TheWestfield Record. Thursday, April 23,1992. FFIELD'S MUNICIPAL BUDGETS OVER ADECADE United Fund faces * 19.1 Mil Mil Mil.

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1 The Cup Is back Westfield lacrosse team reclaims Bristol Cup from Summit See Sports, page B-l A festival of festivals In Central Jersey In this week's WaekandPlus See winning boss sketches Workers take pen in hand to draw boss's countenance See office art gallery, page A-12 Introducing... See three new categories in our growing H Introductions" IP In classified pages o o * _J s: o r> tn _J $18 $16 $14 $12 $10 $ 8 V) o o r ō a oo r t mil. mil. mil. mil. mil. mil. Actuals in Millions 17 TheWestfield Record Thursday, April 23,1992 A Forbes Newspaper 25 cents FFIELD'S MUNICIPAL BUDGETS OVER ADECADE United Fund faces m Ml. 9.8 Mil Mil. 11JMH Mil MH Mil Mil * 19.1 Mil Mil. Slight budget increase should help avoid major boost in three years THtRCCORO Coventry keys scholarship fundraisers Jimmy Coventry, who has Hipped a lot of pancakes over the years to provide scholarship money for local students, received a standinq ovation last weak from his comrades In the Westfleld Rotary Club. The accolade reflected not only his cake counting but his stewardship of scholarships. Mr. Coventry has parcelled out a total of $860,000 to Westfleld students to help them Inance their college expenses. The dub ran different kinds of fund raisers soon after it was formed In -1921, and It settled on Its big one, Pancake Day, 25 years ago. Mr. Coventr/s tarty JIM COVENTRY shows that more than 151,000 pancakes have been tossed to provide 50,000 servings. The dub embarked on aid to local high school graduates after inviting the senior class to lunch at the old Westfleld Golf Club In The goal was to help needy students who Intended to become teachers. Rotarians awarded loans to aspiring teachers from 1929 to 1963 when the total kitty amounted to $6,000. It then decided to give outright grants instead of loans. And It opened applications to other college bound students. (Please turn to page A-8) The 1992 municipal budget introduced by the Town Council last week takes steps to insure that Westfleld will retain some surplus funds and will not be hit with an immense tax increase in three years, according to Mayor Garland 'Bud' Boothe. Public hearing on the budget is scheduled for May 12. This year's $22.4 million proposed budget carries with it a tax rate of 41 cents per $100 of assessed value, H cents over last year's rate. The average home u Westfield is.assessed at $180,000. For the owner of an average home, a tax point is about $18 and an 11-point increase represents a tax hike of about $198. One tax point town wide is $179,893. The $22.4 million proposed budget is an increase of about $3.25 million over the buget from a year ago. That represents a hike of about 17 percent. Mr. Boothe said at the budget's introduction that the increase consists of -1*301,000 for operations and $2,051,000 for debt payment, The money designated for debt payment will go toward the payment of unpaid ordinances that funded renovations to the municipal building, the replacement of underground fuel tanks that will be bid shortly and the purchase in 1990 of a fire de- (Please turn to page A-8) National support helps cadet make adjustment By DONALD M Z 8 JR. THE RECORD Being paralyzed is something David Dickison will have to cope with the rest of his life, but an overwhelming outpouring of support nationwide has guaranteed that he wul never have to go it alone. David, a senior cadet at West Point, was injured in a motorcycle accident March 16, when his motorcycle crashed into a telephone pole near his Tamaques Way home while was home on spring break. He was left paralyzed from the waist down. After several friends suggested it, his mother Jill has set up a fund in an effort to get her son a van and to make it handicap accessible. "There was never any question that we were going to do it," she said. "We didn't want him to come home and not be able to get in the door of his own house. I'm a single parent, though, with a daughter in her Qrst year of college, and suddenly we were faced with this expense." (Please turn to page A-8) Township will save on insurance By DONALD PIZZI JR. THE RECORD Westfleld will be saving a healthy amount on insurance benefits for municipal employees this year, thanks to some comparison shopping by its personnel committee. The Town Council agreed Tuesday to renew its employee health insurance policy with Blue Cross and Blue Shield or New Jersey for 1902 at a cost of $1,586,004, or $132,167 per month. The accepted quote was $150,000 less than the one made by Blue Cross and Blue Shield in November of last year. Councilman David Mebone said the committee felt that the costs of health insurance could be economized. The committee instructed Louis Lefevbre of Piersail, Maben and Frankenbach, the town's insurance broker of record, to contact other insurance carriers. Among the other carriers who were invited to quote were Cigna, Mutual of Omaha, The Travellers and Great Western. Mr. Mebanc said The Travellers and Great Western both opted to bid, while Mutual of Omaha's policy included the mandatory purchase of life insurance. Cigna offered a 15-perccnt cap on premium increases for 1992 and 1993, according to Mr. Mcbane. Blue Cross and Blue Shield were then invited to submit a second quote, which was under Cigna's. Cigna's second quote was still above the blues, he said. Mr. Mebane said the committee felt that it would also be best to go with Blue Cross and Blue Shield for the purposes of continuity. Benefits for employees are retroactive through March 27. tough decision about paying national dues y POHALD P1ZZI JR. THE RECORD Amid the aftermath of a controversy on the national level, the United Way's local chapters and county organization are forced to make the tough decision of whether to send dues to the national organization, while at the same time reassure local contributors who may have questions about the status of the charitable group. Former United Way of America president William Aramony resigned in February after reports of excessive spending and a salary of over $460,000. Some local chapters nationwide have responded by refusing to pay dues. That has forced the national organization to borrow money to avoid layoffs and program cuts. "We are seriously concerned about the proposed allegations at the United Way of America, and we are waiting to review the investigational report due in April," said James Nixon, president of the United Fund of Westfield. "We want to assure all Westfielders there are no frivolous expenditures at the local level." "The United Fund Board of Trustees will determine whether the final investigation of United Way of America is satisfactory before making a decision to continue paying dues to the organization," he said. According to Linda Maggio, executive director of the United Fund of Westfield, the fund simply cannot afford to give one percent ($6,500) of its revenue to the United Way of America The gross revenue goal for the year is $650,000. The Westfield chapter budgeted $1,000 for the national organization instead. Trie fundtts currently $20,000 short of its goal Dell Raudelunas, executive director of Ready for the hunt the United Way of Union County, said the decision to send county dues to the national organization will wait until the county branch's May meeting. "Our dues arc not due until May, and, we decided at our last meeting that we would not send them in until after our, May meeting," said Mrs. Raudelunas. "We want to make sure that we are satisfied that all the appropriate actions are being taken before we hand in our dues." "We look at it more as fee for service rather than dues," said Mrs. Raudelunas. "We're not unhappy with the service we've gotten from the national organization, though we are terribly displeased with the allegations, to say the least," Mrs. Raudelunas said the county United Way plans to communicate with area residents to keep up confidence in the organization. "We're developing plans to talk to people about the numbers of people that we are serving," she said. "In 22 of our programs alone and we have over 60 programs we're assisting 240,000 people. So we really are serving our communities." The executive director said the impact of the controversy on the county and local chapters of the United Way is tough to gauge right now. "We can't really tell how it's going to impact us, to be honest with you," she said. "It's really hard to say. I'm sure it's had some impact as far as people who are giving, but I think when we get into our next campaign, that wiu tell us more." The next campaign begins in the fall, Mrs. Maggio said the fund received several calls questioning the United Way after the allegations surfaced. One small com- (Please turn to page A-8) SHARON WILSON/THE RECORD That floppy eared 'bunny* Is dressed and poised for Westfield's annual Easter Egg Hunt at Mindowaskln Park Saturday. She's 28-month-old Stephanie Crosta. Inside The Record this week Oh Business A-16 Calendar A-4 Club news Old fashioned detective work Elm trees make a comeback, naturally, community ufc A-m uncovers a stolen tombstone A-5 ^ seedlings on Elm, of course A-9 Education A-io * Fire log A-2 Obituaries Opinion Fourth Annual Spring Cleanup takes place ycc laud's Sidney Lessner at Elizabeth Police io B in town center on Saturday.., A-3 campus dedication Monday A-2 Religion Sports.. A-ll A-1J B-1,2,3

2 A-2 April 23,1992 Police report Here am deicriptians of entile* in the Wwtfield police log from April 14-20: April 18 Sevell's Auto Body reported the theft of $4,400 in services. According to police, the owner of a pickup truck took his vehicle from the premises without paying. The motor vehicle of a Lawrence Avenue resident was burglarized. Stolen was a stereo system. * Officer David Wayman arrested Douglas Mascartmld of Howell for reportedly driving while intoxicated. He submitted to a breathalyzer test and registered a bloodalcohol count of.17 percent April 17 A Westbrook Road man reported that his home was burglarized. * The home of a Michael Drive woman was burglarized. Stolen was assorted jewelry of unspecified value. A Cedar Terrace man reported that hubcaps were stolen from his motor vehicle Ȧpril 1< An antenna was broken off the motor vehicle of a Cacdola Place woman. The Mayfair Foodtown on Elm Street reported the theft of $200. Officer Douglas Redden arrested George Helfenseln of South Chestnut Street for reportedly being an unlicensed and uninsured driver. He was held on $225 baa A Washington Street man reported that a radio was stolen from his car. April IS A Duncan Hill Apartments man reported that his motor vehicle was damaged by unidentified vandals. A Kimball Avenue woman reported that her home was vandalized. April 14 Jefferson School was burglarized and vandalized, though nothing was reported as missing. * A bicycle helmet was stolen from Franklin Elementary School. Officer Charles Haller arrested Kim Johnson of Montclair for reportedly shoplifting from Lord & Taylor's. She was held in lieu of $275. Fire report Here are the calls responded to last week by the Westfield Fire Department. April 13: 400 block of Wychwood Road, alarm activation, found no cause for alarm; 700 block of Central Avenue, illegal open burning; 100 block of Summit Avenue, shorted electrical equipment April 14: 100 block of Central Avenue, alarm activation caused by excessive heat in a furnace room; 100 block of Burrington Gorge, grease fire in kitchen extinguished by resident; 600 block of Benson Place, assisted resident locked out of her home. April 15: 500 block of Arlington Avenue, lockout call, canceled during response; 300 block of First Street alarm activated because of a damaged pull station; 600 block of Ripley Place, assisted resident locked out of her home. April 17: 100 block of Vemon Terrace, car fire. Wood will face Froehlich in race for Union County Sheriff : Daniel Wood of Elizabeth announced his candidacy for sheriff of Union County. Mr. Wood was awarded a bachelor of arts degree in public administration and criminal justice magna cum laude from Kean College. He has an in criminal justice from ;Union County College. He is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School in Elizabeth, He will oppose incumbent Ralph Froehlich. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1969 and served 37 months on active duty, 14 in Vietnam. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, two Purple Hearts, five Army Commendation Medals with the "V" device and the Combat Infantry Badge. Mr. Wood was appointed to the Elizabeth Police Department in He served in the Patrol Division and received numerous commendations for valor. He was promoted to sergeant in He initiated training with various military installations and commanded and implemented the Mini-Station Program. He was promoted to lieutenant in Our policy on corrections The ReconJ will promptly correct errors of fact, context or presentation and clarify any news content that confuses or misleads readers. Please report errors to Record editor Stuart Awbrey by phone at or , or by mail at P.O. Box 2790, or through the slot at the office at 231 Elmer St All corrections and clarifications will appear in this space on this page as a convenience arid courtesy to our readers. The the headline and story on the introduction of the municipal budget last week mistakenly said that the budget was approved, not introduced. Also a tax point based on the assessed value of a $180,000 home is $18 for every $100, not for every $10,000. A copy editing error incorrectly listed Westfield as a borough instead of a town. Bicycle Helmet Month In April was proclaimed by WestflsM Mayor Garland "Bud" Booths In honor of the town's bicycle helmet ordinance taking effect. Mayor Booths, left, helps Jeffrey Diamond. 10, with his bike helmet. Although the ordinance affects children 14 years old and under, Councilman Jim Hsly (center) en ardent bicyclist and sponsor of the ordinance, demonstrates the importance of bike helmets and reflective gsrb for adults, too. With them Is Jssn Sswtslls, an avid bike helmet proponent. Jeffrey, a student at Jefferson School, Informed the adults thst he hss been wesring his bike helmet elnce he's been riding s bike. Ruotolo, prosecutors Lessner tribute set for UCC dedication A tribute to Sidney F. Lessner of Westfield, a long-time Elizabeth civic leader, will highlight the dedication ceremonies for Union County College's new Elizabeth Campus Monday. Mr. Lessner will be cited for his services on the Board of Trustees for the past 17 yean; for serving as chair from ; for his leadership in the consolidation in 1982 of Union College and Union County Technical Institute, to form Union County College, and for his advocacy of the college's Urban Initiatives, which resulted in the development of major campuses in the downtown business districts of Elizabeth and Plainfield. Mr. Lessner, who is president of Lessner Electric Company, Elizabeth, also has been active in many other community and civic activities. The college's eight-story, Elizabeth Campus building (formerly the headquarters of the Elizabethtown Gas Company), has been designated the Sidney F. Lessner Building by the Board of Trustees. The event will be held at noon in the Campus Theatre. John Kean, chairman of the board of Elizabethtown Gas Co., and Dr. Deborah Wolfe, who serves on the State Board of Higher Education, will give the keynote addresses, followed by remarks from UCC Presidents Dr. Thomas H. Brown. Victor M. Richel, a board member and chairman of the dedication committee, will deliver the tribute to Mr. Lessner. Bagger named to post Assemblyman Richard H. Bagger of Wettfield haa been appointed vice chairman of the Assembly Select Committee on Civil Service and! Employee Benefits. The new committee, established I schedules First Ward Councilman David Mebane will hold his monthly office hours at 10 am Saturday in the administrative conference room at town hall "Monthly office hours have given by Speaker Garabed "Chuck" Haytaian, will examine impediments standing in the way of attempts to reduce the size and cost of state government It consists of five Republican and two Democratic members of the Assembly. me the opportunity to meet with numerous members of the community and to discuss issues ranging from solid waste to taxes to school board issues. This is an important service. All citizens are welcome." Special meeting set for Monday The Town Council will hold a special meeting 7:30 p.m. Monday in the Administrative Conference Room of the Municipal Building to review the proposal for a second Senior Citizens Housing Project adjacent to the existing facility. Andrew K Ruotolo Jr., Union County prosecutor, was recently honored with the B'nai B'rith International Justice and.human Re* lations Award, on behalf of tht Union County Prosecutor's office. A cocktail and dessert reception was held in their honor at the Newark Vista Hotel recently. Close to 250 guests were in at* tendance including such dignitaries as'michael ChertofT, United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey, Edward Dauber, Ex* ecutive Assistant Attorney General of New Jersey and Anthony Russo, mayor of the Township of Union. Seymour Reich, honorary president of B'nai B'rith International, was the keynote speaker. The award was presented in recognition of Mr. Ruotolo and the prosecutor's office many achieveby B nai B n t h Westfield United Fund approaches goal ments and outstanding service to the community. H. Glenn Tucker, attomey-at-law for Greenberg and Epstein; and Ijrwrence S. Horn, of Sills Cummis' Zuckerman Radin Tischman Epstein and Gross, served as the co-chairmen. A Youth Fellowship Fund was established in the name of Mr. Ruotolo and the Union County Prosecutor's office, with the proceeds to benefit the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization serving over 35,000 youth, and the Hillel Foundation serving students on over 400 college campuses. These funds wiq benefit youth locally and across the nation. B'nai B'rith is the oldest service organization in North America, and the oldest and largest Jewish organization in the world with almost one-half million members. Crime prevention lecture planned "How You Can Help Stop Crime" will be presented at the Thursday, April 30, meeting of the Westfield Networking Club at Wyckoff s Restaurant, 932 South Ave., West, Westfield, by Lieutenant Leo Uebelein of the Union County Prosecutor's Office. Lieutenant Uebelein will be joined by members of the Union County Crimestopper's Board who will describe their efforts to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods by reducing crime through an anonymous tip hotline and reward program. Call for reservations or more information. The United Fund of Westfield tion placed the fund at $819,950. has reached 95.4 percent of its The trustees ask residents to sup- $650,000 goal The latest compila- port the goal Valor Awards Luncheon The Union County 200 Club will host its annual Valor Awards Luncheon, 11:30 a.m. Friday, May 15, at L'Affaire Restaurant in Mountainside., Featured speakers to address an audience expected to exceed 350 will be Chris Borgen, a veteran police officer and CBS-TV News Reporter and Andrew Ruotolo, Union planned by 200 Club County Prosecutor. Each year the chiefs of Union County's Police and Fire Departments submit candidates for this prestigious award. 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3 April Jenkins will seek second term on Town Council 1hM Ward Councilman Qvy JenMne hat announced hi» oandt* dacy fbr re election to hie second two-year tarn on the Westfield TownGoundL Mr. Jenkins, a Republican, ia cheimen of the Building and Town Properly Committee of the council, and alto tervet on public tatty, public works, and solid watte oommitteea of the council. In addition, he it council liaisontothe PANDA organization, which seeks to prevent drug abuse among local youth, and la member of the Senior Gttiaena Housing Committee and the Downtown Wettfleld Conv Mr. Jenkins hat been active in United Homeowners of Westfleld, an organization that hat advocated Mount Laurel planning that ia retpanstve to the needa of the dtt- The two major themes of hit campaign, Mr. Jenkins said, will again be effective repatentation and proper constituent service. Mr. Jenkins and hit wife Vldd have owned a home in Wettfield since 1977 and have four children, Beth, Scott, Todd and Katie, all of whom have attended Wettfleld piblk* tchooli- CouncUman Kenneth I* Mac* Ritchie again will serve at campaign manager. Library to survey in-house use the Weetfleld Memorial library will conduct a ttate-mandated turvey of in-houae ute of all library materiala including books, magasinea, newspepen, pamphlets, hand puppeta and mwatlt from Monday, April 27, through Saturday, May 1. An accurate count la required of how many books, ate, are handled in the library but not checked out TWt turvey it important tince atate fundsng to the library ia bated on ita raauka. The library ttaff will count all items that are used fbr homework, far reading in the library and even those items patrons browse through or even just touch. In order to get an accurate count, patrons will be asked to place all Hems they are finished with but do not want to check out into designated cartons or Just leave them on shelf and table tops. The library asks that patrons do not re-shelve any library materials during survey Parade planning continues Preliminary action waa taken Wednesday, April 16, by the American Legion and VFW to issue invitations to Wettfield and Mountaintide organizations to participate in the IBM Memorial Day Parade in Westfield. The parade will take place form 8 ajil-noon Monday, May 25. Participants will meet Wednesday, April 29, at the American Legion Martin Wallberg Pott No. 3 at 1003 North Ave.. West, Westfield at 8 pjn. to discuss parade positions and special arrangements. Call for more information. Fate of vacant sites on agenda The Bufcflng and Town Properly Committee of the Town Council wfli hold a spade) meeting to dtcutt lotting plant tor vacant land sites owned by the town Wednesday. Monday, April 29. at 8 p.m. In the Council Chambara of the Municipal BuBolng. No tormtj adon wn be taken. Mayor Garland "Bud" Booth* with Clean Sweep' T-ehlrt It loliwd by Chamber membert Warren Rorden, Diana Nichols, Robort Hawaii and Nancy WynanL : Chamber ready to sweep the town free of litter Mayor Garland "Bud" Boothe signed a proclamation endorsing the 4th Annual Spring Cleanup Day, sponsored by the Beautiflcation committee of the Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce. In proclaiming Saturday, April 25, Spring Cleanup Day, the mayor commended the efforts of volunteers who will once again assemble in the central business district to sweep the town free of litter and debrit. Warren Rorden of Rorden Realty, chairman of the Chamber Beautification Committee, and Diana Nichols of Summit Trust Company and Nancy Wynant of Summit Trust Private Banking, members of the committee, are corporate sponsors of the event They presented a green T-shirt imprinted with the Clean Sweep logo to Mayor Boothe. Additional shirts will be given to a number of volunteers who come ready to work on April 25. Chamber President Robert Newell invited workers of all ages to "pitch in" with the springtime project. To volunteer, workers may call the Chamber office, , or show up on Cleanup Day wearing gloves and work clothes and bring brooms and cleanup tools. Workers will assemble at Rorden Realty on the corner of Elm and Quimby streets any time between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Saturday. Each group will get a site assignment Trash bags, provided by the Public Works Department, will be picked up at the end of the day. "We invite workers of all ages from local organizations, youth groups, businesses, neighborhoods, plus families and individuals the more the merrier!" said Mr. Rorden. The Chamber also welcomes financial contributions for refreshments for workers. Friends launch efforts to revitalize park The Friends of Mindowaaldn Park, the non-profit organization seeking to revitalize the park and maximizing its use and beauty while preserving its charm, hat received an initial turn to enable the group to begin the restoration of the park next to the Wettfiekl Municipal Building. It looks forward to celebrating the 75th annivertary of the park next June. The Iriendt group plant to raiae $250,000 to enable it to tackle tome of the basic topographical and drainage problems. It also plant to upgrade and supplement the existing park lighting and benches. Much of the work is expected to be completed in the next two years. Donations, managed by the Wettfiekl Foundation, will make it possible fbr the Friends to establish memorial gardens and to plant trees and shrubs on a continuing basis in accordance with a matter plan. The organization will acknowledge gifts and donors in a commemorative publication. Where possible, donations will be recognized with name plaque* in the park itself. A gift of $1,000 will entitle the donor to be recognized with a plaque on a bench. A gift of $2,500 will entitle the giver to have a plaque on a lamppott. In addition, memorial gardens will be established with gifts of $5,000 each, and the donor or donors will also be recognized with plaques. Gifts dedicated to the play ground will be memorialized separately. For information on making a donation, call Second Ward Councilwoman Margaret Sur at Inoculate cats, dogs at free clinic The Westfield Board of Health will conduct a free Rabies Clinic from 3:30-5:30 pjn. Tuesday, April 28, for the inoculation of both cats and dogs. The clinic will be held at Fire Station No. 2, Central Avenue, WestfiekL No appointments will be required. In response to the rabies outbreak, the public should follow some simple preventive measures: 1. Make certain that all cats and dogs are vaccinated against rabies; 2. Do not leave family pets outdoors overnight or feed animals outdoors; 3. Avoid contact with all wild animals; 4. Discourage children from bringing home or at* tempt to help a sick animal If bitten by any animal, consult a physician immediately and contact the local Health Department at to report the incident WISTFIELD REPUBLICAN BALL FRIDAY, 7:30 P.M., MAY 1,1992 WESTWOOD RISTAURANT NORTH AVENUE, QARWOOD, N.J. 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4 lursday 4/23 Community calendar The Welcome Wagon dub has events today. A get-together ' mothers and infants up to 12 iths starts at 10 a.m. A walk jgh Tamaques Park starts at 10:30 a.m. at the tennis courts, ather permitting. Call r details about both. The club's nonthly meeting is at 6:30 p.m. at Yesterday's Restaurant, 230 Westjifleld Ave., Roselle Park. Assemblyman Bob Franks dises the primary and general Elections at the 8 p.m. meeting of Westfield Republican Club at 3.G. Field's Restaurant Edison Intermediate School PT ets at 9 a.m.; the Franklin lool PT at 1 p.m.; and the Jefferson School PT has a fashion fchow and dinner planned. The museum and archives of the I SVestficId Historical Society at framaques School are open to the public 9:30 a.m.-noon. The Westfield Memorial Library board of trustees meets at 8 p.m. Friday 4/24 The Westfield Craft Market opens with a champagne reception for Unico charities from 5-9 p.m. at the Armory, 500 Rahway Ave. The show continues Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Weekend pass $5. Union County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Addictions presents a seminar on "Screening and Assessment of Chemical Dependency" from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at its office, 300 North Ave. E The Westfield Teen Center is open 8 p.m.-midnight for all high school age Westfield youths. It's being held at the Westfield Y while, renovations are taking place at the municipal building. Call Saturday 4/25 Visions, a support group for separated, divorced and widowed people, meets the second and fourth Sunday each month at 7 p.m. at St. Helen's Parish Center, Lamberts Mill Road. Today's speaker is Nancy Bristol, a clinical social worker and director of Gestalt Training Associates in Westfield. Call "Stories in the Sky" is today's feature at the planetarium at Trailside Nature Center at 2 and 3:30 p.m. Admission $2; $1.70 senior citizens. Westfield Community Players has its annual meeting at 2 p.m. in the theater, 1000 North Ave., for election of officers and announcement of the upcoming season. Monday 4/27 The Town Council has a special meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the administrative conference room of the municipal building to review the proposal for a second senior citizens housing project. Boy Scout Troop 77 at St. Paul's Episcopal Church has an open house 7:30-9 p.m. for boys interested in scouting and their parents. Call Scoutmaster Bruce Mellen, A three-session babysitting course for boys and girls 12 and older begins tonight and continues Tuesday and Thursday 6-9 p.m. each night at the American Red Cross chapter house, 321 Elm St. Cost is $15. Call Tuesday 4/28 The American Cancer Society's spring conference takes place 7-9 p.m. at St Helen's Church, 1600 Rahway Ave. The topic is "Strategies for Coping with the High Cost of Illness." The free program is open to people coping with cancer, family members and/or friends. Wednesday 4/29 The Town Council's Building and Town Property Committee meets at 8 p.m. in council chambers to discuss lotting plans for vacant land sites owned by the town. Hadassah presents a program of Sephardic music at 7:30 p.m. at Temple Emanu-El to honor Frances Brody of Scotch Plains. The program is presented by Cantor Shlomo Bar-Nissim. Dorothy Cantor of Westfield discusses her book, Women in Power, The Secrets of Leadership, at 12:15 To Place Your Tax Services Here, Call Annette at 722-3CCC Ext p.m. at Temple Emanu-El. Admission is free to members of the temple and $10 for guests. Reservations are necessary for lunch; Tamaques School PT meets at 7:30 p.m. Thursday 4/30 Joseph Klein of Elizabeth General Medical Center discusses issues and concerns on aging at the 9:30 am meeting of the Old Guard of Westfield at the YMCA. The museum and archives of the Westfield Historical Society at Tamaques School are open to the public 9:30 a.m.-noon. Lt. Leo Uebelein of the Union County Prosecutor's Office speaks on "How You Can Help Stop Crime" at the meeting from 6-8 p.m. of the Westfield Networking Club at Wyckoff s Restaurant, 932 South Ave. W. Admission is $8 plus one guest at half price. Reservations, A\ SERVICES DIRECTORY Call Accountant to prepare Federal, NY/NJ/PA State Income Tax Returns Available for smalt business accounts Tax advice all year round Dominic J. Lagano, BBA, MBA, Notary Friday 5/1 The Westfield Community Players' season finale, Cole.', runs Fridays and Saturdays, May 1to16, and Sunday, May 3, at the theater, 1000 North Ave. W. Admission $12; Former mayor and current Assemblyman Rich Bagger and former Councilman Jubb Corbet are being honored at the Westfield Republican Committee's annual spring ball at 7:30 p.m. at the Westwood in Garwood. Tickets are $50; or Church Women United's May Fellowship Day observance begins at noon with a luncheon at the Congregational Church, Elmer Street. Ann Brackbill of Habitat for Humanity is guest speaker. Tickets are available at local churches. The Westfield Teen Center is open 8 p.m.-midnight for all high school age Westfield youths. It's being held at the Westfield Y while renovations are taking place at the municipal building. Call RftRKHURST* Saturday 5/2 April 23,1992 The Westfidd Symphony Guild's annual house tour takes place today. It feature! four homes in Westfield and one in Scotch Plains. Tickets are on tale at Jeannette!*, Rorden Realty, Barrett and Grain Realtors, Lancaster's, Itemptatlotu, and Interior*. Call the symphony office, The Westfield Community Players' season finale, Cole!, runs Fridays and Saturdays, May 1 to 16, and Sunday, May 3, at the theater, 1000 North Ave. W. Admission $12; The Westfield Adult School sponsors a trip through the Lehigh Valley, featuring a Blue Mountain and Reading Railroad ride, tour of Roadside America, and lunch. Buses depart Roosevelt Intermediate School at 8:30 ajn. and return about 6 p.m. Reservations, INTERLOCKING CONCRETE PAV/JNGSTONES "Tht rpome, All-Season Pawing Sywt&ml" The recreation commission's 5- milcr and 1-mile fun run get under way at 9 a.m. at Tamaques Park. Proceeds benefit township drug- '*" and alcohol-free programs. Registration at the park is $10 for the 5- j milcr and $5 for the fun run. Call ' "Clean Sweep," the fourth annual spring cleaning of public areas in Westfield, takes place 9 a.m-2 p.m. Workers, armed with brooms and other clean-up tools, should report to Rorden Realty, Elm and Quimbly streets. Call the Chamber of Commerce, The Miller-Cory House Museum, 614 Mountain Ave., sponsors its Aunt Carrie's Attic 20th Anniversary Sale from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Antiques and knick-knacks are featured. Two laser light shows are being presented at Westfield High School, 550 Dorian Road. "Learning to Fly" is at 2 p.m., admission $3.50; and "Laser Vision" is at 8 p.m., admission $5. Tickets are available in advance at Barrett and Crain Realtors, 43 Elm St., or at t the door. * Assemblyman Richard Bagger's legislative office at 203 Elm St. is open to residents of the 22nd District from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. The Westfield Craft Market is open today and tomorrow 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at the Armory, 500 Rahway Ave. Weekend pass $5. The N.J. State Table Tennis Club holds its age group championship competitions today and tomorrow at its club, 226 North Ave. Spectators arc welcome. Call for entry information. Pierce Joyce of Westfield, a singer and musician, opens the Earth Day celebration at noon today at South Street Seaport in New York City. The Westfield Adult School sponsors a bus trip to Ellis Island, leaving Roosevelt Intermediate School at 8 a.m. and returning at 4:30 p.m. Call COBBLESTONE HOLLAND STONE SPARTAWI TW CMMUVflV si UNUMfflBJI Are Each Avssjbfcftv 6* Statiosnt *». You Can UM Ont Or Man 8hapa* And : CcknToCornf^^Over*Protect.,, I Custom Coloring Is Evan Avaitabtot Ask GwrfDsater / OREVER MAINTENANCE FREE SPARTAN II MULTI-WEAVE 4V»" *9 r Colors Available: CHARCOAL MULTI-COLOR BROWN NATURAL GRAY COUPON 1 Name: Sunday 4/26 Tinsmith James Mumford speaks about the work of 18th and 10 century tinsmiths at today's open house from 2-5 p.m. at the Miller-Cory House Museum, 614 Mountain Ave. Works by Mozart, Beethoven and Schumann are featured at Mostly Music's chamber music concert at 8 p.m. at Temple Emanu-El, 756 E. Broad St. Admission $15; $8 students , The Westfield Craft Market is open 10 a.m.-c p.m. at the Armory, 500 Rahway Ave. Weekend pasa $6. BUILDING PRODUCTS Available At Supplitri el Quality Building Maftials 100 Filtoult Avingt, Roitll* Park. NJ O7?O4 Suppliers of Quality Building Materials (908) FAX (908) Faitoute Avenue, Roselle Park, NJ Westfield Record-

5 April 23, 1992 News A-5 The mystery remains who did this dastardly deed? jy FWIDCWCK W. OLUNQgW CONTRIBUTING WRITER ' Some years ago a ponderous tombstone, weighing over 150 pounds, uppeared in the Colonial Cemotciy of the Presbyterian Church in WesMclri. Unknown persons placed it then-, stealthily, just inside the gate. Like many others in the cemetery, this monument was carved from red sand- tone, n* inscription, which lay hoe tip. memorialized a Mr. Robert French, aged 78. who died Feb. 28, 1830 and included the epitaph: "Farewell vain world of toil and pain, I ne'er shall turn to you again. Farewell my friend and children dear, I must lie here till Christ appear." A quick check of cemetery records showed no corresponding burial. Appeals for information in the Westfleld Leader of July 15, 1976 and the Spire of Aug. 1, 1976, bert A Hulsey, member of,the Historical Society of Westfield (HSW; and the church. His inquiry among people in Westfield nunicd French disclosed that Col. Homer French, now deceased, was u great-grtatgrandson of the mernoriabzed "Robert." He also established the a local Presbyterian pamphlet, evoked no response. For a partial solution of this mystery, we are indebtedtoher- (act that the monument had bwn stolcn from the French-Richards Cemetery in Springfield, a small family ceme MY, on a steep knoll,.over thebburiuiy frorrt West- Like a hut In the heart of a pulpy capsule, this cemetery is embedded in a light industry zone not far from U.S. Highway 22. The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey records 45 burials there. Who did this dastardly deed? In retrospect, there are three possibilities. It may have been pranksters, strong, young and mischievous lads. Although they may have felt remorse for what they had done, they eschewed the drudgery of restoring the stone to its rightful place. Instead they eliminated their problem by dumping it in the Colonial Cemetery. It might have been This It th* Richards Family section In the French-Richards Cemetery., ".'iilfvil and wanton cle determine if there were iiny objections to return and re-erect the strtwrs of property, who, tiring of their macabre joke, dumpod the monument. Chief Chisholm was.itf no oi J tlio jia\l <'f i.:,:nf ("a:;p:ir v<jiy hhpful. Hi.- informed us thsit, Milquetoast. 'HIP latter, wr?un,ra:i ng livi; ur.willir.g t. K- fur-th^ statute of limi*;itionb had ex- for this rrimc, the time limit set by ther involved, tovtk il to thi- j.lncc wlvro }.<: i,(,j,! I.jst. Imt 1'TJS' hkily, jl b.-lunj^'fl. uulrj h:ivu j.fc':il niunuments, skulls, U.m.'.s ajal vuiuabk'a intcucd with tin. 1 dcceasetl Furthtf apeculampn is fruitless. Most probatly, v(fe voll never learn the answer to, "Who did it?" No one volunteered to return and re-erect this monument. Years passed. Col. French died in December His widow moved to Florida and there were no direct descendants. Last year, the author, a trustee of the Presbyterian Church, was assigned to the Cemetery Committee. He saw the monument and was told its story. He inspected the French-Richards Cemetery where he found the monument of Rachel French, wife of "Robert," standing starkly alone. Robert's monument must be returned and re-erected. These two should be together. A volume written in explanation would not justify keeping it or erecting it as a cenotaph in the Colonial Cemetery. The committee cautiously concurred. Howard Brcdiau joined the author in this enterprise. Without his help the work could never have been accomplished. Mrs. Cuddie Davidson of the Westfield Historical Society provided a plat showing the exact location of the grave site. We canvassed Janice Bongiovanni of the Springfield Historical Society, and William Chisholm, Springfield Township Chief of Police, to pired. Ik* iilsn requested us to notify the Township Clerk of the days that wr pjiinnod to work in the cemtiwy; we* wore happy to comply. In atiditjnn we atv indebted to James Jordan who contributed the photographsforthis article. We transported the monument by station wagon to a parking lot downhill from the French-Richards Cemetery and from thence up a short wooden stairway to a trail leading to the cemetery gate. After attaching ropes to the stone, we dragged it up three sequential sets of skids. By alternately repositioning the skids and dragging the monument, we moved it to the proper location. On the next favorable day for outdoor work, we returned, straightened Rachel's monument and re-erected Robert's. An American flag distributed by the American Legion of Springfield now waves proudly beside Robert French's tombstone. Why did we do it? According to an old tale, a boy of 10 asks his grandfather, "What's a palindrome?" His grandfather replies, "It's a word, a line or a sentence that spells the same forward or backward." He concludes with an exhortation and the palindrome which is the title of this article, "Working with your best endeavor, let "No Evil Deed live On." This, perhaps, is the most cogent reason why we did it. Mr. Bollinger is a member of the Genealogical Society of West Fields. Howard Bredlau, left, and Fred Bollinger prepare to move the monument to the French-Richards Cemetery which it In Springfield near the Westfleld line. in /tome ifecor, you '/(/itu/ it at INTERIORS Susan Rios In Person Mttvehtn A Vicinity Slnct mi see-more TV 1PPLIANGE CENTER H««««i«i ft A.«il«h1t Or Y«v M«r Utt: 651 Mlddtmi Ave. (Hwy. 27) Mituehtit 5 4 8* STOM HOUftfc MOM* WI0., THUU,, ML t A M, I* P.M. TUtt., SAT. t A.M. t* «P.M. SPECIAL PRICING ON CARPETING THRU APRIL 30th 601 Central Ave., Westfield, N.J. M-F 9-3, Sat "PLANT SHED" sarigraph by Susan Rios Her first appearance since 1988! 3 hours only Friday, April p.m. A targe selection of originals, graphic* and posters will be on display, all of which can bs personalized by Susan.!» I R ON CANVAS Art Galleries Inc 227 Elmer Street, Westfield LIQUIDATION II UPTO $ 1 W BACK ON SELECTED MODELS! Friedrich JAMES F. KEEFE, P.C Counsellor at Law 190 NORTH AVE. EAST P.O. BOX 158 CHANFORO, N.J E. CALCARA, M.D. LINDA WASE, M.D. Adult and Adolescent Medicine Affiliated with Overlook Hospital 400 CENTER ST. GAHWOOD. N J THIS SPACE WAITING FOR YOUR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. SUMMIT FINANCIAL RESOURCES, INC. KKG1STERKDINVE5TMFIST,\l)\ IS.I MC IXTFHFST HATES AKK TIIK I <)\\ I - /.\ i\ :OYHAKS CM..MTEHNATIVKS. MARkKT TIVtlNf; SKKMO Benjamin D. Uibnuifr, Ksq. Afftf U»()fTrrolKarl Aich l'.( Praclicc Iiulutlin^: EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION SEXUAL HARASSMENT WRONGFUL TERMINATION 77 Brinl Avvnuc ClfcH, Ntw Jertcy cranford eye care 73 North Av», W. (Ntflr Cranlord Thtitai) Cranford, NJ (90S) 27B-0200 Dr. Alan Gllckman Oplomdrltt Full sincuort «l Ejr*w*«r All Typat ol CoflUcl Lama* Fm*d Madlcara Aiilgnmani and Many Inturanca Plan* Accaplad Partonil S*nlc*l ATTENTION PROFESSIONALS If You Wtiuiil im To» Pert Of TW* Now Directory Call 722,3000 Ext or 1-B0D-S OPEN TO THE PUBLIC SALE 3 DAYS ONLY SPAS TUBS SAUNAS GAZEBOS AN OUT OF STATE SPA RETAILER (SHORLINE SF'A & LEISURE. INC. NEW LONDON. CT.) HAS GONE OUT OF THE SPA BUSINESS. UNDER A CONN INVENTORY SECURITY AGREEMENT, THE MANU FACTURER (THERMO SPAS INC) HAS SEIZED THEIR INVENTORY AND HAS COMMISSIONED PARADISE POOL & SPA, INC., SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ. TO SELL ALL GOODS AT LIQUIDATION PRICES 1 FIRST QUALITY, DISCONTINUED MODELS. FACTORY SECONDS FRIDAY, APRIL 24; SATURDAY, APRIL 25; SUNDAY, APRIL 26 HOURS: FRI. 9 A.M.-8 P.M. SAT. 9 AM.-7 P.M. - SUN. 10 AM -6 P M OVER 50 JETTED BATHTUBS: COMPLETE WITH 4 JETS AND PUMP AS LOW AS $ OVER SPAS - UP TO 50% SAVINGS! GAZEBOS AT OR BELOW WHOLESALE! 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TO SWITCH TO ^ CELLULAR ONE.* Phone Service CELLULAR 0NE& Must present coupon at time of Purchase Exp. 4/28/92 NOVATEL BAG Cellular Phone Reg. $199 50# Memory Deluxe Lightweight NOW $49* Must present coupon at time of Purchase Exp. 4/28/92 Require* 1 year phone nctlvatlon.without activation $350 additional.restrictions Apply. -Westfield Record-

6 A-6 United Fund- is still the best way to help the needy The United Way movement has taken a negative shock with the embarrassing revelation that William Aramony, former president of United Way of America, was receiving IWQiQQO jnjpay, and benefits. By association, United WSJI iiliiin Hilly liiiniwhil and neighboring communities was brought Into question. The feelings of indignation cant be ordered away. There it dismay and even hurt being felt by many in United Way's family of donors, volunteers, staff and beneficiaries. But some facts about the local United Rind bear attention so that the fog of fury can be lifted a bit by the warmth of the good being done locally. Consider that United Fund of Westfield donors have retched local goals for 16 consecutive years and is nearing a record goal of $650,000 in the *91 campaign year. The community is past the 99 percent mark. The stewards of the local fund are "seriously concerned" about the allegations at United Way of America but they have assured residents that there are no frivolous expenditures at the local level. The administration cost ratio for the United Fund here is about 12 percent. This means that 68 cents of every dollar raised is made available for services. This year the fund budgeted only $1,000 for the United Way of America serving and training operations, well below the $0,500 (one percent of revenue) requested by the national group. Westfield has traditionally looked after its own residents, setting its own goals and making allocations through a voluntary board. This targets the donations to people with specific needs. Teams of resident volunteers spen4 precious time verifying those programs' value before deciding how much donors' money goes to which program or agency. While concerned about the national problems, Westfield has proceeded confidently to expand its services from 18 to 19 agencies. This symbolizes a commitment to move ahead. Westfield has in the past ranked among the top communities in the country in per capita giving through its Fund. A few donors have expressed; concern about the top brass of the national organization, but residents can discern between the carefully managed and monitored local fund and the foibles of the national United Way. It's important that the cash support continues here because the economic times have exponentially increased the need. The Fund is still the best pipeline around for getting help to the needy. That should be remembered as the national problems unravel. ; Resurrect the litter battle litter persistently plagues Westfield. Debris surfaces in the streets, on sidewalks, public parks and in the town center, The community tackles it at various junctures but we often seem to lose the battle to beer bottles, gum, cigarette butts, cardboard boxes, broken bottles, loose papers and other flotsam that sullies the town. Well, here's the chance to tackle the problem. Thank goodness Westfield still cares. The Beautiiication Committee of the Chamber of Commerce sponsors a "Clean Sweep" as the fourth such spring ritual in the central business district Saturday, April 25. Volunteers are needed. Residents are urged to pitch in to make the downtown litter free. Your services are welcome and necessary in our litterbug society. To sign up call the Chamber at or show up Saturday at Elm and Quimby. T-shirts and garbage bags will be furnished to all participating volunteers. Fund started for West Pointer who was paralyzed in accident To The Record: The friends and family of David Dickison who was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident on March 16, have set up a fund to meet his continuing needs. Contributions may be made out to the David Dickison Fund and sent either to the family at 82 Commentary Tamaques Way, Westfield, or directly to the Central Jersey Bank and Trust at 177 East Broad St., Westfield. David continues to improve and is looking forward to his graduation from West Point. FRIENDS AND FAMILY OF DAVID DICKISON Diabetes organization seeks Volunteers for walk-a-thon To The Record: The North Central Regional Chapter of the American Diabetes Association needs volunteers in the Union/Essex/Hudson counties area for its "Walktoberfest" Committee. Volunteers are needed to roll this walk-a-thon into action on Oct. 4. All are welcome, whether you are a sports enthusiast, homemaker, Icge student or business pe You may be able to help in/small ways or large. If you want to join us, give us a call and tell us about your interest. In return, you'll be helping to raise money to support educatiorvecnd research for the 14 miltiorj^rnericans who have diabeftirther information, please at J KAREN DRZIK American Diabetes Association 727 Raritan Road Clark t Fox welcomes challenge of school board decisions To The Record: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the many Westfield voters who supported me on election day and made possible my election to the school board. Many devoted volunteers also donated their time and effort to making my election possible, and to them I also extend my gratitude. Finally, I would like to thank the other candidates. Our debates gencrated thoughtful and constructive discussion, which should help shape school board policy in the coming months. The future of the Westfield school system requires thoughtful and prudent financial management and creative approaches to curriculum issues. I look forward to undertaking this challenge and to serving the people of Westfield. flchaclw.ptm 545 Elm St Marchant hopes school board will question expenditures To The Record: I wish to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the many people who supported me in my recent bid for Board of Education. I especially appreciate the many people who took the time to share their concerns and ideas with me when I knocked on their doors. I found the entire process educating and eye-opening. The new board will be challenged to resolve issues that it faces. I hope that the board will adopt the theme of my campaign by questioning every expenditure and program to determine whether it adds value to the education of our children. Best wishes to them. CATHRWNSMABCHANT 715 Dorian Road Red Cross appreciates support It was a 'gamer try, but the question^ were stacked TOSfUXOltD Ian* am aid lift theory Rostann and X ate not _ ers. WeYe worse winners, but lucs> ily the wartd doesn't eat to see that too often. We wart over our friend's house last week, playing Pictionary. In Picttonaiy one person on each team draws, and the other person guesses what it is. Here's an example of how the game want* Peter's drawing, Karen's guessing "Left see, that would be the Industrial Revolution (correct, elapsed time, 18 seconds.)" Roseau's drawing, Don's guess* Inf "Okay, it's a circle, no it's a rock. A rock with two guitars coming out of its sides. No? Shoot, that's what it looks like. Oh, it's an angel with two heads and a Amy pig nose. No? Okay, a fussy pig with a rock head and a guitar coming out of its nose!' (Time's up. correct answer a duck.) ( "Man, do you guys come home from work and study those cards?" I yelped. "No Don, I think that we're Just really stupid," Roseann sskl "No we're not! We just get harder questions!. Duck! What am I, a toologist? And like a 2-year old couldn't get the Industrial Revolution." "Uh, if you guys would rather do something else " said Peter. "NO! Just go," I screamed. Karen's drawing, Peter's guessing "Oh! That's TaUen." (Correct, elapsed time, 6 seconds) "What?" I said. "What the heck is a Talien? You made that up, you cheater! Do you think we're stupid! To The Record: dents, wof will be in a position to As the traditional Red Cross continue/ the achievement of our March campaign comes to a close numerous programs, for the Westfleld-Mountainside Weyesk that you send in your chapter, I would like to thank all donacon if you have not already Mayor Garland "Bud" who have supported the Red Cross dorre so. vites residents to call him. Hfl with their donations this year and /,It has been my pleasure to be stalled a telephone in past years. /able to work with the Westfield- tern on the direct line For 75 years, the Westfield Rrf Mountainside chapter as the 1992 mayor's office in the Cross has "come through" in/pro- chairwoman for the March camviding services and programs to paign, and I am looking forward to the towns for which it is chartered, next year's campaign. With the continued support of Westfield and Mountainside resi- RUTH B. AYO American Red Cross a population of about 944,000." "Oh yeah? And what's the aver- -Well, dbnt quote me, but I be- Ueve lft about -""Oh shut up and go bulk) a steam engine, Mr. Industrial Revolution," I said w Come on Roeeann, it's our turn." Dee's drawing, Bnutiw't guest* tag "Okay, if s a lint. No, lft a build- Random notes ing. A building with people dancing in the windows. A building with people dancing in the win* dows, and the people have onions for heads. It's the metropolitan dance of the onion people! Crime's up. Correct answer a coconut tree) "This is unbelievable!" Rceeann said. "This game is fixed! You two arranged the questions before we got here!" "Actually, it's a brand new game," Karen said. "You saw us take it out of the cellophane." "Oh sure, that's what you want us to think!" I said. 'You probably opened it up, arranged the questions so we got the hard ones, then put the box back together, shrank wrap it with cellophane and Just waited until we got here so you could sucker us in. Well, I Just don't think the four of us will be playing this little game again!" I was bom on a Tuesday, but it In the end, I think they must wasn't last Tuesday!" have felt really bad about cheating; "Oh, Talien is a seaport in Li-danonuig province of Northeast the game to the store that very you know that they returned China," Peter said. "I believe it has night? Lung association supports low auto emission program To The Record: The governor and the commissioner of DEPE propose that New Jersey adept the California Low Emission Vehicle Program to reduce tailpipe emissions from all cars as quickly as possible. The American Lung Association of New Jersey supports their recommendation. The auto industries say New Jersey should allow industry to purchase aging cars which have high emission levels in order to get them off the road instead of the cleaner California cars, most of those old cars would be off the road soon anyway. Who would keep track of what happens to the old purchased car? Would every aging car on the East Coast be brought to New Jersey to be sold? This would require a new bureaucracy. A Polluting Car Czar would be needed to guarantee that scams and errors do not take place. We predict an administrative nightmare. Meanwhile, the driver who sold the aging polluting car still needs to get to work. He was paid $xxx by industry for his car. What will he do? Give $xxx to buy a newer car from an auto dealer, and fill it with gasoline from an oil company? Legislators, the old car game is just subterfuge for real action. Please support the CALEV program formk Chairman, Environmental/ Occupational Health Committee American Lung Association of New Jersey Mayor Boothe invites calls Building. It's not an chine. The system is on 24 J day and he can access wherever he happens to the only person who can access the messages. The phone number is The system activates after four rings. "I encourage Westfield residents who want to reach me to use this system," he said. "I will respond to them as quickly as possible." He hopes phone book publishers will add the number to their lists. Stuart Awbray Editor Joseph Andraano Dana Coleman Matt Connor Mfca Deak Brian P. Dunlsavy Danlsa M. Fuhs Brian Floicaik KathlMn Hall Patar Haignay Paula Irtorassia Barbara. Mandoja Chtryi Moulton Hani Robin J. 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LJnda OargMo, Oraga Mvwttaha Raprauntalv* Mary Rairoondo Donna Scharnlfcow Hwthar Shapiro Jo* Swkfc flufc OnpMea: Nancy Langyal JIH Simonalll Katy ZitHo Ttaphona Urn Manage tfahonay Mrota Jana Staahl* Annan* Thomai The Westfield Record FORBES NEWSPAPERS, A WVI8K3N OF FORBES INC. Tha WanfMd Reoord It pubnthad waamy by Forbat Nawapapau, A DMaton of Forbaa Inc., 231 Eimar Straat, WattflsM. NJ (SOB) 233-9ege, Fax Office noun: SAO am B torn daly, Saoond Claii Poataga paid at Waitflald. NJ POSTMASTER: plaaaa aand addratt chanoat to Forbat Ntwapapart, FulfHImant Offlca. PO Bon 7S7, Badmlntiar, NJ TotubacrlbacaJt: 1K0300 -M21 Mafcmlm 8. Forbae, Jr. Ed«o*Ch* Chartea A. Lyona Kathlaan Lanini Edward F. Carroll Stavan Hart Prniinl an) Pubtahar Vic* PmmnlEmaiil Ex»eut!v» Editor iy«*unil Hut EMer Jim Haydan Oaorga Gannon Norb Oarran Vlo» PrwMant, CktuMnwi D*«*<H EJIKUIIV* SportI Edloi Roger S. SMvay opmthom BMNa M. Davta CoMfofar Jaan Caaay PromoSon Dkvotor MtaU Rob Pain* o-, Wr J to.ifti, Phone;(908) Elmar St., PO Box 2790 CAV/onnt 919 i#u>i WastfbW, NJ FAX.(908) Cdwwd MNM JuoHff) BfWtfMf QaoroaChiaj Jr. dano COM Dana DaMaroo CynNa FTaval Vivian Sannar Uaa KohrHaa Gordon Davtat Frad Hdub JaK JataMdaw DanlaNa Lach PhiNp Maloroa Etftar Ratmtlnoaf OOQH Chrlttn* Adamtoo KaMaan Clark Fran HoWday Erie Nng Jamat Laret* Joann Larua-Timm Jacquallna HMfNyn Ml Banjaman Cruz Chartat Davli Abaroa Edvard Juan Flora* ThomM Qantry Patar Hnaahp A/ikurfiy inndwr VVayna Wrlohl Emma Anvtony Sophia Baron FiNANCt A GFNERAl Andta Mark OJan Mayar NormanRobani Kan Schwartz Dorla Singlavieri E t yasah a S h Oaten Tagllari ANoa Bird Bany Black Fabfo Blanco Vlcbria Bofnbaoh WMam Burha Whyn* Dafoard Jaanna Daalmona Thomaa Hnaiko Soon HOIM Ann* Jadiaon Sotan LH Jutttna Malav* OFFICE Buainat* Olllca Managar Rotamary Pluchlno Alan Boydan Mm Strlba Waryann Mann DanlM Waonar Joan Phoanln Daria Tantl La\«au "ffvbjiy ftw ftajl^ Anwnana Anoala HtTana H«r*na Murphy QracMatado Roban Roman Judlti Sama Mary Shandor Harman Storm* Haltn Zaolaboyto ^ft^t^tt^tfaa^k ** -**- -* BUVHIIBJ BffBJnBfMBr Douojai Mlard Janat Roiaja Rlohafd ThMon

7 April 23,1992 A-7 N.J. Table Tennis Club hosts two-day state championships Throughout this weekend, April 25-20, the New Jersey state championships will be held «t thewt 9 m* North Ave. The state championships have Spectators are welcome at noevents for all skill levels and all charge. age groups. Al Lisman, a Westfield The semi-finals of the tournament's main event last year, the still competes. dentist, holds the over-70 title and men's singles, featured some of the There is competition for children, too. histrionics sometimes seen at game's "big sister" competition at The New Jersey Table Tennis Wimbledon. Defending last year's Club has 180 members. It is in its championship for the 10th con-20th year in Westfield and wel- secutive year was Rey Domingo, former Philippine champion and the No. 1 ranked United States players over 40. His opponent was Barry Dattel, a computer consultant from Metuchen, current American over-30 champion and the president of the New Jersey club. The current women's singles champion is Antigone Alvarez of East Brunswick. Her chief challenger probably will be Joannie Fu of North Brunswick. comes players of all abilities. The club offers weekly leagues, open play and 10 USTTA-sanctioned tournaments a year, and is the only full-time table tennis club in the state. Call forentry forms or information. Astronomy Day set at UCC drop by between 9 "International Astronomy Day," featuring presentations by experts in related subject areas, and entertainment events for the whole family, will be held Saturday, May 9, at Union County College's William Miller Spcrry Observatory. The program, sponsored by Amateur Astronomers Inc., will begin at noon, when the Sperry Observatory will be open for viewing it * * k * through tawo high-powered telescopes. Hourly programs will follow through 8 p.m. on the following tonics: "Relativity and Cosmology.'yby Dr. Lewis Thomas, a chapter /member, Einstein's Special of Relativity," by Don Monof Princeton, and "An Envi- 'ronmcntal Approach to Combating light Pollution," by John Batinsey of STAR Astronomical Society Inc. NOW OPEN * it it it it * and Jessica, Located upstairs from Gentleman's Choice Hair Design 205 South Ave., Westfield, NJ BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (908) * United Fund of Westfield welcomes 19th member The ttttod An* of Westfield has welcomed the Jewish Family Service Agency as the fund's 19th member agency. "The Jewish Family Seivioe Agency has been in the business ot supporting families in need for 80 yearn," said Thomas Seek, executive director of the Jewish Family Service Agency. 'Twenty years ago, the funds needed to help a family were minimal. Today, the costs of feeding and housing a family are much greater. The agency's food program continues to serve about 100 families each month," Mr. Beck said. "They continue to be an agency that cares about people by continuing to respect the needs of all those who cannot take care of themselves without a little 'help'," said Dr. James Nixon, president of the United Fund's Board of Trustees. Assemblyman Bagger sets Saturday Hours The legislative office of As% 'dudes the municipalities of Berkeley Heights, Chatham Township, scmblyman Richard H, Bagger be open to residents of the dark, Cranford, Dunellen, Fanwood, Garwood, Green Brook, Legislative District from 9 a.4h,-3 p.m. Saturday, April 25. Mountainside, New Providence, In addition to one Saturday per North Plainfleld, Passaic Township, Scotch Plains, Warren, month. Assemblyman Bagger's office, 203 Elm St., Westfield, is open Watchung, Westfield and Winfield. from 6-9 p.m. Thursdays. For more information, call 232- The 22nd Legislative District in Residents of 22nd Legislative District i. and 6 p.m. LAWN SERVICE t Complete Lawn and Ground Maintenance Spring Clean-ups Reasonable Rates * FREE ESTIMATES * Fully Insured Richard Villane ( st.iblished 1981 Laser anitnation concerts to dazzle audiences at WHS Two laser concerts are schedule to dazzle audiences at Westfield^ High School on April 25. The shows are being sponsored by Kaleidoscope, a cooperative effort among Westfield schools to provide family entertainment. The first show, "Learning to Fly," tells the story of flight from a bird's point of view. Imaginations will be stimulated by some of the best laser animation and flight-oriented musical pieces. Showtime is 2 p.m. at Westfield High school, 550 Dorian Road, Westfield. Admission is $3.50 per person. "Laser Vision," the second con* scheduled for the same day, features a musical selection of contemporary artists and classical favorites. Spectacular laser colors will complete the show. "Laser Vision" will be presented at 8 p.m. at Westfield High School. Admission is $5 per person. Through the cooperation of Barrett and Crain Realtors, tickets may be purchased in advance at their office at 43 Elm St., Westfield. Tickets will be available at the door for both performances. For group sales, call or Events at Miller-Cory House The use of tin in early New Jersey will be featured at the Miller- Cory House Museum, 614 Mountain Avenue Sunday, April 26, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Master tinsmith James Mumford will explain the work of tinsmiths during the 18th and 19th centuries and show visitors the process of tin piercing. Dorothy Garis, Teddi Ritter, and Anna Jane Sabbagh will be conducting tours through the restored farmhouse. Rosemarie and Angela Lewandowski of Scotch Plains will prepare a spring menu over the open hearth in the Frazee building. SUPPU S & S flvic A special ceremony will also take place at the museum Sunday at 3 p.m. when a fireback will be dedicated in memory of Christine Brennan. Mrs. Brennan was a founding member of the Museum's Open Hearth Cooking Committee which has received nationwide recognition. The cast iron fireback will be used by the Cooking Committee in the Frazee building to protect the back wall from the heat Volunteers will hold "Aunt Carrie's Attic 20th Anniversary Sale" on Saturday, April 25, from 9 a.m.- 2 p.m. at the museum. Antiques and many other items will be available. NOLU Scheduling Spring Openings 2560 AT. es flst SCOTCH PLAINS ACROSS FROM BOWCAflFT JOIN A DANCE OR FITNESS CLASS! AAA - All Aerobic Action TNT - Tone 'n Tighten A + - Combination of AAA & TNT NEW: "STEP" Classes for men & women To Reelstcr Call: Babysitting available Yvette Dance & Fitness Studio 1 18 Walnut Avrniit* Cranforri < I.ISNCS lic.,1,1 AlMll 27 < DIVORCE MEDIATION If you are thinking about divorce, or are already in the middle of a difficult divorce situation, you owe it to yourself and your family to find out about an easier, less enpensive way to obtain a divorce: the MEDIATION proeats. It has been demonstrated that hiring only one lawyer for the marital couple, instead of two lawyers, one for each the husband and wife, saves time, money and stress. MARIO C. QURRIERI, ESQ.* of SNEVILY, ELV, WILLIAMS * QURRIERI In Westfield, will be presenting a free Seminar on DIVORCE MEDIATION explaining the procedure and providing a forum for you to have all questions answered. DIVORCE MEDIATION: AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME PLACE: HAMADA INN, Clark, NJ Exit 135 GSP DATES: THURSDAY, APRIL 23, :00 to 3:00 p.m. to be repeated SATURDAY, APRIL :00 to 3:00 p.m. - and TUESDAY, APRIL :00 to 9;00 p.m. *MR. QURRIERI is a practicing divorce attorney with 19 years' experience, including MEDIATION. Relgater to win m free Forbes hot air balloon ride for two at the Forbes Exhibit at the New Brunswick arts and crafts festival on April 25th See Malcon Forbes Favorite Lamborginl Countach Forbes Newspapers Somwtal MMisngerOaisna Bound Brook ChioncK MUdtotM Chronic* P«c*(f«wy-Duntll«n Fto Metuchen-Edaon Revw Soutti PtamPu*} ntportif OiB«n Brook-North PltfnMM Journal «Highland P»rt Htrttt» Tho HMfrBwJmfcultr Pr*n Cnntofd Oronfcrt FiwMn Focul Scotch PtotniFimrood Prut Th* WntflaU Recwd W«n*».W(1chung Journal New Brurowk* Focu* Somentt County 3utit Mlddtatw County OukM INTBPESTEO IN PLACING A CLASSIFIED AD? CALL OK STOP BY 00* WtSTfltlP OFFICS MONDAY - fwday 9:30AM - 9:00PM 23ULMS* ST. wismuo FAX FUEL Robert J Smith Family Run Since 1910 LIMITED TIME OFFER GUARANTEED fftd O O u MAXIMUM PRICE TH«JJUNE1.1W3 pay t% Wewet on Al dedh Are The Premium Oil Company In The Area WESTFIELD ft^v?*;'^ 1 Y'^, 1 v. 1^^ The only garage doors warranted for as long as you own your home* Won't warp, crack gr deteriorate from rust Looks like wood, made from high-quality steel Finished painted In white or brown or primed ready for finish painting Available in wide variety of si2es Raynor openers 10 year warranty on motor* Professional installation and service Call for free estimate and warranty details RAYNOR DECADE DOORS WARRANTED for AS LONfl AS YOU OWN YOU HOME or FREE ESTIMATES -Westfield Record- Openers DIABETES AND YOUR EVES Because* diabetics faco certain vision risks, they need to take extra care 10 prevent damage to eyesight. Regular oxamtnatlons with the optometrist - ttie first lint o1 detente - are key <o protection. Your optometrist will rocommend an appropriate schedule ot regular exarnmaiions inai may rang* from once every three months to once a year In the examination, your eye doctor will pay special attention to 1Ho»e vision risks most associated with diabetes for instance, there is a tendency tor r«mai changm to occur that may permanently ahect vision That's why the optometrist may dflal* pupil to w«w more dearly the [ Una at Uia back oi the eye. Blood pressure may be checked, toe. because hypertension can contribute to diabetic eye damago Temporary blurring may bo caused by a blood sugar imbalance but unuaily clears up when blood sugar levels return lo normal However rha patient may no«l glasses temporarily Hour Presented as a sr-vice lo tha community by Dr. Bernard Feklman, OD.. FA A O 22«North Ave., Westfield, 1V.J. O7O»O poirtmtim» Visa «Ame.«a'srovw «MMWCarti«MuraopH Parlwig UM On«Day Awiy i tta-con SPRING SALE Great Savings on the leading name in window fashions. Hunter Douglas SALE DAYS A beautiful opportunity to save up to 50%! What a difference ihese days can make lo your windows. Hunter Douglas Sale Days afters all the style and elegance you'd expect from the lending name in window fashion at a very unexpected price. Up to 50% off Bui hurry. These are just so many days to Hunlar Douglas S.)le5 Days. So come in today And save in style. HuntetOouqlas M WM00W FASHIONS Vertical Blinds Horizontal Blinds Pleated Shades Duette Shades Silhoutte Window Shadings Custom Draperies Soft Top Treatments GARWOOD Showroom F 10:-5:30 Th til 8 Sat North Ave. Garwood Across from Frosty Freeze ELIZABETH Showroom M-F 9-5:30 Closed Sat & Sun 261 W. Grand St. Elizabeth Located in tho Elrnora Section j.'a&iii^u UNION MARKET Showroom Frl/Sat Sun Springfield Ave. WEEKENDS ONLY

8 A-8 N»ws April 23,1992 (Continued from page A-l) The outpouring of prayers, media exposure and donations, according to Jill, have been overwhelming. "Before I even knew what was needed, because I was still in shock, we were getting calls from Mends and people we dfdnt even know saying "We want to help, we want to do something' ", she said. "As for the fund, it was an idea that just kept surfacing." As did signs of support from seemingly everywhere. When first it looked as if David might not graduate from West Point, his story became a national one. His support helps cadet make adjustment Westfield United Way * * >. _ v (Continued from page DIM A-l) cause was picked up by Congress- many many positive positive things things that the United Fund does for Westfleld," said doesnt know, saying 'I feel for you "Of coune I'm going to say it, man Matthew Rinaldo, who urged and you are in my prayers.' " pany who she would not Identify Mr. Nixon. "We take these matters the school to graduate hint The support has helped David withdrew a $1,000 donation, but very seriously, and we recognize The family has received thousands of phone calls, letters and pected any less from him. cope, though his mother never ex- decided to reinstate the gift after that any allegations against United they received an explanation that Way of America and its leadership, whether true or not, can money given locally would still prayer cards. Teachers from Westfleld High School, friends and total "Almost all of his energy is fo- damage public confidence in the "He is doing so well," she said, benefit local residents. strangers have gone out of their Mrs. Maggio said 12 cents of cused on graduating on May 30. United Way movement and - Its way to let the family know they every dollar raised goes toward I'm sure he's going to have his bad ability to fulfill United Way's century-old mission of helping Ameri- cared. St Helen's and churches in expenses. The other 88 cents goes days, but he still has the same several municipalities have held to agencies. The national organization is basically a trade organisa- smile, the same laugh. I tell people cans in need." masses for him. that the only difference I see is Mr. Nixon said the fund will do tion for the 2,100 local chapters "It's wonderful." said Jill of the that he doesnt walk now." everything it can to prevent the efforts of its many contributors and nationwide, said Mr. Nixoa overwhelming support "I think it's Though shocked by the amount "Fund raising and allocation decisions are made by our local vol- why we're all okay. Even David volunteers from being dimenished. of support her son has received, it was floored by the response. Not a "We have a responsibility to the does not surprise Jill that people untary Board of Trustees," he said. day goes by where he doesnt get many Westflelders who give so have been there for David when The organization funds 19 health five or six letters from people he generously to make our United he needed it most and human services locally. Fund a success," he said. "Accountability is a "It is important to focus on the must" Budget increase should help avoid major boost (Continued from page A-l) partment pumper truck, according to the mayor. According to the mayor, "that decision was in turn based upon an analysis of how best to slowly absorb into the tax rate the effect of the transfers into surplus from the advanced collection of school taxes." Through revisions to the Quality Education Act of last year, the town must transfer surplus funds into the budget to provide tax relief. The Town Council entered into a plan seared to recapture surplus funds by placing them Into a capital improvement fund. Such funds cannot be used to support the budget. About $1.3 million was inserted into the budget this year for that purpose. The plan will allow for a gradual increase of 11 points annually, as opposed to one targe jump in Mayor Boothe said that without the plan "In 1995, with surplus gone, a jump of over thirty tax points will occur in that one year, and I can hear the screams of outrage and anguish from here." The mayor said that future councils are not bound to follow through with the plan started this year. "This is our plan and strategy for 1992,'* said Mr. Boothe. "A year from now the process must be reviewed as part of the 1993 budget If next year's council wants to call a halt to rebuilding surplus, it has that right" According to Mr. Boothe, about $19 million in surplus will be spent through) 1994, $11 million for New c to be with cere pus icated ony Union County College's Elizabeth Campus will be officxauy dedicated at ceremonies on Monday, April 27 at noon that will include addresses by two prominent speakers in the business and educational sectors, a laser ribbon-cutting ceremony, and a tribute to Sidney F. Lessner. Dr. Deborah Wolfe of Cranford, a member and former chairwoman of the New Jersey Board of Higher Education, and John Kean, chairman of the board, Elizabethtown Gas Co., will be the keynote speakers Ȧ highlight of the program will be the tribute to Mr. Lessner of Westfield, a member and former chairman of the college's Board of Trustees, for whom the Elizabeth Campus building is named. Mr. Lessner was an advocate of the Urban Initiatives and a leader in the merger of Union College with the Union County Technical Institute in 1982 to form the current Union County College system. A special dedication will be conducted with tours of the eight-story facility provided for visitors. A receptiori will follow Dr. Wolfe is a professor emeritus at Queens College, Flushing, N.Y., and formerly served as education chief with the Committee on Education and Labor of the House of Representatives. Her role was as liaison between the House and the Department of Health, Education and Welfare on all educational matters. During her tenure in office, 33 public laws affecting education and labor were adopted. Mr. Knan has headed NU[ Corp., Bedminster, an affiliate of Elizabethtown Gas Co., since its founding in He is a trustee of four educational institutions and an active participant in numerous civic organizations. Elizabeth Mayor Thomas Dunn, Union County Freeholder Louis Santagata, Union County Manager Ann Baran, Senators Raymond Lesnlak and Donald DiFrancesco and Higher Education Chancellor Edward Goldberg will bring greetings. Rabbi Gershon ChertoiT, a member of the college's Board of Governors, will give dedication homily. Formal acceptance of the building and recognition of project planners will follow. The Elizabeth Campus was opened in January with the beginning of the college's spring semester, enrolling about 1,500 students. property tax relief and $8 million for capital projects. Last year's town budget was $19.1 million dollars, and had a municipal tax rate of.30 points. This year's tax rate is still lower than the rate of two years ago. The significant reduction from 1880's tax rate of.52 was due to the forced spending of surplus mandated by the state. Westfield's municipal budgets have increased by $13.3 million in 10 years. The 1983 budget was $9.06 million. In 1988, the municipal budget was $145 million. The total tax rate for residents 1992 is not yet known, as the county has not yet finalized its budget The school budget which was approved by residents at the April 7 election, carries with it a tax rate of $2.07. Last year's tax rate was $2.88 per $100 of assessed value. became I'm hit mother, but he's really great guy." she Mid. "He WII just always a Mend to everybody, a really good person. I think a lot of people felt pain when he did." David U In Castle Point Veterans Administration Hospital in Castle Point, N.Y., where he is continuing his studies. Professors come to him, and he has a computer set up In his bed. He is expected to be in the hospital for at least three more months. David began rehabilitation on his right arm, which was broken in the accident, on Tuesday. "He's very focused on getting his arm better, because it doesnt work yet." said his mother. "His elbow was basically shattered." Jill said that David was planning on being stationed in Germany following his graduation. "It's been tough, because he really thought he had his life together," said Jill, "and in five minutes, that all changed." Anyone interested in contributing to the David DlcUson Fund can do so through his family at 82 Tamaques Way, Westfield, or Central Jersey Bank and Trust, 177 East Broad Street Coventry keys fundraisers (Continued from page A-l) Various fund raisers were tried including a talk by Norman Vincent Peale on the "Power of Positive Thinking." But Pancake Day has topped them all. It's one of the largest Rotary fund raisers in the district covering central New Jersey. Mr. Coventry joined the club in 1954 and has kept track of the students, the revenues, the scholarships and the pancakes for most of his Rotary career. Pancake Day is part but not all of the funding mechanism. Friends of Rotary make substantial contributions each year which also help assist college students, he said. The club also contributes to the worldwide Rotary Foundation. YOUR KARAOKE HEADQUARTERS tit DRINK ECIML* MUMM K EflTING CONTEST WHO W1L EflT THE MOST STEflK? WE 29th EARLY MOVIE TIMES 17 THROUGH APRIL 23 CAPSULE REVIEWS OF CURRENT FILMS IN THIS WEEK'S WeekendPfus Schedutaa are subject to last-minute chanfe. MIDDLESEX AMBOY Mui.nn.ex Routes 9 & 35, Sayreville (908) Oy of Joy (PG-13) Fnday- Thursday: 1:20 p.m.. 4:10 p.m., 7 p.m., 9:50 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 12:30 a.m. me Babe (PG) Fnday- Thursday: 1:45 p.m., 4:20 p.m., 7:05 p.m., 9.50 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 12:15 a.m. Brain Donors (PG) Friday Thursday: 1:20 p.m., 3:20 p.m., 5:10 p.m., 7:15 p.m., 9:20 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 11:15 p.m. Deep Cover (R) Friday Thursday: 1 p.m., 3:15 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 7:50 p.m., 10:15 p.m. Late show Fnday and Salutday at 12:30 a.m. Wort a Doodle (01 Friday Thursday: 1:15 p.m., 3:10 p.m.. 5:05 p.m. Newsies (PG) Friday Thursday: 9:20 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at mid night. Sleepwalkers (R) Friday Thursday: 1:40 p.m., 345 p m., 5:40 p.m.. 7 p.m., 7:50 p.m.. 9:15 p.m., 10:15 p.m. Late shows Friday and Satur day at 11:30 p.m., 12:30 n.m. FemCully... The Last «a/nftwjsl (G) Friday-Thursday: 1:30 p.m., 3:30 pm., 5:20 p.m., 7:15 p.m. *The Culting Edge (PG) Friday Thursday: 1 p.m., 3:05 p.m., 5:10 p.m., 7:15 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday ot 11:40 p.m. My Cousin Vlnny (R) Friday- Ihui.-.duy: 1:40 p.m.. 4:30 P.m., 7:30 p.m., 1Q.O5 p.m. Uto show Friday and Saturday w 12:30 am. Utfytiujjs (PG13I Friday "wrvlny: 5:10 p.m. Heoi/ry and the Beast (G) Friday ' 1 p.m. White Mtvi Can't Jump (R) Hitliiy Ihursdoy: 1:40 p.m., * : 'M [> m., MO p.m., 10 p.m. Late iiio* Friday and Saturday n <12:l!>B.m Wayne* Worti (PG-13) Friday-Thursday: 1:05 p.m., 3:05 p.m.. 7:20 p.m., 9:25 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 11:30 p.m. Basic fnsuct (R) Friday- Thursday: 1:30 p.m., 4:15 p.m., 7:05 p.m., 9:45 p.m. Late show Fnday and Saturday at 12:20 a.m. Beethoven (PG) Fnday- Thursday: 1:30 p.m.. 3:40 p.m., 5:40 p.m., 7:40 p.m., 9:40 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 11:30 p.m. Thundeitieart (R) Friday- Thursday: 2:45 p.m., 5:05 p.m., 7:30 p.m.. 10 p.m. Lato show Friday and Saturday at 12:20 a.m. CINCPLEX ODCON MENU) PARK Rout«1, Edison (908) FemGully... The Last Rain forest (G) Friday-Thursday: 2 p.m., 4 p.m., 6 p.m. Fried Green Tomatoes (PG 13) Fnday-Thursday: 7:30 p.m., 9:55 p.m Wayne's World (PG 13) Fndayfhursday: 2 p.m., 4 p.m., 6 p m,, 8:15 p.m., 10:30 p.m. Ladybugs (PG-13) Friday Thursday: 1:45 p.m., 3:45 p.m., 5:45 p.m. The Mambo Kings (R) Friday- Thursday: 8 p.m., 10:15 p.m Basic Instinct (R) Friday- Thursday: 1:45 p.m., 2 p.m., 4:15 p.m., 4:45 p.m., 7 p.m., 7:40 p.m., 9:30 p.m., 10 p.m. Hoed a-doodle (G) Friday- Thursday: 1:15 p.m., 3'15 p.m., 5:15 p.m. Straight Talk (PG) Friday- Thursday: 7:30 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Bugsy (R) Friday-Thursday: 1:30 p.m., 4:15 p.m., 7 p.m, 9:45 p.m. 7he Cutting ffdfie (PG) Friday ThunuJay: 1 p.m., 3:15 p.m.. 5:30 p.m, 7:45 p.m., 10 p.m. The Babe (PG) Friday- Thursday: 1 p.m., 3:20 p.m.. 5:40 p.m., 8 p.m., 10:20 p.m. Deep Cower (R) Friday- Thursday: 1 ;15 p.m., 3:20 p.m., 5:40 p.m, 8 p.m., 10:30 p.m. City or Joy (PG-13) Friday Thursday: 1:30 p.m., 4:15 p.m., 7 p.m., 10 p.m. Beauty and the Beast (G) Fri day Thursday: 1:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m. The Lownmower Man <R) Friday-Thursday: 7:30 p.m., 10:30 p.m. DUNELLEN THEATER 458 North Aye., Duncllcn (90S! Call theater for showtmos. GENERAL CINEMA BRUNSWICK SQUARE Route 18, East Brunswick (908) FemGully... The Last Ham rwesf (G) Fnday, Monday- Thursday: 1:30 p.m., 3:15 p.m., 5 p.m., 7 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 1:30 p.m., 3:15 p.m., 5 p.m. The Cutting Edge (PG! Fnday, Monday-Thursday: 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 7 p.m., 9:30 p.m. My Cousin Vlnny (R) Friday Thursday: 2 p.m., 4:30 p m., 7:15 p.m., 9:45 p.m. GENERAL CINEMA WOODBRKMC Routes 1-9 & 35 Woodbndge (908) G6 Brain Donors (PG) Fnday Thursday: 1:45 p.m., 3:40 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m., 9:30 p.m. My Cous/n Vmny (R) Fnday- Thursday: 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7:10 p.m., 9:45 p.m. KENDALL PARK CINEMAS 3560 Route 27, Kendall Park (908) Dry of Joy (PG-13) Friday Thursday: 2:20 p.m., 4:45 p.m., 7:10 p.m., 9:35 p.m. Bask Instinct (R) Friday- Thursday: 2:20 p.m., 4:45 p.m., 7:10 p.m., 9:35 p.m. lhe Babe (PG) Friday. Saturday: 1 p.m., 3:15 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 7:45 p.m., 10:05 p.m. Sunday-Thursday: 12:45 p.m., 2:55 p.m., 5:10 p.m., 7:25 p.m., 9:45 p.m Steepw»#cers (R Fnday, Saturday: 1 p.m., 2:50 p.m, * 1:45 p.m., C:35 p.m., 8:30 p.m., 10:25 p.m. Sunday- Thursday: 1 p.m., 2:50 p.m., 4:4Op,m., 6:30 p.m., 8:20 p.m., 10:15 p.m. Beethoven (PG) Friday- Thursday: 1:45 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 3:20 p.m., 7:10 p.m., 9 p.m. FemGully... The Last flalnftvest (G) FndayThursday: 1:20 p.m., 2:45 p.m., 4:20 p.m.. 6 p.m, Thunderneart (fl) Fnday- Thursday: 7:30 p.m.. 9:50 p.m. My Cousin Vmny (R) Friday- Thursday: 1:30 p.m., 5:15 p.m., 7:30 p.m., 9:50 p.m. Rock-a Doodle (G) Friday- Thursday: 12:50 p.m., 3:45 p.m. Beauty and Hie Beast <G) Fnday, Saturday: 12:45 p.m., 5 p.m. Sunday-Thursday: 12:45 p.m., 4:50 p.m. LOCWS ROUTE 18 East Brunswick (908) Call theater tor showtimos. MOVIE CITY 5 Rout* IB, East Brunswick (908) Cal theater for showtlmas. MOVIE CITY S WOOO6RIOQE Route 1 & Gill Lane, Iselin (908) Call theater for showtimes. MOVIE CITY 6 Oak Tree Center 1665 Oak Treo Rd., Edison (908) Call theater for showlimos. UA MIDDLESEX MALL Hadley & Stclton roads South Piainfield (908) CM Uicater for showtimes. SOMERSET BERNAROSVILLE CINEMA Route 202, BemardsvUlo (90H) City ot Joy (PG 13) Friday: 7:15 p.m., 9:45 p.m, Saturday: 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., /:15 p.m., 9.45 p.m. Sunday: 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7:15 p.rn Monday -Thursday: 7:30 p. rn. BROOK THEATRE 10 Hamilton St., Hound Brook I<W8) My Cousin Vlnny (R) Friday. Saturday: 5:30 p.m., B p.m. Wmlnesdiiy, Thursday: 7:30 p.m. GENERAL CINEMA BRIDQEWATER COMMONS 24 OZ. Additional Parking Courtesy Archie's Men's Shop Open 7 Days Banquet Rooms Routes 22 & Bndgewater (908) Call theater for showtimes. OENCRAL CINEMA RUTOEHS PLAZA (SOB) UM7IT Can theater for ihwtlmes. GENERAL CINEMA SOMCRVILLE CMWLE Routes 28 & , Rantan (908) Call theater for showtimes. MONTGOMERY CENTER THEATRE Routes 206 A 518. Rocky Hill (6O9) Where Angels Fear to Tread (PG) Friday, Monday-Thursday: 7:20 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 3 p.m., 5:10 p.m., 7:20 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Toto te neros (PG-13) Friday, Monday-Thursday: 7:15 p.m.. 9:15 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 3:15 p.m., 5:15 p.m., 7:15 p.m., 9:15 p.m. UNION CINEPLEX ODEON CRANFORD 25 North Ave. West Cranford (9O8) Beothown (PG) Friday- Thursday: 2 p.m., 3:55 p.m., 5:45 p.m., 7:40 p.m., 9:35 p.m. Tnc Babe (PG) Friday- Thursday: 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7 p.m., 9:40 p.m. CINEPLEX ODCON MILLBURN 350 Mlllbum Avc., MIHbum (201) FemGutty... The Last Rainforest (G) Friday Thursday: 2 p.m., 3:40 p.m., 5:20 p.m. Ttiunderhean (H) Friday Thursday: 7 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Itte liatx; {PG) Friday- Thursday: 2:15 p.m., 4:45 p.m., 7:40 p.m., 9:45 p.m CINEPLEX ODEON UNION 990 Sluyvesant Avo., Union (9O8) Brain Donors (PG) Friday, Monday Thursday: 7:15 p.m., B:45 p.m., 10 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 2:15 p.m., 4:15 p.m., 6:15 p.m., 8:15 p.m., 10:15 p.rn. The Cutting Edge (PG) Friday, Monday-Thursday: 8 p.m., 10 p.m. Saturday, Sunday 2 p.m., 4 p.m., 6 p.m., 8 p.m., 10 p.m. FTVC POINTS CINEMA 327 Chestnut St, Union (908) Call theater for showtimes. GENERAL CINEMA BLUE STAR Route 22 West. Watchung (908) Call theater for sftowtimes. UNDEN FIVEPLEX 400 North Wood Avc, Linden (90S) *The Babe (PG) Fnday.Sunday: 12:45 p.m., 2:55 p.m.. 5 p.m., 7:25 p.m., 9:45 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 1:30 p.m., 7:25 p.m., 9:35 p.m. Deep Cover (R) Friday Sunday. 12:55 p.m., 3 p.m., 5:10 p.m.. 7:45 p.m., 9:55 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 1:30 p.m., 7:40 p.m., 9:40 p.m. Beethoven (PG) Friday- Sunday: 12:40 p.m., 2:25 p.m., 4:10 p.m., 7:30 p.m.. 9:20 p.m. Monday-Thureday: 1:30 p.m., 7:20 p.m., 9:20 p.m. White Men Can't Jump (R) Friday-Sunday: 5:10 p.m., 7:35 p.m.. 9:45 p.m, Monday Thursday: 7:55 p.m., 9:55 p.m. Basic Instinct (fl) Friday Sunday: 4:40 p.m., 7:30 p.m., 9:45 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 7:30 p.m., 9:45 p.rn FernGully... The Lost Rainforest (G) Friday-Sunday: 12:45 p.m., 2:15 p.m., 3:45 p.m., 6 p.m. Monday- Thursday: 1 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 6 p.m. Oeaufy and ttm (teas! [G) Friday Sunday: 1 p.m., 3 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 1 p.m., 2:30 p.m. LOST PICTURE SHOW 2395 Springfield Ave., Union (908) Call ttontoi for showtimes. NEW PARK CINEMA 23 West Westfield Ave. Rosetle Park (908) CaH theater for showllmes. UA RIALTO TRIPLEX 250 East Oread SI. Westfield (908) #i CaH theater for showtimes. wurmo TWIN CINEMA 138 Central Ave., Westfleld (90S) Thunderheart (fl) Friday- Sunday: 1 p.m., 3:15 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 7:45 p.m., 10 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 7:30 p.m., 9:45 p.m. Newsies (PG) Friday-Sunday: 12:30 p.m., 5 p.m. Monday- Thursday: 7:15 p.m. Wayne's World (PG 13) Fnday Sunday. 3 p.m., 7:30 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Monday- Thursday: 9:30 p.m. HUNTERDON CINEMA PLAZA FIVEPLEX Route , Remington (908) City of Joy (PG 13) Friday- Thureday: 7 p.m., 9:20 p.m. Newjfes (PG) Friday, Monday Thursday: 7 p.m.. 9:10 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 2 p.m., 7 p.m., 9:10 p.m. 'Beethoven (PG) rrtday: 7:10 p.m., 9 p.m. Saturday- Thursday: 2 p.m.. 7:10 p.m., fl p.m. Wayne's World (PG-131 Fnday: 7:30 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Saturday Thursday: 2 p.m., 7:30 p.m., 9.30 p.m. Beauty and the Beast (G) Saturday Thursday: 2:15 p.m, The Botw (PGI Friday: 7:15 p.m., 9:15 p.m. Saturday- Thursday: 2 p.m., 7:15 p.m., 9:15 p.m. HUNTERDON THEATER Route 31, Flomlngton (9O8) My Cousin Vlnny (R) Friday- Thursday: 7 p.m.. 9:15 p.m. MORRIS AMC HEADQUARTERS Headquarters fwo Momsluwn 1201) Call tnontor for sfiuwtlmes. CINEMA 208 Route 200, Gioster (1)08) Call theater for showtimes. -Westfield Record-

9 V»' Community life A-9 Local teen-agers join in Model Legislature Youth and Government Program recently sent 31 local teen-agers to Trenton to participate in the New Jersey Model Legislative Session. Since the beginning of the year, these young legislators have been preparing to take their place in a three-day legislative session, much as our elected representatives. Prior to the legislative session in Trenton, delegates attended a pre-legislative conference where they refined and gained support tor the bills they intended to introduce at the legislative session. Candidates for office, including committee chairs, vice-chairs and secretaries attended an Officer's Training conference in which they had the opportunity to present drafts of their intended speeches at the Youth Legislative Conference. The governor, house speaker, senate president, clerks and chaplains were elected on the first day of the conference. The governor then selected cabinet officers from unsuccessful gubernatorial candidates. On March 26, 27 and 28, 300 youth and government delegates convened in Trenton to submit their final drafts of and to vote on proposed legislation. All delegates were assigned to a committee for the purpose of studying and making ready the bills thai were to be presented on the floor of the Assembly or Senate. Priorities were established and similar bills were combined and re- ^ for the legislative session. Westfield Y, health and welfare advisers Glenn MacAftee, di- and transportation were the nflret ****<* their bills. Cranford High School, explained the formal proce- - '- dures of the legislature and taught debating and negotiating skills. In identifying an issue to be addressed in a bill, delegates researched topics in their libraries, contacted legislators, local authorities, and reviewed previous legislation. According to Glenn MacAfee, bills which each student drafts sometimes offer practical solutions to problems in our state that state legislators may actually introduce into legislation. Seven topics are suggested for consideration: natural resources, law and public safety, transportation, state and local affairs, education and health and welfare. For the representatives of the Westfield Y, health and welfare and transportation were the focus of their bills which won approval. In addressing the issue of childcare for working parents, Hal Connolly proposed that childcare be provided in all state-run universities. A second bill addressed the issue of the congested downtowns and roadways by providing priority intown parking spots for carpoolers, and a designated lane on the turnpike and parkway just for carpoolers. This bill was an example of similar bills offered by other YMCA delegates which were combined into the final version which was adopted during the legislative session. Each year awards are given for outstanding achievement during Youth Legislature. Special honors went to veterans of the program who had distinguished themselves as outstanding orators, officers during the session, or having particular knowledge and insight of issues. Christopher Leahy and Tare Swersie were selected to attend the YMCA Youth Conference on National Affairs to be held in June in Black Mountain, N.C. Hal Connolly and Donna Louizides were selected as alternate delegates. Donna Louizides was also elected clerk of Senate I and Christopher Leahy served in the governor's cabinet as attorney general. Leigh Elmore was elected clerk of Senate A. Stan Kaslusky, executive director of the Westfield Y stated, "The Youth and Government program has been a special treasure for over 50 years to our state. Thousands of young people have learned about the workings of our government through this model legislature. Now more than ever, we need to build responsible citizenship among our young people who truly will be our leaders of tomorrow." The Youth and Government program continues to grow each year. Students learn a great deal about leadership and public affairs while having a great time meeting young people with similar interest Those interested in participating in next year's program or becoming an adult volunteer can contact the Westfield Y at Bulletin board Learn secrets of leadership On Wednesday at 12:15 p.m., Dorothy Cantor will discuss "Women In Power, the Secrets of Leadership," at Temple Emanu-lTs Greifer-Sacks Hall in Westfield. Sponsored by the Temple Emanu-El Sisterhood, admission is free to members and $10 for guests. Lunch will be served. Advanced reservations are necessary and babysitting is available by request. Call 'Night Place' at Edison school -~j The final "Night Place" jbf the school year is scheduled for Friday, May 8, from 7:30-9:30 p.m. at Edison Intermediate School It is open to all Westfield youths in grades 6 to 8 and is sponsored by the Westfield Recreation Commission and the P.T.C. "Night Place" committee. The "Night Place" features dancing to music with a disc jockey, volleyball, basketball, ping-pong, board games, movies and refreshments. The cost is $2 in advance and $3 at the door. Tickets will be on sale at both Intermediate Schools during the week of the event,. Call Five-mile andyfiin run planned at p/rk The Westfield cmjpajp will h TpMlIer and 1- urday, April in Westfield. and alcohol Mile Fun lowed by Ending the blight-mare on Elm Street Beth Zimmerman wants to bring elms back to Elm Street THE RECORD B«th Zownefman couldn't select a more aptly-named street to hwon. A resident of Elm Street in WsetttU. Ms. Zimmerman is part of the so-caned "Johnny Brmeed" community service project which is Jointly iun with tnt Elm Research tav sttuteafhwiisvle. N.H. The goej of the project seems «rnpte enough: to replace tha stumps left by Dutch Elm Btght with the new rfsaate resistant American Liberty Elm Tree. In reality, the project takes an abundance of sweat, determination and cooperation w*h local authorities. In return, a community gets trained streets and a contribution toward a better tomorrow. In Ms. Zimmerman's case, her goal is to restore elm trees to her Westfield street However, Ms. Zimmerman has been told by town offlcials that there just isn't enough money In the budget tor the purchase of etons. Furthermore, Ms. Zimmerman has been working on the project alone. In most other communities, the Boy Scouts of America wfl help plant the elms, but no groups in WestfeW have become involved in the program as of yet Having moved to Westfield from Watchung about seven months ago, Ms. Zmrnerman said she wanted to restore Em Street to its otd self where trie streets wen covered with elms. Her research led her to the Elm Research Institute (ERI) and the has since purchased 10 trees. TwO of those have bean planted mfrontof her home, two wm go to her neighbors, and she hopes the remaintnoj six will be adopted by Maw residents. So far, dose to GOO nurseries have been established in the country in states ranging from Florida to Colorado. The onty way to purchase an American liberty am Is through a local Boy Scout troop or by becoming a member of the Eim Research Institute. "Right now my goal is to get some trees for Elm Street and then for other bare spots in Westfield," Ms. Zimmerman said. "They are beautiful trees and It's a shame that some people dont even know what an elm tree looks like. "In my research I found out that ERI supplies the trees. I contacted them and they sent me some trees and since then I've been trying to gat some of my neighbors to adopt a baby tree. "I caned Mr. (Dan) Kefly (head of Public Works) in WestWd who is in charge of that type of thing and he its Second annual c Fun Run Satat Tamaques Park The Westfield Recreation Commission is accepting registration benefit drug programs. The 1- n begins at 9 a.m., fol- 5-Miler at 9:30. Trophies will be awarded in the following categories: first, second and third-place male and female finishers in the fun run; overall male and female winners of the 5- Miler; and first, second and thirdplace finishers in each age group of the 5-Miler. Wanted: wbrkers for 'Clean Sweep* The Beautificition Committee of the Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce seeks workers of all ages from loc^l organizations, youth groups, bus nesses and rcsinte in "Clean dents to partici] Sweep" on Sat The fourth annual spring deal g of the pubwill prepare lie areas of WestfieJ the community for cautiflcation projects of spring and' imer. Workers should wei gloves and work clothes and bring brooms and clean-up tools. Trash bogs will be provided by the Public Works Department Assignments will be given at Rorden Realty, Elm and Quimby streets between 9 a.m-2 p.m. Financial contributions may be sent to "Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce," P.O. Box 81, Westfield, N.J Call for more information. Registration begins for spring offerings for spring programs. Among the offerings are pottery, sculpture, aerobics, children's music instruction and lacrosse. Free programs include two sessions of drop-in basketball and community concert band. Registration for these programs is being accepted at the Recreation Office on the second floor of the Municipal Building or through the brochure. Call Auxiliary prepares ^j for 'gigantic' sale y*^ Westfield Day Caw/Auxiliary members have begun w price and sort articles for the group's 25th annual Gigantic Garage Sale, to be held Saturday, May 9, at the National Guard Armory on Rahway Avenue. Area residents interested in donating sale-worthy items for the event are requested to telephone the center at The auxiliary seeks children's clothing, toys, games, Jewelry, antiques, garden tools, linens, small furniture, sporting goods and kitchen aids. Large appliances, upholstered, furniture, SHARON WILSON/THE RECORD Bath Wartzel-Zlmmerman with one of two elm trees she planted on Elm Street In Westfield. Thar* la only one other aim tree on the street, as the others were ravaged by Dutch Elm Blight In tha 1930s. said there is no money for this type of program. He told me the town would plant the trees for you, but in helped cool neighborhoods during the summer months, tn the 1930's. a fungus carried by small beetles They're beautiful trees and it's a shame that some people don't even know what an elm looks like.' Beth Zimmerman my case the trees are only twofooters, so I did it myself." As a favorite shade tree, American alms once lined city streets and adult clothing, luggage and shoes will not be accepted. Eleanor Senus and Janice Irwin are co-chairwomen. Cindy Newman, WDCC parent representative, will oversee the refreshments and baked goods tables and be assisted by center parents. The following auxiliary members arc serving as booth chairmen: jewelry, Maureen Singh and Maureen Cort; boutiques, Eleanor Senus and Phyliss Ungvarsky; antiques, Mary Pearsall, Dorothy Archer and Jane O'Connor; books, Beatrice CluiT and Guy DiCarlo; linens, Rita Bollingcr, Sylvia Perry and Frances Dillon; furniture, Ruth Anne Gordon; kitchen, Charlon Clark, Anne Arkcl ami Anne Robinson. Bring sumn er clothes to Jumble The Jumble thrift and consi, begun accepting nnd merchandis ore iore, a non-profit lmcnt shop, has summer clothes Clothing should, pressed nnd on be in style, dea hangers. Consignors pay a $5 registration fee for the year, then receive 50 percent of the proceeds from tho sale. The remaining proceeds go to fund The Junior l_oague of Elizabcth-Plainfloki's community projects and grants. The Jumble Store is located at -110 Walnut Ave., Cranford. Hours arr Monday, Tuesday, Thursdny and Friday from 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.; Thursday evening from 7-9 p.m.; und Saturday from 10 n.m.-2 p.m. (until 1 p.m., 8 p.m., and noon respectively for thrift and consignment take in) Beattie named to hospital, board Councilman JJobert K. Beattie of Mountainside been appointed to the board of trustees of Children's Specialize Hospital as liaijrough of Moun- son between the tainside and the 1 ;pital. Mr. Beattie, an divestment adviser with Tucker Anthony in Fair Haven, also serves as secretary of the Mountainside Honorary PBA and is a member of the Mountainside Elks Club. "Children's Specialized is pleased to welcome Mr. Dcattie to the board of trustees." said Richard B. Ahlfeld, president of the hospital, "His presence as a liaison will provide an opjxirtunity for the hospital and the borough to shaiv information on an ongoing basis." A certified public accountant, Mr. Reattie is a graduate of Wagner College- He and his wile are the parents of two young children. Benefit golf outing to be held M»y 11 Assemblyman Richaid II. Dagger and Senator Donald /t>ifrancesco nrc co-chairmen of tlu» Wrstfield- Mountainside Rod Grross Rolf outing, Monday, May' 11. CaU Sponsored by Westfield Jaycoes. began to ravage the species by blocking the tree's water and nutrient carrying system. Dutch Elm disease, so-named when its cause was discovered by Dutch scientists, killed more than 100 million American elm trees. The Elm Research Institute was established in 1967 to provide funding to develop an elm that would resist the fungus. The result was a cross-pollinated tree derived from parent American efms which had survived infestation. Sometimes described as "America's Masterpiece." the American Elm can reach heights of 100 feet or more. Textiles rupit* of museuminhibit The Newark Musbvim opened a new exhibition in the Brady Gallery: "The Language of Cloth: Sub- Saharan African Textiles." Organized by curator of ethnology, Ann Spencer, the exhibit will be on view through May 31. It draws together examples of men's and women's clothing and other African textiles from the museum's collections. Another new cxhibi tion, "Selections from the Collection: American Portrait Painting, ," in the Eweson Gallery will be on view through May 17. Watercolors displayed at local hospital An exhibit of watercolor^ by Debbie Tin tie is on displa/ at Children's Specialized / Hospital throughout April. The artist, a resident of Chester, has participated in numerous area and national juried shows and lias won more than 100 awards since Ms. Tintle is a graduate of Middlebury College and has studied with well known ail teachers. Original handmade quilted wall hangings created by Joan Polishook will be on display for the public at the hospital throughout April. Ms. Polishook has exhibited extensively throughout the tri-state area in art shows, craft fairs and special exhibits, winning a number of awards. Individuals or groups wishing to visit the display, which is open to the public Monday through Friday between 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., may enter the hospital's east wing entrance. For evenings or weekends contact the hospital's community resource coordinator, Shirley Biegler, cxt. 370.

10 A-10 Community Life April 23,1902 School Kindergarten round-ups under way Kindergarten round-ups to register children who will be entering kindergarten in one of Westfleld's six elementary schools, are currently being held through cooperative eflbrts of the schools and the Parent- Teacher groups. Parents of children eligible for kindergarten in September 1992 may contact their school to find out about kindergarten registration and the kindergarten round-up when children and parents have an opportunity to visit the school and meet the school principal. To enter kindergarten in September, a child must be 5-years-old on or before Oct. 1. Parents must show the schools the following information: birth certificate and immunization records indicating that the child has been inoculated against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, poliomyelitis, mumps, measles (rubeola) and German measles (rubella). Following is the schedule for the 1992 kindergarten round-ups: April 29, McKinley School; May 1, Washington School; May 6, Wilson School; May 13, Jefferson School; May IS Tamaques School. Franklin School held its kindergarten round-up March 24. Parents with questions should contact their school principal or Marie Scian, coordinator of elementary education, in the school administration building, 302 Elm St., Student musicians recognized The tftankhn School Musicians of the Month for April were Jesse Savage, a third-grade violin student of Dr. Theodore Schlosberg, and Christopher Phelan, a fifth-grade saxophone student of John Josa. They were selected in recognition of their talent and progress in instrumental music. Local students make Oak Krfoll honor roll Westfield students at Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child have been named to the honor roll for the seeond trimester. Named to the first honor rour Elizabeth Countryman; Maria Genoni; and Mia Genoni. / Named to the second honor roll: Elizabeth Mlynarczyk; Mary McAnally; and Karen Mylnarczyk. TiL*\ Children's writer visits Jefferson School Children's author Olivier Dunrea visited Jefferson School for teacher in-service training in teaching writing process. Students in Mrs. Juelis' first-grade class welcomed Mr. Dunrea with a mural for one of his books, LEARN: Nutrition Guidance 1b Overcome Compulsive & Binge Eating Effective Exercise Behavior Modification Stress Reduction Barbara A. PocasNdn, EXTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING * SPECIALIZING IN CEDAR SHAKES & ALL TYPES OF WOOD * PAINTING OLD ALUMINUM SIDING TO LOOK LIKE NEW POWER WASHING N0RMILE PAINTING 7 WAY OF EATING / WAV 01 llvind : WAY or H-KUM; CALL NOW FOR A r«k STIHMTI » VIARt txkkhncc HE WOOD FLOOR CLUB AH major mint-bruce. Harris-Tarken. Kentucky, Robbins, Hartco, Mannington, Permagrain, Chicksaw, and more. Wholesale Prices - Contractors and The General Public are Welcome. SAVE UP TO 60% Serving all o( New Jersey S The Tri Slate Region Call (908) Uon Sil»OO*M 9:00PM Sun AM-5 00PM < >nr I'lo^r.un arc IVnn.iiK I iff Stvlr ( II!.. x-,, I. STOKAS VO-YO DIETING DIET FADS ARTIFICIAL FOODS Deep Down Underground. Joining him were students William Masket, Catherine Bonard and Tyia Patla. Special guest shows n upro Tor breakfast The students of Jttfrfca School enjoyed Breakfast With Someone Special Friday on March 20. This annual event provides an opportunity for students to invite a guest to their school and classroom. It ushered in the spring season of events including the craft show held March 28 at the Jefferson gymnasium. Local crafters displayed their goods. Staff gets update on asthma procedures Margaret Klick, supervisor of health services for Westfield public schools, held a district-wide in-service meeting to give the staff an update on special procedures for students with asthma. Marry DriscoU of Schering-Plough spoke about current statistics relating to asthma trends and various patient education programs available. Dr. Brian Collins, director of Out-patient Pulmonary Care Unit at Elizabeth General Medical Center, who specializes in management of respiratory problems, provided a medical presentation on the management of respiratory disorders. This program was scheduled through the school system's STS (Sharing Talents and Skills) office. Student wins award in King essay contest Jams* Rhodaa of Westfield has won honorable mention in the sixth annual statewide essay contest sponsored by the Martin Luther King Jr. Commission. He was honored at an awards ceremony March 26 at the New Jersey State Museum in Trenton. A total of 18 students from among 6,500 entrants won first- to thirdplace prizes, plus honorable mention, in three separate grade level competitions. James placed in the grade 6-8 category. Contestants were provided with a quotation of Dr. King and were asked to write about what that quotation meant to the civil rights leader and its significance to students themselves. Students in grades 6-8 were asked to discuss the meaning of this quote: "In a real sense, we must all begin to live together as brothers, or we will all perish as fools. We must come to see that no individual can live alone, no nation can live alone. We must all live together, we must all be concerned about each other." Parenting workshop held at Christopher Academy Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Dagnall and Jay Imbert of Westfield discussed parenting with Dr. Ron Taffel, director of family and couples treatment at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy in New York City, at the Christopher Academy. The Christopher Academy Parents Association sponsored an evening workshop with Dr. Taflell April 2. P.H. ROBINSON LANDSCAPING Commercial Residential Industrial Weekly Lawn Maintenance Lawn Renovations Landscape Design and Grounds Care Chemical Applications Top Soil Mulch Sod Seed n FREE-ESTIMATES P.O. Box 623 t AvH*b* Scotch Main*, NJ CONSTRUCTION Commercial Residential SPRING ROOFING & DECK SALE Quality Craftsmanship at a price you can afford All phases of carpentry "Sheetrocking Additions Dormers Custom Wood Work References upon request Fully Insured Free Estimate Senior Citizen Discounts "We're Good with Wood" Westfield lead Earth Day concert in NYC -of Westfield will be the openfitg musician for the Earth Day celebration at the South Street Seaport in New York City on Saturday, April 25, at noon. Mr. Joyce, a singer/muiidan, was raised in Westfield. He U married to Laurie and has three children, Victoria, Jack and Madelain. He is the president of Pierce Joyce Labs, and has been lead guitarist in St Helen's Folk Groups for 22 years and has performed at benefit concerts with the group "Revelation" for such organizations as Center for Hope Hospice and St Joseph's Social Center in Elizabeth. He has also performed solo at various local Pomerantz Lynne and Sieve Potneranti of Westfield announce the birth of their daughter, Eve Corynne, on March 20, 1992, at Overlook Hospital. Maternal grandparents are Evelyn and Raymond Ludransky of Yorba Linda, Calif. Paternal grandparents are Ibby and Howard Pomerantz of Queens, N.Y. Colicchio Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Colicchio of Elizabeth announce the birth of their son, Patrick Thomas, on March 25, 1982, at Overlook Hospital. Maternal grandparents restaurants and lounges. In addition to his talents as a musician and singer, Mr. Joyce also writes many of his songs. He has a reputation for entertaining children, performing standard children songs and his own compositions. He captivates his young audiences by encouraging them to sing along. "I am very excited about the opportunity of being Involved in this Earth Day celebration. It's a great time for everyone to be more aware of this great planet on which we live. I hope everyone in Westfield will be there for the fun and excitement," said Mr. Joyce. irths are Mr. and Mrs. William Barry Sr. of Westfield. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Frank Colicchio of Elizabeth. Vaiana Dr. and Mrs. Paul Valuta of Westfield announce the birth of their son, Paul Vincent, on March 20, 1992, at Elizabeth General Medical Center, Elizabeth. He joins two sisters, Jennifer and Adrienne. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Rodriguez of Lakewood. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Vaiana of Elizabeth. Only SIMPSON'S Offers You Up To A 10 YEAR WARRANTY on your rtmcxming projects! 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11 1802 Community Uf A-11 Club news Educational organize to hold convention Tha New Jeney state chaster of Vhilanthrajic Educational Organization (PIO), d*dfc*etto pranolinf educational opportunities fcrwmk will hold its 60th annual convention Friday and &tuiday, May 1 and 2, at tht Sometaet Marriott HbtaUSomenet Tht fust will be Dtlores Buftrd, GnenvWt, &O, a membv^thtbwdof tnittcca fir tht PtogramforCon- S^^wmw tn. ho*. *»«*> oonventfen with Elisabeth Andnwi acting M g n l chairwoman, The local defecates to thai conventkm am LudUa Btttham and Sam Cunte. At a meant matting of Chapter E of Westfield, the feuowlng oflkan wen elected; Rabeoca Wamplcr, PtaiManti LudUt BeetAam, vioa president; Joan Poo, liecming seaetary, Gail Via, oomtpondlng secretary; San Cunia.nraaaurar, Nancy Foster, chaplain; and BltafctthAndrMto, guard. WtleuuiuWliuu Club meeti today for dinner The monthly meeting of tha Welcome Wagon Club of WeaiflaJd is being htid today at Yesterday's Restaurant, 310 Wettfleld Ave., Boaalle Park. Members will meat for cocktails at 6J0 pjn.. dinner ti at 7:15. The dubisplannlngtta ISthannual lummerbuffet for June 6. Thla year the theme will be a Hawaiian tuau, ftwturing dancing and a wild Hawaiian shirt conteat There wiujbt a service auction. wltti whmn to MaVft ooc ^_ tddbjbwbattt* FOT man tnftirmatton write to the Welcome Wafon Qub, P.O. Box 863, Weatflald 070B1, or cajia»4m3. Teacher to address literacy tutors WSO season ends with 'Aida The Triumphal March from Verdi's Aida 1* among the moat familiar of operatic melodies and certainly Aida is one of the moat popular operas. The Westfleld Bym- JUamy Prchestra will present the entire opera in concert at 8 p.m. Saturday, April 25 at the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, 140 Mountain Ave., underwritten by Accurate Busing Co. Inc. of Garwood. Aida was commissioned in 1170 CanaL Verdi had retired from active oornpoejng. To discourage tht Khedive from pursuing the commission, Verdi set a very high lea for writing tha opera. We can be grateful that the Khedive met the ofler. The music of Aida li a grand KWMiBWiiiiinbar of the and Japan. program and all are encouraged to Ptctade: heroic choruses, brilliant frculty of WUeon School win ad- Ma. JakubowtU credrta her be present at tht meeting, orchestral musk and spell-binding jtutocs jj mother, who taught in dark tor Anyone interest in the program arias. tht Program Room of many yean, with Inspiring her aa a tutor or student may contact Aida ia about a dash between the Weatflaid Memorial Zibnry at great lovt of reading. thsubrery. two cultures, personified in the 7:18 pm Wednesday. The children in hat third grade Mrs. Jakubowald holds mat* in Wilson School are the banafldartes of this love. Their classroom tar's degree In reading diagnosis and remediation from Harvard abounda with potters and slogans DENNIS Je BARRETT University. She has served aa a encouraging them to read. reading specialist and consultant in For now, Ma. Jakubowati is enjoying teaching in the grammar Announces the Opening of Offices for CERTIFIED CIVIL TRIAL ATTORNEY Boston and Houston, Tras. A native) New Jcrseyan from school, but her past experience and the General Practice of Law Including EUiabsth, Ms. JakubowaM and her formal training quality her to deal famuy have lived In almost every with slow readers and their problems. Her expertise will be helpful major part of the United States and have spent time in Saudi Arabia for tht tutor* In the adult literacy Shop in 'Aunt Carrie's Attic' The HMWOaW Nettie Museum, 814 Mountain Ave., Westfleld, will hold "Aunt Carrie's Attic 20th Anniversary Sale 1 * Saturday, April 25, from 0 a.m.>2 p m Browsers are This sale will feature some antiques as well aa knick-knacks and many other items. Proceeds will benefit the museum's educational programs. Beginning in 1972, a group of historically-minded dtizeni formed the Miller-Cory volunteers to save the 18th century farmhouse. Volunteers have kept the museum open for the public ever since. Wearing authentic costumes, volunteers provide tours of the farmhouse and demonstrate the crafts and tasks practiced by families on the 18th and 19th century farms. The museum will be dosed Easter Sunday but will reopen April 26 when tin piercing will be featured. For additional Information about the 20th anniversary salt or tht museum's schedule of events, call the offloe, PERSONAL INJURY REAL ESTATE PROBATE AND ESTATES MATRIMONIAL MATTERS 123 Wtftfleld Avenue, Elisabeth, NJ (908) FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION lives of two lovers: Aida, a captive Ethiopian princess in service to the Egyptian princess Amneris, and Radames. a very important Egyptian general, whom Amneris wanu as her own. Starring in the role of Aida will be soprano April Evans. Radtunes will be sung by Franco Bonanome and Trish McCaffrey will be Amneris. Ms. Evans has performed extensively in New York and throughout Europe. New York critics have otttadl our outstanding and unfbr* gettable, musically and interpretivery a complete success. European critics have bean equally inv FROM AUSTER'S New Jeney artists are wall represented, including Kevin Maynor as Ramfls; Short Hills soprano Rent Panush as the High Priest* ess; Woodbridge tenor Wlyfut Behr as the Messenger; and bassbaritone Stephen Bryant from Wayne, as Aida'i father. Mr. Maynor appeared last spring as the Commcndatort; in the WSO's performance of Mozart's Don Giovanni. Last month Ms. Panush tarred in the Kegim Opera Theater's performance of Mozart's Cost fan tutte. Mr. Behr recently sang the role of Fernando in Goyescas by Granados, Mr. Bryant is on the faculty of William Patcrson College. Maestro Koimach wiu lead a proconcert discussion at 7 p.m. in Westminster HaU, funded by the Frank and Lydla Bergen Foundation. Tickets are $18.50, $16 for seniors, and $10 for students, available in Westfleld at Lancaster*, Ltd., Rorden Realty, Town Book Store, Turner World Travel, at the Cranfbrd Book Store, Martine Avenue Bookstore in Fanwood, and at Cametot Books in Summit. For further information and for reservations, call the WSO office at mproveyour homel With Quality Major Appliances From General Electric HMflKMIN«ni KINMUMtMMlllll M*M! TFHWMN I.M at. «IIMM. 0* '75 B«Mt 143 E. BROAD ST. W STFIELD* Scouting Boy Scout Troop No. 77 at SL Paul's Episcopal Church in Westfield will hold an open house at the parish hall Monday from 7:30-9 p.m, (east side entry). Interested boys and their parents are welcome to visit. Boys must be at least 11 or finishing fifth-grade. Membership in Cubs or Webelot is not required. The Open House will include scouting displays and activities, refreshments and discussion of troop plans including summer camp. A highlight of the Open House. activities for participating Webelos Is the construction of model rockets. A picnic for scouts and their guests will be held Saturday, May 2, at Reed's farm where the rocket engines will be installed and launched under safety-controlled conditions.'lunch, field games and other events are planned. The troop serves Westfield through participation in the Memorial Day Parade and the National Good Turn Scouting for Food campaign in November. Scouts earn individual recognition in events such as the Great Canoe Race and the Klondike Derby. Monthly trips include camping In New Jersey or Pennsylvania, canoeing on the Delaware and hiking on various woodland or historic trails. This summer, the troop will spend July at the Watchung Council's Camp Sabattis in the Adirondacks, and Webelos who join Troop 77 are encouraged to join, Information: , or west-life Registration for Wilson School's Cub Scout Pack 171 for the school year opened April 17 and will close May 22. Registration is open to all returning cub scouts and all interested third- through fifth-grade pupils. New applicants should contact Susan Tanner, , for registration details. Returning scouts will be issued registration forms. Harlejr MotorClothes The Difference Is Legendary The first time you try on genuine Harley-Davidson* MotorClothes", you'll feel the difference. Whether you're a rider or just into the Harley* lifestyle, you'll sense the pride, quality and attention to detail. Check 'ern out, and get yourself geared for real riding comfort on the road and real styling off. Come in today and pick up your free catalog. Because this is where the legend begins. Feel the Difference in Harley Harley-Davidson of Edison 299 Rt. 1, EDISON, NJ. (Southbound Lane Between Pluinficld Ave. 4 The Rt. 1 Flcu ^TO 7 (908) Accepted "We Sell Motorcycle Insurance" \n American 1991 Hartev-Davldson. Inc

12 A-12 Community Ufa April 23,1992 Pasquale R. Orto, 69 Owner of distribution company Pasquale R Orto, 69, the owner was a sergeant in the meteorologi and president of Nasco Distribut- col division of the Army Air Corps ing Co. of Kenirworth since 1974, in Burma. died April 16,1992 at his home. Surviving are his wife of 32 Mr. Orto was bom in New York years, Jane Stroebel Orto; three City and had lived in Wcstiield daughters, Margaret Orto and since He also lived in the Bronx and New Rochelle, NY. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in agronomy from Cornell University in Mr. Orto also earned advanced degrees in chemistry from Columbia University snd In chemical engineering from New York University. He was a member of the American Society of Chemical Engineers and belonged to Amateur Astronomers, a dub that meets at Union County College in Cranford. He also held membership in the Association of Commission Brokers of the New York and American Stock Exchanges. During World War II, Mr. Orto Good '49.95 Better *52.95 Best '55.95 OpSOMl FAMILY OPERATED SINCE 1966 Luisa Orto, both of New York City, and Christiannc Orto of Westfieid; and a sister, Louise Orto Famighctti of New Rochelle. A blessing was given Saturday at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church. Burial was in Woodlawn Cemetery, the Bronx A memorial service will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Presbyterian Church, 140 Mountain Ave. Contributions may be made to Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center, Hospice Home Care Services, Park Avenue and Randolph Road, Plainfleld, Arrangements are by the Gray Funeral Home. J3bituaries Alexander Bouchal, 67 Colgate-Palmolive research scientist Alexander W. Bouchal, 07, a former research scientist with Colgate-Palmolive Co., died April at Overlook Hospital. He was born in Philadelphia, Pa., and had lived in Westfieid sinee Mr. Bouchal joined Colgatefilmolive in 10S2 as a research: scientist in the company's Piscataway research center. He was working in Oliver A. Howarth Paving and Excavating medical and regulatory affairs when he retired in He received Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in biochemistry from Pennsylvania State University. Mr. Bouchal was a military pnti'wt! officer in Europe and the Pacific during World War II. Surviving are his wife, Edna Bouchal; a daughter, Anne Mc- Monagle of Penfield, N.Y.; a son. Robert Bouchal of Newton, Mass.; and twognncfchildran, * Contributions may be made to the Chautauqua Institution, Chau< tauqua, N.Y or the American Cancer Society, 1599 Clifton Road, N.E., Atlanta, Ga Friends may call at the Bouchal residence Saturday, May 9, at 3 p.m. Arrangements are by the Gray Funeral Home. Angelo M. Pompeo, 84 Westfieid resident from ; was track foreman with CNJ railroad Angelo M. Pompeo, fef, a track foreman with the former Central Railroad Co. of New Jersey, died April 16, 1992 during a vacation in Florida. Mr. Pompeo was bom in Jersey City and lived in Westfieid from 1939 until 1947, when he moved to Plainfield. He had resided in South Plainfield since 1964, He ratted in 1871 after 48 years with the nttraadr Mr. Pompeo *as a parishioner of Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, South Plainfield, and a life member of Local 305, Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees, Elizabeth. His wife, Josephine R. Marotta Pompeo, died on Feb. S. PARKING SPECIAL WEEKLY RATE: ONLY. Survivors include three daughters, Joaiin M. Warner of Edison, Theresa New-comb and Patricia Santangcll, both of Lakeland, Fin.; a son, Michael Pompeo of Brick, with whom the late Mr. Pompeo had been vacationing in Florida; 14 grandchildren; 15 great-grandchildren; and two sisters, Jenny Mistillo of East Rutherford and MaryBreuirofWoodrRidfe.,< Services were held Tuesday at the McCriskin Home for Funerals, South Plainfield, followed by a Mass of Christian Burial at Sacred Heart Church. Entombment was in the Holy Redeemer Mausoleum, South Plainfield. PER _ DAY PARK 1DAY WITH H MINIMUM 2 DAY STAY WITH THIS COUPON S $2995! BUDGET AIRPORT PARKINP ARKINBudget GRan( ^"*"" A Car I tt IDIWIWI tft«twttlw««wwih<snt BUDGET IS THE SAFEST PLACE FOR YOU AND YOUR CAR! RAW YOU MOST CREATIVE: S.S.,Monday Morning Inc. VOTED BY FORBJES EMPLOYEES TO MOST HUMOROUS: C.A.N. SR, Town & Country Mtrs. MOST ORIGINAL: F.Q., VA Medical center, Lyons The Boss: JVC Company: School One Submitted by: R.A.- Kdg Scotch Plains The Boss: Company: Submited by: M.C. Cranford Chlldcare Center E.R. & Company The Boss: CSP Company: CSP Associates Submitted by: EVN & LGA The Boss: JRM ;ltl Company: Somerset County Technical Institute Submitted by: 5CTI Ladles The Boss: P.L. Company: Stratua Computer Inc. Submitted by: D.M.P. The Boss: F.' Company:- VA Medical Center, Lyons Submitted by: Jo Ann Sloan \ The Boss: R.G.P. ' Company: py Westfieid id High School Submitted by: ODD & All the other secretaries The Boss: J.H. Company: Richard A, Weldel Realtors Submitted by: Grace Nielsen he Boss:!ompany: iubmitted by: R.G. Mark Raymond ft Company Everyone " The Boss: P.A.M Company: UCPC Submitted by: PC Staff The Boss: S.K. Company: Klausner, Hunter, Clge Submitted by: Deb. D. The Boss: Lan Knauer Company: Knauer Realty Corp Submitted by: The Gang C.A.N. SR. Town Country Mtrs. Submitted by: Flossie Conroy DRAW YOUR BOSS" SPONSORED BY: The Boss: S.S. Company: Monday Morning Inc. WISH A HAPPY SECRETARIES WEEK TO ALL THE AREA SECRETARIES! HIGH POWER TEMPS 105 E. Union Ave., Bound Brook NJ " / m_i,j r>

13 April 23,1992 Roosevelt Intermediate School announces second honor roll Roowvtft Intermediate School of Wntfleld announce! students named to the honor roll for the second marking period. 8th Grade Distinguished Honor Roll: Kelli C Bodayla, Victor R Encarnadon, Jennifer Faulkner, Sharon Ounblno, Shari P. Gersch, Scott King, Jennifer C. Uvaudais, Rachel M. McKenzie, Douglas Sandford, Sandeep SatwaJekar, Jennifer Schader, Kathy Shafiee, Elizabeth A. Vaniperen. Benjamin Wei and Nicole Wygovsky. 8th Grade Honor Roll: Matthew Ambrosia, Nicholas Penner, Adam J. Borchin, Allison J. Cambria, David R Caprario, Lauren L. Clark, Deirdre D, Cooney, Lara Dekmezian. Michael Dixon, Daniel M. Garry, Sean P. Gatesy, Elizabeth A. Giameo, Jodi Be. Goldberg, Kellie Goncalves, Stephen P. Griffeth, Megan E. Hogarth, Sean M. Horan, Brad T. Jankowski, Jennie M. Kassakian, Sarah Kate. Kimberly A. Kelly, Stephanie L. Komicke, Abby Kushner, Jared E. Lichtenthal, Eric SALE! JAY'S CYCLE CENTER 227 North Ave. E. Westfield $ Unenberg, Deborah E. Iintz, Alexandra Martins, Gregory K. May, Douglas, Tan A. Douglas, Derek vanni, Shannon Dodfe, Matthew P. Dr. Levlant to speak at Jordan D. McClelland, Jennifer W. Fisher, Melissa L. Fleming, Lauren E. Flynn, Erica B. Fox- Or. Curt Lsviant, professor of Hebrew temple brunch McCulbm, Jowph McGill, Kathleen McKeever, Renu Mehta, Justine Moncrief, Lee Muiler, Leigh Horrocks, Marie J. Juelis, Momoko wanny. wi be the speaker at a brunch Shennan, Gregory D. Fry, Douglas and Yiddish Meratura at Rutgers Un»- Pravda, Elizabeth M. Raetz, Michael Rodihan. Magaly Roig, Sarah mantha Legones, Maircn F. Lene- 10:30 am. Sunday. Dr. Levtent is a Kawaguchi, Jennifer Kemps, Sa- at Temple Emanu-B of WesMetd, Rood, Stephanie L. Sasso, Meghan han, Alena M Legate, Lauren prodigious translator from the Yiddish G. Schwarzenbek, Christine C. McGavern, Ryan P. Maloney, Adrienne M. Manarese, Jessica Miller, Chaim Grade, Avraham Reisen and of the worits of Shotom AMchtm. Swenson, Holly M. Talbott, Amy L. Valentine, Katherine N. Werley, Jason Murray, Emi Narusawa, Poul other authors. Erickfl A. Wilhelms, Brian E. Williams, Jana Zeljkovic, Kim Vo. and short-story writer. His Urst Neilsen, Sophie S. Ngeow, Alicia Professional Levfant ia also a novsist novel. 7th Grade Distinguished Honor Roll:. Jesse David Blumberg, Kristin Chabala, Ericka Chow, Elizabeth Dedcrick, Jane Garrity, Kathryn Keinkel, Courtney D. Ill, Lauren Newmark, Lauren R. Pepper, Molly C. Phelan, Danielle Rodman, Sarah R Rubenstein and Allison Totams. 7th Grade Honor Roll: Shelly Bansal, Thomas R Basta, Virginia C. Blauvelt, Lisa D. Bomstein, Theresa Caprario, Gregg Clyne, Timothy Cook, Kenneth S. Dalrymple, Lauren E. DcMarco, Paul J. DeCarli, Jonathan DiGio- SCHWINN'S 6th ANNUAL THREE DAYS ONLY! APRIL 23-25th SCHWINN'S BIKE. SAVE s 50! Mao Sl Sale ajon: CHECK THIS Salact Accessories Available Many to choose from REFRESHING OFFER! ranges SSSsr' * ^ e M. Nicoll, Margaret O'Connell, Elizabeth A. Oppenheim, Catherine A. Patt, Susan E. Petrino, Ann E. Polak, Brian Priestley, Tara Pusich, Thomas K Reagan, Jessie K Reider, Kimberlee D. Robinson, Timothy J. Romano, Lauren B. Rudofsky. Lisa Salmond, Elyssa Serrilli, Elizabeth R. Shannon, Amir B. Shmueli, AbdaUa W. Simaika, Ryan A. SteAiik, Edward L. Stoner, Dora Sugar, Laura L. Sweeney, Christopher Tafelski, Iiesja A Tortorello, Kathryn H. Tracy, Robert Tyson III, Ingrid Willemsen, Kristen D. Zadourian and Donna Zambolla. XTMA SAVINOil Community Ufo A-13 Religion The Yemenite Girt, was hailed by Saul Bellow and other critics, and awarded the Edward Lewis Wallant Award as the best Jewish novel of the year, Curt Leviant's latest novel, The Man Who Thought He Was Messiah about an imaginary year in the life of the 18th 'century Hasidic master and storyteller, Reb Nachman of Bratslav, has been praised by Elie Wiesel and by the New York Times Book Review. Dr. Leviant's topic is "Sholom Aieichem or Isaac Bashevis Singer: Who Really Represents the Shtetl?" After introductory re- "A SUNtOOM FOR tvf RY RUDCfT" FREE INSTALLATION FOUR SEASONS SUNKOOMS Outdoor Living... Indoors "Four Statont Praudly Annauncu Tht World'* Moil Advanced Solarium K-S ImuliUd Salary Clan" 34 Brook Plaza, Rt. 22W. Green Brook Free Estimates - Fully Insured Custom Decks Roofing Windows Complete Home Remodeling Additions Siding Doors KHchtns ft Baths Swimming Pool Enclosures Add Light,Free Heat,V«lue,Seauty To Your Home or Business Expand Living Space With Year-Round Comfortable Temperature Maximize view, Provide insect Protection, Enjoy Your Yard CM r«r PsttUf IMlIrt tkiw Offw. Ctniwt M < iti«ln»«mm «*V othw sfl*r Union Conntp $\c(ta;iou marks, the audience will have the opportunity to participate in a discussion. The cost for the brunch will be $5. Brackbill will give talk at fellowship day linch Ann Brackbill, corresponding secretary of the Greater Plainfield Area Habitat for Humanity, will be the guest speaker at the Westfleld and vicinity unit of Church Women United May Fellowship Day observance, at the Congregational Church, Elmer Street, Friday, May 1. A luncheon will be served at noon. The theme for the day is "Call for a Compassionate Community," a call to recognize the essence of suffering within each member of the human family. Mrs. Brackbill and her husband, Rev. Charles Brackbill, joined a small group of friends in founding the Plainfield area Habitat for Humanity. CWU brings women of faith from differing religious traditions together to experience a sense of bonding and community within an G I: A I? imperial OFF MFG. RETAIL X LOQ ecumenical environment Eleanor Smith is the presiding president of the local unit. Tickets for the luncheon are available from the listeners of the local churches. Child care is available. Call Youth Sunday to be celebrated this week Sunday is Youth Sunday at the Presbyterian Church in Westfleld. Senior High young people will lead the 8 and 10:30 a.m. worship services. The Chancel Choir will provide the music at the 10:30 am service. At 9:15 am Church School and adult education classes will meet A Baptism Instructional Class for parents also will be held at 9:15 am At 3 p.m. a training session for new church officers will be held. The Senior High Choir and Junior High Fellowship will meet at 6 p.m. and the Senior High Fellowship at 7:30 p.m. First United Methodist has fellowship time The First United Methodist Church of Westfield has a fellowship time at 10:15 am each Sunday in the Fellowship Room. This is an informal gathering of the community and visitors. Morning worship is at 10:45 a.m. with child care. This Sunday, the guest German choir, Singkreis Laudate, led by Max Kohler, will present a sermon in song. The Revs. Harrout Handt and Philip Dietterich will speak on "Methodists Linking Two Conatents." IMPERIAL WALLCOVER FAST DELIVERY GREAT SERVICE LIMITED TIME OFFER HURRY IN! v Custom Interior* X144 South* W. WsatfiaM, NJ j is one ihina,ilf 20 morirfr. or wnlk mow* 1(i > h;ivp tn common r i * i,m economical i'»9 model lo our \iz»l (he? lint* G9" Sell piotioiiert o\vc ~ 'jlart bmdc br.ikf riufc^ cinrjov-'-mm valve ("ftqif't? H'odpis BUILT TOUGH and bnckpd by inr hrst qua ram. in Ihi? business You p'avido UM, m.itnu*nanre Wo til H FREE lor 2 years, no questions a*k your SNAPPER dimuv tot dfl.h SNAPPER s 'evolutional ; :.(jut I htrtclp cuts and r.v ;-,lss so Pino your l.lad >j ^ - l«ki> i you t>.i: ;- 1 IhM. - -IQS SUPERIOR BAGGING GRACE & PEACE FELLOWSHIP 950 RARITAN ROAD CRANFORD. NliW JtRSEY (201) *0 Piiton Dtin K Virfirin K.iudicn Sunday - 10:00 A.M. Worship Wednesday - 7:30 P.M. Teaching Raritan Road Baptist Church 611 Raritan Road., Cranford (Adjacent to the Days Inn) Pastor Steve Nash Sunday Service^ > Sundiy School -9:40 A.M. Sunday Worthip-11:00 AM. Wed. Evening Bible Study-7 P.M. #c vi in rtllwitf tilt!it CMwtlw taytht A oil» S(. Paul's United Church of 213 Ccnicr Si. G;:u wood Rev. Frederick Rogers Wuislui) ami Suml.iy School :M A.M. Child Ore Av;iilj )lc Your children will learn of Ood'e love and gain a biblical loun<jatk>n for life's decisions In our Sunday School. First Baptist Church The Garwood Presbyterian Church 341 Spruce Avenue Qarwood, N.J Oaty WttMl Pitlcr Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Worship Service 11:00 a.m. Wednesday HlfjM Prayer Power WWi Frslit Urvtet 7:30 ' M. KENILWORTH GOSPEL CHAPEL Newark Ave. a 23rd St., Kenilworth Sunday Services: 11 AM - Family Bible Hours and Sunday School tor All Ages 7:00 PM - Evening Service* y - * *» and BJ6M Friday. 7:00 Ht - Vou* Maatinfl Frtday NlgM CMWnn's Ck* 7430 PM to**** acrool Aes) Cat Pw Mara MonntMn Mahf* an educated decision See your SNAPPER de BELLE MEAD Hillsborough Lawn A Garden BOUND BROOK Lawnmower Repair Shop CLARK Clark Power Equipment CRANFORD T & J Mower FORDS Ford's Lawn Mower Sales & Service MARTINSVILLE Martinsville Power Mower METUCHEN tniild-up is o as you mow wiin propelled models cn Clean up 'all leaves with a Snappeniet Leat Shredder Metuchen Power Mower MIDDLESEX Middlesex Power Equipment RARITAN Somerset Lawn & Garden SCOTCH PLAINS Anderson Lawn Mower WESTFIELD Mclntyre's Lawn Mower Redeemer Lutheran Church Clark and Cowperthwalt* Place (2 Slocha North of Lord and Taylor) Westfleld, NJ Rev. Paul E. Krlttch, Pastor Rogar Borchin, D.C.E. Sunday Worihip Sarvicai t:30 ana 1 (:00 AM Sundjy School ind Adult Blbla Clad SSO AM Wednaaday Evtnlng Service 7:30 PM Nurtary Provtdad During Worship San/icai and Education Hour Christian Day Sctiool Nurtary Through Orad* TERRILL ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH 1340 Terrlll Rd. Scotch Plains Sunday: 9-45 AM Sunday School 11:00 AM - Morning Worship 6:15 AM - Church Training 7:15 PM - Evening Worship Wadnasday: 7:00 PM - Prayar M»»llng Nuruiy C»r» ST. BERNARD'S CATHOLIC CHURCH 368 Sumner Av. Plainfield Mass Schedule Saturday: 5:30 PM Sunday: 8:00, 9:30 11:30 AM Rev. Joseph F. Be rbone, Pastor 170 elm Street Westrieltf, New Jeraey t Church School 9:00 AM Worship 10:30 AM Dr. Robert L Harvey, Pastor GREATER MT. ZION - UHC 43 fohnson Avenue Cranford. N (90S) PASTOR: REV. CHARLIE W. BULLOCK Sunday Worship Service: 10 am Sunday School am Morning Worship Weekday Services: 8 pm Wednesday Bible Study 6 pm Friday Prayer at Praise Programs (or Children, Jr. & Sr. High, Singles, Couples, Families and Senior Adults Sunday Worship 9 and 11:15 Sunday School Classes 10 am Sunday Evenings 6:30 Wednesday Evenings 7r30 CRANFORD ALLIANCE CHURCH 7 CHERRY STREET, CRANFORD (908) Child Care Provided Stop By For A Drink AT Jacob's Well An Evangelical Free Church PralttFwt: 10:00 AM Main Sirvlct:11:00 AM Hillside Avenue School (Centennial & Hillside'Avenues, Cranford) Family and Friends Free Camels Extra, Hepatitis H viruses may be in your blood and your liver without your knowing it. It can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer Protect your baby. Ask your doctor to test your blood for hepatitis B. vaccinate your baby at birth. For more Information, contact American Liver Foundation Cedar Grove, NJ Westfield Record-

14 WesHWd Record Apri23.198f "I sold my dirt bike after advertising just one time in Forbes Newspapers. Excellent results!" RJM Rlngoes, NJ "I sold my car the first night the ad rani I had to turn people away!" %. KM No. Piainfleld, NJ "My warmest thanks to Forbes Newspapers for writing and publishing my ad In their newspapers. Short and precise, It sure brought quick results for the sale of my crib- SO or more responses." B McN Westfleld, NJ *«r "My house rental ad was more valuable in your papers than In big city newspapers and at a fraction of the cost. My advertising money has never been better spent - value received was enormous!" DR Neshanic Station, NJ "I put my ad In the paper and It worked great! I've gotten every job I've bid on!" KS Cranford, NJ "Wonderful results! I am very happy! I received many calls and have a prospect to buy my home." RM Edison, NJ f "I advertised my carpet cleaning business In Forbes Classifieds and I'm extending my ad due to the overwhelming results) TJ Enterprises New Brunswick, NJ "A week ago I ran a Help wanted ad In Forbes Newspapers and the response was tremendous. Over 50 people answered the ad. Everytime I advertise with Forbes the response seems to get better!" EL Piscataway, NJ "The first time I called to retrieve my messages from my 'Introductions' ad, I had 18 responses! I still haven't retrieved all my messages and I've had a total of 35 so far!" DM Somerset County

15 April 33,1982 A-15 Area rvice i rectory AIR CONDITIONING I COLLISION REPAI' FUEL OIL \PROVIDING QUALITY SEW!ci\ 1 FOR OVER 30 YEARS YORK HWninQ svml Air GonoWofwiQ Safes A Se/v/ce «ac*romoa»ct new Clock Ttmmoinn MMo Fans WMMM* AUTO DEALERS BEILLY OLDSMOBILE, INC AUTHORIZED OLOSMOBILE SALES & SERVICE NORTH AVE. E. WESTFIELD BUILDERS Benner * Auto Center Complete Auto Body & Mechanical with the latest technology. NJ Inspection & Reinspection 606 South Ave. t E. Cranford, NJ COMPUTING Trevor Systems Increase Productivity Maximize Efficiency Control Inventory SmaN Business Specialists (908) I^DOWELLS Sine* 1028 Family Ownttf ft Operated Budget Plans Service Plans Plumbing/AC 450 North Ave. E. Westtleld GLASS EST. 194* CO. Electrically Operated Windows All Curved A Panoramic Windshields & Channels * Regulators Rear Windows W: WEtTFIELD AV. ROSELLE PARK mtm WM«ma WWMW IM m iro» or win m DRIVEWAY HOME IMPROVEMENTS MASON PLUMBERS TREE SERVICE Work Guaranteed CHARLES STILES Nuoi Contractor With 11 Yean Experience Step Rebuilding Specialists it* riek Fronts Front* FREE ESTIMATES *» *** Donsld S. Rocktftlltr PLUMB1NQ & HEATING INC. Complete Plumbing Heetktg Services State L/c Raleigh Ave. Cranford' WOODSTACK TREE SERVICE INSURED Low, Low Winter Rates Senior Citizen Discounts FREE ESTIMATES MOVERS PLUMBERS TREE SERVICE HOBBINS* ALLISON, INC. PueNe Movers AGENT ALLIED VAN LINES 213 SOUTH AVE E CRANFORD TEL27UMM PAINTER MCDOWELLS Sine* 1928 Uc. #1268 Water Heaters Sewer Cleaning Sump Pumps Irlnklng Water Water Conditioning Systems, No Job Too Small 450 North Ave. E. Westtleld PLUMBERS Ellis Tree Service ALL TYPES OF TREE CARE & REMOVAL Firewood e Woodchfps Snow plowing Landscaping (908) (908) INSURED FREE ESTIMATES TO ADVERTISE A. BUONTEMPO Qenenl Bulldtr Sinct 1950 New Homes, Additions and Attaraflons New Decks, Wood Siding and Repair* t Steps, Sidewalks, Plastering All Types Masonry New Offices and Storefronts Repairs and Alterations Fire Damage Construction Fully Insured Fn* Estimate (908) LJcent* #02160 OWVCWAYS FMMNQLOTS SEAtCOATWO KLOHJM BLOCK CURBING RARHOAO TIES STUMP GRINDING "enmno YOUR AREA FOR OVER 40 YEARS" FREC ESTIMATES FUUY INSURED FAMILY OWNEO OPERATED Scotch Plains OLP FASHION QUALITY WITH M00MN KMOW HOW CuMom Cafpwtty BaiwnanU Windowi/Doori BathroomSp*cWtls numbing Oteki Etoctrictf FREE ESTIMATES Cleanliness is priority #7 flaftraflcm Insured CALL BOB AT 90B ELOIDES GARCIA Painting A Decorating INTERIOR EXTIRIOR POWER WASH PAPERHANQINQ FREE ESTIMATES FULLY INSURED PROFESSIONAL QUALITY ELOIOfcS GARCIA,<>. SOX Ml* Prt tl«*ni WtSTFieiO, NJ. OTMt MEMIER PROFESSIONAL PAINTERS ASSOC. LENNY'S PLUMBING HEATING Heating Sewer Cleaning PlumWng & Heating Repairs Hot Water Heaters Sump Pumps Free Est. State License #6249 Lenny Grleco To Place Your Service here, Call Annette at BUILDERS ELECTRICAL HOME IMPROVEMENTS PAINTING PLUMBING TV REPAIR CUSTOM = CONTRACTING Additions * Alterations Window and Patio Door Installations Wood and Vinyl Siding Roofing Commercial * Residential Fully Insured Free Estimates 276*4083 Serving Union County and Vfclnif/ With Quality»nd OwndabiHf - Wayne Davidowttch - POLYPHASE ELECTRIC All Phases of Electrical Work From Pole to Plug Residential Commercial Industrial Electric Heat f 0 Years of Experience - FREE ESTIMATE - Unsurpassed Quality Workmanship Uc. #7194 (908) Brlggs Home Improvements AMOWMU, Donneri) Decks BstnfQOfnSt K K M I M, flooflnq 'WMoMand Doors FrMEattmtss HesUsnW and Cornnerctal Senior CManDlewunt Call Jim N.M. (NICKI) PAINTING Residential Commercial RESIDENTIAL SPECIALISTS Exterior and Interior Brush Spray Roller 1 FREE ESTIMATES We Power Wash Before Every Job! Call Nick (908) CHAPMAN BROS. UC. #1428 Plumbing Heating - Cooling Alterations - Repairs Air Conditioning NORTH AVE. E CRANFORD Specializing in: SALES & REPAIRS (30 Years in Business) CENTER TV 907 Wood Ave. * Roselle BUILDERS ADDITIONS ALTERATIONS DECKS KITCHENS BATHS FULLY INSURED QUALITY WORK COMPETITIVE PRICES Family in Cranford 39 years CARPET CLEANING NJ-s Finest Carpet Cleaning Spring Cleaning Special 19 FT.'(Reg. 24c) 16 years of experience Commercial Residential Fully Insured Fret Estimates Clean Tech FENCING AND DECKS I HOUSEKEEPING-MAID SERVICE PAINTING PLUMBING WALLS AND CEWNGS DiPasquale Fence Family owntd and operated since 1956 Wood Dtcfci Custom Wood Ftnci* Chain Link Ftnc* OmwntntilFtnct Frtt Estimate* Installation Strvlce Repair Service 1988 Route 22 Scotch Plains, N.J FUEL OIL Call For Service or Fuel Oil Reel-Strong Fuel Cranford Serving All Of Union County Since i925 Spec/a/ Offer// cr you NX's FINEST RESIDENTIAL CLEANING SERVICE S25.95/4 ROOMS $4.25 EACH ADDITIONAL ROOM IN AVERAGE CONDtTfON INSURED «< BONDED NM nirtnir INTO, a WMIIITMINT CAU TODAY! (908) ASK ABOUT OUR OTHER SERVICES! LANDSCAPING ADVANCED LANDSCAPING Resldentlel end Commercial Frt* Estimates Spring and Fall Clsan-upa Fertilizing and Wwd Control Dscks and Railroad Ties Design Fully Insured Senior Citizen Discount Call Marc or Jim IAVITOL PAINTING Exterior e Interior e Expert Preparation Free r^rimate Fully Insured Carpentry Wr'rt Still Working Our Way Through Town and Wt do the best Work Around" SAVE ENERGY... We install Vinyl Replacement Windows e Cheek our Rtcation Proof Prices Roofing Leaden and Cutters PAVING RealdentlaT & Commercial Asphalt Work e Driveways Parking Areas e Sidewalks Sealing Resurfacing Curblnga Snowplowlng TRUCK & BACKHOE RENTAL FREE EST. FULLY INS. ALL YEAR SERVICE Serving Union County "CALL 7 DAYS A WEEK 1 ' REYNOLDS PLUMBING * HEATING INC. Lou DIFabk) Tony DIFabio Over 35 Yra. Experience SAME DAY SERVICE Bathroom and Kitchen Moderizatlons SERVICE SALES REPAIRS We Do The Complete Job REASONABLE RATES UC. # NORTH AVENUE E CRANFORD ROOFING & REMODELING WE STOP LEAKS! CLARK BUILDERS, INC. COMPUTE ROOF STK1PPIN0. SPECIALIST* FIAT ROOFNIO ft SLATE OUTTIRS * LtAOCRS SERVING. UNION ft MIDDLESEX COUNTIES FOR 23 YEARS FUUY Mwwwo - rne sntmtts NJ. UC. NO. 010TSO LEAK (5325) R. Vetter & Sons Plastering Patching Textured Celling Sheetrocklng ~ Taping & Finishing WALLS AND CEILINGS Custom Coverings Paint & Paper Hanging Aluminum Siding Refinlshing Quality Work at Affordable Prices John Scott CARPET SERVICE FUEL OIL LAWN SERVICE PAVING TO ADVERTISE WINDOWS RICK'S M, CARPET technics ALL TYPES OF CARPET REPAIR suln, Stretchlna, Seaming and inaiallmkm* 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE FREE ESTIMATES tovfltladlfilnslrvkc Fuel Oil Complete heating Repairs " Service Air Condu ' Ing 1245 Westtleld A. CLARK JSG SERVICES Home & Grounds Maintenance e Lawn Service e Landscaping 'Quality e Service Satisfaction FREE ESTIMATES BIG MAN PAVING Commercial and Residential No Job Too Small Seal Coating on Driveway also Water Seal Coating on Wood Decks and etc. Free Estimates Fast Service Great Price OHIce hourr 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. CALL TODAY - YOUR AD CAN BE SEEN by 24,500 Households ZASTA HOME IMPROVEMENTS VINYL REPLACEMENT WINDOWS *175 COMPLETELY INSTALLED (Up lo 101IMM M m) Ho MInbTun Ordtr fl«q 25 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY Till In for eaiy cleaning "Your Call Brings The Owner, NOT A Salesman" i also carry Bay, Bow & Casement Windows *> CaHmato Fully IrwurMl Senior Cltli*n Mmcunta (908) Scotch Plaint

16 A-16 April 23,1992 j Briefs Forum helps investors use their mortgages What the lenders forget to tell you about your mortgage will be the topic of a free 90-minute seminar, "Turning your current mortgage into a dynamic investment," by Matt Nilsen, national financial manager for Financial Control Associates of Westfield. The seminar is at the Somerset Marriott Hotel (exit 6 on Route 287) at 7:15 p.m. Tuesday. For reservations call before 4 pm the day of the seminar. Kessler to offer ADA compliance seminar Local businesses seeking assistance in complying with revisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) may wish to contact the professionals at the "Breaking Barriers ADA Consulting Service" offered by Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation. Call (201> ext 421. Constellation reports quarterly gain WACC displays original charter The Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce recently unearthed a document of historical significance, dated April 27, 1948, which contains the mission statement of The Westfield Business Association (the forerunner of the Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce) and signatures of the first 29 members. Vickie Beerman and Gerry Gildea, owners of Juxtapose Gallery on Elm Street, found the document in an old folder which had been overlooked for at least eight years. The notified the chamber, which asked Juxtapose, specialists in conservation framing, to preserve the document for posterity. The document states proudly, "The aims and purposes of this organization are to create greater opportunities for business within the town, to cooperate in every way to further the interests of legitimate STARTS TODAY! HAVE PRICES REFUSE UNDERSO business and to assist In making Westfield a better place in which to live." WACC officers say this first mission statement is as valid as when it was in The original members, who met at 9 a.m. at the Rialto Theatre and paid annual dues of $10, included a few names still known and respected in the Westfield business community: Ralph Yeager of Union County Business Bureau (whose son, Ron Yeager, now runs Union County Printing and Mailing); Edward Jarvis, chemist, whose drug store on Elm Street closed last year; Morris Kamler, founder and longtime owner of Jeanette's Gift Shop on East Broad Street; and John Franks, whose haberdashery on East Broad Street is still going strong in the same family. The attractively framed document is proudly displayed at the chamber office, 111 Quimby Si, Suite 3. Ring to retire ChMttr Ring III announced hit plans to retire at president of EfaabethtovMi Water company on Aug. 1. Thomas Cewiey wt succeed him on that date. Mr. Hog, a resident ol Plainlleld, joined PlalnlWtRWon Water Company as chief engineer in 1959, Just prior to the company's 1961 merger into Etaabethtown. He was promoted to vice president-operations in 1967, senior vice president-operations In 1975 and executive vice presidentoperations In Mr. Ring has served as president since January He ww remain on the oompbjty 1 * board of drectors after his retirement Mr. Cawfey, a resident of Princeton, joined EKzabethtown in 1969 as chief engineer and has served the past tve years as executive vice president Prior to joining Elizabethtown, he served as engineer and public worto ovsctor for the Borough of Princeton. He is a graduate of Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, N.Y. 3 DAYS ONLY! Constellation Bancorp reported net income of $1.1 million, or 13 cents per share, for the quarter ended March 31, 1992, compared with a loss of $61.8 million, or $7.50 per share, in the first quarter of 1991, and a loss of $13.9 million, or $1.70 per share, in the fourth quarter of Bell converts 26 vehicles to compressed gas To meet a federal mandate to reduce vehicular emissions, New Jersey Bell has begun operating 26 of its vehicles with compressed natural gas. The company plans to convert about 5,500 gasoline-powered vehicles to CNG by Cox to speak at legal secretary meeting The Union County Legal Secretaries Association (UCLSA) will hold its regular monthly meeting 6 p.m. Tuesday at John's Restaurant, 945 Stuyvesant Ave., Union. Emile R. Cox, clerk of the Appellate Division of the State of New Jersey, will speak on Appellate Court procedure and its workings. Call or IRS holding workshop for small businesses The Newark District of the Internal Revenue Service announced % series of Small business Tax Education Workshops to be held now through June. These workshops urc designed to offer new and prospective business owners a One- Stop information session on business issues as they relate to federal and state taxes. These workshops are a joint effort of the IRS and the New Jersey Division of Taxation. The federal portion will cover: How the IRS Works; Types of Business Organizations; Recordkeeping; and Employment Taxes. The state portion will cover Registration of a Business; Gross Income Tax Withholding; General Sales Tax information and Sales Tax Remittances. The workshops are free; however, registration is required. Call and a schedule will be mailed and information given. Deep in debt? Marriage breaking up? IF YOU DON! NEED A LAWYER NO LAW MAKES YOU HIRE ONE Our Ltgal Salf-Hilp* sarvlc* PREPARES ALL THE FORMS GETS YOU THRU THE PROCESS with NO liwytft ltd BAfiKRUPTCY EFPARATIO.'J DIVORCE 588-4LAW (MB) MO Amfcay Am., M«tucH*n, HJ 1 ft: SUPER VALUE Twin R«g.*99 Set* Only Full - ea.pc. Reg. M Sets Only Queen 2pc. sejt Reg. ' BONUS COUPON (Seila) V.-i, 18 YEAR WARRANTY TWIN SIZE Pc SETS Jt MATTRESSES - m GOOD Extra Support Twin-tape. % Rag. 159 st^only Full - pc., f* «efl.*239.9s Sets Only J j ' ^ Queen 2 PC. Ml j- * ;f,y- Reg. *S19.95 '..,; / / ^ King 3PC. Mt,>,. :..-.-, Reg.* i ' FREE DELUXE BED FRAME with purchm of Pmmhun Bidding Smt ONLY FROM BETTER TWin-«.pc. R»Q.'179 sets Only Full-M.pc. Reg.'2S».9» SeteOnly Queen 2pC. Mt Reg.* King 3PC. Mt Reg. '839.9O BONUS COUPON WE'VE GOT YOUR MATTRESS!! Full, es pe t Queen ( 2pettt rtagimto»399" King, s pe sit R«g 10M.n 549" BER8K8HIRE DRESHER J/B ROBS OFashion Bed Group White Iron & Brass 99 $ Traditional White Day Bed TWIN SIZE EJ.PC. LMBJO 15 YEAR WARRANTY Full, es. pc ' RtgtSW.10 Queen,2pcsst KtgMN.fO King, s pc Mt Rtglim.H 799 M, ^ BEST Maximum Support Guard For A Super Support Twin aa. pc. '' Rag.'198 SeteOnly * * Full - aa. pe. Reg sets Only Queen 2PC. Mt Reg. *e99.m King 3PC.MI Reg DELIVERY SET UP REMOVAL OF OLD BEDCNNQ Full, M. pt mm* lorty Queen, z pe t RtoS11N.K) King, jpestt R*g 1MIJ0 799" BRASS BEDS SOFA BEDS IRON BEDS "JAMESTOWN Traditional Style Solid Wood 111llVif/ Sleep Center 392 ROUTE 22 WEST GREEN BROOK, NJ Next to CHOICE SEATING, ust pnsl S1RIKT A SPARE bowline) Linos,J r ^l" P *T ^l Of'l N DAII Y It) TO ') SAIUMDAV H) TO S SUNDAY l/ro.l White Iron With Brass Accents $ 179 GOT YOUR BESS! Prtmkr*

17 Apt 23,1002 On the inside: i-3 You said it: 'Basically, this will tell the tale. We have a nice record, but we've beaten a lot of lesser programs.' -Oft*** KftJMMT fl*m torn* COM* Big serves, new rackets and more h Ms HI bvwssmy odumn, I * glvs you than summary of whaft happartng In tis tmnto. MBi rmi nw, i wi van yw" Ing you son* easy stops to taketoknpiovs YOUR gams. Last month, Montos 8etos I- nay tost a iratth to JmrHrn Capital. Ini t w Important Upton tounwnant in Florida The tour* namsnts wtrmwa wsn I992*t (wo hoomt pisyers. Aianba Sanchaz-Vfcwto and Monad Chang. Ths courts hid been toafcd to stow them up s bft and the msn vmrn required to umhaavtartamia bat* than tfw womm vi an assmpi n nsgejs tv raoant dorrtnanos ot ths big anveandvotiypiayen. IN* dominanoa of ths power SMve (oauesd mafnv by fteln- Ofsassd SHts and mors powsnu oonsgurssons ot ntootni rsoqua*) hat bsen a growing pnxmfn n msns isms, MOM nvaohts haws been gevng mo notonoua at t» aarvar wire tht ovsnmnsnmg rnajoniy en sic garnet. One tsrvtos break per set Is most common; only o n Is no longer a fsihy. Many aiiggssloni have been made aa to howtoours Wi "big SMVS" probtsm. One Is to out baok to a<hngto suve p«in padorrntonnjs).this would wwut In ths ssrver aimost never winning s gems. Another Is to isjae themgn of the net Iha would eovefssy awed ground-. BPHSV-.. anq..m)uri isojun nst post rapafiemsnli everywhers. Anoswr Istoihortsn ttis asivios boxbyatiwtht-nottoobed an Uss, Anotisr IttoChangs to body or )uattorman. Header bate wl cause more shock and mom oaata of tannta adow. M you use the htavfer temie bats Jual for man two what happens whan you play mtasd doubim? Ihs boat aomlon, in my opinion, would b*to add a naw narrow loa, about a nav Inch wida, a tew test to the rear of aach batalna. Woman would conflnue to Mtva torn bahind ins Dsaeaie ana man (ages ID or 1«and ovsr) would bt required "Man's sen* Una." H hat worked in golf wnh "womens' ana ano mma MOT ao wny not in tennis? On* record in tannia that "would navar be broken" was Chris Evsrt winning 157 tourrwneris. Wai, Martins Ntvntftova has raosntty broken this rsoord and has sines added number 150. Never say never! Mangy tootdng Andrs Agassi has not bean taring wel in the rsgulsr pro toumarnants but he pays Ike gangbustert for the Unfted Stales In Davis Cup matches. Last year he won the dsckting match in the semifinals agsinst Germany and last month ha came through again to win the dncher In the quartsftnaa agalnsl Czechoslovakia Way to go Andrei Just shave, rtn your lowtng looks, throw away»iat awu bohng banomns ana gsi seme inns insi dent show 14 Inches of you stomach hair on every stroke. Is tie two-handed racket next? Montoe Seise experi- (Fleoae turn to page B-3) The Cup runneth over Devils lax reclaims Bristol Cup in rout of Summit After watching Wettfleld's 13-3 dismantling of Summit on Saturday in winning the Bristol Cup, you really had to wonder how the Blue Devils lacrosse team ever lost the trophy in the first place. With many of the same starters in place from last year's club, Westfield cruised] to victory, utilizing fast breaks, nifty give-and-go's and strong special teams play to recapture the cup it had owned the first four years ( ). Well executed passing, a Westfield trademark, earmarked most of the first and third quarters, where the Blue Devils got all but three of their goals en route to reclaiming the cup after a two year hiatus. The Mali Prybylski-Matt CbnneD-Soott Brainard attack line accounted few four goals and seven assists. Midfielder Chris Wojcik, who Joins Mike Catenacd and Steve Kocaj on the first midfield line, enjoyed another fine afternoon, scoring three goals and assisting on another. Connell also had a hat trick. After its first two games of the season, the top midfield and attack lines have been clicking, and the HUltoppers (04) found out the hard way what the Blue Devils last three opponents (Si Joe's, Princeton and Suftem) also learned. Off to the races Westfield Rec races set for this weekend It's time to lace 'em up and break 'em in. This Saturday at Tamacjues Park in Westfield, the Westfield Recreation Commission will host its Second Annual 5-MUer and 1-Mile Fun Run. Proceeds from the event will go to benefit drug end alcohol-free programs. The event will begin with the 1 mile Fun Run at 9 a.m., followed by the 5-Miler at 9:30 a.m. The entry fee Is $8 for the 5- Miler and $4 for the Fun Run. Late registration fees will be $10 and $5, respectively. T-shirts will be issued to the first 200 registrants. The race features a fast and flat certified course with mile splits and water stations. limited parking and rest room facilities will be available. Runners should come dressed to fun. For race application or information, contact the Westfield Recreation Commission at (908) Trophies will be awarded in the following categories: first, second and third place male and female Westflekl has put home 54 goals in its last four games, while allowing only 14. The top point scorers from last year Wojcik (17 goals, 11 assists), Connell (16 goals, five assists) and Prybylski (five goals, 17 assists) We're doing a tot of things better, but there's a long way to go.' Shaun Cherewtch Westfield Ht& lacrosse coach have to follow our man more and play team defense. We have to position ourselves well and not let em'score." One reason the defense has come under such scrutiny is because the offense and midfield is controlling the ball so much. For example, in Saturday's contest, Summit had only thijee possessions in the first and third quarters. Westfield applied the "score goal-win face off, score goal-win face off," technique seemingly at will. The Blue Devils piled up half a dozen goals in the first 10 minutes, as Wojcik and Connell each netted a pair, while midfielder Scott Goldberg, who also scored a hat trick, and Chris Capone (two goals) accounted for the other two scores. After halftime Westfield came out and scored four more times to make it Wojcik got an assist from Connell at 2:11, Goldberg converted s pretty give-and-go from Prybylski at 3:12 and Monninger tallied his only goal of the game a are beginning to click, and pass, effectively. Although Devils Head Coach Shaun Cherewich admits his team is playing better, he believes his team is not where it needs to be to win a state championship. "We're doing a lot of things bet- little more than two minutes later ter, but there's a long way to go. before Goldberg rounded out the Right now we wish we had Delbarton and Mountain Lakes (both loss- quarter. scoring with his second goal of the es) back," said Cherewich. "I think Meanwhile, the only thing Westfield defenders could do was we're still weak on defense. We watch have to work on that and com-theimunicate more, even on offense." and score, as the ball rarely fre- teammates pass and shoot "Our defense, as a whole, needs quented Westfield's side of the to come together," said senior defenseman Jeremy Barbin. "W> (Please turn to page field B-3) qualified for the Untted States Gymnastics Federation National competition, which will be held In Boston next weekend, by virtue of her loth-place finish In the Regional competition, which Includes gymnasts from six states. SHARON W1LSOWTHE RECORD Senior midfielder Joel Kamlns playsd a part in the Blue Devils' 13-3 thrashing of Summit on Saturday, which brought the Bristol Cup back to Westfield after a two-year hiatus. The Blue Devils face a stiff challenge In playing Johnson Regional tomorrow. Ochs overcomes obstacles, makes gymnastics Nationals KIPKUDUK THE RECORD After being plagued wtth a series of rwgging injuries, which were prompted by a sudden and extreme growth spurt, gynviest Meghan Ochs could harov wait to return to competition. Once Ochs overcame her minor wnich included a pulled hamstring and a twisted ankle, as Ml as a host of other ailments, it became clear that ths mind was wrt- Ir^txJttneDOdysimprywasnt Foiowing a year's worth of training, the WeetflekJ resident, who trains at *w Feigleys School ot Gymnastics in South PWnssid, has Inaly realized her potential. The 16-yearoW Westfield High School Junior, who placed 8CXh in last year's Level 10 Regional Gymnastics competition, came back with a vengeance this spring. Ochs Wowed up her seoondpiaoe finish in Ihs New Jersey State Gymnastics competwon with a 10thplace showing at this year's Regional competition, held In Attentown, Pa, two weekends ago. Ochs competed against regional finalists from six states: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maiyland, Virginia and West Virginia By virtue of finishing 10th, Ochs qualified for next weekend's National competition, which features the top 14 finishers in each of eight regions throughout tha Untted States. Her att-around score of 73.80, only 6.2 points shy of being perfect, was made possible by seventh-place finishes in the vault and floor exercise and an eighth-place showing on the balance beam. Ochs found herself in 16th place after the compulsory competition on the lint day. She advanced to the top 10 after a strong fourth-place finish in the opoonals on the second day. "We were waiting for this day to happen," said Trish Sutphen, who coaches Ochs with Bruce Cobum. "I thought she's always had it in her. She's got great spatial awareness, body awareness and she's very elegant. You wouldn't believe how strong she is because she's so thin. She's got a tot of talent" "l was surprised at having done as well as I did," said Ochs. the state's current Level 10 vault champion. "I was exerted to compete after being out so long This year it was more in my reach. Last year I kind of let down a little. I really wanted to forget about Jjeverything and go tor it this year.' (Please turn to page B-3) Track teams shine in 5th annual Blue Devils Classic By DAN MltCAN and JOSH THE RECOKD chored by Aimee Stout, who ran her inaugural race at that distance. Stout and leadoff runner Noelle Nolas led the way with identical bright spot for the boys came in the 4 x 400 relay, as three of the four runners turned in times below 52 seconds. Rischon Williams led the way with a 51.4, while Chris Blaiiding (51.7), Jamal Hester (51.9) and Rodney Hayes (54.2) of the anchor mile, However, the two overtook Barcan (4:48 in 1,600-meUxs) in the winners of Fun Run; overall male and female winners of the 5-Miler; and the top three finishers in each age group of the 5-Miler. The Recreation Commission greatly acknowledges the following area businesses for their kind sponsorship of this event: Pearsall, Maben & Frankenbach; Wcldon Materials, Inc.; McDowells Energy Systems, Inc.; Merrill Loaich; Po- final 200 meters, resulting in a third-place finish for Westfield. times of 2 minutes, 33 seconds. Despite cold weather and sporadic rain showers throughout the Chris Griffith (2:04.7 in 800) and Josh Albertson (3:U4.9 in 1,200), Emily Gleason (2:44) and Catie Robinson (2:35) also ran well. All day on Saturday, the fifth annual chipping in to break the 3:30 barrier for the first time this season. Barcan in the relay. Ken Silvernian (53.9 in 400) joined four were personal best split times. Blue Devils Classic was deemed a erce, Fenner & Smith, Inc.; Thesuccess by girls coach Nancy Carpenter. emergence of freshman Tiffany hind first place Elizabeth. Jeremy Romine, Scott Aldrich and Another bright spot was thethe team finished 1.3 seconds be- The "B" team (if Mike Chung, Westfield Record; Print Tech; The Summit Trust Company, Mclntyre's Locksmith 8t Lawnmower "All in all, it vras a good meet," usual. Stout ran the fastest leg on In the distance medley the Blue place Hester as a force in the hurdles. As Matt Gortwty took home fourth Service; Kinsey Associates; Vincentsen Associates; The Diamond well. Unfortunately, we were miss- but her time of MI only.28 teams in the top four. Dan Barcan Hnyes also nia ic an impressive aid Carpenter. "Everyone ran very the 4 x 100 shuttle hurdle relay, Devils were able to place two Williams,.'iai )nig, Hester and Group; First Fidelity Bank; Healthwise; the Optimist Club of West- Carpenter had to be especially team took second place, 1.3 sec-robert Mote of Rahway and Union tiiking sccoi ; place in the second ing a few key runners." seconds ahead of Hester. The relay held off state 800-meter champion showing in t.i e 4 x 200-meter relay, field and the Central Jersey Road excited by Westfleld's lone victory, onds behind the foursome from County two mile titlist Pete Oavin l:?at, trailing only the foursome Runners Club. the 4 x 800 relay which was an-j.p. Stevens. ofjggotch PLains-Fanwpod Cor moat him tcf Qflge U-31 SUPER SPRING SHAPE-UP SERVICE SPECIALS FOR YOUR CAR! TIRES ii A FILTER ii INSPECTION *9 95!!H9w!! $ {Balancing Additional) 1 Pnmkm Oil Filter ChiA tot Wm * Utti Premium 01 up to Sqti «ClMntndA#iM BnkM T BRAKE ''COOLING!.'TRANSMISSION SYSTEM SPECIAL SERVICE Dntn, Huh *nd MW up to : fritora ot i«-ht«*, kapktlon o< hot** 4 twiu * 69 Raplac* 9 5 Tranimllilon Fluid and Filler 2 WHEEL ALIGNMENT : $ 39 4 W?M«I MtffniTM I g Al AOQMOVUM ifn Expfcei 5/8/92 FN Explr&s 516/92 ifn Expires 5/6/92j ifn Expires 5/6/92 I ifn Expires 5/6/92j jj'n *xph5/w9a PONTIAC MASTER DEALER 51 YEARS DEPENDABLE SERVICE KEMPER PONTiAc ROUTE 22 EAST CAJDILIA^ SALES PARTS SERVICE SERV1CE HOURS W AT 287 OVERPASS, (i^\ (908) (908) (908) =45.5:15 Mon-Fn. f BRIDGEWATER

18 B-2 April 23,1992 HIGH SCHOOL ROUNDUP Blue Devils back on track, beat Kearny, 5-1 After Buffering three straight losses, Westfield got a much needed boost from starting pitcher Chrii Infantino, who went to 3-1 on the year following his complete game two-hitter against Keamy (1-8) on Tuesday at Edison Intermediate School Infantino, who reduced his ERA to 1.75, shackled Kardinal batten throughout, striking out two batters while allowing no walks or earned runs. The righthander got ample support from lead off batter Drew Keehn and No. 3 batter Dave Duelks. Keehn raised his batting avenge to.429 (15 for 35) after his 3 for 3 performance, which included three runs scored, an RBI and a stolen base. Duelks, currently batting.355 (11 for 31), drove in a pair of runs while scoring another. Keehn was involved in all three Westfield rallies. The shortstop led off the Blue Devils half of the first with a double and later scored when Infantino was caught attempting to steal second base. In Westfield's two-run third, Keehn led off with a single and scored on Duelk's base hit Duelks was driven in on Dave Harwood's single. In last Wednesday's 3-2 loss at Irvington, Westfield wasted a good outing by Jim Charlesworth, who permitted only three hits in his three strike out, two walk complete game performance. The lack of getting the key hit and the inability to retire the Blue Knights best hitter, Juan Williams, spelled Westfield's demise. Williams, who was also the winning pitcher, homered and doubled to drive in two of his team's three runs, Willaims also pitched out of trouble effectively, leaving 10 Blue Devils base runners stranded "It's getting to the point where its frustrating," said head coach Bob Brewster about his team's sudden trouble in scoring runs. "We've got to make some changes. We're gonna start doing things like squeezing runners home from third to at least get a chance of scoring some runs. Following big wins over Elizabeth < l«) and Union (15-4), Brewster noticed his club's mental approach to the game changed, "It started in the Cran/brd game," said Brewster. "We throttled back after scoring nine runs In the flrst inning. Against Livingston (an 11-8 loss), we did the same thing, only we didnt come back. We have to get mentally tough in key situations." Softball gains respect, but loses to Kearny Monday'! 5-*, dght toning km at Keamy (8-1) deflated the Blue Devils, but left some positive impressions. Against one of the finer teams in the area, Westfield (7-2) hung tough and got around on the ball very well against Kardinal ace Denise Wamock. "People had questions in their mind about how good we were after the 11-0 loss (to Union)," said head coach Maggie McFadden. "I think the kids surprised themselves. After a loss like that, even tough we won a few close games, they weren't sure they could play with the likes of Keamy." Westfield had runners on second and third base with one out, but couldnt push across the go ahead run in the late going. In the bottom of the eighth, Keamy 0-1) won the game on a bases loaded walk with nobody out Pitcher Carl Greenwald pitched all eight innings, yielding eight hits, five walks and four earned runs, while fanning three batters. Shortstop Glna Lukasiewicz was the hitting star, collecting two hits and driving in two runs. Center fielder Lori CheUus had afinedefensive day in the outfield. Greenwald and freshman Natali Zarille combined on a five inning no-hitter In the Blue Devils 16-1 thumping of Irvington last Wednesday. Sharon Hay (2 for 3, 3 runs) and Katie Richardson (single, double) shined at the plate for Westfield. The Blue Devils were seeded third in the Union County Softball Tournament and will host Rahway (1-5) at Westfiekl H.S. at 10:30 «,m. this Saturday. Union (7-0) and Union Catholic (JW» were given the top two seeds. Jeremiah places 2nd in Watchung Conf.Tourn. Sophomore Kick Jeremiah shot a seven-over par 79 tofinishsecond overall and help Westfield win the Watchung Conference Tournament at Suburban CC in union on Monday. The Blue Devils totalled a 334, eaauy enough to beat second place Cranford, which shot a 366, and Scotch Plains-Fanwood, which checked in with a 370. Damp conditions made dub selection difficult and it showed on the front nine, as almost every player shot better on the inward half. Due to the heavy, wet air, the ball didnt travel as far as it usually would and players found themselves leaving their approach shots short of the green, resulting in higher than normal scores. Summit's Bryce Hamilton acclimated himself quickly to the surroundings. Hamilton won individual honors with a slick four-over par 76. Cregg Watner, who was still weary after his trip to Texas, where he shot a 77 in a tournament there, slumped to a front nine 47 before picking himself up to shoot an even-par 36 on the back. Watner ended up shooting an 83. Teammates Matt Jesrap carded an 84 and Mark Hobble posted an 88 to round out the scoring tor Westfield. Directly after finishing its play in the Watchung Conference Tournament, WestfiekTs players hustled over to Echo Lake CC to play a dual match against Summit Already wielding a hot hand from his morning round, Jeremiah shot a two-over par 38 to led the ELIMINATE 1HESE Blue Devils (9-0) to a comfortable victory over the Hilltoppers (4-3). Jeuup fired solid 39, Brian O'Connor shot a 40 and a still bleary-eyed Watner shot a 42. "So far, we're doing OK," said Head Coach Joe Soviero. "Summit is just about the only team who's given us trouble and we handled them pretty good the second time. I'm sure when we play Scotch Plains (Apr. 20) and South Plainfield (Apr. 30) we'll find out what we've got The kids are looking forward to these matches." Netmen win to set up week of big matches Junior John Ho filled in for absent singles player Brett, Gamut and won his first career* varsity match, 6-1, 6-0, in Westfield's 5-0 cakewalk against linden on Tuesday. Ho played at No. 3 singles, as both Seth Rosen (7-1) and Mark McGann (7-1) moved up a spot to win their straight set matches. Garth Burrill and Simon Baukh (7-1) lost only one game in winning theior No. 1 doubles match and Jeff Roesgen and Matt Pravda (7-1) took their No. 2 doubles match with ease. The victory over the Tigers was (Please turn to page B-3) Johnson Regie tw«ttfl«ld No Money Down. Date: Friday, Apr. 24 Times 4 p.m. bocwqa? nqotmdqfl rmki, NmWNBf Johnson R#QlomM3lBrtt hm Q on to an impressive eem, DMBIQ» NN*Md 28. The CniMdan blgqsai wtn came» ovnoy QMntT prvwoufty Rich T-itit" Morad *ie winner In OT. SktiuM mi toameie Dm NsdHnWc w w*9 enfv soonng n m MM mmm tor Boto Tyre, Stave Jordan end nogsr WMon. a Jek* Don* he* been tough (4.3 OAA). The Hue Dev*s (44): TheOetfehewrouledteur VW OppOIWIH Oy VW BOOM CMe WoJCftt (17 0OSH) Conn* (IS goats) neve been hot, M have MM r>rybytett (23 potato). Stow Kocaj and Scott Bralwd. Q David Spragu* tport» SS3 MM parotntag* and 5 00 OAA. TtMtkfemy: Th«Blue OMia thoutd aeon trough gotla to win Ma ona. arhough N rwnakw to ba mm* how Via datonaa ww ravpond. In Ka two toaaaa. WaaWaM commmad afenoat 30 panamaa and ytaldad 16 goaia. 0 Jaramy Bartoin. Scofl Tlnarvktand HamMon muat play towj In front ollhalr own nat and oat i rfhi-liatt hakt! Mk ^^tt Th HimCWrn nv*^ nv*t v ont to too ctom tocan. No Payments ()r Interest Until Oetohci DasK wednesdsy, Apr. 2S I 4 P-'*'- J- [ Waeissld H.s., Donen no\ In IN Nnwrs (74): Mar basing KMmy»1) tn IM waafc'a Watohung Contwanoa ahowdown a waah ago. Union atainad top wadkig In * upoomho Union County aj^ ^ Vk BTJ^BB^M Aa^aa^ai pp ophomon 9 Katy MeOonsM's hat Mn unawohabla: aha hsani watad p and owna an CM of tot* Ksay oln Marco and KrMnaJeeobaratauoh. ThsWueD«wNe(T-S)t i to be MIMno Intoto&titsVUfiQ roli wmh Btfditf The Na 3.4 and SI InNwofdar - U OMa UAanawla. IB Abby Bomb* and CF Lori ChaMut - htm mada amdm In thak Mttno, M hava HF Aahtay Ftam and Tarrt Wk*. mm. WaMHaM naads oonttnuad Imprewwoffi n o#w»*#* in* BTIRWI 09* haa upgradad» ptoy. to da- The Skinny: TnlslatttethJrdblgleetoftfieMt- The Bkie Devils droppad thtk pravtout oontaat again* ma Fafman, ii-o. and absorbad a tough.»4. aigm mmng tow to Kaamy on MoncMy., ba#t «nd more bags of gnu WITH THESE Lawn-Boy's Power Mulch System feeds grass clippings back into the lawn as fertilizer. No more bagging. No more worrying about how or where to dump. 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19 Apt 23,1902 H.S. Roundup (Continued from pace B-2) the Blue Devils (7-1) onf match of the week, at Uat ThunUa/s dash afalnst state power Bast Bnin- wkk was rained out This week Westfield has Important matches afalnst Scotch Plains-Fanwood, the defending county champion, and JDelbartoa "Basically, this wlu toll the talc," aid Head coach Oeonja Kapnar. "We have a nice record, but we've beaten s lot of lesser programs. We played well against a good team, but tost W> to LMngtfon. We have to beat a Scotch Plains or a Delbarton to see where we stand." Boys track wins 3rd straight dual meet Westfleld won six events on Tuesday In beating Bast Side, 67-54, to run Its record to 3-0. Chris Blaatfuf won the high hurdles (16.7) and placed second in the intermediate hurdles (M.8% Jams! Hester captured first in the long Jump competition with a leap of and also finished second in the 400-meter run (52.0). Rischen Williams showed his versatility by winning the discus (117-4) and taking second in the 200-meters, crossing the line in 24.2 seconds. Other winners included: Chris Griffith (2:06 in the BOO-meters), Matt Gorbaty (10:22 in two mile run), Paul Hayes and Luke Rlchardiea, both of whom tiedforfirst in the pole vault (7-6). Hie mile relay team of Chris Blaadlag, J«mal Heater, Blacken Williams and Eea Sllvermaa will compete in Saturday's Penn Relays at Franklin Field, en the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Wojcik scores seven, as laxmen roll, 14-7 Last Wednesday the Blue Devil* cut down their third consecutive victim and crossed state lines in doing so, as they blew open the game with five fourth quarter goals in a victory at Suflfem, NY. Senior midfielder Chris Wejdk was the offensive star fir Westfield, scoring seven goals and assisting on three others. Attackman Matt Coanell pumped home four goals and linemate Matt Pryaylakl had five assists to go with his fifth goal of the season. Goalie David Sprague made 20 saves. Ochs eyes Nationals (Continued from 8-1) Ochs' next destination Is Boston, where the United States Gymnastics Federation National competition will be held on May 1-3. "I'm a little nervous because college scouts will be there, but it's the last meet of the year, so 111 try hard," said Ochs, who plans to embark on a career in pediatric nursing. "I've got to work on myforma little because now it's perfection. Everything you have to do must be perfect" "She's got a chance to be a medalist (top 10) in the vault," said Tennis talk (Continued from page B-l) mentlng with a racket which has one head,-one throat and yes. two handles. It is manufactured by Prince. If it worksforher «he hits both two-handed forehands and backhands) let'i hope it will have the serendipitous effect of eliminating, or at least cutting down, her banshee howls as she strikes the ball. Last year, a new way to serve was invented. It is called the B.E.S.T. (Biomechanically Efficient Service Technique) serve. It is far easier to learn than the standard serve andforthe vast majority of players will result in faster serves. It was Invented by Coach Ed Krass. Ed is the founder of the College Tennis Academy in Brandon, Florida As the Head Coach of the Harvard women* team, he won four consecutive Ivy League team titles. Last year he coached the Charlotte Heat of the Professional Team Tennis League. I have tried this new serve and it is great Krass is just starting national distribution of an excellent video cassette which explains the BEST, serve In great detail. You can buy the cassettefor $ If your local store doesn't have it, you can pick up one in Cranford at Cranford Indoor Tennis, 375 Centennial Avenue. Four Sao _ Centor. ha. a i on IWwisy Awtnut. TIM photo taut AM > In Edtoon. Union County Coltego's smhamubl Spring Run. he«held at n 11:30 ', MoySontiaCrantordCanv eided to tie ovttab male end eselame^mob) -#*-_! e b- L Stta? _*_*-_*- a- sl -H^-_- *-_-_L-I wifwevref vs ajraajr w\ vfjcvt TPO fnmmwn ew ant Wart* smoorvw* I N WowQ psoal ifm IDP fhw ITMto 4Vld imtmees Inlthvrs torn on*m*to Fun Hun m 11 am. wtt rtciv Apt nmooilii ft: 14 md undif t> M. 3M». 4fcVH 80-M, Md to tftd om. MjnntrmwM Immm *\ tateouraa cowing ww Mfflpus wd NoiTaflhfjQin Ptrit* with ffmrtt* w IndaMlno MOII mta AM. The onttrt kiyout <tm Da tctwowy mssiursd by o surveyor's wheat Otter features ndud* tecwonle timing ortoonvtfmtad by Monday. Apr* 27 wm ThoM InHrsmd should col tor * The Now Jaraay Stara of ttwprofessional TEAMTENNtB league haw* named Ihraa m*mbomtoihair lasaaquad: AnnQroesman, Larry s*_s_r-o OJW Rartnoo SsjQbe. AS won members Jsol yoor, the fourth toemmato w i ba armounoad by Junt 1. The Stars ploy m «w 11-toom TEAMTENNIS Magus, featuring expansion toama torn VaN. Phoanlx and Among tha Handouts In lha IMAM era JsfMny Connor* runs from July 8-Auguet B. The Stars ptoy aa horn* match** at th* Merrtfton Pom Cenkmnc* Center a Chib In Florham SCOREBOAR b Nl WS W.TJL Tannto Laddar QuaoMoni about WaoMold Tannb) Atoodo Son mombonwp thoum ba <SnMtod to La* Parryjasa-nsa) or Paddy MoMafd ( ). ducting r*gk**«on tor Is near t ^^H^^O^BWJO*J^OBV BBBVv^Wa^ WOOV Bm^H^BVV "OjOH^Bi^BU ftp^bi lvwnaaau in* MvocMDon m aooapsng epfmoaaona nr to BM QoMdankar at bafora S C M. The regular season begin* on May 1*t, and In order to help paflctoants plan their early aooaon metoho*, th* knowing la th* 1901 season's Inal otonetngs: 1. John Tlron* 2. Chris MadMn 3. P*t*r Sharp* 4. Stan Karp s. Jo*y J*oob*r S. B-l Qoadenker 7. Rob link* a. WSsam Rugg». J**s* H*rman. 10. bondl ABoh* 11. Alan Shlnaman 12. Jo*l Cantno 13. Andy Qi*m*o 14. Simon Lack IS. aa Mom IS. EMn Hoel 17, John DsNon 16. Vaughn Hams IB. Mel Blackburn. 20. Stove Alch 21. David Late 22. Randy Pt**oo 23. Kan Evan* 24. Slav* Settdn 2S. Bruc* PhBtos 28. BB Fotoer 27. Robsrt Ftocttburg 2S. Jo* Darmoto 28. D*w*y RalnvM*. 30. T*d MOM 31. Paul Henna* 32. Ron Bans 33. Qrag Irving 34. Ban Uvln* 38. Wetace Bador 36. O*n* M*y*rs 37. Paul Clark 3S. Mike aananman 38. Don Dohm. 40. Chan** Carl 41. Michael Walters 42. Stephen Lamont 43. Harold Cohen 44. John Chambars 4S. David Ston* 46. John Hum**. 47. Andraw Ro*s 48. Gordon Vickers 48. Alan rocalw a d-soount Th*r* la a M antiy tea for March. tieskandssiootorthefunrun. Custonv SO. Tony Pinto 51. AMo RoWan 52. Neat bad t-ehms we ba given out as they ers avau- SnMow 63. George Scrtott 54. Bruce Adams. W.T.A. sponsor* season op«n*r Th* Westfleld Tennis Association, in conjunction with Wsson Sporting Goods, wih sponsor a tee edur conic, round robin, and a youth carnival lor chursn. Th* *v*nt ww to*h*kj on Saturday. May 2 at Tamaqu** Park In W*stftekt. The rain date is May 3. Tha adua cento wm run from 8 e.m. to 12 noon. A fro* tonnls clinic tor b*glnn*rs wm run knuaanaously with W.TA Prof**sion*l Nancy Hamr. The children's T*nni* Carnival ww b*gln at 12:30 and run until 2 p.m. Each court ww toatur* a dw*r*nt activity, Indudtng a radar g*n to dock serving sp**d, targets to b* shot at using dnisrcnt strokes, round robins, and work wmh Harler. Many prizes will be given The** *v*nt* are hee and open to sny Devils lax reclaims Bristol Cup WaatSakJ laakjanto. Tnoo* who wwi toobjn upj may do *o at ttta aumma Skt A Sport or at t» Mountalnoldo Indoor Tomb Cantor. Skjn-ups wh atoo taka ptosa at SdO a m at aw Tamaquoo tormlo eourto on Sw day ol 9w both momborshlpo and lessons. The termseon bsfound at the Woettaid Rscr*eSonJ)o- Sports Centor, Borden RaaRy, Summtt SW A Sport, and th* Moumalnsldo Indoor Tanras Cantor. LBMOnft sv# OHWOQ IDf *H SQarel atofll - ^Matsa^^MJ -* II_M_II^ > akjahuji _w_t TtaA vmvneavy OQvO CnanrVfi WWQUQn WMaal. JTm asajaldraj W M DBJ ^ a j n oy awwaw nmwgf nawisn #vio nsjr 9HBW aji Pool Courts. Spring tosoona start on 1 Apr* 27*1. Th* ladder compmon Is du* tostart on Friday, May 1st and wa oondnue tvough Labor Day. L*s*on sign up I* an a aisi uame arat stv basis. For mrther mtormsaon, pleas* eel Ruth Penns* st 7S84758 or LOO Perry el Tom Summit Wai & Pump la hoeing a Sto-PUch tournament May 2-3 at 8w nesdlngton Township FMd*. Each team it guaranteed three games, and the entry to*is (150. For mor* mtormatlon, oal John or Al (both alter 6 p.m. pt»**a). Big Daddy 1 * Softball Tournament Taam Easton, in oonhmdion with Big Daddy's Softbal. is holding a sotlbal tournament on AprH 29 and 28 and la seeking toams who are Interested in participating. The entry to* Is Si 60 for th* Pr*-**aeon Toomamant of Champion*. lnt*r*st*d pertkm should can K*nny Kohl*r at tar mor* Inform*- Hon. ** Exp*rt*nc*d soflbal players, bstwssn lh* ag«* ol 48 and 35. are needed to psrtdpekt m AN ttmso P.M. i Thur.Apr. 23 WMtn#w (VeV) St MOfTtMOIMlf 4 (Continued from page B-l) Barbin. "We have to listen to our "I'm worried about our foot coach more. If we play well and speed on defense," said within our ability, we'll do well. Cherewich. "Defense is played with the feet, not the stick (Defenaeman) Bob Hermiston's played "_ think at the beginning of the well But, I dont think he's taken year,, nce almost everybody was enough g of a leadership role back back, that we were a little too con- w*stmd vs. Oetjarton. 4 there. fldent After our first two games With the oflense apparently in we got a wake up call." *> gear, the defense will surely tell the tale in the Blue Devils upcoming string of tough games. Ooala: W - conmil (3), Summit a - 3 OeMb»rg (3), Wojclk (3), Capon* (2), Brain- Following Lawrenceville Prep *. S (played yesterday, after press time), the Blue Devils will play a tough Johnson Regional tomorrow, which recently handed Bridgewater-Raritan its first loss of the year. After next week, Westfleld has matches against traditional powerhouses Montclair and Pingry, with Bridgewater-Raritan in betweea "We know what we have to do. It's just a matter of doing it," said Sutphea "She's got to work on her leg form and, maybe, increase her degree of difficulty on the beam. But she's come a long way since last year." Frank Hogan Is Adjunct Profes- Track (Continued fvom pnfle B-l) from West Side. The 4 x 800-meter relay team of Roy Bodayla, Chris Dcmasl, Rich Andrcski and Jim Nicoll finished fourth, about a dozen seconds behind Ml Olive. sor of Tennis at Kean College, Director of Tennis Development at St Michael's School and Tennis Instructor at the Cranford Swimming Club and Is also a private and group instructor. His column will appear twice monthly. Aaaiatt: W - Prybyl*kl (4), Bralnord (2), Koeal (2), Baly, Capon*, ConnoM and Wojelk. S - Lobe. Shoto: W - 29, S Bav**: W Sprague 5, Howletl 3. S - O'Conner 0. Qround bells: W - 38, S - IS. Faeaofts: W-14, S - S. We also do most l> domestic tianamisslon changes wwi OuoMy Quaker Stele Transmission WwtftsM (Fraeh) vs. MorrtWown, 4 Westftaid (Ver) at J.F.K.-Men. 4 WeattoJd (JV) at J.F.K.-Won. 4 WaaMaM (Fresh) vs. J.FX-leisn, 4 Boy* «Okto TnMk Weetfleld al Perm (Ways, 10 am W*stlWd vs. O^ton Regional. 4 Frt, Apr. 24 WestrlaW (Var) at Linden, 4 WestRoM (JV) at Linden. 4 Westfkrid (Fresh) vs. Undon, 4 Westftsid (Var) vs. Undan, 4 WMHWd (JV) vs. Undan, 4 WastMd (Fr*sh) at Bishop Ahr, 4 Lacrosae Weameld (Var) vs. Johnson Regional, 4 vv*stmd (JV) vs, Johnson Regional, 4 Westflald (Fr**h) at Johnson Regional. 4 Independtntly Owned A Operafeo* MUFFLER RACK 660 West 1st Avenue (where South Av*. m**ts) NJ Behind Sef-Swvlce Car Wash 245 m 8903j fithlete OF THE WEEK CHRIS WOJCIK Through the season's first six lacrosae gamea the senior midfielder has picked up where he left off last year, scoring 10 goals In two games this week to bring hla season total to 17. With one-third of the seaeon complete, Wojcik la on pace to better last year'a 41 goal mark and threaten the school record of 53 by Rob Schmalz (1985). FINGER YOUR SPORTING GOODS COMPLEX 513 W. UNION AVE., (RT. 28) BOUND BROOK. NEW JERSEY/ Mon. Tues.. Thun.. Frl, 6:30 AM to 9 PM/Wed. * Sal. 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM -Westfield Record- o slow pach sabbsa league, vou must ba a roe-jam of Union Ceunty In order toptey. Col Don Oeo lor deloss ol (SOS) BM-SOSS. SMklng to ft) tmmm) opwungs m Ns Msn's High Arc Softball League. The gam** ar* sch*duk»d during th* w**k and on Sunday* j ^ a_ * > ^ *^- * * ^ ^j no run ntvn rmo*apnl 10 wi DvgBTwwng of Auguet Al Inquiries should b* dkvetod to th* Mountolnalda RM Commission, (SOB) S. Jewess n**d i The Central J*rs*y J*yc 1 ar* looking tor kwal player* agee toplay m a CwiM J*r**y Jayc** Laagu*. Taama are open to anyone rsgardtos* of skm and gomes ere psiyod egonst otier Jayc*** chapter*. The cost Is 340. snd tie Jaycees or* looking spstauaty tor rsamsnei o( Crantord, MMiohan. Fsnwood, Bctfteli Plain*. w**ta*id snd sumwndbig oommunakw. Cal John Hughos, or R*ggl* Slalen. 8S tor mor* Wormaaon. R^Mroaon wm be hsid at the Fanwood Tram Station April 27 m the upstairs Fanwood Community Room. HOAL) RACING CAl t NLJAH AprB April 2 S- WesMeld fucr*etksn S Mile Run (Union County): starting time: 9:30 a m; Race Information: (908) AprH 28- Maple Leal Run, Maoiewood (Essax County); starting Umt: 9:30 «.m.; Rto* Information: (201) AprH 2«- CWlon Chamber/HoadrunndArs 5 Mil* Run (Patsalc County); starting Ume; 6:30 a.m.; Rao* Information: (201) from NJ TAC/Sports In Tha USA Sf'OHTS CAMPS HWa Soeear Camps HNS Soccer Camp, In conjunction wttti focal r*cr*atlon and eoccar dubs, has scheduled seven we*k* ol summer soccer for boyi and girls agss 5-18, wtth both ful and half day Msslont ovamabl*. Her* Is a listing of eras sh«s and dates: K Jury 6-10: Franklin Township, Crantord * July 13-17: Bsmardtvirl*, W*stflekl (s*n<or) SPORTS CALENDAR Tennis W*otSold at Summit. 4 WSsriRfHO WI. PioWpMBna, 4 Sal, Apr. as Boye «Olrlo Track WeseWd at Perm Ratoya, 10 am. Mon.Apr.27 WMMOU (V*J) v*. EHzabMh. 4 WeetitaJd (JV) vs. EHzabath, 4 WeseWd (Fresh) at Elisabeth. 4 Waartekt (ver) at Elisabeth. 4 WosStokl (JV) st EHiabatti. 4 OoN WesHtoU vs. Union, 4 8ootoh PWnrFa id. 4 Boys Track WsaOtold at PlaMtokJ, 3:45 Olrl* Track. ptejnneiq, 3.4a 1000 PERSONAL 1004 SO-Mut SBM- 60's. 511V4 185lbs, good looking, ma ture, home owner, love music, looking for working single woman, 19-36, an nationality, 1 child ok, to home share with & make a family. Give 100% receive 100%. Reply ext 3954 WWWF- looking for WM , for sincere romantic relationship, enjoy movies, dancing & also quiet times at home Please reply ext G Exerclta Partners Exercise partners IJ a new classification and it part of Forbes Newspapers' Introductions. It is intended for use by people looking for other people to exercise Uiilb. For more information pltate call J-800-S!9-9-49S. AoVert/i* in th«classified! 100* Traveling Companions Traveling Companions is a new clatsificalion and it I of Forbes Newspapers' introductions. It is intided for use by people looking for other people to travel with. For more inormatiot: please call I- 100-S19-949S Introduction* FLB'* (Fun, Loving lachalor*) seeking 2 retty, sensuous girls for tubbing & fun lato nights ut. Reply to Ext 3540 SJF attractive, fun, ingoing, looking for 2 JM, attractive with sense humor for fun times & ossible relationship. eply ext July 27-31: SMker/Ooaao Sohool * Aug. 3-7: WaoBMd Ounior), Monojornorv. MCC Travaang Teem Week and So*er/Oosa* For mor* Information, oaf Joe LaSpada. S37» 7243 or oomprtosdo<tie mor* proactont seventh and ekjnh grid* ptoyera. has gotten off tors baat atari In yoonwbh vfotortos ovw eight grade toams worn FrankSn LtkMondCtork. a strong The O" was led by Khan 104. using to win aoaov. HWdebrendt. and Bred Alnste, e l of whgm oomblrwd to shut out FrankSn Lakes in tie aeoondhstf. The sterling attack Ins consrtutod *lgnt of - -, n*riin 1 _S_irl g u ^ Tirl _^ HBMBa^ OOnVsDUavQ I N V i i B n o PpaBW ispsjajnaaa* Dyton DuPra ato* rlnpif Ml* VSIw Forbes Newspapers 1010 Introduction* A CROSS BETWEEN BRUCE WILLIS AND JACK NtCHOLSON- SWM, 5' 11V4', 175 lbs., Handsome romantic, sensual, with hotel ayes and brown hair 29 year old professional. Healthy ath letlc and physically fit, en joys swimming, tennis, biking, traveling and movies. A lover of books, world conscious, but not P.C. Seeking a mature, in telligent, athletic, physi cally fit, sensual women Race unimportant, must be non-smoker. Modern, spiritual, dark features, long hair, tall or Latin Italian and Chinese food lovers- all are pluses. All replies will be answered. Reply to ext ANN BOX 3380 you called but I didn't g get your phonep, please p l keepp trying. i Wed*, around d 4: Is best. Thanks Dave ATTRACTIVE DWF- A young looking 39 yr old, seeking nice looking professional WM age 33-49, who loves children. I have a 3 year old boy. Looking for a secure, non-smoker, social drinker who is sincere, caring, romantic, and trustworthy with similar Interests. I love to work-out, dlno-out, go to flea markets, plays, movies. I like participative sports, dancing, 50-60's music, romance and family activities. Looking for ffiendship possibly lead- Ing to lasting relationship. Ext RHey, Brian Oroye, Tom dan Quirk. ~ played wan. Jonathan OKUovennt end BMy Ganun d*monetratod *up*rler ( km* In goal. On April 15th, WeotltoW ds k, 7-3. Werth*im*r t*d *H scorers 1st* and two goala. J*uM* had ewe or each. DuFre again contoibutid on* fed eeeh. Oeu^^i nan ha *AA!^^^ B^USJS^ MsMI teflq nhllawna* ajajbjmot raiott The highlight of the gems woo **e oaeeutton of th* fair* Man Offoneeetoy. which VMS WMfQfaaTO Dy CO#Cn BflQ fommc MldUlvsi TM* I* hist th* beginning of a 11 aeaaon that take* the team evoughou tournamoni In Chaotor on Juno 9B)i. WestaekJ (Var) vs. North Huntordon, 4 WesOleld (JV) vs. North Huntordon, 4 WMtBsW (Fresh) at North Huntordon, 4 WsatMd vs. Union Cathoae. 3:30 W M U M H ft COountbtaVMa^WfWOOdt 4 Wed, Apr. 19 WetMeU (Var) at Union, 4 WsoMokJ (JV) at Union. 4 WetdkeM (Frwh) vs. Union, 4 WsstRald (Var) vs. Union. 4 WastfMd (JV) vs. Union, 4 OoM W*sdMd at Scotch Plelns-Fanwood, 9:30 8habaa, 4 WMttMd (Var) vs. East BUo. 4 Zr- t 1010 Introduction* ATTRACTIVE SWF, pro fesslonal, seeks SWM, professional, tlncara, considerate, sons* of humor, 45-55, loves clas slcol music A dancing for friendship 4 whet*v*r else may dovelop. Reply Ext 3516 ATTRACTIVE SWF- 38 Looking for WM, 35-4S years old, and at least 8' 8" tall. Who loves children. Looking for secure non-smoker, soclel drink er who is sincere, earing trustworthy, with similar Interest. I like to go to craft shows, movies, din- Ing out, family activities, quiet evenings at home, going to the beach, and traveling. Looking for friendship possibly lead- Ing to lasting relationship. Reply to ext crvertiso In th* Cfass/ffed/ Attractive, BF, 3S, look- Ing for same- for friendship. I like bicycle riding, dining and dancing. Nondrinker, non-smoker. Reply ext ATTRACTIVE, Professional 42 yr. young, DWF seeks tall, handsome, successful, S/ DWM honest, sincere, classy gentleman for dancing, dlnnara, theetre, golf, tennis, travelling a ove relationship. Pleas* call Ext. 368S Bl SEXUAL WF, 35, look- Ing for same for discreet relationship. Please call Ext ATTRACTIVE PROFES- SIONAL FEMALE- 41, Bl WOF- 30 something, looking for Bl or gay WF with varied Interests for friendship ana good seeks Interesting, successful male, for imes. Must be sincere. Please call art sincere and caring relationship. Reply to Ext. athlatlc build. Loves to BM- 45, 6', 188 lbs., laugh, attached but seek- ATTRACTIVE SBF- 26, Ing better for fulfillment. 5'5, 125 lbs, seeks handsome Seeks, WF, with same dejoys SM who ensires, for discreet, gratifi- sports, movies, plays, & quiet evenings. Race unimportant. Please call Ext cation. Pleas* no druga, smokers, alcohol abusora, or disease*. Reply to box 3B17 Classified continues on next page

20 B-4 Aprt23,19G2 IT WORKS! "Our part-time draftsman ad was very effective. The position was filled the first week. The service was good and the person who took my ad was helpful and pleasant." Equipment Specialists, Somerville HOW TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD Call Mail to us at: P.O. Box 699 Somerville, NJ Fax HOW TO WRITE A CLASSIFIED AD THAT SELLS Staii your ad with what you're setting. Be descriptive. List the best features erf your item first. Use only standard abbreviations Always state the price of a sale item and, if you're flexible on price, include "negotiable" in your ad. Be sure to Include your phone number and times to call. Including the word "please" in your ad Increases response. DEADLINES: The deadline tor both classified disptay and straight classified is 4 P.M. Monday CANCELLATIONS: Accepted up to 4 P.M. Monday prior to publication. ADJUSTMENTS: Wa make every effort to avoid miatakea in your Classified Advertisement KftSONAL 10O4-6O-Ptut 1006 titrate Partners 1006 Trivfing Companions 1010-lntroduCtiom Singtot Orgmzattcni md AdMes t030 LM * Found P«r*onHt 1090 Coming Evens 1060 AmourtMTflents W00"l - FOB SAU 2010 AnHqutt 2020 Acpitncet 2030-Art 20*OAuc»on» g 20M-CctK*Mt 2070 Cempufen 20SO Farni t GMOMI 20». Flea Ma***, Sato tnd Free togood Home 2110-FurrtMt 2f»-0«raaiStlM 2130-General M*n*«idiM 21*0 Offce Furr*ur* mi Supptn 21M-Solaare ZISO-WanMtoBuy am - ms uto UVESTQCK 3010-SWi van cm 3030-Oom 3040-FM 30»-Har*H SOH-UMMDOk 3070-OtnrPM 3OW todjno, Tr^ninj > Groomirig 3100 H M S N d PRIVATE PARTY 3O.OO COMMERCIAL *39.2O for three weefce tar three weeke for four Unas. Additional k m each. PAY IN ADVANCE AND SAVE 1O%! Ptewe check your advertisement the HTM weefc M rune. Error* in ROvsctissrnerits running more than one lima mutt ba corrected before th» second Inaartlon or correction allowance cannot ba made. Correction allowance lor errors she* not exceed the coat of tha advertisement. PAYABLE IN ADVANCE: AM ad* tor Oarage Satei, tobo't SERVICES 4010 AM Day c*rt uan*uS«vkn WOCvpmy 4040-ChHCm 4050Cftw*igSankM 4080-CwivaittOMtCin 4070-BeeMcel 4M0HsndyiMnS*nkas 0W S Home knrwermnl 410ShcomtTM 4liO.Jne»ud«rVEdue*ori 4120-nuance 4190-UNtapIno and Tie* Can 4140-legal Sank** 4150 uxmt Finance U 4110-PaMng 4190 Part* t 4200 numbtog, healing «Cookie itffl ua 4220-Rooang 4230 '" " I*W»-EMPLOYMENT 5010 Carter TnHng art 8*NBM 9090 NW-s-AUTOMOSUS B10 - AuttnoHH Una*11000 MO Mqut and Ckaac AuunobfeM MM-Uauy* «MQ-$pgr*xan WTO-Fen* VOT INDEX KM 4«4t, Sport «nd Ught Tructa WM-TnataantfVMs H0O-Aubmet *F)ntndng 8U0 AukMCawPaft, Aoctnorlti U SNO't MOTOHCYCUrj ATV* 1220-Ueptdt tttt-otteajmworerth K» MaMcyekt Pa* Acouorin tnd Santo* CW- MiO-CanpamndTrahn ttomkh MWa-aoATS 10-fee* Employment Wanted, Wanted to Rant, House* to Share or Apartment* to Share. Al ad* iwhen moving. am ad* to addreste* outtide o( New Jersey. EXTRA CHARGES: Blind Ads, S3.00 torbox Rental $2.00 mailing charge (Box held tor 30 day*) e AN capital letters SI.00 per week e AM bold type laces Si.00 per week RV 1010 Horn** Under UW.000 M» Hornet tar Sak S030 FMM KTO-ConttomMumi W Toanhousn Mtt-M*fem* Hornet BIM-lots and Acrsagi 9110-Out OIA/M Property 9120-WmMloBuy taanajgn tnd FMndna Mtotaenews fiaal EUato MOT* - VACATION PMPttTY gs 9220-PocofiqPwptrm KX Retort Proptrtill IM-WraajrtvrtPropMtiM KSO-labandtaeeot MO-Time Slant 270-Vacation Rmu* MO-WiifcitidBawai* start-wmtaii 410-Home* M20-M*fone/Hants S4» TOMMUBH and CondomWumi 470-ApMMraibSria-* 0409 HBrMstB Share MIO Buahai* ProB*r«M t«sri* H20 rrokatkralihaptraai tjr Sato 1030 Mai PieoirBM torsat* MO - Wanhauat PiepanK* to Sale 170-Betel MM - Conwttoa) Rtat Um WMstf nor* - suiweiss oppowmwrmi 010 OuKniiiiUpiSa* M M - FramMse OpportuniM BO-ueamsstoiSal* Private party rates are based on classification numbers. All classifications between , and will be billed at the private party rate. All other classifications will be billed at the commercial rate. TOLL : \ o (908) Monday, Tuesday A Wednesday 8:30 A.M--5:00 P.M. Thursday & Friday 8:30 A.M.-&00 P.M. Saturday 9:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M. FAX: (908) 231 #9638 Forbes Newspapers 1010 Continued frotoi previous page CHARMINQ DJM- 36, 5' 11", 170 lbs., loves living the country and playing In the city. Seeks Intelligent, independent, honest, and sensual woman to share candle light dinners, country Inns, theater, Monet, traveling (skiing plus), Springsteem, and Sunday New York times. Please call ext CLASSY, LEGGY BLONDE Seeks long- term affection, I'm pretty, 5"5, 116 lbs. Hazel eyes, slender, and have s sweet smile. You are a bright, secure, honest man 35-50, who loves to laugh & share life's passions, Enjoy dancing, music, candletight dinners, beach, sailing, sports, travel, thea'.re, quiet times, and sharing. Please respond to Ext CREATIVE DWF professional, educated, small & curvy seeks tall, handsome, non-smoking, thlrtysomethlng S/DWM who enjoys fine arts, fine food, 'mo conversation, finding romance, zany side a y'us, sense of humor a must. Reply to Ext 3732 Advertise In the Classified! DARK HAIR- handsome, honest, and caring dl-. nrcecj Asian male, Indian -jnj'in, blessed with a lot of good things. 41, 5'9"150 Itis., fit and physically active body. A.'/cat dome, fancy sports car, own business. Enjoys tennis, long walks, cooki'h!. and snuggling in front of fireplaces. Looking for ny one-man Cinderella AIIO can share my fireploccs, cars and Jacuzzi and be pampered with love and affection from a great j;jy. If you are 25 to 40, attractive, sincere femalo looking for your prince, (rnco unimportant) don't wait, get the cour- i je and rospond-you won't be disappointed. EU TO PLACE AN AD: 1«800f559«9495 INTRODUCTIONS TO ANSWER AN AD: 1«900a)226«1003 A WAY POR^fEOPLE TO MEET PEOPLE How lo Ad How to Answer <in Acl i. Take eome Vme to write down some characteristic* about youraav, and your preferences about the type of person you'd like to meet. 2. You can place your "Introductions" ad lor tree just by camng 1* Our spedany trained staff wrt hetp you write your introductions ad. lo get the best response. Deadline lo place your Introductions ad is Monday by Noon. 3. Your ad will run for four weeks, and can be renewed at any time 1010 Introduction* D I M- 44 years old 6 1", honest affectionate with a sense of humor, Looking for someone between who has the same qualities with a willingness to share time for dancing, hiking, fishing, tennis, picnics, and romantic quiet times at home. Race doesn't mat* ter, Call me soon ext. 3810, DIM 5'10*, medium build, 47, seeks sensuous older female, 60 +, race unimportant, for relationship. All replies will be answered. Reply to ext DELICIOUS- handsome <!!) DW exec & aspiring author, 46, seeks beautiful, co-star, an extra special younger lady for happily ever after. A lim, athletic, playful part-. ncr with spunk & class', ultra-feminine & passionate. Piuses - greet legs, oriental, long hair, tennis pro, great sense of humor. A free spirit with the soul of an exotic dancer, the vision & spirit to make dreams come true & heart of gold. Reply to Ext DWF- 50, very attractive, honest, caring, nonsmoker, professional gal, 5'5, 115lbs., blondish hair, blue eyes, enjoys tennis, all spectator sports, fine dining, movies, music, theatre A travel. Looking for professional SWM with similar Interests who Is secure, caring & honest. Reply ext Have YOU Read The Classified This Week? 1. Note tha extension numbers at the end o( the ads you'd Wce'to answer. 2. Cal from a touch-tone phone. 3. Follow the voice prompts and record your messages. The cost is $2.00 per minute. You must be 1fl years old or older to use INs 900 line Introductions is operated by Fortws Newspapers. 44 FranMin SI., Somervtlle N.J., Introduction* It if tbt policy of tbii uevipdptr net to fmblitb *ny ptrtontl sdvtutemtnt that may bt avtrtly Itxutl, mfgeitivt *nd/or offtmiivf to tbt trntnil public. Tbii tervict is inttndtd tolty for ptnonul mdvtrtiitm*ntt for lin/lti who mould likt to t$t*btith * rtutiombip with other iinjltt. DWF- looking for honest, caring, S/DWM who Is looking for a serious relationship. Age range: 30's & 40's Reply Ext OWF- 5'7" blonde, blue yes, over 40, good look- Ing, articulate, sophisticated, good dresser, fun loving, athletic, drives a nice car. Non-smoker, social drinker, no pets, no children. Seeks gentleman with same qualities. Looking for permanent relationship. Please call Ext OWF attractive, young looking 39, blue eyed blonde, 5'5" t»tl, professional, independent, outgoing with excellent sense of humor. Looking to share time with emotionally A financially secure brunette, brown eyed S/ DWM, , nonsmoker. Reply to Ext 3910 DWF- Blue eyed Brunette, youthful 60', enjoy dancing, traveling, beach combing, football, conversing seeking sincere, caring, gentle men. Age Is only a number, It's what Is In your heart that counts. Please call Ext DWF Brown hair, green eyes, 5'4, petite ft attractive, 60 yrs. young, good sense of humor. I like sports, movlei, travel, music ft dancing, quiet times at home. Looking for tall attractive man 50-60yrs. with similar Interests. Please call Ext tfwm- 47, rio w/sens«of humor. I like efclmren do not smoke, drink or do drugs. I Ilk* good conversation ft traditional values. I'm adventurous ft I like quiet times ft occasional candlelight dinner. Hobbies are golf, fishing, cards, pool, music of the 80s ft 60's, beach, cooking, trapshooting, dancing, will try anything, very flexible. Looking for a slim, SDW or Asian Famale w/tlmllar In- rests for sharing an honest friendship ft possible long term relationship. Please call Ext Introduction* OWF mid 40's, attrac Uve, compassionate, sincere loves to dance 4 travel, enjoys the good things In life. Looking for sincere commitment. Hopefully you are nice looking, med. height ft have nice built. No garnet. Please respond to eit DWM- (7 yrs.) 45, 6 ft. 195lbs., salt ft pepper brown hair, blue eyes, positive person with many interests, have job stability ft bright future. Looking for a fun lady, 28-40, fairly slim, attractive who is also a positive person. Naggers, compislners, cry-babies, ft bleached blondes please do not respond. Responders get my best respect ft attention. A good catch that can be caught with time, patience ft the right bait Reply ext DWM- 47, Wanted- 1 mature sexually aggrssslve lady w/sense of humor. Let's talk. Please call Ext EUROPEAN STYLI- DWF, 27, European lady, 5'3ft 108 Ib., very attractive, fit, auburn hair ft green eyes. Loves just about all pastimes especially skiing, water sports, movies, music, dancing, traveling and writing poetry. Looking for SBM or DBM between 28 ft 38 who is tall, good-looking, healthy professional. Secure and honest. If you can be Just as happy dressed In Jeans and stay- Ing In as you can painting the town rod ana If you have no problem with either an Interracial friendship or relationship please call Ext FINANCIALLY BECUPJI- SWM, 27, Seeking SF, 20-35, for companionship. Sick of the bar scan*, enjoy hiking, movies, tennis, volleyball, bowling, dining out. Looking for someone to share Interests with. Reply to ext FIT * FIRM tm- 35 seeks woman with style, class ft substance who knows how to enjoy herself! Let's get together ft have some fun. Discretion assured. Pis call Ext 3913 FUN LOVING Adventurous, Professional 5'4, slim DWF 51 w/iest for living ft laughing, seeks man of similar temperment for warm, loving ft lasting relationship. Let's enjoy the best that's yet \o be. Please call Ext Introduction* FUN-IOVINO SINO.ll MOM Just 40, nice young looking, good shape, 5'3, blonde hair, green eves, loves sports, especially football, camp- Ing, fishing, cooking, romance ft the beach. Looking for S/DWM, 36-42, with same Interests for friendship ft possible relatlonshlp. Reply ext QBM- enjoys going to movies and dinner. 330 lbs, 26 years old, V 9", seeking same. I love traveling, TV, and old movies (one of my favorites Is Car Wash,) and am a Deniel Washington fan. I am currently a going to school as an education major. Ext OQ PRINCtTON PRO- FESSOR- 28 year eld SWM, new In the area, very attractive and nice build and fun to be with. Brown hair and eyee, en- Joys working out, dancing, all sports, beaches and weekend getaways. Very financially secure, very confident. Looking for SF race unimportant, must be physically fit attractive and Intelligent. 20 to 35 years old. Please Call Ext Advrtlso In the Clastltied! HANDSOME SWM 38, 5' 11', 175 lbs, very romantic, level headed, sincere and honest, with a good sense of humor, who enjoys treating a woman with style and class. Seeking serious relationship with a SWF 28-38, who Is fit and trim, that enjoy* movies, dancing, theater, traveling, and quiet times together. Reply to ext LOVELY HI, JEWISH SINOLE DADI Would you Ilka to meet a PRETTY woman who can give you friendship, good conversation and romance In a relationship? I enjoy children, movies, conversation, din- Ing, dancing, outdoors, my dog and more. - That's mb-rnupetite, 35 and a Jewish single mom of one. I'd like to hear from you, If you're a JEWISH SINGLE FATHER, who Is up to age 42, a NON-SMOKER with great personality, good looks and you try to stay In shape. Please reply to ext Introduction* I AM A PRtTTY, PITItl, VIRY EDUCATED SWF. I am 50 yrs old, but I look much younger. I have much traveling experience and would enjoy someone who likes traveling as well. I am searching for a kind, honaat, 80+, marriage-minded man for companionship. I am new in the area and would like to make new frlentfsl Please call ext I AM A SWM- 29, tall and thin with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. A computer programmer who prefers wearing Jeans. I love tha outdoors, tha arts. Jeeps, animals ft fishing. I would like to meet a thin, SWF, Please reply to Ext If you're a tall, fit, ae cure, educated man ef Integrity, 50 +, who Is bright, warm, sensitive, loves lira, Including: the arts, traveling, dancing, skiing, tennis, tha outdoors, lakes and tha see- I think you'd like me. I'm e DWF, 5' 8*, trim, presentable and professional, My children are on their own. Call - maybe we can make each other smile. Plaasa respond to ext LADY I Uve alone within myself, Ilka a but within the woods; I keep my odd eye upon a shelf, Barren of other goods; I need another* arms to reach for It, ft place It where It belongs. I need anothers touch ft smile; to fill my hut with song. OWM hoping to meet a slim petite woman, 35-40, non-smoker. Give a call find out more. Reply ext BLONDE MODEL- desires discreet relationship w/gentleman of substantial means who likes to make dreams come true! Reply 3733 MR. MOM- DWM, 38 tall dark ft... skinny, great sense of humor, loves music (especially classic rock), movies, football ft long walks. Would like to meet an Intelligent, commitment minded women for friendship ft more. PS. since my sister put me up to this, a handsome single younger brother wouldn't hurt. Reply ext, 3959 Adverfise In thm CtmtiMI 1010 NIOI INTLIMAN- Seeka to meet down to earth SWF from Somerset County Between the ages efsfas. I Mw dtnlng out, PAOVWftf MHHtd IFM fnsjf 1 " kets, anal going to car racee. Looking for friendship poeaiwy leading to ralsuofmnwi n*mdoa ROMANTIC SEAFARER DWM- 42; 8'S"; 175; blue eyes; unencumbered. Loves: boats, cats, travel, A.C. ft romantic times with e special someone. Looking for: V DWF 30-40, reasonably fit, honest ft sincere who wants to sail away Into the sunset this spring/ summer. Reply to Ext 3909 SALLY FIELD TYPI SEEKS- Burt Reynolds type. DWF mid 40's petite professional, non smoker with good sense of humor. Seeks successful honest gentleman who Is seeking a best friend as well as a romantic Interest. Somerset county area. Reply 3971 Adwrtli* In thm Cl»ttlfl9dl SBF- 32, 5 Ft. 6 In., single parent of one, enjoys movies, dinner, dancing and new experiences. Seeking SBM who shares simlllar Interests end friendship that may develop Into a serious relationship. Please call ext SBF Interested In movies, dinner ft enjoying life. 38 yrs., fun to be with. Give me a call. ext SBM- 30, 6 ft., down to earth, loves the outdoors, but I'm Just as happy al home. Looking for SB or WF, 25 or older that Is down to earth and likes to have fun. Serious replies only. Please call ant Introduction* IBM- 22, tall, Slim, looking for S/D older female. Race does not matter. For friendship ft possible commitment. Just five me a call. Reply ext SBEKINQ A SIKI0US RCLATIONSHtP with a white, lean, attractive, secure, Spanish woman In her late 40's. Preferably from Argentina. Can respond In Spanish. Please reply ext Advertise In Me CfasiJfYeoV BEKINO. OFFICER AND A OfNTLEMAN- to sweep me off my feet You are tell (5'li" and up) with dark hair (all of It), nice complexion, vary good looking, no nerdi, In shape, never married, no children, classy, stable, financially secure, honest, caring, romantic and sincere, SWM between years old. You know how to hold a good conversatlon.and you have free time to develops a listing relationship., I am a SWF 33, 5' petite, very attractive, long, dark, curly hair, haiel ayes. I leva animals, the shore, traveling, hot sir balloons, broadway shows, going to dinner, movies, the zoo or Just stay at homa and cuddling with the one special man In my Ufa. Could this be you? I'm looking lo fell In love, settle down and create a family one day. Smokers ok, no drugs or alcoholics. Serious Inquiries onlyl Reply to Ext 3S48 IKCKINQ PROF MALE who Is kind, trustworthy, generous, sincere ft Is marriage ft family minded. I'm 39, petite, attractive who enjoys traveling, dining out, comedy snows ft romantic evenings, Please reply to ext Introductloma SEXY LADY- who Nves by the tenet that the packaging (looks) and presentation (class) am as Important as the contents (personality). Leek- Ing for 00/ ftobb Report man who proves the same. Meal 30a, wild saint, long naif, bedroom eyettrithoerrnanktftauan background who la witling to give as, good iae he ax- McU.togelCxt.378l. tpjetjxt SEXY SWM- 31, 810, piercing IWM- Wue eyes, 3 thick dark brown hair, swarthy complexion, would like to meet a SF who la Intel* llgent, artistic, energetic, outspoken, passionate, sensual, and classically beautiful. I have very divers* taste*, and I'm willing to experience new things. I'm looking for a woman who can stimulate me mentally, physically, ft emotionally, who can be a close friend and a passioned lover. Reply eirt SHM- 5'10, leolbs. 30, looking for honest gjrl. race unimportant, 25-30, tall ft thin for friendship to lead to possible relatlonshlp reply ext SINOU DAO- 39, good looking 5'8, 165lbs, brown hair ft eyes, like to bowl, camping, fishing, long rides down the shore, movies, home cooking ft lots of romance. Would like to meat a single mom around 33-36, good looking, who shares the seme Interests to share friendship & possibly more. reply ext SJF 28, rabel with traditional values, I enjoy camping, photograpy, blk- riding, Giants games ft a slow pace of raquetball. Looking for SJM who la open minded affectionate who btlleves In family values, ft that values moments together. Reply ext SJM (religiously subdued), 28, 5' 5", 130 bs, good shape, good looking, reddish brown colored hair, ambitious, bold enthusiasm, vary outgoing, optimistic, competitive, college educated, very Independent, great sense of humor, down to earth. I enjoy camping, traveling, biking, skating, hiking, etc. Musically, I'm Into folk, rock, jazz ft the 60's. No cigarettes. Seeking female, looking for a real person, not a Jersey Girl" or "Hair Farmer*. Please reply ext INTERESTED IN PLACING A CLASSIFIED AD? CAU OK STOP BY OUR WtSTFtELD OFHCf MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:30AM - 5:00PM 231 ELMER ST. WESTFIELD FAX

21 April 23,1992 Classifieds B Introduction* SIM, «, 5' 11", ISO olid Iba. Profaaalonal, financially tacura, funny guy. Intaraatt Includa: skiing, working out, playing and watching all aporta, reading Tom Clancy and watching Tha Seinfeld Show. Looking for frlandthip, pottlbly leading to a relationship. Reply Ext. 3244, SIM- juat 41, S'll, 180 Iba. Would Ilka to maat SJF, 30-38, mutt ba non smoker, drug fraa A ba physically fit. I have many Interests such as boating, bicycling, 4 diverse musical tastes ft enjoys snuf gting In front of a fire' place. I would like a woman to share these ft many other of life's pleasures. I am seeking a friend 4 confidant which would (aad to a lasting relationship A perhaps marriage. Please call Ext SUM ATTRACTIVE: WF- 29, smoker, seeks thin, dark-haired, unattached WM mid to late 20s who tikes to go out and have e good time. Must enjoy clubs, NYC, shore, dining out and quiet evenings et home. Call ext SM- 26, black hair, brown eyas, good looking, wall built, 5'8" 169 with secure Job la looking for sweat, attractive SF, with nice figure, between for friendship and possible relationship. Please call STOP READING THISI PERSONALS AND CALL MI RIGHT NOWI I'm a 23 year old. SWM with brown hair, haul eyes and an athletic build. I love life and would like to find someone to share It with. I'm looking for an exciting, eevrwo-earth, In shape* one-man woman between We ages of Ploase reply ext SUCCESSFUL Professional SVVM, 34 with various interests would like to meet an Intelligent, adventurous Female who Is around 6' tall w/good sense of humor. Please call Ext SWF, 29, smoker, attractive, open minded and educated. Loves reading, all kinds of movies and live musicmostly alternative and rock. I like late nights, either out or a home, and hate mornings. Seeking intelligent man with a sense of humor who has similar qualities and Interests. Reply ext SWF- 21, 5'4, enjoys movies, going out to dinner, quiet evenings at home, biking, outdoors seeks SWM bet who enjoys the sameftis interested In friendship & possible relationship. Please call Ext SWF- 25, 5'3" shy, quiet but not naive. Smoker and social drinker. Seeks SWM 25 to 28, 5'3" to 5'6" who enjoys shore outtlngs, dining, walks In the park, sports, understanding and compasslonate. Ext SWF- 33, 5'5", 128 lbs. long brown hair, hazel eyes, sensually attractive, physically fit. I am a priofesslonal, financially secure, white collar worker and prefer same. I enjoy welghtllfting, running, rollerbladlng, biking, skiing, etc. I have a wonderful 3 year old daughter who enjoys and loves life like me. I want a steady, serious relationship with a goodlooklng, energetic, physically fit, SWM, be-. tween to laugh with do things together with, be passionately romantic with at the right time. No smokers, drugs or atcohollc/obsessive/compulsivo abusers. Ext SWF 'S", HOIbs., light smoker, shy, auburn hair, beautiful eyes. En- Joys outdoor activities, traveling, romantic dinners, quiet evenings at home, walks, bicycling & the beach, Looking for an attractive, physically fit, S/DWM who is affectionate & romantic, sincere, financially securo & not afraid of commitment. Reply to Ext 3907 SWF 35, down to earth, beautiful, wavey, light brown, shoulder length hair and brown eyes. 5' 6", larger frame but not obose, a smokor, attractive, Itkes cooking and en- Joys staying home for a quiet evening with a movie or Just as well as going out for tho night, Works different hours but kind of a night owl, Looking for a sincere, honest, S/DWM, children ok. Botwoen tho ages of who knows how to trent a lady, at least 5' 10" and over, nvorngo or solid larger frame. Who wants a one on one relationship, no head gomes please, only sorious minded callers nood respond. Reply to ext #3806. SWF 5' 8, slim, blonde hair, groon oyos, nonsmokor, non-drlnkor. I Ilko taking wnlks, running, bike riding, comedy, qulot nights, romantic dinners, sunsets 4 sunrises. Look- Ing for a wall ostnbllshnd handsomo, honlthy man who likes to onjoy lifo one day at a time. If you nro honest & sincere, reply oxt Introduction* SMTP- 40s, tall, adven turous, blonde seeks a SWM who's taken tha road less traveled by and knows that It makes a difference. Looking to share benefits and well rounded Ufa experience with one who Is confident, capable 4 a bit unconventional. Seeks one who can appreciate artistic vision, world travel, a passion for life A enduring mature friendships. Please call cfVert/se In tho CltttHlmd! SWF Attractive, fun loving, 5'8", slender blonde,»ge 33, enjoys traveling from Jersey shore to Islands In The Sun, trips to NYC, singing, sushi, barbecues ft cooking. Seeking successful, attractive SDWM, 30 to 45 who loves a good laugh. Can you handle the big "C? (committment). Then, romance me. Reply to ext SWF I know your out there! Seeking swm age 29-40, height 511, Psychally fit, professional, educated, well-mannered, emotlnally and finaclally independant, a realist, an optomlst, a good sense of humor a must, no drugs/ smoking/heavy drinkers, my stats, 33, 5'4, site 6, pretty, short brown hair, bilingual, part-time grad. student, enjoys life to the fullest, also finaclally Independant, willing to take a chance, how about you? ext.3852 SWF- In 30's, LOOK NO FURTHER, pretty, slim and sweet, 5'6", 120 lbs., loves to work out seeks handsome male, fit, 34 to 42, 5'10" and up for last- Ing relationship. Please reply to Ext SWF- Let this 40s lady add fun to your life, my best features are my blue eyes, bright smile 4 slim figure. If you're successful in life, enjoy people, places, share & care, lets not wait too long before getting to know each other, Reply ext SWF- Mid 30's, petite, black hair shoulder length and brown eyes. Nonsmoker, no drugs and no children. I like dining out, Atlantic City, trips, and long walks. I also like riding my motorcycle. Looking to meet a S/DWM with same interests, between 35-40, who Is hon est and fun, with good values. Non-smoker preferred. Starting as friends. You wouldnt be disappolnted. Reply ext SWF Professional, at tractive, slim, sincere, compassionate, good sense of humor waradltlonal values seeks tall Male counterpart 45-55, who could be a best friend as well as a romantic Interest. I like music, dancing, movies, walking, talking, caring, sharing, fun times & solitude. If you do also please respond to Ext SWJM, 22, Looking for a good time with a year old SWJF who is down to earth and enjoys good food, movies and just sitting around talking. Please reply ext SWM FOR ALL SEASONS 41 yrs., 178 lbs. 5'10", brown hair, experienced snllor, expert skier, looking for first mate. Enjoy tennis, I'm a good dancer, understanding, romantic, sensuous, honest & I keep that kid in me alive. Looking for SWF or DWF In mid to late 30s, slim, attractive, romantic, sensuous, adventurous, athletic, who wants a one on one relationship. Reply ext SWM, 23 SICK OF RELA- TIONSHIPS WHERE I'M BEINO USED;- if you're a feminist, are capable of feeling love & don't mind a long friendship before getting serious, you probably feel the same way I do. Race & age won't matter to me, If essentrlc & artsy won't matter to you, but sense of humor is a must, Reply to Ext 3905 SWM, 24, brown hair, brown eyes, physically fit, seeks petite SW female I love the shore, great food, traveling and having a good time. "I'll try anything once and twice If I like itl" Please Please twice If I reply Ext SWM, 28 YEARS OLD, Blond hnir.'-iflue eyes, 6', with wide rnngo of Interests. Looking for Miss Riyht- S/DVYF, 22-30, who Is looking Tor friendship thnt could build to serious relationship. Please reply ext SWM, 32 attractive, physically fit, professional with o variety of interests and a fondness (or good times. Seeks a pretty SF, 25 +, for friendship and omance, must hovo.vookonds free. Sorious Inquiries only, please. Reply Ext SWM, CATHOLIC, 53- non-drlnker, non-smoker, sooks honest, slncoro, practicing Catholic worn on. Reply cut, 3475 SWM^~25, 6'3" blond hair, bluo eyes, looking for attractive S/DWF, 20 to 30. Must hovo good sens of humor and enjoy outdoors, Ext Introduction* SWM- 25, honest, caring, down to earth, grad. student with long blond hair. Seeks SF, 20 to 28. thinker, emotionally mature, affectionate, nonsmoker with sense of humor. If you like movies, dinner out, the outdoors, good conversation, quiet evenings at home and are looking for friendship and possible relationship then pleaae call. Ext SWM- 28, 5 ft. flln. brown hair, blue eyes, seeks single femalaa for friendship and possible relationship. I'm into rock music, concerts, nature hikes. Respondent must be positive minded, free spirited and adverturous. Pleaae call SWM 28, S' 11", 160 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes. Good looking and romantic successful college graduate, financially secure, home owner. Enjoys outdoor activities, boating and sailing. Seeks SWF, 24-29, Intelligent, attractive, slim, fun loving, for friendship and relationship. Reply to ext SWM- 33, 510", sharp, relaxed looking for a TAKE MY BREATH AWAY SWF 25 to 30 that Is smart, Imagi native and has her own life and money too for casual dinners, movies sr?d occasional trips. You know if Its you. Please call ext SWM- 33, selfemployed, successful, above average looks. Seeking female who Isn't overweight & elso has above average looks. Sexy ft classy a must. For friendship & possibly relationship. Reply ext SWM ', 190, attractive, professional, enjoy theatre, cinema 4 ethnic dining. I seek Spanish speaking lady to share the Caitillian language. Please reply to ext SWM- 38, looking to meet SWF who likes anti ques, museums 4 adven ture, between the ages 38-40, preferrably blonde. I'm 5'7, 147lbs, brown hair, brown eyes. Reply ext SWM- early 40s, works nights, actor/director NY theatre. Looking lor Bisexual or straight female for love, friendship, companionship, travel ft pos slbly employment. Must be available daytime 4 nights. Reply ext S W M- in 40's, healthy nice to be with male who doesn't drink, smoke or take drugs seeks a nice to be with female for best friend A lover long term relationship, age or race is open, But a nice to be with person Is required. Please call Ext i%m never married. 33, 6', great shape, good looking, home owner. Enjoys skuba, ski diving, fly- Ing & I'm comfortable In a tux to jeans. Seeks SWF very pretty, petite. In shape with a touch of moxy, For friendship & long term relationship. Reply ext SWM- Police Officer, 24, 6'2, 185 lbs., black hair, brown eyes, physically fit & college educated, enjoy jogging, model building, travelling, arche ology, going to the movies, reading. Caring, flexible, open minded 4 extremely good listener, good sense of humor. Seeking SWF 21-26, who's loyal, sensitive, Intelligent, playful & attrac tive. No drug users, no smokers, no alcohol abus e>rs. I'm looking for friend ship that has a possibility of becoming something more special. Please catl Ext SWM- professional, trim, rugged looking, sailor who enjoys family, good friends, travelling, dancing, gourmet food, cruslng and club racing, the arts and all that heaven allows. Would love to meet mid to late 40s, svelt, caring, sophisticated lady with whom to share similar Interests and who Is really free to be happy. Please reply ext THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO MISCHIEF- It found 1000 times a day. DWF, 45 years old with delightfully evil grin and dellclously wicked sense of humor seeks male twin. I am 5' 2" 10B lbs. and spontaneous, My twin will hopefully be a taller, heavior professional between the ages of and possess a sense of humor that enables him to lough at himself as well as what happens around him, Ext THIS HANDSOME S W M- has all but given up hope or finding that beautiful special girl. Don't let thla one get away. I'm 19, Into candlelight, slow dancing, moonlit walks on the booch, partying, romance, music & animals. Reply & make your dreams come truo, ext THIS READY WILLING * AVAILABLE SWF Is petite, trim, pretty, sensual, personable, lovos to laugh & enjoys life, you should be over 40, fit, nonsmoker, ready to commit, positive attitude & able to keep up with me. Reply ext fo IfOwtfCffOft S VIRY LONILY- SWM, 45, B'S 170 Iba., sparkling, honest. Intelligent, warm, great sense ol humor. Very successfull and secure home owner/ business owner, looking for young oriental woman to build lasting relationship or marriage. Loves outdoors. Ext VIRY UGLY, VSR- WEIGHT * TALL- Insecure, unemployed. Hitter. ate, lackadaisical, DWM who dislikes candelight dinners, romantic sunsets 4 holding hands, However, I do enjoy sitting In tunnel traffic behind a cross town bus with my roof down. If you ere e 3O's fsmels and drastically opposite me please respond to Eat W/F- Separated ' 9", 139 lbs. Looking for a male, 29-36, preferrably tall, whom likes music, beach, bowling, movies, dining and being with that special someone, holding hands and snuggling to gather. Looking for pos sibls relationship. Please fpto to Ext WANTED FOR LIFl, BY DWM preferably a petite, attractive, energetic woman, who is willing A able to stand beside a men with strong moral fiber 4 bellefs-a woman who Is not afraid to be with a man who speaks his mind ft can assist In thoughtful, honest deslclslon making. I am In my early 50's, a considerate smoker, with Interests too numerous to mention. If you have my energy level ft my moral fiber & can keep up with my Ideas. I would appreclete a call. I am a skilled business executive with my own recession proof business. The only thing missing In my life Is you. I want it all, do you? If you do I will be faithful, sincere, honest ft open forever. It Is Important that you love life as much aa I do. Please Reply 3965 WARM AND ATTRACTIVE, Chlneeso-Amerlcan, professional gentleman, 47, 5' 7\ young looking. 1 enjoy movies, music, sports and romantic evenings; in fact, anything with the right person. I usually play tennis and run fifteen miles every week. I'm very healthy, honest and down to earth. If you have similar intereats and are looking for a long term commitment, please respond. Reply to ext WIIM, blend, blue eyes,5' 9", 39 years old looking- for the same. Must ba discreet. Reply ext, WM 28, 5'9, GQ looks, physically fit, very easy going, and down to earth. Looking for a no-strings attached relationship with an adventurous, playful, attractive, witty woman for mutual gratification. Must be discreet. Age ft martial atttus unimportant. Please call ext WM 4 0 years young, 5'10, 160 lbs., healthy, good build, attached but unfulfilled at this time, seeks slender WF 30 to 40 yrs. old in same situation for mutual gratification,discretion req., ext WM 40, successful business man seeking female with good figure, good looks ft personality for long term relationship. Please respond to ext WM 41, sucessful businessman who is romantic ft sensuous, good looking with a good sense of humor. I'm seeking a female who has above average looks, nice shape, above qualities. For friendship ft possible long term relationship Reply ext WWWF- 52, 5'8", professional, live in Middlesex County looking for the right person, 47 to 59 for companionship, friendship and a possible long term relationship. Enjoys country music and blue grass, movies, flea markets, traveling, dining In or out, country drives. Please reply to Ext YOUNQ AND SNERaiTIC SWM, 24, blond hair blue eyes, very physically active. Looking for SF, 18-30, possltlve, confidant, and eager to have a great time. All replys answered. Reply to ext Slngfo* Organizations mnd ActMtloB ALLOW ME TO 01VE YOU the gift of a lasting relationship. Personalized, 16 yrs. experience. Call Judy Yorio's Compatibles SO8-707-tOSa. DATCFINDER- Singlet Personal Ads. Our 8th yearl Free copy, call toll ree , 24 hrs. or PO Box 129, Plicaaway, NJ Let us mprove your social llfel M At CH MAKt R INTERNATIONAL- The largest & most selective personal Introduction service In the nation, Call for free Info PATH'S PARTIES Buffet, Dessert, Coffee. Reservations limited. April 25lh, 7:30 PM 90B-722B284 10JO lost* round FOUND- White male cat, E eople friendly, Sunset ike Vic HiUSOOROUQH- tan 4 black male sheperd mix, brlttany spaniel, black & white cat. orange male cat, male brown tabby, orange 4 white female cat. RARITAN- female Bessett hound, young female coon hound, long-haired black spayed cst left at vet, young orange tabby male, MtTUCHEN- Female vlscta, male black 4 white mix-breed dog. HIGHLAND PARK- White female husky mix. Somerset Humane Society, Route 22, North Branch, NJ 08S76 LOST: SLACK TABBY 4 WHITS CAT with white tip on tail. Male. Neutered. Dunellen area. REWARD! Please call Sell "don't needs" with a Classified Ad 1040 ADOPTION- Loving couple wlahas to adopt white newborn. We promise love ft happiness to your baby. Call Kathy ft Richie anytime Legal/confidential. EUROPEAN ADOPTION CONSULANTS Licensed agency accepting applications from qualified adoptive parents seeking Ukranlan 4 Russian children 4 Infant orphans. (216) Boston Rd. N., Royalton, OH JISUS MARY 4 JOSEPH, HOLY SPIRIT 4 ST. JUDE- thank you for your mercy towards me 4 mine. Always be with us. V.C.M MAKE A FRIEND...FOR UFEI Scandinavian, European, Yugoslavian, South American, Japanese High School exchange students...arriving August...HOST FAMILIES NEEDEDI American Intercultural Student Exchange. Call Kathleen ( 08) er 1- OO-SIILINQ THANK YOU ST. JUDEfor answering my prayers. N.M. THANKSGIVING NOVSNA TO ST. JUDK- Holy St. Jude, Apostle and Martyr, great In virtue and rich In miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful Intercessor of all who Invoke your special patronage In time of need. To you I have recourse from the depth of my heart and humbly bag to whom God has given such great power to come to my assistance. Help me In my present and urgent petition. In return I promise to make your name known and causa you to be invoked. (Say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hall Marys, 3 Glory Be's). St. Jude, pray for us and all who invoke your aid. Amen. (Publication must be promised. This novena has never been known to fall. This prayer Is to ba said for 9 consecutive days). My prayers have bean aniwered: R.A.S. PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN- (Never known to fail), Oh, most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me In my necessity. Oh, Star of tho Sea, help me and show me, herein you are my mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth! I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me In this necessity. There are none that cart withstand your power. Oh, show me herein you are my mother. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3x). Holy Mother, I place this cause in your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, light all roads so that I can attain my goal. You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me and that In all Instances In my life you are with me, I want In this short prayer to thank you for ad things as you confirm once again that I never want to be separated from you In eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine. The person must say this prayer 3 consecutive days. After 3 days, the request will bo granted. This prayer mutt be published after the favor ii granted.h.d.c. PRAYER TO THE ILEIIID VIRGIN- Never known to fail). Oh, most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine splendor of Heaven, Dieised Mother of the son of God. Immaculate Virgin,»»»ltl me In my necessity. Oh*. Star of the Sea, help me and how me, herein you are my mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth) I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to tuccor me In this necessity. There ere none that can withstand your power. Oh, shew me herein you are my mother. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, prayforus who have recourse to thee (3x). Holy Mother. I place this cause In your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, light all roads so that I can attain my goal. You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me and that In all Instances In my life you are with me. I want In this short prayer to thank you for all things aa you confirm once again that I never want to ba separated from you In eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine. The person must say this prayer 3 consecutive days. After 3 days, the request will be granted. This prayer must be published after the favor Is granted.r.n. PRAYIR TO THE BLESSED VIROIN- (Never known to fail). Oh, most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the son of Cod, Immaculate Virgin, assist me In my necessity. Oh, Star of tha Sea, help me and how me, herein you are my mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earthl I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in this necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. Oh, show me hare In you are my mother. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3x). Holy Mother, I place this cause In your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, light all roads so that I can attain my goal. You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me and that In all instances In my iife you are with me, I want in this short prayer to thank you for all things as you confirm once again that I never want to ba separated from you In eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine. Tha person must say this prayer 3 consecu tive days. After 3 days, the request will be granted. This prayer must be published after the favor is granted. N.O. PSYCHIC CONSULTANT 4 ADVISOR- will help you through love, marriage 4 business. Call 908* SWEDISH MASSAGE Janet, CMT. Call By appt. only. THANK YOU ST JUDSfor answering my prayers A.M. WILD EXCITINO- ener getic SWF, 22, with both inner ft outer beauty, 5'4, brown hair ft eyes. Looking for a physically active ft mentally creative SWM, 22-30, with a great sense of humor. Must have passion for rock n rollft the Orateful Dead. Looking for a new companion to share a show. Peace ft excitement Is what I am offering. Long hair Is s plus. Reply ext Coming fvanfs SPAGHETTI DINNER All you can Eatl Frl. April 24, 5-8pm. at the Methodist Church, 1949 Washington Valley Rd., MartinsvilTe.(near Chimney Rock Rd.) $7 adult. $3.50 child. YARD SALE ATTN: HOUSEHOLDERSI Holy Cross Church, No. Ptalnfleld, Invites you to our outdoor rain er shine yard sale. Sat. May 30th. 9 AM to 3 PM. Entrance fee $25. Call Announcements ARE YOU OETTINO WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE?- Lets talk about It. Free Introductory small discussion group forming. Bedmlnster area. Call 90B for informaton. Telephone line new werkal 2000 FOR SALE I REPRIOERATOR- Frost free, green, S150. Pis. call : tween 8-8 pm. >SS be- STEAM CLEANER- Excellent condition, hot or cold up to b pressure. Will clean almost anything, $ llam-5pm or pm-8pm 2040 Auctions COIN AUCTION- This Sunday evening April 26, 6:30pm, Holiday Inn, Route 22 Brldgewater. ESTATE SALE Contents of Home Saturday, April 25, :05PM. Preview 3:30-5:05PM, Green Knoll Flrehouse-Station 2, Dow Road, Brldgewater, NJ Directions: From Pa., Rt. 78 East to Rt. 22 East. Go past St. Bernards Church, go through traffic light, take U turn to head West on Rt. 22. Go past Ethlcon, turn right at light onto Country Club Rd. Go 2 miles ft turn right onto Dow Rd. Firehouse on left From N.Y. Rt. 22 West, go past Ethlcon, turn right at light onto Country Club Rd., go 2 miles to Dow Rd, turn right, Firehouse on left. ANTIQUES-COLLECTABLES FURNITURE-BOOKS HOUSEHOLD-PAPER MEM- ORABILIA This will be an ABSOLUTE auction for the Estate of Blanche Benson, Bridgewater, NJ Partial listing: Greenpolnt Davenbed, Maple rocking chair, stenciled side chair, Windsor style rocker, mirrors, bookcases, dressen, beds, portable T.V.'s, 2 wooden cupboards, old farm table, brass table, pottery, Tureen, bookcase w/glass doors, trunks, watercotors, dehumldlfier, old picture frames, army ammo boxes, bamboo rack, old game boards, lamps, rugs, linens, wooden shelves, bookends, old wooden step stool, kitchenwsre, Stangl, Royal Staffordshire dishes, records, tools metal cabinets, 4 hundreds of books, many old editions. This auction will feature many types of paper memorabilia Including old cards, autographed photos of Marian Davles ft Bea Ullle, N.Y. Worlds Fair 1939 Items, and the Western Front Drawings by Muirhead Bone. Over 80 yeras of accumulation. FOOD AVAIL. RESTROOM PLEASE BRING YOUR CHAIR.TERMS: Cash or check w/ valid NJ drivers license, 7% NJ Sales tax. All mer chandlse must be re moved on the day of the auction unless prior ar rangements are made with the Auctioneer. Any questions, please call: FRENCH'S AUCTION SERVICE CO. FRANK LEE FRENCH AUCTIONEER HARVIN GROUP AUCTIONEERS S Next auction May 30,1992 Liberty Corner Firehouse Estate 4 Commercial liquidations Quality consignments 2070 Computers COMPUTERS FOR EV- ERYONE! - 286, 386 ft 486 Systems tailored for you. New special, 386 SX- 25, full feature w/super VGA. $1195. C.S.E.Inc. 0S-6S4-9SSS COMPUTER IBM COM- PATIBLE $395. We repair computers ft printers. We buy computers ft printers, monitors, drives ft board IBM COMPATIBLES- Super Low Prices. 386 SX, 386 DX, 486 DX. For more Info, call 7SB-0762, ask for Michael Stalling*. IBM COMPATIBLE- Tower Case Mhi w/64k Cache and 8 Meg Ram 90 Meg Hard disk and 1.2 Floppy Drives, NEC 800x600 U 1 ' Coir Display, DOS 5.0, Microsoft Windows 3.0/ Word/Excel and Other Software Included. $2250. Call between 6 and 10 Weeknlghts Antlquoa ANTIQUE CLOCK 4 WATCH SHOW Sunday, Apr. 26th, 9:30 AM-3:30PM, Somerset Marriott Hotel (Exit 6 Route 287). Clocks, wrist watches, pocket watches, books, etc. Admission $3.50, $3.00 wahls ad. QUEENE ANNE- 10 PC walnut OR set, circa 1925, classic styling, Asking $2000. Call eves Appliances APPLIANCES Refrigerators, washers, dryers, stovei. Reasonable rates. All guaranteed. Call QAS DRYER Whirlpool, extra Ig, cap. 6 cyl. Infinite temp, control. 3 yrs. young. $ B Farm 4 Garden COMMERCIAL MOWER - SUNTON, 14, 48". IC power, excel, cond, No commercial time. $950. Call FIELD STONE- For walls, gardens, ponds, and wells. Samples provided, $110 per load. (908) FOR SALE Horsemanuer-$75 Compo*t-$90 Also rototllling done-$35. Call GARDEN TILLERS- Rear-tlne TROY-BILT Tiller at low, direct from the factory prices. For FREE catalog with prices, special SAVINGS NOW IN EFFECT, and Model Guide. CaM TOLL-FREE HONDA TRACTORcooled engine, model 3813, $1900. (908) , Farm MULCH/TOP SOIL/STONE Pick up or prompt delivery. Retail/Wholesale. Eagle Fence 4 Supply. B26-B775 RIDING MOWERS- Uaed, Trades welcome $275 to S775, , ROTOTItLINQ why break your back? Quality work done in your garden. Also tree trimming. Call Ken SHEDS- Wood, Custom made, 50 sizes/styles. Free delivery 4 Installation. Visa/Mstrcard 90S-SS TASERNACLB SOD FARM APRIL SALE- sod sold wholesale or retail. Beautify your property with an Instance lawn. Call Mention this as 10% off. TREE SALE SAT. 4 SUN. Douglas Fir, Blue Spruce, Austrian Pine, White Spruce, White Pine, Black Pine, ailed, Burlaped 4 Basketed. S2S-S3B. 86 Orchard Rd., 206 N. past BIS, left on Orchard flea Markot*, Safes EDISON- High School, 2nd annual, flea market, crafts/ fun day. Sat. May 2, 9-3. Spaces avail. S10, Call Joe Kovacs x348 after 2PM TAIL GATE SALE Vendors wanted. Church Of The Assumption, Westfleld Ave., Roselle Park. Sat. May 2, Sam-lpm. $10/ space. Call , sign up. VENDORS WANTI07 Craft Show flea Mkt- May 9th. Raindate May 10th at Manor Park Swim Club, Westfleld. $15/ space WANTED:CRAFTERS FOR SIDEWALK SALE ft OUTDOOR FLEA MARKET ii August 1st it i, $ CALL No food vendors please. CRAFT MAKERS* Quality arts and crafts people wanted for expansion of an existing year round crafts show. This new and exciting concept requires no labor hours and a minimal rent commitment. Call today (SOS) FumHum 6 TEAK WOOD DR CHAIRS $450, Cherry vanity dresser $200, Game mahoganey table $295, twin sleigh beds mahoganey $200, cherry DR table $350, Victorian love seat $295, Old Philco radio floor model $75, ladles slant top desk $250, plus a store full of quality used furniture and household items, Tables, chairs, desks, lamps, mirrors, picture frames, ect,, PRICED TO SELL, Collins Corner, 23 Dumont Rd., Far Hills, NJ, SUNK BEDS matching set, mattresses inc. 80; sofa ft love set. Good Cond. BO BUNK BEDS mattresses in good cond., $150, Call after 5PM BUTCHER BLOCK- Kitchen set, four leather chairs with chrome legs. Asking $120 or best offer. Call after 5pm. COUCH 8pc. modular unit, w/matchlng mirrored coffee table- Asking $350. Call DAYBED Georgetown Oak frame, 2 mattresses/ springs, 1 yr. old, paid $795, asking $ DINING ROOM SET- Ethan Allen. Table w/2 leaves + pads, 6 chairs & hutch, $1500. Kitchen set, formica top with leaf and four chairs, $175, Please call after 4 PM, DINING ROOM SETlarge country French, exc. cond., BO, DINING ROOM SET- Oriental. Excellent cond. 2 yrs. old. Table 66x44, 2 leaves & custom pads, 4 slde-2 arm chairs, break front 8> server. Asking $ or DINING ROOM TABLE-, white marble top ft base. 76" long X 45" wide w/ 24* leaf ft 6 solid oak wood chairs. Exc. cond. J2500/BO. Call (201) DINING SET 9 piece, Ethen Allen, light maple, country style, asking $ DR SET- Provincial light wood, lighted china closet, 6 chairs, leaf. $650/ neg ENTERTAINMENT CEN- TER Mediterranean design, 7'Hx7'W $100. Dresser 32"Hx6'/beveled glass mirror $100. Bookcase 4'Wx64"Long-slldlng glass door $75. Storage cabinet 66"Hx 42"W, 2'Doep, $ cu.ft. freezer, Coldspot, 20"Wx34"Hx2'Deep $50. Computer table ft Printer table $100/both FURNITURE SALC- casual wood, dining set seats 6, $100; 2 wooden end tables SSO/palr. Please call GOOD COND.- Sofa, love seat, 3 end tables plus a daybed, all for $300 b/o LAZYSJOY 2po. tjue sectional couch, fuh bed ft recllner built In, 2 yrs. old, excel, cond. Pfusbedroom set-2 night stands, dbl. dresser w/ mirror, chest of drawers. Call , after 0pm LIVING ROOM 8ET- Sofa and love aeat pink silk, 2 pink lamps, 2 end tables (white formica, modern) cocktail table, recllner (beige), brown carpet 12x22*. Kenmore refr,, small dinette set, everything Is in good cond., FOR EVERYTHING ONLY $60011, SLEEP SOFA Colonial. Chair, love seat, 2 tables. $650. Please call BOS SOFA BED- brown ft white, 69", good cond., with matching chalr-* SOFA- brown valour camel back, excel, cond., $125; tibledropleafantique-$100. Chair-rock/recline, brown; chair pine w/ red cushions; coffee table pine w/end table; loveseat sofa-red colonial print, all $25 a pc. Call STEREO CABINET Teakwood, glass door, excel, cond. $ S TEEN BEDROOM SKTbed w/dresser attached + desk 4 2 drswsr chest, white w/blue formica, $ Ad* In CMS*/»*O* donycosf Thmypay! 2120 QaragoSalo* NOTICE: All GARAGE S- ALES advertisements are PAYABLE IN ADVANCE by cash, check, VISA or Master Card. For a quote on cost, pleaaa call BOUND BROOK- 20 Falrvlew Ave., Sun. 4/26; 8am-4pm. Household items, clothing, appliances. To benefit Kappa Delta philanthropy projects. BOUND BROOK 647 Winsor St., north of Union Ave. two family, Sat. Apr. 25, 9 to 2. Tools, household Items, chairs, misc. BOUND BROOK- Saturday, April 25, 9am till 4pm, Something for everyone. 324 Evergreen Ave. Rain date May 2. BRANCHBURQ, 11 Lenape Trail, off Readlngton Rd., Tours.-Sun., 4/23-4/ 26, 8-5. Car bike rack, furn., drill press, bench grinders, 3-ton Jacks, new chandelier, Christmas items, TOOLS galorel TV/ VCR cabinet, over 1500 items! RIDQEWATCR- 7 Red Oak Way: 4/24-4/26, 9am-5pm. Pool table, tools, heater, dinette sets, Ig men's clothes, offlee supplies, etc. CONGREGATION AHAVAS ACHIM 216 S. First Ave, Highland Pk. Sun-S/3, Mon- 5/ Parking avail. A it A * CRANPORD- 125 Dletz Street, Sat. Apr. 25, 9 am to 4 PM, furniture and other things, no early birds. DUNELLEN- 143 Seeend St., Thurs, 4/23; Frl. 4/24; Sat. 4/25; 8:30-4PM. Cash only. Trundle bed, Lane cedar chest, White leather/chrome bar stools, other furn. Child's toy chest-other toys. High Chair, Jewelry, china, silver, clothing-children ft adult, household Items, tons morel DUNELLEN- 319 South Madison Ave., Sat. 4/25 ft Sun. 4/26, Multl Family. Children's Items, daybed, chests, misc. furn. & much morel Rain or Shine! GLADSTONE- 7 Farm Cottage Rd.; (off 206 N.): Saturday, April 25th., 10am-4pm. GREEN BROOK- SI Brandywlne Rlae, (off Cramer Ave. north) Sat. ft Sun., Apr , 10am-Spm. MOVING] Everything must go. Furniture- outdoor ft Indoor, plants, Christmas Items, kitchen Items, bric-abrac, etc. MARTINSVILLE- 2036, & 2047 Washington Valley Road, Sat. Apr. 25, 9 to 3:30. Antiques, records, baby furniture and supplies, children's clothes for boys and girl*, newborn to 6X, toys, garage doors A patio slate & household. No enrly birds. MIDDLESEX- 318 Lincoln Blvd., Sun. 4/26; Garage Sale, Car Wash, Crafts ft Baked Goods, Fun table. To Benefit Central Jersey Dance Co.

22 B-6 April 23, 1992 IflKE YOUR HOUSE fl HOME J. DEOUTIS CARPENTRY Quality craftsmanship on addition*, alterations, roofing, tiding, doors, kitchens * bath, Season special on dacka * replacement windows. Inaurad, fraa aatlmataa. CaH KITCHENS * IATHS Ittl COMPUTE Call today for your free estimate. tos*247*s A-l ELECTRIC CO. No Job Too Small No Challenge Too Qraat RosidontlaVSmatt Bua. Spectalleta AH work guaranteed. Uc * *1330 AMERICAN MA0I SLEC* TRIC CO. Fraa eatlmates. Senior cltliana discount, Lie.#9688, Call ELECTRIC, ASPEN All raaldantial needs: houta fana, amoka dataetors, lighting, talaphonaa. ate. Quick response. Lie. #7534. Call ; ELECTRICAL SERVICE Quality work/reasonable prices. Avail aftar 4pm A wknds. FREE astlmata. Fully bonded A Insurad. L.A.B. ELECTRIC Uc # ELECTRICAL WORK- Complata alectrlcal service, service upgrades, vlolationa corrected, ceiling fans, new constr. "24 Hr. Emergency Service." Uc.»1031B ELECTRICAL WORK- Commerclal, residential and Industrial. Ucenaad, No. 9141, and Insurad. Fraa estimates, call Vlnce Santonaataso Electric ELECTRICAL- All types of wiring. Service changes & paddle fans. Addltiona. Call Harold Klouser. Uc. # ELECTRICIAN- LiC.# For evenings & weekends. Banded A Insured. Reasonable rates, Commercial, residential, Industrial Handyman Sarvfcas APPLIANCE REPAIR8- All major brands, all major appliances. Reasonable, experienced, reliable. Same day service. Jeff COLLtQC STUDENTSlooking for odds & ends Jobs, from tarring driveways to landscaping your property ask for Ryan or Todd. HANDYMAN Can do most anything and at reasonable rates. No Job too small. Call 90S HANDYMAN CARPENTRY SERVICE All Interior remodeling Cabinets, Doors & Decks 26 years experience Dan HANDYMAN FOR HIRE carpentry, replacement of windows & doors, floor tiles, carpet Installation, kitchen, bath renovation " > M * J DRYWALL Residential/Commercial. Free estimates. 908-B60-8K4S * * * * MR. DO RIGHT- Will clean, repair, paint; walls, ceilings, porches, attics, cellars. Carpentry. "Master or the small Job" ODD JOBS * OENERAL REPAIRS Lt. hauling, brush cleared & removed. Expert int/ext. carpentry, painting, replacement windows & decks. Tree work, log splitting, gutters cleaned. No Job too small. Why break your back? If you don't see It, ask. Call us today for a FREE estimate. Our 17th year, PROFESSIONAL HANDY- MAN burglar alarms, garage door openers, celling fans, AC circuits, security & recess lights, door bells, phone Jacks, painting, sheetrock repairs, etc. Free est. David TOWN AND COUNTRY MAINTENANCE Lawns, gardens, painting, cleaning, carpentry; trim, additions,(908) Home impnmmmnt WOOD FENCES INSTALLED STOCKADE POST AND RAIL SPUT RAIL BOARD ON BOARD CEDAR FENCES MAIL BOX POSTS FREE E8TIMATES (908) A. BUONTEMPO Qanaral Bulldar Sine* 1950 Naw Homaa, Addttlona and AttaraUona Naw Dacka, Wood Siding and Repair* Stapa, Sidawalka, Plastering All Typaa Maaoniy Naw Offlc«a and Storefronts Rapalra and Alterations Flra Oamaga Conatructton Fully Inaurad Fraa Eatlmata 90S-272-S17T Ucsnse AC CONTRACTING Painting, wallpapering, windows, doora, tiding & roofing etc. Free estimates. Call now for 10% Spring aavlnga. aos*2s7*siss ADDITIONS & ALTERATIONS KITCHENS e BATHROOMS BASEMENTS DECKS CERAMIC TILEf)ETC. FULLY INSURED* * FREE ESTIMATES * * COMPETITIVE PRICES * FOR DEPENDABLE, HION QUALITY WORK, CALL RAY LAIYT AL BRBUCHE * BON Kama ImprovewMatta Baaamant to attic, Inaide & out. Expartanca A references. Free estimates. Reasonable ratoa. aos*4ss*1773 AMIRICAN HOMI IM- PROVIMENT- Walls, floors, windows end doora. Siding, painting, Kit.4 baths. Sr. citizen discount. Call ARTIES CARPET SER- VICE- Sales, installations & repairs. Shop at home service. No Job too small. Fully insured. Call after 5PM * BATHROOMS FREE ESTIMATES Complete bathrooms starting as low as S3995. Licensed, Insured, 10 yrs. Experience. J.M.C. Home Renovations BATHTUB * TILE RESUR- FACINQ- 5 year warranty, free eatlmates. Call CARPENTER FOR HIRE Home improvements at affordable cost. No Job too small. Free est. Ins. Pis call Tom or Dave CARPENTRY A ROOF. ING repair. Celling & floor porches, steps, paint. Call CARPENTRY * CABIN- ETRY, FINE QUALITY- REMODELING & REPAIRS. WINDOWS, DOORS, TRIM, KITCHENS, BASEMENTS, DECKS. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED FREE EST. REFS CARPENTRY BY QUELI CONSTRUCTION CO.- Welded vinyl replacement windows & steel doors. Custom decks, additions, dormers, kitchen & bath remodeling, basements, drywall & taping. NO JOB TOO SMALL1 Fully Insured, free estimates CARPENTRY & Home Improvements. I do It ALL, all phases of home Improvements. Free est., Ins. Steve, CARPENTRY All small, medium repairs Inside A out, and new work. Also ceramic tile, sheetrock repairs, gutters cleaned, repaired and Inside paint- Ing, Call Larry CD HOME IMPROVE- MENTS Replacement windows, Siding, Bathroom renovations & more. No job too small CERAMIC TILE Installation & Repairs Commercial/Residential S.E. OERWER (908) Free Estimates Fully Insured COMPLETE HOME MAIN- TENANCE INC 15 yrs. in business, maintaining homes for retirees, wldoers, divorcees & people who Just don't have the time. We do everything from painting to additions. Call Ray CUSTOM FURNITURE BUILD1NQ Design your own wall unit, cabinets, or even a magazine rack. Made of oak, pine, or formica. Reasonably priced. Call Sal at day or eves CUSTOM RENOVATIONS Your One Stop Homo Improvement Co. Kitchens, Baths, Basements, Skylights & Tile DAW HOME IMPROVEMENT All phases of homo imp. Interior & exterior You name It wo do Itl CALL MIKE - aao-aaas DECKS- Custom built, benches, railings, lattice pressure treated, super cedar prices. 20 yrs, exp. Call DECKS- $7.50 per ft. or will beat any legitimate offer. Cuatom work. Fully Insured. Unlimited references. Color portfolio. Call now and eave $$$ DID YOU KNOW... that an ad in this local paper also goea Into 16 other local papers? Reach over 400,000 with one calll iao readers DRIVEWAYS Free Eetimates on Installing Naw or Repairing old Orhrewaye Parking lete Seal* eeatlag RaHreed flea Belgium blecka Concrete Werk All Typeo Fully Insureci. Our 27th year. MAJER CO DRIVEWAYS-PARKINO LOTS Repaired, resurfaced, stoned, seal coated. Rail road tlea & Belgium block. 0. A. HUNT PAVING. Serving Brldgewater area since DRYWALL CONSTRUC- TION- Sheetrock and taping, specializing in small Jobs. T.A.F. Drywall Celt DRYWALL INSTALLATION * FINI8HINQ Specializing In Additions, Renovatlona A Basements. Free Estimatea * * * * FAMILY CONTRACTORS 3 GENERATIONS OF QUAL- ITY CARPENTERS. Complete home Improvements. Additions, add-aavals, kitchens, baths, etc. Professional, courteous service from design to finished products. Free Est. Call S08*36B*61S4 * * * + FAMILY CONTRACTORS 3 GENERATIONS OF QUAL- ITY CARPENTERS. Additions, add-a-levels, custom decks. Complete home improvements. Serving NJ for over 20 Eat. Call S0S-S6S-S184 FENCES Installed A Repaired. Chainllnk A wood. Free estimates 90S FENCES. PRE SEASON SALE. CUSTOM WOOD: CCA-SPRUCE-CEDAR- STOCKADE-VINYL CHAIN LINK. FREE ESTIMATES. Pis call FIBERGLASS YOUR NEW OR EXISTING DECK or roof for maintenance free care. EvereeaJ Plaerglaa Deeklag Company 908- FLOORS- New wood floors Installed, sanded & finished. Old wood floors reflnlshed. Free estimates. ACCURATE, aaa-saoa FREE ESTIMATES Call "Oz" re-rooflng repairs, painting, light hauling. Call days or eves O + R BUILDERS General Contractor Fully Insured Free Estimates 90S-S83-MSO HAVE YOU LOOKED AT YOUR FRONT ENTRANCE THE WAY VISITORS DOT Need an affordable new look? We offer clean, neat & beautiful walks & patios expertly done in paving brick. Inexpensive, maintenance-free & permanent with many shapes & colors to choose from. Call for free color brochure & factory prices. Many happy local references. tos-bs3-tab7 HOME Altaratlona and Addltiona Prompt and Courteous Services "Quality at Its Best" WALLACE CONSTRUCTION HOME IMPROVEMENTS Carpentry Drywall Ceramic tiling Remodeling Repairs Areas finest & most reasonably priced service available. Neat precision work guaranteed In wrltingl Honest, reliable, & reputable. 10 yrs. exp. Excellent refs, & free estimates, Insured. Call Mark 90a HOME IMPROVEMENTS A REPAIRS- additions, decks, wooden storage sheds. All phases of home Improvements & repairs. VIso/MC, freo estimates. OUR Houae j»e-osaa HOME SWEET HOME- HOME IMPROVEMENTS & REPAIRS. Carpentry, sheetrock, painting, decks, patios, etc. Bathroom & basement remodeling. Free estimates, competitive ratea. CALL JOHN-«0a-24a-6BB2. HOUSE WASHING- vinyl, aluminum) wood, eadar shake, patios, sidewalks, pool walkways, feundatlona. Fraa estimatea 4 demonstrations. Meat houeea dona under $200. Call , Uttl' mate Power Washing I.N-M- PENCE All tvpaa of fences installed and repaired. Free eatlmatea. No Job too big or tmatl. ao**4s«*9366 I-SOO-SOO-BMB Installation SICHLER INSTALLATION SERVICES storm doora replacement windows closet ofgenltoni shelving fencing mall box posts garage door openers celling tens wallpaper many kinds of carpentry repair Fraa estimates CALL 0t-S34-llt2 INTRODUCTIONS... A way for people to meat people, every week In your local Forbes newspaper. The ad la free, then one call does It all) 1-S0O-SSS-94SS IRON RAILINGS TRACETS IRONWORKS 8AM-8PM S0S*347<303* * * J A J CONSTRUCTION- Raplacament windows, seamless gutters A leaders, all types of roofing A swing, storm doors A additions. Call after 6pm. JED NOME REMODELING Addltiona, kitchens, bsths. roofing, docks, insurad. Call JFK CONSTRUCTION- Crsnford, All work guaranteed. 1 contractor for all your needs. Large or small, we do It all! KITCHENS, BATHS- remodeling, alterations, cabinet refecing, countertops, formica, Corian, tile work, skylights, finished basemertts, drywall A taping, decks. References on request. No Job too small. Free estimates. Fully Insured. Call Cedrone's Home Improvements KITCHEN cabinet refacing or new, countertopa, tile work, carpentry. Free eatlmates. Pis call Tony MOVING Small moves, apartmenta A homaa. 1 price start to finish. Compare and save. Free eatlmates MR FIX-IT NO Job too small Inside or outside. 35 yrs exp. Free eat. Refa avail. Art POWER WASNINS BY TOM HANSON PAINTERS Hand scrub and rinse of vinyl and aluminum aiding. Mildew removed from any surface. Please call Tom 908-4SB-5SS2 or rowerwashinq- Aluminum A vinyl sided homes, trucks, patios, We wash everything! Free estimates. Free demonstrations PROFESSIONAL FURNITURE RESTORATION * REPAIR i- JABLLS * CHA1HS * VtlNEOUNC x UPHOLSTERY ^ CANIISC ^ CLUING ^ I UHNITUKL' POLJSHINC ^ SI HLLNGTHliNINC * OFFICE I-UHNITURD v KITCHliN CABINETS v IN-HOME TOUCH-UH'S v STAINING A PAINTING * ALL HAND STKIPPINC FUUY thsum, mi isrmm A Fresh Finish Douglas I, Webber 1577 Rt. 27 Edison, NJ R.J.'S DECKS we build alt sizes and shapes. 10 year guarantee. All our wolmanlzed lumber guaranteed. Free estimates. Fully Insured Special apring discount 20% off SHEETROCK/SPACKLE Repairs to sheetrock & plaster STORM DOORS INSTALLED Factory direct prices, Many stylea & colora tc choose from. Call for Inhome appt SS daya evea WINDOW A-l l REPAIRS Raplaea glass, putty, eaulk, paint 4A wash, QuaNty craftsmanship t h i for f 28 yrs. Free eetknatee, Insured, work guaranteed, prompt servloa. Sea WINDOW GLASS RE- PLACED ON M i l- We repair, re-putty A paint reasonable. INSURED. Call Clear View, WINDOWS SJ DOORS pt, S, Replacement, Storm, Bos Bows. Bays, Patio Pti dootsi TrlaVSMia*. Free estimates. Tlmberllne Construction, sss-tss-sm A1 TOP SOIL- Screened A Unscreened. FIN Dirt, Paving, Excavating, Stone ft Mulch. Drainage A Tree work, 322*8409 LAWN LANDSCAPING- Quality work. Can Clsaalc Landscaping ACCURATE LANDSCAPING All phases of landscaped construction. Lawn Ser- A concrete patios. Bellum block Seeka, irrigation, curbing, Japanese Rock Gardens wavaterfaus A Wane. Firewood lloo/dord, split A delivered AMERICAN LAWN CARE No gimmicks, fully Insurad, family owned buaineaa, professional service, dependability, at a fair price. Serving Somerset County. Call Larry for free estimate at ARMSTRONA LAND SCAPING A PAVING Asphslt driveways, landscape installation, shade trees A shrubs, new lawns, sod or seed. Decorative stone, topsoll A mulch. RR ties, retaining walls, Allen block A Keystone. Interlocking brick paver, sidewalks, patios A driveways. Tree removable. Brush removal with ehlpoar. Driveways stonedt rototitllng, escavatlng, deter A yorfc raking. Call Jee 9OS-S4B-SJJS SASLAWN MAINTENANCE Compteta lawn maintenance service A gutter cleaning. Reasonable rates. Free aatlmatas S04 BRUSH REMOVAL- also log splitting, firewood, wood chips A tree work. Free est. Mike CMIOCCMI IAWN * SARBEN Lawn Maintenance Residential A Commercial Clean-upa Design 54S-SM3 COLLEOIATE CUT- Lawn malntance/landacaping, watar-aeallng dacka from $40. Scotch Fiaina area ask for Mike COMPLETE CARE YARD SYSTEMS- Tree ser., lawn malnt., 1 free cut, landscape design, Spring cleanup, Insured, free estimate DAVE'S LAWN CARE Quality lawn cam at the absolute loweat prices. Weekly cutting service A spring clean-upa. 806-aST-STlT DESION- experienced landscape designer will work with you to bring naw life to your yard * garden. Vltel Designs SARDEN ROTOTILLINO- For prices and to schedule, Call (908) GRASS CUTTING;- Free estimates. Plscataway, Dunellen, Middlesex area , rv. mag. GRASS ROOTS LAWN CARE- Mowing A related lawn care services, Reliable A reasonable since Fully Insured. Serving the Immediate Westfield area. Call LL MOW, ILL RAKE, YOU'LL REST If you want to save money on lawn care but not sacrifice quality, call Jim at: JOHN'S LAWN- service, FREE estimatea, fully Ins., specializing In: spring cleanups, fertilizing, lawn care, low rateal, LANDSCAPERS- 1st offering top quality dense sheared Douglaa Fir 8', Norway Spruce 7', U-Olg $40-$45, State Inspected. WlldMower Meadows, Quakertown, NJ, LANDSCAPES LAWN MAINTENANCE Times are tough, gat more for your money. Lawns cut from $ up. lit cut free. FREE estimates. SUPERB LANDSCAPING Lawn Maintenance Fence Installation Oebrla Removal 1-aoo-soo-aaM A Union Cdunty Forbes Newspaper LANDSCAPINS Si LAWNS Driveway stone A mulch. Wood chips delivered + apraad. Call S193, Sam-Spm LANOSCAPINa College student, reliable and experienced, cutting lawns to pay tuition. Call LANDSCAPIMQJ SERVICES Spring cleanups* weekly lawn malntenanceellme «fertillzerewood chips* mulchlngefree estimates LANDSCAPING- For,qualrty work and reasonable rates In all your cutting, clean-tip, seeding and pruning neada. Call Bob C. at LANDSCAPINS- Spring clean up, lawn care, thatching, tree work, hauling. Will beat any written astlmata. Reliable service. Charlie LANDVIEW LANDSCAPE Specializing In an typos of landscaping A maintenance. Reliable A affordable. Residential/ commercial. Call Gary LAWN CARE/YARD WORM- Best Service, Lowest Rstes, Free Estimates. Call LAWN CARE- 20 yrs. experlence-a Scotts lawn Pro. Lawns cut, thatched, saedad. Reasonablo rates, reliable service. Walt LAWN CUTTINA Lawn care, clean-ups A landscaping at recession breaking rate. Call LAWN MAINTENANCE AND LANDSCAPINS Professionally dona. Dependable, reasonable, fully Insured, references. Call Ed, frse estimate or 1S1-O0S1 LAWN MAINTENANCE Westfteld/Scoteh PI. Area. CuttlngACIean-upa. Exp'd. Free Esilmatas.7SS.826S. LAWN MAINTENANCE You grow it, I mow it. Lawn cutting, general Spring cleanup. Insured. Reasonable. CALL NOWe Anthony Mag. LAWN MOWINS) SER. VICE Small-medium size lawns, call for frsa astlmata laava massage. LAWN MOWINS- for aa little aa $20. Spring clean up. Thatching, shrub planting. Will beat any legltlmate price * * * * LAWN SERVICE Prompt, reliable, Insurad. Spring Claanupi. Full service. Serving Somaraet County. (908) LAWN SERVICE ROTOTIUIN6) Lawns cut, gardena A lawna rototllled. Call for FREE ESTIMATE. UNDBN LANDSCAPINS Laadecepe Oeelg* Low coat monthly lawn care. Spring A fall clean up, sod, RR tlaa, mulch, atone and more. Free eatlmatea, fully Insured. Call M A M landscapinq Sprlag Clsaa Up Speelalal Maintenance, dealgn, renovation A construction. Call MARIO'S LANDSCAPINS Reeldential/Commerclat. Complete grounds maintenance service: grass cutting, fertilizing, weed control pesticides. Lawn renovations: seeding or aod. Shrubbery, pruning. New landscape design A (natal* latlon: grading, top aoil, ahruba, RR tlaa, decorative atone, mulch, etc. Free eatlmatea *8 MARIOS LANDSCAPING Lawn maintenance, cleanupa, rotolllllng, landscaping. 20 yra experience. aoaatiim* MICHAEL'S LANDSCAP- ING A IRRIBATION- Complete landscaping and dealgn. Design ana Installation of Rain Bird In ground sprinkler ayatems and repairs. Lawn malnt. and apring clean-u Free est. and fully (908) upa. Ins. MOUNTAIN VIEW LANDSCAPING Complete yard maintenance. Grass cutting. Fully Insured. l-aoo-aai-aaas PINE LANDSCAPING Landscape construction & lawn maintenance. Services included: all phases of landscaping & lawn maintenance. Plantings & rock walls a speciality. Owner operated & customer oriented. aoa-ata-sato PRECISE LAWNCARE Please Call ThanK you QUALITY LANOSCAP- INQ at affordable rates. No Job too small. All types of planting available. 90S with Troy- Silt, established gerdene 60 cents a square yard. 30 yrs. exp, SPRINS CLEANUPStown cutting 4 Fan leaf Allan block retaining cleanups, Call for free es< wallt/chlntneye and flroplecm.uwaas-2994 SPSCIALlawn 828 par cut. dentlal customers only. Other restrictions a Pis call SUNRISE Lawnscapars Mowing, Cleanups, Fertilizing, thatching, Seeding, Landscaping, Trimming, Insurad. 9SS.B6I-S THE PLANT SNAPER Have your shrubs A small trees professionally shaped this sasson. Call Awthaay E. KrapaaHy (aaa)f»6-44t6 TREE A STUMP RE- MOVAL -i s your stump a pain In the grass? Free estimates Fully Insured. "JUST STUMPS" TREE MAINTENANCB- Tree removals, shrub pruning. Commercial A residential. Quality work at fair prices. Over 20 yrs. experience. Call or Tree Removal VENIS BROS. Traa Exports MaVfiltO FULLY INSURED THEE SERVICE Reasonable prlcaa.wood splitting, shrub trimming, firewood SaSJ. TREE WORK WANTED- Pruning, storm damage, removals, chipping, shrub care, insured. Smith Tree Service WIU CUT ANY LAWN- $25 up to Vi acre. Complete maintenance avail. Call (908) DIRT CHEAP* Top soil, screened and delivered, root mulch avail. S0S.S4G-67GB LAWN CARE* VERY INEXPENSIVE lawn service. For frse estimates, call Juan at: (908) 7070S74. SPRING CLEANUPS Lawn CuttingeThatching Fertlltaingelacavating Reasonable ratea. A-l WAYNE P. 8C0TTquallty masonry services, Free astlmata. References. Insured. 40 yrs. a family business. Every Job a specialty MASONRY Specializes In sidewalks, steps, patios, all types of brick work, stone work, block work and concrete. Any type of patchups. No lob too small. Free eatl mates. (908) C.K. PAVING Black-top Driveways Curbing and Sidewalks MASON CONTRACTORS Specializing In all.types of masonry: Brick work block work, concrete, etc Fully Insured. Free eatl' mates. NO JOBS TOO SMALL MASONRY-CONCRETE PAVING Brick, Block, Stone, Steps, Sidewalks, Oriveways. Foundations, Fplcs., patios, curbing, Belgian block. Insured/Refs. DMI (608) MASONRY- Steps, side walks, patios, exterior drainage, all work guaranteed. Free estimates. Call QUALITY WORKMANSHIP AT A REASONABLE PRICE- all types of masonry. For free est, pis call John TAURUS CONSTRUCTION Mason Contractor. Specializing In residential. Portfolio & References Pise PNEW5! I CALLED THE ' HOME IMPROVEMENT SPECIALISTS USTEPIN THE F0RBE5 NEWSPAPERS CLASSSIREP SECTION. * * * * R a e p FoundatlonaVteps/Concrete worwpavtng stonea/ laaaa Ce.- Interior/exterior. Wallpapering, painting, power washing for commercial/ realdentlal. Call Frad, OWSaSUSa PAINTING A PAPER MANaWG- Intertor/extertor. Quality workmanship for 28 yean. No Job too mad. Inaurad. Free aetlmate, prompt aervlfie. Baa SUIaaua, S»6- Interior/artertor. Reoflnf, sas:'' C0UE8SPRO PAINTING Profeaalonal Job at reesorteme ratea. WettflaM, Mountalnalda area. Call PAINT JO PANfflNS % WALUPA* PERIPM-htt AaiLNaat twy worn. Ferereneea. Please call John, JONN MACNAMARA PAINTING- Interior A wall papering. NINA KAUAS- Painting A Paparhanglng, Repairs. Ptastsr/Shaatrock. 27 yrs. exper * * * * PAINTING)- Why pay moral $6B/rm. Com merclal, residential, apu. Exteriors, Wallpapering l20aoll.rayt6t-s67» WE BO PAINTUM INTB* RIORVEXTSSMR- Power washing, CaH Tom after 6pm PAINTINS * WALL PAPERING- "Winter Saeelal" 680 off painting and M% off wallpapering. FULLY INSURED. Will beat aay written aatl* aatea. Interior/exterior. Will work weskends. Call Chris I9 PAINTINS A WALLPA- PERING- Exterior/ Interior, custom work. Com marclawssmentlal. FULLY INSURED. Nick PAINTINS mm* WAUFA* PSRINS Interior A exterior. Remodeling of baths and kitchens Decks Installed. FREE ES- TIMATES. Carl Tom, ,1-6OO-300-S641. PAINTING Power washing, staining, wood refinlsnlng, any surface, custom colors, guttera. Rafarencea. Inaurad. Fraa written estimates PAtNTINS- ATS INC. PAINTINS. ISO/room. Ex tenor $700+. Wallpaper $lvroll. Roofing ATgt PAINTING- Let a woman do your painting. Naat, clean quality work. Insurad. Frea estlmstes. Call Maryann PAINTING- Quality work for reasonable rates. References. Fras Estimates V.I.P PAINTING- Tom Hanson Painters. Interior/ exterior a wallpapering. Free aatlmatas. Please call Tom at or PAPERHANQING ONLY I15.0O/ROLL Why pay $20.00/roll? Naat precision work, 10 yrs. exp. Excellent local refs. 2 yr. written guarantee, also Int/Ext. paint- Free estimates. In- ing. sured. Call Mark 90S-72S-2S12 PATTERSON PAINTING Interior 875/ room, Exterior. Frea astlmataa, Shaetrocking A tiling. References avail. Fully inaured. 9OS-7M-B967; l-soa.7s0-stl7 PAUL A. MILLAR PAINT- ING Meticulous Int/Ext Svca. 12 yra aimer. Guttera cleened. Fully Ins. Free ast. Exc. refs. Call Paul Pro PAJNTINO CO. Commercial, RasMenUal, Industrial. FuNy Insurad. Expert " E*TWITBW FTEBBJiSTfRB^ atntartor/exterior epvotaetlva Coating Send/Water Blasting vvamlvvpvwr eavieatreefcinayrapalr Rapalr m A PAINTING Interior A Exterior QH QuaHty Paintin rf/rpaw Deck k SaaHruj CNdj R.l.'f PAINTIKO Wnara quality counts 8 year guarantee. Professional craftsman used. M aatlmatas. Fully Insured. G6.T6f.444T Special apring discount Tiaj'S PAINTUM- Interior, wsllpapartng. Vary naat. References avail* able. Free estimatea. CaH today 756-7SS BATHROOMS REMOD- SUED all plumbing repairs, carpentry A tile work. Vary reasonable rates. Uc. # BRYAN CARISONE PLUMBING A HEATING Fraa estimates. No Job too smalll Lie Call 900*968^641 24HR emergency service., COPPERHEAD PLUMB* ING., HEATING, DRAIN CIKANING- Affordable quality - fraa estimates, 24 hour emergency service. License #8917. Please call D0WD BROTHERS PLUMBING A NIATING, INC DRAIN CLEANING, CENTRAL A.C. Fast same day service evenings and weak-ends. Lie.# or JOHN'S PLUMBING A HEATIN6 -All big Or small residential work. FREE Estimates, Lie. #6486, OIL BURNER SERVICE Boiler A Furnace clean up, efficiency testing emergency service calls, heat A hot water Installed PLUMBING A HEATING Low rate*. Good service. Drain cleaning, Fraa estimates. Llcanaa #6461. CaH John I PLUMBING * HEATING Water heaters, water filters, sump pumps, sawar A drain cleaning, e AH repairs, a Ml PlMMblag, Us. 4GTO7. CaH WATER PROOFING ROOFING: Naw roofing, Leaks repaired, Masonry rspairs, Brick cleaning, Water repellents. 20 Yrs. experience. Frea estimates WATER PROOFING ROOFING: New roofing, Laaka repaired, Masonry repairs, Brick cleaning, Water repellents and caulking. 20 Yrs. axperlsneo) A GIAUTIPUL JOS by Feminine Hangups. Expert pep«rhan ing. Neat professional. Free estimates. Call Joan A DELICATE TOUCH- Expert paperhanglng, railable, meticulous, afford* able. Recommendsd by paint stores and Interior decorators. Call Adele Lee at , PAPERHANGING No Job too small. Paperhanging Institute Certified. Free astlmatas. Insured APERHANGING "CHECK MY SEAMS" Reliable, axpert paperhanglng. Work (uaranteed. Certified by The Paperhanglng Inatftute. Call Lynne at WALLPAPERINO BY FEM- ININE TOUCH- Reasonbla rates. Prompt ser- /Ice. Free estimatea. No Job too small. Call

23 April 23, 1992 Classifieds B MIDDLESEX- 321 Grant COSTUMI JIWILRV- WHHLCHAIR- portable, COMPANION ANIMAL Ave)., Hug* Multl Family Vlntage, 80's, gold, silver. excellent condition, 1178, PLAOBMINT- Available BABY CARE Birth to 14 CLBANINO- Serious Yard Sale. Fri ft Sat Apr. Over ^00 pei.^300. Old Call for adoption, altered mo. In my Westflald Cleaning. Homes, apartments, condos, offices 24 A to 4. Ton, frames, prints, llthos. edults, purebreeds and home. Joan, mother of 7, books, dishes, golf bagi, Over 250/1450. Call 908. ate* mixed breeds. Call 688- grandmother of 9, nursery cleaned. Weakly, biweekly, monthly A week school taacher, nurs*s MIODUSIX- 84* Han. eld training, *xc, references, have 14 mo. old ends. Celt OIVE SOMEONE A tee* St.( Sat ft Sun, April ILICTHIC 110- twin ORIME FI0HTBR6 MILE Somerset Regional Animal Shelter has travel for day or over Known for beautiful work, 25 ft 26, 9-4PM. Camping Grandson. Will consider site, eggcrate A sheets. Will clean your horn*. gaar, drums, 6HP boat Must... CONFERENCE TABLBsell CaU 90Smotor, houtahold, mite,, walnut, $280. puppies, kittens, dogs Call 908 night, have experience very reasonable, references. Honest end reli- gymnastics mat and cats. Adoption reasonable. Misting pet? yourliom* while parents able. Please eell 908- taking ear* of children In FORKUFT- Clark MIDOUSIX- Ma Voerh«*» Ava., Sat. 4/28 * vel model 6 reciprocating Ib., propane-tlsso; Mar* Call DRAPTINO MACHINESvecatlon. Have back-up tun. 4/26; 9am-4pm. Vemco 18" ft 20", w/oretired RACINO <MCY> care. Call hacksaw-1800; Ford 9N Moving must Milt Clothing, Air Conditioners, toys, rulers. «8S. Call 236 HOUNDS AVAILABLE- HOUSE CLEANINO- BABYSIT IN MY HOME tractor Greyhounds make wonderful, docile pels! Please by the hour-day-week, Someriet Cty. Good references, own transporta- FRISIDAIRI- weh even household Kama. NORTHCOM 1A1 PHONE part time > full time, daysnlghts, weekends over- A range (both electric). adopt) For information SYSTCM- 6 line*, make tion. Weekly, Bi-weekly, MOVINOI Bargalite Pluel Schwlnn boy/girl bicycles, package. Pleas* call or offer night. Hav* fenced yard A monthly. Call 90S- WSSTPIILB-»U Idgar wood Jungle Gym. Please write: playroom. Lunch Included M. 4/30, 8/1A 8/210am can PHOTOCOPY MACHINE Malt* P*ae* Very reesoneble to 6pm. Tall woman New. Duplex, sorter, au With Anlmala OOIF CLUBS- MecQregor wood-m3tw-63 clothes, HH Items, linens, tofeed, zoom. Half price. RD 3 Sex 999 hardware, tons morel NO $5, tasking Ridge, NJ model-2.11 Irons-MT2- BABYSITTINB- In my IARLVBIBD8I Cash Only VSQ Bradley Qerdene horn*. 90S-6I Large yard, low rates. CaM NO BOISON- 8 Old Hickory Una, off Inman. 4/28 loam till 4pm. Moving Sal*. NO. PLAINFIELD M0VINQ/GARA6E SALE 4/24. Frl. A 28, Sat. 9am- 4pm. No early birds. Corner house, 672 Dennlger Rd.A Lawrence Ave. NO. PLAINFIELD- 266 North Drlvei Sat A Sun April 28 A 26, 9AM-6PM. 3-Famllles. Furniture, lot» of books, much more. PgAPACK GLADSTONE- Flrot Aid Squad-St. Uikoa Ava.; (off Main) Town garage sale, April 28, 9AM-3PM, Gently used treasures for salel PISCATAWAY lrchvlew drive, (off River rd.) FrITSat. 4/24/28, 8-3 PM, TOYSI TOYSI. household, high chair, records, lots moral PLAINFIELD- Huge rummage tale, Saturday April 28, 9am till 2pm. Wardlaw-Hartrldge lower school; 1040 Plalnflald Avenue, Metal wood Taylor-USA-lefty-set. Rlghty pop-flltflfght-robert Jones OOLF ClUBS- Man's lerty Wilson set-taylor-r- 1. Wod aron-megregor- Spaltflng sets-r-pw-sw-p HAMMOND OROAN 50 or best offer. Call , after 8pm. HARDWOOD FLOOR THE WOOD FLOOR CLUB. NJ's No. 1 Hardwood floor retailer RARITAN- 36 Tlllman 8t.» Sat. April 28, 10-7Rlcotta Chaaaa Pl«sweather permitting. Plain, pineapple, cherry, peach, rum with candied RARITAN- 6 Obert Drive. fruit, blueberry, mixed Furniture, rugs, householda, and much more. fruit, chocolate chip, strawberry. Saturday, 4/28, and Sunday, 4/26; 9am to lpm. SO. PLAINFIELD Oreaamlch St., off Franklin Av*., Fri. A Sat. 4/24 A 4/28, 9-4. WARREN- 14 Huntere Trail, Sat.. Apr. 28, 10am-3pm. Large variety. Prices negotiable. WS6TPIELD- 189 Harries)* Av*. 4/28, 9-3. No Earty Birdsl HH Items, decorator samples, stamp albums, women's clothes, picture frames, office supplies A more. ftltfiocl»$$tfhd! 2130 OsncwaJ Mercnwctfa* A8AROAINI FINAL LOW LOW MARK DOWN OF THE SEASON on winter clothes. Blue dot talal Bargain rack tool OIQANTIC 8ALE at DIANE SMITH QUALITIY CON- SIGNMENTS, 1 Hilltop Rd., Mendham NOW AC- CEPTING Quality designer spring clothing (all sizes) for women, men, infants, children A vintage Clothing. AL80 WANTED TO CONSIO.Ni Antique furniture A other quality furniture, Jewelry, quality collectibles. Will consider buying outright. CALL NOW before the shop fills up for spring Tue-Sun. 11-8:30pm. Wed til Bpm. ALISUN A WOLFF TAN* NINB BEDS- New commercial-home units from $ Lamps-lotlonsaccessorles. Monthly pay- /nents low as $18. Call today FREE NEW Color catalog ALMOST NEW- Clothing. Jewelry, furs, accessories. ENCORE QUALITY CON- SIGNMENTS, 123 Claremont Rd., Bernardsville. Mon.,-Frl., 10-6pm: Thurs til 8pm. Sat 10-4pm. NOW OPEN. ENCORE'S ANNEX. Specializing In finest quality home furnishings, collectibles & antiques. Consignments accepted by appt. Co-op space available. 90S ALUMINUM SIDING- 31 squares, 6" light brown- $1000/80. Call after 6PM AQUARIUM- 30 gallon with stand, heater pump. $80 Call ATTENTION BANDS- 2 Full P.A. spkr. stacks. 2 2x18 bast bins, 2 2x12 mlds, 2 JBL horns. $1000/negotlable. MUST SELL I or BATHROOM SINK- Complete 30"x30". Llko new. RECORDS-mlxed Call BIKE- Girls 26' 2-spd., $38; DP 300 Exercise Rower, $45. Call after 6 pm BRANCHBURQ- 804 Old Yerk Rd.: Frl. & Sat. April 24 A 25, 8-2PM, Corel! dishes, chest, sewing machine, fish tanks, household, etc. Rain dr shine. CASH REGISTER- $65; oountertop showcase, lower storage-$75; Old crib (good doll display)- $ CRYPTS- Must soil, 2 crypts In Piscalaway. Lake Nelson Memorial Pk. Reasonable ITALIAN RECIPES "NO CRUSTS" Other Pies macearoni, rice, vegetable, egg pudding. $3 *a. recipe, 2 for $8. Send with SASE to Maria DIMura, 4811 Stelton Rd., Box 168, So, Plalnfleld, NJ MnfdtoBuy AAMCU6 ANTIQUES ANTIQUE BUYING SERVICE Furn.«Paintlngs*Crystal Oriental Rugs*Sterllng Clock*»Toys»Mlrrors ESTATE LIQUIDATIONS * Call Toll Free * ALL AMERICAN FLYER LIONEL "HO" A N QAUOB TRAINS. ALSO HARDWOOD FLOOR' UYINO OLD TOY INQ- wide plank oak A TRUCK* - CALL 906> cherry, whit* maple and 31S.973S white ash. Mack A Co. ALL LIONEL, IVES, AMERICAN FLYER- and HAWAII, YAH, MEXICO, FLA., other toy trains. Collector AHAMA8- Round pays highest prices. Cell trip tickets for only $198/ or 201 each. Valid until 4/ Must eett. Call (404)892- ANTIQUE A USED- Furniture, Old OR sets and 3861, ask for Tom. BRs from 1800's to KITCHEN CABINETScomplete kitchen, raised panel oak cablnets-$500 Self-cleaning stove & hood avail. Call KITCHEN CABINETSoak, with counter tops, from large kitchen. Excel. cond,, many extras. Call after 6PM LATEX OLOVES pieces per case, small lie only. $20/ case MULTI GYM- Rowing machine DP BodyTone 300, orlg. $125; asking $75, like new. SEARS Exercise 8ike- orlg, $157, asking $100, like new. SYLVANIA 20" TV, good for video games $25. Mediterranean couch & loveseatgold, brown A white stripes, asking $200. Good for rec room. Call , after 6PM MUST SELL- OR set, BR set, other miscellaneous pieces. Make offeri Call ORQAN Hammond, model A-102, frultwood, 2 keyboards, full pedal*, $550. Call after 6PM PHASE CONVERTER Rotary type, 1 to 15 HP. Call or evenings PIANO (BALDWIN)- grand, model L & concert bench, ebony finish, excel cond. Call PIANOS BOUGHT ft SOLD Musical instruments & accessories, Connie's Music Center, 22 Davenport St., Somervllle,/ NJ POOL TABLES PLUS Free delivery, guaranteed lowest prices. All sizes A styles POOL TABLE- Standard size, and Piano, please call (908) RECORD COLLECTION- 195O's-70's. Albums, 78's, 45's. 450/J900 or 172 book SINK PEDESTAL white, Including gold faucets, llko now $50. Stove-40" electric, 2 ovens, excel, cond., $30; Celling fans w/ lights, $15 ea, blue rug approx. 12 x ;. Call SODA MACHINE wall mounted, holds 48 cans, all automatic, good for small businesses or office. $ SOLOFLEX- weight bench, rarely used, new $1500 asking $ after 5 PM THERMO SPA- $900; Simplicity Snow Blower, $400; 10" Radial Arm Sow. $250; doc. Trolling motor, $40; 722-G196 TOASTER OVEN- McGraw Edison Toastmoster, large, $15. good cond. Call TV/STEREO console, Mognuvox, 15 yrs. old- $200; colling fan-$20; brlck/urnck stuff too. Coll 309 TV RCA 20" color, mint cond. $160. Cnll 908- i?p G443. WALL FURNACE- Sears, gas rirad direct vent, 70,000 DTU, hunts 5 average rooms. $50. Call after 5PM 19S0't. Also misc. pieces ANTIQUE ITEMS PRE Including furniture, vintage clothing A linens, toyi, postcards, jewelry A other small Items. Willing to buy entire household. Call Joan (908) Iv.msg. AURORA HO 8L0T CARS AFX, Tyco, Atlas, etc., collector pays top dollar evenlngs or days CASH PAID- for drums, keyboards, guitars & am pliflers. Please call 90S CHERRY TIQUES Antiques 79 Wetchung Ave., N. Plalnfleld. New buying 3090 Bonding, Trmlnlng* Grooming DOO TRAININO- Private A Group Clastat. Results Guaranteed, Call TENDER TOUCH PET ORO0MINO Pet Taxi Available Call SS33 HAPPY PAWS OBEDI- ENCE SCHOOL- Registration night Is April 16th. 5-8pm. Classes start May Sth ft 6th. All levels of training. Tuat A Wed eves. Photostat proof of current shots required. Civil Defense Bldg, Manvilla NJ or HORSES BOARDED IN SOMERSET- on wellmaintained farm surrounded by miles of open State land. 10 stall deluxe barn, 2 lighted schooling rings, trails, 20 acres excel, pasture w/ wood fencing. Full Boerd $350/mo. MIDDLEBUSH MEADOWS FARM, OR Adt In C/Ms/f/«</ dont cost They payl 4000 SERVICES 4030 Bus/Msa OLD: Clocks & watches, baseball memorabilia, A-l RESUMIS AND paintings, lamps, tools, OTHER TYPINO/WP SERtoys, jewelry, furniture, VICES. Professions! work. photos A collectibles. Reasonable rates. Call i, TOP CASH PAID t, Patsy (9%) B61-S744 COMPUTER HELPI FISHING TACKLE- col Confused, Frustrated? We lector wants to buy OLD, rods, reels, lures, catalogs after 5PM GUNS, SWORDS, MED- ALS, MILITARY ITEMS, CAMERAS- NJ ft Federal licensed. Top cash paid. House calls made. Bert HIGH PRICES PAID- for quality postcards, sheet music, old toys, baseball Items, cameras, military, typewriters, TV's, Worlds Fair, fountain pans JUKC BOXES A PIN- BALLS any cond. slot, coke, arcade machines & barber poles. Call MATERNITY CL0THING- Cash paid for quality Items, Call POST CARDS- Toys, Games, Trains, Banks, Sheet Music, Political, Disney, Worlds Fair, Dolls, Magazines, etc , ask for Herb SODA MACHINES WANT- ED by collector, pre- 1960, Coke, Pepsi, etc, Also buying older Juke Boxes, Arcade Games, Toys, Trains and Hess Trucks Steven STAMPS- Coins, paper money, old envelopes, postcards, baseball cards, model trains. Call WANTED: OLD WRI8T WATCHES OR POCKET WATCHES. Working or not. (908) WANTED- drum sets, Individual drums, cymbals, stands, pedals, seats, cases, etc.- any brand, any condition. Please call PETS AND LIVESTOCK 3030 Dog* DOO OBEDIENCE Clatk or Ftemlngton, NJ Success Guaranteed 90S-7B ROTTWEILER PUPS- AKC, 7 V2 wks, shots & wormed, $450-$500. Call Norses ANNIVERSARY SALE 10-50% off English & Western Saddles & Qrldins, English Riding Jackets, Western hats & chnps. Plus selected saddle pads, shirts, breeches & accessories. Sala ends April 30th. DUCKS COUN- TY SADDLERY, Rt, 202 & 263, Buckingham, Pa, Can Help I Software assistance, computer repairs ft Upgrade*, C.S.E., Inc COMPUTER PROGRAM- MING- Customized Fox- BASE +, FoxBASE/MAC, FOXPRO, SCO FoxBASE and SCO FoxPro programming. Customization of SBT accounting software, both PC, Macintosh A Unix. Exp'd In Novell LAN's. Stephen Dragon A Aeaoc, I-787- NEWSLETTERS- bulletins, brochures designed, assembled, ready for printer by experienced Macintosh layout artist. Reasonable rates, free estimates TYPIST/TRANSCRIPTION SERVICE- for all types of work- large or smallcomputer/word processor/ laser printer capabilities. Kathy or fax Child Cam A-l LOVINO MOM- with nursing and teaching experience has opening for 6 wks. to 4 yrs. olds In her safe Dunellen home. Lunch, macks, fun activities, ref. Call AFTERNOONS - NIQHTS WEEKENDS Responsible Mom of 3 available to provide lots of TLC for your child/children In my safe, non-smoking home In Middlesex. Full-time, Part-time or occasional. Not Just a sitter, someone who cares, AN EXPERIENCED, RELI- ABLE Somervllle mom will give lots of love to your child. FT/PT. Large yard, CPR certified. Refs. avail. Call AU PAIR/NANNIES- Uve In Europeon girls, legal for 12 mo. average cost 1170/wk. Call AVAILABLE 34 HOUR CHILD CARE- New Brunswick, near Cook Campus. Infants & toddlers. Free meals. 10% off 1st mo. fees. B JK'S WALLCOVERING INSTALLATIONS and Interior Painting Quality! Workmanship Call: Joe Klfngeblel t froe estimates Carol CERTIF. TEACHER- will provide loving, teaming atmosphere for your preschooler In my So. Plalnfleld horn*. Non-smoker. Current refe CHILD CARI In my Bridgewatar horn*. Exper., non-smoker, CPR Certified. Reft. avall FT only. Large playroom A yard. Lunch 4 snacks provided. Call CHILD CARE- By certified teacher, In my South Plalnfleld horn*. Age: 1 year and up. Reference available. Pleat* call (908) CHILD CARE done In my So. Bound Brook home full or part time. Af fordable rates CHILD CARE- In Hillsborough, Mom, State Certified, recreational therapist. CPR and First Aid Certified, flexible rates A times CHILD CARE- interview a screened, Insured professional careglver who exceeds state ttandardt. Call MONDAY MORNING INC, or to setup an appointment. CHILD CARE Provided In my Scotch Plains home, Excellent referlarge play area. ences. Call for appointment to visit CHILD CARE- Rarltan. Lots of TLC, any aga, 13 yrs exp. Non-smoker, fenced yd. refs DUHELLEN- Experienced mom will care for your child. Lunch and snacks provided. Reasonable ratea. (906) INPANTS A TODDLERS WELCOME- In my Plicataway home. Lots of TLC. Go to work with peace of mind by 3:30 LIVE-IN/OUT CHILD. CARE French woman residing In Highland Park seeks position, flex. hrs. refs. Cell LOVING MOTHER- (car tlfled) will care for your child in my Piscalaway home. Lunch A Snacks provided MOM OF 1- will care for your Infant In my Quailbrook home. Pis cell MOTHER OP 3 will watch your child In my Somervflle home FT or PT, day or night. Reasonable rates, Please call Jayne PRIVATE HOME DAY CARE Arts and crafts and a lot more activities, fenced In yerd, well equipped. Licensed and state approved. Only 2 openings left. Please call now for free registration at the QUALITY CARE DAY CARE CENTER. Located In Plscataway. (908) TWO EDUCATED GRADU- ATE experienced housewives will Jointly provide reliable, earing atmosphere for your children et our Ediion home (Reading Road) or WILL BABYSIT- my Remington home, lots of TLC, snacks provided after 3 PM Cleaning Sewfceu ITS TIME FOR SPRINO CLEANING- Call the Professionals at Maid By U.S. for expert home cleaning services. Bonded A in* sured. References avail. We supply all equip. ft materials. For free estimate call Maid By U.S. at JAK CLEANING SERVICE, INC specialize In office cleaning. Free oatimete. Fully Insured A bonded I or L. A. CLEANING SERVICE 10 yrs. exp. Work guaranteed. References avail. Call POLISH WOMAN- look- Ing for housecleanlng Jobs or at housekeeper to live in/out POLISH WOMAN will clean your house/offices. Experienced, references, own transportation. Call PROFESSIONAL CLEAN. ING SERVICES- Commercial A residential. Can for free estlmatet 90S PROFESSIONAL RESI- DENTIAL WINDOW CLEANING SERVICES Bonded A Insured. Superior references. Over 30 yrs. experience. Call SBSKINO DOMESTIC WORK- In Cranford, aveil. Mon., Tuet, Wed., Sat. Employed in Cranford for past 15 yrs. Excellent ref. Call TAT NUR8IN0- will provide home health aides to care for Mm oldery while you shop, work. Stat nursing It an affordable alternattv*. RN and LPN alto available. All pertonnel bonded and Insured. Call H Hh Cm SewfCM COUNSELING- with Professional in Adoption, depression, divorce mediation, geriatrics, grief A street. Barbara Ronca ACSW-BCO *09 Ineomt) raw ACCOUNTING BOOKKEEPING TAX SERVICE All typea of taxea. Expert Financial * tax counseling. Reasonable ratea. 90B-349-U6S JOHN B. LENNOX- Personal * business. CPA. Your home/my office. Reasonable rates ItnlnKilonJlducMUon ABC DRIVING SCHOOL Special attention given to nervous people. 20 yra. OKpor. to6-7l>-6m6 ART CUSSES- Adultschildren. Drawing, paint- Ing, pastels. Beginners- Advanced. Classes limited. Experienced artist/ teacher DOIS YOUR CHILD NAVE TROUBLE LEARNINQ? Tutoring by special ed teacher/learning disability specialist, grades K-12. Cell FRENCH- All Levels. Licensed, netlve taacher. Former vlstlng Prof, at Rutgers. Yrs or successful leeching. Refs avail after 4pm KIDS EFFECTIVENESS TRAININQ- Geared to help children who experience problems with school, self or others, develop self-esteem A effective coping skills. Licensed & certified leaders CARPET CLEANING Residential A Commercial after 5 TJ. Entorprlaeta CLEANINQ OFFICES Experienced, reliable, with references ABOUT SPRINd, DON'T FALL BACK let us do It. A phone cells That's our specialty. Own equip, transp & refs. Treat yourself CLEANING] IXPIRT8- offlcea, homos, apts., condoa, etc. Dally, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly services avail. Large or small Jobs. 15* discount on 1st ft 2nd cleaning. Relleblt, insured. Call anytime CLEANINO- Homes/Condos/AptS. LOW RATES- 1 barm, bath 140 to 4 bdrm, 2-3 bathe' S65. Honest/relleble/exp/refs provided. Caror CLBANTNO- Professional, with a pereonal touch. Reliable, references, Ff estimates. Commercial ft residential. 10* off first cleaning. Cell The Polished Look A Union County Forbes Newspaper LUXEMIOUROER- Parson to help with geneological project, translation MUSIC LESSONS SAX, CLARINET, FLUTE Private lessons In your home by professional British musician with over 20 yrs. exper. Reasonable rates, Refe. Call Chris PIANO INSTRUCTION Dlene Olsen Galvacky, available for teaching 9am-2:30pm, Mon-Frl & Sat. Call PIANO LESSONS- In your home. Branchburg, Hlllsborough and srea. Call PIANO LESSONS- Jau and classical, beginners welcomed. Call Andrew PIANO, ALL STYLES ALL AQES AT YOUR PACE- Dsgreed (BA/MM), 20 years experience, private, college * university. Somerset Co. erea, SPECIAL TRAININd WORD-PERFECT LOTUS DATA ENTRY CALL S BM TUTORINB- math A physics. SAT, AP same, Achievement TesU Tests. Cxp.ft C*rUfl*d Teacher. Please cad 90S 707* Insurance) AUTO INSURANCE- Low rates. Discount* availabl* regardless of driving record. Free quotes. 90S LOW COST HEALTH INSURANCE Individual, family or group. Plans designed to m**t your needs. Any Doctor or Hospital. Great matemltypla:an Ufa/Santo* ATTORNEY AVAILABLE- Closings, Refinancings, Leases, other Real Estate matters, wills. Reasonable rates. Linda Gotllb ATTORNEY HOUSE CALLS: Wills (from $70), Closings (from $398), Incorporations (from $225). Call for exact fees; other services. J. DaMartlne, Caq. 9O6.I74.S loans A Flnancm $$NEED CASH76S Debt consolidation, Mortgage, Business or Personal Loan? Free Info on 1700 sources. 24 hrs , Ext. Ill CLEAR YOUR CREDIT LEGALLY- ci ill 908- COLLEGE FINANCIAL LO- CATERS Match Scholarships & Financial Aid to qualifying students for free information. Send name A address to: CFL, HOUSECLEANINO- If you need your home or apartment cleaned call Polish/English speaking. Experience, own transp, & very reasonable rates 4170 M/sce/favMous Servfcas AC CLEAN UP- Base ments, ettlcs, Contractors. Please call ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS- Free estimates. Colucel Trucking. Pis call , Dunellen. CARPET SERVICE- specializing In repsiring, antique, oriental A hook rugs. Removal of Wrinkles, buckles. Stretching & reinstallatlon of new 4 used Carpet. Since * * * CATENA PAVINO * FENCING- All types. FREE gate after 100ft. of fence. Driveways, Parking Lots, Curbing. 90S- MS ID BUD'S POOL SERVICE Openings, Closings, Vacuum ft full repair. Power Washing ELECTRO-TECH SECURITY and COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS Sales, Service A Installation, Central station monitoring. Call Steve OOLF CLUBS CUSTOM MADE Man, women A juniors. Many styles, low* est prlcee. Call , ask for Terry. GUTTER S> LEADER CLEANING Repaired A installed. Quality service, Reasonable prices, fully insured. Call GUTTER A ROOF CLEAN INQ A REPAIRS house trim painting * tree trimming. Very reasonable. Fully insured. CLEAR VIEW GUTTER MAN- Cleans, repairs A Installs leaden A gutters. Free Est or HIGH PRE8SURE WASHING Alum. A vinyl tidingconcrete-deeks-graffitl re* moval. Manlo Blag. Malnt. Co, Fully Int. Free *tt. 901* Eat JUNK REMOVAL Attic, basement, backyards. Call Joe LAWN MOWER REPAIR- Tom's Lawn Mower Service. Ride-on mowers, trimmers, weedeaters, chain saws, Toro, Snapper, Rally, Honda. Free estimates. Free pickup A deliver. Piscataway MOBIL* MARINE SERVICE Free Estimates Pick up * Delivery 7 Days a week (908) Camden Ave., So. MOVING? Apt*., Homes, Plalnfleld, NJ CLEAN UP & HAULING it Attics-Garages- Yards -k Removal of all types of rubbish, deb ap p I i Prom and a n c e s. Pt ri s service İNM CLEAN-UP AND RUSBISH REMOVAL Yards, attics, basement, construction debris, appliances. A & R, CLEANUPattlcs, garage Call Rudy 722- Basement, and yards CLEANUP ft LIGHT HAUL- INQ of all types. Free estimates, Insured, low rates. We work weekends. Call Tony CUSTOM SLIPCOVERS Draperies, reupholstery. Your fabric or ours. Formerly at Stelnbachs & Hahno's. 42 yrs. experience. Senior citizen disc. Shop at home service. W. Canter DEBRIS REMOVAL We clean up basements attics garages concrete & yard debris Also minor demolition & romovaf. Prompt reliable sarvlce at reasonable prices. Call JCP Carting at Wo Show UPI DISCOVER THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT YOURSELF & OTHERS. Fascinating handwriting analysis. Send S4 money order, no checks to: E.L. Franklin, P.O. Box 4755, Highland Park, NJ OB904. DRIVEWAY/PARKINO LOT SEAL COATING- Residential/Commercial. See our display ad In the Business/ Service Directories In your local Forbes Newspapers Classifieds. Free estimates. Fully Insured. CHEM SEAL. Menaham, NJ Offices, Pianos. Llc.# Palmier! Mev. era, MOVING?- Select the competent, experienced, reasonable gentlemen of BEE LINE MOVERS. PM # NILLA'S CLEAN'UP AND CARTING SSRVICESjunk removal of all kinds. Appliance removal from $10 to $ PIANO TUNING Over 25 years experience. Wayne Smith, ough/nashanlc area. Please call after 6:30 PM 90S CHILDCAREAIVE OUT NANNY- dependable * loving, for 10, yr olde. Refe, 4 own ear req- Call CUSTOM REUPHOL- STERY- Home, Office, Auto, Marina. Fabric or plastic slipcovers. Foam rubber, large fabric selection, Fully Insured. Hlshmen's Custom Upholstery 112 Mountain Ave., Middlesex Party * 41*0 MMiUlnmtit A COMIDY MA0IC 6> FUN SHOW- for Holiday, Office, Birthdays w/exotlc animals. Clip ad * show boss. Call Mr. Magic NOWI A-l PONIES POR PAR- TIBS The perfect entertainment for birthday parties, picnics, fairs 4 all special events or BALLOON RIDES Flights leave our own PHOTO'RBSTORATION- ALL WORK DONE AT OUR STUDIO. BRING YOUR ORIGINAL FOR FREE ESTI- MATE. SENIOR DISCOUNT. CORONET STUDIO. 1B72 ROUTE 27, EDISON. CAU r i RESUMSS "Prefeeeleaally - i Prepared" Cover Letters'* Envelopes Interview Tipt 24 hr. turnaround AVS THOUSANDS OFP YOUR MORTOAOE DEBT- with th* Mortgag* Controller. CaU Nick Braco at EMPLOYMENT 8010 CmnarTrmMng 00006) COMPUTER TRAINING- Learn database, wordproceasing * spreadsheet. One-on-One training, Reaaonabla rataa. Em JOBS IN AUSTRALIA- ExeKing Employment Opportunities Earn 40% to 60% higher salaries Paid Travel 4 Housing Call X 101. OUT OP SCHOOLt- Out of Work? High School dropout? Job opportunities. Between the ages of 17 * 23? Residents of Middlesex, Somrrset, Hunterdon Counties onlvl For Information call CMMGaw Wente* BELLE MEAD full time; for 6, S, 41 yr. ows. Call Kathy at CHILD CARS NEEDED Looking for mature loving person to care for my 2 rear old toddlar In my home or yours. Hillsbor- LIVE IN/OUT CAR- EGIVER- wanted for 3 mo. old baby In Branchburg. M-F, 8am-6:30pm. We seek a loving responsible parson w/cnim rear- Ing axp. end refs. Nonsmoker, pleas* call MAID SERVICI- Seeking outgoing experienced Individual with depend- deped able car, interested mivrveiva In m fub TUN timee housekeeping work avarai raging per hr. CaHI 9O8-684-S22O. FREELANCE WRITERS wanted for award-winning community newspaper group In Somerset County. Reliable reporters with experience covering government. Send resume, clips and details of availability to Robin J. Phillips, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, 44 Franklin St., PO Box 699, Somervllle, NJ censed balloon port Whttehouse at 6pm dally. Kim & I have found a way May thru October. One of to be able to make more NJ's oldest and most experienced ballooning spend, and have all the money than we could ever companies) Special 20th free time to enjoy It with anniversary price $135 our family & friends, OIVE per person. US A CALL AT CONTACT DINNY AT We will treat you YELLOWSTONE like family & show you BALLOON how you can do It tool ADVENTURES Recorded message Now la the time, BIRTHDAT PARTY EN- Frank A Kim TERTAINMENT For children (4 4 up). Fun filled magic show 4 balloon animals for all. Reasonable rates. Call Constantlne * > B DIAMOND T- 0) Service. Affordable, quality entertainment. We beet everybody^ prices! TO: ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A HIGHER QUALITY LIFE- STYLE. ties, etc. Send resume OOOD TIMES PJ 8ER- VICE "Specialising In fun" 1 hr free, no charge forot. (906) I CAN DRAW ANYTHINQI Portraits, Pets, Homes, etc.; Character Sketches for Parties. Reasonable rates PUDDINS My-Tee-Flnat Clownln Reputation speaks for Itself all occasions comedy magic and more, Please call (90S) Profess/orM/ Servtesw COVER LETTER6/ RE8UMC8 Designed ft written by Director of Personnel. 90I I6 DISABILITY/ACCIDENT COVERAGE- Includes $400 + In monthly Income. Also coverage towards msdlcal bills. Mutual ef Omaha MASSAGE THERAPlST- Prof, Help deal with your aches & pain. Brldgewater arae. Call Tracy ACCOUNTANT/BOOK- KEEPER FuiltimeAemporary, Start "5/4/92 to cover maternity leave. 40 hr. wk. Salary range $8- $15 per hr. Experience necessary In computer data entry, A/P, A/R, GA, JE's, bank recs, acct. analysis, general acct. du- only to: Mrs. 1. Bell, Hoffman International, Inc. 300 So. Randolphvllle Rd., P.O.Box 699, Piscataway, N.J AN EXCITING CAREER- Natlonal Recruiter for International Co. seeking career minded Individuals to consult on color, fash- Ion, glamour, Unlimited income potential, prof. training provided. PT/FT ATTENTION Immediate openings for self-motivated persons looking to make great, consistent $»*$*. Parttime/Fulltlme Office help Telemarketing Sales Mechanically Inclined installers with own vehicle, own hours, own schedule, good pny Sowing machine operators In the convenience of your own home Send resume to: Box 29 c/o Forbes Newspapers, P.O. Box 669, Somervllle, NJ.08876

24 B-8 Forbss Nswspapora April 23,1982, Employment Guide AVON SALSS- All areas. For Information eall i-soo BOOKKEEPER JR BOOKKEEPER CLERICAL Full time potttlon. Qualified applicant mutt type & have previous A/P, A/R experience. Any computer knowledge a plus. Excellent company benefits Including 4O1K and Profit sharing. To arrange an interview, please call: X280 US DRIVERS- reliable, experienced, charter, coach (stick shift) drivers, with CDL bus license. Athletic trips Included. Part time. Minimum exp. 40 yrs, Call USINESS OFFICE ASST.- 12 mo. position, late June opening. Involved with all aspects of school business operations. Some computer skills preferred. Send resume and cover letter to: Dr. Murray S. Peyton, S.B.A., Warren Township Bd. of Ed., 114 Stirling Rd. Warren, NJ Use Your Card... Quick And Convenient! CAM* COUNSELOR- Must be 18 or older. Position runs from June 22 until August 21, 1992 Accepting applications now. Call Glenn Macafee , The Westfleld "Y". CAMP DIRECTOR- College graduate, 21 or older, experienced preferred. Position runs from June 22 until August 21, Accepting applications now. Call Glen Macafee The Westfield "Y". CHAUFFEUR for A-i limo service branch office In Somerset. AM or PM shift. Call , ask for Alan. CHILDCARE- earn money providing quality chlldcaro for 1 or more children in your own home. MONDAY MORNING INC, offers free Insurance, referrals, equipment, back-up & more. Union County ; Somerset County COLLEGE/ HS STUDENTS Non-students also considered. Must be 18 or over. Local Co. will place 21 people. $10.15 to Start. Co. training. Advancement w/lncentlves. PT now; FT after finals. OS-704-tSSS Onion Cty. 3S1-3S0S INTERIOR DICORATINO National Company seeking self-motivated, business minded Individuals. Continuous training, support and Incentives. Call now, , leave message. INTERIOR DECORATINQJ SALES- Mature-minded, business-oriented Indiv. Will train CONSTRUCTION Exc. salary + medical, paid housing 4 meals, bonuses. Relocate LANDSCAPE/LAWN , ext. 160, M-F MAINTENANCE HELP*- 9-9., Sat ER needed, full time. DATA ENTRY SPECIALIST Must have valid NJ. driver's license. Call 908- Insurance knowledge or experience with the Agena , eves. Management system helpful. Send resume to: Oavies 4 Assoc. Attn: Karen Alllston, SO Floral Ave., Murray Hill, NJ DENTAL HYOIENIST RDH needed part time, Somervllle, Preventive Practice. Mon. 8:15 to 5:15, Tues. 1-9PM. 90S DRIVER Straight Truck and Tractor Trailer with COL for local Moving Company. Experienced only. Call Vlnce at (908) , between 8 A 12. DRIVERS- for delivery in Kenllworth A surrounding areas. Day A evening hrs. avail. Call or DRIVERS- FT A PT positions available. Must be over 25. Retirees welcome. Call bet. 9am-6pm, DRIVER For paving contractor, Union Cty area, with CDL, willing to do manual work. Also, LABORER- with NJ. license EVALUATOR- (pa), visit local restaurants. A barswrite detailed reports., expen. plus paid, FINANCIAL MANAQE- MENT FIRM- requires motivated person with strong WordPerfect 5.1 A Lotus 3.1. Will have diversified responsibilities in a small office. Salary negotiable. Must live within 30 mln. of office. Send resume to: Office Manager, P.O. Box 210, Gladstone, NJ OLUE MACHINE OPERA- TOR experienced operator needed for the corrugated packaging Industry. Good salary, start Immediately CLERICAL- Accounts Payable. Misc. office Duties. 40 hr. wk. $16-when you could service stop at your clients hair, $20,000 annual. Contact: Middlesex Boto Clerks Office, 1200 Mountain Ave., Middlesex, NJ CLERICAL- Growth oppty. for professional in Middlesex County. Office exper. a plus. Call Patti 90S-73S-S300, Preferred Placement, 27 Mountain Blvd., Warren. CLERK TYPIST- Local company requires a person to type & do light office duties. Flex. hrs. Will train. Call COMPUTERS UNIX SOFTWARE CO. In-house Sales. Bright, 'energetic individual to assist our busy front office. Unix Computer knowledge & sales background required. Full time 10am- 6pm. Pleasant working conditions. Good benefits. Send resume to: UniPress Software, 2025 Lincoln Hwy., Suite 209, Edison, NJ 08817, -Alt: Human Resources. HAIRDRESSERS- tired of long unprofitable hours? Want to Increase commission base A client loyalty? Learn what Image consulting can do for your business. Why then from head to toe. Call HAIRSTYLIST/MANICUR- ISTS full service salon, ask for Criss or Sandee IMAOE CONSULTANT for International Co. to INSURANCE- Progressive Life & Disability Income Broker Is looking for licensed Insurance producers to work as Benefits Counselor In a rap- Idly expanding Voluntary Benefits market. Qualified candidates will be paid a salary commensurate with experience. Complete benefits package including profit sharing Is provided. Forward resume Including salary.requirements to: Bruce Matanga, Hartsteln Associates, 50 Mt. Bethel Rd., Warren, NJ PART TIME BANK OPENINGS Leading north/central New Jersey bank has openings (or the following part time positions: PAYROLL MESSENGER Hours are 8:30 am to 3 pm, Mon.-Fri. A valid N.J. license and excellent driving record are required, and you must be able to maintain tight deadlines. ENCODER OPERATOR Hours are 1 pm to finish, Mon.-Fri. Qualified candidates must have a good numerical aptitude, meet deadlines and work well within a group. For prompt consideration, please respond with your previous experience and hourly wage desired: Box 10 Forbes Newspapers P.O Box 699 Somervllle, NJ AdVertfM In Me Clauitted! LEQAL SECRETARYbusy union county law firm, seeks exp. person with litigation and personal Injury background. Olctaphone, computer/ word processing, Wang preferably and Steno required. Excellent benefits. Salary commensurate with exp, full time or permanent part time. Call Edith MANICURISTS- part time, busy shop, exp. with nail art good beginners welcome to apply. Family type atmosphere days eves. MODELS (female 5'4 A up; guys 5' A up) Wanted for exciting fashion show season, Exp. pref. but not nee. Must be outgoing, love music A dance. Call Runway Magic after 2PM for appt. MODELS NEEOED Children 6 mos/16 yrs. NO EXP. NEC. Immed. assignments If POLICE AIDS RECEPTIONIST Full or Watchung Police now ac-parcepting applications for work. Light secretarial. time. Heavy phone the position of police Bath Showroom aide. Enter the exciting field of law enforcement w/attractlve fringe ben- fits A periodic salary Increases. Must be It yrs. AhrW0M A) OW GHMMBWI old. Subject to drug testing w/riegatlve result a condition of employment Some clerical skills helpful. Apply In person A pro* vide resume. Watchung Police, 1SO1 Rt 22 West, Lockheed Bldg #2 Watchung. NJ, 7S Advertise tn trie CAuiMW/ RIAL ISTATE CAREER WBIDEL RCALTORS, Hilltborough. We are looking for good people to join our sales staff. Whether licensed or unlicensed, we can get you started In a successful Real Estate Career. Flexible hours, unlimited earning potential and hands-on training. Call Judl Hltt, Manager, RIAL BSTATE SALES Maxtmlie your earning potential. Join Century 21. McOee. 100% Commission Plan, newly licensed welcome. Call Ray, Century 21, McOee Realtors, 90S-S , 10SS Rt. 202, Brewehburg. qualified. No portfolios or schooling required. Call Reid Elliot Management Group, NJ State Lie. BWO2832O0 MODELS-NEW FACES- TV-PRINT-LIVE FASH- office firm, est ION Ages 8 and up, seeks agent willing to de- male/female at Oeanna Trust Model, Madison, NJ. Call for appointment NANNIES- Established, reputable agency needs many Nannies for our New Jersey clients. Families pay ail fees. Immediate placements evail. Salary S175-S350 per week teach color analysis, wardrobing A total image enhancement. Local train- Ing provided. PT/FT. call NEED MONEY FAST- Make up to $125 per day, trimming photos, work at your own pace, for Info call, l-600-2«2-43s9 NEW YEAR NEW CAREER Part time A full time persons for telemarketing positions In Union based company. Exper, an advantage but not essential as training given Excellent pay package fer the right people. Call for further Info A Interview Carl OFFICE ASSISTANT Full time opening In an agency which represents a large insurance company, The office Is conveniently located on Route 202 South In Rerlten. Please send resume to PO Box 6603 Brldgewater, NJ PARK RANQERS- Game wardens, security, maintenance, etc. No exp. necessary. For info, call , ext am-9pm seven days. PART TIME MONEY FOR COLLEOE- qualify for $26,000 for college while working part-time. If you're a High school or College student you can begin earning while you stll go to schooll WE PAY YOU WHILE YOU TRAIN! Call Sat. Semo at PHOTO TRIMMERS NEED MONEY FAST? Make up to $125 per day trimming photographs. Work at your own pace. For Info, call: *2-43*9 * * * * PT/FT INCOME OP- PORTUNITIES AVAIL. ABLE $1000-$2000 per month. Plua profit sharing plus medical/dental. For Information call Mr. Z, RBAL BSTATE SALES Realty World America Agency will assist new applicants on dates, times, A locations of pre- Hcensing schools for as little as $59.95 Incl. all materials. For Information on how to apply A possible career training after licensing call Realty World America Agency <RW America doesn't run s prolicensing school or guarantee employment). REAL ESTATE SALES- 3 vote individual, personalized attention to our clients A customers. 60% to million SS essoclates. No franchise fees. Fischer Realtors, Whltohouse, Basking Ridge, Washlngton, REAL ESTATE SALES- is a lucrative sales career in your future? Take our FREI ($300 value) Individual Success Profile questionnaire and find out how your natural talents and abilities can be developed to help you attain the highest level of success possible. Call Pat at Weidel Realtors, Bridgewater REAL ESTATE- office manager Must have broker license A live In Bernards Twp. srea. Paid override. Crummy Job, don't call unless you can run your own show, make money A still like people. FISCHER REALTORS REAL ESTATE- Sales egent needed. Small active Rosalie Park office. Ample calls and floor time. One on One training. Lie. req'jl. Call Ray Breoks, Broker, B0S RECEPTIONIST/CLERKreal estate office In Basking Ridge needs phone answered and other fun help. No typing. 9AM- 2PM, Monday thru Friday RECEPTIONIST- Full time, Tuesday through Saturday, at large boarding kennel. Experience working with animals necessary. Must have neat appearance, be well organized, reliable, and able to supply references. Call (908) , Monday thru Friday between 9am and 4pm. RECEPTIONIST- Small but busy Real Estate office dsslrei mature, responsible Individual who Is able to type 30 wpm, General office duties Include but Is not limited to light book keeping and data entry, record keep- Ing, processing and light office maintenance. Pleas call (Ask for Lou). Psychiatric/Addiction Nursing Practice At Its Best.. is waiting for you at Princeton House, the 70 bed, Iree standing, behavioral sciences unit of The Medical Center at Princeton Registered Nurse opportunities include: Full Time Nights Per Diem - All Shifts RNs with a background in Psychiatric/Addiction Nursing are invited to coniacl Mary Ellen Obreiter, RN Coordinator of Hunting Recruitment 253 Wlthempoon St., Princeton. NJ or FquaJ Opportunity fmr>ioyef U/F Where tradition & innowtiun meet. THE MEDICAL CENTERAT PRINCETON REPORTS* Enthusiastic, sharp reporter needed for award' winning community newspaper group In Central NJ. Experience preferred, Send resume and clips to RoMn J. Phlttipt. FORBES NEWSPAPERS, 44 Frank- Un St, PO Box 699, tornerville, N J. 0SS76 RESTAURANT HELP Waitress/welters, grill cooks, fountain workers, host/hostess. Night shift. Shift supervisors. Apply In person: Frlendlys Restaurant, stelton Rd. (across from Middlesex Mail), Pis cataway. SALES CAREER Automotive Established dealer has openings for mature minded persons whofeeve sincere interest IrttialplsJ customer*. Join our *f! gressive and reputable sales staff. Salary plus high commissions. Medical, pension. Call Tom Sleora or Joa Barna for appointment. ' SICORA JEEP/EAGLE 541 RT 27, Somerset S0 Sales NELPI EXPLOSIVB OROWTH Full Tims/Part Tim* Naw high demand service. Outstanding pay program. Call SALES/SALES MANAGEMENT Are you ready to earn between $30,000 to $50,000 your first year and SSO.OOO-SBO.OOO your second year, than 5050 Employment' SECRETARY LOOKHMFORJOB DURUM BONOOL HOIWBT (IBM QAA Software), ec counts receivable, and general offlee work background neete*. This OH Spill Rasponsa and Cleanup Co. In Gladstone Is looking for someone appro*. S dsys/wfc-s hra/day. It Is a one person office and will pay SlO.OO/hr. naalbhtty to your bluest perk. CaM WS-7S for an appointment SI0RETARY Career opportunity for mature parson In a secretarial capacity. Word Processing, steno and previous experience in handling confidential matters required. Competitive salary, liberal frlng* benefits package. Interested candidates should submit resume and compensation requirements to: U.S. Bronte Powders, Inc., P.O..Box 31, Remington, NJ. [OBB22COEM/F/HV SECURITY- Somervllle. Major health car* facility has weekend shifts available. Applicants must have HS/Dlploma or OED, working telephone, verifiable reference*, naat appasranca, valid driver's Itcense, clean police record. Exparienca preferred but will train. Call (008) EOE. Ad$ in Ctaulfmd don't cost They pay! SBRVICB STATION AT- TBNOENT- Night* and weekends. Apply In person: Abby's Shall Station, North A Ellxabeth Ave., Cranford, New Jersey. SIRVICB TECHNICIAN- timporary IMMEOIATE OPENINOB Clerical, secretarial, word prooestlag, U. Industrial, etc. Connections Personnel 1701 East Second St. Scotch Plates (BOB) $ TEMPORIUM NEEDS YOUR SKILLS- Multimate, Lotus. Ward Parfact, Unla. Cross training vail. Call for appolntmsnt-frss gift whan you coma m, Please ean B08-52O-TEMP TRA0T0R TRAlLtR DRIV* BJIS needed full time. Experience necessary B0S-72S-9SSS In the Clat$tt!ed! ACCOUNTINO CLERK- (epprox. B hrs/wk) for small software company in Edison. Congenial office, growth potential. Call Olanns AVON SALES- All areas. For Information call l-s00-662>2292 Qreen Brook firm seeks or after 2PM we'd Ilk* to" speak to you. residential electric/electronic appliance sarvlc* The leading national real DRIVER Bridgewater estate office In NJ Is look- technician to support area. To drive housewife Ing for 2 career minded growth snd expansion efforts. Qualifications NO EXP NEC-Approx. 3 days/ wk. shopping & visiting. paopua for residential, new homes sales, commercial investment sales perience. We offer com- housework/child care. should include servle* ex- ESSARY, WILL TRAIN. Variable hrs. No 4 leasing in Central Jersey area. We wilt get you efits cell for appointment. Employment' EXPERIENCED PERpetitive wages and ben (908) licensed a) train you. For HeahhCere SON working with senior citizens, varied dutys. confidential Interview, eall Ken Worden at CENTURY Send resumes to: Forbes 21, Worden A Crivello, CERTIFIED NURSES Newspaper, Box 13, PO AIDE- Part time 7AM- 699, Somervllle, NJ. SALES:BABY BOOMERS- Motivated Individuals Interested In promoting nutritional 4 ecological products. In home business. Excel benefits SALES Employee Benefits company seeks personable, trustworthy Individual for salaried position. No prospecting. Ufa 4 Disability Insurance experience a plus. Will train. Must have reliable transportation. Oay 4 night shifts available. Please send resume to: Bruce Malanga, Hartstaln Associates, 50 Mt. Oethsl Rd., Warren. NJ SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS- Wanted. COL required. Will help to acquire. Please call Paul at: SECRETARIES EXECUTIVE Great opportunities In top Fortune 100 companies. Immed. need for secretaries w/wordperfect, Wang, HP and/or Legal experience. We will provide FREE training & cross training. We offer top salary, Med/ Ufa Ins., Holiday/Vacation pay & excel, working conditions. Call today. MANPOWER, INC. Cranford Edison/ Iselln S4S-SS80 Somervllle 732-SB3S SECRETARIES W/W.P. High Power Temps needs Dependable, Qualified Temporary Employees to fill Job orders from our client companies In this area. HIQH POWER TEMPS 10B East Union Ave> Bound Brook, NJ OSSOS SOS-SS0-918B BIWINB MACHINE OP- ERATOR manufacturer of textile filter bags, requires part-lime sewer, experienced with Industrial sswlng machines, steady work, convient location and excellent benirtts, with possibility of full-time position In future, for appt. please call SHAFFER PRODUCTS INC. 271 Lincoln Blvd, Middlesex, NJ, SKI BALES PER6ON- Aggresslve, part/full Urns parson to work In ski shop 4 pool store. Knowledge of pool* or skiing help full. Can Stav* at Pelican Pools, Rt. 22, Whitehouse, 9-2PM SUMMER HELP needed. Make up to $1500 weekly mailing circular* from horn*. Send SASE to: J.M. Publishing Co., P.O. Box Plscetsway, NJ SUPERINTENDENT- Apartmsnt houses, experienced, own tool*, plumb- Ing, carpentry, painting skills, good apartment, benefits, reference*. Start $360/wk, TEACHER AIDE- anttcfpatad opening Sept. 1992, full time position with excellent benefits, special educatllon school for multiply handicapped students, contact Teresa, Middlesex County Educational Services Commission EOE/ AA TEACHERS experienced/certified. P/F time, for Scotch Plains/ Hillsborough Pre- schools. Salary neg TEACHER- creative, dynamic, movement/music teacher needed In Somerset/Middlesex area to work with preschool 4 geriatric clients. Should nave degree 4 some exp. Call SUMMER POSITIONS AVAILABLE Playground Leaders Playground Leader Assistants Pre-School Instructor Assistant Youth Open Canter Supervisors Tennl* Coach e Tannl* Coach Assistant e Tennl* Instructor e Park Maintenance Application* may ba picked up at: Cranford Recreation & Parks Dept. 200 Bloomingdale Avenue Cranford, NJ For further Information call Equal Opportunity Employer A Union County Forbes Newspaper TYPIST/RECBPTIONISTfutl time/part time, suburban Cranford Law office. Good typing and clerical skills, spelling and telephone mannor essential. W/P and dictaphone a plus. Smoke free envlroment. Call between 10 am and 4 pm. UMPIRE- ASA certified for men's slow pitch softball. Available Wednesday's, May 1 thru September 1. Will pay going rate. Call UNDERCOVER WEAR Part time sales agents needed. Hostesses receive free lingerie. Monthly spscials. For more Information call Jean OS WAITERS/WAIT- RESSES- FT/PT with experience please. Call or come In. Hillsborough Diner, Rt. 206, Belle Meade WILD ft CRAZY! Our organization needs F/T people, as crazy as we are, to help run our expanding business. Must enjoy money, music, fun 4 working with other people. If you are not making $350-$600/ week ft would like to be, call for an interview, 908-3PM. Only certified aide* la apply. Good working conditions 4 good benefits. Raritan Health 4 Extended Care Center, 633 Rte 28, Raritan, NJ ORAL SURGEON'S OFFICE- Surgical assistant-full timeexperience preferred. Call PHYSICAL THERAPIST- Full time. Multi-specialty group practice In Union Cty. seeks experienced physical therapist. Salary dependent upon experience. Excellent benefits. Send resume to: Prl-Med Inc., 165 East Main St., Denvllle, N.J PHYSICAL THERAPIST- Part time. Multi-Specialty group practice in Union Cty. seeks experienced physical therapist. Salary dependent upon experience. Excellent benefits. Send resume to: Prl-Med Inc., 165 East Main St., Denvllle, N.J Employment- Mmimgmrial BE YOUR OWN BOSS No limit earnings potential. Record setting International Marketing Company now open in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada & USA. PT/FT. We train. 90S-7S Management/Marketing THIS IB THE TIME TOtake charge of your lire. Come to our Weichert Realtors Career Seminar Mon. April 27, 7PM to learn more about this exciting business. Reservations a mustt Please call Sue at or Jane at «BRIDOEWATER MOMof twin Infants needs helper 2-3 days/wk. Starts at $5.50/hr. Hours are flex.! Applicants must be 18 yrs. or older 4 have own transp. Call or send resume to P.O. Box 464, Raritan, NJ BUS DRIVER for Senior Citizens transportation program in Metuchen. Commercial driver's license req. 2 days per week. $6.62/nr. Call CHURCH OROANIST Must be experienced. Austin 3 manual pipe organ. 1 Sunday Service and 1 rehearsal per wk. Church located In Somervllle CHURCH SECRETARY Must be experienced. 20 hrsvwk. Sept.-June. 5 hrs/ wk. July-Aug., Church located in Somerville. Call CLERICAL Forbes Newspapers has a clerical position' available In our Bedmlnster Office. We are looking for a selfmotivated, energetic individual to work in otir fastpaced Circulation Department. Job tasks include deta entry, and strong customer service skills, $7.00/hr, approximately 20 hrs per week. Call Karen Walsh , Ext COUNTER HELP- no exp. necessary, own transportation necessary. Call DELI HELP WANTEDpart time, fledxible hours, exp. preferred. Please call before 11AM FASHION ADVISORS Needed to wear & show fashion jewelry 2 eves. $175. We train. Call FLORAL DRIVER/HELP- ER- lqam till 3:30pm, Tuesday thru Saturday. Knowledge of Branchburg/ Somervllle area. Call INSURANCE OFFICE needs part timer 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm, possibly leading to full time for diversified office duties. Send resume to: Monarch Ufa Insurance, 14 Commerce Drive, Cranford, NJ INTERIOR PLANTSCAPE FIRM- looking for help for local job, approx. 15hrs., good pay, experience 4 references necessary. Call KEYBOARD PLAYER WANTED IMMEDIATELY for working Classic rock band. Please call rv. message. RN/LPN- part time for KITCHEN HELP- Tuesdays walk In Medical Center In 8:30am-3:30pm. Clark. Please call Diane at Apply at Westfleld "Y", 220 Clark St., Westfleld. MACHINE OPERATOR Part time, for glass grind- Ing 4 polishing. Middlesex g Borough. 9AM-3PM. Retired people accepted, Please call 3BS MATURE PERSON answering phone and door, afternoons and evenings. Must have good personal appearance. Great opportunity for retired person. Call Jim at Hlggins Funeral Home, P/T SALES OPPTY.- If you're looking for something unique we offer what we believe to be the finest P/T oppty. In America exploding International. We provide your training. To request personal Interview coll DRIVERS Mil Early morning bulk delivery. 1 to 3 days per week. Must have reliable small truck or large car. For further information cull: Ext ** * * PART TIM! CLIANINQ PERSON- S days a wsek. Ssm-llam. Inquire In person: Brass Rsll, Inc., 108 Talmadge Av*., Bound Brook. PART TIME TV REPRESENTATIVI Responsible 4 dependable people needed to work for TV Rental Company In a New Brunswick hospitel. Must have good communication 4 Math skills. $6/hour to start. Paid holidays ft vscatlons. Rex. daya 4pm-8pm. For a local Interview pis call aoi-sss-asis PHONE PERSON Part-time In our Somervllle office, Fridays and Saturdays, answer phones for carpet cleaning service. Excellent salary, some computer knowledge very helpful. Call contact Rosa- He. PLAY IN YOUR SPARE TIME- whlla earning great Income. Free train- Ing 4 earn free kit. Call Val with Discovery Toys Pis call RESTAURANT H8LP- Hot new company. Counter persons, kltchsn 4 delivery persons needed. Have fun while you work. Call Wings Of Westwood, New Brunswick Advertise in the Clastitled! Route) Person ATTENTION POLICB OFFICERS FIREFIGHTERS BTC. Company Is seeking a very responsible 4 organized person to run Route from Phlla. to New Brunswick, 1 flexible day per wk. Own transportation nee. Paid expenses. Must have solid roots in community 4 present Job. For a local Interview call 2C-1-SSS-2316 SALES need money for bills 4 still keep the most Important Job as Mom, earn S180/weekly SECRETARY For Market Research and Consulting firm. Good Word Processing and telephone skills required. Flexible hrs. Familiarity with WordPerfect & Lotus a plus. Sand resume to: P.O. Bo* 2275, Westfield, N.J SECRETARY- Part time needed for small office. 16 hrs. per week. Well organized person, good typing skills, filing, telephone. No smokers please. Call SERVICE STATON AT- TENDENT Nights and weekends. Apply In person: Abby's Shell Station, North 4 Elizabeth Ave., Cranford, New Jersey. TELEMARKCTERS Kenllworth mortgage office. 5:30-8:30PM, Mon.- Thurs. $6/hr, plus Incentives. Potential $15+Air TELE-MARKETERS PART TIME Earn extra cash flexible hours 3 to 5 days per week 6pm to 9pm In our Bedmlnster office $7.00 per hour plus commission for further Info CALL RICH MARKERT FORBES NEWSPAPERS 0S-7S1.7S00 Ext TELEMARKETERS PT eves. Work from your home. Exper. preferred TELEMARKETER for Insurance Co., morning hours, exp. preferred but not necessary. Call (908) ask for Joe or Oan. VETERINARY RECEP- TION IST/ASSISTANT- Part time eves. 4 Sat. Call WAREHOUSE- shop, shipping and assembly. 9 am to 2 pm WORK FROM HOME When you want, excellent income, Just a few hours weekly Employment Wanted NOTICE: All EMPLOYMENT WANTED advertisements are PAYADLE IN ADVANCE by cash, check, VISA or Master Card. For a quote on cost, please call UR/ dardeneronces. Call eves ' Good refer POLISH WOMAN- very rollnblo & honest looking for a job as Housekeeper or Companion for elderly or sick person. Only live-in position. CaM * 5956 or Iv. msg.

25 April 22,1902 Real Forties Newspapers Guide B-9 A well-maintained Colonial era home HOUSE TOURS SCOTCH PLAINS - TWs beautiailly restored home, circa Pre- Revohition, has been well maintained and improved by the current owners. Located at 2645 Sky Top Drive on a NK190-foot lot, the landscaping consists of pachysandn and myrtle. There is a decorative well near the fiddstone well which borders the street, while a red brick patio surrourlds the in-ground pool (10X32) and a Wolmanized deck leads to the Dutch back door. The original root cellar is now a two*car tandem garage which has a workshop, garage door opener, and a floored second story storage area Specifically,, the first floor consists of a Dutch door leading to a flagstone entry with closet and etched glass door to the living room. The living room is 17X15, with carpeting, original raised heart fieldstone deep fireplace with crane, hand-hewn beams, and pine plank paneling around the fireplace and leading halfway up the wall The den/dining room is 8X12 and features built-in cupboards and bookcases, pine plank paneling, custom built box window with Pella thermo glass, a window scat and a ceiling fan. The kitchen is 16X27 with wainscoting, two large built-in hutches with storage and a window seat in between, a Bruce floor, skylight, center isle with new faucet, dishwasher, disposal, a County Charm.electric stove, pantry, laundry area behind paneled doors, ceiling fan, and adjacent powder room. The second floor has a 12X19 master bedroom, Carpeting, built-in cupboard, three white-paneled _.,. _ * -... * GEORGE PACOELL07FORBES NEWSPAPERS This nous* at 2645 Sky TOp Drive in Scotch Plains predates the Revolutionary War. walls and one wallpapered wall. There is a full bath with pine vanity and towel cupboard while there is a linen closet in the hall. The second bedroom is 21X13 and has a walk-in closet and 1990 Anderson windows. The third bedroom is 13X13 and also has a walk-n closet and 1990 Anderson windows. The basement is fiddstone with an oil burner and tank, sump pump and water softener. The house has plenty of historic features, including original glass in eyebrow windows on the stairs, small doorway passages throughout, every room on a different level, two fireplaces in one chimney, hand-hewn oak beams in attic inch floor boards, square mortise joined stud in the kitchen, with bark remaining, cross-beam nails in the bedroom floor, «tairboards of unequal size, and the kitchen floor purposely slanted six inches for easy cleaning. Successful food drive held by Board of Realtors WESTFIELD - Realtor Community Service Committee of the Westfleld Board of Realtors recently held a food drive to help the needy. Donations were brought in from member offices of the Board and netted several thousand items. These included non-perishable foods, personal hygiene items and cleaning products. Collection boxes were set up in each of the offices starting March 9 for the Realtors and Realtor-Associates to bring in their contributions. Sorting and boxing of the donations took place on March 26 at the Board of Realtors office. The sorted goods were taken by Community Service Committee members to the food pantry operated by Holy Trinity in Westfield, the Cranford Family Care Association, the Mountainside Presbyterian Food Pantry and the Community Witness Commission run by the Fanwood Presbyterian Church. The Westfield Realtors food drive is in its seventh year of helping the area needy. According to communications from the drop off points, the economy has produced more and more hardship, making the assistance truly appreciated. The Westfield Board of Realtors Community Service Committee has been recognized with awards each year by the New Jersey Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors for its many community projects, which also include semi-annual blood drives, donations to the Congregation Hospitality Network and the administration of the Bobby Fund for terminally ill children. ROSEMARY OUNLAP DAMON ealty notes Roasmary Duntop of WestfWd earned the 1991 sales awards for both dollar volume and units tor Burodorff, Reatora' WastAeU office. Sha also quamed tor the state's MHon Dollar Club Bronze Award and BurgdoriTs President's Club, requiring at least $3 mwon worth of production. Dan Damon of PiaWleid, a broker associate in BurgdonTs Fanwood office, won both year-end sates awards for dots/ volume and units, for his oiltos. A real estate professional since 1986, Mr. Damon holds the Graduate, realtor Institute and CerMed Real Estate Appraiser designations. To p» featured m Raaty notes, please sand Information, along wdh a mug shot, to: For more KL Frank*! St P.O. Box 099 SomervlB*, NJ, call , Property sales CRANFORD Joseph C. & State A, Bakie to Paresh K & SangMa P. PattH, M MlHiont Aw*., $240,000 Diane M. Sims to Facundo J. & Adeta L Trades, 12t HJNcrast Ava.. $120,000 Ronald D. & Joan E. Coles to Ariene M. Falkowski et al, e Park Drive, $202,000 Pedro & Ellen J. Cordero to Brian M. & Kathleen M. Schneider, 36 Princeton Road, $286,000 Albert H. & Judith D. Mrtcnefi to Richard & Joanne Newcomb, 22 Hoge*Ava., $150,000 KENILWORTH Michael N. Kurzmwki et al to Rita C. Tripodi, 14 Boyd T«rra««. $10,000 James & Ann Coyle to James Coyle, 89 N. Seventh SL, $25,000 SCOTCH PLAINS Daniel A. & Joyce A. Corritorato WalNa Sam & Jennifer C. Mak, 1*71 Dogwood Drive. Westfield, $222,000 WHmer L Smith & CM. Lynd to Paul Tavagfione & C. Clausen. 199* OrwtvM* Ro«d, Scotch Plains, $172,500 Marcefla H. Vemon to Charles IV & Elizabeth Keik, Scotch Plains, $107,000 Ralph Gray to Peter F. & Helen M. Wade Mora* Aws>., Scotch Plains, $210,000 Marjorte L FWey to Andrew P. & Mary F. Mufigan, 2031 Portland Avo., Scotch Plains, $135,000 WESTFIELD 725 East Broad Street Corp. to Jeffrey E. & Virginia A. Smith, 6 Bradson Court, $255,000 Robert & Rhoda C. Lowenstein to Dennis R. & Margaret McCarthy. 15 Broase Kmti Drtvo, $435,000 Bwood J. Boufton to Larry K. & Vickie G. Hampton. 422 W. Broad tl. $96,500 Randolph D. Sr. & Linda Dabney to Alan W. & Bemice M. Osbome, 39 Cottage Place, $153,000 Countryside Developers to Surene Building Co., 110 Hamilton Avo., $74,000 Kathleen Rumphrey to Robert & Julia Greifetd. 012 KnoHwood Tenses, $330,000 EDISON Leon & Susan Kutesza to Ralph & Ruth Dill, 91 Heather Court, $165,000 Kennelh & Virginia Lynch to Peter & Valerie Hnasko, 19 Morgan " >, $123,500 Advertise In the Classified! Spring Inventory Clean up at CONDOMINIUMS 217 Prospect Ave. Cranford Our way to freshen up our available inventory The following units have been reduced to the "Insider Price" plus the cost of renovation in most cases. Our absolute lowest prices on some of these units!!!... PLUS... SUPER RECREATION PACKAGE!!. English Village Condominiums can noic boast available year round amenities such as complete health club, indoor & outdoor pools, tennis & sand based volleyball courts. This fabulous option is our gift with every new E.V.C. purchase ilitrnig April May Call jar details. PLUS. /INANC/Ni; L / I ASt: 1'VlU.ltASi. I'KOCRAM ON Sl.U.CT UN/TS Flexible owner financing at competitive rates to cptalijicd buyers. COME BACK TO ENGLISH VILLAGE! i-in 9-JB 10-2 A 12 J A NOW $115,000 NOW $105,900 NOW $104,900 NOW $117,500 NOW $165,500 NOW $114,900 12A-1B N-IA 14-3 A 14-2H I4-3C SATURDAY - OPEN HOUSE 10-4 WEEKENDS. SUNDAYS c> EVENINCS HY'APPT. NOW $102,900 NOW $96,900 NOW $95,900 NOW $97,000 NOW $99, REAL ESTATE 9010 ffoims undmr $190,000 CRANFORD ODD ONE Second floor of 2-famlly home, 3BR*. full kitchen, LR, DR, Basement, ga rage. Priced to sel $119,000. Call: RAY BROOKS BROKER S0S-24B-3223 CRANFORD- 3 BR, LR OR, kit., encf. porch, ful bimt., detached gar. slum, siding, quiet area conv. to rail trans $148, S3M. CHESTWOOD- Adults (55 + ) 7,500 homes, clubhouses, 40 styles from $20,000-$ Beautiful & secure FREE BROCHURE- HEARTLAND REALTY ASSOCIATES, P.O Box D, 480 Rt. 530, Whit Ing, NJ O Ads in Classified don't cost They pay! EDISON- Llndeneau School, lovely expanded ape 3 BR, EIK, formal DR, 2 full baths, fenced yard. Walk to schools, rains, stores. $131,500 Make offeri Call ex NEW BRUNSWICK- Charmlng & Immaculate home In one of the finest Now Brunswick neighbor hoods. Features Include hardwood floors, 2 car ga rogo & fenced-in yard. ;BR $127,500 COLDWELL BANKER SCHLOTT REALTORS NO. PLAINFIELD $123,900 nppralsed $138,000! enter hall-col. 4-5 BR, R, fplc, huge DR & kit., 1/2 bnths, deck, porch, & morell Wowl Santa ross Broker vos ne*» $180,000 NO.BRUNSWICK- 2 BR 2 bath, whirlpool tub, 3 yi old mobile home. Modern community w/clubhouse tennis & pool. Financing avail. Asking $62,000 (908) PLAINFIELD GREAT STARTER HOME The work Is all done on this completely updated 3BR Colonial home. New kitchen & new wall to wal carpet. Freshly painted Inside & out. Quiet east end location. $109,900. ERA Suburb Realty Agency, SO. PLAINFIELD- by owner, 3 BR, colonial cape, lvb bath, spotless, frplc, Ig. deck, EIK, DR, Ig. front porch, fenced yard, newer gas furnace & roof. $132,000. Call 90B SOMERSET- Looking for your money's worth? Look no further. This Ranch offers 2-3 BRs, Ige. LR, eat In kitchen, full bsmt. and morel A Buyer's Bargain at $97,900. ERA AMERI CAN DREAM Realtor* SOMERSET LOOKING FOR CHARMI This great CAPE HOME has It all - character, located on quiet street, vinyl sided, replaced sidewalk, roof, drive-way & Furnace. COLDWELL BANKER SCHLOTT REALTORS WANT TO SELL/BUY FASTI we specialize In matching motivated sellers with qualified buyer* S6-29SS Lie. Realtor WEST EASTON, PA- Aproxlmately 40 mllos from Warrenvllle/Bnsking Ridge exit off BR, IVi bath, LR, DR, FR, kit., docks, CAC. Move-In condition, professionally andscaped lot. Family neighborhood, low taxes. $119,500. Please'call 90B-3O2-0O40, Iv. msg Horn** for Sal* BOUND BROOK jus listed & motivated to i this 5 BR, IV* bath well maintained & updated 3 story historical home nestled amongst mature trees, offers 10+ spaclous rooms, a working fireplace * character all Its own. Definitely a home for the discriminating buyerl Call Fischer Real Estate for an appolntmerv to preview eveS BRANCHBURO PRESCRIPTION FOR HAPPINESS Beautiful 3 + BR Custom Cape on quiet cul-de-sac. LR boasts brick fireplace, Eat-in Kitchen, Big DR Den w/glass sliders to large wood deck, 2 baths vinyl siding, 1 acre prop erty. $186,900. Century 21 MeOee Realtors 90S-S2S-4440 BRIDOEWATER- Unden Street, New Home available July 92 occupancy. $172,500. Call Ray at or CRANFORD EXC CASH FLOW + LOCI 4 family plus-top cond., walk to townaralns, etc. Brick + siding malnt. free return. Discover this value today! $349,000. Please call Bob, DID YOU KNOW... hat an ad In this local paper also goes Into 16 other local papers? Reach over 400,000 readers with one call! BS9-949S EDISON by owner,'4 BR split, LR, DR, FR, 1.5 boths, garage, CAC, gas heat on cul-de-sac. Asking $175,900, Call HIQHLAND PARK owner must sell, top ond. spill ranch, 3 plus BR, quiet Street, many extras. $163, anytime, Principles mly please. Advertise in the Classified! Highland Park OREAT OPPORTUNITY!! Three family-with (2) two bedroom and (1) one bedroom units. Excellent area. Owner extremely motivated. Must be seen Close to schools, high ways A shopping. Reduced to $268,000. Burgdorff Realtors Metucnen Office 90SS4S)7TT HILLSBOROUQH- Bl level 3 BR, LR, EIK, DR, FR w/fplc, 1V2 bath, 2 car garage on cul-de-sac, large deck & patio. Asking $ 199, HUNTERDON CTY- New mother/daughter, CAC, New Andersen windows, construction 4 BR Col, New Kitchen/Bath. Near ready for Immed occupancy, many extras, River Rd. $179,900. Call great loc, reasonable PISCATAWAY- Open taxes. Price $243,100. Call Builder INTRODUCTIONS... A way for people to meet people, eyary week In your local 'Forbes newspaper. The ad Is free, then one call does It sill 1-S0O-SBS949S MANVILLE- by owner, 5 yrs. young, custom ranch, on large well landscaped 75'xl7O' lot. Fenced rear yard with shed. 3/4 BR, 2 bath*, custom kitchen, cathedral ceilings, DR & 14'x24' FR. 1 car attached garage. $159, MONTGOMERY TOWN- SHIP Privacy plusl Large ranch with 8.22 farm land assessed acres, 28' screened porch, fireplace, set back 1145' from road, Only $219,900. Hurryl This property Is a good buy. Don't let It go byt FIS- CHER REALTORS MONTGOMERY TWP, Spacious 3 BR Ranch, fin. bsmt.. screened porch. 1.3 ac, move-in cond. Brldgepolnt Historic Dlst. $225,000. B * * NESHANIC- Best buy In town. 8 rooms plus, super clean ranch, 1+ acre. Low, low taxes. Under 190,000/negotlable. Call Linda or O20 NO. EDISON- walk to metro park train, expanded cape, 4BR, 2 full/ 2Vt baths, flrplace. large lot, many extra*. Principles only. $256,000. Call PHtLLIPSBURO 2 Family, Invest In this immac. low maintenance home featuring an oversized 2 car garage, lovely yard, full bsmt. 2 mlns. to Rt. 22. Prlcad to tell at $95,000. LAPEL REALTORS CO. 0I-SS PliCATAWAY By Owner. 3 BR Ranch, House Sunday, Apr. 26th, 1 pm to 4 pm. Custom Ranch, 3 BR, 2 Mi baths, large paneled rec. room, CAC, loads of storage, garage, fenced yard. Move in condition. $174,900. Route 22 W., exit Dunellen (Washington Ave) continue south to Summers and make right, RARITAN BORO Just reduced, 2 BR, In town colonial, totally renovated, inside A out. $132,000. Call today Prudential Pioneer Advrtlse In the Clastlfled! Somerset/Franklin Twsp CUSTOM RANCH Spacious living Is offered hroughout this 3BR Ranch on wooded lot. Family Room w/fplc, LR, DR, eat-in Kitchen, walk- In pantry and Basement. Ian to cool off In the Inground pool. $224,900. Century 21 Oelden Key Realty Reader* Somerset/Franklin Twp. Quallbrook 4BR Fairway home features FR w/han' wood floors, fplc, form DR, LR, EIK w/ceramlc tile floor, basement and a lew of the golf course from the deckl Offered at $299,900. Century 21 Oqlden Key Realty Realtor

26 B-10 April 23, Hommw for S*t» 9070 CwNfemMhnw OMIMET- 4 BR, 2V* MDMINSTIR- The Hills bath, 100' x 150', new3 BR Condo $88,400, furnace 4 CAC, + extras Must meet Income quallfl $113, catlona. Unit Includes OMIRSIT Custom Washer, dryer, dishwasher. Air conditioning. olid brick 12 room Ranch. 2 full Kitchens. 3 For Information call baths, CAC, oversized 2 car ferace. $279,900. Century 21 CRANF0RD TOWIRS MCOM Realtors t0am2«>4440 OMIRSIT- SUPER DUPCR DUPLEX. Lovely 5 BR 2 bath 2 family duplex. Separate basement 4 CIA on each apartment. Wonderful for ownsr occupy, or Investment! Owner financing Is available with 20% down payment. SBR $239,500 COLDWELL BANKER SCHLOTT REALTORS SOMCRVIUI Large Duplex, 3BRs, OR, LR each side, 2 car gar E. Main St. $249,900, South Bound Brook ATTENTION INVESTORS TWO FAMILY * HUGE GA- RAGE. Legal Two Family with vinyl siding features NEW second floor apartment and great first floor apartment. Full basement tool PLUS BIG GARAGE & WORK SHOP with (2) 11' doors and loft area. Only six years oldl Adjoining room with bar area for your private meetings. EQUALS A GREAT VALUE for the right Investor or SMART FIRST-TIME HOME BUYER. ONLY $174,900. IRA I. ZAVATSKY 4 ASSOCIATES Raalty, B T0P WASTINO YOUR TIMSI- Call Michael Jaekaen and Cathy Rlekarda, (licensed realtors), for personal- Ued service. l-s00-47*-so4.d WARREN COUNTY (South) 5 yr. young 4- BR, 2*4 bath Colonial, HOW warranty. Reduced to $175,900. Make offer MobUmHomm* ndlotm EDISON- 12x50, 2 BR, IV* baths, W/W carpet, WAD, refr., electric range, partially furnished. Shed end porch. $19,500/B0. Call or , ask for Bob, anytime. MOBILE HOME X 60, 2 Bedrooms, CAC. Must be moved out of trailer parkl E. Brunswick S23S. CONDOMINIUM- 18 Springfield Ave. Luxury 2 BRs w/1 & 2 baths from $129,900. Spacious rooms + the finest amenities, Model open Sat, 4 Sun Office or B/K Realtors $ CRANFORD- $40K below cost. Modern Ig 2 BR, 2 bath, elevator, prkg, walk RR. Adj. park, Deluxe bldg. Sacrifice S1MK or best offer ^40 MIDDLESEX- 2 SR, very nice, appliances. Benefits, priced low $78,500. Call before buying anything. SOMERSET- Qoallbrook 2 BR Condo, 'all appliances, upgrades throughout, low taxes & maintenance. $89,500. Call SOUTH PUINFIEL0-3 BR, Kit, LR, DR, 2 ful baths, Laundry and ga rage Townhou * BRIDQEWATER- Prestigious 2 BR, 2 1/2 baths, Townhouse. W/D, Refr. walk out basement, at tached garage, fplc. Major highways conveniently ac cessible. Sale by owner. Call after V 7 pm. or week ends. (609) EDISON- Townhouse llv ing at Its best! Modern 2 BR, 2Vt bath, 2 car ga rage, EIK, loft, cathedral ceiling, fireplace, patio, semi-detached. Park Gate Dr. Patei, eves. FLEMINOTON- Hunterdon County, Concord Ridge 2 BR, townhome w/ finished bsmt.. oak kitchen, unbelievably priced at $109,900. FISCHER RE- ALTORS HILLSBOR0U0H- 4 yr. old Contemporary Townhse. The Glen, i BRs, 2Vi baths, loft, DR, LR w/fplc, cath. ceiling, El-Kit, CAC, laundry rm, att. gar., full bsmt. Pool & Tennis. WAD, Refrig., ceiling fans, all window treatments. Front deck w/ patio. $132,000. Call HILLSBOROUOH- Townhouse. 3BR, 2 Vi bath, finished basement, workshop, enclosed brick patio, pool and tennis. $122,900. (908) OPEN HOUSE Sunday, April 26, lpm till 5pm. Advertise in the Classified! NIW BRUNSWICK- 1 BR. t car garage, fplc., EIK, n, DR. 1 1/2 baths, must sell. $86,000. Please call NIW BRUNSWICK- You cant ask for more than this 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath townhoum with finished basement, gtrtgt, mint neutral decor and affordable fixed taxes. SBR $82,800 COLDWELL BANKER SCHLOTT REALTORS 908 SOMERSET- Enjoy the summer on your Expanded deck In this spa* clous 3BR, 2V4 bath townhome complete with 1 car»., fplc., CAC 4 morel Close to shopping, golf oursa. Won't last at $133,800. IRA AMIRI. CAN DREAM, Raaltore ass-sooo Ad* In Clanllled don't cost They pay! MuNf* Asiiiiy MOMSSS ROSELLI PARK- 2 family house. Presently one half Is furnished rooms. Excellent Income. Uve on 1 floor, rent the others. Very low down payment 4 assumable mortgage. Csll BRIDaiWATIR- Sewered building lots, 300' frontage, 400' deep, wooded lot approved for house. Sub division possible In the future. $145, or CRANFORD- 14 Reoelle Ava. 75x100 Improved lot. Quiet ares. Please call FRANKLIN TWP Wooded acres for salo by elocated owner, loned esidential, surrounding property tree farm, Call Bob at RANKLIN TWP- Hunterdon, heavily wooded bldg. lot, 3 acers approved septic design. Will finance 5% down to qualified buyer $74,900/FISCHER REAL- ORS HARMONY- Warren Cty. landlocked mountain wooded bldg. lots, cres each, price range $25k-$75k each. Driveway easement, spectacular views, good for huntng, horse farm, 5 residential homes. Low cost, wner financing. Also 2V4 era wooded bldg. lot, 340' frontage, approvals, lovely location, 960k. Also big farm house on 47 acres avail, on room, room/ board, ideal for senior citizen or consider oiling for $3 75k. Call 'hit, J UMU e% ramaemtiate,^ BAAA L ^L WWfWf «f HfJriWfl NH *f 41 S acres. $88,000 4 $98,000. Gently sloping land wariew on quiet country road. MJnutea to Franchtown ar naming* ton OWNIR DISIRIS OUICK BALI Of B IMPROVED LOTS- wlh MH HNNll or package, each lot 4+ acres w/partoremlo vtawe. Prime Roadington location. Prom 8SBK. Call or RIADINSJTON TWP.- nunwry^andaeaporarotall, 9+ acres, farmland assesamant, minimal taxes. $ I-218-B09B HO Wanted (ofltqr KINS.WO0D TWP. By LAND WANTED- In Branchburg/Raadlnjton aroa. Residential/Commerelal/industrlal. Mall detain) to: Ray Raise, P.O. Box 8117, North Branch, NJ 0S876 SOMERSET-2 Of 3 lev* ly to act* wooded bwg, lota In historic Somma Rlva area, naar Eaaton Avo. 2 on High Bluff ovor Delaware + Rarltan Canal. 2 w/approved stp. tic designs. PubUe water evell. Ideal for homes with either historic or rustic architecture. Deal directly with owners, price negotiable. Mease can PM at TSWKMURY- (Million t + neighborhood), lots starting at $198,000 or build to suit. Homos Martini at $876,000. Only 4 leftll Owner/Bunder 90S Adt In CtossMsef dont cost Theypayl 9110 KEYSVILLE, VHMINU- Rt. 40 across from community college crea. Beautiful land, 3 homos, ah ranted. Homos are In excellent shape w/ good tenants. Bam that can be renovated Into 2 apartments. $240,000. Taxaa $677yyrl CULUN, VIMINM- 1S4 acraa, huge clean lake, farm house hat 4 fireplaces. $234,000. Taxes SSSOiVrl Pleaeo call veej0s.7ss.s43b. MANAHAWKIN spaclout SBR, ranch in Ocean acres boasts hardwood floora, Andtrton windows, on heat, central air, central vacuum, formal dining room, bay windows, prlvata overslia wooded lot 4 oh so much more for only $99,000. Q. Anderson Agency, Realton MANAHAWKIN- spactous cokwtel naar L B. I. beaches, golf course, 4 BR, 24ft bath, mint cone* tlon. Hat ovary amenity. Reduced SI7/0OO, CaH 1-S00-USA-1286 Realty Toam USA. ReaHor. POCONOB- 3/4 aero bldg. lot, on cul-de-sac, m Pocono Community. Pool, fishing, etc. $11,500. Can anytime. CUSTOM MODULAR HOMES BETTER QUALITY EACH HOME IS BUILT INDOORS IN OUR CONTROLLED FACTORY ENVIRONMENT. REASONABLE COST COLONIALS, RANCHES, CAPES-SAVE ON YOUR PLANS OR OURS. CALL TO SEE OUR MODELS NORniS TREAT MODULAR HOMES & ADDITIONS OFFICE 15 EAST MAIN ST., CLINTON, NJ FLEXIBILITY CHANGE ROOMS, WALLS, EXTERIORS, SIZES, LAYOUTS! FAST OCCUPANCY YOUR HOME, BUILT TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS. ARRIVES 90% COMPLETE. WE NEED JUST 6 MORE WEEKS TO FINISH. UKANrUHD $255,000 40*8 In C/MtMftd don't cost They ptyt 9200 VACATION VROPl RTY 9210 FREE BALIS BRO. CHORE- now it the time to buy your summer Homo on Long Beach Island. Prices are low and property la plentiful. Vandyk Group Realtors, Beech Haven. 1-I M POCONO RITRIAT- or year round. 2 BR Chalet w/loft. all elec, mostly furnished. 4 Saatont Community w/aacurlty. $78, tjm TIMS SHAM UNITS- Si campground mombershlps. Dittroaa aaloseheapll MforkMdo selections. Call VACATION NET- WORK U.S. and Canada or Free rental information TQ 270 K1AWAH ISLAND South Carolina Executive SIR, 3 bath homo with pool. On golf course, near ocean $l.b76wfc.ce«bobrummal at LAVALLITTII- ocean block, BR houses. AC, avail, woekry. $780 4 $880. CaH 68S.&193 1*1-3 BR, TV, LR, OR. 12x12' dock, 2 WHS to batch, $478Avk, BOB ^062 Havon park duplex, ocean 8 doors, 3 BR+Ldecks, lota of park* big, TV, phones, weekly- June thru Oct., JUNE SPE- CIAL-$480-BOOAvk., 72J S* LBI- Haven.Beach, ocean block. 4 BR. 3 iro nnc#0 In wd IPO* Uto patt tltowed) ah tppllancet, talephona & TV's, 2 wk. nvnlmum. $1380Avfc. famlhat only. Call B8S0 LBI- oceansida lyimmac SBR, 2bth, watrtar, TV cable, $8S5-$7t8/wK, $8S5$7t8 wkndt d S120/day 3 day mm SO * LONV BBACN N. Beach Haven, Oceans- Ma duplex, sleep* 8 to B. 1 3/2 block* to beaeh. w/ D, cabla TV, gat frill, botch badges, $800 to $600/ par wk S8. NOKOMIS, FLORIDA Between Saratota and Venice. Available 10/1-3/ 31, $800 Includes utilities. Local phone and cabla TV, double bod. oat in Kitchen, shower and bath, Sundack, 1 mil* to tho boaeh and fishing! Secluded! $ BBABIDB HIIONTS- Ad- JaoMt I* Orttoy Beaeh. Modem condo w/balcony, 2 BRa, sleeps tti, ivi baths, AC, WAD, carport, ei*vttor, indoor pool * sauna, on* half Mock to beach. $6B8/wk, June/ Sapt*mb*r ratat also avail. Can Artene, 90S- 3SS-1760 art. 24, day* eves. ST. MAAHTIN Oc*an front kuury 2 badroom, 2 bath Villa, for rant by owner, perfect vacation anytime of year. Call 8O8.8S ST. MAARTIN- avail /4. DM resort Sleepe bethaltar/dr/a much moro. Oceanfront. $1000Avk.BOB TOPSAIL ISLAND, N.C. 10 Aree Oolf Courses 3 BRs, 21/3 batha, pool, i, photo* avallaw*. BBl.Biy.lT10 w BS WBBB1 VsTBV W *BB WILDWOOD 7BR Chalet' Okemo Mt. t Ludlow, vt. R*at. 90S- 76B-1377: 788*3717 NORTH- Icoanfront condo, ofncl*neyor2pr1v. BR, rt 53S?S:i W WONDBRJPUL ISLAND VACATIONS-!arg* selection homes, villas, for ocean, golf, tennis, ctlvl tl let, all l prica ranges, sports packages p ckg availi e d brokere able. Licensed purchaae resale. Hilton lead Island Realty B45-5SS2. l J400 RENTALS AVOID TNI CROWDS A PR0F8SSI0NAL REAL' Enjoy Adlrondackf. Hike, TOR- will help you obtain twim, tall and fish from Call! > home, townhome or house. Oolf tlto. Call POCONOS-BIO BASS condo rental. Rental fees evenings. LAKK- Spring/Summer. 3 paid by landlord. Call John Beaeh Haven. W. on BR lakefront, cable, VCR, today at RE/MAX PART- Lagoon, clean 3 BR, AC, boat, fishing, lodge, NERS REALTORS, 908- Barbecue. Call FLORIDA HOUSE- Palm Coast, No. of Daytona. 2- BR, WAD, 8 mint beach, clean, reasonable, no* pots FLORIDA- Olsney World Area. Private owners in Klsslmmee offer lowest posslbl* recession beater rate* for fully loaded 2 bedroom, 2 bath super condominiums Include kitchen utensils, towels, linens ft barbecue grills. Perfect for economy minded families or retirees looking to review area for relocation. $49.09 per day. Call Tom, 90S S4. ORTLCY BIACH- oceanview, 1 BR luxury condo, all amenities, beach badges, $628-weekly. poole, beaches, free tennla,wk/wkn0a r lspr1n s V Summer. Low Spring Rates: Summer w**k- $878. (201)' POCONOS- 3 BRs, Don, fireplace, skiing, Indoor pool ft tennis. $280/ weekend POCONOS- Lake Wailenpaupafc. Twnhse. SBR, 2 baths, fully equipped plus W4D. Private boet slip. Swimming & tennis. $67S/wk/ Call SO. S8ASI0I PARKluxury, ocean-front condo. Spectacular view*, AC. Sleep* 6. $ OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 4/26-1:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m. CHANFORD $1ff,tOO 7 room spnt level with outdoor pool a petto, kitchen, FR, Hvlng room, dining room, new windows plus many extras. Cranford INVESTMENT IN THE FUTURE Commercial colonial building, 3,000 tq ft. office and apt. space, zoned retail or office, restaurant, bank, professional, act. room for expansion, 237x60 sq. ft. property, newer heating lyatam. excellent travel count.... _. _, Asking 1400,000 OS. KUZSMA REALTY CALL TODAY D.S. Kuzsma Rsaity 118Mlln8tr*et Cranford «337 Each OfrTce Indmpmndmntly Ownmd This is the time to take charge of your life! Got your ROB/ Estate) //cans* nokr and be nady tor the boom. With the lowest Interest rales In almost 20 years, real estate activity will be booming in 1992! M10 BRIDQIWATIR- No. Of BR ranch, 11/2 bath, garage ft bsrrt, no pet*, uth.+ see. A refs. Call HMHLAND PARK- 3 BR, 11/3 bath, new kitchen, den, Ig. yard w/8 ft. privacy fence, W/D. Rent reduced to $1100/mo PISCATAWAY- Ouplex, nice area, 2 BR*/flnlsh*d attic, W/D hookup, deck, backyard, bsmt., AC. No pets. $795 + utils. 90S RARITAN- 2 BR with large yard * attached garace. $780+ tittle. Ft can *v*s WARRBN- 2 BR cotlag*, on acoraga, flroplaca, ga* rag*.78«b24 BBOMINST8R- "Th* Hills" new 2 BR, bath, wall to wad, AC. W*O, garage. avail. May 1, 81200/mo IOISON- 2 BR condo, W/W carpet, DW, WI>D. Near RR atatlon ft all major hwvs. $890 + uuh. Itt mo. ttc. 1 yr. lesse. Call 9OB-287-O661. FRANKLIN PARK- 1BR, CAC, w/w carpeting, OW, balcony, tonnls, $800 + utlls. + 1 mo. sec. 90S FRANKLIN PARK- Society HIM 3, 2 BR, 2 bath cendo, $900+ utll. All upgrade* Included, no POtl *8404 MILLSSOROUOH- 4 yr. old Contemporary Townhse. Th* Glen. 2 BRs. 2Vt baths, loft, OR, LR w/fplc, cath. calling, C-I-Kit, CAC, laundry rm, att. gar,, full bsmt. Pool ft Tennis. WftO. Refrig., cell- Ing fans, all window treetments. Front deck w/ patio. $12OO/mo. + utlls. OPTION TO BUY. Avail, mid June. Call NILLSBOROUOH- option to buy- 3BR, 21/2 bath condo, end unit, $1000/ mo. Iv. msg BOUND BROOK- 2 bdrm 2nd fl. off-st-prkf n*ar town, $6»0Ano. May BOUNO BROOK- 2 BR, couplet only, avail. Immod., $80Wno+ uth. lttmo sec BOUND BROOK- 2 room efficiency, largo kitchen, off street parking, heat/ hot wator Incl. $ BOUND BROOK- 2nd.floor, Quiet 4 room apt., garvhtat incl.. couples preferred, $729/ month, / 3166 BOUND BROOK- 3 rooms, 2nd floor, heat ft water Inc. No pets, rnlddl* aged person preferred. Security ft lease required. Call BOUND BROOK- 4 rooms, 2 BR*, heat ft hot water. No pets. Private arfclng. $575/mo..l mo. gecurfty. 908*386*3898, after 3pm BOUND BROOK- targe 1 t. floor, LR, OR, 2 BR, laundry, tenoned porch, gar., heat Incl., $95OAer month, / 3168 BOUND BROOK- StUdlO. Immaculate, near town ft train. $450/ mo. Available now SB8. HILLSBOROUOH- spacious 1 BR, LR, DR, EIK. FINDIRNB- Coiy 2BR In BRIDOBWAfKRlaundry room, all appl. 2*femlly home. Quiet $S00/mo neighborhood. 1 or 2 mature adults. Well mannered pet welcome. NO. BRUNSWICK- Extra [go. 3BR Twnhs. near $685/mo. + utlls. + aec. Park, garage, all appliances $1200/mo.+ utils Iv. msg RIAPINQTON- Hunters Creselng. Spacious upper end unit. 2 BR, 2 bath, LR, DR, skylights, several upgrades, all appl., CAC, pool, tennis. 1 year lease. No pets. Avail. May 1. SS50 + utlls SOMKRS8T- 2 bdrm, 1 bth condo, washer ft dryer, $850+ utlls SOMSRVILLI- 1 yr. lea**, 11/2 mo. security, fum. or unfurn, 2 BR, 11/ 2 bath, full bsmt, attac, balcony, all appl., CAC, cable, 4 yrs. old. $980/ mo+ utll. Avail. June * BRIMSWATBR ORANDVtIW OARDINS 1 ft 2 Bedroom Townhouses. Central air, Individual ttorage. Walk to park ft tennis courts CRANFORD/ROSBLLB- 3 rooms, carpeted, OW, bright ft sunny, nonsmoker, close to NYC trantp. No pets. CaH CRANPORD- 2 BR apt. 1st floor of 2-famlty. Offstreet parking, yard, bsmt. storage ft W/D avail. Heet Incl. Walk to NYC transp. ft town. $775/mo. Avail. 6/ CRANPORD- 2 BR, 2nd floor, 2-famlly hove*. Separate entrance, use of yard, off-st-parklng. Close to shopping ft tranap. $775/mo., utll. paid. Call JUST LISTED! KENILWORTH $164,000! You're in for many lurpriies wh«n you tour this home. Charm, quality and tpackmu rooms thru-out. Lovely natural trim woodwork, Lr w/gas fireplace & built-in-., italned glaii windows, air conditioning, Oak Kitchen, Family Rm, plus full finished basement w/new bath. Newer w/w carpeting. 2 car garage, new windows. Shown by appt. only. RAHWAV-CH Colonel Ore*, 1 ten privet* Httlng on Milton Uk*. Indudti building lot. H*> oui bulldlngi w/lna W». 3 CM aw*g». Hm 10 mu. 3 bathi. ld«al (or Buikbt/Contmdor. In n««d of rattonttlon PtdttQt pric* ol S29O,O0O. IF WE DONT SELL YOUR HOUSE, WE'LL BUY IT* ERA VILLAGE GREEN REALTORS BRANT AVENUE CLARK, NJ WESTFIELD * Juat bttd! Jcff-non School «r»» Rogn Av«. Spit L*wl, hm 8 nn», 2 5 tuthl, 4 BR>, Lg. Fun Rm., air condhionlng, ga hul. 90*120 praptity. ImrMdliM pn Inn. F-Jrtv prtnd«lonlyt22s.000i / HOUSE OF i THE WEEK WESTFIELD $305,000 The data entry hall shows the way to the living room, dining room, family room with raised haarth fireplace & the dlnc-ln kitchen with cherry cabinets. The master bedroom hai a dressing room, double closets & a private bath. Wall to wall carpel, central air, deck & garnge. Immaculate & ipacloui roomi. Call ui today for your tour! N.J. Real Estate Commission approved prellcenslng oourae LIMITED, TIME ONLY) $59*5 Lovely colonial under construction. 6 rms., 4 bdrma., 2Vi> bths. and many amenities Including skylights and Jacuzzi. Walk to town & train. WSF WESTFIELD 264 East Broad St. /poweh^ ( v" BUSE > A MIMBItr* THtUAftlUHANtUl HIT WINK SCHLOTT REALTORS* For detahe eel Daytime, Evening ft Saturday classes' now forming. Major credit cards accepted,'' Weichert Renl Estiilo School «Wl eur'alb WeSTFICLD * Skyllghlt brighten thi living room a th* family room «!! m o d>ch. hot tub & ftnesd parll-fllia property Niw o*k dm. In lilrh.r, wllh p<rqu«fkxit.1 rwrtnxirnl. V^ balhl A horn*i IZ67.AM) REALTY. WESTFIEU) M 1906" VktoHsn Colon)-JI QutJ. Ity aaltitr»riihl i tlnnir column!, rtmttitlc flrt* plih«. lamlnl { <«" wtmlowi 81 txv-lnl tfrnt Frenrh <lnon 9 tkkjukhm. 4Vi hathi A total of 14 llifmnrnlil* iixtrni 1 $649, year 1 REALTOR ' ELM ST. WeSTrieua, NJ A Union County Forbes Newspaper

27 aeumpom- 4 rooms and floor, aj^ttem Bso/mo+ utii.. security. At Immed. Oew DORCHItTllt HOUSI a«m«rvlll«* Luxury HlghRlM Elsvator AAartmtnts 722* m tudlo SOMIRVIUI LUXURY APTS Top ana, 1, 2 * 3 bdrms, air condltlontd. Haat, hot water and eoomng fas Included. Baleonl«i, coufitiy Batting, walk to town. Storage. Cabla TV op- Mtional. $620 whon SS-884-mT. available UXN- 3 room oat. KitehK^H. W. «wty remod- pets. 'fcl Haat fl«d kitchen k A bath. Pllfd. MO. 8838/rm. Sam..OSs. Adults preferred. * * * IMTON.rik.-t. a A3 Bit sate. A Townhouse*. ^enaeuw/taey from N. J, Rt Low, aa t low, mine. Pa. nwttt. CON 21I.U0.14U + *»» - 1M, and floor SiOOMl. mivati hot J a» BVaaj w ^ T,^ vatod aata. toouro BMav HI_ pm, awjv tog. fir.. Wio! 1 mo. eso. no emoldnf, no eota. reft Maaaaaaaaaaaafc abafaoaw O> nw*bi wlffl kakgubj I JaaWsB^aaaata* WWnm9WW fiaav8kv8^sw i ARIA* the werfe\ Lew fjraai^bre dot, OftOfO> cawi in i \t i/i,u ; '.Mr/ u/s? ttta is. Do«tors, Lawyoro, B^dHWdi«lAl * * -- mmm^z. WKSTPIBLB i an a HBW OtPOV ftudloovon.,wo*tonvc Noji for MM/ loaoo tralm, no Beta, no fee, from S78-S800ao, ft. x** mo), ooo. Studio IMI InanoInf ttll: 1 tfl Mas: hoot OMpalfod iok^u42 SSST NIIIOUXIIIALTY NHNAflie SfATIS)tt- SRANONBUaa- Fumlinod rm. for rant. Aaiiii famished room In private iiwmfi oloto Hvtng wamoootruetod is, Modem' secure 1 BJUtWOOB Sunny, M, a a*. a bom, on. clout, furnished private homo, m. corpot, dishwasher. roo. Prlvoto ontroneo. Individually controlled Profssslonol, stable, nonhoot 4 AC, master IV an. mown/ malo. CoJI 201- tonno. No poto. Clar< or OMoat fewer*. Near RL 30ST. aoa. Please eoll SOS NO. PUINPIIIO- -,., ,. non-smoker.sssaric Call MAMYILLB- lot fl. 4 rm. bofor* 7:3Oam>aftor Sam. pt. SR, LR, OR, Kit Ltow moomga bemt, Oar., Sac. No pot*. PISCATAWAY- Furn, utlh room, malo, non-smotwr, MANVIUI- a BR, hoat kltehinotto, W/D. omo A hot wotor, no po U, 1 bath. Prtv. homo.^»w mo. oeurtty, $600+ util. mo ssonors. Cott B26-134S ROOM FOR RINf- Mato, MANVIUI- 3 Sr, V* prlvato ontranco, W/D, bommont, forofo, prtvato Kltctwn prmlafss. sharo ntranco. No pato. $775 bath and wholo houso. par month. 38»17P«$SaVwk , MCTUCHIN- 4 rooms, 1 SOMIRVII.LI-.Purn. bodroom, and floor, a yr. Maoo. 1*4 month soewmy, roforoneos. credit roport rooulrod. S7S0 + ttoc.call90s.aso.2s18. MIOOLISIX- Middlooox Vlllago. Spa- lain I BR aardoa apt. SS7S/mo. toohidoo hoot A NW. NO PITS. Pool ovaw. 3S6.SSS0 r» mag room 160'up. Sm. apt*. S138/Wk. Callmanogor S-7PM. SOMIRVIU8- near hoo- I, kitchen prmlefoo. 4D. Non-smoker Coll SOMIRVIUI- Nlcoty furnlthod room w/tofflg. Non.«mokor, mslo prof. Soc. tlsfutt tO NBW BRUNBWICR- WARRIN COUNTY- 2 BR, Suydanr bav LMruj- Room, Board, TLC for oc> ton A Loo si's, wav car> tlvo Sonlor Cltltons. pot, dm, (sundry, foncod $800/mo ysrd, $780/month+. Avail WATCHUNO- Fumlohod May 1st. Met. S OK. room with private bath A NO. PUUNFIIIO- a I opt. Somorsot St $650/ mo. plus utlls. Cod 90S NO. PLAINFIILO- 2 BRs, 1 car garatt, facing No.Ptainflsld High School $678 plut utllt. Soc. A Lsaso. Avsll. 6/1. 90S- 96S-4463 NO.»LAINI>IBLOeloua ** two-family. 3 wjniw kit. DR, LR. Semi finished bsmt w/laundry area, full walk up storage ttlc, side yard, fenced tear yard. QUIET neighborhood utlls. No pete. Oerage avail. Please call RANWAY- Furnlthod 3Vi RMs, corpotod, cablo, 6728/month includa* all utlls. Slnglo prof proforrod RARITAN BORO- 3 rooms, and floor, utlla. fumiahad. No pott. M or F prof. Avail. May 1. $600/ mo. 1/2 mo. Soc. roq. Offstroot psrktnf. Call after 8pm, B-6173 RARITAN- 1 BR, private house with prlvste en trance, yard, $600 per month end $600 security; Avallabe Immediately. Call (908) RARITAN- 2 BR. new kitchen, plut two room* In aide, VERY NICE. $745 per month, plut utilities. Ray, days. RARITAN- Prlv. resident, very spsclous 1st fir. apt., newiy decorated. Off-ttparfclni. $795, R0SIUI PARK- 4 room duplex. 2 BR't. $7B0/mo. Including hset A water. 1V& mo. security. Avail. Immed. No pets. Call kltchan prfvuoioa forro* aponalblo ouolnoso woman. Available April. PIS call WISTFIILB- Walk to RR/bui. Pvt. homo, nlco poopla. Stnao of humor and amotlonal maturity raq. Non-amokor. 90S $470 F8MALI, non-smokor, mid 20'a looking for somo to ront Condo with in the BodmlMtar Hills oroa. If Interested please call (H); (W), NIW BRUNSWICK Large 3BR on Louis St. $350 + utlli. W/D, parking, near NYC transp., Rutgers BASKIN«RIOBI- nonsmoking M/F, to shore furnished 2 BR, condo, own bath. WA0, $5S0/mo + V 2 utll. Call Mike between 9-8PM BIDMINST8R- Share beautiful 4 BR, furn. home In Hills oil ammenl- Met, deck, pool A tennis. $5S0/mo.+ utll eves. FAIRLAWN- nonsmoking female professional to share e 2 BR houte In Falrlawn near new York City buaea. $800/mo. plus in utll. Avail, now RO8ILII/GHANFORD PltCATAWAY 3 BR, 2 4 room apartment In 2both, full privileges, convenient location, $275/ family haute, heat and hot water supplied, Cell mo. plut utll (808) BOUND BROOK- 6OMIRS8T Lge. 8 rooms, 2BRs, Like LARGE HOUSE TO SHARE now. quiet tree, w/w carpeting, No pett. I7S /month utilities. COMFORTABLE A CLEAN utllt B * * * SOMIRVILLI- Spacious 1 A 2BR garden apt. Free haat A HW, mint, from Brldgeweter Common*. $200 move-in rebate. Call # * * * PIAPACK- prof., M/F, to there 2 BR, 2 bath fum. houte. $876/ mq Inc. utll leevo mtg Non-smoker preferred. * CALL * Atk for David WARRIN non-smoker wishes to sharp 2 BR, 2 bath house in quiet neighborhood. Cable, WAD, near 76, 6450/mo-f \li utll. Call BRANONBURa- 80MSRVIU1-332~ Near fjagmaj W BataBMAt arwbnblasjfisjbj fiuk*a1 aaajyajaomj -^ n a^ Roduosd 818S.8O0.BiB/or DM lot option on o4aoont a.famlly. Oroat potential. TtB^BBB. AlPNA, BT»FfJB jv olootrlo 8110,000. UJ.--M.000 * fftot. PNILUPSBURO. NJ.- mm. to Rt"aa._ia H r* ofvi saabo MINDNAM ft ltlil * 0Bi * i ei mttk^m. ---»-» BB^HBJ Bjaj^aaanj ibjonwosl OfTiQf) MNsv* laumd. CaN 781-7L.. no retell. 81W. Mom o>t7so0,b-saolifor88- rt sits,a»o oonsoi. mi 4 -r ~ wl BjSJflJffffj Avallablo Ita sq. ft * 300 sq. ft Ideal for smell business, offleos. OrvMabte for **** storage, lab or distributor. WTUOito 2-3 room SB78 a#v aioojtfj Off-street parking, near offices, prime location, -1B near train a DUO, offbo. PUUMFWLD- Near ALPHA, R.J SOUTH PtAINFIILD- up Otraat Rt 287. S-80K oq. ft 1»ft. OIBM Indwstolal to 8000 sq. ft.warehouse a f jy ftla^muaj BUitOAaUl Wfft * space with inside loading _ ^MSB^ IH O^rt *- wwtti nvajvy pvwtjf, im m austhalahstrlbution. orated office "'eg. 2 drive n toeing. CoN 80S- ft. Cttaim wth S 1M Mh*, Oh tnt kscmft en kiolt SXmVATED HUKNI ui I bsdraom S bath condo. SAw room, dkhne foam. Onm nl TklM M kuyl I11S,SOO. SO WMDWM E f c at ka tnori rnusahbnrbl ^JDPLf. BwBjpJOB) ett^^r OW j ^ ^ M ^ M ^ ^ ^ ^^^m ^i^kn^a ^t^aa tj^k-^^aj BftQBfTIBjni On BvUnO BV aj, aabahajblj aajtieijr HfaMBt k^uomwwei LM-taxxiLftiu a\ twoyoaoai nlranoa. M tm on 1.7 ton*. CORN l^oaol istjol ta^tfmw^a^d ea^hhbanaf^bw bf^ah S3SS4O0. WA437S. SR OSCOBATOHS DtLKJMT Bti Y** young colanw on profaaitona»y landacapad W, am-ln ktchwi <» turaa oumom Euro oiblnam, *mk» win bmbpjni moynhao. i oo many tmtwm W tat. S311,009. smsonomes SOUTH amunowick Cuatom 4 yr. young cormmporny wrm oartng oatrtadrm DUtngi. numorout akywat S auear indoor pool On I g aera woodad country M. sati SS to/ smwiwicft omct Walk to eventhfcnt 240 a. ft. to 8800 M-ft- Cod MIDBII8IX/SOMIR VOLI- 200 A 800 oq.ft on Rt. 28. CKCO). location. CaH PISCATAWAV- Officeor ReUD. 6,000 oq. Me. Also dentist office. Rt. 287 A Stolton Rd SOMIRVIUI- 2 Office Professional Suite. Panel Ing, AC, Carpeting, Private Parking. f ^ WAT6NUNA- ApprOK oq. ft In pro. fosslonsl bldg., ample parking, easy accsst to routes 78 A aa. Avail. Immed. Call , BO8-a3a IrilrWONMUjMSSf/ CRANFORD- Pt Of flee ep aeev NfM ooatod MH MIBBLBSIX-. BM. Loose 170 Lincoln pofldng a dove BUT BUY VIS) 4) feomfqfpn. I N BHn tiomt aalhtanea* yar*. At tar a km S144.S0O. M M b* attnl Cat today). PLAIN FIRLB-BIIOpt olooa, 1SBB ao^moro foot, ovoraoatf door. ewlso, oad) lavatory. Off etroat parhla M7O ARWOOB MINI MAU oq. ft.good for retan or office, maybe dlv*dod.cow 201-S3J-12S9 BBjIBHBROOK- Busy Rta sq. ft avan. Oreat oo<farmanttl Immediate oocupaney Owner a Stores, buoy location, available Immediately. 279 Control Avo. CaH after 4PM NO. PtAINPIBLD- Used ear tot.ideation high trafflo, Rto aa. Immed occupaney. Greet terms. Other aotontlal usages. Owner RITAIL BTORI CON* STRVOTION- remodel; now; demolition. Over 20 yro am In retail store construction. Call mo lotll Paul eves. ARWOOB- Warehouse/ Storage apace avail., asoo sq.ft. A 4000 sq.ft. Can subdivide. Also park. tog area $0x100 avail, for truck parking. Cat Oarwood Motel Co Mr. Calls. MBTUOHEN- Immediate occuponey. Can bo rented separately. Warehouse 1000 tq. ft 4 3 offices dock A option of offices or offices only. Minutes from 287. Wo cater to the smell business person Coll OUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 10 Marketing plan and FREE for Safe Information pack BISON- Store. Fabulous opportunity. Hard- DRIVERS- Excellent ware/pelnt/bllnds/wallpa. per. Business only. Will train. Owner financing, Call E. Karon Wolohort Commercial. HAIR SALON FOR SALI owner anxious to sell by summer, price reasonabls A less than cost of new setup. For info. call Tony MIODL68IX- Highly visible 1800 sq. ft. building with 2 overhead doors, owner financing, $228,000 call for detaifs. Horoux Realty Broker fnvea biievila/ OpportunAlee 8888 WIIKLY- Home 37 ways to CASH. $1.00+, stamp- Box 717 0, Mlddtete«. NJ In thm Clmtsttfrdl! omwrunrrv. Smta Omni ** w * o Ms money mattr. Cat Tadiyi $940 (nveotmonts/ Opporfun/fios ARI YOU. LOCAL DISTRIBUTORseeks people for weight Interested In building an Income of $100,000/yr. in loss. Dr. recommended. your spare time In yourguar, lbs. In 1 mo. home. Highly motivated Also earn $1000/12000 individuals have unlimited per mo. PT; $ FT eerning potential. Call to loam about the bett bus! ness opportunity In Amerl NEW CO today OPPORTUNITY Easiest & surest CAPITAL WANTCD way to extra cash. Experienced wealthy In Free Info voetor to partner w/voung Cell experienced business You won't be man like yourself. For opportunity call Mr. Wel»* dlssppolnted *3319 OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS Turn your Crafts Into you, DISTRIBUTORS NEED- own business! Call 008 ID ONE DAY DIET! It SOS or 9 08 exploding in billion $$ industry. Commissions & overrides peid weekly. starting pay, great benefits, quarterly bonuses, modern air rldo tractors, weekly pay with advances, assigned dispatcher, good traffic lanes that get you home. Celadon Trucking BARN $300-$800 WEEK- LY Assemble products et home. No telling. Easy work. Guaranteed Income. Meke jewelry, toys, crafts, etc. Cell Ext. HA-1026 (Fee) EARN MONEY FAST- At home part time full time assembling products. Amazing recorded message reveals detail*. Call 24 hrs ,1774 Dept. 129 (Directory offer) INCOMI BREAK- THROUQHI Wealth discoveries of once-headlined professor (Washington Post, Time, etc.) let him escape teaching job and leave thousands of other "little guys" to riches. Free information hrs. Msg LtOANON TOWNSHIP COUNTRY PftrVACY (U thapaj ranch, on prrvats road w<lh lota at pluma, aight tpadou* rooms, all updatad Intarior. two plut aciai. StM.SOO. O9«-I2M I Sellers: Don't be surprised if we bring you two offers in one day. COLONUU. NONTM Of PTT, n Coun*Y Mr* * M<*00m, 1M bmh hwna «*n tm*m ween aoc«nia, M«V reem, Off, larnhv nitowefhoed. S14O.taO. WA-SSS3. ns-m-ms Wa# malftlajnvd thr#sj bedroom, oov and on* haal b«m ranch m lov*y 1m*t n«(ghboitkmct, *m hardwood BOOTS, Dfffiav ommg roo.tii oaaaanavn, cna oar Danoa and men). OMnllMy IIWW ai osndmon. Ht4,tO0.. Ha«ra to Ma qum. MandV atlu* com. raunrty, prim* tooahlon, cnmlrlbm mund door, and ur* wuhki wamng Satmoa Of SouM enma«kca'a Sankx CMMO CaftMr and Wnry. Oflarad «oray He,ooo. sa-ieu SOUTH I A Union County Forbes Newspaper Wdchcrt, Realtors sells more homes than any broker in the nation. 1b find out an well do to attract offers on your home, call your local Wrichert office for a free presentation. Jim Weichert Weichert, Realtors SOaMl htl RVtilS tn qum< >v*nwila. pome t eapioom CAPS MaManano* fra* homa, torrul dming rm. a W MM, «ntahm) bammant. MrM M «* to N.V. bua oalait*. WAPWBM TOWNOHff OPACMUO - OPIACIOUS an* awtmonai CotonW m prmin* conamen. AI ovanliao raema. Many manhrai, CAC, C-vao, akyllghla. Jaeun*. dacti. dreular drrvt), Irrlwcom/ aaarm. «S Bfla, CaN to **. I4M.000. VVC-S81. WATCHUM OfflCS SMIDOSWATE*! Bank aay* wd. Investor Owner mull itquwal*. 3 BH. IVi balh condo* within W day* Maha an oflsr $64,900. B MUNCMURO 0TF1CI EDISON OtSlQNER UiCOHATEU Larga cc*>maj in dnlradk Pumpt^^n, taalura* 3 */ap «c«. pnlloaerrn u^v dowa, 5 bdnrn, 3 rult bairis, 1 tiory antry «mora. *35».0O I13B. HfTUCHEN OFf m K»»flJW VVm WATCHUNO CALIFORNIA CONTCMPOnARY nanch Prlatkia mouimhin rocalion Chnriy cnbinali ft picmad cednr bsamed caihrxlrni oalllngt, Immaculala conitimc<n. I hr. N.Y. WC-»l WATCHUNO OFFICE OB-Sai-3400 Opportunhtm 9S8-86S9. POSTAL JOBS Your area. $23,700 per year+ benefits. Postal carriers, sorter*, clerks. For an application & exam information call , ext. P2617 9AM-9PM, 7-dayi. Ads In Clarified don't cost They pay! RAHWAY- 2 family great Main Street loca lion, good Income, convenient to transportation. $149,900. Call today for appoint SECOND INCOME UN- LIMITED Must be open minded & hardworking. Call STAY HOMEI- and make up to $100 a djy or more. Over 400 compailes need homeworkers/ distributors NOW! Call for mazing message Dept. 11 TWO MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS FOR SUCCESS ARE: Attitude and the right vehicle. If you have he right attitude, we have he vehicle. Please call > fieaoinoton TOWNSHIP W«H butt rftncfi, fion* And iv<r- l*'^)., c^ a nc* Lvg* lot W *#^v t>. *en*nl^ IOL^IKI to conmun^ via *!! a?» 78, J(w Mt LOmtt IIM 900 OUJWICK OFFICE 9««-4J92rT7 BERNARDS TOWNSHIP IDEAL STARTER HOME Sooory Hill rno<1el 600 lewihyuse 3 BR>. 1 bains, Fl' in ta-rilv locmi. close' BEDMINSTER Of FICE 9O8 7HI1DCO J BRIDQEWATER OBtAT HOTHEa'PAUGHlE Qjeal opponuntty quality, pdvftiu ting, grott location, Mo(frer!JflugMe (nhou»«office $199,900 BP-JS56 BfDMINSTER OFFICE M«7 1 SOUTH PLAINFIELO PFtESTICilOUS LOCATION Thia apecibculai lodm is styled wit" flair arid elegance, Srtuaied on mcxa thar> 2.5 nci0t. H includes hearts room (sauna, sloam ana cur), central an nd many extras- ZonecT lot proles tionel mi $B;5 KXl EDISON Of FlCt *0t-494-«e<M NEW BRUNSWICK liha new 2 tkimn,, you QPI for infllll Oferefl at?'<) > AH Offices Weichert. J Thr American Dream Tbam A

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29 IL April 22, 23, 24,1992 Forbes Newspapers U-1 Guide Advertiser Index Remington Car & Truck Acura of SomervHI 2 Country 1,4 Harley-Davidson 2 VIP Honda.. 2 Crystal Motors 3 Our Real Estate Guide appears with the Classifieds this week GOT A CAR TO NEED NEW WHEELS? Forbes Newspapers Automotive Guide is all you need! Take A Ride Out To The Coun Drive Home A Quality, late Model SALES SALES/SERVICE/PARTS SERVICE/PARTS 90t-7S SSSOMCVANDURA 3/4 TON CAUGO VAN wr,t V» ii.t > c/s/b AW^M stor.)n ull 5Bj r.f'r.vl, f tjdck V 199O CHEVY CAVALIER 1IM OLDS CIENA 1SSTDODOE RAM SO 1SB7 DODOE ARIES 1SST DOOOB SHADOW Grey. 4-cyt. aulo D/S/B AM/FMSt<flSS 4-ar. auio trans, 4-cyi en 5-spct man trans. 4 cy: v :j, cw 5!rng /&rks. At/ffhfi ivfl'i, * f"«; pu- 4 dr.sipr) men li*ni.4-cyl «no, pw iimg Artci. AMjFM.wr«o. «r. ifew del, aloy *Ni VIN IJS2M42SA 1tS«ISUXU TROOPER LS 4l4 4 or. V6, h-tco man Irani, S!-c*ts, HWL t:rai, ancy whli. eiour bm -its n oaf mr IMOMIUN KINQ CAD 4s4 M X»J cvl.i «pd nan Iran, 1M1 FORD M t O PICKUP VB, S-tpd man fr«n*, pfstb. AW/FM running coar VINW-1E?13( $13,990 1M1 ONCVHOUT AilM VAN V6, du 1MO BUICK LESABRS 1H1 OEO TRACKER LSI 19M PONTIAC «00O 19BS FORD TEMPO 1987 CHEVY, CAVALIER. -J' JJ' \r.i*-z, I-cyt er,g, 1MOBUICK RIVIERA 1M1 CHCVMOLKT CAVAUCH STATION WAGON rord TAURUS OL 4 dr, auto nans, G-cyi ung, t 1»iT TOVOT* COBOLL* LE 198S MERCURY COUOAR u, AM/FM st«r«ocass, infl/iks Air (jgis rw Oe' cru^b O' Mnsr-liiw nwi VlN GQ197&41 Slk 7&V Autc. 4-cyt. p/»/b. AMrf M *-ca»». air, tnl git, tty«o «m. VIN LU00CU46, 9fcC 1tM DUICK RLMAL LTD 1*MOMC SHIMMY SLS IMft CMC K-1SOO SLE 1966 PONTIAC FIREIIRO 1fU rono DRONCO II ittoqeo STORM 1MB CHEVY CAMMO IROC-Z -0f 5 «pq min r'a^j, 6-cy «ng, p^t can, SB fad, ajioy wn^i. air. 0*1. trl *-D«'». c'u*w MT, (tn iigrit?.cofiv Dtt.VIN KOfeMSW^TK 997UB. Ih.ittm $9990 $13,990 «MO DOME DAKOTA LE 4l4 b *pd man irins. d *ni d'-t-p. fj- Cyl. P/S/fc. Ar%VFM S1t*P#. PZ-V/'M, "> lf.! " 19M MAZDA 12* ROTATING INVENTORY NEW MODELS ARRIVING DAILY! $10,995 Auto \tv>t, 4-cyl. p/i/d,arvvrmtkmi,,m^*kjy*hm,vrnkai2sb34. 1t»1 DODOB ORAH CARAVAN Aulo Eilm. 6-cyl *ng, earl itmg f"brlu MA/FhA itarao. *if, fun ter««n g)«sf VIN WS4C6M SALES/ PARTS SALES SERVICE/PARTS LEMINGTON SUBARU SALES SERVICE/PARTS W t89 NISSAN MO SX tqaca, b ipa man lfi.n», d cyl «ng 1M7 NISSAN SE 4X4 LJP^^Od "Tfli I ra ling /bim *nr, t-it. 1«S8 FORD TAURUS inr g«fr daf ciommi lug, WN JAr01?0d STK»D 704 1MO MAZDA PROTEOE 1909 SUBARU GL 3 DR 1991 PONTIAC SUNBIRD AWfM 1M1 PONTIAC<0, icyt. 1tt2 FORD CROWN VICTORIA 19&8 SUBARU QL 4WD 1.B9 PONTtAC FtREBIRD 198* FORD MUSTANO 1.90 BUIARU LOYALE STATION WAQON 1989 PONTIAC QRAND AM *91 PONTIAC QRANDMVX dr ai/ood rant, G-cyt. p/rack&ptnion «t Cl»'r.1'l crux VIN»Mf:i5«1 SIK P1JJ7A IMS FORD TAURUS 19B7 MERCURY ORAND MARQUIS ( 17 OLDSMOBILE CI/TLAM 1091 SUBARU LEOACY WlODIUll,4-Cll. (^ 89 PONTIAC QFUND AM 91 PONTtAC TRANSPORT 1tS7 SUBARU RX FT4WD 1991 rord PR0BC QL 1»t FORD MUSTANO LX 19B8 PONTIAC SUNBIRD 4dr. auroouir«ri«. 6 cy ion inng/bf*j, AM/f M fti-cast air, tnl g*s. rt r)et i=jt,crui*e 1991 SUBARU LEQACY 19B8 PONTIAC SUNBIRD 1SSS SUBARU QL4WD $13,995 HB 4 ipd mm Irani, 4,-cyl, rack & pincrnirnp. o/b, AM/FM atirao Inr git rr l. Ni. p*ud*f.c>, t>w ltl ar M* ban raa irytaowmt vrngent FORD TAURUS MJIMU XT COUP! OL 199O NISSAN SENTRA 1OOS LINCO1N TOWN CAR v!vmki rnimns,! tyi F'V. M i i, AjC. l/ote,»r rtet I I. L-IU cloth ir.l Di<liB!5 91 PONTIAC QRAND PRIX 19Sfi PONTIAC FIERO SE 19SB HONDA CIVIC Bja-a^v^a^ Ba«aaaa*irB ahl,^b>iid I^T^I " ^aja* ^^ ^ ^^^ «rap*-w^ >f * * ^ar mr^-- ^ ^^»9tBV *^ -^^.^.B^»»»^-- ^» FI - - ^- Where You Expect To Pay Less! Prices incl. all costs to bo paid by a consumer except for lie. costs, rog. loos & taxes 'See dealer for details and limitations. Excludes 4x4's & AS IS" vehicle pricing at customer request.

30 U-2 / Forbes Newspapers Guide April 22, 23, 24,1992 AUTOMOTIVE DIRECTORY ILVJ CAR SALES <B^BJ WMVnl Kit Far Hills, KJ. fetateta 90ft S/lIC* Something to sell Auto? Boat? Home? Antiques? Garage Sale? Or is it a service like Painting? Plumbing? Odd jobs? Cabinet work? Whatever you have to sell we can help you sell it faster Call and place a classified ad for so little, you'll never sell anything without it again. No question about it. Forties 1992s Newspapers pre Rite adv HONDA 1992 ACCORD EX Black Green Bed More 1992 PRELUDES Black Red All-New 4W Steering To See Your Auto Ad Here Call Ext Model 992 CIVICS immediate VTEC Hatchback Delivery! More FREE GIFTS Just For Coming In vpfs only onrt gift per lamiiy. please.»me suppi PS Kv, VIP'S NEW FLEX PRICING Ultra-Save Leases College Grad First-Time Buyers Program On the Spot Credit Approval Savings Others Can't Duplicate Get It Low Lease/Finance Rates A L L Auto Insurance Available On Premisos At V.I.P. FREE Service Loaner Cars * ( oini.r ijl " NnrUi F'l,iinlii'lri N I WON f Ml '» H) '.A! i H IOIISJIDIAI Oljn MOTTO FOR 31 YFARS VIP STANDS FOR VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE - OUR CUSTOMERS! 8000 AUTOMOOILFi CHIVY- 7$, Caprtee, 4 DR. good transportation.»soo ai CHIVY- 88 Chevetto, 10SK miles, gray Intartor/ exterior, pun out Marao. naw brakes, serviced Bv*y 3000 miles, runt greet, $900/80. CaH a» r» msg. DODQg- SO Aspen, 4- O DR, good cond. N Nowtlree J tuneup. 84S0. Call FORD- SB Cecort, atick, naada angina won\ $300. w«can oot.7wa.uta. 4WD, AM/FM C«SS, 103K ml., naada body work. I drlva aa Is, passed Inspactlon 1J92. $850. Call tomom DODOS- 88 Daytona, Sllvar, axe. cond., 4-apd., PS, PB, am/tai cats., $3300. (908) FORD- 88 Tampo 01, Rad, 4 door, auto, AC, starao, mint cond., naw battery, tires, axhaust, low mfies (90S) UIOK- 4DR, PS ca 8, Bk/lark, " auto,am/fm $ CAOIUAC- 88 Eldorado CHIVY- 78, Van, 350 Roadster, whin w/mltf- V8, Auto, 8SK, need* minor war*. $80Q*O. Call M49 night blua caniaga ton, leather Int., Roll* Royce I, mutt! $ CADILLAC- 87 sedan Oevllle, 4 dr. sunroof, fully loaded, axe. cond., blua w/whlte top and blua laathar Intarlor, 56 k, CHIVY- 83, Camaro Barllnatta, axcal. cond. in A out Naw tirosftinspectlon. $3100. Call , aftar Bpm O Cutlaaa Qood transportation, automatic. $400 or bast offar. Call 906-7Sa UBMU 88 QL WAQ0N- OHRYBLBR- 85 Lmr, 64k ml, PS, PB. P/Winwhaal, AC, garage kapt. Askings $ DID YOU dowa, cnilsa, tilt KNOW. that an ad In this local papar also goas Into 16 other local papers? Raach ovar 400,000 raaders with ona call! l*800-8s OOOQI- 89 Colt, 4 Spd, 4 eyj, whlta, SOK mils*. AM/FM cast., wall maintaintd, bogy In txetllant shapa, $3900. Call Aftar 6pm. F0RD<88 Crown Victoria. 2 DR. Loadad. 83,000ml. Cxc. cond-lnslda A out. $6400/offor FORD- 84 Mustang SVO, 82K miles, leather, moonroof. $3800. Call *0241 MIRCURY- 88 Sabla, CHRY8LIR- 90. LaBaron Convertible, SHvar. Station wagon, 55K miles, acnivy 60 Imptla, 348 auto, AC, all powsr, Block, TurbogHda. pa, turbo, loadad, attended AB80LUTI crulsa. $8800 or bast raatorad, 810,000 b/ factory warranty, mutt CASH FOR YOUR OAR offer. TOYOTA- 85 MR2, o or trada. 9O tall but will mtas it. WIBUVAU.MBTALS SOK, 8 spaad, AC, crulta. am/fm radio, sunroof. CHIVY 62 Impala, 4 dr, 811,000. Call 90S- 8»6a $3500. (908) auto, 383 VS. PS, runs ALL CARS WANT8Dany car old, naw or Junk. MITSUBISHI- 87 Conquest TSI, B-spd., fully f1300 or BO clutch work, runs good, o.os Towing- raat, natda paint work. DAT8UN , naadt loaded, exe. Cond. 51K, CHIVY 73 Corvatta $300 or bait offar. Pis avail. asking $ Stingray, good cond. call DONATE YOUR CAR, Black walk. laathar Int., IAOII- 90 Takm TSI 4 TRUCK, MOTORHOMIto Foundation serving tha NISSAN- 87 Santra, 4- T-top, 4tpd, naw tlraa, whaal drive, 27k ml., tun dr., It. Blua, AC, PS, PB, mutt toll. $8,000/80. roof, alarm, 7 yr. ait warranty. 6 spd, tuny loadad ible. Froa towing. Need Blind. I.R.S. Tax Deduct- storao/upe, 4OK, $4, Iv. msg. 5-apd. (90$) aft 6pm. DAT8UN Z, exc. * gorgaoui. Aaklng not run cond., many naw parts $13,998. Can Scott days HIQH CAMPIR CAP- for OLPS- 88 Finirua, 3-dr, and txtras, MUST SEEI, at tvts. 8' pick-up. Opanlng windows. 4 cyf, auto, naw brake*, at Insulated, can aft. 10 am, tiros * shocks, PS, PB, FORD- 82 MuaUng OU. pannelad, aaat/oonv. bod, AC, Excel, cond., 75K $2400/BO DODQI Dart OT 67, 6auto, ona ownar, 82K blacluwhlte, axe. cond., cyl, auto, ad ortg., no mat, mllot, CaU 908- $578. CaW PLYMOUTH- 87 Sun-$180danea, turbo, 5 spd JA8UAR- 74 XJ12L $27 OTAS WANTED- also all FIRM, *4673 HONDAS), NISSANS, TOYloaded, axe. eond., $9000 BO FORD Falcon, small block Chevy, 68% forolgn autot. Pis call anytimo VS. rabullt automattc fjjnv nvfin iv i trans., 2 door, 46K mlkm. pletad, $1800. Plaasa JUNK CARS WANTIO- PLYMOUTH- 90, «, 8500/BO. Call can Lato modal wraeka A black, fully loadad, low 0189 aftar BPM MAZDA- 86 RX7 3a2, trucks. Top $$$ Paid, mhaaga. Bast offer. CaM PONTIAC- 88 6P00. tttvt, 4 dr. axe. cond. naw tiros, mufflar A brakas. $ aftar 8. AoVirifM in tht C/assMftoV SAAB Turbo MERCBDIS- 83, 300D FORD- SB, LTD conv., low miles, garaga turbo diosal, now head Brougham, 4-dr., 44K ml., kapt, loadad, asking 40K, 4 new rotors, load good cond., snows on $18, ed, sunroof, phono, rims, $ SUZUKI- 90 Samaurl alarm, lad. Asking FORD- 88 Tampo. Good HONDA- 83 Civic, 4-spd. convertible, 4WD. AM/FM $ tranaportatlon. Nigh $380/BO. Plaaia call cass. 21K ml., alawlojack. $8200. Call 9M- mllaaga. $ Aftar pm. call HONDA- 86 Accord LXI, OLDS- 83 Clara loadad, mint cond. Orlg. TOYOTA Runnar Brougham, PW. PB, AC, ownar. S8k ml., $6300/ SR-5, 4WD, AC, power, clean tawext $1SB5/BO K, silver, axe. cond., PONTIAC- 81 Trana Am, /4888. HONDA- 87 Prelude SI. (10,500/BO. S VS, auto, 10 Bolt Potl, header*, ny-jeckera, PONTUC- 81 Trans AM, Auto, AC, B7K ml. Ga-TOYOTAraged. Exc. cond. $6500. spd., p PS, PB,, AC, sunroof, 88 Callce, 5- pt, 4whl dlse brakes, pw, 360 VS.- 4 BBL., Auto, Hookar haadars, Hy- EyejAwknda excel, l cond., d $5900. Cll Call INTRODUCTIONS jackart In raar, p/a, p/ 4 whl disc brakaa, 10 bolt posl-raar, p/w, tilt, I NEED CASH FASTI I wat asking $1880--now aaklng $1550 a/o, last yaar of tha old varslon, IT r 6 DCS- TINED TO BECOME A CLASSICII call batwaan 5-10 P.M., ACURA- 87 Lagend U 4dr, 5tpd, 1 ownar, power mroof, every aptlon, laathar Int, 83K hwy ml., $10,200. Plaata call RUICK- 84 RhWla, fmlmi #ictll9 c $ BUICK- 88 Park Avenue, high mileage, tip-top condition, loaded. TSOOO/BO. Plaasa call A way for people to meet paopla, avery waak In your local Forbes newspaper. Tha ad Is free, then ona call does It all! 1-S00.SB9-94M JEEP- Charokaa 84, Rad, fully loaded, auto, ac, 75k, $5500 b/o, 90S MAXDA 91 MX6, Full power, 5 apeed, ertvtm castamo, 6,000 miles. Asking $11,500. Plaasa CaM (908) MERCEDES D, 4 dr, 4spd., PB. PS, AM/ FM. Good eond. Classic car. Asking $3000. Call «MERCURY- 87 Cougar, ray, automatic, PS, PB, C, am/fm, $4,300 or bast offer. Please call (90S) or (908) PONTIAC- 90, Orand Prix, Whlta, 9 Cyl. 4 Dr. IE Sadan. Auto, PS, PB, P/ wind. P/lockt, crulsa, AC, Int. wprs. AM/FM st/cass. tilt. 3OK. Good Cond. $9,900. Priced to sail TOYOTA- 88, Cellca GTS, 5spd, auto, all options. Excel, cond. 1 owner. Asking $ VOLVO GLE, AC, auto, 4-dr., tun roof, AM/FM cass., 55K miles. $4500. Call VOLVO 85, 240QL, -for the graduate, safe A reliable. 4 dr., leather Int., sunroof, sec. system, PS, PB, PAvlndows, AC, AM/ FM cass. Great cond., $4600. Call vw- 86. GTI AM/FM stereo, PS, PS, AC, black w/ black Int., axe. cond /BO. Plaasa call JAGUAR 71 XKE Roadatar, sorlous Inqulrlaa only. Call MIRCURY 68 Cougar XR7. vinyl roof, PS, cond., $2400. Call Luxury 'AitomoMfaa LINCOLN- 83, Town Cor Cartler Series, excel, cond. Uko'naw. Orlg. mi. 1 owner. Won't find another liken Itl $6600. Call tilt, was aaklng $1850 but I NEED CASH FAST-so $1550 or b/o, (908) , call batwaan 8-10 P.M. CHEW- 80. Trans Am, 350 angina, Holly cam, too much to list. Must tell! Need raar fender A TLC, SSOO takes It evea. CHRYSLER- 89 VW 86 Jetta GL, 4DR, Conquest TSI Loadad, 5»pd., Air, sunroof, 78K mint cond., low mileage, ml. Great on gae. Asking ext. warranty, must tall. $3995/B Asking $9200. Please call , eves. ACURA somerville UfSMtVl PS, PB, 6 tad., AM/FM can., SOK mhaa. $3980. CaM VW SD JETTA OJ, 16 v, pw, pdl, sunroof, aba brakes, recara teats, garaga kept, pert, eond., low miles, asking 10,900, SOW FmmlfyVm D0O8E- 89, 8-260, Conversion Van, 39K ml., full convaralon. Excel, cond. $10,750. Can a>orta* nimto CHBVY- 89, 810 Blaiar 4x4, extended warrantree, 22K ml., alarm ayt., $13, BOO/BO. Call a6 hr. msg. BHDYOU KNOW... that an ad In thla local papar alao goea into 18 other local paparat Raach over 400,000 readera with ona call I l-s0o'ss$.949s FORD- 85 ranger XL, 1 ownar, V8, auto, PS, naw brakes A tiros, tool box Like naw. 49K miles. $4250/80. CaH FORD- 87 Pickup F JUNK CARS/TRUCKS WANTED- any cond.. 7 days, flat bad service. Call PIRONI'S AUTO SAL* VA6)E- cart A trucks wanted. Highest prices paid. Froe pick up. Container tervlce. available WANTED- Automobile*, Triiake, A Machfnory DEAD OR ALIVI d$ m CnsB/rNrd donieott CHEVY- 85 Camaro Z28, 4x4, 302, VB, XLT Lariat, 8230 Metallic blue, AC, PS, loadad, 46K ml, cap AOff'Romd Motorcycles auto, 72K miles, pull out bad liner, sharp. Asking stereo. Excellent Condition. Call (908) HONDA- 81 CB GSO, $ INTRODUCTIONS... good condition, $700/BO. CHEVY- 90 Corvette, Call PMconv,, 2 tops, under 10k, 9 PM loadad, am/fm cats/cd, garage kopt, showroom cond., rarely driven, 8240 $27,000, On-Wood 1 Motorcycle* ^mm^mmmmmmm^k^m^^m^^^^^m DAY SALE. THURS FRI SAT MON APRIL 23 APRIL 24 APRIL 25 APRIL CARS MUST BE SOLD DURING THIS BRAND NEW 1992 VIGORS LEGENDS INTEGRA Kxchisive FLEX PRICE /.OH / Finance Monthly Payments \ : -. ) ' - (.!,'..!.. I H i I' I- I I I II, 111 ( I! A l!' I V I I Acura Of Somerville Service Extras lei' Service l.nrtiifi CJiits Discounts On Piitts A Service [!< ( f'.ir W.ish With All Service Extended Service Hours ACURA OF SOMERVILLE Route 22 Woit Brldgowator MON-Fftl 9-9 SAT 9-o A Union County Forbes Newspaper, Ti, A way for people to meat people,»vary weak In your local Forbes newspaper. The ad le free, then one call does it aril 1-60O-SS9-949S JEEP 81 CJ7, 4X4. 8 cyl. auto, PS, PB, hard too, 70K ml, great sham, askwg $3200/ HI88AN- 88, 4X2 mini Cyst. Low rider, oust, paint, rims, lowered 3" low pro tire. MN roof, tint wind. Much morel 4BK mla. $5500/80. Plaasa caluert HI88AM- 88, Pathftnder- SE, fully loaded, exc. cond. iia.boomag. Plaaso can NEW GMC TRUCKS CLEARANCE - specialized truck bodies, Pickup*, Vans, Suburbans, Jimmy's, Dump trucks, 4WD's. Most models & Med. duty chasils up to 54.6O0# QVW. Used (rucks, low priced leftovers, discounts, rebates. Leasing, or 6.9% GMAC financing on selected models. No sales comm. Top CSt rating for Sales & Service. COLONIAL MOTORS ROUTS aa WB8T NORTH BRANCH CHEW pick up, 283 engine, can be restored or for parts. Best offer! Call after 5PM CHEVY- 88 Beauvill van, New tires and brakes, tune-up, air, PS, PB, 42,000 miles. Clean, $8,500 or best offer. Call FORD 71 Utility Truck, $550 or best offer. Pit call MAZDA 74 pick-up, 283 V8 4BL, 4-spcf., very fast, ultimate sleeper, S190O/BO ask for Paul VW 70 Bus. Just about everything rebuilt or new, except electric system. $950. Call Automotkm PariM, Accoasorfos and Services A-ALL foreiqn AUTO- Top dollar, buying cars. Foreign parts for sale Tow truck, We pick-up. Hotline hr. sorvlce AAAAA'l ALWAYS TOW- INS Cars A trucks want* ed. Running or not. 24 hr. pickup. Cash waiting. Call S683 MB-1T2-1B MOTORCYCU.S 8220 MOPED Peugeot, condition. Asking $325. Call KAWASAKI , Red, good shapo. $75, Plaaso call KAWA$AKI- 84 QPZ 1100, excellent cond., new tire, 7K, Asking $2375. Call YAMAHA- 77 XS650 UK, $700 or bast offer MfacerffaiMOiis Afoforcyc/o MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE For Many Types Of Motorcycles Also Personal Watercraft Insurance A Complete Selection of Clothes, Collectibles and Accessories. Harley-Davidion ofediioti 299 Rt. 1, Edison (908) RECREATIONAL VEHICLES 410 Campers and Tratlmn CAMPER TRAILER 1979 Shasta 10'. $500/ BO. Call after 5 PM 8440 M/aceftanooua RV QOKART- with 4 HP- $255 or new S HP$385. Artlo Cot snowmobile, runs good. $3B5. 90S BOATS 0610 Boat* MINIHAWK- 80, 12', Shorelander trailer, $250 or DO. Please coll

31 22, 23, /UrtDmotiyeCutde Forbes Newspapers / U-3 fml4ctmift L M,R/Mf IIUiMNRlAMUT, WUTMRMRMKR.Ml 4 M. 4 nt, IIW, RM, MM, Ml, UVFM STf MVCRSl R/KF. raw, IMV/WM, CMT WMI, MM RHIHIM, MW MUM SALI PRICI 4 en,»m, NMKR HUMUI, MIMU NHI CMNI HI, TUT MUM ITS, im» mu wmilt. VINMWITMW, MVMMI IMCmtf II,Mt CWTMHR HMIi 4 CVL, 5 SPD, CVl, P/IMKES. ALL MHRTHER B4UMI, STYLIB STEIl WHEELS, WR) «RI91411H, MSWIN4I «CTl, I JPB, M, M. HHLI W*ll CMM RIR, TUT RUCRIT [«RmiB STfEL WRHLS, HHNWHU17, MSRPS11RM INIIMM.ttllUI«iTHKt, I11.W WRWtCiMMt.MttMU uv Q# ^ ^ LEASE PI#7 Ma IE* Sf rtltv- \ S'Jx'CW ^FC^TJ APi^t lilt: ; W. STRNOARO BED, 4 CYlTTSM, M74IM, R/MJIRffM, TILT, T/6USI, 8UIIMRfR«MICRTHMTtjMMJi ~ STEEL WHEELS, All WERTHfR GB MR, W MilSf9l47Mili)> SI SALI PRICI MRRUHW, WRU WWEL CWIMLMCUMMMMKIE mjwwiiwti,ww i99 il*r.f WITH WCAf ''ECw.'^Plt^'" "" r S Of fetss b vw STRNORRD BED, S SW7WM, RiVTM, TILT, T/tUSS, BNRT STRIPES, CHROME PK6, SUOINS RERR WINDRW, RRMM RLL SERSflR) TIRES, VIN#tl»1»H. MIRFS14M1 IMJMRT CPt, 4 CTl. S SH, RM, WML MR. MttW STERN CMUTTI, TUT. A/HI, T/ltal, MT/WM, C»T wittl,ctlth HCI n, Mill mm MUMS, WMWIIMM, MSRF SUTM 4 CVl, ZWI, M, «l«, AIHTM, 7 Mllf Mf«, RMIRL TIMI, VIM1M4J4497, MIRP $1UIS SALE PRICE IM STOCK FDR IMMEDIITE 4 CVl, MfTt M STICK, MIWRt SIBE AIRIAE, P/Vi. P/IOCKS, TILT CMNIf, ALHMINWH IMHEIIS, CO XVAILRIIE MUTO, FULLTIME 4W0, P/IOCKS, TILT. CRHIRf, P/WIN. CD PUYER, SUM RRIF, LRRKB J 4 m, s in, mm, m. NMNM UMFS.HKKT SEATS, MIMU TIMB, VUMHI11BMJI, MSM 111,049 S CVl, 5 SM, Rill. Rat/Til STtWMUlII, ML IERUIN TIRES VUJ*MUMO52*a, MSWI1I74J 2D«, 4 CYL AUTO, FWb, 77,361 ML L AIR.AM/FMSTEREb ft/def.t/glss, VIN#MU Dfi, 4 CYL 5 SPD, P/S/fe AIR, AM/FM C S U / ^ T/GLS5 SUNROOF, CLOTH INf VlN#NVO QL AUTO P/S/B AIR AM/FM CASS R/DEf T-'GLSS CLOTH INT RAbiAL TIRES Dfi 4 CVL AUTC P'S/6 lf A.M TM STEREO/CASl M! CRUISE R/DEf T GLSS INT/WPR RJLLWHL ts VIN#J7* DR 4 CYl 5 SPO, P/S/BjyR, AM./FMCASS PAOQCtiT CRUSE NT WR. CUSTOM LS SUNRCX)f aothn RAM TIRES VW RR.I CfLMFfl, W, M, M1HBC1MMII, RM, ftwhi SNHR/ Utt. MI.MKI, WTI ami, WJF, t/tus. «n/wr. «un MMI, MMBF, am, IU iawi imi, 9MHR.t,mnRfat1HTM7iRIWt]1,tM l 7 MS1IM6ER, RIR, MICH. CRUISE, T/StMl, f/win, MINE MINf FUIL WNEE1 CRVERS, HARIRI TINES, VIN«NH!I1M, MSRP DR,4CYl,AUTO,P/S/B, AIR. AM/FM CASS, R/DEF, T/aSS, CLOTH B < RADIAL TIRES, VIN#LC0f5663 4DR4CYI AUTO F^T) P/S/& AJR AM 'FV CASS P/MKP/LOOi. TILT CRUSE 4X4 J CVi 5SPD P-'S AIR A.M f M CASS T.'d A.OVWH[S SALE PRICE X4 V6 AUTO FSB AIR AM-'FM STEREO CUST WHLS CLOTH RADIAL TIRES &EDLINER VINKM50554S" 4DR J a i ALfTO P/B'M/S AIR AM, FM CASS. P'LOCK TUT CRUISE R/OEf T/GLSS IfJl.AVPR. P WIN CUST WH1S CLOTH dadlal VIN*LOO6O352 aiamooi 22G RT. 22 WEST GREEN BROOK (908) TOYOTA SUBARU 220 RT. 22 WEST GREEN BROOK (908) Prices Include all costs to be M«l by HIP consiitraexcriit for liciwini) rctpstfalinn I i.wns (inces include all relalts»k) incmhws wrm apiiiicstilu Pnr^sand leims superscdt- all nirvuius ntns Oflets not jvaitiibif* in comhuinliun or coniundion vwlh any oltipi apiilvl[:iiil«i ilif,l l it',i)aial'. Nurno'DcyrtiwDwiitidiifnoraliicdil Noiwynwits rtcfur rwi yaynipots toi l J<) ilriys lioni Find Motor Credit dtmln In wlis'rtire MLmuMo huycir's lirwiartg source iinlil Jan 1 I'.Ri nucitive rubiiictii.ihyas is f>jot [hip 1, 'int iirii,!!* 1 (lor IfK'f niiiiiw y\ i tvi» '"'ors of omissions "Docsnol A Union County Forbes Newspaper

32 U»4 / Forbes Newspapers JUitomotfreGuide April 22, 23,24,1992 lower ftur luxury Car Payments Not Ifour Standards FOR A LIMITED PER MO* FOR MOS! E modal 4*pd man. trana., nrt, p*,4<yt., ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ CHROHBTPACKAOE ^L^^IX^SL^^^ ^P^ AVAILABLE AT NO EXTRA tt^&x3^t7l&ztsz. WcChiilluiQc-YouTorind A CMA "2!l',, ^^^"SL,^^,, BcI er [x,,f Or A lk. [tcrc ar l^t^&zfm% >~' '-" LARGE INVENTORY I N E W'92 MAXIMA OF PRE-PRICE INCREASE CARS & TRUCKS SHOP NOW FOR THE BEST SELECTION! AT PRICES THE OTHERS CANT MATCH MAXIMIZE YOUR SAVINCS ON A MAXIMA WITH KKTRCMCLV.--=» BBSE^^. PAYMENTS! "GET UP & SAVE" AT: ONE MILE SOUTH OF RT. 202 & 31 CIRCLE, FLEMINGTON SALES/SERVICE PARTS 9M M Fleminylon :K COUNTRY Prices incl. all costs to be paid by a consumer except for lie. costs, reg. fees & taxes BRAND NEW 1992IIMFIIMITI G 2 0 SPORTS SEDAN NO DOWN PAYMENT - NO CAP REDUCTION Prictj tncl allcc»tc to b«p*d by tcorummt *KC«pl rw kc cosft, rag r*»* ( tw* *Lt«* pymnl 1 tnudon 4 n«cta*«d-«nct t»«*,'ni mo pyfnnt. 133 U V Ttts, $460 bank f n and NJ ulti lu du* «incaptian Ho Me dap a th ctown $ lot ol pvmnn 15,000rrv/yr asow«nc«, IS ctnm a m4# t^*r«att«r Optoi to purcrim* at taa>#«nd tor10166 Now you can drive an exhilarating Infinlti G-20 for less per month and nearly nothing down - Just a small bank fee and motor vehicle fees and you're off! Black, 5-spd. man. trans.. 4-cyl., p/s/b. AM/FM st cass, p/w/lks/trunk/anl., air, Int. gls. n. def. tilt, gauges, clolmnt., bkt. sts, consols, iport/ramota mirrs., radtals, alum, whls., VIIN.NT309690, STK.#2 I 285, MSRP $19,500. Making tnftniti More Affordable RTS. 202 & 31 IN FLEMINGTON FLEMINGTON CAR ATMOKXT*ACO$rt WE'LL ONE YOU A MOTOROLA TX200 MOBILE OR BAG PHONE AT NO EXTRA CHARGE WHEN YOU PURCHASE A NEW CAR FROM US. SERVICE PROVIDED BY WAND NEW 1992 FOR YOUR MONEY! 4 DOOR 2.2 SOHC 4-cyl 0ng,, Stpct man. tran*., air, p/a/b, dual ramota mirri., Ini wipari, tnt. gls., tilt, rr. def., AM/FM st-cait., VIN.NS199922, MSRP $14, SOHC 4-cyt. ng., 5»pd man. Iran*., (rt whl. dflwa.bsm pftto. air. dual ramota mlrra., Int. wipari, tnt. git., lilt, rr. do'., AM/FM»t-caM.,VIN.NO428624, MSRP S ESmil 4-DOOR Piic *r. mcl <ill I-(T.I'-, in hrt pnirl by fl toniumih «xr,#p1 lor lie rosts 4 ii»q lees l.eawi ai«ba»d on GO mn t om»ti f nd * "T^'OO IPO 1 -**»cl see fop &!o1 ino pyinnt due at irioption Nocashdown ' A " lot ot pymnts " /"I ITH fy* allowance. 1U cwils a rnile thnioaner Opiwn lo purchase at leas* end for '$4436 **S3402 Pymnts du* rial mcl 1A* LEMINGTON THIS IS A FREEDOM LEASE!* 4 I'l/ lifl M < CELLULAR ONE Pnci."V mcl all cor.!:, to b* 1 hy,i tuni ',..i'p1 lor in: CO'.JIL", fi.'cf U v:, <*i tax".. SALES'SEflVlCE/PARTS MB-7I2-760O RTS 202 & 31 Call A Union County Forbes Newspaper

33 Vol. 1, No. 35 April 22-24,1992 A Forbes Newspapers Guide to your quality time HUB CITY'S NEW JERSEY. #' - - : '.A - Music Events Movies Stage Two nights Putting together the pieces in Westfield are golden Two classic shown the old way come rushing down the plains 'Oklahoma!' at Paper Mill Playhouse

34 1 t f : ' t CARTER BREY Cellist and CHRISTOPHER O'RILEY Pianist A 1 H-E-AT-R'E NEW BRUNSWICK Saturday April 25th, 8 PM Tickets on Sale NOW Tickets $15 - $25 Box Office (908) I ll Thru June 6th HOMACE TO MUSSELS: THEARTOfKlClANPOfTERS 1MM91S HEM COMES THE CAT! THE ARTISTIC POSTCARD AND POPULAR CULTURE IN EARU TWfNTIfTH-CTNTUlY APAN JEjJS ZIMMERU ART MUSEUM iiiiiii ("I'lV'iVi'i'iviVp'.V.'iViV.V.V I M M i * I» li. M. h * * V.» fc >. "Let us take you back in time to a turn of the century New Orleans French Quarter Bistro." Featuring: SEAFOOD STEAKS GOURMET FRENCH CREOLE CUISINE Served in an elegant but casual atmosphere, Church Street, New Brunswick Reservations Suggested (908) mi WARD QF EXCELLENCE O It Fmluu,tintJtntf'i pnakn (w far mm minimi tnktt trmimtl, m Wtrtt i/ifwci. whllt rtcr$hin ito nmmt tt tunuftht-wilv/y Evtt$m imti%. 120 Albany Strttt, Ntw Brumwlck, NJ Thursday, May 21»7PM 0DETI4 Famed Folk Singer State Theatre New Brunswick $8, $10, $15,& $35* 'Patron seating in Ibo Loge tfiffl reception before performance Ticket Central (908) AMERICAN May / 3 - June 7 Hkhard Wesley's THE TALENTED TENTH ihmtoihy i Harold Sum Awry Hmoki ( Brown IViri»ni.i I'.ilcy I'liyllisYviinticSiickufy Don't Miss Our Season Finale Box Office (908) Group Siles (908) cxt. 17 REPERTORY BALLET ilcflosswoaos THEATRE COMPANY.- -.v v^f!!!!!! aoa The Frog and The Reach "Glorious Contemporary American Fare" Excellent N.Y. Times Next to the Hyatt in New Brunswick NJ 908/ COMING THIS MAY TO 5 LIVINGSTON AVE. ooo I Casual Elegance and Fine Fresh Seafood Are The Hallmarks Of The Raritan River Club Dinner Served TI Mtdnlta Fri. & Sat. Evenings Reservations Suggested 85 Church St. New Brunswick (908) Bistro Style Dining Where Preparing Food Is An Art With No Details Overlooked AN AMERICAN CAFE (908) Chinese Restaurant Steps Away From Tha State Theater, Crossroads, and The George Stree! Playhouse 3 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick DISCOVER NEW BRUNSWICK Whether you're looking for a great dining experience, a spectacular show - or both, New Brunswick has it all. Come discover all the culture, excitement, and convenience we have to offer, You'll be very glad you did! STARS DON'T JUST FALL FROM THE SKY THEY ARE EARNED PANICC/! Panico's is the place for Fine Italian Cuisine - Homo Nows August 103 Church St. New Brunswick, NJ (908) Forbes Newspapers April 22-24, 1992

35 Weekend Cover story Dining Events Movies/Video Music Stage DEPARTMENTS Cover photo by JIM MOISE The center of the the action at NJ. Folk Festival's 'Sheep-to-Shawl' demonstration, Photo courtesy N.J. Folk Festival. ( ti I II «i DIRECTORIES Advertiser index 20 CLOCK REPAIR GRANDFATHER CLOCKS AND OTHER TYPES OF CLOCKS Prompt Professional Service Free Estimates BRANCHBURG CLOCK SHOP (908) C;it\ Me 20%-507<0 OFF VISA MC PAUL'S TREE SERVICE & LANDSCAPING PRUNING LANDCLEARING ELEVATING STUMP REMOVAL REMOVAL SPRAYING & FEEDING CHIPPING CABLING COMPLETE FIREWOOD SALES 155 Washington Valley Road (Wood Yard Opposite Bardy Farms) * (908) Quilts Afghans I'illows Wreaths Dolls Baskets 8th Anniversary Sale! APRIL 27th thru MAY 2nd On All Music Boxes & Selected Crafts Washington Valley Road, Martinsvillc, N.J. (908) Downstairs in Nadinc Thomas Store Wooden Country ilanderatt AMI-.X IHM()VI;K Hand Knit Sweaters Fabric Picture Albums «^ v IB JLw AN AMERICAN CRAFTSMAN GALLERIES present the IIIIA i i i I * A ««1 / Dillllltllllllllllllllllll* J»W Galleries 15 Kid stuff 16 Museums 8 Planetariums 15 Singles 14 Speakers 16 WEEKENDPLUS is a feature of fates Newspapers, a Division of Forbes Inc., and appears in the Hills Dodrninster Press, Somerset Messenger-Gazette, Franklin Focus, Bound Brook Chronicle, Middlesex Chronicle, New Brunswick focus, Mettichcn-Edison Review, Piscataway-Dunellcn Review, South Piainfield Reporter, Highland Park Hernld, Warren-Watchung Journal, Green Brook-North Plninficld Journal, Wostfield Rocorcl, Scotch Plains-Fanwood Press and Crarv ford Chronicle. Letters to the editor, press releases, photographs and announcements of upcoming events should be sent to: Steven Hart, Weekend- Plus Editor, P.O. Box 699, Someiville, NJ The fax number is (908) To subscribe to your local Forbes Newspaper, call Steven Hart Malcolm S. \VKi ; Ki-.N*ni j Forbes Jr. KDITOR KDITOR-IN-CHIEF Micki Pulsinelli Charles A. Lyons I-N'n-.KTAINMI ; NT PRESIDENT and PUM.ISHI-R ADViHI!MN(; Kathleen Lanini nikk IOK VICE PKBIDI-NT. Barry Rumple FMTORIAI. GRAPHIC Jim Hayden ARTIST VICE l'rhsidi-nt, Rob Paine MARKETING (Mill Roger Silvey PHOTOGRAPHER VICE PRESIDENT, OPERATIONS COLLECTORS' WEEKEND One of the nations finest juried exhibitions and sales!!! APRIL at the Westfteld Armory in Westfield, NJ 130 craft designers from 13 states, working in all craft media, will present their finest, most creative work. Great music. food. free parking.. free lessons at the potters wheel for all! Weekend Pass (Sat & Sun ): $5.00 (children under 10 free) Show Hours: Friday April 24th 5 9pm SPECIAL BENEFIT PREVIEW Saturday April 25th 10am-6pm Sunday April 26th 10am-5pm F.ARLY BUYER'S CHAMPAGNE PREVIEW BF.NEFH FOR (jmico $10 00 donation includes Benefit Friday evening A Weekend Pass Directions Garden Statf* Pky exit 135 lo Central Ave Inward Westlield Lett al 3rd Itghl onto Grove Si to Thomas Edison Jt High Turn right onto Rahway Westfteld Armory is '.1 mile on left For.iildihnnal uitorrtiatuhi ^ a\\ (201) April 22-24,1992 Fortes Newspapers

36 ; *,; NEW JERSEY FOLK FESTIVAL Eagleton Institute Douglass College New Brunswick MAIN STAGE Joe Stearne, Scottish Piper 10:30 a.m, to 11 am John Herald (Bluegrass) Band 11:15 am. to 12:15 Donor Recognition 12:20 to 12:40 So Same Gospel Singers 12:45 to 1:45 p.m. Milt Oak Drum Singers and Dancers 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Jolm Herald Band 3:15 pm to 4:15 p.m. Anwds ceremony 4:20p.m. to 4:40p.m Kabajo (West African Highly Band) 4:45 p.m. to 6 p.m. WORKSHOP AREA The Tmt Meaning of the Columbus Voyages 11 a.nt to 11:45 a.nt Vu Signifianct of the Powwow Revival 11:45 am to 1130 Manhali Dudtland Band 12:30to1:15 p.m. n«history and Lort tf the Pipes 1:15 p.nt to 2 p.m. Bluegrass Instruments Demonstration and Discussion 2 p,m. to 2:45 p.m. The Singers RoU in the Blade Community Z'45p.m to 3:30 pm Percussion Workshop 3:30 p.m. to 4:15 p m Sative American Miantenance of Identity 4:15p.m. to 5p.m. CHILDREN'S AREA Crqfl Table Open II a.m. to ll:30(un Indian Folksongs 11:30 QM. to Noon Facepainting S'oon to 12:30 Indian Sign Language and Facepainting 12:30 to 1 p.m. Facepainting ipm to 1:30 p.m Children's Games 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. Qioo-Cltoo the Cfown 2p.m to 2:30p.m. Bagpipes, Choo-Choo, Facepainting 2:30 pm. to 3 pm Facepainting, Choo-Choo 3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Mite Oak Drum, Choo-Choo 3:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Choo-Qioo the Clown 4p.m. to 4:30p.m Children's Contest 4:30p.m. to 5p.m. Few events can boast an array of activities that has encompassed everything from voodoo and folk music to dulcimer playing and "shcep-toshawl" woolmaking demonstrations. But range is part of what makes the New Jersey Folk Festival so interesting, and this year's festival - set for Saturday, April 25, from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the Douglass College campus of Rutgers University, New Brunswick - will be equally expansive. Taking for its general theme American Indian life and the quincentenary of Columbus' first voyage to the New World, this year's festival spotlights traditional songs and dances of some of the folks who were already here when the Genoese captain announced landing in what he spent the rest of his life believing was Asia. "Our thinking was that so many people are doing things to observe Christopher Columbus' discovery of the New World," said Angus Gillespic, executive director of the festival and a professor of American studies at Rutgers, "We chose Native Americans for our theme this year to show that from the point of view of the natives the New World had already been discovered. "We're not really attacking Columbus, exactly," he added. "We're just showing that there are some other ways to view this." As part of the theme, the festival will feature on its main stage the White Oak Drum Singers and Dancers, a frequent attraction on the East Coast powwow circuit with members mostly drawn from the Mandan-Hidatsa naton of the northern plains region. For its Folk Festival appearance, the group plans a fast-paced demonstration of major dance styles, including Men's Fancy Grass Dance, Jingle Dress Dance, Men's Traditional Dance with Eagle Feathers and Women's Traditional Dance in Buckskin. The theme will also be dealt with in "The True Meaning of the Columbus Voyages; The New World Re-examined," a discussion led by Michael Aaron Rockland. Jimmy Boy Dial of the newsletter The Spike will speak on "Die Significance of the Powwow Revival," the growing number of tribal gatherings acropss the United States, In addition to the theme performers, the Folk Festival offers the John Herald Band, a highly regarded bluegrass band, and Kabajo, an eight-piece "High Life'* Orchestra playing the energetic music that appeared in Ghana during the 1940s, when folk songs of the English-speaking West African region combined with the colonial brass bands. COURTESY N.J. FOLK FESTIVAL A musician relaxes with his instrument during a previous New Jersey Folk Festival. Below, a craftsman demonstrates the homey art of broom-making. The "When the Folk Festival started in 1975, the model I had in mind was the Kutztown Folk Festival in eastern Pennsylvania," Professor Gillespic said. "I drawing event of the year. was trying to replicate folk life in general. I had an agrarian model in mind. 1 e s s they have for longer than anyone knows, schools of shad are now passing through the calm waters of the Delaware River. Some shad make it past the fishermen's nets on their way to pawn in the northern waters. Some arc tagged for research and thrown back in the river, Others become dinner. But it's a safe bet none of them ever suspects that its species is the focus of LambertvUle's biggest- The Shad Festival, set fur Saturday and Sunday, April 25 and April 20, is "About 1980,1981 we came around to the device of yearly themes to give a weekend of parties, paratles, art exhibitions and general fun centered on an everything more variety," he continued. "Since there are supposed to be unassuming fish, the presence of which helped lead to Limbertville's settlement in Not that anyone needs shad us a reason for visiting Lam- about 43 ethnic groups in New Jersey, this worked well. I try to hang the theme on an anniversary of some kind. Last year was the 200th anniversary bcitville. A Siamese twin to New Hope, Pa., which lies just across the of the Haitian Revolution, so that was an obvious theme. We've featured Delaware - a short stroll across a bridge ~ Lanibertvillc- is lined with rows Hungarian-Americans, Cuban-Americans, Swedish-Americans, Scots and Fil- of beautifully restored Colonial and Victorian buildings. The antique shopipino-amcricans as well." The emphasis on ethnic diversity is particularly savory in the Foodways Area, which offers samples of cooking from all over the ethnic spectrum. Along with food and music, the festival boasts a juried crafts market, performances by Choo-Choo the Clown and an array of children's activities keyed to the theme du jour, including Indian Folksongs, Indian Facepainting and Indian crafts. Other activities include traditional games such as Red Light/ Green Light, sack races, a spoon-and-egg race and the traditional pie-eating contest. The N,J. Folk Festival will be held on the grounds in front of the Eagletoh Institute, just off George Street (near the Lorcc building) on the Douglass College campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick. The festival coincides with Ag Field Day, the annual spring program of nearby Cook College. Free shuttle bus rides are available between the City Market area of New Brunswick, which wil be hosting an arts and crafts festival of its own, and the Cook/ Douglass campuses. For more information, call the American studies department at (908) , -Steven Hart Weetend fortx*. \",v, nnf:' 1 Apr.- 7? 'M ping alone is worth a visit, and the scenery along the Delaware will take away a week of job tension. A little over 15 years ago, this onc-mjuaiv-mile town was like any other community suffering f.oin the collapse of kical industry. But starting in the late 70s, I*imk/riville became a hoim* lor artists, antique dealers and those who iiiu usually drawn to wnktfront villages, appreciative of the historic character and willing to do something about the weathered building facades. The result of their efforts is a gentrifieri LnmbcrtvilJe that retains its heritage. Fred Lewis, owner and operator of Lewis Fishery, looking very fisher- (Please turn to page 5)

37 Weekend «(Continued from page 4) man-like in scruffy overalls and a plaid flannel shirt, is gearing for 5 p.m. Friday, when the nets will be thrown into the water for the night's catch. Mis mission: net enough shad, roughly 700 or so, for the festival's Sunday dinner, the biggest draw of the two-day event, when members of the Delaware Vitlley Power Boat Club and the LambertviUe Area Chamber of Commerce will erect a tent and set up tables behind the Inn at Lambertville Station. Here, they will serve a dinner of barbecued shad, vegetable soup, l>aked potato, cole slaw, roll and butter, tea or coffee, for $10. There are three seatings: noon, 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. Mr. Lewis, 7C, lives on an island that has belonged to his family since the early 1900s, on which was operated one of four area shad fisheries. It offers i>crhaps the best view in Lambertville. Here, the bridge into New Hope curves gently across the river and the houses there match their counterparts across the water in Colonial and Victorian simplicity. Fishermen in small boats cruise the deep trenches along the bridge's stanchions, waiting for the precious bite. The afternoon is warm and Mr. Lewis doesn't mind coming nut of his house for a talk. He is as much u part of gentriftcd LambcrtviUe us anyone who has roots in a place that go back Craftsmen display their wares at each year's New Jersey Folk Festival. These carved wood nearly a century. He has been fishing for 62 years birds are only one example of the crafts on view. and remembered when fisliing used to be one of the biggest industries in the area, in addition to a paper mill outside of New the 1880s, cured and packaged its meat. Ms. Hunt has operated her gallery. Hope which has been transformed into riverfront condominiums, one of the first in Umbertville, for 11 years. For many years, she said, There have been shad fisheries in LambertviUe since the 1700s, he said, Lambertville had been strictly a manufacturing town, also contributing, as but in 1943 the IRS put a stop to the last official fishery operated by Mr. did other river towns, to a coal industry which used the Delaware for Lews Sr. when it determined that he was spending more profits than he transportation. was taking in. Mr. Lewis, retired from the papermill, just fishes for pleasure The transformation from manufacturing to tourism occurred, she explained, in the late 1970s when the town was discovered by a few fami- 0 1 lies who brought houses at reasonable prices and fixed them up. There was a ripple effect throughout the area and soon a few antique dealers came along and then some found that it was a good environment for painting and selling. The annual art festival had been going on for years before local business owners thought to angle the mostly and sells some shad once in a while to those brave enough to cross event on the migration of the shad. The decision has helped to give national his rickety footbridge from the mainland to the island. distinction to the shad festival and bring more than 14,000 people into town. During the shad festival, Mr. Lewis mostly for the pleasure of the "The vitality of the area has really increased," Ms. Hunt said. "Even in tourists - will haul shad twice on Saturday, from 10 winter we have quite a number of people coming a.m. to 10:45 a.m. und again from 2 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. into town, especially on weekends." Sometimes the shad are less than cooperative. One or the Shad Festival, Ms. Hunt and other year, when Mr. Ixwis pulled up iiis nets, not one fish gallery owners will show various arts and had been caught. crafts on Lambertvillo's sidewalks. "Sometimes we catch one, sometimes we get 1,000," This year the merchants aie sponsoring a hi* said. The biggest shad catch on record was 10,000 in 180(5, he reported. The second biggest was 6,000 in poster contest for area youth. The posters will be 19P1. Not long uftcr this momentous haul, however, the displayed in store windows and auctioned off at the sluul had virtually stripped their annual migration. end of the show. 'There was a jwllution block near Philadelphia, Proceeds go toward a scholarship iur.j. which caused the oxygen ivi:tent in the water to drop Other activities planned include entertainment, by ar.ii ihi. 1 shad would not KO past it, 11 said Mr. Lewis. folksingers, county music aiul rock bunds and historic walking tours. "We lish now almost the sumo as they fished 100 years ago," he said. "Basically, it's the same operation A schedule of events will be available the day o 1 as in the 1700s, when shad was a staple i the Delaware the festival at an information table, corner Bridge Valley, along with deer, rabbit and bear." and Union streets. Behind Mr. I^cwis' island, identified by the figure of a yellow pig on the roof, is The Pork- Parking will be in Ely Field on NVrth Main Street. yard on Coryell Street, a building which houses antique shops and Janet Hunt's art gallery. For more information on the Shad Festival, call LamiBerrviue*NJ the LambertviUe Area Chamber of Comnn rce at In the basement, where Ms. Hunt displays watercolors (009) and other knick-knacks, Kooker's Sausage, founded in Poster for this year's Shad Festival. -Lorle Russo r I n artists SHAD FESTIVAL Lamberifflle SATURDAY, APRIL 25 Shad Hauling 10 am to 10:45 QM Food Booths Open 11:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m Festhvl Opens 12:30 (httdoorart, Crafts 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. Oiildrtn's Activities 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. Poster Displays 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. BookSalc 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. Rock: Early Warning 12:30 to 1:30 pjii Fish Tales 1 p.m to 1:30 p.m Historical Tottrs 1pm to 2 p.m. Indoor Art Show 1pm. to 5 p.m Opening Ceremonies 1:30 p.m. to 1:50p.m. Shad Hauling 2 p.m. to 2:45p.m. lllie the Shad 1'15 p.m. to3p.m Folk: L/; Bowman 2:25 p.m. to 2:55 p.m. Historical Tour 3 p.m Music: Rockledge 3:10 p.m. to 4 p m Allie the Shad 3:30 p.m to 4:15 p m Rock: Twist of FM 4:15 p.m. to4:55p.m Festival Closes 5:30pm You Gotta Haw Park Dance S pm to Midnight SUNDAY, APRIL 26 Hike Tour S am. to 9 a.m Elks Breakfast 8 am to Noon Food Bootits Open 11:30 am to 5:30 p m Shad Dinner Soon to 1 p.m Festival Opens 12:30 Rock Combo Holiday 12:40 to 1:25 pm Indoor Art Show 1pm. to 3 p m Fish Tales 1pm to 1:30 p m Historical Tours 1pm to 2 p.m Auction Prt-Rcfpstration 2 p.m. to 3pm Shad Dinner 1:30 p.m to 2:30 p.m. Rock, Soul: Lindemtan Band 1:40p.m. to 2:25p.m. Shod Hunting 2 p.m. in 2:45 p.m. Piimiiitfon Dance Co. 140 p.m. to 3:10p.m Shad Dinner 3 p.m. to 4 p.m Pinter Auction,i p.m to 6 p.m Historical Tours 3 pm to 4 p.m. Country: Sage 3:35 p.m. to 5p.m April 22-24,1992 Forties Mev^oaix;rs

38 V The sound Video rewind of the silents 1 By STEVEN HARTWfeetendflto Editor This Sunday, two classic silent films of the 1920s will be shown the oldfashioned way - on a big screen, with live musical accompaniment. Thanks to an entirely coincidental bit of schedulin g, those who like silent Alms can arrange their calendars for a Sunday afternoon screening of Fritz Lang's science fiction epic Metropolis at the Union County Arts Center in Rahway, then head to Bernardsville for an evening showing of the original version of The Phantom of the Opera. Phantom will be accompanied by Paul Fleckenstein, whose performances have become a Halloween tradition at Yale University. Metropolis will be accompanied by Lee Erwin, who performed the same role during the last years of the silent era. He takes no small pride in noting that in the late 70s he was the accompanist for the first two silent films ever screened at Radio City Music Hall: Buster Keaton's Sherlock Junior and, oddly enough, Metrowlis. Mr. Erwin, who is now 87, accompanied silent films just out of conservatory, then worked on radio station orchestras until 1944, when he moved to New York and joined the music staff of Arthur Godfrey's show. The experience gave Mr. Erwin the ability to think out and write down music with exceptional speed - something that came in handy when he returned to his first job, accompanying silent films, and took a look at the prepared scores. "One thing that I very quickly decided is that it was basically not good to use the original scores," he explained. "They were so full of the musical cliches of the era, it was almost as if you were making fun of the movie." Rather than use the scores of the '20s and '30s, which were frequently little more than assemblages of passages cribbed from familiar classical works, Mr. Erwin composes his own music. The seed for MttrapoWl was planted in 1924 when king, visiting the United States to study Hollywood filmmaking, had to cool his heels on a ship in New York Harbor and spent several hours contemplating the New York skyline. Staring at the towering skyscrapers, Lang conjured up the brooding, overpowering futuristic city that is the film's setting. Though its allegorical plot and over-the-top performances inspire laughter, the film is considered a landmark for its sheer vkial impact. Rotwang, with his wild eyts and swept-back hair, is the classic image of the mad scientist, used for decades-worth of B-movies, and the rotxrt makes makes one of its earliest screen apearances here. The most expensive German production of its time, Metropolis so impressed the Nazis (who were nothing if not astute when it came to pageantry) that Joseph Goebbels himself offered Lang the job of running the German film industry in Lang, whose mother was Jewish, fled the country' hours after talking with Joseph Goebbels. The 1925 DM Phantom of fee Opera showcases artistry of another kind: that of Lon Chancy, the "Man of a Thousand Faces" whose skill with makeup inspired the joke "Don't step on that spider, it might be Lon Chancy." During his 17 years as a screen actor, Chancy earned a reputation for character roles that, even at their most bizarre and threatening, were marked by a noto of pathos and suffering. The pain was real enough: Chancy created his own makeup and habitually employed agonizing, sometimes life-threatening disguises. To play Erik, the disfigured composer who rule:; the Paris Opera House from the catacombs below, Chaney covered his face with pallid makeup and used wires to make his eyes bulge in a partimljirly grotesque way. The work paid off: not only is The Phantom of the Opera his test role, it remains the best of the.several film versions based on Gaston Lernux's melodrama. METROPOLIS Sunday, April 26, at 3 p.m. in the Union County Arts Center, 1601 Irving St., Rnhway, Tickets $5. (908) THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Sunday, April 26, at 8 p.m. in St. Bernard's Church, Clarernont Road, Bemarclsville. Tickets $10. (908} , At top: Erik crashes a masked ball in The Phantom of the Opera; center, organ accompanist Ue Erwin; bottom: Rotwang, the mad scientist of Metropolis, unveils his robot creation. Same III Of 0VaJfca fnb} QUM* tiont fer taint by n(p^ 9ht autoes ban *ah an ot) male companion In aaafdi of couplet wuh OQUaty bmmut I M t f l Mm. Starting out at an txtreme moves to en extreme of whajous comfctta, converting to an oddbal sect of faoflvagrin Christians whoae prophat tt a young boy so shy he cannot bring himaejr to speak directly to hit fonowers. Suddenly, Sharon's world fs alive with portent*: her farm grvei her an eartry affactfesa aort of stnngth that her IHendt and wta* fam find onapy and occaafanajy enviable. Sha flnde atrangafi who share her convictions, and to* gather they ta* of the peart," "the last dayi" and meatte. poftatidy *iha raptim M - tha scienoa fictional acanario that hat whukad out of tha* ctothaa and takan to hetvan on judfnant Day. ToWn can be faulted for picking sucn an exotic fomi of Christianity for hit tufctfect; when Sharon and her fellow converts start sning at each other Nke initiates at a pod people convention, 7he Rapture veers dose to pulp exploitation. But ToWn has a point to make. Having passtov accepted mear*igjes»ne»forso Jong, Sharon wants ever/ act to be drenched in meaning and morality, but when weighed against eternity my deity's rules become arbitrary and absurd. Sharon's child-prophet warns his adherents that 'You can't ask God to meet you hatfway." Tne Rapktm is a spooky meditation on the imphcatlow of that remark, and on a woman wrfw nevertheless demands It even when faced v4th terrifying, kwontroverttote proof of God's existence. With David 0uchovny, Patrick Bauchau and Will Patton. Weekend Forties Newspapers April 22-24, 1992

39 Film capsules CURRENT FILMS THCIAK John Goodman stars in a film based on the life of baseball legend Babe Ruth. With Ketty McGillis and Bruce Boxleitner; directed by Arthur Hiller. (PG} BASIC INSTINCT ice-cokl, incoherent exploitation picture about a murder investigation centered on a bisexual novelist. (R) BEAUTY AND THE SCAST ft So see it already, (G) BEETHOVEN A family finds its house and lite taken over by a big, sloppy St, Bernard. With Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt and Dean Jones. (PG) DEEP COVER Larry Fisrsburne stars as a police detective trying to bust up a drug ring. With Jeff Goldblum and Clarence Williams 111. (R) FERNQUUY; THE U$T RAIN FOREST Animated musical fantasy about the etfin denirens of a rain forwt. With the voices of Robin Williams, as a friendly bat, and Tone-loc, as a hungry lizard, (G) MY COUSIN VINNY Two college students are framed for murder in a small Alabama town and call on a Brooklyn relative (Joe Pesci), an inept personal injury lawyer, to represent them. With Ralph Macchto, Mitchell WWtfltW, Fred Gwynne and M*n«Ton*. (R) A musical about the New York rwwboys ttrtki of 1899, whtn paptrboys went on itrihe i )inft the Naw Tont Mwitf MM TM JoutiWi uiu M^Atlaa A*la ** '-' fflv? UnlMniPVi Hln Motcow, Tn/jf Ptiktf $no JMartOuMtfasJaaapft *- Htnr.(K) MOdt-A-OOODLI Animate) fantasy from Don Btuth (Tr* Urxr Betore Time, TJiiSfCrat of MMH} about ChanWatr, a rock-and-roll roottef.(g) Art orifjnil script t,y Stephan King about a monstrous mother and son team starehk^for victims in an Indiana town. With Brian Hrtu». Mattchen AmtcH and AHwhigB. m WMNMWOMD This big screen inflation of the popular runmn ftmt on Saturday Matt Uwbodti not wtflforthe Mure of movtekpiramount'lhatd Mfwlgusedtobethttwad bigwig of NBC, and the sue- CMS of this flick will only furttwr hit goal of making films that look and act like Inflated TV shows, But Wayne's World is such an amiable, inoffensive little thing that It's hard to stay mad at it. The "Bohemian Rhapsody" car scene, even if it has been played to death on MTV, is pretty funny stuff, as is the slangy almost-language spoken by metalheads Wayne and Garth. It also gives a career boost to Penelope Spheeris, director of the two Decline of Western O'Jfratw documentaries, who deserves one even if it contributes to the decline of western movies. So go see Wayne's World, just so you can tell your grandchildren you were there when Paramount Pictures cocked a pistol In the ear of that busted-down nag called American WmmaMng, With Mike Myers, Dana Carvey and Rob Lowe. (PG-13) WHITE MEN CANT JUMP.'i Ron Shelton's third feature film is two-thirds as good as his first, Bull Durfwm, which means its twice as good as anything eite In the theaters right now, Again the subject Is men and sports, and again Sherton focuses not on athletics at character-bumdiflg but on athletics as sheer boyish pleasure - he puts acme the delight of honing end using skifh thai art completely useless except In play. Since the sport ntft it Inner-city playground beekttbafl, the skuls include letting under your opponent's akin with volleys of hhartous Intuits. The plot is so loose as to be formlew - at one point It dipt toto flat-out sllknets- but the catt is so good, and the beekatbei action so enthnmftg, that you get caught up In the toofmeu. With Wesley Snipes, Woody Hanvtton, Tyra FerreN and Ron* Perez. (R) REVIVALS EMOPAEUROFAUni) '..-Agnieszka Holland's picaresque World War II story is based on one of those believe-it-or-not yarns that are the stuff of historical footnotes: the life of Salomon Pwel (Marco Hofschneider), a young Jewish boy whose family fled to Poland just as the Russians rolled in, Trained to be a good Communist ana sent to help fight the Nazis, Selly is captured by the Wehrnnacht and, incredibly, taken for a fellow Arvan, Iho Dulk of the film 15 an astonishing black comedy in which Solly, enrolled m an elite Hitler youtn ^cademy, is admired and showered with sexual attention from his elciers jnd schoolmates all of whom he 'Tiust *end off lest nis cirturrcisicri. ;he mart* of ''istea'snness,be jftvealeo. Unhke Una Wednuller's Sevan Beour/es. another film, rtbotit an unlikely survivor, Holland's movie has encouraging tilings to say about the immutability of human identity -- Solly's soul is stramea but remains intact. T'he real-life Salomon Perel appears in the closing scene, socaktng a prayer for those less fortunate. With Julie Detpy, Andre Wilms, Halina LabornarsHa and Rene Hofschneider In German and Russian with English subtitles. Friday, AprH 24, through Sunday, May 10, at the Forum Theatre,314 Main St., Metuchen. Fridays and Saturdays at 7 p.m., 9:15 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. AdmlMion t«. (90S) 549-0SI2. L'AOE OW (1930) j Having drawn 0 straight razor across a women's eyeball in his first film, Luis Bunuel proceeded to do the same thing to the Church and middle-class society in this, his second work as a director. Unlike Un Chien Andatou, L'Afr d'or is not a true collaboration with Salvador Dali (Bunuel and Oali parted ways after a few days of bramstorming, though Doli's name remained in the credits) but it is a surrealist masterpiece, full of strange and shocking moments. Most of Bunuel's later films, with their constant straining after outrage, are pretty tiresome; this one retains a good pdrt of its impact. With Gaston Modot, Lya Lys and the German artist Max Ernst. Friday, April 24, at 7 a.m. lit MMeoQtef Han Room 100, College Avemw camput of Rutgers University (between HemMon Street and Seminary Place), i nenfllwofl Vw< <90*)»32-S4l2 r(90*) 249-M23. See your local Forbes Newspaper lor movie theater times The principals of Ron Shelton's new film Whit* Men Can't Jump: Tyra Farrell, Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, Rotie Perez. Review revue 'White Men Can't Jump' can really jump White Men Cmi Jump, the story of how Sidney (Wesley Snipes) and Billy (Woody Harreteon) turn their basketball skills into a profitable con, marks a return to box office success lor writer-director Ron Shelton, whose last film was the critically and commercially lackluster Stale. The reviews have mostly been approving, thoutfi sorracrtttofauftsrtetonforn^ stars, Tyra FerreH and Rosie Perez, ruhy realized characters to play. Terrence Rafferty Writing in Tne New Vwfctf, Rafterty called WhftoMen Cant Jump "a resourceful, sneaky-fast corned/' In which the basketball games "tfve us the delicious fwlfng a basketball player gets when he's almost out of control; flying but luckl." He was particul«r)y taken wfth the staging of the rough-and-tumble pjaypound basketball games that make up the bulk of the film: "Although there's a lot of aggressive ener# in the action on the screen, the picture Itself never faefs overbearing, Shelton doesn't get in the audience's face, even in a showstopper sequence." Harrelson's character "shambles through the picture like a dazed Wd, but he turns steely and determined when he's playing ball: this is a rich, subtle and delicately funny performance." As for Snipes, Rafferty write, he is "just amazing. He's both loose and explosive: everything he does seems to leap right off the screen." Rafferty thought the movie would have been improved if FarreH and Perez had been given more space: "the women are meant to be wiser and more honest than the men, but sometimes they just seem tike nags." He added that "the lapses are easy to forgive, though, because the movie has a generous spirit and a deep appreciation of play, and it moves with a distinctive funky Owen Gleiberman "Snipes, R's clear, Is going to be a very big star," Gleiberman wrote in Eumahrrmt Mfeety. "Fiercely rnaffwttc, wrth the Insinuating vs^et sexiness of a matinee idol, he turns on the macho charm to play Sid the Jack Crty), but he also has an actor's awareness. He cues us to see Sid's fast-break style as a carefully orchestrated stunt, a ritual way of psyching everyone out" Gleiberman found co-star Woody Harrelson "Jovial and an oversown Moppet," but "we never have the feeling these two are getting to know each other. Their sparring lacks the hostile, charged Irrdmacy that Eddie Murphy and Nick NoHe has In 48 HRS." The women characters "are put in the unfortunate positton ^wanting their men to settle down and stop hustling. Shelton seeim to fc^get It's the very t ^ t r ^ ftjys are husttors that made us respond to them in the first place." Janet Maslin Though she put it in the New York Times list of recommended films, Maslin seemed to damn the movies with faint praise: "The dialogue is fast, furious and often overlapping," she wrote, "and the less sense it makes, the better." SUPER SPW9 SHAPE-U? SEWCE SPECIALS FOR MR CAR! I I "-i-"."i r -izzr "i r^ji si r: n r T T^U^T - " T"i 1 PONTIAC MASTER DEALER ROTATE LUBE, OIL BRAKE COOLING TIRES!! 4FILTER!' lleve SYSTEM II TRANSMISSION & If I lakh ha * II SPECIAL j ALIGNMENT { $99$ ;;tf sa:i<21 I (Balancing Additional) ffalancinn 1 I PM^MQUFUH I tckmfttvft ifn Eu*tlVM CfcKibrltalti* N Eu*t»5/W2j JN Exj*M^6 39 n ^a^^^v^^^asj Rtpiac* I 1 ' TrantmliDon Fluid 2 WHEEL. # 5 1 YEARS DEPENDABLE SERVICE! $ 39"! j 4 WhMl AUgnmtirt I SALES PARTS SERVICE SER ic E HOURS: (908) (908) (908) *«** At AddHonal, KEMPER PONTIAC ROUTE 22 EAST AT 287 OVERPASS, BRIDGEWATER April 22-24,1992 Forbes Newspapers

40 Vfeetend Museums THf ART MUSEUM PrfncMon UnfwsHy (609) Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p,m,, Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Museum shop closes 4 p.m. Western European paintings, sculpture and decorative art from 19th and 20th centuries: also pre-columbian art and art of the Americas. Rarely-seen drawings by Jackson Pollock, Aprii 26-June 14. Related symposium tn McCosh Halt of university, 1-5 p.m, Apnl th-centi/fy stifl life paintings "Just Gathered," April 26-Aug. 9. CUNTON HISTORICAL MUSEUM 56 Mam St., Ctinton <908] Daily (except Monday) from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Adults $3, senior citizens $1.50, children 6-12 $1. Lantern tour of the museum grounds, 7:30 p.m. Apnl 2*1, Cost $10, "Mr, Audubon in Hunterdon," illustrations by the famed naturalist, through July 5. DRAKE HOUSE MUSEUM 602 West Front St., Plamfield (908! Houbo built m 1746 and furnished with articles of the period. Saturday from 2-4 p.m, Donation $1 for adults, free to children. EDISON NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE Main St. and lakeside Ave. West Orange (201) Workshop with inventions of Thomas Alva Edison, open every day from 9 a,m,-5 p.m. Adults $2, children and senior citizens free. MACCUUOCH HALL HISTORICAL MUSEUM 45 Macculloch Ave. Morristown (201) Gardens open daily from dawn until dusk, Museum open Sunday and Thursday from 1-4 p.m. Adults $3, senior citizens and students $2. "flora '92," exhibit of flower and garden art, through June 7. METUR HOUSE 1281 River Rd,, Piscataway (908) , Piscataway Township historic museum. Weekday tours by appointment. MIDDLESEX COUNTY MUSEUM CoffwHui Low HOUM 1225 River Rd., Piscataway (908) Daily (except Monday) from 1-4 p.m. Free admission. "Home Front USA," life in New jersey during World War II, through July 14. MILLER-CORY HOUSE MUSEUM 614 Mountain Ave,, Westfiotd (908) Furnished farmhouse started in 1740 by Samuel Miller; originally part of 100-acre farm, Sunday from 2-5 p.m., weekdays by appointment. Adults $1, children 50 cents. Anniversary sale from "Aunt Carrie's Attic," 9 a.m,-2 p.m. April 25. Tin piercing, April 26. MONMOUTH MUSEUM Newman Springs Rd. Lincroft (908) Main gallery open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.- 4:30 p.m., Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Becker Children's Wing open to the public Tuesday through Friday from 2-4:30 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Adults $2, senior citizens and children $1. Sculpture by Donald Delue, through July 12, MONTCLAIR ART MUSEUM 3 South Mountain Ave. Montclair (201) Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 3,m,-5 p.m. Sunday and Thursday from 2-5 p.m.: second and fourth Thursdays of the month from 2-3 p.m. Free admission for members, Non-member admission. adults $4, senior citizens and students $2. children under 18 free, Free admission for all on Thursday. Auction of fine art, 7:30 p.m. Apnl 25. Admission $100, $50. "A Moody Light; Romanticism \r. the Amencan Landscape," through Apnl 26. "Heights from the Native Amencan Collection," throng June 7. "From the Collection: Realism/ 1 through June 28. Sculpture from the museums collection, through Aug, 23. "The Amencan Landscape 11 frar Cole to Blakelock, throufih Nov. 22. MORRIS MUSEUM 6 Normandy Height! Rd. Morristown (201, Monday through Saturday fron- 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Free admission for members. Non-member admission: adults $4, senior citizens and children $2. Permanent gallery exhibits: ui.\>turn to p««9 Self Portrait With Liz, a 1982 lithograph by Red Grooms, will be among the works on sale at the Montclair Art Museum's fine art auction on April 25. A Guide To Services And Activities,.. JUST FOR CHILDREN H kfc If Your Child's Camp Can't Display This Sign, Ask Why! IT REALLY MATTERS IN TERMS. OF COMMITMENT TQGUiWTY lo rtocivt *M copy ol If* 0u*4t to Ntw J«ttv AocrtdHM C«mp«o la obtun Naional DiKiory of Att/KMid Ctflipi (MIK) H 095). Anwrlcin Cimplng AtiocMlon R.D.2O'SrltnHottf Hickiflitown, NJ (7O8) COME TO A FREE CLASS Begins April 29th ind 39th Evening Childcarc The Gremlin Acedmy (In Ntw Bruntwich mat Cooh Ctmpui) Infants and Toddler* Dally and weekly rate* t Fret Mealt Registered member of The Family Daycare Network of Middlesex County Call For Details I A/- A D'nU." 'or Presents: A Comedy By NEIL SIMON $5.00 off next session for new membcra with this ad. t WecPUy It a q parent A dtftj puy progrun for cwdun 4 lo p,issr.s rlmr «To Ink* »r CMOwt mt I J I *l ym DM fi(4im f4»t UU i ^ Al HDDQCWA1DI GNM NMM HnkMM Cm* tf N.. BrWft ft FM*M M. On Ad Space Here (908) KANGAROO KIDS CHILD CARE AND LEARNING CENTER "You'll Be A Jump Ahead" SUMMER - AGES 2 MOS, -10 YRS. 7 AM - 6 PM YEAR ROUND * FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING * LICENSED 2 MO. - 5 YEARS 4475 SO. CLINTON AVENUE, SOUTH PUINF1ELD, NJ OM. JRhf- CLASS WITH THIS AD Fridays & Saturdays 8:30 pm Sunday Evenings. April 26 & May 10 7:30 pm Sunday Matinees May3&17 2:30 pm NOW SHOWING APRIL 24 - MAY 17 FOR RESERVATIONS CALL (908) When a simple dinner party among NY's well-to-do turns into a night of twisted tales and chaotic events, 8 friends unite to protect their friend from a scandalous outcome Pass it on! Villagers Theatre, P.O. Box 6175,475 DeMott Lane, Somerset, NJ Fortes Newspapers April 22-24,1992

41 Wookend Museums stun, Hv* animate, fivf wnses (fbrchlwnn3-5), mammals, modhtniw.hlitwy, North Arwricto Indimii Woodland Indims, rocki and mtmnls. Archaaok* Day, April 25. Glass sculpture by Lucaitha «on*r, Of^otng, tatrosptctiv* of Realist paint* tap by Adolf Konrad, throu^ May 24. Lecture series April 26, May 17 (see Speakers). "500 Yean of Discovery: From Columbus to Space," through Oct. 18. Reception Eiptrt Fitting nd Ptrwml Attention BRAS Sizes 32AA-46DD and E,F,FF Nursing Backless Backless-Strapless Lingerie Petite 4x Mastectomy t Nightgowns Rt Main Street Bedminster, NJ. M-Thun. 10-5:30 Fri.tll!6 Sat (908) from 5*7 p.m. April 26. MUSEUM OF EMLV TRANS ANQCRAffi 9 Main St., Madison (201) Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday from 2-5 p.m. Adults SI, children 50 cents. NJ.CHHMEN'S MUSEUM 599 Industrial Ave., Paramus (201) Fantasy castle, a 50s fire engine, and more exhibits for kids to touch. Friday from 9 a.m.-8 p.m., Saturday through Thursday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Admission $6 weekdays, $7 weekends; children under 1 year old free, NJ. HISTORICAL SOCIETY 230 Broadway, Newark (201) Wednesday through Friday from 10a.m.-4 p.m., third Saturday of the month from 10 a.m,-4 p,m, Guided tours by appointment. Admission free for society members, $3 for non-members. "Tender in Years: Childhood in 19th-century New jersey," ongoing. N. j. STATE MUSEUM 205 West State St., Trenton (609) Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a,m.-4:45 p.m. Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Free admission (except where indicated). The Ice Age and its mammoth hunters, 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. April 25. Native American legends come to life, 1 p.m. April 26. "Litter-acy Day," children's symposium on the environment. May 1. "Nature and the Decorative Arts," ongoing Exhibition of works acquired in 1991, through April 26. Works by James Seawright. through May 17. FOOD WAREHOUSE SAVE CASH OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 1.60* "VIM" FKD. SIB. mck 120 SUBS 11B, OH LEM AT DCJ STATION SHMK* IN * IASKIT $12.95 twnaoe UUUQI Minis $1.79 u >*$2.39 MU MWamm OZ.32 OZ. LIDS _ ttm $2.79 J14.9S PEW 110 CAN CJ m CASE OF I CANS JUtCE BOWL INDIVIDUAL JWCIS POMT $9.48 JCOtOF ttkfll IAN$10.»5 ut SQUMC PICA m» «m CUB* BfCAO Great mammals of trie Ice Age, through Sept. 5. Adults $4, senior citizens and children $2.50, school groups $2 per child. Related program (free admission) at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. May 3. "Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration," through Jan. 3,1993. NEWARK MUSEUM 49 Washington St., Newark (201) Wednesday through Sunday from noon-4:45 p.m. Donation. Largest museum complex in the state. Permanent exhibits include "Africa-Tho Amencas-The Pacific/' "Design in Native American life," "American Painting end Sculpture," Numismatic Gallery, Asian Galleries, Ballanttne House and the Mini-Zoo. 'The Artist as an Outsider," through May 10. Portraits from the museum's collection, through May 17. Textiles from sub-sahann Africa, ihrouaii May 31. "Stepping Into Ancient Eflpt," through Dec, OSBORN-CANNONIAU. HOUSI Front St., Scotch Plains (908) Historic house from c Open the first Sunday of each month from 2-4 p.m. Free admission, REEVES REED ARBORETUM 165 Hobart Ave,, Summit (908) Gardens open daily from dawn to dusk, Weed-Out Day, 9 a.m.-noon April 25. RUTOERSQEOLOSY MUSEUM Hamilton St. near College Av*. New Brunswick (908) Monday from 1-4 p.m., Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m.- noon. Free admission. BOULEVARD WHOLESALE FOODS "A Warehouse Of Savings" N V-WPd av -^ ^ CALL FOR EASY DIRECTIONS 900 L n,,- B/«v s MNMIMIM IVE ACCEPT" FOOD STAMPS VISA & MASTER CARD Rev. Alphonse Stephenson Former Musical Director and Conductor of a Chorus Line and The Orchestra of St. Peter v In Concert "Celebrate Cole Porter" BROADWAY TUNES Classical Program Sun. May 3,1992,4:00 P.M. State Theatre, New Brunswick I General $2} Reserved... $50 (Student $15 (thru hlflh school} Patron $100 (deserved Loge, Reception) For Tickets, Call 908* Benefiting Catholic Charities ObocaoofMetuchcn CAR WASH T Gift Certificate COUPONS AVAILABLE 5 EXTERIOR WASH ULTRA MODERN-BRUSH LESS. STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT SELF SERVICE VACUUM SYSTEM AVAILABLE LOCATED: Hwy. 27 Edison (At Highland Park/Edison border) Dally 8 to 6pnvSun. 6 to 6pm f" U 1 \ WE'RE CONCERNED ABOUT YESTERDAY'S NEWS. News can appear one day and be gone the next. But the paper news is printed on can and ~m should live on. M Recycling is the one way we can all give something back. Read. The Recycle. Forbes Newspapers * HM* 9 N KM ft jiii!! ' ' ' : v mii! «1»'8 Hitis Beilmmsiui Press (. f,n'wo '. ( ' m. in f r,i.'vvl\xl Pit".'. The W«#c!d Rf.'i"!! t 'A v >}<< W 8 9

42 . * -. : * ' -._ : -U: '.'- V' This w t from a recent NJ, State Opera production of Atoa win s e w as t l» backdrop to a fund-raising ball to benefit the opera company; below, Franco Bonanome wil sing one of the lead roles In this Saturday's concert version of >VdaMobgp«rfofmed by the Westfleld Symphony Ofchettra. Music notes m\ tocoltrane..-; ij. : Hia 0#0f^ StMajtlhht^tct, a cal, jazz and popular mumo, m / I 0k w fit ^oup im pufann John Oof* Mman.BpjRiwisoni oty of EMttatMKti Ra)a)d» M : ~ tfctiali an) $& Formpff in* Ancient evenings Two weekends of 'Aida'for opera lovers By STEVEN HART [VeekendPtus Editor AIda, the grand opera written to mark the opening of the Suez Canal in 1871, will mark two other notable events; the finale of the West field Symphony Orchestra's current season this weekend, and a fund-raising drive for the N.J, State Opera next weekend. Commissioned by the Khedive of Egypt for the then-princely sum of $30,000, Giuseppe Verdi's masterpiece is opera on a truly grand scale. The story, written for Verdi by the Egyptologist Mariette Bey, is a tale of doomed love and divided loyalties centered on Aida, daughter of the Ethiopian king and a slave in the Pharoah's palace. She secretly loves a young officer named Radames, and when he is named to lead Pharoah's armies against the Ethiopians she is torn between fears for his safety and the knowledge of what defeat will bring to her people. Verdi's music offers some of the best-known arias in the operatic repertoire: the "Celeste Aida," in which Radames sings of marrying Aida; "0 patria mia," Aida's song of longing for her country; "O terra, addio," her final aria in a tomb below the Temple of Vulcan, where the disgraced Radames has been sentenced to die. As the final installment of a superb season, the Westfleld Symphony Orchestra will perform Aida Saturday, April 25, in the Wcstfield Presbyterian Church. Music director Brad Keimach has already promised to "blow the roof off* with this performance, a concert version of the opera with an array of powerful singers supported by the Summit Chorale, which last joined forces with the WSO in The tenor role of Radames will be sung by Franco Bonanome, the tenor for the Metropolitan Opera, while Aida will be sung by April Evans, who has appeared in opera performances in the United States and Europe. If the WSO concert doesn't satisfy your appetite for all thing Aida, you can get another taste and help out the arts by going to the "Aida" Ball, a fund-raiser for the N.J. State Opera set for Saturday, May 2, at the Chubb International Headquarters in Warren. Using sets and decorations from the State Opera's production of Aida in Newark Symphony Hall, the ball will feature a live re-creation of the Soundings i I I } * '. opening of Act 2, set in the palace at Thebes, Paul McRae and Lori Christman, principal dancers with the N.J. Ballet Company, will be joined by 12 other dancers from the company in re-creating the stirring "Triumphal March." The rest of the evening will be devoted to big-band music by the Elusive Eleven. AIDA Performed by the Westfield Symphony Orchestra Saturday, April 25, at 8 p.m. in the Presbyterian Church of Westfield, 140 Mountain Aw. Tickets $18.50, $16 for the elderly, $10 for students. Pre-concert discussiun at 7 p.m. in neighboring Westminster Hall. (908) , AIDA BALL Fund-raiser for the N.J. State Opera. Saturday, May 2, at Chubb International Headquarters, Warren. (201) of men Men's Carmrata, a 4CMnawb«chorus dedicated to music for mate voices, wih perfom) Saturday, April 25, at 8 p.m, in the Princeton University Chapel, in the northeast comer of the main campus, After an opening set of Kalian motrts and Engish madrigals, the chorus^ perform wrt«by Carol Off, Antonln Dvorak and ssvanaonfi by Schubatt Dckati am $10. for nwa in* formation, cal(ew) by tht immn BUah upt Ihuradayi April 30,Bt8p.m,lnU)ffe0anca Theater, Uptnan Orfvt off Nlchol Avenue and Suydam Street, on the Oou^atsCoJigi campus of Rutgm UnVmtty«New Brunswick. ComWr^poetiy, theater, son and music, tha oompan/s Rerfofmancw rangeftomin> alas of urtwlife to vocation* of Me in Africa. DoHatsaralHIUIiorthe ekteny and Rutgem staff, $T for Rutgers students. Fa mor* ir> DENNIS ANDREW Friday, April 2 4, 8 p.m. B*ron Arts Centtr (906) «Muiki»n npertoim Indudes jazz «nd wortd music. fm idmteslon; mervationi ATMOS PERCUSSION QUARTET Saturday, May 9,6 p.m. Woichung Arts Ontw (906) Four dassically-tialfwd drummtrs perfortn with violin and flute accomfwlmenl AdmiitkmS8. SfRMCSCMCR Sundty, Apfil 28, 7 p.m. Hyatt Regency hotel Route 1, Princeton (201) Musician traces lh# evolution of jazz with hit quartet. Admission $12 in advance, % 15 at the door; part of the "Music for sinfes scries. BRUNSWICK SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Sunday, April 26, 7 p.m, S i Francis Cathedral MatnSl.Metucrwn (908! Performing reliejous and sec* ular music with choirs from two Metuchen churches. Admission $7. OREOQCAGNO Friday, May 1,8 p.m. Six Mile Run Reformed Church Route 27, Franklin Park (906) FolksJnfar performs In a coffeehouse aetttni w/ace Darden and The Feisty Penguins, Adults $5 with a food donation, $6 without; chjmwn under 12 five. COOEGIUM MlfStCUM Friday, May 1, noon Sunday, May 3,8 p.m, McCachem Recital Hall, Morrtctair State CoVefs Upper Montdalr 1201) Performing Josquin's M/ssa pe/tfi H($J» and other works. Free admission. RUSYDEE Sunday, May 3,7 p.m. Ramada Renaissance hotd Route 18, East Brunswick (90S) Actmss performs in a dinnertheater setting Admission $50, includm dinner. OOBRATONSVUKXIUE CNSCMtU Saturday, May 9,8 p.m. Pletietumtopagell 10 Forbes Newspapers April 22-24,1992

43 Weekend Soundings ] *rr. 7T" vr.i"' i St Man 1! Abfaty, Dtlbtftori School Routi 24, Montstown (201) Chamber quartet perform! worki by J.S. Bach, Telemann, Handal. and Vlvakli. Admission $6. IMSFAMFW ITEVENMOmiEII Saturday, April 25,8 p.m. FaJr1eia>> DicWnton Untvmlty LenfM Han, Madison (201) Soprano and tarttont ting arias by Mozart, Menotti, and Donizetti. Adults $20, senior v citizens $16. ttortt STREET PROJECT Saturday, April 25, 8 p.m. Watchung Arts Center 18 Stirling Rd,, Watchung (908) Jan quartet perform! works by Vince DiMura (the group's founder), John Coltrane, Traffic, and the Allman Brothers Band. Admission $8. (HUMAN AMERICAN CHORAL FESTIVAL Saturday, April 25,8 p.m. Union County Arts Center 1601 living St.. Railway (908) Songs in English and German, sung by the Schwaebischer Saengerbund and the all-male Saenger-Chor. Admission $10, IF ONLY A SEA GULL COULD MNQ THE SKIES OF UIB0N Saturday, April 25, 7:30 p.m, South River Portuguese Club 100 John St., South River (906) Traditional music and dance from Portugal. Free admission, KEYSTONE JAZZ OROUP Sunday, April 26,1 p.m. Princeton MarketFair Route 1, West Windsor (609) Dixieland ensemble. Free admission, MUM da REQUIEM Friday, April 24,8:30 p.m, Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank Saturday, April 25, 8 p.m. War Memorial, Trenton Sunday, April 26, 3 p.m. Symphony Hall, Newark ALLEGRO Verdi's score for a funeral Mass, performed by the N.J. Symphony Orchestra with the Westminster Symphonic Choir. Pre-perfcrmance discussion at 1:45 p.m. April 26. Admission $38-$10, discounts available. UNDAUUIAN MORGAN Sunday, April 26, 3 p.m. Borough Hall 221 South Fifth Ave. Highland Park (908) Soprano sings arias and selections from films w/danenne Franks, mezzo-soprano. Free admission. MUSIC OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY Sunday, April 26, 3 p.m, Welpe Theatre, Rantan Valley Community College Route 28, Branchburg (908) Works by Gershwin, Vaughan Williams, and other composers, performed by the college's faculty. Adults $6, senior citizens and students $4. NEW BRUNSWICK CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Sunday, April 26,3 p.m. United Methodist Chufch George St., New Brunswick (609) J.S, Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 5; C.P.E. Bach's Flute Concerto in G major; J.C.F. Bach's Sinfonia in C major. Adults $8, senior citizens and students 16. NEWTOWNCHAMIER ORCHESTRA PLAYERS Wednesday. April 29, noon Princeton MarketFair Route 1, West Windsor (609) Chamber-music quartet. Free admission, RUTGERS GLEE CLUB Saturday, Apnl 25,8 p.m. Kirkpatrick Chapel College Ave., New Brunswick (908) All-male chorus sings the world premiere of Ce/est/al Earth-Songs In Melodious Sound Torm by Noel DaCosta, as well as more traditional songs. Admission $6. U.I, COAST GUARD BAND Sunday, April 26,8 p.m, War Memorial John Fitch Plaza, Trenton (609) Ensemble whose members are all in the Coast Guard. Free admission. TERRY WALDO/EDME DAVIS Friday, April 24, 8 p.m. Watchung Arts Center 18 Stirling Rd.. Watchung (908} Early jazz performed by a piano-and-banjo duo. Admission S10. YAMAHA YAMAHA EN HOUSE April 26, 27, 28 & 29 Demo Rides* Give-A-Ways Refreshments Drawings & Much Morel Fill Out The Coupon Below And Drop It Off At Rick's Now Or During Our Open House RICK'S CYCLE «NTEVDRAWING" NAME_ ADDRESS TOWN_ PHONE ZIP Motorcycle, T-Shirts, Goggles, Posters, Gift Certificates 'Must Have A Valid Motorcycle Drivers License April 22-24,1992 forte NWSMICIS 11

44 Weekend 1096 Conwy Blvd. PtrthAmboy (906) >Uw entertainment beginning 9 p.m. No cow. PJ^pM Mil Klwbrfd#Rd. l Piscat8way (906) WCHHW.NWHTCUUS Route 9 South, Old Bridge (906) 536-O65O Dance party, Saturdays. Male revue, Saturdays, Thursdays. Edgir Cayce, April 24. Gewgft Lamond, April 25. John Eddi«, May 2. BOUMON STREET CAFE OM Bty ReetsurwM Church St. NewBnmwtek (906) InteiweM, April 24. Wrwklett Abandon, April 25. FuH Circle Blues Band, April 29, Slow Bum, April Brffiton Ave, I014 Branch (906) Mty Cutter, Slue, Gigantic, Su»r Shock, April 24. Locked Up in Ufe, Human Offtnie, Infinity, Times Up, afternoon April 25, jet Black Machine, Belle Skye, Jadamlc Jihad, evening April 25. Glueneck, Tree People, Horshack 77, Mother Courage, afternoon April 26. Kay Moves III, evening Apnl 26. LeavingTrains, Motel Shootout, April 29. Well of Souls, Pharmacy, Insomniacs, May 1, God Speed, Throttle, Transylvia, afternoon May 2. Knew Breed, Laguna Moree, evening May 2. CARTMCTWLLSOWL 569 Roosevelt Ave., Carteret (908) Audition night, Wednesdays, Thursdays. Mango Bros., April 24. The Fury, April 25. CATCH ARISING STAR Route 1, West Windsor (609) Headline comedy every night except Monday. College night, Sundays and Tuesdays. Sue Kolinsky, through April 26. Mike Sulljvan-lrwin, April 28' May 3. Rick Corso, May CHARLEY'S UNCLE 415 Route 18, East Brunswick (908) live comedy Friday am Saturday. CHEERS TAVERN 548 Ambcy Ave., Pertn AT.HD, (908) Alternative dance night, l-ntkiy,. Rock dance night, Thursdays Opera, Apnl 25. CITY GARDENS 1701 Calhoun St., Trenton (609) All-ages dance party, Fndjys. 95-cent dance ntght, Saturdays, Thursdays. Blur, The Senseless Things. April 24. Overkill, Technakill, Belial, April 26. Mojo Nixon, May 1, CLUBIENE Route 35, Sayreville (908) Zebra, Tin Pan Alley, April 24. Bob Nelson (comedy), April 25. Steve Morse, T, Lawtz, May 1. Danger Danger, May 2. Joy y Behar (comedy), y May 8, Adrian Belew, May 9. Back in Black (AC/DC tribute), May 15. CUJtlOl Ocean Ave., Asbury Park <908) Altemativs/lechno dance night, Thursdays. Midge Ure, April 26. CLWXS Boulevard Seaside Heights (908) Classic-rock club. Kansas, May 8. The Outlaws, May 29. Dave Mason, June 5. 1WCLUW0UM 116WatchungAve., Plamfield (908) Rev* night, Thursdays. 51 Main St., South River (908) Tumstyles, April 24. Slaves of New Brunswick (w/ Glen Burtnick), May 15. John Eddie, May C0KNHMEN Route 1, Princeton (609) Piano brunch w/sandy Maxwell, Sundays. CORNERSTONE 25 New St., Metuchen (908) Traditional jazz, Stephanie Nakasian Quartet, April 24. Joe Temperly Quartet, Apnl 25. Harry Allen Trio w/john Bunch (piano), April 29. COURT TAVERN 124 Church St. New Brunswick (908) Reggae night, Tuesdays. Showcase night, Wednesdays. "Love Shach" dance party, Thursdays. Transilvia, Whirling Dervisnes, Kiaro Skuro, Apnl 24. Mad Daddys, The Phantoms. Apnl 25. THE COVE 108 Chestnut St., Roselle (908) Dave LaRue, Mondays. Open coffeehouse, Tuesdays. B.B. 4 The Stingers, Whipped Cream, Alternative Roads. April 24. Another Chance, Delayed Green, Josztected, April 25. CRICKET CLUB th Ave., Irvmgton (201) Mam room; Live dance bands. Fridays. International rock acts, Saturdays. Techno dame night, Basement: Alternate ruck. Acoustic n: ;ht, Sundays *lnp (, LJM' ii Cnnn \'<if* U'l B;i'-;1, April 2-1 W-et U'anl illtt't, bdifjri, Groove, in E^'tv-ron B'uf, W. he Puy knf> r,, j.inatii, May H ESSEX MANOR 41 Drouf'htrtn Aw The Hewrbs, April 29 Desolation. May f> THE EXCHANGE Routes , ljnogc*ater (008) Open blues jom, THE FAR SIDE 789 Jersey Ave. New Brunswick (908) Open-mtke night, y FAST LANE II 207 Fourth Ave.. Asbury Park (908) The Oulcry. Wednesdays. 99-cent dance rught. OvtrWII will perform ttt brand of htavy, htavy mttal April 28 at the City Oardtni In Trenton. Fellow metalists Technakill and Belial wilt open the show. days. Tnbe.l-Kill-Me, April 25, White Zombie, My Sister's Machine, April 26. Hyperactive, Native Son, May 1. Solar Circus, May 22. OtQQLCS *N BITS Clarion Mat* 2055 Route 27. Edison (908) Uve comedy Friday and Saturday. Steve Marshall, April 24,25. HOUVWOOD 120 Boulevard Seaside Heights (908) Tun, April 30. Well of Souls, May 7. HUB CITY 392 George St. New Brunswick (908) Comedy night, Tuesday. Karaoke night, Wednesday. The Rutabagas (acoustic), Thursday. J. AUGUSTS 19 Dennis St., New Brunswick (908) Hub City Jam, Sundays - bring,') inmfiimert an (I Sit in w/ r.icjse D,iH:l G,.ir, I'To (f{i,iuif;, Mondays. JACK O'CONNORS QUALITY BEEF AND SEAFOOD 1288 Route 22 East (908/ T2S 1500 Piano bfunui \'. GUi>0 f'njharris, Sundays Gary Oleyan. Tuesdays. Willie L,nm Ino '1'ibhi. Ihursrta;,s. Rhythm & Baljs, April 2-i Zaire, April 25. JOHN k PETER'S 96 South Mom St. New Hope, Pa. (215) Free admission Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Open-mike night, Mondays Liberty Blues Jam, Tuesdays. Mountain John, Wednesdays. One Night Stand, April 24. Trirnm & Lirsen, afternoon April 25. The Fairianes, evening April 25, The Rworbacks, afternoon April 26, Betty & The Bootleggers, evening April , April 30. LITTLE AfflE CAFE Route 206, Hillsborough (908) 359-OOS8 Uve entertainment Wednesday through Saturday, Live comedy every Sunday, 8:30 p.m. UVETMNHT 125 Washington St. Hoboken (201) Woods on Ftre, The Silence, The Repentants, Apnl 24, Culture Shock, In Blue, Violet Guatarr, April 25. The Gefkens, May 1. MAMA'S CANTJNA Albany St., New Brunswick (908) John Regan Quartet w/tharlie Rouse Jr., Tuesdays, MAX'S SPORTS CAFE Piscataway Towne Center 1282 Centennial Ave. Piscataway ( MAXWELL'S 103 ( J Washington St. Hobokon '2OH ttit 1 Selves, Friction VVhoel, Mothi.-r M t iy I, April 2'1, Miracle Legion, The Hello Stumers. April 25. ffie Inn Butiher, JocJy Gnnd. Apnl 30 The Unrc";t, Urjtrmibile, Cell, May 2. Sleepy LaBeef, Pmk Slip Daddy, May 8, Butch Hancock, Steve Young, May 16. Cracker, May 17. The Mekons, May 25, 26. Sonny Burgess, May 29. MINE STREET COFFEEHOUSE First Reformed Church Neilson and Bayard streets New Brunswick (908) All shows at 8:30 p.m, Dr. Joe (political satire), April 25. MINSTKLSHOW COFFEEHOUSE Somerset County Environmental Education Center 190 Lord Stirling Rd. Basking Ridge (201) All shows at 8:30 p.m. Chuck Pyle, April 24. NEST AT PHEASANT!'LANMNQ AmwellRd., Hillsborough (908) Johnny Charles Blues Band, April 24,25. May 30. 'Mirage, May 1, 2. Leftover*, May 8. Elan, May 9. Stolen Hearts, May 15. Pedestrians, May 16. The Thrill, May 22, Home Brew, May 23. Deltvefy Boys, May 29. O'CONNORS ICEFN All 708 Mountain Blvd., Watchung (908) Live comedy, Fridays. ORPHAN ANNIES 1255 Valley Rd., Stirling (908) Open jam, Sundays. Classic movies, Mondays Audition night, WeilnesfUb. Caitlf Rod-, April 24 Iho Good Rats. Satw. Apnl JD. PETETS SPORTS BAR 100] West Camplinn f?d. ( Live bands Fridays jnd Sdtur- C1.1VS. Naity Uf<i A Ihi' f -iriiui.scntli Dogs. M.iy 1. CurbsideU.D.y., M;i, 2. Mjrly MiisicfS, May H. The Blue Shakers, May 9. Iho Party Masters, May 15, 29. Chapter 11, May 1G. Dog Eat Dog (w/joey l U i l, Mjy 21, Ctossroads, May 30. THE PIPELINE 841 Broadway, Newark (201) All ages admitted Fridays, Sundays. "Club Trash" dance night, Wednesdays. PUYKN UNJNOC Route 35, Sayreville (908) O.J. dance night, Fridays. Laistei-Faire, April 24. POOR M m Route 9, Woodbridge (908) Live comedy every Sunday starting 8:30 p.m. THEMrtftfltONT 11 Main St., South River (906) THC ROCK NORM Second A Kingsley Asbury Park (908) Hard-rock night, Wednesdays. Techno dance night. Thursdays. Dangerous, Malone, Sex Farm, Btg Groove, April 24. Loud Linsk, World of Trouble, The Sinopoli Project, Spotted Herring, April 25. Bad Biscut, May 1. How II, May 2. THEROXV 95 French St., New Brunswick (908) Industnat'tecrmo dance night, Sundays. SAFARI Itoule 34, Aixirdec'i (908) IVit GuadJ^no, Apnt 30. SAM'S GRILLE 777 Route 202. Rjntan (9O8I7O Mcifns Ndfiton Trio (jaa), fuesdays. SCANDALS 3793 Houlo 1 Sduth llrimswick (908) SHOGUN G Route 27. Kendall Park (908) Uve comedy Friday and Saturday, 10 p.m, SOUTH RIVER PUB 66 Main St., South River (908) Backstrcets Duo, Wednesdays. John Hddie (acoustic), May 12. THE STAGE AHHE INN Stif HOUM Inn 366 Park Ave,, Scotch Plains {908) STUDIO Verona Ave., Newark (201) Non-Fiction, April 24. fharoati, April 25, Peter Criss (ex-kiss), May 15. MMDS CATI 707 Main St., Asbury Park (908) Audition showcase, Wednesdays. TAMSCATE Route 53, DenviHe (201) Grover Hemble, Wednesdays. West End Review, Thursdays. Silent Earth, April 24. The Midnight Street Shakers, Apnl 25. TIVOU GARDEN! ScMtteon-MnMton Route 1, Princeton (609) Tony Dinicola Quintet, Saturdays. Jeanne Sryson Duo, Sundays. Mario Castro-Neves Duo, Thursdays. D^e Posmontier Quartet, April 24. TRADE WINDS 1331 Ocean Ave., Sea Bright 1908) Hooters, Apnl 24. Vngwie Malmsteen, May 2. The Remakes, May 3, The Smithereens, May 8. John Eddie, May 9. 2OO0 PARK AVENUE 2000 Park Ave. South Plainfield (908) Uve oldies bands Wednesday through Saturday, WILJJfS TAVERNE Route 202, Bedmmster (908) Uve jazz Fridays. Grover Kemble Duo, April 24, WURUTZER'S 386 Hoes Lane, Piscataway (908) Forbes Ne^soapers Adrfl

45 ,... ) : ' - V Function follows the form The ne\y, unusual and the beautiful at the Craft Market "clay artist" who wanted to be a politician but instead \Uxk up sculpture. A "boxt" whose carved wood containers are often puzzles within puzzles. A former New Jersey resident for whom pottery started as a hobby and developed into a consuming obsession. These and other craftsmen will be among the 130 or more artisans at the Westfield Contemporary Craft Market, a three-day event opening Friday, April 24, at the Westfield Armory. The fourth edition of this popular event will offer displays of photography, glass, jewelry, ceramics, toys and a score of other craiu. Many craftsmen will demonstrate how they make their pieces. One such artisan is Patrice Monaghan, a Westfield resident who studied at John Cass School of Art in London and now produces ' one-of-a-kind pieces, humorous picture irames and sculpture using Polymer clays. "I wanted to be a politician," she said. "My art professor at Catholic University insisted I become an artist, so without hesitation I changed my major to painting." Finding herself "frustrated with canvas," Ms. Monaghan said, "I began casting small objects in plaster bandages and eventually moved on to larger pieces." Another craftsman with an intriguing slant on things is Vemon resident Richard Rothbard, a "boxologist" never happier than when he's using his handsaw on a piece of California Buckeye wood. Mr. Rothbard's intricate workmanship produces items ranging from a simple heart with a tiny heart lock ($24) to a $450 Florida theme box with parrots and manatees he carved at a customer's request. Happenings A top, a whimsical day picture frame by Patrice Monaghan; below, one of Richard Rothbard's intricately carved "I have to make a lock for each box and incorporate hidden compartments and trick drawers inside," he explained, "In this case, the parrot is the lock and is carved out of the lid. lift the parrot and the lid slides off. In one section a palm tree locks a secret compartment and inside is a tiny manatee about three inches long, which is itself a miniature puzzle box with its own lock - a baby manatee. On and on it goes." Irene Scotti Lantz, a jewelry designer from West Orange, is a painter and sculptor who has also worked extensively in computer graphics. But the main point of interest at her Westfield Craft Market display will be the gold and sterling silver pieces she creates - pieces similar to those she has sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, "I enjoy creating oneof-a-kind pieces," she said. "I find it exciting to create disparity by using texture and form and at the same time something beautiful to wear." Martha Ungate, a former New Jersey resident who now lives in Virginia, started painting as a hobby, then moved into pottery. It wasn't long before she threw herself into it full-time. WESmELDCONTEM- PORHY CRAFT MARKET Friday, April 24, thraugi Sunday, April 26, at the WestfieW Armory, 500 Rahway Aw., Westfield. Open 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, 10 a m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Tnree-day tickets $10, $5 for a Saturday- Sunday "Weekend Pass." Children under 10 admitted free. (201) or (P14) Mark your calendar of --.. v > jfltf 0MX& i conowt of life SMUT Ak Nu AMQ Sundpy^Apii BUM TOMMf W MOfWINMn - St In MO Mm ', Thy tnupt (li mnw flmww "Own intf Spirit of MHctin id*' d*f) wi to aooompttm ty foiiim M0W MMtft WMWI WMt (908) Uvtajgotrt Oontpmy BiMirth Nowf; ny Vrtuwmmwd ftmf CMVMrti** NilMfeatytccuniiMI imuohy JMMt Fnk off npil 1 li^bi^k VW ^^Wv ^W mm* Brt ow JoMfll wwf[.. >rt' :^!' iu $6fortfwcUwiy and $4 tar chfldftn $0& 6 to 15., FornminfomutlontCal (201) ARTS AND CRARS FESTIVAL Georgia St., New Brunswick (908) Street fair running from Albany to New streets, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. April 25. Free admission, BUCKS COUHTY CLASSIC Bucks County Fairgrounds Route 413, Newtown, Pa (215) Arts and crafts fair with dealers from 20 states, 11 a.m.-6 p.m, April 25,26, Admission $4. CENTRAL JERSEY ANTIQUE WATCH AND CLOCK SHOW Marriott hotel 110 Davidson Are., Somerset (906) Grandfather clocks and ottier collectible timepieces, 9:30 fl,m,-3:30 p.m, April 26. Adults $3.50, children under 12 free. CENTRAL JERSEY STAMP, COIN, ANO CARD EXCHANGE Budget Moinr Lodge Route 9 Nortn. WootlbridgG (908) Stamps, trading cards, and other collectibles, 10 a.m.- 4:30 pm. April 26. f-ret: admission. CYCLEFEST Prudential fiusirwss Cjinpus Route 10, Parsippany [201)267-7fiOO KuntJrjiSJi^ evnnl With.1 bicycle iticmne, 9 ii MI,-5 May 3. Fffeatimission. FAMILY FUN DAY Lord Stirling Stable 256 South Maple Ave Basking Ridge (908) Hayndes, horseback games, and other epuino activities, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. April 26. Free admission, FIRST SATURDAY IN MAY Westfield and Scotch Plains (908) Tour of homes to benefit (he Wostfieid Symphony Orchestra, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. May 2. Cost $16. FLEMINGTON CRAFT FESTIVAL Turntable Junction, Flemington (908) Crafts, gifts, and other collectibles, 10a.rn.-5;30p.m. evory day. f-'ree admission. HUNTS MILL TERRIER TRIALS Clinton Historical Museum 56 Main St., Clinton (908) Dog show featuring the Jack Russell and Lurcher breeds, 9 a.m-4 p.m, May 9. Adults S3, senior citizens $150, children 6-12 $1. INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL Raritan Valley Community College Route 28, Branchburg (908) ert. 312 Food, crafts, and performers from around the world, noon-6 p.m. May 3. Free admission; parking $5 per car. MARCH FOR PARKS Mahlon Oicherson Reservation Wetdon Rd., Jefferson ( Walkathon and related events aimed at preserving parkland, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. May 3. Free admission. MAY IN MONTGOMERY Montgomery (908) , Tour of historic homes - including Rockingham, site of George Washington's farewell address to his army 10 a.m,-4 p.m, May 2, Adults $8, children 2-10 $4, children under 2 free. SHAD FESTIVAL Lambertwlle (609) Annual feast honoring shad that swim up the Delaware River, April 25, 26, Call for specific events and hours, SPRING ART FESTIVAL OuCret School of tho Arts 1030 Central Ave., Plainfield (908( "Art as play" lor kids and grownups, 10am -4 p.m. May 3, Free admission. SPRING BAZAAR County College of Moms Route 10, Randolph (201) Everytiimg from arts and crafts to clowns and mimes, 11 am- 6 p.m. April 26. Admission $5 per carload SPRING PARTY AND FASHION SHOW Hilton hotel 41 John F. Kennedy Pkwy. Short Hills (908) ert. 310 Benefit for tho auxiliary of Children's Specialized Hospital, 11:30 a.m. April 24. Admission $40. A STROLL THROUGH MAYT1ME GARDENS Summit, Short Hills, Madison (908) Tour of private gardens to benefit the Reeves-Reed Arboretum, 10 a.m.-3 p.m, May 15, 16. Cost $12 m advance (before May 5), $15dayoMhe event. WORLD OF CARDS AND COMICS Middiesen MJII Stelton Rd., South Plamfield (908) Comic book and trading-card show,!. April 25, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Apnf 26. Free admission. LAURENCE YOUNG 964 West Eighth St.. Piamfield (90S) Exhibit o( his an to benefit Hie Hyacinth foundation, 2-5 p.m. May 3, Ffte admission. April 22-24,1992 Forbes Newspaper

46 Weekend Singles IOHTMUIY IMQUHHtm (906) NovloUwKNtos, 11:30 a.m, Sunday*. MMt in rear parwng lot of Holiday Inn, Garden State Paffcmy Exit 105, TintonFaJti. Cut 15; bring lunch, CA1H0UC ALUMNI CUM COMMUNION Portraits OFCtfflftALNCWiERlEY Volleyball at St. Mary'9 School #m, Penh Amboy, 7 p,m, Wednesdays. (906) cnmuljnity (women 5'I0" and over, men 6'2" end over; ages 21-ol«n (908) Dances at Holiday inn, Somerset, 7:30 p.m. April 26. Members $5. non-members $7. FMUMFOMINQtiS First Presbyterian Church 320 North Main St. Hightstown (906) (609) Discussion group (not churchaffiliated), social hour and dancing, 9 p.m. Fridays. Doon open 7:30 p.m. Cost $6. JUSEViCMIH SONUS (ages 30-55; i.d. required) NATURAL LAWN CONCEPTS Tree Injection For Fertilization Insect 4 Disease Control {Including Qyptf Motti) Dinner at Flame and Ale restaurant, Edison, 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays. (906) , Italian buffet, game night, and social at Holiday Inn, Raritan Center, Edison, 7:30 p.m. April 25. Cost $15. (908) Dance at Ramada Inn, Raritan Center, Edison, 9 p.m. May 2. Cost $8. (908) Champagne brunch buffet at Holiday Inn, Raritan Center, Ed* i$on, 11 a.m. May 3. Cost $15. (908) 2B3-0779, , JEWISH PMfESIIONN. WHOLES (ages 21-39) (908) after 9 p.m. Dance party at Liberties, Sheraton hotel, Iselin, 7:30 p.m. April 26. Cost $12. NEWeXPfCTAIMNS (201) Call venue for directions, Discussion group (nonsectarian) at Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, 8 p.m. Fridays. Cost $6. Indoor picnic at Twin OaNs Tennis Club, Morristown, 7 p.m. April 25. Cost $12. Dance at Holiday Inn, Springfield, 8:30 p.m. April 25. Cost $7; Jacket preferred. P M f J f f l WITHOUT PARTNERS MM*J6fMy CIM9W 236 (single parents) (908) , Open dance at Quality Inn, North Brunswick, 8 p.m. April 26. New-member orientation at 7:30 p.m. Members $6, nonmemban$8. nut SILHOUCTTE smuts (phis-size adults) (908) Dance at Holiday Inn, Somerset, 8 p.m. April 25. Cost $5 before 8:30 p.m,, 17 after 8:30 p.m. SPRKVG FESTIVAL Saturday, May 2, am 4 pm Downtown Metuchen, NJ free admission Times Worth Remembering Times Worth Sharing Packages Available By Appointment Only For Details Call W-40W Of Toll Free 1-S00.7M North Avenue, Car Wash (0 \<* ** 5 ) * i r-^ A 0 JP 3 Brushless Hillsborough Meluchen (Rt. 206) ( Central Ave -) New Brunswick (61 Commercial Ave.) Hopelawn (next to Bradlee's) WE HONOR ALL COMPETITORS COUPONS $ with this coupon Ono Brushlcss Exterior Car Wash Ik 6<t% Spx On v $ 487 I plus tax % Offer expires 5/3/92 $ i $ FERTILIZING & LIMING INSECT & WEED CONTROL PRUNING & TRIMING t TOTAL LAWN RENNOVATIONSl CORE AERATING SEEDING COMPLETELY INSURED FOR OUR and YOUR PROTECTION NJOEP CERTIFIED AMES (Much 21-Apri! 19) High energy becomes you, though you may spend a good part of this week wondering why life ts to cantankerous, What you always counted on now becomes unpredictable This wrekund you push and shovt> cverythwk back intn line, Romance 1 Oh, it's yuurs in have starting this weekend. TAURUS (April 20-Miiy 2UI Hi' reasonable now, If you want suteess, Id n partner take the lead. Ami don't dig in your hit'ls. So what if you can come up with a zillion options 1 You might consider running away, though by the weekend, you long to be ni'countable to just the person you rebelled against. GKMINI (Miy 21 June 201 thought you have EVERYTHING under control, only to find oul there's u wild card out there. (It rnirhl even \w you. if ynu take responsibility! NY-goliations are the trademark of the week. By this wri'lu'nd you sec just how jjued yuu were you at diplomacy, etc Experiment CANCER (June 21-July 'i'ii U-M\ tit your inner vnice all you want, bit partners, co-workers, friends nml loved nncs, Al-L put ppplrs into ymir werk. Worry le>s and hi. 1 mure pres*.*!! 1. with tlw nionirnl Humor works, Iw.iu^*' l;v the week"!: trouble makers art 1 ready id kr up I.KO (July 23-Au (usl 'J2l ' '!> y!. '. tlmt KIT vuiir nm«l, lie li -:,s Uui;,111,1 1 H-1 > direct It \ii'i UK' "^ned" Iht- :l,its '.ri.i! '- l.i wirki'ml. iiint (Hi nit' tn vk-'ik Hi r;iul!] >]< chii'w J'icirn iill t 1 '.' VIKHO l:\liliuvt 1IHI-.1- itdlii i!i ; vihi--i :'. (if tlinsi 1 pijdjr.i], ille yen tlf>i!i«' i the uui' meaning ul weekend, wlni'h isn't have to work Sf >H'nil»T V l)i' Ml")' 'IIK: 1,) 1 ut N/ 1 > kuri- n n n wi-kcnd FREE ESTIMATES!. ;ill ami niaki 1 i.iti- nvei,' Y' J.I l r. runu 31«-I-JIH - this ymi T1BRA (HtptfmbcrlMlclolMr IS) No comment muy be your bc»t brt thlf week, ai uprn&r on the homeftont sccmi inevitable. Don't worry if thinji don't turn out how ymi'd like You do well with charm «n"d flirtation, and everyone urell, nearly everyone) tat giws you by the wrckrnd. And you're bark ut it, you wild thinjj. SCORriO (Oclnbt-r n-novfmher 21) You wonder how you ever gut yuurself so busy with ill these projects Anil then- are all these perions) matters that lure you, too. Whether you jn Kith duty ur tumpuvtion this uvek is up to you. Tl>e food new» Is, you radiate into the weekend. No one (nearly) con say no to you. SAGITTARIUS inovtmber 32-nrct>mber2II Changes emild ottur in the finonciiil depurtment. Don't kid ynurm'if iibout what's going on hore. Obser'e, enjoy and make the most out of an opportunity. But don't pat yourself on tin? bark. yet. Kxped a busy weekend where you're in ck'niiiml. And remember, mum's the wurd. CAPRICORN (Drrrmbrr 22 Junuary tbl The perks in the next few days make it all worthwhile Get intn them and make 1 lie most of iill the allentmn. Do p;it yourself tm the bui'k, Iwt-ause it's ymir radiance that's Culten yuu this f;ir h-t another inrlulkt' you this weekend, even i! yuu are ;i iitlle shy I'S (January L l (l4'i'tiriiary 181 Vou timtko hiipiui'f tliiin ever Jitter a somcwhal UfMrlinR week Kortji't what ^cn's womy less Sinni' nf ymi may In 1 hiippitr li'll iilonc ;ind oil' diiinj; yoiir nv.:i \}n\\f, By (tie ucckt'tid V«II r:ji the,shiil,i!rl ymi (luifd Kave c\a( tiv wu l,v;mt. risccs ih-hriiary IS-March iill P. Si winl. the i.m i :e,v i> H,cii' ttii 1, wci;k, bvi'jiim 1 lit Sfimt' poll,! \HL1 'A ill lilow iillt Hl'llii'llllii 1 ] VDLI'IC n*-t r^ n'i'u-i to run IN first Krar all tin 1 timtv Von iit'i'ii ID idle 'inci 1 in a wlnliv tuo And you'll nct'il the ijnvnitirih.', iiinctr you arc : to have a bruit of sprintf lever CALL Natasha's Starcast! Daily Forecast Monthly Forecast Compatibility-see if you and your partner are a match! PLUS The Spoken Tarotpowcrful.i-tard reading 99c per minute 24 hours A day! Touchtont.' OF rotary phones rlsvrvlc«of I'orlic* JVvwK int For More Information Call (908) Art Show Antiques Show Crafts on the Green Rain or Shine Food Court/Live Music Refresher Course, When the wort week seems to never end, treat yourself to a well descved txeak. Bounce back at THE OCEAN PUG HUTON RESORT AND SPA, where everything you do has an ocean view you'll enjoy a special package designed to help you relax, unwind and refresh your body and mind. BEGIN WITH OUR Full Service Spa Indoor Pool, Whirlpool and Complete Fitness Facility Oiticalry Acclaimed Restaurants Exciting Nightclub Relaxing Lounge and More! Additional paclnsges available Call for information at (908) RERESHERPACXAGr Overnight luxurious accommodations with ocean view Late check out Dick Brant's Signature Dinners fcx two m our Pleasure Bay Restaurant featuring choice of Entree, with Unlimited Salad and Peel & Eat Shrimp Bar OR dine in unparalled elegance at The Shrewsbury* REFRESHER UPGRADE ONLY $133. 1% to**, per r«$«na liable lu<juupi OCEAN PIACE HILTON KI SORT SPA ONE OCEAN BOULEVARD, IONG BRANCH, NJ...and Classified is the Buyers' Marketplace

47 Weekend Gallene: 329MlllbumAw.,Millbum {201) American Southwest. Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Works by Amato Mauntio Pcna Jr., April 24-May 9. Opening reception from 7-9 p.m. Apnl 24. JffltHJMMTGAUflfY Monti County CwirthouM Morristown (201) Open to the public during courthouse hours. Annual stow of Moms County Art Association, through April 30. BASILEFAMA FINE ARTS 2 Monument Square New Brunswick (908) Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Thursday from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Also by appointment. "Artist* of New Jersey, Part II." Aprt 26-May 23. Opening reception from 1-9 p.m. April 26. CMMNEIt FOUNDATION Blawenburft Rd., Montgomery (906! Open to the public Saturday and Sunday from ooon-4 p.m. Fine arts show of foundation auxiliary, administration building, April 25,26, May 2, 3, Opening reception from 741 p.m. April 24, RENEEFOOSANER MffOAUERY Papar Ml FUyhouta Brookside Dr., Millburn (201) Open to the public Friday from noon-3 p.m, Also open one hour before tneater performances and at intermission. Members' show of N.J. Waier Color Society, through May 10, OAUERYAT BMSTOL MYERS SqiMM Route 206. Princeton (609) 252-G275 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.: Thursday from 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Free admission. "A Loving likeness," 19thcentury American folk portraits, through May 17. MASON GROSS SCHOOL OF THE ARTS Downtown Arts Buitdinf 125 New St. New Brunswick (908) Open to tne public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Free admission. Bectielor of Fine Arts thesis show, through April 24. MFA thesis shows by Michael Longford and Elizabeth Stephens, April 27-May 1, MFA thesis shows by Jennifer Ozarow, Roe Staaseson. and Benjamin Akrong, May 4-8, JAMES HOWE GALLERY Ktan Cottf i Viwghn-Eames Hall Morris Ave., Union (908) Monday through Thursday from 10a.m.-2p.m. and 5-7 p.m., Friday from 10 a.m.-noon, Afso by appointment. Master's thesis exhibition, April 23-May 21. AJ.LEDERMAN FINE ART 309 Court St., Hoboken (201) Thursday and Friday from noon- 7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from noon-4 p.m. Also by appointment. "Garden and Gomorrah," paintings about the Garden Stnte, through May 15. THE MEDICAL CENTER AT PRINCETON 253 Witherspoon St, Princeton (609) Exhibit opon during (lining hall hours. Watercolors by Linda J, Bradshaw and Susan Suits Ewart. through May 14. NEW JERSEY CENTER FOR VIIUAL ARTS 68 Elm St.. Summit (908) Monday through Friday from noon-4 p,m., Saturday and Sunday from 2-4 p.m, Free admission. Watercolors by Lisa Suss, through April 30. "Figurative Sculpture" by Marisol, Apnl 26-June 6. Opening reception from 2-5 p.m. April 26. Oil portraits by Carol Dakake, May 1-June 4. N.J. DESIGNER CRAFTSMEN 65 Church St., New Brunswick (908) Monday through Saturday from noon-6 p.m, Free admission. Craft workshops, May 2, 9. Call for infofmation, OFFICE CENTER AT SHORT HILLS 51 John F, Kennedy Pkwy. Short Hills (201) Open to the public Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Free admission. Members' show of the Millburn-Short Hills Arts Center, through April 24, PALETTE PUCE 103 Bayard St. New Brunswick (908) Wednesday through Fnday from 4-8 p.m., Saturday from 11 a.m.-3p,m, Photography by Jonathan D. Miller, Joy L Mishkin, and Joseph A. Silcott, through M3y 8. PARQOTQAUERY Jtwlth Community Ctnttr of PMMMMH CouMy 1775 Oak Tree Rd., Edison (906) Sunday through Thursday from 9 a.rn.40 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m,, Saturday from 1-5 p.m. Paintings by Mikel Frank, through June 2. Opening reception from 2-4 p.m. May 3. PKALLSV1LLE MILLS Route 29, Stockton (908) Open every day from 11 a.m,-4 p.m. Donation, "Design'92," decorative arts on sale and for display, through May 10. PRINTMAKINO COUNCIL OF NEW JERSEY Ralph T, Rtava Cuttural Center 440 River Rd.. Bfanchburg (908) Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday from 1-4 p.m, "Small Impressions '92." prints from American artists, through June 1. RARTTAN VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Routo 28, Branchburg (908) Open to the public Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from noon-3 p.m, Student art show, through May 9, SWAIN GALLERIES 703 Watching Ave,, Plainfield (908) Monday through Friday from 9:30 3.m.-5:30 p.m., Saturday from 9;30a,m.-4 p.m. JACOB TRAPP GALLERY Unitarian Church of Summit 4WatdronA\*., Summit (201) Gallery hours Monday through Friday from 9a,m.-3 p.m., Sunday from 10 a.m.-noon. Drawings and paintings from the Exhibitors' Co-op, through May 10. WALTERS HALL GALLERY Rutg«n Artt Center George St. and Chapel Dr. New Brunswick (908) Open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.- 4:30 p.m, Works by Cheryl Dunye and Atane Pomer, through April 24. Works by Parren Cotlery and Edward Brenckman, April 27- May 1, MFA thesis show by Molly Blieden and Sam Hoyt, May 4-8. WATCHUNG ARTS CENTER 18 Stirling Rd.,Watchung (908) Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-1p.m., Sunday from 1-4 p.m. Juried exhibition of pastels, through Apnl 26. Demonstration by John Elliot at 2 p.m. April 26. Aquarium N J. STATE AQUARIUM Camden 1609] Seals, sharks, and other wonders of the water. Open eveiy day from 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; closed April 19. Adults $8.50, senior citizens and students $7, children 2-11 $5.50; parking $4-$7. Group rates available. Directions: N.J, Turnpike to Exit 7, then South to North. Planetariums N.J. STATE MUSEUM 205 West State St., Trenton (609) Laser concerts with recent hits and classic rock, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through May 17. Adults $5, children under 12 $3: group rates available. Call for shows and times. Stargazing Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. through June 28; also at 1 p.m, and 2 p.m. through April 24. Admission $1; children under 2 not admitted. RARITAN VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Route 28, Branchburg (908) Adults $4, senior citizens and children $3.50. "The Uttle Star That Could," 1 p.m, and 3 p.m. Saturdays through May 23. "Hubble: Report from Orbit" on the space telescope, 2 p.m. Saturdays through May 23. TRAILSIDE NATURE AND SCIENCE CENTER New Providence Rd, Mountainside (908) Adults $2, senior citizens $1.70. Children under 6 not admitted. "Stories in the Sky," 2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. April 26. "WSHOMEALOHE TIMES FIVE." ft FREE Lifetime Memberships CHRISTINA APPLECATE Meoulodunrs CIO 09 fetid ft* 3I7 ' Mal-lnlittto af$?.00«och) Locatlont: BEDMIN8TER VKiQt at lidnlnitif (90S) EDISON bwwi Orov«Cant* (908) FRANKLIN PARK Franklin Town* Cwtor (90S) PISCATAWAY Pltuttwair Townt Ctr. (908) SOMERSET CadarQrovtShoA. Ctr. (908) 80S-9101 EAST BRUNSWICK Civic Cwiltr Run Una a Crwbury Rd. (908) r>*.. V' Other Locations: EATONTOWN Victoria Convnont FRItHOLO Barclay Squwi HAZLCT K-Min Cmtir Rl3Sleulh UWRINCeVILU M«cirMil,Rlt MAIUUMN Ea^VWMnw MATAWAN MtOOUTOWN IIMM( RLM PARSIPPANY Troy-HIUi Shopping Ctnttr PLAIK300RO Town Ctnlir RAMSEY Iniiniiti Shopping Oit«r IAYRCVILLI tvmi Town C tomuoalf TOMtMVW Rt.31 Hours: Sun. Tbun FrU Sit DON'T TELL MOM THK WAKNUUOS. A TIME WARNER COMPANY OIHI Www l Inc. All *4*t Ikmmi Mi un> COMING SOON Branchburg Town A Country Shopping Center INTERESTED IN OWNING AN EASY VIDEO FRANCHISE? CALL (906) TODAY v-mnn Rint S u T. only -J

48 Wbotond fe* 1 " Casinos BOMAMIH A Providence Aw. AttanticDty (609) QoManGiilR)»HM,O(W)ing. AtlwHicCHy (609) PI. MCRV MNVWf RUORTS Boardwalk & North Carolina Av». Atlantic City (609) FMc/mtfn' Rhythms, revue, ongoing. w Bripnttne Blvd. & Huron Ave. Atlantic City TRUMP "Salute to Swing" music, on- THUMP PLAZA Boardwalk & Mississippi Ave. Atlantic City TRUMP Speakers KUAAKUQ Monday, April 27, 7:30 p.m. Hickman Hatl, Room 136 Douglass College New Brunswick (90S) Activist and legislator will discuss the upcoming Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Free admission. CAUGHT IN THE OttSSHM Saturday, April 25,10 a.m. George Street Playhouse 9 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (908) Symposium on how gender roles are portrayed in the media. Free admission; registration required. HAl COHEN Monday, April 27,7:30 p.m. Cranfofd Public Library 224 Walnut Aw., Cranford (908) Collecting rare books for fun or profit, explored by a book dealer. Free admission. NJ. STATE MUIIUM 205 West State St., Trenton (609) Natural history lecture series, Sundays at 2 p.m. Free admission. Dr. Fredric Goldstein, alternate energy resources, April 26. THE REALIST VISION OFAWH/KOMAD Moms Museum 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Morristown (201) Lecture series in conjunction with retrospective of the artist (see Museums). Tours of exhibit at 3 p.m., program at 4 p.m. Admission $20 per program; includes reception. William H. Gerdts, American urban imagery, April 26. AUSONWEID Sunday, April 26,3 p.m. N.J, State Museum 205 West State St., Trenton (609) American art since 1945, perused by the museum's assistant curator of fine art. Free admission. Kid stuff AUCE Friday, April 24,3 p.m. Union County Arts Center 1601 Irving St., Rahway (908) "A Curious Adventure" adapted from Alice In Wonderiand, Admission $5. THE ART MUSEUM Princtton Untvtrtlty (609) Gallery talks for children 6-12, Saturdays at 11 a.m. through May 9 (no talks April 25). Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult. Free admission. LaVeme Georje on hair, May 2. COLUMIUS Friday, April 24, 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Morris Museum 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Morristown (201) Musical about Christopher Columbus and his endeavors. Admission $4. FROM THE LANDS OF FIRE AND ICE May 2,3; both days at 1 p.m., 3 p.m. New Douglass Theater, Rutgers Arts Center George St., New Brunswick (908) Folk tales frofn Iceland, Finland, Ireland, and the Paiute Indians. Admission $10, $8; group rates available. NIWWO Saturday, May 2,11 a.m. Georgi Street Playhouse New Brunswick (908) Dennis Food's play about NikW, a sixth-grade student and recent immigrant. Admission $5. KTERMN April , May 2, 3; all shows at 2 p.m. Club Bene Route 35, Sayreville (908) Flying onto the stage with Captain Hook, the Lost Boys, and all their cohorts. Admission $5. PETER WMIT Saturday, April 2 5, 1 1 a.m. Forum Theatre 314MainSt.,Metuchen (908) The adventure* of Beatrix Potter's beloved bunny. Admission $6. Saturday, May 9,11 a.m. Forum Theatre 314M«nSt.,Metuchen (908) The famous story of the puppet with the very tong nose. Admission $6. THE WIZARD OF OZ May 2,3,9,6:30 p.m. First Presbyterian Church 270 Woodbrldge Ave. Metuchen (908) Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and ail the others, played by children Adults $4, children $3. SCUBA d! Classes start at the following locations: -Scotch Plains YMCA June 10 -NtwBnnuNickYMCA June 16 -Mttuchen YMCA May 13 -Highland Park YMCA May 13 -Wesffleld YMCA May 21 $ 50 OFF Course Fee with this ad!! OCEAN EXPLORERS AQUATIC CENTER 871 m. I. EdiionPMce II ii^ iiim,ii Indoor Arena Outdoor Rings Cross-Countty and Jumpers Beautiful facilities,homey Atmosphere,Personalked Care Dressage Clinic with Anne Gibbons Wd. May 6lh. 1C6PM 104 Harlan School Road'Branchburg LOOK! Sensible Dental Fees DR. KENNETH M. KUCHARZ 3 West Union Ave., Bound Brook We Treat the Entire Family 21 YEARS IN BOUND BROOK Additional charges may be inclined tor related services which may be required in some cases. EXAMINATION $35.00 (Includes Oral Cancel licicwiing A X Hay*) CLEANING {includes seating) $35.00 EXAM i CLEANING t X-RAYS $60.00 FILLINGS $16.00 (Stiver amalgam pet..udalf) CROWNS $ (Poicetain fused to metal) FULL DENTURES $ (Upper or (.own) PARTIAL DENTURES $ (Upper or Lower) SiMPlE EXTRACTIONS $40.00.'.V Spring Clein Upt Uwn Maintenance SodAScedlni Shrubi Mulch Top Soil 1(06 OFF Sprint Clein-Upi* MONDORO LANDSCAPE OH (908) Commercial and Residential RR Tics Stone Walls Design Services Thatching Hedge it Bush Trimming 10% OFF FREE 10% OFF Senior First Uwn Cut Hedge Citizen With Annual A Bush Discount' Maimcnnncc* Trimming* rwrw Clttnts Only-With This A<t) FREE ESTMATES FULLY INSURED FAMILY OWNED AIDA IN CONCERT SPONSOR: ACCURATE BUSCHINGCO., INC, SATURDAY, APRIL 25* 8 PM PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN WESTFIELD $18.50 $16.00 SENIORS $10.00 STUDENTS \ (908) INFORMATION y J P mn timci WTM 7 PM PRE-CONCERT DISCUSSION FRANK & LYDIA BERGEN FOUNDATION Concerts made possible by Now Jorsoy State Council on (ho Arts/Department o! Stale Brad Keimach Music Director Saturday, April 25, :00 AM to 4:00 PM outdoors '^ George Street New Brunswick * presents Arts C rafts FESTIVAL '92.16 Fnrtxtt.Ne^papsrs JURIED HANDMADE CRAFTS Ceramics, Baskets, Floral Wood Carvings, * Jewelry, Pottery, Oil Paintings, Handmade Clothing: Soft Sculpture, Contemporary Artwork, AND MUCH MORE! Continuous Live Music All Day 4 GREAT LOCAL RESTAURANTS Szechwan Gourmet Jamaican Delight Legends Maiita's Canlina Win a free Forbes Ho! Air Balloon Ride ^

49 Weekend Curtain times NOW PLAYING Route 24, Moristown (201) Jesus Christ Superstar, the Passion According to Webber. 8 p.m. April 2 4,2 5,2 6. Adults $5, students $3. COMFORT SWES 3712 Hamilton Blvd. Atlemown, Pa. (215) floe* VII You Drop, murder mystery set in the 1960s. April 25, May 9,23. Admission $28.50, Includes dinner. HNSON VALLEY KAVHOUIE 2196 Oak Treefid,,Edison (908) Par tor the Corpse, murder mystery. Through April 25. Adults $10, senior citizens and students $9. MtOOUSGt CCWTV COLLEGE Wood bridge Aw,, Edison (906) Deathtrap, thriller written for the stage by Ira Levin, April Admission $5. NCMASKA THEATRE CARAVAN Union County Arts Center 1601 living St., Rahway (908) The Mystery of Edwin Drood. murder mystery with music by Rupert Holmes. 8 p.m. Apnl 24. Admission S22.50-S OFF WORLD THEATRE Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey 33 Green Village Rd. ( Madison (201) A Njgft at the Opera - not a Marx Brothers remake, but dreams actually experienced by five of the players. 8 p.m. April 24, 25, Admission $6. PAPt* MILL PLAYHOUSE Brookside Dr., Millbum (201) *Ok!atioma! the Rodgers and HamTierstein musical set in the Sooner State. Through May 10. Admission $38-$24, group rotes available. PAXAMKUS CASTLE THEATRE Uke Shore Drive Budd Lake (201) ITie Phantom of fhe Opera (not the Andrew Lloyd Webber version). Through May 24. Co/umbus Sads! Musical comedy performed April 25, May 2, May 3. PHILA1WAUANS Carnage House Watson Rd., Fanwood (908) 'The Foreigner, comedy Dy Larry Shue, April 24-May 9. Adults $6, senior citirens $5; group rates available. PLAYHOUSE Dunhams Corner Rd. East Brunswick (908) *lhe Sound of Mus/c, the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical about the Trapp family of Austria. Through May 3. Adults $10, senior citizens and students $7. RED OAK MUSIC THEATRE Strand Theatre Clifton Ave., Lakewood (908) Anything Goes, musical by Cole Porter. April 24-May 2, Admission $17, $14. RUTGERS ARTS CENTER LflVbtThutir George St. and Route 18 New Brunswick (908) Secret, Jeart Anouilh's drama about Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas a Becket and King Henry II. Through May 3, Admission $14, discounts available. SHERATON AT WOOOBRtDGE Route 1 South, IseliP (908) A Deadly Environment, murder mystery set at a country club. 8 p.m. Saturdays. Admission $39, includes dinner. ShowKids INVITATIONAL THEATRE North Hunterdon High School Route 31, Annandale (908) The Sound of Mus/c, the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical (with all-student cast). April 25-May 3. Adults $8, senior citizens and children $6, THEATRE AT RARITAN VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Route 28, Branchburg (908) Room Service, student production. Through April 25. Adults $6, senior citizens and students $4, TRILOGY REPERTORY Little Theatre, Ridge High School South Finley Ave. Basking Ridge (908) Lys/strafa, Aristophanes' play in which women of ancient Greece protest ongoing wars, flea* turn to p* t 18 Sabar Ak Ru Afriq will perform a blend of African theater, dance and music April 26 at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank. See "Events" on page 13. COED SNORKEL and SCUBA CUSSES FREE FIRST NIGHT Somerset Hills YMCA Bernardsvil'e Pool Thursday April 23, Pf.l CALL for more Information Whitehouse Aquatic Center 6 Hwy. 22 West Whitehouse Station (Kroti from Blihopi Thrittway) North Avenue* I Hinrlk-n k Senion ft,..00 r CWWiwi Undw» Mn. -. OU* \ NOW PLAYING JO Gtafvd \ "Fern Gully" U,0P enlt^ " White Men Can't Jump" FREE PARKING IN REAR Call ThMtnt For Show Timei Tuesday Night h Date Nighl: 2 Adult Tickets 1-or The Pntc Of One I, HAVING A PARTY? A SHOWER? CARD GAME? Let us supply your desserts Plei (Apple) I'lifnjikin) BRING THIS AD TO SAVE! C»kti (Swtii Almond) (IStownlci & Ulondlct) Loaves (Zucchini) (Carrol) jltannn Null CHARRONSBEST, [PRESIDENTIAL; PICKUP I PAINT SERVICE ' J 11 Yr. Warranty I Enamel I lh0«truck TRUCK SALE 1951$< 00 Orig I 'S3M95 " ^ ^ V 4S»00 With This Coupon with This COUQOD Expires 5/31/92 ^i ExpireB 5/31/92 I Nonh Brunswick Som»rviH«MAACO MAACO 38 Old Campliin Road 9B0 Joyco Kilmer Ave. South Somervills NO. Brunswick (Behmd Columbil Lutnbtr) FREE ESTIMATES/COLLISION EXPERTS^ All CHIiDREN'S TMEATlS Est SUMMER PERFORMING ARTS ^,,., Reg/ster NOW Space la Limited! Singing, Oinclng, Sctnery Painting We*rt Put Thouundi of Kids OS STAGE! # 2w«k DAY CAMP Boys/Girls 6-17 Yrs. July 13.July24 l M'F,9a.m.-4p.m. Th» Reformed Church of Metuctien (201) 'theatre Summer theatre o«r t program.. Two-three week sessions designed for talented students ages 6-18 yrs. dance music 6* yrs. half day 9-noon» yrsfuUday9-3:30*485 Encore care tumk until 5:30pi - noopersessm Oil for KHHIHIIY (908) April 22-24,1992 Rwtoes Newspapers '.17

50 T A G E Tall corn courtship An exuberant new 'Oklahoma!' at Paper Mill 3y JESSIE HAVENS WfeetendPfus Theater Critic To say the production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Ofcto* homa! at the Paper Mill Playhouse is pure enjoyment is to understate considerably. Paper Mill has been building itself an enviable reputation for producing theater every bit as good as anything on Broadway - a reputation this production definitely confirms. If the other side of the river retains any noticeable advantage, it is the capacity to continue a show in response to popular demand. Perhaps, for the sake of regular Millburn audiences, it is just as well this cannot be done here, for Oklahoma! would settle in for a very long run and wipe out the rest of their season of entertainment. So, happy are the ticket holders who will have a chance to see... ^ ^ _^ ^^ this one before the run ends on May The cart amht Paptr MM PlayttouM production of Oklahomai, the Rodger* and Hammerttein 11 musical on stage through May 10. Curtain calls When Oklahoma! first appeared in 1943 it was a sharp departure from the usual musical. Its down-home story line about country courtship amid the tall corn and sparkling meadows had an unfamiliar twist: a psychologically tormented villain whose borderline behavior was interpreted to audiences through ballet. And Rodgers and Hammerstein did not stop there. They also omitted the chorus line which every musical was expected to have, and they wove their plot right into the lyrics of their songs. But it was not these innovations which drew long lines to the box office for five years; it was the music, the singing, the dancing, and the sheer exuberant good spirits of Oklahoma! And 50 years later it is these same ingredients which send audiences home from the Paper Mill hugging themselves with delight There have been more versions of this musical than anyone would care to count a film; a road show, which toured triumphantly overseas as well as coast to coast; innumerable attempts by summer stock, community groups, and high school drama classes. Oklahoma' might be said to have been done to death, but such is not the case, for here it is again, fresh and unspoiled as a sunrise which loses nothing by repetition. Director James Rocco has made the most of a cast of singers who can sing and dancers who can dance. It's a well-balanced mix. Nobody puts anybody else in a shadow, although there is no denying Richard White has a voice which melts melody into ecstacy and, coupling that with good looks and a playful little twist to his courting and capers, makes his Curly pretty special and his "Oh! What a Beautiful Mornin'" and "Sunny With the Fringe on Top' deliriously memorable. Juhn u'herer as that single-minded, eager-bc-aver cowboy Will Parker packs his performance with energy, enthusiasm, and naive good nature, a nice contrast to his slick, rascally rival Ali Hakim the peddler man, played by Les Marsdcn with ingratiating charm. And then there's Robert Cuccioli as malevolent Jud Fry, a trifle too malevolent perhaps, but well played in that he manages to make this unhappy man appeal to our sympathies - well, almost. Overall it must be said the men outshine the women, both individually and collectively, but that is as much the nature of the show as the performers, and is in no way a detraction of the female talent. Susan Powell is pretty and perky as the sought-after Laurey; the part does not call for much more from this heroine. The other ladies are the ones who have ail the fun, and Jennifer Allen as Ado Annie the irrepressible flirt is brimful of enjoyment; if anybody ever reveled*in a part, she does in this from her opening "Cain't Say No" to her grand romp in "All or Nothing At All." Georgia Creighton makes Aunt EUer a forthright, good sport, as she should be. It all adds up to a good solid cast of performers. Add musical direction by Tom Helm calculated to satisfy ears which know every note of every line, and choreography by Sharon Halley which adds lively accents to the action and substance to the dream sequences, and scenery by John Lee Beatty shipped east on loan from the Minnesota Opera Company that is wel worth paying freight charges. Paper Mill has got it all together in a big, bright, buoyant production that has just one notable flaw - the horse. How that scruffy nag which makes its way across stage in the grand finale escaped from tho mattress factory is difficult to imagine. But never mind, the critter is alive and well and in action, and everything else about this Oklahoma} more than makes up for it. This musical definitely deserves a strong "go ^ce" recommendation. No sense awarding one, though; the entire run is sold out. The oniy hope of getting in is by checking f<r I'iiMalkitu.'ns or wkshows. Best rail the box office before driving up to Millhuni, OKLAHOMAI Through Mw 10 at the Paper Mill PUykutf, Brooksidu Dnv\ Milibum. (201) for dinner tonon, Nil Simon'* tat olw Into (#( of chaw, op«ttf**,*ri24,attr* Laot intfw ntnmn TowmNp Municipal Confta. od Saturday f w i t f May 17 at 8:30 pjn,«#i Sunday ptriqnnanuat atl W)r fl(pi 40 and May 10 at 7:30 p.m, and May 3 and M* 17* 230 pm TW*$m i t t For mom ir> rwmatton, cal The sound ofthetrapps iloal abmft W$ Wppp tartjft irai* ; flftomavwmp wl bt *a0d " ltd ImllMRf VM b$ ihi A dhdumlon MMI tha play* wri^ii Moni iion ftadlnji For Contfnmd from pi * 17 Through April 25. Adults 18. Mnkx citizens sno students $6. VUUQEMTMUm 475 DeMott Lane, Sonwwt (908) flurwi, hrce cortcoctad by Neil Sknon. April 24-May 17. ftie Super's Not In. reading of the Kenneth Kneese play. 8 p.m, April 28, free admission, WESTF1ELD COMMUNITY fuvert.' 1000 North I*. West WestfielO (908) 23MM1 Co/e' musical biography of Cole Porter April 25-May 16. Admission $12. WTCHOfF'S RESTAURANT 932 South Ave., Wes^eld (908) M Deadiy Environment, murder mystery set at a country club. 8 p.m. Fridays. Admission $39, includes dinner. COMING UP COMPANY Fairteigh Dickinson University Becton Theatre, Teoneck {201) Home fires, world premiere of Linda Thorsen Bond's musical about American lifo during wartime. May 6-31, Admission $22-$R discounts available. CIRCLE HAVERS 416 Victoria Ave., Pucalaway (908) The Hoys Next Door, lorn Gnlfin's play about four men in a group home and Ihelr social worker. May Admission $9 Fiidays ond Saturdays. $8 Sundays; discounts available. STH AVENUE PLAYERS Reformed Church 087 Laurel PI. North Brunswick (908) GofJspef/, musical based upon the Gospel According to St. Matthew, 8 p.m, Moy 8, 9,15, 16. Adults $6, senior citizens and children under 12 $4, GARDEN REPERTORY ORGANIZATION George Street Playhouse 9 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (908} Two ploys, deirvt by Alan Bowne and S«vaje Low by Sam Shepard and Joseph Cheikln, 8 p.m. April 30-May 2. Adults $25, senior citizens and students $ Fortes Newsoapere April 22-24,1992

51 Seafood 'si 1 I N I N G with a Scampi's Restaurant offers seafood with an Italian accent By MCW PULSINEUJ Culinary Correspondent is a new addition to an old establishment in downtown SomerviUe. What once was the Somerville Fish Market is now loawpfi Ftah Maifcd awl RMtsurant It may be new to Somerville but owner Bob Petix is an old hand at this type of operation. He is the former owner of the Meeting Place and the New Metuchen Fish Market in Metuchen. Scampi's is a small fish market that happens to serve inexpensive seafood with a distinct Italian accent. The restaurant area is separated from the fish market counter by half walls of grey paneling and carpeting. There are 12 tables, with grey table cloths and plexiglas tops : Sparkling white steel chairs with black cushions convey the look of cleanliness. You would never know its a fish market, there was absolutely no fish odor, ' Bob told us that his fish is delivered daily from New England, and anything that he sells is never more than two days old. Anything older becomes home made fish cakes, or is disposed of, In addition to buying fresh fish to cook at home, Scampi's will cook and clean fish to order (broiled or grilled), while you wait, for $2 a pound over stand price, or shrimp for $1 a pound over the stand price,, Bob wanted to emphasize that they do more than just seafood. They S will also cater parties, picnics and dam bakes or offer their services to i clam bars. He told us that a big sol lei- at his restaurant is baked ziti to go- Scampi's menu is diverse, with seven appetizers ($2.95 to $4.50), nine.side orders ($1.25 to $1.95), and three soups ($1.25 cup and $1.75 howl!, You can order fish sandwich platters ($4.95 to $fi.95). Italian sandwiches ($5,50 to $7.50), triple decker clubs ($5.25 to $5.50), "on the lite side" grilled items ($4.95 to $6.95J. and cold salad platters (four for $4.95). There is even a separate sandwich menu of cold cuts, char-broiled burgers (made fresh daily), fish and Italian style parmiyiana ones. LNDA D. EPSTEIN/WEEKENDPLUS Tom Muccllli, chef and co-owner, and owner Bob Petix display some of their delicious offerings at Scampi's Fish Market and Restaurant in Somerville. Entrees include 24 seafood choices tmii to SI2.95) with the average price of $7 to $8,14 Italian, steaks, poultry, lane) and sea '85,95 lo $11.95), and six chef specialties ($6.05 to $8.95 V All entrees are served with a salad, choice of potato and vegetable or linguine. Some of the seafood choices include flounder, scrod, haddock, salmon fillet or grilled salmon steak, tuna steak and swonllish. In addition, Dance ' there are a wide variety of shrimp or scallop choices. Italian specialties are linguine with garlic and oil, clam sauce or with broccoli, baked ziti, stuffed shells and eggplant parmigiana. Meat items arc 1 sirloin steak, chicken francaise, roast beef or hot turkey. For appetizers we ordered fried calamari rings ($3.95) and clams on the half shell (six for $3.95). The large helping of calamari was lightly breaded and served with a good marinara sauce. The six very fresh little neck clams were chilled to the right temperature. My husband also ordered a bowl of Manhattan clam chowder. He said the soup was served piping hot as well as spicy hot. My husband had one of the "chef specialties," a seafood medley ($8,95) of scallops, shrimp, monk fish, tappers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes in a red cajun sauce served over linguinc. He ate all of the fish items, but could not finish the linguine. There was too much. I had the broiled shift'flounder with salmon ($10.95). This was three pieces of flounder, stuffed with salmon, and then rolled, The flounder and salmon stuffing were flaky, not over cooked, and very fresh, The operation is as diverse as its menu. You can eat there, with choices of seafood, Italian or meat. You can buy it fresh and cook it at home. Or, you can ask them to cook it for you to take home. Who can ask for anything more? SCAMPI'S FISH MARKET AND RESTAURANT 198 W, Main St., SomerviUe. (908) or (908) This column Is Intended to Inform readers of dining opportunities In the area. It Is not review. 491ROUH 1 South ki&faor* me ptoct to* for a birthday party, lha OTnMf phion MB VN WQ IIBOli IW IDOwD0OIWI fwl*»" if- (908)985-, * * *. ' ' Thin M fmt bfunohii to. '. -. WTWO M f Rm, '**' *, 1 South in MttuchWt nnf Iht^ Monio nmi Mali Vast of Bay (906) * t MMtgla/tlsthenewttal* ianrwtauartinswflman,(s09) , * * * Starting April 30 at the Thursday is Ladies NtyL Dance and party on the patio from 9 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. wtth a Hve band and disc jockey. (908) * For a real country M n g and great food, head for Colonial Farme in Somerset. (908) * + * The hottest comedy shows in the area am cooking Friday and Saturday nights at thogun V on ROute 27 in Kendall Park. (908) , * * * There are parties Saturday and Sunday before regular dining hours at Caruso's in Plain* field, CONCERT ON CHAOS Tuesday, May 5,3:30 p.m. Nicholas Music Center, Rutgers Arts Center George St., New Brunswick (908) Three worta - /mages of C/wos, Surfaces, and Clouds plus a talk by University of Maryland professor James Yorke. Free admission. HUBSARD STREET DANCE COMPANY Monday, May 4,8 p.m. McCarter Theatre 91 University PI., Princeton {609] Ja«-in(luenn;i1 troupe f rom CHicflijn, Admission S25-SI7. NEW ENGLAND CONTRA DANCING SatUKl.iy. Md/9, 8[i,m. Reformed Churcn 23 Souti" Secoiu Avc Highland Park ? ;M22H For now ;md experienced dancers; no piirtnrm nwdeil instruction at 7:30 p.m. Admr, ston $5: dress casual nwi light. RARITAN VALLEY COMMUNITY COLiEGE Wednesday. April p.m. Welpe Ihentre of collect? 1 Route 2B, (908) 725-3<i:n Spring concert performed by students from the coiled 1. Adults V.\ semoi iim/cns and students $4. SABAR AK RU AFRIQ Sjndav, April 2b, 2 (i,m, Count Uii'jic [tiimt'c T.i f,1o!*":nu ii St.. Hfdl3ank Uituijls iind ci.incti from west Africa, )i. i iforrned by the "Dfum and Spirit ol Africa Society." Admission $16. Z1VILI S.ilufJiiv. May I'. H p.m. IheaUe at Raritan Valley Community College Route 28, Bunchburg (908) fold dances performed by i\ troupe from Yugoslavia. Admission $15, $ Auditions JCC PLAYERS Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County 1775 Oak Tree Rd., Edison (90S) For Juno production of Come H/uw )oiir Horn by Neil Simon. Auditions at 7:30 p.m. April 23, 2:30 p.m. April 26. Call for specific roles. PLAYS IN THE PARK Roosevelt Park Amphitheater Rome l, Edison f%b> Summer theater series. Auditions for bwt* S'IOW of Honors and Afin/u Get i'our Gun April 2C, M.iy 1. 2: auditions for Df(in//.i May 3. Call for ic- PREMIER THEATRE COMPANY Henderson Theatre 850 Newman Springs Rd. Lincroft (908i Summer theater senes, Auditions for Pippin. MM Q! La Kkwciw. and Gtnw I.I.T, G ichildrit 1J ar>n under on r\\i> 13'. ["-HI tor times and requirements Rehearsals DEANS OF HARMONY Tuesdays, 7:30 p Elks lodge East Brunswick (908) All-male choms singing RARITAN VALLEY SYMPHONIC BAND Wednesdays, 7,30 p.m. HiHsborougn High School Ramc Blvd., Hilisbofnugh (90Hi Cc'innimty orchestra w/75 musicians, and pro- SOMERSET VALLEY ORCHESTRA Tfiursrtays, :30 p.m. Bound Brook High School West Union Ave., Bound Brook (908! Communit> ofenestra w/60 nnsicianj,, all amateur. \pnl 22-24,1992 Fortes Ncwspnpcis

52 LUNCH SPECIALS M-F 11:30-3 P.M. Chicken Antonio Stuffed Calamari Pork Chops Campagniola t many more EARLY BIRD SPECIALS Over 40 Entrees $TF95 Mon.-Fri. 3:00-5:30 P.M. i (Inc. Soup Or salads, Pot or Pasta, Vej.) Catering for family parties. Rehearsal & Shower Parties Easter is April 19-Dinner Served MOM'S RISTORANTE 1984Rt.27Edlion (908) i i BOBBY & MARY'S 318 William Si, Plscataway WEEKEND DINNER SPECIALS Dominic's 1 Ristorante Fine Southern Italian Cuisine Elegant Dining in a 200 year old Victorian Mansion H5''*--. '-'..'.;. *<& ' * Index of advertisers Acme Nissan Car Wash 9 All Children's 17 Blockbuster 24 Boulevard Foods 9 Branchburg Clock 3 Car Spa 14 Charions Best 17 City Market Ails & Crafts 16 Conversation Piece 3 Dine Out with Micki 19 Diocese of Metuchcn 9 Dunellen Theatre 17 Easy Video 15 Gold Quill 9 Kempcr Pontiac 7 Dr.Kucharz 16 MoacoAuto. 17 Metuchen Chamber 14 Mondoro Landscape 16 Natasha's Stars 14 Natural Lawn 14 Ocean Explorers 1G Ocean Place 14 Paul's Firewood 3 Personally Yours 9 Pine Hill Farm 10 Restaurants Rick's Cycle 11 State Theatre I Villagers Barn 8,17 Wes Photography 14 Wcstficld Craft Market 3 Whitehouse Aquatic...17 CRASFOHD NJ. NJ:S OWN BIG APPLE SUPERB BANQUET FACILITIES Weddings Showers Dinners Persons mmm'ffl Now Appearing In Our Lounge "MIRAGE" Coining: Next Week "EXPRESSWAY" NO COVER NO MINIMUM UIIHM\< Mi.HI \l \\\ RESTAURANT CATERING At Parkway Exit 136 Cranford COACH N' PADDOCK ROUTE II (EXIT11) < Mhi Wrtt rf tttfton, U C"..LUNCH-DINNER'COCKTAILS BALLROOM DANCING Sat., May 2nd - 7 pm-1130 pm MUSIC OF THE BIG BAND ERA featuring VINCENT JOSEPH Orchestra 1940's Big Band Music Dinner-Dance $26.95 Per person. (PlusTfcx, Gratuity & Cocktails) ' Kesemtlcwi Appreciated GERMAN MAY FESTIVAL V FRIDAY DANCE NIGHT Sat., May 30th 7:30-11:30 P.M. with Frank Hanner & The Pannv Sisters Twilight Dining Four Course S* * 95 Dinner Mon.-Fri. 4 pm-6 pm 7:30-11:30 April 24th Jim Hoffman May Ist-Buci Beaver & Elaine Specializing in Weddings, Banquets U Parties for All Occasions Accommodating Private Functions for 10 to 200 : t; Open Mother's Day Sunday, May 10th Always lots of free parking on premises Live Piano Music Friday and Saturday Evenings Open Mon.-Fri. for Lunch & Dinner Dinners Sat. starling at 5:00 PM Closed Sunday 276 Hamilton Street New Brunswick, NJ (908) Reservations Suggested ^ '^ ^^^^ ^ ^- / ;.? : "v^s>fst "Meals To Menu for week of April 27th MON: Buffalo Wing Platter or Shrimp Scampi w/pasia TIIES: Marinated Lamb Cubes or Pasta/Mushrooms &Peas WED: Vegetable Lasagna or Flank Stejk marinated in pineapple sauce THURS: Shrimp w/hoisin Sauco or Chicken Faiitas FR1: Chicken w/cheese Sauco or Soalood Casserole Alt Entrees $3.00 All V4lb. Sandwiches $1,99 62 W. Main St., Somerville I Vteetend Forbes Newspapers April 22-24, 1992

53 Forbes & Newspapers presents Arts & Crafts FESTIVAL '92 Saturday, April 25 10:00am to 4:00pm OUTDOORS George Street New Brunswick JURIED HANDMADE CRAFTS Ceramics, Baskets, Floral, Wood Carvings, Jewelry, Pottery, Oil Paintings Handmade Clothing, Soft Sculpture, Contemporary Artwork, AND MUCH MORE! wctc Remote Radio Broadcast Continuous live music ALL DAY.'{ WS 3221 Route 27 Franklin Park (908) or 9879 Formerly A Kitchen LOBSTER & STEM HOUSE 1V4 LB. 5 Any Style cannot be comblntd with any other olfer Mongolian Bar-BQ (with LOBSTER Add 1!. $3.00) and 16 item buffet & salad bar & soup. ALL YOV CAN EAT! * Kutcd by Princeton Packet Home News Coupon 1 I OFF Take out-only Wang's Kitchen. exp. 5/11/92 - Our regular menu & Luke out service also avullublc. Major Credit Curds Honored ' ;^:; ^- ; ;<y:^:,:^;r:;^- : :::". ING: iiiii^^ Monday Nights AII'YoU'Can<Eat BABY BACK RIBS <? LOVE UIRD DINNER For Two Seafood Soup Fantail Shrimp 1 % Lobster (any style} House Fried Rice '22 00/Reg. W 1.00 nottobe combined wti vnt otter often. (C Q M Every Tuesday DISCOUNT NIGHT 15% OFF TOTAL CHECK Route 1 Route 27 6 cc X n CO -6 c 1 A4P Wang's Foodtown One dining aduti per child, Thursday Nights AII'You-Can-Eat RIBS TOO! M3 95 Home & Office Delivery Available Fax CKLEY'S the only place for ribs ^1776 South Washington Avenue, Plscataway ^ Casual Dining I ^*M^HH) * Cocktails /Vfiv extensive & affordable menu I Looking for generous portions, relaxing atmosphere, courteous ser- Y0UR Purchase of ai least one lunch or dinner enirea required Limit to partial of six or less. Valid everyday except Friday. May not bo combined with any other ohers. Reservations accepted. g x « (9 miles N, of Ihe Flemlngton Circle t Vh miles So. of Somerville Circle.) VISA (D «Continental German-American Cuisine "The Stamm Family is at your service" OPEN FOR LUNCHEON. COCKTAILS, DINNER, SUPPER On the North Shore of the Lake 141 Slerliag Road, Watehiag, New Jersey Why Cook Tonight?/"^ Get Hooked On ^ " ". i. * Fish Market & Restaurant FAMILY FISH COMBO DELIGHTS lib Brtoded Fried FtountJcr (4-5 pci I 1 ID Colo Stow I ID Frertch Fries fried Shrimp 1 fb Colo Slaw 1 Ib French Frtts M Fried 6 pc Shrimp 6 pc- Scallops 2 pc Flounder (ipproil Vi Ib.) 11b. Co\t Slaw 11b. Frencn Fries V Frltd 24 pc. Scallops 1 ib. Cole Slaw 11b French Fries M2.95 Mide tilth our o»n Homemtdc Hrcading & Hmcmxdc (ok Shu Try Our New Heat i Eat Prepared Foods Baked Zitl Shrimp Parm. # Stuffed Shells Rounder Parm. Eggplant Parm. t Scallop Scampi t Shrimp Scampi "TA^NSPECIA"n rbu7i"ib7of ShrirniT' & Get V2 Ib. I Ct. I Buy Ont Dinner - y^_ I I 1 or Dlnrwr EntrM */2 i flktlw 2nd it E,ci f.i Ntmi ob OFF II I Any fresn nan Msn 11 w/purchaseoiiibotrrwe Purchase ol $10.00 or More of Flounder Filet kl_ With Coupon E«pmS/M? I I One Coupon PrCmtomef Eipm5,'2,'9? > J!-i """"""" T g e' w. Main St., Somerville ,1992 Forbes Newspapers V\feeMeiitf ; 1 ^

54 MARILYN CORMACK Wine With Reason A gentleman I work with took a wine class from someone other than me. So, you know I had a rather selfish reason to keep up with his progress. About week four, he I came to work all excited; they were tasting a 74 Lafite. It was his first time drinking a Grand Cru Wine, So I understood the anticipation. But, the next day, there were no joyous speeches about spiritual expert- I ences. What went wrong? "I don't know. I just couldn't tell the difference between the Lafite and the other wines we were drinking. It was no big deal Maybe my palate wasn't ready yet/ 1 Things that make you go "Hmm-m." You expect that if a wine is valued (and that expensive!), anyone should bo able to taste its greatness. But lets be honest, guys, take away the hocus-pocus and wine is simply an agricultural beverage. Don't you think that if Coko and Pepsi let out their secret formulas they would sound just as mysterious as "Sur Lee" aging 9 What should you expect tor S30.00 a bottlr' To bejin, I expect {lawlessness. No mistake:.-;, no sulphur sh:),v:iiy, v.o unt,p.,> fm;;t cr over cakmq, I opool lots ol 'mil both in Ih no::.o :nj:-iou!h. 1 <jxpi;ct enough lo ir &<J Ihu wi.i 1 ib shiny as ^ass and fresh on the tongue. Tno tannin 1 ; {grape or wood) sho'jid bo well interqialecl into the flavors to odd depth onij structure. And the alcohol should be just enough to add another demonsion of feelings in the mouth, especially in Iho finish. Lastly, all of the abovo should be so perfectly balanced that none stands out over the others, so the tlavors/mouthfeel are experienced as a smooth whole. No distractions, Is that too much to ask from a wino? Hero are a couplo of wines I find flawless and well worth tho money. Prices will vary store lo stare, bul will range Irom S18-S40. Judge those by their lack of faults, I'm sure you'll see Iho dillerence! Robert Mondavi 1986 Reservo Cabernet Sauvignon Anatolio Galt ; nara 1985 Clos Du Eois Braircrcst Cabernot Saintsbury Garnet Pinot Noir Joseph Drouhin 1985 Clos Do Moucnes. Sponsored by KINGSTON Wine V I iutim \ FRANKLIN TOWNE CENTER (next to FOOD-TOWN) Highway 27 Franklin Park, N.J GRAND OPENING CHINA AUTHENTIC 8ZECHUAN CANTONESE a i m r FINE DINING IN A RELAXED AND ELEGANT ATMOSPHERE LUNCH-DINNER-TAKE OUT I 722-8M3 722*8902 MMHMITtMOMNOCOflM (NOT TOORANOUNtONI tomcrvilu TRAFFIC CIRCLE (RT 202,2M, I 31) MIDOEWATtR, N.J, QM07 M0N.-1MM. 11:30 m-iftoo pni; FBI. I SAT. 11:10 im-uw pm SUN. 11:50 pffl. 10:00 pm 0* :» f OO Any Purchase I More SHOWN 3376 Romt 27 KtndiH Park sum YORK COMEDY Produced by Patrick Gaynor Entertainment Reservations suggested Limited Seating This Week SATURDAY SHOW ONLY 1 Dennis Hoss Lee Moriym i'ctcr Heffcnicii CALL (908) ! tii tn tu * tu " LUNCH SPECIALS M-F 11:30-3 P.M. Chicken Antonio Stuffed Catamari Pork Chops Campagniola many more EARLY BIRD SPECIALS Over 40 Entrees Mon.-Fri. 3:00-5:30 P.M. (Inc. Soup Or salads, PoL or Pasta, Veg.). Catering for family parties. Rehearsal & Shower Parties Easter is April 19-Dinner Served MOMS RISTORANTE 1984 Rt. 27 Edison (908) ithe CRYSTAL DOME Presents Early Bird Dining MNHOIM RlSFAUIiANI MOTHEBSDAVAT PAWLLO'S BtktiHm *ij M PrimtKb '/{ stu$tifbw*,tt Mpm. w SluSa QMm Bwt..'13 ts I** W-.- '«" Nt» York Won M?14 n Aiwirt Affrtttm. Swpi * DMMHI Available Sprt»> DIMnn'i Mmu All Dlirnin SwHWhh Md^Mm CMnini April 2*m 2 Show h THE FABULOUS DUPREES 9:00Show.Oinncr m T:Wi^S" "NORTH vossaia AVE KMND KOOK ' Crystal A Diner that was built on faith and respect Por iho low price of $7.45 you get a cup! Of s 0UPi Salad, Bread and Butter, Entree Selection, Cofloo or Tea, and your choice Monday thru Saturday 3-6 PM of Pudding, Jollo or Ice Croam. and on Sunday 1-5 PM ENTREES Some Entrees come with Potato or Vngetabfa if a H '*s shown no Potato or Vogolibk is included. 1. Broiled or BroadetJ Pork Chops 2. Roast English Cut Prime Rib 3. London Broil w/mushroom uauco <t, Yankoo Pot Roast 5. Roast Fresh Ham w/stuflmg 6. Bakod w/nnir.hioom Gauco Roast Half Spfinij Chicken w/stulltnq 8. Sautood Chicken Bai; Maisnla. Francaisoor P.umiqidiiii, Chicken Croiiuottcc " 10. Broiled FiM ol BIIMJIISI i 11. Broiled Ilostonrjcrod 12. Fried Pilot of Solo 13. Broccoli Rabo w/cav;ili!lli* 14. Stuffod Shells Parmigiana w/moatball* 16. Spagholti Carbonala* 17. Spaghetti w/broccoii* 18. Spaghetti Marinara w/meatball* 19. Baked Italian Lasagna w/moatball* 20. Bakod Greek Stylo Moussaka w/small Greek Salad* 21. Bakod Greek Stylo Pastichio w/small Greek Salad* 22. Authentic Athenian Spinish Pio w/small Greek Salad* 23. Grilled Chicken Breast 24. Eggplant Parmigiana w/spaghotti* 25. Baked Ziti Parmigiana w/moatball' 26. Bakod Manicotti Parmigiana w/meatball* 27. Broiled Pilot of Sole w/crabmeat slutting 28. Chofs specials ol the day Open: Everyday 6 AM Close: Sun., Mori., lues., Wed, 12 Mid. Close: Thurs. 1 AM Close Fri., Sal. 3 AM 2002 Park Avenue South Plainfield SPECIAL BREAKFAST SI.95 (Mon.-Fri.) 6-10 AM 2 Eggs (Any Style) Potato^ (Any Style) Toast, Cnffpf! mul Tea LUNCHEON SPECIALS Start from $ va Wockond Forbes Newspapers April 22-24,1992

55 Spirit Menbut Great Food, Great Prices b GREAT PUCE A A * (908) Rate 523 (on the tracks) Whitchouse Station) RISTORANTE COUPON ' I \ \ \ n \ Mil \<S\)\\ \ S M l R i m M i l s Couples Nile!!! lltl \l VNOIill K(()l I'll. lodiwi K HU Reservations Suggested May 10 MOTHER'S DAY 1 P.M.-6 P.M. Adults $ Children under 10 $7.95 OR Ala Carte Menu Starting at $11.95 Children's Menu Also Available FRIDAY NITE Make Your Reservations Now! TALK OF THE TOWN GRAND BUFFET RICHIE AT PIANO Per Person 10 & Uncle S f > 50) Reservations Suggested Hamilton Blvd., 708 Mountain Blvd., Watchung (908) EVERY FRIDAY IS COMEDY NIGHTI Join Us For Our Dinner Show at 8:00 (Only $20/Person) Dinner starts at 7:00 Dinner Choice: Prime Rib Chicken Cordon Bleu Shrimp Scampi Unlimited trip to ottr salad bar, baked potato, coffee or tea (Tax & gratuity not included) 10:30 Cocktail Show Call for detaili OPEN FOR LUNCH MON.-SAT. Dinner 7 Days a Week Sunday Buffet Brunch 11-2:00 Reservations Recommended Banquet Facilities Available call for information Butcher Shop & Deli Open 7 Days a week from 9-6 pm (908) COMEDY SHOW. : :;; :, ; :; : ; ^fe:4,'mi ^fei:;'' : : ^;$:&$&&& '.'-"''^ ITYOUNOWCUMUAIOUT QUALITY FLAVOR 470 MAIN IT. (MITUCHEKMALD MAIN tt LAXD AVI MUCNJO!OIK»U»AVl kv UTTOH IIGKAfOAVl GO GYRO'S :a.:^-:;;;i TABUiSI^fDOORS& OUTDOORS nv on or oux ornu IFICULTIU TOO W y f? " vo'«;. Wk. 1TMMBUFFET All You Can Eat.95 Monday Saturday 5:30 pm -10:00 pm FREE DELIVERY Pizza Sandwiches Dinners (908) WEST MAIN ST., SOMERVILLE, NJ (908) FAX (908) PRODUCE Brocolli 79* %F a bunch Red Delicious Apples 2ib.for OAK TREE FOODS Farm Fresh Country Market $4 00 Bananas $ Ib. for DAIRY 2% Milk $009 Gallon Keller's Butter S-J29 Ib. Hours: Mon.-Fri, 9-6, Sat, 8-6, Sun, 8-2 (908) DELI Our Own Store Made Honey Ham ** lb.(by the pound) Yellow or While American Cheese S-J99 Ib, (by Iho pound) MEAT Fresh Ground Chuck * ib. Fresh Chicken Legs gg S Yogurt 10 Varietjes 0( Fresh Home Made Pepper & Onion $ 100 Bread & Rolls (Fresh Daily) Sausa 9<>, lies 2 for $A49 Wo Now Accept Visa MasterCard & Discover Card$_ Phone orders gladly accepted Located on Oak Tree Road Next to Drug Fair across from Pott Offlct In So. Plilnfleld April 22-24,1992 Forbes Newspapers Weekend 23

56 A Piece of Mexico in the Heart of Mettfchen WELCOME AMIGOS! EIKHENS SSI 1 r lexjdell IttOMAINSt-METUCHEN (NOT TO THE TUIN STATION) MWIMtUN Now Opca OB Fajita Dinner '10.95 Enchilada Dinner $7.50 Chicken Fried Steak $10.95!A Show your day's receipt J and receive $1.00 Drafts & 1/2 Price appetizers after your game. \$e&tmrwib He (oaterm Presents an Evening of TO THE U-PIECE DIG BAND & FEMALE SINGER RECREATING THE SOUNDS OF: BASIE GOODMAN ELLINGTON DORSEY and Others.,. 645 ROUTE 202/206 BRIDGWATER. Ml * / (906) CALL FOR RESERVATIONS} McAteers Restaurant & Caterers 1714 Easton Ave. Somerset, NJ ftle.: (908) Fax: (908) t ' 7<* FROM AMERICA'S FAVORITE VIDEO STORE AVENEL CRANFORD EDISON LINDEN METUCHEN NORTH BRUNSWICK NORTH PLAINFIELD SPRINGFIELD


THE ARC RECREATION NEWSLETTER July 2014 August 2014 September 2014 Page 2 THE ARC RECREATION NEWSLETTER All trips must be paid for in full before the event. You will receive a call at least one week prior to the event if you are on

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October 13, Absentee voting by machine begins next Wednesday, October 18 th.

October 13, Absentee voting by machine begins next Wednesday, October 18 th. October 13, 2017 New Community Development Director Our quest to hire the best and brightest continues with the filling of the Community Development director position. Larry Nichols has more than 28 years

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Ionia Downtown Development Authority April 2018 Newsletter

Ionia Downtown Development Authority April 2018 Newsletter Ionia Downtown Development Authority April 2018 Newsletter Ionia Area Career Fair Set for April 19th Discover career opportunities and connect with future talent at the Ionia Area Career Fair on April

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FRANCISCAN FESTIVAL OF FINE ARTS FRANCISCAN FESTIVAL OF FINE ARTS September 1 & 2, 2018 9:00am till 5:00pm Saturday and 10:00 till 4:00 Sunday (Please note difference in times) Rules, fees, and Information Sept. 12, 2017 If you wish to

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Jewels of the County - Worth Checking Out. A Report on the Nevada County Library System

Jewels of the County - Worth Checking Out. A Report on the Nevada County Library System Jewels of the County - Worth Checking Out A Report on the Nevada County Library System Summary The Nevada County Library System consists of six libraries, five of which are circulating libraries, and one

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City of University Park Special Events 2014

City of University Park Special Events 2014 About University Park City of University Park Special Events 2014 University Park is an affluent and well-educated residential community of 23,068 residents. It s located approximately five miles north

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Welcome to Recreation! Broadcast Club s Wizard of Oz. Contact Recreation. Summer 2018

Welcome to Recreation! Broadcast Club s Wizard of Oz. Contact Recreation. Summer 2018 Contact Recreation The Arc Center 1158 Wayside Road Tinton Falls, NJ 07712 Phone: (732) 493-0225 Email: Website: Summer 2018 Welcome to Recreation!

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The Council would like to know if you think it should provide this ongoing support to the Hawera Cinema 2 Trust.

The Council would like to know if you think it should provide this ongoing support to the Hawera Cinema 2 Trust. Page 1 of 8 Introduction In March 2007 the South Taranaki District Council (the Council) purchased the Hawera Cinema 2 (the Cinema) complex for $1 million to keep the facility operating. The Council of

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2018 Carson City Fair Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits Monetary and In-Kind

2018 Carson City Fair Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits Monetary and In-Kind 2018 Carson City Fair Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits Monetary and In-Kind July 25-29, 2018, Fuji Park, Carson City, Nevada Join us for the Carson City Fair featuring 4-H, FFA, and Grange youth;

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WALK ON THE WILD SIDE. Including a Live Cougar, and many other wild animals! SATURDAY - 1st 150 People. Goody Bag from ACE Hardware

WALK ON THE WILD SIDE. Including a Live Cougar, and many other wild animals! SATURDAY - 1st 150 People. Goody Bag from ACE Hardware 8 im a -1 Ya k 16 SPO TRA tt he A ay Sund l a Speci $1 Off Admission FREE FISHING Kid Activities Hourly Door Prizes And More! 29t h An L WA RTS FE in BR UA RY CEN nua l SHIN MEN GTO SHO N W FEATURING WALK

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NOTIFLYER. The. Negroni-Hendrick Mobile Library. Give Me Land. (editorial)

NOTIFLYER. The. Negroni-Hendrick Mobile Library. Give Me Land. (editorial) Newsletter # 18 The FRIENDS of the MIMS / SCOTTSMOOR LIBRARY April 2006 Negroni-Hendrick Mobile Library Thanks to a successful 5K fundraiser last November and a generous $50,000 donation by local residents

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St. Vincent de Paul. Newsletter

St. Vincent de Paul. Newsletter Toy drive begins The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, in partnership with Together We Can Make A Difference, will once again be hosting the Priceless Gift Toy Store at a new location 1000 E. Porter St.

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City of Rialto California

City of Rialto California City of Rialto California Dear Community Member, It is with great pleasure that I invite your business/organization to participate in the City of Rialto Spring Eggstravaganza on Saturday, April 15, 2017

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Akron-Summit County Public Library. Collection Development Policy. Approved December 13, 2018

Akron-Summit County Public Library. Collection Development Policy. Approved December 13, 2018 Akron-Summit County Public Library Collection Development Policy Approved December 13, 2018 COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT POLICY TABLE OF CONTENTS Responsibility to the Community... 1 Responsibility for Selection...

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Special Event Calendar. Go to top

Special Event Calendar. Go to top Special Event Calendar Go to top Go to top Just ASK for Information about Senior Services in Union County Union County residents seeking information about services for senior adults age 60 and older can

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Los Angeles Ballet s Quartet

Los Angeles Ballet s Quartet Engage Learn Transform MARCH - APRIL 2014 Special performance for Club 1527 Now that She s Gone One-Woman Play written and performed by Ellen Snortland Friday, March 7 at 1:30 pm Now That She s Gone is

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2019 New York Adventure. Celebrating Broadway and the 73 rd Annual Tony Awards. Friday, June 7 Monday, June 10

2019 New York Adventure. Celebrating Broadway and the 73 rd Annual Tony Awards. Friday, June 7 Monday, June 10 2019 New York Adventure Celebrating Broadway and the 73 rd Annual Tony Awards Friday, June 7 Monday, June 10 Trip includes*: Choice of tickets to the 73 rd Annual Tony Awards or access to a viewing party

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Date February 2, Recreation and Park Commission Operations Committee. Philip A. Ginsburg, General Manager Dana Ketcham, Division Head.

Date February 2, Recreation and Park Commission Operations Committee. Philip A. Ginsburg, General Manager Dana Ketcham, Division Head. Date February 2, 2017 To: Through: From: Recreation and Park Commission Operations Committee Philip A. Ginsburg, General Manager Dana Ketcham, Division Head Dana Ketcham Subject: Joseph L. Alioto Performing

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Production Information for The East Side Players Production of. "The Little Mermaid 2016

Production Information for The East Side Players Production of. The Little Mermaid 2016 Production Information for The East Side Players Production of "The Little Mermaid 2016 Please read through this guide, as it hopefully will answer most of your questions. If you have any additional questions,

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Using Commas. c. Common introductory words that should be followed by a comma include yes, however, well.

Using Commas. c. Common introductory words that should be followed by a comma include yes, however, well. Using Commas The comma is a valuable, useful punctuation device because it separates the structural elements of sentences into manageable segments. The rules provided here are those found in traditional

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Between Friends Friends of the Adams County Library System June 2014

Between Friends Friends of the Adams County Library System June 2014 Between Friends Friends of the Adams County Library System June 2014 Between Friends is the newsletter of the Friends of the Adams County Library System. Friends of the Library PO Box 4792 Gettysburg,

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FRIENDS OF THE MENOMINEE COUNTY LIBRARY FRIENDS OF THE MENOMINEE COUNTY LIBRARY Summer 2017 Remember to mark the Friends annual BOOK SALE on your calendar. Friday July 28 th Sale Hours 8:00-5:00 Saturday July 29 th Sale Hours 9:00-1:00 Stephenson

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NewsReel. Teamsters Local 399. Motion Picture & Theatrical Division. Secretary-Treasurer Leo T. Reed

NewsReel. Teamsters Local 399. Motion Picture & Theatrical Division. Secretary-Treasurer Leo T. Reed NewsReel Teamsters Local 399 Motion Picture & Theatrical Division Secretary-Treasurer Leo T. Reed Fall 2012 Message from the Secretary-Treasurer By Leo T. Reed An Ambitious Program To Create

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Riverton Community News

Riverton Community News Riverton Community Association, Inc. Feb 15/Mar 15 Riverton Community News Check us out on Facebook at Riverton Community Association R.C.A. Annual Meeting and Election Saturday,

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How to be a Good Location Manager and Scout

How to be a Good Location Manager and Scout How to be a Good Location Manager and Scout The Role of the Location Manager and Location Scout The Location Manager is responsible for the finding and securing locations to be used and coordinating the

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2014 Event Sponsorship Packet

2014 Event Sponsorship Packet 2014 Event Sponsorship Packet Sat. September 27th Sat. December 6th Destination Downtown South Boston, Inc. 432 Main Street South Boston, VA 24592 Phone: 434-575-4209 Fax: 434-575-4275 Web:

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Lancaster Performing Arts Center RENTAL FEES and Policies

Lancaster Performing Arts Center RENTAL FEES and Policies Physical Address: Mailing Address: City of Lancaster 750 West Lancaster Blvd ATTN: LPAC Rental Office Lancaster, CA 93535-3816 44933 Fern Ave LPAC Rental Administrator (661) 723-5932

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Toccoa Harvest Festival 2017 Application Historic Downtown Toccoa

Toccoa Harvest Festival 2017 Application Historic Downtown Toccoa Toccoa Harvest Festival 2017 Application Historic Downtown Toccoa Welcome: The Toccoa Main Street Program welcomes you to our 41 st annual Harvest Festival. We invite you to be a part of this northeast

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SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY. Transportation Commission. Rialto Police & Fire Battle of the Badges rialto community center

SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY. Transportation Commission. Rialto Police & Fire Battle of the Badges rialto community center JANUARY New Year s Day rialto water services office closed Recreation Transportation 0 Human Relations coco s restaurant Rialto Police & Fire Battle of the Badges rialto community center

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Libraries. Goals. The City will:

Libraries. Goals. The City will: Libraries Goals The City will: Provide adequate public facilities and services for all services which the City provides. Coordinate the location and design of all City public facilities with the goals

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Facilities Use Fees TYPE OF FEE OR CHARGE

Facilities Use Fees TYPE OF FEE OR CHARGE Facilities Use Fees RESIDENT RESIDENT Greystone Estate Use Fees (Meeting s) (exterior areas beyond the terrace, and events that are not meetings are subject to rates listed above) Non Monday - Friday,

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Digital Signage Policy ADM 13.0

Digital Signage Policy ADM 13.0 Policy Type: Administrative POLICY DATES Issued: 7/1/2016 Last Revised: Reviewed: In 2012, the University of Mount Union launched a new digital signage initiative as a means of enhancing communication

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Friends Fundraisers. Huntingdon Valley Library Newsletter - Sept. 12, Table of Contents

Friends Fundraisers. Huntingdon Valley Library Newsletter - Sept. 12, Table of Contents 625 Red Lion Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA (215) 947-5138 Huntingdon Valley Library Newsletter - Sept. 12, 2017 Table of Contents Calendar of Events Read, Listen, Watch News and Notes Get Involved Calendar

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RESPONSE OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THEATRE OWNERS (NATO) To the report and recommendations of The Federal Trade Commission

RESPONSE OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THEATRE OWNERS (NATO) To the report and recommendations of The Federal Trade Commission RESPONSE OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THEATRE OWNERS (NATO) To the report and recommendations of The Federal Trade Commission Approved by the NATO Board of Directors November 2, 2000 Phoenix, Arizona

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Discover Our Good Nature!

Discover Our Good Nature! The Juniata River Valley Chamber & Visitors Bureau Discover Our Good Nature! Photo by Thierwechter Photography VIEW VIEW VIEW 2006-Present VIEW Memories and Musings The Circus is Coming! The Circus is

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City Newsletter - January 2019

City Newsletter - January 2019 City Newsletter - January 2019 In the City Limits Your Monthly Newsletter Connect with Us! (352) 735-7100 510 North Baker Street Mount Dora, FL 32757 In This Issue Your City Council.......3

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CALL FOR ENTRIES FIRST ANNUAL SUMMER MOSAIC CALL FOR ENTRIES 171 CEDAR ARTS CENTER FIRST ANNUAL SUMMER MOSAIC SHOW & FUNDRAISER THE PROJECT: Accepted artists will create 50 small works (6 x 6 ) over the course of 45 days. Each artist chooses a theme

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Meeting Room Setup Diagrams

Meeting Room Setup Diagrams Meeting Setup Diagrams South County Regional Education Center 800 National City lvd., National City, CA 91950 619-470-5 Presenter Station Projector Screen Windows Divider 6401 Linda Vista Road, San Diego,

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WHS COLLECTIONS SUMMARY WHS COLLECTIONS SUMMARY The collections of WHS shall reflect the history of Wauwatosa from its beginnings to the present. This shall also include materials from Milwaukee County and the State of Wisconsin

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FIRST Regional Planning Guide & Manual Section 11

FIRST Regional Planning Guide & Manual Section 11 Safety Pit Safety Reporting Main Arena Lighting 1-EMTs are located on site and are on EMTs are located near or at Pit radio Administration and are on radio 2-Reportable injuries sustained receive No incidents

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Beyond booksales... Friends fundraising ideas. By yjami van Haaften

Beyond booksales... Friends fundraising ideas. By yjami van Haaften Beyond booksales... Friends fundraising ideas By yjami van Haaften FRIENDS FUNDRAISING IDEAS Friends with charitable status Merchandise Events Book Bags Library Quilts Capital campaigns Other Booksales

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May 8-11, Wisconsin State Fair Grounds West Allis, WI EXHIBITOR KIT

May 8-11, Wisconsin State Fair Grounds West Allis, WI EXHIBITOR KIT May 8-11, 2013 Wisconsin State Fair Grounds West Allis, WI EXHIBITOR KIT EXHIBITOR S TIMELINE Immediate Immediate April 26 Room reservations at area hotel Balance due for exhibit space Wisconsin Temporary

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SHORT TERM THEATRE RENTAL RENTAL PACKET (For Tenant & Non-Tenant Use) SHORT TERM THEATRE RENTAL RENTAL PACKET (For Tenant & Non-Tenant Use) We are pleased that you are interested in using one of our spaces for Event. Please carefully read all of the information and complete

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Policies, Responsibilities & Fees for Use rev rev. 2013

Policies, Responsibilities & Fees for Use rev rev. 2013 Policies, Responsibilities & Fees for Use 2.14.12 rev. 7.3.12 rev. 2013 The Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy is a non-partisan center that is also home to the Chancellor s Honors Program and

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WEST SPRINGFIELD CHORAL ARTS. {hand}book Mr. Dustin Brandt, director phone:

WEST SPRINGFIELD CHORAL ARTS. {hand}book Mr. Dustin Brandt, director   phone: WEST SPRINGFIELD CHORAL ARTS {hand}book 2013-2014 Mr. Dustin Brandt, director email: phone: 703.913.3932 Welcome Dear Students and Parents: Welcome to the West Springfield

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Part A Instructions and examples

Part A Instructions and examples Part A Instructions and examples A Instructions and examples Part A contains only the instructions for each exercise. Read the instructions and do the exercise while you listen to the recording. When you

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Looking Back: Rules and Regulations for School Libraries, 1910

Looking Back: Rules and Regulations for School Libraries, 1910 Western Kentucky University TopSCHOLAR DLSC Faculty Publications Library Special Collections Summer 2003 Looking Back: Rules and Regulations for School Libraries, 1910 Jonathan Jeffrey Western Kentucky

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InsideLine. So What s This About Roku? 4th Quarter 2011

InsideLine. So What s This About Roku? 4th Quarter 2011 InsideLine 4th Quarter 2011 Committed To Meeting Our Members Needs So What s This About Roku? Roku was originally introduced as a Netflix player, affording Netflix subscribers the ability to watch their

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Testimony of Connie Ledoux Book, Ph.D. Elon University

Testimony of Connie Ledoux Book, Ph.D. Elon University Testimony of Connie Ledoux Book, Ph.D. Elon University Before the Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet Committee on Energy and Commerce U.S. House of Representatives Hearing on Status of

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AN INSIDER S GUIDE TO BUYING TICKETS AND ENJOYING THE SHOW AN INSIDER S GUIDE TO BUYING TICKETS AND ENJOYING THE SHOW CONCERT LINEUP ANNOUNCEMENT APRIL 12, 2018! Enjoying a concert at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is one of the most memorable entertainment

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OAK PARK CONSERVATORY RENTAL INFORMATION OAK PARK CONSERVATORY RENTAL INFORMATION FOR WEDDINGS, SPECIAL EVENTS & BIRTHDAY PARTIES The Oak Park Conservatory is owned and operated by the Park District of Oak Park and is one of the top three historical

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1. CASH REFUNDS FOR CANCELLATION OF YOUR PURCHASE a. Purchases made from the Official Festival Office at the National of Flamenco


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I Tom. L the film starts does the film start? In past simple questions, we use did: L you. I you live do you Live?

I Tom. L the film starts does the film start? In past simple questions, we use did: L you. I you live do you Live? In questions we usually put the subject after the first verb: subject + verb verb + subject I Tom you the house will have was will have was Tom you the house 0 Will Tom be here tomorrow C Have you been

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Education Programs Registration Packet

Education Programs Registration Packet Education & Community Engagement 2175 N. Sixth Ave. Tucson, AZ 85705 NON PROFIT ORG US POSTAGE PAID TUCSON AZ PERMIT NO. 837 DON T MISS OUT! REGISTER NOW! 2017-2018 Education Programs Registration Packet

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Town of Ballston Community Library

Town of Ballston Community Library Town of Ballston Community Library Check us Out! 2008 Annual Report Mission Statement: The Town of Ballston Community Library shall develop and maintain facilities, resources, and services to meet the

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WELLS BRANCH COMMUNITY LIBRARY COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT PLAN JANUARY DECEMBER 2020 Description and Objectives: WELLS BRANCH COMMUNITY LIBRARY COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT PLAN JANUARY 2016- DECEMBER 2020 This document outlines the principles and criteria for the selection of library materials.

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Volusia County Secondary Reading/ELA Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida January 25 29, 2016

Volusia County Secondary Reading/ELA Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida January 25 29, 2016 Volusia County Secondary Reading/ELA Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida January 25 29, 2016 Monday, January 25th Student Book Swap Monday through Thursday, students can bring a gently used chapter book to

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Plymouth Arts Center Rental Agreement

Plymouth Arts Center Rental Agreement Plymouth Arts Center Rental Agreement 520 East Mill Street P.O. Box 253 Plymouth, WI 53073 Phone: 920.892.8409 Fax: 920.893.5242 Plymouth Arts Center Rental Information Overview:

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This is a vocabulary test. Please select the option a, b, c, or d which has the closest meaning to the word in bold.

This is a vocabulary test. Please select the option a, b, c, or d which has the closest meaning to the word in bold. The New Vocabulary Levels Test This is a vocabulary test. Please select the option a, b, c, or d which has the closest meaning to the word in bold. Example question see: They saw it. a. cut b. waited for

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BC bop! Handbook FY 2014

BC bop! Handbook FY 2014 BC bop! Handbook FY 2014 Contents I. History II. Mission Statement III. Band Calendar A. Rehearsals B. Performances & Special Rehearsals C. Travel IV. Repertoire V. Member Expectations A. Standards 1.

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Exhibitor Prospectus Launching Innovation. Defining Success. November 4 6, 2010 Orlando, Florida

Exhibitor Prospectus Launching Innovation. Defining Success. November 4 6, 2010 Orlando, Florida Exhibitor Prospectus Launching Innovation. Defining Success. November 4 6, 2010 Orlando, Florida About SWE Women of courage and vision founded the Society of Women Engineers in 1950. These

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Book Fund Handbook 2009

Book Fund Handbook 2009 Book Fund Handbook 2009 M ISSION S TATEMENT is dedicated to providing philanthropic support to Brandeis University, a distinguished liberal arts and research university founded by the American Jewish community.

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Lincoln Theatre Company

Lincoln Theatre Company Lincoln Theatre Company General Information Contact Information Nonprofit Lincoln Theatre Company Address 2351 Walden View Ln. Lincoln, CA 95648 Phone (916) 409-7030 Web Site

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Depot Park RENTAL GUIDE THE Depot Park RENTAL GUIDE HELLO! DEPOT PARK is a 32-acre public park featuring a custom play area, an underwater-cavern-inspired splash pad, picnic pavilions, a water s edge promenade with scenic overlooks,

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities Sponsorship Opportunities Dear Prospective Sponsor: The Town of Huntersville Parks and Recreation Department sponsorship program is designed to effectively market local businesses while making a positive

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On the weekend UNIT. In this unit. 1 Listen and read.

On the weekend UNIT. In this unit. 1 Listen and read. UNIT 7 On the weekend In this unit You learn time prepositions: on, at, in present continuous for future words for sports and then you can make suggestions talk about sports talk about future plans 49

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35 th Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival Arts & Crafts Vendor Application

35 th Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival Arts & Crafts Vendor Application 35 th Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival Arts & Crafts Vendor Application SPONSORED BY: THE BRUNSWICK COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE PO Box 1185 Shallotte, NC 28459 (910) 754-6644 WHERE: Causeway Drive

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Unpaid Internship - Job Description

Unpaid Internship - Job Description Unpaid Internship - Job Description College Internship Description: The iheartmedia Internship Program (unpaid for college credit only) has been designed to provide qualified college and university undergraduate

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Illinois High School Theatre Festival

Illinois High School Theatre Festival Dear Parents of a Drama Clubber The Illinois High School Theatre Festival is a weekend of theatre performances and workshops with and emphasis on education. The Festival is over 30 years old and is attended

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Quiz 4 Practice. I. Writing Narrative Essay. Write a few sentences to accurately answer these questions.

Quiz 4 Practice. I. Writing Narrative Essay. Write a few sentences to accurately answer these questions. Writing 6 Name: Quiz 4 Practice I. Writing Narrative Essay. Write a few sentences to accurately answer these questions. 1. What is the goal of a narrative essay? 2. What makes a good topic? (What helps

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ARLINGTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA ARLINGTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA County Board Agenda Item Meeting of March 14, 2006 DATE: February 23, 2006 SUBJECT: U-3149-06-1 USE PERMIT for live entertainment located at 2903 Columbia Pike (Arlington Cinema,

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Brunswick Town Council Workshop with Rail Officials Town Council Chambers, Brunswick Town Hall Monday, October 30, 2017, 7:00-9:00 PM

Brunswick Town Council Workshop with Rail Officials Town Council Chambers, Brunswick Town Hall Monday, October 30, 2017, 7:00-9:00 PM Brunswick Town Council Workshop with Rail Officials Town Council Chambers, Brunswick Town Hall Monday, October 30, 2017, 7:00-9:00 PM AGENDA Noise from Train Operations Objectives: Identify existing safety

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The Summit Birmingham Retailers 2018 Holiday Season Hours

The Summit Birmingham Retailers 2018 Holiday Season Hours 2018 Holiday November 2018 The Summit Birmingham Retailers 2018 Holiday Season Hours Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 18 19 20 21 22 CLOSED 23 24 12-6p Thanksgiving 25 26 27 28 29 30 12-6p December 2018 Sun

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REFERENCE SERVICE INTERLIBRARY ORGANIZATION OF. Mary Radmacher. Some of the types of library systems in existence include:

REFERENCE SERVICE INTERLIBRARY ORGANIZATION OF. Mary Radmacher. Some of the types of library systems in existence include: INTERLIBRARY ORGANIZATION OF REFERENCE SERVICE Mary Radmacher Librarian Skokia (111. ) Public Library The greatest development in American public library service has been realized in the large cities.

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Registration Requirements (Open April 30 May 17) Enrollment is complete upon receipt of payment AND one registration form per child prior to auditions. There are no exceptions

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2 nd Annual Victorian Gingerbread House Competition Entry Form Categories: (please select one)

2 nd Annual Victorian Gingerbread House Competition Entry Form Categories: (please select one) 2 nd Annual Victorian Gingerbread House Competition Entry Form Categories: (please select one) Individual: Children: $5 Pre-K to 10yrs old* Youth: $5 11yrs old to 18yrs old* Adult: $10 19yrs old and up

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities Sponsorship Opportunities Dear Prospective Sponsor: The Town of Huntersville Parks and Recreation Department sponsorship program is designed to effectively market local businesses while making a positive

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NO A BYLAW OF THE CITY OF VICTORIA. The purpose of this Bylaw is to revise the fees for use of recreation facilities.

NO A BYLAW OF THE CITY OF VICTORIA. The purpose of this Bylaw is to revise the fees for use of recreation facilities. NO. 14-065 A BYLAW OF THE CITY OF VICTORIA The purpose of this Bylaw is to revise the fees for use of recreation facilities. Under its statutory powers, including section 194 of the Community Charter,

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Hosted 81 events between the months of April October with a total attendance of 338,000.

Hosted 81 events between the months of April October with a total attendance of 338,000. HIGHLIGHTS Hosted 81 events between the months of April October with a total attendance of 338,000. 71 Concerts 1 Holiday Tree Lighting 2 Graduations 3 Community Movie Nights 1 High School Community Event

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Present: Elsa Evans (Chair), Dawn Cave (Secretary), Hal Bates, Denise Calvert, Rob Downing, Glenda Meakin and Lesley Minter

Present: Elsa Evans (Chair), Dawn Cave (Secretary), Hal Bates, Denise Calvert, Rob Downing, Glenda Meakin and Lesley Minter SOMERSHAM COMMUNITY LIBRARY Management Board Meeting 22 nd October 2018 Present: Elsa Evans (Chair), Dawn Cave (Secretary), Hal Bates, Denise Calvert, Rob Downing, Glenda Meakin and Lesley Minter 1. WELCOME

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December 9, week I meet the Transportation Department.

December 9, week I meet the Transportation Department. December 9, 2016 What an amazing celebration we had this past Saturday, December 3, with the tree lighting on the Plaza de Las Cruces. It showed the promise of a bright and vibrant downtown brimming with

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FURNITURE & WOODWORK RECYCLING Class 2 - Furniture & Woodwork Recycling

FURNITURE & WOODWORK RECYCLING Class 2 - Furniture & Woodwork Recycling FURNITURE & WOODWORK RECYCLING Class 2 - Furniture & Woodwork Recycling FURNITURE AND WOODWORK RECYCLING 493 Intermediate to Judging will be on MONDAY! COUNTY LEVEL PROJECT ONLY 1. Refinish, restore or

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1. Click on the PRODUCTION INFORMATION tab and click on **Professional Project Registration Form**

1. Click on the PRODUCTION INFORMATION tab and click on **Professional Project Registration Form** FIRST STEPS Before applying for a permit with the City of Savannah, the production must first complete a Registration Form with the Savannah Regional Film Commission. You will need to visit their website

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Please note the important dates attached and make sure you are available prior to registering.

Please note the important dates attached and make sure you are available prior to registering. Dear Artist Members, This is another exciting year for Guild Hall Museum as we prepare to host our 81 st Annual Artist Members Exhibition! Thank you for your interest in participating in this landmark

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BOOK SALE BOOKMARK. The. Friday, Sept. 21, 9am 5pm Members Only Join at the Door! Saturday, Sept. 22, 9am 5pm Open to Public

BOOK SALE BOOKMARK. The. Friday, Sept. 21, 9am 5pm Members Only Join at the Door! Saturday, Sept. 22, 9am 5pm Open to Public The BOOKMARK FALL 2018 Friends of Lubbock Public Library FOL is a non-profit organization devoting its members time and efforts to raising funds for the Lubbock Public Library. You are invited to the Friends

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ACTIVITY: Scavenger Hunts - 12 Life Skill Topics. Competency Area: All

ACTIVITY: Scavenger Hunts - 12 Life Skill Topics. Competency Area: All ACTIVITY: Scavenger Hunts - 12 Life Skill Topics Competency Area: All Activity Objective: Students use scanning skills to locate specific items in the newspaper. Newspaper section: All SPL Level: 2, 3,

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TARZAN 2015 Registration Packet Schedule Times subject to change. with any questions you may have.

TARZAN 2015 Registration Packet Schedule Times subject to change. with any questions you may have. TARZAN 2015 Registration Packet Schedule Times subject to change Dear Parent/Guardian & Participant, Thank you for enrolling your student in our upcoming production of TARZAN 2015. During this memorable

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Audio Visual Center. A guide to renting equipment in the Audio Visual Center

Audio Visual Center. A guide to renting equipment in the Audio Visual Center Audio Visual Center A guide to renting equipment in the Audio Visual Center 1 AUDIO VISUAL CENTER table of contents General Information Page 3 Rental Services - Equipment Rental Information Page 4 Rental

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The Region s Largest and Best Attended Home Show! FEBRUARY , Rockland Community College Field House Arena, Suffern, New York

The Region s Largest and Best Attended Home Show! FEBRUARY , Rockland Community College Field House Arena, Suffern, New York 32nd Annual SUBURBAN HOME SHOW The Region s Largest and Best Attended Home Show! FEBRUARY 22-23 - 24, 2019 Over 400 Display Booths featuring state-of-the-art products and services for

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THE MINACK THEATRE. Notes for Playing Companies. Please note 2016 amendment to Section 5 - Public Liability & Employer Liability Insurance

THE MINACK THEATRE. Notes for Playing Companies. Please note 2016 amendment to Section 5 - Public Liability & Employer Liability Insurance THE MINACK THEATRE Notes for Playing Companies 2018 Please note 2016 amendment to Section 5 - Public Liability & Employer Liability Insurance Please note 2017 amendment to Section 9 Child Performers Please

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ESCAPE Theatre Parent Guide

ESCAPE Theatre Parent Guide ESCAPE Theatre Parent Guide We hope that by reading this Guide, you will have a good idea of what to expect your next 4 months! Feel free to call the office to speak with Elizabeth or talk with our Parent

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Policy # Title Section #

Policy # Title Section # NUMERICAL ROSTER OF OI POLICIES I = INTERNATIONAL I-1 NO POLICY I-2 NO POLICY I-3 Awards, Appeals 1 I-4 NO POLICY I-5 NCB, Across District Lines 14 I-6 New Club Sponsor, Definition 1 I-7 Awards, Presentation

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Name: Type of Art (please be specific): Make checks payable to: Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum, 315 W. Ave. B, Temple, TX,

Name: Type of Art (please be specific): Make checks payable to: Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum, 315 W. Ave. B, Temple, TX, The Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum 2 nd Annual Transcontinental Art Fair AUGUST 19 & 20, 2017 VENDOR APPLICATION Name: Company Name: Address: City/State: Email Address: Telephone: Home Cell Type of

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The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Frequently Asked Questions

The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Frequently Asked Questions The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion? The Pavilion is an outdoor amphitheater that hosts an array of performing arts and contemporary

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Ludlow High School Band Handbook

Ludlow High School Band Handbook L eadership with character I ntegrity with compassion Originality National citizens in a global world Skills for the 21st century 2017-2018 Ludlow High School Band Handbook LHS CORE Values Statement The

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Language at work Present simple

Language at work Present simple Unit 1 Language at work Present simple Present simple Positive: Add -s or -es after the verb with he / she / it. I / you / we / they specialize in Latin American music. He / She / It specializes in high-tech

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Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Council. Submitted by: Scott Ferris, Acting Director, Parks, Recreation & Waterfront

Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Council. Submitted by: Scott Ferris, Acting Director, Parks, Recreation & Waterfront Office of the City Manager CONSENT CALENDAR November 27, 2012 To: From: Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Council Christine Daniel, City Manager Submitted by: Scott Ferris, Acting Director, Parks,

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