fr apprximately $42 millin. Zenith, subsidiary f Britain's Central Independent Televisin, has prduced TV mvies aired n U.S. cable TV including Intimate Cntact and Sbibr, as well as theatrical releases such as Jhn Hustn's last film "The Dead." Satellite services prvider IDB Cmmunicatins Grup has reached apprximately $2 millin agreement t acquire Internatinal Relay Inc., prvider f internatinal digital business services by satellite. IDB cmpleted $17.8 millin public ffering in mid -September. Rerganizing. Independent UHF KPDX, Vancuver, Wash., has filed fr rerganizatin under Chapter 11 federal bankruptcy laws and said it expects sn t reach terms f agreement with its majr creditrs. Cmpany incurred $25- millin film debt, with MCA biggest creditr, alng with Embassy, Paramunt, 20th -Century Fx and Clumbia, accrding t Vancuver attrney fr Jack Matranga, wner and general manager f fur - year -ld Prtland market statin. Investigatin ended. Luis T Hagpian, chairman f N WAyer, infrmed agency emplyes in mem that U.S. Attrneys ffice fr Suthern District f New Yrk has ended its investigatin f agency in cnnectin with its handling f U.S. Army accunt. Investigatin lasted fur -andhalf years and resulted in ne cnvictin. Jack Bidus pleaded guilty in 1986 t accepting kickbacks frm supplier f recruiting films. He received $50 fine and ne year's prbatin. Underwriting. Dw Jnes & C. will issue $100- millin nnredeemable five -year ntes thrugh underwriting grup headed by New Yrk -based investment bank Gldman Sachs. Ntes will carry 9.25% cupn and will be sld at $ t yield 9.28 %. sary t supprt the statin. Anther key t determining a statin's value is amunt f advertising revenue available in the market. Other factrs that need t be cnsidered include: the health f the market ( prices are currently depressed in il belt statins); the state f the ecnmy, especially interest rates, and pending legislatin such as the prpsed transfer tax (see page 130). Rattner, speaking fr the investment side, divided his cmments int tw parts: befre the crash and after. Previusly, he said, there had been a "straight -line" imprvement in the types and amunts f financing available, with banks being especially aggressive in cmmunicatins. Cmmunicatins prperties have drawn the attentin f financiers fr their increasing cash flws, high resale and a liquid market fr resale. The mst dramatic change was the rise f the junk bnd market, which Rattner said has played a majr rle in the rise f prices. That rise has been accmpanied by a need fr increased equity that Rattner said had generated the grwth f private equity pls, like ML Media Partners, private capital pls, like TA Assciates and Bstn Ventures, and brader pls that perate beynd the cmmunicatins industry, such as KKR. Accrding t Rattner, the crash changed that picture. Banks have nt pulled back because they are well secured in their lans, but the junk bnd market is essentially clsed. Equity investrs remain a questin. With the market dwn 30%, Rattner said equity investrs are having a hard time being cnvinced that a statin r cable system shuld be bught fr a certain multiple f cash flw, when the stck can be purchased fr a much lwer rate. Rattner predicted a dwnward trend in prices and sme retrenching as certain sales have been put n hld, cancelled r renegtiated. He said the current situatin invlves a return t mre nrmal methds f financing with investrs being mre selective. The days f financing almst any media sale with little r n equity are "behind us," Rattner said. The final participant in the cnference was Karl Kellar, f Jnes, Day, Reavis & Pgue, wh spke n the changes in tax law and their effect n sales. Kellar said the new tax laws have created changes in the nature f wnership, frm traditinal crpratins, which are treated as separate taxable entities t flw -thrugh crpratins. Traditinal crpratins first pay taxes n earnings and when disbursements are made t stckhlders, sharehlders must pay tax n the incme, essentially being taxed twice. Many media firms are mving quickly t becme flw- thrugh crpratins where earnings g directly t the sharehlder, aviding the duble tax. Kellar said stck and asset sales are imprtant cnsideratins t the parties in a sale, since they pertain directly t the amunt f depreciatin and ther tax shelters available. The participants presented papers n their tpics which the FCBA has cmpiled int a bk: Cmmunicatins Practice, the Transactinal Side. Bradcasting Nv

136 Grup's annual meeting fcuses n minrity prefer( ice, First Amendment issue:, radi syndicatin and btaining first radi statin The Natinal Black Media Calitin's 14th annual cnference-nv. 3-7 in Washingtn- prvided a frum fr netwrking, idea sharing and learning fr mre than 3,000 media prfessinals, gvernment fficials and students. Amng the tpics: acquiring the first radi statins, syndicatin in radi prgraming, minrity preference update and the media and the First Amendment. Benjamin Hks, frmer FCC cmmissiner ( ) and executive directr f the Natinal Assciatin fr the Advancement f Clred Peple, disagrees with peple wh say that cnditins have nt changed much fr blacks in the past 40 years. "When yu deny change, and when yu deny prgress, then it means that there is n mre incentive t keep fighting," said Hks. As an example f prgress within the industry, Hks said that frm 1934 t 1972, the FCC apprved nly 13 applicatins fr black radi statin wnership, as cmpared t the current ttal f abut 140. Hks was ne f several keynte speakers. One f the thers, Clarence V. McKee, chairman and chief executive fficer, WTVT- TV Tampa, Fla., detailed his effrts in imprving cmmunity relatins since taking ver the CBS affiliate in the 14th ranked market. McKee emphasized that the spirit f minrity wnership is t make an impact, bth within the statin and the cmmunity. Since taking ver, McKee has been essential in effecting changes in bth. He hired a black female reprter; prir t the acquisitin, the statin had n black, n -air reprters. He als hired Cle Cabrera, the current Miss Flrida/USA (the first black t hld that title), t hst a weekly fashin and csmetics feature. Within the cmmunity, McKee has wrked with Tampa Mayr Sandra Freedman and a calitin f black and white business and cmmunity leaders t imprve race relatins there. At Freedman's request, he was recently the keynte speaker at a seminar in Tampa n the subject. Wrvr- -TV was acquired fr abut $365 millin, the third largest TV deal in histry. The acquisitin has caused cntrversy because it was McKee's partner, Gerge Gillett, wh prvided the mney fr the purchase. Obtaining first radi statin "Hw t btain ther peple's mney: A practical guide t buying yur first radi statin," mderated by Erwin Krasnw, partner in the Washingtn law firm f Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPhersn & Hand, was a discussin f the hurdles and pitfalls that prspective radi wners must vercme. Glenn Mahne, president f Rac -Jn Bradcasting Crp., cautined future wners that "unless they had the capital t btain at least 51% cntrl f a statin, they will NBMC: Facing the challenges wind up with a jb, nt a statin." Mahne went n t say it is essential fr future wners t have sme base -line expertise r smene n bard wh des. Panelist Chesley Maddx, vice president Ameritrust C. f Ohi, emphasized the imprtance f experience in wnership. "Management experience in a single wner r depth f management experience in grup wnership is the mst heavily weighted criteria when applying fr a lan," said Maddx. Als, she said, it is better fr buyers t acquire established statins. Radi syndicatin "It is the respnsibility f the syndicatr t be sensitive t the needs f the prgramer," said syndicatr Lee Bailey, president and executive prducer f Radiscpe. "My jb is t cnfrnt the prblems f radi prgramers and find slutins," said Bailey. One f thse prblems is knwing what prgram will wrk fr a particular statin. Accrding t Carl Cruckshank, manager f affiliate relatins, MJI Bradcasting f New Yrk, a syndicatr shuld examine a statin's needs fr the market and frmat. After a prgramer chses a prgram, the syndicatr can then tailr r persnalize that prgram fr the statin. One way f persnalizing a prgram is t leave space within a feature fr a statin t give its call letters. This lcalizes the natinal prgram fr lcal listeners. Accrding t Barry May, vice president and general manager f LARKS -FM New Yrk, many large market statins are hesitant abut carrying syndicated prgrams because they are then bligated t relinquish 'spts' t the syndicatr. Traditinally, many f these prgrams are aired n a barter basis, which require the statin t air six t eight minutes f natinal cmmercials. May says he is "unwilling t give up inventry fr a less than exceptinal prduct." T make their shw mre attractive and marketable, accrding t May, "sme syndicatrs, t gain an edge, are ffering mney t radi statins t run their shw." Statins are mre inclined t carry a shw that has been cleared in ther markets. Minrity preference Minrity preference plicies and ways t strengthen thse plicies were discussed at length. If minrity preference is t wrk, said Vince Pepper, Pepper & Crazzini, it is essential that the wnership is "reflected in the peratin f the statin and in the crn - munity invlvement." Pepper questins the value f having a minrity wner wh is qualified and has the mney t buy a statin, but never visits the statin and has n invlvement in the cmmunity. As a psitive example, Pepper cited McKee, the wner f wrvt -TV, fr the impact he has made at the statin and within the cmmunity. The distress sale plicy was characterized as a penalty rather than a benefit. Many distress sale statins are smene's "headache" in an unattractive market, said Pepper. An wner f ne these statins might be able t make an impact n the cmmunity with better prgraming, but that wner will seldm be able t make a prfit. "And why shuldn't a black r any minrity wner be cmpensated fr their effrts? ", questined Pepper. First Amendment The media and the First Amendment sessin quickly turned int a discussin f the value f the fairness dctrine and whether it is a benefit r hindrance fr bradcasters and the public. The argument f a market versus gvernment regulated media arse when Pete O'Cnnell, attrney and president f the Federal Cmmunicatins Bar Assciatin, said the system wrks because the peple make their displeasure knwn t the media and the media respnds t it. O'Cnnell said the questin is wh shuld decide the utcme f disagreements between the public and the purveyrs f infrmatin, and whether thse questins shuld be settled thrugh appinted gvernment fficials r thrugh the nrmal "ebb and flw f cnflict between the peple wh are putting up thse messages and the peple wh are ultimately paying t hear them." The argument against O'Cnnell's pint was that the media is unrespnsive t the public and the public des nt have access t the media, especially the electrnic media. The pint was made that print media is mre accessable t the public with its p /ed pages. Further, when TV statins d present public pinin prgraming, it is usually during late night r early mrning time perids. L t r: Sidney Miurr, publisher, 'Black Raa: Exclusive; Henry Brwn, Anheuser -Busch; Edward Fritts, president, Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters and Benjamin Hks, NAACP. Bradcasting Nv

137 OlckendsK Market Clsing Clsing Capiwli- Wed Wed Net Percenl PIE catin N II Nv 4 Change Change Rati (000,000) BROADCASTING (CCB) Capital Cities /ABC / / (CBS) CBS 165 1/ /2 6 1/ (CCU) Clear Channel /2-1/ (INFTA) Infinity Bradcasting 16 3/4 16 3/ (JCOR) Jacr Cmmun 5 3/8 5 3/4-3/ (LINB) LIN 38 3/4 40 1/8-1 3/ (MALR) Malrite 6 1/2 7 1/4-3/ (MALRA) White 'A' 6 1/4 7-3/ (OBCCC) Olympic Bradcast (OSBN) Osbrn Cmmun 4 3/4 5 1/4-1/ (OCOMA) Outlet Cmmun. 8 1/4 9 1/ (PR) Price Cmmun 8 3/ / (SCRP) Scripps Hward (SUNN) SunGrup Inc 1 1/2 1 1/ (TLMD) Telemund / (TVXG) TVX Bradcast (UTVI) United Televisin / /2 BROADCASTING WITH OTHER MAJOR INTERESTS N (BLC) A.M. Bel /8 7/ A (AAR) Adams Russell /2 39 1/ O (ASTI) Amer. Cmm. 8 TV 3/32 3/ N (AFL) American Family /8 13-7/ O (ACCMA) Assc. Cmmun (BMAC) Bus. Men's Assur. 35 5/ / N (CCN) Chris -Craft /8-1 1/ N (DNB) Dun 8 Bradstreet /4 50 3/4-2 1/ ,336 O (DUCO) Durham Crp /4 1 3/ N (GC!) Gannett C /8-3/ N (GV) GenCrp 69 3/4 69 1/2 1/ ,558 O (GCOM) Gray Cmmun N (JP) Jeffersn -Pilt /4 1/ ,245 N (KRI) Knight- Ridder /8 39 3/4-1 5/ N (LEE) Lee Enterprises /4 24 1/8 1 1/ N (LC) Liberty 33 3/4 34 1/4-1/ N (MHP) McGraw -Hill 53 3/ / A (MEGA) Media General /8 7/ N (MDP) Meredith Crp /4 29 1/2-1 3/ O (MMEDC) Multimedia A (NYTA) New Yrk limes /4-1 1/ ,375 O (NWS) News Crp. Ltd /2 14 3/4 1 1/ ,711 O (PARC) Park Cmmun /4 26 1/2 1 1/ O (PLTZ) Pulitzer Publishing. 32 1/2 33 1/ N (REL) Reliance Grup Hld /8-1/ O (RTRSY) Reuters Ltd /4 49 5/8 2 1/ ,483 T (SKHQ) Selkirk 21 1/4 21 1/ O (STAUF) Stauffer Cmmun A (TO) Tech /Ops Inc. 25 1/2 25 1/4 1/ N (TMC) limes Mirrr /4 74 1/4-2 1/ ,628 O (TMCI) TM Cmmunicatins 1 1/4 1 3/8-1/ O (TPCC) TPC Cmmun.... 1/4 1/ N (TRB) Tribune 35 3/8 33 5/8 1 3/ ,787 A (TESA) limner Bcstg. 'A' /4 1/ A (TBSB) Turner Bcstg. 'B'. 8 1/2 8 1/ A (WPOB) Washingtn Pst PROGRAMING O (SP) Aarn Spelling Prd / O (ALLT) All American TV.. 1 3/8 1 1/8 1/ O (BRRS) Barris Indus /8-1/ N (KO) Cca -Cla 38 1/ / A (CLR) Clr Systems 3 1/2 3 5/8-1/ O (CAVN) CVN Cs. 10 1/8 10 3/8-1/ A (DEG) De Laurentils Ent.. 2 1/4 2 3/4-1/ O (dcpl) dick clerk prd /4-1/ N (DIS) Disney 51 1/4 52-3/ ,732 N (DJ) Dw Jnes & C /8 34 1/2-1 5/ O (EM) Entertainment Mktg O (FNNI) Financial News /8 6 1/2-3/ A (FE) Fries Entertain 2 5/8 2 5/ N (GW) Gulf + Western /8-3 5/ ,010 O (HRSI) Hal Rach 5 4 1/4 3/ A (HHH) Heritage Entertain.. 3 1/4 3 1/8 1/ A (HSN) Hme Shpping Net. 6 1/4 6 1/2-1/ N (KWP) King Wrld 16 1/4 17 1/8-7/ O (LAUR) Laurel Entertainment 1 1/2 1 3/8 1/ A (LT) Lrimar -Telepictures. 8 5/8 9-3/ N (MCA) MCA 36 1/ / ,773 N (MGM) MGM /UA Cmmun. 6 3/8 6 3/4-3/ A (NHI) Nelsn Hldings... 7/8 1 1/8-1/ A (NWE) New Wrld Enter /8-3/ Clsing Clsing Wed Wed Nv 11 Nv 4 PROGRAMING Market Capitali- Net Percent PIE zatin Change Change Rati ( ) N (OPC) Orln Pictures.. 8 3/8 8 3/4-3/ O (MOVE) Peregrine Entertain N (PLA) Playby Ent. 11 1/8 10 3/4 3/ O (OVCN) OVC Netwrk /2 6 1/ O (RVCC) Reeves Cmmun 6 1/2 5 1/8 13/ O (RPICA) Republic Pic. 'A' /2 1/ O (RPICB) Republic Pic. 'B'. 6 1/2 6 1/ A (RHI) Rbert Halmi 1 7/8 1 5/8 1/ O (SMNI) Sat. Music Net /8 1 7/ (TRSP) Ti -Star Pictures /2 9 3/4 3/ N (WCI) Warner 26 1/2 26 3/4-1/ ,314 O (WWTV) Western Wrld TV 1/2 1/ O (WONE) Westwd One /4 17 1/2-1 3/ SERVICE O (BSIM) Burnup 8 Sims. 7 1/4 6 5/8 5/ O (CVSI) Cmpact Vide /2 2 1/ N (CO) Cmsat 26 3/ / / O (GREY) Grey Advertising O (IDBX) IDB Cmmunicatins 8 1/4 9 1/ N (FCB) Fte Cne 8 B / /4 N (IPG) Interpublic Grup / / A (MOV) Mvielab 6 3/4 6 3/ O (OGIL) Ogilvy Grup /2 23 1/4 1/ O (OMCM) Omnicm Grup. 17 5/8 16 1/2 1 1/ O (SACHY) Saatchi 8 Saatchi 18 1/2 18 3/4-1/ ,695 O (TLMT) Telematln 1 3/4 2 1/2-3/ A (TPO) TEMPO Enterprises 7 1/4 4 7/8 2 3/ A (UNV) Unite' Vide 8 3/ / CABLE A (ATN) Actn Crp. 12 1/8 13-7/ A (ACN) American Cable /4 39 1/2 3/ / ,393 O (ATCMA) Amen TV & Cmm. 21 7/8 22 1/4 A (CVC) Cablevisin Sys. 'A' 21 3/8 19 1/2 1 7/ N (CNT) Centel Crp. 37 5/ / O (CCCOA) Century Cmmun. 14 1/2 12 1/ O (CMCSA) Cmcast 19 1/4 18 7/8 3/ O (ESSXA) Essex Cmmun 16 3/4 14 3/ A (FAL) Falcn Cable Systems 16 1/8 16 5/8-1/ O (JOIN) Jnes Intercable.. 9 1/2 9 7/8-3/ T (MHP.0) Maclean Hunter 'X' 17 7/8 17 3/4 1/ O (RCCAA) Rgers Cable A O (TCAT) TCA Cable TV /4 22 1/4 1/ O (TCOMA) Tele- Cmmun /8 5/ N (TL) Time Inc. 79 3/ / O (UACI) United Art. Cmmun. 19 3/4 19 3/ N (UCT) United Cable TV /2 22 1/ N (VIA) Viacm 16 1/4 14 3/4 1 1/ N (WU) Western Unin /8 2 3/8 1/ ELECTRONICS /MANUFACTURING N (MMM) 3M 56 3/8 60 1/8-3 3/ ,909 0 (AMCI) AM Cmmunicatins 7/16 1/2-1/ N (ARV) Arvin Industries. O (CCBL) C -Cr Electrnics /4 1/ / / O (CAN) Cable TV Indus. 1 5/8 1 1/2 1/ A (CEC) Clic N (CHY) Chyrn 4 7/8 4 3/4 1/ A (CXC) CMX Crp. 1 1/8 1 1/ A (COH) Chu 6 1/2 6 7/8 3/ N (EK) Eastman Kdak 48 3/8 50 5/8 2 1/ ,929 N (GRL) Gen. Instrument /2 26 3/4 2 1/ N (GE) General Electric. 43 7/8 44 1/ ,102 O (GETE) Getel Inc. 7/8 1-1/ N (HRS) Harris Crp. 25 1/8 26 7/8-1 3/ O (MCDY) Micrdyne 3 3/16 3 3/ N (MOT) Mtrla /2-4 1/ ,142. N (NPH) N.A. Philips 55 1/2 55 1/ N (OAK) Oak Industries A (PPI) Pic Prducts. 3 7/8 4 3/8-1/ N (SFA) Scl- Atlanta /2-1/ N (SNE) Sny Crp /8 28 1/8 1 1/ N (TEK) Tektrnix 27 1/4 31 1/ O (TLCR) Telecrafter 2 5/8 3 1/4-5/ N (VAR) Varian Assc /4 22 3/ N (WX) Westinghuse. 45 3/4 45 1/4 1/ N (ZE) Zenith 13 1/2 13 5/8-1/ Standard & Pr's T- Trnt, A- American, N -N.Y., 0 -OTC. Bid prices and cmmn A stck used unless fr the previus 12 mnths as published by Standard 8 Pr's r as btained by therwise nted. "0" in P/E rati is deficit. P/E ratis are based n earnings per share BROADCASTINGS wn research. Bradcasting Nv

138 Oldies actin Tw majr FM statins in Philadelphia switched t the ldies frmat within 12 hurs f each ther last week. CBS -wned wcau -FM drpped its six year - ld cntemprary hits frmat, making it the secnd CBS utlet t switch t ldies in a mnth. In Octber, WMRO(FM) Bstn went frm sft album -rck t ldies under the new calls f WODS ( "Riding Gain," Oct. 19). Last Mnday evening (Nv. 9) at 7 p.m. NYT WCAU -FM became "Oldies 98," playing the rck hits f the mid- 1950's thrugh the 1970's. The statin will shrtly changed its calls t wc[. fllwing FCC authrizatin. The frmat mve t ldies is a way t insure the attractin f the adult demgraphic (the mst sught -after age grup by advertisers) fr the future, said Nancy Widmann, CBS Owned Radi Statin vice president. "This is the music f memries fr tday's adults," added Vince Benedict, wcau -FM vice president and general man- September KEZB Incrprated (a whlly wned subsidiary f Heritage Bradcasting Grup) has acquired KEZB AM & FM El Pas, Texas frm ager. There were n staff changes due t the frmat switch, Benedict said. Accrding t the summer 1987 Arbitrn reprt fr Philadelphia, the statin had slipped in 12 -plus metr share, Mnday thrugh Sunday, 6 a.m.- midnight. WCAU -FM psted a 3.4 in the summer bk -dwn frm 4.7 in summer 1986 and 4.3 in spring Althugh the statin's 12 -plus share drpped cnsiderably this summer, Benedict said CBS had been cntemplating a mve tward ldies in Philadelphia befre the bk was even released. "This is the mst successful year, financially, in the histry f WCAU -FM," said Benedict. "We went ldies because we wanted t attract a demgraphic that has mre [sales] pprtunities," he said. "Every radi frmat has a life cycle." WcAU's switch t ldies leaves WEGX(FM) prgraming cntemprary hits in Philadelphia. The frmat executin f the Bstn and Philadelphia ldies statins will clsely fllw that f CBS's lngtime ldies statin in Pasa Del Nrte Cmmunicatins Inc. The undersigned initiated the abve, assisted in the negtiatin, and acted as a brker fr the transactin. Richard A. Freman Assciates Media Brkerage & Cnsulting 330 Emery Drive East Stamfrd, Cnnecticut / New Yrk, WCBS -FM, which has cnsistently garnered gd numbers with persns The statin has been prgraming ldies fr mre than 15 years. Je McCy, the statin's prgram directr, is cnsulting bth prperties. The day after WCAU -FM's switch Outlet Cmmunicatins' Philadelphia album - rcker, WIOO -FM, als changed t ldies. Starting Tuesday, Nv. 10, at 6 a.m. it began billing itself as "Slid Gld 102." WCAU'S frmat shift apparently tk wioo fficials by surprise. "The ldies frmat had been in the planning stages fr six mnths," said Jseph Chairs, wloo -FM vice president and general manager, and head f Outlet Cmmunicatins' radi grup. "Our research shwed a large vid in the market fr [rck 'n' rll] ldies," Chairs said. Prir t the launch f the ldies frmat ver WCAU -FM and WIOO -FM, there was n cntinuus FM ldies utlet in the market, althugh there are at least tw Philadelphia AM statins with the frmat. With the ldies frmat, Chairs hpes t blster his statin's ratings, which, he said, have been "sagging." WIOO -FM finished with a plus metr share in the summer Arbitrn bk, Mnday thrugh Sunday, 6 a.m. -midnight -the same share as in the spring reprt, but dwn frm 2.9 frm the winter. Wm had been prgraming album -rck fr abut 13 years. The mve leaves 12 -plus market leader WMMR(FM) as the nly statin in the market prgraming that frmat since WYSP(FM) changed frm album -rck t classic rck earlier this year Radi -TV split Adams Cmmunicatins, Tampa, Fla. media cncern,. which is buying Wausau, Wis.- based Frward Cmmunicatins's five televisin prperties (BROADCASTING, Oct. 26) is expected t split its radi and televisin divisins int tw separate cmpanies. Paul Brissette, Adams Cmmunicatins president will head Adams Televisin, which will be cmpsed f 11 prperties. Matt Mills, Adams' executive vice president, will assume title f president fr Adams Radi, which will cntain nine statins. The mve shuld take place by Dec. 15. Dawn f AM Daytime AM statins have been cleared t begin presunrise bradcasting at 6 a.m., prviding they d nt interfere with the primary cnturs f clear channel statins. The prceeding fr the rule change, apprved n Bradcasting Nv

139 The Radi Advertising Bureau hits "the street" everyday. Amng majr clients and retail chains, with reginal marketers, n Madisn Avenue r at client industry meetings, RAB stands up fr radi. Cheering n successful clients, parrying with dubting prspects, creating a bandwagn fr reluctant radi users r punching thrugh agency resistance, RAB markets radi. RAB's marketing plan is supprted by a natinal ad campaign because develping new business is the primary missin fr radi's varsity team. Jin RAB. Supprt the Winning Team. Call Radi Advertising Bureau, Inc. 304 Park Ave. S., New Yrk, NY w0000mmew ) 1110

140 Oct. 20, fllwed cngressinal actin t begin daylight savings time in the first rather than the last week in April. Frm 6 a.m. until lcal sunrise, daytimers will be allwed t air at a minimum 10 w, depending upn the ptential fr grundwave interference. In anther FCC actin, nncmmercial educatinal FM statins within 199 miles f the U.S.- Mexican brder will be subject t the same cntur methd f interference determinatin used fr statins in the rest f the U.S. Alltments in the regin had earlier been limited by a separate set f rules t avid shrt spacing with ther dmestic educatinal FM's. A study f statins alng the Canadian brder that were already regulated by the cntur methd revealed n interference prblems. Nncmmercial alltments alng the Mexican brder will still be limited by earlier internatinal agreements. Listening t the public The Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters's executive cmmittee has authrized the assciatin t spend up t $80,000 n tw studies: the future f AM technical standards and the public's expectatin f audi quality. The AM study is in respnse t the FCC's ntice f inquiry last August n imprving AM technical standards, said Michael Rau, NAB directr, spectrum engineering and regulatry affairs. Accrding t Rau $20,000 is being allcated fr the study. NAB has retained the services f Hammett & Edisn, an engineering cnsultancy firm based in San Francisc t wrk n MICHAEL FOX AUCTIONEERS GETS LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION WNTR WCSE WSMB WMTG WENZ KOZA WSES WWCR KORL Just a partial list f ur recent success stries. Call fr cmplete infrmatin... Michael Fx Auctineers, THE SPECIALISTS IN BROADCAST AUCTIONS mc Naylrs Lane Baltimre. Maryland (301) r Cntact Rbert Sapansky. Radi Marketing Crdinatr New face n 'Face-Off.' The daily (Mnday thrugh Friday) tw- minute radi series, Face Off, which is prduced by the Bradcast Grup, Washingtn, and distributed by Mutual Bradcasting, has a new Republican vice: Senate Minrity Whip Alan Simpsn f Wyming. As f last Tuesday (Nv 10), Simpsn replaced Sen. Rbert Dle (R- Kan.), wh left the series t pursue the Republican presidential nminatin. S :mpsn will nw jin Senatr Ted Kennedy (D.- Mass.) in debating the plitical issues f the day Face -Off, which is spnsred by Mbil Oil and Archer Daniels Midland, is heard n abut 290 statins. Kennedy (center) lks n as Dle (far right) hands the micrphne ver t Simpsn. NAB's latest AM prject. In particular, Harrisn Klein, a cnsulting engineer with the cmpany wh was frmerly with Grup W Radi, will wrk with Rau in cnducting the study. Hwever, the study, said Rau, "will nt address plicy issues." Cmments fr the FCC ntice f inquiry are due Dec. 17, but Rau nted that the NAB will ask fr a filing extensin until early next year t submit the AM study's results as the industry's respnse. A secnd study, which will cst the assciatin $60,000, will explre the questin f hw the advent f digital technlgy, especially cmpact disks, "changed the quality expectatins f radi listeners." NAB has hired experimental psychlgist Dr. Brnwen Jnes t perfrm the "psychacustic" prject. "Results f the audi quality study will als help the industry frmulate its psitin in respnse t the FCC's ntice f inquiry n AM technlgy," Rau said. In ther radi actin, the executive cmmittee has endrsed Petaz Cmmunicatins's "Class C III" prpsal t the FCC, which will permit up t 25% f Class A FM statins lcated in Class C territry (Ohi and west, Nrth Carlina and suth), t increase pwer and height. The recmmendatin t endrse the prpsal came frm the NAB's FM transmissin subcmmittee, said Rau. Chapin cmmemratin Transtar Radi Netwrks, Clrad Springs - based netwrk radi cmpany, in cnjunctin with the Dunhill Cmpact Classics label, Nrthridge, Calif., is planning a majr simulcast n Dec. 7, cmmemrating bth the late singer-sngwriter, Harry Chapin's, 45th birthday and the day he will psthumusly receive the Cngressinal "Gld Medal" fr his wrk n behalf f the wrld's hungry and hmeless. Transtar is scheduled t play the title sng f Chapin's Remember When the Music album, which will be released n cmpact disk (CD) that day by Dunhill, at 2:30 p.m. NYT n all six f its 24 -hur frmat netwrks. "We hpe ther netwrks and statins will jin us fr the natinal simulcast," said Terry Rbinsn, Transtar chairman. Dunhill is als releasing a special, three - inch gld CD single f the title track, with a prtin f the prfits trageted fr varius Chapin hunger rganizatins. Dunhill said it will ship the CD single t radi statins during the last week f Nvember fr airplay in December. Signing n L.A. Radi, a newly frmed prgram supplier based in Nrthridge, Calif., is readying a bradcast fr debut early next year called Beverly Hills Live. Each mnth, 25 minutes f taped interviews with televisin, film and music persnalities, cnducted by celebrity interviewer, Jsette Banzet, will be delivered t subscribing statins. The series, accrding t executive prducer Kent Burkhart f the Atlanta -based prgram cnsultancy, Burkhart/Abrams /Duglas/Ellit & Assciates, can be used in varius frms, ranging frm ne -minute strips t a weekly shw. The cmpany will als distribute a 90 -secnd daily (Mnday thrugh Friday) feature entitled Black Leaders f Tday. The shrtfrm series, which is prduced in cnjunctin with Bullet Prductins, Nrth Hllywd, Calif., is hsted by radi persnality Frankie Crcker. It is expected t premiere in December. Bradcasting N

141 WHAT AM RADIO NEEDS IS A UNIQUE FORMAT A frmat that isn't already being dne n FM. A frmat that's different and pwerful enugh t attract and keep its audience anywhere, even n the AM dial. Z -Rck is that frmat. Z- Rck's audience f males is unserved by FM radi frmats. Given a chice between mainstream rck n FM and Z -Rck anywhere, they'll g fr Z -Rck every time. Z -Rck listeners will actively lk fr Z -Rck, find it n matter what dial it's n, and tell their friends where t lk as well. If yu have an AM radi statin in search f success, call Charlie Strickland right nw at What AM radi needs is a unique frmat...what AM radi needs is Z -Rck. Z -Rcks is distributed live, 24 hurs a day, exclusively by Satellite Music Netwrk

142 gramer, LeMasters was largely respnsible fr the develpment f Beauty & the Beast, the netwrk's highest -rated new series. With the search fr a replacement ver, Jankwski said CBS will put its resurces int imprving the schedule. T accmplish that. LeMasters said he will make sme scheduling changes sn. With many f the new hur dramas n CBS perfrming prly, he said that mre emphasis will be placed n cmedy develpment. Jankwski admits the netwrk desperately needs a hit. While several f the eight hurs f new series this seasn frm LeMas- ters have wn critical praise, nne have been ratings blckbusters. LeMasters blames the Wrld Series n ABC fr pushing CBS int third, but pinted ut that CBS has scred tw cnsecutive secnd -place finishes during the Nvember sweeps n the strength f its prgraming. CBS Radi listeners will be seeing mre f Charles Osgd Netwrk is giving ppular anchr fur feature -riented shws in mrning drive as part f new frmat The CBS Radi Netwrk is bradening CBS News crrespndent Charles Osgd's rle in mrning drive, starting the week f Jan. 25 as part f a new frmat. The new netwrk structure, accrding t CBS, is based upn affilliate input. Osgd, wh is amng the mre highly - rated netwrk radi persnalities accrding t Statistical Research Inc.'s biannual RA- DAR reprts. will be anchring fur differ- Week seven (ended Nv 8) went t NBC -TV, accrding t the Nielsen prime time figures. The netwrk averaged a 15.7 rating and a 26 share, while CBS had a 14.1/23 and ABC a 12.6/21. In the evening news race, CBS tk the week with a 12.3/22. ABC placed secnd with an 11.1/20. NBC averaged a 10.6/19. The prime time week, in AGB numbers, als went t NBC. The netwrk's averages fr week seven were a 16.4 rating and a 27 share. CBS pulled in an AGB 15.2 rating and a 25 share, while ABC's AGB numbers were a 12.0/20. The chart belw lists the 71 prgrams bradcast fr week seven, with the Nielsen rank, rating and share presented t the left f each prgram name and the cmparable AGB ranking and statistics listed n the right. The same prgams ended up as the tp three shws fr the week n bth services; the first divergence came with CBS's 60 Minutes, which was ranked furth by Nielsen and fifth by AGB. The premiere bradcast f NBC's Beverly Hills Buntz came in at 11th n bth lists, pulling a Nielsen 20.4/34 and an AGB 20.1/32. The first wide divergence in ranking came with ABC's Mnday Night Ftball, which ranked 18th with a Nielsen 17.5/30, but ranked 31st with an AGB 14.4/26. The same netwrk's Dynasty Seven lucky fr NBC ent fur -minute Osgd File prgrams each weekday during mrning drive. (Feed times will be hurly frm 6:25 p.m. NYT t 9:25 p.m.) The Osgd File, which cvers breaking stries and human interest items, is currently three minutes lng and is fed each weekday at 12:25 p.m. Osgd, hwever, came in 30th n Nielsen (14.9/26), but came in 49th n AGB (11.4/22). CBS's Magnum, P.I. came in 32d n bth services with a Nielsen 13.6/22 and an AGB 14.1/23. The premiere f ABC's Sable came in 56th n Nielsen's list with a 9.9/18. On AGB's list, the premiere ranked 63d with a 9.2/17. CBS's Leg Wrk came in last (71st) amng Nielsen husehlds, where the shw averaged a 5.3/9. Amng AGB husehlds, hwever, it was ABC's Htel that brught up the rear, pulling in an AGB 6.8/13. CBS tk Mnday night with its special mvie presentatin f Eches in the Darkness, which ranked ninth fr the week n the Nielsen list. The netwrk tk the evening with a 22.0/33, ver ABC's 16.0/24.3 and NBC's 13.3/19.9. Tuesday went t ABC's 18.5/30.2. NBC had a 13.4/21.7, while CBS had a 9.7/16.2. ABC tk Wednesday with a 15.5/25.5, ver NBC's 12.5/20.6 and CBS's 12.2/20.2. Thursday went t NBC's 24.2/38.8. CBS averaged an 11.9/19.1 fr the night, while ABC had a 9.2/14.7. Friday went t CBS (14.6/25.7). ABC came in secnd (10.4/18.3). NBC averaged a 9.9/17.7 fr the night. Saturday went t NBC's 18.2/33.9, while ABC came up with a 9.2/17 and CBS with a 6.4/11.7. Sunday went t CBS's 19.8/31.6. NBC was next with a 17.5/27.7, then ABC, 9.9/15.5. Nielsen Net AGO Nielsen Nat AGB /48 N Csby Shw 1, 31.4/ /23 N St. Elsewhere / /45 N Different wrld / /22 N Crime Stry / /40 N Cheers / /19 N Our Huse / /38 C 60 Minutes / /18 A Dlly / /35 A Grwing Pains / /21 C Beauty and the Beast / /41 N Glden Girls / /18 N J.J. Starbuck / /34 C Murder, She Wrte / /21 A 20/ / /34 A Whs the Bss? / /18 N Year in the Life / /33 C CBS Special Mvie - Mn / /18 C Jake and the Fatman / /34 N NBC Sunday Night Mvie / /17 A MacGyver / /34 N Beverly Hills Buntz / /19 A I Married Dra / /31 A Mnlighting / /17 N NBC Mnday Night Mvie / /35 N Amen / /19 N Miami Vice / /32 N L.A. Law / /19 A Full Huse / /27 N ALF / /16 C Wiseguy / /27 N My Tw Dads / /16 C Tur f Duty / /27 N Family Ties / /16 A Disney Sunday Mvie / /30 A Mnday Night Ftball / /17 A Mr. Belvedere / /31 N / /16 C Oldest Rkie / /29 C Dallas / /18 A Sable / /34 N Hunter / /18 N Private Eye / /27 A Head f the Class / /18 C Law and Harry McGraw / /24 N Valerie's Family / /15 A ABC Thursday Night Mvie / /27 A Perfect Strangers / /16 A Buck James / /27 C CBS Sunday Mvie / /16 A Ohara / /25 N Matlck / /16 N Rags t Riches / /25 A Hperman / /17 A Htel / /26 C Knts Landing / /12 A Spenser: Fr Hire / /28 N Facts f Life / /13 C Hustn Knights / /26 A Dynasty / /12 A Sledge Hammer! / /27 C Falcn Crest / /13 A Pursuit f Happiness / /22 C Magnum, P.I / /15 C Y st 57th / /22 A Slap Maxwell Stry / /13 C My Sister Sam / /23 C Equalizer / /10 C Everything's Relative / /21 N Highway t Heaven / /9 C Leg wrk / /24 A Thirtysmething /22 Bradcasting Nv AR

143 I Strer Cmmunicatins, Inc. has sld the stck f the subsidiaries that wn televisin statins WAGA -TV (Atlanta) WJW -TV (Cleveland) WJBK -TV (Detrt) KCST -TV (San Dieg) WSBK -TV w.f. t SCI Televisin, Inc. The undersigned acted as financial advisr t Strer Cmmunicatins, Inc. in this transactin. MORGAN STANLEY & CO. Incrprated Octber 29, 1987

144 ntegrity... 1: sundness 2: adherence t a cde f mral values: utter sincerity, hnesty and candr syn. see hnesty. MVP, a discreet brkerage and financial service with integrity, whse principals have initiated ver $350,000,000 in transactins. Fr a strictly cnfidential discussin abut buying, selling, financing and appraising... call Media Venture Partners. ITO 14A4 MEDIA VENTURE PARTNERS Integrity and Discretin...the difference! RADIO and TELEVISION BROKERAGE FINANCING APPRAISALS SAN FRANCISCO 1700 Mntgmery St., Suite 322 San Francisc, CA ORLANDO 7479 Cnry Rd., Suite C Orland, FL WASHINGTON, DC rd St., N.W., Suite 890 Washingtn, D.C DALLAS 6311 N. O'Cnnr Rd. L.B. 97, Irving, TX will n lnger anchr the netwrk's 7 a.m. shw -the third highest rated netwrk radi bradcast in the spring RADAR 35 reprt with 3,017,000 listeners 12 and lder t cmmercials within prgrams -and the 9 a.m. hurly newscasts. Thse bradcasts will be taken ver by CBS News crrespndent Bill Whitney. Osgd's fur -and -a -half minute Newsbreak series, which is fed each weekday at 8:30 a.m., will becme ne f the new Osgd File reprts. "Our affiliates thught we weren't using the netwrk's biggest star [Charles Osgd] as well as we culd," said Bb Hsking. CBS Radi president. "S we decided t get Osgd ff the news and nt a mre regular [prgram] basis in mrning drive." Hsking expects the 7 a.m. newscast t maintain its high statin clearance level. which cntributes t its tp ratings, nce Osgd leaves. (Mst f the netwrk's plus affiliates clear bth the 7 and 9 a.m. Osgd newscasts.) "Statins wuld nt affiliate with CBS News if they didn't want t clear mst f the netwrk's newscasts," Hsking said. T make way fr the fur mrning drive Osgd File prgrams, tw ther CBS shws will be drpped frm the mrning lineup. They are the Sprts Wrld Rundup, which is hsted by Hward David and is fed at 6:45 a.m., and Yur Dllars, hsted by Marshall Leb, managing editr f Frtune magazine, and fed at 9:25 a.m. Affiliates generally will nt carry mre than tw netwrk prgrams per hur in the mrning, Hsking said, in explaining the mve. Anther frmat switch invlves First Line Reprt, the news and analysis series anchred by Judy Muller. The weekday prgram will mve frm a 6:30 a.m. feed t midday at 12:25 p.m., and will be retitled Crrespndent's Ntebk. Cncurrent with the new prgraming agenda, CBS said it will adpt a plicy f "cmmercial flexibility" as a way fr affiliates t ffer lcal advertisers "greater pprtunities t be assciated with the CBS News prduct." Fr the first time in its lng histry, the CBS Radi Netwrk will let affiliated statins insert lcal spts within all hurly newscasts and feature bradcasts by allwing them t air the secnd netwrk spt ut f the specific prgrams, but within an hur f the shw's scheduled feed time. (Similar practices are cmmn at mst ther majr radi netwrks). Currently, CBS affiliates can nly run netwrk spts within netwrk prgraming. Under the new frmat, affiliates wuld air the netwrk's first 60- secnd spt in the six - minute hurly newscast, which will ccur after three minutes. They can then use the last 60- secnd netwrk spt at the five -minute break fr lcal sales, delaying the netwrk cmmercial fr later that hur. "This change will give statins an pprtunity t make mre mney," Hsking said. The bradcast will resume after the secnd spt with a sign -ff. Additinally, statins will n lnger have t carry the hurly newscasts fr the entire six minutes. Affiliates, said Hsking, will have the ptin f cutting away frm the bradcast either after the first netwrk spt Osgd at the fur -minute mark r after five minutes. (All hurly newscasts are fed n -thehur.) "The prgraming mves g back t the questin: 'What can the netwrk d t strengthen its statins' psitin in the marketplace and therefre strengthen itself?' The answer is t prvide flexibility nt nly in sales, but in prgraming," said Hsking. "All f ur affiliates' needs are different." In ther areas, the CBS Radi Netwrk will expand its newsfeed service t include mre news and sprts cuts, a daily audi archive feed f histric tape, and three 60- secnd "cmmercial -free" business updates each weekday. All f the majr crrespndents fr the CBS Radi Netwrk will cntribute t the newsfeed service, said Hsking. CBS will increase the service's weekday peratin frm six hurs t 18 hurs per day (3 a.m. -9 p.m. NYT), the CBS Radi president said. "The peratin will be a little shrter n the weekend," he said. CBS will als institute a "hard- cpy" cmmunicatin service that will send affiliates, via satellite and a cmputer hk -up at the statin, printed data such as newsfeed lead -ins, audi cut descriptins and crisis cverage infrmatin. "These changes cme at a critical [increasing netwrk cmpetitin] time in the radi business," said Je Abel, executive vice president and general manager f KIRO- (AM) Seattle, wh als serves as CBS Radi Netwrk Affiliate Bard chairman. "We as an affiliate bard are very pleased with the steps that the netwrk is taking." The bard apprved the new netwrk and newsfeed schedule three weeks ag at a meeting in New Yrk. Hsking tld BROADCASTING that CBS began thinking abut frmat changes fr the netwrk nearly a year ag. Nne f the mdificatins t CBS Radi Netwrk will affect RadiRadi, CBS's yuth- riented netwrk. RadiRadi affiliates have been able t air lcal spts within netwrk prgraming. l7 Bradcasting Nv

145 Strer Cmmunicatins, Inc. has sld the stck f WTVG, Inc. wner f televisin statin WTVG -TV (Tled) t Tled Televisin, Inc. The undersigned acted as financial advisr t Strer Cmmunicatins, Inc. in this transactin. MORGAN STANLEY & CO. Incrprated Octber 30, 1987

146 Plans advance fr fall 1988 shws Lrimar names new hsts while GTG annunces mre statin clearances Lrimar Syndicatin and GTG Marketing mved ahead last week with their plans fr strips fr access in fall 1988, TV Guide and USA Tday. Lrimar annunced new hsts fr TV Guide: Mrtn Dean, frmerly f INN and CBS News, and Janet Langhart, a frmer hst f Gd Day!, a mrning talk shw n WCVB -TV Bstn. Lrimar had interviewed abut 50 candidates. The cmpany plans t g n the rad this week with a new pilt. Dick Rbertsn, frm the ffice f the president at Lrimar- Telepictures, said that cmpletin f the pilt, sht last week at KTLA -TV Ls Angeles, and the initiatin f the shw's marketing represents mre than seven mnths f preparatin fr the shw. T date, the five Hubbard Bradcasting affiliates are the nly clearances fr TV Guide. (WTDG(TV) St. Petersburg, Fla., an independent, has nt.) The televisin versin f TV Guide will use features frm the magazine, including "News Updates," "Cheers and Jeers," "Grapevine" and "Sprts Update." Each prgram will include celebrity guests, with frmer Olympic champin, Bruce Jenner, appearing in the pilt. There will be 52 weeks f first -mn episdes f TV Guide, and a ne -hur weekend editin each week. The daily episdes will be sld fr cash with Lrimar retaining ne minute. Fr the weekend hur, statins and Lrimar will each get six minutes f crn - mercial time. GTG, meanwhile, cntinued t clear USA Tday ( "In Brief," Nv. 9) n statins as it negtiated with a number f netwrk and statin news reprters and anchrs t fill slts fr hsts t highlight fur sectins f the newspaper. Amng thse mentined are Bill Macatee, sprtscaster fr NBC, and Rbin Yung, a frmer news anchr fr WNEV -TV Bstn and currently a cntributing crrespndent fr NBC's Tday shw. GTG has cleared USA Tday n 26 statins in the tp 50 markets. The clearances include the fllwing statins, all affiliates: KDFW-TV Dallas, KPRC -TV Hustn, WJBK- TV Detrit, wusa -TV Washingtn, WENS -Tv Clumbus, KTVt -TV St. Luis, WESH -TV Orland, WVTM -TV Birmingham, wtvf -Tv Nashville, KSATTV San Antni, and KCRA- TV Sacrament. Dn Saracen, general manager at KCRA- TV, said his statin was "genuinely interested" in USA Tday t increase the statin's news presence. KCRA -TV currently carries The Wil Shriner Shw, a ne -hur talk shw, in access. Last fall it attempted a first -run sitcm checkerbard. Saracen als nted that the prmtin campaign that will accmpany the shw is an attractive ne. The newspaper USA Tday will nte highlights f the shw n its OCEAN BROADCASTING, INC. has acquired KOCM -FM Newprt Beach, Califrnia fr $3,210,000 frm DONREY MEDIA GROUP We are pleased t have served as brker in this transactin. BucxBuRN?5EÖNVANY I N C O R P O R A T E D Media Brkers RI Appraisers Since 1947 WASHINGTON, D.C ATLANTA, CA 3036t CHICAGO, IL BEVERLY HILLS, CA Cnnecticut Ave., NW 400 Clny Square 333 N. Michigan Ave Wilshire Blvd. (202) (404) (312) (213) Bradcasting N c Langhart and Dean frnt page, while the TV shw will include stries frm the paper's fur sectins. As fr cncerns amng sme statins and reps that airing USA Tday will put t much news in their schedules, Saracen said that based n the GTG presentatin, he did nt fresee a steady diet f hard news. ACE f cable prgraming Nminatins fr cable's tp awards annunced; winners will be named in televised ceremny Jan. 24 frm Ls Angeles The Natinal Academy f Cable Prgraming last week annunced 314 ACE Award nminatins t 19 cable prgraming netwrks and tw independent prducers. Judges frm the cable industry and prductin cmmunity cnsidered 940 entries cmpeting in 74 categries. With 14 mre categries pen this year, the number f nminatins fr basic services rse frm 69 in 1986 t 112, an increase f 62%. Pay service nminatins climbed frm 189 t 202, a 7% jump. HBO nce again garnered the mst ACE nminatins with 112. It is fllwed by Shwtime, 46; Arts & Entertainment, 35; Disney Channel, 20; Cable News Netwrk, 16; TBS, 13; ESPN, 12; USA, 11; Brav, 11; Cinemax, 9; The Discvery Channel, 6; The Nashville Netwrk, 6; MTV, 4; CBN, 3; The Playby Channel, 2; VH -1, 2; The Learning Channel, 2; Nickelden, 1; Lifetime, 1; Rbert Steinfield Prductins, 1; Majr League Baseball Prductins, 1. After receiving n nminatins in the cmpetitin, the USA Cable Netwrk rebunded strngly this year with 11. Other cable netwrks receiving nminatins fr the first time are CBN, VH -1 and The Learning Channel. Abut 30 f the prgram and creative artists' categry winners will be annunced at the televised prtin f the Ninth Annual ACE Awards frm Ls Angeles n Jan. 24. HBO will prvide the tw -hur prime time ceremny, which TBS has carried the past five years, t all basic subscribers thrugh a special pen -carriage arrangement with all cable services. The prgram will be prduced by Mffitt - Lee Prductins (HBO's Nt Necessarily The News and its annual Cmic Relief specials) fr under $1 millin, accrding t Jhn Mffitt. The shw will be fast -paced and emphasize cmedy, which Mffitt said bucks a trend tward "lnger" and "duller"

147 I f awards prgrams. The prducers will use a "multihst" frmat and are in negtiatins with several big name cmedians, Mffitt said. The nntelevised prtin f the awards shw will be held Jan. 22 in Ls Angeles. Cl Octber demgraphic ratings fr checkerbard schedules are mixed They have leveled ff r decreased in vernights n all but ne NBC O &O The checkerbard schedule that runs n live f the NBC -wned statins emerged last week frm what has been hailed as its first real ratings test -the demgraphic results f the Octber ratings bk (Sept. 24 -Oct. 21 in Nielsen and Sept. 23 -Oct. 20 in Arbitrn). There was a decrease in thse demgraphic ratings in three f the markets - New Yrk, Chicag, and Washingtn -and increases in Ls Angeles and Cleveland. Fllwing its Sept. 14 debut in access, the checkerbard f five first -mn syndicated cmedies initially psted strng husehld ratings in vernights in each f the five markets. Since then, hwever, the checkerbards have leveled ff r decreased in the vernights n all but ne f the statins, WRC -TV Washingtn. NBC statin divisin president, Al Jerme, and vice president f prgraming, Wes Hams, have said in the past that the vernight husehld ratings that have shwn the checkerbards trending dwnward are nt as signficant as demgraphic ratings in determining the success f the checkerbard. In Nielsen ratings in Ls Angeles, KNBC(TV) psted its strngest gains amng wmen and wmen 25-54, rising 60% and 65% respectively in thse categries. Amng men, and 25-54, the checkerbard ranked fifth and furth in the market. In the Octber 1986 bk KNBC finished seventh in thse male categries with Card Sharks. WNBC -TV New Yrk was cited as perhaps the biggest demgraphic disappintment, accrding t Kathryn Lenard, vice president f research fr the NBC statins. The checkerbard decreased the statin's delivery f wmen and frm Octber 1986 by rughly a third in the Octber 1987 bk. Amng thse men and the statin was ff 11% and 16% respectively. In all fur male and female categries the statin went frm third t furth place in the market cmpared t Octber In Cleveland (in Arbitrn), WKYC -TV psted large increases in men and 25-54, rising 65% and 56% respectively in thse categries, pushing the statin frm furth t third place in the market in each. Amng wmen, the checkerbard was up 2% within and dwn 7% within cmpared t Octber On WMAQ -TV Chicag, the checkerbard had a 16% drp in ratings fr men and caused a fall frm secnd t third place in the market cmpared t last year, and a 25% drp in men 25-54, which caused a fall frm secnd t furth place. The statins fell 16% and 19% amng wmen and but held secnd place in the market anyway. In Washingtn, WRC -TV held furth place in all fur demgraphic categries despite rising in nly ne, men 25-54, where it was up 13 %. On a night by night basis, Lenard said that a preliminary lk at the data shws Tuesday night (She's the Sheriff) and Thursday, (Out f this Wrld) t be the tw strngest perfrmers amng the five shws amng ttal adults. The weakest night s far is Friday (We Gt it Made), she said. On the ther tw majr market statins carrying checkerbards, CBS -wned WCAU- TV Philadelphia, and independent WXON(TV) Detrit, Octber demgraphic ratings were als nt encuraging. In Arbitrn ratings, wxon(tv) remained in fifth place amng men and wmen and 25-54, as it was in Octber, 1986, when it carried $100,000 Pyramid. The checkerbard did manage t increase the statin's 7-7:30 p.m. husehld average, hwever, frm a 4/6 in Octber 1986 t a 5/8 in Octber In Arbitrn rankings in Philadelphia, WCAU fell frm furth t fifth place amng men 25-54, and frm third t furth place amng wmen and wmen Amng men the statin held furth place in the market. Chanpunand PROPOSED I WUTQ(AM)- WOUR(FM) Utica, N.Y. Sld by Devlin & Ferrari Bradcasting t Premier Bradcast Grup fr $3 millin. Seller is wned by Rbert H. (Rick) Devlin and Jn Ferrari. Devlin is frmer general manager f WRKS(AM) and WOR(AM), bth New Yrk, and vice president f ABC Talkradi. Ferrari wns Ferrari Inc., New Yrk -based advertising agency. It bught statin last year fr $1.5 millin ( "Changing Hands," Feb. 3, 1986). Buyer is wned by William J. Sel- NEW FLORIDA Fulltime AM and Class A FM (upgrade t Class C FM pending) ET Price $2,000,000 Castal RICHAR Class A FM Price $2,000,000 wd, wh als wns WABY(FM)- WKLI(FM) Albany, N.Y. WUTQ is daytimern 1550 khz with I kw. WOUR is n 96.9 mhz with 50 kw and antenna 800 feet abve average terrain. Brker: Blackburn & C. WKXA(AM) -WCLZ(FM) Brunswick, Me. Sld by Laurel Grup Ltd. t Duglas H. Tanger fr $1.5 millin. Seller is Brunswick, Me. -based grup f tw AM's and ne FM, principally wned by Jhn A. Rbertshaw Jr. and Jhn D. Reese. It will cntinue t wn WCNS(AM) Latrbe, Pa. Buyer is general partner f WRQS -FM Detrit. WXKA is n 900 Resrt Area LISTINGS Exclusive Frmat in Market I S INC. A Cnfidential Service t Owners & Quashed Buyers NEGOTIATIONS FINANCING APPRAISALS TV CAN RADIO NEWSPAPERS 7700 LEESBURG PIKE 540 FRONTAGE ROAD FALLS CHURCH, VA NORTHFIELD, IL (703) (312) Bradcasting Nv rd

148 khz with 800 w day and 65 w night. WcLz is n 98.9 mhz with 50 kw and antenna 400 feet abve average terrain. Brker: Cmmunicatins Equity Assciates. KTLT FM Wichita Falls, Kan. Sld by Wichita Falls Cmmunicatins t Pegasus Brad- casting fr $750,000. Seller is wned by Sanders Hickey and Al Maxwell, wh have n ther bradcast interests. Buyer is wned by Jhn Masn and Ken Schreder, lcal businessmen with n ther bradcast interests. Brker: Chapman Assciates. Brker fr sale f KLZE -FM Ls Alts, Calif. ( "Changing Hands," Oct. 26), was Chapman Assciates. Fr ther prpsed and apprved sales see, "Fr the Recrd," page èc1qy I m NAB asks FCC t adpt NRSC's AM radi standard Citing "substantial benefit," petitin asks that new rules be effective by Jan. 1, 1990 The Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters asked the FCC last week t make the Natinal Radi Systems Cmmittee's standard fr imprved AM fidelity part f its rules by Jan. I, If the FCC des s, the heretfre vluntary standard wuld becme mandatry. Incrprating the s- called NRSC standard in its rules wuld "prvide substantial industry-wide and public benefits," the NAB said in its petitin. "Such actin will reduce AM interference, increase useful AM service areas and encurage the prductin f higher fidelity receivers." The NRSC, a grup f bradcasters and receiver manufacturers, adpted a vluntary standard fr AM last January that prescribed a preemphasis curve f audi prcessing by bradcasters and a cmplementary deem - phasis curve fr radis. The standard als called n bradcasters t limit the audi bandwidth f prgraming t 10 khz befre transmissin. Prpnents f the standard have maintained that widespread adherence t the standard wuld reduce secnd -adjacent channel interference and lead t the prliferatin f wideband AM radis with higher fidelity- perhaps as much as 10 khz. Mst f tday's radis have fidelity f less than 5 khz. When the vluntary standard was issued, Michael Rau, directr f spectrum engineering and regulatry affairs fr the NAB's science and technlgy department, predicted that abut half f the natin's 5,000 AM Americm Sells New England... WHYN(AM)/WHFM(FM) Springfield, Massachusetts WIXY(AM)/WAQY(FM) Springfield, Massachusetts WHOM(FM) Mt. Washingtn, New Hampshire WSYB(AM)/WRUT(FM) Rutland, Vermnt WPTR(AM)/WFLY(FM) Albany, New Yrk WLKW(FM) Prvidence, Rhde Island WROW(AM/FM) Albany, New Yrk...Ttalling ver $52,000,000 in the last twelve mnths! AMERICOM Radi Statin Brkerage & Financing Suite 500 / 1130 Cnnecticut Ave., N.W. / Washingtn, DC / (202) See an imprtant me Sage frm Anterm ppscc The Week in Brita radi statins and abut three- furths f the majr market statins wuld have t cnvert t NRSC befre manufacturers wuld begin marketing wideband radis (BROADCAST- ING, Jan. 19). Cntacted last week, Rau said that 422 statins had returned written cnfirmatin f the cnversin. Hwever, based n sales reprts frm cnversin kit manufacturers, Rau estimated the actual number f statins that had cnverted r were planning t cnvert at clser t 800. Last summer, NAB predicted that abut 1,000 statins-20%--wuld cnvert by the end f 1987 (BROADCASTING, July 27). NAB has been cnducting a $28,000 lbbying campaign t cnvince AM bradcasters t invest in the necessary equipment t make their statins cnfrm t the standard. Its effrts have included a direct mailing t AM bradcasters last spring and fllw -up phne calls, a special slgan and lg and technical demnstratins at several cnventins and reginal meetings. NRSC cnversin kits, available thrugh manufacturers including Orban Assciates, Texar Inc., Circuit Research Labs, Innvnics and Energynics, cst abut $700. "Disappintment that the standard isn't prgessing a little further," Rau said, was part f the reasn that the NAB decided t seek an FCC rulemaking. He bserved that many statins agree with NRSC philisphically, "but are unwilling t make the cmmitment until there is sme assurance that everybdy else in the industry is ging t make the cmmitment." NAB Deputy General Cunsel Barry Umansky agreed that the rulemaking is being sught t give AM radi statin wners peace f mind that all statins wuld be cmplying. "Fr the NRSC standard t wrk ptimally, yu've gt t have statins all ver the cuntry ding it," he said. He als stressed that NRSC as an FCC rule wuld be "an abslute guarantee" fr radi manufacturers that their wideband radis wuld nt pick up adjacent channel interference. In the petitin, while NAB claimed sme success in cnvincing bradcasters, it said that "it is ur strngly held view that the substantial benefits t be gained by bradcast statins and radi listeners, as a whle, shuld nt await a timetable gverned nly by vluntary cnversin." The NAB als pinted ut that setting a timetable nw fr mandatry cnversin wuld increase the number f bradcasters willing t cnfrm t the transmissin as- Bradcasting Nv yen

149 pects f NRSC befre the 1990 deadline and "als wuld bestw radi receiver manufacturers with the added assurance needed t justify their incrprating, n a vluntary basis, the receiver prtins f the standard in receiver design." Hwever, NAB emphasized that its recmmendatin was t amend the rules gverning AM bradcasters nly and that it was "nt ur intentin t recmmend that the FCC require receiver manufacturers t incrprate NRSC characteristics in their prducts" (emphasis is NAB's). Instead, widespread bservance f the standard, the petitin said, wuld be an incentive fr manufacturers t prduce high -fidelity AM receivers. NAB als pinted ut that mandatry bservance f NRSC wuld nt vilate the present cmmissin's philsphy f aviding verregulatin in that it wuld fall under the FCC's general respnsiblity f spectrum management. "This statutry prvisin clearly applies t radi statin equipment that affects the interference ptential f that statin's emissins," the petitin said. The FCC shuld act, the NAB said, because NRSC incrpratin int the rules wuld be "prima facie in the public interest" because interference reductin wuld enhance the quality f receptin and increase the number f AM statins available t listeners, adding t their chice f prgraming. Practicing what they preach. Sny Crp., a leading develper f high- definitin televisin prductin gear, fr the first time has used the technlgy t prduce its wn HDTV cmmercial. The resulting 30- secnd spt (see pht), directed by veteran Lear Levin fr Sny ad agency McAnn- Ericksn, will air in tp 10 markets beginning tnight, Nv 16, thrugh Dec. 6. The cmmercial, fr Sny Crp. f America's new line f designer series Trinitrn TV sets, will be first seen during tnight's (Nv 16) NBC mvie Pr Little Rich Girl and will have subsequent airings n The Csby Shw, Cheers, Dallas, Falcn Crest, The Tnight Shw Starring Jhnny Carsn and Saturday Night Live. Beating Sny t the punch in using the technlgy fr cmmercial prductin in the U.S. was Reebk, which shwed its HDTV sp n MTV and n bradcast statins in sp buys earlier this year. Assisting in the prductin f bth cmmercials was prducer Barry Reb f Reb High Definitin Studi, the first U.S. cmmercial studi t be equipped with the Sny HDTV gear when the $2 millin facility went n line abut a year ag. Reb tld BROADCASTING the cmpany is in pst -prductin n a third cmmercial fr O'Henry candy bars and has prduced Japanese cmmercials fr Dentsu and J. Walter Thmpsn, as well as Japanese music vides. Reb said the cmpany is als finishing prductin n an independent feature film prduced with actr Rbby Bensn, as well as experimental wrk with vide artist Jhn Sanbrn and Mary Perill. Sy t,- IC Mre fiber Accrding t GTE Labratries Inc., Waltham, Mass., scientists there have develped a system t transmit 60 analg vide signals ver a fiber ptic landline. That capacity wuld be mre than three times that f the previus recrd labratry transmissin f 24 signals. Typically, 12 analg vide signals are sent ver a single landline. In labratry experiments, GTE used high -speed lasers and techniques usually used in satellite transmissins t send 60 channels ver an 18- kilmeter fiber ptic line. Fewer digital signals can be sent ver the same ptic strand because f the extra spectrum required t send such pictures. Official tape Ampex's 196 ne -inch videtape has been selected fr exclusive use by the Canadian Televisin Netwrk during the 1988 winter Olympics. The games will be held Feb in Calgary, Alberta. As hst bradcaster fr the winter Olympics, CTV is establishing the Internatinal Bradcasting Center in Calgary, which is designed t accmmdate 3,000 bradcasters frm arund the wrld. Ampex's magnetic tape divisin is lcated in Redwd City, Calif. Minrity inclusin sught The Natinal Black Media Calitin and the Natinal Assciatin fr the Advancement f Clred Peple have written the FCC t request that members f minrity grups be added t the membership f the cmmissin's advisry cmmittee n advanced televisin (ATV) services. The makeup f the cmmittee, which will investigate regulatry- related issues in the fields f high- EAST 500 East 77th Street Suite 1909 New Yrk NY (212) WEST 9454 Wilshire Bulevard Suite 600 Beverly Hills CA (213) SOUTH Elkins Rad Suite J -8 Rswell GA (404) HAL GORE, Vice -pre.. definitin and enhanced televisin, was annunced last mnth (BROADCASTING, Oct. 12). A letter was written t FCC Chairman Dennis Patrick by David E. Hnig, a Berlin, Md., attrney representing NAACP and NBMC, requesting "the additin f representatives f minrities, including public and cmmercial bradcasters, prgram prducers, prgram distributrs and leaders f rganizatins f viewers" t the cmmittee. Hnig said there is a danger that almst all "25 YEARS EXPERIENCE GOES INTO EVERY SALE" _///ea _qm/ce9a. TV RADIO CABLE APPRAISALS Bradcasting Nv

150 f the future advanced TV statins culd be cntrlled by "large nnminrity bradcasters, such as thse whse representatives make up a majrity f the ACTV cmmittee." He stressed the need fr minrity perspectives n the cmmittee and hped "the cmmissin des nt cnsider minrity bradcasters and prgramers t be an insignificant segment f the televisin industry." Engineering aid A $1,000 schlarship has been established by the Natinal Assciatin f Radi and Telecmmunicatins Engineers, Salem, Ore. Each year NARTE will spnsr an essay cntest pen t cllege undergraduates pursuing degrees in radi and telecmmunicatins. Essays will deal with the imprtance f engineer certificatin and endrsement prgrams f such rganizatins as NARTE and the Sciety f Bradcast Engineers. "These are the certificatin prgrams that came t life when the FCC pulled away frm licensing individuals," said NARTE president, Ray D. Thrwer. "What we're wanting t d is educate the cmmunity... that there are alternatives t the FCC. The FCC is nly licensing nw fr treaty -related matters and we want [students] t prve in their wn minds that a certificatin prgram f any kind is necessary." Entry papers shuld be seven -and -a -half t 15 duble- spaced typewritten pages. The deadline fr entries and applicatins fr the first annual NARTE Schlarship is mid -February Applicatins and further details can be btained by writing t Thrwer's attentin at NARTE headquarters, Bx 15029, Salem, Ore., CQb1ecs ings Regruping The Inspiratinal Netwrk (frmerly the PTL netwrk) reprted last week its first re -signing f a cable MSO, Daniels & Assciates, and reinstatement f the service n sme cable systems wned by Tele- Cmmunicatins Inc. The netwrk als reprted there are strng indicatins that it will eventually sign ther MSO's, including TeleCable, Rgers, Cntinental and Prime Cable, t new affiliatin agreements. But the netwrk is getting anther cmpetitr in the ecumenical channel that TCI is helping t put tgether, which may inhibit The Inspiratinal Netwrk's (TIN's) effrts t maintain r increase its cable reach. Jhn McEntee, directr f cable marketing fr the Inspiratinal Netwrk, met with several cable peratrs in early Nvember and said that "things went well." TCI is reinstating the netwrk in partial r full frm n three systems -Farmingtn, N.M.; Muskegn, Mich., and Daytna Beach, Fla. -representing rughly 77,000 subscribers. McEntee presented a petitin signed by 2,500 f the 16,000 subscribers f the Jnes Intercable system in Augusta, Ga., t Jnes crprate fficials, asking that the channel be reinstated. Jnes was expected t get back t TIN in a few weeks, and indicatins were that the netwrk wuld g back n as part f a cmpsite religius channel. The Daniels signing represents 201,000 subscribers, said McEntee. The netwrk als signed Maclean- Hunter's systems in Michigan, serving rughly 60,000 subscribers. The cntracts are the first in which TIN has charged a fee, and althugh McEntee wuld nt release details, he said the cntract was based n the three cents per subscriber per mnth that TIN has prpsed. McEntee des nt see a large audience fr the new ecumenical channel being backed by TCI, and spent much f his time in Denver trying t reeducate cable peratrs n what TIN is all abut. The ecumenical channel, said McEntee, nly "has a small ptential fr a significant viewing audience." TIN already has the best quality religius prgraming available, he said, and has prgraming frm Jewish, Cathlic, Presbyterian and Methdist grups. The bulk f viewers that watch religius prgrams n televisin, said McEntee, d s fr charismatic reasns. "The ecumenical channel will nt reach the viewers f religius televi- sin," said McEntee. "The cable industry is just causing themselves anther prblem." McEntee sensed that United Cable and Jnes Intercable had shwn an interest in the new service, but he felt cnfident "even thse MSO's will keep The Inspiratinal Netwrk in markets where there is verwhelming interest." McEntee hpes that the backlash against the Bakkers and TIN is behind it, and wn't remain a lingering cause fr peratrs t chse the new ecumenical service ver TIN's. The episde "is ver," said McEntee. "It's gne, and that which remains is very, very gd." As lng as the curts have jurisdictin ver PTL (the parent cmpany which wns TIN) -at least five t seven years based n the debt repayment schedule, said McEntee -the Bakkers wn't be allwed t return. Expanding Rainbw Rainbw Advertising Sales, the advertising sales divisin f Cablevisin Systems, tk a majr leap in the cable rep field last week by purchasing the largest rep in the business, N 3M Cable Netwrks Inc., fr an undisclsed price. CNI reps systems in mre than 100 markets, reaching sme 13 millin subscribers. It als runs tw intercnnects, ne in Atlanta (248,000 hmes) and the ther in New Yrk (mre than 1.3 millin hmes). The purchase is a gd fit fr Cablevisin because its principal cable peratins are in New Yrk and Lng Island. Rbert Fennimre, president f Rainbw Advertising Sales (RASCO), said the mve was "a tremendus pprtunity" fr the cmpany and that "the timing culdn't be better," as cable netwrks cntinue t shw ratings increases (BROADCASTING. Nv. 9). Fennimre, wh spent a number f years in sales at WWOR -TV New Yrk befre jining Rainbw in 1984, said he sees the cable spt business as having the same grwth ptential as independent statins did 10 years ag. "I really believe in the grwth f this business," said Fennimre, in describing Cablevisin's cmmitment. "We spent a lt f mney t buy this cmpany." RASCO plans t retain tw different sales Ready t g. Cablevisin f New Yrk City's general manager, Nrm Kellgg (I), gives Assemblyman Jhn C. Deane (c) and Brnx Brugh President Fernand Ferrer a tur f a ptential head -end site in the Brnx during phase ne pre -installatin signal testing. Bradcasting N C

151 frces, the rep and intercnnect ends f CNI. RAS represents sme 750,000 Cablevisin subscribers in the New Yrk area, which will be added t CNI's 1.3 millin and give the area intercnnect an ver 2- millin hme reach. In additin t the natinal cable prgraming services, Cablevisin perates Lng Island News 12, the 24 -hur lcal news peratin, and Sprtschannel New Yrk. Pete Mran, vice president, lcal systems sales with RASCO, will becme vice president, general manager, f CNI's New Yrk ffice, said Fennimre. RASCO, in additin t repping Cablevisin, als reps Viacm's system in New Yrk's Sufflk cunty, and Manhattan Cable, tgether representing sme 300,000 subscribers. Fennimre said RASCO will handle abut $30 millin in advertising sales this year, with rughly half cming frm the sprts services. CNI has ffices in New Yrk, Ls Angeles, Chicag, Bstn, Dallas and Atlanta. Its tp markets are Bstn (642,500 hmes), San Francisc (525,760), San Dieg (449,500), Miami (448,035), Chicag (425,024), Hustn (411,000), Tampa, Fla. (365,000), Dallas (348,000) Ls Angeles (325,000), Pittsburgh (321,000), Seattle (319,277), Hartfrd, Cnn. (318,300), and Atlanta (301,000). It is estimated CNI billed abut $13 millin last year. the agenda at the Western Cable Shw, Dec. 2-4, in Anaheim, Calif. "Psitining Pay Cable fr the Future," n Dec. 3, will be mderated by James Cwnie, president, Heritage Cmmunicatins. Panelists will include Michael Fuchs, chairman, HBO; Tny Cx, chairman and chief executive fficer, Shwtime /The Mvie Channel; Jhn Cke, president, The Disney Channel, and Que Spaulding, president, Playby Vide. Reactrs will be Rbert Clasen, president, Crn - cast Cable, and Charles Twnsend, president, Clny Cmmunicatins. Tw HDTV sessins are scheduled fr Dec. 3, bth t be mderated by David Large, senir vice president, engineering, Gill Industries. The first sessin will cver cmpeting transmissin systems, the ther will be a mre general discussin f HDTV. I MI Tw fiber ptics sessins are scheduled fr Dec. 2, t be mderated by Jim Chiddix, vice president, engineering and technlgy, American Televisin & Cmmunicatins. The sessin will cver what it takes t install fiber ptics tday. and the future f the technlgy. Prime number Rupert Murdch's Eurpean satellite service, Sky Channel, is nw in its 10 millinth husehld, curtesy f a Danish cable husehld. The channel, which reached the number after new cable netwrks in Belgium and Denmark signed n fr the service, als recently annunced its first cnnectin in the Sviet Unin at Leningrad's Gastinetsa Pribaltiyskaya Htel. PPV keys Hit mvies, impulse rdering and prper scheduling are the keys t pay per view. accrding t a white paper develped by Warner Brs., a majr Hllywd supplier f mvies t cable prgraming and PPV services. The paper cncludes that buy rates increase as a result f airing hit mvies and utilizing impulse rdering. "Hit theatrical mvies prduce the mst PPV sales, and are nt always a direct relatin t the bx ffice," Warner fund. "Impulse systems have an enrmus advantage ver CSR /ARU systems; ANI is a less cstly, less effective impluse substitute, generating 50 %-80% f hardware impulse buy rates," Warner said. Buy rates als increase when mre channels are allcated fr PPV and prmtin is intensified. The study cncluded there was n existing ptimal PPV system, but listed what wuld cnstitute ne: fur r five channels (three with hit mvies and tw with specials, classics, events and sprts), impulse technlgy, cnvenient scheduling (ne mvie every tw hurs, beginning n the hur), frequent shwings (20 t 30 evening exhibitins fr majr mvies) and stepped - up subscriber marketing. The mst successful PPV cable systems are seeing increased basic and pay penetratins, 100% + buy rates and revenue $6 t $8 per mnth per subscriber, but Warner estimated that if thse factrs were met, basic and pay penetratin culd increase further, 200% + buy rates culd be achieved and the revenue per mnth per subscriber culd reach $12 fr PPV. Western Cable preview The Califrnia Cable Televisin Assciatin has added sessins n pay prgraming, high -definitin televisin and fiber ptics t 1 And yu thught the Greyhund was just n buses. When yu say Greyhund, mst peple just think buses. But did yu knw that fr 25 years Greyhund has been a majr business finance cmpany'? lbday, Greyhund Financial helps bradcasters and cable peratrs acquire and refinance their prperties. Our Cmmunicatin Finance team, lead by industry veteran Matt Breyne, ffers: quick decisin making lan structuring expertise access t a wide range f financing ptins S nw, when yu want t buy a new prperty r restructure an existing ne, think Greyhund -the cmmunicatins finance peple. Call Matt Breyne, Cmmunicatin Finance Grup, at (r ). Greyhund Financial crpratin A Greyhund Cmpany _ Bradcasting Nv SS

152 Independent share Millins f plitical advertising dllars will be up fr grabs next year, and independent bradcasters want their share. T help them get their share, the Assciatin f Independent Televisin Statins and the American Assciatin f Plitical Cnsultants are spnsring a seminar in Washingtn this Wednesday (Nv. 18) t infrm plitical time buyers abut independent bradcasting. As f last Wednesday, mre than 50 had signed up t attend. The seminar begins with the rudiments. Rnald Inman, vice president -marketing, INTV, will make a presentatin n cnsumer trends and the media's respnse t them. He will be fllwed by Sue Rynn, research directr, INTV, wh will prfile demgraphically the audience f independent statins. Runding ut the mrning sessin, Dc Schweitzer f The Campaign Grup will prvide his views n effective plitical advertising, and Bill Hamiltn, Hamiltn, Frederick & Schneiders, will present the results f an AAPC survey f buyers. During the afternn sessin, three bradcasters and a time -buying specialist frm the Katz rep firm will discuss "Winning the Undecided Vter with Independent Televisin." The panelists: Kathy Baske, TVX Crp.; Cathy Egan, Katz; Jhn Hummel, KWON-TV Denver, and WTAF -Tv Philadelphia. The scheduled lunchen speaker is Maury Pvich, hst -anchr f Fx Bradcasting's A Current Affair., a natinally syndicated public affairs prgram. Cming hme t NBC WTVJ(TV) Miami and KONG -Tv Denver have fficially becme NBC O &O's and will nw reprt t the statin divisin at the netwrk in New Yrk. The statins previusly reprted t General Electric Prperty Manage- NAB news. The Musuem f Bradcasting has apprached the Natinal Assciatin f Bradcasters t slicit funds t help build the musuem's new headquarters. NAB was asked t cntribute $100,000 fr the next five years. The executive cmmittee wants t review next year's budget befre making a decisin. In ther assciatin news, Ted Snider, immediate past NAB jint bard chairman, wh is president f Snider Crp., Little Rck, Ark., and Gert Schmidt f wrtv(tv) Jacksnville, Fla., als frmer jint bard chairman, were named t Bradcast Educatin Assciatins bard. Appinted t the Bradcast Capital Fund (BROADCAP) bard were Lwell Paxsn, president f Hme Shpping Netwrk, and BROADCAP President Jhn Oxendine. HSN cntributed $100,000 t the fund earlier this year (BROADCASTING, Aug. 17). BROADCAP is a nnprfit rganizatin created t help minrities enter bradcast wnership. ment f Flrida Inc. and General Electric Prperty Management f Clrad Inc., respectively. WTVJ(TV) is a CBS affiliate with a cntract thrugh January Bth statins will cntinue t be represented by utside firms fr natinal spt sales, per current cntracts. The KCNC -TV deal with Katz Crn - municatins is thrugh Nvember The wtvj deal with MMT Sales Inc. is thrugh December Cinetex prgraming chairman Lee Rich, chairman f MGM /UA Cmmunicatins C., will be the chairman f the prgram cmmittee fr Cinetex, an internatinal film and televisin festival, scheduled fr Las Vegas Sept. 23 -Oct. 1, Frmed by Interface Grup f Cmpanies, prducer f 45 trade shws, Cinetex wants t capitalize n what it sees as a grwing interrelatin f the tw businesses. Interface had als bked Las Vegas in 1989 fr a cnventin. Watching the detectives Hllywd prductin cmpany Internatinal Creative Exchange is c- prducing a weekly TV series, Private Eyes Never Die, with French advertising cnglmerate Havas fr airing n France's new independent netwrk, M6. EDWIN TORNBERG & COMPANY, INC. Negtiatrs Fr The Purchase And Sale Of Radi And TV Statins CATV Appraisers P.O. Bx Washingtn, D.C (202) Each 90- minute shw is a cmpilatin f dubbed episdes f vintage American series, Peter Gunn and Mr. Lucky, hsted by French actr Guy Marchand and intermixed with skits and 1950's newsreels. M6 airs the shw twice a week and has made a 42 -episde cmmitment. ICE president is French -brn frmer Disney Channel vice president, Olivier de Cursn. Rn Miller, frmer chief executive fficer f Walt Disney C., is ICE chairman. Time travelers Walter Crnkite, Ted Kppel, Phil Dnahue, Jhn Chancellr, William F. Buckley and Charlayne Hunter -Gault are amng the jurnalists wh will take viewers back in time t reprt n the debate ver the ratificatin f the Cnstitutin in 1787 and An Empire f Reasn, a $500,000 prject f the New Yrk Bar Fundatin and the New Yrk State Cmmissin n Bicentennial, uses current televisin frmats -including nightly news, Dnahue and Firing Line -t present histrical discussins f the Cnstitutin frm the New Yrk perspective. Actrs E.G. Marshall and Eli Wallach are featured in mck plitical annuncements fr and against the Cnstitutin. An Empire f Reasn is expected t be carried by the Public Bradcasting Service in early spring Electin 1988 The public bradcasting cmmunity has raised $1.7 millin fr its $3- millin PBS "Electin '88" prgraming plan, which includes a Bill Myers special n the presidency, cnventin cverage, a pst- cnventin presidential debate analysis and a three - hur electin -eve special. PBS and its statins have raised $950,000; CPB has cntributed $750,000, and additinal funding is being sught frm crpratins and fundatins fr the prject administered jintly by nncmmercial statins WETA -TV Washingtn and WGBH -TV Bstn. Bth statins will als prduce an electin -eve special. In additin t the Myers special, The MacNeill Lehrer NewsHur will cver the cnventins, analyze debates and prvide electin -night updates, and Frntline will present a campaign dcumentary. Bradcasting Nv ICC

153 fr tie Recrda As cmpiled by BROADCASTING, Nv. 4- Nv. 11, and based n filings, authrizatins and ther FCC actins. Abbreviatins: AFC -Antenna Fr Cmmunicatins. AU- Administrative Law Judge. alt. -alternate. ann.- annunced. ant. -antenna. aur.- aural. aux.- auxiliary. ch. -channel. CH -critical hurs. chg -change. CP -cnstructin permit. D -day. DA- directinal antenna. Dc - Dcket. ERP -effective radiated pwer. HAAT -height abve average terrain. H &V- hrizntal and vertical. khz -kilhertz. kw- kilwatts. lie. license. m r M -meters. MEOC- maximum expected peratin value. mhz - megahertz. mi.- miles. md -mdificatin. N- night. pet fr recn -petitin fr recnsideratin. PSA- presunrise service authrity. pwr -pwer. RC -remte cntrl. S -A- Scientific- Atlanta. SH- specified hurs. SL- studi lcatin. IL-transmitter lcatin. trans.- transmitter. TPO- transmitter pwer utput. U r unl- unlimited hurs. vis.- visual. w- watts. - nncmmercial. Six grups f numbers at end f facilities changes items refer t map crdinates. 1 meter feet. Ownership Changes WYNG(FM) Evansville. IN (BALH871027GS: mhz; 50 kw; HAAT: 500 ft.)- -Seeks assignment f license frm Beasley Bradcast Grup t Faircm Inc. fr 55.6 millin. Seller is Gldsbr. N.C. -based grup f nine AM's and 12 FM's principally wned by Gerge Beasley. It recently sld WPHR(FM) Cleveland ("Changing Hands.' Oct. 12). Buyer is publicly traded. Old Brkville, NYbased grup f tw AM's and three FM's headed by Jel Fairman. Filed Oct. 27. WIBM -AM-FM Jacksn, MI (AM: BAL871029GW; 1450 khz: I kw -U; FM: BALH87I029GX; 94. I mhz; 50 kw; HAAT: 500 ft. )-Seeks assignment f license frm Van Wagner Bradcasting Inc. t CR Bradcasting Inc. fr $4,075,000. Seller is headed by Richard Schaps, president. It als wns KEBC(FM) Oklahma City. Buyer is wned by Dennis Rker and Jhn Clumbus. Rker is Charlttesville. VA, attrney. frmer senir vice president and general cunsel with Wrrell Newspapers. Clumbus is vice president f United Statins. It is grup f three AM's and three FM's bught frm Cmmunity Service Bradcasting Inc. last year fr $4.1 millin ( "Changing Hands: Dec ). Filed Oct. 29. KCZ(TV) Bzeman, MT (CP)-Seeks assignment f license frm Bee Bradcasting Assciates. LP t Big Hrn Cmmunicatins, Inc. fr $275,000. Seller has n ther bradcast interests. Buyer is Hardin. MT -based grup f ne AM, ne FM and tw TV's, wned by Daniel W. Cn, Martha R. Creath and Calvin Cafritz. Filed Oct. 29. WRGT-TV Daytn, OH and WVAH -TV Charlestn, W V and CP n channel 11 in Charlestn (WRGT-TV: ch. 45; ERP vis kw. aur. 500 kw; HAAT: 1,166 ft.; WVAH- TV: ch. 23; ERP vis. 5,000 kw, aur. 500 kw; HAAT: 1,722 ft.) -Seeks assignment f license frm Meridian Cmmunicatins Crp. t Act Ill Bradcasting fr apprximately $22 millin. Seller. based in Pittsburgh, is principally wned by Henry Psner Jr., Albert M. Hltz and Thmas D. Wright. It has n ther bradcast interests. Buyers intend t return license fr WVAH-TV t FCC and switch frm its channel 23 t channel 11 n April II Buyer is principally wned by prducer Nrman Lear and headed by Burt Ellis, president. It als wns WTAT -TV Charlestn, SC, and WNRW -TV Greensbr, NC. Filed Oct. 28. KBOR(AM) Brwnsville, TX (BAL871028EB; 1600 khz; I kw-u)---seeks assignment f license frm Brwnsville Bradcasting Crp. t La Nueva KBOR, Inc. fr $200,000. Seller has n ther bradcast interests. Buyer is Edgar C. Trevin, wh already wns 20% f assignr. Filed Oct. 28. Actins KKBH -FM Victria (Prt Lavaca) TX (BALH870806HI; 93.3 mhz; 100 kw; HAAT: 750 ft.)- Granted assignment f license frm Crssrads Bradcasting Inc. t Castal Wireless C. fr $630,000. Seller is wned by Jhn Sharp and Dudley D. McDugal, wh have n ther bradcast interests. Buyer is wned by Dan Cutrer, wh als wns KSTE(FM) Crpus Christi, TX. Actin Oct. 29. WEBE(FM) Westprt. CT (BALH87082IHH; mhz: 50 kw: HAAT: 245 ft.)- Granted assignment f license frm 108 Radi C. Ltd. Partnership t WEBE Assciates fr $12 millin. Seller is principally wned by Franz Allina and thers. It has n ther bradcast interests. Buyer is wned by M.L. Media Partners. headed by Martin Pmpadur. it wns tw TV's and als has interest in Televisin Statin Partners. New Yrk -based grup f fur TV's. Actin Oct. 30. WKAL -AM -FM Rme. NY (AM: BAL870909H1; 1450 khz: I kw -U: FM: BALH870909HJ; 95.9 mhz; 3 kw; HAAT: 105 ft.)-- Granted assignment f license frm WENY Inc. t Target Cmmunicatins f Utica/Rme Inc. fr $ Seller is wned by Dnald M. Simmns, wh als wn WOND(AM) Pleasantville. WMGM(FM) Atlantic City and WMGM -TV Wildwd, all New Jersey. and WENY -AM- TVand WLEZ-FM Elmira. NY. Buyer is subsidiary f Target Cmmunicatins. Augusta. GA -based grup f five AM's and nine FM's, principally wned by Dnald J. Alt. Actin Oct. 30. WNQQ -FM Blairsville. PA (BALH870911GK: mhz: 2.4 kw: HAAT: 363 ft.)- Granted assignment f license frm WNQQ Inc. t Pennsylvania Bradcast Affiliates Inc. fr $ Seller is wned by Ray Gusky, n ther bradcast interests. Buyer is principally wned by Arnld Rapprt and Bruce Lch. Rapprt is attrney and Lch is CPA. bth frm Allentwn, PA. Actin Oct. 30. KGBR(FM) Gld Beach. OR (BALH861007GV; 92.7 mhz: 2.6 kw: HAAT: 1,030 ft.)- Granted assignment f license frm Republic Cmmunicatins f Oregn Inc. t St. Marie Cmmunicatins Inc. fr $60,000. Seller is wned by Gerge L. Chambers; his wife. Bnnie. and Rbert Adelman. It als wns KTPI(FM) Tehachapi and KDOL(AM) Mjave, bth Califrnia. Chambers als wns KTCE(FM) WBCK(AM) Battle Creek, Michigan t Ansn. TX. Buyer is wned by Dale L. St. Marie and his wife. Diana. Actin Oct. 29. WTRQ(AM) Warsaw, NC (BTC870820EA: 1560 khz; 10 kw- D)-Granted transfer f cntrl frm James L. Msely and his wife. Winnafred, t James B. Blanchard and his wife. Peggy. fr assumptin f liabilities. Seller wns 54% f stck and has n ther bradcast interests. Buyer wns remainder and has n ther bradcast interests. Granted Oct. 29. KBOQ -FM Marina. CA (BALH870915G1: 92.7 mhz: 910 w; HAAT: 550 ft.)-granted assignment f license frm Cmpass Cmmunicatins t Mdel Assciates Inc. fr $ Seller is principally wned by Herb Victr. It has n ther bradcast interests. Buyer is principally wned by Stanley A. Marks and family. Actin Nv. 2. KJAN -AM -FM Atlantic. IA (AM: 1220 khz: 250 w -D; FM: mhz; 100 kw; HAAT: 400 ft.)- Granted transfer f cntrl f Valley Bradcasting Inc. frm Jhn E. Carl, Rbert H. Selden, Brent Slay, Allen Davies and Rben Bebensee t Rbert H. Dean fr $2,250,000. Sellers wn WKLK -AM -FM Clquet, MN, and KARE(AM) Atchisn, KN. Carl als wns KCOB(AM) -KLVN(FM) Newtn, IA. Buyer is general manager f KESY -AM -FM Omaha, NE. Actin Nv. 5. KXGF(AM) Great Falls. MT-Granted assignment f license frm Verdell H. Lnnquist t Cardn Bradcasting Inc. fr $106,500. Seller has n ther bradcast interests. Buyer is wned by Dn C. Rbinsn and his wife. Carley. wh als wn KAAK(FM) Great Falls. MT. Actin Nv 3. WINR(AM) Binghamtn. NY (BAL870922EA: 680 khz: 1 kw -D: 500 w- N)-- Granted assignment f license frm WINK Bradcasting Inc. t Titus Bradcasting Systems Inc. fr $ Seller is subsidiary f Cmmand Bradcasting. Beacn. NY -based grup f three AM's and ne FM. principally wned by Alfrd H. Lessner. Rbert E. Lessner and Rbert A. Outer. Buyer is wned by Paul T. Liggett Bradcasting, Inc. frm Wlverine Bradcasting Crpratin, Inc. $850,000 Chapman Assciates is pleased t have assisted in this transactin. Bradcasting Nv XR7

154 Titus, dentist in Binghamtn. Actin Nv. 3. KFIZ(AM) Fnd Du Lac. WI and WLIP(AM)- WJZQ(FM) Kensha. WI (KFIZ: BAL870914EC: 1450 khz; I kw -U. WLIP: BAL8709I4ED: 1050 khz: 250 w -D. WJZQ; BALH870914EE: 95.1 mhz; 50 kw; HAAT: 500 ft.)- Granted assignment f license frm Star Cablevisin Partnership t Independence Bradcasting Crp. fr $ Seller is Fnd Du Lac -based cable MSO with systems in fur states. headed by Dnald G. Jnes. managing partner. With sale f KFIZ and WLIP -WJZQ, it will n lnger have bradcast interests. Buyer is New Yrk -based radi statin grup principally wned by Peter Sulick. chairman. and Jhn Gdwill. president. It als wns KOEL- AM-FM Ochsein. IA. and KSALIAM) -KYEZ(FM) Salina. KN. Actin Nv. 3. Applicatins AM's New Statins Battle Grund. IN -Nu -View Assciates Inc. seeks 640 Ow. 380 w -D: 250 w -N. Address: 2655 Yeager Rd.. West Lafayette. IN Principal is wned by Kent A. Nussbaum and family. It als wns WKJM(FM) Mnticell. IN. Filed Oct. 29. Atlantic Beach. NC- Atlantic Beach Radi seeks 1200 khz; 5 kw -D; I kw -N. Address: PO Bx 889. Blacksburg. VA Principal is headed by Vernn H. Baker. wh als wns WBZI(AM) -WLGY(FM) Xenia. OH, WKGM(AM) Smithfield. VA and WSGH(AM) Lewisville. NC. Filed Oct. 29. Junctin City. OR -Jerry J. Cllins seeks 650 khz; IO kw -D; I kw -N. Address: 1227 Del Prad Blvd.. Suite 103. Cape Cral. FL Principal wns WDCQ(AM) Pine Island Center. FL. Filed Oct. 27. Pwhatan. VA- Glden Rule Organizatinal Wrkshp seeks 1200 khz: 25 kw -D: 250 w -N. Address: 201 Prgress St.. Blacksburg. VA Principal is headed by Vernn H. Baker, wh als wns WBZI(AM) -WLGY(FM) Xenia. OH. WKGM(AM) Smithfield. VA and WSGH(AM) Lewisville, NC. Filed Oct. 29. FM's Lincln, NE- Spacecm Inc. seeks mhz: 3 kw; HAAT: 100 m. Address: 444 Pine St.. St. Paul, MN Principal is principally wned by S.W. Richey and W.E. Barsness. wh als wn WXUS(FM) Lafayette. IN and KQEU(AM) Olympia. WA. Richey als wns WCWC /WYUR(FM) Ripn, WI, and KLBB(AM) St. Paul. MN. Filed Oct. 29. Lincln. NE -Star Bradcasting Inc. seeks mhz; 3 kw; HAAT: 100 m. Address: 2110 Virginia Ave., Bellevue, NE Principal is wned by Daniel E. Nrtn. wh has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 29. Lincln. NE- Lincln Bradcasting Inc. seeks mhz: 3 kw: HAAT: 22 m. Address: 3416 Ncerpark Dr.. Lincln. NE Principal is wned by Nrma Petersn. wh has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 29. Lincln. NE- Lincln Bradcasting seeks mhz: 3 kw; HAAT: 46 m. Address: 516 East Ravine Rd., Hinsdale. IL Principal is wned by Eric Graham, wh has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 29. /\ R.A. Marshall & C. Lincln. NE -Cmhusker State FM Assciates seeks <RV4> Media Investment Analysts Brkers mhz; 3 kw; HAAT: 100 m. Address: 4307 Bingham Circle. Lincln. NE Principal is headed by Edra R. Williams. It has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 29. Jacksn. NH- Gladys E. Pwell seeks 99.5 mhz: 3 kw; HAAT: 56 m. Address: P.O. Bx 326. Pinkham Ntch Rd.. Jacksn. NH Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 29. Jacksn, NH- William A. Zelliff seeks 99.5 mhz; 3 kw; HAAT: 312 m. Address: Rte. 16B, Jacksn, NH Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 29. Jacksn. NH- Duglas Kent Pr seeks 99.5 mhz; 100 w: HAAT: 191 m. Address: Bx Nrth Cnway, NH Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 29. Jacksn. NH- Walter B. Prebble III and Daniel R. Guy, a Partnership. seeks 99.5 mhz: 465 w; HAAT: 250 m. Address: P.O. Bx 21. Jacksn, NH Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 29. Crrales. NM -LV Bradcasting Educatinal Fundatin seeks 95.1 mhz: 3 kw; HAAT: 100 m. Address: 906 Ortega. NW. Albuquerque. NM Principal is headed by Larry Vigil. wh has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 29. Hrmiguers. PR- Jseph Bahr seeks 106. I mhz: 3 kw: HAAT: 200 m. Address: P.O. Bx 487, Fredericksted, VI Principal als wns WVIS -FM Christiansted, VI. Filed Oct. 28. Hrmiguers. PR -Juan Gnlian seeks mhz; 3 kw: HAAT: 335 m. Address: P.O. Bx 295. Hrmiguers, PR Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 28. Hrmiguers. PR-Guillerm A. Bnet seeks mhz; 3 kw: HAAT: 246 m. Address: P.O. Bx 475, Mayaguez, PR Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 28. Hrmiguers. PR- Renancer Crp. seeks 106. I mhz; 3 kw: HAAT: 253 m. Address: P.O. Bx 808, Lajas, PR Principal is wned by Larry W. Rams. Santa M. Mrales and Olga Del Carril, wh have n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 28. Hrmiguers. PR -Occidental Bradcasting Crp. seeks mhz: 3 kw; HAAT: 333 m. Address: 509 S. Pst St.. Mayaguez, PR Principal is headed by Susan Baez Dixn. wh has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 29. Olyphant, PA- Crdar Assciates seeks 95.7 mhz: 375 w; HAAT: 281 m. Address: 422 Sherwd Dr.. Dunmre, PA Principal is wned by Rbert C. Crdar. wh has n ther badcast interests. Filed Oct. 28. Olyphant. PA -J. Frederick Manning seeks 95.7 mhz; 540 w; HAAT: 233 m. Address: P.O. Bx 643. Pcn Plains. PA Principal has interest in WARK(AM)- WARX(FM) Hagerstn, MD. Filed Oct. 28. Perry, OK- Leemay Bradcasting Services seeks mhz: 3 kw: HAAT: 100 m. Address: P.O. Bx 419. Vinita, OK Principal is wned by Jackie D. Lee and Rben L. May. It als wns KVIN(AM) Vinita. OK. Filed Oct. 26. Perry. OK -The Andver Crp. Inc. seeks mhz: 3 kw; HAAT: 100 m. Address: 8030 East Kellgg. Wichita, KS Principal is wned by Luis S. Mrgan. wh has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 26. Gibsnburg, OH -Buddy Cart and Carlyn J. Carr seek 95.7 mhz: 3 mhz; 100 m. Address: 105 Cedar Ct. Perrysburg, OH Principals have n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 23. Undevelped Class C FM statin serving tp 150 market. $3.0 millin f/ 800 Main Street.J Hiltn Head Island. Suth Carlina Cal Grve, PA -Getz Bradcasting, Inc. seeks 97.1 mhz; 2.45 kw; HAAT: III m. Address: 4301 SW 35th Terrace, Tpeka, KS Principal is wned by Gerald A. Getz. wh has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 23. Oscda. MI -lsc Cunty Cmmunicatins Inc. seeks 95.7 mhz; 50 kw: 150 m. Address: 1175 Suth US 23. Tawas City, MI Principal is wned by Dnald J. Backus, Martin J. Pennni and Rbert Sugden. wh als wn WDBI- FM Tawas City. MI. Filed Oct. 23. Old Twn, ME- Penbsct Indian Natin seeks mhz; 38.3 kw; HAAT: 171 m. Principal is nnprfit crpratin headed by James Sappier, Gvernr. Filed Oct. 26. Nappanee, IN -Andrew L. Banes seeks 95.7 mhz; 3 kw; HAAT: 100 m. Address: Olive Trail. Plymuth, IN Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 23. Trin, GA -Lynn S. Gwyn seeks 95.7 mhz; 650 w: HAAT: 210 m. Address: P.O. Bx 746, Lafayette, GA Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 23. Trin, GA -Tri-State Bradcasting C. seeks 95.7 mhz; 650 w; HAAT: 210 m. Address: P.O. Bx 200. Summerville, GA Principal is wned by William B. Farrar. wh als wns WGTA(AM) Summerville, GA. Filed Oct. 23. Cleveland, GA -Terry W. Barnhardt seeks mhz; 3 kw; HAAT: 100 m. Address: P.O. Bx 1318, Gainsville, GA Principal als wns WGGA(AM) Gainsville. GA. Filed Oct. 26. Cleveland, GA -White Cunty Bradcasting C. seeks mhz; 3 kw; HAAT: 100 m. Address: P.O. Bx 235, Gainsville. GA Principal is wned by Anthny L. Canup and Gerge M. Pass. wh have n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 26. Cleveland, GA -Linda B. Guest seeks mhz; 3 kw; HAAT: 100 m. Address: P.O. Bx , Gainsville, GA Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 26. Cleveland, GA- Saralyn B Oberdrfer seeks mhz: 1.27 kw; HAAT: 153 m. Address: 6150 Muntain Brk Way. NW, Atlanta Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 26. Clarkesville, GA- Habersham Assciates seeks mhz: 3 kw; HAAT: 100m. Address: P.O. Bx 1537, Clumbus, GA Principal is wned by Margaret M. Mre. Frederic C. Brwn, Charles A. McClure and Jseph W. McClure, wh have n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 26. Clarkesville, GA -Radi Habersham Inc. seeks mhz: 3 kw; HAAT: 100 m. Address: P.O. Bx 468, Clarkesville. GA Principal is wned by Timthy A. Harper, wh als wns WLTA(AM) Clarkesville, GA. Filed Oct. 26. Clarkesville, GA -Carla Mrris Martin seeks mhz: 3 kw; HAAT: 100 m. Address: 320 Summitt St.. Bx 14, Crnelia, GA Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 26. TV'S Crdele, GA- Sunbelt -Suth Tele Cmmunicatins Ltd. seeks ch. 55: 100 kw vis.; HAAT: 125 ft. Address: P.O. Bx 917. Crdele, GA Principal is wned by William B. Gdan and Phillip A. Streetman. It has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 28. Wailuku, HI -King Bradcasting C. seeks ch. 15; ERP:. 750 kw vis.; HAAT: 1,736 m. Address: P.O. Bx Seattle, Principal is headed by Steven A. Cliffrd. wh has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 29. Chicag-Center City Cmmunicatins Ltd. Partnership seeks facilities f WBBM -TV Chicag. Address: 6700 Suth Shre Dr.. Chicag Principal is headed by Brenda Minr. general partner. It has n ther bradcast interests. Filed Oct. 28. Actins AM's East Pint, GA (BP860529AR)- Granted app. f Darrell Spann fr 1160 khz; 10 kw -D; 400 w -N. Address: 8357 Suth Ada St., Chicag Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Nv. 2. Kentland, IN (870330AH)- Returned app. f Spann Cmmunicatins fr 640 khz. Address: 5525 S. State St., Chicag Principal has interest in WVON(AM) Cicer, IL, and WXSS(AM) Memphis. Actin Nv. 4. Smithville, NY ( T)- Returned app. f Alan C. Swan fr 1250 khz. Address: 18 W Spring Garden St., Palmyra, NJ Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Nv. 4. Fairview, NC -Granted app. f Michael Glinter fr 880 khz; 1.1 kw -D. Address: 1711 Appletree Lane, Frt Mill, SC Bradcasting Nv ISR

155 Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Nv. 2. Athens. OH- Returned app. f Minrity Christian Radi Of Ohi fr 1570 khz. Address: 2711 Hwy 62. Jeffersnville. IN Principal wns WRRD(AM) Blennerhassett, WV. Actin Nv. 4. Flrence, SC (BP860728AF)- Granted app. f Michael Glinter fr 1120 khz; 1 kw -U. Address: 1711 Appletree Lane. Fn Mill. SC Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Nv. 2. Cypress. TX (BP860623AE)- Granted app. f Matthew Prvenzan fr 1520 khz; 500 w -D. Address: 740 Vss Rd.. Hustn, Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Nv. 2. Magnlia, TX (BPED840323CB)- Dismissed app. f Family Statins fr 1520 khz; 5 kw -D. Address: 290 Hegenberger Rd.. Oakland, CA Principal is Oakland. CAbased statin grup headed by Harld Camping. president. Actin Nv. 2. Salem. VA- Returned app. f Thmas H. Mffitt fr 1590 khz. Address: 150 Valmnt Dr., Casselberry, FL Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Nv. 4. FM's Pinctp. AZ (BPH8507 I2ZW) -- Grunted app. f D &M Cmmunicatins. Inc. fr mhz: 100 kw; HAAT: ft. Principal is wned by Dale Lynne Sieck. It has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Oct. 29. Hlmes Beach. FL (861208ME)- Retumed app. f Saxtn Cmmunicatins fr 98.7 mhz; 3 kw; HAAT: 304 m. Address: Lake Shre Dr. N.. Gaces Lake, IL Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Oct. 30. Vidalia, GA. (BPED870202ME)- Granted app. f Gergia Radi Fellwship fr 91.5 mhz: 50 kw; HAAT: 125 B. Address: 3213 Huxley Dr., Augusta. GA Principal is nnprfit crpratin headed by Clarence T. Ban n- wski. Actin Nv. 2. Eldn, MO-Granted app. f Dennis J. Klautzer fr mhz: 3 kw; HAAT: 100 m. Address: 840 Westbrke Meadws Curt. Ballwin. MO Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Nv. 4. Pplar Bluff. MO (BPED870302MS)- Granted app. f Calvary Educatinal Bradcasting Fundatin fr 89.5 mhz; 100 kw; HAAT: 423 ft. Address: Bx 236. Dudley. MO Principal is headed by Dnald Stewart. It has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Oct. 29. Omaha -Dismissed app. f Family Statins fr 88.1 mhz; 1.12 kw: HAAT: 389 m. Address: 290 Hegenberger Rd.. Oakland. CA Principal is Oakland. CA -based statin grup headed by Harld Camping, president. Actin Nv. 2. Great Falls. MT (BPH850712XR)- Returned app. f Radiwrks Inc. fr mhz; 100 kw: HAAT: 1,111 ft. Address: th St., SW, Great Falls. MT Principal is wned by Cheryl Lynn Taylr. It has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Oct. 30. Freehld Twnship, NJ (870116MM)- Returned app. f Faith Bradcasting Inc. fr 89.7 mhz: 1.26 kw; HAAT: 46 m. Address: 1452 Gerges Rd., Nrth Brunswick, NJ Principal is headed by Ann Stevens. wh has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Oct. 29. Garden City, NY (BPH830325AC)- Granted app. f farad Bradcasting C. fr 92.7 mhz; I kw: HAAT: 159 ft. Address: Wdacres Rd.. Brkville, NY Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Oct. 29. Irndequit. NY (BPH861126NE)- Dismissed app. f Peter Wayne Lachman fr mhz: 3 kw: HAAT: 100 m. Address: 2000 Alban Lane, Bwie, MD Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Oct. 29. Bend, Ore. (BPH850712Q0)- Granted app. f Kitsap Cmmunicatins Crp. fr 98.3 mhz; 3 kw: HAAT: 300 ft. Address: P.O. Bx Prtland, OR Principal is wned by Carl.1. Brandt, wh has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Oct. 29. Odessa, TX -Returned app. f Suthwest Educatinal Media Fundatin f Texas Inc. fr 96.1 mhz: 50 kw: HAAT: 470 ft. Address: 2100 Hwy 360. Ste. 1204, Grand Prairie. TX Principal is headed by T. Kent Atkins. It has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Oct. 30. Odessa, TX- Returned app. f Oddessa Cmmunity Radi Inc. fr 96.1 mhz; 59 kw; HAAT: 450 ft. Address: 2100 Hwy 360, Ste Grand Prairie, TX Principal is headed by Lilly Plummer. It has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Oct. 30. Everett, WA-Granted app. f Jack Straw Memrial Fundatin fr 90.7 mhz; 1.4 kw; HAAT: 115 m. Address: 2212 S. Jacksn St., Seattle Principal is nnprfit crpratin headed by N. Jhnsn, president. Actin Nv. 5. TV's Richland Center. WI (BPCTR61222K1)- Granted app. f Kaul Bradcasting C. fr ch. 45; ERP: 1,062 kw vis: kw aur.; HAAT: 927 m. Address: Hwy 14 East. Bx 48. Richland Center. WI Principal has n ther bradcast interests. Actin Oct. 29. Applicatins AM's Facilities Changes Santa Rsa, CA. KPLS, khz Applicatin fr CP t increase night pwr t I kw; change TL: 8 km NE f Santa Rsa, CA and make changes in antenna system Annaplis. MD. WANN khz Applicatin fr CP t make changes in antenna system, add additinal twer t existing tw twer array. change TL: Bay Bridge Rd. 0.5 km E f Arundel n the Bay Rd.. near Annaplis. MD: reduce pwer t 25 kw N W. FM's Glendale. CA. KMPC mhz Applicatin fr CP t make changes: TL: 1250 Nrth Beaudry. Glendale. Ls Angeles cunty. CA; change ERP: 4.4 kw H and V; change HAAT: 404 m H and V; and request waiver f Sec f the rules N W. Ls Angeles. KZLA mhz Applicatin fr CP t make changes: TL: 0.6M1 SE f intersectin f Chevy Chase Dr.. and Linda Vista Dr.. n bearing f N 145 degree E n Flint Peak. Glendale, CA: change ERP: kw H and V: change HAAT: 399 m H and V N W. Englewd. FL, WSEB mhz Md f CP t change ERP: 62 kw H and V. El Drad. KS. KSPG -FM mhz Applicatin fr CP t make changes: TL: Apprx. 2.2 km E -NE f the intersectin f 1-35 (Kansas Turnpike) and Rtes. 254/196. El Drad, Butler cunty. KS; change ERP: 1.5 kw H and V; change HAAT: 140 m H and V N W. Lexingtn, KY, WLKT. 62 khz Md f CP t change ERP -VIS: 5000kw, HAAT: M; ANT: SWR. INC TM- 30-SP; TL: I km W f Clintnville Rd. 2.2 km S f the intersectin with Kentucky Hwy N W. Calhun City. MS mhz Md f CP t make changes: TL: S f Hwy MI frm Calhun City. E n Crssrad Rd, site is 1000 ft. n left f Crssrad Rd.. next t Friendship Church: change HAAT: 100 m H and V; relcate main studi utside cmmunity f license t: clcate with WJRL -AM studi. Calhun City. MS N W. Starkville, MS. WSMU -FM mhz Applicatin fr CP t make changes: FREQ: MHZ (Fer RM- 5431); change TL: 1.75M1 W f Crawfrd. MS n Bethesda Rd. Lwndes Cunty: ERP: 40 kw H and V: change HAAT: 165 m H and V: change t Class C N W. Las Vegas. KLVF mhz Applicatin fr CP t make changes: freq: mhz (per dcket #86-312): change ERP: 10 kw H and V; change t Class C2. Armij, NM, KLQS, mhz Md f CP t make changes: TL: 1-66, 6 km W f the intersectin f 1-66 and US 40. Bemalill Cunty. Twn f Atrisc. NM: change ERP: 24.5 kw H and V; change HAAT: 215 m H and V; change t Class C N W. Rme, NY. WKAL -FM mhz Applicatin fr CP t make changes: FREQ: 96. I MHZ (per dcket #87-23): change TL: Prspect Hill, Skyline Dr, Kirkland. Oneida Cunty, NY; change ERP: 7.4 kw H and V; change HAAT: 183 m H and V; change t Class B I N W. Wake Frest. NC, WFTK khz Md f CP t make changes in antenna system and change TL: On West side f Rte 1004, I.4MI N f Junctin f Rtes 1004 and N W. Philadelphia, WPEB, 88.1 mhz Applicatin fr CP t change TL: 4601 Market St. Philadelphia N W. Dicksn, TN, WDKN -FM mhz Appli- catin fr CP t make changes: FREQ: 102.5MHZ (Per Dcket #86-399): change TL: Prmise Land Rd.. Dicksn cunty. Charltte. TN: change ERP: 50 kw H and V; change HAAT: 150 m H and V; change t Class C N W. Canyn, TX. KAKS -FM mhz Md f CP t make changes: TL: 2.2 km NNE f Givens Ave. Amarill. Ptter Cunty. TX: change HAAT: 403 m H and V N W. Victria, TX. KEPG mhz Md f CP t make changes: TL: 0.18 km N frm intersectin f Rtes. 77 and 59. Victria. TX; change ERP: 2.7 kw H and V; change HAAT: 95 m H and V N W. Wac, TX. WACO -FM, 99.9 mhz Md f CP IBPH O) t make changes: TL: 1.8 km NNE f the Twn f Lrena km W f the intersectin 35; change HAAT: 339 m H and V N W. Wichita Falls. TX. KKQV, mhz Grant fr applicatin (BPH D) rescinded fr CP t make changes: TL: 3.4 km E f Texas Hwy 26 n Hwy 240. Haynesville. TX: change HAAT: 309.6M H and V N W. Milwaukee. WI. WLZR -FM mhz Applicatin fr CP t make changes: ERP: 50 kw H and V; change HAAT: 132 m H and V; and make changes in antenna system. Sauk City. WI. WSEY. 96J mhz Md f CP (BPH860806IAI t make changes: FREQ: 96.3MHZ (Per Dcket #86-490): change TL: 0.4 km NE f intersectin f Mineral Pint Rd. and Garft Rd.. 7 km SW f Crss Plains. Dane C- WI: change ERP: 5.6 kw H and V; change HAAT: 211 m H and V: change t Class B I N W. TV's Suth Bend. IN. WSBT -TV. ch Applicatin fr CP t change ERP -VIS: 4745 kw: CHAN: 22; HAAT: 325M: TL: Irnwd Rd. St. Jseph cunty, Suth Bend. IN: ANT: RCA (Existing) TFU -46K OON W. Actins AM's Mbile, AL. WBHY. 840 khz Applicatin (BMP AC) granted fr Md f CP t make changes in antenna system. Puebl. CO. KFEL. 970 khz Applicatin IBP870319AG) granted fr CP t increase pwer t 3.2 kw and redetermine crdinates: N W. Seminle. FL. WGNB khz Applicatin (BP870416AC) returned Pet fr Recn (Nunc pr Tune) CP t change hurs f per t unitd by adding night service with 460 watts; change day pwer t 550W; change city f license t Seminle. FL; change TL t: d Ave. N. Pinellas Park, FL: change mde f peratin. New Yrk. WINS khz Applicatin (BMP870612AN) dismissed fr Md f CP t make changes: changes in antenna system; changes TL t: 0.3 km N f Rte 20 and Rte 503 intersectin, Carlstadt. NJ N W. Grants Pass. OR. KAGI. 930 khz Applicatin (BMP870330BG) granted fr Md f CP t make changes in antenna system (including incr. in hght f twer); reduce nighttime pwer t I kw and change TL t: Rguelea Lane. 0.8 km W f Grants Pass City Limits. OR N W. Cannsburg. PA. WWCS. 540 khz Applicatiun (BMP870814AA) granted fr Md f CP (BP861231AA) t add augmentatins t nighttime pattern. Edmnds. WA. KCIS. 630 khz Applicatin (BP870827AC) granted fr CP t make changes in antenna system. FM's Anadark. AK. KRPT -FM, mhz Applicatin (BPH P) granted fr CP t changes ERP: 86.4 kw (H and V); HAAT: 301.3M (H and V). Delan. CA. KZAY mhz Applicatin (BPH870227NY) granted fr CP t change TL: 6 mi. N f Oildale. 3/4 mi. E f Hwy 65, Oildale, CA; change HAAT: 167 m H and V; change ERP: 40 kw H and V N W. Fresn, CA, KYNO -FM, 95.7 mhz Applicatin (BMPH870304IB) granted fr Md f CP (BPH860612IA) t change ERP: 17.5 kw H and V; HAAT: 259 m H and V. Atlantic Beach. FL. WFYV mhz Ap- Bradcasting Nv

156 CJMOmaadPM1Nnlalic 1 BPCT870902KE) plicatin (BMPH860912ID) granted fr Md f CP (BPH H) t change ERP: 100 kw H and V. Gretna. FL. WGWD mhz Applicatin (BMPH870518IF) granted fr Md f CP t changes TL: 1.5M1 S f Quincy. 5M1 W f Hwy 267, Gadsen Cunty, FL N W. Safety Harbr, FL. WXCR mhz Applicatin (BPH D) granted fr CP t make changes: FREQ: 92.5MHZ (per dcket #86-346); changes TL: S side f Park Blvd, (SR 694). 0.5 km E f Vnn Rd. apprx 1.9 km W f Seminle, Pinellas Cunty. FL: ERP: 50 kw H and V; HAAT: 149M H and V: changes t Class C N W. Brunswick. GA. WPIQ, mhz Applicatin (BMPH870227MU) granted fr Md f CP (BPH850712IR) t change TL: Intersectin f Cleman -St. Marys Rd. and Mckendree Rd.. Kingsland. GA; change HAAT: 439 m H and Vand make changes in antenna system I8N W. Mnre. LA. KNLU mhz Applicatin (BPED8602I4 mo) dismissed fr CP t make changes: change TL: Olin Hall NLU, Mnre, LA; ERP: 3.25 kw H and V; HAAT: 50.6 m H and V N W. Allendale, MI, WGVC -FM, 88.5 mhz Applicatin (BMPED870727IC) granted fr Md f CP (BPED85I115NC) t change TL: 1.74M deg. t Cpersville. mi N W. Virginia, MN, WHLB -FM, mhz Applicatin (BPH C) granted fr CP t make changes: change FREQ: 99.9 mhz (per dcket #86-260); change TL: maple Hill, 3 mi SSWf Hibbing. MN; change ERP: 100 kw H and V: change t Class Cl N W Services FCC ONLINE DATABASE datawrid AOOCatOn Terrain Studres AM FM TV LPTV ITFS 4827 Rugy Ave Sre 200 Bemesda MD ) BROADCAST DATA SERVICES Cmputerized Bradcast Service Including Data Base Allcatin Studies Terrain Prfiles A Div. f.tfeffri. lanm & Jhmn. Inv UNUSED CALL LETTERS CALL datawnid IHTF32EP Vice Presiaen: (2:2) : I BROADCAST FINANCIAL SERVICES DIVISION Specializing in Financne Cnsulling Services including Equity. Debt Financing Debt RRruaunng ^.5 MAILING LABELS AM, FM & TV datawpic Grand Island, NE, KRGI -FM mhz Applicatin (BPH ) granted fr CP t changes TL: 1.2 MI NW f Prsser Village. Martin Twp, NE; changes HAAT: 300M H and V and make changes in antenna system N W. Nrth Las Vegas, NV. KJUL mhz Applicatin (B mph870415ib) dismissed fr md f CP t make changes: TL: 8 MI SW f Blue Diamnd. NV, atp Mt. Ptsi, Near Blue Diamnd, NV; change ERP: 24.5 kw H and V; change HAAT: m H and V N W. Cncrd, NH, WWYY mhz Applicatin (BPH860708IE) granted fr CP t make changess: ERP: 1.21 kw (H and V); HAAT: 151.3M (H and V) (fr auxiliary purpses nly). Petitin fr Recnsideratin filed Crtland. NY, WOKW, 99.9 mhz Applicatin (BPH870I271D) granted fr CP t change ERP: 24 kw H and V. Plainview, NY, WPOB, 88.5 mhz Applicatin (BMPED860717ID) granted fr md f CP t change HAAT: 78 m H and V and change t directinal antenna. Schenectady NY. WGFM, 99.5 mhz Applicatin (BPH870128IH) granted fr CP t change ERP: 14.8 kw H and V. Circleville. OH. WNHZ mhz Applicalin (BPH87082IIC) granted fr CP t make changes: TL: 0.6 km frm E Ringgld at a bearing N 138 degree E. alng E Ringgld - Fairfield Rd: change HAAT: 100 m H and V N W. Tamaqua, PA, WMGH -FM mhz Applicatin (BPH870331JP) granted fr CP t make changes: ERP: 1.3 kw H and V; changes HAAT: 485 ft. H and V c"''.4<.. r.<.,.,,.,... systems Ltd. 7-5 IS Sr,f 1, 111,. Min YIII11I1Nr 1. Cnnectr Supplier t the Bradcast Industry Kings-ITT Cannn 67 Jefryn Blvd. E. Deer Park, N.Y (516) Stephen Raleigh Bradcast Services Full Service Technical Cnsulting Specialists in Audi 8 RF Systems Facility Design 8 Installatin P.O. Ba 3403, Princetn. N.J (609) BROADCAST CONSULTANTS AND ENGINEERS C O M M U N I C -.. S I N C Radi and Televisin System Design Transmitter and Studi Installatin Micrwave and Satellite Engineering and Installatin 12 Nrm Willw St Mntclair, NJ University Park, PA, WQWK -FM, 96.7 mhz Applicatin (BPH C) dismissed fr CP t make changes: changes TL: Intersectin f Scttia and Circleville Rds., State Cllege. PA; ERP: 2.44 kw (H and V); HAAT: 364 ft. (H and V) Wilkes -Barre. PA. WKRZ -FM mhz Applicatin (BPH870227M0) granted fr CP t changes ERP: 8.7 kw H and V; HAAT: 1172 feet H and V. Aiken. SC, WNEZ, 99.3 mhz Applicatin (BPH G) granted fr CP t make changes: freq: 99.5MHZ (per dcket #85-254); change Class C2; change TL: 5.8 km N f Sweetwater, SC and 1.8 km W f US Hwy 25 in Edgefield C; change ERP: 22.5 kw H and V: change HAAT: 222 m H and V Gallatin, TN. WGFX mhz Applicatin (BPH E) granted fr CP t make changes: change TL: Transmitter Rd just ff Brick Church Pike. near Madisn. TN; change ERP: 49 kw H and V: change HAAT: 400 m H and V N W. Amarill, TX. KLSE 96.9 mhz Applicatin (BPH870302NF) granted fr CP t change: TL: NW cmer f Western and St. Francis Rds. Amarill. TX: change HAAT: 1006 ft. H and V and make changes in antenna system N W. Edinburg, TX, KVLY, mhz Applicatin (BPH R) granted fr CP t make changes: TL: 1.16 km WNW f intersectin f Rte 491 and Mile 13 1/2 Rd., Lavilla, TX; changes HAAT: 301M (H and V) N W. Charltte Amalie, VI, WIYC, mhz Applicatin (BPH C) granted fr CP t make changes: freq: 104.3MHZ (per dcket #85-209); change ERP: 44.8 kw H and V; change HAAT: m H and V: crrect crdinates: N W. Richland, WA, KOTY -FM mhz Applicatin (BPH870302IS) granted fr CP t make changes: TL: Jhnsn Butte. 7 MI S f Kennewick, WA: changes ERP: 100 kw H and V; changes HAAT: 1075 ft. H and V N 119 II 36W. TV's Rme. GA, WAWA -TV, ch Applicatin (BMPCI'870722KE) granted fr md f CP (BPCT830111KF) t change ERP VIS: 1584 kw; HAAT: m; ANT: SWR. Inc. SM -30DA: TL: Atp Hrseleg Mtn, 4.5 mi SW f Rme. Flyd C, GA N W. Bzeman, MT, KUSM. ch Applicatin ( BPET870929K1) granted fr CP t change ERP -VIS: 3.35 kw'. Omaha, NE. KPTM. ch Applicatin granted fr CP t change HAAT: 577 m. Irving, TX, KHSX. ch Applicatin (BPCf870915KG) granted fr CP t changes ERP -VIS: 5000KW, (DA) ANT: Dielectric Cmmunicatins TFU- 361DAS "Skull." Nrflk, VA, WJCB. ch Applicatin (BMPCT8709I8KG) fr Md f CP t change ERP -VIS: 495.9KW; HAAT: 155M: ANT: Bgner DUI8B. Allcatins Phenix. AZ-Effective Dec amended the TV Table by alltting UHF Channel 61 t Phenix as its eighth cmmercial televisin service. (MM Dcket by R &O IDA ] adpted Oct. 19 by the Chief, Allcatins Branch. Mass Media Bureau.) Quincy and Tallahassee. FL -At request f Dalcm Bradcasting. Inc.. prpsed substituting channel 276C2 (103.1 MHz) fr channel 276A at Tallahassee. and mdifying license f WTHZ(FM) t specify peratin n C2 channel; and prpsed substituting channel 298A (107.5 MHz) fr channel 274A (102.7 MHz) at Quincy. Cmments are due Dec. 31, replies Jan (MM Dcket by NPRM [DA ] adpted Oct. 16 by the Chief. Allcatins Branch.) Lihue. HI -At request f Jhn Huttn Crp.. prpsed substituting channel 228C I (93.5 MHz) fr channel 228A at Lihue, and mdifying license f KQNG -FM t specify peratin n CI channel. Cmments are due Dec. 31. replies Jan (MM Dcket by NPRM IDA ) adpted Oct. 16 by Chief. Allcatins Branch.) Dennis Pn and Harwich Prt. MA -On request f Brian Ddge. prpsed amending FM Table by alltting channel 230A (93.9 MHz) t Dennis Prt and substituting channel 226A (93.1 MHz) fr channel 228A (93.5 MHz) at Harwich Pn; rdered Mary Jane Kelley. permittee f chan- Bradcasting Nv

157 Prfessinal Cards A.D. RING & ASSOCIATES, P.C. CONSULTING RADIO ENGINEERS Suite Nineteenth St., N.W. Washingtn. D.C ( Member AFCCE CONSULTING Cart C.D+Pá4R ENGINEERS 1901 VARNWOOD COURT, SPRINGFIELD VA (703/ MEMBER AFCCE s LOHNES & CULVER Cnsulting Radi -TV Engineers th. St., N.W., Suite 606 Washingtn, D.C ( vu6e66l AFCCE COHEN and DIPPELL, P.C. CONSULTING ENGINEERS Sth St.. M.W., Suite 703 ( W._ehingtn, D.C Mrm ne, A FT CE SILLIMAN AND SILLIMAN 8121 Gergia Ave. #700 Silver Spring, MD ROBERT M. SILLIMAN. P.E. ( I THOMAS B SILLIMAN. P.E. 1812) Menthe,.4E( CF. Mffet, Larsn & Jhnsn, Inc. Cnsulting Telecmmunicatins Engineers Tw Skyline Place, Suite Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA Member AFCCE ANDRUS AND ASSOCIATES, INC. A ALVIN H. ANDRUS, P.E. 391 SCOTT DRIVE SILVER SPRING. MD Member AFCCE HAMMETT & EDISON, INC. CONSULTING ENGINEERS Bx 68, Internatinal Airprt San Francisc, Califrnia, (415) Member AFCCE JOHN B. HEFFELFINGER 9233 Ward Parkway. Suite Kansas City, MlssUr, M...n.. ICCe JULES COHEN & ASSOCIATES, P.C. Suite M St. N.W. Washingtn OC ) Member AFCCE CARL E. SMITH CONSULTING ENGINEERS ".Nerving the nrn,,irel Indn.lny fer Over 50 Inure Bx 2727 Bath, Ohi (216) VIR JAMES CONSULTING ENGINEERS Applicatins ana Field Eng,nc''..0 ^'Duce" "led Frequency Su'.,' 3137 W. Kentucky Ave (303) DENVER, COLORADO Member AFCCE & NAB E. Harld Munn, Jr., & Assciates, Inc. Bradcast Engineering Cnsultants Bx 220 Cldwater, Michigan Phne: ROSNER TELEVISION SYSTEMS CONSULTING & ENGINEERING 250 West 57 Street New Yrk, N ( Mullaney Engineering, Inc. Cnsulting Tel.cmmn,utims Engineers 9049 Shady Grve Curt Gaithersburg, MD Member AFCCE HATFIELD & DAWSON Cnsulting Engineers Bradcast and Cmmunicatins th Ave., N.W., Seattle, Washingtn, (206) Member AFCCE ENTERPRISE ENGINEERING P.C. Cnsulting Engineers FW HANNEL. PE PO Bx 9001 Peria. IL (309) Mrmbe AFCCf STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY. INC. MATTHEW.1 VLISSIDES. P.E. PRESIDENT 10M WI RS. ANTENNAS. STRUCTURES Ncw Tall Twers. Existing Twers Mathes. Analysts. Design StOdifmalinns. Inspectins. Erectin. Etc 5967 Elm SI.. McLean. VA 77101,7,0r, Member AFCCE C. P CROSSNO & ASSOCIATES Cnsulting Engineers P.O. Bx Dallas, Texas (214) Member AFCCE JOHN F-X. BROWNE & ASSOCIATES, P.C. 525 Nbdward Ave. Blmfield Hills, MI (313) Washingtn Office (202) Member AFCCE D.C. WILLIAMS & ASSOCIATES, INC. FOLSOM. CALIFORNIA (916) R.L. HOOVER Cnsulting Telecmmunicatins Engineer Seven Lcks Rad Ptmac, Maryland Member AFCCE ADVANCED BROADCAST CONSULTANTS APPLICATIONS. CONSULTING & FIELD SERVICES 204B CROSS KEYS RD. BERLIN, NEW JERSEY (609) CLARENCE M BEVERAGE COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGIES. INC. BROADCAST ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS PO BO %1130 MARLTON. NJ 0(053 1E09) IASARINCF l MORTON ASSOC IAI FS LAWRENCE L. MORTON, P-E. AM FM TV APPLICATIONS FIELD ENGINEERING (714) SE1IMEYER ENGINEERING Cnsulting Engineers P.O. Bx 205 McKinney, Texas (214) Member AFCCE PAUL DEAN FORD, P.E. BROADCAST ENGINEERING CONSULTANT R.R. 12, Bx 351 WEST TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA Slemlxr -SI-T ('I EVANS ASSOCIATES Cnsulting Cmmunkstlne Engineer AN- Fle- TV- CATV -ITFSSetelllte Brw:east Engineering Sftware 216 N. Green Bay Rd. THIENSVILLE, WISCONSIN Phne (414) Membe, AFCCE RICHARD L. BIBY, P-E. COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING SERVICES, P.C. CONSULTING ENGINEERS 1600 Wilsn Blvd., Suite 1003 Arlin tn, Virginia (703) Member AFCCE ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING ui m m CiMONMIii u1cin INN4n {wy$us MOOD AST COIVL.. OHIO MOM JOHN J. DAVIS & ASSOCIATES CONSULTING ENGINEERS PO BOX 128 SIERRA MADRE. CA (818) Member AFCCE BOND ASSOCIATES TECHNICAL CONSULTANTS 3801 E. 14TH STREET #602 PLANO, TEXAS (214) ROBERT T. BOND WILLOUGHBY & VOSS BROADCAST TECHNICAL CONSULTANTS SURE 100 -A 15102JONES MALTSBERGER SAN ANTONIO. TEXAS (512) OR NPIICATnn16 FIELOSERVICES ESE NIB COURTRIGHT ENGINEERING, INC. ELECTRICAL AND BROADCAST 4 PO BOX 2201 GLENDALE. ARIZONA MORRIS COURT COURTRIGHT Ph D PE President Member AFCCE 1602) SSE. /nc. Rana SXSlem3 Divisin S1NIite, Celen r, SMR, S FM Engineering Services 7315 WuCOm,n AIy. heltsemö 0614 Cled Irvin (301) cntact BROADCASTING MAGAZINE 1705 DeSales St., N.W. Washingtn, D.C fr availabilities Phne: (202)

158 nel 228A at Harwich Prt, t shw cause rvhy permit shuld nt be mdified t specify peratin n channel 226A; crn - ments Dec. 28. replies Jan. 12. (MM Dcket by NPRM and Order t Shw Cause IDA ] adpted Oct. 16 by the Chief. Allcatins Branch. Plicy and Rules Divisin. Mass Media Bureau.) Glen Arbr. MI- Effective Dec. 21. amended FM Table t allt channel 251A (98.1 MHz) t Glen Arbr as its secnd FM bradcast service; filing windw: Dec. 22 -Jan. 21. (MM Dcket by R &O [DA ] adpted Oct. 16 by Chief, Allcatins Branch.) Willmar. MN-On request f Kandi Bradcasting C., prpsed amending FM Table by alltting channel 29IC (106.1 MHz) t Willmar as its secnd FM channel; cmments Dec. 28. replies Jan. 12. (MM Dcket by NPRM [DA ] adpted Oct. 19 by the Chief, Allcatins Branch.) Marshfield. MO- Effective Dec. 21. amended FM Table by substituting channel 284C2 (104.7 MHz) fr channel 285A (104.9 MHz) at Marshfield: mdified license f KTOZ(FM). Marshfield t specify peratin n new channel. (MM Dcket by R &O [DA ] adpted Oct. 19 by the Chief. Allcatins Branch.) Clumbia. MO- Denied Clumbia FM. licensee f KARO(FM). Clumbia. recnsideratin f dismissal f its petitin fr rulemaking t mdify its license and amend FM Table. (By MO &O IDA ] adpted Oct. 7 by Chief. Plicy and Rules Divisin.) Lebann and Blivar, MO- Effective Dec. 21, amended FM Table t substitute channel 300C2 (107.9 MHz) fr channel 221A (92.1 MHz) at Lebann: mdified license fr KLWT, Lebann, t specify peratin n new channel. (MM Dcket , by R &O IDA ] adpted Oct. 19 by Chief, Allcatins Branch.) Crete. NE- Effective Dec. 28. amended FM Table by substituting channel 281C2 (104.1 MHz) fr channel 280A (103.9 MHz) at Crete and mdifying the license f KB VB- FM t specify peratin n the new channel. (MM Dcket by R &O [DA ] adpted Oct. 30 by the Chief, Allcatins Branch. Plicy and Rules Divisin. Mass Media Bureau.) Cpenhagen. NY -At request f Kevin O'Kane, prpsed amending the FM Table by alltting channel 294A (106.7 MHz) t Cpenhagen as its first lcal FM service. Cmments are due Jan. 4. replies Jan. 19. (MM Dcket by NPRM IDA ] adpted Oct. 30 by the Chief. Allcatins Branch.) Hendersn. NY -At request f Tia A. Sliday. prpsed amending FM Table by alltting channel 264A (100.7 MHz) t Hendersn as its first lcal FM service. Cmments are due Jan. 4. replies Jan. 19. (MM Dcket by NPRM [DA ] adpted Oct. 30 by the Chief. Allcatins Branch.) Old Frge. NY -At request f Gerge W. Kimble. prpsed amending FM Table by alltting channel 259A (99.7 MHz) t Old Frge as its first lcal FM service. Cmments are due Jan. 4, replies Jan. 19. (MM Dcket by NPRM IDA ] adpted Oct. 30 by Chief, Allcatins Branch.) Star Lake. NY -At request f Tia A. Sliday. prpsed amending FM Table by alltting channel 29OB1 (105.9 MHz) t Star Lake as its first lcal FM service. Cmments are due Jan. 4. replies Jan. 19. (MM Dcket by NPRM [DA ] adpted Oct. 30 by the Chief Allcatins Branch.) Mante. NC- Effective Dec. 28. amended FM Table by substituting channel 251C2 (98.1 MHz) fr channel 252A (98.3 MHz) at Mante and amending permit f WZZI t perate n C2 channel (MM Dcket by R &O [DA ] adpted Oct. 30 by Chief. Allcatins Branch.) Brwnwd. TX -At request f Grup R Bradcasting, Inc.. prpsed substituting channel 257C2 (99.3 MHz) fr channel 257A at Brwnwd, and mdifying license f KPSM(FM) t specify peratin n C2 channel. Cmments are due Dec. 31, replies Jan (MM Dcket by NPRM IDA ] adpted Oct. 19 by Chief. Allcatins Branch.) Kingsville, TX- Effective Dec. 21. amended FM Table by substituting channel 248C 1 (97.5 MHz) fr channel 249A (97.7 MHz) at Kingsville: mdified license f KDUV(FM), Kingsville, t specify peratin n new channel. (MM Dcket , by R &O [DA ] adpted Oct. 7 by Chief. Allcatins Branch.) Liberty and Jasper. TX- Effective Dec. 24, amended FM Table by alltting channel 260C2 (99.9 MHz) t Liberty; and. substituting channel 264C2 (100.7 MHz) fr channel 265A (1(0.9 MHz) at Jasper. Filing windw pens Dec. 28, clses Jan (MM Dcket by R &O [DA ] adpted Oct. 19 by Chief. Allcatins Branch.) Hartfrd. VT-On request f William A. Wittik, pr- psed amending FM Table by alltting channel 282A (104.3 MHz) t Hartfrd as its first lcal service: cmments Dec. 28, replies Jan. 12. (MM Dcket , by NPRM IDA ] adpted Oct. 7 by Chief, Allcatins Branch.) Big Stne Gap. VA. and Barburville, KY -At request f Valley Bradcasting. Inc.. prpsed substituting channel 228C2 (93.5 MHz) fr channel 228A at Big Stne Gap, VA. and mdifying license f WLSD -FM t specify peratin n C2 channel; and, prpsed substituting channel 24IA (96.1 MHz) fr channel 228A at Barburville, KY. and mdifying license f WYWY -FM t perate n channel 241 A. Barburville Cmmunity Bradcasting Cmpany. licensee f WYWY -FM. is Ordered t shw cause by Nv. 9 why its license shuld nt be mdified. Cmments are due Dec. 31. replies Jan (MM Dcket by NPRM and Order t Shw Cause [DA ] adpted Oct. 19 by Chief. Allcatins Branch.) Cmmissin Actins Actins Children's TV Ads. -Further cmments sught n what actin, if any. FCC shuld take t limit amunt f advertising n children's TV prgrams. Cmments are due Jan. 4. replies Feb. 18. (MM Dcket by Further NPRM /NOI [FCC ] adpted Oct. 20 by the cmmissin). Review Bard Actins Review Bard Cnditins License Renewal f Seven Hills' KTVW -TV (MM DOCKETS , [Reprt DC -1042, Actin in Dcket Case]) -Granted license renewal f Seven Hills Televisin Cmpany's KTVW -TV. Phenix. subject t fur stringent cnditins. Actin by the Review Bard Oct. 28 by decisin (FCC 87R -58). Guadalupe. CA- Allwed Armand Garcia. applicant fr a new FM statin at Guadalupe. 20 days t make full written presentatin f his past and present financial qualificatins and the cmpeting applicant. Reimer Bradcasting Limited, 10 days thereafter t respnd. (MM Dcket by MO &O [FCC 87R -59] adpted Nv. 2 by the Review Bard.) AU Actins Brunswick, GA-Granted applicatin f Castal Cmmunicatins Inc. fr new TV statin n Channel 21 at Brunswick; dismissed cmpeting applicatins f Ocean Crp. and DHA Bradcasting, Inc. (MM Dcket by Summary Decisin [FCC 87D -38] issued Oct. 23 by AU Richard Sippel.) Summary f bradcasting as f Sept Service On Air CP's Ttal Cmmercial AM ,063 Cmmercial FM 3, ,417 Educatinal FM ,456 Ttal Radi 10, ,936 FM translatrs 1, ,881 Cmmercial VHF N Cmmercial UHF N Educatinal VHF TV Educatinal UHF N Ttal N 1, ,597 VHF LPN UHF LPN Ttal LPN VHF translatrs ,126 UHF translatrs 1, ITFS Lw -pwer auxiliary N auxiliaries 7, ,635 UHF translatr/bsters 6 6 Experimental TV Remte pickup 12, ,391 Aural STL & intercity relay 2, ,002 'Includes ff-air licenses. Applicatins Call Letters Cz Sught by New FM WCBA -FM Dean J. Slack. Crning. NY Existing FM KBUZ KSPG -FM Gary Vilet. El Drad. KS Grants Call Sught by New FM9 KCUK Kashunamiut Schl District. Chevak. AK KASN-FM Sama Technlgies, Inc., Pag Pag, AS KKGL D & M Cmmunicatins, Inc.. Pinetp. AZ KBUX Buck Burdetle. Ouartzsite, AZ KNGS Wiliam L. Zawila, Calinga. CA WGIN Franklin Bradcasting, Calhun City. MS WMHN Mars Hill Bcg C., Inc.. Webster. NY KSMF State f Oregn by State Bard f Higher Ed.. Ashland. OR KRJT Everett C. Masn. Bwie. TX WCOR Glden Rule Organizatin Nbrkshp. Inc.. Waynesbr. \A New TV's KSBS-N Cnstance J. VVbdlinger. Steam Bat Springs. CO WBHS Silver King Bcg f Tampa. Inc.. Tampa, FL Existing AM1 WKFL WBEA Sumter Cunty Radi. Bushnell. FL WYTL WPFR Pwer Rck Bcg f Indiana. Inc., Terre Haute, IN WPZA WR4G W%shtenaw Bcg C.. Inc.. Ann Arbr, MI KIIO KSRN KSRN Crp., Sun Valley, NV KDUK KOAK Cnstant Cmmunicatins f Oregn. Inc.. Eugene. OR WSOV WBRX Heritage Bcg Crp. Berwick. PA WHDZ WLKK K & K Radi Bcg Ltd Partnership. Erie. PA WTKS W WVW1 Rbert S Cannella. Burnenwn. SC WJTZ WCOR J 7 Parker Bcg Crp.. Bluntville. TN WOZO WDKN -FM American Cmmunicatins. Inc.. Dicksn. TN Existing an WRJM -FM WGEA -FM Shelley Bcg C.. Inc., Geneva. AL WMGF WALO New Suth Cmmunicatins. Inc.. Try. AL KW W-FM KGTL -FM Peninsula Cmmunicatins, Inc.. Hmer. AK WCTH WXOS Sunds f Service Radi. Inc.. Planta - lin Key. FL KKOY-FM KOSM Nesh Cunty Bcg, Inc., Chanute. KS WGVU-FM WGVC -FM Bard f Cntrl, Grand Valley State Cllege. Allendale. MI KIIO-FM KIIO KSRN Crp., Sun Valley NV WNWV WCZR Elyria -Lrain Bcg C.. Elyria, OH KLCX KDUK Cnstant Cmmunicatins f Oregn, Inc., Flrence, OR WBHH WGCO Musicradi f Suth Carlina, Inc.. Parris Island. SC WMLI WSEY Odn Madisn Ltd Partnership. Sauk City. WI Existing TV WGVU-N WGVC Grand Valley State Cllege, Grand Rapids, MI Ntes: KSKF State f Oregn by the State Bard f High- er Ed., Klamath, OR Bradcasting Nv

159 Classified Advertising See last page f Classified Sectin fr rates, clsing dates. bx numbers and ther details. RADIO HELP WANTED MANAGEMENT Manager fr 100,000 watt FM, 5000 watt AM and LPN in St. Ignace. MI. Strng in sales with experience in radi, buy -in pssibilities and prfil sharing Sales manager fr a tp -rated Califrnia FM. need sme- I ne wh knws lcal and reginal sales inside ut. Smene wh wants t make lts f mney, yur basic brn leader. Interested? Send resume. Bx A -27. Selling general manager wanted fr Ft. Myers. Flrida, area FM. Gd mney stck ffered and excellent pprtunity Write Bx A -23. HELP WANTED SALES Calimia cuntry FM needs new lcal sales bld! If yu wuld like t wrk in a market f mre than fr a tp -rated statin that billed mre than 1.5 millin last year, send a resume. Bx A -26. Cme t Flrida! Sales psitin available n Flrida's beautiful west cast. Jin tp cntemprary statin. Salary plus cmmissin. Cntact E. Friedman, WRGI -FM, 950 Manatee Rad. Naples. FL Phne Sales team applicatins wanted: Sales manager. Sales persns. Exciting radi pprtunity! Resume'. track recrd, references t: NDXE, PO. Bx 569. Opelika, AL MF, EOE. Pack yur skis and yur successful track recrd in bradcast sales and head fr a wrld class ski resrt in the Clrad Rckies. Abve average incme ptential as a multi -media accunt exec. and an incredible "life style" envirnment. Yu'll get an immediate respnse when yu send yur references, wrk histry and a brief letter t: Sales Manager, Avn, CO Midwest Family Radi is lking fr utstanding sales manager candidates fr its 18 statin grup. II yu have a strng track recrd and want t grw in a grup where peple are its mst imprtant asset, then we need t talk! Please write. submitting cmplete resume, wrk experience, and salary histry t: Chuck Meffrd, VP Sales Midwest Family, 321 E. Lake St., Petskey MI Sales star wanted. Yu'll reprt t the general sales manager Excellent cmpensatin prgram as befits a star salespersn. Gd list and career pprtunity with a grwing bradcast grup. Yu must be superb at radi sales. Resume t WKRS/WXLC Radi, 3250 Belvidere Rad. Waukegan. IL EOE. Califmia...lf yu are a highly mtivated, prfessinal salespersn with a prven track recrd in radi sales, KFIG AM /FM has a psitin fr yu. Wb ffer a draw against cmmissins f 15 & 20 percent plus utstanding benefits. Resume t Russel Beckmann, Bx 4265, Fresn, CA EOE M/F HELP WANTED ANNOUNCERS Texas calling! New breed f EZ prgramers seek experienced cmmunicatr with strng prductin skills. Large secndary market. Adult radi backgrund. Send T & R in cnfidence. EOE. Bx A -7. Immediate pening fr mrning persnality. Adult cntemprary frmat. New studis in 100,000 metr 55 miles suth f Chicag. Applicant must be cmfrtable cmmunicating with primary and have 3-5 years experience T & R t Larry Timpe, WKAN, 2 Dearbrn Square. Kankake, IL Equal pprtunity emplyer. In the Hamptns, experienced cmb sales/dj persnality wanted. Rare pening at Eastern Lng Island's mst successful. Send resume, nn -returnable tape: WLNG AM- FM, Bx Sag Harbr, NY EOE. Female prime time c-hst, aggressive "clean cuntry" Christian AM statin. Tape /resume: Greg Steward. WOGO, 3155 S. Wdward Ave.. Chippewa Falls. WI HELP WANTED TECHNICAL Chief engineers needed fr Keymarket Cmmunicatins. a fast grwing bradcast grup with statins in the Sutheast. Midwest and Nrtheast. Tw years experience required. Send resume and references t Keymarket Cmmunicatins: Directr f Engineering: 804 Carlina Avenue: Nrth Augusta. SC EEO. NC FM/AM seeks aggressive C.E. fr new state f the art facility Autmatin experience needed. Resume, salary requirements t Steve Christian, WWMY, 7819 Natinal Service Rad Suite 402, Greensbr, NC Technical directr with high audi standards and substantial experience as recrding engineer r audi technician. Shuld have management skills. appreciatin fr excellent radi prductin and experience maint. /installing audi equipment. Prvide tech. supprt fr statewide netwrk with 22 memb. radi statins invlved in daily prd. f news and public affairs prgraming fr statewide & natinal audi ences. Knwledge f satellite systems. transmitters and cmputers a plus. Gd sal /benef. Great ppr fr right persn. Resume t APRN Old Seward Hghwy, Ste 202. Anchrage. AK EOE. HELP WANTED NEWS Mrning anchr fr medium market Midwest statin. Must have 2 years experience, gd delivery Rm fr imprvement and aggressiveness. Send t Ed Hut, WTRC, Bx 699. Elkhart. IN EOE. Afternn news anchr wanted: 100,000 watt market leader seeks an experienced anchr /reprter. Strng delivery and tp ntch writing skills a must. Send tape and resume t Dan Rbisn, News Directr, WCOS FM /AM, Bx 748. Clumbia, SC EOE. News prducer. Reprt, prduce, and anchr news cverage fr in -depth all news Frmat scheduled t debut in January, Candidates shuld have prir experience in bradcast jurnalism and demnstrated ability fr creative and cmprehensive news cverage, dcumentaries. etc. Send resume and audi cassette examples f bth reprting and anchring skills t: Dave Edwards, General Manager, WUWM Radi, PO. Bx 413. Milwaukee, WI Tw full -time psitins are available. WUWM and the University f Wiscnsin- Milwaukee are affirmative actin /equal pprtunity emplyers. Bradcast meterlgist: NYarea's largest weather frecast cmpany has immediate pening fr experienced frecaster with strng n -air delivery. Rush audi cassette & resume t P.O. Bx Flushing, NY HELP WANTED PROGRAMING PRODUCTION AND OTHERS New adult cntemprary Christian statin in N.C. muntains needs annuncers, news directr and sales persns. Excellent market. Send resume and tape t WCIS. PO. Bx 2798, Mrgantn, NC EOE. Vice president: Prgraming and research: Nrtheast startup radi venture. Evaluate acquisitins, implement frmats, advise system management. Requires strng research backgrund and prgraming experience in many frmats and all -sized markets. Must have excellent industry reputatin. Energy, ability t listen and cmmunicate, willingness t take risks. Resume t Bx A -50. Strictly cnfidential. SITUATIONS WANTED MANAGEMENT Twenty years f management, sales. prmtin and prgraming seeks GM psitin. Prefer East r Midwest. Currently emplyed. Bx A -22. Experienced, bttm -line G.M. 10 years small- market manager. Ready t step up. Want grwing cmpany seeking prfessinal take -charge manager. Call Bill SITUATIONS WANTED SALES 22 years successful GM -sales management, with experience in all ther related areas. Lking t win in a medium market. Bx A -38. Tp 50 AM sales specialist! Lking fr AM with grwth ptentia.. Call Dn SITUATIONS WANTED ANNOUNCERS 17 year Cincinnati n air drive time veteran! Backgrund includes prgram management and drive time in varius frmats including stere cuntry, A/C, rck and CHR. Available nw Please call Sctty Jacksn (Jerry Andersn) Easy listening, memry music statins. 25 years experience, deep pipes, final career mve. Neil Prfessinal attitude and sund with prductin, cpywriting and cntinuity backgrund. Call Bill Witty, intelligent, team player with great prductin skills lkig fr statin n the mve. C&R Versatile disc jckey with 4 years experience. Experience in news and prductin. Dave SITUATIONS WANTED TECHNICAL Over 25 years experience as chief engineer. Seeking permanent psitin with quality peratin. Prefer Sutheast. IMII cnsider all lcatins. Bx A -47. SITUATIONS WANTED NEWS Currently active in Fairfield Cunty, Cnnecticut, market. Seeking news. traffic, 6 years n air after 6:00 pm. News shuld be Interesting. Hire me and yurs will be. Creative self starter entertains while infrming. 3 years experience. degree and awards. Ray: Experienced reprter -anchr, excellent vice, crisp writing, news judgement. dedicatin. Prefer Califrnia r Suthwest. Call SITUATIONS WANTED PROGRAMING PRODUCTION AND OTHERS Mrning drive entertainer, manager, salesman. play by play. All arund radi talent seeks mrning pprtunity with pssible sales /management cmb. Bx A -21. Prgraming is marketing is psychlgy. Prgram directr with listener lyalty dependence, bnding bjectives. Prfit-riented, ratings -impassined. Psitive peple skills. Distinguished trainer. 20 years majr markets achievements. Meticulus state f the art planning: universal /lcal mtivatin research - scial psychlgical analysis: central- peripheral prgraming /prmtin translatins: immediate perceptual engineering and listener /spnsr management applicatins. Sense f humur. Need: cntinus measurement market, 25+ target, infrmatin -emphasis frmat, adequate facility, shared values. Phne Jhn. 13 years radi/tv plus agency- Prgraming, peratins, prductin, air. Sme sales: Jennings- trained. Prefer pprtunity Nrtheast. Bx A -51. Cleveland/Pittsburgh: Jerry "DJ" Strthers. Prductin & prmtin wizard! Statin wners call: all thers: TV72. TELEVISION HELP WANTED MANAGEMENT Leading Suthwest independent seeks prgram peratins manager. Must have knwledge and experience in prgram scheduling, traffic, prductin, satellite and cmputer technlgy Preference given t independent statin experience. Apply Bx Z -56. Chief engineer: Great televisin statin fr the right persn. Suthwest lcatin. Must be experienced, technically sund. gd with peple. Applicatins will be kept cnfidential. Bx A -5. Prmtin manager: Tp ten market indie lking fr aggressive manager. Psitin will be respnsible fr prmtin and public affairs departments and reprt directly t the GM. Experienced managers nly please reply t General Manager, WDCA -TV, 5202 River Rd.. Washingtn, DC Grup cntrller: Cllege degree. Must have current r recent statin cntrller experience. Sme travel required. Send resume with earnings histry and earnings requirement in cnfidence t J. McCreary, ML Media Partners, 7 West 51 St., New Yrk, NY An EEO emplyer. The University f Arizna is lking fr an assistant general manager fr educatinal telecmmunicatins. This individual will have majr management respnsibility in the use f telecmmunicatins technlgies in supprt f educatin as well as ther assigned functins fr the general manager f KUAT- TV- AM -FM. This psitin will specifically manage the nineteen channel instructinal televisin fixed service (ITFS) and peratinal fixed service (OFS) instructinal televisin delivery system sn t be licensed t the University f Arizna. Qualificatins include bachelr's degree in bradcasting, cmmunicatins r related field. Masters degree preferred. Five years dcumented experience in bradcasting r telecmmunicatins management. Salary cmmensurate with experience. This psitin is being repened with an expected hire date f January Preference will be given t applicants with bradcast r telecmmunicatins management experience. II yu have previusly respnded please d nt reapply, all prir applicatins are still under cnsideratin unless a specific request is made t mit. Please send letter f interest and resume t: Sharn Stephensn, University f Arizna, 1325 Speedway Blvd., Tucsn. AZ by December 1, Equal pprtunity /affirmative actin emplyer. Bradcasting Nv

160 General manager. Multi -media crpratin is seeking a general manager fr its tp -ranked VHF independent statin lcated in the Pacific Nrthwest. Candidate must have prven statin management experience, with strng understanding f sales, prgraming and prmtins. Please send resume t Bx A -53. Equal pprtunity emplyer. Sales manager. Seeking general and lcal sales manager fr netwrk affiliate. Must have prven track recrd. Rare career pprtunity. Send resume t: Persnnel Directr, 2242 Nrth Great Neck Rd., Virginia Beach. t Develpment directr fr public televisin statin WVPT. Respnsible fr generating 30% f statin revenue thrugh membership, suctin, underwriting and ther prjects. WII lead a supprt staff f fur. Qualificatins include demnstrated fundraising success, gd management skills, and the ability t wrk effectively with business peple, vlunteers and interns. Salary DOE. WVPT is lcated in ne f Virginia's fastest grwing cities in the heart f the Shenandah Valley. Send resume by Nvember 30 t Arthur E. Albrecht, President, WVPT, 298 Prt Republic Rd.. Harrisnburg. VA EOE. Prmtins manager: NBC affiliate in nrthern Califrnia needs aggressive creative prmtins manager. Must have prductin experience. Send tape and resume t D. O'Cnnr, KCPM -TV P.O. Bx Chic, CA EOE. Natinal sales manager. #1 independent in the tp 20 market seeking an aggressive, dynamic, results- riented individual. Must have strng presentatin and cmmunicatin skills. Prir natinal televisin sales management strngly desired. Minimum three years televisin sales experience t be cnsidered. Send resume and cver letter t: Persnnel, c/ WPGH -TV 750 Ivry Ave.. Pittsburgh, PA N phne calls. EOE. M/F Directr f develpment and marketing: Senir management psitin respnsible fr all develpment, marketing, and public infrmatin fr cmmunity licensed PTV statin. Individual shuld have experience in public bradcasting fundraising techniques including membership. underwriting, special events, auctin, direct mail and telemarketing. Strng budgeting. marketing and management skills are essential. KNPB /Channel 5 is lcated in Ren, Nevada, an alpine desert cmmunity at the fthills f the Sierra Nevada Muntains, clse t Lake Tahe and a few hurs frm San Francisc. Send letter f interest and resume t: Linda Tabakin, Bx 14730, Ren, NV Salary pen. Excellent benefits. Material must be received by December 14. AA/EOE. Scheduling manager fr engineering department. Minimum 2 years experience in scheduling large crews required. Prductin management, public Nand labr cntract experience preferred. Resume, references and salary histry by 11/30/87 t: KQED. Persnnel, 500 8th Street, San Francisc. CA EOE. HELP WANTED SALES Accunt executive, WON -TV (NBC), needs marketing riented salespersn with 2-3 years electrnic media sales, cllege degree, r equivalent in business r marketing. Send resume t: Je Hempstead, Lcal Sales Manager, WON P.O. Bx B, Grand Rapids, MI AA/EQE. General sales manager. Nrtheast affiliate in quality city Outstanding cmpensatin plan with six figure earning target. Resumes t Bx A -55. EOE, M/F Netwrk affiliate seeking aggressive accunt executive with prven track recrd t handle established list. Als seeking trainee fr rare career pprtunity Send resume t: Persnnel Directr, 2242 Nrth Great Neck Rd., Virginia Beach, VA Accunt executive. Nebraska's highest -rated TV statin is lking fr an experienced AE wh has the drive, ability and media knwledge t be the very best. This is an pprtunity t prve yu've gt what it takes t a grwing, prgressive bradcast grup. If yu really want success, send yur resume t: KOLN -KGIN, a Busse Bradcast Grup statin, PO. Bx 30350, Lincln, NE Attn: Jan Letk, LSM. Lcal sales manager: Immediate pprtunity fr innvative leader wh wuld enjy the challenge f develping new business in the 36th market. Be a part f an exciting new indy - quality prgraming - highest rated hckey frachise in the NHL - prmtin riented. Send resume and references ASAP t L. Lynch. GSM. WNYB -N 699 Hertel Ave., Buffal, NY Lcal sales manager. WIS -TV is taking applicatins fr the psitin f lcal sales manager. Applicants shuld have previus sales manager experience. WIS -N is a premier bradcasting statin with a slid reputatin in the sutheastern United States. This is an excellent pprtunity but is als very challenging. WIS -TV is a statin f the Csms Bradcasting Crpratin. Please send resumes which will be held in strictest cnfidence t C. Jseph Tning, General Sales Manager, 1111 Bull St.. Clumbia, SC EOE. HELP WANTED ANNOUNCERS Anchr /reprter t replace ur 10:00 PM anchr wh's leaving the state. CBS affiliate in small market. Reprting experience required, anchr experience preferred. Writing skills and anchring style will be strngly cnsidered. Tape and resume t Dug Maughan, News Directr, KMVT -TV 1100 Blue Lakes Blvd., N. Twin Falls, ID HELP WANTED TECHNICAL Assistant chief engineer fr CBS affiliated UHF 3-5 years transmitter experience. Resume and salary requirements t Rger Tpping, WIFR -TV, Bx 123, Rckfrd, IL EOE. Master cntrl peratr, must have 1-2 years MCO experience. Resume with salary requirements t Rger Tpping, WIFR -TV, P.O. Bx 123, Rckfrd, IL EOE. Maintenance technician sught by Hllywd pst -prductin facility. Ideal candidate has at least 2 years experience perfrming maintenance n VTR's, switchers & effects units, edit cntrllers, and related studi equipment. If maintenance is yur vcatin and nt just a jb, if yu can wrk ther than 9 t 5, then we'd like t hear frm yu. Send resume t Chief Engineer, Actin Vide, 6616 Lexingtn Ave., Hllywd, CA Actin Vide is an equal pprtunity emplyer. Chief engineer; Sunbelt UHF. Grup wned Fx/Independent, market rank, three plus hurs frm Gulf r Atlantic beaches, nearer Atlanta. Statin is almst new. RCA package, but had sme neglect. Needs tidying up, and tender -lving -care, the white glve kind. If yu're a team player, cmpany persn, rganized, meticulus and want t live in the Sunbelt, send resume t Bx A-43. EOE, M /F. Psitin t be filled by January Chief engineer: Tp 50 market netwrk affiliate is seeking a chief engineer. Alng with ttal supervisin f day t day engineering areas f the statin, psitin will be invlved in special prjects, capital expenditures and lng range planning. Ability t effectively manage peple as well as machines is a requirement. Experience as a chief engineer r assistant chief engineer is required. Send resume, with salary histry, t Bx A -48. CMX editr /technical directr- PBS statin is seeking an experienced fulltime CMX editr /technical directr with CMX 340 r 3100 experience preferred. Will perate n -line edit bth cnsisting f Sny 1100 and 2000 VTRs, Chyrn CG, Graham Patten audi mixer, and prcessing equipment. Strng, technical and aesthetic abilities required. May als perfrm technical directr, vide tape peratr, and ther engineering duties as assigned. Minimum 3 years f dcumentary editing experience preferred. NA- BET Unin psitin. Send resume and references by December 1, 1987 t: Eric Dauster, Manager f Engineering Operatins, KQED -N 500 Eighth Street, San Francisc, CA N phne calls please. EOE. HELP WANTED NEWS Special prjects prducer: Prduce special segments fr newscasts, special event cverage, and news specials. Prefer extensive reprting and newscast prducing experience. Send resume, references, and nn -returnable vide samples: Ken Middletn, News Directr, WTSP -N (St. Petersburg/Tampa), Bx 10,000, St. Petersburg, FL EOE. N calls, please Large, sutheastern net affiliate is seeking prducers and reprters fr bth current and future penings. Prducers shuld have 3 r mre years experience in newscast r newscasvnews series prducing. V 're lking fr tp writers wh knw hw t use all the tls, including SNG. t put tgether a great bradcast. General assignment reprters are als needed, especially thse with a backgrund in mney and persnal finance, as well as thse with heavy live and n -set experience. We're a first -class statin in a very cmpetitive market and we're lking fr the best. Send resume and a letter utlining yur views n TV news t: Bx A -28. EOE. Executive prducer. Want t wrk with the best? If yu have strng writing credentials and hate t lse at anything, this is yur chance t jin the mst aggressive newsteam in suthern Nevada. Send resume, tape, and references t Mike Cutler, KVBC -N, 1500 Fremaster Ln., Las Vegas, NV Weeknight anchr: Our anchrman just made a great career mve. s we need a great successr. NBC statin in majr cllege city. Previus anchr experience. Sme reprting. Tape, resume t Jack Keefe, WICD -TV 250 Cuntry Fair Dr., Champaign, IL EOE, M /F. Assistant art directr. Five years TV design experience. Knwledge f Harris Stillstre /ICS Chyrn Scribe and Aurra helpful. Send resume and tape t Fran Heaney Headline News, One CNN Center, P.O. Bx , Atlanta, GA Weathercaster. Netwrk affiliate in Midwest market seeks dedicated weatherpersn with persnality plus. Weekdays. Tw years minimum experience. Send resume t Bx A -33. EOE. News directr: needed fr tp ABC affiliate in the Sutheast. Must have experience and pssess peple skills. We're the market leader and are lking fr strng persn dedicated t excellence. Send resume t Wayne Daugherty, President/General Manager, WNM -TV P.O. Bx 1848, Clumbus, GA An equal pprtunity emplyer. Anchr /reprter needed by aggressive Midwest affiliate. Successful applicant will lve reprting and have warm, prfessinal n -air style. Unlimited grwth pprtunity fr the right persn. Bx A -40. EOE. Prducer 5PM news. Three years televisin news experience, tw as a prducer. Writing skills key. Must be "ggetter". Send resume t Bx A -29. Reprter /prducer. Immediate psitin available fr weekly statewide news magazine based in State Capitl ffice. Respnsible fr writing, prducing and editing news stries and news features. Requirements include BA in jurnalism, plitical science r related field and 2 years experience in gvernment reprting. Send resume, tape and salary requirements t WQED, Human Resurces Department, 4802 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA EOE, M /F /HN News prducer. Cmpetitive Sunbelt market seeks creative, enterprising prducer fr fast -paced evening newscasts. Must pssess excellent writing and rganizatinal skills, gd news judgement and wrk well with peple. 1-2 years experience necessary. Send resume, tape and salary requirements t News Administratr, WBBH -TV 3719 Central Ave., Frt Myers, FL EOE, M/F. News anchr. Our current anchr is heading t the 20th market! We're lking fr a talented prfessinal t help mve ur newscast frm a clse secnd t a dminant first place. Minimum experience 2 years reprting. Send resume and tape with salary requirements t News Administratr, WBBH -TV 3719 Central Ave., Frt Myers, FL EOE. News directr: Tp market seeks aggressive manager. Must be able t cmbine tp level cmpetitiveness with superb peple skills. We have all the tls alng with the best staff in the regin. Send resume, letter f philsphy, references and salary requirement t Bx A -52. All replies will be handled cnfidentially. This psitin will be filled as sn as we find the right persn s if yu're that persn, apply nw! EOE, M /F. Assignment editr: Our best is mving up s we're lking fr an energetic aggressive persn t guide ur talented staff. If yu're the best and want t jin the best, then call tday Billye Gavitt EOE, M /F. Feature reprter /anchr: If yu have a lve and talent fr feature reprting. and als a subscriptin t Sprts Illustrated, yu may be the right persn fr us. Ve are seeking a strng feature reprter t fill a majr rle n ur newsteam, reprting and anchring ur cverage f sprts and recreatin. Send resume, tape and references t Michael Sullivan, News Directr, WCBD -TV P.O. Bx 879. Charlestn, SC N beginners r phne calls, please. EOE. M/F Assistant news directr. Applicants shuld pssess the mtivatinal skills t help direct atp -ntch news rganizatin at the number ne statin in a grwing market. Applicants shuld pssess strng writing, reprting and editing skills. Bx A -42. Meterlgist/weathercaster: Immediate penings fr experienced and entry level frecasters with authritative presentatins. Rush tape & resume t Jeff Wmmer, P.O. Bx 5452, Flushing, NY Three psitins: The Walter Crnkite Schl f Jurnalism and Telecmmunicatin at Arizna State University has three new tenure track psitins beginning Fall semester NEWS EDITORIAL: Full prfessr. An earned dctrate with significant newspaper experience in reprting /editing t teach reprting /writing curses and graduate level mass cmmunicatin curses. Applicants must have apprpriate university teaching experience and an extensive research/publicatin recrd. BROADCAST NEWS: Assistant prfessr. An earned dctrate and bradcast jurnalism experience t teach bradcast newswriting, reprting, videgraphy and perfrmance curses. A master's degree with significant prfessinal bradcast experience will be cnsidered. BROADCAST GENERALIST: Assistant prfessr. An earned dctrate with prfessinal media experience and a research/publicatin recrd t teach fundamentals f bradcasting, bradcast studi techniques and graduate level mass cmmunicatin curses. All psitins are academic year appintments with the psibility f summer teaching. Applicants shuld send resumes and references by December 31, t: Search Cmmittee. Crn - kite Schl f Jurnalism and Telecmmunicatin, Arizna State University, Tempe. AZ An equal pprtunity/ affirmative actin emplyer. Executive prducer needed fr tp 50 ABC affiliate. 3 years shw prducing and management experience desired. Send resume and salary requirements t: Persnnel Manager, WPEC- TV-12, P.O. Bx 24612, WPB, FL Equal pprtunity emplyer, WE Bradcasting Nv

161 HELP WANTED PROGRAMING PRODUCTION & OTHERS Technical directr. Up and cming 98th ADI NBC affiliate lking fr a technical directr with 2 years experience directing newscasts t switch ur shws and d cmmercial prductin. New facility and equipment. Send resume t Wes DesJardins, Prductin Manager, KDLT -N 3600 S. Westprt Ave.. Siux Falls, SD EOE. Cmmercial writer /prducer. We are expanding an aggressive staff, if yu have 2 years experience writing and prducing televisin cmmercials and can handle an EFP camera. yu may be the persn we are lking fr. Send resume t Wes DesJardins. Prductin Manager. KDLT -TV 3600 S. Westprt Ave., Siux Falls. SD EOE. Directr: WSBK -TV is seeking experienced directr with emphasis n sprts prgraming. Respnsibe fr planning and directin f recrded presentatins. cmmercials, annuncements and live n -air prgraming. Send resume and tape t: Dug Wheeler. WSBK -TV 83 Birmingham Pkwy, Bstn, MA N phne calls, please. Fulltime news/cmmercial directr. Directrs with 3 years experience wrking with DVE. ne inch editing. and have experience directing live news shuld send tape /resume t Ken Hastert, KTKA -TV. Bx 2229, Tpeka, KS Netwrk affiliate seeking prductin directr editr and innvative cpywriter t staff expanding sales service department. Must have tw years minimum experience. Send dem tape with resume t: Persnnel Directr, 2242 Nrth Great Neck Rd.. Virginia Beach, VA Graphic design directr: Tp 35 market televisin affiliate seeks graphic directr. Psitin available first quarter '88. Electrnic graphics experience. plus excellent riginal cncepts and design skills required. Prficient in all areas f statin advertising: n -air, print, sales material. special prmtins. Superir management and rganizatinal skills needed. able t direct/lead thers. Send letter, resume, three letter -sized cpies f wrk examples t Bx A 49 EEO emplyer. All applicatins cnfidential. ENG camera/editr. Cable crpratin seeks persn t fill dual rle as ENG camerapersn and editr fr daily news prgram. Salary high teens. Send resume and tape t PO. Bx Gaithersburg, MD Prducer /directr. Tulsa's news statin is lking fr an experienced newscast directr. The psitin requires at least 2 years f experience directing news and a cllege degree. This individual will be invlved in dertermining the graphic lk f a first rate newscast. Please send resumes nly t: Bud Brwn, Creative Services Directr, KOTV P.O. Bx 6. Tulsa. OK An equal pprtunity emplyer. Directr: Hands -n persn capable f directing a nightly live newscast. cmmercials and special prgrams. Experience is necessary fr this grwing statin in the nrtheast. Send resume and tape t P.O. Bx 991. New Lndn. CT Develpment prducer sught by KPBS -TV San Dieg's public televisin statin. Respnsible fr prducing membership drives. n -air pledge -free campaigns. n -ging membership spts. annual sweepstakes spts, underwriting credits. ther statin prmtin spts. and acquired prgraming prms. Must have 2 years experience in prductin f televisin cmmercials and /r 2 years experience in prducing n -air fundraising campaigns and prmtins. Demnstrated televisin writing capabilities required. Multi- camera directin experience a plus. A flexible, respnsible, mature and rganized persn with high level f creative energy is essential. Salary range mid 20's t lw 30's. Excellent benefit package. Obtain emplyment applicatin directly frm San Dieg State University Emplyment Office, Third Flr - Administratin Building. San Dieg, CA Cmpleted applicatin must be received n later than Friday. December EEO/AA/Title IX emplyer. Writer /prducer, fulltime, fr tp 24 independent statin t develp effective n -air prmtinal spts frm cncept t cmpletin. Gd writing skills and knwledge f editing prcedures. Send resumes t Bx A -54. An equal pprtunity emplyer. SITUATIONS WANTED MANAGEMENT Trubled TV statin? Nt enugh prfit? N prfit? Peple prblems? I can fix it! I've just turned my third UHF televisin statin. One indy. tw netwrk. I dn't wrk miracles, I just wrk. Presently emplyed as GM. cnsultant, but nt happy Very finest prfessinal persnal and financial references. Write Bx A -41. SITUATIONS WANTED NEWS Beautiful, black female ex- jurnalism teacher fr n -air reprting psitin. Frmer intern: tp 20 news. Relcate? Sure, any market. Tape. Lynn p.m. Award winning sprtscaster lking fr new challenges. Great PBP & sprts interviews. Call Tim Accmplished weathercaster- Exceptinal style. pleasant delivery Bx A -44. Radi reprter /anchr with 2 years experience in 11th - largest market desires mve int TV news r sprts. Bradcast jurnalism degree cum laude, experience shting/ editing vide. Tape available. Dan Feature r feature/weather psitin sught by highly experienced reprter with reputatin fr finding an interesting stry under every rck Energetic black male seeks challenging pprtunity with news rganizatin. Reprting. anchring. media management experience. Aggressive and dependable t Black, female, anchr, reprter. articulate. attractive, experienced, teens and 20's. Call Meterlgist seeking 5 day a week weather psitin. Have almst fur years Nand radi experience. Call Rich - ard at MISCELLANEOUS Career vides. Mve ahead! Let ur majr market bradcast team prduce yur persnal vide resume tape, ne that will excite the persn wh hires Videpieces needed cncerning pets, wildlife & animal issues fr a natinal televisin magazine prgram n PBS. Send segments t: Living Wth Animals, th St., NW, Washingtn. DC r call Prim Peple is lking fr weathercasters. Slid credentials and experience are paramunt. Send tape and resume t Steve Prricelli r Marg Sanchez. Bx 116, Old Greenwich. CT Invest in yurself! Hundreds f exciting career pprtunities natinwide. Televisin, radi. crprate cmmunicatins. All areas, all levels. We simplify jb- hunting t get the jb dne! Media Marketing, P.O. Bx PD. Palm Harbr, FL ALLIED FIELDS HELP WANTED INSTRUCTION Emersn Cllege Mass Cmmunicatin Divisin. The Divisin f Mass Cmmunicatin is seeking three new faculty members: tw in jurnalism and ne in film. The divisin has sequences in televisin, radi. film, and print and bradcast jurnalism. and has ver 1000 graduate and undergraduate majrs in a ttal cllege enrllment f Psitin 1: The Divisin f Mass Cmmunicatin has a tenure- track psitin in the area f PRINT JOURNALISM t begin September 1, Salary and rank are dependent n the applicant's qualificatins. The candidate will teach curses in newswriting, reprting. editing and apprpriate specialty areas and will als advise the cllege newspaper. A dctrate is strngly preferred but exemplary prfessinal experience will be cnsidered. Applicants shuld send a cver letter, vita and a list f three references t: Dr Rbert Hilliard, Search Cmmittee Chair, Divisin f Mass Cmmunicatin, Emersn Cllege, 100 Beacn Stret. Bstn. MA All materials must be received by January 15, Psitin 2: The Divisin f Mass Cmmunicatin has a tenure- track psitin in the area f JOURNALISM t begin September 1, Salary and rank are dependent n the applicant's qualificatins. The candidate will teach ad vanced and graduate curses. A dctrate is required and applicants shuld have experience in such areas as print jurnalism, media ethics, TV prgraming. media management and bradcast jurnalism. Applicants shuld send cver letter, vita and a list f three references t: Dr. Rbert Hilliard, Search Cmmittee Chair, Divisin f Mass Cmmunicatin, Emersn Cllege. 100 Beacn Street, Bstn, MA All materials must be received by January 15, 1988 Psitin 3: The Divisin f Mass Cmmunicatin has a tenure- track psitin in the area f FILM t begin September 1, Salary and rank are dependent n the applicants qualificatins and experience. Candidates shuld have a strng backgrund in film studies (specialty area pen) and screenwriting, with sme ability t teach super -8 prductin curses. A Ph.D. and evidence f prmise in schlarly research and publicatin are required. Applicants shuld send cver letter, vita and a list f three references t: Dr. Rbert Hilliard, Search Cmmittee Chair, Divisin f Mass Cmmunicatin, Emersn Cllege, 100 Beacn Street. Bstn. MA Review f applicants will begin December 7, 1987, and will cntinue until the psitin is filled. Lcated in Bstn. Emersn Cllege is the natin's nly fully- accredited undergraduate and graduate institutin slely devted t the interdisciplinary study f cmmunicatin and the perfrming arts. Emersn Cllege is an equal pprtunity /affirmative actin emplyer. Members f minrity grups and wmen are encuraged t apply Graduate assistantships: TV prductin interns. 12 psitins. 25 hurs /week. Serve as teaching assistants, crew; wrk supprt in research, electrnic graphics, traffic, staging /lighting; sme prducing /directing; wrk ITV cntract, and air prductins. Requires BA and acceptance int Master f Fine Arts prgram. $ Pssible tuitin waiver. September Dr. Rbert C. Williams. Chairman, Department f TV/Radi. Brklyn Cllege. Brklyn. NY An AA/E0 emplyer, M /F. Tw assistant prfessrs t jin an active. grwing radi - TV-film prgram in August The department has seven full time faculty. 250 majrs. mdern studis and classrms, and is lcated in a dynamic, majr radi, televisin, and film market. Bth candidates shuld be qualified t leach radi and televisin prductin, and have cmpetence in tw r mre f the fllwing areas: new technlgies; internatinal bradcasting; writing: research. news: and film histry, thery, and criticism; n bth the graduate and undergraduate levels. Active invlvement in schlarly activities, sme teaching experience, and Ph.D. required (may cnsider ABD). Salary cmpetitive. The search crn - mittee will begin reviewing applicatins in December. Send letter f interest, vita. and three letters f recmmendatin t: Dr. R. T Ellmre, Acting Chairman, Department f Radi - TV -Film, Bx 30793, Texas Christian University, Frt Wrth, TX Minrities and wmen are encurage t apply. TCU is an EO /AA emplyer. Dctral assistantships. The University f Tennessee seeks utstanding academics and prfessinal bradcasters fr dctral study in cmmunicatins. Cursewrk emphasizes thery/research cre with bradcasting cncentratin, leading t research and university prfessrship psitins. Applicants shuld cmplete cursewrk in tw years. Persns with significant media experience plus bachelrs degree may be admitted directly int Ph.D. prgram. Teaching /research assistantships available. Cmplete applicatin fr fall 1988 due March 1. GRE required. Als. ne -year M.S. prgram in media management fr qualified applicants. Cntact Dr. H.H. Hward, Cmmunicatins, University f Tennessee, Knxville, TN HELP WANTED SALES Flrida suncast based prductin cmpany needs salespersn. Ability t meet peple essential. We will train. Vide Techniques. Inc., P.O. Bx 14010, Bradentn, FL PROGRAMING Radi & TV Bing. Oldest prmtin in the industry Cpyright Wrld Wide Bing. PO. Bx Littletn, CO New Years Eve Special. "Big Band ", 6 hurs annunced n 10-1/2" reels. Affrdable quality fr dem. Sprtcm Assciates intrduces its Mtr Sprts Radi custm cverage service this weekend, with reprts frm the Atlanta Juranl 500 NASCAR finale. If yur statin is interested in fee -based market exclusive shrt-frm real time cverage f majr mtrsprts fed via single -line frequency extensin. then cnsider jining the Mtr Sprts Radi team! Availabilities are limited. The deadline t arrange cverage: Nn Friday, Nvember 20. T rder: call r write: Mtr Sprts Radi, Sprtcm Assciates Zevan Rad. Jhnsn City. NY EMPLOYMENT SERVICES Gvernment jbs $16,040 - $59,230/yr. Nw hiring. Call Ext. R fr current federal list. EDUCATIONAL SERVICES On -air training: Fr TV reprters (beginners. veterans, crss -vers frm print). Plish yur delivery, appearance, writing. Practice with Teleprmpter. Learn frm frmer ABC Netwrk news crrespndent and New Yrk lcal reprter. Make dem tape. Call Eckhert Special Prductins- Inc. (ESP). MISCELLANEOUS Fr sale: MDS transmissin time. Single channel MDS statins in San Antni, Killeen, Victria & Austin, Texas. Any time slt available fr vide and /r data prgrams. Fr int call Judi at Cmmunicatin prfessinal seeking graduate prgram in bradcast management where there is mre t the real wrld than thery. Als with teaching assistantship pssibilities. Call Tim at WANTED TO BUY EQUIPMENT Wanting 250, 500, 1,000 and 5,000 watt AM -FM transmitters. Guarantee Radi Supply Crp., 1314 Iturbide Street, Lared. TX Manuel Flres Instant cash- highest prices. W buy TV transmitters and studi equipment. $1.000 reward fr infrmatin leading t ur purchase f a gd UHF transmitter. Duality Media Bradcasting Nv

162 1" videtape. Lking fr large quantities. 30 minutes r lnger will pay shipping. Call Mbile prductin truck. Bradcast quality, vide and audi, minimum (3) camera. Will cnsider all. Send phts and equipment list t G.T.V., 207 Charles Ave., New Kensingtn, PA FOR SALE EQUIPMENT AM and FM transmitter, used excellent cnditin. Guaranteed. Financing ava, able. Transcm Telex FM transmitters "Harris FM 25K -AEL 25KG -CCA 20,000D "RCA BTF- 10D'Cllins 830F(10KW) "Cllin 830E (5KW) -RCA 5B -RCA 3B -CCA 3000D(3KW) 2.5 Sparta - "Gates FM- 1C"Transcm Crp Telex AM transmitters "Transmitters"Harris BC- 10H(10KW) "Harris MW1A' Gates BC- 1G'Harris MW5(1974) 5KW "Gates BC500"Transcm Crp Telex KW AM "Gates BC -50C (1966) n air w /many spares, in STEREO.' Transcm Crp , Telex New TV startups. Quality Media can save yu mney Tp quality equipment at lwest prices. Business Plans, financing available. Quality Media /8" transmissin line 1000', 75 hm, 19 3/4' Ready t ship. Gd cnditin. Call Bill Kitchen ' Kline twer Gd cnditin. Standing in central U.S. Call Bill Kitchen Silverline UHF transmitters new, best price, latest technlgy, 30kw 60kw, 120kw, 240kw Bill Kitchen r Dirk Freeman. Televisin Technlgy Satellite earth statins fr sale. Bth C & Ku band. Fully redundant electrnics. Tp f the line equipment. Can sell as is r turnkey installatins. Everything frm UPS's t HPA's. 6 MHz micrwave equipment als available. Technichrme AM trans - 71 FM trans. Delivery frm ur inventry All pwers - all cmplete - all inst. bks. Wrld leader in bradcast transmitters. Besc Internacinal, 5946 Club Oaks Drive, Dallas. TX / FM antennas. CP antennas. excellent price - quick delivery frm recgnized leader in antenna design. Jampr Antennas. Inc TV antennas. Custm design - 60KW peak input pwer. Quick delivery. Excellent cverage. Recgnized in design adn manufacturing. Hrizntal, elliptical and circular plarized. Jampr Antennas, Inc RCA TP -7 slide prjectr. Fully recnditined, refinished, and tested. $ Slid state bxes (wrking) $ Simber Bradcast Services ' Vide Mbile unit: Frd F -600 with 17,000 miles, 22' cntrl rm, Grass Valley switcher, Ikegami cameras. Chyrn character generatr. Sny vide recrders. islated audi bth. $249, Call r Sny BVP -300 Plumbicn ENG camera systems. 2 years ld. Gd perable cnditin. Best tter Vital VM -2 dual channel squeezm system. Includes revisin 3 sftware, Chrma tracking, Chrma zm & Sync pulse. Cst $199K. Best ffer Adda ESP -200 digital still stre system. Dual disc. 400 frame stre. Can be expanded t 1600 frame. Available immediately Best ffer W LPN UHF14 TTC transmitter excellent shape, spare parts. Available nw. $12K plus shipping. TV14 POB GMF Guam Tel: ' zne A twer with Guy's, n grund, 12 bay antenna 93.1 MHZ, KOID /Alexandria, LA Bradcast quality evaluated blank videtape. Big savings n all frmats. Call r in New Yrk t discuss details and receive price qutatins n yur specific requirements. 3/4" and 1" blank videtape. Evaluated tape, bradcast quality guaranteed. Sample prices UCA/KCA -5 minutes, $4.99 each; KCS -20 minutes $6.49: KCA -60 minutes, $10.99; 1 " -60 minutes, $ Elcn evaluated, shrink wrapped, yur chice f album r shipper and delivered free. Almst ne millin sld t prfessinals. Fr mre inf, call ; in Maryland, call Cpper! 88 & #10 grund radials; 2,3,4,6,8" strap; fly screen; grund screen Ask fr cpper sales. Studer A810. new Studer A727 CD player, Capitl Carts Crwn D75 amps. Great prices Equipment financing: New r used mnths, n dwn payment, n financials required under $25,000. Refinance exisiting equipment. David Hill ' Trusscn twer. Self supprting with base insulatrs. On grund near Des Mines, IA. Als Scientific Atlanta Series 9000 satellite dish, 3.2 meter with extender panels. Jeff Hansen Grass Valley 100 $9,000.00, Grass 400 ruting switcher. A full line f remte trucks/trailers. All makes and mdels f VTR's and VCR's. Alng with a large variety f prtable and studi cameras. We need vital squeezms, and Ikegami HK -357 cameras. If yu are nt n ur mail list then call tday t receive ur mnthly flyer. Call Lynwd r Marvin Media Cncepts. Fr sale three 45 ft. mbile units. Ikegami, Sny, Ampex, GVG, Abekas, FITS, 3 -SA transprtable uplinks. Fr mre infrmatin including full equipment package, please write r call: Synergistic Technlgies, Inc Rss Street, Pittsburgh. PA TELEVISION Help Wanted Sales TV COMMERCIALS ** *SALES *** Were a well established prducer f syndicated TV cmmercials. Due t the increasing demand fr ur prduct, we need t add several capable sales representatives immediately. We're lking fr persns with the fllwing qualificatins: Experienced in 1 n 1 selling t retailers...experienced and able t travel extensively -9 ms. per year. (willing t enjy 3 ms. vacatin). We sell what is undubtedlythefinest package f syndicated TV cmmercials available. If yu live in Texas, Midwest r Sutheast, and wuld like t learn abut ur unique sales rganizatin, we want t talk t yu. Write and include resumé r Call cllect (203) MADISON. MUYSKENS AND JONES. INC P.O. Bx 432 /Main Street /Lakeville. CT An equal pprtunity emplyer Help Wanted Annuncers VOICE OVER, INC. is seeking prfessinal artists /annuncers. Must have wn bradcast quality prductin (audi nly) equipment. Send resume and audi tape t: Vice Over, Inc., Att. Mr. Gene Key, 2109 Washingtn, Memphis, TN N calls please Help Wanted Management GENERAL SALES MANAGER TOP 25 INDEPENDENT Our last GSM mved up t general manager. Excellent pprtunity fr experienced GSM t assume brader statin respnsibility. Lcal sales emphasis including lcal prgramming, live sprts, and news in a highly desirable market. If yu're a leading sales manager check ut this pprtunity. EEO M /F. Respnd t Bx A -3. Help Wanted Management Cntinued DIRECTOR OF TELEVISION ADMINISTRATION The Wrld Wrestling Federatin, a leader in televisin sprts entertainment seeks a seasned televisin executive t manage its sn t be cmpleted Stamfrd, Cnnecticut, based pst prductin facility, as well as crdinate and administer its varius televisin activities. Experience in prductin, sales, syndicatin, statin relatins, and engineering required. If interested, please submit resume t Persnnel Dept., Titan Sprts, Inc., 1055 Summer St., P.O. Bx 3857, Stamfrd, CT An equal pprtunity emplyer. Help Wanted News SUNBELT ANCHOR!!! WSAFTV is lking fr a dynamic. experienced news anchr wh wants a lng -term, bright future with a statin determined t cntinue its winning traditin. If yu have what it takes, send me yur resume, tape, and salary requirements. Keith Yung, News Directr, WSA7 --TV (NBC), P.O. Bx 2429, Savannah, GA EOE, M/F Help Wanted Prgraming, Prductin, Others PROMOTION WRITER /PRODUCER Tp independent in the #1 market is lking fr a creative, mtivated and innvative prmtin writer /prducer. The right individual will have utstanding writing abilities, knwledge f state -f- the -art prductin and pst -prductin techniques. and a minimum f three years prgram and news prmtin experience. If yu're ready t jin New Yrk's httest prmtin team, let's see yur stuff. SEND RESUME AND REEL TO: Mr. Jeffrey Gray Manager, On -air Prmtin WPIX -TV 220 East 42nd Street New Yrk, NY ATTENTION BLIND BOX RESPONDENTS Advertisers using Blind Bx Numbers cannt request tapes r transcripts t be frwarded t BROAD- CASTING Blind Bx Numbers. Such materials are nt frwardable and are returned t the sender. Bradcasting Nv

163 Help Wanted Prgraming, Prductin, Others Cntinued Writer /Publicist Exciting pprtunity fr talented Writer and Publicist t be part f fast -grwing televisin statin in #1 market. Yu shuld pssess excellent writing skills, tp media cntacts and a prven recrd in placement. If yu are a creative and quick thinker with prir bradcast experience (wh is willing t wrk hard), let's talk. Excellent salary and benefits package Send resume including salary histry t: Human Resurces, WWOR -TV, 9 Bradcast Plaza, Secaucus. New Jersey An equal pprtunity emplyer m i W SA/OR TV HEY, SPORT! We are lking fr a #1 Prmtin Sprts Prducer t prmte the #1 sprts franchise in the natin in the #1 sprts twn n the #1 sprts statin in St. Luis. We're talking abut Cardinal Baseball, Cardinal Ftball, Blues Hckey, Big 8 Basketball, S.L.U. Basketball, and Steamers Sccer. We've gt mre balls than any statin in twn. If yu want t be part f ur team...shw us yur stuff! EOE. Send resume /tape t Steve Grzyb, KPLR -TV, 4935 Lindell Blvd.. st. Luts, MO K!! Situatins Wanted News I "Make Me An Offer Can't Refuse." Debrah Allen Experience Radi-TV Reprter Telethn Chst Talk Shw Hst Annuncer Wants: Reprter r Public Affairs Hst Psitin Call: (512) Fr Sale Equipment FOR SALE THREE 45' MOBILE PRODUCTION UNITS UNIT #ONE 5-HK357ATs, 4-VPR-2Bs, K, A-52. PM RTS UNIT #TWO Expanding Side Trailer 5- HK357ATs, 4- VPR2Bs, A A, Auditrnics , RTS UNIT #THREE 5-Sny BVP-360 Triax, 2-BVP-30 Triax, 3-BVH-3100, RTS Each unit includes tractr Additinal equipment includes: HL79s, 3 mbile uplinks, A -42, Quantel DPE -5000s Fr inventry & bid prcedures cntact. SYNERGISTIC TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 100 Rss Street Pittsburgh, PA Fr Fast Actin Use :O sa'? Classified Advertising ALLIED FIELDS Public Ntices The Bard f Directrs f Public Bradcasting Service will meet at 9:00 a.m. n December 3, 1987 at the Omni Htel at Charlestn Place, Charlestn. Suth Carlina, and will recnvene at 9:00 a.m.. December 4. Tentative agenda will fcus n public televisin's current and prjected financial cnditin and the cmpetitive envirnment it faces. Satellite replacement, prgraming. and advertising and prmtin activities will als be discussed. Emplyment Services JOB HUNTING? If yu need a jb, yu need MediaLine. We give yu jb listings in news, weather, sprts, prductin, prgramming, prmtin, and engineering. Fr $37.50 yu get a daily reprt fr 6 weeks (In Missuri ). MediaLine, P. 0 Bx Clumbia, MO E ARE ON 1NE Help Wanted Technical nc LIE 1HE N DIRECTOR, ENGINEERING SERVICES The NATIONAL CAPTIONING INSTI- TUTE, a nt -fr -prfit cmpany prviding clsed- captined TV services fr the hearing impaired, has a new pprtunity available. The Directr will be maintaining technical quality standards and prviding liaisn supprt with bth bradcasting and prductin entities. Staffing, budgeting and training respnsibilities as well as lng range planning and develpment f technical and peratinal facilities. Requires bradcast exper. with 3-5 years hardware and sftware design in cmputer terminal, visual display and data recrding technlgy B.S. in electrical engineering, cmputer science r equivalent. NCI ffers a cmpetitive salary and utstanding benefits package. Send resumes WITH salary histry t: NCI 5203 Leesburg Pike, 15th Flr Falls Church, VA EOE AA Bradcasting Nv c

164 Help Wanted Sales Challkisé meatea pprtunity Accunt Executive Outstanding Opprtunity With Arbitrn's Chicag Office. We have a challenging pprtunity fr an Accunt Executive in ur Televisin Statin Sales Department. The persn we are seeking shuld have at least a minimum f three years experience at a statin and /r in a bradcast sales envirnment. Hands -n- experience with Arbitrn research data a plus. Yu shuld be a self- starter, ready t travel, cmmitted t hard wrk and ready t meet the challenge f a cmpetitive envirnment. We ffer a cmpetitive salary /incentive prgram, with a cmprehensive benefit package. We prvide a prfessinal atmsphere fr the career minded individual. T explre this pprtunity further, send resume wtih salary histry in cnfidence t: Jim Mcarski Arbitrn Ratings Cmpany 211 East Ontari Street Suite 1400 Chicag, IL C 9 ARBITRON RATINGS a Cntrl Data Cmpany An Affirmative Actin Emplyer Help Wanted News Prgraming RTV - SPORTS NETWORK (Sprts Radi's Ttal Vice) GM's and Prgrammers - Annuncing America's First Radi Spns Netwrk FIN is ttally devted t sprts... Sprts talk. sprts interviews. sprts reprts, sprts scres... Play by play frm teams arund the cuntry RTV Talks t Sprts Fans RTV Talks t Sprts Celebrities RN Brings yur Market P.B.P. RTV is Exclusive SPORTS PROGRAMMING ALL THE TIME NW can have RN- SPORES Nw fr $ Mnthly Sprts Prgramming Yu Can Use Befre and After Lcal Games... Sprts Prgramming Yu Can Use When Yu Want!! sprts s e l l!!! Call RN Nw Dn't Miss It Miscellaneus CHANNEL YOUR PROBLEM COLLECTIONS INTO PRIME PROFITS! Our cllectin services are tailred t yur industry's requirements. Persnalized /Prfessinal Service Natinwide representatin Cmpetitive rates RESULTS AFs ALLEN FINANCIAL SERVICES 7100 Hayvenhurst Ave. Van Nuys. CA NEWSCASTER /WRITER Dw Jnes and Cmpany, Inc., a leading publisher f business news and infrmatin, has an immediate pprtunity available fr a Newscaster/Writer in its Princetn, New Jersey based Vice Infrmatin Services Grup. Respnsibilities include the editing and rewriting f financial news alng with 2-3 hurs f n -air annuncing each day. Requirements include at least tw years' prir annuncing experience in a hard news envirnment, in additin t a Bachelr's degree. This psitin ffers a cmpetitive salary and excellent benefits alng with the pprtunity t becme part f a team in ne f America's "Mst Admired Crpratins ". If interested, please submit a resume and cassette in cnfidence alng with salary expectatins t: J.A. Nyitray Reginal Emplyee Relatins Manager Department -NW Dw Jnes & C., Inc. P.O. Bx 300 Princetn, New Jersey an equal pprtunity emplyer M/F NOMMININIIMMINIEW 1 Wanted t Buy Equipment WANTED: COLLEGE RADIO STATION SEEKS TRANSMITTER (apprx. 1000w) AS DONATION OR AT REA- SONABLE PRICE. TAX -DEDUCTIBLE. CALL RANDYLL YODER, WJMU -FM WANTED: COLLEGE RADIO STATION SEEKS DONATIONS OF RADIO BROADCAST CONSOLES OR AT REA- SONABLE PRICE. TAX -DEDUCTIBLE. CALL RANDYLL K. YODER, WJMU -FM Business Opprtunities FULL POWER UHF in Clumbus. Ohi. market is ffering 20% f its stck in a private ffering. Sale must be made t a substantial party with ability t act as a credit wrthy partner. We are ready t act quickly. Brkers welcme. Call r Bradcasting Nv

165 Fr Sale Statins TOP 100 SUN BELT TV STATION FOR SALE AT PRIVATE TREATY THE STOCKHOLDERS HAVE AUTHORIZED THE FURROW GROUP, AS AGENTS, TO OFFER TO QUALIFIED BUYERS A UHF STATION IN THE EAST TENNESSEE MARKET. TENNESSEE IS THE SECOND FASTEST GROWTH AREA IN THE SOUTHEASTAND THIS 2 -YEAR OLD STATION HAS ACHIEVED OUTSTANDING GROWTH AND MARKET SHARE AND IS AVAILABLE FOR SOUND ECONOMIC REASONS THAT WILL BE BENEFICIAL TO THE PRO- SPECTIVE BUYER. CONTACT ROB STRICKLAND OR GEORGE ARCHER FOR CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. THE FURROW GROUP KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE Cliatinwicie Media Stkers ap man Assciates Frm Cmmunicatins Press- Cable Prgramming Resurce Directry 1987 A Guide t Cmmunity TV Prductin Facilities and Prgramming Surces & Outlets Mre than 1,000 Cmmunity Prgramming Centers The CPRD lists cable systems, access studis, schls, lcal gvernments and ther rganizatins managing lcal cable channels -lcal riginatin, P -E -G and leased access. Prvides detailed infrmatin abut type and amunt f prgramming prduced and acquired, as well as budget, staff, equipment and ther data. TEXAS FM in Texas Lake Cuntry. Asking $650,000 with $100K dwn. Call: BILL WHITLEY 214/ Nrth Carlina Cvers Charltte, Kannaplis, Cncrd, Piedmnt sectin. Large Mkt. Lw dial psitin, clear channel AM daytime. Same wner 40 years. asking $1.75 millin fr franchise and equipment. Sme wner financing. Negtiable lease and terms. Rare pprtunity fr new cncept. Cntact: A.O. Healan, President Sterling Business Brkers Gainesville, Gergia MUDS. tpn3dlt/.m1 P. Bx 146 Enc,nO.CelirOrn,e Are. C de Natinwide man Mai Brkers Assciates ALABAMA FulltimeAM in small market nt far frm Gulf beaches. Asking $150,000 with $30,000 dwn. ERNIE PEARCE 404/ Fr Independent Prducers The CPRD lists cntacts at lcal cable channels wh buy r brrw nncmmercial prgramming, and prgram buyers at mre than 50 natinal cable prgramming services -basic, pay and pay -per -view Fr Lcal Cable Prgrammers The CPRD lists cntacts at assciatins, gvernment agencies and clearinghuses frm acrss the U.S. and arund the wrld that lend r rent PSAs, Vide News Releases and lnger -length vide prgramming cvering a wide range f tpics and issues. This unique guide t the field f lcal cable prgramming will plug yu in t a natinal netwrk f prducers and prgrammers. Order yurs tday! CARIBBEAN BEACON STATION FOR LEASE 690 Khz, 15,000 watts full time. 50,000 watts available. We perate facility, yu prvide prgramming by tape r satellite. Cvers Virgin Islands, St. Martin. Antigua. St. Kitts. etc. CALL GARY HAYES, CARIBBEAN BEACON Suth Carlina AM Greenville, SC, AM prperty with gd signal, plus newly remdeled building, land, and attractive pricing /terms. 5,000 watt facility. Reply in cnfidence t Bx A ,000 Watts FULLTIME This AM Pwerhuse reaches millins with Religius prgramming. FM included. Healthy cash flw. $2.2 millin cash. SNOWDEN eassciates NETWORK AFFILIATE TV J Tp 100 market TV statin. Ownership leaving the industry and wants a qualified multi statin buyer. Statin billings at reasnable level but cash flw will nt supprt current high leverage. Excellent equipment and plant. Priced und $20,000,000. Bx A -56. Only $34.95, prepaid. Next editin: 1989 Bradcasting Bk Divisin 1705 DeSales Street, N.W. Washingtn, D.C Please send cpy(ies) f the CABLE PROGRAMMING RESOURCE DIRECTORY I enclse $34.95 per cpy. Name Address City St Zip Bradcasting Nv CIS

166 Fr Sale Statins Cntinued IvI ÓCÌÁTES RENO SEATTLE WASHINGTON CLASS C FM $475,000 Turnarund situatin needs aggressive wner:peratr Sft terms fr qualified buyer CLIFF HUNTER Full pwer UHF -TV CP's Mbile- Pensacla, Flrida Des Mines, Iwa Oraville, CA Televisin Technlgy Crp. Bill Kitchen MIDWEST /FULLTIME AM Single Statin Market. Established almst 50 years. 163,000 peple in area. Prfitable. Cash - $300,000. Terms- $350,000. SNOWDEN Pwerhuse j Terms. Cable system in suthcentral PA subscribers. Ask fr Jim Dick. AM/FMs including Class C's. TVs. cable and CPS. Call t get n ur mailing list. 71 daytimer in eastern Ohi 5415,0001 Airsabcast (Qammunicatians!ibisian BUSINESS BROKER ASSOCIATES Hurs A ATTENTION: BLIND BOX ADVERTISERS Effective with the Nvember 2, 1987 issue f BROADCASTING, the fllwing rate structure fr the blind bx service will apply: BLIND BOX FEES (in additin t basic advertising cst) Situatins Wanted: $4.00 per issue. All ther Classificatins: $7.00 per issue The charge fr the blind bx service applies t advertisers running listings and display ads. Each advertisement must have a separate bx number. BROADCASTING will nt frward tapes, transcripts, writing samples, r ther versized materials; such materials are returned t the sender. Atlanta t Chattanga ADI UHF CP, sell r lease. Reply t: 4724 Maple Brk SE, Marietta, GA Serius reply nly. THIS PUBLICATION AVAILABLE IN MICROFORM University Micrfilms Internatinal 300 Nrth Zeeb Rad, Dept. P.R., Ann Arbr, MI EARLY DEADLINE NOTICE Due t the Thanksgiving Day hliday, classified advertising fr the Nvember 30 issue is due at nn Nvember 20. BROADCASTING'S CLASSIFIED RATES All rders t place classified ads & all crrespndence pertaining t this sectin shuld be sent t: BROADCASTING, Classified Department, 1705 DeSales St., N.W, Washingtn, DC Payable in advance. Check, r mney rder nly. Full & crrect payment MUST accmpany ALL rders. All rders must be in writing. Deadline is Mnday at nn Eastern Time fr the fllwing Mnday's issue. Earlier deadlines apply fr issues published during a week cntaining a legal hliday, and a special ntice annuncing the earlier deadline will be published abve this ratecard. Orders, changes, and /r cancellatins must be submitted in writing. NO TELEPHONE ORDERS, CHANGES, AND/ OR CANCELLATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. When placing an ad, indicate the EXACT categry desired: Televisin, Radi r Allied Fields; Help Wanted r Situatins Wanted: Management, Sales News, etc. If this infrmatin is mitted, we will determine the apprpriate categry accrding t the cpy. NO make gds will be run if all infrmatin is nt included. N persnal ads. Rates: Classified listings (nn -display). Per issue: Help Wanted: $1.00 per wrd, $18.00 weekly minimum. Situatins Wanted : 600 per wrd, $9.00 weekly minimum. All ther classificatins: $1.10 per wrd, $18.00 weekly minimum. Rates: Classified display (minimum 1 inch, upward in half inch increments), per issue: Help Wanted: $80 per inch. Situatins Wanted: $50 per inch. All ther classificatins: $100 per inch. Fr Sale Statins, Wanted T Buy Statins, Public Ntice & Business Opprtunities advertising require display space. Agency cmmissin nly n display space. Blind Bx Service: (In additin t basic advertising csts) Situatins Wanted: $4.00 per issue. All ther classificatins: $7.00 per issue. The charge fr the blind bx service applies t advertisers running listings and display ads.. Each advertisement must have a separate bx number. BROADCASTING will nt frward tapes, transcripts, writing samples, r ther versized materials; such materials are returned t sender. Replies t ads with Blind Bx numbers shuld be addressed t: (Bx number), c/ BROADCASTING, 1705 DeSales St., N.W., Washingtn, DC Wrd cunt: Cunt each abbreviatin, initial, single figure r grup f figures r letters as ne wrd each. Symbls such as 35mm, COD, PD, etc. cunt as ne wrd each. Phne number with area cde r zip cde cunt as ne wrd each. The publisher is nt respnsible fr errrs in printing due t illegible cpy -all cpy must be clearly typed r printed. Any and all errrs must be reprted t the classified advertising department within 7 days f publicatin date. N credits r make gds will be made n errrs which d nt materially affect the advertisment. Publisher reserves the right t alter classified cpy t cnfrm with the prvisins f Title VII f the Civil Rights Act f 1964, as amended. Publisher reserves the right t abbreviate, alter, r reject any cpy. Bradcasting Nv n

167 Fàtes & Bártunsre Media Cliffrd K. Levine, general sales manager, ABC's KABC(AM) Ls Angeles named president and general manager f c -wned WLS(AM)- WYTZ(FM) Chicag. BM Fx, VP and general manager, NBC's KCST -TV San Dieg, jins Gillett Cmmunicatins f San Dieg as president and general manager. Daniel J. Berkery, VP and general manager, WSBK -TV/ Bstn, named president and general manager. Richard J. Janssen, VP, administratin, Scripps Hward Bradcasting C. Cincinnati, named executive VP. Appinted VP's at Palmer Cmmunicatins Inc., Des Mines, Iwa: Wayne Wisehart, treasurer and Stewart Nazzar, general manager, Palmer Cable Visin. William R Castleman, VP and general manager. KTXA(TV) Frt Wrth, jins Act III Bradcasting Inc.. TV statins subsidiary f Nrman Lear's Act III Cmmunicatins, as executive VP and chief perating fficer. Castleman Hlspple Paul R. Hlspple, general manager, WWAZ (AM)- WWLI(FM) Prvidence, R.I., jins Qunicy Cmmunicatins Crp., Quincy, Ill., as VP and general manager. Masn Dixn, peratins manager, WRBQ- AM-FM Tampa/St. Petersburg, Fla., named VP f parent, Edens Bradcasting, Phenix. Gerge R Litterini, directr f cmpensatin and benefits, 20th Century Fx Film Crp., Ls Angeles named VP. cmpensatin and emplye benefits. Jan B. Frangs, VP, lcal develpment, nncmmercial WETA -TV Washingtn, jins nncmmercial WMFE -FM -TV Orland, Fla., as VP, develpment. Bill Kent, assistant general manager, Viacm Cable's Cleveland system, named general manager. Greg Nack, VP, Katz Radi, New Yrk, jins WRAL(FM) Raleigh, N.C., as general manager succeeding Dick debutts wh jins Dick Oppenheimer and Signature Bradcasting as VP f radi and general manager f WTMG(FM) Murfreesbr (Nashville), Tenn. Rbert A. Epstein, directr f crprate business develpment, Telemund Grup, New Yrk, jins WEYI -TV Saginaw, Mich,. as VP and general manager. Charles Brtnick, VP /general manager, WSRF(AM) -WSHE(FM) Miami/Ft. Lauderdale -,jins KKHT(FM) Hustn as general manager. Jerry Kunkel, general manager, WDHN(TV) Dthan, Ala., jins WXTX(TV) Clumbus, Ga., in same capacity. Sctt Savage, general sales manager, WNEW(AM) New Yrk, named statin manager. Gene Gerry, n air annuncer, WJIB(FM) Bstn. named peratins manager. Carlyn R. Sidders, assistant peratins manager and afternn drive persnality, KOCM(FM) Newprt Beach, Calif., named peratins manager. Jni Dixn -Reitz, data prcessr, Westwd One Radi Netwrks, Ls Angeles, named directr, data prcessing. Appintments at Buckeye Cablevisin, Tled, Ohi: Ellen Jacksn, assistant marketing directr, t directr, marketing; Flrence Buchanan, purchasing and prductin planning crdinatr, interir prducts divisin, Owens- Cming Fiberglas, Tled, succeeds Jacksn as assistant marketing directr. Marketing Tngue Suzanne M. Tngue. VP, accunt supervisr, Saatchi & Saatchi DFS Cmptn, New Yrk, t senir VP, management supervisr. Appintments at Griffin Bacal, New Yrk: Christpher A. (Kit) Mill, executive VP, Saatchi & Saatchi Cmptn, New Yrk, t executive VP and grup directr; Bb Hme, VP/management supervisr, t senir VP and grup directr; Hayes Rth, managing directr, Burkhardt & Christy Advertising, New Yrk, t VP /management supervisr. Appintments at Katz Cmmunicatins: Mitch Kline, VP and New Yrk sales manager, Katz Radi, named VP and general sales manager, Katz's Banner Radi, New Yrk; Barbara Rssi, telecmmunicatins crdinatr, entire Katz netwrk, New Yrk, t manager, telecmmunicatins; Kristy Peters, research analyst, Katz Independent Televisin, New Yrk, t research manager: Leila Farley, sales executive, Independent Televisin, New Yrk, reassigned t Ls Angeles; Cheryl Cx, accunt executive, Blair Televisin, New Yrk, t sales executive, Independent Televisin, New Yrk; Ibra Mrales, natinal sales manager, Eagles statin grup, New Yrk, t general sales manager, white and blue statins grups. Katz American Televisin, New Yrk; Susan Stakser, research analyst, American Televisin, New Yrk. t manager, research team; Stephanie Fraina, sales assistant, white research team, American Televisin, t research analyst; Vicki Pwell, reginal accunt executive, KGBT -TV Harlingen, Tex., t sales executive, Katz Cntinental Televisin, Ls Angeles; Chris Rethel, sales assistant, Cntinental Televisin, New Yrk, t research analyst, west central team, New Yrk; Barry Ples, sales assistant. Katz Cntinental, t research analyst, West team; Mary Beth Bgatt, accunt executive, Katz's Banner Radi, Ls Angeles, t sales executive, Katz Cntinental Televisin, Ls Angeles. W.R. (Randy) Slaughter, VP f sales -western regin, Spectrafilm, Hllywd, named VPgeneral sales manager. Richard B. Taylr, sales executive, Financial News Netwrk, Chicag jins Determan Marketing Crp. f Chicag as VP fr sales. Thmas Hunt, VP and general manager, WTMA(AM)-WSSX-FM Charlestn, S.C., jins WWMG(FM) Charltte, N.C., as general sales manager. Hmberg Mesa. Calif. Ritchard Hmberg. sales manager. WIN - S(AM) New Yrk. named general sales manager. Jeffrey J. Simnsn, lcal sales manager. Clny Cable Cmmunicatins, Wburn, Mass., named advertising sales manager, Cpley -Clny Cablevisin, Csta Gwendlyn P. Irvan, field marketing manager, Jcrric /Lng Jhn Silver's Restaurant grup, Lexingtn, Va., jins WSET-TV Lynchburg, Va., as marketing specialist. Appintments at DDB Needham Wrldwide, Chicag: Elizabeth Fx, media planner, t media supervisr; Timthy Sctt, accunt exectutive, t accunt supervisr. Appintments at Lewis, Gilman & Kynett Advertising, Philadelphia -based subsidiary f Fte, Cne & Belding Cmmunicatins: Jdi Cuncil, accunt services assistant, McAdams, Richman & Ong Advertising, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., t assistant media planner; Jhn H. Krick Jr., accunt executive, Lwe Marchalk, New Yrk, t accunt supervisr. Elyse Spalding, accunt executive, MTV Bradcasting Nv

168 Netwrk, New Yrk, jins Peple & Prperties, Greenwich, Cnn. -based sprts marketing and televisin representatin service, as accunt supervisr. Jhn Dailey, accunt netwrk supervisr, Fte, Cne & Belding, New Yrk, jins Chiat/Day, New Yrk, in same capacity. Jim Ttwell, senir art directr, Tatham - Laird & Kudner, Chicag, named assciate creative directr. Rbert Olsn, sales representative, Classic Aut Wrld, Tled, Ohi, jins 'VTOL -TV Tled as lcal accunt executive. Appintments at Seltel: Mike Shepherd, general sales manager, KTBY(TV) Anchrage, t accunt executive, Seattle ffice; Bb Panfsky, accunt executive, ITS, New Yrk, t same capacity, New Yrk. Appintments at WPTR(AM) Albany, N.Y., and WFLY(FM) Try, N.Y.: James P. Crwe, n air persnality, WPHD -FM Buffal, N.Y., t accunt executive, wvtr; Jeffrey J. Whitsn, reginal and lcal accunt executive, WWAZ(AM) -WWLI(FM) Prvidence, R.I., t senir accunt executive, WFLY. Michael Smith, accunt executive, WDTV(TV) Westn, W.Va., jins WAVY -TV Prtsmuth, Va., in same capacity. James (Jamie) Andrews, accunt executive, WTHI -AM -FM Terre Haute, Ind., jins WEVV(TV) Evansville, Ind., in same capacity. Thmas R. Gresback, accunt executive, WCCO(AM) Minneaplis, and Suellyn F. Martin, cmmercial accunt representative, UN- ISYS, Dallas, jin KRLD(AM) Dallas as accunt executives. Anne Martn, sales trainee, Petry Televisin, Philadephia, named accunt executive. Tny Yken, VP and general manager, WIKx(FM) Immkalee, Fla., jins WGKX(FM) Memphis as accunt executive. Mary Lau and Jan Nagan, accunt executives, KQMQ -FM Hnlulu, jin KFVE(TV) Hnlulu in same capacity. Deanne Bekker, traffic- cntinuity directr, KRSP -AM -FM Salt Lake City, named accunt executive. Shannn Fraley, traffic and market research assistant, succeeds Bekker as traffic- cntinuity directr. Jim Rausch, graduate, Nrth Central Cllege, Naperville, Ill., jins WIFR -TV Freeprt, Ill., as cntinuity writer. Appintments at Hillier, Newmark, Wechsler & Hward; Denise Durand, intern, Lintas: New Yrk, t sales assistant there; Laura L. Steinkamp, graduate, University f Califrnia, Santa Barbara, t sales assistant, Ls Angeles. Prgraming Mark McClafferty, executive VP and prducer, Glen Larsn Prductins, Ls Angeles, jins Eddie Murphy Televisin Enterprises, Hllywd, as president. Appintments at Turner Entertainment C. Ls Angeles: James E. Gentilcre, VP and cntrller t senir VP- finance, treasurer and cntrller; Carl Cntes, executive directr, Tucsn Film Cmmissin t legal staff. Appintments at Lrimar Syndicatin, Culver City, Calif.: Jim Engleman, VP, media sales t senir VP, media sales; Julie Kantrwitz, manager, media sales planning, t accunt executive in media sales. Squire D. Rushnell, VP, children's prgrams, ABC Entertainment, New Yrk adds duties as VP, late night and children's televisin. Appintments at Viacm, New Yrk: Peter A. Press, managing directr f Pacific and Sutheast Asia peratins t VP and managing directr, Eurpean peratins;anthny David Mantn, natinal sales manager, Greater Unin Film Distributrs, Sydney, Australia, succeeds Press. Gary Landis, prgram directr, Westwd One Radi Netwrks, Ls Angeles, named VP /directr f prgraming. Appintments at Metrplitan Bradcasting's The Wave Netwrk, Ls Angeles: Frank Cdy, directr f prgraming, KMET(FM) Ls Angeles t VP f prgraming; Chris Brdie, assistant prgram directr t music directr; Paul Gldstein, directr f creative develpment t directr f prgram peratins. Appintments at CNN: Dan Patrick, sprts anchr, New Yrk named primetime sprts c- anchr, Atlanta; Tm Kirkland, sprts reprter, Atlanta succeeds Patrick in New Yrk. G. Bryan Plivka, prducer, PrSery Televisin, a Garland, Tex. -based sprts prgraming service, named creative VP. Dave Madsen, prmtin manager, KTIV(TV) Siux City, Iwa, named VP, prgram directr -peratins manager. Barbara Fisher, executive stry editr, New Wrld Pictures, Ls Angeles jins Universal Televisin, Universal City, Calif., as directr f mvies -fr -televisin and mini -series. Bill Rubidge, stry editr, Telecm Entertainment Inc., New Yrk, named directr, stry develpment. Appintments at Rasmussen Cmmunicatins Management Crp., Champaign, Ill. - based televisin sprts prductin cmpany: Ed Mathias, prducer, t general manager, RCM peratins center; Al Killin, prducer- directr, Telematins Prductins, Chicag, t peratins manager; Jeffrey Schmidt, reginal sprts buyer, D'Arcy, Masius, Bentn & Bwles. St. Luis, t netwrk sales representative. Charltte Mre English, VP, prgraming, WMAR -TV Baltimre, jins WMC -TV Memphis as assistant general manager, prgraming. Hilary Schacter, manager, riginal prgraming, USA Netwrk, New Yrk, named directr, riginal prgraming. Rbert Alan Chen, directr f East Cast cmpliance and business affairs, ABC Televisin, New Yrk, jins Harmny Gld, Ls Angeles, as directr, business and legal affairs. Rn Ulla, assciate directr, business af- fairs, ABC, New Yrk, jins The Phenix Entertainment Grup, Ls Angeles -based televisin film prducer, as directr, business affairs. Appintments at The Discvery Channel: Kimberly Hall, senir sales representative, Mead Jhnsn & C., Evansville, Ill., t accunt manager, Eastern regin, Landver, Md.; Thmas Grams, accunt executive, Harris Crp., Quincy, Ill., t accunt manager, Western regin, San Francisc. Pamela Eells, independent TV prgram writer, jins GTG (Grant Tinker /Gannett) Entertainment, Culver City, Calif., as creatr and writer f weekly cmedy series. Mark Feldman, directr, crprate cmmunicatins, Mutual Bradcasting System, Arlingtn, Va., jins Hme Team Sprts, Washingtn -based prgraming service wned and perated by Grup W Satellite Cmmunicatins, as senir marketing manager. Appintments at The Playby Channel, Ls Angeles: Jamie Fritz, senir advertising accunt executive and prmtins directr, Heritage Cablevisin, Dallas, t reginal sales manager, Eastern regin; Tm Halsey, advertising sales manager /lcal riginatin manager, Grup W Cable Inc., Warwick, N.Y., t affiliate marketing manager, East - em regin; Michelle Bryant, internatinal trade cnsultant, Financial Surces Inc., Atlanta, t reginal marketing administratr, Eastern regin. Kagen Dnahue Appintments at ABR Entertainment C., Westlake Village, Calif.: cash and barter sales divisin, Rger B. Adams, natinal sales manager, King Wrld Enterprises, New Yrk t executive VP /general sales manager, there; Kenneth Kagen, VP mar- Mirabella keting/research, Blair Entertainment, New Yrk, t VP marketing and research, New Yrk; Arthur O'Cnnr, sales manager, Cable News Netwrk, Atlanta t reginal VP, New Yrk; Jseph A. Mir - abella Ill, sales manager, Blair Entertainment C., New Yrk t VP, Nrtheast regin, New Yrk; Jack Dnahue, western sales manager, Republic Pictures Crp., Ls Angeles t VP, Western regin, Ls Angeles; Arthur Berla, sales manager, Christian Bradcasting Netwrk, Virginia Beach, Va. t VP, sales Eastern regin, barter sales divisin, Ls Angeles; Celinda V.O. Glickman, directr f publicity t VP peratins, Ls Bradcasting Nv

169 Angeles; Carrie Lynn Einbender, assistant directr f prgram develpment, WLRN -TV (PBS) Miami t directr f creative services, Ls Angeles. Appintments at Select Media Cmmunicatins, New Yrk: Vicki J Hffman, sales executive, Telepictures, Beverly Hills, Calif., t directr, televisin distributin; Linda Yaccarin, research manager, King Wrld, Ls Angeles, and Catherine Mrrw, statin clearance representative, Blair Entertainment, Bstn, t sales executives; Carl Blank, manager, sales prpsals, CBS -TV, New Yrk, t sales accunt executive. Rbert Bein, reginal manager, Drake - Chenault Radi Cnsultants, Dallas, jins Bnneville Bradcasting System, music syndicatr, as sales -prgraming cnsultant, Chicag. Judy Hallet, prducer and reprter, KUTV(TV) Salt Lake City, jins Natinal Gegraphic Sciety's weekly tw -hur televisin series, Explrer, as senir prducer. Rbert Eggletn, mrning drive prducer, WIND(AM) Chicag, jins WWWE(AM) Cleveland as executive prducer. Appintments at The Breeze, prgram f Prgressive Music Netwrk, Minneaplisbased satellite radi prgram service: Rnald M. Miller, reginal affiliate manager, Satellite Music Netwrk, Dallas, t nrth central reginal manager, Michigan City, Ind.; Jls Brandt, n air persnality, KTCZ(FM) Minneaplis, t 8 p.m. t 1 a.m. hst. Mike Simn, phtjurnalist, KWTV(TV) Oklahma City, jins Pst -Newsweek's dcumentary team based at WJXT(TV) Jacksnville, Fla., as assciate prducer- videgrapher. Lynn Stepanian, assistant prgram manager, WESH(TV) Daytna Beach, Fla., named prgram manager. Jerry Birdwell, directr, prgraming and research, TVX Bradcast Grup, Virginia Beach, Va., jins wctx(tv) Miami as statin manager -prgram manager. Henry Urick, prgram manager, KOVR(TV) Stcktn, Calif., jins Casablanca IV, Ls Angeles -based film library- prgram syndicatr, as sales accunt executive, Sutheast regin. Marlynda Salas, crdinatr, first -run syndicatin, Grup W Prductins, Chicag, jins Republic Pictures Dmestic Televisin Distributin, Ls Angeles, as Western accunt executive. Duffy Dyer, prgram manager, WDCA -TV Washingtn, jins WTrG(TV) Washingtn as prgram directr. Pete Owen, peratins manager, KAMJ -AM- FM Phenix, jins WYST-FM Baltimre as prgram directr. Les Hward, interim prgram directr, WPDS(FM) Tampa, Fla., named prgram directr. Steve Nichl!, prgram directr, KMGC(AM) Dallas, jins KSKS(AM) Tulsa, Okla., and KVITFM Owass, Okla., in same capacity. Mike Fitzgerald, afternn drive persnality WNLK(AM) Nrwalk, Cnn., and hst, United Statins' syndicated radi prgram, Slid Gld Cuntry, named prgram directr, WNLK(AM). Appintments at WBZ(AM) Bstn: Charles Dickemann, assistant prgram directr, wwrctam) Washingtn, t same capacity; Frank Murtagh, peratins manager and mrning drive persnality, WATD -FM Marshfield, Mass., t executive prducer; Paul Perry, afternn talk shw hst, WHJJ(AM) Prvidence, R.I., t 9:30 a.m. t 1 p.m. persnality. Candace Fisher, executive prducer, WSBK- TV Bstn, jins WFXT(TV) Bstn in same capacity. Richard (Jay) Babcck, directr, creative televisin and prmtin, PTL Televisin, Charltte, N.C., jins WSPA -TV Spartanburg, S.C., as prductin directr. R. Bruce Adams, directr, prgraming, prductin and develpment, nncmmercial wpsx -Tv Clearfield, Pa., named acting directr, instructinal media. Appintments at WINX(AM) Rckville, Md.: Bb Steele, peratins manager, Mutual Radi Netwrks, Crystal City, Va., t afternn drive persnality; Chris Verdi, parttime annuncer, t nighttime air persnality. Lretta Crawfrd, afternn persnality, WCLZ(FM) Brunswick, Me., jins WGMW (FM) Manassas, Va., as hst, weekend shw. Ed Clancy, news directr and mrning shw hst, WTIX(AM) New Orleans, jins wwl(am) New Orleans as hst, midday shw. News and Public Affairs Appintments at CBS News, New Yrk: Ted Savagii, directr f news cverage, named VP, administratin and deputy directr f news cverage; Beth Waxman Bressan, attrney fr Law Department's labr and emplye relatins sectin, named VP f legal affairs. Bernard Gldberg, natinal crrespndent, CBS News, Miami, named crrespndent fr netwrk's new 48 Hurs which will premeire next year. It will be based in New Yrk. Ann Schulte Bauman, news and special prjects crdiantr, Fuji Cmmunicatins, New Yrk, jins Cnus Cmmunicatins, Minneaplis /St. Paul, as satellite news crdinatr. Linda Breshears, Redding, Calif., bureau chief, KHSL -TV Chic, Calif., jins KEPT -TV Santa Barbara, Calif., as Santa Maria newsrm chief. Appintments at The Weather Channel, Atlanta: Bnnie Winfrey, writer /prducer, CNN Headline News, Atlanta t prducer/ directr; Nra Taylr, senir accuntant, Peat, Marwick, Main & C., Atlanta, t accunting manager. Mark Davis, news anchr, WTIC(AM) Hartfrd, Cnn., jins WTNH -TV New Haven, Cnn., in same capacity. Dug Swansn, assistant news