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4 EXECUTIVE TEAM Festival Director Executive Director Artistic Director Registrar Deputy Director (Administration) Finance Chief Festival Co-ordinator Executive Manager Hospitality Chief Content Management Co-ordination Technical Consultants Content Writers Social Media Team Delegate Registration Assistance Technical Support and ovie Print ra eam Venue Management Hospitality Assistance Volunteer Co-ordination O e ministration Support Staff S V Rajendra Singh Babu Dr. P S Harsha, IPS N Vidyashankar H B Dinesh R K Shivaram Nagendra T P B Murali Shivanand Somappa Anand Kannan S R Suhas Arvind Kamath, Sri Hari M S Sharath Babu S P, Srinidhi Achar, Vikas R, Pavan Kumar R, Avinash Rai, Ashika Ananth Rao, Sumana Narayan, Ashwitha Hegde Sharath Babu S P, Ashika Ananth Rao, Vaibhavi Jagadish, Vainidhi Jagadish, Vaisiri Jagadish, Giri, Hemanth N, Krishna Herle Lakshman S, Niranjana G, Vijayendra, Raghavendra B E, Rohith, Sreegauri, Md. Rafeeq, Siddappa Lokesh M S, Pavan Kumar R, Girish Kumar S M, Rohan Dayanand, Anil Hulya, Akhil Y N, Narasimaiah G, Manjunath Vastrad, Abhishek T Veeresh Kumar, Raman Kumar N, Likith G P Shyam R Raghavan, Sandeep Urs, Maya Chandra, Shamantha, Nikunj Trivedi, Chaitra Ramaswamy J, Sowmya, Shivkumar B S, Mahadev, Naveena, Kavitha FESTIVAL BOOK Chief Editor Co Editors Additional Inputs Design Printers Published by N Vidyashankar Gagandhara Mudaliar, S Vishwanth, P B Murali, Suhas S R, Ashika Ananth Rao, Sumana Narayan Ba Na Subramanya Anagha M Kalale, Nisarga J, Zoya Tanweer Hemanth N Veeresha Hogesoppinavar Sadguru Screens Bengaluru Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy Bengaluru WEBSITE Dhyeya Media Pvt Ltd


6 CHIEF MINISTER It gives me immense pleasure, as Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Bengaluru International Film Festival, to announce the commencement of the 10th edition of Bengaluru International Film Festival, to be held from 22nd February to 1st March The steady popularity of BIFFES over the years can be gauged by the hundreds of entries it is attracting from various parts of the world with diverse themes from all the walks of life. The Government of Karnataka is extending all the possible support and help to make the event a huge success and the role played by Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy in this re ar is no less si nifi ant he onus on the overnment of arnata a is to promote and spread healthy culture and BIFFES is an ideal platform through which it can be achieved to a greater extent. The Government is dedicated to enhance the physical and intellectual infrastructure of this Festival so that it may address the year round interest it re eives from film ma ers all over the worl an the u li I take this opportunity to welcome one and all to BIFFES and am sure that the Bengaluru Film Enthusiasts would be treated to high quality cinema from across the globe, and their whole hearted participation would make this event a grand success. SIDDARAMAIAH Hon ble Chief Minister Government of Karnataka

7 SECRETARY The 10th edition of the Bengaluru International Film Festival is all set to be launched on the 22nd of February 2018 and will be celebrated for a week till 1st of March I extend my heartiest greetings to all those film enthusiasts who have es en e on en aluru to e art of this Film Festival. Over the ears the estival has attaine so mu h o ularit amon st the u li an film rofessionals that it has e ome an inte ral art of their lifest le he visi ilit of the festival a ross the lo al film fraternit is evident from the sheer number of entries the festival has received this ear here is a hu e eman for arti i ation from oth the u li an film ma ers from all over the worl has ma e si nifi ant han es to rovi e an im rove e erien e to the au ien e an this has resulte in more an more film enthusiasts an film rofessionals ta in art in the festival here has een onstant efforts in ma in han es to rovi e the est sele tion of anna a re ional national an worl inema to the u li whi h has hel e the festival s stea rise in the lo al film festival ir uit he arnata a overnment has rovi e man in entives to arnata a Film Industry and BIFFES is another incentive. Moreover, the establishment of anna a halana hitra a em the overnment of arnata a is a hu e im etus to ishin all the su ess to this resti ious th e ition of PANKAJ KUMAR PANDEY, IAS Secretary, Department of Information and Public Relations Govt. of Karnataka

8 CHAIRMAN It s a great pleasure and honour to welcome the very best in Kannada and world cinema to the 10th edition of the Bengaluru International Film Festival to be held from 22nd February to 1st March First of all I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to our Honourable Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who has been a pillar of support to our festival by accepting all our requests. His generosit towar s the film in ustr has hel e anna a inema to ourish throu h film su si ies an ta e em tions amon st other enefits BIFFES allows access to the world that might be otherwise out of bounds, by presenting diverse landscapes across the globe. Bengaluru is a cosmopolitan city and is known for its plurality of culture. It can assimilate global cultures and still retain its own identity. Despite stiff competition from various language cinemas Kannada cinema has held its status both in terms of num er of films ma e lo all an also its re resentation in national cinema. At this festival a bouquet of selected Art House cinema, mainstream films an ulturall si nifi ant wor s have een line u for screening. has o ene u a new worl for our new eneration of film ma ers to loo at the ossi ilities of film e ression an that was the main objective for the establishment of Kannada Chalanachitra Academy. In the years to come the academy will hope to take this forum outside Bengaluru and create a conducive environment in the state to boost the quality of Kannada cinema to international arena enabling the rich tradition of Kannada to extend beyond the borders of the state. On behalf of Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy, I extend a warm welcome to all the participants of the festival and wish them a great, joyful and enriching experience at BIFFES. S V RAJENDRA SINGH BABU Chairman, Karnataka Chalanchitra Academy Festival Director

9 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR We are extremely happy and proud to present the 10th Bengaluru International Film Festival to be held from 22nd February to 1st March al upgrades and the enthusiastic participation of audiences. The huge demand for delegate registration and the long queues at the screening to extend the scope of the festival and also enlarge the infrastructure. than 50 countries this year. This time we have as many as 12 screens at PVR and Dr. Raj Bhavan, Karnataka Film Artistes Association, Chamarajpet. The range of topics that are to be taken up for debate in this edition is a clear indicator to the growing maturity of the festival. We are constantly enlightened audiences. Our endeavour is to ensure that the festival climbs to greater heights On this special occasion, I welcome all the Delegates, Juries, Guests and special invitees and wish them a pleasant and meaningful week at BIFFES. DR. P S HARSHA, IPS Comissioner, Department of Information and Public Relations, Govt. of Karnataka Festival Executive Director

10 ARTISTIC DIRECTOR he ro ess of sele tion of films for the festivals is not onl e omin more an more hallen in with the in reasin ualit of the ro e ts ut also hi hl eman in in terms of o ial ontent e to their stron so iolo i al ore n e en ent inema is onnin the a tivist role as an ethi al alternate to the sullie ima e of the urrent oliti al is ourses he are also evolvin ra i l in terms of te hnolo i al innovation an also as to how films an loo etter for less mone he si nifi ant as e t of these alternative voi es an oints of view is their a ressive laim on the festival latforms to isseminate their thou ht ro esses e on the lo al or ational oun aries inema nature is lo al in its rea h ut in its etail it is re ominantl roote in a lo al milieu ts otential to la e the mme iate Present into the reative intelle tual is ourse an to e lore the ontem orar themes o far e on the ossi ilities in other rt forms an far ee er than in ewsreels an ournalisti re orta e he films li e ns riate nsult from e anon avator from orea oveless from ussia ather an on from ietnam sort of a amil from r entina ire tions from ul aria he Other si e of o e from inlan on show in this e ition of es are onl a few e am les to view an un erstan the human ilemmas of our times a ross the lo e un er one latform t is wi el ro laime that uman ri hts are ri hts inherent to all human ein s an also that it is inaliena le ut the rin i le is more often rea he than ra ti e even in emo rati set u s o is the on e t of o ial usti e hou h it is enerall thou ht of as a worl whi h affor s in ivi uals an rou s fair treatment an an im artial share of the enefits of so iet ine ualit ersists in all t es of oliti al formations es ta es a riti al loo at these on e ts throu h a ou uet of o umentaries an features his is the themati value a ition to this e ition he alei os o e of inema of the orl om etition se tions ountr o i ire tor s retros e tives an all other ro rams of earlier era will ontinue e are rou to re or that es has om lete a e a e of its fruitful e isten e e wel ome all of ou to share our ha iness an satisfa tion he film lovin u li of en aluru the foun in or ani ation u hitra ilm o iet an all its erstwhile ommittee mem ers the hair ersons of arnata a halana hitra a em r a a harana s ara an r a en rasin h a u Previous rtisti ire tors r irish asaravalli an r arahari ao the o ials of the e artment of nformation an Pu li elations arnata a overnment an the oun o s an irls who have volunteere all throu h the ears to sustain this event for so lon eserve s e ial mention on this o asion el ome to this ran ele ration of the movin ima es N VIDYASHANKAR Artistic Director

11 JURY MEMBERS ASIAN CINEMA COMPETITION JURY CO-ORDINATED BY NETPAC KIRILL E RAZLOGOV Kirill E Razlogov started his career as a teacher on the Higher Screenwriters and Directors Courses and as a translator of all French movies released in the Soviet Union in that period. It was possible thanks to the fact that as a child he spent some time in France together with his father, who was a diplomat. For seven years, he was the program director of MMKF and promoted its development as well as improvement. From 1989, he headed the Russian Culturology Institute. He has been teaching cinematology disciplines in universities, and has written a great number of works related to art. FATEMEH MOTAMED-ARYA Fatemeh Motamed Arya is a multi-award-winning Iranian actress. Motamed Aria received her degree in Arts from Tehran University. She got involved in theater during her teen years. Later, she emerged as one of the most celebrated actresses of postrevolutionary Iranian cinema. She has had nine nominations for best actress at the Fajr International Film Festival, with four of them successfully winning her the Crystal Simorgh. More recently, she played in Tales, Avalanche, and Yahya Didn t Keep Quiet. MARC BASCHET ro u er that has een ro u in films an series as well as man features films for ears ar e ame an Os ar winnin ro u er with o an s an as he was alrea an Os ar nominee ro u er with efore the ain e entl he ro u e he un h o itesh atra annes riti s ee whi h has een a i su ess all over the worl an l m ehmet an erto lu ur e whi h won the evelation awar at riti s wee in SUMALATHA AMBARISH umalatha is a o ular n ian film a tress umalatha has wor e mainl in outh n ian films he has a te in more than hun re an fift films whi h in lu es anna a amil elu u an ala alam he starte her areer as a one of the lea in a tress in ala alam films he has re eive seven ilmfare awar s an nominations for her oo a tin erforman es he is marrie to one of anna a s est nown a tor m arish ANUJ MALHOTRA nu alhotra is a film riti an ro rammer from ew elhi n ia e han les the u li ations for i ht u e ilm o iet un er whi h role he u lishes m ra a news a er on alternative inema in the ountr as well as Pro e torhea a ournal of film riti ism s art of his wor in the fiel he has olla orate with su h resti ious national an international institutions is wor has een ite in resti ious national an international forums su h as mu i om ilm tu ies for ree eline an ulie Photo enie ri ht i hts ilm ournal ilm utations a re ransit ine he eventh rt an ha ow la

12 JURY MEMBERS KANNADA CINEMA COMPETITION NATIONAL JURY SUMITRA BHAVE Sumitra Bhave completed her graduation from Fergusson College, Pune, and received a master s degree in Political Science and Sociology University of Pune. She taught at the Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune, for a decade. Later, she worked as a Project Manager for Community Aid and Sponsorship Program. Sumitra, along with Sukthankar have ma e fourteen feature films more than fift short films an four serials all of whi h have een written her he uo have won various national an international accolades. RWITA DUTTA Prof ita atta also nown as wita utta is a film Scholar, Curator and Editor. She is a professor of Political ien e who is ursuin her Ph on en ali inema an al utta it he e its international film ournal ilm uff and regularly contributes to various national and international journals. She is also a Bengali film an television a tress he has a te in movies li e Krantikaal,, Alo. She played the role of Aarati,, in Star Jalsha s popular serial Maa.. Rwita is also a Bengali reciter. She has served as a juror in festivals including Cannes, Pusan airo an raine as a mem er of P an has elivere le turers on inema worl wi e NARAVA PRAKASA RAO Narava Prakasa Rao, is a retired vice principal of AVN olle e isa ha atnam e is a well nown film riti an a writer e is a tive mem er of film so iet sin e e is also e retar of i a ilm o iet whi h is a liate to an a rominent mem er of e has on u te film a re iation ourses wor sho s on filmma in for the oun an enthusiasti film as irants t resent he is one of the mem ers of entral ilm ensor oar visor Panel e has won imai hosh war from B.M. HANEEF B M Haneef born in Mangalore, is a Kannada poet, short stor writer an film riti e is a rominent anna a ournalist sin e an has written various arti les on films ulture an lan ua e an has authore over oo s in anna a e was art of Pra avani anna a ail as a ine ournalist e was a mem er of the inema ensor ommittee an arnata a tate inema war ommittee e has enne ialo ues for the film Haseena ire te irish asaravalli whi h went onto win a ational war e is now an assistant e itor in u ha anna a wee l SUMANA KITTUR umana ittur is a ournalist film ire tor an l ri ist wor in in anna a inema he e ute into inema as an asso iate to ire tor haitan a with a ina alu in an also wrote the l ri s for the title tra ollowin this she rose to fame e omin an in e en ent ire tor with lum ala in er su se uent films su h as allara anthe e ari e an ira oorina a ali alu have earne riti al a laim awar s an ommer ial su ess ost of her films eal with the anti so ial elements ominatin in the resent era

13 JURY MEMBERS KANNADA CINEMA COMPETITION INTERNATIONAL JURY CO-ORDINATED BY NETPAC GULBARA TOLOMUSHOVA Gulbara Tolomushova was born in Kyrgyzstan, graduated from VGIK in Moscow, Department of Film Studies. She is a main expert on international relations an the romotion of films of the e artment of the Cinematography by Ministry of Culture & Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic, member of NETPAC and FIPRESCI. She is an author of many publications and articles and statements a out r film u lishe in r stan CIS and in far abroad. She regularly participates in man international film festivals as well as in the position of jury. DAN KOH Dan Koh produces and promotes Singapore and outheast sian in e en ent film n alumni of the outheast sia i tion ilm a Pro uire au u he ro u e the e erimental musi o umentar he O s in a ore tor whi h travelle to international film festivals in a an the roatia a e onia an ala sia e is urrentl o ro u in an s ri t onsultin two feature films eo iew ua an ma ine an has written a out inema for rts uator he Online iti en an for whi h he interviewe i hat on eerasetha ul UMASHANKAR SWAMY A mechanical engineer, Umashankar Swamy developed an aesthetical interest for art during his studies and persuaded social development, theatre an films e has wor e in rural arts of a asthan in academic research and conducted several theater wor sho s with so ial a tivists e has written an ire te several la s an o umentaries Banada Neralu, Munsif and Saladamagu are his award winnin films KANNADA CINEMA POPULAR ENTERTAINMENT JURY G N MOHAN G N Mohan is a noted writer and media personality. He was a member of the jury for Karnataka State Film Awards an has een art of film movements as a resour e erson in wor sho s on films an as a urator of omen ilm estival e is asso iate with o umentar filmma in an has enne s ri ts for man o umentaries e has enne more than oo s whi h in lu e oetr olle tions essa s on me ia an urrent affairs et his oo s are res ri e as te t oo for all ma or universities in Karnataka. ARUN CHADDHA Arun Chadha, FTII graduate, has been making o umentaries short films on various so ial an evelo mental issues for the ast ears is films have een shown in various film festivals in n ia an a roa an have won several awar s e won the ol en on h for the est o umentar at the um ai international ilm estival twi e an the est ilm at the nternational ilm estival on ien e o iet an evelo ment in hiruvanantha uram erala ALONG WITH KCA MEMBERS

14 JURY MEMBERS CHITRA BHARATHI INDIAN CINEMA COMPETITION JURY SAIBAL CHATTERJEE Saibal Chatterjee is a Delhi based writer and National Awardwinnin film riti e writes on n ian an worl inema for several other me ia latforms in n ia an elsewhere e e ite n lo ae ia ritanni a s om rehensive volume on in i inema esi es writin hoes an lo uen es an authorise io ra h of oet l ri ist filmma er ul ar Over the ast three e a es he has overe remier film festivals an entertainment in ustr events aroun the worl e has also s ri te im ortant o umentar films in lu in arvest of rief a ro e into a rarian istress an farmer sui i es in Pun a e urrentl serves as a sele tor of films for several festivals of re ute in lu in the nternational ilm estival of n ia CLAIRE DOBBIN Claire Dobbin is an Australian script advisor/ editor who wor s with evelo ment a en ies an filmma ers in Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Abu Dhabi, the Yemen, India, UK and France. From she was the Senior Script Executive at the Australian Film Commission. She conducts script development workshops all over the world an has onsulte e ite on ustralian films in lu in Candy, Mallboy, Road to Nhill, Small Treasures, Rabbit Proof Fence, Japanese Story, Blame and Hermano entrant in the Academy awards 2010). SILADITYA SEN ila it a en is a veteran film riti an a senior film ournalist writer from ol ata e has in e th nowle e of n ian an orl inema ulture its forms an su tle sensi ilities Professionall he is asso iate with the lar est ir ulate verna ular ail news a er of n ia the famous nan a a ar Patri a of en al where he ontri utes re ularl mainl on the s e ial e itions an ulletins relate to inema e is re ar e as a s e iali e s holar on oni en al ilm ire tor a a ahe Phal e war ee r rinal en r ila it a en has on earlier o asions a mem er of ur of the ational war s for ilm ournalism n ian Panorama an in um ai nternational ilm estival MANU N CHAKRAVARTHY Manu N Chakravarthy, is currently a visiting English professor at National College Basavangudi, Bengaluru. He has done specialisation in European Classics, Literary Criticism and Cultural Theory too. During the last three decades, he has taught Literary Criticism, Literary Theory, Cultural Theory and Theories of Communication. He was awarded Swarna Kamal the Best Film Critic Awards (2010) and Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award for Madhyama Marga, a work on ultural literar film theor musi an the me ia in 2014.

15 JURY MEMBERS CHITRA BHARATHI INDIAN CINEMA COMPETITION JURY COORDINATED BY FIPRESCI - INDIA PREMENDRA MAZUMDER Premendra Mazumder is working on cinema in versatile a a ities s a film riti writes e tensivel in different publications worldwide. An activist of the film so iet movement sin e e was the sian e retar of the nternational e eration of ilm o ieties i e Presi ent of the e eration of ilm o ieties of n ia an eneral e retar of e is an mem er of i res i n ia whi h he oine in e is an a visor an a urator for several nternational ilm estivals at home a roa e has serve as the uror of man nternational ilm estivals in ifferent ountries RAFIQUE BAGHDADI afi ue a h a i is a veteran film ournalist lifelon wal er of om a streets an authorit on anto he se tua enarian has live in a a aon s han uil in all his life in a room fille with towerin sta s of ol an rare oo s an ma a ines that are still in hin towar the eilin n e ellent ra onteur he is a treasure trove of om a histor an assionate a out onne tin the resent to ast ut ra mati a out the inevita ilit of han e an how herita e su um s to mo ernisation MADHU ERAVANKARA a hu ravan ara is an internationall a laime film riti film s holar an writerfrom n ia uthor of a o en oo s on inema he is the re i ient of the resti ious n ian ational ilm war an Presi ent s ol e al for the est oo on inema e is a fellow of ational ilm r hive of n ia an e t of ulture ovt of n ia Presentl he is Professor ea e t of ilm tu ies ala alam niversit erala n ia




19 IT S THE LAW Emïì Á L ORA LEGALE DIRECTOR - SALVATORE FICARRA & VALENTINO PICONE ITALY / 2017 / ITALIAN / 92 MIN. In the small town, the moment has arrived to elect a new Mayor, where for years it was under the corrupt leadership. Now an unlikely opponent comes in the form of the mild mannered old professor. With no political background, the professor simply wants to give his daughter an alternative to vote for. Against all odds he wins, and starts a new age of legality and respect for the rules in town. But the citizens of the town have become so used to living amid corruption an ine ien re the oin to o e with this new a e of honest lea ershi D ÀtÚ ÀlÖtzÀ è ÀÆvÀ À ªÉÄÃAiÀÄgï DAiÉÄÌAiÀÄ ÀªÀÄAiÀÄ A zé. C ÉÃPÀ ªÀµÀðUÀ¼À PÁ D ÀlÖt sàæµàö DqÀ½vÀPÉÌ UÀÄjAiÀiÁVvÀÄÛ. EAvÀºÀ ÀªÀÄAiÀÄzÀ è ªÀÄÈzÀÄ Àé sáªàzà, AiÀiÁªÀ zéã gá ÃAiÀÄ» Éß É Ä zà ÁæzsÁ ÀPÀ ÉÆ ZÀÄ ÁªÀ ÉUÉ AvÀÄ UÉ Ä váû É. PÁ ÀÆ UÉ U gàªà PÉÆlÄÖ À ZÀ DqÀ½vÀ ÀqÉ ÀÄvÁÛ É. DzÀgÉ sàæµáözágà ºÁUÀÆ zàägáqà½vàpéì ºÉÆÃzÀ ÁªÀð PÀgÀÄ ÁæªÀiÁ PÀvÀ ÀzÀ ÁAiÀÄPÀvÀ ªÀ ÀÄß ºÁUÀÆ CªÀ À DqÀ½vÀªÀ ÀÄß M ÀÄàvÁÛgÉAiÉÄÃ? Won Best Film - Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists Best Screenplay - Nominated -Golden Ciak Awards Best Original Story - Won BIFEST Attilio De Razza, Gianluca Passone Edoardo De Angelis, Ficarra, Nicola Guaglianone, Picone, Fabrizio Testini Ferran Paredes Claudio di Mauro Giovanni Marolla Salvatore Ficarra, Valentino Picone SALVATORE FICARRA & VALENTINO PICONE Salvatore Ficarra and Valentino Picone started in 1993 as a comedy trio with Salvatore Borrello, performing together on stage as Chiamata Urbana Urgente. In 1998, after Borrello had left the trio the pair began to use their surnames: Ficarra & Picone. In 2000 they made Chiedimi Se Sono Felice e and two years later they made their acting debut in Natistanchi. 2 CONTACT: TRUE COLOURS GAETANO@TRUECOLOURS.IT


21 LAST CHILD Á ïö ZÉÊ ïø SALANAMEUN AYI DIRECTOR - SHIN DONG-SEOK KOREA / 2017 / KOREAN / 123 MIN. Sungcheol and Misook are a couple running an interior shop. They lost their son Eunchan 6 months ago, who drowned while saving one of his friends, Kihyun. One day, Sungcheol witnesses Kihyun, being harassed, and decides to take the struggling boy under his wing. His wife, Misook attempts to have another child throu h artifi ial insemination ut fails es ite ein in es air she fin s sola e in Kihyun who slowly becomes part of the couple s life. But one day, Kihyun confesses a shocking truth behind Eunchan s death. M¼ÁAUÀt C APÁgÀ ±Á ï ElÄÖPÉÆArgÀĪÀ zàa ÀwUÉ KPÉÊPÀ ÀÄvÀæ AiÀÄÆ ï ZÁ ï. DgÀÄ wauà¼à»azé ÀæªÁ À ºÉÆÃVzÁÝUÀ ªÀÄļÀÄUÀÄwÛzÀÝ ÉßûvÀ VAiÉÆà ï À ÀÄß PÁ ÁqÀ Ä ºÉÆÃV, AiÀÄÆ ï ZÁ ï ÁAiÀÄÄvÁÛ É. vàazéué ÀÄvÀæ ±ÉÆÃPÀ gàavàgàªá gàävàûzé. AzÀÄ À AiÉÆà ï véæazàgéaiàä gàäªà zà ÀÄß PÀAqÀ AiÀÄÆ ï ZÁ ï À vàazé ªÀ UÉ ÀºÁAiÀÄ ªÀiÁqÀ Ä ªÀÄÄAzÉ gàäváû É. ªÀ UÉ ¼ÁAUÀ PÉ ÀUÀ¼À vàgà Éà PÉÆqÀÄvÁÛ É. PÀæªÉÄà zàa À UÀ¼À PÀÄlÄA zà AiÉÆà ï PÀÆqÀ ÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. ÁAzsÀªÀ ɼÉAiÀÄÄ ÛzÀÝAvÉAiÉÄà AiÉÆà ïué Á À Àæ É PÁqÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ªÀgÀ ÀÄvÀæ AiÀÄÆ ïzá ï À Á À UÉ gàºà À ªÉ AzÀ ÀÄß AiÀÄ Ä ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ ªÀÄÆ PÀ và ÉÆà àpéæ¼àäîváû É. Won Best Film - BUSAN IFF(FIPRESCI) Ato Co.Ltd Shin Dong-Seok Lee Jihun Younglim Lee Kim Haewon Kim Yeo jin, Choi Moo-Son, Sung Yoo Bin, Lee David SHIN DONG-SEOK Shin Dongseok graduated from the Korean National University of Arts, majoring in filmmaking. His short films, A Stirring Ripple and Gahee & B.H, were invited to the Jeonju International Film Festival and Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival. A Stirring Ripple won the Excellence Award for Best Picture at Busan International Short Film Festival and Gahee & B.H.. won the Best Picture Award and the Best Photography Award at Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival. Last Child is his first feature film. CONTACT: FINECUT CO., LTD. YURA@FINECUT.CO.KR


23 A LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT NAMAI BA RAHIS GOMHOR J Élgï lä É æ¹qéamï DIRECTOR - ROYA SADAT AFGHANISTAN / 2017 / DARI / 83 MIN. Sentenced to death for murdering her husband, Soraya writes a long letter to her country s president requesting a special pardon. This letter, which is as long as a novel is re eate l lost foun an finall rea hes the Presi ent an irst Lady. The story told from her perspective graphically describes the reality of Afghan women who are desperate to lead their own lives. Meanwhile, her children, unaware of sad destiny, play in the garden; if the woman is killed, they will e entruste to the mafia ran father ollea ue of ora a feels uilt because it was he who caused this situation. và Àß ÀwAiÀÄ ÀÄß PÉÆAzÀzÀÝPÁÌV ªÀÄgÀtzÀAqÀ ÉUÉ UÀÄjAiÀiÁVgÀĪÀ ÉÆgÀAiÀÄå, PÀëªÀiÁzÁ À PÉÆÃj gáµàöçzà CzsÀåPÀëjUÉ ÀÄ ÃWÀð ÀvÀæªÉÇAzÀ ÀÄß géaiàääváû¼é. F PÀxÁgÀÆ ÀzÀ ÀÄ ÃWÀð ÀvÀæ CzsÀåPÀëgÀ ÀÄß và Ä ÀĪÀ ªÀÄÄ Àß PÀ¼ÉzÀĺÉÆÃUÀÄvÀÛzÉ, ªÀÄvÉÛ zéægàpàävàûzé»ãué PÉÆ ÉUÀÆ CzsÀåPÀëgÀ PÉÊ ÉÃgÀÄvÀÛzÉ. D sàï ï ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÀÄgÀ ªÁ ÀÛªÀ zàäpà Éßà CªÀgÀÄ vàªàää ÁrUÉ váªàå zàäpà Ä qàzà ÀªÀiÁdzÀ ªÀvÀð ÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß ÀvÀæ J¼ÉJ¼ÉAiÀiÁV r¹qàävàûzé. vàªàä vá Ä ªÀiÁ AiÀiÁ UÀÄA AzÀ PÀ É zàägéã PÉÆ ÉAiÀiÁzÀgÀÆ ªÀ¼À ªÀÄPÀ̼ÀÄ vàªàää PÀgÁ¼À s૵àåzà Cj«èzÉà CªÀgÀ ÁrUÉ CªÀÅ DlªÁqÀÄwÛgÀÄvÀÛªÉ. ominate est ilm Palm rin s P O ial ele tion o arno usan O ial u mission Os ars est orei n an ua e ilm Roya Sadat, Aziz Deldar Leena Alam, Aziz Deildar Aziz Deldar, Mamnoon Behrouz Badrouj Maqsoudy, Mahmoud Razi Kashi, Fareid Aryoubi Frahmand Zabih Mahdi 6 ROYA SADAT Roya Sadat is an award winning Afghan producer and the first woman director in the history of Afghan cinema in the post-taliban era. She is graduated from Law and Politics, University of Herat, Asian Film Academy to South Korea. Founder of Roya Film House Company. She participated in many International film festival as a member of International Jury. Her film Three Dots and Playing the Taar has screened at many film festivals. She is co-founder & president of the first International Women Film Festival Afghanistan. CONTACT: ASIAN SHADOWS ANNE@CHINESESHADOWS.COM

24 ASHWATTHAMA C±ÀévÁܪÀÄ DIRECTOR - PUSHPENDRA SINGH INDIA / 2017 / BRAJ / 120 MIN. After bandits raid their home killing his mother, 9-year-old Ishvaku, is sent to his uncle s village to start a new life with his cousins. Still in shock and pain, Ishvaku tries to cope with his loss by entering an imaginary realm. But the i ulties an m steries of realit won t let him o that easil E±ÁéPÀÄ 9 ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹì À Á PÀ. CªÀ À ªÀÄ ÉUÉ ÀÄVÎzÀ zàgéæãqépéæãgàgàä CªÀ À vá ÄAiÀÄ ÀÄß PÉÆAzÀÄ ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛgÉ. E±ÁéPÀĪÀ ÀÄß ÀA A üpàgà ªÀÄ ÉUÉ PÀ¼ÀÄ» À ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. E ÀÆß DWÁvÀzÀ Éèà EgÀĪÀ E±ÁéPÀÄ, và ÀUÁVgÀĪÀ C ÁgÀ ÀµÀÖ vàäa PÉƼÀÄîªÀ À ĪÁV PÀ à Á ÉÆÃPÀPÉÌ végà¼àäváû É. DzÀgÉ PÀµÀÖUÀ¼ÀÄ, ªÁ ÀÛªÀvÉAiÀÄ UÀÆqsÀvÉ ªÀ À ÀÄß µàäö ÀÄ sàªá qàäªà. ominate for est film in ew urrents om etition at usan ilm estival Sanjay Gulati Pushpendra Singh Ajit Singh Rathore Pushpendra Singh Ravi Kiran Ayyagari Sanjay Tudu Ajit Singh Rathore Aryan Singh, Lovely Singh, Chitra Sharma, Sangita Kumari, Pushpendra Singh PUSHPENDRA SINGH Pushpendra Singh studied at the FTII, Pune, where he is now also a visiting faculty. His debut feature as a director Lajwanti,, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, He is also working on his documentary Shifting Lines of the Desert (a recipient of Busan s Asian Network of Documentary Fund) which is about an extended family of low caste Muslim musicians in the Thar Desert, Rajasthan. 7 CONTACT: PUSHPENDRA SINGH GREATGABBAR@GMAIL.COM

25 BLOCKAGE SADE MA BAR ÁèPÉÃeï DIRECTOR - MOHSEN GHARAIE IRAN / 2017 / PERSIAN / 82 MIN. Ghasem, an unsympathetic and opportunistic man, works at the Tehran uni i alit oli in ille al street ven ors ut he s a out to e fire for orru t ealin s e s ountin on his wife ram s inheritan e to u a tru ut ram wants to u a house so the an move from hasem s father s home véºàgá ï ªÀÄÄ À¹ Á naiàä è PÉ ÀªÀiÁqÀĪÀ UÁ¹ÃªÀiï CªÀiÁ À«ÃAiÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ ÀªÀÄAiÀÄ ÁzsÀPÀ ªÀÄ ÀĵÀå. à ªÁå ÁjUÀ½AzÀ ÀÄ UÉ ªÀiÁqÀĪÀÅzÉà CªÀ À PÁAiÀÄPÀ. sàæµáözágàpáìv ²PÉëUÀÆ M¼ÀUÁUÀ ÉÃPÁzÀ ªÀåQÛ. và Àß ÀwßUÉ gàäªà D¹Û ÄAzÀ læpéæìazà ÀÄß PÉƼÀî ÉÃPÉAzÀÄ CªÀ ÀÄ PÁAiÀÄÄwÛgÀÄvÁÛ É. DzÀgÉ CPÀæªÀiïUÉ ªÀÄ ÉAiÉÆAzÀ ÀÄß PÉƼÀÄîªÀ AiÀÄPÉ. CªÀj âgàæ UÁ¹ªÀiï vàazéaiàä ªÀÄ ÉUÉ ºÉÆgÀqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. Won Best Film - Busan IFF (coveted New Currents Award) International premiere - Busan IFF Won best actor - Hamed Celebration of Iranian Cinema Critics and Screenwriters Nominated Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Editing - Saeed Roustayi, Gity Ghasemi & Nader Fallah, Sepideh Fajr FF 8 Bahman Kamyar Saeed Roustayi Morteza Hodaei Sepideh Abdolvahab Reza Mortazavi Negar Abedi, Hamed Behdad, Nader Fallah, Gity Ghasemi MOHSEN GHARAIE Born in 1984 in Behshahr, Iran, Mohsen Gharaei holds a BA in Mining Engineering. He started his film career as an assistant director in 2006 and he s been assistant director of some of most prestigious Iranian filmmakers like Bahram Bayzai, Reza Mirkarimi, Majid Majidi and Mohsen Abdolvahab. He s been involved in casting, editing and line production of a number of film projects too. He co-directed his first feature film, Don t Be Tired! along with Afshin Hashemi and Blockage is his first independent feature film. CONTACT: MOHAMMAD ATEBBAI INFO@IRANIANINDEPENDENTS.COM

26 CRESTED IBIS YUAN SHANG PÉ æ É Öqï L ï CHINA / 2017 / MANDARIN / 107 MIN. The story begins with Vince Kang, a reporter in Beijing having to go back to his hometown to report a crested ibis, one of the national treasures found unexpectedly. During the process of pursuit and to hide this ibis, everyone s interest is revealed and the scars, both mental and physical were rip up. In addition, the environment pollution, an aftermath from China s development pattern, is brought into daylight. The story reveals the living condition of rural China and exposes the dilemma of humanity. In the end, Vince had no alternative but make a compromise with his birthland. DIRECTOR - QIAO LIANG ÃfAUï À è ªÀgÀ UÁgÀ ÁVgÀĪÀ «ïì PÁAUï, À² ÀÄwÛgÀĪÀ, C ÀgÀÆ ÀzÀ PÉÆPÀÌgÉUÀ¼À UÉÎ ªÀgÀ ªÀiÁqÀ Ä và Àß ºÀÄlÆÖjUÉ végà¼àäváû É. gá ÖçÃAiÀÄ D¹ÛAiÉÄà DVgÀĪÀ F À UÀ¼À ÀÄß PÁ ÁqÀĪÀ zéã zéæqà ÁºÀ ÀªÁ zé. gá ÁAiÀÄ PÀ UÉÆ gàzà ¼ÀPÉ CwAiÀiÁzÀ Qæ«Ä Á±ÀPÀUÀ¼À ¼ÀPÉ ÄAzÀ EAvÀºÀ C ÀgÀÆ ÀzÀ ÀQëUÀ¼À ÀÄß gàqë ÀĪÀÅzÀÄ PÀµÀÖzÀ PÉ À. d ÀgÀ ªÀÄ ÉÆà sáªà ÉUÉ E è MvÀÄÛPÉÆqÀ ÁVzÉ. aã ÁzÀ C üªàè Þ ºÉ Àj À zà ÁªÀuÉUÀ½AzÁV DVgÀĪÀ ÀjuÁªÀÄUÀ¼À ÀÄß E è awæ À ÁVzÉ. UÁæ«ÄÃt aã ÁzÀ zàäpàä ºÁUÀÄ ªÀiÁ À«ÃAiÀÄvÉAiÀÄ zàéazàé E è C ÁªÀgÀtUÉÆArzÉ. PÉÆ ÉUÉ ªÀgÀ UÁgÀ «ïì và Àß ºÀÄlÆÖjUÁV PÉ ªÀÅ váåuà ªÀiÁqÀ ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ol en eor e Pri e for est film at the th os ow nternational ilm estival Duan Peng & Wing binfeng Li Yong Gao Zifeng, Meng Halyan, Huang Lian Jhao Zifeng, He Miao, Wan Zhang Yifan Peilu Hu Mai, Hao Cong QIAO LIANG Qiao Liang, professor and postgraduate tutor of directing department in Beijing Film Academy. His major works of TV series: Mother Will Marry, How to Save You My Love, Endless Love in Tokyo.. His major works of films: Fly, Keelung, My Own Private Deutschland, Crested Ibis.. Awarded by various film festivals many times. 9 CONTACT: WANG YAO GRIMLOCK9Z@163.COM

27 EXCAVATOR FORK LANE POKEUREIN JPïìPÀªÉÃlgï DIRECTOR - JU-HYOUNG LEE SOUTH KOREA / 2017 / KOREAN / 92 MIN. 20 years after discharge from the army, Kim Gang I is now an excavator driver. He is a former paratrooper who was mobilized to suppress the May 18th Democratic Uprising in Korea in One day he accidentally found a skull in the ground while driving his excavator. He pays visits to his former superiors one by one and realizes they were all both assailants and victims of the times. ÉÃ É ÄAzÀ 0 ªÀµÀðUÀ¼À»AzÉAiÉÄà ªÀ vàû ÁzÀ ªÀiï UÀAUï- UÀ sàæ ÄvÉÆÃqÀĪÀ AiÀÄAvÀæzÀ ZÁ PÀ Á záý É. 0 gà ªÉÄà gàazàä À PÉÆjAiÀiÁzÀ ÀzÀAUÉAiÀiÁzÁUÀ DUÀ Á gálææ Àgï D zàý ªÀiï zà ÀÄß ºÀ ÛPÀ Ä PÀæªÀÄ PÉ UÉÆArzÀÝ. AzÀÄ À sàæ ±ÉÆÃzsÀ É ªÀiÁqÀĪÁUÀ và É ÄgÀÄqÉAiÉÆAzÀÄ UÉÆÃZÀj ÀÄvÀÛzÉ Àß ÁzÀ ªÀiï DUÀ Éà Á ªÀÄÄ À gá zàýªàgà Éß Á gázà ªÉÄÃ É gàavé gà ÀÄß séãnaiàiáuàäváû É. ªÀgÉ gàæ A À ÀUÀ¼À PÉÆ É ÁvÀPÀgÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ À±ÀÄUÀ¼ÀÄ A ÄzÀ ÀÄß ªÀÄ ÀUÁ ÄvÁÛ É. Winner: Best Director - Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2017 Kim Ki-Duk Film Kim Dong Hoo Kim Ki-Duk Choi Seong-Chel Choi Hee-Young Son Yeol-Mae Um Tae-Woong, Kim Kyung-Ik, Shim Jung-Wan JU-HYOUNG LEE Lee Ju Hyoung studied at the L École Européen Supérieure de L image (ÉESI) in Angoulême (France), where he shot his first films: the short animation films Death of a Worm (2004), Le Pot De Terre et de Fer (2008) and Moving Walkaway (2009), the documentary We ve Never Seen a Night Which Has Finished by Reaching a Day (2010). Red Family, written and produced by Kim Ki-Duk, is his first feature film and Fork Lane is his latest film. 10 CONTACT: FINECUT CO., LTD. YURA@FINECUT.CO.KR

28 KIKO BOKSINGERO QPÉÆ ÁQìAeÉgÉÆ DIRECTOR - THOP NAZARENO PHILIPPINES / 2017 / FILIPINO /76 MIN. Kiko, an 11-year-old boy, was left alone with his nanny Diday after the recent death of his mother. Longing for family, Kiko reconnects with his estranged father, George, a former boxer. Despite Diday s misgiving, she gives Kiko a chance to spend time with George. She thinks it will help heal Kiko who is still grieving from his loss. Filling the gap of the time lost, the father and son bonds through their shared love for boxing. Kiko found the father that he longs for. But then, is George the father he hoped he would be? PÉÆ ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹ À Á PÀ. vá ÄAiÀÄ zsà Á ÀAvÀgÀ ªÀ ÀÄ PÁA AiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. PÀÄlÄA êÀ ÀPÁÌ ºÁvÉÆgÉAiÀÄĪÀ PÉÆUÉ ÁPÀ gï D gàäªà ªÀ À vàazéaiàä ÉÆvÉ gà Ä ªÀPÁ±À ªÀiÁrPÉÆqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. vá ÄAiÀÄ ÀÄß PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉÆAqÀÄ ºÀvÁ±À Á gàäªà Á PÀ UÉ vàazéaiàä ÉÆvÉ gàäªà zàä PÉ PÁ ªÁzÀgÀÆ ªÀÄ À É AiÀÄð PÉÆqÀÄvÀÛzÉ AzÀÄ ÀA záý¼é. vàû vàazé ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ªÀÄUÀ À ÀqÀÄªÉ ªÀÄvÉÛ æã UÀÄgÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Á AUï À juàæ gàäªà ªÉÆúÀ ªÀgÀ ÀÄß AzÀÄUÀÆr ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. vá ÀÄ AzÀÄUÀÆqÀ Ä ºÀA ÀÄ ÛzÀÝ vàazé zà ÌzÀ Ä AiÀÄ gàäváû É PÉÆ. vàazéuàæ zéã sáªà É ªÀÄÆqÀÄvÀÛzÉAiÉÄà Nominated Best Film Cinemalaya Independent FF ( Balanghai Trophy ) Won Best Actor - Noel Comia Jr : Cinemalaya Independent FF Won Best Supporting Actress : Cinemalaya Independent FF James Robin Mayo, Ferdinand Lapuz Denise O Hara, Ash Malanum, Heber Justin O Hara & Emmanuel Espejo, Jr. Marvin Reyes 11 Thop Nazareno Pepe Manikan Noel Comia, Jr., Yayo Aguila, Yul Servo, Denise Soliva, William Buenavente, THOP NAZARENO Thop Nazareno studied Multimedia Arts at College of Saint Benilde - School of Design and Arts and also attended the filmmaking program at Mowelfund Film Institute. His short film Eyeball l was nominated for Best Short Feature at the Cinemalaya 2014 and Gawad Urian Awards His latest short film, Lope was invited to compete at the Exground Film Fest 2016 in Germany and was also nominated as Best Short Feature at the Cinema One Originals Film Fest Thop also dabbles in film editing. CONTACT: THOP NAZARENO THOPNAZARENO@GMAIL.COM

29 À MALILA: THE FAREWELL FLOWER ªÀÄ : s ÉÃgïªÉ ï s èªàgï THAILAND / 2017 / THAI / 94 MIN. he film is a visual e loration of life of a ou le om ine with a tra itional hai ai ri art an u hist Philoso h Pit h an hane who on e were lovers are tr in to heal the ain of their ontem orar lives revivin their ol roman e throu h the fa ri atin of the tra itional hai ornament whi h is ma e of leaves an owers an s m oli es love an virtue hen hane fin s out that Pi h is in he e i es to e a mon forever he movie is usses homose ual love an u hist hiloso h DIRECTOR - ANUCHA BOONYAWATANA xáaiàiï À ÁA ÀæzÁ ÄPÀ xáaiàiï ÁAiÀiï ²æà Dmïð ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ËzÀÞvÀvÀéUÀ¼À ªÀÄÆ PÀ zàa ÀwAiÀÄ fãªà À±ÉÆÃzsÀªÉà F avàæ. Zï ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ±Á É MAzÀÄ PÁ zà Àæt ÄUÀ¼ÀÄ. ÁA ÀæzÁ ÄPÀ aqvéì ªÀÄÆ PÀ géæãuàuà¼à ÀÄß UÀÄt Àr ÀÄwÛgÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ÁA ÀæzÁ ÄPÀ xáaiàiï D sàgàtuà¼à ªÀÄÆ PÀ gàæ ¹zÀ, J ÉUÀ¼ÀÄ ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ºÀÆUÀ½AzÀ C APÀÈvÀUÉÆAqÀ DPÀÈwAiÀÄ ÀÄß gàæ ÀĪÀ ªÀÄÆ PÀ CªÀj âgàæ vàªàää ºÀ¼ÉAiÀÄ ÀætAiÀĪÀ ÀÄß ÀÄ ÀgÁgÀA ü ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. F DPÀÈw æãw ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ÀzÀÄÎtzÀ ÀæwÃPÀ. Zï ÁAiÀÄÄwÛzÁÝ É JA ÄzÀ ÀÄß ªÀÄ ÀUÀAqÀ ±Á É ËzÀÞ À Áå¹AiÀiÁV G½zÀ fãªà À PÀ¼ÉAiÀÄ Ä zsàðj ÀÄvÁÛ É. À AUÀ æã ªÀÄvÀÄÛ zà ¹zÁ AvÀUÀ¼À ÀÄß vàæ ZÀ ð ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Won Best Film Busan IFF (Kim Ji-Seok Award ) Nominated Best Film Singapore IFF Won Best Director Singapore IFF ( Silver Screen Award ) Anucha Boonyawatana, Donsaron Kovitvanitcha, John Badalu, Kaneenut Ruengrujira, Jutamas Kaewchat Anucha Boonyawatana, 12 Waasuthep Ketpetch Chaiyapruek Chalermpornpanich Chonlasit Upanigkit, Lee Chatametikool Chapavich Temnitikul ANUCHA BOONYAWATANA Born in Nakhon Phanom, a North-Eastern Province of Thailand, in 1981, Anucha Boonyawatana is a Thai independent filmmaker and founder of G-Motif Production, one of the largest video production company in Thailand. Anucha's thesis film Down the River,, combination of Buddhist philosophy and Thai art and a love story of a gay couple, won Young Thai Artist Award and has been shown at several film festivals. CONTACT: REEL SUSPECTS A@REELSUSPECTS.COM

30 NIGHT ACCIDENT TUNKU KYRSYK ÉÊmï DQìqÉAmï DIRECTOR - TEMIRBEK BIRNAZAROV KYRGYZSTAN / 2017 / KYRGYZ / 90 MIN. Night Accident transforms some very modest ingredients into a heart-stirring hymn to the healing power of love and simple human kindness. A 70-years-old man, is driving a car aggressively to take revenge, suddenly knocks off a young girl. This odd couple of lost souls share an uneasy friendship since that moment. Affectionate sentiments start to appear between them while riding a motorcycle on a lonely stretch of moonlit highway. J ÀàvÀÄÛªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹì À ªÀÄÄzÀÄPÀ ºÀÄZÀÑ À jãw PÁgÀÄ ZÀ Á Ä ÀÄwÛgÀÄvÁÛ É. EzÀÝQÌzÀÝAvÉ AiÀÄĪÀwAiÉÆ â½ué UÀÄzÀÄÝvÁÛ É. ªÀÄÄzÀÄPÀ À PÀÄlÄA zà è ɪÀÄä E è. æãw ÀÄߪÀ zà ÀÄß ªÀ ÀÄ PÀAqÉÃ. UÀÆqsÀ AiÀÄĪÀ UÉ ªÀ Éà vé ÃqÀÄvÁÛ É. ªÀ UÉà j zé sáªà ÁvÀ PÀ ÀAlÄ ªÀj gà ɼÉAiÀÄÄvÀÛzÉ. Won Best Movie - Tallinn Black Nights FF (Grand Jury prize) Gulmira Kerimova Nurif Umuralieva, Temirbek Birnazarov Kabylzhan Khamidov Ziregul Kubandyk Kyzy, Kulchoro Sydykov. 13 Asylbek Ozubekov Akylbek Abdykalykov, Bayish Ismanov, Dina Jakob, Elmirbek Kubatbekov TEMIRBEK BIRNAZAROV Temirbek Birnazarov graduated from Almaty Institute of Theatre and Cinema ( ). His first two short films Don't Cry, Rhinoceros! and The Devil's Bridge won awards in Clermont-Ferrand film festival in France. His first full-length feature film was Unknown Route. The Night Accident is Birnazarov's third full-length feature. CONTACT: GULBARA TOLOMUSHOVA GULBARA.0312.KG@GMAIL.COM

31 PAATHI THE HALF Á DIRECTOR - CHANDRAN NARIKODE INDIA / 2017 / MALAYALAM / 91 MIN. Paathi is about a person who is utterly and deeply in pain as he has to confront the cries of many children in his soul every day; the result of his own actions. Set in the background of Theyyam in North Malabar, it is about the serious subject of foeticide dealt with utmost intensity emotionally, without losing the seriousness of the subject. This is an attempt to bring alive all shapes and shadows when su h om le ities reates a verse situations in life his is also a film that ee l anal ses the m sterious ourne of o s o fi ure an their human ounter arts auàägàäªà ªÀÄÄ ÀߪÉà fãªà PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉÆAqÀ JµÉÆÖà fãªàuà¼àä và Àß ÀÄß PÁqÀÄwÛgÀĪÀ UÁqsÀ ÉÆëÀ è PÀªÀÄägÀ ï ÀjvÀ ÀÄwÛzÁÝ É. ÀÆgÁgÀÄ DvÀäUÀ¼ÀÄ và ÉÆß¼ÀUÉ PÀÆvÀÄ DPÀæA ÀÄwÛªÉ. GvÀÛgÀ ªÀÄ Ágï À ègàäªà véaiàäåa PÀÆqÁ CªÀ À F ÉÆëUÉ ºÀ ªÁgÀÄ À ºÉUÀ¼À ÀÄß PÉÆlÖgÀÆ CªÀ ÀÄ ªÀiÁrzÀ Á À AzÀ ºÉÆgÀ gà ÁgÀ ÁVzÁÝ É. sàæætºàvéåaiàä UÉÎ UÀA üãgà aavà É ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ PÀxÀ À E èzé. ªÀÄPÀ̼ÀÄ zéãªàgà ªÀÄvÉÆÛAzÀÄ gàæ À. CªÀÅUÀ¼À ÀÄß PÉÆAzÀ Á ÀÄ «±ÀézÀ J Éèà ºÉÆÃzÀgÀÆ Á À ÀæeÉÕ ÄAzÀ qàäuàqé ÀÄߪÀ zsáðgàpéì gàäváû É. Gopa kumar Kunhiveetil Vijesh Viswam Sajan Kalathil B Ajith Kumaar Ramesh Narayan Indrans Joy Mathew Kalabhavan Shajon Sasi Kalinga Parvathi T Seema G Nair Valsala Menon CHANDRAN NARIKODE Chandran Narikode has more than 50 documentaries and short films in his credit along with the hundreds of plays. His short films and documentaries won several awards in different sections. Works like Mashippena a a (Ink Pen) and Samarppanam m (Dedication) have bagged the Kerala State awards. Paathi (The Half) which tells about the complexities of human life and relationships. 14 CONTACT: VINOD KUMAR V V DHEERAJ_BALA@YAHOO.COM

32 PADDAYI THE WEST ÀqÁØ Ä DIRECTOR - ABHAYA SIMHA INDIA / 2017 / TULU / 100 MIN. Paddayi is a modern day adaptation of the epic drama, Macbeth from Shakespeare. a hava an u an hi are a newl marrie ou le from the fishin ommunit of South India. Their lust for better life and thirst for upward mobility is ignited by the prophecies from the spirit that wander the land. Dinesha, owner of the eet ives them new reams an ho es ut when their life was on a new hi h Dinesha betrays and takes back what he gave. Now Madhava and Sugandhi are determined for a bitter revenge. The story soon turns into a tale of murder and regrets. ±ÉÃPï AiÀÄgï À ªÀiÁ Pï Évï ÁlPÀzÀ DzsÀÄ PÀ PÁ zà gàæ ÁAvÀgÀªÉà ÀzÁÝ Ä. ªÀiÁzsÀªÀ ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ÀÄUÀA zà ságàvàzà Äà ÀÄ»rAiÀÄĪÀ PÀÄlÄA zà zàa À. ºÉÆ À êÀ ÀPÁÌ vàärvà ÀªÀiÁ zà vàªàä PÁ ªÉÄÃ É váªà ÉÃPÉA ºÀA vàªàä zéã DzÀ Äà ÀÄ ºÉÆAzÀ ÉÃPÉA ºÀA ªÀgÀzÀÄ. ÀªÀÄAiÀÄzÀ ÉñÀ A sàæªàiá ÃPÀ ªÀjAzÀ ºÀ ÀqÉzÀÄ Äà ÀÄ ÃqÀÄvÁÛ É. zàa À ÀÄ ªÁ gà ÉÃPÁzÀgÉ ÉñÀ É ªÀ ÀÄß ªÁ À ÀÄ ÀqÉzÀÄ ªÀgÀ ÀÄß ªÀA ÀÄvÁÛ É. ªÉÆà À ºÉÆÃzÀ ªÀiÁzsÀªÀ ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ÀÄUÀA ÉÃqÀÄ Ãj¹PÉƼÀ Ä zsàðj ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. PÉÆ É ºÁUÀÆ µázàzà PÀvÉ. S Nithyananda Pai Abhaya Simha Vishnuprasad P Prashant Pandit Kadri Manikanth Mohana Sheni, Bindu Raxidi, Chandrahas Ullal, Gopinath Bhat, Srinidhi Achar, Avinash Rai. ABHAYA SIMHA Abhaya Simha is a Film and Television Institute, Pune graduate. His first film 'Gubbachigalu'' won the National Award for the Best Children s film (2008) and was screened in several National and International Film Festivals. His second film Shikari i too was screened in Kolkatta and Bangalore International Film Festival. His third feature film was Sakkare. 15 CONTACT: ABHAYA SIMHA ABHAYAFTII@GMAIL.COM

33 SUMMER BLOOMS SHIGATSU NO NAGAI YUME ÀªÀÄägï ÆèªÀiïì DIRECTOR - RYUTARO NAKAGAWA JAPAN / 2017 / JAPANESE / 93 MIN. Hatsumi Takimoto, former teacher, has a secret. Three years after her boyfriend died, she encounters a former student and a young artist. In the night of summer, she confesses her past. At present, she is working part-time at a local soba restaurant. She receives a letter from her lover who died three years ago wrote to the first sea ±Á ÉAiÉÆAzÀgÀ è nãzàgï DV PÉ À véægé zàý ºÀvÀÄì«Ä máqªéæméæ, ÀܽÃAiÀÄ gé ÉÆÖÃgÉAmï À è CgÉPÁ PÀ PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀÄwÛgÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ªÀÄÆgÀÄ ªÀµÀðzÀ»AzÉ ÀvÀÄÛ ºÉÆÃVgÀĪÀ ºÀvÀÄì«ÄAiÀÄ æaiàävàªàä gézà ÀvÀæªÉÇAzÀÄ CªÀ½UÉ ¹UÀÄvÀÛzÉ. CzÀgÀ è CªÀ À Á«À PÀÄjvÀ gàºà ÀåªÉÇA gàävàûzé. ºÀvÀÄì«Ä gé ÉÆÖÃgÉAmï À è DPÀ¹äPÀªÁV séãnaiàiázà AiÀÄĪÀ PÀ Á«zÀ ÉÆA UÉ DwäÃAiÀÄvÉ É¼ÉzÀÄ CªÀ ÉÆA UÉ KPÁAvÀzÀ ègàäªáuà CªÀ¼À æaiàävàªàä À PÀÄjvÀ gàºà ÀåªÀ ÀÄß ºÀAaPÉƼÀî Ä ªÀÄ À ÀÄì ªÀiÁrzÀgÀÆ, CzÀÄ CµÀÄÖ ÀÄ sàªéã? D «µàaiàäªázàgàæ K ÀÄ? Won Best Film - Moscow International Film Festival (FIPRESCI Prize, Russian Film riti s war e ial ention O ial ele tion ai ei nternational ilm Festival Nominated Best Director - Moscow International Film Festival-2017 George Wada, Takashi Fugimura Hayao Fujimura, Wit Studio Ryûtarô Nakagawa Rei Hirano Mayuko Niwa 16 Hisaki Kato Aki Asakura, Takahiro Miura, Yuriko Kawasaki, Yumiko Takahashi, Fumiko Aoyagi RYUTARO NAKAGAWA Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1990, Ryutaro worked as a poet & wrote his book City of Poetry to Snow.. His movies were awarded at numerous independent film festivals. Calling won the Best Shooting Award at the Boston International Film Festival. His film Small History of Raindrops was selected for the New York City International Film Festival & was part of Tokyo International Film Festival, Japan movie splash division. His another film Small History of Love,, has also won awards. Summer Blooms is latest feature film. CONTACT: GAGA CORPORATION OGURIYMY@GAGA.CO.JP

34 THE BOLD, THE CORRUPT AND THE BEAUTIFUL ÉÆà ïø, PÀgÉ ïö CAqï Æån s ÀÄ ï DIRECTOR - YA-CHE YANG TAIWAN / 2017 / MANDARIN / 112 MIN. Madame Tang, who colludes and mediates between the government and the rivate usinesses for the enefits of her famil One ase oes not o a or in to the lan an an entire famil lose to a ame an fall vi tim to a ruesome mur er m ition esire an lust eventuall han e an s relationshi s with her famil ªÀÄzÁªÀiï váauï và Àß PÀÄlÄA zà Á sàpáìv ÀPÁðgÀ ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ªÀÄzsÀåªÀwðUÀ¼À ÀqÀÄªÉ ªÀåªÀºÁgÀzÀ è ÀA ÀPÀð Á ü ÀĪÀ KeÉAmï. MAzÀÄ ªÀåªÀºÁgÀ CªÀ¼ÀÄ CAzÀÄPÉÆAqÀAvÉ DUÀ è. ªÀÄzÁªÀiï váauïué Cw ºÀwÛgÀzÀ PÀÄlÄA ªÉÇAzÀÄ WÉÆÃgÀ PÉÆ É WÀl ÉAiÀÄ C ÀgÁ üuà¼áuà ÉÃPÁ ÄvÀÄ. DPÉÆæñÀ, C À ÀA PÉUÀ½AzÁV D PÀÄlÄA zéæa V À váauï¼à ÀA AzsÀ ºÀzÀUÉnÖvÀÄ. Won Best Film - Golden Horse Film Festival (Golden Horse Award, Audience Choice Award) Nominated Best Director - Golden Horse Film Festival Won Best Actor - Kara Hui (Leading Actreess) & Vicky Chen (Supporting Golden Horse Film Festival Nominated Best Screenplay, Art Direction, Makeup and Costume - Ya-che Yang, Penny Tsai, Chia Hui Golden Horse Film Festival Wei-Jan Liu Ya-Che Yang Ko-Chin Chen Chun-Hung Chen Blaire Ko Kara Hui, Ke-Xi Wu, Vicky Chen, Carolyn Chen YA-CHE YANG Yang Ya-che is a Taiwanese film and television director. He was nominated for Golden Horse Award for Best Director, for Girlfriend, Boyfriend' ' in 2012 and The Bold, The Corrupt, And The Beautiful is his latest feature film. 17 CONTACT: MANDARIN VISION DESMOND@MANDARINVISION.COM

35 THE TESTAMENT HA EDUT mé À ÖªÉÄAmï ISRAEL / 2017 / HEBREW / 88 MIN. oel a meti ulous historian lea in a si nifi ant e ate a ainst holo aust deniers, discovers that his mother carries a false identity. He is an international e ert in olo aust resear h has s ent over fifteen ears ili entl stu in the Nazi s methods of annihilating Jews in Austria and Hungary. In the course of his resear h he is overs almost han e lassifie o uments whi h hint to the fact that his mother is living under an assumed identity. Yoel is certain that this is a mista e ut the further he lun es into his resear h the more he ou ts his mother s Jewish identity. DIRECTOR - AMICHAI GREENBERG 45 ªÀµÀðzÀ AiÉÆà ï CAvÀgÀgÁ ÖçÃAiÀÄ ÀA±ÉÆÃzsÀPÀ. ÁjhÄ DqÀ½vÀzÀ è D¹ÖçÃAiÀiÁ ºÁUÀÆ ºÀAUÉÃjAiÀÄ è ÀqÉzÀ AiÀĺÀÆ UÀ¼À ºÀvÁåPÁAqÀzÀ PÀÄjvÁV DvÀ 15 ªÀµÀð ÀA±ÉÆÃzsÀ É ÀqɹzÁÝ É. DPÀ¹ PÀªÁ DvÀ UÉ ªÀgÀ AiÉÆAzÀÄ ¹UÀÄvÀÛzÉ. zàgà DvÀ À vá Ä ÉÃgÉÆAzÀÄ ºÉ Àj À à ÀÄ ÛgÀĪÀ zàä ½AiÀÄÄvÀÛzÉ. DvÀ UÉ ÀĪÀiÁ À ±ÀÄgÀĪÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DvÀ ºÉ Ñ À zsà AiÀÄ À ÀqɹzÁUÀ DvÀ À vá ÄAiÀÄ AiÀĺÀÆ ªÀÄÆ ÑPÉƼÀÄ vàûzé. ÀvÀ PÁÌ ªÀÄ ÀĵÀ ÀªÀÄ É zàäj¹ ÀqÉ À ºÀÄzÁzÀ ºÉÆÃgÁlzÀ vàæ PÀ É ÄzÀÄ. Won Best Film - Israeli Film Competition Award- Haifa IFF Nominated for Best Film - Venice FF Yoav Roeh, Aurit Zamir Amichai Greenberg Moshe Mishali Gilad Inbar Walter W. Cikan, Marnix 18 Veenenbos Ori Pfeffer, Rivka Gur, Hagit Dasberg, Orna Rotenberg, Ori Yaniv AMICHAI GREENBERG Amichai has been writing, directing and producing for TV, film and new-media for 15 years. His projects include local as well as international educational and commercial institutions such as TV channels 1, 2 & 10, video journal, ZDF, Mandel institute, Yad-Vashem and the Spielberg visual history foundation. The Testament,, is his first feature film. CONTACT: FABIO TUCCI FABIO.TUCCI@INTRAMOVIES.COM


37 ANANYA C À Àå UNPARALLELED DIRECTOR - ARUP MANNA INDIA / 2017 / ASSAMESE / 99 MIN. Sometimes a distance comes between the relationship of the two on certain circumtances. Either consciously or unconsciously, the third one ever enter at the gap of the two, says - The mind of a human being is not static. It moves from one place to another. E âgà ÀqÀÄªÉ EgÀĪÀ ÀA AzsÀUÀ¼ÀÄ PÉ ªÉÇAzÀÄ ÀAzÀ sàðuà¼à è CAvÀgÀ PÁ ÁrPÉƼÀÄîvÀÛªÉ. CzÀÄ ÀæeÁÕ ÀƪÀðPÀªÁVgÀ ºÀÄzÀÄ E èªéã C ÀæeÁÕ ÀƪÀðPÀªÁVgÀ ºÀÄzÀÄ EAvÀºÀ ÀAzÀ sàðzà è ªÀÄÆgÀ Éà ªÀåQÛAiÀÄ ÀæªÉñÀªÁUÀ ÁgÀzÀÄ. ªÀÄ ÀĵÀå À Àé sáªàªéã ÁÜ ÄAiÀÄ è. CzÀÄ ÀzÁ avàûzàazà ªÁV MAzÀÄ ÀܼÀ AzÀ ªÀÄvÉÆÛAzÀÄ ÀܼÀPÉÌ ZÀ ÀÄwÛgÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Best Film,Best Director,Best Screen Play,Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Music, Best Editing Nabomika Borthakur. Trinayan Media Foundation Arup Manna Arup Manna Rhituraj Dutta Bijay Nath 20 Ashok Singh, Chandana Sarmah. ARUP MANNA Arup Manna has diploma in direction, cinematography, script writing and fine arts. His directorial Aideu has won a National Award and was the Official Selection in Indian Panorama, IFFI, Goa. His other films are Adhyay y and Aarohi which were screened at Munich, Saop Paolo, Singapore, London, Canada, Dhaka, Shanghai, Busan, Melbourne and Turkey. CONTACT: ARUP MANNA ARUPMANNA14@GMAIL.COM

38 ANDARKAHINI P SELF EXILE DIRECTOR - ARNAB K MIDDYA INDIA / 2017 / BENGALI / 86 MIN. This is a saga of womanhood in the correlative context of human relationships and complex society. Andarkahini is stitched with four stories of different iversities with the ore risis of womanhoo n the film four women protagonists are from four different stories where one character is connected to the other three. It symbolizes the very aspect of womanhood as a metaphor. ith stories an ifferent hara ters the film travels throu h various ontours of our society to open up the dark hidden aspects of various relationships and its complexities. ªÀiÁ À«ÃAiÀÄ ÀA AzsÀ ºÁUÀÆ ÀAQÃtð ÀªÀiÁdzÀ è ÀgÀ ÀàgÀ ÀA AzsÀUÀ¼À ÀÄß ºÀÄqÀÄPÀÄvÁÛ ºÉÆÃUÀĪÀ ªÀÄ»¼Á ÉÆÃPÀzÀ PÀ ÉAiÉÄà AzÀgï PÀ». ªÀÄ»¼Á ÉÆÃPÀzÀ ègàäªà PÀÌnÖ À ªÉÊ«zsÀåªÀ ÀÄß M¼ÀUÉÆAqÀ Á ÄÌ PÀvÉUÀ¼À ÀÄß MAzÀÄ AzsÀzÀ ÉÃAiÀÄ Á zé. Á ÆÌ Àß PÀvÉUÀ¼À Á ÄÌ ªÀÄ»¼Á ÁvÀUÀ¼À ÀÄß ¼Éà ªÀÄ»¼É ªÀð»¹gÀĪÀ zàä À ªÉ µàö. ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÀÄgÀ êÀ ÀzÀ gàæ ÀPÀ ÁAPÉà PÀªÁ qàªàäærzé. ÀªÀiÁ zà ªÀÄ»¼É zàäj ÀÄ ÛgÀĪÀ ºÀ ªÁgÀÄ ÀªÀÄ É UÀ¼À ÀÄvÀÛ ÀA AzsÀUÀ¼À ÀÄvÀÛ À PÀvÉ ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Rana Movies And Entertainment Pvt Ltd Arnab K Middya Supriyo Dutta Arghyakamal Mitra Raja Narayan Deb 21 Priyanka Sarkar, Rajesh Sharma, Sayrni Ghosh, Sumit Samadder, Soumitra Chatterjee ARNAB K MIDDYA Arnab K Middya, is an engineer who holds a Masters degree in Business Management. He has earlier worked with Hindustan Times, National Film Development Corporation Ltd. (NFDC). Andarakhini is his directorial debut feature film. CONTACT: ARNAB K MIDDYA ARNABMIDDYA.DIRECTOR@GMAIL.COM

39 CLINT QèAmï CLINT DIRECTOR - HARIKUMAR INDIA / 2017 / MALAYALAM / 138 MIN. his film is ase on the true stor of mun homas lint a ro i ious hil who was orn to ose h an hinnamma ose h of lle e in erala in a he master artist left the worl on the th of ril a month short of his seventh irth a leavin ehin a treasure of eautiful i tures ÁzsÁgÀ Á PÀ qà Aqï ÁªÀÄ ï A ï À êÀ ÀzÀ PÀvÉ. PÉÃgÀ¼ÀzÀ É AiÀÄ ªÉÄÃ. gà À À. vàazé A.n. ÉÆÃ É sï ªÀÄvÀÄÛ vá Ä ÀߪÀÄ ÉÆÃ É sï. æ ï gà và zsà À ÁzÁUÀ ªÀ À ªÀAiÀÄ ÀÄ ¼Éà ªÀµÀð. DzÀgÉ ªÀ ÀÄ läö ºÉÆÃzÀ PÀ Á sàaqágàzà Á gà ÀÄAzÀgÀ vàæuà½zàýªà. Kolkata International Film Festival International Childrens Film Festival of India Dhaka International Film Festival Pune International Film Festival Unni Gokulam Gopalan Mukundan, Rima Kallingal, K V Mohankumar Master Alok, Harikumar Vinay Forrt Madhu Ambat Vijayashankar Ilaiyaraja HARIKUMAR Harikumar is a senior filmmaker in malayalam cinema. He has won a National Award, Kerala State Film Award and Filmfare award for his works. 'Clint' is his sixteenth feature film. He currently serves as the Chairman of K. R. Narayanan National Institute of Visual Science & Arts. 22 CONTACT: HARIKUMAR SUKRUTHAMHK@YAHOO.COM

40 EVENING SHADOWS ÀÄgïªÀiÁ ıÁªÀiï SURMAEE SHAAM DIRECTOR - SRIDHAR RANGAYAN INDIA / 2018 / HINDI / 102 MIN. In a small town in Southern India, when Kartik, a young gay man, comes out to his conservative mother Vasudha, she has no one to turn to dispel her own fears an self ou ts he un erstan s her lovin son s truth he has to fin her own ways to deal with her intolerant husband Damodar and the unforgiving traditional society around her. It is universal story about a mother-son bonding and its emotional strength to withstand the ravages of time and the harsh realities of our society. «µàaiàä A Àl ÁzÀ AiÀÄĪÀPÀ PÁwðPï, ÀA ÀæzÁAiÀĪÁ AiÀiÁzÀ và Àß vá Ä ªÀ ÀÄzsÁ¼À ªÀÄ ÉUÉ gàäváû É. và Àß ÀÄvÀæ À æãwaiàä Éßà ÀÆ CjAiÀÄzÀªÀ¼À è ªÀ ÀÄzsÁ. ªÀÄUÀ À UÉ UÀAqÀ zàý ÀºÀ ÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß và Àß ÀÄvÀÛ gàäªà ÀA ÀæzÁAiÀÄ zà ÀªÀiÁdªÀ ÀÄß üpàìj¹ ªÀ ÀÄzsÁ ªÀÄUÀ À ÀÄß gàqë ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ÀAeÉAiÀÄ ÉgÀ¼ÀÄ vá Ä ªÀÄUÀ À æã AiÀÄ ÀÄß ºÉüÀĪÀ ÁUÀ PÀ PÀvÉ. Ananth Solaris Pictures Mahadevan, Mona Sridhar Rangayan Ambegaonkar, And Saagar Gupta Devansh Doshi, Arpit Subhransu Das Chaudhary Pravin Angre Madhu Apsara / Suresh Iyer SRIDHAR RANGAYAN Sridhar Rangayan is a filmmaker, writer, activist and festival director. He has consistently strived to give a voice to social issues in India through his films, writings and public speaking for over two decades. His award winning films are The Pink Mirror, r, r Yours Emotionally, 68 Pages, Purple Skies and Breaking Free e which won the National Award for best editing (non-fiction) and was part of Indian Panorama in CONTACT: SRIDHAR RANGAYAN SOLARIS.PICTURES.INDIA@GMAIL.COM

41 ISHU EµÀÄ ISHU DIRECTOR - UTPAL BORPUJARI INDIA / 2017 / ASSAMESE / 91 MIN. Happy-go-lucky Ishu s world in a remote, tribal village in Assam, Northeastern India, revolves around his friends or Bhalu, his pet puppy. His days are spent with them, and with his favourite aunt, Ambika. But one day, this happy world of Ishu turns around as the village quack, in a conspiracy hatched with Ishu s another aunt Bhadreswari, declares Ambika as a witch. Beaten up by the mob and her house burnt down, Ambika vanishes, and no one seems to know where she is ill shu e a le to fin her hat ha ene to m i a F±Á Àå gádåªázà D ÁìA À ªÀÄÆ ÉAiÉÆAzÀgÀ ègàäªà Vjd ÀgÀ ºÀ½îAiÉÆAzÀgÀ ègàäªà Á PÀ EµÀÄ eá ºÀÄqÀÄUÀ. CªÀ Á ÄvÀÄ CªÀ À UɼÉAiÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ ÀÄlÖ Á ĪÀÄj zàµéöã ªÀ À Àæ ÀAZÀ. ªÀ À DAn A PÀ AzÀgÉ ªÀ UÉ Áæ. DzÀgÉ AzÀÄ À µàä À ÀAvÉÆõÀzÀ êÀ À và ÉPɼÀUÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. UÁæªÀÄzÀ ¼À ÉPÁ Ä ÀArvÀ vàæj ªÀiÁr A PÀ ªÀiÁlUÁ AzÀÄ ÁgÀÄvÁÛ É. zà ÀÄß ÀA zà j À À A PÀ¼À ÀÄß À½¹ ªÀ¼À ªÀÄ ÉUÉ ÉA ºÁPÀÄvÁÛgÉ. A PÁ Á ÀvÉÛAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ªÀ¼É záý¼é ÀÄߪÀ zéã AiÀiÁjUÀÆ ½AiÀÄzÀÄ. ªÀ¼À ÀÄß µàä ÀvÉÛ ºÀ ÑzÀ Éà Best Film and Best Director Nomination in Indian Languages Competition at Kolkata Iternational Film Festival Kapil Garo, Cfsi Tonthoinghambi Utpal Borpujari Leishangthem Devi, Bishnu Sumon Dowerah Kharghoria, Dipika Deka, A Sreekar Prasad Monuj Borkotoky Amrit Pritam And Anurag Saikia UTPAL BORPUJARI An M.Tech in Applied Geology from IIT-Roorkee, Utpal Borpujari won the Swarna Kamal for Best Film Critic at the 50 th National Film Awards of India in 'Ishu' is his first directorial feature film. Borpujari has made several acclaimed documentaries, such as Memories of a Forgotten War, Songs of the Blue Hills and Mayong: Myth/Reality. 24 CONTACT: PRAMOD ALPHASO FESTIVAL@CFSINDIA.ORG

42 MAYURAKSHI ªÀÄAiÀÄÆgÁQë MAYURAKSHI DIRECTOR - ATANU GHOSH INDIA / 2017 / BENGALI / 102 MIN. Sushovan, 84, a former professor of History, is presently suffering from dementia. His middle-aged son Aryanil visits him, an intimately sensitive man going through an unsettling phase in his life. Though deeply attached to his father, Aryanil is settled in US, and as such cut off from the soul who shaped his life. Few days become more eventful than years and through the process of confrontation with a in an estin r anil has to fin an ultimate solution to eal with the resent mental state of his father and also, to seek peace, hope and sustenance in his own life. ÀıÉƪÀ ï 84 ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹì À ZÀjvÉæAiÀÄ ªÀiÁf ÉÆæ sé Àgï. FUÀ avàûªéêpà å AzÀ ÀgÀ¼ÀÄ ÛzÁÝgÉ. ªÀjUÉÆ ªÀÄzsÀ ªÀAiÀĹ À ªÀÄUÀ DgÀ ï. DUÁUÀ UÀ vàazéaiàä ÀÄß AzÀÄ ÉÆÃrºÉÆÃUÀÄ ÛgÀÄvÁÛ É. và Àß ÀÄß ªÀÄlÖPÉÌ gàæ ¹zÀ vàazéaiàä ÀÄß läö DvÀ ªÉÄjPÀzÀ É É¹zÁÝ É zàpéì PÁgÀ zé. êÀ ÀzÀ ªÀ ÀÆß É É PÀAr. ªÁºÀ ZÉ ÃzÀ ÀªÁ zé. ªÀAiÀÄ Á zàªàgàä ºÁUÀÆ AiÀÄ DlzÀ UÉ A ¹ DgÀ ï PÉÆ ÉUÀÆ AzÀÄ ÀjºÁgÀ PÀAqÀÄ»rAiÀÄÄvÁÛ É. vàazé qà r ÀÄ ÛzÀÝ ªÀÄAiÀÄÆgÁ AiÀÄ ÀÄß PÀgÉvÀAzÀÄ ÀªÀÄ É UÉ ÀjºÁgÀ ºÀÄqÀÄ PÉƼÀÄ váû É. À Friends Communication Atanu Ghosh Soumik Halder Sujay Datta Ray Debojyoti Mishra 25 Soumitra Chatterjee, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Indrani Halder, Sudipta Chakraborty, Gargee Roy Chowdhury ATANU GHOSH Right from his debut feature film Angshumaner Chhobi, the films of Atanu Ghosh have been widely shown in most prominent film festivals across the world. Winner of numerous national and international awards, his works reflect an urge for exploring unique complexities of human behaviour pitted against the backdrop of rapidly changing society. His films are known for perceptual precision and economy of expression. Angshumaner Chhobi is his latest directorial feature film. CONTACT: ATANU GHOSH ATANUGSH@GMAIL.COM

43 MURAMBA ªÀÄÄgÁA MURAMBA DIRECTOR - VARUN NARVEKAR INDIA / 2017 / MARATHI / 128 MIN. his film is a stor of eshmu hs who elon to Pune heir onl son lo has een in a relationshi with n u sin e the last ears his is a stor a out how arents in to a s times res e t an un erstan their hil ren s relationshi s lo thou h relu tantl o ens u a out his relationshi with n u e shares the u s an ownsin his life life to his arents an over the ourse reali es that li e his frien s his arents too are a a le of still un erstan in him his li ht hearte film ma es oth the enerations reali e the ifferen es in ealin with relationshi s an ma es them a re iate the ifferen e ÀÄuÉAiÀÄ è ªÁ¹ ÀĪÀ zéã±àªàäärgà PÀvÉ ªÀÄÄgÁA. CªÀgÀ KPÉÊPÀ ÀÄvÀæ C ÉÆÃPÀ Á ÄÌ ªÀµÀð AzÀ EAzÀÄ JA AiÀÄĪÀwAiÀÄ ÀÄß æãw ÀÄwÛzÁÝ É. ªÀÄPÀ̼À F jãwaiàä ÀA AzsÀªÀ ÀÄß EA À ÉÆõÀPÀgÀÄ ºÉÃUÉ UËgÀ«ÀÄvÁÛgÉ, ºÉÃUÉ CxÀðªÀiÁrPÉƼÀÄîvÁÛgÉ J ÀÄߪÀÅzÉà PÀvÉ. EAzÀÄ eéævé và Àß ÉÆõÀPÀgÀ «géæãzsàªà ÀÄß ºÉýPÉƼÀÄîªÀ C ÉÆÃPÀ, ªÀÄ ÉAiÀÄ è ºÉÃUÉ KgÀÄ ÉÃgÀÄUÀ¼ÁUÀÄwÛzÉ J ÀÄߪÀÅzÀ ÀÆß PÀAqÀÄPÉƼÀÄîvÁÛ É. DzÀgÉ ªÀÄÄAzÉ và Àß ÉÆõÀPÀgÀÆ ÉßûvÀgÀAvÉAiÉÄà EzÁÝgÉ J ÀÄߪÀÅzÀ ÀÄß CjAiÀÄÄvÁÛ É. ÉÆõÀPÀgÀÄ AiÀÄĪÀªÀÄ À ÀÄìUÀ¼À ÀÄß jvàäpéæ¼àä ªÀµÀÄÖ À±ÀPÀÛgÁ záýgé ÀÄߪÀ zàæ ªÀ UÉ j UÉ gàävàûzé. NOMINATED FOR ZEE GAURAV ZEE CINE REGIONAL CATEGORY INDIAN PANAROMA MAHARASHTRA TIMES Dashami Studioz Huge Productions Pratisad Varun Narvekar Milind Joag Vishal Bate Hrishikesh Datar Saurabh Bhalerao 26 Mithila Palkar, Amey Wagh, Sachin Khedekar, Chinmayee Sumeet VARUN NARVEKAR Varun Narvekar is an Indian screenwriter and director who started his career as a writer for a short film titled Odh (2014). He later worked as an assistant director for The Bright Day (2015). Muramba, is his debut directorial feature film. CONTACT: DASHAMI STUDIOZ LLP NINAD@DASHAMICREATIONS.COM

44 PATHIRAKALAM ÁwgÀPÁ A NOCTURNAL TIMES DIRECTOR - PRIYANANDANAN INDIA / 2017 / MALAYALAM / 132 MIN. ein an en less ourne throu h t rann es air overt the film ali rates the imensions of af aes ue worl remains in our worl he film s fin in s as of all see ers fin in s shows hollowness of the s stem uilt u a au us of or orates an ower oliti ians whi h manifests itself militar an oli e to the oor an inno ent ɺÀ ÁgÀ ð ï À zàä ªÀÄÄ ¹ UÀÆqsÀªÁ PÀ géaiàiá gàäªà và Àß vàazéaiàä ÀÄß ºÀÄqÀÄPÀĪÀ À ĪÁ PÉÃgÀ¼ÀzÀ ºÀÄlÆÖjUÉ ªÀÄgÀ½ gàäváû¼é. ªÀiÁ ÀªÀvÁªÁ ºÀÄ Éà ï PÀ géaiàiáuàäªà ªÀÄÄ Àß PÉÆ ÉUÀ½UÉAiÀĪÀgÉUÀÆ ÉºÀ ÁgÀ¼À ÀA ÀPÀðzÀ zàý. ɺÀ ÁgÀ ÉÆ Ã ÀjUÉ zàægàä ÃqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ºÀÄqÀÄ PÉÆqÀĪÀAvÉ ªÀ à gà ªÉÆgÉ ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. PÉÆ ÉUÉ ªÀ¼ÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ ªÀ¼À ÀvÀæPÀvÀð ÉßûvÀ ªÀĺÉñï ÉÃj É ï À ºÀÄqÀÄPÁl DgÀA ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ɺÀ ÁgÀ¼À ÉÆvÉ ºÀÄ ÉÃ ï ªÉÄ ÉÃ ï ªÀiÁqÀĪÁUÀ ÀzÉà ÀzÉà ¼À ÀÄ ÛzÀÝ ºÉ ÀgÀÄUÀ¼À ÁqÀÄ»rzÀÄ ªÀgÀÄ É ï Á ÁqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ºÀÄqÀÄPÁl AzsÀPÁgÀzÀ gàäªà ±À zà AzÀÄ ÀÄvÀÄÛ. gàapàä±á PÁgÀzÀ PÀvÉ ºÀvÁ±É ºÁUÀÆ qàvà ÀzÀ gàäªàªàgà ªÉÄÃ É ±À zà ÀqÉAiÀÄÄ ÛgÀĪÀ zà Á ½PÉAiÀÄ AzÀÄ ªÀÄÄ. ominate in ol atta international film festival for ain international om etition se tion ai ur international film festival for ain international om etition se tion O ial sele tion in eren i it rts festival in oa Aaj Films P.N Gopikrishnan Aswaghoshan Nobin Thomas Krishnakumar, Sunil Kumar P.K Mythili PRIYANANDANAN Priyanandanan is from Vallacira in Thrissur District, Kerala, his debut film, The Weaver, bagged three State Awards and National Award for Best Actor. It also screened at International film festival of Kerala. His second film - Tiger Life, was selected as the best film in India in Other films also got national as well as international acclamation and awards. Pathirakalam is his latest feature film. 27 CONTACT: PRIYANANDANAN PRIYANANDANAN@GMAIL.COM

45 PIMPAL A Á ï PIMPAL DIRECTOR - GAJENDRA AHIRE INDIA / 2017 / MARATHI / 92 MIN. Arvind, a retired widower, has been living alone in his apartment in Pune. He follows a routine that includes video chatting with his children and grandchildren in meri a One a rvin has a fall in the athroom e s fine ut his hil ren are adamant that he has to move to the US. With a heavy heart, Arvind agrees. As he is packing his belongings, he comes across an old letter that his mother had written to him. He had made a promise to her. A promise that he was never a le to fulfil gà Azï zsàägà. ªÀ vàû. ÀÄ ÉAiÀÄ Á ïðªéäan À PÁA AiÀiÁ à ÀÄ ÛzÁÝ É. ªÉÄjPÀzÀ gàäªà ÀÄvÀægÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ ªÉƪÀÄ PÀ¼ÉÆA UÉ raiéæã ZÁ ï ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ PÁ PÀ¼ÉAiÀÄÄ ÛzÁÝ É. AzÀÄ À ÁvïgÀÆ Ä À zàäý qàäváû É. vàazéaiàä ÀÄß ªÉÄjPÀPÉÌ PÀgÉzÉÆAiÀÄ ÉÃPÀÄ ÀÄߪÀ zàä ªÀÄPÀ̼À ºÀ À. ªÀÄ À¹ zà ªÀÄ À¹ AzÀ gà Azï zéã±àpéì ºÉÆÃUÀ Ä ¹zÀ ÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. ÉÖ gé ªÀÄÆ ÉPÀlÄÖªÁUÀ gà AzïUÉ và Àß vá Ä gézà ÀvÀæªÉ AzÀÄ ¹UÀÄvÀÛzÉ. vá ÄUÉ ÃrzÀÝ sàgàªà É Á ÄvÀÄ zà ÉßÃPÉ Á ÀÄ qéãj À Ä DUÀ ÀÄߪÀ zàä gà AzÀ À AvÉ.. Seleted for INDIAN PANORAMA section at IFFI-Goa, Blackberry Movies Gajendra Ahire Krishna Soren Kutub Inamdar Narendra Bhide 28 Dilip Prabhavalkar, Priya Bapat, Kishore Kadam GAJENDRA AHIRE Gajendra Ahire has directed over 40 films including Not Only Mrs Raut and Shevri, both of which won National Awards for Best Marathi Film. Anumati won the Best Film at the 2013 New York India Film Festival and Postcard was a Best Director nominee at the 2014 New York India Film Festival. He has received 17 Maharashtra State Awards for direction, screenplay, dialogues and lyrics for his films Sariwar Sari, Vasudev Balwant Fadke, Vitthal Vitthal, etc.. CONTACT: DEEPAK KUMAR DEEPAK@DEEPAKKUMARFILMS.COM

46 SWNAM Àé ÀA SWNAM DIRECTOR - DEEPESH T INDIA / 2017 / MALAYALAM / 83 MIN. Darkness and light severed them onto two separate paths. Later, they journeyed together on one path. PÀvÀÛ Ä ªÀÄvÀÄÛ É¼ÀPÀÄ JgÀqÀÆ ºÁ UÀ¼À è ÁUÀÄvÀÛªÉ. ÀAvÀgÀ JgÀqÀÆ MAzÉà ºÁ AiÀÄ è ÀAiÀÄt ÀÄvÀÛªÉ. KOLKATHA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, BOMBAY FILM FESTIVAL, DELHI FILM FESTIVAL Ramya Raghavan Valsalan Vathussery Rajith Viji Abraham Harikumar Niranjan, Ramya, Raghavan, Abhinand DEEPESH T Deepesh T is an Indian filmmaking practitioner from Kerala. He was born in the year He is an artist and a teacher. Swnam is his latest directorial feature film. 29 CONTACT: DEEPESH T DEEPESHSUMALA@GMAIL.COM

47 TAKE OFF méãpï D sï TAKE OFF DIRECTOR - MAHESH NARAYANAN INDIA / 2017 / MALAYALAM / 132 MIN. urse ameera ivor e mother of an ear ol o ma es the i ult e ision to ta e u a o in war torn ra owin to finan ial lia ilities Take Off f portrays not just the struggle for survival and escape from a war torn country, also underpins the quest for meaningful existence of human beings amidst adverse ir umstan es À ÄÃgÀ ZÉ Ã và ªÀÄ»¼É. ªÀ½UÉ AlÄ ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹ À ÀÄvÀæ záý É. ºÀ PÁ¹ À véæazàgé ÄAzÁ ªÀ¼ÀÄ gápï À AiÀÄzÀ sàæ ÄAiÀÄ PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ PÀ zsáðgà véuézàäpéæ¼àä váû¼é. ªÀ¼À zsáðgà PÉêÀ zàäpàäªà zàpáì ÀqÉzÀ ºÉÆÃgÁlªÀ. AiÀÄzÀ sàæ Ä ÄAzÀ À ÁAiÀÄ À ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ zàæ. Àð ÀÆ ð ªÀiÁ À ÃAiÀÄ ¹ÛvÀ PÁÌ ªÀ¼À gàvà ºÉÆÃgÁlzÀ ZÀ zsáðgà. Best Actress at IFFI Special Jury Mention at IFFI Anto Joseph Film Company Mahesh Narayanan Pv Shaji Kumar Sanu John Varghese Mahesh Narayanan 30 Gopi Sundar Parvathi Thiruvoth Fahad Fasil Kunchacko Boban Asif Aliprakash Belwadi Alencier Eric MAHESH NARAYANAN Mahesh Narayanan, after completing his graduation from FTII, Pune, started off as an advert Editor. He quickly progressed to documentaries, short films followed by features. His editorial debut, Rathrimazha, bagged National award for the best director and five Kerala State Awards.Take Off' ' is his directorial debut. CONTACT: BANDHU PRASAD BANDHUPRASAD@GMAIL.COM

48 TO LET lä Émï TO LET DIRECTOR - CHEZHIYAN RA INDIA / 2017 / TAMIL / 99 MIN. To Let is the story of a couple with a child which takes place in 2007 in the Indian city of Chennai which is experiencing a real estate boom as a result of an exponential development of the IT sector. The owner of their house hikes their rent whi h ma es their livin un omforta le he have onl thirt a s to fin new house with their modest middle-class income. On their moped, they start a race against time and all kinds of prejudice. ZÉ ÉßöÊ À è ÀÄlÖªÀÄUÀÄ«ÉÆA UÉ ªÁ¹ ÀÄwÛgÀĪÀ zàa ÀwAiÀÄ F PÀvÉ ÀqÉzÀ PÁ Á sïöªéãgï ªÀ AiÀÄzÀ C üªàè Þ ÄAzÁV jaiàä ï J ÉÖÃmï ªÀåªÀºÁgÀ UÀUÀ ÀPÉÌÃjzÀÝ PÁ. F zàa Àw ÁrUÉVzÀÝ ªÀÄ ÉAiÀÄ ªÀiÁ ÃPÀ D É ÄgÀÄPÀ. ºÉaÑ À ÁrUÉUÁV D É ÀqÀÄwÛzÀÝ. EzÉà PÁgÀtPÉÌ CªÀgÀ ÀÄß ªÀÄ É qàäªàavé ÀÆa¹zÀÝ. ªÀÄzsÀåªÀĪÀUÀðzÀ d À PÉÆqÀ ºÀÄzÁzÀ ÁrUÉ «ÄwAiÉƼÀUÉ ªÀÄ É ºÀÄqÀÄPÀ Ä zàa ÀwUÉ ªÀÄƪÀvÉÛà ÀUÀ¼À UÀqÀĪÀÅ. CªÀgÀ ªÉÆ Éqï À è ªÀÄ ÉAiÀÄ ºÀÄqÀÄPÁl DgÀA ü¹záýgé. Best Film Award in Kolkata IFF La Cinema Chezhiyan Ra Chezhiyan Ra Sreekar Prasad Tapas Nayak 31 Santhosh Sreeram, Susheela,Dharun CHEZHIYAN RA Chezhiyan is an Indian filmmaker, writer, poet and cinematographer, who works primarily in the Tamil film industry. After completing his Civil Engineering degree, he started his career as a cinematographer. Chezhiyan's camera-work in Paradesi (2013), won the 'Best cinematography' award at the 2013 London Filmmakers Film Festival. He is also an author of a series of books about cinema titled Ulaga Cinema (World Cinema) in Tamil. CONTACT: CHEZHIYAN RA CHEZHIAN6@GMAIL.COM

49 UBUNTU G ÄAlÄ UBUNTU DIRECTOR - PUSHKAR SUDHAKAR SHROTRI INDIA / 2017 / MARATHI / 114 MIN. Ubuntu is a story of a tiny school of a small village in Maharashtra; of it s students and their intense desire for education. In the small place allotted by the Grampanchayat, Shelke Master is trying hard to add value to the life of handful children of the village. But there comes a day when the school is about to shut down due to very poor attendance. In the absence of Shelke Master, his students shows tremendous courage to restart their school. ªÀĺÁgÁµÀÖçzÀ ÀtÚUÁæªÀÄzÀ è ²PÀët ÀqÉAiÀÄ ÉÃPÉA CzÀªÀÄå D É ElÄÖPÉÆArgÀĪÀ ºÀÄqÀÄUÀjgÀĪÀ MAzÀÄ ÀtÚ±Á ÉAiÀÄ PÀvÉ G ÄAlÄ. F ±Á ÉUÉ UÁæªÀÄ ÀAZÁAiÀÄw ªÉñÀ ÀªÀ ÀÄß ªÀÄA ÆgÀÄ ªÀiÁrzÉ. ºÀ½ AiÀÄ ºÀÄqÀÄUÀgÀ PÀ ºÁUÀÆ ÃªÀ ÀzÀ ªÀi ªÀ ÀÄß vàäa Ä ±Á ÉAiÀÄ É̪ÀiÁ ÀÖgï ±Àæ Ä ÀÄ ÛzÁÝgÉ. DzÀgÉ ±Á ÉUÉ zá ðuà¼à ºÁ gá PÀrªÉÄAiÀiÁzÀ PÁgÀ ±Á ÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß ªÀÄÄZÀÄѪÀ Àj¹ và ÉzÉÆÃgÀÄvÀÛzÉ. É̪ÀiÁ ÀÖgï ÀÄ À¹ AiÀÄ PÀ PÀ AiÀÄ ÉÃPÉA ºÀA zà zá ðuà¼àä ±Á ÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß ½¹PÉƼÀ Ä ºÉÆÃgÁlªÀ Éßà ÀqÉ ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. Best Film on Social Issue in Sangli IFF Fable Factory Pratima Kulkarni Suman Sahu Apurva Motiwale And Aashish Mhatre Anmol Bhave, Kaushal Inamdar 32 Sarang Sathe, Shashank Shende, Umesh Jagtap, Bhagyashree Shankpal, Kanha Bhave, Atharva Padhye PUSHKAR SUDHAKAR SHROTRI Pushkar has produced and directed a feature film Haay Kaay... Naay Kaay with Prasad Oak. He has conceptualised, produced and directed corporate films and television commercials. Ubuntu is his latest directorial feature film. CONTACT: PUSHKAR SUDHAKAR SHROTRI PUSHKAR3SHROTRI@GMAIL.COM


51 ALLAMA C èªàä DIRECTOR - T S NAGABHARANA INDIA / 2016 / KANNADA / 139 MIN. he film o ens with the arrival of ol o i llama Pra hu after a lon ourne at the famous al ana the a ital of ala huru i ala e will re ieve a warm wel ome asavanna an is onvin e to as en the hoon a imhasana the hair of nowle e at nu hava anta a t is an a a em of saints an hiloso hers On seein a oun o la in the rum a ale he sli s a into memor of his hil hoo hus starts the stor of his life PÀÌA AzÀ Éà ªÀÄzÀÝ¼É Áj ÀĪÀ zéazàgé ªÀÄ UÉ æã.»ãué ªÀÄzÀÝ¼É Áj ÀÄvÀÛ Éà AzÀÄ À ªÀÄ UÀÆ ºÉüÀzÉ gávéææãgá æ ªÀÄ É läö ºÉÆgÀqÀÄvÁÛ É. ªÀ À ÀÄß ºÀÄqÀÄPÀÄvÁÛ ªÀÄ gàäváû¼é. DzÀgÉ ªÀÄ AiÀiÁjUÀÆ ÄPÀzÉ zà jªà ÀÄß ºÀÄqÀÄPÀÄvÁÛ ºÉÆgÀlªÀ ÀÄ Ã ÀðPÁ zà ÀAZÁgÀzÀ ÀAvÀgÀ PÀ¼ÀZÀÆgÀÄ ¼À À gá zsá PÀ Á PÉÌ gàäváû É. ªÀ À ÀÄß ÀªÀ ºÁUÀÆ vàgà ±ÀgÀ gàä Á UÀ ¹ Á ÀzÉÃUÀÄ ªÁzÀ ÀÄ sàªà ªÀÄAl ÀzÀ ±ÀÆ À ¹AºÁ À À gàäªàavé ªÀÄ À ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. th ational film awar s wo ational ilm awar s for est usi ire tion an for est a eu rtist Yajaman Enterprises T S Nagabharana G S Bhaskar Kempraju B S Bapu Padmanabha Dhananjay, Meghana Raj, Taushir, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Sanchari Vijay, Ramakrishna, Shrutha Bharana, Ashalatha T S NAGABHARANA T.S. Nagabharana is a National Award winning Indian director and screenwriter who has won several national and international acclaim for 20 of his 34 Kannada films that he has directed over four decades. The director started his career in 1978 with Grahana and since then has directed films like Banker Margayya (1983), Aasphota (1987), Santha Shishunala Sharifa (1989), Mysore Mallige (1991), Chigurida Kanasu (2003). 34 CONTACT: T S NAGABHARANA SHRUTHALAYA@GMAIL.COM

52 BETI ÉÃn INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 101 MIN. he film is a stor of alma he roto onatist is oth male an female as she oes throu h en er han e eti is the stor of the vi tor of alma t is els the m th that en er is rimination has reli ious san tions an ultural intoleran e DIRECTOR - P SHESHADRI zàä ÉÊ À è PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ ÀÄ ÉêÀiÁ ï, và Àß CPÀÌ vàavaiàäjué è ªÀÄzÀÄªÉ ªÀiÁr ºÉÊgÁuÁVgÀÄvÁÛ É. ºÁUÁV và ÀUÉ UÀAqÀĪÀÄUÀĪÉà ºÀÄlÖ ÉÃPÉAzÀÄ ºÉAqÀw dä ÉÃSÁUÉ váqãvàä ªÀiÁr zàä ÉÊUÉ ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ É. DzÀgÉ ºÀÄlÄÖªÀÅzÀÄ ºÉtÄÚªÀÄUÀÄ. PÀÄlÄA zàªàgàä ÀÄ ÉêÀiÁ ïué séæã ïªàiár Àß ºÉAqÀ UÉ ºÉjUÉAiÀiÁ zé ÀÄߪÀµÀÖgÀ É Ã ÀÄ ÉêÀiÁ ï và ÀUÉ ºÀÄnÖzÀÄÝ UÀAqÀĪÀÄUÀĪÉà AzÀÄ qàäváû É. ªÀµÀðUÀ¼À ÀAvÀgÀ jué gàäváû É. DUÀ ÀÄ ÉêÀiÁ ï À ªÀiÁªÀ ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ªÀ À UɼÉAiÀÄgÀÄ ÉÃj AzÀÄ ÁAiÀÄ ºÀÆqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ÀÄ ÉêÀiÁ ï gàäªàªàgéué ªÉƪÀÄ UÀ½UÉ UÀAr ÀªÉõÀ ºÁPÀĪÀ zàä AzÀÄ. ºÁUÉ ºÀÄqÀÄ À Á À Á ï D zà ÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ªÀ¼À qé PÀvÀÛj¹ ªÀ½UÉ ºÀÄqÀÄUÀ À qéæ ï ºÁPÀ ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ªÀÄUÀ AzÉà sàæ ĹzÀ ÀÄ ÉêÀiÁ ï ªÀÄUÀ UÉ ÀÄ Àß ªÀiÁqÀ Ä ºÉÆgÀ ÁUÀ ªÀÄ ÉAiÀÄ»jAiÀÄgÉ PÀÌnÖUÉ ¹ ÄPÀÄvÁÛgÉ. DUÀ j À Á AªÀÄÄ AqÀgÀÄ ªÀÄ ÉUÉ AzÀÄ PÀÄgÁ ï À ºÉ Ä ªÀÄPÀ̽UÉ U gàªà zé. zé ºÉ Ä ºÀÄnÖzÉ A PÁgÀ PÉÌ Ã ÀÄ ºÉAqÀ UÉ và Á ï PÉÆqÀĪÀA. zà ÀÄß ÄgÁ ï ÀÄ ªÀ AzÀÄ ½ºÉüÀÄvÁÛgÉ. PÀqÉAiÀÄ ÀÄ ÉêÀiÁ ï ªÀÄUÀ¼À ÀÆß ºÉAqÀ AiÀÄ ÀÆß PÉƼÀÄ váû É. Basant Productions P Sheshadri Shivakumar R B S Kemparaj Pramod Sapre Siri, Meera, Baby Revathi, K G Krishna Murthy P SHESHADRI A postgraduate in Kannada Literature and a diploma holder in journalism, after a short stint as Journalist, he entered Film land in 1990 as Screenplay and dialogue writer. In 1995 he became Independent Director of Television serials, Documentaries and Tele films. His maiden effort as Director of feature film MUNNUDI (A Preface) in the year 2000 has brought him great applause for his sensitive approach to cinema and was also hailed as a landmark film. 35 CONTACT: BASANT PRODUCTIONS BASANTCO@GMAIL.COM

53 DR. SUKANYA qá. ÀÄPÀ Áå DIRECTOR - SRINATH VASISTHA INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 110 MIN. Dr. Sukanya is an accomplished, well trained doctor. She refuses Dr. Arvind s marriage proposal, after learning his bad intentions. Ambujamma, a woman with a wrong intuition about girl child, trusts astrologer more than anyone, forces her daughter-in-law to get aborted from her pregnancy. Anand, son of Ambujamma and his wife Sarala are expecting a baby are forced to check if the fetus is male or female he on i t etween two o tors an an el erl woman is a story of female feticide. What will Dr. Sukanya do to save the child? qá. ÀÄPÀ Áå vàdõ ªÉÊzÉå. qá.cgà«azï CªÀ¼À ÀÄß ªÀÄzÀĪÉAiÀiÁUÀ AiÀÄ ÀÄvÁÛ É. CªÀ À ÀqÀªÀ½PÉ EµÀÖ ÀqÀzÀ ÀÄPÀ Áå CªÀ À ÀÄß wgà ÀÌj ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ºÉtÄÚ JAzÀgÉ váváìgà vá¼àäªà CA ÄdªÀÄäUÉ eéæåãw UÀ¼À UÉÎ ÀA PÉ. CA ÄdªÀÄä À ªÀÄUÀ D ÀAzï ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ÉÆ É ºÀÄlÖ gàäªà ªÀÄUÀÄ«À UÉÎ PÀ À ÀÄ PÁtÄwÛgÀÄvÁÛgÉ. DzÀgÉ, CA ÄdªÀÄä sàæætzà ègàäªà ªÀÄUÀÄ UÀAqÉÆÃ, ºÉuÉÆÚà ÀjÃPÉë ªÀiÁr À ÉÃPÉAzÀÄ MvÀÛqÀ vàgàäváû¼é. ºÉtÄÚ sàæætzà UÉÎ E âgàä ªÉÊzÀågÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ»jAiÀÄ ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÀÄ ÀqÀÄªÉ ÀAWÀµÀð K ÀðqÀÄvÀÛzÉ. qá. ÀÄPÀ Áå D ªÀÄUÀĪÀ ÀÄß PÁ ÁqÀÄvÁÛ¼ÉAiÉÄÃ? Srinath Vasistha Srinath Vasistha Indraprasad B S Kemparaju Vishwanath Pai Sparsha Shenoy, Radha Ramachandra, Chidananda, Sharadha, Chidananda, Surya. SRINATH VASISTHA Srinath Vasistha professionally a renowned Kannada Actor who has worked in numerous films and theatre plays since two decades. After Manthana and Salila, Dr. Sukanya is his third directorial feature film. 36 CONTACT: SRINATH VASISTHA SRINATHVASISTHA@GMAIL.COM

54 HEBETTU RAMAKKA ºÉ ÉâlÄÖ gáªàäpàì DIRECTOR - N R NANJUNDE GOWDA INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 144 MIN. he film aims at showin how an une u ate villa e woman s intelli en e e i ation an honest rovi es a suita le o ortunit for the o resse eo le of a villa e to su ee he film eals with the stru le of ama a the roto anist to over ome male omination in the so iet ºÀ½ ºÉ Ä gáªàäpàì À ÀÄß ªÀ¼À UÀAqÀ Á ÀAZÁAiÀÄvï ZÀÄ ÁªÀ ÉUÉ ¹ UÉ ÀÄvÁÛ É. ÀPÀ gà É AiÀiÁzÀ gáªàäpàì À ÀÄß ªÉÆzÀªÉÆzÀ Ä gàæ UÉà ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ªÀ¼À ºÉ Àj À ªÀ¼À UÀAqÀ PÀ É Ã AiÉÄà DqÀ½vÀ ÀqÉ ÀÄ ÛgÀÄvÁÛ É. zàjazà ÉÃPÀ jã AiÀÄ ªÀªÀiÁ ÀªÀ ÀÄß gáªàäpàì zàäj À ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. zé UÀAqÀ PÀ É Ã ªÀ¼À PÁgÀªÀ ÀÄß zàägàä ÀAiÉÆÃUÀ Àr¹PÉÆAqÀÄ ÉÃPÀ jã AiÀÄ sàæµáözágàªà Éß ÀUÀÄvÁÛ É. DzÀgÉ PÀæªÉÄà và Àß.. ªÀÄÆ PÀªÉà gáªàäpàì zàä- gàºàªà ÀÄß PÀ vàä DqÀ½vÀzÀ ÀªÀÄ Éð ¹PÉÆAqÀÄ Á ÀAZÁ Ä AiÀÄ DUÀÄ ÛzÀÝ sàæµáözágàpé PÉÆ É ºÁr vàûªàä DqÀ½vÀ PÉÆqÀĪÀ AiÀıÀ¹ AiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. S A Puttaraju N R Nanjunde Gowda B Satish Basavaraj Urs Poornachandra Tejasvi Devarj, Taara Anuradha, Hanumanthe Gowda, Sunny And Others. N R NANJUNDE GOWDA N.R. Nanjunde Gowda hails from Hassan District, the Malnad region of Karnataka. After graduation, he began his career as a correspondent for a couple of daily papers. His first independent directorial venture was in 1989 with the feature film Sankranti. The film bagged the State Awards for Best Film, Best Director Best Actress and Best Story. Hebbettu Ramakka a is his latest directorial feature film. 37 CONTACT: N R NANJUNDE GOWDA NRNGOWDA14@GMAIL.COM

55 MARCH 22 ªÀiÁZïð 22 INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 153 MIN. he film is set in a villa e a a ur a where all the ommunities live in harmon ut sooner eo le start stru lin for water as the rau ht hits a he rota onists alman an ahul tr to hel eo le as mu h as the an alman sooner e omes the of that villa e ahul with the hel of alman rin s resour e eo le to the villa e to fin water o ies ill the fin it o e is all that ee s the eo le of the villa e to ether DIRECTOR - KODLU RAMAKRISHNA ªÀÄA gà-ªàä¹ã UÀ½VAvÀ, eáw-ªàävàuà½vavà, zsàªàäðuà½vavà fãªàzéæqàøzàä, ªÀiÁ À ÃAiÀÄvÉAiÉÄà ±ÉæõÀ ªÁzÀzÀÄÝ A ÄzÀ ÀÄß Áj ºÉüÀĪÀA À ¹ ªÀiÁ. gáaiàäzàäuàð A ºÀ½ AiÀÄ»AzÀÆ-ªÀÄĹ AgÉ gàæ ÀºÀ Á¼É ÉÆ Ã À vé ÄAzÀ À zàäpàä ÛgÀÄvÁÛgÉ. zéã ÀªÀÄAiÀÄzÀ D jué gà AzÀÄ rã gàä vàvàûj ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DUÀ À Á ï ªÀÄvÀÛªÀ À UɼÉAiÀÄ gáºàä ï jué ÃgÀÄ vàj À Ä ºÉÆÃgÁqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. À Á ï ZÀÄ ÁªÀ ÉUÉ AvÀÄ ±Á ÀPÀ Á DAiÉÄÌAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. DzÀgÉ Ãj À ªÀ É UɺÀj À Ä ÁzsÀ ªÁUÀĪÀ. zéã ºÉÆ ÛUÉ sàæ Á qá.gà ÀÄ ÀAzÀ ï À ÀÄß PÀgÉvÀAzÀÄ ªÀÄÆ ªÀ ÀÄß ÀvÉÛºÀ Ñ ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ªÀÄÆ gàäªà zàä À ªÀĹà AiÀÄ. ªÀĹà AiÀÄ ÀÄß qézàgé ªÀiÁvÀæ ÃgÀÄ ¹UÀĪÀ zàä.»ãuéazà PÀÆqÀ ÉûAzÀÆ ªÀÄĹ A UÀ séaiàiáuàävàûzé. PÉÆ ÉUÉ»AzÀÆUÀ¼É ªÀÄA gàªà ÀÄß qéaiàä Ä ÀAPÀ ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ªÀgÀ ÀÄß ÉÆÃrzÀ ªÀÄĹ êÀÄgÀÆ ªÀĹà AiÀÄ ÀÄß qézàä ÃgÀÄ ºÀj ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ªÀiÁ À ÃAiÀÄvÉAiÉÄà ±ÉæõÀ AzÀÄ ÁgÀ ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Harish Sherigar Sharmila Sherigar Kodlu Ramakrishna Mohan Basavaraj Urs Manikanth Kadri Ravishekhar 38 Ananth Nag Aryavardhan Meghasri Kiran Raj Deepthi Shetty Yuva Kishore Jai Jagadish Srinivas Murthy Ramesh Bhat Ravindranath Sharath Lohithawhwa KODLU RAMAKRISHNA Kodlu Ramakrishna, practicing filmmaking in Kannada film industry for more than three decades. He has directed and produced more than 30 feature films. So far he has won 4 Karnataka State film awards. CONTACT: KODLU RAMAKRISHNA KODLU_RAM999@YAHOO.COM

56 MOOKA HAKKI ªÀÄÆPÀºÀQÌ INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 118 MIN. film that has en a sulate the on in love affe tion of three si lin s who elon to a noma i ommunit an their livesto who are on a ourne in sear h of livelihoo ut has not for otten to a ture the humiliation an har shi that the o throu h in this ro ess he movie has also ta en u the urrent issue of ow slau hter in n ia DIRECTOR - MANJUNATH N PÉÆÃ É ÀªÀ À ÀÄß Dr ÀĪÀ C ɪÀiÁj d ÁAUÀzÀªÀgÀ PÀvÉ. UËj ªÀÄÆV. CtÚ ªÀÄvÀÄÛ vàªàää ÉÆA UÉ ªÁ À«gÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ªÀÄÆV JA PÁgÀtPÁÌV CªÀ¼À ªÀÄzÀÄªÉ ÀqÉAiÀÄĪÀÅ è. PÉÆÃ É ÀªÀ À ÀÄß Dr ÀÄvÀÛ HgÀÆgÀÄ C ÉAiÀÄĪÁUÀ D Hj À ÀÄqÁjAiÉÆ â UËjAiÀÄ ªÉÄÃ É PÀtÄÚ ºÁPÀÄvÁÛ É. C èazà ºÉÃUÉÆà và à¹péæaqàä ªÀÄvÉÆÛAzÀÄ HjUÉ ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. MªÉÄä PÉÆÃ É ÀªÀ À eéævé EgÀĪÀ PÀgÀÄ«UÉ ºÀĵÁj èªéazàä ªÀÄĹèA UɼÉAiÀÄ ÉÆA UÉ CtÚ ºÉÆÃzÀªÀ ÀÄ ªÁ Á ÀÄì gàäªàåzéã E è. PÀqÉUÉ UËjAiÉÆ â¼éã vàªàää ºÁUÀÄ ÀªÀ À ÀÄß PÀnÖPÉÆAqÀÄ ªÀÄÄA À HjUÉ ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. C è M â ²æêÀÄAvÀ EªÀ¼À vàªàää À ÀÄß vá ÀÄ zàvàäû véuézàäpéæaqàä CªÀ À ÀÄß N ÀÄvÉÛà ÉAzÀÄ ºÉüÀÄvÁÛ É. DzÀgÉ CzÀPÉÌ CªÀ ÀÄ PÉüÀĪÀÅzÀÄ UËjAiÀÄ ÀAUÀªÀ ÀÄß. PÀqÉUÀÆ vàªàää À ÀÄß C èaiéäã läö UËj C èazà Æ ºÉÆgÀqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. dé AvÀ ÀªÀÄ ÉåAiÀiÁzÀ UÉÆúÀvÉåAiÀÄ ÀÆß avàæ ÀÆPÀëöäªÁV ZÀað ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Chandrakala T Rathod Pooja S M, Sampath Kumar, Master Manjunath H Naik Nishanth, Satish Kumar, Satish Kumar M K Mutt Ramya H K Chidanand Sujith Naik Manikanth Kadiri 39 MANJUNATH N Manjunath N is an upcoming Kannada filmmaker. He has worked as an assistant and associate director in many Kannada films and also acted in some Kannada films. Mooka Hakki is his first directorial feature film. CONTACT: MANJUNATH N KODAGUMANJU@GMAIL.COM

57 MOOKA NAYAKA ªÀÄÆPÀ ÁAiÀÄP INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 112 MIN. his film resents the relationshi etween art an so ial life he rota onist ur a has won erful aintin s ills ut mute ll his life he has not even uttere a sin le wor averi an el er sister of ur a is a ol an arin la who on emns in usti e one villa e hea ur a alwa s res on s to the in i ents o urre in the so iet throu h his aintin s n this film a an an tree is ortra e as a meta hor of life whi h has stru les ontra i tions an hallen es DIRECTOR - BARAGURU RAMACHANDRAPPA PÀ É ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ÁªÀiÁfPÀ fãªà ÀªÀ ÀÄß F avàæ Àæ ÀÄÛvÀ Àr ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ÀÆAiÀÄð, M¼ÉîAiÀÄ avàæpà Á«zÀ. CªÀ ÉÆ â ªÀÄÆUÀ. ªÀiÁvÀÄ ÁgÀzÀ CªÀ ÀÄ và Éß è sáªà ÉUÀ¼À ÀÄß avàæuà¼à ªÀÄÆ PÀªÉà D üªàåpàûuéæ½ ÀÄwÛgÀÄvÁÛ É. vàazé-vá Ä E èzà ÀÆAiÀÄð CPÀÌ PÁªÉÃjAiÀÄ eéævé EgÀÄvÁÛ É. D Hj À d«äã ÁÝgÀ Hj ÀªÀgÉ ègà d«äã ÀÄUÀ¼À ÀÄß PÀ ½ ÀÄvÀÛ PÀqÉUÉ PÁªÉÃgÀPÀÌ À d«äã À ÀÆß PÀ ½ ÀÄvÁÛ É. CªÀ À ªÀÄUÀ½UÉ ÀÆAiÀÄð r ÀĪÀ avàæuà¼éazàgé æãw. EzÀ Éßà và ÁàV w½zà ÀÆAiÀÄð CªÀ¼À ÀÄß æãw ÀÄwÛgÀÄvÁÛ É. DzÀgÉ D Hj À ªÉÄõÀÄÖç ªÀÄvÀÄÛ d«äã ÁÝgÀ À ªÀÄUÀ¼ÀÄ E âgàæ ÀgÀ ÀàgÀ æãw ÀÄwÛgÀÄvÁÛgÉ. EzÀÄ Äà ÁÝgÀ UÉ ½zÀÄ À Á AiÀĪÀ UÉ ªÀÄUÀ¼À ÀÄß PÉÆqÀ Ä À zé ªÉÄÃ Ö UÉ ªÀªÀiÁ À ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ É. EzÀ ÀÄß ÀÆAiÀÄð ªÀÄvÀÄÛ CªÀ À CPÀÌ PÁªÉÃj Àæw sàn¹zàý èzé ÉÆ Ã ÀjUÉ zàægà ÀÆß ÃqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. vàæzà ÀzÉà ÀzÉà ªÀÄÆr gàäªà zéæqà D zàªàägàzà ¼À ÄUÀ¼ÀÄ ºÉÆÃgÁlzÀ, ªÉÊgÀÄzsÀåUÀ¼À ºÁUÀÄ ÀªÁ ÄUÀ¼À gàæ ÀPÀªÁV awævàªávzé. Kumar Govind, Balaraj M Sanjeev Rekha, Sundar Movies Raj, Sheetal Shetty, Baragur Venkatraju, Ramachandrappa Yathiraj Nagaraj Advani Suresh Ur Shamitha Malnad 40 BARAGURU RAMACHANDRAPPA Baraguru Ramachandrappa, is a well known Kannada writer, filmmaker and social thinker. He has written more than 30 books and directed 17 Films. He is awarded for his literature works in the State of Karnataka and has won multiple awards for his films. His films have also secured national awards and international recognition. His feature film Shanti,, with only one artist entered the Guinness Record Book. Mooka Nayaka a is his latest feature film. CONTACT: BARAGUR RAMACHANDRAPPA BARAGUR1947@GMAIL.COM

58 MUDLASEEMEYALI ªÀÄÆqÀ è¹ãªéäaiàä INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 122 MIN. A widow belongs to tribe, wants to make her only daughter, literate. This tribe has a tradition of selling girls and widows. Her Father-in-law quotes his sons debts and he borrows money. She decides to leave the house, goes to her brother s place. When the money lender arrives, he starts harassing her as he had already spent 1.25 lakh on her. She refuses to join him. This becomes a bigger issue than she has ever imagined. When the village heads meet up and decide that she should live with the man, who had spent money on her, what o tion oes she have ill she e a le to fi ht a ainst a male ominant so iet DIRECTOR - K SHIVARUDRAIAH ÄqÀPÀlÄÖ «zsàªéué và Àß M â¼éã ªÀÄUÀ¼À ÀÄß CPÀëgÀ ÉÜAiÀÄ ÁßV ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ ºÀA. D d ÁAUÀzÀ è MAzÀÄ «avàæ DZÀgÀuÉ. ºÀÄqÀÄVAiÀÄgÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ «zsàªéaiàägà ÀÄß C è ªÀiÁgÀĪÀ gàærü ÄvÀÄÛ. «zsàªéaiàiázà ÉÆ ÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß CªÀ¼À ªÀiÁªÀ Éà ºÀtPÁÌV ÉÃgÉAiÀĪÀjUÉ ªÀiÁgÀ ºÀÄzÀÄ. EzÀÄ CªÀgÀ PÀÄ ÁZÁgÀ. «zsàªé ÁAiÀÄQAiÀÄ KPÉÊPÀ ÀÄwæAiÀÄ ÀÄß ªÀiÁªÀ ªÀiÁgÀ Ä AiÀÄwß¹zÁUÀ DPÉ ªÀÄ É läö ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. F DZÁgÀªÀ ÀÄß PÀÌj¹ j À ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÀÄgÀ ÀÆß ÀA Àn¹ Àæ sàn¹ Ä váû¼é ÁAiÀÄQ. ÀÄgÀĵÀ ÀæzsÁ À ªÀåªÀ ÉÜAiÀÄ ÀÄß DPÉ UÉ ÄèvÁÛ¼ÉAiÉÄÃ? Sudharani, Vivata Info Media Rajesh, Prakash Belawadi Shivarudraiah K Ananth Urs Anil Naidu Isac Thomas K SHIVARUDRAIAH K Shivarudraiah started his journey as a filmmaker with his debut film Chaitrada Chiguru u in His other films Daatu, Magiya Kaala, Marikondavaru and many others have bagged many awards. Mudlaseemeyali is his latest directorial feature film. 41 CONTACT: SHIVARUDRAIAH K ANILMNAIDU@GMAIL.COM

59 NEERU THANDAVARU à DIRECTOR - AASIF KSHATHRIYA INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 110 MIN. A young girl lives in a colony of so called lower caste people. On the other hand, upper caste people living in the neighbouring town, are living in their own belief systems. The only river which is the source of drinking water for the colony, goes dry. People are denied water from well on the pretext of sanctity. As colony bore-well starts functioning, the water from the well gets drifted to the bore well. The town goes dry without water. But nobody is ready to bring water from Keri. How will the water be shared? Erà HjVgÀĪÀÅzÀÄ MAzÉà Á«. CzÀÄ ªÉÄà ÁÓwAiÀĪÀjgÀĪÀ PÉÃjAiÀÄ ègàävàûzé. ÃjUÁ zà vàgàä ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ªÉÄà Á AiÀĪÀgÀ UÀ¼À ÀðqÀÄvÀÛzÉ. PÀqÉUÉ zà vàgà PÉÃjUÉ ÉÆÃgïªÉ ï véué À ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. zàjazà gàäªà AzÉà Á AiÀÄ ÃgÀÄ Û ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DUÀ gà zéæa AiÀiÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ªÉÄà Á AiÀĪÀjUÉ ÃgÀÄ ¹UÀzÀ Àj¹ gàävàûzé. gàqàæ ªÀUÀðzÀªÀgÀÄ Àæ µé UÉ zàäý ªÀÄPÀ ¼ÀÄ Ãj zé ºÁºÁPÁgÀ ÀqÀĪÀAvÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ªÀiÁ À ÃAiÀÄvÉAiÉÄà PÉÆ ÉUÉ ªÉÄgÉAiÀÄÄvÀÛzÉ. zà và ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÀÄgÉ UÀÆ r PÉÃjAiÀĪÀgÀ Éß PÀÌj¹ ªÉÄà Á ªÀjUÉ ÃgÀÄ PÉÆqÀ Ä ªÀÄÄAzÁUÀÄvÁÛgÉ. Achyutha Chiguru Creations Kumar, Ananya, Seetha Kote, Aasif Kshathriya Sandeep, Shrikanth Chandrashekarappa Naveen Gowda, Heblikar, Shwetha Mohan L Shrinivas Rangakahale Pradeep Verma AASIF KSHATHRIYA Aasif Kshathriya is an engineer turned filmmaker. Neeru Thandavaru is his directorial debut. 42 CONTACT: NIDASALE M PUTTASWAMAIAH NIDASALEP@GMAIL.COM

60 NEMODA BOOLYA ÉêÉÆzÀ ƼÀå (vàä¼àä) DIRECTOR - GANGADHAR KIRODIAN INDIA / 2017 / TULU / 135 MIN. he film is ase on a fol tale a n a an an ani are ha il marrie eanwhile nna a a womaniser has a thin for an ani ow will a n a save his wife from nna a j À À Éà À ¹Û à A Àl. ªÀÄAUÀ ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ªÀ¼À UÀAqÀ ªÀÄAiÀÄAzÀ ªÀgÀ ÁrUÀªÀgÀÄ PÀ PÀÆ ªÀiÁrPÉÆArgÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ªÀ¼À ªÉÄÃ É À Éà À PÀ Ä Ã¼ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ºÁUÁ ªÀ¼À UÀAqÀ UÉ zé ªÀzÀ üÀ PÉÆlÄÖ zéãªàgà ªÉõÀ ºÁPÀ Ä váû Ä ÀÄvÁÛ É. ºÁUÉ ÀÆ É ªÀiÁqÀĪÁUÀ ªÀ À ÀÄß PÉÆ Ä váû É. zàjazà géæ ÑUÉzÀÝ ªÀÄAUÀ UÀAqÀ À véaiàä AiÉÄà vá ÀÄ Ã¼ÀĪÀ zà zé À Éà À ÀÆß Ã¼ÀĪÀAvÉ ªÀiÁr gàæ ÁAiÀÄÄvÁÛgÉ. Kudradi Kuladevatha Creations Chandrashekar Mada Gangadhar Kirodian Umapathy Prakash Karanja Manohar Vittal 43 Preetham Shetty Mynda Rajani Mangani Pradeep Chandra Appanna Ballal Ramesh Bhatt Dogu GANGADHAR KIRODIAN Gangadhar Kirodian is a theatre activist who is well versed in story writing, screenplay and direction. This is his debut feature film based on Parathi Mangana Paadana a folk story. CONTACT: GANGADHAR KIRODIAN SHREYA_MADA@GMAIL.COM

61 SHUDDHI ±ÀÄ Þ DIRECTOR - ADARSH H ESHWARAPPA INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 116 MIN. n meri an in n ia efrien s two oun ournalists who are fi htin for uvenile justice. Her trip turns into a spiritual journey. CvÁåZÁgÀzÀ «gàäzàþ E âgàä AiÀÄĪÀwAiÀÄgÀÄ ÀªÀÄgÀ ÁgÀÄvÁÛgÉ. «zéã±à AzÀ AzÀ AiÀÄĪÀwAiÉÆ â½ué và Àß PÀuÉÚzÀÄgÉà UɼÀwAiÀÄ ªÉÄÃ É ÀqÉzÀ CvÁåZÁgÀ ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ÁªÀÅ PÀAUÉr ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. CªÀgÉ ègà «gàäzàþ ÉÃqÀÄ wãj¹péæ¼àäîváû¼é. MAzÉqÉ CvÁåZÁgÀzÀ «gàäzàþeáuàèw C üaiàiá À, ªÀÄvÉÆÛAzÉqÉ ²PÉë JgÀqÀÆ KPÀPÁ zà è dgàäuàävàûªé. Saanvi Pictures Adarsh H Eshwarappa Andrew Aiello Ramisetty Pavan Nithin Lukose / Jesse Clinton Lauren Spartano, Niveditha, Amrutha Karagada ADARSH H ESHWARAPPA Adarsh Eshwarappa, engineer turned filmmaker. Shuddhi is his debut theatrical release even though he has made couple of short films earlier. 44 CONTACT: ADARSH H ESHWARAPPA ADARSH.ESHWARAPPA@GMAIL.COM

62 RESERVATION j ÀªÉÃð±À ï DIRECTOR - NIKHIL MANJOO INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 90 MIN. he film is a out the a use of aste reservation oli a ross n ia ut arti ularl in a ehsil of arnata a the onstitution of n ia rovi es rivile e for su h eo le who are ne le te ue to the aste is rimination an untou ha ilit ra ti es in the ast everal hi h aste an su erior families an househol s in n ia misuse this after ma in fa e o uments an for er he film loo s into the matter of a use of eservation Poli»AzÀĽzÀ ÁAUÀPÉÌ ªÀÄÄ ªÁ ï¹ ïnaiàäªàjué ÀPÁðgÀ ÃrgÀĪÀ Äà À Á AiÀÄ ÀÄß ªÉÄà UÀðzÀªÀgÀÄ zàägàä ÀAiÉÆÃUÀ Àr¹PÉÆAqÀÄ vàªàä Á Ànð PÉl ÀÄß Ý PÉ À nö¹péæ¼àä váûgé. ºÁUÉ zá É ÝzÀ ÀA ÁgÀªÉ AzÀÄ Á PÀqÉUÉ PÉ AiÀÄ ÀÆß ÀÄ sà ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. zà ÀÄß PÀ Á gé PÀAqÀ ªÀÄ ÉÆúÀgÀ Á zá ÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß zàý Ä ÀÄ ªÀ. DzÀgÉ ªÀ À ºÉAqÀ AiÀÄ váûaiàäzà ªÉÄÃ É zàäýváû É. DzÀgÉ ºÉÆ ÀvÁ AzÀ vàºà¹ã ÁÝgÀ À zà ÀðzÉzÀÄgÀÄ ÉÆÃvÀÄ và À ÀÄß PÉƼÀÄ váû É. th ational film awar s est eature ilm in anna a an ua e Yakub Khader Gulvady Pradeep Kumar Shetty K P V Swami Aditya Kunigal Sameer Kulkarni Srinivas Master Nikhil Manjoo Manasi Sudhir Pardeep Kumar Shetty K Sowmya H NIKHIL MANJOO Nikhil Manjoo Lingegowda is a Kannada filmmaker. He has directed 8 feature films in Kannada language. He has won a National Award and five Karnataka State Film Awards. 'Reservation' is his latest directorial feature film. 45 CONTACT: NIKHIL MANJOO PRADEEPHISTORY@GMAIL.COM


64 BHARJARI s Àdðj DIRECTOR - CHETHAN KUMAR INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 157 MIN. A romantic action drama about the life of an easygoing youngster named Surya, whose life suddenly takes unexpected turns. In this journey he meets three women along the way who will change his life forever. ÀÆAiÀÄð J ÀÄߪÀ eá ºÀÄqÀÄUÀ À ÁºÀ À, géæãªàiá ïì EgÀĪÀ PÀvÉ. và Àß ºÁ AiÀÄ è JzÀÄgÁUÀĪÀ ªÀÄƪÀgÀÄ ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÀÄjAzÁV fãªà ÀzÀ è ºÀ ªÁgÀÄ wgàäªàåuà¼à ÀÄß PÁtÄvÁÛ É. R Srinivas Chethan Kumar Shreesha Kuduvalli Deepu S Kumar V Harikrishna Dhruva Sarja, Rachita Ram, Haripriya, Saikumar, Sudharani CHETHAN KUMAR Chethan is an Indian film Director, who has worked predominantly in Kannada movie industry. He was born in Kollegal, Karnataka. 'Bharjari' is his second directorial feature film. 47 CONTACT: KSDUSHYANTH@GMAIL.COM

65 CHAMAK ZÀªÀÄPï DIRECTOR - SIMPLE SUNI INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 145 MIN. Kush, a gynaecologist refuses his family s wish to get married as he s afraid of losing his freedom and his personal space. He s thus married to Khushi forcibly. an innocent girl while acting as if he is also an innocent guy in front of her family. She seems to be just the gullible wife. To ensure this, he continues to live his playful life post marriage. Rĵï M â ¹Ûçà géæãuà vàdõ ªÀÄzÀĪÉAiÀiÁzÀgÉ và Àß ÁévÀAvÀåç ºÉÆÃV qàävàûzé JAzÀÄ ÀA gàäªà DvÀ ªÀÄ ÉAiÀĪÀgÀÄ ÉÆÃrzÀ ºÉ ÀÄß gápàj ÀÄvÁÛ É. PÉÆ ÉUÀÆ ªÀÄ ÉAiÀĪÀgÀ ÀÄß ÀªÀiÁzsÁ À Àr À Ä ªÀÄzÀĪÉUÉ ÀÄ váû É. Ä AiÀÄ ÀÄß ªÀÄzÀĪÉAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. ªÀÄzÀĪÉAiÀiÁzÀgÀÆ æºà ZÁjAiÀiÁ AiÉÄà gà AiÀÄ ÀĪÀ ªÀ À ZÀ zsáðgà ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ Ganesh, T. R. Chandrashekar Rashmika Crystal Park Cinemas Mandanna, Sadhu Kokila, Suni, Abhishek Raghuram D P Savalagi, Venkatesh Sharma Santhosh Rai Pathaje Manu Shedgar Judah Sandhy 48 SIMPLE SUNI Narsimhaiah Sunil Kumar known by his screen name Suni, is an Indian film director, producer, lyricist and screenwriter kick started his career with Janumada Gelathi, where he worked as an assistant director under Dinesh Baboo. Subsequently focus shifted to a few short films, but when he decided to go independent, what came his way was Simple Agi Ondh Love Story.. Suni began his production house named Suvin Cinemaas. CONTACT: SUNICINEMAS@GMAIL.COM

66 COLLEGE KUMAR PÁ ÉÃeï PÀĪÀiÁgï DIRECTOR - HARI SANTHU INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 141 MIN. hiva is wor in as a se urit uar at his frien s o e he ele rate their hil ren s irth to ether One a ue to some misun erstan in the fi ht an se arate hiva ta es this as hallen e an stru les to rin u his son rovi in e ellent e u ation ut in realit his son is aimless an unintereste in a a emi s E âgàä ÉßûvÀgÀÄ, M â ZÉ ÁßV N zéæqàø ºÀÄzÉÝAiÀÄ ègàäváû É. E ÉÆß â CªÀ À D üã¹ À Éèà dªá À ÁVgÀÄvÁÛ É. C üpáj EªÀ À ÀÄß UÉà ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ É. D ¹nÖUÉ và Àß ªÀÄUÀ À ÀÄß zéæqàø C üpájaiàä ÁßV À ÉÃPÉA ºÀA. DzÀgÉ ªÀÄUÀ NzÀzÉ ÉÆà üÀÄvÁÛ É. AzÀÄ ÀAzÀ sàðzà À -ªÀÄUÀ UÉ UÀ¼ÀªÁ À ÀªÁ É ÉzÀÄ PÁ Éà UÉ ºÉÆà zéæqà PÁjAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. ªÀÄUÀ UÀÆ ªÁ ÁÝjAiÀÄ jªá ÁªÀAiÀĪÀ PÀÈ PÀ ÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. M R Pictures Hari Santhosh A Azhagan K M Prakash Arjun Janya Vikky Varun, Samyuktha Hegde, Ravishankar, Sruthi HARI SANTHOSH Hari Santosh is an emerging young Kannada filmmaker. He won Karnataka State Film Award for his debut movie Alemari. College Kumar is his latest directorial feature film. 49

67 HEBBULI ºÉ Äâ DIRECTOR - S. KRISHNA INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 141 MIN. Commander Ram is a fearless para commando who gets a sudden call from home that says his elder brother, an honest Collector Sathyamurthy, has committed suicide. Upon reaching home he stumbles upon clues and lead in fin in out the motive ons ira sus e ts ehin his rother s eath e fi hts a ainst the s stem to save his famil On the other si e to fulfill his rother s vision he stru les more than what meets the e e PÀªÀiÁAqÀgï gáªàiï, CAdzÉAiÀÄ ÁågÁ PÀªÀiÁAqÀgï. f Áè üpájaiàiávzàý gáªàiï À DvÀ ºÀvÉ ªÀiÁrPÉÆAqÀ ÀÄ Ý zàý ÌzÀÝAvÉ ªÀ UÉ gàävàûzé. jué ªÀÄgÀ½zÀ gáªàiïué và Àß À PÉÆ É» Éß ÉAiÀÄ gàäªà vàæj UÉÆvÁÛUÀÄvÀzÉ. ÀĽªÀ ¹UÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ªÀ ªÀ É AiÀÄ ÉÆvÉ ºÉÆÃgÁl DgÀA ÀĪÀ gáªàiï PÀÄlÄA ªÀ ÀÄß PÁ ÁqÀĪÀ ºÉÆ ÉUÁjPÉ ºÁUÀÆ và Àß À PÉÆ ÉAiÀÄ AiÉÆà ÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß ÁjUÉƽ ÀĪÀ ºÉÆ ÉUÁjPÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß ªÀ»¹PÉƼÀÄ váû É. Sudeep, V. Raghunath, Ravichandran, Umapathy Amala Paul, P. Srinivas Ravi Shankar Srv Productions, Umapathy Films S. Krishna DOP: A. Karunakar Deepu S. Kumar Arjun Janya 50 S. KRISHNA S. Krishna an Indian cinematographer and film director who primarily works in Kannada films. He gave a new dimension for cinematography through his breath taking visuals in Mungaru Male which is considered as a romantic cult classic. When he was at his peak of his career as a cinematographer he challenged himself to be a director. He directed Gajakesari & Hebbuli is his latest directorial feature film. CONTACT: S KRISHNA KRISHDOP@GMAIL.COM

68 MUFTI ªÀÄ DIRECTOR - NARTHAN INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 152 MIN. n un er over o travels all the wa to ana ura he villa e is rule a mafia on he small worl here is fille with voilen e ore rutalit an loo she hen the o finall ets an o urtunit to meet the on he is s ine hile to see him closely and his modus operandi forms. sàæuàvà ÉÆÃPÀzÀ zéægéaiéæ â À ªÀ±ÀzÀ ègàäªà gáuá ÀÄgÀPÉÌ ªÀiÁgÀĪÉõÀzsÁj ÉÆ Ã ï PÁ qàäváû É. ªÀiÁgÁªÀiÁj, gàpàûzà ºÉƼÉAiÉÄà ºÀjAiÀÄÄwÛgÀĪÀ F UÁæªÀÄzÀ èzàý qá ï À ÀÄß séãnaiàiá và Àß ±À Û véæãj À Ä PÉÆ ÉUÀÆ zsàðj ÀÄvÁÛ É. séãnaiàiázáuà qá ï À PÁAiÀiÁðZÀgÀ ÉAiÀÄ zsá À zéýã±àzà jªáuàävàûzé. ªÀÄÄAzÉ ÀqÉAiÀÄĪÀÅzÉà ÀÄ? Jayanna, Bhogendra Jayanna Combines Narthan Naveen Kumar Harish Komme Ravi Basrur 51 Sriimurali, Shiva Rajkumar, Shanvi Srivastava, Vasishta NARTHAN Narthan is a film lyric writer, screenwriter, director who works in Kannada film industry. Mufti is his debut feature film. CONTACT: NARTHAN NARTHANSCREATIVE@GMAIL.COM

69 ONDU MOTTEYA KATHE MAzÀÄ ªÉÆmÉ ÖAiÀÄ PÀx DIRECTOR - RAJ B SHETTY INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 123 MIN. his is a sim le tale of a oun al man tr in to fin his soulmate who woul see how eautiful his thou hts are rather than his e ternal a earan e s not havin hair on the hea su h a i reason to e u e an mo e at n this stru le of o shamin will he fin the irl of his reams ÉÆüÀÄvÀ ÉAiÀÄ ºÀÄqÀÄUÀjUÉ ªÀzsÀÄ ¹UÀĪÀÅzÀÄ PÀµÀÖ. CAvÀºÀ ÁAiÀÄPÀ ÉÆ â ªÀÄzÀĪÉAiÀiÁUÀ Ä ÀqÀĪÀ Àj Ál Ä E èzé. ÉÆüÀÄvÀ ÉAiÀÄ ÁAiÀÄPÀ À ÀÄß AiÀiÁªÉÇ â ºÀÄqÀÄVAiÀÄÆ ªÀÄzÀĪÉAiÀiÁUÀ Ä M ÀÄàªÀÅ è. M â ºÀÄqÀÄV M ÀÄàvÁÛ¼É. DzÀgÉ CªÀ¼ÀÄ vàäa zà À gàäváû¼é. ÁAiÀÄPÀ UÉ µàö DUÀĪÀ. PÀqÉUÉ ÁAiÀÄPÀ DAvÀjPÀ ËAzÀAiÀÄðzÀ CxÀðªÀ ÀÄß UÀ滹, CªÀ¼À Éßà ªÀÄzÀĪÉAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. Suhan Prasad, Pawan Kumar Studios Mango Pickle Entertainment Raj B Shetty Praveen Shriyan Praveen Shriyan Midhun Mukundan Raj B Shetty, Shailashree Mulki, Amruta Naik, Shreya Anchan RAJ B SHETTY Raj B Shetty, a former RJ, Ad filmmaker, now a full time film maker based out of Mangalore, he is also a curious observer & has an eye for details. He worked as an RJ in Big Red FM in Mangalore. He started his journey into the visual medium with a short film called, Sumne Namagyake. Ondu Motteya Kathe is his debut feature film. 52 CONTACT: RAJ B SHETTY BIGRJRAJ@GMAIL.COM WHATNEXTPAWAN@GMAIL.COM

70 RAAJAKUMARA gádpàäªàiág DIRECTOR - SANTHOSH ANANDDRAM INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 148 MIN. Siddharth, aka Appu, is the ideal NRI, taking care of his father s business and fi htin for his native ountr s ri e e falls in love with an ini a salsa instru tor an all seems to e oin reat ut a tra e rin s him a to his roots in n ia an he un overs a ro lem relate to his famil that he resolves to set ri ht D ÉÖ Ã AiÀiÁzÀ zàý ªÁ¹ ságà ÃAiÀÄ ¹zÁ Àð À PÀÄlÄA zà ÀzÀ À gàä ªÀiÁ À À ÁvÀzÀ ÁAiÀÄÄvÁÛgÉ. ÀAvÀgÀ ságàvàpéì AzÀ ¹zÁ Àð vá ÀÄ É¼ÉzÀ Á Á±ÀæªÀÄPÉÌ gàäváû É. ÀªÀiÁ ªÀÄvÀÄÛ gá ÃAiÀÄ ªÀ ªÀ É AiÀÄ À ÀqÉAiÀÄĪÀ ÉÃPÀ Á AiÀÄ PÀæªÀÄUÀ¼À ÀÄß AiÀÄ UɼÉAiÀÄĪÀ zà zé và Àß PÀÄlÄA zà ªÉÄà À DgÉÆà ÀªÀ ÀÄß ºÉÆÃUÀ Ár¹ và Àß ªÉÄ ÀvÀ ÀzÀ U gàªàªà ÀÄß ½ ÀÄvÁÛ É. Puneeth Vijay Kiragandur Rajkumar, Priya Hombale Films Anand, Ananth Nag, Sarath Santhosh Kumar Ananddram Venkatesh Anguraj K. M. Prakash V. Harikrishna, Devi Sri Prasad 53 SANTHOSH ANANDDRAM Santhosh Ananddram is an Indian film lyric writer, screenwriter, director who works in Kannada cinema. He started his film career as a lyric writer through Rocky.. He then assisted Harsha in script, dialogues and direction departments for Chingari. Mr. & Mrs. Ramachari (2014) is his debut feature film. Rajakumara a is his directorial feture film. CONTACT: HOMBALE FILMS CONTACT@HOMBALEGROUP.COM, SANTOSH.YA@GMAIL.COM

71 TARAK vágàpï DIRECTOR - PRAKASH INDIA / 2017 / KANNADA / 145 MIN. NRI Tarak is an orphan and the grandson of Bengaluru-based businessman, who is also name ara e ra uall falls in love with eera a sel ess romanti girl who lives for the happiness of othes just like what her name alludes to. When she hallen es him to test their love o the emer e vi torious vágàpï, M â C ÁxÀ. ÉAUÀ¼ÀÆgÀÄ ªÀÄÆ zà GzÀå«ÄzÁgÀ ÉÆ â À ªÉƪÀÄäUÀ. CªÀ À ºÉ ÀgÀÄ vágàpï. GzÁj. CªÀ ÀÄ «ÄÃgÁ¼À æãwaiàä è ¹ ÄQPÉƼÀÄîvÁÛ É. J èjuàæ ÀºÁAiÀĺÀ ÀÛ ZÁZÀĪÀ, J ègàæ ÀAvÉÆõÀzÀ ègà ÉÃPÉ ÀÄߪÀÅzÀÄ CªÀ À D É. CªÀ À æã AiÀÄ ÀÄß Àjà À Ä ÄÃgÁ ªÀ UÉ ÀªÁ ÉÆqÀÄ váû¼é. zàgà ªÀ ÀÄ UÉ ÄªÀ Á ü ÀÄvÁÛ ÉAiÉÄÃ? Darshan, Sruthi Lakshana Hariharan, Dushyanth Sri Shanvi Chowdeshwari Srivastava, Cine Creations Devraj Prakash, M. S. Abishek A. V. Krishna Kumar Sachin Arjun Janya 54 PRAKASH Prakash is a Kannada film maker, He came to Kannada film industry renouncing Investment banker job in United Kingdom. He entered Kannada film industry as a director and script-writer with movie Khushi.. His other notable movies are Milana, Vamshi. Tarak is his latest directorial feature film. CONTACT: PRAKASH.JRM@GMAIL.COM


73 A FANTASTIC WOMAN UNA MUJER FANTASTICA J s ÉAmÁ¹ÖPï ªÀŪÀÄ ï CHILE / 2017 / SPANISH / 105 MIN. Marina is a young waitress and aspiring singer. Orlando is 20 years older than her, and owns a printing company. After celebrating Marina s birthday one evening, Orlando falls seriously ill, Marina rushes him to the emergency room, but he passes away just after arriving at the hospital. Instead of being able to mourn her lover, suddenly Marina is treated with suspicion. Marina struggles for the right to be herself. She battles the very same forces that she has spent a lifetime fi htin ust to e ome the woman she is now a om le stron forthright and fantastic woman. DIRECTOR - SEBASTIAN LELIO ªÀÄjà Á UÁAiÀÄQAiÀiÁUÀ ÉÃPÉA ºÀA zà AiÀÄĪÀ ÀÄAzÀj. DPÉ ÀjZÁjPÉAiÀiÁV PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀÄwÛgÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ªÀAiÀĹì À è DPÉVAvÀ 20 ªÀµÀð zéæqàøªà ÁzÀ M ÁåðAqÉÆ ªÀÄÄzÀæt PÀA À AiÀÄ ªÀiÁ ÃPÀ. DPÉ DvÀ À ÉæÃAiÀĹ. zéæazàä À ªÀÄjà Á¼À À À DZÀj¹zÀ ÀAvÀgÀ Á ðaqéæ êÀæ À À ÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. D À véæué Á ÀĪÁUÀ À ªÀiÁUÀð ªÀÄzsÉ ÁªÀ Àß ÀÄ váû É. ÀAvÀgÀ ÀªÀiÁ ªÀÄjà Á¼À ÀÄß ÀĪÀiÁ À AzÀ ÉÆÃqÀvÉÆqÀUÀÄvÀzÉ. và Àß zàäpà ÀÄß và Àß EµÀÖzÀAvÉ zàäpàäªà ºÀQÌUÁV DPÉ ºÉÆÃgÁl ªÀiÁqÀ ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ÉÃgÀ, ÀAQÃtð ºÁUÀÆ UÀnÖ ªÀÄ À¹ì À ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÀiÁUÀ Ä DPÉ fãªà À«rà ºÉÆÃgÁl ÀqÉ À ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Best Foreign Language Category - Nominated Film - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film Berlin IFF, Black Film Critics Circle Awards, National Board of Review, Palm Springs IFF, Premios Fonix. Nominated Best Film Golden Globes, AFI Fest, Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, Chicago Film Critics Association Awards, Goya Awards. Juan De Dios Larraín, Pablo Larraín, Sebastián Lelio, Gonzalo Maza Sebastián Lelio, Gonzalo Maza Benjamín Echazarreta Soledad Salfate Matthew Herbert Daniela Vega, Francisco Reyes, Luis Gnecco, Aline Küppenheim SEBASTIÁN LELIO After studying journalism for one year at Andrés Bello National University, Lelio graduated from the Chilean Film School He has directed many short films and musical videos.in 2005, his debut feature film La Sagrada Familia (The Sacred Family) premiered at the San Sebastián International Film Festival. 'A Fantastic woman' screened in over one hundred festivals and received a number of national and international awards. Gloria (2013) was his previous feature film. 56 CONTACT: FUNNY BALLOONS FESTIVALS@FUNNY-BALLOONS.COM

74 A GENTLE CREATURE KROTKAYA J dal ï QæÃZÀgï DIRECTOR - SERGEI LOZNITSA FRANCE / 2017 / RUSSIAN / 143 MIN. One day, a woman receives the parcel she sent to her incarcerated husband some time earlier. Confused and deeply concerned, she decides to go to the prison in a remote area of Russia, to seek information. So, she begins the story of a journey rife with humiliations and violence, the story of an absurd battle against an impenetrable fortress. ÉgɪÀÄ ÉAiÀÄ gàäªà và Àß UÀAqÀ UÉ AzÉÆà PÀ¼ÀÄ»¹zÀ Á Àð ï AzÀÄ À DPÉUÉà ªÀÄgÀ½ AzÀÄ và Ä ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. UÉÆAzÀ ºÁUÀÆ PÀ¼ÀªÀ¼ÀUÉƼÀÄ ªÀ DPÉ gàµá zéã±àzà ªÀÄÆ ÉAiÉÆAzÀgÀ gàäªà ÉgɪÀÄ ÉUÉ séãn Ãr và Àß UÀAqÀ À ¹ UÀ UÉ jaiàä Ä ºÉÆgÀqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. DPÉ và Àß zàägàavàªàäaiàä ªÀªÀiÁ ÀPÁj ºÁUÀÆ»A ÁvÀ PÀ séãnaiàä PÀvÉ ºÉüÀvÉÆqÀUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. zéæazàä vàgàºàzà séã À ÁzsÀ PÉÆà ÉUÉ UÉ ÄqÀĪÀ ÀAUÀvÀzÀAvÉ PÁ ÄvÀÛzÉ. ominate est ilm annes sia Pa ifi reen war s uni h Slot Machine Sergei Loznitsa Oleg Mutu Danielius Kokanauskis Vladimir Golovnitski 57 Vasilina Makovtseva, Valeriu Andriuta, Sergei Kolesov, Dimitry Bykovsky SERGEI LOZNITSA Sergey Loznitsa was born on September 5th, 1964 in Baranovitchi, Belarus. Sergey Loznitsa has directed 18 internationally acclaimed documentary films. His two feature films, 'Schastye moe' (2010) and 'V tumane' (2012) had their world premieres at Cannes, where 'V tumane' received the FIPRESCI prize. Loznitsa s feature-length documentary film 'Maidan', dedicated to the Ukrainian Revolution, premiered in 2014 at Cannes film festival. CONTACT: PRASAD KHATU PRASADKHATU@GMAIL.COM

75 A SORT OF FAMILY J ÁgïÖ D sï sáå«ä UNA ESPECIE DE FAMILIA DIRECTOR - DIEGO LERMAN ARGENTINA / 2017 / SPANISH / 95 MIN. Malena is a middle-class doctor in Buenos Aires. One afternoon she receives a call from Dr Costas, insisting her to leave immediately for the North of the country: the baby she was expecting is about to be born. Suddenly and almost without a thought, Malena decides to set out on an uncertain voyage, packed with crossroads at which she has to deal with all sorts of legal and moral obstacles to the extent that she constantly asks herself to what limits she is prepared to go to get the thing she wants most. ªÀÄ Éà Á Äå À ïkj ï À ªÀÄzsÀåªÀĪÀUÀðzÀ ªÉÊzÉå. CzÉÆAzÀÄ À qá.qàuáè ï DPÉUÉ PÀgÉ ªÀiÁr zéã±àzà GvÀÛgÀ sáuàpéì vàpàëtªéã végà¼àäªàavé w½ ÀÄvÁÛ É. DPÉ vàäa Ä UÀ ð. AiÀiÁªÀ PÀ zà Á zàgàæ ªÀÄUÀÄ UÉ À ÃqÀĪÀ ÁzsÀ vé. DzÀgÀÆ DPÉ EzÀÝQzÀÝAvÉ ºÉÆgÀqÀ Ä À ÀßzÀÞªÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ªÀiÁUÀð ªÀÄzsÉå DPÉUÉ C ÉÃPÀ véæqàpàäuà¼àä. PÁ ÀÆ ÁvÀäPÀ ºÁUÀÆ ÉÊwPÀ ÀªÀÄ ÉåUÀ¼ÀÄ. Àæw À ªÀÇ ÀªÀÄ ÉåAiÀÄ ÀĽUÉ ¹ ÄQzÁUÀ và ÀUÉ ÉÃPÁzÀzÀÝ ÀÄß ÀqÉAiÀÄ Ä vá ÀÄ JAvÀºÀ PÀpt Àj¹ÜwAiÀÄ ÀÄß JzÀÄj À Ä ¹zÀÞ½gÀ ÉÃPÀÄ JA Àæ±Éß PÉýPÉƼÀÄîvÁÛ¼É. Won Best Film - Chicago IFF Nominated Best Film - CPH PIX, Philadelphia FF Won Best Director - cademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina Won Best Screenplay - Diego Lerman and María Sebastián IFF. Nicolas Avruj, Diego Lerman Diego Lerman, María Meira Wojciech Staron Alejandro Brodersohn José Villalobos 58 Bárbara Lennie, Daniel Araoz, Claudio Tolcachir, Yanina Ávila DIEGO LERMAN Diego Lerman was born in Buenos Aires. He studied sound and design at the University of Buenos Aires, and drama at the Municipal School of Dramatic Arts. He is the director of the features Suddenly (02), Meanwhile (06), The Invisible Eye (10), and Refugiado (14). A Sort of Family (17) is his latest film. CONTACT: FILM FACTORY MANON@FILMFACTORY.ES

76 A SPECIAL DAY YEK ROUZ BEKHOSOS J ÉàµÀ ï qéã IRAN / 2017 / PERSIAN / 93 MIN. A story about a young girl Manijeh, who has heart disease which forces her rother ame to o a i ult hoi e a out what the shoul o an what is fair. DIRECTOR - HOMAYOUN ASSADIAN ºÀ ÄÃzÀ ÀÄ và Àß ÀºÉÆÃzÀj ªÀÄ ÉüÀ ºÀ zàaiàä ÀA A Á Ä ÉUÉ ÀA AzsÀ ÀlÖAvÉ ÀÆPÀÛ zà qsà zsáðgà AzÀ ÀÄß vàuézàäpéæ¼à ÁUÀzÉ Àj và ÀÄ UÀ¼À véæ¼à ÁlzÀ gàäváûgé. Nominated Best Makeup, Set and Costume Design, Special Effects Fajr FF (Crystal Simorgh) Homayoun Assadian Homayoun Assadian, Majid Ghasiri Ali Ghazi Maziar Miri Alireza Kohan Deyri Shirin Aghakashi, Farhad Aslani, Parinaz Izadyar, Majid Jafari, Afsaneh Kamali, Mohsen Kiayee, Mojtaba Pirzadeh, Shirin Yazdanbakhsh, Mostafa Zamani HOMAYOUN ASSADIAN Homayoun Asadian, is an Iranian filmmaking practitioner, he began his artistic activities in 1974 with Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents and attending classes & making movies in 8 mm film. In 1978 he entered the Faculty of Dramatic Arts & began studying theater. After the Cultural Revolution he was unable to continue his studies. His professional theater work began with the photographic film 'High School' & he then directed his first film 'Bite' in CONTACT: MOHAMMAD ATEBBAI INFO@IRANIANINDEPENDENTS.COM

77 A QUIET HEART LEV SHAKET MEOD J PÉéöÊmï ºÁmïð ISRAEL / 2016 / HEBREW ENGLISH / 92 MIN. In present day Jerusalem, a city increasingly dominated by religious fanaticism, Naomi, a secular young woman seeks refuge from the pressure of her life as a concert pianist. She quickly makes two unexpected connections- with a musically gifted Ultra-Orthodox young boy and with Fabrizio, a charismatic Italian monk and organist. These relationships allow Naomi to reconnect with her love of music and sense of meaning, they also make her a target in her new community. Faced with escalating isolation and violence, Naomi must learn to use music as a bridge to overcome towering religious barriers DIRECTOR - EITAN ANNER EA À eégàæ À ÉÃ«Ä À PÀvÉ. Éà Éà E è zsàªàiáðazsàvé ClÖºÁ À ªÀiÁqÀÄwÛzÉ. ÉÆÃ«Ä JA eávàåwãvà ªÀÄ ÉÆà sáªàzà AiÀÄĪÀw và Àß fãªàpéì A gàäªà C ÁAiÀÄ AzÀ và ¹PÉƼÀ Ä AiÀiÁ ÉÆêÁzÀ AiÀiÁ gá ævàgà gà ÉÃgÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ºÀ¼À ÉÃUÀ gàä UɼÉAiÀÄgÀ ÀA ÀPÀð zéægàpàävàûzé. ÀA ÃvÀ µàö ÀqÀĪÀ AiÀÄĪÀPÀ sá æ ÉÆà ºÀ ÀÆ l AiÀÄ DPÀµÀðPÀ ªÀ ÛvÀ zà À Á ¹AiÀÄ ÀjZÀAiÀĪÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ÀA ÀPÀð ÉÆà ÄUÉ ÀA ÃvÀzÀ UÉ À ªÀ ºÁUÀÆ ÃªÀ ÉÆÃvÁ ºÀ vàäa ÄvÀÛzÉ. ªÀgÀÄ ªÀ¼À zàä À záj véæãj ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. PÁAvÀvÉ ÄAzÀ ÀgÀ¼ÀÄ ÛzÀÝ ÉÆÃ Ä zsàªàäðzà PÀlÄÖ ÁqÀÄUÀ¼À ÀÄß «ÄÃgÀ Ä AiÀÄwß ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. Won Best Director - Tallinn Black Nights FF Nominated Best Film - Santa Barbara IFF Won Best Screenplay - Haifa IFF Won Best Actress - Ania Tallinn Black Nights FF Leon Edery Eitan Anner Moshe Mishali Yael Hersonski Jonathan Bar-Giora Ludi Boken, Ania Bukstein, Uri Gottlieb, Irit Kaplan EITAN ANNER Director, Screenwriter Eitan Anner was born in Jerusalem in He is a Graduate from the Sam Spiegel School of Film and Television. Known for His Works 'Very Quiet Heart', 'Love and Dance', 'Poker Face', 'Shadow of Your Smile', 'Bambi Jumps into the Water', 'Ricky Ricky' and 'Texi Driver'. 'A Quiet Heart' is his latest feature film. 60 CONTACT: ISRAEL CONSULATE GENERAL INFO@BANGALORE.MFA.GOV.IL, TRADE-ASSISTANT@BANGALORE.MFA.GOV.IL

78 AFTER THE WAR DOPO LA GUERRA D s Ögï À zà ªÁgï DIRECTOR - ANNARITA ZAMBRANO FRANCE / 2017 / FRENCH / 92 MIN. Bologna, The opposition to the Labor Law explodes in universities. The murder of a judge reopens old political wounds between Italy and France. Marco, a former left-wing activist, sentenced for murder and exiled in France for 20 years, thanks to the Mitterrand doctrine, is accused of having ordered the attack. he talian overnment re uests his e tra ition or e to ee with iola his year old daughter, his life will change forever, as well as his family s in Italy who has to pay for Marco s past faults. 00 gà ÉÆ UÁ ÀzÀ À ±À zá AiÀÄUÀ¼À PÁ ÄðPÀ PÁ ÀÆ UÉ Àæ géæãzsà ªÀ PÀÛªÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Á AiÀiÁ ñÀgÀ PÉÆ É ÄAzÁ l ªÀÄvÀÄÛ sáæ ï ÀqÀÄªÉ ºÀ¼ÉAiÀÄ gá ÃAiÀÄ zé õÀ ªÀÄgÀÄPÀ½ ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. qà ÀPÀ zà ªÀiÁ PÁAiÀÄðPÀvÀð ªÀiÁPÉÆð UÉ PÉ AiÀiÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ ºÁUÀÆ DvÀ sáæ ï UÉ zéã±áavàgà ªÀiÁrzÁÝ É. l ÀPÁðgÀ ºÀ É UÉ PÁgÀ ÁzÀ DvÀ À ÀÄß zéã±à AzÀ ºÉÆgÀºÁPÀ ÉÃPÉAzÀÄ ªÀÄ À ªÀiÁqÀÄvÀÛzÉ. và Àß ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹ À ÀÄ æaiéæa UÉ zéã±à läö ÀgÁjAiÀiÁ gàäªà DvÀ À PÀÄlÄA l AiÀÄ ªÁ À zé. ªÀiÁPÉÆÃð AzÉÆà ªÀiÁrzÀ và ÀÄ UÀ½AzÀ ªÀ À PÀÄlÄA ÀjvÀ ÀÄ ÛzÉ. Nominated Best Film Cannes FF ( Un certain Regard), Jerusalem FF ( FIPRESCI ) Best Female Performance Barbora Bobulova : Art FF Tom Dercourt, Stephanie Douet, Mario Mazzarotto Annarita Zambrano, Delphine Agut Laurent Brunet Muriel Breton Gregoire Hetzel Giuseppe Battiston, Barbora Bobulova, Charlotte Cetaire ANNARITA ZAMBRANO Annarita Zambrano was born in Rome and now lives in Paris. She has directed several short films which were selected in various international festivals: In 2013, she directed for Rai and Ciné +, 'The Black Soul of the Cheetah', documentary that analyzes with a political dimension the head of work of Luchino Visconti. 'After the war' is her first feature film. 61 CONTACT: PYRAMIDE FILMS INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION@PYRAMIDEFILMS.COM

79 ALI, THE GOAT AND IBRAHIM ALI MIZAH WA IBRAHIM C, zà UÉÆÃmï CAqï E Áæ»A DIRECTOR - SHERIF ELBENDARY EGYPT / 2016 / ARABIC / 97 MIN. Ali loves a goat called Nada. Ibrahim, a depressed sound engineer who hears voices he cannot decipher. Ali s mother drags him to a healer, who gives Ali stones to throw into the water so that he will be healed. At the healer s place, Ali meets Ibrahim, who has been given similar stones. In order to throw the stones into the sea, Ali, his beloved goat and Ibrahim embark on a journey along the shores of Egypt, and it turns into a voyage of friendship and self-discovery. ÁzÀ A ªÉÄÃPÉ AzÀgÉ UÉ ÀAZÀ Áæ. ±À ÛUÀÄA zà Aqï A AiÀÄgï Áæ»A zà D ÀÄvÁÛ É DzÀgÉ ªÀiÁvÀÄ PÀ¼ÉzÀĺÉÆà zé. AiÀÄ vá Ä ªÀ À ÀÄß ªÉ zà gà ½ PÀgÉzÉÆAiÀÄÄ váû¼é. ªÉ zà gàä À PÀ ÉÆ AzÀ ÀÄß Ãr zà ÀÄß ÃjUÉ ÉzÀgÉ UÀÄ ªÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ AzÀÄ ºÉüÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ªÉ zà gà zàªá Á ÉAiÀÄ É Ã Áæ»A À ÀÄß séãnaiàiáuàäváû É. Áj PÀ ÀÄß ÀªÀÄÄzÀæPÉÌ ÉAiÀÄ Ä ªÉ zà ÀÆ ÀÄvÁÛ É. ÀªÀÄÄzÀæPÉÌ PÀ Ä ÉAiÀÄ Ä ªÀ À æaiàä ªÉÄÃPÉ ºÁUÀÄ Áæ»A ïö À ÃgÀzÀÄzÀÝPÀÄÌ ÀAiÀÄ DgÀA ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ªÀÄƪÀgÀ ÀAiÀÄ ÉßúÀ ÁAzsÀªÀ DvÀ và ÛUÀ¼À É ÀÄUÉ. Won Best Actor - Ali Subhi : Dubai IFF ( Muhr Award ) Hossam Elouan, Ahmed El Sawy Titus Kreyenberg, Guillaume De Seille Ibrahim El Batout, Ali Sobhy, Ahmed Amer Ahmed Magdy, Osama Abo Amr Farouk El-Ata, Nahed El Sebai, Salwa Emad Maher Mohamed Aly, Asser Yassin 62 SHERIF ELBENDARY Egyptian filmmaker, Sherif Elbendary lives and works in Cairo. He graduated from the High Institute of Cinema, Cairo in His short films, Rise & Shine', (2006) and At Day s End (2008), appeared in numerous film festivals and won many awards. Sherif s Curfew was part of the omnibus film 18 Days, which screened at the Festival de Cannes in CONTACT: LOCO FILMS INTERNATIONAL@LOCO-FILMS.COM

80 ANGELS WEAR WHITE JIA NIAN HUA KAeÉ ïì ªÉÃgï ªÉÊmï CHINA / 2017 / MANDARIN / 107 MIN. In a small seaside town, two schoolgirls are assaulted by a middle-aged man in a motel. Mia, a teenager who was working on reception that night, is the only witness. For fear of losing her job, she says nothing. Meanwhile, 12-year-old en one of the vi tims fin s that her trou les have onl ust e un ra e in a worl that offers them no safet ia an en will have to fin their own way out. DIRECTOR - VIVIAN QU ÁUÀgÀ wãgàzà ÀUÀgÀzÀ MAzÀÄ ºÉÆÃmÉ ï À è ªÀÄzsÀåªÀAiÀÄ ÀÌ ªÀÄ ÀĵÀå ÉÆ â E âgàä ±Á Á Á QAiÀÄgÀ ªÉÄÃ É zëdð ÀåªÉ ÀUÀÄvÁÛ É. C Áæ ÀÛ Á É «ÄAiÀiÁ, D À ºÉÆÃmÉ ï À ÁéUÀvÀPÁgÀtÂAiÀiÁV PÉ ÀzÀ èzàý¼àä. D WÀl ÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß PÉêÀ DPÉ ªÀiÁvÀæ «ÃQë¹zÀݼÀÄ. ÀvÀå ºÉýzÀgÉ, và Àß ÀÄß PÉ À AzÀ véuézàä ºÁPÀ ºÀÄzÉAzÀÄ ºÉzÀjzÀ DPÉ ÀĪÀÄä ÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ªÉ ï JA 12 ªÀµÀðzÀ Á Q zëdð ÀåPÉÌ vàäváûzàªà¼àä. và Àß fãªà ÀzÀ PÀµÀÖzÀ ÀUÀ¼ÀÄ DUÀ vá É DgÀA sàªázàªàå JAzÀÄ PÉƼÀÄîvÁÛ¼É. «ÄAiÀiÁ ºÁUÀÆ ªÉ ï ÀÄgÀPÀëvÉAiÉÄà E èzà duàwû À è ¹QÌ zàäý, vàªàääzéã DzÀ ªÀiÁUÀð PÀAqÀÄPÉƼÀÄîªÀAvÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Won Best Film - Antalya Golden Orange, Nantes Three Continents Festival ominate est ilm sia Pa ifi reen war s sian ilm war s ol en orse te or am ur on on Palm rin s roms eni e on est ire tor ol en orse of n ia Sean Chen, Alain De La Mata Vivian Qu Benoit Dervaux Yang Hongyu Wen Zi 63 Wen Qi, Zhou Meijun, Shi Ke, Geng Le, Liu Weiwei, Peng Jing VIVIAN QU Vivian Qu is an independent Chinese filmmaker. Upon returning to China after studying visual arts in New York, she started working as producer in contribution to the independent film community in China. Her producer credits include Knitting (2008), Night Train (2007) and Black Coal, Thin Ice (2014). Qu was the first female filmmaker from China to compete in Venice Film Festival with her debut feature Trap Street (2013). Angels Wear White is her sophomore feature. CONTACT: WILD BUNCH FESTIVAL@WILDBUNCH.EU

81 APPENDIX APANDIS C ÉArPïì DIRECTOR - HOSEIN NAMAZI IRAN / 2017 / PERSIAN / 84 MIN. Due to severe abdominal pain, Zari and her husband, Reza, go to the hospital. However, Zaris insurance ID has expired and they are forced to borrow her friend Leila Attarod s ID. Eventually, she undergoes appendectomy using Leila s ID and the staff at the hospital suspect about this matter. êÀæ ºÉÆ ÉÖ ÉÆà AzÁ j ªÀÄvÀÄÛ DPÉAiÀÄ À géã Á D À véæué ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛgÉ. jaiàä ÀÆ gé ï PÁqïð À ªÀ ªÀÄÄ gàävàûzé. ªÀgÀÄ ªÀgÀ UɼÀ É Á ÁÖqïð¼À r PÁqÀð ÀÄß ÀqÉzÀÄPÉƼÀÄ váûgé. ÀAvÀgÀ DPÉ D PÁqÀð ÀÄß ¼À¹ PÀgÀļÀÄ Á zà géæãuàpéì vé ÀqÉAiÀÄÄvÁÛgÉ. µàaiàäzà D À véæaiàäªàjué ÀĪÀiÁ À gàävàûzé. Won the best screenplay award - Hosein Namazi : Montreal World Film Festival Anahita Maghsoud Jabbari Nemati, Amir Ali Danaei, Reza Hosein Namazi Akbarpour, Pardis Mehdi Ilbeygi Manouchehri, Marjan Emad Momeni, Khodabakhsh Mohammad Ali Kiani. Payam Azadi HOSEIN NAMAZI Born in 1981, Hossein Namazi is a scriptwriter and director. He has studied Cinema and has written and directed a number of short films. 64 CONTACT: FARABI CINEMA FOUNDATION FCF1@DPI.NET.IR

82 APRIL S DAUGHTER LAS HIJAS DE ABRIL K ǣ ïì qálgï MEXICO / 2017 / MEXICO / 103 MIN. eventeen ears ol an seven months re nant aleria a ears eatifi an ontent he is livin with her sister lara in a Puerto allarta un alo he is onstantl ma in lans for the future with her o frien ateo aleria ha no lans to inform her estran e mother of her re nan ut after a all from lara ril swoo s in to offer a un ant su ort ril is harmin outhful ener eti an resour eful an i eal ran mother On e aleria s hil is orn however ril s ta e har e attitu e assumes terrif in hues DIRECTOR - MICHEL FRANCO ºÀ ÉüÀÄ ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹì À ªÀ ÉÃjAiÀiÁ FUÀ K¼ÀÄ wauà¼à UÀ üðtâ. ÀgÀªÀÄ ÀÄT ºÁUÀÆ ÀAvÀĵÉÖAiÀiÁV PÁtĪÀ ªÀ ÉÃjAiÀiÁ và Àß ÀºÉÆÃzÀj PÁègÁ eéævé ªÁ¹ ÀÄwÛzÁݼÉ. và Àß ÁAiÀiï séæaqï ªÀÄvÉÃAiÉÆà eéævé ÀA ÁgÀ ºÀÆqÀĪÀ PÀ À ÀÄ PÁtÄwÛzÁݼÉ. và Àß fãªà À AzÀ «ªÀÄÄRªÁVgÀĪÀ vá ÄUÉ vá ÀÄ UÀ üãðtâaiàiávgàäªà ÀAUÀw w½ À Ä CªÀ½UÉ ªÀÄ À¹ì è. DzÀgÉ PÁègÁ½AzÀ AzÀ MAzÀÄ PÀgÉ CªÀ½UÉ RÄ PÉÆqÀÄvÀÛzÉ. CªÀ¼À CfÓ K ǣ ï, ªÀ ÉÃjAiÀiÁ¼À ¹ AiÀÄ ÀAzÀ sàðzà ªÀ½UÉ ÉA ªÁ AvÀÄ DUÀ Ä À záýgé. æ ï ºÀ À ÀÄäT, Ä ÞªÀAvÉ, ÀzÁ ZÀlĪÀnPÉAiÀÄ a ĪÉÄ J ègàæ æãw ÀĪÀ CfÓ. ªÀ ÉÃjAiÀiÁUÉ ºÉjUÉAiÀiÁzÀ ÀAvÀgÀ, K ǣ ï, ªÀÄ ÉÆà sáªà ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ªÀåQÛvÀézÀ fãªà À ÁoÀ PÀ ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. Won Best Film - Cannes FF (Special Jury Prize), Cannes FF (Jury Prize) Nominated Best Film - Cannes FF (UnCertain Regard Award), Jameson CineFest - Miskolc IFF, José María or u war s an e asti n O ial ele tion oronto arlov ar to holm usan allinn la i hts ratislava Michel Franco, Lorenzo Vigas, Moisés Zonana Michel Franco Yves Cape Jorge Weisz, Michel Franco, Moisés Zonana 65 Federico González, Jordan, Alejandro De Icaza Emma Suárez, Ana Valeria Becerril, Enrique Arrizon, Joanna Larequi, Hernán Mendoza MICHEL FRANCO Franco Michel was born on 1979 at Mexico City. He studied in Communications at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and accredited course in Film Direction at the New York Film Academy and made his name by directing TV ads & Pop Films. In 2009, he wrote and directed his first feature film 'Daniel and Ana' which was selected for Directors Fortnight at Cannes Film Festival, His second full-length film 'After Lucia' screened at many international film festivals. CONTACT: MK2 FILMS INTLFEST@MK2.COM

83 BALLAD FROM TIBET TIAN LAI MENG XIANG Áå Éqï s æa À n Émï DIRECTOR - ZHANG WEI CHINA / 2017 / CHINESE TIBETAN / 100 MIN. An odyssey based on true events: Thupten, Droma und Kalsang, three children from a Tibetan village, set out with their older companion Sonam for Shenzhen in Southern China. They re intending to perform as a band on TV. The special thin a out their lon an i ult ourne is that none of them an see n Émï À Á égàä zàè zéæãµàzà ªÀÄPÀ̼ÀÄ JªÀgÉ ïö ÄqÀzÀ ègàäªà ÀtÚ ºÀ½îAiÉÆAzÀjAzÀ ºÉÆgÀqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. n«zá À ï MAzÀgÀ è gàäªà ÁºÀ À ²PÀët PÁAiÀÄðPÀæªÀÄzÀ è Á ÉÆμÀî ÉÃPÉA ÄzÀÄ CªÀgÀ D É. F ªÀÄPÀ̽UÉ ºÉzÀjPÉ JA ÄzÉà E è. UÀÄj và Ä À Ä ÉlÖUÀÄqÀØUÀ¼À ÀÄß KgÀÄvÁÛgÉ, UÁ½, ªÀļÉUÉ CAdzÉ À»¹PÉƼÀÄîvÁÛgÉ. ÉÃvÀĪÉUÀ¼À ÀÄß záläváûgé. Á Á jãwaiàä d ÀgÀ ÀÄß ÀA ü ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. PÉÆ ÉUÀÆ ÀUÀgÀzÀ n«péãazàæpéì AzÀÄ và Ä ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ªÉÆà À PÁAiÀÄðPÀæªÀÄ Ãr gà ªÉÄZÀÄÑUÉ UÀ½ ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ªÀjUÉ zàè Ö zéæãµàpáìv aqvéì zéægéaiàäävàûzé. CªÀgÀÄ É¼ÀPÀ ÀÄß ÉÆÃqÀ Ä ±ÀPÀågÁUÀÄvÁÛgÉ. World Premiere - Schlingel FF (2016) O ial ele tion am ur hlin el Zhang Wei Ethan Maniquis Tang Zhongcai Ethan Maniquis Peter Golub Lobsang Turpten, Yeshi Choedon, Karma Sangmo, Pama Gumi. ZHANG WEI Zhang Wei studied Directing at the Beijing Film Academy as well as Cinema Studies at the Chinese National Academy of Arts. He has directed critically acclaimed films 'Beijing Dream', 'Shadow puppet show of one person'. His films focuses on innate humane touch, shedding light on overlooked issues of the ordinary people life in society, provoking thoughts in the audience about emerging yet unnoticed problems during the rapid development of China. 66 CONTACT: SRINIVASA SANTHANAM / GRACE YUE ZHUO PROG3FEST@GMAIL.COM

84 BEAUTY AND THE DOGS AALA KAF IFRIT Æån CAqï qáuïì DIRECTOR - KAOUTHER BEN HANIA TUNISIA / 2017 / ARABIC / 100 MIN. Mariam, a young Tunisian student with a bright future ahead of her, meets tall, dark and handsome Youssef at a college party. But Mariam s night takes a terrible turn when she s assaulted by a group of men all members of the local police for e an her irtation with oussef e omes instea a es erate sear h for help and justice as they face the seemingly impossible task of reporting the assault to a bureaucracy that refuses to listen. ªÀÄjAiÀiÁªÀiï lä ÉùAiÀiÁzÀ và AvÀ Àæ sáªàavà PÁ ÉÃ Ä zá ð. PÁ Éà À MAzÀÄ ÁnðAiÀÄ è JvÀÛgÀzÀ, PÀ ÀÄà túzà DPÀµÀðPÀ AiÀÄĪÀPÀ AiÀÄÆ É sï À séãnaiàiáuàävàûzé. zéæazàä gá æ DPÉAiÀÄ Á UÉ PÀgÁ¼ÀgÁ æaiàiáuàävàûzé. D ÀlÖ zà ÉÆ Ã ÀjAzÀ Éà DPÉAiÀÄ ªÉÄÃ É z ð À ÀqÉAiÀÄÄvÀÛzÉ. AvÀºÀ zàägàavàªàäaiàä À ߪÉõÀzÀ ªÀiÁjAiÀiÁªÀiï À ÉÆvÉ zsà qàªá Ä ªÀ AiÀÄÆ É ï sï Á AiÀÄPÁÌ ºÁUÀÆ ÀºÁAiÀÄPÁÌ ÀvÀvÀ ºÉÆÃgÁl ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. DzÀgÉ PÁgÀ±Á»AiÀÄ zàägàä ªÀgÀ UÉÆüÀÄ gà géæãzà ÀªÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Won Best Film Valladolid IFF (Youth Jury Award) Nominated best director - Valladolid IFF, Best New Director : Cannes FF (Un Certain Regard Award) Mariam Al Habib Attia, Ferjani, Nadim Ghanem Zrelli, Cheikhrouha Noomane Hamda, Kaouther Ben Mohamed Hania Akkari, Chedly Arfaoui Johan Holmquist Nadia Ben Rachid Amine Bouhafa 67 KAOUTHER BEN HANIA Kaouther Ben Hania is a Tunisian director studied at the School of Arts and Cinema in Tunisshe, directed several feature films, which participated at distinguished film festivals. She resumed studies, in , at Sorbonne University. Her previous feature film 'Le Challat de Tunis' (2014), is a social satire with an ironic tone, while addressing the relations between the sexes. 'Beauty and the dogs' is her latest feature film. CONTACT: JOUR2FETE CLEMENCE.MICHALON@JOUR2FETE.COM

85 BEYOND WORDS POMIEDZY SLOWAMI AiÀiÁAqï ªÀqïìð NETHERLANDS / 2017 / POLISH / 85 MIN. he film entres on a oun law er wor in for a firm that ta es on refu ee ases hou h he loo s erman an s ea s the lan ua e uentl i hael is himself an immi rant who assimilate over the ears s he re e ts on whether he wants to ta e on the refu ee status ase of a la oet i hael s lon lost father whom he has never seen was ea arrives on his oorste Over the ourse of a wee en the two ma e aw war attem ts to esta lish some form of onne tion emories an false starts on i t with his father s nee to ommuni ate somethin essential to his son DIRECTOR - URSZULA ANTONIAK gá ævàgà ÀæPÀgÀ UÀ¼À ÀÄß ªÀð» ÀĪÀ ÀA É AiÀÄ PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ À AiÀÄĪÀ ªÀ à À ÀÄvÀÛ vàæ végézàäpéæ¼àä vàûzé. ªÉÄ PÀ ï ªÀÄð AiÀĪÀ À jã AiÉÄà PÁ ÄvÁÛ É ºÁUÀÆ D sáµéaiàä ÀÄß À µàöªá ªÀiÁvÀ ÁqÀÄvÁÛ É. DzÀgÉ À và ªÉÄ PÀ ï gá ævà. gá ævà Á D±ÀæAiÀÄ ÀqÉ gàäªà PÀ ÀÄ PÀ AiÉÆ À ÀæPÀgÀ ªÀ ÀÄß sá Ä ÀĪÀ zéã ÉÃqÀªÉà ÀÄߪÀ zàä ªÀ À zà AzÀ. vá ÀÄ PÁ zà vàazé ªÀÄ É ÉÃgÀĪÀ ªÀÄÄ ÀߪÉà À ÛzÀÄÝ ªÀ À É À À zé. và Àß vàazé ªÀ UÉ PÉÆ ÉUÀ½UÉAiÀÄ và Ä À ÉÃPÁ zàý UÀvÀ ÀAzÉñÀªÁzÀgÀÆ vàäû A É À À ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ÀA AzsÀUÀ¼À UÉÆAzÀ zà záý É ªÉÄ PÀ ï. Won Best Film - Warsaw IFF (Jury Award) Nominated Best Film - Polish FF, Les Arcs European,Camerimage Won Best Cinematography - Lennert Polish FF Won Best Sound - Miroslaw Makowski, Jan Schermer, Maciej Polish FF Lukasz Dzieciol, Floor Onrust, Piotr Dzieciol Urszula Antoniak Lennert Hillege Nathalie Alonso, Casale, Milenia Fiedler Jan Schermer Jakub Gierszal, Andrzej Chyra, Christian Löber, Justyna Wasilewska URSZULA ANTONIAK Urszula Antoniak was born in Czestochowa, Poland. She studied film and television production at the Polish Film Academy, and directing at the Dutch Film Academy. She has written and directed the features Nothing Personal, Code Blue and Nude Area. Beyond Words is her latest film. 68 CONTACT: GLOBAL SCREEN GMBH CLAUDIA.RUDOLPH@GLOBALSCREEN.DE

86 BINGO: THE KING OF THE MORNINGS BINGO: O REI DAS MANHAS ÉÆà DIRECTOR - DANIEL REZENDE BRAZIL / 2017 / PORTUGUESE / 113 MIN. Augusto is an actor, hungry for a place in the spotlight. While starring in soft orn an soa o eras he finall ets the han e to on uer the row s when he is ast as O a television host lown ith his irreverent humor an natural talent the show is a i hit ut a lause on his ontra t for i s him to reveal his true i entit ith ma eu on he rin s ha iness to hil ren a ross the ountr ut not to his own son a riel that sees his father istan in himself in sear h of re o nition an fin s his ersonal e a CUÀ ÉÆÖà QÃwðUÁV ºÉÆÃgÁl ÀqÉ ÀÄwÛgÀĪÀ M â Àl. PÁªÀÄ ÀæZÉÆÃzÀPÀ avàæuà¼àä ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ÁlPÀUÀ¼À è C ü À Ä ÀĪÀ DvÀ CzÉÆAzÀÄ À AUÉÆà JA ÁvÀæ zéægévàä và Àß C ü ÀAiÀÄzÀ ªÀÄÆ PÀ ÉæÃPÀëPÀgÀ ªÀÄ À ÀÆgÉUÉƼÀÄîvÁÛ É. DvÀ À ÀºÀd C ü ÀAiÀÄ AzÀ D PÁgÀåPÀæªÀÄ vàäa Á AiÀıÀ¹éAiÀiÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DzÀgÉ, M ÀàAzÀzÀ ÀæPÁgÀ AUÉÆà ÁvÀæzsÁjAiÀÄ ºÉ ÀgÀ ÀÄß»gÀAUÀ Àr ÀĪÀAw è. tú ºÀaÑ C ü À Ä ÀĪÀ DvÀ Erà zéã±àzà ªÀÄPÀ̼À ªÀÄÄRzÀ ªÉÄÃ É ÀUÉ ªÀÄÆr ÀÄvÁÛ É. DzÀgÉ và Àß ªÀÄUÀ UÁå æaiàä ï À ªÀÄÄRzÀ ªÉÄÃ É ÀUÉAiÀÄÄQÌ ÀĪÀAvÉ ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ è sà ÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. à ðuá và Àß ºÉÆÃgÁlzÀ UÀ ÉÆÖà ªÀÄUÀ AzÀ zàægàªáuàävàû ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ É. EzÀjAzÀ CªÀ À ªÉÊAiÀÄQÛPÀ zàäq À è ÀvÀ ÀªÁUÀ ÁgÀA ü ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Best Foreign Language Film Entry - Oscars 2018, Won Best Actor - Vladimir São Paulo Association of Art Critics Awards Empyrean Pictures, Gullane, Warner Bros. Luiz Bolognesi Lula Carvalho Márcio Hashimoto Soares Beto Villares Vladimir Brichta, Leandra Leal, Ana Lúcia Torre DANIEL REZENDE Daniel Rezende is a Brazilian film editor and director. He won the BAFTA Award for Best Editing for his film City of God and was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Film Editing for the same.in addition to the international nominations and awards received for City of God, Rezende's editing has frequently been recognized by regional awards in his native Brazil and in Argentina. 69 CONTACT: LOCO FILMS INTERNATIONAL@LOCO-FILMS.COM

87 BREATH NAFAS É ævï DIRECTOR - NARGES ABYAR IRAN / 2016 / PERSIAN / 112 MIN. a te from one of her own novels featurin the same title the film ta es place in several rural suburban areas in the Karaj region and centres around a wor in lass famil more s e ifi all the oun au hter ahar hrou h the wan erin of the a reamin ahar rowin u in a we e erien e ran in the late s an earl s the ountr in turmoil an the heart rea in impact the Sacred Defense, as the war is referred to in Iran, has on her famil gá AiÀÄ ï PÀÄlÄA ªÉ AzÀgÀ PÀ É. vàazé UÀ sàægï ºÁUÀÆ AiÉÆA UÉ ªÁ¹ ÀÄ ÛgÀĪÀ Á ºÁgÀ¼À Á êÀ À ºÁUÀÆ ÁªÀiÁ PÀ êÀ ÀªÀ ÀÄß PÁ ºÀÄzÀÄ. ºÀUÀ ÄUÀ À ÀÄ PÁ ĪÀ ÁgÀ êÀ ÉÆÃvÁ ºÀ gàäªà ºÁgÀ¼À PÀ À ÀÄ sáæªàäpà ÉÆÃPÀªÀ ÀÄß æ À Á zé. 0-0 gà zà±àpàzà gá ï À À vàæ PÉÆqÀĪÀ zà ±À UÀ¼ÀÄ AiÀÄÄzÀ zà ªÁvÁªÀgÀ À Ö ÀĪÀ ªÀÄÆ PÀ và ɪÀiÁgÀÄUÀ¼À PÀ À ÀÄ ºÉÃUÉ ÀÄZÀÄÑ ÀÆgÁ zé ÀÄߪÀ zà ÀÄß ºÉüÀÄvÀÛzÉ. on est ilm a r r stal imor h ominate est ilm sia Pa ifi Screen Awards Won Best Director - Tallinn Black Nights FF, Vancouver International Women in FF Mohammad-Hossein Ghassemi, Abouzar Pourmohammadi Narges Abyar Saed Nikzat Sajad Pahlevanzadeh 70 Massoud Sekhavatdoust Sareh Nour Mousavi, Mehran Ahmadi, Pantea Panahi Ha, Gelare Absi, Jamshid Hashempour NARGES ABYAR Narges Abyar Received her BA in Persian literature and as an established writer, she has already published 30 books for children and adults. She started directing films in the mid-2000 s with her first feature "Kind Dead End" (2006), followed by her first documentary "One Day After the 10th Day" in She has since made both documentaries and fiction features. CONTACT: MOHAMMAD ATEBBAI INFO@IRANIANINDEPENDENTS.COM

88 CALL ME THIEF NOEM MY SKOLLIE PÁ ï «Ä yã sï SOUTH AFRICA / 2016 / AFRIKAANS / 125 MIN. When young Abraham gets arrested for a petty crime, he raises his status in prison by captivating the hardened gangsters with his knack for telling stories. He becomes the prison cinema, whilst his childhood friend becomes the on u ine of a an oss On their release from ail fin s roman e with his childhood sweetheart and starts a new path in life as a writer. But his friends rope him into a murder for which they all face the hang-man s noose. Set in Cape Town, South Africa in the 1960s. DIRECTOR - DARYNE JOSHUA zàqët D üæpázà PÉà ïmë ï À è 1960 gà è ÀqÉzÀ ÀvÀåPÀvÉAiÀÄ ÁßzsÀj¹zÀ avàæ. ÀtÚ C ÀgÁzsÀPÁÌV AiÀÄĪÀPÀ C æºáa AzsÀ ÀPÉÆ̼ÀUÁV ÉgɪÀÄ É ÉÃgÀÄvÁÛ É. C ègàäªà PÀ¼ÀîPÀ ÀnUÀ¼À Éß Áè PÀvÉ ºÉüÀĪÀ ªÀÄÆ PÀ ÀgÀªÀ±À ªÀiÁrPÉƼÀÄîvÁÛ É. và Àß Á å ÉßûvÀ ºÉÃUÉ vàaqàzà ÁAiÀÄPÀ ÁzÀ J ÀÄߪÀ géæãzàpà PÁ ºÀgÀt PÀvÉUÀ¼À Éß Áè ¹ ªÀiÁ±É AiÀÄ ºÉüÀĪÀ zàä ªÀ UÉ PÀgÀUÀvÀ. ÉgÀªÀÄ É ÄAzÀ qàäuàqéaiàä ÀAvÀgÀ DvÀ và Àß Á åzà UɼÀwAiÀÄ eéævé ÉÃj ºÉÆ À ºÁ vàä½zàä gàºàuágà ÁV ºÉ ÀgÁzÀ. DzÀgÉ CªÀ À ÉßûvÀgÀÄ PÉÆ É ÀæPÀgÀtªÉÇAzÀgÀ è EªÀ À ÀÄß ¹ ÄQ¹zÀ ÀAvÀgÀ CªÀgÉ Áè ÉÃtÄUÀA sàªéãgà ÉÃPÁzÀ ÀAzÀ sàð gàävàûzé. on est ilm la tar festival international u film anafri ain e annes nternational Premier Palm rin s on est tor ann a ues outon ura hmaan ams outh fri an ilm an elevision war s on est Pro u tion esi n arren ra nternational n e en ent ilm war s Dann-Jaques David Max Brown, Mouton, Moshidi Gantane Kusch, Motshegwa Tarryn Wyngaard, John W. Christian Fredericks Bennett, Austin Rose Zenn Van Zyl Simon Beesley Kyle Shepherd DARYNE JOSHUA A born and bred filmmaker of South Africa, Daryne a director, Producer and Screenwriter has come to develop a very deep love for story telling. His uncompromising attention to details has seen him develop into a formidably talented visual storyteller. He thrives on taking an ambitious concept. His work strives to deliver an emotional punch and illustrates an understanding of very high technical levels with regards to filmmaking. 'Call me thief' is his debut film. 71 CONTACT: DAVID MAX BROWN DMAXBROWN99@GMAIL.COM

89 CANDELARIA CANDELARIA PÁåAqÉ ÉÃjAiÀÄ DIRECTOR - JHONNY HENDRIX HINESTROZA COLOMBIA / 2017 / SPANISH / 100 MIN. Right when the embargo is at its peak and the Soviet Union disintegrates. Life of CANDELARIA and VÍCTOR continues at a slow pace. But the monotony is broken when an elaria fin s a vi eo amera hi en in the irt sheets of the hotel where she works. Not sure of what to do with it just yet, she brings it home as the ou le learns to mani ulate it an later to use it to film themselves an in kissing and making love. This spark of recovered love helps them forget that one of them is sick. But one day the camera disappears. zàä ÉÆà AiÀÄvï PÀÆÌl ÀvÀ ÀªÁzÀ ºÁUÀÆ zsà jã AiÀÄ µéãzsàuà¼àä ÁjAiÀÄ zàý ÀUÀ¼ÀÄ. PÉAqÀ ÉÃjAiÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ PÀÖgï ªÀgÀ êÀ À ªÀÄAzÀUÀ AiÀÄ ÁUÀÄ ÛgÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DzÀgÉ PÉAqÀ ÉÃjAiÀÄ vá ÀÄ PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ ºÉÆÃl ï À ZÁªÀ AiÀÄ gàºà À PÁ ªÉÄgÁ nögàäªà zà ÀÄß UÀªÀÄ ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ÀÄ ªÀiÁqÀ ÉÃPÉAzÀÄ véæãzàzéã DPÉ D PÁ ªÀÄgÁªÀ ÀÄß ªÀÄ ÉUÉ vàgàäváû¼é. zà ÀÄß ÀAiÉÆà ÀĪÀ zà ÀÄß jvà ªÀgÀÄ vàªàä À và ªÀ ÀÄß ÉæêÀĪÀ ÀÄß ZÀÄA ÀªÀ ÀÄß zàgà zá ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. zà ÀÄß ÉÆÃr vàªàä PÀ¼ÉzÀÄ ºÉÆÃzÀ æã AiÀÄ ÀÄß ªÀÄgÀ½ ºÀÄqÀÄPÀĪÀ AiÀıÀ¹ AiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ªÀj gà jué gàäªà Á Ä ÉAiÉÄà zàjazá ªÀÄgÉvÉà ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. AzÀÄ À PÁ ªÀÄgÁ PÀ¼ÉzÀÄ ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Antorcha Films In Co-Production With Razor Film Produktion, Dag Hoel Dhf, La 5Ta Avenida And Pucará Cine Maria Camila Arias, Jhonny Hendrix, Abel Arcos Soto, Carlos Hochmair 72 Quintela Soledad Rodríguez Jhonny Hendrix, Mauricio Leiva-Cock, Anita Remon Verónica Lynn, Alden Knight, Philipp JHONNY HENDRIX HINESTROZA JHONNY HENDRIX HINESTROZA is a Colombian director and film producer and founder of Antorcha Films. He is best known for organising the Cali film festival, As a producer, he was involved in several productions including Dog eat Dog and the German production Dr. Alemán in which he was the executive producer. Hendrix was also involved in several top-notch Latin-American productions like En Coma, Hiroshima which he coproduced and codirected. CONTACT: BETA CINEMA COSIMA.FINKBEINER@BETACINEMA.COM

90 CANDYFLIP PÁåAr üè ï DIRECTOR - SHANAWAZ NELLIKUNNIL INDIA / 2017 / ENGLISH HINDI / 93 MIN. Set in present day Goa, CandyFlip is a story about what happens to a man named o who owns a sha in Palolem after he ta es for the first time EA À UÉÆêÁzÀ è ÀqÉAiÀÄÄwÛgÀĪÀÅzÉà ÀÄ? gáaiàiï JA ªÀåQÛ Á ɪÀiï ÃZï ½ UÀÄr À À è ªÁ¹ ÀĪÀ ªÀåQÛ. CªÀ ÀÄ ªÉÆlÖªÉÆzÀ Áj J ïj ïr (ªÀiÁzÀPÀ ªÀ ÀÄÛ) véuézàäpéæaqáuà K Á ÄvÀÄ JA PÀÄvÀƺÀ zà PÀxÀ ÀªÉà PÁåAr è sï. Balasubramanyam TC, Surendra K Hegde Shanawaz NK, Abhishek Bomanna Nagaraj Rathinam Praveen Kumar B Naren Chandavarkar Prashant Prakash, Prakash Raj, Kalki Koechlin, Gulshan Devaiah, Valeriya Polyanychko. SHANAWAZ NELLIKUNNIL Shanawaz Nellikunnil is an upcoming indian screenwriter and filmmaking practitioner. 'Candyflip' is his latest feature film. 73 CONTACT: AMARNATH SRINIVASULU AMARNATHSRINIVASULU@GMAIL.COM

91 CLOSENESS TESNOTA PÉÆèà ï É ï / mé ÉÆßÃmÁ DIRECTOR - KANTEMIR BALAGOV RUSSIA / 2017 / RUSSIAN / 118 MIN. In 1998, Nalchik, the North Caucasus, Russia, a 24-year-old, Ilana works in her father s garage to help him make ends meet. One evening, her extended family and friends gather to celebrate the engagement of her younger brother David. Later that night, the young couple is kidnapped, and a ransom demand delivered. In this close-knit Jewish enclave, involving the police is out of the question. How will the family raise the money to save David? Ilana and her parents, each in their own way, will go as far as necessary, whatever the risks to themselves. CzÀÄ 1998 E À«. gàµáå zéã±àzà GvÀÛgÀQÌgÀĪÀ PËPÁ À ï ºÀwÛgÀ«gÀĪÀ Á ÑPï JA ÀlÖt. 24 ªÀµÀðzÀ E Á À và Àß vàazéué ÀºÁAiÀÄ ªÀiÁqÀ Ä và Àß UÁågÉeï À è PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀÄ ÛgÀÄvÁÛ¼É. zéæazàä À DPÉAiÀÄ vàªàä qé qï ÑvÁ Àð ÉgÀªÉÃgÀÄvÀÛzÉ. zéã À gáwæ, ÀªÀzÀA ÀwUÁ¼ÀUÀ ÉÃQzÀݪÀgÀ ÀÄß C ÀºÀj À ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. AiÀĺÀÆ UÀ¼ÀÄ É É¹gÀĪÀ D NtÂAiÀÄ è ÉÆ Ã ÀgÀ ÀÄß PÀgÉ ÀĪÀÅzÀÄ C ÁzsÀåzÀ ªÀiÁvÀÄ. C ÀºÀgÀtPÁgÀgÀ CtwAiÀÄAvÉ qàäuàqéuáv ºÀtªÀ ÀÄß và Ä À ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. E Á À ºÁUÀÆ PÀÄlÄA zàªàgàä qé«qï ºÁUÀÆ DvÀ ÉÆA UÉ ÑvÁ ÀðªÀiÁrPÉÆAqÀªÀ¼À ÀÄß vàªàä zéã DzÀ ªÀiÁUÀðUÀ¼À ªÀÄÆ PÀ ºÀtªÀ ÀÄß ºÉÆA ÀĪÀ ªÀÄÆ PÀ qàäuàqéuáv ÀæAiÀÄvÀß ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. Won Best Film - Cannes FF (FIPRESCI), Haifa IFF, Lisbon & Estoril FF, Sochi Open Russian FF, Tarkovsky FF Nominated Best Film - Un Certain Regard Award Cannes FF, Ghent IFF, Munich FF, San Sebastián IFF Won Best Director Russian Guild of Film Critics (Best Debut), Sochi Open Russian FF Darya Zhovner, Nikolay Yankin Olga Dragunova, Anton Yarush, Artem Tsypin, Kantemir Balagov Nazir Zhukov, Veniamin Kats Artem Yemelyanov Kantemir Balagov Andrey Nikitin KANTEMIR BALAGOV Kantemir Balagov was born on July 28, 1991 in Nalchik. In 2015, he completed his studies at the Director's course of Alexander Sokurov in Kabardino-Balkar State University. He is a director and screenwriter, known for Closeness (2017), Molodoy eschyo (2015) and Pervyy ya (2014). 74 CONTACT: WILD BUNCH FESTIVAL@WILDBUNCH.EU

92 CUSTODY JUSQUA LA GARDE PÀ À Ör FRANCE / 2017 / FRENCH / 94 MIN. Miriam and Antoine Besson have divorced, and Miriam is seeking sole custody of their son, Julien to protect him from a father she claims is violent. Antoine pleads his case, as a scorned dad and the appointed judge rules in favor of joint usto hosta e to the es alatin on i t etween his arents ulien is ushe to the e e to revent the worst from ha enin DIRECTOR - XAVIER LEGRAND ªÀÄjAiÀiÁªÀiï ºÁUÀÆ DAl Éà À ï ZÉ Ã và zàa À UÀ¼ÀÄ. DPÉ và Àß À ªÀÄUÀÄ Ä AiÀÄ ï À ÉÆõÀ ÉAiÀÄ ºÉÆ É ºÉÆgÀ ÉÃPÉAzÀÄ ±ÀÑ Ä ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. Éà À ï PÀÆæj A ÄzÀÄ DPÉAiÀÄ ªÁzÀ. DAl Éà À ï và Àß ÀgÀªÁ ªÁzÀ ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ É. Á PÉÆ ÉUÉ Á AiÀiÁ ñÀgÀÄ ºÉÆ É gàzàäý AzÀÄ Ã ÀÄð ÃqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ªÀÄjAiÀiÁªÀiï ºÁUÀÆ DAl Éà À ï ÀqÀÄªÉ ÉgɹPÀÌ Ä AiÀÄ ï Àß ÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. ªÀÄÄAzÁUÀĪÀ zàägàavà vàqéaiàääªà zàä DvÀ À ÀªÁ ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Won Best Film - Palm Springs IFF, Audience Award and TVE Otra Mirada Award - San Sebastián IFF, Venice FF, Special Mention Zurich FF Nominated Best Film - Toronto IFF, CPH PIX, Haifa IFF, Archie Award and Jury Award Philadelphia FF, Golden Lion -Venice FF, Zagreb FF, Golden Eye - Zurich FF Won Best Director Venice FF Alexandre Gavras Xavier Legrand Nathalie Durand Yorgos Lamprinos Julien Sicart, Vincent Verdoux, Julien Roig Denis Ménochet, Léa Drucker, Thomas Gioria, Mathilde Auneveux XAVIER LEGRAND Xavier Legrand is a French actor, screenwriter, and director who received his training at the National Conservatory of Paris. His short film Just Before Losing Everything (13) was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short. Custody (17) is his debut feature film. 75 CONTACT: PASCALE RAMONDA PASCALE@PASCALERAMONDA.COM

93 DAHA MORE zẠDIRECTOR - ONUR SAYLAK TURKEY / 2017 / TURKISH / 115 MIN. Gaza is a 14-year-old boy who lives on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Together with his domineering father, he helps smuggle refugees to Europe, giving them temporary shelter and scant food until they attempt their crossing. Gaza dreams of escaping this life of crime, but can t help being drawn into a dark world of immorality, exploitation and human suffering. Can you avoid becoming a monster when you ve been raised by one? UÁeÁ lqðaiàä ÀªÀÄÄzÀæwÃgÀzÀ ègàäªà 14 ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹì À Á PÀ. CªÀ À ÉÆQÌ À vàazé gá ævàgàä ÀªÀÄÄzÀæzÀ ªÀÄÆ PÀ AiÀÄÆgÉÆà UÉ végà¼à Ä ªÀ ÀÄ ÀºÁAiÀÄ ªÀiÁqÀÄ ÛzÀÝ. ªÀjUÉ váváì PÀ D±ÀæAiÀÄ ÃqÀĪÀ zàä DºÁgÀ zà ÀĪÀ zàä»ãué ªÀgÀÄ UÀÄj ªÀÄÄlÄÖªÀªÀgÉUÉ ªÀ ÀzÉà PÉ À. zé ÀgÁzsÀ AzÀ zàægà ºÉÆÃUÀ ÉÃPÉA ÄzÀÄ UÁ Á À AiÀÄPÉ. DzÀgÉ ªÀiÁ À ÃAiÀÄvÉ ÀgÀ¼ÀÄ ÛgÀĪÁUÀ É Æ zàägázágàªéã ªÉÄgÉAiÀÄÄ ÛgÀĪÁUÀ ºÉÆÃUÀĪÀ zázàgàæ UÉ Won Best Film Valladolid IFF (FIPRESCI) Nominated Best Film - Valladolid IFF (Golden Spike ), Adana FF (Golden Ball), Karlovy Vary IFF (Crystal Globe), Malatya IFF (Crystal Apricot) Kerem Catay, Ay Yapim Hakan Gunday, Onur Saylak, Dogu Yasar Akal Feza Caldiran Ali Aga Uygur Yigit Hayat Van Eck, Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan, Turgut Tuncalp, Tankut Yildiz, Tuba Buyukustun ONUR SAYLAK Arif Onur Saylak was born in Ankara but raised in Kusadasi (Aydin), Turkey. Until he discovered his passion in theatre, he studied physics at the Middle East Technical University (METU). He started his cinema career as an actor by playing the character of Yusuf in AUTUMN, which won Best Picture in the 15th Golden Boll Film Festival. Onur Saylak continues acting in cinema & took up directing for the first time with the short film 'THE JUNGLE'. 'MORE' is his debut featute film. 76 CONTACT: HERETIC OUTREACH CHRISTINA@HERETIC.GR

94 DAYBREAK DITA ZE FILL DAYBREAK qéã É æãpï DIRECTOR - GENTIAN KOCI ALBANIA / 2017 / ALBANIAN / 85 MIN. A slow-paced social drama on an individual s desperate struggle for a better life: due to her involvement in a case of assisted suicide, nurse Violeta loses her job. Subsequently she moves in with an elderly woman who she cares for in return for a meagre wage. Believing the time has come for a fresh start, Violeta resorts to drastic measures. EzÀÄ ªÀÄ ÀĵÀå ÉÆ â GvÀÛªÀÄ zàäquáv ÀqÉ ÀĪÀ ºÉÆÃgÁlzÀ PÀxÁ ºÀAzÀgÀ. ªÀAiÉÆÃ É Á À ïð. DPÉ ªÀ ÛAiÉÆ UÉ DvÀ ºÀvÉ UÉ ÉæÃgÀ É ÃrzÀ¼ÀÄ A PÁgÀ PÉÌ PÉ À PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉƼÀÄ váû¼é. ÀAvÀgÀ DPÉ PÉêÀ ÀÄrUÁ¹UÁ U ªÀAiÀÄ Á zà ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÉÆ ¼À ÀÄß DgÉ PÉ ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. PÉ ÀUÀ¼À ÀAvÀgÀ ÀÄ À ºÉÆ À êÀ À DgÀA ÀĪÀ À½UÉ A zéaiéäazàä sá ¹ PÉ ªÉ AzÀÄ PÁAiÀÄðUÀ¼À ÀÄß ªÀð» À Ä Ä ªÀÄÄAzÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. Best Foreign Language Film Entry - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film - Cinedays Skopje FF Nominated Best Film - Cottbus Film Festival of Young East European Cinema 2017, Sarajevo FF, Stockholm FF(Audience Award), Warsaw IFF Won Best Director Tirana IFF Won Best Actor - Ornela Sarajevo FF Gentian Koçi, Artlab Film Gentian Koçi Ilias Adamis Christos Giannakopoulos, Bonita Papastathi 77 Christos Giannakopoulos Ornela Kapetani, Suzana Prifti, Kasem Hoxha, Hermes Kasimati GENTIAN KOÇI Gentian Koçi - born in 1979 in Tirana, Albania. He has a degree in Film Directing from the Academy of Film & Multimedia Marubi. He has directed several award-winning short films and documentaries. DITA ZË FILL is his first feature fiction film. CONTACT: WIDE MANAGEMENT MA@WIDEMANAGEMENT.COM

95 DJAM eáåªàiï GREECE / 2017 / GREEK / 97 MIN. Djam, a young Greek woman, is sent to Istanbul by her uncle Kakourgos, a former sailor with a assion for e eti o to fin a rare art that will re air their oat n stan ul she en ounters vril a nineteen ear ol ren h irl alone an without an mone who ame to ur e as a voluntar wor er with refu ees am enerous hee un re i ta le an free s irite ta es vril un er her win on the wa to tilene ourne fille with en ounters musi sharin an ho e DIRECTOR - TONY GATLIF Á ªÀiï æãpï zéã±àzà AiÀÄĪÀ. DPÉAiÀÄ ÀA A AiÉÆ ªÀiÁ Á PÀ. DvÀ UÉ ÀA ÃvÀªÉAzÀgÉ D À Û. DvÀ DPÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß ºÀqÀUÉÆAzÀgÀ j ÉÃjUÁ Éà zàý ÀPÀgÀ ªÉ AzÀ ÀÄß vàgà Ä ÁÛA Ä ïué PÀ¼ÀÄ» ÀÄvÁÛ É. DPÉ ÁÛA Ä ï À ªÀµÀðzÀ séæazï ªÀÄ»¼É æ ï A ÁPÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß séãnaiàiáuàäváû¼é. æ ï ºÀ ÛgÀ ºÀ. gá ævàjuá PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ À ĪÁ DPÉ và Àß µàözàavé l ðué A gàäváû¼é. Á ªÀiï À AvÀ ZÁgÀzÀ ÁzsÀ» À ÁUÀzÀ ªÀÄ»¼É. DPÉ æ ï¼à ÀÄß và ÉÆßA UÉ ªÉÄ n Éà ï A ÀæzÉñÀPÉÌ PÀgÉzÉÆAiÀÄÄ váû¼é. zéæazàä ÁºÀ ÀªÀÄAiÀÄ ÀA ÃvÀªÀÄAiÀÄ sàgàªà ÉAiÀÄ ÀAiÀÄ. O ial ele tion to annes ilm estival Delphine Mantoulet Tony Gatlif Patrick Ghiringhelli Monique Dartonne Philippe Welsh 78 Daphne? Patakia, Simon Abkarian, Maryne Cayon, Kimon Kouris TONY GATLIF Toni Gatlif was born in Algeria's Pied noir ancestry. After his childhood there, Gatlif arrived in France in 1960 following the Algerian War of Independence. He works as a film director, screenwriter, composer, actor, and producer. His 2004 film 'Exils', won the Best Director Award at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. 'Djam' is his latest feature film. CONTACT: LES FILMS DU LOSANGE SALES@FILMSDULOSANGE.FR

96 DYING MORIR qéê ÄAUï DIRECTOR - FERNANDO FRANCO SPAIN / 2017 / SPANISH / 104 MIN. Marta and Luis, are on holiday as new couple. One day, by the sea, he breaks the news that he is suffering from the same illness that claimed the life of his father. He explains his desire to live next few months of his life without doctors or hospitals. Marta begs him to get medical treatment. The director has chosen to fi his a e not on the in man ut on the woman who loves him who is blasted by all kinds of discord, sudden changes of mood while the dreaded but inevitable conclusion lingers on the threshold. ÀæªÁ ÀzÀ ègàäªà zàa Àw ªÀiÁvÁð ªÀÄvÀÄÛ Æ Ä ï CªÀjUÉ sáæapéæã À ÀjZÀAiÀĪÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ÀªÀÄÄzÀæAiÀiÁ ÀzÀ ègàäªáuà, sáæapéæã «µàaiàäªéçazà ÀÄß»gÀAUÀUÉƽ ÀÄvÁÛ É. và Àß vàazéaiàä ÀÄß véuézàäpéæaqà C ÁgÉÆÃUÀåªÉà và Àßö ÀÄß PÁqÀÄwÛzÀÄÝ, ªÉÊzÀågÀ ÀÄß PÁtzÉ, aqvéì Ä èzé vá ÀÄ wauà¼àäuàlö¼é ÀjvÀ ÀÄ ÛgÀĪÀ zá DvÀ zàa À UÉ ºÉüÀÄvÁÛ É. DvÀ UÉ ªÉ zà ÃAiÀÄ vé UÁ ªÀiÁvÁð qáqàäváû¼é. DzÀgÉ zéãð±àpà À zà Ö ÁAiÀÄÄ ÛgÀĪÀ ªÀ ÛAiÀÄ ÀÄß läö D ªÀåQÛAiÀÄ ÀÄß æãw ÀÄwÛgÀĪÀ ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÀÄ ªÉÄà zé. EzÀÝQÌzÀÝAvÉ zà ÁUÀĪÀ ªÀÄ ÉÆà sáªàuà¼àä à AiÀÄ PÀ UÀ¼ÀÄ DvÀAPÀ ªÀ jauà ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Nominated Best Film - Toulouse Cinespana, San Sebastian IFF, Havana FF Nominated Best director - Toulouse Cinespana Guadalupe Balaguer Trelles, Fernando Franco, Koldo Zuazua Fernando Franco, Coral Cruz Santiago Racaj Miguel Doblado Mursego, Javi P3Z Inigo Aranburu, Andres Gertrudix, Eduardo Rejon, Marian Alvarez FERNANDO FRANCO Fernando Franco was born on 1976 in Seville. After a long career as an editor, he debuted in 2013 as a director with the feature film 'La herida', which won the Special Jury Prize and Silver Shell for Best Actress at San Sebastian FF. The film also has won many awards. 'Morir' is his second film. 79 CONTACT: FILM FACTORY MANON@FILMFACTORY.ES

97 ELI ELI LAMA SABACHTHANI? THE FORSAKEN, DIRECTOR - JIJU ANTONY INDIA / 2017 / MALAYALAM MARATHI HINDI ENGLISH / 81 MIN. Jail authorities take Prashant, a Mumbai taxi driver punished on brutal rape and murder charges, to the gallows. An innocent boy next door became a devil.. Who is to bear the brunt of the blame- game? A dysfunctional society?..or could it be the mindless churning out of gender stereotypes by a parochial world? ªÀÄÄA ÉÊ À è WÉÆÃgÀ CvÁåZÁgÀ ºÁUÀÆ PÉÆ É C ÀgÁzsÀzÀ» Éß ÉAiÀÄ è ªÀÄÄA ÉÊ À Á qéæ ªÀgï Àæ±ÁAvÀ À ÀÄß Éà UÉÃj À ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ªÀiÁqÀzÀ và UÁ DvÀ UÉ ²PÉëAiÀiÁ ÄvÉÃ? DvÀ À DvÀäPÉÌ ÀªÀiÁzsÁ À«è. EzÀPÁÌV AiÀiÁgÀ ÀÄß zàæ ÀĪÀÅzÀÄ? est e ut ire tor ll i hts ilm estival O ial ele tion um ai nternational ilm estival n ian Panorama hennai nternational ilm est O ial ele tion for nternational om etition for e ut ire tor ll i hts ilm estival n ia O ial sele tion a h ha n ie ilm est Kazhcha Film Forum Jiju Antony Prathap Joseph Sanalkumar Sasidharan T Krishnanunni/ Basil CJ 80 Sanal Aman, Rajshri Deshpande, Adnan Khan, Yash Bhosle, Amit Singh JIJU ANTONY Jiju an Engineer by Education and Marketer by profession is a late entrant to the world of movies. After learning his scripting and directing skills from Manhattan Film Academy, he experimented with writing few shorts before graduating to direct feature length. 'Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani', marks Jiju's debut feature film. CONTACT: JIJU ANTONY JIJUANTONY73@GMAIL.COM

98 EUTHANIZER ARMOMURHAAJA AiÀÄÆxÀ ÉÊ Àgï DIRECTOR - TEEMU NIKKI FINLAND / 2017 / FINNISH / 80 MIN. Euthanizer is a violent summer noir tells the story of Veijo Haukka, a 50-year-old mechanic who euthanises sick and old pets as a side job. Despite the grim work, he has a soft spot for the animals. Trouble stirs when the owner of a dog, he was supposed to end realises that the canine is still alive. The only innocent party in the drama that ensues is the dog itself. ÉÆú PÀ 0ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹ À ªÉÄPÁ Pï. ªÀ ÉÆ Áæ Éæà Ä. PÉ ÀzÀ vàûqàzà ÀqÀĪÉAiÀÄÆ ªÀ ÀÄ ªÀAiÀÄ Á zà ºÁUÀÆ ªÁ¹AiÀiÁUÀzÀ PÁ Ä É ÄAzÀ ÀgÀ¼ÀÄ ÛgÀĪÀ Áæ UÀ½UÉ ÀÄ ªÀÄgÀ ÃqÀĪÀ PÉ ÀªÀ ÀÆß ªÀiÁqÀÄ ÛzÀÝ. À PÉÆ ÉUÁ À ÉÃPÁ zàý Á ÄAiÉÆAzÀÄ ÀÆß zàäpàä½ gàäªà zàjazá Á ÄAiÀÄ ªÀiÁ ÃPÀ À DPÉÆæñÀPÉÌ ªÉÄPÁ Pï vàäváûuà ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ÀµÀð ÉAiÀÄ ªÀÄÄUÀ ±Á ÀzÀ PÀvÉAiÉÄà ÁUÀ ÉÃqÀ on est ilm oronto o o O ial ele tion at oronto on est reen la o o ominate est reen la o o ran Pri at o o Matti Teemu Nikki, Jani Onnismaa, Jari Pösö Virman, Hannamaija Teemu Nikki Nikander, Heikki Sari Aaltonen Nousiainen. Teemu Nikki Timo Kaukolampi, Tuomo Puranen 81 TEEMU NIKKI Born 1975 is a film director, screenwriter and producer from sur Sysmä, He has directed dozens of short films and hundreds of commercials and music videos as well as several feature films and TV shows. That makes him a genre-free thus genre-enthusiastic director and storyteller. Teemu s work has been shortlisted and awarded at Sundance Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Eurovision Creative Days, Cannes Young Directors & in other film fests. CONTACT: WIDE MANAGEMENT MA@WIDEMANAGEMENT.COM

99 EYE ON JULIET EYE ON JULIET L D ï dä AiÉÄmï CANADA / 2017 / ENGLISH ARABIC / 90 MIN. Based in Detroit, Gord works for a surveillance company that monitors using robots, at a pipeline halfway around the world in Northern Africa. One night, lonely and depressed following a brutal split with his girlfriend, Gord notices a young woman, Ayusha, sitting alone in the dunes waiting to meet her lover. Entranced by their devotion and his sudden access to a foreign land he begins following them out of curiosity, boredom. Despite the distance, their mutual fear and their imperfect interaction, he will do everything in his power to help her escape her fate. DIRECTOR - KIM NGUYEN qé ÁæAiÀiïÖ ªÀÄÆ zà UÉÆÃqïð ÀÄgÀPÁ ÀPÀgÀ UÀ¼À PÀA É AiÀÄ PÀgÀ. D PÀA É géæã ÉÆÃUÀ¼À ªÀÄÆ PÀ GvÀÛgÀ CªÉÄjPÁ AzÀ CzsÀðzÀµÀÄÖ duàwûué ºÁPÀ àlö ÉÊ ÀÄUÀ¼À ÀÄgÀPÀëvÉ ªÀð» ÀÄ ÛgÀÄvÀÛzÉ. UÉÆÃqïð ºÁUÀÆ DvÀ À ÉæÃAiÀĹAiÉÆA À ÀA AzsÀzÀ gàäpàä ªÀÄÆrzÉ. DvÀ UÉ AnvÀ À ºÁUÀÆ ÀßvÉ. zéæazàä À và Àß æaiàäpàgà UÁ PÁzÀÄ PÀĽ gàäªà DAiÀÄĵÁ¼À ÀÄß ÉÆÃqÀÄvÁÛ É. DAiÀÄĵÁ ºÁUÀÆ DPÉAiÀÄ æaiàäpàgà À ÀgÀ À gà æã ºÁUÀÆ UÁqsÀvÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß ÉÆÃqÀÄvÁÛ É. UÉÆÃqïð ªÀj gà ÀÄß»A Á ÀÄvÁÛ É. UÉÆÃqïð ºÁUÀÆ DAiÀÄĵÁ ºÁUÀÆ DPÉAiÀÄ æaiàäpàgà À ÀqÀÄªÉ vàäa Á AvÀgÀ. ªÀgÀ ÀqÀÄªÉ ÀªÀÄ ÀðPÀ ÀA sáµà É. DzÀgÀÆ DvÀ DAiÀÄĵÁ½UÉ DPÉAiÀÄ ºÀ É gàºà AzÀ ºÉÃUÉ và ¹PÉƼÀ ÉÃPÉA ÄzÀ ÀÄß ºÉüÀÄvÁÛ É. Nominated Best Film - TIFF Pierre Even, Item 7 Kim Nguyen Christophe Collette Richard Comeau Thierry Morlass-Lurbe, 82 Claude Beaugrand, Bernard Gariépy Strobl Mark Slone, Nicolas Brigaud-Robert, Jeff Sackman, Marie-Claude Poulin KIM NGUYEN The son of a Québécois mother and an engineer father who emigrated from Vietnam Kim Nguyen, director, writer, producer, and teacher pursued film studies at Concordia University and earned a master's degree in cinematography from the Université de Montréal. Fascinated with writing screenplays, he also trained as a screenwriter while learning digital photography. Gained international recognition for his directorial feature films. CONTACT: PLAYTIME GROUP FESTIVAL@PLAYTIME.GROUP

100 FALLING STRIMHOLOV sá AUï DIRECTOR - MARINA STEPANSKA UKRAINE / 2017 / UKRAINIAN ENGLISH / 105 MIN. Anton and Katia meet each other at a night night party in Kiev. Both are trying to fin their earin s in life an their en ounter han es ever thin his s holo i al rama e utin arina te ans a offers u oth a fra ile love stor an a stron statement on the urrent oun eneration as it sear hes for its la e in ost revolutionar raine D ÀÖ ï ºÁUÀÆ PÀnAiÀiÁ CzÉÆAzÀÄ gáwæ séãnaiàiáuàäváûgé. CªÀj âgàæ ÀévÀAvÀæªÁVgÀ ÉÃPÉAzÀÄ AiÀÄ ÀĪÀ ªÀåQÛUÀ¼ÀÄ. CªÀgÀ séãn ÀgÀ ÀàgÀgÀ ÀÄß zà Á Ä ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. zàä ªÀÄjAiÀiÁ Á ÉÖ Á Á ̼À ªÀÄ ÉÆÃªÉ Á PÀ PÀ À À. GPÉæà ï À è PÁæAwAiÀÄ ÀAvÀgÀ AiÀÄĪÀeÉÆÃrUÀ¼ÀÄ ºÉÃUÉ vàªàää ÁÜ ÀPÁÌV ºÉÆÃgÁqÀÄ ÛzÁÝgÉ. ªÀgÀ ÉæêÀÄ ºÉÃUÉ qsá¼àªá zé A ÄzÀ ÀÄß vàæzà zéðã±à ÉÖ Á Á ÌvÀ Àß Àæ Àæ ÀªÀÄ vàæzà ºÉüÀÄvÁÛ¼É. Nominated Best Film - Karlovy Vary IFF, Stockholm FF(Bronze Horse) Nominated Best Cinematographer - Sebastian Camerimage Olena Yershova, Volodymyr Filippov, Alla Ovsyannikova Marina Stepanska Sebastian Thaler Borys Peter Mykyta Moiseiev Andriy Seletskiy, Dasha Plahtiy, Oleg Mosiychuk, Larysa Rusnak, Christian Boris MARINA STEPANSKA Marina Stepanska (b. Ukraine) graduated from the Karpenko-Kary Kiev National University of Film and Television in She later worked at the experimental theatre School, where she studied methods involving nonprofessional actors. She has directed short films which have won at various international short film festivals. 'Falling' is her debut feature film. 83 CONTACT: TV CO. SRL GEREMIA@TVCO.EU

101 FATHER AND SON CHA CONG CON sázàgï DAqï À ï DIRECTOR - LUONG DINH DUNG VIETNAM / 2017 / VIETNAMESE / 90 MIN. ivin a river a father an son ma e their livin fishin ever a he little o a ontra ts a serious illness he treatment is ver e ensive ill the father e a le to at h enou h fish to a for it ÀÄlÖ ºÀÄqÀÄUÀ PÁ và Àß vàazéaiéæa UÉ ÉlÖ ÀæzÉñÀzÀ è ªÁ¹ ÀÄwÛzÁÝ É. DvÀ «ªÀiÁ ÀªÀ ÀÄß MAzÀÄ ºÁgÀĪÀ ÀQëAiÉÄAzÉà w½zàäpéæarzáý É. «ªÀiÁ ÀzÀ UÀÆqÀ ÀÄß ªÀÄÄlÖ Ä ÀjZÀAiÀĪÉà EgÀzÀ Hj À Cwà zéæqàø PÀlÖqÀªÀ ÉßÃgÀĪÀ D É DvÀ ÀzÀÄ. EzÀÝQÌzÀÝAvÉ DvÀ üãpàgà SÁ Ä ÉUÉ vàäváûuàäváû É. và Àß vàazéaiéæa UÉ aqvéìuáv ÀlÖtªÉÇAzÀPÉÌ végà¼àäváû É. DvÀ UÀÄtªÀÄÄR ÁUÀĪÀ ÉÃ? Best Foreign Language Film Entry - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film - Canadian Diversity os n eles sian Pa ifi ominate est ilm oll woo ur Pri e Won Best Cinematographer - Ly Thai Barcelona Planet FF Nguyen Chi Dung, Lee Dong June Nguyen Thi Huong Bui Kim Quy, Luong Dinh Dung Ly Thai Dung Ngo The Quan, Do Trong Tan, Julie Beziau, Ha Van Hieu, Le Pham Thi Hao Thi Thu Hang LUONG DINH DUNG Luong Dinh Dung, born in is an independent Vietnamese filmmaking practiotiner, He graduated form Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema in 2002 and received The Master in Film in He is the director of 'Red Happiness', 'The Boat man', 'Red Xam ' 'Father and Son' is his latest feature film. 84 CONTACT: TUVAN MEDIA TUVANPRODUCTION@GMAIL.COM

102 FIRST BORN PIRMDZIMTAIS s À ïö Á ïð DIRECTOR - AIK KARAPETIAN LATVIA / 2017 / LATVIAN / 93 MIN. A psychological thriller about a middle-aged intellectual who, in an attempt to restore his reputation in his wife s eyes, accidentally commits a murder. As time passes, he begins to see a link between the deceased, his wife s pregnancy and the mysterious blackmailer who is forcing him to act against his will. ªÀÄ ÉÆÃªÉ Á PÀ æ gï. và Àß À ßAiÀÄ ªÀÄÄAzÉ và Àß Àæ µé AiÀÄ A sà PÉÆ ÑPÉƼÀ Ä ºÉÆÃzÀ ªÀ ÛAiÉÆ DPÀ¹ PÀªÁ PÉÆ ÉAiÉÆAzÀ ÀÄß ªÀiÁr qàäváû É. PÉ PÁ ÁzÀ ÀAvÀgÀ ªÀ UÉ ÀvÀÛªÀ UÀÆ và Àß À ß UÀ ð AiÀiÁ gàäªà µàaiàäpàæì ªÀÄvÀÄÛ DvÀ À µàöpéì gàäzà ªÁ ªÀ ð À Ä Ãr ÀĪÀ Á PïªÉÄà gï ÀqÀÄªÉ ÉÆà ÀA AzsÀ zé AzÀÄ ÀvÉÆqÀUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Won Best Actor - Kaspars Znotins : Latvian National Film Award Lielais Kristaps Won Best Composer - Andris Dzen?tis : Latvian National Film Award Lielais Kristaps Maija Doveika, Roberts Vinovskis Kaspars Znotins, Dainis Aik Karapetian Grube, Kaspars Zale Janis Eglitis Andris Grants Andris Dzenitis AIK KARAPETIAN Aik Karapetian was born 10 July, After having received his MA degree in film directing from the Latvian Academy of Culture, he went on to study at the Académie Internationale des Arts ESEC in Paris, from which he graduated in 2008 as a film director. 85 CONTACT: REEL SUSPECTS A@REELSUSPECTS.COM

103 FIVE FINGERS FOR MARSEILLES FIVE FINGERS FOR MARSEILLES s Éʪï üauà ïð ságï ªÀiÁ Éðà ï DIRECTOR - MICHAEL MATTHEWS SOUTH AFRICA / 2017 / SOTHO ENGLISH / 120 MIN. Near the colonial town of Marseilles in the rugged Eastern Cape of South Africa, a group of rebellious friends dubbed the Five Fingers use well-placed eggs and slingshots to drive off the oppressive police force. But when the cops seize quicktempered Tau s childhood love, Lerato, he goes from throwing eggs to shooting ullets are of a ture or worse au ees returnin ears later to a town an frien s transforme the violen e ause that a ith the roo e o s now re la e a austi an au must marshal what remains of the in ers to once again defend their home. DvÀ séêªï üauà ïð UÀÄA À ÀzÀ Àå. ÉÆà ÀgÀ DPÀæªÀÄt AzÀ và à¹péæ¼àäîváû É. C ÉÃPÀ ÀUÀ¼À ÀAvÀgÀ và Àß vàªàgàä ªÀiÁ Éð ïué ªÀÄgÀ¼ÀÄvÁÛ É. D HgÀÄ E ÉÆß âgà PÉʪÀ±ÀªÁVzÉ. E ÉÆßAzÀÄ ÉzÀjPÉAiÀÄ ÉßzÀÄj ÀÄwÛgÀÄvÀÛzÉ. O ial ele tion oronto Asger Hussain, Yaron Schwartzman, Sean Drummond, Michael Matthews Sean Drummond Shaun Harley Lee Daniel Mitchell 86 James Matthes, Morné Marais Vuyo Dabula, Zethu Dlomo, Hamilton Dhlamini, Kenneth Nkosi MICHAEL MATTHEWS Michael Matthews was born in Durban, South Africa. His work includes the short 'Sweetheart' and the eight-part mini series 'Ashbeclee'. He is the co-founder of the production house Be Phat Motel. 'Five Fingers For Marseilles' is his debut feature film. CONTACT: REEL SUSPECTS A@REELSUSPECTS.COM

104 FORTUNATA sázàäð Ál DIRECTOR - SERGIO ELLITTO ITALY / 2017 / ITALIAN / 103 MIN. ortunata a oun mother with a faile marria e ehin her fi hts ail to on uer her ream to o en her own salon ef in her estin in an attem t to eman i ate herself an on uer her in e en en e an the ri ht to ha iness he has thou ht of ever thin an is rea for an thin ut she ha not onsi ere the varia le of love the one su versive for e a a le of swee in asi e ever ertaint lso e ause erha s for the first time someone loo s at her as the woman she is an trul loves her ªÉʪÁ»PÀ fãªà ÀzÀ è «sà ªÁVgÀĪÀ ªÀÄƪÀvÀÛgÀ D ÀÄ- Á¹ À vá ÄAiÀiÁzÀ (¹AUÀ ï ÉÃgÉAmï) sázàäð Ál¼À PÀxÉ. và Àß PÀ À À ÀÄß ÁPÁgÀUÉƽ¹PÉƼÀÄîªÀ À ĪÁV và ªÀ PÀ À ÀÄ PÁ ÄvÁÛ¼É. ºÉÃgï À Æ ï végéaiàä ÉÃPÉA ÄzÉà ªÀ¼À ºÀA. và Àß zàägázà µàöªà ÀÄß ºÀ½AiÀÄÄvÁÛ và Àß ºÀPÀÄÌUÀ¼À ÀÄß gà ¹PÉƼÀ Ä PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉÆAqÀ ÀAvÉÆõÀªÀ ÀÄß ªÀÄgÀ½UÀ½ À Ä ªÀ¼ÀÄ ºÉÆÃgÁqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. æã AiÀÄ ÀÄß À gà ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ªÀ½UÉ zàä ¹UÀĪÀ. PÉÆ ÉUÀÆ ªÁ æã ÀĪÀªÀ ÉÆ ªÀ½UÉ PÁ ÄvÁÛ É. Nominated Best Film - Cairo International Film Festival ( Golden Pyramid ), Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists ( Silver Ribbon ) Won Best Actress - Jasmine Trinca : Cannes FF(Un Certain Regard), Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists (Silver Ribbon) Nicola Guiliano, Francesca Cima, Carlotta Calori, Viola Prestieri Margaret Mazzantini Gian Filippo Corticelli Chiara Vullo Arturo Annecchino Jasmine Trinca, Stefano Accorsi, Alessandro Borghi, Edoardo Pesce, Hanna Schygulla SERGIO ELLITTO Sergio Castellitto was born in Rome in After graduating from the Silvio D'Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art in 1978, he began his theatrical career in Italian public theater. He began his cinema career in 1983 beside Marcello Mastroianni and Michel Piccoli in The General of the Dead Army by Luciano Tovoli. He made his directorial debut in 1999 with Libero Burro, but it was with Don t Move (2004) that Castellitto made his name behind the camera. 87 CONTACT: TRUE COLOURS GAETANO@TRUECOLOURS.IT

105 GRAIN BUGDAY UÉ æöê ï DIRECTOR - SEMIH KAPLANOGLU TURKEY / 2017 / ENGLISH / 127 MIN. In the near future, an abrupt climate change has led to the extinction of life on Earth. In this world with redrawn borders, migrants are massed in designated areas waiting to integrate the city protected by magnetic shields. ªÀÄÄA À ÀUÀ¼À ºÀªÁªÀiÁ À gàä ÉÃj AzÁ sàæ ÄAiÀÄ ªÉÄà À à UÀ¼À ªÀ Á À À Äà ÀÄ ÛzÉ. PÁAvÁPÀ ðvà vàqéºá¼éuà½azà gà À Á gàäªà ÀUÀgÀPÉÌ UÀrAiÀÄ É Ä zé ªÀ ¹UÀgÀÄ gàpà ÉUÁ AzÀÄ ÉÃgÀ Ä vàªà ÀÄ ÛzÁÝgÉ. A À ÀªÀiÁ ÀzÀ êÀ À ÀA à ðvé ÄAzÀ vàäa zé. Won Best Film - Tokyo IFF (Tokyo Grand Prix ) Nominated Best Film - Adana Film Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival, Malatya International Film Festival Mustafa Biber Nadir Operli, Semih Kaplanolu Semih Kaplanolu, Jean-Marc Barr, Leyla pekçi Ermin Bravo, Grigoriy Giles Nuttgens Dobrygin, Lubna Azabal, Ayhan Ergürsel, Cristina Flutur, Osman Mila Bohning, Bayraktarolu, Hal Semih Kaplanolu Yamanouchi 88 SEMIH KAPLANOGLU Semih Kaplanoglu, born in 1963 is one of the most acclaimed writer-director-producers of contemporary cinema in Turkey. His first film 'Away From Home' (2001) and 'Angel's Fall' (2005) were screened at various international film fests. with his third feature 'Egg' (2007) Kaplanoglu achieved international recognition as the film was premiered in Quinzaine des Realisateurs. In 2008 'Milk' premiered at the Venice Film Festival, giving him international awards, such as FIPRESCI prize at the Istanbul. CONTACT: MATCH FACTORY FESTIVALS@MATCHFACTORY.DE

106 HANDIA GIANT ºÁA AiÀiÁ DIRECTOR - JON GARANO, AITOR ARREGI SPAIN / 2017 / SPANISH BASQUE / 114 MIN. Having fought in the First Carlist War, Martin returns to his family farm in Gipuzkoa onl to fin that his oun er rother oa u n towers over him in hei ht onvin e that ever one will want to a to see the tallest man on arth the si lin s set out on a lon tri all over uro e urin whi h am ition mone an fame will forever han e the famil s fate stor ase on true events ªÀiÁnð ï ÀæxÀªÀÄ PÁ ð ïö AiÀÄÄzÀÞzÀ è sávaiàiázávà. DvÀ và Àß PÀÄlÄA zà Äà gàäªà ÀÄgÉ ÆÌêÁPÉÌ gàäváû É. và À AvÀ Æ vàûgàªá ɼÉzÀ và Àß vàªàä gé Æ ï À séãnaiàiáuàävàûzé. gé Æ ï rã Àæ ÀAZÀzÀ à v vàû gàäªà ªÀÄ ÀĵÀ. à vàûgàzà ªÀÄ ÀĵÀ À ÀÄß ÉÆÃqÀ Ä À ArvÀ zàäqàä ÃqÀÄvÁÛgÉ AzÀÄ sá ÀĪÀ ªÀgÀÄ AiÀÄÄgÉÆà ïué végà¼àäváûgé. AiÀÄÄgÉÆà ï À ªÀjUÉ ¹UÀĪÀ ºÀ ±À AiÀÄð ºÁUÀÆ Àæ µé PÀÄlÄA zà Àj¹ AiÀÄ Éßà zà Á Ĺ qàävàûzé. zàä É Àl ÉAiÀiÁzsÁjvÀ vàæ. Won Best Film - Irizar Award and Special Prize of the Jury - San Sebastián IFF Nominated Best Film - Cinema Writers Circle Awards- Spain, Feroz Awards- ES, Goya Awards, José María Forqué Awards, Golden Seashell- San Sebastián IFF Nominated Best Director - Cinema Writers Circle Awards- Spain, Feroz Awards- ES, Goya Awards Raúl López Pascal Gaigne Xabier Berzosa, Iñigo Obeso, Iñaki Gómez Aitor Arregi, Jon Garaño, Jose Mari Goenaga, Andoni De Carlos Javier Agirre Laurent Dufreche, Usabiaga Ramón Agirre, Iñigo Aranburu, Iñigo Azpitarte, Eneko Sagardoy, Joseba JON GARAÑO, AITOR ARREGI Jon Garaño studied Journalism and Advertising at the UPV-EHU and Zinema Saroben and San Diegon (USA). He was one of the founder members of the Moriarti production company in 2001 and has worked as a director, producer and screenwriter. Aitor Arregi After graduating from Business Administration and Management, Aitor also studied cinematography at the Sarobe Arte Eszenikoen Gune. Like Jon Garaño, he was one of the founders of the Moriarti production company in CONTACT: FILM FACTORY MANON@FILMFACTORY.ES

107 HIGH NOON STORY MAJARAY NIMROZ ºÉÊ ÀÆ ï ÉÆÖÃj DIRECTOR - MOHAMMAD HOSSEIN MAHDAVIAN IRAN / 2017 / IRANIAN / 111 MIN. he film es ri es the loo erio followin the ranian revolution in s after Presi ent eni a r s removal from o e eni a r who entere into an allian e with the Peo le s u ahe in or ani ation is in a all for an u risin a ainst the rulin slami e u li an Part he loo ro ess that starte after this all was a stor of a erio when there were om in hun re s of mur ers an eaths thousan s of re orts EgÁ ï À è ÀqÉzÀ PÁæAwAiÀÄ ÀªÀÄAiÀÄzÀ «ªÀgÀUÀ¼À ÀÄß F avàæ A ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. CzsÀåPÀë É ÁzÀgï À ÀÄß ÀzÀ ÄAzÀ véæûuézàªéäã É É ÁzÀgï à À ï ªÀÄÄ Á» ï ÀA É AiÉÆA UÉ À AzÀ ªÀiÁrPÉƼÀÄ váû É. DqÀ½vÁgÀÆqsÀ Á ÄPï j À PÀ ï ÁnðAiÀÄ gàäzà zàaué ¼ÀĪÀAvÉ ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ É. D ÀAvÀgÀªÉà gá À zàaué ªÁ ÀPÀªÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ÁA ÄUÀ¼ÀÄ ¹rAiÀÄÄvÀÛªÉ. ÀÆgÁgÀÄ PÉÆ ÉUÀ¼ÁUÀÄvÀÛªÉ. U Á gágàä À À ÛgÀĪÀ ªÀgÀ UÀ¼ÀÄ gà ÁgÀA ÀÄvÀÛªÉ. Won Best Film Fajr FF ( Audience Award ) ( National Award ) ( Crystal Simorgh ) Nominated Best Director - Fajr FF Won Best Set and Costume Design - Behzad Jafari Tadi : Fajr FF Seyyed Mahmoud Razavi Ibrahim Amini Mohammad Hosein Mahdavian Hadi Behroozv Sajjad Pahlavanzadeh 90 Habib Khazaeefar Mehrdad Sedighian, Ahmad Mehranfar, Javad Ezati, Mehdi Pakdel MOHAMMAD HOSSEIN MAHDAVIAN Born in 1981 in Babol, Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian holds a BA in TV production from Iran Broadcasting University. His debut feature 'Standing In Dust' was very well received domestically. 'High Noon Story' is his second feature film which won Crystal Simorgh for the Best Film in Fajr National Film Festival CONTACT: FARABI CINEMA FOUNDATION FCF1@DPI.NET.IR

108 I DREAM IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE SUENO EN OTRO IDIOMA L ræãªàiï E ï C ÀzÀgï ÁAUÉéÃeï DIRECTOR - ERNESTO CONTRERAS MEXICO / 2016 / SPANISH / 101 MIN. artin arrives in a e i an villa e to re or a in an ient lan ua e e fin s the last two speakers of the language, but they refuse to speak to each other because of a 50 year grudge because they fell in love with the same woman. Now widowed Martin and women s granddaughter, Lluvia, work to convince the men to reconcile. Martin realizes there is more to the story, and Lluvia reveals the secret behind the men s entanglement. As Isauro s health declines, Evaristo struggles to come to terms, and strange bird calls from the jungle, evoking the mythical origin of their ancestors. ªÀiÁnð ï, C½«ÀAa À ègàäªà ÀÄgÁvÀ À sáµéaiàä ÀÄß zár À Ä ªÉÄQìPÉÆÃzÀ MAzÀÄ ºÀ½îUÉ gàäváû É. DvÀ UÉ D sáµé ªÀiÁvÀ ÁqÀĪÀ gàä ¹UÀÄvÁÛgÉ. DzÀgÉ ªÀgÀÄ ÀgÀ À gà ªÀiÁvÀ ÁqÀ Ä AiÀÄ ÀĪÀ. PÀ¼ÉzÀ 0 ªÀµÀð AzÀ Æ ªÀgÀÆ ªÀiÁvÀ Ár. PÁgÀ ªÀj gàæ AzÉà ºÀÄqÀÄ AiÀÄ ÀÄß æã ¹zÀÝgÀÄ. Æ AiÀiÁ D ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÀÄ ªÉƪÀÄ UÀ¼ÀÄ. DPÉ ªÀj gàä ÀgÀ À gà ªÀiÁvÀ ÁqÀĪÀAvÉ ªÀÄ ÀªÉ ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ªÀj gà PÀ ÉUÉ ÉÃgÉAiÉÄà DAiÀiÁªÀĪÉà zé AzÀÄ ªÀiÁnð ïué ß ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ÀqÀÄªÉ géæ À DgÉÆÃUÀ à ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ªÁj ÉÆÖÃUÉ É ¹ jaiàä Ä ºÉÆÃgÁqÀ ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DUÀ zàlö PÁr AzÀ vàæ À AiÉÆAzÀÄ ÀzÀÄÝ ªÀiÁqÀÄvÀÛzÉ. D À Ý À ªÀgÉ gà ÀƪÀð gà ºÁUÀÆ gá PÀ ªÀ ÛUÀ¼À ªÀÄÆ zà PÀ É ÄzÉ. Won Best Film Florida FF (Audience Award) Guadalajara IFF (Press Award) Oslo/Fusion IFF, Minneapolis St. Paul IFF (Audience Award) Sundance FF( Audience Award) Nominated Best Film Guadalajara (MEZCAL Award) Huelva Latin American FF, Sundance FF (Grand Jury Prize) Won Best Actor - Eligio Meléndez and José Manuel Guadalajara IFF Mónica Lozano, Luis Albores, Érika Ávila, Eamon O Farrill, Raymond van der Kaaij, Dijana Olcay-Hot Carlos Contreras Tonatiuh Martínez 91 Jorge Macaya Enrique Greiner, Pablo Tamez Fernando Álvarez Rebeil, Eligio Meléndez, Manuel Poncelis ERNESTO CONTRERAS Ernesto Contreras is a Mexican filmmaker & screenwriter graduate from the Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos of the UNAM. His shorts have received several national and international awards. 'Párpados azules' his first feature-film received the Best Iberoamerican Film and Script awards. He was later nominated for the Camera d Or of the 60th Cannes Film Festival competing in the official selection of the 46th Inter national Critics' Week later he received a Special Mention in the SSIFF. 'I dream in another language is his latest feature film. CONTACT: LUIS ALBORES LUIS@AGENCIASHA.COM

109 I STILL HIDE TO SMOKE A MON AGE JE ME CACHE ENCORE POUR FUMER L ¹Ö ï ºÉÊqï lä ÉÆäÃPï GREECE ALGERIA / 2016 / ARABIC / 90 MIN. Fatima, a strong-minded woman, is the lead masseuse of a hammam in Algiers. The day ahead promises to be hectic for all, and for Fatima in particular. Already, while walking to her place of work, she is the distant witness of a terrorist attack. At the hammam, Fatima should feel better, but the atmosphere proves electric in her small en lose worl she has reat i ult in maintainin or er ll the more as Meriem, a sixteen-year-old pregnant girl comes to take shelter at the hammam. And as irate brother, Mohamed, is after her to cleanse his honor in blood. DIRECTOR - RAYHANA OBERMEYER sáwªàiá ZÀvÀÄgÀ ªÀÄ»¼É. DPÉ D ÉÓÃjAiÀiÁzÀ è À DgÉÆÃUÀå PÉÃAzÀæªÉÇAzÀgÀ è À vàaqàzà ÁAiÀÄQ. và Àß PÀZÉÃjUÉ ºÉÆÃUÀĪÁUÀ sàaiéæãváàzàpà zá½aiéæazàpéì ÁQëAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. DPÉ DgÉÆÃUÀå PÉÃAzÀæzÀ è ÀªÀiÁzsÁ ÀªÁVgÀ ÉÃPÀÄ. DzÀgÉ, C è Àj¹Üw và égàäzàþ. Àj¹ÜwAiÀÄ ÀÄß vàºà A UÉ vàgà Ä DPÉ ÀgÀzÁqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. C èué 16 ªÀµÀðzÀ UÀ üðtâ ªÀÄjAiÀiÁªÀiï D±ÀæAiÀÄ AiÀĹ gàäváû¼é. DPÉAiÀÄ CtÚ ªÉƺÀªÀÄzï DPÉAiÀÄ»AzÉ ÝzÁÝ É. DPÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß PÉÆAzÀÄ CªÀ¼À gàpàû AzÀ và Àß UËgÀªÀªÀ ÀÄß PÁ ÁrPÉƼÀÄîªÀ UÀÄj DvÀ ÀzÀÄÝ. Won Best Film - Thessaloniki FF(Audience Award) Nominated Best Film - Thessaloniki FF(Golden Alexander) Won Best Director - Raindance FF Michele Ray-Gavras, Fenia Kossovitsa, Salem Brahimi Rayhana Obermeyer Olympia Mytilinaiou, Mohamed Tayeb Laggoune 92 Rayhana Obermeyer Marianne Roussy-Moreau, Jerome Gonthier, Karen Blum Hiam Abbass, Biyouna, Nadia Kaci, Fadila Belkebla, Nassima Benchicou RAYHANA OBERMEYER She is a film and theater actress and dramaturg of Algerian origin. In May 2014 she received the Juergen Bansemer & Ute Nyssen Dramatiker Preis award by the Goethe Institut for her theater work. Her first film, I Still Hide to Smoke, was based on her original play. A large part of the film was shot in Thessaloniki s Bey Hammam. CONTACT: LES FILMS DU LOSANGE SALES@FILMSDULOSANGE.FR

110 IN SYRIA INSYRIATED E ï ¹jAiÀÄ LEBANON SYRIA / 2017 / ARABIC / 85 MIN. A determined matriarch must protect her home from threatening outside forces in Damascus, Syria, a city under constant siege. Hiam Abbass Oum Yazan is a strong willed and resolute mother who witnesses a terrible act while in the company of her housemaid. Oum s husband is out getting help, and falling bombs an ullets onfine the famil an a few nei h ors to the row e a artment While barricaded, Oum must do what it takes to keep her loved ones safe, awaiting help that may or may not arrive. DIRECTOR - PHILIPPE VAN LEEUW ºÀAiÀiÁªÀÄ C Áâ ÉÆ AiÀÄgÀhĪÀiï UÀnÖVwÛ. DPÉ ¹jAiÀiÁ zéã±àzà qàªàiá ÀÌ ï ÀlÖtzÀ è và Àß PÀÄlÄA zéæa UÉ ªÁ À«zÁݼÉ. D ÀlÖt ÀzÁ UÀ séuàæ ÀÜ. CzÉÆAzÀÄ À zá½aiàiáuàävàûzé. DPÉAiÀÄ UÀAqÀ OªÀiï ºÉÆgÀUÀqÉ ÀºÁAiÀÄPÁÌV ºÉÆÃVzÁÝ É. DUÀ ªÉÄà AzÀ ªÉÄÃ É ÁA ïuà¼à ÀÄjªÀļÉ. D PÀÄlÄA gàpàëuéuáv C ÁmïðªÉÄAmï AzÀgÀ Ä vàûzé. DPÉUÉ PÀÄlÄA zà gà ÀÆß gà ÀĪÀ ªÁ ÁÝj. DPÉAiÀÄ UÀAqÀ AzÀ Àj vàjazà ÀºÁAiÀÄ ¹UÀ ºÀÄzÀÄ ¹UÀzÉAiÀÄÆ gà ºÀÄzÀÄ. À on est ilm erlin Panorama u ien e war ominate est film Cairo IFF, Stockholm FF, Bronze Horse Won best director - Berlin IFF, CPH PIX, (Audience Award) Nominated best director - Seattle IFF, Taipei FF (New Talent) Won best actor - Diamand Bou Cairo IFF Guillaume Malandrin, Serge Zeitoun, Pierre Sarraf Philippe Van Leeuw Virginie Surdej Gladys Joujou Jean-Luc Fafchamps Hiam Abbass, Diamand Abou Abboud, Juliette Navis PHILIPPE VAN LEEUW Philippe Van Leeuw is a Belgian director and screenwriter, born in Brussels in He also works as director of photography, currently lives in Paris. He studied filmmaking academically, and devoted himself exclusively to fiction and made several TV movies and many short films in 2008, he directed his first feature film: 'The Day God Traveled' was awarded the Kutxa-New Directors Award at the 2009 San Sebastián Film Festival. 'In Syria' is his latest feature film. 93 CONTACT: FILMS BOUTIQUE ALEKSANDR@FILMSBOUTIQUE.COM

111 IVAN EªÁ ï SLOVENIA / 2017 / SLOVENIAN / 95 MIN. Mara gives birth to the illegitimate boy Ivan, whose father is a businessman. She loves Rok obsessively. When Rok is accused of white-collar crime, his friends abandon him. Mara feels the consequences as well. She gets beaten up by Rok s cronies and ends up in a safe house. Rok takes her and Ivan away, and she is convinced her dreams have come true. However, Rok uses them only to get to the money, which is kept safe. On the run from police, he forces Mara to make the worst sa rifi e ima ina le leave her a DIRECTOR - JANEZ BURGER ªÀiÁgÁUÉ gápï eéævé C ÉÊwPÀ ÀA AzsÀ«zÉ. DvÀ GzÀå«Ä. DPÉ ªÀÄUÀÄ«UÉ d Àä ÃqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ªÀÄUÀÄ UÉ ªÁ ï AzÀÄ ºÉ ÀjqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. zàä É PÀ ÀA AzsÀzÀ sà. DPÉ gápï À ÀÄß ÃªÀªÁ æã ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. DvÀ ºÀ PÁ¹ À ºÀUÀgÀ ªÉ AzÀgÀ ¹ Ä ºÁ PÉƼÀÄ váû É. DvÀ À ÉßûvÀgÀÄ DvÀ À ÀÄß zàægà ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. zàgà Àj ÁªÀÄ ªÀiÁgÁUÀÆ vàläövàûzé. DvÀ À ÉßûvÀgÀÄ DPÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß ºÉÆqÉAiÀÄÄvÁÛgÉ. gápï ªÁ ï ºÁUÀÆ ªÀiÁgÁ¼À ÀÄß PÀgÉzÀÄPÉÆAqÀÄ ÉÃgÉqÉUÉ ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ É. DPÉUÉ và Àß PÀ À ÀÄ À À ÁzÀAvÉ sá ÀªÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DzÀgÉ DvÀ À AiÉÆÃ É ÉÃgÉAiÀiÁ zé. ÉÆà ÀjAzÀ và ¹PÉÆAqÀÄ qàä ÛgÀĪÁUÀ DvÀ DPÉUÉ ªÁ ï À ÀÄß zájaiàä AiÉÄà véægézàä qàäªàavé ºÉüÀÄvÁÛ É. Won Best Film - Slovene FF Won Best Director - Slovene FF Best Screenplay - Janez Burger, Ales Car, Melina Pota Koljevic, Srdjan Koljevic - Slovene FF Miha Cernec Maruša Majer, Matjaz Tribuson, Janez Burger, Aleš Natasa Barbara?ar, Melina Pota Gracner, Koljevic, Srdjan Polona Juh, Koljevic Branko Brane Šturbej, Leon Marko Brdar Lucev, Mojca Funkl, Mateja Miloš Kalusek Pucko Damir Avdic 94 JANEZ BURGER Janez Burger a Director, screenwriter and producer Born in 1965 in Kranj. Graduated in film and TV direction from the FAMU Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. His films recived more than 40 Slovenian and international awards, which involves 'Running' (1999), 'Silent Sonata' (2011) and 'Ivan' (2017). CONTACT: SLINGSHOT FILMS MANUELA@SLINGSHOTFILMS.IT

112 JUST LIKE OUR PARENTS COMO NOSSOS PAIS d ïö ÉÊPï CªÀgï ÉÃgÉAmïì BRAZIL / 2017 / PORTUGUESE / 102 MIN. This is the story of one woman s rediscovery of her true self, in her 40s who is torn between her duties. Rosa, the 37-year-old protagonist wants to be perfect in all her duties: as a professional, mother, daughter, wife and lover, but it is i ult to re on ile ever thin au hter of intelle tuals of the s an mother of two re teen irls she fin s herself resse the two enerations er life tilts when her mother reveals a secret that has thrown her daughter s whole existence into disarray, and her life at home with her oft-absent and potentially cheating husband and daughters. DIRECTOR - LAIS BODANZKY géæã Á 37 ªÀµÀðzÀ ²¹Û À ªÀÄ»¼É. J èzàgà Æè CZÀÄÑPÀlÄÖ AiÀÄ ÀĪÀ géæã Á, và Àß PÉ ÀªÀ ÀÄß ±ÀæzÉÞ ÄAzÀ ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ ÀæªÀÈwÛAiÀĪÀ¼ÀÄ. ªÀÈwÛAiÀÄ è, vá ÄAiÀiÁV, ªÀÄUÀ¼ÁV, ÀwßAiÀiÁV, æaiàävàªéäaiàiáv J èªàç ² ÀÄÛ zàþªávaiéäã ÀqÉAiÀÄ ÉÃPÉ ÀÄߪÀªÀ¼ÀÄ. 70 ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹì À vá Ä ºÁUÀÆ JgÀqÀÄ ºÉtÄÚªÀÄPÀ̼À vá ÄAiÀiÁV JgÀqÀÄ và É ªÀiÁgÀÄUÀ¼À ÀqÀÄªÉ C ÀàaÑAiÀiÁV méö ÉÆà J ÀÄߪÀ vàªàpà CªÀ¼ÀzÀÄ. géæã Á¼À vá Ä, và Àß ªÀÄUÀ¼À PÀvÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß AiÀÄ Ä ªÀiÁrzÀ ÀAvÀgÀ ªÀÄUÀ¼À Á¼ÀÄ C ÀÛªÀå ÀÛªÁVgÀĪÀÅzÀÄ w½zàä, và Àß UÀAqÀ ºÁUÀÆ E âgàä ÀÄwæAiÀÄjAzÀ vá ÀÆ PÀÆqÁ ªÉÆà À ºÉÆÃVgÀĪÀÅzÀÄ CjªÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Won Best Film Gramado FF, Paris Brazilian FF (Audience Award), Vitória Cine Vídeo Nominated Best Film Berlin IFF (Panorama Audience Award, Teddy), Valladolid O ial ele tion avana on est ire tor rama o it ria ine eo on est tress aria i eiro rama o Caio Gullane, Debora Ivanov, Fabiano Gullanio, Lais Bodanzky, Luiz Bolognesi Lais Bodanzky, Luiz Bolognesi Pedro J. Marquez 95 Rodrigo Menecucci Antonio Pinto Maria Ribeiro, Clarisse Abujamra, Paulo Vilhena, Felipe Rocha, Jorge Mautner LAIS BODANZKY Daughter of the moviemaker Jorge Bodansky, Lais graduated with a cinema bachelor's degree in FAAP. Before directing movies, she won many awards for her videos. Her first work in the movie segment was her short 'Red Card' which won many awards. With the desire of going beyond the atmosphere of the film festivals and meeting the greater audiences, in 2000, Lais directed Brainstorm, 'Just Like Our Parents' is her first feature film. CONTACT: WILD BUNCH FESTIVAL@WILDBUNCH.EU

113 KILLING JESUS MATAR A JESUS Q èauï fã À ï COLOMBIA / 2017 / SPANISH / 100 MIN. Paula is a carefree art student who balances her days between studying photography and organizing against Colombia s deeply corrupt legal system. But when she witnesses her Father s assassination in broad daylight, Paula is thrown into a state of shock. Lost in a daze of sadness and rage, she catches a glimpse of her father s killer, brooding Jesús, in a nearby club, setting the young student on a ath of reven e ntent on e a tin an form of usti e she an an fin s herself immersed in Jesús s aimless, poverty-stricken world and quickly discovers that they might both be victims of the same broken system. DIRECTOR - LAURA MORA ORTEGA Ë Á M â «záåyð. và Àß ÉÇÃmÉÆUÀæ ü ²PÀëtzÀ eéævéué sàæµàö ªÀåªÀ ÉÜAiÀÄ «gàäzàþ DPÉ ºÉÆÃgÁl DgÀA ü ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. CzÉÆAzÀÄ À DPÉAiÀÄ vàazéaiàä ºÀvÉåAiÀiÁV DPÉ DWÁvÀPÉÆ̼ÀUÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. CzÉÆAzÀÄ À DPÉ và Àß vàazéaiàä ºÀAvÀPÀ fã À ï À ÀÄß À ï MAzÀgÀ è PÁtÄvÁÛ¼É. DPÉAiÀÄ è ÉÃr À QZÀÄÑ GAmÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. fã À ï À ÀÄß ²PÉëUÉ M¼À Àr ÀĪÀ ºÁ AiÀÄ è DvÀ ÉÆ â UÉÆvÀÄÛ-UÀÄj Ä èzà qàªà ºÁUÀÆ vá ÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ fã À ï ªÀÄÄjzÀÄ zàý ªÀåªÀ ÉÜAiÀÄ PÀÄrUÀ¼ÉAzÀÄ DPÉUÉ w½aiàäävàûzé. Won Best Film - FIPRESCI at Cairo IFF Nominated Best Film - Cairo IFF, Zurich FF Won Best Director - Cine Latino Award Palm Springs IFF, Cairo IFF, Roger Ebert Chicago IFF Nominated Best Director-Chicago IFF, Huelva Latin American FF, Palm Springs IFF. Diego F. Ramirez, Ignacio Rey, Maja Zimmerman Laura Mora, Alonso Torres James L. Brown Leandro Aste Sebastián Escofet Natasha Jaramillo, Giovanny Rodríguez, Camilo Escobar, Carmenza Cossio, Juan Pablo Trujillo LAURA MORA ORTEGA Laura Mora was born in Medellín, Colombia in She graduated from film school in Melbourne, Australia. Whilst there, she directed two award-winning short films: 'West' and 'Brotherhood'. In 2012, she went on to direct next to Colombia's top director Carlos Moreno, more than 35 episodes of the award winning TV series on Pablo Escobar, 'The Drug Lord' (2012) about the life of the infamous drug lord. 'Killing Jesus' is her debut feature film. 96 CONTACT: LATIDO FILMS FESTIVALS@LATIDOFILMS.COM

114 LEAF OF LIFE à sï D sï ÉÊ sï IRAN / 2017 / PERSIAN / 86 MIN. ire tor enthusiasti all shoots a o umentar film a out the ultivation an harvest of saffron in north east ran e a ree to ire t to earn enou h mone for u in a house in ehran owever ri es of the real estate usiness are risin an he ets worrie nstea of fo usin on the ire tion of his film he s en s time with his ro u er who is su ose to fin him the house of his reams he on itions of shootin are not eas either e ause of the ire tor s eman s he farmers arti ularl one ol man are relu tant DIRECTOR - EBRAHIM MOKHTARI ±Á À gá ï À PÉà Àj qàzà Éà ÁAiÀÄ ªÀÄvÀÄÛ PÉÆAiÀÄÄ PÀÄjvÀÄ zéãð±àpà vá ºÀ AzÀ ÁPÀ vàæ ªÀiÁð ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ É. véºàgá ï À À AvÀ ªÀÄ ÉAiÉÆAzÀ ÀÄß PÀnÖPÉƼÀ ÉÃPÉA PÉ PÀ D É ÄAzÀ DvÀ ¹ ªÀiÁ zéãð±à À ªÀiÁqÀ Ä vàä PÀ Á gàäváû É. DzÀgÉ jaiàä ï ÉÖÃ ï ªÀ ªÀºÁgÀzÀ êÀæ gàäuà AiÀiÁ ªÀÄ ÉUÀ¼À É É UÀUÀ ÀPÉÌÃgÀÄvÀÛzÉ. zàä ªÀ À zàä ªÀ ÀÄß ºÉ Ñ ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ¹ ªÀiÁ zéãð±à À ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ zà Ä ªÀiÁð ÀPÀgÉÆA UÉ ÀºÁAiÀÄPÀ Á gàäªà zàä Éà ÀÄ AzÀÄPÉÆAqÀÄ và Àß ªÀÄ ÉAiÀÄ PÀ À ÀÄ À À Á ¹PÉƼÀ Ä ªÀ ÉÆA gàäváû É. zéãð±àpà À ÉÃrPÉAiÀÄAvÉ æãpàgà ÀqÉ ÀĪÀ zàä ÀÄ Ä sàªá gà. zé ªÀ zà gé và PÀÆqÁ PÉgÀ½zÀÄÝ ÀªÀÄ É AiÀÄ ÀÄß ºÉ ѹvÀÄÛ. Won Best Film - Vesoul International Film Festival (Inalco Jury Award) Ebrahim Mokhtary Mehdi Ahmadi, Saeid Poursamimi, Maryam Ebrahim Mokhtari Moghadam, Sahar Majid Gorjian Salahshour Meysam Molai Behzad Abdi 97 EBRAHIM MOKHTARI Ebrahim Mokhtari, born in Babol is graduate from Television and Cinema school. He began his film carrier by making documentary movies in television. His first feature film Zinat was screened in the Cannes Critics Week in 1994.He has made several documentaries which were screened at various film festivals. In 1997, Dok Leipzig film festival held a retrospective of his documentary films. 'Leaf of life' is inspired by the adventures behind the making his other documentary Saffron (1990). CONTACT: FARABI CINEMA FOUNDATION FCF1@DPI.NET.IR

115 LITTLE HARBOUR PIATA LOD mïè ºÁ ðgï DIRECTOR - IVETA GROFOVA SLOVAKIA / 2017 / SLOVAKIAN / 90 MIN. For Lucia, Jarka is nothing more than a best friend. Ten-year-old Jarka doesn t see it that way though. She would much rather have her mom try to be a mother instead. Jarka dreams of having a real family and a house by the sea. Left on her own, she stumbles upon twins infants abandoned at the train station and decides to take them in. Her grandmother s enchanted garden becomes a safe haven where she can take on the role of a parent together with her neighbour Kristian, who himself suffers from overprotective parents. vá ÄAiÀÄ KPÀvÁ ÀvÉAiÀÄ PÀÈvÀPÀ zàäpàä ºÀvÀÄÛªÀµÀðzÀ Á É dpáðué»r ÀĪÀÅ è. CªÀ½UÉ ÀºÀd PÀÄlÄA ÉÃPÀÄ. ÀªÀÄÄzÀæzÀqÀzÀ è ªÀÄ É ªÀiÁr fã«à ÉÃPÉA AiÀÄPÉ. ªÉÄ gé Ä ÁÝ zà ªÀ½ ªÀ½ ªÀÄUÀÄ Á ÀªÁ gàäªà zà ÀÄß ÉÆÃqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ªÀ ÀÄß ªÀÄ ÉUÉ ÛPÉÆAqÀÄ ºÉÆÃUÀĪÀ ªÀÄ À Á UÀÄvÀÛzÉ. và Àß AiÀÄ véæãlzà ªÀÄ É ÀÄgÀ và À UÀð ÀÄߪÀ zàä jªáuàävàûzé. ÀPÀÌzÀ ªÀÄ É ºÀÄqÀÄUÀ æ ÑAiÀÄ ï ªÀ¼À ÉÆvÉUÀÆqÀÄvÁÛ É. gàæ ÉÆõÀPÀgÀ ÁvÀæªÀ» ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. Won Best Film - Berlin IFF Won Best Actress - Vanessa Neisse FF, Zlin FF Katarína Krnacova, Iveta Grofova, Jiri Konecny Marek Lescak, Iveta Grofova Denisa Buranová Anton Fabian 98 Matej Hlavac Vanessa Szamuhelova, Matus Bacisin, Katarina Kamencova, Johana Tesarová IVETA GROFOVA Born in Tren, in Slovakia in 1980, after studying in the animation and documentary departments she has a PhD from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Her 2012 feature debut 'Made in Ash' was the Slovakian entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar film & won awards at Cottbus & Torino Film Festival. She has also directed short films & documentaries for television. She founded Hulapa Film, a production company for author-driven films, in CONTACT: LOCO FILMS INTERNATIONAL@LOCO-FILMS.COM

116 LOVELESS NELYUBOV ªï É ï DIRECTOR - ANDREY ZVYAGINTSEV RUSSIA / 2017 / RUSSIAN / 127 MIN. Zhenya and Boris are going through a vicious divorce marked by resentment, frustration and recriminations. Already embarking on new lives, each with a new partner, they are impatient to start again, to turn the page even if it means threatening to abandon their 12-year-old son Alyosha. Until, after witnessing one of their fi hts l osha isa ears géhä Áå ºÁUÀÆ ÉÆÃj ï ºÉÆAzÁtÂPÉ Ä èzé «ZÉÒÃzÀ À ÀæQæAiÉÄAiÀÄ èzáýgé. CªÀj âgàæ ÉÃgÉÆ â ÀAUÁwAiÀÄ ÀÄß ºÀÄqÀÄQPÉÆArzÁÝgÉ. ºÉÆ À Á¼À ÀÄß DgÀA ü À Ä vàä UÁ ªÉÄÃ É A záýgé. vàªàä ªÀµÀðzÀ ªÀÄUÀ ÉÆ ÃµÁ À UÉUÉ DvÀ À sà µà zà UÉ ªÀjUÉ AvÉ Ä. zéæazàä À ªÀj gà UÀ¼À AzÀ Éà ÀvÀÛ ÉÆ ÃµÁ AzÀ ªÀÄgÉAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. Best Foreign Language Category - Nominated Film - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film Camerimage (Silver Frog), Cannes FF (Jury Prize), London FF, Munich IFF, Zagreb IFF Nominated Best Film - Golden Globes, BAFTA Awards, Camerimage (Golden Frog), Cannes FF (Palme d Or), European Film Awards, Nominated Best Director - European Film Awards-2017 Gleb Fetisov, Alexander Rodnyansky, Sergey Melkumov Oleg Negin, Andrey Zvyagintsev Michail Krichman Anna Maas 99 Andrey Dergachev Maryana Spivak, Alexey Rozin, Matvey Novikov, Marina Vasilyeva, Andris Keishs, Alexey Fateev ANDREY ZVYAGINTSEV Born in Novosibirsk. In 1990, Zvyagintsev graduated from the acting program at the Russian University of Theater Arts (GITIS), under the tutelage of Evgeny Lazarev. He practiced theatre & had a few bit parts in TV shows and movies. In 2000, he made his debut as a director. In 2003, Zvyagintsev shot his first feature film, The Return, which became the cinema sensation of the year. His 2014 film 'Leviathan' won the award for the Best Screenplay at 67th Cannes film fest. CONTACT: PRASAD KHATU PRASADKHATU@GMAIL.COM

117 NALU ON THE BORDER MULHER DO PAI À Ä D ï zà ÁqÀðgï DIRECTOR - CRISTIANE OLIVEIRA URUGUAY / 2016 / PORTUGUESE SPANISH / 94 MIN. Nalu, 16, and her father, Ruben, 39, live in a small country town near the Brazilian border in Uruguay. When he realizes that his little angel is growing up to be a woman, an ambiguous closeness begins to develop between them. That intimacy gives way to jealousy when Rosario, an Uruguayan woman, enters their lives. ºÀ ÁgÀÄ ªÀµÀðzÀ À Ä ªÀÄvÀÄÛ 39 ªÀµÀðzÀ CªÀ¼À vàazé gàæ É ï Éæf ï UÀrAiÀÄ ègàäªà GgÀÄUÉéAiÀÄ ÀtÚ ÀlÖtªÉÇAzÀgÀ è ªÁ¹ ÀÄwÛgÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ÀÄwæ ºÀ ºÀgÀAiÀÄ AzÀ ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÀiÁV ɼÉAiÀÄÄwÛzÁÝ¼É J ÀÄߪÀÅzÀgÀ CjªÁzÁUÀ CªÀj âgà è ªÀÄvÀÛµÀÄÖ CwäÃAiÀÄvÉ É¼ÉAiÀÄÄvÀÛzÉ. GgÀÄUÉéAiÀÄ ªÀÄ»¼É géæ ÁjAiÉÆà gàä É ï PÀÄlÄA ÀæªÉñÀ ªÀiÁrzÁUÀ, vàazé ªÀÄUÀ¼À DwäÃAiÀÄvÉ ºÉÆmÉÖQaÑUÉ wgàäuàävàûzé. Nominated Best Film Berlin IFF( Crystal Bear ) Won Best Director - Rio de Janeiro IFF Won Best Cinematography - Rio de Janeiro IFF Won Best Supporting Actress - Verónica Perrotta - Rio de Janeiro IFF Aletéia Selonk, Cristiane Oliveira, Diego Fernandez Pujol Cristiane Oliveira Heloisa Passos Tula Anagnostopoulos Miriam Biderman, Ricardo Reis Maria Galant, Marat Descartes, Veronica Perrotta, Jorge Esmoris CRISTIANE OLIVEIRA Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She started her career on cinema as a director of the shorts Messalina (2004) and Hóspedes (2008). She also worked as a producer, Screenwriter and assistant director. 'A Woman and the Father' is her first feature film. 100 CONTACT: LOCO FILMS INTERNATIONAL@LOCO-FILMS.COM

118 NEGAR ÉUÁgï DIRECTOR - RAMBOD JAVAN IRAN / 2017 / PERSIAN / 110 MIN. Negar is from a rich family. Her father dies after bankruptcy. This is, of course, what the detectives thinks. Negar doesn t believe that her father died of heart attack. So she embarks on a journey to uncover her father s dark past. ÉUÁgï ²æêÀÄAvÀ PÀÄlÄA zà ªÀåQÛ. CªÀ À vàazé ªÁ½AiÀiÁzÀ CªÀªÀiÁ ÀzÀ è ÁAiÀÄÄvÁÛgÉ. và Á PÁjUÀ¼ÀÄ AiÉÆà ¹zÀÄÝ»ÃUÉ. và Àß vàazé ºÀ zàaiàiá ÁvÀ AzÀ ÀvÀÛgÀÄ A ÄzÀ ÀÄß ÉUÁgï ÀA Ä Û.»ÃUÁ DvÀ và Àß vàazéaiàä»a À PÀvÉUÀ¼À ÀÄß ºÉÆgÀvÉUÉAiÀÄ Ä ºÉÆgÀqÀÄvÁÛ É. Nominated Best Director Fajr FF ( Crystal Simorgh ) Won Best Music Cristof Rezaei : Fajr FF ( Crystal Simorgh ) Negar Ramod Javan Javaherian, Mohammad Ehsan Goudarzi Reza Froutan, Mani Haghighi, Bahram Atila Pesiani, Badkheshani Alireza Shojanouri, Bahram Dehghan Afsaneh Bayegan, Vahid Moghadas, Ashkan Khatibi, Faramarz Alireza Abolsedgh Aghakhani RAMBOD JAVAN Rambod Javan Born in 1971 in Tehran, Rambod Javan is an established actor, director and TV host in Iranian cinema and television who started his career in He s already acted in 20 feature films and directed his first feature film, Spaghetti in 8 Minutes in His second feature film, Adam s Son, Eve s Daughter was made in 2009 and No Entry for Men is his third feature film which was a box-office hit in Iran in Negar is Mr. Javan s fourth feature film. 101 CONTACT: MOHAMMAD ATEBBAI INFO@IRANIANINDEPENDENTS.COM

119 NO DATE, NO SIGNATURE BEDOUNE TARIKH, BEDOUNE EMZA ÉÆà qéãmï, ÉÆà ¹UÉßÃZÀgï DIRECTOR - VAHID JALILVAND IRAN / 2017 / PERSIAN / 104 MIN. The forensic pathologist Dr Nariman, a principled and virtuous man, has an accident with a motorcyclist and his family, and injures his 8-year-old son. He pays compensation to the man and offers to take the child to a clinic nearby. he ne t mornin he fin s out that the same little o has een rou ht in for an autopsy. Dr Nariman faces a dilemma now: is he responsible for the child s death due to the accident or he died of food poisoning according to other doctors diagnosis? qá. ÁjªÀÄ ï Á ÀzÀ gàpàû ÀjÃPÀ PÀ. vàäa Á PÀlÄÖ nö À ºÁUÀÆ ªÀi AiÀÄÄvÀ ªÀ Û. zéæazàä À DvÀ À ªÁºÀ À D À ÁvÀ ÌÃqÁ ªÀµÀðzÀ Á PÀ êÀæªÁ UÁAiÀÄUÉƼÀÄ váû É. qá. ÁjªÀÄ ï D Á PÀ À ÀÄß À Äà ÀzÀ D À véué ÉÃj ÀÄvÁÛ É. D Á PÀ À ÉÆõÀPÀjUÉ và Àß và UÁ ÀjºÁgÀ ºÀ ªÀ ÀÄß ÃqÀÄvÁÛ É. ªÀÄgÀÄ À zéã Á PÀ À ±ÀªÀ ÀjÃPÉ UÁ DvÀ À ½AiÉÄà gàävàûzé. DvÀ UÉ UÉÆAzÀ. Á PÀ À Á UÉ ÀÄ PÁgÀ À ÁvÀªÉ à ªÉ zà gà ªÀgÀ AiÀÄ ÀæPÁgÀ µàaiàääpàû DºÁgÀªÉ à Won Best Film - Bratislava IFF (FIPRESCI), Thessaloniki FF (FIPRESCI & Silver Alexander) Nominated Best Film - Fajr FF, Hamburg FF, Palm Springs IFF, Stockholm FF, Venice FF Won Best Director - Chicago IFF, Fajr FF,Venice FF Won Best Screenplay - Vahid Jalilvand, Ali Stockholm FF Ali Jalilvand, Ehsan Alikhani Ali Zarnegar, Vahid Jalilvand Peyman Shadmanfar Vahid Jalilvand, Sepehr Vakili 102 Peyman Yazdanian Navid Mohammadzadeh, Amir Aghaee, Zakieh Behbahani, Saeed Dakh, Alireza Ostadi, Hediyeh Tehrani VAHID JALILVAND Vahid Jalilvand was born in Tehran in He is a graduate of Tehran University in Theater Directing. Jalilvand started his career as a theater actor and made his stage debut when he was only 15. In 1996, he started working in the Iranian State TV channels as an editor and then as a TV director. Chaharshanbeh, 19 Ordibehesht, his first feature, was awarded FIPRESCI Prize and won award at Venice IFF 2015 and many other awards, including Grand Prix du Jury NETPAC in Vesoul. CONTACT: NOORI PICTURES FEST.SMI@GMAIL.COM

120 ON BODY AND SOUL TESTROL ES LELEKROL D ï Ár CAqï ÉÆà ï DIRECTOR - ILDIKO ENYEDI HUNGARY / 2017 / HUNGARIAN / 116 MIN. When slaughterhouse workers Endre and Mária discover they share the same dreams - where they meet in a forest as deer and fall in love - they decide to ma e their reams ome true ut it s i ult in real life JAqÉæ ºÁUÀÆ ªÀÄjAiÀiÁ PÀ Á ÄSÁ ÉAiÀÄ è PÉ ÀUÁgÀgÀÄ. CzÉÆAzÀÄ À CªÀjUÉ và«ää âgà è ÀªÀiÁ À D ÀQÛUÀ½gÀĪÀÅzÀÄ w½aiàäävàûzé. CªÀgÀÄ æãw ÀvÉÆqÀUÀÄvÁÛgÉ. DzÀgÉ ÃªÀ ÀzÀ ªÀgÀ PÀ À ÀÄ À À ÁUÀ Ä ÀªÀÄAiÀÄ ÄÃj ºÉÆà zé. Best Foreign Language Category - Shortlisted Film - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film Berlin IFF, Camerimage, Mumbai IFF, Sydney IFF. Nominated Best Film American Society of Cinematographers, European Film Awards, Palm Springs, Philadelphia IFF, Vukovar IFF Best Director Won - Berlin IFF, Nominated - European Film Awards Mónika Mécs, András Muhi, Ern? Mesterházy Ildikó Enyedi Máté Herbai Károly Szalai Ádám Balázs 103 Alexandra Borbély, Géza Morcs, Réka Tenki, Zoltán Schneider, Ervin Nagy, Itala Békés ILDIKÓ ENYEDI Ildikó Enyedi has started her career as a concept and media artist.she later turned to feature film directing and script writing, wrote and directed five features and several shorts.her film, My 20th Century, was chosen as one of the 12 Best Hungarian Films of All TimeShe lectures at European master classes and teaches at the University of Film and Theatrical Arts in Budapest.She was founding member of EUCROMA, the European Cross Media Academy CONTACT: FILMS BOUTIQUE ALEKSANDR@FILMSBOUTIQUE.COM

121 ON THE BEACH AT NIGHT ALONE BAMUI HAEBYUN-EOSEO HONJA D ï zà ÃZï Cmï ÉÊmï C ÉÆà ï DIRECTOR - HONG SANGSOO REPUBLIC OF KOREA / 2017 / KOREAN / 101 MIN. After an affair with a married man, actress Younghee decides to take some time out and travels to the far-off, foreign city of Hamburg. There she meets some old friends, they eat and drink together, their conversations get more and more out of han an her in uen e to al ohol insults an an ers the others ivin vent to minor and major realisations and truths. She asks herself if her lover will follow her and whether he misses her as much as she does. She withdraws to a eserte ea h t seems as if she an onl trul fin herself in nature «ªÁ»vÀ ÉÆA UÉ ÀA AzsÀ ElÄÖPÉÆArzÀÝ Àn AiÀÄAVÃ, ºÁåA Uïð À ÀUÀgÀªÉÇAzÀPÉÌ ºÉÆà PÉ ÀUÀ¼À ÀÄß PÀ¼ÉAiÀÄ Ä zsàðj ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. DPÉUÉ ºÀ¼ÉAiÀÄ ÉßûvÀgÀ séãnaiàiáuàävàûzé. ªÀgÉ Á séæã ÀPÀÆlzÀ ÉÃgÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ªÀiÁ UÉ ªÀiÁvÀÄ É¼ÉzÀÄ ªÀÄ À ÀgÀ À gà zàæµà É PÉÆà À ¹lÄÖ ºÀjzÁqÀÄvÀÛzÉ. zàgà À ºÀ ªÁgÀÄ ÀvÀ UÀ¼ÀÄ ºÉÆgÀ üÀÄvÀÛªÉ. và Àß æaiàäpàgà À Àß ÀÄß»A Á À ºÀÄzÉà ªÀ ÀÄ Á zé gà ÁgÀ Éà ªÉÆzÀ ÁzÀ Á ÉUÀ¼ÀÄ ªÀ¼À ÀÄß PÁqÀÄvÀÛ ÀªÀÄÄzÀ ÃgÀzÀ ±Á ÀæPÀ AiÀÄ và Àß ÀÄß vá ÀÄ PÀAqÀÄPÉƼÀ Ä ÀæAiÀÄ ß ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. Won Best Film - Los Angeles FF (Jury Prize), Busan Film Critics Association, Jerusalem FF, Korean Association of Film Critics Awards Nominated Best Film - Berlin IFF (Golden Berlin Bear), Los Angeles FF (Best Fiction) Nominated Best Director - Baek Sang Art Awards Won Best Actor - Min-hee Berlin IFF, Gijón IFF Hong Sangsoo, Jeonwonsa Film Hong Sangsoo Kim Hyungkoo, Park Hongyeol Hahm Sungwon Kim Mir, Song Yeajin 104 Kim Minhee, Seo Younghwa, Jung Jaeyoung, Moon Sungkeun HONG SANGSOO Hong Sangsoo was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1960, studied at Chung-Ang University, California College of Arts and Crafts and the Art Institute of Chicago. His film 'Night and Day' screened in the Berlinale Competition in In 2010 he won Un Certain Regard at Cannes for 'HaHaHa'. His 'Nobody s Daughter Haewon' featured in the Berlinale Competition in 2013 & his 2015 film 'Right Now', 'Wrong Then' won the Golden Leopard at Locarno. CONTACT: FINECUT CO., LTD. YURA@FINECUT.CO.KR

122 POROROCA ÉÆgÉÆgÉÆÃP DIRECTOR - CONSTANTIN POPESCU ROMANIA / 2017 / ROMANIAN / 152 MIN. Cristina and Tudor Ionescu have founded a happy family with their two children. Maria (5 and a half) and Ilie (7). He works for a phone company and she s an accountant. They re in their thirties and live in a nice apartment in a Romanian town. They live the life of an ordinary couple with young children. One Sunday morning, when Tudor takes the kids to the park, Maria disappears. Their lives abruptly change forever. Qæ¹Öà Á ªÀÄvÀÄÛ læqàgï M É ÀÄÌ E âgàä ªÀÄPÀ̼À ÀÄß ºÉÆA gàäªà ZÉÆPÀÌ PÀÄlÄA. ªÀiÁjAiÀiÁUÉ zàæªàgé ªÀµÀð. AiÀiÁUÉ ¼ÀÄ ªÀµÀð. læqàgï séæã ï PÀA À AiÀÄ PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ É. CªÀ¼ÀÄ CPËAmÉAmï DVzÁݼÉ. ªÀÄƪÀvÀÛgÀ ºÀgÀAiÀÄzÀ F zàa Àw ªÀÄPÀ̼ÉÆA UÉ géæªéäã AiÀÄ ï ÀUÀgÀzÀ Á ïðªéäa ï AzÀgÀ ªÁ¹ ÀÄ ÛzÁÝgÉ. MAzÀÄ sá ÀĪÁgÀ ɽUÉÎ læqàgï E âgàæ ªÀÄPÀ̼À ÀÄß GzÁå ÀªÀ ÀPÉÌ PÀgÉzÉÆAiÀÄÄåvÁÛ É. EzÀÝQÌzÀÝAvÉ ªÀiÁjAiÀiÁ Á ÀvÉÛAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. CªÀgÀ PÀÄlÄA zà fãªà À KgÀÄ ÉÃgÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Nominated Best Film Göteborg FF ( Dragon Award ), San Sebastián IFF ( Golden Seashell ), Zurich FF ( Golden Eye ) Won Best Actor - Bogdan Dumitrache : San Sebastián IFF ( Silver seashell ) Bogdan Liviu Marghidan, Dumitrache, Lissandra Haulica Iulia Lumanare, Costin Dogioiu, Constantin Stefan Raus, Popescu Adela Marghidan Liviu Marghidan Corina Stavila Vincent Arnardi CONSTANTIN POPESCU Constantin Popescu began his career with the short films which have participated and won awards at the major international festivals. In 2009, he directed the fragment Pig of Christian Mungiu s 'Tales from the Golden Age'. His first feature film, 'Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man', was selected for the Berlin Forum With the second, 'Principles of Life', he participated in Zabaltegi-New Directors in San Sebastian, also in CONTACT: WIDE MANAGEMENT MA@WIDEMANAGEMENT.COM

123 RADIANCE HIKARI géraiàä ïì DIRECTOR - NAOMI KAWASE JAPAN / 2017 / JAPANESE / 101 MIN. isa o is a assionate writer of film versions for the visuall im aire t a s reenin she meets a amori an ol er hoto ra her who is slowl losin his e esi ht isa o soon is overs a amori s hoto ra hs who will stran el rin her a to her ast o ether the will learn to see the ra iant worl that was invisi le to her e es «Ä ÁPÉÆà CAzsÀgÀ PÀÄjvÀAvÉ ZÀ ÀavÀæPÀxÉ géaiàääªà ºÀªÁå ÀªÀżÁîPÉ. ÀæzÀ±Àð ÀªÉ AzÀgÀ DPÉ ÀPÀªÉÆÃj A ÁvÀ À ÀÄß séãnaiàiáuàäváû¼é. Á DvÀ zsá ÀªÁ zàè Ö PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉƼÀÄîwÛgÀĪÀ báaiàiáuáæºàpà. DPÉ DvÀ À ºÀ¼ÉAiÀÄ báaiàiá avàæuà¼à ÀÄß ÉÆÃqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. DvÀ DPÉAiÀÄ ºÀ¼ÉAiÀÄ É À À ÀÄß ªÀÄgÀÄPÀ½ ÀĪÀAvÉ ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ É. DvÀ À ÀºÁAiÀÄ AzÀ và ÀUÉ PÀArgÀzÀ duàvàû ÀÄß PÁtvÉÆqÀUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. Nominated Best Film - Denver IFF, Valladolid IFF Nomina Won Best Director - Cannes FF Naoya Kinoshita, Masa Sawada, Yumiko Takebe Naomi Kawase Arata Dodo Tina Baz Ibrahim Maalouf 106 Masatoshi Nagase, Ayame Misaki, Tatsuya Fuji, Kazuko Shirakawa NAOMI KAWASE Naomi Kawase graduated from the Visual Arts College Osaka. In 1997, she became the youngest winner of the Camera d or, for her first feature 'Suzaku'. In 2000, 'Hotaru' won both the FIPRESCI and the CICAE Prizes at Locarno. Then followed a whole series of feature films selected at the Festivals, She was a member of the Jury headed by Steven Spielberg at the 66th Festival de Cannes. She is the founder of the International Nara Film Festival, dedicated to promoting the work of young directors. CONTACT: MK2 FILMS INTLFEST@MK2.COM

124 RADIOGRAM géãraiéæãuáæªàiï BULGARIA / 2017 / BULGARIAN / 85 MIN. For a young rock n roll fan, Bulgaria in 1971 was a distinctly un-swinging place to e n o ressive ommunist overnment lame it firml on the oo ie an for a oun hi at li e hmet life is re an ull o when his father wal s almost m to the nearest town to u him a new ra io it s a trul heartwarmin esture he film ortra s the i ult lives of uslims in ul aria e in out a livin in the rou h wil ountr si e an also the famil s lo al Part o ials are ressurin them to onvert to hristianit ome art of the film is ire tor s own hil hoo in ul aria DIRECTOR - ROUZIE HASSANOVA EzÀÄ 1971gÀ É ÎÃjAiÀiÁzÀ PÀvÉ. gápï ÀAVÃvÀ æaiàä AiÀÄĪÀPÀ CºÀªÀÄvïUÉ gápï ÀAVÃvÀ PÉüÀĪÀ vàªàpà. MAzÀÄ géãraiéæã EzÀÝgÉ J èªà ÀÆß PÉüÀ ºÀÄzÀÄ JA vàärvà. DzÀgÉ AiÀÄĪÀd ÀgÀ D±ÉÆÃvÀÛgÀUÀ¼À ÀÄß ºÀ ÛPÀÄÌ ÛgÀĪÀ PÀªÀÄÄ ïö ÀPÁðgÀ AiÀiÁªÀ zéã sà UÀ¼À ÀÄß PÀ ¹. ºÀªÀÄvï À vàazé UÀÄqÀ ÀæzÉñÀªÀ Éß Á zán ÀÆgÀPÀÆÌ ºÉZÀÄÑ. Ä zàægàªà ÀÄß PÀæ Ĺ géãraiéæãªé AzÀ ÀÄß PÉÆAqÀÄ vàgàäváû É. géãraiéæã ÀA ÃvÀ ªÀÄvÀÄÛ PÁgÀzÀ zà ÀðªÀ ÀÄß Àæ A ÀĪÀ ÀAPÉÃvÀªÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ÀA ÃvÀ AzÀÄ PÀqÉ DzÀgÉ É ÃjAiÀiÁzÀ ªÀÄĹ êÀÄgÀ ÀAPÀµÀÖUÀ¼À ÀÄß géãraiéæã vàûj ÀÄ ÛgÀÄvÀÛzÉ. À ½ÃAiÀÄ DqÀ½vÁ PÁjUÀ¼ÀÄ D À ºÀ½ AiÀÄ ªÀÄĹ êÀÄgÀ ÀÄß æ ÑAiÀÄ ï ªÀÄvÀPÉÌ ªÀÄvÁAvÀgÀUÉƼÀ Ä vàûqà ºÉÃgÀÄ ÛzÉ. Nominated Best Film Haifa IFF, Dubai IFF Gergana Stankova Rouzie Hassanova Kiril Prodanov Yana Titova, Alexander Hadjiangelov, Aleksandar Aleksiev, Alexander Ivanov, Tymoteusz Wiskirski, Natasha Shtereff Stephan A. Westlake Grzegorz Kucharski 107 ROUZIE HASSANOVA Rouzie Hassanova is a screenwriter, director who has lived in London since She has written and directed a number of award-winning shorts including the charity musical VICKY and the internationally licensed Tree without a Root. Her career started at VTR post-production, after which she joined the sales team at HanWay Films in order to work with the legendary independent producer Jeremy Thomas. CONTACT: INTRAMOVIES FABIO.TUCCI@INTRAMOVIES.COM

125 RAVENS KORPARNA géãªé ïì DIRECTOR - JENS ASSUR SWEDEN / 2017 / SWEDISH / 107 MIN. ne a onstant farmer who lives in s rural we en fi hts tooth an nail to save his farm from the owner s rofit riven as irations an the overall tendency to modernize. As the farm was run by the same family for the last century, passing from generation to generation, Agne is certain that his eldest son will take over. When he gets to know his son s real intentions, he will have i ulties in is ernin the line etween stu ornness an ma ness DUÉß gé và. DvÀ À Äà À ªÀiÁ ÃPÀ Á sàpéæãgà ªÀÄ À¹ ÀªÀ. D ªÀiÁ ÃPÀ DzsÀÄ PÀ ÀzÀ UÀ¼À ÀÄß và Àß Äà À vàgà AiÀÄ ÀÄvÁÛ É. zàgà gàäzà DUÉß ºÉÆÃgÁqÀ ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. D Äà À ÀÄß zéã PÀÄlÄA ±ÀvÀªÀiÁ ÀUÀ½AzÀ ¼ÀĪÉÄ ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ A zé. D PÀÄlÄA zà»jaiàä ªÀÄUÀ ¼ÀĪÉÄAiÀÄ ÀÄß ªÀ»¹PÉƼÀ ºÀÄzÉAzÀÄ DUÉß ½zÀÄPÉƼÀÄ váû É. DzÀgÉ»jAiÀÄ ªÀÄUÀ À ÉÃPÉ UÀ¼Éà ÉÃgÉ. DUÉß UÀnÖvÀ À ºÁUÀÆ ºÀÄZÀÄÑvÀ ÀzÀ ÀqÀÄ À géã ÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß zsàðj À Éà zé. Won Best Film Tbilisi IFF Won Best Director - Thessaloniki FF Jan Marnell, Tom Persson, Jens Assur Jens Assur Jonas Alarik ÅSa Mossberg Mattias Eklund, Peter Von Poehl 108 Reine Brynolfsson, Maria Heiskanen, Jacob NordströM JENS ASSUR Jens Assur is a world-renowned photographer and filmmaker from Sweden, whose shorts have been awarded in numerous film festivals. His debut short film, The Last Dog in Rwanda, based on personal experiences as a war photographer, won numerous awards including Best Film at Tribeca Film Festival. Ravens is his first feature film. Between 2010 and 2014, Assur also produced two contemporary solo photo exhibitions that have opened at major art institutions, nationally as well as internationally. CONTACT: PASCALE RAMONDA PASCALE@PASCALERAMONDA.COM

126 RAZZIA gàjhäôaiàä DIRECTOR - NABIL AYOUCH MOROCCO / 2017 / ARABIC / 120 MIN. Morocco, from the past to the present. Five people who are connected to each other Abdallah, Salima, Joe, Hakim, and Inès without realizing it. Different faces, different struggles, but one same breath. One city, Casablanca as a fra ment of realit as the m th of a film entirel shot in oll woo stu ios which reality has come back to claim. ªÉÆgÀPÉÆÌÃzÀ A AzÀ A À và ÀPÀ ÄÝ Á À ªÀiÁ ºÀ êÀÄ ÉÃ ï ªÀgÀÄ vàªàäuéã UÉÆ Û zàavé juéæ gàä ÀgÀ À gà ÉÆvÉAiÀiÁ záýgé. iá Àß ªÀÄÄ. Àß ºÉÆÃgÁl. DzÀgÉ AzÉà ¹gÀÄ. AzÉà ÀUÀgÀ. PÀ À ÁAPÁ. zàä É véaiàä AzÀÄ sáuà. Best Foreign Language Film Entry - Oscars 2018, Nominated for Platform Prize at Toronto International Film Festival Bruno Nahon, Patrick Quinet, Nabil Ayouch Maryam Touzani, Nabil Ayouch Virginie Surdej Sophie Reine, Marie-Hélène Dozo 109 Zacharie Naciri Maryam Touzani, Arieh Worthalter, Amine Ennaji, Abdelilah Rachid, Dounia Binebine, Abdellah Didane NABIL AYOUCH Nabil Ayouch (born 1 April 1969) is a French- Moroccan television and film director, producer and writer of Moroccan origin. Ayouch started his career as a scriptwriter and director with the advertising agency Euro-RSCG. In 1992, he directed Les Pierres bleues du désert, a first short film with Jamel Debbouze which tells the history of a convinced young man that there are large blue stones in the desert. His 2012 film God's Horses competed in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. CONTACT: PLAYTIME GROUP FESTIVAL@PLAYTIME.GROUP

127 RESURRECTION jã ÀgÉ æpàë ï DIRECTOR - KRISTOF HOORNAERT BELGIUM / 2017 / DUTCH / 110 MIN. An old man, who practically lives as a hermit, comes across a young man lying naked out in the woods. Even though the young man refuses to speak, the old man takes him into his home and a strange bond begins to form between the two. But a visit from the police reveals that the young man has killed somebody. Now the old man must make a decision of what to do with the murderer in his midst. What will he do with the killer in his house? KPÁAvÀªÁV fã«àäwûgàäªà ªÀÈzÀÞ ÉÆ â, và Àß ªÁ À ÀܼÀPÉÌ À«Äà À AiÀÄĪÀPÀ ÉÆ â ÉvÀÛ ÉAiÀiÁ ÝgÀĪÀ zà ÀÄß UÀªÀÄ ÀÄvÁÛ É. AiÀÄĪÀPÀ ªÀiÁvÀ ÁqÀ Ä gápàj¹zàgàæ ªÀ zà ªÀ À ÀÄß và Àß UÀÄr À UÉ PÀgÉzÀÄPÉÆAqÀÄ ºÉÆà ÀZÀj ÀÄvÁÛ É. gà Æ AzÀÄ jã AiÀÄ ÀÄ AzsÀ ɼÉAiÀÄÄvÀÛzÉ. DzÀgÉ D À ¼ÀPÉÌ gàäªà ÉÆà ÀgÀÄ AiÀÄĪÀPÀ PÉÆ ÉAiÉÆAzÀ ÀÄß ªÀiÁrgÀĪÀ ÀAUÀ AiÀÄ ÀÄß ½ ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ªÀÄ ÉAiÉƼÀUÉ gàäªà PÉÆ ÉUÁgÀ À UÉ AiÀiÁªÀ ĪÀ vá¼à ÉÃPÀÄ ÀÄߪÀ zà AzÀ ªÀ zà À ÀÄß PÁqÀÄvÀÛzÉ. O ial ele tion otter am ilm est ent ominate est ilm allinn la i hts ilm estival on est ire tor a ri oll woo Johan Leysen, Geoffrey Kris Cuppens, Enthoven, Gilles De Mariano Vanhoof Schryver, Thomas Kristof Hoornaert Ryckewaert Rimvydas Leipus David Verdurme Yanna Soentjens, Raf Enckels KRISTOF HOORNAERT Kristof Hoornaert is from Belgium studied Audiovisual Arts in Ghent and Brussels. He started working as a freelance director on several corporate films, publicity and commercials for various companies. His first short film Kaïn premiered in the official competition of the Berlinale, 'Resurrection' is his debut directorial feature film. 110 CONTACT: TV CO. SRL GEREMIA@TVCO.EU

128 SCARY MOTHER SASHISHI DEDA ÉÌÃj ªÀÄzÀgï DIRECTOR - ANA URUSHADZE GEORGIA / 2017 / GEORGIAN / 107 MIN. A 50-year-old housewife, Manana, struggles with a dilemma. She has to choose between her family life and her love for writing which she has repressed for ears hen she finall e i es to follow her assion she is rea to sa rifi e everything for it, mentally and physically. ªÀÄ Á À 50 ªÀµÀðzÀ ªÀÄ»¼É. DPÉUÉ MAzÀÄ ÀA UÀÞ. DPÉUÉ gàªàtâué UÉÎ C ÁgÀ D ÀQÛ. DzÀgÉ, PËlÄA PÀ ªÀåªÀºÁgÀzÀ è ªÀÄļÀÄVzÀ DPÉUÉ géaiàä Ä DV è. FUÀ DPÉ gàªàtâué CxÀªÁ PÀÄlÄA. EªÉgÀqÀgÀ è MAzÀ ÀÄß DAiÉÄÌ ªÀiÁrPÉƼÀî ÉÃQzÉ. DPÉ PÉÆ ÉUÉ gàªàtâuéaiàä ÀÄß DAiÉÄÌ ªÀiÁrPÉƼÀÄîvÁÛ¼É. zéê»pàªáv ºÁUÀÆ ªÀiÁ À¹PÀªÁV ªÀ ÀÆß gàªà UÉUÁ vá UÀªÀiÁqÀ Ä zsàðj ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. Best Foreign Language Film Entry - Oscars 2018, Best First Feature & Youth Jury Award - Locarno Film Festival 2017, Heart of Sarajevo Award - Sarajevo Film Festival on nternational om etition um ai ilm estival on sia Pa ifi reen war ur ran Pri e sia Pa ifi reen war s Nato Lasha Khalvashi, Murvanidze, Tinatin Kajrishvili, Dimitri Ivo Felt Tatishvili, Ramaz Ana Urushadze Ioseliani, Avtandil Mindia Esadze Makharadze, Darejan Alexander Kharshiladze Kuranov Nika Pasuri 111 ANA URUSHADZE Ana Urushadze, born in Tbilisi (Georgia) in 1990, graduated from the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Georgia State Film University (TAFU) in 2013 and directed several short films such as Ideas (2010) and One Man Loved Me (2012). Sashishi Deda (Scary Mother) is her feature film debut. CONTACT: STUDIO ARTIZM MIGUEL@ALIEF.CO.UK

129 SECRET INGREDIENT ISCELITEL ¹PÉ æãmï E ïué æãraiàäamï DIRECTOR - GJORCE STAVRESKI MACEDONIA / 2017 / MACEDONIAN / 104 MIN. Vele can t afford to buy the expensive medications for his father, who has cancer. Desperate, he steals marijuana from some criminals, makes a cake with it and gives it to him, hoping it will reduce his pain. His father s health miraculously improves, but Vele is suddenly confronted by their neighbors, who demand the recipe for the remedial cake, and by the criminals, who want their drugs back. The greatest challenge, however, is to persuade his father that his life is worth living for. ªÉÃ É vàazéué PÁå Àìgï. PÁ Ä É zàý vàazéué OµÀzsÀ Rjà À Æ DvÀ À ½ ºÀt«è. DUÀ DvÀ UÁA Á PÀ¼À và À ªÀiÁr zà ÀÄß PÉÃPï À ºÁ và Àß vàazéué ß ÀÄvÁÛ É. CzÀjAzÁzÀgÀÆ géæãuàzà ÉÆêÀ ÀÄß và Àß vàazé ªÀÄgÉAiÀÄ JA ºÀA ªÉà ÉAiÀÄzÀÄÝ. vàæªéazàgé ªÉà ÉAiÀÄ vàazé UÀÄ ªÀÄÄ ÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. zà ÀÄß ÉÆÃrzÀ ÉgɺÉÆgÉAiÀĪÀgÀÄ D jãwaiàä PÉÃPï ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ UÉ ºÉÃUÉAzÀÄ DvÀ À É Àß»AzÉ zàýgé, R êÀÄgÀÄ vàªàää UÁA ÁªÀ ÀÄß ªÀÄgÀ½ ÀĪÀAvÉ zàäa Á Ä Ã¼ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. DzÀgÉ ªÉà ÉAiÀÄ ªÁzÀ ÀªÀÄ ÉåAiÉÄAzÀgÉ zàäpàäªàavé và Àß vàazéué ªÀÄ ÀªÉÇ ÀĪÀÅzÀÄ. Won Best Film - Thessaloniki FF ( Audience Award) Nominated Best Film - Tallinn Black Nights FF(Special Jury Prize, Best First Feature) Blagoj Gjorce Stavreski Veselinov, Anastas Gjorce Stavreski Tanovski, Aksel Mehmet, Dejan Dimeski Aleksandar Mikic Martin Ivanov Branislav Nikolov, Pece Trajkovski, Goce Jovanoski 112 GJORCE STAVRESKI Gjorce Stavreski is an award-winning filmmaker from Skopje. His documentary Adam and Eve got the Special Jury Mention Award at ZagrebDox film festival in Croatia. His short fiction 'At Daybreak' was in official competition at Clermont-Ferrand film festival, and his short fiction Audition Material won the Best Short Fiction Award at Bogoshorts, Colombia. His feature film debut 'Secret Ingredient' won two international awards in the pre-production stage. CONTACT: WIDE MANAGEMENT MA@WIDEMANAGEMENT.COM

130 SUCH IS THE LIFE IN THE TROPICS SIN MUERTOS NO HAY CARNAVAL ÀZï E ï zà ÉÊ sï E ï zà máæ üpï DIRECTOR - SEBASTIAN CORDERO ECUADOR / 2016 / SPANISH / 100 MIN. ua a uil is ua or s o ulous it t is also the most a i te with lass is arit u h is ife in the ro i s fo uses on a wealth oun man stru lin to evi t families who have een s uattin on the lan he has inherite from his father he a ointe lea er of the s uatters is willin to ne otiate ut an this hi h tension on i t so em lemati of the it s frau ht e onomi im alan es e resolve without loo she UÁéQ ï FPÁÖqÉÆÃgï À GµÀÚªÀ AiÀÄzÀ, ªÀUÀð C ÀªÀiÁ ÀvÉ ÄAzÀ vàäa gàäªà ÀUÀgÀ. AvÀºÀ ÀUÀgÀzÀ váæ ðvàªá AzÀ và Àß Äà À ÃqÀÄ nögàäªà 0 PÀÄlÄA UÀ¼À ÀÄß végàªàåuéæ½ À Ä ²æêÀÄAvÀ AiÀÄĪÀPÀ ÉÆ â ºÉÆÃgÁl DgÀA ü¹záý É. d«äã ÀÄ CwPÀæ«Ä¹gÀĪÀªÀgÀ ÀgÀªÁV ÁAiÀÄPÀvÀé ªÀ»¹gÀĪÀªÀ ÉÆ â ÀAzsÁ ÀPÉÌ ¹zÀÞªÁVzÁÝ É. DzÀgÉ F G éuàß ¹Üw DyðPÀªÁV C ÀªÀiÁ ÀvÉ vàa gàäªà ÀUÀgÀzÀ è vàè ÛPÀgÀªÁV, ÁåAiÀÄAiÀÄÄvÀªÁV EvÀgÀjUÉ ªÀiÁzÀj J ÀÄߪÀAvÉ AiÀiÁªÀÅzÉà gàpàû ÁvÀ«èzÉ ÀjºÁgÀ PÁt ºÀÄzÉÃ? Won Best Director - San Diego Latino FF, Nominated Best Film - Ariel Awards Mexico, Chicago Latino FF, José María Forqué Awards, Miami FF Arturo Yépez, Sebastián Cordero, Bertha Navarro, Stelios Ziannis Andrés Crespo Arosemena, Sebastián Cordero Tonatiuh Martínez Jorge García, Sebastián Cordero Toño Cepeda, Leonardo Heiblum, Andrés Sánchez SEBASTIÁN CORDERO Sebastián Cordero was born on May 23, 1972 in Quito, Ecuador. He is a film director, writer and editor, often recognized for his work in 'Ratas, Ratones, Rateros', his debut film portrays the life in a poverty-stricken Ecuador. At the age of 18 he began his studies in film and script making in the University of Southern California. His second film was 'Crónicas'. His third film, 'Rabia' is based on a novel from the writer Sergio Bizzio. 113 CONTACT: MEDIA LUNA FESTIVAL@MEDIALUNA.BIZ

131 SUNSHINE THAT CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS À ï ±ÉÊ ï zàmï PÁå ï ªÀÄÆªï ªÀiËAmÉ ïì DIRECTOR - WANG QIANG CHINA / 2017 / MANDARIN / 109 MIN. Tenzin Banjue, a young Tibetan monk living in a temple, takes a long way back home for the first time to visit his rother who is in a ve etative state after fallin off a liff es ite fin in himself enamore his rother s fian e he refuses his mother s offer to sta an marr her who at the same time ets a marria e ro osal from another man tru lin etween faith to his reli ion an truth to his heart of love en in to ether with his rother an fian e sets off on a soul searching journey of kilometers. ÃWÀðPÁ AzÀ zéãªà ÁÜ ÀzÀ Éèà n ÉÃnAiÀÄ ï À Áå¹ vé ïf ï ÀÄÓ, ªÉÆzÀ ÁjUÉ và Àß ªÀÄ ÉUÉ»AwgÀÄVzÁÝ É. Àæ ÁvÀzÀ è zàäý aavád ÀPÀ ¹ÜwAiÀÄ èzàý và Àß ÀºÉÆÃzÀgÀ À ÀÄß PÁ Ä A záý É. ÀºÉÆÃzÀgÀ À ÉÆvÉ ªÀÄzÀÄªÉ À ±ÀÑAiÀĪÁ zàý AiÀÄĪÀwAiÀÄ ÀÄß ªÀÄzÀĪÉAiÀiÁUÀĪÀAvÉ CªÀ À vá Ä ªÀiÁrzÀ ªÀÄ À«AiÀÄ ÀÄß gà ÀÌj ÀÄvÁÛ É. vá ÀÄ ÀA zà ±Á À zsàªàäð ºÁUÀÆ ÀvÀ ªÀ ÀÄß qà ÁUÀzÉ ºÉÆAiÀiÁÝqÀÄvÀÛzÉ vé ï ï À ªÀÄ À. PÉÆ ÉUÉ DvÀ và Àß ÀºÉÆÃzÀgÀ ºÁUÀÆ ªÀ ÉÆA UÉ ±ÀÑAiÀĪÁ gàäªà AiÀÄĪÀ AiÀÄ ÀÄß PÀgÉzÀÄPÉÆAqÀÄ AiÀiÁvÉæ DgÀA ÀÄvÁÛ É. zàä zàä Á gà ÉÆà ÄÃlgïUÀ¼À zàægàzà ÀvÀ zà±àð ÀzÀ AiÀiÁvÉæ. Nominated Best Film Shanghai IFF Won Best Script Writer - Qiang Wang : Shanghai IFF ( Asian New Talent Award ) Li Haihua Wang Qiang Wei Zhijie Wang Qiang, Xie Peng Na Tenzin Jigme, Sonam Droga, Yangjin Droga, Dongsa Droga, Danzheng Dorji, Sun Zhixin, Sonam Tsering, Caixiang Zengren, Sudian Gyatso WANG QIANG Wang Qiang, born in 1980, is a contemporary Manchus director of China. He graduated from the Art School of Hebei University, and obtained the degree of Master of Fine Arts from Beijing Film Academy. He has made several documentaries, mostly about the Tibetan life and culture. His documentary film 'A Normal Life' was nominated in 22nd Astra Film Festival. 114 CONTACT: JOHN BADALU JOHNBADALU@GMAIL.COM

132 SWEET COUNTRY ¹éÃmï PÀAnæ DIRECTOR - WARWICK THORNTON AUSTRALIA / 2017 / ARRERNTE / 113 MIN. rama of emotional e th an im osin rea th this film is set in the contemporary world of When aboriginal stockman Sam kills White station owner, Harry March in self-defense, Sam and his wife Lizzie go on the run. Sergeant Fletcher, is desperate to capture Sam and put him on trial for murder. ut am an e ert ushman has little i ult outlastin them ventuall for the health of his re nant wife am e i es to ive himself u e is ut on trial in the ourtroom of u e a lor ut will usti e e serve D ÉÖçà AiÀiÁzÀ GvÀÛgÀ sáuàzà è ÀĪÀiÁgÀÄ 1929 gà ÀĪÀiÁjUÉ ÀqÉAiÀÄĪÀ PÀxÉ. ÁåªÀiï À ªÀÄÆ ªÁ¹. và Àß gàpà ÉAiÀÄ À ĪÁ DvÀ ºÁ j ªÀiÁZïð A ½AiÀÄ ªÀÄ ÀĵÀ À ÀÄß PÉÆ Ä váû É. ÀAvÀgÀ Á ªÀiï ºÁUÀÆ DvÀ À ºÉAqÀ AzÀ ÀgÁjAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛgÉ. Éà Á PÁj sé ZÀgï Á ªÀiï À ÀÄß»rzÀÄ zàar À ÉÃPÉAzÀÄ AiÀÄ ÀÄvÁÛ É. DzÀgÉ Á ªÀiï ªÀjUÉ ¹UÀĪÀ. DzÀgÉ và Àß UÀ ð ºÉAqÀ UÁ DvÀ ±ÀgÀ ÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. DvÀ À ÀÄß PÀlPÀ ÉUÉ vàgà ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Éà gï A ÁvÀ Á AiÀiÁ ñÀ. Á ªÀiï UÉ Á AiÀÄ ¹UÀ ºÀÄzÉà on est ilm o tel ovies u ien e war elai e sia Pa ifi reen war s oronto e ial ur Pri e eni e ominate est ilm ol en ro amerima e ra on war te or n iewire riti s Poll on on Phila el hia alla oli ol en ion eni e Greer Simpkin, David Jowsey Steven Mcgregor, David Tranter Warwick Thornton, Dylan River Nick Meyers 115 David Tranter, Will Sheridan Sam Neill, Bryan Brown, Hamilton Morris, Thomas M. Wright, Ewen Leslie WARWICK THORNTON Warwick Thornton was born in Alice Springs in After working for the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association he studied at AFTRS. He worked as director and cinematographer on numerous films and made his feature film directing debut with 'Samson and Delilah' (2009). He has subsequently directed 'The Dark Side' (2013) as well as numerous art installations. His cinematography credits include 'Radiance' (1998), 'Here I Am' (2011) and 'The Sapphires' (2012). CONTACT: MEMENTO FILMS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL@MEMENTO-FILMS.COM

133 SYMPHONY FOR ANA ÉÆà DIRECTOR - ERNESTO ARDITO, VIRNA MOLINA ARGENTINA / 2017 / SPANISH / 119 MIN. Ana is a happy teenager along with her best friend, Isa, they live through times of love and rebellion. But when she meets Lito, everything changes. Pressure to break up with him and fear of giving up her virginity put her in a world of doubts that lead her to seek refuge in the mysterious Camilo. Her heart is trapped between two passions, while the military dictatorship casts the shadows of death, solitu e an terror over her worl ust ears ol na must fi ht to save her life without giving up what she most loves gà ÀªÀÄAiÀÄ. D Á DUÀ ºÀ ºÀgÀAiÀÄzÀ ºÀÄqÀÄV. E À, D Á¼À DwäÃAiÀÄ UɼÀw. CªÀj âgàæ GvÁìºÀ AzÀ J èªà ÀÆß JzÀÄj ÀÄvÁÛ PÁ PÀ¼ÉAiÀÄÄwÛzÀÝgÀÄ. méæ À ÀÄß séãnaiàiázà ÀAvÀgÀ J èªàç zà ÁV qàävàûzé. CªÀ ÉÆA UÉ ÉßúÀ qàäªàavé MvÀÛqÀ ºÁUÀÆ và Àß PÀ À và ªÀ ÀÄß läöpéæqà ÁUÀzÀ ÀAPÀlzÀ DPÉ UÀÆqsÀ PÁ Ä ÉÆ À gàäªà gá ævàgà gàzà D±ÀæAiÀÄ ÀqÉAiÀÄÄvÁÛ¼É. DPÉ gàqàä µàaiàäuà¼à A. ±À zà Ä lj ÀªÁð PÁgÀ Á À ÉgÀ¼À ÀÄß ºÀgÀrzÉ. ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹ À D Á vá ÀÄ ÀA zà µàaiàäªà ÀÄß läöpéæqà ÁUÀzÉ ÃªÀ ½¹PÉƼÀ Ä ºÉÆÃgÁqÀ ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Won Best Film Gramado FF, Moscow IFF(Russian Film Critics Award), Durban O ial ele tion ominate est ilm os ow ol en t eor e on est est inemato ra h ernan o olina ur an Ernesto Ardito, Virna Molina Ernesto Ardito, Virna Molina Fernando Molina Ernesto Ardito, Virna Molina Gaspar Scheuer 116 Isadora Ardito, Rocíopalacín, Rafael Federman, Ricky Arraga ERNESTO ARDITO, VIRNA MOLINA Virna Molina and Ernesto Ardito are Argentine filmmakers. They made 8 documentaries. Their works obtained 42 international awards. 'Symphony for Ana' is their first fiction film. Their first documentary Raymundo, about Raymundo Gleyzer, documentary filmmaker disappeared by the military dictatorship, won 18 international awards. Heart of the Factory, Nazion, Alejandra, Moreno, The future is Ours are their other documentaries which obtained a large number of international awards and honors. CONTACT: ZINECINE@GMAIL.COM

134 THE BASICS OF KILLING DRUZINICA ÉùPïì D sï Q èauï DIRECTOR - JAN CVITKOVIC SLOVENIA / 2017 / SLOVENIAN / 99 MIN. ar o is fire from his tea hin osition in the wa e of false se ual harassment alle ations ust as his wife un a is lai off when her om an ownsi es he arents are no lon er a le to ear their ur en whi h is thus in reasin l wei hin their hil ren own ith no safet net to hel them sta a oat how an their on e ha mi le lass famil of four avoi loomin finan ial ruin an ee their househol inta t ªÀiÁPÉÆÃð ºÁUÀÆ zàäaeá zàa ÀwUÀ¼ÀÄ. ªÀiÁPÉÆÃð ²PÀëPÀ. zàäaeá SÁ ÀV PÀA À AiÀÄ PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. É A PÀ gàäpàä¼àzà D ÁzÀ ÉAiÀÄ À ªÉÄÃgÉUÉ ªÀiÁPÉÆÃð PÉ À PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉƼÀÄ váû É. PÀA À ¹ A AiÀÄ ÀÄß PÀrvÀ ªÀiÁrzÀÝjAzÀ zàäa Á PÉ À PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉƼÀÄ váû¼é. ªÀjUÉ ªÀÄPÀ̼ÀÄ. ªÁ ÁÝj. ºÀ PÁ¹ À ªÀÄÄU UÀ läö. zéæazàä À ɪÀÄ ÄAzÀ zàä zàý D PÀÄlÄA ºÉÆ À Àj¹ AiÀÄ ÀÄß ºÉÃUÉ sá Ä À ºÀÄzÀÄ. Won - Jury and Special Mention - Zagreb FF Nominated Best Film - Cottbus FF of Young East European Cinema, Montréal WFF, Slovene FF, Golden bicycle award -Zagreb FF Best Actor - Irena Montréal WFF Won best costume, best sound, best cinematography, best music vesna - Slovene FF Primo Aleš Pavlin, rhove rena Andrej Štritof ova evi iha o e la uli Jan Cvitkovi? Marko Brdar Andrija Zafranovi? Damir Avdi?, Boštjan Ka?i?nik JAN CVITKOVIC Jan Cvitkovi? (1966), director, screenwriter, and archaeologist. Born in Ljubljana, he has lived in Vipava, Tolmin, Idrija and in Karst. His films have been awarded globally, the two most high-profile awards being Lion of the Future at the Venice FF and Altadis, Best New Director Award at the San Sebastian FF.his film Bread and Milk as the best Slovenian film after CONTACT: SOUL FOOD TIJANA.VISNJIC@SOULFOODFILMS.COM

135 THE CAKEMAKER PÉÃPï ªÉÄÃPÀgï DIRECTOR - OFIR RAUL GRAIZER ISRAEL / 2017 / HEBREW / 105 MIN. This tender drama about a closeted love affair unfolds through the eyes of Tomas, a Berlin pastry chef who learns that Oren, his Israeli lover, has died in a car accident in Jerusalem. Unmoored by his loss, Thomas travels to Israel to begin the process of healing. Desiring to better know his now lost love. He inserts himself into the life of Oren s wife an oun son his e ertl rafte film is a moving portrait of grief and catharsis. ð Àß è PÉÃPï±Á ï ÀqÉ ÀÄwÛgÀĪÀ xáªàä ï À À AV ÉßûvÀ eégàæ À ÉÃA À è ÀqÉzÀ C ÀWÁvÀªÉÇAzÀgÀ è ªÀÄÈvÀ ÀlÖ ÀAUÀw w½zàä xáªàä ï zàäbrvà ÀÛ ÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. zàäbrvá¼à ÁUÀzÉ, E Éæà ï ÀvÀÛ zsá«àäváû É. CªÀ ÉÆqÀ É MqÀ ÁrzÀ ÀA ÀPÀðUÀ¼ÀÄ ªÀ À É À AzÀ ªÀÄgÉAiÀiÁUÀĪÀ. PÉÆ ÉUÉ UɼÉAiÀÄ gà ï À À ß ÀqÉ ÀÄ ÛzÀÝ ÉÃPÀjAiÀÄ PÉ ÀPÉÌ ÉÃgÀĪÀ ªÀÄÆ PÀ UɼÉAiÀÄ À À ß ºÁUÀÄ PÀÌ Á PÀ À êÀ ÀzÀ ÀæªÉà ÀÄvÁÛ É. À ßAiÀÄ UÉ UɼÉAiÀÄ ºÉýzÀÝ Àl ÉUÀ¼À ÀÄß À ÀÄ ÀgÁªÀ ð ÀĪÀ ªÀÄÆ PÀ ªÀgÀ ÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. Won Best Film - Karlovy Vary IFF ( Jury Award) Nominated Best Film Adelaide FF, Hamburg FF, Jerusalem FF, London FF, San Sebastián FF Won Best Director Jerusalem FF, Karlovy Vary IFF Won Best Editor - Michal Jerusalem FF Itai Tamir, Mathias Schwerbrock Ofir aul rai er Omri loni i hal O enheim 118 Dominique Charpentier Tim Kalkhof, Sarah Adler, Roy Miller, Zohar Shtrauss, Sandra Sade OFIR RAUL GRAIZER Ofir Raul Graizer was born in 1981 An Israeli film director and video artist. After working for years as a graphic designer, salesman and a cook., he went to study film in Sapir College. During his studies, he directed several short films that were shown at numerous festivals and received worldwide acclaim. After his graduation he co-directed "La Discotheque" which was screened in Cannes Director's Fortnight and other film festivals. Parallelly, he was accepted to the Nipkow Program, Berlinale Talents & other film workshops. "The Cakemaker" is his first feature film. CONTACT: FILMS BOUTIQUE ALEKSANDR@FILMSBOUTIQUE.COM

136 THE DIVINE ORDER DIE GOTTLICHE ORDNUNG zà rªéê ï Cqïðgï SWITZERLAND / 2017 / SWISS / 96 MIN. Noras a demure housewife in a Alpine village, raising two young boys and her father-in-law. She d love to take a job outside the home, but her handsome hubby won t hear of it t mie the men in her life she fin s fulfillment an onfi en e in the atherin movement for women s suffra e an e ualit ora s liberated comrades open her up to new worlds and new experiences, but uestionin the norms in one s town or one s marria e will inevita l e met with resistan e till ora fin s the oura e to stan u to out ate se ist attitudes and ultimately convinces her fellow villagers. ÉÆÃgÁ C ÉàöÊ ïuáæªàäzà è ªÁ¹ ÀĪÀ ÀAPÉÆÃZÀ Àé sáªàzà ºÉAUÀ ÀÄ. DPÉUÉ E âgàä ªÀÄPÀ̼ÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ và Àß ªÀiÁªÀ À ÀÄß ÉÆÃrPÉƼÀÄîªÀ dªá ÁÝj. DPÉUÉ PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ ºÀA. DzÀgÉ DPÉAiÀÄ UÀAqÀ DPÉUÉ D ªÀPÁ±ÀªÀ ÀÄß Ãr. DPÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß DvÀ Àæ AiÉÆAzÀPÀÆÌ µéã ÀÄvÁÛ É. ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÀÄgÀ ºÀPÀÄÌ ºÁUÀÆ ÀªÀiÁ ÀvÉUÁ ÀqÉAiÀÄĪÀ ºÉÆÃgÁl DPÉAiÀÄ ÀAvÀ À vàäa ÄvÀÛzÉ. DPÉUÉ D ºÉÆÃgÁlzÀ ºÁUÀÆ ºÉÆ À Á vàavàæ ÀÄ sà À Ä DºÁ À ÃqÀ ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DzÀgÉ ÀA ÀæzÁAiÀÄPÀªÁ ÀqÉzÀÄPÉÆAqÀÄ AzÀ PÉ DZÀgÀ ÉUÀ¼ÀÄ D ºÉÆÃgÁlªÀ ÀÄß ºÀ ÛPÀÄ̪À ÀæAiÀÄvÀß ªÀiÁqÀÄvÀÛªÉ. DzÀgÀÆ DPÉ và Àß ºÀ½ AiÀÄ vàgé ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÀÄgÀ ªÀÄ ÀªÉ ÀĪÀ À sà ¼ÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. DIRECTOR - PETRA BIONDINA VOLPE Best Foreign Language Film Entry - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film - Traverse City FF u ien e war ominate est film wiss ilm Pri e a re on est ire tor ri e a ilm estival ora hron Pri e on est tor arie euen er er ost ee en war wiss ilm Pri e Reto Schaerli, Lukas Hobi Petra Biondina Volpe Judith Kaufmann Hansjörg Weissbrich Anette Focks 119 Marie Leuenberger, Max Simonischek, Rachel Braunschweig, Sibylle Brunner, Marta Zoffoli PETRA BIONDINA VOLPE Petra Volpe, a Screenwriter and director studied at the Film Academy Konrad Wolf in Potsdam Babelsberg. After completing her studies in 2003 she wrote and directed several award winning television movies. Volpe's debut film "Dreamland" was released in Swiss cinemas in the spring of 2014 after a successful festival tour and was nominated for four Swiss Film Awards. Her latest feature "The Divine Order" premiered at 'Tribecca-2017', was nominated for seven Swiss Film Awards and won three. CONTACT: CONNY CAMENZIND, DEPUTY CONSUL GENERAL, CONSUL, CONSULATE GENERAL OF SWITZERLAND, CONNY.CAMENZIND@EDA.ADMIN.CH

137 THE FROG ZABA zà sáæuï DIRECTOR - ELMIR JUKIC BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA / 2017 / BOSNIAN / 78 MIN. e o ri o an former fi hter with P invites rother ra an frien va to a ram nten in to use a va ant moo an rother am ler an al oholi is ersua e to han e he unn ta es the ra or an ulls it at ra s ne an for e of for e he romises to han e hen sta alone without m onl frien an rother e o ta es the om ªÀiÁ À¹PÀ T ÀßvÉ ÄAzÀ ¼À ÄwÛgÀĪÀ eépéæ, CªÀ À ÀºÉÆÃzÀgÀ ÁæPï ºÁUÀÆ CªÀ À ÉßûvÀgÀ ÀÄß zï À ªÀÄ ÉUÉ DºÁ ÀÄvÁÛ É. DzÀgÉ ÀºÉÆÃzÀgÀ Æ ÄUÁgÀ ªÀÄzÀ ªÀ À AiÀiÁ gàäªà ÀAUÀ ½zÀÄ zà ÁUÀĪÀAvÉ ºÉüÀÄvÁÛ É. và Àß PÁ Ä É ¹zÀAvÉ ÀºÉÆÃzÀgÀ UÉ ZÁPÀÄ véæãj¹ ÉzÀj ÀÄvÁÛ É. vàûqàpé ªÀÄ zà ÁæPï zà ÁUÀ Ä ÀÄ váû É. DzÀgÉ AzÀÄ À ÉPÉÆ ÁA ï»rzàä gàävá É. Nominated Best Film Zagreb FF ( The Golden Pram ) Emir Ademir Kenovi?, a ihafi egovi?, Tomi Salkovski, Dim?e le san ar Stojanovski, Boris e san irsa T. Mati?, Bojan u a oamer Mastilovi? asumovi lir afa lasta P er ali a elisavl evi Dejan Dimeski Vladimir Gojun 120 ELMIR JUKIC Born in Sarajevo in He graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, where he teaches direction. He honed his craft in theatre and television and wrote for the magazine Sineast, in which he was also member of the editorial board. His short film 'Frame for the Picture of My Homeland' (Ram za sliku moje domovine) gained a lot of festival success. CONTACT: SOUL FOOD TIJANA.VISNJIC@SOULFOODFILMS.COM

138 THE INSULT L INSULTE zà E ïì ïö DIRECTOR - ZIAD DOUEIRI LEBANON / 2017 / ARABIC / 112 MIN. It is a personal story of two men going head-to-head while the women around them are left to pick up the pieces. In today s Beirut, a civilian dispute blown out of ro ortion fin s on a e anese hristian an asser a Palestinian refu ee facing off in court. As the media circus surrounding the case threatens a social e losion in ivi e e anon on an asser re onsi er their values an eliefs as revelations of trauma complicate their understanding of one another. gá ÃAiÀÄ» Éß ÉAiÀÄ æ ÑAiÀÄ ï ªÉÄPÁ Pï ºÁUÀÆ ªÀ ¹UÀ Á É ÉÛà AiÀÄ ï ¹ ï A AiÀÄgï ÀqÀÄªÉ É gàævï ÀUÀgÀzÀ à AiÀÄ PÀÄ PÀ PÁgÀ PÉÌ UÀ¼ÀªÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. zàä gáµàö ªÀÄlÖzÀ ÀÄ ÝªÀiÁqÀÄvÀÛzÉ. À D UÀ¼À ºÀ¼ÉAiÀÄ PÀ» É À ÀÄ À ªÀðUÀæºÀ ºÁUÀÆ UÁAiÀÄUÀ¼À Àß gà ªÀ ÛvÀ UÀ¼À Æ Àæ zsà ÀÄvÀÛ Éà ÀgÀ À gàgàä ªÉ AiÀÄ ÛPÀ É ÉAiÀÄ É Ã ÀjºÁgÀ PÀAqÀÄPÉƼÀÄ váû ÀºÀ Á¼É AiÉÆAzÉà záj A j UÉ gàäváûgé. Best Foreign Language Category - Nominated Film - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film- AFI Fest, Nominated Best Film - FIPRESCI at Palm Springs IFF, Venice FF, Valladolid FF Won Best Director - Palm Springs IFF Nominated Best Director - The Lebanese Movie Awards Best Actor Kamel El Basha Venice FF B Productions, Tessalit Ezekiel Films Ziad Doueiri Joelle Touma Tommaso Fiorilli Dominique Marcombe 121 Guilhem Donzel, Olivier Walczak, Sebastian, Wera Bruno Mercere Adel Karam,Kamel El Basha,Camille Salameh,Diamand Bou Abboud,Rita Hayek. ZIAD DOUEIRI Ziad Doueiri (born in 1963) is a Lebanese-born film making practitioner. He is best known for his award winning film 'West Beirut'. At the age of 18, during the Lebanese civil war, Ziad left Lebanon to study in the US. Doueiri first gained notice for his work under Quentin Tarantino as camera assistant for movies that include 'Jackie Brown', 'From Dusk Till Dawn', 'Pulp Fiction', and 'Reservoir Dogs'. Doueiri worked between Los Angeles and Beirut until not long after September 11, 2011, after which he returned to work from Beirut. CONTACT: INDIE SALES INFO@INDIESALES.EU

139 THE LAST SUIT EL ULTIMO TRAJE zà Á ïö ÀÆmï DIRECTOR - PABLO SOLARZ ARGENTINA / 2017 / SPANISH / 86 MIN. THE LAST SUIT follows Abraham, an 88-year old Argentinian Jewish tailor, as he sets out on a ourne to fin the Polish frien who save his life urin the holo aust more than e a es earlier rom r entina to Polan for e to ross uro e alon the wa raham will meet various hara ters who will hel him in his uest to fulfil the romise he ma e to his frien his is the stor of a frien shi with no limits a vo a e of self is over roa movie with lanes trains and cars. 88 ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹì À dæå méê gï C æºáa, K¼ÀÄ zà±àpàuà¼à»azé vá ÀÄ ÀªÀð Á±ÀªÁUÀÄwÛzÁÝUÀ và Àß ÀÄß PÁ ÁrzÀ ÉÆ µï ÉßûvÀ À ÀÄß séãnaiàiáuà Ä zsàðj ÀÄvÁÛ É. ÉÃðAn Á AzÀ ÉÆ ÉAqïUÉ ªÀ À ÀAiÀÄ DgÀA sàªáuàävàûzé. AiÀÄÆgÉÆà À ÀÄß zánaiéäã ºÉÆÃUÀ ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ÉßûvÀ À ÀÄß séãnaiàiáuà AiÀÄ ÀĪÀ æºáa À D ÉAiÀÄ zájaiàä ÉÃPÀgÀÄ ÉgÀªÁUÀÄvÁÛgÉ. AiÀiÁªÀ zéã Ä Ä zà ªÀÄgÀ ÉßúÀzÀ PÀvÉ zàä. Won Best Film - Jerusalem Jewish FF ( Schoumann Award ) Gerardo Herrero, Antonio Frutos Antonio Saura, Mariela Federico Jusid Besuevsky, Vanessa Ragone, Juan Pablo Galli, Juan Vera Pablo Solarz Juan Carlos Gómez 122 Miguel Ángel Solá, Ángela Molina, Natalia Verbeke, Julia Beerhold PABLO SOLARZ Pablo Solarz is a screenwriter and director, known for writing acclaimed hits like Intimate Stories (2002), 'A Boyfriend for My Wife' (2008), and 'All About My Wife' (2012). He directed his first feature in 2010, called 'Together Forever'. CONTACT: LATIDO FILMS FESTIVALS@LATIDOFILMS.COM

140 THE MARRIAGE zà ªÀiÁågÉÃeï KOSOVO ALBANIA / 2017 / ALBANIAN / 97 MIN. nita an e im s we in in onl in two wee s the are a in the final tou hes to their i a es ite e e tin news of nita s arents e lare missin sin e the osovar ar an with e im s ontrollin famil in turn the ou le seem to mana e somehow with the re arations ut when e im s se ret a e lover ol returns from a roa une e te l the situation e omes om li ate es e iall when e im reali es that ol is still in love with him nevita l the we in an uet e omes loa e with tension when the unusual love trian le starts to unravel DIRECTOR - BLERTA ZEQIRI Á ªÀÄvÀÄÛ É ªÀiï ªÀgÀ ªÀÄzÀĪÉUÉ gàqéã ªÁgÀ zé. ÀA sàæªàä ªÀÄ É ªÀiÁrzÉ. gà PÉÆ ÁªÀgï AiÀÄÄzÀ zà PÀ géaiàiá gàäªà Á ªÀgÀ ÉÆõÀPÀgÀÆ DUÀ Ä À ºÀÄzÉA jãpé gàzàä. DzÀgÀÆ ªÀ ªÀ É AiÀÄ ÀÄß Éà ªÀiï Éà ÉÆÃrPÉƼÀÄ ÛzÁÝ É. DzÀgÉ zàý ÌzÀÝAvÉ ÀªÀÄAiÀÄzÀ É ªÀiï À gàºà À À A UɼÉAiÀÄ ÉÆà ï zéã±à AzÀ DUÀ Ä ÀÄvÁÛ É. ÉÆà ï ÀÆß É ªÀiï À D ÀPÀÛ Á záý É ÀÄߪÀ µàaiàä UÉÆvÁÛUÀÄ ÛzÀÝAvÉAiÉÄà AiÀĪÀgÉUÉ ½AiÀiÁ zàý ÀA AzsÀUÀ¼À ÀA ÀµÀð ÀðqÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Won Best Film - Tallinn Black Nights FF (FIPRESCI, Special Jury Prize) Nominated Best Director - Tallinn Black Nights FF (Best First Feature) Kreshnik Keka Berisha Blerta Zeqiri, Kreshnik Keka Berisha Sevdije Kastrati Kreshnik Keka Berisha Pellumb Ballata Alban Ukaj, Adriana Matoshi, Genc Salihu BLERTA ZEQIRI Blerta Zeqiri, born in 1979 and lives in Prishtina, Kosovo is an award-winning Director and Scriptwriter and a member of the European Film Academy. She's worked on a number of shorts and feature films, which have participated in many International Festivals & winning prizes in a number of them. After winning the Sundance International Short Fiction award in 2012, she returns with her debut feature-length film - 'The Marriage'. 123 CONTACT: WIDE MANAGEMENT MA@WIDEMANAGEMENT.COM

141 THE OPEN DOOR LA PUERTA ABIERTA zà N À ï qéæãgï SPAIN / 2016 / SPANISH / 82 MIN. Rosa is an unhappy and sulky prostitute who inherited the profession from Antonia, her mother, an avid fan of Sara Montiel who turns her daily life in a hell. The lives of them three change the day that Masha, a Russian prostitute of the same corridor, dies by overdose. When Rosa discovers Lyuba, she insists to call the police to give them Lyuba, but Antonia rejects the idea. Carlos and Antonia convince Rosa to care Lyuba for a few days meanwhile they looking for Yuri,Lyuba s older brother, hoping that he takes the child and move any problem faraway from them. DIRECTOR - MARINA SERESESKY géæã Á ÀzÁ zàäbtaiàiávgàäªà ºÁUÀÆ «µàtúvé vàäa zà ªÉñÉå. ÁgÁ ªÉÆAn ï¼à ªÀiÁ AiÀiÁ zàý ªÀ¼À vá Ä A ÉÆà AiÀiÁ géæã Á¼À ÀÄß ÀgÀPÀPÉÌ zàærzáý¼é. AzÀÄ À gà AiÀiÁzÀ ªÉÃ±É ªÀiÁµÁ ÀjÃvÀ PÀÄrzÀÄ ÀvÀÄÛºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ÉÆ Ã ÀjUÉ µàaiàä ½¹ ªÀ¼À ªÀÄUÀÄ Æ ¼À ÀÄß ªÀjUÉ À ÉÃPÉA géæã Á¼À ÉÆÃZÀ ÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß A ÉÆà AiÀiÁ ÀÄ ªÀ. géæã Á¼Éà PÉ À D ªÀÄUÀĪÀ ÀÄß ÉÆÃrPÉƼÀÄ ªÀ zàä ªÀÄvÀÄÛ zà ÀÄß Æ Á À ÀºÉÆÃzÀgÀ UÉ ÀĪÀ zàä ªÀgÀ A và. ªÀÄUÀĪÀ ÀÄß ªÀgÀÄ PÀgÉzÀÄPÉÆAqÀÄ ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛgÉ ÀÄߪÀ jãpé AiÀÄ ªÀjzÁÝgÉ. Won Best Film - Toulouse Cinespaña, Transilvania IFF (Audience Award), Alcalá de Henares Short Film Festival Nominated Best Film - Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Feroz Awards, Transilvania (Transilvania Trophy) Won Best Actor - Carmen Spanish Actors Union Carmen Machi, Álvaro Lavín, José Terele Pávez, Alberto Sánchez Asier Etxeandia, Paco Tous Marina Seresesky Roberto Fernández Raúl De Torres Mariano Marín MARINA SERESESKY Marina Seresesky is an Argentinian actress, screenwriter and director now based in Spain, who was a finalist for the 2012 Goya Awards with her short film THE WEDDING. Her debut feature, 'THE OPEN DOOR', won the Audience Award at Transilvania IFF CONTACT: TRUE COLOURS GAETANO@TRUECOLOURS.IT

142 THE SACRIFICE SIETE CABEZAS zà ÁåQæ s ÉÊ ï DIRECTOR - JAIME OSORIO MARQUEZ COLOMBIA / 2017 / SPANISH / 99 MIN. The world is about to end. Two biologists are sent to a nature reserve to investigate the inexplicable death of every living creature in it. The park s mysterious ranger is ee l istur e the unsettlin visit Onl a a rifi e an save humanit «±ÀézÀ CAvÀå À«Äà ¹zÉ. «Äà À Ä CgÀtåzÀ ègàäªà ÀæwAiÉÆAzÀÄ fã«aiàäæ ÁAiÀÄ Éà ÉÃPÁzÀ ÉÆÃgÀ Àj¹ A Á zé. zàgà và ÉUÉ gàä êÀ Á UÀ¼À ÀÄß PÀ¼ÀÄ» À ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DzÀgÉ gà zà géãa gï ªÀgÀ séãn ÄAzÀ PÀ¹ ¹UÉÆArzÁÝ É. ªÀiÁ ÀªÀPÀÄ ªÀ ÀÄß ÀAgÀ À Ä zá ÀªÉ AzÉà záj. Diana Bustamante, Jorge Forero, Andrés Calderón Jaime Osorio Márquez David Gallego Andrea Chignoli Camilo Sanabria Andrés Castañeda, Valentina Gómez, Alex Betancour, Carlos Mariño, Philippe Legler JAIME OSORIO MÁRQUEZ Jaime Osorio Márquez was born in Cali, on October 30, He studied Deug, La License and La Maitrisse in the Arts du Spectacle Mention Études Cinématographiques at the Université de Rennes II (France). In 2000, he returned to Colombia, becoming commercial director for companies such as Teleset, República Films, Los Sopranos in Venezuela and Rhayuela Films. In Colombia he is known for his way of stress and drama to the image. 125 CONTACT: LATIDO FILMS FESTIVALS@LATIDOFILMS.COM

143 THE SQUARE zà ÉÌ éãgï SWEDEN / 2017 / SWEDISH ENGLISH / 147 MIN. Christian is the respected curator of a contemporary art museum, a divorced but devoted father of two who drives an electric car and supports good causes. His next show is The Square, an installation which invites passersby to altruism, reminding them of their role as responsible fellow human beings. But Christian s foolish response to the theft of his phone drags him into shameful situations. Meanwhile, the museum s PR agency has created an unexpected campaign for The Square. The response is overblown and sends Christian, as well as the museum, into an existential crisis. DIRECTOR - RUBEN OSTLUND æ ÑAiÀÄ ï U gàªá và ÀæZÀ và PÀ Á ªÀ ÀÄÛ ÀAUÀæºÁ AiÀÄzÀ À PÀÆ géãlgï. DvÀ ªÁºÀ ZÉ Ã và. DvÀ zàä vï ZÁ và UÁr r ÀÄvÁÛ É ºÁUÀÆ ¼É AiÀÄ PÉ ÀUÀ½UÉ ºÉ ÀgÀĪÁ¹AiÀiÁ záý É. DvÀ À ªÀÄÄA À ÀæzÀ±Àð À ÉÌ Ãgï ÀªÀiÁ zà À ÀgÀ ªÁ ÁÝj É À ÀĪÀ vàæ. DvÀ À ªÉÆ É ï PÀ¼ÀªÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. D PÀ¼À và ÀPÉÌ DvÀ ÃqÀĪÀ ªÀÄÆ ð Àæ æaiéä ÄAzÁ DvÀ Éà ÀªÀÄ É AiÀÄ ¹ Ä ºÁ PÉƼÀÄ váû É. ªÀ ÀÄÛ ÀAUÀæºÁ AiÀÄzÀ ÀæZÁgÀ sáuàzà ¹ A D ÀæzÀ±Àð ÀzÀ UÉ AiÀiÁ À PÉ UÉÆArzÁÝgÉ. D AiÀiÁ ÀPÉÌ ¹UÀĪÀ zàä và Àæ æaiéä ªÀ À ÀÄß ºÉÆ À ÀªÀÄ É UÉ ¹ Ä ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Best Foreign Language Category - Nominated Film - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film Austin Fantastic Fest, Boston Society of Film Critics Awards, Cannes FF, European Film Awards Nominated Best Film Golden Globes, Adelaide FF, British Independent Film Awards, Palm Springs IFF, San Sebastián IFF Erik Hemmendorff, Philippe Bober Ruben Östlund Fredrik Wenzel Ruben Östlund, Jacob Secher Schulsinger Andreas Franck Elisabeth Moss, Dominic West, Terry Notary, Christopher Læssø, Claes Bang RUBEN ÖSTLUND Ruben Östlund was born in 1974 in Styrsö,He studied Graphic Design before enrolling at the University of Gothenburg, where he met Erik Hemmendorff with whom he later founded Plattform Produktionhas. He became well known for his humorous and accurate portrayal of human social behaviour, as well as for his renowned use of Photoshop and other forms of image-processing software in his films. All his films have own various awards & Critical appreciation. 126 CONTACT: ALLIANCE MEDIA SUNIL.DOSHI@ALLIANCEMEDIA.IN

144 THE THIRD MURDER SANDOME NO SATSUJIN zà xàqïð ªÀÄqÀðgï JAPAN / 2017 / JAPANESE / 124 MIN. A top lawyer Shigemori, is asked to join in the defense of Misumi, who has already spent 30 years in prison for a previous double murder. Misumi is now back in jail, having willingly admitted that he robbed, killed and burned the body of his former employer. It seems to be an open-and-shut case. But once Shigemori starts digging, interviewing his client and the victim s family, the evidence is no longer obvious and the cynical attorney, who is much more interested in winning the case than unveiling the truth, begins to doubt that Misumi is indeed the guilty party. DIRECTOR - HIROKAZU KORE-EDA E âgà ÀÄß PÉÆ ÉªÀiÁr¹zÀ ÀæPÀgÀtzÀ è 30 ªÀµÀðUÀ¼À PÁ eéê ĪÁ À C ÀÄ sૹzàý Cw zéæqàø ªÀQà ²ÃUɪÉÆj, ÉgɪÀÄ É ÄAzÀ qàäuàqéaiàiáv ºÉÆgÀ A záý É. «Ä ÀÄì«ÄAiÀÄ gàpà Á ÀqÉUÉ ÉÃgÀĪÀAvÉ ªÀ UÉ PÀgÉ gàävàûzé. và Àß ªÀiÁ PÉ ÀUÁgÀ À ÀÄß zéæã PÉÆ ÉªÀiÁr zéãºàªà ÀÄß ÀÄlÄÖºÁ zàý ÀÄß ÃUɪÉÆj PÉÆArzÁÝ É. zàä ªÀÄÄ ÑºÉÆÃzÀ ÀæPÀgÀ. DzÀgÉ ÃUɪÉÆj zà ÀÄß PÉzÀPÀÄvÁÛ ºÉÆÃzÀAvÉ ÉÃgÉ ÉÃgÉ ÀAUÀ UÀ¼ÀÄ ºÉÆgÀ gàävàûªé. ÀæPÀgÀ zà UÉzÀÝgÀÆ ÀvÀ ªÀ ÀÄß ºÉüÀ ÁUÀzÀA À Àj¹ gàävàûzé. Ä ÀÄ ÄAiÉÄà ÀgÁ A ÄzÀÄ DvÀ UÉ UÉÆvÁÛUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ominate est ilm est a tor sia Pa ifi reen war s eni e ol en Lion Kaoru Matsuzaki, Hijiri Taguchi Hirokazu Kore-Eda Mikiya Takimoto Hirokazu Kore-Eda 127 Kazuhiko Tomita, Ludovico Einaudi Fukuyama Masaharu, Yakusho Koji, Hirose Suzu, Hashizume Isao HIROKAZU KORE-EDA Hirokazu Kore-eda, studied literature at Waseda University and went on to become an assistant director at T.V. Man Union. He is a master dramatist whose features include 'Maborosi', 'After Life', 'Distance', 'Nobody Knows', 'Hana', 'Still Walking', 'Air Doll', 'I Wish', 'Like Father, Like Son', 'Our Little Sister', and 'After the Storm', all of which have played at various film festivals. 'The Third Murder' is his latest film. The main themes of his oeuvre include memory, loss, death and the intersection of documentary and fictive narratives. CONTACT: GAGA CORPORATION OGURIYMY@GAGA.CO.JP

145 THE WOUND INXEBA zà ªÀÇAqï DIRECTOR - JOHN TRENGOVE SOUTH AFRICA / 2017 / AFRIKAANS XHOSA / 88 MIN. hat ha ens when an ient eliefs an mo ern life ome into on i t ohn Trengove s suspenseful drama explores this dynamic when a soft city boy is forced by his father to undergo the traditional rites of passage. Áæ à À ÀA PÉUÀ¼ÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ DzsÀÄ PÀ êÀ ÀzÀ ÀqÀÄªÉ ÀA ÀµÀðªÉà Àð ÁÖUÀ ÁUÀ ºÀÄzÀÄ zàä Áæ AUÉÆêÀ À ÀvÉÛÃzÁj PÀ É. vàazé và Àß ªÀÄÄUÀ ªÀÄUÀ À ÀÄß ÀA ÀæzÁAiÀÄUÀ¼À ÀÄß Á ÀĪÀAvÉ váû Ä ÀĪÀ PÀ Á ºÀAzÀgÀ ºÉÆA zé. Best Foreign Language Category - Shortlisted Film - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film Berlin IFF, Carthage IFF, Cinema Jove Valencia IFF, Durban IFF, Nominated Best Film Philadelphia IFF, Sundance IFF, Sydney IFF Special Mention MOOV Intl Film Festival Belgium 2017 Best Film award Sarasota Film Festival 2017 Audience Award ne ilm estival est film war orino ilm estival est tor a hane our est ovies war alen ia inema ove ilm estival ain ran Pri e ai ei ntl ilm estival ran ur Pri e in the nternational Competition Section Mumbai Film Festival 2017 Audience Award for Best Film ueer Porto ilm estival est eature ilm nternational ueer i rant ilm Festival, Amsterdam 2017 Film Festival,Best Film and Best Actor at Cinema Jove,Best Director and Best Actor at Durban International Film Festival Elias Ribeiro, Cait João Orecchia Pansegrouw John Trengove, Thando Mgqolozana, Malusi Bengu Paul Özgür Matthew Swanepoel 128 Nakhane Touré, Bongile Mantsai, Niza Jay Ncoyini, Thobani Mseleni JOHN TRENGOVE John Trengove originally trained as an actor and went on to study at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. He spent his early career making work across multiple platforms, including the cult theatre hit 'The Epicene Butcher' which played at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and his television miniseries Hopeville which was awarded the Rose d'or and received an International Emmy nomination. In 2015, he received a best director SAFTA and and honorary award from the South African Academy of Arts and Sciences for his work on the drama series, 'Swartwater'. CONTACT: PYRAMIDE FILMS INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION@PYRAMIDEFILMS.COM

146 THELMA xé Áä NORWAY / 2017 / NORWEGIAN / 116 MIN. Thelma leaves her pious household to embark on her freshman year at college in Oslo. While studying in the library, she experiences a violent seizure and Anja comes to her aid. A friendship soon blooms between the two young women, and Thelma experiences an emotional and sexual awakening that both thrills and terrifies her s she stru les with her reli ious u rin in an the nee to discover her true self, her seizures intensify, revealing supernatural abilities, as well as disturbing secrets about her family and bringing her to a fateful realization just as Anja goes mysteriously missing. DIRECTOR - JOACHIM TRIER xé Áä ÀA ÀæzÁAiÀÄ ÀÜ zsá«äðpà PÀÄlÄA zà è ºÀÄnÖzÁݼÉ. DPÉ ËæqsÀ ²PÀëtPÁÌV M ÉÆèà ÀlÖtPÉÌ végà¼àäváû¼é. CzÉÆAzÀÄ À UÀæAxÁ AiÀÄzÀ è NzÀÄwÛgÀĪÀ ªÉÃ¼É DPÉUÉ ªÀÄÆbÉð géæãuà PÁt¹PÉƼÀÄîvÀÛzÉ. C èaiéäã EzÀÝ CAeÁ DPÉAiÀÄ ÀºÁAiÀÄPÉÌ gàäváû¼é. À PÀ¼ÉzÀAvÉ CªÀj âgà Æè UÁqsÀªÁzÀ ÉßúÀ ɼÉAiÀÄÄvÀÛzÉ. CAeÁ xé Áä¼À è ÉÊAVPÀ ÀæeÉÕ GAlÄ ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ÉÊAVPÀ ÀæeÉÕ GAmÁzÁUÀ xé Áä½UÉ CZÀÑj ºÁUÀÆ ºÉzÀjPÉ JgÀqÀÆ KPÀPÁ PÉÌ GAmÁUÀÄvÀÛªÉ. và Àß zsá«äðpà PÀÄlÄA zà» Éß É ºÁUÀÆ ÉÊAVPÀ ÀæeÉÕAiÀÄ vápà ÁlzÀ è DPÉ và Àß ÀÄß vá ÀÄ PÀAqÀÄPÉƼÀîvÉÆqÀVzÁUÀ ªÀÄÆbÉð géæãuà G âtuéæ¼àäîwûzàýavéaiéäã DPÉAiÀÄ è CwªÀiÁ ÀĵÀ ±ÀQÛ gàävàûzé. CzÉà ÀªÀÄAiÀÄPÉÌ CAeÁ «avàæ jãwaiàä è ªÀÄgÉAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. Best Foreign Language Film Entry - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film - Adelaide FF, Houston Film Critics Society Awards, Mar del Plata, San Diego Film Critics Society Awards, Utah Film Critics Association Awards Nominated Best Film Chicago FF, Denver IFF Won Best Director - Norwegian IFF Best Actor - Eili Mar del Plata FF Thomas Robsahm Joachim Trier, Eskil Vogt Jakob Ihre Olivier Bugge Coutté Ola Fløttum 129 Eili Harboe, Kaya Wilkins, Henrik Rafaelsen, Ellen Dorrit Petersen JOACHIM TRIER Joachim Trieris a Norwegian film director raised in Oslo, son of Jacob Trier was the sound technician of 'Pinchcliffe Grand Prix', a notable film produced in Norway. He is a distant relative to Danish director Lars von Trier. As a teenager he began shooting and producing his own skateboarding videos. His passion for film making ultimately led to his studies at the European Film College in Ebeltoft and at the UK's National Film & Television School. His debut film 'Reprise' received several national awards and led him to be named one of Variety's "10 Directors to Watch" in CONTACT: MEMENTO FILMS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL@MEMENTO-FILMS.COM

147 TWO IRENES AS DUAS IRENES lä Lj ïì BRAZIL / 2017 / PORTUGUESE / 89 MIN. Irene discovers that there is another 13-year-old Irene living in the same town. uriousl she o serves the onfi ent heerful irl who lives alone with her mother his other rene seems free oon the two irls a arentl so ifferent from ea h other are s en in ever a to ether meetin u with o s in the inema or oin to the la e hen the start tal in a out their fathers the notice that they have more in common than they had thought. An exquisite mosai that weaves a won erfull eli ate we of i entit uestions true frien shi an the first ste s towar s a ulthoo DIRECTOR - FABIO MEIRA LgÉà ï JA Á Q CzÉà ÀlÖtzÀ è CzÉà ºÉ Àj À 13 ªÀµÀðzÀ Á Q ªÁ¹ ÀÄwÛzÁÝ¼É JA «µàaiàäªà ÀÄß w½zàäpéæ¼àäîváû¼é. và Àß vá ÄAiÉÆqÀ É ÀAvÀ À AzÀ ªÁ ÀªÁVgÀĪÀ D Á AiÀÄ ÀÄß UÀªÀÄ ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. D gàæ Á AiÀÄgÀ» Éß ÉAiÀÄ ÁªÀÄ vé Ä. ÀUÀ¼ÉzÀAvÉ, CªÀgÀ è ÉßúÀªÀÅAmÁV CªÀgÀÄ vàªàää vàªàää vàazéaiàägà UÉÎ ªÀiÁvÀ ÁrPÉÆAqÁUÀ ªÀgÀ váªà ½zÀÄPÉÆArgÀĪÀ zà ÌAvÀ ºÉ Ñ À ÁªÀÄ vé ÄgÀĪÀ zàä UÀªÀÄ ÀPÉÌ gàävàûzé. F avàæzà è C¹ÛvÀézÀ Àæ±ÉßUÀ¼ÀÄ, ÉÊd ÉßúÀ ºÁUÀÆ AiÀi˪À ÁªÀ ÉÜ ºÀzÀªÁV «Ä½vÀUÉÆArªÉ. Won Best Film - Gramado FF, Icaro-Festival de Cine y Video en Centroamerica, Milan FF (Aprile Award), Valladolid IFF (Audience Award) Nominated Best Film Berlin IFF, Won Best Director Milan FF (Aprile Award), Guadalajara IFF ( Best First Film) Nominated Best Director Seattle IFF Best Cinematography - Daniela Guadalajara IFF Won Best Supporting Actor - Marco Gramado FF Won Best Screenplay - Fabio Gramado FF Diana Almeida, Fabio Meira Fabio Meira Daniela Cajías Virginia Flores Ruben Valdés Priscila Bittencourt, Isabela Torres, Marco Ricca, Inês Peixoto, Susana Ribeiro, Teuda Bara FABIO MEIRA Fabio Meira was Born in Goiânia, Brazil in 1979, he began working in the film industry as assistant director to Ruy Guerra who has won two Silver Bears at the Berlinale. Fabio Meiro studied at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión in Cuba and directed numerous short and medium-length films. 'As duas Irenes' (Two Irenes) is his debut feature film as director. 130 CONTACT: TRUE COLOURS GAETANO@TRUECOLOURS.IT

148 VIDEO PARLOR «ÃrAiÉÆà Á ðgï DIRECTOR - PRASAD NAMJOSHI INDIA / 2017 / MARATHI / 131 MIN. i ram is a film ma er an is in sear h of a su e t e travels to one of his hil hoo frien s town to whom he has not met for last twent ears urin his ourne he remem ers his hil hoo memories whi h revolves aroun a vi eo arlour ase in his hometown e rew u with the arlour an ha a lastin memor of o an sorrow with the arlour owner an his au hter is memories of su ess an failure love an insult PÀæA ZÀ À vàæ ªÀiÁð ÀPÀ. PÀ Á ªÀ ÀÄÛ UÁ ºÀÄqÀÄPÁl ÀqÉ ÀÄ ÛzÁÝ É. À vàäû ªÀµÀðUÀ½AzÀ séãnaiàiáuàzà Á zà UɼÉAiÀÄ À ÀÄß séãnaiàiáuà Ä ºÀ½ UÉ ÀAiÀÄ É¼É ÀÄvÁÛ É. zàý ÃrAiÉÆà Á ðgï ÀÄvÀÛ ªÀ À Á zà É À ÀÄUÀ¼ÀÄ À ºÀgÀqÀÄvÀÛªÉ. ÀAvÉÆõÀ zàä ªÀiÁ ÃPÀ À ªÀÄUÀ¼À ÉÆvÉ À ªÀÄzsÀÄgÀ PÀ UÀ¼ÀÄ AiÀıÀ ÀÄ ÉÆÃ Ä ªÀ êÀ ÀzÀ À ÀgïzÀ±Àð À ªÀiÁr ÀÄvÀÛªÉ. Sandeep Dr Shreyansh Pathak Onkar Kapale Govardhan Kalyani Muley Prasad Namjoshi Gauri Konge Amruta Devandra Malvadkar Golatkar Sagar Vanjari Piyush Shah Vijay Gavande 131 PRASAD NAMJOSHI Prasad Namjoshi is indian filmmaking practitioner, 'Video Parlour' is his second feature film as a director. His debut feature film is 'Rangaa Patangaa' Prasad has a PhD in Mass Media. He has completed his post-graduation in Communication Studies from University of Pune. He has to his credit a Maharashtra State Government Literary award winning book 'viz: Short Cut' and a translated book 'Pandepuran'. CONTACT: SANTOSH PATHARE FESTIVALFEVER123@GMAIL.COM

149 VILLAGE ROCKSTARS «ÉÃeï gápï ÁÖgïì DIRECTOR - RIMA DAS INDIA / 2017 / ASSAMESE / 87 MIN. his film is set in a small villa e of orth ast n ia hunu ears ol has a ream of startin her own ro an er vi rant s irit ima ination an self assuran e stan out in a worl where irls are e e te to e timi an su missive ith her an of o s an su ort of her wi ow mother hunu will finall la on a real uitar F±Á Àå ságàvàzà ÀtÚ ºÀ½îAiÉÆAzÀgÀ è ÀqÉAiÀÄĪÀ PÀxÉ. ºÀvÀÄÛ ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹì À Á PÀ zsà ÀÄ«UÉ và ÀßzÉà DzÀ gápï ÁåAqï vàaqà PÀlÄÖªÀ PÀ À ÀÄ. CªÀ À è vàäa zàý ÀÆàwð, PÀ à Á±ÀQÛ, DvÀ䫱Áé À J èªàç AiÀÄĪÀd ÁAUÀzÀ D±ÁQgÀtªÁVzÀݪÀÅ. và Àß vàaqàzéæa UÉ, ºÁUÀÆ và Àß vá ÄAiÀÄ ÉA zéæa UÉ zsà ÀÄ PÉÆ ÉUÀÆ VmÁgï ÀÄr ÀĪÀ è AiÀıÀ ÀÄì PÁtÄvÁÛ É. Rima Das Rima Das Rima Das Rima Das Amrit Pritam 132 Bhanita Das RIMA DAS Rima Das is a self-taught film writer, producer, and director. Born and raised in a small village in Assam in northeast India, she is now based in Mumbai Her first feature 'MAN WITH THE BINOCULARS' (ANTARDRISHTI) premiered in the First Feature Competition at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2016 and also screened at MAMI Mumbai Film Festival. In addition to writing and directing feature fiction and documentary films, she also manages a film production company called 'Flying River Films'. CONTACT: RIMA DAS RIMAFLYINGRIVERFILMS@GMAIL.COM

150 WAJIB ªÁfí ï DIRECTOR - ANNEMARIE JACIR PALESTINE / 2017 / ARABIC / 96 MIN. Palestinian ar hite t ha i is a home in a areth to fulfill his wa i his ut in the re arations for his oun er sister s u omin we in a i is a harmin an intimate roa movie starrin real life father an son ohamma an aleh a ri unn nei h ors an famil mem ers lust e irlfrien s favorite un les an ousins an a few too man u s of offee roun out this stor of ommunit Palestinian i entit an the tra in s an eo le that onne t us with home ±Á ªÁ¹ Á É ÉÖà AiÀÄ ï Á ÀPÁgÀ. DvÀ À gévï À gàäªà và Àß ªÀÄ ÉUÉ và Àß vàa AiÀÄ ªÀÄzÀĪÉAiÀÄ Àæ æaiéä ÀÆgÉ À Ä gàäváû É. êÀ ÀzÀ vàazé- ªÀÄUÀ Á gàäªà ªÉƺÀªÀÄzï ºÁUÀÆ À ɺï æ ªÀgÀ Àl ÉAiÀÄ vàæ D ÀÛªÁ ªÀÄÆr A zé. vàæªázà ÉgɺÉÆgÉAiÀĪÀgÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ ªÀÄ ÉAiÀĪÀgÀÄ ªÀiÁ ÉæÃAiÀĹAiÀÄgÀÄ µàö ÀqÀĪÀ ÀA A UÀ¼ÀÄ. Á É ÉÖà AiÀÄ ï ¹ÛvÀ ºÁUÀÆ zàäpà ÀÄß ÀªÉÆ A UÉ vàæ ÉÆÃr ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Best Foreign Language Film Entry - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film - Locarno IFF, Special Prize, Best Film, London FF, Best Film - Honourable Mention, Mar del Plata FF, ACCA Jury Prize, Best Film, Nominated Best Film - Locarno IFF, (Golden Leopard), London FF, Best Film Won Best Director - Locarno IFF, Don Quixote Award, Junior Jury Award, ACCA Jury Prize Nominated Best Director - CPH PIX, Politiken s Audience Award Won Best Actor - Mohammad Mar del Plata FF, Dubai International Film Festival & Muhr Award Ossama Bawardi,Philistine Films,Metafora Productions,Jba Production,Cactus World ilms lin erfilm Ciudad Lunar, Mohammad Ape&Bjørn, Snow Bakri, Saleh Globe Film, Bakri, Maria Schortcut Films Zreik, Rana Alamuddin 133 Annemarie Jacir Antoine Héberlé Jacques Comets ANNEMARIE JACIR Annemarie Jacir was born in Bethlehem and studied film at Columbia University. She has been working in independent cinema since 1998, directed 'Until When', 'A Few Crumbs for the Birds'. She was named one of Filmmaker magazine's 25 New Faces of Independent Cinema in 2007, Jacir shot the first feature film by a Palestinian woman director, Salt of this Sea, released in 2008 and received many other awards and nominations including winning the MAA for Best Screenplay and Cinema in Motion award at the 55th SSIFF and a FIPRESCI award. CONTACT: PYRAMIDE FILMS INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION@PYRAMIDEFILMS.COM

151 WOODPECKERS CARPINTEROS ªÀÅqï ÉPÀ ïð DOMINICAN REPUBLIC / 2016 / SPANISH / 107 MIN. Julián steps off a bus, and becomes fresh meat walking inside the Najayo Prison in the Dominican Republic. He locates his cellblock underneath the moist corner where the Woodpeckers perch, prisoners who romance ladies incarcerated at the women s prison 150 meters across the way spend their days in affectionate onversation with their lovers hen uli n en ounters anell a or eous s itfire of a woman he fin s love in the last la e he ima ine ow he must fin a wa through cement, barbed wire, dozens of guards, and murderous exes to win Yanelly s love, all the while keeping it secret. DIRECTOR - JOSE MARIA CABRAL Ä AiÀÄ ï ÁAiÉÆà qéæ Ä PÀ ï j À Pï À gàäªà PÁgÁUÀ ºÀzÀvÀÛ ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ É. AzÀÄ ªÀÄgÀ. D ªÀÄgÀzÀ À ºÀļÀÄUÀ¼À ÀÄß Àß Ä ºÁvÉÆgÉAiÀĪÀ ªÀ qï ÉPÀ ïð À UÀ¼ÀÄ. zàgà ÀPÀÌzÀ ªÀÄ»¼Á PÁgÁUÀ ºÀ. D ªÀÄgÀ PÁgÁUÀ ºÀzÀ À UÀAqÀÄ-ºÉ Ä ÀgÁ UÀ¼ÀÄ séãnaiàiá Éæà ÄUÀ¼ÁUÀĪÀ vá ªÁ ªÀiÁ ÀðnÖzÉ. Ä AiÀÄ ï DPÀ Á vï D AiÉÄÃ É AiÀÄ ÀÄß séãnaiàiáuàäváû É. DPÉAiÀÄ DvÀ UÉ ÉæêÀĪÀ A ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. À ÀºÀgÉ ºÁUÀÆ PÀlÖqÀUÀ¼À ÀÄß séã ¹ AiÀiÁjUÀÆ ½AiÀÄzÀAvÉ DvÀ DPÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß séãnaiàiáuàäªà ÀªÁ Ä DvÀ UÉ A ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Best Foreign Language Film Entry - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film - Festival internacional de cine de Santander, Colombia Nominated Best Film - Guadalajara IFF, Miami FF, Valladolid IFF Won Best Director - Guadalajara IFF (FEISAL Award), Guadalajara IFF (Special Jury Award) Nominated best director - Guadalajara IFF (Ibero-America Competition), Seattle IFF Won best actor - Jean Guadalajara IFF Jean Jean, José María Cabral Judith Maria Jose Rodriguez Ripoll José María Perez, Ramón Cabral A Emilio Candelario José María Cabral Hernan Herrera José María Cabral Denis Godoy 134 JOSÉ MARÍA CABRAL José María Cabral (born in Santo Domingo in 1988) started making films when he was 16 years old, and he has produced, directed, and written several features. His film Jaque Mate! (2012) was selected as the Dominican entry for the foreign language film Academy Award. Cabral is now promoting his new feature drama, 'Carpinteros', which is about the realities and relationships of prisoners in Dominican jails. CONTACT: FILM FACTORY MANON@FILMFACTORY.ES

152 YELLOW HEAT SARI SICAK AiÀÄ ÉÆèûÃmï DIRECTOR - FIKRET REYHAN TURKEY / 2017 / TURKISH / 85 MIN. n a fiel surroun e an s uee e in reasin in ustriali ation an immi rant famil ee in finan ial e t stru les to survive throu h tra itional farmin heir son rahim etermine to fin his own wa reams of a ifferent future for himself rahim is surroun e not onl his famil s feu al ir umstan es ut also the mer iless s stem of the re ion owever he fin s that it is not so eas to turn a ream into realit is a tions will have man une e te onse uen es for oth himself an for his famil zàä Á zà ºÉÆgɺÉÆvÀÄÛ AzÀ gé vá PÀÄlÄA. ÉÃgÉ j AzÀ ªÀ É AzÀÄ ÀUÀgÀzÀ AzÀÄ ºÉÆ zà É É A zé. D ºÉÆ zà ÀÄvÀÛªÀÄÄvÀÛ Æ PÉ UÁjPÁ ÀlPÀUÀ¼ÀÄ A ªÉ. D PÀÄlÄA zàäý ÁA ÀæzÁ ÄPÀ PÀ ÀzÀ. D PÀÄlÄA zà ÀzÀ À Áæ»A ÉÃgÉÆAzÀÄ PÀ ÀÄ ÀÄß ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ D ÉÆÃZÀ ÉAiÀÄ záý É. và Àß PÀÄlÄA zà ÀzÀ ºÁUÀÆ D ÀæzÉñÀzÀ ªÀiÁ À ÃAiÀÄ ªÀ ªÀ É AiÀÄ ÀqÀÄªÉ DvÀ À Ä ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ É. DvÀ À ªÀÄÄA À ÀqÉ DvÀ UÉ ºÁUÀÆ DvÀ À PÀÄlÄA zà ªÉÄÃ É ÉÃPÀ Àj ÁªÀÄUÀ¼À ÀÄßAlÄ ªÀiÁqÀÄvÀÛzÉ. on est ilm ol en uli ational om etition est film stan ul ilver t eor e os ow ominate est ilm r stal ri ot war for est film alat a ol en t eor e os ow on est ire tor alat a est tor rtu rul ta sun stan ul est itor mer n varan i ret e han stan ul alat a Nizamettin Reyhan, Nuriye Bilici Fikret Reyhan Marton Miklauzic Ömer Günüvar, Fikret Reyhan Mohammed Mokhtary Umut Alagül, Akan Atakan, Ersin Buyar, Serap Gezer FIKRET REYHAN Fikret Reyhan (1974) has a master's degree in Engineering physics. He has a published novel 'Defne' as well as several short stories. 'A Few Pennies' is his debut short film. He also edited all of his short films and documentaries. His first feature film 'Yellow Heat' was received the Golden Tilup award of the Istanbul FF for best film of the national competition as well as awards for best actor, cinematography and editing. 135 CONTACT: FNR FILM FNRFILM@GMAIL.COM

153 YEVA AiÉĪÁ ARMENIA / 2017 / ARMENIAN / 94 MIN. woman sus e te of mur er ees to an rmenian villa e with her oun au hter eva has hosen to return to the la e she rie wor e as a o tor urin the a orno ara a h war she won t e re o ni e ith mines still ottin the hillsi es the on i t remains art of the fa ri of this so iet an eo le still remem er ra eva of the frontline hos ital thou h the on t imme iatel onne t her to the stran er in their mi st s she inte rates into the rh thm of villa e life eva s memories of the war ome oo in a an a ast tie ire tl to her urrent re i ament DIRECTOR - ANAHID ABAD PÉÆ É ÀgÁzsÀ AzÀ và ¹PÉƼÀ Ä AiÉĪÁ và Àß ªÀÄUÀ¼ÉÆA UÉ DgÉ Ã AiÀÄ ï UÁæªÀÄªÉ AzÀPÉÌ À ÁAiÀÄ À ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ÁUÀgÉÆ ÉÆ- gá Pï AiÀÄÄzÀ ÀæzÉñÀzÀ PÉ PÁ ªÉ zà ¼Á ÉÃªÉ À ¹zÀÝ ºÀ½ AiÀÄ ÀÄß ªÀ¼ÀÄ DAiÉÄÌ ªÀiÁrPÉƼÀÄ váû¼é. DzÀgÉ ªÀ¼À ÀÄß AiÀiÁgÀÆ UÀÄgÀÄ ÀĪÀ. À UÀÄqÀ UÀ¼À UÀ PÉ À À êÀ ÀªÀ ÀÄß zé õÀzÀ ªÁvÁªÀgÀ PÉÌ ªÀÄÄAzÀĪÀgÉ ÀÄ ÛgÀÄvÀÛzÉ. À D À véæaiàä zàý AiÀÄĪÀ AiÉĪÁ gà ªÀÄ ÀzÀ gàäváû¼é DzÀgÉ AzÀÄ A gàäªà DUÀAvÀÄPÀ¼À ÀÄß AiÀiÁgÀÆ UÀÄgÀÄ ÀĪÀ. À À êÀ ÀzÀ AzÁzÀ AiÉĪÁ½UÉ AiÀÄÄzÀ PÁ zà É À ÀÄUÀ¼ÀÄ PÁqÀÄvÀÛªÉ. O ial ele tion ontr al orl ill alle sia Pa ifi reen war s Palm rin s P O ial u mission Os ar Taghi Aligholizadeh Anahid Abad Hassan Karimi Siavash Kordjan Vahan Artsruni 136 Narina Grigorian, Shant Hovhanisian, Sergay Tovmasian, Vrejh Kasoni, Marjan Avadisyan ANAHID ABAD Anahid Abad was Born in an Armenian family in 1969 in Tehran, She holds a BA in Film Directing. During her career she has served as First Assistant Director and Planner to many movie projects in the professional Iranian cinema. She has cooperated with prominent directors such as Alireza Davood Nejad, Abolfazl Jalili, Rasoul Sadrameli, Ahmad Reza Darvish, Varuzh Karim-Masihi, Bahram Beizaie, and so on. Since 2006, she has been a member of the Central Board of Assistant Directors & Program Planners Institute of Iran Cinema. In 2010 she became the Head of the institute. CONTACT: FARABI CINEMA FOUNDATION FCF1@DPI.NET.IR

154 YOU GO TO MY HEAD AiÀÄÆ UÉÆà lä ªÉÄÊ ºÉqï FRANCE / 2017 / FRENCH / 116 MIN. In the Sahara, a mysterious car accident leaves a young woman lost and alone. a e an ar hite t fin s her un ons ious rives her to the nearest o tor to discover that she is suffering from amnesia. Intoxicated by the woman s beauty claims to be her husband. He names her Kitty and takes her to his remote desert home to recuperate and invents an elaborate life they can share. Little by little, Kitty begins to fall in love with him. But when past begin to surface, Jake increasingly lives in fear of losing the love of his life. DIRECTOR - DIMITRI DE CLERCQ ÀºÁgÁ ÀæzÉñÀzÀ è PÁgÀÄ C ÀWÁvÀQÌÃqÁV D AiÀĪÀw MAnAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. eáåpï D ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß ÉÆÃr DPÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß D ÀàvÉæUÉ ÁV ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. C è DPÉUÉ CªÉÄßùAiÀiÁ (ªÀÄgÉ«À SÁ Ä É) géæãuà«gàäªàåzàä ÀvÉÛAiÀiÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DPÉAiÀÄ ËAzÀAiÀÄðPÉÌ ªÀiÁgÀĺÉÆÃzÀ ªÉÊzÀå vá ÀÄ DPÉAiÀÄ UÀAqÀ JAzÀÄ ºÉý DPÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß và Àß ªÀÄ ÉUÉ PÀgÉzÀÄPÉÆAqÀÄ ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ É. DPÉUÉ QnÖ JAzÀÄ ºÉ ÀjqÀÄvÁÛ É. DPÉ DvÀ À ÀÄß ªÉÆû ÀvÉÆqÀUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. DzÀgÉ, DPÉUÉ và Àß» Éß É UÉÆvÁÛzÀAvÉ DPÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉƼÀÄîªÀ sàaiàä DvÀ À ÀÄß DªÀj ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Won Best Film - Bronze Precolumbian Circle- Bogota FF, Orlando FF,Valley FF, WorldFest Houston Nominated Best Film - Golden Precolumbian Circle, Silver Precolumbian Circle,- Bogota FF, FIPRESCI Prize, Golden Pyramid - Cairo IFF, Nominated Silver Pyramid- Cairo IFF, Ravenna Nightmare Nominated Best Director -Cairo IFF, Orlando FF, WorldFest Houston Best Actor - Svetozar WorldFest Houston Dimitri De Clercq Dimitri De Clercq, Pierre Bourdy &Amp; Rosemary Ricchio Stijn Grupping Tobias Beul Hacène Larbi, 137 Novica Jankov, Dragan Ledjenac, Matthias Kristen elfine afort veto ar vet ovi ren Pino DIMITRI DE CLERCQ Producer turned filmmaker, Dimitri de Clercq a native Belgian, de Clercq grew up in the Middle East before majoring in film direction and production at New York University s Tisch School of the Arts, began his producing career working with directors Mathieu. In 1993, he won an International Emmy Award for producing Ray Müller s controversial documentary 'The Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl' In 2002, he started his own production company. 'You Go To My Head', de Clercq s feature film directorial debut. CONTACT: LOÏC MAGNERON INFOS@WIDEMANAGEMENT.COM

155 ZAGROS gàhiáuéææã ï BELGIUM / 2017 / KURDISH DUTCH / 95 MIN. Zagros is a young shepherd, living with his pregnant wife Havin, and nine-yearold daughter. One day, Zagros father accuses Havin that the child she is expecting isn t a ros s are for her life avin ees with their au hter a ros ismisses the a usations an oins them onvin e of a ri ht future an of his wife s inno en e a ros father ontinues to lant to i see s of ou t that e ome in reasin l har for a ros to sha e he stor evelo s into a om ellin rama of one man s stru le etween his lo alt to tra itional famil values an the em ra in of a mo ern lifest le DIRECTOR - SAHIM OMAR KALIFA gàhiáuéææ M â PÀÄgÀÄ. và Àß UÀ üðtâ Àwß ºÁ«ï ºÁUÀÆ MA vàäûªàµàðzà ªÀÄUÀ¼ÉÆA UÉ fã«àäwûgàäváû É. MAzÀÄ À gàhiáuéææã À vàazé, ÉÆ ÉAiÀÄ ºÉÆmÉÖAiÀÄ ègàäªà ªÀÄUÀÄ gàhiáuéææã ÀzÀ è JAzÀÄ D Á ÀÄvÁÛ É. fãªà sàaiàä AzÁV ºÁ«ï ªÀÄUÀ¼ÉÆA UÉ ªÀÄ É véægéaiàääváû¼é. vàazéaiàä D ÁzÀ ÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß M ÀàzÀ gàhiáuéææã và Àß ÀwßAiÀÄ eéævé ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ É. DzÀgÀÆ gàhiáuéææã À vàazé «µà Ãd vàäûªàåzà ÀÄß qàäªàå è. ÁA ÀæzÁ ÄPÀ PÀÄlÄA zà ªÀi UÀ¼À ÀÄß PÁ ÁqÀ ÉÃPÉA ªÀ Û ºÁUÀÆ DzsÀÄ PÀ êÀ À±É AiÀÄ ÀqÀÄ À ºÉÆÃgÁlªÉà À D±ÀAiÀĪÁ zé. on est ilm hent ominate est ilm u ai hent O ial ele tion otter am to holm ominate est ire tor u ai Dries Phlypo Sahim Omar Kalifa Ruben Impens Dorith Vinken Rutger Reinders 138 Halima Ilter, Daria Hachem Mohamed, Brader Musiki, Maaike Neuville SAHIM OMAR KALIFA Sahim Omar Kalifa is a Belgian-Kurdish filmmaker based in Belgium. He got his Master's degree in filmmaking at Sint-Lukas Film School, Brussels. Kalifa has won 96 international awards with his short films Land of the Heroes, Baghdad Messi, and Bad Hunter. The biggest achievements so far are Jury Prize as Best Short film for Land of the heroes at the 61st Berlin International FF, Baghdad Messi was shortlisted for the the Oscars. 'Bad Hunter' won several international Awards. Sahim was chosen in Istanbul as Best Kurdish film director. In 2016 Sahim became a member of the Academy Awards (The Oscars). CONTACT: GLOBAL SCREEN GMBH CLAUDIA.RUDOLPH@GLOBALSCREEN.DE


157 GOODBYE, GRANDPA! OJIICHAN SHINJATTATTE UÀÄqï ÉÊ, UÁæöåAqï Á JAPAN / 2017 / JAPANESE / 110MIN. In the heat of summer, Yoshiko gets a phone call telling her that her grandfather has died while she is having sex with her boyfriend. And so begins the funeral of her grandfather complete with slovenly uncle, angry aunt, shut-in cousin and grandma with dementia. Yoshiko marvels that nobody cries, and she witnesses bad family behavior like she has never seen before. She starts thinking about the lofty concepts of life and death, and becomes more determined than ever to visit the Ganges River in India where people believe they can free their souls for eternity. DIRECTOR - YUKIHIRO MORIGAKI AiÉÆòPÉÆà và Àß ÉßûvÀ À eéævé ÉÊAVPÀ QæAiÉÄAiÀÄ è véæqàvzáýuà DPÉAiÀÄ CdÓ ÀvÀÛ ÀÄ Ý zàægàªátâ ªÀÄÄSÁAvÀgÀ gàävàûzé. DPÉ ±ÀªÀ ÀA ÁÌgÀPÉÌ gàäváû¼é. C è ÀvÀÛ UÁ AiÀiÁgÀÆ ¼ÀĪÀ. zà ÀÄß ÉÆÃr Éà ÀgÀUÉƼÀÄ ªÀ DPÉ ºÀÄlÄÖ- Á À UÉ A ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. UÀAUÁ À Á ÀªÀ ÀÄß véæ¼ézàä DvÀ UÀ½UÉ ªÀÄÄ Û Ä ÃqÀÄvÀÛzÉ A ságà ÃAiÀÄgÀ ÀA ÄUÉAiÀÄ ÀßgÀ¹ DPÉ ságàvàzà À UÀAUÁ À UÉ séãn PÉÆqÀĪÀ AvÀ É ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. Won Best Film - 21st Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival - NETPAC Award Yukino Kishii, Indiveon, Pride Ryo Iwamatsu, One Ken Mitsuishi, Entertainment Jun Miho, Miki Mizuno Sahoko Yamazaki Keisuke Imamura Kenichi Hirai Kinya Yokoyama, Kazuyoshi Tonami 140 YUKIHIRO MORIGAKI Yukihiro Morigaki was born in Hiroshima, Japan, in 1983 and started making documentaries while at university. He is a well-known commercials and TV drama director "Mother's Lipstick" won a Bronze Lion Award at Cannes Lions and ACC CM Festival and his short film 'Clockwork Couple' won the best film of the 2014 FOX Movie Premiere Short Film Festival. 'Goodbye', 'Grandpa!' is his first feature film. CONTACT: STAR DUST PICTURES. INC SO@STARDUSTPICTURES.CO.JP

158 MARLINA THE MURDERER IN FOUR ACTS MARLINA SI PEMBUNUH DALAM EMPAT BABAK ªÀÄ ð Á: zà ªÀÄqÀðgÀgï E ï s ÉÆÃgï DPïÖ ì DIRECTOR - MOULY SURYA INDONESIA / 2017 / INDONESIAN / 95 MIN. In the deserted hills of an Indonesian island, Marlina, a young widow, is attacked, raped and robbed for her cattle. To defend herself, she kills several men of the gang. Seeking justice, she goes on a journey for empowerment and redemption. But the road is long, especially when the ghost of her headless victim begins to haunt her. DPÉAiÀÄ ºÉ ÀgÀÄ ªÀÄ ð Á. AzÀÄ ºÀ ÀÄ UÉÆà ÀÌgÀ DPÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß ð À ªÀÄgÀ¼ÀÄUÁqÉÆAzÀgÀ è zàägàä¼àgà UÀÄA ÉÆAzÀÄ CqÀØUÀnÖ, zéæãa, CvÁåZÁgÀ J ÀUÀÄvÁÛgÉ. và Àß gàpàëuéuáv ºÉÆÃgÁqÀĪÀ DPÉ D vàaqàzà PÉ ªÀgÀ ÀÄß PÉÆAzÀÄ ºÁPÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ÁåAiÀÄPÁÌV ºÁUÀÆ À ÃPÀgÀtPÁÌV DPÉ Àt véæqàäváû¼é. DzÀgÉ, D záj Ä zàægà. và ÉAiÉÄà E èzà DPÉAiÀÄ ±ÉÆõÀPÀ À ÉæÃvÀ DPÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß PÁqÀvÉÆqÀUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Best Film - NETPAC Award - Five Flavours FF, Jogja-NETPAC Asian FF Nominated Best Film - AFI Fest, Cannes FF(Queer Palm), Five Flavours FF, Golden Horse FF, Göteborg FF on est ire tor o o e ominate est ire tor sia Pa ifi reen war s on est tor arsha imoth it es atalonian Rama Adi Fauzan Rizal Isabelle Glachant Mouly Surya, Rama Adi Yunus Pasolang Kelvin Nugroho Yudhi Arfani, Zeke Khaseli Marsha Timothy, Dea Panendra, Yoga Pratama, Egi Fedly MOULY SURYA Mouly Surya was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. She holds a BA in media from Swinburne University and an MA in film from Bond University in Queensland. Her directorial credits include the features 'Fiksi' (08) and 'What They Don't Talk About When They Talk About Love' (13). 'Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts' (17) is her latest film. 141 CONTACT: ASIAN SHADOWS ANNE@CHINESESHADOWS.COM

159 NEAREST AND DEAREST BLIZKIE É É DIRECTOR - KSENYA ZUEVA RUSSIA / 2017 / RUSSIAN / 91 MIN. The story of a Russian family living on the outskirts of Moscow. They are mired in family quarrels, live in discomfort, drowning in oppressive atmosphere, spit their negative emotions on each other, forgetting about love, forgetting who they are to each other, forgetting about compassion and God. A tragedy will cause them to wake up, change and experience catharsis, but it will be too late. ªÀiÁ ÉÆÌÃzÀ ºÉÆgÀªÀ AiÀÄzÀ è fã«àäwûgàäªà gà AiÀÄ ï PÀÄlÄA ªÉÇAzÀgÀ PÀvÉ. ÀzÁ PÀÄlÄA PÀ ºÀzÀ gàvàgá gàäªà zàa À ÀzÁ vàûqàzà ªÁvÁªÀgÀ zà gàäªà ªÀgÀÄ ÀgÀ À gà véuà½péaiàä gàäváûgé. sáªà ÉUÀ½. æã Ä. zéãªàgà ªÉÄÃ É sà Û Ä. AzÀÄ À ÀqÉzÀ zàägàavàªé AzÀÄ ªÀgÀÄ ZÉÑvÀÄÛPÉƼÀÄ ªÀAvÉ ªÀiÁqÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DzÀgÉ D ªÉüÉUÉ PÁ ÄÃjgÀÄvÀÛzÉ. on est ilm Pa ifi eri ian P Otsi i eti O ial ele tion o hi ilm war s ussian Premiere a halo allinn la i hts ol en ni orn war s airo tal er on est ire tor mur es on est a tress la oves hens mur est Katerina Mikhailova, Vladislav Pasternak, Igor Fokin Ksenia Zueva Mikhail Vikhrov Andrei Cherkasov, Boris Mnukhin 142 Maria Zhulanova Andrei Stoyanov, Elena Chekmazova, Nadezhda Ivanova, Danila Mozhaev, Larisa Morozova KSENIA ZUEVA Ksenia Zueva was born on She was a Director, Writer, Actress, Production Designer, and Producer. She wrote directed Nearest and dearest [fiction, full length film] and Gelya [fiction, 31 mn], She performed as an actress in 'Stroboscope' by Yevgeniya Dupliakina and 'Fourteen Steps' by Maksim Shavkin, She worked as Production Designer as well. 'Nearest and dearest' is her latest feature film. CONTACT: INTERCINEMA NATASHA@INTERCINEMA.RU

160 NEWTON ÀÆål ï INDIA / 2017 / HINDI GONDI / 106 MIN. Newton is a stickler for principles he s given the job of volunteer election worker in the village where he s to make sure that the election is carried out properly turns out to be a democratic stress-centre, where he must keep devious military personnel and bureaucrats in check even as the voters, the very people the whole thing is about. The Adivasi are wise to keep their distance from this staged spectacle of democracy and put up resistance with a cunning game of hide-andseek. When a foreign election monitor arrives, the tide turns in his favour but only temporarily. DIRECTOR - AMIT V MASURKAR ÀÆål ï M â vàváézsáj ËPÀgÀ. DvÀ À ÀÄß ºÀ½îAiÉÆAzÀgÀ è ZÀÄ ÁªÀuÁ PÉ ÀPÉÌ ÉÃ Ä À ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DvÀ UÉ ZÀÄ ÁªÀ Á Àæ æaiéäaiàä ÀÄß ÀA ÀÆ ðªá ªÀÄÄ À ÉÃPÉ ÀÄߪÀ DzÉñÀ. DvÀ Ä lj PÁj ºÁUÀÆ PÁgÀ±Á»UÀ¼À ÀÄß AiÀÄAvÀ zà qàäªà ªÁgÀ vé. zàä Àæ Á Àæ sàävà ªÀ ªÀ É ZÀÄ ÁªÀ Á Àæ æaiéäaiàä À AlĪÀiÁqÀ ºÀÄzÁzÀ vàûqà. D ªÁ¹UÀ¼ÀÄ DvÀ ÉÆA UÉ PÀ Á ªÀÄÄZÁÑ ÉAiÀiÁr ªÀÄvÀzÁ À AzÀ zà zàægà ½AiÀÄ Ä AiÀÄ ß ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. UÉ zéã ZÀÄ ÁªÀ Á À ÄÃPÁ vàaqàªé AzÀÄ ªÀgÀ ªÀiÁqÀ Ä gàävàûzé. DUÀ Àj¹ DvÀ À ÀgÀªÁ ªÁ ÄvÀÛzÉ. DzÀgÉ zàä PÉêÀ PÀ PÀ ªÀiÁvÀæ. Best Foreign Language Film Entry - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film - Berlin IFF, Hong kong IFF Nominated Best Film - Jerusalem FF, Buenos Aires IF, Edinburgh IFF, Hong Kong IFF, Tribeca Ff Best Director - Istanbul IFF Best Actor - Won a ummar ao sia Pa ifi reen war s Manish Mundra, Pramila Mundra Mayank Tewari, Amit V Masurkar Swapnil S Sonawane Shweta Venkat Naren Chandravarkar, Benedict Taylor, Niraj Gera Rajkumar Rao, Anjali Patil, Pankaj Tripathi, Raghubir Yadav AMIT V MASURKAR Amit V Masurkar Born in Bagalkot and brought up in Mumbai and studied in IES School, Dadar. Amit dropped out of an engineering course at Manipal Institute of Technology at the age of 20 to pursue filmmaking. He later acquired a BA degree History and worked as an assistant director on films made for television, before writing film screenplays. 'Newton' is his second feature film, it was selected as the Indian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film for OSCARS CONTACT: DRISHYAM FILMS RITIKA@DRISHYAMFILMS.COM

161 POMEGRANATE ORCHARD ÉǪÀÄUÀ æ ÉÃmï DZÀðqïð NAR BAGI DIRECTOR - ILGAR NAJAF AZERBAIJAN / 2017 / AZERBAIJANI / 90 MIN. Gabil returns home to the humble family farmstead, surrounded by an orchard of venerable pomegranate trees; since his sudden departure twelve years ago he was never once in contact. However, the deep emotional scars he left behind cannot be erased from one day to the next. UÁ ï và Àß ªÀÄ ÀUÉ gàäváû É. zàä zá½a É ºÀ AzÀ DªÀ vàªázà véæãlzà ªÀÄ É. DvÀ ªÀµÀðUÀ¼À»AzÉ zàý ÌzÀÝAvÉ ªÀÄ É läö ºÉÆÃzÁvÀ. DzÀgÉ DvÀ ªÀÄ É läö ºÉÆÃzÀ Àl É ºÁUÀÆ zàä ½ ÀzÉ ½¹zÀ UÁAiÀÄ ÉÃUÀ ªÀiÁAiÀÄĪÀAvÀzÀÝ. est orei n an ua e ilm ntr Os ars on est ilm sia Pa ifi reen Awards, Eurasian IFF Nominated Best Film - Cairo IFF, Grand pix -Eurasian IFF, Karlovy Vary IFF MushfEg Hatamov, Ilgar Najaf Asif Rustamov, Ilgar Najaf, Roelof Jan Minneboo Ayhan Salar Elmir Hasanov Firuddin Allahverdi Ilahe Hasanova, Semimi Farhad, Gurban Ismailov, Hasen Aghayev ILGAR NAJAF Ilgar Najaf was born in Armenia in After the ethnic conflict in 1988, he and his family were forcibly expelled from Armenia and became refugees. There he studied film and TV direction at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts. In 2000, he directed documentary film Shacks without shades, which was awarded the Prize of the Baku Youth Festival. In 2011, he directed his feature debut 'Buta'. The film won awards at several festivals. 144 CONTACT: ASIF RUSTAMOV ASIF_RUSTAMOV@YAHOO.COM

162 THE SEEN AND UNSEEN SEKALA NISKALA à à DIRECTOR - KAMILA ANDINI INDONESIA / 2017 / BALINESE INDONESIAN / 86 MIN. A 10-year-old girl retreats to a fantastical, evocative dream-space to deal with the tragic impending loss of her twin brother. ºÀvÀÄÛªÀµÀðzÀ Á AiÀÄ ÀÄ ÀÛ¹ ÀÄ ÀÛ ÁUÀ và ¹ PÀ À ÀÄUÀ¼ÀÄ Á à ï PÀ ÉAiÉÆA UÉ ÉgÉvÀÄ CwªÀiÁ ÀĵÀ ±ÀQÛAiÀÄ ÀæzÀ±Àð ÀPÉÌ JqÉAiÀiÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. và Àß CªÀ½ ÀºÉÆÃzÀgÀgÀ zàägàavàzéæa UÉ avàæ «µázàzà báaiéäaiàä ÀÄß G½ ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. on est ilm sia Pa ifi reen war s outh eature war o a P sian ilm estival ol en anoman war o o e ran Pri e ominate est ilm erlin r stal ear in a ore ilver reen war oronto Platform Pri e Ni Kadek Thaly Gita Fara, Ifa Titi Kasih, Ida Isfansyah, Kamila Bagus Putu Andini Radithya Mahijasena, Kamila Andini Ayu Laksmi, I Ketut Rina, Anggi Frisca Happy Salma, Gusti Ayu Raka Dinda Amanda Yasuhiro Morinaga 145 KAMILA ANDINI Kamila Andini was born in Jakarta in May 6, She studied Sociology and Media Arts at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. Her concern of social culture, gender equality and environmental issue lead her passion to make films with a distinctive perspective of telling a story. In 2011 she released her debut feature film "The Mirror Never Lies", which portraits the life of sea wanderer in Indonesian ocean. Her two short films "Following Diana" and "Memoria" portrait women issues both in urban area of Jakarta and also in post conflict area of Timor Leste. CONTACT: CERCAMON EDGAR@CERCAMON.BIZ


164 A MAN OF INTEGRITY LERD J ªÀiÁå ï D sï EAnVæn IRAN / 2017 / PERSIAN / 117 MIN. Reza having distanced himself from the urban quagmire, leads a simple life along with his wife and son, somewhere in a remote village in Northern Iran. He spends his a s wor in in his ol fish farm ear a rivate om an has ta en control of nearly every aspect of the regional life. Its shareholders, accumulating wealth, power have been pushing local farmers and owners to dilapidate their elon in s farms an estates to enefit the om an s in uential networ an its monopoly. With that pressure many villagers have themselves become local rings of the larger network of corruption. DIRECTOR - MOHAMMAD RASOULOF géãeá ÀUÀgÀ fãªà ÀPÉÌ «záaiàä ºÉý PÀÄlÄA zéæa UÉ GvÀÛgÀ EgÁ ï À è À ºÀ½îAiÉÆAzÀgÀ è É É¹zÁÝ É. DvÀ và Àß ºÉÆ ªÉÇAzÀgÀ è PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ É. C èué C ÉÃPÀ PÁSÁð ÉUÀ¼ÀÄ gàävàûªé. CªÀÅUÀ¼À ªÀiÁ ÃPÀjUÉ ºÀt«zÉ. CªÀjUÉ d«äã ÀÄ ÉÃPÀÄ. C è À PÉ géêvàgàä CªÀgÉÆA UÉ ÉÃj, sàæµàö C üpájuà¼à eéævé PÉÊeÉÆÃr¹ vàªàää apàì apàì D ÉUÀ¼À ÀÄß ÉgÀªÉÃj¹PÉƼÀÄîvÁÛgÉ. PÉÆ ÉAiÀÄ è CzÀjAzÀ PÉêÀ D PÁSÁð ÉUÀ¼À ªÀiÁ ÃPÀjUÀµÉÖà Á sàªáuàävàûzé. Won Best Film - Golden Apricot Yerevan IFF, (FIPRESCI) Nominated Best Film elai e sia Pa ifi reen war s hi a o hent on est ire tor annes n ertain e ar erusalem ominate est ire tor am ur Mohammad Rasoulof Mohammad Rasoulof Ashkan Ashkani Mohammadreza Muini, Meysam Muini Peyman Yazdanian, Alireza Alavian, Reza Akhlaghirad, Soudabeh Beizaee, Nasim Adabi, Zeinab Shabani MOHAMMAD RASOULOF Mohammad Rasoulof was born in Shiraz, Iran in He is an independent director, writer and producer. He studied sociology. Rasoulof started his filmmaking with documentaries and short films, his first film 'Gagooman'won the prize for the best film at the Fajr Film Festival-2011, he won the prize for best director in Un Certain Regard for his film 'Bé Omid é Didar'at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2013 he won the FIPRESCI Prize in Cannes for the film 'Manuscripts don't burn'. 147 CONTACT: FESTIVALS@MATCHFACTORY.DE

165 ARRHYTHMIA DjyäAiÀÄ RUSSIA / 2017 / RUSSIAN / 116 MIN. Oleg is a young and gifted paramedic. His wife Katya works at the hospital emergency department. She loves Oleg, but is fed up with him caring more about patients than her. She tells him she wants a divorce. The new head of Oleg s EMA substation is a cold-hearted manager who s got new strict rules to implement. The crisis at work coincides with the personal life crisis. Caught between emergency calls, alcohol-fueled off-shifts, and search for a meaning in life, Oleg an at a have to fin the in in for e that ee s them to ether DIRECTOR - BORIS KHLEBNIKOV ÉUï AiÀÄĪÀ vá» ±ÀıÀÆæ±ÀPÀ. DvÀ À ºÉAqÀ PÁ Á D À véaiàä vàävàäð UÁ WÀlPÀzÀ è ÉêÉAiÀÄ ègàäváû¼é. DPÉUÉ DvÀ À UÉÎ CwêÀ æãw. DzÀgÉ DvÀ và ÀVAvÀ géæãvuà¼à UÉÎAiÉÄà CwAiÀiÁzÀ PÁ¼Àf ªÀ» ÀĪÀÅzÀÄ DPÉUÉ C ÀªÀiÁzsÁ À. Éà ÀvÀÛ DPÉ ZÉÑÃzÀ À ÃqÀĪÀAvÉ ÉUïUÉ PÉüÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ÉUï PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ À D À véæaiàä ªÀ ªÀ Á ÀPÀ PÀ ºÀ zà Ä. DvÀ UÉ ºÉÆ À PÀlÖ¼ÉUÀ¼À ÀÄß ÀªÀÄ ÀðPÀªÁ ÁjUÉƽ ÀĪÀ ªÉÄÃzÀÄ. ªÀ Û zàäpàä ªÉ AiÀÄ ÛPÀ zàäpàä PÀÄrvÀ gá æ Á½AiÀÄ PÉ À vàävàäðpàgéuà½ué À A À ÉÃPÁzÀ ªÁgÀ vé. ªÉ ÀAPÀµÀÖUÀ½UÉ ¹ Ä zà ªÀj gàæ vàªàä ªÉ ªÁ»PÀ zàäpà ÀÆß ºÁUÀÆ ÀgÀ À gàgà æã AiÀÄ ÀÄß ½¹PÉƼÀÄ ªÀ ±À ÛUÁ ºÀÄqÀÄPÀ ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. on est ilm sia Pa ifi reen war s aifa ameson ine est is ol a halin ussian uil of ilm riti s ominate est ilm hi a o ol en a le war s arlov ar es r s uro ean on est ire tor ussian uil of ilm riti s Ctb Film Company, Mars Media Entertainment, Don Films, Post Control, Color Of May Boris Khlebnikov, Natalya, Meshchaninova Alisher, Khamidkhodzhaev Ivan Lebedev, Yuliya Batalova Janne Laine, Ivan Lebedev, Yulia Batalova BORIS KHLEBNIKOV Boris Khlebnikov was born on August 28, 1972 in Moscow, Russian SFSR, USSR as Boris Igorevich Khlebnikov, and studied film theory at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. He is a producer and director, known for Roads to 'Koktebel' (2003), 'Free Floating' (2006) and 'Arrhythmia' (2017). 148 CONTACT: INDIE SALES INFO@INDIESALES.EU

166 FELICITE s É ¹v DIRECTOR - ALAIN GOMIS SENEGAL / 2017 / FRENCH LINGALA / 123 MIN. A singer living in the Congo city of Kinshasa, Félicité looks the world in the eye every time she sets foot on a bar stage. When her son is involved in a motorbike a i ent her efiant stan e as a sin le woman is on the line sé ¹vÉ PÁAUÉÆà ÀUÀgÀ Q Áê ÁzÀ è ªÁ ÀªÁVgÀĪÀ UÁAiÀÄQ. DPÉ Àæw À Ágï À ºÁqÀĪÁUÀ É Àæ ÀAZÀªÀ ÀÄß và Àß PÀ AzÀ Éà ÉÆÃqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. DPÉAiÀÄ ªÀÄUÀ ªÉÆà Ágï É Pï À ÁvÀ ÌÃqÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. UÀ ªÀ¼ÀÄ ÀºÁAiÀÄPÀ PÁA ªÀÄ»¼É. ÀAªÉÃzÀ Á gà»và sàæµàö ÁªÀiÁ PÀ ªÀ ªÀ É AiÀÄ vá ÀÄ An ªÀÄ»¼É A ÄzÀÄ DPÉUÉ qà qàzé PÁqÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Best Foreign Language Category - Shortlisted Film - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film Grand Jury Prize at Berlin IFF, Best Jury Prize Chicago IFF, Ouagadougou Panafrican F&TF, FEPRESCI at Palm Springs IFF Nominated Best Film Berlin, Black Reel Awards, Chicago IFF, Sydney IFF Amaud Dommerc, Oumar Sall, Alain Gomis Alain Gomis, Delphine Zingg, Olivier Loustau Céline Bozon Fabrice Rouaud 149 Kasai Allstars, Arvo Pärt Véro Tshanda Beya, Papi Mpaka, Gaetan Claudia, Kasai Allstars ALAIN GOMIS Alain Gomis was born in 1972 in Paris, France. He is a director and writer, known for his movies 'Félicité', 'L'afrance and Aujourd'hui'. His 2017 film 'Félicité' was selected as the Senegalese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards. CONTACT: JOUR2FETE CLEMENCE.MICHALON@JOUR2FETE.COM

167 OBLIVION VERSES LOS VERSOS DEL OLVIDO N è«aiàä ï ªÀ Àð ï CHILE / 2017 / SPANISH / 92 MIN. Within the walls of a sprawling cemetery where time stands still, an undertaker in his seventies lives a quiet existence. With an incredibly detailed memory and a body that bears scars, counting down his last days at the graveyard. His daily routine goes by uninterrupted until the outside world sends in news of a mysterious happening: a pod of whales beached on the nearby coast while violent lashes eru t in the it leaves ehin the uni entifie o of a oun woman at morgue. Determined to offer the woman a proper burial, he sets off on a Kafkaesque journey of redemption. DIRECTOR - ALIREZA KHATAMI Á¼ÀÄ zàý Àä±Á ÀzÀ è J ÀàvÀÛgÀ D ÀÄ Á¹ À ªÀåQÛAiÉÆ â AiÀiÁgÀÆ PÉüÀĪÀªÀj èzé zàäqzáý É. DzÀgÉ, C ÁgÀ É À À ±ÀQÛ EgÀĪÀ ªÀåQÛ và Àß PÉÆ É ÀUÀ¼À ÀÄß Jt ÀÄvÁÛ À ±Á ÀzÀ záý É. AiÀiÁªÀ zázàgàæ AzÀÄ UÀÆqsÀ ZÀlĪÀnPÉUÀ¼À ÀÄ Ý ºÉÆgÀ UÀ Û AzÀ AzÀzÀÝ ÀÄß ºÉÆgÀvÀÄ Àr¹zÀgÉ DvÀ À ÀUÀ¼ÀÄ qàvàqé Ä zé ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ÀUÀgÀzÀ UÀ sé sàä ÉüÀÄ ÛzÀÝAvÉAiÉÄà ÀªÀÄÄzÀæ ÃgÀzÀ ÀvÀÛ ÄAUÀ UÀ¼À gá PÁ ÄvÀÛzÉ. zàgéæa UÉà véã AzÀ AiÀÄĪÀ AiÉÆ ¼À Á À±ÀªÀªÀ UÀ ±ÀªÁUÁgÀzÀ zé. D ªÀÄ»¼ÉUÉ ÀÆPÀÛ AvÀ æaiéä ÀqÉ ÀĪÀ ªÀÄÆ PÀ DvÀ ªÉÆÃZÀ ÉAiÀÄ ºÁ UÉ ruà Ä ºÁPÀÄvÁÛ É. est ilm eni e P nterfilm war ominate est ilm hi a o um ai antes hree ontinents estival o Paulo eni e eni e ori ons war on est ire tor antes hree ontinents estival on est reen la lire a hatami eni e Vincent Wang, Fred Bellaïche, House On Fire, Endorphine Production, Lemming Film Alireza,] Khatami, Dominique Welinski, René Ballesteros 150 Antoine Heberlé Florent Mangeot Miroslav Babic, Markus Krohn, Tom Korr Juan Margallo, Tomás Del Estal, Manuel Moron ALIREZA KHATAMI Alireza Khatami is a writer/ director/ producer born in Darab, Iran, and studied at the Savannah College of Art & Design. He was selected in the 24th session of Cinefondation Residency of the Cannes Film Festival in He is the director of the short film Mr. Chang's New Address, which played as part of the anthology Taipei Factory. 'Oblivion Verses' is his debut feature film CONTACT: URBAN DISTRIBUTION INTERNATIONAL ANTONIA@URBANGROUP.BIZ

168 REQUIEM FOR MRS. J géqéaiàäªàiï ságï «Ä É ï e SERBIA / 2017 / SERBIAN / 94 MIN. Mrs J decides to complete all her tasks and to kill herself with the gun on the anniversary of her husband s death in a week s time.she hires a stonemason to place her picture on the tombstone, next to her husband s, she goes to church for confession and returns a borrowed chair to her neighbor makes peace with her re nant au hter na he nee s ust one thin a ertifi ate a out her employment for 20 years In a country that is going through social transition, this will be highly complicated. Because living in transition is complicated. To die is even more complicated. DIRECTOR - BOJAN VULETIC ²æêÀÄw eé ÁQ ÄzÀÝ J Áè PÉ ÀUÀ¼À ÀÄß ªÀÄV¹ và Àß UÀAqÀ À ÀÄtåwyAiÀÄ À và ÀUÉ vá É UÀÄArQÌPÉÆAqÀÄ DvÀäºÀvÉå ªÀiÁrPÉƼÀÄîªÀ AiÉÆÃZÀ É ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ZÀZïðUÉ végའvà Àß J Áè và ÀÄàUÀ¼À ÀÄß ºÉýPÉƼÀÄîvÁÛ¼É. và Àß UÀ üðtâ ªÀÄUÀ¼ÁzÀ D ï eéævé ÀAzsÁ À ªÀiÁrPÉƼÀÄîvÁÛ¼É. DPÉUÉ và Àß PÀZÉÃj ÄAzÀ vá ÀÄ 20 ªÀµÀð À è¹zà ÉêÉUÁV ÉêÁ ÀæªÀiÁt ÀvÀæ ÀqÉAiÀÄĪÀÅzÉÆAzÉà ÁQ. ÁªÀiÁfPÀªÁV zà ÁªÀuÉ ÀªÀðzÀ è À DPÉAiÀÄ zéã±àzà è CzÀÄ vàäa Á PÀµÀÖzÁAiÀÄPÀ ªÀiÁvÀÄ. PÁgÀt zà ÁªÀuÉ ÀªÀðzÀ è À zàäpàä zàä ÀÛgÀ. ÁªÀiÁfPÀ zà ÁªÀuÉ ÀªÀðzÀ è À ÁªÀÅ E ÀÆß zàä ÀÛgÀ. Best Foreign Language Film Entry - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film - FEST IFF (Belgrade i tor ilutin oli war ofia P ominate est ilm u ovar on est ire tor ominate est ire tor P P u ien e war on est a tor ir ana aranovi Nenad Duki, Pavlina Jeleva, Tomi Vladimir Pavlovski Boris Trayanov Salkovski,See Film Pro, Geopoly Mirjana Film, Skopije Film Karanovic, Studio. Danica Nedeljkovic, Bojan Vuletic Jovana Gavrilovic Jelena Stankovi BOJAN VULETIC Bojan Vuleti, was born in Belgrade in He holds a M.A.in Film and TV Directing from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. As a co-writer, he has collaborated with Stefan Arsenijevi, on the omnibus film Lost and Found and the feature Love and Other Crimes, which premiered at the 58th Berlinale and won two Best Script awards at national festivals. His first feature film 'Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying' was at Karlovy Vary East of the West competition. 151 CONTACT: SOUL FOOD TIJANA.VISNJIC@SOULFOODFILMS.COM

169 THE NOTHING FACTORY A FABRICA DE NADA zà ÀyAUï sáåpà Öj PORTUGAL / 2017 / PORTUGUESE / 177 MIN. When management begins to sell off some of the equipment at a factory that makes elevator parts, the workers become nervous about their job security. heir fears are soli ifie when the are offere lum sum a ments rather than proper severance pay. As they weigh their options, including a strike and a ton ue in hee su estion at an arme res onse the wor ers are for e to continue showing up at work even though they lack the machinery to carry out their uties he tr to fi ure out wa s to om at the monoton t one oint the even rea into a son an an e routine DIRECTOR - PEDRO PINHO ªÉlgï vá ÀĪÀ PÀA À AiÀÄ DqÀ½vÀ ªÀÄAqÀ½ PÉ r sáuàuà¼à ÀÄß À ªÀiÁgÀ Ä zsàðj ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. zàjazà PÉ ÀUÁgÀgÀÄ PÉ À PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉƼÀÄ ªÀ DvÀAPÀPÉÌ ¼ÀUÁUÀÄvÁÛgÉ. DqÀ½vÀ ªÀÄAqÀ½ AzÉà À ªÀjUÉ ºÀ ÃqÀ Ä ªÀÄÄAzÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. zàjazà PÉ ÀUÁgÀjUÉ PÉ À PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉƼÀÄ ªÀ DvÀAPÀ ªÀÄ ruéæ¼àä vàûzé. ªÀgÀÄ Àæ sàl É ÀªÁ ºÉýPÉAiÉÆAzÀ ÀÄß DqÀ½vÀ ªÀÄAqÀ½UÉ PÉÆqÀĪÀ ðaiàä ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. AiÀÄAvÀæUÀ¼À ÀA É PÀrªÉÄ ÄzÀÝgÀÆ ºÉ Ñ À PÉ ÀUÁgÀgÀÄ PÉ ÀPÉÌ gàäváûgé. AiÀiÁA ÃPÀ và PÉ ÀzÀ ªÉ j PÉÆ ÉUÉƽ À Ä ºÁqÀĪÀ zà ÀÄß ºÁUÀÆ À và ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ zà ÀÄß ªÀgÀÄ À DgÀA ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. Won Best Film - Barcelona Independent FF, Cannes FF (FIPRESCI), CinEuphoria Awards, Duhok IFF (Special Jury Award), Seville European FF, Torino FF (Special Jury Award), Nominated best Film Duhok IFF, Jameson CineFest Miskolc IFF, Fenix Film Awards, Toronto IFF Won Best Director Torino FF ( Gandhi s Glasses Award), Duhok IFF (Jury Award), Munich FF João Matos Leonor, Noivo Luísa Homem, Pedro Pinho, Susana Nobre, Tiago Hespanha Leonor Noivo, Luísa Homem, Pedro Pinho, Tiago Hespanha Vasco Viana Luísa Homem, Cláudia Oliveira, Edgar Feldman José Smith Vargas, Pedro Rodrigues José Smith Vargas, Carla Galvão. PEDRO PINHO Pedro Pinho studied at the Cinema and Theatre School of Lisbon and at the ENS - Louis Lumière in Paris.completed the post-graduate courses of Directing and Screenwriting of the London Film School at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The End of the World is his first fiction medium-lenght work and was premiered at the 63º Berlinale, IndieLisboa, Festival do Rio.'The Nothing Factory' is his first fiction feature. 152 CONTACT: MEMENTO FILMS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL@MEMENTO-FILMS.COM

170 COUNTRY FOCUS GERMANY German Cinema has witnessed singularly chequered history since early dawn of cinema world over. From early expressionist cinemas of 1920s to Nazi 30s and 40s, to East and West divides of post 45s, to Occupation & Reconstruction explorations of 60s, New German cinema and popular narratives of 80s and modern cinema of 90s and thereafter, German inema has hel its own an has uni ue in uen es on the worl inema marquee. Capturing the quintessential quality of German Cinema of today, es e iall ontem orar films BIFFES 2018 has curated a mixed mélange of eclectic, thought provoking and popular cinemas. These inemati e lorations have not onl won a ola es at variet of film festival circuits, but also provide perspective window into essential cinemas emanating from Germany today with their crop of new talented and experimental directors. As part of Country Focus Section, BIFFES resents si of erman films from as disparate directors and thematic content to their individualistic an in uential ire torial st les hese var from feel oo famil ramas to li ht hearte ome i films to so ial ramas io i an pure play art house fares, all of which speak of contemporary German cinema s true strengths and directions. he films in our ountr o us erman are our an s ie ieerhan i e Oliver ienle he inal ourne ean ers et te eise i a er onte s he oun arl a e eune arl ar an ire tions te han oman arev e also have two o umentaries which are as per this year s BIFFES theme Human Rights.

171 FOUR HANDS DIE VIERHANDIGE s ÉÇÃgï ºÁåAqïì GERMANY DIRECTOR - OLIVER KIENLE GERMANY / 2017 / GERMAN / 94 MIN. After Sophie and Jessica had witnessed a brutal crime when they were kids, Jessica promised her younger sister Sophie: I will always protect you! growing older, this promise became an obsession. ÉÆà üaiàiá ªÀÄvÀÄÛ eé¹ìpá ªÀÄPÀ̼ÁVzÁÝUÀ WÉÆÃgÀ PÉÆ ÉUÉ ÁQëAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛgÉ. eé¹ìpá và Àß jaiàä vàa ÉÆà AiÀiÁUÉ Á ÀÄ Àß ÀÄß gà ÀÄvÉÛÃ É AzÀÄ sàgàªà É PÉÆqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ªÀgÀÄ É¼ÉzÀAvÉ Á zéæazàä sáæa AiÀiÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Nominated for Best Director Munchi FF Klaus Dohle, Markus Reinecke Oliver Kienle Yoshi Heimrath Philipp Thomas Heiko Maile Frida-Lovisa Hamann, Friederike Becht, Christoph Letkowski, Agnieszka Guzikowska, Detlef Bothe OLIVER KIENLE Oliver Kienle was born on 1982 in Dettelbach, Germany. He began writing, drawing and composing when he was young. He majored in German literature at Würzburg, while interning in film and video production. Later enrolled at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in film directing. His graduating film 'Bis Aufs Blut' was his first feature and won more than 15 awards. 'Four Hands' is his second theatrical film. 154 CONTACT: ARRI MEDIA RSEHR@ARRI.DE

172 THE FINAL JOURNEY LEANDERS LETZTE REISE É GERMANY DIRECTOR - NICK BAKER-MONTEYS GERMANY / 2017 / GERMAN / 107 MIN. When 92 year old, German Eduard Leander s wife dies, his daughter decides to put him in a home. Stubbornly refusing, he instead embarks on a journey to raine with the ho e of fin in vetlana a woman with whom he fell in love while fi htin alon si e the ossa s a ainst the e rm urin orl ar es ite the fa t that the ar an ramati e erien es of his ast have affe te his famil uar has never tal e a out them omewhat unwillin l his ran au hter ele oins him on a ourne that turns out to e more dramatic than anyone could expect. dªàäð ï À 92 ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹì À JqÀéqïð AiÀiÁAqÀgï À Àwß ÀvÀÄÛ ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. DUÀ qà qïð À ªÉƪÀÄ UÀ¼ÀÄ DvÀ À ÀÄß ªÀ zá ±ÀæªÀÄzÀ ÉÃj À Ä zsàðj ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. zà ÀÄß gápàj ÀĪÀ qà qïð PÉæà ïué ºÉÆÃUÀ Ä zsàðj ÀÄvÁÛ É. gàqà Éà ªÀĺÁAiÀÄÄzÀ zà ºÉÆÃgÁl ªÀiÁqÀĪÁUÀ vá ÀÄ æãwaiàä è ÝzÀÝ ÉémÁè À JA ªÀÄ»¼É ¹UÀ ºÀÄzÉà ÉÆà ÀÄߪÀ zàä ªÀ À D É. PÀÄlÄA zà ɪÀÄ PÁ ÁqÀĪÀ À ĪÁ và Àß ÉæêÀĪÀ ÀÄß DvÀ ºÉýgÀĪÀ. DzÀgÀÆ ªÉƪÀÄ UÀ¼ÀÄ ªÀ À ÀAiÀÄ zà AzÀÄUÀÆqÀÄvÁÛ¼É. DzÀgÉ ÀqÉAiÀÄĪÀÅzÀÄ AiÀiÁgÀÆ H» À ÁUÀzÀ ÁlQÃAiÀÄ Àæ ÀAUÀ. O ial sele tion ao Paulo to holm rras Sigi Kamml, Christian Alvart, Timm Oberwelland Nick Baker-Monteys, Alexandra Umminger Eeva Fleig 155 Dagmar Lichius Christoph Berg Juergen Prochnow, Petra Schmidt- Schaller, Tambet Tusik, Suzanne Von Borsody NICK BAKER-MONTEYS Nick Baker-Monteys, born 1964 in Berlin, is a film director, screenwriter and script consultant. His debut film "The Man Who Jumped Over Cars" came to the cinema in 2011 and won the screenplay award at the Max Ophüls Saarbrücken Film Festival and was awarded Best Picture at the International Film Festival Aubagne. Baker-Monteys is a guest lecturer at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin and is a member of the Federal Association of Directors. Nick Baker-Monteys also works as a commercial film director. CONTACT: GLOBAL SCREEN GMBH CLAUDIA.RUDOLPH@GLOBALSCREEN.DE

173 THE YOUNG KARL MAX LE JEUNE KARL MARX AiÀÄAUï PÁ ïðªàiápïìð GERMANY GERMANY / 2017 / GERMAN / 118 MIN. At the age of 26, Karl Marx embarks with his wife Jenny on the road to exile. In Paris in 1844 they meet young Friedrich Engels, son of a factory owner, who s studied the sordid beginnings of the English proletariat, brings Karl Marx the missing piece to the puzzle that composes his new vision of the world. Together, between censorship and police raids, riots and political upheavals, they will preside over the birth of the labor movement. This will grow into the most complete theoretical and political transformation of the world since the Renaissance. DIRECTOR - RAOUL PECK PÁ ïðªàiápïìð và Àß 26 Éà ªÀAiÀĹì À è UÀr ÁgÁV ºÉÆÃUÀĪÀ ÀAzÀ sàðzà è và Àß ºÉAqÀ ßAiÀÄ ÀÄß séãnaiàiáuàäváû É. 44gÀ ªÀgÀÄ PÁ Áð É ªÀiÁ ÃPÀ À ªÀÄUÀ ÁzÀ ºÀgÉAiÀÄzÀ séærðpï A É ï À ÀÄß séãnaiàiáuàäváûgé. A É ï AUÉ Aqï À gàäªà PÁ ÄðPÀgÀ êÀ ÀzÀ UÉ D¼ÀªÁ zsà AiÀÄ À ªÀiÁrzÁvÀ. DvÀ ªÀiÁPï ð À vàûgà gàzà PÉ Àæ±ÉßUÀ½UÉ vàûgà PÀAqÀÄPÉƼÀÄ ªÀAvÉ ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ É. zàjazà ªÀiÁPï ð UÀ Û À UÉ ºÉÆ À zà ÖPÉÆà À ɼɹPÉƼÀ Ä ÉgÀªÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ªÀiÁPï ð ºÁUÀÆ A É ï vàªàä ªÉÄÃ É ºÉÃgÀ lö µéãzsà vàªàä ªÉÄÃ É ÀqÉAiÀÄĪÀ ÉÆà ï zá½ UÀ sé ºÁUÀÆ gá ÃAiÀÄ ¹ và AvÀgÀUÀ¼À ÀqÀÄªÉ PÁ ÄðPÀ ZÀ¼ÀĪÀ½UÉ À qàäváûgé. ªÀgÀ ZÀ¼ÀĪÀ½ ªÀÄzsÀ AiÀÄÄUÀzÀ ÀÄ ÀgÀÄvÁ À PÁ ÀlÖzÀ ÀAvÀgÀzÀ ÀªÀÄUÀæªÁzÀ É zá A PÀ ºÁUÀÆ gá ÃAiÀÄ zà ÁªÀ ÉAiÀiÁ ɼÉAiÀÄÄvÀÛzÉ. August Diehl, Agat Films, Velvet Stefan Film Konarske, Vicky Krieps, Hannah Raoul Peck, Steele, Pascal Bonitzer Kolja Brandt Frédérique Broos Alexei Aigui RAOUL PECK Raoul Peck (born 1953) is an Oscarnominated Haitian filmmaker, of both documentary and feature films, and a political activist. Briefly, from March 1996 to September 1997, he was Haiti's Minister of Culture. His film I Am Not Your Negro about the life of James Baldwin was nominated for an Oscar in January CONTACT: GOETHE INSTITUT, BENGALURU MAUREEN.GONSALVES@BANGALORE.GOETHE.ORG

174 WESTERN ªÉ ïö ïð GERMANY DIRECTOR - VALESKA GRISEBACH GERMANY / 2017 / GERMAN / 120 MIN. A group of German workers sets off to a construction site in the border region between Bulgaria and Greece. This foreign land and its breath-taking landscape awaken the men s sense of adventure, but they are also confronted with their own prejudice and mistrust due to the language barrier and cultural differences. The stage is quickly set for a showdown when the men begin to compete for recognition and favour from the local villagers. ÉÎÃjAiÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ Væà ï ÀqÀÄªÉ ÄgÀĪÀ PÀlÖqÀ PÁªÀÄUÁj ÀqÉAiÀÄÄwÛgÀĪÀ ÀܼÀPÉÌ ªÀÄð zéã±àzà vàaqàªé AzÀÄ séãn ÃqÀÄvÀÛzÉ. D zàä và zéã±à ÉÆÃrzÁUÀ À D ÉÃPÀ À ¼ÀUÀ¼À ÀÄß ÉÆÃqÀ ÉÃPÀÄ ºÉÆ À ÁºÀ À ªÀiÁqÀ ÉÃPÉAzÀÄ ªÀÄ À ÀÄ ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. DzÀgÉ sáµé ºÁUÀÆ ÁA ÀÌ PÀ ÀßvÉ ÄAzÁ A ÁUÀ ºÀÄzÁzÀ À ÀA PÉAiÀÄ UÉ ªÀgÀÄ A vàgáuàäváûgé. DzÀgÉ À ÀgÀ ÀA PÉ UÀ½ À PÁ ºÁUÀÆ ªÀjAzÀ ÀPÁgÀ ÀqÉAiÀÄ PÁÌ ªÀgÀ ÀqÀÄªÉ À zséð Àð ÁÖUÀ Àj¹ AiÀÄ zà ÁªÀ ÉAiÀiÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Won Best Film - Art FF, Golden Apricot Yerevan IFF, Jameson CineFest Miskolc IFF, Jerusalem FF, Motovun FF (FIPRESCI), Seville European FF, T-Mobile New Horizons IFF (FIPRESCI) Nominated Best Film - Cannes FF, Fünf Seen FF, Golden Apricot Yerevan IFF, Göteborg FF, Jerusalem FF, Lisbon & Estoril FF, Mar del Plata FF, Tromsø IFF Won Best Director - Art FF, Mar del Plata FF Meinhard Jonas Dornbach, Neumann, Janine Jackowski, Syuleyman Maren Ade Alilov Letifov, Vyara Borisova, Valeska Grisebach Reinhardt Wetrek, Veneta Bernhard Keller Frangova, Kevin Bashev Bettina Böhler Uve Haußig 157 VALESKA GRISEBACH Valeska Grisebach studied philosophy and German in Berlin, Munich and Vienna. In 1993 she began studying directing at the Vienna Film Academy with Peter Patzak, Wolfgang Glück and Michael Haneke. Her graduation film MEIN STERN was nominated for the Adolf Grimme Prize in 2002 and won the Critics' Award at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Grand Prize of the Torino Film Festival. Her second feature film SEHNSUCHT celebrated its premiere in 2006 at the Berlinale Competition. The film has received numerous awards at various international festivals. CONTACT: FILMS BOUTIQUE GMBH ALEKSANDR@FILMSBOUTIQUE.COM

175 DIRECTIONS POSOKI qéêgépàë ïì GERMANY DIRECTOR - STEPHAN KOMANDAREV BULGARIA GERMANY / 2017 / BULGARIAN / 103 MIN. This is a road movie through the dystopia that is present day Bulgaria, a country that remains optimistic. At a meeting with his banker, a small business owner, who drives a cab to make ends meet, discovers the bribe he will have to pay to get a loan has doubled. At his wit s end, he shoots the banker and then himself. The incident sparks national debate on talk radio about how despair has taken over civil society. Meanwhile, six taxi drivers and their passengers move through the ni ht ea h in ho e of fin in a ri hter wa forwar qéêgépàë ïì EA À ÉÎÃjAiÀÄ zéã±àzà gà ÉÛAiÀÄ ªÉÄÃ É ÀqÉAiÀÄĪÀ PÀxÉAiÀiÁzsÁjvÀ avàæ. DvÀ M â ÁªÀiÁ Àå PÁgÀÄ ZÁ PÀ. CzÉÆAzÀÄ À ÁåAPï À ªÀÄÄRå ÀÜgÀ ÀÄß Á PÁÌV séãnaiàiáuàäváû É. Á ÀqÉAiÀÄ Ä DvÀ Á APï À ªÀÄÄ À UÉ ÃqÀ ÉÃPÁzÀ AZÀzÀ ªÉÆvÀÛ UÀÄ UÉÆArgÀĪÀ zà ÀÄß ½AiÀÄÄvÁÛ É. zàý ÌzÀÝAvÉ Á APï À ªÀÄÄ À UÉ UÀÄAqÀÄ ºÉÆqÉzÀÄ vá ÀÆ UÀÄAqÀÄ ºÉÆqÉzÀÄPÉƼÀÄîvÁÛ É. D WÀl É géãraiéæãzà è ZÀZÉðAiÀiÁV zéã±à JµÀÖgÀ ªÀÄnÖUÉ PÀĹ zé JA gáµàöçªáå ZÀZÉðUÉ PÁgÀtªÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DUÀ DgÀÄ máåqì ZÁ PÀgÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ DgÀÄ ÀæAiÀiÁtÂPÀgÀÄ, zéã±àzà è À ºÀzÀUÉlÖ DyðPÀ ¹Üw w½zàä PÀÆqÁ, ɪÀÄä AiÀÄ ºÁ ¹UÀ ºÀÄzÉA jãpé ªÀÄvÀÄÛ sàgàªà ÉAiÀÄ D gá æ ÀæAiÀiÁ ªÀiÁqÀÄ ÛgÀÄvÁÛgÉ. Nominated Best Film - Cannes FF, Haifa IFF, Sarajevo FF Won Best Screenplay - Stephan Komandarev, Simeon Gijón IFF Argo Film, Aktis Film Production, Sektor Film Simeon Ventsislavov, Stephan Komandarev Vesselin Hristov Nina Altaparmakova 158 Ivan Andreev, Markus Krohn Vasil Vasilev-Zueka, Ivan Barnev, Assen Blatechki, Irini Zhambonas, Vasil Banov, Dobrin Dosev STEPHAN KOMANDAREV Stephan Komandarev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and holds a degree in film and television directing from the New Bulgarian University. He is the director of the documentaries Bread over the Fence (02), Alphabet of Hope (03), and The Town of Badante Women (09), as well as the fiction features The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner (08) and The Judgement (14). Directions (17) is his most recent film. CONTACT: ARRI MEDIA RSEHR@ARRI.DE

176 GERMANY WHY DEMOCRACY? - TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE GERMANY / 2007 / ENGLISH / 52 MIN. he Os ar winnin o umentar filmma er le i ne emonstrates how the infrin es human ri hts in the name of emo ra an has overrule rin i les of international law o ate urin the ar on error over risoners have een ille in militar risons su h as a ram f hanistan u hrai ra or uantanamo a u a a i to the ar i e ta es an in e th loo at one of these ases Documentary Films GERMANY THE CYCLIST GERMANY / 2008 / GERMAN / 28 MIN. tasi surveillan e as a film e erien e over a num er of ears the inistr for tate e urit s ie on hoto ra her aral auswal out s uno ial em lo ees were ut on his ase is hoto ra hs eviate far too mu h from the self ima e that the wante to ortra auswal u lishe his hotos in the est thus in reasin the authorities oliti al mistrust he filmma er ar h mmler u ta oses voi eover te ts from the auswal tasi files with auswal s often s e ti al sometimes ironi ut never enun- iator hoto ra hs 159

177 COUNTRY FOCUS THAILAND Like any other nation of the world, cinema came to Thailand way back to the earl a s of filmma in when ran ois enri avan lar e re or e in hulalon orn s visit to ern wit erlan he film was then brought to Bangkok, where it was exhibited. hile the s has een es ri e as the ol en e of the hai film industry with the years after World War II seeing a resurgence of sorts, however, with competition from Hollywood saw Thai industry hit its nadir in the 1980s and 1990s. However, thereafter, the Thailand saw its own New Wave cinemas, with directors as Nonzee Nimibutr, Pen-Ek Ratanaruang and Apichatpong eerasetha ul an a tion hero on aa ein ele rate at film festivals acfross the world. With new wave directors achieving commercial and artistic success, a new ro of filmma ers has sin e rown u outsi e the tra itional an often restri tive hai stu io s stem to reate e erimental short films and features. The indie movement began with Apichatpong Weerasethakul s 2002 feature Blissfully Yours which won the Un Certain Regard Prize at Cannes Film Festival. Other indie directors include Aditya Assarat (Wonderful Town), Anocha Suwichakornpong (Mundane History), Pimpaka Towira (One Night Husband), Thunska Pansittivorakul (Voodoo Girls), Sivaroj Kongsakul (Eternity), Wichanon Somumjarn (In April the Following Year, There Was a Fire) and Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit (36). Over the ears hailan films has arve their own s e ial ni he oth in the Asian/Asean cinema marquee besides garnering recognition in the global scene as well. BIFFES, as part of its Country Focus Section features Cinema of Thailand. he om lement of five hailan films om rises of a two horror thrillers two romanti ome ies an an e erimental olle tion of five shorts five ifferent ire tors hese five films ive viewers a full avor of the Thailand cinema of today with new young debutant directors who are etching their names on the movie marquee making the right noises on the international festival circuits as well.

178 COUNTDOWN PËAmïqË ï THAILAND DIRECTOR - NATTAWUT POONPIRIYA THAILAND / 2012 / THAI / 90 MIN. 3 Thai teens in New York City, Jack is a rich kid from Thailand, Pam a materialistic girl who would do anything to impress others, Bee, Jack s girlfriend, who has yet to reveal to anyone why she came to NYC. They are roommates and want to have a New Year Eve party to remember, so Jack calls Jesus, a drug dealer, to drop off some stuff to their apartment so they can celebrate the end of the year in style. They actually don t know Jesus and his background. However, his visit that night will change their lives forever. xáaiàiï À ºÀ ºÀgÀAiÀÄzÀ ªÀÄƪÀgÀÄ ÀÆåAiÀiÁPïð ÀUÀgÀPÉÌ gàäváûgé. eápï xáaiàiï ÉAqï À ²æêÀÄAvÀ ÉÆ â À ÀÄvÀæ. ÁªÀiï, AiÀiÁgÀ ÁßzÀgÀÆ M ¹PÉƼÀÄîªÀ báw EgÀĪÀ ªÀ «PÉAiÀÄ ºÀÄqÀÄV. Ã, eápï À UɼÀw. EªÀgÉ è ÀÆåAiÀiÁPïðUÉ KPÉ A záýgé J ÀÄߪÀÅzÀ ÀÄß AiÀiÁgÀÆ ºÉüÀÄwÛ è. CªÀgÉ è MAzÉà gàæ«ä À è vàavzáýgé ºÁUÀÆ J ègàæ ÉÃj ºÉÆ À ªÀµÁðZÀgÀuÉ ªÀiÁqÀ Ä GvÀÄìPÀgÁVzÁÝgÉ. CzÀPÁÌV eápï qàæuï rã gï eéã ÀÄUÉ PÀgɪÀiÁr, và Àß C ÁmïðªÉÄAnUÉ CzÀ ÀÆß MzÀV ÀĪÀAvÉ PÉÆÃgÀÄvÁÛ É. eéã ÀÄ AiÀiÁgÀÄ, CªÀ À» Éß É K ÀÄ JA ÄzÀÄ ªÀÄƪÀjUÀÆ w½ è. CªÀ À séãn CA À gáwæaiàä ÀÄß JA UÀÆ ªÀÄgÉAiÀÄzÀAvÉ ªÀiÁrvÀÄ. Nominated Best Film - Puchon IFF, Thailand National Film Association Awards, Udine Far East FF Nominated Best Director - Thailand National Film Association Awards Won Best Actor - David Asavanond, Best Screenplay -Nattawut Poonpiriya, Best Editing - Panayu National Film Association Awards. Jira Maligool, Vanridee Pongsittisak, Suvimon Techasupinun Nattawut Poonpiriya Niramon Ross Panayu 161 Kunvanlee Hualampong Riddim Pachara Chirathivat, Jarinporn Joonkiat, Pattarasaya Kreuasuwansri, David Asavanond NATTAWUT POONPIRIYA Nattawut "Baz" Poonpiriya born 24 March 1981 is a Thai director, graduated Master of Fine Arts in stage directing from Srinakharinwirot University. He worked mainly on television commercials for three years before moving to New York to study graphic design at Pratt Institute. After returning to Thailand in 2011, he worked as a music video director before directing his first feature film, the horror thriller Countdown. He is best known for the thriller films Countdown and Bad Genius. CONTACT: ROYAL THAI COUNSULATE, CHENNAI LAVANC34@YAHOO.CO.IN

179 HEART ATTACK HAM PUAY... HAM PHAK... HAM RAK MOR ºÁmïð CmÁåPï THAILAND THAILAND / 2015 / THAI / 130 MIN. A top graphics designer is given assignment one after the other from companies that need their ad campaigns retouched and models imperfections brushed awa e ushes himself not slee in for five strai ht a s livin on a otent rew of e ull an the first an r re s ots a ear on the a of his ne and slowly spread to the rest of his body. Forced to visit a doctor but embarrassed to discover an attractive young medical student who needs to examine his penis. he onl meet for a few minutes ea h month ut it s enou h to motivate him and expectations for romance to bloom. DIRECTOR - NAWAPOL THAMRONGRATTANARIT DvÀ Á»ÃgÁvÀÄ PÀA À AiÀÄ UÁæ Pï r É Àgï. ºÀUÀ gàä¼àä PÉ À ªÀiÁr DvÀ ¼À zàý. PÀÄrvÀzÀ sá ÀªÀ vàäû. AzÀÄ À ªÀ À PÀÄ ÛUÉAiÀÄ PÉA ÀÄUÀÄ¼É AiÉÆAzÀÄ PÁ ¹PÉÆArvÀÄ. PÀæªÉÄà ªÀ À zéãºàªé Á ºÀgÀrPÉÆArvÀÄ. ªÉ zà gà ½ ºÉÆÃUÀĪÀ zàä ªÁAiÀÄðªÁ ÄvÀÄ. D À véæaiàä DPÀµÀðPÀ jaiàä ªÉ zé ªÀ UÉ PÉ ÀzÀ vàûqà PÀrªÉÄ ªÀiÁrPÉƼÀÄ ªÀ À ºÉ ÃrzÀ¼ÀÄ. Á Ä ÉUÉ ªÀ À ÉÃgÉÆAzÀÄ ÀºÀªÁ ÀªÀ PÁgÀ ªÁ gà ºÀÄzÀÄ ÀÄߪÀ zàä ªÀ¼À ÀĪÀiÁ À. zà ÀÄß ÀvÉÛºÀZÀÑ Ä ªÀ À ¼ÁAUÀ Àjà À Ä ªÀÄÄAzÁzÀ¼ÀÄ ÀAPÉÆÃZÀzÀ ªÀÄÄzÉÝAiÀiÁzÀ ÁAiÀÄPÀ zàjazà ºÉÃUÉ ÁgÁzÀ ªÀ ÀÄ D ªÉ zé AiÀÄ ºÉÃUÉ ÀÄgÀPÀÛ ÁzÀ. Won Best Film - Osaka Asian FF, Thailand National Film Association Awards Won Best Director, Best Actor - Sunny Suwanmethanont, Best Editing - Chonlasit Upanigkit, Best Screen Play - Nawapol Thailand National Film Association Awards. Damrongchaitham, Jira Maligool Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit Niramon Ross Chonlasit Upanigkit 162 Vichaya Vatanasapt Sunny Suwanmethanont, Davika Hoorne, Violette Wautier, Torpong Chantabubpha NAWAPOL THAMRONGRATTANARIT Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit is a Thai writer, screenwriter and film director. His notable work are "Mary Is Happy, Mary Is Happy" and "Heart Attack" which has won several awards in the Suphannahong National Film Awards CONTACT: ROYAL THAI COUNSULATE, CHENNAI LAVANC34@YAHOO.CO.IN

180 LADDALAND záý ÁåAqï THAILAND DIRECTOR - SOPHON SAKDAPHISIT THAILAND / 2011 / THAI / 113 MIN. hee a stru lin ear ol mar etin o er moves from an o to a alan an u s ale housin evelo ment with lar e eautiful homes rin in alon his wife Parn his re ellious au hter an an livel oun son at hee is ertain that the move is the est o tion to answer all of his finan ial ro lems hile a alan a ears to e a relativel or inar uiet nei h orhoo hee an his famil reali e that somethin is wron with the environs when the en ounter a series of terrif in aranormal events that rives the famil to the e e of insanit EzÉÆAzÀÄ ºÁgÀgï avàæ. 40 ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹì À ªÀiÁPÉðnAUï C üpáj yã, ºÀtPÁ¹ À véæazàgé ÄAzÁ Á APÁPï AzÀ qá Á AqïUÉ ªÀÄ É zà ÀÄvÁÛ É. PÀrªÉÄ ÁrUÉ zéæqà ºÁUÀÆ ÀÄAzÀgÀªÀÄ É ÃAiÀÄ À ß ÀgÀ ï zsé AiÀÄðªÀAvÉ ªÀÄUÀ¼ÀÄ Á ï ºÁUÀÄ æã ÁvÀæ ÀÄvÀæ Á ï juàæ µàöªáuàävàûzé. zéæazàä ÁzsÁgÀ ÀUÀgÀ ÉgɺÉÆgÉAiÀĪÀgÀÆ gàæ ¼É AiÀĪÀgÉà D zàýgàä. DzÀgÉ ÀUÀ¼ÉzÀAvÉ D ªÀÄ ÉAiÀÄ ÉÆà sàævàzéãµéö ÀqÉAiÀÄÄ ÛzÉ ÀÄߪÀ zàä à ªÀÄ ÉAiÀÄ juàæ ÀvÉÆqÀUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. D ªÀÄ ÉAiÀÄ Á AiÉÆ ¼À ±ÀªÀ gé æ géãlgï À ÀvÉÛAiÀiÁ ÄvÀAvÉ. zàä ªÀÄ ÉAiÀĪÀgÀ Éß Á PÁqÀ ÁgÀA ¹vÀAvÉ. gá æaiàiá ÄvÉAzÀgÉ juàæ Ä. sàaiàiá ÀPÀ ÀÄ sàªà. Won Best Film - Thailand National Film Association Awards Won Best Actor - Piyathida Woramusik, Best Makeup - Pichet Wongjansom, Best Editing - Thammarat Sumethsupachok, Best Thailand National Film Association Awards. Jira Maligool, Vanridee Pongsittisak Sopana Chaowwiwatkul, Sophon Sakdaphisit Kittiwat Saemarat Thammarat 163 Sumethsupachok Hualampong Riddim, Vichaya Vatanasapt Saharat Sangkapreecha, Piyathida Woramusik, Sutatta Udomsilp, Athipich Chutiwatkajornchai SOPHON SAKDAPHISIT Sophon Sakdaphisit is a 36 year old Thai filmmaker and screenwriter born on 2 March 1982 well known for his movies Laddaland (2011),Coming Soon (2008), The Swimmers (2014) CONTACT: ROYAL THAI COUNSULATE, CHENNAI LAVANC34@YAHOO.CO.IN

181 ONE DAY M ï qéã THAILAND DIRECTOR - BANJONG PISANTHANAKUN THAILAND / 2016 / THAI / 135 MIN. Denchai who doesn t get along with his co-workers well, falls in love with Noui one of his co-worker who was different from others, apparently, she is already married. Then one day, they all went on a trip to Japan and at the end of the trip, Noui decided to commit suicide due to recently discovered that her boss will not get a divorce with his wife but failed and resulted in her losing her short term memory for a day. Denchai then decides to put this opportunity to good use by telling Noui that they are in love. Á sïöªéãgï PÀA À AiÀÄ qéa ÀÄ PÉ ÀUÁgÀ. gàæ ªÀ AzÀ PÉ À PÀ AiÀÄĪÀªÀgÉÃ. DzÀgÉ DvÀ AiÀiÁgÉÆA UÀÆ ºÉZÀÄÑ ÉgÉAiÀÄÄ ÛgÀ. D PÀA À AiÀÄ PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ j AvÀ ÀߪÁ AiÉÄà gàäªà ÀÆ ÄAiÀÄ ªÉÄÃ É ªÀ UÉ æã ºÀÄlÄÖvÀÛzÉ. DzÀgÉ DPÉUÉ DUÀ Éà ªÀÄzÀĪÉAiÀiÁ gàävàûzé. PÀA À AiÀÄÄ PÉ ÀUÁgÀjUÉ Á ï ÀæªÁ À Àðr ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. PÀA À AiÀÄ Á ï ÉÆvÉ À ªÀÄ À ÁÛ À AzÀ ÀÆ Ä DvÀ ºÀvÉ UÉ AiÀÄ ß ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ÉnÖ AzÁ DPÉ AzÀÄ ÀzÀ ªÀÄnÖUÉ À PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉƼÀÄ váû¼é. ªÀ¼À DgÉ PÉ ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ qéa zéã ªÀPÁ±ÀªÀ ÀÄß ¼À¹PÉÆAqÀÄ vá ÀÄ æã ÀÄ ÛgÀĪÀ µàaiàäªà ÀÄß ªÀ½UÉ ½ À Ä ªÀPÁ±ÀªÀ ÀÄß ¼À¹PÉƼÀÄ váû É. Nominated Best Film - Thailand National Film Association Awards Won Best Actor - Chantavit Dhanasevi & Nittha Thailand National Film Association Awards. Jira Maligool, Vanridee Pongsittisak, Suwimol Techasupinan, Weerachai Yaikwawong Banjong Pisanthanakun, Chantavit Dhanasevi, 164 Nontra Koomwong Naruphol Chokanapitak Chonlasit Upanigkit Vichaya Vatanasapt Chantavit Dhanasevi, Nittha BANJONG PISANTHANAKUN Bangjong Pisanthanakun is a Thai filmmaker and screenwriter, graduated in filmmaking in 1999 from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, saw early success with his first two films, 'Shutter' and 'Alone' that he co-directed and co-wrote with Parkpoom Wongpoom. He directed a short film, 'Plae Kao', which was a finalist for best picture and best screenplay in the Click Radio comedy short film competition in He then directed 'Colorblind', a short film that has been screened at many film festivals. He has worked as a film critic for 'Starpics', a popular Thai film entertainment magazine. CONTACT: ROYAL THAI COUNSULATE, CHENNAI LAVANC34@YAHOO.CO.IN

182 PHOBIA 2 HA PHRAENG s ÉÇà AiÀiÁ 2 THAILAND DIRECTOR - BANJONG PISANTHANAKUN, VISUTE POOLVORALAKS, PAWEEN PURIKITPANYA, SONGYOS SUGMAKANAN, PARKPOOM WONGPOOM THAILAND / 2009 / THAI / 125 MIN. Pho ia is om ose of five short movie se ments ire te five of the est ire tors of hai horror films teena er who ommitte a rime oes to a sa re la e for me itation an hi in that rin s him fri ht an uilt a out what he i oun man ets haunte in an hos ital an ol man in oma who s not too far from him wo men alon with two hit hhi ers in a tru ot into a i trou le after o enin the a se on han ar ealer reali es what the revious ar owners assen ers ha terri l een into n ill har wor in a tress whose role is a host is re orte ea after she was rou ht to the hos ital zàä ºÁgÀgï PÀvÉ. ºÁgÀgï vàæuà¼à ÀÄß zéãð ÀĪÀ ªÀgÀÄ ±ÉæõÀ ÁAiÀiï zéãð±àpàjazà zàä PÀ É gàäªà séæã AiÀiÁ ÀgÀ AiÀÄ gàqà Éà vàæ zàä. ÀgÁzsÀ À gàäªà Á PÀ ÉÆ ±ÁA g๠AiÉÆÃUÀPÉÃAzÀæPÉÌ ºÉÆÃUÀĪÀ zàä AzÀÄ zsá AiÀÄ. D À véæaiàä gàäªà AiÀÄĪÀPÀ ÉÆ À ÀÄß PÉÆêÀiÁzÀ gàäªà ªÀ zà ÉÆ ÀvÁ Ä ÀĪÀ zàä ªÀÄvÉÆÛAzÀÄ PÀvÉ. gàä ªÀÄzsÀ ªÀAiÀÄ ÀÌgÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ gàä Á PÀgÀÄ váªà ÀAiÀÄ ÀÄ ÛzÀÝ læpï À»A Á Ä végézáuà véæazàgéué ¹ Ä PÉƼÀÄ váûgé. zéªà zà ÁvÀæ ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ À À ÀnAiÀÄ ÀÄß D À véæué PÀgÉvÀgÀĪÁUÀ Éà DPÉ PÉÆ ÉAiÀÄĹgÉ¼É gàäváû¼é.»ãué zàæ PÀvÉUÀ¼ÀÄ vàæzà ºÁgÀgï À gàæ ÀªÀ ÀÄß ºÉüÀÄvÀÛªÉ. Nominated best Actor, Makeup, Visual effects, Thailand National Film Association Awards. Paween Purikitpanya, Boonsak Watanavisit Vanridee Pongsittisak, Pran Therdsak Chanpan, Tadaveerawat, Chatchai Suvimon Techasupinun, Nitis Napichayasutin, Naruphol Chokanapitak, Niramon Ross 165 Jirayu La-Ongmanee, Ray Macdonald, Chumphorn Thepphithak, Apasiri Nitibhon BANJONG PISANTHANAKUN, VISUTE POOLVORALAKS, PAWEEN PURIKITPANYA, SONGYOS SUGMAKANAN, PARKPOOM WONGPOOM CONTACT: ROYAL THAI COUNSULATE, CHENNAI LAVANC34@YAHOO.CO.IN

183 COUNTRY FOCUS CANADA he histor of the ana ian film in ustr has een one of s ora i achievement accomplished in isolation against great odds. Canadian cinema has existed within an environment where access to capital for production, to the marketplace for distribution and to theatres for e hi ition has een e tremel i ult lthou h it is a ro riate to s ea of an meri an film in ustr atin a to with the intro u tion of narrative filmma in li e he reat rain o er an n le om s a in he first u li s reenin of a film in ana a too la e on une in ontr al n ul n rew and George Holland of Ottawa, who two years earlier had opened the worl s first inetos o e arlour in ew or it featurin homas Edison s invention, introduced Edison s Vitascope to the Canadian public in Ottawa s West End Park. Among the scenes shown was The iss starrin a rwin On u ust the first s reenin in oronto too la e at o inson s us e on on e treet he first s reenin in Vancouver was in December he first ana ian films were ro u e in the fall of a ear after the Montréal debut. They were made by James Freer, a Manitoba farmer, and depicted life on the Prairies. he rowth of ana ian nationalism aroun the first worl war romote a rief urr in ana ian ro u tion an other as e ts of the film in ustr he first wi el release ana ian newsreels a eare an feature film ro u tion e an e as i the ana ian owne llen Theatres chain and associated distribution companies. ana a has iven remar a le films to the worl li e Warrendale (1961), Les Ordres (1974), Quest for Life (1981), J. A Martin Photography (1977),The Silent Partner (1978), Les Plouffe (1981),The Grey Fox (1981). Mon Oncle Antoine (1971) and many others.

184 HEAVEN ON EARTH CANADA ºÉªÉ ï D ï Cxïð DIRECTOR - DEEPA MEHTA CANADA / 2008 / PUNJABI ENGLISH / 106 MIN. Chand is a middle-class girl, who enters into an arranged marriage with Rocky, an Indian émigré, living in Canada. Following a lavish ceremony, we follow Chand as she begins her new life abroad. But the dream soon turns sour as Rocky and his mother conspire to make Chand s life hell, through violence and abuse. But when a friend gives Chand a magical tree root, claiming it will make Rocky fall in love with her, it exerts a strange and powerful magic which leads Chand into a mysterious parallel existence of marital bliss ZÁAzï ªÀÄzsÀ ªÀÄ ªÀUÀðzÀ AiÀÄĪÀ.»jAiÀÄgÀÄ zsàðj¹zà ságà ÃAiÀÄ ªÀÄÆ zà PÉ ÀqÁzÀ É É¹gÀĪÀ gá AiÀÄ ÉÆvÉ ªÀ¼ÀÄ ªÀÄzÀĪÉAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. zàæýjaiàiá ªÀÄzÀĪÉAiÀiÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ZÁAzï zéã±àzà PÉ»rzÀªÀ ÉÆA UÉ ÀªÀ êÀ À DgÀA ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. DzÀgÉ ZÁAzï DAvÀjPÀ P läa PÀ PÀ ºÀzÀ À Ä ÉªÀÄ AiÀÄ zàäpàä zàægàªáuàävàûzé. Nominated Best Film - Directors Guild of Canada, Vancouver Film Critics Circle, Dubai IFF Won Best Actor - Preity Chicago IFF Won Best Screenplay - Dubai IFF David Hamilton Deepa Mehta Giles Nuttgens Colin Monie Mychael Danna Balinder Johal, Gourrav Sihan, Preity Zinta, Rajinder Singh Cheema, Vansh Bhardwaj DEEPA MEHTA Deepa Mehta received a degree in philosophy from the University of New Delhi. In 1973, she moved to Canada when she married Canadian producer Paul Saltzman. She began her film career writing scripts for children's movies, but it wasn't until 1991 that Mehta produced and directed her first film, Sam & Me, which won the Camera D'Or at Cannes Film Festival. Her biggest success so far was the romantic comedy Bollywood/ Hollywood which was nominated for five Genie awards. Her feature film Beeba Boys premiered at the TIFF that looks at the Indo-Canadian drugs and arms. 167 CONTACT: CONSULATE GENERAL OF CANADA SARVAMANGALA.BALASUBRAMANYAM@ INTERNATIONAL.GC.CA

185 SLEEPING GIANT CANADA ¹èà AUï eéêamï DIRECTOR - ANDREW CIVIDINO CANADA / 2015 / ENGLISH / 89 MIN. Teenager Adam is spending his summer vacation with his parents on rugged Lake Superior. His dull routine is shattered when he befriends Riley and Nate, smart aleck cousins who pass their ample free time with debauchery and reckless cliff jumping. The revelation of a hurtful secret triggers Adam to set in motion a series of irreversible events that test the bonds of friendship and change the boys forever. ÁºÀ ÀzÀ è M âjvavà M âgàä «ÄV ÁVgÀĪÀ ªÀÄƪÀgÀÄ ºÀ ºÀgÀAiÀÄzÀ ºÀÄqÀÄUÀgÀÄ vàªàää ÁºÀ ÀPÁAiÀÄðUÀ¼À KPÀvÁ ÀvÉ ÄAzÀ và à¹péæ¼àî Ä GvÀÛgÀ MAmÁjAiÉÆÃzÀ À wãgàzà gé Ámïð MAzÀgÀ è vàauàäváûgé. ªÀÄƪÀgÀ fãªà ÀzÀ Æè ºÀÄqÀÄVAiÉÆ â¼àä ÀæªÉò¹zÁUÀ, CªÀgÀ ÉßúÀzÀ ÀvÀé ÀjÃPÉëAiÀiÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Won Best Film Ghent IFF, Mumbai FF, Munich FF, Reykjavik IFF (FIPRESCI), Toronto IFF Nominated Best Film Cannes FF, Ghent IFF, Athens IFF, Palm Springs IFF, Toronto Film Critics Association Awards Won Best Director Munich FF, Vancouver Film Critics Circle. Karen Harnisch, Marc Swenker, Aaron Yeger, James Vandewater, Andrew Cividino Andrew Cividino, Aaron Yeger, Blain Watters James Klopko 168 James Vandewater Chris Thornborrow, Bruce Peninsula Jackson Martin, Reece Moffett, Nick Serino, David Disher. ANDREW CIVIDINO Andrew Cividino is a Canadian film director and screenwriter. He is best known for his feature film debut Sleeping Giant, which premiered at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. Early life. After studying film at Ryerson University, he made several short films. When all of the funding fell through for his feature debut, Sleeping Giant, he proceeded with a pared down short film version enabling him to secure new funding. At the 4th Canadian Screen Awards in 2016, he was a nominee for Best Director for Sleeping Giant, which garnered 3 other nominations including Best Picture. CONTACT: CONSULATE GENERAL OF CANADA SARVAMANGALA.BALASUBRAMANYAM@ INTERNATIONAL.GC.CA


187 AND THEY MADE CLASSICS AND THEY MADE CLASSICS CAqï zé ªÉÄÃqï PÁè¹Pïì DIRECTOR - RATNOTTAMA SENGUPTA INDIA / 2017 / HINDI / 70 MIN. he film is an interview of late author s ri twriter an ational war winnin filmma er a en u hosh e s ea s a out his asso iation with his film uru imal o in the interview with the latter s son o imal o n his outh the writer was move e on wor s on wat hin a en ali film that was la e in one of the lo al theatre in a shahi whi h han e his life hrou hout this o umentar what erha s stri es the viewers the most is the la i unassumin harm of a man so immensel talente a man who seeme more een on tal in a out the eo le he ha wor e with than a out himself AUÁ½ Á»w, ºÁUÀÆ avàæpàvéuágà, gáµàöç Àæ±À¹Û ÀÄgÀ ÀÌøvÀ À ÉÃAzÀÄ WÉÆõï CªÀgÀ UÉÎ CªÀgÀ ÀÄwæ gàvéæßãvàûªàä Éà ïuàä ÀÛ CªÀgÀÄ vàaiàiáj¹gàäªà F ÁPÀëöåavÀæ AUÁ½ ¹ ªÀiÁzÀ ºÀ ªÁgÀÄ PÀÄvÀƺÀ PÀgÀ µàaiàäuà¼à ÀÄß ºÉÆA zé. ÀÄ ÁvÀ A zéãªàzá ï ªÀiÁ ï ùæPÀ ÀªÀiï ªÉÆzÀ ÁzÀ PÁ ¹Pï vàuà¼à DvÀ ªÉà DzÀ vàæpàvéaiàä ÀÄß gà ¹zÀªÀgÀÄ À ÉÃAzÀÄ ÉÆõï. ªÀgÀÄ ªÀÄ ïgáaiàiï ªÀgÉÆA À ÀÄ sàªàuà¼à ÀÄß ºÀA PÉÆArgÀĪÀ zàä UÁæ Äà ÀæzÉñÀzÀ ÉA ïuà¼à ÀæzÀ±Àð À PÁ ĪÀ ZÀ À vàæuà¼à ÀÄß ÉÆÃqÀÄvÀÛ Éà ɼÉzÀzÀÄÝ ¹ ªÀiÁzÀ UÀÄAUÀÄ»rzÀÄ vàægàauàpéì AzÀzÀÄÝ ªÉÆzÀ ÁzÀ À ÉÃAzÀÄ ªÀgÀ À gázà êÀ Á ÀÄ sàªà PÀ À ÀUÀ¼À Éß ÁPÀ vàæzà PÁ ºÀÄzÀÄ. Nabendu Debasis Ghosh Sengupta Ratnottama Sengupta Christopher Rego Dipak Mandal Voice: Ashoke Viswanathan 170 RATNOTTAMA SENGUPTA Ratnottama Sengupta, has worked with leading newspapers like the Indian Express, The Telegraph and The Times of India. She has written on all the forms of art, with special emphasis on cinema and visual art. From 2015 to 2016, she was Editor of the comprehensive online cinema site, CineBengal. She is a Senior Consultant advising filmmakers at various stages of filmmaking, from script to subtitle, censorship to festival participation. CONTACT: RATNOTTAMA SENGUPTA RATNOTTAMASENGUPTA@GMAIL.COM DRD.SEGUPTA01@GMAIL.COM

188 DOCTOR RAKHMABAI qá. gàpáä Á Ä DIRECTOR - ANANTH NARAYAN MAHADEVAN INDIA / 2016 / MARATHI / 124 MIN. he stor of n ia s first ra ti in la o tor so ial re el an me i al ioneer who ave the wa for a fi ht a ainst en er is rimination ságàvàzà ªÉÆzÀ ªÀÄ»¼Á ªÉÊzÉå. AUÀ vágàvàªàäåzà «gàäzàþ ºÉÆÃgÁlPÉÌ ÀÆàwð vàäa zà ÁªÀiÁfPÀ PÁAiÀÄðPÀvÉð ºÁUÀÆ ªÉÊzÀåQÃAiÀÄ ÉÆÃPÀzÀ «ÀäAiÀÄ. Dr. Swapna Patkar Bikas Ranjan Mishra Alphonse Roy Ananth Narayan Mahadevan Rohan Pradhan 171 Tannishtha Chatterjee, Bharat Dabholkar, Santosh Juvekar,Kavita Lad, Alexx O Nell, Prasad Oak ANANTH NARAYAN MAHADEVAN Ananth Narayan Mahadevan was born on August 28, 1950 in Thrissur, United State of Travancore and Cochin, India as Anant H. Mahadevan. He is an actor and director, known for feature films 'Mee Sindhutai Sapkal' (2010), 'Red Alert: The War Within' (2009) and 'Anamika: The Untold Story' (2008). CONTACT: ANANTH MAHADEVAN FILMS ANANTHMAHADEVANFILMS@GMAIL.COM

189 EL INCA J ï EAPÁ VENEZUELA / 2016 / SPANISH / 128 MIN. Valero, aka El Inca, rose from humble Andean roots to being an international celebrity by defeating one rival after another he set a world record by winning his first fi hts with a first roun no out ut as alero s rofessional life loome his ersonal life e an to sta er is tra i love stor with inse urities lea in to marital infi elities an erilous a i tion as e ts of alero s life that still s ar ontrovers he onl fi ht he lost was the one a ainst himself DIRECTOR - IGNACIO ILLO COTTIN ªÉ ÉgÉÆà C AiÀiÁ ï J ï EAPÁ DArAiÀÄ ï ªÀÄÆ zà ÁzsÁgÀt ªÀåQÛ. DvÀ và Àß J è JzÀÄgÁ½UÀ¼À ÀÄß ÀvÀvÀªÁV ÉÆà ÀĪÀ ªÀÄÆ PÀ CAvÀgÀgÁ ÖçÃAiÀÄ SÁåw UÀ½ ÀÄvÁÛ É. DvÀ và Àß ªÉÆzÀ 18 ºÉÆÃgÁlUÀ¼À è ªÉÆzÀ ÀÄwÛ À Éèà d Ä ÀĪÀ ªÀÄÆ PÀ «±ÀézÁR É géaiàääváû É. và Àß ªÀÈwÛ zàäpàä GvÀÄÛAUÀPÉÌÃgÀÄwÛzÀÝAvÉAiÉÄÃ, ªÉ ÉgÉÆà À ªÉÊAiÀÄQÛPÀ zàäpàä ÁvÁ¼ÀPÉÌ PÀĹAiÀÄvÉÆqÀUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. C sàzàævé ºÁUÀÆ zàägàavà ÉæêÀÄPÀvÉ ÄAzÁV «±Áé ÀWÁvÀÄPÀvÀ ÀzÀ è PÉÆ ÉUÉƼÀÄîªÀ ªÉʪÁ»PÀ fãªà À; C ÁAiÀÄPÁj ªÀå À À. EªÀÅUÀ¼ÀÄ ªÉ ÉgÉÆà À zàäq À sáuàªáv «ªÁzÀPÉÌ ÁA ºÁqÀÄvÀÛªÉ. ºÉÆÃgÁlzÀ è ÀæwAiÉÆ âgà ÀÆß ÉÆà ¹zÀ ªÉ ÉgÉÆà CAwªÀĪÁV và Àß fãªà ÀzÀ è và ÉÆßA V À ºÉÆÃgÁlzÀ è vá Éà ÉÆÃvÀĺÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ É. Best Foreign Language Film Entry - Oscars 2018, Won Best Film - Festival del Cine Venezolano Nominated Best Film - International Film Festival of India, Miami FF, Morelia IFF, São Paulo IFF Won Best Director - Festival del Cine Venezolano Best Actor - Alexander Festival del Cine Venezolano Best Editor, Makeup, Festival del Cine Venezolano Nathalie Sar-Shalom Ignacio Castillo Cottin, Ada Hernández Alexandra Henao Maikel Jiménez Luis Miguel Emmanuelli Alexander Leterni, Scarlett Jaime, Miguel Ferrari, Daniela Bueno, Carolina Torres, Leonidas Urbina IGNACIO ILLO COTTIN Ignacio Castillo Cottin is a Venezuelan filmmaker. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California. His directorial credits include 'La virgen negraand and El Inca' 172 CONTACT: WIDE MANAGEMENT MA@WIDEMANAGEMENT.COM

190 NICO, 1988 ÃPÉÆ, 1988 ITALY BELGIUM / 2017 / ENGLISH GERMAN / 94 MIN. This bio-pic addresses the self-destructive side of the German singer, actress and model Christa Paffgen. She was professionally called as Nico by the whole world after her collaboration and sudden popularity with Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground. Yet unexpectedly, her life takes a twirls as she starts struggling with her drug addiction, but also to be taken seriously as songwriter and artist. Also, her reunion with her teenage son Ari. DIRECTOR - SUSANNA NICCHIARELLI ÃPÉÆà A A và ÁªÀÄ AzÀ Éà Àæ Á và¼á gàäªà æ ÁÛ À sà É ï ªÀÄð AiÀÄ Àæ¹zÀ gápï ¹AUÀgï. ÀA ÃvÀUÁ ð ÃvÀgÀZÀ ÉUÁ ð ªÀiÁqÉ ï Àn. ÀÆ AiÀiÁPïð À zéãð±àpà DAr ªÁgÉÆà ï vàaqàzà ÉÆvÉ PÉ À ªÀiÁrzÀ ÀAvÀgÀ ªÀ¼À Á ªÀÄvÀÛµÀÄÖ ºÉ ÑvÀÄ. ªÉÆzÀ D A ªÉ É ï AqÀgïU æaqï ªÀ¼À ÀÄß ªÀÄvÀÛµÀÄÖ À æaiàäuéæ½¹vàä. ɪÀiÁj zàäpàä ÀÄ sà ¹zÀ PÉÆ gàªàvàûgà zà±àpàzà l ªÀÄÆ PÀ ªÀiÁ AZÉ ÀÖgï UÉ ÀæAiÀiÁ É¼É ÀÄvÁÛ¼É. zéæazàä géæãzàpà ÀAiÀÄ. zé ªÀiÁzÀPÀªÀ À ÀPÉÌ vàäváû gàäªà DPÉ ÃvÀ gàzà É ºÁUÀÆ ªÀiÁqÉ AUï ÀÄß UÀA ÃgÀªÁ ÀjUÀ ¹gÀÄvÁÛ¼É. và ÀUÁ ºÁUÀÆ PÉ PÀ ÀÄvÀæ À sà µà PÁÌ ÀjvÀ ¹zÀgÀÆ DPÉAiÀÄ P läa PÀ êÀ ÀzÀ ÀAvÀ À ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ÉªÀÄ ªÀÄjà PÉAiÀiÁ AiÉÄà ½ ÄvÀÄ. Won Best Film - Venice FF, Les Arcs European FF (Grand Jury prize) Nominated Best Film Göteborg FF Nominated Best script - Les Arcs European FF Marta Donzelli, Gregorio Paonessa, Joseph Rouschop Susanna Nicchiarelli Crystel Fournier Stefano Cravero 173 Gatto Ciliegia Trine Dyrholm, John Gordon Sinclair, Anamaria Marinca, Sandor Funtek SUSANNA NICCHIARELLI Susanna Nicchiarelli, born in 1975 in Rome, Italy. She graduated in film production from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematogra a in Rome in She has written and directed many short films and documentaries, and two feature-length films, 'Cosmonaut', winner of the Controcampo award at the Venice Film Festival, and 'Discovery at Dawn', presented at the Rome Film Festival. She has also made two short animated films in stop-motion, 'Sputnik 5' and 'Esca Viva'. 'Nico, 1988' is her 3rd feature film. CONTACT: PASCALE RAMONDA PASCALE@PASCALERAMONDA.COM

191 REDOUBTABLE LE REDOUTABLE jqël ï DIRECTOR - MICHEL HAZANAVICIUS FRANCE / 2017 / FRENCH ITALIAN / 107 MIN. ean u o ar the lea in filmma er of his eneration in Paris is shootin a hinoise with the woman he loves nne ia ems ears his unior he are ha attra tive in love an the marr ut the film s re e tion unleashes a rofoun self e amination in ean u he events of a will am lif this ro ess an the risis that sha es the filmma er will transform him rofoun l from a star ineaste to a aoist artist entirel outsi e the s stem as misun erstoo as he is in om rehensi le CzÀÄ Áåj ï ÀUÀgÀ. fã ï ÆåPï UÉÆqÁqïð D PÁ zà Àæ¹zÀÞ ZÀ ÀavÀæ ªÀiÁð ÀPÀ. D ï ªÀAiÀÄgÉ ÄªÀiï DvÀ AvÀ 0 ªÀµÀð PÀ̪À¼ÀÄ. gàæ ÉæêÀÄ Á±ÀzÀ ¹ Ä ªÀÄzÀĪÉAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛgÉ. gà Á j ï ÀUÀgÀzÀ ZÀ À vàæzà æãpàgà zà ªÀj gàæ véæqà PÉƼÀÄ váûgé. vàæ qàäuàqéaiàiá ÉæÃPÀ PÀjAzÀ ¹UÀĪÀ ÁæAiÀÄUÀ¼ÀÄ DvÀ À ÀÄß À ªÀıÉðUÉ véæqàuàäªàavé ªÀiÁqÀÄvÀÛªÉ. gà À ªÀıÉð êÀæªÁ ªÀ ÉƼÀUÉ DAvÀjPÀ ºÉÆÃgÁl DgÀA sàªáuàävàûzé. DAvÀjPÀ ÀA ÀµÀð PÉÆ ÉUÉ Ã ï Æ Pï UÉÆqÁqïð ªÀiÁªÉ êÁ PÀ Á zà Á zà ÁUÀĪÀAvÉ ªÀiÁqÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ÀðªÁUÀzÀ ªÀ ªÀ É AiÀÄAvÉ UÉÆqÁqïð PÀÆqÀ UÀÆqsÀªÁ ½zÀÄ qàäváû É. Nominated Best Film - Cannes FF, Munich FF Nominated Best Director - Lumiere Awards, France Nominated Best Actor Louis Lumiere Awards, France. Michel Hazanavicius, Florence Gastaud, Riad Sattouf Michel Louis Garrel, Hazanavicius Stacy Martin, Bérénice Bejo, Guillaume Micha Lescot, Schiffman Grégory Gadebois, Felix Anne-Sophie Bion Kysyl 174 Jean Minondo MICHEL HAZANAVICIUS Michel Hazanavicius was born and raised in Paris, where he studied at the École nationale supérieure d'arts de Paris-Cergy. He moved on to work as a director for commercials and television projects. In 1999, he wrote and directed his first feature film 'Mes amis' (1999), which featured his brother Serge Hazanavicius. Hazanavicius came to the attention of international audiences with the release of an non verbal film, 'The Artist' (2011), which starred his wife, Bérénice Bejo and 'OSS 117' star Jean Dujardin. The film was a critical and popular hit, garnering many major awards including Oscar awards. CONTACT: PRASAD KHATU PRASADKHATU@GMAIL.COM

192 SOLO, SOLITUDE ISTIRAHATLAH KATA-KATA À ÉÆà ÉÆÃ, Á læåqï DIRECTOR - YOSEP ANGGI NOEN INDONESIA / 2016 / INDONESIAN / 97 MIN. The authoritarian Suharto regime has been in power for three decades. Poet Wiji Thukul is a fearless critic of the government and his lines are chanted by crowds at demonstrations. When in July 1996 riots break out in Jakarta, Wiji and other a tivists are hel res onsi le e ees to Pontiana on orneo han es his i entit several times ut the se aration from his famil is a heav ur en As a dissident he has to remain visible to be heard. The biopic hauntingly describes the loneliness of exile and portrays the famous Indonesian writer s last weeks, who has been missing since dpáváðzà è DqÀ½vÀzÀ PÀ ªÀÄÄ ªÀÄÆgÀÄ zà±àpàuà¼à PÁ ÀĺÁvÉÆÃð»rvÀzÀ èvàäû. ÀPÁðgÀzÀ PÀlÄ nãpápágà ÁVzÀÝ PÀ««fvÀÄPÁ ï gézà AqÁAiÀÄ PÀ«vÉUÀ¼À Á ÄUÀ¼À ÀÄß Àæw sàl ÁPÁgÀgÀÄ Àæw sàl É ÀªÀÄAiÀÄzÀ è WÉÆõÀuÉUÀ¼À ªÀÄÆ PÀ PÀÆUÀÄwÛzÀÝgÀÄ. dpáváðzà è 1996 gà è UÀ séuà¼àä sàäv ÉzÀݪÀÅ. EzÀPÉÌ «f ÉÃjzÀAvÉ ºÀ ªÁgÀÄ Àæw sàl ÁPÁgÀgÀÄ ºÉÆuÉAiÀiÁVzÀÝgÀÄ. ÀPÁðgÀ A ü ÀĪÀ ªÀÄÄ ÀߪÉà «f ÉÆgÀ ÉÆÃUÉ À ÁAiÀÄ À ªÀiÁrzÀ. ºÀ ªÁgÀÄ Áj và Àß ºÉ ÀgÀÄ zà ¹PÉÆAqÀ. DzÀgÉ PÀÄlÄA AzÀ zàægàªávgàäªàåzéã ªÀ UÉ AiÀiÁvÀ ÉAiÀÄ µàaiàäªá vàäû. DvÀ PÀ É zéã±à AzÀ ºÉÆgÀºÁPÀ löªà À PÁAvÀvÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß æ ÀÄvÀÛzÉ ºÁUÀÆ jazà PÀ géaiàiá gàäªà AqÉÆà Éà AiÀiÁzÀ ÀæSÁåvÀ Á»wAiÉÆ â À PÉÆ ÉUÀ½UÉAiÀÄ fãªà ÀªÀ ÀÄß ºÉüÀÄvÀÛzÉ. Won Best Film - Jogja-NETPAC Asian FF Nominated Best Film Hamburg FF, o arno Pa ifi eri ian inema Yulia Evina Bhara, Yosep Anggi Noen Yosep Anggi Noen Bayu Prihantoro Filemon Andhy Pulung Yennu Ariendra 175 Gunawan Maryanto, Marissa Anita, Melanie Subono, Eduwart Boang analu hafi Yunan YOSEP ANGGI NOEN Yosep ANGGI NOEN (1983, Indonesia) was born in a village outside Yogyakarta and started making short films with friends during high school. He later graduated from the Asian Film Academy. Anggi Noen is a producer, screenwriter and filmmaker and teaches film classes in Indonesia. His debut feature film is 'Peculiar Vacation and Other Illnesses' he also directed several short films. 'Solo, Solitude 'is his second feature film. CONTACT: ASIAN SHADOWS ANNE@CHINESESHADOWS.COM

193 THE SECRET OF ZIA MARIA zà ¹ÃPÉ æmï D sï faiàiá ªÀÄjAiÀiÁ LE SECRET DE ZIA MARIA DIRECTOR - ISABELLE BALDUCCHI FRANCE / 2017 / ENGLISH / 52 MIN. One evening in February 2009, I stop at a gas station at the exit of Ajaccio, Corsica. he en ine of m ar is rownin ere am i in throu h ma a ines an ma a ines from the orner oo store n arti le in a histori al review at hes m e e ntitle ia aria e astifao it tells the stor of a woman name ia aria who ha sheltere urin the war a ewish fu itive ia aria is a tuall m reat ran mother an this stor is that of her se ret unveile in this arti le his arti le that e omes the startin oint of this film this film as a uest loo in throu h its se ret a m thi al an estor that have never nown sé æªàj 00 gà ÀA ÉAiÀÄ ÀªÀÄAiÀÄ. PÁ¹ðPÁ Á AiÉÆà UÀr UÀðªÀÄ À zá gàzà ½AiÀÄ UÁ ï ÉÖõÀ ï À Á ÀÄ PÁgÀÄ ¹zÉÝ. ªÀÄÆ ÉAiÀÄ zàý ÀÄ ÀÛPÀzÀ AUÀrAiÀÄ Á ÀÄ ªÀiÁ UÀ ïuà¼à ÀÄß gàä ºÁPÀÄ ÛzÉÝ.» ÁÖjPÀ ï ªÀiÁ UÀ à ï À Éà ÀªÉ AzÀÄ À Àß ÀÄß É¼É ÄvÀÄ. Éà À AiÀÄÄzÀ ÀªÀÄAiÀÄzÀ zéã±à sàæµàögá zàý AiÉĺÀÆzÀ gà vàæ ªÁ vàäû. zé D PÀvÉAiÀÄ Àæ ÁÛ ÀªÁUÀĪÀ AiÀiÁ ªÀiÁjAiÀiÁ ªÁ ÀÛªÀªÁ À Àß ªÀÄÄvÀÛ AiÉÄà D zàý¼àä. Éà ÀzÀ AiÀiÁ¼À êÀ ÀzÀ gàºà À ªÀ ÀÄß ºÉüÀ Á vàäû. gàºà À UÀ¼À ÀÄß jaiàää ÛzÀÝAvÉAiÉÄà À ÀUÉ zàäªàgéué ½AiÀÄ zàý PÀÄlÄA zà ÀÄgÁ PÀ À ÀªÉà À Àß ªÀÄÄAzÉ A vàä. O ial ele tion rte are he esistan e ama Isabelle Balducchi Isabelle Balducchi Antoine Thierry Hervieux, Balducchi, Isabelle Maryse Balducchi, Bruno Balducchi, Vilde Myriam Mahmani, Sylvie Laurier Shalom Nahmani, Godefroy Jannie Parsi 176 Giorgetti ISABELLE BALDUCCHI Born in Paris, she spent her childhood and teenage years living between the Caribbean and Guyana. Upon returning to Paris, she spent her time as a journalist, Staying within the field of production, she ventured towards writing and directing, attending the Geneva School of Art and Design. With Isa Productions, she writes, directs and produces many documentary films and short fiction films, including Réflexions and Comme d habitude, was nominated for the Leopards of Tomorrow award at the 1997 Locarno IFF. Living in Corsica, she continues writing, directing and producing both documentaries and fiction films. Her films screened and broadcasted both in France and abroad. CONTACT: BALDUCCHI ISABELLE.BALDUCCHI@GMAIL.COM

194 WRITER ASHOKAMITRAN géêlgï C±ÉÆÃPï«ÄvÀæ ï DIRECTOR - PRASANNA RAMASWAMY INDIA / 2017 / TAMIL / 52 MIN. he film rin s one of the well nown writers r sho amitran in onversation e s ea s mainl of the hiloso h an life that ui es his writin s his interview mainl is inter retations li e rea in is ussions re e tions an ima in the onte t of two of his seminal wor s arain ha i hal al is his ahit a a emi war winnin writin whi h e lains the etails of n ian tur ulent histor his is filme in the writer s tin wor room in is ussion at a frien s house he film wor s towar s evo in an e erimental intro u tion to the worl of sho amitran s writin s ÀæSÁåvÀ ÉÃRPÀ C±ÉÆÃPÀ«ÄvÀæ ï CªÀgÀ DvÀäPÀvÉ. F DvÀäPÀvÉAiÀÄ è ºÀĪÀÄÄRåªÁV CªÀgÀÄ vàvàéeáõ ÀzÀ UÉÎ ªÀiÁvÀ ÁrzÁÝgÉ. KPÉAzÀgÉ CzÀÄ CªÀgÀ gàºàuà½ué záj véæãj¹zé. ªÀgÀ gàqàä vàì µàö PÀ UÀ¼À UÉ ZÀZÉð zàgà ªÁAiÀÄðvÉAiÉÄà ÀAzÀ±Àð ÀzÀ zàýpàæì ºÀgÀrzÉ. PÀgÉ AzÀ ¼À ïuà¼ï ÀÄߪÀ ªÀgÀ PÀ UÉ PÉÃAzÀæ Á»vÀ PÁqÉ Ä ÀÄgÀ ÁÌgÀ ÀA zé. ságàvàzà ÀæPÀ Ä ZÀjvÉæAiÀÄ ÀÄß À ºÉüÀĪÀ PÀ EzÀÄ. C±ÉÆÃPÀ«ÄvÀæ ï CªÀgÀ gàºàuà¼à UÉÎ D¼ÀªÁzÀ ZÀZÉð E è À ªÀÄÄRå CA±À. Films Division Prasanna Ramaswamy R V Ramani Prem Kumar Krishnan Unni, R Elangovan 177 Writer Ashokamitran And Friends PRASANNA RAMASWAMY Prasanna Ramaswamy, transcends the borders of nation, culture to speak of the unsettling social realities of our time. Inequity and resultant deprivation are at the heart of Shrimati Prasanna Ramaswamy's work. The themes are examined especially in scenarios that reflect gender, displacement, and livelihood concerns. Working on gender issues, Shrimati Ramaswamy crafted the Urdu play 'Zikr-e Nashunida' The Sangeet Natak Akademi Awardee for her contribution to Indian theatre as a director. CONTACT: PRASANNA RAMASWAMY PRASANNARAMA21@GMAIL.COM

195 ZAMA eáªàä DIRECTOR - LUCRECIA MARTEL ARGENTINA BRAZIL / 2017 / SPANISH / 115 MIN. ama an o er of the anish rown orn in outh meri a waits for a letter from the in rantin him a transfer from the town in whi h he is sta natin to a etter la e is situation is eli ate e must ensure that nothin oversha ows his transfer e is for e to a e t su missivel ever tas entruste to him su essive overnors who ome an o as he sta s ehin he ears o an the letter from the in never arrives hen ama reali es ever thin is lost he oins a art of sol iers that o after a an erous an it ÁªÀÄ zà ªÉÄjPÀzÀªÀ ÁzÀgÀÆ Á µï À PÁj. ÀÆß ¼ÉAiÀÄ jué ºÉÆÃUÀ ÉÃPÉA ºÀA. ªÀUÁðªÀ ÉUÁ ð ÃrzÁÝ É. zéægé ÄAzÀ ªÀUÁðªÀ É ÀvÀæ gàäªà zà Éßà PÁAiÀÄÄ ÛzÁÝ É. À UÀªÀ ÀðgïUÀ½AzÀ gàäªà D É AiÀÄ ÀÄß ªÀ ÀÄ ªÀAvÀªÁ ÉgÀªÉÃj À Éà ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ªÀµÀðUÀ¼ÀÄ gàä½zàgàæ zéægé ÄAzÀ ªÀUÁðªÀ É DzÉñÀ gàäªà zéã. vá ÀÄ ªÀ ÀÆß PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉÆAqÉ ÀÄߪÀ zàä ÁªÀiïUÉ PÉÆ ÉUÉ ªÀÄ ÀªÀjPÉAiÀiÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DvÀ É PÀgÀ ÀPÀ ÉÃjPÉƼÀ Ä zsàðj ÀÄvÁÛ É. Best Foreign Language Film Entry - Oscars 2018, Winner: FIPRESCI Award, Best Direction, Best Art Direction at Havana Film Festival 2017, Won Special Jury Award at Seville European Film Festival 2017 Benjamin Domenech, Santiago Gallelli, Matias Roveda, Vania Catani Lucrecia Martel Rui Pocas Miguel hver fin er Karen Harley Guido Berenblum Daniel Gimenez Cacho, Matheus Nachtergaele, Juan Minujin, Lola Duenas, Rafael Spregelburd LUCRECIA MARTEL Lucrecia Martel was born in Salta, Argentina, and studied film at Buenos Aires National Experimentation Filmmaking School. Her debut feature, 'La Cinéaga' (2001), played at the Festival, as did her next film 'The Holy Girl' (2004). Subsequent films include 'The Headless Woman' (2008) and a segment in the documentary anthology 'El aula vacía' (2015). 178 CONTACT: MATCH FACTORY FESTIVALS@MATCHFACTORY.DE

196 UNSUNG INCREDIBLE INDIA s an initiative to re resent lesser nown re ional lan ua e films of n ia the tenth edition of Bengaluru International Film Festival has continued for the se on ear to e i ate a s e ial ate or nsun n re i le n ia to capture the essence of the lesser known Indian languages (Tulu, Konkani, Kodava, Pahari, Kurmali and Nepali) cinema have created. Karma Takapa, a graduate from the Film and Television Institute of India, specializing in direction and screenplay writing has come up with the e alese thriller movie name alan oa whi h is set in the tiny Himalayan state of Sikkim, is an attempt to understand cultural immigration, and lifestyles in a complex social setup. The language e alese is the o ial lan ua e an lin ua fran a of e al his formerl in e en ent lan ua e has o ial status in state of i im or the mu h tal e an riti all a laime movie oun of ilen e directed by Bijukumar Damodaran is about a mute boy and his journey towards spirituality. The language here is Pahari, which is spoken in Himachal Pradesh, some parts of Nepal and also Pakistan. This language is elieve to e the o ial lan ua e of u hist ashmiri mon s Konkani is an Indo-Aryan language spoken along South-Western Coast of India. It is a minority language in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Kerala. A native of oa iransha ai om lete his filmma in stu ies at histlin Woods International, Mumbai, specializing in screenwriting has recently ire te a film u e whi h is his first ire torial ulu film in ustr also alle as oastalwoo is a ears ol in ustr an ro u es fifteen to twent films annuall Pattanaa e is a ire torial debut movie of a renowned Kannada/ Tulu stage artist Vijaykumar Sheenappa Shetty. The movie beautifully portrays the life of a Yakshagana, an art form form coastal Karnataka. Kodava language which is the spoken language of Kodagu district in the estern hat art of outhern arnata a oo a narrates the stor of a young man who is an orphan with speech and hearing disabilities, who is exploited and punished for no faults directed by Harish Raj. Kurmali, or Kudmali, is one of many dialect variants of Bengali which is spoken in Jharkhand, India. Kurmali is generally linked to the Kudumi ahato ommunit of har han O isha est en al eath ertifi ate is a story of an illiterate woman from a village looking for her dead husband. Despite the globalisation, the director Rajadithya Banerjee, uestions the la of humanit an s m ath throu h this film his attem t of show ase rovi es an ansive n erstan in of n ian Cinema. It also focuses on the lesser known languages of North East and Southern region of India and its culture.

197 DEATH CERTIFICATE qévï Ànð üpémï DIRECTOR - RAJADITYA BANERJEE INDIA / 2017 / KURMALI / 74 MIN. A water server in a small railway station in Eastern India doesn t return home one evening. His wife comes to term with inhumane reality while looking for him far away from her picturesque village surrounded by mountains and forests. While she and her friends arrive at the rail station they hear some one has been run over a train here is he ill she su ee in fin in him s eath ertifi ate merel a o ument e have lo ali e te hnolo when will we e a lo ali e humanit ÀƪÀð ságàvàzà À gé É ÁÝ zà ÃgÀÄ ÀÆgÉ ÀĪÀ ªÀ Û gá æ ªÀÄ ÉUÉ»A gàäuàäªà. UÀÄqÀ ºÁUÀÆ gà AzÁªÀ vàªázà ÀæzÉñÀzÀ ÉÃªÉ ªÀiÁqÀĪÀªÀgÀ ÀÄß ªÀiÁ À ÃAiÀĪÁ ÉÆÃrPÉƼÀÄ ÛgÀĪÀ zàgà UÉ ªÀ À À ßUÉ DPÉÆæñÀ. DPÉ gé É ÁÝ PÉÌ AzÁUÀ ªÀ ÛAiÉÆ gé UÉ ¹ Ì À ÛgÀĪÀ ÀAUÀ ½AiÀÄÄvÀÛzÉ. zàä ªÀ¼À À AiÉÄà ªÀ À ÀÄß ºÀÄqÀÄPÀĪÀ DPÉ AiÀıÀ¹ AiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼ÉAiÉÄà qévï Ànð PÉ ï AzÁPÀ DvÀ À ÛgÀĪÀ zàä À Á æaiéäã Rajaditya Banerjee Rajaditya Banerjee Debasish Bandyopadhyay Arun Sarkar Arnab Bhattacharya 180 Sourav Gupta Pradip Bhattacharya Rajaditya Banerjee Deepamala Sengupta RAJADITYA BANERJEE Rajaditya Banerjee is a theatre practitioner turned filmmaker. 'Death Certificate' is his dubut feature film. He has regularly performed in theatres in India, Finland and the USA. He has acted in three short films, besides writing and directing numerous plays. His recent play 'Mr. I ve been to the zoo and It s about to rain' has been staged and appreciated in the US and Finland. He comes from a family of filmmakers. CONTACT: RAJADITYA BANERJEE RAJADITYABANERJEE@GMAIL.COM

198 JUZE dægàhiïí INDIA / 2017 / KONKANI / 93 MIN. Boribmol, a village in Goa with a large immigrant population, is ruled by an abusive, thuggish bully, Juze, known as the Slum Landlord. His appetite for violent intimidation keeps his immigrant workforce submissive, even when his roving eye extends to their women. Santosh, a 16 year old boy, is not intimidated. His determination to continue with his classes remains constant in spite of regular beatings from Juze. As events build to breaking point, Santosh s passive resistance evolves into the determination to onfront u e an finall a hieve free om from fear DIRECTOR - MIRANSHA NAIK UÉÆêÁzÀ ègàäªà ÉÆÃjAªÉÆ ï C ÁgÀ ÀæªÀiÁtzÀ ªÀ ¹UÀjAzÀ vàäa gàäªà ºÀ½î. dæåeï J ÀÄߪÀ ÀèªÀiïzÁzÁ M â E è UÀÆAqÁVj ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛ, J ègà ÀÄß ÉzÀj ÀÄvÁÛ, J ègà ÀÆß và Àß»rvÀzÀ èläöpéæarzàý. CªÀgÀ ÀÄß PÀÆ AiÀiÁ¼ÁV ¼À¹PÉƼÀÄîwÛzÀÝ DvÀ À»A ÁvÀäPÀ ÀqÀªÀ½PÉ ÄAzÁV J ègàæ và É ÁV K ÀÆ ªÀiÁvÀ ÁqÀzÉ PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀÄwÛzÀÝgÀÄ. F PÀlÄPÀ À zàè Ö ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÉÆ â¼à ªÉÄÃ É záýuà, 16 ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹì À Á PÀ CzÀ ÀÄß CAdzÉ zàäj ÀÄvÁÛ É. Æ ï và zàar ÀÄ ÛzÀÝgÀÆ DvÀ ªÀ ¹UÀgÀ UÀÄA À É Ã gà AiÀÄ ÀÄvÁÛ É. J ègà ÀÆß MUÀÆÎr¹, D PÀlÄPÀ À «gàäzàþ Àæw sàl É DgÀA ü ÀÄvÁÛ É. PÉÆ ÉUÀÆ gër Æ ï À ÀÄß ÉÆà ¹ Á vàavàæ zà läö¹gàä qàäváûgé. e ial ur awar at mins international film festival Miransha Naik Thin Air Productions miransha naik abhiraj rawale jacques comets siddhesh naik suzana pedro 181 robert thomas rushikesh naik sudesh bhise MIRANSHA NAIK A native of Goa, Miransha Naik completed his filmmaking studies at Whistling Woods International, Mumbai, specialising in screenwriting. In 2012, he began working as a writer at Gitanjali Creations, a Mumbai-based production house before making short films under his own banner, Thin Air Productions. 'JUZE' is his feature film debut. Naik shot the film using mostly non-professional actors from Goa; although Prashanti Talpankar who plays Tai had previous experience. CONTACT: MIRANSHA NAIK MIRANSHA4@GMAIL.COM

199 MOOGA ªÀÄÆUÀ DIRECTOR - HARISH RAJ INDIA / 2017 / KODAVA / 97 MIN. MOOGA narrates the story of a young man who is an orphan with speech and hearin isa ilities his sel ess effort in erformin his uties as a servant to a family who exploit his innocence, blame and punish him for no fault of his and is forced to marry the daughter of the house to uphold the honour of the family only at the end to realise who he actually is QªÀÅqÀÄ ºÁUÀÆ ªÀÄÆPÀ ÀªÀÄ Éå ÄgÀĪÀ C ÁxÀ AiÀÄĪÀPÀ ÉÆ â À PÀvÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß ªÀÄÆUÀ ºÉüÀÄvÀÛzÉ. PÀÄlÄA ªÉÇAzÀgÀ è ÁéxÀðgÀ»vÀ ÉÃªÉ À è ÀÄwÛgÀĪÀ ªÀÄÆUÀ À ªÀÄÄUÀ véaiàä ÀÄß D PÀÄlÄA zàªàgàä ±ÉÆà ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. zé ªÀ À ÀÄß PÀ µàöªá ÉÆÃqÀÄvÁÛ CªÀ À ÀÄß zàæ ¹, và Éàà E è zàýgàæ CªÀ À ÀÄß zàar ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. C èzé, PÉÆ ÉUÉ D PÀÄlÄA zà ªÀÄAiÀiÁðzÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß PÁ ÁqÀĪÀ zà Ö ÄAzÀ zéã PÀÄlÄA zà AiÀÄĪÀ AiÀÄ ÀÄß DvÀ ªÀAvÀªÁ ªÀÄzÀÄªÉ ªÀiÁrPÉƼÀ ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. PÉÆ ÉUÉ D PÀÄlÄA PÉÌ CªÀ ÀÄ AiÀiÁgÀÄ J ÀÄߪÀ gàºà Àå UÉÆvÁÛUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. HARISHRAJ PRODUCTIONS Harish raj subramanya j Srikanth s h ronnie raphael Harish Raj, Sanvi Ponamma, Neravanda Umesh, Thathanda Prabha, Pullera Dhanu Nanjappa HARISH RAJ Harish Raj, Has a masters degree in English from K.S.O.U Mysore and is a popular Film and Television Actor and Model from Bangalore. He has had a successful career in acting-national and State award films, television and theatre before turning Director. MOOGA is his fourth feature film as Director. 182 CONTACT: HARISH RAJU V HARISHRAJPRODUCTIONS@GMAIL.COM

200 PATTANAJE ÀvÀ Û ÁeÉ DIRECTOR - VIJAYKUMAR SHEENAPPA SHETTY INDIA / 2017 / TULU / 145 MIN. he film eautifull ortra s the life of a a sha ana artist t hi hli hts the ifferent fa ets of life with the female rota onist havin a tra itional a roa h towar s life while her hus an havin an in lination towar s mo ern life he wi ow remarria e as e t is also aestheti all tou he u on AiÀÄPÀëUÁ À PÀ Á«zÉAiÉÆ â¼à fãªà ÀªÀ ÀÄß F avàæ ÀjuÁªÀÄPÁjAiÀiÁV awæ¹zé. F ÁAiÀÄQAiÀÄ fãªà ÀzÀ ««zsà ªÀÄUÀÄÎ ÄUÀ¼À ÀÄß ºÉüÀĪÀ F avàæ ºÉüÀÄvÀÛ Éà d À ÀªÀÄÄzÁAiÀÄzÀ fãªà À æãwaiàä ÀÆß ºÉüÀÄvÀÛzÉ. CªÀjVgÀĪÀ ÁA ÀæzÁ ÄPÀ ÀA PÉUÀ¼À ÀÄß A ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. PÀ Á«zÉUÉ ÀܽÃAiÀÄ ÀA ÀÌöÈwAiÀÄ UÉÎ M «zàýgé, ÀwUÉ DzsÀÄ PÀ êÀ ÀzÀ UÉ gàäªà zàä ªÀ PÀÛªÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ºÁUÉAiÉÄà zsàªá ªÁºÀzÀ UÉÎAiÀÄÆ E è aavà É EzÉ. vijaykumar Shetty Vijaykumar Shetty Suresh Babu Sujit Naik Manohar Vitthal Shivadwaj Surya Rao Prathik Shetty Reshma Shetty VIJAYKUMAR SHEENAPPA SHETTY Vijaykumar Sheenappa Shetty is a writer and theatre personality turned filmmaker, based in Mumbai. He holds the Limca Book of Records for portraying 60 characters within 10 hours. 'Pattanaje' is his latest directorial feature film. 183 CONTACT: VIJAY KUMAR KJ.VIJAYKUMAR@REDIFFMAIL.COM

201 RALANG ROAD gà ÁAUï géæãqï DIRECTOR - KARMA TAKAPA INDIA / 2017 / NEPALESE / 104 MIN. In a small hill town, a series of coincidences related to a mysterious robbery brings four people together. As these seemingly mundane events become in reasin l ramati the four ersons fin themselves at a rossroa where they face impending consequences. CzÉÆAzÀÄ ÀtÚ, UÀÄqÀØUÀ½AzÁªÀÈvÀªÁzÀ ÁæPÀÈwPÀ ËAzÀAiÀÄð vàäa gàäªà ÀlÖt. ÀqÉAiÀÄĪÀ PÁPÀvÁ½ÃAiÀÄ UÀÆqsÀ ÀgÀ PÀ¼À và ÀUÀ¼ÀÄ Á ÄÌ ªÀÄA AiÀÄ ÀÄß AzÀÄUÀÆr ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. PÀ Àl ÉUÀ¼ÀÄ Éà Éà Ál ÃAiÀÄ gàäªà UÀ¼À ÀÄß véuézàäpéæ¼àä vàûzé. ªÀÄÄAzÉ zàäj À ÉÃPÁzÀ Àj ÁªÀÄUÀ¼À ÀÄß jvàä Á ÄÌ ªÀÄA AiÀÄĪÀPÀgÀÄ UÉÆAzÀ UÉƼÀÄ váûgé. Human Trail Pictures Karma Takapa Sonu Anadi Athaley Bigyna Dahal / Christopher Burchell 184 Shubham, Sonam Wangyal Ladimpa, Domber Mani Pradhan, Sudan Gurung KARMA TAKAPA Karma Takapa graduated from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, specializing in Direction and Screenplay writing. He co-directed the Chhattisgarhi language feature Mor Mann KeBharam (An Illusion of my mind, in 2015) that premiered at the 17th Mumbai International Film Festival, 2015 winning the Special Jury Prize. CONTACT: RAJAT GOSWAMI RAJAT@BASILCONTENT.COM

202 SOUND OF SILENCE ËAqï D sï ÉÊ É ïì DIRECTOR - BIJUKUMAR DAMODARAN INDIA / 2017 / PAHARI TIBETIAN / 89 MIN. Set in a beautiful Himalayan valley, it s a journey of a neglected and abandoned mute boy, who loses his mother at birth and is furiously neglected by his father. When his father goes behind bars, the boy stares at a lonely and deserted life ahead. His relationship with an elderly Buddhist monk helps him to detach from his voiceless suffering and to explore the bond that each creation shares with nature ith nowhere to o he oins a u hist monaster even as he fi hts an inner battle of unrequited love.»ªàiá AiÀÄzÀ ÀÄAzÀgÀ PÀtªÉUÀ¼À è wgà ÀÌøvÀ ªÀÄÆPÀ Á PÀ À ÀAiÀÄt E èzé. ºÀÄlÄÖvÀÛ Éà vá ÄAiÀÄ ÀÄß PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉÆAqÀ vàazé ÄAzÀ ðpà PÉÌ ¼ÀUÁzÀ Á PÀ và. AiÀiÁªÀÅzÉÆà C ÀgÁzsÀzÀ è CªÀ À vàazé eéê UÉ ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ É. ªÀÄÆPÀ Á PÀ PÁA AiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. zà À Á ¹AiÉÆ À ÉÆvÉ À ªÀ À ÀA ÀPÀð ªÀ À PÁAvÀvÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß ºÉÆÃUÀ Ár ÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ªÀ À zà Ä zà sáªà ÉUÀ¼ÀÄ ÀæPÀ AiÀÄ AzÁ ªÀiÁvÀ ÁqÀ ÁgÀA ÀÄvÀÛªÉ. UÀvÀ AvÀgÀ zé DvÀ ÄzÀ À ÀÄAiÀiÁ Ä AiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. æã AiÀÄ ºÀA ªÀÄvÀÛªÀ À DAvÀjPÀ ÀµÀð É ªÀÄÄAzÀĪÀgÉzÉà zé. Best Director - Indian Cinema Competition, Kolkata International Film Festival 2017 Dr.A.K.Pillai Bijukumar Damodaran M.J.Radhakrishnan Davis Manuel 185 Pramod Thomas, Issac Thomas Kottukappalli Master Govardhan, Uday Chandra BIJUKUMAR DAMODARAN Dr.Biju (Bijukumar Damodaran) is an Indian filmmaker who has won India's top film award, The National Film Award, three times. His films were widely screened at many international films festivals like Cannes, Montreal, Shanghai, Cairo, New York, Telluride, Tehran, Jeonju etc. 'Sound Of Silence' is his eighth film as writer director. He has also served as jury member for India's National Film Awards in 2012, India's Oscar selection jury member in CONTACT: BIJUKUMAR DAMODARAN DRDBIJUFILMMAKER@YAHOO.CO.IN


204 ALEKSEI BALABANOV le sei ala anov was one of the i oni an ontroversial film ire tor of Post Perestroi a ussia sums u his a roa h to inema emonstratin the owerful in uen e films an e on iti ens e saw himself as an anti esta lishment filmma er who was renowne for his violent ar an om ellin rime ramas rat an its se uel rat is films are es ri e as meta hori al la ome ies that resente searin loo at last a s of ommunism an ost oviet ussia is auteur oeuvres in lu e ar s otli htin on the he hen ar the an ster melo rama t oesn t urt e a a tations of amuel e ett a a s in an ran af a he astle in erio ie e Of rea s an en in his swanson e oo in an most ontroversial wor ar o in an a a tation of illiam aul ner s novel an tuar or hine in an he to er in the ear CARGO 200 PÁUÉÆð 200 GRUZ 200 RUSSIA / 2007 / RUSSIAN / 96 MIN. It is 1984, and power-abusing police Captain Zhuro lives in a modest Leninisk home with his alcoholic mother. Existing in stark contrast to the corrupt urban policeman, grain alcohol slinger Alexei lives in a remote country shack with his wife Tonya. One night, on his way to visit his mother, local academic Artem s car breaks down near Alexei and Tonya s cabin. Later, Alexei and Artem engage in a lively debate about communism, atheism, and religion. But Captain Zhurov, who has been lurking in the shadows all along, wants communist Chief s daughter, Angelika all to himself, and he s willing to take drastic measures in order to get her back to his place and work out his sexual frustrations. AiÀÄÄJ ï J ï Dgï ÉÆëAiÀÄvï CzsÁåAiÀÄzÀ CAvÀå. ÀtÚ ÀUÀgÀªÉÇAzÀgÀ PÀ ïué ºÉÆà zàý PÀªÀÄÄ ïö ÀPÀ zà Á À Ä AiÀÄ PÁAiÀÄðzÀ ðaiàä ÀÄ æ Á ÀvÉÛAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. AiÀiÁªÀ zéã ÀĽ. ±ÀA vàgágàä ÀÄߪÀ zàä UÉÆvÁÛUÀÄ Û. zéã gá æ ÀUÀgÀzÀ ºÉÆgÀªÀ AiÀÄzÀ ªÀÄ ÉAiÉÆAzÀgÀ D ªÀÄ ÉAiÀÄ ªÀiÁ ÃPÀ À ÉÆÃgÀ PÉÆ ÉAiÀiÁ gàävàûzé. gàqàæ Àl ÉUÀ¼À và ÉUÁ ÉÆ Ã ï PÁj ÄgÉÆêï gàäváû É. 187

205 BROTHER æzàgï BRAT RUSSIA / 1997 / RUSSIAN / 95 MIN. Danila goes to his older brother to start a new life in Petersburg. His brother is a gangster. He puts Danila into this criminal world asking him to kill someone. That is when his new life starts. He meets new people and a girl too. He becomes a big fan of the rock band Nautilus Pompillius. Now he is a killer, and killing is easier than living for him. Realizing this makes him understand he is going the wrong way. qá Á ï Uïð À gàäªà và Àß»jAiÀÄ ÀºÉÆÃzÀgÀ À ½ ºÉÆ À êÀ À DgÀA ÀĪÀ À ĪÁ végà¼àäváû É. ªÀ À ÀºÉÆÃzÀgÀ g ruà¼à UÀÄA À zázá ºÁUÀÆ PÉÆ ÉUÁgÀ. DvÀ qá Á À ÀÄß ÀgÁzsÀ ÉÆÃPÀPÉÌ ÀjZÀ Ä ÀÄvÁÛ À zé PÉ ªÀgÀ ÀÄß PÉÆ Ä AiÉÆà ÀÄvÁÛ É. qá Á À ºÉÆ À êÀ À DgÀA sàªáuàävàûzé. ªÀ ÀÄ ÉÃgÉ ÉÃgÉ ÀgÀ ÀÄß ÀA ÀÄvÁÛ É. gápï ÀA ÃvÀ Éæà ÄAiÉÆ ¼À ÀjZÀAiÀĪÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DvÀ UÀ PÉÆ ÉUÁgÀ. PÉÆ É ÀÄߪÀ zàä UÀ À à ÀÄ. PÀæªÉÄà ªÁ vá ÀÄ và ÀÄ zájaiàä ºÉÆÃUÀÄ ÛgÀĪÀ zàä ªÀ UÉ ªÀÄ ÀªÀjPÉAiÀiÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. MORPHINE ªÀiÁ üð ï MORFIY RUSSIA / 2008 / RUSSIAN / 112 MIN. Late in the fall of 1917, twenty-three year old Dr. Polyakov arrives at the hos ital in the rovin ial town of One a while fi htin for the life of a atient r Pol a ov s own life is ut in an er e is save with an in e tion of the powerful narcotic morphia. But, Polyakov doesn t believe that as a sensible man es e iall a o tor li e him an fall vi tim to a ri lin a i tion 1917 gà ÀªÀÄAiÀÄ. E ÀàvÀÆÛöägÀÄ ªÀµÀð ªÀAiÀĹì À qá. ÉÆ PÉÆêï ÀUÀgÀzÀ D ÀàvÉæAiÀÄ è ªÉÊzÀå ÁV gàäváû É. MªÉÄä géæãvaiéæ â À Áæt G½ ÀĪÀ ÀªÀÄAiÀÄzÀ è CªÀ À fãªà ÀªÉà C ÁAiÀÄPÉÌ ¹ ÄPÀÄvÀÛzÉ. ªÀiÁzÀPÀ zàæªàåzà EAdPÀë ï ºÁQPÉƼÀÄîªÀ ªÀÄÆ PÀ DvÀ ÁgÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. DzÀgÉ DvÀ ÀÆPÀëöäªÉÊzÀå. EAvÀºÀ ªÀå À ÀPÉÌ vá ÀÄ vàäváûuàäªàåzàä ºÉÃUÉ ÁzsÀå J ÀÄߪÀ feáõ ÉAiÀÄ è DvÀ aavápáæavà ÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. 188

206 OF FREAKS AND MEN D sï üæãpïì CAqï ªÉÄ ï PRO URODOV I LYUDEY RUSSIA / 1998 / RUSSIAN / 93MIN. St. Petersburg, at the beginning of the 20th century. The handsome and secretive Johann specializes in the fabrication of erotic photographs depicting the skin show of women. Johann, his assistants and his photographic creations gradually penetrate the peaceful househol s of two u er lass ussian families he film is a hauntin melo rama of hi en passions and sadomasochistic urges, a bizarre tale in which manipulation and revenge rule amidst the charm, innocence and perversion of days gone by. 20 Éà ±ÀvÀªÀiÁ ÀzÀ DgÀA sàzà ÀUÀ¼À Ãlgïì Uïð. eéæãºá ï C è séæãméæãuáæ sàgï. ªÀÄ»¼ÉAiÀÄgÀ ÉvÀÛ É vàæuà¼à ÀÄß vàaiàiáj¹ ªÀiÁgÀĪÀ PÀA À AiÀÄ DvÀ µá và ÁAiÀiÁUÁæºÀPÀ. PÁªÀÄ Á ÉAiÀÄ vàæuà¼à ªÀgÀ PÉ À µéæöã ÀgÀ ɪÀÄ AiÀÄ ÀÄß PÉr¹vÀÄÛ. gàµá zà ªÀÄzsÀ ªÀĪÀUÀðzÀ gàqàä PÀÄlÄA UÀ¼ÀAvÀÆ zàjazà PÀÄlÄA ±ÁA PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉÆArzÀݪÀ. ªÀiÁ À¹PÀPÉ Ã±À PÁªÀÄ Á ÉAiÀÄ UÀvÀÄÛ PÀ AiÀÄ ÃªÀ ÀªÀ ÀÄß æ À Á zé. WAR ªÁgï VOYNA RUSSIA / 2002 / RUSSIAN / 120 MIN. During the bloody war in Chechnya, a British couple and two Russian soldiers are taken hostage by Chechen rebels. Two of the hostages are then released to bring the money for the British woman who is forced to wait for the ransom. ZÉZÉ Áå AiÀÄÄzÀÞzÀ ÀªÀÄAiÀÄzÀ è ænµï zàa Àw ºÁUÀÆ E âgàä gà AiÀÄ ï É PÀgÀ ÀÄß ZÉZÉ Á AqÀÄPÉÆÃgÀgÀÄ véûaiàiá¼á j¹péæ¼àä váûgé. sájã ºÀ vàgàäªà PÀgÁj ÉÆA UÉ gàä É PÀgÀ ÀÄß qàäuàqé ªÀiÁqÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ºÀ gàäªàªàgéué ænµï ªÀÄ»¼É vàûqàzà É Ã PÁAiÀÄ ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. 189

207 N LAKSHMINARAYAN in Kannada cinema, N Lakshminarayan, was born in Srirangapatna. Lakshminarayan, who did his cinematography course in Bengaluru, and apprenticed under his uncle B R Krishnamurthy and R Nagendra Rao, is director, such as Vittorio De Sica and Satyajit Ray, Lakshminarayan is said to were rooted in psychological realism, touching up various social issues in a poignant and powerful manner. ABHACHURINA POST OFFICE C ZÀÆj À ÉÇà ÁÖ üã ÀÄ INDIA / 1973 / KANNADA / 114 MIN. Bobanna works on a coffee plantation and doubles up as the village postman. He becomes involved with the lives of the illiterate villagers who ask him to write or read out their letters. Although he scrupulously respects people s privacy, his evil mother-in-law leaks the contents of an anonymous letter and causes a scandal. The village turns against Bobanna, who has to leave. PxÀ Á ÁgÀ PÁ üvéæãlzà PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ ÉÆ tú, ªÀÄ É Ár À PÀÄUÁæªÀĪÉÇAzÀgÀ è À C¼ÉîzÉAiÀĪÀ ÁzÀgÀÆ µá ªÀAvÀ ÉÆÃ ï ªÀiÁå ï. C ÀPÀëgÀ ÀÜgÉà EgÀĪÀ PÀÄUÁæªÀÄzÀ è d ÀjUÉ ÀvÀ gézàäpéæqàäªàåzàä, CªÀjUÉ AzÀ ÀvÀæUÀ¼À ÀÄß NzÀĪÀÅzÀgÀ ªÀÄÆ PÀ d ÀjUÉ ºÀwÛgÀªÁVzÀÝ. d ÀjUÉ AzÀ ÀvÀæªÀ ÀÄß N ºÉüÀÄwÛzÀÝgÀÆ CzÀgÀ UË ÀåvÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß J Æè läöpéæqàäwûgà è. µàögàªàänöué CªÀ À ÁæªÀiÁtÂPÀvÉ EvÀÄÛ. DzÀgÉ CªÀ À CvÉÛAiÀÄ zàäµàö Ä ÄAzÁ µàaiàäªé AzÀÄ J PÀqÉ ºÀgÀr, «ªÁzÀ ÀÈ ÖAiÀiÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. d À ÉÆ tú À gàäzà wgàäv üÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ÉÆ t D ºÀ½îAiÀÄ Éßà véægézàä ºÉÆÃUÀĪÀ zsáðgàpéì gàäváû É. 190

208 BETTADA HOOVU ÉlÖzÀ ºÀƪÀÅ INDIA / 1985 / KANNADA / 107 MIN. Ramu born to a poor family works in a guesthouse where foreigner who came on a trip stayed. Ramu wants to study to support his family but the situation of family is not in favor. Ramu has one ambition of his life is to purchase Sri Ramayana Darshanam written by uvem u e starts savin mone sellin wil owers to a otanist ut the situations bring him to make a decision whether to buy a book or buy a blanket to protect his family members from chilling winter cold. What follows is a tale of shattered dreams. zéã ÀæªÁ¹UÀgÀÄ AzÀÄ vàauàäªà UÀ ºÀzÀ PÉ À ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ PÀqÀÄ qàvà ÀzÀ PÀÄlÄA zà ¹zÀ ÀÄlÖ Á PÀ gáªàää, ªÀĺÀvÁéPÁAQë. ZÉ ÁßV N PÀÄlÄA ªÀ ÀÄß ÉÆgÉAiÀÄĪÀ CzÀªÀÄå D É DvÀ ÀzÀÄ. DzÀgÉ PÀÄlÄA zà Àj¹Üw CzÀPÉÌ ÀÆgÀPÀªÁVgÀ è. vá ÀÄ ÀA Á ¹zÀ ºÀtzÀ è PÀĪÉA ÀÄ «gàavà ²æà gáªàiáaiàät zà±àð ÀA ªÀĺÁPÁªÀåªÀ ÀÄß PÉƼÀ ÉÃPÀÄ ÀÄߪÀ zàä ªÀ À ªÀĺÀzÁ É. zàpáì DvÀ zéã UÀ ºÀzÀ gàäªà zéã vàæpágà¼éæ ½UÉ ÀªÀ ÀƪÀðªÁzÀ ÉlÖzÀºÀÆªÉ AzÀ ÀÄß D ðqï vàazàä PÉÆlÄÖ ÀPÉÆÌAzÀÄ gàæ Á Ä ÀA Á ¹ zà ÀÄß ªÀÄ UÉ PÉÆlÄÖ zàgà ºÀvÀÄÛ É É véuézàäpéæaqàä PÀÆrqÀ ÁgÀA ÀÄvÁÛ É. DzÀgÉ ÀÄ ÀÛPÀ PÉƼÀÄ ªÀ ÀªÀÄAiÀÄzÀ DvÀ À ªÀÄ ÉAiÀÄ ¹ ªÀ À ÀÄß UÉÆAzÀ PÉÌ và¼àä vàûzé. ZÀ½ ÄAzÀ ÀqÀÄUÀÄ ÛgÀĪÀ PÀÄlÄA ÀzÀ À juá PÀA ½AiÉÆAzÀ ÀÄß PÉƼÀÄ ªÀ zéæã ÀÄ ÀÛPÀ PÉƼÀÄ ªÀ zéæã PÉÆ ÉUÀÆ ÀÄ ÀÛPÀzÀ zà Ä ÀÄlÖ Á PÀ gáªàää PÀA ½ PÉƼÀ ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. MUKTHI ªÀÄÄQÛ INDIA / 1971 / KANNADA / 124 MIN. he film is stor of two oun ou le at the it s resti ious universit he e ease father of the o has amasse hu e wealth in a uestiona le manner On the ontrar the mother of the irl is a rostitute ill the still survive this roman e F avàæªàå Àæw và «±Àé«zÁå AiÀÄzÀ ègàäªà E âgàä AiÀÄĪÀ ÉæëÄUÀ¼À PÀvÉAiÀiÁVzÉ. ºÀÄqÀÄUÀ À ªÀÄÈvÀ vàazé Àæ±ÁߺÀð jãwaiàä è zéæqàø ÀA ÀvÀÄÛ ÀAUÀ滹gÀÄvÁÛ É. EzÀPÉÌ ªÀåwjPÀÛªÁV ºÀÄqÀÄVAiÀÄ vá Ä ªÉñÉå. CªÀgÀÄ E ÀÆß F ÉæêÀĪÀ ÀÄß ªÀÄÄAzÀĪÀgÉ ÀÄvÁÛgÉAiÉÄÃ.? 191

209 UYYALE GAiÀiÁå INDIA / 1969 / KANNADA / 129 MIN. Marital melodrama about a professor who, engaged in his researches, neglects his domestic life. His indifference alienates his wife especially when their daughter dies. The wife becomes attracted to the professor s friend Krishna who eventually goes away to preserve the marriage of his friend. ªÉʪÁ»PÀ sáªáwgéãpà PÀxÀ ÀzÀ F avàæzà è M â ÁæzsÁå ÀPÀ ÀÄ và Àß ÀA±ÉÆÃzsÀ ÉAiÀÄ Éèà ªÀÄļÀÄ ºÉÆà ªÉ AiÀÄ ÛPÀ êÀ ÀªÀ ÀÄß ð ÀÄvÁÛ É. ªÀ À ªÀvÀð ÉAiÀÄ ÉÆvÉUÉ ªÀÄUÀ¼À ÀÄß PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉÆAqÀ ªÀ À ºÉAqÀ ÃgÁ AnAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ¼É. ÀAzÀ sàðzà UÀAqÀ À ÉßûvÀ PÀ µà À ÀjZÀAiÀĪÁ ªÀ ÉÆA UÉ DPÀ ðvà¼áuàäváû¼é. DzÀgÉ PÀ µà và Àß ÉßûvÀ À ªÉ ªÁ»PÀ êÀ ÀPÉÌ véæazàgéaiàiáuà ÁgÀzÉAzÀÄ ªÀjAzÀ zàægàªáuàäváû É. 192

210 SUMITRA BHAVE AND SUNIL SUKTANKAR Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar, are Marathi cinema s director duo. The two have to ether ma e feature films an have won innumera le national an international awards for their socially relevant works. Bhave, after graduation from Fergusson College, Pune, received her masters in Political Science & Sociology from Pune niversit esi es a i loma in ural elfare from ata nstitute of o ial ien es um ai Sunil Sukthankar, after his graduation in Commerce from Brihan Maharashtra olle e of ommer e Pune oine ilm an elevision nstitute of n ia Pune to ursue a ourse in film ire tion fter om letin his film ire tion ourse he oine have he two e an their olla oration from with their e ut film o hi wo isters a stor a out two sisters an their mother au ht in ri i an su erstitious social structure. ASTU - SO BE IT C ÀÄÛ: ÉÆ Emï IINDIA / 2013 / MARATHI / 123 MIN. Dr. Chakrapani Shastri retired Sanskrit professor and a former director of Oriental Research Institute, Pune is diagnosed with the advanced stages of Alzheimer s disease. He goes missing while travelling with his daughter. During that time, he gets fascinated and follows an elephant through the lanes of the city and goes to stay with the family which owns elephant. Mahout s wife Channamma takes care of Shastri along with her new-born and offers him a new famil Poli e tra es the ele hant s wherea outs an fin s hastri ut accuses mahout for kidnapping Shastri, will mahout s innocence save him? qá. ZÀPÀæ Á ±Á¹Û à ªÀ vàû ÀA ÀÌ và ÁæzÁ ÀPÀ ºÁUÀÆ ÀÄ ÉAiÀÄ jaiàäal ï j ÀZïð ï¹ölæ ï À zéãð±àpà. DvÀ êÀæªÁzÀ É ªÀÄ ïð géæãuà AzÀ ¼À Ä ÛgÀÄvÁÛ É. zéæazàä À và Àß ªÀÄUÀ¼ÉÆA UÉ ÀæªÁ ÀzÀ zà ÀªÀÄAiÀÄzÀ và ¹PÉÆAqÀÄ qàäváû É. DvÀ D ÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß ÉÆÃr ªÀ UÀ½AzÀ DPÀ ðvà Á ªÀ UÀ¼À»AzÉ ºÉÆÃUÀÄvÁÛ É. D É ÁPÀĪÀ PÀÄlÄA ªÀ ÀÄß ÉÃjPÉƼÀÄ váû É. ªÀiÁªÀ và À ºÉAqÀ ±Á¹Û AiÀÄ ÀÄß À ºÀÄvÁÛ¼É. PÉÆ ÉUÉÆAzÀÄ À ÉÆ Ã ÀgÀÄ ±Á¹Û à ªÀgÀ ÀÄß ºÀÄqÀÄPÀÄvÀÛ ªÀiÁªÀ và À ªÀÄ ÉUÉ gàäváûgé. ªÀiÁªÀ và ±Á¹Û AiÀĪÀgÀ ÀÄß ÀºÀj¹zÁÝ ÉAzÀÄ D Á ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. ªÀiÁªÀ và À ªÀÄÄUÀ vé ªÀ À ÀÄß PÁ ÁqÀ zéã 193

211 BADHA ÁzsÁ INDIA / 2006 / MARATHI / 92 MIN. The only son of the family disappears, while the grandmother needs a boy in the family to attain salvation after death. Youngest daughter-in-law of the family is afraid to share her fear and pain that she faces from her husband, who refused to consummate the marriage. This leads to a foul play against her as she is accused of witchcraft. She is innocent wife of a Dalit soldier serving at the country border. After the death of her father in law, she was made to live alone, without a child and accused of casting spells on the children with the power of black magic. D PÀÄlÄA zà è CªÀ ÉÆ â É UÀAqÀÄ ªÀÄUÀÄ. DvÀ CzÉÆAzÀÄ À EzÀÝQzÀÝAvÉAiÉÄà Á ÀvÉÛAiÀiÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. D PÀÄlÄA zà è MAzÀÄ»jfêÀ. D»jfêÀ Á«À ÀAvÀgÀ ªÀÄÄQÛ ÀqÉAiÀÄ ÉÃPÁzÀgÉ UÀAqÀÄ ÀAvÁ À ÉÃPÀÄ. D ªÀÄ ÉAiÀÄ è PÉÆ ÉAiÀÄ ÉÆ É. DPÉAiÀÄ UÀAqÀ ªÀÄzÀĪÉAiÀÄ ÀAvÀgÀzÀ PÁgÀ UÀ¼À ÀÄß ÀÆgÉ À Ä gápàj ÀÄvÁÛ É. D ÉÆ ÉUÉ zà ÀÄß ºÉüÀ Ä sàaiàä ºÁUÀÆ ÉÆêÀ. DvÀ DPÉAiÀÄ ÀÄß zàægà lö ÀAUÀ UÉÆvÁÛzÀ ÀAvÀgÀ gàæ DPÉAiÀÄ Éßà zàæ ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. DPÉ ªÀiÁlUÁ AzÀÄ DgÉÆà ÀÄvÁÛgÉ. DzÀgÉ DPÉ gà ÀgÁ. DPÉAiÀÄ UÀAqÀ É PÀ. DvÀ zà và. DPÉAiÀÄ ªÀiÁªÀ ÃjPÉÆAqÀ ÀAvÀgÀ DPÉ AnAiÀiÁ ªÁ¹ À ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DPÉUÉ ªÀÄPÀ̼ÁUÀĪÀ. ªÀÄPÀ̼À ªÉÄÃ É ªÀiÁl ªÀiÁqÀĪÁPÉ A D ÁzÀ É ºÉÆvÉÛà êÀ À Á À ÉÃPÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DEVRAI zéãªàgá Ä INDIA / 2004 / MARATHI / 108 MIN. 194 As a child, Shesh Desai grew up with this mother, sister Seena, and cousin Kalyani. His mother forces her to leave the village. This upsets Shesh who then fails to graduate from college. He gradually becomes a loner and eccentric after his mother s death and sister s marriage. He creates an imaginary world centered on his devotion to devrai, a sacred grove, near his village. He also develops a paranoid concern that the villagers intend to destroy devrai. He becomes attracted to Parvati, the wife of a family servant, and fantasizes her as a goddess (inhabitant of the grove). Á PÀ ±ÉõÀzÉà Á Ä và Àß vá Ä, ÀºÉÆÃzÀj ¹Ã Á ºÁUÀÆ ÀA A ü PÀ Áåt eéævé ɼÉzÀ. CªÀ À ÀÄß ºÀ½î ÄAzÀ ºÉÆgÀUÉ PÀ¼ÀÄ» À ÉÃPÉA vá ÄAiÀÄ ºÀA FqÉÃgÀ è. vá ÄAiÀÄ zsà Á ÀAvÀgÀ ºÁUÀÆ ÀºÉÆÃzÀjAiÀÄ ªÀÄzÀĪÉAiÀÄ ÀAvÀgÀ ±ÉõÀ PÁA AiÀiÁzÀ. vá Éà PÀ à Á ÉÆÃPÀªÉÇAzÀ ÀÄß ÀÈ Ö¹PÉÆAqÀÄ ºÀ½îAiÀÄ ½ zéãªàgá Ä J ÀÄߪÀ À«vÀæ véæã ÉÆAzÀ ÀÄß À Ö¹zÀ. véæã ÀÄ ÉÃqÀ AzÀ ºÀ½ UÀgÀÄ zà ÀÄß zà A À ªÀiÁqÀĪÀ ÀAUÀ ªÀ UÉ ½ vàäû. ÀªÀÄAiÀÄzÀ É DvÀ ªÀÄ É ÉêÀPÀ À ºÉAqÀ AiÀiÁzÀ ÁªÀð AiÀÄ ªÉÆûvÀ Á ªÀ¼Éà zéãªàvé AzÀÄ ªÀ¼À ÀÄß DgÁ ÀvÉÆqÀ zà.

212 EK CUP CHYA KPï PÀ ï ZÁAiÀiï INDIA / 2009 / MARATHI / 120 MIN. A bus conductor who lives with his mother, wife Rukmini, two daughters and two sons receives a huge electricity of Bill of Rs.73,000, leaving them trapped and humiliated by the system. During his visits to the electricity board he learns that he must a a ri e to fi his ro lem e was intro u e to a so ial a tivist who is reatin awareness a out the t an he files an a li ation nitiall he is ri i ule ut when he files an a eal with the nformation ommissioner thin s e ome a little more serious. DvÀ ï PÀAqÀPÀÖgï. và Àß ºÉAqÀ gàä và Àß vá Ä ºÁUÀÆ Á ÄÌ À ªÀÄPÀ̼ÉÆA UÉ ªÁ¹ ÀÄ ÛgÀÄvÁÛ É. DvÀ UÉ MAzÀÄ À 73,000 gàæ Á ÄUÀ¼À «zàäåvï ï gàävàûzé. UÁ juéæaqà DvÀ «ZÁj À Ä «zàäåvï ªÀÄAqÀ½ PÀ ÉÃjUÉ végà¼àäváû É. ÀªÀÄ É UɺÀj À Ä DvÀ UÉ AZÀ ÃqÀĪÀAvÉ PÉüÀ ÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. DvÀ ªÀiÁ» ºÀPÀÄÌ PÁAiÀÄðPÀvÀð À ÀA ÀPÀðPÉÌ AzÀÄ và Àß ÀªÀÄ É AiÀÄ ÀÄß ½AiÀÄ Ä AzÀÄ ð À ÀÄvÁÛ É. ªÉÆzÀ UÉ DvÀ ªÀ ªÀ É AiÀÄ ªÀÄÆzÀ PÉUÉ ¼ÀUÁUÀÄvÁÛ É. UÉ ªÀiÁ» ºÀPÀÄÌ DAiÀÄÄPÀÛjUÉ ÀvÀæ gézà ÀAvÀgÀ Àj¹ UÀA ÃgÀªÁUÀÄvÀÛzÉ. VASTUPURUSH ªÁ ÀÄÛ ÀÄgÀĵï INDIA / 2002 / MARATHI / 154 MIN. Bhaskar Deshpande has been awarded with the coveted Ramon Magsaysay Award for his dedicated works in preventive medicine in the slums of Mumbai. Bhaskar decides to visit his hometown village after forty years and as he walks through the ruins of his old ancestral house, the events unfold in his memory. sá ÀÌgï zéã±à ÁAqÉUÉ ªÀÄÄA ÉÊ À PÉƼÀZÉ ÀæzÉñÀzÀ è ªÉÊzÀåQÃAiÀÄ PÉëÃvÀæzÀ è ªÀiÁrzÀ ÁzsÀ ÉUÁV géªéæã ï ªÀiÁåUÉì É Àæ±À¹Û ÀA zé. ÀĪÀiÁgÀÄ 40 ªÀµÀðUÀ¼À ÀAvÀgÀ sá ÀÌgï và Àß ºÀÄlÆÖjUÉ séãn ÃqÀ Ä zsàðj ÀÄvÁÛ É. DvÀ vá ÀÄ ºÀÄnÖzÀ ºÁUÀÆ và Àß»jPÀjzÀÝ ªÀÄ É-D¹Û ÉÆÃrzÁUÀ É À À ÀÄgÀĽ ZÀÄÑvÀÛzÉ. 195


214 NOTE SAMSKARA REVISITED 50 TH YEAR OF THE MAKING OF SAMSKARA ÀA ÁÌgÀ DIRECTOR - PATTABHIRAMA REDDY TIKKAVARAPU INDIA / 1970 / KANNADA / 113 MIN. Five decades ago, the summer of 1970, 13 May, to be precise, turned out to be one of the momentous day in the annals of Kannada Cinema history. On that day, akin to the time and day Satyajit Ray s Pather Panchali, gave a new meaning and idiom to Indian cinema, and the worl too noti e similarl a film that lit u s reens in the tate han e the ire tion and course of Kannada cinema. hat film was ams ara itual t turne to e a rite of assa e for those that followe in later years providing a whole new syntax and dimension to the appreciation and understanding of the history of Kannada cinema. Samskara, based on a story by eminent litterateur and Jnapith award winner, U R Ananthamurth t was rou ht on to s reen an enter risin an foresi htful filmma er an producer Pattabhi Ramareddy, turned out to be the pathbreaker. he film whi h heral e the nouvelle vo ue or avant ar e movement in anna a inema became the pivot around which other peers followed suit. In fact, it was during that very time that there was a churning in Kannada literary scene as well, which had just given birth to a new realist literary tradition called Navya Movement, with which a team of young writers an ins ire filmma ers i entifie themselves with Emboldened by the boldness of social themes that these literatures tackled exposing the so ial hierar hies with s e ifi fo us on women s issues en er i entit e ualit an so ial justice, saw Pattabhi Ramareddy taking that decisive path with Samskara. ollowin in its wa e were irish arna who in i entall was one of the lea a tors of ams ara an s ri te the film an aranth with ra a s amshavri sha oon ou ha several similar new wave films su h as han ara a s aa i a i avaru aranth s homana u i P an esh s Pallavi an irish arna s aa u rovi in the impetus and engine of engagement to the new genre. s eminent film ire tor an one of the van uar s of the movement irish asarvalli uts it anna a films of av a movement were a ele ration of inema that sou ht to e ifferent from the otherwise lorifie o ular in i amil an elu u inemas These were part of Kannada literature - poetry, prose, drama and not an offshoot of any arallel inema movement from tal ran e erman or even en al anna a films were more realistic and socially relevant and even today, have fresh, austere image as they were not in uen e from an other form of inema notes asarvalli 197

215 The Madras Players, an amateur theatre group, whose members included Girish Karnad, Socialist Party s Snehalata Reddy, who played the female lead, and her husband Pattabhi ama e who ire te an ro u e the film was instrumental in the ma in of ams ara he film a or in to eminent ala alam auteur oor o ala rishnan was one of the ten finest films alon si e at a it a an others that left their mar on n ian inema in the last 50 years of 20 th entur ams ara whi h went on to win a lut h of awar s in lu in ational ilm war for the est eature ilm also won international a laim an re o nition winnin the ron e eo ar at the o arno nternational ilm festival in hat the film saw a ool of talents oth from the est an those traine in the est ome to ether to ma e the master ie e f ire tor Patta hi ama e was traine in olum ia an har l familiar with anna a writer a tor irish arna was an O for e u ate writer while the ameraman was ustralian om owan an the e itor n lishman tevan artaw while nanthamurth was Professor of n lish literature then an musi ire tor a iv aranath too Professor in n lish s hoole the le en ar aro maestro li ar han with artiste asu ev was art ire tor hat ams ara s release saw stiff o osition was onl to e e e te es e iall from the tra itional a hwa ommunit esi es of ourse the ensors ut the then nion nformation roa astin inister u ral an Prime inister n ira an hi ensure the film woul fa e no hit h in its release an su e t a laim to fame an et hin for itself a name in the annals of anna a an n ian inema ams ara ma e on a mo est of a la h an shot in the same ear as rinal en s huvan home was initiall anne for its anti rahminism leare a ertifi ation ommittee ams ara not onl went on to win riti al a laims ut also turne out a ommer ial su - ess too than s to its torri love s ene that rou ht real human o ies into onta t iffes ta es ri e in resentin the minutes monumental film to mar its ears of ma in et in a rahmin olon in the small villa e of urvasa ura in estern hats of arnata a where the ma orit elon to a hwas with tra itional min set an stri tl follow rules efine their reli ion t s otli hts on Pranesha har a a evout rahmin who havin om lete his e i e u- ation at aranasi has returne to uravasa ura an onsi ere as lea er of the rahmin ommunit of his villa e an surroun in ones is main oal is to attain li eration mo sha an he is willin to o to an len th to a hieve it o remain fo use on his oal an as an a t of self sa rifi e he marries an invali woman an hen e remains eli ate ara ana a thou h rahmin irth oes not la the set rules of rahminism an is iven to eatin meat an ee in om an of rostitute han ri hen ara ana a an his frien s snare the sa re fish in the tem le tan oo an onsume them rahmins in the villa es rise u a ainst him he a roa h Pranesha har a to throw him out of the villa e On e ara ana a visits himo a an returns to uravasa ura with hi h fever an ies leavin the rahmins in a i uant situation e ause according to Brahmin principles, a person who dies should be cremated as early as possi- le one wants to remate the o the feel that rematin ara ana a s o the will e ome ollute as he was a ainst the rahmin rin i les urin his life urther a non rahmin too annot remate the o of a rahmin Pranesha har a tas e with fin in a solution hea s to the tem le to ra an on wa a home en ounters han ri an fin s himself at ni ht l in on han ri s la han ri rushes home fin s that ara ana a s o has starte to rot ets it remate in se re an leaves urvasa ura Pranesha har a una le to reveal his immoral a t leaves the villa e ut the uilt never leaves him inall e i in to own u to his a t he returns to the villa e an the stor en s there t s left to the ima ination of the viewer on whether Pranesha har a owns u or not The cast comprises : Girish Karnad as Praneshacharya, Snehalatha Reddy as Chandri, P an esh as ara ana a har avi ara an amon others Pic: Deccan Herald 198


217 PARVATHAMMA RAJKUMAR ÁªÀðvÀªÀÄä gáeïpàäªàiágï CHIGURIDA KANASU auàäjzà PÀ À ÀÄ INDIA / 2003 / KANNADA / 154 MIN. Parvathamma Rajkumar, wife of renowned Kannada actor Dr Rajkumar, carved a ni he for herself as a rominent anna a film ro u er an istri utor Parvathamma who oate the famil firm a reshwari om ines Poornima nter rises urin her lifetime ro u e as man as films man of whi h were o o e hits esi es ta in u inhouse ro u tions whi h feature her three sons hiva a umar a haven ra a umar an Puneeth a umar she has also een re ite for intro u in several new fa es into anna a inema su h as alashri Prema a shita u ha ani an am a he famil film house whi h e an with its first film Trimurthi featurin her a tor hus an r a umar in the lea role an went on to e ome a su ess has iven anna a inema several so iall relevant su essful films ma orit of them featurin r a umar in the lea su h as Haalu Jenu, Kaviratna Kalidasa, amana illu ha ta Prahla a han ar uru a ura eevana haitra et hi uri a anasu a film renowne anna a filmma er a a harana starrin hiva a umar e ha nni rishnan in ivotal roles was ase on a novel of the same name hivaram aranth nan ith war winner han ar a it la ursuin en ineerin at anaras in u niversit on learnin he is a anna i a a s a visit to his an estral villa e an aa i hen he e i es to settle there for oo he fa es o osition from his own famil an from a villa e i wi 200

218 R N SUDARSHAN Dgï. J ï ÀÄzÀ±Àð ï VIJAYANAGARADA VEERAPUTRA INDIA / 1961 / KANNADA / 172 MIN. «daiàä ÀUÀgÀzÀ «ÃgÀ ÀÄvÀ æ Rattehalli Nagendra Sudarshan was a versatile Indian actor and producer, who has a te in more than films in anna a amil in i elu u an ala alam films urin a areer s annin more than three e a es u arshan was the son of veteran ire tor a en ra ao an was marrie to a tress h lashri e entere the in ustr as a rota onist in Vijayanagarada Veeraputra ro u e an ire te his father a en ra ao in e has share the s reen s a e with all the le en ar anna a a tors in lu in r a umar a umar an al an umar ore than a rota onist he has a te as villain in man films an was nown for oin the role of on urer in films ma e on fol lore usi lovers still remem er him for his son s su h as oovon u ali an u, which he sung in Shubhamangala a ire te Puttanna ana al an ra e u ra e u ri a a son from his own film a uva oovu Vijayanagarada Veeraputhra ire te a en ra ao father of u harshan an written his rother a a o al he in of i a ana ara em ire e omes the reason for the eath of i rama a oor oun o he o s father vows to ta e reven e a ainst the in he film stars u arshan aro a evi a en ra ao an al an umar 201

219 KASHINATH PÁ²Ã Áxï AVALE NANNA HENDTHI INDIA / 1988 / KANNADA / 136 MIN. CªÀ¼Éà À Àß ºÉAr Kashinath Hathwar was born in a middle class Brahmin family in Markod, village near Kundapur, in erstwhile South Canara region (now Dakshin Kannada). He made his debut with Aparoopada Athithigalu,, in 1976, in a areer s annin over three e a es wor e in over films arvin a ni he for himself in the comedy genre. is films tou he u on su e ts onsi ere ta oo in the so iet an was infamous for his ou le enten re ialo ues in his films es ite riti isms his films however in uen e so iet as well as the in ustr an were well received by cinema going populace, looking for breezy, light hearted entertainers. e too to films enrollin himself with the filmma in trou e Aseema along with ontem orar filmma er a tor an lon time a uaintan e uresh e li ar is films have re eive wi e a re iation an re o nition ut also paved the way for many others to mimicking the genre and is considered to be the pioneer in Kannada cinema. Among his repertoire of works include ari hita nu hava naami a nantana vantara a a antara en athi Endare Heegirabeku, Meese Hotta Gandasige Demandappu Demandu, Aha Nanna Tangi Maduve, Super Aliya and Appachchi. Avale Nanna Hendthi he s ife ire te mesh is ome drama dealing with prevalent social issue of dowry system and revolves aroun a man s stru le in ettin his sister s marria e arran e to fulfill his mother s an sisters in law s esire for a owr es ite ein in love himself an wantin to marr first t was rema e in elu u as Pelli Chesi Chood,, in Tamil as Jaadikketha Moodi and in Hindi as Jawani. 202

220 KOODUVALLI CHANDRASHEKAR PÉ. ZÀAzÀæ±ÉÃRgï EDAKALLA GUDDADA MELE INDIA / 1973 / KANNADA / 160 MIN. JqÀPÀ Äè UÀÄqÀØzÀ ªÉÄà Kooduvalli Chandrashekar, better known as Edakallu Chandrashekar, having shot to fame with the film Edakallu Guddada Mele e renowne film ire tor Puttanna ana al was one of versatile a tors of anna a film industry at that time. han rashe ar who a te in over films an was last seen in ante Dina 30 second, had migrated to Canada in 1984 after his marriage to dancer heela wor in as a visa o er with n ian i h ommission in ana a while still ontinuin to a t in anna a films irst noti e an ast late a en ra ao an a ira as hil artiste in the film Namma Makkalu, Chandrashekar went on to become a successful actor with several offers coming his way. e also ire te the film Poorvapara whi h was the first anna a film to e s reene at oronto ilm estival han rashe ar s ma or rea ame when he ot to wor with a e filmma er Puttanna ana al in Edakallu Guddadamele is nota le films are amsa eethe am athi e avaal ose han a ow ha a han ar uru Parivarthane a a anna a a esu e and Vamsha Vriksha,, to name a few. Edakallu Guddad Mele,, 1973, directed by S R Puttanna Kanagal, based on the novel of the same name harathisutha entres aroun a havi he lea s an unfulfille marrie life with her hus an a former sol ier he en s u getting into a physical relationship with their friendly neighbor, a younger man. Later, her adulterous behavior will lead to unexpected consequences. 203

221 KRISHNARKUMARI PÀȵÀÚ PÀĪÀiÁj BHAKTA KANAKADASA INDIA / 1960 / KANNADA / 130 MIN. s ÀPÀ Û PÀ ÀPÀzÁ Born in a Telugu Brahmin family at Naihati, West Bengal, renowned multi-lingual actress T Krishna Kumari hailed from Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. Krishna Kumari, who ruled the roost for over two decades from 1960 to 1980, was a contemporary of Savitri, and shared screen space with erstwhile legends such as N T Rama Rao, Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Dr Rajkumar, Sivaji Ganesan, Kanta Rao, Jaggayya and Krishnam Raju. Beginning her career with a small role in Pathala Bhairavi,, she went on to take the coveted heroine s role in Navvithe Navaratnalu,, and thereon featured as leading actress in several Tamil movies, notably Thirumbi Paar, Manithan, Azhagi, Pudhuyugam, Viduthalai i and Thuli Visham. Krishna Kumari, who was propelled to superstardom, following her foray into elu u films a te in movies su h as Bharya Bhartalu, Vagdanam, Kulagothralu, Gudi Gantalu whi h are lassifie as elu u inema lassi s She has also won President s award for her best acting. Bhakta Kanakadasa,, 1960, directed by Y R Swamy, is a story of Kanaka, an arrogant and ruthless chieftain who becomes a Dasa (servant) of Lord Krishna and is accepted as a Saint by society and spends his life singing in praise of the Lord. Depicts the spiritual journey of Kanakadasa, a devotee of Krishna, and poet belonging to Dasa sect. 204

222 B V RADHA.«. gáz MITHILEYA SEETHEYARU «Äy ÉAiÀÄ ¹ÃvÉAiÀÄgÀÄ INDIA / 1988 / KANNADA / 134 MIN. Bengaluru Vijaya B V Radha (Rajalakshmi), who was married to renowned film ire tor wam was orn in a farmin famil who uit s hool to ursue a areer in inema a ha who e ute in the anna a film ava oti ara ana featurin r a umar went on to e aire with to stars of the outh n ia inema in the s an s li e ama han ran hiva i aneshan an ineni a aeswara ao n a areer s annin over two e a es she a te in over films ma orit of whi h were in anna a an rest in amil elu u ala alam ulu an in i a ha who rimaril asso iate herself with theatre erformin la s with her trou e atavran a was estowe with arnata a atna war a inele ana a uru Peetha in re o nition of her ontri ution to theatre an inema ithile a eethe aru ire te wam featurin eetha hila han ur al ana er an a ha is a romanti so ial ome whi h revolves aroun a wi ow an a mother of ear ol irl who is a s hool tea her he falls in love with her ollea ue ut her au hter is una le to a e t the fa t 205

223 SHASHI KAPOOR Balbir Prithviraj Kapoor, aka Shashi Kapoor, was one of the renowned and harmin artist of n ian inema a eare in more than films lar el in i films su h as eewar ama aram a hi a hie at am hivam un aram an man more esi es n lish lan ua e films nota l ro u e er hant vor team hashi a oor who was a film ire tor in his own ri ht elon to the illustrious a oor film nast of oll woo inema orn in al utta now ol ata urin ritish a he was thir an oun est of Prithvira a oor s sons oun er to a a oor an hammi a oor hashi a oor who was honore with Pa ma hushan for his ontri utions to rt inema was also onferre the ovete a asahe Phal e war the to honor of n ian film in ustr ma in him thir mem er of his famil after Prithvira a oor an a a oor hashi a oor whose moorin s e an in la s ire te an ro u e his father Prithvira a oor un er the Prithvi heatres anner fora e into films as a hil in late s un er the name of hashira is est nown erforman es as a hil artist were in Aag, Awaara, Sangram, and Dana Paani e ma e his e ut as lea in man in harm utra an went on to a ear in in i films n he set u his ro u tion house ilm alas ro u in riti all a laime films su h as unoon al u howrin hee ane i eta and Utsav New Delhi Times: When a politician is ille a ournalist is overs that a P ha the man assassinate As his editor digs ee er the om li it of politicians comes to the surfa e whi h lea s to riots in one town and an attem t to su ress his stor ±À² PÀ ÀÆgï NEW DELHI TIMES INDIA / 1986 / HINDI / 123 MIN. ÀÆåqÉ è méêªàiïì 206



226 SEEKING JUSTICE FILMS FROM SOUTH ASIA MESSAGE FROM CURATOR This year s edition of the Bengaluru International Film Festival will present to i al an rovo ative short fi tion films an o umentaries from seven ountries in outh sia ll films are ein s reene in en aluru for the first time he sele tion not onl e i ts in usti es ut also show ases oura eous resilien e in hallen in times e ho e these films serve as ins iration for our au ien es for seasone a tivists as well as those sear hin for a role in lo al or lo al movements e are a in tri ute to two outs o en ham ions of usti e who asse awa rematurel last ear auri an esh ournalist who was rutall mur ere outsi e her home for her on oin fi ht for free om of s ee h an trans aren an halam annur ar filmma er an so ial a tivist whose wor has ins ire man oun o umentar filmma ers ivil wars oliti al u heavals rowin reli ious fun amentalism an natural isasters have all ontri ute to a versel affe tin ail life a ross outh sia et filmma ers from the re ion ontinue to ro u e remar a le wor an m sele tion is a tri ute to their in re i le stren th he wor un er se urit threats an finan ial onstraints as well as so ial sti ma an their films offer an astonishin iversit in su e t an treatment from i u et ro u tions to the out ut of short wor sho s from the o servational to the humorous from the oeti an elusive to the intensel oliti al films that have remiere in annes erlin o arno usan he five ate ories in this sele tion emer e uite or ani all an in these we can recognise similarities across countries whether in repressive re imes famil nami s so ial values or the ail stru les of life in the region. SLAVERY BORDERS LIVELIHOOD O ho e ou will en o wat hin these films as mu h as i inall woul li e to than has ar an ino a a for as in me to ut this sele tion to ether t has een a rivile e to e asso iate with the Bangalore International Film Festival. Reena Mohan urator eena ohan is an awar winnin in e en ent o umentar filmma er an e itor who has wor e out of n ia u ai athman u an on on he has re eive several awar s for her wor in lu in ational war s he ro u e an ire te her first awar winnin o umentar amla ai in his was followe more than o umentaries that have re eive wi es rea re o nition in lu in in ee in an On n ress i hwa in onsulte has ar an ino a a REENA MOHAN Editor, Documentary Filmmaker G S BHASKAR Cinematographer Film Academician VINOD RAJA Cinematographer Documentary Filmmaker 209

227 RESISTANCE This is as much a tribute to those behind the camera as to the struggles and triumphs of their subjects. There are some experimental films in this se tion onstitutin an im ortant space for artistic and political expression, and allowin filmma ers to e lore form or the personal, more deeply. MR. FAZILI S WIFE HASSAN FAZILI / AFGHANISTAN / 2011 / 10 MIN. A woman beggar has a daughter who is losing her vision and needs to undergo surgery. The mother leaves no stone unturned in getting her daughter s eyes treated. But in the traditional society of Afghanistan, people expect her to be a sex worker, as she does not have a male guardian. SCREAMING SILENCE FATIMA HUSSAINI / AFGHANISTAN / 2016 / 1:40 MIN. Every morning, a woman cleans a man s dirty shoes... Until one day, she decides to protest. QANDEEL TAZEEN BARI AND SAAD KHAN/ PAKISTAN / 2017 / 24: 49 MIN. Qandeel Baloch was a young fearless woman who collided with Pakistan s mainstream media, exposed the religious right and challenged middle class morality. From her life before stardom in a rural village to her early days in entertainment as a model and actor, Qandeel became a social media icon by making provocative we vi eos he film anal ses her life through the lens of class and power politics and connects it to women s ongoing struggle for selfexpression in Pakistan. 210

228 RESISTANCE LAANAT ANAM ABBAS /PAKISTAN / 2016 / 01:57 MIN. his film is a urse I AM BONNIE FARHA KHATUN, SATARUPA SANTRA AND SOURABH KANTI DUTTA/ INDIA / 2015 / 45 MIN. A born intersex, raised by poor, illiterate and confused parents as a irl onnie was one of the finest strikers of the Indian women s football team. A sex reassignment surgery results in him being thrown out from both his home and the sport he is assionate a out is fi ht to establish his identity and the struggle for a i nifie e isten e are met a sarcastic society yet to learn to take other genders seriously. HOMAGE TO GAURI LANKESH NAMMA GAURI (OUR GAURI) PRADEEP K P (DEEPU) / INDIA / 2017 / 67:00MINS. Gauri Lankesh was one of Karnataka s most prominent and fearless journalists. She was shot dead outside her house in Bengaluru on the night of 5th September, Gauri represented dissent and freedom of speech and spoke out fearlessly against communal forces in the ountr he film is mu h more than a personal tribute. It follows her political journey, envisaging what she stood for and her struggle for communal harmony until her last breath. Her life story has e ome the histor of arnata a s fi ht against right-wing communal forces. 211

229 BORDERS Like many people in this region, who move in waves of migration both within and outside their countries, for economic reasons or because of prolonged wars between governments and revolutionary armies, the meaning of BORDERS acquires particular resonan e in these films from an la esh e al an ri an a he tra i omi element in two of these films is si nifi ant sin e humour as a tool is often une lore in films with a political message. WHERE S MY ROUTE SUDATH ABEYSIRIWARDANA / SRI LANKA / 2017 / 13:00 An 18 year old boy is practicing to disguise himself as a journalist in an attempt to travel to Australia illegally by boat. His mother pleads with some fishermen to revent her son from going away. he fishermen ome to the oun man s house an threaten him he urn an estro his o uments oun man s ream is shattere he film e lores the issues relate to rowin u in ost war ri an a t eals with how the state law an or er as well as eo le as in ivi uals an as ommunities an ontrol an in uen e as irations of the outh SPLIT ENDS RAJAN KATHET / NEPAL / 2016 / 26 MIN. An ordinary barbershop in Lisbon is transformed into a refuge for Nepali migrants where experiences are shared and advice is sought and given. THE CONTAINER ABU SHAHED EMON/ BANGLADESH / 2012 / 15 MIN. An immigrant worker decorates his home a container with the found trash of other people s lives. After he s evicted from his illegal abode he secretly returns, but it s no longer his shelter he film is a resonant loo at the life of an immigrant worker in Korea through the eyes of a an la eshi filmma er 212

230 SAVING DOLMA KESANG TSETEN/ NEPAL / 2010 / 64 MIN. he film follows the threa of olma senten e to eath for illin a ili ino omesti o wor er in uwait an the res onses this evo es in a women s a vo a rou so iet an o ial om as well as the u heaval an fra tures of the famil he film resents a rare lim se of the women mi rant s situation in a ulf tate LIVELIHOOD This section features the stories of marginalized workers for whom daily existence is a struggle no matter where they come from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India or Nepal raising questions about industrial safety, patriarchy, land rights and the role of governments. In the same se tion two oi nant films feature those who are left behind as village after village lies abandoned. POUNOPUNIK KHANDAKER SUMON / BANGLADESH / 2016 / 17:17 MIN. Pounopunik is a Bengali word meaning recurrent. The story revolves around the struggle of a female sex worker to educate her au hter he fi hts har to establish the identity of a mother over that of a sex worker. TAZREEN YASMINE KABIR / BANGLADESH / 2014 / 17:35 MIN. he film o uments the aftermath of a arment fa tor fire that o urre on th ovem er at a reen ashions in ha a an la esh t was one of the ea liest in ustrial fires to have o urre in the histor of the arments in ustr in an la esh an was estimate to have ille at least wor ers in ust hours he film fo uses on the rief trauma an hel lessness suffere the survivors an of those who lost their love ones 213

231 LIVELIHOOD HOME ALONE LODAY CHOPHEL / BHUTAN / 2014 / 09:04 MIN. A 95-year old man living alone in his irth la e re e ts on a diminishing community and his life as a whole he film hi hli hts the bitter truth and effects of ruralurban migration and modernization. DAADYA: THE WOODPECKERS OF ROTHA POOJA GURUNG AND BIBHUSAN BASNET / NEPAL, FRANCE / 2016 / 16:08 MIN. Atimaley and Devi s village is haunted by memories. When a dear friend leaves the village without saying goodbye, the old couple faces a dilemma to keep living with the memories or to leave the village for good? SURVEY NUMBER ZERO PRIYA THUVASSERY/ INDIA / 2016 / 32 MIN. Despite its tremendous everyday utility, common salt is usually taken for granted. And salt farmers are hardly the heroes of history or mythology, ballad or legend. This film ourne s throu h the lives of Hansaben, Bhawanaben and Pashiben, three women farmers of different ages as they go through three stages of salt farming in the ittle ann of ut h u arat he film was shot over ei ht months which is how long it takes for farmers to cultivate salt and through their lives looks at the problems they face in health, education, water, and most importantly land rights. 214

232 VIOLENCE n this se tion filmma ers from Pa istan an Sri Lanka urge for introspection, introducing a ifferent wa of seein the on i t an s a es of everyday life in their countries. DEMONS IN PARADISE JUDE RATNAM / SRI LANKA/ 2017/ 90 MIN. HOPE Demons in Paradise - is the result of ten ears of wor or the first time a amil o umentar filmma er livin in ri an a is seein the violen e of ivil ar from the insi e he ire tor unveils the re resse memories of his om atriots o enin the oor to a new era an ma in ea e ossi le a ain ll the while ealin with finan ial har shi an familial ressure FATHIMA SHANAZ/ SRI LANKA / 2017 / 06:55 MIN. Child marriages have been an unnoticed reality in some sections of the Muslim ommunit in ri an a his film tells the story of Fathima, a 16-year old school girl, who is set to marry a man older than her. Not only her right to education is denied but her consent to marriage too. Until she accidentally meets her future husband, she has not even seen him. She is caught up between her hopes and the reality of her destiny. ARMED WITH FAITH ASAD FARUQI AND GEETA GANDBHIR / PAKISTAN / 2017 / 74 MIN. After 9/11, Pakistan, an American ally in the global war on terror, is plagued by both homegrown and international terrorism. The small yet heroic Pakistani Bomb Disposal Unit is on the frontline of defense, defusing bombs, navigating land mines and grappling with suicide bombers, all while dealing with finan ial har shi an familial pressure. 215

233 SLAVERY This section documents the stories of tra e hil ren in f hanistan an la esh and India poignant reminders that children are often victims of the fate sealed upon them by families and society. There is also the portrait of an astonishingly courageous woman from Pakistan, who freed herself and many others from bonded slavery and fought in the 2013 general elections against a powerful landlord. WATER SAYED JALAL ROHANI AFGHANISTAN / 2014 / 14 MIN. This is the story of Marzia, an 8-year-old girl, who is a victim of human tra in er parents have sold her to a man who leads a begging group in a ul nstea of ein in a family and receiving an education, she spends her time on the streets collecting trash ROSHI YASMINE KABIR / BANGLADESH / 2017 / 9:30 MIN. Continuing a tradition that goes back centuries, children are employed as ropemakers in old-town Dhaka, making rope from jute fi ers he twist tie not an weave from early mornin till ni htfall MATKAY PAY THAPPA: AN ELECTION STORY TAZEEN BARI / PAKISTAN / 2017 / 38:20 Veero Kohli, a former bonded labourer, has made it her life s mission to help free other eo le in slaver his film was shot during the general ele tions in when she contested from Hyderabad, Sind. 216

234 HOMAGE CHILDREN OF MINI JAPAN (KUTTY JAPANNIL KUZHANDAIGAL) CHALAM BENNURAKAR / INDIA / 1990 / 63 MIN. Sivakasi is a small town in Southern Tamilnadu. It is from here and the surrounding villages that 70% of the requirements of the match box industry and 90% of the firewor s in ustr are ro u e The owners of these factories rou l refer to their town as ini a an a self em lo e town his town also rints millions of arish alen ars an ele tion osters which are used all over India. he film is an attem t to ortra the om le so io oliti al reasons that contribute to such a large em lo ment of hil ren in this area. Weaving together the ro u tion ro ess with various e iso es of illu a al a tra itional erforman e that ele rates the hil hoo of rishna the film is a owerful riti ue of ost in e en ent n ia s tr st with estin a ni htmare alle ro ress throu h ra i industrialisation. HOMAGE TO CHALAM BENNURAKAR 217

235 GAURI LANKESH Gauri Lankesh was one of Karnataka s most prominent and fearless journalists. She was shot dead outside her house in Bengaluru on the night of 5th September, Gauri represented dissent and freedom of speech and spoke out fearlessly against communal forces in the c ountr he film is mu h more than a personal tribute. It follows her political journey, envisaging what she stood for and her struggle for communal harmony until her last breath. Her life story has become the histor of arnata a s fi ht against right-wing communal forces. CHALAM BENNURAKAR Chalam Bennurakar directed Sakshi in a first of its in initiative show ase o umentaries from all over the worl an to reate a latform for n e en ent o umentar ilmma ers in n ia is o umentar ll out amila ma e him the voi e of the trans en er ommunit is other films in lu e Kunde Habba a a uni ue festival of the tri al eo le in o a u aavu eravaru on the erava ommunit an a o umentar on the earth ua e isaster that stru atur aharashtra in e also o ro u e an wor e on ishaar lues on the fa irs of al utta with mita h ha ra orth 218

236 V K MURTHY MEMORIAL LECTURE V K MURTHY ( ) V K Murthy s singular contribution as a cinematographer is to bring into play a new aesthetic, as if it were, in the mainstream of Indian Cinema. While it is arguably easier to break fresh ground in the parallel Cinema, it is nothing less than a heroic act to do so in the mainstream which has firml entren he itself in re esta lishe notions n et are li e none other and succeeded in no small measure. urin the mi s an s of the twentieth entur ilm oir as a st le was much in vogue in the Cinema of Hollywood and naturally, it did have an in uen e on n ian inema hile man of his ontem oraries who a o te the visual st le of ilm oir an were ontent to reate some memora le ima es usin low e li htin hose to trea a new path altogether. He began to use light as a language by itself while essa in the trials an tri ulations of the rota onists in films su h as P P OO an ilhouettes an emi silhouettes et he out an envelo e in a ar roo in frame articulated the angst of the character in an elegant and yet subliminal manner while the darkness that surrounded them was indicative of the turmoil deep down in their soul. VK s unparalleled artistry imbued these images with an everlasting glory. u h was his ontri ution to n ian inema that the hi hest honour that the tate woul estow in the fiel of inema he P awar was resente to him in iffes rou l ele rates the enius of urth ommissionin he urth memorial le ture THOMAS MICHAEL COWAN Thomas Michael Cowan, the Australian Cinematographer is an accomplished artist of the visual medium. The septuagenarian has essayed several note-worthy o umentaries an feature films during the course of his long and illustrious career. He is equally at home in a wide range of motion picture formats. Be it 16mm or 35mm or the IMAX frame, the tool has never deterred him. He has never allowed it (the tool) to overwhelm the artist in him. His foray into the world of images has not only taken him across the continents but also has landed several prestigious awards in his lap. In his own wor s the uest for the oment of ruth has een his mission in life he resen e of homas owan at iffes this ear is si nifi ant in itself, for, the year 2018 marks the 50 th anniversary of SAMSKARA. As the cinematographer of the path-breaking kannada movie, Thomas owan was instrumental in im uin the film with a ri h avor of eo Realism. Eventually, SAMSKARA became the harbinger of the New Wave Cinema in the region and sowed the seeds of a new Cinema-culture. Currently in its tenth edition, Biffes is deeply indebted to Thomas Crown for delivering the V K Murthy memorial lecture. 219

237 WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS AND MASTERCLASSES 01 `Production Design In Indian Cinema and Challenges for Filmmakers in the Digital Moviemaking Age. Bharath Bala and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra 02 Sound Design in Digital Filmmaking Age. Srijesh Nair along with Ere Gowda, Harish Mallya tu on the films ma e at a it a Mr. Swapan Mullick, Film critic, Kolkata coordinated by Satyajit Ray Film Society, Bengaluru A discussion with Puneeth Raj Kumar Round table on Promotion of Indian Regional Cinema at various film festivals with new initiatives Online Promotion and Distribution. Ashley Ratnavibhushana, Aruna Vasudev and Uma Da Cunha Special Discussion on Emerging Technologies Various Possibilities of Adapting Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality in Film Festivals - Promoting Culture with the Future Technology. 07 Dadasaheb Palke Award Winner - V K Murthy Memorial Lecture Samskara - Screening and Discussion. Tom Cowan Challenges of Documentary Filmmaking in South Asia Today moderated by Reena Mohan Global Co-Production Scenario Marc Baschet, Mr. Anand Ramayya, Rahul Puri, and Mrs Krongkanit Rakcharoen, Thai Consulate General Interaction between Flmmakers and Critics on Film Criticism by FIPRESCI, a Global Collective of Film Critics. Guest of Honour Mr. Derek Malcolm, British Film Critic & Historian and Book Release. Derek Malcolm, Gulbara Tolomushova, Barbara Lorey, Rafique Bagdadi, Premendra Mazumdar, S Vishwanath, H N Narahari Rao, M K Ragavendra, Madhu Ervankara Fragmented Distribution Vivek Lath, Sanjay Wadhwa, Vivek Bhutyani, B S Srinivas (Moderator from Puple Arrow Films) 12 Seminar on Gender Sensitivity - An interactive session with Ananth Mahadevan, Isabelle Balducchi and M S Choodie Shivram 13 Screenwriting Workshop Ms. Claire Dobbin, International Script Mentor and Chairman, Melbourne IFF, Australia. (Includes - Ananaya Kasaravalli, Ere Gowda, Aadarsh Eshwarappa and Pruthvi) Convenor - P Sheshadri, Renowned Filmmaker 220





242 PREVIEW COMMITTEE KANNADA CINEMA Bharathi Hegade Journalist Chindodi Bangaresh Director and Producer Huli Chandrashekar Director V Chandrashekar Cinematographer Sukanya Maruthi Kannada Professor Poet Rajalakshmi Sadagopan Technical Support Chamundeshwari Studio PREVIEW COMMITTEE INDIAN CINEMA A Ganesh Producer B S Basavaraju Cinematographer Bharathi Gowda Film Journalist Dinesh Gandhi Director and Producer V H Suresh Distributor, Artist E V Sathyanarayana Journalist Manohar Yadavatti Journalist

243 PREVIEW COMMITTEE ASIAN CINEMA Ba Na Subramanya Journalist Harish Mallya Film Critic and Technical Mentor K Satyanarayana Litterateur Prathibha Nandakumar Poet, Script Writer Shashikumar Film and TV Artist PREVIEW COMMITTEE INTERNATIONAL CINEMA Shrikant Prabhu Director, FTII Alumni Harish Mallya Film Critic and Technical Mentor Abdul Rasheed Writer and AIR Programmer Chandan Gowda Professor S Vishwanath International Film Critic Aravinda Navada Film Critic POPULAR CINEMA CURATED BY KARNATAKA FILM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE




247 INDEX A Fantastic Woman 56 A Gentle Creature 57 A Letter To The President 6 A Man Of Integrity 147 A Quiet Heart 60 A Sort Of Family 58 A Special Day 59 ha hurina Post O e After The War 61 Ali, The Goat And Ibrahim 62 Allama 34 Ananya 20 And They Made Classics 170 Andarkahini 21 Angels Wear White 63 Appendix 64 April s Daughter 65 Armed with Faith 215 Arrhythmia 148 Ashwatthama 7 Astu - So Be It 193 Avale Nanna Hendthi 202 Badha 194 Ballad From Tibet 66 Beauty And The Dogs 67 Beti 35 Bettada Hoovu 191 Beyond Words 68 Bhakta Kanakadasa 204 Bharjari 47 Bingo: The King Of The Mornings 69 Blockage 8 Breath 70 Brother 188 Call Me Thief 71 Candelaria 72 an i Cargo Chamak 48 Chigurida Kanasu 200 Children of Mini Japan (Kutty Japannil Kuzhandaigal) 217 Clint 22 Closeness 74 College Kumar 49 Countdown 161 Crested Ibis 9 Custody 75 Daadya: The Woodpeckers of Rotha 214 Daha 76 Daybreak 77 eath ertifi ate Demons in Paradise 215 Devrai 194 Directions 158 Djam 78 Doctor Rakhmabai 171 Dr. Sukanya 36 Dying 79 Edakallu Guddada Mele 203 Ek Cup Chya 195 El Inca 172 Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani? 80 Euthanizer 81 Evening Shadows 23 Excavator Fork Lane 10 Eye On Juliet 82 Falling 83 Father And Son 84 Felicite 149 First Born 85 Five Fingers For Marseilles 86 Fortunata 87 Four Hands 154 Goodbye, Grandpa! 140 Grain 88 Handia 89 Heart Attack 162 Heaven on Earth 167 Hebbuli 50 Hebettu Ramakka 37 High Noon Story 90 Home Alone 214 Hope 215 I Am Bonnie 211 I Dream in Another Language 91 I Still Hide To Smoke 92 In Syria 93 Ishu 24 It s The Law 2 Ivan 94 Just Like Our Parents 95 Juze 181 Kiko Boksingero 11 Killing Jesus 96 Laanat 211 Laddaland 163 Last Child 4 Leaf Of Life 97 Little Harbour 98 Loveless 99 Malila: The Farewell Flower 12 March Marlina The Murderer In Four Acts 141 Matkay Pay Thappa 216 Mayurakshi 25 Mithileya Seetheyaru 205 Mooga 182 Mooka Hakki 39

248 INDEX Mooka Nayaka 40 Morphine 188 MR. Faziili's Wife 210 Mudlaseemeyali 41 Mufti 51 MuktHi 191 Muramba 26 Nalu On The Border 100 Namma Gauri (Our Gauri) 211 Nearest And Dearest 142 Neeru Thandavaru 42 Negar 101 Nemoda Boolya 43 Newton 143 Nico, Night Accident 13 No Date, No Signature 102 Oblivion Verses 150 Of Freaks and Men 189 On Body And Soul 103 On The Beach At Night Alone 104 Ondu Motteya Kathe 52 One Day 164 Paathi 14 Paddayi 15 Pathirakalam 27 Pattanaje 183 Phobia Pimpal 28 Pomegranate Orchard 144 Pororoca 105 Pounopunik 213 Qandeel 210 Raajakumara 53 Radiance 106 Radiogram 107 Ralang Road 184 Ravens 108 Razzia 109 Redoubtable 174 Requiem For Mrs. J 151 Reservation 45 Resurrection 110 Roshi 216 Samskara 197 Saving Dolma 213 Scary Mother 111 Screaming Silence 210 Secret Ingredient 112 Shuddhi 44 Sleeping Giant 168 Solo, Solitude 175 Sound Of Silence 185 Split Ends 212 Such Is The Life In The Tropics 113 Summer Blooms 16 Sunshine That Can Move Mountains 114 Survey Number Zero 214 Sweet Country 115 Swnam 29 Symphony For Ana 116 Take Off 30 Tarak 54 Tazreen 213 The Basics Of Killing 117 The Bold, The Corrupt And The Beautiful 17 The Cakemaker 118 The Container 212 The Cyclist 159 The Divine Order 119 The Final Journey 155 The Frog 120 The Insult 121 The Last Suit 122 The Marriage 123 The New Delhi Times 206 The Nothing Factory 152 The Open Door 124 he a rifi e The Secret Of Zia Maria 176 The Seen And Unseen 145 The Square 126 The Testament 18 The Third Murder 127 The Wound 128 The Young Karl Max 156 Thelma 129 To Let 31 Two Irenes 130 Ubuntu 32 Uyyale 192 Vastupurush 195 Video Parlor 131 Vijayanagarada Veeraputra 201 Village Rockstars 132 Wajib 133 War 189 Water 216 Western 157 Where's My Route 212 Why Democracy? Taxi to the Dark Side 159 Woodpeckers 134 Writer Ashokamitran 177 Yellow Heat 135 Yeva 136 You Go To My Head 137 Zagros 138 Zama 178


AACTA AWARD FOR BEST ASIAN FILM Process and Eligibility Criteria

AACTA AWARD FOR BEST ASIAN FILM Process and Eligibility Criteria AACTA AWARD FOR BEST ASIAN FILM Process and Eligibility Criteria PART 1: PROCESS 1. Entry into competition 1.1. Films from Tier One or Tier Two Asian countries (see definition under Part 2, 3.1), that

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The 5th Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival awards nominees and festival highlights revealed

The 5th Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival awards nominees and festival highlights revealed PRESS RELEASE November 2, 2017 The 5th Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival awards nominees and festival highlights revealed VANCOUVER, BC - The 5th Vancouver Golden Panda International Film

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Gholam. A film by Mitra Tabrizian. Starring Shahab Hosseini. A British - Iranian feature film, 2017

Gholam. A film by Mitra Tabrizian. Starring Shahab Hosseini. A British - Iranian feature film, 2017 Gholam A film by Mitra Tabrizian Starring Shahab Hosseini A British - Iranian feature film, 2017 Winner: Platinum Remi Award for First Feature WorldFest - 50th International World Film Festival, Houston

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ANGELS WEAR WHITE. Written and directed by Vivian Qu. 22 Hours Films Present. China min Color

ANGELS WEAR WHITE. Written and directed by Vivian Qu. 22 Hours Films Present. China min Color 22 Hours Films Present ANGELS WEAR WHITE Written and directed by Vivian Qu China 2017 107min 1.85 5.1 - Color Photos and press kit can be downloaded from: http://www.wildbunch.biz/movie/angels-wear-white/

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November 22, 23 & 24, 2017

November 22, 23 & 24, 2017 48th International Film Festival of India, Goa November 20-28, 2017 November 22, 23 & 24, 2017 organised by In collaboration with International Film Festival of India & Entertainment Society of Goa 48th

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The Belt and Road International Film Exchange and Press Conference of the 2nd Canada China International Film Festival

The Belt and Road International Film Exchange and Press Conference of the 2nd Canada China International Film Festival The Belt and Road International Film Exchange and Press Conference of the 2nd On April 22 nd, 2017 at 9 a.m., Canada China Art-Tech (CCAT) successfully held the CCIFF Beijing press conference and related

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Stalin and the Little Girl

Stalin and the Little Girl duration: ca. 10 min. q = ca.40 very rubato, esecially silences? 4 > # > Stalin and the Little Girl # AN ICN (or unaccomanied bass-baritone voice) # words & music by William Vollinger (ASCA) 2012 # Gel-ya!

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This document is downloaded from DR-NTU, Nanyang Technological University Library, Singapore.

This document is downloaded from DR-NTU, Nanyang Technological University Library, Singapore. This document is downloaded from DR-NTU, Nanyang Technological University Library, Singapore. Title Bridging the gap : foreign and local programming Author(s) Shimizu, Shinichi Citation Shimizu, S. (1997).

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The 5 th International Conference on Psychology of music and mental Health

The 5 th International Conference on Psychology of music and mental Health The 5 th International Conference on Psychology of music and mental Health BY NADA CENTRE FOR MUSIC THERAPY, CHENNAI (Regd), INDIA In collaboration with The Department of Psychology Dates Venue Organizing

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SOUTHEAST ASIAN FILM FINANCING (SAFF) PROJECT MARKET 2017 PROJECT SUBMISSION INFORMATION PACK SOUTHEAST ASIAN FILM FINANCING (SAFF) PROJECT MARKET 2017 KEY DATES July 2017 Call for project submission opens 27 Aug 2017 Project submission closes 30 Sep 2017 Announcement of the shortlisted Projects

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Daw-Ming LEE, The State of the Digitization of Video and Audio Archives in Taiwan

Daw-Ming LEE, The State of the Digitization of Video and Audio Archives in Taiwan http://www.iis.sinica.edu.tw/icdat06/talk-dawminglee.html Daw-Ming LEE, The State of the Digitization of Video and Audio Archives in Taiwan Daw-Ming Lee Associate Professor Taipei National University of

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Dr. Shi Chuan: Curriculum Vitae. Dr. SHI CHUAN

Dr. Shi Chuan: Curriculum Vitae. Dr. SHI CHUAN Dr. SHI CHUAN Professor, Shanghai Theatre Academy Deputy Chair, Shanghai Film Association Board member, China Film Association Senior Consultant, Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation Executive Academic

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Venus Talk. - Press Kit -

Venus Talk. - Press Kit - Venus Talk - Press Kit - GENERAL INFORMATION Title: Genre: Language: Running Time: Rating: Director: Cast: Presented by: Produced by: Distributed by: Venus Talk Comedy, Romance, Drama Korean with English

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PRESENTS. A film by Lee Chang-dong 2010, South Korea, 139 min, 1.85:1

PRESENTS. A film by Lee Chang-dong 2010, South Korea, 139 min, 1.85:1 PRESENTS A film by Lee Chang-dong 2010, South Korea, 139 min, 1.85:1 Best Screenplay, Cannes International Film Festival Official Selection, Telluride Film Festival Official Selection, Toronto International

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COHU, INC. Elec tron ics Di vi sion In stal la tion and Op era tion In struc tions

COHU, INC. Elec tron ics Di vi sion In stal la tion and Op era tion In struc tions COHU, INC. Elec tron ics Di vi sion In stal la tion and Op era tion In struc tions 2200 SE RIES NTSC/YC, PAL/YC, AND RGB COLOR CAM ERAS This de vice com plies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Op era tion

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THE JERUSALEM CINEMATHEQUE THE JERUSALEM CINEMATHEQUE The Jerusalem Cinematheque Located in a beautiful century-old stone complex facing the walls of the Old City in the heart of the Wolfson Gardens, the Jerusalem Cinematheque (also

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Stodola Pumpa. Sto- do- la, Sto- do- la, Sto- do- la pum- pa Sto- do- la pum- pa, sto- do- la pum- pa

Stodola Pumpa. Sto- do- la, Sto- do- la, Sto- do- la pum- pa Sto- do- la pum- pa, sto- do- la pum- pa Stodola Pumpa Up from the valley we will make our way. Leaving behind the worries of the day. Being at one with all that we survey, Singing aloud this joyous song. Oh, Greeting the sunlight in the morning

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Round Table - Asia and Oceania -

Round Table - Asia and Oceania - Performing Arts Market in Seoul 2009 Oct 16 2009 at the National Theatre of Korea Round Table - Asia and Oceania - Moderator: Gyu-Seong LEE, Director of Namsan Arts Center, Korea Panel - Rosemary Hinde,

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A MUSICAL. Preview Only. pizz.


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Joel Martinson (Choral score) Selah Publishing Co., Inc. Hn. J œ œ œ œ œ œ. j œ. 8 5 Choir: (Women or Men) for review only. ni- mi- pax.

Joel Martinson (Choral score) Selah Publishing Co., Inc. Hn. J œ œ œ œ œ œ. j œ. 8 5 Choir: (Women or Men) for review only. ni- mi- pax. Missa Guadalupe o Martson 10-911 (Choral score) Sah Publishg Co. Inc. Orr rom your avorite aler or at.sahpub.com (Or call 00--1.S. and Cada) This document is provid or revie purposes only. It is illegal

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Aqua Foundation Academy. Training Workshop on Introduction to Broadcast, Digital, Online Media Industry

Aqua Foundation Academy. Training Workshop on Introduction to Broadcast, Digital, Online Media Industry Aqua Foundation Academy Presents Training Workshop on Introduction to Broadcast, Digital, Online Media Industry th st July 30-31, 2014. New Delhi Mr. Sumit Awasthi, Senior Editor, Zee Media Corporation,

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Kees Schoonenbeek Arranger, Composer, Director, Publisher, Teacher

Kees Schoonenbeek Arranger, Composer, Director, Publisher, Teacher Kees choonenbeek rranger, Comoser, Director, ublisher, eacher Netherlands, Dieren bout the artist Kees choonenbeek as born in rnhem, the Netherlands, on October 1 st 1947.He studied the iano at the Conservatory

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Promotion Information Training The Digital Roll-out in Europe

Promotion Information Training The Digital Roll-out in Europe The Digital Roll-out in Europe by Elisabetta Brunella, Secretary General, MEDIA Salles DGT 2011 Helsinki - Tallinn Worldwide digitisation: digital screens increasing everywhere as at 01 January of each

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DYLAN BRENNEIS SONGS FROM YLAN BRENNES SONS FROM 20092017 All songs written and composed by ylan Brenneis www.dylanbrenneis.ca These songs are shared under the reative ommons AttributionSharealike 4.0 nternational Public License.

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MARIÁTEGUI S AVANT-GARDE AND SURREALISM AS DISCIPLINE MARIÁTEGUI S AVANT-GARDE AND SURREALISM AS DISCIPLINE Omar Rivera (Southwestern University) This essay explains Mariátegui s critical relationship with Breton in terms of his views on Surrealism. In order

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For Review Only. Pangasinan Pronunciation Guide. Consonants are pronounced like the typical Italian ones except: c which is pronounced like k

For Review Only. Pangasinan Pronunciation Guide. Consonants are pronounced like the typical Italian ones except: c which is pronounced like k Pangasinan Pronunciation Guide Consonants are ronounced like the tyical Italian ones excet: c which is ronounced like k n and g when seen together in that order (ng) are considered one consonant and is

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Poetry will carry the beauty inside the soul of Vietnamese people to humankind

Poetry will carry the beauty inside the soul of Vietnamese people to humankind April 2016 Tatjana Debeljački vs. Mai Văn Phấn Interview Poetry will carry the beauty inside the soul of Vietnamese people to humankind - Can you tell us something about your hometown and growing up? -

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On the Common Goods. Dr. Gregory Froelich

On the Common Goods. Dr. Gregory Froelich [T Aa R V. W. 0: 1 5 Ma 2010, 2:19..] O C G D. G F S. Ta a a a a aa a a. I a a a a Ta a a a, a,, a a a a. T, Ta a a P a, a a aa; a, a a.¹ B a a Ta a a Taa. Ra, S. Ta a a aa a a a a aa a a a a a. Ca a,

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The 5 th China International New Media Short Film Festival Regulations (International)

The 5 th China International New Media Short Film Festival Regulations (International) The 5 th China International New Media Short Film Festival Regulations (International) These Regulations apply to the 5 th China International New Media Short Film Festival, KingBonn Award Competition,

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MAURIZIO MACHELLA Arranger, Interpreter, Publisher

MAURIZIO MACHELLA Arranger, Interpreter, Publisher MAURIZIO MACHELLA Arranger, Interpreter, Publisher Italia About the artist Famous musician and organist, known throughout the world. Italian publisher, researcher and organist. Music collaborator with

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PRESENTS. A film by Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani. Academy Award Nominee, Best Foreign Language Film

PRESENTS. A film by Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani. Academy Award Nominee, Best Foreign Language Film PRESENTS AJAMI A film by Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani Academy Award Nominee, Best Foreign Language Film Winner, Special Distinction Award, Camera d Or Competition, Cannes Film Festival Winner, Best Film,

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22nd International Film Festival of Kerala 8 th 15 th December 2017 Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala, India

22nd International Film Festival of Kerala 8 th 15 th December 2017 Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala, India 22nd International Film Festival of Kerala 8 th 15 th December 2017 Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala, India Kerala State Chalachitra Academy Department of Cultural Affairs Government of Kerala REGULATIONS Article

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Trial Version.

Trial Version. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 PEGGY O NEIL If her eyes are blue as skies, That s Peg-gy O Neil. If she s smil-ing all the while, That s Peg-gy O Neil. If she walks like a sly lit-tle rogue, If she talks with

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7TH AACTA AWARDS RULE BOOK 7TH AACTA AWARDS RULE BOOK CONTENTS INTRODUCTION... 3 PART ONE... 4 Rule 1 Common Definitions... 4 Rule 2 Awards Categories... 7 Rule 3 Making an Entry to the Awards... 9 Rule 4 The Role of the AFI...

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8TH AACTA AWARDS RULE BOOK 8TH AACTA AWARDS RULE BOOK CONTENTS PART ONE... 4 Rule 1 Common Definitions 4 Rule 2 Awards Categories 7 Rule 3 Making an Entry to the Awards 10 Rule 4 The Role of the AFI 14 PART 2... 16 Rule 5 Special

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Over 1,000 came to the Tabernacle to watch Victoria Campbell s HOUSE OF BONES

Over 1,000 came to the Tabernacle to watch Victoria Campbell s HOUSE OF BONES Martha s Vineyard Film Society 2010 Annual Report February 2011 Over 1,000 came to the Tabernacle to watch Victoria Campbell s HOUSE OF BONES Activities Overview In 2010, the activities/programs of the

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Six Songs for a Young Man

Six Songs for a Young Man Six Songs or a Young Man or Baritone and Piano by Alan Belkin or Réal Alan Belkin, 2007 My Six Songs or a Young Man cover my entire comosing career to date, rom 1974 to the 2008. Although not originally

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Please note that not all pages are included. This is purposely done in order to protect our property and the work of our esteemed composers.

Please note that not all pages are included. This is purposely done in order to protect our property and the work of our esteemed composers. Please note that not all pages are included. his is purposely done in order to protect our property and the work of our esteemed composers. If you would like to see this work in its entirety, please order

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To Make You FeeL My love

To Make You FeeL My love ntro To Make You eel My love E / E / Bob Dylan /A /A G 7 Whenthe rain is blowin' in your face, and the wholeworld is on your case, 7 E /G / could offer you a warm em brace 7 7( ) to make you feel my love.

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About RIFF Rajasthan International Film Festival

About RIFF Rajasthan International Film Festival Date: 14 th - 18 th JAN. 2017 Venue: World Trade Park (WTP), JLN Marg, Jaipur, Rajasthan To, Sub : Proposal for STALL Booking in RIFF Film Bazar 2017 3 rd RAJASTHAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 14 th to

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»AzÀÄ ÁÛ ÀAVÃvÀ. ÀoÀåªÀ ÀÄÛ (±Á ÀÛç «sáuà) UÁAiÀÄ À-¹vÁgÀ-vÀ Á ÁªÀiÁ Àå. ªÉÃzÀPÁ zà è À ÀAVÃvÀzÀ ɼÀªÀtÂUÉ

»AzÀÄ ÁÛ ÀAVÃvÀ. ÀoÀåªÀ ÀÄÛ (±Á ÀÛç «sáuà) UÁAiÀÄ À-¹vÁgÀ-vÀ Á ÁªÀiÁ Àå. ªÉÃzÀPÁ zà è À ÀAVÃvÀzÀ ɼÀªÀtÂUÉ ªÉÃzÀPÁ zà è À ÀAVÃvÀzÀ ɼÀªÀtÂUÉ»AzÀÄ ÁÛ ÀAVÃvÀ ÀoÀåªÀ ÀÄÛ (±Á ÀÛç «sáuà) UÁAiÀÄ À-¹vÁgÀ-vÀ Á ÁªÀiÁ Àå ±ÀÈwAiÀÄ ÁÜ À, UÁæªÀÄ ªÀÄvÀÄÛ ªÀÄÆbÀð ÉUÀ¼ÀÄ «ªÀgÀªÁV xál ÀzÀÞwAiÀÄ «PÁ À ÀAVÃvÀzÀ aqvéì ªÀÄvÀÄÛ

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FOREIGN FILMS SCREENED AT EVESHAM LIBRARY December 2017 FOREIGN FILMS SCREENED AT EVESHAM LIBRARY December 2017 After the Wedding R Denmark 2006 In Danish with subtitles. 2007 Academy Award Nominee: Best Foreign Language Film All About My Mother R 1999 2000

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DIRECTOR / WRITER / PRODUCER: FILM & TELEVISION. JODY DWYER DIRECTOR / WRITER / PRODUCER: FILM & TELEVISION www.jodydwyer.com PROFILE: Uniquely skilled and highly effective industry professional with over 30 years worldwide experience, covering all facets

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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. About Reading Pathways

COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. About Reading Pathways About Reading Pathways Many students need extra help in learning how to track left-to-right with their eyes. These students benefit from reading practice that gradually and systematically builds letters

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Stanford Department of Music PUBLICITY CONTACT: Delane Haro at 650-430-0335/dharo@stanford.edu Alexander Sigman at 650.279.4278/ lx.sigman@gmail.com STANFORD CELEBRATES VISIONS OF

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LETTERS TO ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL 2017 LETTERS TO ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL 2017 TOBIAS WIEMANN Germany Film director, winner of the Golden Slipper for Best Film For Children The Mountain Miracle An Unexpected Friendship at 57th Zlín Film Festival

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4. My Girl. say. She thought I'd had e - nough of her. Why can't she see? in and watch T. V. on my own, ev - ery now and then.

4. My Girl. say. She thought I'd had e - nough of her. Why can't she see? in and watch T. V. on my own, ev - ery now and then. 4. My Girl 7 Q - Sarah: "Maybe I'm not such a good judge of character." Faster Slowly q = 120 Emmo My girl's mad at me 6 I did-n't want to see the film to - night. I found it hard to 9 say. She thought

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What is Film Tourism?

What is Film Tourism? Film Tourism What is Film Tourism? tourist visits to a destination or attraction as a result of the destination s being featured on television,video, or the cinema screen (Hudson et al, 2006 p.256, Beeton,

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Horror to the Extreme

Horror to the Extreme Horror to the Extreme Jinhee CHOI, Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano Published by Hong Kong University Press, HKU CHOI, Jinhee & Wada-Marciano, Mitsuyo. Horror to the Extreme: Changing Boundaries in Asian Cinema.

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COLD SNAP PRESS KIT. A short film by LEO WOODHEAD. Contact: Rebekah Kelly

COLD SNAP PRESS KIT. A short film by LEO WOODHEAD. Contact: Rebekah Kelly Presented by: New Zealand Film Commission PRESS KIT A short film by LEO WOODHEAD Director/Co-Writer: Leo Woodhead Producer: Rebekah Kelly Writer: Paul Stanley Ward Contact: Rebekah Kelly bexfilm@yahoo.co.nz

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Study newsletter. Phrase of the week week 4. Good job We use this expression to say that it is lucky something happened.

Study newsletter. Phrase of the week week 4. Good job We use this expression to say that it is lucky something happened. Study newsletter 2017 week 4 Content Language level Page Phrase of the week Good job All levels 1 Mind map Banking All levels 2 Czenglish Another things vs. other things Pre-intermediate (B1-) Advanced

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From "Running Man" to "Mission X": Variety Shows as Cultural Representation of Local Identities

From Running Man to Mission X: Variety Shows as Cultural Representation of Local Identities From "Running Man" to "Mission X": Variety Shows as Cultural Representation of Local Identities Nurul Laili Nadhifah, Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia The Asian Conference on Media, Communication & Film

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SUBJECT PROFILE Chinese Studies (History & Literature)

SUBJECT PROFILE Chinese Studies (History & Literature) Profile- Chinese Studies 1 SUBJECT PROFILE Chinese Studies (History & Literature) Covering the topics on Chinese historiography, political and diplomatic history, history by period - from early to 1949,

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2017 Tentative Roster

2017 Tentative Roster 2017 Tentative Roster Seeing your name on this list only means that you were assigned to a DHA in the Application Process & Lottery. To actually be placed into the 2017 Hunt, you are still required to

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Come, Ye Faithful, Raise The Strain Exodus 15 John of Damascus, c Translated by John M. Neale, , alt. Alto

Come, Ye Faithful, Raise The Strain Exodus 15 John of Damascus, c Translated by John M. Neale, , alt. Alto 2 Exodus 15 John of Damascus, c. 675 749 Translated by John M. Neale, 1818 1866, alt. Scott Soper INTRO: With joyful intensity ( = ca. 76 ) Keyboard VERSES 1 & 2: Vs. 1 Cantor or unison Choir; Vs. 2 Soprano/Alto

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Book of Psalms ~ Volume 2

Book of Psalms ~ Volume 2 Book o Psalms ~ Volume 2 Song Verse Style 1. Psalm 4: Let Your ace Shine On Us 2. Psalm 15: Those Who o Justice 3. Psalm 25: Remember Your Mercies 4. Psalm 32: Turn To You n Times O Trouble 5. Psalm 40:

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Year 2 Sound Waves - Weekly Overview. Term 1

Year 2 Sound Waves - Weekly Overview. Term 1 Year 2 Sound Waves - Weekly Overview. Term 1 Week 1 The first week of every year is used to refresh and develop the building blocks of the phonemic approach to spelling. Carefully constructed activities

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MISSA PACEM. Penitential Act. heal the con - S, A, Assembly

MISSA PACEM. Penitential Act. heal the con - S, A, Assembly revie e vi Moderato h = 0 You ere sent Cantor e MISSA ACEM enitential Act to heal con - n trite L Randolph Bain heart: e Lord, have mer - cy Ó S, A, Assemly Sel elec ec Lord, have mer - et, B ec cy Ó 10

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What has Diversity Films done for you?

What has Diversity Films done for you? It made me realise my dream. 2/6/2012 6:43 PM sad to hear the news about no more films from diversity films due to lack of funding,it's another nail in the coffin for working class people trying to get

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ENGLISH FILE Beginner 4 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A GRAMMAR 1 Underline the correct word(s). Example: A Is this your coat? B Yes, it s my / your coat. 1 A Is that your husband s car? B Yes, it s his / her car.

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Litera. Circle Roles. Name: Name: ame: Title of Book:

Litera. Circle Roles. Name: Name: ame: Title of Book: Literature Circle Roles ssion Discu tor Direc Date: Name: me: ntur e: Title of r: Autho ry Adve Nam ing A Book : Name: ina Stellar SummarizerLiterary Lum Date: Date: rtist Title of Book: cle Na Author:

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How to read the Chinese characters (Mandarin) Lesson 1

How to read the Chinese characters (Mandarin) Lesson 1 How to read the Chinese characters (Mandarin) Lesson 1 Di yi ke For this study for reference you will need: 1 The Chart of the 214/8 Chinese radicals, with variations. 2 The list of the meanings and pronunciation

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