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Download "I)erf()rateel. erie.. USIC... r:::~:,lon. .' U Either 5~ or 65 Note ... ~,:o' ~. Prominent.,CPlay.ers. "';:"'~'i::"'!'{~~. For all the. ,.""l. ~."



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3 ~i~"""'~~ 11 '., ~,\ : ~; ',' ~_.,:,:1>. ;j.,,:.,:1'" '~t~,,> f.1 ~\-!!,:.~ ti!',!~<.~.--.~n". '::~',~ ;'. :-',,'::;-,',.'. }~.' ~... ~ : :. "'-\. ~;~.:,~~ E"VEit.,:>,',J~,;pEH.FQhA.'rr',"',r; W-',,~USI H~LL ~HL-\.-.p,~,"NG '.~ I:~~: ~ TH.AB JV1..l\..~I.$ SULLY', (iu.a:j.l\.n~ee1 ) j!_,.,i".t il " ';',«,J 10'! " '. 11,",./1 mrrfetion mora"" M,,,c Rou.' oro I now well-known wherever iano layi.t;j.g '~'J Attachments are used, and in issuing ~hi~,/'?\ catalogue it,ecomcq n~~sary only to' cau~f' " attention to the number of ~el~ons, ;l\'~i1a:fe in' \, comparison with the cata1oglrejlissitt. d by:"ai\ <IOther, 'r.oil tt ~ ~ makers combined ". :;" t' ~".' -,~, " It will be noticed that the new prices of ~rfec- ;;,:~ I' tlon Rolls are as low as 40, and none are hl&~~":',rp.." than $T,.S~; that, eaeh roll bears the clotted line expression 'and f~l11:"tempo marks, enabling the user t9' ');d'~~v1'icate'flie:tm;hniqm: and,style;' of'~lllost~oted ;,'Lrtists,,-',-' c~:,,: ;;1'( '\.'", 'The paper used is the bes~ all~i$.mtiiid~specblly ;':' for us, it is not Sllbject to val:iiqtioh)iiulll t8.clihfatic.i.. 'ij,~ ehanges as is other paper, The End Fastener a1l9:":j Ring are patented and will not tear off through usee'" Nothing made by any other manufacturer approaches erfection 1<.o11s in general finis11, durability and musical exce11enl,:c, erfection Rolls are guaranteed not to clog the player mouth-piece.. When so orch red, erfection Rolls will be made with a special Tempo line for use on players having special tempo uevices; a slight additional net charge is madc in such cases

4 , ',, Alphabetical Arrangement 105 A,B,,, E, F, G, ;Wm. Mason I O,,(aprice.Grote'Scllte.), 898' AbeilIe, L' (The Bee), op 13, No.. 9.Fr. Sch\1bei:t E minor. ', Abeille, L' (The Bee)... :..... ~.. M. $'ieveking.t\bendglockchen,;ts,. '" Theodor '~.lohr I, ' \Yaridrer geht auf f<;rnen Wegen.,(Male quartet,) ''','' "", '.. ~,0 Abendlied,.., "" German,. 973 Abendlied, op 85, N b ] flat. R., S~humann 268 Abendlied Schumann 1,, (onc'ert araphrase bv Rid'f.) " )'. 771'1,Abendruhe, op.loo, No.8:..,...A, L6~schhorn " (J\us dcr Kmderwelt,),., ' 'p' 77 Abendruhe-IdylIc, op,, No.2,. Gustav' Merkel, 234,,A,bends. op 12, No. 1. In flat.- R S'chumann 7,5 'S 4 Abide with Me, Monk' r 22Z~,Abraham :,,. H. yon Tilzer '2045 Apschied., (Male, JlIartet.).,.. :..,... :.-'~-'-', ' "'Leb' \vohl' du liebl's Vaterhaus'. ' ' 5i;3a Absence, L', op 87 Alfred Jae1l1 p,1641,a,bscwce (il~, E) : :.. :.. Alfred,E. Little, 183a Absence,Milhs the Heart Gr'ow,}"ohder.,.,.., '. ',,",Hdbert illea, A 522 Absents. Les (Romance: e1.!xi~eon,~),f. oise, :l;<or prano.., " ' :,.,,. 841a Absel\t~mjn,de(l Beggar..,".,,. Stll1ivan 1645 Absintqe Frappe... :... :.. :.. Vietor l:ierbert 1, (Xt B:~ppened )n; Nordland) ',', "'" 716 Accelleratronen \Valzer. ',.. Johann$trau~s ISO 314,' 10<)8: Acro~s the ontinent (March): ;r.jeall Sdl'>vartz Across the Missouri... '... :...Rollin,W.Bond.,(5, (March and Two Ste:), ",,',! ~.' o 995, Acting (Mr. ickwick).., ~::. ManuelKldh',(5 8;12 'Adagio, op 56 : ",",', Bruch 11 -.,. ". \Nach Keltisc.hen Melodi~il), '... ~,. A, 16&,Adag\o athetiqtle, op 128, No...}. O;'?~ yiplin:.)' B.flat : ',".. BenJall,llll, Godard I 990,Adiaglo antabl1e, op 14" No, I I.I.,Gneg I po / '(In A flat.), ",.,' 0' 244 Adagio in B minor, No. 21.;, :.,.,.'Mozart' I 235,f\dagio Favori....', MOZflr,t"B,encle1 t 355a Adagio from nata in flal Jeq.n L., Nicode',1 ( Adagio for. cho (in )., :..J, 'Guy Ropartz I. 809 Addio, L' (The Farewell), '".., '>.:..'.MZart.,,,'~; 7paAcldio a Napoli (Me)ociia)~;~.'i"" :,J... <;;ottr<i~t' r 692a Addio i Napoli (FareweLl to Naples).T, Gohratl', 'f (Transcription by, Georg; ApU11n.)., ' 1272 Adela Mazurka' K Manuel de Alarcot1, ' 135a,Adelaide, op 46. B flat):.. :. ; Beethoven 1 's 511 Arleste Fieleles,

5 4 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. AIHABETl'A.:U AR'RANG-El\ittN1!;, 5' p l' 979 Adieu, L', op 68 (Improvisation) J aell 345 Adieu, L', op 433 Gustav Lange Sloa Adieu! op II4 Sydney Smith 145 Adieux, Les, op 81 (Fantasie) Weber ""~g~~j:~4,~~~~v.te1.~'les~'9~$.....:prey\,c... ~o~.k.j.l,}~~l!>m"l:).l<)..' Adlake, March, Two Step Brooks 1231 Adlyn 'Waltzes John T. Hall 1 IOQO Advent\lrer, March and Two Step J. R. yer '0 '818 Aegyptischer Tanz-jamilek... George Bizet I 966. A~oljan Hall March and Two Step Gearen '(:. 47' Aeoiian' Harmonies Lavignac, 545: Ae<;>,1jan. Mllrmurings :Bartlett I.Go 7l)9- '~eoli;l11 ffistorale H. lark I <)0 362 Aeolian Valse (Second Valse) ".. E. MoulJe I:! Afilador, 1 (Tango riollo).leopolda orretjer 112 A Fontainebleau, op 30, No.1.. : Ethelbert Nevin. 833a A Fra:n.ge$a. ','. Mario osta I do.'. (antone di afe-oncert.). 623 A Fr'angesflM<trch osta I do II29 Africaine, L', Over.ttire Meyerbeer I Il7 Africaine, L' (Air d.e' Nelusko) Meyerbeer I 60 o II~5 Africaine, L' (Air de Vasco) Meyerbeer I <;>0 (Land so wunderbar.) o 116;1 Africaine, L'. Ad V Meyerbeer I ~5. (relude and Scene du Manceniller.). o 691 Africiline Meyerbeer 1$0, (Grande Fantaisie de oncert by Bendel.) o ,A,fri~,aine, L' : ',', Meyerbeer I:;!5 " " " (Fantasie de Salon by Ketterer.).,j o 578 Afri~ai~e:' Act ~I. Septuor Final... Meyerbeer I 90, (araphrase op J2I, N a. 2, by Raff.). o 581 Africa'ille;' Les Adieux Meyerbeer J po (Transcription, op J2J, NO.4, by Raff.), 0.10 Africaine, L' : Meyerbeer, "..(Fanta~ie, op J82, by Henry RoseUeri;) Aflica.ine, L' (Sailors' horus).. Meyerbeer-Liszt, 282.Afri,all Beauty'(Two Step) Arthur ryor p 190! After T AII. :.. Howard Webster '. p I7li:l f"'h~r.:tre'j3alj :.. :. K.H;arris 1681 Afterwards :J. W. Mullen J' 16~8: Aiton Water; Robin Adair,. " --- ".p, 2o Ag.~'tiltlon, L' (aprice, op 74)...' Stetnber!(' I p 947 Agltata, op 95 ; Schulhofl J J3tl7",,Ah,.L0,v~, AW~ke (Serenade).,. A. W. Ko~t\111er I,up' :A:l)ota o.. Nunca RodolfoLucero I.,.... ',' (Va:lseBrillante.) "1" 204fAh!'Tis it ream c. B. Hawley.0 15J2 Ai,da (otpourri) Verdi I, ' '. ' :; (Arr., for four hands by Aug. onradi.)... o. II4$' Aida,(Romanza., eleste Aida) Verdi. "'0 1054' Aipa, Act: I, Scd.e 4 ;... Verdi (Su'! del Nilo ai' Sacro Lido.), _0 J3 Aida.(Introductiol1 tb.a,tt II). Verdi I o o II66.Aida '(Act n., Scerle 2): Verdi I be horus ~. Gldry to Isis.', o 1072 A,ida, Act III (uet, Ah! Fly with Me) Verdi " Aida (Act IV.,Finale) Verdi '0 569 Aida (Triumphal l\hrch) Verdi o 560 Aida (Fantasie Brillantc hy Lange) Verdi I 09 7S 2S 2S o J345: Aida ptpourri ;,.'. '...'.. "..Verdi.1 '297" Aig-lon).l.!. (Waltzes)...., ;.. '. Wi'llio,rrvFurst I ' 1 2~ I08<lJ Ain't dat a Sham'e; :.'.,,'...'...WalterWilsorl-i' 40 po 1158: Ain't dat Scan'lous ;..' '.., '... :..]ohn'son 8S7'-Air il,ia Ga.votte., J. M.,SITt'ietol'l', 5'0. 716' Air and. Variations Moszkowski :,1' (First Orchestral'Suite.').. l' J39 Air Bohemien, op 39; No.' I.;. Edo nard Schuett J?: 683. Air de,ballet., : hiiminadeo 1320 Air de Ballet,op:30; No. I ',..:c, h<l.tninade I 2S p. J905,Air de Bitlleti'; ;.. ;..',.'; : LOliis {ln'rath ' II 2~ p, '685' :Airde Ballet, op n. : :.:'.' ;.lirand' l' 1297 Air de Ballet; op 23...: '...'.': ':.;Gresse: I 60 ; 882.Air de Ballet, op 26,No. I,..':>,;Jadas.sohn ' : 688 Ail" de Ballet, op 26,. NO.2.".'JadaS'sohn;' 5'b II9a ~!r de Ballet (B minor).: :.. :. J.. Massene~,,, 7.5. '941.Alr de Ballet, op 36, NO.5 Moszk9wskl 7$ 1445 Air de Ballet, op J, NO. I '.:.'.. ::.. ercy ipitt"; F 2S0Ait de Ballet. '... i F.',TI-{(')me '1 0<'1 (Arlequin et olumbine.). " 'I 5d 'I ) 0p, ;817'b,Air de 'anse'(gavotte) '.... G. Bachmann A 553 Air for Violin. Key of c. :,!Bach (;; 368' Air 'In., E Minor, '.Bach 62Ia, Airs Bohemiens, op IO,..J. Schulhoff (caprice,) 242a Air Villageoise, op 39, No. 2..,. Edona:rd'Sc'hl1ett 1026 Akademische Fest Overture, op 80Joh. Brahms I. (e minor.),,....,i,,', '.204 Alabama Blossom has. L. Van Baar 7~ (haracteristic Two Step.). ; J23 Ala,bama team (akewalk)... :Barna.rd", H.. 72ra Alabama 'a~rol... :..,... ;... ;Albert H".Flt~. r Q? Ii> 371 Alabama ThIrd RegIment March ;' :.....'Ar~ory R.' Quinn 7.S J Abbama' 'Tickle (ake Walk).. :.. ~' ~'. SOuthweH 63~ ' A la bien aimee '... :... '. :.. Edol1a:td :Schuett''.! (apillons d 1 Amotir,9p' ;;9, NO.2. Vals~.).,'.,.p 376 A la <;:asca'de' (AmWasse;-faH)..,ha,r1esl,Z<;fllmg-:;, I 9b 190t, A la: Espanola A:ngelo tle r'.osse., 1.',(Spanish artce.),.,"...,i" i:< ", '542' Alagazam!, '..,. ;'.,...'Abe HolZ'rtlan\i,' J ('I:: -:' ;f(ake Wal'k,March and Two Step.)' '.:,~.'.,;' ; 1020 A'la.Humoresque (E fiat).. ; 'E.'S~h,l1etL I ob, ',(Trios Morceaux, o'37, NO.3.'), '.;"" '," \ I,p, AilboFli (Second Waltz BdHante).;,.::Schttlh0tf:,'r;l.- 920' Albvmblatt, op 28, No. I (A flat). Ed~~rdl('fneg,' S,p: 679 "AlbumboJatt, 0p "... :,"',' Grut1:rfI<J,cher' " 7;5 l' 2043 Albumblatt; op35, No.' I:'.'..'::J: M'. Steiltfddt 5b.:;.,f (Zum Geburstage.)...,. ': 4'9" A,lbumblatt :..'.'.' " ':,1:..':. I,' W.~-!Sne.t... 7f, ' '609,~L~lbt1n1 Espagnole,.;., :,Montz. Mostko:wskt.' 7;5.'.,,,I"~ (0;'2J, No.2.' Key T. ".' fi',,'.,~ ' '607 ;,Albl1tIi Espagnole.... Motitz:Mbszkowski' J ob, (qp. 21, NO.3.,r'F sharp rt1!~o't,) ~:,:.!. I,G : 60S AlblimEspagnole :' Monb;. Moszkowskl I bo...': "~Op; 21' NO.4. Key :},;". :,';1,',' (, Alb '".. ".'.,.. ':' ",,; '. '.~ ~I39: ~Im'keaf... ;...,'...,;.~>..;':.':.:...'Gus,~eV ;;' 7:; ;e 464,:,Albil. U'1.~_eaf,.o,~ 28, NO.;3. :': :.,..,;!. ',','.;:,E...dne.g. " 7p. 46 Albbn1 Leaf filit)... '.,..." Scholtz 15 ' I 4' Alhtlm Uaf '.. :. :WhelpleY.. i5

6 (i ALH:ABETIAL ARRAN:GEMEN!L'. ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT., '1 l' 760 Albllln olonaise, op 33, NO.4 :.Sc;harw,enka 212 Alceste de Gluck (Excerpt),Saint"Saens ' o 842 Al\!gria de la Huerta (asa alle)...f.,hueca' Tic 866 Alerte, L', op (Fanfare Militaire)... Behr I do : 158z. A.lexander., Harry vn Tilzer," 7S 1> Ij28q,: Alexander HatJry von Tilzer Medley March, and "Two Step. Introduc-., l,ing;.own \Vhere the Sweet otatoes Gtow., p, 1609,AI,Fr!:sco Intermezzo Victor Henbert: ' '., :,.: (It Happened in NordllJ.t1d.) r,11..,. Alice (Romanc~)...Transcription by J. Ascher,I 3. Alice of Old Vinc,ennes Waltzes... i.. ~impsonl do ',.577 Alice Roosevelt Waltzes., rosby & Hunter: 1 1', 1379 i All Ab9;lrd for reamland Harry von Tllzer A 9, Allah, flat,, " G. W. hadwick 56,," (For Alto or &ariton!:.), ", p: 11 Alia Marcia, op 81, No. I., Hiller 1 7, Alia Stella onfidente : Robaudi:,I Ajla Tarantella (oncert study, op 19)..Junker 314 Allegresse, op 263 E. Ketterer 1 479,Allegro de oncert, op 46. (Key of A.).. hopin I 574 Allegro Brilliil11t, op 92, Key A... Mendelssohn I SO 387 Allegro Giojoso, op 43 (Key of ). Me.nde1ssohn I 937 Allegro., B f1at augusl Mignon Sdl 359a Allegro Apassionato, op 30, NO.2..A.Rubinstein I qi;l Allegro Apassiol1ato, op, 70...'... Sairit-Saens,,I ( sharp minol),!,i ) 83 Allegro Schcrzando, from oncerto,.op 22...,, '.' ' Saint.Saens' 51b 743 Allegro in B minor, op8, Schumann 270a AU uls' ay, op 85, N0:3 Edouard Lassen 1) 1171 Alma \Va;ltz :..Bert Morgan p 548' Alone,,:;; :..o,.lowitz odl S 56~ Alone with,thee Bailey p 2312 Alcmg the MOQile's Shore..! 1', Harold Flath SO ; 899 Alouette, L' (Ro,mance) Glinka n Transcription in flat, by M. Balakirew.. fl0, Alpenrose, ie {l)ubist, 0 Alpenrose)...' o II01. Alphonso and Estrella Overture...Schubert, Alpine Horn Transcription by, S. B. Mills l' 1210 Alpine Storm, op harles Kunkel Altar,of Friendship (Waltzes).. :.., Favor l' i 83j5a.i\lways ; ; ;..Bowers r 7S 957 Always Gallant olka,. J. ij, ound 162Q.Always in the w,ay harles K.. H~rri ,Amaranthus apnce,gilder 17;1., -A-maryllis Noel Johnson 5b,~ 639a.t\iaryllis (Air de Louis XII!.) ~;.. '0'.' Arranged by Henry Ghys 123~,Amq.ryllis. Valse Lente Eduard G.,Seger; ' 17l.i\mazonenritt, op 3.21 Fl1itzSpindlel' Am Bache (Etud~ N(). 5) ' Emil Sauer 273 Am Bergquell, op 327, NO.2.., arl :Bohm, (By the Mountain Spring.),.' : 7;3, A,mb91,ena Two Step : Maywood" i I bo o 640 Ameer Selections.,.,,.. Victor-Herbert '1 Ameer otpourri. -, Victor He,tbert ' 1 5b ' \pleer '(upid Will Guide) Victor Hetbert 877a,Ameer (Fond Love, TrlleLQve).VictorHerbert, 1260,i}rnelie Waltzes H.. Lumbye I pi 19,36a';America (Four verses).. :...'..'.:' ; _.. l' 1682 America (And five others).. '. :.',arey p 517 America (Variations) ; : Gottschalk 1052 America aprice Mazurka J. lauder 2193' American Abroad,;.John W. Bratton '. A escriptive Fantasia.,,(Arranged by Fra-nk Saddler.) ' roi3 ' Americim Beauty Two Step W. A. Haley' 659 American Beauty Waltz.' flueger ' I'o6g American itizen Waltzes F. M.~Witmark American' ance,',.,b. Oscar Klein " (arnival in Louisiana.) p 1486:' American ance, op 80, NO.3, _ (In Alabama) Bruno Oscar Klein ' 47 American ance B. 05car Klein' (In Old Kentucky.) 49 American ance B. Oscar Klein ; (In the otton Fields.) ' '48 American ance (Virginia Reel). B. Oscar Klein 176 American Girl (Two Step) :Victor Herbert p, 2149.American Hymn :: M. Keller (Speed Our Republic.) 939 American Navy March,, '".. appa. 10 Ainerican atrol F. W.Meacham 7II American' Republic (March) : ; H. H. Thiele po 1455" Americana, op 59 (Tango) R. de Aceves f) 833 America Up to ate, Two!3tep uss p 653a"Atn Genfer See, op 139,.. F. Bendel', (No, 2a' romenade a hatelard.), '654a 'Atil Gehfer See, op, F. Be~del,, (No. 2b Bouquet de 'Julie.)'. c: '317 'A111 Giessbach, Etude, op88 '" I (Key of A flat:), Raff 120'1 Am HeiligenBerg, op 85, No Ant.. vorak ~ '(On the Holy lvioqnt.) flat. o 1051 Am Heldeng-rabe' (At the Hero's Grave). vorak p. 914<i,Am I a Schoolgirl, Wife or Widow?...,_ ",,' (The adet GirL) Ludwig Englander o 108 Amico Fritz (Intermezzo} p. Mascagni, pi '7013' A :Mignonne,o59, No. I (Bluette),.. :. '"...,. Edouard Schuett i8iob Am' Meer(Trans. by G..Lange).. Fr. Sdn\bert c: 332a Am Meer' (By the Sea.).minai'...Schubert (Arranged by F: Liszt.), J Fo44J 'Am''Neckarst,rand WaHz Mil10cket p. 422 A Man EWile, op ;102n., N&. 2' ; arl Bohm (To My Star:) 'Noturne. ' p; 958a Amongthe ~Iills6f ear Old incinnati..., SO I Sd ' 2S 0(1 1 I 5~ 7~ ~5 5l dd 7S I 5(1 :.".,' '" ", " Andrew J. Boex 3g8'At;n6tosa ' (Waltz' Intermezzo)... :.. ;. ruger 1313 Aniour 'Eterl1el Valse.:..,.. ;: _. harles Jirjahn a '353"Amoureuse(ValseUes Jente).,Ro'dolphe Berget q8a Am SprlngbrU11l'1en.(Key.). harles avi(:ioff I A 1576"Am Strande, op 9. NO.5... :;AJex von Fielitz i,', ' (01'1 the Shore of the Lake.), ", 5,Q 0 For prano, or Tenor in E flat mint/to,;, Kinderstimmen (hild Voices), op. 9. NO.6- : For prario"br Tenor'in :,: ' ' '' : 1269', Ab;},Woerther' See' (Kart'ner Wa1tzes).. KOst;hat. o 1178' :Al1are>&n. Overture: : : ; hetilbini ' l

7 8 AiUHAB;ETIAL ARRANQEMEN;r. ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENt1". ' ,~~ 1\ 577 Anath~ma,op 9, NO.9...'...., Alex voij. Fieli~z 'II.., For prano or Tenor in -E, minor...,ergebung (Resignation),.. op 9, No. 10" \ For prano or Tenor in B minor.. ; IQ22. Anci'ent~ Abroad Two Step..,, ' 215 Andante in F Beethoven c: 343 Andante from nata in F sharp,minor.,brahms. 616,Andantl.i Spianato, op 22, KeyG.... Fr., 4ppi~. '578a An.:dante, op. 42 No '".. c ohler G". 232' Andant.e Grazioso ; '.. n. Mayer G '5641 Andante antabile and resto Agitato.. '."'" c I I L 1.,.Mendelssohn I op 16, NO.1... Mendelssohn, I 476 Andant~ ~ allegro, (in ", (A minor.), o: 640. Andante, op 122, No. I ' Merkel 301 Andante for Four Hands. (Key of G.) Mozart ; "!:. i (Tmnscription by rudent.) 493 Andante Funebre. (A.minor).,Johann Svendsen G, -491' Andante.ReJigiosQ, 0 70., Fra\'lcis Thome.. (Key o,f.) 871. Andante antabile ;. ".,,,..Widor' (From Fourth Organ Symphony.) 774' Andantino for Organ " E. li. Lemar~ -444: An den Friihling, op 43, No.6 (F sharp)..,grieg 28ga An den nnenschein und del rothesros1ein. i Key A ',. " Schumann 1 (Transcription by Liszt.), '918' Angel, The (el" Engel)... ".., Richal,d, Wagner 741 Angeliqne (Valse Art Nouveau).. :0. erez Freire 164' Angel of Love Waltz...,... Emil Waldteuf;:l S 576 Angels Ever Bright, and Fair (Theodora).Bandel. 941 Angel's ream Waltz A.Ht;rman A 123 Angel's Serenade. Key of,g ','" G. Braga,. (A<;com~animent only. For" soprano.), 884 Angel's Serenade, ".'.,G. Braga.. i " (Transc:ription by Sydney Smith.)..,' OQ 7S 1 5Q 697 Angelus (Meditation)" op 65 I. Godard 40 p 194,Angelus.. ',' '.' Martinus' Sieveking.' " (After, Jean Francois Mi!l~t.).' ' 81 "A Night. Off";(Two Step)... "F.G~o.Rosey,. 64a Animal Ug '(Santa laus).harry Rowe Shelley 1,242; Anina \Valtzes ' ,., ; e1hpgl'lf 529 Anitra's ance. (Arr. for four hands) Grieg I oq 1 (From eer Gynt Suite.), 24 Anitr;;t's ance Edward Grieg. 1 (JQ The Hall of the MqUlltain King., (From eer Gynt. Suit~.) 1413 Ann~hen vqn Xharau. (Two 'w~rses -eac\1)......:. as Ringlein: "Bald gras' ich am Neckar";.. Rheinweinlied: "Bekranst mit llaub':; el' Jae,.. " geral1s Kurfalz: "Ein Jaegeraul) Kurf41.q.". 11 ),..nriees de elerinage; NO 4 (F shar) Liszt,I ".... (,Les.Jets d'eaux ala Villa.d' Este,} i." 707,,1\nneI\-Walzer ' Riahard Genee i! ' 12 Annetta (Mexican Inteqnez.zo)' Gene Myers 560 Annetta.Waltz,., I " Eggert 1234 Annie Laurie ; '.;.. '. I,,. 964a Annie Laurie (and.five ot.her~) '.--- 1:35.,582,'Anona (Int~t:mezzo,Tw,O Step) 1. ',... Grey, p 10, Another Spring Schottische.....Frank Martin A 103 Answer? Key of A (For soprano). :... :,Robyn' S' 867 Anthem'. '..'. '.~ '.J ; W.. Williams ' (Jesus, Lover of My ul.).'. ' Anti-igarette ciety ;.. :Gus"Ketker. ' 2S.'",',You and I' My Little Baby. l' 'I..,. 'j.,j;" (Belle of. New York!).J. c: 943'Anhtott, ie (The A>nswer),.W.~olstanhKIlme' B flat....' " ';.. " p.: 1631'1 "Any' Old Tree ick Temple: p: II2d. i'\!ny R:a'S's?,, '",.. Thos, $. Allen., 7S p.. 22sApp-llldes lochettes,op 12 (Idyll'e)'.. k LatilSert' <I oq 78a','Appendlx to op. 13. (osthumol1s).. Schutt/am!. :1 p sharp minor. Variatkms 1, 2,3, 4', '5'. Apple,Blossoms Reverie..!.Kathleen: A. 'Roberts. 7S p (Arr. by Theo: Bendix.}'", 379' ~tabesk;o '70, NO 5.. :.. ;...Gustav, Lange. 'J 6~ ii' (as MuiliifterL) '."",: ;,:' " : 90 Arabesque, op 61'..: '2; :At'abesql1(~; op IS....-;. '.. 'h'atninade I '.. >. i:.. "'" '...-. MosZ'kOwski.,1 d~ 165-!'\r:l;besgue in, op 18,; p, '730'Ara:besque, op 170, No. 'L '.. ;' SchUmann,.,.;Stle!. 1 ~5 7$." 1298 Arabesques-On the Themes'of lhe Blue anube : ";':;(Waltz).. : ', Strauss-Schu!z-Evlet ;I 56 p: 283 ' 'Arabian' Serenade, oi58 Rlohard Eilenberg " Arabola, March and Two Step... :Karl Hendrix 7~, I «An Arabian Interlude.).., ' S49 hragonaise (From "Le id Ballet'.')..M'assene't' 1302,Arapaho ':. ;' Geo. uthwell,' 7S (March and Two Step.). ' I 2308 Arcadia (Ballad) ;Mabel' McKinley 14 Archibald,ouglass, op' 128.-:... ~.: Loewe (Idi 'hab>"es getragen sieben Jahr.)' 978 Arethl1s:i '.March' :.:... Mandeville p 0' Argentine (Fantasie Mazurka).';.. :. :.Ketterer: ;r 539,Ana, with 30 Variatiorts......:.:.Bach I.. Air and Variations' I, 2, 3, 4, '5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Atia,with 30Variations.. :... ;... ;;.Bach ISO Variations II, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, '1'7, 18; 19, Atiel MardI ;..L.K:oemmenich,' 7~ 60 Arie1.Valse.~ :. 'Btlcalossi'T 1019 Ariette ( minor) \ E.Schuett ", ; (Trois Morcealix; op 37, No. 2:). ",: '", Aritzari,,' Arizona (March and Two,Step), : Zab.alza :.':. aull 1057 Arkansaw Tussle ; I\t"G.W'ittman J 181 ' (A Syncopated Extravaganza.)' ': " Arlecchino, op 21, No. I Ethelbert Nevin 7S AtleQ'lIin Ilarleqq1n); 'op 53: :.',. haminade'" ArJequin et eolorr\bine... '.' ;'..,. Francis l Thome.. (Air,de Ballet.)'.,,Y,,1, 595.(\rlesienn~, L' (remiete Suite deoncer't). Bizet I,. (No.' :r, rel6.de, minor; NO.2; Minuettb;'.: G.minor.)..'. " oo 728 Arlesienn'e, i: (Second Suite de once!'t).. Bize!,. 7~. (Menuet). '"''. "J 1 S,812, Arlingt?Il,.,' ',.:".:.'.:,.';. :.;A.rne", A Armourer s ng ', h. Gdifnod (hilemon and Baucis:)i "" ' For' Bass. B flat' minor. p 574 Arpeges, Les, op26, No. 12 :...Thalberg t.

8 10 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENTI'. ALHABE~IAL ARRANGEMENT. II 906 Artist's Life Waltz, Strauss.1 '45, 8I2b Ashes of Roses (Rosenasche).. Robert Goldbeck;' 7S (Valse elegante,),', o 12 Askold's Grab......Wertowsky I7IS Asthore Trotere ' 105 At a Georgia ampmeeting.... Kerry Mills p II04,At,an Arkansaw Shivaree... '...R. H. BrennelJ. (ake Walk and Two Step.) I 234,At, Evening, op 12, No. I. Schuntann,r 701, At Evening (ldylle, op 52) udley,bj1ck 142;1.Athalia-riests'.March..Key F.. Mendelssohn,I,569 Atlantic ity Board Walk,Schroeder. (romenade March.) o 1455 At My Lady's Feet. :.. ' Sydney Jones. (My Lady Molly, Act JI.), ',, 648 At Newport W altzes H erpert,j)fille;;t.. I OQ A 364 At arting ", Rogers (prano or Tenor in F.)... ". I, 122 h-ttaque de avalerie Lt1dwig Sclwtte..I oq (Op 137, NO 3 ) Atta,que des. Ulans, op 29 Eerd. Bold :1,. (iece, aracteristique.). '."..'.',. I p, 894 At the Fountain, op 52, NQ ;.. Reinhold 1528 At the Music Hall... ~....Jean Schwart<?:",. (English aisy;) I.,. ;' r \ l 596 At the Spring ' Joseffy I 70.At the Spring " ". Liszt 0. lo9i' Attila (Spirit Immort<il) ;. Verdi. 'I 1 5< Aubade (for harp),,..', ISO "AutUmn, Jar harp. ':, Old Oaken Bucket, for autoharp., Ne.arcr, My God, to Thee, for auto harp. (Arr. for ianos having Harp Attachments.) 735 Aubade rintaniere _ aul Lacombe (Spring Serenade.),. ".'., 327 Au 1<iiX; de la Lunc, o347, NO.7., ar} Bohm (Komm, wir wandeln im Mondens<;heil1.). Nocturne.." ' ;p, 170 Auf Blumiger Au, op 2, NO.7... Fritz Sp.indler ' Aufbmch zur Jagd (Off to the Hunt)..Jungman. (Galop.)...,1 ",'. 1 ' looa Auf dem Meer, op 9, No.6.'E minor. Rob.t:, Franz (On the Sea.).... Wasserfahrt,.op 9, NO.2. Key of F. (On the Lake.).'.,.. l 164 Auf dem Wasser zu singen... Schl}bert-Liszt, (Barcarolle.).,, 303a.Auf den Bergen, op 19, No. I... Edwa,rd 'Grieg I (On th~, Mountains.) A minor. '. 67a Aufenthalt. (My Abode.). E mino\,.. Schubert (Tral1seription.by Liszt.)..'. : 796a Aufenthalt (Transcript. by G. Lallg'e)..Schubert 7a Auf Fliigeln des Gesanges Mendelssohn (Transcribed by. vustav Lange.) 177 Auf Fliigeln des Gesanges.. Mendel~sQhJil-Liszt (On Wings of ng.)... '.,.: o 684.-A1,1f.hohen Beiehl. arl Re~necke, I ~5 (Gavotte and ast01:a\e.), A 532 Auftrage, op 77, No. 5 (Key A).. R. Schumann. (For prano or Tenor.) ( I 5<1,I.. :694a"Auf Wiedersehn (Transcription by G;' Trehde.) I 197a Auf Wiedersehn, op 12, No.' 2..'Rossiter G. ole Auf vviedersehn (Waltzes) ;E.H. Bailey I (TillWe Meet Again.) 848 Auiourd'hui, Autrefois, Wachs 37a Auld Umg Syne ; ~ (Three verses with interludes.) 1336 A.uld Lang Syne 'a: Auld Lang Syne (and five others)......:.-,.'i 723a Auld Robin Gray (Scotch Ballad)...---, " (Trans~ribed by Brinley Richards.). 567 At! Matin, op 83 : Godard An Matin,.., Mason 25' Au Moulin Ernest Gillet. (In the Mill.) '<S' 687 A' Una Nina Romance Alberto Jonas 576 Aunt Hannah (March anciake Walk). Loraine 699 Aunt Jemima's Birthday: Lee Thomas' ~5 " i (ake Walk and Two Step.)' I:: 312 Aunt hoebe's Jubilee,.. Bernhard Stern, (March and Two Step.) [686 Auntie :: A. H. Behrend 5<1 t21 Aupres de la Fontaine R. Statkowski (Op 16, No.6.) '. 484 Au rintemps (aprice).bachmann 2264 Au rintemps, op 341, No. I.. ".,.. A. zibulka I 1858 Au rintemps (To Spring) :., GOllnod,. 888 Au rintemps (Transcription by Kuhe) '.. Gaunod p,891 Au' rintemps. 'op 26 (Impromptu)... Lucchesi I 2303' Aurora Borealis, Jean Schwartz 986 Aurora March '. Godard 43 Au{-ora Waltzes N. ToledO 286 Au Rouet, op 302, No. I arl Bohm 571 Au 'Rouet, op 85, ' B.odard (At the Spinning Wheel.) 2II Au Ruisseau, Etude ;.. Edouard 'Schuett' ' (Op 55, No.8.) 174 Aus demhochwald (Waltz) :.. Jas. Kaulich ISO 156 Aus dem Kunstler-Album Edw. Str'auss' ' (olka Francaise, op 294.). 478 Aus dem Zigeunerleben, op 17 : Kolling I.. (haracterbild.), 1364 Aus N orwegen's Berg lind Thai.. Alf. Andersen I (Fra Norges Fjeld og a!.), Fantasie on Norwegian Airs. 360 Australian Star Waltz :. r. Arthur K aul 1' S 817 Austrian Hymn Haydn 868 Austrian Hymn (Haydn:s)... I ', Variations by Ernest Kohler Autograph Waltzes : Joh. Strauss I, 6 A1,ltumn, Etude de oncert" op 35, ~o. 2. ",. haminade 1371 AutumI1 : Edward German I S 943 Autumn. hurch Hymnal, Hymn '. S 860 Atitumn-,-Spanish. (Three verses.)... ; 'Autull;1n Bud (Waltz) Eugene. Lesser 1160 Au Village; op 36,' NO.2 : Schuett 56 Ave Maria '(Meditation Religieusc, op 66)..,... Ascher

9 I2 ALHAlllEr.FIAL ARRANGEMEN". ALHABETIAL,ARRANGEMENl'. Ip' A",122,Ave omaria.', K<:y of G ; GOI1UQljL. l W. F. pa:tft only.),,',,'>' Q_ '356a:AMe Maria. Key... :...:...has. GOtinod' '(Meditation sur Ie premie,r 'prelude de J; S. Bach.) ;;- 838' AYe Maria,.. :".;....GOlino(\:, S, 5 Ave Maria, op 80,.: Luigi LU:4.-:j A 535 Ave J'vlaria (for flute); " Key F Mascagni '1":: Adapted from Intermezzo, ",valleria Rusticana::., 1974 Ave Maria. Key..,;,.,..:,;... Ange!o Maschero.ui,, 7$ ", Arr.. for Orga.11 by, K Lemaire;,,'. ( ','. S 960 Ave Marla ;,..,. Harrison; Millard S :842 : Ave' Maria,.13, 0weQ" S. 837 Ave M.aria ::ich11bert, : A 188 Ave' Marta. B flat. (For soprano.) Schuber.t; o 1053 Ave Maria (Otello, Act II.). ~'.., Verdi. 9a"A'veu; du: oeur, op 97 ". Sydney Smitl)... S!:S4o;,'AveVerl:lin (Trio) ',.,..... Kreutzer:' 1'5 p 14aAwake.,(Serenade.) <.." H.,G. elissie!l".; A. 3 Awake! Awake!.. f ;~; Alfred iatti,, (Sclienacl!e. Mezzo p. or Bar. in A.).' ';. ' 715 Awakening of Spring,. ' '; E. Bach '!p 658,. Awakel1in'g of the, Lion ekohtski f I 'Sb ;[l 487 by hiql)ita (Valse Espagn.ole). Fred Burgmulle17 ; 1 b 1944 Ay e Mi F. A. Hargreaves J5S8, ~y Vant to Go Back to Sv~den.Frederit hapin. ", J. ':. (Forbidden Land;).';.'.n 511,Babbie vvahzes.,, Wm. Furst,' I 2'5 1012, ;Babbie Waltzes.(Ar,",.13.). :.....Wm.Furst'.'" I ;Q J 90B l3~b.!s in,toyland (SeJe.ctililn).,. Vic~or Hetber:t, '. I.:0 858,. Babes in Toy!,wd.., ;. Victor, Hetbert",. ;. J '. (ou!1try an.ce,),.,..',.',0 859, Babe$, in Toyland.....Victor,. Herbert, (WiJth owncast Eye.),;., ' I '0,86p, Babes; in Toyland., ;.... Victor, Herbert (Floretta.),0 861 Babes. in Toyland, Victor Herbert' (Barney O'Flynn.),0,86:2 B,abes.jn Toyland' (Jane).. I. Victor Hetbert, q 863 Babes' in' Toyland (Legend)...Victor Hetbert lido o 864 Babes in Toyland..,', ; '.Victor. Herbert.,. " (ng of the oet.) '0 865 Babes in Toyland Victor Herbert 'c'(the,moqn Will Help You 0ut.;) o 1020 Babes in Toyland "' "Victor, Herbert (Toyland: Tom, Tom,),Q 945,',Babes in, Toyland, ; f Victor Herbert ": (I an't o the Sum.),., ',', '. ; 719 Babes in Toyland.." :.. : ~ictor Herbe,rt ' I an't o the Sum..(olka, Two. Step.) Introdtieing: Never Mind,. Eo-eep,. and Slumber eep. '.. '". o 921 Babes.in Toyland Vietor Herbert, "',.(Miuch of the Toys.) I "0 953' Babette, Selections, "..Victor Herbe,r(. I il'. l,:.' II", l' ~ 'Introducing: My Honot and My' Sword;, I'll Bribe the Stars; 'My Lady, 'Tis for The ;, We Are Very Highly olished; Be Kind to oor.ierrot;,there Once,Was an' Owl;' Lei.,tel'S: Nla,driga1;- lock Maker's SOhg; Final~, Act' II.. ' o 1018 Babette Victor:Berbert., (My Honor and My Sword.) ':'.:.'. ' o 1011' Babette (I'll Bribe the Stars).. _Vi,ztorHerbert 717 Babillage (Tittle-tattle) 'f '.,' '. nur~nd, 807b Babillage (Gossip) ' ;. Ernest Gillet, p. 882b Babillage (hitchat) ; f Tito Mattei I O: (Marceau caracteristique.) ", A' 128 Bablllard, I.e (Etude aprice. op 23)"A, TetAchak',I, Key of F. (For Flute.).,, 971 Babillarde, La (Etude, op 41, NO.3). L.eSc,hetizky:, I OOi 2137 Baby Boy ~ la~ a.:s. ase.; 1I52 Baby Mine ' F~ie-dU!1an" 474 Baby olka (Burlesque),.. ;. Rudolf Bial.'! 848 Baby Ruth Gavotte ; ~ Leo :mmer., o 12 Baby ng (Twinkle, Twinkle).. Gustav, Kerker. (Lady Slavey.) '! 4 Bacchanale,op 18,.James, M.Wehli, 599 Bachelor Maid,(Half-time Waltz).. :... Barmlm. 459 Bachelor Maids ' F. J. St. :lair.. ' (lvlarch and Two Step.),',,': 478 Bathlein, as, op 16, NO.3... Me-nd.e'hlsohn;, (The Rivulet.) Key-of E. ' 3' Bacio, II (The Kiss) Waltz... ;;~;:. Arditi;J OQ 1607 Back, Back, Back to Baltimor.e.. E., VanAlstine 2186 Back to Sioux ity JelmSclrwartz 1'5 1 Badinage : hopin'1gadowsky (hopin Etudes, 0Jl 10, No. '5. ;md o:!1. NO.9, combined in one stnd.y' by lgq~owsky.) 790 Badinage '.. ;,, Vicwr Herbert 79a Bagatelle, OJl 63, No. 1., KeY of ".:MdszkQwskj,I (J() 80a Bagatelle, 0Jl 63, NO.2. minor;, Mo.szkowski 81a Bagatelle. OJl 63, No.,). Key of F.. Moszkowski, J o 614 Bajairderentanz (Feramors)... ;.. Ant, :&ubinstein ' I <O 1281 Bal. I.e (olonaise), op 14. NO.2..,Rubinstein I 855 Bal, Le (Valse de oncert):... :...,.RL~binstein I 340 Baladine, La (aprice. op 51).. has; R Lysberg" I 2$' 334 Ba1 ostume. Key of... '".:: Ant. Rubinstein I 2$ (olonais et olonaise, op II3,: NO.9')., ': 404a Bal ostume. minor.. ;... ;Ant. Rubinstein (Toreador et Anrlalouse. An. for four.,hands.),, 4' Bal ostume NO 3,,..'. Rubinstein., 1,1; (Berger et Bergere.).: I. \' 5 Bar ostume NO ; Rubinstein (Marquis et Marquise.),.. 6 Hal os:ume No. 10 ' Rubinstein (Bojard et Bojarde.)". ',7 Bal ostume No. 16 :., Rt1bin&tei~,. 95 (hevalier et ubrette.), ' 124 Billdwin March.., _ '.. ":.. :. ' Wright,p 142 Ballabile. op 3 : Bern: Bockelman' 1304 Ballad'(Medley Waltz).'..,...,:... ;~ Introducing: House.to' Rent; Ki'Sses;,Girl. ;you Love; arissima.. (Arr. by Frank Saddler.),. ". 546 Ballade in flat, Q II9. ~.. Hornet Ni Bartlett I I t10 16 Ballade Mrs.H. B.A.' Beach. I 41Sa Ballade, op 10, No.1. minor....j. Brahms;.. (After the Scotch Ballacle "Edward" itt Herder's "Stimmen del' Volker.'!), ' '580 Ballade, op la, NO.2 :. : Brahms. I Ob

10 14' A:tHKBETIAL ARRANGEMENT" p. 129' BalHl.de;' op /10 Howard BrockwaY:<1 219 Balla.de in G minor; op 23.,, hopin I ' 49a' BaH9:de,op,38. Key of F ' ' hopin "Ballade in A, flat, op 47.,. ~ : hopin. '~ ; 195. Bal1<ide in F minor, op 52,..,.:.:hopin, I! p, 952 'Ballade (Second), op :.' 1 o:hlet 'I do! 994 Ballade, op 44..' ; ' Fischhof I.I" 972!' Ballade, op 6, No..8.. ;......: :.. :. ".GoLdner:. I67a Ballade in flat.. ;.....: ; Liszt I S0 p' 399' Ballade, op 12 ; '. I :,., W m. Mason ~ I. 310' Ballade in.flat Mosdfeles.:. 'r. 996 BaUade, op 16, No. I (ing minor).. Mosukowski.I' 82gb Ballaile,op 165 '.j l... Sydney Smith;:. 602 Ballerina (olka Brilliante).....avis". 7'5: p 791. Ballerina', a, Otto Ha khl 420 Ballerina, La onst,mtin Sternberg : 872 Ballet des apillons, op 69...,iGQ.dard ;: 842" Ballet.l\lignon.:.; ""... ' '...:... '"'''' :Waths,..; e Ballet of Sylphs Berlioz-KlindWdrth <: (amnation of Faust.), 835' Ballet'Stii'te, NO.1... L.. J ; ",Hadle)';';; (Scene de Batcharrale.) :, '836 Ballet Suite,.No. 2. Iiltermezzo.:.: HadleY!. I, 'Ballet:Sl1ite; Nh 3. Finale..:;. ; ~..: ;.. ;.. O. 568 'Balloin' Maschcra, Un :, Verdi ; '1 {Fantasie 'by LeyQach.). A 513 Ballo in Maschera, Key F; ;.' ~ Verdi, I(Act HI., Scene"I, Rebitative and A.rta, HEri tu ahe macchiavi.") For Baritone.. i,,\,' 1484'. Bal'Masque, op 15,' No.8... ;.. Wilhe:lmKien(l;L~ I (olonaise'.), '417' Baltimdl'e entennial March;...'... r Hetbert< o 94' Bandittenstreiche, Ove rturc':...franz von SU'pp~: I (Jolly Robbers.). I! Ii Arranged for four hands by' Jcih.Brandol Band layed On.: :.. : B.Ward. : p. 520a. Bangali au; Reveil, l:.e L<n ascal Gervillf:' 204 Banjo, The:.. ; '. j'l M. Gottschalk (Grotesqtle Fantasie.)'.. ('J 1273, 'Banjo Serenade (BI(').ndc in' Black) '.,... ',. Kerker 42j" Baroarn Frietchie (Waltzes). Louis'M, Teichman.: o 612 Barber of Seville (OvertJure) ;.. Rossini I S ' Barer' of Seville, Act I. (Basilio's Aria) Rossini o 59 Barbiere di Siviglia.. :..,... Rossini. '. (Una. voce poco fa.) ' a:vatina. o 1328 Barber of Seville (Largo al Falttotllm)... Rossini I 0?,' Bar-boer of Seville ; :.' " Rossin:i I (Fantasie by Le.ybach.) 88 1 Barcarolle, op.60 : hopin I. 868 Barcrarolle, NO.2 ; G; Ehrlich 626 Barcarolle, op 42. G flat ;: Gabriel.Faure ' [ 959 'Ba rcarolle, up 6?, No. 2, Fischhof Barcarolle, op 35 ; Goldner 73Ia Barcarolle, op I, No. ;3, ~ B.. Grodzki, 176. BM'carone in A flat,op 33, No; 16.. Adolf Jensen (: 74lJ, Barcarolle, op 44. Key of A Max Jentsh I ~5 ~ 27'1. ;Bancarolle, 0p, 44,,,,. ~.. :......,. ".'.,A. Liadow. 718 Ba:ncatolle, 6p.! '18... l ':":'.,.. ;-E. A.-. Macowell IOI5 Barcarolle., o:p.i'5"no.,6;..,... M,Mo$ikowski 1 2osadBaricarolle, op 27, No. 1. KeY.of G-.Mos:tkowski- At;'pH'ABETlA ARRANOEMENT. '60ga Barcarolle, op 13, NO Bar!=arol'le, op E flat.. '.., Ethelbert Nhifi :.,.' Raff '340'1;latcarolle, op 30, No. I.' (F IVinor.). :. Ant. Rubinstein...'.'. p 359 Barca.rolle. 591.' Barcarolle Key Of G (Third), 0l? Ant.Rubin~tein.... Rtihinstein. 13Ia Bar;earoll~' intjtlieme. '(A.minor)... Rubins,tein ' '154 Bardtrolle, op 4.: Robert Tempest' 709. Barcarolle ' :Tscliaikowsky '405. Barchetta, 02I, No Ethelbert Nevin ]) 644 Barn ance Shuffle, Wade Harr ison i ( ake Walk.) 1520 Barney ; Ed. 'Rogers' o.861. Barney O'Flynn.....Victor Herbert. '(Babes in Toyland,).. : : 1099' BaslHul Betsy Brown.. : : Wiley 15 o 7S 4 i5 Sb... (~S SUIlS" in the '~Little uchess.").'.. 664' Batatlle (Etude de oncert) :Gottschalk 1 l' 199 B~ttle ry Qf Freedom. ~. ~ ; ~. M. Gottschalk I 2~ 21>0 Battle: of Manassas : ;' Blind Tom I 519 Bavarian ance, op 27, No.' '1: : Edward Elgar. lbavarian Highlands.) Key G Bavarian ance, op 27, NO.2... Edward Elgar. '(Bavarian. Highlands.).., 521 Bavarian ance; op 27, NO.3. :... Edward Elgar I. (Bavarian Highlands,) Key G Bayadere(lntermezzo Two Step}..AlfredRieger 697 Beatri'ce {March and Two Step) Lee Thomas B eatricedi Tenda otpourri : :... Bellini. 1 46a Beautiful cii1ntry.': John H.. Flynn 33a. Beauty's Eyes, ; ' 1': aolo Tosti A.i.Beauty's Eyes; Key of,.tosti' 097 Be aux Jours, 'vous etes plus Ketterer (Romance Etude.) p. 822a Because, F. V. Bowers II36.Bedelia (Jersey Lily).' Jean Sc'hwartz 1928 Bedouin Love SOIlg,.. B. Hawley 1073 'Bedouin Love ng insuti A 9~ Bedouin Love ng. B minor ;.'.1'insuti. (For Baritdne.). II30 Bedtime's Near.. ;.'....Jean c. 'Havez. la SO\lthern Lullaby.)'... A 518 Bee, Tire, op 13; NO.9 : : Schube1't E minor (Violin) Beer~ That Made Mihvaukee Famous....'... 7S 40 "..:(Mr. muebeard.)... m.ll McAvoy?s S. 930 Before' Jehovah's Awful T hrojie'... M. Madan o 1396 Beggar Student (otpourri).. ~....Milloeker' I $0 F 2049 B'eharre! ; :.' '.1. H.elm Sb Schei:de, ach scheide,do h nllr von Liebe nicht... IS4aBelieve..~...'... :..,:;.. ;..:...Geo:RoseY 7S 133a.l?elieve Me If A)l Those. Endearing l Young. harms (Air: 'Fair Harvard).':'.,,; :....-'-''_-' 964a Believe Mr If.All Those Endhrin~'.Young. harms (and 1}ve others)... :.::r" '-,-- I 2$. 247' Believe Me If All Those Eric;learing Young i <:::harn~s,.and Garry Owen...Willie ape I (TtanscrIptlon, op 26.).,. o 14 Belinda on the Line (School Girl).'. Lesli~Stuart 7S so

11 16 A~;I;lAB:B':I:'IAL ARRANGEMEN:T. ALHABETIAL AR&ANGEMENi'f" _ _ Q 603 Belisario onizetti I (Fantasie de oncert, op 27, by Goria.) Bella Nita (Valse) H., Trotere. Bell Boy (March and Two Step). Fred F. Ashton I,266a ':BeHe au Bois ormante, La, op 66, NO.5.. ; (BRat.). Tsch;liklwsky. q,.. V<tlse ar~. for four hands by S. Rachmaninoff~. 905 ; ~e1le a~1 Boi.s ormante, La, op 66. Tsch<tikowsky. I O I:' Ballet. No.. 6. Valse. B flat.."... ",Ii' IQJ: Belle de :.Nllit...,....Variations byi,ascher. I op R 37.7 Bellt1 FiUe.de Seville... ".. Alphonse zibulkil ". (Gavotte.) " () 19. Bel!le Helene, otpourri Offenbach,,I o 1226, Belle Helene Selections.... Offenbach. I 29 Belle La olonaise Ernest Gillet I, 86 Bqlle of Atlanta olka J. 1. Orchar.d >: o 719 Belle of Bolwmia, Selection.. Ludwig Englander J? Belle of Bohemia '." Ludwig Englander,. (Fairies' Lullaby.). p : 9411\ Belle of Bohemia Ludwig Englander " (My Ladyi:n the ~oon.) ' Belle of hicago March ' usa B 629. Belle' of Gran:;tda (SpaJ'lish vvajtzes) Max S.. Witt. o 531 Belle of New York (otpourri) Kerker' I o :704..Belle of New Yor!> Gustav Kerker 7S (They All Follow Me.).. o 1 7II. BeHe.of New york Gustav Kerker. (They All all Me,the Belle of New York.) q 1343, Belle of New York (Arr. B) Gus. Kerker ~;,.d The Anti-igarette ciety; You and I;. My. Little Baby..'.' o Belle Qf New York...,.K~rker I. On the Beach at Narragansett; Teach.How to Kiss, ear; When vve Are Married. 76 Bel.le of New York (Waltzes).... Kerker 642 Belle of the Ball Ed. Hoffmann 7S..(March and Two Step.). ]j 665.B~l1e of the Hunt. 1. H. lucas. 7S,(March and TWQ Step.) Belle of the Season (Two Step) Bratton B 1586 ;BelIe. of the Silvery Nile Max Hoffmann. (Rogers Bros. il).~ris.),p 880bBeiles de New York, Les, op 18.. Gustave Satte~ I;?5 (Valse de oncert.) 8a Belle. Virginia, La (Mazurka), arl Hoffman 95~. e)ll1on~ March W.. H.. Appelles 7S F 6o,Sa l?~n Bolt (With. Variations) Geo.. Wilson.l? 2030, 'Ben,Bolt (Vilried) 0 Guob.e l' 1773 B,en Bolt Kncass A 276., Beneath the ;Fines. Key Eugene owles (For Low Voice.) 586..,Benedktion deieu dans la litude...,.. 4is?i~'. I.,.'., (F Ii.harp.),,, Benediction ct,.serment,. ';'fi'ran,scrip,ti,on by Liszt I 2S,1(I?,,F~iH.),,.. '...., :.... From the Hug4-enots.,(Meyerbeer-),.. 559,. B,en ~,ur.\j.ariot ~acemarch....,p,auh I Of).149.' Ben Hw(Waltzes) Hoffman I S 87o' Benoni H. W. Greatorex p 547 Bentel), (aprice) ' Bartlett. I O. 141 Berceuse,,0p 57 ~..' hopin: 7.'5 o 570 Berceuse from "Jocelyn".....,.... ".. Godard A 545, B'ercetlse' from "Jocelyn" i... : igod:ard 'l5 (For Violin or ello.}, 203 Berceuse (radle ng) 1 L,M. Gottschalk' 1 lilo 569 Berceuse, op 38, No. I ',., i.. Grieg '716 B'erceusie, bp 12 "'.'.. ]ensep.. 9 Berceuse,.. '" ;..,......', ~chytte p,2a Beroeus.e, op 47,. No. I Wilson G. Smith'. SO (radle ng,)'. " i ' 184aBerceuse. fla.t. R. Sitttohl 191 Berceuse in E flat, op 49 Frands. Thome ; 18IaBerceuse, op 72,No. 2.A flat,'. Ts/=haikowsky ;F, 8 Berceuse,.op 9, NO.2 "... Q. Zapfl 715 : I37a Berceuse. F.minor ;,,.. Alex.. Z<Lrzycki. '. (erniere cnsee ltiusic:;tle.).'..i.,... () 18.',Berlin in Smiles ;and Tears Q.vertufil. ; '. '.' onradi.. I ; 547 Beside a Lonely Spring... ;... ; JiStrauss '. '. (.A:n, einsamer.quelle.)....; 8 Beta Militaire Schotti~che.; '..,."J.. apron S 90S Bethlehem ".'oombs S 526 Beyond the Gates of aradis.e 1'obe.rt A. King A 273 Beyond the Gates of aradise Roben A..:J<j:ing.. "GMedium. Voice in.).' : Bialy MazLLr, W. Q~manski 738 Bibelots, Les (in'rtibscment),..,bachman 2097 Big,.In,dian andjlis Little. Maid..)Ylaurice Levi (Higgledy-iggledy.) '... ;I;' B~g In~ian hief;... ".. r' c...ro~amopd J ohqsoll" 7$.30Ia Bill Batley, Won t You lease ome lj,oill,?..... '" liughi!" annol1' o 8I5,Bi)lionaire., '".. K<:rkiOr '" (Just "ause de Moon Was Shinin'.) o 826' BillionaIre (Here onles ansy).... '.'. Kerkcr o 880 'Billionaire::;,. :, '.' "',". Kerker 59, (My Little ansy.).. o 872 B!lI!onaire (Glory).. :.. ~ '".Wm.,E. Bo~k' 694 BLlhonalfe (M arch and Two Step)...,... Kerker.,, 1531 Bimbo. (Good Old,summer 'time).. Geo. E'van~ 1094 Birl1 and the Brook (aprice), R.-I.. Stults.1 oey 2314 Biriiie...,... :... :... :.. : ].A. Raynes' 7$ 2222 Birdie, How vvould Ia for you?..,..,...'..,,., Arthur, ~reve)yan. 7$ a Birdie,'I d Like to Buy a GLided age for 'You Harryv~)!) Tilzer 884a' Bird in a GHded age JI'arry von Tilzet" '5<'> 1526 Bird of 'aradise Jason V. 'Matthews I (Il1termezz0.) Arr.hy Lee Orean' 'Smidt '. ;, 1551 Birds in Night (Valse oetiliue),... NeiVMoret 1 p, 12a Birds.of Heaven :...,. Bently ar-ker. 1' Birds of assage (aprice).. '" ;..,aul,wach Birds of Spring n.,:. Ll1nge'. 984 Birds on the Wing (olka Rondo)... Holst> 66a Birds on vving ;. :.. Edward Ge:tman. 838 Bit 0' B.larney ].Fred:Uelf:, I O '(Irish Intermezzo and Two Step.) 603 Bizzy Kazoo, ' ~..,Haines (haracteristic March,and Two Step'.) 264 Blade America '"..; Harry, H.' Ziekel (March and Two Step.) 17

12 18 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. LIn Black-Eyed Susan Herman Wade 7S (Two Step March.) Key of. G.' 1315 Black Laugh..Seymour:, ' (March and Two Step.) II53 Black Smoke, A has. L. ]ohtlso ll,' (haracteristic Two Step.), ", \' 2073 Blarney A.,T. M.cEvoy I 2$. (Fantasia on Irish Melodies.) ; ': "-, 358B1au Veilchen, op 22 Richard Eilenberg" I 2$ (Blue Violets.) Mazurka aprice. ' 431 Blaze Away :Abe Holzmann' (March and Two Step.)' o 9 Blonde in Black (Selection)... Gustav Kerker, I 1273 Blonde in Black (Banjo Serenade) Kerker,I p Blonde in Black (ynthia Jane) Kerker, p 26~a Blooming Lize :.. Ben M., Jerome 1731 Blow, Blow, Thou Wintry Wind r: Arne, p ~49a Blue and, the Gray ; resser 695 Blue Bell : Theo.F. Morse Introducing: The 17th of March. (Medley Two Step.) (Arranged by J. W. hattaway.) 60 '1 7~ 1608 Blue Bell Medley Overtllre... ; :...,,..~ I Introducing: ome own hom the Big Fig Tree; Isn't It Nice to Have meone to Love You? Oysters and lams; I've Got a Feelin' for You; Bell. Great Big hickapoo hief; Blue' 1679 Blue Bells of Scotland, ~.-.-,-" 1383 Blue Bells of Scotland -'-"-' (Transcription hy VV. K uhe.) ". 766a Blue Bells of Scotland. (SchottischeWeisen.j Transcribed by Gustave'Lange 7,5 53 Blue anube Waltz, Strauss I o I6 Blue anube Walz (Arrangement B) Strauss' 1 Qa Blue anube (Waltz) : Stra.uss I oncert trans. by S. B.Milis.'...' 1298 Blue anube Waltz Strauss 'I 56, Arabesques on Themes of, by Schulz-Ev1er Blue-Eyed Sue ; : Jas. R. Eumpe 5Q 13 Blue Eyes Gerald 'Lane 7$ (Mandolin transcription.) 567 Jllue Grass Beauties ';'..... K<liiser 7~ (March and Two Step.), : Blue Grass Belle Henry. Vogel 7$ (haracteristic Two Step and Buck ance.) 1288 Blue Grass Echoes A. A. Hoithaus (March and Two Step.). 290 BlUe Ribbon March Thea.. F. Morse,., ~9 Bluett, op 148, No. I Gus.tavMetkeL ~ 91 Bluett, o.p 148, NO.2 Gustav Merkel, 9 Bluette, op, No. 10 ' :: Schuett p 358 Blue Violets, Mazurka Eileriberg': p 451 Blumengefliister, Franz, von,:blon 'r (Whispering of Flowers.) haracte'rstiick Blumenstiick, op 19 Schumann "I ad o 526 Boabdil Ballet, op 49, Malaguena Moszkowski I 368a Boabdil Ballet, op 49, NO.2 Moszkowski I 2S (Scherzo Valse. E minot.) ALp.HAB~rrIAL.ARRANGEMENTi_, 369a.BoabdilBallet, op 49, NO.3 Moszkowski (MaurischeFantasia. Key A. Arranged 1230 for four hands.) Board vvalk arade, AI Johns (March and Two Step.) 296a Boating ng A.. E. W; 55' Boccaccio potpourri ' : F.,von Suppe o 1198 Boccacdo'......'......Suppe ng: Love Is a Tender Flower. lo and hq1,'us: He Is, a rince. ooper's ng and horus.,., 1806 Bogie Man Batchelor 2302 Bogie Man....Jean Schwartz Q Boheme, La,, Ruggero Leoncavallo (otourri, arr. by E.. Fiirteroff.), o 70 Boheme, La (Selections) Giacomo uccini o 1333 Bohem~. La, Giacomo uccini. (uet..finale, Act I.) o 790 Boheme, La. Act II. Valzer di Musetta. uccini, Quando m'en vo soletta per lavia., I) 1334 Boheme; La~ Giacomouj:cini (Introduction, Act III.) o 1335 Eoheme, La ' Giacomo uccini,:,' (Quartet and uet. Finale, Act III.) o 1336 Boheme; La Giacomo uccini,(aria from Finale.,Act IV.), " Q,8 Boheme, La,. Giacomo uccini,. Tl'aScr4zione di A. Buzzi-eccia. I:i 99 Boheme olka Rubinstein Boh,emian 'Girl Overture Balfe o 760 Bohemian Girl (otpourri) i. Balfe a 786 Bohemia.:n Girl,; M. W. Balfe, (Bouquet de Melodies.) o,699,bohemian Girl M. W. Balfe' (The :Heart Bowed own.) 167 Bohemian Life (Two Step).. Alfred Roncovieri 9a Bohemian Life (Waltzes) W. H. Nelson 2148 Bohemian ng :.: Schisckkin (The Letter Fanfasie.) 19,I I I I 7S,I 449 Bolero, op 19. Key of, hopin I,p 8 Bolero (remier), op 55.. Otto Hackh I 52 Bolero, op 29 Joseph Hoffman 84L Bolero,,op 27 Lack ',849 Bolero Brillante, op 6, L<eybach Bolero, op 12, NO 5... Moszkowski ' I0 Bolero, op 16, NO.2 (Key ) ; Moszkowski I 465,Bolero, op,13 Nicholas Rubinstein I, 791 Bolero, op 30 :.. Sarasate I 1141 Bolero, op 4J Wrede I,p 2270 Bombay,on' the Nile Hamish Mcunn 5b 1046, Bonne~Bouche olka.: Waldteufel Bonne Nouvelle, ne (Fantasie) aul Wachs p 16~a Bonnie Banks 0' Loch Lomon....,.~ % A 366' 'Bonnie BaQks of Loch Lomond -'-- ' (Medium Voice in F.),'R 155a,Bonnie Laddie. Hielan' Laddie ---"-, (Three verses.) 1684 Bonnie oon : '.,p 64<1;, Bonnie undee (Variations) Gustave Langill!' ;1792 Bonnie Eloise : : J. R_ThOmac~ 5 ' '7S

13 20 A'liHABEtflAL A:RRA'NGltMENT. ----_.._- ' 1'372 Bonnie Scotland, ; : atker I "(Fantasie on Scotch 'M'~lodies.) 'o' 607~ Bqngie. Sweet. Bessie,.,...,,:,.': Mar:r H. Hobart, vvlth VanatlOns.) ','"!. '! A 554,BQ11nie S}veet Bessie, ;J. L. Gilbert /i '(For ontralto.) E flat,'" " : ' 1' "B'onTon (Nuevo Baile),.. :,'. Enrique ichetti. 1I6o'B'0l1 Vivant, Le (olka),..,.ietr'e 'errot 19,r" Bmmi:-e-rag. :'...'. 'J.. '. : :",:...Warner rosby ". ' '(haracteristic March llnd akew'alk,) 1444 Border Ballad, ' Frederick 'R. owen p. 2024' 'Borinquena, La '.. :. Felix A\;to}" I p: 12,Boss Bully' (Sun~ by May Irwin)'... c. ""-,-'-~, '920 RostOn ommandery lvi arch,..t. M. ai-tet 369 Bountirig Bet rimis obb.. (ake Walk and Two Step.) p '339" Bonquet 'de l~ Reine Edward Holst I 60 (The.Queen's 'R0l1'1Uet. Grande' -Valse de oncert.) III Bourree in G'major '.::.:..,:... Bach 1 ' '582' Bolirree'... :..., '" Bach-Saint-Saens, (From Second Vio'lin nata.) '. ' 8rr Botirree:,, :. Lambert S 928 Bowerl. olchester.: (Three verse's 'each).--- :766' Bowetf' Love, \Valtzes John W.Bratton,I 355 Bowery Buck (Rag-time Two Step). Tom Turpin '826iL Boy Guessed Right Monckton & arylli a Boys Will Be Boys, :''''.:.Manuel Klein.. '," (lvk ickwick.), " ', p: 2III' Boy Who Went Away '...'R:IA. Brown'e' ' '643"B.. O. E. March and Two Step...',...'::...." ", ':' MatshaH and 'ouch 570 Brautgesang (Bridal ng)... :.,... Adolf Jensen 429a Braulreigen, op 42, No. 3..hilipp, 'Scharwenka' (vvedding Festival.) riat. 'Arranged for, four hands. " Break 0" ay (Bam ance) 'Ellie Ndrwd p Break of Morn, op, 18.;.. Edonard orn (Morgengruss.) ; Break the News to Mother :c. K. Harris 5~& Bridal Bells, (Waltz) ~;,. ' KrogTnal1'n 288 Bridal,'Eve (olka) Harry Sanderson '556, Bride Elect March J. usa <8 B,ridge, The : ' Lindsay A 5(): Bright Beyond ::'1'. H. Howe '(For alto or: Ibass' jon' EBat.), " " 1495 Brighton Vocal olka Spencer Loraine 128a Bring Back My Bonnie to Me,:..~.. (ollege ngs.), ;S ~~ 740' Brisas; Yals ' Boston ' 0::' en!z Freirt 834 Brisas 'del Uruguay (Waltz): ',Gabrief 'id' I '2'5 '(Breezes from Uruguay.).,,,,. 170 Brise de Mai (WaltZ), op 33 ;... H. LaI:lardi Brise du ir _ Ernest Gillet 27 Brise du ir, La, op 12; NO.4.'. Gutmann,p 1878 British Grenadiers' (ngs' of EngHmd'). '.~:_,-'-',' 1067 British Grenadiers (March) J.T: Trekell (Variations.), i" roll Btitish' Guards March, : ~. ".".. Harris o I I 13,Bronze Horse Overture :;.. A,ur.H. I '!'" ALHABETIAL\ ARRANGEMENT: Brook, The. '..1.:. ' ;: Gautier 278a B.1'oo.k, The, op 32, No; :2. Edward Macowell 46 (as Bachlein.). K-ey if:,' 1318 Brook,,, The.. Trans;, op '34::.':" WillieFape'.I do " 9 Btooklet acher ; 776', Brooklet's Tale, The ('fone' pictute),:.jungtijan, Brook's' Lullaby, op 62. ' John Fnlncig Glider :, 2271 Brownies Jos., E. 'Howard" 5d 0, 3 'Br'<bwn October Ale' (Robin,Hood}...t ekoven'i dd " ' (Tinker's ngi' A :[aijorthere welt.) : 349a Beude Valsaf Balletten et Folkesagep, :.,.,;... ' \1,. Nids W.Gade' (Arranged for four hands.), 'Key. Q 8.39',Bruja, La (Jota) ';.;,.:. R. hapi I l?,,8isabrush By, Nigger, Brush By :IT.' M. Statia Your Key on't Fit This Lock: NoM0I'e.... (Two verses ea~h.), 'aul ohn',p.205 Bruyere, Lal (The Heath) :...,Gustave Lange,814.. Bryn Mawr Girls' Waltz Herbert M. Justice. 73.p : 981,Bubbling Spring ~ :.. '. Rlve"King.0 366"Btidapester olka :.; ' Johanh Strauss, J...g 6 Buf alo March,\: ':.. : "',~.. :. Brooke I ob.t" 963a. Bugle alls and WaT: ngs..._ I Star Spangled Bann~T; 'Rally Round the Flag; Marching. Thro' Georgia; Tramp, Tr amp, Tramp; vvheil "Jilhmlie' :omes <' " " Marching Home;, ixie.. 134a Bull og (ollege Scmg~s).'.:'.,...'....' S.Q J3,Bullfinch.. :...,.. ;., :..Rimsky-!Kprsakow,'" I J': {1oud,and Thunder. Agreed.),.: '". " II4'Bunch 0' Blackberries :; Holzmann,p 628 Bun<!h. of. Rags (Rag 1\J edley) ' '. h ;Jeromeo'. I 2228 Bunker Hill (March ng)... A:lbert: wm: Tilzer ",BUitgomaster" (Selections).. ~.'.. Gilstav',Ltlders I, 15,6a. BurIe&ke, op 28, Ko. 2. J(llY F,.]"L.,Nicode.l::' 12'\7. )3urleske, op 71, Ko. 3 ' ",Schultz 7[, 10 Burlington Two Step Rosenbecker 190a ~t: He Said Jt oli~ely.' _,"".,. ' (Miss Sirnplic:ity). Harry Lawson, Heartz. 2076,~utterflY.. :.. : TheQ. Bendix " '"" (Morceau hal aetensque,).,,',,'"... ' 2273,E,.utterfly _ ~rnest Bucalossi 2223;,Butter-fly and the,lover.. ',".,Alfred.E. Aarons,.,, (hina oll;).,,. _ ;s 5:W,' B.utthe Lord Is Mindft1! of. His Own,.,.,...,...,... " Mendelssohn : ' (Recit. and Arioso from St.' au!.).. ",B\lttonhole Bouquet ",' harles. 1;. Ellis J' '... (asar the YodIer;.;),,',.' 0, 805 B.ut Xesterday, ;. ",' Voupdel} (From "A hinese H<;\neyn1n.'),. Iq6 Euzzin', Around ' '....",aj11 Ba,rnes o. 974 Bye-Bye, Baby (Woodhpld.),.. Luders Bygger en Fugl saa dy-bti mit 13ryst, ;oer,-,-,~, :'. (e to. Fugll.) Five verses.,. ". ': 120 By, Moonlrght, op' 139, NO.3 Bendel 292' 'By'the Brookside; op 7, No. 5 John brth 779 By the Brookside. ' '.. : Tours. 1585' I By the Old Oak Tree. ; Max Hoffirtanin ' (Rogers Brothers in aris.) SO 69 7,5, I 1 5 I ~5 ' 'i

14 22 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT, 8 By the River (Transcription by Bendel).Jeirsen,..1 I ro3 By the Sycamore Tree '. Max Hoffmann (Rogers Brothers in London.) p, 2219 By the Watermelon Vine, Lindy,Lou.:.,,'...:.. /1 Thos.. : S" Allen;,c S 532 By the Waters of Babylon.,..harles T:Howell '1 By the Winding Tennessee :.,L. JolmSOI'l'i', R 668 abaletta.:,..,.. ".,Uacle.,870. ache~ache (Hide and Seek),..'.. ;.'.,;'.ierne;i O<l 120 achoucha aprice, op 79.' Raff 199 ackling hickens (Two Step) F. O.ElInore',.' 7:1 8sa adenz zum ersten Satz... Richard Burmeister (Von hopin's F moll onzert.) 973 adet Two Step _ Schleiffartlt 7ro adiz (Two Step) hueca y Valverde' (aso-doble.) 1580 afe hantant (hina oll) Alfred E. Aarons 5 agliostro Walzer, op 376 Johann,.,Strauss'. 3 alanthe' Waltzes Abe Holzmann O 60(}, aliph of Bagdad (Overture) A.Boieldieu p.,9<l alm as the Night, in fiat arl Bohm' A, 231 alm as the Night. flat " arl Gotze (Still \Vie die Nacht. For soprano and bari-' tone.) Accompaniment only. alvary aul Rodney ambridge (and four others). Two :verses each. amel's Tread Frederic hapin (Arr. by Theo. Bendix.), 935 ampanella, La (Impromptu, op ro).reyschock t 348 ampanella, La, op 2 Jules Egghard 552 S (Impromptu.) I 542 ampanella, La ; '.'agimini'. ' (Transcription by Liszt.),., 49 ampanella, La (Etude, op 41) Taubert o 1369 ampanone Overture..,.'G; Mazza" 195 ampin' on de Ole Suwanee L. O. Smith' (ake Walk.). ro55 ampus ream Waltzes E. M. Blake 334 anary and Nightingale's Warble. Edwa'rd ijolst ' 1034' andorosa Mazurka V. M. reza. 238a an I Forget? R. de' Koven 728' annibal ance :. Roberts' 1 49' annibal icnic Schottische St.' George S 940 anon (Hymns, Ancient and MO,dern. 'Hymn 23.) A 541 antilena, for ello, in E Goltdmanri' 649 'antih~ne Nuptiale (Grand hoeur) Theq. ubois 12Sa ai].tiquc d'amour. Key E ;,Liszt 1226 arltique d'amour Strelezki S 859 antique de Noel (0 Holy Night) Adolphe Adam 734.'1 anto deirisionero G. N esslet (Melodia Argentina.), so 1p bb 5.0 I ~o QO 1 I.~5 I ' 34r anyon Rill, The (Fantasie)... Edward Holst I (Rauschender Quell.).'" "", 85 anzoneit<i :A- Ferner anzonetta G~dard, 729 anzqnetta " Itollaender ' p 19, anzonetta in ~ ".;. S.{;h uett ' p IQ941!.ap,and Gown. Waltzes ;.'. E. M. Wh~atley, I ' 1223 apriccietto, op'.54, No. '3', ;...,Mo5zkowski ALRHABETIAL. A,RRANc;rEM:e;N!f~ 23 c 80 apriccio NO.9 "Bach I,(On the eparture of a Brother.) ' a~riccib, 0 76, No. 1. F sharp minor..brahms AS 497 apriccio, op 76, NO.2.. B minor Brahms '435.apriccio, op 116, No. 1. minor Brahms' <;, 437 apriccio, op n6, NO 3. G minor... Brahms. 403 apriccio, op 116" NO.7.. minor... Brahms p, 1224'.apriccio, q>p, No. I,.;,.. Brocl<way. SO 1260 apriccio"op 5,i; L R. 13un;nei~ter ',1 (JO A 543 apriccio for ello, op 24 GQhermaml', :297 apriccio, 'op 11, NO.5, Robert Kahn I;: 167~ apriccio,. op 41 Bruno Osca,r Kleiq I apriccio, op 16, NO.2. E minor.. Mendelssohn 8 apriccio Ihillante, op 22 Mendelssohn I :223 apriccio, op 33, No. I......Mendelssohn.I 224 apriccio, op 33, NO.2 Mendelssohn I. '2 apriccio, op 33,.No. 3 Mendelssohn I, 927 apriccio Espagnol, O34. N. Rimsky-Korsakow I Alborada. VariazioUl. Alborada. Key.A..f. 928 apriccio Espagnol, op 34,N. Rimsky-Korsakow I : apriccio : omenico Scarlatti ;(For concert use by arl Tausig.) 584' apriccio 1talien Tschaikowsky-achulski I (!Andante un poco rubato.) (j;.,1$oa apricdoso, op.40, NO.3. flat esar. ui '555' aplliccioso, op 28, No. I Schuett 394 aptice, op 43, No. 1. A minor A. Arensky 395 aprice, op 43, NO.3.' Key of, A. Arensky <,;. '390 aprice, op 43, NO.5.. Key of A. An;nsky 568a aprice: oncert aprice...".....a. I\riedland,.530 aprice Burlesque,' op 3, No. -1. G fiath.. ;... :, Oss-lp Gabrilowitsch I 94.'1 aprice Nocturne, op 6. Key of A...A. GGlria J 319 aprice,op 14, NO.2 ; Stephen Heller I (Ueber den Gabrie1en WaJzer.) 3II aprice Htmgroise, op 7 E. Ketterer 080 ro811 aprice. op 16, No.' I aprice, op.31, No.6 Mendelssohn ; Moszkowski 67 aprice Me1ancoliqlle, 01' 35, No. I., Moszkowski, 7 aprice Espagnol, op aprice EspagnoJe., ~ Moszkowski A. N ogues 033 aprice 1. hilipp. 303 aprice, op5, NO.2. Key of E Schumann jj 1I56 a'iilrice, op 2, NO.3 ; Stavenhagen II57 apr,ice, op 8, NO.2, :.~trong o 934 aprice sur des Themes de I Opera..S. Thalberg Le: 'rophete de Meyerbeel". oli> 2$ 5'J) I 4r apricho.. : "..Alberto Jonas 1:' 1407 apricho Espanol Antcmio :Nogues I. (Spanish aprice.) 555 aptive Love (Barn anee}!laude: Trevor 1.'< 73ya araval Espagnol, op 38 eh. eliiux. I. (aprice de oncert.) 222 areless Sam (ake Walk) John,M. avies '554a: aressante, La, op 39...; J;, Blumenthal p 943 arillon, Le ,..', ; ;. A. }aell p 695 arillon de Louis XIV., 0I07, Neustedt. 343 arina, La (Mazurka) Barnie G. Young 2273 arissima (Waltz Ballad) ; Arthur A. enn

15 24 AL:J>HA B'E1'IAL AiRRANGEMENIl7;. nod arita Mazurka Walter A: 'hillips'; arita Ov~rtute ".;.'.. : ~ "...,.. Mandevil~e I : 488' armela, La ' Frank, M. Wttmark I 29 " (Mexican Waltzes.) " '.'.:.,.; n8i' armen (relude. anzonet Bohemien)...,Bizet,I 29 o 7 armen. 'Act' I.... J \ '; '.Bizet,; (horlls of igarette' Girls.) " (1), 1070" Minen. ' (Ave1'lera),.,., :... ;:... ~ Georges'.,Bizet.: : (') F0 'armeil', A~t L, NO.7. uet. '"." Georges Bizet. I ':,,;;, (JAhl mi parla da: lei;). '.".' 0' 1298"; Oarmett (;Recitative and. uet.! ' Act,1:L). ". Bizet:' 1 5<> o 1311' armen (AFiaand Intermezzo. Aet"HL)':;. Bize.t\ I 23 0' 1310 'armel1 (Terzet,. Act.. IH.)..,. :1. ;, ; ",;;... :Bizet..1 2; anwell.' Act Ill. (Toreador's ng).,.'. Bizet, I 23 (') I47I'..arlneh, '.,.. : :. Ge01"ges, Bizet:..,1 29 (Fantasie bri.llante.by:w, KJlhe.) ':". o '556 armen' Fantasie I :.. L.llybacl1_' I o "549 " armen-habluiera ;...,..,,':,..I J.: Bizet \' 79 (Transcription by Lange.) "i i. o 54 armen (otponrri) ~. Gee. Bizet I 'I: '(Al'ran'geO' by H. Maylath,).',,',., :638 'armencita '.. : : Ed. er;:msart ' 1 annencita :,,:: ~ :. ' ~;.. Hackh :671' Garnations(Valse Lente).., ' Arthur Weld 158 No. I. arnaval : :..,Schumann I 158'" NO.2. an1aval i ; '., : humann I S NO.3 anlaval, h~ma11l a"(['arnaval Espagnol,: op 38 ",.h..elioux. : I.,,<,apr.ice de'o)lcert.}.,..,.',1.;., ' ' arnevllisstudlen Wahzes. ' H...E, Strauss', I aTl1iva.[ of Venice.'. '..'.,.:. :,'. '... La. Halcbe,'. 12.arnival of Venice, O: Ij:,O.,,.. I.. '...':I".Hen~: d ; '651 'arniva:l of :Venice Schulhoff I S 8I@, arol :.... i..::,;.~,';,."'.iwi11i~, 71 "arolina ake Walk ',Maxreyfus".I 663 arol of the Lark j(wahz) L I.' '.. :'. "Baile.>' J 65Ia"arrousel, Le IAohn Franois Gilder;,r. (The. Merry-go-round.' aprice bj'i1iiar1t.) p '429 ascade; La, op II4, $1':: Bendel " I (Etude de 'oncert.) ".1 \ " ' 579 ascadocl.la ":.." '. Emil. Baur' :1. 99 'ascade de Roses. op :, ;J;Ascher ': I 318. ascade.de Rubis,.La,.op Sydney, Smith:. 73. ' '.1 \(Marceau elegant;)..' ': '. ':. ' " ':Eastadl'i duhaudron '/.., :.'J. Bendel 0: 693" 'fasino Girl". (otpour.r.i). ;...Ludwig Englander., o ' casiho Gid (The' a.sinogirl)..,,:...1. Maceonnell o 1385 asino Girl (rum' Major's S()ng~.,Macconnell 0: I@ 'asino Girl ' Macconnell,. (It's,rthe/hink, hink, hink}.";.: 860a asino Girl.',(' WiU:M. ook.,.(own the Lover's' ilane;) I ' ;, ~~ o '593.. asino, Girl. (Mam'selle)... :;;.:..ArthurINevin: assano -.. ;.. ;.' ;.. Henri 'Stanisla'us I (Morceal1: de 5:1.10n..). )' 4 I7a::Gnsse-N'ois,ette(The Nutcracker)..':fschaikowsky, I,.:. (Ballet... Valse des Fleurs.).:.;; ;'.". ~.:: asse-noisette!. '" ' ;.Tschaikow sky.i'" 'i(tltenuteracker.) Ballet 1, '. 'I; '., '.(, i Trepak. ance des"mirlitblls.. l ''', 2$ (;167 A 547 A:LHABETIA~ ARRANGEMEN'I\ 739 asse-noisette (The Nutcracker).Tschaiko'wsky Ballet. Feerie-Marche.',!649a astagnette, La, op Henry,Ketten (aprice Espagnol.),, '655 ataracte, La (Rondo Etude) Gilder' IX 1021 atherine Waltzes ' ' Stroh 1 OQ 134 at's Fugue : Scarlatti I52a ailserie. op 40, No.6. Key F '. ; esar ui.' 1597 avalier's ng : Ludwig Englander 1 O(J). (Madcap rinccss.) o 1042' avauer.ia Rusticana (reludio). '... Mascagni O' 77 avalleria Rusticana i-etro Mascagl1f (Vorspeil and Siciliana. luranged for four hands by F. Brissler.) o 668 avalleria Rusticana, ietll(l Mascagni I (Introductory horus.) o 1449 avalleria Rusticana ; ietro i\fascagni (rinking ng.) 0, 1452" avalleria Rusticana..' ietro Mascagni (-Lola's ng.) o 536 avalleria Rusticana. (Intermezzo)... M ascagni so so o 93 avalleria Rusticana ietl'omas<!agni (Intermezzo. Arr. for fonr hands.) 1306" avalleria Rusticana (filtcrmezzo)... Mastagni (Mandolin Accompaniment.)' A 135 avalleria Rusticana Mascagni (Interrriezzo. in F,for Violin.) A 573' avaljeria Rusti:cana..'... ;.'.;...;.. Mascagni so Tntermezzo Sinfonico. (For, Organ andial1o inf.) iano part only. O 933. avalleria Rusticana ielro Mascagni 1 (otpourri.) avalry atrol ~ Smith avatina, op 85, avatina, op 85, NO 3 NO.3, ; 1... Raff Raff (For violin. Aceompaniment only.), 698' c.c: T. Anhiversary...<...:Lee Thomas',(Marchand Two Step.) I49a edre, I.e, op 40, No. I'. Key F esar ui, 2, elle Mieczynska Jos; amsc. (Mazurka' populaire.) "., 1227 endrillon '.. J. Massenct, (Le mmeil de entrillon.) I 922 entury Two Step Marth Leo.Friedman '538. G. V. March I... Votteler haconne '... :.,.. ;.. '.; '. Bottari 1;" 677, haconne, op ,......,:..-.,trtwd 1 o 885 hampagne ance (March aiid-two Step).,stuart ',0 "'(From'The Silver Slipper."). 302 <!:hanson a boire, op 8, NO.2 J. Schnlhoff '.' (rinking ng.) p '373', hanso.n d'amour,'op, 36'....':.. A. Eisoldt (Minnege.sang.). I 652;"Gha:rtson. d'amour,.. ' ;..',.}oseffy,79 I30a hanson d'automne, o.34.. :."... G. de Bottari Key.,:.1' 829 hanson d'amour....,..:ottbl Hackh p hanson de l'ean ; Henri Lutz (ng of the Water.) 7S

16 26 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMEN'l'. A~HABETINL ARRANGEMEN~ hanson reole, a hanson Espagnole, op roo E. Kettert'r E. Kettert'r p, 983 hanson Hong-roist'. op 27, upont: (Melodie Originale.) p ~s hanson Joyeuse, op 48, upont I 1066 hanson Russe ' Sydney Smith (Romance, op 31.) op, Albert Griinfeld '045 hanson Slave, op 52 '..Schulhoff 548 hanson Suisse, op I.S... ;.. Raff hanson Russe. op 27 hanson sans paroles, Francis Thome NO a hant d'amour, op 65 A.. Terschak 587a hant de Rf'rger M. e olas (ng! of tht' Shepherd.) s85a hant du Braconnier Th. Ritter 246 hant (Itt Gondolier. op 286 J. Leybach p o (Auhade.) 863 hant riu S"raphin, Le, Greli;h 60.1 hant Sans a roles, op 40, No.6..Tschaikowsky 308 hapel in til(' Motmtains, op 16.'.. ' G.. \ivilson ~3 haperons (Selections) Isidore Witmark 2a haperons (My Sambo) vvitmark, '728 i n I3la haperons nive're AI1 Good Fellows). Witmark IS8a haroctf'fstiick, op 9, NO.2...Jean Louis Nicode (G minor.) 1 I n 3T8 harge of the Light Brigade (March). E. T. au1l S8I' harge of the Roosevelt Rough Riders.. oleman (March and Two Step.) 1346 harr~e of the Uhlans. op 213 arl Rohm I (Grand Galop Militaire.) S 530 harity,,., " J, Faure lola harity (Miss Simplicity).Harry Lawson Heartz o harity (Lariy Teazle) A: Baldwin Sloane l'x 62 harlatan March usa 1304 harlatan March usa (Mandolin Accompaniment.). harmer (Waltzes) Frank M. WitmlLrk hasse, La '.'.:.. ussek hasse, La, op 5, No. I '.. Rheinberger (Impromptu.), hasse all Lion (GalopBrillante) K01ling hasse Tnfernal Galop, op 23 hasse-n ei,ge (Etude No. 12. B' flat minor.) Kolling Liszt 7.~. 356 hasseurs. Les.op 194 ::.Jules' Egghard ',I oi> (Ancien hoeur de hasse.) 792a hatelaine, La. op 90 E..Ketterer I ' (Valse de Salon.) p 1571 heerful hinaman Theo. F. Morse p 964 hevalerl'sque, I.a. op 26, Goldhet 7~ 976 hicago ost. March (Two Step) Brooks p 1.,2 hi-ciipi, Nini (uban ance).. Rich. Hoffman I dei p I08T hicken ' ' ' '.,Accooe 1316 hicken on the Fence J. H.Ellis (Ragtime Intermezzo and Two Step.) 260a hilr1ren of the uth A. vbnfielitz (esiderio,op 7, NO.2, in A flat.), 109); hildren's Homl' Frederick H.,owen 7.~ 913 hilperic Ql1adrille '.; Marriott 1 60S, himes of Geneva, N octurite,...'. Franz Liszt ' I o '737' himes of Normandy Robert' lanquette (Overture.), o 112(1)' himes of Normandy ' ; lanquette 1 GO ng: On Billow Rocking; ng and horus: Serpolette., Legend of th'e Bells. s: 957,.himing hristmas Bells owell G. Fithian : himney Swallows arrie Jacobs Bond (Valse aprice.) p 4' hinese ance,.,.. Owen Joseph o ' 35.' hinese Honeymoon Howard Talbot,(Selections.) o 1431 'hinese Honeymoon ' Howard Talbot (Sextet. Act 1.) o 44 hinese Honeymoon. Act I... Howard, Talbot (A la Girl.) o 45, hinese Honeymoon. Act II:. Howard Talbot (I Want to Be a Lidy.) Q 987 hinese Honeymoon.,... Giacomo Minkowsky <When the reamer Awakes.), o 805 hinese Honeymoon (But Yesterday)..Vousden 1016 hinese Honeymoon :. John W. Bratton, (My Little Hong Kong Baby.) 1017 hing. a Ling a Loo Max Hoffmann 267 hing Ling Foo, Emil Katzenstein (March and Two Step.),.Il 1067 hispas Electricas Gabriel iez (olka Brillante.): ' ; 732 hocolate r.ops '...;Harry von Tilzer 7S (Two Step and ake Walk:), '421a,hoeur et ansedes Lutins..Theodore ubois I ~S (horus and ance of Elves, op 7. Fminor.) II33 hoir elestial. Key Arthur Trevelyan 704 horal March udley Buck 1 13 horister Sullivan 708 horister Valse, The Bernard helps S ' 953 hristadelphian Hymn Book --- Hymn 67. The Race That Long. Hymn 42. Oh, Worship the King. S 954 hristadelphianhymn Book --- I Hymn 133.,Hear! Hear!' 0, Earth. Hymn IOO.' Exalt, O. Goe!. ' Hymn 99;' All Hail the ower. S 514 hristian Science Hymn<lJl ;- (Shepherd, Show Me How to GO.) : Bracket SS c Three ve:rses. 61 hristian Waltzes, The '.. Wm. Furst ' 134 hristmas, '99 March E. H,: Smith 828 hristmas Bells J, M.oward, 9 ' hristmas arols Gerrit' Smith ~ ' Three Ships; The hristmas Tree; hristmas Bells; hild Jesus; radled All Lowly. :S 908 hristmas Offertorium Leinmens I a hristmas, ieces, op 72 Mendelssohn..No. I, Key of G. No.2, E flat., 27a hristmas ieces, op 72.. Mendelssohn' j?'s, NO.3, Key of G. NO.4, Key of. 28a hristmas ieces, op '..'. '...:Mendelssohn No.5, Gminor. No.6, Key of F. 76 hromatic Fantasia and Fugue ;.. Bach 1 '

17 :?8 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. AHABETIAL AR~(\JNG;E~vIil1~NT 261 Ohulita, La (WaJt2),... ; i A: Ferner, 7$ p. 2 hutedu Rhin ". c : Kontski, 1 (Marceau de oncert, op 28L.) o '522. id, i.e (Ballet), Massenet 1 '("Aragonaise,?' "astillane.")' 549 id, Le (Ballet: Aragonaise).'... ".,..Massenet 20 inderella, op 39. NO.4... c. K R. Kroeger 922a indy. I preams About You., ave Ree'di Jr. 972 ingalee (Selection) Lionel Monckton o inq Mars OverttJre,..c Gounod 637 inquantaihe, La " Gabriel-Marie 1 p 928 ircassienne, op,. c' Gresse 1 66 'ircus Girl Waltzes arl Kiefert. I 760a ita, La Juan G. Miralles, (Mazurka de Salon.) lang of the Wooden Shoon ' Molloy o 878 lass ng (From "The Silver Slipper"). Stuart 1219 layton's Grand March... :... has.. Blake i 601 leanin' Up in Georgia (ake W'alk atrol).guy 1841 leansing Fires Virginia Gabriel leopatra (Marcia Trionfale)...L. Manil'lelli o 1194 leopatra: Barcarolle... L. Mancinelli I I : Marcia Funebre. 13' lever, Stunt Raymond. Hubbell '(haracteristic March and Two Step.) 411 Sam 222 limbers Waltzes loche du ouvent,,op 106 H. Wallack ;i J. Ascher I p 2265 (Morceau aracteristique.) lochettes d'or, op 268 (aprice Brillante.) E. Ketterer. 1, p '322 lochehes d'or, Les, op 38 Sydney Smith, I (aprice de lncert.) 1887 loister Bells, Reverie Edward M; Read 15 15?? lorinda (Man from hina) John 'W. Bratton 7S 49a lorinda hauncey Haines 7'5 (March and Two Step.) 278 lorindy, or the Origin 'of the ake W'alk..i.... I. F. W;'i\lfeacham Medley "Overture,' introducing: arktown Is Out To-night; Love in a ~ttage Is:Best; Who at Say hicken in is rowd; Jump Back, Honey,; Hottest oon in ixie, ance. A 157 lover Blossoms : Stephen: Townsend (prano or Tenor in E flat.) 1644 oax Me :... Harry von Tilzer 419 ocoanut ance Andrew Hermann : 12 'oeur d'ange EugenIO 'M. 'dealarcon S 928 olchester Bowen (Three verses each).,._-_' : 521 ollnette '(anse Mignonlle).. ; 'Beallmont [168' ouege ays Herbert L. 'larke..(march and Two Step.) 1153 ollege Medley; rz8a ollege ngs :.,..'.;..... :_'_' '(Bring Back My' Bonnie to Me.). 134a ollege ngs (Bun og) ' _ I33a 'ollege ngs (Fair Ha:rvard) -_._' (Air': Believe Me' If All 'Youhg harms.). Those Endearing. 129a ollege' ngs (Good Night, :Lal:1ies) --- I26a ollege ngs :., ' is (Landlord, Fill the Flowing.Bow1.) 123a,ollege ngs (LauLiger,Horatius)... '-~- (Air:' Maryland, My Maryland.). I24a.ollege ngs (My Last igar) '-- Ia ollege ngs (olly, Wqlly,:oodk) --~ I31;t ollege ngs (Quilting arty) ---- I32a ollege ngs (Rig~<J.-gig).'',", --- I27a ollege ngs,.., ;,, (There Is a Taver,J.l in the Town.) 1317, ollege Widow W altzes.. c.....,irene Berge (Arr. by Theo. Bel1dix.)..'" olomhine olojiial (V.alse Viennoise). Rodolphe Berger Guards...'....'...'... H.. Slnall (March and Two Step.). '. 549 olorado (Barn ance)': lldley liilton 149. olorado Summer (Alpine Rose, op 21, NO.4.) Gerrit Smith IS0 olorado Summer : (By the Stream, op' 21, ; Gerrit Smith NO.7.). 151 olorado Summer Gerrit Smith (olumbine, op 21, No.8.) 365' olorado Summer Gerrit SI11ith (loud Shadows, op 21, No.IO.) 1126 olored Major S. R. Henry, (haracteristic March Two Step.) 1542 olnmhine (]\1an from hina).john W. Bratton 1187 olumbine (Air de Ballet).. German 708 olumbine (Second Minuet)' elahaye.~ '812 olumbine Waltz, ',' Oscar Straus5, 18 ome All Jine in,ie hor!\s. E. Schofield 1157 orne Along (olka) Eille Norwood o 808 ome and Take a Stroll with Me Englander 2143 ome Back. ear Heart' Ion Arnold.p 909a ome Back, 1I1a HOlley Boy, to Me,. John S1:r.omberg (As Sung at Weber & Fields'.) 1678 ome Back to Erin.. laribel,p 1282 ome Back to Erin; laribel-knhe 3IIa ome own, 1\J a Eyenin' Star..John Stromherg (Twirly Whirly.), o 11 ome own, }\fa Honey Gustav Kerker I The Harmless Little,. Girl Gustav K.'erker' r (Lady Slavey.).., I "_., J,0 809 ome, Little Girl, and Tell 1\1 e Truly.., Stuart (Sextet, from f~the.sil"er Slipper.';');, ome Out, inah, on the Green.:, '.... (arkey Serenade.) Rosamonll' Johnson (Sleepjng Beauty and the Bea5t.) ome Take a Trip in My Air Ship Introducing: You're. All.Right. ".--'-,-'- (Arr. by Emil Ascher.) S 529 ome Unto Me, \Nillem oenen 1116 ome Where J\ly Lo\'e Lies reaming... ;...,. ". S.c. Foster 158a omin' Through the Rye : : ;..;. ' ommonwealth March.,.; Anton d'al1vcrga 648 ommunion in G : Batiste 9 ommunion in E minor.., Batiste 886 ommunion, OJ) 39, NO.3. In E. Edouard Batiste 1938 omo Gavotle ' Henri Stani:;lan:; p ob I 15 5 I ' 1

18 3 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT omplaint of the Rose ; Franz (Improvisation, op 14, No. 18, by Mer-tke.) 105a omplainte. E flat minor M. Balakirew 5I2a omplainte, La, op 33 Robert Goldbeck (Russian Melody.) 338 oncerto in F (Italian) :.. Bach I. (Allegro animato. Key' of F.). (Andante molto expressivo.. mirtor.) 339 oncerto in F (Italian) resto giojoso Bach I 2,5 915 oncert for Two Violins. minor Bach (Largo rna non tanto.). ( oncert: Klavier oncert, No. I, op 15.. Beethovet1 I (Allegro con hrio,) 662 oncert: Klavier oncert,n o~ I, op. I5.Beethoven I, (Largo.) 663 oncert: Klavier oncert, No. I, op. I5.Beethoven (Largo. Allegro Scherzando.). I 741 oncert: Klavier oncert, op. 37. NO.3. Beethovert I (Allegro con brio.) 571 oncerto (Third) in minor (Largo).Beethoven I 572 oncerto (Third) in minor (Rondo).Beethoven: I SO 59l oncerto, op 58, Key G Beethoven I (First movement. Allegro moderato.) A 5 4 oncerto: Violin oncerto in, op 6r.Beethoven (Larghetto. Rondo.) I 603 oncert, NO.5. op 73, E flat Beethoven I 5 (Allegro. art 1.) 604 onert, NO.5, op 73, E flat Beethoven 1 (Allegro. art II.)., 569 oncert NO.5, 0 73, E flat :. Beethoven I ' (Adagio un poco moto. Rondo Allegro.) (art IlL), 56a oncerto, op I I. E minor ; hopin' I (Allegro maestoso.) 57a oncerto, op I I. E minor, hopin I (Romanze. Larghetto.) 58a oncerto. op II. E minor hopin I (Rondo vivace.) 597 oncerto, op 21, F minor hopin I (Maestoso.) 598 oncerto, op 21, F minor (Larghetto.) nopin 1 6:29 oncerto, op 2I. F minor ;... hopin. (Third movement. Allegro vivace.) 333a oncert, op 16. A minor (Allegro molto moderato.) Edward Grieg 1 334a oncert, op 16. A minor. (Adagio). Edw. Grieg. 335a oncert, op 16. A minor Edward Grie,g I (Allegro moderato molto e marcato.) A 566 oncerto for iano. E flat Liszt 1 (Allegro maestoso. Quasi adagio.) 165a oncerto Symphoniqne Henry Litolff. I' (Qnatrieme, op 102.) Scherzo. minor. A 24 oncerto (Second), op 23 c.m:ac(')wetl' 1');0 (. minor. Larghetto calmato.). F. part only. A oncerto (Second), op. 23 :.. :MacoweH ( minor. resto' giocoso.). F. part only. A 60 oncerto, op, G. minor Meldelssohn (Molto allegro con fnoco Andante.) 398a oncerto, op. (Andante.) G minor Mendelssohn A 61 oncerto, op.. G minor (Molto allegro e vivace.) Mendelssohn For. F. and orchf'stra. 766 onccrto. op (Andante).(Molto.alle~ro.) Mendelssohn A 563 oncerto. for Violin, op 64. Key G. Mendelssohn (First movement. sionato.) Allegro molto appas 535. onccrto, op 59 Key E M. (Moderato. Allegro animato. ) Moszkowski 526 oncf'rto. op SQ. Key E. (Andante. Scherzo.) M. Moszkowski 527 oncerto. op 59. Key E (Allcgro deciso.) M. Moszkowski ' 71:5 'oncerto in A minor ac! crewski (Finale. Allegro vivace.) A 104 oncerto: Fonrth ianoforte oucerto. OJ) (AIl('gro. minor.) Rnbinstein 58<), oncerto in /\ minor, OJ> 54 Schumann (Allegro affcttl1oso. First 1110\,('n1< nt.) 588 oncerto in A minor. op 54 (Second movement.) l~. Schumann (Intermezzo andante grazioso.) 804 oncerto. No. 22 (Adagio. Agitato assai).viotti A 3 oncertino, op 2 : aul Kiihnel, 34 (For viola (w cello. Accompaniment only.) No. r, oncert Stiicke, First movement.. Weber 34 No.2, onert Stiieke. March and Finale..Weber p. 6" oncert Study Joseffy (1'1'0111 hopin Etude. or 10. NO.5.) 546 oncert Stndy (First) hilipp' (After hopin Valse, op 64.) 6.14 onciliator March W. H. Scollton 1061 onfidencias Vals ' '".. G. iez 1048 ongo oons Schottische A,. Gardner TOI5, ongo Love ng Rosamond Johnson (Nancy Brown.). 961,onqueror March Boscovitz 70 onqneror's Waltz. Wm. Furst I8dit onsolation (Key ) A. Arensky 307a onsola'tion, op 40. NO.2 (Romanze. Key B.) I~eschetizky. 483 onsolations Liszt No. t. Key of E. NO.5, Key of E. 971a onstancy Weber 677 onsuela (Two Step Intermezzo). Alec Ramble 2 ontemplation, La Hllmmel ' 426 onte Serieux. op 49, No. I.. Horatio W. arker (E flat minor.) I41.. an tl,! arnor hasta el inflierno,i,,(olka.).. T. omar 1748 onvent Bells (R.everie) Henri Bollman,. 0929, onversation Gabriel-Marie Q 952 " ~o9 (ountry Girl) a,11 A. Rubens 668' ooing oves (Mazurka) Fahrbach I 1 I I I I I so I I 7'5

19 32 A:LHAJ1lETIAL ARRANGEMEN1:. ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT oon Ba'nd ontest,'.' ; A r'1lii.ttr 'ryor, (ake'vvitlk and Two Step.),, 47a oon!' oon! oon!' Leo Fr,wdman ISO oon in the Moon (ake \Valk).. ;..,.,j.hirsch ~) 592 oonsntting apers,,,,gr.o~by (ha racteristig March.) 296 oons in the anebrake....'... \\1. 'S., layson, (Two Step and March.) " ), 734 nolltown atrol, Harry (l;.,heach,( WI ar12h and Two Step.)', ' j " 1554 oonville \)llnd Band ',"... Fletcher rvt'cakim (oon J\Iarch ng.) II 14 ' oon "Vill Follow a Band George Brah,am. o 123 oppelia Bal)et, otpourri Leo elibes 1,,,,(Arr. for four hands.).," o 1404 oppelia Ballet (l\iazurka) Leo elihes ~l4q<\ oppejia, Ballet. E flat. Leo dipe~. (Valse T.ente.),. :o 879b oq\lette, La Victor I [edler~ I, 40 Ol/llette Mazurka., Lal'1'cgla 13 oq,ltettrrie(aprice) alli Wa<;hs:, 1:' 834;1 oqur;tterie, op 114 S. Translatenr,,', (S;;\.1on Walzer.),, ',". n I fs(j oqlletucla,(}.tazurka)., ]. Larrcgla o ()70.,9.r!o]a.ntts Ove1"1 nrc" op 62 Bcethoy"IV, I 1) 13f orncracker ancc.,.,, Meacham 1 12.)8 ornfield ilpers.. "..., Barry von Tilzcr O-IayseedMarch and. Two Step.) (An. by Everett ]. Evans.) S 8 oronation (All Hail thc ower),.. Holden 856.,oronation March.,....'..,,, Svendson 430 oronation (riz<l March), ucy Godfrey 1198 oronation vvaltzcs '..Jos.,,St. John l). 22& ' S ' ; I oq (Arr. by R. Gruenwald.) ".. '. orricolo, Tl (Galop), e Graw 1 ote de la mer, Barcarole.,R.. Miles SO otton Blossoms March omique.. Milt; E., HalL otton Bolls (Two Step) has. Hunter ; otton Field ance : : Gilder otton atch has. A: Tyler' (Rag-time Two Step.) '. '. 193' otton ficker's Rag (Two Step) Slltton. is, p. 012 oucoll Le (Rondeau).,., laude aquin. 333a ould Vou Be True.to' 'E,yes of Blue if You Looked into Eyes qf,brqwn. ".'.:.,.. : obb ~ Edwards. O' 1433 ountess of Tivoli..,.' F. Hanson,(Tyrolian Selection. Act I.) 0: :o,ulltessof..tivoli, c. F. Hanson ;.,,(ance of Fairies. Act 11.). Q: 143s,otrntess of Tivoli c. F. Hanson (Schottische. Act III.). 464' 'Olintry ance (The Nut)... :. Mozart Allan: Introducing: Tarry a vvhileii~bid' athcart; Melody by Haydn'; Muirlal1d Willie.'. 647a ountry ance, op h, NO.2 Ethelbert Nevirt o 82')' "ountry Girl' (Selectiolls) Lionel' 'Moncktorl 59:. Arranged by l1as. Godfrey, Jr. o 1514 ountry Girl, Selections No. 2. Lionel Monckton The Rajah of Bong; Under the eodar; Two Little' hicks; Farewell, Old ottage oor; Finale, Act I. o 5 ountry Girl. Act I Lionel Monckton (ng and horus: Molly, the Marchioness.) 6 ountry Girl. Act I Lionel Monckton (ng and horus: Try Again, Johnnie.) o 7 ountry Girl. Act I Lionel Monckton (uet: Two Little hicks.) o 8 ountry Girl. Act I Lionel Monckton (ng: Under the eodar.) o 14 ountry Girl Lionel Monckton (Yo Ho, Little Girl, Yo Ho! Act I.) o 9 ountry Girl. Act II Lionel Monckton (ng: My Own Little Girl.) o II ountry Girl. Act II. Lionel Monckton 1427 o ountry Girl (ance.) Lionel Monckton (eace, eace. Act II.) o 1428 ountry Girl Lionel Monckton (ink Hungarian Band. Act II.) o 1438 ountry Girl Lionel Monckton (Me and Mrs. Brown. Act III.) o 960 ountry Girl (Rustic ance) Monekton 527 ountry Girl (Waltzes) Lionel Monckton Arranged by arl Kiefert. o 952 ountry Girl (oo) aul A. Rubens 66 oup de Mer, op 6, NO.3 W. Goldner 804 ourriers, Les, op 40 (aprice).. ' Ritter 7 ourt Jester (March and Two Step). L. O. Smith 472 racker Jack F. W. Meacham 0 Medley Selection, Introducing: Grisette; Because; Mam'selle laribelle; I Love You; arling Rose; This Wedding annot Be; That Yaller Gal of Mine racovienne Stanislawa Moniuszko 617 racovienne Fantastic, op 14. No.6.. aderewski Brahms 269 radle ng. o'. " (Improvisation, op 14, No. 17, by Mertke.) 959 radle ng (Trans. by John Orth)... Brahms 203 radle ng (Berceuse) 1.. M. Gottschalk 968 radle ng and rayer 0 Guilmant 881 radle ng o Jadassohn 832a radle ng e Koven S 555 reation (In Native Worth)... 0 ;. Haydn S 909 reation (The Heavens Are Telling).. 0 Haydn S 834 reation (Aria: With Verdure lad)... Haydn S 844 reation (lo and horus).. 0 Haydn The Marv'lolls Work reole, op 69 Rafael de Aceves 351 (anse Americaine.) reole Belles (March and Two Step.) 0 0 J. Bodewalt Lampe 1862 reole Lover's ng. 0 udley Buck A 381 reole Love ng (Alto in E flat.) Mrs. 1.. Moncrieff A 322 reole Love ng o Edgar B. Smith (prano or Tenor in o) 1 SO SO SO SO 7S SO SO?" -) SO 40!

20 34 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEM~NT _.- -" a reole Love ng Edgar Belmont Smith 1130 repuscule (Quatrieme Valse Boston)... Freire repuscule, Le (Twilight) rescendo : T. J. Guy Lassen 985 rescent Waltzes Kussel 1206 rickets' arnival hauncey Haines 1237 (Two-Step Humoresque.) rimson " arker H. aggett (March and Two Step.) 804 ross ountry Geo.. Barnard (escriptive March and Two Step.). 222a rossing the Bar Eugene owlcs S 536 ross of alvary Gounod S 516 ross of Fire Owell Joseph o II 15 rown iamonds Overture.',:\t\ber 660 rown of Beauty Waltzes, J3ennet o 1272 rown of Gold Overtttre. : ' ' 11.. Herman S 543 rucifix J. Faure 272 rusader March.usa 415 rusaders' March ("Maid Marian").. e Koven rysantheme Waltz rysantheme Valse ','"., Figueira Tornquist 633 rystal (Schottische) Lew ockstader I I 18 uanto te Adoro Gerardo!llcta110 (Schottische.) 89Ib uban ances (Six) Ignazio ('['vantes S ubanola (Spanish Serenade) ujus Animam (Stabat Mater) II.. Blanke Rossini Transcription by Henri llerz. S 964 ujus Animam (Stabat Milter) Rossini (Transcription by Kuhe.) 895a upid oes Not l\1arry Gustav Luders o 1481 upid Has Fouud My H"art.. Alfred G. Robyn (The Yankee onsul.) 2220 upid Is King To-night."... Frederic lomon 435 upid's Arrow Waltzes..,.. '..W. Wesl.ey Wel1s 2344 upid's Bower Kerry Mil1s (L'Amour aux Bois.)." '. upid's Garden (Intermezzo).. Max. Eugene o 871 upid's Home arrie J. BO\Hl upid Will Guide (Romance) Victor Herbert ("The Ameer.") 621.ygne, Le (The Swan). Saint-Saens (From arnaval des Ariimaux.) A 65 ygne, Le (Key ) Saint-Sacns (For Viole d'amour and. F.. F. part only.} 540 ymbales, Les Henry Furnival (ance haracteristique.) 1369 ynthia Jane (Blonde in Black) Kerk'r ISS ynthia's Uptown W,alk (March).. A. E. Herrick o 807 yrano de Bergerac (Sc1ectioJ1S) '.. Herhert 934 zardas (Hungarian ance) Hasselman 594 zardas (anse Hongroise) Josefly 1986 zardas No. r Gustav Michiels (Sur des airs nationaux Hangroises.) Ig88 zardas NO.2 Gustav Michiels 36 zarine, La (Mazurka),.. Gamle A 270 addy. Key F ' A. H. Behrend (For Alto or Baritone.) o 1393 aemon. (ark Is Night.)......A.,Rubinstein :?5 I I I 59 5Q 7S, 59 Sb 7'S ob. o 991 o ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. aemon (Melodienreigen)... Ant. Rubinstein aemon (Trans. by A. Siloti) Rubinstein aily Question, The 1\1 eyer-helmud (araphrase by. A. Schnccker.) A 102 aily Question. Key of G M eyerchelmud (Accompaniment only. For SO!lrano.) ainty ames (Novelette) harlotte Blake 2095 ainty Little Ingenue Gustav Luders (Woodland.) 1020 ainty Revel Sudds 19 aisy and the Butterfly, The Robt. A. Keiser In5 aisy Bell acre r6 aisy olka Arditi JI22 ame Blanche, La, otpourri Boieldieu o 1458 ame Fire Fly ]\'Irs. Allan Howard Frazer (Act 1. lo ance.) (ance of the Evening Star.) 2016 ame Fire Flv Mrs. Allan Howard Frazer (Act III. lo with horus.) "I I~?ught I Heard _ a Kno~~ing at the oor; ance of the ]"atydtds. o 703 amnation de Faust H. Berlioz (Menuet des Follets.) o 713 amnation de Faust H. Berlioz (anse des Sylphes.) Transcription by Liszt. o II96 amnation de Faust H. Berlioz (Valse des Sylphes.) 562 amnation of Faust Berlioz-Klindworth (Ballet of Sylphs.) o IT95 amnation de Faust H. Berlioz (Marche de Rakoczy.) 87 amnaton de Faust H. Berlioz (Marche de Rakoczy. Trans. hy Liszt.) ))2 amonentanz, op 29 Meyer-Stolzenau 37 ance of the Brownies Kamman 277 ance of the emon (Galop) Edward Holst 564 ance of the o-funnies Barclay Walker. (Jollilleation haracteristic.) II ance of the ragon Flies, op 3 Sartorio 2144 ance of the ryaoes Louis onrath 597 ance of the ryads, op 84. NO.2 Smith 248 ance of the Egyptian Maidens. Harry Rowe Shel1ey 43 ance of the Fairies, op. 14 J aell p' 765 ance of the Fairies. E. Van Laer 7 ance of the Filipinos Lee Thomas (ake Walk ano Two Step.) 163 ance of the Gnomes A. W. A. Heyblom 2077,ance of the Gnomes A. Locke 1267 ance of the Honey Bees B. Richmond 889 ance of the opinjays G.. Shewel1 4 ance of the Ragger Girls Foster 1286 ance of the Skeletons Thos. S. Allen 63a ance of the ng Birds Benj. Richmond (olka.) 873 ance of the Sylphs, op 19, NO.4... Brockway 1'22 ance on Friday Night.... Horsman-Jefferson (Two Step.) 4 ancers' elight (Schottische) T. H. Reed 1744 ancing in the Barn Turner 35 I I I

21 36 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT..Ii 694 ancing Stars, op 66, Godard 78a ancing with Ma Baby Bert, R. Anthony (Schottische.) o 1443 an upid Hath a Garden... Edward German (Merrie England.) 512 andy Jim (ake \\Talk and Two Step).Barnum o 849 angle Him Lightly Wathall (From "Sultan of Sulu."). 135a anish Melodie (anmarks Ros)... L. Rogert (Kong Kristian stod ved Hojen Mast.) 136a anish Melodie (anebrog) R. Bay 137a anish ng E. Horneman (en tapre Landsoldat.) A 16 I an, My arling an anny eever Andrew Mack Gerald F. obb (Alto or Baritone in E tlat.) 1965 anny eever, op 2, NO.7... \\Talter amrosch (Ballad.) A 237 anny eever, op 2, K o. 7 amrosch (For Baritone. G minor.) 1247 anse Andalonse Ascher (aprice de oncert, op 30.) 182 anse aprice, op 23 Alfredo Barili I019 anse aprice Edward Ebert-Buchheim anse haracteristi'llle (second) Orth anse haracteristique Tschaikowsky (Op. 72, :t\o. 4.) n. J' 10 anse de oncert, op [2[, NO.2 Bendel g anse des ryades Kowalski (aprice-scherzo, op 16, 1\'0. IO.) 748a 1056 anse reole, op 9-t anse d'amour haminade J. E. lark 276 anse des Elfes, op 3 \V. Sapellnikoff 1235 anse des Fantomcs, op 2 Sydney Smith 290 anse des Fleurs M rs. H. H. A. Beach (Op 28, NO.3.) 735a anse des apillolls Fr. Rung 918 anse dn Ventre olka T. lark (oochi oochi.) II74 anse Espagnole (Tango) Albeniz 528 anse Louisiane, 01' 21 Gilder 969 anse Macabre, op. -to Saint-Saens 55 anse Macabre Saint-Saens (Liszt's Transcription.) 214 anse.m oderne, op 9..'\o. I harles F. ennce 683 anse Ossianilne Gottschalk 789 anse Rnstique, op 22. M. Levett 654 anse Rustique, op 16 \Villiam Mason g ans Ie Hamac, op 37. NO.2 E. A. Macowell 13 ans les Larmes Rodolphe Berger (Valse Lente.) 1 an's les Montagnes Oscar de la inna (Serenade Espagnole.) 1261 ans les Muguets, op 92 Auguste urand (Romance sans paroles.) 232 ans les Nuages Waltzes Emil Waldteufel I97a anza, La (el' Tanz). A minor Liszt (Tarantella N apoletana.) o 13' anza della Guechas" La...,,ietro Mascagni (Iris,) Arranged for four hands. 7S 1, I 1 1 4') 1 I SO 1028 anzas Habaneras (Three) 1'. Ol11as 1201 anzas Habaneras (Five),.,iez p 828 aphne (aprice), " 1\1c,'\rthllr 1782 aphne's Love ",,. L. Ronald 1842 arby and Joan,,' 1\1olloy 3 are evil March, V. Arnold TI36 arkness II.. Ramenti (jnquieme Valse Boston.) 829a arktown Is Out To-night. vvill Marion 19i4 arling Nelly Gray (Varied) h. Grobe 684 arling of the Gods (Waltzes).,.", Wm. Furst R2Ta ars mething Abuut Yer I Like KellY} LucIlle, Ma Lady Love..,... 1\lorse and ole (Two verses each.) 477a as ist del' Tag des Herrn :\fendelssohn (Trans. by G. Lange.) at's de Way tu Spell "hicken",. errin Slater at's Just What "Expotenti,iou,," Means. o 617 S. N. Edmonds anghter of the Regiment, unizetti ( Overture.) 280 avid Harum,.. Henry W. avis Two Step.) (March and 1R57 awn (ay in Venice),., ",. N" evin ro79 awn of Love,,.,.,.., has. J. (;ebest (olka haracteristic.) 335 awn of Love vvaltzes,w, Lee Elkin 666 awn of eace ', Will 1'. ierson, Jr. 60a 1876 IR (March and Two Step.) awn of the entnry (March).. "., E. T. aull ay ream, Anion Strelezki ay in Venice, awn..,.., N"evin ay in Venice ("Gond"liers"),., Nevin ay in Venice,.. ",.. Nevin (Venetian Love ng. Gond Night,) 2i7a ay Js one 1\1. VV. Balfe ays That Are?\ 0 ;viore ]. Blumenthal 889a ay That's Gone an I\'ever ome Again.,... Saffurrl vvaters Arr. by Thea. Bendix. S ead March in Saul ear..,,.., ", Audrey Handel Kingsbury 1718 earer Far.. ".,.,,, Seppilli 2142 earer Than All to :\1 e Robert overley 1991 ear Home-Land.. ",.,.. \Valter Slaughter 22IO o 1526, earie (A Valentine ng) lare Kummer ear Old London Town,..,. A. Baldwin Sloane ("Lady Teazle,") ear Old ng, A arl Hoffman ear Sing Sing ".., Jean Schwartz e ake Walk Qneen,,. (March haracteristic.) Stromberg 163 peclaration, op 36, \'0. 2,. Francis Thome J7gS edication.,.,..,.. "", Schumann I27a edication (Widmung). A flat. Schumann-Liszt o 122J edication of the House (Overtl1l'e).. Beethoven (Weihe des Hauses.) 814b eep in My He;trt, op "... A. Jl,lIlgmann (li Jiegst mil' im H erzen.) Gavotte. o 1446 l,)efender, Selections has. F. ennee is is 1 so SO 5 1 I is I

22 4 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT own at the Baby Store Harry von Tilzer Medley Waltz. introducing: v\those Little, ear Little Girlie is 'Oo? (Arr. by Everett J. Evans.) 1706 own eep \i\fithin the ellar.. John Oxenford 1614 own in the Vale of Shenandoah. has. K. Harris p' 2260 own in the Vale of Shenandoah -~- Medley Overture. Introducing: Olyrp'pia March; own in the Vale of Shenandoah; Jim Badger; You're the Sweetest Flower That Grows in Tennessee; Always in the Way; ome Take a Trip in J\Iy Air Ship; Make Yourself at Home; Just a Gleam of Heaven in lier Eyes; J've Lost My Appetite for hicken; Gf>ocl-13ye, My Lady Love. (Arr. by Robert Recker.) 622 own Ole Tampa Bay W. T. Francis (ance haracteristic.) 1538 own on the.randywine J.B. Mullen I077 (Wizard of Oz.) own on the Farm " '" Harry von Tilzer 1919 own on the Sands F. G. lisley WI9 own uf in Alabama 687a own uth Jannsen Wm. Hy. Myddleton (American Sketch.) 860a own the Lover's Lane ("The asino Girl.") Will M. ook, 2159 own the Shadowed Lane... George 1.. Osgood 1342 own Where the ongo Flows. S. Gibson ooke 45a own \Vhere the otton Blossoms Grow. Harry von Tilzer 329a own v\there the Wiirzburger Flows. Harry von Tilzer o 999 o You Think That You Have Known Me Long Enough?(Three Little Maids).Walter Rubens J083 ragon Flies. op 24 haminade 640 ragon Fly, up 13, ~o. Ohpella, op 13. No. 2 I Nev!n} Nev1l1 990 raper Hall March c. J. Orth 1122 ream, A. In Hat. J.. Bartlett 2035 ream After the Ball Bronsted 135 ream Faces \Valtz Meissler 1736 reaming Milton Wellings, 530a reaming by the Brook Robert Gqldbeck o 726 (Morceau de oncert.) reaming. reaming (Serenade) V. Herbert 626 ream Life \Valtzes ~ Tourjee 1690 ream of an Eve; Rosemonde harninade 6J2 ream of Gerontius, op 38 Edward Elgar (relude and Angel's Farewell.) u8 ream of l!ome. ii. Weegmann (Nocturne, op 5.) 15a ream of Love (Liehestraum) 1\0. I Liszt Exalted Love. (Nocturne. A flat.) 480 ream of Love (Liebestraum) Liszt (Blissful eath. l\'octurne, No.2.) 38 ream of Love (Liebestraum) Liszt (Nocturne, 1\0. 3.) I 5 I I I I I 1 op 876b ream of Love Antoine de Kontski (Reve d'amour.) Meditation, 798 ream of Madrid, Waltz aul Rubens ream of aradise (\Valtzes) ream of the ance Jas.. Johnston Max. Eugene (Valse Lente.) 972 I'eams Wagner 1097 reams of hildhood \Valtzes., Emil Waldteufel 2261 reams of Erin (Irish Overture) --- Introducing: Sprig of Shillalagh; Minstrel Boy; Irish Washerwoman; addy Whack; ruiskeen Lawn; Oft in the Stilly Night; Brian Borochme's ]\larch: Low Backed ar; Blackbird; Savourneen elish; addy O'Rafferty; addy arey; eter Street. 444 (Arr. by 1.. O. e Witt.) reamy Eyes (March and Two Ste). J, Bodewalt Lampe rink to Me Only with Thine Eyes (ngs of England.) 62"rops of Water, op 17 Ascher o 1385 rum Major's ng (asino Girl) Macconnell 673 rummer Boy of '76,' Ellis (March and Two Step.) 395 II6 ryade, op 43, NO 4 Adolf Jensen ryades, op 84 (Waldnymphen). Ludwig Schytte 418 u Barry \Valtzes Furst 60a u bist, die Ruh. (Thou Art Repose). Schubert Transcription by Liszt. 924a uchess of entral ark, The Maurice Levi 948 uchess of antzic (Selection) Ivan aryll o 1513 uchess of antzic Ivan aryll (Le etit apor~.) 877 ude's March J, F. Wagner S 946 undee, Hymn 221 (Five verses) --- o 840 (Hymns, Ancient and Morlem.) uo de la Africana (Jota) M. F. aballero 764 urang's Hornpipe --- usky Belle Two Step Schoonmaker 197 usky udes (ake vvalk) : Schwartz 62a u und u Walzer J ohanl1 Strauss (ie Fledermaus.) 'ye ken John eel? Metcalfe ying oet, The 1.. M. Gottschalk Eagle, The (er Adler), op 32, No. I } Macowell Shadow ance, op 39, NO.7 Macowell o 970 Earl and the Girl (Selection) Ivan aryll 217a Earth, Sky and Air in ng...w. H. Neirllinger 2185 Easy' Street,'.. William H. enn 555a Echo d'italie, op 120 (Nocturne)... h. elioux 2013 Echoes from the Green Isle... W.' S. Rockstro (hantasy.) o 954 Echoes from the Metropolitan Opera House... Thea. M. Tobani Introducing selections.from the rophet, Aida, avalleria Rusticana, Boabdil, Tannhauser, Nibelungen Ring, agliacci and William Tell. I I I 1 1 1

23 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT Echoes from the Snowball lub... Harry. Guy I (Rag-time Waltz.), 627 Echoes from the uth Fefel (ake Walk and Two Step.) 437 Echoes of the Ball (Tempo di Valse) Gillet I 1164 Eclair, L, (Nocturne, op 71) Ascher o lo40 Eclair, L' (Bright Star of Hope) Halevy 1818 Ecos de Mexico Julio Itnarte I 1428 Ecoutez-Moi (Romance sans paroles).. J. Funke A 32 Ecstasy, for prano... Mrs. H. H. A. Beach E flat. (Accompaniment, only.) Ed Ani1lo de Hierro (Fantasia) N. Smith 1057 Edelweiss Waltz, op 19 Koerner II II90 o 1294 S 846 sa 'E idn't Seem to Know Just What to Say... (A semi-pathetic coster song.) Harry leon Edna's Sweet Waltzes Wm. L. eacock Edward Gray Sir Arthur SullilVan Eglantine (Mazurka Elegant, op 36). Walter R. J0hnston o 667 Egmont Overture, op 84 Beethoven 1915 Egyptian Mummy ance Leo E. Berliner (An Oriental Ballet.) I I 1516 Egypt, My leopatra lare Kummer. 7' Eighteenth entury Studies Arthur mervell (Allemande.) 1472 Eighteenth entury Studies...Arthur merveu (Sarabande.) 1473 Enghteenth entury Studies...Arthur mettveu (Air.) Eightsome Reel ; _-- Eine Faust Overture.. :, Wagner Ein feste Burg Luther (A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.) o 997 Einzugsmarsch Johann Strauss er Zigeunerbaron (Gypsy Baron). 329a Ekloge, op 49, N GJ. 1. A minor. Alex. von Fielitz (Shepherd's ng.) o 11 Elaine (Ballade) H. Bemberg ure Is Love. Entr' Acte. 330 Elaine (Grand Valse de oncert).. Edward Holst I EI apitan March EI orado March : usa Victor Herbert Eldorado (olka de oncert) Electric Wave March R.N. Bartlett Sutton 59a Elegie, op 4b.. flat. Richard Burmeister Transcription of the Wanderer's Night ng. 683a Elegie. haminade 976 Elegie, op 24. minor Gabriel Faur.e 363 Elegie, op 88, sharp minor E. N ouet 4I8a Elegie, 0 4. B flat minor 1. aderewski 2I2a Elegie, op 3, No. I S. Rachmaninoff (E flat minor.), 210 Elegie, op 90, Schubert 792 Elegie, op 48, NO.3 Tschaikowsky _ Elektra,op 44, NO.4.Jensen 777 Elevation in minor, No. Batiste 5' Elevation (Romance sans aroles) haminade 855 Elevation' ; Floersheim} Reverie Atherton 7S 5@ A 1 Elfengesang, op 7 Hcrmann Ritter (For violin, viola or cello.) (Accompanment only.) 1443 Elfenreigen (ance of the Elves), op (haracter Etude.) E. R. Kroeger - 353a Elfentanz, op 12, NO.4 Edward Grieg (Fairy ance.) E minor. 682 Elfentanz, op 39 hilip-opper 81'5 Elfentraum (Elf's ream), op 126 Satter 991 Elfes, Les (Grand Valse de oncert, op 82.) Ritter 295 EI Fresko Waltz E. Kate Simmons 2 Eli Green's ake Walk Sadie Koninsky S 879 Elijah (lo: 0 Rest in the Lord)..Mendelssohn o 1136 Elisire d'amore, L' onizetti (Fantasie by Leybach.) 696 Elite (March and Two Step) Lee Thomas 2321 Eliza Simpkins Theron. Bennett 826 Eloise (Valse) G. W. Hunt 1089 EI aso Spanish Waltzes Bert R. Anthony 1368 EI Rey Que Rabio (otpourri) R. Vallanueva o 547 Elsa's Bridal rocession \Vagner-Liszt ("Lohengrin.") 236 Elsa Waltz Franz N eumiiller 260 EI lero (Spanish ance) Leon Nevara 724 Elverhoj (Overture) Fr. Kuhlau o 1071 Elvira Overture Leutner 0 Elvira (Skating) E. Bomon o Elysium Waltz Emerald Isle (Selections) Gilder Sullivan & German o 721 Emerald Isle Arthur Sullivan Act 1. ng with horus. (I'm escended from Brian Bort1.) o 72J Emerald Isle. Act II. Jig... Edward German 348 No. I, Emerald Isle Lancers.SuJli' an & German (Figures I. 2 and J.) 348 No.2, Emerald I sic Lancers. Sullivan & German (Figures 4 and 5 ) o 8 Eminent octor Fizz Lnders (From "King odo.") S 538 Emmannel (Goel with Us) aul Rodney 143 Emorian ake Walk Bartlett o 1390 Emperor's Own (San Toy) Sidney Jones 1291 Enamouree, op II4 (Valse Boston). R. de Aceves 87 En Avant March Gnng'l 565a En Boheme, op 82 onstantin Sternberg (BInette.) 1124 Encantadora (olka) Angel Quilez 12]6 En hambre Separee \Valtz.. Richard Heyberger 2346 Enchanted (Intermezzo) Julius Lenzberg II44 Enchantment (Air de Ballet, op 9) eyo 1047 Enchantment (Overture) J. Hermann 1234 Enchant\'ess W m. Frederick eters (haracteristic ance.) 467 En ourant, op 53, No. I Bcnjamin Godard (Running.) II20 En el sielo (Mazurka) edro Jose alau o II79 Enfant rodigue Andre Wormser (Suite de Melodies, No.1.) 79a English oon ng (Strollers) Englander 4 0 I I I I I 1 I I

24 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. o 1024 "English aisy" Alfred Muller-Norden (I am the English aisy.) 1528 English aisy ] can Schwartz (At the Music Hall.) 929 Enquirer lub March L. VV. Brand 576 "En Route" (Etude Artistique) Godard (Op I07, No. 24) I037 En urdine (Little Serenade) Tellam I04 Entr' Acte Gavotte Gillet I055 Entrainante, op 1 '" ' ]. Ascher 978 Entre Lutins (aprice Brilliant) Bachmann 1453 Er et Land, dets sted er hojt!'nod Norden (Sang for anske). E. F. vveyse (Two verses.) 5 Erika (olka l\lazurka, op 82),.,Rich. Eilenberg o Erinnyes, Les (ame des Saturnales).. Massenet Erika Waltz ercy Ould 39Ia Er 1st's. Key A. (Arr. by F. Liszt).. Schumann (::\ ur wer die Sehnsucht Kennt:) G minor. 64 Erlking (Transcription by Liszt) Schubert p 1360 Erlkonig, op I, NO.3 ;. Loewe (vver reitet so spat durch N'acht und Wind?,) o 904 Erminie (Selections),.]acobowski-Tobani a 924 Erminie (otpourri), Edward.- ]akobowski o 1234 (Arranged by Launce Knight.) Erminie,,, ]akobowski ldier's horns. ng---\vhen Love is Young. o o horus--good-night. 5 IO Ernani (otpourri),.: Verdi 538 Ernani (araphrase), Verdi-Liszt 735 Eroberte Herzen (\Valzer) amillo Morena (onquered Hearts,) Eroica (Etude No.7, E flat) Liszt Eroica (()neert Study),,. Taubert l' 24a Erotieon, No. 1. B flat minor Emile Sjogren I 147a Erziihlung (A Tale), op 17 Edw. Maeowalt Key F. o 523 Esc1armoncle, I Iymenee Massenet (L'lIe Magi'lue.) 1406 Eseucha hinita mis Lamentos.. Enrique Astengo (Hark to my lamenting.) p 780a Es ist Bestimmt in Gottes Rath... 1\1 endclssohn Trans. by Gustav Lange. I' 136 Esmeralda ",. Ferd. Bold (Serenade Espagnole. op ) 552a Es muss dnch Friihling werden... Albert Biehl (Spring's Arrival. Op 189:) 831 Espana Rhapsodie : habrier 248 Espana Waltz Emil Waldteufel 329 Espanita (Spanish \-\Taltzes) '.Geo. Rosey 607 Espenlaub (Etude No.6).. _ Emil Sauer 935 Esperanza oncert olka E. H. Sherwood 720 Esperence, L' ~ A. F esca 524a Esquisse. op 23.' LeOll Moreau A 5 "Es schrie ein Vogel" hristian Sinding ("There ried a Bird.") In G minor. 480 Estasi, L' (Valse) Luigi Arditi (Arranged by Florian Agosty.) I032 Estellita (A Love ng) ]. Frank Leve 5 I I04a ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT, Estopin. EI. M, ]. Tornquist Tango riollo. 7 Estudiantina (Sevillana) Oscar de lainna (Morceau haracteristique.) 21 Estudiantina Waltz Waldteufe1 5 "Eternal ity" ietro Mascagni (Interlude between Acts I. and II. Key F.) (Interlude between Acts II. and II l. Key.) 237a Eternamente (For All Eternity).. A. Mascheroni 1544 Ethiopia (An African Intermezzo)... AI Johns 158 Ethiopian Mardi Gras ake Walk.. Maurice Levi o 588 Etincelle. Une onizetti (Transcription, op ; by Ascher.). 939 Etincelles. op 36. No.6,. Moszkowski I 1 73a I Etoiles d'or (Waltz) ' Eton Boating ng (\Naltz) George Aubry Karl Kaps Etude (once.rt Etude, No. I) W, F. Boothe Etude, op IO, No. I hopin} Etude, op, No.6 hopin 1 370a IO, Etude, op NO.2. A minor hopin 345a Etude, op 10, NO.3. Key E, hopin 95a Etude, op 10, NO.5. Black key etude hopin 767 Etude, op IO, No.6 hopin 3a Etude. op 10, No.8. Key F Fr. hopin 378a Etude. op 10, NO.9. l' minor Fr. hopin 379a Etude, op IO, No. IO. A Aat Fr. hopin 380a Etude, op IO, 1'\0. I I llopin 353 Etude in minor, op ro, No. 12 hopin 1 89a Etude, op, NO.2. l' minor hopin 385a Etude, op, NO.3 hopin 281 Etude, op, NO.7 hopin 395a Etude, op, No.8. flat hopin 40 2 Etude, op, NO.9 ' hopin. 354 Etude, op. No. II, in A minor hopin 1 I87a Etude Arabesque. flat, esar ui 544 Etude, op 31, NO.1 Glazonnoff ti8 Etude. "La Nuit," op 31. NO.3 Glazounow 1 2 Etnde-aprice, 'op 54, NO 4.. George Goltermann, (For ello.) A f' 588a Etude. op 47. NO.3 Albert Gri.infe1d I (A la Tarantella.) 1970 Etude de oncert, No. I lement Harris (Le rintemps.) 233a Etude II. L'Ete. A flat lement Harris I,Ou 1972 Etnde de oncert, NO.3 lement Harris (L'Automne.) 1973 Etude de oncert, NO 4... ".. lement Harris 1 (L'Hiver.) 22. Etude. op 2, No.6 Henselt (Si j'etais oiseau--if I Were a Bird.) 862b Etude, op 2, No Adolphe Henselt (ors-tu, rna vie?) Etude. B flat. Henry Holden Huss' Etude, in G Lambert Etnde Humoresque, op 41, No. I Leschetizky Etude, op Liadoff Etude, No. I. F sharp S. Liapounow (Berceuse.) 106a Etude, NO.2, op 11 S. Liapounow I (Ronde des Fantomes.) sharp minor.

25 46 ALHABETIAL 'ARRANGEMENT. I08a Etude, op I I, No.6. sharp minor. (Tempete)... S. Liapounow 273a Etude. A minor Franz Liszt 202 Etude in flat " Liszt 407a Etude, No. I I. (Harmonies du ir) '.. Liszt In flat. 90 Etude: oncert Etude, No. I (Waldesrauschen.) Liszt 89 Etude: oncert Etude, NO.2 Liszt (Gnomen-Reigen.) 36Ia Etude No.8, ill minor (Wilde Jagd) Liszt Etude d'executioil transcendente (Etude, No.6. Vision. G minor.) Liszt Etude d'execution transcendente Liszt (Etude. NO.7. Eroica. E flat.) Etude d'execution tl':lilsendcnte., Liszt IbI4 189a 27 I64a II6a Etude, op I I, NO.4 S. Liapounow. G sharp minor. II8a Etude, op I I, NO.5 S. Liapounow (In sharp minor.) (Etude, No. 12. hasse-neige. B flat minor.) Etude (Feu Follets) Liszt Etude aprice, op 24 (Fairy Fingers.) S. B. Mills Etude Valsante, op 24. Nu. I..i Moore Etude, op 18 Moszkowski Etucle, op 24, No. I Moszkowski Etude de oncert, op 48, NO.2 (Key.) l'vioszkowski Etude, op 67, NO.2 lvloszkowski Etude in form of a Scherzo, up IS, NO.2. Ethelbert Nevin Etude, op 12, No. I. sharp minor..j. L. Nieode Etude de oncert (After hopin's Etude. op, No.2.) hilipp Etude lvielodique, op 130, NO.2 Raff Etude, op 14 Etude in : Ravina Reinhold Etude, op 52, No.6. flat (En forme de Valse.). Saint-Saens 7I 3a Etude (Impromptu) j. de S;lI1testeban I61a Etude: Octave Etude, NO.4 (Key E).. Emil Sauer 63 Etude de oncert, No. I aul de Schlazer 6 Etude Mignonne, op 16 Edward Schuett 3 11a Etude: oncert Etude, op 10, No. ro. Key. Hans Seeling I85a Etude de oncert. op I, No.2. A flat.. eh. Tausig 658a Etude, op 22, No. 4 vvollenhaupt o 647 Eugen Onegin. Tschaikowsky araphrase de oncert. op 81, by aul abst. Eugen Oneg.n (olonaise) Tschaikowsky Eugen Onegin 1'schaikowsky (All Ages are Slaves to Love.) Eugen Onegin \Valtz Tschaikowsky Euphonia ' 1'hos. W. Hindley (uvenir of a Music Box.) Euphrosyne (Wedding March).. Geo. E. Simpson Euryanthe (Overture) : Weber o 14 o!379 o o 1286 o Eva J. B: Mullen Evangeline, ; omeroy I I I I, 1' I I I I I ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT Evangeline (Variations Brilliante).. A.. Wyman o 1268 Evangeline E. E. Rice (uet-golden hains.) ('ng-when' Art Thou Now My Beloved?) 1868 Evening ng Thallon S 885 Evening ng to the Virgin Brown o 518 Evening Star (Tannhauser) Wagner. Transcription by Lange. o 1058 Evening Star (Tannhauser) Wagner p Eventide ; N.]. Elsenheimer 1324 Ever of Thee I'm Fondly reaming.. Foley Hall 829 Ever Thine (Waltzes) ~ A. L Maresh 36a Everybody Wants to Kiss the Baby.. A. B. Sloane 890a Everybody Wondered How He Knew;. Howard Talbot 1573 Every bay is Sunday own at oney Isle. Bennett and Rich 1127 Every Little og Must Have His ay.. ("Old Limerick Town.") hauncey Olcott 880a Every Race Has a Flag but the oon. Heelan & Helf b Ev'ry Little Bit Helps Expansion, op 106 Fred Fischer haminade 1027 Expansion, op 36, NO.3. flat.. M. Moszkowski 1932 Explorers Walter H. Lewis (upid Might Have Been a Little oon.) 1933 Explorers (Hush I Little Lion)..Walter H. Lewis 2162 Explorers (French Marine Ashore.) Walter H. Lewis 2163 Explorers (Is There a Maid?)..WalterH. Lewis 19a Extra Blatter Waltzes Bohm 873a Eyes of Black and Eyes of BlueooVictor Herbert ("The Viceroy.") 940a Eyes of Blue ("The Rebel").; Andrew Mack p 5 Fabliau, op, NO.2 Raff 690 Fackeltanz, No, I Meyerbeer 381a Fackeltanz, op 51. 1! flat.. Moritz Moszkowski (anse 'lux Flambeaux.' Arr. for four hands.) 206 Faded Leaves, op 274 ; Gustav Lange 407 Fadette, op 327, No. 45 ;,... arl Bohm 67a Fair Flowers, Edward German 133a Fair Harvard (ollege ngs), Fairies' arnival owell 9a Fairies' ance Brinley Richards 1896 Fairies' Lullaby..... Ludwig Englander (From "The Belle of Balllemia.") 19 Fair Maiden of Seville (Gavotte) Tobani 1 Fairy Fingers S. B. Mills (Etude aprice, op 24.) 192 Fairy Queen, op I H. H. Wetzler. 580 Fairy Tale from "hampagne" Brull (Minuet.) Op 34, NO Fair Vassar (appriccio) T. M. Tobani 859b Falling Leaves Justus Ringleben, Jr Falling Waters (aprice) ; Truax 716 Fall in Line (March) George Rosey nafall In ("rince of ilsen") Gustav Luders (Mareh and Two Step.) o 821 Falstaff (otpourri), G, Verdi (Arranged for four hands.) 47 I I I I I I

26 48 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. o I070 Falstaff, Act III. (Finale) Verdi 1318 Fancy Fair R.. W. Lett 382 (Five Step.) Fanfare Militare, op 40 J. Ascher 8 Fanfare for Organ Lemmens 1268 Faniec olski olonaise Karola Kurpinskiego o I035 Faniska Overture herubini 153 Fanitul, op 23. NO.3 Ole Olsen 1065 o I034 Fan-Tan March "Fantana" (Selection) Bert R. Anthony Raymond Hubbell Introducing: Entrance of Fantana; ancan vs. akewalk; arby and Joan; Little Almond Eyes; Girl at the Helm; Just My Style; rop In On Me at Luncheon; Farewell Waltz; What Would Mrs. Grundy Say? o 1524 Fantana Raymond Hubbell o 15 (Just My Style.) Fantana (My Word,) Raymond Hubbell 1622 Fantana ' Raymond Hubbell (Laughing Little Almond Eyes.) 1292 "Fantillla" (March) Raymond Hubbell (Introducing: Girl at the Helm; What Would Mrs. Grundy Say?; Just My Style.) ' 747 Fantasia for Organ, op 116, X o. 3. H. N. Bartlett 945 Fantasia: oncert Fantasia on a Welsh March. (Gorhoffedd Groyr Harlech.) W. T. Best 20a Fantaisie, op 49. F minor hopin 48a Fantasie Brillante. Key of A hopin (On olish National Airs.) 10 Fantasie Impromptu, op 66 hopin 685 Fantasie for Organ, NO.7 Theo. ubois 47a Fantasie Nocturne Op 2, No. I. Key. Ossip Gabrilowitsch II09 Fantasia Jose Gainza (Sabre Motivos de la Favorita.) 2014 Fantasia on Irish Melodies --- Arr. by R. F. Harvey. I3II Fantasia: Grand Fantasia.., Hoffman (On the popular theme, "The Mocking Bird" and "Auld Lang Syne,") 794 Fantasia in E minor J. Lemmens 341 Fantasie in F sharp minor, op 28 Mendelssohn (Scotch nata.) (on mota agitato. Andante. Allegro con moto.) 342 Fantasie in F sharp minor, op 28.. Mendelssohn (resto. Scotch nata.) 989 Fantasie on Scottish Airs, op Moscheles 351 Fantasie, Impromptu, op 6 Moszkowski Key of F. ' 814 Fantasie-olonaise, op 19 '" aderewski (Allegro moderato.) 815 Fantasie-olonaise, op 19 aderewski (Andante.) II6 Fantaisie olonaise, opi06 " Raff 789 Fantasie nate, ap 65 Rheinberger (Adagio. Finale allegro.) 978 Fantasie pour Orgue. E flat.,.... Saint-Saens 1 I 5 1 I 1. OQ I I I I 1 I II I098 J a 1922 p,,170 3 p, 2242, ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. Fantaisie NO.4 Stre1ezki 1 Fantasy, op 17 Brockway I Fantasy icture, op 16, NO.2 Mailing Fantasy icture, op 16, No, 4 Malling Farandole Reinecke Fare Thee, Honey, Fare Thee Well Wilson Fare Thee Well, Molly arling Kerry Mills Farewell (Ballad) W. H. J. Graham Farewell (Adieu) Schubert Farewell, Mister Abner Hemingway. Jean Schwartz 1560 Farewell, Nellie Mine Egbert Van Alstyne 692aFarewell to Naples (Addio a Napoli)...T. ottrau' Transcription by Georg Appunn. 23a Farewell to Summer Noel Johnson ' 168 Farewell to the iano Beethoven 15 0 Fascinating Venus ("Tenderfoot"1.. H. L. Heartz 1743 Fatal Wedding ', avis S 843 Father, 0 Hear Us ' almer 0, 932 Fatinitza otpourri Fr. von Suppe (Arranged for four hands by G. W. Marks.) II12 Fatinitza March, Suppe o 1467 Faunes et ryades Leo elibes (Scherzo. Sylvia.) o 674 Faust otpourri Gounod o I044 Faust; Introduction ' Gounod O' 1'137 Fatist' (Kermesse) Gounod o 637 Faust (Kermesse) '. Gounod Transcription by Saint-Saens. b. lo59 Faust (Waltz and horus) ".. Gounod 2 FaustWa:!tz Gounod o 798 Faust (Va1se) h. Gounod araphrase de onc'ert by Franz Liszt. o 61 Faust. Faites lui mes Aveux Gounod (Lovely Flower, 1 ray.) o 31 Faust (Margaret at Spinning Wheel)... Gounod o 30 Faust Ballata h. Gounod, I Wish I ould but Know Who Was He that Address'd Me. ("King of Thule" ng.) o 949 Faust (Jewel ng) Gounod A 539 Faust: King of Thule and Jewel ng.. Gounod (A minor.) ') I II9Faust (avatina) GOl1nod Salve imora (All Hail, thou welling.) (Quartet, Act Ill., No. IO.) o 561 Faust (The Hour is Late) Gounod (Transcription by Low.) o 1149 :Faust (Scene e horale, Act IT.) Gounod Gainst the power of evil.), (uetto, Act III. Let Me Gaze.) o 1292 Faust Gounod :,,(ldiers' horus and Serenade.) o 1241 Faust (avatina) Gounod, o I089 (io ossente.) Faust, Act IV. (Terzetto) Gounod (Valentine, Faust a,nd Mephistofele.) Q 1293 Faust (Quando a te lieta) Gounod,0 I ISO :Faust (hurch Scene, Act IV.), Gounod I is 1 2S 1 1

27 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. o 1138 Faust Gounod (Aria. The alf of Gold.) (Terzetto Finale. Holy Angels.) 1219, Faust (Walpurgis Night Music) Gounod 1220 Faust (\Valpllrgis Night Music) Gounod o 961 Faust. (Ballet Music. NO.1) Gounod, (Allegretto mollve/tient de valse.) o 20 Faust Ballet h. Gounod (No.2, Adagio. NO.3, Allegretto.) o II05 Faust. (Ballet Music, Nos. 1 and 2)... Gounod o 21 Faust Ballet Music : h. Gounod (No.4, Moderato Maestoso.) (No.5, Moderato con Moto.) o 941 Faust. (Ballet Music, No.6. Allegro).. Gounod o 958 Faust. (Ballet Music, NO.7) Gounod (Allegro vivo.) o IIo6 Faust.' (Ballet Music, Nos. 6 and 7)...Gounod A 540 Faust Fanta~e Gounod-Sarasate (For Violin.) o 559 Faust (Fantasie by Favarger) Gounod 1 o 558 Faust (Fantasie Brillante by Ketterer).. Gounod 1 o 4 Faust (Fantasie Brillallte) Leybach 1 o Faust Gounod. 1 (Fantasie Brillante by Sydney Smith.) Faust Overture ' R. Wagner 1 Faust up to ate (Selections) Meyer Lutz 1 Favorita, La (Overture) onizetti 1 Favorita, La onizetti 1 (Grand Morceau de oncert, op 74, by Ascher.), o 1294 o II88 o 1354 o 596 II09 S Favorita (Fantasie by Gainza) Fear Not Ye, 0 Israel Fee, aux erles, La onizetti udley Buck Kowalski (apdce de genre, op 16, NO.5.) 1287 Felice, anzonetta, op 124 Langey o 1064 Fencing- Master (Selections) ; R. de Koven 836a Fenella, op 38 ',' Tito Mattei (Valse de Salon.) o 61 4 Fera.mors. Bajaderentanz A. Rubinstein o 616 'Feramors : A. Rubinstein (Lichtertanz del' Braute von Kaschmir.) 638 Feramors. Bajaderentanz, NO.2.. A. Rubinstein o 644 Feramors. Hochzeitszllg A. Rubinstein 1316 Feria, La (Suite Espagnole). Lacome (No. I.. Los Toros.) 7a Fermata, OIl 34 Filippo de Filippi (Impromptu olka Mazurka.) 786 Festa, La (Valse de oncert) Ritter 97 Festa Napolitana(apriccio, op 22) J. Ascher 954 Festal Offertoire. Key F harles Vincent (Jubilee.) Festmarsch Rudolf Sinnhold 1 o 1102 Fest Overture, op 42 Leutner 1 $0 767a Fe~t olonaise :. Bohm 1 908a Fetch Yo' Baby Home John Stromberg (As sung at Weher & Fields'.) 2 Fete hampetre Tito Mattei 8a Fete hampetre, op 8o Sydney Smith 278 Fete Hongroise, op 43 (Mazurka)..Sydney Smith. 216 Feuerfunken Waltzes, Edouard Strauss o o ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. o 605 Feuerzauber ("ie Walkiire") WagnercBrassin 381 Feu Follet (aprice Elegant) urand de Grau 934 Feu Follet, op 16, No.6 rude'nt 1028, Feu Follet, op 31, NO.2. A flat E. Schuett 1206 Feu Follet (Will 0' the Wisp) Wollenhaupt 131 Feux Follets Etude,,.. ',,'".Liszt 634 Feux Follets r. hilipp 139 Fiammina, La (Mazurka) " Ascher o 630 Fiancee du Tzar (Overture).. Rimsky-Korsakow 217 Fiddle-ee-ee John Stromberg (March and Two Step.) (As danced by Bessie layton.) 514 Fiddling Silas (haracteristic March)... Metz 672 Fidelio Overture :. Beethoven o 1395 Fidelio (Leonore) Overture.. ; Beethoven (Op. 27 NO.4.), 830 Field ay J. A. 1I1cElhaney (March and Two Step.), ' o 1380 Fierrabras (Overtnre), Schubert la Fiesta, La (March) Alfred RO\lcovieri 802 Fi-Fi Florence Mcherran (Novelette Two Step.) 543 Figaro (Fantasie) arn 40 Fileuse, La (Etude) :: Bachmann 946 Fileuse. La, op 3, NO.2 achulski (Spinning ng.), ". 619 Fileuse, La, op J57 '".. Raff 329 Fileuse, La, op 39 Sy(1ney Smith (Spinning ng.) 761 Fileuse (Spinning ng) S. Y ouferoff o 1534 Filibuster, Selection \Villiam Loraine Introducing: ldiers of Fortune; Way eople Have from Italia; olce Far Niente Land; When izarro Stnick These arts; ruise of a eep-sea-going Hack; \Vhen You Shine on Me; The Filibuster; Finale. Act Filibuster (Julep ance) 'IVm. Loraine 2234 Filibuster (Revolutionary ng).. Wm. Loraine 2235 Filibuster vvm. Loraine (olce Far Niente Land.) 794 Filigrana (as de QlIatre) F. E. N a.sial 58 Filigrane olka, op 23, Leschetizky 122 Fille de Madame Angot, La harjes Lecocq (Bouquet de ]\lelodies.) o ro86 Fille de Madame Angot, La..' Lecocq (otpourri.), '. 617 Fitle du Regiment (Overture)." onizetti o 1423 Fille du Regiment, La oni~etti (Romance. onvien partir!) o 1103 Fille du Regiment (otpourri) onizetti (Arranged by ramer.) 2028 Filles de adiz, Les (F sharp minor)... elibes (The Maids of adiz,) 229a Fill Your Steins, arl L. Mittell a Fine and andy Wm. Frederick eters (March and Two Step.) 51 1, J ' Fin de Siec1e \Valtz.., M. de Nevers 1 ro88 Fiorella Waltz Gustave Kerker' Fire-Flies Mrs. H.H. A. Beach 1 S 906 First hristmas; The '... Barnby 1

28 52 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. 147 First Heart Throbs, op Rich. EilEinberg '591 First in ommand (Two Step) ' Aronson 9 First Violets, op 80 Bold A 527 Fishermaiden. A flat :. ' Fr. Schubert (as Fischermaedchen.) o 1029 (For prano or Tenor.) Fisher Maiden (Selection)... Harry von Tilzer (Introducing: I'm a Fisher Maiden; Let,the Band laya leasing Tune; Maydee;When You Go to London; A Sail On the Tail of a Whale; I'll ream of You, if You'll ream of Me.) o 855 Fisher Maiden Harry von Tilzer (I'm a Fisher Maiden.), o 856 Fisher Maiden Harry von Tilzer (Let the Band laya leasing T\lne.) 857 Fisher Maiden (Maydee),.. Harry von Tilzer 894 Fisher's Hornpipe ' Fishing Rosamond Johnson 929 Fledermaus, ie (otpourri) Johann Strauss 105 Fledermaus, ie (Selection) Johann Strauss 62a Fledermaus (u und u Walzer) J. Strauss 974 Fledermaus Waltzes,, Strauss (oncert arap1uase by Schuett.) Flee as a Bird (Spanish :\[c1ody) Fleeting Time Liszt-Bulow 433 Fleur de Mai, Une, op 327, No Bohm (Rondo Scherzoso.) 11 Fleurette (Valse Lente) Victor Herbert 982 Fleur rintaniere, op 242 Leybach 763a Fleurs de aradis H. A. Wollenhaupt (Morceau de Salon.) 865a Fleurs d'espagne: La Rosilla --- (Trans., op 171, NO.2, by ramer.) 7I7a Fleurs melodiques de la Russie. Ferdinand Beyer (Fantasie elegante, op I02.) 102 Flick and Flock Galop Ketterer 1989 Flight of Ages Frederick Bevan 23 Flight of the Butterflies Rud. Knauer (ance haracteristic.) '6 Flipity Flop (March and Two Step).. ougherty IOIO Flirtation Von Tilzer 32 5 Flittergold, op 327, No. 16 arl Bohm (Golden Glitter.) (Genrestuck.) o oo 1173 Floating 'IVlid the Lilies Atkinson Ia Flora, I Am Y ollr Adorer harles Robinson ("Sleeping Beallty and the Beast.") 645a Floral Fantasma (Blumen-Zauber). (Idyll.) Eduard Holst 699 Florence (Valse de oncert, op 12). Emil Liebling o 860 Floretta ("Babes in Toyland").. Victor Herbert 110 Florimella Waltz Kate Vanderpoel o 6II Florodora otpourri Leslie Stuart o 686 "Florodora." Act I : Leslie Stuart o 13 (The Shade of the alm.) "Florodora." Act II Leslie Stuart (Tell Me, retty Maiden.) "Florodora" Leslie Stuart (I Want to Be a Military Man.) I I I I ' I ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT Florodora March Leslie Stuart 1248 Florodora "Valtzes Leslie Stuart I063 Florodora VI/ altz arl Kiefert 2132 Flower Festival Tolhurst (Separation of the Roses.) 1856 Flower Festival Tolhurst (The arnival of Flowers.) 2092 Flower of Mexico (Intermezzo) arlos urti 629 Flower ng, op 39 Lange I022 Flowers of ixie Land Rosamond Johnson ("Vhoop-ee-oo. ) 8 Flying utchman Overture Wagner o 1231 Flying utchman, Act I (Aria) "Vagner (Through Wav('s that Rage.) o 562 "Flying utchman." Senta's Ballad... \Vagner o SIS (Transcription by Lange.) "Flying utchman",..,..,... ;.. VVagner-Liszt o 577 (Spinning ng.) "Flying utchman." uet, Act II... Wagner (Etude, 0" 62, No. I, by Raff.) A II3 Folk ngs (Two Folk ngs).. G. W. hadwick (0 Love and Joy. minor. For soprano or tenor.) (The Northern ays. B flat minor. For o 1172 alto or bass.) Folkunger, ie, Vorspiel Kretschmer 795 Follow the.band W. 1.. Nutting (March and Twu Step.) 1623 Follow the Flag (Love's Lottery.) Julian Edwards 1809 Fond Heart, Farewell, Hope Temple 877a Fond Love, True Luve Victor Herbert ("The Ameer.") 24 2 Fontaine, La, op 221. Bohm 728a Fontaine, La, op 34 (Idylle) has. B. Lysberg 237a For All Eternity Angelo' :\Iascheroni o 1491 (Eternamente.). ' Forbidden Land (Selection.)... Frederic hapin (Introducing: Enscmble, Act II.; Touring 'Round; Oh, ity "Me; \Vhen My Brother Beats the Big Bass rum; 1 See My icture in Your Eyes; Love at First Sight; I'm a otentate; Ay Vant to Go Back to Svenden; Three Maids and a Man; The Lhassa Guards.) 1588 Forbidden Land Frederic hapin (Ay Vant to Go Back to Sveden.) 1589 Forbidden Land Frederic hapin (Love at First Sight.) 306a Forbidden Music (~Iusica roihita). S. Gastalden 803 Forelle, ie (The Trout) Schub~rt-Heller 789a Forel1e, ie Franz Schubert (Trans. by G. Lange.) 1852 Forest oncert, Eilenberg 1 Forest Elves, op 70, NO.5 Ludwig Schytte 18 Forest Fairy (Valse di Bravura) Venzana I030 Forest Idyls, op 19, NO.2... Edward Macowell (Spiel del' Nymphen.). Ib29 Forest Idyls. op 19, No Edward Macowell (riadentanz.) I S I 40 I 7S I 7S 1

29 54 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. 988 Forest ng (Waldeslied) (Key E.).. Kreutzer Forever and Forever Tosti 733 Forge in the Forest.. " ".. T. Michaelis. l' 488 Forget Me Not (Intermezzo) Allan Macbeth 193 Forget-me-not L. M. Gottschalk (Mazurka-aprice.) II39 Forget Me Not. (Valse Boston.) Gerardo Metallo II3I Forget Me Not. (For high voice.) Louise Tunison 227a Forget the ast (Ballad) Herbert Johnson 1907 Forgotton Eugene owles 1319 For Love and Honor H. Alberti (March and Two Step.) 959 For Love or 'Val' March Aronson p 989a For Old Time's Sake harles K. Harris p 994a For This (Melodic) Reginald de Koven 728 "Fortune Teller" (Selections) Victor Herbert o "Fortune Teller" Vietoi' Herbert (The Serenade of All Nations.) 77 Fortune Teller March Victor Herbert l' 842a For Victory, Home and Glory Locher (March and Two Step.) For Yon, Tioney, For you Maurice Levi ("Higgledy-iggledy.") o Fourteen-Ninety-Two: "L:l92" (Selections) arl flueger Fox hase (March and Two Step) Wells Fox Hunter " " \Vm. H. enn 9 "Foxy Quiller" (Selections).. Reginald de Koven o 660 ".Foxy Quiller." Act T Reginald de Koven (Quiller Has the Brain.) o 661 "Foxy Quiller." Act 1 I~eginald. de Kov.en (The Vendetta.) o 662 "Foxy Quiller." Act II Reginald de Koven (Legend of the Tarantella.) o 663 "Foxy Quiller." Act J I 1~egillald de Koven (Mandolin Serenade.) o 664 "Foxy Quiller." Act TTI... Reginald de Koven (ng' of the Sword.) o 877 "Foxy Quiller" e Koven (Swearing Skipper.) o 879 "Foxy Quiller" e Koven o 887 o 888 (Youth is the Golden Age.) "Foxy Quiller" (ng of the heating eddler.) "Foxy Quiller" (Ship Builder's ng.) e Koven e Koven o Fra iavolo Overture. F. E. Aubel' (Arr. for four hands.) o ro6i Fra iavolo Overture Aubel' o "Fra iavolo" Aubel' (Fantasie by Sydney Smith.) 942 Frage, ie (The Question).. W. Wolstenholme (Key F.) o 82 4 France, Glorious France Sloane (Mocking Bird.) 1921 Francesca (Minuet) T. F. Bucknell 907 Fraternity (Two Step March) E.. Atherton 1 I I o ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT Fraternity Belle " B. N. ummins. (March and Two Step.) 598 Freaks' arade (March and Two Step)... Lang 24. "Freischiitz, el''' (otponrri)... M. von Weber o 85 "Freischiitz, el''' (Overture)... M. von Weber (Arr. for four hands.) 28 "Freischiitz, el''' (avatina)... M. von Weber o 773 "Freischiitz, el''' Weber (Transcription by E. arn.) 942 Fresh Life March Sudds 22 Freudvoll und Leidvoll Theodor Kullak (Transcription, op 80.) 86 Freudvoll und Leidvoll Gustav Merkel (Op. 82, NO.3.). 592 Freundliche Vision Richard Strauss (Op. 48, No. I. Key.) 2 Freut euch des Lebens (Walzer)..J ohann Strauss 322a Friden (eace) Victor Herbert ro8 Friend Fritz (L'Amico Fritz) Mascagni (Intermezzo.) 2291 Friends That Are Good,md True. Edmund Eysler 1145 Friendship Waltzes Bert R. Anthony 424 Frisky icks Louis M. Teichman (ake Walk and 'fwo Step.) o 1510 "Frithjof and Ingeborg". F. Hanson (Festal March. Act IlL, Scene 2.) 1766 Fritz's Lullaby Emmet 64 Frivolette, op 48 Sternberg 661 Frocks and Frills (Waltzes) Howson 620a Frog uddles Howard Whitney 408 rohe Stuilden, op : Wilhelm Fink 874 Frolic Mayer 2 Frolic of the oons,.. Frank Gurney (A ickaninny Gambol.) 1171 Frolic of the Flowers Story 916 From Foreign arts (Germany) Moszkowski 364 From Foreign arts, op 23, NO.4.. Moszkowski (c. sharp minor. oland.) l' 846 From Foreign arts, op 23 Moszkowski (Spain.) 19 From Foreign arts, op 23, No. I.. Moszkowski (Russia. A minor.) 853 From Foreign arts Moszkowski (Russia. Italy. Hungary.) S 8 From Greenland's Icy Mountains...L. Mason II29 From Mexico to Buffalo (March).. A. F. Weldon' A II2 From Out Thine Eyes My ngs Are Flowing.. ( fiat.) F. Ries (For soprano or tenor.) 2~I From the arnival, op 19, NO.3 " Grieg 982 From the radle to the Grave, op 202. (Bridal rocession.) Reinecke 983 From the radle to the Grave, op ,... (Birthday March.) Reinecke 984 From the radle to the Grave, op 202. S 965 (The hild ream.) Reinecke From Thy Love as a Father (The Redemption.) Gounod 1 I I 1 7S I I I I.

30 56 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. ALHAB~TIAL ARRANGEMENT Frost On the umpkin Harry von Tilzer Medlev Ove'l'tnre. introducing: Sw'eet ora ell; A'lexander; Have You Seen Maggie Riley?; When the Frost Is on the umpkin; Maggie ear; My retty Little Kickapoo; own at the Baby Store; Hannah; 'Won't Yoit Open That oor?; All Ab'iard for reamland; Ebenezer Browu, (Arr. by Everett J. Evans.) 230a Friihling (Spring), op 57. NO.2... Moszkowski (l'ruhlingslauten. B flat.) 23Ia Friihling (Spring), op 57, NO.3... Moszkowski (B1umenstiick. Key F.) 390a Friihlings Ankunft. Key G (es Seimen Abschied. Key.) Schumann (Arranged by F. Liszt.) A 3 Friihlingsblumen (Spring Flowers)... Reinecke (Key of A. For soprarto.) 774a Friihlingsboten, op 95, A. Loeschhorn 152 Friihlingsbotschaft, op 27 :.. G. Merkel 66a Friihlingsglaube (Faith in Spring)... Schubert (A flat. Transcription hy LiszL/. 518 Friihlingslied (Spring ng), Henselt 21, Friihlingslied, op 170 (Spring ng).. Jungmann 217 Friihlingslied, No. 19 (Spring ng),., Mendelssohn 196 Friihlingslied, op 120, No. I Gustav Merkel 86a Friihlingsrauschen. flat...,hristian Sinding (Rnstle of Spring.) Friihlingsregen, op 174 W. fink (Spring Showers.) 439 Friihlingssehnen, op 36, NO.1 Kai-l 'Zuschneid 247a Friihlingstimmen, op 410 Johann Strauss (Waltz ng.) 385 Fugue in A minor Bach 6 Fugue in E flat (St. Ann s) Bach 643 Fugue in G minor Bach 417 Fugue Giocosco, op 41, NO.3 J. K. aine (Key of G.) Funeral March hopin (From nata, op 35.) 630 Funeral March of a Marionette Gounod 69Ta Funiculi-Funicula, 163 Funny Old Fakir (ake Walk) ;. L. enza. E. omeroy 168 Funston's Fighting Twentieth H. O. Wheeler (March.) 107 Fiir Elise ' Beethoven o '52 Fiirstin Ninetta (otponrri) Johann Strauss 30 Gabota Gavotte Ardih o IOn Gabriella Overture Emilio izzi 396 Gainsborough George Rosey, (March and Two Step.) I28a Galante, La, op 120. E flat J. N. Hummel 763 Galatea, op 44. NO Jensen 904 Gallant and. Gay (Two Step March).. R. Aronson 330 Galop Bachique, op 49 J. Ascher T07 Galop de oncert. Ketterer. (Grand Galop de oncert.) 127 Galop de Bravoure. op 86 Ketterer b rr6 Galop Militaire : Lindsley 1 7S S 12, Gatop (Grand Galop hromatique, o 12).. Liszt 1 T03' Galop de oncert. Emil Sauer 1 13 Galop di Bravura, Schulhoff ' I199 Galveston Sea Wall., Henry Mensman (March and Two Step.) 1058 Gama Ma1cher (March) arros 221 Gambrinus olka Rudolf Bial 2082 Game of Love Maurice Levi ("Higgledy-iggledy.") 2110 Games We Used to lay Gustav Luders ("Sho-Gun.") 322a Ganger Norwegian March Key Grleg 93 ' Ganz Allerliebst (Salonstiick) W. Alletter o 9' Garden of reams (Ballad).. Reginald de Koven. (Red Feather.) 2~74 Garden of Love ' Andre MessageI' 930 o [218 ~233 (Veronique.) Garden of Lo\;e Waltzes Rosenbeckcr Garin (Sarclana) Breton G. A. R. Melodies Introducing: ldier's Farewell; Tenting On the Old amp Ground; Revelry In amp; Star Spangled Banner; Vacant hair; America. (escriptive Faqtasie by Geo. Swift.) 892 Gartepmelodie, op 85, NO.3.. Schumann (Key of A.) S Gate ity Guard 1\larch Gathering Home Victor Herbert W. A. Ogden Gavotte, op 8, No.5.Aus der Ohe Gavotte. from an English Suite J. S. Bach (No. r. in minor.) 513' Gavotte, from an English Suite J. S. Bach (No. 2, in G minor.) 110 Gavotte in major Bach 806 Gavotte in E Bach 13 Gavotte. op 4 1'. Baumann A 223 Gavotte, op 314, NO.3 Key G... arl Bohm (For violin.) 201 Gavotte Stephanie A. zibulka 6 69 Gavotte in E reyschock IS Gavo~te, op 37, No. I 539a Gavotte, op 2, NO.3 ' upont Ossip' Gabrilowitsch 114 Gavotte (Arranged by Brahms) Gliick, Gavotte (Second, op 81) Gavotte Moderne Godard 11 ark Hamhourg 880 Gavotte (19th entury).jeffrey 243 Gitvotte ouglas harles Kolling 1895 Gavotte in Grey Reginald de Koven (In the Twilight I am reaming.). 698 Gavotte Moderne, op 1I Emil Liebling 9[2 Gavotte Militaire,,.Auguste Mignon 1021 Gavotte Roy Mullendore Gavotte Imperiale Gavotte Favorite Arthur Napoleon N eustedt 960 Gavotte de Marie Antoinette Neustedt 679a Gavotte. Ethellwr.t Nevin Gavotte Gavotte-Impromptu : E. irani izar'ello p 226 Gavotte Humoresque Alvah GlQver Salmon (Op 20.).' I ' so I 1 5q 1 1 od 1

31 58 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. 59 Il46 Gavotte, op 4, NO.2 Sapellnikoff 1262 Gavotte (remiere).... Emilio Scanavino 653 Gavotte-Humoresque, orj 17, No. I...'... Schuett 1568 Gavotte (His Royal Nibs) Shafter-Howard 689 Gavotte E. Silas '517 Gavotte Moderne. Key G Ant. Stre1ezki 160 Gavotte, op 40 Francis Thome 1165 Gavotte, in ancient style ' Zielinski 1305 Gay Gossoon March Edwin F. Kendall a o Georgina Mazurka Manud' La asa 955 Gerchen Verlorenes Gluck Valse Get Busy Otto M. and J olm A. Heinzman (haracteristic March and Two Step.), 882a Get Your Habits On ]. Queen 86Ia Get Your Money's \Vorth Jones} (Arr. by Ai. La Rue.) '. Gazelle, La R. Hoffman Gazelle, La, op 22 Kullak ' GazQuiliement des Oiseaux de Bois, op 86, No. 8; Ludwig Schytte (Vogelgezwitcher im Walde. Fantasie.) Gazza Ladra, La (Overture) Rossini Geiotesfunken' olka Emil Waldteufel "Geisha." Act I Lionel Monckton (Jack's the Boy.) o 734 "Geisha." Act I Sicl~ey Jones (uet~the Toy.), o 735 "Geisha." Act II Sidney Jones (Interfering arrot.) 736 "Geisha." (Jewel of Asia) J ames hilip o 1276 "Geisha." (ng-the Toy J\lonkey).. Monckton 60 No. I, "Geisha" Lanciers, Sidney Jones (Figs. I, 2 and 3.), 60 No.2, "Geisha" Lanciers Sidney Jones (Figs. 4 anrl 5.) o 919 Gems of Offenbach's Operas Theo. Moses 71, Gems of Scotland Rive-King (aprice de oncert.) Gen. Boulanger's March esormes Genevieve (Romance).. Wm. Sterndale Bennett Georgia eaches Kaiser (March and Two Step.) My Honolulu Lady 890b Ghazel Stromberg Victor Herbert 1344 Ghost That Never Walked ("iff! aff! ouf!") Jean Schwartz 513 Gibson Girl Waltzes Barnum A 46 Gift of Rest. Key of (For contralto.) owen A 556 Gift of Rest. Key of F Frederic H. owen (For medium voice.), 606 Gigue, op 8, No.6,.. Aus der ahe 370 Gigue in G Bach 9 Gigue (From Suite). Key of Bach 986 Gigue Bretonne Bachmann 706 Gigue (anse Antique), op 103, NO.3, Godard I93a Gigue (Grande). minor J. G. Haesler (From Third nata, op 13.) 1618 Gimme de Leavin's Bpb ole I i I I so 260 Gin and Razors. Bertram (haracteristic March and ake Walk.) o I8 Gioconda, La (Selection) A. onchielli (Arr. for piano hy Frederick Hopkins.) a 14 Gioconda, La A. onchielli (Fantasie Elegante by S. Allassio.) o I043 Gioconda, La (Overture) onchie11i a 1026 Gioconda, La A. onchielli Voce di onna (Romance). o I027 Gioconda, La A. onchielli o I028 icio e Mar! (Romance). Gioconda. La : A. onchielli (Ballet Music: ance of the Hours.) o 1419 Gioconda, La (anza elle Ore)... A. onchielli 709 Giralda. March Andaluza... E. Lopez Juarranz 2288 Girl and the Bandit (Violetta) B. H. Burt o 873 "Girl from OKay's" (Selection) Arranged by o 984 an Godfrey, Jr.. I van aryll and others Girl from Kay's Howard Talbot (Smiling Sambo.) 15 Girl from Kay's (My Little Love Bird.) Maurice Stonehill Girl I Left in Boston Town Ernest R. Ball Girl I Loved in Sunny Tennessee. Stanley arter 1389 Girl with the hangeable Eyes lman o 812 Girl You Love ("Silver Slipper") Rubens o 114 (Two Step.) Girofle-Girofla (otpol1tri). Lecocq Gitana aprice, op TIO Gitana. Spanisches Lie,lchen Raff Fran<;ois Beht 847 Gitana Waltz Bucalossi 173 Gitanella (anse atalane) harles Godard 1545 Give Me the Sunny uth Fred V. Bowers 2086 (utherl1ers.) Give My Regards to Broadway. Geo. M. ohan (Little Johnny Jones.) 08a Give the ountersign (March).. 'vv. H. Scoulon 945a Give Us Just Another Lincoln anl resser 270 Gladiator March usa 22a Glamour (Barcarolle) Angelo Mascheroni 0" 884 Glimpse-impse-impse (From "The Silver Slipper.") Stuart 845 Glissando Mazurka, op 9. NO.2 Bohm 390 Glockenspiel, op IT6, No. I Fritz Spindler o R72 Glory ("The Billionaire") \Vm. E. Bock!O33 Glow-Worm and the Moth J\Iax S. \Vitt ("Nancy Brown.") 1101 Gnimble Gnomes Eille Norwood S (as de Quatre.) 89 Gnomen-Reigen Liszt (oncert Etude, NO.2.) 857 Gnomentanz, op 6 Mengewin 8Il Goblin's Frolic Florence O'Neill 948 Go Bury Thy rrow BliSS] Wonderful Words of Life Whiter Than Snow ull for the Sho,re Rescue the enshmg We Shall Meet Beyond the River Bliss Fischer BI iss oane' Maine I I SO I

32 (io ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. 92a God Save t he King (Three verses with interludes.) 3I3a God Save the King --- (Harmonized by V. Novello.) 680a God Save the King (Fantasia) Wilhelm Kuhe p 734 God Save the Queen Liszt Going! Going! Going! Gold Bug March W. WakefIeld Smith Victor Herbert 1930 Golden Bells, op 38 Sydney Smith (aprice de oncerl) 228a Golden ream Miunie Graves Watson 9 Golden Fleece Grand l\jarch Washburn ]) 876 Golden Giant Quadrille ' Schlepegrell 1872 Golden Hair (as de Quatre) Tornqnist o II7I "Golden Legend." Scene 3.. Sir Arthur Sullivan (On the Road to Salerno.) 230 Golden Rohin olka N ar'isse Bousquet 620 Golden nata. Key F Henry urcell 886 Gold Fever Galop Schulhoff 144 Goldfischchen Mazurka.. ' Heins 1154 Golf King Rocco Venuto (March and Two Step.) 1713 Golondrina, La (ancion l\1exicana.). amacho IaSa Golondrina, La (Fantasia). E. ancy 642a Golondrina, La Theo. H. Northrup (The Swallow.) (Transcription elcgantc.) 598 Gondola, La (Etude, op 1,3. NO.2) J-l~nselt 669 Gondoletta, La (Barcarolle) Gilder 245 Gondoletta harles Godard 1308 Gondolier (Intermezzo) W.. owell 627 Gondoliera, op 4I Moszkowski 2138 Gondoliera, op 34 Ries A 222 Gondoliera, op 34, NO.4. G minor Ries o 1324 o a 121 I 982a 1633 S (For violin.) Gondoliers (ay in Venice) Nevin Gondoliers (l't)tpourri) ;. A. Sullivan "Gondoliers." Act j Sulli'van (No ossible oubt vvhatever.) Gondoliers (Gavotte) ' Sullivan Good Bye Julian Edwards Good-Bye \Vill T. ierson, J r. Good-Bye ' Tosti Good-Bye, olly Gray aul Barnes Good-Bye, Flo George M. ohall ("Little Johnny Joues.") Good-Bye, j t is God's Way Alfonso Hart Good-Bye, Little Girl, Good-Rye Edwards Good-Bye, My Lady Love Howard Good-Bye, Sis Theo. F.!\Torse Medley. ;1.[ arch aud Two Step. Introducing: Longing for You. (Arr. by Rndy Hartleb.) 1770 Good-Bye, Sweet ay Kate Vannah 906a Good-Bye to the Leaves, R. de Koven 73a Good Morning arrie Smith and Bowman A 57 Good l\'ight, Farewell. Key of E Kucken (For bass.) A 558 Good Night, Farewell. Key of G... Fr. Kucken (For soprano or tenor.) so I I I 7S SO o 943 S 865 o 646 a [292 (193. p ALHABETIAL AR;RANGEMENT Good-Night!,Good-Night! Beloved.,. M. W. Balfe,,(Serenade.), [29a Good-Night, Ladies (ollege ngs) Good-Nigh't, lucinda Jas. T. Brymn p [707 Good-Night, My hild Franz Abt 1I72 Good Old ays Gone Fly Von Tilzer 284a,Gooc!; Old Jeff R. Griffin 823 Goo Goo Man Ben M. Jerome (Medley March and Two Step.) ("Isle of Spice.") 1957 Gossip Ensemble ng Ludwig Englander (N.ew Yorkers.) o 607 Gotterdammerung Wagner o IT 53 (araphrase. op 18, by E.Mertke.) Giilterdammertmg VorspieI Wagner o 1401 Gitterc1ammerung ' Wagner o '597 (Gesang der Rheintichter.) Gi.itterda11lt~wrlJng (ng of the Rhine aughters.) Wagn~r o [383 (T.ranscription hy Singer.) Gi.itterdiimmerl)ng "Vagner (,ng olt.he Rhinedaughters.) (Improvisation, op 93, l:iy Hoffman.). Gcitterdammerllng (Trauermarsch) Wagner Gottschalk (and five others), --- "Governor of Tours, arl Reinecke (Farandole,) Go Way Back. an,1 Sit own... AI. Johns Grab auf der Haide, op W..Heiser Graceful bance ("Henry VII!.")... E. German (Music wrtiten for Henry Irving.).83 Graceful ance, op 4 W. G. Votteler 660 Grace. La, op 302 c. Bor-m 237 Granadita. La (Gavotte) A. Ferner 920 Grand American Fantasia Thea. Bendix (Tone pictures of the North and uth.) o 29 Grande uchesse de Gero1stein, La. ]. Offenbach o [207 (otpourri arranged by H..ramer.) Grande uchesse, La (Selections)... Offenbach (eclaration; Retour et omplainte de Fritz; hanson Mi1itaire.) o 1206 Grande uchesse, La (Selections)... Offenbach (hansrm et Valse; uet--our Espouser une rincesse; ouplet des 1.ettres.) 869, G~at:ld Festival March Wagner (omposed in commemoration 'of the one hundrerlth anniversary of the Independence of the United States of America.) a Grand Festival ojonaise, op Max Jentsh (Key of.). T2 Grand Galop hromatique, op 12 Liszt I07 Grand Galop de oncert Ketterer 406 Grandmother's Spinning Wheel Ernest Gillet (I.e Rouet de Grand-mere.) 642 Grand Offertoire de Ste. ecelia, NO.2. Batiste 859 Grand Offertoire de Ste. ecile, op 9, NO.3. (In F 111inor.) Edouard Batiste R Grand 01,l Ocean H. Millard 61 SO I I ' I I I I I I I I I

33 62 l' l' S A ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT IS Grand 610nitise in E flat, op 22 B hopin 999 Grand olonaise, op 27 I Kontski 341a Grande olonaise, op 21.. arl Maria von Weber (E flat.) l' 282 Grand Stand F. W. Meacham (Medley Overture, introducing: Miss uritan; ear Old ul; Only a ream; Oh, Such a Business; Jes' a Misunderstanding with My Lady Love; Ring Off, oon; Little Tin ldier Army; Sing Me a ng of the uth; My Own Manila Sue.) 979 Granohan Two Step ]. H. Hughes 1204 Gran Via, La (otpourri) F. Guiterrez o 1360 Gran Via, La (Fantasie) N. Smith 391 Grasshopper's Hop (March and Two Step.) Warner rosby 606 Grasshoppers' Hop Koninsky 1273 Gratos Recucrdos 1'. aamano Aramburu (as de atineurs.) 987 Gray Jackets' March Ernest Neyer A 5 Great Beyond John arrington (For mezzo-soprano or bartione in.) 416 Greek ance Leo. Wheat 894a Green Above the Red aul resser 814 Greenville (Three verses) Rousseau 93 'Gretchen am Spinnrade. A minor Schubert (For contralto.) 66 Grillen,op 12, NO.4 Schumann Griselidis (Entr' acte Idylle) ]. Massenet 285 Grubenlichter 'vvaltzes arl Zeller l' 744 Grussan Venedig (Melodie) B. Richards. 359 Gruss aus Wein (\Valtzes).. Johann Strauss, J r. 12 Guarany, II (Sinfonia Overture) Gomes o 1265 Guarany, 11 (Sintu una forza) Gomes o 1262 Guarany, II (anzone) Gomes (Senza tetto, senza cuna.) 946 Guards' Waltz Godfrey 857'1 Guitarra, La, op lis S. Translateur (Serenade espagnole.) p 563 Guitarre, op..js, NO.2 Moszkowski 141 I (Two verses each) --- Gutekamerad, lh~r. "Jch hatt'einen Kameraden." Reiter's Morgeidied. "Morgenroth, Morgenroth." el' unerbittliche Hauptmann. "0 Strassburg." Trelle Liebe. "Steh ich in finstrer Mitternacht." A 5 Gute N acht, op Sq. No. I Fr. Schubert (. m~nor. For soprano.) l' 733a Gute Nacht du mein herziges Kind Fr. Abt (Trans. by M ax Schultze.) o 1186 Guy Mannering Overture Bishop Gypsy Air. (Variations, op 55) Weber l' IS53 Gypsy Airs, op 119, NO.4 Eilenberg o 983 Gypsy Baron (otpourri) Johann Strauss (Arr. for four hands by G. W. Marks.) o 1392 Gypsy Baron (Selections) Johann Strauss o 590 Gypsy Baron Strauss (Fantasie Brillante, op 113, by Hackh.) o 997 Gypsy Baron (Einzugsmarsch).. Johann Strauss 563 Gypsy ance, op 16, No. I N oskowski l' 618 Gypsy Rondo, Haydn I I I I 1371 IS o S c ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. l' 896 Gypsy, '1'hl' (Iluugarian ance) Bohm 738 Gypsy Waltz, " (Vals TziRane.) 1'. aamano Aramburu l' 2 Habanera, Francois Behr 8SS 571 HabsburR March Hadji (An Algt'ri'ln atrol) J. N. Kral Barclay Walker l' 402 l' li69 Haidee {Orielltal Intermezzo) Hail olumbia ;..; Wm. Loraine Hopkinson l' 1785 Hail to the Bey (1'1'0111 "I.ittle hristopher.") Kerker 243 Hail to the Sp'irito Liberty March usa l' 5a Ha-l e-ha-io ; '" ~ ]. Fred, I-Ielf 514 Ha-Ie, Ha-Io, (Medley Waltz) Arr. by Rosey 1398 Halka Ovl'rture Stanislawa Monillszko o 797 Halka }{omanlt ' Moniuszko (Szumia jc)(liy lia gor szczycis.) (Transcript ion hy Nowakowski.) "Hamlet." (Fantasie), A. Thomas "Hamlet." (Mad Scene) 1\. Thomas "Hamlet." Ballet Music A. Thomas (Waltz-Mazllrka.) Handicap March " Geo. Rosey Hands Across the Sea (March) usa Handsom' Ifarry F. 'IN. Hager (March and Two Step.) 443 Handy Andy d Leo Friecjman (haracteristic March and Two Step.) 198 Hannah's romenade (Two Step)... J. II. Ellis o 978 Hiinsel und Gretel E. Humperdinck (otpol1l'ri.), '. o 1180 Hans'! 1111<1 Gretel Overture E. H umperelinck o 1214 Hansel und Gretl'! E. Humpenlinck Scene 2. uet---el' kleine Sandmann. Scene 2. antomime Music. Scene ". K unsper Walzer, l' ISla Happy ay J\. Strck,ki 988 Happy ays in ixie Kerry 'Mills 657 Happy Hayseed Walter Rulfe (haracteristic March and Two Step.) : (I\rrang-ed by Eo E. Hildreth.) 1579 Happy Hottentots Thea. F.' l'v1 urse (ance Unique.),, 574 Happy Hours in oontown :Brown (ake Walk-Two Step.) 2236 Happy Jappy ldier Man John W.Bntton l' 6 Harfe und Spieluhr Edward, Hnrmston (The Harp and the Music Rlix.) 512 Ifark, Hark My ul., ;ykes 524 Hark! Hark, My ul! Harry Rowe Shelley 882 liark! Hark: the Lark (Morgenstandchen. ' Schubert Key of B flat.), ll)a Hark, Hark the Lark. (Transcription by Liszt.) ' Schubert S 9.16 Hark, the Herald Angels Sing.. Geo. W. Warren 1205 H arleqllin olka H; W. Robinson l' 1020 Harmonie du ir,..]. Leybach (4th Reverie, op 34.) 391 Harmonies du il', op 54 Sydney Smith (Marceau elegant.),. 84 Harmonious Blacksmith Haljldel 63 I I I SO 7S I I

34 04 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. 457 Harmony l\loze ' Kerry Mills I ad (haracteristic Two Step March.) 12 Harpe d'aeole, op 17, Grutzmacher 2061 Harpe Eolienne, op I I Sydney Smith 826b Harp that Once Thro' Tara's Halls, alid Rbry O'More : _. 1 (Trans., op 32, No.2, by Willie ape.) lo82 Harp that Once Through Tara's Halls, and Rory 332 O'More avis Harrende, ie, op 35 Franz (Transcription, op II9, No. I, by Jae]!.) 1634 Have You Seen Maggie Riley?.. Harry von Tilzer o 1141 Haydee Fantasie Auber ' 868 Haydn's Austrian Hymn Ernest Kohler (Variations.) 2322 Heap Love Jos. E. Howard 62 3 Hearts and Flowers : Tobani A 72 Heart's Ease (Key of ) McLellan (For contralto or bass.) I6a Heart's vve1come Noel Johnson Heart Throbs (Transcription) Bendel lo91 Heart to Heart (Melodie Mazurka).' Smith 1382 Heather Bells W. S. Rockstro I (Fantasie on Scotch Airs.) 1683 Heaven Hath Shed a Tear '". F, Kuckcn 565 Heavenly reams Schumann S 827 Heavens Are Telling : Haydn I (reation.) S 923 Heber (and four others) ' --- (Two verses each.) o 1361 Hebrides Overture, Mendelssohn I (Fingal's ave.) S 813 Hebron Mason S 549 He Giveth His Beloved Sleep Fr'anz Abt o 827 Heidelberg Stein ng Luders (,'rince of ilsen."), 1307 Heidelberg \Valtzes Kerry Mills A 529 Heimliche Aufforderung, op 27. NO.3... Strauss (The Lover's ledge. B flal) (For soprano or tenor.) 349 Heimweh, op 373 (Elegy) (Longing for Home.) Gustav Lange 1388 Heimweh, op 117 (Longing for Home.) A., J unglllann Heinrich del' Lowe Edmund Kretschmer (Triumphmarsch.) Heinrich del' Vogler, ap56, l\o. I...,c. Loewe (Herr Heinrich sitzt am Vogelherd.) 394 He Laid Away a Suit of Gray (March and Two Step.) Btln Jansen 784 Helene, Grand Valse BrilJante, op 26,. 1899, vvollenhaupt He Lifted Her from Sin and Grief.Lishin (Ballad.),. lo7a Hello, entral, Give Me lieavel1..has. K. Harris 828a' Hello! Ma Baby,.. Howard a.nd Emerson o 817 Henny ("eggy from aris"), Wm. Loraine 208 Herald March, Rudolf -Bial 1 2S ~ ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. '55 845b Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still... W righton. (Transcription by Brinley Richards.) o 826 Here omes ansy (Trio)... Gustave Kerker (,'Billionaire.") 892 Her Majesty's Laneiers ".. E. lomon 637a Hermosa (uban ance) John Musso 809a Her Name is Mandy.; : Stromberg} Kaya, Kaya (ance d Algiers) Sanford 1 (Two verses each.) 1815 Her Name Is Mandy, Stromber 1 Kaya, Kaya ance Sanfor.d I (No. 1. Les Egyptiennes.) (NO.2. Les Babyloniennes.) 1591 Heroes That Wear the Blue Edwin S. Brill 427 Heroischer Marsch (In ungar ischcm Styl)..Liszt 1480 Herr Oluf, op 2, NO.2. Loewe (Herr Oluf reitet spat und veil) 996 Herzenswiinsche, op 5 Lichner 419a Herzwiinden, op 34, 1\'0. I Edward Grieg o 1278 (Blessures de coeur. minor.) He's as Straight as a art (Shamus O'Brien.) Stanford 855a I Love Her Just the Same Harns i- I Love You in the Same Old Way J Bratton 879a Her Name is Rose Harry von Tilzer 1351 Hero and Leander (rologue) ::Ylancinelli o 1499 Hero and Leander. Act I Manci11elli (Fair Shell of the Sea.) o 80 Herodiade, J. Massenet He's Ma Steady John Stromberg He's Me al Gus Edwards He Thinks I o Not Love Him. Mme. Sainton Gllby 41a Hexameron, No. 1. (A flat) --'- (Variations de Bravonre 011 March from uritani (Bellini), by Liszt, Thalberg, ixis, Henri Herz, zerny and hopin.). 41a Hexameron. NO.2. (A flat) ---' (Variations de Bravoure on March from uritani (Bellini), by Liszt, Thalberg, ixis, Henri Herz, zerny and hopin.) 5 Hexentanz, op 17, NO.2 Macowell (Witches' ance.). lo05 Hiawatha, op 6. (A Summer Idyl).. Neil Moret 902b Hiawatha (A ream) Ben M. Jerome 902 Hiawatha's Wedding Feast. oleridge-taylor (Onaway, Awake Beloved. Key F.) 1653 "Higgledy-iggledy" (Selection).. Maurice Levi (Introducing: For You, Honey, For You; Game of Love; Nancy lancy.) o 1346 Highland Fling '--.- Highland Memories, op 30 Hamish Macunn Highland Schottische Mozart Allan High Life March and Two Step... F. leininger High School adet March usa Highwayman W;iltzes R. de Kovell Highwayman (Gavotte) R. de KOVe\l (Quintet-In London Town.) I 1 1 5!l 7S 40 I._1

35 66 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. o 869 Hike (ldier's ng) Alfred G. Wathall ("Sultan of Sull!.") Hilarity March )os. H. Barett Himmelsfunkcn \VattO', ('p 2.21).. Emil Waldteufel (Etincelles.) 2017 Himno Nctcional.\rgentino. (Arr. hy. l\lelani.) 1412 Hinkey ee Harry Morris li72 Hinky ink (March and Two Step).. J. L. Reese 2301 Hippodrome Medley Overtllre... )ean Schwartz Introducing: Hold Your Horses; Sailing On in an Airship; My I-Inman Magaziue; Aurora Borealis; Get a Horse; Bogie Man; Hey Rube. (Arr. by Frank Saddler.) 410 Hirondelle et Ie risonnier A. roisez (aprice de Genre.) o 1535 His Highness the Bey, Selection.. J os. E. Howard Introducing: rink to the 'Glorious Night; Sweethearts of Boyhood ays; In Kankakee; Honolulu; Stories of a Summer Night: I'm Going to Leave Lou; Wllt'n L('uie l.eads the Band;. Julie ooley; I.and of 1'0 ad. (Arr. by Biloing Anderson.) 864a His Rag-time \Valk \Von the rize. Nathan Bivins 367 Historiette IVI usicaie, Ojl,Nn. 2. onstantin Sternherg o 957 H. M. S. inafore, Sullivan (Transcription by orn.) 5 II nbo ays in Georgia Gnttenbcrger (March and Two Step.) 955 Hochzeitstag auf Troldhaugen...Edward GJ'ieg (\Vedding ay, op 65, 1'0 o. 6. KE'Y.) S 868 H odnet (From Greatorex nl1l'tion).. Thalberg 87a Hoity-Toity John Stroniberg, (oor Little Flnttering?-T oths.) 88a Hoity-Toity : John Stromberg (American Billionaire.), 89a Hoity-Toity John Stromberg (My Japanese herry Blossom.) 702 Hoity-Toity (Waltzes).. : John Stromberg 538 Hokey okey Eccentricities F. V. Bowers o 1019 (ake Walk and Two Step.) Hola! Bolero Alfred G. Robyn ("Yankee onsul.") 293a Holberg Suite, op 40, NO.3 Edward Grieg (Gavotte. Key G.) 2304 Hold Your Horses Jean Schwartz S '515 Holy ity Stephen Adams A 2 Holy ity, Stephen Adams (Mezzo-prano or Baritone, in 13 flat.) S 54 I Holy ity (Eye IIath Not Seen) A. R.. Ga1\1 S 824 Holy, Holy Hanoel S 510 Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty I)ykes 702 Holy Night Udley Buck 1080 H olzauction, ie (Schottische)., Otto Teich 1671 Home Again Marshall ike 1423 Home Ain't Nothing Like This ~Irving Jones 5 I I I I 2S I z;; ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT S 949 Home Over There, O'Kane (And hve others.) 38a Home, Sweet Home (Three verses) a Home, Sweet Home Adolph Baumbach I (Variations.) Sal Home, Sweet Home (Varied),. Thalberg 1670 Home, Sweet Home (Variations); Webber 422a Hommage a Schumann, op 5,... M. Moszkowski I (Fantaisie.. E flat.) 2323 Honey, I'm Waitin' Ted S. Barron '551) Honeymoon March, Geo. Rosey 988a Honey Nell. A.B. Sloane 28a Honeysuckle and the Bee,. 'vvm. H. enn 2151 Hongroise, op 93, H. Labadie (as-de-quatre.) 147 Honolulu ake 'vvalk Lerman Honolulu (March ng) Jos. E. Howard 1016 Hop Lee (hinese anct'),.. H. L.Heartz ("Tenderfoot.") 765 Hopper (Waltz) Fred W. Vanderpool Hop Scotch ("Flo Flu") Howard 'vvhitney (Eccentric ance.) 1212 Hop-Sing (hines(' Fantasie) Katzenstein 1182 Hornpipe (No. ) Hotfoot Sue, Fred Neddermeyer. (March and Two Step.) 80n Hot Time in the Old Town Metz I (And three others.) 638a How an I Leave Thee Alfred Schmidt 808a' How I Love M. y Lu Stromberg 1 Just ome Up and Take Your resents Back.. r (Two verses each.). Tilzer J 1814 How I Love My Lu, Stromberg (And four others.) 2347 How Sweet to Know Fred V.;. Vanderpool (For Mezzo-prano or Baritone, in E Hat.) S 845 How the Giant Winds u Wrestle... E. Stephen (homs.) 34a How the Irish Beat the Hand, an aly 1558 Huckleberry Finn.., Aubrey Stauffer (A Missouri Intermezzo.) o 60 Huguenots, Les Meyerbeer I o 639 (Bouquet de Melodies.) I [uguenots, Les, Meyerbeer I o 551 (r<tmatie Fantasie by Liszt.) Huguenots, The (ValE' of Rest) Meyerbeer 39 o li57 (Transcription by Low.) Huguenots, Les (ages' ng) G. Meyerbeer Huguenots, Les (omle) Meyerbeer o 1096 Huguenots, Les,, (anse Bohemienne.) (avatina-say, Gentle age.),. Meyerbeer I 0 120I Huguenots, Lcs. Act I.., Meyerbeer I o,1202 (The Blessing of the Swords.) Huguenots, Les (The Oath),. Meyerbeer (11 Giuramento.) 423 Huguenots, Les Meyerbeer I (Benediction et Serment.) (Transcription by Liszt.) 6i

36 ~ _.---~.--- G8 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. ----_._ o I2GG H nguenots, Les (Act. 11 r. oro con ballo.) Meyerbeer (Act IV. uetto-o iel! dove vai tu?) A IG7 Huguenots otpourri. Key of... Meyerbeer (For violin.) 748 Huldigungsmarsch, op 56 (Triumphal March.) Grieg 930 H uldigungsmarsch. E flat. Anatole Liadow 1543 Iluman Band John W. Bratton ("Man from hina.") 47G Hummer, The F. W. Me'acham (Medley Overture, introducing: Miss ivinity; The Girl I Left in ixie; Open Your Mouth and Shut Your Eyes; My Queen 1rene; You Got to lay Rag-time; You Ain't hanged a Bit From What You Used to Be.) 018a Humoresque, op, NO.2 c. haminade 3a Humoresken, op 6, NO.1 (Tempo di Valse, in.) Grieg 326a H umoresken, op 6, NO.2 Grieg (Tempo di Minuette ed energico, in G minor.) 052 Humoresque a la Tarantelle A. R. arsons 781 Humoresque, op 47, K o. 2, \V:ilm 781 l{umoresque, op 47, NO.2 Wilm, 27 Humors of onnybrook (Irish Overture)... (Arr. by arl Volti.) 1(,37 "Humpty-umpty" ole and Johnson (Selection, introducing: Mexico; On Lalawana's Shore; Sambo and inah.) Hungarian ance, Ko. I Brahms H ungar'ian auce, K 0, 2. minor Brahms A (lja o S 903 H 1111garian ance, NO.5 r~rahms (F sharp minor.) Hl111garian ance, No.6. flat. Brahms I lungariau auce, :\ A minor Brahms Hungarian ance. l\o. 10 Brilhms Hungarian Fantasie. Key of G (For. F. and Orchestra. '" Liszt lo. F. part only.) Hungarian Rhapsody, op 53, NO.2 Loomis Hunky-ory " Abe. Holzmann (ake Walk and Two Step.) Hunting ng S. Heller Hunting ng Mendelssohn (ngs without words, K o. 3.) Hunting ng. R. Munroe Hunting ng, op 82 Schumann I lurrah, Boys! (March and Two Step).. Lacalle H mrah for Baffin's Bay Theo. F. Morse ("Wizard of Oz.") H usarenritt. op 140 F. Spindler (I,e trot du avalier.) H usheen, Alicia Adelaide Needham Huskin' Bee March Kain Hyacinth (Intermezzo) Emma Lycm-Hatch Hymno Bayames (uban Hymn).., (araphrase by Hubert de Blanc.) Hymn of raise. op 52 Mendelssohn (uet-my ng Shall Always Be Thy Mercy.) I I I ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. S 1)33 Hymn of raise (Lobgesang)... Mendelssohn (l'vlaestoso con moto. Allegro.) IfJI3 1 Ain't A-goin' to \Veep No More.. Harry von Tilzer R62a J Ain't Seen NoMcssenger Boy.. Nathan Bivins Ie' 1~79 I Am a Friar of Orders Grey H.ecve (Slongs of England.) o 1024 I am the English aisy... Alfred Mlillcr-Norden (,'English aisy.") o 1022 I am Yoms Truly ("Sho-Gun") G. Luelers 1268 Janthe, Kerry Mills 18 I annot Sing the Old ngs,... laribel o 1)15 I an't o the Sum, Vict"r H l'rhert ('"Babes in Toyland.") 719 I an't o the SUlll Victor H erhert (olka Two Step. Introducing: 'oj ever l\lind, ]3o-eep, and Slumber eep,) 965a I an't Tell Why I Love You, but T o., Gus Edwards G04 I "e alace March, aull 1-' 11)45 lchasoan En el mar, Joaqui11 Larregla ( Barcarola.) 91Ia 1eh hin cin eutscher I.nelwig Englander (The adet Girl.) 23~ I ch bin Tamhour-J\lajor, op 61 1oreel. li"ld (Tile Little nlljl-major.l 393a I ch hab in deinem Ange. Afbt Schumann (Gelleimes Fliistern hier unci,iort. H flat.) (Arr. by F. Liszt.) A 304 Tch Liebe ich (I Love Ther,). Key... Griej:~ (Fur mezzo-soprano or baritone.) ' 99a Tcll wand're durch die stille' Nacht..Robert loranz (T vvander Through the Stilly Night. Op 35. NO.2, minor.) (Aufhrueh, op 35, No. G. A flat. The Skies Are Getting Urighter.) 790a I cll wollt meine lie1> ergiisse sich... Mendelssohn (I Would That My Love.) (uet. Fantasie by. Bohl11.) 797a Ichwollt' meine Liebl' ergiisse sich. M endrlssolln (Trans.. op 102, by G. Lange.) 8.15a T oul,!n't Stand to See My Bahy Lose. Edwards 351 I deal d'amour (Melodie) F. Bendel 663 Idilio, Lack 836a I'd Leave My Happy Home for you.. Harry von Tilzer L127 I die Fancies (Intermezzo)... Herbert L. larke 8()()a I'd Like to Have a hotograph of That.., Reginald de Koven o 529 I dol's Eye (otpourri) Herbert 235 rdol's Eye Landers Victor Herbert 78 Idol's Eye Two Step,Victor Herbert 7 Idomeneo (Air and homs) Mozart (lacido e il Mar.) 1537 I on't Want Any VVlirzhurger.. Jean Schwartz ("iff! afe! ouf''') 66Sa Idylle, oiy 40 Alfred J aell, 907' I rlyll. E flat. Edwin I r. Lemare 423 ldylle, op (,2,,, h. U. Lysbcrg -c 19 Idylle-,_ op 28, NO.4 Macowell 6f) , 5 1

37 70 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT _._ ""---~ IdylIe, op 28, NO 5 MacowelI I46a Idylle, op 39, NO.4 Key A Edw. Macowell 1052 I f Aladdin Would Lend Me His Lamp. obb and Edwards 1835 I Fear No Foe ' insuti 1386 I Fell in Love with olly ("J\I,(id and the :VI1l111111Y.'!) Richard arle 1128 If I But Knew (ontralto) ratt and Banl11e I67a If I Should Say GOOd-Bye (New Yorkers.) Ludwig Englander. 226a If Time \Vas Money, I'd Be <;l Millionaire. 'Fred. S. B'arroh 2090 If You Love ]'l1e, ("Woodland.") Lindy Gustav Luders p 893a If You Love Y OUT Baby, Make the Goo-goo Eyes \Villiams and \Valker 1596 If You W cre Mine Alone Ludwig Englander ("Madcap rincess.") 1963 I Got Mine has. artwell 8a I Got the Headache Now.. Williams and V/alker (A al'key Lamentation.) 1147 I Guess That \-\Till e About All... Von Tilzer 817a I Gue.ss Tl,Jat \Vill Hold You for a \Vhile. "j',' Smart and \Villiams. She \Vas Bred in Old Kentllcky. Stanley arter (Two verses I'<tch.) 8 I Have niething to Say to You - (Medley March and Two St.ep, introducing:. I Ain't Got No Tin,e.) S 035 I H card the Voice of Jesus Say.. "... has. A. E. Harris' 1328 ] Just an't Help from Loving that ]'vlan,. o 1239 Harry von Tilzer II Balen (Aria)..,, Verdi (Trovatore.),, I40a I Left My Heart in ixie...\villiam LOl'aine ("Trip to Buffalo."), o 813 I Like 't. ou, Lil, for Fair \Villiam toraine ("eggy from aris."), 26Ia I Live and Love Thee (uet) (To vivo et'amo.) F, ampana I'll c a \Vest oint adet... A. Miiller-Nordejl ("West oint ade!.") 1632 I'll Be Busy All Next \Veek... Harry Lintort 1498 I'll Re There, 1'll Be There. Mary ear., Harry von Titzer 97a I'll Be With You V"h<:n the Roses Bloom Again. obb and Edwards 1555 I'll Be Yom nvdrop Rasey... Ton~ Lem"l11ier 22 I'll Be Yom Iloney in the Springtime. Harry Freeman 1570 I'll Be Yom Rain Beall... :,j. Freel Heli o 1017 I'll Bribe thest ars " VictOF Herbert ("J3abet1 c.") o 901 I'll o or ie (from "King odo"}...., Luders, o IOW I'll ream of You " aul A. Rubens ("Three Little ;\laids.") 1494 I'll Leave ] t to yon annon and Jerome 4 0 7, a I'll Make that Black Ga] Mine.... B. Ward} Oh! Ebenezer, ave Reed, Jr. lsi! I'll Ma,ke tllat Black Gal 1\1 ine ".' \.. 13, Wade Oh! Ebenezer ave Reed, Jr. Kentucky Babe Adam Giebel It Ain't NoLie Moran and HelfJ 977a I'll Never Love Another Girl But Y at!. G. A. Nichols 1343 I'll Never Love. Another, 1.ove, Like I Love You ("Wizard of Oz.") Gus Edwards A 520 I'll Sing Thee ngs of Araby. E flat.. " lay 724 Illusions erdues, Gottschalk p I'll Wed You in the Go] den Summer Time... p 166a I Loved You Better than You Knew.rawford.. p 810a I Love Her Just the Same Johnnie arroll Harris 1 I Love You in the Same Old Way Bratton ~ (Two verses each.) J i8i5 I Love Her Just the Same : Harris (And three others.). p. 1I32 I Love Only One Girl in this Wiele, Wiele Wnrld obb and Edwards (Ass\1ng in "The \Vinrd of Oz.") S 865 I Love to Tell the Story _ (And five others.). r628 I Love to Two-Step With My Man,. Hughiec annon p 902a I Love You, ear, and Only You Luders 1815 I Love You in the Same Ole! \;Yay Bratton (And three others.) a 855 I'm a Fisher Maiden Harry von Titzcr ("Fisher Maiden.") 1296 Imagination. Ty;o Step" J. B. Mullen 1ntrodllcing: epita Ma,guire. p 1492 I'm \l Jonah Man " Alex Rogers 986<i I'm a Respectable Workin' Girl..John Stromberg (As sung at Weber ane! Fields'.) 8I8a I'm <;l Shy Little Inno,ent Thing.. T. H. hilvers ("The Little Host.") 2098, I May Be razy, but T Ain't No Fool.... ' Alex Rogers r 978a l'm one with Rag-time..'... harles Robinson 1I3a T'm reaming of a By-gune ay Edwards o 1454 I Mean to Be a Goo(1 Girl Now Sydney Jones ("My Lady Molly." Act 11.), 961 1m Fruhling. op 36 arl Goldmark (Overture. Key A.) 1I62 I'm Getting Quite American, on't You Know.. Levi 2239' I'm Getting Seasick Jean Schwartz (Athletic Girl.) 1059 I'in,90irlg Han;; to ixie Land...,.. H,ubbell ( Runaways. ) 2276 I'm Going to Meet Birdie To-Night.. (Waltz ng.) Thea. F. Morse I 5Q ' r I 7S

38 72 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT a I'm Going to Start a Little' Graveyard' of My Own ~. S'lV~ningson 1302 Imitations : ; Mchesney (Arranged for the purpose of showing the different effects that can be obtained on pianos having the Harp. Mandolin and Zither attachments.), 459 1m Kloster, op' 345 (Legende) Gustav La'nge l~ 858a I'm Livin' Easy Irving Jones 987a I'm Looking for an Angel, A. B. Sloane I r 1436.,Imozetta. : Geo.. Barnard (Mexican Gypsy ance.) 62a Impatience (Ungeduldj.., Schubert i\ 101 Impatience. Key of I,: (for contralto).. Schubert II I Impecunious avis Kerry Mills 481 Impe'rial Edward (J\lilitaryl\larch). John hilip, u~a (Respectfully dedicated by special permission to his most gracious Majesty Edward, VII.) I mperial March Militain; )Jert R. Anthony c c (Two Step.) F Impromptu, op 29 Tmpromptll, op 3{;,, sharp hopin l hopin 399 Impromptu, op 51. G HaL ' hopin 551 Tmpromptu. op 35, No. I ui 6 Impromptu, cuxieme, up 31., Gabriel Faure (F minur.), ] mpromptu Jmpromptu, op 7,. ~Iark liambol1l'g Henselt 304 Impromptu, op 53 (olka) Leybach 80 Impromptu, op 142 Gustay Merkel Jmprompt u, 01' 180, NO.3.. '".. Gustav l\ie\'kel 'Impromptu,op [96, Nu. 4 Raff 742 Tmpromptu, I,p 28, NO.2 Reinhold 745 Impromptu, op 28. Nu. 3 Reinhold p I111promptu, op 16, ]\0. I Impromptu, op 73, No. I, Rubinstein,Sch;,trwenka mpromptu ~, la Hongroise et J\I~rehe...,"','., Xaver Scharwenka, I f ~I do sa 7'5 I I I I (After Schubert's op 54, G n'tinor.) 222 Impromptu. op 90, No. 1. '.. SchUbert,I m'promptu in E flat, op 90, N n. 2, Schilbeft I 323 1m praml'tu, 01' 90, ]\' o. 4. i\ fla f. : Sc11tlbert I 1 1mpramptu, op T42, No. I,.... Schubert' I 239 Impromptu, ap Ip, ),' n. 2,Schubert I ~5 888 Impromptu, op 142, NO.3.. ' F. Scht.r~ert I 2S (In B flat.), " 7I3a Impromptu Et\1!e, J, de Santesteban 726 Impromptu J\fazurka, op 3 2, N6. 4 Bohm 640 'Inipromptu Mazurka, op 117.,..,,,.. Godard 68r Impromptu Mazurka, op 120:... :..,.".. Lack 304 Impromptu alka, op 53.:... J. Leybach 1 do 876 Impromptu Valse iemer 931' Impromptu Valse,. Gabriel-Marie I 898 Improvisation in G major, (ip 22.:.. :... ierne 324 Imps and Sprites at "Vork Edward Holst. '1 do (Grande Marche.) 1392 I'm Sighing for You, Honey, All the Time...' Howard A. Winburn p ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. 73 9I6a I'm I1:he emon of the eep.. Ludwig Englander ("The adet Girl.' ) 1087 I'm the Man That Makes the' Money in the Mint 242a I'm Tired, obb and Edwards Jean Schwartz 285 1m Walde Fantasie, op 41 Gade 827 In' a Birch anoe Will Accooe (March and Two Step.) 643a In a osey orner Kimball and Bratton (Novelette.) p. 18 In a Lotus Field John W. Bratton 1546 In a agoda '.., :. '".John "V. Bratton (iece haracteristi"lue.), A 555 In a ersian Garden...,... Liza Lehmann (Quartette-Wake 1),(Tenor lq-bdorc the hantom.) '(,Bass Recitative--Now the New Year.) (Tenor lo-j ram, Indeed, ] s Gone.) (Quartette~olne Fill the ll'') (Bass lo-whether at Naishapur or Baby-,,,Ion.),., '" {ontralto.recitative-ah. Not a rop.) (ontralto metimes Think.) (uet, $opcano and Tenor..,..;A' Book of ",,'",Ve'raes:), " II 2.In Arcadia (March and Two Step)...Hodgins 63Hl Ln Arcady,' op 16, No. I '.' Ethelbert Nevin (Shepherd's Tale.), 632a In Arcady, op 16, No, 2 Ethelbert Nevin '" (Shepherds All and Maidens Fair.) p.,6333. In. ArcadYI op 16, NO.3 Ethelbert Nevin :: ',i.(lullaby.) 634R.In Arcady, op 16, NO.4...,'..,.. Ethe,lbert Nevin ;, ':(Tournahlent.a la olonaise.) IS".In Autumn Mrs. H.H. A. Beach ' 88 In Autumn, op 36, NO.4 Moszkowski m Boccaccio's Villa E. Nevin (Notturno, op 21, NO.2.) 1 In ollege olors Ulysses J. Alsdorf (March and Two Step.) 401 In upid's Net Frederic hapin, o n ear Old Grandma's ays ',' I ;... ', :("Lady Teazle.") A. Baldwin Sloane 688 In de Moonlig;ht Theo. Bonhem (Barn ance or Military Schottische.) : 342, In den 'Lagllnen (Barcarolle) Alfred Jaell 897a In der Fremde, op 67. NO.1 Brinley Richards (In :Foreign Lands. Romanze.) c 93a In der N acht. op 12, NO.5 '"... Schumann, ' (In the Night.) 2293 Indians Along Broadway Benj. H. Bmt 1320 Indian Summer Waltzes \V. Wesley "VeIls 2277 In reamland \V. T. Francis p 598a In reamland, OJ) 30, NO.2 Ethelbert Nevin 1794, In reamland (Reverie) Werner 876a I Need the'money A. Browne o 870 I Never 'Loved a Man as Much as That.. Franc;s., f'twirly-whirly.") 35a I' Never Trouble Trouble, Until, Trouhle, Troubles Me.. ~...,... Gus Edwarels so I. r I 7S r r r

39 ------~ ALHABETIAL ARRANQEMENT. ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. 830a In Far Away Manila c. L. ]ohrtson 997 In Gay Bohemia Meahl 921 In Hoc Signa Vinces March " H.,':M. ow' 678 Inkitink, Alec Ramble '(Eccentric March and Two Step.)' 305a In Loveland Lilian 'Heckler 862 Inman Line March :A. E. \Vairren'" 1182 In May Time, Speaks A,283' In May, Time.,.'..: Oley Speaks S a 'd a 823 In Silence (Mocking Bird) A. Baldwin Sloane 559 (Low Voice in.) In Memoriam (Lead Kindly Light.), '.--'"-'--' (Nearer My God to Thee.) (Two verses each.) (Star Spangled Banner;) '. (Arr. as Funeral Match in A minor.) 913a In My Museum Ludwig Englander ("The adet Girl.") In My Neighbor's Garden, op 21, No. '5... Nevin In Naples Fair.'..,',.. Frederi-ok' Bowers Innocent Young Maid,arl and Levi In Old Alabama:: '.. :..,.'....,ox ruger (Barh ance-two Step.) 1244 In Old Madrid :;.. : Trotere 791 In Old Vienna (Waltzes) Frederick K. Logan 9 Inquietude,op 29 i.'::reyschock,p 2232 In Roseland,. Max. Eu~ene (Intermezzo etite.), " An. by has, Borgman, 499 In ciety- (Waltzes) : H.O. WheeJel"' 'I sua In stiller Nacht, op 64 '.. Fritz Spindler 683. In Summer Time Edward German 18 In Sunny Africa : Flled S.Barron 306 Interlaken, op 102, No. I. A. ]aell (haht du ir.), Intermezzo, op 5, NO.2...,... J Arensky Intermezzo, op 116; No.2 (A minor)... Brahms 4 Intermezzo, op u6, NO.4 (Key of E).. Brahms Intermezzo, op 116. NO.5 (E t'ninor).. :.Brahms Intermezzo, op 116, No.6. Key E '.,. Brahms 360 Intermezzo, op II7, No.1 (E'f1at) Brahms 361 Intermezzo, op 117, No. '3 ( sharp minor.). Brahms 494 Intermezzo, op 119, NO.2' (E minor).. ;Brahms Intermezzo "Gavin"... :.. :.;.'... J\Vm. (From "The Little Minister.") Furst. 694 Intermezzo (Henry VIII: Music). :.:E. German (Written for Henry Irving,). ' 802b Intermezzo, op 41, No. I....Alfred Griinfeld 23 Intermezzo, op 381 "." ~ G\.tng'l 442.a Intermezzo en Octaves, op 44, No. '4 : ' :...., (G flat.) Les:chetlzky '. 383 Intermezzo,' op 39 Mos:tkowski I 84' Intermezzo, or' 56, NO.4.. '.,.. Moszkowski 66Ia Intermezzo,oj) /"Nq. 3 :., E. N~viti II61 Intermezzo, op 8, NO.4 '.., :. Schuett' 265a Intermezzo, op. 9;NQ.\'3. '," ' :Stral.lss I 782 Intetme,zz'O, o.p 8, No..5 0' ' Wilm 7' _.._ : 138a Intermezzo Scherzoso,.op 21, NO.9. ( flat.) Hans von Biilow 1373 International ongress usa, Introducing; Fugue on Yankee oodle; Hail olumbia; God Save the King; Mar- I :sei1la~se; Wearing of the Green; Wacht am Rhein; Russian Hymn; Austrian Hymn; Italian ng; olish ance; Sta,r,Spangled Banner. p 172 In the Ball Room, op '292,No. 3.. Gustav Lange 707' In the Beantiful Month of May, op... Merkel 1595 In the, abbage atch... Frederic Knight Logan, (apri<;e haracteristic.) ~32J In the, ity of Sighs and Tears... Kerry.Mills 2033 In the lock Store (1m Uhrenla\len).. has. Orth. (escriptive Fantasie, E flat.). 481 In the ountry John K. aine (Woodnotes, op 26, No. 1. Key of Eo) (Wayside Flowers, op 26, NO.2. Key of GJ 482 In the ountry John K aine iunder the Lindens, op 26, NO.3. B flat.) (The Shepherd's Lament, op 26, NO.4. Key of.) S 873 In the ross of hrist I Glory..., onkey o 962 In the ays of Old ("Yankee onsul").. Robyn 1639 In the ingle- onglc-ell lare Kummer 2310 In the Flower Garden laton Brounoff No. 1. Forget Me Not. NO.2. armencita Rose. 23 I I In the Flower Garden.... laton Brounoff NO.4. amelia. NO.5. Water Lily. 729a In.the Flower Garden, NO.7... laton Bronnoff (Ede1weiss.) p 730a In the Flower Garden, NO.9... latan Brounoff (March and ance of the Flowers.) 806, In the Forge, op In the Glare of Old Broadway Jungmann Geo. Evans In the Gloaming In the Gondola, 'op 103 Harrison F. Bendel 294a In the Good Old Summer Time George Evans 967a In the House of Too Much Trouble. Heelan and Helf 1107 In the Merry Month of June George Evans 244a In the Moonlight with the Girl YOll.Love.. Morse 2278 In the Orange Blossom Land...Jos. F.. Howard. (His Highness the Bey.) 1236 In the oppyfield F. W. Meacham (haracteristic ance.) 2192 In the Shade of the Old,Apple Tree. Egbert A. Van Alstyne 1604 In the Shadow of the yramid... Ernest R. Ball ("Mrs. Black is Back.") 24 In the Shadow 6f the Sacred Alamo : W. H.Machette 2022 In the Shadows of the ines G.. O. ~.ang 1223 In the udan : Warner rosby (haracteristic Two Step.) 1069 In the Sweet Bye and Bye Harry von Tilzer 86a In the Swim Maurice Levi. 844 In the Tavern Jensen 1. 1

40 76 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT In the Twilight, op' 183, No. i:... :..,:.. Onrlitt ( apriccietto.) ~119 In the Valley of Kentucky 1 i olly Stanford SO 1160 In the Village. OlJ 36; NO.2.. ': Schuett 1 7[z In the Village by the Sea (Medley Walti) Introduction 0t Allegru Scherzc,'so', op,:87.j. Raff I o 1321 o 1323 o 1322 '(Key of G.). Tn Vacation Time '..llarry von Tilzer Invi.ncible l::agl e l\iarch J ohn hilir S0';lsa.' I InVItatIOn a Ja Valse, op 45, No. I... :..', '.,., EdouaI'd 'Schuett 57 Jnvitation to th0 Hall, 01) 12 (olonaise).. alvini 140 Invitation to the ance 'Weberctiisz:t. 145 Invitation to the olka, (ip' 115.' Bettdc!l 955 Jnvitation to the olka, Of> 73 teyschock zi8a Invito L', Bolero. A minor Liszt, 514a 1nvocation (ROn1ance) h. B: l.ysherg 1359 In Zanzibar Gus Edwards 22 Tola. Tntermezzo has. 'L. Job-lison 982 Iolanthe, Selections 'Arthur, Sullivan o 1320 Iolanthe,,: Sullivan (Entrance and ]\Iarch of eers.) Iolanthe (Finale, Act I.) ' Sullivan 1 Iolanthe (Act II. Oh, Foolish Fay)'... Sullivan Iolanthe : Su'1'liva'n 5 (Act II. WIlen Britain Really'Ruled the Waves:) (1. O. O. F. Se~ Ritual.). o 687 Iphig-enia in Aulis hristol?h W. Gluck I (Overture.). 9a I romise You '.: Edward Holst o Il7 Iris otpol1l'ri 'Mascagni o 1387 Iris. Introduction to Ad I MascaO'ni (Hymn to the Sun,)!. o 1.3 Iris (anza delle, Guechas).... t J Mn~c'agni 1456 Iris (A Greek Intermezzo) Ellis 'R.;Ephraim I166 Iris \Valtzes James T: Qtl:ilrles' 2;)24 Irish Indian Intermezzo ~. Hartz J) r82 Irish Jig, -'-, Irish atrol ':.,.has:'uerner' 1071 Irish \Vasherwoman -'-'-'- 795 Irrlichter-Tanz. op 458 Kirchner 1263 Isahel Gavotte E. M..de Alarcon 291 Isabelle (Grande Valse) : G. Bachmann' 7z5 I sahelle Grand Valse, Arr. 13 ~achrnan do S 836 Isaias L. Mancinefli ' (Finale, Act 1. lo and horus.) IS87 I See My ietme in Yom Eyes. Frederic hapin (Forbidden T,and.) " 918a I Sigh for a hange J0hn Stt'omberg, (As Sung at Weber,and Fields'.).p 1937' I Sing to Thee Alone..... frl' Hoffman II35 Isis (Intermezzo) J. R. fiaasjer 17 Isis, (Intermezzo)..... : :'::. Morse' ' 179' Islamey (Fantasie Oriental) Babkirew I 2279 Isle of Bong- Rong... ".Jos. 'E. Howard ' o 946 (Just Say Hello to hicago.) Isle of Spice (Selection)... Schindler and Jerome 1 SO 823' Isle of Spice (Goo Goo Man)... Ben lvi: 'Jerom'c (Medley 'March and Two Step.)..,. ' o 540 Isolden's Liebestod, Wagner:Liszt 1' so Z5 o 1190 Isora di rovenza ".. L Mancinelli (rologo Sinfonico.) o 1192 Isora di rovenza L. Mancinelli (relude. Atto Terzo.) o 1191 I sora di rovenza L. Mancinelli (Ballet-anza elle ee.). (anza elle Nove Muse.),. (Finale Scherzo.) Ii' 704 Istorietta (Little Story), all 1 :. Lack 18lI It Ain't No Lie :Morall'and lielf o 1146 (And three others.) Italiana in Algeria Overture,. Rossini 1334 Italian Hymn,,,-~.~ 109 Italian Mandolin olka \V, M. Gates 135 Italian Scenes, onstantin Sternberg (On the Lagoon, Oil 49, No.1.), 332 Italian Scenes onstantin Sternberg (Tarantella, op 49, X o. 2.) 144 Italian Suite (Minuetto) 13. O. Klein (. SO, NO.3.) 1654 It Happened in Nordland (Selection),,. Introducing: Any Old Tree~ick Temple; Absinthe Frallpe-Victor Herbert; In' the ingle ongle ell-lare Kummer. ' 189a I Think It Must Be Love Leo' Friedman 845 I Think of Thee (ienso en Ti) Navarro (Schottische.). S 872 It Is the Lord's Own ay (Quartet) Kreutzer S 881 It Is Well with My ul.. Bliss 1380 It's Allus de Same in ixie \ivill Marion ook (utherners.) 1565 It's a \ivay They Have in hicago. p (Royal hef.). Ben M. Jerome 999a It's Awfully Nice to Be a Regular lrlier. Gus Edwards 1385 It's Great to Be razy..., Robert Hood Bowers o 10 (Maid and the Mummy.) It's the hink. hink, hink Maconnell (asino Girl.) p 52a It's the J\Jan Behind the Gun \Vho ocs the Work Theo. F. Morse 1133 I tuzaingo (anto de Guerra. March)... osta, 1408 Ivanhoe (Quadrille) eh. hristrup' A 342 Ivanhoe. Key F '" Arthur Sullivan (The Wind Blows nld.) (For Bass,) 3a I've a Longing in My Heart for You, Louise... harles K. Harris 1377 I've Got a Feelin' for You T. F, Morse 824a I've Got Him ead unn1 I Guess I'll Have to Te1egTaph ~ry Baby... ~ (Two verses each.) ohan J 1390 I've Got My Eyes on You. Medley Overture, Introducing: I've Got My Eyes on You-oo-oo; Every ay is Sunday own at oney Isle; ance of the ng Birds; The ie Walk; If You'se Got Money, You an Knock at My oor; Ring own the urtain; The Meaning of U. S. "c.. 1 ' 1 I '5 I I I 1

41 78 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT I've Got My Eyes on YoU-- Morse 2188 I've Set My Heart on you Albert von Tilzer o 1279 I've Sharpened the Sword,..'.. Stanford (Shamus O'Brien.) 1927 I've mething Sweet to Tel1 Y 011. Eaton Fanning 86la I've \Vaited, Honey, Waited Long for Ybu., Nichols 2127 I Want a Real oon ' B. Adler 2133 I Want at ake, Boss,.Eva McLoughlin 807a I Want My Lull1, St. lair Take Your lothes and Go Ining Jones I 1814 I Want My Lulu St. lair) Take Your lothes ancl Go 1. J011('s 1 How I Love My Lu Stromberg I, Just ome Up and Take Your rcsents Ba ck.. Tilur Syncopated Sandy '. Waybl1rn-Whiting J 1049 I Want to Be a rummcr in the Band Ilein I Want to Be a Lidy Howal d Talbot (hinese Honeymoon, Act II.) 1124 I Want to Be an Actor Lady Harry von Tilzcr 1649 I Want to Be Loved ~ Albert von Tilzer 13Sa I Want to Be the Leadin' Lady. Harry von Tilzer p lisi I Want Yer, Ma Honey Fay Te'lnplc-ton S 534 I vvil1 Extol Thee, 0 Lord M. osta 937a I Wonder (Romanza) 1-l<-rman erlet p 955a I Wondet if She's Waiting Harry vorl Tilzer 980a I v"londer \Vhy I \Vant No One bl1t ) 0\1. Glis Edwards 1874 I Won't Be a\1.'\dor No ~Iore ohan WO\1lrl That My Love (uet) M( Il<klssohn 797a I 'Would That My Love (uet) (Trans.. op 10;::. by G. l..ange.) Mlidc1ssohn 790a I Would That My Lon' (uet)... l\lendelssohn (Fantasie hy arl Bohm.) 1765 Jack and the Beanstalk A. B. Sloane (uct: 'Tis with Love.) 2105 Jack in the Box (Two Roses.) Ludwig 'Englander 595 Jack Tar March J,. SO\1sa 1987 Jager's Gruss, op 309 arl Bohm o 862 (haracteristisches Klavierstiick.) Jane ("Babes in Toyland") Victor Herbert 828 Japanese Lantern ance John Vo/. Bratton 28ga Japanese Love ng layton Thomas 705 Japonaise (March and Two Step)... Ecn Hurd (ompsed special1y for the erforated 11usic Rol1 ompany.) 6a J aponica Screnade l{ ndolph Aronson 662 Jasmine \Valtz Kussner 999 Jasmine Waltzes Kussel 2229 Jasper, on't You hear 1\le alling you?. Ht'nry Frantzen o J can de l:-'aris Overtwe Boielclieu Jennie Lee Barry von Tilzer Jersey Girl Maud Estelle Keys (March and Two Step.), 'I 'SO ' 1' 1 I \ ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT; o 1495 Jersey Lily (Selection) R. de Ko;ven I Introducing: rl'aming, reaming; me Beautiful ay; l'vly ear Old Jersey Baine; Lily's romenade; Lobster and. the Lady; Gingerbread, Boy. ' S 533. Jerusalem Gounod S 528 Jerusalem Henry arker S 897-' Jerusalem, Roper S' ;2. Jerusalem the Golden '" EWing S 9 Jerus.a,lem the Golden :.,..' Variat.ions by William Spark I, S 865 Jesu!'>; Lover of My ul (and five others) ' 289' Jesus, Lover of My ul,.. T.. Ryder' I OQ. (Transcription,.op 114.),.. '. 915 Je t'aime (l Love Thee).. Waltz Waldteu'fel I 321 Jet d'eau,op 17 Sydney Smith : (Morceau Brillant.)..!.. 78Ia J eu des Naiades A..Loes'chhorn, I (Marceau aracteristique.) 542a Jeu des Ondes, op 6, NO.2 (Etude de oncert.).. Frederick V'oss 471 Je Vends des Scapulaires hopin, I (Variations, op 12.. B flat.). o 959 Je vous adore, Ev'ry ay More. aul A. Rubens (Three Little Maids.) o 937 Jewel of Asia (Selection)... Ludwig Englander 1.. (Arranged by has. J. Roberts.), IOI3 Jewel of Asia (Same Old rowd). Theo. F. Morse o 570 Jocelyn (Berceuse) Godard A 545 Jocelyn (Berceuse).... God~rd. (For Violin or ello.) John Brown's Body,.--- I p Johnnie J. B. Mullen 5Q 1540 Johnny, I'll Take you,.. Gus. Edwards. (Wizard of Oz.), lillr.Two Step Edwina Garrison Tutt 178 J ol1y Bachelor's olka.s. R. Harcourt Jolly.Blacksmiths,: Jean aul 162.Jolly Fellows, Waltz Robt. Vollstedt 594 Jolly General harles: N. aniels (March and Two Step.). 79, 64 Jol1y Musketeer March Julian Edwards p. 819a JoUy Musketeer., Edwards (Just to ass the Time' Away.) 23Ia Jolly Old Monk Like Me..... L, T. Gottschalk o 804 Jolly 01(1.otentate Ll1ders lfrom "King odo.") o 94 Jolly Robbers (Banditenstreiche). F.von Suppe I (Overture,) Arr. for 4 hal~ds.by Joh. Brando!' 37fl Jolly. Student (March) : Fahrbach 55z Jolly Student Harry H. Ziekel..: (haracteristic March and Two Step.) o I 176 Jane, (Sinfonia) etrel1a o II68 Jane etrella '. Funeral March; Market horus-brindis,i; Aria-L'Amo.. 290a Jongleurin, ie, op 52, NO M. Maszkowski.. (The Jllggleress.) E flat.. : ' 917a JQ,seph, James and John... Ludwig Englander. ("The Monks of Malabar.").,

42 go ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. -_._._ a Josephine, My Jo 58.]ota Aragonesa James T. Brymn M. Glinka 1" 548a Jota Aiagonesa (M orcean Brillant.) Oscar dp la inna ) 10 Jota de la Estudiantina Espanola --- o 104 J ota de San Fermin, op 36 Sarasate ) 639 Joyeux Negres (ake \\Talk) Berger.> 740' J oyeaux apillons, Les. op 8 L. Gregh 403a Joyful easant, op 68, NO.9.. Robt. Schumann (el' lustige Bauer.) Key F. Arr. by Hartl: 7S I ]1212 Juanita,'op 845 (Variations) Grobe 746 Juanita B. Richards 854 'Juanita March Suppe, I A 349 Juanita. Key (For ontralto).. Mrs. Norton o 1099 Jubel Overture, op 66 ; hr. Bach, I o 86 "JubelOverture. M. von Weber I (Arr. for four hands.) H!04" JUbilee Medley Quadrille (Figs. I, 2, 3). Arranged by Ross I S 826 Jridas Maccabaeus, Overture Handel, '1 S 911 Judas Maccabaeus (Arm, Arm; Ye Brave).Handel S 912 Judas Maccabaeus (und an Alarm)...'Handel. S 892 Judas Maccabaeus ~ '.. '.., Handel. (See, the' onquering Herb omes.) S 916 Judge Me, 0 God Mendelssohn 9 Judith J. oncone o 618 Juive, La Halevy Transcril:pion, op 70, by J. Ascher. o 1245 'Juive, La (The Jewess) Ovprtnre,.Halevy ISO S 822 Julen hal' bragt velsignet Bud' ' Til VOl' lille Gerning ud... :...'...c. E. F. Weyse 7.5 (Two verses each.) ' 1420 'Julep ng Will Marion ook 7.S "The Good Old Mint Julep for Me." ' II23 Julie ("Mr. Bluebeard") : Jean Schwartz 1297 Julip ance (Filibuster) William Loraine 560 June Bugs ance (olka Rondo) Bolst 68a Junge Nonne, ie (The Young Nun).. Schubert (F linor.) Transcription by Liszt. 985a Just a Little Attic, but It's Home.. Geo. Hamilton 1732 Just As of Old A. H. ease '932a Just As the Sun Went own Lyn. Udall 20?a Just Because I Loved You Long Ago Moore uf.8 Just Because It's you urand QO!a Just' Because She Made Them Goo-Goo Eyes.. 7'5 r Queen & annon () 815 Just 'ause de Moon Was Shinin' Kerker (Billionaire.),~ I8q Just ome Up and Take Your resents Back.., (And three others.) Harry von Tilzer I 9a Just Idle reams o 1524 Just My Style (Fantana) ennis Mackin Raymond Hubbell 2279 Just Say Hello to hicago Jos. E. Howard (Isle of Bong' Bong.) 8I9a Just to ass the Time Away Edwards ("The Jolly Musketeer.") S 513 Justus ut alma Lambillotte S Just Within the Gates Geo. H. Jordan Kaiser Friedrich Marsch, op 66.. arl Friedemann 786 Kaiser March Wagner I I I 948 Kaiser Waltz,Strauss Kah'idoscope, op 20, No. I Kamarinskaja, ' Arensky Glinka 39 Kammenoi-Ostrow Rubinstein A ISO Kammenoi-Ostrow, op 10, No. 22..A. Rubinstein (F sharp. Arranged for piano and organ by Wm. Mason.. F. part only.) 53a Kangaroo arade Ellis R. Ephraim (haracteristic March artd Two Step;) 352 Kansas ity Spirit March...Eugenio rrentino 715' Karama (March and Two Step)...Vivian Grey, (A Japo Rhapsody.) (Mabel McKinley.). 277 Kasperl-Theatre, op 49, NO.4 (unch and Judy.), onstantin,ste:rnberg :p 747, Kathleen Mavourncen 1381, Kathleen Mavournecn Brinley Richards,.. :,.. :.' (Transcription de. Salon by Tito.Mattei.) 23 Katie from ublin '. W.. owell o 832 Katie, My uthern Rose Julian Edwards (When Johnny omes Marching Home.) 723 Katunka (Intermezzo).. ' Lee Orean' Smith. (l'i'iarch and Two Step.) 809a Kaya Kaya. ;.....Sanford, (And one other'.) 1815' Kaya Kaya ance (and three others)... Sanford 2316., KeeI1l a Little osey orner in Your Heart for Me,J Thea., F. Morse 1820 Keep Away from Emmeline.. ;.ijohn Stromberg "" (And one other.),., F 2145 Keep Off My Living Jas. T.,Brymrt. 17 Keep On a Shining, Silv'ry Moon Jer<lnne ", (ress arade.) 8a Ken~u~kyBab.e ; Adam Giebel} It Am t No -LIe.. (Two verses each.) Moran & Helf,', 18I! Kentucky Babe (and 3 others) ;.Adam Giebel 968 Kentucky Babe Schottische Giebel 86;< Kentucky Jubilee Schottis~he..... F. G. arnes 1,043 Kentucky Memories Gilder (lantation ance.) 1209 Kermesse Reddemptora (olka March)... Barro~ 12 Kerme,s,se Quadrille (Fig. 4, 5) G. Jacobi. o 21 I K,erry Mills Lancers ~ Kerry Mills 1293 Killarney,!lI. W. Balfe 1942 Killarney Balfe 796, (Transcription by Sydney Smith.) Kilkerry ; Emmet Balfmoor (haracteristic Jrish Two Step.) 2qa Kindergarten Music ; ---' The Brook,' Karganoff; Evening oncert. Gilchrist; The Barnyard, age; The Top, Schoenfeld; arillon, Hiller. 2I5a Kindergarten Music. North \Vind, Flying Birds, aterpillar, Butterflies. KniRhts and the Good hild. Knights and the Bad hild, Knights and the J Mother, Our Flag. Tick"Tock. 782a Kinder,traume Wiegenlied" ' F. Bendel '546 King arnival (March) ; '. Geo'.' Rasey 6II King arrott (March'and Two Step)'... :Lincoln SI I I' I 2S 7S I 2S 1 I I I I O ~S 2S 7S I I

43 82 ALHA18EXIAL ARRANGEMEN'ir. 549 King otton March : usa 22 "King odo" (Selections) Gustav Luders' 1409 '''King odo", (Overture) " Gustav Luders '803. "King odo" fale of a Bumble-bee) Luders.804 "King odo" (Jol1y Old otentate) Luders o 901.';King odo" (I'll o or ie) Luoers o 8 "King odo" (Eminent octor Fizz) Luders o 141 I "King odo" '.. _ Gustav Luder! (Look in the, Book and See.) I O E4I2 "King odo~' (Old Father Time).. Gustav Luders o 1463 '~King,odo" (iana) Luders 438,King, odo 'March Gustav Luders 852a King Gilhooly ' John Stromberg o 'III "King Highball" (My Adeline)..'Fred. V: Bowers S '551 King of Love My Shepherd Is ; Gounod 928 King Neptune Two Step Boscovitz 39a King's March "., (Naches de Luna.) " ;.Alfred Stella o 669 King Stephen Overture, op :... Beethoven ' Kisses ' Wm.H. enn l' 1062 Kiss for Each ay in the Week : ;. ("Runaways.") Raymond Hubbell 8153 Kiss Me, Honey, o... Stromberg } He ert'ny Was Good to Me Sloane, (Two verses each.), 2122 Kiss Me, Honey,.o Stromberg 853 Kiss Waltz; ",,(G:oncettaraphr'ase by Schuett.) Strauss 308a Kit ("TWirly Whirly") W. T. Francis 2II8Ki-Yo (Indian Love ng) Andy Lewis G ~ Khwierstiick, ia B flat, 0 3, No. I. Richard Strauss 283a; Klavierstt.Jck, op 3, NO.5 i Richard Strauss (Allegro Marcatissimo. flat.) p 424 Kleine Tambour, er, op33i, NO.2.. arl Bohm '" '(The Little rummer.) 2a,Klein Haakon, op 41, NO.2. A flat Grieg 'Klondyke Two Step.. : F. Roberts 885b Klbsterkirche, ie, op 27;... Brinley Richards. (The onvent hapel.) 689 KnIghts and Ladyes (Waltzes)...R. L. Weaver 0433' Knopferl-olka Franz von Suppe 2280, Knot of Blue Victor Herbert (It Happened in Nordland.) 1Og6. Kohinoor,EI (olka) Oscar Mayo 310 Ko\i.b~i olkil,'op 132 Richard Eilenberg 967 Kol Nidrei, op 47. In minor Bruch A '4 Kol Nidrei, op 47, Max Bruch, (For ello and iano. iano part only.) 632,Kommt ein Vogel geflogen E. Scherz I (In the style of Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven. hopin, Mendelssohn, Strauss,,Verdi, Weber, Wagner.) 426 Konigin der Naclit, ie, op 331, No. 3.arl Bohm, (The Queen o Night.) 414 Kiinigs Gavotte" o39 Herman Reh, '" (Royal Gavotte.) " 597a Kiin~g's,Grenadiere, es.,.... L. Fichtelberger 1 (Trana. by Ma,. Sl:hultze.) 7S 2S 2S 7S 2S ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. 368 Kosender Falter c.. Bbhm (Frolic,of the Butterflies:) Salonstiiok 29a Krakowiak ( NO.1). Key of F hopin 1 (Rondeau de onci!rt, oil' 14.).' i ", 29a Krakowiak (No.2). Key of F...'... hopin (Rondeau de oncert, op 14.) I. 627a.Krakowjak ' ' B, Gross 426a Kreisleriana. op 16 Robert Schum.aun' I (No. I; 'minor. No.2, B flat.) 427a Kreisleriana, op 16,.. RobertSchunllann. I (No.3, G minor. No. 4,B flat: NO.5, G mindir.) 428a Kreisleriana, op 16 Robert,Scnnmann I (No.6, B flat. NO.7, minor. No.8, G min6r.) 630 Kreutzer nata, op 47,,.. Beethovcn I (First movement. Adagio sost'nuto. resta.) 631 Kreutzer nata, op 47 Beethoven I (Second movement. Andante con variazione.) 632 Kreutzer nata, op 47, Beethoven I (Third movement.. Finale." resto.)' I 648a Kuiawiak (olish National, ance.) Henri Vvieniawski I 731 Kiinstler Triiume (Walzer)...,... Rob.. Vollstcdt I,(Artist reams) o Kusshiindchen (Mazurka) Kuss Walzer, or 2U '.. arl Bohm Emil \Vaklteufel 1 (Tendres Baisers.) 6 Kuss Walzer (el' 111stigc Krieg)... '... Strauss I 2088 Ky-isses, \V.. ;.. O'Hare" A 172' Kypris (Lullaby). A flat. Aug,usta Holmes: 518 (For Alto or Baritone.)," Lac des ygnes, Le. Tschaikowsky. I QO (Ballet No. 1. anse Russe. A minor.) Laces and Graces Salzer and, Br4tton (Novelette.)'. 429 La ci arem (Variations. op 2) hopin I 5' La onna e Mobile ("Rigoletto") Verdi o 519 La onna e Mobile. from "Rigoletto ' Verdi 1 (araphrase by rudent.).. I 315 Lady Betty (Old English ance).. SeYlllour Smith 979a Larly, Lady Edgar' Selden ' 68 Lady of Quality Waltzes.. " '.' Stone o 799 "Lady Slp.vey" (Selections) Gustave Kt;rker o 12 "Lady Slavey" (Baby ng) Gustave Kerk r (Twinkle, Twinkle.) o 11 "Lady Slavey" Gustave Kerker I (ome own, Ma Honey.). o I03I (The Harmless Little Gi rl.) "Lady Teazle" (Selections)... A. Baldwin Sloane 1: (Introducing: In ear Old Grandma's. ays; Love by roxy; harity;) o 1032 "Lady Teazle" (harity) A. Baldwin Sloane o I033 "Lady Teazle" A. Baldwin Sloane o 1034 (In ear Old Grandma's ays.) "Lady Teazle", A. Baldwin Sloane o 1526 (Love by roxy.) "Larly Teazle" A. Baldwin. Sloane (ear Old London Town.) 578 Lailah (Valse Bri11iante), Air. de Ballet.. Schetter 153a Laird 0' ockpen ;;

44 , 86 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. AlJHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. 87 o 5 6Ia o o A :w 414a 2II J23 l' Leben fur den zaar, as,,' Gli~lka I (Reminiscences by Balakirew.) " Lebewohl (Farewell), E flat;... ;;.. Schubert ' (Transcription by Liszt.) Legend ("Babes in Toyland") Victo'rf Herbert, Legende, op 314, No.7, ~ Bihm Legende (No. I). Frat1<;ois d Assise.,.., :'. Liszt (La predication aux oiseaux.) " : i Legende, No. '2. Key of.e... :;...,.'.':'.. Liszt I (St. Fran~ois de aule.),, Legende, op 16, NO.1 : I. ader'ewski (In A flat.) " ' "", ', Legend, op 162, NO.4 :.. ' Raff Legende, op 86, No.6 Ludwig Schytte Legend of the Maguire ' Andre'w Mack Leichte, avallerie (Light avalry).:. a'd Bohm (Galop.) ",. ' Leios del Bien Amado! : Ger:trdo Metallo (Quatrieme Valse Boston'.) ',',' Leonore Overture (No.r)., Beethoven Leonore Overture (No.3) ' '. Beethoven I.e Sais-tu? :.' J,Jvt'assenet 1 Que I',heure est donc breve!,.j. Massenct r (For prano.),, t Let Me Bring My lothes Back.. Irving Jones Keep Away from Emmeline.. John Stromberg (Two verses each.) ) l' 69'1 Let Me ream Again Arthur, Sul}ivan A 234 Let Me ream Again. E flat..arthur S. Sullivan (For soprano or teno;.) l' 163 I Let's All Go Up to Maud's Kerry Mills o 8S6 Let the Band laya leasing Tulle. ("Fisher l\laiden.") Harry von Tilzer S ()IO Let the Lower Lights Be Burning Bliss l' J034 Lettre d'amour, La Robt. Stewart (elebre Valse Tzigan'.) 1018 Let Us Swear It by the ale Moonlight.... ' ("Mr. Bluebeard."), 1.etzter Friihling Ben M. Jerome ;. Grieg 861 Liberty Bel1 March usa l' 94a "Liberty Bel1es" Harry T. Maconnel1 (Way That Walker Walked Away.) l' 95a "Liberty BeBes" (e Trop)... lifton rawford l' ro5a "Liberty Belles", ;. L0111s F. Gottschalk (ng of the Yankee Tar,) l' II7 Liebchen im Arm (Love's Embrace)..arl Bohm o 1267 (Waltz.) Liebesbrunnen, el' (Overture), (The Well of Love,),, Balfe l' I030 Liebeslied (Love ng) Victor Herbert 681 Lieb"esnacht, op 40 Scharwenka 15a Liebestraum (ream of Love)" No. I..., Liszt (Exalted Love.) (Nocturne. A Rat.) 480 Liebestraum., N octurn,e NO.2 ',' Liszt (Blissful eath.) 38 Liebestraum (ream of Love), NO.3 Liszt (Nocturne.) I I I 56 5 I I 1 1 I I I, l' '1415 Lied Yom Feldmarschall, as. ' ("Was blasen die Trompeten!') Lutzow'i; wilde Jagd, Weber ("Was gliinst d01't vom Walde.") keiterlied,... Zahn ~ ("Wohlauf, Kama:raden, allf's ferd.") " RudelsOurg, ~ Fesca ("An del' Saale heilem Strande."). (Two nrses each.). o I2 Lied vom Siissen Mad'l, as..,'... H. 'Reinhardt, (SiisseMad'l.).. l' 962a Life is assing Like a ream.. :,... :A. Ferner A 291 Ufe',g, Autumn: B flat :M: R. Merewether (For medium,'voice.).," 1761.' Life On,the Ocean Wave...,... ;'.'... Russell ' 15 Life's Lullaby : Gerald Lane S 823' Lift THine Eyes..... Mendelssohn, (Angels' Trio from "Elijah."),,.., (Trans.b:r Michael Watson.), o 103' Light avalry (Overture) >F. von Suppe ' ISO 24,' Lightning Flash olka Gilder 274 Lilie olka-mazurka, op 31 Robert Goldbeck 8Ia Lily of the Valley " Edwin S. Brill 261 Linda Gitana; La epita de Oliva (Spanish ance.). 302a Linda, Look Out de Windah... ;. Maurice Levi 230 Lindenbaum, er Schubert-Liszt 12a, Lindy' (March and Two Step)..'..,. L: V.Gustin 612.' Linl}er Longer ; J..' / ' : Hogben "5 (March and Two Step.), ' Q 835" Lion and the Mouse Ai Baldwin Sloane 15,r, ("Mocking, Bird."),', " 702 Lisonjera, La (The Flatterer).. ;,.... haminade,p II SOl Listen to the Big Brass Band.. '.. ave Reed', Jr. ' 1 ', i (bon March ng.)" I' ' l' 2102 Listen to the Night... "..; ;... Emile Bruguiere,("Baroness Fiddlesticks.") 1708 Little Alabama oon......' H. Starr lin! 1:.1ttle Bit of,fun...'... ' :..W.. Brown '. (.March and Two Step ffom "San Toy.'~) l' 959a Little Bit Off' the Top ; Mllrray & Leigh l' 85Ia Little Blaok, Me.. """ ; hattaway '1796 Little Boy Blue E. Nevin l' 164a Little Boy in BIlle Thea. F. Morse l' 1727 "Little h:dstopher' '" G. Kerker I (We're Gay Young American Tars.) (The Law of Barataria.) (Our Hearts Me Light and Merry.), 1783'" "Little hristopher" : : Kerker (ng~lazily, rowsily.), 1784, "Little hristopher" Kerker (Oh Honey, My Honey.) l' 1785 "Little hristopher" Kerker, (Hail to,the Bey.) 1786 "Little hristopher" Kerker,'(The Sisters Giggle.), o 530 "Little orporal"..'. ~ ' : Englander (Good-Bye,. My Sweetheart.) 1~ 20 Little otton olly... '"...,.Adam Geibel ' (lantation Lullaby.)

45 94 A;L.aA2$:rJMj ARRANGEMENT. o 1123, "Manon, Lescaut"...,...,...,. G. uccini. o II24,,(Madrigale.,~ntermezz\),).Manon Lescaut G... Uini (uet. Act II.),, 2 "Manni." Act 1. (Selections)!. aderewski o 3 "J\!lanru." Act II. (Selections) I. aderewski O. 4, "Manru." Act,IlI. (S"'elections) 1. aderewski O' 1413 "Mann!." Act II aderewski (uet~manru and VIana.) (As the Balmy Zephyrs, Meet the Sun's..aress.esJ.,. :. 1693,Ma p That Broke the Bank at Monte arlo., F. Gilbert p. 636a Manzanillo (anza Mexica.11a)..Alfred G. Robyn 2123 Ma. Onliest One, Fay Templeton,,'.,, Maple Leaf Forever.. Maple Leaf Rag, Alexander Muir..:Scott Joplin (ake Walk and Two Step.) 207 Ma Rag-time Baby (Two Step)., Fred. S. Stone 445 Ma Rag-tilhe Queen John F. Barth (March and Two Step.) 998 Marche Slave..' ; Bachmann J~ z5'i 'Marcia Fantastica. op 31 W. Bargiel 908 Marche Triomphale, op 14. Edonard Batiste (E flat.) 737.Marche EJectrique Rodolphe Berger o I195.Marche de Rakoczy Berlioz 87 March de Rakoczy Berlioz.. Transcription by Liszt Marche Hl11110ristique,. ",. lemens. Schultze Biesantz p March Timpani Blind Tom S8lil March of the Iroquois Bloomfield Jlgg March, op, NO.2..Brockway 780 March (Triuniphal),op.20,,..udley Buck T042 l\h.rche Funebre (From nata, op 35). hopin 119 M arche Funebre.. ;, hopin (S'onata, op 35. resto.) ' 330a Marche Funebre (osthumous T8z9)... hopin ( minor.) Note.~This should not be confused with the first Marche 'Funebre, which is the one most universany known. ' 846 Marche Indienile Scotson lark S 963 Mardl of the Israelites (Eli).. Sir Michael osta 1II3 Mar;:he lelmelle, op 24,.,Gabriel iez 829 Marche des Rois Mages ubois p 355 Man:he de la Garde Imperiale..,.Jules Egghard. (Op 2.). 302' March of the 13ersaglieri Richard Eilenberg II51 Marche de Nl1it, op 17:.. Gottschalk 522 Marche ottege,. GO\lnod T77a'r,larche Militaire (E flat) : h. Gounod.,938 Marche Ro.mainc. Key F. '". (March 'ontificale.) ~. GOilllOd... 67,~. MarQlte Religieuse,op IS, NO.2 Guilmant G 6].7 Mardie funebre et hart Serapl}ique Guilmant 866. March (Nuptial),' op ;28, NO.1.: Guilmant IOII Marche aux Flambeaux,.. Guilmant I I I ;. I 5, 1 1 : 1 I I I I ( o ~S33 4a ALHABET-IAL ARRANGEMENT. o 921' March 'Qf the Toys ("Babes in Toyland."). Vietor. HII be.rt, 1 p 739 Marcia Giocosa,op 55 ';..,'..,,,Hiller I 1 229,March, op 39, No. I Alexis Hollaende r 1 5 Marche Mephistofele Edua:rd Holst 878 Marche des hant6mes E.. Holst, 136 Marche Orientale, op 92.. : ' :.,..Ketterer 1 5$ s61a Marche Hongroise, o'13..,.. Henri Kowalski I QO 681 March: Grand Maroh ','" '" Kretsmar March Franz.Lachner I (From Suite, op II3.) March for Organ Marcha Trinnfal ',', j. Le,ybach ;.., Melani.. Rive"King 95 T Marsch der Zwerge (Laurin Ballet, op 53.) Moszkowski 1035 Marcha Zaragoza Aniceto Ortpga Marche Mignonne, op IS. NO.2 :. Ed. oldil\i 1 06 (Key E.) p 11 March of tlle Goblins (Marche haracteristique.) 4 March Heroiquc, Sa:int,Saens March, op 40, NO.3,.,.,.. '..'.Scht,ocrt I 582 March, op 40, NO 4 ; " Schllhert T 586 March, 0 40, NO 5.' :..Schtlbert March, op '51, NO.3,. Schubprt I 584 March, op 121, Nd. I ' Schubert I 51\5 March, op 121, NO.2, : Schtt!wrt T 2 Marche Militaire,.. :..Schl1hert-TMlsig 1 ~5 91a Marche Grotesque, op 32 hristian Sindling- p. 922 Marehe Fantastiquc W. G., Smith 1 168a Marche Funebre, op 59 S. Thalbprg I 7.'1 (B flat minor.)",' Marche Slave, op 31,Tschailkowsky. I March (Grand Festival),, Wa~ner ISO Marche lennelle (arsifal).; ;, \Vagner I Transcription by Liszt. ' i 1867' March: Grand March de oncert,.\vollenhaupt 108 Miirchenbild~Aschenbri:idel ~... Franz Bendel I (Op 135, NO 3 ). 107 Miirchenbild-RothkiippcI:tcn.. ; ~. Franz Bendel' '1 5&. (Op 135, No 5 ) '. '.' 396 iirchenbild..,: ' : ; 'Franz Bendel, I "(Hans im Gluck, op 135, No.6.) 1682 Marching Thro', Georgia,..,.., :Work. (And five others.) ' M,ching to retoria, M.. Silas I, (Grand Military Quick Step.)' " 24T Marching to Victory... :.Ferdinand Wa'gner" 1 (Grand March.).,... Marg-aret at the Spinning Wheel...,.Schubert 1 Transcription by Liszt. '. Margaret aprice.. : c;htystal Margarita (anzone) ' Yittorro Fassone Margate Sands. (Glittering Gloria): Bernard Rolt Margery (March and Two Step).~h~s. 'N. baniels Margitta (Valse) E. 'Meypr~Hell1111nd Margrave Galop, B.aylor. Marg-uerite au Rouet, op 12 ; Henry Ketten (Fileuse.) 7$ 7$

46 96 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT' ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMEN'l1.f, 97 s 887, Mass 'in G minor, for two voices..:.. L.' Bordese! (redo.) I. s 888 Mass in G minor, for two voices;...l. Bordese. ', ' (Sanctus.. 0 Salutaris. Agnns ei. omiiie.) j' : ' ' 939 Marguerite au Rouet, op.. Martin Lazare' (aprice. Key G.),, Marguerite (Gavotte, op 430).,.. Gustav Lange, 1660 Marguerite (Romanza). A. White p, 184 Marguerites, op 13, No. I: John R. Lund 26 Maria, Mari ', E. di eapua Maria Schottische '..IgnaciO Rodriguez 97a Marie, op 18, No. I (Key of F)... Robert Franz' Bitte, op 9, NO.3. (Request.) ( fiat.) 1452 Marie McGee Ketry Mills 816b Marie Nocturne ~ Brinley Richards o 15 Marina' Fantasie ;., Arrieta o 1261 Marina (Romanza Fantasie) ',. Arrieta 191a Marinari Li (ie Seemiinner) Liszt (uetto. G minor.) 84 8 Marionettenspriinge (Kleines Ballet).. Goldbeck 993 Marion Gavotte ;.. Smith, 1042 Mariposa, La, vvaltz Hden F. Lowe o 62 Maritana Wallace (Brilliant Fantasia by Sydney Smith.) o 1158 Maritana Overture ' W. V. Wallace o 1377 Maritana......Wallace (Alas! Those himes Sweetly Stealing.) o Maritana (rison Scene).,.,..,...,...WaHace Marivaudage Gabriel~Marie Marketenderin, ie. op 331, J'\ 0, 1... arl Bohll!' '(The Market Maid.) Marriage Is Sublime. '. "..Theo. F. Morse o 64 ("Me. Bluebeard.") Marriage of Figaro (OYrture).; Mo'zart 1667 Marseillaise Hymn elisle 667a Marseillaise, l.a. Arr. by.. _ Ferdinand Beyer 949' Marseillaise, La, op 106 H. Rosellen o I Martha (Overtnre),.'.. F. Flotow (Arranged for four hands by~zerny.) o 583 Martha, Flotow (araphrase de oncert, op 77, by Ascher,) o 5.15 o II o a o 115 II Martha (Fantasie) : orn Martha (Quartet-Good-Night), Flotow Martyrs of the Maine ~..has.,]. Gebest (Memorial March.),. ' ' 292a Mary Be Wary ("In Harvard"}.. : ;MauriceLevi, 8.ta ;\Tary Black ]()f11l, Stromberg 1774 Maryland, My Maryland, (Two verses) a Maryland, My Maryland. (Air: Lauriger Horatius.) " Mary of the Wild Moor, Turner Masaniello March ' Auber Mascagni's Farewell (lntermezzo) "','. Mascarita Waltzes ;Geo. J. Trinkaus, (Waltzes Espagnole.), ", ' ' Q 64 Mascotte, La (otpourri de Ollcerl)... Al1<}ran Arranged by has.. Blake.,.,!' Mascotte Waltzes.,.,, " Metra Mascotte Quadrille (Fig.' r. T1., II1.).. O. Metra Mascotte Quadrille (Fig. TV., V,) o. Metra (Masonic. See Ritual.), o 90.1 Masonic March : w. c. Taylor S 886 Mass ifl G minor, for two voices I.L. Bordese (Kyrie. Gloria.) I_";J' ; 2$ I. I I Oql 1 I I I I! " I. I 2S...' S 848, Mass (St. ecilia) (Sanctus) :Gounod S : 938 Mass of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ; Gouh'od. 1-: ' f " (redo.) " S 939 Mass of the Sacred Heart of Jesus...'... Gounod, l (Sanctus. Benedictus. Agnus ei.), ':' 1 S : 924 Mass (Imperial Mass) ; Haydn. :'} ' (San,ctus. Benedictus. Agnus ei. ona,,' Nobis.),,- S',8<)3 Mass: Missa ro ace La Hache 1 s S S S 921 S '832' S 926 S S ;:, S S (Veni reator. Sanctus.) 889 lvl ass in. F, for two voices E.' Marzo.".1. ' (Kyrie. Gloria.) Mass in F, for two voices (redo) K Marzo,r, SQIMass in F, for two voices ; E. Marzo, (Sanctus. Benedictus. Agnus ei.)", :. S 927 Mass (Seventh) ; ; :;Mozart. 1, (Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus ei a1'ld.. ona :i: Nobis.).,,".j S,. 959 Mass (Seventh) (Kyrie, Gloria).... Mozart,,,'1 ( S 918 Mass (Twelfth) (Kyrie) ' Moza.rt,I, S 919 Mass (Twelfth) (Qui Tollis, Quoniam) Motart I : S 920 Mass (Twelfth) :.Mozart:, I ' (Et Incarnatlls, Et Resurrexit.), Mass (Twelfth) (Sanctus, Benedicti,ls).:. Mozart,,E 1 Mass :(Twelfth) (Gloria) i.mozart 1 Mass (Messe Brevis) ': alesttina ' 1 ; (Sauctlls Benedictlls, Agnus ei 1.; Aguus:, 'ei II.) :Mass (Requiem) (Rex Tremendae) '. :..Vetdi: : 857. Mass (Requiem) (Lux Aeterna) ;'.Verdi, I I 858 Mass (Requiem) (Lacrymosa) '.' " Verdi. 862', Mass (Requiem) (Requiem and Kyrie), Vetdi. I 863.M,ass (Requiem) (Sanetus)... I.Verdi, ' 846b Massa's in the old, old Ground Foster I (Trans., op 47, by Willie ape.), 291a Ma Starlight Queen ("In Harvard.") Maurice Levi, 5<1 8s6a Ma Tiger Lily ("Aunt Hannah") A.'B'-Sloane II 10. Matinee Girl Rose',Kenefic,, " (Marth and Two Step.) , Matinee Maid Victor Herbert. (It Happened in Nordland.) o 17 Matrosen, ie (Overture)... Flotow: I ' A 30 Mattihata (For prano. Key of G)... Tosti,,79 I o 18 Maud (Toreador) :.. Melville Ellis 370 May Blossoms Waltz 'udley Roy. 1 : 101 May ay aprice (Etude), op 54 ].. Ascher I o 857 Maydee ("Fisher Maiden") Harry von Tiber ': 1\ 2 May Morning. Key G Luigi enza ", (For tenor or soprano.). ',. 195a May oem, op 67, No. I ~ Mosiko\V'ski ', (oeme de MaL) '., 641 Maypole ance Syd rtey Stp..ith 644a Mazeppa, op 43 H. A. Wollenhaupt' I : (Grand Galop de oncert.),:, Mazeppa (oeme Symphonique) (art 1.)..,Liszt" I 5lJ

47 9& ' ALHABETIJl.EiARRANGlU\&ElNT. ', 838"Mazeppa (oeme 'Symp1tanique) (act IU,J.idzt,\.1 2:; 1J 331 Mazurka des Traineaux, '.,,!,.J: Ascher I 2':; o' r09a Mazurka: (inquieme) (B-[ffnt) M.I BalakitewH;I, 2" 171 Mazurka"op '.,.[;');:(. Albet:t Bensch. 287: Mazourka,aprice, op,147i~ NOI;rz arl Bolim , Mazurka (No. I)." r. n'".',.. Borowski 81..\' 232 Mazurka (Second)",,.,.. ". Felix Borowski '1,167, Mazurk :Suedoise, op -S8,..', ;'. ',':'J; ~ haminarle (IfX' 8,12 Mazurkas' Quatre Mazurkas.':or 6)...,hopin I 885' Mazurka, O,7, NO 3. In F minor,",;... hopinl '.lj 280 Mazurka: vp-, Ji3; NO.4 ' i ",.r,d::hopin I 279 Mazurka, op, NO.3 ;'.1.,:<hopin I 286 Mazurka,,op 56, No. I '.. hdpin t'.oo;": 287 Mazurka, op 56, NO.2',J' hopin I 2S, 290,Mazurka, op 5Q, NO.3.',,' ~ i...,. hdflin, Mazurka, op 68, NO.2. In: A minr...hopin 7S MazurKa. B flat, Mazurka, Key,; Mazutka"",' :" Key. (osthumous'.) hopin 1 ;' 12II Mazurka, de rystal.,... ; I ;1;,,' racker ' 153a Mazurka,,op AO. NO.7 (Key G) esar ui 1196 Mazurka Fantaise... ;.'.. ;. '.'., '.., ; ' Bavisch Mazurka Melodique, op 55 ' '..olmetsch 869' Mazurka (Second), op 13.., ; ".'. Echever,ria I ' ' 40 Mazurka, (Second), op 54 :,'J ~ Godard I' ', 557a Mazurka (Quatrreme). O!03, 'Senlj. Godard, 2:167 Mazurka,op 127. NO 5 Relljamrri' Godard" I, '; 796 Mazurka, op' 51, No: 1. 1 ;,,'. ",:,.'Golaner p!; 804b Maimrka' IlL,'op 17 'i... Alfred!' Griinfeld, p", Ma±urka,,op,16, NO.2 Josef Hofmann ', 579;1;' Mazti"~a, op 3, NO.3,Genari Karganoff 34 'Mazourtka, 'dp 132,; Kontski 1 Mazurka aprice Sylvester, Krouse 358' Mazonrka Galante,op 181. Krug 1 ' 920 Mazurka, op 38 (Key F) Anatole Liadow ' 28 Mazurka Brillante Liszt 1., ' &% Mazurka Brillante,op 49, WtiJ.. Mason,I( 664 Mazurka in B minor, op 40, NO.2,. Meyer-Helmuncf' 2152 Mazourka de Nooe.'1,. Stanislawa Moniuszko p' 3 Mazurka, op 15 ;.. :., Moszkowski ' 18 Mazurka. op 34, No, 3,., Moszkowski '{G shlirpminor.),, '22 ''Mliztlrka; op 46. NO.2.. ', Moszkowski r ' 602a Mazurka, op 6,' No. '3.,. ';..' Ethelbert' Nevin " 553' M'azll"ka; o/)'5, NO.3 Rubinstein :1 ' 1 S56 Mazurka, op 71; NO.2 Rubinstein 1 p: 838 'Mazurka,op.21 ' '" Saint-Sa:ens ';1,106 j F ';2029' 'Mazurka; op J~i.'.;.., EdmnndSchMo'kier "~I, 7S','::.,',.- (Harp,'attachmenL G flat.) ",,:1/ \-','" p-:. 603 I Mazurka d-e Salon, op 9. No: 3 Tschhi'kowS'ky i' 1 : I192' 'Mazurka Etude,, Watson 1 : 180' M~zurka,.. c. n,,,,' ~'T'~!(rliimn.. ' ' 894 ' Mazourka, op 26 (Key of G). ',', \....}; ~ttzycki 1, 1.Ml;Kinlyy Inauguration March,. Vic~qr',:',Herbert", l o 1438 Me and Mrs. Brown... "." T.iolll:l!1Monckton ' " I: ::1,; {ountry Girl.. Act TTT.),'I:, 1'.1 p, 2:?l2' M:e,ilnd.My 'Old Banjo...JanG p:r,i~~iiia SOt1S~I';" l569 Meaning of U. S.A. J,HaymomdA. Browne o 810 MedaUmd the Maid (Se1el'tion);...ISidney Jones', I so ~, ~'j ' i '(,:", I "~ ".A~.HAa.E':J)lAh ARRANGEMENT.,844,Medi~, No(:h~,La (The Midnight Hour),. Aviles " (Me~ican ance.), '. 68Ia Media Noche, La..,. Arranged by W. T. FranIS , Meditfltion;,op 76, No.6...,....hammade 6i4,' Me<.:1itation, op 29 (LuI' hristi)..edward Elgar 5 Meditation, l;roisiem~), op l _... Ja~l1 981 Meditation, op l,6 ;,Aloys.Klem 817 Meditation,,. ' ".;.. MIetzke 2 Meditation de ir, oj?,302, No.6,.~arl Bohm, (Evening ng.),', 895 Medl~y March.. ;....'...'... ~... : _,' Webber,Sidewalks of Neyv York, TOWnlY Atkins, Her Golden, Hair, Little hristol{h~r, "1492." 5 Medley Overture... ',' "... " F. W.. Meacham I The 'Limit. Introducing: She Knew a Lobster When She' Saw One, ride of- the ier, My Little 'Lasses andy oqn, I WoIi't lay Second Fiddle to No Yaller' Gal, Just as the aylight Was Breakihg, Tell It' to Me, Always,,I'm Tired of odging at'instalment Man. ' 2,,8 Medley Overture F. W. Meacham I, lorindy, or the Origin of the ake Walk. Introducing:' arktown Is Out To-night; Ll,lve ina ottage Is Best; Who at Say hicken in is rowd; Jump Back, Honey; :Hottest o~m in ixie; ance... ' ' 281 Me~ley Overture, F. W.,Meacham I, The.corker. Introducing: l'l1shilke Up is, Mean Old Town; Sweet, Sweet Love; The Best ressed G<+lin Town; Hannah; She Is Good to the Old Folks; You'se Honey to 'Yo' Mammy Just the -Same; Jes' When I Ne~ds You Most Y QU Trows Me own; In ear Old London., " ;" 282 Medley Overture..... F. W. Meacham I The Grand Stand. Introducing:' Miss uritan:; ear Old ul;' Only a ream; 011, Such, a Business; Jes' a; M.isunderstanding with My Lady Love; Ring Off, oon; LittieTin ldier Anhy; Sing Me a' ng of the, uth; My Own Manila Sue..', 1797 Medley- Overture (A leasant Evening).. Beyer I I8l2 Medley Overture. ' ' '.. ~; : Bowron I (Ten Minutes with the Minstrels.)' 706a Medlcy Overture..' '..,' Ben M; Jerome, Top Liners.,Introducing: Oh;' Oh, Miss 1 aroline; Sweet Annie Moore; : When Mr. Shakespeare omes to,town; Mamie; Good Bye,,ol1y Gray;,Simple Little,Sister Mary, Green;,When I Gave My Heart toybu. 727a Medley Overture' (World Beater):...,. 1 2S Arr. by Karl L. H6sc-hna. l359 Medley Overture,.J. W.,hattaway I " "Up in a ocoanut Tree. Introch.tcing: The B,9Y,s Are oming Home,To-;night;' It's the Silme Old, rowd; Up in a o03i).ut Tree; 'ea'r,qld, Girl; Kitty, ooleyijr~~,i:t,hinking of-you All the While;,When We,'Y,Vere Two Little,Boys., ' ':: 99

48 loo ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. A'Jj(H.«BETl~ ~MN$~l:!:N~. I~.p I390 Medley Overture (I've Got My Eyes On You).. I Introducing: I've Got my Eyes on You-oobo; Every ay Is Sunday own at oney Isle;.ance of the ng Birds; The ie Walk;." ',,,! If YOtj'se Got Money, You an Knock at My oor; Ring. own the urtain, I an't Sing To-night; The Meaning of U. S. A. '~Arr. by L.O. de Witt.) 'I396" 'Medley Overture (Leader) ' I, Introducing: All's Fair In Love and. War;.Justfar To-night; I've Got to Go Now; 'ause, I Thin~ It.'s Going to Rain; Follow the rowd On a'. Sunday; I'm On the Water Wagon,Now; My Little Love-Bird; Because You Wete an' Old Sweetheart of Mine; oonville ulhtd Band. 'l' (Arr. by'w.. O'Hare.) I813' Medley Overture (A Gay. Old Time)... Beyer I Introducing: Isabelle ; There'll ome a Time; My Gal Is a High Born Lady; ome lay With Me; There's a Girl In the World. for Us All; They All Love Maggie Grady. 2230'. Medl'ey Overture...,.Arr. by Everett J. Evans I Frost on the umpkin. Introducing: Sweet ora ell; Alexander; Have You Seen Maggie Riley; When the Frost is on the umpkin; Maggie ear; My retty Little -Kickapoo;. o'wt1 itt the Baby Store; Hann'ah, Won't You Open That oor; All Aboard for reamland; l!benezer' Brown.. 22I6'Medley Overture (uthern Stars).Ascher-Mahl. Introducing: Turkey in the Straw; Old Black Joe; ixie; Old Folks at Home; Sail. or's,fiornpipe; My Old Kentucky Home;, Liste.n to the Mocking Bird.. 22I/' Me,dley., Qverture (Mill's Merry Melodies, No.6) " In~roducing: My rairie Queen; My ear I : Lti,wn; Under a Blanket ina Folding Bed;. When. the. Bees Are in the Hive; You Must Think I'm Santa laus; Heinie; 'ossum ie;. My Sweet Little Eskimo; Let's AI! G:o Up to Maud's; on't ry, Katie ear. Arr. by Everett J.. Evans.,2261 Medley Overture (reams of Erin) ~'--' I,~ Introducing: Sprig of Shillalagh; Minstrel,Bciy; Irish Washerw'Oman; addy Whack; \ ruiskeen Lawn; Oft in the Stil.Jy Night;, Brian Borochme's March; Low-Backed ar;, Blackbird; Savourneen elish; addy O'Rafferty ; addy arey; eter Street.. '2262 Arr. by L. O. evvitt. ' Mediey. Overture Ascher-Malil (SaIling own the Bay.) Iritrdducing: Towanda~ In the athway of I I Roses and Thorns; Give Me Back That Eng'<l:~errtent Ring.; Allie, My allie; My Lady 'VIolet; Man With the Ladder and the Hose; Sailing own the Bay; Noisy 'Bill. if' Merl'1ey Overture. (Timely' Ti.\l}es). '.",.,~,;,1 SO Introdl1cmg: Way,<il,wn Eilst.Awong the Shady Maple' T~ees; Get, the, Money;,Stroll-, i ing:1l'0ng..the ike; Billy; When. We Were.;:: Boys; Honey, 1'm W,:j.iting; Un~le.~ammy. - r.~' Arr. b.y Rabert Recket:"" 2260' 'Medl~yOv'e rtut'e.""" )....c.. ~'.~'~'.'; c.'.;--- I <>. ( 'c. oj' ". \ ""! '(own in the Vale of Shena.ndoah.) J.:., i c., ); ':fntroducing: Olympia March';: own: in. the", 'Vale' of Shenandoah; You're. theswee.test..flowe r That Grows in Tenhessee; Aiways in~,_ th'eway; ome Take a Trip in: My Air Ship;" Make. Yourself at Home; Just 'a.6ieam of Heaven in Her Eyes.; I 've.lost, My Appetite, for hicken: Good'-Bye, My Lady I..ove. Arr. by Robert Recker. :2I87 Medley 'Overture (Star) ',.'.~ Introducing: Listen to,the Big B't;\~S', B<}nd; '1. In reamland, in' rea11'ilahd;' Kate '~earney;' If ~,Should; In a:b1t'ch..;j.noe; y~u;re. th~, FloWer' of My Heart, Sweet l Adelli)e; 'Good". Bye, Little' 'Girl; Good-Bye.. : " Art. 'by Wm.. O'Hare. c,. I? edley,quadrille (opular) :...,'Webber 1': 1357, Meet Mcdn St. Louis, Louis Kerry Mills' 2338 Meet ~le Under the Wistaria.!.. ".GHfi. g~hirard~ I33lL!fMefistbfele" (rologue),arrigo B.oito o 1I73''' M~fist0fltle'' (Aria and horus) :.~A. Boito. (Form of Ideal Loveliness.) L:':. 80ai :Meine Gottin' (Waltzes)., amillo Moten~ I') ; Meiri erster Walzer.. ;..., ; ietro Mascagni,. (:Ma premiere Valse.).' S 929 Mein Glal1biges Herze frohlocke.. : : Baeh,.. (My Heart Ev'er Faithful, Sing raise.) I 4 I I038 "Mei-stersinge r,ie" (Vorspiel) ' Wagner o ' 69; "Mcist'ersinger von Niirnberg, ie" :.:.:. ~... : I '.::'(relude.)..' :. " Richard Wagner i,.' Arran/?".ed by 1!'" vo'n BuloW... ' ) I o 1331 '~l'4elstersmger, Ie.'! A~t1., Scene I...Wagner, (horal'and Love Scene.) '. '. o 1486, ".'M eistersinger, :ie'." Act 1., Scene 3...'.Wagner.'. (By Natl1re.'Taught.) ". o I152' "Meist,ersi.l1ge'r, i.,:...('... ~:...Wagner.), '(In:troduetion. Act 'IIL;,.. o I488 "Meistersinger, 'ie."..af:t IlL, Seeri.e 4.. Wagner,. (Eva and thebbblet b~t:) :. 0 r04\5 "Meist'ersinger, (e'" ' ;:< Wagner 0., 0 '(j 0, (Walther's rize ng.)' '.. '. ". 133~J,"Meistersink-er, n1.(;" :,...:. '... '.,...,. Wagner (Walther's rize ng.,;.arr. B.)".'..., _,602 <'Mei~tersinger, ie" ;'... :...,'.WagnercSehuett I;1S ;: J r (Waltp,er's rize SOI\g.) '~', '" :.. 91 '. "Meis.tersinger, ie" : c ", ~ ".Wagner 59 (Walther's -x;eislied'), ;,.. " ~ra1;1s;. ~y A. S~,esehhorn.. ~..'., 565 Melstersmger, ie...,...j':...,. :.,..;. Wagner I,;. (rw'alther's I;iz.e ng.)' ". :~,, i Trans., by,rende!' -...;

49 to;! ~LHABETIAL, ARRANGEMENW, o '567 "Meistersinger,ie" ' ';':,;' Wagner" 1, (By Silent Hearth.). '"" (Improvisatibn by Bendel.), o 542 "Meistersinger, ie",~:... Wagner-Liszt I (Am Stillen Herd.),, ' o 89 "Meistersinger, ie!' ; Wagner I (Am Stillen Herd.) Trans. by. Loeschhorn., 1865 Melancholia ;" ".,, R."Barros 6173 Melancholie,'op, No. r ;c.. ij,aminade 96 Melanchdlique, op M<I&z,kowski 20.Melancholy Mose.. '" :Jerome 1027 Melirlda's Rag Time Ball Harry von Tilzer 440 Melodie; op 13, No. I'... " Roger Ascham 32 Melodie;op ' '..' Jaell I4a Melodie Hongroise, No; 1. G' minor Liszt I (After Fr. Schubert.) 442 Melodie Hongroise, No.2, minor. Liszt I., (After Fr. Schubert.), 436a Melodie oloniase., In, A, flat Liszt, (Glanes de Woroninces.) " 6, Melodie, op 18, No. I...,'"..' ~. 1i\:.oszkowski 778 Melodie, 0 3r, No: Moszkowski 7I8a Melodie, op 8, NO '.,...,1. J. aderewski (Tiree des hants du Voyageur.) " 998, Melodie, op 16, NO.2. In G flat...1. adert;wski 70a Melodie, op 10, No., 4." S. Rac'hmarti'noff',, (E minor.), 4 MelO'die in.f '; '.. ;. ".'., Rubinstein i5 514 Melodie,op 12, No. I Roman Statkowskj 1 (E flat.) 327 Melodies Styriennes, op 61. Key of Ai. Thalberg,; I 79 Melodie in, J, A.West o 991 Melodienreigen ~nt, Rubinstein I (The emon;) " '" 337 Melodienstrausschen, Ein, op Aug. ;onradi I 210a M.e1odies for Sroa.1L hildren.;..".,.j.,w. Elliott I 2IIa Melodies for Small;hildren... "1]" y.;. Elliot,t I, A, B,, Tumble own ;,Goosey." Goosey Gander; There Waf'> a<;:roo~ed"man; oor og Bright; Humpty umpty; SilJlple, Si1110n; Sing a ng of Sixpence; King, r;jf,"france; When the Snow Is on.,the GrQI,md; ;fhree" 'l Little Mice; Little' Tommy' Tuck.er; The, North Wind oth Blow;, Man:in the Moon,;., Taffy Was a Welshman; Be'y i'ddl'epiddle;' I Love Little ussy; udy Lock:;;; " 2I2a Melodies for Small hildren J,W,,Elliott Three hildren Sliding; Ge.orgieorgie; I 2S Little ock Sparrow; :Qeath IlJild B.~rial of ock Robin; Mother Tapbykins. ' 2I3a Melodies. for Small hildren.,.. '.J, 'W. Elliott t b6.. (Spider and the Fly.)'.. I3a Melodische Spenden (Walzer) :... o Bohm I 830 Melody for Seraphone ij\)l'atio lark o 1353 Melusine (Overture) ; :Mendelssohn I SO (The Story of the,fair ~elusina:.). ' ' 740a Memories of Home.'....'.:,!. Brinley Richards,'.' '(Heimathsklange.}' ', 68 Memories of Italy..,. :..... :.WrfI, Gates (uvenir of rrento. '. uvenir of Venice.). I AlL'HABEIl'I:AL..AaRANGEMENT , i III :':Merriories of the Ballet. Lizzie Arbuckle 1033 Memories' ofiversailles Waltz,.:.,,',t,,' arrie Jacobs' Bond ' '.; 868it 'Memory, A Miss' A. E. Salomon ' 0'1512 ' Men '("Three Little Maids")...,aul A. Rubens Menuet, Menuetto. See Minuet, Minuetto. Or '95 I Mephisto Waltzes.. ' : Liszt I. 'U37: Mercedes'(Valse Boston} A. Amati S. 9" Mercy ::.' Gottschalk 0; 980 Mertie England (Selections) Edwilrd:German'. I 0.' ' Merrie England,,. Edward German < '. I (Yeomen. of England,),. o 935 Merrie, 'England.. :...'".:. '.. Edward German (Rustic ance. Jig.)., o 16 Merrie. England (Mintret) '.'Edward German O Merrie' Erfgland. Act I (Who Were the Yeomen?) ',' E. German' 0:1442 Merrie England (Rustic ance)... ;'E. German,., ', (Act n. Queen o'mayis rowned To-day.) o 1443 Merrie' England., Edward German, (an 'upid Hath a Garden.) o 1444 Merrie England. Act II E. German -. (0 Who Shall Say That: Love rs hie1?) 7~ 151 Merry American March,, H. O. Wheeler Merry'Maidens, " F. J, St, lair.. (March and Two Step.),,', 0' 1470" Merry Medieva) Maid Sydney Jones ("My' Lady Molly." A,ct 1.)," '... 99il Merry, Merry Lark..,.,.'. Ethelbert Nevin "'2093' Mer.rY.Min~trel Maic;ls' ;. I1fax Hoffmann ("Rogers Bros. in aris'."),. '15 Merry'Moments Waltz, Helen 'F: I'.owe p 7 0 3, Mr~r,ry Wanderer, op 17,' No; 2.1ensen o 967 Merry War (otpourn),.. Strauss I, 6,. Merry War (Kiiss Walzer),:....,,Strapss I 853' Merry War (K;iss Waltz),... :Strauss-$chl.l.ett I 2$', $97 Merry War Waltz,,,.$tra\lss,I 0' 822' Merry Wives of Windsor, -',-' :a tto Nic'olai I ' ~ : :. Qverture.) O~ 574,Uerry Wives of Windsor... Nicolai,'",(Transcriptionby Low.) ". '.'.", p.2209 'Message Ftom the Land of. Love..,av'e Reed, Jr.' " ",('Sergeant Btue.!,). '.. ", (). 85I,:Mt;~sag~,of the "V:iolet;; Gustav Luders ' ("rmce of ~lsen. ), :q,. 7 82,. i,:w~,s5enger B9Y ','., ;ranstead,,& F\lrth : I OQ (March and Tyv.o Step,), ". 687.M.e~!;enger BOY (Barn anlie)..,,<.,... I, op,.!<,a:l1ranged 'by"arl Kie.fe,~t: '., ;""MllssengeJ Boy ;i\ryll& l\:!onokton_.i 2S :\'~,.'. ( Se1ef:t!ons.) '.., ',,\ 9 28,i1,','M.essenger Boy" L}one) MQll.kYOll:.", 7S, a ' 772;,"Messenger Boy" (Maisie), LIOnel Mollc,kton, : S 818 "Messiah" (Overture) '. ; '.. Handel S" 573" :'!Messiah" (He Sha:ll Feed His: Flock) ;..Handel, s.' S95"'\M!e:s'siah" ' ' j;~.:.. '.: ', HlI.i1de" '1 " II!' ' ::~omf().rt Ye My eople; ffivery"valley.).' S 833 "MessIah'l i..:,','.: ;'.'.' Handel 1 '" ":'(A'ria~IKnowThat My Redeemer Liveth.) ' 40 59

50 '.'!," 104. ALHABETIAL' ARRANIOOMEN'E.r\ S,. ' 894'~Messiah'~......,, :, ~: ;:.' '. HaMel"1.(0 Thou That Tellest Good ltidings,), S.877 "Messiah'! (astoral Symphony), Handel S'. 835 "Messiah" (Hallelujah horus),..handel. ; 7S'.. 7I6a Mes litudes, op 36...,.:j. Leybach,,I. ' (Four,th N oc'thrne.).., 93' Metamqrphosen, op 74, No >,~.;.. Raff;:'I Metropolitan March.....,;.. ""~ Rudo\f Bial',1,, 672 Metropolitan,Three Step,.. ;owell p.' 95 Mexican al)ce,.' ; :A. Ferrtero" ' p.. 742<l;.'NLexica:n1)ante, ".$.. E. Reade ; 1635 Mexico ' Humpty-umpty''). :,... Bob ole' p. 271a. Mia. atria (anciqn E.spanola)..F.,M.Alvarez ' 1593 Michael lvlcgi\lllity... :...".,.,'.Man.uelKlein ("Serio-omic Goverlle ss."),:.'.! " ", 308, Midgets, op 29 L : ".. R,.,Eilenberg. ~.2$, (ie Heinze1mannchen.)..,',,. 1845" }Lids~ipmite ;, :.. Adams;,7$1 o 96, "Midsnmm,er Night s ream".,... Me11clelssohn I (Ove.rture, op 21. Arr. for four hand~.) 246 "Midsummer JNight'sream":.'...,... MellQdssohn I.. (Scherzo.),..,.'." ' "Midsummer Night's ream'; e,ndelssohn. (Nocttlrne.),..-.,,',(l 0, 520,"Midsummer Night's ream"... JVIe,ndle ssoh 11,. I 2$,,,'.(Weddin,g ~~arc?.j,. "i.', ", o 563.!\hds,ummer NIght s ream,. ','.. Mendelssohn,.J,, '('\iyedding March and Elfin hoi:~is->, " "1,!.araph,ase by Liszt., '.,"'.', 'f o 1359' "M.idsummer Night's r~anl',' ;tvr-clldels'sohn' araphrase de oncert by Sydney Smith. '. S 922 Mi~dql (and four others),;. "1':"""--,,-,,.-.-'". (Two verses each.). o' r. '" ~'958 Mil'hty Fortress IS Our God:...,','::...,. t',tither" '... (Three verses.), '.,'-,.': ' "...: ~07a, Mighty L~k: a Rose,'..,.. :,.,... ~~the~b'ert N~N-in,'; ' o 9.'. Mignon (Bouqltet d emelodif:s}:... :, :~.. 'rl~omas'".t ', o ;IQ84'.: J\1:i'~tlonOverture... :.. :";' f' 'Aml,)r'Jl~r T\lOW as :, ~ o?-, o 5 "MIgnon" (I?ost ThOll j{now T!lat,p~~.' ;... '...,,. (TranSrIptIOn by Low.)",., A:, 'lh,0p,;1as. o 546 Mignon' Gavotte..," : ",,: 1\, Thomas "Mignon" (,Entr' Acte, Ga~otW) : i;a.'th~vp.as 5\1j. I'Atr. by 'W. J. Westbrdok.'y', ':1,,", "':.' J,,,,,,, 0.. 3,Mignoll l":?lona,ise,., ;;;:,:,::,,~,::,.;:::!,.::1;'horoas.:~op Mlgnon olonaise '.",...,Atllbr.Olse.,'rt16It1as T(anscription by Hertri 'Rosellen:' '" ' ".", A 538 Migndn(Roman.ce, a,ndgayott.er.;: ::':'~rr6mas' "1 06' o',".trans;, for VI0 Itr';,, \Jy:,$af~s~k,...,,:,.. Ir -;':,1! Mlgnort. Act ItL.," '.'...Alnbrowe T)1ornas,JR,{)!m<j.nce~~h'!t~ittle Tliou~g#t 'tti(.'nfiti.c\.) «.. ) o 6 MIgnon, Remll1lScences,,.Irerlf-TlIbmas ', " 220 M,\gnJ:'} ance...,.; ",' Ost;~r.M:9der.l'" SOl o. 98 MIgtlOnne Valse, op ",8,."., Thomas ]Y 218,Migi,tdtIette, La... "... :.Wln. :K:: Bassford.' j ob' ",.,.. (Valseelegante.) ""';'. ( " d,.;.,." " I." "H49'Mi~nonnette' (etite Gavdtte},.,J:l..I.!; :..:,.Mehr:,' 79- o 780,,"Mikado'.' (potpourri) " :,.:.;is\\tuv'an~:.l o 784 "M.ikadO'." rfinale'., Ad ]I,r;.',.,1 '.c",'sullivan " (!For He's Gon.e and Married YumtrY-1;\l}i.ry', ;, 869 Miklldb Landerst. ;., :.. ;..,.'11.'",:Wiegand' I M.HABETIAL,AiRRANGEMEN!f., '1I>5 3343" Mike,Mcarty's Wake Saffotd,W:aters, r ("Tommy Rot!', omic March,ng.) 213 M-ihtiir March.. '.;.,..., ;Geo"O, 'L Wei~sl 1'- 29a MilitaryR'er.o.....'.,.', :;.;:.:,\ov.. Ki:mnet;h: ' ~;",(March,and.TwoStep.) ""; " 562 Military r;mar:chr!.. i... ",:; Se.huJjert~Tausig; I' 872', MilitarySchottiscbe.....r., :,,".. A. G. Send 93~;,MilLer's a:ughter ("Thr:ee.Little-Maids"),Rubens.!. 7,Miller's aughter. (~'Three,Little. Maids"),Rubel1s I( (For Medium Voice.), J Mj,II, The...,..... : ;.. '.'.. l;".. A. Jensen'. 83'5 Mi'H-;':fh-ti, O 23 ;'.'. ;;.;. : )oseffy' I bo 8 Mill in tile 'l"rest, up 52.. :. '.,... ~.R.. E'ilenberg 2211 Ml11~ '~ertymeiodies; No. '6.,.; ;:' r ' 1., ",.' Introd{u:ing: My p,rairieq~leen;'my eal: " Luzon; Under ';t' Blinht in')a' F'ctld'ihg Bed; Whe'n the Bees Are in the HiVe; You MuSt Think I'm Santa, laus; Heinik;' 'ossum.ie;, "\ ;. "MySweetLit~leEsklmo/.Let's ~~l Gd Up td' Maud's~ ortt 'ry, 'KatIe, 'ear. I',.Ar~. bx, Everett}., ~~ans;.'. '. '. --;.".,.', 7Lf3 MlmMa ~Valse E:feg-ante) ".. ".,..J. Serpent1l1t I 554 Mimosa aprice...,...,,.: :.:, :. Him1ln 99' Miller, The.. K~y of F.. ~'.I:,.:' Sutt'6n. I O 2r35! Miniature ; Kate Vanderpoel 114a Minnie-ha-ha.' ' :.: : aul B.arnes. 84Sjb':M:lp.strel Boy arid St..at.hcltsI,"la:y.,... '::'~ I.. (..,(Trans. op 29, by Wtllte' ap <:.) '. ". 69ri 'M'ipuet:cebi:bre'Minuet..:...~':..,:~!,'.'J~ :A1lJeniz 788.'. M~il~et.. (Transcription ~tjo~~i~).:, ;1?'odf~lerl1;ii 580 Mmuet, op 34, N? 3 ; '," \, I!,ru1l (From "A FaIry Tale "From hampagne. ), I'. ' 189.MiJ1uet, ope 19...,.....,' Edwin ~,cevee Ii ' 910.'Minuet de Bergame...'. ',': ).:.,. : ::'. urant r' 'i 'Minuet, op' c',...'.. '.. FIS'chh6f. ' 61 Minuet Rose :.. :.::':., '.. Ganne 16. Mihtie't ("MenieEngland"):. ::'!tdw<lrl'qermah',' 448 M!ftu~t'c.bp 34, No.1...'.'..'..,!;',';'..';Ma;t:f'..-ip,paltf; r' : 406,Mmuet,mE'flat ),i;.,jj.lmoza F-t' 1 (Transcriptio'u by,f.'bendel.) "., I 29s'Mil1uet-(Fllnt'asie, 0p 8, No. r);ri'.';, }ohnoftb 1 55S,M\nuet: op I~, No. I : ',auerewsk\., 592 MInuet, No., ;., J"adet' ws:kr I M~nuet Moderne, ", "," '.:.. '. :. :.,'l.. '.:W.'G.?mith I,, 887b Mmuet i op IlL.. ;'i Leopold Wlllkler ~a' Minue.t, 'op 57: I. J.'; J ;. ', : F. Wrede 1' 143a. ;11inuetto <lj.!a tedesca. A minor,.!., V. I Alkan I ; lo68 Minuetto...,.,,;...,.. ; ; ;oj6~bolzoni 106. MinllettQ, op., NO.3 :,;Bruno 0scar:Klein 1> 526 Minuetto,, Moszkowski 554 ',Minuetto, ;', : :Schubert Minuetto (Vecchio), op 18 ;' G., Sgambati 148;;1 I Minuto.. " :.. Louis: :GrJorda.. " I,d,,; :lf'as<jl.oble Flamenco,),,",' 1;! ;: :,.;, 374., M,ir~m,ar, 0p, 42 (2ortzico).,.. aqlode ~a!,as':lte 1'iOO 137:2.!.l'4ireille (Transcription)'.. ;...",' ;..,... c' Gotln<;>d I, 1373 ' Mireille (Waltz' 'ng),','" :..:. ::,:.,:. Gou~od ' I0841 )Mis~MaZllr Ma21\1'r.ka,.. L..Lewandowskisgo ': 609,,Miss America Two Step, "";'..,B~rnl!{]l

51 ' }o6 A:LHABET>IALhRRANGEMENlr. AL~.aETIA(l." A~NO:E~EtIlT. 1, Miss America, :.,:,.. H, O..,Whelllu. 1' '. (jl.fatch and/ Two Step'.)!.' I'.,... O 697' Miss' BobWhite (otpourri)...willard' S.penset I : IIS7 Miss Bob.White Waltzes...Willard' Spenser I' lila Miss lementina : Alfred,E.,Aarons 1 p. 6"$aM'iSiS. hrysanthemum (0 Kik1l1.;San),;:.. j ".:.'. '1.,' (Japanese Intermezzo,) ;,Wm.::L6rail'l~~ (i'5 IgMiss' Hannah from Savannah,,:.:Thbs.;L.l!inbnies:\ 496 MiSsissippi, Bubble. ;... \.,.,,'.;hatine'eyi IHain~&:. 1 (March and Two Step.). ':' '.. 196,Mississippi Frolic (Two Step) :.IE.,A.,Steai1<' 'j'5." MississippiM;imie '., Marc!\v~lJl.Silv.~.r:, '1'5 (Medley March and Two: Step.)..:... IJ,1tr.od~cing: I'd Like to atch,your ':~ye. :.. 'i 641. MISSISSii ~ose '" ' ",G~o..,, Barnard,'. '"... fs:;ha!acte.ri.sti,; arch.),.:,'. '.. " 19~a MISS Slm!lclty..., iI.,1. Heartz...,~harity.)..'.', :., :"1" 19~~ "Miss, Simpli<;ity'~ (Rosalie),.:. orliss 392 "Miss Simplicity"... :... Harry t;a,wn Heartz 1 (Walt'z otpoiirri.),. ;..,'", l\1iss Susanna FromUrbiJiria. :RaymoIiii,li)-)bbe~, ("Runaways.").." '....' '.. ";:/ MIster Bre.ezy Wasan,Easy Mark,.. ",. i" "..'"M. Mel,,~qe, EiltS, ' ~o ( Rogers Bros. III London. )..'.,.' '., a Mi.s~er J.oh.ris.on, Tur t"-le. :\1p. o~ e..'. "., ~.~ a;r,nf;r..}..,; She s My WiJ,rm Baby,,. ::vvood '. '.' A\l oon~look Alike tr, Me):. ~......Hcp,gan,.,,,56 :M..l., '1'ere~nta W ij,ltz ',','" 1'.' ~...,. ""'j' a-rreno. ~g,.'i 'M'tt Sang. und Kla~g : ',','. ar11b04~ I, rz5 (oncert ololllai:\e, op IS3.) ",. r N:iy~ko ori Ua~anese Mel04irs) -,-.-"-'! 1'1 192, MobIle Buck (Wmg ance) ",,',p,), ~\l.lhv,+n,~5 520.Mobile rance :,04. <;:)1as. ':B. Brown i7s,. (h~racteristic March and ~a1~1 Will~.iJ..,; 2~~3. MQcc1-~1I). p~nce ','. " :.J. )He,~n,,E'lsq~r. ' 7S,0, 8u. "14oc~ing BIrd" (Selectiol1) ~. A.. a,al~w,m. Slo~~e I, :.0, 8%'l4 :'Mocking Bird." '.' ". ;1'\,1 Saldwin Sloantl (France, Glorious France.)., "",,', i I o 8:l!5,Mocking Bird...,.. ~,.,...A"BaldW\ini Sloane '1. (Sly MU$ette.). i',j "lll'.,-, o 835 Mocking Bird.. '" A. Bal.dwiJl,; Sloane ' 1 (Lion aj;j.d the J'yIQU$e.)." '.' I,,'.,~, :.p 51I,M0cking Bird (Vari.a,tiol;lS)..... ', "'!II,W:ebi~; '; >'p 4 Moise. de Rossini (Fantasie. BrilllLnte~..,Leyballh. 1'i '0 853 Molineto de Subiza,I.. :.',i '.' {)liqudt.jd 1 (Recitado y. Aria de Tenor.)..,. I ;:,,,., o 8!Y4 Mo-linerode Subiza.. : ",. ".," Oudrid r 1 (<e:ancion y uo.) " ;, l o 9 Molinero de Subiza,,,. '. :. Oudrid i!z5 (Jota. Spanish ance.),.'.\ 'J. 16 Mdlly'O " ', Scanlan!. [ 2283 Molly O:Balloran :.', Evely!).,Baker. 'p 901 Moment'gioJoso, op' 42, NO.3 ~. M'O'Szkow!;li \ 366 MomentMusical, op 1,' NO.2,: Mo'Szl<9wski' i ).' (.sha-rr minor.)...'.;;:.1 \' 878 Moment Musical, op 18, No, :2... Scha:rwenkii.' i I ioo 324 Moment Musical, op 94, N'O. L 'In':. ;Sdtlubert i 1, 979 "Moment Music.al,,'Qp 94, Woo :?;,...F.r.Schuber,t". ''I"",,{A flat.),.'.".. '.', I032ll"JI.o[oment,Musiql, op 94" NO.2... ;.Schubert 1 c JI".", Ai":r.) by Fr. Liszt. ',.,,.\ 113 Moment Musical, op 94, No. 3.,..,,. Sc;:huberi 32:b;Moment~ MU$ica,l. op 94. minor. S.chubert., 622 Moment Musical, op 94" NO.5: Ii' Schubert '1 '.i', (F minor.). ".' ',' :).,.,', i i Q 618';,MrOt;n~n.tM,usical, op 94, No. 6 ;11. Schubert. I (l ;~ i',i (Af\a1.) :,J"'.-''''''".. ~ r2861j.. Ml1la...".. '" ' ",.,..,., S,teph~9J'.A!iams'(., [.A; 57~) Mona' (For, Alto or Bass in, ).. Stephen Adams 1653' Mon Amour Waltz '.. Fred,W. Vanderpool;.p, 63'1' Mon~stel1Y Bells ",.., Wely I 09 :Q 531,.J~-LQ,na Waltz " Sam'l Liddel,l I 2S,~ 2813, "Mon. BijQu, op, 172, Richard Eilenberg.1,':. '. Hel'zq~attchen.). Morccqu de Salon... p 776a Mondnacht auf den Lagunen. f ;, Ff.Bendel.,(Barcar.qle,),., 1073 Money Musk '.'" ",,- :0. 156:;l. Monkey on a Stick George. Rosey,,,(An 'eccentri<; ance), o 702 "Monks of Malabar"..,...,. Ludwig Englander 1.. (Selections.). ' o 716, "Monks of Malabar"" Ludwig Englander J,. ' (Monks,of,Malapar.).,.. 917a' "Monks of Malabar' :, I'. ".. ; Englander J' (Joseph, J.ames and John.).,., ', ,MOllologue, op 31, No. I (E minor);moszkowsk,i MonotQne,.,.: '. '". ; " ornelius ;0. 17a Mol). Rlaisir,op, 97 '.. A,' Loeschhorn I 2$ (olka Brillante.). ' f Mon Reve Waltz... :.:...' Emil Wal,dteufel I:;l$ 133 Monte risto Yallie :Tzigane', ",...,K;Qtlar Montenegria'n ~tr.()l.,, Jakobowski. IIO(J Mo~tey:~deo 'yvaltt<. L. Logh.edeT 12 MoonlIght Nlg:h~Walt!'es, J.. W.Buford (Npches de Luna.).,., n Mool1ligllt pn the H uflson;..,.,. " 'oo,,wilson Moonli~ht,on the' Mis5i~$.i.'p:pi,...~,..,.. ;'" "....f,' f, '.' Rosamund, Johnson,. 1518' Mool,Hgjlt' on the Old lantation.. ' " ',... "" '.. ]: B.odewalt.Lampe,. (hllracte:ristic iece.) : ".,. I: l Moonlight Sail',t9 the Isle of Love.. ; ; F. Bendel (Op 139, NO.3.).'., Moonlight (Serenade),;.. c.',. Nid MOl'et 144iJ. M09J1, Moon..,. J " Nat,.,Mann 1795 Moon Moths,, : 1.r Kussell I 279a Moonshine, 0l? ;3?,,.;No. ~ Edward, Macowell '" I (Mondsche11l.) mmor..,.,' 2~~:M:qO/l's.Lullaby' harles S. Burnham p 15r~.. MQon,the oon and the Little Oct()roon,.j:.:-., ',,,,,e ',"...' '. Maude N\.jgent YS <0 86,5 n;moon'wlll Help you;out... :... V~'tor Herbert' ~("Babes in Toyland."), '. :. 'f'. &3~' J\{oorish, T,Qne intar: 9i!.;~idge~1':1J-ylot I..(Andalla, op 19, No. I. Key, of E.) : '. 84~. MOQris4Ton,e iture.:...'.. ".pleridge"taylor 1. ' 1,'. "'1' (Zarifa,.'op 19,No. ~.fi(ey'of' )I";'I!: 'Yr'

52 _'~::,:--~:~_::::-::-:~OAL 1:68 A I~:""_M ~ _... ARRANOEMltN'l\ 'i.673a Mor:firrii: (oprichcr ()hllnicter~sth!tj).. (1ji Esplii.oSQ:" 83 1 MQr<;eau aracteristique, op 22...:,:WoYlenhaupt 'po '3 0 3:1 Mreen Mavourrteen.. :.: hauncey Okotti:! p 624a Morena. La, op 67::, :'.:..(J! haminade "'''{aprice EspagnoJ.).,.". ;/ 1,.. j' I,:' 79 0 Mor/fwood.::."::':..',..' Reese a6sard,, "'''''(MarchandTwoStep.}, I.,.1., ~-".' 5 Morgenbliitter Waltz I.';!'.'.' Strauss I :2226 Mbrmon oon,:.'; :;' :.,He'I'lrY0Iay Stnitl\l" A 5 Morning ew (ontralto). Key of A ;. Grieg o ' li1orrting.. Noon and Night (Overture) ::S~p!J'.. I 5 'p 14 2,4'. Morris ance i(hl"nry VllI')... '.Ed-ward Gei-maa:; is p' 1454.' Marri's ance,..., :::.A. c...ma'ckenzie '," Morris ance, op, No.8 '.,.. H: E. Warnet:'," S '9 1 3 Mors et Vita-Judex <.. Gounoil' ' l\iort de' Jeanne d'arc, La. Arioso.'i:.. : Bcmberif" 7S p 221. Mosquitoes' arade...,.,... >HO'Watd 'Whitney 7?,,. '(A'Jersey Review.),.;..!..' '~: A 120 Most Wondrous It Must Be. flat',..franz Ries, (For soprano.).."': I.' ;-."" (') '84 1 'Motete,EI (aso-doble).:.. :.." <. J. Sel'tano-"I a Moth and the Flame.' '.'.. : Mix S. Witt 1348 Mother Goose (Medley Selection)..': ::...:1 56, Introducing: Rose of Ure'."R,iYiefa; Hey There, May There;,ansjr 'Faces; I ri the". i' Ladies' Home Journal; Sw~e~rThana Sugar,.'.arie; Rafferty...,' '."'"." F Mo.ther..Goose (Rafferty) '.."-clifton,rawford.p. 61'111 Moulirt de chez. nou~ : ~. Alberto" Jt;lna:S i.' ~9 ) (Our.oldWrndnllll, op IO, NO!"5 ),.'. : 669 Mound Ity Belle ;'..'.';'. ::Betl Hurd I 06 (March and Two Step.)'. I,.", 10" Mountain Eagle Mazurka :. : Gilder'. 7~ o Mountain Stood Like a Grim Outdst; '. ' r. (rincess of Kensington.) Edwatd German Mqunt',lin Stream.op q ( fl~t). : S~dt\e'y Snlith. I?? (Morceau haractenstlque:),:.j,.f!'.', 720 Mountebank..,Altted J: oyle I , (haracteristc March and Two Step.). :. Mpvedizo, EI (Tango riollo):. : M, '1:' Tornquist, 7~ Movement erpeturl, 9 ~4., Mr. Black Man : 1;:".~eber Artl1rtt ryor I ~{> (March and Two Step.), 74. Mr. Breezy,. Everett J.' Evans. (March and Two Step.) Rogers!3r05. in '. Lon,don. Lntroducing:' By.the 'S:Y~IUore '.," Tree; and Mr: -Breez)':' '" 1 "''''::.-' 55a M,: ooley Jerome&!5'cH~ar'tz' 5. 0, Intr.oqucing:. "In Spotless Town,".,." :',,...: ' (Medley olka and Two Step.)." ".;1"': 'b Ig~~. f;i;.. li~k~1~k (S~i~.~ti~ ~;) ::. :::. :.'~~~U~I ' iferm',i ~ o 995 Mr, lt'kwik (Actmg) Manuel Klein 15.1' 3z 1 a Mi,. icl<~ick,:' (ieorg~ Spinto 1~, ".... (When Samuel IckWIck Leads HrsOwti-l Brigade.) '. ".,.'.. 328a Mr. ickwick (Boys Will Be Boys}:Manuel Kl~in II6a Mr. Volunteer,....,.aul resser Much'achi Spanish. Waltz '.A'urelio a:vah:aritl I98~ Miihlc, ie'(the<miil)-... ': :', ~ : ~,>. ~;A.' Jensen ~~ 5 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT: o 16 Mulatte Overture, : :. :Bitlfe.' I : o 599 Muleteer of Toledo (Bolero),;..,.:..Adams I Transcription, op 44, by Ascher. 65a Miiller und der Bach. G minor Schubert (The Miller and the Brook.) Transcription by Liszt. p 3 Murillo (Allegro de oncert) Terschak. '1 Murmelnder Bach, op Meyer-Olbersleben 741 Murmure du Vent (Whispering Winds)... Sauer 227 Murmures de Bal (Impromptu).. harles Godard M urmur~s Eoliens..,, L. M. GQttsdialk. I 620 Murmunng Zephyrs,..Jensen" I039 Mushroom ance (ance haracteristic.) A. E. B. Leonard 14 Musical Sketches NO.3 (onversation):,stetson 1353 Musical Sketches, NO.5 (The I\eturn) Stetson 564 Music Box, Liadow 1870 Musician's Serenade, op 330, NO.3 Low 822b Musikalische Landkarte, op S2~. Bohm (Volkslieder otpourri..)... I09 5~ :.. I 704a Muss I denn sum Stiidtle hinaus --- (Volkslied.) Trans. by G. Trehde.. ' My Alamo Love (Tenderfoot) H. L. Heartz. 953a My Almond-eyed Boy ;. AI.. E. Aarons 1658 My Angel, My Heart, Thought of Thee..A. Rotoli I Z.S 883a My Ann Elizer (The Rag-time Girl)...Williams 1499 My Bamboo Queen Harry von Tilzer I 1802 My Beautiful Irish Maid hauncey Olcott 5q 1883 My Bed Is Like a Little Boat..issie Loftus 1201 My Black Bess Von Ti!zc;r. 7!l 1491 My arolina aroline Billy Johnson. 7~ 4a My astle on the Nile Rosamond Johnsol1 SO I8a My harming Fair (Old English) --- IB04 My oal Black Lady. Arr. B Jefferson. 621 My ollege hum (\Valtz) Tobani,I 1657 My osy orner Girl J. Vj. Bratton. 7S 1612 My ahomian Queen, J. Leubrie Hill (In ahomey.) 801a My arling's Face,.,. Massett 29 My earest Heart. Arthwr, Sullivan 96a My ear Old uthern Home Bennett & Rich 1941 My ixie Queen... Sydney L. errin My ream of You arrie J. Bond p 7a My rowsy Babe, George Nichols o 1012 My Emmaleen (eggy from aris).wm. Loraine 304a My English Rose John W. Bratton 2284 My Filipino Belle A. Baldwin Sloane 2a My Filopena et. Aime Lachaume (A Far East Serenade.).. 802a My Gal's a High Born Lady.. ;... : Fagan 1 I'm Happy, My Baby's ome to Town "j 7S.. '..' ".. Fagan Honey, ~1eet. Me, o ~"'.'..A:torison A Hot TIme m the Old Town, Metz 18 My Girl's True Blue,..' :'M. H. :Rosenfeld ' '7S IIOS My Goo-Goo Queen..,,W. T.,Francis (Whoop-ee-oo.) 888a My Hannah Lady, Whose Black Baby Is' You? '.'. ave Reed, Jr.. 1

53 lio ALJ.:'HABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. 1658,My He;trL '. A. RotolLI (Thought of Thee; My Ange1.)..." A 546 My Heart at Thy ear Voice., Saint-Saens (From "Samson and elilah.") ontralto in. : 347a My Heart Ever Faithful Sing raises..j. S; Bach (Meio gliiubiges Herze frohlocke;) Key F My Heart. Goes Thumping and Bumping for Y OUI. '.' James R. Eur.ope. Q 1280 My Heart Is:Thr.all to :Kitty's. Beauty...Stanford,' ' (Shamus O'Brien.). 243a My Heart's elight co' Andrew Mack A 320 My Heart's in tqe Highlands... Hele.n. Hopekirk. A 6 (Medium Voice. in minor.). /. My Heart Sings.' Key of A... haminade (For,soprano or tenor. Accompaniment only.) 2318 My Hindoo Man Egbert A.'V <In Alstyne.: : 26a My Honey Babe eo. M. ohan, 1' ~y Honolulu Lady Lee Johnson..1, (And'one other.) '...., '. 816a My Honolulu Lady (and dne. other),.stromberg' 'I ' o 1018 My Honor and My Sword Victor Herbert 7;;, (Babette.),., ' 2191 My Ind~ana Anna,, ;.Jean Schw<lrtz 7;; My Illdlan Queen Fred Brownol<f 59' 2231 My Irish Indian., J ean Schwart~, 2296 My Irish Molly O J ean Schwartz, 1781' My Irish Wife N: eedham 1416 My Japanese Baby!'!.. Baldwin Sloane"'. ' ' 1946' My' Japanese herry Blossotn:.,John Stromberg" ' 7;;'. '. (Hoity-Toity.)...". ' 898a'My Jersey Lily Harry von Tilzer' S 942' My festis, as Thou Wilt ;.'. has. M. avis '7$ 8.My Josephine (March and Two Step)... artiels. 896a My Josephine John Stromberg 763 My Lady ainty (Waltzes).. arlotta Will'iamson 'I' ' 1439 My Lady Frog ook and Accooe I o~ p My Lady from Japan George Evans.:! (Good Old Summer Time.), " ': li8a My Lady.Hottentot. Harry von Tilzer. 7;; 94Ia My Lady. In the Moon LudWig Englan.der ("Tl\.e Belle of Bohemia.").. ' 6a My LMy Loye : A1. Johns. o 927 My Lady Molly (Selection) Sydney Jones" I' o My Lady MQlly Sydney Jbnes '. (I Mean to Be a Good Girl Now.).... o 1455 My Lady 'Molly Sydney Jones (AfMyLidy's Feet.).'... o 1462 My Lady Molly Sydney Jones;' 5'0. (Once Too Often.) " o 1464 My Lady Molly..... '. Sydney Jones (Oh, I'll Greet Him ft and Low.) o 1468 My L<J.dy MollY' Sydney JO'Iles (To You, Sir Miles.) o 1469' My Lady Molly.: Sydney Jones.. (Th~re's a Little Maid.).. o 1470 My Lady Molly Sydney Jones.. (Merry Mediaeval Maid.)..'.,:,.. o ISII My Lady Molly.'.. S,dney Jones : (Ther~:'s a Little 1iaid.).. My Lady's! Bower. "'" "v, Hope Temple '1 4 0 ' ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. HI <.0 538' My LadyValse..:.... ".,,,.; Iheo, Met-z., I.OO p 124a My Last igar (ollege ngs) ';'" ~' My Little anoe......leslie. Stuart' I'OO (School Gir1.) " I " 1559 My Little hick q. N.ed!,Wayburn, I II9 My Little,. oney Isle Harry 'von Tilzer 84\3a. My Little Georgia Rose ;.. ~., ;,Witt My'Little Hong Kong Baby }ohn.w. Bratton.. ("i'v hinese. Honeymoon.") I. 'r My Little Kokomo. I " Shepard. a lilt>i My Little Laplander W. Murphy 22 My Little Love.B. Hawley. c:r I5.My Little Love. Bird, M'Iurice Stonehill' ' '.. (Girl from Kay's.) (..'..,0 880 My Little ansy '" oj Kerker (From "The Billionaire.") My Little Texas Rosehud,.. Jack Burnett 7-5 (Waltz,ng.)..', My Little Zambesi,; I Marta Golden a My Little Zulu Babe ;Jasi.T. Brymn' ' 82 4 '. MY'Little Zu-oo-oo-Iu Ted S.BarrQU Medley Marchand Two Step, introducing:. My Nightingale..'.. "..p: 223 R My Lover Will ome To-day, op 77, No. I..... Reginald de Koven My Lu Lu San Bob ole,. (Japanese Love ng.),... I :.' (,'.:p I04aMy Magnolia Maid R. T. Macionn~11 '. 18 My Maid from. Hirtdoostan,. Fr;iedman 954R My Mobile Gal Maconnell 8S9a My Money Never Gives Out. Irving JoneS. I7 2 3 My Old Kentllcky Home S; Glover '. (Three verses.) a My Old Kentucky Home '.... I An'nie Laurie, Last Rose of Summer, Suwanee River, Believe Me If All Those En~ dearing, Auld. Lang Syne., 820a My Old New Hampshire Home...,.....Tilz.er (Two verses.)....,. '210~ My Old Sweetheart.....Thurland. hll,ttaway : 14 My Only Love aul Barnes ' 647" Myosotis (Waltzes) aroline Lowthian I' p. 199 a My Own Sweetheart. r.. F. Gottschalk,'0 8S1 My Own United States Julian Edwards (When J oluiny omes Marching Home.) 3 1 8a My articular Friend'. " '. " W. T. Francis 1536 M yauline (Waltz ng) Lee Joh,ns~~. V5 169I My earl's a Bowery GirL Andrew Mack.. p 1592 My rairie Queen.; Ted Snyder I '. i 1394 My retty Little Kiekapoo Harry von Tilzer,p 2d5'S' My. Queen Jacques IBlumenthal. ; 887 My Queen Waltz ;.., oote' I..' 892a My Rainbow Bride '.. Ignacio, Martlnetti '. p, 87 0a ;:My Rainbow oon,.'..a,.b. Sloan~, ' S 567 My Redeemer and My Lord..,j. udley Buck..;' (The Golden.Legend.)' : /. '..r A 240 My Redeemer and My Lord...:. udley Buck..' (prano in E fiat.).':..' 862 Myrtes, Les (Valse de Salon) ;.'....Wachs " 2a My Sambo ("haperons"} Isidore. Witmark '~5

54 H2 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. ALHA:BETt'AL AR'RA'NiG~MmNT. '1'1'3 o 955' 'My San omingo Maid..,.,.,Alfred G, RobyU (Yankee onsul) " " ' I'j6a My Ship's the Girl for Me,..,,.Julian Edwards (olly Varden.),',A 134 My 'Star, op 26" No. I...,Mrs, H. H, A. Bead~,G flat. (For Alto or Baritone,) 528, My Sulu Lulu Loo,..,."...,.., Nat. Mall).} " '",I; (March and TW0 Step, "Sultan'of Sulu.")' 927a My Sunflower' Sue John W. Bratton co 1283' My Sweetheart Has Her Faults e Koven. ',{Tile Mandarin.) '; p 972 My Valentine olka 48a My Whip-poor-will Bresler Harry von Tilzer 823a My Wild Irish Rose I5H My Winsome vvinnie hauncey Olcott Gustave Kerke,r (Winsome Winnie.),0 15 'My Wotd (Fantana) Raymond Hubbel\. 15 My Zulu Lu has. Kohlman S 52T' 'Naa1'Il'an~amasclls :. Michael osta o (Triun'Jphal March.)' IlINabucodonosor.(Overture) G. Verdi (Arranged for four hands.) No. N achtfalter Walzer, op 157 Nachtfalter(Valse aprice, Johann Strauss I) Tausig "p 369' Nachtstatten, op 282 ". (Salon-Walzer.) Gustav Lange, 173 Nachtstiick, op 23, NO.4. In F R., Schumann p 724' Naiade, La : Thome, 0, 539:Noliila (Waltz: as des' Fleurs), L. elibes IOIa Nancy Brown lifton rawforc1 o 874' Naney Brown (Selection) Henry K. Hadley 'Atranged by George Rosey Nancy Brown (ongo Love ng.) Rosamond Johnson 1033 Nancy Brown Max S. Witt (Glow-Worm and the Moth.) 16 Nancy lancy (Higgledy-iggledy).Maurice Levi,p 1849 ]ljancy Lee Adams 1190 Nannette Lewis 262 Nanbn, op 327, No. 5 arl Bohm, ",,; (olka Brillante.) c, i 515a' N'apbli~Tarantella G. Bachmann 28. Napoli, op 30, NO.3 E. Nevin, 541 Narcissus _ Ethelbert Nevin 917.Natalie (ance Romantique) J. c. Macy (Tempodi,Gavotte.) 777 'I N afionale, La Edouard Leblanc (Nouveau Quadrille Valsant. Figs. 1,2,3.) " 1399' Natal, EI (Tango riollo) M. ]. Tornquist?,p 1310 Navajo Egbert van Alstyne.S 535' Nazareth : Gaunod,S 1 Nearer, My God, to Thee. " Mason:.,S 865 Nearer, My God, to Thee (and five others)-~'~.'f 17:1 Neater; My God, to Thee 'i;::,(variations.) OttO', Bollman 1280 Nearer, My God, to Thee f ' : Tra1b.scriptron.) : Holshouer. 12 Nearer, My God, to Thee '" Rive-King. (Grande araphrase de oncert.) 1824 :Nearer, My God, to Thee (Fantasia). T.. Ryder ' 1 I 1' I SO so 1 1 I Needle in the Hays-tack;...,... Leslie. Stl1&rt:~?5 (School Girl.)., 972a Nell and I ;.harles F. vveber',,. 4Q6 "Nell Gwyn",.. ' >Edward German (ountry ance.)'. 498 "Nell Gwyn".,, Edward' German I ', (Merrymakersl ance.), 497 "Nell Gwyn" (astoral arice). Edward'Geiman 8<1 'Nellf Gray; Ballade, op.2 Balfe Trans. by Brinley Richards., 2ll8a Nenia, op 18, No. 3,(E flat minor}.. G. Sgambati' o 992 Nero (Reminiscenzen).. " Ant. Rtibirtsteli1. A 528 Neue Liebe, 0 57, NO.3. E flat:,.a. Rtibinstein ' {Hinaus ins vveite.) For prano or Tenor:' 6 Neuer Walzer, op 15, No :Wilhelm Kienz! p Never Again, '." Ludwig'Ertghinder, ("The Belle of Bohemia!')" ', 203a Never to art :.. ', Knte Vanmih ' 431a New England'Idyls, op '62 Edward' MacBbwell NO.3. Midwinter ( minor). f}" NO.5.'In eep Woods (Key ):',':; NO.7: To an Old White. ine (B 'minot:). c.' 432a New England relyls, op Ed'ward'M f aejwell, No.8. From uritan ays minor). No The Joy of Autumn (Kt'Yof E). '. 903b New Mown Hay. (Intermezzo),,..::".'Matthews Hymn 79. "My Mother s rayer..w. S.Weedew. S 578 New son.gs o.r.' th.e G~s.pel. '."'.' '.'.":.".'-.'-.~-.. 1'.. Hymn 80. L~oking This Way.!... :":.'... : 1214.'..]. W. Vande"Venter' Hymn 89. Lord,. I'm oming'home'.'. ;'.:'..." Wm. J. Kitkpatriclt.; (Three verses each.)'''''':.".' New St. Louis, or The Louisiana.. Bert Morgan " 'tit'd':l'ase Ekposition. ':vrarch' and' "'fw'step: New York Seventh Regiment March',!Markstein, 64a 'Nigger Alley (-ake Walk) Geo.': A!\clrews,,. 18 Night ~: ~-''~-'_.',A 227 Nig11t'lIytnn at Sea: A. Gorihg'Th<;Jmas (Key of.). 'J.. (l1et lor Mezz'O' goprana. aildb"aritolie..) " 180S :N"ig,ptingalc..,:..' :.'.'.elibes ' 1378 Nlghtingule and the Frogs; The :, c. Ellenberg' 872 Nlgntingale (Fantasie), op 45.. ; Meltzer '. 12'ta' 'Niig<htingale (Rossignol)'.' ( sh'lrp tni~l'r-\r)..1 jszt. o lo88 Night in Grenada Overture.. '.. ".. :..'; Krentzer 166 Night in London (Batcarolle). ~... ;osai1it-.saens o 27,Night in Venice~otpol1rri '.. :3ohl:ilHi, Strauss : 8t Night Off (Two.Step) Geo. Rosey 1. Night Owls atrol, :.,.: B,'H. Janssen. 145aNight ng (G flat),.. Joseph Rheinberget' (Stars Are Shining in Heaven.) '" "~I. II63 Nina (Waltz).; has. T:,Murphy' 896 Ninth Regiment QuickstJ},'I; odwofth,nirvana ~tephert Adams' : 204a Nita (Spanish Folk ng)' :.. '.'l.. 0ttbJ'antor) '19',Nita Gitana..,.' '. / :" ::'. e Kov~rt; 202 Nizetta Waltz, : ;',.., f. :if.. W, Mea~ham'-: 2342' Nobbdy '.. :". i. ". Bert,A;. WiHja'!11g:, 2224 Nobody but Yon ;, Fay, Templeton' I O I I do I?5 ~5," I I 15 ISO,~g '. :r5 '(5 I ' t5 'rs

55 ;U4 ALHkBETIAL ARRAN,GEMEN'l:'.p 201, Nobody's Lookin' but de Owl an' de Moon..,;, Rosamond Johnson 1468 Nock, el', op 129, NO.2, c. Loewe I (Ballade nach einer Nordischet Sage:' E~, tont des Nocken Harfenschall.).,",p 8~la NO.' oon an ome T....Black for,]\,i.i,e.. '.;" ;\" Smart arid Williams Why on't You Get a L<Ldy. of YQurOwn?,'. :'.. '. \', I QO p c: p..,p, Williams and Wa.lker ~ : '(Two verses ealth'.), '. ',., J.. '1985 N pcturne for Flute,'....Amancio Alcorta" 378.N.octurne,,op 290 ; Bohm'r, I ' 621 Nocturne, op 17 ",..,...,. Erassin I po 785 Nocturne (Remember Me) I\rinkman' 376a Nocturl1e, op 9, No. I (Bcflat minor).. Fr."l:>opiu, I, 5~ Nocturne, op 9, NO.2..., ". '"...q:ropil),:?5 377a Nocturne, op 9, NO.3 (Key B) Fr.hopin I 373a Nqct1.\rne, op IS" No. I (Key F),, Fr..hopin il5 179il Nocturne, op 15, No.2 (F :1harp) ;. "hopin. 190 Nocturne, op 15, No. 3..., ".. hopin' 342a Nocturne, op 27, No. I ( minor) hopin 283 Nocturne, op 27,.N o ,.... hopin 3 Nocturne, op 32, No. I (Key B) ~ hopin, goa Nocturne, op 32, NQ. 2 (A flat) hopin" 282 Nocturne, op 37, No. I hopin 59 Noct-urne, op 37, NO.2 hopin" I 404 Nocturne, op 48, No. I ( minor) hopin: 1 405,Nocturne, op 48, No.2 (F sharp minor).,qopin I 189 Nocturne, op '55, Ko. I ;,.. ~opin 1 394a,N'octurne, op 55, No. 2 (E flat) hopin 169 Nocturne, op 62, No.!.,..,,.,.hopin I 383a Nqcturne, op 62, No.2 (Key E) Fr. hopin 33Ia Nocturne, op 72 (osthl1n~ou., 1827)...hopin (E minor.).. 60l Nocturne ( sharp minor). osthumous.hopin 701 No,cturne, op 6, No.!. hovan 7,5 532 Nocturne, op 24 ; : pohl~r 830 Nocturne, op 24,ohler, ' 384 NodurUe in F,. op A. -:lreyschock 615 Nocturne, op 36 (E flat)..,... Gabri~1 Faur~ 159U Npct\lrne, Qr 5, NO."I (E minor) A. Fesca 1 I60a' Nocturne, op 5, No.2 (E minor).(\.", Fesca, I 135Nocturne, No. I, (..Johit Field 522 Nocturne, NO.4 (Key A)... Joh;n,Fie~4, Nocturne, No~ IS ( minor)...john FitM 7.5 'j (ng without wqrds.).. : 20l':a Nqctl1rl1e, op 5, No. I (G flat).alex, von, Fielita:" 608 :Nocturne,:Op 6, No. I (Schmerz im Gliict'>:),:;... }' ; '. Henselt :.; " Noctt,1rne,op (5, No.2 (La Fontaine).,.lienselt,' Nocturne..... Leschetiz~y 739a Nocturne (Troisieme), op J.J;..eybach I :r 7,,NO'cturne, 0 52 (Fifth Nocturne).. :,~.. Leybach,!1. p. 659a Nocturne Erik Meyer-!f.elmuud", I' ~ Nocturn~:.,;Nevin ",1 II7a"N()G:turne in B flat, 1. J.: Bad~:r.ew.llkL ( 418, Nocturne, op 19, NO.4 (B flat) H. Wi,l1rkllr; J I '(jio 897 Nocturl'le, op 31 (First) ;.. ierui. ' 40oa.Nocturne, op, No.8 (Key G). Ant. Rubinstein ' 5a Nocturne, 0p.II 'sehulhqff' I : ALHA~EnAL ARRANGEMENT. 173, Nocturne,op 23, No, 4,,,.:,">i'.$~4umann', 5 1 p 19 8, Nocturne,.., ',',", ',' A., ;W~i~tler " l, ' 2a Nocturne Romantique, op 15,. W 61r1e'.1haupt p 74Ia i Nocturne,op 29, No, 10,. WoiJeqhlWpt',I: 1 ' Nocturne, op 32,,. Wolle»lia:upt, Nola Harry. L. Tighe 1123'.No Mas Lagrimas (Mazurka) ;...,.E. ~ecucci 7S 1010 NoNarne Two Step, ", Bloom I 146,,None but You (Waltzes),.,..,., Holst I,,2S p 1349:" Non ever..,... ".,",.,.,..Tito Mattei 7,5 'IpS8,,Nop ever (Trans. variee) : ' Tito Mattei>, 73 8a }Jon Torno (II ne vient lus).., Tito Mattei ' (Romance.) "Trp,ns. by Eugene Ketterer Nova reina.{..'......, "...,. f~ 7<5: 9 26 ' Nordica: WaltfOes, : ": ',".,..,..Tourj e 1 S9, o 1082 Nqrma Overture..:, ;.. -:..'.. '., : Bdli~i I 1 o II84 Norma otpourri" ',' 1,.. Bellini 1 o ,Norm;! (asta iva). :, ' Bellini o Norma (uet: Hear Me, Normil) p Bellini 1 o 554 Norma (Fantasie Brillante by Leybach).,. Bellini. I o 628, Norma.,, i , Bellini: 1 2 5:.' (Fantasie Brillant. op 58, by Sidney Smith.) 8 Norseman March and TwoStep..B. L. Brannan, Norther!! Lig~ts Waltzes...'..,' 0,E. Brigh!,-m Norwegian Bndal March, op, '..'... Gneg 1 62 N O,rwegian ance, op 35. No. I,; : Gl'ieg I II42 Norwegian Rhapsody, No. I.sV'endsen.Witte I S 871. Not Ashamed of hrist '..H.'. anks 9 10a Nothing oing.; : John Stro!1l@e r g ' (As Sung at Weber & Fields'.). '. : 1231 Notturno,.,.... :..,...,..,~r.. ::.. ;Nevin (In Boccacdo's,Villa, op 21, ).\10. 2.) 74 a Nourhalma Waltzes...,. Geo.,. i13arnard I,. (Love Legend.) -. ', l?- 463.,Noyelette, o.19, No.. 1 Alexandre de Fielitz 9 Nove,lette; op 46. Key E,. A: M<LQowell 362, Novelette, op II8, NO.3 (Key A.).Ant. Rubinstein 14 Novelette in F, op " Schumann, loll" Novelette, op 21, No.2 (Key ) S(1). u m ann 1012 Novelette, op 21, NO.3 (Key ) ;SQhumann 1013 Novelette, op 21, No, 6: (Key A) : Schumann 238 N,c>velette, op 99, S<;humann,. 67I,Norvellozza, op 47 ',' Godard, :p 1664'.Now I Lay Me own to Sleep Walbddge ' 90qil- No Words an Tell ;Sandy R\N;ch 0,,64"Nozze di Figaro (Overture),,Mozart' 4 08 ' Nuages Roses (Valse Bost9n) ; I\erger t553 Nubiana,' Jas. R. EtlrQpe, (,NubianLove ng. without;,words.): p 19 Nuit de Mai (ASu,mmer Nigh~) " ~r:homas 216, N:uit d'ete (Nocturne) ; "" ;', Grieg p 359,N'uit Etoilee, Une, op' 36 (Serenade),. I '",, Sydpey. Smith 1044 NlIit, La. (Andante Amol'c)so), Augusta Holmes 726 Nuit, La (Night), 1,,.,esar Freire ".,.(8th Valse Boston.),.. ". ' 770 N uits Tziganes, \Valtz,.: r, '. : Ad.,Gauwin I 1 A 23~, Nun bist du rvorden mein eigen. flat,.,hildit ch 1 (Now Art Thou' Mine :Own.), (For $oprat}o'rand Baritone.) lis,

56 , 0 '(Wiellefiihrt fro' AVRABETIKL' ARRANGEMENT. ' 866 ",Nupt 1al March, op, No, t, '.. Guilmant I 2S <:)' Ib23 Nursery /Rhymes J,ean Schwartz '. (Sleeping Beauty and tl~e Beast.).. ' li89 Nymph, An Idyl, op 16 eyo p. r88a Nymphs and Fauns Bemberg ' (Nymphs et Sylvains.). (Waltz-ng.),'. A' Nymphs and Shepherds. 'Key G urcell. (For Tenor or prano'.) p'; 20 94' 'Nyomo (Mexican Love ng) Abe Holzmann o 67 Oberon (Overture) Weber I o 740 Ob!"ron (Fantasia by Rene Favarger) Weber r 0' 70berdn~-Meermiidchen " Weber " '(araphrase by Theo. Herbert.) Oberon (Fantasie by Leybach) Weber I '.35 Obispah Wahzes... ; Atkinson-Thomson.I 73 2i l 0.bitt euch liebe Vi)gelein F. Gumbert 1. (Trans. by Max Schultze.) A 552' Obstination (Resolve).: H.de Fontenailles ' :'. (In flat.). A "'Oq:hi 'di Fata. Key G.]. enza 191' Ocean Bre,ezes Waltz Victor Herbert 1831 Ocean Stitf (Etlldede, oncert) Gilder : 653 o eleste ulznra' (Meditation) E. Arrietta o 128I'Othone,When I Usep to Be Young... Stanford. '(Shamus O'Brien.)' '.., I 15a O~tet, op 166 (Menuetto. Key F).: Schubert 1 79 I a 'Odp.l'iske; ie (Mazurka). Bohm S 537 O' ivine Redeemer ; : GoutlOd N 316 0' ivine Redeemer (rayer). B flat. Gounod (For mezzo soprano.) ", p O' du hohliche, 0 dn seelige : ',' (Es i i~tein Ras' entsprungen.) ' Of 1\' 'the Airts; Blue Bells of Scotland... :... (Fantaisie Brillante.) R. S. Riddell ffe rtoire ' Batiste ' (Grande. Offertoire de Ste. ecelia, NO.2.) I 859' Offer:toire, op 9, NO.3 '. : EdouardBatisteI.' (Grande Offertoire de Ste. ecile.) 897' Offet'toire ;. (Andante from Symphony No.6.) Beethoven 1 Transcription in B' flat' by Batiste. e 637 Offertaire, op 23, NO.2..' Batiste' o 697 Offertoire. Key G H. J. Brookes. 1 ' e\ 686: Of!ettoire No.2, in E..' Theo. ubois '. 840 Offer:toire, in A flat Read 1 2;1 '682 'Offertory, in flat " Th. Salome I OQ '793~Offert9ire in' G. op 35, No: 4 Wely I 0: 1480' 'Office Boy Selections... " " Ll1dwig Englander 1 Introducing:' ng of the rllm and F.ife; Four Burglars; Will You Be My Hero, Noble" Sir? Bohemia; Rouhd! Round! We Go Gliding; lain Mamie O'Hooley; A Maiden's' Heart; Signs; After Business Hours; Ensemble; Finale; Entrance Jockeys.. (An. by harles]. Roberts.) o 1015 Office Boy " Ludwig Englander 7~. ('lain Mamie O'Hooley.). ~, 572 Off'to uba (Two Step).. :. Eidrier and uncan.loa Of Thee I'm Thinking,' ~a'rgarita... ". "... " "Erik Meyer-Helmund S S ALJ>HABJE!flfAL' ARRA.NGEMENT; 117 p, 260a:Oft in the StilIyN!ght,..!Rrr.?y SifT' Sfev~~~ori".t od p. 3:m,cQ'Happy ay, 0 ay SI meat!... arl Gdtze 0 : : 18rr. Oh;Ebenezer' (and: threeotl1ers).:ati': Re'ep. j Jr: <1 'is f': I2Ia0h, "FUdge! ail!! Sc,!1iIJdld"" Sq Oh, Honey, My HoneY' ". ~ '.'Keiker :'~,:. '(From Lit1!Ie hristopher.). ". :.l78a Oh!,How Oft' Tho~e Words of'thihe. F. Bendel 7~ mich wundersiif\l.)' :.. r I o 1464 Oh, I'll 'Greet Him ft arid 'row..:...':s. Jones?5,,,(.' ", (My Lady Molly.),!, ' ",., ', 1524 ".011, Kitty (Sergeant ~.itty).. A.Bitldwilj.SlO'ane.. SO R 1237' :Ohnel..iebe ist da~ Lebenein~. :,W. R.osenfweig ".: '. (Blume 6hne uft.) '(Walz~rR'o'rido.)', 949a Oh, Oh, Miss hoebe... '... ::Harry von l)lzer &, "56 Ho~y Jesus' (Arr. Hont St'radelIa):... :. E,wing 7$ 1621 "Oh, SlIvery Moon (Fantana)..Raymond HubheU A 233 Oh, That We Two Were Maying.:.G: Henschel.,.' (Key F. For prano and Baritone.).. : 173/'1, Oh, ThatWe Two Were May'ing... :.. Gouhoil a Oil; That We Two Were Maying; Op2, No'. 8..,.,.' ". Ethelliert N eviri 40 c 1090 'Ob, thl! Girls, the Lovely Girl's:...Von'Tilzer. 1 A 133 Oh, Were My L6ve Yon' Lilac Fair.'.. Mrs. H.H. A. Beach '(E flat. For Alto or Baritone.) i'. ' o 990' Oh;,WhatTs Women's uty?.. Edwiml Ger1han 7$., i{i-incess. of K~nsington.).,'.. 1II3 'OH!'Whaf's the Use George'Braham. ~o." «"Under ovet.").', ",... :. ;954.Oiseau:x:, aprice, op 11,. :, Blumenthal I 997 Oiseaux 'Armenonville, Lts Bachmann 7.$ S 558' o Jestier:Vivi (Arr. frorij.attija).. " G.'Verdi 786 Old Acquaintance (March) : '.Fl. 1. Repp ' 290a,Old 'Arm hair Henry Russell' 936a Old Black Joe (Thr~~ verses) ".. F6Ster' 14.Old Black Joe ;..... Gimbel' 1 (araphrase' de oncert, op' 33.). p. 202a Old athedral :. ; William A. Gaylor A li5. Old hurch. Bell, The, Key.of F...Wm. Gooch 1 (For Bass or ontralto;),. : 12 Olel ominion March ;".. H. A.. Vossellllt 1)937.' Old"Eli Two. Step '.'. Fitch BOl"deil p O~d-Fashioned,'Mother. ;.,:. :hauncey Olcott o 1412,Old Father Time (King odo)'... Gustilv b~ders 1'5 p. 1885,,Old Folks at Home.',.,:..,:.: '.. :;.'.'.. r' '1 (oneetl ataphrase.!)y hahes Kt1nket'), old, FJ>iends Are Best Smythe..(Ma.ndolinaccom~animent.),.'. 7.old Hundred1... :.. '.:.::.::.. :.. :...' Old Hundred (and four others) Two verses each 48 01<1 Hundred... '... '"' :.../...::.. I :Rive-King (a,raphrase de oncert..). OJ.,! 'd,801 Old Jay-Bird... ;... j; ".,.;, ;',';. Wathall '. (olone1'ssong, from "Sliltarlllof, SU1ll."), 934a Old Kentucky Home '.' Stephen Foster, ' ; (Three,verses.) '. '.,...,. 156p Old Mother Goose (Royal hef).~en M.. Jerome 10 Old Oaken Bucket (J;'r:ans<;ription).. r,meacham 571a Qld Oaj(~~. Bucket : c' ",...-.-, 7j).' Transcription 'by T.. Ryder..

57 1I8 ALHAB~TJAL ARRA,NGEMENT. p. ~674,Old.oaken ;Bucket~V<Lriation5').;, :'].A.,Snow 1s S 880.0Hvll,t (Three, verses)..,..,,...",..., Mason; 5' 922, Olivet (p.nd fourdthecs). Two verges.each ;:...'...1:,' '590. OlmoWalt,..:,,J.' M.:.-Rbhe'rtsonc.' 15 6<L 0 M<L h<lrm<lnte, Ep'lrgnez, :Moi.'I!... ;:.:.:.. j "'-. j i.'b M. :Gottsch<Llk,(0, My h<lrmer, Sp<Lre:Men<Lprice:),~,., 'I 344 Omar, ;,,:William'!Loraine (Oriental. Jntermezzo, op 3~ No. 8.) I.'. j.': 1 (, Omhre, L' (Overturc).,.. :,.::..-t.,...:.flotow ,Omepa Intermezzo.. ;,...,.. I,:...,..:..Hartz p 483,Omph'lle (hant.de Flleuse)...'.".., Eachmanl\;. 1102' On a S,ta~light Night..... l\l Melville Ellis '.. (Roger~. ~ros. in London.)'..,., " 245<1 On a Sunday Afternool1 Harry von. :Titzer p 86~b On Blooming Meadows. ', i Julie RiveJKling 'I (oncert Waltz.) ', On Broadway in ahomey Bye and Bye.. Johns 2020 Once Again (Ballad) I.'...t. ' : Sullivan Once in a Life :,..': L Ronald; 5G> p 998a.Once in a i urple Twilight,Eugene owles o ce Too Often Sydney ojones (My Lady Molly, Act II.) / 92IOndine (Etude) Rubinstein 936 Ondine, op 35 :, ; Schulhoff 531 o,ndine Valse Arahesque (B flat).anton StnHezki 9 On ress arade (Two Step). '. E. Toledo 321 On uty (March and Two Step).. George: Rosey, 868 One Heart. One Mind (The Yorke).:... Strauss 3 2 5a, On Emancipation ay Will Marion,ook. ("In ahomey.") '..'.,., One Summer's <ty...justus 'Ringleben, Jr:., (An Idyl.).,, '.' \ S 809 One Sweetly lemn Tho\lght. ' Ambrose SI S 884 One Sweetly lemn Thought: hillips a One That He Loves Best.... Edward W. orliss I (March song, "The Show Gir1.'~)' On Jersey Shove (March) Ai-thur ryor 1547 On Lalawana's,Shore, Rosamond' Johnson (Humpty-umpty.) '. ~~ 62a Only a Rosebud Rama 1215 Only a ldier Boy : has. W. oty'. c Only One Girl in the World' far Me...'. Mation 7~ p Only To-night :~ ".. ;.'. i.. :.. '" Molloy' '982 Ontario Beach March " : lement': ; 804a'On.the Banks'of the Wabash 'Fat Away... ~....'... aul resser' o 1363 On the Beach at Narragansett... : ;i.. " Kerker I Teach. Me How to Kiss, ear; When We' Are Married. ' '., (Belle of New Yark.) 188 On the Billows, op 91, NO.2.;. Ludwig Schytte,p 53!;) On the Black River (escriptive Mazllrkaj.osta 'I IIo6 Ori the Boulevard : A. Miiller-N Q~den. ("Whoop-de-doo.")..' On the Levee (African Two Step)... 11'.:I.,Hall p, On' the Nile... ~... ','..,... Fred H.. :$h'e~hard' 7;; (Intermezzo Oriental.) '.': " '. ' 869 a On the rail?-en~de '''','...,..". :.Yict6r Herbert 7S.A.Z.HABEllIAL ARRANGE.:MENlf. < ,: On the Road to Mandalay>... i J,,-..Frince' 1, 1/),., (Four verses.)...,j'.,i'",,;,/:; ",":,' '! '~-a:.'on! the. Sweedway... ".. ; Leonard J.' :Lewihson,! ",. ; '(March. and Two Step,), ";,, ;i",')" " ' 2:16 On. to,the Battle. (Man;h) didward ' Holst! I: I 761: 'ion" Trek'(Barn ance) '. ~.,ercy' uld,,,s; g' Onward, hristian ldiers..';"j. i;':.suilivan, ' " 10 -Ooldngi:Li. i.' '.,.:, Jos; ie, Miller" ; 292. Oom.aul! KtugeJ.1, 'Mardl..:.. ~;I;:.. G.t! TraugQti i " Ii i1l0 is 5(j.s;n,O:JaJadise.. i.v '.',,;;.;:,.;.:.:Barnby o 5Q,9 Operatio;otpourri.i.. :;.:...'.'..'i;.i;,~'., ' 0,,,p j 6'46 0phe1ia:, 6 13, NO.2... ;.'.."" """Ul.--} '.' ";.L, ragon:.fly, op,13, N 0..,1.... i",;... Nevin.: 1' 230a 0 romise Me, op,'. Reginald, de Koven '' &SltJOrage, L', op ~ Sydne!V..Smitb; 1');0. (TheSt@rm at Sea.),.. f ': S 9T.'1' Ora prionobis,... iccolg>mini.is 0'1497; Orchid, (Selection) 1 J. aryll.and, 'Montkton, 1 Introducing: Off. to the,ball; Ad.~ertise" 'J ments; Oh,. Mr, Registvar~.,Little Mary;, Fancy ress;. ome Along 'with Me; From. Far eru; BedeIia; Finale, ActL" '..., 1567 O'Reilly (Royal heo.,,..,~enr M. Jerome S' 8 0 Rest in the Lord 'ii >.,.Mendelssohn. l'. (Elijah.. Trans. by Michael W,a,tSQU,) '" / 4Ia Oriental Echoes.....George Rosey.,',,{March and. Two Step,) ; ','. i 'i < ". 9.0-ri<mtaIM.ar.ch ;.,.,..J" c.oo,haj1dl,~i 1..r> 56i:, Oriental Street Life and;turkish MardI>';"Krol'lk ' ' 565.OriginalRags., ;.. Jop!in-:Q<lniels 194& Original..,Shirtwaist, oon... Will,.Wuthenow".,.p, 2060.Orizaba (MexicanIl1tennezzo).. James G.;ewey,, o 16 Orphe.e au:j.{ Enfers f'otpourri).;...j-offenbach,1'.,.(orpheu.s in der.unterwelt;) ;..:', :' I.0, 122$Orphee.aux Eufers (Selecti<::ins) Offenbach! I( ~ : Orphe.us (Overture),, Offenbach,! 1, ' o 512, (I)rphee aux Enfel's. (Fantaisie)... SydnAYi, Smi,th, I ;.0, 1230 Orphee aux Enfers-Eutr' Acttl;, Quand iane escend; AUK.Armesldieu; our I>eduire...,,:,.' ),r;' '.. :, Offenba.ch LOO o 1352 Otpheusland, Euri1ii,ct},... 1:;..'...,. ~. " Gluck,;p,,..(Aria...,-1 Have Lost My EuricLwe:.~ I.,;. / 7?23JfOJ salildll.auf.der.haide.dort.>,.~'... Io~' I'pO,-.; Ii'",'" Trans. by.gustav L<Lnge..., I,!, :s '557"0. S.aIutaris (MesselenntlI1e).., Ross-ini, I.-S 522'. Ol'Saviour of.the World.,, ]O!\I1;GpsS, '; Schoner Mai!(Walx er) ]olij.'a,ni). Strauss 1,,5 SI8!' Q"Shining Light...: ;.. ".Sp~noor,MaIn\> : " ~8Ia'.o,s!.ll']:llwa! (lan.tation Sqng),'1.'. I ; p Tannebaum (Three ve(ses) ",' 'ii".--'- 1 :""r ;.StiII~.N~<;ht.(Thr~e.v.erses.}:!.;,;, ".\...,1 " 'p 519 Otello (easants'" lwrus----,',frans,.).:..,.', Hottman.0 5IM;' Otello. (Roma.n~e),... ","" f, Rossini 1,\c' ",;' T~<wscripti?n, 5, by IiaQer1;Ji17(', I,'~,;.' q Q42 Otello (reghlera) '.' ~. '.,.. "" Rossll1~....','(arap!j,iase by M. Stra:kosch;Op 36.>:; ",'. : "'0 1d~.~,. et~lib:',!\t' ~f. (Ave, ~.aria} :: :,". ','c. ~.Verdi:. ;.p 7\fsa '0 Thaler welt, Hohen Mimdel'Ssohrt I ;!:it"r:i''i1rans.i 6 I13, by G. Lange:;:.'~ :",: 'I, 436 Our itector March..."...,... l '. F. K Bi:ge10~ '1

58 , uo UHABETIAL,ARRANGEMENT. 967,,Our, Governor, March., i,.. ; Gearen: 1793 Out on the eep h.,".;.f, N. Lohr,0 II64, :Ouverttire omique,.:..,.,,,..... Keler-1B~.~.a 1( o 1208 Ouverture Romantique.' i,;..'... Keler-Bela I 958 Over-Run'Two Step ~'..Mrs. W. A. Byrne 1,, 960 OverttJIre in (In,Memoriam:) ;. Arthur: Sullivan' 1t Overture,(Spring) """.'... ;. J..'.,..,... Nembach I ~5,S 86 4,0 What Beauty, Lar,d, Appears.. i.m.,a..:gijsi~ul ',,0' Who Shall Say That 'L(i)ve,Is: ruel... :.. ',",..,' (Merrie,England, Act II.) " E,.Gfttlm~n: 15, p, 215 OYauthl.o. Roseate, Golden,Youth!..:..".,.,..'..,,,, : (Rondo,Gracieux.),,J1enry,May!atj1., : : Oysters, and lams., i. Theo. Morse ' (The Ragtitne Oyster Man.)." " 893' 'iacifill: Waves Waltz.,......, A..H;.Kiayton: 613 adishah March (ersian March) '..:Loraine,p 140' aganini, op. IS, HQward,B'orckw~y,,(::, I60i"i.l?a.gimihi Etude, No.,1..., '... :.. :.. LiS7jt,,I 161' ag-anini 'Etude; No ,..,.'. ; ';.: Liszl: I 437;.; aganini. Etude.. Key of,e...ill.. i.. i..; Liszt 488, agartiijji:,etude.,:a minot.i ;..' Liszt o 1536 agliacti, Selec!tiion,.~;;.. '...! ',' R. Leoncavallo. " (Am.,,bY' Theo.Mose:s Tobani.),",, '.":! 0: 738 Fagli..a<iti (rologue)... d'.'. ~.. ' '. Ri LeoncaiVallo.' A 299 agliadci rologue. Key:B...' Rliebmavali o o '0.:'0 "0 I 'IilO i, '0,,' (For,Bass.). ',,,',.:i,.,".. ','1' 38 a,gl!acc! Arioso' anio)..' ".R.,LJeoncavalIo 33 "aghaccl,ballatella ;...:R. blon1aval!o 658',aglilicci ;gerenadet(minuet}.;.',. R.,L~on1a'VaIlo" (9'5 11'" 'a.giiac:cijact L " ';.. R. Leonca'Vallo. I' ii(how' Fierce He 'Looked, and Watched Me-I) '0 I2I7! agliacci (buet; hot I.,Scene: 3J'..,..'Leoncavallo. ;: 'agliacci (Intermezzo, Gavotte)... Le~nca'vallo ' alace Guard, :M'arch Henri Stanislaus '! 1208' alermo QuadriHe,'Figs. r, 2; 3...has'd'A!lbc2]t. ' I': ' : 1 I~4. alermo Quadrille, Figsl 4, 5... :,has.. drwlbll.r111 I",'p Ion :altn' Branches.. '... : '.,i..,. Faure', go6:':alrtl Brartches (Les. Rameaux), "",.;:,.,.Faul:~' 11$0 "Fantaisie BriJ:1.ante:by' Ley.bach. i 'A ~8,. alm' Branc~es. B 'flal '.' :.. Faure. ": -""..'.. (For Bantone.. Aoco.mpall.1ment onl:y~») '",'.', A 281 alm (Bra';n~hes (Bas8. in A flat)...,1, (.]. Faure l" 1884 alms, The '.';'..:.o;;.,. :..,.harfus K:un;k~1; 1' al of Mine '.." '... d.; '.' J;5. Nathan ''I662 aloma,. La:(The ove) ; ;..:j' ;Ymdi.eT. '- "p 64Ia 'aloma, La (The ove)j.,',.~";,,,.. Yradier; 1' ', ')Jlia JllSciription.\}y T'redhe.::"I:,.(j,',i., ; ;.; i: :. 808' :anama -G:rwo Step Militairer.:; J...,:.MJ..j-llnk<l!:: r,: 393. an-american ;0;'.<...':.':;,i~... :. :; r;.. Th~9: H~h '!5 0 "I,. ('March and"two Step.) "i;';,.,,;::;,!: '.. "'".1 " 64 0 a )'arpmericana, '.1..'; '.; ' i '.'..'.He.'rbert '"", ~Ma'rceati'itrat~tistjque:-)". ",;, ":';:,: ('? 'I j6'1' ':in-ameri<;:an Exposition March.. }os.::w) G;tue 1. _.,p Ia anateha' (An "tntermezizby:.. :WiHian{ Loraine "6' "" I '",".," ',>',l 'd' J I,p 60 a~&:f~terf?p~oi:.;;:.'i:,i,:~:...:.:..;l":uodar roo I5~~,Fanst' Faces.,'. "', ':,_ ")i.'j" ~ ' Wl!lla!FuH;,,ef.: ~?5 'c p IJf!5 ll',im~y.(enseemu,si<;l,lle) <?p...16"';" f',.;.:qt;y..p. '1 r888 ansy (Reve.de), ;. Alber,t:,ljIartmann I '.p 516a antomijrne, op 156 ;: :. ;.,em NttilShl~t ' All;HA::J3ETIAIr, ARRANGEMENT. 121 ~ 795arl',.pilIon, Le (The Butterfly).. Sam'l S. Aronson 1. '. fl', (Valse, de oncert op 69:).,, '. " 343,(,Ra,pi!l(UI,.Le, op 302, No: 3..',... ~...,...c:. Bohm",' '.: " (1,\1e Butterfly.) '..,':, p 568,)a{}illon, Le (The, Butter tjy),,,' ~r~g',. 534rr,apillon, :-Le (The Bl1tterfl~) "'.' '.LayaIIe,. ' BapiIIon, I.e (Ballet) J. Qffen!rach,. I :29,.,.': (Arr. Ifor (our hands byji, 13urgmu.tler.) '~' ) I,' " (V",lse.de Salon.).;' p: 899b,apiUonne,..... ",.i~. :Frn.nci~. :rh:ome ".1 ', 71'; BapiII'(lns, op 9..,...,.,. 'j'....,. '..'1_ Eische:r:' I O<fl 65 apillons, Les, op 6, NO.2. " "... '. W, :G:01dner p. 743",,lpillons...,:...[..,.,...,':.,.:..,.'.Rosenthal" ' G - 634, apillons,d'amour, ap 59. '\'o. 2.Edolilard Sch,aett ',,. f. (A la bien.aimee. Valse.).J. ' I: 136 apillans,. cj(j' 2. ','.. i.:.. '. ' '.. S.c;humann I F.; 687. apillo,ns, Rosas, op, 59, 'NO.2 1, Thorne 7$ 1 B ; 443',aplrtta, La (ance aprice), 4'. arade,militaire.. Key of Thos, S., Allen, J., Massemet. " ' 0.,, a-lligraph;,nt. (Overture), Suppe,, 1. p"., 136a,arais a ta Fenetre (Ser~nade) Loui$ Grelgh,'I Ol!li I040 arander,(ls, Los (olka).,.., ': E..Navarro " a. 585 ardon de!oermdj,:\,lerceuse,op 88.. lvieyerbeer. Transcription by Kruger.. ' 773 arfum,des Roses' (Valse Elegante).., Leybach, p" 835a ad(lm, discret, ap 24.., aul upont '. :.,.. (Intermt<:zzo.),...,.. 1 r66,atisiain: Skirt Fling and etticoat ance.. "..,,,,;. I '.':. Edlet & Roseqfeld'" 1 I} I203:,,ar o les:d)\mqllr(love ng), ap 4II....Tobani 1: 0: 62J ':Far\,ifa!" (-araphrase by Heintz) Wag-nerr 5(l1 O' 6 :"arsifal". (Marche SalennelIe} Wagner",I 2!i!... Tral1Scription by Liszt. I arsifal (Vorspiel)..' ' ; \ ",..Wagner I o 906"arsifi1I-Act.I.....': :,.., Wag-mer I 5(1',', (Einzug in die Gralsburg.) \, 0., 912: arsi al--'-act 1. (Amfortas)... : ~, \Yagher; ;,1:., 913 arsifal-act I. (as Heilthllm)., ;.:Wagner 7S 0. 9I4"atsifal-Act I. (er SQhwan),.;.,.. "";Wagner :i OO! 0, 915 arsifal-act I. (as hiebes-mahl)... Ai\{ag'I'Ier ~i SI o 908 arsifal-act II. (ie. 'Bht111,enmadcnell.), W'agner I 0; 9I6arsi a1f--,aet1 H; {GlingsOt und arsifal).wagner,i 511: o 909 arsifal-act II. (Herzeliede)... >.,!Wagner' 7S 0.. fj07' arsifalc-actn L, (harfreitags Zauber,).,Wagner' I ', o 9Il' arsifal-act IlJ, (ie ~ErIosungf).,... '...Wagner I 2S Q- 9Io;arsifal-,-Act ITL{Titurel's Todtenfeiei);Wagtrer : o 12ro..atl>ifal'--Acti r.:;...,.,...)... ;. '" '-':.'.." I. Wagner 1 (March and onsecration of!the'igratt}, o I2II.. atsifajc-act IL (Flow,et'Scene)....of.;Wagper,, o 940 arsifal (FIQwer Mcaidens' horus)"... Wagner.. A rr. for. piano by.maurice,arnold.'. ' ', '. 66I',i!'?a:s des Amphores haminade. :(Air de Ballet, No.2.). " o $39: as des Fleurs (Waltz, from Naila),I..,.. l'lipes,i IIg6,;E'aa d'espagne, O:3:...', I... ',.. ' etloff 7" III9 as des atineuts (Schottisthe) Foster 4 as des atineurs (Skating), _..,.;Edouard,JOllve I. 4a asionaria,anza {assion Flqwer).;.Jose, San'cho. 76, po, 2 asq~ti~a(!h!:'! 1,,,.,Gcrhsch;alk,,. il. oor 589 asse Lointaoine, 0p' 72, 'No. 7,.;..Tsci1.3,i)wwsky I co

59 122 ' AL!HA"B~TIAL.ARRANGEMENT.' co' 369' asse'pied '1i1' E min'or: '. >.. :..:...:.:'.:!:B ach 1901 as Serpentin (Bluette).' '.Ludwig Grossman 938' assink Review March '-".:... :.-..:,,odwotth' 963 assing Show Waltzes..., :'.:..". '.'... Englander ' 1127 ass9' Sperare? (Schottische):.. : Lugi.Logh'eder. 904a ~5t and Future, op 72, R'de Koven p. 13 astorale ::.:. : Bendel: 692 astorale (Transcribed by F. Archer)..1\., Mailly 231 astorale : :.- Scarlai:ti-1'~\lsi&, p. 690a as~prale Ertfantme, op 12. hammade p' l'astorella, La, op 21, No. 6.':E. Nevin..(Montepiano.) " G I99aastortilla ell' Alpi, La (Tirolese).. :. '.':Liszt 0' 785 atience otpourri Sullivan o 791 "atience." Act 1. horus of Maidens.. Sullivan. (Twenty Lovesick Maidens We.) 7S i 1 od i ' ' '. ' 4 ' r ' 566 atil1"hrs. Les (The Skaters) (Waltz).Waldtetifel I sot 516 'atrol omique Hindley 1 : 536 atroness (Valse).' ::'. Theo. Metz" r ' 334' atrouille. La (March) G. Rachma\:m '1:' '17 attison Waltz ng.'.' attison i ' o 1163 aul and Virginia Vidor Masse'.' (uet-by What harm?) avana Emilio Scanavino 338 avane favorite de Louis XIV., op 1.. Frederic' Brisson I od' 149 avane (Forlane. op 26)....'..,..'.., :hausson I 623 avane, 0p: 'F sharp minor, Gabriel 'Faure '1 ' 686' avane H. T. Sharpe t46 "av~ne Nahum Stetson 405 eace Forever (March and Two Step) Lacalle ' 539' 'eaceful Henry (A' slow drag) Kelly o 1427 eace, eace,!.i Lionel 'Monckton I (ountry Girl-Act IT.) i: 373 eacherino (Three Step) Hen'ry 'cllafie1d ' I6r earl of the North (Mazhrka) J: Ascher '('2083 'earls and Ruhies..- Tito Mattei I'... (Mazurka de Saldn.) p. 540 ':e'cadora,la (Habanera) ~,.. ',... o!;ta:' o 592 echeurs de' erjes,' Les,., :Bizet I ' I Transtt\ption by Vilbac:.. 9I5a"eculiar, Isn't It? Very1., '.. Ltidwig Englander ''''(l'the adet Giil.").:. ',. '.,' '. o 17 'eet',gynt', op 46 (Nos. I and 2) Griegr '._~'--', (aybreak. The.:eath of Aase.),,' I. '" '24"eerGynt,'op 46. Nos: :3 'and Grieg ''.., (Anitra's ance..the Hall' of the,mountain KJing.)' '..,' '.' ;' 529 "ee'r Gynt, op 46, NO.3...'....'... Grieg' (Anitra's ance. Arr. (or four hands.) 952 eer Gynt. Suite IL, op 35, No. I. Edward Grieg (er Brautraub. ' Ingrides Klage. G minor.) ' 948 eeigynt, Suite II., op 55 E dward Grieg, l NO.3. eer Gynt Heimkehr. Sturmisches. Abend der Kiiste.), (No. 41 lvejgs Lied.).".. o 886 eggy from aris (Selection). ;William Loraine I i' Feggy from ari s...,...,..wijlliam Loraine. ' "., (We're True 'to the ollege ays.) 1 ti Ai.llt'HABETIA,L A!~RAN(j-EMEN1f, o 813',eggy' from aris : '.';WilJiain' 'Lodine (I Like You, Lil, for Fair.)':..'. o 8Ii.,eggy fiom atis (Henny).'...William LdrlJ.int peggy from aris (My EmmaleenrWm. Lodine" or ISO!) <e ggy born aris,; I...William I Ldi:aine (Regular Limited Train.).. i'!,,q 122&' eggy. O'Neal'WahJ:zes! ',H. B.Bianke'I do 2l84 ekin (Rag' Inte'rrnrez:zo) '.: Jde Jordan 1202 Fensacola.kkatiinnies..'.,,.- ;. :'Srriythe I (For banjo attachment.).' I ' c: I92a e1'lsee I Fu~itive, op 66; NO.1 Moszkowskl?5. (F sharp minor.) I88a ensee'.fugitive, op 66, NO.2...,. MoszkovVski (Key E.).. 190a ensee Fugitive, op 66, NO.3... : Moszkowski.' (Key F.), ;p 210 ensee (Intermede, op 83) harles' G6dard 307' ensee, La, op 21, NO.2 J. Blumenthal po 76Ia ensee oetique L M. Gottschalk r66aenseroso, II. sharj'lminor :.- Liszt 1851 epita.- has. R Schaefer p epita Maguire,,.J. B. Mullert 1062 ej,uen~ olka M!litar.' G.J;Jiez : 23 erfection ortfolio R0Jl, No. '1,, : 1 1. etit apota[ (uchess of antzic).. aryl!.. 2. TIet's AI! Go Up to Maud's... Kerry' Mills 3. Absinthe Frappe (It Happened in N ordlarid) Herbert 4. Gaineof Love (Higgledy-iggledy).. :.... Arr. by Frederick Hopkins. Maurice Levi o 969 eri.chole, La. (Act I.) (Letter ng).. Offellba.Jl : encon NalOnal Leopoldo mz I Q 59 1 erle du Bresil, Le ; avid:. (Thou Brilliant Bird.) 144a erpetuum Mobile, op III, NO.2... ::::... (E flat.) Bernhard Wolff 7S ' erplexity :, Harry McLellan 1749' erry's Victory ardella 1962 :ersiflage.. :,.' W: T. Francis I I98a esca, La (Notturrio).. A flat '... :.. Liszt 13 10,eter iper,.. l,.i,;s, R, Henry 123 7'S ~5 (Two Step and' t:haracter1stic.march':) 317 etersburger Schlitterif:ihrt., :Ridhard Eilenberg ",(Sleighbell Tinkle.)... ',: i',. o 1513 eti.t apo!'al (uchess ofantzi~;):.:rvab'aryll, ~5 '263et.lte Babillard.e (Rondo,op 66). '.' ':.. Mosc'heJe:s I 118 etite Mazurka.) '.,.' i,..' i SapelJ11lkoff.p etite RJ0nde,.op 37, No.5...reyschock etite Scene de Ballet.- i F.' Hi iowen 5 p, ' 3 1 etite Sylphide, op 153, NO.3 Meyer~Hermtl11d 67 0a etite Valse, op 20, Noj 2 ;. ercy' Johnson ' 5 (Romance, op 20, No. '5,) feifer olka...,.,.,... :..! G. 'Kerker.haeton (oemesymphonique) isaint"sa'ens..1,hantaisiestiicke, op 12 ' :.. Schumann ' (Aufschwung.). 1022,hatasiestiicke, op 12, No.8. '. ; :...R.'Scnumann 1 23 (Ende vom Lied.) '.'.' [; 102~' I hatasmagorie, op 56, NO.5... M. Moszkowski ; (Arr. for four hands.)

60 124 Afl,~HAJ3ETlO:.&k ~RlVA'N'GE'MENJl. A:LHABETIAL ARRAINGEMiSNT. l26 '532",halltom, atrol..,.,."... ;.,.::. rfaal TietJens ;;. ' ("Wizard of -OM."). '1,; " 'J." : :. 29~,;":hantom$;,O IS,. NO.3:...Mrs. H. hi. A. Beach 5c1 Q 66;phedr~.(Overture)....,.J,. ;:,.'. J, Massenet 1 Q 698.hil~rno,n ~t,baucis (Vulcan's ng)..., Gotinodi (At the SmithY"),I,,"'.',,'j.' A, 53Q',hilemon et Baucis (B, kit minor):... Gou!lOd" i5,,',,. Armorer's ng.,(for' Ba,ss~),~ '. I.',,~... o ISlg,.hilharmonic Echocs. ",.;;Theo. Moses 'Tobani.I 5b (otpourri.), p~ 186Q' hilomdla Waltz ng,.. :.Kate Vanderpoel: 174 hilopena, op 292, NO.2 ;Gustav, Lange 48giEhilop0enq (Waltz), op 3.',,:;.W. G. VotteleI' 1 o II27 hiltre, Le (Overture) ' ;.. Auber 1, 1966: J?htenologist oon.. : Will Accooe 63 hroso Waltzes Wm. Furst I I 095,hy-llis " Terry 203hyUi$,Waltzes '.', Max. S; Witt 1 ]) 27I' '. picador Marah ;!,;usa ' 634 ickanilmy hristeni.ng :..,Wiley r:., :-(March and Two Step.) ]) 4~r!l;'i<:kaninny's Serenade Aronson (Ethiopian ance.),. 327a ;f'ickwick lub i.-, Manuel, Klein, 2299 icnic for Two 'j.,... Albert von Tilzer 834<1 piptufe in My. Heart,,.. ; "Rohner 1024" ~ece,rococo, op 36, No. I..,J.. M. Moszko\'Vski 38~ piece' :Rustique, op 30, No.8 Moszkowski 662 ierrette (Air de Ballet) haminade 735. ierr.ot AltiouretlX.. ~ '.., :,.'. Otto! Hackh, (llumorl;1sque F.. nta~tique:),. '.. " 5 p' IS, ierrot Gavotte (aprice) Lachallme",' 1, 136a,ierrot, op 34, No. I. B f1at., Arthur..Foote, 9I4 iesn Wieczorna. Key G.. St..nislawa Moniuszko 1.. (hant du SQir..).. ". '., 1351 "iff! aff! ouf!" (Selection)...Jea,n Schwartz I, ; Introducing: Say Good-Night,All Night; '1,on't Want Any Wijrtzb.urget; Under thll Goo' Go'o Tree; Since. Little olly, imple Made.a Hit; iff! aff! ouf!;,melancholy " ' Sunbeam and the Rose; Ghost,That Neveli' Walked; Radium.ance. Arr.,by Frank. Saddler. p' 1341 "iff! aff! ouf1",.; Jean, Schwartz I (Radium ante.)..' p 1344 "iff! aff! oufl" Jean SchWartz.,,. (Ghost That Neyer Walked.) 153;1 "ifh,j>aff! ouf!" :Jean Schwartz" 1 ",!!', (I: on't Want Any Wiirtzburger.) 883, Hilarcita, La {Valse),., A.. Lacha\1me 1 {j:. 140a,. iig.ims' ng of. Hope..Key of G.. E. Batiste 'I ob Transcription. by Jules, desivrai. p 152itnpante olka, Gessler,1 o,779;; '!Einafore" (otpourri) o; : Sullivan 1 (;>, '957,. J.~\inafore" ' :. Sullivan' I Transcription by orn. o 13 "inafore;" (Finale. Aot L) Sullivan" I o 1326 "inafore." (Finale. Act II.) ;..:Sullivan.~ 6881L,i'ng ong,.:....'. Wm.. H.enJ1' (haracteristic astime.)., 593, ing ong, NO.2... Arranged by Ben!M; Jetbme I 2S (Medley Lanciers.Figs. 4 and5.),'l', ' o 1428 ink Hungarian Band." Liond:. Mon-ckton ("ountry Girl." Act 11.)" '.j. ro83 ique ame Overture,.' '..';;.Silp'pe 777 "irates of enzanc,"' (otpourri) -,."A/ Sullivan o II47:;"irates of enzance" (Overture). '.: '...SuHivan 441 izzicato olka Johann & Josef Strauss p 293 izzicato Valse. op 38, No.,I.. :Edoliard; ScHuettt o roi5 lain Mamie O'Hooley.:.'... Ludwig Englander ("Office Boy.")...."" 781 laisanterie (olka' March) ',0. ''' atraus 2S 47a laisir d'amour (Waltz).. ',.rvan' c<iryll, Sb 262 laisirs. du N egre, Les :. ~1on'Arnoldi' 7'5 (Negro leasures. anse caracteristicl1i e.). : 9 lantation ance ; Evangeline' FroweJ1 IS94 layful Willie Laurent L. omes 7~ (Slow rag.)'" '. 15 lease ome and lay in My yard. Thed F: Monse E 276a lease Let Me Sleep ' James T. Brymm S 24a lein arriere (Galop) :): ',Bohm '54 8 leyel's Hymn (Three verses). ' ; '.. ;.~..~ a liny, ome Kiss Yo' Baby ave Reed, Jr. S33 a luie de erles; La, op 61 G. A. Osborne (Valse Brillante.),.. 317luie de Roses. La, op Kolling. (ImpromQ.tu.).., aoeme de Mai, op 67, No. I Moszklbwski I (B flat.), '.\ 82.~ oeme astorale (Idyll) : :. Jakobowski o 778, "oet and easant" (Overture) Fr. von Suppe' I (ichter und Bauer.),,',,'.. 606a oetic Thoughts " Otto"" Floersheim olacca Brillante in A flat., ;.. Bbhm ' I 227 olacca de oncert, op 72, No. I.. Tschaiko'wskjr olacca, op 72 Weber I 82a olichinelle, op 3, NO.4..." S. Rachmaninoff I 1249 olicy Sam (Two Step)...,..,-, :Wannemacher 748 olish ance, op 3, No. I, Scharwenka.,p 8S2b olish National ance, Xaver Schatwimka (Op. 9, No. I.) ob 87<;Jb olish National ance Xaver Schar~~nka. ~Op. 9, ~o. 2.) '..... '. " 895b ollsh NatIOnal J.1)ance'..,: '.. XaV'er Stha'rw~nk.a 1 (Op: 9, NO.3 )',. j, 888b olish ance, O34,' Nq. '!'...X;tver'Seha-rwenka 889 olish ance, op 34, NO.2.. '.X';lver Sch'arwenka 636 olish ance, op 52,. \.' : ",'.. ::R. 'Thoma 5. 0 roi4 olka dos' Fanto~hes ' :..,'. R. de 'Barros 'j'5 6 olka de oncett....'.. I. ;.' I: :~.'~Ba:ttlett 1' 293' olka de la om, op ros,..,frtiii.iz"bendei' I do 173" olka Miniature, op 23..,. AI'bet'f'Ee'l1Sch. IOS4 olka aprice ;. ','.R. Ed\vards ' 26 olka' des Marionettes.' : '... :.. Egghard ' 656 olka de oncert :.. Edw 'Hoffman 7S ' IZ olka' Mazurka, :-:.. ' :: Jarvis" I do 808 olka Noble :.., :, Joseffy'::I OO p 798 olka de Salon, op 353.' ' Kirchner' ' 890 olka aprice, op 23, No. I!. :.Wm. Mason 1

61 ,T26 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. I. olka.de la Reine, op '"... '.'.. Raff 477 olka Maroh (Two Step).. '...T.. Herbert Reed 234<1 olka oetique, op 8, No. 1.. Friedrich Smetana (E flat.), 235a olka oetique, op 8, No.2., Friedrioh Smetana (G.minor.) 2: a olka oetique, op 8, NO.3.. F~iedrich 'c Smetana., (A flat.) 59Ia olka Rococo, op 41 Wilson G; Smith _ (Scene. de Ballet.) 602 olka de Salon, op 9, No.' 2 Tschaikowsky 8 olka de oncert (Grand).. ; L Wallace, ; 138 olka de oncert, op 13 Wal1ace 714a olka di Bravura, op 10 H. A. Wollenhaupt 7S 234aolly Isidore Luckstone 1038 olly. Eyes of Old Yale Blue. ~..,. avid Stanley Smith 680 olly rim S. R. Henry ' 180.!II ( -,.. (haracteristic March and Two Step.) Ia olly-woily-oodle ---. (ngs of rinceton. Three verses.).949 olo Galop E. N.: atlin p 9 olonaise Elegante Bachmann 15 olonaise hopin I Ia. I 5'0 (Grand olonaise in E tlat. Op..!2 B.) 133 olonaise, op 26, No. I hopin I 151 'olonaise, op 26, -NO.2 hopin I 2S olonaise Militaire, op 40, No. I" hopin I 1'52 olonaise, op 40, NO.2, hopin I 291 olonaise, op 44. F sharp minor ' hopin I 132 olonaise, op 53, in A flat hopin I 3 olonaise-fantasie, op 61. A flat hopin I 182 olonaise, op 71, No. I..... hopin 18$ olonaise, op 71, NO.2 hopin. I 187 olonaise, op 71, NO.3 26a- olonaise, No. 11. (osthumous) hopin hopin I I (G sharp minor.) 16ga olonaise. Key : J esar ui. I 204 olonaise (From Third oncerto).,. John. Field "I SO 749 olonesa Andres Gaos olonaise, op 47, NO.4 Goldner. I 1485 olonaise, op Graben Hoffmann I.....("0,0 Teufeul."). 736 olonaise de la our, op 60 Ott< Hackh'. 524 olonaise Brillante (Grande) Eduard Holst a olonaise Max:. J entsh (Grand Fe.stival olonaise, op 24.).,. '. 377.olonaise (oncert olonaise). Karl Klindw;orth. I (Key of.) ". '! olonaise (Grande), op 194 ~ntski,. I olonais.e (Grand 'olonaise), op ", Konts~i I ~5 olonaise,. op 12 Kortheuer I : olonaise, op 46 olonaise in E, NO.2 i " '..Lac.k L-iszt I olonaise Brillante, op 1, No, 1.. A.J;..oeschhorn olonaise, op I I Mosz-kowski 1 olonaise, op 17, No. I "....Moszkowski I '. olonaise, o 5 olonaise, op 9, No ;pachuls!ci. I adere:wski ' I QO (Tance olskie.) "IS49' o II09 O:IIlO o 819 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT \ 610na'ise Heroique ' R/Vle'-King. p. ~69 )olonaise (oncert O]lJuaise, dp 6).. :,:, :nj.. 1 '. '\ II"; Hermann'Sch61tz. lao! 948 ( ~olonaise, op 44.. j :.,,. hulhoff 1 '., 206 I ~lonaise (Grand), in E minor "".,...St'tielezki a, olonaise.',. M. von Weber 1.;.,. (Grand olonaise in E flat, op 21.), 143 olonaise.... M. Wingfield ': 780. olo Norte (North olc} Jose 'Strigelli,,' I. (Skating.).', 523 omessa, La (anzonetta)., Liszt B'.; 1910 ''ompadour Gavotte.-. Gross :1041'. omp and ircumstance,' op 39, No. I..... "i ;,.' (Military March.) Edward Elgar ; 364. o/nponnette olka..,. ' Ernest GiJ,Jet 0' 981; ony Ballet ance Jean Schwartz ("Mr. Bluebeard.") oppies (A Japanese Romance) Neil Moret 1 opular Medley Overture, No opular Medley Overture, NO ore Lil Mose '.. Wm. H. Anstead (haracteristic ake Walk. March aii1d Two Step.) 1374 or Maria (For Mary) Antonio. odesta. Arranged 'by G. Grossi. tl9r' oster'girl', 'The (March Two Step)...Weasner I6a, oet Horrl (,Gal-op) H. Koenig Q osthumous Waltz hopin 917!t,ostludiurn. F major B. 'Luard Selby otpourri of opular Airs ' :. arker p 1I89I!.!1otpourri on Gypsy ngs ; Gwosdief p, '26, 'ottrquoi? (Why?) '.. Ascher :.. :.. (Melodie-Reverie, op 54, No.2.) 8r8'''ow-ow ;.. aul Rubens (ance of the hilippine Igorrotes.) S,. 902,,raise ng 'to Harmonie... F. Grant Gleason " (antata.) (Symphonic Allegro.) r rayer 'and' assion. Waltzes Grimm I034 'ream bule dt! Bal, op 41, No; 5 E. Schuett.(>F. sharp minor.). recambulum in G 1 Bach recieuse,... I, -: Ernest Gillet :retiosa (Overture) ;c.'.weber (Arranged for four hands.) A.. 148,,reghiera(rayer).Key of G Mascagni.. (For prano: or Tenor.)..,: '.', e,: 384 I\~elude;. A minor Bach, 778.llelude and Fugue in Emajor...' :,.,.l?'ach 335 relude, op 28, NO.3. Key of G,. hopin. }. I: :telude,.op 28, No. r2. G,sharp mlllor..q.ol)ln 5~a.Ereludes, op 28,.. hopin I' i(no. 4, E minor. NO.5. Keyof.; No; 6, " B rriililor.) ". (i.,..~.3'a':broludes. op hopin '>I',(No.8, F sharp minor.. No. 10, sharp. minor. No. II, Key of S.) :., c: 3291i relude. op 28, N OJ 13. F s~arp.,'",...hopin } relude, op 28, No. 20. mmor,.hopm 81 relude,op 28,.No. IS hopin 318,, Brel1tldc, op 28, No. r6. B flat.mino.r:... hopin '. I ooi 1 :J 1,: 1 1, 7$ 1

62 12.8. ALHABETIAL ARRANlTEMENT. 331 'relude; op 28, No. 17. A flat. ho'p!n}. ". relude, op 28, No. 19. E flat hopnt reltldes,ap 28. Nos. 20 and 21 hopin reludes, op 28. No. 21. tlat hop!t1j. } relude, op 28. No. 22. G Jnmor.. hopal 289' relude, op 28, No. 23 hopin 5 54a reludes, op 28 hopin i.. (No. 23, Key of F. No. 24, winor.)., '5sa:relude, 'op 45 ( sharp niinor) hopin 612 relude and Angel's Farewell.... E(lward Elgar I "'.: (ream of Gerontius,Op '38.) c 296,raeilldium, op 18, No. I Rubert Kahn S0l relude. op, 13. No, 1..,; ; Liadoff G' 27za reludio in Franz Liszt Frelude Melodi/ue, op 47 Mason relude and. Fugue, op 35 ;. ; Mendelssohn I ' (E minor.). 33a 're'jude and Fugue, op 35, NO.2..!VI endelssohn 1 ;' (Key of,),. 170 relude, op JS. NO.3 Mendc:dssohn ',' ' ',~Allcgro molto.), I23il?relttdes (Three reludes), op I04.. Mendelssohn 1 (Allegro molto e vivace.,allegro agitato. Allegro.vivace.) 4a reludio. op 47. G minor, M. Moszkowski I. 613 relude. Key.... ; Henry urcell 1.,". (Menuet, Key G. Allemallde" Key G.,ebell,.Key.), p' 587' l'reltlde, op 3, NO.2 :.. Rachmaninoff. 729 reludes, Les '.:,. :..!. Liszt 1 II 957 remier Mai. op 69 (May ay) '. Godard I B'I159,res de toi (Waltzes), op Emil Waldteufel I 82 res du Berceau, 'op 58, No.' 3,.. lvioszkowski p, 397" res du Ruisseau Ant. Rubinstein (By'the Brookside.) I ' t53 -"resident's March... " ".. Victor Herbert ]) 2 restissimo, op 67 (GalcJp) harles Godard 0' 'retenders (Selection) '...'..,. Kenneth S. lark I, lntrodueing; ipe reams;,retender's March; Hot Airy Mairy;'}u }u Land; GooserI), 'ibe.rry; School ays.,1,,'., ' : pc.: 1721': 'retty Girl, a Summer Night. ("Wang").. Morse' :,. I.Every Rose Must H ave Its Thorn; To Be a Lone Widow. [/- 16 'retty' Little inah Jones J. B. Mullen 1619 retty Little Squaw from Utah. ".' r.'",: Rosamond Johnson '1065 ',:rettx Maid Adelaide... '... Raymond Hubbell,'('Runaways.") " R'\ I4IaFretty Mollie Sh:annon Walter Wolff ':I4I4' re,usse,nlied. "Ich bin ein reusse".a. N..eithar~t} as Herz a'm Rhem : Wllh. HIll 1 ("Es lieght eine Krone in grlinen Rhein.") n', 703"'~ide of Hobohn (March), '. Fourier 1 97J; ride of the Army March Andrews 667, ride of the Navy' March : '",-,Andrews I42a riest's, March ("Athalia~') ;-Mendelssohn 13: 813 'rimavera de Amof.... aamano Aramburn.: ::-:',(Springtime of Love.) as 'de Quatre. cf' 659' '''rince Anahias" (Selections)...Victor Herbert I ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. 4.'iI "rince Ananias" (olka) Victor Herbert 129, "rince Ananias" (olka Mazurka). '...'..'..., (York.) Victor Herbert 448 rince harming Frederick N. Innes (March and Two Step.) o 1422 rice Igor (Overture) Alexandre Boro-dine o 776 rince Igor, Le (Marche) A. Bor'odine (Arranged for four hands.) 14 rince Methusalcm (Overture).. Johann Strauss 10 5 rince Methusalem (otpourri).. Johann Strauss o 98 "rince of ilspn" (Selections) Gustav Luders o 85,1 "rince of pjjsen".' LUders (Message of the Violet.) 0, 827 "rince of i!sen" Luders (Heidelberg Stein ng.), 77a "rince of ilsen" (Fall In) Luders,,(March and Two Step.) o 1445 "rince of ilsen" Gustav Luders (Tale of the Sea Shell.) a "rince of ilsen" LUders 79a (Tale of the Sea Shell. March and Two Step.) II39 "rince of ilsen" (Waltzes) Gustav Luders o 682 rincess Bonnie (Selections) Spencer rincess Ida Arthur Sullivan (rologue Finale.) O. 683 rincess Ida. Act I Arthur Sullivan (Quintet.) 718 o 928 rincess Illusion (Waltzes).. has. Smith Tarbox "rincess of Kensington" (Selections).E. German Arr. by an Godfrey, Jr. o 989 "rincess of Kensington" Edward German (Who That Knows How I Love You, Love.) o 990 "rincess of Kensington" Edward German (Oh, What Is Women's uty?) o 996 rincess Of Kensington Edward German 132 (Mountain Stood Like a Grim Outpost.) 544 rincess Royal Military Schottische.. Rosenfeld 1902 rincess Valse, op W. Goldner rinceton, ngs of _ Steps ng (Two verses). Integer Vitate (One verse). Old Nassau (Two verses) rinceton. ngs of _ Triangle ng. The Orange and the!llack. (Two verses each.), 797 rinceton Tiger, Gerald Burke (March and Two Step.) 471 rintemps d'amonr (Mazurka). ' (aprice de oncert.) L. M. Gottschalk p 893b rintemps. I.e' (Spring) Teresa arreno (Valse de Sakn.) 1151 rintemps, Le (Waltz) Geo. W. hesley 859 riscilla Waltz j. F. Gilder 4JO risoner and the Swallow A. roisez 867a rivate Tommy i\ tkins S. otter rize ake Walk of the BlackVille Swells. 22SJ o b W. V. Ullner I" liuenade, op 98, No. J haminade rnmetheus Overtllre, OJ> 43 B'eethoven romise of Life Frederick' H. owen Trans:' by harles (;odfrpv. Jr ' 1 r 1 I I 2j

63 130 A;LHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT _ "- o 88 rophete, Lc (otpourri) Meyerhel'r I SO o 1228 rophete, Le M eyerbl'er I Fantasil' by Sydney Smith rophetl', Le Meyerbeer I aprice by S. Thalberg. o 15 rophete, Le (oronation M an;h)... Mcyerbeer o 40' rophet, er (ie Bettlerin)... G. Meycrbeer (Romance.) o 608 rophete. Meyerbeer (hoeur.0'enfants et hoem general.) Transcription by AHred Jad!. 213 rophetic Bird, op 82, No Schtllilann 99 8 roposal March evinne 1070 roposal vvaltz 1lax reyfus p 2044 ropos de Bal Emil Sauer (Liebeswerben i1l1 Ballsaal.) roteus (Intermezzo 1.) B. Fairchild 1 (Hasty l)udding; Uub lay.) 319a rovenza1ischcs Minncli(',l. 13 Hat... Schumann (hanson l'rovencak.) TrailS. hy Liszt.' S 948 ull for the Shure (and five others) Bliss ulling Hard Against the Stream lifton p 67 2a unchinello " Victor Herbert ure as Snow (I(lyll). Lange 84 I'uritani, I (otponrri).v. Bellini o puritani (Introduction et ol()naise).,... Bellini Transcription by LiszL uritani. Bellini I (Fantasie Brillante by J. Leybach.) o 5 28 uritani (Quartette) Bellini-Thalberg I I : 41a No. 1. uritani.. _ Bellini I (Hexameron. Variations de B'ravourc.) 41a NO.2. uritani (Hexameron., -. " Bellini Variations de Bravoure.) I SO 187 urling Spring, op 70, No. ro Ludwig Schytte 2345 ut Me in My Little ell. Freuerick Rosse (Sergeant Brue.) 4 63' Quadrille (Jig Time) Mozart Allan Introducing; 0, As 1 vvas Kisscd Yestreen; I Off She Goes; St. atrick's ay; The Hare Among the orn; The Stool ot Repentance. 462 Quadrille (Reel Time) Mozart Allan Introducing; The Swallow; aptain Byng; I awdor Fair; orn Riggs; Timour the Tartar Quatuor, op 95 (f minor) Beethoven I (First movement. Allegro con hrio.. ) Quatuor, op 95 (1' minor) Beethoven I (Second movement. Allegro ma non troppo.) (Third movement. Allegro assai vivace.) 1045 Quatuor, op 95 (1' minor) Beethoven r (Fourth movement. Larghetto.) (Allegro agitato.) ' 85 2 Quartet tor Strings, op 131 ( sharp minor. art A Beethoven Adagio ma non I troppo e molto exprcssivo. Allegro molto vivace.) 95 8 Quartette, op 131, No. 14 (art ) Beethoven I Quatuor, op 132 (A minor)... " Beethoven I (First movement. Assai sostenuto. Allegro.)!I Ii t. \ ~i~ ( Ii ir I i ~ t I047 Quatuor, a/) I32 (A minor)" Beethoven 1048 (Second movenwnt. Allegro rna non troppo.) Quatuor, op 132 (A minor).. Beethovert 1049 (Third movement. J\lo1to adagio. Andante.) Quatuor, op 132 (A minor) '. Beethoven (Fourth movement. AHa marcia.) Quartet for Strings. op 27 (G minor)... Grieg (Romanze.). 862 Quartet for Strings. op II Tschaikowsky (Andante.) p 899a Quecn of Bohemia.; Jolm Stromberg 722 Quecn of Hearts Waltzes. A. Grimm o 49 Queen of Shp!Ja (0tpourri) eh. Gounod Arranged hy H. ramer. o 1374 Queen. of Sheba (Fantasie) Gounod o 632 Queen of Sheba (Berceuse) Gounod Transcription by Liszt. o Qu"n ot Sh"ba Gounod (avatina-1\tnre Regal in His Low Estate.) o o 1090 A n o 1378 llil.1661 SIS o o 58 2[ a Il 912 I S ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. 1.\1 (his grand son ohscurite.) Queen of Sheba harles Gounod (Ballet :Music, NO.4.) Qlleen of Sheba (Marche ortege)., ".. Gounod Queen of Sheba (A minor) Goul1od (Lend Me YO\1r Aiel. Fi,r prano.) Queen of Spades Tschaikowsky (uet-my earest Friend.) Queen of the Bungalow... Gus and Max Rogers ("Rogers Bros. in London.") Queen of the Earth ' iro insuti Queen of the Rag-Time (Two Step)... owers Queen 0' May Is rowned To-day... E. -German ("Merrie England." Act IT. Rustic ance.) Queen Simplicity ". M. H. Rosenfeld (Military Schottische.) Queen's Lace Handkerchief Strauss (otpourri.) Arrangpd by ramcr. Quiet Garden (Zigeunediec!). (Waltz ng.) Quietude (Romance) L. Gregh Quilting arty (ollege ngs)._ Quintet (Grand Quintet. OJ) 29) Beethoven (Allegro moderato.) Quintet for Strings, NO.3 (G minor).. ". Mozart (Allegro.) Quintet for Strings. NO.3 (G minor). ". Mozart (Menuetto.) Quintet for Strings, NO.3 (G minor)... Mozart (Adagio ma 110n troppo.) Quintet (larinet Quintet in A) (Larghetto. ) Mozart Qui Vive Galop W. Ganz Quo Vadis (Waltzes) Bowers Radetzky Marsch Johann Strauss Radiant Morn Hath assed Away '. (Anthem for Even ng.) If. H. Woodward Radium anee ("iff! aft! ouf!")... Schwartz Rafagas (Vl T inc!-gl1sts) (9th Valsp Boston.) esar Freire Rafferty (HM other Goose")... liftonrawtord I I. T I I ' I I I

64 13 2 AJ"HABETIAL ARRANGEMENT _. -"'--' ~ Rag-Knots (ake Walk and Two Step).. oleman ' 1 Rag' Medley Ben M. Jerome 1 ("At a Ragtime Reception.") 484 Rag-time rummer, has. Kuebler (March and Two Step.) 674a Ragtim~ Jimmy's Jancboree Ned Wayburn,(Medley of Syncopation.), 1188 Rag-time Rags Max H;affman I 820 Rag-time Sapho (Waltz) Jess T. owler 89 Rag-time Skedaddle G, Rosey (March and ake Walk.) 26 5 Rainbow ance George Rosey 583 Rajah (March and Two Step) Louka o II95 Rokaczy March Berlioz 87 Rakoczy March, Berlioz Transcription by Liszt. o li6 Rakoczy Overture, op 76 Keler-Bela I (Arranged for four hands.) 963a Rally Round the Flag.-- I Bugle alls and War ngs; Star Spangled Banner; ~arching Thro' Georgia; Tramp, Tramp, Tramp; When Johnnie omes Marching Home; ixie Rally Round the Flag (ano. live others)..,root 793 Rambling Mse.:....\olm F. Barth. (haracteristic March and Two Step.) 9 06 Rameaux, Les (The i'alms) Faure I (Fantasie ilrillante by LeybaclI.) A 281 Rameaux, Les (Bass in A flat) J. Faure 1029 Ramo de Ahazar, Un,..V. M.reza (Schottische.) 2078 Ramona (Roly oly) Lee Johnson o 121 Rantzau, it: (otponrri) ietro Mascagni I (Arr. fur four hands.) o II74 Rantzau, ie..,. Mascagni J (Brunen und lauderchor.) 6ga Rastlose Liebe (Restless Love) Schubert (Key of.) Tramcription by Liszt. 434 Rastus on arade Kerry Mills (March and Two Stcp.) o 631 Rat harmer of Hamelin N euendorff I (otpourri.) Raving 'Mr. Bluebeard") Theo. F. Morse o 1045 Raymund Overture, A. Thomas I 801 Razaza (Oriental Intermezzo) 606 (Marcil and Two Step.) Louis L. omstock Rebericas del Rio Adolph Jensen lon the Ranks of the Manzanares.) S 93 1 Recessional R. de Koven p 55 2 Recollections of Home S. B. Mills I 389 Reconnaisance, La (Nocturne) F. S. lark Red and Blue \;V. J. Goeckel S Redemption Gounod (From Thy Love as a Father.) S 556 Redemption Gounoel I (Unfold, Ye ortals.) o 894, "Red Feather" (Selection).. Reginald rle Koven I 5 o 89 8 ' "Red Feather" e Koven (uo-to all 'T'l,ef' Mine.) 7S 5~ ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. o 899 '''R'ed Feather" ' " c Koven (Tale of the High-born Rooster.)' o 9 :'Red Feather" (Garden of reams) e Koven S 941 Redhead (Hymn 184),_ (Hymns Ancient, and Modern.) R'edHussar Selections E. lomon o 71 Re di. Lahore ]. l'vj assenet,, : (Fantasie, rlramatique.) o 524 Arr. for fom hands by R. de Vilbac. Re, eli LahQre J. Massenet (Marche eleste, Act Ill.) A 512 Re di Lapore, 11 (Baritone. G Aat)... Massenet (Act IV.,fior." ) Recitative and Aria. "0, casto p p 5 J Red, Roses,op 201, No. I 745a ReAets uu asse \Ballade) oring- Guttschalk S 944' Refrain Naif 865 Refuge Gabriel-Marie _ Jesus Lover of Yl:y ~oul;,'i~ock of Ages; Mercy-Gottschalk Hymn; Sun of My ul; I Luve to Tell the Story; Nearer, My God, to Thee., 20 5" Regatta (Two Step) " has. L. Van Barr p 83 1, Regatta Veneziana Rossini-Liszt S, ' Regina oeli. Regret,..aolo Giorza Lampe 973 Regrets, Les, op 18, reyschock 15 9: Regular Limited Train ("eggy From aris.") William Loraine 5, Reigen lilor;:hzeitl\lllsik) Adolf Jensen (Op 45, NO 3. Key G.) 632 Reine des oeurs (Valse) Waldteufel 347 Reine des Fees, op 42 Sydney Smith 195 Reiterlust, op 357 (Troope~s Joy.) Fritz Spindler. 785 'Remember Me (Nocturne) Brinkman I Il5 Remembranze eli assilla G.. apitani (Mazurka.) 656 No. 1. Reminiscences de Oll.Iua,I). Liszt o 656 NO.2. Reminiscences de on Juan '. ',' Liszt 656a Reminiscences' of England..., Free!. GoMrey T042' Reminiscences of Ireland.. "., Fred. Godfrey 2202 Reminiscences of Scotland Freel. Godfrey o 6 Reminiscence of Mig non Albert W. Berg I ISS Remolino, El (Vals), Amacio Alcorta 17 Rendezvous Waltz... Rosey J) 9116 Renee Waltzes.., " " ' Furst p 1'97j Rtil101lveau (Spring) Gouard Reponse it l'all1olu euse R. Berger (Valse Lente.) S 937 Requiem Mass... Mpzart (Requiem Aeternam with Kyrie ies Irae. ) 808 Requital Blumenthal S 948 Rescue the erishing (and five others)...oane ' 1277' Resignation (Valse Nu1Jle) aroline. Maben 2128 Resolution : Lassen} Were I a BIrd of AIr IIdlel S 841 Resurrection H. R. Shelley 2053: Rt.'turn, of, Spring Theo. Muelllng,. (olka Brilliante.) 133 J I 5Q,., I,

65 G ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. --~-' Rip Van Winkle Was a Lucky' Mart... Schwartz 6a ("Sleeping Beauty and the Beast.")., 2089 Rising of the Surf Franklin. F1<iliders 133 Ritual ngs for Lodge Use (America) 0...~- 133 Ritual ngs for Lodge Use 2 ~ (Auld Lang Syne.).' 13 9 Ritual ngs for Lodge Usc (entral)...~ op '133 2 ' Ritual ngs for Louge Use (New Haven)-'-,'--" p 262a 1 Ritual ngs for Lodge Use.., :. (Ode of \Vclco1l1c: 'Northing.) Two \iei'ses. p 13 5 Ritual ngs for Lodge Use......,.-,-----, 2 Opening' Ode-Rock of Ages; Ode of Wele come--worthing; Virtue, Mercy and ha.rity _Auld Lang Sync; losing Ode-Greenville. p 1337 Ritual ngs for Lodge Use -;-- I Opening Odc; Initiation-America;' losing.09 Ode-Italian Hymn; Installation--Auld Lang Syne. " 8a Ritual ngs for Lodge Use....'...',.'- '1 America ( I verse); Strain from Stars and Stripes Forever; Hear Father (1 verse); 0 Wrap the Flag Around :Me, Friends (I vertse); Vacant hair (I verse); Home, Sweet Home p 1333 (1 verse). Ritual ngs for Lodge Use I,...-l-----:- SO (Opening Ode.) 7 Roaming' in the Gloaniing has,. Blake I 26a (Reverie.). o 7 9 Robert Ie iable... 0 Me,ylirbe er I ' 8 (Bouquet de Melodies.) ;,. o 41 Robert Ie iable avatina... G. Meyerbeetr (Oh, Robert, Robert.) o 57 Robert Ie iable Meyerbeer' 1 (Robert, Idol of 1\1 y Heart.) Transcription by Liiw. J63 Robin Adair; Afton Water : 8..~ 179 Robin Adair Boieldien Robin Hood (Selections) Reginald. <le,i$..~ven, I 5 U o 14 Robin H (1 (Ovcrtnre)..,..Regin;ll,rl, (~e,' Koven I J6 895 Rohin Hood. Act 1 e l).ovenc:;'idncy I 89, Rohin Hood. Act 11 e. ~oven-::i!.<;lney;, Rohm Hoacl..Act 111 c Koven,-Staney I 5 o 13 Robin Hood,, e ;KsJVen. A Tailor There welt; Brown O'ctober Ale; Tinker's ng. '.. A 34 Robin Hoou (Armorer's ng)...,.ne 'Koven, 1. (For Bass. G minor.). o Robin Hood Reginald de Koven 1 (ountry ance.) Fantasie by Homer N. Bartle.tt. 57 0a Rohin's Return '.Leande r Fisher Rob Roy \V. M. Forste):. I. (Fantaisie on Scotch Airs.) o 1185 Rob Roy (Selections) : R. de Koven I 5l6 RoccO (from "Scenes du Bal").. S\;hnett za 1121 Rochapea (olka)... "...,zabal 0 154a' Rocher, Le, op 40, NO.9 E flat.. '.. esar, t)i I 5 Rock-a-bye Baby (Lullaby)... I,, Shelrlo.n ' 1699 Rocked in the radi of the eep...j., Knight. 7~ 5b 5bi 5 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. S 947 Rockingham. Hymn 317 (five verses)...-- (Hymns, Ancient and Modern.) p ~328 Rockin' in the Win' W. E. Nei(llinger.. (A Raccoon -Lullaby.) S 6 Rock of Ages Hastings S 865 Rock of Ages (and five others), --- S 951 Rock of Ages (Transcription).,.Jas. F. Freeman 2032' Rock of Ages (Varied) Ryder 779a Rococo Tanz. op 126 F. Bendel 135&. "Rogers Brothers in London" (Grand Selection). Arranged by Everett ]. Evans. ~) 746, "Rogers. Brothers in London".. Everett ]. Evans Mr. Breezy. (March and Two Step.) Introducing: By the Sycamore Tree; and Mr: Breezy. ri03 "Rogers Brothe.rs in London"... Max Hoffmann (Ry the SycamorcTree.) 2:214 "Rogers Brothers in aris" Selection... o... Arr. by Robt. Recker. Max Hoffmann o 817'."Rogers Rrothers in aris" Max Hoffm'ann '(March and Two Step.) 810. "Rogers Brothers in aris" Max Hoffmann.. Yankee Land. (March and Two Step.) o 14 _ Rogneda (How an I Stifle My. angs?).. Serow (Scene and uet of Ruald and St ranger.) o 71 ;Roi de Lahore, I.e J. Massenet (Fantasie ramatique.). Arranged for four hands by R. de Vilbac Roi de Lahore, 0 Massenet,(Act III, Marche eleste.) A 512.J)Roi lie Lahore J. Massenet Act IV. Recitative and Aria, "0 asto Fior," for Baritone. G flat. o 1049 Roi d'ys Overture Edouard Lalo 2290 Rollicking Girl, Selection 0..Introducing: Hussar March; Life.of Love; My Little Sunbeam Sue; Girl I Left in Boston Town; As We Swing, Sweet\1eart; Won't You Be My Lovey ovey; When Love Begins; Friends That are Good and True; on-,. tented aterpillar; losing horus. p' 992a ~oiling Rome to Bonnie Scotland.. Rene Farban 266.Ro,mance,and Tarantelle Brillante... Mosche1es (Op TO I.), 719 Romance for Violoncello Gaston ethier 552 k omance. op I, NO.4 Gabrilowitsch S19a.R9~Ilance, op 45, NO.1 Alfred Griinfeld o 733R()mance" op 10 Renselt 3 Romance: Oh, dites-iui! op 66 Ketterer 7'!- Rqmance, op 76 A. Loeschhorn 560 Romances, op 57, NO.3., Mendelssohn,.,(Zuleika. Key E.) lojo.. Romame, op 62, NQ.. I (Key A). M. Moszkowski, 220 Romance. '.' ;, 0 A ~31, Romance, op 44, No. I. E flat., '.,(For Violin.) Rubinstein A. Rubillstein. '. 732, 230 ;Roman,ce. 926,)'if.0. I,. o. '.' Rubillstein Romance, op 38, NO.2... Edouard.Schuett 1;'" ~:21 Romance, op 2, No. I Schulhoff. 172,,Romance, op 28, NO Schl,lmann 137 SO I I I I I I I I I so

66 .4\.r.~ABJi;TIAL ARRANGEMENT. 138 ALHABETIAL' ARRANGEMENT. --~--_._ ~ _... _,~._~ Rondoa la Mazurka, op 5. Ke,y qf F hopin, Romance. op 83, NO.5 Ludwig Schy.tte 470 Rondo, op 16. E tlat,,.,.,,. hopi!1 I SO i\ 544 Romance. op 26 Svendsen '. 229, JKondo Villageoise, op 12,1\ has, F. ennee (For Violin. Key G.) 4,Rondo Fantasti'lue..... Liszt I Romance (Transcription by Henselt) Thai Romance, op 5. F minor. Tschaikowsky Romance-Fantasie. op IS, NO.3... E. Schi~ett (B flat minor.). " 449 Romancette. op, No. I Edouard Schuett SO 748 Roman ance.' Enrique' iclietti o JOSS Roman de ienot et de icrrette...,., Burgmei. (Serenade. uo amoureux.) o 10 Roman de ierrot et de ierrette Burgmein 1 (Bal de Noees.). 095a Romantic Studies, op 8 (White Rose)...Jensen 69Ga Romantic Studies, op 8,.Adolf Jenson (On the Sea-Shore. Am Meeresstrand.» 1451 Romanza,..,,., F. H.. owen 802 Romanze in F, Beethovefii I S74a Romailze, op 42, No. q,.,ohler 4 18 Romattze, op 42, No. I Alfred Griinfeld 587 Romanze in A flat,., W. A. Mozart p 720 Romahce Apassionata, op 7, No. I...John Orth 247 Romanze,op ,.. Raff I. 243a Roma!lZe, op 183, ]\' ,:Jas: Rheinberger. " 7S (anon. G flat.) '. 559 Romanze, 01' 27...,...,..,. :. ;.~.Franz Ries (Aus der II Violin Suite in F<'lur.) 33 Romanze,... Rosenthal 6 Romanze (oesie), op 2!, No. I. ~.,.. "-"Schuett 3IOa Romeo ' '.,., \V1. T, Francis "Romeo and Juliet" (Overture) :.. '... BeIllni o 1222 "Romeo and Juliette" (otpourri).. '.' /. Gounod o 1407 "Romeo and Juliet" (Overttire),',Gounod (rologue and horus,), " " ' "Romeo et Juliette" (La Bal)...,., Gol1riod o 76 "Romeo and Juliet" Waltz ng., Gounod. (I Would Linger.) A 246 "Romeo et Juliette" :.. '. Gounod. (Waltz ng: JVvould Linger.) (prano in G.) o 582 "Romeo et Juliette" (Valse de Juliette).. Gounod o T494 Tq.nscription by Raff.., "Romeo et Jl1liette"(Itis Still Night)... Gounod o 582 (Act IV. The chamber of Juliet.) "Romeo et Juliette".,.,,,. Gou)'lOd Transcription' by Liszt Ronde des Elfes, op 104,,AS'cher p 38() Ronde des Elfes, OJ) 14...,,,.', (Marceau de Salon.)' " arl u\jqnt.,,' 768a Ronde Militaire,.,, A Loeschhorn (Morcean de Salon, OJ) 99.).. T34a Rondeatt Favori, op II. E flat..,.j. N, Hummel " 148 Rondo a apriccio, op '"..,. Beethoyen, (Anger on the Loss of a enny.). 583 Rondo,'op' 51, No. I, :.,.Bc,t;thoven 242 Rondo, op ST, No. 2.., : Eeetho\:en 304 'Rtjh'ilo iaceyole, op 2$..Wm:,Sterndak' 'Bennett (Key of E.)..,,, ' 560a Rondo, op II,.,.: Max Burkhardt 5Ia Rondo, apr. minor hopin? -J I 1 I I 1,.(EI ontl'abandista. G mjnor.) 74 R,ondo Alilabile, OJ) 154, No. I Gustav Merkel 70 Rondo, GraziQso, op 157,; Gustav Merkel I,Rondo apriccioso 1\1 cndelssohn I 492 Rondo.Brillante, OJ) 29. 1:: Hat., Mendelssohn Rondo in A minor, oj) 20,.,. Mozart I $0 5 Rondo Brillante, op 62,., ",...,Veher 898bRondo d'amour,., \ lccolo van \Vesterhollt Rondoletto,,.,,... Henselt r I92a Rosalie,.,.", Edward W. orliss (",Miss Simplicity.") Rosalie. My l(o}'ai!:<.osie"... obb & Edwards ("Wizard of Oz.") 7:; 86 4 Rosamunde. Entr' Acte, No. 2,..,Schl1hert 21 4 Rosamunde. op 142, No., Sdl1lbert I 2S (Impromptu.) 208a,Rosary,..,,., Ethelbert Nevin 2349 Rosary,.,,.,.,,.,..,.. Ethelbert Nevin (Transcription for iano.). A 107 Rosary, flat (For Mezzo-prano)... Nevin p 98a Rose, a 'ng and a earl nose M. Eversole 9-13 Rose ance (A la Gavottc) Richard Stahl 842. Rose et Marguerite Valse.... vvaldteufel p 233a Rose Garden (Lovc ng) l\., Strelezki p 24 Roseille (anish J\lelodie),., LIaberbicr (araphrase, op 6l.) 1690 Rosel1l011de,"',. ;hal11!uade.} 4 0 I ream of an Eve,. hamlllade 6-10 Rosen aus dem Siiden \'Valur JOhalll! Strauss I 84 I ij Rosengruss (Rose Greetings).,, arl Bohl Rose of Kenmare ~ Andrew Mack (Rose, Sweet Rose.) 1997 Rose of Killarney (Love ng) Lee ]ohnsoll o 1382 "Rase of ersia." Act 1..., Arthur Sullivan (eace Be Upon This House.) o li70 Rose of Sharon, '. A.. Mackenzie I (March and horus.) Rose of the Riviera, '". Bert:Iard Rolt 608 Roses ane! Thorns.Waltzes,, Loraine 1 18,Ja Roses dans fa N uit. E flat,., R. Strolri 51a Roses d'avril, op 68 (Waltz)..,. harles Godard, 774 Roses de BOheme (Valse Brillante)...Kowalski 640 Roses From the uth (Waltzes)..].oh ann Strauss Roses From the uth (v'valtzes) Strauss I oncert araphrase by Schllett. 843 Roses y Abrojos (Mexican ance),... Riderique {Roses Without Thorns,) 1951 Rosita (orto Rican ance)...jean M, Missud 1 1 Rothe Sarafan, er... Transcription by ]. Ascher 1 (Op 16.) 2~7a Rouct d'omphalc, Le, op 31. Saint-Saens (oeme Symphonique. Key A.) 1 I) 8[[ 'Rouge et Nair (olka), Miguel A. Forcada o 694 Rounders (otpourri) ; LUdwig Englander 1!41 Rounders (Lancers) Englander,I 1I3 Rounders (W:dtzes) Englander 1 1

67 t.l~("\ 1047 Rdusseau's ream ' "..' -'~'-~ I Variations hy J. n. ramer.,.,.j.,8.~dusseau's l?,ream '(aried),,,.;.'. J: H. Hlighl"s o 986 Royal hef (SelectIOn) Ben M. Jerome Introducing: Finale, Act H.; Let Me Go Back; In the Morning; O'Reilly'; Old M6ther Goose; It's a Way They B~r"'e in hidago; What's the Matter With the Moon To-tJ1iht?; When Old Glory Floats From Everywhere ', Royal hef :. Ben M.Ntome (It's a Way They I-lave iii hiago.) :, Royal hef 'l3en M, J'e-tol'ne (Old ]\lother Goose.) " 1567 Royal hef (O ReiJiy) )3enM. fe-rome s69a Royal l\lenuet ; :. :'.:>.'\1.'.. G! B'athmann 548 Royal Valse otillion '. Frank l;esl~e II03 Royal vvaltz ".G.,?II. BeresfOrd Brodie sooa Ruban d'or, Le, op :...,. Jules Egg'hard (Melodie Etude.),." " f) 994 Rubber Neck March and Twb I 8tt!W.:EUis Brooks 2329 Rubies and earls Gus itson (ainty aprice.) p 1415 Rudelsburg (And thri~e,'lll'cr"l Fesca 1 2!5a Ruins of Athens (Turkish l\1 arch)' Beethovetl ' Arr. by Ant. Rubinstein.. o 673 Ruins of,\thi1s O\'ertme, up Il3.'... Beethoven I 413 Ruisseall, I.e,'.. H. Al Wollenhaupt' (Valse Etude, 01'.).. J12a Rule. Britannia,. :': -'--~ Harmonized by Vinceltt' ]\'ovello.. 0' 162 Rule, Britannia Variations by' Beethoven o 532 Runaway Girl Monekton' & 'aryll I (otpourri,). 814a Run:lway Girl :Monckton 160 (ldiers in the ark.)..' 356 l'\o, T. l{unawav GirL,... aryll &: Munektoll 1 (Lancers. Figs. I, 2 and 3,) i 356 NO.2. Runaway GirL.,... aryl! & Moil'ckton I (L:lncers. Figs 4 and 5.) 67 RUliaway Girl (vvaltzes) 1,, Monckton 1 J036 Runaway Girl \;Va!tzes '.. '.. arl Kiefert I o 867 Run,aways (Selections) R:lymond Hubbell, I 1059 Runaways..,.", :'... Hubbell (J'm Going Home to ixie Land.) 1061 Runaways : Raymond Hubbell 1062 (Miss Susanna From Urbana.) Runaways Raymond Hubbell (Kiss for Each ay in the Week.) 1065 Runaways.. :,. (retty Maid Adelaide.) Raymond Hubbell,', ','. IlI8 Runaways :,.. :.' :.. Wm. Gould p (Maiden and the Jay,), ' 957a Run, Brudder ossum, Run...Rosamond :Johnson (A Negro vvarning.).,r 266 Rupert of Hentz:lu... ",".:.. '...II. L. Henry (March and Two Step.) 22'4 Rural arice; 01' 37, No. J,. onstantin Sternberg 'I0'Rufal ictures Waltzes zibulka 1 '" :;d::! Rtlsstan Air ("Schone Minka").' :. Weber 1'5 (Variations, op 37. minor.). ~5 so 5 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. l' ;i94a Russian ance, op 48, NO.2 A Schafer (For four hands.) 59 6 a Russian ance, op 46, No.6 A Schafer I (For follr hands.) 17 Russian National Hymn Lwoff, 66ga Russian National Hymn, _.. Arr. by Ferdinand Beyer. T093 Russiche Wachtparade Richard Eilenberg (Rnssi:ln Gnard Mount 1I1~reh.) o 1402 RussIan and Ludmila (Overture).., Glinka o 1397 RussIan and Ludmila (Lesginka)..'.. : Glinl<a (Oriental ance,) RUS-Japanese March and Two Step.. W. A. Rice Rustic ance : Bachmann o 935 Rustic ance, Jig (Merrie England) German 912 Rustic ance, ", '. Howell o 960 Rustic ance (ountry Girl) Lionel Monckton 86a Rustle of Spring hristian Sinding (Fruhlingsrausehen.) /lat. o Ruy BIas Overture..,., Mendefssohn 273a Sabina (Wild Rose) " Ben M. Jerome o 9 Sadie Leo. I.e Brunl1 (As sung in "Little uchess.") 141 I 5 S 949 Safe in the Arms of Jeslls oame (And five others.) p 2262 Sailing uwll the Bay".., Ascher-Mah!. I (Medley Overture.) Introducing: Tow<ll1rIa; Tn the athway of Roses and Thorns; Give Me Back that Engagement Ring; Allie, My al1ie; My Lady A 220 Violet; Man with the Ladder and the Hose; Sailing own the Bay; Noisy Bill, Sailor's Grave. Key.,.,.,.,.,Arthur Sullivan (For Alto.) 18 5 Sailors' Hornpipe,, Saisons, I.es (The Seasons),.A!beniz Lc riutcmps; I.'Etc; I.'Automne; L'River. I 4 3 Sakol1t:lla, op 117.,..,., (Valse Brillante.) Franz 'Bende! I o II14 Sakuntala Overture,. Goldmark 388 Salambo (Intermezzo) Theo. F. Morse 4 0 a Salem High (March and Two Step) Ross 921a Sally.,,',,.,." Maurice Levi 935a Sally in Our Al1ey (Four \erses) _ Salome (Tntermezzo) Wm. Loraine 657 Saltarello, op 57 Gilder 859 Saltarcllo, 0 77,, Heller (On a theme from "Italian" Symphony.) I 121 Saltarelle (aprice, op 1.35) Theodore Lack 639 Saltarello, oj) 26,., S. B. Mills I 378 Saltarel1o, op 108, E minor, Raff I 357 Saltarelle, op IS, NO.2 James H. Rogers 810 SaltareIlo.,.,,.,, Satter I Salt of the Sea for 1\1e, Arthur A enn p 180 Salut d'amour, op 12 Edward Elgar Salute to Trenton?lfareh, Winkler o 56 Salvator ROsa A arlos Gomez Oh, ome, My arling! (Mia iccirella eh.) Samacusca :. F. Guzman

68 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. ~~~-~._~-~~-~ Sambo and inah.. Bob ole I J636 ("Humpty-umpty~") 0," ' " Sambo's elight eloss Ever~tt 354 (ake Walk and Two Step.) Samba's Wedding ay :., 1. 13enedict Military Schottische.). Same Old rowd 1'h<.'o. F. M oi~se o J013 ("Jewel of Asia."),, ' Sammy Edward Hutchison JJ (As sung in the "Wizard of Oz.") Sammy (March and Two Step) E. Hutchison A 559 Samson and clilah. Key of Sa.int-Sacns f (Aria.-My Heart at Thy ear Voice.) A 568 Samson and,. elilah. E Oat Saint-Saens (Aria-My Heart at Thy ear Voice.) o J J61 Samson and elilah (Scene 6) Saint-Saens (horus-now Spring's Generous Hand.) o J160 Samson and elilah Saint-Saens (lo and horus-israel, Break Your hain!) S 808 Samson Overture Handel I zs o 938 San omingo (Intcrmczzo) Alfrcd G. Robyn ("Yankee onsul."). S 876 Sandow. H. nrday 1680 Sang an Aegir Kaiser Wilhelm Sans ertitude (A la Gavotte).. Edllllln,l Ludwig J77 J Sans Toi (Without Thee) 'Hardelot p 57 Santa Lucia Kuhe (hanson Napolitaine, op 80, NO.3 ) Santiago (Spanish \Valtz) A. orbin o 649 o 652 o 653 o 654 "San Toy" (Selections) Sidney Jones "San Toy" (Opening horus) Sidncy Jones (We'll Keep the Feast in ynka ong.) o 65 0 "Sap Toy," Act 1 ~.. Sidney Jones (Six Little Wives.) o 65 J "San Toy" Act 1 Sidney Jones (The etals of the lum Tree.) "San Toy." Act 1. (The Moon)... Sidney Junes "San Toy." Act 1. (pynka ong).. Sidncy Jones "San Toy." Act I Sidney Junes (The Emperor's Own.) o 648 "San Toy" Lionel }\] onckton (Rhoda and Hcr agoda.) o 665 "San Toy." Act I I Sidney J oncs (uet-san Toy and Bobbic. The Little hina Maid.) o 655 "San Toy." Act I 1. (Finale)... Sidney Jones 1173 "San Toy" (March and Two Step).. W.. Brown (A Little Bit of Fun.) 67 6 Sarabande ' ~.,.., Godard 2 J 4 0 Sarabande and..\\ tl5ettc ' Gus Bell Saratoga Lanciers,... \Veingarten 863 a Savannah Lou. Marion 1837 Saved From the Storm, 13arri S 9 61 Saviour, Breathc an En:ning Ulessing Gco.. Stebbins 17]] Say An Revoir, But 1\ ot Good-Bye 5 J Zs I Harry Kennedy 553 Say I\otFarewcll ~ Millard 1 Transcription by Giovannini. 5 p G p A ALHABETIAL AR.RANGEMENT. J4.1 J762, Say Not No Val. Huber 16]] Sayonara ~ ~ \Nm.. O'Harc (Japanese Love ng.) J101 Say You'll Be a Friend of Mine.. Thea. F. Morse ("Rogers Bros. in London.") 1869 Say You Love Me, Sue Stromberg 169 Scandalous Thompson has. 1.. Johnson (ake Walk.) 78 Scaramouche, op 56.., haminade 561 Scarf ance haminade 566a Scene de Ballet. op 99 Franz Bendel 532 Scenes de Bal, op J7 J. Massanet (No. 1. Entree des ]V[ asjncs. NO.2. remiere anse.) 533' Scenes de Bal, op J7. J. 'Massenet (No.4. euxiemc anse. No.6. Troisieme anse.) 365a Scenes de la zarda J eno H ubay (Azt mondjak, op 60. A minor.) 688 Scenes ittoresjucs Massenet (No.1. :\larche. NO.2. Air de Ballet.) 689 Scenes ittoresjues, Massenet (No 3. Angelus. NO.4. Fete Boheme.) 761 Scene Veneziane (No.2. ichiarazione Mancinelli d amore. NO.3. Fuga egli amanti-hioggia.) 622 Scent of the Rose Wm. Loraine (Valse de Ballet. Intermezzo.) 1488 Schafer putzc sich zum Tanz " E. Lassen 310 Schattentanz (Shadow ance) Macowell 706 Schatz \Nalzer, op 4J9 J. Strauss 432 Schelim Amor, op 102 (Intermezzo.) Rich. Eilenberg 1 1 J 1 2S r 5 ' I 130 Scherzino, op 3 Geo. W. Hunt 2J3 Scherzino. op 9, NO.4.. F. Lynes 1140 Scherzino, op 28, NO.3 Schuett I 1496 Scherzo, op 17J Homer N. Bartlett I oei lioa Scherzo (euxieme). 13 flat minor.. M. Balakirew I 271 Scherzo in E flat minor, op 4 :.. Brahms Scherzo, op I I. NO.2 Brambach 873b Schcrzo aprice, op 14 udley Buck, Jr. I 819 Scherzo alia olacca. 1.. apen 428 Scherzo, op 20. In B minor hopin I 54 Scht'rzo, op 3T. In B flat minor F. hopin " I 459 Scherzo, op 39. sharp minor hopin I 439 Scherzo, op 54. Key of E hopin I 1448 Scherzo F. H. owen I ()() 956 Scherzo, op Fischhof 674 Scherzo aprice, op 22 ~. '" Godard 1 ()() 613 Scherzo-Valse, op 106 Godard Scherzo, op 12, No.2,.. aniel van GfJellS (For ello. Accompaniment only.) 847 Scherzo-Valse, op 56 Gregh 2153 Scherzo-Obertas Lonis Grossman (Tire de la Suite olonaise.).'. ]]79 Scherzo (Second), op 9 Karganoff, 1493 Scherzo, op 45 E. R. Kroeger 543 Scherzo, op Litolff 233 Scherzo in F sharp minor h. Mayer '1 2$ 2$

69 144 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT herzo (A apriccio) Mendelssohn I (F sharp minor.) 767 herzo-valoe Moszkowski I 333 Scherzo, No. 1. B Hat Schubert 1 2~ 924 Scherzo Tarantelle. op 34, No. J... W. G. Smith herzo Humoristique Tschaikowsky 1 (Op 19, NO.2.) 768 Schierling (Hemlock) Terschak Schifferlied. ("as Schiff streicht durch die Wellen." Hobellied Kreutzer ("a.streiten sich die Leut' herum.") ~ 1 Burschenlied ("er Mai ist gekommen")..lyra Am Sylvester-Abend Schulz ("as J ahres letz Stand.") (Two verses each.) p 430 Schmeichelkatzchen Rich. Eilenberg 1 (Everybody's arling.) p 562a Schmerz im Gluok Albert Biehl (rrow and Joy.) p 94 Schmetterling, op 81, ]\0. 4 Gustax Merkel 168 Schmettcrling, op 66,.]\O. I Fritz Spindler p 453 Schneeglockchen, O Fritz Spindler ' 3 Schneewittohen, op 135, NO.2 F. Bendel 1 15a Schneller, immer sohneller! (Galop) c. Bohm 1 o 6g6 Schone Galathe, ie Franz von Suppe 1 (Overture.) 2 Schone Gedanken (Waltz)... Franz N cumiiller I (Happy Thoughts.) o 993 Schonen von Valencia, ie amillo Morena 1 (Spanischer Walzer.) o 926 "School Girl" (Selection) Leslie Stuart 1 o 14 "School Girl" Leslie Stuart (Belinda On the Line.) 1584 "School Girl" Leslie Stuart (Needle in the Haystack.). 1647, "School Girl" Leslie Stuart 1 (My Little anoe.) 4 Schwalbenbotschaft. op 58 Gustav Lange 489 Schwedischer Tanz, NO.5 R. Anderson 42a Scorcher (March and Two Step).. George Rosey 92a Scotch oem. op 31, NO.2 Macowell (F minor.) 183 Scotch Reel Scotch ngs -- (1. Robin Adair. 2. Afton Water.) 161a Scottish Melody --- (Bonnie Bank 0' Loch Loman.) p. 'ls8a ottish Melody (omin' Through the Rye) a Scottish Melody (Laird 0' ockpen)., " Scottish Melody (Logie 0' Buohan)- -- Is6a Scottish Melody -- (Willie Brewed a eck 0' Maut.) IIOI. Sea King March L. O. Shibley 6Sa Sea Lullaby Edward German 630 Seal of ciety (Two Step March) Burns 23. Sea ieces, op 55 Edward Macowell (No. 1. To the Sea. flat. NO.2. From a Wandering Iceberg. Key E.). 226? Sea,ieoes, op 55,; Edward Macowell (No.3. A Key G. NO.4. Star. light. Key A.) 227a Sea ieces, op 55 Edward Macowell (No. 5. ng. Key. No.6. From the epths. B flat.) 228a Sea ie<;:e~ Edward Macowell (No.7. Nautilus. A flat. No.8. In Mid Ocean. B flat minor.) o Seasons (Overture)., Haydn 865 Second Regiment,. N. G. W. Reeves (Marich.) p. 540a Secret, Le Leonard Gautier (Intermezzo izzicato.)., 898 Se'cret Love Gavotte r Resch Sl8a Seestilck, op 60, NO.2 hilipp Scharwenka 324 Seguidilla, op 327, No. 14 arl Rohm. " (anzona Espanola.), 974 Seguidilla (Spanish ance), Holst 712a Seguidillas ; J. de Santesteban S 896 Segur.' Holbrook 2048 Sehnsucht --- (Wenn Alles wieder sich belebet.) ll47a Sehns-uoht am Meere, op Rud. Willmers 390 Sehnsuoht nach dem Rigi, op 60, No. I.... Raff (G minor. ) 46a Seitnir gegriisst (Angel of Beauty)..., Schubert, ; (Bflat.) Transcription by Liszt. 693 Seminole (March and Two Step) Van. Alstyne o ; Semiramide (otpourri)..., Rossini Arranged by H. ramer. o 1079 Semiramide Overture Rossini 38a Semper Fideles (March) J.. usa 902 Senator Waltz I. Benedict S 523 Send' Out Thy Light Gounod 240 Senegambian atrol, George Rosey 6 Sen'imental Sal (March and Two Step)... Ellis p. 16 Sentimental Oriental Maiden...Alfred J. oyle 78a September Loudon G. harlton 645 Septet, op 20 Beethoven 1 I 7.\ 1 I 2S 5Q 5' ' 7S 1. I :. (Adagio. Allegro con brio.) 827 ' Septet, op 81 (Adagio) Beethoven 823 Septet, op 36 (Allegro. Scherzo) Brahms I 820 Septet. op 36 (Adagio. Allegro) Brahms I 788a Serbischer Marsoh. op 129 F. Bendel Serenade. op, Beethoven (Andante and Variations, I, 2 and: 3.) ; Serenade, op 29 haminade Serenata Medioevale. Mario osta Serenade rocker Serenade, op 40, NO.5 esar ui. (G sharp minor) 815b Serenade Aragonaise, op 228 Adolf zibulka Serenade iemer 626' Serenade Amusante, op 139 Eilenberg 721 Serenade Badille Gabriel-Marie 711a Serenade,, Gottsc;:halk 807 Serenade (Sing, Srpile and,slumber).gounod 7 Sere,nade (Transcription by Lange),Goullod, IIO Serenade (Key of G), Gounod p" I51a :e. A '7$ I '

70 148 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. o 12~9.Shamus O'Brien Stanford o 1280 (ng-i've Sharpened the Swor.d.) : Shamus O'Brien '".. Stanford (ng-my Heart Is' Thralltci Kitty's o 1281 Beauty.) ':,,Shamus O'Brien ". : ','.'. :.. : Sta.llford (ng-ochone '\\Then I Useii 'to're Yo\mg.) 930 Shandon Rells March KciTy j\lili's A 57' She Is Far from the Lan,d Frank Lambert (For Low Voice. A Hat.)," She Is the Right Girl, Right fdryom Money, 0: ("Love's Lottery."): ] uli'atl., Edwards 8 Shepherd Boy '.. G.. Wilsort 1317 Shepherd's ance (" Henry V I II.')'" i ': Germart S 517 Shepherd's Sunday ng Ie. Kreutzer' (This Is the Lord's Own ay.),p 1979 She Rests By the Sllwance Hiver.. Tony Stallfo'rd 1I84 She's a Ray of SOl1thern SunshIne ratt II85 She's Kentucky's Fairest anghtel- \Vildwave I lsi,she's Sleeping By the Silv'ry Ri0' Grqnde...,, ' Kohlman 993a Shine On, 0 Stat~ Frank E. Sawyer o RRR Ship Builder's tjg, e Koven (From "Foxy Quil1er.") 973 "Sho-Gun" (Selections)...,... Gustav.Lnders o 1021 '~Sho-Gnn" (Little Moozoo J\lay), G. Lnders '01022 "Sho-Gun" (I Am Yoms Tnily) ~.:G. Ll1ders 14 Shoogy-Shoo Ambrose 55 Shooting Star Galop,., R. Bial 616 Shooting Star Mazurka, op' 1T4... '.' Toone "Shop Girl" (Selections)... ary1l & Moncktotl Arr. by harlcs Godfrey, Jr. 174b Shonld He Upbraid ' Hishop 620 o 1430 "Show Girl" (Waltz-otpourri) "Show Girl" (Lovers' Lane) Heartz H. L. Heartz (Waltz S,ong.) 274a Show Girl Edward W. orliss (One That He Loves Best. 1\Iarch ng.) 6 Shrewsbury Waltz arroll F. Mulkey 581 Siciliana, Handel-Martucci o 137 Sicilian Vespers (Ovcrture) Verrli o 58?, Sicilian Vespers, Vereli, Trans. op 81, 1\0. I, by Raff Sidewalks of New york Lawlor o 998 "Siegfrierl" (otpourri) Wagner Arr. by H. ramer. ' o 1357 "Siegfried." Introduction, Act I Wagner (Mime's Lament.) o 13 "Siegfried" (Mime's omplaint) Wagner o 1301 "Siegfried" '. '.'." / Wagner (The \Vanderer in Mime's ave.) o 1302 "Siegfried" (The Gods in Walha'll<i), Wagner 1303 "Siegfried" (Mime's Fright) Wagner 1304 "Siegfried" (ng of the Sword),\Vagner o 1358 ' "Siegfried" (Siegfried in the Fores t) Wagner o 1305, (Waldweben.) "Siegfried", Wagn~r' o 1295 (The Fight with the ragon.) "Siegfried." Introduction to Ad III..,. Wagner ISO, I ' I, 1 1 I 1' 1 1 'I4Q ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMEN'f. _._ o,3 "Siegfried," Introquction to Act' ITl...". /agndr' ',T 06 (Wotan and Erda.) ". o "Siegfried",.'\Vag ner 1, (Wotan Bars Siegfried'S Way.)."" o "Siegfried", :.. / '.Wag ner ' 1 ~o, (Siegfried assc's Thro' the Fl:1nH"~,)'" ' I o o 1487 o 1209 o 64~ o 994 o 598 "Siegfried" '(Bn1l1nhiltl'e's' Awakening) ::. Wagner' I "Siegfried" (The Tril1mph of T.ove) wag ncr 1 "Siegfried" (Walc\vveren), '.',; :Wtlgrter I "Siegfried".. \Vagner 1 Siegfried asses Through the.. Flames;' "Brunnhi1cle's Awakening., Transcription by Albert Heintz'. o 62.+ "Siegfried'".' \Vaguer 1 (Siegfried' an(1 \he [<"rest Bir'],)., Transcription by J,JS. Rub,inste'i'l1. o (; "S.iegfried" (Siegfried ann Hrunl1hlhle)..Wagll cr 1 5 (Tone pictures by Jos, R'llbillSt ein.) " o 604 "Siegfried" (Walhalla) : :..Wagner T Trans. by Brassin. o '626 "Si~gfried" (Waldwebeit), ViT,ag ner I Trans. by Brassin. "'. ' "Siegfrie,l" (vvalhan) ~.. ' '.. ' 'Wagner 1 ".'Tra~s. "by Liszt. SIegfried ' \Vag ner 1 SO, (oncert I'araphrase, op 17, by E.. Mertke.), : o 10.:\8 Siegiried Idyll ; i.. Wagner 1 i 1a Sifted Sweetness (Waltzes).J. S. Nllt\ran Sigh NoMore, Ladies,..".'., Skvens'.'JO 3 2a Sigma si Edith Mac Ackerman (March a11<1 Two Step.).,, 65 2 Signal from 1\1 ars (Two Step)..,,:,...R. 'Taylor, <).W;l Signor, Ganama ' John Stromberg ' '(As snng at \\Teher anl\ Fields'.) o 1214 Sigurd. Act ITl. (Introduction) E. Reyer 1 o 1126 Si j'etai." Roi Overture :.A.' Adam Silbertropfen, U. 396 G\\stav Lanc~e (Silver rops.)' " 1265 Silfides, Las (olka Brillantc)... Gabriel icz T3;2a Silhouette, op 8, NO.1 " l\11!on' vorak Silks and Rags (Waltzes) : [<red S. Stone Silks and Satins ' W.,. owell (1'\ nvelette Two Step.) o 74 8 "Silver Slipper" (Selections).:-.,.. Leslie Stuart 1 z5 o 80<) "Silver Slipper", Leslie Stuart (Game, Little Girl, and Ten Ivle Truly.) o 812 "Silver Slipper': aul A. Rubens o 878 (Girl: You Love.) "Silver Slipper" (lass ng)., Leslie Stuart o 881 "Silver Slipper" Leslie' Stuart (When 1\ci One Knows.) o. 884 "Silver Slipper" Leslie Stuart (GlimpseJimpse-impse.) o 885 "Silver Slipper" '. t,..': Les-he Stuart. (hart1pagne ' ance.). o "Silver 'Slipper"... '~.. ;.'.. '.""., Leslie Stnart' (T\vo Eyes of Blue.), :, " 792' 'Silver Spring, op 137; No.4 '...,Bendel' Silvcr Stars ~"laiutka,., Bohm $0 5

71 ' ALHABF;TIAL ARRANGEMENT. ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. 151 S,544 Silver Trumpets F. Viviani 1. Grand rocl'ssluna\ ;VI arch as hiyed at St. eter's in Rome on hristmas and Easter days. ' c Silver \Vaves,.. Ida rade Simon the ellarer J. M. Hatton Simple Avcu, op I'nmces Thome (Romance S:l1lS parol('s.) 74a Sitp.ple Little Sister M<1ry Green,.. lifton rawford 645 Simple Simon (Two Step) JVJ aceachron 365 Simplicitas. op II8, No,!., Ant. JZnbinstein (Key of F.) 41a; Since addy's Bcen Taken Away. Howard and Emerson o 8 Since I First Met you Alfred G. Wathall ("Sultan of Sulu.") 1085 Since Reuben's Gone Away, Morse A 571 Sin<:e We arted Francis Allitsen (For Mezzo-prano or BaritclIIe.) Key. J388 Singing Girl Selections Victor Herbert I o 548 Singing Girl, Herbert (The ng of the annbe.) p 878a Sillging Girl (Love Is a Tyrant). Victor Herbert 807 Sing, Smile, Slumber GOllUOe! 7 Sing, Smile, Slumber Guttuud 1 Trans. by Laugc. A 1IO Sing, Smile, Slumber. Key of G Gounod 1274 Si (as de Quatre) Leopilldo orretjer 646a Sirene, La, op 12, Adolf Terschak Sirene Valse,,.. Thome Sisters Giggle (from Little hristopher).. Kerker 566 Skaters (Lcs atineurs) \ Valtz...Waldteufel I 740 Skating (Nuev~ anza) Enrique ichetli 2208 Skating (Sergeant Brue) ] uhn W. Bratton ZIg Skirt ance (Faust Up to ate)... Meyer-Lutz (Tempo [Ii ScjlUltischc.). 807 Skylark's Morning Sung, up' I6g Kolling 1301 Slavery ays,, George Swift I z5 (Banjo Transcription.) 92 Slavischer Tanz, op 40, No. 1. vorak I 20 lo6 Slavischcr Tanz, up 46, 'NO.2., vorak' I o~ 96 Slavischer Tanz, OJ) 46, N u. 3., vorak 1, 105 Slaviseher Tanz, op 46, NO.4, vorak I 953 Slavischer Tanz, op 46, 1'\0. o. A Hat,...,. Antun vorak 946 Slavischer Tanz, op 46, No.7. minor. Anton vorak 865 Slavischer 'l'anz, op 46, 1\0. 8 vorak 219 Slavonian radle ng, op 40, NO.5,,. Bruno Oscar Klein o 838 Sleeping Beauty and the Beast -'-- I (Selections Arr. by]. W. hattaway.) 142a Sleeping Beauty and the Beast. (Tell Me, usky Maiden.). Rosamond Johnson 146a Sleeping Beauty and the Beast,.....Tean Schwartz (Rip Van Winkle Was a Lucky Man.), 1a Sleeping Beauty and the Beast... has. Robinson (Flora, 1 Am Your Adorer.) o 84 Sleeping Beauty and the :Beast, ;,. 6. Rosamond Johnson (ome Out, inah, on the Green.) 0, 1023 Sleeping Beauty and. the Beast...Jean Schwartz.,(Nursery Rhymes.) r., 14 3 Sleep on Thy Flowery Uec1..!arence J no. enney 6 (Serenade.) (Her Majesty's Mischief Maker.) 1704 Sleep Well, Sweet Angel Fral1Z Abt 799 Sleepy Hollow,. Jack NorwtJrth ", (roll f,lltermezzo Two Step.) 13 Sleigh 'Riding (Galop).F. Toledo ~lumber, My Little Babe, Max Hoffman Slumber ng N. Heins p ; Slumber SOl'g, op 7, NO.2 Ethelbert Nevin 9 Shlmber ng, G. Herbert' potter 17 61a S!t,mbt!r ng, op 124, No. 16.,..Schumann o 8 1. Sl~ 'Musette,,.. A. Baldwin SlOane ("Mocking Bird.") 21 Smile and Be Merry.. Ludwig Englander (Yfwo Roses.) p 2109 Smiles arid aresses (Idylle) Theo. Bendix 13 ' Smiles and Tears (It1.termezzo) S. tawford Smiling Isle (Sultan of Sulu).Alfred G.Wathall o Smiling Sambo (Girl from Kay's).Howaru Talbot 8 82 Smith ollege March and Two Step...E. M. Blake 9 Smoky Mokes (ake Walk) : A. Holzman Sinuggler of Badayez (Lancers) Minkowski 57 Snowball ; G. F. Anderson 2 (haracteristic March and Two Step.) 1' Sn.ow Mazurka, ;.....Wilm flake p 609 Snowflakes :H. Hofman 183 Snowflakes (aprice)..., R. A. Newland Z bre las Olas (Over the Waves) Waltzes.... J. J Rosas o 843 $obrinos del apitan Grant~.. '.., M. F.aball ero (Barcarola.) o 844,brinos del apitan Grant..., M. F. aballero (Valse.) U 9. ciety' Belles March Simmons 62 4 ciety Queen Waltz ' Aronson crates Jackson.... Maurice Levi, (Higgledy-iggledy.) 35 il' d' Automne,. J;ug no 4 ir d'ete (Serenade a la Lune) ug no in'ies de Vienne, No.1. A flat.liszt (Valse-aprice, after Fr. Schubert.) 4 4 Sioirees de Vicnne, NO.2; A flat, '.,.Liszt 2 (Valse-aprice, after Fr. Schubert.) 445, irees de Viellne, NO.4 E flat... Liszt (Valse-aprice, after Fr. Schubert.) 44 irees de Viennc, No.5 G flat..... Liszt 6 (Valse-aprice, after Fr. Schubert.) irees de Vienne, No.6. A minor Liszt 2 (Valse-aprice, after Fr. Schubert.). G 430" irees de Vienne, No.7 Key of A...,...Liszt, I (Valse-aprice, after Fr. Schubert;). 447 ireeil de Vienne, N o~ 8. Key of Liszt (Valse_apriae,..after Fr. Schubert.) I9 irees Musicales de Rossini. B flat...,...liszt 6a (L'Orgia. Arietta.) 1 ad

72 c c 15,2 ALf>UASETIAL ARRANGEMEN:tt' _.~--- --_.. _-----._ ko. (Moorish March), John Arnold' ', 1590, ldier,boy ',.,., Max HOffmann (ROg'iTS Bros. in aris;) p, 16 T440,ldier in the Ranks. That's All.. Ben M, Jeromet }) 59 ldit'r's T<arewell " ". " Kinkel 8T4a l<liers in the ark ". " " ~,.. MoncktOli' ("A Runaway Girl.") 61 5 ldiers of T<ortune March Gustin 840a ldiers of the Queen Stuart' A 359 ]di('j"s ng ".Angelo Ma~cher,oni ~ (Medium Voice in B flat.). ", p 7ISa litude :. L. M. Gottscqalk ' lis' Sblvejg's ng; op 52,,...,.. Grieg. 7q p 2207\!1;l]i Land : lare Kummer o 128 4,lile ailjscls Sigh (The i\landarin).. e Koven 7S '.,',some,thing Sweet 'About lite... aula. RUbens. (Three Little Maids.) 2 9 5<1..something. That M Ouey an't B~lY'... >" " o 96. :mmernachtstrauttj, Ein Frederick Mendelssohn V. Bowers,I 5d ',(Overture, op 21. Arrangt'd f,o,r four hands.) " 6a mrner:nachts.triillme, op J71 Jos. Guned I. ",(Waltzes.) 0, TI59 n anr! Stranger (Overt\lfe).'...'.. Mendelssohn I ' (Heimkehr a.us der Fremde.),644' m~ta No.. I, E flat major : Badl 438a SOnata, (A<jagio.) op 2, NO 3. Key BeethoveI1 7:1 439a nata" op 2, NO 3. Key Beethoven. r O (Scherzo.) c: 44 0 anata, op 2, No..3. Key ; Beethoven 440a nata,:op'2, No: 3- Key. ' :Beethoven ISO (Allegro assai.) 34a nata, op 7. E flat ; ' Beethoven I ' (Allegro molto e con brio.), " 35a nata, op 7. E flat : Beethoven I (Largo con gran espressione.) '! 36a"nata, op 7. E flat (Allegro) Beethoven 37a nata, op 7. E flat (Rondo) ','. Beethoven r Z5 30a nata, op TO, No.' I, : ".'.. Beethoven I r 3 (Allegro molto e con brl6.) r 2.~ a' nata, op JO, No. 1. minor. :... Beethoven r '(Adagio molto.) : 32a nata, 0 IO, No. 1. minor'... :... Beethoven r (Finale.) ,Sbnata. op ro, No. 3. Key BeethoVen I 2S (resto.) 1516 nata,.op JO, No: 3.' Key,... '... Beethoven (MeolJetto. Allegro.) '13.nata athetique, op J3.. '. '"... Beethoven' I (Grave. Allegro con brio.), ',' 44 nata athetique, op 13 Beethoven 'r (Adagio. Allegro.) ". 2 '9 3 nata. op J4, NO.2. Key Go<. v.:.. '. Beethoven' ' (Allegro.)".. ". G nata. op 14, N6. 2." Key G.: I.:..'. Beethoven' (Scherzo.. AHegtlo, assai.).. ",.,,121 nata. oj) '14; No,' 2. '"... 1:.;... Beethoven 'I (Allegro. Andante. 'Schetzo.)" " 371, '37: ' 19't i 19'2 19; q ()7a 2gBa 9 260, K8! [1,.3 12 I02a 103a A ;)78 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT, 153 nata, op 22. B flat. ~ :; ;. Beethoven! (Allegro con brio.) nata, op 22. E flat. _Beethoven I z5 (Adagio, con molto espressionc.) nata, op 22. B flat (Menuetto) Beethoven nata, op 22. B fiat (Rondo) Beethoven, J nata, op 26, Beethoven I (Andante can Variazioni.) " nata:, op 26 (Scherzo) Beethoven nata, op' 26, Beethoven I (~1 arche funebrc sul1a 1l10rte d'un ero".) nata, op 26 (Rondo) Beethoven nata, op 27, No. 1. E flat. Beethoven I (Andante, Allegro molto e vi.vace.) nata, op 27, No. 1. A flat.., Beethoven I (Adagio can espressione. AlIq~To 'vivace.) nata, op 27 (Moonlight) Beetho-ven I 2,$ nata in,minor, op 31, NO.2 Beethoven I (Adagio.) nata in minor, op 31, NO.2... " Beethoven r (Allegretto.). " nata, op 31, NO 3 (Allegretto vivace.) Beethoven, r nata, op 3J, NO.3 (Minuctto) Beethoven 1. "..., SQnata, op 31, NO.3... " (resto con fnoco.) Bee~hoven,., 1 nata (Kreutzer), op 47, (Violin and iano.) Beethoven,, I (First movemcnt. Adagio sostenuto. resto.)' nata (Krelltzer), op 47,.. Beethuven I 59 (Violin and iano.) (Second movcment. Andante con vari'azione.),n'ata (Kreutzer), op 47, (Violin and iano.).' Ree'thciven I (Third movement. Finale. I'reoto.) nata, op 40, :\0. 1. G minor...,. Beethoven 1 (Andante.) nata, op 49, No. 1. G minor Beethoven (Rondo. Allegro.) nata, op 49, No. 2 (M inuet) Beethoven nata, op 53 (Waldstein) Beethoven I (Allegro can brio.). ' nata, op 53 (vvaldstein) Beethoven 1 SO (Adagio molto. Rondo. I'restissimo.) nata,op 54,_ ', '. Bet'thoven I (In tempo d'un ~renuctto.) (Key of F.) nata, op 54 (!\l1egretto). Key F Beethoven. 1 SO nata Apassion~ta, op 57. B minor Beethoyen I, (Allegro assai.). :, nata Apassionata, op 57. F miilor.. Beethoven 1 (Andante con moto. Al1egronon twppo.) nata, op 69. Key of A Beethoven I (Allegro ma non tanto.) (For 'cello.)." nata, op 90 Beethoven 1 ("Nicht z:: geschwindt und sehr singbar vorzutragen. ) nata, op 90 : Beethoven 1 (l\iit Lebhaftigkeit und dtnchalls mit Emp.-, lilldung und Allsdruck.)

73 154 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. 379 nata, op IOI. Keyuf,A......':.. Beethoven 1 {;. 380 (Adagio ma noll nata, op 101 trojlllo.),,,,.., Beethoven 1 (Adagio 111a nut! trui)o, con affetto. Allegro.) 460 nata. op 106 (Al1c;,'.w) Beethoven I S0 (Grosse nate fiir das Hamllwr-Klavier.) 461, n"ta, up 106. U Jlat (Scherzo).,... Beethoven (Grosse natc fiir das Halllllwr-KJavier.).462 nata, op IOn (I\dagio sostenuto)... Beethoven I. (Grosse nate fiir das Ha11ll1lcr-Klavier.) 463 nata, op 106 (Allegro j iso!nto).,.. Beethoven I (Grosse SOllatc fiir das IJammer-Kbvier.) (Largo, Un po,'o piu vivace, }\1legro.) nata, op [0'). Key of E Beethoven I (Vivace ma nun trujlo, prestissilllo.) 240 nata, OJl III (]V] aestosu)., Beethoven I (Allegro Oll hrio cd apassionato.) 241 nata,op III (Ariettd Bcethoven 1 (Adagio multo ollljllice e cantabile.) c 7Ia nata, op 4. l' minut' hopin I (AllegTo maestw;o.) 72a nata. up 4. minor, hopin I (Menuetto. Larghd to.) 73a nata, oj) 4. c: minor, hopin I (Finak resto.), II? ScO!'lata, up 35 (Gran,) ~, hopin 1 c: '1I8 II) A 534 A (ojlpio movimento.) nata, 01' 35 (Scherzo) hopin nata, 0[> 35.. hupin (Marehe Fl1nl'})re. resto.) nata, op 35 (Fuuer"l 1\1 arch)... " nata in H mitwr, op 58 (Scherzo)., hopin hopin 433 nata in R minor, up :;8 (Largu)..,... hopin nata in n minor, op 58 (Final,:),..,... hopin I 39! nata, op 2(J, NO.2. F sharp minor.. lementi I (Allegro cun espressione. ) 392 nal a, oj} 26, NO.2. Il minor lementi (Lento e patetieo.) 393 nata, OJ) 2n. No. 2 (resto) lementi 1 78 nata, op 7,,, Grieg I (Allegro muderato.,\ndante molto.) 79 nata. op 7.., ' Grieg I SO (Alia menlletto. Molto allegro.) 896 nata' in E minor, op 7... Grieg 1 (Andante moho. Alia menllelto, ma poco piu lento.), nata, op 13. Key G, Edward Grieg 1 (Allegretto tranquillo.) (For violin.) nata, A minor (1\lIel-{1'O)..,... Grieg 1 SO (For 'ello and. 1<'.) nata (Third), OJ) Guilmant 1.(reludio and Fuga.) nata, NO.2, IIaydn 1 (resto. Adagio. ;',lolto yivace.) Sanata, NO.3 ".. Haydn I (Allegro. Allegro innocente. Adagio cantabile. 1\linuetto.) nata in A fiat, Nu. 8,.., Haydn 1 (Adagio.) Key of Hat. 155 ALHABETIAL ARRAN GE'MENT. --_ _--_.---_ I nata in A Aat. No. 8, Ha y dn ' 298 (Finale presto.) Key of A flat. I 2S nata, No. 10. Key of G, Haydn 3 (Allegro innoeente.) nata, No. TO. Key of G. (.resto)...haydn 1 ~76 nata Tragiea, op 45.' Macowell 29, (Allegro Vivace and Largo.) S0l1at:J. Ttagiea, OJ) 45.,... : Macowell 30 (Allegro erbiea.) 5 nata: Organ nata, op 65, No. 5. M enclels sohn 639 (Andante con moto.) 1 nata: Scotch nata..., M'endelssohn 341 Fantasie in F sharp minor, 01' 28. (on moto agitato. Andante. Allegro con a 39a 93 2 nata: moto.) s,cotch nata Mendelssohn. Fant1\sie in F sharp minor, OJ) 28. Spnata: (resto.) Organ nata, 01' 42, NO.1.., G. Merkel (Maesto.). nata, op 4 2, No. 2 (Adagio) : Merkel nata Melanenli([\\, np :19 '\lnschelcs nata, ]\ ', flat (Al1egro) Mozart 11ata, No.4. 1\ f1at Mozart (Andante cantahile.) 4a sa 6a a nata, No.:]. B nat......mozart (Allegretto grazins n.) nata, No.6. [(ey of F (Al1egro).Mozart nata, No.6. Key of F (Atbgio) Mozart nata, No.6. Key of F.. Mozart (Assai Allegro.) nata in A (Tnrkish' March),Mozart nata, No.8. Key of.mozart (Allegro con spirito.) nata, ]\0. 8. Key of... Mozart 22a (Andante, qnasi nn poco aclag-io.). nata, No.8. Key of (Rnndo)..,.. Mozart 23a nata, No. 13. Key of (;\l\egro) Mozart I6a n'ata, ]\ Key of J) (Aciagio) Mozart 17a nata, No. 13. Key of (Alle~retto).. Mozart 18a nata in majm, 1'\ , MGz:l1't 198, (A\1eg-ro. Andante.) nata in major, l\o Mozart 1<)9 (Theme with variations.) 4ia 43:'l '~4;> 'lor: I A 241 A 139 nata, No. 16. Key nf.e (AlIegro)., Mozart nata, No. [0. Key nf (Andante) Mozart nata, No. 16. Kcy of \.Vina1e) Mozart nata, No. 18 (Fantasia)... I., Mozart nata, No. 18 (~lolto allegro) :.,... Mozart so' 1 I I I nata, No. 18,,.. Mozart (Adagio. Allegro assai.) nata (Fantasie), op ()5 Rheinberger (Adagio. Finale. Allegro.) nata, op 119, No.6 ' Rheinberger (prelndio. Intermezzo.) SO\1ata for Violin, op 19. in A minor. Rnbinstein (Second Violin nata.) (A1\egro con 111otO.) nata (for 'ello), OJ) IS. Key of..rubinstein (Allegro molto.) I 1 I :1 ', I 1 5 I I I S0 I I SO 1. I I S0 I I 1

74 T56, c ' (} c c c c c c ccc ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT _ SOllata, No. 4T.... _.Scarl,t1lj I J nata, NO.4:,? " Scarlatti T 128 tlata,,\,,,. 45, Sca1;!a,tti J"20 nata. "Jo. 40 Scarlatti 91, nata. )Jo Scarlatti 130 nata. No. 48,.., Sc:;l.r\atti 13T nata. No. 49 : Sc<lr];\tti 248: nata in 13 minor, 0[1 9. E. T- Schn,eider (Allegro moderato c"n. cnergico.) I SO I nata in H minor. op ()... ;.. E. T. Schneider (Adagio ma non tl'()o.).. 2' nata in R minor, 0p9... ". E. T. Schneider (Allegro.),, T42 nata, 0[1 42 MdNalo) Slll1het"t I LU nata. op ~2 (Andante 1'''co n,,,sso). " ;;;chl1hcn I I44. nata,,ot:> J2 (Scherze.. Rondo),.,... Shl)hcrt I 197 nata in A major, OIl 120 (Allegro)'... 5cJ11lhet t J 295 nata in E nat, 0[1 T22,.. Schubert I " (Allegro finale.) (Key of E flat.).. ' 3J.' nata, op T47 Schttbert I 2<;,GAllegn'. l1la non 'troppo.) (Key of 13.),ilL! SOl1<lta. op T47 (Andante), Schllberl.'lT5 n<li<\. op 147 (Scherzl) Schlllll'rt I ~5 3r6. nata. op Lf7 (Allegro gillsto)., Schllbert T SOl nata (nevil's n'i1:t),.. T;\rtin; I 8 nata. No. T, op 2-1 (Ada',;o) \Vehel' S76 nata, No. I. op 24 (Rondo). \Veber I 299,nata in E minor, 0 70 vveht' l' J (Tarantdle.) (E minor.) 1297 ng Bird of Melody Lane Gus,Edwards (":\1r. Blnebeard.") p, 1466, nge. Le (The ream) Henry Furnival 1777 ng of Faith (Viatique) haminade J035 ng of Love (LiebesIied) :\dolph,e Henselt 7S, 7a ng of MiR110!1 (Mignon's Lied)... (i'ranz Liszt (Knowest The'll the Land?) F sharp.' ISS" ag of Spring, op ng of Spring Fashions Van Laer, '.' Sloan,e T. A I09 ng of Sunshine. E Oal '(For prano or Tenor.) Thomas 7S A '74' ng of Thanksgiving Allitsm 326 ng of the :\lpine lierd.rlllan. OJ> (io, No..,.. Raft I (Key of G.). 737 ng of the Brook. op 92,. i.,. Lack p, '178 ng of the Brook, op 7,?\u. -1.'. Ethelherl.>:",-;n o 887 ng- of the heating,ddler c, Koven.(From "Foxy Qniller."), p 771 ng-. of the Night Winds, L(')'ba('h', o 19 ng of the Ontlaw Reginald de Koven. (Maid Marian.) Gala ng of the Sirens \Volknhaupt I (Grande V<llse I1rillante.) 1935 ng of the Strollers... :... Lndwig E,ljglandcr (St~bllers.), J73a ng of the Sword ("(,llly V;l1'deIJ")... Edwards 1'958: ng of the Yankee Tar... LOlljs F. Goitschalk (Liberty Belles.),., 1880 ngs of England (The Thorn) ". Shield 1'879 Sung" of England,, Reeve (I Am a Friar of Orde,rs.,qrey.) ALrHAlr~1'1WAL A~R~t<fGElYI&~1'.. -_._~ _.~-- I' 1~77. :ng s of 'England ---- I' ~rink to Me Only with Thine 1';yes.) l' 1878 ngs of England. 1'T873 (The British Grenadiers.) ngs of Engla~J(l (The Wolf) Shield 83 ngs of Hawaii (Ahi Wela. Mikioi) 8a --- r 837a ngs of Hawaii. ('iliai poina Oe Iall. Hawaii onoi.) p 839a nf;s of Hawaii..--- (Maui No Ka Oi. Aloha oe.) T. I78a ngs of Ireland ("\Veating of the Green.") r 1134 ng That Reached My Heart... Julian Jordan p 1804 ng Without Words, op 23.. avic1off 178a ng Without Words, op 12...aniel van Goens 3 ng Without Words, op 52, No.5 Grieg 08a Liebe (Love). Key of. 3 <)a ngs Without Words, op 52, :\io. 6.. Edw. Gricg 0 ie AIle Mutter (The Old Mother). 15 minor. -19 SOl\gs Without Words, No.1... Mendelssohn 8. (Key of E.).1f)() ngs Vlithont WordS, NO.2... M cndejssohn (A 111inor.) Il\.1 ngs Witlw\lt \Vonls. NO 3. Mendelssohn. (Hunting ng.) \Schirmer Edition.) 7 ngs \ivithout \'Yords, No.5 M.ende1sso hn a 1'57 I,)... -;:J :,,(F sharp minor.) 8a ngs \ivithout Word,S. No.7 Mendelssohn SO Ta ngs \ivithon-t \ivonls. NO.9.1\lenc!elssohn (onsolation:) (Key of E.), 9 ngs Without Words, No :- 1 endelssohn a (B minor,), ' S. TOa ngs \ivithout \ivords. No. II... :-Iel1delss olllt (Key of.) ITa ngs Without \ivords, No. T3.. lvle n delssohn (E Hat.) I2a ngs Without V/ords, No Mendelssohn ' 157. ISS 82 IS() I [2 (Key of E.) ngs Without \Vords, No Mendelssohn (uetto.) (Schirmer Edition.) ~(lngs \Vithout vvords, No. 19 Mcn,ll'lsS(,hn (Schirmer Edition.) ngs \VithUl1t \Vards. No \! lldelsrohn (Schirmer Edition.) ngs Without \'Vord5, No \tendelss ohn (Schirmer Edition.) ngs \Vithollt vvords, No. 22.., M endej.srohn 1 ~o (Schirmer Edition.) :la' SungsWithont vvords. No. 23 Mendelssohn. (Foll1 ng.) (A minor.) J3 ngc3 \ivithot1t \Vords, "fa Mendelssohn a 1 (Key of A.) :WS'ngs \V;ihoul vvords. ~: Q. 27;... Mendelssohn ~Fnneral 1\\ arch.) (E minor.) (Schirmer J.;,c1ition.) p >5 IS SOngs \ivithotlt vv,)\'<1s.:m "n,le1shn ;s. (Sl'iml;ng ng.) 3a Snnl4s \Vithoul VVonls. :-\0. ~9 Mendelssohn (Venetian \:'.u;\t ng.', \A minor.)

75 158 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT.,~---~- --,-,-.-._ _.-_ ngs "Vithont "'lords Mendelssohn (Spring ng '\To. 30.) (Schirmer Edition.) 7 ngs \Vithout Words,.. 1'vIendelssohn Spinnerlied (Spinning ng.), Friihlingslied (Spring ng.) 903 ngs \Vithout \Vords Mendelssohn (onfidence) (Key A.) 306 ngs \Vithont Words (Lnllaby)... Mendelssohn I,Key of E.) (Schirmer Edition.) 307 ngs Without Words, No Mendelssohn (Key of R flat.) (Schirmer Edition.) '308 ngs \Vithont '-''lords, :-\ Mendelssohn. (resto.) (Key <"f.) (Schirmer Fdition,) 357 ng \Vith,'\1t Words. R minor... Sainl-Sat'ns (Romance salis 'paro!cs.) 20( ngwi(1w\1t \V"rds, np 41. NO.2. " " Thalberg' 693 ng Without \Vords, op 2, No. 2..Tschaikowsky {I83 nnambllla (utpolllti hy ramer) Bellini o IUS nnamhllja OvertiIre...,.... Bellini o 555 S'milaltlhl1la l'fant::sie by Leybach) Rellini 0'1235 nnamhl1la, Act II. (Quartet) Bellini S B7.~ Snn of G"d Goes Forth t(l \Var.. S.. Whitnev I195' phie Valse, LadisJas Grossman ()()2 rrentina. (lp 96 """""""""""" Lack (>95 rtie (Recession;1!) u MOl1chel 21a Runs My ream Angelo Mascheroni!i17u'! of the Rose WaJtzes Henry Frantzen n 880 tl)1cls from Home \Valtz J, Gnngl p.20bo! tinds from the Ringing Rocks, 01' 12. B. Frank \Valters p 5T 903 nnds from the Vienna \Voods \Valtz... Strauss SOl1nt1s from the Vienna W oo(ls Waltzes.Strallss (ohcnt araphrase by Schul'tL) p' 60S' '\1rce, La (aprice) Blnmenthal 1S5 urce, T.a (\Valtz), Walcltel1fel 428 m'ire (l'avril (i\pril SmiJes) Manrice epret (Waltz.), 984;t:nsa Girl (I\Tarrh ng-l....ren;vl. Jerome I 7$ I 7S r I { us Bois, op 87. 1'\ o. 2...,.... haminade (i,~ce H 111lHl1'istique,) p 03:! SOUS noi~, or 84., Gregh ]) t)14 -nth ar'lina Siit (Two Step) Tracy l' 1;160 ntherners (Iii ;111r!y Lon) Will Marion ook : 1;180 ntherners, \Vill Marion ook (H's A I1ns de S:tme in ixie.) 'IS-IS utherners, Frederic V. Bowers T (Give Me the Sl1nny uth.) ' (' u'thern Smiles,..,, E. H:trry Kelly (Mardl and Two Step.) 2n6 nthern Stars Ovc'rture... "... Ascher-Mahl Introducing: Turkey in the Stt'aw; Okl Blnck Jm'; ixie; Old Folks at HOlTIf'; Sailor's Hornpipe; j\ly Old Kentucky Home; Listen to the Mocking Eird. S't' SOtlv<:nance,. haminade (Romance sans paroles. op 76, No. r.). 85'"" nvenir r!'amerique \Vahzes Joseffy t)88 uhnir d'amitic, op B reyschock (ng without words.) 833 nvenir d1a:lltomne.. Schlesinger, I I 0 l' p ALHABETIAL ARRANGEME~'!' _ ~--- fo IT uvenir de uha Ma7.\11'ka, ' Got(;;.ch"lk, 1:26 uvenir de Kieff (11 azurka, op 39)'" Sehulhoft' 4 81 uvenir de Niagara A. Wollenhaupt (Grand~ ivertissement de Uravou re.) 1949 uvenir,ie porto l{ieo...,manuel G.. Tavarez (potpourri,ie Airs del }'ai,.) 23 6 uvenir des Bois,.. E. Van Laer (Woodland Memories.) 5 8o. uvenir <les apuleti,.1{o~elle\1 (Grand Fantasic, op so.) 9 16 uvenir de Seville \Naltz 17. Tole,d,o 739 SOl1venirrle Spezia (Maz\1rka) J\. nragg-io 3 28 souvenir,1e Tyrol, 01' 49.. F. :Bendel (l dyllc 'as(oralc.) p p,\ p I ; I i l. p A T 121 uveuir de Varsovie J'v1:tzurka. ojl ehull wj f 5 uvenir d'lta1ie. A minor.. TIll'u. lxschctizky 0a (Barcarolle. op 39, t\o. 1. Venezia.> I14 SOlHcnir d Jtalie Theo. l.eschdizky a (anzo netta Toscana all' ;cntiea, op 39, No.3.) (Firenze. ) O' minor.) 2068 uvenir d'un 1\a1 ostume J.ahadie (oquette.) (as de QLlatre.) SRI uvenir Gavotte Z, \11Iati Il3 uvenir of Spain (uvenir,\' Espa;,(l1t ),. Gilkt 99 8 Spanish Bf~gar Girl Waltz.... J. Orlh 541 Spanischer Tanz, up 1 (Bolero) R. J';\'arc('1' 5 5 1a Spanish ance, op 12, No. I. 1\1. 1Ilosk"ws ki 1 0 (Key ) 590 Spanische Tanzc, op 12, No. :z M osko'ws k i oil Spanish ance, up J2, No.3,..\ M oskow"l,i p l' p 0p Spanish ance, op J2, No.4,".M.!\:[osk0'-'-'ski T 44 (B Spanish flat.) ance, J'vlalagUfl:l. 01' 21; No. T...Sar;\sak 45 Sl'anish ance, l1ahancra, op21, NO.2.. Saras,,(' 9 Spauish ance, op 23,,No.6...,... S:lrasatl' R3 2 Spanish ance, op :z6, No.7 rablo de Saras"te R:\2b 1b Spanish ance, (\1' 20, No.8.. 1';,hlo de Saras:\te 9 Spanish ance (Spanischc Melodic)... Sarasate 68 (Jola Aragonesa, 01' 27 ) ". 844 Spanish ances, ' Saras ate 113 Spanish Intennez'70, 01' 52, No 7,H. O. Klein., Spanish Love ng (E Hat) haminadc J : 5 z5 J (For ontralto.) Il4 Spanol, La George Resey I a (Spanish Medley Waltzes.) 7 Spares and Strihs. F. Tocnn;ges., (l\larch and Two Step.) 1227 Sphin)( 1 S. Thompson (Oh, a Maiden's Heart Is Kind; Entrance of Bedonins; net--loyc, all! I.ov~; Qnartet ' I _Four Little 1\:1 ice.) 5 Spiel-ose, ie (The Musical Box) I.iehich )'\34 20 Spinning ng,, }oseffy, )'\ Spinning ng, 01' RT 1.it alff 118 Spinning ng,, F. Lynes SIS Spinning ng ',".. ; ' J\lendebs uhn SIS Spinning ng (Flying utchrnan).wagner-liszt 5 Spinning Wheel, The..,,-- Bendel 622<1 21 Spinning Wheel, op 35 (Fileuse)... haminade (Etndc de oncert, No.3 ) on 2: 5 1 FO ~S I O 1' I I

76 160 Al'-HABETIAL ARRANGEMENT. 452 Spinnlied, op 327. No. 22.!"",:-,.. arl 'Bohm (Spinning ng,) p 4 15 Spinnlierl, op 12R""".:",.,i\h'x, reyschock II43 Spirit of Hope (Val~e Vihrllto), [-'1Ntencl' O'.\;eill,p 2205 Sprig 0' Shillclah """',""""" J'.'Fred l-ielf (An Trish lnf,'rllwzz(':),,, 183 Spring-lla WI1 """""., :",., W 111, 1\1asbn' (1\1 azurka-aprice, ijp',20.) A' 136 SprinR Tias ome (E fbt)., Mhl1<le V:Ut::tieWhite (For prano.),, ' 8a Spring Is Here."""".".. ",[':dith A,1)ick 228 Spring Night """""""'" Sdllirtlantl~T.i,zt 518 Spring ng (Friihlingsliecl) """'" : Hl'llsdt 217 Spring ng "... ",, " '".. Mendelssolm 714 Spring ng, 01" 13, No. I,."",."..,. Merkel p' ()]2 Spring ng.,.,.",... ",.,.R. H. Woodm:ln 1459 Springtanz, op 55, NO.2 Heinrich llofl1lan 1760 Springtide.. '",..."."",. Reinhb\d Becker 813' Springtime of Love (rimavera de Amor).,,,.,. (as de Qllatre,), aamano i\rambnru S 861 StahM Mater (1\1otette) "... """, alestriria 678a Stabat Mater,.",...,..,.. "".,.,.:. Rossini (otpot1rri arrange,1 by H, eranier.) S 829 Stabat Mater (Tnfiammatns)".".. "..,Russin; S 849 Stabat Mater '..,...,.",,'..,.,..,. Rossini (net - Qnis est Homo'; avatitk--fact ut ortern.), S 852 Stabat Mater (Ql1artet-SanctaMater).. Rossini S R53 Stbat Mater (Qnartet--Ql1atiilo otjjl1s).rossirli S 854 Stabat Mater (horll" --Armn)..,,. '..,. Rossini' S 807 Stahat Mater (ujns Animam), '.. '.,...'Rossini Transcription hy fj enri Hcrz, S 964 Stabat Mater (ujns Aliimam).. "..,:, Rossini (Transcription by, Knhe.).-/42 Staccatella, op 5,:-;0,,)... unstantin Sternberg (aprice dc oncert,) ' '109 Staccato, 01' 152 (olka de Salon).,,;tr! 'Bohm 366 Staccato, op 272'1 (Salun Stndie)'."..,ohm 137 Staccato aprice."...,..,,.,max Vogrich p S Staccato Etude in """"'" '..,,. [~l1binste'in St. Agnes, Ware, Olivet, Mig1101, Olel' Hundred., (Two Verses of Each Hymn,) p 323 Standchen (Serenade) '... ""... Freel. Hiller p. 799a Standchen (Leise flehel1 11lcinc Lieder)..Schubert Trans, by G. Lange, S 945 St, Anne, Hymn 165 (Five verses)."...~-- (Hymns, Ancient and IV! odem,) 1705 Star,..,... "... "",,..,... F, Kuckel Star and the Flower." """".R HuhlJl'11 Star Light, Star Bright. ",,,.,. Victor frer],,'r( (From \Vizard uf the Nile') 145a Starlight-Starlight ~Ia Gal,.,'cliftuil (rawf""d 2187 Star VTeclley Overture),... "."...,,,... Introducing: Listcn to the Ilig r:rass Band; Tn reamland. in reamland; Kafe Kearney; Jf I Sh0111d; In a Bil'ch a11oe';' You're the.flower of 1\1 v Ht'arl, SWl'et Ade. line; (;ood-bye. Little Girl, Good-bye. ArL hy Wm.. O'Hare, I' 1803 Star of l\iy Hrart. :.,.",.,, enza I ' '. so 1 Z5 I I ; I /5 I 1 1'1)0 ~o (,.. \I \ ALHABETIAL ARRANGElVitNlr: -_ " -'--~--- o 5 8 cj Star of the North (rayer)...",..;.m'<,:ye'tbeer I 60 Trans~ription, 01" 56" by Jael!.,.'. I 1626 Star of the Sea (Revene).,...,... A. Kenhedy p 544 Stars and Stripes Forever! (March),.. ~ usa,), S 914 Stars in Heaven.. ",. ".,., Rheinberger': p 9 2 (ja Star Spangled Bannei' (Two verses)." "'-,-,-. 7,~ 1682 s.ta,r Spangled Banncr.. '.',,.,, ':. Key1,Rally Round the Flag..,,,.,,, RQot Marching Thro' Georgia,... ","...Woyk, Tram,pt Tramp, Tram!'.,,.,. Ro 9 t IXIe "."",,,,.... I America,.,..".,,.., '.'. atey. I 2~ 1 Slay in Your Own Baek YanJ \Jdall p 23 ',8 51. ocilia,,",.. :,., Lulu T;hoL, 705 rfnterlllezzo Religioso.) " ' 71ft ~teij King (11arch and 'Two Step), F~ J.,$t" lair,", I OQ, sn Steeplttchase ", " Joseph Ban:t.lther; (March and Two Step.),.,',. 974~ Stein Sung.,,..". Fre.deric Field, Bullard p, 201 Stephanie Gavotte.,..,. ".A z,i,b",n, 11'-: 303 Stephanie Mazurka, op 174, :. Jule.s Bgg lnrd. 7S 8 Stille Nacht, heilige l'\acht... ",, '",,\,.. opp~, 4 Il Stille Wiinsche (Nocturne), Gustav L,ange p 9 a Still wie die 1\acht... '., ' ' arl,bohm' 90 (alm as the Night.) ( flat,) 1,.:20 St, Louis Rag (Two Step)...,,... T.(,)111 T~llpin 3,St, Nicholas.,.'., FratizKaltenborn 7$ 26 (March and Two Step.), 635 Stolen Kisses Waltz... "...Jos.ephine Gra' I o [,103 Storks <Selection).,.. ".,:. Frderick hapin I so 1nlrot1ucing: Enlrance of Hefirico';' l" diers of the King; enelope'; FErtie, 1:;itde,Gntic; vvhal! Mary? Terrihle uppy,og; tjiplo111acy; TO1tsic \Vootsie; Woe and SOl",row; Finale. Act 1..', Storks Waltzes. The.",., :",, eha.pin. I 5 17f>cJ Storm.".. " IIupali, ~q 828 Storm,..,.. ", ".,..,,.., Kunkel 205 Stonll ', Augu~tStfad.. 1 ~6 868b Storm,,,H.Weber' 1 o~ 14 Storm arid Sunshine.. " udley ~uck L14 6 Story of the Flowers, Felix: 'Qstn1iillriI 23 (A Flower ug.) 88ia Story of the Rose, '.,,., Andrew Mack p 54 a Story the Violets Told,. ',Henry \V, Arl'nstr~)11g,. S 539 St. aul.. ".. ",.,,Mendelssohn.. (But the Lord Is ]\'lindful of His O'~\rn.? S 866 St, aul."".,,.,,; : Mende ssohn (homs -How Lovely Are th'e Messengers.) o 69 0 Stradella (Overture).. ",,., ;Flotow 1 o Straszny wor,.,, St. MoiliL\sz~i I oq (Recitativo T iesn Stefana.) 245 Strike Up the Band...,,.(,. B. Wan;l, (Here omes a SailoL), p String,of eads.,..,...,heinzltl an and lman (1 ntermezzo.),'.' o 1 Slrollers (Selections)... :." "Ltl'dwigl';nglfl nder, I o '5 Strollers, Ad 1...,.. ".. :.. l"u<;!wig 1'.qglander (Opening; Ensemble and ng of Loretta.) r61

77 162 ALHABETIA~ ARRANGEMENjI' ALHABETIAL ARRAN(}EMENT. 163 q 6 Strollers, Act 1. Ludwig 1 lj':\lg1an<1e~, (Bold Hussars.),, o 7 Strollers; Act 1..', Ludwig Englander., (ng, Tired--Kamfer.)..,, o 746 Strollers, Act J. Ludwig Englander', 5 (Lesson in Flirtation.),.' 1935 Strollers ','.. Ludwig Englander (ng of the Strollers.),,, ' F 6Ia Strollers (Loretta) Englander 79a Strollers (English oon ng) Englander 7.; II89 Strollers Waltzes Ludwig Engbnder 1 I47a Strolling in ciety Ludwig Englander, ("New Yorkers.").., 1387 Strolling 'Long the ike Harry Bennett o 1229 Struensee Overture Meyerbeer 355 Studie"op 24, No. 1 (Key F) A. Arensky QO 356 Studie, op 24, NO.3 (F minor) A. Arensky 18 Studie, op 64, No. 1 (hopin) Rosenthal (Ueber den Walzer.) 484 Studie, op 56, No. 2 (A minor) Schumann 485 Studie, op 56, No. 4 (A flat) Schumann 486 Studie, op 56" No. 5 (B minor) Schumann lin Study in A Neupert t Study in F sharp Neupert f 1137 Study in B minor N eupert1 Study in F sharp minor Neupert Study in A minor (Andante con matoy.neupert Il78 Study in E.: N eupett/ Study in A minor (Allegro) N eupert\ 1I76 Study in F Study in E minor Neupert ( Neupert S 643' Study, NO.5 G. G. Stow 784a Stumme Liebe, op 23 (Salonstiick). Bohm 1290 Styrian ng Bachmann 3 Styrienne, op 131 : Raff 128 Success' olka, op 4 Ketterer 570 Sue (March arid Two Step) Stone 107S' Sueno de Amor anza J. Morel ampos p' 2286 Sue, S)le, I Love Y011 Billee Taylor 1437 Sue, Sue, Raise Your reamy Eyes. " L. F. Needham,764a Suis' Moi! ; L. M. Gottschalk (Follow Me--aprice.) 153 Suite, op I, Allemande ' 'Albert (Gavotte and Musette.) 170a Suite for Two ianos, op 6 Lonis Aubert (M,eq:uet, Berceuse, Air de Ballet. B minor.) I76a Suite,for iano. op 31 Waldemar Bargiel (Scherzo.' Key G.) 655 Suite for iano and Violin E. Bernard (Op. 34, No.2.) 543a Suite Russe Julesd,e Brayer (opular Russian Airs.), 419 Suite, Second, in minor, op 30.. Arthur Foote. (Apassionata.), 420 Suite in Minot (Secolld), op 30.. Art11Ur Foote (A flat. Romanze.),, 421 Suite in Minot (Second), op 30".Arthur Foote (Romanze.). 7~ \ OQ I 7S I I I OQ i. I I 1, Suite olonaise', (Scherzo-Obertas.), Louis Grossman','" " 783 Suite: Orchestral Suite. W.Heinrich ' 773 Suite, op 1I3 (Marcia) Franz Lachner 992, Suite, Second (Jndian), op 48..'.. (First Movement.) Edward Macowell " ' (Legend.), c:: 993,; Suite, Second' (Indian), op 48 '. ",(Second Movement.) Edward Macowell (Love ng.),. 716 Suite (First Orchestral),(Air and Variations.) : Moszkowski 734 Suite Algerienne,,op 6o., (Marche Militaite.)' :.. Saint-Saens ' ' I71a;,Suite in B Minor, op 21, No. I... G. Sgambati,,(I'relude.), I72a Suite in B Minor, op 21, NO.2... G. Sgambati (Valse.) I73a Suite in B Minor, op 21, NO.3 (Air).. G. Sgambati I74a Suite in' B Minor, op 21, NO.4 O. Sgambati (Intermezzo.) ",Ia Suite in B Minor, op 21, NO.5 G. Sgambati (Etude M6Iodique.),. o 828 Sultan of Sulu (Selections)...Alfred G. Wathall o 902 Stiltanof Sulu (We Are Engaged) Wathall O 849 Sultari,'uf Sulu (angle Hig Lightly) Wathall 869 Sultan of Sulu (Hike) ; Wathall 876 Sultan6f Sulu -(elia)......, Wathall o 801 Sultan of Sulu' (Old' Jay Bird) Wathall o 8',Sultan of Stllu (Since, I First Met You)..Wathall o 883 &1dltan of Sulu (Tell l\-1e, Shooting Star).Wathall o 882 Sultan of Sulu (When' Maidens Wait) Wl'tthall o 1466 SUltan of Sulu (Smiling Isle), Wathall 528 Sultan of Suln, Nat.. Mann (My Sulu Lulu 1.. March and Two Step.) 1260 Sultan's ream :. Geotge Rasey (haracteristic iece.) 879 Sultan's Guard March' atrol..... ~'..J. Gro 2104 Summer ream......'. Hans,Flath (Marceau haracteristic.) " A 219 Summer (L'Ete. Key A).' haminade (Feir prano or Tenor. Accompaiment ooln.) II39 Summer Night (Nuit 'Ete), op 46 Binet 19 Summi:r Night (ne Nuit de :Mai) Thomas A. 8 Summer Night (B flat) A.Goring Thomas (For ontralto:), A 247 Summer Night (Nuit de Mai).A. Gortng Thomas. (prano or Tenor in flat., :' I9a Summer's Here :.. Geo. S. Aspinall 707a Sunbeams and Shadows Robert A. Keiser (nnen-sttahlen und Schatten.) p, 14 'Sunburst (A Novelty) John Francis Gilder 15 Sun ance,.;.;. Leo Friedman (haracteristic Indian ajice.) " 479 Sunflower Slow rag ; Joplin (Rag-Time Two Step.) ", 535 Sunny Jim Fl,oyd J; St. lair (haracteristic March and Two Step.) 1270, Sunny Smiles (aprice) Miller I 21~ 7$ I 1 loci 1 I 59 is 7,5 SO 7S

78 ~94 A;-:4:tI~J;i;lj:r.rlAL ARRARGEMENT. ~Ml?:!;J;~~~!f~A,l1'4~1\l!J9~~'f; S 865, Sun9( M,:y,ul (and five others)..;,.,...- ' 29 Sunrise Mazurka,attison p. II83.Sl,mrise Sue Von Tilzer,. ",(./'\s ~ung in "Sally in Our Alley.") - 4 Sunset Frolics John Francis Gilder.. " (laptation ance.). ' j:l 1924 Su~s1iine and Shadow Milton Wellings 1998 Sunshine and Rain '.' Jacques Blumenthal j.lnsqipe pf paradise Alley J. W. Bratton ' 1262 Sunshine Will ome Again has., T. Ellis ".,,.(:aspar the Yodler,), p' i859 Supplication ;Kate V:inqerpoel.,747,Surla (Xlace '.. L. F..de Retana'.. as des atineurs (With the Skaters.) r,566. Su,r la Mer,op 44 God:and 1993 Sur Ie Lac, op I09 Sydney. Smith, ',,(EsJ.l1isse. musicale.) ',..;;', S' 820 Sursum orda, op II (E1evatiori).Edward Elgar. 74. Susana Wal~zep, George Rosey 1.i 1.4~1; ;$,~ie Al1~a :. Jean Schwartz i ;(/i.$i >~Se, H,cI,?ath, op 81, Np. 1. Gustav Merkel o 830 Susse Mad I, as (The Sweet MaId);..,.,, '..(Sele;otion.) H. Reinharcdt., b 10I4 Susse Mad'l, as H. Reinhardt :..,> (LieGl vom.siissen Mad'l.) ~ ~ Siis. ~e Mad'l, Waltz :.. ' H. Reinhardt I 809, Suwanee, Ec;hoes Wllitzes AI. W: Brown. ~ "I i <A.Ragtime Novel.ty.) t; 933!l",$I,1\Yanee River (Three.y,erses).. Stephen. Foster o; 964a.~1,iVY/ln~.e. River (and five others) ~' I.' 557, :SJ1,l.w/me.e.:Rivc'i araphrase ;. E. A. arsons" I 2S : 9&: SJw<j.How~, oj). 15. J. Asche. 1, 86l l,,swallowl'; Wal~z' apri-ce) : Bachmann,1 I!: 208r i ~wa)lo.ws.., : owen i' 1'5 ; 784," Swa.llp~i;i ' '.' Bruno Oscar Klein, ',,' V<jlse m~lancolique.) f' ~ 179,. Swall?ws~:,g, O 270. Eohm b 877 Swearmg SkIpper ; e Koven, I ",',(F.rom ".Fo.x;y,.QuilIer.") ", 749"Swedialp. Naitional 1\.irs (With Variations).F. 'Ries 88 Swedish Wedding March dermann p 1698 Sweet and,low Barnby 24a.:Sweet Anqie Moore J. H.Flynn p. 181o,: weet. B\lnch of aisies Anita Owen..:; ",,,('Waltz ng.) Arr. B. 679,Swt t~ov,cr Waltzes R: B. S. ale' 2037 Sweetest Flower That Blows has. B. l::iawley..,.(ai:).t.)..': A 519 Sweetest Flower That Blows (E flat)...hawley '," " '(Foa- Low Voice.) F' Sweetest. Girl in ixi.e Robert J. Adams. 299a Sweetest ng the World Has Ever Heard.. ' I,':. ".,Morse p: 839b,Sweetest Story Ev.er Told ;..,.~ (Tell Me, 0 You Love Me]) (, <',' ',Trans. by R. M. Stults Sweetest Story Ever Told ;. Stults k 377,Sweet-esti Story :Eve.r Told R. M.Stults (F9r, prill1o,or Tenor.) Key G. p', 194a Sweet Flower of Normandie...,,Adam Geibel ( 1 I.1 od 79 :p I88~, Sweet. Genevieve., H~nriY'" Tucker II29" Sweetheart '(Waltz ng),j".,.1,,john,martin 904(Sweeth,eaJi.t"WaJtz~s..'..:;,..:.Strauss. (oncert araphrase by Schue.tt;). I},4oiliSwllfthearts(Waltzes)... ;.,.,;.harlesd~.a!bert, 1 S 949.: Sw.e.et,Ho,u).' of pr.aye.r...':;... '.'..'. Bra.dbury1.. The Home. Over The:Iie.."....;. 0 1 Ka.ne ) Safe in the Arms of Jesus ,oane, W;ble.re Is My Boy. To l oignt,,.,:low.i-;y. t ' Trus.ti~g Jesus, T~at Is,AiLl.:..:.. ; :;.~ ~J1key I:..,W~rl<;, For the.njght Is Olliung '... ;.,..,,:; 1iM:ason J p, ~241. Sweetie on't. ".,..' <hri!l.',smitjq\. (A laintive Negr.o.Lov.e ng.)',),'. j Ji'2,19$11, Sw~~t' Is. Tippe.rary William Arm'$ 'F~sher. (Folksig.),'...: '.. c SWf~t :kitt.ie KiUairs ;. c GnsEdwards" R, 13,,SWefl Maid of Georgia ' if'i ~L.. IJosey ' p;, E71g1S~eet Marie.. :.:... :: '~"'.'.',.~.ay:tn..?u,'m... <lore.., : I'J n80~ 5w,eet, 'Me~O'1'leS of Youth (WaJtzt.: )~ns:;en, 788 Sw,eet. erslp1mons.; ;paul.lt;j.e.tl Story,".,.,(M:arch and Two$~ep.) 'i:,'. ' " Sw~et Rosi~ O'.Graqy :' " :l\1:at1.d~nugent'! p. I64~ Sw~et, Sana~oo (Tne School Gi~j),;w,;, T::.Eca)lcis, 7$ O' 165" Sweet ~~rs W<j.ltzes... :.. Emil,. WIl.Idteufel I Q, ~~; ~Wiet;t;. Spjrit.Hear M-Y rayer '..!.W,~.Uace. 7$ (Lurlme.) '.'" 844A,Swppt Spirit, Hea.r ~y. rllye.r:.. 1('" ;., " ,,', Wm; V,ltleuf/Waliace, ii.,frflns. by Br,inle~.Ricbar,ds;),,:,. ' 1863 Sweet, Sweet Love..,.."..' '.' :wers ~ ~60$1 S;wr-et. Tboj.lghts of Ho~e...,.. }ulian':edwards. (Love's ~o.lltery.) 1695 Sweet Violets ' J. "K. Emmet R. 1714,SWim:OI,1t!O'Grady / G~o];ge":L:!TracY' 1064 Swing.ng..(gtu~~t;atk)~~) ~,:.::. G?:rlfontaine 1014 Sworet,of Ferrara, Fredenc F.lel~ B\lUar<,l, I as,. (iit'flat.) '"".. '.. "''',> <I..., 3~,, S~lph)~~,.Les. (Valse apric,~):... ~ 9;~~~wann;" I'~ p 933,. *,~W1i!Ae, L,a~ op u.6 ', :.. -,...'.j\. JaeU l.' 16iit.Si1t.b.hl~e, :\-3,' 0,,,' GIls.t!\yi~ang~,! '(Morceau de Salpt;l,. op,55/),... " c,647", S~w!qj~e, op 106, N 0.r,~~;rW11;:1~1,d):.!\; I,.;t;WR~h:or~. 7.5 p 711' Sylvams, Les, 0 90 (The Fau~H;,h.:.,Ar~lTl1nade 0.,679,.sN~vf,lj'l~et:.O<vf'rtute ~.,.Th.:" RUI:LRees~. I o,5171,sylvia 'Ballet. (izzicatialld V-al'se: Lente}.nelibes o 1467 Sylvia Ballet :.: :.::,' ~:.;belibes ~\ "' "";'~&che.r;zo.. Fat'l11es et.])ryades.) r, 'it'" :./. ' ~. :268" Sibria (ap.t'llt\!~.:.'. ~~:.'.::.:...'.. RrH: Ji~nsseti " Sylvia" the <;iibson 'Girl ~:.. Hh~I't;.Rtip1bold B Sylvia Waltz : :.:tt' GeB'arros I 2$ ~. :;?217;,,SyrI.vie :':' r "r,,:;",.'.. '.' :.:::.::..;t. B;qr'.c;o~no,:.. ' 380 Sympathle, La, op 39. ',' ','".,.A4RIRMr{Glftmann I ",',,(:R. J~r;\9cY.a.ls~i),.".,," '/"t',i_1. 76i!-,,S;JI'plp)hla.:W~H;I;~s ''','.. '.'<,,' ;,",. AQ~,.fWf~lUiln\lI S' 902 $ymphomc Allegro...,"'.'..l ',It! ctfi\t,gleason I,.,(rr,o~,,<\ntata raisl;.,~qllg to" I;I~-I'lll1;onie.)

79 i08 AtJFH'ABRTi~I\LARRANGEMENT': J}:f,.~E;r:J~~~ ~~~~~~~. ~67 c. 763/ Symph'onic Etudes, op 13 :::..<.Schtirriann' I 5d ',", c ( sharp. minor.)';,'. I;. {.. I.(In.form of variations. Eti:ldes, 'r, 2, 3, 4, 5; 6, 7,18.): '. 77a Sym,phonic' EtL:des, op h ; < :Schumanl1' I 59.' (1n: farm. of variations. Etudes, 9\' 10, II; '12.). 666: Symphony No. I, op,.21...,... <.;. Beethoven 1..,.(iAdagio molto..atlleg-ro.). "... "667 Symphony No. it,.:op 2I..,I...'... '.Beetho'ven 1. :,(Andante cantabile.):';, 668. Symphony,..No. L, op j;!l\i~... ~;. ".;. Beethoven 1.. GMenuetto.) 66!),' Symphony No. I,. op 2 I......;. Beethoven'. 1 (Adagio. 'Allegro vivace.),. c- 762 Symphony Nci; i ; Beethoven '1 (Adagio molto. Allegro con.brio.)". 763 Symphony No. 2 (Lar.ghetto)... ;d. ;'Beetnc1Ven }: 5'0 764 SymphonY NO.2 (Scherzo). ~.';..i Beethoven. '1 do :' 765.SymphqnyNo. 2 (Allegromolto).,. " Beethoven: '1 " 656.$y.mphony No;,3 (Mar,c,iaFlllJebl;e).., Bttet,!;jp.ven" II 5Q. 657'SyinphoI?-Y, N? 3 (Scherzo) :.;, ;Bet;t,hoven; I QO 7II Symphony NO.4 (Al\eg!"o Ylvac~).,.. Beethoven :r 40 7 Symph,~\ly,No. 5 ( mmor). "j',.;beethqven: I '.. (Allegro con IlilOt6. An. by Liszt.) '... : 408' SYntphqny'~O'. 5 :'.,,,,,,::.. Beeth'?yen' ;t, '(Andante conbno.) Arr. by L\szt. '. ', 409 Symphony NO.5, op 67' (Scherzo).:;.Beethoven '. i do Arr. by Liszt. '...', '" 410 Symphony N o:.s I bp.67...'.1...!;... Beethoven l -<,:',;(Atlegro. J Fin,ale.). Arr. by Liszt. 730 Symphony No.' 6 {astorale)... :...,Beeth<?yen,~ 59 (AlLegro. rna nl:)ll trappo.).". 890; Symphony"No...6.(Key 'Of, F). "..j,' -,Beethoven' "1 (astorale. By the Brooklet.),,: J " (Andante molto mosso.),..! ~. 891 Symphony No.6 (Key of F)...,..,..,. Beethoven 1.. (Eas~orale. Shepperd's S011g.)r",., '.....,..(Th:li~ksgiving,After the Storm.),., Symphony No. 6 (ast6tal)...,.,.,.b~#hoven 1 _..' (Allegro.).,..,;.;',,'., 897' SYm'h'orty No.6... :...,...,...BeethQven r,,, Andante transcribed fo'r Offertoireby;nat!ste:,. 465 Symphony, No. '7, 0» 92, Key of A); Beethoven I (oco sostenuto,' vi'vace.) "".. ";., 466 r Symphony, NO.7, op 92 :,.. Bee't:hoven I ~S : (.:Allegretto.) ",,", 46,. Symphony NO.7, op 92 (Scherzo).'..'. B-eethoven,'I Syro,phony No'.~; op 9z, ~.:.:.,:.;.lb.eethovel1 ISO.,;(Allegro con brio.) I ',,.i'" Symphony No.. 8,QScherzo)..:,..,Bee'thoven c:; Sy.~p~ony. NO 9, op 1 ( O1itlor.j.', Beet"h.oven. 1 5~.. (First movement. Allegro,), \,,:,'.. -. c ~Ymi?rori;y NO 9, op 1 ( minot)" Be~th,o.ven" 1 SO (~ecot).d movement. Molto vivace.).' '..., I038' 'SymphoIiY, NO.9, op 1 ( minor)., Be'etnoverL.I f. (Thiri:I: ili.bvement.) \.,", (Adagit,), molto e cantabile.. Andantembderato,) c: 1039' $Y1llpflon'1" No. 9,O 1 ( mi~or).: Beetliover)'. I SO ".. \ 6i.1rth movement.).'".'.,'.", (resto.' AlIe'gro assai vivace alia' marcia.) I', 1040,,~xr:nph,onYi ~o. 9, ov, 1 f.minpr).. :Qeethoven" I.:.' (Se\d\1ms~hlu ngen. l%rl,i\ll1en.), 'J. r, 69~VG~yrri.phonl NO.9.(f\dagi(»...J.:.;...,j:5eit1)pven, I 940.S;vmphonre Fantastique (Key ). Hl;tor Berlioz I /. : /." " (No. r'. Reveries, I'assions.),, >,:",..; 95' Symphony, op,73 (Key )... :JQh<innes;l~rahms. I :':; '~,' '<AdagIO non troppo.). I.: ';',.'.. ' 86d.. Symphony. NO.3. o9q.. ;... ;....,.., B,rahms- I," 1 (Allegro' con brio.).. ", " ". 839 Symphony (Ameri!;aJil}', ",., :.. bvorak ~ '.' ',...(First. movllrriep,t. ' Adagio.)., 633:' SYIl1phon;~'No'.5 '(E minor)~... i... p,!,ora,,,i (,Amencan SymphonY.),..,.'.,..... ' (Se,ond moveme nt. Larg9t).,I. ' 994" Symphony: American (Scherzo), vorak I..',(Third movem.~nt.),,..,.' 995" Symph<;>~y: American, I. 1,'" vorak I.: '. (fq~trth movement. Allegro con,fuoea.) 787" Symphony: Rustic Wedding,.. ~i I'" Goldmark i (,~rautlied.). ;.',,;,'" ' I. I,, If; 78$' Sytil,i>hon;y (Rushc Wedd!mg~ Goldma,rk,,, (Serenade.). '... '.',. I ". ' 712 Symphony NO.4 (lock ~Q'(emeQ.t).. Haydn 707 Symphony No.. 6 ~SurVl'ise).., H'lydn" ', (Adagio. Vivace.) ', Symphony,No. 6 (Surprise.) (Andante)...Hllydn, 7S ' 709.,Symphon:y; Nb. 6 (Surpr!se). (M:enu~tte). H.aydfl' Vli 710 Symphony No. 6 (Sl1rp,J;'I~e!;...,..,;>,;.. Haydn 1., (f inale., Alleg:J;O.) "."":,,,;'. 731' "Symphony Nt:>: 3 (Scotch)... : Mendelssohri I "," (4ndante con moto.. Allegt;.o;) I, I.' 73.2 ~ymphoriyn? 3. (?cotch)... "Men~k),!!~ohn.I..,.' (Allegro vlvaisslillo.) " I ',,:,'. ').696' Symphony. No. 4 (Allegretto).. ". en4e~s30hn, 7S ~ '714;,.S;ymphony~o. I (M.enuetto) ~,.,.MQzat;~. 7S 7 S'ymphony Itt (JupIter) 'M;qzart,I ~5, '.. ~Allegro vivace.).. ' '..,.'." ' 726. SyirItphonyin (Jupiter)' (MenitettoJ,..M{)~art. 985,',Synlphony.No 3 (Andante> In 'tni'ridit'm1qzart' 986 Symphony NO.3. (' In Eftat;:' restby:'.. Mqzart, 796 Symphony' NO.7 (Andante»:'.....'...'.:.Mozatt 'I G 84',,&ymphony:No..3 (Im Walde).. : '.;,.. )')\1;.:.Raff. '1 ". " '1:,,:'1, /(Second 'movement. Largo.)., '..! 74 Symphony NO 5 (Leonore.' arting March). Raff 635", S,yntphOIU': B minor (Allegro moderato)~schubel't 6.w,,: S;ymphony, B minor.;'....,;.';.'.. ;.Schubert (Andante. con moto.).., '. } "';0, 698-"SYJV.phol'\y No. 4 ~,..,.; Scht\ln an1}' 1 ', (Lento assai. Vivace.). ',. ;. 85:1,,$YJnphony (Fifth).-,' : :Tschatiklowsky, (Waltz movement.) '.r:, :" 56S " Symphony NO.5, op :.. :.. Tschaikdwsky 1 " Andante cantabile.),...: ::~;",.'.:: 1 '541Symphony,N '.. Tsch;tikoW:/lky LIi'achulski I,...,.(Andante.) "", '.," Symphony, :>aihe~ique..,.,.,......,11!l~qikowsky' I..." No..' ~.. B; I11J.ip.Qf; (Fil'l>I:i,m,'<iwe. ~ent.). '). 99.1,,"Ymphony athetlque, No.6, 01;>.)'4..,,;1;.1 ;.', '.cxn Bmj~or.).. "..',:Tsc:haikowsky I JSecphd mo~ement.)",

80 i68,tt1a'~~al :Aihl)\N~~f Aj4f.fl.~:ET;t~rA:U A,RR,.A:N.N!'MllNfl\ l~ o 13 17,. :'Ta,~nhii.llser"..\...,..., i.:.....c.,,.wagneri 3Q I 576 Symphony 'athetlejue, op 74/ No.6,' "8 '.'ijiiin6r.. (Third Ht(j"fflJ~~~),. (Tannhauser's ilgrimage,)" ". ",,','.,. 'ts.thaikov,:skr,i 5q 578,SYmpHony; athetlque, op. 74, No.6. Q, 1451;,:: ~j;:r;i.n;nh~\lll<:r.',',.act. III. " "., '.' Wagnet.,. I " ' {FftIiiI'e'.),.~. TIclla,ikowsky, I ',,:,(~.z;~y«...,...ehzabeth. $ong-wolfra.w.),,! ":', \ Q'. I.31&1."Ta!ill~\1ler" (Firtale,) ~..,.(Wagner<I S.Q ~ 567 Sywphon~e.. ll~he'tique, No' 6, 0.t,74 '.', f..'.: 'r,,,.',1,'(1' '...J)~~~at of Venus,} '," IJ.. ':,i (.;' -: c. ', (kd'altib.) T5ch~lkoW,~~:y-t<'le'figel 1 l-,(),62i\,,ta~fla,lji11~r : "f '1" ",.;MTagner,,-;I,772,.. Sylti-phonyGothique : ::,'":9: ',W!d0 2d 0, 1 59 i p.". ;.(fa~tasle-apn~e,,,~p197,'p,y A.,(;~r,a;) I". i;,) 871: Symphony NO.4, for Organ "." \Wldor (Andante cantabile.)".'.. '.'. Q,,58Q"."tAAnhausc:r". (Eliza!le~lf,s r;tyer).. '. \Magner,I ~S,p 18q" SY'r/copated' Sandy (apd tont iimer!!'!.,. tj:...: " "..:1!ra,I i<;qtiqh, op.4&';j~ly JMl!.'.;" " L',;,,...,.,. W'ayf'JUtti: :tm'whitin, 0' 573 "Tannta1ltS~r;'! F~n~;l;~i~ b~lilaf1g!e), ""., Wagner I ' '65~ 'Sillinpan MazuF..i... ',...W. "Os,tH;ihsilt 1191 Table Mountain Echoes' Wlllf±'.. :.:F~ ff' M. Beck 48~ Tailor-made Gitl,'.: elias:.w.' I<;reme.r ;:,.',.r (March and ltwo step.). I'" r ' o I~ Tajlor There welt, A.: rye, ~oy~n },,, "Brown October.Ale.'. ;' "l'b~ Koven I 60 'tftikh's ng' '," tj~: R'ov-en.:" 1("Robi.n Hood."), ;, " "I.j: T;;tke a Little Walk....,::;;.'AJ, Johns 'F. I48'aTil'ke'Me Back to Herald Square "L.,~itlandet 1814 Til.ke Your lothes and Go... :~'.':'1rq,'irt, JQnes I 2~ "'(And'f'o'tirotJiers.) '. ". "":'; "':,' '(1) '899 T~le of the High; Born Rooster....' :.b'~ 'j{dven', '. ("Red Feather.")."...' " 9djR'Tale of the Karyfaroo.. ',' " Gti~t:l.V 'Lu~ets ~ ~44~: T~!e(,,opf ~he Sefa -n?i1 e1l ti': n)'" q:(fst;j.,v.t: e(s. "" ' nnce 0 n se. "...,. a Tale. of tre Sea She~1 ("rince of ii!i,e-n"~j.'lu:ders "".'.! (March and TwoSteJ}.) '. '..,.' ", o 106 Ta.lIy-H,q (Overture) ;J.',p!. $QU!\~ ' 664' Ta'fflbo' ance.'. ~, t:5'iiiea 399<l- TaiT)bour}n, op 2?4,N; :e:flat.. :,' ;,;..'J.Rfl~ I n 84 T~'m'tlourme atrct;,? 327, No :t;:, B9hrp.,, J~ :ZI5S 1'*'1nmany ~..': ;'.., ",~.. (ius:f:qw..imfs' '] Titrt 0' Shahter, Geo.,Wm., Warren o 615, Tancredi (O,y:ert'Ure). ~, i,;..:.,.r08sidi I 5 '0 12 '~Tannhauser'i, Qvedur,, d. :"Wagnet. I ':. ""oi :ert araphra$e,by iaszt.'.'. r.f :... ' ' Q,. 929fl:'Ji'anJ;l~auser" (Qver~\\r ),... '.. Wagfler.aue~, I ;Q 10$8 ','Tannhiiuser~' (Sdtig'--'-Bvening Star).,;. Wag-neli ' b 518 "Tannhauser" ~ng-eve'n'ingstar).,..wagner " ". ''' 'l1anscription' by' La'll'ge..',.. :..,.,A. 170", "'Finmbiim;er." A minbr. ('Fot' VloloitI)'.. Wa'gner-.' 7$, ' 'f ":(~ntroductionand ng'fo,the E:t'etlhtg' Star:Y'. Transcription by F. A. routnm~t. :" o 1203'[,,,'l1lriIrihiiuser." Act II :. ",;.. ;.'W3'gn~t 'I (uet-o Blessed HouL),,:, '. ;0 1067' 1lailfhliuser." Act II., Scene 4... ;;.0~W~nei ' (March.).' ~ o 1277' 'ftailmhiitiser" (Elizabeth's ray-f'r),:;..,:wag-ner o 1312,,"1;annhauser".., :.~...:: '.,.', W. a~ne,r.. ' ', (:"ll'he'sh:e'j1h'erd' and the' lfl{nnhf.) '. " r, o 1313 "Tannhau~er" n'.:'. :' 'Wa.gner 7S,; " t'w(jlffam's Appeal t\;j T1Wl~~use!,?), ".,.. '. o <;1i'an'l'ih~u"!le!l'i' (~li,za~etir,s ~r,t;enn~> ',; rwajl'n~r, o TarInlra1,ffle't : r. ';11 Wa~ner I,. t'e~izabeth's Intercession 16'r '1'artnhiu}Ser.) o 1316 "Tannhauser" (Introd'udiotl 'to' Acf tii).:wagner 1 7~ ) 7~ 7S b 2:; ~..".'..,... Q 513" '. ;T;wn auser( arch);... ',..,... ".; <Wagner '1,. (araphrase,by, ~j~zk, I J.,I', ' Q. 5I4J, :?annh~user:: (i~g~im~s, ~hwllj»..w<\gner 4iszt o 595 Tannhauser, ',.J,; iwagner I. 1 I" i (l':imt,a,!lile, op 61> No, 3, borati.),,,,: O!' ",', 'J r:: 97~,,1i'llrM!\rap,esq1,le; op 4 1, }{o. ;;!...!: "p'j~rj.itifel4:' : 'p 937 TantAer;~51Senelfeq,... 'f ', Mgsz1<;owskl I... i ;(:llurin; Ball~t, op,sa,),, ' ".,' ",',,. 4 lanz, op q3,:n'",lq.. "... ;,... ;,.'~..,kqe$l:hhorn I3~,T:wz",ei~ (B~lI,et 1l1-1oiIlil:),. M.eser &Jmund: i O(l Jt 20 1'~vs. Bt flat :.cglepnon, i's (Or, A ying ~4~1i's Re.!Hl~1l4),. I 3~ :r~f&i\t~ll:"'9 43!,>-.fl.aL.., >. :'..) hp~f\l : I 133 Tarantel1e In A mmqr., ',1;" "<;h.~~j~1 ennee, "', '[ (Op. 23, No, 4 ), ')"J' 1"",,' ) 1! 57;,a,:';tUjl.n~lletO,p; 39, ;,.,,::.n~h!(lt'>~1 O(l p 513 1'arantella FantastIque. ".,' '0,' "':>.' Gilder,I?; II~,. l:r~rill}.tt;lie,:<gr,~ndli)...,. "','1,;. :M.~H/ic~alk",IS? ~"0J.Ll' hanl!~,). 'ii',i"., ),.f 'f< " '.' 829~,':ri-\~1i~t.eIla,.,Q.p.~&5.NO.2,.,:""... ;,.:.r""',."$l,,lltl1<if.i.;'1 O(l J,.J '",... ) l073", 'T.. r:o.l}.te1~,(sll1t~ pa~a lauq" l'i..&)...;}.;,llj.fllegl>;\,.. I.G 2~, 'rl1r4qtel\e di Bravura, ;,.'. '. I ".;I;:iszt" I :li, 87,~ -;r;i1iiltt;he,!, E. minor.,.. '"' :; '.' l,qma~. r 1I Of) ~ 2;a, 1:~rll<~t.~hla.(J$e<;qnd), i~ Ar~~I\ltQr...:.Fra~:4'ne~ 1 o " '" (Qp.20,.No.r.).. i, f. ': ;,,; ':L, l p (j 'l;'ar:plt~lie, qp 13 ii.:,:"""d'i; ),1il~,: ~ 82:J Tarent«;Ue.,op 13, N,o. I ~. ;t..:'.,nicode 1, I4IQ'l1Manttlla af Balletten,(~'Napoli!').;H..S.'IFaulli I,. An.. for four hands by 905 Tarantella in A. mi!lldr ',.'... '.J.'ieczonka A 127 Tarantelle, op 85. No.6. 'G minot..!,o,acwm Raff. "For Violi.n.)., ',.",;. i,.', ' 796 Ta'rtliltdle,op 174,No. 1O.-;.,..,,;.. ;;::",'>;H~aff"1 p. l:j." "'Tarantelle; op 39, NO.4 : ; 8chilitwtenk'1I Tarantelle, op II....'...'.... ';;h.:.'si::hqrnann 1 '"R 3' rr:a1-aijtem~ (TroisicII}e), oj> ~'dhe1.,f>!i:nitlh: 'I ~5 II',ra\antel,le (Third), o' 184,N9. 4'. : ~. ;..'.. ;!". J;., '.! 'I. '.. '. W1-1s<'>li. <1i,:&.nltb ~, go 421' "nirantella, lop '35',No..3. :..'Oon~talltt;nSte'rhberg (so c; ~o. TaraflteUa, op ~5. minor.'... :..:~. Th.'tl.be~g I, :(3 6:28" 1Thrante1le, op 82, NO.3...:..;\nton. :alil'jlt!.stem I (I~ali,c.). G ~i~qr" ) "..!":...I.' 1911) :Tiya.}lt.e.ne,.op ' "-:'.'.,lij'i~ojia? Rif~~fteln",I~ )? I~""Tilrl!-~t~l~m A fiat, op 'f'\.\~!,l}i.:wj1ltn~". I.:t5.;rlns,,1;lI,I'iL.~i lfj:j.li: (:two v~t~e~).."" '~rn~$t.cr.v,eps~:..~o 1233 Tar Baby ',.:~..;;.,,~Jjtrn4e adi n.',:,j ::i(~~,.tirp.e Two. Step.),,,".".;. ;'Ii!' '0;"..il? 184+ ; Tat's Farewell :;.',;.\.,4\:4'ams',

81 170 AL,lt~:lJE:.rtAiJ ARRANGWENT, J\lJ?HI\J:}J,l'l<;1\L -t\~,~ffij~l\1em, !e Agrada? (o I lease Thee?).'::E:'Melhado: ' (?chottische:), ""', ' " "f1.' ", 1398 Ti!ats, op, 24, No. g, ',:;.. George"Liebling' J Sf! 1419 Tea,s'i'1'i 1 g.'~.:- ' ;'.:: :..:A1berFvpn Tjlze~ fi' 8' Teleum, (Festival), No. 7' ' : ::ud,.h:'y' Buck! S 932 Te peum Laudamus ::': ;'\VitI; l]ack,son S' '878.Te '-r>~um in F ' ' :.Henri'Smart' I <kj o 533 "T~lephone' Girl",{otpourri).:.:-:::~','.. Kerker, I 2S 72 "Te'H~phone Girl'" (Waltzes)...,.~.. : : 'j~' ;;l(erker,i 6d I42a Tell Me, lisky, Majden.. :. Rosamond Johnson "'Sleeping;Beauty a1')d t,he ~east;l\pd:.. ' I 0883 '1?eWMe, Shooting Star ::....':... :..'...'Wathall Sci (From "Sultan ofc:sjlu/')",,j, " S 955" ToeU rmethe!d', Old" 'Story '.' '.'. oane ',5, ' ":,,]0:' ~Three verses.).. ""',',', 976a Tell Me T'0"'day'.'.. :... :'.. :...H,erfrian' erlet, <i) 1121< ;1J"retrtpes,t1 The ;..'.:. J.;;. :,' : <A.i? S.ttll~.vah...,tance of the Ny!Uphs and' ~eai1ers.}',,' ' o 868 '7enderfoot" (Sele.cb?os)..'...'.Ff':E; geartz I ~5 " " '. Arranged by HildlOg' Ander~O'ri.,'.'.'.. ' i2i9:::tendetfool::: (My Alamo Love).. H. L. Hl1artz:. 7$ o 10 " Terrdetfoot ',:,.11: L. 'Heart2,(Fascinating Venus,),'. '. ",.I;,,1411:<;Te,ndre Aveu,op 43, No. 2. ;:.EdouariFSeltuet(', ":'il' (Roman'e.) In' flat.... '. ' "" ','. 7$, 771 Tendresse,p, ) 8HJb'pmdresse, op 84 :.'.', :.. H~' ramer, <:Romet" N:'Ba:rtlett,", Z5 j,,:)" '(JI4orceau :Melodieux;) """".,,:, :,I) ioo2~',tertnes\;ee' entennial rize Match.., Bernl1ardt' 83,Tennessee Jubilee (ake Walk).. :..E. R. Stern 1,p 2IIl1--,Tentlng on the Old amp Ground,...'KiHiedg'e 5~ p. I 3~3Teresita" op57 (Bolero):.;,... F. Stotson' lark'! t107 Teresita olka :.. '. ;.., L Logh'eder'.p.[05'1..31essie ("Silver Slipper'?) :...Will 'R. 'A'nd~rson" $p p 1574' 212 The-a~Tete (In'te'i'mezzo).. :.. ::,W.''O.'"Miessner', Tete-a-Tete, op 41 '..,. '.!,.. '.'.. M. Arnold 7!i :p ~4I'? 'T ut,,0bu,r g er, Schlacht, ie. :'''',.r:, ' ;:, ;'. 'J,. '."'1 '.',,'('~Als.die Romer,frech~gewotden:r)'.'" ';', Jon.as ~Hlm schwartzen, Wallfisch zu Ascaloo"), ie Lore am Thore'". :,J ', ;,. ",e'vqn.allen den. Madchen.'\)',:.;',. " ; " 'l"crw9, verses ~ach.).,',,,,,', ': 852 Teutonia' olka '. '.. '.:lfreising p,8is,,~l,1'lllks.giving After a Storm, :nlensel~, I ~5 '~ IsQ$, Th'at B~autiful I~le of \~e Sea.:.Ludwig Eo,g};a:ndljr.,. "",,<,M.'ldcap rmcess.),'" ',,",,;,, l f'i355r,'j';i:ha,t,lj),'lj,sho111d B~ "SpoO"...,J.,l\J;larncs Tl,1il( ;Ki<;~aQo, In~ia;n,Man.,,l}obt. j"aqlams SO p I5U',,';fh<\t ~ittlegirl Is you Joseph Hart,0 I,wI, T:lwt1s"a"Yery ifferent T,h.ing.. a,ul A. :R;ubens, ". i,; ';,(J;Three Little, iids."),. ",'.,. c,:,,j,p, 822,r.~~t:~ :go,,!, 1 Love You,' Ma1e...J. ",B..Mullen, 7f,, ' "(M'edley Waltz.)", ' ",.. -,, '" ':), j IJ}.~ro.du<;\!1S': Ove; the ilser)e~t'9:<j.!rt~! :;" ",t> p94, ~~afs.':w:j.1ereshe,sit,s,an 'pay.i,'".,fr~j1k Lep, ~s.}3 214 Thil1,tperletl, op 77'., G,qst\tv Lan~ 7.5 it> 24tJ "Thauperlw, Op' '22z'(Waltzes).. EnfH ',Wa1dt~ufef 'I,-.; (:',.'~'GbuU sde,rosee.) """1. 0,',j 372 Thelma (Waltz). \.',' r'; i&il)kiefert I..!i0 : IooJ"Thelma Waltzes ;'." Y.: Hunte':" 1 7'5, 621",Theme and Va.ria~ions, op 73.. ",Gabriel.;Faure I S0 ( sharp mmo,.), ".," 727" 1;'heme, Variations arid, Finaie" OJ? 63 :,, '.iaston. ethier 5,3,_ Theme with Variations and Fugue..JosefHofman 337' Theme anc\ V<i,riations,op,I(\No. 3.. Faderewski,. I : 'i ~(KeY,lilf A.)... ' ' :,.','I', 32S",,'rheme and Variations. Key 9' A, Strohl,,I 232a Theme Original et Variations'1" Tsch'likowsky 'I. ".,(Op 19. Ker ~f F.) i, '.,.,'; " 274 Theme and VariatIOns, op,28". <,, Wagner 3,f', 1447.,,Th~n I'll Be Satisfied with T;.ife.. Goo. M..,Olha There Are Fifty-seven W ay~ta atch a Man... " ),("Man from hina. i,),jo11n W.J3rwtton, '5 836' There Is a Green Hill, :Far Away ;. Gounod A 407 There Is a Green Hili Far Away, G<lunod, (prano in F.) '.' ;F I27~,T1Jere'~~'q Tavern in the Tow.u.,.-:.,.. ;.,-L--. (ql1ege, ngs.).', 7Ia There's a Land '.,.lfrnn(;es Allitsen () I46g,There's a Little Maid ;... :... Sydney Jones ("My Lady. Molly." Act I.), ",p 1248 There's a Little Street in Heaven That They all Broadway _.. '... _. I., : Sloane,p 11 Th-ere's a Lot of Things 'You N'ever Learn at School ; Gardeni:ex: and Brill.p IIga' There~s a Thousand and One Gitl$. i...'. :... ",;,:,.,',, Fred.V. Bowers li88,.,there's Nobody Just Like You..,.'...enn, p 21' :''Fhere'sN'oOther,Girl Like My. GirL'... r:r.. ::,,I Maude' Nugent :p 2240' 'There's Only. One Littfe Old New York..'::... Jean Schwartz', 1512' They're Looking for Me... ;. Gustave 'Kerker '("Winsome, Winnie."),,i ",F' 9I'2a' 'They're' Only Girls :. Ludwig- Englander sb p '47'7a This Is the:' Lbrd?s' O'wn ay... : Men~els~ohn Trans. by G. Lange.' ", " 1880 'Thhrl'l, The (ngs of Englan'eJl):. '... ;. ~Shield'" o 8: Those Grea:fBig EyeS :.. t~o Le ']lirunn ",,~,'(A~ sung in' '!Little uchess."). ' " : 272aTllOse:Things amlot -Be EXJ?laiTled.:.Jerome 59 " '('!Wild Ros'e.") "', ',','" ",: Thou Art Mine AU...';;... ' ;,~Bradsky I80a T40u Art,S6:{.-ike:, a Flower,.. '.' '.' hadwick 22rit'I;.hon Arr~Q Near,a:nd-~h1\"ar':. A.Reichardt A 7 t40u Falrest Viqion of My S,O.1.iJ. : Lassen (Key of A.), ',1' 1658" T,I!lqUghJ,of The,e "',,.", _ A. Rtol!},, My Angel..,, A. Rotol~ I. My H~art.. :,,A, Rotoh A 297" ThElUghts andj'eats.e flat,.".. Hope, lentple " ;(For Mezz~~prano.) " "'.'. "', n 783 c:thol,lghts.}?f 'Love,.,... :"... ~at:l): Ma~I),, I 2p '". (f'eilsee d'amour.) (Valse Sentlm~n~!ff.),, ~,56('j,;Ihough ;Your?ins Be as Silrle;.,.'w. rlj)o~e} r ' il.9 1i~, SavIOur :.... 'X~a?oli;,l1f'aYls Satisfied ~e.o...::>te!jbltls p 93Sf+.Il,J.oj!' Hast a, Heart, I Knqw,; '.'.~~rnhl.o })~r1~t", 7~ 72 7?

82 172 Jlii3WABMT'lAL' A:~RKNtl~M~; A:LHABmrAL ARRANG'E'MEk:f:' 173 it. '5I6'TIIOU"'Ttf' :.?keaf1ower.k'~ya:, 'f'" ;I:r.1.iszt (For prano or Tenor,) ",,. A 578 ThQu'rt. a.~sing' Hence'...,,,Ai-thut Su1!ivan i' (FbtM~dium Yoice, Key_G,), '9~, Thbtisan'd' and Ond'Nights Waltz... ;',S'traus~ I, '. (Gonce',t.araphrase' bygolds~eh1.), ", ' o 104 Three Little Maids (Selections)",.' A." ~1Jben$ I o '931' 'Three Little Maids "." ;, Ruben's (Mill'er's atightet.) ""., A 7 Three Little Maids : ';.: Rubens '" '(Miller's a(lgh'ter.) " '.' ''',' ' o 959 Three Little Maids ' paul A.' Rubens, 'Ue,v6tls'4dore.!<:v'ry ay 'Mote.) ", " o 964' 'Three'Little 'Maids '(Sdng)... AuI A. Rubens..", (Three LIttle :r-.tiriqs~).', ',,,0 979 'Three Little Maids!... :... : 'aul 'A.'R~bens (mething ~weet Aboitt 'Me.)"" :.' o 999 Three Little 'Maids... ~.. ~... :..Wi1'ter''Ru'bens (o You Think that You Mate ''Kh6\vn Me I ' l..ong', E'nough?)... i '.'. ",0 19 "rnhree':e;irlle Maids : 'ellwl A.Rbben'S. (Town ahd dunty Mouse.)" " ' o IOIQ 'Three Little Maids i,:. anl A. Rubens' '? (I'll ream of You.) o 1461, Three Little Maids ; J 1Rlibens, " ('That's a y,ery ifferent Thing.)' o 1512,Three LitHe 'MaidS (Meh).;.. aul A,'RUfJens' ' 656' l' hllee 'vlittre' Maids (Two Step).., Haines 7~ ' lost 1fhree Step Redowa '.'.. ;..'.:." ; Eiisle-r ' I bb A 318 Throstle;,:The".Key F.; Ma!ude Valerie White.....,,";:(Bbr;,iFfigh Voice.) Throl1'gh Brake'and, Brier ".,.. Whelpley "?S S 899' ;Throw Onf. the Life-line Stebbins 944 ThtmdeTlll' 'March ; l, :usa 1838 Thursday : ~ ', Molloy 39a Tliy' S'entinet Am I Michael Wa:tson,. i, 5, Thly~S~ntinel Am I. KeyofEdlat...'.. Wats()o. (For Baritone.), Tickled to,eath. "",has,,httntllr :p 944a Tick, Tack Tocking of the 'I0,ckil'g..on,,Hel' Stocking ".;;..,!1eo.. L.,$paulding', 2154' Till eath... ;..... Ang,elo:Ma:Sl;n:\Q!1i _ 721 Timbuctoo (An African Idyll).,... "A;ds,m Geibel 2263; Timely, Tunes (Medley Overture). "'".,,,:.,;. ',' Y5 I SO,I,,, Introducing:., Way, own East Ampp':g,th~'.","Shady Ma,pleT,re s;,get the Money;S~roll~" 'ing 'LOn~, ~h'e t>ik~; B!I!y;, Whe~ W~ "Wet~ 'Eoys; Honey, 'I'm Waltmg; n'ei'e sahfrhy. ', An;-., by Robert Recker. '. ' " ",, A 560, Titrii's,Garden. G flat A. GQrihg, Thqmas;' :>:' J~eLJ.o obligato. ontralto.). ',( Ia, 11~r 'YIII on'l~, Th.e... :.Vlctpr 'Herbert 12 TI,m-TIIn par Tlm-TII'n(9u~dnl1e);"'j.:)Ij'It,ano R f33!? "Tma Schwartz : I;Ierbert, E;.',Hames. 869a ''X'io,t:;ee-G~~, or the Lowther' Arci:ide... l:ed ape o 13 "t'iia.,1<,e:'~.s,'sl),ng.;,, :~'.e KO"ven},,:, :' ;,~. X.allor, 't,ere welt e K,a,v.en ~pqw.1;1 9'f'tobH Ale; '~; K,?,'v~n '. " Robl1hBoo,d), : '.,ft' " ' 1086 Tin an llrigai:le' ;. Rti~enfe\'d '56a Tip on the erbr (March) >:: c;i1~s.j;gebest'.'; ;~ 1624 Tippecanoe E. VanAlstyne 1215 Tipperary March : : :.Tames 'M'. Fultoll, :\5 (A Two Step in Irish Style.)": ",', S 855 Ti rego 0 adre (Trio) ","',"'.:' :,G. :NiT9Ia? I" (rotect Us Through the ommg 'N'lgl1t.) p' 1907a Tips of Gay aree :.. '.' Jol(n: Stroriioerg, :i~,,; :l'. (Rs StlI;g at Weber and Fi~lds'.) ':'.'..i.. :, ',I J?: IIg$i TI~toe (AII'. de Ballet,?p '9,'N0',7).:,- :\t0j?mson 842ab Tired : : Mlr~.~m,dsax ' AS p,!trans. by.bnnltfy RIchards., ',,' " 44a 'Tis but a Little Faded Flower... J', '1{. Thomas. (Ballad.),,.' ' 1787 'Tis Mol'n' ':.', : :. :,Geibel J?' IgOa 'Tis Thou Alone,.1... F: "G6ftsthalk 768 T!tan'~a(Faritasie de<1i1~rt),:.lefebure-w~i~,:1 qq I9S2c TItania, O'i'> 116, Sydney SmIth 27a To Action (March and Two Step)...re Heed 570 Tobasco, March: '.. ':r;." ',':',..ha'cfwick o 898-To ~,alj; TheeMlI1~, (uo)... l{e~itj,ild,~ekoven ( Red Feather.),,. ", J 71 Toccata and Fuglle in F ~aj6t :~..::.. : BacH,,I ~o I2J3, Toecata and Fugue. mmot,. ;," r,' Bach I Arrange? by Tallsig. i' '.,,,",,'.,, 680 Toccata Bnllante "., J..,Barnett 1 2 Toccat<;l in minor Wm. Sternc)i\le,'B~~netJ:.,~ OQ (Op. 38.),..., '".i " 'I Toccata;op 39, c: haml,i'\adf,l :.1 ~5 319'I'occata in B flat : ":f.i~p1~nti ~ aq ' 'I26'r Toccata, op 92. Key,.' ','..'. '.',.: " zerny, 458. Toccata, op 39. A flat Wm..M<asoIb,> is 69i' Toccata : 0'..,.:,.,jJ,F!raqies 7S 159 Toc;cata, op 7,,:,.:.. i. :, Sch'um'am1" 'I' 270 Toccata, op 18.: :: : '.': Sgampati s08 T()'ccat~lIe,op 26 :., :.. :::;.pil!?on(~~ O<? 223 ''T9ccatma, op 56, NO.2 onstaht;i1'~ker1lberg:,i, OQ '738'''Toda, orazon. aamai;lo, Ar:ambur~ ;"'11 aq (Vals Tzigane.) (Gypsy,Waltz,.),',i \, 1487 T6ddle Off to Bed; My Little.I;'ie,kaninny..,,.,e. E,.,Billings" 1438 TO,m der Reimer, op 135,,: ;Lorw~, 'ci' 'Reimer Thomas la~ a~.b~l.);,.,, s8a Tommy '.,WIIHam H..,enn,.I OQ 2I54,r,'f0p1my, :, on Ramsay, A- 565 To-morrow. Key of F"'::'J.',.. ;.,.Neidlinger SO, (ontralto or.bass.), '.," '.; \ I,69" TOl1e, :picture (IdY:lle), ()p 143 Gustav Metket: "j n p. I3a To"night,, Napoh~Ot1 Zardo Ton: urire (Valse Lel1te) ~.',' :'FJtyilis, erle 7S 1315 To'q Late ',' :".. ~ Ge'6rge Rosey a Too"Ma,ny Mi~es AW~y from, '9;1~'~'f~., ~\!~ay:..."' ( G?vernor s n. ), i' Ge,q., t";l.<:?/ian... SQ 706a'Top Lmers l\~edley Over:~:rt:/Jil'~n'," Jp;()m~.. ] 1:l5 In~roducIng: Oh! 0h~r,~lss:t~~rQtiW~;Sweet Anme Moore; When M,.$haltl;l;p.e!i,re )!;mnell. to 'Town; Man1,'ie;' GO'd-l)Y~'olly,'LT1aYj.:,. Simple Little, Sister Mary Gteen;'rWhen I. Gave My Heart to Ytlil. ' ".'

83 174 ALHABETIAL ARRANGEMENT~ ALHAl3:ETIAL A:RRANGEMENT. t Topsy's Favorite.,;...,.,...,'...,...~., 12 5,p 802 Trailing Arbutus, op 29...,~'... Raft' (OI;l 1e Ole lantation in Old Kentucky.) 16&2' l'ramp, Tramp', Tramp I (And five others).. Roo~ 1 (BanjO Transcription. ) 1294 Tranquillite (Melodie)...Tito MatteI - 93 Topsy's in T<;Jwn...Warner rosby '3' Transvaalsch Volkslied.:.. atharina Evan Rees (Two Step and ake Walk.) 883- Trauermarsch. In B mmor... Beetho,:en Torch ance ("Henry VIII.") " Edward Germa~ 344 Trauermarsch. ~ minor... :...,.;,... Gneg o 701!oreador'~, ng (".armen")... ',"... Bizet, 1 o 943 Trauermarsch belm Tode Slegfned..,;...,... g 74 "Toreador ",(SelectIOns)...aryll& Monckton 1 ("Gotterdammerung.") Rlchal'd Wagner 1 16 TygdO~. Act I.,... ;: I van aryll lola Traumbild, op 34, NO.3... Robert Franz o " pel1l!!g horus.). ' '.' ", (To the eparted One.) E fiat minor. ' 743 Toreador...,.;... :..,...Ivan aryll (Ave 1'1'aria"op 17, No. I.) Key of 'F. " (When'} M,arr;y Amelia.)" " 674 Traumbild, Ein, op H. Stiehl 1 o Toreador. Act I....,.... LioIi~1 Monckton 717 Traumbilder (ream icturp)... Lumbye I, 'i, (ng ~,nd horus-i m RomantIc.). ' ' (Fantasie.) o 77~,,ToreadoL Act II...,... Lionel Mon,ckton 397a Traum durch die ammerung, op 29, NO.1..., " (ng ~,nd horus-it oes ~muse,me.) o 771 Toreador.. Act II...LIOnel Monekton, (ream in the Twilight.) F sharp. Strauss (Keep off the Grass.) 972 Traume...Wagner o 745 "Toreador." Act II... ; ~ ".'.1van aryll A 542 1'raume (A flat)...wagner 2la Traume auf dem Ocean (Waltzes).]oseph Gungl I (Grand" horus and March-Here They' ome in Glittering Glory.)' " I33a Trau\erei, op IS :. Schumann!. 561 Thii:umerei, op 15, NO.7...Schumann ~ 744, :;Toreador-:: Act I!. (My Toreador)., Ivan aryll o Toreador. Act I..,... Li'Onel.Monckton Romanze, op 68, No Schumann J 7..5 " (Language of Flowers.) '" ", A 562 Traumerei, Key.of. F. (For Violi.n).. Schumann o a Traunlerei, op 9, NO.4... RIchard Strauss 7, Tore~do(' Act I... Lionel Monckton ",(RIde I,~ the uff-puff.).., (Reverie.) Key of B. 544a Traum,ereien in der ammerung... F. Bendel o 18 "Toreador (Maud)... :,... Melville Ellis. (Fantasle aractenstlque, op 55, No.. I.~ g 17, Tore~dor" (Toreador's ng)... Ivan aryll,769 'Torer? (Spanish Waltz)... ',",.. S. Tranl1lateur o 833 Traveler and the ie... aul T,letJens I " ("Wizard of Oz.") '. '. 670 'T?rtaJada, op 10...," :... amillo,morena " I,(Valse Espagnole.)... ', " 79 "Travia'ta; La" (otpourri)... ','...,... Verd~ I S 0, 848 Tosca...,'... :...,'... Giacomo uccini "Traviata, La" (Q,yerture)......!.VerdI I (Fantasla-:prammatIca dl. Graziani-Walter.) o 51' "Traviata, La." Act I... G. Verdi I o Tosca(Selectlon)...,... G.,uccini' 1, (Waltz and uet.). '. Arranged by h. Godfrey, Jr..' ', b 1489 Traviata, La. Act II. Finale...VerdI,909 To Thee (A Toi) Waltz... "... Waldteufel 1 2$ (0, Infanta Horrible.) K1807 'to Thee, 0 ountry,...]).1liuseichberg o 1424 Traviata,La (Recit.-E ~trano)...,...verdi 1 ri74 To the F;ont (Medley March)...Mack,, (Aria-Ah! fors e lui.) ". g r03t To t.he Victor Mar~h,... arrie ]aco1;ls Bond Traviata (Finale,.Act.IlL)...Verdi 9 1 I TouJours OU Jamals Waltz.....VValdteufel ',I 5'0 o 534 "Traviata, La" (Fantasie)......orn I (Always or Never.) I " 5Il' "Traviata, La" (Fantasie)..... Leybac~ I 383 TOllpi~, La...,. Ernest, Gillet o 572 "Traviata, La" (arigi 0 ara)...verdi Tourb111on, Le, Adolphe Gutmann I Transcription by Low.... (Galop BriUant.) " _ 1404 Travieso (Tango eriolio)..... M.]. TornqUIst p 5 2 9' Touris.t's March... :. Sisson I Treasure (Waltz, araphr~se)... Strauss-Schuett Tourmquet: I.e, op ,...]ules Egghard 5. (Enfantillage.). (Sweetheart Waltz.). ', 838b Tremolo (Grande Etude de oncert). Gottschalk I 1162 Tout asse (Valse Lente)... ROdolphe Berger, 54 tremolo, II... "...Th. Ohler o ri97 Tow~r of ~abel :.. :.;... Rubinstein I FIrst Icture-horus of ns of Shem.', 6 l'remolo Nocturne, op 35;':No. I.... 'rh~lberg I Second icture-horus of ns of 'Ha~, 157 Tres-]ol~eWaltzes...,Emll Waldteufel 1 Third icture-horus of ns of ]aphet.,0 820 Tribut de Zamora, Le...,...: eh. Gounod, 1 o 19 TO~~imd ountry Mouse... aul A Rubens ' (Fantasie. Elegante, by R. 4e Vllbac.). ( Three Little Maids."). JI97 Trifet's Grand March......,.... Wed~l 7'5 g77s T<;>wn :Guard (March)... :. e~cy.ould I 53,Trille, Le (Etude, op 30, No. 12)... Th. ohler 1020 Toy!and: T~m, Tom. '...,,, Victor Herbert 936 Trio (E flat)...amando Alcorta 1. ("Babe$,m Toyland.")...' ' 818 Trio: Grand Trio, o'97...'..,... Beethoven I 1276 Toy Monkey ("The, Geisha")...M'onckton (Andante cantabile.) ".. ; o 1468 To you, $it Miles... SydneY ] ones A 8 Trio in F, op NIelS W. Gade ( My Lady Molly.",Act I.) I (iano, Violin and 'ello. Allegro animato.) I

84 .176 A:t.~row,(Q.I\4.I\:R~ANGEMEN.1', A.t,JiAll~'fl~ ~MN.(tE:t4EN[L\ ~n A: ~J: X.rio. in.f,o. 42 ;.".... Niel~.W. Gad.e' ;:,(~\;l.~w, Violin' and; Tello.,. Alleg,\,p.mo1to.: ) j j ' VLV;1ce.}.... '..' ".'.' Ai SI! /lld0ti? F.>.,p"~,, ;,,.Ni,,~sw Ga~. I, ".(~a)10, VIOlin a,l,l;<;!",ello. Andantlit)o FlI1llle.;). ~ 745,: Trio.il).. mino" op 49 ','...,... M~nd<llssohlJ,'.,. (AndaQte On, moto.),., i.. W 279 "TriQlT\phaJe, (olaccll Bril1ante),.'i,'". G;l.rl Bohm I.,'.', ',c.q 347. No.. I,).. '". i 477 Tripping, QIjI,the Green,.,... '.'.. T.,Hub~rt Reed (]j'olka, Mar~h <Iud Two S.~~.p.).,,I08q;,,1'r,ip:Throllgh ixie...,... '. '.' '. "'.'. asey, j T~lstan and I~9Ide, (0t1?6t,1rn) W,af,{ne~1. I ' Tristan and Isolde (Vorsplel) ".Wagner. o 12[5 Tristan.anp Isold~. (eath.ofisohle) WagneI;. 7p o 540.', l)'istarj and lsolde.. ','".. c...wagller-lisz't. u," (Isdlden's'Liebestod.)" ". I. o 688 Tristan ahdisolde.. (Trau1j;~).,...Wagner,.\...:",,?i.rans friptiori by arl Weber..'., '96J'Trii>tdse, op 37, NO.5 ' qritva1d\ I 09 b 874 tri&mp1j;al America'March Lichtenstein',. II5g ; Tr/xy ~'Na]fzes) : E. M;.. Whea.tley I 98~,,/tr,?~ha J\uba'1.p\ltlce) ::.. :',. ryers 385,.7rOl.ka, L~ (RussIan. O,I/<a), ~~us~r.i 09 e IOI8 TrOIS Marceaux, op 3t, '." E.. Schuett ;.,. ~O. 1. t Serenadr 1019,Trol,s Morce;!ux, op i'~t9~ille:;' 3'7.,. ',. E. Schuett. " NO.2.. Ai-iette. 'mrl1or..,., 1020 ''t;'ois'morceaux; op' 37.:,.E,. Schuett. :. NO.3.. A la Bymoresqlle. It Hat.. : q J 63~ T'rbkrte~JU1heri (Wlth~j-e.d F;!0wer?):...Schubert. ". :" I. mmur. Transcrlptldn by'liszt.....(; '48~ 'TroHltog. minor ; E. Grieg o 1529 T,rompeter von Sakkingen.. '.' VictorE. Nessler I ".., (otpourri I:). <Arr. forifout hands.).. o I52~ Trompeter von Sakkingen Vicj:or E. Nessler I (otponrri '111'.);. {Arr. for fout hands'.)".,. o Trompeter von Sakkingen ' :: Nessler '.(j' ".'. (It Was Not to Be.).{Werner's Abschied.} 1 ' :0 '63':r''fromp ter von Sakkinget1, er... Victor Nes'slen d. (Werner.'s Abschied.;) ~araphraseby arl,',.'.' Fique.),. '., Trot de avalleriegal<p" "...ooper I -J? 1656, Troubadout '"...,.. "".,.. ".'. W.. owell?is " '...(!.~t.ermez,zo. Two.,:;ttjp,), '" a Troubles of the Reubel,1<\Igl t~e :ij<li~ Levi ""...,('~Ip., ai;y,ar4.")., ".' ".,.,p. 67.~;.~::rrov,~tore, II:, (ot~.o~mi). '.'.. ': '..,',;,',Vero~' I 5(0,.0 1,... Trwatore, II (AnVI!?qr)l~).,. ~. ;.. VerdI' 7$ '0 '9r8''I'i;Qvalbre'SI:la Stanchezz~) ::.VerdII 0.0 f.-: ",'.J "J(~ra' di 'Z!ngari. Anvil' horus:) -,... Q 'I080l're'va\;o~e EMlserere),,..Verdl o 544, 'Trbvlttore, H". ~Miserere) ;,., Ve'l'di-4iszt 1 2,5 (0 IO$5"Jtovatore.,..,.. i. 1.,,t '. ;... :., Verdi 'r 'do (.,I";':':' (Iita.le arnor 'che dirsi; Squilli e,cheggi la. s' ' ",'..,:. tromba.~....,':... o 12,39, i,litqlvatore. {Arla--I,I ~,al~l].).,....,... Yerd~. o 1410 Trovatore, II j.., """,." 'I'.'j"Verdi I...,',.J. // <J~t.4J;>hrilse d~. OIlGe,t,.-,-L,:M,. ;~ttscnalk.), 6 55!! "TroiVata,e, II" (Fantasie by Orn.)"..,...Verdi 1 5 o '781,j,:'Trovatore, II"...,...:...,~',.j.,.,.<.!.,. ; G. Vierdi, ISO, :". (Fantasie Brillant.e by. Syqn"y, ~n:lith,.j ',', 1689 True Blue and Seventy~Two: ;EIa,l,'ry lifton, 1:323. True ~dier, " ',' Jos,' l.+acnlle ~.;,... (March and Two StI'.) ",."...' '' II;! T,me ',[i'll ellth.,..,:.,.. :.:Al~red Scott' Gatty' 789" Trumpeter's March.. " Jp~ "Mascha S \92:hi :.r:r.um ~and four otrers), 'r,wq )y:e,ses,,e.<j.,f,!i-.-.-,.:, 7$ l;:, ;..1';l;4~t. m. GOd :". ":.: ;.:l;:la.l.\g!-e M. ~)\t~(f., :,.,I QqJ.'. (Religiqus,Mep,tatlon; q1tro.l1<;il1g Martin ~,.,', LutAer'S, "pra};.a ;StronIT TQW~r. 1;", Our". Ii :'/God.), 'f."""""",,',' ~... " ~: 949r: Trusting JeSllS, That I,s All..,. :... ; ~ ; i",, ~,\n)<:ey I Q<jl '); ",. /\pd! fivf others.) "';.' ".'. ',,',',,i 422 Tsc~erkessen <lrch.. A. minot,.,'" ".:.,. t Liszt I,J;> 130~. Tunlf\g r;le Ole ~al/~o.., '.!.. ~Wyth~.. 7$ ). ;\' (B.a~jd. AFcompaniment,).. ":. '....,.' i 444 Turkey III the Strarv.. ~ qttq BonnelT f. (A Rag-time Fanta sie.)..' "., 2I~a: TiJrk\s~. March. B fht'::: ",",'" ;.B~etq:>tVel~' ~o, (~l,l1n~, of Athel1s,) Atr;., by. A" RuR1'?~tem.. p 692 T -rkis~ atrol ";" :,,!. +y+i<;/1'leh;~ 7fi 1552 Turl1 ~ hvsc Eyes Away Alfred :hnan 'TWas Love' All the ay.:, '.. Gustitve!tetker' ;,. (Blonde in Black.) ",.. I '947 ; Twenty.-second' Regiment March: :. cgihriore Q 1076, Twenty_second.Regiment March j '. : ~.. ".. J Vietm :liierbert 7S ~ 1148;;.1Iwenty.-thitd RegirnentMarch i JbS. 'La<iall~':,,' ". (Vigil~ti".) ',.'., ".' ",,"'. 'R 1839 Tw:icl,<~11ham Ferry.,......,..,.,. }.jl,lltr;ials Twilight Reverie. Key cif A.,...;..SaJi.nt-Saens \. '. (Fll0tn. th~. Suite AIg,~r)qj1ne,).', j u S,88~ ''J;i\\'ill }jptlffil~lollg..,... "... W.,Ij, gane; 51> Two Eyes of Blue <Silver Slipper) L!e:s);e, Stuart,~) ,'w,o Gr1w.J'lIdiers R. SA~1;l[manp..; 16 A. 45. T;\\[9> Grenadirrs'~IlY ',!f G,... \.. ".. ~f,qm:flnn,. ;;5., (Foi- 'Baritone.).,... '.'. I 364aTwoG~ehadje1's... 'A,' minor,',.,ri:fi9;r(l.v{i1:~ne:r>f-. I 2'S 94B~ 'Two 1nsh F,yes 6f T~rider' Ettie.. l;laui re?se'r' 17 TW0Llftle, -Elue Little,True' tittlejeyes": _.. John W:Btattoh' ' 7S Q 1426: Two Little. hicks.:...,... '.,, 'Uonel im<jii'1!ckton (ountry Girl, A,ctL) -,:.' o 1529 TW RGses, Selection :... I. :Lu.Gwig, Eng-Iander""1 ~o. In;troducing:Finale.; Act L;.:Rose.Marie.;... : Jack in' the Box; -Airy. Mar.Yl; ].1lJSt, Three Words; Battle on tae TiLes,;, The.re~s.Nothing( I Wouldn't Q;. Sirpple U\mple; W/J,at M"y.a" ' ' ; Lovesick Maiden o.?, ".', "l,. '".l". 2IOQ Arr. by flas. ]. ~q~ft~. '".' 'E_ Two R?ses ::.. :: Ll}dM{l~.f4'>lii1i\l}der,..,p 2I05 (SmIle. and Be Merry.)",'",;.. ' " Two ROS'es : Lll~,Wig E1j.~lander ' ;. (Jack in the li!bx.)'.. I.,"'" ", " 'Sk k ', 'L h 'k ' ' 814 Two ylar s. :{'~"..,...,... e'sc eljz y 1S o I078 Tyro'~arl, If"he (NIghtingale 'qdrt~).i.. ;'... ~lie'r;,: 1.5 loss' Tyrohenn, op <260...,... ]'.'.-:...J. -IJeybacfb"l, '... (aprice Brillante.) " ::. '.,, i'e,'; 1.1 r:>' 120 Tzigane, La (Mazurka Hong-wise)... '.'.~anne.,1 26

85 '80 Al1HAImTlOA'L AiRRANGEMll:Nrr,.&th~ltABE1't'AT;- AiltRA~:E:Nft: ItH '538 Valse" its,rice (Fourth),op' 62:. : Gabril'l Faure.1,.'1 -(A!flat.). ",. " : 28' Valse (Sh:ond), op 5I.'.'... '.... Fischhof 1470 Valse' Gracieuse..' ',. Edward German I 3 Via lse de Oo'l'1'cett' ~Gtande), t> Glazounow I 722 Valse '(Se~~~d Waltz); op ~6.:. c':"".:, Godard ' Valse TrOlsleme (Valse Serenade).. Benj. Godard i 1467 'Valse, op, NO.4 : :.',,. Behj. Godard. I 60 :887' Valse hromatique~ op,88.. ;,.: Godard '1 2~, 70lla Valse 'de oncert, op F5L.. l, ' GodardJ 1 p: 94i Val'Se Idylle, op 14, NO.3 :...'.. Godowsky 7~ ;p 969 'Valse BrJlIante (Grande), op 3'0.. Go1dnerI < 970 Valse" Brillante, op, NO.3 ' Goldner I 60 I'J 27" Valse 'oetique,..,:.., ' Gottschalk' G' '582" VaL~e: de Juliette (Trans: by Raff) Goune>d' I ' '724 Vall;e, L'Ideal, op 93 ;, Louis 'Gregl1 I 66~1l.'V';t;hje de oncert, op '59; NO.4.';. B. ~rbdzki F '977 'Valse (etite Valse), op 44, NO 3.:",'.. Gtnn'feld' 'Valse 'des Fleurs, op lsi, NO.1 ;.., :Hackh. ' 354' 'V:alseBrillant, 0 42 Stephen Helle'!' 1 F: 316 ;Valse,. op 93;:No. 2 Stephen ;Heller 303 'Va!ls~ (Grande), op 29, NO.3.. FredH-iller. I 59 B '94 'Valse Brillante.,.. : F. M: Himm'erlieh c: 51 'IVails'e aiprice, op 53 Jose'fJh:HOff'man f') 891 Valse Eleg,U1te, o"47,..,.. '... G. H. Hubert 8b Valse aprice (Second), '. Ralpll.. 'Jackson p' II9' Valse d~s ames.., ;., Rafael-loseffy'" 1208.Valse, :aprice, op 16.'KIl't'gali1Of'f' 'I 313Valse:nrillante (Grande); <'>p 36 :E.,Ketthet I. 497"Val<se"des Roses, op ;:.. :,Eugene KetteretI 6S'" ivalse Mimosa :.' Kiefer!' I. 67~' Viige Espagnole ; R.' de Koven. I078,Valse Arabesque,. op 82 Lack' I 7I~' (Val!;e Intime, op 121, Lack 'g84' ;Valse (Second Waltz), op 91 Lacome n 298:' rviilse ham-petre, op :,Gtlstav L.inge; I ()(\ ' S6SQ Vlilse de once.rt. (Gr:l.nd.e) G. Ija,rdeIH ' 'I4S, 'V:l.lse hromatiql1e, op 22::.. : Lesdietizky I+. 226<)1 ":V,l.1se oetique, Gp2IO...'......J'.,1~yMacJq:, 2194":V~lse Brilla-nte (eux.iem,,)., <!l Ig.. Emil Bieb1ing" I c: 44s' Valse aprice, after -Fr. Schubert: ;tiszt 'I." ' (irees de Vtel1ne; No. 1. A'fiat.) 424"Y:\.lse apri-ce, after Fro.' Schubert..'.:ILiszt I, (irees de Vienne., No'. 2..1\: flat.),. 445 Valse aprice, after'fi'."schubert. :... '... tisz't'. " (irees de Vienne, NO.4.,E Tlat!.) :'. 446 'Valse ~~price, af~er'fr. 'gc1mhert,.', Liszt I $0, (SOirees de Vlenne, NO.5;, G flat.). G' 452 Valse aprice, afterfr. Schubert.... :...':. Lis'Zt I. (SOirees de Vienne, No.6. A minor.). 430 Valse ap'rice, after Fr.' Schubert : Liszt (SQirees'de Vienne, NO.7. Xey 1\:.) 447 Valse ap.rice, after Fr. Schubert..;lJiszt:.(.I SO \.',,(irees de Vienne, No.8. Kf;Y.) '..I'. 9 Valse Impromptu ; ",.Liszt ~ I 16~~.. Vah3e eian~olique (Key E).., r',..'.,.l!s~t, I 2p - 95 Valse" Mephlsto ), Llszt '1 793a 'Val'se Brillante (inquieme), op IIg.,,.;...',. A. Loescfrnorn.p 799,:Valse Elegante, op '... Ll1ehert '' 'Valg~'lhillante, ot> 48.. :..:.. ' ~';. :.Ly'sberg' "I ii63,"valse"brillante (Grar,d~); 01>' '4,;. '!,;.:. : l.qre.~ :I o~ 760 V!llse Blanche,.: ' AHt'~d "Margls 206' 'VaJse~leue.'.. : Al red Ma'rgi~'-:I 06 rj 134(l.:V:lll~e Rose ; '.. ".' :..,' :,; Alfr,~dMa:rgi~i it qri 22. Varse de.oncert, ~. Matter,j 2$ :8~' V!tl$~ (Wiltz)' in E flat~::.:.: ;Mefker ~Q p: 197 I V'al'se' Br~silkl1ne, ,'.'.. aribs' de Mesq'pita' ~$ e: ' 36 a1'ses(five 'waltzes), dp 8 ' NfOSZ1<:O~ sm 'I 56 6I6"Val~e,op II Mos~1fb skr"1 ;;;~ p '102 ;Va:~se, op IS, No. 5 ; ;.....'.':..MosZ1j:bski ' ' 836. Vt<Us'e, op J7, No. :3:, :MbsZltbwskl I :22S4' Valise, 'o'p '32, NO.3 ;Mbszkbirski I 705' Vals~, op 34,'''N'b. I : Mbszkowski Valse SentimeI].tale, op 36, No.7 Mds'i~owski " 1 '(In.), 87 Valse, oti4~~'~(j.i.. :... : :Moszko.\yski 10.0 p, 94<f 'Vil1s1e~~rie~te', op 53'.'K.e~ I G ';.1v,I'br~birsk'i '.'eausd~m BaNet Latir'i'n:)',... 1'" 833' 'Val.se- BTiHante in A flat :.. MosZltb*ski I 2$ p. ; 7""VJa\se "Migl'1onne '.!..'. '.'Mbszl{\:,>wski. :2059" "V,,:hla ([;a,ridtosa, op 9, Noo. 3.;]. Y.i,a1H1Q' da M.6tta 7S IOI3 Valse aprice.'.. : : '. Mullendore,po j599ai~vrd!e arice,. op 6, No. 1. EtheibertNevin, for: <f'bur hands.)., '60S ll!fll'e Gentile, op 7, No. I :". i.. ~:Nevih 63sa;,Vttls'e.'aprie,' O' 7,' R,'A, Nl!wland. 22,' VMSt', dp 30 i R:. Niemann.» 11 <i-n;tlse' de' iree, l. i J,;:.Orth. Sb 16 il.1segtllcieuse.;,, '. :101m Orth p I2Iol; abe (aprice), op. 6 '" '. achiilski I ' V:alse Intermede, op 29..oM F'ery 'I F :892' V 1 als1e,blrilhlnte' in A flat 1. iecrldnka I 6b 648 'Vatse','@p to,,no.2 ; :Rachmirsimoff.I at>. 209 Valse Impromptu....,f i '.'Raff 7 llb 95'1: IV:Use, op' 54, No. I,. Raff: 7!i 1203 'V;ilse,!op III, NO.3".;.' Rajf: IOO 321 Valse aprice, lo! II6 (Key G) :.;. ' 1. Rajf 102J/1 'V:HS'e' Boston (remiere) Ramenti 'I) 1270 'Vrl}se Boston (e'uxieme}.. ( H.. R'amenti" 73 II40 Valse Bdston '.(Troisieme) ' H...1~amenti ' 1138 'Valse de Mit.,haA:te, La, H.. Ranrenti ". {SixietI1e Valse Eosto'n..). I 1I34' ' Valse Boston-I(Ne'uvieme), H.. 'Riamenti. '(Sweet,Rorne.)! UII!. Valse' de Ve':m:is, La. ;:..,, H, : Ri'amenti f 82~a Valse. R01U~nciique, op- 45,.',;;' Salvatore iraurich ': : 86q' Valse apnoce: ' : t : ': " Rl'Sugnon, : 527 Valse aprice (E f1a:t); I. I;..,Rubinstein 1 F 58oaValse, op'i6.;,.l'.,,':';;':.::.niltolas Rubqnstein 1,p j 676a:Valse.de. oncert (A:,flat) Fra.nk ~b!]'..832 ;Va~sedes,Hir'o ld~lks,.. t, fi"~ I,SaII'JarjY,,; 7S p r 706;1,;.\f~\se, op I ' i.....s,apellnikoff. I OQ 157a Valse aprice (.tlat)," 1...WassiltSap-ellnikoff "I! 824':' :valse;;de,!! Val"e6, L.:a, op, IO~. j,. " ~tter,i 2~ ~ ~059 t) jo60.~,,..' (ap-nee de on~erl). '. 'J. ':.!. Valse 'A.mericaine (remiere).. : :EIh'llSc~navino, Va1s~.Ameticaitle (Ttol'sieme)... :E. Seatla'yinb.' (M'donlight:) ro66 Valse des Amour's"..'..:;.: ' '.. ; E. Scanavino 7S

86 ~82 A,~llAB~n~~.L. ~N~mliNro\ Ain~ttAmI:!A1J!> A'Rl~IAN~EMENtr, 183 l? 917. V.dSf aprice (First),,Q 13 Scha,nyenka,. I 2,, 512 Valse aprice, op 31. " :, I Schl;lr\ enk~ p. 115,Valse Mignonn'e, op 16, NO.2 Edouard SchJ.1ett, : 7.3,1 Valse +.cnte, op 17., NO Schuett, ; 1041 V~}se oquette, op 34, No.6. in A.."" E.,Schuett", p. ~309,Valse (Grande Valse Brillante) Sc,hulhoff 12,5 9 :Va,lse Brillante (Grand.e).,., 1,. G,,Sc!:ll,l,J;llann.,y,I p 218 V;1I~ Noble,op 80, No ".:..Ludwig$:ch;ytte." 1'5 1;', 7.o 3;j., Valse, 1mpromptu, op 146.",.,.. Ludwig.$chptte I,7.18 i. Valse Lente, op 10 ". '. Siev,e~ing",I <JqI ;E' 159,. V:a)~., d,e.oncert,.,1\4. Sieyeking.I 2$ 7.66, Val;se 4ent~,op 22, No. 10 :. ~terr 9~rg; 5~ p 1220 Valse,apnce :.., '," Str:a,uss-h,~hpp I J. (On Melodies from "Wine. WOmen' and..,f)pngr"). "."" "., ':",.,,:. " ' 112a Valse aprice (remiere)...alexandre"taneiew I.',:..".,(AJlat.) Trans. by M..Ba:lalj,irew..' /. 113a. Val'se, G~price(el\;x:ieme).,.. Al~x<lndre ',[ap~iew, I (b flat.) Tp~ll~c;ripti'on bym;"liala~irew., Y.alse Aragonalse ':" ' " '. Fra,I1-cIS Thome I OQ 23. Valse Lente, op ,'",Fra'l;l;cis Thome' I Ojl. 4I7a' Valse des,flelll's (Key F).....Tl>chaikowsky. "1. ' ~ asse Noisette.) I6sa Vals<l, op ~. ;... ;.. ;... 'Fschaikowsky,. I 60 (From the Serenade fot String.. Orahtstra.) ; 138. Valse Brillante d Max Vog'rich' 'I 2);,646', Valse (Waltz) (From Serenadc'No.,2}..Volktnan 7S 235',Valse Intime,:au1 Wachs 7!i 57;3a Valse. Mystique :;auiwal:hs 651,Valse in.gmajor, op II, No. 2 Gh. M. Widor- 7); - 34,1 'Valse' de oncert,.., ".Wieniawski,.1 p 911 Valse, op 30, NO.2, Wieniawski 1 p, '466'!,Valse Impromptu, op 45..No; 2."NicoJzcs de Wilm, I 0() I 326 ''V:a,!se Styrienne, op 27, No. 2~H. A. Wollenhaupt,,,l),954; Valse du licjnot, ; ",~ 821 Valsette, op 79 :. '.'. W. G.' Stilitla, o 85;' Variations in Minor :.,.,... Be thoven,' I. '269,12 Variations on a Russian ance Tune..'.",...:., ",. Beothb've~, 1 : 412 '33 Variations on Waltz by A: iabelllbeethoven,'.1 ". ".(Variations 1,.2, '3,,4, g. Key,.)',. ":. ( Variations on Waltz :by. A,.,iabe1li.. Beetho'ven I SO =' (Variations 6, 7, 8,;9,' 'LO,lI, 12,,13. Key.), 'l'ariati0ns on Wa;ltz,by..A./iabelli.. Beethoven',I 'SO (Variations 14, 15, 16, 17, I8j 19, :;W,.21.) VariatiIus on Waltz by A. illioe.lli..'beetho'ven, I.,I' r,i.. (Variationa 22, 23, 24, 2$, 26;Q7, 28; Key G.) ' ' V'liriations.onWalt2; by A. iabelli.. B6etbovel1":1.,,'(Variations 29, 30, SI, 32" 33 ). :.,.,r.. 98 Variations'on a. Theme of aganinj Bl;a,hn», I 42\).:.Varia.tiOIls.(La ci darem).':...', ::.. : Ghbpin\:I o 46.9 Va.fiations &un un air AHema'l'1d (Key E).,h6pin,. "I ~~ ',47i VariaH6ps, o~ ~2 (B flat),' ",'"... : :': '...:::4t>pin'. ; 1 2~. ",". (Je'.veh~s des:.~ap,ul<flres.),, '.. ", e-.156 VanatlOns In Kfmor; O' 5'1.'... ;. Mendelssohrt. I 5b. 41,1, Yar!ilt!0nS, ~p 82.~:flat:,.'.'. ::';..,. :I'1en~e~S~ph~l.~?~ <;;.43,8, \T'<l.Flil,tJOIlp, op 7 (E.6at~..,...$~t1 N:j.Wliatll:l $ Variations et Fu'ge,"op II... ; ':f ~ :,J?aderewski"i,,; ". (~ur.jln theme orisinale.).:;/..' 'j,,' q I7G;' Varsity Girl (Two Step)... ;; :.'...'F. 'T'iAshton' (Key of.).""",',' ":"",l,. fi44',: "Varsity March,,; '.'.',' ' has. 'L,'VanBaar (ciety Two Step.)' '.,', '" " Ji)' 1849 Valideville March Medley.'.',;..' ';Webber 1048 Vantour Overture... ~..'.i.':..,..'.',;.]:'.usa ; Vecchio Mlnuett9, op 18.'G. Sgambati' Ven hina a mi Ranclio:.. : ; Getardo Metallo I.~ I" (Airs Uruguayos.)- " '," ':, 112Z Ven6ration :-,...',.~.esar F'reire,i(Si'xietne Valse-Boston.).., If! 17' Venetian Boat, ng,'. :'osti l A 35d Venetian {ng: '.., ' :. ; Tosti (Mediu'nlVoice in E fhlt.j ",', if' 667 VenHian'Loveng (Good-Nigltt)..,... Nevin:j I:' '(A a:y in Venice.) " 69 V'enetlan' Moonlight W~ltzes....' Keiser I 644 Venetienne (Fourth Barcarolle)'..,. :. Godard 642 Venezia e Napoli" '...,,;,:'.. L:iszt' l:;!~ 166, Vehezia e Napoli, No.2 (anzone):.'. i..'. '. Eiszt 32' Venezi'a Gondoliera ' ;.I..iszt p. 249 Ve,nezuela an:ce.., W. Wesley Wells' a I37"V-epres Siciliennes,. Overture.; ;..Verdi. '1 : o 587 Vepres Siciliennes, Les '.. : Verdi '.(Tril,nscription, op 81, No: I, by Raff.) o verl'fen:a'4.e.la aloma otpourri T. Br.eto.n.. ' I 2$ io68 V dlassen, op 318, No. :2 (ForSak~1'1):. arl B6hm 7.5,p 19 Vernatno' ida Gav-otte : :... a.shipley 7S. 120g' Ve.ron,ka (V,'alse cfe Ba.:lld) '1..': '. ".Lo.r'~irie 7-S <) 1533 Veronlque (Selection)... :' Andre'l\1essager"I s "~,I :InttOfrllingi 'His Military Mien;'S",Veet' Li-'. '?:ette; Swing ng; Take Estelle. anti'. Veronique; Finale, Act 1.; Letter Sbhg; 'lease,,sir, We Want; ear LitHe onkey; bpening th6rils, Act IlL; Ah; Well, We'll Try t6 Be' 'reise; Hush! Hush!' 7.5, i Ar1'. by an Godfrey.' ;, Vercmique (Garden of' Love). : ;Ai).dre M'e!3sager ~b Vettientes, Las, Vals.e.: : :'. ','...Tbtriquist. Vertrauten, i~,... '." ' ~.n'iilwitldtttuftrl I 2p l!274 i26i' 247., ; (onfidences Waltz.), o 1094' V eftn~rt' otpourri Qffl:t;l!;lacp., I 'I08Q.Vesper Bells Were Ringing, :13e'nnet I ~ 1" 1717.,Viatique (ng of Faith),.: <;:h~mi1}adc ~b :<?.988.' Vice,1\dtniral,..er (,f'ot,ourrj): "Milloaker' I ~., ; I. (Art. fo~ f6ur.hand5 by y. W.M;ar,~s;), '.',0 676 V~cer?y otpo,;\rn.'.,v.wtor;ille!bef~,,j 2p.b 1394 :Ylcero~ Selections :, ".. V~G~or,'ffe~ber:t\ I Sp 873a Viceroy :.!.. ;... '.' Yict,Q/i' 1 fierbert I,:,:(~yesof B1ackand.Eyeso~:j3lue.) ii' ".. ' I I3q I V~!;~roy (Intermezzo Or~ental),,,!!:F. L. llyder.83~ :V)ctoQr March Ar.li:lJ.ut, l'ryor a> :Vre,de, Boheme (Waltzes) F.,}.,St. lair I 389 Vie en Rose (as de Iquatre)..,;u. '... ; Gross ' Vlejecita, La' ;I ; M.,F.abaliero,I bo (ancion de la Viejectia.),," :, :,. <0 84S L1 i:ejecita, La (Mmue) >.'..,:... M. F.:'Oabit}lerti.; Vic,ms oupoule.. r,', ;'!.,...':.'. '.. :.':. Ad&1f Spahn IOOS ''\'Tj!,pour.le zaar (Ma'zlii'ka)...":;...'... :GIinkail,J I 2'5

87 J~ AlI,;flA~l.~ ~MNQW,8N1V'1 7, Vie: pqur ;I.e ~aar... '"... ~...,... Gli,nh 'J; 23. (Mazurka and Finale.).', 0; 5,V;iepc;Jurle :f:~a~, l,a,,.. Gijnk~,,I, 5<J.. (Reminiscences by ~~la_ki\'\l.mr.).". ' o 136~ VI.e:,-Ql,lr Ie <;:zaa,r. _,...,.'.. f"" :.,... '. Gh,nk~":1 0<),. (liri(> ;md horus.)...'. '.'" i ' J? l583, 1{,m~~e;M,ai9- '.,",. "p: "',;'''''' Max,,HElffmanJ;l;;' '.,,,, It R.ogj!J:/I.,Br()s. III,rqfJ\~,i..,., '.. " ".., 122a Villanella, op 89 (E Rat}.:.,,.. Raff I ;p 1228 Villa»,e1je, op 33, NO.2 '. ','".,..;,I,.,RQgers. 5Q 812 Viola Waltzes ',,'.,. (.."L. Y.,Gustin I Mioh;t ",.".~.. M;ild~~~erg, " 4l 1>; 26, \fio.lets ("Little puche~s")...,...ell,llj). Wright, 40. (Morgens send. ic\1 dirv,llilchel1-,) ", 2I4QI, V:!olets.(Yttlse)- :., '.'j. ;. '.".Liljl,~s.:ij.ea VIOlets Waltz 1. 1' ' :.,...,,G. M. Ure I ". '. (Arranged. far: )imql'\ )1-~lIing M;I,!l~qlil1. at-. ' i : : '" I,,:llaGhIT)en t-).., "., " 'i...,'. H ~28~.,V,i()letta (G.irl. and t1:je ~an'i1it),.;..,.~;,u. Bur.t 59 : 1,.82<!.,V,iqlette, <w"pr".no. 3 ;: I....,.... Kl111ak, <p, 2343 \fiolette JillT\1=1i,~.>};1l)l1en, 7S ;1:';' 483Vjr~i\li<l Reel,:(Lor~ Ma~donm.'s)..,.. ".~'. : T95fl, IY~~!,O!)" ()p 1.2? '"...-,.....,4$~her.i,I 5~, Joog. Vft;>lO!) «i.m)nor) '.. ;,.. ;,.. Ij'r.;Llszt.1. ~~l1iw:ljen 9..}..:.:. ''''...., 879. Y\II'l.IOIj:.","'.'"' ~., "...,... "."R.~Jilpe,ger::<' 1'5 'b 21~J. X~fH,tf:.,I,..a,!<f:.oI.~~.), ,.. ],.M..".rLaflde;t:,J J'; 52~'lyl!'fa!{avltr.ra...,...,..]oa,qijlf)..,Llj.1jt:egl~,l J 59 ;;. 2416~,,Vpqe (h.i'n):l1averil\m,!-ltj':. Sp.l!Ig)...,,".:.Straus,!!,,J 5(>.Q l36a'," V,1;\g. ~lha,w.l ~.~~, per.. (otp,o.l,lrr.ij.,.,,\:i\r1. Z~ller: I 5~ 412 I \ji;ig!g~n )~q~p.dhjlli, per, qp 71., Br:in\llb',Richards,..1'<Ym~(14.) ' \!p,c~.q.(hljlj.llp, ~. '.',. '. ;. '."...,... ~A",Llllgmi 1 "'i': l(l~,vqi;k, pe,s"loght:s.)...,. 132~;: V,~)\l;eof.t,1w ~ljq~on, 'pau~; resser 1126 Voice of the Violet... 'J,' ;.. ; '.',.,h~.u~,yi Olcott ("Old Limerick To;wn.'.).... I '.',Y'iliJq~sqf~rin~ (W,alt..4 ng) /" ""......Stt:auss I,.g 46? v'ri;j,.ll-,i.es SO.ldats (Mar~b:);.. R.icha.,rOE~I~J;1l;1er~, I pp.'..','(jet,zt kp~mt das Mlhtar.)..,, ' IIO 'V6ix uu Matlll, Les :('M;p,r"eau).,,9p,,l9.. ; : ,.. :, G. l} Wilson., 7~ ; '28"11,.,"1 "'"1<:,,ano ;, ' ".!,. Edw;lrd.. HOlSt.. I O 11 32~,' Yo e.upt; d Armour; 0J;li.8S Maz.W:~jil).. H.. Alberti 1 o ~n I~~ ':V'pit.HU\hor, I)oV~a) ";';..'.. : ',"..., : ;"EGlhn);," 7~./) 1092 VqluQteers olkfl. MarcII-,.; '.'..,. OllV~rMetra,,139.) Vi:>~a~k~'r?olit~ire(poeme ero,t:i,9.uf:),.:-:.. G;l'ieg 7S, 'l676"w:t~ht.a,m.rh~1ll,; :. i. ;..W~Il~elm." S~ ~ 66Sa W~~ht a:mr~elll, ie arl Wl1~elm. (S.' -: '. TranscryptIOn.by F. Beyer.... '..'. ' 1402 Wacht am Rh in, ie Wilht;lm} ':. 'eutscl1land iiber 'A'II~s :: :.Haydn. " 'I Heil di-r. im Siegerkr.anz,.' <r:ii~~y,. I '),-. Bumdellhed " '.. ~..!HamAlsthJ.,,:.',. (Two verses e,u:h t ) I.' :,p,32~ W~5;htl?qrar:!e k01l11tj. i~.... Ri]c1;J.;. :J;:,i!llperg,"I O (March.).1.'.. / '" Ii" ;"':',": i' A- 541L, NY:~ft )H;e:, ~ng~\~, T~ro")~\wi Sldll?\...,.. Jl;a,nd~;?'5,- ",,'" G:Mer,llul V01.~, m f.)...'. l "" i.. '. l 91$.[, Wahlstimmen (y",,1~e.;l,rki'iin,o::'3)."1 1;' 1si~I SO )Jo J'l~HAijl!YM(j:A1:r; Al~~.o;rGW~m p : 72'" 'Waiklmannlust, op.161, No. il. i Gllstav Merkel I 6<:\ 848a Wait!' :'i::..!~.:.:;.' ':!:! ;:L tlowers I68rrWlt'il: for the Turn of th~ Tid'e.. ).. :. : ;,eihtdrt,' '5 20a Wake Me a ng... :.. ;,;0.'H.rIlltsam A (Out of the Silence'.)... " '158W<ik'e Not,.But Hear Me-; Love..:... Ttiwll'S'end " '~FoI--At1!dtH"'Ihss. B flat.}' '.,".p f2gy:wa desfliistern, op : :.'.. Atffl!d',yaeH't b0 526a Waldesrauschen, O' '6 O-dylt~) Fr. 'Bta'ungardt 1 c: 9l'Y "Wai'desra.l1schen (~~ce~f::~~u~,,,t:j'o~)'r)::'.,iliszt 1 M Waldessttlle, o.p 19, "No.. I Mlicowell 320 Waldkapelle,'ie, of> 67" (NbU-Irne5!Rl,(j(\,Idbeck 186a Waldmarch~n...op 8 (K~y E).!Ji:ls({ph'Rhelil~Hger 1 o. 23' WaJldrt'te!st' 4"t'otponrn JohannStfb.uss 'I 1789 WaldteufeI, ei '...,,.. i. ','.,.. a f1 Bohm (The emon of t'he W\)dd'.) : ', '1 '.' rwi:lfdvoglti1i, 'bp, No ~ Fritz Splnijler o 1358 Waldweben' ("'Siegfried")',.:., '... :''Wagner I Siegfried in the Fore5t.). 604' Witfhalla ("Siegfried") :.... W~'ner:lBmssin.1 60 I _." ".." " /. ". o 994" W'alhan. (Slegfned ).'..... ag~j!e~-bsit I H}... (l!ler Ring des NiBeluNg-en.)" 'J.11"> 6' ''''d'lk'' '".. W J'.,-,:,.. 23"'. vva. ur,e.. Ie, ;'.,: '.:,' ', agner 1 '" (-oncert araphr.ase, op16, b'y' E: MertUe.) O 10':. "W'\tolk'" nre, '" Ie..,...'.. W. :!;,?ner Jr I '. 'fl'llt'!'s. by RIchard Hoffman. op92.. (') 576' " Wa1'kti;l'e, ie"...,...,......w itner'.i 2$.,;' I(Siegmund's Love ng.) Trans. by 'Be'ndel:. {).S45 '~Wa.1k~'r'e, ie" :.., ; "Wa~ner 1 2~,",I, "'(Sh:'g:ffiund's Love ng.) Trans. by:lfinge. " O. Q\') "Walk" tire, '" Ie '.,'., '...'R'''' Inard',1,, J;. vv :ll$ner... I 2:> '\.... (8i~~Triund's Lieb~slied;) :....,.. : :anl!. ap JlS',' No: 1, by A. Loeschh6rn. o 78 "Wa}kiire, ie" Richard Was-ner'., I $0 "('Ritt der WalkliTe'l1.)'. " ". :., Tran!i.by LOUIS lirassln.,. ' {) '605 "Wal*iil"e, ie" (Feuerzauber) :Wagner.1 bo. Trans.. by B.rassin....:.; "I :..,.,... V ' ' "'W. akuje,'le' 11""... '",, :. :-,. : W'.~ "ner I' 1 59 " ;.(Wotan's' Z.or'rt' ilnd!ab~chied von Bru'ti'i!.Ide.).: Trans. ~jr JosepH.R 11binstein.' ",~! " () t348.,"watkiife, ie" (telude,rairlst<i>rdi)...w~gner. I ~9. ": (Sldsffiund Seeks Refuge' in Hh-\tidliig's'l;l'l'tt.). o 12g1 "vvalkiire; bie" ; :...'.' Wigrrer (Siegmund's Love'ng.}',', ""Walkiire. ie".;~..'... :'... :'.,.':.:.".I.W'igne'r. 7S (Siegmund's Love n.g. IA'rr. E:.f. " '0 t485. "Walktire, ie" (Love ub).j...,...,'wagner'. 'I S6, ; '. (Siegmund and Sieglinde,) '. JI',. 1226".t'Walkiite/ ie." I rttrod''l1ction, At 11...W..agner " I' " (Wotan 'Su'itlni6rts 'Brnnnhrl'de to Assist at the uel.). ". '.' o f06:.! "Walkiir-e,' ie",.',,,..'wagner. 1 (The Ride of the Wal.kiires:) Ie o 1056 "Walkiire, ie!' (Magic p?te' Scene): Wagner' 15 Q 1233 "WaI~iirel-.,.ie." Act' III; :: :,'" Wa,gner 1~. (FIre b~ene. Arr. }3.)...",., o 13. "Wa,\kiire, ie'" (Wotan's pes'pili!:y -'Wagner I ~S o 1232 "Walkiite, ie." Act IlL'.' '..Wagner 7S (Wotan's' Farewell:).., 56

88 la~ ~WffMfl,.'f};~~Ji;,.(i~~~N.(l~~(f; ; 212~ VV:~I;,e. 1. a Bird. of Ai.r. ". '.,.,.'.. HiVeI' }',. :ResolutIOn.,...,,,.j,. ',<'j',. i.,. t> :.\.. -If Lassen :p We're True tn.t~, olj~ge ;,qy~.,.wuiji.,lprain~ ",, ("eggy from ari$..'!~....j.,' f. \ 778a:,W,er ~atdich du,sqhqfler W:a}d M~n.delssoh~,,, '",'Jj'.~n.p~qy,Gust<Lv L<ll)g~.., I. J'"..,. i 'j, 0633 Weiner s Abschie'd :V;~ctor, Nessler.1." Oe,rTrumpetervI);~&~\\\~gen')Jj araphrase by arl Figue. '.'.,.. 0," 541,'Wm.per :...:.,. '. f...;. ".,'" ~. :.:., '. '., ' "o' I., ~,slltne~, 1 ~Ji,.... "ii " (Apa,;(]i1,1,:autre.e~t"s';W1~U,J!:.),,:I., ':,,.!,' ~:S:~~l?honte!,Arrt. :IV~<)4;l, ).u.t,die, N pel.)1 ' ';, I 593a WerTVVelss ob wir uns wi(jd~j;~i1~,r.., I..., '.:"'; ~Iral1scription by G. 1(r:~Me,,);; L.,WaJ4'~anl) ; '1 0(> S~ 94~tWe Shall Meet B~y{)n4 t4~ Rive,., Main- ",';, (Arid five others.).. " "".'., j '7 'West End Waltz ~...,L.,!JIjnckley 1 p- 131! W,e$U1rp. Girl r ' ',',o,at. J H~prjdge" 7$.',.:-,(~Fc~.and Two Step.)... " ",': ': ' $, 155~',,V\ff.<Lt a Friend We Have \~ J~sus ~,. 59, _,,(Thr,Elf verses.). ". " ",,, ' 8a 'W,flat!, ~,.;ar,'q:.at ',Gil\l,.,. " 1!.,~OWJ.,'Stf.'Wbe,r g }, When r o,u,ain't Got N;o Money. ~ A..a, Slo11-Jle ~,. '..(Tv,o,vrrses each.) o 8I.,Whafs 'the Matter with the MQoll TO-1l.ig:ht.I? "'., ".' ("Mocki\l'g Bird.")..'j\,.. B;tlgwin SLoane. 7fi ' 2108 What the Brass Band la,:y~~:.,.xh,eo: ~" M'ors'e' 7:; 9 When.a Lady Lea,ds the. E,ll'n/l,.,... ~,io"" '.' '."f. i \ -(Marcp ng.) "~ee Oreati S,i;nfth' j 1 Q.f> 1847Whert 'ewey omes Sailing }lom/!.. R:erry:Mills'". 7?,p. 874a When hloe Sings a ng.,:,john "Str'6triber~' (A mhel'n: lantatio!l M ldd!y:y;, [,p, '314a When I Am Yours, elir<.. [.i[~i.tdwig EtlgtaiJ.dJ(!r~. (u~t. "Sally in. Our Alley:,!~;" l" 0743,When I Mar,ry A~eha..... ;'.,)1,'.. ;llva1'l: aryl!. (":Toreador/' Act lit)", ". '...,, R 847a Wbe~ I Think of you... '...!':;... : '.:Bowers '. ($ B: 315a When,It's All Gain' Out. and N.(M;~in' 'omin' ]iti" ("Sally in Our Aneyo'!/) Williams &'Walker o 836 \.hm J ohiitly omes MBJrching' Home.. dwards 1 «$elections.) J;' -. '1 o 831 When Johnny o.mes Mafcbin~'Home.,..,.. (My:,Own 'Umted.'States.); r Edwards. 380',"When' Knighthood Was in Flower". ", "::. (Waltl/:esi) ': ';',,' 'LOUise V. Gustin,.r, 2023' 1"Wihelil, KnigbtltOOd Wasib B1ower"...,Gl.Istil} [ (Waltz. Mandolin Trans.), p, 1435,When. Love Hfl,S; Tumed to Hate.W;,':' To.tten n,0 88~ WnelJ,M.~~'1ftllil!j. ).iy(ajit,,; ~,., W;a~hall S! (From "Sulti}XHilf; sual,l/~),..':',.. F. 11!:a. 1When M;;qnie, Sw~et M;I[mitji:!ul. Rt:i,~,.,... ;. ';., :f:,ul1di~.r, over/').. ;,,' [f,'l ",{ie4>.,fu'l'.ham, so ~: 9a\lWheI)M. ft~r Sh~I:c.e~f'at~,!Jo,rollS, t~.;towl1;... " ", ij,. E)l,lg;ene; Black p, 151iL,V»~ep. MJi,lhby. alls.me HVJ<ij,ey".;.J. It M1)llc:p. 15 O 881 When No One Knows.,.'..,. '... i... ;. :,'.,Stuart'. r;., (l'rom" :'Tl,1~ SilverSJipper.',').., a When Reuben omes to Town.,..M:a~tice Levi ; 3211kWhe,p. S~rp.\,l.el ickwick.lelld!"hi$ Own.Brit~Ae", ".'..',Goo.. Spmk 7S t\ '.. '., AL,HABE!l'IAL ARI\NGEMEIl.'lro. 189 p., 32' When usa omes ta oontawr',,;,-":'".i".:... ;", '..,.:,.Vatighnl.and''Ub'iAbn'ier i p 969<1 When usa Leads th~ Ban..I-torwit:z 0&, B6wers " 'l5' 1929 When Sparrows Build!.Vil'gitJ.iia 'Gabriel p. 42:;1' When. the Autumn Ireav~s Are Fa)JJing..:.. '.... ",: ". :, Bert Janseti. ' 5d p. 1!2a When,the Blue Sky Turns to GaIL..ih.attaway, 7S 2a When the Boys Go Marchin~.,By.. Ha:s; W. oty 0, 987' When the reamer Awakes,. '.:...'; ~.. :. '..'.'... " '".,; Giacomo Mink<~wsky.,( hmese Honeymoon,). [,,',," l..., 897a When the 'Jil[arveM: ayg Are Over, 'Jessie,eilr... " ',. :Harry VOn Tilzer 1712" When the R!dbins N st Again... Frank Howard 1717, When the 'Swallow$ Homeward 'Fly... ~'.. F. Abt 773a When the Swall'ows Homeward Fly'.'.':. '.: F. Abt. 1 ']fraris. op 77, by Henri ramer. A 572 When the Swallows Homeward Fly (KeyA7'... ' (For -Medium Voice.), Maude Valerie,White p, 32Ja: When the Troup e OI11es Back to Town...'...! ', HarpY',von Tilzer 2337 When Weare Forty-one;,... Gus Edwards (Selection.), t Int'rodncing: Meet Me Under tht'wistaria;>, 'Up and own the Board Walkl' 'Maiden o.f the 'Wild and Woolly West ; Sweet' Kittv Kill- 'airs. " ", ~ I' 1458 When We Two urted ".!..,.'.. :.,'.'.,, 'Adapted from Saint-Saens by. OJi1ill Rice: 556,When Woman Loves (W'altz).:,. Ed,tlavd. Holst I ' 2146 When Yotiand T Met Together"....,.'--- ("Zigellnerlied.") 169Q When YOli and 1 Were Young..,..'... Bischoff 1 (Variations,), 'i O' 834 When You Love, Love; Love.'... aul l1ietjens, Sb ("Wizard of Oz."),,' ' 9K'When YOllWere Swect SixteeI1.:]<lmes "hornton 5' Where'er You Go Lord Henry" merset S 898 Where Is My Boy To-night?.., i Lowry: S 949 Where is -My Boy TOinight,? ;;:,:,:llowry,(and five others.) "..., " ' 1043 W'h:ere the Bee S1:1cks.., ;.'. ;;o;j,"benedict I Z5 32 Where the Lily Bells Grow :;... ;"...Sawyer, (Schottische.), ".,'- ',20 Where the Silvery olorado Wends,:lts,Way;... p. canas., Avril. 27a While the Band Is laying r~ie.has.;b. Wilrd 1478 While the Moon Shincs Bright,. '.' c,: ":.,. i,. ""... Stonehill, 'Howardrr&!Emerson, 23&' Whirl-I-Gig Lancers.,J.oJ1J1&tromherg, A 51! Whisper ap.d I Sh~lI Hear!, BfiaJT. p'.j!j11q~9mini 14 Wlhi.llpering Wind (Mi\~lI~h),... ~,:.,w.r9.n.p,l,1ba\lt 7'5.. qo, 1912 "WhIsper Once Agam \. au Love e,;:., ~......: ', ~ aj"l- Gebest /5. p Whistlin~ oon,'; p",. "'~'i,' ",'pe;v.~re ". ' 59 Whi.stling Rufus (Two Step).' :.'.,.:,~rr~ Ills 1 :p lsi!, \V;t\lte~Throat, Geo,rg;~,,. AspI~all SA 327, W:h,iteRats...,'. r.. '".,,~.,. A~thnr ryor I or. (March and Two Step.)'.. : S 948Whi'ter Than Snow (And 'five oth'ers)... Fisther'" is'

89 190 ALHABETrAL ARRANGEMENT A 526 0: 1134 White Squall., G. A. Barker Whither? (Wohin?). Key F Fr. Schubert Whitsuntide in:. Florence A. zibtilka I. ('otpourri.) 522. Whittliug Remus (A Rag Time March).. Broady 9523:.Who? Geo. L. Spaulding 5lJ. Whoa, Bill! Harry von Tilzer (. : (ountry haracteristic.)' " 617 "Whoa.! Gee Whiz! (haracteristic' ountry ance.) Ellis 1666 Who Is Sylvia?, Schubert o 1016,"W.hoop-ee-oo", (Selection) W..T. Francis, I Introducing: Introduction to Act I.; Set Your Glasses linking; A.Gr.eat Big Girl, Like Me; Looney ark; My Goo Goo'Queen;.. On the Boulevard; U. S. A. 239a Who's Your Friend?... Howard and Emerson o 989 Who That,KnowsHQw I Love You, Love.,'.,.. ',:!/("rincessof: Kensington.") Edward German o 1441 Who, Were the Yeomen,.. E. German ",'("Merrie England." Act I.) 2096 Why- (":Fwo Roses") Ludwig Englander 2309 Why Adam Sinned Alex Rogers 127a Widmung, Schumann Liszt 689a Wie beriihrt mieh wundersam F. Bendel (Transcription.) A 531 Wie ein Grussen. flat. Ad. Mehrkens. (For Mezzo-prano or Baritone.), : p 434 Wiegenlied,op.. 107, No.. I,. Bendel,96a Wiegenlied (E flat) Brahms I Improvisation by Franz Bendel, op a Wiegenlied, op 41, No. I " Grieg (G sharp minor.) 209 Wiegenlied (Lullaby) Halidan Kjerulf Wielki Mazur Kujawiak J. Nowakowski 1 (Mazurka.). 470' Wiener Blut (Vienna Blood)...Johann.Strauss 1 (Waltzes.), p 38 Wiener BQ1;lbons Waltz : Strauss (araphrase de oncert by Rive-King.) 353 Wiener Leben (otpourri) Karl Komzak I. 18 'Wiener Mad'lin (Vienna Beauties) Ziehrer I ' (Waltz. Arrangement B.) 1095 Wiener Type (olka) Eduard 'Strauss o 11. Wiene Spaniens, ie Ant. Rubinstein (Vins d'espagne.) (ie Rebe.) O' 119 Wild.Rose, :The -,-- I Arr. by Ben M. Jerome. 821' Wilhelmina Waltzes John T. Hall Will,He ome? ' Sullivan r0 516' ~W'iIliam, Tell" Overture Rossini I o 936 "WlIIiimi' ".. Tell",,' (Overture) Rossini~Liszt.-'. I 1212 Wllh;urtTell ROSSllll -'c.:. (lo-ear Shady Woods.) 156a,Willie Brewed a eck 0' Maut. -'.-~'. (Four verses.) p '60oa WiHis, Les, op 42 (aprice). haminade 1206 WI11 0' the Wisp (Feu Follet) Wollenhaupt 5a 34a Willow Grov~ March E. rrentino I I! I,..' "' ;1 '\ I\LHABETIAL AR,~""'NQEME~!f Will You Be My Little Bride?.. Gustav. Lus:lers 5<il '.'., ("Woodland."), ".., i S 86gi: :yyilson (From Greatorex ollection) H. W. G. 31 Wine, Women and ng \Valtz..., Strauss. 54," Wine, Women and ng Wa.ltz. Arr. IJ),.. St~auss 1 i22p. Wine,' Women and ng... ", Strauss!9 I I:?5,. (Valse aprice by hilipp:)...,.".' 792' 'Winona (JntermezZQ Two Step). '.:.. S.'J, Floyd II59 'Winona (etite aprice)..:'.. '1:.'~"'" Wellesley o "Winsome Winnie" (Selections).!." Kerker I 15n" Winsom'e \Vinnie.' ".. r : ~ : Kerker (My Winsome Winnie.),.,." ' 28ba \Vinter, op 32, No: 4 Edward Macowell ( minor.) WiJ1ter Evening's Tale, op 97, NO.3... Berens 1882 Winter' Utllaby, op 5I R. de Koven' 6II Wirbelwind (Whirlwind).' Aug. Ludwig I 136~ Wirthin Tochterlein,. er, op I, No.2.:. Loewe (Eszogen dret Burschen wohluber den. Rhein:), 1613 WitQ:hes ("Isle of Spice") aitl Schindler 5 Witches' ance (Hexentanz) M :acowell (Op. 17. NO.2.) 655a Witches' Frolic, op 87 (oncert iece.) Homer N. Bartlett S 821 With Verdure lad ("The reation")..'.,haydn 1 Arr. by Franz Nava. o II3 Wizard of Oz (Selections).',aul Tietjens I o 816 Wizard of Oz Theo. F.' Morse. (Hurrah for Baffin's Bay.).' ' o 833 Wizard' of Oi,.,.'.. aul TietJens (Traveler and the ie.) o 834 Wizard of Oz..' ; ;. aul Tietjens (When You Love, Love, Love.), 1054 Wizard of Oz.... obb & Edwards (Rosalie, My Royal Rosie.) ' 11 Wizard of Oz (Sammy) Jlutc\;lison, 1343 Wizard of Oz Gus. Edwards (I'll Never Love Another, Lo\\e, Like I'. L,ove You.). '..,' :, Wizard of Oz Gus ;Edwards (Johnny, I'll Take You.), '. 53:? Wizard of Oz (hantom atrol).. au1tietjens 59 b 1223 \Vizard of the Nile, Victor fterbert I ng-i've Appeared Before the rowned Heac\s. ng-f Have 'Been a 11aying., (Oriental March.) ". o 1224 Wizard of the Nile ' :Vh:tO'rHerbert 1., uet--what Is Love? Stone utters' ng.. ng andhoh\s-to theynlmid!.,. F 1722 Wizard of the Nile Vietor Herbert (Star Light, Star Bright.). 142 Wizard of the Nile (Lancers)...Victor Herbert I 1873 Wolf, The (ngs of England).':... Shield 19 Woman's Love Waltz....'...' :!.'; Fahrbach 1 (Arrangement B.).,,I S 948 Wonderful Words of Life : ; ~.. Bliss (And five others.) ':,,..,, WOf/.'t '(ou Be My Lovey oyel?...'... (Ral.licking Girl.),..~e:ymour Furth

90 tg Won't 'You Fon'dle Me... :. Herman aley 1291 Won~t, YO~l Fondle Me., Heptl:an~aley Two Step. Introdtlclllg: My Klcka:poo'In. dian, Man. Arr. by Redfield and hatta~ay.'. 3 W'oodbird' and Minnesinger... :... Harmlston' o 985 "Woodland" (S~lectio,n)... "., G~stav,Luder~ I II).troduc,iI).g,:, rince Eagle's R;et.urn: J.?ye Bye, Baby; Tale of th.e,turtle :pove; Va:.Ile:y of' H6kus.I,'0;. Message. of Spring; U.You,. Love Me, Lindy; ainty LitHe Iti$.enue;, Fi~ nale, Act 1.., :,.. o 974. "Wpodland" (Bye-Bye,,Baby) Gustav Lvders 2090 Woodland Gustay Luders " If You,Love Me, Lindy.) Woodland " :Gustav Luders.. ainty Little Ingenue.). ;p 1746 Wlodland' Serepade l'. li4a'sch roni 453 Woadlalld Skectc,hes E<lward.MacoweIl To a Wild Rose, 0 51, No. I. Key,A.) WlIl d' the Wisp, op 51, No.2. (F sharp, tninor.) 454 Woodland Sketches Edward Macowell At un Old Trysting lace, dp' 51', NO.3. (A flat.), In Atltumn;op st,no. 4. (F shar.p minor.) 455 Woodland Sketches :. Edward 'Macowell Fr:oth an Indian Lodge, op sr,' NO.5.. ( mlnor r To a Water Lily, or 5'1, No.6.' (F s1'larp.) 456 Woodland Sketches Edward Macowell From Uncle RemUs, ;'l'p 51; NO.7. (Key F.) 'A eserted Farm, op 51, No.8. (F sharp.) 457 Woodland' Sketches Edward Macowell By a: Meadow Brook, op 51, NO.9. (A flat.) Told at Sunset, op 51, No. 10. (F minor.) b 11 WoopHmd Waltz : Metcalf 1239 Woodpecker, The : ',.. ~. ". '. N ev'in } At Rest ' '.. Nevin S 923 Woociwarth; Truro; Warringt9!~; a'inhridge; Heber : :.-'-- ;5,. (Tw<;J verses of each By'~n.), Words of Love Waltz, BOSQVltz I 90 S 949 Work, for t,he Nig!lt Is oming Mason i (A\nd five oth6r&.). 727a World Beater Arr. by Karl ~~. }Ioschna 1 ".(M!edl~y Overture.).' 536,.Wodd's,Exposition March Maywood AlJ!.;pH ~treyrt~al' ~RRA~tlWltNT. 857a Wow,: Wow, Wow! I Ain't Got No Friends or.!fatnily,now ha~. B. Ward 730 Wspomnienie Kazmierzy Mazur :., '..,.... L. Lewandowski 554. Yale Banner, A. M. Hirsch. '(March and Two. Step,).' ". 294 Yale Boola (March) j '" A.M. Hirsch 136s':Ya!eollege Life.(TwoStep).. Herbert Reed Yale '99 March and Two Step.' S. Smith 381. Yale Varsity (Two S'tep) Jas,. Ji'lhnston d 939' ';Yal~kce onsul" (Selection) Alfred' G.Robyn I \, r \ I ALHABETIAL ARm\N,GEMEN!'I'; o 938., '''Yankee..onsu'.. ;......Alfre'd' G. Robyn,!,<San omingo. Intermezzo.)'....L, : 955,: '.'Yankee onsul" Alfred G. R61>yn,;: J '"..; (My San omingo Maid.).,!.'.' " ~s. o 196~ ::Yankee onsul:: (In the ays of Old)....Robyn 7,S o 1019: Yankee Qnsui ;.Alfl'ed' G. Ro1>yn. (Hola! Bolero.), '. Q l:48m,'~yankeeonsuj', ;......Robyrt' '.. ;",,:(upid Has,Found My Heart;);. '. '2o.;Yankee oodle ; :-" } " ",ixie : ; j '.~',...Eishet!s Hornpipe ' ~ " ;'.' l\:rkansas Traveller.; '-- :..,! ",,:B.occacio March ~ ',':, 1688 Yankee oodle (Variations;.. ;'...,..Webber o 2085,'Yankee oodle Boy.., GeorgeM. ohan' 7S ("Little Johnny Jones."),. 839 Ii) 1312 Ii) Yankee Girl J. Bodewah La'mpe' (haracteristic: March and Two8tep;) Yankee Grit Abe' Holzmann' t (March' and Two Step.) Yankee Land ', Max Hoffmann (March and Two Step.). ("Rogers' Bros. in aris.'.') 807 Yankee atrol (Two Step) F. W. Meacham [) 70I"Yantic March,(Two Step).,FlorenceW. Johnson, U 646! azoo (ake Walk and Two Step)...Houlihan A 261 Year's at the Spring, op 44, No. I.. '..... ;. IJ",: "., Mrs. H. H., A.Beach..,:, (Mezzo p. or Bar. in Bfiat,),.28FYe Boston.Tea arty.: ; Arthur-ryor,,',. (March and Two Step.) " F: 1726, Ye Merry Birds, F. Gumbert 1840 Yeoman's Weddi'ng ng rince onialowsky o 971l.', 'Yeomen of the Guard.....Arthur Sullivan I (Selection.) Arr. by' has. Godfrey,:Jr. 192S'. Yesterday <,'f}. BI0kley 630a Yesterthoughts Victor Herbert o 14 Yo Ho, Little Girl, Yo Ho I Lionel Monckton ("ountry Girl." Act 1.) 16 You ouldn't Hardly Notice It at AII.Von Tilzer i572 You on't Need Nothin' for Your Nerves. Maxwell Silver 827a You Got to lay Rag Time A. B. Sloane 14 You'll Have to Read the Answer in the Stars... Harry von Tilzer 872a You Needn't Say the Ksses ame from Me... Stanley arter 1082 Young America March O. E. Sutton 997a You (Nur dich) Alfred G. Robyn 2153 You're Just a Lttle Bit 0' Sugar ane. Joe Maxwell 1564 You're the Flower of My Heart, Sweet Adeline. (Medley Waltz.) Arr. by Wm.. O'Hare. 865a You're the Only One Keiser 21 Your Key on't Fit This Lock No More.. ohn 970a Your resence harles F. Weber o 879 Youth Is the Golden Age e Koven (From' "Foxy Quiller.") is ( ; 7S ' SO

91 J~4.AiIVRHABmKMl1t, MlRIAN'GEMgtMl p~ I96i1i i,zaji!ah, (An"llgyptian Intermez~o).!Wm:Lofain~!' 2289 Zama, Intermezzo,, '....:1'.:.!'"l'JAi!frkdi :G: YRol:>yn ezzj)}.,wm."l-otaintt ~. f\ 446,.Z.u:nona:.(.All' Arabian Inter l11 o 6 Zampa Overture'. :",.~.,.. '.'1'~,I.:!. ri ;, '..Herold I p.: I08~.,zanetta!(!)v.e.rture. ~.. :J.'J.,.::;.ii ~.':i.i.'a'~pet~i f\ 2, ZaGla.ttlano, '~Andaluz) Ostiar' de' Itt ' c!mna d <'. (Spanish ance.) ( ",t,! :<1 '.1., O. 917; Zall!:>erflote, ie (otpourri)... '..I"i.I..."i;M6zarfi-:! 36 Zauberin, ie;'o}>l4'41n o;: 2 L."Ji.~~"i).!Jensen 1038: Zaza W.altzes ;: L}.'T..HaIV. I : 2218; Zel-Zel (Arabian Love nt). Bob,(tole Zenda.Waltzes '" Frank M. Whitnfark I562!. Zenobie (Hindao Love ng)... Robert A, King 2671 Zephyret les Fleurs, op 347, No.6 :..arhbdhm I.,(Zephyr and the F.Jo'Wets.).:., '.., ";', ' o 983",Zigel1rterbaronl er (otpqurri).'.joh ann StrAUSS:" I (Arr. for four hiuni's' ~y.(3;,w.~ Ma:l1ks.), 1801, UgeU1'J.eTlied :. L, ;. ;.,.:.~ ' (la) StepojlI :woli: dotsch,r '. j''':' p. :ili46. Zi-geunerl~M t. 1,.:,-.'--'. (When You andllmet Togeth«r.) ZigeUtierlied (Waltz ng.) ;,.. i.~ (The Quiet Garden.) I. 904 Zigeunerweisen, op 20 ablo de Sarasate I. ( rrii'rior;) ''''. 1) 62$ Zig ~agi (Two Step) ',.., uncan 913 Znasz-li ten Kraj?.: 8tahislawa-.iMonius'zko '5 (onnais-tu le a.ys?.), '.'" Z(ino,.My' ongo Q.ueen James T. Brymn 884b Zophiel (lntetrriezzo)......:a. K' Hildreth p. I26S:Z1I11eika :(An Arabian Serenade)...'...'.oyle' I eo 228 Zur Guitarre, op ;. d :... ;'. :. Ferd. Hiller 70oaZur:Gtiitarre, op 54, No.1. :.;... ; popper. 'Fransl by' TheodorKir.chher: ' ZurTauberifiitterung (apricdetto); Rat!.(Op,'I87-,No"4. KeY"of B flat.)' 1490: Zwei' dtilnkle Augen, op :arl Heinz. l,,: '., '. if It., ;.,'I' 1._ :'!



Prelude, Op. 28, No Raindrop Prelude Revolutionary Etude Clarke, Jeremiah Prince of Denmark s March

Prelude, Op. 28, No Raindrop Prelude Revolutionary Etude Clarke, Jeremiah Prince of Denmark s March Contents Bach, Johann Seastian Air on the G String... 6 Ave Maria.... Brandenurg Concerto No..... Jesu, Joy of Man s Desiring... 8 Prelude (Cello Suite No. ).... Sheep May Safely Graze.... 0 Toccata in

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LISZT: Totentanz and Fantasy on Hungarian Folk Tunes for Piano and Orchestra: in Full Score. 96pp. 9 x 12. (Worldwide). $14.95.

LISZT: Totentanz and Fantasy on Hungarian Folk Tunes for Piano and Orchestra: in Full Score. 96pp. 9 x 12. (Worldwide). $14.95. Orchestral Header Copy Music 0-486-29532-X LALO: Symphonie Espagnole in Full Score. 176pp. 9 x 12. $12.95 0-486-43586-5 LISZT: Totentanz and Fantasy on Hungarian Folk Tunes for Piano and Orchestra: in

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NC MTNA JUNIOR PIANO COMPETITION Wake Forest University, Scales Fine Arts Building, Room M208 Friday October 21, 2016

NC MTNA JUNIOR PIANO COMPETITION Wake Forest University, Scales Fine Arts Building, Room M208 Friday October 21, 2016 NC MTNA JUNIOR PIANO COMPETITION Wake Forest University, Scales Fine Arts Building, Room M208 Friday October 21, 2016 Contestant #1 08:00 a.m. Invention No. 4 in D minor, BWV 775 J. S. Bach Baroque 1:00

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Table of Contents. Contents of this CD-ROM. (click on a category to go to that section of the Table of Contents) MISCELLANEOUS SOLO WORKS

Table of Contents. Contents of this CD-ROM. (click on a category to go to that section of the Table of Contents) MISCELLANEOUS SOLO WORKS 1 hopin omplete Works for Solo Piano Table of ontents Welcome to the Music edition of hopin, omplete Works for Solo Piano. This Table of ontents is interactive. lick on a title below to open the sheet

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Sonatina. Ante Grgin. Duet for Clarinet and Bassoon. Print & Listen Drucken & Anhören Imprimer & Ecouter EMR 13338

Sonatina. Ante Grgin.   Duet for Clarinet and Bassoon. Print & Listen Drucken & Anhören Imprimer & Ecouter EMR 13338 Sonatina Duet for Clarinet and Bassoon Ante Grgin Print & Listen Drucken & Anhören Imrimer & Ecouter Case Postale 308 CH-3963 Crans-Montana (Switzerland) Tel. +41 (0) 27 483 12 00 Fax +41 (0) 27 483 42

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COMPOSER VOLUME TITLE NO PIECE TITLE MASTERCLASS? DIFFICULTY LEVEL Bach, J.S. 15 Two-Part Inventions 1 Invention No. 1 in C Major, BWV 772 Bach, J.S. 15 Two-Part Inventions 2 Invention No. 2 in C minor, BWV 773 Bach, J.S. 15 Two-Part Inventions 3 Invention No. 3 in D

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COMPOSER VOLUME TITLE NO PIECE TITLE MASTERCLASS? DIFFICULTY LEVEL. Grades 1 2 Early elementary Cage A Room 1 A Room Yes Cage Dream 1 Dream Yes 1.5 Grades 1 2 Early elementary Cage A Room 1 A Room Yes 2.5 Grades 2 3 Elementary Cage In A Landscape 1 In A landscape Yes Clementi Sonatinas Op. 36 1 No. 1: I. Allegro Yes Schumann

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Greatest Hits Volume 3

Greatest Hits Volume 3 Greatest Hits Volume 3 B Cornet & ( otional) 1. Scotland The Brave 2. Elite Syncoations 3. Aura Lee 4. Rosen Aus Dem Süden. El Choclo Print & Listen Drucken & Anhören Imrimer & Ecouter www.reit.ch Case

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Cello Music The Ultimate Collection Table of Contents Part 2 - Romantic and Early Modern

Cello Music The Ultimate Collection Table of Contents Part 2 - Romantic and Early Modern 1 ello Music The Ultimate ollection Table of ontents Part 2 - Romantic and Early Modern Welcome to the Music edition of ello Music, The Ultimate ollection, Part 2 - Romantic and Early Modern. This Table

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Please check with us for availablity

Please check with us for availablity Please check with us for availablity SH 3.144 and Cartel Melodies Ref. melody Description AXA.14.5529.000 AXA.14.5529.001 0003 SH 3.144 Polonaise (Till the End of Time), Tristesse, Impromptu of Chopin

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VinetaSareika REPERTOIRE. Concerto. J. S. BACH Concerto for Two Violins in d, BWV S. BARBER Concerto Op. 14. B.BARTOK Concerto n 1, Sz 36

VinetaSareika REPERTOIRE. Concerto. J. S. BACH Concerto for Two Violins in d, BWV S. BARBER Concerto Op. 14. B.BARTOK Concerto n 1, Sz 36 VinetaSareika REPERTOIRE Concerto J. S. BACH Concerto for Two Violins in d, BWV 1043 S. BARBER Concerto Op. 14 B.BARTOK Concerto n 1, Sz 36 L. van BEETHOVEN Concerto in D, op. 61 Triple Concerto in C,

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Wedding Music Favourites

Wedding Music Favourites Trio Repertoire If there is a special piece you are unable to find on the list, it is often possible to obtain a new arrangement. This includes arrangements of modern songs. Thank You Wedding Music Favourites

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Piece Selection Charts for Piano With Downloads at

Piece Selection Charts for Piano With Downloads at 1 Basic Rhythms Intro to Eighths Grounding in Eighths Intro to Sixteenths Dotted Rhythms Pachelbel s Canon Of Kings and Bells Chopsticks, Ole! Chopsticks, Ole! Choucounne (Quarters) Of Kings and Bells

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INDEX CAPE PHILHARMONIC LIBRARY CONCERTO LIST 1 INDEX CAPE PHILHARMONIC LIBRARY CONCERTO LIST INSTRUMENT PAGE Bass Concerti 8 Bassoon Concerti 12 Cello Concerti 6 Clarinet Concerti 11 Flute Concerti 9 Harp Concerti 17 Horn Concerti 13 Oboe Concerti

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-Prelude and Fugue No. 1 in C major, The Well-Tempered Clavier Book I. BWV 846

-Prelude and Fugue No. 1 in C major, The Well-Tempered Clavier Book I. BWV 846 SOLO REPERTOIRE J. PACHELBEL -Hexachordum Apollinis J. S. BACH -Prelude and Fugue No. 1 in C major, The Well-Tempered Clavier Book I. BWV 846 -Prelude and Fugue No. 2 in C minor, The Well-Tempered Clavier

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Fur Elise - page 4 Beethoven 1442 Fur Elise - page 5 Beethoven 1443 Fur Elise, Part One Beethoven 200 Gavotte Bach 2013 Gavotte Bach 2014 Gavotte Turk

Fur Elise - page 4 Beethoven 1442 Fur Elise - page 5 Beethoven 1443 Fur Elise, Part One Beethoven 200 Gavotte Bach 2013 Gavotte Bach 2014 Gavotte Turk A Friend Indeed Mason 281 Air by Mozart Mozart 2005 Air by Mozart Mozart 2006 Air/Sonata A Major Mozart 010 Air/Sonata A Major Mozart 011 All Hail Holden 380 All the Birds Bach 1673 America the Beautiful

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Mexican Hat Dance. Clarinet Quartet. Arr.: Jérôme Naulais EMR 13567

Mexican Hat Dance. Clarinet Quartet. Arr.: Jérôme Naulais EMR 13567 Mexican Hat Dance Clarinet Quartet Arr.: Jérôme Naulais 1 st B Clarinet or E Clarinet 2 nd B Clarinet 3 rd B Clarinet B Bass Clarinet Keyboard (optional) Drum Set (optional) Print & Listen Drucken & Anhören

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DISCOGRAPHY. Competition Solo Pieces Vol.1

DISCOGRAPHY. Competition Solo Pieces Vol.1 DISCOGRAPHY Competition Solo Pieces Vol.1 Track N Titel / Title (Komponist / Composer) Time N EMR Instrumental 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 At Hell s Gate (Moren) Oriental Variations (Moren) Devil s Concertino (Moren)

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Jascha Heifetz 78rpm Records

Jascha Heifetz 78rpm Records Jascha Heifetz 78rpm Records A prodigy from childhood, Jascha Heifetz was born on Feb. 2, 1901 in Vilna, Lithuania. He received his first violin lessons from his father, also a violinist, and entered the

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Philadelphia Theodore Presser Co Chestnut Str. Copyright, 1915, by Theodore Presser Co. Printed in the U.S.A. Page 2

Philadelphia Theodore Presser Co Chestnut Str. Copyright, 1915, by Theodore Presser Co. Printed in the U.S.A. Page 2 Philadelphia Theodore Presser Co. 1712 Chestnut Str. Copyright, 1915, by Theodore Presser Co. Printed in the U.S.A. Page 2 FREDERIC FRANÇOIS CHOPIN BY THOMAS TAPPER The story Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by

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A Merry Christmas. Woodwind Quintet. Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussions & Drum Set (optional) Arr.: Ted Parson EMR 13913

A Merry Christmas. Woodwind Quintet. Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussions & Drum Set (optional) Arr.: Ted Parson EMR 13913 A Merry Christmas Woodwind Quintet Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussions & Drum Set (optional) Arr.: Ted Parson Dieser Titel enthält alle transponierten Stimmen Ce titre contient toutes les voix transposées

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Maurer Young Musicians Contest 2017

Maurer Young Musicians Contest 2017 Suggested* Repertoire List *You may play a piece not listed here with the approval of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Librarian Violin J. S. Bach Concerto No. 1 in A minor for Solo Violin and Orchestra,

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Exemplos da Música Tonal

Exemplos da Música Tonal . Exemplos da Música Tonal Prof. Timothy Cutler Cleveland Institute of Music Disponível em http://www.musictheoryexamples.com Organizado por Hugo L. Ribeiro hugoleo75@gmail.com www.hugoribeiro.com.br 15

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SAMPLE THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. Slow and solemn. Copyright 1961 by Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd. For the Leeds Festival 1961

SAMPLE THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. Slow and solemn. Copyright 1961 by Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd. For the Leeds Festival 1961 IMPORTANT NOTICE: The unauthorised copying of the whole or any part of this publication is illegal Slow and solemn For the Leeds Festival 1961 THE NATIONAL ANTHEM for chorus and orchestra Music arranged

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4-PART ENSEMBLE 4-PART ENSEMBLE & CD PLAYBACK EMR 5568 ALBINONI, Tomaso Adagio + CD (5) EMR 5574 ARMITAGE, Dennis 4 Fanfares + CD (5) EMR 5567 BACH, J

4-PART ENSEMBLE 4-PART ENSEMBLE & CD PLAYBACK EMR 5568 ALBINONI, Tomaso Adagio + CD (5) EMR 5574 ARMITAGE, Dennis 4 Fanfares + CD (5) EMR 5567 BACH, J 4-PART ENSEMBLE 4-PART ENSEMBLE & CD PLAYBACK EMR 5568 ALBINONI, Tomaso Adagio + CD (5) EMR 5574 ARMITAGE, Dennis 4 Fanfares + CD (5) EMR 5567 BACH, Johann S. Aria + CD (5) EMR 5576 BACH, Johann S. Arosio

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Substitute Excerpts 2017 Violin

Substitute Excerpts 2017 Violin Substitute Excerpts 2017 Violin Brahms Symphony No. 4, Mvt. 1 Opening to Rehearsal C, Mvt.4: m.33-m.80 Schumann, Symphony No. 2, Mvt. 2: Opening to m. 97 (no repeats) Mozart Symphony No. 41, Mvt. 4: mm

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Sheet Music Piano. Composer Title Instruments Set Includes Format Description Publisher Price. Soft cover, 9x12 inches. Soft cover, 9x12 inches.

Sheet Music Piano. Composer Title Instruments Set Includes Format Description Publisher Price. Soft cover, 9x12 inches. Soft cover, 9x12 inches. Sheet Music Piano Composer Title Instruments Set Format Description Publisher Price J. S. Bach Sonaten und Piano 4 Sonatas and 2 Sonatensätze BWV 963-966 and 1019 Sonata Movements Hermann Keller 9066)

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String Duos Sydney A are available to perform in solo, duo, trio and quartet formats.

String Duos Sydney A are available to perform in solo, duo, trio and quartet formats. STRING DUOS SYDNEY A AUDIO & VIDEO To listen to audio To watch video BIOGRAPHY String Duos Sydney A are available to perform in solo, duo, trio and quartet formats. Available formats are comprised of:

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7 2 Mozart, W.A. 379 Sonata, C Major, "Facile" 2nd-Andante K Mozart, W.A. 389 Sonata, C Major, "Facile" 3rd-

7 2 Mozart, W.A. 379 Sonata, C Major, Facile 2nd-Andante K Mozart, W.A. 389 Sonata, C Major, Facile 3rd- Level Era Composer Number Title Collection/Catalog 7 1 Arne 1207 Sonata No. 6 in G minor, Gigue 7 1 Bach, J.S. 229 Air E-flat Major BWV 815 7 1 Bach, J.S. 230 Bouree & Menuet E Major BWV 817 7 1 Bach,

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Sonata for violin and piano No. 3 in E-flat major Op. 12 No. 3. Sonata for violin and piano No. 8 in G major Op. 30 No. 3

Sonata for violin and piano No. 3 in E-flat major Op. 12 No. 3. Sonata for violin and piano No. 8 in G major Op. 30 No. 3 LUCA BURATTO HONENS PRIZE LAUREATE CHAMBER REPERTORY With Violin Beethoven Sonata for violin and piano No. 2 in A major Op. 12 No. 2 Sonata for violin and piano No. 3 in E-flat major Op. 12 No. 3 Sonata

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Faust Waltz Elementary Gounod Piano Sheet Music [Kindle Edition] By Charles Gounod

Faust Waltz Elementary Gounod Piano Sheet Music [Kindle Edition] By Charles Gounod Faust Waltz Elementary Gounod Piano Sheet Music [Kindle Edition] By Charles Gounod Gounod - Faust Waltz duet sheet music for Piano - About 'Faust Waltz duet ' Artist: Gounod, Charles (sheet music) Born:

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TOM DOOLEY. Table of Contents


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NCMTA Piano Performance Festival 2018 Please find the complete rules and regulations online at

NCMTA Piano Performance Festival 2018 Please find the complete rules and regulations online at NCMTA Piano Performance Festival 2018 Please find the complete rules and regulations online at http://ncmta.org/images/pianoperffest_regulations.pdf In the event that a printed edition might list a different

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University of West Florida Department of Music Levels of Attainment piano

University of West Florida Department of Music Levels of Attainment piano University of West Florida Department of Music Levels of Attainment piano Entry level: Incoming students are required to prepare two contrasting pieces from different periods. At the audition they are

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Die Flexibilität La Souplesse Flexibility

Die Flexibilität La Souplesse Flexibility Die Flexibilität La Souplesse Flexibility (Deutsch Français English) Branimir Slokar Marc Reift EMR 116 Print & Listen Drucken & Anhören Imprimer & Ecouter www.reift.ch Route du Golf 150 CH-3963 Crans-Montana

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Chamber Music. Guitar X NADAL: American Folk Songs for Guitar. 96pp. 9 x 12. $10.95

Chamber Music. Guitar X NADAL: American Folk Songs for Guitar. 96pp. 9 x 12. $10.95 Chamber Music 0-486-29901-5 SMETANA: String Quartets No. 1 ( From My Life ) & No. 2. Two frequently performed works. 96pp. 8 3/8 x 11 1/4. $8.95 0-486-41395-0 STRAVINSKY: Pribaoutki, Renard and Ragtime

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emedia Piano Scores Unlimited Complete Score List Babel William Rigaudon in A minor. Bach Anna Magdalena Notebook for Anna-Magdalena Bach.

emedia Piano Scores Unlimited Complete Score List Babel William Rigaudon in A minor. Bach Anna Magdalena Notebook for Anna-Magdalena Bach. emedia Piano Scores Unlimited Complete Score List Babel William Rigaudon in A minor. Bach Anna Magdalena Notebook for Anna-Magdalena Bach. Bach Carl Philipp Emanuel Solfeggietto, Solo Per Il Cembalo, Marches,

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GILMORE INTERNATIONAL KEYBOARD FESTIVAL Broadcast Schedule Fall 2016 GILMORE INTERNATIONAL KEYBOARD FESTIVAL Broadcast Schedule Fall 2016 Please Note: This series initially releases in Fall Quarter of 2016 (September 29, 2016), but may be broadcast at any time before Fall

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Released: May 4, Released: April 5, Released: April 1, 2003

Released: May 4, Released: April 5, Released: April 1, 2003 Beethoven: The Complete Piano Concerts Piano Concerto No. 1 in C major, Op. 15 Piano Concerto No. 2 in B flat major, Op. 19 Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor, Op. 37 Piano Concerto No. 4 in G major, Op.

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3 Characteristic Pieces, Op.10 (Mazurka (No.1)): Bassoon 1 And 2 Parts (Qty 2 Each) [A5583] By Edward Elgar READ ONLINE

3 Characteristic Pieces, Op.10 (Mazurka (No.1)): Bassoon 1 And 2 Parts (Qty 2 Each) [A5583] By Edward Elgar READ ONLINE 3 Characteristic Pieces, Op.10 (Mazurka (No.1)): Bassoon 1 And 2 Parts (Qty 2 Each) [A5583] By Edward Elgar READ ONLINE If looking for a book by Edward Elgar 3 Characteristic Pieces, Op.10 (Mazurka (No.1)):

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Viva Italia. EMR 20467: 2 Clarinets, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax & Piano EMR 10479: 2 Clarinets, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax & Wind Band.

Viva Italia. EMR 20467: 2 Clarinets, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax & Piano EMR 10479: 2 Clarinets, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax & Wind Band. Viva Italia : 2 Clarinets, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax & Piano EMR 10479: 2 Clarinets, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax & Wind Band Eduardo Suba Print & Listen Drucken & Anhören Irimer & Ecouter Route du Gol 150 CH-3963 Crans-Montana

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Guide Suzuki King Quad 300 Workshop Manual

Guide Suzuki King Quad 300 Workshop Manual Guide Suzuki King Quad 300 Workshop Manual Download: suzuki-king-quad-300-workshop-manual.pdf Read: suzuki king quad 300 workshop manual Get free ebook for suzuki king quad 300 workshop manual in front

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Shchedrin "The Little Humpbacked Horse" ( ballet in 2 acts) Samson et Dalila (opera in three acts) (concert performance)

Shchedrin The Little Humpbacked Horse ( ballet in 2 acts) Samson et Dalila (opera in three acts) (concert performance) 01.06 01.06 11:30 II (New ) Rimsky-Korsakov "The Tale of Tsar Saltan, of His Son the Renowned and of the Beautiful Swan-Princess" (opera in a prologue and four acts) Shchedrin "The Little Humpbacked Horse"

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Philadelphia Theodore Presser Co Chestnut Str. Copyright, 1915, by Theodore Presser Co. Printed in the U.S.A. Page 2

Philadelphia Theodore Presser Co Chestnut Str. Copyright, 1915, by Theodore Presser Co. Printed in the U.S.A. Page 2 Philadelphia Theodore Presser Co. 1712 Chestnut Str. Copyright, 1915, by Theodore Presser Co. Printed in the U.S.A. Page 2 FRANZ SCHUBERT BY THOMAS TAPPER The story Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Thomas Tapper

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- 1 - AUDITION INFORMATION AUDITION INFORMATION Audition slots will last no longer than 15 minutes and candidates should prepare the following depending on their instrument. In addition, all candidates will be asked to prepare orchestral

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Classical Adagio- from "Organ Sonata No. 2," Op. 65

Classical Adagio- from Organ Sonata No. 2, Op. 65 Classical Adagio- from "Organ Sonata No. 2," Op. 65 (F. Mendelssohn) Air (H. Purcell) Air (G.F. Handel) Air (C.W. von Gluck) Air on the G String (J.S. Bach) Air, Minuet, and Rondo- from "Abdelazer" (H.

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TEXAS MUSIC TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Student Affiliate World of Music Identity Symbol TEXAS MUSIC TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Student Affiliate World of Music Grade 11 2012-13 Name School Grade Date 5 MUSIC ERAS: Match the correct period of music history to the dates below. (pg.42,43)

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MUSIC FOR ORGAN Adagio in B-flat, Op 9/2 Albinoni 7.00 Allegro Maestoso, Op 65/2 Mendelssohn 4.00 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, BuxWV 184 Buxtehude 7.

MUSIC FOR ORGAN Adagio in B-flat, Op 9/2 Albinoni 7.00 Allegro Maestoso, Op 65/2 Mendelssohn 4.00 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, BuxWV 184 Buxtehude 7. MUSIC FOR ORGAN Adagio in B-flat, Op 9/2 Albinoni 7.00 Allegro Maestoso, Op 65/2 Mendelssohn 4.00 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, BuxWV 184 Buxtehude 7.00 Andante, Op 65/3 Mendelssohn 3.50 Andante Tranquillo,

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January Jan 26 Kitty Dukakis Treatment Center Jan 26 Shattuck Shelter

January Jan 26 Kitty Dukakis Treatment Center Jan 26 Shattuck Shelter 2011 January 2011 Jan 26 Kitty Dukakis Treatment Center Jan 26 Shattuck Shelter M. Haydn Sonata No. 3 for Violin and Viola Allegretto Rondo. Sibelius Duo in C major Milhaud Sonatine pour violine et alto

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When you turned and walked away, that s when I want to say. Come on, baby, give me a whirl, I wanna know, if you ll be my girl.

When you turned and walked away, that s when I want to say. Come on, baby, give me a whirl, I wanna know, if you ll be my girl. Hey Baby - Bruce hannel Intro: - Em - D HORUS Em D Em Hey, hey baby, D Em D Em D I wanna know, if you ll be my girl. Em D Em Hey, hey baby, D Em D I wanna know, if you ll be my girl. 1. When I saw you

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Music 302H History of Music II Lower Division Writing Course: 3 Credits Spring 2012 TR 11:10-12:30, Music 105

Music 302H History of Music II Lower Division Writing Course: 3 Credits Spring 2012 TR 11:10-12:30, Music 105 Music 302H.00-02 History of Music II Lower Division Writing Course: 3 Credits Spring 2012 TR 11:10-12:30, Music 105 Instructor: Dr. James Randall E-mail: james.randall@umontana.edu Office/phone: 214 Music

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(edited 11/19/2012) Civic Orchestra of Chicago Audition Repertoire VIOLIN. First movement of a major concerto Exposition

(edited 11/19/2012) Civic Orchestra of Chicago Audition Repertoire VIOLIN. First movement of a major concerto Exposition Civic Orchestra of Chicago Audition Repertoire VIOLIN First movement of a major concerto Exposition Excerpts: BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 3 Eroica (1 st Violin) -Scherzo beginning to m. 170 BEETHOVEN: Symphony

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Josef Špaček - Repertoire. With Orchestra

Josef Špaček - Repertoire. With Orchestra Josef Špaček - Repertoire With Orchestra Bach: Concerto 2 Violins in D minor, BWV 1043 Bach: Concerto A minor, BWV 1041 Barber: Concerto for Violin, Op. 14 Beethoven: Concerto for Violin in D major, Op.

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ANGIE ZHANG 2016 PIANOARTS PROGRAMS ANGIE ZHANG CAROLINE SHAW Gustave Le Gray Nocturne No. 7 in C-sharp minor, Opus 27, No. 1 FRANZ LISZT Rhapsodie Espagnole, S. 254 FRANZ LISZT Années de pélerinage ( Premiére année: Suisse ), S. 160 VI.

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Christmas Swing. O du fröhliche. Woodwind Quartet. Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussions & Drum Set (optional) Arr.: Ted Parson EMR 14138

Christmas Swing. O du fröhliche. Woodwind Quartet. Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussions & Drum Set (optional) Arr.: Ted Parson EMR 14138 Christmas Swing O du röhliche Woodwind Quartet Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussions & Drum Set (otional) Arr.: Ted Parson Dieser Titel enthält alle transonierten Stimmen Ce titre contient toutes les

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Bertold Hummel BALLETS 1 BALLETS 1

Bertold Hummel BALLETS 1 BALLETS 1 Bertold Hummel BALLETS 1 BALLETS 1 BALLETS Die letzte Blume op. 55a Ballett nach einer Idee von James Thurber (The Last Flower) 1974/75 1 hr Ballet based on an idea by James Thurber

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March March 24 Pine Street Women s & Men s Inns March 26 Dimock Center March 25 Hastings House March 27 Pine Street Inn Shattuck Shelter

March March 24 Pine Street Women s & Men s Inns March 26 Dimock Center March 25 Hastings House March 27 Pine Street Inn Shattuck Shelter 2014 January 2014 January 27 Pine Street Women s & Men s Inns January 29 Dimock Center January 28 Hastings House January 30 Pine Street Inn Shattuck Shelter Ignace Pleyel Duo No. 1 Op. 69, spiritoso Rondo

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Easy Classical Violin Solos: Featuring Music Of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi And Other Composers. PDF

Easy Classical Violin Solos: Featuring Music Of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi And Other Composers. PDF Easy Classical Violin Solos: Featuring Music Of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi And Other Composers. PDF This collection features a selection of classical pieces by the world's most renowned composers:

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REPERTOIRE OF ALL MUSIC PERFORMED BY THE SOLWAY SINFONIA REPERTOIRE OF ALL MUSIC PERFORMED BY THE SOLWAY SINFONIA March 2014 Cimarosa: Overture to The Secret Marriage Mozart: Piano concerto No 23 in A major (K488) Beethoven: Symphony No 7 in A major November

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2016-S5 10:15 AM 23:24

2016-S5 10:15 AM 23:24 Music Teachers National Association Michigan Music Teachers Assocation 2016 Senior Division Piano Performance Competition Saturday and Sunday, November 12-13, 2016 Western Michigan University, Dorothy

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PYSO LIVE AUDITION REPERTOIRE 2018 (As of January 2018) PYSO LIVE AUDITION REPERTOIRE 2018 (As of January 2018) VIOLIN 1. Mendelssohn Midsummer Night s Dream Scherzo Beginning to Letter C 2. Brahms Symphony No. 1, Mvt 4 M. 92 to M. 136 3. Strauss Don Juan First

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Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven Haga clic para modificar el estilo de subtítulo del patrón María Sobrón Jorge 3º E.S.O. - B y la sonata Claro de Luna Beethoven Beethoven was a XIXth century German composer, conductor

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2018 ENSEMBLE CONNECT LIVE AUDITIONS 2018 ENSEMBLE CONNECT LIVE AUDITIONS LIVE AUDITIONS WILL TAKE PLACE IN NEW YORK CITY AS FOLLOWS: Monday, March 5, 2018, 9 AM 8 PM at Carnegie Hall Tuesday, March 6, 2018, 9 AM 8 PM at Carnegie Hall Wednesday,

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Suggested Books for Primary Class Pieces

Suggested Books for Primary Class Pieces Suggested Books for Primary Class Pieces ASTA Syllabus Level I All for Strings by Robert Frost, Volumes 1 and 2 Fairfield Fiddle Farm, Beginning Fiddle Book Solos for Young Violinists, B. Barber, beg.

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Santa Barbara Trombone or Baritone (Euphonium) Solo

Santa Barbara Trombone or Baritone (Euphonium) Solo Collection Fun & Easy Santa Barbara Trombone or Baritone (Euhonium) Solo Wind Band / Concert Band / Harmonie / Blasorchester / Fanfare Carlos Montana Parts Otional Parts 8 Score Solo Part Flute st B Clarinet

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Repertoire List. Classical: Sheep May Safely Graze. Jesu, Joy of Man s Desiring. Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 (1st movement) My Heart Ever Faithful

Repertoire List. Classical: Sheep May Safely Graze. Jesu, Joy of Man s Desiring. Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 (1st movement) My Heart Ever Faithful Repertoire List Classical: Tango Air Sheep May Safely Graze Wachet auf Jesu, Joy of Man s Desiring Arioso Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 (1st movement) My Heart Ever Faithful Gavotte and Musette from The English

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PYSO AUDITION REPERTOIRE 2018 (As of January 2018) VIOLIN VIOLIN 1. Mendelssohn Midsummer Night s Dream Scherzo Beginning to Letter C 2. Brahms Symphony No. 1, Mvt 4 M. 92 to M. 136 1. Mendelssohn Midsummer Night s Dream Scherzo Beginning to Letter C 2. Brahms

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Scènes De Ballet, Op.52 (No.3. Mazurka): Full Score [A1469] By Aleksandr Glazunov

Scènes De Ballet, Op.52 (No.3. Mazurka): Full Score [A1469] By Aleksandr Glazunov Scènes De Ballet, Op.52 (No.3. Mazurka): Full Score [A1469] By Aleksandr Glazunov A1469: Composer. GLAZUNOV, Alexander Arranger/Editor. Title. Scenes de Ballet, Op. 52 3. Mazurka: Subtitle. Instrumentation.

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MERCHANT SINFONIA CONCERTS REPERTOIRE MERCHANT SINFONIA CONCERTS REPERTOIRE December 2017 Emmanuel Chabrier: Joyeuse Marche Jeremiah Clarke: King William s March, Prince of Denmark s March Johannes Brahms: Symphony No 2 in D Major (1st Movement)

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Preface: People have created music for centuries, but it wasn t until the fourteenth century that music began to be notated, or written down.

Preface: People have created music for centuries, but it wasn t until the fourteenth century that music began to be notated, or written down. COMPOSERS OBJECTIVE: Students will identify roles of a composer as well as identify famous composers by incorporating little known facts. MATERIALS: Composer information sheet and matching student activity

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Chanson Russe, Op.62: Tuba Part (Qty 4) [A3007] By Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov

Chanson Russe, Op.62: Tuba Part (Qty 4) [A3007] By Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov Chanson Russe, Op.62: Tuba Part (Qty 4) [A3007] By Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov Mar 04, 2015 Chanson russe, Op.62 (Rimsky-Korsakov, Dubinushka ( 2 trumpets (B ), 3 trombones, tuba + timpani, triangle, side

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MS 402 MUSIC FROM THE CLASSICAL PERIOD TO THE 20TH CENTURY IES Abroad Vienna MS 402 MUSIC FROM THE CLASSICAL PERIOD TO THE 20TH CENTURY IES Abroad Vienna DESCRIPTION: An overview of musical style and its intersections with the culture of Late Modern Europe and the Americas (ca.

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2019 ITA Solo and Ensemble Competitions Repertoire

2019 ITA Solo and Ensemble Competitions Repertoire 2019 ITA Solo and Ensemble Competitions Repertoire Application Deadline: December 10, 2018 Gilberto Gagliardi Tenor Trombone Competition (ages 18 and under) Philippe Gaubert - Morceau Symphonique (also

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Magnificent Suzuki An 125 Workshop Manual

Magnificent Suzuki An 125 Workshop Manual Magnificent Suzuki An 125 Workshop Manual Download: suzuki-an-125-workshop-manual.pdf Read: suzuki 125 workshop manual Digital book suzuki an 125 workshop manual starting system Save ebook of suzuki an

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Woodwind Quartet- St. Louis Blues. Arr.: Jerôme Naulais EMR 13478

Woodwind Quartet- St. Louis Blues. Arr.: Jerôme Naulais EMR 13478 Woodwind Quartet- St. Louis Blues Arr.: Jerôme Naulais EMR 1478 Dieser Titel enthält alle transponierten Stimmen Ce titre contient toutes les voix transposées This title contains all the transposed parts

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Sample VOLUME 1. MUSIC for TWO. Flute, Oboe or Violin and Flute, Oboe or Violin. Music Sample. Classical Favorites

Sample VOLUME 1. MUSIC for TWO. Flute, Oboe or Violin and Flute, Oboe or Violin. Music Sample. Classical Favorites Samle VOLUME 1 lute, Oboe or Violin and lute, Oboe or Violin Classical avorites Table o Contents by Comoser Bach, Johann Christoh riedrich Anglaise 22 Bach, Johann Sebastian March 10 Minuet and Trio 8

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DE DE 1619 0 13491 16192 1 BABY needs LULLABYS Carol Rosenberger, piano 1. Schumann: About Faraway Lands and People (Scenes from Childhood, Op. 15) (1:48) 2. Romance in F-Sharp, Op. 28, No. 2 (4:14) 3. Evening

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I. ASCRC General Education Form. Dept/Program

I. ASCRC General Education Form. Dept/Program I. ASCRC General Education Form Group I.2/VI/IX Dept/Program Course # 325H Music Course Title History of Music II Prerequisite MUS 135L Credits 3 II. Endorsement/Approvals Complete the form and obtain

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Russian and Eastern European Piano Music, Part I, Disk 2 The Ultimate Collection

Russian and Eastern European Piano Music, Part I, Disk 2 The Ultimate Collection 1 Russian and Eastern European Piano Music, Part I, isk 2 The Ultimate ollection Welcome to the Music edition of Russian and Eastern European Piano Music, Part I, isk 2, the Ultimate ollection. This Table

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The Boise Philharmonic will launch its 46 th Concert Season in September

The Boise Philharmonic will launch its 46 th Concert Season in September NEWS RELEASE BOISE PHILHARMONIC CONTACT: Jennifer Justice (208) 344-7849 The Boise Philharmonic will launch its 46 th Concert Season in September The Boise Philharmonic will launch its 2006-2007 Concert

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California Association of Professional Music Teachers

California Association of Professional Music Teachers 2017 HONORS COMPETITION STATE FINALS Los Angeles Harbor College April 29, 2017 8:00 am 5:00 pm PROGRAM Partita No. 1 in B-flat Major, BWV 825 Transcendental Etudes, S. 139: No. 11 (Harmonies du Soir) SzuYing

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DISCOGRAPHY. Ante Grgin Portrait

DISCOGRAPHY. Ante Grgin Portrait DISCOGRAPHY Ante Grgin Portrait Track N Titel / Title (Komponist / Composer) Time Formations N EMR Violin & Orchestra EMR 4723 1 Ballad 2 Little Story 10 37 Flute & String Orchestra EMR 13078 3 Biljana

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Last revised November 2013

Last revised November 2013 Last revised November 2013 Repertoire, etudes, and excerpts must amount to a total playing time not less than 15 minutes. Repertoire substitutions must be approved by the instructor. M1140, M1925: I. Repertoire

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SOLO REPERTOIRE: B A R T O K 14 Bagatelles Sz. 38 Suite Sz. 62 Sonata Sz.80

SOLO REPERTOIRE: B A R T O K 14 Bagatelles Sz. 38 Suite Sz. 62 Sonata Sz.80 SOLO REPERTOIRE: B A C H selection of Preludes and Fugues from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Books I and II Partita No. 6 in E minor BWV 830 Partita No. 4 in D major BWV 828 Toccata in F-sharp major BWV 910

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Schaum Making Music Piano Library. Adult Method. Beginner Level. By Wesley Schaum. Teacher Consultants: Alfred Cahn, Joan Cupp, Sue Pennington

Schaum Making Music Piano Library. Adult Method. Beginner Level. By Wesley Schaum. Teacher Consultants: Alfred Cahn, Joan Cupp, Sue Pennington Schaum Making Music Piano Library Adult Method Beginner Level By Wesley Schaum Teacher Consultants: Alfred Cahn, Joan Cupp, Sue Pennington Schaum s Pathway to Musicianship The Schaum Making Music Piano

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Granite State Solo Competitions, NHMTA Saturday, May 12, 2018 University of New Hampshire. Program

Granite State Solo Competitions, NHMTA Saturday, May 12, 2018 University of New Hampshire. Program Granite State Solo Competitions, NHMTA Saturday, May 12, 2018 University of New Hampshire Program Piano Elementary Grades 3-4 Room A #1 9:00am Solfeggietto Consolation No. 3 Lento placido March of the

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Introduction. Introduction. Your Progressions Folder

Introduction. Introduction. Your Progressions Folder Introduction Introduction The ultimate goal of this book is to teach you to play familiar songs by ear. Just as a book on losing weight won t take off those extra 20 lbs simply through reading, this book

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Pre-College Levels. PC 1 PC 2 Diploma. Pre-College 1 TECHNIQUE:

Pre-College Levels. PC 1 PC 2 Diploma. Pre-College 1 TECHNIQUE: Pre-College Levels PC 1 PC 2 Diploma Pre-College 1 Scales: All Major and minor scales, 4 octaves parallel, HT Scales in Grand pattern C, G, D, A, E Major; c, g, d, a, e minor Harmonic and Natural Chords:

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The Horn Matters PDF Excerpt E-Book, Volume III

The Horn Matters PDF Excerpt E-Book, Volume III The Horn Matters PDF Excerpt E-Book, Volume III Includes major French horn excerpts from the following works: Bach: B Minor Mass Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 Dvorak: Cello Concerto Dvorak: Symphony

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CSCA Music News/ May 2015 By Mr. Olson. I will show grace to those who have hurt my feelings. Music Grading Policy Change

CSCA Music News/ May 2015 By Mr. Olson. I will show grace to those who have hurt my feelings. Music Grading Policy Change CSCA Music News/ May 2015 By Mr. Olson Core Virtue Forgivenessschool I will show grace to those who have hurt my feelings. Music Grading Policy Change The decision has been made to make assessments (quizzes)

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Civic Orchestra Season Audition Repertoire. Note: Instruments marked with an * have only associate membership openings for the season.

Civic Orchestra Season Audition Repertoire. Note: Instruments marked with an * have only associate membership openings for the season. Civic Orchestra 2019-20 Season Audition Repertoire Note: Instruments marked with an * have only associate membership openings for the 19 20 season. VIOLIN Applicant s choice of ONE of the following: Mozart

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Loyola University Chicago ~ Archives and Special Collections

Loyola University Chicago ~ Archives and Special Collections UA1982.04 Sheet Music Collection Dates: 1869-1935, Undated (bulk 1890-1923) Creator: Unknown Extent: 4.17 linear ft (1.57 cubic ft) Level of description: Folder Processor & date: K. Young, May 2017 Administration

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Tutti Frutti. Piano reduction: Daniela Valtová. Philip R. Buttall. Print & Listen Drucken & Anhören Imprimer & Ecouter.

Tutti Frutti. Piano reduction: Daniela Valtová. Philip R. Buttall. Print & Listen Drucken & Anhören Imprimer & Ecouter. Tutti Frutti EMR 21767: 2 Flutes, 1 Clarinet & Piano EMR 10199: 2 Flutes, 1 Clarinet & Wind Band Piano reduction: Daniela Valtová Philip R. Buttall Print & Listen Drucken & Anhören Imprimer & Ecouter www.reit.ch

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BSO Concerts 2016/17 Support for GCSE & A-Level AoS

BSO Concerts 2016/17 Support for GCSE & A-Level AoS BSO Concerts 2016/17 Support for GCSE & A-Level AoS AQA Edexcel Eduqas OCR The following pages provide information on concerts coming up in BSO s main season 2016/17 which link to areas of study and set

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YOUNG MUSICIANS FESTIVAL Syllabus: Piano Choice Piece - By Level YOUNG MUSICIANS FESTIVAL The choice piece syllabus is intended only as a guide to correlate standard piano repertoire to Festival class levels. Please see the Piano

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Little Wooden Soldiers Petits Soldats de Bois - Kleine Holzsoldaten

Little Wooden Soldiers Petits Soldats de Bois - Kleine Holzsoldaten Collection Fun & Easy Little Wooden Soldiers Petits Soldats de Bois - Kleine Holzsoldaten Wind Band / Concert Band / Harmonie / Blasorchester / Fanare Jérôme Naulais EMR 0560 8 5 5 Score Flute Oboe (optional)

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TABLE OF CONTENTS. Donizetti Mendelssohn Rossini Schubert Weber. Auber Beethoven Bellini Berlioz Cherubini

TABLE OF CONTENTS. Donizetti Mendelssohn Rossini Schubert Weber. Auber Beethoven Bellini Berlioz Cherubini TABLE OF CONTENTS nstructions: This is an interactive Table of Contents. Click on the title of a work to view all of the parts for that work. Click on the composer s name below or the bookmarks on the

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Chopin, Frederick - Sonata Op 65 Polonaise Brillante For Piano And Cello - Peters Edition READ ONLINE

Chopin, Frederick - Sonata Op 65 Polonaise Brillante For Piano And Cello - Peters Edition READ ONLINE Chopin, Frederick - Sonata Op 65 Polonaise Brillante For Piano And Cello - Peters Edition READ ONLINE If looking for a book Chopin, Frederick - Sonata Op 65 Polonaise Brillante for Piano and Cello - Peters

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