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1 September 22, IVILJ \A/ ivlusic-phonograph IVIerchandlsIng Radio-Tv Programming Coin IVIachine Oper PAGE ONE RECORDS SINGLES * NATIONAL BREAKOUTS SAVE ALL YOUR LOV1N' FOR ME, Brerdj Lee, Dcccj KfNC OF THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Elvit Prci»ey ( HCA VJcfa* EPA 4371 lexrcnded Pbyi * REGIONAL BREAKOUTS Thcio faimn reeofled jww irtofdi, galting ngt irronp yrl on wiei BM'.V* ach'on Hot by TOO. deolef* havo in wajor t*i«rvei (tj ir»im."n p«/cn(hc^», SOMETHING SkooCer Davli, PRECIOUS RCA Victor... MOM ftose, BMH (Mcunonl 7?7«I Bulloi-eup- I'LL REMEMBER TOrnmy Soyec. CAROL RCA vector [Ch.cdflDl icfllboy. 8MI> LEAH., ROv idpllak^fl, Orbi-ron. Worth) Monument 467 laeutl-rom. BMI) WHAT Prfceft KIND Coulet, OF FOOL ColumSia AM I. ILudtD^,.. York,! 8MI3 SHE WEARS Jlmnvy S^'^wnay, MY RING BucKlcy.. BMlt (Kami on) 1101 lacutf-rose, TIJUANA BORDER (WolvcHOn MountaTn) -., El icnkago* Clod. Challenge 9159 \Painlcd DeiMt, BMIJ MASHED Jamej POTATOES Browr. & r»io U. FflmDui S. A. Flames, ilois. BM I Philodelphiol Kino S67Z CHILLS.., POP-POP-POPETE. -. Shofiyj. Cuyden 20CB loandcuco, fim > l PKilodelphla) NEW ON THE HOT SAVE Hrenda ALL Lbd, Otcca YOUR LOVIN' FOR ME. 69, KING OF THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD Elvla Presley,.. RCA. I Extended Play" Victor tpa CINA Johnny Mathfs,,. Columbia SS. TEN Pnr Coonr, LONELY Cot GUYS WARMED Brian Hyloivl, OVER AOC-PammounJ KISSES TWlSTIN' lilay HrorherB. WITH Wand LINDA 27,,, 88. AND Sandy THEN Ndagn. Imperial THERE 5070 WERE DRUMS, 90. WORKIN' Roy Orblion., FOR Monument THE MAN FOREVER J.tckio Wilson. AND Brunswick A DAY MR. Buddy LONELY Creco, Edic. 9S SECOND Barbara Lynn, FIDDLE Jamie GIRL I LEFT MY HEART IN THE BALCONY Lin<?i> Scott, Ctyifirovs.., WHAT Anthony rjcwley. KIND OP London FOOL 9546 AM I SOMEDAY Bobby Vco O. the. Crfckels.. Llbcrlv *iv THIS ISSfJK ALBUMS P LLSOARD PAGE, OHE RICOHQ NATIONAL BREAKOUTS MONO HAMBLIH' ROSE. Nat Kxhe Cole, Capitol T 1793 BEST OF JOLSON, Al ol,on, Decca DXA 169 LOLITA, Sound Track. MCM t 4050 IOHNNY GET ANCRY, Joannio Sommorx, Warner Brm, W 1470 STEREO DANCE AGAIN, Edmurtdo Rot Er Ork, London 5P 4401 S J LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO, Tdny Bennett, Columbia CS B669 MR- PIANO, Roger WJIIHrnj, Kapp KS 3290 NEW ACTION IP'S and hkva not V»t hit DMWi Top IP Char I. MONO I'LL WALK Mario Lunra, WITH RCA COD Victor. LM 2607 FOLK Ltmalilc/S, MATINEE HCA.. Vltlpr, LPM Z547 THAT HAPPY FEELLNC... Eon Kocmpfcrt & Mis Ork. Decca DL 4305 PIANOS Ferrante IN & PARADISE Telcher. Unitad... An.sli UAL 3730 THE MUSIC Percy farm OF 6 BRAZILI Mis Ode,. Columbia.. CL 1822 PARTY Ctaudlno LIGHTS Clark... Chancellor. CHL 5029 TWIST AND SHOUT,,. Isley Bmihcrs. Wand 653 BY REQUEST Pany Como.,, RCA. Vic Set LPM 35fi7 THE LIVELY Vic Oarrone. ONES Capitol.,. T 1740 ETTA IAMES SIN05 FOR LOVERS... / fto LP 4010 SENTIMENTALLY Palry Clme, Decca YOURS DL 4282,., ANY Chuck DAY NOW Jpckion.. Wand JOCKO'S Various CHOICE Artiiti, R&B Bonded OLDIES B 77T., MILES Columbia DAVIS CL AT IBCZ CARNEGIE MALL,., EXOTIC Perez SUITE P/ado. OF RCA THE Victor AMERICAS LPM , STEREO BABY ELEPHANT WALK.. - Lawrence WelV. Oat DLP RAMBLIN* Nat King ROSE Cola,. - Capilol - 5T 1793 PIANOS fcrronto IN PARADISE & Teicher, United. -, Artiiti UAS 6320 HONOLULU frankle Carle, HONKY Hi» T0NK Piaryo &. Ork... LSP 2540 RCA Victor HERBIE Atlantic MANN 1560 AT THE VILLAGE GATE.. NEW ON THE TOP IP'S MONO 99. RAMBLIN' Nat K.ne Cole, ROSE Capatol.. T BEST ai Jol«m, OF Decca (OLSON DXA -, 169, 120- LOLITA bouml Track,.. MOM. E 4050 (Contiriued on pope S) THE ALBUM STORY Strong National or _1 cr 2^: O fe -a uj Ui ^ ~ XL c u> C* cj m. " i cc <-* ^ 57-4 tfd Or k- fc> C*J Ct *-» O u. *-4 a- Step-Up Reported For Good Leaders NEW YORK Album sales enjoyed a strong resurgence Insi week, according to BMW's cross-country tally of reiall disk outlets. Virtually twice as many stores reported album sales up over the previous week os those who reported sales down. Singles, too, enjoyed c marked step-up in octivity, follov/- ing a lull which some tradcsicrs nunbutcd io the back-ioschool movemcnt- Thc Qlbum business was characterized by the presence of (i number of good leader items of the type ihal gd buyers Into stores. In addition, below the actual album chart, a number of new packages were "bubbling." reminding some observers of what has come to be the accepted shualion in Ihc singles field. Already high on both ihe monaural and stereo LP chare, and menlioned^is their holtcsl new album by three limes as mimy dealers os those mentioning any other set, is "Peter, Paul and Mary," on Warner Bros. Other fnst movers are Nat Cole's "Ramhlin" Rase. 11 ihc "Music Man" sound track, and Lou Raw Is* "Stormy Monday." A majority of the newer albums perking just below the chart level, are by strongly singles-oriented nrtists. For example, from ihc Dclroil-bascd, Tamla-Motowa group coqic the Mnrvelcttes with "Playboy" and the Miracles* "111 Try Something New," both on Tamla. Also to he found on this list arc new albums by Hay ley Mills. Brian Kvtond, Ionics Darren, the Castclls, Connie Stevens, Gene McDamds, Ann Margret smd Sam Cookc. In the singles field, slightly better than 50 per cent of all dealers reporting, said sates were up over the previous week. Another \2. X A per cent noied soles as being as good as those of Ihc previous week. Most dealers continued to report handling more single record titles than a year ngo, ns brought out earlier (BMW. September 15) wilh more business being done on each title. Several, in fact, reporting handling up to three times as many singles now as in Philly Switch Pushing Top Rocker PHILADELPHIA Big developments appear to be in I he works on the broadcast front here. WIBG, long lime lop pop singles station in town, is believed to be in line for all-out competition from a. new entrant in the rock-pop derby. Rumors (his week indicalc that WTEL, 250-vvalt indie slalion, progrnmming largely for the Spanish audience, is on Ihc point of being acquired by new interests. The new interests have petitioned the Federal Communication Commission for n substantial increase in power, and local promotion men have been aleried thai a variation of ihc Top 40 format will be Inlraduced. The change in ownership is now mvailing FCC approval. Meanwhile, number of out-of-lown jockeys arc known lo have hud job interviews at Ihc new layout. Word around town is lhal Tom Donahue, once a highly ralcd WFBG jock, who has been on the West Coasl for some time, may be returning to take a spot at the station. Meanwhile, Dick Clark's recently announced syndicated radio show is cxptcied to be aired locally on WIP. This would pit Clark against (he lop-rated WIBG afternoon jockey, Jerry Stephens, in whiu local crndesters see as an interesting audience hat lie. On the disk front, two dance records are making a lot of noise. The Sherry's "J'op Pop Popeyc," on Guydcn, has turned inlo b hot side, Gelling an almosl equal amount of interest ts "Wiggle Wobble." by Les Cooper and Ihc Soul Rockers on Ihc Everlast label. Dick Clark has been using Ihc lalter as a closing theme on some of his American Bandstand TV segs. The cily is also in ai main ing ila loyalty to local unisls in the disk scene, Charlie Gracic, ji Phifudefphian, a big hit arliit with "Butterfly" some years back, is out with a new one on the President label, "Night and Day U.S.A,," and it's getting a good hit of local attention, (Coniinued on page 8) SrOTIAKUT OV IfCCOR11 PROGK/LWiWIiVG & TODAY'S TOP TAIjEWT v,ns 15th ANNUAL DISK JOCKEY POLL WINNERS OH 23

2 IVIUSIC WEEK TOP LP's >50 Sosf 5ef>Jng MONAURAL LP's TM Wmk Uf V/-1 TVk. M4it, LiWI W^r MM EH»n»J l CiBHT i ffl «ITaH Uf (kihd. KBIK UC-TVJKMVI UC *10 J3 IB uer nfmurr wm r Wf lamoicq H.fc, Dal BCf HT JJ A nmi»ni. Wl ca»n«p TBfW r UVf i*t loa <k*m IWCT. axk*a. lult rrr^it ' 41 I mt m UllMBf THE F4H1T & OTtt m MWl W 0*44 im i B-l. MM M2?SS \S/ JI WHfilB i, lmuwt. NIB u*mi r tnt MSB hmf «VI_, IE IS Ipk IV 2IOTA t l?l A I MtUtt I Kb rmkr, «wo* im >n» tt 4t IIm TWIIUV Va, A«UfUl 4 HU Br*. lal H7 34M JJ R* '(5 rtnr WE n**, Aao ic* XIIOO tidk Iha m 47 a wir rum nim xuvutd ci tie P( IM4 ro (Mr. m (MM K*m MAO till 1 12 t yjian a.a dl BWAflrt am lifts IIIRWI KUi (UW. w«tola M*. 7S 11 RAT4III Hi my Hsadal. Ka Him LrM Ufft war JOE <*u. JfBAT (Wfrtb Ol Prta fltl 1> SIlANEt M«. 01 IHV. IIESHeiE Ail* l»«21 tir w j? i im m KIUT m u* fukhj. Tt*f «MMt, EllMKl a 1MI W 14 HMH IHBfD WVEl L STKB WUF H5TE tmtj mib i. ra^mui - a. IIM It WlIT r.-l Hfcrilt, Of K Kfltll IfTTIIII W 1*T* Jl n Jill V>kt<H4 IIEL VIA VOL lotx 1 7SE Ofkll IQT I DTO Of IflB III0TM nh 14 ]i wjwr tw ifwtwtriri JIMKT V.rr. V WIH VP* l( 6K«E Ct^ril r OUHH i7*a 4 41 ViHm CtPIS Ivihli, I0T WMfS. IklfU VOL l< H I On Wl Ji wr «u<"f fmlhitt juiu/ii. li XtSIC ipii M umi t " m tiilut itm 41 (AMUfl? OH'Ml (all. CakaUa arm l > 90 oibuai» ntlks cm, «iiui 0 i*t? 7J 41 CMII ewi ai itur irui no»r it It Wf CWISW HMim fllls 4 * 44 Vaatu/I nil use. VU ix- ttti n B 37 Ma ROE» v-, HI Mill (* w it* star «it i MIUT TBiui tun DMH fwh Btlt ID»., fti» NWI cam ir HillTf ma jjuo n W f 3I IKE T lur «1.-4 ikd». r^0.i m mr li ia«blt J<un Milkli, C*b»iki«U IBP I«V4 43 TWO lalx Df C>At' Ifl 4 CaPrnMa CL thl* * 4i HT OilfluJ nil Cart, Uffll C^ kla m BOTH»3 w fiji^ 31 NBtlC fl.whml KU U«. IMBII K*9 m m js w Evau Mt9a 1 noraai Kin»w Hamaa lak W JW1 4S DID TPU «EW I C* Vklar IK 4U tw w*i 14 r_fc llaatra. Capflal * I9U " 74 WW wjnfwr W IWtfB muj nnib II toslttu»t«4ul Call, au VklM LPC I CM a 74 Hn. WAI". VW. C J2 111 Jrum^ if~i'iai t MOO r9 IW16HT l WOffll 70 K-a*"", «a IV- IfU tfj ^ Ifl RVIITMIW»«5 raarr lat. (iri-m X V*i «Wf VNIWA1VSI 4 M. r.m. c iftw & 92 meal w kuei urn... (Mian, M-ror MB M4T1 O r._* iheweemou luatra, CatlfH ions f Ml... * 44 WAll Ml THE min JIIE Itoar Onnra * * IMIU him* iimitn, 1 STVKS («> B (OTt... K 102 H «IVN'a, USES O^IWI W idi V ti/ 112 Mr»di 01/ M-J»n lui MtMl flltj. lfl IWWW Wl 41 Din, IvW UJ TTOt 0M3 Ul Ikimi ntta prtff to ItSJ tit 11«mis i LUOL il tlukfiill MIL. 4 lalla laano k teal karmti. (.U»aa*M 01 **** til,u 6Ht TiParMM, UK* OilTH A IIMF T... ( T4 SOWS fr J Saalra, TO TDnfe CafKal LOTOd «1UJ. ihur i.d", airt I«T» tan JJ IK4P NITOTU Tllf» THE tit unei a.a» t#id UK TW Ian* WHIal MbNan, 1«UL *U *>Hm UM & " tit (HO lie i Jmi un V»l<, mi Cc^ki on sir cl l?t siiutu'c HUB flurn. wimir CuHal IBJIM «"ti..;» 1) lulftq Ml, I'll pa, 64 THE In* HW (k IOT u TflWfl Lima WW Wilfc, Bal Bl» JCU 11 tj THrH«Kaal laajrn, CwiliJ 111 im (JU) 9? rim k.a BrvkKV rornia a nor p. I.I, '- 1 H. CL 1MB j? 22 l«drljlajl JTI[I«on, emm u uva (1IJ) I>»aij r PUT IS OHabui Co', r.k u» mi trmi («) AI anoh m krth, TIE tvu IE DC <J3I 1» Nfl) 50 HK» HDYJE ura TIWD & ana GIUI... - tin WlITi SwW l-ait, tobh 1»» t Aitr wlll«n. (Mvak'i U 4 the Mnowmri kim m r» i 17 MB Bra* V. "a a^i. * 1"7 IkL^fnitaT-Vca via Vp'im let jlieifi 1 II lefon Itthr IHft. Salj'ii (* -rtt (Ml t f, WVQT D-" 017C nrar bmj fl-i k, dfiiein c*faai SAU. ama... IM 1& " JflltfMr JabaU, fcacan, DC 1BDBT M.air tral. 1 1*70 W is I17THTWIH umr the HI D.ltr TB Oaal TWICIEB f, rulmtf MIT Varr. HMrl... 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UNiM ir PiliUBG '1(1 1 V 1«TIUIM ta^ua U tklb lift. - T 177 taita Falll Papa, KITS Uarrwp w ra Up»n KTlT nro 11 JrWaw imwa 4 ail t at. flwa UkUTf kit im Ur *»o im a aha 4 mm *7d, J4W CaUaakla 1 IBU 11) CAMC VbtUd WT Arlhli, cooeio. r>%ual HOC laad I SMI 177 ««5 CV CMmitlTAl 17T» CafaHI. UN OtV» (fcw. (ikpami 21 IffteMl l> dnn mi piautad JO Beyt S«/J>ng STEREO LP's Wtafc Tllla, AilV.laknl f WOT tootftrmt IDE noil - l mnm souutt l«(ocmf & MJTEM it, Qiim. HD C AlCviaarto AIU 411 _ til tit 4 TIE TTUPPa 4 Sl«l FW JMtS Mt TIE FlMRf Oarii Ilia a lu Drl, HV <1 Ml iwrimi... T Ma-aW. ii SIHTIAA taal liabia. Wttlir liphria-iwl BEAM... Jfl IWE a <> HBIIWT i.uraah, SHOAL aoi IV*-... m -»*ot tit 4) Iuf HI fluuho BirUai. (lallil MflW 1* KiO 71 klo TM Malik HHH 0<». JiSd U-*.... V M)T 21 c^iui mr of it M inu nxurei 37 wn Id 1 Of inapt, VAJN. llim TUL PWiDT 1 II WOO - tit - OiKlE I«l a, AMI* «aa * 0-V,... 1* MBIT 44 tevt Fnak lla.in, swift Win CipHI m n«iim 24 UfBiKAA WAlTia. uimu, i<««m n in (") 42 Hadr, lltrt OrC lai^t V iiai* 41 LOME f/aal - FIT = ^i, W'lH C.pHU Kt I«TM» a llbt cio IfuX UiU If! <& 1 raar Lin ar ilk. HT HUJT tasvkla l» JW a Mt aaicko., (a) 37 win n k li fc., of ft mum (nji.l tm lot 40 All m WAT rr**k Hanra. O.M 1W TW 71 wm law m lirallal*. nt wtup O M she U-t Ji imkit Fni«3«BAl «17l a Tckkrf. VmUlJ AjIfaU Billboard'hluslc ivtsk la firbiiil-roij by Tho PuWriWng Ccnwy paitrfion St., Clraeirwatf 14, Ctilo, iubicrlpuon TSlO* IMiv«Wp In adarant. Oft* ktar. 15 In U. 5. Conada and Europe. Second-clMi poalage pow at Clnc<nr»li Ami a» add HI On* I enrry Ottiet, Copyright 1<K,2 by 7h«Billboard Publ«hlns Co- POThnaxtpr, piadm: land Form 3579 lu Bi ll»ard Mutie" WcoW, 2160 PflWerano St., ClnclnosH H. Ohio.

3 A BEAUTIFUL THEME from AN EXCITING MOTION PICTURE CORA RECORDS JOAN'S ARIA from D D played by STANLEY PAUL CORAL from the Hammer Film Production THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA A LMiversal-lnternationaf Color Release M

4 IVIUS IC WEEK HOT At mt "il^rr. WM MN HHT Mvyrt M*f'» *, i u 22 mm mi JUkM^niii.tn (D GAMSUM4 N«i ROSE Kloa CeM. C4»Ih) 4BM f; JHIIU Ti M,I Roc, AHC-Fa MilIIIlP «D1 OKIMS R Wrr T A Ha F^cy ; Snx m m ACE 1ML 7 BlcL NH, im-rtfl tua it LETS DANCE Utfk.MkUtx, Mbmran»» TOU BUOHO TO W R 3' Dibru, Cmjb [H PAICHH IWfJ If, B-a^l HSI s (!) nr> 12 2B 32 YOU BEAT W MFTJ TO»T«&, THE PUNCH MPCO-P )*Jl SHI'S I0T Xhl. VQU PrrflbT, HCA V t4*» mt A LOCD-MOTIOH Itr E> K DbPHMo* IP** 13 it IS AUIY Cll Bur FktlN. Atr* 9 it 37 OoWr, 72- tbcrfl HOHlIEfi P*Ara ink MMH lb* Cnpt Ktkat Offt^l 14 It I RIMXY OIK* Dint CHl) 1 Ctnn, C*ru ici 11 it H r*rn. IHiO tub AHAH«R A Hair, "War**# E. 1-ti 6 (16) VB1US IH BLVE JUH1 JtbUT ObaTn-., Art aflei fi BfffHWflOD Mmmtotd. Ta«l«54t« UHD W IHE PILLOW YOU DREAM OR Itftonr TTEJoom. CaBnet IH 7 it SilK, tilk 60 tourr AWIY YI^UFD, Iplc *f» 5 (g) SILVER THREADS & GOUHH REEDlEi. rtuv YOU Don Xit Chill HKOW a, AEC-nramMl HI. IlKI 9 (») h WONDERFUL DRUM ikdbrtil ft&s UE TO HE Erw-k Xrptoi, «m«) «IH A SWIHCIR 1 SAFARI m, v.ntra. >rt l»ni ID YOUR NOSE Ibtalf ES OOKHA Tjl^otd, GROW Drl.FI Ji., WHAT iw KIND kt* lb. OF ptbhhrn. LOVE 15 itoubtrr THIS Mil 5 it REHWfiEB 100 r>"l HWA Vrt J.T ATT CO 100 LOVE HE C'aabwn. l>rj 7*0$ SURPW' SAFARI nib Pen, CUfM ( ) 32 4B M HULLY DUU.Y DAfll tkklu. PJrt.U Ml 7 4D PUNISH HER 4 (S*) art*t Vtr, Lktm >:<!* IT WIGHT AS WEI RilH UNTIL StPEHBLR 5 cum **. n^bkm»*** DLVH WOMAN 9 M»m ft*-*. &wa. «bm 6 3 Nil a«*. HCA Vldnr IHI rrru junit.unn /\ IMkV* ** ms l*m. w*** ihfk. Z_i M otluui COKE OH UTTU ttihl lut^u 5««(3?) 2f MIHT OF Gw M M.P^.U, HTURH la.it, JJU1 r37l" 7 5 MBIT U6im onf&m cart, qhnitte KU «I'M IH! mi FPOM WOIYEBTOH MOiwraiit U Am C >va U WiHf OH (MMp Ht Bui. BC\ y\etm teix ^ ID (7n\ ( LOVE ID1I THE W41 YM Wtt,.,, STW THE ffbolw ten Umm, km Mil f LEFT HY Toar HIART BUHL IH SAH m n. FRAHCBCD 4Un A 7 t& 6E ONLY LOW CAN Crrr BHil Plrr*j, A.blMlrtf HWRI.. 10J STOP THE MUSJC SVirtHf^ Brmtrt (u? WHAT'S KJHHA HAPPEN WHEN SUMMER'S am 3 >'ru*» CbHlbCI. Ert. lilt («) EVERY NIGHT CWITHOUI YOU) A WflAFS A HAtTK llal Tarn. BUT 1 ilj 11*51 fi APACIOM-HOW-MW XiikdrK. unttr uoi EHINOS mrkrtr nm^ as* HH Cony S0N6WRITIR KUirar, Kn*.r Erwt, iat R 5? YOU ON'J JU0K A mi BY THE COVK 9* DUEo. CknkfF Utl ft it 70 POPEYE Ths CtiiiM-y HUAhltr Chnbrr, tmb^j )U«2 it HIDE iko 00 SEN ll»v*f Hfl, Mil* 4JI LOlllPflPS AND YmI MIES Vbtfixa, C«w«6** 5 it HEP FOPCnTIN' Or k IkI. a-.^l li* A YIELD NOT 10 TEHPTATWK mr*jir fi'*.*, Dbic U TORTURE KHt r.mn, Bilker, 117* 4 it SAVI ALL YOUR Bffoa* LOYIIT Kr, FOR d«o* HE jiaw BQYS' NIGHT OUT PlUI p*n. Hirrrn 7X011 it 74-- DWTT 60 NEAR Rr*,l(kn, THE IKNAVS Xminj JJWT 2 it 77 IITTU BUCK n-mi 8001 Or... Criunliy *717* A 2 # 82 THE THINGS aadk, WE DID vo. ^ LAST o*>y SCHTOR.. tyt 2 72» 50 A TASTE Of nmu HOKTf Or,, rjy-rtr i«tt BABY llfwakt LoriXf WALK H'A. Oml IkIM IF r DIPH HAVE C *16 7, A D!HE PHMI 1*12 4 A HE'S A»BEL CnmiM. ralbn ih- 3 HOT 100 A TO Z-(f>vbtt*h*r.llv9nm} HBrr M Tt-- Ui furt-k., Tfci. W» WO (faim a'wb, D.» - rt lur lui*!"' WlB flnm. AKAR it IP IxiPtnfl *H I (CW»Hf> «r 04 {61^ PPbhl Ai Mil) Ki" till Lflll I^)«W p MtWir M il 111 r>dili YPIIr Hirtl itmlrr, IKIl,. tr* in AVMOio^bl-K. Moll <Vi»V«. MI Ml) - 4!»^v I*ti idiiir Ofi B*i<t b llfj rtlm IN U 4ir4 li»< luf)!? in p«jim u.»«i ( P-Ml) Dir. Ml) J MI>. n * Hbfrt. lih.. I»«MiWrf W.dUi iiaui. Km (Wmim^. (Rfimn, Mil... JiC*r J«*r n hi*- KifO (WfHim, Mil - M UnVi (MM Pi (imr IHtk. iwh B1 linh»lmfc ituctr, INI (PUWrrlr-. Jb)l lui) M»-rP Mbll -p... icrw. i..-i.. Imii.,, it (MM tm UTTlr * (»( n " lia»m«rji* (*. «)... I' 3.M4 llpv JlMTTf ( )(, MO PJ Ulllpm ill "HII ICiiMI. ASUIJ Jl i'lbbi*' SlalHt IMirl, Ibtk A ITbm.iB, IFIiftiiuWl. luq IMI).. 1«PITB B* riu womi Urt imm-i M< Uilili. imh Ml) J3 DHl «* UrtT Til aill^ IKHTM**! Mil I, M Mill" AM»N Wit I *»» loti II (Kin. * < Ufll, '"S AfCAM,,,,, " r lull... 7< Dm 1 Tit lillnr <7 (Pfin. AKlfi Be ppj. imtip (*l»f«. no.. ** l.i» if Bb U B-i-l tarn Morri ft-.'-phr, Mil...^ n PI MI. IHI-Illn l«l. IMD *c lu in U.1 K.b_. ~AlCiP HfiPi' MMJI im.tt. IMQ,11 life,. I Bill GTfl rpniml), INI) U inrr Pfrtfrn anti PH immaiit til (Mf-n, "n i [iinai. MO imi) pc. a vm i iff. iiiibx. *KAn I* D,t^. IMUrii. II. M lb(i Ml) m-n, r»i (KUI. «! lim-i nil BMih kt ti fif (JMiNb. utu-p pa OWf Dbr* in. li UTI (fhljira'ftbtjiiln, A1UP) AlCPn - Tuliril' dtvthwt. Mil Jr oni* :** > urn, «AU) 1 VbcbikB tf imtnw, lb 1Mb bmh IWbAU. BHPJ IT tr ft Mkf im PiMI e* (Kiwirr, Mt> Piuw *t m»r-m yui, bhi] " HlIN CfllY «(KllBIBI.AKAPI MB r.lifi Iki MUlMiltw llihm r JKi»J. - M vtmn tmvi! pat Inn i«l#i". IMW 1» «>» fni*. IMU..,., r«>l)p> 4 U *.1. H<r U LPI^MO. *Hrt llbm*. W» IMIP..,,. -l» IT Kbi B<ft unfb o.n, kimr) it NBil Brrr llal Tkia ' In UbtPli. I la l-onb IMII flvllib, IMI) 14 >1 I (ill l&opll. l*f IMmI A'XMI U Mi PiikTMP lirtllillbw Ktk am lak^til. lifk<i, Mil MO Tl 1 Mhil Hbal «M l PM» l-kf-mr llpp", Mil tt i Im Ml) Mr Hf (n iki nkmr ffiwrmi". a.f. ImM *a tutu UK (Irl UK-- (B t.lwi-friir fir Ml din. IMl)-- IPrf]» Bl Khil tui.1 Ub u rv. f lbmb^^^., *3C*P). li Wliil'j (Mil h DP llaiut' BlMI) n» i >Hiip i»rt n* Om') Wi* ttmi ta* p* Km* nik-*", i«ni t iimf, imip 3f*t M1P P>r Ihi Pimw TKi..-L!-..,,. M rr.p«mf. kfi', 1 Urn. KiPMr i>> PiW (Ml". W>- W li»ul! ibfh... by IHirn M Mb (IfHlHI PltNjlll.iPV). IPPll. ai *<i»#brt < llbblbrbll. Ml) U V. PfTHiiiiir Ill tvi Prta iii' Www*^' IXhariii PI* bill*! 3hi-«ahrlli Nil iift-*iinl>fi. Tm m<ilir. bmp! (Pi"! - T» ami.- Cvmv A (rnwbjibohmn. Mil,,» ] YUU Mil r%b ribiium U.. ijka^pbum, (04a. Ml lull Ji la ITnlH Dllit twlnl, Km Ml) ikmf IPMI, tiun - K I IM IM» fin ("ijm, lilitw,. llil) Itfl) 31 He# Mil nirml BfWo litlld (CMNil S»Ht. TM Tw bbb" M Pf PT> OtbbPi, IMD fi Wkil (Ik, WQ K ««oyp bimi j.b^ «U>» Mb! CKiMfir. Br Ai BMl) U'U IAi«. BUD.417 I* T4>f MbbJ li Obn 2» 1 A MVIIH IU> mi lam. Ifn UH^ zai iiiiim k IIOiiw. mi CKtT.UVfUhn^K ( ) 3B 10 9 YfcCAnOH caaak rwdb. Htni 85 UHBO ROCK Oil uiujr ankir, Pakxr SII taf nm»w*i»y. HIBG HCA DP vktep THl KPA WHOLE mi WIDE ifunabj WORUl.. puyi LOHO IS THE jw-w* MK!>., U «D fa* % WHiT KfflD iinmj 6E la>( FOOL Jr., W hrivbb l. lt*u Do* MITI DH.1afi YOU mt WORRY Dbb Dbt Ford. Fla SU jjj -y 5D 27 2d nu oura DO a ok OS ana. P«T TV^i» 31lT«trr «?- THE SWJ5S MAID DH SbkaMbt. rxaf L0RY Do* Caman «10VE (i Dn bn rotd. KC XBP HO OHE WILL UOKk EYH BbtVm. KKOW Bk iur 90-- WHAT TIME IS HI Kfb Plfb, Hblbb TITTI look^^, MIL A LOVE ValaHra, Sir in STORMY HOHDiV "Hif BLUES BMt. P^» 3U Ur-- C(H Jnkbir "UDiH, CitiOMb 4XfD A BB0WH HfART Itudv, BJ Tcm* 1IU SWffT UXUEN E*rf B«S carf, rhev urrj BIO LOVE. Jet lldbinoe. Te4J If? 9a tiaa ro catht mar CWMri, LalRd ATIIICI 4M nh LOHtlY GUTS It 1&- WiRWO OVER RISffS fcton H>lniL ADC-fwinCKiat jwjt MW WITH LIKPl ill) BMAm. f«*< 177 AND!H!K THERE WIRE DRUMS. "MJ, N.ltM. IrtMrtbl S? SO WH4T on i«cv,» comho. hi IMS WORPIK' RJR M HIH. Xw Don YOU krut, BELIEVE MIDUJU, IT CllBMlB UlU A 92) FOREVEB AKD A DAY tirla HlBrb. Unbri.Xk (S) I REMIT Bofe*((i WHT WANT TO All Be MOW W1V OVER THERE MlrxUi. T«Kfb Mo«97 WET Lini nmu Jmr If Ik-ll. SB* 471 hb. lonar {SB) bold! CNtfl. Celt "54 ncdhd RDMf B W. GIRL L,a, JiBlr IU3 I LEFT HT HEART Lkaita IH?rv<f, IHE O-n. BliCOHY WHAT KWD AMlVbM OF HMl Nmtar. AM "Lilt 1 W* Ibobe? S0HEDA1 V«B A, BUBBLING UNDER THE HOT IVE COMIH' tt DP HOMI SABY,,....H«Ai».5bml7 h Mann, Inpbikb) A»l«nl1< JBlO JBTB ID* 102. tonahcal TfMir HE*BT BIIONQdO PAf Ibkn-r Uiprnmpi, CctK CoWmbla Mo I Sim i»l IW7 I 10*. OS. UAH th(xf IS HO CUATtl IOVI :. -»» Wo-dtXI, Ort-wi, M«nv "» MEiN IIDU *tj 107. ioe. Ttt roa A AU linn wy KHOIV. TIHOIRNISl....AnWhB.DinJ, wck^ib*, Pr.nlli., CbUmIiIi. 100, <XIUi...,T«I«P Oila-p't. R*UU". Fp<4 Ollt a*** MB. I MninflNI KNOW Dlbrk WoikkiBP*". birtlkk 4 «1 III JV4T IKS asin ro* A tvimihirr marvi AraPhe -Hurt BmfiVJI", lao*.»ca Calamklo Vk1*» 41JJ0 m. STUiaaiN KlhD OF FiaOlM PM«t(" Oott, Timilo HDM BO/I 114. HOWS MY EX TIEAIfKO YOU.- Imy IM U-U, 4?p 115. MAMA, HI TIB*7> YOU* DAUflHn* USAH 11*. MA 1 HID POTAIQtl U.5JL. -.RbiHi VO'kW, rhllipi 45014,....JifbKi arc. E H>" Fcon FWc, EitH , ntf OUSAUn ACTOP Woit^,, Mkn*, Cqplrel *M3 1IJ. HAIL TD THE CQNQEICITING HEAO,. Jnmai Dnrrbii, CglfiTi * YOU CAWI HE TO A llai. Ertlj Imu, tie SOBa 170. OHf MO" TOWN... K-B-'fi T'W, CpvUvI AJU '110. HI'S A *1*11 V.Utl Corr, librrtr 4S(«T-

5 HOT WITH THE FOLLOWING BIG HIT SINGLES " 6391 Ten wneiy uuys / Lover's Lane 1(374 fl Swingin'Safari/Indian Love uall.., Banv tieonanr Walk/SS 0^ uwrence -elk #16378 No unb ^j tver K now j B ecal, se. Jimmie Rodeers eis36s Speedy Oonzales ' ' Mv Blue Heaven.. String-A-Longs ' What Kind Ot fooi m l/fo'si^r - ' 16M0 Sweet mama Iree lop Tall/That's What I Like,The Four Lads Hang My Head And Cry/Anna Z v ' Arthur Alexande 1 ' NEW RELEASES #163*1 Tell It To The Birds DORE ALPERT #i63d3 Matilda : THE STRING-A^IONGS #16392The Revo lution RACHEL AND THE REVOLVERS #16395 Release Me/I'd Lik«TftHavftYou Back Again. ^. 4.,, 4,, 4..,,».JODY DANIELS #16394 I'm Standing By/They Say :.RODGE MARTIN BEST SELLING ALBUMS* BABY ELEPHANT WALK AND THEME FROM THE LENNON SISTERS SiNG TWELVE GREAT HITS THE BROTHERS GRIMM * Lawrence Welk DLP 3292 mono, stereo RLP 3457 mono, stereo THEME FROM A SUMMER PLACE Billy Vaughn A SWINGIN' SAFARI * Billy Vaughn DLP 3276 mono, stereo DLP 3458 mono, 2545S stereo BEST LOVED CATHOLIC HYMNS Lonnon Sisters PAT BOONE'S GOLDEN HITS Featuring Speedy Gonzales DLP 3250 mono, stereo DLP 3455 mono, stereo RAGTIME PIANO GAL - Jo Ann Castle THE WRIGHT TOUCH George Wright DLP 3249 mono, stereo DLP3447 mono, stereo BE MY LOVE Keely Smith DLP 3241 mono, stereo SO RARE Jimmy Dorsey DLP 3437 mono BLUE HAWAII Bllfy Vaughn DLP 3165 mono, stereo YOUNG WORLD - Lawrence Welk THE MILLS BROTHERS GREAT HITS Mills Brothers DLP 3428 mono, stereo DLP3157 mono, stereo MOON RIVER Lawrence Welk JOHNNY MADDOX PLAYS THE MILLION SELLERS DLP 3412 mono, stereo Johnny Maddox. DLP 3122 mono, stereo I'LL SEE VOU1N MY DREAMS Pat Bocne THE MILLION SELLERS Billy Vaughn DLP 3399 mono, stereo DLP 3119 mono, stereo YELLOW BIRD Lawrence Welk STAR DUST * Pat Boone DLP 3118 mono, stereo DLP 3389 mono, stereo SAIL ALONG SILV'RY MOON BIHy Vaughn ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL AND WHEELS Billy Vaughn DLP 3100 mono, stereo DLP 3366 mono, stereo GREATEST ORGAN HITS Jerry Burke CALCUTTA Lawrence Welk DLP 3359 mono, stereo DLP 3450 mono, stereo WONDERLAND BY NIGHT Louis Prima MUSIC FOR THE GOLDEN HOURS Billy Vaughn DLP 3352 mono, stereo DLP 3086 mono, stereo LAST DATE Lawrence Welk DLP 3350 mono stereo THE TEN COMMANDMENTS Sound Track LOOK FOR A STAR Bilfy Vaughn DLP 3054 mono, stereo DLP 3322 mono, stereo THE GOLDEN INSTRUMENTALS Billy Vaughn DLP 3016 mono, stereo J "THE NATION'S BEST SELLING RECORDS" T^A, one kw^t-474-w4g7

6 BILLBOARD MUSB -/r EK Columbia Denies Charge MTTLE LP'S STIR Mil ED REACTIONS Of Monopolistic Tactics Disk Firms Doubt h NfW SOUND Sift Ops to Moll Retail Value Now AT WARfNG'S Over Concept Asks Dismissal of Complaint That Says By REN GREVATT SHAWNEB, Pa, About Record Club Guilty of Exclusive Pacts 120 elecl from the muslfr" By AARON STERN FIELD NEW YORK Record compam record induitry were Intro- By MTLDHTD HALL give tha big record com- exccutivea mc vlrtuallv no naaj. duced to «pew musical In- NEW YORK See burg's new concept making WASHINGTON pany undue power to peg competi- applicaiioa right now for ths new strumcui here last week. Oc- a wide Yiuiety of adult BroadcasliDj haa tive prices at Columbia levels. It so-caned LilUc LP, now being pre- casion was the dinner winding Trade Commission a denies monopoly ladies leading ti> pared by a number of libeci for up the annual Music Men's albums and merchandismb them of all ch urges against possible monopoly in ihe sale of the new Secburg. six-track, 50-Ccnt Outing thrown by Fred Wara* Little LP's 3s earning operator* Record Club bx 5 Juno LP's generally, or bv subscription play stereo iuko box. Fact is that ing nt his resort, Shawnea on throughout the natioq lo re-evaluco mp loin I, from of mdthiouph the Columbia" Club. some rccoxd finna have already the Delownre. The (nstrvmeat alc their record buying habits. nopnly tactics to Columbia scolcu the aecoc/ for had a certain combines The new Secburg LP Conwle daina. Columhia alluding to contract provisions in selling a se cordloo (tho cornpany now eschews tha of the compiaint which were embodied only In the trie organ, in, with the two lo- term juke box) will pluy ellher the Columbia denials go siraighl flnt Licensor cnntract in 1958 AT strumenlal standard 45 or 33 singles on one down the line on every charge (Caolsron in the FTC complaindl orda issued be played hand and the new icvca-inch 33 mode in the Federal Trade com two proviaiom which wore Included Little LP SS2S accaaeb smciiy lor logelhar. th? stereo with thrw tunes on each plaint, which nccmed the Columbia only in the second coatnict early in lie consurdplion, The Cordovox. aide on the other, It, of course, disk club of txcliulve licensing con- 19& (Verva ib FTC lisiiogl, il Sl.69, The The will play any combiodlion ol tho tracs which h*vo foreclosed more and a "fifth provision" which mide only after ( given hy Beuy three dut types in D ratio 10 b«than 1,000 LP records represent- Included only In the first two order testing (7,000 accordionist whfi tb«waring deternilned hy ihe ing more than 45D Important arliics tracts mentioned above, Cfi5 snji tendal teen buyen) end musicnl group, and occasioned Comcrslone of to actual or polentifil mail order Lhesa provisions have not been m lest ia Scranton. Pa, much Interest with Ihe group, theory is that competitors. Similar charges have effect since March 31, Since that first releasa the prn- which Included music publisn- frequent locationi also been made in a wit brought Columbia doea not name the type gram at Cadence baa bi m. record nrnmifacturers, disk ore placed are adults, by the Diners' Record Club against of provisioos the FTC had re- dormaof, though a new release of jockej's, soag pluj programming Is a Columbia and a number of la ferred (0, but tha complaint's list the ficrica is upcoming ahonly. Ai Jobbers I Anolher prcraisa a licensor-labels In U. 5. District Included restriction of release dates almost the some time with the pofcnlfol Courl in New York. (See Billboard by licensor-label on club tllles going Mercury wholly on backgrr Music Week, September 15) to dealer*, barring of licensor from far Reries, become jute box locations if a cut-price -sales to d'isidbulors on LP" slogan. A music machine of the proper design Culumbia Aosircrt duplicate of dub product, licensor's shudderingly Celfer Bill and offcrine the proper prograin- Columbia's only admission to club-sold records cannot undersell meat- "BoaibsviW be said. ming were nvniluhle, FTC's lengthy charges Is that It similar type* ichmg on Columbia Sired By Cndence Scebvug exccuiives feel the LP has entered into contracts with Inbcli tbiaugli the club, licensor The current Secburg plan acdifferent record companies. CDSin^ agrees not to reduce his suggested tual I y came about as a result of On Copyrights Console and its atlcndant piogramming fills these neeic*. fiisls there's nothing anli-corapell' list price for rctwlers without giv- (he Cadence release last year. At (Coiifmiirxl on yargg 85} Live about the set-op, and timt the ing CBS res months' notice, liccn- the lime. Cadence Rent loraplcs of contracts do not, as FTC has (Conllnwd on pose 72) (Continued on page 12) Awaits JFK WASHINGTON The (D,. N. Y.) bill lo Columbia Gels London Group a Tight Little Island of npe far du^io m ubhc Terry Snyder HOLLYWOOD Ten:' Snyder Know-How in Putting Together Hits Prcsidentlnl whose stereo percussion plotlcn proved persuasive sellcta on the NEW YORK Gary (Alley Oop) Paxlon, who Boston and it really caught tire there. Kow we The bill Command and UA inbels, was produced ^Monster Mash," doc of the fastest have him on a firm deal." foe many signed by Columbia Records' West moving singles on the Hot 100 chart (No. IJ this McCuire Is now In ihe process of ictiing up an viniage 19 Coart a.&r, chief, Irving Townsend. week), is oruy one of 45 indie producer* who have Indie label with arranger Belford Hendricks. known lengiheniog Towasend will record Snyder iri currem contractuol producing flrrangemculs with principally for hi* work with Clyde Orls. "flelford terra when full-scale revision of New York. I ho artist'* home base. what has come to be known as Ihe London Group. (b a fine musician and BrTRnger and wc intend 1908 Copjright Act is accom- Columbia, io dale, has avoided This Atcicily American wing of Lcadna Hccordi to build him ds a personality in hi* own right," plished. making an overt move Into the records rone af iu own ma ferial and laid McGuire. Tbc CoUer legislation orlglnnlly "sound" field, an industry trend Strictly on the efforu of four people. A» Frank Slay, whose producing efforts with Bob proposed a five-year extension, hut triggered by Enoch Light's Snyder one of Ihe lightest operation In ihe business Crewe have been released on the XYZ label, at the request of Arthur Kamid- releases. Acqubiuoo of the artist and one which hn enjoyed more ihan Its sharo dislribuicd by Lxmdon, has now signed a aepamte slein, reglatrar of copyrights, Ihts who was responsible for triggering Of success on the charl* during the past year. producing arrangement vritli the London grcup'. was reduced to three to avoid any the trend cannot be cxpccicd to The team consists of WaN McGuire, who handle* So has Frank Guide, Norfolk-based persona! man- wcokcuiog of Ihe thrust for revx- launch Columbia at thi* Hlage of ill mim efforts ("I don'l give it to b talcs de- pger of Gary (U. S.) Bondsi who&a SPQR label siom Justice Department oppored the game into that form of recordportment; I try to Sell it myseir ); Hddle Kissack. is being handled by the group. Guida bad lengthening of the copyright lorm. in* in reries proportloos- (A numengineer and lipe editing wtoard; Sandy Ginsberg, "Twatin" Matilda," on SpQR by Jimmy Soul. Revised copyright law o expected ber of labs I? idctiiding RCA Viogirl Friday, and the icdic producer involved in The London group ia also handling Jack Gold'a to provide a terra of about 76 tor and Capitol had formed speihe production of a particular record. Paris label, with a current release of "Are Yon yean as against present copyright cial wri«ol "sound" LP's In an The opeiallon gol its slarl several years ago Happy Now. Mother.'* by Ihe Caalle Sisters; (be (ConUnued on page 72) effort to caab in on the trend.) with ihe fpunjing of the Pclslcil label, a device Murray Spam. Mory Hcritzniaii label. Seville, which for releasing American-proilucffd material, for had the Ml. "Shoul Shout, Knock Yourself Oui," London Record*, which released only malcrid re- by Emio Maresca. and cunratly has Marcie corded in England. Blanc's "Bchby'* Girl." Hits In nddirioti, McCuire hu signed Buddy Killen Stereo Records Get Web From the Felstcd bei hits by.. Kathy..7 Undcn. Uoden.'flm when there were in Nashville, who ha* Jo T«on the Dial label, tribulion Oibers, india dlsw a producer. Bill Black, a solid artist In his own fx Monument, HJ, right on the Lanifon-dlslribntcd Hi label, 1* nho Colonial n London producer with his Showcase in Borge Series An cxampfe of how tha London kind of arm age- for the Louis label. Huey in cot, wherein dlstiihalloq and promotion problems Tex., who produced Barbara Lyna*! By CHARLES SINCLAIR ager of the show) on ore removed from, the shoulders of the producer a Goad Thing." also has a-london deal for the himself, can build a label is that of Monumcnc, The Tribe label. NEW YORK The first network "bejt available alcrco Of b particular work. firm has steadily grown, with Ihe help of London Joe Cougi of Hi Records continues as o pro- The how won't be distnbution and pronmiion. Today Monument Is ducer, under London, of the disks of Bill BiBck a big enough and welt-finnnced enough entity to and Ace Cannon, whilo Lou Buckley, a big Flrn iwl for im October 3 start, it m of AT&T undertake It* own. distrihulion, which it will do retailer in Nashville, bns an indlc producer ai is an hour-long serica of stereo tape haiicd line* an October 1, when it leaves Ihe London group. mcnt with London far ihe B act ley label, and xccord selections in he hosted station-to-station by pibnist-humorist Victor QXR netwotrk Pa won is only one of the Ulcst producers io cummily ha* Jimmy Sweeney's "She Wears My become part of the London scl-up. "I met Gary Ring," and aired In FM slcreo on r FM sub-carriers as a relay Pjxtoa a year and bnlf abo." McGulre si id. Buck Rum produces disks by the Flares and of tho serioui-music QXR Insicad, multiple tape And L fell lie had a sort of pbrsonal jignature the Ramrocks for the Press label, while Joe Leahy, under General Electric be run off in New York to his material. I always felt he would make it, who was wilh. FeLstcd at its start, has returned to ship. bow, and fihlpped lo even ihough hla first couple of efforts for us, that fold to produce disks by Cynthia Pepper, a Formal of the now series calls which will schedule one on a one-ahot basis, dido'i pan oul, 20th Cen(ury-Foit Biarleh for Borge to "preface cla«lcn! mu- ''He mad* 'Beach Party' by Dave York on the One of the most recent ncquisitiona by the twosic select!an* with humorous anec- Wednesday tkm Mbcl. It made somo noise. Then came mun one-girl Loarfon opcrnlioa Is the Folksing dote* about ihe music and com- pan. Monster Mash^ which he tried out quietly with label of publishers Howie Richmnnd anj AJJic pascrs." Borgt w ill have a hand in Wil omp of our dislribulor* before he nctually np- Brackman (Ludlow, Hollls, otc.), Mike Sclllc, a picking the records and tapes to he spollignted on the scric*, nut most I* not expected to pcrproached us on It. Ono of the test areas was writer for the Weavers and Hnrxy Bclufoutc, pri>duccs these disks. stereo mmcrifll will be relectcd by musically on the show {apart WQXR, New York (actual pack- (Continued pas* 22b)

7 Four Star TV Firm Enters Disk Field SEPTEMBER 22, 79B2 BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK S LEE ZHTTO will alfto bead Ihe record company, One of the albums will be ihe HOLLYV/OOD Four Star TV will BMW that bis firro wants to sound track to the Productions, the Dick Powell- launch * dish company ihat will u By Yon Bonny Bonks Enaim OToole" series. After the initial Cbarles Boyer-David Nivcb lelefihu function "m a rtal itcord company, Blbum release. Gilbert said the carabine, lest week qukuy cnttred and not as promotional Iwl for finn will make regular release* of Jazzmen Blow Fine the disk fid if with its inkjaj single nrtiaa and record rousic thai ( no rclmse and a ions-term distribu- TV productiona." singles and packages." Dy BOD ROLONTZ tion pact with liberty Records, Now TV Prodart WvendflcafloB Goal la the pop markel. In recent BMW has iearned. The big icnd- The label wid sign nunicroua Gilbert pointed out that Four NEW YORK The quest for months there have also been big off, however, for tbe Mill im-o&incd way wffl be connected with any Star TV, a publicly held compiny, Jazz nets by record companki idlers by Caononball Adderley Four Star-owned label b sched- of the Four Star TV propertios, is anxious to make irapiesrive in- continue* to giow more furloui, wilh Nancy Wilson (Capitol), uled for November I. he sold. As proof of this approach, joada into, tha dbk market as a with lome of the top unraca Sttn Getz a&d Charlie Byrd Liberty' firti assignment under Gilbert pointed to the fact that the further form of diyersmcatioq for Ihesa days being oflered guar' Oi'crvc), Herbio Mann (Atfanfjc), the terms of the Four Star contract Dtao Jonra relcaac doca not meiv Ihe corporation, Ihe overlapping in- antces ts large. as ihose prof- Kenny Ball (Kapp) and Milaa came last week when it starred tioo ihc TV Beries In any wav on Icrat whereby one cmiiy can far- fered Tecn-aee Idols. Jimmy Davis (Columbia}, lo mention t dunrihulion cf the Dtaa Jotkcs the label, nor arc Jones" tunes irora lify tbe other is no! being over- Smith, hot on two labeli, his fev/. sinele, The Crowd Don't Cry," Ibc show. looked. Disks can cnlunce ihe con tract label Blue Note and Singles Soar, Too backed wilh "What &> I Do Wllh While Four Star Isn't going to itature of Pour Star's new talent, his loan-cut label Verve has Perhaps what Is even more My Tattoo of You." Janes is fea- obviously herech the disk medium and at the Bame time, build the been offered M much M «5100,- Important ju that many of these tured in Uw new Four Star scries, to promote ita TV series, it appar- value of the TV film company'a 000 guaianlce fifter his Blue Hrttsls have hud single hha, and " Eubipti OToofc," niaklng its haw cnlly U ^uick to use TV in pushing music publishing firms, he said. Note contract enda coily next Ihcy nit bnvc occurred reccnlly. on NBC Sunday (23). Tbd Jqdk Its record salea. Gilbert tol J BMW Four Star owns an ASCAP com- year. And leas rhao * year tgo These Include tingle smashes by single b being miicd under the that a TV film short was produced Sany, BNP Music (initials stand for Sonny Rollins ixceivcd & con- Brubcck, Bun, Smhh, and a bo* Liberty label, pen din final clear- of Jones for his iniiiaj ainflles jc oycr, Nlvea and Powell), while tract reportedly wsurlng him one right uaw by Herbie Mann. ance of a label name for Four Scar, lease, and that 300 copies of this Four Star Tefcvision Music Com- 590,000 In guarantee! for ilgn- It is remarkable enough for a at which timn it will be issued arc being distributed to TV dance pany, Is Ihn BMI Brra. In? with RCA Victor. Thclonl- wholo flock of Jazz artists lo go under the Four Star-owned bun- party jockeyi acrosa the coimuy. The T\' production company is nuj Monk's slening with Colum- pop in a big way, but It is even Bcr. Utilization of TV an behalf of its being cbotlengcd as to ils right to bia Records last week (BMW, more oolewonhy thai so many HcrscheJ Burte Gilbert, bead of disk releases is planned as stand- use the Four Star name by Bill September 15) for a mlghly Im- of tbcra have made it on sin- Four Star's music operations,.who ard promotional procedure, Gilbert McCaU, founder and owner of Ihc pressive figure la only anoiher gles. said. Thus, the label wiq become Four Star label, and the Four Stm: radicatiaa of the trend. For Jbc firal time SIdCb the the fiist-known firm la use TV film Music Publishing Company, now» Geny Mulligan, now free of laic 1930'a and carfy 1940, b. shorts to promote its records oa a part of the Gene Autry Musk: in- his codiract with Verve. wbl un- Jazz and pop have fibafo become general country-wide basis. terests. The TV film producticu doubtedly secure a huge guaiclosely related, whh straight Jazz Verve Signs The label n scheduled to kick off company is now in tbe process of flnlec from finy company with recordings apiln of major In- November 1 wtlh a four-lp release. which he carea to sign exclusiveterest W pop buyers. Thiv W»S (Continued on page J4) ly. If Mulligan chooses to record true in the^daya of Ihe hands of Bcuiiy TJoodman, Tommy individual albums wxlh various Bosre; UA Dorscy, Anlo Shaw, Cmlnl labels on a nonexclusive ha.ili CMA Members Get Choice of 3 be could still draw i hfilthy Basic, Andy Kirk ond - Duke guhrautee for each LP, EJIlngion In the swing years. It la becoming true again, today In Eyes Mingus Board-Okayed Insurance Plans What bag created Ihc big dc- a modem jazz era. maiid for ]ezz acts these days? It is not surprising lhat kid* NEW YORK There were further developments in the com- CHICAGO ~ Three new gioua SLmpTy that more and more Jazz country music show al New York's who have been weaned cm rock EjtitioQ for lop Jou names among insurance plans wen: jnadc avail- Carnegie Hall. Last year, the conartists are lelliog pop. and and roll music, with n heal and bds (see story elsewhere Una able for members of the Counlry issue) this week when Count Basic Music Association on a "takecert was handled by WSM itself. mighty well, too. Dava Bru- a rhythm clo&e to jazz, should bcck'a last four albums have all w'ds rigpod to an cxciicjv^ con- any-or-ah" basis when the CMA Nommatiaas for new directors were turn U> Jazz at they become of ileclated open. Voting will lake been strong pop sellpre, all of college age. Nor is il surprising iract wfih Verve Records, and brinrd approved thn proposals nt a place al ihu Nashville membership them in the six-figure brackd. thai the actista Ihey have se- Uuiled ArtisU began negotiating to meeting here last week. Tha board Jimmy Sinilh's fait three albums, irgn O>0iJe3 Mingus to an caclumet in coniimctian with the World's meeting. lected as tbelr favorites should two on Blue Note and one on fac Ibosc who play Jazz wilh a sitie pott. Fnir of Music and Sound. CMA Verve, have also been emasbes lot of soul, bs well as a heat. Picsiifenf Ken Nelson was chair- Basle re turns to Verve. the man of the session at the Ascot Group Okays label he left a few year# ago la Motel on Friday (7J. NEW SORD HEAD ANDERSON Jam Roulcllc October 1, Special pcrtdiuion has been given the la other busiaca, Charles Ber- l-cent Hike on leader and his band lo moke two nard presented an outlino for kits ajbums for R^rise. One of the LP's to be prepared for nw of Biaflons PLEDGES UNITY PROGRAM "will be cut October 2, 3 and 4 In. programming county mu^ic. Disk Mailing with Frank Sinatra doing tha vo- The board gave its tentative ap- CHICAGO -- V. R (Andy) Anderson was one of three Chicals. The other Reprise album will proval to the plan. A finance com- WASHINGTON The Ssnafe Andermn, proprietor of the Record cago area dealers who were plainbe niadc by the band alone. tniitcc consisting o Chariey Lamb, Post Office CcmraUtcc has ico- Center ot thq Northwesi side here, tiffs in a recently term bated tult Bill Denny and Richard' Frank, lalivcly decided on a 1-ccni raise has been named prcrident of the apinal the three niaior record United Artists Recorda, which CMA legal counsel, was formcil to for the first pound of cdiicalinnal Socleiv of Record Defilcra of cfiibs. During pretrinl cxiiounatlqas has already xefeoscd onn Charles supervise expenditure! befween materials (fourth cibks) which America. Anderson succeeds How-!ailing over two yean, Anderson Miacus Jaa Workshop LP on the board tneetin^. would cover phonograph records ard Jurikins of Garden Grove, pcisonally spent many horns giving label. Is attempting to sign the art- and sound iccoidings. However, Calil., in the poat. tcjlimony. ist lo an CTClusive contiacf. The The board also discussed plans former UA album was done on a for Ihe nnnual CMA general meraeach additional pound thereafter would add only the present rate of In balloting by Ihc new SORD In o statement to BMW, Anderonc^sbol basis, befship rncctlng to bo held In Nash- UA is nlso sponsoring a Miogus vide Thursday, November 8, one 5 cents. Tho House-passed version, board of dlrecuwe.'completed last son 4ai«[: of the bill. H-R. 7927, would have week, two new vicc-pfcsidcnts Were "Id the months 10 come, we want concert to be held at Town Hall day prior la the openiag of WSM's left fourth-class retca at present set- also named. They are Seymour to work, closely with the R1AA and November 35. This, too, will be annual - counlry musjc festival. ting of 9 cents tho first pound, 5 Lacld Of Csaoiton, R. ]., and Alex ARMADA in order to bring ubool recorded and released on the UA Plans were also oullined.for the cents for each additional pound Rolhsteln of St. Joseph, Mo. Louis those mcaiurca, within the limu* banner. It Is reported that be is CMA annual bacqurt, Friday. No- or fraction,- Shapiro of Jcncy City, N. J., will of the law. wltich will be of mutual receiving a $10,000 guaranlco for vember 9, at which new mwitionj this date. (o the counlxy music hall of fame Allhough no iiiud report has contioue us eccretary-lreajitrei, in benefit to all parties conceracd. will be announced. co_me out of Ihc Senate committee, hi* Ihird lenn in that post. AH four With ihc cessation of the recent thinking is in tenna of Tnilifcr will serve on the board along with lawauii, many more opportunltlc* The membership meeting and raises for Mcoud-class maficr than other board members announced i Wink AJortfntWe banquet and T/ShTs festival are fill the c«ti-a-piftcc surehhrgc proposed last week (BMW, ScpteiDber 13). (Conilfiued on poge 14) being held conjudcticm with Na- by the administration. Committee tional Country Music Week, ap- reportedly proposes raises for rales Spins on Coast proved by U- S. Senate resofntlon on newspapers and magazines in Coedmon Sets 13 Albums for Foil for November three annual slcps of 4 per cent HOLLYWOOD Wink Martin- In other ncfiona at the Chicago each, for edftori&l material and 10 NEW YORK Caedmoo Rec- Richard Burton, Boris TCarlolf, Dydale, Dot rk or ding artist who also mceiing, the hoard voted down a pec cent each Jor advertising mat- ords will release 13 albunw this fau. lan Thonus, Pamela Drown, Shirserved the label as national promo- proposal to stage a second anaual ter. featuring such name attracliom as ley Booth, and Loire Lcnya. Fulllion director and a-fi.r. man, is cofot cover rcproi arc being rcturoing U> bfs first love of plauer- ordered for dislribs and dealers, spiiming. Martindale will thke over according to sales chief Bob Ihc 6-9 o'clock raonilng spot on KFWB, Rve days a week. Index fro Contents O'Brien. The Dylan Thomas reading of Martindale will reraain as a Dot "King Lear" ami "Duchca cf artist, but rrsigta his post as oa- General Hoi RiB. Sido!. 14 Progrommiiiq P«nol Malfi" have already received a lional promotion dircciot and as InlemnHoiol Music..,...,16 LoCol SiWot Yejteryeor'i Hlti...,22 artist nnd repectofro assist ant to fndudty Bilofi... 6 hfeiienet o/ealouti Vox Jo*..,32 good response, following a mention Dal nrcaidcfll, RRndv Wood. Mat- New Action LP's., ol the set in Leonard LyontT synditrndale's first iccorolng "Deck of Music Pop Cherli th» Hoi «Chert,... cated column. Caedmon will Cards," was a mlljion seller, ac- Bflri Sftlllng PKonog'flpha & Hbw on Ihp LP Chorti I Music-Phonograph shortly toss a press reception Ja cording lo Wood. Tape Rscorden Top LP's Cover His radio-tv enreef started la Beit Tracks From tha "Top LP's by ColegDry Marchandlsfng 22-B connection wilh th4 set. Vtrilsryflor'i Hits,.,...23 Bnrt S^'llng Phonogmphi Highlighrs of ihc release also Memphis, where he hnii also first Spotlight Lf'i 20 Tnpc Eeco/dori,22-B include Burton's intcrpretatioos of met Wood. Martlndflle came here Bubbling Uivdaf tho. Hot Raviawi OiiV Peah fnr flnn'n-t, "The Love Poems of John Donne," in 1959 nod joined KHJ radio and 100 Cover LPRev^wi...20 a Bcmacd Russell documetnaiy LP TV and later moved (o KRLA In Double-Ploy Diili.91 Single Record Revlovs 21 Pasadena, Earlier thia year, Martin- Hill of Ihe V^orldIA Colo Machine Opefating.,.85 and wo Shakespeare packages, dale resigned from the broadcast- Honor Full af Hih 13 Radio-TV Programmfnig..,.22 Bulk VqiydrhQ...,.,,.SB "Venus aud Adonis" and "Cyirving ranks to join Dot in an execu- Hct m Cover ArtTj+i* BTfrgrephi*!.23 CoinMacklCfl betine," both siar/ing actress Clair* tive capacity, He returns to broad- Hot C.fcW, SW9S 14 esy Us'oniog 22-0 DoubfB-Plev 91 Bloom. The firm, incidentally, li casting September 24, when be Buyers and Sellers Classified Mart. -,,,....,.,,,.82 sending out radio prarnoiioaal takes over the KFWB show, copies of the Burton set.

8 i BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK SEPTEMBER Liberty Signs INDUSTRY BRIEFS Album Switch THE BEARD OVER HOT STOVE Premium Deal Ad Lib Signs little Esther of Signature Music Press, fonncrly NEW YORK Ad Lib Records Kickapoo Music, of Sfaawnce, Okla. To Artist Fix NEW YORK Mitch MB!- cr. colorful oboist, il&r. cxcc, HOLLYWOOD Ub«ty Rec- hag agnad Little Eslhor. She is the The catalog Is tnede up mostly of NEW YORK Columbia Refi- TV personality, vrit and aquirc ords last week concluded its first lass who had a fitdng of hits some sacred chord music. will inrroduce n ftcw adver- of Suburb jjs RocHand Counb.-, natioaal premium arrangoaicnt b} time back. Including "Double CnHi tising forxnnt on Uie consumer is on a new "cook-alone'* kick. setting a. dollar liquldaior LP deal Blue" and "MistrustlnB Blues." Goldte Signs 3 level. In which album cover ro- Tha star of the Thursday with Royal Crown Cola for a spe- She cut her first date for her new NEW YORK Goldle Records productioda will be dropped Id evenena NBC-TV "Sirtg-Along cial SI Zonmer nlbura. The LP, label last week. Cliff Parnhom has signed three new arlisti lo lls Favor oi feature yp photos of With Mitch" show gels the made up of a doreo track? tnkcji handled *L&r. duties and the ses- roster of talent, including Gene actbis. feature treatment In the upfrom existing Zentncr recordingg, sion look place tn NoshviJIe. Avery, plrmipt Dc Maio and singer Johnny Appalachian, These three Following CDnfercDces belweeo coming October Issue of Bet- will be offered in April and will he John W, Wiley, market research ter Homes end OarUcns, In the called "Music Thai's Going Places," 0 Stands for Dfx join the lancttcs, the Hollywood director for ihc Ubd, and Colum- role of chef par escellcnce. CoDsumcis send a dollar lo a St CHICAGO Philips Records has Flames and Ibe Fiotilcs, who have bia advertising exbciidves, it Wag Miller is guest author-chef Louis bgaining firm, assigned by dcslgoated September 24 as G already had sldce xeieased by the noted that "new advertising should of the publication's monthly, Rova] Crown, plus bottle caps, and Day, The G stands for Gillcsptc. labcl elxess the labd'a recording prtiatg." "Re Likes to Cook" feature. In will recewe the Zeulner package. Dizzy that is, who signed with the Tho announcement plao aard! "A the text, ihe bearded wooder Don Blockcr. assistant lo Liberty label a flhon lime ago and whose Vanguard Signs Folk People record company's basic product is a of the enlcrtaidmeni world President A1 Bennett, besides his first Album will appchf on his new NEW YORK Vanguard Recmusical pasonallty and therefore, gives d how-to-do-u treatise on post of premium salea, told BMW label afffliatiod on that dale. The ords Jim signed a oumba of new advertising should attempt to com- whipping up his favorite meal Ibnt the company feele that it will album is called " Dizzy 1 on the folk ait is is to its roater of lecordiog munjcbte on three levels: to inform. B«ef Stroganoff, atearaed enjoy gieal promotional benefits French Riviera" and, in honor of talents; Jackie Washington, Itornflf Id suggest aclioq and to persuade rice and Salad Mitch Miller. from Hi Es premium deol the occasion, Philips distribs, deal- Cohen and a new Erik Darlios on a deeper eruoliorat level." Liberty intends to endoso fi era sod oiflce personnel are being group called the Rooftop SingerB. Columbia plans fun page, two- booklet listing bii Zcntner releases asked lo wear Dizzy sweat shins. The. label hag also contracted color ads in the New York Times with the premium paefcagt.,the The oriist will also tour radio Rabbi Schlomo Carkbach who has niaggiunc. New Yorker, Bsquirc. Stan a Man booklet will suggest that the con- gtatiooa in San Francisco on kick- received much attention for bis Plnyboy and Seventeen. BInck and sumer go to his record store for off day. performances of Hassidic and Hewhile ads will run In life, Time, For C.&W. addition oi Zenlncr disks. Also. brew repertory. Slow, Ebony and Downbeat, Royal Crowa will launch a satura- O'Brien Named P.M. NEW YORK Capitol Records lion consumer magazine advertis- BOSTON Dale Enterprisia, a Jack Fino Upped to V,-P. ing carapnigii complete with fouf- [ Is currently conducting an inlerdivirion of Mercury Records, has NEW YORK Jack Fine has color pages plugging Zentncr and appointed Bill O'Brien as promo- been promoted to vice-president of /ay-gee Records asilng e*:p&riment In "Image" re- his band. This, Blocker feels, will tion numager. The new executive promotion and safw for the Amy vision, end It can be heard In prove IinportflQl in boosting Zcnl- Lbs a. wide background in pro- and Mala labels, Finft had becrt Brings Out New action in a new aioglo from the ner's stature and his disk sales. gramming. He replaces Bruce Hin- Eastern icp foe fho Walt Djsacy label, "Mama Sang a Song" b-w Liberty has previously handled rc- ton who left the post for a position music firms sod oational promotian glonol prenuum deals on a much tow-price line "Whispering Hope," The first side with Warner Bros. Records on the rep for Vista and Djaocyland dung amallw wale. Tlic Royol Crowa ar- West Coast. with his Amy-Mai a post. Arthur NEW YORK Jerry Dlaine'fi has Ihc real country flavor, com- rangement Is tha tirat national Yale contlaud as executive vice- Jay-Gee Records Is entering the plete with Inspirational narrative Srennium deal the label has had so Fischer Buys Catalog president low-price market with a new Jine. Thc label hits not yet been Bi v aod a few bars of favorite hymns. bt in its history. NEW YORK Carl Fischer Pickwick Coast Spot cn o name, but it will bcii eompetl* It'a the artist who provides the Publishing bns acquired tho catalog HOLLYWOOD Pickwick Inlively with other lines in the surprise Stan Ken loo. was recorded by Kcnloa the same ternational opened new offices and budget cqtcgoiy, To facilltalo the According to Capitol sources, day ha heard it warehouse spaco which will conhandling of the economy scries, the number, written by country Capilol is now pushiiig to break King Signs Hawkins tain the headquarters of Imu Elaine's Cosnal distributing has set defter Bill Amlerson, was recorded the off-beat single in markets like Wcrtb, West Coast sales chief for up a apedal rack lobbcra' division. Heading the new rock sving it for Decca originahy, and did fairly Duffolo and Pittsburgh. In Move to Expand Pickwick. Cy Leslie, m annoimcmg Coannt is Mort Hdlrnaa who will well In limited exposure. Lcc Gil- "We're Bhooting for tho pop Its C.&W. Catalog the new facqitics. Doled thai ample space for expansion was needed in tilrtdie ji&ison work between the leltc, Kenton's executive producer, market, not c.&w, trade," a Capi- CrNMNNATI Syd Nalhan. California where service for the far Jobbers and Cosoat!n areas cov- and CapitDl'B Voyle GUmoro both tol source explained "It's not out King Records president, has an- flung chain and shopping centers ered by the firm's nine branches. hoard "Mama" at various tinws, Of keeping with the Kentoa Image, nounced the aigmng of c.&w. oaaie, is of prime importance. The new These outlets arc in New York, and decided it would be a grea! despile his progressive ideas In Hawkshaw Hawkins, lo an exclu- office h the second rcgloaal branch Newark. Philadelphia, Pitaburch, change-of-pflce item for Kcoton. It music, Sinn's a very Btoccre guy." sive [ong-tenn recording contract. for Pickwick. In April, the com- Chicago. Detroit, Cleveland, Cln- Simultaneous with the signing, pany established an office and ciddhh and i<i3" Angclca. Nathan announced the release of warehouse in Atlanta.' HillmsQ will also work from the Hawkina' first record under the new Jay-Gee chd with the rnckpr and pact, "Silver Threads and Golden Edge Takes Store Disk Dept. diatriblltcus cairyiag the new Needles" b-w "Girl Without a WASHINGTON Edge, Ltd., budget line In arebk other than Name." which was recorded here those covered by the Cosnac nct- September 11. A newly recorded the large disk rack merchajujumg work- Hawkins LP is being readied for firm here, has taken over Ibc oper- -HilJman strcmeil that Ihc mate- the market in the King SEplera- ation Of the WUmiogion Dry Goods rial released on the new tnbcl w3l ber LP release schedule, Company slore record dcpbrtmcnt, Wilmington, Del. Edge has named be available nowhere else. The Hawkins was originally "discov- Milton Pomernntz as manager oc product will not be leaded to other ered" by Nathan in West Virginia the deportment. labels. He and Blaino also said and come info name stafna with a that a large quantity oi catalog ia string of hitg- on King. In recent, Di$frihs for Audio Fidelilt tivailablo from Jay-Gee's Jubdee, years he has been featured on Josir, Todd nod other labels. "Grand Ole Opry" and has in the NEW YORK Audio Fidelity past recorded for RCA Victor and Records has appointed a number Columbia. of new distributors. In East Hart' ford. Conn., Associated Record Uis- Atlantic Names Naihan says that Ihc fllgaing of tributora is handling the Una. In Hawkins Is the start of a plan to Cincinnati, Coanal-is tho outlet; build up the King counlry and lewis A&R Man w.<. the Dallas distrib ri Clamar. Assoym western catalog. Naihafi originrdly ciated Is *lso handling the label m NEW YORK Atlantic Records founded King as a c.&w, line, and Indianapolis. has appointed John Lewis as an LIBERTY PRESIQINT AT. BENNtTT h named Man of tha Yaar H Wi later moved heavily Into r.&b. With a-&r- executive and tlhurn pro- hom* town of Blytherta*, Ark., it a Roiirr teitlmonlil dlnnar. Othar honon the resurgencc of c.&w., Nathan RCA ConwnorK 25c ducer. Lewig ia musical director boitowfld upon Hpb Included Hcnoraiy Arkaaus Travekf and Honorary said ho pwj.s to bring King hack find member of the Modern Jaiz Cotton Pickla' Clrlsea. Shown above, left to rlghtx Tommy Alliap, who to itg former prominent position in NEW YORK Radio Corpora- QuorleL Be>ih he and the group aorvad m mudcal director ol lha cvenlngj Liberty-artiil Bobby Vee. Honk the field. He stated that King in its tion of America ia pdying ooor- Will continue to function as artists GoEhnn, Bennatt, Vlkkf Cirr, Honry ClStoa, Tommy <SnaFf> Carralt, and for the label. Jo«Sadd, Ubarty'e Southam dlvlclon pmmarton man. current c.&w. LP catalog boaata tcrly dividend of 25 cents a share over 100 LP's. on common stock, payable October 29. A dividead of cents a Lewis has already supervised the share was declared on the cunjularecordirg of a oumher of albums live first prefcrreii 1 stock for the for Atlantic on a world-wide bnsij, period October 1 to December 31. in Stockholm, ho directed a sot hy violinist Svenrf Assmuscn. In Italy, Spotlight on Btarfire to Golden Crest ho recorded the classicnl chamber WESTDURY, R Y, Golden music group Quartclto di Mil one IN \ record programming Crest Records will hamlle national playing the Webera ''Five Movements for String Quortet, Opus Fovtvrlng distribution for Siarfire 5." lewis also recorded two albums IM THIS division of Celtic Recording Producdors. Inc. The ftrat disk la be la Germany, ono by trombonist ioday's fop record talent released under the new amingcmcot Albert MangelsJorf and another hy Is "Bobby" and the 'Tslund of Yugc^lavian group, the Zagreg Love." by Card Thomfls. Idzz Quartrt. These albuma v/ul be released this fall. Abrwr Dnd Again ARTBT BIOWAPHIO 5PKIAIDBK JOCXET MflORAMHIW IHWRMMICH CHICAGO Merie Scfiirado. CHICAGO The population exdlieclnr of creative services for Elosion hit Chicago this week when Mercury Records, will exit that post Bortus FocrfwrBi BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK'S,wart Aboer Jr. again hecamc a fibout Oclubcr If. it was learned f&lhcr. The head of the Abncr and Zasl week". Schirado hag had ovcr- Vec Jay labels was blessed with a ar charge of ndvertiaing and sales ISth ANNUAL DISK JOCKEY POLL girl horn early Thursday morning promoiioa activltlei for Mercury, Projramnirng *nd ProlIE Irfflrmetloii for Kik Jocbyi, Du^rt, Optufenl (13), weighing eighc pounds seven ifong with Philips end Smash. ounccj. Mother and daughter are trportf i doing One.

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10 FOR INVENTORY AND PROGRAMMING TOP IP's BY CATEGORY To ti«lp dform buy and conlt^ and properly cfltploy taventory. orns fo befp h*co<i<ti\un pnomm. rb«300 fell felting or* UtnwUh filled by fyp# of mof.riol and or ranged alpha b«r?catly. tb# torn* 300 l**i are ll«t«d In ofdef of ^r«i itfengfk «n lh» cordboard rhot* ITi lultd lr> bold fai. and copl'of lerrcn are on (he cborl nine w««vi or «u. VOCAL tp'» TM* [UUll TP# If (!*> Mhn> s Male VocaMiik *11 1P1* tint (CAk*IO> A1 Vim/ (CepT.....{4/1 )0 * Ai~mi4 re, fcett. ni 11)1 Or JOlfOM Hii e»j (WCr 15 1 >i J PA) aoonit OOIPIN MfTI (00«i... *k 0 rnopr caxnoh ai fmdaon pa#* ItWAHl OlOKDi CNAktei5 (CAfi.... AT CKAfllf) OVlATtir Mnl faicj..(*> HAT CMAtlU ItOKT reui C *m * <. W.-^ *».. <OMJ tlf WIJH M( {CAf^.,... 43l 11? Ce->«i-i«a w^k m. (Cep*,...,.... n» OT*^ M O*» / TwUr 4 OKpr t t u.«1?i 4J l>o«> ^9. 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(VfOSi,.,.. 31 INSTRUMENTAL LP't Mood and Oanra AiOVI THl SfAfti (ITCO). A"e'VA>i Wmiltmi le«k. (AIT fllpkant WAIK (0Ot., Mr-^4 ( ItNy) eio AANO IAIN (tomi OANCI AO AIM [IDNl... CHv-.'- V u>. U^" fl<-^ D^** Ar, Mf Mar (I-b*.T >ip..(ml..(! ) Ill...141,.(141 > TOi THl NIPO MINMO (*CA ^» B* tlrw» (' H*!,. < Merio \**rpi <14 ii M4- PtANO (KAPPJ ti4m Pi<r i T» (*{* » l\ POP! eoumoup (ecal '4 l#«l.1 V.* (CeT).-...(l*l I (V-^/Wl (111 7t SPAIN (I0K1, : ij'm.w.<43 w >* fan«v...,.fm» IK- ii.lrrm* (MOMJ..C>5>...(TV (1 i THl «reippib (i 14? A tvylnojn' 141 At I <0Ol) (V* e woetifo MINO (C4e).(< 1? Werl* (O^K -mi JQ»S UiMr'-tkp V-v-wdicp&J, J>-, r X**!. (V looli CANO AT PJ'S fltpl I (7U 7? - * OMI*. ifrkm (CeO *1 74 A1* 1LMB\ (VflVTI Mftmt MANN AT r»4t VtUAM 0ATT (ATll,. «t (t to.-...,.,....-,10i Ov* lc»rr...,.,117 T 0»A «*»!., >r) 4*» 5 r fain n Al.UAtr Ml (3 SHOW MUSIC Orlalnol Cotl W (%%, ja A 'T TM«e Hitmm»d mm t4«wm, «««K«' M Un~4 U MVtiMf IMO. TrrU* (VCA) PW, MM [Cen*...,. (Ift 41 M, r«b 1^1, MA IrrWfl. (CA^I. iewal MmW (CpJI,.(li 30 VP#i» W. (C*A» Sound TracV W HA aa (PCAl «II 00 tmomj O I. tu*4 (ICAl..., louta OeOMI AftlMC HUH (W0) fwt, «WA TAdfN (PC*)..., WiO Mm t'mv <CWT (IT 3#......(Ml 41 «P *».,1M......(IT) <td» 140 u 3 MmJg Tram MudtoU. Rfmi and TV IJM r«<ar««. VaJ, I WW (»C4),... 9HQW toat (COl) C7> ' Ol f4i It.103 WAIK ON txt wru> ijut (OCOeiOl., -, WrH (VA)..1DJ COMEDY LP'i 'JTTON-OOWM NINO OH fv (W4 13 M0 YOU IVIBT f*ca) i AMltft IfefJutJ., fp MOMI MA11I* UlAKJ IT O? ICWtlJ) 41 MAO TWIITI HOCK 'W* ROU (*IO topj.,.,111 M37 MCOKUl OP NVMOC. MtPC1..,.«.Ill #»!««. mf tmwrmm iri 10 BILLBOARD MUSIC WtEK SEPTtMBCR 22, Jtj, LATE SPOTLIGHTS ALBUMS Pop Tin: B1C»AM -S RACK IN loun f>oe sscprrntnu < owmaml RS *57 M4 CtHVh litbl b, TiochYr tor kli Comaiio.t Ur*[ in ih^i ^.TncJ3»i Wj t»nj trcalracni o( a flock of The eiw fciiurn (rurnpcl tur lliv; ScVTlimen. arnl Ihc fiufdncify, fftllunr, gwipi* full nkjod it a thr.jjjnr ItMdlin^ tipen. caw. Ijtc Scvcrintcn't fun the jmnic in (hn of<, ciujbr,. on JJ-rnrw.. tape : which - - ctr.atii # oil (he fiytokchr^ nyfokch-;-. ni th»ih p0!in\1 And K40J. "Love far S.ik~ "When Votr la>»et Ji Gone," "St. LouU niixt" end Tooc Binkrn>- DJC (oji (facvt. ' OM" nk\r fehci^siov iton l^ntond And hh OtL. Caaimind RS 1142 Sll amut ifranyinj *nd oscr-*ll ntinicijnthip on Ihii lj*. Mtfcy lb band h kd hy drvmmcr Don I^awMid and hit wock «r^ liruifict it exceptional- A! ihc ftjfufcd dtunvm 3* «HOTtptl wry nicety inlo Ihc fibrk of ihe trrjncontrt, nuk'nt lor torne inj hi^hlf InttnaMc lony MjioIa. AI KhnV. ihx- Sevenotc)) ni>j f'hd flic tonic of lh< un'oitii, The tci h pcrfcclly jozotaos U trcrea ritlcfunj wrtfi niirvelout td*jnd aad l<>rkbl x**. tpcjlct iweep. K lxt Kwhitt- Till I ihj Ilcjr hroni Mt' 1 McAn J I «*»nl IJamcc' arc lon-flieht ''!t A tracvt. "'* 1 thai SwtAS** jrj POP SINGLE KAV STKVr.NS NIGIII AT Tlfl. MOVJi.s ll^wcrj. ns "> (2:l'9> SATVRIMY EMI) (2:42» > r 'Aheli ihc Arih" h.n Ku pooj onet f^rc. The f»r\( i> comiffll tlor)' or Ihc Ud *ho I CHI hii rhi in (he rio»>, thow. The tecomi it A [ilk lunc done in (hfco OUartrt iixne m uhkh Skieni bikha'i line hgnwr nnd tihcj 1/ 1<>flgue. hfrrmrj 7IdJI NIGHT CLUB Joanie, Greg, Si Balanced Bill Orne Nornun *t olfcnnf a lilpje-dhk-njjy la ngu ciauooi kilo h:» r/cccemto ni^he >fv>i Jn ffoltptoixi with a bjl thji fcaltirci Jomu'C Srviimcn (Warner Urot.J. Uick lirc^ory ivfc iip). And Si Zcnincr (I rhcrlyj. The revjll It a welj-fuon^d, tolid evening of cn{rrtainn;cn( (Kj(*t piying off. I'crt and rof.ihed /ivamc SciiTiHirra. difptayui^ a Vrls dww. inajithjp (hat K-Lc* her JOirtli. contcnaniu lirtn hold of the aiadierve front HAM (o fmidi. Acconipaftjit ennio Stack Ukci ovff ihc keyboard (o x*c the SJ Zcnioer band for her tonp Jlcr InbrxprriaikKi of Tonny Veknlinc- U convinclne. Other wiotma AdcctHMii rtir!i*dc -Got A Lrt of Uscfie to Do" anj Hlue* m the Nicjii." hhc rjuc^ bef dul uoec*, and even ^vi run Through ol her rcpti (-Ihlni YounfT Jinpk, Dick C-retoryT devatuthg qurpw. fired Dl the crowd with Tjiach^rtc-gvn apred, IrCfH butldm^ ong (ir.md of applaute on lop of BrK«hej. Hit tohiedy milrrul. itovcn froai ihc Wnibf* threadi of I be ferth'i ikia! vnretf. lot toujiicj in ihc ffetbrii bfirul ol lopxal bumor ajiw Will Koperv Ibe s«zxtxxrxt band, the IuyI CoMl-borh bmj (a ftib the ftjtwnal car uacc Stan Kcnion, clkkt with the crowd wiih m efcan aound, Selccikxit tueh «% -Movin* On." ' VpUi rkxitmao, "Moon Clow." AnktJcAn n-.--» Patrol, ARiooi olheri.... re pcylormcd»-idi a emtmctt and rauticiaathrp atnent from the wene wciitf for ornu - a tpefl - Zeoiocr dnpfayi aq cny manncf the xiwj^rt. vw. w»th Ibe cuiromcr* And e^i-iblidirt a Aarm rclatioovhip 5torn the OArt. Ifc i< < ukk to pluj h'* Uhcrty di.lt, boi (he eommefcid h litir-comcd»o thai no 00c caq rctcol U. LKK /.IlltO CONCERT Nat Cole's Royal Gifts M k4*( there atc oo quciiiom tbotit the Muip In "S.rhn tnd Sowrdt. ihe new Nat King Cola revw: vhich la«week opntej the final Uanu ol a km* Bt>J aucceiuul wanxi at ihe JXHW-Kakf Ifrerco Orornc] Thc-kr In rrbfnlngham. Mm. L b f.* he Ti B. r<ud **y i» full of irifd aoi inn mutlc -I. Mr. Cok W jnit / Fcodm* Hoet»nd aod Kolf," I'm tin*," <0 rume "The only Ar>tcJ* few Shte." of And thg neady 40 oufnben Um**! Up the Kkt U a wpp* p oop CAlled Ihc Merry ^ ount Soulx, (6 yovnt ntcn prxl women, and full pit orchett/j Bupneoicd a few of ihc Kior'i own Mar playcr?- Tbere thcrit etvi. for, h ihc '!* jrt? 1*0 hour* lhbt ol ' ai inhmsie nad nw«affrceatpk Cole Uiaq a ibow Any. at anyone coujj Rtk. The light part h the vounj people who uny. do ijmpic dinee movtmenu *nj»cl out brtt frmn Western mexney* or popular luncv Bui Uve light Ji aim Cole, who *\ti0 nod pijr* bi a r/uly yiftcd. ahtoihrrg snd HondcifuU* caay ityle, Much o4 (be fime h«tilt aercneljr on tiage iioclnj 4 Id icmi. fixqul %onf% ir> hii quick ollile way end ft u<n\\ at (bouch ih«*ii,f*ncc couu go on like (hi, fojcxor. 10 comprlllng it fall mahcry. ondj Biaddcnry. wlrfi a gltoi of a wklctl grin he wfeoopi into coniedv. Il b aomctintci diffituft to h<3f hit big biti itkh M Mooa Uu" it Ihe audience t?fe*a\4 ia ckjif:h at (ha ffnt Lby 01 ' linb it^f Henry, kiiow who " hilcl,c aho *i directed. 10*rthci by hunwrout tct( wnlten, 7 hc 1. l [ nru<r h cerebration of 25 ywi in ahow butlnctt Rod 1 i, Iik ccvnplekjv profmlxiat hii experietw diwrmlob in his perfect nianner. Mage unique r»«>co^ tn bs mojcmy, I boi who hod U hard (o choio brtuccn Nat KLna CoW the pla'oht and NKC Ihe aingrr wfll have no problem. They''* both here In qujlity aod quaurhy. CAMKRON IHAYAR

11 a BILLBOARD MUSK WEEK SEPTEMBER <2 Benny Moscow MEW ON THE TOP IP'S Coitllmied from page ( Mercury in WEEKLY MARKET ANALYSIS Set Out Soon 124. lohnnr Jojnl«err ahcry... w I47D Sonmsu, WlWf OlV*. Exec Shifts NEW YORK A mid-septem ALWAYS Conimiffd ber release has been set by Victor Rnbsrt C^ulot-, VOO Colpmbii... CL IW lor the disk, taped-on-ioca NEW PIANO th towm.. - CHICAGO Mercury N»ro, RCA VlelQr LPM 238J this week announced a don alb uni ahowcaglng "Benny 140. SOUTH PACIFIC.,. c.xccutit Between Season or No, Miami OK Goodman in Moscow," uccocding i^kind Track, RCA Vclot LOC 1032 It now Ml AMI September is a daw rccord-busencsl to pop p.&r, chief George Avakiam manlb in Miiitii, since It ii" between iunmier-vacaliod Rights lo the package, which will STEREO EddM^ Muccoj hoi joined 0,= and winter-vacation _ al sources told BMW be in the manufacturer's naijonally aflcr an. absence of five that businc&a la botfi «"pretty good" cur- adverliscd list price category of 39. tjanci ACA1N.. Mascari has been installed ia rcnoy. with vliime. $9.98 (mono) and $11.98 (stereo), SP Mfivjnrfo SX0I5 Rol fx Lomfen former post as genera! numager of Bobby cjiart-climbcr Is getting were acquired by Victor from 45. I LtFT MY HIART IN 3AH the label's publishbg activities, and Goodmans Fark Recording Com- FRANCISCO... dircclor cl copywriemg and liccnasolid Miami action, triggered in part by the arrival on the pany. ll*«undersfoad Paxfe has been Tcxiy flaw I*. Collrtibfa CS 856? log. local radio scene of deejay Alan Freed, who has b«n Rivrng guaranlced a eizable album sale by 50. WB. the novdty lots ol tpins in his new slot at WQAM, AnoCher Viclar. ftde" Wlll'^ira. PIANO. Kapa.. K5 32W To fill the posl vacated by Don has named Lau aiogte doing well in Miami, reportedly. Is "One Good Reason," a Steve AJQiino waxine for Checker. Alnlmo, aged by Cover for the package will por- dinaior of Imported Henry Stone, is somcihing of a local Mioml d has & fray Goodman standing before lha NSV/S REV/fW who has been with fouowing among both resident and tramlcnt omon-jpired Si. Basils Cathedral for the past year, Mioml is a aotc of "West BerJin" Lo Cuba, and in Moscow's Red Square. Avakinn, there arc now somelbine like 200,000 former and other who accompanied Goodi Jozzmen as Seen will review and research foreign tapes for the Mercury, Philip!, Foo- Latin Americans in the Greater Miami a they're by-invitation Culturul _ a mu-sic-minded population segment, most patriatcs Agreement Junket to major By Whit Balliett tana end Smnsh labels. lie will also be Involved ia the markeiing and face a lighl oconomic squeeze, and are "nroidy a cilik», has penned the fine alhuma and their liners. poiendal than actual market for rccordfi," as one Miami Included In the album arc ID new NEW YORK Whiiney Balliett, dijtribu} The or nui ii. band arfangemcdts and seven staff writer for The New Yorker, 's diffcient in two other rccorj-bdslness areas; original compositions which were hos a new book, "DinOsaura In the usual colorful and coouoverm and radio, Latin-flavored avoted tunb are getting a good comralmsonea by Gcxjdman for the Morning," that cootaios 41 short sisl Style nod should appeal to all Cuban expatriates In the cily's juke bokcs, boxes, and there Iron Curtoin tour, along wilh three sfcctcbm, mostly of jazz musicians, jazz funs whelher or not they o Miami radio aiatkins a nraficaiimiina progrqnixning hcavilv heavily for Lft'in Goodman siamjarili and the band s which originally appeared In the agree wilh lhc author's basic prcindicalions lead Miami record sale* executives to themes. magaane from 1957 through miae and should be a lino item for The pieces ore bright, vivid and display and sola in jozt record s expflfriafe popubtion Is absorbed in the locnl highly imaginative explorations of boom in Latin wax could follow, the iat scene and its cast of Dinosaurs la (be Morning, weli-known onc-sioppor, who heads Smilh- F. & T. to Europe Each of the pieces By Wbftncy Baniett, 224 cm gave BMW this enlightening Ihumboall of U Ballictt's theory that pagw, Lippeocoft, the rkei: "Miami has become a good markel, NEW YORK Fcminlc and valid ]wz criticism is JACK MAHER anu is newest area cf a railuoa population. But Teieber left Monday (17) for a.. somo sort of running its a kind of Nbrlhem-Soulhcrn city. In Bingles, it two-week concert lo\ir of the Eu- on lhc music* ccasless behaves like a Southern market, with the basic (rend either ropean conlinenl The piano team value..." very country or very much r^b. In the album field, it behavrs will piny in Italy, Germany, France The book contains pieces on BILLBOARD like a Nocthem tnerkct, with the samo kind of merchandise- and England, wilh radio and TV Thefooious Monk, Red Allen, Joe moving that would go wxll m Philadelphia or Boston." alfowa lined up along the way. The Thomas, lohntiy ; Hodges. BUlie MUSIC WEEK Though racks have never mado it big in lie Miami tcrritoiy. visit to Europe i5 the first for the Holiday and Colcman Hawkins lo Pimllihoi hfershaw, a major Northern rack operator based m 'Albany. mention a few. Writing b in Bol-, PuWIitiTnj ComMOv- N. Y n Is attempting & sales beachhead. Mcrshaw moved into the St,. GntkuMti 14, Ohl» south Florida area three monthi ago, and has opened up several -Abigail," by Embers, arc also among the brisk new coolocations. Local record sources arc watching the McrshaW lenders here. Publisher operation closely. B. C4«V.,.,..Naw YO<K Orn<«Editorial Of I lea Dea/ers Wnworrierf Over Minny Dip flrofcawiy- fuia Njw Vo'V 34, N. Y, Pitt Turns to Chubby Flip Side M1NNEAPOUS Twin Cities sales hove slowed down a ^jm PITTSBURGH Will Chubby Checker's next dance smash bit. after a splendid summor, bui lhc trade h«e isn't parllcularly Robort W *aaa«'4<444 Awwi RolO"W.....-Minlc Now* Mjlw; be the "popcye" or the "limbci"? So fat, most arkcla have worried about it. "It happena every year/' one source said. Clu/IM ifrfn iald.....xpirt Maohln Ed3tw gone for Lhc "Popcyc" side of the Twist king's 1 st Partway 'The kids go hack lo school and we have a hit of a slump. 1 fl*n Sinclair.Rjdto-TV PrCiri^nlnj Cd. JaeU Orovalf.-.,..-..-Mffehaplwitii EdUw coupling, but the Steel City i» turning Chubby a r, flccording gucsa it lakes th«n awhile to readjust to Bchool life. Thcyll Utk On MahB* Inlamational «w» CoPf E«tBr. to latest reports. be hack in a week or two, or when a really strong record TJmbo Rock," Checker's vocal version of the inslnunealat NSrhoIa* Wm. J. EdlTOr. Clr^liviitl hit by iho Champa, and flip of "Fopeye," ia- trmkinfi the firadfl Discounhilft j be a factor in local business and Ik BlrO.., -Kidwl 6eil«n here with "every station fn Pittsburgh and surrounding areas" LP $2,79 Up, A new Target Store is the klral Mlldisd Zhifa KaM..,Wc4T Coait WashlnBtiirt tdilw. Holiy*«^ fiuraau getting on the aide, according to one local source. discount outlet picture, with more chain On the deejay front, Neil Mclfyre has moved fcere to KQV in the near future. Shoppers is one of AndrawTiwkO. C. tjoonan M<T. PooOiutl from \VHK in Cleveland nnd nil r^>ort6 Indicslc he's grabbing of the audience. Meanwhile, anolhcr example of the Among the fast ctunbera ia liw area among singles arc Cenprtt Advertising Oftlca ccninliy music in urban areas has developed here. The Hyhmd'a "Warmed Over Kisses," 'Torture." by Chris Jen Brood*'*,'. idr> country show on WYRB cech Sunday is getting a sen on Hickory, "Don't Co Near the Indiana." by R«Allen PL«>< Maw 7-2BOO Vwk 36. N. Y. healthy share of attention. and Chubby Checker^ "Popcyc" side. Pal Boone's Ten Lonely Andrai' A new exposure medium for pop disk talent has developed Guys" was selling well at retail, but Jute box ops arc shying frank Csida...Dir^lor cl Salsa Wch«rd LupcJoo.PfOmariDn Mar. & 1"". here with the opeoiag of the Zanzibar Club in Ihe downtown away from It because of its length. Ops were also lesponaibla R. McCli&kftv,,, Wllico,.Wsil..Mldvmrt Cooil MWC MusjC Sol S» «ia area. The dob was opened two weeks ago on the site of the for boosting the Jawn Hickory aldn jind Blimulalina radio Coin Machine Advertising old Copa. once operated by Lenny Lltiman. The new layout is action on it ib6 helob tun by Tim Tormc, well-known former one-slop operator On the c.aw. side, Webb Picrcc's "Cow Town, Hank Rlchnr<( Wilson CoJn Madilna M. Mgr. and now personal manager and business nssoclale of disk jockey Snow's latcsl ami Ibe naw Kitty Wells side were all recording Porky Cbodwlck. The Coastcra, lhc Conloun* ami Areiba Frank- solid sales. A focal record that wrj B ctt ' a S *clion dround ClrcnfaHon Sjles lin have been among the opeoiag acli featured at the club. I own, especially from jute ba* ops, was Tolkn oa Iho Piano," The Debonairs, who've been appearing at the Peppermint West here, have a locally active disk with "Hully L>, Qn, n by Woody Soiensoa on the Gold Wing label C, J, I5t>4 O'Connor Bmodwoy. N«w Clrculallon VOrk 36. M«n<tar * V/DDY Radio here has insrituted no unusual formal. Tho Subtfrfptlon Fumitmcnl ; Incorporating the rbythrns of the "hully gully" and the slaiion broaden:;!s 18 hours a day of talk, all news, with the Send Form 3579 to Continental'' "For All We Know," by the Flomingoa and onlv music cominc durinfi commercials. to»«dh 2160 Pata,.,.-, PaTienon St H Ondnnatl 14. MoniBir Wa European Oflco MoiUovani Illness Ailhwr <14 Ro^ir,...Dlnctor Cunon CRoivamr SWffl', LowfQn 7496 W> I DISK JOCKEYS Puts Off U. S. Tour Branch Offices LONDON Mantovnul baa Chlcaflc.. There'll Never Be called off hb proposed American, CEnlral I^W, 6-S0I5 Randolph St. four due lo Blort September 26. HcAhwsi HOUpwMd 76. I5JD Ncrth Oawcr A Dull AfomenH... Thfc Briiish maesfro enlcrcd the st, hospital Sunday (9) for a serious CHKtrwl 1, or.*-* sr. Internal operation and docs rot.. with BlllBOARD MUSIC WEEK W«hl<19r«-> txpecf lo work; a gala for several NAUonal 5, G St.. N. W. moutlis. gbla AT YOUR FINGERTIPS vttx Addrm; NEWYORK Before hospltauzfltlon Manlovoal QUill r«q"»it or4»r toi complclcd recording of an album BIIIZOARO MUSIC WEEK. 2l«PotliriDn SliBif, mlnnatl 22. Ohio for Drilish Dccca with Mario del no Katn pubho In olh*r Riw,. rurclea Caii«a. eauntrtrt Md bd raauovt. Europe. Each Now Woakly Isiua PIcom inltr my lubterlprion Id BlllBOARD MU WEEK for Monaco, TTTPrBUrK gnaut^dm rtuata.oi w a gives you fresh, a I YEM tl3 3 YEARS 3M f n Q PnymMt <hkioi*< Q 3 EXTRA [hum fur cc Bill ma lolir Mantavanl Is under codtract for 3Ci t*" martrial thollt AW»'llihKrlpile«S ro»»1 ar«for U, S Can i and Eurspa. American tours for five years. The EOPWBI. u wall wmkbs, SaraniMPMa Put»]U}«iS VOUP Olhir mln on rmjg 744 pdstponcd full commitment, was to run through Decc -. s, c(iin»u paid a! Cln- Bun*! calrr ird at etuc". aotfl- _ BE THE FIRST Cfwwpftny be added to the present KSSKJ! His plans to visit Jflpon next v.xe?i YPadlBf fia DI^DoaUUr ra^duoi ot.pwjuo To Introdueo "tomorrowv i (BMW, August d) will go CjmaJai J, 1 g&szi aaaoi: w.p'sj ao«hlf hinet Todnyl j Addmu Montavini plans to bo CUy., Zoni Stall again Irx llitce mooths, but lor mnalp mlp odi M- ss Subscrlbv Now >-1 Typ* of Boitnn.Till*. bo able to tour for so PaUMaon a^, r 19 longer. V9L 74

12 \ - V; A-V,.. \.i f 11 mm [?ip w B/W THE ELEPHANT'S TANGO P/v,^- y-.y?' «ml- i>a #S5499 % N Thanks to all D.J.'e for your support and confidence in mak- ing Si Zentner and his orchestra America's favorite hand. a jutjiftorye/ Avuel Bhabmict Corp.

13 '. * a "v :y'-. / : :-> {: jvv^i O. 1 " BOB NEWHART gq W/WS M67 THE BUTTON-DOWN MI & yitt NEWHARTS S" IS m m and everywhere they're buying Newhart! Newhart! Newhart! Sales to you. fella! ftrhthu-nik umv BOB: NEI^HART X a tiu vo IP wsx rlnlllllll K4lri»illl S1F W K 11 -m ( 4 im Mateiiale

14 THE NATION'S TOP TUNES HCmOR ROV OF RIT'J' niade MAJljC REG. FOU WEK IKOINO SfPTEMBEd 32 TkU L*U Wwk ir.ti. Tma» d) i mw 0 2 SHEIIi The Honor Roll of Hlls comprises tho natron's lop tunes according to record solos and disfc [ockoy perfofpnances as determined by Billboard MubIc Week's weekly nationwide surveys. Ck^Jkl'r.fjiblUfcir H. OiudlD Piibihliaj b* (ASCAP) R) Tommy Roo mwirtiftd by E»yM-Nll«Hm»MD 4 RAHBLIH' WK By Jo* SbcrreBifNoc] Shofmur TiWIihe^ W CUmef <AS CLAPj 6 6RttH OHIOMS Sy iodm-ciap^flr-sielibcti-iictkm Publiilinl b> Bl (BMT) 0 7 KDUGE1MI By iuk LowEs Pablblictl by <ASCAP) 17 UTS UHCE 0 «y c«piiblujkrd by Rondcll A Shcnn-tl-l>eVo[*o» fbt 1 ") 010 MICHES By Bany Mam-L*rr>' Koltef PobUlhed by Aldoa CBNQ> 5 IHE'S m YOU By Pomut-SfoHcr-Lolbcr PublEihed by tnikr IfiMF) 13 YOU BU0X0 ID ME Bf V, Klrtl'R. ai«*lrt-c. PrkO PuWbbea bp Rld4<W>y CBMI) 3 loeo-hotioh / Owmrt-Klrt» Pobllu^a by AUXta CBMll ^ 14 YOU BUT «TO THE PUNCH " ' Dr W. Robinwn-R. Wfcfla-PubUibf J by JobaU CBW1> IS AllEY CAT By Bjofi^PubluhcJ b? Mcti>rp>B IBMIJ ff BINKY DINK fi» OwnvsV-Wlnlay PuMlilieiJ by Are-Coilcc IP MI) Howna MAJH By. PiclicH-L. CaplHi PubUififd by Oarpi" {BMI> IM WO A HAMMER. _ Seoier-Hny» Pv(btl«h<d by Ludlow (BMC) 8 YOU MHT WWW HE By C. (.VBlkor-e. Arnold PoblitEiod by HOI a EUagj (BMl) 70 VEKUS IN BLUE JUHS By Gi«nlli!ltKcllef PublUlird by AUoa (Bhllt 21 BEECHtfOOD fly aiye-s^v^nickjbrtf.-fublwiiril by /Db«i» (AMI; ffctij 4 o«h JEHO Ifi THE PlliOW YOU URIAH OH fly lunl. Locfcllfl P Locfclla Publabcd by Ponr Star (BMC) (20) 9 BREARIHG UP IJ a HARD TO DO J Sadat,A<Jrc«nrJcT«t Publlibptf by \\0ce [BMl)" 0 1) - RAIH RAW 00 AWAY fly q. ShjynfN. Jtcyiicy-^DbJIibcil by Bcaent ID MI) 022 ASWlHGir UFAUK Ftsn R a orapfcrt PublShed by BooiajpI! Sftva THREADS AND OOlDffl HEBMIJ By Dick Bevroldx-firt BOnoltb-Iafl: RhoJrt-Pubtl RhoJrt Pubtlibtd by C^nCial Soo,. WOHBESfOt DfiHH.. Bi N. hlirr»tlrt-c. ^ MJnball PiiWbhcd by TravU-RHienbDWi fbmi) <25)29 HE 70 ME By M. Sli>g1ct(m-B. Xientou-P^hllyhEd by flri 0*» IbMjV 26 YOUR H05f 1$ 60KW 6R0W By J. Iloota-U. ssnna fthfla Publlibfid by WsfAvEQi (BMl) WHAT KINO OF 10Vf U THIS By Joboitf Wadi Piibllabnd hy PUr.c«4 ry-u l^j, Qn fascapi' i REHEKBER YOU Py Mercrr-ScbdiEliieM ruhl^d by P^pmapni (ASCAPj RECORDINGS AVAIIABLI (Sail lildnt lufrd Ultt* ll Utd F.c) I. SHKRRE Tb«PiOf VM Jar 2579; lank Rmi, Twin Sill IWI. 1. SMHLA Tumt Ror. AtC-Fmr*- aiobic lolp, I. RAMVLVN* ROSS N.I Kin Colt. CapUoi (H4 Ray OtiaHt, T-b Hit 24 U 4. orefin" otnorw-eoobh t. a Oa MO'Ji smc 117 1H» 1>owabco. TVEtl Hlti 5. IKE^ AOS UKIIr- Mfci, Notati, I»Pct(>] 5»M. C. LEra DANCE CbtU Maaln, WS, T. PATCHES Dkfcay Lto, Imxih Tenr Dfl Oo, T#Jfi Mik , SHE'S NOT S'Olf Elrii Pmfay. RCA V^etvT Mil. P. VOV tlono TO MK Tfc» y"-., c*ta Hilt. LOCO-MOIIO.V LKIkExa, Plwrai la. ItM. II. VOXJ "EAT ME TO THE PUNCH Mary TTdk, Matiw* iwt 11. AIA-KV CAT Jet PAric P Afco «H Coilmil*, Tirb Bin JJ. ncnky THNK Din (TUby) Corfcz, CICH 111*. 14. MONSTER MAUI ISoMy CBarb) rkh«an! IM C»TP» KW»»rt, CaifM U. IT I HAD A HAVIMEIt P clrr. Pul 4 M«ry. yrmrmrt Brat, SiHl Jiolt Ruu. T^la HIU «. VOC 0QNT KNOW ME-Bw CkirW, A»c-p«ri-t-.l I0HJ- II. VENUS CUMoa, IN Are BI-CIE Uti; 7P,«N9 Homy KTt FRmlai, T*io Hid 202i. tl. BEFCHWiVin Tanla 5rt6Ji-rilt Mprt'lrtfrt, II. «F.SI> ME THE PnXOTV TOU DREAM ON J«baaj TOlotwa, C-«ktitw Kile Vm, 1414 c Cbel A<cry. Twfa 1#. BREAKING UF 18 HARD TO DO N-K Shelley Fabatti, RCA Cotpli Vtdo* 545. Wt\ JU BAIN, RAIN CO AWaV bby T%l«VfHkn, HOa Epfc MJt. P532) OkI Artry IT. A (IVINCIN* HAPAItl Billy Va.itio, Do I ' 13. fltlveh TRREADf AND GOUJEN NEEDLES Sprbu1lriar ( PbDIya 4M,U, -if 14. HONDEftFUT. DREAM ( ikim U. LIE TO ME Iroofc BtnEa*. Mtrc-rr 7M2*. J<. VOITR WOSI 1.4 GONNA GROW Jonnoy CranfaM, Del ri 4181; Drbblc Pclcrt, Twin Hits JolL 17, vniar KIND OF LOVE 11 THIS Jpti Dm A tba fifetuten. nnitelig 4438) Chot Avcry. Twin Hlu U, I HEMEMfltR TOU tvenk uida. Vre Jxj 4S7. It. DO VOU LDVK *IE Th. Co"- rowrt, Cardr IWSj Billy Wi.fc, Twin HJifl 7<12S. J4. SUKBlN' HAVARI Bcrii Bvts. Capital (jj) 00 MB I0VE HE By Berry CmOy Jr. PuWIyhcd by Jalmio remfi < )- SURFIH' SAFARI By Wilton-Low Pub)tabrU by OultJ (DMI> J 1-11 ". K, ON^P by RULL BlUEmard OP Miuic HITS- Weik >» * Uie of al L»i may noi end be rbo mtdt ll.lbu wjcb- 9 l oai BUibOBPti Mune Wtck cvnicnl Rcqumte for iudi cae»eni tmhild bo aobiqltied la rrritioe " *4 pabirinio of BlUbatnl hfusle weal; at I5&4 llrmtfvoy. Nc Tork S5, K. V. 12 BILLBOARD MUSIC W EK SEPTEMBER 22, 1942 Sweden First Nation to Ratify Int'l Treaty on Copyrights WASH1NOTON Sweden h the The moat coatroversial aspect of Cnt country to mllfy tho Neigbbor- lhe Rome Convention vm a lau»» ing High la Convention which given oopvrifiht proicctlon lo lecordiqas, entiuing record companies to exact pertonbaac«& and hroadcabio royalty from broadcaslcir who aired among memben, the Stale Depart- their record#, with the money to ment has Infonncd the Copyright be split between manufacluref and Office. The Convention on Neigh- arlistf. However, (my cation can boring Rights, held In Home in October waa attended by excmpl Itself from this particultr delegates of. 4Q nations. Eighteen reaponsibillly while adhering to tht signed the Bneeoicnl of mutnal pro- rest of the iccaly terms. lection, in Lhe manner of the Unlvcnal Copyright Convcolion, In Even with this jafeguardlng exemption. the U. S. ii heohant about which each Rdhcrcnt ftunrarleea cflmmlltlng llself to lhe perfornvothot the same copyright protection na it gives to ila own aatiotiftja. aacc proiccdon agieeraenl vtithoul long, bard study of all the aspects The United Slates did not alrq of copyright protection, however iho Roma documont during too limited, for performance and relime span allowed for oiibinal fllfi- cordinga and broadcasts- In nny natories- However, if the Inlema- case, the U. S. Copyright law would lionkl trend is strong eooufth to- have to be amended to provide the ward rnulunl proicction for, per- kind of protection that would beformanca rights, it la believed thel come reciprocal under tha Rom* U. S. copyright industries and gov- convention. ernment will unravel contract com- The treaty would in no way ofplexes sufficiently to join in the feet domestic recording? and pecprotection pool evcctuiuly. iomimicei, Disk Firms Doubt Retail Value Conlmiud from page 4 the f ccn-si an led disks to Sccburg Ihnt way. 1 don't see tho records to rill io officials of that listn. Lost bs a relail item at alt until some- April, hi private rneerings held body cames up with a low-cogc 33 here, Seeburg officiala first gave player. And ao far, I haven't seen notice of thelf plan for * 50-cenl OGC." Liltlo LP play in their n&w (inn of See lilth Appeal juka boxes. At the (ime, they gave Spokesmen for both Columbia credit to Cadence for orlgmatlng pnd Decci noted that the record the of record and Its Utle. now hns little retail appeal. Neither Aflcr considering the concept bs compboy has any plans for retail a retail entity, most diakcra called sales of the disk. Jack Loelz, Colost wak were pcsstmislic. There lumbin'i nadonal aaies chief noied: were recollections of various exper- "We have nlwayi co-op crated, from iments with new ebneepta La disks, way back, with the Seeburg people such as RCA Vlctor'a compact 33- nnd we tried niarfccling 33 oinglea. epced singles, Colarabk's stereo 33, W«8131 fed that 33 will aomeday inircnluccd some lima before, and bs the univp.rsal speed, bul Wb others. In none of these cases, did were probably a little ahead of tho the disks In. question make a aeri- game when wc first alnrted pushoui dent ia the marketing picture. ing lhat speed." Fault, in most cases, was laid at The Hide LP'i introduced lost the doorstep of Mr. Average Rec- year by Cadence ind Mercury ord Dealer, whose problems of in- carried a list ol Si,6?. TKf disvenlory were already cqmpounded tributor price was 81 cents with by tho occomity of stocking both dealers paying about $1.01. In tho stereo and monaural versions of the case of the new record for Seegame LP titles. burg, it's understood the company Larry Newton of ABC-Parn- is paying about 90 cents a record mount, said, "Wb ace it Btriclly as a praniqtkju far oiu - for giveaway to operators with tho olburub. In thnt purchaie of one ol the new coin li^ht T think U'» flteat. And we phonographs. Later, ops are exgive great ciedil to Sceborg for pected to pay about $1.50 a recthe idea. Thai's a fine outfit, hc- ord. licve me-" Current orders from Seeburg. for At London, which la making the kick-off portion of the progfam. available both London aod Monu- call for approxifnately 1,500 copies monl disk? for the Seeburg pro- of each of the- 163 Ullej. Quev grora. Joe Bolt noted, "We feel it tioos of royalty payments arrhngehas good promouoq potenual for mcnls foe disk? for this.special mar- LP's nnd we hope it works du( ket- fire Kadcmlc at the present quantity level. However, aome Iradcstcis posed the question us lo how this might be handled when Columbia Denies and if quflatitie«on a Little LP Cohvmtfd from past 4 might become substantipj. iot agrees not to sell to other Some felt, that diskerica might reecid clubs or sell, direct la con- well feel tha' such records would aumers tiself. come under the category of promotion disks, wlule olben saw a Roy ally Agrecuients standard royally arfangement ob- Contracts' royaltfifermments al- taining. lit aoy evcol, there is no legedly excluded royally from secret About the fact lhal record bonus oc "free" records sent to companies in general see the disk club membcra; arlisls gcncrftlly as -of primarily jcornotion value, were to be paid only half Iho with profit at a -riiiniroum al ihn customary rate of royalty from 9Cl-ceDt price lag. club product Colurnbia denies that deulers selling over the counter and in com- Celler Bill petition for' consumer -snles must Continued /torn page 4 pay bigher prices Ihao club members for LFs manufactured by cpan of 56 yean, which would Columbia nnd oihcr club labels, ft bring this cfhinlry more into haralso denies allegations lhal prices mony wllh copyright laws of other lifted in club ad» to members show coontrics. higher Lhan actual selling prices, go Another bill intrnduced by Rcthat manbcis do not gel claimed prcscntalivb Celler to penalize lavlngs. Finally. Columbia says it counterfeiting of record labels has Is not (ha only record club ecking been passed by the House, bul has the labels of olhcr compelllhvy rec- rot yet heen reported out of lhe ord campaniw. Senate Judiciary CommiUce.

15 D D 0 o o u rfi #55488 NIC K * rut tu»b>d}anr CFAVKtrr attcifivhic* cowr. NOBLE S^lfcS'' K4 w*» y":.. V m «r-" mmm -; r-t: ^ CHICAGO BREAKOUT: OVER 30,000 SOLD

16 14 fljllboard MUSIC WEEK SEPTEMBER 72, 1962 Flatt and Scruggs Set for New TV-er r iptcfil nmr HHII infill 9/22 MADISON, Tenn. Country frru, ium4r,umt i wwai* Till Ljui ir mcrrf for wi it rfrlhf f/h Wuli h enicriamers Lcjlcr Flait one! Earl ^ fc rrnfc iim. Annr. mtt i howiew Scruggs will he heard on a new program which premieres on the DEVIl WWAH. Mirfy Mm Manilla 4248B t 0 3 yap BUI HF IB THE PUHOI, Wini Welts, Hptown.lWJ 4 CBS-TV netwwlc Wednesday. September 26. They will play the ma- WOifEHON H0WIAIH, ffiirfi Ting, tgfymbei 4Z «HN ODONS, BwRer 7 & ll» MQX SliX sical portion of the main lille Ihcmo in the flrei o( Iho "Bovcr- lh MKIW mm EYBtfTHIHD, Jim Sami, KA Vrdcf ly Hillbillies" BBfies, starring Buddy 4 mar. Fctr Sewnl. Vu hi «6 3 Ebsea. Paul Hcnning created the Blory 7UHA UH A SOW, BUI Aa^Mi, Dftto and wxotc (he lyrics for the theme. 0 2 WCTHOm LHie Fa. Dinnslon JODO S "The Ballad od Jed Clam pott," UU.KE HP. IHOWEEK, Burl [««, CMai T Perry Boikin. musical director, 0 U M \0P LOTC «E. CoMflurr, Cordf 7005 J wiij nlao composo and play special show music durinb the nm of tha 1 A imu KEANfiWE. EdJr Arnold. BCA Vkh» Bcries, The Flott and Scruggs group WtlUE m W EPQ. BUfy Willw. tofumtli (T) 9 JKEHi, Tonuivr Poe. AMPJiiniDunl toj7<j 6 will afco be heard on the musical porlions of the conunercials for IW THE WEDDIkG, Ells J«m^ Atge 5413 B Winston clgareta and Kellogg Corn 30 fo T5TB>J Pf A TOOL, Judy Linr, Unlltd Milt Flahcs. IF YOB DOXTUrtW I 1147 WKM1 TEU 7011, Flat! and Scruggs wdl play their «fiidifli Himllloo IV, Vlclcr TWIST JPOtIT, Wev fcolto* Wand first campus concert of the season Ocloher 6 al Oberlin College, Ober. (S) 7 ErtMMDlflirf HtEwrt W-grti, Hlcbry 1170, lin, Ohio. They will also headline o (T) 8 H8TT LIEHTi, ClaufiM Gark, aabcellw Mortha While package ahov.' at 29 UTU IBVIHO TOU, Edtfy Arrnld, KA Vldcf S048 8 Panama City, Fla,, September 27; (jo) 10 SKCHWMD Harvfllelfei, lamia S4D65 6 Pcilchard, Ala., Septcmbar 28, and Dothao, Alar, Scprembcr } 11 TH! twebwk, Firon ftung, Cdplfol <754 IS 0!9 luhblw' MS. Kar Kldfl Cak Caplrtl 4B04 3 n m BEER EVEIIWBaE, KinV Sacs, RCA Wrtor 80ZZ Slu Phillips HECW, SOMEWAY, Kanalettes. Tiralj (u) 17 snn> B THE P1U.0W T0U 0REAH DH, JDlirnf Tillolsoa, C^ihici (u) 21 IIN«DlkX. Daa <Babr) Corlw. (hin Leaves Colpix SBfttfl, Loretti lyniu bscu NEW YORK Stu Phillips has (jl) 18 YIFU) HOT M TBVriTlflll, aiwf^ Blwd. DuIb 35? 5 exited his post oa n.&r, chief for WILL WW LAWVE* TAIK TO 60D, Kltly VMi, Dkci Cofpix Records. He had 6 HE W KE, BrcDl; fleiilor. Hoitary 7ZG74 3 the label for two and a half ycare, ADI0S *MI», Jim ftevw. KA Vtof B0I9...IB inilially as a frec-iancc producer, later as an artist and finally ng HAIPFUL OF KEHDBia. BabY WaihlftBlO^ Sue B,&r. head.» SHAME BN HE, Bcbty Bits. PCI Vfckir Phillips' contract with the Hrrw (j?) 17 YOIJIL I05f k tm THIHC, flarhtra Lm Jimlo expired September 1 and it was»i0l Jby M««. ColumW* I understood he and Colpix were unable to arrive at mutually sarisfac- JO WRMC. Paby Cllm. Dttci SKfS liot TOO, Elvis Pr«la7. RCA Vklor tory contract renewal provisions, PhJlllpa said he cspects lo an- CPEI PTT HIKE. George hmi. Gnilad Arflrti 4i2 12 BILWIHS W IS H1RB fa OO." Hall WaVi. tlk Vdlor nounce his plans mvk 7HKAK OOLOER NEECLEI. Tpilnjlinlds, PfclUpi 4«38 5 (S) 7 7DU DON'T NKOW WE. ht Charier. WJC-PlMir.Qu-H Esmond Edwards 23)27 $AU7 WM A WW WP SHU KnX t«6fan, lllwdy PAlffiH, Olckay Lm, imiii Shifts to Argo CHICAGO Esmond Edwards.24) - I'H IKE BIBL tloh TfOLYHrOl HOUKIIIH, Jo Ann C«mpfcell r Einto 223.,., 1 (5) 15 SUNG II ON HOME TO KE, Sam Cooke, JJCA VTclor 8036,14 ha* been nnmed a$ director of Axgo's iazz opcratious. I'H LOOIIHU Hlffl AID LOW TUB MV Bill, Einert Tubb. Beta will be headquarteced in 23 TOO UH7 JUKE 1 KWI W THE (OVEN, la Oiddlny. Chackar but will record Bcsiom in New York and on the WcjiI IS SAVE IKE U5T BAICE Ml ME Buck OiUioi, tiplfol IMWH' TO* A MVE] ViMlfiM, Iir Edwards, was responsible for much of the strong selling lazz TWmFS SUK'IK TWH. Wlbam Bre^ Docca lerial ccleawd at Prestige Records, (») 24 MINT DF M ISTUM-Ceni WtOanieEi, lltaiff 554BD 2 where fie wa? \bzz o.&r, director STAID UP. Forlla Huikr. fipllfll 4779 " I for flvo years. While at 21 WJEJ ARE IB. aollby Vletan. Epic 950J :...ia he rccorcfed Gene Auimons, John 18 PBIOE WQ IffCEC A HU. Jim Cwvos. BCA Vldor «08D 3 Coltranc, Red Garland, Shirley Scott and Eddie (Lockjaw) DqvIs, HIDE 4 W SEEt Bunker Kill, Kali along with many other artists. 38) 2i SRPa mva OF THE Kiwr, Diyd Dudlsy. MIIm HUAT'i i HATTa IA f. Tin! Void, Uberly Four Star 25 IfiOIEN BEMr, RMIU. OW Twa First Album Recorded at Hall Conftnited from poge J opening New York olficcs for iu (*) 30 LfTJ iwf, Chrts Nwilac MOflDtnni On Sale as Pbilharmonic Opens music publishing firms indicaliog its interest in generating activity on NEW YORK The long-awaited (26) and the Pbilharmonic will lake its numerous copjiigha, oponidg here of Philharmonic Hall, over the hall again that evening It is believed that McCaH's re- ALBUM COVER OF THE WEEK the fiist building of Lhc Lincolo with four outstanding vlolioiata, fusal lo pennil the TV prodndion Center for the Performing Arts, will take place next Sunday (23), wilh four pianists end organist E. Power company to use Hid- Four Star the maueiiral concert featuring Big as soloists. Tht Cleveland name in the music realm has tem- Orchcalrn, led by Gcoijw Szcll, porarily blocked the film from comii«cahnipoaw. AI, rtiuhk PI w Leonard Bernstein, and the New win perform ontbursdfly (27) with ing up with a record label name or woro *»f» ibmui. MWJC York PhilhormonJc. Ifiano Stem as. violin.soloist. The It really wants. In view of this, it '9 To celebmte the occasion, Co- JuiDiard School of Music will have hw po.iiponcd final decision on IM lumbia Records is releasing the both an afternoon andevcoiog con- label name for" Bovend months. In first album recoided in Lhe hall cert on Friday (28), with the Juil- lhc meantime ib i&suing "its Dean 5*% snrndtancoualy wilh the hall's opening. The disk features Bera- Uard Siring Quartet featured in the Jones disk under flic Liberty banstein conducting Brahms' "Symearly event and the Juillfard Or- ner. phony No. 2 and conies the tide. cheslni In tha LatlertTIic Sound of Lincoln. Center." Duo_ plnnisls Gold and Fizdalc V. H. Anderson fp The remainder of lhc firsl week's will give a matinee concert on program fealurea some of tin; na- Saturday (29), and the Metro- ConrhiUgd from page 5 Ifbn's top classical talent. The Bos- politan Opera As&ociatioo latea for constmcilve work are now open Inn Symphony will make its initial over on bolh Saturday and Sun- to trt." MILHAUDi MONDE Uml&n t.l CREATION aympbany Oiebc&irft DU CAL TJADRn PtAV3 TWE CON- appcaronco on Monday, September day evenings wilh lhc American In New York, Shapiro extended '(MllnOlJ, Ji a a»*i fiiiqcitm HCA VkJat cover U> vslih 3635, n wrfklna TOTTORART AND nilazll-wvcm MUSIC V'B470. OF WEMCO 24, under the leadership of Its new preraieie of -de Falla's caotnta, A irrtt- music dlrector, Erich Leinsdorf, "Athnlida." Bernsteb with the his pcrrsonal congralulalion!. lo Anderson, adding, "I know Andy will TcjtrDdnccion of a wtomb dcslm fro Jni cdvot dml^n In hot colon 08 rru, tcd *>r (1 Fcrnnad *»* orulnnll/ Leuer for ptrfoimed iha oranso and ptok od a 'Nhlio bockjiround, with John Erowniug the piano Philharmonic give their final It, cre^ed by flltao Hampion. Tbo Jnckol salaisl On Tuesday (25), Van Cli- o^jening week concert on Sunday give us good leadership in tha oibdge, 1S3. 11 aro*. h In black Mvia and color* wbho, of *t1d rruow. pilj pomb/j (ho mood of ihe oibdra. bum will bo (he soloist with the altcmoon (30). an clucauona! promany projects wc have ahead and I expect to work doaely with him rcejick dtipliy (icjo for dimlcal recap Pfbro vtiisilaj realcrlal lor iclritaa* and cnacbic, Pliiladelphia Orchestrn conducted gracn for youog people. on many of these." by Eugene Ormondy. The first solo recitals la Philcfaiu. Tfta LP wdl b«avsunblo (a dealaa Noah Grccnherg and the New harmosv'c Hall 1 Shapiro is expected to maintain wttl be given by a close liaison with the Waihingfa dole, Ociobcr. Hevicw will appenr»i lairr York Pro Musica will give a lato Pianist Jose Iturbi on Tuesday and ton accoc, particularly with the Bllernooa concert on Wednesday Friday, October 2 and 5. Fc^eriii Trade CommissiOD. M

17 Bobbys j hj I'W ^mjjd first single on From the Ross Hunter color production, IF A MAN 'ANSWERS (a Universal-lolerDalional Picture), co-slaniiig Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee,f omes the title fune of the year. Words and music by Bobby Darin, Single record *4837. DEALERS, ONE-STOPS & RACK-JOBBERSs contact your Capitol sales rep NOW for details on 3 sensational sales program for Bobby's first bit on Capitol, IF A MAN ANSWERS A TRUE TRUE LOVE c ilc\i Trnrlrwi ««M4r«A.ii«ir^» r ""rm7tt7h?hrrn!^ nr Mi.

18 16 BILLBOARD MUS[C WEEK SERTCMBER ARGENTINA 2i DANCtN' PARTY Oiubby f R UKE I DO Nuwry ftumn Chodcor (ColumhbJ Hill A (Sapdarl Ton Mnb> JAPAN 4-» FOLLOW Tfch fgrartor I. a Esnlm a h fmw) Pad si 9 BPSEDY OOK7ALB5 FrMtay fhca) Ffiljrfu* THAT DREAM Elrli W» V 24 SOME PEOPLE Cifol Dtena Pit Bsopi (Loadoti) Mgltd (Cowfeay UUdnrtr. T»kj.) 1 PALOMA Rnbcrto QtiOU Huasl (Phlllpi): y»t«cc&s); 19 SOME (l«mv>- uei PEOPLE Moik (EP> 10 to ROSSS Mnzjilr ARE REO-Sobby Vintoa mi L t kkyj ohd«> ft AS Racocft Cofp, Week Weak Sola 1 LOVE YOU Jeannk Padnrri (Cuadlan-Amerlcaa) Maouf-aorcn *Valula Maunialq ami lha (CoiomUi} E Line I 1 DUSHO XioiiBia HUM ft 7 THE CURB SmlUy WC1J»mi AodirictM CronWlict KOra Eaalea CPyE> Eue* Bloile and 2 RtTMO Kjcmpftii ArhlCANO Ben CTclftfpO Erfjml Ella Multe inn OF THE WORLD Flertlib lelilmn (Cohimbla) CobunUa fmom> MaracO 23 WHAT NOW MY LOVE 3» BUKGACHA-BUSai CiulLrM 5*i"xn? {CoIumMaV-ColcmV' T ft 1 KNOW Bobby Dyn* Prododa RyltQ (Ckmeo) 5 KINO (Vicior) AUaa-FemAu OP CtOWNS NvU SoiUl* Sblrley fi A STEEL C.l/TfAH AND A Blt-SfcVn Busey (CotmbJa) I 3 WAKAI 24 ADIOS AMIGO Km *«HONO KONG Ken^i FUIAPJ Kllabara (ColumW.) OlKuobJi ft 10 WAa-WATUSl Tta OtW OLrtS? f\'iclof>?p3nla*fcrni»(a OF WiNE-taUl Ankfc <RCA> 141 Music TfcSi La* I 4 4 YOG Bit NO BLUE 1 ) ft JUST <Ca«a0 Pnva TELL HER frcdueta JIM A AID 3 WJONIOirr ill/ira Brandy IN MOSCOW II VACATION Connlo Praneli Wwk Waat / 'Itlifb.ra YuJIra (TeWtlku) HELLO Sri. Tyler Musle-Kavel I'l'Daodbe} (MOM)-MeiOA Music 7 AL Dt LA tom LEaj and Dm TikWku Pfllpbu^ Itpcprd Preilor Ospomkra (RCA). Fabafixa Eeboct (Plaomift) f I AKASWYA NO AHEOA 10 BVEFY NIGHT Piul Ark* ft TEENAGE IDOL Rkk NelMm YAMLTOn MUhUa (RCA) PfllpfaU B«Oi4 Cofp. < CO Loi AN Mureello DO CALIENTA Ferlil {m<ta{oio: EL SOL DENMARK (Impcilil) Sadnto fnophcrd (Foiytot) Orara- Tony VDir tc&sj) S-m Sui (Coirtesr Quaa MaaDiWrna. Copeahaiea) 9 MY 9 BL Rorain CrOARRON-Pujo (MUJIC Haul Ediml Dtnnir* loenl orlik Btnaj-A.lJxiil BLUB HEAVEN 7h«tD«l ft S L1MBQ SOCK Tbe Cbimpi SPAIN Blttin HU U4<. NBVBR 10 NORMflN S«ic (robdw) Fenrat* W'Mk Wait Ltedi IN Se«c A loixjdn (CA) YBARS 7 t BOUND ItoodmO Kiu» DOO-eiili Prufcr icwlny, DUcounla) (HI rta ry-tdna d Tuomi^ion 5 SPEEDY QONZALBS Pat Boooa 3 ft PEEDV CONEALEa-?if Boou a 7 midnioftt D'ktM) View in moscow Tbfe D^aW feral atfefe t EC FOEXA LLORO Loi iu: > K a ni L 1 CANT (Dor) Itnudlca STOP t.ovtno YOU 4 flnra (Dot) not YoC-Rl»li rredv/ Kenny Ball (Pye) CoWibU Wret u* Waek 7 MUCnpUCATION Bobby Ftruidoi WhieonV K«II Ray Oiacla (A9C-Par>aiountK- (RCA VkSor) ft Id NANCOCU NO VORU luckla I 1 PERDONALHl Dua Scandla-AruIf Ko»» 2 AL DI LA-Oliopwtn ud bla SbkrtpU (TokUks) TekhDai; (VM Abu) Dlnimlc* I»«rln fcbsy Adartj (AlcoJ; Lo* ifi^k SaW.Jc. 2 UAWAXI TATTOO Tbf IbOitb cpmbo (DOfDo^di liuhar* YulUb (TeWtao) 3 I A FtrrTiJU WblklUI {P»le(ie> WlnckToc 5 EVERY NIGHT Taul Anfca TklcbQu OLASS STEEL OP OUTTAR WINS Fiul AMD A Aaki 3 TOY BALLOONS Jorjn (RCA Vldgr) Ift 14 DAIOAKU Ijuppaan (MHlonDrac) Saedtn LIBERTY VALANCE 0<b» Morly* HlfDoebl KAZOEUTA (Columbia) 1 I LDVB (RCA) MB WARM AND AUSTRALIA Kuilc Pllnav (UAl CDlumUa. * TENDER Pwl Auk* (RCA) 4 ft LOUTA TWIST Dbu DlramVn (Cooriny Mak flyduyl 7 GTPim' COMB LATELY Brian 30 VACATION Coanfe Tkli LMt Dn-yln fc>c»j Mkh nyland fahc-p4fb«chiqlj (MGU) Frtncts MEXICO. I 7 fct D'<«MAI Awo) roen *NT O Dbert Swede a Music icoajiery WrC Wrrk H» QUANTIO- QUANDO, QUANTH> 'DoalM Andhr^ilca. ianl MICW *Utko) ft S BALADA Rekadd (Vet DE LA Amo) TROMPHTA 1 SILVER THREADS AND P-l Doodo (Doi) B«llndi INDIA TWV OOLDEN Spilngrkldi NEEDLES TI^ ROSES ARE RED Bobby VJoioa Havlcai (Phillpij Boniff A ft I'M (Calumbda) Tmndlro LOOKING OUT THE ' (Co 4 y Tbi VtVe, C«ie«la> W-rk Laal W Oek T I CANT LOi 3 l^riun (PtalUpe) Tkk 1 1 \'BN QUB TB GUIBRO Ray Ourtra OTUP rau^aimr) LOVmo YOU I J EOSES ARE RED Bobby VlfllOn WlNDOW-aiK PJchnrd Moatk Loa Lnpala (Uii«in Mitque* ft HIS LATEST FLAMB Blria S ft CUXTAR (Ononcty Lrr^ ( Ca fu aibls) mu J co I OUTTAK TAh'OO Tbt Jtoado^a 2 EL TANCO TbB Sbado^ 9 TANP-E MIT MIR IN OBN (CoTumble.) (Columbia) Pkam N1JX» 'Sooora Sap la err* 9 4 LINDA Prtrioy UUCHACHTTA Cowitft (RCA) * J I (Cahimbio) MOROEN' Gortaid Wendliaif 1 UTtLE MKS LONELY nekft 3 1 Ob's (Hey Th«e> 'H. Oazmao REMEMBER YOU 'Frank (PWKjn) rrandfto Hupiro (CoiumWa) (ColOubUV BrunM* M DANCE f rmclj ON (Hapit-cj) UTTLB GIRL 5 2 TUB Ifltld YOUNO (Columbia) OianMlli 10 ENOLISJI COUNTRY GARDEN J flecqnn HAND LOVB Cetmh 4 BL GRAN TOMAS N0fm»n> Paul Anka (TUlpararJ Richard ICnlumblal Allaiis DNES-Cllff Jimmte Wlnrtkr H^ditu (Koukdc) Fran eh (MOM) MifU (RCA) SramblU 4 FIX NEVER DANCE AOAIN flobhr 3 J VAQAR RvfteD. (HMV) Jxrhr ENTRE Soil* (Columblo) Emml BOMDRAS» 34 ROUTE PJJdlB (CapllOlJ 66 TircME N«iwa J IRQUiLLA TWIST Tha Ch, ft 4 JOHNNY (London) mh Oel Aapcry> 'Anfidlca EL ENOJON Maria fjobnoy 7 S DEVIL WOMAN ton? Robbliu EIRE 6 I'LL SEH YOU IN MY DREAMS Pat (Cbioo^> AcuINRwo (Coorirty Trmana t'inreiii Dublb) Bo<mo (T^rrdoo) 7 ft CAMZN'O (Mductj Pcndln* DB LA NOCHP. 59.? 31 SHE SURFDJ* IL A Tmioiy SAFARI Tbi Sv«j (Fn1l<al) Tbli Laii 7 Lars TWIST AGAIN Onbbj flo>a (CflflluiD Jsyndi Weel: Week ttreeket (London) ft TRIANGULO 'L&i Jdio A. Jlmescr (RCA) Exnml J K, 7C, 10 RAilBUN'BOSB Kat (Capital) Kfor Colo 1 SPEEDY CONZALES-Pat Boone 8 SLOPPY JOB Midurl HQL {RCA) Orami Latin American (lutntaa) Krlib rie\*tt (Parliphau) 9 BL PfCADOR -Miftuol A. Mcjia II VACATION Conalo Ft«co I 1 RHUBMBHR YOU frant 9 OONT CRY UN MY SHOULDER U 3Z SBE'S (MCMI-Albeni JlWd (ColnniUa) VJdo.i. Connie FrtOCJl (MOM) EDL CRCA>-Cempe( NOT YOU EIra Psult* 7 ROSES ARB RED Bobby Yimou 10.VNDCRIRNA PRBTA Nil Colo Anadka, EDI (Srcady Marifl E<Idy> (Minan) Tunes Get Warm (RCA) (Colucblai Lffdt (Cnpltnl) SrembU* After maoy years of local iocfilfcrence to ihu Latin American iqb- (WBmer SUNSET Bra*.) Mian* STETF-McL Hcnle 3 THINGS Hobby Bunau Dwto ftenoon) NOHWAY tcriaj recorded by tubsldlaiy labels W 13 CALLIN' DR. CASfiY JQlin SHCS NOT YOU-FtvJs Pre Cry ISRAEL (Cowtuy Vcrftui Gaaj) brrc, b change may be in Um wind IS 4 A LcwdonnBk TATXE OP trca) AcuH-new CRCA) RtJUny Mu^fc Deaorn local Oil*la HONEY Maitta 9 GUITAR TANOO Hid Sliadowj (t^orlwr D«m»y (Ubtrlyj riaan-gh 4 PICTORB (Columbia;! MBII lw,lrt KM brad kh*l BiOaftevina) orifta X 1 SPEEDY GONZALHS P* BOOTH wub reports tbat RCA lnuacbcd tho OF YDIT Joe BiO^a Tbk Laie (DolJ JxmnUro Modte Macs, the Namrro Slsfcr^ (Plcadniy) Mbhael Relne Week Wptfc 3 1 ROSS3 ARE RED Bobby Vinlon Antonio Pride, Los 4 Uel Cmlwre, BRITAIN ft ADTDS AMIGO-Jh, b CC t 1 2 HERB COMES THAT FEELING (ColumhU) MoUtt-Kunrt etc. Hispavo*. has talten the Musio (RCA) 142 Mnalc Brand* l«c {London) 1 ADIOS AMfGO Km Kmtu (Cotitlety JV»»r Mulnl Eipreu, T.ondn*) 3 FOLLOW THAT DREAM (BP) Lid^ltan Melody Presr (RCA) Ball Moon itcraea Moll material and lauoched Los ThH Iju "PiiFjiti laal orkta Eleli Prealey (RCA>-11 2 J TKINU9 Bobby DarEa Atco> 4 I REMEMBER YOU Fraeic ShqIos. Philips mes Argentinian WctA Weak HALLAD SarQlo Row AcUtnl BMl UifSd {CoJumbla) Columbia uiatcriai to prouidla Loa DP PALADIN DJOK 3 1 I CANT STOP LOVING YOU 9 KO Jack OL. DUiey NO V1N. NO ffth VOrlfty DRAM Trte Sitiimericwoa In Europe. 1 1 SHE'S [RCA> Rwny NOT YOU El,tg Music Pmley Eddy (RCAJ-Otwn-lch Ray AcuU-Hou Chiriu (ABC-Pax*mount) Mmfa And most of the Spanish labels I THINGS Bobby Darin (Allxrrici are trying to release Latin Amari- 1 1 I Frsni REMEMBER iflclfl (Coluaibto) YOU I S A STEEL GUITAR A GLASS OF 3 CKsppcfl FLEMISH BELGIUM WINE Paul Spnaka-Lso Melody' Anka (RCA) ft CATFRINA Puny Bdlrda CoulO (RCA) enn sion, Pica * THINUS Babfey Budon Darin (Londoa) Two ICuwVsr Jgk«Bar Muoclpei 3 9 ttxtle fdiss LOVELY EsU Moon Ivmoo We would Ray that the personal SHE'S NOT Vl>U Elrl, pndoy appcaranco cf the big North 4 2 ROSE5 ARC RED Till Works Helen Sbtplici (Columbia) (RCA) Bellrda Arncrican start in Spain force higfi J S SEALED Rdonfo WITH Carroll A (Phillpi> Leeds Wwt Am Lorai MuiIc-IIbc) McJady P/<3» KJSS- 1 I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU ft 7 VACATION COQDla Fraacli T I CANT Ray Char STOP In fkimtell) FjU LOVING YOU prices on night clubs, lbs imprc- Brlan flykad (KMVl R»» Cbaiiej (ABC-PAfsraounlJ (SfGM) Mem* Morfo Moon Irrnca aarios didn't make money with raij 5 8 BREAKING ShelUoo Miulc Aepir^Roto 7 4 SUMMEHTIME tbo PrDlhoa to 10 OUTTAR TANGO St.Oc-j Anka, for instance, and they prefer UK IS HARD TO 1 SPEEDY OONZALES-Pat Boooe «JO BREAKING Four (ColumhlrV^CbappcIU {CoiumhU) Bem M -ric UP fs HARD TO 10 3 ZWEI XLEIKB ITAlJPNEH to bring Latin 4^mcrican lalcnt for, 1 9 IFLL DO-NO)! HE ME "Clift Scd,^. (BCA> Aldja (Doi) Qcn. Rthard J A SIB EL OUTTAK AND A DD-N«I SetlaLa (RCA) Cmmy Frabnro fcolumbti) Ic&a money but longer deals. 8 ft CUTTaS (OnJurrbla) Al^rbftch olasa OF WTNB Knnl Anka 9 e STAV "Either Alton MtBb RrMulaf [KD S-tiRn Mrak: 'I ANCD-»Slia4>.» 3 QUANDO, (RCA> Spank* OUANDO Pat Musln Rdono 10 SPEEDY. Inad) Sobir, OONZALBS LM, PERU Howard Scotl Leaves 3. SPEEDY r Music Q0N7ALE$ (Dot) Bens Pot Booito (London) 7 DO YOU WANT TO DANCE P*i Boooe tumjuq) Budi (ConrtMT W 14 DON'T THAT M^KMacntlodki OUt Riciud (Columbia! Muile Dtnoh* X* kcal BirMa, nricw liapa) For J WmIcj In Europe ran xmi BEAT ALL R. MfUto Week WM* Adam Fnllh (Kiriopbon) 10 GOOD LUCK CHARkf ITALY 1 I i-a OORDA Lro Uanta (Vtrcr) NEW YORK MGM album tl 30 ONCE Downbeat 2 3 MULAXA SAD ROSA Lot LlopB aar. cbiet Howard Scott left for UPON A DftBAM ft CATEHUNA Perry Como.(RCA) ICattriaty HWca e DUekL MHjnJ (VUffy) NiO Balrada (Oftcoo) Europn Friday (14) for a three- EU^ rufy (D-cval Ffljmulo ai» WuiID» DraolM (ooj orifln TBISTAK "Tba (Deccay vy Mask Toraidea MONEY Joey UUib (ft-cwlcne) Da tmft (he Stnp. TB1* Week ta«t 3 1 SB LuchO NOR ADOOADO Jotaiy (MAO) week touc of Spain, France and Waefc Parian (Smitli) EJdy England. The trip Is ofrcialiy IS IS PICK A BALE OF COTTON ROSES ARE RED Bobby Vlntoa 1 1 CUANDO CAtlEKTA EL SOL Matmei; (Otooa> Lucbo classed as being business Rnd Lonnle TK^cinu (PyB) (Cohimbi.) Buin Hum Kkujl (RCA); Mdrcellox Ranioe (MAG) pleasure. Some of the business Trill WILL Enwa I Music WHAT Mike S^IM "* ^ (Rcn&ci} Olobt VtOOLB-j^k Muric Hammer FetUl (DuriBrq); lini Db Umi 4 4 LID ADOS Fautio Papwll 1 2 ST (Prfmry) (Durioio) Rkanto Rodi occur In mr^tlngj with Nommii AT LONTAMA DA MT'S [ (Columbia) Buloato WvUna Newell of EMT, ork conductor ii _ Ballad {P"M'f]Oirc> ^c^nnem IXuna Eddy of paladin RIMASTA SOLA (Otoon) Manuel and Cyrill Omadd end (RCAj-GreeowJch HOLLAND "A- CelcrUxta (C3in> * J LIMBO ROCK EuJojIb Molina 15 W THR ftlusk LOCO-MOTlON-LitdD Ev* ICMWct Ptiif rvhowt, AeaentoorO 3 3 ST. TROPfcZ TWIST (Gdaoa) folk singer Martha Scblamine. 17 J2 I CANT (Lundna) Aldaa "Droolrs Ineal Oekhi Peppico fii Capri (Caxlirii) 6 7 LA CALLE 13 NRb Erirada. STOP lovlnq VOU Tib Last * < HENATO 'Mina (Icalrfhc) (Oftwo) Lucbo M.ctA. (MAG) R»y Acu/f-Rovi Cbetlr* (HMV) Week W*k 3 7 OGNI GIOPNO Piul Aoki 7 C LA CORONA PE HI MENTH 1 I CANT STOP LOVING YOU., (RCA) JDhnay Fartan (Smlcli}: y'gorta KNOW 18 PJ;M1NI5CING floddy Holly Rav Cbatki CAnC-Pnran.ouoO 6 3 ABAT-JOUR Henry WrlcM Liaibo Barxloe (MAG) W SHEILA Toaimy (Coral) KOf V«Roe JuR Music fntl. Mutia (GC>; Petola Cloik (Pye) 5 ft MERECUMBR NO. B Sotnik THE TERRITORY IHMV} 2 DO YOU WANT TO DANCE 7 B PfNNE FUCILE ED OCCHIALJ Senwieloo tse«no Radkrl; 70 1J SO Robert DO I-'Kenny McKlD am Rlchird (Colatnbla) ^ EAa.rto VUMHO (RCA) Vielur Dnraod (MAG) LONDON Warncr-Pathe, Ball (P/c) H*jtin 8 f B^TLYNE Nini Rojio (Sprint) «BL POETA LLORO Guitora British distributors of 'Tha ftlal.v Prirt TtTLB Maurfeb 3 HEJSSER SAKD/DRAPflXEND 7 9 IL FAUT SAVOIB Otkita (Hit! Mfireno <Sdnb RaiHo) Music Man" filni. came up TLIEMB ^AI«D Mfaa/Aontk? Groofuli - 44 Apurout (Bjiclay) 10 AMOR ETERNO Loi Klpui Let TOrifa Dwwi)- (PoIydor/rhflJitt) ITS SO EASY TO SURRENDER (OdcOaJ With an inlcreating sluol for LET V/ciorie TTIGBfi Murk 4 JANUS PAK ME NfeO BEN TiBiy WUiLtmt /Rcpriie) the movie's British premiere, bc LOVE^ Dcwkl, U 11 IA RACA74CA CDL WAOLIONB (Anudoj Nat Kloi Coie/Grotiv Sfatartna Fonenscn Berelut Mutlc 'Pino Donngs'^ (C'olumbb) PHILIPPINES Esploiteis discovered that in 25 (Csr'ibl) OIBOMU 3 CINNY COME LATELY LA VELA B1ANCA 42Ut>cit TUt Uut Harold Hill, a district of North V u Brian Itriaal (Aac-Paraniounii flreand O'dP) Week Week London, there was a hoys' band DQNT tmow MF- Paffmita SOGNO D'AMORR TWIST I 1 AL DI LA Emlllo PfriooU 2* 24 -jy 22 SPANISH EAKXCW thmvj-abaaacj, 6 MARCHJN' ALCiNO TLe Blue Popplnn Oi Capri (CirUch) (Warner Una.) M«raca and booked it as part of a Jlaunr 'uilkn fpy«> DJomcr-fa (Oeten) Ed, Clioian 1< 15 YIOLINO TZJGANO CaoDlfl- 1 Z E-.' OTHER WORDS Jan» specteculaf atuge tableaux, Proyraulvt Mnlii 1 QOOO LUCK CHARM Frta^ti (MGlf) Morgan K«pp> Marrcn Harold Hfll is, of course, the HITIi PtHley (RCAj BellntU U IRANI A QO-GO a > callin' dr, cassy jobn o. Centra! personality in the Otonlo Dibwr (Klcvtdl) Louriennllfc (HCAJ FDJjrlau Record.Corp, Meredith Wilhoo miuical M

19 MUSIC AS WRITTEN SHERMAN BROTTIERS JX) CORA SHOW -,. Joe and Noel Stennm, broliwr writing and mdi«pro^nclioa team and cleffcre of Kdl Cole'e curreac "RacBblin' Rom" emflsh. have been p&ctcd to do ttc new production numbsrs for OotZuun'i Copacabarui. ChaHJc Alberfinc wfl] work wllh the ShormanB on orebcbtiatioiis. 1 BRADFORD MUSIC IN ASCAP... Perry Bra<Iford Music has be-a accepted as or* ASCAP pubtishicg flira. Company, headed hy wriwr Perry Bradford, a caiafog of over SOO songs, including "Crazy Blues," "A TTiing Called iovc," "Yoa Can't K«p a Good Man Down" arul "You've Been a Good Old Wagon But You Done Broke Dow." Bradford, who has a long carwr in all aspeds of the muiio business, was n pjanwr in recording Mamie Smhh and Deasic Smith and Louis Axmstroog. SILVER AWARD FOR EVERLYS... NEW YORK - The British publicalion Disc magazine awarded» silver record lo the Evialy Bralhera for the»flle ot more than 250,000 copies of "Cathy's Clown" in Engfand. Boh Ctabb of Bridah Dccca made the presccualion on behalf of the mspazlne, Wednesday (12) ia Hollywood. Mew York Ben E. King off on a lour of the Caribbean September 14. The tour began in the Dominican Republic and winds up October 12 in Mexico City.... "Jazz Scenp USA." new TV series being produced by iiannie Baker, filmed a session with the Pbtncia Ncwborne Trio.... CenuonbaB Adderiey and group Dt the Jazz Workshop, San Francisco, to Scplcraber 23. Heopcoiag of the Knom ei the Bottom in the Village brings back the Wllbnr Dc Pnri* Dixie band and adds host ChrrTwio RoWnsoa.,., F r a b Sinatra playiog his ovkn Cul-Nevji Lodge, Ciystal Bay, Nev,.,. Irving FkWV end orfc playing the Latin Quarter.... Songwriter Alice Siraras in Europe for lallcs on baclcground music foe the forthcoming film "Mamy Watta," produced by and starring Marina Vlady,.,, Woody Herman comes bock lo the Mctropole September 21. Philips Records has signed Teroa Brewer to an cxcliulvo Tecordiog peou.,. Canfldian Broadcftsting will feature iwo hour-long TV spct^ storring Juck Jodcb Inter this month..., The Kanscma Jahcl has Gigued Al Drmning nnd aides by the Jad, "The Saioti" and "Heartbreak Hill" are dun soon.... John Lobuono, writer with Beasfey Smith of the Rrolhera Four "Land of ihe Midntgh: Sun," Js out on e promo lour of ihc Midwest,.,. Troubadour Productions has listed l number af forjheomine concert dates, Dave Hmhecb is whedulcd Cor a Donnely Memorial Theater show in Boston October 19,»od Slan Krsitcni will headlino al a concert b Town Hall here Oclober 23,,., The Talbot Epo<her«of Bermuda will give a series of performances at the StrollcTj Club here Scplember 24 Ihrcogh Oclober 4, The group «Bl?o playing u raft of privale clubs throughout the Metropolitan urea through December 2. Teen Beat, Piltshurgh publication pubjklied ond edited by Pete Taittbetlial, is covering the record scene in that area. The sheet is given away iree at SMpermarkcte and record hops nnd can be bought on subscription. The paper calera to teens, mitcb, end is supported by disk advertising. U also works doscly with local deejays. It also projects a Top 50 of the ntontfi. JACK MAUER Boston Nat Klog Cole reportedly has signed for SlOOjQOO lor four weeks at music lent theaters, including the Carousel here, He is on stage nearly two hours, sines nboui 50 wings popular, blues, spinluafs and Westerns. Colo is supponed by to boys and girii ifl n choral group known as the Merry Young Souls..,. If Tcusy Mart 11 is being paid what is said lo his asking price, hell draw down 512,500 for bi* week at Monlicclfo, Framinghnin. Septan her 20. The KInplMi Trio barely nosed out Johnny MatLts fur the biggest business at the Salifibury Beach Frolics,,,, Tlic big Frolics nitery paid Out more than 5175,000 for lalcnt this season, which closed September 2 with Paai Page, according to manager Denny Mulcahy.... PattTs husband. Charles O'Cunao. who helped direct the El*b Presley film, "Girls, Girls, Girls," says Ihe fans don't care Ebout the pkt, just want to hesr Presley sing. Arthur Godfrey will bring a complete siagtshciw to Blilist rub's ViliagQ Septcmbtr 29 for eight niehls. It's rumored bo may hclog ius horse.... Hildegarde.has been signed for Iho Stadcf Terrace Room for iwo weckj In December,,., The Music Hall, farracriy the Metropolitan Theater, will ndd livo talent tu its movie shows starting nexl week. A line of 14 girl dnnccre and lour chorus boys vill pexforra wirfi iwh> resident aingeri and visiting stars. DenLc Dartel will he tie firal CAMERON DE^VAR Hollywood Frank Sluittin Jr- is not scheduled to sing on records in fha foreseeable future, at least his father'a Reprise label does not plao to featura the lad as of cow. Reason: Dad tvania him to conccntrote on bis school work and forego the music business for awhile. He is Khcdulcd to do a TV walk-on, and has done some arranginfi Cfirlrer this summer on a Reprise single, but beyond that, pop says bookdarcin' Cornet first. liberty enles jnonoger, Don Bohaaao, Is nddiog 10 more LP'a to Ihe label's fatl program, and is extrndiog the sdrt drivfr to October 15. Peymenlt era lo oaedhfrd LostJLllinenfs, lunnlag from Novcrtibcr 10 Ihrouflb January KJugtio* TJiu, SEPTEMBER 22, BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK 17 Martla Denny anil' Keely Smith wju share the concert bill her? at the Shime Audilorium Scpfcmbec 22. BETTER LATE Jim Agolxfe, bf Pamela Records, produced the "Gorilla Hunt" master xmd Mild it lo Ihe, Oore label. It fealurei iho HARM Gives Alfcca, a Hollywood Jeeo group..., Chicago's Mosicupra, Tnc, will handle the Elektra labc1? according to terms of a contract Bigncd with the tabefi president. Joe HoJucbd..., Nelson Golf Awards Riddle will pen the score for Pamnounl's "Puris When It 5iztlesi" Riddle had done (he score For "Lolila.' 1 LER ZHTTO PHILADELPHIA Tropblct have been sent to winners or tbo Philadelphia golf loumamcut spoo^red by the National AMociation of Record Jot Mflrtlfl back on the bandsiand fil iht Shftraion Hotel's Merchandisers (NARM) at Ha Cafe Carcmr with the leoptning of Ihc room.., > Do-RcMe Miami convention last April. Trio relumed to the Embers Lounge aciosa the river al Peon- It had. first been planned lo di*- saukftn, K. J... EJ Cofiar, intkpctidedi record promotion mm, tribulc the Irophics at last weck'a has joined the sales staff of Spike'i Trophies, local trophy and NARM mid-year meeting In Chiptaquc dealer,., Pcp'j Musical Bar back ia the swira as the cago, but this idea was amended town's mnjor jazz room with Count Basle for the opeofng day Id vsew of Iho association's staled and following wilh Clartcj Mbtew.,.. Peter, Pnol and Mary policy of Tjusineas only" at lh«set for a November 9 concert date at Town Hull wilh Daa meenngj, Endo Corsctti, of Warn- Rosra promoter. MAUR1E H. ORODENKER bach Distributors, Harrisburg, announced the awards. Chicago Tbey went to; Class A low neh Hob Thompson, Columbia Recordi, Uagh Delias, Midwest sales manager of Grand Award and winner; Bui Trisitr, Pickwick In- Command, is ja town /ran Detroit lo protholo four new Com- tfiroallorul, runner-up. Claw A low mand albums wilh radio rtalloua and dealcra.,.. Locnl lad grobs: a first-place tic between OidcIc Lynn sigoe/i e perscnal management conlract with Chi- CorseUt and Trislcr. Claw B, low cago prodticex Jack Baribd. Lynn's first release on Barthel'e net: Red Schwartz, Vce Jay Rec- Oicny Lane Records is **111 Never Learn" and "Only by Your ords. Schwartz also WOO low grow Side." He ia now on» momotion tour heading toward Rich- Jo Qass B. raond, Memphis, Nashville, St. Louis, Detroit, Minneapolis end Schwartz, well known In the in- MDwaukcc. dustry as an athletic type, later regaled onlookers at a Miami Twin Italian tenor Don Caihil recently recorded b icsslon at parlor with bb antics of breaking Universal Recording studios for Dccora-Anmhora and opens this info Ihe act oo the floor at the week o( a new Chicago dub. AnnaodoY. Hell work as a duo June convention of ARMADA. with guttarlst Rfmo Blondl.,.«Playboy Club here glarls b new Infcnt Jinc-up on September 20 consisting of Clmn Hajwood, Bobby Snrgent, Sir Richaid Drake, [be P«my Apollnar Trio, Mt. Vernon Gets Doris Lec, Cawy ^indcrsoo, Kihl Paige and Fnmk Rand. The Oscar Ptlcrsoa Trio is current at the Locdoo Houte Oldtime Catalog and will be followed by the Gene Kropa Ouirtel featuring Charlie Veotura on October 9 for a thrce^iveefe Hint, Ray MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. Steveaa is on a p^, swing dial h taking him from Ac East Mount Varnou Music here hus ac- Coast through the Midwest and on to the West Coast. The quired the catalog of iha Jong de- "Ahab the Arab" mao iclums lo Nnshvillc Seplcmbcr 23. funct MusiCraft label. The Uusfcraft line, which n'm originally on Noshville Ihe market in ihc late 1940's, contains a number of colkdor's iieras Chtl Atfalns, Floyd Ornme* and Jim Roctps and Ihe Dloe by Artie Sliaw, Mel Tonne and Boys are back from a succciaful tour of Soutit America. Reeves the McUCDiM, Phil Brito and Olheri. was ia for only 24 hours before leaving roc a tour which will TLc Mount Vcraoa firm ia the pnd with a two-week engagcmctil al the Mini Club, La:S Vegas. result of the purchase of the for-... Sketlc* Davis topped bee successful self with a smash per- mer Treasure Records plant and iormance at the Coliseum, Houston, recently, where her current masters, earlier.this summer by a RCA Victor etching, "Something Precious," is No. 1 ou pop group codblstuib of Joha Seven no, and country charts. prcridcat; Paul. IlverC, vice-presi- Red Fnlcy cue two scssiona for Dccca at the Bradley Studio dent; Lou Caponc, natkraal sales here last week. Owco Bradley directed the sessions,... chief, and Sam Klein, field sales Patsy CHue bad recent Dccca sessions here, as did Goldle HUI, manngcr. Capone and Klein were Rub Bcckham, Roy Drusky, Billy Cremnier and Jimmy Martin. formerly with Jcmc ScUct'b Raxuel... Caaadinn thrush Pat llecvey Jebuts on RCA Victor wilh Trading Company. her first release for ihe label. "Mr. Hcartnchc" b/w "First Thing The Treasure and Muric raft Tomorrow." Masters hy Pat were purchased for RCA Victor mnlerial will be released along by Chet Atkins, who heard the samples via Ralph llnrdlog, of with new items On MVM, Fortuna ami Goosey Gander labels, AIL are BMI of Caoadu, budcet lines and the last-nomed ia New RCA Victor albums gctlrng much locul response are in the kiddie field. "Meet Junmy Elledfie"; "I Remember Hank. Wi lian»s," by Floyd Craratr, and "Twelve Sides of Loudcrrnilk," John D. Lond«rmiCt, Also gelling good response is a new Camdcu sicfgle by Balk, Micahnik Ijwlott WiDlajus, "Mama Pinch a Penny," c/w "Carpel Bagger." William penned both aidej.... Rex ADen va» nt the RCA Bring Back Twirl Victor Studios hero last week for Mercury waxlngs, elong with Qyde McPhtrttcr, and Jerry Kmnrdy and Ton end Jerry record DETROIT Harry Balk and for the Jab«l this week,...samny Salvn ami Kik len&m btb Irving MfcBluilk are reactivating utadded for Hickory sessions nt RCA Victor this week, the Twirl label. The polr, involved In independciit production of Itta WSM RedfoT Trudy Stnoipee reports that bigger ptans than with ertists such as Del Shannon, ever are getting under wqv for Ihc slalioa'a Upcoming Country Johnny and the Hurrlcznci and tha Music Fcoival so he held here November Jlra Reeves Drcara Girf$. arc splitting the exflinnails from Johancicsbnrg, South Africa, that he has been pre- ecutive cfaoxes at the diskcry. BaJk wnccd three gold records on bis South African loot for "Hell will handle a^r. Have to Go," "Adioa. AmJgo" and ihc RCA Victor LP, 4 t while Mxcahoilc 'Soiigs will be in charge of sales and proto Warm the Heart." motion. Tbcir firal dales fealure the Louis Burklry was home in Cuthric, Ky., last week after Young Sisters Binging "Casanova recent surgery In Nashville. He hopes lo return to bis Nasbvilks Crown," ami pqlti Jerome performrecord interests this week-... Jim Denny is back at his Ocdor- ing "Lonely Litdc Mansion," Tbo wood Publishing Company ond Jim Denny Artist Bureau offices firm also has completed negotiaafter recent BUrjieiy. PAT TWITTV tions for a building bcrc that will coouio a recording studio and ex- Pittsburgh ecutive office space. The Music Guild o Pittsburgh, headed by Foy Olmsted, launches its eighth season October 4 vdth Victor Borje aa tho aiti&ction. Other record names who will appear for Ibc Ouih! Hollywood NARA5 in, cjfhcr Soldiers Hnd Sailors Memarial Hall, Syria Mosque or Admits New Wembers Mt Lebanon Auditorium during the Reason include Tho Schipa, the Mod on Jazz Quartet, Fred Wurinp, Mscha EJxnan and irollywood Tbe National Jo«o flurbl, Academy of Recording Ares and Sciences, Los Angeles Chapter, hat Cee Cee Joy, local sonbstrcss, formerly under contract to Columbia, hna signed & long-lenn contract with Warner Bras. admlitcd the fonawinc to jts membership rank; Cormic Stevens, Rory Records. Miss Joy Is now a sophomore in the New York Guy. Chaiks SagJc. Ward Ktnney University School of Music,,.. Al Merllno is ihe currcnl Hobday House BtlraclioD, to be followed by Bobhy RyddL ano Frank Capp. These mcmbfits bavo been accepted in the activa Cl&ria Lynnt opened Tim Tormcy's new Zanzibar fformer- or voting oljissificflijon, Olhcn john 1v thd Com) cn Liberty Avenue on September 3, and was Ing as associate members foonfollowed ihcrc for WO weeki by the CouIodir and Aretha vobng) Include Fred Martin, Mik# FnmltUo. LEONARD MENDIOWITZ Maillund nnd Howard Fox..Mi

20 ta billboard I INTERIMATBOISIAL MUSIC WEEK NEWS REPORT HUSH HUSH STUFF British Decca Deal Granting Label Credit Philips Gets RCA Studio Seen as Breakthrough for Indie Producers In Madrid as Major Step By DON WEDGE Britain's most prolific Independent and Carried ihrough with the LONDON For the Grit time producer most of whose oidput, firm's pop ru&r. chief Dick Rowe By RAUL MATAS Airport Highway, only a few ntilei Brlliah Decca has pvcn a iull however, is in tha jozz field. Two and Lee Harlslone of London label credit to a Britiih Jadepcndrecords arc involved at this stage Records in tho United States. MADRID Pliilipa Records has from here, in the naar futurs. cni producer. In an unusual deal a pop single by Oeny Reno ami Many of the musical artists rep- acquired lha RCA studio nnd prcsa- Philips has also completed Cegawith Bunny Lewis, Dccca will nn idstruraental by Archie 5einple reseuted by Bunny Lewis' agency ing facilities here in a move to inliations with Sicmaos in Germany Issue on lls main label all masters which has nlrcody been issued In and managed bv him are expected crease its imporlaace in Spain. and will handle Polydoc, Coral and obtained from Lewis' new Gnn, the U. S- on Kapp. to turn op on the Ritz series. First Negoliations have been lop secret, Brunswick and DGG labels In Rjtz Records. Under a acpatafc Lewis is a man of many parts. release, a cover of "Venus 111 Bloc but it ia helievccf the terras wij] say Spain, Julio Sampedro will condtfll, Riiz will become ho Amcii- His early music career was in Jeans" on Sept ember 14, was by RCA will continue lo use the set-up tinuo 09 general rnaaager wilh Jo3«oan label dlslribulcd by Dccca's publishing, but he became head of Key Adams, male member of the for the preseur, and Philips will Mnria Qucro and Ricardo P. dd American subsidiary, London Rec- L>ecca'5 ciploltatloa uotil 1555, Avons trio which Lewis tnaaages take over Ihe large installalion on 1q Torre continuing as a Jcr. execa. Philips will also increase promoords Inc. when ho sec up hn arrfata' man- and which is currenuy vmder con- lion and distribudon of Mercury Most unusual aspect h that ageracnt lirm. Since then he has tract lo EMl-Columbin. The Mud- Sweden next November. They will and nffuiatcd lebcla, and ha jazz Buncy Lewis will bg able to offer branched out into publishing, his larks. who have been with Colum- stay in thai country for the whole lilies acquired through the Interftliraclive Icrms to other praducers maio interest being Ibc Tin Pan bia for four years, ore slated for monih..,. Palcito Records also disc organization. These include to supply xnoteriql far release in Alley firoup wllh Fred Jackson, no October Rilz release, discovered a new instrumcnlnl such American jftsz independents the Ritz scries. He inlends to aongwrilirg and Independent pro- ft was expected that ihc keystone group called The TIplops. Theif as Blue Noic, Riverside and Connegotiate with American independ- duction. With these activities, he of the deal would be Cratg Douglas, first recordings axe "Ducks" end tcmporaryents for product. He haa already has his own promotion services Lewis' most successful singing tal- T-U1C Snfly."... The No. 1 hit in set deals with Denis Preston which will be el the disposal of ent who has been record log for Italy: "Quacdo calicota e ftol" k Ritz Records. EMI (for Top Rank until that label seems to have a big chance here n founder and president of tho Breaking Ground was closed down this spring and too. A new recording has been Grarnophone Record Helitilcrs' As- Lewis feels thai hla new Dccca subsequcnlly on HMV), but Lewis added to the already long list by sociation has resigned over ARGENTINA deal mnrks. a breakthrough for says this will not necessarily be Digno Cor da. GRRA Bupport for Pye Records' Independent production in Britaio. so. For Borne lime he has been Will Tujh, who is bavijig a big scheme which offers a saving of 36 ccnls on ihe retail pricfe of its Prcslon has had his Lrmsdowne discussing an American contract for success with "Hey, hey" nnd "Lang $2.92 Golden Guinea LP line lo Jazz series Issued by EMT-Cdum- Douglas nnd if this matures it will was dc dag." Is by far the most bia with logo credit, but the Ritz obviously exclude Ritz releases by consurnera holding lokcna distrlbpopular Flemish artist at this mo- Brazil Disk Croup label is the Gr^l pop product to him. uicd by a chocolate firm (BMW, ment. All through September, No- September 15), Dealers opposing gel this. vember and most of December he ilio scheme have becoms more vola Buenos Aires It has, ho points out, all the TON, Sydney. His present conlrad will be on (he road, giving public cal, but otbrrs have bought spaca merits of an independent produclion with 2UE ends In abom w* weeks. performances every evening. That ia In consuroer media seeking custom- By RUBEN MACHADO but the very things that are hard However, his connact with TON why he is urnible (o participate, as era for Ihe tokens' redemption. Livaffe J783, Buenos Aim for a smaller firm to do maiui- allows him r» continue hi* disk most of ihc olhcr outatandlng A Brazilinn delegation, eoraposod facture and diiddbutc are taken Jockey shows on radio, Rogers said Flccaish artisla ace doing, al the TV Trade Talk of Henri Jess&n of Brazilian Odcon; care of. Whai is more, as Rilz is be- thai ihe TV show would have a program "Cansonissimn" With this In the High Court, September 5, Alberto Pitigllanb mesldent of the ing issued on the Decca label, there general appeal and would - not be program, Flemish TV is hoping to Acker Bilk secured a 14-day In- Braziliftn Record Coxnpony (Pfail- Is no problem of dlslribotor and aimed particularly al tcen-agera. rind the Pfemisb song that will dejunction resirainiag Central Record ijni, and tost ScatMi^ president of denier opposiiion to yet another,,. Nnnie Pa rain or, English Co- fend Belgium at the nexteurovision Dlstributota and one of the firm's R-OjE., was in Argcmiofl. for a new line, lumbia a.&r. munager with Ihc Soug Festival next year. All the dircclore, Doug Dcihdl, from sellfew hovus. That delegation was met Long Planned HM.I. group, a to lour Auslralin songs lo be presented are newcoming or dlstributiog certain of tha by Rieorda Taatilri l vlec-prraidcnl Tho ikld has been in the works as musical director for Ihe Helen eis and rone of thcra have yet been Bilk band's disks waxed in 1957, of the Argcnlino Society of Aulbora for many monlhs. It was ioitially Siiaplro show due to open in Syd- recorded. Bilk's coumri said lhat at (he timo and CompDsefs (SADAIQ), and set up with Decca group chainniui ney Ociobcr 12. Anothei" record that will be it was agreed thai not more than members of that irsfitutioo. They Sir Edward Lewis do relation "The Sound of Music,".which amuog (he Top 10 In the next few 99 records should be pressed withbegen negotialions for on agree- has had a successful IS-mootli run weeks is AnntVo Cronfoh's "Branont consent. ment to renew tho recording of labels will soon be moving into Ihc in Melbourne, is duo to open in dend zand." This record, coming "Venus In Bine Jeans" ia the worfcs by Argentine outhore fn A.R.C catalog, Sydney al ibe Tivoll Theaicr late from Holland, is fha Dulch Iranscenter of» tbrec-veraioq battle. Brazil, intcnuptcd for a long lime, Scniih, discussing the cojnpany's Sepicmber. The EJriJ. production InUoa of the German "Hcisscr EMI obtained the Jimmy Clanlon VIsJtora iramedidtc pinna, slated that Epic of the locally produced album hy Sand," by Minn, which figured for disk from Ace for Issue on Stotc- Gerard De La Chopelle, inter- mnterial, currently flhowing such Rnn VPDIs, slarring the Australian a long lime on the first place of the aide, 1 Decca issued Ibe song waxed nal ioual reprcsratotiyo of ASCAP, afrength and released here or* the soprano June Bronhffl, has been Germon hit parade. by Londoner Ray Adnois for Bunny Lewis' new Ritz aeries and Pye was ia Buenos Aires where ho was C.B.S. Coronet label, would hcncc- aclling over the past eight raonchj recorded JWaih JVyntcr with tha met hy Argentine publishers and fonh be given local label identifi- equal lo any overseas album. number. Ihc SAD Alt dfrccfors..,. There enrion. With.Philips taking over ihc Visttma fa much Bncicipatfoa for tho series He also said that A.JLC. wna Mercury catalog from Radio Cor- RCA Victor chief George Murek of concerts (bat the Modem Jazz now going into the focal recording Eoration October 27, It has now spent a week in London for talks Qoarift will perfcinn- They will markei with slrenglh and had re- cen announced by Radio Corpo- with Decca nnd the label's Euroopen September 20 at the Teafro cording schedules planned well ra lion ihe release of a new label pean reprebcnuitives.... Warner Opera. ahead. The current success of "A Gallcnn Del Corao cf Italy sched- Soyeral European records re- Moi Dc Payer," he said, was par- uled to hit Ihc ranrket September 6, EMI Buys Major Bros. Records head Mike Maltland was also in. With Interoationiil leased here nrc: "Anuune y bc- licularly pleasing. Radio 2UE ia the first city Ela- chiel Bobby Wtlss, he was having samc," writloa by Adrlano Okfi- A. & r. producer S*«b Liback, tion In Sydney to present a regular Stake in Theater talks with Dccca and EMI cxcca tanf, published by Ettomi; "Espe- also Just beck from U.S.A.. has onc-houf counliy and western ladio ranza'" and "II capello," published comnienced nuditionmg and is re- prograni, Conducting (hp show is By DON WEDGE before the Warner labcl'a European by Korn; "Smi iontsqa da me," ported to havo found sevtral artists. slaff announcer Gooff Mnrahnll. News Edflor, New Musical Eiq>r«5 distributor meeting in Amsterdam. Pye gcncrnl rnnnager Loulv Bcnfrom Del Prete, published by He is already preparing malcrial,., Festival Is rush releasing ibe la a revolutionary move, Elcclric jamln was leaving for New York Fortial mo, and "Lb regazza col for theni to record and hopes to American Dccca version Of the and Musical Induslrlcs Nvhoss disk Sepicmber 13 On a planned twomaglionc," "Danieta," "Ud preml- have the first smglg ready for re- chart item 'Till Death Do Uj interests arc the biggeat La the week visit... loycfl White, of rr nmour" (Euxcivision 1962 prize) lease early in Oclnber. Part" by Biib Braun, "At the mo- world hiis bought b major stake EMI Records' educational division, and "Ecaalo.'' published by Fcr- Diata. Troda News ment the disk is receiving extensive in a London theater, tho Princess. has been transferred lo the firm's air play via Irapoc'c aides.,,, It will be used for staging niu- Italian associate, La Vocc del Viking Records of New Zealand closed the Sydney office and now M.L has made aoolhcr single ric&la (os often in [he past,,. cur- Padrone, Milan.... Pye's Nordeal. Hit? time wilh the Mcoogram rently It houses "Gmdemcn Prefer wegfan iin^z Ray Adams waa in cootfucta «business from the label, Ihn number "Let's Dance" Blondes") with the first being London cutting sides for Laurie Wellington, New Zealand, office. by Chris Monfez for release on "How to Succeed in Business,, Records, which had some U. S. suc- Distributors have been appointed in all States of Australia and ore London. Also, from Ihc Swedish due (o open March 28. EMI has a cess wuh Adanis' "Violetla." Metronome company. Bod Fabric's 50 per cent intorcst in a company hacdung all labels under the con- Record Diolness trol of Viking, New labels acquired "Alley Cat" was rush rclcflscd Sep- which has bought the theater for a ARC Distributes by this company LncJudo Choreo tember 13 on local Columbia. repoifed $980,000 and will present In deals with American Indelluf show (ihc o(her half is owned pendents, British Decca Rficured nnd the TottHn Records of Canoiio. dlslribulion rigbts for three current by property magnate Charles Choreo & Tartan A. P. Sykcs fty,, Ltd., distriburor U, S, chart entrants for release last Clore). in iho State of Victoria for the Fesweek on hs London label Booker The pbitncrship will present By GEORGE HILDER tival group of labels, have stepped T.: "Green Onions" (from Stax); Broadway shows In London and IR Toduum Ave. Up their public relations division Chri? Montcr. "Let's Dsrace" possibly British shows in. the U. S, Kenslnglon, Sidney N-S.TV. wjih the appointment of Bob Mc- Capitol, EMl's big Amc-ricao sub- (Monogram), and Bobby Pkkrtt; A. W. T. Smith, A.R.C/s man- Kean. aging director, orrived back this The Castle Music title, "We're AWison Record sidiary, has had many important "Monster Mash" (Garpax), week from an otcosive look at the Gonna Go Fisbin 1 slakes in the legit musicul show Major classical issue on Dccca," has two ver- field, but this is EMFs firsl thcaler waa an nlbum by the Moscow record business in America and sions now on the market. Local Off & Winging Chamber OrehEafra, conducted by participaiicra here. Canada. He ndvised that rcnogotlhoy Johnny Coles has his out on Rudolf Bar*ha! the first tlraa tha atlons wllh major labels currently Columbia, while the original by By JAN TORFS Several firms have had Interests orchesira had bocn fecordcd by a Honft Locldln h on R.CA, Castle StulvenbergiTUirl, 37.MecheIcil in shows tied In with London cast nnrfpr tho A.R.C, banner were album rights, but it is the first lime British company. Unusual for succesriully concluded and promis- Is also promoting tides from the Dig Brown's newest single. "Hey a disk manufacturer bns cotcrrf the Philips Records hero to mnkc a ing new labels deals were under fjini "Play It Cuol" openlno here Ba Ba Rebop" in Madison ntyle, eot legit field bo deeply. "How ia Sue- U. S. master putchaae, ExcepUon discussion. The Spanish label His- October 5. ft big start. The record is enjoying cccdv Broadway cast LP went to last week was the Vletnr Feldman pavox was secured (first alburn Is Bob Rogers, lha Sydney disk a. very important radio nnd TV RCA Vicior-EMJ's main competi- Quartet's "Tasio of Honey' 1 from jockey who recently resigned hia promofioii nnd Polcite is the label Infinity. It compejcs with Martin scheduled lor early Australian retor itt world dlffc market. leiigc) and it is expected that other posliion with Radio 2UH, Is to of arigln. DeaBj'n version on Liberty Isaued have hi» own hour TV show with Because of Mi objections to any by BKH, The Conslns will again tour hi kind of gift trading. L. Robinson (Conifnutd on page 80}

21 THE "SMASH" NEW HIT! YOU ANT Ui TO A UAR" b/w " u OF SALT" #ERA 3088 Current Alh um > 2 LOVE LE1TEKS HL 108 Produced Exclusively By COBB-MAJORGA An ACM Production >,.. K f IT Y ai «JOCOf WILI.IAM MORRI* AOHNCV AKWyanM «>u«am MhDU 9t9\% Exclnfiively uiiteuiim. i*rphn.u% Personol Wanager HARRIS ASKBURN

22 20 illlboard MUSIC WEEK SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 Hio plrt flj fh* nw rtlmtu! SPOTLIGHT ALBUMS OF THE WEEK Ifr&nBut ulil prf«i*1!ll ef ill rtilew#! thli wirf 1. :V Clasticai SCSC1NC THE CLUES THE HEIFETZ-PIATIGORSKY CONCERTS (Ml') BEST TRACKS Brook Beniott. Mercury SR 60740i MG (M).Various Artfris. RCA Victor U> W9 Thh three LP set, Benion's current (ingle hii is the lead licm on thli handsomely boxed In heavy book cover-like board, b a FROM THE powcrhousii LP. Tho la<j "Lie to Me" in strong most dhtinguigbed package. I? fenlureg tin illusteiouj group faahioo aod comes through wiik li other lopflight per- of performers with Jascha Heifelz, Cregor Pialigonky, SPOTLIGHT IP'S fonninces, many of which have a touch of the blue# William Primrose. Leonaxd Pctmario and olhcr selected mixed with a touch of the country- Suiogs. vocal chorus and ftccomplishcd guests playing the Mozart "Quintet ia and o^er special iastrumcntal effects cruivcn the ballad O Major": Mendelssohn "Octet in E Fla? Major"; the Own jn lb* timki hr Slik Kfc«T album which contains such polent material as "Chains Schubert "Quintet ia C Major"; lha Brahms "Sextet in G r<»srin«"ilrf o Love." "Valky of Teara." nnd "Got Ycu on My Mind." Major" a rut Ihc Franck "Piano Quintet in F Minor." Hie n fcr 4IW* Ti^rwtp»( *IPH i» Ik* Two big on«for Brook, "ScnJ for Me" and "Looking music is brillianlly pcrrormcd»nd lha three-lp package llfmi. 'r*» ihl rmk') Lr If in Back," are also included- should be a collect Or's item. ronilivr TUX DEATH DO US ZAHT Bob Bniin JILL DEATH DO US PART SCHUBERT; SONG OF GREEK.AVTIQUTTY; SONGS OF FRANZ idecca Boh Bran m Decat BL The fcchqlloo Eingle by LISZT I^yb" CASCAPl DL. HJ5S» {2:tfi); "Our "WliT Annlrcralrr Do 1 Lon Ot Bob Braun, 'Till Death Do Us Part." has been on and Dietrich FfachfT-DkskBU. Deutsche CraoiiaopliDa UM Voo" IA5CAF] OJ5) off the charts for mooths and here's that bit side with a (Ml, LPM (M); SLPM I3B 715 (Sj, SLPM OFF SEAT PERCUBSaON Don LninDDd number of sincere new per form nnces. ihrcc of which pre (Sj Two stellar licdcr attractioni here by one ond "I Won't bb OiXhcH" Uarm" (Mwnu. <Cwcra*ai1 ASLAfJ RS (fi-asf SD) in the snrne talk vein. Ooo ol Ihcse is a reprise of "Why of ihc more edebrakd basc+cuitoncs on the current sceoe. 1 Love Yoo." once done by Franklin McCormicfc with Fischcr-Dicskau has frequcatly been heard ia full length THE BIG BAND'S HACK m TOMTf Doc Wayne King's ort ia an earlier day of radio. AJao there w and excerpt opera productioda, and here he ahowi his Screrliucn (CcnursnJ RS 857 SD) "to*» "Our Anniversary of Love," another effective talk ilcm ability with the licdcr song, regarded as the true tfr»t of fl for Sal"" CHBtnM. ASCAP> &1*> and some deliehlfol, chanting trncks against good teco- singer's art. As in earlier recitals de-voted to the works of BiPtciNC me ntvea Sowt BMnon stylcd ork backings. Set can grab much pluy. Schubert, Schumann, Brahma and Debussy, among others, (Mtccjry (TrAirtj, BJJI) SR 605*0) p:l6) "V*ney of the singer here demonstrala his full command of ihc THE BEST OF SAM COOKE mntcrinl, In both wlj ho Is accompanied eloquently by COt/NTBV AND WESTERN Joig Dcmus at Ihc pjono. Both acts constitute ftulid mer- EAIZ RCA Victor LPM 2625 (M); LSP 2625 (S) This cauld chandise for fall caiafog outlets. (Metuiry EAST COKS PPS 2CU1, WESTKRN Tot VPS «isl» Shlnrfo "Swi be * smasheroo for Sam Gooke, because each of the tracks Aalonio Rom" (Boiai^. ASCAPJ (J.-04j rcprescnli a Eceidmatc hit in the singer's catalog. The material goc? right back to his fint big record (on an WAGNER: DIE WALKURE <S-12") indie fabel), "You Send Me," and also includes "For Scnli- Various Artista. RCA Victor LD 6706 An elegant addi- HEY raeafo! Reasons." "Chain Gang," "Havin" a Party," 'Twist- tion to Victor's red senl Soria Series. Few arc the full- Nc4i THERE -Ibo 4102) Tou Ar«TTUM >1j Sovndj SumliiDe'* (Hlin in* the Night Away," and ol hers. The album Is being length versions of this lengthy member of Wagner's "Ring" pushed as a September.special by Viclor ond it should do cycle of opera?, most disk firms prcrcrring to offer n two- COITNTHT U-H MEETS THE BUUES Rorwcr big business. LP packugo of excerpts. However, the label bus gone all HlU"' (Cheppell. Tfln (Atfo ASCAP) EP 71) U f2h5j "Blueberry the way here, with Lhia elaborate fivc-lp productiau, fea- THATX WHFflE rt S AT Sianley Turrov- I«Z turing such standout carn«as BirgU Nilswn, Rita" Gorr, ' Him (Bluo Note "SreSk, Siaetj" Jon Vickcrs, George London and Gre Drouwcnslijn. In- COUNTRY MEETS THE BLUES cluded is an equally elaborate 74-paee book, full of fas- Rnmsey Lewfa Trto, Argo LP 701 Ramsey has a chiaxlog ten and pictures on Wagner in gcner:tl and "Wilset here that should get him considerable pop as well as kuxc" in particular. **** STRONG jnzz recognition. The album Is a tasteful potpourri of SALES POTENTIAL counlry, blues and slandard tunea that arc done with ork, BERLIOZ; ROMEO AND JUI-IET <212") strings nod voices. Lems" piano Ji featured and ihc scl B«lcm Symphony OreiiesUa (Munch); Various Artbts. **** WALTZING atrcscs is nicely paced In ballad and medium icmpo swing. RCA Victor LD 6098 One of the less celebrated works *Your CbeDtin' Heart," "High Noon" and "Bluehcny Hill" from the Berlioz calnlog. the niualcal recitation of Shake* (MX RIP 97J12 StAvfl. (S) FUiB Bhnrtkte lubi RLF woit 1WJ la arc outstanding tracks. iptfirc's romantic tragedy represents, nonetheless one of ie< IcAluicd on Ihfo album of bid (Bvofitca, Tbo the notablo ianoyhtions of his career. Not opera, it does, waltz oonlllnl VWe w>r Ihe' mou helaiffl bf TH ATS WHERE ITS AT however, require voices and employs a meno, tenor and linh raiafc of rcatntyrflj plmycd ia wida, Slanley Torrentln. Bine Note 409S Turrcntinc continues bass for purposes of sung narration and MttinB the mood. lure. iiyla You by Truly." Uic Znl^Ubtnlae "Ill Be Wilt, Slrloai. VDU "1 b\ Applo to grow as a cotnmcrciolly appealing jaza: artist.ttie tenor It's B rcroartahle cxpcrimcot, rich in mond BndxcKlure, ss "Alwaya" Ulmtam ocd» Time." few of ilio "Kemenibnr'* coauilgla-fdjed And sax star is accompanicil on this album by Les McCann, a pciformed by ihc Boston Symphony. Accompanying the mcldfliel. top seller on Ihc Pacific Jazz label, and, as a (enm. the Iwd-LP set is b haodsotnc hooklcr of program notes and two score with acme swinging tracks. The album has the script and including priota of the characlcra. which arc **** strong blue feeling which should gel it sntes In r^b. as posted in. Cover, too, has a delightful medieval painting, Loolebkj SENTIMENTAL SirtPU Mi JDUHNCY V«k«, PbUb^ well as jazz circles. The. bard-hitting rhythm section is pasted in pace. PHM lomumlc MMrt (MX PfM 6»-0>7 (SI to*«l/ accbbt la ontiki on tho tor Imb I Tie baund moat of part xtrfnfi Tifro. TTio and - also a decided asset. "Smile, Stacey" and "Well Soc YnwTI After While, Ya Hcah" are two of tho better tracts. BARTOKi SIX STRaCIIQUARTETTE (Ml") ul^ce md tbo rcpcaoiia li l^tiod Id nil Ungariarifcwi SlrdchouirfBtle. Deutsche Granunophoa tr$, nmuulo Tho ftneflal n-x? In Hf ooruliu injad* raoatly ot many of hillsdi llu«n- HEY THERE SLPM i>.52 (i> A truly distinguished packaged mrh iforrd onll la Ihc jfdlflcn sra of tfa» IK«The Thrre Sounds Blue Note 4102 The Three Sounds for Ihe serious-masic trade. The si* string quartets are, in imy," harub, Bcnar K.n Coodman'i anv«-n'a "Arnilinenul "Qoo-JbTe," Gtcnn Jourhave another album here thai continues their string of effect. n"prorilc" of Bartoks musical ereblivily, Groy'e effective, solid seliing piano trio gels, Ococ Harris is again pctfonnancca by the Hangariut Quartet are impeccable, "Moonllglil "Smotn Rioti." tjid Oliao Mijlct'i pfci of Uic imleful Serenede" nujlc. iub hu typlml eumthe Boloisl ond unifying iostrummtallst on pinno and he even though some portiaas of the Bartok cycle (particugels top work from Bill Dowdy, drums, and Andrew Simplarly iht Third Quartet) art among tho niosl diflkult in kins. bass. The net ha* Ibnt blu«y fc-cl with & beat thnt hns chamber works. Recording Is splctidid, with beautiful *** k IMC THESE DANCES been Ihc group's rra«!cinjrfc since its inception. Material la aicrco blnnce <ind no-nolsc prcsrtogs. Liner nores ace in PR Tfc- Tornado*. MafMry MB 2077! (Mir nicely paced. "You Aro My Sunshine," "Slompin' at the Qcrman, English and French, wiih an extensive analysis ihta, 4*715 but in 1?> TTwm'*» lu rtoat. tho be* Tomadoi' othtr mo anhur- Ilka Savoy," "Street of Dreams" and "Noihin 1 But the Blue*" in booklet forra (in English) by John S. Wiasmann as a popular Pbrnba recant ikra Otocti. ot niei ' huh- Tho ihe troup moil are lops. bonus, boi brlibu loo-lcmlng connd. and they {Contiwrd on page 72) {ConUnucd cn po&e 72} DESIGNED FOR DEAt^i isecial Limited LP Offer of the World's greatest music SPECTAGULAR LOW PRICES 4 ' f " : mr. B BEHTHOVGN svmphoniea Cwnliicl«l by KICH KLEIBM (Symphonies 3, 6, 7, D) and JOSEPH KilLOERTH (S/mplionleT 1, 2, 4, 5, B 4 BRAHMS 5VMPHON1K9 S/mpiiony Ki. l-eduaho mi DLtNUM SyjriO hbnxno,2- WlLHEUI FURlYi'flhCLEf SyirrpRorty H 5l 3-GEORGE StELL Sj-mphony N a. 4-JOSEPH KElLBEPJlt THB WORLD'S GREATEST VIOLIN CONCERTOS TCHAJ K0VSHT Rusjftro Rfcd DEETflOVCK-RtlKtflfORiKi BRflHAlS-ChrbUnnFciTU MENaELSS9KN*CampeT BRUCfl «d. L-Cunpdl DVORAK Join Fifd THE WORLD'S GRHATBST PlAKQ CONCERTOS TCtWKOWKo. l-petefkitfn BACHVjtrtlNOFF Ho. Z-Jullus KnlcfiCn CflKG-Poler Kali a BETrilOYEH Ha. 5-WJlhnfn HiiijiiTiJit* IISZT Nn. I-V/ilhsIm KempJt Mo. 2 Wkticlm K«m?ri THE WORLD'S QRBATfiBT BALLET MUSIC Ichsiiavrtyt SVfflN LAKE, FiilcuFllI Tchslkalrsky: MJTCPACKER. rj:t«riarl ChOPffl; LES SytPHIDES, DflDDlNlfi DeIIBm: SYIVI*. 0f5i»rmlire Defitmt: COPPaiA. Dftor.niire Strotlntky: PEIRllSmM, AiEarmel TbertsWVefillSSEMEHT, Manmlifa RICHMOND CflWMl ol LWWI n*cwaa. Oil, T*4 Will jjfk n. Ml* h. T.

23 MO. : IRMA "OR mm ARliS " in, d Germcirty Italy, England Japan Australia, CMle France, -Hoi I and Br.azl: - Denmark, Finloni jt Spaii Hong Kong, Iridii JtoJand, Norwa 1 i n, Switzorlam ;!, Now Zoala ' ^ Soutii Afri Pliilippine Islctnc and Mi Hafl see nexf 2 pa^es

24 Latest Album Release 8TB DHO Concluded Filming CONNIE COUHTRY MUSIC COHWE STYLE > "FOLLOW FRANCIS UKICUUTl tl HI Ifcfmn not BMUI D n xcmvi rw*m ii ta l»thb t U OM i ra A UTr Cto. ft, m liu^: r-r THE BOY^ Fronmet Produclfons for MGM Motion Current Top Ten Single rr "VACATION COUNTRY MUSIC CONNIE STYLE HGM E/SE 4079 MGM 130B7 24 SPOTLIGHT ON RECORD PROGRAMMING SEPTEMttgft 22, BfLLBOARD MUSIC WEEK

25 Thanks D.J/s and MOM affiliates [ throughout the World / EH Most Consistent Award Winner Best Female Vocalist of the Year. Pfiofoploy MGM Golden Lion Award, Radio iuxem&ourg Besf Female Vocalist. NARA1 Award Winner 4 Consecutive Years. American Bandstand Best Female Vocalist Consecutive Winner Bl/fboard and Casfibox World's Best Vocalist (for Post 3 Years). New Muslcaf Express HECORDS Management George Scheck 161 W. 54 St, New York, N, Y. 212 JUdson SriLBOARD MU$(C W fk r SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 SPOTLIGHT ON RiCORO PROGRAMMING 25


27 America's mosi beautiful face and most "a. promising new voice... MjUME vf STARR P,P.A.D.A, [ill? iolosli-d MoXicta Slarv^ Mill P-onniylvfliriio for 1963 WITH 2 BIG SIDES "APPIE BLOSSOM end 11 ff For Personal Appearance Appointments Coll l-s np.m., Tues^ Wed.^ "Hiurs. Road Mgr. Eileen Tymcm f Ll B-SOIO, ion is NH 3009 Recent Personal Appearances; Natl Towr Richard Rodgers' "Sound of Music" WFH-TV WIBG WDAS muh WPIH WHAT Ex?fuiJvoly NEW HIT RECORDS Book^ngi: OAC~H. Y. (Suddy Howe) meoaftp MUSIC WEEK r SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 SPOTltGHT OM ftecord PROORAWMING 27

28 15th ANNUAL FAVORITE RECORDS SINGLE 03 0 D PQPQJWSHIW 1 P@n [i condueffid by BILLBDARD MUB1C WEEK Ray Charles Htt Records, Mr, Acker Bilk, Emilia Pericoli, Sinatra, Connie Francis Score Heaviest With Nation's Disk Jockeys Vocal I CAN'T STOP IOVING YOU Roy Charles Insfru mental STRANGER ON THE SHORE Acker Bilk At: LP's 8y BOB ROLONTZ Vocal Frank Smatn* and Connie Francis continued their domination of BMWs disk jockey poll, cmereing Again this year as winners in the male and female vocalist divisions as "Favorilc" and "Most Played" artists. Sinatra, of course, has finished first in BMW decjay polls for many years, but Miss Francis won ihc "Favorirc" fern vocalist award last year for the first time- As a whole the deejays slaved pretty much with estahlishcd talent, and few of the winners were surprises. The somewhat unexpected feature of the entire poll was emergence of Mr, Acker Bilk as the No. ] man with jocks as "Favorite** and the "Most Played" solo Instrumentalist. Last year Bilk didn't finish in the Top Ten In any calegory. This year his record of "Stranger on the Shore" finished first In the "Favorite" Inrimmental Single category. One intriguing feature of the poll was that few rock and roll artists finished high on either the "Favorite" or "Most Played" list. Elvis Presley, who finished second to Sinatra in the "Most Played" category, and fifth in I he "'Favorite" male vocalist polt P is now apparently being accepted as a ballad singer, rather lhan the rock and roll king, with his recent record stressing sweeter singing style. The Four Freshmen won the "Favorite" vocal groups poll again, and Ihc Kingston Trio again won "Most Played," Dave Bmbeck repeated as "Favorite" instrumental group, while the Bill Black Combo again received the "Most Played" mstrumental group nod. In the brg band category, the swing- 38 SPOTUGHT OK RECORD PROGRAMMING ing SI Zcnlncr crew snagged lop honors in both the "Favorite" and "Most Played" categories after finishing fifth in both of these last year. He displaced Stan Kenion and Billy Vaughn respectively. Another big band,, the David Rose crew, wort the "Favorite" instrumental LP, with his album of "The Stripper " Ray Charles, who had one -of the hottest singles of 1962 with "f Can"! Stop Loving You," was. easily the winner of the "Favorite" vocal single with that disk and won Ihc "Favorite" vocal album polt whh "Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music." from which the single was taken. A new international star appeared on the horizon this year: Emilco Pericoli. He was voted "Favorite" international artisi by the disk jockeys: his record of "AI Di La" was named "Most Played" record of foreign origin, and the song "AI Di La" was voted the "Favorile" lune of foreign origin. The "Most Played*' international disk category is a new one for the BMW poll. A number of young new artists came lo the fore In the "Most Promising^ categories. Bobby VJnton was "Most Promising" male vocalist; Shelley Fabarcs, female. King Curtis took top position in the "most promising" instrumental group poll (with Mr. Acker Bilk second), and Peter, Paul & Mary swept the vocal group division. Pianist Peter Nero won as "Most Promising" solo insirumentalist, while Kenny Ball snagged the band vote. Brother Dave Gardner's LP "Did You Ever?" won ihc "Favorite" comedy record poll. MODERN SOUNDS IN COUNTRY & WESTERN MUSIC Roy Charles ABC-Pa rsmounl Instrumental THE STRIPPER David Rose MOW Comedy DID YOU EVER Dave Gardner SCA Victor FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL SONG AL DI LA Mogol-Donida Wtta.rt, isctf MOST PLAYED RECORD OF FOREIGN ORIGIN AL Dl LA Emilia Pericoli Warner Bros, SEPTEMBER 12, 1762,. BlllBOARD MUSIC-WEEK

29 FAVORITE ARTISTS MOST PIAYED ARTISTS * <r «> FrcnV Sinoina IMpIP VoaH $t) Connie Prorcis CF<m#le VoCiltsh) Frnnfc Slnotr^ taiiald Vqcfllrsf) C^ninip FroneJi "V y ff- Tbff fcur. Frft!:lirn«tt C^ohI Craup> T Dave Bnjbock - jlnitrumffirnl GrpOp) L^ - irar t i 1 ] TJifl Kirgiton Trio Ci'DCJlGraup] i BiFl Black's (lrulrum(<nml: (Jr^vp) -3^ r AcVpr Slfk <5ol5 lrnlrvmfn»flftii ) SF Ztfttner (5-s^d? Mr. Aclcqr Bilk fsc-jo InstruMfttjKstJ 55 Zenhnor (BttndJ MOST PROMISING ARTISTS c. Brt /rfyr -Ijf % R Vi p\v FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL ARTIST Bobby Virtf&r» VotJliU) Shvlloy Fobarbs fftrnjie VocnlJst) Poltr,. Pcul A Mciy [Vocal Grwp) -f. Emilia PorkoU King Curtis CtnsWurrrtnlftT Own) pflipr Ktrc (5^0 IniW'neMelCjit) * ' Ktnxiy flail A' His Ja^rmon (Banfll eiuboaro MUSIC WtEK, SEPTEMBER»,1902 SPOTIICHT ON RECORD PROGRAMMING 29

30 15fh ANNUAL RECORD ARTIST POPULARITY POLL FAVORITE RECORDS SINGLES Votalf POJ. TIILE A AfillS? LABEL 1 I kn't Stop Losing You, Ray Chsrlei.,,..ABC-PdfiJDOUfl^ 2 RWei Are R^iJ, Bcbby Vlciton^ K Epic 3 Lotd-HoUftn, Little Era.Diawnssort 4 I Lell My Heirl In Jan FcanclKd, Tony Benac?t CDlumbia 5 Hey aabv. Bruce Channel Smaih A Slow TwIsIIji', Chubby Checktr Parkway 7 ll Keopj Rlghf on A-Hurttn', tehftny TilSobon... Cadence 8 Wolmtw! HeynlaIn, Clause King Columbia 9 Baifiblln' Rw!> Hif King Cole. Capllol 10 Brwkla' Qp Is Hard To 0*. Hell Sedaka. RCA Vicfer Injfrumen^alj r>s, SITLE ARTIST Slfanger on iho Shore, Acker BHk... The Jlripper. David Eoie A Jwl^gin' W*rl, Billy Vauoha laby Elepfunl Walk, Lawrence WefJc., MHnlffW In H«ww, Kenny Ball Thene Frcra "Hcule 66," Hclsoa Riddle Ballid or Paladin (H/ane Eddy A Ta(f«q Honey. Merlin Demy WaH on the Wild Side, Jimmy Smilh.. to Runaway Lawrence Welk LABEL Wccj»&M Dal Dol Kap? Capital RCA Vicfor. T.liberty Venre..Dot IP'S Vonts PCS. TITLf & ARTIST LABEL f Modern Sounds In Country. Wejlern Hutic, Ray Ciarles ASC-Paramount 2 Btuo Hawaii, Elvis Presley RCA Victor S Ibn Bos! oj the Kiopkn Trie Capitol 4 Rosei Are Sled, Bobby Vfnton Epic 5 Keon feirer, Andy Witliams.Cdfunibia 6 Blco! Crers Coonlry. Peggy Lee...-.Capitol 7 Great Band treat Votcej. Si Zentner 5 Johnny Macn Jingerj Lihwly 7 Pot lock f Elvis Piesley RW Victor 9 SlnaJtt and Strings, frank Srnalra r,, T. Reprf«10 Ceerne Haharlj Jingi _.. (, tl Epic 10 So M«i In Icira, Ray Conntff Colutr.bla imlrtimenlals POS. TITLE ft ARTIST lattt t Tho Slrfpper, Divld Rois MOM 2 'S Con1lnefll4[, Ray Conrilt Calumbia 3 Stranger on Ihe Shere, Acker Bitk At<o 4 Worried Mind, Say Anthony.Capilof 4 Great Bind Oreaf VoIcoj, Si Zflnlfier & Johnny Ma«n Singers...liberty 6 Hfttarll, Hcary Hancinl.RCA Ykfor 7 Ywjrij WorJd, Lewrence Wolk. r., Dal 8 Hooa (Liver, Lewrence Welk Dof 8 lonlght, ferrantc & Jekher UflHed Artists 10 Ihlt Hfippy FBelfng. Bert KaBfnpferl..,,D«C* ComBdy PCS. Tim ft ARTIST LABEL 1 Old You Brer, Dave Garrfnor RCA Vktflf 2 Anolber Oay, Another Wnrtd, Janalhan.Wrnlers Verve 3 The BkkeriOftJ, Don Aftcche S Frances La&gford,..Colombia 4 Mike Hfchols 4 Elaine May tomtne 0«tors...Kercury FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL SONG (excluding U. S. tanas) U. S. PUBLFSHER «POi. TITLE A Wftrwyj.) LICENSIKO AGENT 1 Al t\ Lb, -Nogol-Donlda WWrne^ ASCAP 2 Stranger on Jhe ShurH, Bllk-Youflg..Melllfi, BH1 3 A Swingln' Safari, Berl Kaerfipfert Roosawtf, fimi MOST PLAYED RECORD OF FOREIGN ORIGIN POS. TITLE ft ARTIST LABEL 1 Af DI it, Emllfo Pericoli... Warner Brei. 2 Stranger on Ihe ShofCi Ackor Bilk Alco 3 Midnight to Mnscnw, Kenny 8511 Mpp FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS LAST THIS TEAR YEAR (etttuding U. S, Afflsts) ARTIST A U. S. lafl L 1 Emilto pbflcoli, Warnei Bros. 2 Acker Bilk, Afro 2 3 Caterfna Y^Bcte, D««; LondOfl 5 4 Ted Heath, Londort; 3 5 Bert Katmfrtert, Detea 4 6 AflAony Kb* ley, lonrion 7 Kenny Ball, Kapp 7 B MafiLdxanl, London 9 IkomflBlco Medugflo, Free Unce 10 Bauble SI* af Paris, Capitol 3D SPOTIICHT ON RECORD PROGRAMMING SEPfEMBER 32, 1963, BJUPOARD MUSIC WEEK

31 15th ANNUAL RECORD ARTIST POPULARITY POLL MALE VOCALISTS FEMALE VOCALISTS FAVORITE Winner: FRANK SINATRA L«r THIS firsonal ««YCAR ARTIST t LAUIl ACENCY MAMACtR 1 1 FraftV Sltulra. C^ildl- Reprtiie.Wm, Morris»..Rank S^nkola 2 Rax CharftL Atlantic- AK-Paraewunl Sir aw kf\ Bwrnn 2 3 Nil Sirtg Ccl^ fapilal,.oac Culoi G^slnl S 4 Vic Damons MwiiS..Pierre Casalfe 5 Elils Prtikr. KA Vktflf.Wm. Mai/Is.. Mm Parker 9 ^ AndY Willlamf, Columbia.GAC.Alan Bcrcird 1 Bflb&f &arlr? # Alco- CaplSol.GAC lre«elauner 5 3 SfBT«Lawrence,. Unlled Ajlish-Cclombra 4 G4C Ken Grcengrsis 9 BkkA Sflnlw, Mepcuty..Sftaw Bave ^ 10 «cl Uii\. RCA Vidor.GAC.,..Sen SuHcf MOST PLAYED Winner: FRANK SINATRA IAST THIS TEAR YEAR ARTIST ft LABEL AGSHCY MANAGER 1 1 Frank Slnaln, Capilol Scpjkc Wm. MorrB...Hank Samcda 2 2 EIyIj PreilCY, PCA VidflT.Wm. MoJfis..,?ain Parker 3 R4T Charter, Alteollc,..Sftaw.tefl Brown 3 4 Nal King Cete, Capilol...GAC Carle* Gailel 5 VIC Dimaflo, Capitol,..Wm. Morris., Pierre C«seHe 6 Stejre bwreoie, U^lled ArtisJs-ColumbU..,..CAE Ken Greeng/iss ^ 7 QubbY Checker, Parkway. 5AC Kal Mann S itenry Coll 9 S Mnnf Hatbls, Columblfl.GAC Heten Hc^a 4 9 Bohhir Akt- CapHdl t0ac Sk l /0 filaunec 10 Kell 5frdaka r RCA VIcler.CAC. Her< Seller FAVORITE Y^inner; COKHIt FRANCIS LAST THIS PERSONAL YEAR Yf AT: ARTIST & tasel AGENCY MANAGER: 1 t Connie Fr*ndJ, MGM...GAC...George Icheck 2 2 Peggy t«. CapElol.. k.wm. M«ill.,. fim Mines 3 3 Ella Fitineiald, Vorr'e,.,,,,,,.,.Norc4n Grant 4 J^oia 5omm<r3, Vfarncr Bros OAC 4 S Dorb Day, Colurabl^ Martin Makher 6 Breada Lee r feca...^wm, M-wris..,Dib Albrliteei 1 J ffl Yupo, llberly,.mariifi Machal 9 Palfl Page, Meccuif' Cekmhte OAC Rael TO 9 Sarah Vaugb-an, M«fCufy^Ro?le3te. _... W. Ate«ndB?..C. 8. Atkins 5 fd EytflB Ccme, United Mercury Associated -.Owrge Treadwell Aiilsts-Col^mbfa 5 10 Ofttab Wajhlnglotj, GAC Ken Greengrass MOST PLAYED Winner: CONNIE FRANCIS LA^T THIS flfisonal YEAH year ASTTST ft la«t AGIH-CY MnHflCLR 1 1 Connie Fiand}, MGM,.GAC... Georgt SdttcV 2 I Drcnda Lon, Detca r...wm. MwrJs...Dub Albritfcn 4 J Peggy lee, Capilot Wm. MofnS...Jin HIms 3 4 Dark Day, Colembli.. MarJia Helcher 7 5 P-Sttl Pipe, Merorry- Cofumbia GAC Jack Raal 5 6 EIU Rftgarald, Verve, K'orman Grant 6 7 Eyrfio Genno, Ualfed ArlisN-Cclumbte GAC.Ken Greengr^s S 5 Olnab W«hing1orr. Htrttiry AssocUf«3....George Treadwell 9 Jwnld 5penmen, Warner Bros.... GAC. 10 Sm Thompwr, Hkfcory..Hidk Pftnny...Kank Penny MOST PROMISING Winner: BOBBY VINTON LAST THIS PIRSONAl mr TEAR ARTIST ft LABEL AGENCY MANACf* 1 Bobby Vlnten, Epic...OAC Fteyd Ackermaf* 6 2 Jack Jenes, Kapp....Wm. Morris,,,Nkk Sfcvano 3 Georgt HahirK Epic.,.Win. MOfrSi...Mimf Weber 4 Johany Cranrfwd. Oel-FI. Gob r«ne 5 TMsmy Rob, ABC- Paramoanl 3 fi GenU'McOinfels, Lib-rly.Awwi&teiJ...ArnoW Milts A««. t 7 Mall M-anre, liberli'..hercury ArHsti.Don Black fl Bobby Bare. RCA Victor..Clilf Stwe.Cliff Stone 9 (laudo King, Cnlambia,. THImsn FfanVjJiMmari franks 9 Emillo Perkoll. Warner Brcs,, MOST PROMISING Winner; SHtlitY FABARB IA5T 7HI5 PERSONAL YEAR YEAR ARTIST 4 IA«II ACTNCT MAHACER f ihelley Fafww. Warner Bros. Wm. Morris... 2 Kellr Leilw. Era.. r..wm, Morris...Hanis Ashbotn 9 3 Soo Thampion. Kkkqry,.Hask Pcncy...Hank Penny 2 4 Ttal Yuro. Libtfly Haflln H«b4t 5 Dee Oee Sharp, C^ir«..GAC Hcnty Coll a Kal Mann i 4 Ann-Margret RCA Viclor. Bobby Roberts 10 7 Nancy WI!ion P Capilol-.A$swiaff4...John Levy UMte Ev*. Dimension,,.NevltvKirshner.^ Ur4i Scolt, Congress...Wm. Mouris _.. HuEch TBob) Davle 10 Connie Warner Bros ^-b Schiller &IILBOARO MtlSEC WEEK, SEPIEMBFft 35. ^62 sponrohr on record paogftamminij ai

32 15th ANNUAL RECORD ARTIST POPULARITY POLL 1 VOCAL GROUPS INSTRUMENTAL CROUPS FAVORITE V LAST THIS f IRSONAL YEAR YEAR AHIIST & LABEL ACIHCY MAPMCfR Four Frwhmen. CapltoL-Viscouni Inl'l.,fii] Wagner 4 2 HrU'i, Catombia,&lfl L«b Ktogston Trto f Capitol., United TaJenl Mgh-James Saphter,,.Fraak Werber 7 4 Fdut Prepj, Capitol... United Talen? Mgl,. Mel Shasar 3 Th# Umellien, RCA Vldof, - JTA....Glen Yarbrough 5 Ames Bnrihers, PCA Victor-Epic _ Grit Picks 4 1 Say (Mtnltf Sleperj.. Ray Connift Entofprlsw.. 8 The lahermen, Capitol..GAC Jess Rand 9 Klrty Stone foer, Columbia.Oeorge Crtol 9 Tbe JhlrBllflj, Sceptof...Shaw...,..Florence Greenbef? MOST PLAYED LAST THIS PERSQNAt YEAR YEAR ARTIST l LABEL ASJEKCY MANAGER KJngTfon Irto ( Capifol.. United Talent MgL-Jamas SapAter.Frenk Werber 2 2 F&ur Frwbmen, CapiteL.Vls«ur.l Jnf'l. -Bill Wagner a 3 Tfto Sblreltes, ScepSer,,.Jhav/. v...ftorewe Gretnberg 3 4 Tfta ETCTIT Brclbafj, Warner Bros AC. 5 The Lelfcrmen, Capitol..GAC Joii Rand 10 6 SdT Cflflnlff Sfr^on, Cotomhto Ray Connlff EntejprLsos.... T The Mirveletfej, Tamto... Barrpi tardy Ifce htobw^ofi. United ArtilN GAC,..Kflf) Greengrajs - 9 Am«fireifeers. RCA Vlctof-Epic.Bill Fkks 10 Four Preps, Capitol United Talent Mgf,.Mel Shftuer 1 ffl Brothers feur, Cofumbia.lTA.Mail lewis MOST PROMISING LUST THIS PfRSflMAt YfflH YEAR ARTIST t LABEL AGENCY AlAHACER 1 Pden Ped 4 Herf, Wifflor 8ros ITA -.Al Grossman 4 2 Iha UHercnea, Capitol..GAC... Jos Rand [ Uio Kighwiivneni. Uniled Aiilsli GAC Yen Grcerprws 4 Ibo Caitolb, Era. _,, 5 I&a n wllh Jimto. CoIirmMa 1 6 The HaiYeteltes, Tarala. Berry Gordy 7 The SprtefffiaWs, phillpi. 8 The Oitofts. Cameo...Nat Sogall ioftnny Haon Slncon, liberty 10 Chad MltoJiell, Irto, Kapp, ^Belatento Fd. Berfha Caw I to Behbt Der^o Trto. CoIumWa FAVORITE lait THIS PERSONAL YfiR ARTIST «LABEL. AGENCY MAMAtEft 1 1 Dm Columbia.Associak-d...Hti. Dave 8nrt«k 2 2 Coorgo Sh^rloQ, Capitol AHockle-d... J&hn Itry 1 3 Tli«Vanltfres, 0alien. ^ i m 613^5 (emtrt, CcnlfAOfilfll..R.A.F- MfliiagemEnl Carp, 6 5 Feinnk A Uk\\*r, United Artfris _,,eac A tckno Cddt, JamJfl-RCA Vtrfor CAC A1 WiCdfl- Kcrl Cuflii 7 Thfl Slrlng-A-Locgs, Dot,,,Kof«an P(Hy 8 Mr. Adar BUi: T Alee, 4 9 King CcrTh, Enjoy-Capllol 9 Hllet Divb, Cckmbia.,.Shaw... RaroW Lov9?r MOST PLAYED U$t THIS PERSONAL TEAR YEAR ARUST «LAtEl AGENCY MANfiCfR 1 1 BUI Wack's Cemb^ Hi.. Unrv«rsi!' CenlfMnlaT. ;f!ua.f. MaMgeiriEnl Cwp. 2 3 Th* Yanlutw, Oflllon 3 3 C«rg* Shaafl^g, CapltoLAssoclakd..Jobnlery 5 A OaY* BPttbeck, CttlifCptili.AwnciaW...Mri. Dave Biohgck 5 Oca n o Eddy, Jaraia- VXA Victor 6AC A[ Wilde- W?rt Curfa 6 Mr. Acktx Bilk, iica Jonah Jones. CapHcJ,,..Sam Batte 4 3 Fomnlo & f-aichor, Unfkd Arllstt m 9 Konof Calf. Ifapp 9 Tfw (Maps, ttuhwge..gac Sters. Ud. MOST PROMISING LAST THIS mtomal YtAB YEAR ARTIST C. LACIl ACBHCY MAHAOtft I King CerHi, Enjoy- Capitol 3 Mr. Acker B«k. Ato).,,...OMCS?Kik#? Al Usoy Cembo. Stocy.. Jordan Ross 4 Ken^i Ball, >topp ^ 5 Aco Cigi»ft r HI, The Vofltores, Dalton 7 Tho Marbolfi. Llbfif^,..Artlsh ManeflB- Jrsc,..M. Sarslcw 4 7 The Slftog-A'Longjp LkiJ, KcrnLjn Petfy 9 Five WhUpen, Coltoa., J 9 Dm SMrloy, CwJance... 9 Swdy Nolsou. OriginaT Sownd-lmperfal 6AC 32 5POTUOKT ON RECORD FROGRAMMfNG SEPTEMBER 22, 1942, BILLBOARD WUSIC WEEK

33 15th ANNUAL RECORD ARTIST POPULARITY POLL SOLO NSTBUMENTALISTy BANDS FAVORITE LAST TIAB YEAR THIS ARTIST & LABEL A&EMCT PfBSQHXL MdNAGEK 1 Mr. Acker OHfc Alco.. Denis. Pfeilaa 10 2 Peler Hwo p RCA Viclflr, JIA.....Stan Dreeson 2 1 Pflf^ FBinsialn, Coral,..IIA. lames ^phlsr 4 4 ficflor Wi Ilia mi. K^pp - -. Ro^r Vorce i 5 FW RCA Vlclor. 6 thflano SdJy, Jaimt- RCA Victor GAC ^Al-WIWe- Hnrf Ccrli? 3 7 A1 Hlfl, RCA VitfM....AsMxIakd.... Gsfiy Purcell t fl Chel Alktef. RCA Vklor.? Dave Brufrwlc. Colufiifeia.Ali«lal«d, Mrs. Oave 8rub«i; 10 Mifw DaYlii Columbia.., 5haw.. Hsrolij UveH 1C Ooorge 5>iMr!fig f C«pitcLA55«iil«d,,. John, levy MOST PLAYED LAST YfAR TIM fkli ARTIST 6 LABEL AGINCY PEHSEftfAl MANAGES 1 Mr, Atlwr Bilk, At«..... Danli Preston? 3 Hofrf Crainsr, RCA Victor 5 3 CirinB Eddy. Ja^iie- KCA Victor... ^AC.. Al WMe- Hart Cudi; 4 Mv Rero, m V(cfcr..irA., Slart Grflfisan 2 5 Eogtj WlllUms, Kapp Roger Vorce 6 6 P*1» FDuniafn, Cora?..ITA. Jem«Sapbler I 7 Al Hlftr RCA Vidc-f A5i«iateil,,..Gerry Porcell 8 Owao Shearfng. CapltoT.AiiOdated... tehrv Iwf 4 9 fwranla A TeJchai, Veiled Arlisfs OAC Clrtl Alkfns, SCA Victor, 10 A<e Ctune-R, Hi... MOST PROMISING last THtS YEAS YEAS ARTIST ^ LAB It AGIKCY p HSo«riv MAkACEfi 2 1 Pottr H«f6p RCA Vkler..ITA..Stan Drsasnn 2 YBlJeae. CarNoa,....Wm. Morris. T Banl Fabric, Atco TlmnjT SmilK Blua Hole. 5 Acs Catinafi, Hi 6 ESM (Baby) Cortui, Choss 1 7 Al KW. J^CA VJdor.AswiaW.. -.frerry Put«!I S Darf BflriOT, KA Vlcli3r v 9 King fcrtli, Enjoy- CspHol, 10 KeiMf Ball, Kapp FAVORITE mt THIS f EfttDNAL YfAB YEAR ARTIST J UBJL AGEtfCY MA HAS III S 1 Si Zantner, Lftcrtr.,.."W. Aloranrier, 1 2 Slan lenlpn. Capital,,A»ocl3W.,.. Wargaicl Sharp 3 BIHf Vaughn, Do!.., Randy Wdc-J 2 4 Henry Manclnl. RCA Vicjpr Ortllad Talent Hg! 5 Eoun! Baslo, Roufclta- KGM V/. Afeiandor.,^ 3 A Ui Efjert, Colombia... W. AkiacJer.. ~ 6 Rar CosfllfT, Columbia...tlay ConnlH EfiMfprlws.Say CoarMt Efiferprlitt 9 Clfin CraT. Caplhl Cilk Cf'Keofe - 9 Be<yiy froodmaa. Free Lance Lei Browa, pk...assoctiled Don Kramer & dlk BA Bk ABB BB BBb MOST PLAYED EAST THIS PERSONAL TIAK TEAR ARTIST t 1*811 AGENCY MANAOIR s 1 SI Ziotatt, liberty W. AlexandeT Siili Vaoghfl, Dot,, Paiidy Wood 3 Datld R«e 4 MGM 2 4 Uwrflfitc Well. Del..Auti-loeb Ssm lufi 4 5 Henrf Mandnl,, SCA Vider United TeTenl Mgt 3 6- Lcj Efgarl, Celucbl*....W. Aleaanifr. 7 Ut Epk Associated.,. Don Kramer 7 S (Hen Gfir- CaplSat... Ca!^ 0'Kecfe 9 Gtenn MHler-Ray McKtnley, RCA ViclM..."^. Alwatidcr,.David McKay 6 ID Ray Anlhory, Upitol...OK Fred Bcmon MOST PROMISING LAST THIS PERMHAl YEAR YEAR ARTIST & LABEL AGENCY MANAGER 1 Kenny Bait i HIj humwi Kapp. 2 Jimniy Sm^th, Blue-Kote Bert Kiempftrt, Detca.. ) 4 OaFncy Jones, Kertuty Al HH RCA Vktor _.AsodaSed...Gerry Purcell BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK r SEPTEMBER 32, POTUCHT OM RECORD PROORAMM1NG 33

34 7m mfws F.K f B fo > tl C c'"y A ' b " m '- Climbing Top A[I Char^ sum A. WWEBnuiifsjrt*/ "SJfll rttriy " fiackca m >^\\\^ lv. W ^.. ip. SEPTEMBER 23. *962, BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK -.J

35 moms y.. or; S\NGl-6 55 * Claude King.5.(52381 X i f; i-2 >1 1 :r^uf j ST ; f H Personal Mgt. Tilfman Franks 604 Commercial Bldg, Shreyeport, La, Exclusively Cofumbia Records BILLflOAfiD MUSIC WEEK, SfPTEMBCR 22, I9M SPOTLIGHT ON fiecord PROGRAMMING 35



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39 u /5S7 9 0 D D J\ D 0 D A JV Who's Who and What's Hot on Wax A procfical programming guide for disk jockeys and juke box operators spotlighting biographical record programming informotfon about all the artists whose records appeared w the first 50 of BMW's Hot J00 r Top Monaural LP or Top Stereophonic IP chtrrfs front March 1962 through August 1962, (Htfet BSogrjphlul «nd disk d^u vfil «- curtd 5»»ni ihe recerd far which JhttP jrtj l. r4<prd. flmluldfti ct ink of h the i^vft injsility by the mcrd Mhtfiriy provue lntmo f i)ii la Olllhotrd MMrt WMk. la tho Uip <.r «rh)li w\1b hngihr crpdlu. «upnttatoilve utfctlaai It ws*4 to pra-rede bjjlt f&r pr»«rainiiibig,j BOOKING OFFICE WillarB Ar«uBdH fnt, 475 Pitk Are., N. *. C. fiir. 545 MadSion Avt,, H. t. C- AiMhtSfcred ewkirfl C«rp fiflh A*e., H. T t C. OJAllMfit*! BcaHfij Asanty. In* Sifcth Afe,, N. t. C CtAKal Ajtlsli Carp, 640 Flffh Atk, Hi Y. C. IniBfnjtronal Talent Assocs-, Inc. 527 Madlsaa A*t. f N. Y- C. William Worrit Agancy, foe, 1740 irtadwa-f, K, T. C. Shktf Artlits Corp. 465 Fltlii Atb., H- Y. C. UftlieiJ Taknt Manantmfnl. Urf. lime i Ltf* Bldgv H, Y. C, Dnrrerjal AltncUPns 2"Xi ff. 5?th Sl f. N. Y. C. CANNONBAIL ADDERLEY PHr 4ohft U9Y. SO: Shaw MH HAMtx Julian KanndntMljJ A<S4tr\*y> BIBIK- OAT? Srpl 13, 1928, HOM.E TOWN; Thlfitihitrt, Fle. EDUCATIOKp Cilkja. ACK&ROUKDt Votrnn alto wk fan hrflit, Km owrv < Uirttel. PJayed wllh Divfl Uriel for * whtfi. He'* also a.ir. rmn hr Jen TVj p^fkiral appparnncn. LATIST SlHOLKi Afrkfla WofU (BiveriFdH. latfk AHUM: Cannonb»lI A-idtrley Greatwr Hiit^ PRE- VIOUS HITS: CannonbaJI ArfSftley In San frandsw jrivarsldo); Haricr Wlwn/Ean^pnfcjll Addtftey [ Cap-. IfoH-U 1 '!. * AONNIE AIDRICH SlftTHDATs feh^ory 15. HOME TOW*: Erllh, Ktm r Englafid. lodcatloh, GulH^U -School oi Wurtc. HOS6IE4; (krdfnfnfl, honebscj: rwcng. BACK* CBOUND4 Radio, TV^ tonrtrlt, p^rwnal appearawfs; OTKCR MUSICAL rktlhistii Plays pfew, MtOlft. laxepnoabj clarinet, Attar^tr, undtpclor a7>d L«n- POMIj BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK, SFPTEMBER LATEST SINQlEi Wtwl Klrd of Fppl Am I h/w Once itx a LIUMw, 14TE5T AL8UW2 ftonnla Aldrlch»nd Hit Two Plaoos. PREVIOUS HIT: Melody and Pprcusskin f«r Ywo Piano*. * ARTHUR ALEXANDER <001? PM: Hofrl Baiter*hie Brtke?, BO: <lj.c- A&Ea 51. HOWE TIJWHt SheffleM, Ale. EOUCiTlQN; Higl* KhwI. HOBBY; BttkBStMll. BACKCROUKPt Personal WMront«. OTHER MUSICAL HmftEST: Scnswritln^. He penned Ms hit ryn*. "Ycu Selle/ Wove On." IATE5T SlttflLE; Sdldlen of Love h/ir Where fuv# Toy Been All My Lif#7 LATCST ALBUM; Yov BelSer Move Ois. PREVIOUS Hir ; 8etr e r Move O.n, * THE ANGELS CCaprke) PMi Jen Slfam, BOr G-A.C. HAMISt Ba/iara Atlbut. Phyflll CClQflJ} AllM. llnrfa J^Jisen. ACISr Barbara. 19} PhTllis. 16j Linda, 17. HOME State; tf ew Jersey. KOBBIIS; Sporis, flflckgrouhot TV, pertooal oppeararxei. OTHER MUSICAL INTTRPSTS;.Sflftflwrillnj. LATEST SlHClt; EYPrybody Loves «tovpr b/w Blew Joe. LATEST ALBUM; And Ihe Angeli Sift?. PMVIOUS HITS; Till; Ciy 5*by Cry. * PflUl ANKA (RCA Victor) PM: Irvb FeW, BO: G.A.C, BIRTHDAY: July 30, IWl- HOME TOWH; Qllawa, Oftt. flackgftoundf Extentlve nlflftr duh-pj. vrbfh hern arvd abroad. MDVPESi "The Longest Day," "The MTgi": Cercet." He set up ew* rvotioa pklure pspducetan wsipany 10 prarfirce filmt jlairing himself *ftd imhtrs. OTHER MUSICAL INTEKESY: S ng«r Jer ("Diane/' mlj. LATEST JINOIC; fveyy NE^hl (Wlshc^f You) b/w There You (RCA Vktoeh I'm Comln' Horr-4 b/w Cry (ABC-ParamounJh IAT $T ALBUM Ufs Sit Thfs QJ.V Qut (RCA VJrtM]. MILLION SELURS: Puppy love/ Lonely Bby: DIan* (jl e,n ABC- Parawoumj. OTHER HITS; Sufrvmeris Cone; $ome- Ehing Happme-d. My Home Townj Put Your Head nn My Shoijldcr? All of a Sudden My Hrerr Slr^s; Y» Are My Deiiiny/ ] Win Yc<j $oj It's Tin* lo Cry; Tell Ma That Ypu Love Me; Just Yoyeig; Let Bh«9+1 It Keep Ringing; Crjiy Iftvej Ad+.m and Eve; Hello Yo^ng Lovert; I tovi You in Ehe Same Wayj Slory of My U're; TwiS^f, My love, tonight r Oance Of* LllPfe CJrlj Klttin* on Hie Phone b/w Cinderella (ell ABC'Raromounlh Love Me W+m 4e»d Tender; A Sl+al Guilar artd * OMst of V/[ne (both on RCA Vlcttw}- AftVa +1 The Co pa; Paul Anfca's C'+aleit HHl; Peut Ank* S3"91 Hit Dig 15 (Veil- I a 5H-P'i-(flrl ABC.pjramounlJ. * RAY ANTHONY CCapitol) A6E; 40. HOME fowh: B+nftayvtlle, P*. tbvca. TfON; lfi?ti Khool. HOBBIES: S^ortt end Indulging ift Chine it and ftilp+n foods, BACKGROUND; The VflEpren Irvmpel play+r end band leader played wfth mmy naftw handt fncluding the groups of the life Jlnuny Dortey and Glenn MIMer Ufiwe fbrmrng htt own dance orch+ttre (a 19it. He folned Ciplflol In 1949 and hat reevrded one ef the fabd't moil «itji5fv* catjhgs. Penanal Bpp«rar-:ei r ncghj clubs/ ballraomt, V/ and fifms. LATEST SIHfrLE: Trogbl+d Mind b/w 1 Almoit LojI A^y ATirtd. LATEST ALBUM; Worried Mind. * CHET ATKINS PCA Vidor) BIRTHDAY; fvne 2D, 1«4. HOME TOWNj LyElrell, Tenti. EDUCATION; High School. BACM*OUNb= Slarfed in local rodio. Appeared on W N\'t "Grand or* Opry." Personal ap^mj+nm. Currently *,Af 4 direcjor (working»e cl H+ihyilre, Tenn-) for H<A Victor. OTHER MUSICAL IKmESlSi Pr*>i ^Jltar. Ratwrfy made a 5,+. r«,f with Ple-yd Cromer amf Jtm Rrfvet lo South Africa, 1-ATE5T SINGLE: MdHlA b/w Oovnv Home. LATCST AUUM; Caribbean CMtar. - fmviols HITS; Boo- Bchi Sltck Beet/ One Mint iur«px THntvlIle. Chel Alkfte at Hatntj Chof AJUni Tn Hollywood; Dcrmt Hcmt IP J 1- * RANKIE AVALON fcliancillaf) PMc Robefi P. Marocti. BO: OJl.C. BlRTHDAYt Sept. 18, lw5 h HOME TOWNj Phftadeh phri. IDLCATfDHs High school. HOBBIES: Golf, driving,ipoats carl. ln>mpef. HEW MOVIE; 'The Carperbegg+rs." OTHC* MUSICAL IHTIRIST: SonawritJfrg. LATEST SINGLE) A AHr«fe Don't Let Mo SlBftd ift Your W+y, latlst ALBUM: Y4m Are Mine.. PRE- VIOUS HITS: You Are Mine; Togethcrnmf IVhere Aro Yow; ToKeda Junctjpnj Just Ask Your Hear I;,firngerhread; You Exdlie fae; I'lf Wait for Ycv?.A Boy Wilhoul a Giflr Swlnffln' oa + Roinbow; Oco'i Threw Avray All Ihwe Teardrops; Why7; PoppaJ 5ong, FranKie? The Young FraftVie Avarcn-LP. * JOAN BAEZ (V+nggati) PM: Manny Or»»ntlin.ACE: 30. KOMI TOWN; e^ten. lackcftouwi Coftcarfs, TV. night cluba. persondi eppearaocej; LATIST S INC LI 1 Pa? of Mine h/w Lonesonie Ro*d. LATEST ALBUMt lotfi Din, Volume 2. PREVIOUS m: Joan Bt+y,.Volume >~LP. (Condnucri orr page 43) SPOTLIGHT ON AECOHD PROGRAMWINO 3V


41 I.UNCLY Till r. "II

42 - ^ x-.' U'J t m DON'T CRY, JV1R. BEETHOVEN... know how upset you and the other great masters become when your names, and those of your great compositions, are mispronounced. We have the answer to the pronunciation problem. Radio Stations, Record Dealers, Libraries and Educators are enthusiastic about the new long-playing record ^Pronouncing the Classics." It fakes the guesswork out of mispronouncing the names of classical composers, compositions and recording artists. It's New! It's Available Now! Produced by Record Source International, a division of Billboard Music Week, as a service to the record industry to promote additional interest in the classics. w- ', PRONOUNCtHC,. nc... classics jklas'ik's) C0^>0STO ARTISTS m 12" LP willi f^cofdo^ pronukioiiom of \h* npribt of 1000 compo^on anil tlinlf molt wtll-krtown tftmjl&ilftfrrtl, ond tli b nombj of 200 tloiskol parf^rmlng Worfoiiora by T, A. hutwdi^ Ciaii% ca1 Dlvlifon of London Rocordt. Pf«paration of fflfltariol by Cov^ney, Argol Rocord* r < lui $4.95 Wilh toch LP, Sfl'pago baoklal CZIJK indexing!! pl-inr»d namftt wj(h rh^ bond ood ntimbor of tbo spoko* pfonun«iolid-i* on tbc IP, " m PRONOUNCING " T'l". classics fklas'lks} CQwixm COMKJSmGNS wv«ft» *<» m* ^fc- *r>ru t-yr-rt. n For trade prices contact MJss Caroline Colloft, General Manager RECORD SOURCE INTERNATIONAL 156^ Broadway, New York 36, N. Y. 42 SPOTUCH7 ON RECORD PAOGRAMMENG SEPTEMBER 22, 1962, BIllSOAflD MUSIC WE?K

43 WSP Continued from page 39 * YVONNE BAKER & THE SENSATIONS (Ai**] PM: Kit Wllliims KfiMES: Yvorm-! fidkc^ S^nvrty Co ok, Alphowi Howtii. Curt^m. Home tcwn: Phit^flphie. llck&round; Rndio. 7V, perjonil UTC5T SlHfttfi Parfy A«rw» thq Hill b/w WD Chrfjts- PREVIOUS..KIT- Lef M< In. ik KENNY BALL & HIS JAZZMEN IK+PP) KAJ1IES3 Kenny 83Bf, Jc^nny Benfxll, troinb<jfie; Civq JoflU, dar'ner; Colin Sins, plind; Vic PUli, ijmi BflWden., drvnrti DEi PUIej', b4n\t>. HOME TPWN* lan^sn. IflCK&RQIHOi liti AsemHt recijrii f«pye r«wdj In 4Jr«l Bflliin. TV. nighf t:\uhi r pciwnal fpp^prencw. OEwovtred by EJrtEth vocdiil, toonlb Donegan- Won BWWi tsih MMil DJ poll as "rmost PiertiUinp Band" of 19^2, latist SIMfilC; 5d Do I b/w Atl Through, the KJohf. tatest ALflliWt Ruorded IJvel Mr-iy ball +?>d ' Kil JwjrTKPi. frevjous HtlSt Midnight Jn Mos«*. MldnlgM in Mumw-LP. BOBBY BARE (BCA Victor) PH t BO: Cliff Sis*e AtfMlitfi wmw-. At'il 7, HOME TOW?f ; IfOiMttn, Chlo. BACKGRDONDj RrtrJouily rccordfj for Ffdieirtily S««di for whom he WMd. Ihf* imash hll liftffie*-"all AJntrkan Boy," Fn Iha lart 1950's. TV, personji»ppejronck. OYHIR MCSICAl ijftir- Hfj P^nnqd fb'«of the rod:»ntf fpir feitvrwf fn the r«4nl nwllon pidure, "7«nipe WtlltDnaire/'.irBrrfna Chubby Checker, LATEST S1KC1C: $hene on Me b/w Above and Be- * HARRY BEIAFONTE [RCA Victor) BO: Belafoate Inf. SlRTHOAYi March A t \f77. HOME TOWH: Mtw Ycfk Clip. fducatioh: Hl 9 h schwl, drainajk worfc. ih^>. fiackgrounof TV. ftlira, tomtu, dubi. OTHtR MVSFCAL rhtiftesi: Cdleding Folk smgi. latest SiMCLEi FlfiMa b/w Rovnd the Bay of Mexico. LATEST ALWMi The Midnight Special. MULKJW Jlllfft: Bflrtana BWt Sciifj. OTHER HITS; Wdd 'Em, JOflj Scarlet Rlhhonjj Mdlilda; Marrvn* l«k at 800 Soo^ PA#fy*» Bay Child; Jamaica Fare- Mlfr Maiy, Mary,- (Jon# Travel On, Porgy and fiew' fivsth lenj Hornak Belafonlt Singj the fifue?; Bela- Fwlc Siivts cf Ibe CarlbixrJfl; An Ewsnlns WUh BeleFonre; CafypM; BelafOnle; aelafonta 4l Car' fjigre HaiF; Selefonto F^lk Singers ti Hen>e and Abroad; Jump Up Calypio; Helafonle Relurns lp Carnegie Hali-lP't, * THE BELMONTS Uml«H?rtlna) PM: Weimy Craeniielrf, BO: GjI.C, BIRTHfiATS: Fred Milan*. :-Auj. 24, )940r Carfo. Mai'anse'c. Od. 5, 1939ji" Aftgcfa O'Aico, Feb-'3. I^EI. HOME TOWW; Brqna, U. Y. EOUCATIOK: High School, HOBBIES) Fred, dolhes, witee tporli. difdnp; Ca/Jo, jau, bateb*!!; Angoto, classical l*s popuhf mudc. BACKCROtlKO: TV, nlghr ciuhs, 8IUBOARO MUSIC V/ftK. SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 Dion rewntl/ iptij groy? lo sda. 'See sepirate hlo.) CTHEft MUSICAL INTIftlSTi: Carlo pljyi yyftar, drums. freddle pu^t plar^. gullar; AnnHu pkys plano- LAtCST fijnglb: Come 0"». Li»l< Angel b/w How At*vf Mc CSabln#}. tatist AWlfM; Wish Upon a St-ir Hth Dlw on liorie]. PRtVIOUS HITS: 1 Wnnrfef Why; Ha One Knov/s; fssn'l Ptty,«?; A Uvfj't Prayer? Where or^vfl-en; When Yw Wish Upon a Stai (all wiefi pton tn leujle). ROBERT RUSSELL BENNETT CRCA VUlpr) SACWSODND: RaifJp-TV, leal! arrangecron-juctof, SflfT-neir has fong bun one df the Foreman arranj< erf of 8rflj<fivjy enusluls. Ke hat been cktety att&tlated Wilh afl of Ihe Radgcrt'Mammcrsltfn hill. LATEST albumt victory fl» 5ca, Vol. 3. WEVIDIK HITS: Victory al Sea. Vol. 1 A 9-lP's. TONY BENNETT (Calvmfcla) PMi Oeo Anthony. BO: G_A.C- t* 4L,, REfil HAAtEr AnihMty Domtnlck Qenedetro. RflME TOWN: Altwlfl, H. Y, fducfltioni Hiph school. Hi>B8li5c Pelntln?. photography, tifflh lidellry. BACKCROUND; Movlti, TV, night <Jubt, perscflal eppearantes. LATEST SlH&LE; (f lef! My Head) Irt Son Frarxltw b/w Once Upon. a Time. LAfCSf BIBOW: Tony PennoiB al Carnegip Hall. MILLION SELtCSS; Be- CfcUIO of VOU; Cold, CPld Hcarl; SPran<j<x In Paradise; Sags to Rkhij, OTHER HHSi Smile; 6Toe Vel'/etj YoumQ, Warm and Wpndorful? ] Wen'J Cty Anymorej Splftarer There'll 8e Wa TT<irppt Tonight; tony fn Perton; Tony's Greatest flits; I Ltff My Heart In I^en ffandsco-lp's. * BROOK BENTON (Meteury) PM: bare Dreyer. BO: SHjw ArtM* REAL HAMC: B-r^iamln FrankIIn Peay. EtRTtfDAT; Sept. 19. I«l. HOME TDWH-. Cawjen, 5. C. HOB- BIES; g«<ball, rending. OTHER MUSICAL INTER' CStj SonflMiHftg, CACKOWtUND: Hlghr ctytr, pericnat appcarjnoct' LATEST SINGLE: WlfK Ihc TOucb ol Yc<ur Hand b/w Ub to Me. IftTm AWVMa There froes Thai Sonn Awin. WILLION SEltmi ll J s Mt * Millet of lima b/w Sd Mri&y Wjyi; Baby (with pin.lh Wdtbtnglan], OTHER HfTS: Same One; KiddO; A P.ocVIrt' Good Way <whh Dinah V/aihtngicft}; Thartki Yau. frerry Baby? Trtdlessiy; The Wall; $0 Me.ny Wayir JHifhcr and Thilhir and Y*n; The Ties TKht Slrd; Thb Time of Year; F«!i RmIi tftj Frankle i Johnny b/w Jui? * Kause Wllhwt ypij; Rev«nge; Shad rack; Walk 0«the Wild Side: Jilt Record, * ACKER BILK [fllco) «; 33. HOME TOWH: Sornerset. Er^farud. BA<H- GHfllfNO: Clarfnetrtr Acker 811k *ud Ifli ParjoKH/nt laji Band are pna <if the rficiji popular Irt-d bands irt Britain, Wen OMWs 15?h Annual 01 Poll as F^crite ard M«t Pfyyed Solo IjiiirumpnTaHst of LATEST SINGlt: Ab«va ihe Slirs b/w Wfr Snnds. LATEST ALBUM: Above tha Stars? Wtmories of Kew Orfeenj Con Ascot). Mill ION SILLER: Stranger on the Shore, omk HIT; Svartger on ih«shorb-lp, BILL BLACK (Ki) PM; fatit Pa»T. IOj Conl^eertiMfnlyarnl Home TOWN] Memphis. iackmoono: PU^d cn moji of Clvts Pr«tey's /atordi,, backehg him wflh $ultaflsj Stfrlly Maore, Npw hm own combo. Per. sgnal opptarancci, cfuhs, TV. Recenlfy began hh own labef catled touii. Ww BMW't.Ulh Anny*! DJ Poll *i "Mas? Pliyt-d Inilrupuenf*! OrOMj*" ol OTHR MyStCAL IHTEMSTi Plays «ujt«r, bais, LATEST SINGLIi Btves for Ihc Red Boy b/w So Who?, UTC5T AWDW: fmrtn'. HIUIOH 5lLlE«t Smokle, Pert S; While Silver Sands. OTHER MITSi Josephine; Blue Tan^ Hearij of Sionep Ola Bui- ItrmllSt; $ky; HonVy TfAih b/w M-OVin"; Twist Her b/w My Girl JosapTilne. Thai WcoderFul Feelflnigr Let's TWIji Her-lP's, STANLEY BLACK (tendeh) SIStTHtiAY: Jum U. HOME TOWfc Lc-hdnn, IfiUCA' TIQH: Mat hay 5ch<»1. HOPCIES: RirfinD, 9«f, iw]rry mlng artd watching aoccer, BACMROJND: Started «ct*t.5ical pjinlit. Worked Irt the 'ao'i as plart- Itt and arranger wish vorigirt dene* bendt. R»dl9, TV, perw«rial appearances. Has been musfcal director *rtd wnpoitr of the itota of mafty Bfltlth fifms, rntfudeng "The Small Voise" md "lilil Martent.' - GoraldcMiS an aiilhorlly on In tin Amftlcan myik. OTHER MUSICAL INTERESTS: Cortdupfor, compomf, Prrar^f^ pi en St t, LATEST ALBUMr Spain. PREV10UI HlTj EalOtlp Percwj»pn-lP. GARY (U. S.) BONDS (Ltfrind) PM; Frank Gulria. SO: Assorlilrd RIAL NAME: OllytLei Samuel Scmdi. SlftTHDAY: June 6, HOMC TOYffli Jocksorwil le. Fla. EDUCATtDN: High ich»l. HOSBSESi Plintlrp, olf. SACKGflOUND: Started tlnglrvg at the jflf ef nlnf Ia Wj Church cbokr. Hat bun r«idtnl cf Norfolk, Va., for patt 12 years In varfooi l«af flight club*, LATEST SINCLE; Copy Ctt b/w HI Charge Thar Too. LATEST ALBUM: Twttt Up OfypFO. PREVIOUS HITS: Par-:e Till a Ouarler to Three; School It In. b/w Trip.to the f/ccri; IMar Lady Twlitr Twltt, Twill Sertora.- 5*v»M>ay Warkand. Panct Till Qvarfar JO T?ir«Wllh U. S. Bonds-LP. BOOKER T, AND THE MG'S (Sim) DEAL «AMC: Becker T. Jontt. BIRTHDAY; KpV. 12, T94d. HOME TOWN; tofrpht*. t&ucatloni High ttbool. BACKCISOUNOj Personal appearances. The AtC's; trans la led at "Menr^lift Gravp," Is simply lbe group jscd to back ihi- i/tlit on hli FAcmphh recordirtg date. The Jim label Is daifrbored by Allanlie RecOfdt, OTHW M'JSICAL INTERESTS: Phys strlrfl b^ti 4rtd Cv-jen. LATEST SINGLE: Green Onion b/w Behm Ycvrtalf, PAT BOONt tflotj PM: Randy Wwd-Jart 5pln». BOi G.A.C. HbUt TDWK; FJOfMHe. SOUCATIflHe Coilege, HDi- BUS- SpC'itj, BACKCROUKG: M^vlfri, TV, Aulobiography 'Twfit 12 arvd 20" wat bait wlhr. book wo! publlihcd "Between You, Mo and lha Calepott." NEW MOVIE: "The Main Attraction/' UTEST SJHOlf; Ten lonely Gtjys b/w Lowi's Lane. LATENT ALBUM: Pat awna't Goldert Hilt, MIL' LIDN SELLERS: A Wonderful Timt Up Thar*; Airt'f That' a Sftame; April love; Oofi'i fcrbtd fm-. FpiendFy Pantiatlcn; I Almdii lost My Mlnrf; I'H B«Home; Lpva lai'an in 1h* Sand- Hemerriber You're Mine? Why, Why, Saby, Why,- Moody Rfvtr. OTKER HITS: Detla Gojip; Candy Sweat; Spring Rain; Wpfdr; WalkfB" h* Floor Over Yoy- Chains of love; Su^ar Moon; It's Too loon tc JlfAWf-Bernardlnej Twft Haflrts; With lk«wind and ihf R#ii> ft 1h Vour GoWmine Irs the Sky; Beycrxi the Sumset; Side by Side (with Shirley B^one}; Tenderly; Bl? CoW Wind; TK»1'E Mr Dtti/ar Johnny Will; Mark; I'FI See You In My Draams;. Spaedy Gemrales. Pat Boone. Singi? Yet, Indeed; Pat's Great Hiif; Hymnt Wy Itv*; ilar Oust; Pet; M^oon River-IP's. (Continued an page 44) SPOTLIGHT ON RECORD PROCRAMMFNG 43

44 0 j\2)lk Tr [? Continued from page 43 * BOB BRAUN <D*Ki> PW; ftlctr Predudk^l.RIAL NJWIi flobt'l M Srov/fi- BIRTHDATr AprH 20, 192^. HOME -TOWH; Lurflaw, Ky. twjcat10«i COftStrvtrory of Wusk ]n Cifldnnatf. 3flCR&B0Utt&: ;W«1E knbwft Ift fht w-htrt ho it emit*/ ;smg^r and Hu-jb Oc^ni-lyp* cn sp-r RiiH> Lyonj '50-50" ifw# ntilch li ylmd in Cip<>m^ii r t4f ton Jnd Cnfumfc-.'S,. OhlD, IndloniPQH;; over 'ssairtn Vflw and N iffnukair c<i «dfo. All* rw lubi. ptftonal *ppeflranees LATEST SINGEE;..Till I>«4lh Dd Us Part b/w So U I Cms- JERRY BUTLER 1V«J*y) PW; Inf Kithm. SO. Thaw SlftTHDAYi D«Mfffter 6, HDMT TOWN; Son- Httwtf, MiH, EDUCATION; Hf$h ichooh HOBBT; C«kFng, <h«s, BACKGROUND: Night cfvbi, prf wnal appeararrfes. OTHER MUSfCAl IHTEREST: Sony«r!Hng. UTIST SIKOIE: Wakt U Easy on Y»r«'f b/w Il's Teo Eal«- UTEiT ALBUAti Th«B«1 C«f i<"y PKEVIOUS HITSi Dftarrtln'; YoVrc $l):t?cr; Find Another Girt; I'm b YtlfJng YciO; Rlvtfi Vl Will Sreak Vbyr Heart. RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN (MCM) HOME TOWN: L*5 EDUCATION: lw An^Un Cc-niervalcfy tjf Mu»k. background; Become ly known ituwah hit si erring fef* on KBC-TV't rve-dkal serks. "Of- KlldarQ." Ht wen a reccrdm^ conli'dcl afltr hit Fksf prpfcsslonol a3ngjng ippw, iftt«eartif/ this ytnr at a 9^1' ***' an a TV spetlan His amhlilcm 1o iing?ntf dancs in <f Yhpse big MOM fnosjtal moffpn pjdurrs- LATEST SIKGLE; Thpruc From Doclcr Kildaro b/*i A Kiss So Build fl DfMfn On. the champs (Challenge) PMj' Stars. Ud. 80: tka.c. AGES: 17 to 22. HOME IflWHi Daw Butgeis, kadtr. LHncoiter,. Cat if.? Dile Noitls, Sprtnglkld^ Miis.; Shbhy V^rrfs, Tu!w, Okla.r /Imrrty UiK Sankln, Tex.j Oa-th O-roFfj, Te*- HOSBIES: Eishi^ htmleng, sports. HACKGROUHDi Tfiort, pefj.&rrtl appter^ncej, TV, nighl clubi,.other MUSICAL Ih. TERESTS: PlVf. gyltar^-rrangln^^cnffv/rher; Oal, oltcfrk Bobb'/,. bass? Jlrrmi'. mi:; Diih r "drumt. LATEST SIHGLE; tailn Limbo b/w limb* DIVI. LATEST ALBUM: All Anmlcafi, MIUIOH SELlIt; Tequila. OTHSR HITSt El Rantho R«fc; Too M.sth Tequila? tfrabfl Rotk. WALTER BRENNAN * jq ANN CAMPBELL ^ BRUCE CHANNEL (Liberty) PM; Normio Brawkiw. BO; WM fabc-paratk&unl] (Cameo) [Smaifct A6 t 67. HOME TOWN:.San FefWftd* Valley, Calif. BACKGROUND: The wlemn Hpllyy. l PM: tan Seat. 60: OJk.C. RMt faarvla Monlgomery-Mirgaraf Cobh ood film AGE; 2t. HOME TOWH; f«kwtwllle f TtK. KOIIIES: -33 yean and Ihreetima Oicar wjhm;. began a filrthoayt July 20, IWB. NOME TOWN: Jm^oiv FoolbalL dewing, EDUCATIOH: High school, iatt. ftrw career In rdcvlslot and records when he was Vint. Ffa r HOBBY;.Movies. BACKGROUND: NlyhB GROUND; Got his first break on th* Vwlilirj Ivtee 60 yean old. He starred Im il^ years en A&C- ( ubt, perional appeararices. Began profetlkrial ta- HayrWe Show In Shieycpwt. La- Radio, TV. panoncl TVs Sefks, "Tila.Real McCctf," rcer as dancer. QTWER MUSKAL tnttrcsti SOftg- ippeararvcef. OTHER MUSICAL IHTIRIST: PJiyi latlst SIHCLE: HfibdiflT b/w The Old Kelly PliM. wrller. Guitar. LATEST ALBUM; Walter QfSPpnsrv. Nar/*t««World UTEST SIHCLE: I'm the Girl from Wofvertofi LATEST SINGLE: Come On Baby h/w Mint >acb.!ef Mincfti. PSCVIOUS HITit Outchman's Gold (Oot}.-.MnunSalr b/w Sloppy Joe [on CamEo). PRTVIOUS stvely. LATtST AlfitlW: Hey I Baby tnd 11 Dthr Old Rivers- HIT; Kockk LilKe Po/^dil-t b* ABC-Param^wnl). Scngi Abflirt 8aby, PREVIOUS HlTi Hfyl &*by. DAVE BRUBECK CColi'mhia* PW: Mr*. Rive Srrteck. 801 AJ.C. f fi IATHII AT: ^6 TOW Hi ConcOfit, Calif. EDOCATIONi Callage. MCKGROUHGr StOrfied fnirtlc ;*3lb neted- French ccrtr»cier Parlus MilKaud arvd Arnold Schcenberg. Af ItriB Brub«k wa^fed to. bo a veterl^trlan tc tmtfr.wd hit falhtr'j «1He business,: He and h3i quartet heve made r^'meroui a^' pebra«ei ori radio, TV r concert toors, night clwhi. LATJST SIKGLEi COdnliOWrt b/w ElevWl four. LATEST ALBUM: Ccvnltfown Tlmm. in Outer Space. PREVIOUS HITS: Take five, Srybeck PUy^ Bcrn. : jteln Plays Brybrckf Biuheck Pl*yJ a^betfcj iajii: Goes to Collepef Tfrr«Outj Time Fvrthef Dul LP'f B. BUMBLE AND THE STINGERS {PcnrfeivDui} PM; Rod Pierre NAMES; Billy 0rumbler Ron Brady. Fred Rkbprd- BIRTHBAYS: Bumble, July II; Sredy. June 11/ Richard, Jan. 14. HDKC TOWN: Birnibfe, Aria, Ofcf*.; B«riy, loi Angeles^ Calif.; Ritharrf, long Beach, Calif. EOUCATIOK: High school. HOfiSiESr. BomWe " dallng glrlt'''} Brad^ growing his bcerdr ft}thar<t r iefigwr t n9, BACKCRQUHD: 9..Bumble- ( :1art<d play- Trtg with.his faraihef's band and won atlcc forn^d his cwn-grovp. Btrmhle, gyltarj Brady, drumsr Richard/piano- ^ j LATEST SINGLE: Apple Knocker h/w The Moon arvd the Sea- PHEVJail5 RiTS; Bu^jblr Boogie.- N«t Ri??ktr- SOLOMON BURKE (Allanli{) PhLi M-SkU Lea tnicrprljes ACEs.MId SOk. HOWE TOWH/ PhlUdelphfa. EDUCA- TION: Hl-gh school. HOBBY* Rwdlng the Bible SACKGftOlfND: Pad Id, TV; person al appearanees. OTHER MUSICAL INTEREST! ScmyiwIsSng. LATEST.StNOLEr I Ry Don't Wenl To Know b/w Tcfllghf My Heart She 3s Crying. LATEST ALBUM: Solcenon fi-urfce's Grcateit Htta. PREVIOUS HITS; Juil Out pf.rench fof My Twa Open Anrti); Cry to Mb. ACE CANNON m URTHOAYe May 5, KOMI TOWN: Grartada. Milt. EDUCATION: College. BACK GROUND] RadiD. TV, pe/jonal»ppe8rar>s«, OTHER MUSICAL 1HTER- ESTS; BcsidH all* sa*. Cannon alsp plays larvor, barison* and rfiprano sax end clarlnel. Contp'ystr LATEST SINGLE: Big Shol b/w Re 11 <S4fttO). LATEST ALBUM: TcrFf-Se.": (Hi). PRFVIDUS HITS: Tufl; Blue! <51»y AW from Mr} [both on HI). FREDDY CANNON (Swan) PM: Baraeful Eftlerprftei. BO: G.A.C. SJRTHDAYr Pecrmber A HOME 70wn; Revere, M»ji t EDUCATION 1 High jchnol. BACKGROUND; TV, HOBBIES; Swimming, bajketbdlf, gulur, borseback rtdlng. OTHER MUSICAL INTEfifSTSi Singer i«igwrtter, Itotrumefttatllf. LATEST SlNClti Whil'i Gonfta Happan Vihtn Svmmrr't GPfte b/w Er-oadway. LATEST ALBUM: Freddy Cannon at Pallj.»d«Pe«k- MILLION SELLERS; Way D<rwn Yonder In New Orlcaatj Taliahatite Lallie. OTHER HITSi Happy Shatfrt cf Bluej Jump Dvcrj The Urjej Challanpoga Shoe Shine Soyj Okaknpktej Humrdtngrrj; Transistor Sislff; for Mr and My Girl; PalfsBdei fark. THE CASTELLS 1Er»> HA WES: Chuck GSrard, Boh Unfry. Tom HkU, Joe Xtlly, AGES; 17 Jo 21. HOME TOWN: Glrard, Uisrry, Hicks, Santa Rosa, CalK-; Ktllr, PetMismfl, Calif. EDUCATION j High Khfrth HOBPIESr Baling, tennis, «fi, swimminfl, bastieli, OACKGROUNR: Vrtst Coait dreiay Djin OSlllon had ihr hoys eul a domo rtcorj end submhled It 1o rj Rtc&rds who signed Jtvem to Iflf.g.iefm fecardlng cortlrtci, Persorul spp^ji^ncei. LATEST SINGLE: Stand Th.tro Mowitfllft b/w Dh Whbt It Sterna lo 8*. LATEST ALBIfMt 5c Thi» U Love, RfCViOUS HITS: Sid Eyes? Sacrrd.1 5o This Us lo'rt. * RAY (HARLES (ABC-ParatnovriI) (Atlantic) PMr Jiff Irowrv. 801 Sbiw AGE; 27. 'BACKGROUND: Blind jimp \he Age of Hi»}'the p«vi1. *f childhood IflneM, Worked Tdtman with bandt at 15 ind crganlitd flril tik- t : 17. Formerly -with Allinlk. Mew with ABC. Paramount. Hts started 0 new tabel-called Tanflefifie to rkotd new Uleni finds. IATEST SINGLE; Y«* ftfrfly Kwpv Mb V* C»r*!es^ Love (AfeC-Paramount), UTEST ALBUM: Ray Char1«CpfdJtsl Hi's!A0C>P#rimwneA WtUlON SEUIRs I Can'1 stop Laving Ybu (ASC-ParAmaunf), OTHER HIT5: Gtotflla on My Mind:, Slick* and Stones; The Dangtr Zone b/w Hll ihe R*»-d ikk* Unch-i'm My Htart h/w fiu dp the Other Hand, Bibyj BiW, It's Cold Oulild* (wllfi Betty Carter); Al she CSiA b/w Hide Not Half; Boto TO taso (all bo AftC-?»renwnij; Come Rain 6r Cdme Shine; A Fool fw too; l'(m Movifl* (jn? Halleluiah, I _ Ker $0; 1 Got 4 Womsn/ Thtt'j Enough; " Sw+nee River Rcgfc; Ain't TSiaSrLuvp; Let Ihp Good Tlmoj Rotlr Don't Let Ihe Sun CalcH You Crying (all on-an lantlc); One Wlm,-Jolep; IS* Got Hew for You b/w I'm Gonfifl A'.bve 10 she DuliVicli Town (all on Irnpu-lie), Gertlin After Hour*/ Whafd I say; Cenius.Singi Ihp Bluet; 0* Ih* Twist? ibe Ray Cbarlw. Story UH on Atlantic)? Dtdlwted la YoJt Genius PJu* Soul Equals Jaix (both on Impose); Modei/i SouAdJ In Country ap»d Weilerrv Altnic (ABC- PafamwnlJ-IP'i. * CHUBBY CHECKER fpatkwiy) PMi Kal Mann * Henry Celt. BG; OJl.C, REAl NAME:' Erneif Evans, AGE: 20. HOME TOWN: Philadelphia- EDUCATION! Hlflh : Mhoor. H0M1I5: CQllecrtfrfl records atvd awjmmlftfl. BACKOROUHD: Radio; TV, nlfihs etobi, flttrri, fseriordl appear an e«. OTHTJt MUSICAL IHTESESTS: Sorr5wr iar # puy* plan*. UltST SINGLE; Umbo Iwht b/w Pop^e Iha Hitchhiker- LATEST ALBUM: Don'l Knock ttrt Twist, MILLION SELLER: The Twill. OTHIR'HITSi 44 SPOIltGHt ON RECORD PROGRAMMING SEPTEMBER 22, 1962/BILlBOAftD MUSIC WEEK

45 ^ Huckfc&rtty Wwlfl locrd Shakln' Coin' On; T ; e CIJS5.- PWY &in«isip WWJ AfSuTT"?; Iri's TwlS' Aaoln b/w Evfj^lhln^'s &pnn* 5t All tvjht,- The Ffyr Jic^jf") Pofl Roti. C*lfh Bobby Ry- ^lll : Twl»1«n' U.S.A.? Slow Twlifjn'r D>n<ifti} pjilyp Lt^ Twilf Aaa r "; v 0u* T*3sS Partv; for Twill US jjjjly- Chubby ChecVtr-e&bby Rydelt? Far Uen twisius Only-UP't- * THE CHIPMUNKS flibmly) 901 IEiftt KAMS: ftoii Bapdac^Ian, airthoftye Jon. J7 1919, HOME TCWHf retjew. Calif, tducation: Cctl««. OTHER MUSICAL INTffiCSTSi S-onQwrltinj, irjanpln^ fwbflshlng. BACKCRDUND; Ccvjrrt cf fiill Sjfoyanv w f^ ht wrote "Cc-nvr On-A My K-t pw«de5 VQtw (via electronic maflic) irt thr Chjpmuokt. EATEST SlHOit: America the BeauUful b/w My Wild I Fish Rase. LATEST ALBUM; The CNpr^mfe c.j rfl Soefc. MIII10M SELLERS: AlfSn'i Karmsnicaj Song. OTHER HlTJi Bird on My Hpadj Alvin'l OrcHrsFraj Alvln for Prpvden*,- Rudalph Re-d-NflieJ Reindeer; The Afvln Twtir, * JIMMY ClANTON (am) PMf Cajtfne Mjfasji, BOi O.A.C. \ r V 0!PJttDAT: Sepl. 7, I9d0. HOME TOWW? Bar&ft Rwpe. la. COUCATION; CoUege. KflSftYi ivtimrtfr*. OTKER MUSICAL IHIEKESTJ: 5nnff«eiHr«, f.'^ys guuar. LATEST SllrfiLE; V«Aul fn Blire Jeans b/w Highway Eaynrf. LATEST ALBUM; JImm.y'a Hippy.JFrrvny's fitiie. WILLWW SHIER! Jint n Drrtm. OTHIR HJTSj Op, Jimfty, Cp,! Anoihev Sfcepleu Hfghi; Cpjtw Back fc/w Walt. ^ CLAUDINE CLARK (Chancellor) BIRTHOAV; April 26. HflM IOWW : HMV, Ci- LQUCATION: SfurfirJ motkhf acrr^spsilirn at Coomhi CellES*, Phir*ddphla_ HoaaiES? Writing potlry inrf play;;, leg/fling lh* lalest tfjj>cc llepl. PPiylrg b«ebell and lafinlt. DiCKCHOUWDi PrevJoyily #«- Vfrded fw Hernld and Opfh^m J?«oidj. Her amfcllion b lo prrfom on 7h< legit In elrher a dre;na or corvitdy. Riijin, TV, penanjl *ppcardnc«. IAKST SINGLE; PiKy Llgbrs b/w Dtwpointfd. LATEST ALBUM: futy lights. * VAN CLIBURN [RCA Victor) RM: WSillam Mi, jtj. Columkla ArltiH PlllTKDAYt July I?, HOME T()WH ; Itr. EPIKATIOH; C0IU9P, BACKGROIINOi Read mirtic tncj played pfano before he was three yearj -olrj, Winner of ivjmerpul vnuilul, awar^f, Indvdirvg iho Sco-lel Union's lntiff\jtior4l Tctrtlfco'rtky Piano Comprtiricn Jn I9ifl, tafest JtlCUM: flfahmt Ccncersp No. J. PSIVIOUS Htf: T«hsik<<*'ik, f'i Piano Concorlp No. I LP. * PATSY CLINE t&mcil PiM: Randf Hughes airtkday: Sept, e.!932. HOME TOWNi WonchHter h 4#, EDUCATION: High IcbDOf. BACKCftOUHO. Pig break time a 5 ivfmipr on Art hi; 1 Godfrey "Talent Scout" prograrq fn Ptrscnal #fpeofances r rojio. TV. OTHIR MUSICAL UfltPElTt PUyf plafto, LATEST SINGLE! Then You'lt Tnow b/w Hwngfy For BILUOARO MUSIC WEEK. SEPTCMfiER 12, 19$2 Lovr. LATEST ALKUAii Stnflrwnlally Vouei. PREVI- OUS HITS*: Wilkin' Mttr Midnight; Today, lomorrow -anif forever; A Poor Man"* Rich«j I Foil to Pi««Fj CfOTy b/w Who Zan I Cwnt On.- Sht'i Got Yov- Walkln' Affpr Mldnlght-LP. * NAT KING COLE (CaplM) PMt Carlos Cartel. EO: C,A,C. fllbthday. March 17, HOM.E TOWN: f^l, gtv-nery. Ala. H0Betf3: E-»jfb» 3 r pholwraphy, oolf. lflflck6hou?n3! Morirt. TV. -night ebbs, OTHIR MUSICAL IHTERESTS: 5(Jn«Willr4, piano. LATEST SINGLE: RamhNn' Hose b/w TSie Gaod Tlnws. LATEST ALBUM; RamWIn' Rose. MILLION SELLfRSr Hflfurc P-a>'. f^nn Lisi; Tod Ytmng. OTHER HITS- My lav?; You Made M* L^vf y W ; Answer My Lcrvt? A BSOlJOoi Felf; looking flack; S«fld hr M.ej Prctef>d; Diffrt^tltW; Oraifio^c-hJrrd Sky? ThaS'j All There ft to That; Roil U\H in Ihc Sunlet; Tlrtw tnd Ifip Rivcrj Whafcha Gonn* Ci. E*eFyiime I Fed the Spirit; To V^hayn Jt May Concwn? The Very Thought of Yo v.- CoSe Upw*; This J Mil King CfrJt; Jw$t One of Those Thirds? Lovo IS Iht Thlrt^: A Mil Amlgai; Wat Cofe 3-ings/lht Gf-jrge Sheofif>g QuintM PJayj-tP'^, * PERRY COMO (RCA Victor) PMi De* BUfoe. BT>i G.A.C. BIRTHDAY: Miy 16, HOME TOWNj Canomb^rgi. P*. EDUCATION! High school, HOBBY: Coif. BACKGROUND; Owned»wd bt^berahop at 15. U«t 1942 w««band singer wish Tt* Wdw* <.rk, Langlame Pop-rstrf NBC-TV star, LATEST SINOLEt C*te«ina b/w The lilap.d of forgottafl Love; LATEST AlSUUi By RequwP. MIILIOH SHLLKRSi Bccayse; Cntch 0 fallsng Stir/ Magk Wom^ntsj Oon't Lei The Stars Get in YouJ Ey»j Hoi Digglly; Hubba Hybbaj Papa Loves.Mam. Em? PiEsonar tf lave; Rwnd ind Round; TempiaiEon; Till the frnj of Timer Wauled; SVhen Yon We/<.$»'«} SiAfHO. OTHEft HITS; Vou'ra.Follcwlng A 4 *; i EJelaware; All el O^xe Yco love Her; I May Never Pail This Vi'iy Agiin; Yw Afcoe? Z^nj, 2 ng, Ztnjm, Zoomi Make Scvneone Hpppy, da. Coma's Golden Recordlj I Believe; When Yw Como 1o the Ervd cf.b Day. For the Young «r Heari; Sing 19 Ma, Mr. C.-LP's. * RA> ONNIFF (Columbli) BO; Ray Conniff Enl 'F''ia* BIRTHDAY! H&v. 6, HOME TOWH= AlHeborc/ M«l. EDUCATION; CoUe^t. flobblcsi AMisfc, bods RACJIGPOUHBr Started carerr *1 lideman wfrh narr^ bends-arfk Shftw, Bunny Berlgan. Sob Crosby, etc. OTHIR MUSICAL ihterestsi CanducHng, arrj^tftg, t^wbone. LATEST SlKBlfj Golden E»rrjr>gs b/w IMKl h Cone. LATEST AlCUMt *S CanJJneniat. MlLlfDN SEUTRS] Young d CanrtjfF Mrds Dullecfleld; 'i Wv*Arrtv\, 'S Marvofouiij Cortterf Iri fthyshoi? Concert.fci Rhylhm, Vol. 2? firwdway In fchythmr Hollywood In Rhythm; ITl lb* Talk as th«tc'wn- LP'i. OTHER HITS: M*dn5ph1 L>M, PJl. 1 & 2, MemoriiJ Ar^ Alade of This; Sam*body lovei Mxr So Much In tdva-lp't. * SAM COOKE ffca Vic1«-> PM: Jt«Rifld, BOi W.M. AGE; Early Wl. HUME TOWN; CKiwgo. ICUCAcTIONi Hfgh khooi. HOBBITSi Swimming. EACK-,'GROONDi Sang wllh tht Soul Stiffen-, ^ffjpel proup,' ; for itve.'d yeart, njohl clut'i. TV. Forrrxrly reoardeij ;for Keen Rtcordi-. OTHER MUSICAL IHTLRE5T; Guitar. ^ LATE ST SllfClC; Hiring h Parly b/wr firing-it on 1 Home To Mjs (RCA Vittor). LATEST AlftUWi Twisrln' 'hp Nifihf Away (RCA VictorJ- MILLION JELliR:.You Send Alo (KNn. MEVIUUS HITS: Cupid; Cham Gang; Teenage $904(4; Sad.Mood? feel It b/w in All Righl? TwLittn* iht Nighr fiway [oil bri RCA Vietor'j. Wondefful World,- Along tho Navafo Trail? Wlih Your Love? Lovf You Mosl cl All; Cveiybs^ly Likea ro Cho Cba f Only Shteeiij 1 Lo»e Yc«(For Sariilmenlal Reaioni] (-all on Keen), Tribute 1o the lady (Kern); Sam Cooke (RCA Vktorl-tP'i. * <'HE CORSAIRS Cloff) PM: Abnar Spector»nd Chuck Fly NAMES: Jay UzseTI, James UrffH. MOiei IftaeOI, Cevige Wo&ren, BIRTHDAYS; Jy y p Ok. : 19-iO; $fpt, 13, 1959; Jan. 14, HOME TOWNr jlb Grange, M, C, EDUCATION 1 High achonl flao;. GROUND: NeghJ ctut», perjon#! eppearaftcei. LATEST SI HOLE: Dating Shaded b/w While. PRC- VI0U5 HITt Smc-ky Placw * DAVE (BABY) CORTEZ [Ch«i> PMi Waller Mw^r. 90: JoHv Joyce ACF: 20. KOME TOWN? Ddrol«, MkK IPlCAIIOHt High school, itlf-taught musk]an. KQfiaiES; Sketching, BACKGROUND: Previously M Clccfc lefcd- OTKER MUSICAL 1HTER ST$ : Songwriting. LATEST SINGLE: Rinky Dink K^U), LATEST AL- BUM: Rinfcy DtYrk foicssl. PRCVfUUJ HIT: The Hepqy Organ (Clotk). * FIOYD CRAMER (RCA Vklor) BIRTHDRY: Olt. 27, HOMI TflWH: SJireviport, La. loucariflh: High Khcfll. BACKGMUNOc Has pfeyed lh«piano on d»t«for mmy nlhic^-mlkr Victor #rttj1s ( {rtcf4<di*d Eirls Pmley, Jtm fteavci and ihe firqwns. R«omiy wj/ir on a p.4, lo'jr fa Swlh Atrk* with Chef Atkins *nd 3fm R«avei. LATKST SINGLE: Icier? Wrwif h/w Swing La>V, iiti5r AieUHi J Remembe# Many Vrttiiimv MtLLJON $ELtEft: tait D*!d OTHtR HITS: On Ihc Robour^!; Sar, Arrtonic ftota; Harig On b/w Vwr L4Lt G«dbyp. Chattanooga Choa Choo,- Last Date- LP's. * JOHNNY CRAWFORD (Od-Fil REAL NAME; John Fffteit Crawford. ACE: t6. HOME TOWN; Los Ar.gplaj. EDUCATION: Ifigh ithodf. HOI- BII5i CoKecis raje AnwiiMn and Camdiaft ceim atvi silent fyrttlcn ficlure!. BACKCfiOUNO; Acfar iohnr.y Cr^wfoo-d fr+dt hk Hollywood Ihealflcel dlbyf it Ihe age cf 5. Has appeared in many radii, TV and Ijlm nolei. Cuftertlly pjays fhuck Ccemars' i<4 In Ihc ABC-TV Mr<n. "The BiFlefTtjn." LATfiT SINGLE: Your liosc 'T C^nna Grow b/w M*. Ek-e. LATEST Al^UM: A Ycvng Man's Fanty, PRE- WIOU$ HIT5: Pilli Ann; Cindy's- Sfrihday. * KING CURTIS (Enjoy) (Capjlal} RTAL NAME; Curllt Dusky. filryhofly; Feb. 7. J93-4. HOME TOWN: Fwl Vlti\h. tuucation' High «h». BACKGROUNDr Radio, nighl efvbi, perioml app^jc anw. OTHER MUSICAL IHTEheSTS: Plays tt--.af sax, go liar. Song'A'fiiift^, LATEST SlNClf; Beach Party b/w Turrt Tm O^i ^ CepllcrlK LATEST ALBUM: King Cunk Country tpul [on Capitol}. PREVIOUS HIT: Soul TwJs? [cm EnioyK * BOBBY CURTOlfl (DtLFlt PM: Bob Keen* ibc U. S-} BIRTHDAY: ApjU 17, 19<4. HOME TOWN; Part AflhUf, Qni, r Canada, EDUC-ftTfOW: Hl<^i whool. fiackgrodhd: He rkcfih c«r the Tarldh label In Canada lor whom he has had nu.-nr-rous bit dbvs. PeriOrtal appearencrt. LATEST SIJi&LE; 1 Cry inrf Cry b/^^, 5ig Timi SpihdfA PRIV1QUS HIT: Farluneteller. * BILL DANA {Kappl RM: Shtrwln Ea,h, BU; W.M. RML WAMIt Dill Sjathmaiy. BIRTHDAY: Oct. $, 1«4. Home TOWN; Qulncy. MiW, EDUCATION: Colfr-gn, BACKOROI/NDc Slarfe-d at t twfitty team Darva and Wood, wish college buddy and pta'fef! Uieatcrv, nfgm tkibs and TV. Secame tomedy wrlier Tor Sf(>vt Aller* Show wfterr bp c/eauit end became his famoui wmedy cnorodef, Josp limtnci,?ft- *lous(y recorded For Slg^itgre end Roufeifc R^qr^. OTHER MUSICAL INTEREST; 5on5«ritins. LATEST SINGLE- Jose tiwat iu O'bi? b/w Prns Cenfprente Wiih Jwe Jimener En Orbit, LATEST ALBUM; Jam JlfMMi in Orb»i/0lll Oina «n Ejrih, PREVIOUS HITS; Iht Ai-tronjut, My Narr* Is Jdsp Jintti&H (Rowlciick Jose Jtrncnei at the Hungry I IKippl-lf'T, * VIC DANa (DaIron) VWi Bob ftehderl. BD; O-AX. BfRTKDAY: Awguit 26, HOME TOVWi n-jffnlii. EDUCATION; High whpol. HOBBIES: 5c-5rti K i?«. PACKtROtJRDi Starred as j dmtef. Bidlo f TV, night clubj, perional appesranert, latfst 5IKGII: (A Girl iittdi) to and Bt loved b/w limp Can Change, LATEST ALBUM! Warm jt>d Wild. PBEV10US HITSj Link Altar Boy; I Will. (Contiwwd ott page 49) SPOTLIGHT ON RECORD PR 00 RAJA All NO 45

46 America's Newest Sweetheart n the Country-Pop [ n D W D Tn K. WITH HER SMASH NEW 4 STAR RELEASE "COME BACK TO WICHITA JAMIE 1231 * f BILUE IBM" ballad with warmth _ P ver J B^llbctard Muaie WeeS;..» 8/18 IJ»U» SPOIIIOKT ON SECORD PROGRAMMING SEPTEMBER , BIU0OARD MUSIC WEEK

47 OS Tb- i n k IIJ WICHITA CITY LIMITS A, cof o m DO :r KOW m I ti 1 k*-. 'h m Jvi5 JfiA a> S&i r 'V. B S?5 % sd. 1-"^ K m. 2235^ Exclu&Jvely Exclvsiv^ Mgt.?IH JAMIE EliMio IIV.'M FRAMES Pf '!I. 504 Co mm ere fa f Bldg^ 5hfeyii M>ri f lo. BILLBOARD 1 MUSIC WEEK. SEPTEMBER SPOTLIGHT OH RECORO PROGRAMMING 47

48 AUGUST +, 1962 PRICE $l ( «> Bm\ VILJSIC WEEK IN TWO SICTIONS SECTION I ems* AVAILABLE NOW OF THIS BIG r OVERSIZED 18g-P6. VOLUME 1962 S3INTERHATI0NAL MUSIC INDUSTRY f Buyers a master survey and summary of the music-entertainment and coin machine operating industries THE GREATEST WEALTH OF MARKETING DATA r SOURCES OF SERVICES & SUPPLIES AND MERCHANDISING KNOW-HOW EVER COM- PILED! EXTRA COPIES OF THE " IntomctMonal Music IndvsFry Buyers' Guide & Market Daia Directory" are avallabn? N-O-W as fong as the present supply lasts^ & Guide MarKcl euvwr ouioi secuon W-Ktfd MjMH-torWire Wuki-r fvvsmkt-rf * AH SwppWi I Sf*kH * CWl AUCUMand fitblrtbutaa M. S. Rmrtf IHf tart Data ifealuuttij Rrport SPECIAL FOB RADtO-TV BROADCASTING! MAHKrr ATA CROAT CkAal Karard &al««fry C#unlry Wartd fcnprfti A Erpor** n4 Ca-H-h* U >. S»U. Af*W Invaluable Aids giving Agencies that provide; Radio Programming ScrvScos, Radio News Services, as well as Music licensing Organirations covering Radio-TV Broadcasting of Licensed Copyrlghled Music. TO GET YOUR COPY, FILL IN THE COUPON BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK, 2160 PATTERSON ST., CINCINNATI 14, OHIO Ploaso send me ( ) copy/les of the Intornational Music Industry Buyers^ Guide & Market Data Directory at $1 per copy. I am enclosing $. Nome. Com pa ny. Street City. Nature of Business. in payment. (print plotnly) State. Zone: My Title. AS 5POTUGHT ON flecotin PRO0RAMM1NC SEPTEMBER 72. BILLBOARD MUSIC WgtK

49 Wo)P Continued from page 45 * BOBBY DARIN (Atco> [C*p\lQ\, PMi SUvt BIsunif. 10. C.A.C, DfAL NAWE; Wjldtn R. SailOffl. BttTHDATr Way H, IWT. H6Wf TOWN? Ntw York CJfy. HOMlfS; Cflir<e-1jnn odd Vftivti a?%ij hi>1tl kc)-*." BACKts^UH^s TV. rj-phf ctwtj. Mirrf«4 l» Cilm su^ iandi'* Swhdied to Cjplfol fttcoidf fhii nwnur. tint tp?flp Caplffi^ "If * Man Arttwf^," 6» 1 b«1*1 W d m* w*tk- DTKtB HU5ICAL l«- TrtlSTS: SopflwrUJnc^ ptefs ^\Ue. pljr>o f bm, dfgrm, vib«. MOVIISt "Pcint Blank," Alto "11 «M*?! Aniwars 1 " wlofi $j!>dr4 l>«, If.TEST SINGLEi ThiiWl h/w JiJler, BrJna M«Wjler UTEsr ALBVMr Thrnfli and O^c Thfnoi ion AM. WHLfON SEtURJ; Ortwi lova^ AMck l^tt Kftllfi; of itia HflOr Spflih ifllaih. OTHIfi WITS: Ai-lificial CCffrwnllrtej Vi'on'l \oj CpfTio KwT>r. B?fr Bailey; I'll.? Thfrfr th» Sea- RlsiPi Janoj BtJihcombor; Eaiy Rlvfrr; Nalutt B&V? Vou Hava Biab a BaiyrlCwl Boby; You; MyhfplJcjtJor; Whaf'd 1 S*y (Mi 1 and 7) (all < «Alco). Twijl WHh Bobby Derm-IP CAf<«?)- JAMES DARREN (CotpS*) PiMs Jaycr Selrnkk HEAL HAMfs Ja^iw Efcobnl. BlRTHOATc Otlrfwr, 1Y3d. HOMH TOWNi PWfj^lpWf, pj.;, WUCAflOHt Kifih fthool, HOBBIESj A*;fo racirw^ boalnij- BACT- GROUND: TV. fifmj. LATiST SINCLEi Hflil ih«conqua^ng K^is b/»v TM You^g To CO SttOiSy. LATEST ALBUM: Lovr Ih* Your>fl ( PBEVICUS HITS: An-^sl fict b/w 1 Don't Wanna Loso Your Cwibyo Cfu-*! Worfrf; Mt* Royal A 4.Jlrtty; Copiclencc; faary'j Ui-?! lamb; Jam»i parrrn, Vol. 1 LP, JIMMY DEAN (Colymbfal *Mt Af S^on#. «0,.W-M. AOfi 33. «DMT TOWN: Plffrviiw. TfX. HOBBIISi BoaHng, water ikllni), ftshinsj.' BACXCftfiUNt: ftadto, TV f suflvner n«k, personal appcarancei. QTWfS MUSICAL INTERJ5TS: Ptay? plino, O«0<di0rt> 9ult4r. LATEST SINGLEt WMfc Slack Book b/w Pkas# Paw Jhe Biscuit- latest ALBlMi Cfg Bad John. Mll- (IDN SILLER- BJg Sad Joh/i. OTHER HlTSi Dear Ivm; C* u?i Cfueen b/w To j Sltwlng.'frwty? P-T. 109; SJorl Men, ^ JOEY DEE & THE STARUTERS (fcuhllc) ftai Dob SO; JAlly Uytr NAMES: Jwy Oaa^ Carnaifi lair/nor, WHIa Oavfy, Larry Vcrakfi;. Pavid PffDa*i- ACES: LaTimor, 22; DavlT. 21: Vtmkri «nd Drlgall, 2J. Doe's blfibday hint II. 1940/ HOME TOWN: Dee/ Pa»«I<, N. 1/ ItHJCATWN; HTgb iisfkjl. BACKCROUND- Thh \* tht tp ju/t tbe Iwisl pfctfy ekcifemeri ai New York's off-sroadway nlgsr club c*lf<d rhe PappeTOlftt Loutvje. ftodlo^ IV,, film*, pitor-ir^pt^arancci. KRW FILMS: "H-y. Lei's TwJsl," "Viva le Mil/' LATEST SINGLE! WKtl King omw«h Thii b/w.winfl^fng. UTIST ALBUMt All ike World Is Twlsl- In'- PATVIUUS HlTSi Pewermlnf Twisf; Key,, left.twtslj Shwl (Parts I B 2). Ooln' iht TwtjfDi Ibt PepptrmfAb l.o<ing<-lp. BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK, SEPTEMBER 22, 19fi2 MARTIN DENNY (Liberty) BIRTHDAY: April , HOME TOWN; New York Clly- EDUCATION: College. HOOBIISr Skirt dlvlft^, cojletling rare instjumeats, composing^ lackground; LJherty'fi fl-&r. direcfor in HonoHifu. Hawaii, LATCST SINGLE; A Tarte Af Ksney b/w The B^gMer Side. LATIU ALBUM: A Taifp cf Honey. PCEVIOUS HIT5: O'jlet YIMage; Wartirlqua. flulef Vltlage; Hypnotlqge^ AfJO-Dttkr Forblddin tslirvd; PiimMiVB; fxontt. Vots, 1, 2 i a-lp's. DICK AND DEEDEE (Liblrty) PMi Wilder Bros. A Don Ralke RT4L HAMEi Olcfc SL JoKn and Deedtc. ACT- Oiqk 19: OMdM, 18, HOME TOWN) Lcs Awl«. EDUCA- TION: College. lackgrotlnc? PariDnal ap^arahtf. DmR MUSICAL IHTEHEST? SonB^'HSinn^ LATEST SINGLE: All I Wanl b/w Life's JosB a Play. I Aft St AtSUMr Dlfk and Dee Dae. PREVIOUS HITSi The Mounlaln^ Higb; Tell Me. DION (lime) (Calumbia} PM; Sal BaMferfe. BO; O.A.C. BIRTHDAY{ hjly HOME TOWH: BucrtK. H. Y EDUCAriOKi High «fioal MOhfit: Eoaki ijn shew bwlrieli, wele/ ipofl*. lackcrounoi: F^rmc rty lead iiwj wish ihe Salmanf!, TV, night clubs. OTHER MUSICAL INTEREST! Plays gullar. LATEST SINGLE: LJtUp Olene b/w lesl iqf 5via. LATEST ALBUM: levers Who Winder, MILLION SELLER; Tearustf In Lc^* (with the OTHER HITS: In fhc SlilJ of Ihe Hlghl; I Wonder Why; Kp One Knowsp Don"! Pity Mc; A lover's Prayer; Whrrt Pf Vn'henj When Vm Wish Upon a Star (all wslh the Befrrwnfsl; ionali' Teeiuger b/w idha Ml«Blve; Havin' FuP b/w l««rlh Call fncl of the fcjner; Kuiiarc^mtf 5M* b/v. 1 Rgnaway GifJi The Mainlfc b/w The Wanderer; Lovers Who Wandff b/w (I Was) a-3<n 1o Cry. ftunaroond Sue- LP. * FATS DOMINO (ImpertilJ PW: thjrlrt levy^ HO: Shaw BIRTHDAY; feb. 24, HOME TOWN: New Or lean!. BACKGROUND: A* 10 playrd pia^s a ^4 sing in henky-tcinks. M-jifled. s3k chaldfen. Wi^ht chjht, casern. Film?, OTHIR MUSICAL INTEREST! S«ngwrlllrg. LATISt SINGLE: Kolhing Naw {U** 6ld Thing) b/w Dance Wilh Mr. Domino. LATEST ALBUM; Million Sellfji by Fats. MILLION SILLERS: Don"! Came Knpeikin'j Wilklng tc New Orlaaoii Ain't I) «Sharne; All by Myself; Slue Monday? 81 u«- berry Hill;: Doll VVeevlf; DorTT Y-xi Leave Ma This Way; fai M^n? Gcirt' Homaj Cbih" to the Vrvetp I Lived My Ufa; I'm in love Again; I'm Walking? PLrne Qpn't leave We; Thinking nf You? Whole torn Lovl^f Yoq Y<nj ifrre Me. OTHCPt HITS- Pul Your Arrm Around Mr Honey; Three Nr-ghti a Week; I've Been Around; Be My G^wt? Whan Wy Oraan* awi Cc»mei Hornet I Want ra Wolk Yw Horn.*: I'm Gonnva Be a Wheel Ssmedayj Ce^ntry Boy; Before I Qirow Tuo DPd; Tell Ale That Yov Mo; I W Reocrdsr My Girt Josephlnr? Narural Bom Lover- Afn'J That j^ir Like Wanvsn,- 'rthit a Pricef $hy fiab; Fell in Lcve? it Keejn Raining; Lei Ifie F(H?r Winds Bl<nv h/vv Oood Heat fed Man; Jarrbaysla; Yw W^n Agalrv fabvlov! M». 0; Rwk J rt r ftollfri'; This is fan: ThH 1-t fats ficmlnoj ft Lot of Oommo:: LP,, j, * DON AND JUAN (Big Top> PM? Pftl» Pawl REAt NfiMES: DC-ri, R.flljftd Trofla; Jwart r Clauds Jahnsqn. AG IS: Don. 23? iuan. 28. HOME TOWN; New YcrV Clsy. DACKGRDUNDj ftadio. rl^.r dubi. perjoftjl Appearance-t. OTHER MUSICAL INTERISTS? O-an plays p3anb r luart, sons-writer, LATIJr SINGLE i Tw> forti Are 'We b/w Pol Lwk. PREVIQU? NIT; Whal's Ywr Hamt? * THE DO VEILS (hrlwirl BMi Naf Skjrtl/BOt G.A.C HAM'S: tin Sifry, lead; Arri:8 Sasln, tirllc^.e? Terry Surmxra, firsl len-sr,- D^nny Brixiki, bail; Wlke Pennli/ ircond lanw. BIRTH DAYS: Bany, Xi^t 12,.1942? Safin, May 11, 1943? Surrmtrj, Gee. 29, 1943? Brwks. April 1, Oer.nii, }uf>t 3, 1943/HQM.E TOWN: PhikdelpWa- XOUCA- 7iON: Hjflh LOBBIES: SwrTonirg, baikti&mi, baseball, slrls. petrling. BACKGROUND! Radio, TV. penonil apoeararwes. OTHER MUSICAL IHTIRtSTS: Sunwrtfi, ditfmi, 9viUr 4 jila/y&r Vtnn'tt, ggltar, LATtST SfNGUE; KuUy Gully Bihy b/w Youi Lart ChaMe.-. LATEST ALBUMs All the KllU ef the T«n Gwopi. PREVIOUS HITS; BrJsloI Stomp; Oq Ihe, H«w Confjnttntalj Brlrtpl Twiii r: J Artnle. * JOE DOWEll PMr Doyl«Wilhatn. 80i Vfllfcllm Agartcy} Afil: 19. HOME tftwlfe BSwmltigtqn, 111. IflUCfc TIOH: College. KOBDItfi Swimmlrvp, Ei»hFnfl, liur.fi- Hig, beiketball. BACKGROUND; PeiwiBl appftrarv;e». OTKIR MUStCfi.L INTERtSTS: plays goltjir, songwrlfina'. LATEST SfNGLEt litth Red Rented Rcwhoal h/w Th4 One I L*f! fcr You. UTEST ALBUM: Joe.DoweFI Sln^ the Grrmail American Hlli, FRfVIOUt KITS He*rt (Vw 1 Dennl; the Brfdgt of Love. * CHARLIE DRAKE (Unlied Art fits) fl IRTHOAT i Jvfia 19, HOME TDWH; LontfM. HobbieS: eoxing. collecting dsggars. pasntlng. flihlrvp, wiling short jtorles and film scripts. BACKORDUHDs RadiOj W, persowl appearancei..^ulisr SlHGits TangleFoof b/w Orake's Prcgrets. 5PSEV10U5 HIT: My Snamerang Won't Come 8atV * THE DRIFTERS (Altaflt) PMt. Geara* Traadwelli BDb Shew NAMES: Chortes Thpmai, taotf tlnger? EMtfcvry Mub^S ^qyrrenlly scrvlrvg In the U./S. Army); Doc C-roer*, lendrj-ruisy lewft 4(id Tcrrtfny Cvans, HOME TOVfHc All fr<un Fit* York Clty,.,«xrtj>t-Rudy from Rhifi adflphie. Thftr "7j las-j>t, 8i l Oavi?, else ffom Philadelphia, BlftTKOAYS! Chartn, April 7, 1937;.EII»- bury, Au^uil 4, 193fij Goto bar 0, 1934;, Rudy, AuSMt 23, 1936 end Tenvny^ Sepiernbef» f BACKGROUND: Ben E,. K«ng. their Fprmor lead singer, ow [eccrdlr^-.sdlo for Atco label. Group Hai played fttiftttrous paatsnal appaara^iif, njohs eiubi in u, $, end Europe LATEST SINGLE: Scmclinies I.Wonder b/w Jtzipol IATEST ALBUMc 54ve Iht Lai1 D»OM lar M4- MfU LICH SmE»: r thprt Gots My Gaby. DTHEft HITS: Iqnlpy Wlnd^; WsUc CKrhlrrvtts; Adorable? Soldier df.'fwtune;- 5lte^>boatj Withoul Love; Teearwe of fteve; Sevan Oayij Honoy Love; Ruby. Baby; (If You i-cryl True Love; True Lcwej Dance Whh A'e; This- 'Mnck Momeht/ Save Ihe tail Dance for Wf? 1 Cctml Hie Toanr Som# Kind c' Wonderful; Please Slay; loiwllnivs or Happiness b/w Swters fo* Mr Swear; When My LHUe Girt 14 Srtilllftg. * DUKE OF EARL (Vee J*yl nh Cirl Div(4, BO; Shaw REAL NAME: Pugone OliWJ a!i«for* Char#dlfr- BIRTWDAYi July A HOME TOWN: Oilcaao* BACKGROUHDt Rftdio. personal appearance!. LATEST 5IK0LE; Ycu left M.e b/w I'll feltfrv Yw. LATEST A16UM:.The Gwke of farl. MILUClN SELLER: The Cuke ne Eatl- * THE DUPREE!. (Coed) : NAMES: Jciiitph Mike Arnqrie, tons BLalaglow, Jofin S-alwefD. Joe S^ntoUo- BIRTHDAYS; April ; Sapi, 19, 1943' Nev, 5, 1940; Joly 9, 1940; July 23, HOME TOWN; Jerwy.City, N. i. EDUCATION: H^h jchool HOBBIES: Sporfs, beat*, r«ina carl, fbhfng. BACKGROUND: rerwnal LATEST SINGLEi Ton BelCAfl to Me b/w Take Mc as t Am- (Cotttintted on page 51) SPOTLIGHT ON ReCOftD PROC-RAMMINO 49

50 BACK IN BUSINESS With a Smash Hit' J VENUS IN BLUE JEANS ACE #8001 m TS / s i5 7 Minaganwnl: C. Br CUHTOH 6956 Alrfw Cflurt Bifoi.R«ge/La. EjcfmlftW: ACE RECORDS V«J4T Rwdws Bock^gi: GAC 50 SPOT11GHT ON RECORD PROGRAMMING SEPTEMBER , BILLBOARD AKJSIC WEEK

51 Continued front page 49 * DUANE EDDY (iitnuj RCA Vfefor. PM: Al WlWt-Hori Cvrtil ttitthbayi April 26, 1«S. HC>Mt TOW^r Aril, IMCAtlDN; Hitft ItKfr&U HDBBItSr Swimming,. jiihfn?. A-TicricM Mslo^y. BAC*- CROllNCi P.adJo, Films, ptrsonil i&ptarmcrt^ ^uit jrg«if wilh ftca..v2t7flf fftcordj. NEW F>lWt IhP pjssworif 1} ^og/49^< LATEST 5IMOU:-Tht Dill^ cf Paladin b/w Thfl VfJId W«tamm Ccn HCA ViclojJ. LATEST ALMM: Twanjy Gu^rar, Slfky Ssr^gs (on RCA VklC*)^ MlLLIOK SELLER] BpCJ-jsc Thry're Yevng fco OTHER HITS; SbaiBmi; furl/ MIFm of Bad ReMd; Rebel. Ramtr; ftevin' ind Gj'fiiyfift'r Ram- Rwl? Cartrenball; The Lonely Oip? Yepj Ssmt Sind-3 farf^cjubkci T'OfPf Gunrr; PWJ Hi** Twan^y GuSlir, Will Tfivrli Qonnft Cttt ACk? The TwaAp't ihe- Thing; Theme frcyn Dlxf*,- t>r[*in' Horn?; My Blv* tk&vii h/w Alon Ce-ivp Linda IdI3 «n Jafnre]. Million Dollarj. Worrh..cf TwArtg {on iamse)- lp - * VINCt EDWARDS (Dwta] AGE; firly Wt, «DME TDWNj B.ookly^ foucfl-.tionf Ccilege ar-d *\w ^lydirt Kling at rhe Amerfcsn AcBripfliy 1^ New VorL KOseEES] Swimming, ercafiv* w/lrifig, flying. Fdwaxds h also an arfyacate- ol <iroartk4llr B^n fwdl Bfld lla'pi In ihipt by (Hling *<;ahts and gym wedtwis, BACKGROUNDj prlimfily known iat hk *tar' ring role!n ABCTV^ rrfdlcat Mfi«. "Ben Cejey." Kat ill yppeared In many sljg# and lilm rolw, Jnclotflng * tmall role on Srotdwyy n "High EM'ton 5h«5."»nd e roid Iwr In "Como B«-;k. LHiRe Sheha." Has «pearpd on live and fifm TV iliows such as "fi.f. Thoarpr,",r JCirth' M<k Present" end "UE^Iy."»le will make his nfjht cfub debut skis winter lei 111 Vegas. LATEST SIHfiLE: Oon'f Worry 'Bouf Ale b/w And Now Ion De-icel; At You C«ffe Alf b/w LoTltpop Cen Ctpm\. LATEST AlBUMi Vincent Edwirdi Sififli (on tiuh,' rofe of C^nna Rttd'e ll4u$sttr oa Ihe TV strkt, "The Ocrifia Reed Show." N!*{c of NlMtte fabrey,»h* tlerted «a dancer, and her btg eeleng break came f.n 10S3 with in ipputbnu on a Frjak SlneTJA TV ipetucular. Has Iscs appeared jp fjlmi. LATEST SINGLE; The Things We Did l*it Jwmmor b/w B.'eJkiftg Up.It Hud to Do. LATHI AlSUWi ShrillY. PREVIOIFS HITS; Johnr-y Ar^t; Johnny LflflMt Mc, * BENT FABRIC (AlMl REAL HAME: Dtnl PabricluiS'eSf'ro. AGE; Middle Ki't. KOMCt Denmark. BACKfiPOUNDs Mr. Fabric rj hiad of Afftronomo fucordt in Penmark. En odifilion, be l» ajjo 4 swchsful i-^r. rnin, «pmp'mer, planlsl and IV perscnalcty. He is htif and sfir of h popular Salurday nlghi Oa^itfi TV tftow called "ArppiyJ 0 Pifw"' where be presenrs v^rlaut gvcjf sl*rs end pl«- ys Ih«pfflno. LATENT ilnglli Alley Cai b/w MJrkin' TfrDP. * PERCY FAITH (ColvmhSil BIRTHDAYi April 7 t 1W9. HOWE TDWHs Torotno, Canadi. EDJCATIOMi High tch«l. HO?BIE5: Do If. JKlfre intni. BACKCHOUNOj Ridic-TV «n^j l«- r muiwcil dlr^iw pi CplumhU ftetords, OTHER MU- SICAL IWIERESIS; CoodocHny. ettenaing, tompollng, LATEBt SlHGlFf Theme From "At!rise and Comenf" b/w ^ac<?jel(r>e'5 Joujfiey. LATEST AlSUMi Th* Alusic of 8f«in MllLJOK Stum; Thtrypt From "A Sumrar Place"/ The Song From "MooJSn ftfluyt," OTHER HITSi Theme For Y»ng Larerlj SwcAiih Shipi«lT; Oelkitfo; Ttllj Amor; Tbtnt Frcrn J, Tfie Dark H the Top of th* Ssacft/" Cvnelot; Wajchic Cutrn; SouquH of love If't. * FERRANTE AND TEICHER junifed ArlijEi) HO: VC.W. HAMESc Atthvr Fertaoie, twit toichir. HOME WWHi FerraRte, New York; liltbej, Witkes-Bine, Pi, EOUCAtlOH: Julltiird School of Music. BACK. GROUND; The concert psanbti met i\ Ihe age of ilx as sfciufcnft et JuIlllPrd- M\9* V>', pirsc^pl appeanricei. Previausly rwordri Toe Wctlmlntler. CclutrAila nnd amount. OTHCft WiUSICAL JH- TERESTSj Cofr^'Mlna, orrflnylny, LATEST SINGLE: Till Thfre Wat You b/w LIda R«ie (ABC-faramounty. LATEST ALBUMi Poslcirds from Pans (A8C-P*r*meoft13. PREVIOUS HITS; Theme from "The Apart rrttrvl"/ fxodut.- Thefr* From "Cccdhya Ayalit"; Torlghl (all on Vniled Artiusj. West Side Swjy* F«tr*rtEe and HHN' Love Tbenwt; Golden Piano Hill; Tonight [ill on Unlled ArthU)- LP't, Term.: EDUCATION: Cclleae. H0B8IIS: Hunting, ;f shln7, ranqhing. eackgrgukdi Fewnaf appaa'- ^ncei, OTKIft MUSICAL JHTEREST; Songwrlting. LATEST S1NCIE; Ha$t and 'aed Irort b/w issng. LATEST ALPUMi I Lovo to Tell the Story. MILLION JILLIR: Sixteen Tons. OTHER KtTS: SpfrU- r uisif Nearer I he Crtti; A Friend We Have; Slrvg a Hym* Vi?ith Mer Hyfrvni-LP'i, * PETE FOUNTAIN {Ccr»f> BOi Jjfttii Siphfee HIRTHDAYi JulyS. 1MO. HOME I0WH: New Qrltaas. EDUCATIOH: High tcbwl ACKCWUNDi AB ifle Of ^10 ^tudrad as jghn v/ipg'> state Pand School of Music. Joined Lawrence Well; lurw 1957, Lefr Welle iwo yeart ago and returned to \i:t field, LATEST SikGLT: Talkin' *0wt You Ib/w CorriM Corrlna. LATEST ALBUM: The New Orlear.i Scene. PREVUJUS HUTSt Cloief Walk; Pete Focnrafa? Pete Faun I a In Day; feafew Lwrgc; Kfw Orleans,- Peft Fc/nfafn's French Cvarfer Kew Orteant; Pele Founijin-W Hirt-Bwrboo Sreeet; Fete Fouritilo'i T Muilc Fram DxkIc LP'i, FOUR PREPS [CapffGlt PMr Mel Sheuer. BOt UnJled Tileflt HAMESt Don Clarke, finoce Sctland, Glan Uirion^ Ed Cohb. ACISc All ift earl/ TQ'i, HOMf TOWN; ;Hollvwuod. EDUCAmH; Kigh ichwl. BACRGBUUNDt Formed sree-'p Irv high schoab. first btg break came vie gutlt itvst an" Errtrf Ford's TV show, Pcrtortjl appg^rancas, <lvb- tfilfi, LATEST SINGLE 1 Alice h/w Gaorf Wphl SweelKeail. LATEST ALBlfAt Uffipui Eircore, MILLION SiLLEft: 3i MI1«. QtHSE HITS; DOW* by the StaNori; Uty!Summer Wight; Dreimy Gyts, 91b Man; M.ore Money fw You. The 7wf Preps- The Four Preps oi Campw-LP'i, CONNIE FRANCIS <MCM> fmt GeersP SBbeefc. ^5 * EVERIY BROTHERS * [Old 4RRT Tewn] FINNEGAN fwarver Bros.) (Cad«< } BO; OiA.C. AGE: 51, HOME TOWN; New York Clly. EOUCATIOH: BIRTKOATS- 0dp. Feb., 1W7j Phfl, ian- I9 r?9w, Prcs«ftlly 1 Kirt^f It KWl* Oama. HOBBIES: Swim- HOME TOWKl Srownie, Ky. EDUCATION: High sthmj. MOBBlIS: Dcn^ inuque yuiu. pn'rilng, photography? mi^p. tfincin?. track. BACROHGUHft; Bidlo, TV, perionil appearanck. Aho an apt dinceir ar^ hefrf^ Phil, iparl ««r hortefcbek riding. BACKORODND; his record [fig succeu will Had afl adkig bid. Worked wlih pirtnn at fifyiily sfngina stcvp on fccal rod So ihw from tlrrvt they were cfybi ind OTHER PAUSKAl. ihttpests: Ff*y» gullar^ pleno, drumi md dabbles!n s-wuwrllllngtlx. TV/ FMrnwiy wilh Cidcnct, r*y* wfih Warner e«*. Dcfl retenmy mtrrrcd lo British.lifrast,' UATEST 5IMGU; Oh loneiow Me b/w Knock cn Vrnrtia Sffvemoo. Both, ire turrentfy acrvtfig in Wood. PREVIOUS HIT: Gear One. the U. S. Marina Corps. OTHER. MUSICAL INTERESTS; Sonywriflnp, oultir, +rrari5etmntt t LATEST; SINGLE: That's Old fathioned b/w How TONI FISHER c*n I Meet Her? [On Werner Bros-K LATEST AL. (SlgAelJ Big Top} SUM: The Colden HiU of Ihe Ev«sly Brothers [on PM; "S^Md" How. RO: GJk.C. Warner Bros.). WIUIOM JELUkS: Cathy't Clewrt CWarne; Bros.}; All I Do Is fireanv Bird Dog,- Sy«, ACT: 3D. HOME TOWN: Los Angeles. HOBBIES: Skiaye Uve? Wake Vp* UIHc Susie [lit cn CadenceS, ing. hutiflrvjj. BACKGSOUNDj Bcc*mr ifi eniefiamw OTHER HITS; Whun WtH 1 Ha lovedf Be-Bop A- at the age of ieven, puferrulng go Iccaf radio, lulu; Pi blems;-take a M,wsag«lo laa.ry ; fiihj I Pertonj) ippejfjrjtts,, focal radio and IV, nlghl KiMidl Y6*J; let If He; like Strangers f+ll on Caclirhs. dance}; Stick With Me; Don't BldfTt«! Me h/w Musk^ LATEST SLNCiE! W*$l of the W*ll b/w WbaE Did fat; CryrrB In the Riirp (alt on Wbfr*r BrM-.J, t Oo (w BI5 Tcp}. PREVtOUS HITi The Dig Hvrt (on Slgnefk SHEUEY FABARES (Colplji) REAL HAME*. g-ent Fibrfcrvs-Bgefie. 'AGfj Middle 1P44. HOME TOWKi SanU Monica, Calif, EDUCA- TION:. High Ithcol-. HOBBIES; Swlnvnlnfl. bawng: BACKCEgUNn; Actress Sbellty' fflbares pliyi Ihe. aillboaro MUSIC WEEK. SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD (Cipitel) PWi CtMlJe SUM BIRTUPATj Jeb. 13 r KGMt TOWN: Brfctol, * t - V ifl». REAL NAME* Conjtjrvsc Frawntfo, BlRTKDAYe Dec. 2, HGME TOWN- B^JIevflk, H, J, toucationi High jcbwl. HOIBY: ColJeclina stuffed aolmeh, OTHER MUSICAL IWTEREJTSi Sangwrlllrig, aic«rdtwi t plarxi. BACAGfiOUKD; $lgrud «rmr «ehlfd TV 'Sfogef, TV, nlgm "club?. Wen BMW's 15th Ar.nual Ditk JwRey Poll as "Wait Ployed Ffmafe VucalUr" md "Fe^wlea fei^le v«ansr' 0' }r«writ' jipfi a boo\ schedwlod for fall publihlion called "For Every Yduab Hear?-" LATEST SfNGLE: Vecaifbn b/w The Biiiaej! Sin of AFL LAIIST ALBUM: : Csnnte Ffancfs Oince Pertyl Mil LION SlllfM: EMcybody'i S&mtbody'i fwl; LIpsilcV on Ycur Cofllatj Frenk^p; Who's Sorry Now?/ Mtfiyr Mamj. OTHER KITS: Too Moivy Sujes; Joijcthfr; No One; Where the Boyj Are; Breskln' In a Brand New Rroken Kearf; My Henri H«Mind of Us Owft; MolMoenaj Jealous of You,- stupid Cvpldr G^d 9Ims AmrflMr Atncfyg J.'.y Souvenf«; My kapplress; I'm $orr/ 1 Mode Yw Cryj Fallln". Many Tears Ago; Scnii M-Mta [Wilh Nc«.One); When the Bay In Yoor Arms b/* 1 Baby's firil : [hrijtmej; Hotlywood b/w [He's My} Drefmboot; Don't Br«k the Hfirt Th4l Lam Ycv; S«cond-Hend.Love. H«we Gieaiesi HHi; C«nn»e Frmcli et the CCipa; Slngt to a Swinging B*nd; Oo the T*JiBp Never cn Sur-Jiy-LP's. (Cqnthfued on page, 5S} X-"' SPOTLIGHT ON RECORD PROGRAPJMING 51



54 Vee Jay Records is on the move... The rostei Vee Jay Records hears witness that regardless of Americ accepted the challenge and is ciutently providing music t THE V, % AST r- 4 SEASONS A * a Sherry Sr Vee Jay #456 \ JIIVIIVIY CLANTON \ "VENUS IN BLUE JEANS Ace #8001 THE CAPRIS ti LIMBO Mr. Peeke #119 Plus sucil outstanding talent as Jimmy Reed, John Lee Hooker, Eddie Hi! 54 SPOTLIGHT ON RECORD PROGRAMMING SEPTEMBER 12, BUtBOARD MUSIC WEEK

55 jortant Artists associated with ied musical tastes^ Yee Jay has Ve AY [ills the desires of every one. RECORDS 1449 S. MICHIGAN AVE., CHICAGO S, III. JEE CLARK GENE Pm Going CHANDLER (Duke of Earl) tn to School Vee Jay #462 "Tear fo»" Tear" Vee Jay #461 JERRY BUTLER rr 'Make It Easy on Yourself Vee Jay #451 And Now His Latest Release "You (an Run r Bui You Can r t Hide 1 A Vee Jay #463 ^r-x+7js i-r FRANK IFIELD U 11 I REMEMBER YOU Vee Jay #457 2 Hmions, The Dnkays. Then, loo, the finest spiritual roster in the Inisine&s. aillboard MUSIC V/CSK, SEPTEMBER 22, POTUGHT ON RECORD RROGRAMMtNG 55

56 TAGGED FOR STARDOM! o current smash single: PLEASE b/w A TOUCH OF LOVE H 1007 From Dick Roman's New Long Playing Album: THEME FROM A SUMMER PLACE Hanagemsntr Exclashrtlfi Sooklngs; BON PiMurr o Tib, HARMON ASSOttATB HARMON RECORDS GAC SCPTEMOER 22, 19«, BHUJOARD MUSIC W«K


58 "u 3 [1 [S 'ijmiilira'u 1 * Coniinued frofti page J/ JUDY GARLAND <Cip^plJ PMf FrPldi KfAL NAM-E; Frtnth Cumm. EACKCROtlND; A fhcw bgiinfss'vefenn slrice The si 1hr«; 5*»p fourtd wl?h Tier v*/devll!e u^ji she yrii ligntd by Ni-Q'M PldtTfj when >Iif *«13.' Gtoru# Te«el; su^fijed she thange her r*r* to Judy Garhf^.!5he ii»er»1ly b'**" up 0,1 ictma. Her g'iaiesi moskds hlfj were "Wi«r<t. 0'/" >.!«in :f>t. Icvli'' "The EdsTor Peradc,".TpW^a; fn SO'i and Ibitnched a nlfery-cchcert ca#eer, dlmiaed by appfjra'tkm ar the Palate Thesrer and CafnegSe Hail in New Tprk- N1"H FILAISj "a CMW Is Waiefr^," rs he reltaied mld-dkc^hef; "The L«ne!y 5ta9*" *nd "A ttjafl^ut of OLKr." LATIST.SIHCU; Zhg] Wtnt ikt ZftiW of My 'Heart h/w ftock-a'bye Yw Bahy With a Disk; Mftedy. IATE5T fllbum: The Garfand Tevch.'PRF- V1O0S Kttj: Dear f/.r* Gflbk; Yw Mr- Low You; Spine'^twfe Over the.rainbow? The Boy M*d Door; The Trolley Sortjr* Mefl Me in St, Louis Mf«Show SuiWstr"Judy a! Corneqt-e Hall^lP'l, BARBARA GEORGE CAfOl im CO; Shaw BIKTHm; August \& t TOME TOWN; Nc* Orloanip ID15CAT10N; High Khwl. BACKGftflUKO' NFflhf Clubl,' pefio^al»pp<aranck. LATEST:,SIK&lEi Ufti lor Mo llf You rf«d Se^ lovihl b/w.0l«s YD(J L^O). LATEST ALBUM: T' Know lafoj- PREVIOUS HITS; I lyou DDn'f Love Me Mo Mora); Yoir Talk.Abcut love Ifc^lh Oft AFO), DICKIE GOODMAN loeiiwandj BIRFKDAT;^ April 19, KOMC TOWHt HfwNH, H;.Y, IDUCATlOHt Cclfege,. HCBBT; H(jrs«racing. MCKOROUKD: TV.;. rword hop*. OTHER MUSKAI thterests; Sor^Tifliyj, Afraftarng. LATEST SINGLE! Bto Cwy-h/w Fflp Side Draenond). LATEST ALBUM: Th.e Many Heads of OHWa COwfmin PHLVIOUS -HUST Flying - SauMfiyr The: TotMhablw? The Tcuchablcs in 07o<rfclyn (atl on Mark X), EARL GRANT (betea) PM: Lta Mag 14: BO: WJA. floet 02. WOMt TOWN! Okrahoma CEty.. EDUCA TiflHi Cc-Heocv.'KflBBlESt.fteadlog.i.teivrerri and to-jlectlng elasllcbt rphydsr BACKCROUHO: Forie^r r»j ilc" rw-thaf. Night clubs; TV, Flfrnt and personal ap-; wirances-ewih here and atrood. Cwrrpnriy making; lilm difcwt -In -rfeafufid role In ' 'Tender Is Ihe Might." OTHER MtTSKAL INmCSTSr Irt addit^n 1o Ihe- pla-np an4 pfgaf*, Crant alw nl+y» she drumi a'rd rrumpat. ' LATEST SINGLE:-Sweal Slsleen Bars b/w LearnTO' Hip BluM.' LATEST AIBUMJ Earl Gram at Satin 51. eait. PRBVIOUS HITS; le^isa ol BambM; Swlrtfl- In' Cerlly b/w Beyond the Reef, Edd Tide #nd Other rniitu?nteital FavoriiH; fiayond >ha Ree# j>nd Other Irsliuinenral Fa-jafites-LR's, JOE HENDERSON rr*id> KOME TOWNi Gary, Ir^d, HBOIYi )\h brand^r-r 1962 Cadillac ftwlsf C*r. BACKGROUND; Hlghf Cftjhs,. personj.1 apppaunm!. OTHlfi MUSICAL IN- TEREST) Sonsvrtiflng. 58 SPOTUOHT OW RECORD PROGRAMMING LATEST itkfilii AiHf living You b/w Big Kurt, IATTS7 ALBUM; Snap Your Flngerl. PREVIOUS RIT- Snap Tour Plr>p«i», THE HIGHWAYMEN m*\t4 Artlits} PM; Ken GntifKfi- BOf G.A-C. HftMES; Stave Chan Danieli, bfrl-by Burnerr t Oil Robblitt, Dave Ftsher. AGES; AH are 22. HOME TOWt: 5utt?> Krw Yfi^k City? Oanlell, Buanw Airei; Burreti, Mystie. Coi^-; Fiiher, Haw Haven. Co ft". EDUCATION; Seniors at W«.lay*n UnfYe/ilry (n i.iiddlct^rwn. Conn. BArtGROUNOi Ffllk ipuik group 0*1 61 Ktipgl. PersCrtll apptaranmj. OTHER MUSI- CAL INTIRESTSr ByLLfr pleit WWi Daniels. play» g'/lfor -Tftd choeaopd? plays puhar, iangos and waratas; Fisher, ploys gwllir, banjo, f«cardcr, Ixjngaa Ai^d ll fwlcol orreng^f W* c^rnlrtt 61 grc^p. LATEST SIHGLIt The E-irdrw b/w Cindy, Of> CEndy. LATEST ALBUM: C«KOre. PREVIOUS HlTSa M.ichftel; Cbtron FiaWs b/w The Gypty Rover. The Highway men LP. Al HIRT (ftca Vi(t4e3 PM; Pfrcall. 80: A.B.C. HOME TDWHi S'rw Drleans. EDUCATION; Cintlnnall C<«iiervai ry cf Music. HUBBIES; Sports, soucmet ar-5 thef. BACK GROUND; ftafe TV. night alubs. person at appear^ncei. LATEST SINGLE) Td!Wft J Thai Rivtf b/w Al 01 LB. LATEST ALBUM: A) Hlfl flt "he Mwdt fiifli. PREVIOUS HITSr lle't Ihft King; Al HIrt-Grf9te>t Horn In the WorWf H«n A-pkrvly [Alt «n RCA Victor): Ffta fountain-al Hift-Bourbon 5l«eC (on Coroll-LP'i. EDDIE HODGES 80; WrM. BIRTHDAY: March 5, HOME TOWHi Halliatbyrfl, Mill. mucatiflhi Hftfi ichool. HOBBIES: Botebjll, movies, fpdtbell pid swlmmfng. SACK- GROUND: TV, film, o leading rs?lc in hit Breadway mwlml, "ThB Musk M6fk t " NEW ftlmi "Sirtrv mpr Magk" whh Hay'-ry Mills- IATIST SINGLE; (GSrls, Glrh, (Hrlil Ar4 Made to Lave b/w I AUTce Belitvp Is'i You. PREVIOUS HITj I'm C-onna Knstk on your Door. EDDIE HOLLAND 01 own) PH.; Barry Oarrfy AGLi 21. HOH? TOWN: DelroU. IDUCATlOHt High Hhool^ BACKGROUND! Pc^onal pppefcfanc«. Freviously recorded Tor Unltad ArlSsts Rccord%- IATT5T SINGLEi It's Nor Too late b/w If It's- love. PREVIOUS HIT: T*--nie. ik BRIAN HYIAND (ABC-Para-n-'ftunO {Ktppl PM; Sam Gordon BTRtHDAr; Novemher HOME TOVIK: W«dfiavf«( H. Y, EOUCAnON: Sc^horoflre In hljh k>kioi. ROfiBtESj Sowllnu. jwimmiftg, baikttfaall, BACKCROUHRi TV, rtigm ctob, personal appeal ancfrt. Will pppear oi> ji Jackl-e Gleatort fill ipecracvlar. Started slngino al nrtic in church cbon. Pievlcujly rece-'ded fo* Kapp ftecords. OTHER MUSI- CAL INTERESTS: Playj w-'iler, Mt, tl^w. LATEST StNGLEi Walk d L«ne!y MlLe b/w Warmed Over KISM1- ia0c-pn»n>ckinl). LATEST ALBUM. Scaled With a Kilt (ABC-Par+m^nl], million SEiiERi ihy 8(Tir "Teenlc Weenie Vellcv Pofka Doi SlklnJ <K4ppJ. OTHEB HHS; fowf Llarre H«lt? Thai'i Much (horh c-n Kepp)r Let Me Bet&ng t^ Youj Glnny Come Utilyr Scaled Whb a Kin tall on ABf-Parampunth THE IKETTES (Atoo) PMr Ike Turner NAMESi Alice Fay*, Robbf* Jehnjon, Afmrtead. lackgroond; The grwp war or»glnilly forrrrfd to provide iht backing for fhp VCKal duo, Ike and Una Turret PeisonaT LATEST SIHCltt Heave ft y L^ve b/w ZiUf?* Zwn. Zum- PRCVIOUS HIT: I'm Biur flhe Goofl-Gcng 5«na). ISLEY BROTHERS (Waftdi NAMES: Rsnald, Rud&fpH and O'Kelly. AGES: Earfry 20X HDMI TOWN: Clrrclnnall. GACKGFIOLHO] P?e- jussvily ^c»fdl ^ (w SCA ViciM* Penonal aftgelr LATEST SINGLEt TwiJlirv' Wllh Lfnda b/w 8*1 Set Com# Homo. PREVIOUS HlTr Sbwl Vicrprb Twist and Sboul tyn Wgrd}. Vr BURL 1VES <D«c»l PMt Helen Ins, 60. W.W. REAL NAMTt Sufi itlfl Tvanhw IVM. aihthday, June U, HOME TOWKi Hur-l Ciiy Tcwnsh^ \\[ ' BflCKGROU NDi ftadl«, TV, BuoatfwaVr Film, w '.!cml apfrfi^na^- Vycll knswrt f^r hii B«o»d^ and fltw version Of tm 5Iq paddy rplf In -.ricisec Vrilllfitf»s J "Cat on a Hot Tin Raot." NEYr FILMf "The Spiral Road" wilh R«V QTMfft MUSICAL IHTEREST; Plays ^Ifar. LATEST SIHGlfi Cell Me Mr. In.Belween h/w ^ Yco Gdnnn Do, Itrvy. LATEST AI BUM: It's Juist My Fvfjny Way of taughift'. PREVtflUS HITS; LHlli Billy Tcarj Funny V/ay of lati^hjn'. The V«r»Tilt Burl tvtc-lp. ETTA JAMES (Arga) PM'. k-hn Levy- BOi UnWrtsel ACE: 23. HOME TOWHr Los Angelesi EOUCATIOH; HIgti sphnal, 8ACKGRGUN0: TV, parsoml app<ir. antes. LATEST SINGLE: $tpp ihe Wedding b/w Strrei of Tears. LATEST ALBUM: Ctr» AJm«SEngs for lovwi. PREVIOUS HITS: Trust In AI Llit- All I Could PO Wn Cry; My DeiiWl DiJllnj;. Otnzi With Me, Henryj Dc-n'! Cry. B^by; Jpmithln/j Co? a Hold an M*. JAY AND THE AMERICANS ftlaired Art Ills} HAMISi Jay Taykr. Sordy Yegud*. Xenr-y Rw-ffibfffff, Howard K trie hen baurty BACKCP.OUNO: Sjdie, TV, nighl dub*, pt'ionel a?prarancei. I ATI ST SINGLE; Y*$ - b/w Tomorrow. UtE^J ALBUM: Sh< Cried, PREVIOUS KIT; She C'rtd. BERT KAEMPFERT {0<cc*> HOME IOWNJ Il»mbl)f5, Btf.mfcfly. CACKC^OUKD; Well-kn^wn EVKwn compos**, cpnduclor and *(- f^ngef made debui wirh Hans ftuich's or<h«ir> ki Oanel^, After Wurld War II fframd-ms Awn biai, MUSICAL INTIRI5TS; Play? darsnet, 5«aphe«i ( piano ^nd accdidic-n. LATEST SINGLE: Garden Wfngl In I hp.sun b/<r» Chnderelfj Afler Midnight, LATEST ALBUM: Thil Happy FrtHn?, MlLllOH SELLER: Wc^dciland b? Nighr,.OtHIR HITS: Tenderly, 1 Cafv«i; N&w iaj Foreref* Mrikaan Beat, wonderland by Mlghtj Panting In Wonderland-LR's. STAN KENTON (CapStel) FM: Wargarcf.Sharp, floi A.H.C, BIRTHDAY: Feb , HOME TOW Hi v Wichita,. Kin. EDUCATION) Hi$h «h«l. BACKGROUNR; ihf «l«ran hand leader h««k»de nuirjeroos appearanw- on radio. IV *01! on concert -eppmarirti, both here and abtoad. One of the rirrt *rjisr{ li G3n C«?i'Pl RKPrdt. KqnfiMi has been with Ihe label since OTHER MUSICAL INT5RCSI? tup piano. LATEST SINGLEt Warm BJue Suream b/w Co Sack. LATfST ALBUM: The Scf-hlnIc4fed Appie^h, PREVIOUS HIT: West S(d«Sl5tfy-LF. BEN E. KING rwco> PM: SftO Artiiti, Inc. 80; CirtlP Artlrts ihome TOWN 1 New Yark City. BACKOROUND: Wtl rad jlnger.wjih the drifters 4n ^AHatvtk libel. Reieally l*fl Shem to go wt «-e single. Thtatut, night club*, parser»l «peafdntts. OTHER MUSKAl HTFREST; Songwriling, i ATI ST SINGLE: TO") 8 ad. b/w My k«<l Crlrt fi' Yw. LATEST ALBUM: Ben E. Ktna Sing* f ' I Lm-m, MILLION SCLLIRS:. There tpn My Bibr fqn AUantic with the Driflprt}, OlNlfi HITSi SUnd by Ale; Spanlxh Marlem; Souvenir "&f P-'-nHo b/w Ampr; Don't Play That Son (You Uedf- SEPTEM&Eft 22, B ILBOAF:0 MUSIC WEEK

59 * CLAUDE KING [Cahirnbiik> 9M & BO: Iklfmm Franks InK t upyt TOWHi SflMVtpcrr, EDUCATION; Cnlteae. hunijng. BACKCROUKO: giy.fl, fv, prr^onjl appcarofltrt. latfst SINGHr Wolvor'on Mountain h/w Lhlh eiir f JJeiff, LATEST ALOyW* Wect ClaoAf King. KINGSTON TRIO {Capital) CM: Frank Wcrbcr. eot Ifnllai T*lMl fi J»m«U Sapkler UH; Air In mrd'ws. MOMS TOWrt: Bob 5hdM P Hiwin? Nick R<-yjioldi r C6iC^&d6, Calif. IPOCATION; Collrgp, HOBBIfS; Bob, watflr rtlln^ svrflng, bull toll fjflbfi; NJrk, W4l«f skunp, spoils car rjclr^r nckgroono: Won BMW's Nsh Awiual Cisk Jockey rail hi "faosi Pl*>«d Vocal Gdcop" cf 196?j V/. c-otafis, nighl ctobi. Davo Cvard left ibe yrnup tut yeaf and ww replaced fcy John Stcwarf, Itcawily wllh fhc Curriiejland Tlnee, latcsr SINGLEJ She Was Xw Good 1q Mr i/w W^cirt Town, LATCSI A16UM: Somcthlnn Special, HIlUPH SEUIR: Tom O'^ley. l>thfr HITSt fvtr- Qad Mart Bluftdef; El MaCftdOfl; WflffiNj Manj Ceo CM U; M.TTA,; Tiiyana lafo Ypo're ^onni Me b/# En El Where Ifjve All iit Gorte. The V.lnsiton TrfOr hon^iy lp Klnjitpn Trio el large; Here We Agalnj SoW Cvt; Sfrirtg Akng^ Coin* PUcen Ktnpsaan Trjp <Imc Up; (blflfle Concert; The Best of ihe Kingsim Trio-LP'j. BRENDA LEE (Dp-cf») PMf Dub Albrlllen. BOi W.M. BISTH5AYr OttenUt II. }W. HQM5?DWH: At' 1 lenlix BACT.CR&UNO; "Regu!a^', on "Ojark iubslee." Cuti*.iw»*4ranees on TV. personal ppcarancw,. LATEST SlNGLEt Ktart In Hand h/w H 5»a?l<d AH Over Again. LATEST ALBUMc Slnctftly, Cronda UOr MILLION SELLER; I'm 5er<y V* All ytrti GoJBfl L>o. OTHER HITSr Syreet NolMn'ij Dynerniiej ion Yckj TNI 1 Die; Emoirc-mj Yoy Can D«p«rid Wi Me? Owfn Duirif Anybaqty Bet V.c b/w Feed ^Ij R«kln* Arpgod ihft Cbrrtt/nft! TfLe b/w Pap^ Noel; Steak. It to Me Oenlly? Evrrybody Lcvei Me Bgt Yoy. All tho V/jy-LP. DICKIE LEE $a»fh) PM: BUI Hall BIRTHPATj SwlOTlber 21, HOME TOWN: Mfr^hrt. EDUCATIGH: Cclff-Jt, HOBBIES: Sports, twinuulfij, en ard Hitcolnj to records vrlltv hit f«vorfie ferrule compaftjcn*. BACHCHOUKD: Persorul appearancei. LATEST SIKGLEi Pikhei h/w M«e or Le». * KETTY lesteb (Era) PMj Harris Asbbura. BOc W.M, HOME TOWN; H&pt. Ark.' EOIICATIOH: College. ' QilflfciBHy llodled nursing. BACKCHOUND: Radio, TV, night cliibs, legit., pmoftal appearartcw. LATEST SINGLES:' Rive/of Sell b/w You Can's Lie Jo a Uai; I Sold Good^yt So V.v ivn b/w (Jytw for i Day LATEST ALBUM; toe.tellers lera}. PftiVIBUS HITSi Love LetJeis; But Nat fol {f»lh on fre), THE LETTERMEN (Capitel) PMi IrtLRand. IDi C.A.C- MAMESi ftciurl Enyemsnn, Tony Suialo/JCm Pike. BIRIIIDAYSi Engemann, Feb. 19, 1934; Bulalo. Nov. 20> l-mor Pike, Nov. 6, I93B. HOWE TOWN; En-, getrur.n. Highland pjrk, Mkh,? Buiala, Sharon, Pa.^. PW^ St. Lh-'Is, EDUCATION: Cc-lfcge. BACUCSDUND; Radio, TV, cessona! appearances- OTHER MOSiCAl' IKTCKSTSf 8ufalo / sc<ngwfiling, - LATIST SINGLIr Silly Boy (She 0«ift r l Ldm Ywj' b/w I told the Siars. LATEST ALBUM; Onse Upars a Timp. PREVIOUS KITS; The Way toi toi Tcr.lghl; When I Fall )n Love; Come Back.Sllfy Gftf; Hew ii Jtjlie? A Song (or Yoorvg Lcva-LP," * ENOCH LIGHT (Cfimm aad^ HOME TOWN: Cafiion, dmo. educatioh; College. BACRGROUNtu OtfylnaMy pmnmd to he a pfvyskfan.' Veteran band Nader. OTHER MUSICAL INTCRCSTS:, Play* violin, tonducfar, arranger. Ll$hr 14 head el be-lh Grand Av-Mndl end Commsr»d. which wprc : pyrchnad by ADC-fararpoyns in I960- He atarted. toh labels. LATEST SINClti Satan Never Skew b/«ihemc Front "Foor Horsemen of the Apo:.iEvpsp r ' CC^mruamf}. LATEST AiBUM; The Sesl of Ibe Original Rjuin-? '20'} (Grand Award]. PREVIOUS HITS; Biby, it's Cold OuSlide Cha Ch» Choj I Want lo Po Happy Cha CKa Cha; The Rojiln«? TwanltMj The Flirty Thiriits IP's (atj cn ike Grand Award lahel).- PrcvoceMve Prf<vsj!on IVol- IJ; Big, fiflfd and Grimy? Pcrigeslvc Pcrcvasion [Vbl- JJ; $i*«o 3S/mm CVoli. 1 * 2)i Gifal themes From Hll Fii/fiS bp't 1*11 oo Ccrtvnand label]. * THE UMELITERS (RCA VIcier) PMi Gleem Yjrkwghi BO: I.T.A. HAMCS; Leu C«iili«b, ban-? Alex HawHtv, bar.. tone; Glenn Yarbrou-jb, fenoc. AGES: lc<j, 36- Afe*. 27i Glenn, EDUCATION: tollegf. BACK'- GROUHU: Gottlieb ocgjeilmd the grwp Ifl Caltfornta. Boys i««k iheir namn from a dub ihey played, the Lfimellle, tn Ajp^n, Colo. Prevldui-ly reccrdtd If Ftcktrd Seedres. OTHER MUSICAL IJflERESTS: loo, rr^norogist. folk music aythprhy, plays ba«, irranger,- AN* pfays banfo ond fueur? Glenn pleyr clasikal guitar^ LAtJST SIHOLF; The Riddle ScoQ b/w I Had a MvN. LATEiT ALBUM: Folk. M-illnee, PREVIOUS HITSi A Dollar dawn; Tontghl In Peraor.- The Sltghiiy Fabologs LimellNft; Slr^ Qul?; Through Children's Eye* fall c.i RCA VitiOfHTP's. The LSmeliteii [on EI«:Pr»)-LP, UTTU EVA (OiaeAiEee) PM: NtvlftT'Kltihner Associates REAL NAME: Eva Boyd. HOME TOWH; edhsw). N. C. inocatloh: High 5tfwoL eackgrquhos DiLcovered by songwrilsnj leam of Cerole Kiog end Ceny GaHUb. Radio, TV, personal a p pea bows. LATEST SINGLE; Th«Loca-McUon b/w He H Hip Boy, * LITTLE JOEY AND THE FLIPS UayJ PMi Mare Levin, Berry ftieh, Slmort Kaplan REAL NAMES: Joseph Mall, James Meagher, Jc^m Smith, Jeff Leonard, Fred Ger^ce, AGI5: Hal. 19- Meager and Smlih, 16; Leonard, 17; Cerace, 15, HOME TOWN; H-all, Phil*.; *11 Others from Upper Darby, Pa. E DUCAT JO Ni Hlsh SchOdl. HOBBIES: Kilt plays fjl^ar; tecnard pn>-s fhc drums and the other Loyi. are ivld weight liders. All enjoy hunting, BACKCKDUNQ; RiLdie, TV, personae appearar^es. OTHtR MUSICAL INTEREST: 5or«9«Jiting. LATEST SINGLE: Bongs Cglly b/w It Was Uke Heaven. PREVl&US OTHER HITt Bongo 5(on^. (Contiutterf nn page 61] /> IN-C SK.. pf O t. \ V T- C \ fiabby Bland... hails from Mam* phrt and hoi boea popular bt ihe <lub teenp for a n-umbcr of ytfars. Hh 6thnr mu^ieal intcrpjl Ji jdng- Wfltlng, Bobby is cvirrenlly riding high with ''Stormy Monday" on ibo OgW label, BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK, SEPTEMBER 32, 1962 \ BilJio Jeon Horion.. tbis busy Jflmk recording artist spends <? go^-d part of her lime commuhfli(j beiv/eeni Holfywoad, Shrevcporf ond H v/ Yorli. As head of Horfon EnierprSi^i, ortiit rronoger and rflcordina aftlsl, her schedule is a husy one. BiHk's cur/cnt moin 'nsen»sl Ifl tsddillon So finr singing Is rtkstlon pictures. Al CoWa..» oxcftiiivo Lfniled Artists recording orltit. heretofore has confined rnolt of ^1* wa*iiig in iho album Of to, mony of which became best Vt\it*U Hov/ovpr. bis curj-cof shgle rekoso- ''JCoiusha," Is -getting good cclion ond looks chart-bas^id. Lovely MaKine Slorr =.. formerly with the BrOadv/Dy mulnot "5flUnd of MuiN/' Miss PennsylyonEa of 1963, now op records and currently breaking with a hit single, "Lovo Is" h/w "Apple BlOsiom Time.'" SPOTLIGHT ON RECORD PROGRAMMINC S9

60 And sialioiis all over the country are getting the message: "If you need help in securing exactly the right records and albums for your music programming you can get it from RSI." RSI makes your record dollar more productive. Does it with any of ten different program services. The price is right, too. That's why we have over 850 satisfied station subscribers -and the list grows with almost every mail. If you have any special record problems, call or write to find out how RSI can help you, too. No obligation, of course. RECORD SOURCE INTERNATIONAL A Division of Billboard Music Week 1564 Broadway 7 New York 36, N. Y. PLaza SPOTITCHT ON RECORD PROGRAMMING SEPTEMBER 27, 1943, BIllBOABD MUSIC WEEI

61 Continued from page 59 * BARBARA LYNK PW: Hifiy Rr M«jvk ifrf Lfliltr SilL" BO: ConlBnMMil BMHA-J *nd Clfff Arwisan /«PI Atfi 20. HOME TOWN: EtRimgRt, Tox, EOWA- IIOKi Hifih Stbfkof- HOBIiyj FooJlwII ^rlmfml, SACKCROUH&i Rsdw), TV, pf-rsoml jp^ffancek OTHER MUSICAL INTEREST?, p^iyj pjluf, tonswriting, LATEST SJKCtE: L»rter fe M^mmy ind Paddy b/w Swond FHdfe Ctrl. PfttVICUS HlTt Yfii'll Lai? a Ccod Thrnj. * GENE McDANIELS (isbfriv) PMi AmoH WIKf. BOi /LS.C. ftrthoavt hbruary HOME TOWHs K*w CHy r Mo. EDUCATION: College end Omah^ Conwrvalory of Mu^lc. Bhikeltal! nnd sport* tan, BACIC&ROUKn: PefKAfl Dpp«flrar<es, OTHER MUSICAL intfrfnj Whit SaSt, LATEST SINGLE; PoFrif of Kp R^lyrn WJfftrff ThM «WHiiper. LATEST AlBUH: Hif Aller KM. KIVJOUS HITS. On* HtfrM#f4d Pourvd! of Clay; A Tt*r; Tow«r of SPrengih- Chip, Chip. * CLYDE McPHATTER fm-nvry)?m- IfVffl Rdd. BOs 6.A.C ROME TOVfMi D'.-fJiam^ H. C BACKGRQUNPi Sorted, wretf AI freia sjcvaw VJfh Bllfy Wtrd end The Dooifftoi. Left Word In I9S3 io form Own -group. I^t CriFfen- W«nt out»it»ingffl io Orlglnefly wllfi AilaniiC R«afdt. Joined Mertury lair summ-r ml fp>d of yeaj*! peer wilh LATEST SINCLEi Miyfre b/w I Oo artlevp. LATEST AlfiUPA; Lcn.*# Plroie <nn M-ircgrY), MILLION SEUKftt A Lcver'l QL^sflcn (do ATl30li6 - OTHER HITSj loiiaj Lover Pl9«t; LHtlc Bil'y Preriy Dm bo Alerctiry); ThJnk Me a KliJ; Let's Try Apaln IMOM}; White Chr5j^rr4i; T/eaj-grc cf a im*s Wjlhou! love; Sevifi DeyJ; Honey lovej Mc-oey' Heftty; Since Toa've Been Cone.' Rock *nrf Cryj lor-y. loflely NighMf Cccne Whar Miyf Ju»i 10 Hakl My Ifa^d; Love)- Oo-cey (AJUnMcX OILL&OARO MUSIC WEEK, SEPT M&Eft 22, 1942 L * GEORGE MAHARIS (Ip-le) PW»t Wwnl W«b«r im AGE: 29. HOMf TOWN: Mew ^arfc. HOB&Y; SosiftQ. BACKCRCUNO? MlOf MfihjiJs benan hli jhow bwtfi-k«s carw «jinger in4 f^en sidled ecmo? if* New Tork. Made- riumeroys appepfaftsei fn o?f-firwdwey, tuftvyiif stack and IV shows- Big break came when, h* eapiureij a leadiriij role in C&$-TV'i jerres. "ftovfe 64." LATftT SIHOLE: 7h*y EtoW About Yoi? b/v; ley* M* ai I Love Tog. latist AlBOWr PPrJrait in Mm'k. PREVIOUS HITS; Teach Md Taolghl, George (Mabirls SrJipir-LP, * THE MAJORS (imperi.fj PM. Bill Eos NAMESi Rirty Cerdo, Iddb A'^rrts, Frank TfOVll, Rcrtalrf Gain*!* ind Eugene Glass. AGES: Early JtTs. HflME TOWN: Cordy. BalHioore; reil at srovp frcm Phibdelphfa. EOUCATlOHi Hf9h School. HOBSifSr Sp-WtS. BACKWOUNO: RfldrO, TV, pafi^nal appearawi, LATEST SiHO-LE; A Wonderful Dreain b/w Time Will Tell. * HENRY MANCINI ihca VklnrJ BO: UnUed HlRTHOAYr April TO, 192A. H&M TOWKr CkvcUnd- EDUCAT10K: College. IACKGROUKD: w«wpoier, framjer, condudof for "Peler Kkjnn'' and "Mr^ Lueky*' TV ierfe«. Wen Oicar with cfl-vvpher Jcbnny Merctr fof "MMn Rlvrrt' as snrag of Bha year. LATEST SINGLE: Themt frcra "Haiarl" b/w Ywr Farhefi fealhris. LATEST AL8UM1 Smwe'J Gfealesl Martb«(a<i Wflrnstr BrOK.} PPEVIDUS WTSj Mr. IvcXy: Pet«r Ovnnj Moan River. More Mwk From i'rter Gurwi; /.^urtc Prom Peter Guriiv Mr. Lucky Goes Utin/ Bieakfasi as Tiffany's; Ccvnbo; Eaperi. rrwftt iiv Tarror; Waiartl IP^. * MANTOVANI fl«idon) PMt Oeot?* ElrLck- BO: Colvrabfa Artlrts HOME TOWN: Londaa. BACKGROUNDc led BU own Quintet ar the a-g* pf 16, legit, TV, concerts. LATEST SINGLE: Wlwl KM of Fwl Am I b/w Samepne Ht«Like Yoti. LATEST ALBUM: Ameritan W8tt2«t MILLION SILLIBt Cbdrmalne. OTHER HITS; ThM>e From "CaJnlval'^ a?>d OThef great Bro»dw»y hifi; Th-err* from "Jhe SvmJownerl'V Around JK* Wortd; Sepifa:e Table*; Main Iheme from "Exodus/' Plffn EfWM, Vol. 1 and" 3; OfrTrt fore-rtr; Concert fncof«; Continental Encores; Wahr tncorei; Charmilne; Favorlie Tangosj ravo^te WaHi«j So^g KHs From Thejicr Land; Sorvrf- 5flchartted Evening; The World's FjyotfJfe Soopv Sirawn Wellzvs; AmcrFcai* Scent; The Ail- American Jho^jiej Wwfc Irom "E^od'js" and Ohfer Great Therr#s ( - rtalia Mi4 LP'l. * ERNIE MARESCA (5lriMe> BlftTHOAY: Aupuit 21, HOME TOWN: Th* irooa;. N. Y. EDDCatWH; Hi-Jh school arrt H. Sthool of Priming- HCBBT: iporps. BACKGROUND] PflrrtfcrllV k-acwn ]n the recording field «s g wngwr'tec- He'* been penjiir.*! furtej for 5 years a(>d Is credited with xptfi hilt as "RtfnafO'rt>d Sue," ''Rvnaixwnd/' "'iqwome Coy," "Mo One Knows," "a lover's Ptayef" and olhers- LATftT SlKOlt? Mory Jan* b/w Oowfl on the 9*Kh. LATTST ALBUM: SSxitl Shcejlj PREVIOUS Hlti SKowll Shwlt (Knock Ywrsetf * THE MARKEm (Llbarty) PMt W. Sarilnd. BOe Artirtr MMigement, lac AOEJt HOME TCWMs California, EOOCATIOH: High irtiwp. UftCKOMUND: Radio, nlphl clubs, persc-nal nppfarenctj, LATEST SIHGLEr 8alb?a Clut b/w Srompedo. UtlST ALBUM; Suiferti Slcmp; PRIVIOUB HIT: Surfer's " Slomp. * JHt.rtARVELETTES rtamla) PMt Berry Cerdy NAMES: Gladyt KflrtfiOj leadj KalherLna Ariderson, <Je<jrgcanna Tlilrran. Juaolla Cowarl, Wands Yoons. ROME TOWfi Detroit. EDUCATION: An prijtp.tiy In ihtlr Hftior year at high sthdqf- BAOSGROUND: Personal appeanncos, r*dio, TV. LATIST SIKCLC: Beechw^od b/w Som-tday; Sorrntew. LATEST ALBUMt Pfea** I9tf. pcrtinfln. OTHIft HITS: TwftftrV PMlman; Playboy. * JOHNNY MATHIS (CotuwM.) PMj Heleii HOB*- BOf fia.c. AGE: 23. HOME TOWN; 5»n fmncllco. IDUCATIflH: College. HOHWIS; Trort, b«k>jtball. BACKCROUNDc Top Mhobl" alhletc-hlnh Jump. hgrdlbs- Dl«ov*f*d >n San 'Trancijco nlsbt club by ex-calumbla exec Ceoripe-Avaklj*. K gkt clubi/ TV fllmj. IATE5T SIKGLf I'M Haver. Be Lonely..-A-jain b/w. Thal'i th* - Way If is LATEST AlftUMt Ltva II Up.. MILLION SEUtB;. Chanrti Are. OTHER RITSj My love for Tou; MarU; Starbri^jht; Twelfth of Neverj'The Best of Evefythlnfl? Small Wflrid; MlMyr it's Hot tar Ma lo say/ Wonderful Wondarful; Ccmr" ro Me; Someone; Wild IT fha Wiivd; All the l\n>e; Eatl Me; A Certain Smllfr Lei's Ldvp; t«afh«r. TretNri My Icre for Vaur HOW So Hindi* «V/ocan; Hw*fily, Jobnny'i CnaSQil Hilaj Alora of Johnny's Gicatesl MUsr Johnny 1 j M44^l; foff'dif ol Jchnny-'lP'j. * NATHANIEL MAYER CP#rtune/Ulilted Artitlt) BIRTttfATs FebnjJty 10/19*1.!»«TOWN; OttrcM. EDUCATION; Hfgh lehool, HOflBliSr SpnrSs- SACK- CRDUND: Rajla, TV, neflh? ctybs# B^fSOnal appefltarkok LAtfST SINGLEt Hurtins L<^e b/w leave Me Alone [UnlUd Artlrtsl. PREVIOUS HlTt Village of Love riorluna)- * MITCH MIL.cn tcolymwa) fllrthoay: Jirly 4, HOME TOVfHr Rocherter. H. T. MUCATWK: ColBe^e. HOBBIES; Readfflg. fljh^ ing-, at eonecling. iackcrqundi Cxrcotlvi piotf-jter for Columbia R«5<dt..Radio and TV. Cvr- cfitly sfirrln-g In a scrias of "Sing Alona" shovi on NQC'TV- OTHER MUSICAL IKTtSEST; Ob«. UTE5T SINOlfi Rale LTrida b/w Sweet M\nk. LATEST AlBVMt lat's All Sifig like the Blidkt Sing (or* Golden}. MILLION SELLERS: drtdje bn I he Rivef KwaE? Yello-iy ftoia of Taxa*. OTHER HITSt Oo-Ra-Mir Jtong fee a Sirrruner NffjhEj Child:in 1 } Marchli^p 56ngj Twnei of Glory; sing Along With Milch; Mart Sing Aleag Wvlh WHch; Sslll Alar* Sing Along WHK witch; folk $png Sing Alanfl With MilchJ Party 51n!> Along With MiPriv BrHlde Sinj Along Wjlh MilOh; Sslurday SPng Along Wlrh M-ir«h; Soniimtnlal Sing Along WMh Mllthj Happy Tlmgt 'Mitch's Cjeaitst Hiss.- TV Slftg Alahg With Mifeh; ihsllday Sln^ Along With Wiichf (hriitmai Sing Ak^g V/Hh Mllchj Tour Request Sldg Along V/jth Vii'th; Rhylhm Sing Albd»3 With MUdh; Family Sfng Alor^ With ASitch Lp'j. * HAYIEY MIUS (Villa) REAL HAMtf Hbyley Catbcrlne Roto VlvSen WfiilSt fijftthoay; Aprtl 18, HOME TOVfflr londorv EbUCATlQM: Atirndi iht Trmherrt Ballet Scboal' hi fnglanrf- HOBBIES: Her pony, finbibdl*, SWimrr-lftg, ien?ils and watching cricket mafchts jiarrjng hrr bjplher Jpnaihan, BACKGROUtfOr Oaijflhter of roted Briiijh actor, Jchn MilJl. yooog Hayley Mill* began her show business catter If* fllms^ with sych HKCHits ti "Tiger Bay," "pollyjcina" and "TTii PdfiM Trap/' HEW WOVIii. "SiKrnnet Magic.". LATEST SlHGtE; Ding DTas Ding h/w Side by Side. LATEST MBlfM: 1#*'^ (Jet T-jgilhrr With Hayley Ml lit, PREVIOOS KITS: Lei's Cet Together, Johnny Jingo. (Corttinued oft poge 64) SPOTLIGHT ON RECORD PROGRAMMING 61

62 A Message From the Guy Who Has the Whole C 3untry Spinning To the DJ'S Across the Country Spinning His Two Hit Albums: m 62 5POTUOHT ON RECORD PROGRAMMING SEPTEMBER 27, 1262, BIILSOARD MUSIC "WEEK

63 "CBS." MWCAS F C. T.M. WltW IK l#a*r Personal Management: Mimi Weber n* wn L A A A A A Portrait In Music v^eorgew OEORGE MAHAEIS -56. MahansJ jiphlk p s/ngfs# ifta ri^b L * \W «<-ts & IN 24021/9*12^021" A SPECIAL SOUVlHlR framed PORTRfttT OF QEOBQE MAHARIS INCLODEQ WITH THIS PACKAGE LN 24001/BN 2600] 11 Jl Exclusively on Epic Records ^3%WIIV5^ BILtBOARO MUSIC WEEK. SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 SROTUGWT ON RECORD PROORAMMIMG «

64 m 1( 5 Contimied from page 6! THE MIRACIES (TlRi «> PW; etrrr Cprd* 3r. IDx Sfciw AOESt All»btn>i >9. «&MC TOWN! Ot^foit. BACK- CROtlKO; Public app<jrjfrfes. HAWKj 111 i$rwkey> RaHmen, Claud^lle <Wfl. Bill RcblfiSCn}, Cv-nnld WhitTj Wacdan IVAOre, Rcfc+lt ftogen. IATEST SWCLl! W«y Over Theri? b/m- If Your Mfithfr Dnli-.KnfW. IA7E5T AlBUM? Cookln' V/Ilh Iht Mlf«r«. MIUWN SELtfR* Shop Arwnd, OTHER KflS; Wnnoj'; Got a ^oh; Bad GlfJ# 5c 0«h< AbogD fioodb'fej I'll Try SorMlhfrfl Nr*, THE CHAD MITCHELL - TRIO (Kipp] PM; ffrrtha Cj«t BO; fielsfonle Ear. HAWEJt.ChKi Miltlio!!, Kobliifc, Joo FrjiTcr ( nd s^udfl^ Jim WcQulm). AGEi All «.-«4b<w6 22. HOME TOWN- Spokane. E[HJCATIONr CelTeoe. BACK- 6BOUND1 NE-ghJ clubj f tcnmilj, radio, TV, pcnqn*l spp*jfin«i- P^evpoutly r<«rd4d for Coipl* ftecordf. LATEST SIKCIEt The John Rirfli Soclcly b/w Go Wan Vanity. LATEST ALBUM! Tba Cfad Mtldiall Tflft ol the BUtir M, PREVIOUS HlTi Mifihly Day on CampiTf-tP. MOMS MABLEY (Ct>«5) BD: A.B.C, REAL NAME: la.-ella Mhry Aikafl. HOME TOWN; New Yc.rk- BACKGROUND: Night cfcbs, {x-rsor.al appears rviej. LATEST ALBUM: MtWfl V^bky Breaks U Up- PRE. VIOUS HITS; Mwns Mafcky al fha (knevo Conference,- Morm Mabfcy at the Playboy Club- Mew Mebley bl Che U.N.-LP'i. TONY M0TT01A [CAmmand} AGE: U. HOMI TOWN: Kearny, N. i< BACKGSOUIfO; Slal-led iludylfifl itw ^oitir vthen he w«nlm yaars old. Hat accwnpapitd many arllstc and h considered 01* of Ihe tcp man an his Imcrumenf. He Ksi p^'ed fw Perry Corr-.o for ihe pasl 16 yean. LATIST ALBUM:. Spanliti Guitar. PREVIOUS Hit: Roman Eu-ltar, Voli. I an.d 2-lP r s, - RICK NELSON (ImeariliO PM: Mavry f^utfaro BlRTHOAT; May 8. I<M0 T HOME TOWN: Hollywod, EDUCATION; High schoof. HOBBIES: Spcils car, calf raping, horseback. rtdlr^a. BACKCMUNDi Debvfed on family TV show, "Osile dfld Kairiet" fn W> r TV and lilmtu OTHER MUSICAL INTEflCSTSt Songwrltlr^i. druvna^ LATEST SIKGLE; T«er» Age tdol b/w I've Got My Eyei an Yw. LATEST ALBUM 1 Albom Seven By Rick. MILLION SELLIMi HellA Maty loc/ Traveltfi' Manr Pa-Bop Babyi Belie*'* What Voo Say; Icwrtome Twnj fwr Llttie Fwlr Stood VpjUmt Be Anyone Else But VCU,! It'l Lotgj Sweeter Thflrt YOti; TuSt t LlllEe Too Much. OTHUlJtlTSi Yourrg EnwHoni; Right by My Sltfc^ 'l Wenna 8e Icn'fd^ Waitin' in School,- My a^efcfrt's Gal «Kale In It; A Taenager's RamarKej Vou'reMy One ifnj Only lovej I Got a Feellngt A Wander Lrtce Ywr Evflrlovln f ; Vouf>b World. Rick Is 21-LP. SANDY NELSON.(Ortglpaf Scflnd-lmp-flatl BO? C-A.C, AGEi 19. NOME TOWN: California. BAMfrROUHOi Pleyed damn with local bandi. and on recordfnfl jesstcrfis Sn RoHyivood ilodlos- Si SPOTLIGHT ON RECORD PROGRAJAM1N6 LATEST SINGLE: Llvfr It Up b/»' And THen There Vfero Drums tw ImperltfJ. LATEST AlBUM: Cqurtliy Stylf (cn Imperial) PREVIOUS HITS: Teen Bear (on orlslnal Sotrdl; Ifi There De Brymaj DR;ra$ Are My BPIf (both cn tmoeriall Let There Be Druw; Drurrtt Are My Beat Cbo^h w Irr^crlaiy-LP'l. PETER NERO (RtA vr<por> PM: SIjb Gncicn. DO: 1-T.A, BIRTKDAYj Way *. NOME TOWH: Brooklyn- EDUCATION: and Julll^rd. HDBBT; Cotlecllng recwds cl other ploniits. from Hofowlii to Arr Taiyffl. SACKGROJNO: Radio, TV, nsphi cfchl, p*tsonal appeafdncei. Rwanily signed to play Ihe HlJe sang In ftw Oebhlc ftaynolds fltm. "Wy Sic Loves-" LATEST SINeU: Maria b/f* Them* from Surrmef 4^d SnwT*. LATEST ALBUM: For tht Ktrc Minded- PREVIOUS HIT5; Pia^ Forte; New PlacvD In Towftj Young *nd W»rrn aff>d Wonderful LP'i. BOB NEWHART (Warner BroO PMc frjnk 3. Kogen AGE: M. HOME TOWN: ChlctflO. EDUUTlON: Collefle, HACKCROUUDi Radio, TV, fllflnt. The new young comediin goi hu start In I960 on Ban Sor. kiaf "Chicago NlghtHne" TV show, Follawed by a staff job on wskb, Chiciflo, and night club dbt«- Wpw Wavlet "Krll for HefM." Sl4rs in hi* c^n TV safirt- LATEST ALBUM: The aullarvpown MM on TV. PREVIOUS KITS: Tha OyiictT.Dowi Mind of B&b Newharti the Gvllcn'Down Mind Mrifc.n a«m; Hthlrvd the Bullc-n'Down MM of Bob Mg^harl LP's- MIKE NICHOLS & ELAINE MAY (MtrtufyHCalumVa) PM: Jack toirint AGES: Wikfl,?4/ Clarne. 25. HOME TOWN: Mike, New Yort:; ElnM, PhlWofphi*. I05CATION; Cdllge. both. BACKCROUNOi Comedy team firjt mar when bath were HefldtnH Vnlviiiily of Chkage, Jr 1955 became leami and broke Cn act a! Hr* Ycik'* Blue Angel. B3p big TV break or J«k Pear'* Show and "Qmnlbui" Jail yttr. Wril* rwit of thak own rnaterl*!. Switched lo CoStirrbla Records I his tl-mmer. LATEST ALBUM: Mike Nlthots and Stalrw May EUfminp 0«JO«S JMcrwryL PREVIOUS HlTSx Ifrv pfwlsitlow lo Music: An E^'enlng vrith Mike Nkholt orvd Elaine May IP'I- (All pn WrwryJ- ROY ORB1SON (Mcftument) PM: Wnlry Roie. BO; Acoff-Rw-Contiiwrtit BIRTHOAYj April 23, HOME TOWN: 0d«4a r Te*. EDUCATIOHt ColNff*. HOBBIES; Model nirplanej, drawrng and ikrtching. RACKGROUNDj Misbt tlubi, ri-rswal appcawnc*?. latest SINGLE: Wbfkln' fof the Man b/w Leah. LATEST ALBUMj R y Ortlton's Grcfltert Hill. PREVIOUS HITit Only Ihe 'Lonely; UpMWftt.Bt^P Angeb I'm Kwrfin'j Rynnir^ Scared; Crying b/w Candy Mai; Ortem Baby [How Long Mirtt 1 Drejm>; Tho Cro-wtf, Cfying IP. m* Eari Scott-.. * Kopp recording orlfll, I* ayrrontty rhing high with ht* nr-v ralaoto of ''From a King lo o Jcrtor lo <a C^own,, ', ORLONS BO: Nat 5«all AflMcy NAMES: ShlrFey BrlcWey, RoielU Hlghtcmer, Sr^, Cdldwell, Mar Em: a DJwi!. BIHTWOAVS: Shirley, [fa 9. )9A*s Rosclla, June 53. ^9*4, Sieve. H*r, 19«j Martena, Oct. *, WU. HOME TOWN: Phlt^' delphl*. EOUCATIQHr High srhoot. HOBBIES: inflr jwlmrr:"n5 and lea mi ftp new arrangement* ic old lynei- BACKOROUHD: TV, perscnaf appearar^et, LATEST SINGLE: The Wah-Wjlwl Vw Kolldey ton, LATEST ALSUKr Th+ Wflh-WotuJl. EUGENE ORMANDY (CalomLla) fllfithday: h'av. IB HOME 10WH: PbllatfeL phfe end /ivsnfpray, Mais. ICUCATION: Barn ir, flirdepest, conductor Ormendy beger. hit mijim ureer at five «a vic-lln virtuoso- Sludir-d 41 Ho-yal Academy arid laler taughi al tha Sreff toniervarcrrv. KOB&V: Swlmmhog, BACKGftOUHtJj Tflire ra /inerlca Irv Becen** or* cf rad^i'i tint Impartartl MP^Uttcn. Hes m»dc numetaas appcajahcei an radio, Tx 1 arnl cc^cert halls. Btiiem muiic direclor and cc-tduciar of Ihe Phlladelphii Ofch«rra fn Ifa* retorded cxarviivejy 1 inth the PKjf#:dcfphii Orchestra for C-otomhta Aleviej. works since 1943 if A I ill* over 125 jibumt xi that Label'* cyrreni taialag. Among feapured iol:- iitt are frajjcemaltl, Siern, Serkln, Casadci^s^ Olstrpkh, Biggs end Ihe AtfrfeY»cn Tabernacle Chch) k UTE$T ALBUM: RimlkV'Korsakovf Jchehfraaadex PREVIOUS HIT: The Magoiffcerl Sound oj th Phtfadelphla Orchestra-IP, In a*h11an to wtr 12? aitwr Albwrti recorded with Famous fwiurrd i&loisti. PAHI PAGt fmertory) (Calvmhll) PMi Jaelc Rack BO: G.A.C. REAL NAME 1 Clara Am Feeler. HOME TOWN; Claremore. OWa. HOBBY 1 Art. BACKGROUND: S1art«j h local radio, band slngw, TV, nlflw clubs. Married 10 Charles O'Curran. FILMt "Beys' Hiahl Ovf." LATEST SINGLE: Boys J Nlghr Otis b/w Three Feals, falercury LATEST ALBUM: Golden Kin of thi ton imarcuryj. MILLION SELLERS; Chdftalr^ Partners; Cross Ovtr Ihs Bridge; fioggfe Jo ihe Window; I Went to Your Wedd^g; Tennessea OTHIA HITS: You'll Amw In Me; Moni and Datfj Waltz; Two Inwisond. Two Hundred, Twtnty-Thffe Miles 1 The Sound of Music; With My Ey«Wide Open I'm Creamlnfl; Old Capa Cod; Lpff Right Out of Ynur H«jH; Detour; AtltghKry Mean; Fitbln'; M My Love; Mwklnj Bird KIM; W/. and Mi«i«ffipl: Steam Heal; Connuesr! Re I real; Dn«of Us twil Weep Tonight); I Wish im Nevrr Bean Born; Don't Re-y? This LaltErj A CHY Ctrl Stole My Caunfry 6oy; Broken H«it end a Pillow Filled With TMrtj Gen* «i Home; Mail People- Get Mflfrie>3 (all on Mercury}- THE PARIS SISTERS (cr eg mart;) PM- Jest Rarid KAMI) 1 Albelh, Sherrell and PrlsriHa. HOWE TOWKi San Ffanclsco, EDUCATION:" Kltfi school. K0B81E): Albeth, painting, poelry. waltf skiing; Sherretl, Peoftli, togs; Pi-lsctira, bowling, horseback ttdlrij. BACKGROUND: High! ttubl. films, TV, petional e?- pear a «e*. NEW FJIM^ "Trad-Dad." DTHER WtiSh CAL INTERESTS) Oafttlng. songwriling, LATEST SINGLE: What Am I To Da b/w let Me Be' the C*e. PREVlDUS HITS: Be My Bvft I Ltr^e Maw You love Mfr Mb Kno-wi I love Him Too Much. PETER, PAUL AND MARY (VfMmer troi.) PW: Al Grossman. Bo: I.T-R. REAL NAMES: Pele? Yarrow, Will Stookty. MaT AlUf) Trtven. ABES: All arc 35. HOME TOWrt: Peter, Mew York; Pai/I, Birmlngharn. Mich.; Mar^, UuEsvERe. EDUCATION 1 College. HOBBIES; PePer, art; Wary, art»r*i wrltlnn. BACK&POVHD:. RadT"?. TV. perifrnal appearance*. 7Nt trio of fc-lk. mulk li^grrs wan BMWl I5:h Annual OJ Poll ** Most Prpfrtislng Vocal GrDOp, LATtST SIKGUi If I Had a Summer b/w Gane the ftetnbaw- LATEST ALBUM; F<lcr, Paul and Mary. FREVtOUS HIT; Lemon Tree. SEpTEMflEft 22, IW2, BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEX

65 * EMILIO PERICOU (Wjrntr Brm.J itli 5J- HOME TOWN: Cesc^Jlito, HaV WCKrn^UNOa Pcrlcpli b well knfi^i Fft hli nauvt rt<jnlrf IhrcupN hlj flurrypppfararcei an radfo, n,' «nd In l<gir d^d night club». Kh bpje wiliftfl yf«^s ^ "ftfy Qf * The ^»W3' '*ttl in i^l ha wj% a wtiftfltf cf lh^ Sarv ftemo Music to'jvil wilfi hi% Wg y. $, hit low^ J *A1 Oi U/' jrrf Ihil VCJr h«won BMW* 15th Artft-jal DJ Poll favorlie ln?crn#1jpnjl Aft<ii- {ATEST SINCLE; RwrflnDco ArW«fc/w jpnqo tatest ALfiUMi Aftvwi O'Alfri T«n-.?i <of» V^UVivS-1. PREVIOUS HIT: Al 01 U. PAUL PETERSON ffnw iirtmoayr Sept. 23. I9H3, HOME TDWN! fil<nr Cillfr EOUCATtOH: «^h «hwl. BACKGROUND: Mctwn plays She fop* of Donna Mfd's ywog jqn en ASCiTV'l \tr\ti "Tht Oorna Rc»d Shaw," Be^an hit n 5 ' 0 wlfh raft In Walt Dlmty'i hldilo p,» show. "The PAwwVttaers." Atjo ifipanred in ifilrftf. AMPIHOHt Tp bp to I he UnlvcfSllr of Scofhrrn CaliFornfi arvd slurfy la be d rdfch.jnical ^ineer. LMETT SIM6U; Keep Vooi Love Locked [Ocep \n Tour HeaiJ] h/w So Ere^yihln^ (4 Any on a Yey Love, LATEST aibume lollipops an* Rojes. PRE- VtDW HIT: She Con 1! Find Her KcyJ- ^ GENE PITNEY CM^Pcor) P-M; Aaran Sehradcf; BO. W.M. learkcay; tehwy 1?, >94J, Hflwe TOWN: R«k. ViWt, Conn. EDUCATION: Kljh school and Wafd'i ClicKonlc Scfiooi KO&BlESi TsxFdewy, trapptng *f-l Hect'CAkl. BACKGROUND; He dees all Mv<r. via crecrronscs on hit cih«nl hi fl. PerK-ftfll jranc<4, Made film debul Ihb year Jn "TtfAr Wirhcmf Pity." OTHER mi;sical INTERESTS: Com-?o«r r irnnger. pkys guitar, plane And dfyais. Wietc (I Winna} Lnve My ISFe Away. LATEST SIHOIEj If T Otdn't Have 9 Dime ito play Ihe Jwkf Bpx> h/'* O^'ly late Can Break t HeSfJ, LATEST AlBUMr The i.'jffiy Slrti cf G^ne Pitfiey, PREVKHIS KTTSf [I Lovp My Uf«Away; Eiery BrMlh I Take; Town WHhmi? PHy. 1 - Ihe hlin Who Slvol Llbfrfy VaPinrt. * PLATTERS & TONY WILLIAMS (Mercury) 60: Aiwivtcd HPM.F JQVOii. tctiy Wllllamt, S0!«)Ip, H. J.; David lynch. Si. Lfruiw P«ol l!obi r Wr* Ortcen^r Hrrbrft t.cfd, Kansw CHy, Me^j 2ole T^ylnr, Uj. Angeles.. lackgroukd; fc<ir boys feffned grovp whew they ifl worked a parking fot atterrfantt In Lot Angekj. ZoJe [eined fb^rw afier thpy hid first hit. TV, night dubt. WilPlara reccr.tly wpn? wjf 6«i Ms ewrt *v a singfe bu? ansi recardt -wlaf* ihe 3 tf cvd. LATEST SINGLE; S»'t Magic b/w fle*thln>i for «SUf. LttTEST ALBUM: The Hying Flatten. MILLION SULERS: Great Prtltr^frj My Prayer? Only Yeur Smoke Gen In Ywr Ey«; TwdigM lime- QTHFS HITS: Apple BFosicoi Time; bli Tldej Red Salfj In Ihe Sunset; Trees; Skepy Legaon ; Kartrtr Light*; fnchnnted; The Meglc Toueh; AV Dreawj I'm Son/j Gfi My Word <if Hcoor; Yw're Asking Mistake; Te Each His Chwi; l"!! Nevtf Sflilk Again. Encwa flf Coldcn Hits-IP. ELVIS PRESLEY (RCA Virlnr) PMt Tom BQ: W.M. E1RTHDAT; Jen HOME TOWN; Tupctp. Mii5. EOUCATIOHt Hf^h ichiwl, HOBBIES' Cclleciing Teddy fc<api. SACkOSDUND; TV, fllmi. N«W MOVIti "Taki Me To Ihe Fair." LATEST SINGLE; She'4 Ndj Ywi b/w Just T«ll Hn Jin Said Hello. LATEST ALBUM; Elvb Pfrtley In Kid Galahad. M1IU0N SELLERS: A nf BlWif U'i Mfiw qj Never; Stuck on You; Fame Bml Fo" jgflfr Big HudV. o j love; A r«l Such o* I; I Need Ypur Love Tonlphl; AH ShwV l/pr tton't Be Duel; Hound Dog; Oon't A«k Mo Why; Hafd-H4ad<d Woman? Heanbfiak Hide I; 1 Got Styr^; I V/jjif You, t Need You, 1 Love YPU; J^Hhoust P-Wfcf love Me Tcoder- Tedrfy ECftf; Lovfog YflUf To^ A'/uchj Wear My Ring Arc^nd Vfiuf Hrtkj- Are You Ion kg me TonlgKI b/w I Go "a Know; Surrender; i Was Ihe One; An-^vay You Want Met Playing for Kttpti Thai's Whtfi You* HeertachM Begin? Trrat Me Nice; I Beg of Yc-U; Can't rttlp Fatltng In love; Little Silte'j- I FoeJ So Bad; Elvit? C. \. Bluet-LP'l. OTHER HITS: lordly Mart? Flaming 5Sftf; MY With Came True; HlJ LAlnt Fl^me; P.otk» A-HuU Bnby; Anything Thl1 J t P*rt of You b/w Good Lyek'CMmv f&uqw That toeam. Somothtng 1«Everybo^yr His tt»nd in Mlr-ej Bfu«Harwallr rot luck Lf^s. JAMES RAY (Caprice) PMf JKl Slr»/n. 0; ShiW RE«L NAME: Jamei Raymond Ray, A6C: 21, HOME TOWHi Waihington, 0, C. HOBBIES: SpPTts. iachgrouhdr R^lio. TV, rtiflhl clubs, personal *ppcaranc«r LATEST SINGLE: A Mlwte h/w Thlngi Are Goma Bt Different. LATEST ALBUM; iwts ft^y- PMVI- CUi HirSi If Ynu Col la IMYt a Fc-^l Out of Somebody? lily Bliiy Ptftw. NELSON RIDDLE (Capllal) PM; Cafkl GlJltl BIRTHDAY: Jur^ I. HOMI 5TATT: Np* icriqy- ID. UCATIONi High «beol. HOBBY; SdilfOG- BACK-. C^OUHO; Veteran ajcanger, compour and ccvnduc* for, played wllh name taild kjdlfi swh as Jerry Wald. Charlie Spivak andl Tommy Dorsey. Big b^eak was hit pnlfli^n-i tiler a'f*jidemcni of f 'Mflna I bo" for Nai Kfnp Cole. In eddltiofi Eg hit o-fln bnr selfcrj he hai arraitged iftd backed h[t ditkt lor such top trtirit Frank S-inalrA # Peggy tet nd Kttly Smlih, LATEST SINiJLEi lulced City Theme b/w The Cefendors Thwne. LATEST ALUUMr Ella Swings "Srlsfitly With NeHon (v»1th Ella FIt?5^"ld3 fon Vecyeh MaifON seuefti llihon AnSiaua. OTHER UJ75: RouJc 6A Therr*. RONNIE AND THE HI-LITES (Joy) FM; Hal Wesi NAMES 4 ftcts: ftonnte Cocdton, lead, Tdi Sonny Celdwoll, ftrst knar, 18; /shn Whitney, second lenor, 17; Stanley haritonr, 17; X«rt Ovprtty, Uii, 17. HOME TOWN: itrscy Cily. N. J- EdUCA- IIDN: Grammar jnd high KhpoL BUCRGMDNDf Rjdlo, TV rf perjflnel i?pearanm». IATI5T SlNOLf: 5ond My Uve (Special Delivery) b/vr Be Hind. PREVIOUS HIT: I VT.ih Thri Wp Were WarrieiJ- DAVID ROSl [«5M) AGEi 49. HftMt TOWN: Chinegp. EOUCATIOM- High KhoaU HOBBY: Mlnfotura irilns. eackgroujfdt Bc-'f 3n LondGOj Engfend, bul brought Bp thti courtliy af age gl 3, Played plarw with big name bands Afiec high ichoct. Arrangn? for najor fikm lludioi, After World War II, formed own orchmlfa. Cgf>ductvr c-n many relwork iedio-tv ihawi- Wr«tei music rapidly. 1vrn*ng ni/t a* many as if* cdmpoiltlfrm irt itngte evening. OTHER MUSICAL INTESESTSr Conduclar, ccrvi^oser, arraftgir, LATEST SIHDlEr The"** From "the 'rtanderful World of the Brofhorj. Grlrnir." "h/w Black ar.d Tan Fanrasy. LAIC ST ALBUM; Ihe SEripppr end Oiher Fun Sangi (at the Family. MllllON SELLERS; Celypw MeltwJyr HoJlday for Strtrigs, OTHER HTTSt Like Vovna; The Stripper. JACK ROSS PM: Norm jo M*lkln WME TOWN: San F/*ikIscq, HOBBY: Dolf. BACA- SRflliHQt The Jack Roil Stwtt (live guyt end a 5.J.I) hai bten eppcarin-g Ln nighl clubs on Bh«Wesi CoasS for a rmmher of years. The rany Ifur^rtef end hjj group have also pfifoi/ned a' Ut Vegas alght spols, LATEST SINGLE; Cirvdtrelle b/w Mir B arila. IA7E5T ALBUM j ClnderelU. PREVIOUS HITi lleppy Jom. BOBBY RYDELl PM: FrankJe Dey. BO; WM. RIAL HAAlli Robert Lcoii Ritfartlli. aisthday; April 56. m?. HOPdE TOWN 1 Phif.jdorphl*- 011 CA- TION: High schml BACKCftOJND: Feisonal appearantei. liii nanw wai given?p hityi by Paul Whl1«- man when Bcbby vai * rfgutar on his IV show for over a yw, Annpgnter on show was Dtck Clark, He's currently working evi pilot of TV ihow. "Sohby RyieJl'i Show/' HflBBIESt Jiti, iwlmrtung, OTHER MUSICAL {NTTRISTS; Druw, fonder ^ulbaf. NEW MOVIE 1 V/SII jhnrtfy appear [r. first rilrn^ "Th# Mill ftlrf/' also "fiye Bye Slfdie." LATEST SIHCLEj I'll Ktttr Dene* Aa-sln b/w C«(Coniinued on page 66} Dick Romon. «show buiineis career eis o <hild aclor on Rroadwoy, won a TV laleot ihov^ beconne vocoust on l\htifqc<r\ TV sbow ond is wo 11 known ofi tho wlgbt club circvil, Dick just comeoff a big sirgfo hit, "Tbomo From a Sunmer PlocoWow singlo, "Plnaso Rofnombor Mo" b/v/ f 'A Touch of love.'" BIllBOARD MUSIC V/EEK, SEPTEMBBft 22, 1962 MARTY ROBBINS (Celunbia) BTRTRDAY; Sop?, 56, HOME TOWN; Glend.llt, Afla. IDUCATIDNi High Khwl. HCSBlES: EoKlftg, Jionebick riding. DACKCV.OUNO: ftadlc, IV. perionol jp»pearervcti. Frequtntly appeart on "Grarvd.Ole Opry." LATEST SINCU: t^ril Woman b/w April Fool't Oty. IATCST ALBUM: MarEy Allet Midnight. MILLION SELLERS: El Paw? A Whitf Sport Cwri- OTNtft HITS; Han't Worry (Ukt AH the Olhcr TwneiJr Five B/otht«? ts There Any Chance/ I Tcld My Heart; Big Iron; Stnarn' the BIu«; Knee Deep lr> the fikies; The StOfy cf My Llfoj /vst Mairlcd; She Wai Only Seven- eenr Ballwl of Ihe Alamo,. TOMMY ROE (ABC.p«rantOirat) HEAL NAME; Thflir^ DavJd Rce. AGGr 19. HflME TOWH: M\am. mcation; Wgh whool- HACH- CROUNDi Radio, TV. personil appearar-cej- OTHER MUSICAL JNTERESTS; Pl+y* Ihe rjuifafh TgngwrllSns. LATEST SWfrlEi Sheila h/w Sauc Ycur s- A1 Jones... pcpylar Jamie recording arliri. M^vfo mogs ore loliisg an i^fes-ost in Ihii hafidsamc le<l who is ihe brobher f BillSe Jcoa Hoflpn. VsHrh aver il* years m the horiness and mcwntly out of (he Army. AC Is nbovt set la move Lnto ih# big time in sbftv/ business. SPOTLICKT ON RECORD PROGRAMMING 65

66 Tf!?, [S[1C CS Continued from page 65 IT'S Wond-erfuf, LATEST ALBUM: All if«hlu. MILLION SELUESSr Wild Ofto* Utlle BlSly Glfl; Valftre? Dino-^lingj Swlrgin' SchwL OTHE* HITS: DM^tlrrw &jt»«cknflpj thai Old ef«k MCB^J WC C'&J- Uvt/ I.Dig C-lrliji KJjsSn' Tlrr*/ Swoy. Grcory TonfghJ^ Thc.Fhh; Docf to PwadFte b/w I Wani <0 Ihaok Yoi/.- Jfngr* Bell Rock (wifti Chubby CheckeOj I'v* tel a«on3t. Chubby ChKfctr and Bot^' Rydell-IP. LINDA SCOTT (Coftflf«i> PWi Hufc-li (Bab) Dtvk HEAL HAMtr iwj Jor Sanrp^n. BrRTHPATj Jyfie \ r 1?^5. HOME TOWH; Quem, N.'T. EPUCATJOK; Jvnior in hts'i «h«l. EACKCHflUND? Hw bttn pf'- formlog ti 4»Jnco tht of four. P^i^ohjI appeardnuk DTHfSl MUSICAL IMTIBESTSi Songwriting jnd jijano- Wiolo flip sl4t rf Kit hit disk ragged Hi re a Gueuei. LA7F5T SIHCICj J Leff M/ Hear! T«iSie S-ilCMy i h/w Lepilderi love Affair' (or. Consie«3. LATEST ALBUMi Uftda S«o» (on Cpo^wi). PREVIOUS HlTSt I've Told. Every Li»3r Srar^ S«a»fl?>it: r Stdfbrlghl b/w Opn't Bit Mo My Hont^ I Don't Knew Why? Il'i Ml 6<cau»er BerirKjda; Coonc Every Stjf {all an CanBdl«fi<Amtr cflnl NEIL SEDAKA pea Vt<Scr3 PM: Hto.Sotler: H4> r O.A.C SIRTHCAYj M»r<h I3 f? l«9, HOME *OWW; BrooMyn, H. y. EDUCATIOHi; Hlpti iclk-sl, Jwllli/d, HflBSIIJ; Mtitk. BACKGROUND: Radio, TV, pcnonal appearanew. OTHER MUSICAL IKT R STi Song^ifar. LATEST SINGLE: BrafckfftQ Up U Hard tfi Do b/w As LMB «I live. LATEST ALBUM; Nell SadaVa Scngi LiJllo Dcv]l orod H?$ Other Hits, RREVWUS HITS; Little Devil; You Wefln E^iythlnO.la Mej Run, Samson. Rirni Stairway fa Hcevenj Oh, Cjrclj The Olar/i I Go Ap*- Sweet Uttle You b/w I Fdimd Wy Wwld la Happy Birthday, 5wMt SlMlteni King of CfeWM. DEE DEE SHARP (Cameo) PMt Henry Calf and Hal Mann. UOc O.A.C, REAL HAH Ei Diore LaRua. tt5rthday4 Sepl,;?..1W5. KOME. TOWNj PhiladePphiB. EDUCATION: ' Fwenisy 9 lunloj In high <cbwji HUBBY: Uclvtrg, BACKtBOUNO: Radio, TV f ptrsonal ep^-wranccs. OTHEP MUSICAL INTERESTr Playt piino. lateit SIKCLf: Gravy h/w B-nby Cakes: 1ATEST ALBUM- 1»'S Mashed Potato Time PREVIOUS HITi Math ad pptafo Time. BOB SHARPIES (Loft-dan) REAL NAME) Robefl Frederick Stondisb Sharpies, A5Ei U\t M's..HOME TOWKi Bviy,. LancasJUre, EoDUnd. CDUCATIOK: Cfl-lkgc. WOBBIESt. Golf, photc-graphy ar^l goljig to bultflghti. BACKGROUND; H«been active on the dance band.scene In Britain since the late/ao-'t- He Wnod Brtrtsh-fiewa In 195^ and Kii rertrdfugs are rcieaied on London Jo the 5. Radio, TV> night ctvhs, perwnel appeamntej. DINER MUSICAL, INTIRISTSi Playi piano ervj orgao; Ayrenger, conr^mer and condutlw. LATEST ALBUMr PSii 10 Re^itW. " GEORGE SHEARING (Ca-pllol) PMi Johfl levy. BO: Aim«Afed BIRTH0AYr 1920, HOME lowhr Beftertee, LfiftdOrt, Eoglend,.BACKflROUKOi Blind since :birlh. Shear ing brpn plan? Jwenr at,the,age of five_cnd At SPOTLIGHT ON RECORD PROGRAMMING lefer et the school for blind In London Mudled music thru Bfeitle. In his teens hp f^ok to [«! bid tventuilly became pc?\iui at a ]aii pianist to the Soa'es. Personal app<jta«tm, r^dio, movies end TV. OTHER MUSICAL IWTIRE5T: Arcarrflon- LATEST SJMOIE: HcnflysDckle Roto b/w Btvie Mallbo. LATEST ALBUM: Satin and Uti", Soft and Silky. Sfnoooh and Swiftfllr^g, PREVIOUS KJTSi While Satin; Black Silift? Blyc Chlffonj BufflHhfrf Bras*; Latin L4«j Sh^aririfl on Dhe Stage? Lerln Alfjlt; Hat king Colc/The George Sheafing Quintet Playt -IP's. THE SHIRELLES {SCfrpter} PWi Flaren<0 Gret/ibcrg. BGi Shew BjRTHOAYSf Addie Hart is, fan. 2?; Shirley Owew, June 10; Doris KtMte, Aug. J? Beverty L«e, Aug. 3r NOME TOWN: Pawaic, N- I ICUCATtON: High school. BACKOPOUNth Perfwrned logefhee in high KhS*!. Perscnpf oppearoncw. OTHER MUSICAL IN- TEREST: Svnpwrlten. LATEST SIHCLEi Slop the Vuslt b/w It's love That Ecelly Counts. LATEST ALBUMi The Jbfrclfes SInfl Is Trumpcrs And 5lrii>9i, PREVIOUS KITS: M#md 5-j!d; DedkaMd 10 (he One 1 La-rej TdnigKfs the Nig hi j Big John; A Thing of ihe Past; Baby H'i You/ Soldier Boyj Wokorre Hdim Bob-f [All Srcpler); I M<1 Kim on Sunday (en P«t«^ FRANK SINATRA (fteprii*) {C+pltoll PMt Hsrik $»nkali. BOr WJ.1, ftiftthdayt l>«. 13, HGME TGWNi Hoboktm N, J. EftUCATlOH; tchool. HACKCftOUNTi Siaiied carter «hand singer with Tonvny Oorsey. Fltms, TV, night clubs. HEW MOVIES: "Come etow YOU* Mafn/' "M-Michgrien Candldere/' "Erwiriy Withtn." Wsj voted ' r Mo5l PUyed" eivd ""favorlie" A^Bfe VbCfcltH of 1962 In BMWn ISth Anriual DJ ppri, teft CtpJJol!*tr year to s'ti hi* ftwrt label, Rtprise- Ho-«evef, will llitl record for Cepilol free Unco. LATTST SINGLE: Hidden Per suasion b/w ' Love Paris. LATEST ALflUtt: Sinatra end Swlngfn' 8«m (Reprise), MILLION SELLERS; Youi^g ai Heart {Cap* Ito'I/ Afl M Kolhing at All {Calumhla). OTHIR HITS; Gxanad"jj Second Time Areond,* PocketM ol Miracles (Reprlst); Nke V Fatyj River, Stay Away From My Door; Talk to Me: vrtilta CKHilmaS; I've Got «Crush c%n YOUf Highr and Day; Sepiember Song? You'll Never Y/atV: Alone;' Chlvago; AH the Way? N'ancyr leve and Mamagej Look fa Your Kpift^ 01' Mec Donald (all on Cap-it at). Cc-mp DafiW With Mp; Ditly the Lonety; This Is Sinatra, Volt. I and 2} Cort-rf fly W Ut Mt; Where A'P Ycu; A Swlrgin" Affair; Closer to You; Songi for Swln?- ing lovers; Songt for Ycvng Lovers; In the Wee Sm^li Hours? Slivitra't SwlrigEog Seisionj Come Swing WHh Mi) Pc-lnl of Ho Retufftr Sinatra Sings.,, cf Covo ond rhlftgt (all on Cepliol); Rlr-ja-DIng Ding; I Remember Tommy; Sinatra Swings; Sinatra arvd Strings C^" ^ RpprCse)-LP'*. JIMMY SMITH (SIUD Note) REAL NAME; Jamtt Otc*r Smith. ElftTHDAY- tec, HOME TOWN; No^klo-ATi, Pa- BAtK- ORQUHBi Radio, rtlghl clubs, personal ppeardn?e*. OTHER MUSICAL JHTEftESTS- Pla-p org-sn, pleio. ai/irig bass. LATEST SINGLE: Bashlrt 1 b/w Old Mtn Hivor (Verve). LATEST ALBUM: Jimmy Smith Plays fofl Waller (Verve). PREVIOUS tms: Wfllk an the Wild Side (Verve)t MhjnjgKt Special (Glut Note)? Beihin' The Ur-predlctable Jlnvriy Smith [Vejve}-1?'4. terry SNYDER (Ultra Audio} BIRTHDAY; January 20. HOME TOWN? New York, EDUCATION: High school. KO80Y: M'rtic. BACK- GROUND: Was featured vibe ard drum player for WNtW in New Y«k. Hai been imtnittentallsi for 17 ytafj w Perry Ccvno shew. Switched from Csmrnan-d Recdfds 'o Ulira Audio. OTHER MUSICAL INTTRFST5: PUys rfnjm*, sonjwflter, abtingef. LATEST ALBUM: GenMi Purr-Cuislon Con Ulfra Audio), PREVIOUS HITS- Percussive PMtusrion Volt. 1 and" 2 (on Comrr^nd)-!?. SPRINGFIEIDS (Philips) NAMES-. Tom Springfield, Dutiy Springfield, Tim Falfd. HOME TOWH: Tdm *nd Dully Springfield, Wast ' Hamptfeed, EngUnd; Tim feild, born Afwrlce, now «naiu-retlted Hfigliihmao. E&UCA. TION) Thf Springtirldt, high ichacl. Tort Spr^j. fltw fs on accomptuhpd I ingutat, Tim Pclld, <011^ BACK WOUND: Tffc h ooe of Brllaln's to? v&cii groupir Radio-, TV, p«i*onjl app^*f4ltei, OThtL MUSICAL INTERESTS! Soivawflling, irra/iglng, j> iy plane, gulia^ bario -and cong4 divnn, LATEST SINOlEt SHvcr Threads and Golden Needles b/w Auni Rhody, J0AN1E SOMMERS (Wamer.Crew.) EO: G.AX. BHCTHDflYr Feb. 24, 1^41, HOME TCWK: EDUCATIOH: Cnllege. HHBIKc Sklhg. iwlmmlw ht skating, rfaftclng, flackorouhbr PerK-nal ^ p+^rantm, gu«t thflli on TVs "77 Sunwi Sfelp," nighf clubs. Storted as band sloger on the Wni CoMil. LATEST SlHGUi Jcftnrty Bet Af^ry b/w Thea, From "A Symm*r Plac*.'* LATEST ALBUM; jdhw Gal Angry. PREVIOUS HIT; O^.e Pay, RAY STEVENS (Me«u/y} PM: Bill Lowrey flger-21, HOME TOWN; C tar Male, C»- EDUCATION: Col kg*. HOBBIES; Swimming, beullrtg, water rtllng. BACKGROUHDi Beeeme a deejay -at the age cf 15 and had bit <wr TV show «i 16. Radio, TV, per. son»l WMtOMM, OTKfR MUSICAL IHTEREST?! Mays puno, frumpet, s*x, clarinet, bass, d/um* fub* fncl^ophone and violin. Son^wrller. LATEST SINGLE: Ahah I he Arab b/w It's Been Long, latest album l,s37 Seconds cf PREVIOUS HIT; Jero'maph Ppabody"* Pob' r^tfd Quick Dl«olwtnB Fait Acting Pleasaat Tail Ing Green ar^d Purple PCirs. SUE THOMPSON (Kkkary) fmt Hanfc Reany SEAL HAMFi Eve Su» McKm, BlfiTHBATi Jyfy IP KDME TOWN 1 Nevada Mo, BflCKGfiOUNffr futo,, TV, penoffol appearancej. PrevlwsPy recorded fe* Mrffcury, Dewa and Cclwnbfi rewrds, OTHER MUST CAL tnttfiest: PUys guttor. LATEST SIHGLE: Have a Good Time b/w If Ih^ Only Knew. LATEST ALBUM: Two of b Kind. PRr VIDUS HITS; Sad Movies {Make Me C*y)7 N6fm«n Two f a Kind. JOHNNY TILLOTSON (Cidenee) FM; Wei Ghana BIBTKDAT;. A^irll 20, HOME 10W»; Jackscnvitro, Flfl. EOUCATIDN; College. HOBBY; Wledi rfcords/backcsoumd; S for led singiog it early age made first professional apptarenw un local TV vsrloly show. Radio, TV, personal appearances OTHER MUSICAL INTEREST: Sar^rlJlng. LATTST SINGLE: Send M* the PlllftW Ydo Thtm on b/w Vfbat'il I da. LATEST ALBUM; It Keept Right an A-Kyrtir'. PREVIOUS HITS; Jimmy's Oirlr Pledging My Lo-e; Earth Angel; Why Dp 1 U You So? Kever Let Me Go; D/ejmy Eycsj 'True. True, tfapplneis? Poetry In Motion; Wishwf Yw; 11 Kerp? Right on A-HurUn'. IKE AND TINA TURNER (Sy-e) PMj Jvgty Morray. BO; Unlvwal airtifdays; Tina, November 25,! m\f lk«, N&- v«mbar r l«<, HOME TOWH: Tlno,. Nathvlllt/'Ikt Clarfc*d»lc r AlSss, BAC^SRDUND: personal flilcm. DTHIR MUSICAL INTERESTS: Ik* puyj pllm; and oultor. " -... LATEST 5INCIE3 l.lrfolize Y«b/w TIm'i Uiknw LATEST AieUMt The Soul of Ike and Trna Tyrnfr PREVIOUS HITS; A f»t fn loye;-ll'i Gc-nn* Wwk o«r FtYio? Poor Fool? tra U La la La, VAUEAN (Cirlfflirt BO; W,M. BFAl NAME: Vllieen SOhte. BlRTHDfiT; NOV. 14, Shatmck, Okie. WUCATIDN; Cofkgo- BAci- GROUND] Hie. mada nymtrogj concert ippfei-ancei with v*r ogs orchwlraj and has tai/rcd with Ml own concert and.comedy ifrier called '.tan.evenfeg Wish Valiean." He will make a new coowrt lov* In Ibe near fglute. - UTEST SIKOU; Tilt There.. Was You b/w The E.'ghieonth Voflitron, PflEVlQUS Mils Tbcma From Ben Casey. SEPTEMBER 12,»962, BULBOARD MUSIC V/tEK

67 LEROY VAN DYKE (Worcwry) TCVra: Spi!nq Foffc, Wl*. IDUCATIOH: HOinilSj Ifcfiiiftg, ri^i^ wartr skiing, JiCKCRO^KO: TV. ioirs. rp^os- OTHW MII5ICA( [UTtRESTS: Pl^ys Qollaf. saog^rlifflq- MLtlSr SIKCU: I 5Jt ar>d LpI It b/w Ha-v You Kmp Me latest ALBUM? JEW Vjn Dyke. F^RtVtOlfS «ITli Walk en flyj 1* i AnswerJ. BILLY VAUGHN (0**} PMi 8#T)df (Liberty) fljms TOWN: ClwggWr Ky. fotjcalhvh: Cfillegf. p^bhs; Baseiwll, g-jlf. bomllr^, rfmwing. BACICtipUHDs Won BV.W's Ulh Anwa! OEsfc Tntkty Poll u "Most PHyed ^d" pf Iffil. MUSICAL IH. THE ITS t Writing^ *rr4ngfn5 r CDtrpitF^gv UTfST SIHCLEs A Swls>EitrV Safer! b/w Ifldiao ttv P Call. LATIST ALBUM; A Swirgln' Safa-rl- HiLLHlK iellfr: i»ll Alpng SJIVry M-oan. ather HITS: M^iody of Ivnt &lu* Hawaii; 0^99 RlMiPff* Social; WhteTl; &lu< Tc<*i&rrcw. Dlv* H+will? Billy V6U5hn PfAfl; frilly Vawghn Playl the filial Sftkrsi SaSI Along Sir*'ry MMrty The tidstrurmfttali." GcWen V» l7«r Ba'lt"* A**'* tiyj GreaHeil Stflns Kill? Chapel by lh«5rj-tp J»- BOBBY VEE PM: AmoM Mills «Ah«U1«. W- c.a.c, Jlfll HAM! BObby vellifta, hibtwdat: April 30, 19«. HOME TOWN; Fprgp, H. D, CDUCAXIOHr CO Li BACKeftOUNOi Radio, TV, pcfsorwl eppearanwj, Oflginall/ '"^7 yfl" Shadpv^ v^tw goi Ibilr siwl when they filled In for ihf Utt 6ydd/ Wolly. RiUWe Valem *n6 Ibe Big Bapp**, -who difd ia A (UIH erjih. UlCST SJH^IE: Spircday b/w PvnisK Her (wirh {be CrUVtfs). LATEST TLBUMe Sob^ Vm Atfpt? 5h«Cirtiwtlx FREVlOyS HITS: Oa*ll or Ar^el; Since I wr Yw, Sabyj WlkBi Do Yflu Wanir Soiy Babyj fubber Ball; MOrt Thart I Ca* Say; SiayJn' In; Ww Many TfAfi^ Takp Good Care of My Ha&rj Ailkirt' With My Aivjel; Run 10 Hlmj Pkm Oen'f Ait About Barbara; Storing "YoUr Mh? V«-LR, THE VENTURES (OeUao) luailsr Don Wilso*, Bab Bogle. BtftTHOATS: &on r February 10. ^937 r Bci, fanujjy 16, IW7. HttMt TWHt Den, Tocc^na, IVaih.j Bc-b Per Hind,. Ore. SPUCAtmHi High nh^o\. HOBBlfS: Don, wrtslljng. 8<«b^ fpciballj nyotar-cycle racing. BACX' fifllovnd; P+dlp. TV, ceasonal appearanrtt. OTBEB MUSICAL INTERESTS: fl-mh play gviu*. UTEST SINOIE- Lalifa Ya Ya b/w Lucine. LAtlSt LIBDM: Mjthed PgtalPM and C'*T- PREVIOUS HITS: Walk, Ccn'i Rum Perflri3a ; lulftby nl lh* tfflm; Ram-SMnk'Shuih, Twist WMh the V#ft1yr«j 3hi VfJiture;' TwUt Rally, Vol. 2-lP't- BOBBY VINTON (fpic) PMi Floyd Aektrrain. BO: C-A.C, HAL NAIAEt 51 an fey BolHrrl VJiiUjn. BlSIHOATs Xpri! 16. HOME TOViMt Canpra-burg. Pa. WOCATIOH- Ugh Kh«L MOBBlfS: Sports, panki/larly bairtall, lackcrouhth Organized lift ffrtt bend in hpgh ichoel and fat-tr began to sing with thn bend. Bp»t s^fled hfrrt to * oofllrki after h<ar«no lerrc F NU rff5*i?ed Pope*- ftodlo, IV, films, theaf^s. perigna! ippoarorucos. Won BMW* 15rh Anflmat DJ Poll oi Vosr Promfilr^ M4le V«alk». LATEST SfH-OLF: Bain, SaEn Oo Away b/w Over ind Owr. LATEST ALBUM; fias«arc Red, MllllOK SSLltB: Roses Are Red. DINAH WASHINGTON (MtrCufY) {Routerr*J 80; A.fl.c, keal HAHlEi Rolh )or«. HOME TOW«; CNcego- BnWOROUND; Sang and dlrccied chorch choir. "nxafitl with Lfconol HampJart at 19. Highf clubs, theaters, UTEST SIWCU; per AU We Know b/w I WouSdn't know (What to Do) IRoulefftJ. WTkTT ALBUM: I Wartrti Be Lfirved (on Mercufy)- MILLION SfllTH: S-rty (with Brook 0<e.fon <M.ercury}. OTHER HITSi Thii Bitter EartKr II CouW Mjpiwi; la Yfiw? Wtui a Slffrente a Day Mak«; Uofeigftllble.f A Epckin' DJLieOAIl& MUSIC WEEK, SEPTEMBER 33, 1963 Cm-J Way <wi1h Brook Penton',; Love walked In; Lnrly Every Moriilmy; 5<pten"<ber in Pho Rain (all on MyrcvryJ; V/tv«f M* YcvrOiwb '62 (en Rou- (ei!e)-lp, RUSTY WARREN UuWLm) PM: Stanford Jvcktr li: i ^ ftcfi 30. KOMI TOWN; Miller, Mass. EDUCATIOHr High ichool Jind New England Cwaervetory of Music. ACKCHOIINO] Of.ly in years did Ml»s Warreh turn Po Mtr-edy, Originally she stwdied to be a eoneen pianlsi, Klght clvhs, personal jww-»nt«. OTHER MUSICAL IfmHEST; PUyi piano. LATEST ALBUM: fiutly WlfMil Bwnw 6Kk- PRE. VJOUS K IS( KfiMkert Up; So^igs for SJnn«f»r SiniaITomI ip'i. LAWRENCE WELK (pet) PMs Dabbc Luti, Heller 4 Loeb BIRTHDAY: Marth HOME TOWX Strabtu^/ H. 0- HD9filES: Doll, reading.'packcrovnui Vet- *i*r\ band leader. Scored s^sh success In TV In eerly '50'J. TV shpw on ABC-TV. BallrMms, toncerts. MUSICAL IWTERESTt AccordlM. LATfST SINGLE; Baby Er^hani Walk b/w Tbrfne Ffcm "Iha Brorhers Gfrtwn." LATEST ALBUM: tawre ckb Walk's Baby Elephanl Walk and Thcrr>e frw The BfOthre drfnvn/' MILLION SELLER; CaScult*. OTHER HITSt Ypllnw IHrdj Utt Date- Yellow ft!jd ; Lasr Dale; Cak«>tta? Wopi^ River; Yowng Wwld (as) en Doi); Say Jr With Musk; Bybhleh in the Wine; F*vvf(fB WalJiei {all 01 Cwt^-LP's. MARY WELLS CMqIdwh) P-Mi ikry Oordy Jr. IODCATl01tt-,Hlgh school, HOBBIES; tennis, danc- Eng. DTHCft MUSICAL INTEHESTi Songwrlling. UTIST SIHCLfi Yew Bear Me to ih* Punch b/w Old Lyre. latist AIBUMj Mary WeflSi Bye Bye baby I Oont Want to Take * Chance. PREVIOUS HIT?; Bye, Bye, B^hy; I Wani 1o Take a Chance; The One Who RwHy lovts Yc^j. At ANDY WILLIAMS [Colemhla) <Cadr±ce) BO; G.A.C. BIRTHDAY. Dec. 3, tmmt TOWNt Well Lake. 1«. I DUCAT (ON: High scfwol. NOBBIESi Travelirrg, ftading Inw-fitlion), lennji, an wllrtiifig. BACPC- C-ROtJHO; Sljrled career ai rrember of WilflemJ Bnjtbera- Worked In Kay Ih&mpson's right club e«t. W*nt out ai-» single- in W«on Steve Allen*! "Tonighl',' TV 3how for t-«o and a half years. 5t*r of his own CB-S-TV show wfnmcr 1959, Nlghi clubl. RtceniPy il-gnad wlfh Co tumble. latest SINGLE: Don't Ycpu Bclleye It b/w SuiWier- Time (on Colurrbfal. LATIST ALBVM: Mccn Rt«r «nd Other Great Movie Themes (on Col'^nbla. PRC' VH>US HITS: village of Sr. BernadeT?ej Hawaiian Wedding Song; Rirlteiily; Baby Oollj Caftadlao Sunie?; Lips of V/Ire;. Promise Me Lpvc- Are Vout srorere?; Lonely Si reef; Wake. Ale When It's O^fj Bilbao Song (all pr Cwlence}; Suarjger on ih+ Shore CoH"mblflJ- Oahrtr **4 O'ber Sorvps I Love ia S!ng (on CotumbiaJ-LP, ROGER WILLIAMS (Kapp) PM: Roga* - Dcre* HOME TOWH: Omaha. tducatiqmt Collage. BACK- GftOUNOi Gel hii itflrt aft" winning Hie Arihtrr Ccdfrey "Tilenl S<ou1s" Show, radio, TV tapcorts. LATtST 5IKGLE; Niagara Theme b/w The lofeleii LATEST AL6UW1 Mr. Riar*. MlLllOH SILLERS; Avlu«w leaver Till. PREVIOUS HITSi Mjria; Atmwt Paradiser Two Dlfferenl Worlds; The TumbJlrtg Tyinhr<svpB-dj; YOwng And Worm and Wordf^lul; The World Dulsldf; Songs of ibe Pabuteui- Songi ct the fabclws Forttelj The- fabjtoirt Cerv twry,- Tempi atlom Song! of ihe Soaring "OO'i,- Maria- Hogeff Willilm Greet«t Hi1t-LP'«. NANCY WILSON (CapHoi} PM; J bn lery BIRTHDAY: Fab, 20. i937, KOMI TOWN: ChUtkDfhe, Ohio- IDUCATION: High school. SACRGROUH^ Radio, IV, nkgha clubt, perwnel appti ranees. LATEST 5 INC LI 1 You Doft'I Know Wh»1 love Is b/w Pvt Oft * Hoppy face. LATEST ALBUM 1 Hello Young Loveri. PREVIOUS HIT: N«?Ky WllJOft/Connonball Adderley-LP, WOODY WOODBURY Ctfere**dl"!n) AOE: 35, HOME TOWKt fo*t laudtrdale, Fl-i. ItDBBYc GoTF, BACKOROUHO: NlgbE chjb c^dlan, peiional oppfarar^ei. OTHtR MUSICAL ihtenesj: Sprgwtfitlftg. LATEST AlBUH; Wwdy Vrt<-dbury'l Siloonenlics, PREVIOUS HITS: Waod Woodbufy Looks at lore end ISftr; Weedy Wowlbury's lioghjng Room-LP'S- TIMI YURO flihet+y) PM: Me/iin Michet RTAl NAMEj Rditmarle Yuro. BtRTHOAY: Auyjsl 4, HDMl TOWN; los Angelas. EOtdATIOHs High school. 8ACKCfi08H0! Started slr^lr^g in Hoonhewi (yj her motber'i Ira Man Mitwranl in Los ^eleslatest TtHCLE; What's a Mailer Baby (ts It Hut. Iig YovJ b/w Thlrlr^lh HflO#. LATEST ALDUMb Let Me Call You 5w«theori, PREVIOUS HITS: Hvt; Smile. Many thanks, D.J/s, for All Those Plays on "FROM A KING TO A JOKER TO A CLOWN" an the Kopp label EARL SCOTT Hope you like my latest SAVE A MINUTE LOSE A WIFE 4W t/w THEN A TEAR FEU KAPP 854 SPOTLIGHT OM RECORD PROGRAMMING 67

68 w my latest and greatest album release is kk RUSTY WARREN 99 ORBIT Jubilee #2044 exclusively on /JUBILEE RECORDS A DIVISION or THE COSNAT CORPORATION 3W 4ePh Slroofr, N«W York 36, N. Y. m 1. ' 66 5POTUGKT ON RECORD PROGRAMMING SEPTEMBER 22. T962. BIUBOARD MUSIC WEEK



71 22 BILLBOARD IVIUSIC WEEK RADIO-TV PROGRAMIVIIIMG HOMB-GROWN VARIETY STUDENTS CALL Radio Spectaculars OWN AIR TUNES WASHINGTON WWDC radjo is having high school Catching on All Over students make up its Record Rack for programming new NEW YORK Audiccco reac- fa the black. Holland House Coftunes on the Earl Kohbin tion to KHi's homc-erowo Holly- fee. a major rcgfooal air advertiser, show Friday nights, wood radio spectacular, 'The Mag- bought the entire show, which fea- Three Tcerx-agerg arc selected tured deejay Dick Shephard ai from high schools each week ical World of Wale Disney" host of a recorded panorama of to give their oplntonj on new (DMW, September S), was so Davis' career. Shephard, itioldcn- record releases. TTic teeners strong that stolion officials sched- lally, has been since named WHN's select 10 records they feel uled i Scptcmbn: 16 repeat of the 6-10 a.m. "morning niau," replac- WWDC should feature during three-hour show. ing Ted Brown. the following week. Selecting x Other radio stations are in the is done on ihe air in the Wriltcn by KHJ deejay Perry local spectacular act. K1TY, San teen-age diak-jadglng show. Allen, the 180-mlnutc salute to cor- Anlonxo, do FM station which d?- tooa-crodor Disney ond his Holly- scribw iiself as having "the 'adult' wckhl slujio contained a cross- sound," told BMW it was schedscctinn o music Infcen from Disney uling a special Gershwin salute ps Sponsors Don't bd ail-duy venture ou September nlbums nnd sinelcs and covctiag 26. Disney's progresi from vintage Tlic Foimot, according lo Pro- Shy at Mention Mickey Mouse to the current Dis- grant Director E. D. Isaac"Every ney feature. "Summer Mogic.** Also hour from 6 a.m. ro 9 p.m. we arc fcalurcd Lq the stotion-pcoduced aofng- to air two or Uicce of hij Of Longhair IP's (George Gershwin's) popular hits. show were live interview^ with NEW YORK There's sponsor- From 9 p.m. to tnldoism will he a ship gold rn Lheni tbnr Hassical Disney himself. Hay Icy Mills, Fred three-hour pop concert devoted ex- LP'b and live ahows. Of the 19- MacMurray and Burl Ivcs. clusively lo the longer works. This and-a-half hours of WQXR, New In New York. WHN'a 120-fnuiutc idea is not new to KlTys listeners. York's evening progratn schedule We cckbralcd Richard Rodgcra' Rpecial saluting Sammy Davis if. this fall, Monday through Satur- OOth birthday Jn this same general day. 74 per cent has been sold on September 6 wound Up neatly xmiiner a couple of months ago." (not including slation breaks, which arc also in a slcong sales position). That's Ihc word from ARTISTS 1 Robert Krleger, WQXR sales man- BIOGRAPHIES ager. a(l»d For VB'jr on projrammlii 3 hr 5 tmiilt in? lhrt» hfte are ofrtlhem will hfllp fedi («w ibeuf bjhd hoi wn'mlcn* ijlik 9rll il Ills 11 Of tlincyi uich osi*. *ntf In WQXR's prime-lime schedule, such music showcases as broadcasts of the Doaton and Phila- THE CONTOURS delphia orchcstraa. "Syrnphony (Gordy) Him." "Music Magarine." "Stereo Time" and olhera are sold la ipoa- NAMES: Billy Gordon, Billy sors like Ampex, Japan Air lanes, Hoggs, Joe Billingslca, Sylvester/ Stcinwey A Sons, Ocneml Efcc- Polt^. Hubert Jolnmon and Hucy Irie, RCA Victor. London Records Davis. AGES: All nrc in their and Chemical Bank. August sales 20's UACKGROUNDi Abuut at WQXR ran 25 per cent above three years ago, four of the hoys ihe same monlfi last year, rcpartcd {Cordon, Hogg*. Billingslea and Kricger. Potts) formed a vocal group. I The fifth man, Hubert Jotmson, The station tias somo new tuuiic- Was found when he ran inlo one nnd-ncwa plans, too. Siaiiing Ocof Ihc boys while bolh wcru job tober I, rcportcre aad corrcspoodhunting. Johnson turned out to cnls of Tho New York Titnw will be the connecting link lo Ihc augment the station's regular news- group's first nuditioa with Barry cast schedule with special feature Gotdy Jr., president of the Molown Record Corporation. 'I'haugh radio commentaries from U. S. and the group practiced hard and lebcanwd Jong hours to polish the overseas locations. ict, ihcir beginnine auditions were not promising. But convinced Of their Ulent, the Conlours called Upon a disiant cousin of Johnjon's to listen tt> their sound. The "disiant cousin" lurncd out lo be popular recording star Jackie Wilson, who called Motown Colpix Woos Di's - chief Barry Cordy to urge him to work with Ihc group. The Contours' firvl release was "Whole Lolla Woman" on Motown. Aboul sur months ago, gurlor player Hucy" Davis was added to With Air Stunts lire act, and Iheir current wax spinning an the GorJy label has proved lo be ihc OntmirV key lo recording success. NEW YORK A series of new LATEST SINGLE; "Do You Love Me" leaps inlo Ihc No. promotion stuols are planocd by 20 deck aa a Star PcHormcr this week on UMW'c Hot 100. Colpix Recordi on behalf of current sound-track albums from a Irio FRANK HTELD of new Columbia Pictures rfilcaies (Vee J B y> "Damn the Denanl." The War Lover" and "Bmbbas." For Ibe nrrthdav; November mosi part, the pro mo I ions arc de- HOME TOWN! Coventry, Eng- signed to spotlight the albums with land. HOBBfCS: tainting, song- deejays m a number of mnjor wrlting. fishing, golf and tenms. Oities, BACKGROUND: This British recording artist began his career For "Defiaol," Colpix ia arransal the age of 15 in Austmlin, ing a wricx of ahipboard sc/cenlags where his name grew popular. on varioui historic hi vtssela an- Eager lo Jurlhcc his career, chored in such cities m Houston Ifiud iravded to England in and Bosirtn. A "DcITnnt" cup is and within a few months scheduled lo be offered at a raodelsigned a tccoriing contract with boat regatta in New York's Central Columbia Records, one of ihc Park. labels of the HMI group. Since For "War Lover," Colpix will then Ihc young man's career has steadily advanced, with a number give Its prom a ti on an aeronaulical of record liila, TV, radio and personal pppcarancca to blz credit. Iwist, ireotinr deejays to short Early this year [field achieved further suceesa by winning second rides in a Bl? Flying FortiKS place in the popular. "Song for Europe" ccedest sponsored by used in the picture. Foe "BarabbBS," BBC-TV. His entry,- "Alone Tao Lang," was xeleosed in Brilian Colpix pinna to singe "a Borict of by Cofurnbia. Then, in July, Lfield's waxing of "I Remember You" rnan-rmde eclipses" m major cities, topped the Brltith charts and won a coveted Silver Disk, repre- using special electronic devices. senting more than a qnortcr-milllon sales. This ia ihc tune, released in America on the Vee Jay JabcT, that is currenlly scoring As an added fealure for dwjavi, tot Ificld on BMW'S Hot 100. Cofpix is launching a new service whercift short bio? and piducca of LATEST SINCLEt "1 Remember You" soars into the No. artists rcw to the label will ac- 26 slot ibis week as 51 ar Performer. company all new rcleraw distributed lo jockeys. VOX JOX By JUNE DUNDY PANEL NOTESe BUI Westera, KSCH, Fort [and, Ore,, tmt of this week's ProgrammJtag Faact partkdpxnti, chalked up a firat dnrim^ Wj recent maratiiob Riilfe* Coaster ride. According lo Werteni, ouwc Jocks partlclpaling in Roller Coaede* tamlfaoni, got off tht can and took rive-minule Lpeaks. Bat not Intrepid Westeim. He rode a total <»f 327 times for 40 faoura nod 4D meaote* nd new once got out of flm cur,,., Stan Roberto, WTRYp Troy, N- Y. (also a panelist thia week), fan Jnst cnoipkfed a 13-w«k TV comedy seriea en a local video outlet. Eolilled "Wick's Works," the live-mlflole prrn gram was aired fwicn a week. Robrcti sold U "wm palteroed artw my momlna radio show, wbn* I loafrled comedy lines inlo Jort about everyflilag 1 do. For TV I bimte op serlra of Ones which enabled me to how 'plioae con rer^n(loos' on csmrra. ThB reaction was qnlls good," 1939 REVISITED: Ed Klcg, KDKA, Pittsburgh, ccfcbralcd Labor Day With a appctal show Tccalling the Lobor Day period of 23 years ago. The 30-minulc: program was aired Sep. tcmber 2 and repealed Sepiembcr 3 on "Fragram PM." King rccreaicd 1939 era af swing, the New Ywk World's Fair, CbinesB cbcckcra and Neville Chambejfain through excerpts froin broadcasts of the day ffefituriog the voices of Mffler, Gocring and officr ominous portenda of World War 11), along with 12 tunes of the era. Including "Beer Barrel Pollca," "My Prayer'' and "Three: Little Fishes. King, who wrote the show in addition lo narraliog it, plans several similar features eovcring other aspecla of "Tlio War Yean." CHANGE OF THEMEj Jim Tamer Im moved from WJAB, Portland, Me^ to CKCM, MoutrcHL... Ray Odis, formcaly nlifa WHK, Cleveland, has rtplacrd Shad O'Shea at KXOK, St. Loala... KaJ Rudman, ex. WIBG. rhbadclphia, boa lokcn over (lie noon-lo-s p.m. time sfol al WjVAT, Trenton, N. J. Also nevf at WAAT Is ilccioy-lictvflcafitcr Al Kelly, vvho now bas the 5:30 H.m.- J2;30 p-m. lime slot at WAAT on Saturdays and Sundays... - BJck HoErsely, fonoeriy witfa KLO, Ogden, Utah, is now cpkming 'era at KGW, rortund, Ore., from noon 1j> 4 p.to. GAB BACi Johi F. Ewan, chalrman of AU-Star Promotions of Australia and Nc%v Zealand, writes; "We ere producing a rapidly growing amount of recordingi oc the South Pacific islands, in addition to locally produced pop recordings and shall be pleased to pfa» on our mailing list for COrapJimenlary copies any deejays nnd/nr Btation librarians who wrilfr lo U$ <r. O. Box 35yJ, Auckland, New Zealand) on their station kllcrhcad,"... Lee Lyons, p.d. of WKYO, Caro. Mich., needs pop disks.... Also Iq need of pop disks is Don Wej-dan. who cmsea a two-hour nigbtly "Top 40" show on WKLK, Cloquct, Mina,, which has a covcrpge area of 165,000. REGIONAL DANCE FADS: Larry Knnc, KTRK- TV, HqusIdh, To*^ would like to,wl up a syfitem whereby be and other TV Jocbx rtohthi (Ijp country am keep their Budiencce up on regional dance fads in othei parti of Uie counlry. lie writesi **1 feel Jt would Lo a woaderful fralure on our Individual local 'bands(anif if v»b could, from time to Ifrae, mn video tap«of Wis In olhrr cw«performing HkIt current dnnce crazts, fntroduced on ihn (ape by the 'baodsisrup hft?f In ibet city." He would like Inleresfcd deejay* lo write bhn ut KTRK-TV, Box 12, Houston. Khuc'i video record hop becomes N rfrdly, Monday throogh Saturday, hvo-lonr ahoif, ^failing October 1 on KTKK-TV. (Continued o/i poee 22d) YESTERYEAR'S HITS ChDTB^-ol-piM* piogramralig Irwm fmer tlohort'i ihtlirm, fiwwkp b«ifial ftr* dit S8TH«bl Hif B «a" and 1 oa An wml At/ ronttd on bilox^rd't dinrta ibaa: POP 5 Yonra Ago Soptembor 23, 1957 I. Hum I* ftt 817, CrFcUli. Inxnldi J. Irani, I. tinelft, {«"! 3. kllll, L /nu. AlC fwipouh 4. J. Mqin. Riolsflr 5. WMi Wh Jkdfn' Wf to, I. Uwlr, In 6. T*Ut ton, L Pr4>T*, BCA Vkhe 7. Mr. Lh. WWIw. Sil«rilc I. (ilobn, t.hiaultb. Dp? 9. Ik Hn HWfl* ot in hfanf, 1. tflinftt, Dlmblf 10. in<rrihr fw'n f. Kaiu, M POP 10 Y«ara Ago SepNmbor 20, T«Kel<ag b He. J (almmt 2. I W.«11 rm Wriilw. K B«nwr 5, Wbh In Hn Hn. t fbfcir- H. WlotHirttw. Itt Ylrtw A Aft Hlodemd't. SMHlkivt. I. lllb. tm4m 5. HJV U HKL L CImmt, W^di.6. JinkaTlrl, L Sfllfxfl, CllBKkli 7. Hloh kmfi, F, LIM, CIIOBUI B, HmI Nr. fillibfuii L PnL LpIN 9. Mch-AHa. L flw«r, CiJwbh 10. 1m Mhi to H». L tf/f, Hwturf RHYTHM & BLUES 5 Ycon Ago-Scptomber 33, 7957 Him. K Aah. IK-Puancntf HipfT lippf Blrflnhx Wy, Im Wmtwt, Ihiril If to* 0*7, DIlLbIs. Brautkk tod* 1- i«49io, Bwdihe hrfaw tp fb«iu4. L Bmt, Ml Wlito Lrtfi Ruth' Mi' C*. i. Livfa. Si lu4 far H*. I. Mi, DpTtri Bbk Fht ttjikt. KiN Nr. Ufl, KobbilEii, llhilk hlidinr, L nimlllan, Up# M

72 pits BE* rc r+if SPOTLIGHT SlfMGLES OF THE WEEK Jiioaatll IJlcJ poltnllit el ill tetordl fttid'wd Ikft «Btk. SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 DILUOARD MUSIC VVEEK. 21 V1NCE EDWARDS TOMMYROE SAY rr 1SNT SO (Berlin, ASCAI') I COT IT BAD ****STRONG (Rohbms, ASCAP) (3t23) TV's Ben Cubty conies ihrough SUSIE OAPUN' ichflnccuor, ASCAP) <2:17) PIDDLE willi two more romantic readings of lop standards. Th SALES POTENTIAL DE PAT (Uiw-Tivi, BMI) (lis3) The young «han(er has.dick Jacobs big baud era backings are smooth accompanihad a smash w-ith "Shiclah," and here he's back with ment for lhe actor's dreamy style. Eiiher or both sides BOB CONRAP another fine girl's name rune. It's a baljad and il's handled here. " "Dcccb **** The CrtJl MBCkiu WARNER with much ecvic. Flip U more along the rhyrhmic lines ol Conrad or) ij06 n a mild neit reil:«r. Cfocnype OonH»n<1 KA oflr by his current hit. Both are solid entries and the action could go either wny. ABC-Pni-amount JOE DOWELL * v-ooij a^aln ij'ttf abrt Itac. lhe lni«mnl*w^ Turo BMI) li«a;fj>» POOR' LITTLV: CUPID (Trw, BMI) (2:10) A die, iuma hriphl no\cliy from J3owell o.n this side Ihat fells of momma *+** aui 1 JmI Cmcb Hb<«Vim A plent- SAM COOKE *.. ynj poppa cup id und (heir offspring whh flic broken bow, Dnw. ^icjlurvffjvtj TV peifflrrr>ee, r<kl«er Thi It ehsnibr Ibe Winner Am NOTHING CAN CHANGE THIS LOVE CKaju, BMI> Dowell sings in front of chorus and snwrl Brmngcmcnis, nkt, (2:33) SOMEBODY HAVE MERCY Wags, BMI) C2J17> Rip is "No Sccrels" {Sure Fire, BMI) (2:05), bcacih tbsygotap of a Rood slyle oik hecn and anil elioim he sell bockthe Sam Cookc brings home two more winnem to coniinuc Smash 1786 ground, [Shcmaii-DeVvrioD.»MI) 42;07> his slrcak. The first is a slrong ballod sung ugainst smart J lowing string hhcfcgroutul. The second is a solid wed turn DON AND JUAN PILL beat lunc in the blues vein. Both have fhc sound and Ihc MAGIC WAND (Hill & Range-Nnncoz, BMI) (2;12) iafci PULLER B«T M* CllALfeel of a Conkc hil * KCA Vktor 80S8 LENGE WHAT I REALLY MEANT TO SAV (Vlckl-WUkfty, BMI) tlsnwd 9I«Nice bsllad ficra to teen- (2:25) The buys had a big one one awhile hack with hai and»i[li a ca«ii>l»y loikh, Everyone CLAUDE KING "What's Your Namo." and they could have another here. nke a alnnlng ial excfpi fob aoafml The tay shonn and Ho an"j <k>o plaee * Hlh rtijihni tod lultai. (Jal, AMI) t2:m) THE BURNING OF ATWNTA (Cnnm.!, BMI) (2:32) Both arc In the rockeballad vein with a lot of enthused Here's, b solid ouling to fallow up King's "Wolvenon vocalizing. Second side has an interesting Lacinish beat, **** ifvi bibii I or Cant Tearldp C»f me Anarj^-Tbr lad and u s» doun bu i Mountain" smash. The side k sung in the Johnny Horian rcnunisccnl of some of (he Drifters' hits. Two good ones aaga fttyle with strong niartipl backing, but (he lyric has and either could happen. Big Top 3121 Tbo art bim bor tlngi anciy. ihc bat nine, IT doca uhlrji id It hun tafnolhloi fcloe. an amusing as well as rousing twist. Flip ia "Don't Thai»tron of in tuwei to "Johanr Gel Aoaij." In Moon Look Lone»omc,, (Peer Int 1 ], BMfj (2:48). C 1_ AND THE PICTURES In I.ipoilighLCni»i»ije walnit Aod tolld piano rtuoto'-llve aivl uliar *ork. back- Colombia MARY GO ROUND (S-P-R, BMI) CM9> Here's a tragic mmty tale of love gone wrong, and now the gal Is out on the JOANIE SOMMER5 loose, The lead nian gives i( a real ugonized kind of teen LOU MOHTE sound iind il's oil done to 0 smart arrangement with girls' *»** PRISE Vibt Did TVaikbtfea Saj-RE- WHEN THE BOYS GET-TOGETHER (Tod, ASCAP) chorus- Good wax. Rip is "Afraid" (S-P-H, BMI) (2:20). lyimi 70I0S Mooie hi* uralbcc biirorieal- «J13> PASSING STRANGERS (Admolit, ASCAP)(2:23) Duoos 2017 IuIIm coinrdy idryiiija loao jtoo««. here (hat Ht k aalnji bicfcid In by an Two touching sides here from Mlw Sommcrs. The firsl a cihtoi cf ibigcrc and oik. CRoinince- Dinj D-jna, BMJ> GdO> has nn unusual the ma with the lass asking what her lad tells his friends about her. The flip is a soft ballad sung PAUL EVANS rivlto lha KHIm ASmi* Here'a wjih much simplicitv against lush backing, Both sides GONNA BUII.D A MOUNTAIN (Ijjdlow, BMI) (2f13) lhe Icaiure strings and chomj and uhould gamer man/ plays There've been a number of versions of this tune from the Mania (ale tlnie of la tn lialesn, Italito-ipJakirB too, and iha nwim, cjunoa foe the Insa. Wnmcr llnk new Anthony Newlcy musical, "Stop the Warld.V already mne. P0 band tnofamce-dlbi folfl 1B. la tbu Don, lotoar HMD UaUprKypa p:") out, but this is easily the. smarlest. The lad is 5d atrong voice and the arrangemcnl for ork and chorus builds FATS DOMINO neady. This could go, Flip is "D-DariinB,, (Esses, ASCAP) HASH nnowtt STOP THE CLOCK (Travis, BMI) {l;sfl> DID YOU (2:22). Kapp 486 **** EVER SEE A DREAM WALKING (Henderson, ASCAP) Tonth»««AMj >>HJUF3 <0061 bubt Of around wntry Ow caneedy aovlk-td-lhc-lotcldrn in ihk aid* Urn't.(Ij44> -Fats is bacfc with two sides, one new, one fnmilrar. JIMMIE McGRIFF eolumn, The first is a walking blues-flavored tune that has a weeper I'VE GOT A WOMAN, PART H (ProgrrBskc, BMI) (2:17 aumbrr The of lha aide dlixisa btt a yoad ibat sound ooulm.dia and a Ij'ric, "ITie flip is a mighty "strong Hem Lhnt has been Issued people Here's the great tune by Hay Charles dare Up in a by Lhe artist before, hut there's no reason why it shouldn't ityn MMiclKi. tod (MRC. their B^U> ptoblemj <234) add humotou* score again. Bo(h feature the singer's inimitable vocal and swinging organ rendition, somewhat id lhe Jimmy Stnilh style. McGriEf really tocka Ihis One out'v/ith great combo At*** piano magic. Imperial 5S7S 11 iliiki Btrbuj- Jiiilromenial Majbed ihnt PotiMl Tlila wt'tf* c*! i«;4 to support, Side Two has die higgert excitemenl. Flip is deal Part 1 of the same Woe (2:27), Jell J90 ibd balltrlnj of play. TtM from kjfle the bu ebonn lomo In-* wboopla) raiy beii. lepeiltloai flfliua tad ilrocg THE MARKETTS... ildoa' CANADIAN SUNSET'(Meridian, BMI) (2i25> Stomp. THE CASTELLS C;M» and hoidiootca wortc. fmhc. BWIJ IN' ROOM ONLY (Lock-EDM, ASCAP) (2:03> Here arc ONLY ONE (Hamboo-Nada, BMI) (2:24) ECHOES IN MM two swinging insiruraenial sides by the group. The first THE NIGHT itauent, ASCAP) (2:26) Two nu'ghty pleasis the Eddy Hey wood hit of years ago given an up'fo-dntu ant ballads, dene in the amooth harmony styling that's CLVDB MeNIATTER' treatment whh strong organ sound. The second features the group's iradcmnrk. First side features a SpAfliah touch **** Cbiolet MmjSI MERCURY smart drumming and tenor sax work. Both have that teen with caatadcts and. clever guiiar und organ work. Rip is Ihto iorprt-pykd rorrj hi «fun«ilronp o*er porfoiiaanco.»r^««biekjns on dance beat sound and should score with lhe youngsters. an couolly Untenable romuotic effocl Both have «chance. by ibe giittr eoffibo Tihich tiro (ciluio» Liberty Era 34)89 rich lorpel piano, to, CTrco, Side HMIJ coold <2!3J> bmomo a big on* **** 1 Do BrtL-M Brishi oovctty It MITCH MILLER - SOUPY SALES a handed hicd-claophii iflflr reading and tndrhliilk by lhe cbnoler batklaii. OVef THE LONGEST DAY (VOCAL VERSION) (Spnuka. MY BAHy.S GOT A CRUSH ON FRANKENSTEIN II BMI) (2:20) Here's die lunc Paul Ankn wroie for the (Bayer, ASCAP) (1:57) The TV hero of the West Coaet Wtk-ll (wfavl bolh Aod»l<kl. lha iloier IMHC, itjir HMt) H wlfh tl:sv) rrelfd, I*"! World War 11 film, "The Longeat Day," in which be also kiddies has a mighty cule, tidvelly side here. His gal goes stars. It's lhe pie's theme and it's done ihroughoul the /or the monster type and he tells the tele effectively. track by Milch Miller's ork and chorus, A stirring rousing Backing features girls' chorus and a rockin 1 combo sound, PAT HEHVEV itnn, life ally silked to the classic Miller style and the side Welch it. Rip is "Doggone Doggie" (Bayer, ASCAP) TOR **** MMrr HcarTAeba RCA VICcould be a smash. Flip 15 an all-inslfunicnlal version of (1:52). Reprise of boih <0^0 BrenJa tlcr«"» Leo a and nc"r. Sue ial»idj Tln>nipr->n. loocbct the same tune (2:04). Columbia 425BS (Ccwitmed on pnge 77) on poge 77} The disc discovery of 1962 Getthg Wg play In Philadelphia^ Boftiffloro, Kew York and Los Angeles m/>ojv» MCOIDf

73 FOUR FRkSHMEN may mot win "ftcs^rh" this year's DISK JOCKEY POLL THE SWINGERS 12 jazz favorites by 3 FOUR FRESHMEN ABWAVOtO AUO COMtiVCirfD B O/ll Wl. WOTHIN' TILL VOU HtAR. KfiOM ME / let's TAKt A WAIK AROUND TtlE BLOCK v WHEN MY SUGAR;WALKS DOWN T>Jt STftEEt ' DYNAFLOW '/ SATIN'DPLLy 'LUUP5 -BACK WTOWN v LULLABY OFSlflDUND. I'M GONNA'GO FlSHIN* / JAP5 MILLER' /^HIS?»liLD BE THE start OF SOMETHING * Ll'L MRUW / SPRING I^NT SPfflKG WinjOUT YOU..Kut their new * R I C O R D f album T 1753 is great for programming & sales! Pergcttol Manrtgemcnti BILL WAGNER 6047 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood 38 t Calif* M

74 tlh MUSIC WEEK MUSIC-PHONOGRAPH MERTHANC llmg Borga Series 1st Pre-Recorded Tape Takes BEST SELLING PHONOGRAPHS, Network Showcase Big Price Dip for Fall RADIOS & TAPE RECORDERS For Stereo Disks ConHnutd /rant pagt 4 New Lines Enter Field and Drive from occasjqqil itelecirons from his Dili* «ra (hi rloa'fl but Milan ky h«ii^ an raiuhi if 0 Consumer Cost Down low as $3.95 Jlbums), InstCBd, he'll function IMIldv4cBg ijudy oilay papimld InHrrUwi vfth npmonlatirg CKN MilliH at»'fir.j MtUb (Bnlyf thm mh frfnrvifrnjdn, f Jii somewhat in the matmer of a ed/ir (ap* r«cmd*n, A rflw*<*ot >H<4 b (ivblkhtri la rhi W"h By HEN RHEVATT Mean while, in Chicago, Music tonguc-ln-chcek Leonard Bcrmrtein, WMk. nfwr ipmaij ^prndmolily arafr H WMki NEW YORfC Pre-recorded Tapes, Inc., operoled by Pete "analyzing" musical pcrformancci. lope, once widely reg&tdcd ft* an Fibri, formerly of Btll Sound, has Hii conioicdliiry porltons wdi be Farorafa» flgara ahamb far ma kraad! hi thcra cf tha lalal nalnbtr ikm with & praaium price tag. Is announced two new $3.95 releases recorded at his home, ml malihtad palau fran H rttfivnlh,. P»l«i tauile(i»aa <ua b(ih4 an lha rank orfac at maapfcklwcmi' aahs nl aoch 4afl1ar, and vf*lghl«d now entering tbc low-price field in for fall promotion. These Include Slalloo achedufo for the scrica ky lira ml avtlat, Oaly ifmbbeadbran JS ar nwt *f 'h» (olol daalar a aubstantm way. In recent weeks, "Roaiing Twenties Cha Che Cha" calls for an InlM "network" of 40 pa raft ora IFtTal titaw. several important liaes have ca- and "The Originof Ray Qiarlc#. - QXR affillatci. More than half of tered the field, while another new Thtoo arc both promoted ai being these win carry the show la stereo; PHONOS LISTING OVER $500 entry, though announced, boa not b slereo and ere available in 344 the remainder will alx it as b mono- Faa. Poi. NI. yet delivered actual product. l.p.s. speed only. This Is one-half phonic FM series. However, spon- Kit */nj6i!/«/«% at Total the normal speed of pre-recorded sor General EJcclric and QXK ofri- Invt h»u«im««rnad PalrN At one time, Iwo-track stereo tape and by iu use x saving la ciau are pressing fot an fill-fmlapea brought aa high ob $14.95 per actual tape consumpliou can be strreo llnenp withia six mooths, Magoavox... unit. In this case, the high-priced effected. BMW learned. lape produced the same amount of material 01 a standard LP dish. Bcslway Producla, of which Amy General Electric, which placed Fisher Now, tapes' with similar playing and Mala Records arp corparate tho Initial 26-woflk cantracl Pilot 6.7 time, and many of theia offering subsidiaries, has just introduced a ihrough Voube & Rubicam in t name taltnl, are avuilablc to the new line of low-price lanes under purchase which recalls oostol- 4 ' 4 Curtis-Mat he t. 6.o consumer at as little as $3.95,' the High Life tag. This line, which gteally pic heyday of network ra- 5 6 Motorola 4.8 includes such names as BQly dio, thus becomes the first stereo Only three weeks a&o. RCA Vic- Daniels, Perez Prado, the TTircB oetworb advertiser. Commercials RCA Victor tor Iniroduced a new Cacoden lino Suds, Sarah Vaughqp end Ruby will feature GE's FM and phono Othan of rccl-to-reel, four-track tapes'to Broff, is being marketed at $3,95. alereo sett and combiqatioua, TV 15.1 «U at $4.93. The iuitia] Cam den Though the line has not yet been ku, hwnc music aystemi, Inler- Sine* ihii chur h baiad an ih* praitfvi manfv* mu, fc h cancalaakta that release contains eighi tapes ffom delivered, one clisliihulof it re- comi, as well aft toys and educa- caitatn Irarda ww apptxi nt ibm Hbb and am «r aaathaf haeovm ml maay the cream of the Camdco stereo potted to have sold & healthy tlon kila. GE'a air selling ii ex- InlEuaaflnt ffoffbia. Thva If doh "61 latfkom ihoi IS* oh«v4 /ftablig appsfi catalog. 1 Deluding, iieras by (he quantity In the Detroit area, just pected lo bo id the form of slereo f»r Bf»y jnrfvd athf# than the rravbvi Pffntfi, TIiwib kmnda ihol pytctd lop-sbhiog Living Strings en«?m- from slick-stock cover rcpros of the commefclala produced by Y&R. In praidaum Huuai fa* thfa LaUgafy aad da nal bappaa fa narlf Ihtlap akar* ara ahawn balaw Urrth ihilr rmli ardar tn iha hnii IndlcoTad la ble. An all-out dcfller.push U bi- «U. There are cxpecleu lo be 30 Local Actloa paraalkmu. ready nndcr way, wilh jpcctal tapes In the first releasebrowjer boxes, streamers tod hang- On the West Coast, the well- Local Ocnoral Electric dealers 6/23/61 lime: Zenith {S). era all a part of the progfam. known Bifiari Broihcrs, once idenand distrlbuiore will be very much Though ColumWa hag not as yel tified wilh the Modern and RPM in the act with local-level Store 3/24/62 Inue: - Zenith (5). created s low-priea tapo line as siagles lines, and now operatora of promotions, window displayi, lieinch, 1K0 company recently au- Crown Records, have also brought in radio commercialh, newspaper fids, BCCordiag to present plans. Glide-On Spindle hounced two apeclal full-ten gib out h acw line of 20 budget-priced New Japanese tape lamplera, contbiniog sekctiodi tapes. Tbese tapes, also pegged nl A sizable audience reach Is aatlc- Adapter: Price 19c from leading iiems b iti vast tape S3.95, con lain versions of Crown Sated for the Borge stereo aeries. calalog. The samplers carry * sug- disk product already availabla, XB. officials eiiimate lhat Ibe 40- gested list price of 52.95, one of such a i Bolules to Glenn Miller, sintion line-un will cover "about Transistor CINCINNATI King Records has devised a plaslic 43 single the lowest ever in the tape field. Tommy Dorsey and Charlie. Bax- two million FM homes," with most record cenlcr-holcd tdapicf lo bo One of the topes corwains classical ocn, of them drawn from tba upper- called * Olide-On.. The unit may tracks, while the other is ilciclly TwlD-Pak Id Favor income levels. James Sandheira, May Be Tiniest ho slipped over tha spfaidlo of an3' pop. In all case*, bfg names axe United Stereo Tapes has enjoyed QXR prcsidcnl, places Lho annual type of phono player. The adapter the rule. spending power of the network's (Conilniifd on ppge S3) KEW YORK What is believed h being packaged on display cardt audience at $14.7 bqlfon. lo be the world's dnieat troojlalor conlaioiog 12 to a card. The sugradio, a Japanese import, was un- gested Hat price It 19 cenls each. veiled here last week by Slondard The Glidc-Oaa arc being offered Radio Corporation, safe U. S. ogent lo Ihe trade (n three diflcrcnl pre* and distributor for Standard Radio paks: 10 cards coniainifig 12D The Consumer-Proven Line of T0L7D. The unit, "Micro Ruby," adapters nt t dealer price of StO; about Ihs size of a hook of 13 cards contnming 216 adaplm matches, was demon Btrated by for $17, and 28 cards contnining Hiioshi Miyazawq, president of lho 336 adapters which sell to dealer* Amerlcen firm, for 125. "Ruby" weighs Icm lhan three ounces and has dimensions Of dealer accoimts will be employed hy 15S by 44 Inchei. The set, with selection limited to ft very few claimed to have belter tone quality dealers to each tnarkel area. Initial THE PALMER III than many of Its larger compeh- outlet for the unit wiq be Liberty DP.4tSlMiih.] 0P-«l7nVamulJ tors. contains seven transistors. It Music. Shops, of New York. Outlets ffrallwwifi carries a list price of $ which in other cities are lo be -aonounccd AM/fH VCflSIOK InCludlm includes gift case, ear pbono and shortly. Liberty was set to kick off CQKPLftTE fw/fm sura ft haiteries- a atzablc advertising campaign oa tvuruptfii The new Lranaistot is first of a the new sets. broad ranpe of models planned for THE ALLEGHENY VH the American niarkct, DP-SI SpAlh. DP.3 l:7(wirni/n A keynote of dislcibulfdii will bo NEW MAN ON np-pisirfuui-ayii tigbl control on prices. Every effort will be made, according 10 Mlya- 3M'S PROJECT seu-corrtkihio runsrut- zawa, to maintain the list price eo HiGir nactirr console. nnd avoid Ulacounltng. Only prime ST. PAUL Minnesota Mining and Mnnufacturing $ Company here moved a step f**- Report July Big closer lo the marketing of its, long promised, slow-spfictt For Rodlo Sales (npe cartridge player, with the ftdnouoccmcnc Ibii week of WASHINOTOK July wos the the ftppoltltmcot of Dnrrcll H. DEOCA PHONOGRAPHS FOR 1963 second best month of 19fi2. for Boyd as project manager for dislrlbulof sales of radios, accord- the cartridge unit. ing to a current Elccttorrics Tn- The unit, it was noted. Is duitrica Association report. Safes, now in its final pre-producon the distrib level were 92l,nB9 tion fclages at the Revere for the month as againsl 1,040,593 plant in Chicago. It will be for June, the year's peak. markct-tesfed in a major On 11 yearly bans, distributor U. S. city heforo the end of radio solos for 1962 so far are some the year. Narionol distribu- GOD.DOO ahead of 196 L The figures tion i$ scheduled for 1963, siand at 5.721,663 lor thk year Boyd, Bccordiitg to Revere against 5J2S;8i3 lor general manager, G. W, San- THE SHELBY II df.o THE KWUINED HEW HOME kltch FIDFtllY MUSIC SYSTEM.COMPACT,SElFflRl STtfEO POHTABlt. >1 flin Ad.UU OC THE high FIDEUTT MONROE nju, dp^o Produclicm of radio ift also ubovt dcll. will direct the test sptakejis two in each STEREO or wstp.wflte AUTOMATIC.FOUR ENaosuREa. r >y!3,d5> rtn nc las! year by some 1,500,000, Cummarket pcogfftm and witf ulative production totals stand at mount the promotion ai offen- AC Rlni StffirilM lilt-fin D) WU sc-^-'^nliy Hiitifr li S-kiin, baulb*nl mfl w«ic. 10, for 1962 against sive now ptuqqed for next year. 8,567,698 for last ycflt.

75 EVERYOTIOS M- EVERY, ITOMKIc, OTT 9^ Pick ot the Week 30MIT*'irEUR IN 7J1IH TOWN" (1^«JMWII ishrt -STAND TOUGII- DSUtB ««;H) CHAKNU. L«]UD (fiausk L.MI Crouaka, 1JM> MgnlHtil, T>i* iln <hui a-<<r-pma "II*y B»by r, 'oiui. obirinit. DnK( Crunqil. f%*» V«c»n ru^rv^klpr^ Jk*id bick m«m-l lo cjiirtavlllf ft^* l»d with rty-rx. i>«roi'fiifcbob fjeiid -ficrnr-l*h dklci. 8up«rb Jn TUl" srk^hor*! Town," ikit 3<«h«") bdluk S«rtt ilorr elug'ral U«W«> t«li-! 1b«e/f.rk an «t)t(j bit ol p-swrrful wru^fk ftdrk^ Brlcbl *ai in* "Suod i*v prrfcraum* fonloa- Ainu Brnoi lb-l h^lllii' cb-rt wrtlwli. hftft MUSIC VENDOR INue jtfmcwwe/ie m» vtpwjj jrio.'ifli. i.ttfp, J H-:".V'frict 9ru%'? _ -:'.L ^ h^.» P 1 : j>tit& ; pt^y^fr - jwbws^^irfji:; -F \ H 111 KM rtjttwi SPOTLIGHT SINGLES VS^/ OP THE WEEK fi ftimif Mhi MbiM»r ill nw«mm th VhL DRVCE CHANNEL SOMEWHERE IN TOWN (UBffl, BMI) (iih) TKji J^s «Wt buijdt em buildi, ChuoncI cmotea the lyric in bigti a/hmm VkMJl deeper ployi potent iiyle igalnftt gaitir and ft TcK-Mtx ilroiif worfc bkkiag from Uul n yowi B<JroitlY chonii, cm. V Fhv Ji ^Stini ToQsb** LLcBffl, BMI) (2:09). StWb ^ BRUCE CHAN KEL "Sf^lEWKERK lx tkis STANI> TOliOH" l^llukokmii-licb MXStl l.hii ftit's a VA1. -it's a f SM^ I I SMASH BECOFDS DIVISION Op HEHCURY RECOBB CDRPORATION 35 E«ST WACKER DRIVE CHICAGO 1, (UlNOIS

76 22d BILLBOARD MUSIC W EK SEPTEMBER 72, 1962 RADIO.TV BRIEFS Mutt Support Code Swezey WAVr.RadtD All at Sen HfDDEN VALLEY, Mich. NORFOLK WAVY-Radio Su-obs industry suppori of NAB'a cho now cluim ft seagoing "captiva Radio-TV Codes are the only, real audience".that doesn't seem to alternative to striclcc government mind the idea at all. As a proregulation. This familiar waraing motion project, WAVY has arwas reiterated September 14 be- ranged to tape-record short mesfore ft CDQvendoo of Michigan aoges from rotnlhcs and dependents broadcasters by Robert D. Swczcy, of Navy men aboard the nuclearp former broftdcastcr, and now di- powered aircraft Carrier, LI.S.S. Enrector of the NAB'a Code Author- terprise. The master tapes are then ity, There are Instances too mi- sent to lha Enterprise at sea for mcroib to meuliop of the excesses playback on the ship's sound sysand raolprarticei of nn industry t«u. Portions of WAVY deejay leading to strict legislation and con* segments and local newscasts are iroli," S^czey said. also being taped and sent to the Enterprise, currently on fleet duly McCfoy Moves fe New Pott In the Mediterranean, to provide a "home port" flavor lo the ship's ROCHESTER, N. Y, John L. own souod-^ysfem programs. McCJay, assistant to tbe president of Westlnghouse Broadcast lug Air Synditotlon Shows Grow Company, has been named to a new NEW YORK New syndicated Sftt as manager of the Broadcast radio shows, mostly of a musical rvision of Gannett Company Inc. naiurc, now offered in the Pro- McClay %vfll supervise manage- grama lie services of Telesyud now ment of the existing Gannett total 812 hours, according to the atalions, which fncuide radio-tv firm's president, Hardic Friebcrg. outlets m Rochester and BieKhnmp- These represent live diftcreml IOn, N. Y., and a radio station in series, Including the hour-long DaavIUe, III. Gannett is nlso in the "Sammy Davis Show," "Johnny process of ncquiriog WAVY and Green Show" and "Steve Allen wacy-tv, Norfolk. Show." 4 BIG WINNERS! BETTY LAVETT bl YOUH M0U1 fh b/w MY MAN - HE'S A LOVIN' MAN ATLANTIC 2160 THE VAN DYKES STUPIDITY b/w JONG OP FOOLS ATLANTZC ZIW I THE RUFUS MAR-KEYS THOMAS SACK 0 WOE STAX129 dtslribuleef by IT'S flw'ritt ST AX 126 ^IWTH i V'V ' r ^ a«i. fi'-wtv i Wanqa Jackdcn "the Greatest icior b^w "m bug me m' c»pl(«l 1833 WIHSOHE F0UR5OHEI (Her nsmeli..) SUUHKE niclurd Hkymifi Msreury, CORRIHE C0RR1N& Fell FauntDln «Cetel BUCK MH FANIASI D+yld Rom - WCM ST, J4HE5 INEiRMiRV rrjiuei taf B»thl»X»n HULS HUSK. 1KC i6m ft-wav. H.f.c. 19. H.Y, PROGRAMMING PANEL 7/ yoji havr a Brovocafivg queslton to ask the rations disk jockeys, please send If 19 thlr department, 1564 Broadway. New York 36, N. Y. nti i«t mtk VtilK ftrth tku wtik'a Hot IH TlTtl, ftmisi. Milt WMH M M 1W ' Your name will be credited i M'hen U appears. THE QUESTION: Q) 3 IE H IAI IBDt, ftlck Iptpidhl SBfi-l What wift yftur favorite pro- i JHET Ml m. fmi Pr.iUy, KA Victor BOH motional «tunt? THE ANSWERS: fi AILET UTj Bwt fibflc. m 6226 BILL WESTERN KISN, PnrtluDd, Ore. i JEW) HE IKE HILOW W tbejih flh. Jihwy Tllkhm, CrftiK* H24 I did the roller coasler marathon bit here likened it to an t HAIL UIH «MM. Bobby Vlntoti- Epic 9532 ; aslronant nhol; used words like ** coostcninnt, " 0 * m pom MOW ME. Hi Chnlw, ABt^nrwuri toh5 "Cape Jansco" (Janscn Beach A D^userncnt 0 7 A IWIH6IH' WWW. Rlllr Vioqlir. Del 1637i Park) "all systems are go." SEHEHIE* m, Ftiak Meld. V««JiydS? Had a. two-day.4 coun t-d own complete v/ J i h 0 - I'M IKE CIRt ruom WOlVEITON HOUKIAM, jo Ann GmjjWi. Cuneo humorotis 'holds.' Used two-way radio installed in cho car for live reports tin Mr auri 3 UX FBUUIM. Toay P«DPttl, CDlumhla <?332., Cave away several Ihonsand free ride tickets. Called it "Fun Day," 17 OHtr LOVE CM MEW A HEWT, Ceat Pilaef, Hwiwr (072 Found it to bo most successful promotion as well as the best personal 1? LIHIE BUCK I00K, Jimmy 0«n, Colonble publicity I have ever had, KEN GRANT KNDZ^ Houston 0 ie A TAJ1E Cf HOHtY, Hidfn Denny, Ltberlr 5542D The KNUZ Seven Saulhern Gents basketball ID IA8? ILEPHAUr WWK. LBivieuce WHk, tol team. Our decjay staff piny-. ing againsl fac- 15 LDHG IS THE MSE IS RED, FlBinlne Diillfl, Epic 9529 ulty teams pack every - WHAT KW OF FOOL AM 1, 3fli.my toiti St.. Hfuit school gym in which tbey appear. Though II nil DEATH M U Mil. Bab Bnu*: De C» each game is more like a show than an - THE SWISS MUD. Del Sfddiioii, Bif Top 3ltT nlhlctlc competition, the in- 70 ID OIS Will EVBl KNOW, Jltniia kodqcii, Del vcrfvemcnt QEaEes a strong bond between KNUZ and school Ihut results in mtrcuscd listcncrship of parents and faculties as - well as students. The station basketball ietun has the right ingredients. It's full of aclion, excitement and com- VOX JOX edy. Serves a good purpose since moneys collected go to vital school needs. Involves adults as well as Cotiilmied from page 22 youngs lets.^ Displays stau'tm persoualidca in,8 favorable light friendly, fun, good sports. And New staffer at WINS, New York,!s P«ny Cooper, keeps KNUZ deejays off Ihc working under dlreclcr of WINS music Don Ovens, strccls.,,, Richard Newton Is Uxe new dlredur ot pcblic rtlaflona ot WIND, Chicago.. -. Walter O'Keefe la now air- STAN ROBERTS ing remote from the Villa Capil restaurant over KHJ, WTRV, Troy, N. Y. Hollywood, on Fridays.. -. Fxanlt WflUaw Crane bos My favorite promotion was a Joined Broadcast Clearing llouso as the ceufrnllzed bhuafc hypnotism bit, I company-b westem manager,,.. Don Howard, KGWA, bet John Moun- EnEi^ Okla., b hosling n new do-mfaote plgblfy liva jozz tecr, our eftcr- show from the Chih Zahara. Vrogram fcsluroa Ibe Hi*rry noon man, that Xetsey QuorteL - I could hynoiize him. He said I Cbuck Cpraroos resigns as production manager of CJFX, couldn't. Days Atnigonlsh, N. S., Canada, September 17, and moves to CKCL, of argument and N. S., Canada, as a full-time deejay. Cararoux necda wax for insult followed. his new CKCL shows.... Veteran deejay Psol Ertnnep has Tlien a secrpf been named program director of WJRZ, Newark, N. J., markmeeting was ing hlft first aiflnagcqunt stlnl, Brenner hns been with WJRZ supposedly set (formerly WNTA) for more than 25 yaua. He will conlinue up to settle the to cm see his Iwo-fiouc daily ahow... - Other new appointmenta issue. Nbx.1 at WJRZ include tho uppuig of Sid Sirulnik to director of opmorning I said had succeeded/bhil erations and naming of Norman Koalln, director of plnric, RosJln could prove it. I bad subjeeffd John will sujjerviae the selection of all records.played..op WJRZ. to posr-hypnbtlc suggestion. Every... Jack HuhmU reiurned to Detroit last week with an all night lime he henrd our tune lone he'd probram on WJLB, Detroit, from 1-4 «.m:, Tuesday through soy "Merry Christmas," During Saturday.... Gaiy Steveiu has rcmnicd to WJL> St. Louis, John's show lhat aflcmoon he said after an eight-week active duty tour with the Missouri Air things like, "Sian Roberts failed! Nalioual Guard.. <. Alan Coyd has Joined KLTR, Black we] I. He did not hypnotize mcl" (tone) Okla^ niter tbicc years with Armed Forces Kadia.... Wc* "Merry Chrislmus, it's 4:15." Fid cock, formerly with K.UDI and KRTV, Great Foils, Mont., has joined KETR, Denver. He lakes over KBTR's morning lime slol, while Lee LlHrris moves into Ihc outlet's midday time + period. -h Cbnrlic Jcnldns, WJCD, Seymour, lad., writes: "TVe simply daal get the lattsl single rtleaaes from Ibe major the record companies. I exclude from that only Dot, Ubcrfy snd possibly Dreca. Ktca when wp hud contracw wllli FUTURE cainpnnlcs for nlbum servlcea, we still didn't cet thosb wilb a WAVY labels" latest single refeoscs. 1 like la play Ihe latest good music records from the 'ilol 100/ but it certainly is dtfflcult to do when the companies don't send sample copies. prodtia Could (his be the reason that so many medium end small itntlons ore switching to a format of good nurafc?"

77 Mm Jc &&. $)fjptsm*f To ^lv?~wfc^l:.^fj/gg d*s i - 4^ teaq#- '</&-«*, /- ) f/st&ji //s^'ra j Xa* rh~* Mfc -r / e BV3312 ifii THIS ALBUM INCLUDES u Annette Hits plus An ^Pqge Full-color Book TellingHer Exciting Story From Mouseketeer To Movie and TiV, Star s: «: BV3304 in dudes mtam soy" As PERFOftMESlBY ANNttfl-IN ESCAPADE fn FLORENCE N.B.C T.V msm mm mm FROM 'GOLDEN; HORSESHOE"REVUE' ON N.B.C. T.V, VISTA F405 and two hew unglea THE MUSIC FROM "ESCAPADE M ElOmCE" ON NTB.C.-T V.-VISTA F407 $m. mums Will SEE AND HEAR ANNETTE ON "Tity*! 4m includtag WAIT DiSNBY'S wonderful world of color I* 1 SHOW-NEW SERIES - N.B.C '"OlOB T V SEPfm 23 r't shows sew. so~ oct. $ IsdipADE IN FLORENCE 1 wm rim on the air 5 Dayj EVERY WEEK CvCG in key 'jitie? across the country this season 1 Jpit M c "EA (UR t^woa^ l^alvtou -D : bf Aut :MGd6EKEiteeRg: M

78 CHESS Hin.. that arc here or in the making m coon REASOr *»y Steve Alaimo Checker #1024 "Yfll UAN'T JUDGE A BODE GY THE CRVER BO DIDDLEY Checker #1019 SOMEDAY 111 SHOW YOf b/w 'TATHER KNOWS BEST" by The RaiiiaBts Chew #1032 YOU'RE THE ONIY OYE' Eddie Bo Ri> #1833 "PARTY ACROSS THE HAIL" YvoBne Baker oorf the Sensations Argo #5420 CHESS PRODUCING CORP. ' ihteoao 14. TIL- 72 BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 The'pick of Hie new roloasea: Reviews of New Albums Cont/nned froiii'pag^t^ 6 POT LIGHT ALBUMS nm ihe jmnni od iteut Iffp fire, Indutftoa "Half Gull?." "Maihed "It* ot Hkr<:<!>«<afvoiloQ mmic Ji win ihdr bo 0*0 ddtabue rhjil Lctci»W> Ala d Sirotl." OF THE WEEK lol Stpinp" "MiiJUoji 1 «ixj duiikiw* Time,- ToMrr," ollicra. A irtil CL l»rf album lor t&e Iccorn. **** no^o RAQii Oara KAStea a*4 DHAIORMI -4 BWt*. AkAk HUEDEBlKCH MR. THUMfE-r REMEMBERS DICK 1*1 icowurt). Vbk LC»4I m)i K 1344 Stronoeil lafai porenkul of oil Qlbums reviewed fhlt week. THE j^aee CREAT5 JGM 5«15 Tmnpecer DfcV *«i- ImerrU TaU to kjirooi cobmati ibould r-f ha b«(ic»i ol fmnkular miitrr 1 * Continued from pogo 20 drbuech kadi Ilia TJlUf-tiifd ^omtyi n>v»ic- broauli of uibuie*» c«jue» Oruorlo lie "- t irmtafri BocSV Eutor B«nl Inmpcc mtn,»d<j IUCKB dm«lr WeDll- (he vith M*f«l Oir?Dij ooaaxtlat SDRA^SSr ALSO SPKACH ZARATHUSTRA flfd wjih ibtov- Ttui rakitro 1! bum lain b>*. Slullcsrt PrlfOfilko Bjicqdo S»Dcr linn CHaroi koprboo, kso Pm^nv- Maf- Ctlcapo Sympbony (Relotr). RCA Viaor IM 2609 (M)» rhe. faraillar u^n fjmre xhh {it C^d IntETj.rclo uc!iijon«backed bj Ihe iwlmdn c«tdt«. BiDon JYcoco b Ibo ujto kolobl W*f«i 8. LSC 2609 (S) One of ihose rare alhums, rhai'a likely'to "WhalV Nt-" tbulfcuiudj. "WDd MM It iho la but, Uto Tbs ittoc ««cctnrny jif kott Auguu Mai b»m linci roa- core Btrongly wiih both music fanciers and audiophilcs Bfoer" (Armnrong), "I «nf Ger latm who like ro faille the rafters with big aound. A replace- SUmrd" CLcrrliar) are samplu n# llwt faro. *nd EntSbll tixc 'wbkb UaralkUca hit bctb ol Iho ih? id* ClMeut ni Good Hwcnlnfl and Bmoe ot ibt baa^i could wolwln*. mem for the J954 mooopbooic Reiner-Chicago "Zaraihu?- ffad food Jockey play. Ira" io the P.ed Seal catalog, Ihc new venton has en thrir* opulent, shimmering pcrfofmuacc, and the advantages of OP THE Oft RATIO WOULD up-doted sound cngtoeoring. A alnkidg cover pajntiog, **Vr* JalcmMml ST-^MSB Pop INFERNO At»d RITA 1 GOBQ 357K Bdalaa aoprano. RKi Orfc. CmOro C 4013 Owr based on a Kodia alatue. Is cyc-catching. {M)l raniec'a 6C baddtns Mis rs> Ibit " of Hcrc't Bound a noehcr lb cm?. The In Kiprtoo llnm aria* t fci 6n»<J iti» IckCiJcn reclltl. H<r d loicjutc aibalng b Inferoitonal auembie ot Y10 SvvnU men, Oicbnin, bai lumcd a out sisafttfc powerful ajlrnoalp and vattloatv, lodcfibf anil H«r»ctcc«lors dcllnib ind trt i»d Ukcn WEBER; EEH FREISCHUTZ HIGHLIGHTS Mjoda ^beibra nil ebey do apald lo ilii> lioldf," li««n -T) aueh TroTaiore," wort^ oa "TDoa "Troiuo Cailn," md Vnrfaus Artfete. Dpiitaehe Cnuiunophon LPM UjIcj jma cower I o! Spaabh melodla, "CjYalltiU Run Ion- tfld "Sunwa tod (M); SUM fs) A splendid "condensed version" HKIO fdtoftul sr»' BDd bite Davonottie «*«n iricx? aid defsiliely but eadi uyled h tklilii," fomiaiwc. amooa Mbtm. A conpelung peiof von Weber'i opera coiunlaing what is geneially regarded far acmnd fanclon. "Lady of Spabi." "Malaas the "best" moments. The cast ia lalcnl-skidded, notably Picdb" aaid "Tbe of OJIe" are!n the vocal perforrhancesol Irmgard Seefoed, Rita Sireich Bimpke, A nuuily icioxltd pjefcayo wilb A koa of steal aoend. PEAi'S A-A - * WTLHELM KEHFFF and Curt Bohme, with Eueen Jochum conducting. The ce- DctDcht MO/ART Cnuuaopboa LPM It W (M) SLPM cordlug h rkh in a ''Iheaccr" feeling, with a lustrous, echoing sound, A German-English librclio and slmplc-bul- A-AAA tn* STOHY OP MV JEEN^ bnown IS1 Two of Moan'i beal- Antrtlc, Vbtm»V JJ13 Hcre^i k *011- iwo pita.? pl»m> faaiaalr? WMUTat, the aro Wi Sere»n»J pc/rmmed lllh.»bj attractive cover round out the package. «f dieu Watt okloiiil nancy tad - wo ad bloirflphy ot ano "Wi * l.vortc priooilitlu. ol Toiopo'a feelioa UaliBsubbcd p«h1 atbarliy nlcrpici»n b* Kciupfl, of Oua Ibt Ihcn'i t boorjct booiwl tnibta fall ot color ctoacic pho-oi md m nmnlajt ccmmfbiaiy bt Anrr- b and ttcvaruir nunpcticfa. R&roidinj THE ORGAN OF THE PHHADEtPlUA ACADEMY OF MUSIC etlo hen elf mi bcr caircr. The dbk coauitu iboa^i ap to tlvfl U>d touad labcca may <te be lu»o a (rl/)«vindiibi, "dry."! A William Whhebead. Cameo C 4009 (M)j SC 4009 <5> 16 Hind, ted I to* ajl of hef Mb cm Ooaa Jlem for ipcdilkc Mlletton. Pipe-organ records have long been among the great "sbowkinpka. The gal fill ha iccrt rejttlarty jkln by iiliwlca <bti fad, mtb the raoncfaj ol fl{ " platlcra in atcrco. nml this album joins these sonic Ihc older Mtekfy M<mM Club TV levi uad THHT* RITA STRETCH l rank?, Orgflnist WilUain Whlichcad ha? e fresh, fluid touch be albtun can, nt.'.vdln^ly, fwno it foe in such organ atandards ns 'ToCcafo and Fuge in D (ooc) play. S1>M DnbcAo Crnunapkoa LTM II 714 IMI Minor 1 pnvjrcyc 138 ol 716 "Iteildr^'* IS) A hy pielodle. Sdiumtnii, ct^aclecl&l Rrahmt * and "Trurnpet Voluntaiy." Sound of the Philadelphia's 200 ( 000- H)uriJ new pipe organ was recorded on **** CtH SlMm* AFBICAN Mrrr-ry Mimas tod PP5 U3» I Ml CMc RldnriJ SQioaa ptarwci One atow- 35-ram. film, giving Ihc album lols of dynamic range F7S «3» <ST Ad off-bew conhtloa of Rlia for iiretch. u* cotcculur# She'i at (akntt caac ard of uiooe*a la Ifne and "hig" sound. lumudcfiub Hkb btvg ihc Itrrxt ol til voice not bouaej Nraya rftyihm? U>ctf of dbect "Afrfkaan" oddoi buiiic, Jiom) Wvc tuia lo (brou^hcui, race hlehlr i»«j "Ith Iho bcx r^rlonroncj admlnm. A M OfrnuH-tnBtob UbniM ia tectuded. Cover 01 Bbrulty pifcvaa^u chbcta are cacu by PACUACCI APJO CAVAIXEKIA HUSTICANA Siercti and UUMl IOC -AirAMU Beat" Jurrfooui portrait ol picks ibo alrgcr aod Is raacrictlli auiklo*. iu>«l * lib HIGHUGHTS and "KJrj Kooy" Baio doc Joy poulmrniu. **** Videos AnfaL London 5700 lm> OS (S) A welt- MOWEi MtLHALUl LA CUCATIOM DU performed coupling of highlighcs from two of the best *** MODERATE HOIIM cyhphoay 5UrrB r*ovxjical. IHmcKI. HC.1 Vldflp known tbort operas, Jon icr ai a sort of LD operatic "rfoubje feature." Wirio Del MnrHco. na the Inve- SALES POTENTIAL lo the i4l» An lii* Idiom. Intent Mod piece knpliid ot liurr, by AaMiicta clowj ) «torturcd Cmio in "Pafliicci," is in Cne voice in the famous Freach pi Ihc I920i, Uili k M^ly oaa or iha arias. In "Cavalfcrla," Giullclta Slmionato and Del Monaco #*4- JllffT *OV 7V MR avallabjo raodccnluk tt-h! colorful wmte IP* ire a splendid icam. Recording worlc and packaging are Jo^r TTUhtr. Pit/tiki P JM F?i uifdtrm* In fouovtoj, 1*0 oikcr Ol rcralon, wkkh hot ifabio Boaian may, good, and.h't sure to please opera fanj. CAESAB AJr* TUB ClOVANTOfl MAGIC fwcma OF Uoo will --*ot Jhw^mo* new addi- roft, 16 to Ihc con VlctM 1 ran, Soil" hxi acrioa. 1(1008 the Europcmn eevwd Mrtcn MG»W lm)l SR "7» W rooa and k ben»l»ea Crao Ol III Iw KtonkJ nnion. Specialty *** STRONG tow^mmumu STEAM RAILROADING UNDER THUNDERING SKIES Stereonioalc MF 8 A real "must" for model railroad SALES POTENTIAL buffs, sound fanciers and collcclois of stereo specialties. FANTASnOUE A A A* arsu.toi AVMPBONIB MtoMKPolk SmpbOal OrtMlt 0>Odff) Recorded on Jocaiioo in Xiiasissippi, the record has M^narr WUK (IITGW IMM (M UW "ilory" of sorts a dash by a tfcfun-hauled train through a roaring thumlerstomt, com pie fe wiih huge thunder growls, "SympliDok l<*49 isl Hrition* rostaulqmnlrtloa k sl»e» and * drataitfcj powerful steam whistles, etc. Disk process js/'stertoaiodlc'"; Lc.. a fiyinphory i»d c.udtioa fi»dtoi to I'k MlnrtMp-aUa compatible stereo record usable on mono pi aye n as wcd. It works nicely, too. *+** TTOA CHrrwwmi much fcrrr wtrb Anal DonrU r^c LC Mil MI nc IIM ISI wbi Una cntkulaun fiooi bii aiftoilpa. If* C>-fnflf tb KM aany ood re»1cw» McK tuaopw el (1< broad roaunocbm for tor b*p doi^cil Mvrpmatlim*. oa tto lar tjiti acrun f«a fawrfio 10 omta of man/. Uik Iho DMUCB- K»* Children (ourimba. imjitkumny re^irdtd u a boo. prira ol Ibo altouo, bdnj *CTnj<d on Win*. futtlral l*viinincnt_ For Ifio act U>c hn UxmM dvoocb l^o I to Pi-Jv, one by Ttlmua iryj low juita» «ibuvot 80 d I POX-run sola la racki SONGS CHILDREN SING: ISRAEL Mil * vubiy ol ctbtr nulcriil, aty ot Tom Ctarcr. WcNwfertud RLP J4A? -A wed-performed, whlcb vlaic4 HfU" acdihnhy. jnltrnauooauy Havered chudren'a package, in whkh Claaer Thrtfc co iuom k aocklar wwb ll Uie iccnrnmciid unutuaj aad tbta dkltocltoo KTBA «*** NO. A -JTAlJAN^c MENDtLSWFNl MOZARTI SYMPHONY SYMPHONY r*q. 40 sings a collectlott of Israeli songs, first in Hebrew, then in to (UwkaJ oinilc. EiglJih. The softga ("Shana Tova," T-a Aviron," etc.) have Kfrcwy Wlw aj^homr MCW 14 % Onktilr* imlk SEW a jwmpng mt moppera are iutc to enjoy. GIhzcc is uicely **** DEBLSSV; H BTTrnK-l backed by i small group (accordion, bass, flute, banjo, etc.) -CtortH PMna Ep* L Mt I Ml) ic a I8H4 ipjmcd <81 Oo«"li rca-bui ami e* the lb» Uendrtochn MbtDcapolli tire aad on nenriy htj tracks, Oiver [5 cute, unit package should be IU2 (5V IS» bifh artlury of Cbailcv *<*«Mauri is ore* wriq tmlpred B&oa Um punc relmc. arorta The Ibtm ei» thk la a tton oajural tovr tor prk«fhw LP of particular interest lo schools, language suidents, end jrihic <A I " bti alban ol luktos tai citber M idkwt Id Ifrflr community cenlera. Ltobauy ptim mvilc, -Elrxtei" Uma aktato bjo, rihoto Utla whh act tko PreocK flj4 tmrpmer-a ankl 1! amxte* «wlr coa-pku eoftxilon cr tor threa Dnid fticboura bulldau la TrvOcScnt toalr Himiol wrf -cjwwpjfcvcd Ciulor, Tbt ud an ronlaldod KrtiU TMolcal in lh*to flow, widmy Boo** oc 1 ihk a^t LP II and marsb? DokU elk Ha fnuck rrora fci and iha icl ahoum prow a -yalurtlc "Jtor-rt (a uy pfefto r>«iu< colicdtou. ArAhil SPECIAL MERIT Uf&mk. BtAOhUi gyihnay BYMPMNT Orekotn (PwiaS NO. W»r- 4 ito* DYOHAKt cello OJNCABTO orn Wtof KCW t«toj (Mil 5KW ItMJ rkm F6 Mfrf alia PUSncriJc IS I IT- Hi- prko and ImpMrflve TPjdtof f ALBUMS (SmIIL DcwOtbo G LFT* M Of 755 coodi^u [Mk BLFH CkB Berlia 135 US nururmoalc ls> George In Siell iclmw Iho pood BfthTO aalctr. vadiona Il"* pofcrt cmkj act foe iwi lb# a ycrom oduh bo Hill a* * eojhction and ibmld Urrtof rfadinf of tht D'Otak CeDu Cod- ploh Classical rcrlo. vrbo ccecnptlilin Iho ctua wlohl hii fcatutrd la Ficnc ralo Fwrafcr, boum. op Tt«from neha and low pfko "iis ira TV rfford to jood, and ihe mchaa- LEOPOLD STOKOWSKI CONDUCTINC THE HOUSTON SYMdrtlctny aad bnlshf. The milile hoi all too ol Paul la a Paiay. powerful Trtldr muter Ibo baloa dramatic townihy a&mrhilcd wlih Dvorak PHONY ORCHESTRA h fau BMJWV? and a hpyatlni quaiiiy^ku Everest LFBR 6070 (M); SDBR 3070 (S> Slckomfcri alwuij bo ol iljniricanco m many rertonon. **** BCHVSlANNi BYVIFHaNY large following should be well pleased with this set. lc NO. 4i I.IKTTi LBS ntrxlines features the maestro and the Houston Orehcslra playing **** telcdlons from Wagner, Chopin and Thomas Canning. OP. 4 RAKDEId CONCEBir CfttWSI, fury twrall Br^bo^ OrrkncO* (Par*)5. Mcr- Rudft Fr^lnl Gnfamlra of Hp Da (M.rl»l Sama Vrbn nccural MCW l-wm mwlc fml; tor BRW tbt IMd4 P^ec Aithougb the Houston Symphony may not be the polished arafl, Fpk LC»«(Mil BC 11*3 IS) The hcifl. Panl Para* aod U* Detrolr Symphooy organlza'lion some might prefer, it brealhei fire end spirit floal ihrra ol toa Coaceito Growi 0 "ri 6 xe-aeal«ihc nugk «f Rnbert SdivroCOB I under the StOkowaki baton. The conductor Lo arranged axe by (to itnn Uondil m*nl((i*nr Fcjibal Ortholra p«fo<micu-a of K*l»t bere wbetdik. Koilflh Si-mNMBy with JniaMllP PPd ilie Wagner and Chopio tcjettjaat for the orchestra. The fin aa.«n»> vuhkr the toion 01 ri=m-ttiw pmrdkit The Inoail potaaifi wo imkrtilrjjy Uirci Chopin pieces come off best. They were all -written Mil"', rao perfn rmancai ire ol too hlah- Is aed torr* la ohjck bmo imtofl Kiglnally for piano and Stokowiki'a transcripfkm lor or- cal to xod la D rack Mtoof." ol too -NW -otoo, 11 whlrb lc A»!»: bvum. the fcif«(f«taooo. -Iffi dct# mdvimdhw lea Pieludta" rnd la ska lb* Ma^c" coupuaa ihoow prors an Biuaafto hem lo chestra h masterful. anfl "No. 13 la B- Mteor. 1 * are nuararpkeaa (Continued on page 74}

79 HGn T 0 MaLTiKLi YOUR SALES Jl CHIUREN'S RECORDS 1 HIS CHRISTMAS A Special Feature Supported by a Complete List ot Cpildren's Record Labels With Details of M M Hk ' tm2 W LiASES MATCH W@m IT C ST^ ^ i 13 BILLBOARD FVlUSiO WEEK

80 Akki Iflqrn'ngHo.lhS Topi BARBARA lyhh's SECOND flddle GIRL MOMMY AND WrffB!1333 T%H8^:Ji*a SwalJORi BMUWG- WOE OPEN I mmtm ftiyabiu?z06b PhlfadMpfiia A NEARTBRMKER DEAN CHRISTIE Sfllrrt 715 BACK TO AN EMPTY ROOM LEE CARON An Fxcitmg HrfJ THE (HA- CHA-CHA Bobby Rydell Cameo #223 STAN GETZ/ CHARLIE BYRD DESFINADO VK ## FOR TEAR' GENE CHADLER IDuke of 4rll VEE JAY #461 t» AW i imhm J RnornER /AilUDtf fcz FATS STOP THE CLOCH m YOU EVER SEE DREAM WAtKM 5375 I J 74 BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 lha of Dkaxtfalni md-t tllrrina band muak and bcsl-piajcd eo r»«. pxqenun) Up<Jt Eailaian WbU EncmbK. under tfwi pwla* *** MODERATE dlke<l0it Koren of Soua's of Fredetlct iicelcsl Fctncll, In eunaei dtuini chal h SALES POTENTIAL Reviews of New 4/toms will prosram ham are broad sach nd percnarill liflica appeil (TrOtlKl Ik Ibo 8» "U. S. Fkld ArtiHwr." "El CapJ'tn,' CoiUinued from paps 72 "King Collon" end "WsshlnaToa PMl." 1 cohisr lho»e Itf It ptrirai *>lio oro callcctlanb. Inlctfi^l In bidiilenlng pllhcnxlt jmlcnhe* are Mftled un U. 5,- *** nyle guitare and officr (nslrwmmisi Almin) TO DON HHERMAN GOKB BACK my Hack b n dnnj* thanictt-otpace " sur- **+* 1M CADENCE MARCHES JubkX COLLEGE KiM 2041 (WITH LAL'CHS) prise" lion for C-Aw. atatloni. CP C 4flH (Mil BC dcii 19> WIA Ihr **** STRONG ihb fw-lbac tel ot sehson cojir^o right fl Jil around and me rnarrjilng famer, IHIWHATWHU TOU lonp should tel h rtipecinble nunlbwr of *** SALES POTENTIAL calls, The itlrilni and fuublai mftodka of Mktrft RENDEZVOGV Lianrai. FijBfcs IN FAIRA TOM 7*4-Mi -Jrtrtr* HIE TIKIS' ilghl ptuiip. rim JMJua mm pus &Oo-oA> crawlri, Kjnai Pcnn from end Nelre Ohbl D»ti»o, Sioie Yule,»fe lepre- Wb- < W)J PH5 **-*3 4S) (5) U tt (! oiub fnmiltit ti h, twa ented. In addliior, popular mtloilini lihe Boston-area. collralaib-<vp«qundel hu a "OJo Rc Ml," "5even"v-Sia TromVwer" end JAZZ solid, drklog, yculhful sppicath lo folk "The Denee of Uie SJamno Cbddecn." 4** fcvorltej (Ue "flsnks of lb» Ohio" and Bflly IMTHOMPTD Tatlcr. bttreury MG IM)1 "Bmroo Town" icd a few nartl loruhrs In irradirmcnti bul «ba soor-j Ei mighty like CHILDREN'S 8H MTU IS) ***+ DcaaM HOVAL Hjrf, 'BNr FLUiR Parly Kiiiguon Trio, wlrti Done of (he Noft; 4l*t Anoihft group Iclcrpiu/ ihal dfiungauici a folk **** TOM GLAZFR'B "SECOND im AMERICAN ilronj plboia tiom Lntnlfi Wtr Dnnald unit IhaCa iitnplt "good" rdo one Ihsf*» CONCERT XlyiJ it»njco Tepper hh Adnnii, <«wiaiit an iivlrumralnl bsiucn*» *. cimi- The poienrui *ma»h- Nke iirtt for (be wk end Woodtrisnd FOR iff AM* P tw f, IVITO live CHILDREN eudknte A** coxltjo trsdo and drejays on ibe walch fin of youna thudttn TfflfHni to hie pcrfonn- Tka FEUftONAUTY CWMI Owtet JnbDrB APLENTYI JCM MJi Iwq ptay moch swuirlaa laat oo Ibe cl «n<«tie" ete. mer kodi rinnri la lids disk by Tom Ihcic lads. "I'm "f Ctep a Tool nibdlvc 10 Want tnwucnl* You" ftflwmj on sal- Glarer. The kbhiiet ilsa etodii oo two Klec- RillGMUS aonw uautatl bcauuul nainre ii Bj'ld -Jorjk'i," (niinpcl. whlds AUo «I hns an #*** UBVXVAL 1 tkre, "This Old Man" and "Big Rotfc CbpiJt Irt BRITARN', VOL- J MobdUId." The «hcr longt JncJudo fote *** s Falkneja FW «72A "lils elhum ihauld and towboy <Q0 >a and itovcliki aery ipt ANO HYMNS OP FTPENCTn Ancllirr bfctmv. eel sldt qnalfiy thai cakh«ihai'a oimt Ibc (Wenct akratuvc. pica of Inirrett to ISose Inlk fam nfco to pleajc young fry, espccbiiy i^om under NortlnmtrTw RETaiVlENT b delfghf Id dieca»ering lh«nnretal. Tto sel 10, A socd follovr-ap la CluoiVk first offati MG JITil <MJi Mrw'e IR M7J7 Giro ls> C(u»», Mti**T ""4 MV»bK»i iv»» On etty slx-lcur Wuts b eompostd or ramtcrn lolk aongi IKal olong ihest llnr». IMIlrs. fattd araergett u i ruulr of ihe pfofaltcii CLMSKAl of the TwcBllnh Cmlurr. The ilagors am ell +*** 5«m Lanr rlavbaoc irf ock Btilbb ihiiinj orlgld ihi wer, and Xemle bry ilag netfate, ul mc-jmine **** A VOUNC FEQPLE'B A-A-A INTRODUCnON TO MOZART MUSIC SCHRHCHB-V CONntiCTS Trta. Ati» lp MIS Tbrmy em ghoitt end toco relahoru. Ihs ilc^tn, A VOUNG FEOM.E'B INIDOWUCTTON Vir-aaa FOB gmn LTULTl Opsta FLC firthrstes ORCHPSTHAS ifirbcrchmik, Smlih Ixiidy bi ha' bolb breo Uotns and Jni» a lot art** of artj twlnmlup end iheze aio i tc" of (hem, sfng both»iui TO LjSiT VrsslKlBrter XWN IW1? (>1>j WiFT 171U S*ib and vjibnrt aceompuiiniedl. Noiuian Rase. Waml»rliin4 RtP HT7, 147* I5> Lwnr, Irtflutnce, vho H admlu bioch In Il>»t Jtwa Smtil«lame wn* groove. a auanp Tbrto two dkki are worth)' fdtrodoclloaj lo erjiao *<orti has > l«of hlura odd BWl Hie **** TIIE iallahreft BwUtcs and "otki of (Ikso gical compcivn. AAA and Laiar viorvj v.el wliti Iij roll ramies. HdjI AiIob. HurboM IWl (SI Aslon bas AllbMiRb lb scripts could hove been didic Angsl TRB ART ffl) OF LEON GDOSHNS Millet and Joe HrKVfr, Dlorfa. lenor; tuitaf. Phi "Doep" Wlfaan. snd "Plc*3< diump, had a certain aucoeu lq ibo folk elob rb- spteihiir, thby do BCI CUR* blgh apds la AA* cuii end on ihii, hii didlii LP for thr tbd earern of Mozart oad Lbot, lotcr- DOUBLING WACNER AND MKMIELS&Q1IN Send Mner Mc (ruts. Someone Lasar la bu IW Hie ate looch among m iba World HanrJe Prcatdi lupildlnry. be iluxra spcreed wjui mujfcal uceiyli. The nlbum S'wV;uW IN BHAB3 very well fur htmseti. ita a I heuiiii ful IOUL'H for ilio nvilifnit folk lackeia uribisrir (hn blpbjiphbir, list th Arjrt), WMrsabwier Pre CanOtaS XTVN Dw 1* Pah ODota- <M) tadads. Ibe aceompanbrcnl b furulihed musfrat selccitdni iaciudcd. and ptoylde VVSI IS) letjely by A'lOn'i mm aullaron luch Hone drdrjfliods Ol iho munienl (cno* BMO. >* ai "CrcrnbacV r>oluf,,, "John Henry," ioha TNE NawBBtL. CLEMENT! Fo^kwajz FJAKO FM 3341 *1*4* AI Grey sn.ip ud klur voun Mlle&dl. ftncehs Aijro LP 7M club "500 lomrn Mllra." ai d c. iho SCI Tiouhfldoor, wae rcrordrd wlih lire Aaiin! a (HRDREN'S *** Grey ao-j Billy MikhcB (tiumvjno jiviog hi» ovro ions intros. **** A CHILD'S DSTRDDUCnON lljuad Til* Drsn. VIOMN, Foftnsk'i VOUS FM 3J53 and Ihls ICnOf 1104 BeM<a tctpcdltelyj <lf elfiht iib>01>' traeks. Tre fhrough TO alumni put lojctbrr a solid proup ior Uaslo Ihn mm Pmi 8QGARE P«l«find DANCING bb Kernou* FreMoaitend AAA Iliad, n'oddsrlaad RIP U4J Here's * sn MfDan THE Brrsi. VJOI-IN, Polhwars YOI- FM * 3W4 dote, Tbeia'a ol much wmih of tcrral Iho blun vaibllcns jqpiui are beec bond. om o llltlr toccb of icepe! expression «r«t A*** DHOr DBAOt ibai'a on Arm flholrr, CeyUel T J76J (M)i Sf fij for ths vailoue Ideal eg answer gicupt fat at kldlllc UiaL patties, In ifcr AAA 1, ibe the Oluea" yuyicj and ifmfol "Tbrco hfaol. Founh "NoihlrB Blum" "m ) "Dtoj» Deadl" sen oik debbetsia}) 1 bound-in booklet, Ihcro»rr cnjculbbibfajr "GRANER" LMCTJ FESTIVAL MASS, sro lo be be off-beat album, urid falb booideipiijvjiloui and drawlnbe ihawlog cxsctly Varlont bjih Qbo b solid heard oqiiuks. M adeaouao. Donald Bti&'t Irumpet vhere a PMuigic belvren vliil the to epokeo neixotk word radio srqrc horror oad bow to (fa n wholr ftactc of iqob'c dnnco. Kj; Bodapert Sokiknf atate nuaifw.t Orrhufra Cbornt (VslrvayA AcaL On tha record b dut tequircd tnaskr. Wide Druhrb Crununachnn VFM 17 «d CM) shows 1040, Ptoilncilon lot hkb b Obolcr Wrff was 8 '' famed (mcot atcurxl optwal here and the uppral can l«*l, AfWr BLVM 138 6W (S) saond the lessens ara leatntd, they eaa danco '«m **** Hbtllrx FOR Moor*. TKE i*"ta FIRKT I.P 4016 Ntmtgmet HME cf/ecli, gangs, elc, ats aid Ita) and (he over nd over again. AAAUaXIr US BXNK FAUST-SINFONlBj cam U full ol solid t*dhi djitk? like Larry Bedlo PRELUDES 11-11") ((a U. style 3, BDihrnia} L somelhtng Shelley Hkc Moore's the pu«rla0 thlulh- DohlclB, uercoda MfCambrldre, K^roid tmjl. jwein* fijtnohccte Cramacphoa Orrbcsln Eriib SLAM flmc 13B Fcnry. ct «], Tho ahmni u likely» K-ste **** A CHILD'S INTRODUCTION (g) iaiimacy of Julie Landoa, Aefordinaly, thli in lei abb id me older biiyei* who fondly TO bracase BmaimeiB plattrr of eoiy-utlcnlng will bo of Rallon^ Imerost io nnd pro- recall Oboter's 'TJglite Oul." Obolci hlmidf NatnUcd XAZIC tj> Jalhc (OmaDaball} Addniry. xecard tuyere obo l*«safl, elose-toiked to Qinults ibo Dlaylm luuoh. Wowdeitnd PLP UM There's Un uljm- m fie vooou. Selecrlan of ouutberi ("The "Tfirill Is set go heir, haacd-ln whleb snpplcmcol drlalls ta io oilulnil (hta popular pholos *AA Gone," sinarr'e aylc. "Taillghi," Cover <<c. ibol ] of leuored ihe red-beaded (i> (he Efemwook INT6H1IRBAN MP 7 Tha MRMDRIKS wkh teat, rtudk or tb miieriql lesnused FUSHMCN THE MUSIC 4JF KUNG electric "ItKcr- da (Sa recording by Atfdcrley, hlmre'l em DEflllHT, AFSICV V»' THB KALAHARI arllil a<l<h letea»iw, urban," spoil ightcj a»i In ihfc of tnllroad-aoiap JuvlroaiLm -sltbin. IroQey. Die h of the greil alto s,s< men. It all makca j Yolkwpja FE «87 laacinaflnh addio-abuul sfury for some of AAA flral side fraturo the lounili of Pacllic llic kipper fcldijicr. Hi nu meaiw will tbit Folkways BONO I'S AND UU MUSIC OF TIBET Hncitk:'? Big Red ears near Los Aa rlcs; tvtn rench lite ra»}oflty, bm for rhnso who ****STRONG ihs second ihwauca couiuti of ib Elm/a- Rev* Ow btcrost. Ii'j will worth die JJ.93 AAA BROAD TnnoucR AND NARROW STREETS liocre of ILo North Shoro Line's hlgb- su-grsieil tbl rrice. Korea Iubss. Folkwayi FC 3541 SALES POTENTIAL perd Dandy (im fisre bclvccn for nodel Cbk'rO railroadcre mid MilwiiuKee. and scund AAA buffs. raeno players, Elereomonfc dhk Is compollbk an AAA* MOTH EM CDOSU 80NCB loho TTnCHCS AUboo. roucwajj AND Ell WAPWHQOPJ 5211 A tee Traplnoa, 'Weadedud RLE 2ft4 **-*-* StrrrwnMnk SUNDAY WF 9 A ONLY Here'" a utw llliistrnlcie vrrelod ol a favcillo BFECIALTY tlfwe* BTAH I if mtiraad buffi. The ionic»a»cr spoulgbt for novtalby Alec TcmplelPn w]n> li» * rcmarkah) AAA k on abllily Indeed when It «ojom io iiory (ellloi. Abaandre MODAL Earn COUNreilPOINT FclkwaJ* FT MfOd ThK tlwe, TempTflen'* fdifrtalnbg prrfomia bit douhlr-hsadcr r>f ibe Burliaclon IHTEflHATIONM. Route, jrciklna a f.peciat run. joufid U anm Is obeuod by h boond-in IuU-(izo hgok- **A Irt conulnlng lyrics lo all Ibe thymes with NutokA TnADITlONAL RABMONV from ysiicua perreectlyes dcaa alongside, ++** PA WRITES 3? ALL TIME GL'HMAN Mi lender * onrjcg mmiulaiit. a rudunufn near lb grade, Kecks, eic, on Sound Itic ow othtlnal illuslnvilojti Of the tlorks Id 3404 by WIDJam Belb. Folkways FP COWf. ihoiitd There bo crouch or 42 la rhymta make In most all, kiddle wnlcb A A* Ibe RhlntlfloUert Cararo C 4012 im)i b wlifc-ringo atul specfaculnr, and disk Is happy, (fea If ^noiti or dad bat lo cue eh eaan 50NCS RBB 1127 BY T,A THVIERH SC ka pit rtll vl*' (SI Lanf-alnndlng u l a Cejntan Germoo ode ruid Isvor- done In compatible Sletiomonk pionu. up, up to lor Hi act. wmitt by mhrd diarui. The merle -bovm lb sun* fcttii (ho sucs panern of uoiev tprtblldng rlgsc A*** or-ed la Ceman for ilns-alopei. iccanfr. Iho >e( mlghl also be Pel Ktea bongs Orb to ead celeshatb CWralc. Mam XL AAA* A ClliLD'9 irmiooocjion li LI 12*4 This la a cousalon tf "itacli" bhui- Try ATOMIC ENF-BCY AND NmaisA.AX INC by HODV Mlllnn AN Fchet. IS MIND Folkwsyi FX cbi stmps lar social eventa In Ihe Iwim OLITER SPACE f 171 birlhdayi. uraduatlon, Molbei'i Day, wrd- IVowdalaail HLP 3442 A nicely pack- AAA* N0RT7I AN AMBHICAY IRI0HMAN IN din^i, N w y**!** E»e, Ic, AriBaennam aped item for iho eifl markft end Ui 5WKEN WORD for orchestra and small chores arc ilmplc, eilfotioual UKbg 1«xd uinccllcin Klat*. Folkwoji of ihih-fimored EG 3523 A folk huki fine, and can be fnllowed in img-nlocgi, A utf fol phi»-dccmtoqdl'4oiioil-«f/ceii Iks«L Uairetl Clnrtc'i ruvti namnkralbs bsiks A** adjiltoa ta suiian mialc librarlea. of micirar phj-ska and apace Ua«cl, w'h VON POETRY OF FRItOlUCII no nuolc bridgca. 'Jhefe la a 4Dlf-<cmlalnfd, Rhikv fichilleh FolkwAyi FL W14 which aro the CanadUn and U, S> Yflrionin fodf-pajr cakcon sununary of the album'! af Ciiiida's Btifllnal Tom Irish jcnrt. ibdss. a ftemrtd They're wnlii suna pe by POUtA key r-olnli lltef* nicely dons. Appeal will be A** g ELECTIONS FROM CfCERO the Canaihan Droadcasiing Companye tedio AAA A TITEY ALL DANCE TUP POLKA mainly (o 9-13 age gtonp, sincn tbero'a Joba F. C. Kickflxds, FoPcwan FL of Jlclttork, lite Blarney. In b cfear Kin tenor hi pravhles with a oiro ht* tourh Staa Wolovrlc snfl the Polka Cblpi, CspL lota of "ull" and nol too many "elftcu." uilar baekidy. full lyric* are akluded, aw* rel T 1?66 <Mlj ST L> Here's n sore COUKIfiY & WESTERN is euiinm wim ihii labef. ai of tbe fousd wfll-kdcwn iho world polka loar, rcnerro, polks Jbetj atyle, are by Raieious **A point hfr» arilh loou In gabereii, SlgvinU, TENNES5FK ERNIE FORD Doon IHE Hnjwnlli- WILD CK-drt ONE Clt AND Il3 OTHER tmm & WEsnan Scsndinrrii. ltd even ibe DtnniBy, \).S,A, wlib Ctuatla. inch fiwlmriand 4 lane a* SIB A muht Raw aiow Creil Bad amdllallre TKm Art CAMTOL ejmnl ia tb mmslues JAMES *aa* The O'CWVNN rest of "Bajebdil and dttery FolkB." Hug add The hand Ik louixl baa m jhcnlj btlgbl sacred ment for vroo-e choir by utwl Ernie, ork n Colorful foniurcd urargf- In the AAA O'Cwyiui Slcrtury (Oudip/ MG (ana (tt)) will BR manl K777 lo IS> pleose (he dancen cf ranny nadddilliixi. lucking. (Manna, 8M1) a.3s> Jo lloneydrreeeh Uwlni. MvremF MG ddtjl (7lf) add IIkto arc 11 luocs to nil. 8R «73l <S) thh sodm LP really Id Ihelr tpvlleot eouecilcru, woik. The for»cl It ccntalu AAA* (be votallk in a varieiy of iaa("jal, frjtetea im AHIRICAH letlgions Ercmal aong romc l.lfn lo Ufa Pnrd whh mnlrea hfa Jias this LOW-PRICED WPUliR mou ykifonnsnce, of by coumry il In Iho enstmh[( weeper "vein, end me and Mcny (if Is Melody backed **A* Varloiw E3TO Arthli, E3 CAMNAVAL oisac aceompsnimenl Sin i» don A with lot of cjwir fcdliyr aofl AAA Celambla E< WilL_ here, pohn Cbmefi, ASCAP) <2:18) ROR«THE MAGIC F1NGEP9 OF Sbigere. sipga'a The iutccstfiil album lutvcr, louudii" "My naay Name of (Im Drtmmlng with alulh/, ihn LP leaurea BsnD BBOUCHM RBB lll«mud," "Loild Oa(ue,, * Two Uule Hfact*" U iimbna lap BnandlBa anil ppp runirhas. nllsli and porrocmed bindi La lorrld ChmSTHAS >1 a amf ilvr. "Rouse Of Blue LO'rrs" are represcnib- btiib pact and tendered in spirited manner AAA* CHRISTMAS IN THE Everyb&Jy^g n efrtv cfltelbtk lime la Pin. lb Tive abandon result lhat fa an marks mtracliw chttiitsi OLO and Variouj WORLD Ail hli, PhUlpi FHM A AAA Tok flblndo. FA" *A.W Mcrewy COM TPS 24J1 ftrstkrn Dniuual illsk ibal win appeal to aany Lolhi (M)l E1I3 «<W3S (S> An»tcmcti*B roundwhen everybody fliyoj Ml 4S> This l> complclcly o/r-bcm IMJi cow- TPS buy no uwl ftullo picvcammflc. up ol Ciiflllllia* choral oumbera froni nearly nolland, all (tin eountrlrs Weil of G rrnnny, -Woiem DcomMk, Europ (P/aiKe, Itely, miule cscntfy fcmra (tnate, for end a fapaad inucdi * piodiictlob Ulllc ]lks Uu uf BAND Ic.) and EnglwuL CImi th CaristnUH-tonany-lands fcrlioa lit 006 planar. Anbts cm "auniradko.** biliidi (TUflh TIm fimllur, NDon." lauer-dey "3an Adralo Weih A** favoritcs A CURTAIN tie\ SOUM oiber ara dro«gjddpa ffdn fai epunblea varkiux aburcb. tltowi^aed. rtdfo A otm and rte Rcee," lie.) iiv dteaeed vfi wllh Wropl* TMttmam VMA barahi ffarel), Mvr- addition to dfalcr OirJatrtuU llnra *nd A Wocki, lougt, SBJiilirar, kotm, nd 4Mh. rwry MC M»l (MJi BR *1*1 (S) On ol idul propsm rfftrd for stuirifs.

81 AUGUST 4. 1MI HICK SI.00 EXT A IVl w n TWO SICTIOHJ S*CTIOH 1 AVAILABLE NOW OF THIS BIG, OVERSIZED 19B2-B3 IHTEPNSTlflNAl MUSIC ItWUSTRl a master survey ar summary of the music-entertoinment and coin machine & MarRui Daia neparl a personal copy being seni to every Billboard Music Week subscriber as a regular part of subscription service! 7e<sfo'.rHC sura* KIDH MwfMnnn OCIM ucnou " 1 ll ' J AM. UU Mnrtl.. H»- r4alkn I SUM ItaW D*TR bih fvdbi V n Iiirf ha«t aprf KM! DUkfovH" U t imm OW- t* H 1 ^ V. f. I 0 B L 1VB IHCOHPARABLE MARKETING DATA REPORTS; Exclusive editorial reports that sum up fast, the significant facts and trends of each market Told with brevity, accuracj' and clarity that give quick, factual answers. Each market's pulse and Dutlook is described in simple, meaningful style. Here you get hard facts as to World Record Sales,.. U, S. Sales, Dealer Sales,,, Rack Jobber Sales... Sales of Phonos and Accessories. Multiple Pcrgas of forts and Figures/ Here, at your fingertips fully identified are the Companies, People, Products, Services, Supplies. Technical Aids and Functions that make possible the world-wide manufacture, marketing and sales of Music-Records, Phonographs, Coin Machine Operating, Accessory and Component Equipment Every significant business operation is named. The leading U. S..Record Manufacturers Music Publishers... Record Wholesalers... Distributors... One-Stops... Importers and Exporters. Services and Suppliers for the U. S. Music Record Industry are given full complete classification. From Attomeys-forthe-Trade, to hard-to-find sources of supply for Drowsec Boxes... Needles.». Cleaners, Cloths and Brushes,,. as well as Shipping Services. Pressing Plants... Sleeves, Machine Shops t. Promotion and Publicity,. Recording Studios... Jacket Manufacturers and many more vital services. nys IS A BUYERS'CUffiE THAT (OVERS THE WORLD! 76 Countries are Individually listed. From Algeria to Yugoslavia! Giving each nation's Representatives of Leading TJ, S. Record Labels. (OIH MACHINE SECTION (OVERS BOTH U. S. and 62 FOREIGN COUNTRIES Manufacturers of Amusement Games Manufacturers of Juke Boxes U. S- and International Coin Machine Distributors, U. S. and International Suppliers of Coin Machine Accessories and Components, U. S. and International Trade Organizations. SPECIAL FOR RADIO-TV BROADCASTING! Invaluable Aids giving Agencies that provide: Radio Programming Sendees, Radio News Services, as well as Music Licensing Organizations and Regutationa covering Radio- TV Broadcasting of Licensed Copyrighted Music. EXTRA COPIES OF THE " INTERNATIONAL MUSIC INDUSTRY BUY- ERS' GUIDE & MARKET DATA DIRECTORY" ARE AVAILABLE N-O-W AS LONG AS THE PRESENT SUPPLY LASTS. TO GET YOUR COPY, FILL IN THE COUPON BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK, 21M PATTEH50N ST,, CINCINNATI 14, OHIO Plnaa» ond mo ( > copy/les of iho iy<32-t?63 Inlnmational Muitc Induifry Buyers' Guide 8. Market Data Directory at 51 per copy. I am enclosing $ In payment. Nami Company. Slreer Cfiy NaTw re of Buslnpn, (prim clearly).zone. -SJala -My TUFe. a/u

82 CTCT?:^!. v,;".y- 11. 'I"! ' T'vrc? -«' FAST AS A PHONE CALL M EGAD! m NEW, EXCLUSIVE: TRANSCONTINENTAL WIRE SERVICE RCA Custom announces another exclusive service for its customers Transcontinental Wire Service. It offers you speed-of-!ight action on your record orders! Here's how it works. (I) When your original master is made, duplicates are prepared for the other RCA factories. (2) As soon as your record starts breaking big, and you need fast pressing and delivery, you call the nearest RCA Custom sales office, (3) A special expediter takes your order and flashes it on an open-line teletype to the factory nearest your distributor. (4) At the factory, your order comes out of the teletype already on an order form, carbon copies included. Without delay for re-typing, or other clerical red tape, a copy of your order goes straight to the production line, for immediate pressing and shipping. Custom's got something new. Have you got Custom? RCA CUSTOM RECORD SALES HEH TURK; F. 29ffl ST.. BU WIWCO:!«U. UK SHORE Wl«. WH 4-3?t5/MliWMD: 1 &1D N. VltlE 3T, «. MIM/fWMME: BM??IH AYl,.8. IiL S-578T/ UIHO*: KM VtCTOR CO, 178,. 1M1 ItJlM ST, MONTRfAt: UlfllMl ST. TDSOhTfl M g

83 SEPTEMfiER 22, 1962 BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK 77 TKo pick el Hie new refeaxen SPOTLIGHT SINGLES OF THE WEEK Strongetf eaka polemilal ol all records reviewed ihsi week. ConUnutd from page 2f Country & Western TVYNN STEWART DONNA ON MY MIND {Foot Sli«f ftmp (2^0) ' ANOTHER PAY, ANOTHER DOLLAR (Four Star, BMI <2:25) -The fine ckanttr has wo potential winoen here. First up is a ccat Tcx-Mcr kiod of ballad with good ciulti-irackuig and rhythmic beat. Flip is a worlc song styling done «aiattly against alriking hemracr and snappy guifot work. ChaJlpBEi 9164 Rhythm & XHucs JIMMY REED TOO MUCH (Conrad. BM8 (2rZ0> TLL CHANCE MY STVLE (Joy, BMI) (2:22) The solid, down-home chanter tana in a bard hluea jab against fine rhythm guitar and haimodica becking here. The side is what Ihe title auggesls. Flip is a slow kind of gospel chant ballad, done fnc.equal effect. Eiiher way here. Vtrfny 459 A brand new lyric especially written for LENNY WELCH "A SPECIAL MERIT SINGLES Pop Disk (ockoy Programroing ilerbie MANN **** BOROQU1NHO (DIEM) (2:46) Atlantic 5023 COOKIE CAMPBELL AAAA FLEUCEL WALK (Spare Rib, BMI) (2:30) KAPP 4B7 NANA MOUSKOURT ir-kira WHAT NOW MY LOVE (Rcmlck, ASCAPl (L30) kk-k* W1LDWOOD FLOWER (MRC, BMI) tz:35> Foalnna 1785 Pop Talent Akkk MISTER HEARTACHE (Craniarl, BMI) (2d») if Ark k J'iBSr THING TOMORROW (Canada, Ua n BMI) (2:11). RCA Victor SWO Reviews of New Singles Confi/wed from page 21 b«idcr Ui* loaf tnd h alie handi bfoc^y, k cwbitj ut falhiurd Hjlrd icaod, up- liivis Hai chuvco In r J". *nj pop trot. cclci ffpina and vritca. A r>oct nerciry art, BMI> 0;»s Irooi wild by 01# fem chenur grc-ip, *iui Tm ibrau good and sftotti, bclp ijtkk Maxtcii, BUI) (1:115) iv*** bu * (Olia ftrm np-lol Tblnj tot TJHIIIUP It Kmsi btre. Th» The ga\ *rranjc«fn BwtTf much {p IkIp but EVEHLV BROS. tbes itk tbk praid liktvia, «nou*h lo 0»J crtnlfl <told InUjm bm bcud evea trom itmia. (BMI Cuult, Lid. CUll U:ll> 1429 Sconj **** Llghdilni cowdo - nuloila! CADENCE Lire. 'XLo iha bori «WBini tb Oui prtibliciiaa man rblcb for ibow, (raftw. ooce la a^aki aon cur TIEHBIE BIANM ud pop lott pcdcothl Mt/im. Tha (Peer, luaa tui BH» ausnz (25J) oxiejjy **** A mlft't nr uam in, I krtlrcfmauj I I ATLANTIC by WO»hD a»lrt»dj Jxk jxupehy tm Lh» Mian, ilbum IM Herrb **** Pm Bera la Gif M/ IUiy CM ol dtjm. hfie la H* tsna ftuio -mio, -h wod Jlrf, kj low bovn rubkr aa Juit aim ooo out Ihi* o< CcRkfab Uu Cadcooi mdody nida. wth and a riodr. Tb r*t*«ilttleiuij ctowi. CBIEUl aid, und modi "ju. Soft locad bu tvufiy mkai Mi> C2'A7J ta (he backiroacd. (MAM Cole, Vx IIRMI BM Ni^ A LMim IWSJ M«* 0caM. op lido An heft bfot OkUady^ieiii &», a war c< &.kwr* ofl- liatv* mxcr On per icild and ptino. (ho linn (HatM* vm* a tope, ASCAP) ntkirj by * d*-** A Tav ad naaej CADCUCP ccncm 142d Mme'i talupqrhil a bcauuoi hk b* ci,k"i Mania ot Bcaar (be od (Kbcn, Ttw ilds fa willj -n>l /cd br COOSIK CAMITtgLL Icityrci xba!»< atahm dnpfe bmkloj Ditf alao **** of fr/z, loach Of waa SAFP rock, toufb of 4»7 To«i ASCAT) a U-.Jll ten rocal chorm. (Socofdi, hlut» on ihh alnma [<!. The hmtirnicnlil Icolum innc (»»& irvnijicli torric PfF»n lod ^oit tcnoc.' BUBIIUI Thb combo pao could wllh loyeiy *** TBa Did C.lbodr.1 H t»', Uiome. wrrj»«ti hm on»»ond tbo TJip's mid jetudi appcul mtiunr aad Ihe 1 gee flirong ploy Jnr hti tfoaj Icin tocklm dsaco bcai. (Sparc Rib, DMIJ <J'.30> fjllirt* b ilmple, lort and revereoiiuf, bo- *d«,1 lotb chains a ildc, orcon Tim and bictlng alniptc comjtu guhor ol tkaa-a uiual able B«fcoa ip»u Hetn'a ihm (omr iarnesnw «LlgMr German to. irlplcu (LorUna. ASCAP» Qt+O) piano bind and akiliot IMnle B lound,l«vpg whh TwenUct irumpeii rccliruand Krxc CURTIS TWi vjda eoald gel play 15 a rcsall rf c» UnmuaJ Ehonncr. (Spira URi, am(j Cl"l)> **** Yaor CfauU' Slmit CAPltoL mrfeiu "Ml Th- Lr fh* "Coumey ehort lirio SouL" h T1«e bom lima Kbfi la aim Com Bolt. it>la ( by Ihc lad ht a roekliir ralflmr lerr.m IVkiji tfinw* Ttal Way wnn uhlla aaompan)'. a feiu (Fred cltoma Kn^, anil fmnbo SMI) wiili flpqr soul. In JKM A»hlcli!>«bmay togaicr rocker Id wqb by JJroiar banicr rtlrh a l«n follcarjc- Qnod tlfihi Jrttk'le»oiV. In (he Dilddia tpac. Solid tad aari Idh kfmllru H«hti Kjes Jht oldie ChL* qu^ n Ltx mput nong h glien a alrong rhythml: Irealt0Uch. (Knot Bkn) atoap io at (ba a rordlum roti; aroo--. gtlc, "abile The,i(to Kna twinsa tlngi Uialnl SJda k enobblrip Ujo riom rhyldm vfio "Coualrr wciiio end SuaP norm. LF. **+* baby torea My lo Mr bowl Laiaa Lad fcrrpi H Wmwl oq mifcici Hh (AoixkaD, BMI) CM>2 (Canifnurd on wsre 78) ipste TASTE OF HONEY" (CodiKca 143SJ rcurrewf cviakr hecords 1 " p " i.;.. "SEND ME THE PHlOW YOU DREAM ON" {Cadann H2*) "IN THE DEEP BLUE StA" (wadanea 1421] "MOONLIGHT SERENADE" {CadM Idas) JOHNNY* TIUOTSON THE CHORDETTES ARCHIE BUYER & HIS ORCRESIRA COKTACT YOUR CADENCE DIST.: A-l RECORD DIST., OMahoma Cily, Okfa. * ALPHA D1ST. CO., New York. H. Y. * ASSOCIATED DISTS., Indianapolis, fnd. * MAI NUNE- CLEVELAND INC., ClBWland, Ohio * BERT05 SALES CO., Charlotte, N, C. * BIG STATZ DIST., Dairaa, Texas * BOLD DIST. po.. Hialeah, na. * MERIT MUSIC DI5T5., INC., Delnjtt, Mich. * JOE COHEN. Ncvrark, ti. J. * H. W. DAILY. Houalon. Texas * DAVIS SALES CO., Denver. Cofo. * EASTERN RECORD DIST., E. Hartford, Conn. * GODWIN DIST. CO.. Adairta, Ga. * HIT RECORD DIST., Cincinnati, Ohio * L1EBERMAN MUSIC CO., Mini** spoils. Minn. * M.S. DIsU CbrcagD, III. * MANGOLD DIST. CO., Balllmore. Md.* METRO OIST. CO., Buffalo. N. Y.* MELODY SALES CO.. San FranCiSCO, Calif. * MICROPHONE MUSIC INC.. Honalukf. Hawaii * MIDWEST DIST. CO.j St. Louis, Mo.* MUSIC DIST. INC., Seattle, Wash. * MUSIC SALES CO., Memphis, Tenn. * MUSIC SERVICE CO., Great Falls, Mont. * MUTUAL DJST> CO., aostan, Mass. * O'BRIEN DIST. CO., Milwaukee, Wist. PELICAN DIST. CO., NewOrioans, La. * RECORD MERCHANDISING. Los Angeles, Cafif. LEONARD SMITH INC., Albany. N, Y. * STANDARD DIST. CO., Pittsburgh, Pa. * STAN'S RECORD SHOP, Shrevoport, La. * SUNLAND FRONTIER, Rhuanix, Am. * SUNLANO SUPPLY CO., El Paso Tex. * UNIVERSAL RECORD CO.,.Philadelphia, Pa. CADENCE RECORDS 119 We&t C7th Street / Now York 19

84 78 BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 RiCine Allen helpl A-A-AA Thlt Li b good' lulrar IMPERIAL tailnmcnta!. jh73 Tha (Jack GOid, pel over ABCAP) the (2:12) lutsiagf. Waltfa il drnxnnlfc gal's ilxoitg bahid rtxij lin*»tjlc UiJl agalist apolllghto a backing (ha It no hat twins and alylo end Iho lad plsjc tut* fontra aab t'orgrl hit (Gtpib, Ol wido and hflndtome. The (ua«b dons at a flwu ami ASCAP) turlnga, cbotui and Uiplclt. Ovf, Reviews of New Singles medfom icnipo wjd (houid ippeai to teen *+ * Tra So Ahate of Yob (TrJo, BMft danccn. (Trarls. BMl) (2:2J) C2:I3) ^Continued frant paw 77 A** Case luafi-amil BMQ (2:20) DODIB fitevenb +9.** XMORISE Ibv KEtt-EY ***lr LiUte Dropi of Rain S^tot, liah Dodic 1 HcL in is her fll-sa past Incr^-DOT hit with muth coo- THE TOKENS 191^ n»c lod Dtocrl ililk? Foci in Mgf PEACOCfe ballad luidismd u^lo do ibb dm ma-60 wlda lb d liot and rras and Hero a ivata Oiar'a of iuhk pathos wliti hy Kilo (Qurli G^rlaod. Icedcf- ItolD MAYERS ticiiod quality.here. to iho Bide The And tew 1I1U a<w» shoold» ipiltbuy go witb ik-mr* hit 0 rtjotln beat. The luoe U louched Tifli Mort Lindsay conducts ilie mk. The side la irtrk* fronj the eouod Itack of the comlne Wfl 509 Tbli Dounmido tune b oul tfnlted of ite 'Tiatc ARTISTS of Die Juke h<ixe*, (Plbiicer, BMl) C2:l0) RCA m Pw Mr Crylni TamotTOH rfyi infls VICTOR on Ibb I0R9 Tight, one- li'a a two Icidilnj ioond oma br ibo ehonii o>psic and "Fool" itigni wppordre coorfttftticn combo and vocii nick "C-iJ" rort^o," fftamtn, «icap> Honey" pfc, TI10 aldo i also MIOcliltd T'cB-STr-Eo (Melcdy Mosun. BMIl that awltr, (Don, PMT) CfciSJ *0rk with rha bosia nova ityle ihoj'j gettlnj 0:18) bays feaiurti igajint (ho Blrong lead ihylbmft: «nd the arfecq rat of and lha much all en 1 ton fc Iojz circles ihtrnigb Dio ilrbigt, IBrlgM Tunu, BMl) (7:151 Chprlte Byr&Saii 0*ti retjloo, (I'p u lani* Jne ^ lb by ibifc the Dkippokricd lid on ihb fa iioe Lc* Siroai and Ihe pdirthili slrfi- CfcQRGE GHEEtey bipllkc luno played by bla band with * good Iftm of for iho Ufrtn. ihyihm THo jhoum icmpo rwke 'n In it a * **-*-* Lo««Scnx From ".Matlry on die slrrma oibid "work out frerl, (Hollli, BMIJ MARILYN MONROE Tunea, A * Dream BMl) <I:SS) AagM Goodnlghl (DriBit Bouoiy* WARNER BROS Tune «;«) **** cvnlium in Bfih QudiDilly. proovo white tdoo. n BMI> Vncnl <1:50) (ffnnp ffll* frooi die ronkicomlng plcona has a lush and 3)1 Fiom hirer ef No Heiom roth FOX esblte Ironl of swod. b mielhy Plaidit InipnssWe Greeley li jlriiifl, leahircd oik. In Alone Tagnbgr (Karate ASCAPj f/ mo laia me Marilyn cur«ni Morroa. album. t» The mil cuno Ilaate ji VAN DYKES <2:J7) Iho (Miner. ASCAP) Um llicmo Lua crar from slapioj the foimcr la roua pic and vuct Icnturu lones. Armher **** Stepldftr dance Idea as ATLANTIC «rp!clnt d by 4161 ' lha ISrnon Howe, DMI) <3;15) houtlog, blucs-tascd Jeid luan. Hal pwd STANLEY PAUL AAAA Tfienf rrom M rbdhmfc!lliiilny pn ili» fr*** COkAL Iho HUM T>b P»ianrc«i lovelj Of ihcmc, lb«irom Or*fw bob ly', Plipin Oirclcy playi Uir moving STAN KENT ON *A* One SJ»or Dollar (SWa House, In heat gild ihe cne«afle could mo Iherti" from ibe picture In trlrrir* It's ** * Sao. b Bang CAPITOL QM1> 1.1:11) (2:08) "lib soma teera, (Progressive, BMI> cunsndy emmatic pteyinp reodina ilfch, by is pteoiit gl«en Paul n loll "itb bm pn llou laipccfnp ilyte and melody it footd done go. In Bolh wide yl*) produc- 4S47 Hero's merit KrntDD. T65 a hand truly lendry unusual rcciiei tide tbe foe stnry Sien A-A* BWI of Fools (Sidney, OMI) <2:01> crtonu goad deal md ilrlnta. d( ploy, itc CNrmHem, tide UtoulO ASCAI jet V.W) 1 big play. (MQJer, ASCAP) (2:34> nf ih* rounlty, nmed Qpc hmn by Bill Anderson. The lido feaiura xha Hhiiioq 1IM31Y RAOCXCFFE! njiiatlou aitlmt >1 "OctJ choir with slmptn ** * Ofk ctfecil. < lite-champ Ion, BMl) 13:03] MUSICOR (Tliew 1024 Slda Goes) The hera paitottrn bai as Mtn a TROY' BHONDELL of ihn wthcn Bun Baehrarh, luhn hxl been»ijc A A Atb isn't WaihlBireo taken fivm Canctrto Whitn 1 nidlion ptetme. Ihfi STHINC-A-LQNG5J Whbrerhg Hope (Autun. ASCAP) retponilble for the lovl two Gene Pbrui)' llusky Aii-Ait oacc Cone had EVEREST a siralilo hie 2015 Fcrlln wllh Oilg it»ini a prolty {nclody played twilb tanderft *-***- Rrplkn DOT 1W91 Dili inaiv- tltsv) hils. Tho lunu haa Ihat drama-bauad sound bjqail mbiiul ft much la Iho SftmpY "Wheels" bit that tclli 1 itory of looeuneir. Die lad Sbandell te glvea iho i< couutiy air entigctic Held, pop Had young here, timi and dnhflluhed in a (aotr laitoful proovc. There's a (aurh of Latin In the beat slrpi well m b BtrOns HyJc sznlnst chorm whh Jitlp frons a chorus. Cmild»[>'te <Pails, by ASCAP> Itvr pianbt. 0:06) rfiorut Bud otrlns ort. anil gviltarv lome ehrooltvoul raigtit)' Intrxnlloa (DunJrc, BMJJ woik by ihe CERF GLENDOWN and oik wlift itrlngg, (Arch, ASCAP) U'.SO) *lh". (Dnllsj-Hill A Range, BMl) (3:21) A-AAA Thert'i Lort - PfOVEER CiM +*6- An Afrfol tol of Cryfa ***A 3I*(IM«Kero"» 'pn iinutuitf aouoj- Impelling beai of this side nod Hrons 1 "(Arch, *** Sane People Screr Lcam (At««- living. IFoIra, OudlU. BMl> 0:20) hrad, BMIj 12:04) MAR-KEYS irg Iniinimemal hy tha Eroup thai haj»oma nruul-oacked singing girc ft a sound. Tha drt*# Anothei &»*<* jnikl Unep Man riff W«t(p-8TAX htfe li tiplored U7- sharp Icnipo guitar beat. Sltte vart btu and Oaacc r pofiibllltfw reoving mltldle luno is tnaa uitit sly la wlius DWo and oaibo DikVcr the mtdibm best Ibcl't tomiv pan agam of in k dirfcicol od bur a wpys. ux in!' Orson munpei li a ihm blf siild pet piny. CQtaonl. ASCAPJ CL-21J whnf (Caihurlns, In Ilia SESaQ hnlly gulh" groovo sseing, ARTTILR ALEXANDER fkyrr *A** Anai DOT 163V7 Arthur Alcs- +*** AI.MHT Tell It 1o Ibe Bbrii DOT Ifi3V6 ander Heps out with a urong pldo htm. Here'i hindre pill of too honon ognbnl on fnrut' * * * Het Nbfcl 0*( (Vaana, ASCAD The lad alaga ifae rod lyric with iiylc (ha H clever uovell* Dial mig-ht appeal l» cm and chlci pcfeiitoivc ran gaihct backlns. coin. Two (Ens 1-Bab, trtart BNfli ildrt RIP ICE RFC (2:00) BSainrt: very Binart burking. The Ida hm a boar rre-teencf». Dio Ude hat flood aanca bauad wilh a hetit vmmd and sitlnes md by blrtte aofl a wmnd fulad elfecta whn gcatla and chitpbg by youmg both «twl *** CHALLENGE Slttuvre 9146 Fastreoi'lpg.My LO«e for [xme You chocvit aisur (Talnied Ocaen, BMl) (2^9) chick chona. Lad gbiga nkdy Id a flioldhere drvraa" Iffl by CBBBOrtbatl S*«* 0 Wow A AddCrlcy, ban LbaC Lie lur Bfcmj wrll. b bindied with powcf by the lad. His vnlra THE RET LON9 A** I Rang Mr Bead and Cry (Wasttm, traeked 10 U niulti-tfacked md th* vocal stoup odd> A A A A B") Trtfahk CARPAX 4iJ68 ASCAP) (2:20) (3:28) Xaahioa, (Sbarulyn-leviDS, ' AMD hnlld Implo ill htues the ihemo, way. esjipmed ICi ill fctird fn ditfemii on a Ihc along brcr-bu which soood, -rriikra Tbc for combo on exclrlng roors dlik. right An Inlercsrlng, gaepcl-stylad wcfllnni icnif.i *** Faikral SbrlKr tsbaiolyn.rnvln, tad;et, with lha lead gal espblnlng her BMl) (2; 15) com gan bjhi.*lw I ion b of kuutxt laitrumental prpmlneau). volelnss. Witch Or- (Four Star, BMIJ flj5) duflculjes of tbs beul. Old group ha 11 immd and they're s good bet for acuoo BILLY STORM itill.' (Upon, BW> P;25f *** SU 10 MWnlgM (Jul, BMI <2:M) on this aide. (Oiipax, DhU) (JiJDj +*** Kduratol Fo*4 INFINITY' 023 ilorm ittuta It up pn U)l tx-vt bme. The *** MODERATE A-AAr Dan. BMl) c ' r ' <2:32) One Mara Chance (T.l>. tempo li In ihc medium iwwve aod the slater and ilumpliqi b backed comba hy aliong iflu niakw Tool ilm chrwui SALES POTENTIAL tide JUDY CAR LAND JOHNNY BROWN awing. [Fiiie, Cartllif, SNO) (2:20) *-*** P«ite fi Ijwrfj Tohb WAR- **** Saakcblpt - DUKE 3«- Shatp JOHNNY APPALACHIAN N'ER Judy BROS. item ber 3110 Hbui'i fofhioaining 1 lovely Wfl pic itde "Coy from guitar "Orii numi thb imtrumcolaj blues Putr-M." Ir hai the motlng GorlaHd aoond teng waurlng in gond lenpo ityle, with Did nirrtng Iupo combo It done wnrk»1 n TDB CASTLE SISTERS *** I Ca-'l Help II (Tivd Row. BUT) *** ****.Aw Y'oa Kugpy Now, Rrodicr? (2:24) Ml) A (1»36>-*** Haantaln of Un a la Mao SaMka lamatf* (AToroIhH ihould net iweeplng on Ibk ocp arli for backing, 'orird praamm- Jpekcys mil powerful rbyihip. (Lion. BMI) 12:16) TERRACE ntony vocai 73D9 A by lha gait ptelty, op 1 crooolog theme dwe liar- BMIJ ODIDIE JIM THE iikhita mng, IHnrwxn, A3CAPJ {3Mi m a vfon giti'a heart me lover haniihed +** flmiwntr OJoo. BMl) 0:26) by parcou. Smart but eimplo arrsnictnccl CAROL Hr*** I VRNTXmA i-kir Trf-Srar Cubar (T.ee-Crmft. BWT> An CAPITOL «M0 Slow, (Continued on yage SI) ' ELIOT GHEENBERGfKmM Director, says.., "I teel this Is cne of my finest arrangements and am veiy proud of the KENNY CHANDLER record "LEAVE ME IF YOU WANT TO." el ifm hlilliw Genera! Manager, says... "1 personally feel this is a smash recording. Have already received great distrifnition and DJ. reaction and actlvlly. RECORDS "LEAVE ME IF YOU WANT TO" KENNY CHANDLER LAURIE right

85 9 on Everest! with a Big New Single r-'-r. T b/w mmm "Some People Never Leurn" #2015 yr H a f,0& to tu iov Watck ci mi] new album con to be Released l&t in 35MM Recordings EVEREST RECORDS BERNARD SOLOMON, Pw>.. Murray Cohen, V.P, & Cen. Mgr Metros Ave., Los Ange!eB 69. Catlf. OL 2-223Q

86 » life lit Munich waft the opening of 80 BltlBOARP MUSIC WHK SEfTEMBtR 22. West Germany't ^ ehowing ^ "My Fair Udy" after its BerliQ showing. The Munich Dciiucbca International News Theater was fcold oiu for wecij. Soahi Zlemaoo and Wolfgang Lulivby arc the Munich slan ol the laszlo Sugar Italian Tongue Continued from paz? 18 mu&tcal val Records si an a-&r. man. Ho VSdlort Visits Budapest Among Most Sung is in chmm of crcniiqe a new ln- Swcdinh musjc publisher Ftlb lematlonaj catalog. SlaM and Brazilian moftio pubrunci By PAUL GYONGY By SAMT, STETNlViAN Enrique LcbewUger met io Munich DerehuWm Bfldspcst PUzxn S. Anwlmo, l r Routo to discuss further music import and croon. Stahl also met in Mumcn Laszlo Sugar, Italian publhhiog Julian, along with Eaglisb, 1j one of Ihe inort sung languages ot Elvis leads Label deeiay Mai Sondok and lyricist chief, was on a brief visit to Buda- the world, according lo diacussiofti Frtd Raoch, who wrote the Gonun pest. Sugar, a Budopest-boin Huu- Jyriw for the Stab! hn* gamu, visited a few old Hungarian al the Fust National Congress of To Green Fields An Dicb." re corded by Martm friends and bad talks whh the Slate Itollou Song at Ac^ui- In tha two days of discoaslons, uodcr inc tcaa Madison Twists By KEN STEWART 1 Botlcbcr on the Ariola label. For Music Publishers director JWa of Gbntflria Tecttini, compose more talks on Cenrao-HravUUn T«rdoBi and lyrrasu charged publifthidft Twnage Espress. JJnWln In as New Fad music exchange, Lebendigcr met his Jdsh Record Feirlaia is Jajlrg old partner RsOpb Maria SiegcT, who Jauob Kerrkea, corapoacr of op- bourn with "rellishncss. and a particularly good Elvb By BR1GITTE KEEB-ROSETT Juri rctumed from a trip to imly to etctlas, imtrumental music end pop there were complsints that too RresUy'i new single. She* AntoEMien - jmukf, BrauMCbwelg Munichsongs, who is conductor at Ibc many different disks were be id* Budapest State Opera House, vis- baucri. You." as wen as flic aiogex s Good Luck Chutti'* and the hoi EP ol Wule the Twist «aliii rumiing The Oedeiland EP on French ittd London, Leeds Music, Ltd., It was pointed out that 55 pj* titles frcro the raovlo "Foflow That hot hcto, among the tccna nnd Decca is irilini well In France. At will publish two of bis mstruinco- cent of the. cdmposcra end puh- Dream," which is Just bcginnuie its Twist reconlingft like Joey Bees the moment, ncgotiationft arc wm al coin positions- One of these ia liabcxs havo no income- whalaoevcr. Dublin nm. The newty mlroducm "Ya Ya" on Roulette or Pcpplno on between Randy Wood, pfcsideni b HuDgaiian-style instrumental, BDd only 6 per cent reach S1.600 Dl CaprTs "SL Tiopci Twiar oo Of Dot rccorda, and Pam Slcgel for whldi Kerekci composed at the a year, with but u handful to «CBS bbd haft rcdstcred vny wdl due largely to the Mtehad MiK llalla, continue as hils here, ocqluol release ol Oedecland rec- «qu«l of Ibe Leeds people on category of ten umra that aoiounl. LhnmnoV album, The Importance new dance crare sweep* over from ords ia ihe States- Scgcl is screen- the Bpot. Nilln TiaS, Ghu^o Conwilnl ana of Being Ovxf and the IP bac* France, Spain and ibe Riviera* jug vocal laleot for a Tejd«vocal of."w«t Side smiy,' 1 oripnauy the Madison. Threa German record record whh tbo Ocderlaiid sound. At the Bayrculh (West Germany) blhcr ftlngcn Insisted thai a TV ucd bore on Philipa,. compaoicfl have jusi rushed out Taknt Tcuri Ballet Festival, held simulianeously ftyaicm wiih no govoamcnt control with the Wagner Fcitival. three would take aingen from under tho IJLF. it a tnfle disappomled the first Madbons: "Maillfton Geom Sieorine and his quintet Hunfiariao one-act ballets were cxisung monopoly. In this artk It by salca figures tor "The Music Square" and "Madison Mady" by arc touridb Europe from Sweden M presented by the Pccb Ballet En' was pointed out ihnt RAI had re-. the MadHna Klnf? on Ario!n. Englnnd-... Jnoa I^wh* recorded Man" track album fl* movie sanble which scored remarkably fused the song. "Qmndo, Qurodo, lasicd only a week &l the Adelphi, "Madlflon" and "Hey Baby" by in Baden Baden, West Gerniany, an well The scores of the three hauels Quando," which went on '<> Dublin, duo to uncommonly heavy French singer TlaroU Nlcbolas on LP with Ibe Zagreb JaJZ Quartet were penned by composcra Rndolf third place at Saq Remo nnd bfrcompauiidii from musicala Bt two Barclay; "MadiiQD" and "Dansez and German trombone slur Albert other city dncroas- They arc doing Madisoo" by Freoch orcbesini Goy Mangflsdorff. Mw«and Andras bzolossy, bolh came ihe hil of flto year. professors at the Budapest Music Disk News bmk business, however, with Ihe Leflrte on Cnlumhlai "Madncm The eighth aanuol German Ama- Academy, and by lasria Gulyas, EP of songs from "Lovers Must Time Port 1 and 2" by Ray teur Jazi Festival wlu be held Oa- conductor of ihe Slnte Fc4k Fu- Dctin Marthft will ring a scuuenca Lcara" (Dripnally lltlcd "Rome Ad- Bryant on Philips and "Madison tohcr 5-7 in rhiejwlilorf..,, The se ruble, AH three coraposem wcrt la the fdm, "Songs of the World, venture 7. EanlUo PeriealTs single Twisl" by French Twisl Kng German Jazz Federation singes the el Bayreuth. for director Yittcrio Biila, who wili. from ihc movie, "A1 Di L^."- ^ Johany HaJlyday an Philips, which go to Hollywood.,. "AnicTiWD Folk Blue. Feawd demand. In fact, if suppbea were is B hit In Frmicc. 1962" io October. Among the U, & Artiria Records promoted Bird Bvailabte Ibe Wamcr Bros, disk VHsiglm Vkit blues siaocrs who will visit Bfcmen Mnn would be highly placed on rhe na- Aft reported earlier, JHBy Vaughn and other Germtm towns for this HfgbwiymcD, of AlcQtraz" with a as disinbuhda nsng by tho oc Tionul Tional chart. charl Other Oth^cmom versions mpt- mar- ^ came r* from I _ S Hollywood tm. la 6, 0 Wive b«tw ihiid ^VlX ta festival, arc Olis Sptnnt, John IM the disk to 600 members of ihs Hooter, Waiie Dbcon imd T-Eone press at flm VcoIcb Film Festival, IS JStSt Columbia? field word from Germpoy for hi; Walker. T.. Fonlt-Cefra has mucil "R««the' Radio mllli««_idler IWbcdft/^rcsemed Arc Red" flft fung hy Bobby Yta«Eiieaun-sponsorcd T^OErara which. hy TcWcc's Cunther Braonlieh- Cities Awaiting too on Ha Ictcreationnl label. It is generally z&ttd, dwa» Vaughn made a TV show appear^ DomenkO MndDgno, who has deal for ihe Irish record ludusw. aucc and a radio show for SFb. hit the lop as a singer, composer, has been running for about la He-made many fricmu when he Helen Shapiro plage aad screen artist, box won hit months. -Cofne Tunditlrac cvej- visited chililrtu scricken with polia rr^tost ratogohjofl wito ihc p.- Friday, a brgc xudwnco regularly in ihs Berlin Chkac-Hclcoe Hoa- By AZARIA RAPOPORT nouncement!««" Eitime Film that tunes in to hear a pnnel confttshng pital and bought Ihcm a TV-rccord of two icen-agers end two adults player. He also turned over mooey New Ml Di La' 73, Ahfld naam 51^ Trl Aviv be will CO-sIar with Atim* MagnflUI m "Who Thinks of the Moon, to discuss five new releases chosen by for the TV ejiow to the Berlin Helen Shapiro (Culutabb) is be written and directed by Piero advertising executive Anthony Children's Benefit, and rclenstd his Overtakes Old scheduled 10 sppeac in Israel this TellirA nedy nm! played by radio and TV hit "A Swinging Safari," cummlly coming December. Miw Shapiro personality NiaU Bodcn- No IB in tha German chacta. free By CARL MY ATT ia going to POP concerts in all When «lrcme ^views arc ex- of charge to a Occmao film, made 27 Estoril Court Garden Road major cities. pr^sed by member of the panel (o in the Ocrtoao capital. fairly frequent occurrenof), the rt- Song Festival The Kong Mne and the Fabm Thin tecn-agc ptmcesa Is enjoying a growlog popularuy thanks to jult ia often a flood of mail to the According to the organizers of odd Echoes version of "Al Di La national press. Chart informal Jan ihe third German Song Festival has tpken first place on the chart her perrnacicnl position, vdth one for ihe program b supplied by the (Deutsche Schlager-Fcstspielq), next fmrn the Emilio Pereoll disk on hit or another, on the Israeli HU Parade. Her name is drawing for Weiss Arrives aulboritaiivc British paper. New vcar's festival wili be held June Warner Bros. Ujc WB disk had die Eagtish luovlc "Flay It Cool, Musical Exptetft. 15 in the Badcn-Dadea Kmhaus led ihe Hong Kanfi best aellmg though she only ams^ two tunes in end wai be broftdcestod on Ocr- charts lor the last three weeks, Ihe pic. Helen Shapiro promisca for Tokyo Push raan TV. but stocks of the dkfc have been Dhlributlon exhausted and the Kong Ling to ring two of her hltft in a Hebrew Electxola took aver distribution Piamanda Recotdft version has tjaiwlalloa (prepared for her hy F&c By J. FUKUNIMll Melody Pt«8), Is only one of the JOB HAUnoldraka, Mcgoroku, of varlouj indie U. S. labels which tflkeo over. WB reports flwt * up to now have not been repre- fihipmcrl ot Pcricoli sides etc bong names in the new season a rather Tokyo crowded liil of guest stow. OthW, sented iri Germany. These will be ruabed to the Crown Colony. Robert Wrks, Warner Bros. Recwhose visits are icbedulcd "UfW- Public Resisting issued on Ihe new Columbia StDtc- Diamonds took ndvanuge of the orib, arrived August 16 from trlpa taber and November, ere tm Pflf»- to Smpapoic, Baogkok and Hong ildc label. fact that until two weeks ago War- pjpjm, of Alberto del PnraM. who Visitor? Here Kong and had a press '"^mcw. ncrs was cot rtprereolcd hoe and three yean ago started the Move to Madison S. PJvovrlfsche, sales manager of rushed out a ftlngle of "AJ Di La fad la Israel, Inlelttt Greco, Harel He was here to promote ihe tadci» busioesa m dose Cie-in with the, By EDDIE ADAMIS Samilia-MmiiWri Oy in HclsiilTtl by Gloncarlo and bis ItaliaQ ccmbo Scott and Loft DEez HenuaiKK Zj* parent Warner Pichircs sound 92 qnal da Merechal Joffre and Ariola representatjvc for Fin- and have now foltawcd this up with vab, who will perform their "Ficsla tracks and Toshiba Records wblofi Coorbevnla (Seine) Jaod, met Ariola General Mnnager yet another version of the big hit Mesicana." presses Warner disks in Japan. Rorf<df Enrfeder lit Gucteraloh... of tbo moment by Chincfte thrush The general public has not yd Paul Gyongy, dircclor of the Hun- Kong Long, backed by iho Fabn- To make room for all those visi- Joanle Sommera aod CoddIa followed the Madison movemeni- garian Music Fund, and BMW lons Echo«. This is 1 bningual tors, Israel n exporting its local Stevens appeafunccs may be teai- Dcspilc all the publielly afforded fluogarittn concspondent, will lecordinb and sure to fiod lavor talent to Europe and the U. 5. Ized ftoroetuna ift April ocxl year. the Twill, the samba, the Madison, come lo Munich Oclohcr 2 to 6 with Ihe Chinese record buyers oil Esther Relchslnt and hef husband Ntw Pnbflsher the mashed potato, the slop and the and go to Switzerland for one week. Southoasi Asia. (Dou Ofarim) are exploiting Ihcir popeyc, the slow fox ifoi and the cha-cha still remain favorite dimcc In Munich, Vienna and Zunch he Plans have now been fmahzed success at the Zopot FesUvDl, m Sid Panics, of Aldon Music, New Poland (where Miss Reichriat got York, was ieo here fot a ihyihroa for thu majorily of the will meet different music publishrrs for the First Asian Music Festival and will also visit Radio Zurich lo presented hy the Impresarios Assothe second prize in die solidify its tic wilh Tarto Muslo, dancers, ftven in the snobbish cir- order to promolc Hungarian music, ciation of tho Far East. Those taktionol compctiuou). Tbey had lo Inc.. a new publislicr. He " cles of the Cole d'azur. Aimiyersary hsft part are tho NHK Symphony delay Ihcir vis'rt 10 the States zinlji iog for Hong Kong and AusBtfUl Sfcolofia WDI Mctwl, popular Berlin com- Orchcstnt from Japan toctokr - April, to meet all bookmbs this weekend. Taiyo rcprerentmie. Polydoria director. Wolfgang Zhmatcman, has signed txs Composer and music publisher, will and 3); Yn Chun Y«. a young nnd TV appeoranocft planned for sides Aldon, Dominion, UA, nio, celcbrste bis 65th birthday Sep- planiai from Singapore (October 4); them in France, England, Swilzcr- Jobet, Morrow, Kalllnan end ojhoi pagrwns de la Clianwo, formerly tember 17. On this occasion Tcldcc Rosle Faroi, a young Filipino soland, Italy and tbc ScandinftvlBn in Japan and ia operated hykyodo with Pathe-Marconl, for four yenra. isaued an EP, "Barmiiftik im pmno (October 3): Ihe CrescwHlo countries (including repeat tours m BMerprises Sn6 Wataaabc Produc- Another Impottanl facior In rhis Riallo" featuring the most popular Choral Society from HpnB Koag Poland and Denmark). tions. Talent Toun label's efforts to build up a strong evererccns of the coniposer. (October 6) oni the Seoul Oiaraber Nchamn Heofel. having '.von the Frencb catalog is the renewal of Music Group from Korea focla- first prize aft a!?i e Art Friend As 500 '^0* Marcel Arannfa cunfracl for ati- ber 7). Helsinki Inlcmnhona! 'i outh Fcsll- ponedly negotiating lo othcr live years. Vbltors 'My fair lady' H oppeam possible thfti Indo- vql Is leaving for n lour of Europe bntls for performances starting W Dub to Ms successful appeor. nesia. Jodia and Israel will become and the West African eminlncft. comiob January... In, CO[!j^n?r aoccs in Part$ and Antibea lately. Readies Maiticfe mem ben of the nssocatloo in H'f having bean Invited io nppeaf there lion \«ih Gaspat Caa»fa s Vint <0 Fata Domino is playing the Calais near future. The. Aualr&lirm Broad- by President Tobman of Liberia his wife's homeland. NipljDU Yicto* dca Sports September By JIMMY HJNC.ERMANN ComraiBsion. a member of and other dignitaries who have is xclcariog one LP c 9, Rogrr Mamoah fofmcrly with 102 Ismanlogct Munkh 271^ a5w >cladon. is ehf* Mpeclco to heard her during thoii re«ot vrslift conctrti of Haydn, Bochertol nta^8 afld to lamel Vhuldl cut by the artist. FaUw-Marcaai, la now with Festi- Top event of this week's music Ipfirtlclpale ia the ocbt firture-

87 Kh Netfts! ni Blggiit Kill /JERRY LEE LEWIS HOW'S MY X TREATING YOU k/w SwHf IHflt SMKi Sra «lfr SUN RECORDS flit Midbon MtrnthT*. Twmm. Breaking Wide Open! ASHES Screamln'Jpy Hawkins c-nir AUDIO FIDELITY «Mt06 or ms "THE HHHEST JIIKMJO M JTHBIPMHK HIS ffflfljir u. HIRr SOUHO PTHTS JO SASIlf OSCAR BRAND PATACHOU JCHfflHY PUUO AHO MANY M<MU *ysty V0u (7h ""r */C B Ki VHY *r out MARVIN GAVE ' I'M A STUBBORN KIND OF FELLOW. fomla gmodr EDDIE HOLLAND "IF IT'S LOVE (IT'S AUUGHT)" - MOtOWO #70)1 Tam fa/ Motown Recordt Orlrulf Wrrt ]. Ojpd MUBluq Bbrf. "MllilOM SEUIH Kin" fnatwrlttm... SHIRUT TDOIE... TOMMT MRlET... 6UHH MHia... 6E0ME firihwih... «Ua m ALONG... GRIM vma RIOH hothih PJCIIfflB Tht ley ftif in Af&umi Anyw/iiriJ RFTlfl Mia $1-98 An Exciting Now Sfarf Wirh a Smash Single MAXIHE STARR SJnpi LOVE IS b/tf (I'll U Wffli You li) Appte Bloinm TIrao»3D09 NEWTOWN RECORDS «ido N, yhmwi Browl MvfoartiM St., thdidrt^hli I'SCJD Id. fi. Reviews of New Singles 4 Continued from page 7S DlM) 1(1 BOHM IBiu * Jupirf A9CAP3 UjJtl. SUKI 177? aurne H«iMl> MHL- CLAKENCK WILLIAMS TO NT PE 00 *** Bcyrt Qmm (Cllt-Our, IMI) A** EWifcci (AUM. BMI) (1,57) (2»IS> *** LaTi M* ICIk-Ctoc, BMI) {Cottlirtued on ppgi 84) K*mt. nosnc {Xatf. CHANCELLOR lut *** A8CAP) turf <3.I7 tt _ My *** Hori DitVy (SbriHrt. CHBT AVTRY (*««. ia-*+ Bwd Mo Om TMiay Yo«l>tr«B 1IC MAVBELtE MO KUSG Ma O* {Poof Slot. 6MI> I2it *** Candy [Leo F.ht. ASCAP) (5^01 Swnmtmst Thing Going.,, A RANDY Ln DMB.V f«rers BRGNSWTCE A A Crj SiU* ASCAff. <Aicvujcvui jcewli!«<*> (CeOnwrf. IVTi <1IU) Mopnimo *** Vm fpowttd Ibo Girt Irum, Froai HMD TVolrirter RICH AND JOHNNY *** MT) VzSS\ II CoaM rfjiltlfl ««-> AOHS Bwo M* (VWer, TWIN HTTJ Itli jhhr * ** PBB# T7 (Crtrtna. BMD (1,30) IIMMT *** TOt.tV*R IHI CDXTOABTJ l.mi) Ll«. Yoo-n ABC-FARAMOUNT Nirer K^ftJted (CitoW UoarAhstfoairtk-KM ' (Pkj»»tr. *** ACoy Crt <MrtBrtoo. BMt) JJillJ f«l CMiufif*. «!«> *** BMl) (li«5). Wlu» T * Da Y if Ym 1 X.»T»r **A tt MltK «Wrtl Arto Uata NANCY LOVE SHJUMW <*1**, BMI) U] 171. TWIN kkr* HITS Jear ASCAR; 1-ot» ( ih;~fhr* Liditi k top iroto Sul U (Bootm. in Mm CI^-Ab BUH) (XGl;. VKE JAY 451 JKAW PERRT Hrir I'm Nol Crti' Cb 0*1 ffl ftun IANB OumntP 130)-^ {Afflai, A A fffll B5IJ) Von Lot, JOED M. Td- MNrD HQM Hid DAT,JON 711 BMTi (I is7> Hmm^T (U*nan, ** * LomIj ft DALIAN Clri. t^rtily Bey (Arari- GardiaU B^b-r. ASCAF; {ArVrl-lrthnr, VMi ASCAP; ** FOfd (2J0, OSOROK McCANNWT DJ CHBT AVERT ETKLFHAM Wl ** q-xn-^r** Blima AlpHk Shj 7*1 L**Hr ICO. CAid*. BMD (liw. SMD * ** bml> «i51), Rrti, TWIN Rila HfTl Cc.IWM UU {RrrwJ, ED-VIS'-CHRia fcratcnr?- 71*11 HJDI>Y SIIEPTARD. -ftr- *#* Ixmft l*d Soiki pt Lo'i (Crotoa, (CrolM. BSO). BHD ARIS JBK &KOTJ1 *** a^mrmduicft. (DmUqk MUD m 1m (2(tS» Tort AOCAf-t ***' TlBi fa r>ri {AbSoiv-Glcaica, erktr 1 flul imlnm* (JO*) Ml.) isi35). *** Mr IAHNA Ur KK Im BMEMARV JCNS Cir* KING Qua 9677 IB <I«l -rc^(kk, BMC Hr* lad CM ILim (Ban, ASCAFT- SHORTY in NO *** TU Thm [Fifi*- HMTH- (111#), AB TALENT irf Mi IBPi^i-Mukaa. IMl ABCAF) DICK CQNTWO *** ton 9m*t (futtm, 3MIL XH»- *** Thr^ Com Mfcx luoit* (MRC, rwi Mi# TBE RAMBDaOs WD fcjjx (MRC. BMH *** My votl Daaclsi wnrcuhy fwiu *+* IHX FISHTB BROS. * * n*z«a SlDbttita (Ltu. fuk. hmr> llll (II#D, (!;»») OLIEEN 71MJ ***««% Co Our Jk-rt +** Ml# CHBT A VEST I jomdir mi.hnitaka'. CQTL'MBIA THE OOAILS *** ffliwtmy, Wta* AACAP) lt«d <L1«7J 04 - *** b 1»bT ** * Nif r Fill Lbc* TJli Berac* Do VDHCX tvtwbtt ( MMi*»«!> ** My Lit IPwiai. "ttflin HAPKKEO 10 YOU" TW1W 'Pb La*o BIT3JnS MiT (JoWlP, BH1I C2 51>,.*** No 1 Ahrt Mar* CMU ckil «A ViME Xnfe. low!) -. WJ HARl'RY «ara fl9m UrfD irkt, Sojar (Tofc, BMI;»MI1 SAMMY MARSHALL fxihtng Di knportl KBAtN SHUGOG AnC-PARAMOUNT IIM * * 5«i a IJttb Droe Par ai* iodtfy Hoka-UU Stolt OnJ Ol\. *** 1M0 Ywrr (JAJ) A&fWM icifi, to Mi IBmkJuew. [Mfiaat-Dbto. BMD fl.id ** Liu SMUtr ROB DAKTC (BWraal-DkU. HMD Cli5». HltO CharJ/a Kill. Omitt, Shrovm/iOff, WUl, la. - 12J7) *** Trth *** If Wa-icrftI CWip CTooMi, inj rr«rtn^ imn Imnolr CJty, Fan*. DISTRIBUTORS IV^I. I.MIJ (2f2L>. MARCO WI THK MYSTICS At Smith, KKK, CWaua, Fa*. Maab Potito.1 WRIi Ma (Loli, THC I. C, THREB sain RACK JOBBERS *** mil Tmli ; (HlfrnWc ASCAPj (Call. BMT) (StHI-**7fca RING Hoopr 5471 Hev Hli A. I W*M tin. mir whhb ONE STOPS (I Ida. ill; A5CAR; **-*- ilijs). Lcrcr-i SHASTA. FurrruH 171 CHUCK BENNE1T AM ircorh^ ton 12&M *** S*'** Oayp (Ara Madi!«Lcn) fh. W a-rass #kir*vapoy». L«. Retailers THE TORfYADOB DISCOUNT OPERATORS *** 7*-7 (Kinhitrti. K«rtotoi Firty BMt). (2jI0) CUCA 1«?2 «l irtiidj. If't (KMHOifi. t &% Jfojfil AWowivrlfy fcd WanlK RUPUl UTOMAS N^W-EXCITING- DIFFERENTfiflary m r-wdl (n«t gild), cf *** JJWJ qotf Vmt ETWT -AVrdr Ui H i Yon AVrt. Co (Eart, (&ul Aft, 78'* r* vm ir (col cf Mil 11,45;. BTAJC 12i ONE SPIN WILL CON VINCEYOU Uii 7rii 1h»B IWlna XAjtiLljiii'j. el ftcrt iiwj lyp* and TKtrdi fn a DERBY rptfrs "rtl ii«o tbfv mppif. *** Voar Now, It Cmm Grew ton rail Cataum or mi (MpraiflU. IJrOl) *** fibmy amauwiu -availuu iiotmb, nfiri; itmt. twin nrrs itu THE BIGOEST FOOL' HAM-MIL w * TKB *** TROIIBAWURJ mn.r Crtlr»nbt (Krtiui, 1150 K, vtj* <t P)B«4ilrti<d icn. A3CAP> {3i3l> EMORY KELLEY PtiMi rajhy 3J»«PEAC0CK 191» KTT EtEhiINO **+ Titsn ta Slot, Irani (AJdOn. MT; TWIN HTTS 1023 THE EAMHOCV* Vnfc* Yam IBfBbol BMn (2ill>_ rnus'uu"* ^5rmbo!, flm1),!l555 * JOYCE VrlCBB The "TrA-it (*ic LauahlD* to Kc*p rnai Crib# SiU Tit. 17,in IMIJ Itoa, (Rial, A->rA- A9CAF> Il'i llroot Eirtw FOREVER" GOLDEN YTDBUD 101 i9ll» MO LARRY **-*- Ttei BHUMMrrC (Bed Pe«lh«r. PHD (JiH) MarJoaor/y'«i «rjfcu»dtf fcy. *#* MO FEATHEB Kcla (Bad JJJI Full,<«. kmr, 12,501. JAY-Ca RECORD C0. r INC. THI EAGLES ail W. Mih Jr.. N. Y. *6 irk* Tw (ChuHrtU, A5CAF> MCKTt IJ^5> Blbtol CALIENT E.mch Wl (ChaiwD. eavl wnxiams xmi ms obk *Wr liicf WOW I (2il3> *** X Caa't Stud It (Mifttoiir. BMD lyirtl <«* Flu I Dom'l (Owto, Vk'tmt 1MI) to Srf Vw ASCOT an* ETTY LAYEIT ISAM & DAVEl Liobtiv ** «*" Vdup Mi-O, {Emraitlr*. De'f BMI> OiJl) kkk Mr *! j "NO MORE BMD Lorb" ATLANTIC MM IPmuMfrf-liipfc. DM 7 pain" a GO UU CORBET **nk Cn lam n (IvW,'. Day ft R-4445 MsH*r cf MOronQ (AtKUtoM, +*#l» HMn» IliJn. LDPCMN MS* I ROULETTE RECORDS 4 RBITBBIV ERILLWS g I«31 B'way. N. Y., N. Y. 8 ' ** * Hbfc-Lon IFunM, HMD 7tM - *** COT 2111 Vphma (FarrMB. BMI; llr»3>. AS- A TWO-SIDED SMASH Till: 5rHHPLSTOPPRHS WITH CARL GENE PITNEY F«h. ihr+ BMI) WritlfK <2tlfl> to Vonr *** Eyu n** Hert» Mftoc Hcb, SMI <1,14; IF i DIDN'T HAVE 61NCEHS IVCRLKV AND EDWARDS' MUSICIANS HAWAII CAUS PRATtlRINO A DIME ft** P«oity HALWANI fikrtu (Crllcrioa, ASCAPJ oi ihi Jtoaai," Loiw {FDDOW Sou Fran MA) <Robhbi», "Alurtaj- ASCAPJ p-w;. CAPITOL AWif ONLY LOVE (AN VOCAI^AIBS BREAK A HEART Mr* ABC Daaci-Danri (M^Lbi Aait), Muilur 1021 StUto-LKi API (1*D AwL BMI) *+ Hi*!,. Ea&lp HERALD A ran MU5IC0R RECORDS S?f tt*r>%rt«d hp UrtM Artltti DONNA *«0-ANrfl5 Vrtrk I Ctrtd Jim ix. cmiidawurt, SEPTEMBER BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK Bl A8QAP> (2r0?> **+ FJOwa Only Ptf- (RLVra * nomhto*, BMD ntmv-** 1iM 7S» (MaMiwUffc. ASCAE> (Ml). DO KB I»V««, Va«r Oom*.,K -Vaa ft FtOf Jtoa, Mil (1117). RONNIE 111 BOTH CUMBING AIL CHARTS-HOME FREE MAJOR RECORD COMPANY needs a top-flrght pop-album Merchandising" Manager. Basic requirements are proven creallvity, experience in current market merchandising end promotion techniques and ability to plan and create effective trade ads. Write, giving job history and salary desired, to BOX 446. BiUboayd Muslo Week 1564 Breidwiy New York 36. N. Y,

88 S2 BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 BILLBOARD IVIUSIC WEIEK A :pny«nlenr ndfjcatrplace.for Thp-.bMt-.soyrce^ -or.equipment lu^pliei MrvlcHs andipersonnel- serving more'than ;2D,ODO 'biiye"^. sellers and ujflfi ef nlusic, records,.tdpes homo ertlbrtbfhnient eijulpjirtbn cd h ndchines.nnd mariy oiner 'rpfnied products jhraughoiit rhe "dfitlro vorld DlSIRIBUTIKfi M\m RECORD DJ57RIBUTOR5 ANOTHER SMASH ALBUA^ from Miss Conn re Francis " "CONNIE FRANCIS SINGS" ' MGM Deolersl Better Check Your Slock. A»al7aW«kjw In Oaorgla, iltoboma and Cairarn frdiw ' HWXIHS EQUIPHBff CO. 4t9 W*it P«actitr#i 3f,. Allonla, Go. Phonai J31-I962 S«b Exnicxi, S't, Mjr. Codonco * Condld Fratftrnlty Heortbeal New Star * Charles, labels are now distributed by! MERIT MUSIC DISTRIBUTORS, INC Wyoming Ave. Derroll 38, Michigan MkhlflonV N.-nt K faiint Grovhe Diilrlbulort If DJtlHbullon f» Yovr Problam, Colt Garm SUy.mon, UN EXPERIENCE COUNTS i*c<juia w«imavr our niorlial and our tnduilry, w* {)!««you top dlilrllwillen fpcllltlm Tn til# tdttrniora'waihlnflton ATM. Coil ou Krefelz KAYE Record DISTRIBUTING CO., INC. 307 i, Wl. Royal Solthnoia, MiL Af*a WH «ipu WBMnff lor aronoiioc Uhjfl. 0*1 - EnrCudra <nif b> ia and Konbei-n S?l <"1 Qr laj...ft. m promo Saufl c-i gopy inipla u 1>«1 e Co^ Pr Cl- Day PROGRESSIVE RECORD DISTRIBUTORS use the»o columnt each week to fell deafers, operators and lackeys ohaut the hits and potential hffj thai are break- Jag nfltionally ond In their area. Theio dlslrtbutors uta Sillboard Music Week to provide o lervfcc to their cuslomorj and friends. They know.that Billboard Music Week'* Readership n better thon I wo ta «n» over the next publlcoifen. OPERATORS Par ovar nfna yeori AlliFar liaa b»en p^iolirtng In p(odi«lidn at Counrry Muilc. W» ar now ivivlclng op«/nlori fn 44 ^iatat, fewnuia Allilar P«cardi hovi ih» Tp^ctt Covnl/y S«ui>d it>fl) pufji In lha coin. Than la a dlh r«nc«, «nd for fan coin on your country lacairom you rood lo lompk our Pansnollrod Pockoo* PloM. Yau <]»r 10 racordt p.ri<vkilly islartad for your uraa fn comworpmpn of DiK )*&«/ rtporii modi* to us. PtRSONAllIEO PACICACE SAMPLER RPM Jtaeordi, $3.«. Shipping JoDy from pradunlon oo Op*n Ch»ck or CO.O, Gwufruilaad ha plicua. ALLSTAR RECORD D1ST. CO. I no Woihrnglon sum South HaUilonrTiKnt V/o Are Proud To Announce Thot REPRISE RECORDS ore now distribuled fn FLORIDA by cur firm. Ir«d McriMiD. Piciidtnl TOPPS DliTRlBUKHe CO., IHC N.W. 6lh A... MlnmJ. Flo. C.d. JOS, rtonkllri 4-81M mmsm... SUWUB MB' KlijlFt! PfifSilfJG, PiATWG DONT CALL US For ftoeord Pressing UNLESS You Want QunlHy ond Stsrvlca That's Unboafabfo Anywhwre I AU SPfcfcDS KAY RECORDS, INC. 110 B«ni4 Plka, Ultlt Ftrr*. N. J. Plimond RECORD PROMOTION & PUBLICITY AB50Z.UTEI,Y, TOPS QJ K.VS'L BH WV? " WANTED TO BUY WANTED TO BOV WKSWO EQI3IF- mfpt br Wdwetc crmipany. Wri W 80* KCOBD ACCESSORIES & DEAURIKIURES RECORD STORES Increose SBlling Efficiency TKe catalog nrlglnal»a#>rc» and mint Uitingi rnnvenlonl or ^a r«o<d pc^ular JKOjdi by Mt(Bi mvs ailuu lafeit ruahed cl*i mail. Ihraa. Dia tlirwi DoaVJ a marrth al avar by flnf- (Mgaa ot current and otdfr numbera 200 by month ilffcs co»>»)tat«arwl arliari in icrii "laell montw>««sfk to rater Id pravjout liauui. wuh no oaad rjl Thrcf year ^v^ n?h^l ly , irlal 5I0.CO, informahcn cr cconamrlamdlaa aarl on quast. nx! RECORDAID,- INC. P, O. laa 5769 PhUidaFpTila 20, fi. m WIN KACHIHE EQUIP- MEW, PARK MD SUPPLIES mmmm ATTFMTlONr Our AHIRICA'S irvrld n««d* TOP Ooit'a RECOPDmG bflle. ARTISTS MX "Ita <i"» aona-praiar Vou con "DEAR GOD" rinif II sniip i>«ac7 p^opl*. r»r^g«5, Irl lo frrrdcin lob wrla»tn* jcrp fxtrro msafl. w ^ n'l Drftr Jfl CoCi Vhe dictct llahlcf Jra vt^ir uiatu Uve ci «yor all fed?. _ loaurra,, our CopIbs laeay. racora, nn ^itce. rtnvrst, Reycra 0. tuinuijucf. J.'b In'firBUid nnle< In vcrmi,. PANV.'OOD aroupa. writo. la Panay Av«. MUSIC. Fanwixra. B. M. I, N CO?nT>Y "f}a\e. jnenoily coucoucn DATEe cf oaubr, A DATA" Dice, coj IB ]ln» A yoki 11 mpin a promm and pmarara Idm. Cmivut tdopc,.>yv. i copy»», fllio».bu CfliiieOy Bervl. icrx. MJvj. M rartwfcy Cr.. arrrauv SERV/CfS COUPLEia ad ^DlaTut REaorairnoNiNa. cobioovrilaa KhldlB suttvice SITUATIONS WANTfD 1<*««XcaUrot Dilcllnc and BtiehtDlcal ludea. L' loruilana. Union, 13 ycart cuf-rfwnco. No R34, rtci aoa roll. Bill. KULtnbach. P. O.Bo* Oct. Id. yp iu... Bti-tiiTirinVI Lid. AnliaOIa WANTED TO,fl(/Y WAKTTp r.ohm TO BOY UN ".o,, X*/ Dona TMPie r.t- >»n. FLAYS, daco. 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JiPiH, BELGIUM BSMAHY UD EKGIAHD WIIIIIH IWD 'WE91- tf You'1# Inlaiaiiad Irt Y/orW Morkalp^ InuaojlDH Froflti and InlBmallonD? Proillgr, WJiy Nol 'i#por» Yowi AdvattwifaAt Mo^II Withour Dowbt. Tha Most Important Music Industry Publication! BILLBOARD MUSIC WffK'S 1963 WHO'S WHO JN THE WORLD Of MUSIC vr]ll fcfl putlhh#d D#rnl>»r 19, ^967, ll will doqivuioiit Ik# ion»itoi of iocord nanulocturan, muitc publldibn and rnrordlng odlrri du ovu iht wortd. Many fjrmi war# diaoppainud (o»l yat* by oa: bafng fopiaionlod. Ranry# your tmprmlv# advatltilog pof# row. Contact your naavait rapiaiaataliv# or tmnk lappina Jr., tnlarnottonbl DbuMf Elllboord MutL; W#*^ 15fi4 Mrandwoy, H»w Yoik 36, H. Y. SEPTEMBER 72, 1«2 BiU*OAftO*MUSt*WIEK PH/UY HI Fl f i tor and Bell Sound, thb only nu or SHOW IN 1963 Pre-Secorded Tape finru which have brought relatively Conlmiied from pag* 22b low-cost cartridge tape players to PHILADELPH1A Hairy the domestic market, both had high UNITED STATES Borlnicfc; who staged the suc- considerable favor with its seriett of hopes far the enrtridge (mils. U cessful High Fidelity Music Twln-Pak tapes, in which two pop- hos now been plmiml b year sinco Show lust September, an- ular older Items arc coupled on one both debuued compact portable RECORDS nounced plans to make the in- tape And sold Rt normal price. In cartrideb players nt popular prices. Akanidodvtwi' rapraaanlahv#, AU dustry sbow a biennial affair. cftccl, thi? constiiutcs h Low-prico -Amarlcon brandr. low jwliait rpaad)*, arnrola htpmanll Spatial flottcal Instead of puling on a public property in the sensn that two items «K»r ngt, Af«o lalaihlon, phonngrophi, flhow thin year, he called on ore offered fat the price of one. radio 1. dealers to support the 19G2 It is, of course, no secret that Hade In Ihp lamoui rtudtoi and 135 W. roinul 29«h St. BMRT COfrAOWTiOH High Fidelity Promotion now many full piko tapes have Txcorac laborato/les of James i.krl«qjminn N#w York Qly 1 being Brranged within the In- mthcr widely discounted in mnny AweaicAN CtllUflfl «TcQrKrP totcords or DDDPinCT'Ph ^ U^DING KCOPJ* SPEdus lr)' by Ihe Inslitulc of High markcl?. In addition, iwo-trftck GENUINE 8"xl0 Fidelity Manufacturers. Btcrco tap«5 have beconic virtual Will >r«-r##«ldea prtaaatyy.l Upra ourn Mlvor?. ou OruutB CmcUnt *( imciu t.. Hair AlOcrt VoA U. adraltr, H. l! Inc^ Llfl W. U A? a result, ihc biennial gi%'cawpys In some area, due to the increased popularity of the OLOSSY PHOTOS Delaware Volley High Fidelity four-track version, Becauao of the Music Show here will bo held two nnd four-track price-cuhlng, in the fall of 1953, Sponsor- customers have been educated to 7* fagh IN LOTS INIROOUCIHC IN 2962 ship again will he by Elec- lower prices on ad tape product, CBS CBS RECORDS tro nic Rcprcsentativei of thus paving (he way for tho auc- $9,BB pef 100 cessful entry of low-price Iigbs, UEHUIHE HIGMLMI IN flwope, AmcciCH, Inc. Bortaict will Through it all, h is noied, there PUSI CAMS, S12 p^r 1,000 LftTIH AMERICA, direct the show. is vinually ao promotion on car- CB?/ Krgiirvn IP.7J AJTfO, ALISDfAUA, tridge tape. At one time, RCA Vic- HOUKTfn INLHHHEm THE MIDDLE Jlici en*i 5 ct rawn AND FAR EAST...sa.BS..n^o «, 30'W..J'JD.. 4.a5 aa. e-w.gttmcu cc. rmvio m ii.sa DISK DEALS FOR DEALERS \V> HUM JUUDB 10LDR JIIC jmo PUDTbl IM '.10'' Jl MD M. Plata 7Kj 1 FOR INFORMATION hi <11 rut* Iks 0. S. isd World WIda HBilt-laCOTd mjrtufj reguklf, Bifedlfalp and it nry Ic* wjf h Ifcci?iIot(0. F«Inlacjikllftti, ttmfacl: * * * * EIWOK * * * * jlrthor 44 twion K^itll, 51., EvrtMan LWa, DiiKtor 6(fOr..por 7494 w. I SMytnbarsvutt HlGIUMr Jrn 37, TD«fj Mfchelen PUiu ITALY 5-1 Sirmifl Aowrma $l«1nmiii i ( Aim Ce* JPAWr Jamudas J«o 34, l/iaya Madrid A A A ASIA 4 PACIFIC.* A A P. AUSmitA, 0. Sex did, fi'l4» North SBtaflJiht sydvy 44 Mt, NOSC *#lleir KONC1 fioij, Carl 7hi Myxtl JAPAN; Bflwrt W,tin paok 5?l'3 MtsvtaLu, Chomo. 5»hlmo Tokyo //fpua MEW ZEALAND, Fr>4 Otl«l P. 0. B4IC 5051, AUttilBtt) PHILIPPINES, 25* EKQltp, tiili MnJU Mi irlnidid A A A" THE AHH1CAS /A A A tnak laifbb Jr Ckac'of rnlrmiltoail Itlu 556* CiMluiy, Iin5f»rd Mnk Htw Vvili Wirt Cii, 94 MEXICO ADIUBIM 1 Dr. 848J, Olio M4rLC0 Mav».'-Srrra CliY fjerjo SlCOi Anlhony Conlrardj 34 Otiliudi St., 5*nlv««a WORLD WIDE HBHC-tECOBO BUYERS' GUIDE Aim, «. Iffful... AMlnlU!... ImIN Mwlut.,. Bifa» I.., ItifilAt 76 Countrlsi of th* Worfd AM Indl'IduflHy Uilad With 1h# NAMES and ADDRESSES af math eountry'a tand/nff RmokI MBDuf«1ur«rs Mate Puhllstiiii IfodB QitJiluIhis 41W 5jwcl l Seryicei All arrajfgmd by frod# cjoitfflcaflo/t with comptmlm oddrbiit A FrfetUu Ptr#(<arV of TA» Wofld'j MuUi /ideitry Pricm: $1,110 [for dally*ry In U. 5.)- APO $1.00 Extra Fot Ofartaai Oidait. Send eoymanf end Rrqirasl: foi Hillbcnrd Muili W##k^ 3160 Potlanon 3tT#ot cihtrnnnh 14, AMo whan aaswering ads. SAY YOU SAW IT IN BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE A ikmmdr> prafbllortol apportunhlii tor d»ol*f» by manutaetunn and diilrtbalovt curun)!) aff«ring tordi ol ip#cial Sh^iwn «^i#ib ovailahu or# tlcrling ond xplrollon dal«4 tar csk a» wpll at )h# dm# of luu# and pag# numfair ol tho ohgcaal nawi (fory ond/or adv«rtlibm»nr providing rferoltt at #aeh pramorlon. 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LP'x. la qualllv apodal lor rilioounu plbp, for dlriribi dlrtrlbi mint quufas. Plan rcvari fntlra eafafat plu* ]tir«# naw rafoasoi. #xoa«jira EVEREST Expires SeplemlMf 30, 1962, Started flugusl LP*# rho robrani, fo< BcH fi\-b cr tha DvrcHmnL rabal'i arvrpfat# clwiled Una, offers dlstilbi fhisa fra# WH6 Erfeided Hiraogb Jeplemhar , Staried July , Dvalars Fodor#!, receive D#lu»# fiv# md B.snui Quoon iinjle# lln»i. for Do«kii fytry alia 25 purduned i#cwv# Ihro# on five bonus Xtn# LP'i BolrtlBtiem,, ID tejrdiawd un tlifl Klnj or Boltifflhom Unas, ktlnlmura nurchaj# ol far 23 ovary -r^lxa arvd 10 for aldumi for LIBBJIY DOITOH fepires September 3D Slarted August I, 1962, Uotti olfarcd TOTiakitB al a 15 cafalob]. per cent InclddlnK dtkounr rww on nloaiot purchaw ai>j ot lh# mora Pr#rnl«r Ihirv Una, IS mra packajci. tolng OiDmunk proooel it iv>1 Ir^ktdod In lha P2HT1DE ExlEnded thrcugji SBpisrabar 3D, Started July I Buv lortn. cal cr* frw an Bnirr# album ca'alcj. MUlmt &pir«scplemtwr 30, 196Z. Started April 3D, A li «> cant dijcounr on nr* raloaim pita arrtira RoulaHa, Rooit Hud Tlco fbum cataeok*, SU Labol VICTOR Expires li a donna IIb dlrtrui#* Scplnmber 10 pai.cint 30, tilicovnl. Sfarted This July t»di^#i f#i«aio» tnd lha ecmplaf# oabaldg. bolti lh# MW BOTW fcplres Septembei Started Julv 30, tflsfrlbi,!>. th# Ub#l prosldjrt*,» 20 naw ' leett ralawtt.'u on# af ttch li offarinb of 10 telecftd. Mdc io 10 p*r idaam CBrir dltooonf ira puith*j#d, fp Ub ramiuvtai plus o j/eduetoa of th# n#w scafa r»i#»mu of txirs of whleh dliforwitt, dlmfrlh# for boy every #r l##rt two ttva, xalaclidni an vtbilional of fhe 1 15 pci par cent cam dlkqunl li #xmed an tha ontli# ordvr, up Io a lolil dlkuunl ol VflHHiflRD-Bilil 61J IIB Expires September 30, tortud Seplembet I. Libol AIM, OCetra li olftrlnr U("i a ai* 15 per cant ditcount priced ar cn $2,9fl di# Waavan mooa»n<l Arwf $5.93 Joan atarao. Ban itaraa - LP'i. MDIO-ROBJ1V fcplrfli Libel'i faji talet piogranh carrlai Ochher a 15 9, nor cent Stsried caih dlneounf September on Ift 10, datil 1962/ reloaset, Sm page 5, Septamber 15 ttuie, foraleralls, naw L? EIHTRA Expires Oclober Z. Started Aiigust 15, I96L Ora on ttire# album new fr«refeaiw. let iviiy la'.'in. purthasftd oo eaialaj merchafl-dlta and - l-for-10 KOHUDR Expires October 31, 1962, FrvA Th# Oitrakhi. lp i ar*.dkially Oleli. Kojtn pnean ra Rosfroponeh IM OnrrJbuler atayipf al $1 BarTi, and Morart $1.55 la and rtia BeAttiavan; caruumar. Cc«<A"c> n># OlttrakM ojavbd playing bv Munhinov; Bidi, S)'#B«fi, Rlchl#* dan Hln3»niM; Schumann Rachmuirnod and F'anck. rhlnj L»l'a Pan<t- Piano tna Pjchann# and Oaranta ihiiflmhrahi Cxpfres Tan r** ci»til divrounl l» beinf Ocluber oflefod 3t. on all Smwh Started and Sejriember fo^rana ro#resa^di»«. 1, 1962, SOHOWB Expires Ociobs/ 31, Slarted Augusl 20, Buy one. act ono iree an compipfo ouajti Ima. REOUEST Expires December 1, of Duy PoirjB'l," 10. got two "Farnanda I't# on Maria in# LP rplua»t a tadiailnc of Fatlo" "Gorman and Studoot ''Son^i Fiam Songi," rha "Sottfli Alw." Air-Tlmo LIBmr-Me Hi! line'# explolion»orir> dale. avairablo Sfstlcd it a May poi thg labar» tetl Bcllor*, e«nt caih dl»coun[. Olski ar# MESTICE mnrhiudkal-hew JW2-K9 expiration dale. Started August 15, uv wait. gbi on fro# on nntrr# carafogi ol both labcti; HMMOH Ho optwlbfi date. Started Auguti 20, 1962, Two Rom^n. fra# LP'i lo«* >> 10 puicliiurrt an "TTiam# from A Summar Plica'' by Dick HMEOK Ud explration dale, Slarfed September 11, 1962, Of Lflb#( lor covart Is l»atufinfl th# ID LP'i introductacy roleniro k> oflar 'ar of In two Augvnt LP'i an-j fa* Soolcmbar. tor avary 10 purchuod. tm rmiiiiaxbtti A DIVISION OF /AMIS J- KRltCEMANN i CHANGES IN BUYERS' GUIDE LISTINGS Folfou'lng BlUboaru Mvilc in iddlllani Wnk'i BBd T943-I963 camcttaw Ivftn' fo Calif dbfrilfli^ and Wirtifr B p»rt Din ol if RfDan, AuT'tf wfilfh *, 19«, wm UlBi cllpaid of ipd BMW. flffj wllh Th«i» roplfi ehint#! of Kill ihosilj vokima b«to llc* l^apeoptai al mri ptfrtj up fo flirron. dal* ualb All Tt* comjnntn pcbllc*- wtiiri# ar dhfifli Ibtlrp lr rafaforin diint* b» for Id takldi a rrw ilinw#. adrfrosi «r* lar vrpte inclwvin fo Had la llili TOor^nJ calpntfi llillma mi will to n BMW nf, r«ir'i eiftn' Cultfi. Io facord Wholatalift d jjw UchBd jjrtw- DIMHIIUIOPU Mrlroia, fiiln as, 5953 Calif, Miireoa A>»«Lu takafwor Enl., Hioar Clly, WIr. ONI STOR* Prilar Gni Slop, 310 I. Marldlin lf Indiinipalla, tr.d. v imponrbrs t irponriri C/nwn Kiaorda Eiportfrs, B70I JHara fid, Brookh-n 9. rt. Y. U. i Un\t» < SoppBet' 1ICORDINO ITU MOB Uf *nr4 S'udte, m Wi1»f JP, sauk city, wit. Aml/awr Hinriry 8a»Blcpa ind raoar "Cop., P. O. Box SW, 205 Pirfc Av*, HicVivlllt. U f, H, Y, A3I sizes quanliticb ' color of bl*ek tnd *hlie. Pen curd#, maurltd brat-upi. Jt will pav yon fo a«# &at Irra Biploi and complete price lill betorc orderiaj ony#fhcte, Writa today for new low pfif«. (amplm. ere. *stlljabiutv^ftu*llty RjECORb-PRESSING.Ifce^aleHterl rl thltfmhl n 'fypa-towfrt RESEARCH CRAFT CO, idtr^norm.hiuxx HOLLYWOOD eft, C*ljp. Materials

90 **** New Rkrab* T.Diapcl >ttr Mflts LtX WALL* BMD 64 BILLBOABD MUSIC WKK SEPTEMBER 22, Davla li bttdtf] h«ro on ihbi i^ipslna **** Hw An> Hrt JAY 3AY 376 istrft*#**, Dil5) OW^T wii> OiJsi. DLS an lafl Iminicxriu irf Gil E, by» bf? hand under Ute baton Hnt'i txe oniih pop rune dood polka «iil Thn skki ba»v»lrf,»ii«ir/le tok ^7 Willy, ad the. pooultti bind. Tbo BANDY rj ill mild srt Bi«h i»" ^try play- whole tend tike* the fcjna rooj «Jhthh*!' 4** Fool BENO lb* TFmH CBuatfl. BHD Reviews of New Singles I Ah Di ad BM*) d:02) btia and lb* lioc can inner [Jkf fa (he (1:36) ptopcr ioio imniio&f. <liy Jay, BM1> <J;00> BMf) CllIL ** FNTEHPRlfiS Birt 1" igayto* v finriunucd W! 6 NAT ADOEHIES SEXTKT A-AAA "I Dwlln' Tfa walla TTD on Uilk aide aai the boji puy K wlih HINI5TFBS FAtTERSON AND THE ** Rbm isttm,»m1j Sou] irk Ala of V* Orwr* C"rsbwlii A***! Cte B«-1AZZLAND pinny oi imlfas- Stfc ftwurti a racal "Kb AAA TWIN Hn2I hnlud MB kwuila Iroaj pluhl la fankr Outa cxthrokal Hanh here, "VJ IM CaDionhali't OCfBd-vttyoig brwlkf NbI h*s ccordtol baehinj. Good WBi boib aldei. BHae. WKf* Uwdrt Iho»«mtwiM} P B miw ]mc lltrfl fa Jh<i jnlddlb lerapu J*y Ji?I BMI) (tjs) To T»tt«I HMD CPlniMl aim> A*A Hid re, A BMI) Loa«(5.50). Row* mb drm DOWTW«EATB ibovild b aood fum *»* Md ttxua lam mdruntrctbl which arib u Uio Ullo (UlW HJLUD 3IW Otm Oikm (Eatr, BMI) a\**i for ihfl leuraoorti. ASCAPJ lot hi. M'H LP- iupan. BMO Uilfl mm (wuifwi ASHFUl. BROtHEB OSWALD * * D*TD Wa«M (MuVi, *Wn 0(56\ twtv HTTS IflM **** lo a iicdiom-ip Brtmlnj iroaifl tlird-pviubtaa on UiIi ilde. ib/lhat -A-A** Tbo swlnjer b fible/ tfayti WLoa "ilh KnwB An "Vlo np-tempo hp Kftl BUDDY MEREDJTU irk* MIKI *** A uli CHIFP pri.iir ijitn ukf* tb«rpalljght knj hit snj ifae jroop heit 6l<fa khculd tnako % AAA* 8wtt< fila STARDAY OD A Atr* HTxck 1 Beimlh Baobd fee IBmdar. «««"* BhCQ <SUnU>, l:45> Tto» I Wo^d Kiifrt* 1C»dai- anatandlac waih I* tbhur by Ihe tolid it"t» foe inn invo lociilofi*. It kalum hcmvtdl wtcpn* i iun ««b umchlrjg iofi- SMD Ortl). BTABDAV Mi BWJ> fiilbl Iti ijlilhlb KCltoa. lb»jiyca. BMI> good Afldcrky icruu. <At Luc. BMP) nee* by the Ikd. Tbo production It nleelj pel Idftttber»1lh ronimj M«a lc«tin^o-, BMt) ilrm). SPHirCE 1 ; CLYDE PITTY jtihar ind plaoo, *** IIccIdk tlrhtjy ^Ifh vocal cbona. (Slstday- Mir, ffco JUUrt side Of id <Foay an n?jky *** Vrt»m MILLER STANLEY TOSHENTTNE INTEMMIOHAI WtodOW. BMI) <1:16) nintbrrafe BMI) (Fw IlifiT) SUr, *** BMD JUen dils). Ivhb aiaixtrtge *iiis JHj T«1«* JJayB "= fkirir Sofl Erdal Btori (Pifl 1 A ID Throart >* dow (TwM. do ASCAPJ ImKck (li»v-**- d«t. ASCAP) Tcm^ BLUE rram Luntnitoa NOIB If46 filoui oa ihlt ibiilc. emhy J1 blun I* frflm lune IMANA MOUSKOUIll k** Wlndow, I?lUi BMI) Yau 12:W) AB Over (Slarday- RtXO BROWN **** ilm). STAB AATELItE ItU htj (bo Wttl nulad/ J-P. ud The pj«nbl leaor ItJ MrCum X"** Lb '"'o MPaJ T.Bal M-^dkrwri Now My h Lord FONT a lep wlfci ANA la tilirdhy, *** The HMD Cbl fa At Bine VrlTfl li * tsmbih Europe THK ^jhr CtlKNTCLlXS Icalitfed In sirona JmpraYhKioDiJ tnlfd Cbaivfo»nd lw» of pbcd itdo prcvranuolna mjfhl pravo ID dhk be lor a «** MODERATE daf! HMD SfAIIDAV»i QIPA Jtdli «*J Rh n>tww»a. nor*. (GroaTT, BMlJ (AiOJ, 3J0) d:c a>s. Tie tide l«built on a bolc/a conod HMU BMI) 2il*L Its*) ** aad Vw Uu iloti bi both EoglWl ud >fj-s. t7 Frervh. (RcDikJt. ABCAP) CJO) SALES POTENTIAL I spittnifm 3INC1NG LARKS DOHA HALL EflED JACKSON.. **** MDdwood Fknrw The Omdt liu *** 4li55>-** Oh ibnr faot 1 TMu''. WUI» lsl<mfiir«( *MT> kirk* IW3 llere^ DMU' ouo oa foc Dowi BLTJE fan* hike boa NOTE 6Inn* a crmntry tune liert The minlc K and eanhy anil (be rpcibu doea well whb Bie [fluhtsy i wehrx _+++Stand A A A Cod fa B-*a.fCD, By M. (Cora, HMLl DilD BMC (JiH]. FINK 1MJ Mo** lis-4 (Slpainirr. BMI) FREMniE Tadlo pli) 1. The leaor radifc wall* ekftj ca". tonnd. AmDEcrarnl li fttcjiloa and On llw picdlun. lempo luno thai hot iho hocking belps lite side a tot, JIM EANTS. _. jmn 1 and a lanig Wi*l ferkng. Geai pullar and BMI) tlu) BBA HWkn the Dradi ihodjoim, BMi? m ALICE ~irk* Ttcrt lb* Wortd CanT 5w A A* MiCALABtTV Prrt*" 'ad Drevww IRfyflaid. snms combo ' onan soloi aid ihn evldtoi. (Giwej EMI) (Sklflnwro-McGtaw. ASC*P> SALEM BMI), Oto *** iztls)* T«n mabaolt IJlOa Iivitara 1IA l.ltlj> ** {5:4*1 POUtA 3W ViWrrfal (lajj A-iW- IKey-Hrfd. AB DilOM Bfifll TTHf 1*1*1 Mi UNITOJ ABHSTS «5 4/*** Fmd BmQwt Same conuocot»a LiX WALLY MfCOHMICK HHOS.. abowu <Gioare. BUI) OAS) ****.^Hert'a Od S ilik Kwkonm wllh Jadn JAY a Near-Ball, JAY JuaeJI 27} Rwe, *A BbbJo BMI) atuj *"** Ihrld (TtufruMntiD Lrw«<4M IFrrv P*' m ' ****STRONG I ouch. Ic't a mtfwi-llavofed mra and 31 Von inaubrz Tnirt, D-MI) lock- SALES POTENTIAL >ales own jrli a ehotui yxnri Ihn band lid*. They ORY 11M SHLUFY JACK MABSHALL MANKE AND ' - **** CULUMnfA 5*.w 435^3 Ibb Sa*b«(Am aide Pa ta da n) Cnu) ifnb t *W> a Jot of hix^-li and eidtcment. bocia nova ilytw dwl ha* mwf< inch ltl«jmpov flen" isajewakt, SMt) (2:«) CORDON TERRV A-A A# JVHd Homj taruu-ro«r, BMI] i2i47) **# A Blomy PafaHun W^iV* (Atko. IE. B- ASCAPJ MMfa, **** N»K» Mifjilk A wdli f>/ (be {I'.llJ For Old Time* 3Bk«. C«^ SMM CONTEMPORARY?«jm toi brltaj luwct tryla in Ibat the hu Jira a pwd IWd. / *» Ill mfl a itxooi qaw. bowa baod, backed by iho up Mndiincn. "Uh lor Vocal of faoota la, and Qal Bomtr. SMI) 12^2). Ll^EBTV kilbd QUAHTEFTC TREa B1EN. _ thbte SOUNDS ork baeklor. Pavh hlowi warm «iiil lenikr hanrvmy pyk by a male A»0 JQ th«^kllve SONNY HAKCFLL AA* NmuJa (Mlooirt, B5tf> 5Jfl ihnhr UbIiiIIK' FfTTl NOTE az? Umaucliotit. (Robbin*, A5CAE) 12:)*) tooiuc- {liy J»*, BMtl {J;ISJ AA-A Up* tod DeAai CStrcrrNwib, tun l AA CAflLioirr LOT latim* m (Pdwont, ASCAP) JOHNNY XVTLK QUARTTT AAA Chit (JPO SMfard, HMD. ftrt. A9CAP> A < *' A IkHMJ. Tfatt JAZZlAND M lloner Important f Sure is to > CARMEL JONES A CERALD ntlson SAX a-aa- CJIQIK Sl«UB by Bfartlllil- message? stations that play AfiCAP} (lo-wh. BMTJ (IJ4> *44 Oilll. PACIFIC JAM. Mi l record music.. LIMITED SALES POTENTIAL And stations all over the country ace gelling the message; * If you ne«l help m securing exacily the right.recowb and albums for your music programming you can get it from RSI." RSI makes your record dollar more productive. Does it witli any bf ten different, program services. The price is right,-,too- That's vhy wc tave over 850 satisfied staltoauhscribers and ihc list grows -mih. almost CTcry mail. If you have any special record problems, call or write to find out how RSI can help you, too. No ohligadon, of course. & RECORD SOURCE INTERNATIONAL A Division of BiUbotfrd Miuic Week 1564 BroRdwny, New "Xoxk 36, K. Y. PLhb«1-2COO CMtar * Hfa«r AJCiW HtonUj OJfc WovblT BtuUdMl Bpati*. BtrtOUi (WM^WTf, wri)- ASCAf) Util. RONNIE»U THE Tbh BlCHETTEfl HMD (111.) LOT* b o«ibi4 P"A Olio lufpuxm tpne IPl ro. NMa, BMI) {li». AM 25W THR Miry BAINBOW8 (FW*. L«BMI B»««^. I BMI] FtHE (liui tt»i>fa» 1»I2 BARBARA tlnbriktibfa PASKINS A Ttoj LHUa mra^hhurl TawnbAi) ttcnin-hahrf, BM11 UiWJ HMD *A"DNT7r 15 TYRDN! _ A ROWR Oaf IT BMQ Mim OowT ADow luaalk BMI) IWJL FUBY IW (I*mtbvw. BHU (ti06^-tli«pm Cin fa tb* WorM (ton^ww, PHD (lim). LiNllY WO CHARLES WHT Doot HERNDON Yc Ac* T-«4 A. "P.^cy _ rtjmd-mhkff..1bcapj Qifa) A MlDfam T^rt {teel. HMD lleu). SOt'L IW«JAN panabuaa GAliPLft'AKD WrN* F^" BIS ORE Tf «" <PJ>J (1,21). ll(j5 Or«PECCA "M <F«hl. ASCAF) RONNV PabwUlhar MARSHALL fifcw* CPrtta^tl. BMI) (l45t> BCPEH 32» Hi Uabo CHI B DHLAMOBE JerAewm tc^lb-sbwfand. fa NM»«r <fbrfc-ade?"*. 1MD tt.ssk CAV! " ANDY MAYO Mr A6CAP) GM B UrtiJ >'«* C*nim Mfrkfl 0,11110 = l.teethnryl Yob ASCAPJ (UMk *"*. TTTAN T? 17M nie IIt dardknelles mto (AMftcvia, HMD (JiL.) tett u F1AVC1HL ike *««M J.l (AmcHojU. KMI) adsk FRANK 1 Lrft My PALERMO enij. ASCAP) fa Sm Bblh Fr*»dkw * fa«i*i«- (Jl^l, CESSNA 9T7 KRIS ARDEN I««(JtmloB* BHD _ tj;55>. L«ak«A, I 5aw. and 1 ILnw l?ai»w, I HM1) <3*15). J-LBAR U1 Va- IS H. iffj a CLINTON t CT>-4> Xfal (8 * H. BMI)

91 BILLBOARD music week; COIN MACHINE as EUROPEAN Seeburg Concepf Shakes Up NEWS BRIEFS Gay Paris Phonos Invade Germany PARIS French phonogroph manufadurem are folfowmg up Pfttidenl Cliarles dc Oaulle's triumpbant visit to West Oor-- many with an wport. drive aimed al Oemian operators. Etnaphono and other French producers bdleve there ii a larga potential market Lit Weec Germany lor French. rdachines despite»hc ilominant posilion of the Germaci industry on the Eoropenn market. Chancellor Adecauer and QeacrHl d«gaulle's campaign to proraoie Franco-German friendship ic popularising French producii io West Germ any. Figures ihow Importi up, Ffench phonograph producers new intend to capluro ihcic ahara of the German market and have glamorized their hows for this Geimana with "Gay Parec" tinsel. Certificates Balk Juke Box Thieves WEST BERLIN The ownership ccrtificalc rjvfusikautofnalen-brfef), Introduced by the Gornmn Irado, is cradiled by latcrpol. the Inlornational police orgaoizbtion, with sharply reducing the theft of Juke boxes oo the Conlioent. The certificote parallels en auomobilc ownership cerhficatc, ghdoe technical data concerning the machine its dale of manufacture, scrifll number, typo and make. All macbiors nmnufacturcd In West Germany are now sold with the ceriificatc. Machines slolcn can be traced by Tnierpol through the owoecship certificate.. which also ia protection again at Ibe uoaulhorlzed substiuilion of one mechanism for another In the chatsla. In Algerii, where ' there has been conalderahlc pillaging of Juke boxes in the wake of die chaoa thcie, the value of Octman machines has risen au average 20 per cehl on the local market because the ownership certificate facilitates the recover}' of stolen machines, Women Presserf Into Service Work FRANKFURT With unemployment at &n all-time low io. Germany, German operntor? are having great difficulty in hiring icchmcians. More and marc operators ate cutting back the nuniher of macbiom in opetauod and then]selves taking over primary mainlemmco reapouaibillly. Operators without tccrmicaj, Iraining ere being forced to take training courses. The wivcj o( many operarora also are learning maintenance and serviclng. The German trade is popularizing the dtslatf phouogrnph technicians'at the erniest way to beat the labor deorih. As rtmli, there are nosv 500 women juke box tccbalcians in West Gcrmany. New item: Coin Tourist-Guides MUNICH The German Federal Railways has installed coin-opcruled tourist-guide mnchincb in its larger stations all over the country. The inscrlion of one coin brings a twominute ptbgram of color slides on a part FeuInc resort area. The stations have been equipped with balledes of machmca devoted to the Black Forest, North Sea. Bavaria, the RhineJnnd. Hamburg and Berlin, The major termmnu nre being equipped with machines touting iravcl abroad to Egypt, Africa, thn United Slates and Canada aod Japan. The machines arc operated hy 6 private firm under a Federal German Railways concession. Lift Ban i We'll Police, Ops Pledge ROME The Italian MiaisUy.of (he Interior has tinder study a petition by S.A.P.A.R., the Italian operators association, for listing the government's ban on pinball operation. S.A.P.A.R. Williams' New pledged (hnt if the ban is lifted, Ih? Qperalors' organizallon will police the games and sissume responsibljity for ihcir "comtrucfivc operation." The operalots bejievo they have amoothed King Pin Off away the I art obstacles to revocatiaa of the ban with an ap. proach to the cinema operators, who have led' opposition In pinballs. An agreement has been reached. It la under&lood, whereby pxnbttjls will be placed at locations distant from movifl To Distribs houses. The cinema apcraiars charged that pinbul) opcrafion CHICAGO The Williams wns dumnping their business by nltracting undesirables nene Electronic Mnnufocturing Corporatheir premises. tion this week ship >ed to ils distribulorv iti latest novelty game, King?in. Using a bowling motif with flipper playing features. King Fin hns four chrome flippcre and a center shooter which scores a spare when lit. Two rollover lanes, two targets and two rollover buttons nho score SpBfca when lit, while other rollover buttons score strikes. Spccinl ticorcs are awarded for Bergmann Offers Machine 'Package' HAMBURG Til. Bergmann & Company, West Germany'! largest diversified coin machine mftnufacturer phonograplvi, gamcf.. payouts, vending machines is offering an export "package"' consisting of its 200-sclcction Symphonic stereo phonograph, four payouts and its Alfanticus pinbul I machine, Tho Symphonic hns climbed to llie lop of West German quality juke box exports, Bergmuim is promoting Its payouts Royal Luxus, Derby Lux us, Gluockszahl and City Express ns a companiotl piece to ihe fuko box. Studies show that 45 per cent of West German operators depend upon payout operation to cka out a living from phorograph opcraleon. Tha German payout f which is promoted as (be "Ideal" chance game, la winning favor to more and more countriea, according to oxperc stati&tlci. (Co]U!nir l on eae* PJI Ops Approach fo Disk Buys Caii/Jnned /raw page 4 Whllo 1ho LP Console hns pro- vocal pop/imtninicntnl, jazz, coun- though the diski will also he availvlsioo for five UlfJc LP sterets in try & wealem end clasiical. able through record dislribtrton. tho display area atop the machine, Artists run the gamut. Here ere and onc-stop.i. the opecblor can program a» many as 160 'of these dista i! he feeb some rxarap!«: Lea Baxter, Hairy In New York, for example, Bdafoncc, Pat Boone, Nelson Meyer Paxkoff ot Atlantic-New the location will go for such programming. This would give him the Eddy. Julie. London, the Mills York said that be ia selling Little Brothers, Jaoe Morgan, PalH Page, LP'a to Leslie Distributors and A-l, equivalent of 931> tingle scleclions. Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, two locol one-stops, for fi fow Actually, few opefatote will de- Ohet AlkiDs, Toramy Dorsey, Fer- cenix above hia costs. Disks will pend wholly on album ptobram- rante and Tcichcr, Jan Garber, retail to operators for Sl.50 each, ming, but chances arc that most will go beyond the five selections Gordon Jenkins, Wayne King. which on a per-timc ba«]«comcalled for by the display panel. Enoch Light, Ouy Lombardo, Man- pares favorably with the price for lovani, Billy May. Melachrino, a twiktune single, As a starter, the Seeburg libiary Peter Nero, Andre Prcvln, Billy Also, record dislributors of the catalog for.lllde LP's lists some Vaughn. Lawrence Canoonball Ad- 19 firms represented in the See- 165 albums, vyiih 19 record com- dcriy, Count Basic, Dukes of Dixie- burg catalog will hrodle the prodpanies represented. Companies in- land, Duke EUmgton, Woody Her- uct. clude; man, George Shearing, Jackie Co-Operadoa Record Companies Wiiioo.Eddy Arnold,Jimmy Dean, ABC-Paramount, Audio Fidelity, Burl Ives. Webb Pierce, Efneat The dcgroc of Co-operation of- Cadence, Columbia, Command, Tubb, Kitty Wells, Boston Pops fered by the record companies has Decca. Dot, Everest, Impulse, Jazz- Orchestra, Van Qiburn and the lurpritcd some iradcatcra. Up till dow land, JCapp, Liberty, Londoo, Mer- London Sjmpbony Orchestra. t ihc biggest complaint the juke box operator had aboul the record cury, Monument, RCA Victor, DiMribulion companv wjis the. failute to sxipply Rivmldo, Time and Washington. Primary source for the iccoids him with stereo lecords either 45.ProEramminE categories ire pop/ will be the Seeburg distribulora, (Coniinntd on /MggJUj Record Crowd Greets Seeburg Milwaukee Show MILWAUKEE The S. L. Lon- Amusement Co., Jcc Voile and Applclon; Paul A. Rosinskv, Coin don Music Campany unveiled the Terry Volk, VolJt Music Co., Mod- Salea, George E- Brixius, (jeorge'a Seeburg LP Coiuola before a rec- ison; Stanley Balles, Middieton; Coin Service, and Nelson Tomkuis, ord ciosvd of opcrntorfl,'wednes- Bob Edwards, Bamboo Coin Ma- Manitowc; E. L, (Bibs) Dcfcusha, day evening (5J. at the Milwaukw Chiw Co,, Bacaboo; Casper Siltig. E, L, DcRusha Music Co., Ford Inn, The showing attracted more Cap's Axnusemenl Co, Vir^l du Lac; John Dove, Dove Novelty than 200 Wijcanjin Cainmcn, farn- W'hylo end Robert Kam merman, Co-, and Ruwell J. Dougherty, ily members and key route person- Whyte Amujcment Co, Racine;. Rapids Coin'MBchinH Service. WUnel. Industry veterans declared ihie Lloyd Kieffer. Central Music, and cocain Rapids. wpt (he biggest Luraoul of local Dewey Wright, Wright's Music Also, Nick Oacqutsilo, E^^tcm and State music operalota for any Slore, Wausau. Novelty Corp.,.Thiensvillc; Lawtiatfa event held here In recant Also, Ham' Cbisholm, Waldo; rence Eggenor, Marinetlt; Clyde yetrt Herb Tonncll. Cfgaretie Service, (Contlmted on vacs S>3i A cocktail hour and dinner preceded the dramutio "Seeburg Breakthrough" presentation, Introduction of the new machine was handled by Stuart Auer, Chicago, Seeburg vicc-prcsidcm and 5. L. London Music Company's (op staff ois, Perry London and Nalbaa Victor. Also on hand were Sam L. London, founder of the Scehurg diatributing firm; Chuck Gales. Seeburg's Chicago olficct Art Wcinand, Chicago. bium manbgcr. Wjlliama Manufacturing Company, and Phil Moss, Philip Moss. Company, Dm Moina. Following is a list of operators Who al tended the showing: Harvey Bnrtsch, Bndgcr Music A hitting Ihree rollover lanes nnd two «kill hole?. Post action is Insured by Ihrco jet bumpers, four nippers and one tdek-up shooter. Play Held li Plnstlkole finish. Twin cliutes fire for 10 cents and 19 cents. MR. AND MRS. OUJE MARX, Wr Bend Amum«ni Company, and Mr, and Mr, Frod Braifn, Suburban Vending Company, Menomon»ft Folia, tootl lh«"soelxirp Breoklhrough" ol S, I. London Musk Company ahowmg. PERRY LONDON, left, recolvai congrolulaliimit on thn 1963 S»- burg phonograph from C. S. Piorco and Dick Wrnlght, both C.. Pierco Musk Company, Brodhoad, and H«rb Tonnell/ ClaorMt* Service, Appfeton M

92 'M '< '<V1. MOV Convention Highlights NEARLY 30D chendid iji onnufll banquet of Ihs Musk Operator* of Virginia In Rich-* mand. fleglstrarfon wai the highest In the Wslgry of rfig OUOciatlDn. 86 BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 Ops at Convention Stock Up Briskly RICHMOND, Va. Eibibitoi* Palmer from WorlitzevAri Daddia at lie Joonh aanua] convcodon of from Rock-OU and Tom Sam* the Music OpeTfltora of Virg'mifl from AMI. Ed Claffcy of Sccborg did ft brisk business, as opemfors wm scheduled to appear, but k from all purti of Ihc Old Dominion fpsl-midutc conflicl forced him to came to town In 6 buying mood. change his plan*. Exhibitors were Dinmoad Colo Manning the boolbs were Her- Machine Exchange, displaying the man Pcrrin of Gcncrai VcodiDg: WUiMlzer and (be new pool table Chris ChrisleoMn of Diamood made by American Shuffkboard; Coin Machine;- Zaven Hoveepjan. Eastern Distributors, showing the Nat Sotow and John CameroD o# Secburg line; Roanokc Vending, Eesterc DJslributon; Mr. and Mrs. wkh AMI nod Willlnms cqulpmcni; inck Bcis and Hany Mrwcley of Oeneral Vending, wllh Rock-Ola Hoanokc Vending; John BoniW oi phonograph* and Gottlieb, CW- Ffnnsltchl; Pal Cohen of Patb One- Gkiin, United nnd Fischer games; Slop. rai'j One-Slop, wrlh n large dis- A-hospUahty room, open a* soon play of alcreo and monaurid ain- tu) business tessions coded and durglea, and P/anstwhl Keerifes, with athe eveoing, was meioialncd phonograph needles. illy by the exhibitors. The room The factories scot aomc of their became social center of the contop brass for the show A, D, vention. ART DADDI5, Rock-Ola, drives homo a point of one of H»o business sessions. On ih^dias, left fo right, «iro Sol UpWn, Aoroa SierufleW, Bob /ASnor, Hy UsnleV and Zav Hovwpl- ^am m NEWIV ELECTED OFFICERS of he Muilc Oparalon of Virginia poso for the offidol photograph. Re-eleetod pr«ldflnt was Hy lesnkk, fourth left, lop row F 0: r IB ^V V. n'sntftjh Pa v#$. m m i tlh ^M^-pubuc mr PART OF THE EXHIBIT ROOR. Exhibitors reported ihat operator* attending the MOV canventlon wore In a buying mood. Some six dlslribufors displayed their wares. ELATIDNS MATlOiT Pire»5 A'nnajhit JOHN CHANDLER oddre^ed operator* ot the annual ban- ^uel. Left io right ara Mrs. Harry Lufaman, Horry Lvbmon. Pat Jennings, Mrt, Hy LainlcV and Ky Lesnlrk. Virgmio Ups Re-Elect Hy Lesnick President RICHMOND. Va. Hy Lesnkk, Harry Fake, Slraaburg, was ckcled Richmond Amusement Company, second vicc-prcsideot. Bob Minor, wns unanimously re-clcclod prosl- Richmond, was rc-elected wcro denl of the Music Operators of Vir- tary-lrcasufer. ginia at ihn fourth anoual MOV Elected director* for ihrct-year convention at the John Marshall terms were Vcmon Martin, Harry Hotel bcie Friday ocd Saturday Lubmon. George Roll a, M. J, Hoi- 17 and «), brd anil WilJiam Colgate. DircC- Lesnick, p former Baltimore di*- lors named to two-year terms were (ribnlor, moved here a* nn opem- A. P. UoudoD, Walter Harvey, Mn. lor a couple of ycurs ago and loal Harry Lrbman, Bud Ellington and little time in establishing himself as D. B. Tyrce. ah MOV leader, He waj one of Heeled to one-year teims wera Ihc prime movera Id the successful Edgar JIudsOD, Ken O'Coonoi, tllcmpl to Icgfthifl ffce pky in Qaude Smith, "William Sullivan, Virginifi. William Showaller, Charles Hotbrook and Ray Chriiicoscn. Gil Bailey, Gloucester, waj" The 1963 convention will b» ckcicd first vice-presideal, and held in Richmond. HONEST, MAC, NO FISHY DOINGS IN FISH BOWL RICHMOND, Va. No cxccullvc ai Macy'i has ever won a Gimbcls gift ccrtiiicntc 41 a drawing, bd loroelhing just as bizarre happened r! the recent convention of the Music Dperatora of Virginia at the John Marshall Hotel here Saluid&y night (R)- First drawing was for a new Wurtitzer donated by ChrU Christensen, Diamond Exchange, Norfolk. The winner was Mrs. Viola Bess, wife of Jack Bess, Roaooke Vcodiog Exchange. Bcsa is Rowc-AMI distributor for Vlrgmfa and an iotense, albcil friendly compeiltor of Christiansen. The second drawing of the evening had a!l the farmarks of a fix. but it wasn't, Mrs. Art Daddis, wife of Rock-Ola'a Enslem rcgionn! meneger, reached in (he fish bowl and picked ' a ttckel. John Chandler, cbovcnljon co-chairman, did i double lake before reading the lucky ticket bcmcr 4 i name, ll was Art Daddia. ^ Prizes at Convention Drawings Range From Joke Bex to Radios RICHMOND, Va. Operators Virginia here walked awny with allcnding the fourth annual can* some 25 prizes rangioi from a new vcnlcon of (be Music Operator* of juke box to traasistor radios, Prize* were drawn at the annual banquet Saturday (8). FRIENDLY PRESS Mm- Vlofa Bton, wife uf Jock Bess, Roanoke Vending and oper- IN RICHMOND ator of Dixie Laoe Kiddie Rides In RICHMOND. Va. Local Norfolk, woo a Wurlitzcr press covexagc of the Music The prize was doufltcd by Dinmond Operntcrs of VLrgiuiifs rcccnl Coin Machine Exchange (see scpaconvention here was friendly mtc story). ami accurate. The evening AHoj* Lewis, of Okay Music, Richmond New* Leader car- Stunrt Drafl, Va, won a Williams ried an eight-column banner Vallianl, ilonarcd by Roanoko on the conveution, with Hy Vending. Lesnick, MOV president, trac- An American ShuffTcbohrd pool ing the hislory of juke box table, danntcd by Diamond VcoJprogrammtng and cxplainmg ing, was won hy Kca O'Connor, how operaiora select record* Richmond. for their music iribcbinea. The William Showallcx won a Fischer pvorning Richmond Tiroci-Dis* pool table, donated by General pnlch ran a shorttr fttory oo Vending, "Baltimore. the conveatioo. Tom Snma, vicc-presidcol Of (Continued on pag* F/J

93 NEXT YEAR: CAROLINE ON WHITE HOUSE JUKE BOXES HUNTINGTON, W. Va. Tho program for the Eiglitb Annual Wfesl Virginia Music ife Vending Auociaiion conventii^n, to bo bdd at Holiday Inn here September 27-29, will ho the moal stimuklidg in the history of the organization, If litcramra distribuicd thii week hy the group ia an IndicatJon. A mailing piece list* lha following topics and speakers: "How to Make Money Without Vendine Maclunea,'* Billia Sol Estcs; "How to Keep the Union Out of Your Bu!.h:e«and Back in the Mines," John L. Lewis; "How You Can Starve and Still Operate Vending Machtnw," Mao Tse-Tsung, and "How I Can Rury Your Juke Hoxca," Niluia Khrushchev. In the event oodb of the nforcmcnlioded speakers show up, Walter Kecd, public rrfatioas director of the National Automatic Merchandising Aslftciation, will Uiscusa the NAMA liot beverage safety program. Juke boses, amusenient oiacfunes and vending machines wile he exhibited at Ibc conveniioo. The full proeram has not yet been set. Convention Sees Unveiling Of New Elecfra-Pool Table SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK 07 Seeburg 'Breakthrough' ist Cleveland CLEVELAND Sccburg's hurg, launched die program with a O'Brien. "It can slagnale or move "Dreaklhrough for 1962" show, short talk foilowing a cocktail hour ahead nnd Sceburg'e "Breakpresented, by Sliaffer Music Coxn- and dinner that began nl 7 p.m. ihrough' will help the entire inpany at the Shaker House Motor "As It wa? In I9d8, our bustnesi dustry goiog asain... Hotel Friday (7) before moro than Is again at the crossreadb," said (Coniituud on gage 200 operators and their wives, was a unarfi hii. k marked the first lime that Shaffer Music prkcntcd such a preview and judging from the reception, there wiu be others in the future. It was the largest such music-only prcsentalioq in the area, according to Larry manager of Shaffer Music's Clcvclaucf branch. Every theatrical triclc stage lighting, skils, dcmonsttotidfis, music, slide films, wxmd cffccls and comedy produced an colertaidiug and informative evening foe Shaffer Music's guests. O'Brien Talk LEFT TO RIGHT John StocVirdalu ond Jo Rynn of J. ft J. Disfrlbirf- Frank O'Brien, president of See-!nfl r Indianapolis: Ed Shaffer, president of Shaffer Music? Frank O'Srien, president of Seeburg? Al Gemge, Seebvrg district manager; Meyer Parhoff, of Atlartic-Nuw Yoifc Carporotlon of New York, and Bob Roroia ond Harry Werth^lmir erf Davis Dlllribullng Coin Mochines of Rochester and Syracuse, N- Y, Spotlighted at AMERICAN ELECTRA-BOOL TABLE RICJIMOND, Va. The Ameri- The coin drop mechanism is batcan Shuffleboord Company took tery operated on a standnrd dry tlie wraps off itt new unil, the cdl battery. The unit is also nvail- Hlecira-Pool Table, last week al ablo on non-bauery, mechanical the annual convaition of the Music operation. Operators of Virginia. According lo Sol Lipk'ui, ASC TTjc onc-pictre cabinet has in Geld director, the battery unit was place of the conventfonftt slide-out sliil opcraling after S3,00J svorth drawer a hull return opening Jnrgc of play on a test. Balls are returned eoougli for tho serviceman to pick on steel wire run ways which resist up ai* balls al one lime. jamming, keep out dirt nmj dust Another feature of the six-pocket and protect the balls. game is the cue ball lock. After Tha game was exhibited by the I5ih ball drops in the pocket, American's Virginia Uislribulor, tho the cue ball becomes locked auto- Diamond Coin Machine Exchange mntlcblly ond cannot be removed of Norfolk, with Chris Christcnscn nniil coins arc iiuctted for a new in charge. Assisting Lipkin from game. The operator can set play at the American ShuffTcboard factory 20 Cents or 35 ceot*. wai Gene Daddii. New York Fair SYRACUSE Wuriitzcr, Rock- Ola, Williams. United. Smokshop and Du Grcnicr juke boxes, gamcfl and vending machines were viewed by n large perccolbge of the 500,- 000 persons who nllendcd the New York Stale Fair here recently. The coin machines were shown in three booths operated by the Rcjt-Hilotm Corporation, Syracuse, and Bilotta Enterprises, Newark, N. Y. In charge were John Bllolla and Jack Shnwcross.'Most of llic employees of the two affilialcd companies were on hand, Shown were the entire Hock-Ola vending line. United game?, Wurlifccr uke hoxes, the Smokwhop and Du Qrcmcr cig^rel machines and the WilJiums book machine. Difotla said lhat he spoke with several locaiion owners about the new United games, with several ngrccing Lhnt n 40-6C) conunission split to replace Ihc conventional hrcaidown would bo acccplkblc lo them. He ndded that by emnhastzing Ihe increased eacniags and the capital investment, lie was able to eooviace the location owners of the need for «new commisslod arrangement- LEFT-TO RIGHT-John Stocbdale and Joe Hynn. of J. & J. Distributing of Indianapolis, Ed Shaffer, prptldenl of Shaffer Musk, and Frank O'Brien, president of Seeburg Corporation. Tra LEFT TO RIGHT Nato Pearlman, of I. ft N. Musk, Inc., Virginia Hokomb, tecretary of Iho Phonograph Merchants Assn., Arnold Lief of Lief Music Disiribullnp and Charles Comelto of Cadillac Mullfl Company. MOV Pledges to Do Own Policing By AARON STERNFIELD RICHMOND. Va. Virgin it opera fors, gaihering at the John Marshall Hotel here Friday and Saturday (7-8J for the fourtli aanaal convention of tho Music Opcratora of Virginia, pledged to mate a detcrxuined aucrapt lo police their industry. The issue arose here during discussiona on the recently enacted law legalizing free play In amusement gamea. V/liilc local oplion b ilfll In effect, the new law holds lhat no Slate statute is violbtcd if a free game h awarded, ITim measure was advocated and fought for by tha Music Operators of Virginia; il paiwd the Leglslklure by m overwhelming major! ly aod was ligned by the Covemor. Nn Carte Blanche FcarK were expressed ihui a smah majority of operators might view the pakage of ibc free-play law os carla bkacho lo nward pritr* of * more taagiblo nature and to return to "the good old days," Any operator harboring aucb an Imprcsriom is due for «rude awakening. Al a fomm meeting Friday night (7). power 10 dissuade others from nbusing the law. felt that oporatora should be given Ihe opportunity to Conduct theic businesses without Brbitrary resthctloas. But If Ihcy abuse the break, the roof will fall in, they were lold- At the business swsion Ihe next day, John W. Bnyle, executive viee-preeidcnl of tha Mouolab Trust Bank, Roanoke, Vn., picked up the theme. On a Pedefital Doyle, who waj InslroraeQla! In getting the frce-plaf measure passed and signed, quoted lha Covarnor aa having laid, "You people ora now oa a pedestal, if you fall off It dua't expect any mercy from mc,' General feeling was that the new law will be observed scnipulou&ly. and that opcralors will do everything in their power to dissuade others from abusing ibc Inw. Atlendancc at the couveation waa the highest In Ihc four-year history of iho organization. Some 123 were offlcially registered, wilh pcarlv 300 nonons attemfing ibc Saturday night bbaoust ana floorsnow. Six dislributom representing most nt the major factories exhibited (sec cjwralc atoo'k Major Wefcowea MOV MOV rnemberb were e^ted at tht openini business Mssioo by Mayor Eleanor P. Shepnard, the city's lady chief executive. Mayor Shcppard tofd Ihc opcrftiort they were performing a needed public service in mskina musk available to the manses. Anolhcf city oflicuil, J. Westwood Sarithers, member of tho Richmond City Council end professor of Jaw at tho University of Richmond, tofd operators bow they could bridge the gap between Ihcmselves and Ihcir puwtc servants through Increased aciivlly In tho political life of tha comfminity. A. D. Palmer, sales promotion manager of Tha Wurlitzer Company, offered some prftclical programming tips and spoke on efficient route opcralron. Loentron Employees ^Art Daddls, Eastern regional manager of the Rock-Ola Mahufactu/iog Company, pointed out chat about 80 per cent of locations can bo rogarded «agcoodary itops and that volume ia these locatjona coo be improved substantiiuv by eticouro^ns location help to play tho juko box. Ho cuggeatcd gtvlng records to bartenden nod wall- icsses occaaionally. finding out firsl whet records they like. "Even when a bar is empty of cuslomcrs," Daddij said, "the help can keep the juke box busy." UpUa Talk Sol Upkin of the American SKufllcboard Company said that while shufflcboard games won't bring in fast dimes, ihcv have a solid, steady earning power and are ft iiatural ndiunct to Iho juke box, Ho added that Juke bo* operators are gcncmtly the most successful ihufflcboard opcralora. Aaron Slerofield, coin macbinc editor of BilJbonrd Music Week, noted the progress made by the Music Operatora of Ylrginla in mating iis voice heard in the State's press, but he stressed the need lor a nalionaj public relations effort on behalf of the industry. Sternfield said that such eo effurt should be made within the frnntcwork of the Music Operators of America. Zaven Hovseplan. Easlcrn Dislribuiors, Scehurg distributor for Mot}'! and and Virgin in, told operators that m the last decade the number of juke hose? on location has dipped from 550,000 lo 450,000, mainly because urban renewal programs Kavo caused locations lo be razed and replaced with housing projects. Ho chukd Ihe operators and Ihc manufucturcrs as well for not tnitiacmg programs to replace the lost loc*- liooa with new locations sprmging up in the suburbs. Hu reminded the operators that they were rnusic merchanti and that with intelligent programraink thci' Can crack the bettcr-typo Bubucbnn location*. Tom Sams, vice-president of Rowc-AMI, aald thai Juk«bt>-5 opotfllora ore tho most professlooauy qualified to tackla thf background music field, ft boslncsa which haa nol come clow ta Us poteotlftl

94 . m9r 'HORRIBLES' 16 Differenl Subjeeti billboard iviusic week BULK vending; Only $38.00 per M St Louis Firm Buys Out Capsuled of your nroxoit wartttabia Wisconsin Charms Maker -., or direct from BRILLON, Wls. Ljla Becker, 8cl-up will bo rdaintnsncd lo pro- Cily, Mo.j Graff Vending, Dallasi KiRL 61J6OEKH0M, IKC. local charro manufacturer who vide quicker service and lower de- H. B. Hutchioson, AUantaj King 159-0* Ardvir Ancnut sliirtcil llie Ringmasicr Charm livery costs. The lollowing distrib- & Company, Chicagoj Logan Dis* O. Bo* 510. Jamaka 31. H, T. Company here five years ago, has Ulor worehouacs will handle the trihuting, Cbicagoj Mitler-Newsold oul to Alien D. Stein, St. Louis. line: mark Dislrlbutlng, Grand Rapids, The sale was ctfceiivc Saturday Birnitiighanr Vending, Bimilng- Mich.; Northwestra Sales & Sen- OS)-. ham; Bernard K. Billcrmnn, Kansas ice, Boslont Northwestera Sales and WN6S Sicin, a veteran. qe the adverlcs- Service, New York; Oak Safes of < on tng specially business, will manu- Florida, Miami} Oufc Salca of PIUsfacture as the Funtimc Charms burgh, Pillsburgh; Operators Vend- Company. Anti-Slug Bid ing, Los Angeles; Parkway Machine N\\ BALL AND Stein plans to carry warehouse Corpora lion, Baltimore; Samuel stocks of charms and rings la 2i Phillips. St. Louir, Rake Coin Ma- S'-l IlKI VENDING distributor warehouses, with prices firvoas see on a uniform basis. Tbc main Awaits Signing chine, Philadelphia; Jack Schocnbnch, Brooklyn; Slaodacd Veuding awfuk warehouse in Si. Louis will eell for Machine, Oakland, Calif.; Star idiiaq \ GUMS ihc same price ji the distributor Vending Houston; Veedco Sales, ouileis. By President Philadelphia; Vcndall Distributing, Tmpurts uml Domestics Minneapolis, and Vendors Di&- fiubait 710 ct. Ball & Cum, Ci-nl HQ. SIlO S;4# & Fuotimc will offer import charms WASH INGTON, Broa dened Iribulmg, Memphis. Chicle Clar-o-Vertd Bill Cum, Bell Ud Oim,...41 ct.,,36^n lb. (b. as well as the plastic and plated Icgialalion lo put criminal penalties cliarms formerly manufactured by on manufacture of any type of Btug, Cior-ip-Vend CMcla Dilekc.aJOBSJOcl.aJlj.. Chlcl<», 320 el. 41 "& Bubfila CHkka, 320 & lb. Ringuiasier. token or paper currency for use in The new line will be expanded to vcudiag. postage, phones or other Horold folz Up Tab 520 iihort et iflck), ICC,...2fAl el,,.mr bo* lb- about 70 different if eras, including automallc dispensers baa now 5'Miclc F.O.I. Cum, Foctor, ICO iteem 130 lb, loti. il.m plastic finishes of the knife and passed boih House and Senate and For President sheaih, stagecoach, clown with needs only Presidentidl signature to MRICAH CHLfflNC PflDOUCIS the movable nose. Western hat and become law. boot, new cars and tricks and the The Senate amemjed iho bill so Of N. Y. Vendors musicnl insirumcof series. thai it does not apply to anyone NEW YORK Harold Falz, of He explained that the distributor under J 0 years of age. The origincl the Fotz Vending Company, House version would have Incurred Oceonsido, "N. Y., ha* been nomithe cniminal penalty of up to a year nated by the dirccicra of the New VENDING HEADQUARTERS in Jail or up to $1,000 line for use York Automatic Vending Ansoclaas well as for manufacture of de- tion to scn'c as president for ^ vicror vices made lo defraud the ma- 1963, Folz Vending h ihe largest chines. The Scnalo limilcd Che pen- balk vending opemtioa in the Qrea. M HOIT (OHPLETE jnd FINEST UHE alty to manufiictuie when Justice The clcelion will bo held at the of BULX VENDORS Department said penalizing the use MaohatUm Club here Scptfimber He* Yfder 2000 Vendor, Largo Capadly... of the slugs belonged more proper- 26. Holdi Z,000 Balh lod-counl Gun... or 600 IDe ly under individual Slate lawi. Also nomlnalcd were Paul Wrin- Capialct... Also Aiflilibfp 1 Balli idqcennl garten. Qulck-Snaclc Company, la Gun for 5c. SJ4-S0 ea, New Yorkers Plan vice-presidcnl, find Marty Winter, Lii j# ItcxU at Vearfan PjrU Wiila lor PiImi. and Merrkjrdin. ABC Vending Corporation, treas- Group Hop to S.F. urer. H. B, HUTCH1NSON, JR. Nominated to serve as dirfictois NEW YORK Mcrnbrre of the were William Brady, Don SheJtoa. New York Automatic Vending As- Marty Winter, Al HirBChbergcr. sociation will travel as a group lo Milt Gahlinklc, Bert NBlhan and the NationaJ Automatic Merchan- Bid Scldy. - dising Association convention In COLD MINE Sao Frfinciseo, Ociobcr c CAPSULE Trtl' Cum Tbey will gel a discounl rale from Big Bot Flutters VENDOR S'ltdor the airline, wllh stops ol Los An- Ctijljiilr Vxin/ar Vrrrf> all p^ll.r WMr IMC Kk "E<Ifl n-n T"l geles and Lafl Vegm. hhifi. ^>IM fkii imir mutlna InU ' fin II rk«h>.l,ll «,I<I»*N The tourist jet leaves lolewjld Into Score Line CM»JW oa V.oflK.1 IKn r Airport, New York. October 13 NEW "YORK The Paul A. KXra UJKt *«v (-ii'o u**ur...-jiv 3n the morn in g. arrives In San Price Company has added a new _ <r«<t U W«r.i». Francisco at noon, leaves San Fran- item to its Scare "Em line. The <t»~» C4l-r k««lt S tint unlllllol lotrfinl cisco the morning of Ociobei' 17 charm, a Giant Bat, has * four- '»i UrtuS 'Ln. mrtt'ifi'.wlwoti foe l-os AngelUj then goes lo La* and-a-halmnch wiu^ span. Jl is llnri In mil ifjnd.o l»««< kwj. ni»«, Veg«the afternoon of Oclobcr 1$, made cf soft plastic as are the <lll returning to New York October 22. Other itema in the series. 111 r<". ACORN Cost is $2S4,24 per pmun. The Giant Bal has loop at one A'f Pufiw Opcmlora interested in joirine end so thai youngsters can wear it fri-tur the group may do so by colling as 6 necklace or wafeb charm. fllg LEAGUE it II. (hi * «*. alm^ George Wcrfel, European-Ameri- Price a J-l.SQ a thousand in cap u iia 5f HI can Travel Service, 507 Fifth Ave- sides. flail Cut\t -.ik.-dur. nue, New York. The phone number The wings fluacr, giving the item Wr V.Ml.Ktflllr auanu^t IH ijh.! luru iri IM pirfat-. Is MU a lifelike offccl. xilt f«rn* >«if* Vlllll Bir^j rn *1»»irt r#ml*n * rrtimilld". K*rh >Bikv Trail, t-r luji. Kal^fli.TM B. bir mi',ll^ lialtiid CHiOd KNOWING BLDG. SCORE.»i>..r.. iirr*- mi t-" Mimut wi M him "» xmul Is r««jrail.l iit«oak Hold, ICOaanUx. "400" HELPS OP'S ADVANCE PLAN OlS ntpuboi. m M U>»r DALLAS Every few days, Tom Lcppcrf. bulk operator IKH (Hliilf, here, telephones city hall and asks xvbethcr any new 1 shopping baa.utr 6«uiol.fJ h.il center?, largo supermarkets, or other typ«of commercial construction is in the offing, til, *or l>n"l Nl/fl Jn each case, Leppcrl explains simply that he Is a vending i<. Air 5c. JIM s Dc «njc"ir«aiva jsc l'» earn HI1I.&&I.I w«tnb i-iw*. -.I" Viadi Icwi muchinc operator, looking for new local ions, and that he'i aiixi-»r CQmtl n II) Dn J c-lic cam ri*channm" dtlnalmllm l-a^t irt ous to call on potential locofian owners as far in the future as and cclicna* ll-'p Kindlr., I* U Jjc, posrihle before construction gets under way. This simple, direct approach has been reaponriblc for more than 2QO locations In the past IB months, reportg the Texas operator among them some of bis most prof liable, multiplehead install at ionn, ranging up lo as many as 20 machines. "There's no hesitation on the part of ci y halt lo give one this inforniatian, provided that it is a business proposition," Leppert liaiil, "Often, I have been told I hat a developer is buying I- ui CC **uiu in* r.iv'atu-wi. lotlrlll KC^-i dsn a plot of land oul in the suburba aomewhet*?, with no Idee os fc^rs;!cr!. 1UL yet to what use he will make of the properly. Get ting on tha one,-* *a<ui>ib rdephone and rcuchlog ihe developer to detcrmino its cooslruclbu that can benefit from vcmtlng machines oflen gels me in On (he ground floor." tv ]]J1I SmKTlKtlNCtft.lBC, nm.iiiii-hj,, Once he has reached the future location owner. Leppert H'lMikHJr. Arr-CulivCilr. CaV keeps things going by sending him catalobs, letleri nod figures on what is to be expected frnoi vending mnchinei. PEN VENDORAMA AND SCR/PTO PENS 1 A fine Comhfrto'loVi Holdt J M; icflfpto PbRJ WntHng ol^ai,&kh TqjcWr In >C(<l?rb. >«n4 "Firy Mdi Pal^rTt^machlrk, Otflf li'covflrad PatfAls 'Penffloi liw VICTOR VENDING CORP W Gfdnd Aw. Chicogo 39 ill MANDELL GUARANTEED USED fa A CHINES N.SV. K.w. Mad4\ Dalul «Tr <4 at t! Et t* Canik. tli.m I««l. if T»» 9am MKhM* IfcM IXM H.W. v»r*io Mod«) r*r ie* ila, «r». «#, ret*. a...., Corv JIN.r **T a*., Klnw U '. MUH AVHMl If»J) Tab faariih. asm 1# OHBBBEEm PI itichvo Hyt*. Syn, jh. JUmfcw Ovkin. * id 9.«PUIa<h.6 KV^'> ul., Pll'achle Kutl, VlMTor^f IMlK, K»d MlK < 44 JJ Cathaw. WJIioU «*!».M i*j PMnula^ 9i9p a «a «Bab, Qa'.nbBN Chills Pranula... r J9 Brlilji bp.lg^ O.V.d Ml«. Baani M >}} &!;"o-m MAM, 504 el ; :: ::::il UeriMv-all <' ^7 MJlMllt. takn.bia Gum, 1M «t 72 Ct. MrJM» -*l AMn-klc ft*1l Own, U9 I'# i+^ a»n.blo ah Id. h'iiv minimum «J oni," I pii»fli> oil ft'.* en»ii ill ill Bum, all riaa>bn. BMI Okim- i«9 it...if Wmraya Baach-Hul, aun, IH <t all irivam.-1m ei... A4 C^eMlrta, VM «141 Al Minimiai ar".r. u aon. limrtta. Dipeilt,»aUnf» C.OU.. immtftiatc CJELIVERV ' VICTOR 2000 M c 5c )0c or 23c Vtuli Viilw'i v Br 7 1 Cip- (Ulw: 100 {Bml torn ll it; tatfl 6in tor 5(, nd Mi* lli» futnt pl't (I ill, 3 Hfvi tb&rounl Bum muh whil RHiirt Oarni ft 5r psr»l». STAMP FOLDEKj lowed Pricei, Wrlla Uiunrn MtMBER huhtnc WTWWL wsiriaurow. TOWIHO Ibc M

95 braled Bui Hew DiplIcateJJ GIANT SCARE 'EMS m lr«ff WWI krmi* SHItflCffl NE1«. QflT- KfiE, (IAXT BEOIL Bt IBE uuai UP BQI witrr «SUH 'EMJ WIUUHfl ONLY $43,00 per M NEW JFU SCARE 'EMS Virt-hr Onlr 527,to per H wpwletl PAUi A. PRICE CO., INC. FUtilrlt Money Mok*r Famous ACME ELECTRIC MACHINE Ditk Diffnn lircilfr foi Vil?b tnri imiu' EltcMe vtbn- fpn 1 cnnflrl Irtnord j vlit ttf plrfei. EXna dry wll flmfl Cm IJDD la 3.G0D purt Sample $ and up Floor Stand..«««5.00 OROEB TODAY na C*e-, til. C.O-O-.f^.*- M.v, DIUhferton. Writ for PrkM*. 22, 1962 BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK 89 s^.j.acorn DISC- HOYS' cnirf GIRIS' AC0RN5, 1C, 5c, I0c r JEWELRY SERIES i I CondUloft, AIO'SD Aspirin Sale Agronsky Set *f1f» fw SweUI Prim «n MCW It, Sc, IDc, 25c A1 B M ""V, i NEW "im" A,000 Rng Ban Reversed As Keynoter fcm Ml P-ftar* Hick-, Ibv I NEW YORK The New York m Court of Is. highest SAN FRANCISCO W&nio HtZZiZ WttziW!n Ihc NBC radio and te!c- YorkS f analjit, will he the T&WCt ma MkAIim. Hi* i UtH which <-4-S-lP Soxmrwtil Slarti speaker»l the 1962 con- PiK" "QfkfllMr' lup. $?5 U 53* tablets It mociea or oiher rcgistcroil stores. of the National Aulomaiic The oew ruling ainounu to- a idislng Assocletioii, to be Condrtjni clearance far the sale of aspirin held here October Agron- Htjoxal p4 IF duf»rent rt«m^ movldf lum In* wui In»mw» cm cijmul.. awtwnf* Y.it- lut. MARK in vcmjinj mactincs in retail out- Sky will speak Salnrday (13) a I UtUa CTOO-k*).*' * lets. the San Francisco Civla Mrlve f 1&1 All Olri.* DIST. CO. HM HI B^ys 1 21? MOKRDI ST. IkMcJry hyiri wlmn on a Minnesota Supreme Court PASSAIC, N. J. Some 7,1)0(1 operalonr, ruling which held that as aspir{n» tora and mnnufactutota, Wy $<0.00 p«h a Atrang icpresenlalion from Uvc bulk vending induitry, &re tipficied D«no* saviie-at fjhtmi nicq d be no in dispensing lo attend^ thft convention. Tho Na- SIAHT KAII XMI...I«]W fh It product veodind inj- itonal Vendors AssocJatloD, tepee- Jir KARI Cn^iWn 'Ms... fmt«n.gt FK w scnting tbfc bulk N(W Jr. KAKk twi.. Z7.W FK H But in H urtcl liold n hoard mcclmg and a rcgion- RICKTEHIhfr tull... UAO F«r M SUPER 60 GlllSser he ai meeting during the MAMA show. irrr w.... w» f* «the sale NO BREAKING ding ma- lp Tlr*UM ttott Fir u NO CRUSHING le owner JDUM U KKtHf NO MISSfNG aw C4AMIS MM F«r IT ntw 9c imrtir mm. as«f- M HOWDY! OAK'S ACORN Sugarman Off S<S Ik CAHHIE MACirKE r>v rina on# the, SU^ER, 0 rhtir *W filhftr r*k-oill«ofmrt'otl imamt upiute Cfldlflg ntv-iy 1h«.Morl(j»tfrn*rP lr» milun2 llerit'i to fot On our WIRe. WRITE OR PHOWt For Soufh America NKW YORK Myron Sugamun, rsport manager for Rimyoo Sales here, left Saturday (1) on a South American business trip. He will visit operators and dislribuiore in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay. Brazil. Vcocsucla, the Dominlcaa Republic and Puerto PJco. Kunyon baa built op a large Latin American patronage In used games and juke boxes mainly through correspondence. Sugarman will visit ihc firm's customers and mfempt lo develop new customers. We'd lik* to get ccquasnlftd with you. Drop os a card and we'll lend you our latest ihoslrsted price list. Juhtitne Ckarttii P.O. Box 3070 Unlvertity City Sfallon Sr. Louis 3D, Mo. Th* II IrpT* mmtmi Cf wadar Itailtru for t.pmuj. tkacij bclh thkm onijarb»r. UM America. MirfcliHat hbv> IB Odjlrjl Up^vl pin WllTE F0 HltH T/I CBHI> OtFOHT FOB W1W OM AH, CATAtOO. BAI,AnCB c-o.n. OHDBHF, 1MO favmbh* D^DPRS tfndhr IN FUct aaoao. ON AUt VAImil S-M76 GIVE 10 CAHON RUKVDN CANCS MIND ys-fwy.oij jib. f's ^ "WtK-- - VmtfcBj.-. Pajli:- Gf to^ r«dr'w6cft«<i.u jadsi RAiomEouiais,^- - * J THE BEST 10* 1 CAPSULE VALUE I TODAV J" >llop«i DIAHOSDS*DIAMONDS'DIAHOKDS i AH cmon^all tbu J ii/, liffi Dlrtct Inn htlarf «r tpfy Wnkiuii fa JUMBO, 5* AIL CHARM VENDING CORPORATION Z97.a f. Armllasv Sr. M.r PI on* c WMJMajr J-Uflfl So/ You Sow It in timboard Music Week A m t m >"00 H TnlUilRa r*tm H Cipi«m rx.a. Jt*ak«r h. r. r" H*" ih4< el.i51jt4.th Pl*CB ( JOh^mlca 33, N.V. N«w cancapl df Sc oll-thnm vandlng, Eipaclollj'Aiilgaicl lar^a ckorm" ovntl&hla enly from Pannir Kififf. FAochli^a wlk hotd t»rlc» ai many Jumto Qiami ai rtpular wipivlu, thai douhllrg your proflt- THIS IS m NEW. BE THE FJRS1 IN YOUR BIS PfiORIS. Allit Lai Iha ixtfect rtuchina for Ivmb» Chatnta. Writ* for InFomoHoa «h lionf to corrrort oth«r Vandon. FIB* llluihalaf Blnil *ob ChJTni, CM/ttl. Bultc. 3 T/iO # - 1- PENNY KMC etntry-nfcfcrf Company ATLAS MASITe 235i Miuian Sfr*tl. Flhibarflh J, Wa. Vondora k* #Wt lurjirf fvfpcrloii «f Minlvtvr* CA«rn«O??? 9??? f ?? 9? 9o f / 9 SOMiTHING NEW IN BULK VENDING? Watch for Our Ad!!!? 9 9? 9? BEAVER CASTING & VENDING SUPPLY CO Coimtock Road, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada? M

96 90 BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 SHOWING THE SEEBliaQ U* CONSOLE h> raahy 500 Now Yaifc IradflJlflr* at th# Pork-Shtrtilon HoteJ Tu«day (11) were, laft to rfgkt, Jack Gordon, Swrbury xacortva vlc^-pwsldflni; DbI CoJeman, Seebirrg board chairman, and Moyer Park off, Allantlc-Now York projfdant. Badger Sells Out to Gellman; Donahue to Head New Firm HOLLYWOOD Badger Salci, States; Midwest Triumph, Ltd., dis- sales manager, background muslo Inc., Seeburg dislribulor here end tributor of Triumph Butoxnobilts division; Jack Leonard, manager, Jong active m other coin roacbiiw in 10 Midwesleni States: Pak-Rap ports dcpartmcni; Rocky NcsscIt Bales end service, has been pur- Distributing Company, Amco Leas- road, manager, service dcpartxnootj chased by the GclimBn Manuftic- ing, Inc., among olhcr firms. Kcnwth Kcncmolo, head of tha luring Company, Rock Island, 111. In taking over Badger Sales,, Am- shipping department, and Natf Il will be operated as a wholly co acquires the distcibuicon of See- Duncam, office maqascr, - owned GelJman subsidiary under burg in nine SoiUhem California Happel «a vclcnm of more than, the name of Amco Music and counties plus Arizona, as well as three occadea In the coin field. Ho Vending Company, a newly formed the Chicago Colo. Gottlieb, Fischer established the Badger Novelty California ccrporatiod. Pool Tables, Irving Kaye Pool Company in Milwaukee in In Dun Donahue," who retired two Tables and Amctlean Shuffle 1940, he came to Los Angclea and years ago aa-vice-president and gen- Board, among other Kncs, opened a branch office of hii Mileral manager of Seeburg Distribut- la eddition to Bill Happcf, other waukee firm and caillcd it Badger ing Company for the II Wcsiera wcll-koown meirhcrs of the Badger Sales Company. In 1940, be sold Slates, returoa to active duty to Finn to retain key posta within the Milwaukee s Badger Novelty Comhead Amca's aperatioa. He will re- Amco concent jnctude Marshal pany 10 his brother. Carl Happol, port directly lo Gellman and Araco Ames, sales raanager of the phono- who still operates it (active in rauslo Bresident, Don Ross, William R. graph division and amusement and gamcb). and permanently estabappcj Jr., who founded Badger gnmes; Leo Slmonc, sales manager, lished residence here as heed of here in 1940, will remain in an ex- vending division; Mort Drootin, Bfldger Sales. ecutive capacity as Amco's vk«- prcsidcut and gcflcral soles managcr undct terras of a five-year em- PHILLY NOT READY ployment contract. According to Ross, there will be no change in Badger's policies or peisound. He esdmaled ihc pur- Ops Lukewarm to European chase price at $450,000 and said it was a cash transacciod. Import of Film Juke Box Gellman Manufacturing is a publicly held coiporaiion with Us stock By GEORGE METZGER well for the first few weeks, hut listed sn tho American Stock Ex- PIIILADELPHLt Juke boxea thai collections would drop off change,.it purchnsed the Badger synchronizing muaic and film may sharply once tho novelty wore off. firm as part of its diversification be catching an in Europe, but local "Aciualfy," one music rnechino program and marks iis iniliul etcp coinmra still need a bit of con- distributor said, "They have beep imo the coin machine field. Other vincing before they'll try Ihcm trying to line up distributors in thci Qcllmun subsidiaries Include Mis- here. counlry for nearly a year nnw, bill sissippi Foundry; firnia manufac- A check of Philadelphia opera- haven't had much success. Noturing bakery equipment, food tors and dislribuiora failed to turn body wants to lake a chance willi slicing and wrapping machines; the up much enthusiasm for the de- it, it sccmsu" s Mid-Slate Jaguar. Ltd,, distributor vices. The conaensua was that the, An operator pointed out thnl of Jaguars in lo'/i Midwestern mochinci wnuld probably do very (Confjmied on pnge 94} Slow Stuff Sinking Rock V Roll SEEBiURG'S TOP BRASS M«y*r Park off el thi Golham ihowlita of tbo LF Console, Left to rfghf; Frank O'Brien, Sccburg presi- Along Memphis Juke Box Trail door; PorVaff; Del Coleman, Seeburg board chairman, and Jack Gordon, Saeburg axeculivo vice^piesident. By ELTON WlflSENHUNT Amuscmeut Company nt nearby Millington, Tenn., MEMPHIS It's ballads three lo one over rock said, "It looks aa if Dniratfc are taldng over. and rolk At least Ibnt's the slory among ihc four "II anybody had said that b few years ago you Dondiig Girls Spruce Up top firms selling singles to juke box operators in would have thought he was crary, the way rock and Memphis and Mid-Sou lb, a survey by Billboard roll wm si ill going slcong," Music Week last week disclosed, And. of course, it still is going strong In mony Fnsl brcaklott toward b hit is Nat King Cole's areas. Gotham Seeburg Showing "Rjirablin' RosUj on Capitol. Andrew Co&smellr, Little Rock AmuscmcDt Other three, running neck end occk behind this Company, Little Rock, said, "Sherry" ia going NEW YORK Atlantic-New Gordon, executive vice-president; one, arc "Sherry," with the Four Seasons, rock strong for him because of his teen spots. York, Jacal Seeburg distributor. Bill Prutting, EDstcrn dislcicl man- ami roll; "Patches," with Dickey Lee on Smash, pnd But other operators surveyed R. G. Jennings, EuUcd out alt fhe stops at rhc grand ager; Bill Schwartz, Eastern divi- "Day After Forever," with Hobby Wood on Chal- Jennings Coin Macbme Company, Hot Springsv Bilroom of the P4.rk-Shcratoti Ho- sion vending director heading flic knge. both ballads. Nathan Wheekas, Service Amusement Company, Trl here Tuesday hibhi (11) for list. "Patches" is a slow ballad about a boy In Jonesboro, Ark., and John Haley, Haley Adiusethe showing of the Seeburg LP The three-hour presentation of love with an Indian maiden but.his parents don'c menl Company, JacV.aOn, Miss. said "Ramblin* Console. the new unit was preceded by lik«i il because she'a an Indian. Rose' 1 and "Patches" were their top oumbers. Nearly 500 operators and Irade- cocktau parly and banquet. "Day After Forever" is by a Memphis siogsr, "Day After Forever" so for is hmaking out only slera began liming up nt 6 p.m. and they didn't clear out until after The presentotion itself was a but ChallCDge is & California label. Frank Bcrrctla, sa the Memphis market, with Rabert Harbin, Harmidnight- The faciory sent lls bigcombined effort of Gordon, along partner in Poplar Tunes Record Shop, one-stop bin Amusement Company; Jake Kahn, Tcl-Stalo gest guns to the affair with Del with Meyer Parkoff, Atlantic-New which sells to oil Mid-South nnd Memphis opcra- Amusement Coxnpany, and others, reporting good Colemnn. chairman of the board: York president, and Murray Kayc, toca. said he n gclting a good many calls for it. action.., Tbcy think it has a chance to spread and it Frank O'Brien, president; Jack sales manager of the distributmg William V. Forsyihe, owner of Forsythe mny sooo show up on nationwide charts. company. Every presentation (rick In the book was tried with telling effects. George Glass Host Pretty dancing girls aerved aa props; Small Snoozes at 25c a Crack colored slides drove home the fea- At St. Louis Show tures of the unit, and musical back- ST. LOUIS Some 250 open- grounds dcmoostralcd the develop- Now Thing for Weary Traveler tors from Missouri and Eastern lili- ment ol the music machine from jiois viewed the Seeburg LP Con- linfojl to stereo. SHRHVEPORT, la, Something brand-new in slug-rejector-cquippcd coia chute. A fixed airiino Sole Friday (?) at the Gold Room It was probably one of the most com vended service has made its appearance at passenger, for example, who finds his flight is deof the Sheraton-Jefferson Holcl effective dknoostratlons of a new the Shrcvepon Air Terminal here. layed, and who wants to catch 40 winks, can bay here, with the George Gla-tt Dis- S" :ke box ever held in the area, tributing Company aciing as host, ach 5ceburg unit since 1945 was It's a Sest-0-Booth a blood hardwood en- any omouril of ficne ho wecis from half an hour Speakers included T?d Burrows. depicted to the nccompaninient of closure, some eight feel Jong, three and a half feel to several hours, by dropping in Ihc appropfiat# Sales manager far the distributor; the dancing girls and appropriate wide ami eight feel tall, set io a corner of the busy number of quartera, Ed Gaffey, Seeburg sales director; music. When fhe V-200. one of airline temilonl building. Closing the door, and locking ft from inside, Gcotgc Glass, presidcni of Class Seeburg's kss successful models Built by a Shreveport corporation, and being he can lower the chair to whatever angle suits Distrihiidng. and Frank Schrocdcr, was shown, she company kidded tested on the airport floor before natioaal dhtribu- him, and snooze away b comfort and comptew general luanagrr of Glass Dis- iisclf by playing music jn si blue tion, the Resi-O-Booth wns dmrgncd for wenry privacy. At Ihc cxpirallon trnic, the chair iclurni tribudng. key augmented by disparaging Imvolers. Inside the booth is a genuine leather aulombticnjiy to norraal seating position,' & movelyrics. This bit brought down the contour choir, which, -by pcessing a bull on. is ment guatauteed to wake up even tho soundest house. deccically lowered back one quarter, one half, ileeper, Call Pennsy Ops Industry leaders at the showing or nearly Cat, to whatever posiiian the cufitomep rvtnrkcttng Pinna To Plan Meeting included Car I Povcsi, president of wnnls, In operation for several monlhs. the Rcst-Othe Wcslchester Opcrmors Guild; A small air-eonoitionlng unit, inatabcd out of Boath has been moderately auccftsaful, according HARRISQURO, Pu, Leon Tak- A1 Denver, president of fhe Music sight in the upper rear of the booth provides a to ill promo (era, and may be marketed an a naflonscn, manager of the Amusement Operators of New York; Mike smooth 75-degree lemperature, while a comfortable nl Bcale In the rear future. Machine Operators Association of Mulquecn, represenliite the New level reading lamp, projecting from the wall, pro- Tho booth, because of its soundproof, heavy Pconsylvanifl, said a Statewide York Slaw Operators Guild, and vides illurolnation toward the person who wants to dcatgn, can be used In nmny other locations than irwoting win bo held in October. Abe Fish, Jcny Lambert and Mac read, rather than doze. railroads or plruuc lennlnnls, it was pointed cut* "We haven't arrived at any mfana of overcom- OptratorS and distributors will <Us- Perfmno, representing the Music The Rest-O-Boolh fa designed to operate on tha bg the problem of people who suffer from cfaus- «it» the annual convention. Operators of Connecticut, basis ol 25 cents for a half tour, using «standard irophohla," one company repitsecttdva aald.

97 UPWTfi SALE PmOl -Tdt 550 each Seofi V* 0o wilt to un W. 4tfi GUiRRINIS tr. L>k/irtewn r rim FOR SALE C.C> lr.4 SHUFFLE HOI ALLEYS S-S-..liistxj SSiMArr?!:.,. aij.» i 1)0.91 is.00 Uiv. ejpjtoi...i.,., I7J.0O,, 1UA0 I IS t^ii* Mynic.' hiu* mtvon...ir.^rz... DOAO,, un^b tally Bally abc Biljxa... ABC.I"'**'**.. its aw ISM S? ally X V OHltliiJvmil CurJc^ 5h«WU uajja. 175JM 1M.f «,(yi 1753a y#nm. VBlknl-m, PIN GAMES Wmi. w, TraDa CoquaHa WliWta JP. V/w, Frlanflihla 7 IP. IP. Wrlia. Wfltl yvnia v/mi. JCJIV nunvai J.War ap.,... Wmi. tmit Ball M.3395,00 3*i.M Wmi, Wmi. 3 Clrora d.uc-. waaon...i,, > - 31J.M Cotr. Oatt. WfUM-rnd can lain Kiaa JP, sp. 7S,I4 7i.ao SSjI* Coll. Cot. Flagihln huaanvlialla D, u ap" 'f n, 'f, 3rs<e JKXO ap ai3 4SX>o. I-is.PO M c.c. yarlaly SPECIAL Rolf D*wm «4M.M w WURUTIER im a will w Wpft.rff 1 FflTO FIKUI TWPIC m T ruim cucb o UBUir KEUMO-RQOia f OUiHQNl ihohf Mil OSfHB Y tor p^rcrs paidj SfiCtALS TWfN BED JUlkOW...SWS fan? SHUpaiMTQ WHW5 NATlOIVAIi COIN H&CRIffi ECCHAiief JBU-JJ WvanBr BUcklnifcim. J ChLcia ^V SEPTEMBER BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK 9! Programasfet Makes Coast Bow HOLLYWOOD The CmU> music Provimiastcr, Rowa AC ground music ayslcms. Music is Services' (division of AuiDmalxc lutdished on endless tape (i.e., mo- This, however, would seem un- Cflntcea Company) now endlosa bolous loop) in six sealed cartridges. likely to occur in view of Cuswduslry. Is recorded in stereo (DUho zniisic'a plan to supply q ncwlv will reproduce in mono), and contape bnckgrounj music Bystcm, re- Each ciirtridbe provides 10 haurs taios up-jo-tlatp additions of new ceived lis first Waal Coosl unveil of music withouc ropetidon, or e recorded cartridga of music each. ins last week when Mcl Scmsiu totnl of 60 hours of unrepeaiej rnu- 90 days, thereby c&mplelidy dimi times, Oeieib concemlng the li- Dating the chancw of repeiiljoo. brary will be disclosed in the near of Ihc R. F, Joaw Company, e* SlC from ell six chrlredgw. The tape future. hibllcd the cquipicbdt In San Franis played hack ITi inches per The Programastcr can function cisco al tho National Resiaurant second. by being plugged Into nny oxlsdng lound system, or Rowe can pro- Association convcntjoo. Other The play cenlcr, or tape play- vide a complete Bystem, including showinga of the eqefpenene are back holding the six cartridges, is Scheduled oi fha Disneyland Hold so copaeercd as to intermix the amplifiera, speflkers, microphuncs. tunci and program timers. The lat- now here, during the National Retail selections each time the tapes are Cioccra convention later thb repealed, thereby chrtging the seter Is n iiniqub device that easily allows the location to alter ibe inmonth (23-26), and aeain In Sao quence in which sclcctkma arc contact tervals of music and silence, (n Francisco at the Nauonal Auto, heard. According (o Don Lunday, matlc Merchandising Association general manager of Customuaic, If multiples of fivc-tnimile segmccb. conclave October 13. would take seven years of con- A vast fnpn llbrorj', specially The Custom usic Program aster stant 24-hour play hctorc tha sya- recorded for the Progjamasler, will DAVIS offers several departures from the lem would repeat the selections in be made available. According to established on-the-premisca back- the same sequence. Lumlay, ft.is the newfist back- for ground music library in the in- BREAKTHROUGH PRICES Seeburg Year Sales Up 45% in guaronteed reconditioned used MONROE NEW YORK Dclbert W, Cole- compared with 525, for a man, hoard cbblmian of the Seemachines early In The firm like period in 1961, he added. COIH MACHIHtiXpfiHCL inf burg Corporalicm, told nienibers curreotly makes coffee, cup cold Uq -fltm/ivv (JlWjmf ld.-ofcla i Cairiinga for the period were drink, bottle cold drink, coo cold of tho New York Society of Se- $1,197,000, or 61 cents a share. P^e: SDperlMtr^<DQ curity Analyst Thursday fl3j drink, and cigacet machines. It also This compares with earnirtw of that sales for die fiscal year endiug manufactures background music machines! $917,000 or 46 cents b share for units, hearing aida and other elec- October 31 will top 551,000,000, a similar period In tirrrit tronic equipment. V» a»p*nl» raqvlnd. a rise of moro than 45 per «nt New PcbdnefB from last year's record sales of Seeburg dislribulors this week Ha said that Seeburg will soon FOR SALE $35,000,000. displayed the company's new music begin ahlppinc a milk machine and He predicted that sales of vendmachine, the LP Ccmsole (see sepa- GAMES & BOWLERS plans to introduce candy and pastry tafe atoriw). ing machines will bit $25,000,000, '"l arry SUr Ca-rm OsWla IM.M * W.M moiq than double the 512,200,000 awf btlon Clflfa U.HIa...»J.M racked up in 1961, MOfif WORKABLE?. w O190. Cafa QiMt Bowui Jti.w Phono Snlrs Hp 1S% m tmi* >{ iivd. ^iffear Wiif"!* JAoillff, Cilltry IM.QB Cam-operated phodqgrapb sale*, he added, would total about $20,- 2-for-Quarter Phono Ploy pa«r«3/ N, Y* u. A. «. Ar** ORtnlW.4-1*91 C»d» II* Ual'll?'»*«Hlrxflii j ibllllll... I«J» Chlcigo Coin pjirua Ckjlt#..?«.oo 75. U 000,000) an IS per cent increase over the previous year. '< tfah «B^.l According in Colcmati, the firm's Moy be Operators' Answer net income for the year should be Xiy Ajjr 15ca more than $1,700,000, or 88 ceata a CHICAGO A change to two- South Central Music and a leading share. Last yeart earnings were (oc-a-quartcr juke box play may Chicago cperalor- He expressed hit PHONOS prove more workable than a boost tailwr* PD ijm.m 51,051,000, cr 54 cents a ahare. views as Chicago operators inlenal- Seeburg aales for the nine months w the operator's commiwion. lied their campaign for & Wuplinir ±SM ar 7aJ0 IMO-W subo ended July 31 were $37,000,000, That opinion was voiced last BEST rcnegatiation cf their tgrkmcnb week by Mow Profitt, head of with locatlooa. AMI J ISO" "We need tome relief," Profitt MUSIC BUYS CnlL Cahl,. Writo LIWJO «r Cot fa. said. ^Il must come one way or aoothcr cither through two-fbr- Wa SmukMhsppa ara bow tflftrlhutaia and Can I) lb. hi 25-«nl play or higher percentage.' 1 EVER OFFERED Re feels thai the 6^-40 change DOUBLE-PLAY DESKS could be achieved if operators were Afl 43 R.P.M. KiGViJfjttGSpiMribttting Co; «/«ijfe, Wurll'l ffrjjistfjhsloi : Twc.jld.d cuhon way h* Kpufeif from following f.cofd*. for lha uidetermined to bring it DhouL "It could be done," Profill snid. PJoyt Hoih SicJet bo* opualor HnHdd to Uvr. 1W Jo ZOT»td*x par mochtna, riiay rapraiant ijqn* "But it would require some nllgbty,?ivlljltica[iii c«j, Coiikglu, lr. maxfrnvra progremmtpg rfacl[v«dffi). Rtccrda balew ha»» balh ildax fine cooperation among the op-.hebteo 5'«5«(WHltr tloflimjk, llh*r en iht Hot 100 ar hev* ftcanhy faaan on 1h» (H>. Saa SpotOgV eralors," ret: Jlil Mif -. fiarfawi for cddlllanal toforrtv»liao On tkirbk-ploy di»bi. That co-operalion may not be AMI present at ihc moment as it was at the time cf the nickcl-lo-dima Models SAif PWCEDi switch. Compfa^V fti^ntlmonad puhiih m "As operators, wc were stronger A-S "ir $50 4ich OOTTLItl mo IDHT VH (fanta then," he said. "We were more RWHl m 2'P Jf95 oaay Vfe «THI OUCKCTS rsni-^ir) aggressive. Our tactics were more or C VfllBLWlND, J.PI J15 SOMEDAY Ufcart/ W4rt persuasive. In short, we were more UHCIKC Mm us organized." Qm* CF XllANQMPS f9j JPOMCAW 26S fihtr UVf UN BREAK i HURT Profile feels that It would be leas SDWKINe 17? *Hh tk? rmnv dltficutt to "police" the two-foc-25- AMI STBilSHI JHMIBf jrs If J mi RAVI A DINE Mntcar cent play Ibin the arrangesum CIBOII, m IMJ ment. Models HBJ ahxhelif "There ure always operators who WILUAMa WWn 1HE HITCHHIKER HJtlET SJ25 AH9 <Ptfm aanca lako advantage of other operators," wly $65 mi D-80 Jwr MM, tpt..125 ParfcnY he said. "Even now there ata opi\m, m \s LlKBO'ROQt erators who give the location S5 or E-80 per cent. There arc some who tveri ODWIE UIBEt, 2-PL 2«give 60 per cent. Wc need a belter HDUWM&. 2H '. 79J «lih T ( -tpt " Jso AND THEM IHEBE WERE DRUMS AK» lawr KIIMH reklionsnip end a better under- InjarTvl standing among Operafora." AMI UYl IT UP WQBKir FOR THE MAR xm m im LTTTlt SIXTEEN AND HOWS MY a TRIATlHe YOO TRY A IFTTU TENDERNESS AW JKT FOR I THRIU FOR AU WE KHOW uto IWOUIMI KNOW' m ORkHDN Memavral 447 am ui lewii lia 471 *»rnu RANKUN CoFiakTa 41M0 DtMiH MAIHINQTOH fiatafla MM Convention Prizes ConiinueJ from cngg 86 Rowe-AMI, volunteered a 21-lnch television set. It was won by Eddie Mow of Richmond. Ten operators won trensislor radio gets donated by tha Music opcratocs of VUginta, five operators won albums donntcd bv Pat's One Stop. la another diavring, limiled to those who bad bought Wuxlttzcre from Diamond Coin Machine» change during ihc year, a Wurlitzor 260D was won by Stan Ingram of Norfolk. Ken Snyder, Norfolk, won a mint stole, and William Colgate. Chase City, won a television set. Model E-120 ODl^ $95 ich 7/3 WUh Order Bifinee C.O.D. ACT OUICKLT ORDER TODAY WIRE PHD HE WRITE Send For Complete Lists ARCADE GAMES BINGOS Rl DE5 MU SIC «tc.

98 92 BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 Seeburg Cleveland 'Breakthrough' School Return Doesn't Shake Ccmimied from page 87 "We want you the operator to From Seeburg Were O'Brien, Strong Beer City Collections do better. If you do better, tve'u Tom Reed. vific-pfebidcot: Bob nil do better... Our job is to By BENN OLLMAN Zcising, isles enfiineer; Al Oange, Frank Bortnik, Banaco Music, make equipment do a better fob district manager. MILWAUKEE Juke box col- reported his music receipts at a lections continaed to bold up strong Dora^nl,, for you ««. Wc all have to pull Shaffer olflclalfi ioduded Ed JctcI lor thii time of the together and we think that we btb aiaffct. president: Larry Hore- In Milwaukee this week, as the year. Top money earning record providing tho tools you need to brekj manager of ShifferV Cleveback-to-achoot trek of Mveral for the past few weeks ou ihe booet your jocomev said O'Brica. land office; Don Dkk, dialrict sales hucdred thoustod younfislcrs and Ban a Co locationa has bccu Nat cooler weather failed to depress King Cole's "Ramblia' ROie." A Prestige Loot Hods mftnager for Ihe vending division; Mel SHotw, asaibtant manager, and routa takes. local iteni, "I Foueht the Law," on O'Jkicti pointed out Ihol the new Joe Stone, phonograph ialesmca CitalJoa Records, leaturldg a vocal Seeburg equipment would open up for Sh&ffcr Id Nonhcm Ohio. Sifme...» by Paid Stcfcas and the Royal an entirely new type of locauon: handled the record presentation at Lflocm, has proved aurprisiogly the champagne spot. Ihe prealige the preview. the orbital strong. Other oew disks puulng bare. OF STEREO good restdls are "Alley Cat. Bent PBamiag sound ROUND Fubric, Alco Records, and Dave Out-of-town distribulors veiling Shaffer began ptonaing the show Lotatlfms lova HI Fully perfected, (Baby) Cortex's orgau jive nura- the preview were John Stocked ale many mo/uba ago, according to lull-far>g6, leir-cfflibuned' Stereo hcr, "Green Onians." and Joe Flynn of J & J Disfriboling Hombeci. The firm sent a IcHn fiaund*... coly In UIB flc«e AMI. Company from Indianapolis, Frenk lo every area music operator, fol- The new Rfly/e Af.1l lets vou pro- M o r r y FuhnniD, M o r r y' i Martin and Gerald Snyder of Mar- lowed It up wilh a. rcmioder Dote All parn In 200, onft-phfb>egt8pti. 160 or 100 ^elediortt. Amusement Company, Bats b tia and Snydcr Dlaoihut&ig Com- See It couple of QCW tunes among hla and then telephoned each operator At Pilinl Vwr pinicre Rowc AMi Distributor best juke box numbers: "She's Not pany qf Detroit, Meycf Farkoff of to urge his jmoidimce. Atlantic-New York Corporalion of The show moved to Columbia nt You, with Elvis Presley, and the New York City and Horry Wet- the Fort Hayes Hotel Tuesday for Howe AC- Services new Jimnile Rodgeia relcasei "No thairaer and Bob Romig of Davis a combined Columbus-Cincinnati, U SB. Mml la«rt A 1."*,, N* CIllMfiO {MMff tf 3, MMIu UKnoll One Will Ever Know." Continuing big, says. Fuhman Diatribuiiag of Rochester and Syra- Show and thca to Indisrupolis, are "RambliD' Row," with Nat cuse, N, Y. Ind,, Wednesday. King Cole; ""Alley Cat," with Bent BUY Fabric, end "Green Ocions," Booker T & tbc MG's, on Si ax, Oue-stopper, G o r d y pebek. Downtown Radio Doctors, claims the Western kick contiouea to dominate the juke bos buying pahenm, ' ClimbioB up among ihe new luke box favoriiici, says Pclzck, is TOP EARNINGS T Remember You, 1 * with Frank IN If re! if on Vee Joy, Nearing (fie top is "Sherry," also on Vcc Jay, with WIRY TYPE OF LOCATION the Four Seasons, Selling in large quantities to the operator trade EVERYWHERE arc "Alley Cat" Bent Fabric, A ten m Records, nnd the new Presley, "Kid Oaliihad/* "Lariat," b-w "Late Train," an- SPECIAL other release by lha red hot local w* w/u Acttpr r*br ( oeri- group, die Legends, on the Ermine label, is also stirring hefty opera- 1 Kaonny 2-Can Fun (iwi*) t4 Billy Bmk BftH (new) tor action at Radio Doctors. CC, Pro Baikrtball I dbwj A quick-rising juke box favorite IIFT TO RIGHT HanyWHrtheiiner, of Davii Dlitrlbuting of Roches- Sw«t Shiwnco Hike newl at Record City, reports one-stop tar and Symcuia, N. Y.j Meyer ParltoFf of AllnntfcNflW Yark Cor- Wftilem Trail (KWJIb RWel buyer JLmm Mayer, is "Moonlight poratfon, ondal Oange, Seeburfl district jnanoqer. Scrmade," wilh the Archie Bleycr 60 Llfa Binsa Cime» 14 Rock-Ole 14(6 ork, on Cadence, The list of op- 3 FLMk-Oli 1485 erator choices also- includes "I - I Ami CohliMntil 2-1OD Remember You," Frank Jficld, Vce 1 Ami A1 200-E Jay," and "Warmed Over Kisses," 10 S^hwig V-200 Brian Hyland, ABC-Paramounr. 1 Billy 01 Boij Jumbo According to Mayer, Record 2 Hilly Monarch City'ii biggest over-all seller is the 3 Billy ABC surprismg local product, "I Fought the Law " VENDING 2 Bilty 5S3 9 Sioner D Stoner D-1 wiri wrri«r«r* ih««came ADDRESSp BEDftlNC- DBIRIBl/TlRfi CO., IHC. 126 Uncaln Slrair BaHori (Brlghlon) 33, Ittoli. ^HQNG: «leaninjlb 4-4Q40 HOlflire DUfSlllflflU FOB IFFBDtG, uu^aium coim in m ehsianb ma HIM Virginia Ops Give Phonos to Groups RICHMOND, Va. For the third successive yenr, the Music Operators of Virginia donated home phonograph units to four leading lasiiluiions in the Sufe. They were presented to yooih groups rcprescnlicg Protestant. Catholic and Jewish agencies and to a Negro organization. ROlAl CROWN BGlVltR JTiRlllE WORLD'S MIR RiflE OiSlltRY WANTED JUKE BOX MECHANIC Exce/lent v/orking conditions Steady v^ork in pleasant surroundings Excellent pay G!va doialit and roforenco in first fetter Write Box No, 177 DJJlboinl Music WeeL, IBS We«t Randolph, Chicago I, III. 1EFT TO RIGHT lop row Ed Shaffer^ president of Shaffer Motle; Joe Stone, phonograph talesman for NorthBrn Ohio; Larry Hornbech r Shaffer branch mananer al Clevelond; Mel Shone, atshtonl manager of ShdHor's Clevalond hraruh; John Rothiwan, parts manager for 5hoffer. Bottom Row Walter Demeduk, Shaffer service dopartrnant; Clarence Sorber, Shoffer tervlce manager, and Emit Bolt, lervico manofler. LEFT TO RICHT-lop row AJ Cange, Sea burg dfslrict manager, Mario Cipolla of Larain Music Company, Jack Cohen of J. C. Muik Company, Charias Marvin of Bell Music Company and George Elum of Elum Musk Company. Bottom Row lorry Horn beck, man -, ager ofshaffer Musk's Cleveland bronch, ard Roy lomway, preil- 1 dent of Aemo MujIc Systems, WAHTO IHMMIATEYl Mini SHOP»! «MAHJOBi-HEtHANIC with VHrrro xquipmimt. Bnd wwrttnti P*N STEW^Xt. Wrtti OAN Df rail 140 bit ZnS loatk. SaH IITWAItT Laka Ctr, CD. bavil Utah % uvf ta\w IEW MHHAIBWI NEW for '621 lelcti 4 JHOAl twain VALLEY SALES CO. SU M9rfor> St. *%t City, UlcnirMI WANTED BINGO MECHANIC for work al Honeit Johns In fafautaus Las Vegas an slol maehliim whh eleetfork ap- Ellcaiions. Musi be quoliflecc tween ages No past record. Top money for right man. Coll Norman little Las Vegas, Nevada Dudley cohed WANTED Wecbinlc on 1«ta BiiiBfos and Phonograpbt, Must bs exparfenced and know amplitiers. Excellent apportunlfy and good sfartjrri safary f*' drpendsble. sober, cxpsrlanced, hcoeit msn. Ciwe referencei. Ma, wnnr o* w/m Rhorw; MUrzay b«- twaen B;IH} and 9:00 a.m. Easiem Standard time. Ask for Mr, Smith or Mr. Ma'.blser. OWDUBOM AKU3EWICT CO.. CUl CsnHv S».i Owanibaro. Ky. OPERATE UNITED Shuffle Alleys and Bowling Alleys WELCOME EVERYWHERE * fflfflld HAMUTiCmiHG CO. N.CtllKrtiU Avt.. Ctilcifa 15, 10. BARGAINS FOR THE WEEK GAMES GAMES GAMES 250 OF THEM BIG WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE Racslved a uir^a lol ol Dr)i4 end CcHm Vendlrtfl Mtwfcliiea Fa trad*, ebe torse Ut ef ekononrapba. WHAT DO YOU NEED? SPECIALS ro* THI WI3K II Cehime Itwier ClaBran* Vand..- 4IDD.IM 1 kol ' Oldar Shuffle Allay*, Bui ly, Halted, Chicago Cain Wrila far More InformallBn «e the Ahave, Alia oe Uied Drtrk vendar*. Write or Call Ui CollecK MAlo oa»t n I i o h «.< ««> 2315 flllfastieel, 51. bull 3. M&. WiMor Rlla , Cdtlaj Cendlil Soy Yog Sow It in Bfllbonrd Musk W^k

99 Seehurg Concept # Continucd jrorn page 85 or 33 single for lie adult audience he serves. Standard answer of Ih? record manufacturer, was, "You give mo «Hrm order En advance, M and we'll make anylering you wani 1 The record manufacturer 1 a caution was dlctbted' by experience. Be would come oul vllh a stereo single version of a bot monaural ccller. Distributors and Ooe-slops would balk at slocking bolh vecilona and would concenlrate on gelling the iuoum. The manufacturer would make what his disiribulors would stock. And the operator would decry the Jack of good alareo product for his juke Box. Basle Llbrory With the new Little LP, the op- Record Crowd at Seeburg Showing Continued from vara 8S erator has a basic library of 163 albums all Stereo available. At 50 cents a Bdeciion for both VETERAN SEEBURO DISTRIBUTOR Sam L. Tandem, left, poias with aides equivalent to six singlm he Mr and Mm, Casper Reda rtill gels Ihrcc-for-a qnartcc play. r Catper Redo Coin Machine*, Milweuke». Part of die new Setburg programming theory is thai adults arc Fessler, E. S. Fessfcr & Sons; An- Milwaukee oper&tora were Buyers of albums, not singles. ihocy Hlrt and Anthony Zore, Arnold Jost. Arnold's Coin MRcbinc Therefore, it is a logical assump- Zorc'e Coia Machioe Co., Shcboy- Co.; Carl Dcntice, Dcntlcc Amusetioa thai they want the same type gao; Nilcs Gluth, Oehkosh; Paul mcnt Co.; Hany Croroacki and Leo jnmic in dining places and cock- Jacobs, Stevens Point Ken Kulow^ Dinun, H..& U. Amuiernent Co,: tail lounges as ihcy hcor at home. Kcndou Corp., Fred Bravn, Subur- Vlolettc Korrh. Harris Amusemenl Emphasis on the 33 album, with ban Vending Co., Mcnomoncc Co.; Sam Hastings, Hnsiinga Disalbum cover displays on the Juke Falls; Anlhoay Biornal, Lakeside tributing Co.; Walter Brown and box or LP Comola as Sceburg Music Co., Sam laouiota, Sanders Lylo Wdcos, MetropaLtau Amuseprefers (o call Jl Is part of the Amusement Co., Kenosha; Niels mfint Co.; Claxeoce W. Smith, Milcampaign to convince the adult Nielsen, Nielsen Amuacaicnt Co., waukee AmUftemenl Co., Inc.; Morlisteners Itiat he's gelting true LP Wateitown; C..S. Pierce, and Dick xh Fuhrraann, Morry'a Amusement Klcrco music. Wraight, both of C. S. Pierce Mu- Co.. and James Stechcr, Novelty sic Co., BrDdhcad, and Icrome Service Co. Jacomd. Red's Novelty Co., Weil And, Pat O'Neill, Joe Pclligrino A11S3. and Cad Betz, P <fe P Dislributing ONLY And, Frank end Ruth Sawejka, Co.; CQ-sper Seda. Casper Reda flcavcr Dnm; Andrew V. Water- Coin Machines} William M. Zajc, xitau, Wisconsin Dells; Olla Mara, Studio Phono; Harold Somraer- West Bend Amusement Co., West field, Southern Novelty Co., Arthur WURLIIZEh Bend; Bflb Olstead, Gardner Sales, H. Wislh, W»Tii Vending Co.; Edgcnon; Mite A. Young, Sddier'j Douglas J, Opitz, Wisconsin Nov- Grove, and George Kurck, South ehy Co., and Leslie Reder, L. R. HAS THE Milwaukee. Distribudng Co. SEPTEMBER BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK 92 nnih Joe Ash soys CONTACT ACTlVf for PINBAILS THE LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF PINBALL GAMES IN THE WORLD! «Kcl««ki OalllUb v^ndtriybnij, ni Dock-Ola Baii«s BTilHbvtw J» ruy and fof OalawaNiaitaTn too cm WWW S ifefhj-,^acr«in Wats BxdMMVD Areo Dlitr/butor for WURLITZER PHONOGRAPH and PART5,1710 W.-NDeill AVI Mostm/tr MAcxms co..ot&.f -BrQbii 5t 'PhilptfSO/Pw. POptaf 9-44^5 I Wllw.ai i-lrr J! f.jm i Ci&la; CKIC/iUO 2? lltlndis IMPORTERS SEND FOR FREE 1942 CATALOG W P«sw Fully Mluitnftd. COIN MACHINI KXCH ANDE. INC. ht Klrnr FPCSf COIN" Cfclco^a- " DlffcrrM 7-050O -.A TEN TOP TUNES OPERATE Williams KING IN 5-BAl.L Has Extra Speciaf Ways to Score t»* your WlWami ClFtWEurfor Fl*trr*^rr Mlg. Corp. ^242 W.». h Oikiia 24, UU WE HAVE IT- YOU NEED IT kef vs send if to yew r«n«u» rour cr^.r *1^ ft inull»7, i;swi.r r9v Children's Rides i tiapdy DuA $100,00 Uty BofiM Dog 110,00 1 Capitol Patotnlna M A Beftlaii» Morn OoSenndi 17J,M 4 L«HorryCo-Reuivdi Bert lane Lanan fxwbll Trigger D bhlbll Big Broncei...,, 200-W jfilptlettlfois-tq '322S T^^-Slf Pot^Dr'nY M II. Colo ', Ph«H>>,GR«io : 7-'fKJ4.., Soy You Sow It In Billboard Musk Week EUROPEAN NEWS BRIEFS Continued from 'page 85 Phono, Soccer Game Ran as Entry AACHEN West German)- 5 a Wcsldeunchc Musikautomatcn GmbH ii offering operaion a phonograph-game combination consisting o the Supct-Juplmaric 104-sclcction juke box nod the Kicker soccer game. Opcrntors are being encouraged to place the lupimalic phonograph and the kkkcr soccer game Id landcm nt the same location. Wesldculschc Musliautomatco has been able to effect substantial econocnics in producbg, in tandem, a phonograph and a game. It U offering operators u similnr plan for placing its juke box and game side by aide. The Kicker is a msged, manually operated game devoid of complicated elcctroncis. U/rifetf lines Up Swiss Distributor GENEVA Uniled ManufacfurtDg Company of Chicago hos appointed Bulinga S, A. ils export agent for Europe. Africa and the Near East. The Swiss firm, with offices at 10 Rue de la Scie, has arrnnged for distribution of United products in West Germany, France end Holland. The dislribulors are Globui Aulomaten, Frankfort; S.O.D.E.MJki., Paris, and Jnter-Holland Boivlinff. Tie Hague. Unilcd's products to Ijc distributed in Europe,Include bowling alleys, baseball games and juke boxes. Uoited is pressing European distribution in anticiparon of development of the Buropcnn Common Market Celebrates 35 Years in Trade MAINZ. W. German) 1 Albert Schollmaycr, 63. i& observing his 35th anniversary us en operator. He cnlcrcd the trade. in Mandhcfm as n tcchnicibh. Schollniiiycr began with target Sames and then impoiteil games from the U. S. For a rime be manufacaircd his own 6 a '"«!h Including a billiard game. After the war he switched to payout* nod phonogropb!;. He received o gold medal ot the Luxemburg innkeepers' fair of 1934 for his billiard game. Drive to Oust Local Dutch Ops. AMSTERDAM The Dutch central operators' organization, Aulcx, has opened a campaign to climinaic ihc local operators organizaltons, and consolidtdc operators, into the central group. The local groups arc blamed for Holfand'r. almost hopeless hodgepojgc of local opcraliog regulalions which prevent the development of largo opcrauog organizations- Many districlb of Holland petmil only phodographs, batmlng even gamea. The central operator organization says the operatori have encouraged the present chaos by the fragmentation of operator effort- Tho growth of a muuiplicily of local organizations hns left the central organization unable to exercise notianal InfJuence, ; BERV CEABIUTY 'THERE 15 A DIFFERENCE!II 4 YiKMRS mm uieys a^l.r C.oflr, Wllsm.::::::::; t ;s B>fl Klenct aronar CtilBf. Cjnay. t Cfll. *l... IW pi AtTae BBBUI....a<jD Mprilc cijb ihum* uo JMrfuiy... Hillcn>l Vow> AmbUMdir, IIMI- CiB.,IM D«lw>r Cli/b SHut'fa.,. an Caapnu, «t flra :: Hitlanil II tal 111 Clf?i* 175 CvcIMB a.d Avanca H-iiMki CarrM «m cla a. that. n«din C.C. Socbai llr Qana... (Ponrr Thae M» C«H*r i. IVI THLB CONM & SI! Taana UnUrd T«m*Ha u, 115 BQW11SI ABC..v Votda cn#e am MIII> SM SIIM- B.iab«rt - iu Ill DelPy 150 Towpnaminl. vrnae 110 lea Ctlarrt.. ara 1>1 Aonrv Capital.II - «70 IU P»n ipiv CMmPlffB C.C. Airwrlran Brywllna LtafU... Top CMraar Haieh U JumlM Ov«an kawlar Bowlar HOxil B«nwi *6*)4f... 14* W Z75 PllVtllllB un. iii<m laiblcr ::: VA oikimauiori for waatitztbt. UhiTID. 40TTLIBQ AND MtPWAY. JtiP«SpIoj Mantfgar 2K-, / H1/^ Ajk for Our Current Uied Equipment IIrt CLfiV^LAND L,J MACH'ME texcm PHOSflCT AVi- ClWUMJOlSipHlO All Ptm BBSilBNerll-S) 15 EXTRA WURllTZEk TEN TOP TUNES o«ira.4 couqtk nip** nrnwi p*nm«.. t ru C«ir iik nipfi IjV,,,,, as* Jri ally Spiel Gtf"air J00 illy W, 5Jmp SJiwIar 5im..... J74 C.C. 1 ruyv tgaat Mirflli *3 M C.C. Kaikai 5Kb«li (1 Pliyl " tcbiyoao... HeraFy 'p«niaim Gva., MS J9 WIDirap Dsn A IPII... M UpIIH 30 Ft. liwl A Hani l.'fio I illr Sun) 14 If. BawlH tsm 1,IM tilly Ciir Cktfftp TJ a WarlHq^s.rtan 3W» 10OC, «Wl 159 Wurlfjo WarllfrB- 1 9«0 34M, hi Ft Mi Mfl WoHlfXir Id Wall HlliiBiy 4H wllli MO WlHin* J.H, M* REX-BILOTTA CORPORATION S7I 8. Sdlna St., Syrocui* 3, N, Y. JorV Sfiowrroii^SoUi Mar. ORanlto <

100 94 BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK SEPTEMBER 23, 1961 Await III. Ruling <in Pin Law Validity Ops Lukewarm to European Import CHICAGO Stele's Altamey measure to oullaw the gaming de- Assembly lost yenr, the Ipw permits Doalel P. Ward is eipeclcd to rale vices, county boards to "license. Irk, reg- Cgnlinued from vors 90 Ibis xwcfc on the validity of a 1961 A second request for an apfnioo ulate or prohibit pinbol! games or ]qw wluch empowers county board? has been addressed to Word's of- nmcbioes, bagalelle, pigeon-hole, there is not enough of a election One cobmao did a ay ho would of cojnmjssionqra to prohibit or ftce by Seymour Simoo, president pool or any other tables or im- on these macblnci. He said the like to see the machlnea. "It might regulale pinbali machines io cnin- of the board. plerneofa kept for siniil.ir purposes customers get tired of watching the be Just the thing wc need to givq corporafed areas. 500 Units Affeded in any place of public resort out- aamc old rum over mid over. this business a ahot In the arov* The oplnc'on waa requested by About 500 macbinea now on side the corporate limits of all Cook Counly Conuniss toner Charles Iccotion would be affected by the cities, villages and Incorporated Need Top Artfel he said, hopefully, F. Chaplin, who said that he move. creas." Jaracs GiosbcrB. fwad of Banner v/fll propose the eaactmcnt ol a Passed by the 111 m pis Ocneral Edward Plusdrafc, a first assistant Specialty Company, feels the fu- Slate's attorney in charge of the ture of the filmed uke bos dc- ZIG-ZAG civil branch, is drafting tlic opinion. pend* on whether top ataxs will Game BASEBALL He told BMW that he would have sign up. He said be thought Ic»all it rendy early this week, might go over if Brdsu such aa pu*. BUM ft in lf-s<-154 Chlcjgb Coin Big Lragua.. $ (Cenco HI Fty.,.$ Chnpliu YJcvpofot Sinatra would make the juke bos nlah Jn Jlnp icorlna. naluril acprjid. All Ucired Sugar Stagger "If it can be done, I will sub- films, ial. f>cd c.nmit en ordinance to the County B5U Adair of Eastern Music Syi- S49.50 GUNS Board os early as powible," Chop- tcma, local Sccburg outlet, bgreed lio said. "Nobody can tell me the thia might be true, but he pointed Chlcagn Cotn Playlmd $ Conco Stat* Fair machines aren't used for gambling. out that the talent would demand SHUFFICBOARD Midway ShotkHng Ciliary Gerco Clrcva Nobody is going to feed a lot of performance rigbls and cot just SCOREBOARDS Wllliimi Cruiadar Conco Rifl# Cillery JO.OO money into those things jiist to win mecfmnicnl rights. WKIIimi Vanguard United Pfratw... 99,00 free games," "This would then put the cost S" aoiib 1^ 'HbimwI Chaplin voiced criticism of Sher- Wllltinir Than Chleago Colft Ray Can for each tune loo far out of reach Undi. uj.dtd canelit* modn with M cam eitram* Bsc. iff Frank Sain for failure to re- 1o go over," Adair claimed. S159i0 mind the bonrtl of Its power under SHUFFLES the 1961 law. Adair also doubled that big name "He is the county's chief law en- fctara would go for the idea oven Uritad Mara Chicagft Triplft Sfrika,...$ forcer ond be sbould slay aware then. Ho indicated only those on i Chicago CoIh Crlu Crou UniNd Lfghmlnf... J50.00 of possible means to curb gnmthe way up would make the films spccratsj Clir«g«Flrtbill Unltad Clipfiar bling." and that the paying Ciulomcre POOL SUPPLIES Chicago Scoraallnw Unltid Filth Intiinf Local Ordinances Would not be Interested In watching Unifad Captfjt? A number of Chicago suburbs Lh«m. have adapted ordiuaoces prohibit- Idea Not Nftw. I wj* rtfl - k.fu* uliv/dm.n: ing Ihe operation of the machines. A suburban distributor 'pointed / nil Yfti'Aili i# m ARCADE The legality of the measure out such an idea Of * filmed iuko adopted in jrahurban Franklin Park box was not new. "Wc had those Chkifo Coin Crln EahlbFt Pop Cun was upheld lust October on an ap- machtnes Blmost 20 years ago," he Wi nrry lamftut* llr* M Croat Hocfcwy WJIIUttH Road Racar 450.0D peal to Circuit Court Judge B. Fair aid, "and they didn't go over then. luaall-t V/r1t» -fir llrt". Bally All Star Bawlor Harvard Maul Typer..., Tucker. I think the record companies held Chaplin recalled that aj mayor back on Ihon a. little. PHOKOSRAPN FiilTIG of Northbroak In 1953, he ikam- W«BOWLERS mended the enactment of the anll- i VVMUPUir, e»rrr raalacimnt Iwwbnt tna iliitkv A*i.r. **r wan ttr HlinKiPB. Chlcwto Coin Clinic Chlciga. Twbi Bowler., pinball ordinance alill Jo force In Carfman OfMrotloni Chief that community. CHICAGO The S«burg Corpi w napaift, lofape* C.Ojj. or fj*. BIRMINGHAM VENDING COMPANY when answering otfi, <, poration haa named Carl Carlman as vice-president in charge of op- MARVEL NsnafaclBrlnp (i nd Avenue North BirmFnzham, Alabami Soy You Sow If In erations planning and Marian Phonn: FA Gregory as vicc-prcsldem in charge 5 «S4 w. Fwairhin Avr- Ch«-a* <T. tit. BidboBrd Music Week K Phimt DKluni MUl of quality sssuxaoca. nssl a* ^ numbered largels llghls buttons and out hole for super high COJB i' ^ Target high score foaturo holds over antll compleied I!«ton 'ofjove ''9bt pairs for 100 points m -J- Two alternating light^pop bumpers for rapid 10 point;scoring 'i BL ^K Four ^ rol,avers l, gh t alternately for icq polrtfs vxwf//.- =! r mm ^ Match feature "ft 3 ot 5 ball play 'jur Sparkling cablnel design SEE YOUR DISTRIBUTOR FOR A DEMONSTRATION TODAY! Kew "Hafd-Cote FIdJiIi Extiadi Piiv&Mrd. LHi ta in AII-riBit Ml fijwer mmuu P*MC. m I HMO N. lcoftffttr~av«nva * Chlcaso 51, Idlnpb Wi PfwMmUm N Qtltllmh iwmiil

101 Introducing the revolutionary Seeburg LP Console -r c ':i. m V o W» L- I je.r 1

102 /Supeib Console Slyl- O Music Library Pro- y Ngw Channel Separa- y MewlncomeTotallzer. T New Front Servicing. Stereo Consoletle. Reinp, New dlcnensions, fiiamming. Meets to- W lion. Built-in dlfacllonul *T Non-reaatlabtB, tampar- H Pult-out unltfied elec- O mota soleclor unit with new design, marprooi day's demonds lor all stereo for brilliant high proof, counts all coins tfonlcs far fast, easy buht-fn stereo spaakara I walnut finish I types of muslcl ridelltyl received I servicing I

103 WE'VE GOT TWO HIT SINGLES UP OUR SLEEVES (Bright 4-color sleeves, at that!] ORDER NOW! #8085 #8087 SO HOW COME (NO ONE LOVES HEj" "(DAKGE WITH THE) GUITAR HAN" DON GIBSON SD HDW COME TOVB KEI BAOV WE'BE RCAllY IN LOVE i! 1^3 gt-ti IM AM; eiiky TAm^fiGUITAR MflNsraETCHffl'uur 11 > i 4 SS\ : WK l^l T "1 M 1 p t f V j r it' 1 '; plrft.l The most trusted name in sound

104 New Dimensions in Music for Public Entertainment O,,, mr ALBUM V?* F* Introducing Seeburg's Exclusive ALBUMS OF THE MONTH J&, s- r'j T* 1 ; Ko ' IT- ' r:*} > r3 '*% hn - " cj+'st 4*'.. 'Ir tiinr R 45 y -9 7 \ <? L* featuring JJ'/s true stereo recordings of % the latest best-selling album releases rj». "Albums of the Month" is the exclusive Seeburg introduction thai brings to the coin phonograph the record manufacturers" very finest stereophonic album recordings. Each album selection made by a patron automalically delivers superb musical entertainment equivalent to one complete side of a IZ-fnch long-playing album record. Available lor use only on the new LP Console, many of the Seeburg "Atbums of the Month" refeases are recorded in absolute stereo by the great new35-m r n film recording technique. With automatic intermix of these new records, regular 33^ albums, and 45 sins'^s, up to 480 individual tunes can he programmed on the LP Console! Tf Reversible 10-album display panel! The LP Console's full-width "Albums of the Month 1 ' panel holds ten atbum sleeves. It displays five at a time and each one is individually reversible. The Seeburg Sales Corporation, Chicago 22 S- % ^1 'U Hli) s "Jii Ms % no Mo cl 'u > V\ 1 \ k v I -r V N, New features to meet the demands of today's new locations

No. 122 supplement - (Vol.VII) October 1996

No. 122 supplement - (Vol.VII) October 1996 No. supplement - (Vol.VII) October 1 Editorial Board editors John RoycrqftM New Way Road, London, England NW PL Ed van de Gev, Binnen de Vestc, PH Amersfoort, The Netherlands Spotlight-column: J Fleck,

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COHU, INC. Elec tron ics Di vi sion In stal la tion and Op era tion In struc tions

COHU, INC. Elec tron ics Di vi sion In stal la tion and Op era tion In struc tions COHU, INC. Elec tron ics Di vi sion In stal la tion and Op era tion In struc tions 2200 SE RIES NTSC/YC, PAL/YC, AND RGB COLOR CAM ERAS This de vice com plies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Op era tion

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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. About Reading Pathways

COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. About Reading Pathways About Reading Pathways Many students need extra help in learning how to track left-to-right with their eyes. These students benefit from reading practice that gradually and systematically builds letters

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«**]+( «**]I" «**]g% «**^!) «**^?# «**^]& «**a?*

«**]+( «**]I «**]g% «**^!) «**^?# «**^]& «**a?* SEIKO OPTICAL PRODUCTS OF AMERICA, INC. chapter. page 9. 1-0.00 ULTRA AR 70mm «**]!* 0909600009 +0.25 ULTRA AR 70mm «**]+( 0909601007 +0.50 ULTRA AR 70mm «**]5& 0909602005 +0.75 ULTRA AR 70mm «**]?$ 0909603003

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US Columbia Records Singles

US Columbia Records Singles US Columbia Records Singles This labelography addresses main line singles only. Columbia used several series to indicate main popular series. Label 01 Embossed label information with no Paper Label 1901

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Helping your child be a fluent reader:

Helping your child be a fluent reader: Helping your child be a fluent reader: Read with expression! Readers should think about a character s feelings and pay attention to punctuation. Focus on rate. Readers should read like they talk. Read

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Breaking News English.com Ready-to-Use English Lessons by Sean Banville

Breaking News English.com Ready-to-Use English Lessons by Sean Banville Breaking News English.com Ready-to-Use English Lessons by Sean Banville 1,000 IDEAS & ACTIVITIES FOR LANGUAGE TEACHERS breakingnewsenglish.com/book.html Thousands more free lessons from Sean's other websites

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SYMBOL CONVERSION LONG-TERM EQUITY OPTIONS EXPIRING IN JANUARY AND MARCH 2007 Trading Interest Rate Derivatives Trading Equity and Index Derivatives Back-office Futures Back-office - Options Technology Regulation CIRCULAR June 6, 2006 SYMBOL CONVERSION LONG-TERM EQUITY OPTIONS EXPIRING

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Pet Sounds. Label 62-M01S Pressed at Scranton, AudioMatrix. Label 62-M01L Pressed at Los Angeles, Jacksonville

Pet Sounds. Label 62-M01S Pressed at Scranton, AudioMatrix. Label 62-M01L Pressed at Los Angeles, Jacksonville Pet Sounds Label 62 T-2458 Black rainbow label with logo at top, and no subsidiary print. Matte labels First appearance in Billboard: May 14, 1966. First appearance in Cash Box: May 14, 1966. Label 62-M01S

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Short Vowel Word Family Lists. -an -ad -en -et -in -it

Short Vowel Word Family Lists. -an -ad -en -et -in -it Short Vowel Word Family Lists Short a Short e Short i -an -ad -en -et -in -it can bad Ben get bin bit fan dad pen net tin fit man lad hen jet fin hit pan had den let pin pit ran mad men met win sit tan

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Trial Version.

Trial Version. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 PEGGY O NEIL If her eyes are blue as skies, That s Peg-gy O Neil. If she s smil-ing all the while, That s Peg-gy O Neil. If she walks like a sly lit-tle rogue, If she talks with

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iv, 1/2/A- F81 7ffic Csme-}# 1,-c RESULT OF LOTTERY FOR ALLOTMENT OF EWS FIATS IN NEW TOWN, KOLKATA CH- 26/11 / DGE SHEET: 1 TIME : 10:00 AM SHEET: 1 RESULT OF LOTTERY FOR ALLOTMENT OF EWS FIATS IN NEW TOWN, KOLKATA DATE : 2610812015 1 0034 CH- 2611 2 0036 CH- 26,s- 7 3 0037 CH- 237.- 4 0042 CH- 308 5 0046 CH- 172. 6 0047 CH- 20i.. 7 0048 CH-

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SHOUT IT OUT WELDON DEAN PARKS, HAL DAVIS and (March) C FLUTE/C PICCOLO Bright 2 from the 20th Century Fox Film "Dnunline" By DALLAS AUSTIN, JASPER CAMERON, SHOUT IT OUT WELDON DEAN PARKS, HAL DAVIS and 2002 EMI Black wood Music, Cyptron Music, Stone Diamond

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A MUSICAL. Preview Only. pizz.


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Iu Greensleeves Variants Robert E. Foster (ASCAP) j r. n r^ni. ^rtr. m ^Tn * ^ $ n~n. Boldly (J = ) (2+2+3) Boldly (J = )

Iu Greensleeves Variants Robert E. Foster (ASCAP) j r. n r^ni. ^rtr. m ^Tn * ^ $ n~n. Boldly (J = ) (2+2+3) Boldly (J = ) Grade 4 Time 6:30 Boldly (J = 132-136) (2+2+3) Greensleeves Variants Robert E. Foster (ASCAP) Piccolo Flute Alto Saxes _ Tenor Sax Baritone Sax Trumpet 1 Boldly (J = 132-136) Trumpets F Horns F Horns Trombones.

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Table of Contents TelcordiaSR-307 Documentation Information

Table of Contents TelcordiaSR-307 Documentation Information Table of Contents Table of Contents TelcordiaSR-307 Documentation Information 1 Purpose.......................................... 1 1 2 Scope............................................ 2 1 3 Reason for

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2017 Tentative Roster

2017 Tentative Roster 2017 Tentative Roster Seeing your name on this list only means that you were assigned to a DHA in the Application Process & Lottery. To actually be placed into the 2017 Hunt, you are still required to

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Spare Parts, Accessories, Consumable Material for Older Design Recorders

Spare Parts, Accessories, Consumable Material for Older Design Recorders Spare Parts, Accessories, Consumable Material for Older Design Recorders 4/2 Summary 4/2 Accessories for multipoint and line recorders SIREC 2010 4/2 Accessories for hybrid recorders VARIOGRAPH 4/2 Accessories

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G I hear the train a comin, it s rolling round the bend G7 and I ain t seen the sunshine since I don t know when,

G I hear the train a comin, it s rolling round the bend G7 and I ain t seen the sunshine since I don t know when, OLSOM PRISON BLUES Johnny ash I hear the train a comin, it s rolling round the bend 7 and I ain t seen the sunshine since I don t know when, I m stuck in olsom prison, and time keeps draggin on but that

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Capitol Records announced in mid-august that they were preparing this album for release.

Capitol Records announced in mid-august that they were preparing this album for release. The Beach Boys Christmas Album Capitol Records announced in mid-august that they were preparing this album for release. As we can see in that ad, the track selection and cover art were basically complete.

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#21 Stand up and Bless the Lord. œ œ œ œ œ. up high is up. bless bove strength bless. and a - our and. choice; high, ours; dore; heart laud all forth

#21 Stand up and Bless the Lord. œ œ œ œ œ. up high is up. bless bove strength bless. and a - our and. choice; high, ours; dore; heart laud all forth #21 St up Bless Lord 1 c Ó.. 1. 2. 4. 5. St Though God St up high is up a bless bove strength bless Lord, praise, song, Lord, Ye A And 4 Bb. peo bove His Lord ple sal y bless va God His ing tion a choice;

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To Make You FeeL My love

To Make You FeeL My love ntro To Make You eel My love E / E / Bob Dylan /A /A G 7 Whenthe rain is blowin' in your face, and the wholeworld is on your case, 7 E /G / could offer you a warm em brace 7 7( ) to make you feel my love.

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The Home Secretary has said that the Government would be considering this issue in the course of preparing the forthcoming White Paper.

The Home Secretary has said that the Government would be considering this issue in the course of preparing the forthcoming White Paper. á a THE BRITISH ACADEMYOF RIEFING FOR PRIME MINISTER'S DINNER ENGAGEMENT AT FILM AND TELEVISION ARTS ON FRIDAY 25 FEBRUARY 1983. Points to be raised The Hunt Report and cable television: BAFTA is concerned

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Preview Only. Legal Use Requires Purchase. LYDIA, THE TATTOOED LADY for T.T.B.B. voices and piano* Music by HAROLD ARLEN Lyric by E. Y.

Preview Only. Legal Use Requires Purchase. LYDIA, THE TATTOOED LADY for T.T.B.B. voices and piano* Music by HAROLD ARLEN Lyric by E. Y. Arranged by JAY ALTHOUSE LYDIA, THE TATTOOED LADY or voices and piano* Music by HAROLD ARLEN Lyric by E. Y. HARBURG 1 Piccolo Trumpet 1 Trumpet 2 Trombone Baritone Horn Tuba Percussion 1 (S.D./D.) Percussion

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Essential Learning Products

Essential Learning Products Essential Learning Products a Highlights company 2018 Dealer Price List (effective 11/1/2017 12/31/18) P.O. Box 2590 Columbus, OH 43216-2590 Call Toll Free 800.357.3570 Fax 614.487.2272 NEW 2018 Products

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Phase Equilibria, Crystallographic and Thermodynamic Data of Binary Alloys

Phase Equilibria, Crystallographic and Thermodynamic Data of Binary Alloys Landolt-Börnstein Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology New Series / Editor in Chief: W. Martienssen Group IV: Physical Chemistry Volume 12 Phase Equilibria, Crystallographic

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From the Author. Hello fellow music teache. D. Brian Weese. enjoy each other s composi

From the Author. Hello fellow music teache. D. Brian Weese. enjoy each other s composi From the Author rs: Hello fellow music teache rstand d to help my students unde ate cre s wa ok bo ing low fol The t osing, and that it s not jus a little bit more about comp ss per. Just as there is a

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STD. WM-G3224Y-1NFWe 1 謝德馨 廖顯盛 夏勝華 JUL JUL JUL

STD. WM-G3224Y-1NFWe 1 謝德馨 廖顯盛 夏勝華 JUL JUL JUL STD WM-G3224Y-1NFWe 1 JUL 23 2004 廖顯盛 JUL 22 2004 夏勝華 JUL 22 2004 謝德馨 History of Version Version Contents Date Note e1 NEW VERSION 16.Jul. 04 SPEC. & Sample WM-G3224Y-1NFWe VER.1 2/28 Contents Page (1)

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Joel Martinson (Choral score) Selah Publishing Co., Inc. Hn. J œ œ œ œ œ œ. j œ. 8 5 Choir: (Women or Men) for review only. ni- mi- pax.

Joel Martinson (Choral score) Selah Publishing Co., Inc. Hn. J œ œ œ œ œ œ. j œ. 8 5 Choir: (Women or Men) for review only. ni- mi- pax. Missa Guadalupe o Martson 10-911 (Choral score) Sah Publishg Co. Inc. Orr rom your avorite aler or at.sahpub.com (Or call 00--1.S. and Cada) This document is provid or revie purposes only. It is illegal

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Wymondham Ukulele Group Elvis & Buddy Holly Songbook

Wymondham Ukulele Group Elvis & Buddy Holly Songbook Wymondham Ukulele roup Elvis & Buddy Holly Songbook 2018 All Shook Up 2 Maybe Baby 16 Return To Sender 4 Teddy Bear 17 Peggy Sue 6 The Wonder Of You 18 Don t Be ruel 7 Wooden Heart 19 Rave On 9 Peggy Sue

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4. My Girl. say. She thought I'd had e - nough of her. Why can't she see? in and watch T. V. on my own, ev - ery now and then.

4. My Girl. say. She thought I'd had e - nough of her. Why can't she see? in and watch T. V. on my own, ev - ery now and then. 4. My Girl 7 Q - Sarah: "Maybe I'm not such a good judge of character." Faster Slowly q = 120 Emmo My girl's mad at me 6 I did-n't want to see the film to - night. I found it hard to 9 say. She thought

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Stalin and the Little Girl

Stalin and the Little Girl duration: ca. 10 min. q = ca.40 very rubato, esecially silences? 4 > # > Stalin and the Little Girl # AN ICN (or unaccomanied bass-baritone voice) # words & music by William Vollinger (ASCA) 2012 # Gel-ya!

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Section 3: Written section (fill-in-the-chart)--worth 50 possible points (see specifics, below)

Section 3: Written section (fill-in-the-chart)--worth 50 possible points (see specifics, below) MIDTERM EXAM STUDY GUIDE (Bring a No. 2 pencil) Music 3500: American Music The Midterm Exam is on Monday October 16 from 4-5:40pm in Knauss Rm. 2452. - This exam is worth 400 total possible points [40%

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ADVANCED CABLE TIES, INC. ADVANCED CABLE TIES, INC. Advanced Engineering + Advanced Processing = Advanced Cable s, U, CSA, Approved, OHS Compliant Products ISO 9001:2015 egistered Quality System sonal Customer Service epresentative

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Can Rock and Roll Save America?

Can Rock and Roll Save America? Can Rock and Roll Save America? Five Environmental Songs: To Trigger Political and Social-Change Discussions Our first mini-guide presents five environmental songs for exploration. These are from the 1960s

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English Project. Contents

English Project. Contents English Project Contents Introduction 2. Many-Talker Prompt-File Distribution 3. Few-Talker Prompt-File Distribution 4. Very-Few-Talker Prompt Files Introduction This report documents the subjects, equipment,

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Technical Note

Technical Note ESD-TR-f. 6-453 ESD RECORD COPY 1211 N DIVISION ESD ACCESSION LIST Call No. AL 531^8 Technical Note 1966-24 S. B. Russell Haystack Display Translator 10 October 1966 s Division Contract AF 19(628)-5]

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F r o m l i b r a r y b o u n d I n c.

F r o m l i b r a r y b o u n d I n c. Holiday Music F r o m l i b r a r y b o u n d I n c. 2014 The best new music of the season. Artists include Blue Rodeo, LeAnn Rimes, Darius Rucker and many more. Order quickly for delivery before the holidays.

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MAURIZIO MACHELLA Arranger, Interpreter, Publisher

MAURIZIO MACHELLA Arranger, Interpreter, Publisher MAURIZIO MACHELLA Arranger, Interpreter, Publisher Italia About the artist Famous musician and organist, known throughout the world. Italian publisher, researcher and organist. Music collaborator with

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come on and dance - - I # ~ ~. 1& I ~...--::: tfj! Yi 11~! ~OCK ~l~ (d='o) _~ IJ./ ~I.1 /-s ~. ~. ~. ~. ~O If II 1.1 if If) 'lisle WlONI.

come on and dance - - I # ~ ~. 1& I ~...--::: tfj! Yi 11~! ~OCK ~l~ (d='o) _~ IJ./ ~I.1 /-s ~. ~. ~. ~. ~O If II 1.1 if If) 'lisle WlONI. come on and dance ALTO SAX 1 Yi 11! OCK l (d='o) _ J./.1 q. "ljo Ol"y /s tfj! 10 Music by MKE BARONE (ASCAP) r,. r.. U. f 1.1.. O...::: if f) 'lsle WlON.Y "" #. 1& 1980 Jobar Music Publishing Co. ALTO

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Slough Station. Dedworth. Clewer, Clewer Village. Eton. Eton. Datchet. Windsor. Slough Town Centre. Windsor & Eton Riverside.

Slough Station. Dedworth. Clewer, Clewer Village. Eton. Eton. Datchet. Windsor. Slough Town Centre. Windsor & Eton Riverside. Rout Map D rth h w wo or rth Ti r n Lan rs k Tin Tink L ayy u Rulswa Ro oa a Tstwoo R. Holly Dworth Crscnt Tsco s Fost Wolf f LanLan Av v. r Cl l w wr Fostr Av vnu nu Aston Ma hs Smith ith Hill ill l Ro

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You Are My Sunshine. F C C7 You make me happy when skies are grey

You Are My Sunshine. F C C7 You make me happy when skies are grey You Are My Sunshine Intro: 7 7 You are my sunshine, my only sunshine 7 You make me happy when skies are grey You'll never know dear, how much I love you 7 Please don't take my sunshine a-way 7 The other

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VENDOR NUMBER CROSS REFERENCE LIST CROSS REFERENCE LIST 574-S. 839 987 6E-2 912 412 6J-3 E-70 168-M 6K-3 E-70 259-M AFB-2447 S 1731 513 AFB-2448 S 1731 514 AFB-2641 S *1822 052 AFB-2642 S *1822 053 AFB-2650 S *1826 079 AFB-2651 S *1826

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Music Technology. Advanced Subsidiary Unit 1: Music Technology Portfolio 1. Release date: Wednesday 1 September 2010 Time: 60 hours

Music Technology. Advanced Subsidiary Unit 1: Music Technology Portfolio 1. Release date: Wednesday 1 September 2010 Time: 60 hours Edexcel GCE Music Technology Advanced Subsidiary Unit 1: Music Technology Portfolio 1 Release date: Wednesday 1 September 2010 Time: 60 hours Paper Reference 6MT01/01 You must have: A copy of the original

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Selection guide siemens.com/sirius-modular-system

Selection guide siemens.com/sirius-modular-system SIRIUS modular system Selection guide siemens.com/sirius-modular-system Everything for the control cabinet: SIRIUS modular system Efficiently combined Advantages at a glance: Load feeders: easy to implement

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Sun Records Albums

Sun Records Albums Sun Records Albums 1957-1968 Sun LP Pressing Identifiers The three factories that usually pressed for Sun Records were: Plastic Products of Memphis (TN), operating out of 1746 Chelsea Avenue next to Kilowatt

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Kentucky Folklife Festival - Frankfort, Kentucky, 2001 (FA 665)

Kentucky Folklife Festival - Frankfort, Kentucky, 2001 (FA 665) Western Kentucky University TopSCHOLAR FA Finding Aids Folklife Archives 3-18-2014 Kentucky Folklife Festival - Frankfort, Kentucky, 2001 (FA 665) Manuscripts & Folklife Archives Western Kentucky University,

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Surfin USA. Label 62-M01S Pressed at Scranton. Label 62-M01L Pressed at Los Angeles

Surfin USA. Label 62-M01S Pressed at Scranton. Label 62-M01L Pressed at Los Angeles Surfin USA Label 62 Mono T-1890 Semi-glossy labels First appearance in Billboard: April 27, 1963. First appearance in Cash Box: April 27, 1963. Factories: Scranton; Los Angeles The first label credits

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Litera. Circle Roles. Name: Name: ame: Title of Book:

Litera. Circle Roles. Name: Name: ame: Title of Book: Literature Circle Roles ssion Discu tor Direc Date: Name: me: ntur e: Title of r: Autho ry Adve Nam ing A Book : Name: ina Stellar SummarizerLiterary Lum Date: Date: rtist Title of Book: cle Na Author:

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AMERICAN POP MUSIC THE EARLY 50 S AMERICAN POP MUSIC THE EARLY 50 S OVERVIEW EARLY 1950 S In general, the 50 s were prosperous times in America Stable economy No active war Emphasis on going to college, getting married, and raising a family

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Grade 5. Practice Test. The Road Not Taken Birches

Grade 5. Practice Test. The Road Not Taken Birches Name Date Grade 5 The Road Not Taken Birches Today you will read two passages. Read these sources carefully to gather information to answer questions and write an essay. The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

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Set 1 Tracks 1 to 8 Name That Song Quiz May 2018

Set 1 Tracks 1 to 8 Name That Song Quiz May 2018 Set 1 Tracks 1 to 8 Name That Song Quiz May 2018 Question 1: Track 1 Clue 1 - Fats Waller s friend delivers milk Clue 2 - His friend also gives him advice Clue 3 - A good friend who gives good advice!

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Uppercase K. Counting to 30. Day 16

Uppercase K. Counting to 30. Day 16 Day 16 Uppercase K Write a K in each box. Start at the top left corner. Draw a line down the side of the box. Jump up to the opposite corner at the top and draw a slanted line to the middle and then back

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Tracks 1 to 8 What s This Song? January 2019

Tracks 1 to 8 What s This Song? January 2019 Tracks 1 to 8 What s This Song? January 2019 Question 1: Track 1 Clue 1 - Two rhyming nonsense words Clue 2 - They both rhyme with smokey Clue 3 - In, out, in, out & shake it all about Clue 4 - Hok_y P_k_y

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BWTB CHRISTMAS SHOW * John & Yoko Happy Xmas (War Is Over) `71. * George Ding Dong Dark Horse 1974

BWTB CHRISTMAS SHOW * John & Yoko Happy Xmas (War Is Over) `71. * George Ding Dong Dark Horse 1974 1 BWTB CHRISTMAS SHOW 2014 * John & Yoko Happy Xmas (War Is Over) `71 * George Ding Dong Dark Horse 1974 1 2 9:13 BREAK This morning we will feature all 7 of the Beatles XMAS messages which were FLEXI

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Discography. UK Singles

Discography. UK Singles Discography UK Singles 1. Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You, 5 October 1962, Parlophone 45-r 4949 2. / Ask Me Why, 11 January 1963, Parlophone 45-r 4983 3. From Me To You / Thank You Girl, 11 April 1963, Parlophone

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Cover photo by Malene Thyssen,

Cover photo by Malene Thyssen, Transcriptions by Stephen ucke Tutorial videos for these songs available at www.tradschool.com Cover photo by Malene Thyssen, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/user:malene Contact tradschool@gmail.com

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2003 Year of the Blues KEY NATIONAL EVENT SCHEDULE 2003 Year of the Blues KEY NATIONAL EVENT SCHEDULE KEY EVENTS Sundance Film Festival January 19-23 Park City, UT Attendance: 40,000 Premiere screening of a 100-minute compilation reel Panel discussions

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A Poperetta for Unison and 2-Part Voices

A Poperetta for Unison and 2-Part Voices Teacher s Handbook Gilbert & Sullivan ROCK! A Poperetta for Unison and 2-Part Voices Featuring the Music and Lyrics of W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan Book and New Lyrics by Mark Cabaniss Arranged by

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MagiCurrents San Diego Ring 76 March 2018 VOL. XXXII #3

MagiCurrents San Diego Ring 76 March 2018 VOL. XXXII #3 MagiCurrents San Diego Ring 76 March 2018 VOL. XXXII #3 President s Messsage Magical wishes to all of you in Ring 76 land. I hope you all enjoyed the close-up competition. We had only four participants,

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Word Mastery Decoding Fluency Practice Cards

Word Mastery Decoding Fluency Practice Cards Word Mastery Fluency Cards Word Mastery Decoding Fluency Practice Cards Copyright 2014 by Donald L. Potter www.wordmastery.org Note from Internet Publisher: Donald L. Potter July 4, 2014 I designed these

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Terms and Conditions. By printing the attached sheet music, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions. By printing the attached sheet music, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions. Terms and onditions UPT MRH 2016 Thank you or downloading the attached sheet music or irst. We hope that these songs are a source o encouragement or both you and your church. Please note: This download

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PERFINS of Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth II

PERFINS of Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Issues - Four sets issued in 1964. 1964/01 Shakespeare Festival, issued 23 rd April 1964. The set, designed by Christopher & Robin Ironside, was issued to celebrate the 400 th Anniversary

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I saw three ships. Trad. English carol arr. DAVID WILLCOCKS. Gaily. ships. saw Sa. come and. sail his Beth. ing la le. in dy, hem - - Christ.

I saw three ships. Trad. English carol arr. DAVID WILLCOCKS. Gaily. ships. saw Sa. come and. sail his Beth. ing la le. in dy, hem - - Christ. 6 I saw three ships SOPRANO ALTO Gaily 1. I saw three ships come sail ing in 3. Our Sa viour Christ and his la dy, On 5. O, y sailed in to Beth lehem Trad. English carol arr. DAVID WILLCOCKS SOLO SOLO

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1920's Music Pack 5 0

1920's Music Pack 5 0 1920's Music Pack 5 0 SUNNY SIDE O THE STREET C E7 Grab your coat and get your hat, leave your wor -ry on the door step," Am Dm C Just di -rect your feet, to the Sun -ny Side of the Street. C E7 Can't

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Mafu Zulu. Voulay kanay Asse Ellay Oomsin di si. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Andrew Sisters

Mafu Zulu. Voulay kanay Asse Ellay Oomsin di si. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Andrew Sisters Mafu Zulu Mafu Zulu Voulay kanay Asse Ellay Oomsin di si Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Andrew Sisters He was a famous trumpet man from out Chicago way He had a boogie style that no one else could play He was

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CW KENDALL. Classic Rock, Oldies, Rhythm & Blues Country, Pop-Tunes, Rock & Roll and More..

CW KENDALL. Classic Rock, Oldies, Rhythm & Blues Country, Pop-Tunes, Rock & Roll and More.. CW KENDALL One-Man Band! Classic Rock, Oldies, Rhythm & Blues Country, Pop-Tunes, Rock & Roll and More.. C.W. Kendall provides high quality live music for any occasions: Nightclubs, Lounges, Country Clubs,

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Sounds and Symbols with Accuracy and Speed

Sounds and Symbols with Accuracy and Speed Sounds and Symbols with Accuracy and Speed Continue Pre-testing Fluency Warm-ups Week 4 Card Work Areas Monitor for Success WEEK 4 Teacher-Led Small Groups 40 minutes Note: Small Groups will begin in week

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Come, Ye Faithful, Raise The Strain Exodus 15 John of Damascus, c Translated by John M. Neale, , alt. Alto

Come, Ye Faithful, Raise The Strain Exodus 15 John of Damascus, c Translated by John M. Neale, , alt. Alto 2 Exodus 15 John of Damascus, c. 675 749 Translated by John M. Neale, 1818 1866, alt. Scott Soper INTRO: With joyful intensity ( = ca. 76 ) Keyboard VERSES 1 & 2: Vs. 1 Cantor or unison Choir; Vs. 2 Soprano/Alto

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I Say A Little Prayer Audition Extract

I Say A Little Prayer Audition Extract Piano/Vocal q = 98 Rhodes Em9 Priscilla The Musical I Say A Little Prayer Audition Extract Musical Supervisor: Stephen "Spud" Murphy 2 4 mp (Kbd.2 Stgs) Am7 5 Tick 6 7 8 The mo Em9 ment I wake Am7 up.

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GIVE ME A CHORAL MEDLEY! 2 PIANO 4 GIVE ME A CHORAL MEDLEY! Grandioso (q = ca. 104) (A Singer s Spoof ) for S.A.T.B. voices and piano with optional SoundTrax CD* molto rit. decresc. 7 Freely (q = ca. 88) f 6 * Also avaible for

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THE READING ROAD. Chapter 2: CVC Words

THE READING ROAD. Chapter 2: CVC Words THE READING ROAD Chapter 2: CVC Words Contents Introduction to CVC Words... 2 Short Vowels... 3 Word Math: Addition... 4 Short-A... 5 Short-E... 8 Bigger Words: -er... 10 Ray & His Bad Cat... 11 Short-I...

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UKULELE! WEEK 3. Save the dates! Tuesday Evenings 6 to 7:30 pm. at the Delray Beach Public Library. Week Three (February 11th, 2014)

UKULELE! WEEK 3. Save the dates! Tuesday Evenings 6 to 7:30 pm. at the Delray Beach Public Library. Week Three (February 11th, 2014) UKULELE! WEEK 3 at the Delray Beach Public Library Save the dates! Tuesday Evenings 6 to 7:30 pm February 11th & 25 March 11th & 25 April 8th & 22 Week Three (February 11th, 2014) (1). Jamaica Farewell

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TESOROS OCULTOS. Treasures Out of Darkness

TESOROS OCULTOS. Treasures Out of Darkness TESOROS OCULTOS Treasures Out of Darkness Coro al SATB, Cantor, Asblea, (Flauta, Oboe, Trompa en Fa opcionales), Guitarra, Piano SATB Choir, Cantor, Assembly, (optional Flute, Oboe, Horn in F), Guitar,

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Finding List by Question by State

Finding List by Question by State Finding List by Question by State 1. Is there a state statute of general application that governs the enforceability of covenants not to compete? AL... 1299 AK... 1381 AZ... 1407 AR... 1481 CA... 1549

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Concert Series Concert Ticket Office

Concert Series Concert Ticket Office 2017-2018 Concert Series P r e S e n T e d b y F i r S T P r e S b y T e r i a n C h u r C h O F b O n i T a S P r i n g S Concert Ticket Office 239-992-3410 Our 30th Season! First Presbyterian Church

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New Jazz/Prestige Records

New Jazz/Prestige Records New Jazz/Prestige Records The Prestige story began with Bob Weinstock, a young entrepreneur who was running the Jazz Record Corner a record shop catering to devotees of jazz. It was there in 1948 that

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2017 Pocket Planners

2017 Pocket Planners 2017 Pocket Planners A GBC Pocket Planner is a compact calendar that fits easily in a pocket or purse. It is also the perfect companion to a GBC wall calendar. All events that are printed on a wall calendar

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Finding List by Question by State *

Finding List by Question by State * Finding List by Question by State * I. What are the elements of a claim for tortious interference in the context of recruiting or hiring an employee with a restrictive covenant (e.g., noncompete, nonsolicitation,

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Bad Reputation Joan Jett

Bad Reputation Joan Jett Verse: (X = Muted) XXXXXXXX - - - - - - - - XXXXXXXX - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - XXXXXXXX - - - - - - - - horus: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - End

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Kees Schoonenbeek Arranger, Composer, Director, Publisher, Teacher

Kees Schoonenbeek Arranger, Composer, Director, Publisher, Teacher Kees choonenbeek rranger, Comoser, Director, ublisher, eacher Netherlands, Dieren bout the artist Kees choonenbeek as born in rnhem, the Netherlands, on October 1 st 1947.He studied the iano at the Conservatory

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Vermont (Honors) Digital IWU. Illinois Wesleyan University. Brian Baxter Illinois Wesleyan University. Recommended Citation

Vermont (Honors) Digital IWU. Illinois Wesleyan University. Brian Baxter Illinois Wesleyan University. Recommended Citation llinois Wesleyan University Digital Commons @ WU Comositions Outstanding Student Works 2007 Vermont (Honors) Brian Baxter llinois Wesleyan University Recommended Citation Baxter Brian "Vermont (Honors)"

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Have I Got A Song For You! By Lou Waters

Have I Got A Song For You! By Lou Waters Have I Got A Song For You! By Lou Waters If you are searched for a ebook by Lou Waters Have I Got a Song for You! in pdf form, in that case you come on to the right site. We presented utter edition of

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2. TOM SAWYER AND COMPANY 2. TOM SAWYER AND COMPANY (All) 43 VOICES Lively pickin (q = ca. 168176) 5 ALL Mis ter Mark Twain is read y to go. 7 He grew up in Han ni bal, MO. Wrote some books bout lots o things like 11 riv er boats,

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Produced by Frank Daniels 1. Singles label styles 2. Clips from Billboard 3. Album listings (SKAO-5000 to DT-5102)

Produced by Frank Daniels 1. Singles label styles 2. Clips from Billboard 3. Album listings (SKAO-5000 to DT-5102) TOWER RECORDS, PART 1 Produced by Frank Daniels 1. Singles label styles 2. Clips from Billboard 3. Album listings (SKAO-5000 to DT-5102) Label Styles Singles Label 64 Red-brown Label with Tower logo at

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1 von :21

1 von :21 New Zealand Jazz Songs Chart Archive - 6 February, 0... http://www.music-chart.info/new Zealand/archive/genre//J... ITUNES MUSIC CHART HISTORY AND ANALYSIS von 0 4.04. : New Zealand Jazz Songs Chart Archive

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the Differentiated Recorder Part One

the Differentiated Recorder Part One the Differentiated Recorder Part One By Jennifer Bailey Copyright Jennifer Bailey 2015. All rights reserved. Terms of Use The contents of this file are for single classroom use only. As the purchaser,

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I Can Hear the Bells

I Can Hear the Bells rom: Hairspray an Hear the ells by MAR SHAMAN Lyrics by: SOTT WTTMAN and MAR SHAMAN Published Under License rom Alfred Publishing o., nc. 2001 WNN ROOK WAY MUS and WALL WOO ENTERTANMENT This Arrangement

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What a Good Month for Collectors!

What a Good Month for Collectors! JUNE 2018 BIG BAND NEWS by Music Librarian CHRISTOPHER POPA What a Good Month for Collectors! This is a great month for big band collectors, for several reasons. First, not one, but two excellent compact

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the jeffrey sultanof master edition they can t take that away from me As recorded by charlie parker Arranged by joe lippman

the jeffrey sultanof master edition they can t take that away from me As recorded by charlie parker Arranged by joe lippman Jazz Lines Publications Presents the jerey sultano master edition they can t take that away rom me As recorded by charlie parker Arranged by joe lippman edited by jerey sultano ull score rom the original

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e Ransom of Red Chief" by O. Henry. Here is Shep

e Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry. Here is Shep AMERICAN STORIES Short Story: e Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry June 12, 2009 Two kidnappers get more than they expected from their young hostage. Transcript of radio broadcast: Now, the VOA Special English

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Letterland Lists by Unit. cat nap mad hat sat Dad lap had at map

Letterland Lists by Unit. cat nap mad hat sat Dad lap had at map Letterland Lists by Unit Letterland List: Unit 1 New Tricky the is my on a Review cat nap mad hat sat Dad lap had at map The cat is on my lap. The cat had a nap. Letterland List: Unit 2 New Tricky the

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A Band Called Honalee A tribute to the music of Peter, Paul & Mary and Friends EPK

A Band Called Honalee A tribute to the music of Peter, Paul & Mary and Friends EPK A Band Called Honalee A tribute to the music of Peter, Paul & Mary and Friends EPK Contact: Mike Batusic Phone: (646) 352-3171 or email: mike@abandcalledhonalee.com A BAND CALLED HONALEE brings together

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THE HISTORY OF MOTOWN PAGE 1 THE HISTORY OF MOTOWN PAGE 1 What do you know about the music company Motown? Circle the options which you think are correct in these statements: 1 Berry Gordy Junior started Motown 50 / 60 / 70 years

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Music Technology. Advanced Subsidiary Unit 1: Music Technology Portfolio 1. Release date: Friday 11 September 2009 Time: 60 hours

Music Technology. Advanced Subsidiary Unit 1: Music Technology Portfolio 1. Release date: Friday 11 September 2009 Time: 60 hours Edexcel CE Music Technology Advanced Subsidiary Unit 1: Music Technology Portfolio 1 Release date: Friday 11 September 2009 Time: 60 hours Paper Reference 6MT01/01 You must have: A copy of the original

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Safe Enclosure Cooling

Safe Enclosure Cooling Safe Enclosure Cooling Heat Exchangers 2017 www.seifertsystems.com Table of Contents Page Product Overview 3 Air / water heat exchangers 4-18 Air / air heat exchangers 19-25 Thermal Management solutions

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DAVE STAHL NEWSLETTER - ISSUE #93, 10/28/2016 DAVE STAHL NEWSLETTER - ISSUE #93, 10/28/2016 Hello Friends! We had a very nice crowd for our recent gig at the Elks in Carlisle. Things went well. It was a good gig. Coming up is our return to Hebron

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