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1 NEWSPAPER Biliboar A Billboard Publication The nternational Music -Record -Tape Newsweekly Feb $2.50 (U. S.) r Branch Distribs n Assertive Role \. sr By 3TEP1E\ 1551 \1 s\ YORK- MM.n,'.r..:raga,,harper gi their, m.pcimrc ru ilu gel a bigger,hare of total and users sedume. The effect of recent aggrevare mores by such companies as RL A and Polygram to pick up custom labels for distributon has the ndependent distributor re esaluaung his position. While this makes the furore of independent distribution rather bleak, the possibility of Pickwick expanding its current cis branches. o, cal network is known to he under cun- hl. would exec esco more pressure FP Urges $20 Million Antipiracy War Chest hr neyl ye t ihr cilia at Sill lis \Oki s\ ss 1 late... \ here hi. a ppointed al ial an for tom the lnts`manmal or Phonograms in,nd iduog Hin dramatic appeal came Js a highlight of.ind l' 1111 di.rnauim;l cinelase. a _doh: vil. liras lis ' music publishers. (t ord i n ded m the scope of the campaign and resealed nd the industry em expect to lone more than S hellion to percontinued i.n page 'L New Arbitrons: Washington, Cincy, P. 33 Labels Extending Disco LP Tracks to RS l it \r'r \\ 11lßK -An,.,iliher iii labels are beginning to adpurselro is disco kits. o mat they conform m closely to the tuning.nd 1C011,114 of promotional 12-nch dour' disks The n respon n public pressure dlei' thelldiuetepancy ls lengths of popular isco album auno.,mils1 their amolerparls head on pro otiomd ^_ -nch products has hren esumhhshed That i. and hueners to the grow mg radio stations which :or the longer and ter 2'mch m ss,, reel cllraled lin bu, iii Audiophile Disks Rating Radio Play t. \ s\ P \t s\,h1 Asian Meet Rallies Fight i,atom amai laments sar mar old Angela 50hll u a bikini vocalist. composer and eel termer. n his column. Pere Hamill calls her album' eatramdmary -hem music "a oily dream' her voice "thong and lyrical She u captivating audiences with hei dynamic stage personalty en her Current [Weil leur. And now hn first album, ANGE, n making her a star' Wlh airplay building natonalty and strong in store play. the momentum's ieoleting shrewd loi nn ncredible new artist ANGE -on ArislauGRP 5000,Advemsememl and cis.,l aeri, at(pla p. ili au. renews ut' high technerlogl i is are e ndurating in the 'mod- 'trig soillnrnntly national chess iii.dn.,lain.,.coilr mal diren'to.dnk peel. inn. viewed 'ed with heightened ulütól a l y pur g laze. The technique s pere yed boom lo their.msoreri 1,11001 shs,'ilo hmadc:otcrs l.mrume' :il Firmai sfaccio, aloni are p,iiung an expanding about high technology disks arid and any kes classical, tauons miday de- sir ce exclusive segments to hi li r ipand audiophile swunds. tcy While the full dynamic range of audiophile recordings and some - of!conn lllllll omr pggr 111,1 it he c col a huh lake, place al koala oral par's Regent lolel Fen '1- r. un ill lies ore an tome day to the problem s it c ru Merlon recordings, and Ole sal.. effect en (turn ndusus g win hi the rcgmn Thu ;man'. uclromc curers will be ddisusemi hr l'h Dam Lein sip l'lon. Mahnoa'x deputy "'." tradc;uul nul unn y. lo r. folio. hr a kcenotd.iddres. f nm V d,uh ne- nman- gun. president ij \\ m ivrririi,.1.11 pa, iilvvor Her debut Avis Desire Wine'(UM ;ri AOR udvi Cindy's single 'Survivor' Ullr'n - ti ll. is i, breaking pmthly She's currently toning le slan1,, i: warier, Cindy Ogler, "Dane Wire." Produced by Toni Aongtivi and Late Quinn loi Mmnman Ltd On Unave Aibsls Records and tapes udvrrinemenn (AdMeementl

2 THE ;: S OUT: 'NO MEAN CTY' S THE MOST POWERFUL NAZARETH ALBUM YET: With some of the strongest material they've ever recorded along with a massive new tour, Nazareth unleashes a new surge of power to ignite the airwaves of America. ETH "NO CTY" ON MM RECORDS & TAPES unshine" Wàtch, for Nazareth on Tour in YOUR City Soon. -A& liecortls nc All

3 General News ATTORNEYS TRACK LEAK 3 ~Angered RSO Kills Early Airplay On Bee Gees Desist Orders ssued To 8 Major Stations tls t t tit RRSON LOS ANGELES -RSO had cease and desist orders delivered Monday (22) to a number of radio stations nationwide who were prematurely airing an unauthorized tape of the new Bee Gees album "Spirits Having Flown" All stations ceased playing the tape once papers were served. Stations allegedly receiving advanced tapes were KHJ -AM in Los Angeles; WLS -AM in Chicago; WNBC -AM in New York; KULF- AM in Houston; Y -100 in Miami; WTAE -AM and 96KX -FM in Pittsburgh and KFRC -AM in San Franciste. Certain stations started playing the tape over the Jan. 12 weekend, nearly three weeks before the album was to be released. RSO attorneys in New York are investigating where the leak came from. Those stations which received the cease and desist orders were spread out across the country and not confined to any one broadcasting network. And in Canada. the CHUM group of sta- dens haj cease and desist orders hand delivered'fuesday 1231, They had been playing cuts from the album since Jan. 13. Even though the above stations have refrained from playing the tape. RSO has already experienced repercussions. Firstly, the RSO game plan to maximize initial sales and airplay impact has been hampered. "We lose sales on premature airplay," says Rich Fitzgerald, vice president of promotion. "The first two weeks of airplay are the most intense and without stuck in the market, we're going to lose sales. You can never get that first week impact back." As a result, RSO rush -released the album Wednesday (24) -two weeks earlier than its scheduled Feb. release. RSO's plan was to coordinate the album's radio release as close as possible to when the album would be available in stores to capitalize on that maximum initial airplay. "t's not like we were sitting on copies in the warehouse," states Fitzgerald. "We had to rush our presses to get a few million units pressed to go a week earlier." Also damaged arc the reputations and trust of RSO's promotion force who must now explain to other stations how the competition received advance copies. The damages go beyond the Bee Gees," says Fitzgerald. "Other stations that didn't get the lape will blame RSO. We never give exclusives and we have to protect our interest with other radio stations. "Our promotion men had a rough two weeks patching up relationships. magine walking into another station in Pittsburgh. They're lucky just to be able to walk into that station." While premature leakage of a hot new album is nothing new, there has rarely been a detailed followup as to where the leak came from. "Our obligation is to find out where the copy came from instead of leaving it alone," Fitzgerald says. (Continued an page 23) Milwaukee Action n Deep Freeze Retailers, Clubs And Musicians Succumb To Blizzards ' 6 F U.K. LAUNCH- nfinity Records president Ron Alexenburg addresses a standing room only crowd at the London Zoo as the label launches its English operation. 8 Music Specials On NBC Radio ti DOL(, HALL MLWAUKEE Record snows and below zero temperatures have put Milwaukee's music industry generally in the deep freeze. Retailers, club owners, musicians and agents agree that 1979 has so far been the toughest year they can remember Yet many are saving the Piracy Will Be Chief Topic At Billboard Events CANNES -The initiative taken by the nternational Federation of Producers of Phonograms and Videograms (FP1) in stepping up the fight against piracy will he further accelerated at two major international industry meetings to be hosted by Billboard. The first is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in February. and the second is at MC in Monte Carlo in June. Details of the two events were announced to a gathering of top industry personalities at MDEM here by Lee Zhito, editor -in -chief and pub - NEW ORLEANS -NBC Radio's music specials this year. Plans for lisher of Billboard. entry into music programming, these specials and other expansions The conference in Kuala Lumpur which kicks off with a Willie Nelson in radio including a deal with Burk- will be held in the Regent Hotel Feb. special next weekend -two hours of hart/abrams to create a new net- 9-1 when the keynote speaker will programming spread over Friday work were announced at a radio af- be Nesuhi Ertegun, WEA nter - )9(, Saturday (l0) and Sunday (11)- filiares meeting here at the Royal national president. is one of several moves to make NBC Orleans Hotel. Billboard's ninth nternational a more potent force in that medium. n addition to Nelson, Kris Kris- Music ndustry Conference, MC One aspect of these steps could tofferson and Rita Coolidge have will be staged at Loew's Hotel, make Kent Burkhart and Lee been signed for network shows. Monte Carlo, June A full day Abrams two of the most powerful Negotiations are underway with at each conference will be devoted to figures in radio programming. Paul McCartney, Neil Diamond, presentations and discussions of the NBC is commuted to at least eight (Continued on page 32) (Continued on page 77) Labels' Public Relations Efforts Assuming By DCK NUSSER >' LW YORK -The function of been to integrate the publicity nine- and its top executives has become as public relations has taken on new fion with both the marketing and ad- important a part of public relations importance among record com- vertising departments in many in as artist publicity. ponies as it has become an often crucial part of a label's overall marketing strategy. A recent survey of top publicity executives at major labels shows that publicity no longer means merely servicing the press with promotional disks and artist biographies and overseeing the guest list at press parties. Aside from a new emphasis on experienced personnel. and the expansion of individual publicity depart- menus, one of the most important changes in the record companies' approach to public relations has stances. Capitol, RCA, the CBS Records Group, MCA, A &M and Warner Bros. Records are among the labels that have taken giant strides in making the publicity function more responsive to the demands of the marketplace - through interdepartmental coordination. While the personnel structure and specific duties of publicity departments vary from label to label. a uniform approach has emerged in recent years. Among the most vital moves arc these: The image of the label itself There is a growing awareness of the long -term value of publicity, which is replacing the former emphasis on publicity as a short -term, service function. Press departments are now more concerned with mounting creative campaigns than engaging in what one publicist calls "the battle of the press releases." Publicity has been idled as a key factor in sustaining the careers of artists who do not enjoy regular airplay or produce hit singles. Randy Newman, Leon Redbonc and Lou Reed are examples of this. Artist publicity has expanded By MARTN N7 Z situation is far from hopeless and that Milwaukee will "tough it out." Wednesday (24) saw another foot of snow piled atop the record already on the ground -some 331/2 inches, most of which has fallen off and on since New Year's Eve. The city has qualified for federal disaster aid and the National Guard just spent a week pulling 1,500 stalled or abandoned cars out of the paths of city snow plows. "There's no place else left to put the damn stuff," muttered one record shop owner faced with shoveling out his front door again. Al Goetz, assistant secretary of the Musicians Assn. Local Eight, was the only staff worker able to make it to the office during the Wednesday snow. "We've had a lot of cancellations these past weeks. Six out of O musicians have not been playing due to the storms and the impact of the disco scene. "This is the first New Year's Eve that missed because of the weather in 39 years." says Goetz, a sax player. Goetz says "acts of God" clauses in contracts allow cancellations in such cases of bad weather. "The weather problems are bringing about a major loss of earnings for musicians here, but we are just shrugging our shoulders. Not much can be done about it," he adds. "Everybody lost the new year, except the downtown hotels," says Chuck rvin. vice president of Artists Corp. of America, a talent agency which handles 200 attractions throughout the Midwest. New mport into a specialized function insr,lving. separate departments charged with touring, black music marketing, television talk show and variety show exposure. trade press relations and international coverage. The continued influence of rock'n'roll on other areas of popular culture, such as movies. has caused the established media to focus more attention on contemporary music in all its forms. Publicists now deal as much with the country's national news weeklies as they do with the rock press. "Artist publicity has really come of age as an important marketing tool in the post two years." believes (Continued on page JO) '-ronically, when the shows have been rescheduled, they got snowed out again. But we are reaching compromises on payments," he says. "We had one group from Ohio scheduled to play Eau Claire in Northern Wisconsin. They got there three days late." "There have been some inconveniences and some problems, but we're making it," says John Ertl of Contemporary Talent. 'The more commercial type clubs are apparently hit m harder, perhaps because they draw co an older crowd that isn't as crazy or 2 D daring as the crowd that will go to a hard rock or bluegrass place." The Chicago Symphony Orches- ro tra cancelled a Jan. S concert at the Performing Arts Center and the Mil- v waukce Symphony had to cancel a Jan. 13 program due to the weather 00 Both are being rescheduled. However, a Land Mark Productions concert by the Little River D Band and Ambrosia at the Perform- ing Arts Center on Jan. 19 drew a full house even though the city had been socked by another heavy storm the night before. "f folks want to see something (Continued on page /9) 15 CBS Products Lead Nominees For NARM Fete NEW YORK 19%5', bc>t >dlmg product in 19 categories will be honored at the National Assn. of Recording Merchandisers convention in March. Leading the list of nominees is CBS -associated product with 15, while Capitol and RSO follow with nine each. The awards banquet, which traditionally climaxes the convention, will be held Tuesday evening, March 27. The nominees are determined from responses to a preliminary questionnaire sent to NARM retailers. rackjobbcrs and one- stops. They are then presented toa final ballot to every NARM regular member company. n addition to awards drawn from the nominee lists, write -in votes will determine awards for best selling album by country group, best selling economy album and best selling album by a new artist. Also. there'll be four awards in the new artist cate- (Continued on page 98) r-- mo i 130boar0 es pubhshe0 weekly by Bulboard Pubircatrons. nc, One Astor Plaza Broadway. New York. NY Subscnphon raia annual rate,coaiuleniat Us Secured erase postage bard at New Yak, N y aria at add,nonai mmi,n0 on,ca C"rrent and back cope on Billboard are available on microfilm Born KTO Microform, me 100. Millwood, R Y 10.6 or Xerox Univeraay Microtrlrrts, 400 North Zeeb Road. Ann Arbor. M,chgan a8106 Poitmaata, please send torn, 3579 to Billboard, P.O. Roe 2156, Radnor, Pa , Area Code 215, tun -to00. )pyrighted material

4 ßT a General News WB, RSO, U.S. EM, Nonesuch Test -Ship Polyethylene Sleeves By PAUL GREN LOS ANGELES -Warncr Bros.. RSO. EM- America and Nonesuch have all made test shipments of alhums with high density polyethylene inner sleeves. which were previously used only on selected classical and audiophile product WB is making the largest trial run. having ordered unprinted plastic sleeves from each of three suppliers: Custom Converters Printers Ltd. in Toronto. which man ula. Lures the sleeves. and Andrew's Nunnery and lsv till Litho. which subcontract the business The Warner LPs contatmng the poly sleeves are shipping this week. as are copies of an RSO London Symphony Orchestra album featuring the label's logo m red. white and black on the sleeve. The Toronto firm is the sole supplier. CBS and RCA are also studying the process. though their first poly sleeve releases are not set. Paper sleeve manufacturers, which would stand to lose business if the poly sleeves catch on. are studying the situation with the thought of either subcontracting or investing m the necessary equipment to make them themselves. Proponents of the poly sleeves stress both cosmetic and functional benefits the sleeves. which can be 0 either clear. frosted or dyed. are said cr to be impervious to moisture. heat o and cold. to be cleaner. slicker and less abrasive than paper: more durable. lighter in weight and less m bulky to store. Detractors claim that the sleeves c. are more costly unless ordered in c.i vast quantities and that the fidelity } of ink is better reproduced on paper tr than plastic. As a result. most sleeves cc will likely be either blank or carry simply the label's logo rather than a m customized lyric sheet or liner creda its as many paper sleeves do. According to an informed industry source. pricing on the two -mil high -density polyethylene sleeves is S26 per thousand if they are clear and unprinted versus $31 per thousand for printed sleeves with one color. White paper sleeves. by con- trast. run from S14 to S4.50 per thousand, while a thousand unprinted polyline sleeves cost Polylinc sleeves are paper sleeves with a one -mil medium or low density poly glued on the inside. They have been used for several years by RCA's Red Seal classical line and were used by Capitol's Angel line until a year ago when the label switched to polyethylene. The change was made. according to Grant Thompson. Capitol purchas- (Con timid an pug, 81 ) REAL McCOY -MCA recording artist and composer Van McCoy signs an autograph for one of the many tans who turned out during a week of disco promotions at New York's Grmbels department store. McCoy was also interviewed by WKTU DJ G Keith Alexander. Columbia Wing Will Market 2 New Lines s onttnong to bro,iec r, r,,.:,. : ccurdings geared for retail sale. C ulumbia Special Products' "Collector's Series will release product under two new lines. Milt Gabler's historic Commodore Records will be marketed as an $8.98 list label. kj wrung many mainstream Jautsts in cuts which. for the most part. have never been available before. Also. an Encore Star Series. listing at $7.98. will feature nostalgia product from the CBS and Epic vaults. again spotlighting many sessions never released. These moves represent a further diversification for Columbia Special Products which last year launched its tiro newly recorded original cast LP with "The Robber Bridegroom" and es releasing this month long deleted cast album, from the old Rectal catalog. MCA BUYS ABC RECORDS LOS ANGEL! S -MCA Records has purchased ABC Records. The deal ends months of speculation regarding the status of ABC. where it was also rumored that it was nego hating with Polygram. MCA has been talking to other independent labels as well. A possible deal with A &M fell through when A &M went to RCA. There h,r been negotiations with Chrysalis a, well. NO CAP -EM LNKUP CLAM ARSTA EXECS NEW top bra., h.i,r Jenud teport. Thai 11., label has been talking to officials of t,ipitol ndustries -EM regarding adrstiibution deal. Arista president Clive Davis denied the reports during a stopover into, An gele, and executive vice president Ellin Goldman says "there has been abscr lately no discussion with anyone" involving a shift from independent distil. button, "There's no reason to do so," Goldman says. "Our distributors have assured us they can continue to deliver and we've assured them We only had two of three distributors in common with A &M, including Pickwick. and it.ins thing this will give us greater attention." Goldman notes that Arista has its own promotion and marketing stall which works closely with distributors "Naturally we are always looking at how our distribution i, going. but Mar, a constant evaluation process." he adds Goldman believes independent distribution is in gev'd shape gcnrr ills, but "if ABC wakes a move," he notes, "that could alien the ptciure " Another new musical recording, the current "Getting My Act Together," has been recorded for release soon. The continuing deal with Gabler. who started the Commodore label more than 40 years ago. calls for the release of 50 albums, 10 of which are due in March. "Mill went through his vast library of recordings and presented us with this concept." according to Al Shulman, vice president of Columbia Special Produces. John Franks. general manager. and Michael Brooks, directorofa &r, are presently refining and re-mastering the Commodore product. which will include extensive liner notes his Brooks, who has been nominated fa three Grammy awards this year for liner notes and the production of Columbia's Lester Young series. Artists featured on the first O (Continued an page 98) n This ssue CAMPUS 65 CLASSCAL 52 CLASSFED MART 72, 73 COUNTRY 53 DSCO 40 GOSPEL 46 NTERNATONAL 74 JAZZ. 90 RADO 30 SOUL. 47 SOUND BUSNESS 66 TALENT 62 TAPE, AUDO /VDEO 67 FEATURES Disco Action 44 nside Track 98 Lifelines 79 New LP /Tape Releases Stock Market Quotations 8 Studio Track 66 UNCEF Concert Report Vox.lox 33 CHARTS Top LPs 94,96 Singles Radio Action Chart 24,26 Album Radio Action Chart 28 Boxof lice Bubbling Under TopLPs,Hot Jazz LPs Hits Of The World 78 Hot Soul Singles Latin -Ps 79 Soul LPs Hot Country Singles 57 Hot Country lps 59 Hot Top 50 Easy Listening 52 RECORD REVEWS Album Reviews.., 82 Audiophile Recordings 72 Singles Reviews 86 LP Closeup Column Execuhvelurnloble Record Companies Dick Carter promoted to the newts created position of division vice president, marketing, RCA Records. Neu ',,il le had been division vice president. field marketing. He has also l,...,,,idem of product development and label liaison for Phonodis it. iii lead Joins RCA Records. New York. as di, loon vice president, sale,. hution, over RCA's branch and distribution net. iirk,soh responsibility for the sale of all commercial recordings emanating from RCA and A &M and Associated Labels. a new system within the RCA Records dive- { ston. He had been senior vice president of 1 A &M Records... Steven Salmonsohn M named vice president. finance. for Polydor.. nc.. New York He has been controller... Carter Neil Hartley named vice president. national Fead accounts. MCA Distributing Corp.. Los Angeles. He has been with CBS Records for the past 10 years as salesman based in nc Los Angeles branch oltice... Arnold Stone promoted to vice president. administration. for MCA Records. Los Angeles. He was vice president of a &r administration... Stan Bly, vice president of promotion for MCA Records. os Angeles. has left the label... Jim Jeffries named vice president. national saes,. promotion. for Phonogram /Mercury Records. Chicago. He had been national promotion director for Epic... Eric Doctorotr appointed to the newly created position of director. marketing services. for ABC 'ce- ii-.' titi: ords. Los Angeles. He moves up from director. product management... Steve Rowland now product manager for A &M Records. Los Angeles. Most recently he was local pro- Salmonsohn Hartley motion manager in Los Angeles for Atlantic Records.... Angela Allano named manager. merchandising field services, CBS Records. New York. She has held various positions in the CBS Records: customer merchandising department and recently was coordinator of mer-. chandising field services... Dick Wingate appointed assistant to the vice- president. a &r. at Epic Records. New York. He comes from Columbia Ree ords' East Coast product management department where he was most recently associate director... George Taylor Monis, who had been program director for New York's WPX -FM. named manager, national alhums promotion. West Coast, for RCA Records... A revamping of the promotion department for A &M Records. Los Angeles. Stone sees Ron Farber, former East Coast regional promotion director. moving to Los Angeles Jiffies to become West Coast regional promotion director: Michael Van Orsdale, local promotion manager for Philadelphia. taking over for Farber: Al Cali" former promotion man out of Charlotte. taking over Van Orsdalc's position with Butch Waugh. formerly Charlotte salesman for Together Distributing, succeeding ('afaro: J.B. Brenner, former local promotion manager in Washington. D.C.. named East Coast AOR director headquartenng in Boston. the Hartford market being consolidated with Joel Ackerman taking over the Washington. D.C., pro- motion position bang vacated by Brenner and being filled by Phillip Quartararo. former local promotion manager for Buffalo: Michael Men. former New England college representative. moving into the Buf- Doctorow falo market: Greg Route's. former college representative in Columbus. moving to Cincinnati to be the new promotion man in Southern Ohio: Keith Chambers. former local promotion manager for Portland. becoming local promotion manager for the Seattle market: and Michael Wright named cabaret and disco promotion coordinator in New York and Kathy Bachigalup named assistant college director. also in New York... Men Paul. long-time CBS Records regional director in Atlanta. leases that post. Roger,inert Melting succeeds him... George Boyle.sentor vice president of finance at United Artists. Los Angeles. leaves that post... Willie tucker. formerly director of promotion for ar Out Management. Joins Phonogrim/ Mercury Records en Los Angeles as West (bast regional r &b promotion manager Roberta Skopp. formerly East Coast director of press and creative services l'or Casablanca Records. Los Angeles. mises to the West Coast to become vice president, press, for the label... Mike Hyland. vice president and director of publicity for Capricorn Records. Macon. Ga.. resigns from that posi after an eight -sear association with the label... Gayle Compton becomes Columbia local promotion manager in the ndianapolis marketing area. She had been manager. branch merchandising for the Chicago branch... Danny Buch, former WEA field merchandiser. appointed Atlantic New York local promotion representative... Glen Brunman, i Gently associate director, tour publicity and special projects- Columbia Records. now director, press and public information. West Coast. for Epic /Portrait Associated Labels m Los Angeles...!Michelle Man. formerly an account csesunse with Selten & Raskin, tagged as West Coast publicity director for A & \ Rec- ords, Los Angeles.. Cary Baker. a Billboard Chicago correspondent. takes over the post of national director of publicity al Ovation Records. Chicago. Other Ovation changes: Gregg Dodd named director of AOR pop promotion: Wayne Lesser, former Midwest director of merchandising for A &M. becomes director of national advertising. and Brian Fischer named vice president. general manager, ut charge of the label's Nash, ilk operation.. Tim Williams Juins the stilt of ncrgi Records to aid ut the promotion. publicity and ntarketerg aspects of the newly formed Nahs die till ice. le was formerly counts chart editor for Cash Box m That city... Tapped to head the newly formed BC Reeords uperattuns n Nashville are Stan Cornelius as general-lná`na t (Cortitmreii dh. e sea

5 401: THS is ROCK WTH AN EDGE. THS S TOTO. From the moment their debut album was released, Toto had the edge on everyone else. You see, they accomplished something very unusual. They actually lived up to their advance publicity. As a matter of fact, they more than lived up to it. They far and away surpassed it. Their first single, "HólAçjte Line,' reached top -five in all three trades and is on the verge of going gold. Their new single, it'll Supply the Love; is destined to become an even bigger smash hit. And the album itself just passed the platinum mark. With that kind of success, it's no wonder Toto has been nominated for a Grammy Award as `Best New Group': "Tote- On Columbia Records and Tapes. Produced by Teso. Career Direction: (71ä7Filí,rtatrCe "Columba" ito are trademarks of CBS nc C CBS nc. TOTO TOUR DATES 1/28/79 Municipal Aud. Lafayette. La. (with Head East) 1/30/79 Gardens Louisville, Ky. (with Tom Rush) 1/31/79 Performing Arts Center Milwaukee. Wise. 2/2/79 Park West Chicago.. 2/3/79 Royal Oak Theatre Detroit. Mich 2/4/79 Agora Cleveland. Ohio 2/8-11 Roxy Theatre Los Angeles. Calif. 2/14 KSHE Valentines Day Show Kiel Opera House St. Louis. Mo.

6 Billboard General News LM Founded 1894 The nternational MusrcRecord -Tape Newsweekly Billboard Publications, nc 9000 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Cald Cable: BHlboy LA; L.A. lelee : N.Y. Telex: Editorin- Chiel /Pubtbher: Lee 2hito (L A 1 Managing Editor. loot Tiegel (L A.) Editor Emeritus: Paul Ackerrun, Special ssues: lad Paige, Editor, Susan Peterson, Assistant Edda, Bob liudaba, Deectory Services Manager. loe Braude. Assistant Directory Manager Executor Editoraal Board: Mildred Halt, is Horowitt, fart Paige, John Sipper, Eliot Tiegel, Stephen Trai man, lee No Editorial Offices: Chicago -150 N Wacker Or ll 60606, Editorial Staff Alan Pen chansky, Bureau Chrel 8 Classical Editor Cincinnati-2160 Patterson S Ohm Los Angeles-9000 Sunset Blvd Call Editorial Stab' Dave Teeter, Copy Editor, Ed Harrison, Campus 8 Record Reviews Editor. Jim McCullough, Recording Studios Editar, John Srppel, Marketing Editor, lean Williams, Talent Editor Reporters Paul Grem, Ray Herbed, r London -7 Car naby St WT PG Editorial Staff Mike Hennessey, European Director. Peter Jones, U K News Edda Milan- Rai/ale Loreto 9, taly Editorial Bureau Chrel Germano Ruscdto. Nasheilk West End Ave Tenn 37203, Editorial Staff Gerry Wood, Bureau Chief 8 Country Editor Reporters. Sally Hinkle, Kip Kirby New York Broadway, New York 10036, , Editorial Stan is Horowitz. Bureau Chrel Doug Hall. Radio To Programming Editor. Radcliffe Joe, Disco Editor, n Lichtman, Publishing Editor Stephen Traiman, Tape /Audio /Video Editor, Adam White. nternational Editor Reporters Roman Honk Dick 'fusser Tokyo -5 F Dempa Building Charte, Higashi Golanda. Shinagava bu, Japan, Editorial Staff Haruhiko fukuhara. Washington th St NW, DC Editorial Bureau Chier Mildred Hall ntl Correspondents: Austria Manlred Schreiber, 1180 Wren, With 1, Kreuzgasse , Airs. halm -Glenn Baker. P 0 Ba 261. Baulkham Hills, an Livingstone, Finder S, Melbourne, Belg um -luul Anthonrssen. 27A Oude Godstraat, 3100 Heist op den Berg , Canada -David Farrell, 78 Mayfield Ave Toronto, Ontario Czedloslovakia -Dr Lubomir Dourzka, 14 2eleny Pruh, Praha 4 Wasik : Deemed -Knud Orsted, 22 Tloernevel, Such kersten. Denmark Dominican Repeblic -Fran Jorge, PO Box 772, Santo Domingo. Fm land -Kan Helopaltro. SF Perltula. Finland , France-Henry Kahn, 16 Rue Clauzel Parrs, France Greece -Lefty Kongalydes, Helhnikos Torras, Thessaloniki, Greece Holland-Willem Hoos, Bilderdciklaan 28, Hilversum : Hong Nang -Hans Ebert Hennessy Rd, Hungary-Paul Gyongy. Derekutca Budapest, Hungary hetaed- hen Stewart, 56 Rathgar Road. Dublin 6, reland , taly -Deplete Carole, Wale Marche 21, Milano Paul Bompard. Via Gramsci 54, Rome, Malaysia- Chnslre Leo, No, 11 lain 11/6. Petaling. Jaya. Selangor Mexico -Mary fisher. Aparrado Postal , Meafco 11, D F New Zealand -Phil Grnord, 156 Upper Harbor Dr Creenhde. Auckland Norway -Randy Hultm. Norsk Hydro, Bygdoy Alle 2. Oslo 2. Norway , Poland -Re man Waschko. Magnera 9m 37, Warszawa, Poland , Portugal -Fernando Tenente, R Sta Helena 122 R/c, Oporto. Portugal, Rumania- Octavian Ursulescu, Str Rads de la LaAlumatr en. 57 B Sector 2. Bucharest 0.P Singapore-Peler Ong, 390 Kim Seng Road, Spain - Fernando Salavern, San Bernardo 107, Madrid Sweden -Led Schulman, Brantmgsgalan 49.4 tr Stockholm Switzerland- Pierre Haebler, Hasenweld 8, 4600 Olten Uruguay -Carlos A Nadirs, Panama 1125 Ap 908, Montevideo, US.S.R -Vadrm D Turchen bow. 14 Rubinstein St.. Ap. 15 Leningrad, , West Germany -Wolfgang Spahr. 236 Bad Segeberg, An der have 67 b. Poslach 1 Lrubliana sala Direaor. km Noonan LA : Yugoslavia -Mitla Vokic, Brezovica. Nan Sales Manager: Ron Willman N Y ), U.K. /European Sales Manager. Alan Mayhew (London), European Sales Consultant: Andre DeVekey (London) Classified Adver tising Manager: Murray Dad (N Y i U.S. Sales Staff: Chicago -Jan Bender, Los Angeles-Joe Fleischman, Harvey Geller, len Logan ville-john McCartney. New York -Mickey Addy. Norm Berkowitz, Ron Carpenter, 1 B Moore Nash- ntl Sales: Australasia. Southeast Asia -Gary Day, Radier Consultants Ltd 3 Downes Ave Brighton, Victoria 3186, Australia , Austria, Benelux, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Scandinavia, So, Africa Switzerland-contact U K office France -Music Media, 17 Rue De Duo, Pans /44, Grta) Britain -Roy Perrymeni. Colin Cavell, 7 Carnaby S London WV PG taly- Germano Ruscdto. Piazzate Loreto 9. Milan , tapan -Hugh Nuhrkawa. 5 F., Dempa Building, Chome, Higashi Galanda, Shinagawa.ku. Tokyo 141 Japan, Md. oo -Mary Fisher Apartado Postal , Mexico. D F Spain -Rafael Revert, Plata Mariana de Cams Escalera Derecha 12B. Madrid 7. Spam Venezuela- Chnstran Roue, Radio Exdos 1090, Calle El Retiro, Qla Tama, El Associate Publshers: Tom Noonan. Bill Wardlow Blames Affairs Director: Gary Rosenberg Circulation Director. Cecil Hollingsworth Conference Dnentor. Dune Kirkland Rosal, Caracas. Venezuela. Director 01 Marketing Servius i Chart Manager: Bin Wardlow Managing Director Billboard Ltd. U.N. /Europe: Frederick C Marks Production Manager: John Halloran Production Coordmatoa: Ron Frank, tom Quinlan Promotion Director: Joshua C Simons Publishing Consultant Hal 8 Cook Chairman: W. D BLLBOARD PUBLCATONS. NC Lrttlelord Executive Vice President: ules Perel Senior Vice President: Broadcasting Croup, Mod 1. Meseta. rece Presidents: Maxwell A Biller, Cincinnati Operations, William H Evans r Finance, Waller 1 Heeney, Amusement Business Group. Gerald S Hobbs, Art 8 Design Group Malta lines. Patrick Keleher, Merchandising Group. Mary C McGoldrick. Personnel, tee Zhilo, Billboard Oper arions. Secretary: Ernest Lorch Corporate Managers: Charles Rueger, Publisher Services. William f Falk, Circulation: Chartes R Buckwalter, Marketing Services Controller: Donald C. O'Dell Asst. Can troller: Michael T. Dooley The mcreirho eddra of Whom' n available rom RO Mrrrnlarm, Rade 100, Mulwaid, N Y Subicrptrae riles payable in adeaae One year. 195 in U SA (erreol Hiela Hawau, Puerto Rrro, Caudal Other rules on request Allow 3 lo 6 reels delivery last copy. SubscrrpHnn ewrnpondenre wale Subscnplion Wear, Billboard. Bor 2156, Radnor. Pa and rims postage paid al Neo York, N Y Change nl address should give old and new address Published weekly Sec and additional maimg offices Postmaster send Form 3519 ro Subscnplvm Manager. Bdlbaard. Bar Radnor. Pa r CopxrKht 19191y Bdrboard Publrcalions, nc the romnny Oho puhares ro Non York American Artist Gilts + tableware, ndustrial Design, nlerras Resdentral inlurors. Vol SUBSCRBER SERVCE chandamg, Photo Weekly, Watson Cupids publications, P.O Boo 2168, Radove, Pe WMlney Library of Design, Los Angeles Billboard. Nash 1216( elite Amusemenl business lmdon the Artist. World Ra do Pi Handbook HOw lo l ctenroihe Wald, Luz Tourna dernalonal. Tokyo Maus labo Postmaster. please 1, BP, send charge d address lo Billboard Pubiulions, nn gel 2156,Radnor,Pa Area Code 215, 68/B200 Vol. 91 No. b 'Frankly. -...%r"4-' think this double picture disk does real justice to Dolly." RETAL PLOYS Chains Create New Marketing To Sidestep Superstars' Void LOS ANGELES -Resourceful retail chain executives haven't let the recent dearth of superstar product deeply dent sales volume. While awaiting the new Bee Gees album due Monday (291, they've ingeniously conceived a wide variety of marketing ploys to bulwark traffic. Barrie Bergman. president of the Record Bar 80 -plus store chain, long before the tepid 1978 holiday season mapped out an expanded institutional ad budget for reports Jill Bartholomew, chief of Ad- Ventures, the firm's in-house agency. "Because we expect the first Bee Gee heavy advertising to run about mid- February, we were preparing our first saturation campaign of 30- second tv spots late in 1978." she explains. The tv spots were prepared so that the anginal jingle music and graphics could be converted to multiple use by voiceover narration. Bartholomew used original jingle music written in 1976 by Winslow Stillman for the chain. She produced the spots herself in about two days time. Early indications are that the spots pulled well during the current soft period. Allan Rosen of the Flipsidc chain, Lubbock. Tex., reflects the aggressive Record Bar attitude. "We advertise institutionally or with label support 52 weeks a year. More than 809 will be radio net Now it's out-of-pocket. Our 14 stores have been instructed to clean up shop. Part -time help hours must be cut. We res)cale new displays to spruce up slot,duringunoffpericxl. We want le.sis iusenlonesand fluid position." "\\'d have not advertised on radio in scr situ months," Dave Edwards, 1 lri' roar Warihuusc stores, lous- 1 m s. Brit :rs ;1 sohstriutc and a too,1 nr we round that 'ltiplia- '-izirii, our sloods as soriccri lieket 'k' l 5ie5 isic ked up the slack 've s'eri :r5 im.rnv a susiomcrs queued up the first morning a promoter's r.rdiri spots,rnnounce a big concert guns mm sale. And with the lad s, we get hrcc lit sis men s ins per il:ry Su s r it S here has a daily Nov, ml i, l m i s i l 'rlbcoming concerts, V..,s h,s designate stores stilling ns li i. \rid rons time to tame. Pacific. ',enc.), For anti, spon B\ JOHN SPPEL sors a similar program on other rock stations in the area,' Edwards adds. A lagging sales period, such as the current one, is the best time to special off price catalog. fords Steve Libman of Emerald Records, Atlanta. He's been featuring the S3.98 Capitol and $4.98 RCA and MCA discographies. And opening the newest Ou, a 5,000 square footer in Auburn. Ga., now keeps the corporate adrenalin flowing, Libman says. Bob Tollifson of the 20 -store Record Factory skein out of Brisbane. Calif., has been featuring everything from cutouts to accessories through Maxell, TDK and Memo - rea blank tape on sales since virtually Thanksgiving. Tollifson took a shot at selling the Atari tv games and the console over the holidays. He found the movement "pretty good" and the markup "much stronger" than records and tapes., Like Libman, John Marmaduke of Hastings Books & Records, a division of Western Merchandisers. Amarillo. found opening stores iii Abilene and Sweetwater recenrls r. LAYOFFS ESCALATNG hilarating. Marenaduke used tv spots heavily for the Abilene 5,500 square foot strip center store for the first time. His format for the 30- second spots aired over 1CXTS -TV was soft sell, teaser type, with the stress on 40 store slides in the 30 seconds while subliminally pushing the store's attributes. He produced the spot himself with the aid of a local production company. The Disc stores in Texas ran sales on unusual accessory items. such as wooden cassette racks and overstocked tape and record care aids, notes Sam Crowley, regional chief for the Cleveland Heights, Ohio. chain, "n order to generate excitement we even did a three-day radio spot campaign behind a one -day special on Eddie Money and Elvis Costello. We backed it up with what looked like massive album inventory." Crowley says. The early 1979 sales falloff is a good time to readjust stores' catalog inventory, Crowley notes. He has his (Continued on page 18) Radio -TV Spot Strike Stings Studios - N LW YORK- -The national strike by the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists against the pro. ducers and sponsors of radio and is commercials is beginning to have repercussions in the recording studio industry, with.isolfs expected to increase if the ou rks drags on. Although business is reporiedl} off as much as 50% in some studios, a glimmer of hope exists in the fact that the unions and principal indus- try figures were to resume ndeatia tions in Washington r'i.r le addition tu 10,. or nns,mrc front cnemmercial work..uroibcr effect of the strike is that n r5 un.ouraging iitired jingle -orientes) studios to rit - lracl reiayrd label work to take up the slack The question is: s the label work being taken from other studio5'r No one seems to hove lin :inswsr at this potnl- By DCK NUSSER National Studios here, acknowledged to be the largest commercial studio complex in town, is suffering the most, according to owner Hal Lustig. "We've lost half our income and we're down to a three -day week," Lustig says. "The strike is killing us." Lustig employs 50 to 60 persons in 10 studios. Aura Studios and A &R Studios here haven't begun laying anyone off because, they report. both studios are picking up label work. A & R is cutting Heat Wave and Steve Forhert. A check with several leading studios here which thrive on label work shows there is no letdown in production. Studio business seems to be at an all -time high, in fact. Dan Kornfeld of Premier Studios has had to lay off "a couple of engineers" since the strike began six

7 enex \Nc `fr.\\\cp o 1,:w - 40, -\r( es $e Why oi tape with the i olicy has the fewest returns. f anything ever goes wrong with a Maxell cassette, we'll replace it. Free. We can afford to make such a generous offer because so few people have ever had to take us up on it. You see, we go to great lengths to put together a cassette that won't fall apart. For example, we use high impact styrene in our cassette housing, so it'll stand up to years of constant use and abuse. We use steel screws to hold our cassettes together and keep them from warping. We've even designed a special anti -jamming rib to make sure you never get stuck with tape that slicks. t's because of features like this that we have such an extremely liberal return policy. A policy you'll rarely, if ever, have need of maxeli Mn.ell CorpU!oii:in of Q:«ord Jr:.n, Y.11

8 Financial Branch Distributors Assert Clout Expansion Moves Place ndie Operations n Jeopardy Continued from page 1 on other, smaller ndic distributors. it could also provide an alternative to expanding branch distnbution. MCA and Capitol ndustries -EM are strongly rumored in talks with several of the last major indie labels. Both parent firms -MCA here and EM abroad -acknowledge the vital importance of their respective distribution arms to future growth. Polygram Distribution has used the blockbuster sales of "Grease' and "Saturday Night Fever" to leapfrog into a stronger position in the domestic market. And the emergence of a new RCA and A &M venture as a much stronger distribution force will have greater effects this year and beyond. The big branch operations are actively courting the remaining major independents. ABC is known to be in discussions with both MCA and Polygram. Arista and Capitol talks are strongly rumored, though denied MC '79 June Loews, Monte -Carlo by t Ansta chi live L).r.1. see separate story on page lour t A key Motown executive did visit Polygram headquarters in Germany last year, although both sides denied the trip. And TK -CBS links here- they already exist abroad -have been the subject of constant comment. and denial, for more than a year Existing distribution affiliations also are under constant pressure. sland left Polygram for WEA last year. and Midsong nternational, which started with RCA, jumped to MCA for a short time last year, then went indie and now is being sought by several branch firms. Millenium, which left Casablanca (Polygram) last year for indie distribution, though most of its acts shifted to Casablanca. is expected to wind up with RCA. The plight of indie distribution is underscored by a look at this week's Billboard charts, and those of a year ago. Only 10 of the top 100 albums - the highest at number 27 --and a dozen of the Hot 100 singles -number 14 is the best -are on indie logos (excluding A &M). A year ago there were 22 albums on the list-motown/tamla's Stevie Wonder was For information regarding major market quotes, please call: Douglas Vollmer Dean Witter Reynolds nc 4001 West Alameda Toluca Lake. Cold (213) Look to Dean Witter Reynolds nc. Members New fork St.* Eacnange nc No. and there were 29 singles from indic ranks on the chart. ',irritated 1978 domestic wholesale dollar volume for the major corporate branch distribution operations also provides a graphic picture of their posture. CBS reports volume of more than S500 million, exclusive of manufactunng, records division chief Bruce Lundvall confirms. Polygram Distribution, on the strength of RSO's "Grease" and "Fever" and strong Casablanca product. reports volume estimated at S470 million by president John Fri - soli, more than tripling the $151 million sales of WEA reports an estimated 5400 million in U.S. volume, exclusive of music publishing, despite an approximate 16% sales gain ( Billboard. Jan. 27, 1979). Global sales topped 5617 million. RCA boosted overall volume about 25% to S500 million.worldwide. But taking off international sales, substantial manufactunng and record /tape club income, leaves about 5200 million -plus in domestic recording sales. Capitol -EM. which includes magnetic tape products and record/ tape manufactunng in its volume, should be abouts 100 million in U.S. sales, and MCA distribution accounted for just over S70 million in The above figures total about $1.75 billion, almost half the billion in Recording ndustry Assn. of Amenca inflated "retail list" sales estimated for The big boys are out to get even bigger in which will make the competition for the industry dollar pie even more aggressive. Bob Fead. moving from A &M to head the new RCA /A&M distrib venture. shares A &M chairman Jerry Moss's projection of S300 million in domestic sales for 1979, which would be about a 20% utcrease over their combined 1978 volume. And Al Bergamo. recently named ( Connnued on page 23) un WO Market Quotations As or v cs,v5. Janus, Lou NUME 43% 23 ABC 43% 34% AnmlcanCan 19% 9% Amps. 4'/, % AulOmanc Radom 28'A 22 Bsa61cuenuds 64% 43.1 CBs 27% 13% Co.maaPeiuroa now 8% cregcorp 47K 319 Oisnsy.W46 3% 2% EM zeri 11% Bali Learjet 16% 11 Clue Western 244 9% Kandunun 69 3 Ntel LAayen.RsGo 42's 22% M4busnt4E4euomes 48Y, 25% MCA 6% 39 Memos, M 54% 35 Motoro4 34% 24% NonhAmencanPtvhpa at% ou P,orlssr ENcuonu 32% 69 Rayey 33% 22% RCA 9% 6% Sony 139 S superscops 34% 14% Tansy 10% S% Telmer 9% 2% Te44 6 % Tenn, 19% 12% Traratamenca A0% 20% ZOlh Century 57% 29'A WamarCommunKauona Zenith OVER THE COUNTER P4 Vel wen Lo. moan mono e >e ton no TS - e6 8 sae e06 S a % 37 16% 2 23% 54'A 22% 11 43% 2% 23% 14% 15% 4'1 2% 46'1 33% 63% 40' % 19% 26% e% 9 26'9 9% 6% 3'A 17% 3a% 46% 14% 34% 36, 76% 22% 54% 22% lo% 42% 2% 22% 14% 15% 4i 214 a5 32% w% 39% 25% 20% n 26% 6% 25% 9% 3% 77 34% fek 14% 35 % 36% - 'A 16'A % 23% s 54% 22% Unen - % 1 + % 43 % 2% Uncn. 23% 1 14% Unch. 15% Unch Uno%. 36 bitcn. 46'1 % 33% % 40 + % 2e% % 20% Unen 26% % 6% unen. 26% % Uncn 6% Uncn 3'A % 17% % 34% % 441% unce 14% P-E SeMS Old AO OVER THE P-E Seas Md Asa couhteo Aarico % NossCerp t % Eiectrosound Nustom Eton 26 2% 3'A Group 5 3 5% 6 M Josephson 7 S 13% t4 Fond Amsts orro.cap % 6'A Prod , 7 Recision 7-2% 3% GR7-36 t% 1% schwert, ntegrity Ent $2 21 5% 5% Bros % Over -the- Counter prices shown may or may not represent actual transactions Ratner. they area guide to the range within which these SOC..% could have been sold W bought at the time of compilation The above information contributed to Billboard by Douglas Vollmer, Assoc V P Los Angeles Region. Dean Witter Reynolds. nc 4101 West Alameda. Ste 100. Toluca Lake, Calif 91505(213) member o, the New 5pr4 Stock Eachannv nc Stark Opens 3rd Grap evine Outlet CHARLOTTE. N i The third Stark Record Senate superstore. Grapevine Records & Tapes. opened here Tuesday The square -foot freestanding location is in the eastern part of the city and is the largest rec- For Exciting Cut -Outs `OÚNTYWDE Ord /tape / accessories store in the area. Like the two Grapevines in Flint and Akron. the store carries periodicals and pocketbooks in addition to expanded inventories in albums singles and accessories. was Our uses for the Billboard charts are many and varied. Our nitial ordering functions are triggered by the new listings and breakout sections. We also reproduce Top Charts and send to our customers who many times use them for an ordering guide. The information gained is irreplaceable. George Souvall President/ Alta Dist -S /W Distributors Listed NEW PORK -Here is a N of labels presently being distributed by the major company -owned branch distnbutors: CBS Columbia (Cleveland nternational. ARC Columba. Path lane, Odyssey, Accomplice), Epic, Portrait. Blue Sky. Caribou, let. Kushner, Life. song Hempen,. Philadelphia nternational, T Neck. Tabu, Unlimited Gold, City lights POLYGRAM Capricorn. Casablanca (Chocolate Culy, Oasis, Parachute). Phonogram (0e lite, DM, Lone Star. Mercury, Monument. Smash, Sound Stage Seven. Vertigo. /app.). Polydon (Charisma, MGM. Spring. Verve), RSO (Curtom), Deutsche Grammophon, Philips, Archive, Festivo, Privilege AGVAMM RCA (Whole. Bluebird), A6M (Ode, Hai ton), Free night, Grunt, Hologram, Pablo, Road show (Nalure's Music), Rocket, Salsoul (Retitle hem, Different Diummer. Dream, Free Spud, Gold Mind. Tom N terry), Solar, 20th Coning rot. lortase. Windsong J MCA MCA minty, Source CoRl e Capitol, United Mists. Blue Note, EM Amer Harvest, Angel, Seraphim, Melodiya MA Atlantic. Alco, Dig free, Cotillon. Little Da vid, Rolling Stone. Swan Song. Nonesuch, lato owa, Ekkera/Asrlare, Elektra,Curh, Warner Rios Wanner Curb, Wane/ RFC. Warner Spec tot. Whilkeld. Bearsvdle, Dark Horse, [CM. sland. Paradise. Sire For the Best in Budget LP's CU GET A LOT FOR A LTTLE Send tor our catalog COUNTRYWDE RECORD 6 TAPE OSTS. NC :09wmnru., rev 11, ,:1: *w Arow Bair llvau 11/1 Wes, fear ,41116 The Business of Music a basic course in survival s one of 9 courses being offered between March 12 and April 28 at the Warwick Hotel. 54th d Ave Americas Reduced tuition through Feb. 28 Callon write for free literature..1i,i1 i,n l'r.0 1,111,,itr inr, nc 2 Penn Plata. Suite NewYork, N Y Ahrertisinq We create great ads. album covers, tape tabets, catalogs - You name it We also Set type make stets, and can even do the printing in our own plant Let us show you what lreahvlty 8 service mean. "L `r4-2464es.aa. da," nc SO Eau 56th Street Dent A3 MP NYC NY TO ryranip h sr4y,li eno.nir rrlaa 1.1fn WO 1452

9 r AA7123 BUTCH McDADE JEFF DAVS RUSSELL SMTH BLLY EARHEART JAMES HOOKER DUNCAN CAMERON They've been amazing their fans for four solid albums. Now with a new sound and new producer...the most amazing album of their career. THE AMAZNG RHYTHM ACES. Personal Management: Barnett Enterprises On ABC Records and GRT Tapes. o P t c c s ARC DELVERS

10 10 Continued from page 3 Bob Altshuler. vice president of press and public affairs 1-or the CBS Records Group. echoing the opinion of other top p.r. executives. A 21- year industry veteran. Altshuler worked for Atlantic and Riverside before moving to CBS. Altshuler was nstrumental in Regehr also believes the publicity function begins with an artist's sign - tng and should involve the coordination of sales and advertising from the outset. ndeed. artist campaigns at Warner Bros. are mapped out by a take notice. Programmers read these magazines to spot trends." Warner Bros' Regehr describes this process as "getting to radio through the hack door" Heiman, who joined RCA in 1956, sass RCA'spubhcee. stall-now General News New Vitality n Public Relations -Publicity istti relations /creative services it Capitol where he began his career in the media 14 years ago as a staff writer handling ad copy and liner notes. "The corporate thinking here is that marketing is a coordinated outlets in addition to their use as instore attention -getters. "Some of us feel it's the coming thing;" Davis adds. but how to use it hasn't really been defined yet." One of the major complaints cited by many of the publicists interviewed for this article is that some label executives are still governed by the notion that "publicity doesn't sell records." Herb Hetman: RCA's veteran having the function of artist p.r publicity for each of the CBS labels transferred to each label's marketing division. a move begun about 21 years ago. That enabled the publicity departments of Columbia, Epic and the Associated Labels to work Billboard photo by David Gahr public relations expert. `troika" consisting of Regehr. esceunve viee president Stan Comyn (oho also heads the label's creative setsices /advertising depanmentst and senior vice president/director of sales and promotion Ed Rosenblatt. Although publicity and advertising are separate departments at B ilbuard photo by Chuck Felon Bob Altshuler: CBS' long -time p.r. chief- takes its direction directly from label president Roben Summer and the heads of the a &r and marketing departments. Frequent meetings among these department heads help determine which acts have "the best shot' al gaining media attention. Heiman, among others. is a firm believer in gaining the respect and confidence of writers and reviewers on an individual Bdtboard photo by Lien Tanner Bob Rolontz: Warner Communications long- standing p.r. director. function.' Davis explains. "not something where people go off on separate ego trips." He meets regularly with department heads involved in merchandising. sales and promotion to lay out a uniform approach to working an act. We bounce ideas off each other "Press does sell records." asserts Mike Gormley. director of communications at A &M. "A public relations campaign can have a lot to do with the success of artists who sell in the range of to records. can think of artists such as the Runaways. Peter Allen and Joan Ar- WB's Bob Merlis types a story. closely with promotion. product management. merchandising and artist development resulting in all areas working around the same timetable and being able to exchange ideas before an album was released." he points out. And it's worked very well." Among other things. the p.r. departments at CBS "move quickly to get early comments from critics to show program directors and others that the opinion makers have reacted positively," Altshuler notes. These "opinion makers." another veteran publicist points out. are fairly resistant to hype. Bob Regehr. vice president /director of artist development and publicity for Warner Bros. Records. sees today', public relations as more factual. wash less "You must remember you're dealing with a generation of writers who know the business. You can't i.nrl these guys" he stir,. " the overall quality et p.r has risen considerably. The das, of hypc.tic gone. The talent has to be there " Capitol's Dan Davis checks some tour color photos. Warner Bros.. Regehr sometimes gets involved in the actual ad campaign, "more to help establish a direction than writing the actual copy." he says. The look of the ad is important to us." Warner Bros. was also among the first of the major labels to involve its field promotional forces in the p.r function,a move which increases the opportunities for a label to garner media attention through local newspapers. college rublic:theus and local television outlet, Another major change of altitude among label publicists is that specialized rock music publications with limited circulation are now considered an important part of the image -building pruests -. Publications such as a rouser Press. Hump. the N.Y Ricker. Rayon's Kcal Paper aid either,.aka provide new.ulnas with mirr_it media esposure Hie iiltuencerrf hrsc nirg,irmvs far ',seeds their,bout i tin." sass lerb ddnivi. Rt.'A's vl,tcoan yrcc prssidcnr tuer poll', Alan, "t,roll pct.r.ate co, rl skald nc,,, a an.o urst y,iu care stake a prut:tam duet tor "The an is to know what they're looking for." he notes. Again, this is an example of publicity's new approach. Years ago it was enough to routinely servies reviewers and journalists and hope they would respond. Now publicists try to inmate stories by appealing to a journalist's personal taste. As a restilt. some publicity departments are divided nto specially areas. CBS and RCA are pone examples of this trend. Both c.mtpanies have tidoido it publicist, who oil, handle college press. unit ter. national, or (black mush, tee country. or classical n addition to the obvious benefits, this sti ucurre enable, a publicist to wink on long -range projects with a iaiiicolor writer or editor Capiti icsools a another.a esample of a latcl,s loch h has sucs es, h uity condincd 11uh1,si, muh r.hel marketing tonslhms n last. is the uinit 1ie11n.11,e %1,'R' rent man t, tesptendnr 1,n 1,0tt ,11.., and adernsine Dais Da, N r...rics till, titre of vice- prl,,dcni and ill press /:lit itslboerd photo, by Be irr.e Tw Cc-t A &M's Mike Gormley checks over a press release. and us to dctermmc where the audlcns: is and where s the most appropriate place to focus attention;' Dore. says As Davis explains. "it doesn't always happen" that an act enjoys a national breakout so a label's field forces are often the first clue to where an act is selling Once that's determined. Davis is able to ntarshall the various forces under his command. "We lake that area and expand it." he says. "Radio ads arc almost automatic. l'oint-of- purchase material s nest. Where you have the most activity that 'i s where you club it all in. "We utilize the branch men." Davis notes "Sonic rate set them selve, up,s lth the ts al molli and t murks rscecdingly well when.n.ulísl is nnrene" t.ilu tint. ahar( m.i \rests und N..nei trs.. is also looking art rodeo as a putt!, tel.'turns 001. l.tpatrtl and Ate, m tail. have al-. mitt beg tin ilium lt situ i- t Ricci and film dot, of,1111ns lo leleetstoo and cable MCA's Joan Bullard makes a media call. matrading. who just had her first gold album. largely due to the c n- *NM slant attention of the press." "Ans kind of exposure is important" Gormley maintains. "We just had a ovo -page spread in People magazine featuring Pablo Cruise. sec that as equal to two ad pages. And at $20,000 a page. that's $40,000 worth of free exposure We're discovering that people really want to know more about an artist these days.. Gormley 's stew is shared by most publicists today. Warner Bros,' Bob Mertes. who reports 10 Bob Rcgchr, can reel ot a list of artists whose careers have been built on media attention. "There's incredible interest among the press on cert,un artists " he notes. "There's a tradition at Warner Bro, for what we call 'press darlings.' Randy Newman, Neil -- Young. Martin Mull and most recently Carlene Carter have benefited from this." Other publicists credit the media with helping launch the careers of Cmtrid0061ìt8e&rnarlal


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14 14 hn' l', y',1 ADS, hack nc.., the top r oiit...". r.. shot ai Vnif'iei lìr,,,.t L,. "r, ill', ago. Stan (oin)n. the.,t...stem itsc tics president. h,ls'darted mg outside the retold huslnes, h spcci.uttst+ in adscrusing.' dicing, editorial and ari. the area ht department encompasses. "So often n this business, sa, Cornyn. "we don't recognize that there are special,kilt which are use - ful and necessary Stan Cornyn: " have often felt that merchandising departments sing beautiful songs... but sometimes the mike is dead." -'One does not promote a ',skim,/ field promotion man to lieeume art director bailie there is a recognition that an art director is supposed to have some design sense- Yet Mien in these other areas, one tend, to look in the wrong place. "We're looking for an advertising copywnter alto has not worked n the record business. but has worked in advertising and knows what a good ad is." (' ornen sass he is talking CO such hug ads cruising and marketing agencies as McCann & Erickson and Wells. Rich & Greene to prepare campaign, for the label on porterhouse release, like the le, - cetwoeid Mac LP, due in June. he practices in advertising that General News EDTORAL & MERCHANDSNG WB's Cornyn Goes Outside Music For Creative Arts sue has,. been,l hp, l., t,...' 0111 oil '1C111.t are.1111atingls i h... like. " sass(.iron "t sou hrongbt.' trained :lulu closing persons into a record "imparts and shosued hint what sou' re doing. he'd collapse un laughter right on lioinl of sou d lie tuetc not restrained ht wanting the account' l orntn is outspoken on ratans tssues n advertising and metthandis ing, one of which is "the proliferttont and ego gr.utilicauon ad," which he term, ''sellcongi.uulators and sills --t's important to get rid ll waste.ind Junk," he sat+. -including buttons. stickers and -,huts that have no message " Not lust -shirts, but also promotional laic ke'ls anal sweaters are apparent!, on their was out at Warner Bros " has eclearly goen a mandate in credits: sersices," sows ( orris') "We are ntl r) the garment biome," V, Aimee Brois, has rnscited a con -.'dcr.'hle suns in elaborate. king -suie displays luir -Superman." on which i rnsn is working with the 1Vß filet Joion. ^fhese'speclaculari hale a longer store -life," he explains, "because they're harder to move if nothing else Yet (' ornyn insists the "glue approach to merchandising" is not had if used properly The key is getting the material where it will he used and making sure it is put up which does not always happen " \etehan doing departnienls at record companies sing he,tulllul songs." laments Curnsn. "hut sometimes the mike is dead To mils this prohtem. Vi'ti uses ts local merchandising staffers at the countn and also its direct mad system, a computerized analysis oit about stores which it has hecn d'selopint for ahoul ftce Sean ******************ñt**********>}* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * We will send you a free custom printed T -shirt when you send us a * request on your company stationery. t's our way of introducing you to our company and the excellent job we * can do for you on T- shirts, Visors, Jerseys, Tote Bags and more. * * * T-SHRTS * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** The T- Shirtery, nc. We put the ut^ in T- Shirts 1200 Menlo Dr. Dept. BB Atlanta, Ga (404) or (800) toll free out of Ga. Call us for quick service * * * * * Y..Y.r'i-r1s1.>V%ti!:tc(7r***>f t, 1'11 '.r1 lak. r't -n.ti. exp.un, 4.1i "ail put t mto Cardin c.-.o rr. -r -. "id) p',4- i, s.unou't buttons and 1 rack. Southern and gc'.,,niewhat generalized but eslremels uueellll dire. rind+ for a roar &e'tine campaign. t will tell tutu how mans copies of the album s out need to sers ice the country and even spill out the mauling Libels Now Warner ('ontmumuauuns is going beyond demographic studies to also include motus.itional slujte, "We not only want to know whin hry huts" sties (' ornen "hui why "\tolo.tuon.l research can ten 'vx4' and manipulative," he allows "t is not tt is lusi using the hest intelligence sou hate " So long.n one keeps his intuitive skills sharp, Cornyn insists. the. computerized market research can he a big plus. Corny founded cocaine sere ices in 1468 and held that directorship until a ca sears ago. when he was upped to execuuse vice president and Derek Taylor mused into the top credute +pot Cornyn soon missal his old gib and when Taylor resigned lair September and returned to England. he decided to reenter the creative end " had litund titilelfde.aling walls such substanloc matters in the histon of our :rt." jokes Cornyn. "as who gets ttliti p.irking space and " have clearly mandated to the creative services depart ment: 'We are out of the garment business.' " "Most advertising specialists would collapse in laughter at record industry practices. if they were not restrained by wanting the account." d N., iii,u,t.,, it.i lti..,,ll his uffiee What creative freedom Cornyn had eanie when he did certain prof eels on behalt of the three record companies Warner (ommumc.unons (such as the celebrated Big Button aj ecintpa'gnt or when he produced the "Roots" television soundtrack. which recently brought bin hl, suslh Grammy nomination t the lint live were for aulhonng liner notes on Frank Sinatra albums, "But since wasn't abandoning my position as execute, vice president of the company." explains Cornyn, " needed to add a creative services Jreo.lor. Pete Johnson. and a creative coordinator, Linda York. whu,h we never had before." Presumsly all creative senaces starter, worked in the four departments which it comprises, none worked horizontally Say, Cornyn "We're trying to break down departmental harriers where merchandising unas or may not speak to art and se, birth. A major move is onto get esenbody talking to each other "And just as don't want islands n my department. don't want my department to he an island n the eu,mpany Produce managers and the nternational and operations dlrccum also report tut me so we can put the creatrvc together with all the actual problems out there. That way it dow,n'1 heutme an usury lower uperaúon Warner Bros s uniquely organ- ized in another respect, n that it has no head of marketing. nstead. it s run 1nlaterall by (' ornen n creative semi:e,. Eddie Rosenblatt n sale, and promotion and Bob Regehr in artist deselopmenl, which was part iii treatise until it was spun ott seseral sears ago The latter department conslss 111 Carl Scutt di- reeling artist development and Bob Merits m publicity. Within the creative department itself, merchandising is directed by Adam Somers, advertising Shelley (-toper, editorial by Gene Sculalt and art by Peter Wharf, who moved up to that slut when Ed Thrasher resigned from Warner Bros. last Nosemhcralter S years. Cornyn, whojuitted Warner Bros. as editorial director in 1959, six months after the company was Bo twat, o ^oro; ;r Bor,r_ i,egei "Motivational study can sound very '1984' and manipulative. t is not." founded. says relations between labels and managers are now in their healthiest period. "When 1 started out at Capitol in the 1950s," he says. "an artist might show up for a recording session not knowing what the album cover would he and maybe not having a hell of a kit of say in who the arranger was or what the repertoire Was. "This type of servitude needed to come under re- analysis and did. Then the pendulum swung like crazy. And when it did, it obviously swung to a point of excess. "f an artist came in and said 'm' sister just graduated from high school and here is thus drawing she WConunued on page. ATTENTON PRODUCERS - PUBLSHERS TERENCE P. MNOGUE Arranger for artists as diverse as Jim Croce (ABC) Henry Gross (A &M) Crack The Sky (Lifesong Epic) Mary Travers (WB) Dion (WB) Eric Anderson (Columbia) Cashman & West (ABC) Free Beer (RCA) Lavender Hill Mob (United Artists)... and many others S NOW FREE TO DO CHARTS FOR YOU. Al aye 2ï, he has arranged over 200 albums for major labels and has won R A A Gold Records tor his arranging LET HM GVE YOU GOLD For full lust of credits and sample reel contact: JONATHAN BLANK 551 filth Ave Suite 420 New York, N Y T.P.M. Productions 401 E 74th Street Suite 8 -E New York, N Y kno

15 STRE H NUMBERS Simple Arithmetic: High Energy and topnotch Musicianship plus a dash of patented Rufus Funk. t all adds up to one hot new LP... NUMBERS. ' FZG[rttD }}tnttr CO Produced by Rufus and Roy Halee



18 18 Retailer Chains General News Resort To Creative Marketing Con/timed fri,nr page n clerks changing fixture placement to provide new avenues for traffic ui that customers will be exposed to merchandise which pros auu+ly right has, h,.n dyv, m the store appearance he sellolt was the story "t's.i rood nie h' :as thang local that is happening Crosslcs sass 'We did.wer250l'is toners an Austin sieh a "'m rving lys establish with out young franchise Owners that dises, is bringing hack the over- 15,anduptu-trll record buyer who Ls ants u, dance and is into active music." say+ Evan Lasky, president of Budget 'rapes & Records. the 90 -store "They have been accustomed to passive, listening music: buyers. This You've Discovered Gold... and Platinum in Florida. Now Unearth view wespec[s 'Round The World. Billboard's Spotlight on Florida in the April 7th ssue. Advertising Deadline: March 9,1979 You're Spinning Gold in The Sunshine State... And plenty of platinum too. f you're part of the Florida scene, you know the stor)t But here's your chance to tell the world. We're Digging Deep to Tell Florida's Fabulous Story... Don't miss this opportunity to take your record com- pardi gour studio, tour station, your act, YOUR COMPANY to the entire music business, Nationwide and Worldwide. Bonus Distribution: NARM '79 The National Association of Record Merchandisers is holding its 21st annual convention in Hollywood, Florida, March 23-28, The spotlight will be there bathing every attendee. Billboard's Spotlight on Florida will help you cash in on this Great Stampede... Reserve your ad space no,iç then watch your own sales stampede. To get in on the Florida Rush of'79, Contact J.B. Moore at (212) or write J.B., Billboard, 1515 Broadway, Nett' York, N.Y year we will be selling more mush that is social and fun." "Camelot and Grapevine stores are OU to sell overstocks that range from catalog to cutouts." explains Gerry Gladieux, advertising man - aguof the Paul David drain. "There are bucks out there. You can't go big in expensive radio and print. Right now the mall tabloid is the best buy A quarter -page will do it." And he says that Stark Record Service is urging all managers to work closely with local radio to participate in possible promotions that bring free plugs for stores. This concept is overseen by the chain's seven regional directors. The four 1812 Overture stores in the Milwaukee area are staging a three -day $3.98 for all list and for all list albums in stock. "But we used key DJs from the top stations doing remotes from the stores." says Alan Dulberger, chain owner. We had Larry the Legend. W7UU -FM. Rob Edwards, WOKY- AM. and different jocks from WLPX -FM and WQFM on deck in th,,r. ^. is ihr ; _.d d.i.s.. Kester Claims Suit Names Wrong Firm LLS- Kester'.._.,... mg, local cutouts distnbutor, in as answer to a local Supenor Court complaint filed by the United California Bank here t Billboard. Jan. 20, 19791, claims it was erroneously sued. Defendant rightly should be Ramant Co.. nc.. a Nesada corporation. it warms n the anginal story, the plaintiff was incorrectly reponed as seeking $ in repayment for a loan. The as suing over an open hook account for goods and merchandise of that.amount Lawsuit Names 20th -Fox Label LOS s. ts '.s,, rags Ltd.. a..,.rporauon. is wing 20th Cent,.. -ox Records, charging the label shorted Alan Parsons in vinous ways rnyaltvwise. The ixal Federal District Coon filing asks in excess of $ to make up for the alleged payment shortages and S million in exemplary damaves. Among_ le sanous charges is a precedental one in which Woolfsongs contends the defendant did rial police ts foreign hcencees to assurc accurtcs of their accounting. n.jdition. the tiling lashes 20th Centon -Fox Records for Mugurate's and tardily complying with :w l pro. 'slims cayenng royalties on an album, "Tales Of Ms *ten And magination" prodosed by Alan Panons the pa.t tiled swab the court ' r of sue - s, i e s Par -offs accroie _,te.l triait ins.rils le, 104 las 204, i, total pocc.educ cons depending, n the pa:k.i_in, qrrt Limo Ad Deadline: March 9, /"1 e ssue Date: April 7,1979 Publishers Move 1 W 'st)rt. April Blackwood Music in lais Anr.'le' has moved to nec,.mal ar_cr ai 1930 Centuas lark \\is1 in Centon lits. The Hess phone number is t',itt Also moving ta the sanie ad- diess is Heath Less Music. administered by April Blackwood. Heath es)'s new number is (213) Liut. Relocating to the Las Angeles of- lice is Ulpio Minucci, director of film and televiiyrfjpj nfrial April -Blackwood, 11...

19 General News Jury ndicts Counterfeiter Suspects 19 NEW YOR..N federal grand jury has h,in k up the first indictments following raids in five states last month when federal authorities seized more than 5100 million worth of counterfeit and pirated sound recordings and the equipment used to manufacture then (Billboard, Dec. 16, 1978). George Tucker and his company. Super Dupers nc.. of Hasbrouk, N.J., one of the 23 companies hit in the raid, were charged in a 21 -count indictment with racketeering, wire fraud, and illegal reproduction of f con- copyrighted recordings. victed. Tucker faces a jail term of up to 75 years and fines of up to $300,000. n a related case, tape duplicating MASTERS WANTED nternational music company seeks disco recordings for ntensive marketing outside the United States AMPRO Productions, nc. 150 Fifth Avenue New York. N.Y Telephone: Cable address: TAPEXXRON New York TELEX AMEX equipment. red at shout S , whrili Nils seized during one of the coordinated raids on the General Music Corp. to Charlotte, N.C., was ordered returned to the company. At a hearing on the General Music Corp. case. U.S. District Judge Woodrow Wilson Joncs questioned whether the equipment seized in the raid in Charlotte was actually used for illegal duplicating. Ralph Phdlipe, vice president of By ROMAN ht)'/.ah the firm, testified that General Nlu sic legally makes tapes for local soul gospel, bluegrass and coun,. groups in the Carolinas and \ n giniti. as well as serving as a hkal distributor for budget product (Bill - board, Jan. 6, 1979). Doug Martin, attorney for General Music, says a new hearing was then ordered. and on Jan. 16 the judge signed the consent order. Gen-, i,rl Must, lias then spic ur reclaim its equipment. Tapes seized in the raid were not returned The announcement of the New York indictments came from Edward R. Korman. U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York and Thomas P. Puccio, chief of the Organized Crime Task Force. Evidence tu the grand jury was provided by John Jacobs of the Strike Force and Max Sayah, assistant U.S. attorney. Blizzard Halts Milwaukee Action t orrnnuer! from punt,? bad enough, they'll make it," says Phyllis Purpero, of the Center's public relations staff. "The symphonies were cancelled because the Chicago people couldnt get out of Chicago and the Milwaukee musicians could not get to their concert because of storms." 'The economics of the arts don't easily permit cancellations because there's difficulty in rescheduling.' says Archie Sacaran, the Center's director. "'m happy that even though Mother Nature hit us with numerous snow storms, the Center only had to cancel 2% of its programming bemuse the performers were not able to come in." Reactions concerning the effects of the weather differ from club owner to club owner, usually depending on the location of their facility. "The weather has definitely hurt us," agrees Rich Emery. manager ul the new Park Avenue disco in down. town Milwaukee. "People listen to the weather broadcasts around here and they don't drive if it sounds bad. However, we had a great New Year's Eve. Must have had 400 people in here." Only one club worker was able to make it to the Attic West nightclub at the height of winter's latest storm Wednesday. "'m getting my work done and then 'm getting out of here... if can," she said. "Milwaukee people will go out regardless of the weather," says Randy Petrouske, one of the owners of Shelter From The Storm, a northside club. The name of his place might have made a difference but Pet - rouske says his club had not had to close this year because of the weather. But then he added as an afterthought. "Oh yeah. there was that. risen derailment on the next block dunng that blizzard a couple of weeks ago. They evacuated the whole area and shut us down. guess they thought the train was going to explode." Stores have been hit hard, with several managers saying they have lost up to 504 of their usual business compared with the same time last year. "When the weather clears. we do excellently." says Dave Roffers, manager of the Sound Stage outlet in the covered Bay Shore mall. He was alone in his store Wednesday because none of his other sales staff could make it through the drifts. "We have had trouble with deliveries: that's been a handicap all right. The truckers can't get through Chicago." Michael Mowers, sales manager for the downtown -based Radio Doc - (Continued on page 91) (Sim indrstnnnts are expected. Sources say that though the raids encompassed live states, future indictments will come out of the grand jury in New York. The case first broke in New York when federal undercover agents set up their own retail operation in Westbury. L.L. and used the store to purchase allegedly illegal recorded product from distributors. According to the initial indictments, Tucker and Super Dupers were charged with illegally producing and distributing product by Chicago. Elvis Presley. Fleetwood Mac, Linda Ronstadt, "Saturday Night Fever," Rod Stewart, Kiss, Donna Summer and others. ;. -400ASe "One of the most Exciting Singers in the World" "Her Roxy Debut A Smash" Dec. 19, Her New Single - "t Doesn't Have To Hurt Everytime" Produced by Don Bass see moacron< Look For t SHELLY SEGEL GENTLEMAN. BUSNESSMAN. FREND. T'S SO HARD TO SAY GOODBYE. PCKWCK nternational nc.



22 22 General News Preston & Syreeta Scramble To Complete Music For `Fast Break' LOS ANGF ti Billy Preston and Syreeta has( been somewhat quiet on the recording scene in the past few years, but they're clearly out to make up for lost time. n fact they've probably set some sort of speed record: laying down the tracks to the soundtrack of "Fast Break." an upcoming Columbia Pictures comedy in just wo days in order to meet the studio: deadline. The two Motown artists (Preston pacted with the label two months ago after his deal with A &M ran out last year) are the first signings to the management firm of Suzanne de- Passe and Tony Jones. second cousins who are both -year veterans with Motown. When label chairman Berry Gordy first got wind of the Gabe Kaplan film Dec. 28 from its lyricist Carol Connors, he promptly called depasse. who was scouting for a project with broad demographic ap- By PAU. (.REN had umtractcd with Columbia Pictures to have the tracks locked to by Jan. 5 so the film could open Feh. 1h in Detroit. Faced with this deadline. the principals mmediately' booked studio time and recorded virtually around - the -clock for the next two days. Now they have the relative luxury of a whole week to recut several of the tracks for a Motown soundtrack album. also scheduled for release in February. "A lot of times the record cornpony just pays a re -use fee," says de- Passe. "and uses the same tracks that were laid down for the picture on the soundtrack album. rather than trymg to come up with unique ways to present the music. As a result. the LP has one or two songs and then a lot of instrumental cues. But here were elaborating on the cues " Shire, who composed and orchestrated three of the four songs in the re,',lung some songs... 1 he most dramatic ex:iniplc ut this is a 10-minute disco version of "Go For t" on the album which will be heard only in a straight orchestral version in the movie. t is being given a fiery ills thm arrangement by McKinley Jackson and will be released as a 2-inch disco disk. t is one of two ducts between Preston and Syreeta on the package. This is not the first time the two artists have teamed. Shc guested on a couple of songs on his 1975 album "t's My Pleasure," including "Fancy Lady," his last chart hit on A &M. t was his lack of hits on A &M in the past few years that caused him to leave the label after eight LPs, Preston says. as well as the fact that he never became a strong album seller there despite four gold singles. His publishing is still handled by A &M's rving /Almo. but that too Biuboard photos by Bonne Tiegel Slow Song: Billy Preston and Syretta run down a tune from the soundtrack LP of "Fast Break" which they are rush recording for Motown. solo album for Motown. which is halfway recorded at this point and is set to be released around April. Preston played at religious colleges to support the gospel LP last summer and also did some dates in Mexico. He says hell do more of his says. The album is 1,000 limes better." depasse, who was vice president of the creative division at Motown until moving to her present slot as vice president and special assistant to the chairman of the board 11/2 peal with which to launch her anists. On Jan. she gathered Preston and Syreeta -as well as Connors and composer David Shire -to discuss the project. and on Jan. 3 they screened the film (described as a basketball -based "Rocky" with comedy) and signed the deal The only problem was that Regal Productions. which made the film, picture. notes that although the film tracks and. to a lesser extent. the soundtrack album are of necessity a rush job. "So far we haven't had to sacrifice quality " Ne adds that the filmgoer who likes the music in the movie and goes out to buy the album will basically get what he paid fer "ie'll get what's in the picture. but were also RPRPRPRPRVRPRPRPRP Q. THE GREAT li RP d OFF, Cie s Rip OH This Coupon and Send For FREE Catalog - Dealers Only a - (#AVE --VALUABLE COUPON (VM m C Z- x 5 i WE HAVE THE BEST Re CUT -OUT ALBUMS & O g i P PROMOTONAL P o 8 -TRACK 8. CASSETTE M 1_ gig O LST N AMERCA! o, n d i d 1 d CALL US for our $3.99 SPECALS N MAJOR LABELS... MAJOR ARTSTS A C A O a L t 147CO A c/l /hee z L d p PO 109 Cadillac ltd., Burlington. N.J i E R Name lc Address me City Stale Zip E 14 i TM, (gag) S i SO AVE ile áave ll l i P z Above: McKinley Jackson, arranger for a disco cut, works with the two vocalists. Right: Cornposer David Shire with producer Jim Di- Pasquale, left. and lyricist Carol Connors. will probably change when his current contract expires. depasse and Joncs have plans to set up their own publishing house (entirely separate from Jobete) for the acts they manage. according to Jones. The first signings could well he Preston and Guy Finley, a pop -oriented singer/ songwriter who is the team's third management client From 1970 until 1977 Preston was managed by Bob Ellis. who at one point also handled Kults. Stephen Bishop (before he was taken on by Ellis' former associate 1 rude Greene) and Lloyd Haynes, the attor on "Room 222." Of the seven -year tenuto l'ieslen eow says. "The lint few.curs were good. nut Zhen it storied dtntiuraling" Jones L,. been totuti:01y managing he.ton lut ': scats. lint lle assutiali,ni has only rcccntlt been male poll, "lt wasn't lime lu taise 11tí laif!s," sat. lanes "- list we had tovle:in catit the wtnttlshed." Preston also itttds guslycl for ABC /Word li-- co., :illuett tin the label. "Behold",.one oui lie lune and has het-te uo inin.tir, 0 a (ii. nu is lift hest inspiration perfornrantc. his second,sill he recorded Mets summer. anti fis first own this year. but he wants to cut back in the number of gigs where he's performing behind other artists. Noting that he's probaby spread himself too thin in the pass, he sass " want to take are of myself find' n contrast to Preston. Syreeta is a Motown veteran, having been with the label eight years. Her fourth solo album (she also cut one duct LP with G.C. Cameron) will come out around Apnl. While the producer is nut yet set. it will apparently not be Stevie Wonder. who helmed her first two LPs and with whom she co -wrote "Signed, Sealed, Delivered ('m Yours);" "f You Really Love Me" and "t's A Shame." "'d he old and gray," she jokes, referring to Wonder's reputation for taking his time in the studio. " want to he alive when it comes out... and able to move" Syreeta sings one song on Wonder's upcoming "The Secret Life Of Plants" LP (the two were mar - ned front 1971 to 1y711 She says that that soundtrack ' tt ill also differ fr iii what is heard in the theatre Mecause the powers behind the film "larnpcted" with Wonder 's music... he munie is net cap to par." suc yeah ago. explains that she and Jones are still employes of Motown. "Since we don't have overhead to pay." she says. our decisions don't have to be based on our own financial needs. t's a unique situation." depasse. who co -wrote Shorty Long's 1965 top 10 hit "Herr Comes the Judge" and received an Oscar nomination in 1972 for co -wnbng the "Lady Sings The Blues" screenplay. cites a "mutuality of goals" between Motown and depasse/jones as one of the advantages of the setup. "Fast Break" will be the fifth of David Shire's scores to be released on a soundtrack album. His biggest. of course, is RSO's "Saturday Night Fever," which he adapted and to which he contributed additional original music. For the Record N \\ \K. Nillent Zalsman. recent) named. t use president tut the worldwide Polygram Group, retams his responsibility as president of Polygram's video division, a post le assumed in A recent item in Executive Turntable incorrectly identified his poste

23 Y-, 1.r - handles General News RSO Halts Bee Gees Airplay, Tracks Leak Continued from page "t's the responsibility of the record company to do the best it can to find where it came from so it doesn't happen in the future. We want to clear up the situation so everyone knows." Fitzgerald says that even his promotion staff didn't have copies of the album since they were kept under lock and key. "t's one thing to see an entire chain get a but RKO got it and so did ABC and NBC but not all of their sister stations," he says, "fs one thing for a programmer to get a copy of the Bee Gees album early and program it for his station Stan Cornyn Continued from page bt did of me in crayons and want it for my cover.' we'd just sigh and say. 'sure. okay.' "We went from the monolithic record companies treating its artists like puppets to the other extreme. but now we're back in a middle ground. Paranoia has stopped by and large." One sign of these improved manager -label relations is that a number of Warner Bros- ads carry credit lines citing the name of the artist's manager. "t's been asked for." says Cornyn. "The first one who suggested it is by definition an egomanic. but after the fifth one. it bercomes a way of life. We never had producer credits either until a few years ago. now it's common practice." Cornyn says that his department product on Warner- distributed labels the same as disks on Warner Bros. itself. But he allows that at first the smaller labels are reluctant to hand over this control. "They have a certain fear of losing their identity and becoming amalgamated into the great bunny.' he says. "But after a year or so they get over their fear of being swallowed." There are 25 home office staffers working in creative services. though Cornyn says stretching creative to its limits, about 70 persons are involved. The overriding reason that crea- A.., five services remains an important marketing tool is keyed to the unpredictability of radio. Says Cornyn: "Radio may be 90% of what exposes records to an audience. but let's not depend on it. There will be and is a or construction, with formats changing and getting tighter. And refuse to allow the media to dictate art." curly to holster ratings But it's another thing to send copies of it to friends at other stations. Hopefully it came from only one source," states Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald odds that f any station had disobeyed the cease and desist order, court action would have followed. "Sonic stations were harder to contact than others. Some started playing it six o'clock Friday night (121 just when everyone else has left and no one picks up the phone. We got hold of the station manager or programmer anyway we cvwld to get it off the air." Fitzgerald says that the first call There are other ways he received about premature play was from Chicago where WLS played it. "The effect of WLS going on it is more than just local as a lot of secondary and tertiary markets pick up WLS at night." to improve your sales record besides selling records. 23 Distributors Continued from page 8 to head the newly formed MCA Distributing Co., has a goal to triple the 1978 figure to more than S200 million, exclusive of videodisk product that will be expanding as the Magnavox system rolls out nationally. The bottom line for everyone is seen tightening even more than it did last year. CBS. WEA and Capitol all have reported profit percentage gains below 1977 levels for the second and third calendar quarters. with the usually strong fourth quarter figures not yet detailed. This is where the battle will be fought in earnest for one key to better profits is more volume at lower costs, and this year the competition will he much keener Scotches Recording Tapes -they Make et., -, profit center all on their own. And no wonder because you can't sell a line of tapes with truer, purer sound than Scotch Recording Tape. And we have a very effective advertising campaign to make them very easy to sell. Sports llustrated, People, Playboy, and the audio buff magazines are just some of the publications. There's television advertising too -plus were the best- selling brand of all.lank tape in America. So, get in touch with your local Scotch Recording Tape representative and find out how you can make another profit center right in your store. Before you know it, you'll be recording big sales with more than just records. Scotch Recording Tape.The truth comes out. 3M

24 Billboard Sin9es Rodio Action pioyfist Based on station playlists through Thursday (1 ' 25: 79) NEL DAMOND -Forever n flue lean; (Columb., (D) GLORA GAYNOR - Will Survive (Polydes) DOOBE BROTHERS -What A Fool Believes (WB, ROD STEWART -t,. hm11 m Bevy Wt+, OUVA NEWTON JOHN -A Leslie More love (till DONNA SUMMER- H'aren Knows (Casabtenceo DRE STRATS-- ;ultans Of Swing DNB) EDDE MONEY -Maybe 'm A Fool (Columbia BLLY JOEL -BAP ;ho, '(..Amt, 0- Discotheque Crossover ADD ONS -the two hey prod lac s added al the 'ado stations listed as determined by slat on personnel PRME MOVERS -The wo producls reoster,ng the great est proportionate upward movement on the station s playlist. as determined by sia tan personnel BREAKOUTS- Bdlhnard Chart Dept summary of new prod utts exclusive o1 Add Ons and Pnme Movers Pacific Southwest Region sir C RH1-LA TOP ADO ONS HO CHOCOLATE -brew s A Wane. ohs Deeeg MOMAS -whore a foe &hoe ASH e03 DWAONO -Fors, n Ole. ire,, PRME MOVERS i CHlall tra-lar to Be AM lcnuwpa1 80D SMAd-no tuy hal l m Sen (YBi BUfSROMUS-Sow MNAlantK) BREAKOUTS Mal MMr-i on Ten n Lare A(an rllpnm) D1M STMS-Sunans 01 Swim E NB) put OFL-On Sroi (C4umW ) 1pTCNOCOUTE-Every sawmner (ntmdy) NOME BROTHERS-What A Fool BMrerr. (WB) RODSTEWMT-Oo You lama 'm Se, (WR113 5 D* CREATE LYNN-Gol lobe Real lcaumba RM (FM)-LA NNE MURMY-11ust Fen lnlo.raaam (Capal) DWESTRATS-Sullan;OlSnnL(WD) SANTANA-Slam, (Cambul77 7 Do GLORA GNOR- WiR Same Porydoi 2011 NR -LA AMR MURRAY ln lore Agam Capitol) NOE ORMOND -iaewr )e Blue leans ( Gahm be) O. CNENG LYNN -Got to Be Real(Cdumbu) 1713 UTTE RVER BAND- ladr(ha,vest) HA 12 NUT -mam Qua -Ursa...iu Mr hue(beklra( NEL YOUNG-i' SlroneWmdoW81, STYX-'.mg lax lnedar(um(2216. COLS BAND -One last ens f M, 27 RCBQ -San Degas MARSHALL HAN -Demme lnlhe C,ly Marvell, 10rc -tor You And 11P61000 NONE RFM-San Berrurdmo NGFL OSSON -Dance Shoes (Bag) BLUES BROTHERS -Sal ManlALMnhr1 LME RVER BAND -lady (Hanle) CHCAGO -Nn lall L tree(columbu) 1913 BERN -Barnet le KG00SSOK- ham es ',hoes (Baas KENNY ROGERS -lse Gambler DA) + NCOLETTE 'Jason -Leila Lem (WBO5 + ROT CHOCOUTE -Every sawmner tlnl,mlv111 ROPA- Mama NOME BROTHERS- WhalAlnnl Maw, MO) D MACH ES1,NERR- Sraa.ioa 6,veee 1hmePdrdurl * BLUES BROTHERS -Soot Man taken() DONNASUMMER- Heayen Knows (Casa Mama) RTRT -Taltor DA e MO-Evert Time (Chrysals) hrs(0lyou FR EFA- Goadhye. lore You(Allanbc) a 19 CHERYL LYNN -Got to Be Real (Columba) 19 1; AQE0- Mbuquerqua EDDEMOMA -Maybe le Afoot (Columbia) RoSS.WONDEA. GEES ROBNSaN- Pops We Love You (Motown, ROSE ROYCE- lore Don llive Here MYmae(Whd6eM) DONNASUMMER- Hearer Knows (Casablanca) RENO -(AS Reps MARSHALL NAN- DancinEln TheCds SUQUATROL CHRS NORMAN - Stumbhn n RSO) CHCAGO -No fell Laer (Columba) ROD STEWART-0o You N* l'msea, KrMB -San DNg CARS- M,Beatl ma' s Gel leleselra) BLLY JOEL- Big Shot (Columbia) BLUES BROTHERS -Sal Man (Marsha 1710 SHAUMAR -Take Me To The Bank (Salmi Pacific Northwest Region Or TOP ADD ONS 00011N UOTMFRS -whal A aal leiern. 1 M9 NP. 9U09D -(wem in Blur learn PRME MOVEDo 00 Memel - iwilim Se, rwn. OlM4NEW10 ONA-0.1mV Mmlarr a L a01s BROTERS-SW MA uluml BREAKOUTS DiB SrW Ts-;allais 0 S,nc (WBs DA 004-u Ter time n la Well,apea0 BEL GEES-merde RSo, K.f RC -San Francisco DRE STRUTS -Sullins 0S1YRWB1 D0081EBROTHEAS -WW A caladmr. (WB) ROD STEWART-Oo You hmsl'm Serr WB5 OUVANENTON- JOHN -A dlle Mole art )MCA, RYA -San francato PORUGNER -Blue Mnmmy Blur Day Allan BEE GEES- hayedyrso NOSY CALDWELL -What You Waal Del or at (Cloud) 10 4 NCOLETTE LARSON - ulta l evelwb) 159 NUN -San lose NO UST RE R -lan NEL DAMOND- (wee n Blue lath rc.nlmbul DOOBE BROTHERS -WAD Plod Rehm: (WB, RMRYMANLOW- Seem,re n!he NigMlkna)1) 11 0* CHERYL LYNN -Grit to He Heal Cnlumbial MOT- Sanamenlo LMP V u(allolu) FREFALL -Goodbye 0008K BROTHERS -Mal hi Dotilt tyros WB BARRY MARROW -Same narr n the Night /MOa) B 26 AGE RENLEY -New York Were (Casablanca) 18 NYNO -(aeon ANNE MURRAY -1 last fall ln Lore Again LTTLE RVER BAND-Lady (Maw sll DONNA SUMMER -Heaven Know: CasablMU) HB 30 SA/RANA- S.rmr lcotumlaal N8 29 NSW -Pod and ANNE PA UNSAY -1)usl Fell in Low Agam Caglol) DR/MON-AP The lune n eworld Capaob PORTED SSTERS- TnelPlann)13 8 SMETANA -Slam, (Columbia) 77 ll RNG -Stades NEL DAMOND -Ewa, ln Blue leans Caumbnl 9. GOMMEZ-Na ran l Sloped bancmgye( D CHERYL LYNN-Sotto Be Real(Colembal 139 BLUES BROTHERS- Soul Man lklanticl 158 SURD -Sporn DONNASUMMER -Heaven Knows Casabanol HEART-Deg & Budelryl Pumail) REEÜER MANCHESTER -Don't C,rOul loud(mslal FOREGNER -Blue Muning, Blue Oay (011an1g 0 17 PAC-Tama LEFGARRETT - Was Made for Dancing Rinlhrlal O. CHANSON -Ds t Hold Bac#E.oia) D OM NMLFMAN- nstant Radar(Blue Shrl PONTER SSTERS -foe (Plane ll 108 %CPA -Sall Lake Cy EDDE MONO- Marbel'm Afool (Colum.ia) DRE STRATS-Sultans 01 Seam(W13) DONNASUMMER- Heaven Rros Casablancal GERRYRAFFERT -Home Md Dry UA19 9 ARV-Sall laaróly MEUSSAMANCHESTER- Don't CO3Out L oad dun,, RENNTROGERS -lse Gambler (UA) BLUESNOTHENS -Saar Man (Manta) CHCAGO -No E.t.a Cotumbial S 11 R16Á -Oemer NO LST KW-Denver MGELOLSSON- Dancen Shas 18an) CAPTAN LTENNLLE- YOU Need AWoman omg l (A8M) BAMYMANLON- Somewhere n The Nigh tomar l6 t NOD STEWART-Do Toe m Soy A916 North Central Region TOP ADD ONS (DGORAGArNOA-,rr..,.. 1i, PRME MOVERS FOMMsmERS-E.e Maw. AOD SMR-Alo rmi (ems m;r,, m, DOMASaYMER-(earah News x wlmui BREAKOUTS Ont SMTS, tiers ll :mg (Wei WOO M01119-Marot l'in A fool W1s1WARt -11r1 On W. err CUM- Oelral EOBE MONET- Mayóel maloal H:iaumbnH DME STRATS- Sn0ans01SWmgMO BOBBY CALOW(LL -What beam 'Holm low Cloud) 16 O PON TEN SSTERS- fuelplanrl121 WORQ-Delnd ROUST WNE -Ebel CHCAGO -NO Tallow, (Womble) 00NM SUMMER -Heaven Kros Ceseblencal LEFGARRET -Was Made fa Dance, Scoltr Nolhrrsl ANMATTHEWS -Stale t imv.e.onmi" N 1.96 ORA ám1 -Grand Napbs O. CHANSON -Don't Hold Bad (kraal CHCAGO -No ldrlatr(coorbra) OLVA O(WTONdtNN- ALK le Mom LOrr (MCAT 66 HOTCBOCOUTE -rosy TsAWmner 1lo,, 8 10 WARY -Louisville BON NE PONTER -Free McFran My freedom Okla.) AMSTEWART -Knock On Woodlkoal 0* CHANSON -Don t Hob Back lkaa1282: PONTER SSTERS -Eue (Planet) 2015 WBGN -Bating Green GLORA GAYNOR -Wdl Stowve(PolyAal POCO -Crary Lae (ABC) BABYS -Every Time 1 rrn,,.alis176 T Think CH You RENN', ROGERS -The Gambier HUA d B WGCL -Cleveland 0. GLORA GAtNOR -WU Sun ne(polyoal DONNA SUMMED -Heaven Knows Caatrn;.al Du PEACHESLHERO -Snake Your Craie bng(polsdor) BOB SEGER -We're Gel lomlht(cap,loll 1613 WSP -Clement! RREFALL- Goodtoe.lar Tom (Atlaeha OUTS-Every lane TbW 01YOu (Cliq um) ROOSTEWART -Do YalhiM1'm Seri, (98115 DONNA TMMER-Heaven Knows (Cao.Wanca)2) 20 Qd02 ONM411)- COBWaoh DONNA SWARM -Heaven Knows (asahlanca) 000BEBROTNERS -What A FoolAreves (WB) BLUES BROTHERS-Soul Man (A lent a) R00STBYMT- Do YOU hm11'm Serr W9s23 11 MAG-Columbus CHCAGO-No Tel lever(cohrmbw) MONT BOGERS -The Gambler UD) 0 DAM HMMAM- nstant Replay (Blue Sled 11 1 ROOSEWAR -Do You lbnkl m Sear.W8115 m WCM -Alen a ANNE MURRAY - lad 1,111n lave Agnis DOODT BROTHERS -What AroH0 errs PONTER SKENS -ur119nne11s; R00 Sitwell! -tiolnu11un1 13 Q (WNW -Plll taut gh CHCAGO -A Sr, lel la, (Colo mba) POTER SSTERS - Nei11aan2S 17 DONNSUMMER- Nravrn Knees (asabierua) WYE/ -Pittsburgh DAM'S - vet, rma llhms Olga THETALNNG HEADS -resit Me to The Rnrr ls,r( ROOSTEWART -0 You Eta. lmsoy frail PONTER SSTERS -fne (PAW 1106 Southwest Region TOP ADD ONS al GeAM 4re011- Wal Sunne ipdrd!' Rif 4AAER- Wc Ma Fw Dnunl Brothels) i0)pfa016g NUM --S,Wa'Four iedeol * PRME MOVERS AMt 1W1(ß11- scehmeerr. the 5,, P011fTA SClERS-re Nawrt Ol1rUNEWOOKR-A Let, V+. V A BREAKOUTS daes1raßs-snamolsnnglw81 E001E 1JrCT-Evers Wirdr Wae Mewl STAM -Famed í20m Conlon RAT- Houston EDDERONEY- Ever, Much wayeut Loose(B011ral ORESTRATS- Satans 01 Swing (WB) MART RAN OW -Somcohere n The Night (sla) 3328 D GLORA GAYNOR- WdlSararePoirda) RDE- Houston GLORA GAY NOR -W)Survlw(Payda) DRE STRATS- Sul lain OtSwmgW81 BLUES BROTHERS-Soul Me(Atlantal 2510 RENNE ONS -SupermanlMlanlo( NB 23 RUF -Ddai LBFGMRETT -Was Made Fat Dancng (Stalk Brothers) D MOMS SAVOR -WA Survive(PObdorl NONE EMUS-FM-Dallas NONE PABLO CRUSE-GOO O&M) BANAT NANLOW-SomenheetnThe Night (*.NWT l / 10 OLER (EA)-R.WoeM ERCCLAPTON-PromneslRS01 D. VLLAGE PEOPLE-1 M CA Csabtanol BEG GEES -ta Mach Heaven (RS0162 OLVA NENfONJOHN-A Lillie Moe Lae MCA1 7 RNT-UP= D GOM2ALß-HAven Capiloti Slopped Deamelrt 61011G10MORO0ER-TbChase lasablaatal OVANEWtONdONN-Alrtle More tare MCA EACHESLMERB-Shake You. Groom hmglfolyda118 7 MT -D4hnaCdy LTF RVER BAN D-ladrnward) DONNA SUMMER-leaven Mows (Cauhtaa a ROD STETYMT-rinYaThiallmSeaY (WB19 1 PONTERSSTERS-f le (Planrt) 5 BARG -Tulsa HO LS Rfll -loto ANNE MUMMY- lust fell n lore Alton Caniteti RREfALL- GrodBle.!love You (Ana la) D CHERYL LYNN -Got lo Be Real (Colombe) 126 a PONTER TTTERS -fife (Panet) 11 5 WTa- New Orients POGO -Cray lolre(abc).. EOWN STARR -Coated (201kCahn) NCOLETTEARSON-lotta Lou (WB)t. ['ARSON- On ihyd Bid (kmyljj.,{ MOH -Me.Orlare CHCtGO-MOeD Love lcolumba) DOSE ROYCE-Loa Dan l na Heft Mrmae rwhalieldl UDF GARRETT-R'asMadeFaOwe, SconiBrbtha»21 17 MRK RND L FgE-September (ARC 158 KEEL-ShraWat D GLORMGYOR- Val Sun* lpmyda) D. PUCNESL#RB-SM4YofiGrmre Th,ng Pohdal NETNYMOO- TheGambw SUM EAfMBANO-Or' ís:eslmelury)2} Midwest Region TOP A00 ONS [, fiorm 4mO1-. at 5eraee ipeydap sm WTT!(NS-ÿyaClWSmml not OrOCOATE-Eeer s Rllwrw PRME MOVERS Otell ULOTOO NNN-a :ate Nair awe V1, POD Sailer -Or. rop Nei r 5wr fb1 Nor MALow- :.risen r ry ^il, BREAKO > Mal qr-g, AMSSEWY-, M n-: a: MSS -Chugo D. GLORA GAtN0R-1Wes SrNervelPralyd) ANMATTMENá-SMeNMmYM) UNDAROESADT-Oek Baby Babe t4s11am121 le ROD StE1NUT-Do lee TAmAfake! 11B1252 VM -Chum CHCAGO- eotrn um, (WMiRM) NELBANOOK -YOe Wow MeN/Le4 (Epal O CNGRY'M-CollasBeRa(CaYLO O 6 ROD STETURT-Do You MRfnSeri TOOK -Rotlfrd NOT CN000AE-Everyl'sAtV nhtel GMT DMTY -Ky. e Aid On WM MKOLETTE (ANTON -Oita loft MS) 1t7 UMW TORO 111RE-Septemba fac1 19 1: WFE-ndunapohs MUC TANNER BARD-Rems (E4Mra) -. STONEBDLT- Ort AruMPVacMle) URTR. WNDS ERE-SepiembErlARC) BLUES BROTHERS- Seal Man (AllaalAl '1 e Cuntrnurrl uri page :e Copynght Balboard PubOca1,On5. nc No part of this pubes cation may be reproduced. shored sea a retr(oval system, Or hens mt tact. n any Orm Or by any means, electroni. mechanics l. pholocopy mg, recording. or Otherwise, wit ho(t the pan.. written perm,ssoon 01 the poson r

25 THE i FACE TO ROAR Always fresh, always reaching for new expression, the Dells continue their musical evolution with their latest album, "FACE TO ROAR:' M-1113 The Dells' distinctive vocal stylings have never been better. Listen to their single, "(You Bring Out) The Best n Me:' AB t brings out the best in the Dells. Management: Al Perkins Produced by: Al Perkins, Calvin Carter, Rudy Robinson and The Dells for Perk's Music, nc.

26 Billboard R radio Action Based on station playlists through Thursday (1125/79) Ploy(ist Top add ans Ploylist Prime Movers Sts ConEYrrued from page 24 MRDE-bïaapalN MBTS-Every lane!wile You (Chrysa(a) DONMSUMMER-HeavenKnova (UUManca) FRHBMD-Dancrá Shoes Mercury)/ 3 it ROO SE9MT-Do You TM rai lmsery (WB)112 WOF.T-YLhnd MELßSMMCF101ER-0o1CryOut loud(m04) DRLY10ft-Bg Shot (Colambra) * LUNY MANOM-sane*here n M Nqht (N W a) t DLMNE9FEONDM-A Lot k More lcrr (MCA) M-btlNaba EDDEMOlT-Maybe 'm ATOM COlumbM) SRDCRfE-Run Home Gol (ALM) AGE FBBLL-New Yak Groove CasebbrMa)169 * MJBMEWOMONE-ALdue Moo love MCA) 14.7 MOM -SC Lia Nr9S1EYMT-RnocAOnWoo01Nmg1 DUE5RMTS-Suhans0lSmnl(W81 BMRMMNOW-Some Mare lnthe NiEhl Nrsta * PONTER S6TFAS-Fue(PNnet) K-S. lows METALL -Goodbye. Love You (NaMic) MT OLL -Big Shot (Cdbmba) Mil MATTHEA-ShakeH (Mushroom il7 17 KENNY ROGERS- The Gambler (UA)24 19 KroA-De Wins D. CHERYLU'NN-Gal fobe Real (Columba) BMRTMN90W-SanewbaelnThe KM AUCECOOPB-HO. You Gonna SeeMe Nae(W9)12.9 NOfC110C0U1E-Every 1 ln1my) 10 7 K DM9-MMRapeó sawinna NOTCNOCOU1E-Every1 sawinner (WW/ STYA- Srn1 For The Day(MM)23 19 * RLUESR9OTHERS -Soul Man!MND') 2014 RSTP- Mmxapoln LTiUE RVER BAND- Lad0(Harvestl DOM9ASUMMB -Heaven Moons (Casabirna) MELSSA MANCHESTER -Dont Cry Out Lcu.:101, ; 9 5 OLNA HMO JON 9- AL,hie More Lave (MCA17 NB-Karen Crty DOLLY PORTO N- BatY1m BNroarì (RCA) D00811 BR0THER5 -War A fool Behaves WB STYX-Sinew lhr Day(ALMi MART MMLO0- Somewhere n the NX / KBEQ- KansaeCity EDDE PABBBT -L very Which Way But.wc(Ekllral 'RUE NELSON -Vitas, Rata (Columbia) D + CHERYL LYNN -Cot tosr Rra1(coi.tu * DONMASUMMER -Hearers Knows (Casablanca) 3626 RRLS- RapdCtry _ POCO- CravylovelARC) SABYS -Etery!met TMniVenu (CBrysalr t PONTER SSTERS- fice(planeb S 8 VLLAGE PEOPLE -8 M CA (Casablanca) KOM -fado CAM BMO -O man ShomoMercur0 NEL DAMOND -Ta ever ln Blur lues Cusumbur NCOETTEWSON- lotlal ore (WB1 S 7 CHC -Le reak(mlanta) E0- Wichita GLORA GAYNOR - Will Survive!Poi ydor) POCO -Crilly loveabc) HOT CHOCOLATE -Every 1'sAWmnrr /Ma mt81140 ERC UPTON-Promises RS Northeast Region TOP ADD ONS REM DMM0NR -f orne ris Blur ugm (folumbul AMLSM MERS -,era Mr Mail,c1 o) WADES Pate Your G,oae PdTdnl * PRME MOVERS ROD 51YRMRr-b la Thank m;err MB (O1 CB1Tl LTM-W To Be Rai CeWmbu: OMM SUNtW -.sawn Krw.f CnD,anul BREAKOUTS WTr renlnt llnml(nroulcaryie No6M NARfRß1O-Oa Gy OW loue 14iylal B1oTN06-NKg A fed BNmn WMC -Now Tort BLUES 9ROTNERS-Soul Man (Al mhu * ROD 578WART -Do You has 'm Se, ( MNA SUMMER -Heaven Knorr. (Casablanca) Flü0799-X- New Yob BMYS -Leery Tam ltivoli Dl You (Cbrysala) BELLB MACS- lmò Up &M) BLONDE -Hears OlGlan(Chrrralur79 21 ROD STEWART- Do You Mn4'm Segy / WPT9 -Marry NEL 01AMORD- Forever n Rue lams (Columbus DDOBE5R0NERS -What A Fool Believes 0881 LBTLE RVER RAND- Lady (Hannes NOTCBOCOUE -Every 'sawmner!nfinity) 1510 WRY -Many D. GLORAGAYNON -Mill Starve) Coltdon) 400ß1t BROTHERS -What Afoot BeStvu (WB NO1CNOCOLATE -Every SAWnnel (141n D CHERYL LTNN -Got to 8e Real (Colo mbu) 612 MUM -BaWeb - NEL DAMOND- Fnreverin (Dueleans (Coamb s SOD QUARO& CHRS NORMM- Slumblm n U B5 -Sau4 M4n(Alrantic) 149 ROD SEWART- Nana rhea lm S..a PASS -BuSale LTTLE RVER BAN -..idi! r,r.'. MELSSA MARCH EST ER- 1 /, Lad (N,taw NONE 1188F- Recbaler DONNA SUMMER- Herren On*, Csubhncal EDDE MONEY -Mact. 'm Afuol /Cnlumbal EARTH, WND 177 FRE- Srplembrr ARC.) NCOLTTTE LARSON -A slla Loa 1.158)11 3 MOD- Boston 011ESTRAS- SnHans01Swa8 MP 0 PECCHES &HERB-Sake Your Groove h ve/poly.) 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27 CQUEEN AN'T BE STOPPED! A platinum album, a smash international tour, and now a brand new single. "DON'T STOP ME NOW" Queen's new single from their album, "JAZZ" (6E On Elektra Records and Tapes. A Queen -Roy Thomas Baker Production,ao O.. 0. <:ommwt.wno. c

28 28 Billboard Album Radio Action Ploylist Top Ad Ons Top Requests /Airplay * Regional Breakouts & Notional Breakouts Top Add Ons- Notional MARC TANNER BAND -No Escape(Elekhal DESMOND CHLD & ROUGE- (Capitol) TRWON- Ep1t) CAMEL -Breathless (Arista) ADD ORS- The four hey prod ucts added M the radio station, :sled as determined by station personnel TOP REQUESTS/ARPLAY- The tour products regr;lrmng the greatest listener requests and airplay, as deter e,eed by station personnel REAKOUTS- Balboa,d Chart Dept Summary of Add Ons and Replestse fumoldy mloematwn to reflect greatest produc l at hvlty at reb:lunal and national levels Western Region TOP ADD ONS VJOU OOL6pe -_'.me?mum, nhrtlr SAD GR- 4a4ted drib CAPP smut top Ca MA, MAMA DATE -Am. Mr Dea (Tar. *TOP REQUEST ARPLAY R061MOS- Bnelea feyl Of Mets UaWYxt ROO STBSAYT -94Ma HM Mat va NM, QUEER -an otlep.a) DOPE STUDS- we BREAKOUTS ()DE YOUR -Ldr Fa The h./ hl:/1e nn -No Mew CAT CAW, -,-trt M me 411ChrfJet REG COST(LED -4md (am l./um. 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M11110ß-iMTret(CphaM STA-F.eoAEON/Ml *UP -Memeptmn(Yroell wtq7ry -Soto foalsmr) fnw/ouspoodq-mnw Sun rjpe:l O(SYONOCmDR000Q-Cp.efr MOrYfJ10f1SOR-GztCmVM+ 41, ROW. STOOLS- erne CrlrPoly4bb Mu SrM/CeaNN BUQPOTME6-/.NemehAairs w+rrt: M05TtMllf -Pokes tere YwrFwlllBl MM P11-PNadlry ß NP11e L NY W WCTAERMO-MelzpekleMr1 0OO MtS-AioM.fa T4lrmle ivunnr NAOß111-NOWa.latl/Y T11LllO1-ttpcl CUM -MgTapMrN/btlMbi 1LY60O015-WdmelaeMYNe Manioc, Y00Sf01M1-BtwdeMYOerrMS, OAS CDSTUO-Mmed torn /Cpr1 MUM-Ali M. gamy/m-baroonldeoeasemen Ammo -n..15permtywbwlsttorl ß0/1000E,úpfdt 1MAGR-Me1 Ye Dew llawnl MOM MC -OnhMWna(W/1ew1 üy15003ruo-lnnfmellctlae1m1 COOK PONT- ftatm AN /feawwl p6stwts-all t ßDUOMtE-De.luufetMDAee eal4ne.+ RMGFlot-MaMnaYAbMnOQ ßONA(-P,rnlrl lee lc,enllal fuo0ysp00016-mvrgoanikpt) 1mU11011MD -Sava Cana, NweN1 Tif MUM NUDS-Mgoe Swop Nwl Bu,pn/tWhka/Sren OA[STAMS- WM 1lUDPO1NEE-WerkastlNMows 1*Ntld coostemm-btsndnike More lun/ns Copy.9ht B,llboard Pub) - cdtlons nc No part Of this pubncatlon may be reproduced. stored n a ream.' System, or trans - mntoo. n means, electronic, mecha0ca), photocopyrhg. recording, Or oth any lore or by any erwlse. Meth the n t W Nte permisstote of hlcf fit t( rial _

29 A&M Records is honored to announce the exclusive signing of Gary Busey. di 1979 A &M Records. nc All flighty Reserved. Copyrighted material

30 30 Radio-TV Programming Crocker, Like Knight On Horse, Vows To Up WBLS -FM Ratings Billboard photo by Robert Ford Jr Frankie Crocker: He ponders the future of disco as music, a life style and as a radio format. VDEO FRMS LKE HOTELS Clark, Liberace Taped n Las Vegas LAS VEGAS -Hotel locations continue to be used for regular television and pay cable tv as evidenced by tapings by Roy Clark and Liber- ace. CBS -TV shot Liberaces second. 60- minute special at the Las Vegas p Hilton Jan. 12 and Showtime. a sub - á sidtary of Viacom. taped Claris o nightclub act Jan. 9 at the Frontier. mj Entitled "Liberace -A Valentine -1 Special;' The Hilton special features m Sandy Duncan and Lola Falana 6. with numerous location shootings at the piano player's glittering home i. and new Vegas museum. } Showroom tickets for the taping at áthe capacity showroom set a new Guinness world record for m being distributed to the public in less w than two hours. beating out even u- Elvis Presley's records. Set for a Feb. 3 air date. the Liberace special joins such independent to projects at The Hilton as the Mike Douglas Show. The 90- minute Roy Clark special. taped by five cameras in The Fron- tiers 800- capacity Music Hall. included the Oak Ridge Boys as an opening act. According to Vincent Searle, more than four -million subscribers to the pay cable to firm in 36 state, will see On Tour" in the second quarter of this year. set to be shown 20 times in various time slots. Coproducer Jim Fitzgerald says future plans call for supplemental broadcasts both overseas and domestically. Some location shooting was carried on throughout the day in and around the hotel premises for Clark's special. Other Strip to projects involve Mery Griffin at Caesars Palace some 30 weeks out of the year. HANFORD SEARL Billboard charts tell me what's going on in the rest of the country that may not be here on the west coast. Mitch Perliss VP Merchandising THE WHEREHOUSE CHAN Los Angeles,Callf. By DOUG HALL NEW YORK -f disco is replacing rock'n roll across the country. nner City Broadcasting's new national program director Frankie Crocker will be among those leading the transition. Crocker is back in New York at WBLS -FM making adjustments to put the station hack on top in the ratings race by shifting the station from a mix of rock rab and disco to an almost pure disco sound. And Crocker will probably take similar action in Detroit and Los Angeles. nner City's new acquisition, WLBS -FM Detroit. has already been shined to disco and he's studying a similar move for KRE- AM -FM Berkeley. now in a jazz/ soul format. Crocker is a strong believer in disco. "This town has gone disco crazy. When rock started it went rock crazy. Disco is definitely replacing rock.' he says. "Rock is no more important than dixieland jazz in New York right now." Crocker enthuses. "Department stores have disco departments. The clothing industry has gotten into it. Night clubs are opening up," lie notes. Crocker says disco represents a new culture. t's a musical revolution that transcends color and age groups." He reasons. "first there was Frank Sinatra. then Elvis Presley. the Beatles and now it's disco "fs so superior to the music that was happening before. Very creative recordings arc being made." he adds n addition to planning the formats of the nner City stations. Crocker is back at his old stand on WBLS from 4 to 8 p.m.. a spot he lent as well as the title of program director. when a payola scandal broke two years ago. Crocker has been off the air for two years while fighting a perjury charge in connection with the scandal. Prosecution finally ended in a mistrial and Crocker says. "t doesn't matter now. lt's all over." While he was off the air Crocker attended the Univ. of Southern California where he studied acting and directing -"one of my fantasies" - and did some work for Polydor. He came back to WBLS last week. took everything off the station and "just came in with my own ideas" His ideas are more disco. Those arc the records like. Those are the hits. Were in the business of playing for young audiences. t used to be just up dance music. but its now up to 140 beats For the past two years 've been gonig ht school haen't heard the New York sound." lie explains But he sass he's not may as long as have ms hearing" t r,vsr now hills the station as "l hue And More." implying the formal is not 1009 disco. "My pro. gumming has always been aimed at the general market. biggest market can. 1 go alter shy listen to what onti s across my desk " Crocker sass he does not listen io the new market cadeh in New Yolk \\'K'fl1J M. hsco92 " you lesicu then you Marl playing.atsh op know what they're playing lies'', playing des., WKTJ is like a pail of nie ft's programmed hs ms lot Met.assistant (Wanda it.sumis) She k titeil from nie." The "more" Crocker adds is gen. erall) ballads He plays Barn White's "Just The Way You Are," t A Morning Partners: Dick Cook. left. and Bill Thompson exchange onair witticisms. HONOLULU'S KGU Thompson And Cook On AM Morning Slot HONOLULU -The way KGU - AM morning personality Bill Thompson looks at it. his show not only has no competition. but he's also thrilled to be working in his native town with a man who used to be his radio idol. Dick Cook. Some people call his show "The Bill Thompson Program." Others refer to the 6 a.m. to O a.m. program as "The Thompson And Cook Show." reflecting news director Dick Cook's expanded role as a team member of the morning drive slot. n either case, there's no other team doing morning AM radio here and because they seem to work so well together. their popularity has mushroomed since they began their present gig n July Both Thompson and Cook brought years of experience in the business with them when they began working together three years ago. Thompson began in Hawaii on KK -AM in ironically working with Ron Jacobs. who holds down the same morning slot now on KKUA -AM. He then went to the Mainland and worked extensively in radio. initially on KWOW -AM in Pamona, Calif. ( 1958) and then as program and operations manager for KGBS -AM in Los Angeles in the 1960s. While on the Mainland. Thompson also man- for example " would hate to see the time cone when you couldn't get into a ballad." he adds. Crocker does his own show with- OM any planning. " never write anything down. play thing, as led them. experiment on \se l" From what he develops from his own show he programs the rest of the station "record by record " Crocker works wills,11 t; n0 records in various ioim.,ns To make metro for (rockers return. B s :nkl.ind was moved from the 1 io x li in. lime slot to 8 n a nt \.mi lm larper moved f this nighttime assignment to 9 a.rn to noon Lamar Rene moved front noxm to 4 p.m Rosee left the station n order to program the two other stations Crocker sstll sometimes have to leave his show for as long as a week Who will replace him? "'m talking to a couple of people who should he a big surprise,' he says. Just what Crocker's relationship By DON W E.LER aged the Smothers Brothers. did production coordination for Glen Campbell, and was a tv announcer and warm -up personality for those acts as well as John Byner and John Denver. Tinng of what he calls the "Mainland rat race," Thompson returned to Hawaii and worked at KMV- AM on Maui (1972) and then KPO- FM and K AM us Honolulu (1973). After a managerial stint with Cecilio and Kapono, he turned to KGU in Honolulu. As he explains: " went over to KGU in 16; liked the people there and liked the sound of the station. t reminded me of KMPC -AM or KSFO -AM and that was the kind of sound wanted to go with. Notes Thompson: "lt took us a while to finally get into the groove. where we can communicate by ryes alone. We know who has the punch line. There's never an ego-trip problem. f his got it, he's got it We've worked out excellent signals" Cook has been in Hawaii since His radio career goes hack to 1936 and he has worked at stations in Utica, N.Y_ and San Francisco where he toiled for KSFO 10 years. Many of the people who visit the slands from San Francisco know Cook from his KSFO days as newsman there as WBLS program director Hal Jackson is is not clear. Crocker sass. "'ve known Hal since l\'e been in Ncw York. He's a professional, We're working together." He scoffs at rumors that Jackson might leave the station. "He owns part of the company :" he replies. Crocker says Jackson will concentrate on the-other markets where nner Cris has stations. "He will function like an operations manager," he says. Last week the station threw a party at Studio 54 to celebrate Cracker's return. The guest of honor arrived on a white horse. The knight who cromev to save everybody rides a white horse," Crocker quips. s Crocker such a knight? Crocker won't admit to that. but nner Cits president Pepe Sutton might be looking to Crocker to do just that for WBLS in the neat Arbitron rating book.opyrlyrnu:..

31 Radio-TV Programming 31 Jazz & Classical Outlets Air Audiophile Disks tr. uu, Ciont,'d from page 1 the extreme frequencies are lost in most FM transmissions, programmers still lind the disks a new enticement to listeners. Discussion of the new recording technologies also adds an educational slant to their programming. WFMT -FM, Chicago: WNCN- FM. Ncw York: KPFK -FM. L.A.: WBUR -FM. Boston and WCLV- FM, Cleveland, are among the classical stations offering a liberal mix of plays from high technology albums today. Audiophile producers find access to the airwaves ut these and other stations. The number of jam stations giving heavy play to direct -to-disks reportedly numbers several dozen. Century Records, L.A.: Nautilus Recordings, Pismo Beach. Calif.. and Nashville's Direct Disk Labs are among those promoting heavily to jazz format stations, with electronic reps acting as liaison to programmers in their temtories. Jazz performers who've cut direct - to-disk in the past several years include Benny Goodman. Victor Feldman. Harm James. the L.A. Four, Lew Tabackin. Woods Herman. Buddy Rich. Mel Torme. Phil Vsivsds,.its t,.lycli. s.oe lilli hce'k, Pistai. lis est and others "ttrcit to disk as goad for Lai, ohscayc' nick l onti, program dites toi at San - tanetsy,is K S/ - tst "'s suited to the music because it spontaneous. tniprovuahunal furor." he adds. At KJAZ -FM direct -to -disks are pushing O% of the new play hl1-911 dus active file of choice releases. the broadcaster says. Conti says direct -to -disks ',presents an antidote to the overdubs and other studio manipulations which purists believe have emasen - C 979 Clairol nc a baled.tii lts.tlli, t.'t -..ii ts,'istilt l,. pltl'i.l mitt.. - si t, ii..ts rsitteil,tisttui lre mu..,.tl.., 1,. 01 due, t -disks as iii lia teshnxat arts images \cconhnc to Conti. : A/.,t 1.ts s are m the habit li.t,k tl,.0 nclne li ii the sae oclt..rl rias di till r u t i l l s 1 1 1, C lle 11,111clo Al most,i :atarna5 and could midst ti ihut the play of an audiophile disk actually Latries more weight than the play of a conventional recording. According to Monica Reardon, music coordinator at KKGO -FM,... li...lip,llli ft ii li.,ii!l i...lo il;.. the ht.indi. signal leasing super risk. the station can't malcli that which the cusumtci hears on sis uwn st(reo. hnt:tdt:aslers concede, but feel the audiophile product drlocrs an extra edge in fidelity. "Direct -to -disk is dust a tighter petümu:urce," declares Reardon, adding, "The group that has gone to direct -to-disk is the more classic type of artist." Al WYBC -FM. New Haven. announcers make reference to the recording technology about 50% of Jie umc, estimates deelay Douglas Keogh -Him and The BBs," a Sound 81) digital disk and Concord Ja, L.A Pour direct -to -disk are titles cutrcntls being emphasized. -We don't emphasize them because they're direct -disks, we emphasize them because it's good mush.," explains Keogh, "But, we've ended up playing a lot of them." Keogh says announcers also spend extra time with the selection to notify listeners about retail avail - ahllits and the unusually high pricing lost stations indicate that spe- /Continued on page 70) Did your favorite DJ make the Power Pal top 13? NN New FMer n California t OS a.t,ples - An unusual blend of pop adult contemporary and modem country should put KQKK -FM a cut above competition in the vast San Joaquin Valley. according to president Jack Mc- Fadden. The 3kw station went on the air in December. Some stations are playing adult contemporary and others country or modem country," he says. "but our station will blend the two in a manner that's not been done before." Prefemng not to divulge further programming details, McFadden claims the outlet will reach listeners in Stockton. Modesto and other Northern California agricultural areas. Wolfman Jack's Howling With a - Japanese Touch LOS \ \i,l s \tppi n Broodcasting Ssstcnr competitors are letting hose with wolf howls in Japantae accent,. r.,. The Wolfman Jack soundalikes commenced recently after the personality bowed his uwn Japanese language 15- minute radio show. heard over 26 affiliated network stations in Japan. according to Jack's manager. Don Kelley. "The Wolfman speaks in Japanese. written phonetically by Reiko Posner of ntermix in Los Angeles." says Kelley. Posner is a former Japanete newspaperwoman contacted for the job by Paul Drew. Jack's new show consists of Amerwan records and pop world news. slanted toward the Japanese audience. The Wolfman is no stranger to Japanese listeners. though. which perhaps explains the immediate copycat syndrome. For eight years, his syndicated program has aired over the Far East Network of the American Forces Radio /TV Service Kelley next plans a taped. regular TV music show for the Wolfman in Japan. That may lead to some un usual Japanese lookalikes volt pointed beards. Clairol announces the winners of the Power Pal. DJ contest. Take a look and see. Your favorite )J could he one of the winners in the Power Pal contest. Power Pal is the conditioning styling mist that teams up with your blow dryer to give you smooth, fabulously conditioned, healthy -looking hair. So even if your favorite DJ isn't a winner in the Power Pal contest, you'll never be anything else but a thinner as long as you stick with Power Pal. Clairol's Power Pal Your blowdryers best friend.

32 32 Comedians Move nto Afternoon KS -AM Spot LOS ANGELES KS -AM. an adult contemporary station, has added an afternoon comedy show to its lineup. n its sixth month. The Lae -Gar Report" featunng air personality Larry McKay and newsman Gary MacKenzie us a send -up of the day's news. "t was their own idea." says program director Mike Wagner. "They started out by just doing the headlines of the day. Then. it grew into its own feature." Although McKay is heard dads on KS -AM from 2 p m to 5 p.m The Lar -Gar Report" is heard on!, three times at 20 minutes before each hour during McKay's shift. The Lar -Gar Report" was joined two weeks ago by a KTS-AM morning comedy and music show called 'The Tom And Jerry Show " Hosted by Tom Murphy and Jerry Bishop. the show is challenging KF -AM's established "Lohman And Barkley Show" for the same Lirisclime audience. Radio-N Programming BLLBOARD ARBTRON RATNGS A computation 01 individual market's formats released by Arbitron based on metro average quarter hour and share figures for Monday to Sunday 6 a.m. to midnight. All figures are reported to the nearest 100 people. CLEVELAND OCTOBER -NOVEMBER AVERAGE QUARTER HOUR -METRO SURVEY AREA SHARES -METRO SURVEY AREA WOMEN MEN WOMEN MAL rlers ima reimt FORMATS Ra0114 Pinim SS SS- 12- FORMATS e % % % % % % e6 % t % not Zr AOR 109 Sri BEAUT1/ut es tais 170 S BUCK CLASSCAL 45 S s o CsASSe n ii ' A CONTEMP SS CONTE," i ms conflit COUNTRY OC 4.8 U A OSCO a ETHNC e OSCA i ETHNC U OA Meow ,BLOW OD B OA 1 mr S ,OR NEWS s e NEWS to U ria M N 3 5 ) TAU( /D OA U TOP TOP 40 r t Above average Quaver hour inures are expressed in hundreds (add two zeros tits Drake -Chenault To Court On 'Parade' LUS ANGLLLS - Orake -Chenault Enterprises has filed suit n Federal District Court here against WKME -FM and Kennebec - Trejan Communications and the Abenaki Co. of Gardiner. Mc. The filing alleges the plainti0'syndicator is owed $ from the defendants for hack payments for use of its "Hit Parade" programming. The contract filed with the coon shows the defendants were to pay $400 monthly- for the service, with the rate boosted to $500 monthly for the second and subsequent years. Mike Joseph For 21 years, Radio's premier program consultant Creator /innovator /Motivator /Achiever Programmer of 32 NUMBER ONE radio stations Consultant to America's leading broadcast groups and stations Market Research; Custom Format Design Staff Search Success- reflected in the performance of America's NUMBER ONE program strategist. Know Mike Joseph NBC Radio Up With New Shows, Ambitions For Music Specials Continued from page ì James -Taylor and Carly Simon. John Denver. Ray Charles and Barry Manilow for other specials. Ruth Ann Meyer. network program development director. described the show, as "11111mate profiles filled with musts and off -guard moods of the superstar n a programming concept apparently analogous to NBC Television's "Big Event : these special, will be joined by other non -music shows. The content of the music and non -music shows was decided upon after research conducted by George Gallup for NBC These shows will he offered. NBC affiliates on a first refusal ha.,. and then to hrr stations in cash market. They w ill he offered on tape following a prosedure adopted hs ABC when that network recently uttered an 1 s s Presles special. Wired Er,lnsnlllun is being aselded due to low quality mono -only capability NBC is also planning. with the help of Burkhart/Abrams, to put to. reiher. at least on an experimental sri -month basis, a new network server beamed at a 12- to 34- year -old audience Dick Verne, executive stee prestdeni of the network, explained tu tfrrltales ahoui the music specials Houston KRLY -FM On Burkhart Disco i WS! i i' a,.,., oils,,,.lung hr ri.ii,.,: ,, ,1,pre.l..!' 11 1,1 silt l untninmt.t li.'tt.,ham t- n r. '.iii.,111.'''l'e1.1tt.the.,tetmth', WK t l -M 3is, N,-,, \..rk has...ntutted KR1.1'- \ iiiikh.rit Ah /am: "Su-,.1ti1.o,,._., kemi lttikh,rl's dato ,11 hel.r.1.,tt \\Kt "sintre' \like lts mood 551.o. i l.111mn1. the success -,,, 1.1..;í g linniai used in louslon's own style" k:lytnon is kicking uff Disco 9.t. a. the station will now he known, srtli tel spuk. bus posters and horch Silverman Speaks. Fred Silverman, president and chief executive officer of NBC. addresses the NBC radio affiliate convention in New Orleans (in addition i,. those being desetoped for the esi.ung network and 1 a limited number of mini programs Burkhart /Ahrants trill assist in all of this The Atlanta -based programming consultants have signed a deal stub TM Programming to syndicate their highly successful WKT1 -F\1 New York disco format' sull. and. in some cases stn,lcale the mums tin their SuperSi.irs 5f R tìmnai. And the,,onsnh.i triter of other formals,i, itcll The theme of tis tontentl,n the first held since 1971,. has h, der the new leadership piess upon,initialer that '`0l. unred Silverman, intends to lake a Larger role in ratio Sitteintan. NB(' president, told.t hind. galhtnng that the utnlpans,,.hies lit r i, "leadership in er- cis.ti,,, ,hng r.idio. -NB( has nu tri, the Most aggressise hro.rdcastct m we are spending the nuonct aft t hiring the talent o make sure that ronun- ueh. Our nt0,le spe.lal. ate going to have a star ct t ptt the kind of magic and rapport iatlro has always had is 011 its listeners " Silverman explained that -another measure of how we feel about radio is our long -range plan to bring the number of NBC -owned stations up to full complement (legal limit of seven AMS and seven FMs.f think NBC is deficient here with only four each. We are actively seeking acquisitions in the top 20 radio markets. We intend to find the stations that will satisfy our baste objective to make radio a bigger and better business at NBC " - Erecuus a lice president of special projects Jack Thayer -the executor charged with finding the additional si' stations-is looking at a number of stations including WSB -AM, Atlanta WS) is probably the most successful NBC radio affiliate. The MOR station is being sold because a planned merger of Cot and General Electric's broadcasting operations will leave the merged company beyond the legal limit of 14 stations. NBC is n the running with more than 100 companies w tch have expremed an interest in WSB. Scholarly Hawaiian tionol s Faugen, a scholar on the 1,,. :..r of Hawaii and. singer -musician, has taped a sertes of 40- second radio spots covering a. is ide range of topics concerning Hauanan music. Haugcn's tapes feature ancient chants and instruments, current songs. frxtnals and personalities. The tapes are being used on stations throughout the state. Tees Disco Format SAN DEGO- "Disco Fusion: a complete 24 -hour format for either live or automated operations, is being syndicated throughout the U.S. by Peter Productions, nc. The format features a combination of reel -to -reel tape and car. tndgcs. Scott Thomas, formerly a disco DJ in San Diego, is disco music programmer. Lc.; e.r r

33 3.6 win OP, BLLBOARD ARBTRON DJ RATNG PERFORMANCE Following are Arbnron trends of top DJs pertormance ln morning drive Shown are rating shares or percentages for total listening audience over the age of 12 n the last five Arbitron reports CNCNNAT: STATON CALL LETTERS Oct.- Nov. 76 Monday -Friday 6 a.m.-10 a.m. April- May 77 Oct: Nov. 77 April- May 78 Oct: Nov. 78 STATON CALL LETTERS WCN -AM A 4.8 WCN -AM Bob Long Formal: black ems e orma WEBN -FM Robin Wood Format: ALA W KRC -AM 11.9 Jerry Thomas 10.9 Ormat: M 1 R ,8 WEBN-FM W K RC -AM WKRO -FM ,4 9.1 WKRO-FM Bruce Hyan For r at: contemporary WLW -AM A 15.9 WLW -AM James Francis Pa tck U Neill Formal: MO WSA -AM Jim scot? Forman: country 3.7 WSA -AM WSA -FM WSA -FM Man' Tap on Format: AO wine- aumar 4, wueeamfrm Larry b Format: country WASHNGTON: STATON CALL LETTERS Oct: Nov. 77 Monday -Friday 6 a.m.-10 a.m Jan: Feb. 78 APrll- May 78 July- Aug. 78 Oct: STATON Nov. CALL 78 LETTERS WASH -FM WASH -FM Eddie Gallaher Format: MOR WHUR -FM Jerry Phillips Format: black WMAL-AM Harden 8 Weaver Format: MOR WOOK -FM John Turk Format: black WHUR-FM 19.1 W MAL -AM WOOK -FM WPGC WPGC Jim Elliott Format contemporary WWDC -FM ' T Dave Brown Format AOR FGHTS FORMAT RADO WWDC-FM Fega Still Hosts Eclectic Jazz Show B, 1)111 WES1 HARTFORD. Cone, "Format radio...list!,l hore. There are no surprise,' With that comment veteran DJ Mort Fega plans his new Monday -to- Friday afternoon Ja7z- orienledshow on WMLB- AM here. The 3 to 6 p.m. show is a major step for Fega. who began in this market eight months ago with a Sunday morning show un WMLB. That show will be dropped. but Fega will r keep his Tuesday 9 p.m. to midnight jazz show on WWUH -FM. the Univ. of Hartford station. Fega is best remembered in the New York area as the jock who replaced the famed all -night jazz DJ Symphony Sid when Sid left his show on WEVD -AM -FM in , g:l held lorth with his ellest. tastes through t965 These tastes rn eluded comedy and during that time he was instrumental in featuring ilk late lord Buckle) underground ui median to. Ne York Fega will no doubt he playing Buckley.n his new show " will play Duke Ellington end then Paul Williams the show w ill have a heavy id, inflection, but it s good 'll play it. have not tuned out nten to all the new things.irelully :' he says Fega will also include the big bands and fire usual MOR artists - Peggy Lee. Jack Jon., Frank Sinatra. Tony Bennett and Barbra Streisand. "1 think will make a footprint in this market." he adds. Radio-TV Programming N \\ 11111K %%NU t si.! V 1h11Stnlphn,,.l. ellll.. 1. lip.. mull.. u11 i' flue icccnl,,suer,,, ul tonne, l i.' (.s lilanlou's,;l;oti mg of if 52 slate prison inmates T- shirts rnihla oncd "Paid,,tt l.. loscrnr" are being ol'leicd a, pnns,dung with 9211and pat duns' by the station. '.t's a 'Pardon mc. goy color 1 shin call-in contest." explains promotion duesror Run Olson. "f yvu ate the liest to sell in and win the T. shirt. you're eligible tin the cash 'pardon: " Olson say, Olson ordered the shirts printed after Gov. Lamar Alexander was sworn m to succeed Blanton. whose controversial pardons speeded or Alexander's installation "We've even got custom jail bars on the shirts" Olson says. Jack ('arey, the Jock who 'closed to plas "K is. You All Over Ss 1 sdr and lust 1,n lob for i has not toned a new posit..,. le ha. wrk,, it W: B \l1 \1 sutl.11 \1t \(1 \ \ Baltimore and \Pearl' \ -AM Mulmc. 111 Of the "Kiss You All Over inetdent (*arty says. -'m not a prude no puritan sampes fell that the morning household kids especially didn't need it asked toe somesclee tivny in the mu, and didn't get it Cares is looking to locate with an adult contemporary. He can he reached at His address is : Ase.. Rock sland ll Craig Moilison has been dropped a. program manager at WSPD -AM Toledo and has been succeeded M Bill Chambers of the station's sales stall Mollnon can he reached ai 41` ti,sl Ht.,address is 516 l emboli'. Park \ rth Maumee. Ohio Jim Ruse ii KL - Bubbling UnderThe HOT NOW THAT RE'YE FOUND LOVE. Third World, island 866a STROBE, Ott Band. Col l er 4424a (Atlantic 103-1UST THE WAY YOU ARE, Barry White, 2011, Ctrtun K' Grey t Hanks. RCA ;116D l05 -STAR CRUSN'. Gregg Damned, Mutin ;' 11, 106- t GOT Ml MND MADE UP nstant Funk t 'LL BE WATNG Rober Johnson rti f at, ioool M r 'Us -CHLDREN OT SANCHEZ Choit Man Rion. TOW.tex: lly REMEMBER. Greg Krhn tans, ^754 fe US1 FREAK. Slave, hares Bubbling UnderThe Top LPs PO GRLL DAMOND Bunn Boogie. t tlui 20 LVNGSTON TAYLOR. 3_WaY Mew. Epa PHL MANZANERA. N Scope, Pulydor PO JERRY JEFF WALKER. Jerry len, Eleklta 6E KNSMAN DA, 70th Cerros T ELVN BSHOP, Hog Heaven, Capurant CO TRUMPH, Rock A Roll Machine. RCA Ail LENNY WHTE, Streamline, L leklra 6E LE PAMPLEMOUSSE, Sweet Mage M SCORPONS, Tokyo Tapes, RCA CPl2 301'1 l,.l, lo.1 t VOX Jox t, rr 111.fl r, HALL. 1:1111 \rn:1.,lll. hltil hing,slll,:.s!i.lnl selue...'iiiilrs' rein li.i-.,i setsstlllg ruusll'. u.knwn alll',, e pul Don Kings "l'.0 Were Worth Waiting Eot" on the Con irt. L,hcl ofl his 11,1.r,.r result ufen- husiasns ca.tiuns!rum listeners. e Danny Wright han been named p d. h ci l \ \1 Sacramento sue - ccedrn2 Kris Nlitchell, who has left the stan.n Stol -daisy p,.k 'feel Chase has aim,. and is succeeded hs (lurck Hale nure KN) -AM Sacrament. he i, looking lof e must, ducs tot and other air personalities Bob Spicer. production manager ai RKO's WROR -FM Boston has her, promoted to assistant pad and han been given the 7 p.m tu midnight air shift KSJO -FM San.,e is realigning ts :li perumagues P d Donald Wright is raking a break from morning drive and is hemp spelled by Turn Mix the Mixer. The Lobser will he doing the afternoon drive and Town Mastre) well 11101e tt, the 6 to 10 p in slot. -eruy Hansen, un from U p in to 2 m Bills Vega,on from 10a.m tu p ni and Casey Stange. on from 2 to t. a ni retain their original airshifts it, KSW-FM Sc.nll, p J Beau Phillips has named JO.. Langan DJ in r. ilin Langan.. F...,. `, tra,per. l'ry.,l,. rl.l.ted,tllr.l.. Watermark Shifts ANGELES - "American LOS Top 40 :' the Watermark- syndicated show based on Billboard's Hot 100. has began plugging the No disco record in its stuck top.ol' -the -charts teatime Prey Musty it had only mentioned the No soul and country hit, and the No album THE ELECTRC WEENE Radio s most popular DJ Personally Gag Sheet since gets letters LON DUNN. KBO: "The Wrrnir - tntl real a. eter You're a very sick person anybody that can put that much ninnies; together each month r. my kind of people WOODY WOOD, KCLU: "lust thought l'd sonic and ii sou know how much l'sc.mussed mn lint utupk of Wixom, gat riremrs from the other pap shirr. but!chow sour. because of the soon, "(the Weenies tau talked to including Charts, dr tlarnyan KCBQ who helped influence me.. For free samples of The grealesl gag servrre m fie work t USN, olego wrcwdeol wnta BOOKER T. OF THE M.G.'S WAS A MEMBER OF WHAT w LL } 2 z CO z } Cn - J J z E.5 O 7Q (' O o z O _ CL D O CC (,7 H _ O LL cr TOP ios al TRVA ROCK r? ROLL Arty RHYTHM & BUJE il( Ln.:rtADS r SPECAL OFFER 1978 SUPPLEMENT NOW AVALABLE Set of all 6 books only Singles AND Albums Pop AND Soul All t orne book,' The complete reference books -based upon BLLBOARD Charts -Top Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues Music of the last 29 years! ii 'RVlu OF ROCK 6 ROLL AND RMYThla a BLUES ' ana 1 -, 1,75 i ano '9711 SUPPLEMENTS monde charts of rho top 10 poalai sangle, of every morio ron' ! PL LS ihr 100 gng4u Cr Hatt year AND -The lop 5 Popular albums of every mono fion PLUS the lop albums of each year AND -Tho top rf. Rhythm it Woes singles of every n+onm ron PLUS -The lop Rae angles o each yea.. AND -Toe lop 5 Rhythm 8 Blues albums o' every moon from 1965' 9711 PLUS the top ROE albums or those year, PLUS 25 selected ROB athums lot noun Year from " Ttes averages out to only abois. 5' 2, eon each yea, or chan,ntormabon 'Up l0 5: mommy and annual chans per year"' PLUS -More Mar í40p.esse oueshons ana answers' PLUS -., Each surgies code. coma, a orris memo ma' eve, matte 10p in char's ceci, album code conitens even album 1.1 ever mad,, cor woe., top S charts (Amst record hile accord Nb. and sens number cor yeah. each recoro made inn lop 'n and : made e +are all,1 mcllldeo, BLUEBERRY HLL PUBLSHNG CO. Dept C. P 0 130e St Lout, MO Please send ma smear el ah a books al the specwl oiler pace of S37 00 copy Top 10 s a Tfo. Name 973 al c Opyfleal or the 1974 supptemonl ai s4 so eopypesl or nn 197r, Supplenlerll al 54 SO =,,est of nv 1976 Suppfemnf a1 t50 91 um 1977 Supplement at st of 11,@ 1978 SuppN:menl a1 fil SP All price: c0e postage, own dears e,ma pease sad to. Mr boor and 5, 50 for each suppemnr O Address n Z State Zip (/) (n Curd or money moat irr M amounl mu51 aeeompany mfle = O1H31 SbrM by>do3s -3N iaml 3nSS3NN.1 ci> 33 m m C D

34 WTHOUT 01978fdoGerra SUCCESS STORES LKE THESE WE'D BE JUST ANOTHER RECORD COMPANY. Once again, in 1978, CBS broke more brand -new acts than any other record company. And we helped more "established" acts establish new heights. t's called Artist Development. And nobody does it better than CBS Records. DO. 11.rnbrr. nl "Van a,.ludlo,,nur 1n mho 11a aplrrarrd in cnuntl,.. hi1 allum. nrd.d 1u..A. Bid tlal and $1.111,,,dl f lu, a prnup a cop, nl Ron u,f.1' group- nnh similar!, urv rd.nm.d.,rr n, 16. n,v,rl.r,l. r ml tun. trilli,r.rrr T,,,. gut n., on hnss.sor. dolls,rrd a d,lm album rsorlhs nl all Own r,nnhmrd hm-mel.nlg r,prn.nre 71u rouit wa.,u1.,hum rrlraerd in Srp. rnlb.r, pl,mnurn l, th,. tim.,nu road And if son basil-it ii.l.nod b, rho onlin 'lirtu album col. l, a..und Out "Hold tln Lin'' is no lule. Too 1. a,unnrr Olf MONfr. Sn \i,u \Saud li, to,\ lin, k C i Sl:v, 19;8. r:dh. Atnn., n,rno,l n. LaoL nn a,arn,r handing out park- ing lil:h nr thr V,n lnrl nn,. all tor tl10 nv,d rn,, roll nd it didli tab,- ton long before n- swigs and +,L im pro... d enough poopl, Pi got hm, a..nrd.nntra.l. nhlnnld lo an nllum that F'\l',r..onld g.t.nomrh of. tidlos,.d brr -Bak lnld n,i'...end ro.l, nn_ h1wn. The lu.t F:dibo \, album o- apprn:dhn_ plalmurn. and his br.un6n,.1r 001,a14 alhunl i. r,on nnm 1m nndi.d,l,,apli,alul_, than h, sr bud'' Es -r% MEAT LOAF Viril. -mmm,nnll l,' allo n untiro \hoar nu ti. odii ulnas.reel... ter,nu Lnn 11.-ai 1.,,:1t single add- ma, n,.,. 'W lo llo \11.31.oal t,11 lint of lit -H" alluni. - Allmon 1, null 11a-1 dm,ll plannuu..lull n inhume mfr nt moo 11.11,1, moat, nrnixlout 1...rlh r.. t- ad.,, the lilt -i udcrnall,alcd debt!!,ss,' soon in soar.. nilh auntbrn tun million albinos sold uls1d. lino 111',1 Load: f.pu -di, cr.. 11a- eon.,liliali luci t 1601uo.J du...lini Ls lorn,r l'ninu Shnu" cull '1E0.14.ura.. 1., 111/1 sr Lora l, Rig rain, pot 61. lç liti -nl. Todi p,g1, ullnr, aplrluu. du11

35 M EERA MOORE Suce,s', nn Broadway. in movies. or on T\ i, h.rdly a guaran lee of a sue. e lul u, recording r. as we all know. But \hell... \..rre ha, -c.ue.l big on all fronts, and sheer l,denl., the re.i son why. Wrre Fowl o,..v th.rt \hell... Moores vn ltr,t :.l,unr R...rrd.. "Mrllra ú her higge. recording triumph n dale. er vcn hnl,mile. "You Stepped nto N,. ii h.., h., OM.'.. main, diwroorienl..d radhr. sl:rtin., \nd il',,...illy a pleasure to see Melba Mono:. r..c. i,d... reflecting du superstar status.h.,...tined through the years. (We'd say that even t vv. oer, n' her Libel.) ENNe OGGNS. Kenny's two soloalbums have given u..r t.. listening pleasure. H. developed a very sophisticated. jar.- flavored persona for his solo career that has actually expanded his audience from the (extremely successful) Log - gins & Messina days. With a little help from "Whenever Call You 'Friend: Kenny's \ vv.ticli' album is platinum, plus. And sine.. "Nightwateh" is one of those albums with a sound you never get tired of it continues to pick up revs converts every week. Kenny Loggins h :r,.rrrived in a big way, and we couldn't h.. nurre pleased. WALTER EGAN. We were determined to reak Walter Egan in And. thanks to Walter, we did. Walter Egas seennd album, "Not Shy- was (and.till co tilled with really commercial, fun stuff. "Magnet and Steel" seemed a natural single. and it quickly became Walters first Top 40 hit. Some people consider "Magnet and Steel" the great single of '78. Even on his first album, "Fundamental Roll;' Walter Egan wasn't shy about making great, accessible- yet -respectable music. His "Not Shy" success was just a matter of time. DAN HARTMAN. Dan Hartman's #1 disco lul. 'n.t Replan* really did come.... the cle.o tloe tike. Dan Hart - nrui prey irn.. hr,b.n...- r..u. e.rnd song. 'r,ilrr vr! The Edgar \\ oils.r..,p. n..du..renguner for van...- pr..le.. h. turn \\.nler. \9uddr \\ate,.and lurk ) prepared nnl, r M Lui (, n.o. 1 nch..., urpr. i. h.. lu -tort l i r l. l n. i l l. o r r, " 1, 1. h n..n,,rl!mil r.. ul h. evv.ncu.du e.le.l.', ni make lh..l. ear. thin,, i. here n,l.n \[el judging l.v "n.l.rl Rel.lay.., 16ni H.uln1an.

36 HERY LYNN. (.heel Lynn made it look C e:1 -e er ngle, titer. went too old ler first album. titer. is heading Mat ee.1e. too. 'that. of recare, i, the dream 1,1 etere arti sr nho eeer signs a re..r.l contrar!. And, madie on. e :r e..;11' or - that dream tome, rae ot..epic ne. ei;s t have been tau[l', i w.1, 111 re "op., [nere artists would reword alkini, a, nn[1e.b,rbh captivating a, "Chen.e nn mad be that dream would corni- true more often. We. for une. wouldn't mind a bit. f/d., KARA BONOL Karla Minors first album ai- curnph.hed.r lot. t was on the for a long lime. And it received enough atrpla. ritual acclaim. and SALES that people hearing Karla on the radio no longer ask "Who's that singing the Linda Ronsiadt song?" Thai, believe us, is a major breakthrough. The next break. through will be even bigger for Karla. who has to be among the very best performing songwriters we've ever heard. E(VS COS/ll10. Some people are still trying to figure out Elvis Costello. But most of us don't question it, we just love it. This guy has recorded three albums in just over a year, and you know what? Every one is a killer. Elvis Costello albums are used in some music clubs to warm up audiences (each of his songs is greeted with cheering recognition). And the feedback we get tells us that Elvis Costello would be elected "The Artist We Wish We Had by just about every other record label. Everyone in the business knows how good Elvis Costello is, and how big he's on his way to becoming. And so do we. HEAP ratuc. As the "Heaven Tonight" (lium slips into gold, its time to re fleet on the career.iodate of those darling, of American rock critic. and Japanese hulls.over.. Cheap Tri, 11 first it was difficult to comm., anvon oilier than the ree1,,,r- litt. despite their name, and their nnu.u,el.n tie prr.ene. their niu>rr i. to be bike. - Tuu.i now '".nnendrr: rons ""ii.. n "Lntght' ra, bee on a e 1(kí.11.11rlheni lo li.. boot.. 1, 1 "m 1 o1le4ee äe11111,.,n tee... be e e,ontte note 1.11,11. 1u k. brow iakrn errs.ct1,nl,le indeed he 4,11, w11.4 plat, ä1141.e - 44c0111, 11e',ß e.o11.t pre,1ue, fiat upro11nng lie. albn11( 11111,.eluar,ii 1o1k. 11'., platinum tuntrnder

37 DAN FOGELtERG t TM WESBERG. Wed like to have taken book un this one the day it was released. t didn't sound like any other album around, and we,ore,urprised a lot of people ohen it went nom. Bul the gentle 1.r;n11\ in ~oils of Dillirent Mother 'li.n.r eiervone who heard it and trop. lulls, se haven't er:ud die of Fogelherg / \\e1.l.erg. GEORGE DUKE. George Dukes most recent Epic album sold more than all his non -Epic solo albums, combined. lt's been a long road for George Duke, and he pi. keel up converts all along the way. But it wasn't till he hit upon his current outrageously explicit, funky, Dukes image that an explosion happened. Now George Duke has a large and loyal following waiting to hear what he's going to come up with next. Count us in as part of that following. M OY HACHEL After playing clubs in the South since the early sixties, the members of Molly Hatchet are ready for what's happening to them. And what's happening to them is the immediate success of their debut Epic album. The late Ronnie Van Zant stated that Molly Hatchet had achieved the sound he wanted Lynyrd Sky - nyrd to a ols e rots. Fans of Southern Rock, as well as fan, of Northern Rock, all agree that Molly really has something special going for it. And so do owners of record stores all over the country who've had a hard time keeping Molly's album in stock. DAVD GLMOUR. A year ago, everyone knew the name Pink Floyd, but few people knew the name David Gilmour. This year, people know both. David Gilmour's first solo album was an unquali- fied artistic and commercial success. t established him as a master guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. even outside of the Floyd context. Frankly, we have no way of knowing if there are any plans for a follow -up. All that we, and David Gilmour fans, and Pink Floyd fans, can do is hope.

38 RE() SPEEDWAGON. REO has had a large and lo, al loll.. mg from Da% One. And lr, 1978 that following had grown sullicienils to give REO their first platinum album... the two- record live set "You Get What You Play Fora The most recent REO studio album. -You Can Tune a Piano. But You Can't Tuna Fish:. quickly soared past gold...and all of REO-s platinum and gold happened without a Top-40 hit...which could be just around the corner considering the current sound of the band. URNEY Journey started off with a great first album. and a built -in following for the individual members (all were from successful groups). Then, with each album. they fine -tuned their sound and solidified their musical direction a little more. Each album sold better than the last with -infinity.- their fourth and best album. effort - lessly going platinum without a national hit single. if this keeps up. Journeys potential is indeed infinite. And their fifth album is anxiously awaited by all. B09 JAMES was quite a year for Bob limes. He produced Kenny Lugzgins -Nightwatch" album. His Tappan Zee label turned out some of the best fusion music of the sear. and helped launch solo ca ccrs for lc tlhert Longmire and Mark Goths. And to cap it all off. he released his ou "Touchdown' album...the hottest sounding (and selling) Bob James album set 'l'wo weeks after release it sas topping the l.vr chart. ndicting up the national h L.0 anti heading for gold. TEDDY PENDERGRASS. Fr, ntone the best lead singers in music tao double- plan mont solo superstar status in wo east the Teddt Rndergrass story. "Gvldc B- ndcr_e.ts. t.s d,,cloped into the classic malmu c idol., nr,1.lc1. with sontem s t theu, his feet shereeer s.'1.1"...' ln 1 "1'h ',is,. the adulation is anl'chv oulttic(l lls -l.dr s a Song \\, ti t Srtt ;um".tlhunt and 'Close the '."t. i hsii.utgh,cte among the most eajos-.thl and imtlucnttal hits of last sear. Copyrighted material

39 NANTKKET. n just tuo regions. Nantu. Let has racked up sales figures that Mould be impressive for a national breakout. The, started in the Southeast (despite their n.rrne. Nantucket is based in North t_nriin.0 and through concertizing and airpl.n thr'ir roltul.rritn spread up the Eastern seaboard. 1s \.mini k t spreads, so do they reap... their debut album is totally big league. and people eserywhere who hear it. love it. ncidentally this is no overnight succes..ton: Nantucket has been around for nine sears 'their name comes from the Nbtuntaill song "Nantucket Sleighrick:). This scar three more regions will be hearing from Nantucket. and the explosion will be unanimous. MOTHER'S FNEST. Atlantes finest funk/ rock band released their third album in and all of the pieces fell into place. "Mother Factor" had the sound and energy of a hit LP. and radio stations were all oser it from the day it was horn. Now Mothers Finest is the fastest -grossing funk /rock band in all of America. and the stage is set for Mothers Finest to be<orne the all- formal monster group that the, de. serve to he. BLLY JOEL While it seem. like "52nd Street' came out s ers soon alter -The Stranger." the two albums were actually released a full year apart. Time flies when you're having fun. And it really was fun mining the riches of "The Stranger." one of the very best albums of the decade. ts to Billy Joel's credit that he didn't spend a whole lot of time agonizing over how to follow -up his quadruple- platinum success. He simply went ahead and did it. "52nd Street" was triple platinum after eight though "The Stranger" weeks. and es-en still continues to sell like a hrrt nett release. "52nd Street" mar actually has, surpassed it in total sales by the time sou read this. Tl SZ 1979CBS ins 'CBS" irk 'C.,o.rrar F. pc tt aretraptmsiss or CBS lrr tappen lee atrajenrxr r,. Tamar, Zeegeca4. irr Tappan Zee nrl 'OteagCsatwnaa Rttp'Os. 8tch for new dovoopfflots from the company that bre8ks more 8[tlStS th8fl anybody else. CBS Records and Tapes. 1

40 10 Plan 130 More 'Disco Breaks' 1, t, \\(,1 1 ' Breaks the one -minute,.nce 111. structions series packaged fsy Her- rick Productions. l'anorani its Calif.. is :dreads..n 14 markets and has spawned wo impending disco l specials. Neophyte v packager Rick Andrews sa 's reael his lint second shows is strong enough that he is already talent coordinating the lint al two Jissu is specials. He is preparing to produce the second series of 130 shows. to be made available in early fall. The show. featuring Scoli Salmon and Jo Linda Sorel. local dance instructors. is syndicated by Jack Rhodes here The first 130 stanzas, already produced. have proved to he a hunanra for Casablanca Records and its publishing wing, headed by Steve Bedell Continuous music on all shows is taken from a selection of 1 Casablanca record bib. All Your Stage and Disco Lighting At Low, Low Prices Disco NLRB Complaint Vs. Studio 54 Stage Employes Union Charges Owners nterference l, H sin ll till \ V. 1.11?l..i...1. the \.1uh.o 1,, di,,otheque y et sc a, 11 ha- popml.inly. s again the renier of :1 hot debate the stub.,dong Nlth \gnon. one of tic,,,,c,1 conlpcllulr- has been slapped ss nh i-oni pli lists of unl:mr labor practises Os the a- but Relations Board Acsorillnr lo the complaints. the operators of 11íkwoclub,hasehcen interfering wmh.ittcnlpis lis the Stage L ni 1 plows -0, Al One,. or'.tn ire ploducnon :mploses of the mo ils s Stage L- sl,hnes Local One is an, illibate of the nternational 11- hancc of Si icc L-nlptoycs 1 he Labor Board is claiming that Studio 54's operators hase threat - ened its employes with both dismissal and physical vmolcnce for their support of the union They are also being cited for the alleged unlawful interrogation of t>ti, ` \ Stage Lighting Discount Corp 346 W. 44th St. 548 Sunrise Highway New York. N.Y W. Babylon. N.Y their lialinii. and iii aid to h,isc tiled t.. other- nto abandoning their support of the WHM. through increased wage,. Setter benefits and reduced working hours lie t..ibs,r Relations Board is also aecu,tine Studio 54 with biture to recognin the union as the bargaining.agents of its production einpluses. and with attempting to destroy the union's majonty through unlawful means. Xenon is facing similar charges. t is also being accused of dismissing employes because they joined and supported the union The club. which has had its share of problems in the past. is also accused al violations of the Labor Act by allegedly falling to recognise the union. and "engaging in conduct designed to undermine and destroy the GRPE BY NSTANT FUNK m:yuniy status of the employes of the Sieve Rubel! and an Schrager. principal owners of Studio 54. in-responding to the accusations, claim that they have been notified that all the complaints have been withdrawn and cancelled. However. Elbert Tellern. assistant director of the National Labor Relations Board. says only the union has withdrawn ts petition for an election "Nevertheless. the NRLB s continuing to press ts charges of un-.or labor practices against both discus.' he states. n defense of Studio 54, Ruhell and Schrager argue that anyone who s a willing and honest worker will urntinue. without problems. to have a job at the club "However." they stress. we will not be coerced into earning people who cannot pull their weight " Session Musicians Urging More Disk Recognition.'. il(, rì1 unk, ie r,..rds act which grew out.,1 group of Philadelphia -based studio musicians, is urging better recognition for "session bands " The nine -man group's first Sal - soul.p. "instant -uni.." has produced.i popular disco s111,le. (iot nd 'Slade lillou/ All ( let lt Girl i ts mein her, u.nipl.un that most studio must, tan. work ts!., nab union fee. while in mans cases the records on which they scswk sell millions of copies "The session roan never sees dime of the profits from those sales." complains the groups drummer. Scottie Miller the members of nstant Funk sire, ihat,c ion musicians are the people who make the hit,. This is especially true of disco. the group claims. The men disclose that session n1usicans often help the record's pro- ducer hi ueile songs Bel they naei recen to sting, viers. credit, for their,ontrihutiuns, and as a result are not entitled to royalties." Kim Miller. the group's guitarist. adds that hi. ssiluaii on happens alot to young. inexperienced musicians t has happened 1431 well see That it never hat again We were always cons nc,' h a t we had a talent. Now we know how to put it to profitable use NEW YORK'S COTTON CLUB GOES DSCO NEW YORK - Harlem -s legen- Jars Cotton Club. which opened last year is an chic Supper club. has scrapped ts live music policy and heen remodeled into a disco. The Cotton Club was remodeled by D &B Sound and Light Designers of New York and has been open as a disco since Dec 20. The 200 -capacity club is now open seven nights a week with dinnerserved Wednesday through Sunday. Admission is SO with a 50% discount given to students. Ladies arc admitted free on Sunday and Monday nights and Wednesday is gay night. Drinks are 5325 to The Cotton Club. which is located in a desolate corner of Harlem adjacent to the crumbling West Side Highway. was unable to attract a steady clientele cabaret shows L.A. NARAS Unit Hosts Discotheque f LOS 4NOLLLS - the Len Angeles chapter..t \ARAS assembled Thursday 1251 at 7 p.m. at studio A n the Capitol Tower to frolic.11 a chapter- sponsored discotheque in which records nominated for Gramms awards will be featured Bill Traut versed as deejay and wine. beer. soft dnnks, coffee and snacks were seised Just go to your dealer and say the word OPTKNETCS Disco Lighting Effects Available through our dealers worldwide DSCO LGHTNG & SPECAL EFFECTS See the new LS /FOUR system light controller at Billboards Disco Forum V, Feb. 26- Marl, New York Hilton Hotel, N.Y.C. (pr 4171/1$ON Oi.OMNfCONP 5150N 'AN Sr,SUE 251. Psoityx A / Mirror Balls Chasing Lights Flashers Strobes Turntables Color Effects Special Effect Projectors Color Wheels Color Organs Spotlights Dimmers Fog Machines Bubble Machines Send for our illustrated 68 -page Catalog on Lighting and Special Effects. `P1h1E3 SQUARE Theatrical 8 Studio Supply Corp. 318 West 47th St.. New York. N.Y Tel (212)

41 Disco Regine Tees Swank London Spot 41 LONDON -With the pomp and spectacle that only the Grand Dame of disco could muster. Regine Zylberberg has opened her 10th disco in the swank West End. The opening of the glassed -in. rooftop. multimillion -dollar dance palace was celebrated with a benefit party for UNCEF. and attracted society from both sides of the Atlantic. Hosting the opening celebration, which one usually jaded British journalist hailed as "a mad ettmvaganza reminiscent of the swinging 1960s" was Princess Caroline of Monaco. She was ac,onipanied by her husband Philippe Junot whom she reportedly met at Engines New York club. Also on the exlusive guest list were the Earl of Lichfield, the Earl of Shelburne, Prince Rupert Loewenstein, Viscount Bridgman of Newport, Jack Nicholson. Ss h ester Ste!. lone, Vicountess Harni.,,,sth and assorted socialites. cast., fats and show business person: lsuc, The club, located on the i,,.' of the Baba department store, is said to be financially backed by Nandka shore Ram, ;multi-millionaire East ACCOUTREMENTS We Have: Sequined, glittered, and lame musks * Confetti ny the lb orcon * 30 styles of balloons, including black and silver * Balloon bags & nets * 20 styles of whistles* Satin visors * Disco goggles * Sparkle novelties * Give -away jewelry items * Hand tans *Decorations & noveltieslor 100'sol different holiday & special 'theme parties *Costume & personal accessones * Etc We Can: Supply over 100,000 different custom imprinted gifts & specialty items *Produce customised holographic embedment, * Create one al a kind mechanicat/lumuiescent display pieces * Ship anywhere m the world HARRS NOVELTY CO Arch St. Phila., Pa (215) /(215) toil ' to England. Rain, who ic(,, ii,,ls hi:tried husines, as, pushcart peddler in 1 ondon's Skeels, a stud to have nits' made,uo unsuccessful try to enter Regine', in Pans as a guest Today. he is having the last laugh. llusion Lighting of London and New York was retained to design and install the elaborate light system which complements the spectacular garden setting with aeons, scanners pmspots and spinners, Tern Thompson of llusion states that a pulsating neon heart was installed beneath the glass dance floor is hid) also features nine large,n phi,.niph.isiring the effects of the lights S a ceiling constructed of 140,000 mirror facets which create a wave effect The ceiling is part of the overall uotnor design created by GMA ntern:mono! of London. The light show, according to Thompson. is controlled by llusion's Video 4000 controller. A state -of-the-art sound system was designed and installed by London "town Disco of England. Cotnponene used include Technics turntables, Revox decks, BGW amplifiers and J B L speaker systems. To add a touch of authenticity to this lavish tropical garden. Regale had live trees and flamingos flown in from Africa to decorate the area which also features man -made ponds and streams. Membership is tagged at $300 a ear. and Regale makes it clear that, as with all her other clubs. she will be catenng to an ultra chic clientele. "The era of the tacky people is past." she declared. WONDER PARTES -Stevie Wonder listens intently to Howard Stein, coowner of Xenon's disco during the party for artist Brian Ferry. GLi DVSON Cf ME VSc ooanasu, Northern Blvd Long sland City N Y (212) The Broadest Range of Audio Equipment Designed Specifically for Discotheques. Combo...the total disco system from Meteor 0 Just add turntables, cassette units or tape decks, connect your loudspeakers, plug in three lighting channels and up to five effects, and you're in business. Benefit from Meteor's state -of- the -art performance and quality. Feel secure with the most reliable disco product money can buy. Get your hands on a new Clubman Combo at your nearest Meteor Dealer today, or call one of our offices or national distributors for further details. Audio Circuits provide full crossfade over two channels selected from four inputs (two line, two phono). Rumble cut, mie talkover and twin cue switches. Headphone level, mrc level and mixing plus individual gain con. trots. Separate power output level controls, in -out switching of bass and treble sliders with notched center setting. Twin VU meters and peak LED indicators monitor output levels. Power frequency response intr 8 ohms better than 751N/ch. 20H7-20kH S/N 85dB, distortion less than 0.07 %. Lighting facilities include three channel sound -to -light and three channel sound or auto chase with rate control. Static light facility with twin level selection, manual operation, over -ride and cancel on all channels, five outlet switch bank. Power availability 480W'rh 111OV), 900W'ch í240v) METEOR LGHT and SOUND COMPANY. 155 Michael Drive, Syosset, New York Telephone ( Telex A member of the HAMMOND NDUSTRES GROUP. West Coast telephone , Canada (416) , England lbyfleetl Copyrighted material

42 42 Disco Disco Mix ó NEW YORK -Prelude Records has the light Both have string and rhythm sections that combination for disco play in its album by the are reminiscent of the gimp Love 8 Kisses The Peler Jacques Band titled "Foe Night Dance " title cut consolsol light vocalizations, energetic Consisting of four uptempo cuts. side two seems percussion and a bongo and drum break, mak o be the stronger with "Fire Night Dance at mg il a surefire discu success 8 40 minutes and 'fly With the Wind" al 9 03 "Fly With The Wind" ullhtes more electronic minutes 9 owe1p u(leni ugnï1n00010 Jsii>n y and spacer instrumentation similar ro "Chase OVER A DECADE AT ALL LEVELS CONSU ER SEM.PROFESSONA PR SSONAL...-..k5ki MOM LLS.417. Request gor more.mcf/71,111,, ELECTRONC DESGNERS NC On addnionai unn, 8150 draaadla Contacl direclly ',,,=,;,-.471,-,"", New BARNS 1.1.:1)l'RF'.R hum Midnight Lxptess However, hell male and female vocals interweave this cut with a backup chorus prondmg a haunting melody An unes prated bongo break continues the pulse of this song and propels il lo a dynamic ending The sassy and uplllmg voice quality of Kudh barrow captivates as he dances to the athsl's last potential disco hit taken tom the Columbia LP "Physical Attraction" "on Me On" is the dle of h11? inch 334 r p in disk which was rented by Rafael Cheires to minutes o non stop mamen turn features the right combination of the art rut's style and the broad range of instrumenta mn which is breaks highlighted by several drum Guitar, piano and string section :land out with a constant percussion back beat providing the necessary vigor and power of this record the flip side rs an instrumental version and runs the same length as the vocal ode " Who Have Nothing" has been ter/dallied with a disco beat by Bob Gudlaune on tomato Records distributed by Alpha The artist s Seater known to the public for his role as the butter in generation controller the v series "Soap ` Guillaune's disco venture shows promise with his strong voice, line ar rangements and definitive use of keyboard, syn hesuer and guitar instrumentation The tip side of this 12 inch 33% r p m disk n' the Streets Are Filled With Dancing" at 5 58 minutes which contains a driving and strutting tempo with background voices harmomting to the dle of the tune A rem; is in order loe both urdes of this dish to give it the strength needed la viable competition Mill Jackson has a 12 inch 33'h r p er record on the GMG Label distributed by Atlantic dled "Weekend," this disk is both vocal and in slrumental, and happily celebrates Friday and Saturday night partying Background singers and strung hand clapping give the artist good support to a musically simple but effective song Butterfly Records first release of the year is the Saint impel album produced by W Lear. and Lauren Rinder Michael this well thought' out LP has two maet disco cuts, 'Fill My Lite With Love" and 'One More Minute - Both are midtempo disco that are good for early evening play ballad at 7 the title cut a a beautiful 20 minutes Greg Diamond's version of 'Mast Ot AN" rs also effectively arranged and conducted by the producers The Glass Family has come out with a 12 inch 334 r p m disk of which one side is 'Disco Concerto." an edit at the song from its last al bum The new cul "Crary at 7 produced by label owner Jim Callon 40 minutes was The rhythm tracks and lempo of this song give the disk its strong disco potential The break comes in several times during the record and a hand clapping back beat effectively adds lest to the song However the tune sometimes becomes too last and the groups vocals seem to become muddled. which might necessitate a rem; it re sponse from the Dis s not good Same to be released is the new Michael Zager Band LP, '-Liles A Party Again terry love and Michael lager have combined their talents to are nterwoven with classical orchestrations and arrangements Side one contains the dle cul "Lite's A Party," "You Don't Reow A Good thing," and " Wish You Would Make Up Your Mind" This new release shows as much promise as the group's previous success of "let's All Chant " RCA has found another group whose sound rs remarkably close to the Savannah Band The at bum s "Cechy Dan's. Beachwood m9" and a similar in!laver and essence to Savannah with a Caribbean and reggae influence The album con lams pleasing ballads as well as certain disco possibilities "Lasser Faire" and "You Can't Keep A Good Man Down/So So Celina,' are the two lunes that Dls will probably pick up for disco play The Don Downing album on Rs nternational s -Dr. Boogie," and contains two of his earlier disco hits "bream World" and " Loney Days, Lonely Nights Although they have been rere corded, these two cuts contain the infectious flavor that made them favorites in the past. -Dr. Boogie" o laid back and funky and s good for early evening d15co 'traf Past Love' a the strongest cut on the album in its hip riming rhythm and intense dono mood DSCO MPORTS & U.S. Retail DJ & MAL ORDER SERVCE or Wrne us -We nave the rastest sen.,ce test flock and cheapest Saud Pisa pn.regxms Send gor our FREE kyl,nos ol rin. pons 17' Oscs and U S Records we aeso have '0, es a Slict Sega St00 for utaiog OteucEDle agar. rays, order m put out an LP of which both sides are corn pletely geared to the disco market Side two most notably is a medley of four songs whnh are segued together Running minutes this side contains "Love, Lore, love," "Still Not Over.' 'On And On" and "Us ing You' All of these cuts have a climactic break within them and all contain vocalizations which DSCO --DSC 1159 rala St Fiat nub lt i 13G ß11t Manta Wm aabilha ALL 0A.AS kae...d. iured,ate, -.1 Owl slesonal ArEMpN TO o:vd heeds-.4ve E aest MCES -Trae tb TDtt C OSCOtxT NF VER NEED NiroNE ELSE -AS.,Co DJ S.E. avr0uanc u\l,f4 Lights Fantastic announces an addition - to their range of lighting controllers THE NEW S2L 3x800. Built with the needs of the lighting industry in mind, the versatility of the S2L 3x800 makes it the perfect controller for discos, skating rinks, planetariums, movie theatres, stage use -anywhere lighting effects are in use. Bring a new dimension into your lighting. Compare its features and then contact us: a Controls Rainlites a Audio Response Control a Color Organ n lluminated Pushbutton Switches w Sound Chase n Chase Rate Control o Automatic Reverse Chase n AC Convenience Outlets e Normal Chase a 12" Rack Mountable a 600W per channel 6 Static Switching :a11 NT157 w v a' DSCO MPORTS 12 "- LP's -7" France -Germany -taly -England- Canada L) DJ DSCOUNTS! We offer DJ's a special discount_ 14/ sr x NY 7+a,aSUN Contact us for details and our complete catalog or domestic and mported disco records. NOW AVALABLE: LPs,m g. v pram p -EMy Gan a Ta Ave choc. Really Got Me, Rock W. Generstan'78. Da- Ta, EEpr de, MT Espies Wncn ^ Oueen. Love Prophecy. ca. Tc MU? DOWNS SNGLES RECCUDS \5145. a.e a Mag, Lo, Aftadeo Menu Q Banpo CO. DO Sound. Cri nsnu dom- 8nndye Par.. Express tahmate Pesar Jaqu,s nano Tut* Ttte'@Flic up Poe - ers Atesoc 17 mp-ous Tal Nnenca. Tse raen Sourd. San Francesco vaage Papila. dm-...d Me TMO M,. WoMer.0 Duos Suya Adra.lady doy NM Roa 14a Pasan i'rn GM My Mrtrd Mada cep. nstam Funk_ OnpnMb a Reessues--0ver t M4s,n stock Sand st 21 ta caulog deductam awns' t a order we Nip UPS leleen aa awn d Rwre of Omar Affordable laser displays for discos, shows or concerts. This system produces brilliant and complex three -dimensional designs, patterns and images. Unique and innovative new equipment permits everyone to create laser effects before available only to those with a large budget. FOR RENT, LEASE OR SALE The leading lights. inri 7 126H JON NAGY LGHT MAGES, NC Vine Street, Suite 415 Hollywood, California (213)

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44 F /=V 44 TAM MA 1 Ell Mow Capyrfgnt Bllrboa,0 PUA c W ohs. nc. No Dart of lhlp 7ubNCehon m1y Oe repro0uced. alo,ao.n e letneval SM1em, a 1ren1mNlld,,n eny loan or Oy eny mean/. e """"p. mechanlul, photocopyrng recoranp, or olherwese. whnoul M p1á1 ver Nten (aelmesalon of the pu0lnnar ATLANTA AMAY -N tub- Vraar MrH AN 2 MME ON NE OOGlL MME TOM BODY (DOT TO ME GMONO7-1M alun, 3 LN' STOPPED OMEN' 1L1-Geanlr, 4POl AP 11.NN 4 AT MMNOH,SAMAMY NGT-T ConAnhon-A LP OMEUPOMCMA-PaNlv Arra Prum 117 aa 6 BAY PM AA11',1 WORM Fill W lom-o,en Prlrn R1:1...m,1 WL S11M11AlTB001 MAMA PAR: SAO RS-Gh4 Garra Ponido NP 11.rh AR-EAn Tan-91n Cenw lp'7nal S MEP ON OMOW:00 R AT ME MSPO-Gary r4na SAMEdam0ul12'NM 10 i MtMS OVUHM SADCS Of 1011-AmNd-D. LP11hM N AB TM SLT-PM Sew4n-Wnne1 Bros 2 lp 17 win LLT ME MOON PLAT-A Wb-Npgt41 PYhdu lp1 13 WT 10 SE BAWSTM LOVUOU SAMD YS M- CAM tau PWtM lp-17 ono 14 TL.CA,d116N"AMT DOP-3.4p PNP. UNWx. 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45 Disco Labels Adjust To Consumer Disco LP Gripes 45 Continued from page 1 LP and finding that they arc receiving a shortened version of their favorite hit. The problem was created when most labels began phasing out commenial 2 -inch disco disks, while maintaining copies for promotional purposes only. The decision to cut down on the release of commercial 12 -inch disks was based in part on the feeling that the product cut into album sales. One interesting "adjustment" occurred last fall when Polydor Records release of Alicia Bridges' " Love The Night Life" began picking up steam. After a press run of about copies, the label inserted the longer 12 -inch version of the song in the LP. and eliminated sales of the commercial l2- incher. The move reportedly came after an estimated 60,000 copies of the disk had been sold. A sticker was placed on the new Bridges pressing informing the consumer that it contained the full length version of "1 Love The Night Life." A spokesperson at Polydor states that the label's tendency is to no longer release commercial 12 -inch disks." n a similar move, Prelude Records has also reacted to demand created by a 12 -inch version of n The Bush" by making the long version available on the LP. This step was taken several months after the 12 -inch had been in commercial release. According to Joe Kolsky. sales manager. the replacement of the longer version of the tune did not necessitate the removal of any other cuts from the album. Prelude does not offer commercial l2- inchers. but the label is trying to get as many cuts as possible from an LP on to 12 -inch promotion formats. This is to enable discos and /or radio stations to achieve the same sound level on more than just one or two cuts from the album. While TK Records has no set standards in the matter. the label is "trying to stay within the limits" of 12 -inch time on its disco album products. Jim Samson. TK's national sales manager. claims a "minimum feedback" on the situation. perhaps since the company does not have a big spread between the two disco versions. At Casablanca, there are many variables. according to Larry Harris. senior vice president and general manager. "There are times when a producer does make a more exciting 12 -inch disco mix. But each case is different. Some 12- inchers are merely offering repetitive parts." We don't feel this hurts the LPs. since they gave the disco fan an opportunity to get into the act and stimulate interest in their other disco cuts." Casablanca's 2- inchers depart from normal 12 -inch form by including both sessions on one side. which makes them more suitable for party time use. explains Harris. Bill Spitalsky, vice president of Spring Records. says his label began equalizing the LP and 12 -inch versions sometime ago. At Salsoul, Chuck Gregory. vice,y president of marketing, declares. "We're trying to get reasonably close to the 12 -inch version on albums, but we're concerned about the quality of sound, so we won't go over 19 minutes on a side." Gregory claims the labels com- mercial 12- inchers can sell as many as copies, but the label's main thrust in disco is to sell an LP. He notes that there are so ninny variables in disco promotion that one day 'm completely convinced about tth,lt 'm doing mid 'lie nt,t.1.1y Lita not s0 Safe. "Normally, the disco release se- quence calls for a 12- incher lest to create excitement, followed by a seven -inch version for airplay. all 1ìat1s Hottér geared for that LP sale. Yet, we tried lnui, the only form of pop music something different with nstant which relies on three platter formats Funk. For airplay we went with a to bring it across, is a marvel of suesingle first. followed by u 12 -incher cuss, despite a continuing state of for discos four or live week, later. t trial- and -error as to how best to sucworked" teed. Slicker Than 'Grease'P YourAd in Billboard's nternational Disco Forum V Convention ssue. Caid, the fever! Your ad in Billboard's NTERNATONAL DSCO FORUM V CONVENTON SSUE will put your marketing message at the heart of the thriving world of DSCO... and heat up your sales to fever pitch. Your ad in this special DSCO FORUM V SSUE will reach a steady stream of solid prospects converging on the only worldwide disco marketplace under one roof. You will impact the real buying decision makers and disco product movers in the $6 billion a year discotheque industry Attention Exhibitors! As on exhibitor at DSCO FORUM V, your advertising message in Billboard's NTERNATONAL DSCO FORUM V CONVENTON SSUE will Advertising Deadline: February 16, 1979 B111board* double your mpact and tell registered attendees exactly where you're located, what you have to offer and why they should stop by and see your products first -hand. Billboard's special Convention ssue will get you there... and make your advertising message "Hotter than Feuer, Slicker than Grease "! Bonus distribution of this Billboard special issue at DSCO FORUM V will bring your message directly to the more than 2000 attendees and exhibitors. You'll also be reaching Billboard's regular world -wide readership n more than 103 countries. t's happening at BLLBOARD'S NTERNATONAL DSCO FORUM V, February 26 through March 1, 979, Nero York Hilton, New York City. ssue Date: March 3,1979 m m

46 46 Gospel Religious Broadcasters Hear the Truth At Meet (Published Once A Month) Billboard SPECAL SURVEY For Week Ending illbocard Best Sellen 9 c oa,d puebca6ons nc No parl ol tn.a putn,auon muy kr,et,,cu[er staed,n a rerr.eral syalem o, kansmined,n any to,m a W any mean: erecrromc mecnan,.a.,,ecadmp a onne, wanout ne pr.o. wrillen pernkssron or tne puri.sne, WASHNGTON -"'m a happy man." sang B. J. Thomas, born again rock singer. to some 1,400 excited delegates at the National Religious Broadcasters' annual convention here last week. He was professional, he was soulful and despite his recent religious conversion. he is obviously an ambitious as well as a happy man. "When performers like B. J. experience the Lord. they don't abandon their secular careers," says Doug McCarthy, Washington sales representative for Word publishing, a subsidiary of ABC, which publishes Christian books and records. Along with other born again rock stars like Dan Peek, who used to play lead guitar for America, and Chuck Girard, formerly of the Hon - dells. Thomas is "taking Christ out there on the cutting edge," Mc- Carthy says. Thomas, Peek and Girard all record for Word t) JEAN i. Chnsuan record companies are more than happy to assist born again performers, who see their missions as reaching young people through rock 'n' roll Christian music sales are booming, record companies are producing more and more Jesus rock and some of it is beginning to cross over for airplay on secular radio stations and purchased by secular record buyers. "Two contemporary Christian rock albums are up for Grammys this year." says Bill Traylor, an airplay promotion manager for Nashville's Benson Publishing Co., which produced birth LPs on its Greentrec label. "The Lady s A Child" features Reba, a singer /songwriter of the Carol King variety, who includes a 1930 tune on her LP. McQuire, a husband and wife team who sound like the Bee Gees backed by a band best dcscnhed as "disco gospel" take RDA S PROUD TO ANNOUNCE A NEW, COMPLETE DSTRBUTON SERVCE FOR :11c (sioici anlht hic The country's finest distributor of independent record labels is now providing its services in promotion, distribution and marketing through its newly formed (sioqict Vurtb nternational r ReCOrd LJ1J lullllllg Associates For further,t, W la w. nervi V pm w write or p.m, f9t1e 107. rty NQ17Aff. HF.NDP.RV 7NV.X. TN a7o a contemporary stand on "Destined To Be Yours," their latest release The LP branches out from religious music with a cover of Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson's "One Love n My Lifetime." By capitalizing the "Y" in you, Jesus rockers transform regular rock 'n' roll lyrics like "Your love really makes me high /Got to find a way to get back home to you" from romantic phrases to religious sentiment. "What Christians object to in disco music are the lyrics." says Benson's Traylor. "There's nothing wrong with the beat itself." "We've got a book coming out on le history of the Jesus rock explosion," says McCarthy. "t's called 'Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Mosier Apparently. he no longer does. Last year, McCarthy reports, Word's metro Washington sales more than doubled. Nationally, Word claims in excess of 30 million in last year's sales. Two new LPs, B.J. Thomas' "Happy Man" and a live recording of a Jesse Jackson "PUSH" concert in Kansas City. are expected io cross over for sales to secular record buyers. Already, Schwartz. the Wash- ington distributor, has ordered 15,000 of the "PUSH Concert" LP, an unprecedented initial purchase for religious music. "We're seeing more and more crossover," says Traylor. "Last year, 'Oasis Of Love,' a David ngles single on one of Benson's labels, made it to the country charts. We've just signed Jeannie C. Riley and we're creating a whole new label for her, specializing in crossover country artists." Word alone has 11 contemporary Christian labels with names like Light. Myrrh, Good News, Seed and Solid Rock. Benson has Grcentree, and then there are the newcomers like Singspiration. and Messianic Records, which specializes in music by born again Jews. Since the early 1970s, contemporary Christian musicians have been proving that Jesus and rock 'n' roll (Continued on page Sal Gospel Scene. Hob retordiec,.t..t Shirley Caesar has been nominated la the second Grammy of her song log career in the alegon, of best soul gospel performance, contemporary, for her current "First Lady" LP Caesar's first Grammy came on 1911 for her renddlon of 'Put Your Hand n The Hand Of The Man from Galilee Light Records has also nabbed two of live nominations for best soul gospel performance. contemporary, wdh "Live n London" by Andrae Crouch and the Disciples, and "Love Alive, " with Waller Hawkins Kathy Armstrong has roned the stall of linda Miller and Associates and Limited Edition Talent, nc of Nashville as a new artist representative BM Maxwell, drummer and record coproducer log Andrae Crouch and the Dtsupfes, has teamed with light Records as director of agr n charge of contem porary and soul gospel artists Concurrent events were recently scored by the Benson Co with the signing of a new record mg contract wdh the Bamboo, the signing r Dottie Rambo to a wader's contrail and the re lease of "A Dottie Rambo Choral Conned 01 Love,' the SOth Rambo ukase in years of assoctatson with the Benson Co Wiliam Ray ban has been tapped as director of advertising rut tempo related record and music publico turns S :=1* AO =1: t ? :1= ? S mu, Artist. Label 8 Number ANDRAE CROUCH n, n l>ndm 1e91 Sr 5711 LAMES CLEVELAND L THE SALEM NSPRATONAL CHOR ten reel lmi S.or bel 1071 WALTER HAWKNS i THE LOVE CENTER CHOR ion une n 101 S5/15 JAMES CLEVELAND i CHARLES FOLD SNGERS telert ") :',, a., Moo. r; ti,,e., Srn VA 1070 WALTER HAWKNS a ENE LOVE CENTER CHOR La.t Ont te61 1; 5645 rwya LK, MYRNA SUMMERS 4 MoMnr s, 'U./ iuo SHRLEY CAESAR - a, M,oMel m SHRLEY CAESAR: Men ne Mud Nob Mel r'/1 GOSPEL KEYNOTES Copt rn N79167e VERY BEST OF THE MGHTY CLOUDS OF 10Y 1, wet,fled,abt axekr REV. MACEO WOODS n Mr Sonn JAMES CLEVELAND L CHARLES FOLD SNGERS issus r, On Bei Meg Thon Ns Mapryaed Ta Me San, SO lion. WALTER HAWKNS 1wö h tr Mar LgM 5105 (1694,1.0c1 JAMES CLEVELAND i THE NEW JERUSALEM BAPTST CHURCH CHOR rnoti.w wa Be unr d Saw, DONALD SALS DORAMAS: N/ Me proad n 7117 a o, 7219 ARETHA PRONOUN WTH JAMES CLEVELAND *nu ni ;.re iso lo 7 )06 NEZ ANDREWS emote 5 BC 5, THE JACKSON SOUTHERN ARES Mata:o /AMES CLEVELAND 61 GOSPEL KEYNOTES ron.ró n rn, 1,t71 67:,1ß; 7,, ANDRAE CROUCH tote Mr Baca :,r SARA 1 POWELL ox,, Luvs C,rmu Sit+, ii' JAMES CLEVELAND A ALBERTA WOOER Neunen Sons 1150: WwAMS BROS. Mana wood For Me Sate, Y6: REY. MACEO WOODS t CHOR, &nla Si GOSPEL KEYNOTES A MEMORAL Alto Nadal Sate, o' EDWN HAWKNS L SNGERS TM Cmbnn Mt5n4N1 102, GOSPEL KEYNOTES rya 971h 9 11/1 EDWN HAWKNS THE EDWN HAWKNS SNGERS e n.mnm 8.1M,t61 BR onw,wll REVEREND MACEO WOODS Worry N inw. Saw, B.C. 8 M. CHOR Me M. woia,l hnrm 5a SENSATONAL NGHTNGALES: iw+. Nn. - basal S9211 ERNEST FRANKLN m ianr n kw, 01;11 DR. MORGAN BABB ho as or 9a661a0 /197

47 :1 toan t ' ' or "ee nng ; / Billboard Hot Soul Sin9les. COp9" 91a B,Nboaln P,DC,hVn, nc. No parl o r p,m,rprooucwu. sw,eo w, a rplrawvol sysl.m or lr.vr*m,llwf ll AnY tom U, by mr moan...wclmh,t. rnot,lanc.l, phoacopwm. room., or 0111a,w1.e. wrlhpll PO,1,nr wrilron pernlnuon or too publ,lhor ; 8 ; :$ * S 1 9 * * 4 4 l * 8 15 *! 12 * l )i( * * * 18 lo W lo * ill * it 41 8.SY Pnl.r-..61w rerm.w.r. r pm... ep..d p!a w e.11 ME, ARTST (wt.) AN i No. (Dd larll(hmmrr Wet, AQUA BOOGE- r.u..1 G O.l., W D,A,n. B lung. Ca.Ma.w otolt W) rie so NTO 100 -,.r o,.. (P Bmonl. Cap (Ma.., Bros Mr. 5C P1 SEPTEMBER -i.a Ew 1 fy. ll W. A kaaa A MNe) Cele.W (5..$ /515Ní6a3, ASWruwM,arWW, BM GET DOWN -c.. wow U Mier./ 709 C.6, 7366 (6444.aAC0011.Cem. BYU TS ALL THE WAY LVE -Loon. f Lee. S RC ) (59.00, m, MOP, SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THNG -Ewtke (o nu, r Poem , 04(01 (hnw9ma ASUP EVERY 1S A WHLNER -,w wow. F 3.11 bk pfd LOON) LE FREAK -ar of Rq., a EM., Atlanta 3519 (CO, HOLY GHOST -warp (H M,non) Stu ,) Ear Ma... BMn NEVER HAD A LOVE LKE THS BEFORE-two a (11NN, i,, use NOW THAT WE FOUND LOPE -Eootaw la WOW l Ha01..and 8663 (Warier Brow/ (HM. Nee BUSTN' LOOSE -crr ar.o a ram Sall Union (C &wall Some (Nmn, Ascent. BV MAT YOU WONT DO FOR LOPE -Babe CaO. Car.N) ó,t50) roods 110TA 191x1111 l..tnnet W) TOO MUCH HEAVEN-op cos )B 400 M Cobb) (Mnr. UNCff BMn LOVE VBRATON -. íw. p Random 1POV,e.Ndr Rondo.'. BM S,..). S.( 1901PM0a) FREE FROM MY FREEDOM -W.4 P.nkl A Bond 1 TM, B PRmlen. /Mown 911 )o44á, ASCAP,Sl0,e Dnmood 8M)) NSANE -ow, 0. Btaamal. ppcolate CA 016 (G.Manw) (box Dan. eau) HANG R UP -w a..a /l d C an). AGM 2069 MOD Owe (MO EKE THE FREAX -E..e NT. 11 Na1E) Po,., Wm. BM)) DON'T KNOW F T'S RGHT- E,... -c...e 1' q a Lae )N reed) RCA )S, Cpdnents/Ma) Md M.ns. e0,, GOT TO BE REAL -cool, Le. c L. D Path. 0 fester). ( Matte. Geo6 8111,14Ud.r /Garr. ASG. s R STLL 0000 TO YA -rwre a sap.. abet' 8080,) 3m loos 8710 NCA C. TAKE THAT TO THE BANK-wow L í0!x,í A Spence') Soo 113)3 RU, (R. ASCaP1 ro EVERY WOMAN -o- co. hfabd Wares. loos <10191 CUP, LONG STROKE -oc 0, d M term A Marlar.. )Co r A MN14.. A C M Patten) Co (M4M21 (WmckworiBm. BMm) LOVE CHANGES -..e ) No (C., S UUtemw BRO YOU MAKE ME FEEL MGHTY REAL- sp1..w, Party., Wm,}, ranla, 846 (Ream Aeapn/r,prrl, YOU STEPPED NTO YY UFE -Mr. r.1. (B Odle R Co.. M CM). (pc ( )Umc4003) BMf) LOVE DON'T UVE HERE ANYMORE -or R,rw (N Gnarl. WMA )8410 am) (Ma,.e11167Waxr,mp4x BM/ WHAT'S YOUR SGN GRL panes (D Pena. Sep, LK (01351 (NN Well EVER READY LOPE - 0..,04ów (B H Beatty. L X0)4021. M4,1< 1516 (Gad tact P Emet MC.) YOU CAN DO T-ow. or, E Sal. 8 Wntmn. R G,nnmxo) ta6n4, MU) The an,amrnua Dream, 86, /free Sands. *SW) SHOOT ME -o. Eb.. OR G4x0. 3512 Yeb1,ry. MO 1M1f 1W W yw i l 43 W l ßt 53 st W ! SO B R1E, ARTST (Wnla). Gmló Number (Doi L be411,m',ha nnsee) GOT MY MND MADE UP -rel.m n. (R Mein, S M.) Solum 1018 TRW (l04í,, Mee. BM HANG R Ur -ram M. Rarn (D Rushen) Mira BA, lavers *SUP) l'u DANCE-woo (&, R,0 Mercury a Aws/Wan fame4ne. BYO T00 LATE -M.M. (C W46.. t WAUn R Mason M D,C CM H R Guam' Mw 0375 (1411m4. ASCAPrtual.. Devw BMn WONDER WORM -rapes Sty mnon) An 225 (Upper level. aml'rlq. 1M.. AZ. Will SURVVE -.11.x11 cow ld feaans f Pare,). Poldw (Penn 8,04í. *S0,) (0 Co. SOMEWHERE N MY LFETME -n.r. NP.. 0 AMant). Mae 0380 Old Amenu/Mar ASCAP) Y,M.C.A. -v... no. ( Ywak N 8ddn Y M,ne). Caa0M4 945 (then 3950 ASCAP) DON'T HOLD RACK -cam.. (0 Weluea) Amman 1,'. M (5104,.11011í0n. /Cro A. ASW) DG A UM" DEEPER-taw.. B LA7'77 N BMn OH HONEY- m...a. (Car 6 M Den.!). $640í00o )1.wí) (Sot. Gt.6'LM MO CONTACT -tea Smn (1 Stan AC Pollan R OcOen.e, 20th Gentile, 1396 (AN,7aN, BMn LETS DANCE TOGETHER -Maw rot ce 1í0h Y Act/ ABC poor Arnett AMC, HEAVEN KNOWS -woks.. CO Svmn.r, G Yaoder. P 8.110,). Cav04nu 'í/S, rm. BM) 6 011' UP 61911' N -Er. D.o.e G MaNx, P BobHe) NrNa Meow 1111 (Hatt two., ASW) lan DANCN' -o, a (LA HM1 2 Lary, RCA nít..n,uacmpp6l BMn RAE -Hal. (8 Worse!.) Planet (lout, Soong... Mal.) MNT AS WELL FORGET as 11 Cam M Baton) Nth Century 2350 W,WneRevs. BY HE'S THE GREATEST DANCER -5,.,íb0 N Resigns. B Ma,.) Catdh..20 1CM 809 H.LLP: kw rye N H.m. R 1110,11.,18C (Sor ('o 1'0ap.r,fmap. BMn LOOSE CABOOSE -. T. (L 6t.. G 10r8í0.), Dot A) pate 9411 JUST THE WAY YOU ARE -urtrt.. f.e. 11 loth. 73,A Craury 1395 ba,onp. BMn KEEP R TOGETHER-Ad.. A Tmaam) ABC MarsawlWamrTamenax. BM) GET UP -... caw R Muller) Under/ Mots 1260 Dtserl Ra v&. 0,o. ASCAP) YOU CANT WN -11w1 Maas 10 loon) [pc mam )dell ANGEL DUST -co 7.M lllw AS Sort H.a). Nut (80m611', ASEAN LOVE S HERE -R.w an (R tars). kids 1264 (M Hame,llu. ASU.) HANNA RE CLOSER (( 10411ím). Gxd, /. (Motown' Mmle ASCAP) HEAT OF THE BEAT -1. ldn a Wy. Hann. (W Henderson. R N.00í). Pa,., Metaled. N) ONE NATON UNDER A GROOVE- /L Gmla. G SMdr. W Mases. Wane &0s 8618 (Mot Mu POPS, WE LOVE YOU- DU...t, 0,.W Wa.40, Nan. W.., 5004, Nab.. CP Sawn, M MOOWN, Mac Uobete. ASOAP) COOLNG OU1-6u.0.6.r 1 A Gan ) Al e..100.nam ASCAP' Bull,) ProMe)pu, 3656 le SUS MUSC -on.. kí.00,.. CMm.n Alenhcl (Wax, 5.150M) WALXPG THE LME -lo-, )M Mae, Sea840u08). ío000.) )C.178 )O8tAe,Merva) BM)) SPANKS -ley -w- Nlr. R t S410, Sueotrte Soule 1001 TR) NmíY, c 8 3P A ; S t * 84 2 W 90 2 * etw lall 10, um % C:= TTLE, ARTST co., 1 Owl anumber (OM labaci (romnher.eam, COMNG ON STRONG -r o. Co-N N Boemn ) Memo, Ap,d bnnnonanlnsory. ASUn AT MDNGHT -11.4rá le1, 4 0,y). BM ) (SheHrniDeopevl fin, BMP TO SR WTH LOVE-mow (0 Pan M om,) N (Cream) (Sun, Gms,CGvmW. BM) F SOMEBODY CARES- cabra, D Gma' l8m) 3419 Oki f my Rapt. BMn SNNER MON -0,a DM is Hem C Gear, BMn, p1í) Da Aram BM) SHAKE YOUR BODY.r R JMUOn Y Jackson) (pc (Peux.. BMn DO YOU THNK 'M SEXY -Ram won R Stewart C Apo,N. Warner Boos 8724 R., ASCAP) YOU BRNG OUT THE BEST N ME -0,f D Cann Elks, ABC (Pot $ BRAU 00H BABY BABY -lud. o-odi rye R'Mnoo. w Moore/. 601um (Mete ASCAP) DOM R MAKE R BETTER -so mow l8 *Men P SmaA> Cdemto (B cunt ASCAP/ A FUNKY SPACE RENCARNATON -A.. c,. M Wn) anw (Mee. ASCAP' LOYN' S MY GAME -eel. tirmor ) WOO.) NW ) ,. BOO WE NEED MORE LOVNG TME -0,.q M.n SMm.eal í10.11Croortsv.. BAH/ DONT WANT NOBODY ELSE N W... N M Walden, AnatM ,audeGm3l,n. BMn SHE'S A LADY -34, tart C kwon, 14030)0 850 (588,30'1,10 MO FREAK THE FREAK THE PUNK -ow N Curtoi Sp.n. 191 )Pa',dul ))))4 (1M11 W1511 YOU WERE HERE -. u. in &olee P Watea. E Sampler) [pc Oar Ads. fire Or. ASUP) WHAT YOU GAVE ME -ou. Er 1401,14 1 Smpon) MNmn Ne ASCAP) HOLD YOUR HORSES -r. G.H. 0Pí98! ono R,Wn, G0í.,., ixdmlm 4317 MLA, HAVEN'T STOPPED OANCN' YET -rang. G lanes) G&W Buí4.M,lr Dld Lee. ASCAP) DON'T LOOK AT ME THAT NT -Yu Tart. (A A)do'Np f Stoma' Bang 734 Wen Gaoler, BYt,Snoals ASUP) SAY THAT YOU WLL-c00ß5 Da. (G D.60 Lac (Mean,, A5.1 7 JUST AS LONG AS WE'RE TOGETHER -now Tom, Warne, Brot 8711 (Pott s. ASU,) CAPTAN BOOGE -wdr )) N /doh. N Gov) M,.oy SmentrcD.laal. BAO TURN ME UP- RMo Wood Al $lean) Colo.) WANT YOU AROUND ME -57 ot. mw Caur N RM f1ma CnMrn/ mc 'M NOT DREAMNG -two 0, M,á teb ini Cleo.) Mawr, l0 malanervan Aero,. BMh SEXY LADY- 1.r.d. r., D Coi,. 1 fps, OntantH) 1&,yeport, KAM C Hanel Westbound ME AND THE GANG- Mmu.0,8.,. H Boltona, Mncw/ x, 8ón. hinters.usa ASUP, EVERYBODY'S DANCN' -R.N o n. cap R Nell_ Nora L 160 Geer De ide 910 UN7MMr'Me. BM' HAPPY FOR rxam )5 WMee R WNW' ColuM Noolonp(,Patmcs BM) FOR GOODNESS SAKES, LOOK AT THOSE CAKES -mes N,... )) B,o.n O Bra, Poryaa OOnaone,Bemvla/11mhapnl. BM Soul Sauce L.A. Club Presenting Gospel Acts By JEAN WLLAMS LOS ANGFLFS -L.A. has what k believed to be its first gospel entertainment supperclub, the Fishermen, catcnng mainly to gospel attractions. The club, officially opening Thursday () with what is being dubbed "Love Alive Night," will feature Walter Hawkins. California Gospel Concert Associates, a two-year -old locally -based gospel concert promotion firm, is booking the nightclub. According to Donald Evans, a partner in the company, both contemporary rock and traditional gospel acts will be featured at the club. The approximately 300 -seat nightspot formerly offered secular music, mainly disco, says Evans. He points out that in addition to nationally known gospel acts, local groups and even church choirs will be brought in. "Headline attractions such as Walter Hawkins will be booked about once a month." Set for opening night with Hawkins are local groups Spint, Sons of God, Gerald Watson, the Greater Liberty Choir and possibly Henry Jackson. "Live entertainment will be featured four nights a week, Thursday - Sunday," says Evans. Admission puce will depend on the attraction. The Walter Hawkins show will carry a $3.50, one -price ticket Operating hours are Thursday 7 p.m.-midnight, Friday -Saturday 7 p.m. -2 a.m. and Sunday 3 p.m -11 p.m. The club will serve no alcoholic beverages. only fruit and soft drinks along with food. No smoking is allowed at the Fishermen. According to Evans, California Gospel Concerts is advertising coming attractions on local stations hosting gospel programs, local newspapers and by distributing flyers around town. t At ABC Records the Floaters have completed the vocals for their upcoming LP set to be released in March. Gene McDaniels, who has done extensive work with Roberta Flack and Ronnie Dyson, is producing the effort. And, to insure a topnotch stage show, the group has brought in choreographer Cholly Atkins. Cholly has worked with just about every well choreographed r &b act in the business including Gladys Knight & the Pips and the Temptations. Also at ABC. B.B. King and the Crusaders are going into the studio for a joint production workout. W,1 Casablanca's Village People took it off for Playgirl magazine in the publication's February issue. There is a special four -color feature provocatively showing each member of the group.... Trans -American Video is set to shoot and edit three four -minute Peaches & Herb promos for international use in record stores and on television shows such as "Midnight Special." The duo will perform "Shake Your Groove Thing." "Reunited" and "We've Got Love." Polydor/ BGO's Alicia Bridgts has been nominated for a Grammy Award for best r &b female vocalist for her " Love The Night Life (Disco Round)" (Continued on page 49) W

48 THE SNGLE (SOR40967) THE ALBUM (SOR -3076) roduced by mes Purdie for ancer Productions BUSTN' LOOSE

49 Billboard SPECAL SURVEY For Week Ending 2/3/79 General News 49 Soul LPs. c Copyn9ht 1979, enlboard Publ,cabom, nc No W of h,e Oubocatlon may b. reproduced. Stored na retrieval system. or Pensmllie0. n any lam or by any means. elentromc mechanical pnotocopprm re[o19m9 Or OerW,ae WhOr Me poor Wt.e.n perm4s,on publisher ers. SUA hnerenn -ors relateem4 Poky ormertlmne "werd Prat m tlk, wet * 1 * Mat L Number co at Laben CS) CHC ix.bit!. SO MOTOR BOOTY AFFAR Pan,uanl C.,aN. c1 NBLP 7125 THE BEST OF EARTH, WND 40 3C *1=0 LOVE TTLE Artist, Labet S Number Mal gaben (CLEAN Nth Ceuun 1 GREATEST HTS CammeOn,92 Malie. M/ TRACKS G1a PdNd PO 6)1 as Rufus members: From left, Kevin Murphy, John Robinson, Bobby Watson, David Wolinski and Tony Maiden. 2 LPs, 2 Tours Projected By its its )Bi O * a a F1RE, VOL (NS Nmd L fee ABC ahanbm fc WANTED RcNN Pre.. Manx, Bros CROSSWNDS Poem Bin. Gao.0 S CHERYL LYNN arm Tenn faumea C BOBBY CALDWELL Bobby i.uana Dads 6604 tn1 HERE, MY DEAR Winn Gore lamb T 364 Metonl THE MM Bart N1He :110 Century HOT Pemba a Herb PD Poke. SMOOTH TALK frehm Champ,- no, RG APA Z466 CHAKA GNU Nma PLOW Bran UVE AND MORE Don a Summit a.ban(a NOV 7119 SHOT OF LOVE Lanes., Seer Sam AAL GET er Ge,. Chandler RO) 200 fentwe 578 S T STLL GOOD FOR YA km. a Semson wiener Bens R UGHT OF UFE Br Nn Memel SR JOURNEY TO ADDS M. Node/ War. bird 1LP (Maim Brn1 CRUSN' Map Peop4 Casablanca NW 7118 DESTNY belscm foe f C85) ONE NAHON UNDER A MOORE fullaat; a Wainer &o/ BSC 3209 STRKES AGAN Om Rorie. N41heid Mien. Bros l STEP Srt.el. Fasten MOTHER FACTOR Mathes 1999 ( C857 u0i Corer G 7960 Maom SECRETS G Son Heron 6 Brun mkwn. Amu AB 4119 LONG STROKE ADC Bend. GM1Kn an1C! REED SEED Gror. 0a1'92 7r. Mcea n M 910 SPARK OF LOVE teen, Winans Abe COME GET T Rol : M 510. far B.A. Gad, G7 961 UFE S A SONG WORTH SNGNG led. Pendergrass P R t (C&r7 EVERY 1S A WNNER 1161 Clmtoble n1,nr FLAME Perna tans tided kt. 114 A t81 FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE!sere Nkes Pokey PO MELBA gate Moore tpe 1t LOVE VBRATON toe Simon Sy.94 6,M MONEY TALKS Bar N, Mao ,o(o.) BONNE PONTER Bunny Panier Ne!o.n M N ll CM* =M WE ALL HAVE A STAR.non leker abc M 1109 TOGETHERNESS l SP 1701 TRUTH N' TME N Green Hi HP Cleaml THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAN SKY ap4m Sky 6R 6112 YOU SEND ME Nee ken Pohaar Pol 6159 PU.Onel UGLY EGO Lunto. Ctrcolate CO MP 2006 (Casablanca) CHANSON Chinon Mob SW NGHT GROOVES 01101b f 9510 BETTY WRGHT UVE Emile Penek Melon kv 4408 lh1 BROTHER 10 BROTHER Gam Menem, STEP NTO OUR LFE RN sere a Noe Pak. PO DSCO GARDENS S19amw 504, SOL 215 RG1 BELL a JAMES Ben lake, WA OA BEST OF NORMAN CONNORS a FRENDS Norman anion Meer B.O. SOS 1716 (Octal DG A LTTLE DEEPER tm,mae G Mk TCONNECTON 1 an9ecbcn t49, le BABYLON BY BUS Bet Mann 6 the Wank, 1.06 SO 11 (Name Fos i QUAZAR Omar loo, AS tun NOTHNG SAYS LOVE 1 YOU UKE LOVE YOU leery Butler PM1oepAb nternat C85, N THE NGHT ME ,Mers a1 BOS 5711 (Á9a1 RANBOW VSONS 5,49 EPed 19912) FUNK OR WALK 01 Funeemtem. Mr. SO HEADLGHTS 11,:pen 1974! NCA) AUCA BRDGES UKr Poknor PO NEW WORLDS ManM,N ken AB 4195 BAM Brales komm,. A6M SP 4714 TAKE A LOOK AT THOSE CAKES /ma B..n Pekdo, PD SUMMERTME GROOVE Kahle, Belem. 19,219 SRN / HOUSE OF LOVE Laaal sokn W4111a Boa LOU RAWLS UVE Rods, PMWeybu ntenutuul 122 )53517 ROSS) GET OFF crr Ora Mk MDNGHT DAMOND Borne Gar 1.19,9 Nf 9001 ALL FLY HOME Al 6, ' then 85P 3279 UNLOCK YOUR MND Slaps. Wane Pm BSA 3197 Rufus; Production Deals Loom LOS ANCELES or the lirst time in ts career, Ruler. s planning two LPs and two tours in one year. At the same time, several members arc taking on outside production projects. The band is gelling set to tour in support of its latest ABC LP, "Numbers' with another tour on the drawing board with Chaka Khan to support its upcoming ABC LP. According to group keyboardrst Kevin Murphy. Chaka contractually has two more LPs with the group to tape. Rufus' "Numbers" marks the first time the group has recorded without a female lead singer, "which naturally gives us a different sound." says Murphy. Paulette McWilliams was its first lead singer. Tom Maiden, group guitarist. s taking over vocal lead parts on "Numbers." Maiden believes audiences will hear still another sound on the next LP with Chaka because of Quincy Jones involvement. Jones is producing the project. Says Murphy: "We have grown. and since going out on her own Chaka has also grown The melding of lhtse two entities will breathe new life into the creativity of the group. Quincy s addition will be another element. So we expect the next album with Chaka to sound different." Rufus is comprised of musicians with a variety of backgrounds r nemg from classical with Murf1,., Babys Rating a Chrysalis Shove,1 \'.t.1.s Chrysalis is.},porting ts leccntly released lead Forst" 1.1' M the Babys sllh merchandising support campaign ncluded. according to Brendan Bourke. national merchandising coordinator ss he 6.0W 23 -inch hs 35 -inch. G,ur-a.l.r posters of the group as well.1. ; 1100 thrcc-dimensinn. motorized display units em- phasizing the LP. Heavy concentration is targeted for Midwest markets. ndicates Bourke, where the group begins louring the first week of February. Regions x.,seled a,ll include De- troit. Kan..l.. ( cseland. n- t. dianapolis. St..,uls. ( )411. Chic.igl, and Mllw.lukee areas n the l irsl stage d h,11, de.,ur. L.1.:í1 1.02)2, spots Ake..,ro- planned 10 c11en1.ide still the gnnlp's Appearances in various 11lakets Ad 111.1(.. minis and empty LP jackets :sill he made available to dealers The label may also stage a merchandising contest for dealers centered around in -store Valentine's Day displays focused on the group. ts JEAN WLLAM,. jaza/ruck 'n' roll with John Rubinson. the group's newest member. to r &b with Miaden. Other members, bassist Bobby Watson and David "Hawk" Wolinski, have backgrounds in various forms of music. "The end result." says Murphy, "is that without trying we were creating Jazz fusion. "Jazz fusion. which was not called that at the time. (about six years ago) broadened to r &b. However. it was not a conscious effort.. we just wanted to make good music." All members sing lead but now hrl there is no singled out lead vocalist. "we wane to depict one entity as opposed to a featured singer." says Maiden. Notes Murphy: "Chaka was the vocal point of the group: that was her job. We didn't feature other singers from within the group because we didn't warn to confuse the public. Each person within the group has a job." Soul Coiu7nued from page 47 single. Other nominees are Natalie Cole. Aretha Franklin. Chaka Khan and Donna Summer. Alicia 's single. taken from her self -titled LP. is her debut effort. M k Bill Withers will perform on the Buckaneer Queen. which sails from San Pedro. Calif.. Monday (5). The Columbia artist will perform tunes from his current LP. "Bout Love." This is a rare appearance in the area for Withers... Diana Ross will be the guest sear at a dinner honoring President and Mrs. Carter at the Beverly Milton Hotel in L.A. March 2. Diana performed for the President Litt October in Washington at his birthday party M e t The annual two-day "Memphis n May nternational Festival" has scheduled H li King, Memphis Slim. MudJs Waters, Rufus and Carla Thomas. Roosevelt Sskes. Alberta Hunter. Sam "The Sham" Samudio, Furry Lewis. Mar510 Stamm. Grandma Dixie basis. Coon Elder. Brenda Patterson. James "Son" Thomas, Phineas Newborn Jr., and others. The event, slated for Beale Si. May 2. will have three stages erected with continuous performances from 2-10 p ell. The Mernphu Sound, the name given the May 12 show, will have other attractions featured at '.Memphis n May." Dixieland bands and singers will entertain picnickers, joggers and Spectators; chamber music en- Although the group's members all live in the L.A. area. each has an 8- track studio in his home. "Having our own studios in our homes is a way to stay together without physically being together." says Robinson. " might just be lying around and something pops into my head. can go into my studio and work on it. then take the tape to the other guys." injects Maiden. Murphy notes that "some good things have come out of the studios. 'Best Of Your Heart' and 'Everlasting Love' are just two of the -n tunes." He points out that all memm hers contribute material. D n another area, the members are getting involved in several outside projects. Maiden is in the process of -< producing a Hawaiian group along with his sister. Lee Maiden. Wolinski with Danny Serphine. drummer for the group Chicago, is producing the Jerry Kelly Band. and Watson is producing Rene Moore. Sauce sembles and soloists are set to perform in and outdoors at the Hyatt Regency Hotel'. local bands will perform al the international barbecue cooking contest and three operas will be performed by the touring Metropolitan Opera of New York: "Don Pasquale," "Tosca" and "Tannhauser." 1 M M Whatever Happened to... the Drifters? During the past eight years the Drifters have performed almost exclusively in Europe primarily London. Paris and German, Most recently the group was signed to Bell Records in Europe where it had a few European chart records Although the Bell deal has expired. the Drifters are working on a new LP in Europe for Hansa Productions with Frank Farian producing. The group. originally managed by the late George Treadwell. was taken over for management by Treadwell's wife Fayc. Johnny Moore is the only original member of the quartet and now lives in New York, Other members are Clyde Brown. Billy Lewis and Joe Blunt. Among the Drifters' major hits were "Under The Boardwalk" and "There Goes My Baby." Moore replaced Clyde McPhatter a5 lead singer and Ben E. King replaced Moore during Moorè s stint in the armed forces. Moore returned to the group in t Remember... we're in communications, so let's communicate. ea to F m O D 0



52 52 Classica SWEET VCTORY- Pianist Alicia de Larrocha slices into a cake celebrating Billboard's year -end citation of London Records as No. 1 classical label. Company executives, from left, Dick Bungay, John Harper and Richard Rollefson, loin in the festivities. PROLFC CHLEAN PANST For Claudio Arrau, Recording s All 63 1ti 1()RUN11L NEW YORK -Recording s a way of life l'or Claudio Arrau. tic's been doing it for more years than almost any other active concert artist. and the list of repertoire still awaiting p studio attention will keep him busy ifor many more. c, Before long he takes off once 5 again for his favonte recording loca- 5 lion in Switzerland to lape the Deal bussy Preludes which. with a back - g2 log rn awaiting release will work to swell the pianist's active catalog of more ÿthan 50 LPs on Philips. CC Also on his recording schedule are jthe two Liszt concertos and the To- LC tentant with the C'oncertgebouw, w and Tchail,»esks's B Flat Concerto u. with Cohn Das, and the Boston Symphony. On the solo piano side are commitments to record the Chopin Nocturnes. Brahms' Handel Variations and Beethoven's Diabelli Variations. And due for completion is his collaboration with ArthurGrumiaux in the complete Beethoven sonatas for piano and violin. Three of the 10 in the set remain to be donc. Although Arrau confesses ter an abiding love for chamber music, he has no other immediate recording plans in this intimate repertory area. But he recalls that earls in his career he had his own trio and that in past years he performed with saac Stern and Pablo Casals le hints that it would be premature to rule out later chamber music disk projects " still want to record as much as possible." says the 75- year -old artist. who has been at it since the when he cul some sides for Electrula in Germany. He long ago lost count 1rl Th./ t,rt:al made,r.t '.,,,, i 01 la Hungarians Arrive, W'LMN(, ' S.' rile 11s a lack nl lis Ail,cils, ls., j,n all pis the cancelleuun of.i ionien ls the case of the Budapest Sy niphsiri5 Or. chcsira Jan 8, it was the lack sil in- %trumcnls whicls n- -cited n i,inis -lation sit il. -,,.ill,,,liir1.11 the ()rand ()., i sill' hall sl bels before he joined Philips more than 17 sears ago. Despite more than a half- century before microphone'-, Arrau's enthusiasm for the recording process remans fresh The discipline makes special demand, on artists, he notes. t is far different than playing con- certs. "What sounds nglit in a concert hall may sound exaggerated on a record." he observes "Ecen lenipi may car). The coreeet tempo ni a recital ma% he tsso hail or too slow on a disk." Then how does one know" n a concert, intuition tells sou." he,ass "', a more conscious the studio " Arrau devotes about two months a year to recording, soterruplrrsp a coneen schedule 11,1t consistentts calls for 100 to 121) appear :n se, year. These hase taken to es ers major country in the word out, China is left " hope lo gis there some day." he remarks wistfully Meanwhile. Arrau keeps adding to the list of works he plans to record, either for the first time or in remakes to take ads antagc of improved tech nisiis s "1 's wonderful what can he done tilla, ncluded on his lis) oit future, are Schuberl's "main- works. Richard Strauss "Burlesque." lois.t Stored (sonatas and l,int,ssrasl, and more Ravel. Debussy. Schoenberg and Stravinsky. le notes that he was the first to perform the Stravinsky Primo Concerto. Arr.05 lives in Dough-arm, N 1" fa.! is he lakes off lour to st, sol', t R1 nir, rest and retaya , _state in Verritism - iio.lini,' tv But Without Horns math. hack,.ullkliiri ohcae this Nisi 11,0.,n.i 1 ullh,lrisf plane ha ihres its to Ness fork he notio sans.word rah, lade i o nr.1kt. here fin ihr \lonil,s night sinter ; hui in lme lot.1.4,-1111d ion - 'e11 h,oluleel the s'llotvin,_ nloht Delaware Symph Facing s Crisis WLM'(; (1N, L)el n,ear -srid Delaware S,mpht,n, mg such a ('manual crisis that sis S:11- utdas night perl.rnsinces at the (;rand Opera louse hase been cancelled for t-ehruars and March Additional concerts may have to he dripped. according tel Donald W luntlo. president of the orchestra board The symphony assocr'titisn huard in an emergency meeting recismmended the cancellation of the see - und performances of the scheduled concert pain. The Univ. of Delaware has bought up 53,000 worth of tickets to one of the Saturday per - fomtances in April bailing it out. Huntley says the orchestra needs immediately for the January concerts and 560,000 is needed to complete the season. An appeal is being made to individuals, corporations and lisundations to keep the state syniphon% afloat. Part of the plight has heen due to the new format started last season of two performances for each concert, anticipating additional revenue from the second performance Howes -er. the draw didn't extend much besund the first concert Also hurting, Huntley claimed, is the -Classical Concert Series" promoted by the Grand Opera House. The five- concert series brought in such top attractions as the Philadelphia Orchestra and violinist site Stern and has been able to build a subscription st of 2,000 concert - gisen on comparison to the 737 season subscribers for the Delaware Symphony Orchestra The sials symphony's budget as 5127,OilO. of which $65,000 is for the musicians Rental of the Grand Opera!louse runs to $17,000 and the concert hall also keeps the revenue from refreshments and sale of program booklets although the symphony pays toward the printing of the programs. Classical Notes The Honolulu Symphonys nee music deer ono% lakes the group on ils laid tor. Donal 11 Mainland tour this spring playing dates in Utah and Nevada The Cincinnati Symphony has lapped Michael frelon to till the past Sell vacant by the death of Thoras Schippers Listen for the St lams Symphony, now under the duet ron of Leonard Slatkin, in several upcoming au diophite releases Sinter and the orchestra are skedded 10 lake pan in bolls digital and direct to disk sessions hls tear ALAN PENCHANSKY Top LP Choice At NARM Meet nv, sal all min, -, d1,s Jes1r. hated lis N SS S h.,t ',, i.,t, it's itptl'i li E' ".iieill UM V. \Rhl seuhes R1.111,, lack' ls'hbel,,;rail 011V , sire hall tine isn lite elrsks nominated ils'on:i prey' -115 questionnaires "lira,. l'a,arilts' 11 '(,reatesl n, (El 17211" ( ls t. Ciihnsanini,t ('snses lis N. 1, llotowo/ " Wan /('lose niotin) ers' - snidon) anti "Suite. on lute and 1a// hallo" WTS) sle ass auk, 1,10a-roes' in lit s! "'. - ti...,stil h. (sanded oui at...1,'. ' hi s),,i '.., ii Billboard Top50 Billboard SPECAL SURVEY For Week Ending 2/3.79 S Listening A S z / so CM* 46 3 /] 3 c Cooyr,yhs Bat. (ward Pubhcatlnns, nc No part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval sys lam, or transmitted, many form or by any means, electron., mechanical. pisolocopyrrig. reeoosrp, or otherwise, entraul the pt., wr'llen pmmiehon the puymer These are best selling middle of the road singles compiled (rom radio station air play listed n rank order TTLE, Artist, Label t Number (Dol. Label) (Publisher, Licensee) LOTTA LOVE Ounlelle (arson Warner Bras (Silver fiddle BUS THS MOMENT N TME Eigelben Humperdnea Epr (Save( Blue, ASCAP) THE GAMBLER Cenne Osiers UnrA Artists 1250 (Widen N,tht ASCAP) A UTTLE MORE LOVE Ulan Scuro Nan MCA 3067 'loin Farrar,lre)( elm SOMEWHERE N THE NGHT S s Man. en Arista 0382 nrvmt'rondor BMS MY LFE Billy cier Columbia (mpulusethril. ASCAP' TOO MUCH HEAVEN One Gers. RSO 913 (Musts tor Unwet. BMS PROMSES Es,, Clothe R (Flarehel BMn' DONT CRY OUT LOUD lathy, Manchester. kola mnt /WOWnmghsleman'Ue chaboell. [biome BM NO TELL LOVER Chita -O Columbia (COM'Sreel Sense: POhsh Prince. ASCAP) BABY no BURNNG /1 REALLY GOT THE FEELNG Dell) Parton RCA (Velvet AM)Sorts 01 Bardes Ounpelmts site OANCN' SHOES Nigel Olmn Oint 240 (Gail BM, JUST FALL N LOVE AGAN Anne Munn Caonot 4675 (Peso Hobbr Home ASCAP. Cotton Poem Soots 000 BABY BABY Linda Oro -ids A,r!,,' 'Obese ASCAR, OUR LOVE, DONT THROW T AWAY Arbr u G'bb vppels BM), ' BM' YOU DONT BRNG ME FLOWERS Barbra n NM CD'umbra Stonebridre'loreewme BEUEVE YOU Carpenter- ABM 2097 (Music Ways.1104 Addns BM., LADY tittle Ron Band Capdi) 4667 Scnen Gems EM. BM) FOREVER N BLUE JEANS Nee D,isssrr Colombo Stmebudge ASCAP TME PASSAGES A; :!..,,'La 0362 idjm'freblous ASCAP WLL BE N LOVE WTH YOU -' rn4 (Morgan Gem0 -Songs M YOU NEED A Gp!.i ' = CHANGE OF WOMAN TONGHT.. - :)t Dunhill BM HEART Arista 0354 Carame. BM WHY HAVE YOU LEFT 111E ONE YOU LEFT ME FOR Cirons Carle United Mlats 1259 (Mother onaue ASCAPi SHANE l lao mallnees. Mushroom 7039 'Steamed Cum BMn CRAZY LOVE Poco ABC ipsrmlmg ASCAP, HOME ANO DRY Gerry Ratner United Artists 1266 'Hudson Bar Boll LOST N YOUR LOVE John Paul Yount Scots Brothers ADS (Atlantic, (Weevil 8 THE PANO PCKER Geoste fischott Dure 6273 (1 h (United Anutshsmlyn Castine Cachet ASCOP1 STORMY Santana Columba ton Sai GOODBYE, 1 LOVE YOU F'letan Atlantic 3541 (Steven Stills BOS EMS MOMENT BY MOMENT triune nman (Red C. Chappell OSCARS SHARNG THE NGHT TOGETHER Dr Hiha Capron 4621 (Mutt( Mil, ASCAP Aar Canee son THS S LOVE Paul Anti RCA (Camus. ASCAP JUST RATNA STOP Ginn vannes ROM 2075 nto vanneur Whit) Marks BV, HOW YOU GONNA SEE ME NOW Ulf Ceooer Worn &w 8695 ERA Mountain BM Jodrell ASC.AP` WE'VE GOT TONGHT Bob Sep, Capita 4653 (Gem ASCAP TAKE T LKE A WOMAN Man Welch,Viti Centon 2387 N Gi)lno NOV. EM) PRE Pointes Salers Planet (Bruce SprinCsteen ASCAP WLL SURVVE Glom P (Pens, 5stos ASCAP DANCN' N THE CTY Mantua Ham Capitol 4618 err (,sled) HEAVEN KNOWS.i ("rune ARM 2'12 theme Waetnouth limaces. OMT 1 WLL PAY A RHAPSODY i.' ;',.nais (Shallatn BOO SALNG WTHOUT A SAL v V Amnon 8003 (Captain Co -cul. ASCAP) WAS MADE FOR DANCNG led Lanett.!. Bins 4031MsthaelS,Scet Tone. ASCAP -,.s Summa t &matin Drums Casablanca 959 (Cul -t BA' GOTORO MUSC BOL DANCER irank MO. is! lonehappel. W/ BABY NEED YOUR LORN' lin (rumen Assle d(.s tstane hale BM WHAT YOU WONT DO FOR LOVE (fonts Cander0 Cloud thl (SAeuen,twdoeanne, UN) FANCY DANCER Franke Sal, Wainer CA 8734 lubnliheatti D/trtNT;8M0

53 Country 53 Production And a Label Debuted By Halsey Co. By GERRY WOOD NASHVLLE -The long anticipated move of the Jim Halsey Co. into production and record label ventures is now underway. White Buffalo Productions and Cyclone Records are being launched in Los Angeles under the direction of Larry Baunach, vice president of music operations of the Halsey Co. and president and majority owner of the new companies. The thrust of White Buffalo Productions and the reason for my being based in Los Angeles is to develop new. contemporary artist/ writer acts, such as rock acts and crossover country acts," advises Baunach, formerly a vice president with ABC /Dot Records. Nashville. The company will offer all -inclusive services, says Baunach. "For acts we choose to work with, we work out label deals for them and provide all types of recording management and production services. We like to produce the artist's session where appropriate and ride herd on sales and promotion of the product once released. We also plan to provide additional publicity and managerial services for the artist on a regular basis." White Buffalo Productions is a "semi -autonomous' division of the Halsey Co. Halsey is a minority stockholder of the new company and any new firms such as Cyclone Records, described as "small scale at the start, financed by ORT." The same corporate structure applies to the new publishing companies, Ghost Dance Music, ASCAP, and Bcar Tracks Music. EM, according to Baunach. Halsey is an officer and on the board of directors of White Buffalo and. along with Dick Howard, senior vice president of the lalsey Co., a key advisor concerning projects the company initiates. Cyclone has signed a major country act, Samnti Smith. as its first singer. Produced and managed by Johnny Morris. Smith has cut her first session for Cyclone. Her first single, "What,A Lie," is being prepared for rush -release. An a &r arm of White Buffalo has been created, thus far utilizing Baunach and Bob Morgan, president of, and producer for. Remme. nc., Los Angeles. Former national a &r director for Epic and MGM, Morgan teamed with Baunach to produce Hoyt Axton. They also produced six sides on Jody Miller for Epic. "We have commitments from at least three other Nashville labels to assign us artists for production in the very near future." claims Baunach. The Baunach /Morgan combo is also producing some new pop /country artists for Cyclone, including Helen Hudson and Mark Paul. Baunach is also producing several rock acts with Roger Harris. an independent British engineer. One of the acts, Cherry Bomb, is "already verbally committed to a major label," says Baunach, while another act. Raven Kane. is finishing an LP. "Obviously, this studio a &r work of mine is one of the big reasons L came to Los Angeles." comments Baunach. " wanted to get more creatively involved in the music business. "The move to L.A. wasn't anu- Nashville," insists Baunach. " required it because there are a lot of areas of operating in L.A. that aren't open to me in Nashville. From a busi- ness sense, Nashville. to a great extent is controlled by a lot of the outstanding a &r men. 've basically come out of sales and promotion." Baunach sees crossover as a magical money word. Noting that the base attic Halsey Co. is country. Baunach adds the label would be anxious to get crossover talents in the style of Jimmy Buffett, Linda Ronstadt, Gene Cotton and Russell Smith of the Amazing Rhythm Acts. "Those types of artists seem to be the force of the future in popularity. record sales and the performance field. Crossover country will be our base. We mean equally those rock artists who from time to time will do a country song or country arrangement and get country airplay." Other music areas will also be tackled. states Baunach. New avenues of musical income will be explored in conjunction with the Halsey Co. agency artist roster. A contract for the soundtrack of a "top level" motion picture is being finalized for spring production. New projects are being developed in the field of commercials. music for television and LPs. Label deals include a Johnny Tillotson "Greatest Hits" premium LP for tv and a Johnnie Lee Wills LP through Flying Fish Records in Chicago. On a "trouble- shooting" basis. White Buffalo provides national independent station promotion for selected country product. The firm recently worked for Warner Bros. on the top 20 country single. "Mr. Jones," by Big Al Downing Jack Clement Recording Studios congratulates the 1978 winners of The Clement Cup "Mammos, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" Woylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, Artists (No producer listed) "Love Or Something Like t" Kenny Rogers, Artist Larry Butler, Producer The Gambler Kenny Rogers, Artist Lorry Butler. Producer "Tulsa Timé' Don Williams, Artist & Co- producer Garth Fundis, Co- producer "Rake And Romblin Mon" Don Williams, Artist & Producer 'Every Time Two Fools Collide' Kenny Rogers & Dottie West, Artists Larry Butler, Producer for another record -making year Jack Clement Jack Clement Recording Studios 3102 Belmont Boulevard Noshville, Tennessee (615) TheClementCup is awarded to artists and producers in recognition of N1 singles recorded at Jack Clement Recording Studios.

54 54 o ao WTH BM & ASCAP FRMS Show Biz, nc. To Music Publishing NASHVLLE -Show Biz. nc.. the country music syndication giant, is expanding into publishing. A completely autonomous company, the Show Biz Music Group is being established with Ed Penney as general manager. Publishers represented by the Show Biz Music Group include Song Biz and Show Biz Music -both BM firms -and two ASCAP companics, Lucky Penny and Monster Music. "We're looking for a roster of five writers." comments Penney. "We'll also build on the Show Biz Music catalog which has had three top 10 records with its last three releases." Penney adds that the firm is looking for contemporary' writers who RECORDNG STUDO FOR SALE EQUPPED. NCLUDES SOME MASTERS AND CATALOGS. CALL: HARVEY KRKPATRCK ( OR ART WLLARD (615) can bridge the country/ pop gap. The firm's songs will be pitched to artists in Nashville. Muscle Shoals, Los Angeles and Ncw York. accord - ing to Penney. Renovations are underway for penthouse offices atop the Baker Building in Nashville. Penney, a songwriter with chart songs to his credit, formerly worked on the professional staff of AcufG Rose and Chappell Music. He's vice president attic Nashville chapter of the NARAS hoard of governors. Penneÿ s first staff selection is Pat Strawbridge as assistant to the general manager. He is a 10 -year veteran of the music business and a former pop singer. Country OLD HAT -Johnny Paycheck, right, stays in the television groove by making his 20th appearance within a year on a major tv show. The Epic act's latest tube shot comes with Mike Douglas on the "Mike Douglas Show." Natl Religious Broadcasters n Wash. Continued from page 4e can mix. While the record cornpanics seem to be expanding and producing more solidly professional easy for these stations to compete with the regular Top 40 and progressive rock stations." WCTN, a Christian AM station in LPs, the Jesus rock radio stations suburban Washington plays all mumay be in trouble. "The percentage of religious radio sic, one -third contemporary, one - third gospel. one -sixth traditional stations which program music has (choirs singing hymns), and one - always been low," says McCarthy. sixth religious MOR (singers like Pat "The revenues are declining. But Boone and Carol Lawrence). this is changing. More religious sta- The station began broadcasting in lions are changing their formats to 1973 and since has had "all kinds of music because there is such a variety trouble with the format," admits Alof Christian music to choose from len Dixson, WCTN news director, nowadays." who explains that the current for - Still, "the Jesus music stations are mula has only recently been introcaught between a rock and a hard duced. place." says Traylor. "Traditional "We started out playing a mix of Christians don't like all those drums contemporan Christian cuts and and puitars And let's race it. it tsn't Top 40." )isson sass "Wc were hoping to get people who wouldn't otherwise listen to a Christian station. But, we got so many complaints from traditional Christians that we reverted to traditional music for awhile. Then, toward the end of 1976, we went back to contemporary. About a year ago, we locked down our current format." WCTN recently filed with the Federal Communications Commission to increase its transmitting power and switch from daytime to full -lime. The staff is hopeful that the time for a contemporary Christian format has finally come. f contemporary Christian music keeps improving, listeners may be hearing a whole lot more of Jesus with their rock 'n' roll. The Nashville Scene By SALLY HNKLE. Ten Nichols. who was recently the subject of CBS network program. "60 Minutes," is gaining a rat of attention since the airing ol Mike Wallaces mvestigatse report on Nashville's con custom labels. Once the segment was taped i October. Nichols sleeved his allotment of single retards and, since the segment's ainng, has roawed calls horn across the mushy for inter. views and for his record, "'d On N Again." latest developments tar Nichols include the formation of Ss own band, the Silver Dollar Band, and engagements in the Sennglield, Mo. area. There has been a rash of tunes written edit cerning the commutations to ensoners by lamer Gov. Ray Manton preceding the early in slailment of Tennessee Gov Lamar Alexander. Among those s 'Almost Commuted, " 'innen by Nashville WSX AM personalities Past aadal and Jerry House, and sung by Mack Truck and the Backup Brother, to the tune of -Almost Per suaded Ron Blackwood, a and personal manager Nashnlle booking agent has dissolved Universal Management. nc. and oil concentrate efforts in the expansion of Jerry Wallace s publish si company. Jerry Wallace Musc and R W Black wood's Choctaw Muse BOOMS mimesis and management for R. W Blackwood and terri Wallace are now beeg su pervised by the newly loaned Dimmed Maagemerit under the direction os lee ton d Hash vile. Bookings also include such acts as 1. D. Sumner and the Stamps and the Elvis Limousine in addition to the LeGarde Twins. _ G Newton and Cap Gentry taped the "George Hamilton V Slaw" recently in Hamilton, Ontario Newman reportedly nad the fed gold retord in Canada to have french lyres. ne tune vim entitled "Catie Pa La Pe- tate " C.W. McCALL & CO MUSC THAT COUNTRY WAS BULT ON C.W. McCall is one of America's favorite country artists. And on his new album, "C.W. McCall & Co:' featuring his newest hit single, "Outlaws And Lone Star Beer;' he performs some of America's favorite hits, like "City Of New Orleans;' "Silver Cloud Breakdown;' "Hobo's Lullaby and more. Listen to the man the country listens to. C.W. McCall. "C. W. McCall & Co:' New, featuring ' ÿ "Outlaws And Lone Star Beer." On Polydor Records and Thpëg: tfra4--ls ^t Bt NAy1lD w Management Con Sears/Sound Recorders Booking William Morns Production Don Sears and Chip Davis for American Gramophone Copyrighted materia


56 ADMNSTRATNG: HOUSE OF CASH$ßM1 SONG OF CASH (ASCAP) CLAY MUSC BM 5457 Monroe Rood PO ROX 22f1551 CHAR OTTF N C: i ti A 7A2,' JOHNNY T SOUNDS LKE GOLD! Clay Music, administering The House of Cash, enthusiastically announcesjohnny Cash's new hit single, " Will Rock and Roll With You" Columbia Records ` From Columbia LP, "Gone Girl;' KC Clay Music and all America will Rock and Roll with you all the way to -'1!

57 c,,pnl Billboard A Billboard SPECAL SURVEY For Week Ending 2/ Hot `DYNAMC DUO' t 01 by any ,,,? P.D.Callpn.. mean pleclronlc....,.. a r.n.ya1 ayal.m, w Nanamlllad. n any - hb pn,1 on nla publ.c.l.on may ba npraduc.d, aeen.nit.l, pn0lotopylnm, rato,nlnm, Or whhpul n. pli0r W.llbn p., pl ha pub1un.. 3 9R V. la g ntle- Artist 0.- Labe,=NumbnlOW...,,(VbbN. l n Fw. 3 çy -1 ' ;` STAR PERFORMLR- Slacks.eralenat Glaalesl TttE -Artist 1Wrrn UDa16 N.D. DN tab.111prbotim lenuel Y. ; p,op.mame C 13, ; 9 Wald platen+!ha week. TTLE -Artist Wnlnr +a.(4 Numpr:Oat l+brn l tytenk r KAYE 1 * * 6 7 * 8 10 * * W W * W W itr * * W * M WHY HAVE YOU LEFT THE ONE YOU LEFT ME FOR -Corti wow N fool Undrd Nluls 1:59,Moth.T.t. MCA, EVERY WHCH WAY BUT LOOSE-U. tall( S D.R M Bryon 1 Ga4en, ntw Fo,,,n.r. 1. m.lane N.H,.r NM: BACK ON MY MNO AGAN SANTA BARBARA -N..4 MH+ap ;C l'wss l ; C!:'d+' w 741. p RCA 11,:1,C.wss üc+p iv,a C. Oatd ASfAP1 COME ON R«p e4p Clan. AB '.'ill Way. BM, TEXAS (When 1 Olel -r.n r.w, 1E Br. P Bu<r B Br:4rnl MG 1500 O. 41 BAN r THE OFFC HSTORAN ON SHRLEY. JEAN BERRELL -Tot you pawn D Red a R. Mfr., M REALLY GOT THE FEEUNG /BABY 'M BURNNG -ore h w (D.0.5, B Yera1 RCA 111'D,Vend BAN Sons a a.d,...xian. *sae, MAYBELLEME -Coop Ma 6 C Barn R Pn10 4 Teal. Epy (Art BM. JUST CAN'T STAY MARRED TO YOU -ter, tae. 1G... Bkck DN.. ts 169 CAgol +$up To Chap,. SESC Nm41 Pn.5. YOU DONT BRNG ME FLOWERS -lie co R... xtk Cars,N O.rood, RCA Srnee 7tr n,.r,nme +,.[+a TONGHT SHE'S GONNA LOVE ME (Like HAPPY TOGETHER-L4. sxonoi G Bonn. A W.) wan.;cob (1721 xadm B. BMn FALL N LOVE WTX ME -u.., e.nw F Aul, R Bub,., Rtp.b s 034 Fnb,r ONO l'll WAKE YOU WHEN GET HOME -w w Yd R Do.A M atom, re.n 'Peso warn!, T4mn144e, Mal,le BMn WHSKEY RVER-1. Rea. 1) Sew. Ca a./.34, Nil F COULD WRTE A SONG AS BEAUTFUL AS YOU -11íy -Woe úanod n ado', Capdal 4672 (P.O A Ha BMn F EVERYONE HAD SOMEONE UKE YOU -Eddy Arad (B SprritNM. RU (Howe a 6oM emu AUBS -abay AWMo2,0 Adbula P M.<.r, her BMn SEND ME DOWN TO TUCSON /CNARLES ANGELS -Ya Tdm C C4411Nd 1 Guntl,b Gmkm1 YG 'm MOO BM,LRnts BM, EVERLASTNG LOVE -Barra PMd. 03 Ca. M widen. ARC Remt Soot RMn GOLDEN TEARS si, 01 í04wtro RA CRes AZAF1 HAD A LOVELY TME -The Aerea 1r Th1.dr.od. D took, Oval. 1119,á n O,.. ASAP. SOMEBODY SPECAL -epr4 Rup p raged Yaw, &m 3722 then OM STLL A WOMAN -M4rp sr0 i (M SAWA M Rod N B Low, W FOOLED AROUND AND FELL N LOVE -MUdo Euwod a.n,aup adr< a :u..a (M boa. CAC 105 Mou WAR a The Pecos BN, JUST FALL N LOVE AGAN -.. M.,. (Do. Sktove Gplto 467'. Pem,NOtbr Nose /Gallo Pltlu S.ts1BMl,üuPl WORDS...Salt Mlar e GDR R c,(b M G bbl (k4ea,cut C.s.ale SAVE TE LAST DANCE FOR ME -arr lie 14.. (Pm. SM,mani Sun toitehoda NO PLAY ME A MEMORY -data law M Blacklad R loco PGA 1113) Waded Mints ASUP ANY DAY NOW -Da Ober B BaUar. a Milod). MC /110o, d ASCOP) 1.00E SONGS JUST FOR YOU -Gk. um,,m Bop. Ws.. Cr, i N`A, (A.NR. 1341'M 1100 SSW, SON OF CLAYTON DEANEY -ta. T. Nan RCA Na.te BMn MY HEART HAS A MND OF TS OWN -peep R..<. Arnt, N C.reYted, wrw:cub VA iseitrn Wm: (061 EM TS TME WE TALK THNGS OVER -t. PA. b. Ar The Bon la Allen t.1 062,181 lene! Br.: 3597 lease BM xr * 11 WW *, SS '* W SS l TRYNG TO SATSFY YOU -oam, 104 rnn:nn, RCA (BU.. RMn THE SONG WE MADE LOVE 10-M., oar A wahkl p. d Apm wdnbnl 4xAP, YOUR LOVE HAD TAKEN ME THAT HGH -C...0 twat, H Oki.. a Noel MG than! Rod BMD LOVE AN'T MADE FOR FOOLS-P. war, Rytts 17 SYmnrt 7 WNSN, ABC 1:477 x41 name.. eta) loyn' ON -BaNmr R awn,e Petrol Won,.Cw6 A6v7,Re Nio, BM, WSHNG 1 HAD LSTENED TO YOUR SONG -BN preen CMHa..n p., A lan Cimino M MR (ONES-BM Al o..l... A D,v4p Wu., Am 3716 N f... a M.o. BNH DREAMNG AU. DO -to TN.. Cents, WA. N. Rn7..: r... A:UP, LADY LAY DOWN -064 cwaw P., eat ;1170 Tin HM il - 4r,; /;GW, BULDNG MEMORES -sort Mn N (an: Colo., no Aw- EYES BG AS OALLAS -w... SM.n it WY. W. 176 NSD tell 54, BMk YOU WERE WORTH WATNG THE FOOL STRKES AGAN -wow Na S PA., Y Sh Cowl Undro Mr,::255 t110, BM 'VE BEEN WATNG FOR YOU AU. OF MY LFE -ten x mk,,4,r, : -,,n, Wren &m.0711.a A..a NM, WLL ROCK AND ROLL WTH YOU-N. G. M RMn. Got.Ma 3 OUS 1H. a p Cain BR. TS A CHEATNG STUATON -M. Bar, C Pa.o S ThnAmsos,. Codmb., fir. BM 00 YOU EVER FOOL AROUND- N.s..00 D amen (p. A SO. Mow Nunet BNn 'VE DONE ENOUGH DYN' TODAY-U, ear ea.1m MonWnnu u1í. ee.uuon BMn HOW DEEP N LOVE AM 11 -Nw., smtaes 1A *5.0 Moo OW Clement PA, HEALN' -spar Ra.. (B MOAN. Colombo ONn ti,./a1 Bml. 1HE FOOTBALL CARO -6.n 5., /G Boom Mmte, fld%4'p NM, TULSA TME -Oa rmbaw (0 fk..n1 ABC N1s,Bbo &SLAP. AS LONG AS CAN WAKE UP N YOUR ARMS-0.0. OA D'Dtn l Nenlryr ON., mo9..,t, kon told BN. THE OUTLAWS PRAYER- M,'s'.1 O A04snWnn, [pt.6s, GYPSY EYES-1.11w Ne.A.,t ;MA ton Soa NSO TAKE ME BACK-am, kpr it Raee.s. m.1, C MrCla41) (p ,Bra BOra Perw,rp ücap ump BMn LOVNG YOU S A NATURAL HGH -Urn 4 O.' HOW LOVE YOU (n The M01n.npl -tern s..,, e.b MG/ GMME BACK 0611 BLUES -kro 111[ Wtwk1. Au íl.rp, Wooly Nen4. *sun ASUP BEST FRENDS MAKE THE WORST ENEMES -oad Naha. 1,,,,., t iddnnn,. st ,.. CUP BM ea1l,541.n14 BM ANGELNE -to lime em YOU COULD SEE YOU THROUGH MY EYES -Too feat.,ry Hurl, Re D G. BUN THE GAMBLER -Ed, owm 10 S<ha1r3. Dated MNN 1250 enter Naht ASCAP * W : W, * % MO A 86 ESZ : % S HES A COWBOY FROM TEXAS -114r4 Md.. R N<Qmra1 `,open :41 FANTASY SLAND -r.n. weer N Wow B Corm C :414, Wane BAY w. Car ASUPT S[SAC) REST YOUR LOVE ON ME-ore G. B 110W1 P.O LA ',rnw4 BNn THE RSE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPRE -GA sou 10 wn1. B MU D, Watoe B WA D54 wane exrurm p n. AsuP3 SHADOWS OF LOVE -Rw,r my W Nar,.M, M.rm., SSOS Map+:Mll 913 ae BM.1 'M NOT N THE MOOD (For Lore)- Pea Yaw to BNh, Prairie Dog 76.r91ND' illy A 5.41 ASAP/ LOVE ANT GONNA WAT FOR US -es. w Sean L Bunn B aortas UMed MHs 1151 Bwa,.a Ben porn BRO LEAVE T TO LOVE bow 11 Hwtr, WMnne Cr Gpn4e1 Sound Coo ASCAP1 GONG GONG GONE-M.11 Yen 15 Man., env 1311 t550. ra and Nancy Nit 'LL CRY NSTEAD -tan 5w. l Lennon v Md.,. Fauh< wnrwe ,4141/ BM; HATE THE WAY OUR LOVE ;j; ar M4 R. na a 101 act 6 P5 NRCn NSO TOO FAR GONE- Emm,w x.41 B SheONll Wune. Bo% wa<a BM; OUTLAWS AND LONESTAR BEER-to mc.. (B Dustin PWO 4511 at rap a p«bmd NEVER HAD THE ONE WANTED -wee raw A '4, n *woo,' 0.4, 10007, á'é..ran Pall tie SMOOTH SAUN' /LAST CHEATER'S WALTZ -s... m.«tsrk..s film/som, Putmin C S b sm.1:,., Mot.( rarer BN rre BM, TS HELL TO KNOW SHE'S HEAVEN -oak Mlenda 106 nv, N<r01 Cm [na S item Sr, BMn ONE MAN'S WOMAN -way worn B No. 1 B,n:5eW1 RCA 1:128 PLEASE RE GENTLE M Do.,i ypt -on 057f, Suess car: ON., AMERCA'S SWEETHEART -C.Gn 6 Nanny Catt1. Lrt on(:ea, p... Abu ASUV 'M LOFY' THE OUT OF YOU -wa. ta, /rt WE LET LOVE FADE AWAY -lie o..e RO «fens BM.R MNM M<B,del DHara 100.Mae' tnb Bla a.d BMn YOU'RE GONNA MAKE A CHEATER OUT OF ME Pb1Ap4 /..r: 499, ENO T O. ñú5w4 TEARS (There's Nowhere Else To Nide) -tanm,...ohm o 0,..lee1 D Oral t,u 52, RDA. a UWntreel. BM HAPPY SAO-re., Fine. N,.r11 Sound.nn d7p ín5011h.h BYO YOU'RE STLL ON MY DOW.. Mr04.11 Oak 1010 i5tunlr BM MAh..0., ou Mont lame,unr BMS FLP SDE OF TODAY -s..n sowww, Ho. 14b wo Poo BMn THS MOMENT N 1 ' give.o, : h. r.lw V 44.m11 1, +5,41' LET MY FNGERS DO THE WALKNG -r,l Pe..1. DOWN ON THE CORNER AT A BAR CALLED KELLY'S -roar n,.h.a.ßrá,s.. o M`rr.i.e;n ew,wis1 t,we 0.i, altaan EVERLASTNG LOVE-U. nu. 111 C,:an M,15.11, s 0'.5651 R, rat ', PRO ME TOUCHW YOU -Lnda talk 18 to l) pdpnop Bob PERRY a1., ± in-, -->. "MAKE ME YOUR WOMAN" * ** AND * ** KENNY PRCE "HEY THERE" MRC RECORDS MQGR RECORDNG STUD Waynesboro. VA ( /03) (DE McCROSKES 'Promotion Manager NATONWDE SOUND DSTRBUTORS RS)


59 Billboard Hot Billboard SPECAL SURVEY For Week Ending 2/3/79 Country 'CUT 59 Count LPs. c copynghl 1979, Bulboard Publications, nc No part of ha pubhcahon may by. produced. Alo. in a teh,eval system. or transmitted, in any loan or by any means, faction., m chanical, photocopying tamping or othmw,se mlhout the pilot wrnlen permission of lia publish. t`- Peileimer -LPs mantel, p.opollwnalt upd piorrea hn ee6 TTLE -Artist, MO a B.6r, Mnbuónr unen 8 THE GAMBLER -Kenny Rogers, un.lea Ansh MA a 934,1 2 2 WLLE AND FAMLY LVE -Willie Nelson, mane. KC EXPRESSONS -Don Williams, AaC AY TNT -Tanya Tucker, MCA ma, HEARTBREAKER -Dilly Parton. Rc NE ALWAYS BEEN CRAZY -Waylon Jennings. RCA Mu TOTA110 HOT -Olivia Newton -John, Mu iota 39 STARDUST -Willie Nelson. :. is 3,305 9 a 51 LETS KEEP T THAT WAY -Anne Murray, coign st LARRY GATLN'S GREATEST HTS, VOL 1, *memo! Ma WHEN DREAM -Crystal Gayle, lace anus Wee EVERY WHCH WAY BUT LOOSE- Soundtrack [woo st 9tn BURGERS AND FRES/WHEN STOP LEAVNG ('LL BE GONE)- Charley Pnde, RCA APtt :98) PROFLE/BEST OF EMMYLOU HARRS, o.,,, e, 8s ROOM SERVCE -The Oak Ridge Boys, or loss a ELVS: LEGENDARY PERFORMER, VOLUME 3 -Elvis Presley. Pca on soe: TEN YEARS OF GOLD -Kenny Rogers, unoed M,sts OA a 535 H 24 9 BASC -Glen Campbell, cooci se MOODS- Barbara Mandrell, 88) AY THE BEST OF THE STARER BROTHERS, mew,., srm ota no.orn., ROSE COLORED GLASSES -John Conlee, Aec AY CONWAY- Conway Twitty, Mu Mu 1J,3 23 la 17 LVNG N THE U.S.A. -Linda Ronstadl, 8:76, ONLY ONE LOVE N MY UFE- Ronnie Milup, RCA All! Nos ARMED AND CRAZY -Johnny Paycheck, ton ft 3, PLEASURE a PAN -Dr. Hook, era a Sa 1: ENTERTANERS... ON AND OFF THE RECORD -The Stalk( Brothers, 2a 2a 53 RATON a WLUE-Waylon Jennings a Willie Nelson, Au M HEAVEN'S JUST A SN AWAY -The Kendalls. onaoe oy 17) YOU HAD TO BE THERE -Jimmy Buffett, ABC AK law REDHEADED STRANGER -Willie Nelson, week. Kc 3348: VARATONS -Eddie Babbitt, lol et no FALL N LOVE WTH ME -Randy Barlow, e. *Nc ALP6o TEAR TME -Dave And Sugar, yu of, 1:86) GREATEST HTS -Marshall Tucker Band, coon. C a LOVE OR SOMETHNG UKE T -Kenny Rogers, timed And. w LA 903 H ELVS -A CANADAN TRBUTE -Elvis Presley, Ru KAU 7aa EVERYONE TWO FOOLS COLLDE -Kenny Rogers a Dottie West, Uwfed km, ut Aei,AN OLD FASHONED LOPE -The Kendalls, Oman 030) TURNNG UP AND TURNNG ON -Billy "Crash" Craddock, 0,pla sty GREATEST HTS -Linda Ronstadl, 8:,6,-. rl : JOHNNY PAYCHECK'S GREATEST HTS VOLUME, to u DUETS -Jerry Lee Lewis Friends, ',.- ion TAMMY WYNETTE'S GREATEST HTS, VOL V -tan c=0 et JOHN DENVER -KA A0) HOLY BBLE -Stiller Brothers, vieag ma «, CLASSC RCH. VOL - Charlie Rich, to JE RED WNE AND BLUE MEMORES -toe Stampley, to so 3s4o: JOE STAMPLEY'S GREATEST HTS, VOL, Epo KE o 49 5 JERRY JEFF -Jerry let Walker, Clew. n..1 Gatlin Slates Heavy TV Schedule NASHVLLE - Monument reo_ cording artist Larry Gatlin has kicked off the new year with a heavy concentration of network television appearanaa in addition to major concert dates. During January. Gatlin has the "Tonight Show," guested on sung the national anthem at the Cotton Bowl on New Year's day, appeared on both the "Entertainer Of The Year Awards" and the "American Music Awards," visited the "Dinah" show twice. FAMLY TME -MCA recording artist Ernie Rey gets some help from his mother, fellow MCA act Loretta Lynn, at his Fireside Studios recording session in Nashville. Nick Hunter, standing left, MCA national country promotion manager, and Eddie Kilroy, standing right, producer. enjoy the family fun and song. Susie Allanson Star Sets White Hot Country Streak NASHVLLE -A seau and a a_o netteomer Su,ln' ison ss a, visually unknoon odds. oith lise charted country singles behind her. ncluding a re with Ronnie stilsap l'or the second highest single to debut on Billboard's Hot 100 Count, Singles.hart in Atkinson, quickly becoming a reco1'nir :i hie name. Willi the ink barely dry on her new recording pact with Elektr :t Records. the singer hasps' signed.f hooking.agreement with Nashsillehased Shorts Lavender Talent : \geflcl, tahlle rota toing her oranag,ement and production in Los Angeles. Allanson's first single tir her new label s "Words." the lainier Bee Gees classic. ohietl shopped this month amidst a lurrt of unusual promotion. Brinks and Wells Fargo armored trucks were rented the week of Jan to deliver Allanson's single under armed guard to more than 11X3 country radio stations throughout the U.S. A personally- signed receipt ront the program director of each,larron was necessary to complete the delivers. and in a number of WC,. Addahon.11 o and news Lin - erage :accompanied the promotion According to Alllnson's producer /husband, Ras hurl, iiio s country coordinator tor lih Warner /Curb and Flair,l i unto Records and responsobc loi ollo -o : ing up the publicity ploy. el.:.., is a Wad.nle,t underwas no.. Bs KT' krltl hall 'miller link -up Cash prizes are being awarded to the radio station sending in the hest photograph taken donne the Brinks tellers and to the,laiton sthob sponsored the hest in house promotional tic -in with Oho actual delis ers A compilation of submitted photo, will eventually he mounted onto.a montage ad to run in national trades. The singer is no stranger to country radio station,, haling spent a no-flows of last summer perbrming ai listener appreci,utun concerts loir more than 45 stations around the country Floe promotional tour was honed with the height of her initial album success. "We Belong Together," ront which all lise of her chart sangle, ocre culled 11 also,larks the oils tour Allinson loi, done Since then. she has left Warner Bros. Records for Elektra, and her (Continued on page 62) This s Poetry? NASHVLLE -The Statler Brothers, who a re known for their congrat - utatory telegram poems to friends and acquaintances, recently sent Pittsburgh Steele. quarterback Terry Bradshaw such a message after the team's Super Bowl win. Said the message: "n the annals of the one hundred yard pall There was a quarterback rah perfect control/ He was the first n three/ n fr,ntha(l history /And rn,» a's called/ The Bradshaw bowl " Dedicate An Album To Will Rogers ',minnow. NASHV 11. -n with the \\ ill Roger, Centennial Celebration. American Cowboy Songs /Lucks- titan istuslc is releasing a special album whleh will contain two songs written n honor of the famous humorist hs Chits LeDous, as welt as additional material by writers Terry Stallord, Paul Craft, Charlie Daniels and Paul Fraser. LeDoux, a world champion bareback rider, was commissioned to write the songs by Dr. Evan Arthur, co- ordinator for the celebration. with veteran cowboy film actor Joel SLACw, eh :mutton of the \\ Rogers Centennial and former Rogers protege, penning the album loner notes Aliens Collaborate NASHV..t. Warner Bros artist Res Allen Jr e,oliil:.nncd his father Res Allen to mark their ninth consecutive year of participation in a telethon designed to raise funds for the West Texas Rehabilitation Center in Abilene. This year's etl'orts helped to raise $580,000 for the center. YourAd Costs N HALF The Best n Country Music Country Lifestyle Country People Reach the country audience ABC -audited Newsstands nationwide -all major markets The lowest CPM of any entertainment publication in general circulation in the U.S. - 'SPECAL 50 OFF our entire rate card if you act now! Start off 1979 with savings. Call Nancy Francione, for details.

60 60 By ROMAN KOZAK NEW YORK --A Gift Of Song -The Music For UNCEF Corr cert," seen on NBC-TV Jan 10, was the result of months of preparations, an investment of several hundred thousands of dollars, the efforts of 70 musicians, including a number of the world's most popular musical artists. cooperation from the U.N. and the work of a small army of executives, technicians and assistants. An estimated audience of more than 16 mil hon persons saw the pop stars' efforts. But, because of a faulty machine, the show almost didn't go on. The program was taped before a live audience on Tuesday evening (9) tor broadcast the following night. t ran some 20 minutes longer than its scheduled 90- minute broadcast time, but the producers of the show, Marty Pasetta and Ken Ehrlich, expected they would have the time to edit it for broadcast im mediately after taping. Working all night, they hoped to have the ready tape delivered to NBC by 2 p.m. t didn't work out that way. "From midnight to 8 a.m. we had completed maybe five minutes of the show," remembers Ehrlich We used a system of computer editing and something went wrong. There was a lag of four frames per second between the video and audio. Videotape works at 30 frames per second, so it doesn't seem that much, but you quickly go out of synch. Then the ma chines wouldn't link up to do the cuts. "t was horrible. Finally we moved to another studio. with Marty (Pasetta, who was the director, as well as producer of the show) doing one half, and and David (Frost, executive producer with Robert Stigwood) editing the other half. For a while, we really thought we wouldn't make it on time. "We had the first half delivered to NBC by 4 p.m.," he con tinues. "NBC by then already had another show (an old movie) on stand -by to cover itself in case we couldn't make it As it was, NBC didn't finish prescreening the show until 15 minutes before it had to feed it to affiliates. "When the credits finally rolled on the tv screens was the first time was able to draw an easy breath. By then had think, for the last 72 hours." he adds. been awake. The wheels for this benefit extravaganza. which eventually may be seen by as many around the world as witnessed the landing on the moon, were first publicly set in motion last May when Shgwood, Frost, the three Bee Gees; Barry. Maurice and Robin Gibb, and Henry R Labowsse, executive director of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNCEF). held a press con ference at the lobby of the General Assembly building. "We have received a great deal from our fans, and now it is time to give some of it back," Barry Gibb told reporters at the mtime. He said the Bee Gees would donate the royalties of a fu tore song, "which will hopefully be a number one hit, to muncef. and would perform a benefit from the General As. a, sembly itself in January to kick off a Music for UNCEF benefit a^, program to coincide with the U.N. Year Of The Child - The organizers called for other artists to get involved in the ai project and they did. n the following months the list of partic, > pants, the "founder composers," swelled to include Abba, CC Rita Coolidge, John Denver, Earth Wind & Fire, Andy Gibb, El- = ton John. Kris Kristofferson, Olivia NewtonJohn, Rod Stew- CC art and Donna Summer. La LL "Among the firsts associated with the project," stated frost," is that this rs the first time these musical superstars have performed together in concert, the first time a popular music concert (there have been classical concerts) is originating for commercial television at the U N. General Assembly; and it is the first implementation of the Music for UNCEF concept." "f you look at the yearly record sales of the people here. it is equal to the gross national product of some of the member states of the U N," noted one observer on the night of the taping, while watching the various performers crowded in a backstage room awaiting their turn before the tv lights. "Throw a bomb in here and you have knocked out half the music industry." Security for the event was handled by the U.N. itself, with uniformed guards at points around the backstage area, allowing access to the various areas depending on the color code of the bearer's backstage pass. At the rehearsals, the main hall, from where the program originated, was open to all who had any business with the show. The room directly in back of the main stage was slightly more restricted. This was the control center of the operation, with eight desks handling the traffic and needs of the producers and 10 of the top acts in the business. Off to the side of this room was a suite of offices used by the executive producers and executives of the show. Stigwood and Frost shared the office normally reserved for the Secretary General of the U.N. The performers' backstage area was the most restricted. This included the "green room," that served as the lounge area, and the dressing rooms, actually curtain enclosed cu bides located in the U.N.'s "press bar" area, which was closed to the press for the duration. Though a gate crasher (and reporter) or two gol through farther than security would have liked, there were no major problems in this regard during the rehearsals and filming of the special -just long hours. The taping of the show took place Jan 9. The first day when equipment was brought in was on Dec. 27, with the lights sel up two days later. and the audio on Jan. 4. Rehearsals began Jan 6. and rari right into showtrme Most of these days began at 8 a.rn ;inst did not inr',h unlit after midnght.,give nip.r ::.t.i. t i l,,. 1,, i,,, r answr:r, N t ri,xi,1,i'., '. ^J,,.;t.,.', Backstage At `A Gift t's All Very Time- Consuming For Pop Superstars Participating Roccio, talent coordinator for the project backstage during rehearsals. "They do not normally allow liquor to be brought into the U.N., but we told them. 'Hey, some of the guys here do their jobs a little bit differently than you may be used to.' They were cool about it and let us bring it in." During rehearsals and taping, Roccio led a group of about 25 "talent helpers," most college students studying commu nications, who were paid $25 a day to meet the various prince. pals in the show, run errands for them and make sure everyone got to the rehearsals and to tapings on time According to many of the principals. a lot of the ego prob. lems that crop up with such a cast of luminaries were absent from this benefit performance. They attributed it to the na cure of the special, a benefit for the world's children and the venue. How often does one play the U N -with potentially half the world watching? Andy Gibb and producer /director Marty Pasetta discuss point with Pasetta's production assistants. Earth Wind & Fire rehearse their number. "A lot of massive egos were sublimated for the cause," says Ehrlich There was a lot of cooperation among the various artists on the show. When the plane bringing in Henry Fonda (one of Frost's co -hosts with Henry Winkler and Gilda Radner) landed at JFK Airport, not Newark. as was expected, Olivia Newton John's manager gave up his limo and took a cab, so the veteran film actor could ride to the city in comfort. Dressed in a conservative business suit, and carrying the black bound book from which he read selections from the "Diary Of Anne Frank" on the show, Fonda looked like an old preacher ministering backstage to his plumed congregation. "t's surprising how many of the stars are actually fans of each other," noted one backstage observer. But a show like this wouldn't have been complete without some ego problems. A source says that when the poster for the event was created it was decided to list all the performers in alphabetical order, beginning with Abba, then the Bee Gees, Rita Coolidge, etc. However. Abba, as is the norm, was printed ABBA, with all the letters capitalized, whole the naines of the other performers were not Some of them complainedand the posters were changed. Another problem, which may have led to some of the oddest discussions ever held behind closed doors at the U N., in volveel Rod Stewart Originally Stewart had donated and was t wdol"' 1'' pw i,» ni firs old hut, "Maggie May." But, because,i ;.p gnic,lr hu,t;, i, r,,.omis, he decided to do, "Do You Think nr'.,> J ill'. t,i...ri tq, 10 single hr.. ','iii' v.. y,,h; l not sit well with the powers that be, itu:!tiding the Tirr' Tiny General of the U.N.. Kurt Waldheim. The problem was the nature of the song, the way it was to be performed. and its audience. t was, after all, a children's program. And many countries around the world have somewhat different standards of propriety than the U.S. and Western Europe. t would just not do to have the show banned in Bulgaria because of an overly sexual performance. Billboard cover photos and photos on these pages by Chue: C.. Producers Marty Pasetta, left, and Ken Ehrlich, right, discuss the show with the Bee Gees. Rita Coolidge and Donna Summer chat during a break in re hearsals. John Denver meets the U N Chiidrens Choir Finally. a diplomatic solution was reached. Stewart would be able to do his song. but his movements would be restrained. No wiggling. And it was no accident, say the sources. that when the Stewart segment was finally shown, almost all the shots were from the waist up. One problem that turned out to be no problem was Elton John's Originally billed as one of the performers for the special, the English superstar cancelled prior to the start of rehearsals Sources say that he did not feel he had a song ready that was good enough to donate and. not having performed publicly for more than a year. he was reluctant to step onstage before a worldwide audience "We were overbooked on the show as it was," shrugged Ehrlich, sitting at one of the delegates' tables, while onstage Donna Summer and Rita Coolidge were rehearsing "You Got A Friend," a duet that was seen for only a few seconds by the tv audience. t was a victim, as was "Me And Bobby McGee/ Tonight's The Night" by Rod Stewart and Kris Kristofferson, of the tight time schedule. But time was found for a duet by Oliva Newton -John and Andy Gibb. Copyrn_ineti mab'nai

61 Of Song' U.N. Concert We got the idea for the artistic pairings from the Billboard Awards show last year where George Benson played with Glen Campbell, says Ehlich. Both he and Pasetta are veterans of television. having produced a number of giant musical speciais and programs including "Soundstage" for PBS plus Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra specials. Once Stigwood and Frost, the executive producers, had es- stages, the larger one with giant stand ups. showing children. which was set up for performances by Kris Krstoflerson and Rita Coolidge. Earth Wind & Fire. John Denver and Rod Stew art. Opposite this, in the middle of the audience, was a smaller stage used by a 33 -piece orchestra (conducted by Elliot Lawrence) and the Bee Gees, Andy Gibb, Donna Summer and Olivia Newton -John "We had to remove between 200 and 250 seats to accom modate musicians and performers That leaves about 1,400 seats, But we were lucky here. The U N. is getting ready for major renovations in January. so removing the seats posed no problem," said Pasetta For the dress rehearsals and the actual taping itself, no tickets were sold. They were given away to members of the diplo. matic corps, involved industry and radio personnel and members of the public through local radio station giveaways. On lub,i.u, Atl,,nlo radio audience from backstage during the 61 dress rehearsals describing the scene -'There doesn't seem to be any tension anywhere but a lot of movement Everybody is gelling tbeu cues, and getting ready" But some tension was there "None of us got much sleep last night, we were so wound up," contessej laity Darin, keyboard player for Earth Wind & Fire on the clay ul the taping. And Kristolferson confided. "1 hope duri't blow anything. l've already muffed two songs at rehearsals.' The individual rehearsals began Saturday afternoon with Andy Gibb. They ended past midnight on Monday with Earth Wind & Fire. The next day was the dress rehearsal before a ave audience. That ended al 6 p in At 8 p.m. the taping of the performance itself began. t went through without inter - ruption "This will go off as a live show -no stopping between seg ments. nterruptions of any kind would be a disaster. They would break the tempo, the flow of the program," Pasetta said before the taping. n addition to performing at the oenefit, many of the artists involved helped to promote the show. Some taped segments for the "Today Show" and "Good Morning America." while others made calls to a number of radio stations around the country, explaining what they were doing. n a small curtained enclave off a main corridor, it was not easy. "You want to sound intelligent, but there are so many distractions," complained Donna Summer after one of the calls " could hardly hear him (the DJ), because the music kept coming on. and then somebody started to speak here, and 1 couldn't even hear myself think He asked me what was the Year of the Child, and went ah " Coincidently a representative from the U.S. Committee for UNCEF was nearby to help explain what it is. He also got her to agree to do a spot in German for Music for UNCEF. While the U.N. benefit was the biggest protect for the year of the child (proclaimed by vote of th. U.N. General Assembly in 1976), it is not the only one. Maurice, Barry and Andy Gibb rehearse with Olivia Newton - John. Robert Frost, right. gives stage directions to the Bee Gees. Donna Summer with Bee Gees producer and conductor Albhy Galuten. Robert Stigwood and Rod Stewart discuss the show. Ed Greene, audio director for the show, at the controls of one of four mixing boards inside the FilmwaysiHeider recording truck parked outside the General Assembly building. tablished the concept, got the acts to donate their services. and worked out the venue with the U.N.. it was Pasetta and Ehrlich who were in charge of working out all the details that go into putting together a giant tv production Ultimately they were responsible for every performer's hair being in place, and every cable connected to its proper outlet "Marry is in charge of all the technical aspects, while my main function is on the creative side. and dealing with the talent. building up their confidence," says Ehrlich. who spent most of the rehearsals running from one area to another and putting out the fires. Pasetta, the director. spent his time onstage. presiding over the rehearsals, camera blocks. sound checks and the rest. During the taping, Pasetta occupied the director's chair in the television control room two floors below the assembly hall. He kept jumping up, waving his arms as though conducting the tv monitors in front of him, while barking orders. changing shots, brightening lights. dimming them-directing the show. The show used eight cameras within what Ehrlich called, the world's most prestigious tv studio." There were two Kris Knstoflerson and Rod Stewart during a practice moment the black market, tickets were going for several hundred dol. lars each. The sound was handled by Filmways /Heider Recording for television, with the Record Plant sound truck recording the show for a possible LP release. Chief sound engineer was Ed Greene. There were 212 microphones used. lied to four 24- track consoles Fimways /Heider recorded the show in stereo as well as mono, for overseas use as in Japan, where the show was broadcast in stereo An effort to simulcast it in this country with DR Broadcasting fell through. A great deal of effort was put into making the sound sound right Dunng rehearsals for Knstoflerson and Coolidge, tor example, nearly an hour was spent adjusting Kristotferson's monitor, so he could hear the rest of his band. However, the show was criticized in some quarters because on the screen it looked like some of the performances were hp- synched Some were, but -the performers were not singing to their records - but to tapes made earlier at the rehearsals. "f you are going to spend some time there you better take along a book to read, because it's-boring as hell." warned a colleague about the rehearsals. As in making a movie. or recording a song. doing a tv program requires a lot of repeti ti0n and a lot of waiting. t is a matter of practice makes per left Each performer was given about three hours of rehearsal time, in which the music, camera angles, lighting and dialog were worked out Even the brief segments where each performer signed over his song to UNCEF were rehearsed. "t's kind of a madhouse over here, but suddenly, when the show will go on, everything will click into place," John Denver The Bee Gees, for instance, have recorded public service announcements and have signed letters going to 50,000 youth groups urging them to hold "Disco Dances For UNCEF" with proceeds going to the children's group Music for UNCEF has also prepared brochures and press kits explaining how local organizations should go about organizing concerts. student sing -a- longs. caroling and band shows. t reminds students that $5. the "average cover charge at a disco. will supply enough vaccine to immunize 55 children against polio," and --the $8 average admission price for a rock concert can buy exercise books for 200 school children in one of the poorer countries of Asia or Africa." The spirit of charity was present. too. at the U.N. benefit. All the acts not only donated their time to play at the concert but also covered their own expenses in coming to the U.N. That meant 150 airline tickets alone. n addition, the At Your Service messenger service donated its services. "Spectacolor," the electronic billboard on Time Square, ran free announcements of the show. The posters for the concert were printed at cost, and Head East, the limousine service, which had more than 30 timos tied up with the show, gave a -'substantial discount" to the organizers Still, it was an expensive show, with production costs estimated at about $700,000. Stigwood and Frost, the executive producers. guaranteed UNCEF would not lose any money on the production. sources say They add that for a 90- minute show of this scope, a $1 million licensing lee from NBC-TV would not be out of line. Though the special was a charity event tied to a major international nonprofit organization, all the principals are nevertheless reluctant to specify what amount UNCEF will eventually get for the tv show Outside the U S the special is being distributed by Paramount, reportedly at cost, with royalties going to UNCEF. Under the terms of the agreement with Y o artists, the roy attics for the songs they donated will go to UNCEF for the life of the copyright. Chappell Music will be administering the copyrights, again at cost. Depending on the international success of the donated songs, and the number of other artists who donate their own works, the total sum eventually raised for UNCEF may reach hundreds of millions of dollars. Graphic layout: Bernie Rollins

62 62 Talent N LOS ANGELES APRL Day Bash May Draw 160,000 To Coliseum ls (':1R\ D.1R. \(, titi :\Ntil.S h 1 lueolls haard /m ol l,c R n,mdlvt. n p,r:rbon wtlh KM M. lans to duphvae il+,,,, the California l tons hr!limping in M XN persons lilt., wo-das (-a1! dioil.l World Mlioe Fr.+lrval at 1," lttreles..utd..or memorht h, h dld..l t u00111 Onth., the first day 1p led wh11e \erosmnh as : lopit 1111: hill on lite se and slay -he re uug luuup ii 1.11,1111. anwell us oho hais telex noon or film nehls. was nul...table at presume. n addition to musk. the festival will offer a laser show and tire works display. games. booths and rids.+ on hr C oh,cunr parking lot which will he turned into a midfor the event. a skateboard syh1ws, a gram round stole and featute llnis. The latter thice events wdl cake place inside the 16110l -,eat Spun, Arena adjacent to the Coliseum On April 6.a battle of the hands Sc lcld m the serrate open the festival d:, nest dr. Scaling in Le h 1uu11cd hr 1/0.001 tttluinrt Nang 'it for a comhrn:th.,. tier lows the holder in ha' the day of the show, h.. 1. cost 62 each A ticket n go, any of the side events as well.i'. 11,;usual event... This f e t i v a l is the first t.. concert at the mid 'City Coln, a datesuuessl'ul 19771ethm The Lo -. to miles C'ounrv-ow facility..rh with the Sr.. Arena, 1_t plagued ht line and r. rsne,r'n in the ouest "i nrrd l',.: cancers Wh. r geler overrea,.. crowd he. e... The, saw trey espeet no trou Mc with Los Angeles police tir the crowd at the upcoming festival. EVERYTHNG UNDER ONE ROOF Branker Organization Does t All For Talent Hitting the Road p 1{y Ll) ARK SO\ álos ANGELES -The Don 11 lu lour pt,nl ue lion and promounn Om Branker Organization, specializing has merged with McLaughlin Pm. m ei a CC tu Unsurpassed in Quality GLOSSY PHOTOS 18'ír EACH N 1000 LOTS 1000 POSTCARDS $ $20.95 CUSTOM COLOR PRNTS COLOR LTHO COLOR POSTCARDS $89 per 100 $295 re, 1000 $180 pre lo to trxta trxaa' MOUNTED ENLARGEMENTS sil -lo sasm - Rr uroyraphe.s KnES5W1NN 185 N K. N.Y (217) K A p.r... MES J l DEO/ EO/_, "'AMD AMERCAN MC '79 June Loews, Monte -Carlo \GNC tot Record Companies, Singers, Musicians, No.1 r.. t. Songwriters, All Perlin. i TODAY. MORE THAN EVER, PERFORMERS. PRODUCERS, PROMOTERS, MANAGERS AND BOOKNG AGENTS NEED A PROFESSONAL VDEOTAPE THAT SHOWCASES THE R TALENTS. dusuons..w. a tiamporlauan company to form a full service firm in. orporatrng tour production. promotion. transportation and related services under une rouf. The new will he known as Branker. McLaughlin Producuans Ltd Steve nommons the third partner handling husiness opemnuns. "We found a ra of people doing large concerts by themselves who got lost and nerd of an outlet for help," says Blanker. a 5.year concert production veteran who was executive essrdmatur of California Jams and as well as Evd Knievel's 1975 rckel flight over Snake River ('.rayon "We're lakrag lle transportation and production departments and putting together package deals nor recent companies.- sass Branker "With our buses. planes and trucks. along with our production capabshlics we'll he able to otter espesare for aen all under one roof" Working in cunjunalon with the record companies. the purger will enable the funi to plot complete h,un with new and estshhshed acts..we'll sit down week.: m ads anse :nd plot the lour including ncam service. vaets,prommon.caardtnanon of num.,. and all other do. tail,. When we''re chose planning the lour. the group will have a pible to chile hs thus will lire the hand to play,' says klel aughhn..'flos s the mauaget doesn't have to rake ln ddlerenl phone calls We have n sound nod lights and l b r 1 µ{11,u s a pahitt add, Manker. t ts key :hems,1v 141,10 1 V e '1, KN,. 1tulu. orle tonstatl "Mimi Mathis, Journey,rad.Ant. Lill he nn, lias the t.pi hil11i'n to 11011,11,1 W'tweell -m -vl Limps on the rad at ans Levu hoe claims Me -ngghlui H,.ud,ct and Merl auchlut a e not ra 1111ní 111 d,nne,u 00,n51010, r h,- t h,t M00,11112 it li,. K 1,,um old Au, ma =MK me, MM, awls: Brinks HNlnks: Sammy Jackson, on.air personality for KLAC -AM Radio in Los Angeles, shows Susie Allanson the Brinks armed guard arriving at the station with copies of her newest Elektra single, "Words. Susie Allanson Star Sets White Hot Singles Streak laical LP, "Hear t Tuile.. for a March release date o. titi.. cut was Millen for Alla n,,..n its Barn Mann and Cs mina Wed. and the alhum also osnlains the lint song she han that she penned herself r Allaun mjd, Ruff eith teaching her iuoseto work in the studio. "Bonne met R.n. the only pro. fcs,son,rl singing d done.. in the national road companies of!hair' and 'Jesu, Christ Superstar.' toured with both shows and went to srael ter film the movie version of 'Super- Aar.' hut when returned tu this country ended tip working m a ha nk lin a veau before began suis. me again" t was the until tie y uality he heard to her y, tee at an audition that prompted R lï to hare Allanson as a background singer on a bicentennial album he was producing She wall sang, backup sin all Roll's other prryecr, wlush, nclude arh,l, T.G. Sheppard , \\itham,. Jr. and Pat Boone With the uot,randui' track record of her fol G's st nets,. two of which were lop sort,. 1' \l, he Bahr,- and "We Belong 'felher ". Allan. son's listute has been strategically mapped ut according to all:. Rolf rcfen to a a "lune -ran,, game plan" Tho scar calls f,x hersa o,.en- traunn on is. radia and lo c spot ap. penances but bullir escninc lour - sep She headlines a show cane performance Mardi 3 at the P.domuu, Club n L.5 that is dl he L., r,i,,.lud e.ii:... radr,...r.,adcast, and there are plans for possible concert dares with Charley Pride and Ronnie 1Llsap. Arians. declined a recent ollerto appear on the "Tonight show be- cause. she claims. " want Johnny to know who 1 am when come on the show, and 'd like to have a copy of my album n ms hand as well.' A future 'Tonight",how appearance is being arr,orecd to coincide with the relea.,e of her LP Her past tv credits mdude "Omaha "Nashville Mush Calliope Booking Auburn Concerts \ lhk re L xt,.. Sr. burn N 1 Cr. Musts Hall e. new being booked exclusively by Cal. hope Productions. an upstate con. ceo promotion firm which hopes to attract rock and pop acts to the venue. Calliope Prnductu,ns i ec+wr hl Mark \' pnterpnsc, n coi,ncert production and promotion firm that was active in the late 1960s and early 1970s in Central New York. John L. Deneea n president of the firm. Ed Ehhch represents the corn pan, in New York Cu, The company. which has also had espen anse in promoting college c. ern in the area. recently signed a contract with the hall's pnneipal owner. John Pettigmss. enabhne n to take charge of the scone's booing policy FOR 530 FEE- - Rising Artists Steering Unknowns To Contacts \ er a:wt..i thing :! new mils,..:.,. mlron A. -. hi+n s 1 t ' prostate per, n uten unui slc 1 em ao td steer the mint hoard hellchl t m,rne,a qtlart mf,r a \)/l lee n tnntc'\ti,l,tills osalls s,neel 1:011/1,111k tlat sluo 1s n 1,11.11 to die 1110,11.. provide s enbyoe.nlrl. d there is ouolcrna or ara, promise, wdl help the bottling artist s mc.111,00101d 111 the hll,uies+ l h,ned the hu,ine.,,11 tle lupnne,c model,,ï harre u :uge nlhnie."...n, 1 Hal roundel :msl pm:jvu 1 naa ptut,lo,n dins ha, ( Re:- C003,1 d h cssnt 1\ 'n hsr 1111 ads oi mne ntlrpshl-1 fh po. f aa here from to each or the eight or sv, tapes s} Ale rnnkos each week. Ball prepaus :t nvopago cntlyuc which is marled to the pro;p<nnc.srnel wnhra 317 days. " am specific. but try in prod Z` our din better parlo." says Hall i= ',Mkt that l want no more dough t unless do what say will da" iz (tall sass that then. for a j} finder's ice, she locate; an lidustn m.1,r lawyer for the act. ROMAN KOZAK ii jj

63 Washington's L'Hommedieu 'And Boyle Split- Amicably By Bolt!, syf'ntrat1b WASHNGTON -A long -um. partnership within the local mush industry has broken up with thc announcement that the two co -owners of Cellar Door Productions have split. The split, described by both men as amicable, involves Jack Bovle and Samuel J. L'Hommedieu. who have built an empire that is. hs far, the major influence on music presented in the nation's capital. L'Hommedicu will continue to operate the Warner Theatre. a former 1920s movie palace which o has been refurbished and reopened as a venue featuring rock music and live theatre. Boyle will retain the rest of the Cellar Door operation. including the Cellar Door nightclub in the 11+ Georgetown district, the hase of the firm's operations. n addition, Boyle will continue to run the production company founded in 1971 which has become a powerhouse not only in Washington but elsewhere on the Eastern seaboard. 1 he production c p.u,s has ail exelusrs a contact to run comer s at the scat Capital t enuc it Largo, Md., is nch grossed a reported $8 replies in n addition, the lime has pr,hluii concerts at the Warner. which holds about 2,1X10; the 3,800 -seat ('onsulu Lion Hall; the 1,000 -seal Cole Fietdhouse on the Univ of Mali-- land campus; McDonough Gs stria slum on the Georgetown Unit. campus, and Lisner Audiloilunl tin the Gcaree Washington Unls campus. all. in or near Washington Neither would comment to any extent on the split. which came several months after Boyle returned here after lung for several years in Florida and turning much of the dal -to -day operation of the business over to L'Hommedieu. n recent months. L'Hommedieu had taken a much more,is use role al the Warner. wloch Cellar Door Productions had run under is emended lease. Trammps Still Tramp To `Disco nferno's' Hit Beat NEW YORK- "Disco nferno' established the Trammps as a group that could sell a million records but also put the pressure on them to repeat the performance. The group has been nominated for a Grammy in the best LP of the year category as part of the "Saturday Night Fever" LP. "Disco nferno" is pan of the "Saturday Night Fever" package. Asked if the group-expects to move away from disco music, Earl Young. leader of the Trammps. says, "No, not entirely." Young points to the seven years in which the band has been together. moving through a variety of musical forms. "We don't really consider ourselves a disco group," he adds. The group makes most of its appearances in discos rather than halls because, the musicians feel that -clubs give you a chance to mingle. We get to talk with the people and find out what they like." The group has appeared in many discos around the New York City area, but its favoritc is the 2001 Odyssey of Brooklyn Young acknowledges that "Disco nferno" only took off after the release of "Saturday Night Fever."...Until then. the group had strong following mostly in New York and Philadelphia. a situation which Young feels is the same now the record is off the charts. Los Angeles has not been particularly strong in support of the group. Young believes. But geography aside. the Trammps know who listens to them: "We've always had 80% to 90`F white followers," the leader claims. Television has been good to the group, Young notes. Recent appearances were made by the group on both "Don Kirshners Rock Concert" and the "Midnight Special" on the same weekend. But both shows featured performances of disco matenal. "We're still searching for a direction for ourselves," is Young's feeling. "Maybe rwe'll do jazz," he continues. That is possible because the Trammps have "no hangups about any kind of music." Whether or not the disco phenomenon lasts. the Trammps will be playing, according to Young, because we were here before disco." Although the group lls s members, there are no women among them because of the feeling that "it doesn't work" with the group on the road. f the group got big enough, women might possibly be added. along with string and been players The engagement of Buddy Allen as manager has expand" in the year he has been with them. According to Young. Allen brought in a choreographer to polish up their movements before live as diences and is grooming them for future touring. When the group's next album, "The Trammps n All Directions" is released in a few weeks. Young feels the diversity of the members will be effectively displayed N. J. Music Hall Yells For Help To Remain Open ' ENGLSHTOWN. -The arc's leading citadel for bluegrass music. the Englrshlown Music Hall. halted its concerts until the owners can locate other tenants to share in keeping the building as an old -time theatre facility. Bluegrass producer Geoff Berne. along with his brother Eric and his mother Rosclee, presented the weekend shows as supper theatre attractions to lure families along with bluegrass fans. The rustic former lodge hall has become a major rallying point for the sound of uptempo banjos. fiddles and mandolins. Berne has been bringing in the top touring groups as well as providing a showcase for rising talent. Though the audience turnout at the 200-seat hall has been solidly consistent since t opened for bluegrass in 1975, the hall itself has been expensive to maintain as a weekend entertainment showroom, says Berne. nflationary rises in costs of all phases of the hall's entertainment operation have made it impossible for the small capacity theatre to yield revenues that keep pace with Just two or three nights of operation, Berne notes. Talent Vegas Hotel Policy Shift By HANFORL) SEAR..AS VEGAS After only iv,. weeks and line,ris by Sunun.l orp 1 aiu,rcu Wairne Newton to h,osu,lt 1 haute bookings. the -runuer lotet reinstated sinner shows Jan l'). Hie stove was effective the first weekend of the National Assn of lumehuilders convention w hush drew delegates he revised policy was espceted hr many. " was a chance ra the hotel to look at the salve M the dinner and cocktail show-0111n situation " says Red Mells.tine. hotel puhllst di. rector -Neu ton's remarks plasest an mportant rule" According to the celausids new hotel eseeutue. there was basically no dtft'crencc n show.aunts alter the no- dinner slluw practice went nto effect Jam. An et aluation will be released in the spring as to whether to return to the no-meal policy. Ncwlon, a long -time entdrt.uner affiliated with Summa Corp which operates the Frontier, Desert nn and Sands, will now open as scheduled Thursday 111 and s sci to return July 12. Enter tam men t director for Summa, Walter Kane, was unavailable luir comment on the controversial situation while pending arbitrahnn'conlrnues indefinitets about Eicketron al e'aesan Palace Branker Does t All For Talent Taking To Road ('orru111ted fremi, page 02 fee. with price varying according to the needs of each group. "The record company comes to us with a used amount of money, given the amount of promotion needed in whatever cities the tour will encompass," explains Branker. Branker, McLaughlin Productions is not restricted to the entertainment Geld. although it is the nucleus of the company. ts divisions handle entertainment, sporting events and political events. Working on non -partisan basis, Brankcr was responsible for setting up California Gov. Jerry Brown's watery party at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles last November, while McLaughlin has coordinated travel for various Republican figures including the coordination of Gerald Ford's travel while he was president. "There isn't enough expertise in transportation considering the amount of traveling entertainers do," states McLaughlin. Branker says the firm will involve itself in financially effective events or ones that are "aesthetically valid " Branker intends on taking the concept of the S concerts on a nationwide basis. He has worked with Wolf & Rlssmiller for three years. the last two of them on its big outdoor shows. Branker also promotes his own shows, most of them west of the Mississippi although he does inlend to move into the Los Angeles market and giving Wolf & Rissmil- cr "a run for its money." Divisions of Brinker. McLaughlin Productions will include the Wings & Wheels aircraft and truck marketing division; Silverlighl Express, a line of custom hoses: and the Fire Fleet, which will market true. tractors and trailers Festival East Adds Buffalo Nightclubs ii A.O-- Con -,.eiis hare, celebrating its 20th year as, concert promotion firm, is expanding by moving heavily into nightclub booking. according to Nancy Nathan. who handles booking for the firm along with her father Jerry Nathan. The family operated company, headed by Jerry Nathan. has for 20 year, booked rock eunccris into the area's 11111e's. Some local being booked by Testis al fast Sass N.n.s' n addition w our other concert promotions, we will he booking nightclubs. some on an exclusive basis." She notes that After Dark and Uncle Sam's are two Buffalo clubs the firm will book exclusively. t also handles bookings for the Penny Arcade in Rochester, N.Y., and will be working closely with the Red Creek nn. n its 20 -year history, the firm boasts several firsts. "We took rock shows into the Kleinhans' Mary Seaton 850 -scat chamber music room on Jan. 3 with Devo. We had an advance sellout at S5," says Nancy. Festival East also was first to take rock concerts into the 80,100 -seat Buffalo Bill Stadium in "Of the 16 rock shows produced at the stadium in the past four years, Festival did 14. "We were the only rock promoters allowed to produce rock concerts at the 3,000 -seat Kleinhans in t is the home of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra," says Jerry. Other area facilites used by the company include the seat Convention 50th Season At Robin Hood Dell l'ladelpfa -s summer season of symphony. opera. ballet and contemporary pop artists will mark the 50th anniversary season of Robin Hood Dell. The outdoor concert facility has 5,000 seats under a roof with outside seats and lawn space accommodating another 10,100. The Dell pros ides a six -week summer season. three concerts weekly. for the Philadelphia Orchestra. For the 50th,uuuversary Eugene Ormands sill wield the baton for the first week instead of opening night only as in other sunrnteis. Guest conductors will include Leonard Bernstein, Zubin Mehta and Andre Kostelanetz. among others, with soloists including such names as pianist Van Cllhurn and violinists Pinchas Zuckerman and tehak Perlman. Seats under the root are sold on a subscription basis. ranging from 5100 to $200 for the 18- concert season. City subsids makes it possible for the Dell management to distribute free 10,000 tickets for the lawn space. n contrast to the symphonic fare. there will he a dozen or more one - night stands on open nights for con - ternpur.rn names being lined up irs lestrrs a. tors Concerts. local rock Concert producers. However, rock s u,ß-1:,, sst the Dell. Moe Septee, the city's leading concert and theatre impresario, serves as general manager for all other Dell bookings. Under his wing, the Metropolitan Opera Co. somes in for three fully -staged operas 'minding Luciano Pavarotti for the lead in " Tosca" on May 28. ' Tannhäuser" will he given Ma s i and 'l)tsthi' on June 2. Center and the 0á100 -scat Niagara Falls Convention Center. Festival East also was the American contact for "Canada Jam" last summer. The company has added to as 1979 concert schedule Santana. Dire Straights. Supenramp. Foghat and Elvis Costello. Many of the acts from its 1978 schedule will again appear in the area. Last year's acts included Chuck Mangione, Bruce Springsteen, Earth. Wind & Fire, Boston, Yes, Bob Seger. Doobie Brothers, Brothers Johnson, Hcatwave, Jethro Tull, Queen, Crosby, Stills & Nash. Blue Oyster Cult. Parliament/Funkadelic and others. The type of acts being hooked into the nightclubs are "up and coming artists on tour with label support, such as Dire Straights, Bead East, Nick Gilder. FM, Devo, Rick Derringer, the Boyzz and others. "We're developing in the Roches - ter and Buffalo markets and we place the act in the most appropraite setting. "Buffalo is a secondary market and it's difficult to build this type of business. But we do well because Buffalo has become a testing market and many tours begin here," says Nancy. Festival East also has a ticker agency which is managed by Cathy Nathan and an advertising agency headed by David Nathan. According to Nancy, the advertising corn - pany is a separate firm. Jerry Nathan began his business with George Wein by doing Buffalo jazz festivals "then we took jazz events into Kleinhans music hall. We then made the transition from jazz to rock to producing all types of shows." says Nancy. COMPOSER /ARRANGER AVALABLE Creative, Hardworking a damn 0000 mcxrelan. aucading lo Prot Bawd del Tretau Graduated Boston Unlverslly School or Music Cran compose,n all styles from ai musical Omits from PyeSlnna Stravinsky -from folk to punk Also very able a1 and arrangement, orchaslratmn Flexible. will relocate Galevenmgs or write STEVE PERLLO, 175 Freeman SL, l4l 751, Brookline, Mass rtnacramlo 0 NEAVY GLOSS Slats BLACK & WHTE 8x10's 500 $ $54.00 COLOR PRNTS 1000 $ SENO 610 rnoto CNECR OK M 0 vnlcrs NCtwL 1YSCSCTnNO um reucnt SAWlfS OM KLOVEST PCTURES E. FLORDA ST SPRNGFELD, MO G

64 Talent Hagar Links Live LP And Boston Tour SAN FRANCSCO -Sammy Hagar is gaining national attention through the combination of a live two-record LP set and a nine -month tour with Boston. The tour concludes in April. Hagar, a Capitol arusl, won the Bay Area Music Award last year as musician of the year. The award win presented on the strength of his regional success as an uncompromising hard rocker. Hagar claims the live LP set has sold 300,000 copies, double the sales of any of his previous studio albums, with fully one-third coming from Northern California. California sales were helped during the recent holiday season when Hagar took time off from the Boston tour to headline seven West Coast shows, culminating n a New Year's Eve headline date at the soldout Cow Palace. t was the largest headline gig the rocker has yet done. Although he says he has done some recording on a handful of tunes and has "20 more that arc possible" for the next studio album. Hagar explains that the emphasis now is on touring, not recording. "'m the kind of performer who happens live. ts more coherent for people. n the past 've had input from sources who were looking for the hits and this detracted from my identity. "People would hear the records and see me onstage and not put the two together. So now we're working consciously to bring the two together. The live album has been the biggest step in that direction and we'll continue to move that way. " have three main areas of strength. First of all. t rock hard and that's the pnncrpal thing my fans look for. Then can do a song like 'Young Girl Blues' which is the most down- energy type ballad you can get without being a folk singer, and there's a lot of pure emotion that comes off a tune like that. "And last there are the musical. H,.1%4 k McDONOUGH hr,i,k arranged things. All three element. tell well in my live set and from now,tii h,ü.dl 'll Jo either onstage or in the studio." llagar indicates that John Carter. who has mod used or coproduced his records, "will be nvolved again, hut less so. He'll he my ears and will serve as executive producer, but Just about did the live album myself and 1'11 do the next one also. A lot of hard rusk records aren't well produced They don't sound right. want to sound as good as Boston or Foreigner on record and intend to keep the image and the energy of the live performance on the record." Hagar expects release of this next r Bonnie Raitt Bonnie Raiff re signs to Warner Bros Rec olds Bobby Womack to the Paragon Agency for booking Smgerisongwriler Barry Mann to Warner Bros Records First release from Mann under the new deal es "Almost Gone: a Mann original produced by Gus Dudgeon. RCA pop duo Airplay to Tommy Mottota of Champen Entertainment for management Johnny Rodriquez to Epic Records, Nashville. vnlh forthcoming LP. "Rodriquez Sings Rain quez" Disco Mists First Choice to Berlin /Car men nternational Artists Management nc R.W. Blackwood & fever, the LeGault Twins, 1.0 Sumner d the Stamps, fre Elvis Limousine ono Undoubtly, Billboard charts are 1E) very effective and helpful, especially in my overall buying and selling. They are also very helpful to our customers. Billboard is definately a very good merchandising magazine. Stan Lewis Owner STAN'S.. studio.rlhum to be at lease months away Hagar's hand consists al Bill ('lurch, bass, Al FAigerald, keyboards, Gary Phil, guitar; and Chuck Ruff. drums. All of the players have been associated with llagar in one wa y or another suite he left as lead singer of the Montrose hand - which he had co- founded with Run - nie Montrose -and struck out on his own in Nagar is one of the few Bay Area acts to work exclusively in the vein of extreme hard rock, a genre more often associated with the Midwest. Hagar is managed by Ed Leffler in Los Angeles. Johnny Rodriguez terry Wallace to Ace Entertainment for booking Writer Mike Reid to ASCAP His first compost lion. "Eastern Avenue River Railway Blues" has been recorded by terry Ref Walker en lye LP "Hay tel " Composer Michael Gems /Calgems -EM... Pnmadaina, arak quinte) rom the Washington. D C area. to Sherlyn Pub fishing for production and catalog exploitation Susan Darby to Umbrella nc for exclusive representation Bighorn, a Seattle based group. to Scoff Soutes and Associates for per sonal management Bighorn's first Columbia LP has been released Produces and mullion strumenlalist Gino Saco to Warner Bros' disco-oriented RFC label Couchas, an L A based rock ensemble to Wainer Bros Records Booze Owen d the Owen Brothers to Ace Entertainment for booking Their list single. 'Deter Days.- has been released on Reel Rec ads Pan Mark Nai to a recording agree ment with Ste Song Records Petra, a rock outfit, also lo Slar Song Records gospel Robed Guillaume, best known as the butler on ABC TV's' Soap.' to tomato Records, with a single called. Who Have Nothing" due soon Guillaume has extensive experience in musical theatre Peaches d Herb and Chuck Brown i the Soul Searchers ro Nerby Walters Associates roc management EL &P Group Will Disband This Year ii, \\t,,,i, ll 1r,rii ixt.`..tueri.1. A l',h.h.tmt the And several ihe world. has solo olcah..,iae s n thc i,onf ti1, 1,1 his 1,101,1.1 Toto's Roxy Sellout A'.,, \11,.1i,lilii.1,,, 1.11,, S sl:tled loi rhe t,.,. 11.m a engagement which n alreads a sellout Vig Scores n TV the 1i' Talent n Action 1- ROY AYERS UBQUTY GLORA GAYNOR [t.,,:.,: +:,',rice. New York nc. thaw got oft to a disappointing start as those who were onband at the scheduled 8 p m sliding time Jan 19 were forced to wad in the lobby as Gaynor's band well through its sound check By the lime the disco songstress hit the stage at 9.02 p m the crowd was quite testy Gaynor did htlle to placale the 60% lull house as she struggled through a onchour sal that lacked the Professionalism, excdment and skill o her records. Gaynor seemed a bit hoarse during her 10 song set and she at times seemed to be strain mg to duplicate her recorded bnllance Her sesen.piece backup band played sloppily and her two male background singers sang and danced with shill but without restraint For the last nine songs of her sel Gaynor gar sired response that ranged rum polite to den site, was not until she went into her currently hot disco torch song. " Will Survive." that the crowd warmed up Tle evening was salvaged by Roy Ayers' solid 45.menule tel of disco late Vdraharpisl Ayers is one of the few artists who has been able to re. main an individual while making deco oriented music Ha sevenpiece band o a dell and crea- tive aggregation that features some impressive Young talents Ayers may not play his intro men' as much as his old laps might like but when he plays he is still brilliant The set was highlighted by numbers such as "Everybody Loves The Sunshine ;' "Freaky Deaky' and "Running Away' ROBERT FORD JR. CHARO Hotel Sahara, Las Vegas Riding the wave of her second Salsoul LP re- lease, Chaco unveiled her colorful C-song pro gram al the Congo Room an 17 Known lot her exuberance and now her Flamenco guitar styl mgs. Char easily guided her hour-plus show with three backup vocalists. 10 dancers and three-man rhythm section. The energized pedormer opened with "Co pacabana. lollowed by Capriccio Espagnol" and the ballad 'Eres Tu' Despite her raspy Vegas throat, Charo continued with her familiar 4 " Cuche Cache' syncopated number A shortened tersen of Village People's "Macho Man," her latest demo single Stay Wdh Me and a Orintan medley by gitted congorst Brent Lewis were all well done Her "Malaguena-Granada effort on the gum tar was excellent as well as disco effort "Love s n The Ate rom 'West Side Stay " and dosing selecton. "Ameeiea What makes Charo palatable as a singer es her enthusiasm. energy and excitement. Pamela Neal. lack Mora and Dennis Young provide mu!continued on page 65i Billboard SPECAL SURVEY For Week Ending 1/21/79 1Top Boxoffice e copyright Bdiboard Pusa,canons. inc No pan or nns pnmakar.on may be me.oduced Moe. in a relr,eval system, or transm,ned. in any corm or by any means. eteononic mechanica preadeopring recording or olnerw,se. without me prior widen perm,ss.on or the putiasbm ARTST -Promoter farad, Dales GFii:)f' í[fl U1)1 DEFiOO'i, TED NUGENT /ANGEL -Pace Concerts/lours Messina. Summit. Houston. fi. Jan 15 Total Ticket Saks Arenas (6,000 To 20,000) Ticket Price Scar Grose Receipss $8-$ RUSH /STARZ -Di Cesare Engler. Civic Arena $110,421 Pittsburgh, Pa. Jan 19 3 BOSTON /SAMMY HAGER-Entam. Col Greensboro $7-58 $110,089' N C, tan 19 4 THE GRATEFUL DEAD -Frank 1 Russo. nc 'monarch $8 50 $1D1,530 Entertainment. Civic Center. Providence. R an 18 RUSH / BLONDE- Electric Factory Concerts $ ,467 Spectrum. Philadelphia. Pa an 21 6 THE GRATEFUL DEAD -Cross Country Concerts $650$850 $83341 Monarch Entertainment, Col New Haven. Conn Jan 7 THE GRATEFUL DEAD -Monarch Entertainment, 9, ,770 Cross Country Conceds. Civic Center. Springfield. Mass. an S 1ED NUGENT/ANGEL- Contemporary Pmduchon' $750 $8 50 $ Chris Fritz d Co lan 20 Fairgrounds Pavilion. Tulsa Okla. RUSH /STLLWATER- American Productions. Civic S $ Center Baltimore, Md an 20 LO MARSHALL TUCKER BAND /PURE PRARE LEAGUE S ,400 Schon Produclen Special Program Board St Unis Ft Collins Coin an Al 11 BOSTON /SHMMY HAGAR -University Union Unit SS 548,272 Al Ga Athens. Ga an OUTUWS /PAT TRAVERS/RCHARD T. BEAR -Pace $ Concertsrlouis Messina Col Houston. T. an 18 Auditoriums (Under 6,000) 1 ROSE ROYCE -Danny kresky Entertainment, Stanley ,145' Rhea Pillsburgh Pa an 1912l 2 THE GRATEFUL DEAD- Monarch Entertainment,Bob $ , 168 Pignon Mascot( Auditorium Detroit, Mich. an 21 3 STARER BROTHERS/STELLA PARTON- Varnell $6 57 $39.850' nterposes Cwt( Center. Dothan Ala. an 20 () 4 RUSH / STARZ- Monarch Entertainment. Capitol $ ,172' Thea Passau. N 1 tan 17 5 THE GRATEFUL DEAD- Monarch Enledainment 3,037 $ $27,714' Rultalo St UMW S llniv hca Buffalo. N Y an 6 1. GELS BAND /SOUTHSDE JOHNNY THE 3,717 $6,50$7 50 $26,697. ASBURY JUKES- Elrrlao Factory Concerts Stanley era. Pittsburgh Pa an 20 LTTLE RVER BAND /AMBROSA -Brass Rine $ $22,482 Productions Civic Aud Grand Rapids. Mich. an 16 LTTLE RVER BAND /AMBROSA- Landmark $17,126 Produrlions Prrinrming Arts Center. Milwaukee, W1 g an 19 UTLE RVER BAND /AYNE CARTER -Brass Ring $750$850 $11,888 Productino,, Musii Hall Rood! Oaks Mich, tan 18 r.

65 i Taenl Tollo The Clash s finally going to make its Notlh American debut with a short conceit lout of the US. and Canada The band will play Vancouver Wednesday (31), Berkeley, Feb 7, los Angeles, Feb. 9; Cleveland. Feb 13, Washington D C, Feb. 15; Cambridge, Mass Feb 16. and New York on Feb. 17 Bo Diddley is opening. riel Garrett has won the Golden Otto Award as Ger many's top male singer The Cars will be profiled m an upcoming "Talk 01 The Town" section of the New `faker Atoe watch la the band on "Saluiday Night Lova' soon "Audacity will make you great. while others are stilt thinking about it," Henry Winkler was heard advising Kris Kdstoferson backstage at the UNCEF television special recently According to Amusement Business, Bill board's sister publication, a S milkon lawsuit was filed rit Detroit lederal court recently alleg- ing that two shows last August at the Pontiac. Mich Superdome by Electric tight Orchestra were performed taped. rather than live. The suit was tiled by Brass Rings Productions. There was an eisteddfod of ersatz Elvises al the auditions for the title role al "The King 01 Rock'n Roll. an upcoming film produced by Pete Bennett with Saul Swimmer and William Cash. The response was so great that the audk tons were moved from Theatre East in New York to the larger Barbizon Theatre Sha Na Na is celebrating its luth anniversary with a two night engagement at Radio City Music Hall Sat urday (3) and Sunday Aire Cooper goes back on the road Feb with an 18-city lour of the Midwest Theme of the tour n "Madhouse Rock" lo be based on Cooper's recent bout with the bottle. the extravagant show ever" is promised. of course most Some heavyweight booking agency interest is emerging for the Yankees. a hard rock band!ranted by Brg Sound Records chief Jon Tenn. n- Sear Delaney, long time creative advisor tor Kiss, and producer of Toby Beau, is stepping upfront with a solo LP for Casablanca. Dolly Paden, who will be seen on the CBS -TV special "Carol And Dolly n Nashville" with Carol Burnett on Feb. 14, has scored a topic play by entering the disco country and pop charts si muttaneously. The hit. "Baby. 'm Dumm'." was written, co-produced and co- arranged by Dolly herself The accident that felled Manhattan Transfer member laurel Masse lust before Christmas. resulting in a total of five operations. s going to keep her from working until April Meanwhile, group members Tim Hauser and ons Siege are preparing the groundwork for the new album and Alan Paul is up fora tam role (hough no details have been announced Al Delay and Cheryl Christensen are sel to write and produce the material for the next Dancing Machine LP, "Machine" tor Ross Repn's Para- chute Records Pollsters for England's New Musical Eapress magazine have awarded their 'creep of the year" honors to him TraneNa. Their pick of the year for 'the world's most wonderful ranian being" was a bit on the kinky side Punk rock star /accused murderer Sid Vicious nabbed this honor while former bandmate Johnny Rotten, now Joie Lydon, was the runner up in this cale gory. John Lennon and his wile. Yoko Ono. "'reportedly have lust bought 103 dairy cows Nel- son Gardener, the seller is keeping the purchase pote and destination of the cows a secret Barry Manion, Brooklye-born and raised, has qualified for his first driver's license Now rving in los Angeles. Manibw needs one. Coin poser and pianist Henry Mancini is set to con duct and perform with the Detroit Symphony at Fad Auditorium on March 2 and 4 British singer Cleo Leine and husband John Dankworth are embarking on a matir tout of Australia and New Zealand. The lour rs scheduled for tan 30- March 10. The Cars will be profiled in an upcoming "Talk Of The Town" section of the New Yorker Also watch for the band on "Saturday Night Led" soon.. "Audacity will make you great. while others are still thinking about it." Henry Winkler was heard advising Kris Kristoferson backstage at the UNCEF television special recently Singer Mary Mayo, who has been performing al Michael's Pub and the Cdycorp Center in New "-York, will play her first engagement in Japan Monday (22) at the Tokyo American Club Ac companymg her for the first lour weeks of a sri week slay will be pianist composer Loomis McGloban. ROMAN KOZAK and CARY DARUNG Talent ( ',urrnnrrj Jr rnr pit, o n / meal accompaniment while Evan Talent n Action Caplan on drums and guitarist Joe Kinney were adequate DAVD SMMONS /fin/rm. Nei, )rrr4 HANFORD SEARL n his first New Yak appearance slue there lease of his debut Fanlasy /WMOT album, Sim mons startled the hardy but sparse crowd with his poweitut voice and strong material. the PhrtadelDhra, based singer delivered a con sistenlly entertaining seven-song, 40 minute set of state of the ad rob Simmons is blessed with a husky striking voice that has net to find its limits. He has an impressive stage presence though he has yet la develop a performing style that has the individ- uality of his voice Those who dared to venture out m the bitter cold to view this Jan 18 set saw Simmons and his excellent eight -piece band run through a set that featured some fine new lunes like an Greyhound Station." and 'Success' With a more polish Simmons could prove to be a for mudable (Bib attrarlron ROBERT FORD R. THE KNACK Sri eilwurir C hrlr. Redondo Beach, Cuh but Word is out on the street that the Knack, a new powerpop foursome, will follow in the fool steps of the Doors and Van Halen by becoming a male Los Angeles-based group. This feeling was confirmed a lew weeks ago when Bruce Spring steen lammed with the group onstage at an area club Although the band does not deserve all the accolades some have heaped upon d. the Knac is definitely worth watching the quartet' mucus wo hour. 16 song show spanned two sels an l9, earning lse band lour ovation from the packed house Fronted by Doug Purger who resembles d cross between comedran Chevy Chase and the late Keith Moon, the Knack plays in a crap, vi bent pop rock lormal complete with would be Who acrobatics ts songs, a healthy serving or originals and oldies done m a rantrcally upbeat style, bear a number of mlluences. There's the youthful eau betance of Cheap Truck, buzzsaw attack of the Ramones, neo Beatle harmonies, nervous mono lone of Talking Heads and, thanks to lead guitar ist Berton Averse. the head banging solos of heavy metal The problem with this shotgun approach is that the band protects little personality of its own Freger's voice n nondescript and on "Frustrated,- an otherwise good hard rocking look at teenage angst, he lakes on a forced English as cent which turns cloying. Plus. many of the group's less memorable songs run together in a last paced blur However, its best material is topnotch "Your Name, Your Number." "Selfish" and "Oh, Tara" are infectious songs with great hooks that rank with the best pop material But. it's "My Cha rona' which proves this band has a flan for songwriting as well as instrumental skill Peter Spetman, an engaging folk singes, opened the show with an 1 l song, one hour set accompanied only by his acoustic guitar He was surprisingly well reserved by the basrcaky hard rack crowd New Companies Art Attack Records, nc., formed by Bill Cashman. for artist development, production and manufacturing of commercial pop. rock and jazz product. First album is "1 Get Peculiar" by Street Pajama with upcoming releases by Randy Orange. Jeff Daniel Group and Pepper. Address: 964 W. Grant Rd., Tucson, Ariz ( or (602) Shane Wilder Artists' Management, founded by Shane Wilder, for personal management. Acts signed are Laurie Loman and Susan Rhodes. Address: 1680 N.Vine St.. Suite 313, Hollywood, Calif # # # Muscle Shoals Sound Records, launched via TK Productions'distribulion arrangement with Malaco Records, with "'m For You, You For Me" by the Dealers as first release. Muscle Shoals Sound Records is a division of the Muscle Shoals Sound Studios owned by Jimmy Johnson, Barry Beckett. Roger Hawkins and David Hood. Address: 1000 Alabama Road. Sheffield. Ala (215) * # * Taxi Records. owned by Alan Krookey, bows with its first album by Chicago country-rock band Ouray. Address: 1740 Howard St.. Chicago.., (312) Third Story Recording, a recording studio established by Scott. McComb. Herzog and Co. Address: 3436 Sansom St.. Philadelphia. PA # # # South Breeze Music Group and Filmworks. nc.. formed hs John Owens and Bill Vorn a pop. oriented firm consisting cul a prudusnon and management d is moil with subsidiary publishing companies Address: th Ave. S. Nashville (615) CART DARUNG.,or Khcc. Marketing. formed by J.rn.r marketing company to provide nominal store reports for country product through store checks with retailers. racklobbers and one -stops. Currently. company rs involved with the "Every Which Way But Loose" soundtrack on Eleklra. plus other protects. Address: P.O. Box 74, Nashville, (615) # # # Kostyk Productions. nc., formed M Dennis M. Kustsk Firm will serve in the areas of film. animation and videotape production with special emphasis on industrial and commercial chenu. Associates include Martin Clayton as producer and Wayne Smiths and Jim Campbell, affiliated through Cascom. Address: th Ave. S. Nashvdte ) # # # Taupe Music, nc., founded by Larry Corbin and Don Caldwell to promote talent in the Lubbock, Tex., area. Firm also houses Texas Soul Records with Terry Sue Newman and Kenny Moines signed. Address: rd St., Suite F, Lubbock, Tex (806) or (806) Park Lane Records, Ltd., formed by Yes' manager Brian Lane as a production /logo deal with Epic Records. Temporary address c/o Ledgerwood nk, 10 Waterside Plaza, Suite 26J. Ncw York (212) # # # Bird Productions, ced by Rubin McBride as an independent pruduclion liras McBride is a lurmer a &r man with Phonugrain, Columbia and Lpic Records. Address: 1946 N Hudson Ave.. Chicago (312) # # # Eras Recording Studio, launched by Boris Midney, president. Address: 226 E. 54th St., Ncw York (212) Campus L.A. WEEKEND -Syracuse Univ. union chairperson Larry Schulsinger picks the winner of Syracuse Univ.'s "Weekend n L.A." contest which was part of a promotional campaign for a recent George Benson concert. American Airlines paid for two round trip plane tickets to Los Angeles and Warner Bros. picked up the hotel bill. Assisting Schulsinger are from left Eric Frankel, concert committee publicity director: Bob Diamond, concert coordinator and WAQX -FM air personality Ted Utz. Promoters Counteract,} Brown U.'s Risk Factor By ED ARRSON LOS ANC,.LLS Like so group remembered playing there mans other college.. Brown previously and couldn't get its Unit in Providence. R, rs rely- equipment through the door. mg more and more on proles- The change of venue resulted in.sonar promoters to reduce the risk factor. As a result. Brown is enjoying a "more together" concert program, even though it is fortunate to break even on any of its dates. According to Kate Flanagan, chairperson of the Brown concert agency. this year has exceeded other years in terms of the number of acts presented and caliber of those acts. n the fall. Brown presented Little Feat. Rockpile, NRBQ, Talking Heads and Pat Metheny. The NRBQ and Metheny dates were self- produced. Booked for the spring are Johnny Winter and Dire Straits. A Blondie date was scheduled but due to canceltalion of the tour, that date was nullified, and a Wet Willie show was also cancelled. Flanagan is pleased with the schedule considering that many acts have not released spring touring itineraries. Flanagan says that the Providence concert market has gotten better because of promoter interest. "Everyone is fighting over the Providence market because they want control of the New England market.- she says. "Brown is not that interesting unlessa promoter is into it. f not for the promoters. the concert situation would be worse. We'd only book acts that would sellout." Brown, with an enrollment of undergraduates, is also adversely affected by a lack of adequate facilities. There is the 750- seat Alumni Hall and the seat Mann Hockey Rink "f we had a seater rt,could he a totally different i slot's,- says anagan. "Wc se hiss a Pail of shosss because inadequate fa-,dines revenue loss. Yet more important than its lack of facilities is Brown's lack of budget. "We're not getting our share of acts because of money." Flanagan states. She is appropriated S6.000yearly for concerts and this year managed to get an additional 53,000. She is fortunate to break even. The only shows that realized a profit last year were two Elvis Costello dates which made S300 Flanagan has stopped booking jazz artists, primarily because jazz doesn't go over well in the market. Brown took a 52,000 loss on the Pat Metheny show. "The jazz following is not big enough. We have to book what's commercial." Students are also balking at the higher price of tickets. Flanagan says that when she started at Brown four years ago, tickets were $3. That price has increased to $4 -$5 while tickets for Little Feat were $6. For the Johnny Winter show student tickets will be scaled at $8.50. "We depend on people from outside Brown to subsidize our shows. About two -thirds of our audience are from Providence. Those people don't think the prices are that high because they pay the same amount for shows at the Civic Center." says Flanagan. "There is also misunderstanding among students, They want to know why we don't have the Rolling Stones." Flanagan sacs the 13,000 -seat Civic Center presents the big name acts which naturally attract a large student population. Also. other colleges in close proximity to Brown draw away some concert activity. Schools in Providence or close enough include the Univ, of Rhode sland. 1.r r igan says that a 1 osier of Providence College and Rhode Power date scheduled for sland College. Flanagan says Alumni Hall had to be si ached each school has different sized to the hockey rink because the halls which draw away acts. Name Jazzmen nked For Kent State Festival By VCTOR CNCNNAT -The Kent State All Campus Programming student -run organization. Univ. Board, a holds its first Kent Stale Winter Jazz Festival Feb The event features avant -garde shied jazz and takes place at the ARRSON 65 Kent Susie Student Ballroom. Featured acts include the piece Sam Rivers Orchestra, Chico Hamilton, Anthony Braxton, the Phil Woods Quartet, Pat Pace and 301. The festival will also feature musi- Cnnlir trtd,pxq Material

66 66 o FNGER PANTNG -Bee Gee Barry Gibb, second from left, takes a close look at the fingernails of Ampex Golden Reel program coordinator Cher Cunningham. The Ampex executive had her nails custom painted for the occasion with the words "The Bee Gees" lettered separately on each fingernail. The group picked up its fourth award from Ampex for "Too Much Heaven" at Los Angeles' Beverly Hills Hotel. Left to right are: Maurice Gibb. Barry Gibb. Cun. ningham and Robin Gibb. Studios Stung by AFTRA, SAG Commercials Strike weeks ago. and he hasn't been able to pick up any label work. "t's tough. unless the labels and the pro. ducers know you already." he notes One of the major complaints it among studio owners here and else - where is that some ad agencies are a0 at merely taking their business else - fi where where clients have signed "inm 'mint" agreements with the unions a, or where the union presence isn't a, strong Ginger Mews of Filways /Heider > Studios in San Francisco says post- production and music work is keep- & mg that studio busy. but business m overall is down. CD "We've noticed that many of the t- bigger agencies are not bnnging us work but rather going to places like Texas," Mews says. Thestrike is having definite repercussions in Nashville. though perhaps not quite as seriously as "other markets. since Nashville is not a closed shop town. Local and regional commercials continue to be done here. since these fall under a special "local code" set up by AFTRA for the Nashville market Many of the spots shot here are non -union, with a percentage being done by agencies which are signatories or who honor union rates. The union local and regional spots are being done with approval of AFTRA. National commercials, however, are seriously affected. Agencies who cooperate in signing the interim agreement established by the union At RUSK SOUND STUDOS We hear you! to weer the strike period in,,s,till shoot national spots, but o is understood that the new rates l ss h ei h e r increased or decreased) in et lest at the conclusion of the strike will he retroactive. Assistance in preparing this slam prisidad lin Kip Kirby, Naslisillc, and Jim McC'ullaugh, Los Angeles. "Agencies are checking into other markets that aren't strong union towns to take up the slack during this period," comments Craig DeiLschmann, owner of the Sound Shop recording studio which does s large volume of national jingle work in Nashville. Deitschmann estimates the strike is costing his studio about a % decrease in normal commercial business. Noting that his production facility is not a union signatory. Mikc Duncan of Opryland Productions says he sees a "slowdown in commercial work" but local and regionals arc still going on normally. Patsy Bruce. franchised union agent and owner of The Bruce Agency with talents such as Tom T Hall, Ed Bruce and Jim Mundy, says that many national spots shot in Nashville arc filmed on location rather than in studios and production facilities. David Maddox. executive seer, fury for AFTRA in Nashville, notes that studios there have a high vol. urne nl rceord company business which keeps them hooked. Agrees Bruce "Mont recording studio+ on town hive enough Libel business and 'v it tingle work that the loss the national spots for lia time hemp r.n Hi then... Kris Erik llcvan, ht,. 1.nk Stean, nierpn.e. os \ii'e lrs ad,ls, nit being hurl Three a,.,. i nog,denl, secondll.. i,..,,.i oihelimo. as Krisl terpnws and third i studio since 'm also a "We haven't cut bask,. laid people oil, since we.o,.i.,, stficd We have hcen toncctiiratiril lse last wo weds nurse on our t,i di,, dicaiion us irk.- Sound Business Studio Track OS ANGELES Debby Boone is recording a nr Wainer 'Curb album at Filmways /Heider Recording Studios, Brooks Arthur pioducmg, with Bob D'Orleans and David Getz rngingeer rap, Olbet activity them sees leery Lee lawn cutting a new LP loi ['child with Bona Howe and Steve Hirsch engineering. Marvin Hamliseh producing an P for Chappell Music Geoff Howe engineering along with Les Cooper; and Alan Price culling tracks for a new let Retords single watt Bones Have behind the board and David Gertz assisting Heider's mobile und one is also on location in suburban Topanga Canyon miring Lowell George's solo LP The 1,111e Feat member is producing himself while Ray Thompson engt nears, assisted by By Youdelman and Carver. At Mike Total Experience: Benpmin Wright pin during Sergio Franchi, Lonnie Simmons produe mg the Gap Band; Jerry Peters producing Brainstorm; D. J. Rogen producing himself. and Kent Washburn pioducmg High nert,. fossil, at Lanabee sees Robie Poiler pro during Marcia Hines; Richte Wise producing Face Dancer and Paul labarra working on new Casablanca material Larry Baunach producing Raven Kane at Her- itage Studios. And Baunach and Bob Morgan producing Jody Miller at Devonshire lot Epic Rom Salmon' producing West Side Strutters on Parachute at Cherobee Recording Studios, Tom U Tondre engmeenng Johnny Mandel and Henry Lewy producing the soundtrack for the move "Agatha" on Casa Wawa at One Step Up Recording Studios, James Simeik engineering At Kendun: Johnny "Guitar" Walton overdubbing horns and vocals with engineers Baker Brgsby and Joe Usi; RSO's Marcy Levy doing lead vocals and overdubs with producer David Foster and erg: neeis Humberto Gabor and Gel' Sykes; and Philip Mitchell producing himself lot Atlantic miring with engineers Steve Wikams and Terry More rmmy twine producing Robert Fleischman at Westlake, Shelly Yalta engineering Hank Medress and Dave Appel producing Tony Orlando al Sound Labs on Casablanca Wayne Tar nasty eng,neenng helped by Stuad WMRmore. Don Evans also pioducmg Dirk Hamilton there lot rires Don Gooch engmeenng, assisted by Linda Tyler Delbert McClinton wrapping up basic tracks for Capncorn at Record Plant, Johnny Sandtin producing and Tom Rye engmeenng lie 'elms to Capricorn Studios, Macon Ga lui um dubbing and mixing with engreers Sam White- side and land Pmkston. ferry Weiler and Barry Bitten pioducmg Dire Steads al Compass Pant Studios in fias sau The Osmond Brothers putting brushing touches on a new LP lot Mercury al Miami's Tai - tena, Matinee Gibb el the Bee Gees producing along with Steve Klein. Hem is also engineering along with Mike Guerra. And the Allman Broth- ens Continue waking on then tension 1 P al C' te,a lot Capi cote will producer Tom Dowd, Steve Ginty engineering, assisted by Kevin Ryan. Michael Zager pioduong Ronnie Dyson la (me Lager Productions at New York's Secret Sound, lack Malken engmeenng And Rife also producing Vicki Sue Robmnon Mere with to pro doter Bill Greene and engineer Rick Rowe. At Bee lay, Orlando. la long John Baldry cut ling an P or Capitol with producers Tim Sadler and tun Horowitz and engineer Bill Vermillion. M Jardine working on portions el the Beach Boys upiamng 1 P al Super Sound, Monterey Call with Chuck Leary engmeenng. assisted by Greg fleeger the overall by Bruce Johnston and Bud Belcher. Prs bring produced Kenny Rogers and Donee West back al lack Clement Recording Studios, Nashyllr winking on a sec and dull l' n, lolled Mists Larry ganef moto during with Billy Sherrill engmrrnng ssas Hayes al North Star Recording Studios, Made,. lela aeootding his new album la tidydnt At to Galhrm r 'mint a new Warner Bor. P at tong thew farm, Molli tttnokhrld Mass John Plla patio mg with les Kahn and Jesse Hen- derson behind the board on a Mint Two Guns winking Capricorn Studios, Horrorsi Paul Hornsbyim Whilnu e and David Pmkslon al the hoard + tan ptndo,ing Sky Boys (bete with Royer and a-..i.lant Steve fil M McCULLAGH 530,000 PER WEEK Kendun Launches New Super Facility d LOS ANC(.1 S s \1,( cer,dui. Recorders' new Studio D held its first sessions Thursday 125,1 through Sat - urday--a digital recording of the Kingston Trio for Nautilus Records using Dr. Thomas Stockham's Soundsiream system. The new facility, which will have a rate in the a week range. is the second "super" studio of its kind to open its doors in the Los Angeles area with the Village Recorders' new Studio D already operational (Billboard. Dec 2, al r.11 ), at can take a Fleetwood Mac, for example. with the kind of tour, television and business commitments they have in Los Angeles and send them to a hideaway studio in Europe for six months- The answer to that is to provide the comfort and service they find in 'vacation studios' right here in town." The specialized comfort, service and equipment is pan of the reason Kendun's Studio D is high priced, of course. Duncan estimates the value of the 0.tho vrd pnoto by honing Teyei SUPER ROOM -Colin Sanders. middle, president of Solid State Logic. Ltd.. Oxford, England, points to a feature on his firm's new mixing console for Carl Yanchar, vice president of engineering for Kendun Recorders. The new board is an element in Kendun's new studio D in Los Angeles which. along with other new state -of- the -art hardware, will rent for $250 an hour. At right is Vernon Roper, chief engineer for Solid State. The 51.8 million budding -located on a separate vie although on the same street as Kendun Recorders in suburban Burbank -not only houses the new. completely self-conrained stud., but as also the location of Kendun's sister studio design and building company. Sierra Audio. "We don't think the studio is high pnced," notes Duncan "The rate card, which some have sent back to us in ashes, says $250 an hour and if sou multiply that user a week i comes ant to 542,0011 With block hooking that should work out to around 530,000 a week or io 5110,000 a month " That rate includes a first and second engineer as well as a full -time hostess The only thing it doesn't in- clude. he adds, us the rving facility neat h% for the out of town group or arty a "(tut " he continues, "artists are.,re.tda paying near those rinses li the time the% add up the cost of.rcces +ors equipment and other eslt., recording techniques which get lacked on along with the basic hoods rate of many studios What we :ice rving to relate here s that are ri.,linc elaise to 111 se tales anyaa.,a..records are not gettinc csseonylalic.,le,l 10 m.ile on the studio Just the olrpo,iie 1 \'c want to tell paoplc not to hick into it but realise the crisis HP nasl 1 cl hcni pal one not worry about money.,gam " le.eta is.,re.ols 1,,led s,'ruin olio April he , ea en ay ithu1 All ads Anse selling \ml :illltruglu the moon i, not being pitched riescss,,rtl to the super groulo, )uns.rir maintain, that,, tem!, sleael..p,ng in meloi teeording markets to the s.pei, sell -con-.lirios.,eilila "You aa.'t aaoid it." he,ads equipment to be in the S million range. The console, valued at is 40 in and 32 out and has a keyboard built into it which programs a computer, housed in a separate location. A small video screen is also built into the console which is used for readout. Built by Solid State Logic Ltd. of Oxford. England (Sierra represents them in Asia. Japan and the U.S.) the electronics of the console are its main advantages, according to Duncan. L's iransfonnerlss and with the computer can handle any number of sophisticated hoard functions such as automated editing of stored muses and reword keeping of track assignment. song titles and time. Tape machines include new state -.a of-the-an Studer 24 track machines priced at S75.00 each Typical 24- track recorders found in many studios today are half that price. Outboard gear includes two EMT _Gds, an EMT 244 and two EMT 140 echo devices. With cables connecting Studio D to Kendun's mother facility, for example. the artists will have 13 echo chambers.mailable. And the. monitoring sastem is a newly designed Sierra -Hadley tri-.mpel + \sicuri. the room itself, measuring 26 feet M 37 feet, emuuns a non -divided siring area which allows for better communication between musicians. An ads.rnced acoustic design enable,. lose ',losrmits without loss of separation 1 he drum booth has trap openings in the back wall which greatly impnacs trequeures response. The Control room -connected to the studio M a "as-alk through" window measures.afo idt3hbyißïí419a1 a

67 Tape /Audio / Video 67 L BLANK PROMOS -At left, Memorex's Al Pepper and Analog & Digital Systems chief Godehard Guenther look over combo ADS 2002 speakers: Nakamichi 250 cassette player autosound system being packed with the new MRX3 C.90 cassette. Maxell Sets Blank Tape Plant n U.S. NEW YORK - Hard,u. ti:: heels of TDK's announcement of a U.S. blank tape manufacturing facility, Maxell Corp. of America confirmed through parent Hitachi -Maxell in Japan that it would have a Southeastern site operational by early The announcements. TDK's at the recent Winter CES and Maxelt's last week by president Tadao e- Okada. underscore the vitality and growth of the market here for both audio and video products. Added to Sony's expansion of its Dothan. Ala.. facilities, BASF's doubling of its Bedford. Mass., plant space. TDK's addition to its rvine. Calif.. assembly facility. and the new Memorex/ Bell & Howell joint videocassette venture, the total added capacity by 1980 is impressive indeed. The Maxell decision. hinted last year by Gene LaBrie. vice president. sales and marketing, will be finalized by March, with sites in North Carolina. Georgia and Alabama now under consideration. nitial stage will involve assembly of audiocassettes and Beta- format videocassettes, with the possibility of manufacture of audio C -Os (empty ` shells) under evaluation. according to Paul Miller. national sales manager. At the same lime, Maxell will (Continued on page 68) r GOLDEN HEART- Seattle's Sea -West studio celebrates Heart's third Ampex Golden Reel award for its platinum album "Magazine." Producer Mike Flicker, Ampex sales rep Andy Vagi. studio manager Donna Keefer, engineer Rick Keefer join band. BRUSSELS HOSTS 100 FRMS Top European AES Looming NEW YORK -Digital recording progress will highlight the 62nd Au dio Engineering Society convention March in Brussels. expected to be the biggest ever European event in terms of exhibitors and attendance. according to chairman Herman A.O. Wilms and executive director Don Plunkett. With available space expanded from last year's record -breaking Hamburg meeting, the Sheraton/ Manhattan complex will host some 100 firms from 14 countries. The U.S. contingent of 21 companies is second only to Great Britain with 31 Following up his acclaimed digital tutorial at the November AES here, Dr. Tom Stockham of B) f.. lt \1\ \\ Soundstrcam 1.1,!, st an updated session on ":\pplie.ith,nsof Digital Technology to Audio Recording" opening night. His talk will be buttressed by a session closing day on "Digital n Sound Technology." featuring reports on Sony's long -play digital audio disk,+stem. JVC's AHD digital audio disk +)stem, and the Philips "contpaa disk" system, plus a paper on data reduction techniques for high quality digitized audio by J.A. Moorer el RC'AM in Paris, and other topics o a more technical nature. Another session of special interest to the music industry on "Studio And Recording Techniques " open- 'FRST' TAPE- BASF's Jim Walker shows EuropeanAmerican Bank's Lana Rothermel a sample of original 44- year -old mag. netic tape invented by the German firm, to be used in creating an "nventor's Award" for significant U.S. recording contributions. mg day includes papers on a new way of making "electronic cuts" in studio cassette recorders, Nordisk Eleklroakustik. automatic characteristics setting in the compact cassette player, JVC; a versatile limiter/ compressor circuit, Netherlands Broadcasting Co.: a professional cassette library system, Willi Studer, and improvement of multi -channel radio -microphone operation with advanced receiver techniques,scnnheiser. Other panels of speakers will cover psychoacoustic processing equipment and computer aids, measurements and instrumentation, spatial sound record /reproducing (Continued on page 69) Fosgate Enters Pro Arena High -End Car Stereo Firm Adding Quality Studio Line - 1 LOS ANGELES- Fosgate le, tronics, a four -year-old Anionabased firm specializing in high -end car stereo products. is broadening its product base with professional audio products. At the recently concluded Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company introduced Tetrasound, a 4- channel system for the automobile (Billboard, Jan ). Called the Tetra -. the unit for the v- B lhc rd photo try Stephen Trattn,rn 'ALMOST' HYPE -Jack Sauter, RCA Consumer Electronics sales chief, holds an "Almost" plaque presented at the recent Winter CES by sidekick Frank McCann. Award cited Sauter for "almost hyping the industry into selling 750,000 VTRs in 1978," alluding to an over -optimistic early -year prediction. The actual figure was just over units. B\.1111 Nit((. XL (;11 car u,c the recently Jc'eloped Tate Girietinal Enhancement System of Wes Ruggles and is designed to take an ordinary stereo signal, analyze it to determine the intended direction of the various musical events, and convert it into a 4-channel format. t is also capable of taking an SQ encoded stereo signal and decode it to produce four channel. Tetra -1 -which will have an approximate retail selling price of $600 to 5650 with availability in 60 days - is intended to lilt out Fosgaté s current line of high power, low distortion automotive amplifier /equalizers and speakers. But according to Jeffrey an. director of marketing. Fosgate is also introducing Tetra-2. an audio product intended as a piofessutnalstereo directtonalin enhancer and SO decoder liar lit tine.audiophile use as well as rim recording studio and disco applications Al the upcoming Billboard Disco Forum in New York. the firm will show a prototype of a disco version of Tetrasound which will inclode a mixing hoard h ',peeled to retail on approximately e. Fnsgatc in- tends to attack the disco sound ni r- kel aggressive)). maintains an Begun as a business lour yeas ago in a garage in Phoenix, according to an. because its founder Jim Fosgate could not lind a car stereo system on the market that he liked, the firm has swelled into a major force in the rapidly expanding high -end car stereo business. Located in Phoenix. -.gale has swelled to an employe. :.ter of 75 and 15,010 square foot facility undergoing its third expansion in four years. Some square feet are now devoted to office space with the rest to design and production. The expansion. indicates tan. will not only enable the company to boost prof uctilas o its car stereo line and broaden professional markets. but well also allow Fosgate to begin vi.tool:nturing car stereo on an OEM basis for others. an figures the company will do in the neighborhood of Slt million in sales this year. Products in the car stereo lineup include the PR220 amp with 20 watts per channel and built -in cquahier at a suggested $ the PR2s11 :imp and preamp /equalizer parka ge al a suggested $ the PH't, srrmiai 10 the PR2511 but with more sophisticated features al $ and the top of the line PR2100 amplifier wall 50 Maus per channel and ele.iomc crossover for hi.anipllliiatiort at a suggested Fosi,me is Ji,lrihsie4 through a rep melwoik ysllh the product found ai car..on,e,....illation centers be- tin high -end nature Those h1 li dealers ih:ti do sell the product have installation cap.ihility, on prenusc.. To broaden its image in the consumer market. Fosgate will be gearing up national advertising with more visibility in national consumer (Continued on page 68) Rogers Hi Fi 25th Birthday n D.C. & L.A. NFW YORK... Marking the 25th anniversary of its first commercial consumer music expo in Washington, the Rogers High Fidelity Music Show nc. encores its D.C. flagship event Feb and makes its first appearance in Los Angeles March The D.C. event at the Hotel Washington also makes the first formal participation of the nstitute of High Fidelity. t will demonstrate duplicates of the two stereo systems installed in the White House last year. with components contributed by HF members. Other features in the capital over the Lincoln's Birthday holiday weekend include a disco setup being handled by the Circuit City retail chain division of Ward's, using Technics audio components and lighting from City Lights. A video rock theatre under the auspices of DC -01, the area's disco station. will use Panasonic large - screen projection television screens around the dance floor to offer music tapes by day. and live camera action as an added disco attraction nightly. Other participating Washington Continued on page 71) FCC EXTENDS AM STEREO & FM `Q' DATES \VASfll \i fir\ -The Federal Commune.ltilts Commission has extender) ts deadline for comments on AM stereo rulemaking, and issued a further notice of inquiry with new comment and reply dates for FM quad broadcasting, reporting hardware interest in both areas. \\-ah less than 20 comments filed as of.iii ueek, the AM stereo deadline has been extended to Feb. 27, with the final date for replies re- maining March 30. hi vast. the FCC reports more than 0110 contrncnis in favor of rate type of FM quadcasling stand - ads rom a technical viewpoint. it appears that a discrete or stem standard could be adopted,still no degradation of present service and no new standard needed for a matrix system. More on -theair tests would be considered. with new comments now due April 16 and replies by May 16. pyr.yi4ai.w.aterial

68 68 lape /audio /Video Winter CES Key Hardware & Software Mart DSCO CONSOLE -Adam kay of Cashman Photo, Las Vegas. left. gets a demonstration of a new KES Enterprises disco console from the firm's Chuck Nagel. Charlotte Phillippi and Jay Mendel. X -RATED VDEO -most visible of the large number of adult entertainment videocassette suppliers is this VTS Enterprises display incorporating catalogs from various firms. S,wea pn.,r. r c,f,.. MCRO POWER- Mitsubishi's Fred Hartfelder, right, shows Rand Wilson. Stereo Syndicate. Ventura. Calif., how new micro components power monster 4002P 300 -watt speakers. 111 Mq,MWMery,re,+ fa SaxdBvik.howent to Wr-RFCONO-P`VBACK-CaB msg ar P.,cl+cccpN.suf SWTCHNG SYSTEMS -Jim Harter of Beartinder. left, gets the O lowdown on low -cost but sophisticated Dubie control systems áfor tape decks and speakers. with both professional and con- O sumer applications. CO ri > klo:the Star is Born talians invented the opera and also the opera star, calling her diva. divina, prima donna. The first, according to Fedele D'Amico, was a Neapolitan lady singer by the name of Aduana Basile. With the connivance of crowned heads, cardinals and ambassadors, the Duke of Mantova succeeded in persuading her to sing at his court. But history tells us that Adriana, whose admirers included Monteverdi, was "greedy of gifts" and clearly determined to make the best of her vocal cords while they lasted. Having showered her with gifts, the music -loving Duke finally conferred upon her the title of Baroness of Rancerreto. The year was The original opera star was born. VDEO STORAGE -New storage units for home videotapes are displayed, above. Frank Rochman and Ed Dougherty with a prototype of Savoy's economical unit for either Beta or VHS tapes. and at right by Gary Jacob of Hartzell, showing the firm's new VTR organizer with sliding doors to rep Linda Rich of Jericho Mar keting Maxell U.S. Plant For Blank A / V Tape.. hnn_ 11,..,,,,rnroler disk, in hulk t.- 'n. li.,,kaging here U- \lah. and Bela- lormai "hulk pack-, sided i 1deu.a..etle tor the professional/industrial sale, di,!sum al,,i M. he imported or Final pa.kaging. V, C{1 keep pharmg Duet to cven- 1..t1 manufacturing el a goof dc,i of -ri audio and Video produ.l.' \filler cnlph.iriic., "bringing coated laps in Nor slitting here and loading nto.hell. manufactured n the -le secs hr final stage of integrated manufacturing from the coalme prose, through the finished product.1..1r r'entuaht\ rn hrer or lout ie.11...tu. u,ihchigh., lfl, 1.1,,11;1 11, ine'nelaru 1., ie1.,1,1,....., l,. 1,. p,,,ej on to 1t, re1.,lier, AdJnn,1,.1 ull,rmauon should he \ convention ul \,.,111, \1.,1.1. '? COMPLETE LNE G' Over 975 Different Models To Replace Virtually Any Needle Ever Made! O Largest nventory n The ndustry Makes VOL! FRST With The LATEST! QUALTY AND present an Li',:.11,: dealer program for the record. up,: ndas- ir. highlighted hs r ne video and mproved audio products- STEPHEN TRÀMAN SOUND PROFTS FROM Ffanstiehl NEEDLES 3300 WASHNGTON STREET SERVCE FOR 1W- WAUKEGAN, L \:;;:;::: BOX taly's contributions to instrumental musli, opera and ballet are well- known. At SLAT we do not create music but help to keep t alive. We are the talian specialists in the production of high -quality (( 1 cassettes and their components. Most of SAT's production goes abroad - following the example of talian music, dalliers, singers and conductors. Were as proud of them.1s we are of SA products. Nuova Som sil!1j i s,11un11 (VA), 011' 21, i i '(>n11 cl 1111.) ibll7450-4i, ',T',11!f:ti{A s-: ''ífilslwlii ',1i.ii 1,4.1,, ,'.....1,;111,,,1., li: 11.1' 1,1,.1,11, , 11; E.a1,11.11, e1i 11 1,' hr l 11.1,,.,1111,, '1111 \, i, 11,., 11111,,,111,,., 11:, ',\ 1111,, \ V i1.1 i i.,,. i.,il,,,.,i 1,,1,1,. 1,r, 1.,1,,.,i 1., 1a-1,1,.111, ol ih. n 1,,, h n1,.r, rll.1 New Fosgate Units p,hrallons.u,l,.1 1' l', ,.c. 'init. and '.11r llum.l.,l.1. 11ill a.lllll,l Mot 111aga/1111,', h,,rn1 al+ mtenrls.1 hroaj 11, h1,1.j' pl,1; , e,11.1 ue11,11,'1111j',.eroe',,sales '.1:111,111111r -r h11,r1gli 11,it 11,1r u.111,u,1u1u1,y' 111r se,n No. 410 FLAT SHELD 1110 No- 510 FLAT -FOAM SHELD Ors. No. 5`v FULL -FOAM SHELD No. 901 J No. 470M CASSSESe TTE FULL SHELD No, 302 hi'tclat t'.assette PNS FOAM S111rt fi No. 508 l 11111{r rli / H TRACK FOAM PAD No. 201 CASSETTE SPRNG PAC SPECAL DESGNS ON REQUEST No. 208 P TRACK CARTRDGE SPRNG PAD

69 Tape /Audio /Video 69 62d AES n Brussels Looms As Biggest Europe Event l,1111(,11n'ti 1,1"11,1:.:t r, stems. and loudspeakers and sound system design. A number of new technology breakthroughs introduced at the November AES here will he shown in Europe for the tint time. including MCs new 3 -inch, 32- track, 20 master recorder. n addition to 31 exhibitors from the U.K. and 21 front U.S., Germany has S, Switzerland eight. Denmark six. Belgium and France five each. Netherlands three. Japan two and one each front Austria, Canada, Hungary. Norway and Spain. Along with MC from the U.S. are Ampex. Audiomatic (representing Apex, Electro Sound. Grandy(. Audiotronics, Cetec- Gauss, sibs, Dolby. Electro- Voice. Ferrofluidics. Gotham Audio. Harrison Radio. nfonics. VE Electronics, JBL, Marshall Electronics. Recortec, Sescont, Shape Symmetry & Sun. Shure, Stanton Magnetics and Ursa Major. The U.K. contingent includes Acoustic Transducer. Allen & Heath- Brenell, Allotrope. Amek. Audio & Design Ltd, Audio Developments, Audio Kinetics. Calrec. Cue Communications, EM Tape. Future Film. Helics. (TAM. Klark- Teknik. Leevers-Rich. Maglink, Magnetic Tape. MC Ltd.. Midas. Keith Monks, Mosses & Mitchell. Neve. North East Audio, Penny & Giles, Racal -Zonal. Raindirk. Solid State Logic. Soundcraft. Tannoy. trident and Zoot Horn. German firms represented arc }.. AEG -Telefunken. Afga -Gevaert. Auris- A.sona, BASF, Becker. Boyer, EAB- Gelling, EMT -Franz, Heyna, Heino lsemann, nstant Tone. G. Neumann. Schoeps, Sennheiser, Siemens. Theo Staar. Tonographie.m and Woelka. The Swiss contingent includes Cross. Eastlako Audio. Filtek, FM.Acoustics, CM. Leonhard Eke-! ironic. Nagra- Kudelsi and Studer/ Revox. Denmark is represented by Bruel & Kjaer. Hauerback, Lyrec. Nordisk Elektroakustik, NTP and OrLofon. Companies from host Belgium arc Barco. HES. SAT, Stanford and Televic. with France sending Enertee, Girardin. Publison. Pyral and ' Soracitel. The Netherlands has Bollen. Philips and Synton. while Japan is represented by JVC and Otari. Single country exhibitors include AKG, Austria: Orange Coun- LUX SHOWS 'THNKNG' CASSETTE NLW YORK -A Cassette shell that "thinks" was previewed by Lux Audio of America at the recent Winter CES in Las Vegas. t has separate skew adjustments (less distortion and more high frequency bandwidth) for recording and playback heads and an electronic time sensor built into the pinch roller and calibrated to the real -time digital tape counter on the cassette deck. The advanced five -screw shell which also boasts an extra pinch roller to provide more tension and prevent slippage does not infringe on any Philips Compact Cassette patents, a spokesman for the Japanese firm claims. r When a decision is made on production, the shell will he loaded with both premium normal bias ferric oxide and high bias cobalt -doped tape at a price probably about 50% higher Than existing high -end lines , pes. 11,:11,\11, 1. 11,n111- s1.10n. :ntd \, Special ev cuts.n the \ 5 nclude the ;01..,n11, quet on Thursd.l. 11s1 ie111nn.01 workshop cs.u0.u1n. J an.l.1 special,,,, n nil;tanl tor.nhi', ne1.1111p, , attendees.nd h1,+e not,.011, 111 solved in the sons cnn101i.e1111, n,iddln00n n01he 510e1.11,0n. \1.0n h,nlan hnlel, adde.l spine t111 li}11, 11.nt, t,ls been h,, he ne.11h\ t, i.,s.usl the l',rl,,i, with led need r,ne..iv.111..hlc lu A;S it- cndcc, Special calls' bird registration hues also appl\ hel0,rc Feb ll. with 1111, lima11nn nn the u,lnplcic prn- e cucul. i0,, , 1,nll.1,111 +,hilitius hens the via ALS, Membership Services- Brussels, 60 i 42 St., New York phone (212) All others should Cuentan the AES Europe Office, Zevenbuderslaan 142/9, B Brussels, Belgium. f its Tuesday at the AES it must be BeUÏum... Ng (and it must be your ad in Billboard) Your advertising message in Billboard's European AES issue, covering the 62nd convention, will expose your firm's products or services to the fast growing European professional sound industry when they convene this year in Brussels (March 13-16, 1979). n addition to Billboard's regular circulation of professional music people in the US, Canada, and around the world, BONUS distribution of the March 17 issue will be significant to double your reach and impact at the European AES. f your are attending or exhibiting at this year's AES show, let your ad affirm your presence and interest to the users of pro -sound equipment and services. Billboard. f your staying home, then let the world wide market see your place in the pro -sound market with your ad message in this bonus March 17 issue Contact your Billboard representative now for full information on the European AES issue. Place your ad and / or pack your bags, but don't miss out on Tuesday, March 13 in Belgium. ADVERTSNG DEADLNE: February 23, 1979 AES SSUE DATE: March 17, 1979

70 Staaztions 70 L Audiophile Recordings_ G01110 CONDUCTS GOULD SPRTUALS FOR ORCHESTRA; FOSTER GALLERY- London Phil harmonic Orchestra, Crystal Clear CCB distributed by C.C. Marketing, $14.95 list. Another in the increasing number of direct disks where repertoire and performance lushly exacting production technique The wide dy namic range. portly of sound and inner part clarity serve a bona tide musical purpose, as well as providing the expected showcase for all elements in the reproduction chain With only a slight reference lo an authentic folk melody, "Spirituals For Orchestra" nevertheless betrays its black (and jazz) inspiration ts exotic palette of tonal colas is beautifully burnished in this meticulous Transfer "Foster Gallery' comprises a short serres of well-known Foster melodies in imaginative Gould anangemenls. The composer demonstrates his usual mastery on he podium Credit producer Ed Wodenlak. engineer Bert Whyte and colleagues with a winner here "THE KNG" -Benny Goodman, Century Rec- ads CRDD1150, distributed by Century Rec- weds, $14 fist. lust the right amount of spotlighting on the soloists has been achieved with enough blend- ngo( instruments to suggest an actual club listening experience Characteristically for Cen turfs drect do.. the sound is open. naturally maed and very free in dynamic range Soloists include Goodman. saxophonist Buddy Tate. trumpeter lack Sheldon, Andre and guitarist Cal trombonist Wayne Collins who work out spontaneously on standard numbers such as "lady Be Good:' "Ain't Misbehavm:" "All 01 Me." "Makin' Whoopee." and more Goodman's chops are intact and he swings effortlessly as in days al yore. Guitarist Cal Collins plays several inspired solos and meshes handsomely in the rhythmic framework Novelty is lacking here, but there are sonic and musical values to corn penal, "FEN AND THE US" -Sound 80 Digital Res ords 01R102, distributed by Nautilus Record mgs, list. deas from rock. ari and classical are bor rowed for this fusion effort The album passes through a diverse terrain of acauslios and ekc (rifled moods, with outstanding reproduction of keyboards. synthesizers, drums, percussion and electric bass. Master tapes were cut on a 3M prototype digital recorder, though the sessions xlually were staged as direct to disk-the digi lal recording technique removes several links from the recording chain -bis impression is created by its transparency Fabulous handling of low frequencies and transients occurs throughout making for some priceless demo passages. Among these, an acoustic celeste solo backed by synthesizer and drums (side one, cut three) ranks as a classic CHCK, DONALD, WALTER 6 WOODROW -The Woody Herman Band, Century Records CR- 1310, distributed by Century Records, $1.95 fat. As a only crossover from the Billboard jazz chart to be audiophile market, this solid blend el Chick Corna's custom-designed "Suite For A Hot Band" and five Steely Dan tracks puts the latest edition of Herman's Thundering Herd in the lorelronl of premium disks While neither a direct dusk nor digital recording, the careful pro duction values are evident m what has to be one of the best recent "superb " tau releases Sepa ration u superb on both sides. with the third movement of "Suite" literally lumping off the disk as both percussion and brass come aloe n a dynamite demo track Audiophile Recordings a review should be sent to Alan Penchansky, Chicago, and Stephen Traimanils Horowitz, New Yak. Earlier reviews appear in issues of Aug : Sept 9, 23. Oct. 7, 21; Nov. 4, 18; Dec. 2, 16; lam. 6. the best duplicating system in the world today... unquestionably 0 15 the 64:1 cassette duplicator from Electro Sound Compare the specifications of the ES6400 Series -like the frequency response of ±2d13 from 40Hz to 15KHz. Or its simple operation, easy maintenance and rugged reliability. shift- aftershift. Compare ES6400 to competitive equip ment by any standard. Or, better yet, ask anyone who's used both....and superlative QC and mastering equipment The Electro Sound QCV quality control reproducer is all -new. The 3.75/7.5 ips mastering recorder /reproducer is designed specially for 64:1 duplicating. Distributed in the U.S. and worldwide by ÿope /Audio /Video AUDOPHLE AR r,.rrrvrucri fruur alt's r l atlentum is hem l liven to the, -, irdh, and an entra nunrher of, briers' respunal. are bring fielded. Other jazz stations spinning audiophile cuts include KJLH -FM, L.A., KADX -FM, Denver; WRVR- FM, New York. KLCC -FM, Eugene. Ore.: WBBY -FM, Columbus, Ohio: WXFM -FM, Chicago: WHAM -FM in Rochester and KAf M -FM, Dallas. Many others arc tuned in to the mounting flow of audiophile product. Classical,rations also are taking a growing interest. Here digital recordings of splasy symphonic repertoire create the biggest excitement. WFMT -FM. Chicago. has begun devoting an hour each Saturday afternoon to "the best in sound," a program surveying recordings of special technical ment. Selections range from Tclarc digital tapings of the Cleveland Orchestra to Grammy classical engineering nominees for 1978_ "We thought it was time to do that kind of a show; it's time to get excited about sound again." explains program director and host Norm Pellignni. A separate turntable is being used for mounting special high -end pickups used in the audiophile broadcasts. Pelligrinr declares. The new Milwaukee Consumers Trading Up ts 11 AR TN \1 / 1l1 N. Ni 1.1, Sii iier ii,rlii.iiiii 11.1,,lined.r shrlo 111 +u.list.,lee in dollar unie throughout atthiiueh unit sales h,,i' generally remained stable ss.4 11) a small merest, fmr some Jialsr.. equipment sales has, nssc, up between 5 to l0`, ossr the,ante months Of while the dollar mark has slritil d ll t, 20', More esoteric gear. rush as range espandens. dynamic proses...,.end sariou, speaker components. has made a strong appearance on the Milwaukee market. as ht.,. seek ti, sonserve then monri set still hike their listening pleasure. "The esoteric slull rs. limited field hut people wane something us improve their sound s, stets without.urnp lu spend $4.000 sir s6,01:10 to do rt." sass Ken Joy, manager of TEAM Northwest. "People are really blown hs the results Thai they can get. ihes really hadn't been made are of All the possibilities pre, musts " lol, 11'aik ul Wach Electronics eelioe..r similar 101.1n with his high e n d millet u in sush h1.11,1 ri, n u S 11'.1111 is. 1111' he 1- n1'ti,h K,peeler line pry iie,llerl.i see r.isi,i,ii 11,.1 1. that Mire 11111'Aí be.i,lnr.ind. 1,he1, 1,i NC 1,miJiti, sir, 1,',11 Sii1 11 i,'l,' i..1 ;'1.1,111' Jim.11,1 ntl 1111,, ,, hi sit\. ri 1,111,i,lil ii.1l i, di he,m srl,.,ll,0111, i,, in, i, li.,1i dnc 0,11 11i1is., li.,,,iem.+,il,:rer11 ii.,r. 11,1jor.nillir'.,lrll 11a11 10 all',.10i1\ ,il\iii he\ i.11l 141,1..11.i0iJ111l; 1i, th,.+isiiyi. { uie liml t,lnberl' Pur1 uf Sound. lmlli and Art hia,kman l'oo.11;rec h.t h.,llli' l'lllert er11,1.ti'lll. e,1111..rt..,1.1\'ivml,and i.,l,.,.,..njro store 111,,u, Vis? Jazz And aio program is spmi rid by Jensen Sound Labs. spe.,i.rr manufacturer. under a 52 -week sinuract. audio col- At KPFK -FM. L.A umnist Pete Suthem is the host of a weekly audiophile irisrallment. 11 Rm. to midnight on Mondays. "Pete talks quite a hit about direct -to -disk and high technology recordings," explains Anita Frankel. the station's p.d. Stations which also give time to audio authorities include WQXR- AM/FM, WNCN -FM and WNYC- FM, all in New York City and WETA -FM, in the nation's capital. At least one other major classical station is con templating such ashow. The programs increasingly have become forums for auditioning high technology software as the quantity of product mushrooms. "There's a lot more product going to the audiophile market super cassettes, digital. direct -to- disk," Larry Zide, host of WQXR's "Adventures n Sound" relates. Zide, an audio trade editor, says he is surprised the day has come when there is an avalanche of audiophile program sources from which to select. WBUR -FM. Boston. which divides its attention between jazz and classics. sprinkles direct -to-disks and digitals throughout its schedule. Su- Cl Play Direct -To -Dssical MATSUSHiTA PREVEWS `WORLD OF TOMORROW' Radisk per- technological disks also figure periodically on "Shop Talk," a 90- minute weekly audio engineering feature hosted by Peter Mitchell. Mitchell says much of the sonic advantage gets sacrificed in transmission. "A great deal is lost: we've been trying to upgrade the sound," the engineer explains. Most station's cartridges and transmitter limiters,are what Mitchell calls the "critical points" in the quality chain. At WCLV -FM, Cleveland, particular attention is being paid to audiophile recordings which feature the Cleveland Orchestra. "We play those records quite often because they're the home town boys." says program director Roben Conrad. "We get a lot of phone calls. reaction and face -to-face comments," the broadcaster says. College radio stations also are interested in the super 11 sounds. ac- cording to Paul Brown. an independent promoter specializing in the college market. Brown sent out direct -disks to college stations in a promotion for Century Records last May. Reaction is termed "tremendous" by Brown. "The enthusiasm coming back is great because the sounds are something different says the promoter. NEW 1OR'. A baker's uses was shown- awatung only dozen of products in high tech- the formulation of a new metal - nology audio and video were panicle tape for the "mirror-im- prev'icwcd at the recent Winter age" master. CES in Las Vegas to highlight Also shown for the first time in the 60th anniversary of Japan's the U.S. was a facstmde system Matsushita Electric and 20th that produces printed color birthday of Panasonic in the U.S sheets pig shacked urn a tv worse Culled from a major exhibit at from the set itself. a home enterthe Japan Electronics Show last biiu menl education center that fall. the dramatic display was a lets sou "write and draw" on focal point of the main exhibit sour s set with a "light pen." a floor. ranging from digital audio home color camera that fits in the to sophisticated television tech- palm and uses ooh ordinary nology. All are in various stages home lightine, a portable power - rif research and des eluipitiest. saying color h that runs on resowith most anticipated "very tar "U" haucnes. a high define- r' sewn." lion s system that provides an n addition to the Matsushita image crisp enough to be enmechanical sldeodisl. and larged to a full arm -span with euiunterpart digital :ndia system full brilliance and fidelity. a r pcpreviewed at the Summer t'es sial clrcollr% that eliminates last June in Chicago. the pro - ghosts from the screen. and a 's' totype of a high -speed video- inch -thin AM F11 cassette cassette duplicator that will run recorder sv1h two-hour full Wetoft a lour -hour tape n five min- its replication. Public Notice This ad is presently saving YOU money! We could have spent much, much more for a larger ad, but we are trying to keep our COST DOWN, to put PROFT in YOUR POCKET! Call or write tor details on our fastest selling u m Holds u,. 1, hll.i.b _ n r 8 -TRACK and CASSETTE CASES Jlr.a.. corn.r rit CC%SNOW Custom Case Mtg. Co., nc " (sisss%ái P.O. Box 35866, Fayetteville, N.C

71 Tope /Audio /Video Rogers' D.C. Hi Fi Show Marks 25th Birthday 71 Continued from page 6' retailers listed by producer Terry Rogers include Audio Kraftcrs, the Discerning Ear, DK, Lab. Luskin's, MycrEmeo. Radio Shack. Shrader Sound and Sound Gallery. AU arc distributing "twofer" discount tickets off the regular S3 admission, with kids under 12 free with adults. Digital recording technology also will be spotlighted, with Technics bringing itsshp -1 digital PCM unit that operates with its Panasonic VHS VTR. Sony is showcasing its PCM-1 digital audio unit that works in conjunction with its Retamas VTR and is the first commercially available unit at S n Los Angeles for the Sheraton Universal event, the giant Federated Audio chain will produce the disco. Milwaukee `Trading Up' Continued from,: " < receivers and separates," says Glinberg. "These are demand items in limited distribution which helps our husint he adds. By offering a variety of products. Port pulled down a 20% dollar volume hike in the first six months of despite a tough February. -Generally, across the board, we've been doing pretty well this past year and have really been pumping out - the merchandise." he says. Port is what Mackman describes as a -semi- sophisticated hi fi store," where the buyer can purchase systems from 5100 to S100,000. But whether the store offers such a range of medium priced and high end items, or concentrates on the audiophile gear as dots Wack, Milwaukee dealers agree that exchange rates on the dollar have hit hard. "Prices just keep going up." says Glinberg. "People are doing more shopping around," says Joy of TEAM. "Yet buyers are more knowledgeable and consumer awareness is high" he says. rapping some competitors on what he calls bait and switch tactics. The customers are more educated, though, he adds. and can see through the trick. The squeeze on the dollar shows up as more customers use charge cards for purchases, Joy goes on. This is still luxury equipment but people don't think of it as such." he points out. n 1979, the Pon of Sound will keep an eye on the growth of video- ' disk and large -screen television. planning on possibly going into that field if the two product lines seem to take off. Joy is expanding his line of video game software because. as he says, many people have purchased viewing units in previous years and are now looking for versatile units for playing. Wack is slowly going to move into the "highway hi fi" field of car stereo and by the first quarter of 1979 should have a solid hold on the product, says Wack. using half the ballroom for its display. Radio Shack. Absolute Audio. Sound Chamber and Sounds Unlimited also are participating in the retail arca. At least 32 manufacturers will have their own displays in both the D.C. and L.A. events. n Washington, 22 others will be on their own, with added firms handled by manufacturers reps, while nine firms arc making the West Coast event only. Some additional space remains in L.A., Rogers notes. Scheduled for both events are ADC, Allison Acoustics, American Audioport, Audio-Tcchn..i, Avid Corp., Bosc Corp., Ccrwin-Vega, Crystal Clear Records. Dahlquisl, Dennesen Electrostatics, Discwasher Group (Denon, Stas, LenTek), Great American Sound, Empire Scientific, Harnfan-Kardon. Also, JBL, Kertwood, Lux Audio, 3M Co., Onkyo Optonics /Sharp, Ortofon, Osawa (Chertwelt, Satin). Polk Audio, Realistic (Radio Shack), Shahinian Acoustics, Shure Bros., Signet Cartridges. Sony Corp., Tandberg of America, Tan noy TDK and TEAC. Participating only in Washington are Analog hngmcenng Assocmtes, Analogue Systems. Associated Sound, Audiophile Systems, B..C./ Avnet, BSR, Celestion, Garrard/ Plessey. nterseurch, Jensen Sound Labs, JVC America, Kirksactor, Kuss, Linn Sondek, Maxcll, M &K Sound, Sansui, Setton nternational, Superes, Technics, United Audio/ Dual and Watts Ltd. Reps and lines in D.C. include Jack Black Associates: Capitol Audio (U.S. Pioneer, Series 20): Lienau Associates (Sound Guard, H.H. Scott); Electronic Marketers (KEF. Signet. ntersearch, Wintec), and A DYNAMC RESPONSE TOA VTAL NCCD. The Second Annual nternational High Fidelity Convention & Exposition April St. Louis Convention Center b Sheraton Hotel The high fidelity industry is a multi -billion dollar business. Yet it is facing its greatest challenge as it approaches the '80s. Will t continue to expand as it has in the past? This question -and the answer -are of deep concern to everyone who produces, markets and retails high fidelity equipment That's why the nternational High Fidelity Convention and Exposition is of vital importance to you. t is an event unlike any other in the industry: t is totally selective in its exhibitors and attendees: it is only for high fidelity people. t provides an intimate atmosphere for the top management of dealers, manufacturers and reps to discuss mutual problems on a one -on -one basis. Scheduled in mid -April, it permits the industry to establish firm marketing plans for the critical selling period of the year Ì Name Tille Firm Street MAL THS COUPON TODAY ts array of individual audio demonstration rooms is unprecedented, and enables manufacturers to sell more efficiently, demonstrate properly, and in turn, helps retailers buy more effectively. Meaningful educational sessions, conducted daily, assist dealers, manufacturers and reps in coping with the rapidly changing requirements of high fidelity marketing that even now are starting to evolve. Above all, it offers the ingredients to unite the high fidelity industry for active expansion in the '805. The nternational High Fidelity Convention and Exposition, sponsored by the nstitute of High Fidelity. is a dynamic response to your vital needs. Don't miss it. Send in your advance registrations now. Make certain you're in St. Louis, April 20 thru 22, at the annual meeting place of your high fidelity industry. Mali attic Technical Sales (Elpa Mati.cung. MF Electronics, GAS). Appearing only in L.A. are Acoustic Research, Bartagni Electroacoustic Systems, Mordaunt- Short, Philips High Fidelity. SAE, Studer/ Revox, Sony Magnetic Tape, Toshiba and Ultralincar. Dealer hours in Washington are Friday (9) from 3 to 5 p.m. and Sunday (1 ) from 10 a.m. to noon. Public hours arc 5 to 10 p.m. Friday, 1 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and noon to 7 p.m. Sunday. The disco runs from 7 to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 5 to 8 p.m. Sunday. v Golden Note Contest N LW YORK the seurnd annual Golden Note Awards contest for retail ads of hi fi components in newspapers is under way through Feb. 15. jointly sponsored by the Newspaper Ad Bureau and the nstitute of High Fidelity. Entries are open to audio specialty stores fup to three units). chain stores (four or more) and all others, with details from!h. 489 Fifth Ave.. New York. N.Y City & State Please check below your business class; 'cation H' -F' Specialist Dept. or Chain Store Catalog o Mail Order 7 Radio /TV or Music Store Auto or Pholo Store Premium Buyer Distributor O Mks Rep Other 7 Please send your hotel reservation orm Moors under 18 will not hi, admiltrd NTERNATONAL HGH FDELTY CONVENTON G EXPOSTON Sponsored by the nstitute of High Fidelity, nc 331 Madison Avenue. New York. N Y ( B-2 Zip

72 72 r === _ , ADDRESS ALL ADS: Billboard Classified,,MARKETPLACE Check Type of Ad You Want f 1 REGULAR CLASSFED $1 05 a word minimum $21 00 First line set all caps Name. address and phone number included in word count DSPLAY CLASSFED $45 00 one inch. 4 times limes $ times $30 00 ea NTERNATONAL (other than U S ) Regular D 550 a word. min Display S35 ea nch. 530 ea nch 4 or more times ~) BOX NUMBER c Billboard, figure 10 words and include $1 00 service charge 771 Amer Express 7 Diners Club O Visa O Master Chg. Bank at li L=- = == PREMUM L7 U 1515 Broadway. 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F s John TraSolli.N.,k..i. hl..,,n,) Jimmy and h',iv Mc Nichol "These are s,ises where feature stories and favorable reviews keep an artist afloat without major air- play." adds Gary Kenton. another Warner Bros. publicist. "And of course it sells records. t provides an edge and can make a difference as to whether the artist sells or records. We've just seen too many examples lately of publicity breaking an artist before radio does. ' Joan Bullard, vice president of artists' relations and publicity at MCA Records. talks about the heavy changes" in the publicity funcuon that have been brought into the marketing fold. Bullard works closely with a marketing committee that involves advertising. promotion. sales and artists' reljtions staffers as well as her own publicity staff. Again. the prevailing strategy is to zero in on markets where the artist has already proved successful, or where field forces indicate there is an early reaction. Bullard is particularly concerned with providing public relations support to touring artists. This can range from in -store appearances. interviews with press, radio and television sources as well as the traditional press party. Bullard's staff is dis ',led nto speclalts areas. One publicist handles syndicated radio and elevisfon bookings- Another concentrates on the college market. while another keeps track of acts on the road. Bullard is an example of the leading role taken by women in the publicity field Other women in top positions include Susan Blond, director of publicity for Epic /Portrait /Associated Labels. and Hope Antman, director of publicity for Columbia Records. Male publicity executives cite the "%ensnoits" a good publicist must have in dealing with artists as a factor that makes women take to the p r. function. CBS' Altshuler notes that women who succeed in publicity have the ability to he "tactful and tough at the same time " n fact. the publicity department in the late 1960, was the first major department at mans labels which gave women their first executive opportunity. Many of the women working in p.r. today started out as secretaries to the head of p.r. at one company, and when all hell began to break loose as music was really discovered by the media. they moved over i.' companies looking for p.r. thus ullmg lls pipeline in y\ and New York with female press agents And even heads ofpr There was one catch many did not have any ünnal training in the field. They had not worked on any newspaper or magazine before. They had not graduated from any s, lege with a degree n public relainn. or journalism Many labels lelt this was not needed since the p.r. person simply had to fulfill writers' requests for bios and review records. So with some exceptions. the field consists of people who very often were given on-the-job training. so to speak, because the needs of the industry required people to send out bios to the expanding list of rock and underground press which was giving rock musk. its greatest exposure in the late '60s and early '70s. Today. the pattern seems to be for p.r. people to hop scotch from label to label. some picking up very impressive titles. n other industries, public relations officials are generally hired away from major publications or at least have a degree in p.r. or journalism from of communications. The record industry has not been concerned with degrees or heavy media backgrounds. So that many of the new people coming into the fold do not have, or have not had extensive backgrounds in writing or public relations. RCA's Heiman. CBS' Altshuler and Warner Communications' Bob Rolontz are the three most experienced public relations executives in the U.S. industry. They have remained at the same company for many years and are totally experienced in working with all levels of the media. The print media. for example, is credited by several of the publicists interviewed with helping enlarge the public relations function and making it an important part of the marketing strategy. "When the industry really began to explode. the press suddenly be- came aware of it and they were the on who really turned it around." says Dennis Fine, Arista 's director f publicity. One unexpected result of this is that the media has begun taking an interest in the record business itself, not just churning out features on rock stars' life styles. As Stu Ginsburg, Atlantic Records' director of publicity sees it. today's publicist serves three masters: the artist, the label's executives and the label itself Ginsburg points to recent occasions where key executives were featured in interviews with both the business press and Rolling Slone. Atlantic artists were also featured in a fashion magazine's layout on the disco craze, another example of how the opportunities for media exposure are expanding. "You have to work the whole gamut these days," says Bob Rolontz, the 14 -year record company veteran who now heads the corporate public relations' slot at Warner Communications, a job that requires him to develop stories throughout the company. He also oversees the public relations function for the WEA distributing arm. "t's more than just taking acts over to the trades these days," he adds "We're concerned with conveying the image of the company to distributors, DJs. music directors, program directors and to the public and the artists themselves." Rolontz points to requests for stories he has had in the past year from the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes and Fortune. "The press has to be interested in a business this large." CBS' Altshuler notes. calling label publicity "a crucial function. Warner Bros.' Merits says that the top brass at his label are concerned with "making the company look attractive to artists." "For the trades and the business press, label publicity is very important." agrees Aristá s Fine. "Not for the public. but for the artists and their managers. These people want to know how a company is doing in business, how it advertises its acts, how it handles sales. distribution and merchandising. And it's good for an artist to know these things." Rolontz points to other recent stories concerning the successful careers of two producers associated with the WEA family, WEA's black marketing thrust, and an interview with one of the label's sales executives explaining why certain product was being raised to "t's important for executives w talk to the press," Rolontz adds. "At first they were reluctant to do so. but many are beginning to understand the value of it." ncreased media awareness of the recording industry has made the publicist's lob more vital, of course, but some publicists, mostly in middle management positions. are quick to point out that the average publicist's salary hasn't kept pace with the job's nest status. "t's an uphill light." says one toiler. "But it's turning around. More people are staying in p.r. rather than using it as a stepping stone and that has helped. But the big bucks are still in a &r and sales." Asian Meet Unfurls Jolly Roger (',nanued from page national. Ertegun then chairs the antipiracy panel of the liest business day. Panelists for llls session are lames Dy of Dyna Products. also president of WEA in the Philippines and chid' of that nation's recording industry association. PAR: Sir Derek limpsun, consultant to EM, Stan Gorukov, president of the Recording ndustry Assn. of America: C.Y Liao of Four Seas Records, Taiwan; nspector Lo Man Flung of the copyright protection division of Hong Kong's Custom's & Excise Service: Steven Neary, regional director, Southeast Asia. FP Hong Kong; S.P. Sim, general manager, Cosdel, Singapore. and president of the Singapore Phonographic Assn.: and William Smith, managing director of CBS AuiLtla, and president of the Australian Recording ndustn Assn. Later the same Jin. RCA Records international do isiun vice presi- dent, Art Martin,. is ill deliver a pa- per on "Doing Business n The.Asia /Pacifie ndust's," :nd then Join a continuation of the.iniipvrac panel. The second day of business sessions Eel,. t opens with an address by Envik Ahniad Sa'atlt, the Malaysian government's deputy secretary general and head of its copyright committee. This will be followed by a keynote speech from Dick Asher. president of CBS Records nternational, who then chairs a panel entitled "The mportance Of Global Music /Record Sales To Your Country," Panelists are Bob Cook, RCA's division vice president, Asia /Pacific; James Dy: Paul Ewing, regional director of WEA Southeast Asia: Tim Murdoch, managing director of WEA New Zealand; James White, general manager of Festival Records, Australia, and Norman Cheng, Southeast Asia manager, Polygram. Hong Kong. Afternoon business will feature a paper delivered by Tokugen Yamamato, director of regional market development (Asia /Pacific) for RCA / RVC Corp. Then L.G. Wood. group director. EM Ltd., will detail discussions held at last year's 'FP! meeting in New Delhi. The day's concluding panel is entitled "Music: A Growth ndustry For The Asia /Pacific Region -ts (Confintre i plhpage,8 'i. '

74 74 neeinalional WARNS AGANST COMPLACENCY FP Calls For $20 Million War Chest To Battle Piracy Columned from page rates. bootleggers and counterfeiters n Oord introduced his anuprracy half -hour film. which included interviews with ChT Richard. Elton John and violinist Ychudì Mcnulon, with hard -hitting comments. "n recent years, a lot has been written about piracy. but there is a tendency to treat it like an evil which is disturbing while not hurting too much. The record industry has made its profits and has been complacent" Oord said. But the Great Record Robbery has built to a point where it must disturb your profitable and happy lives. When spoke to the artists featured in our film, their attitude was they were happy enough and making money. Now they appreciate that in five years time there could be no record industry in which they could make money. t had been the ostrich -inthe -sand attitude. "Now it is high time to do something about piracy and it is time to invest in an antipiracy fund. personally guarantee the money will be used properly to fight the menace." 2 a Oord pointed to the existing successes m through financial aid to battle piracy. n Hong Kong, he said. a 95.7 piracy rate in the industry just a year ago has rn been reduced to something like 5`i with the prospect of it going even lower. of He added: "Everybody muss c n- tribute artist,, manufacturers. escrs hods. csersone connected with this industry oterwise it conk' well he that there will be no industry as we know it today We must make 1979 the big sear in the antipiracy battle. 11 is a light. nra a chanty "We all hove to do hewer, rons record companies public relations divisions. to magazines. to make the public aware of the esti of piracy We know that a lot of superstars are ready to contribute to our fund We all know we must fight worldwide this great evil. n the film. which showed samples of pirated and bootlegged material. Cliff Richard. Elton John and Yehudi.\enuhin all emphasized the illegality and immorality of the pirates actions. t was stressed that the worldwide record industry loses $52.5 million every single day to illegal operations. Bob Dylan was cited as a major sufferer 'There are more than 100 pirated versions of his albums and work available. Yet he has made only 12 eri an official basis. Some bootlegging is by amateurs for their own interests. But these productions can he turned into money for the pirates, for the vulture, and the billion- dollar parasites." Cliff Richard recalled making a Hong Kong purchase of a cassette featuring himself with Doris Day, and "wondered if she knew about our recording together because certainly did cooi " 1U.K Court Rules Dealers Must Pay Disk -Play Fees LONDON -The Mu trades Assn. here has lost at least the first round in its bitter fight against the Performing Right Society over payment by record retailers of license fees for in -store music "performances" for customers. n the High Court, a judge has ruled that the playing of copyrighted music in record stores does constitute a public performance and therefore dealers need PRS licenses. with the cost based on square- footage of floor space. This was a test case brought by the society against the Harlequin Records chain for alleged breach of copyright The judge has now granted an injunction against unlicensed public performances and has instituted an inquiry into damage, J J Q FOR EXPORT ONLY All Labels, Records & Tapes New Releases Rock 8 Pop Disco 8 Jazz Also Cuban Nostalgia Classical Cutouts Always,n Stock Lowest Export Prices Fastest Delivery Free Catalogue on Request DAVD ESKN, NC. too Onvc New York oozs (T2 e. 73rSfi0 ESKiNUP rgl (2t2) ìa9-425/ Hui...,, t of execution is ordered again.1.,ssibleappeal by Harlequin, who,osts have been awarded to the society. The judge said the legal basis of the Harlequin claim that the playing of records in shires is not a public performance, presented via the association, was defmuse Counsel for the copyright society maintained that under the 1956 Copyright Act in-store plays are regarded as public perk,m one... The society hard -lined its attitude toward record stores in 1975 because. it said, it has become impossible to differentiate between shops playing records for demonstration and those playing disks for other promotional reasons. The argument from the traders that in-store plays were vital for the retail business was likened ho recordmg. sessions and to musical auditions within the industry nsclt Now the 1 Mush hides Assn pondering an appeal, with secretary Arthur Spencertolland saying We arc bitterly disappointed at the outcome of thiscase Until we decide whether to appeal we arc advising raiders not to obtain Performing Right Society licenses." Gabor Fest Winner illti nks the rival of 1,ii1 Picntists, staged to f..w.i, v.. won by 1-usti Baloeh (,.ii.,,,,. n with fellow Flung. issus iig,es Plcs /ken named runner -up and local musician Marek Walaroski in third place. The l'estival is organized by the Potash Jazz Society 1 :111t.10wcd a., "Greatest l f. counterlei d admitted he could see no dliicrcnce between the real thing and the phony. And it was emphasized that if pop gives the richest pickings to the pirates. then classical is also vulnerable. Stan Gortikov, president of the Recording ndustry Assn. of America. said: "We thought we had the piracy situation under control. What a Joke. na recent raid. 300 federal agents operating in five states over three days picked up illegal material with a market value of about $100 million." r SALSOUL /RCA NTL DEAL- Celebrating a pact whereby RCA Records nter national will distribute Salsoul Records are. from left. Arthur Martinez, RCA ntl division vice president; Joe Cayre, president o1 Salsoul; Steve Kopitko, attorney for Salsoul, Kelli Ross. RCA vice president. international creative affairs, and Jake Nadler, Salsoul's director of business affairs. RCA nternational will manufacture and distribute Salsoul product in Germany. Austria. Switzerland, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia. Spain and Portugal. The two companies concluded a pact last June for exclusive distribution of Salsoul product by RCA in the U.S. and Canada. HOLMES MAPS DRVE ristòeiopment Tagged As TK's Top Priority For Europe By ADAM WHTE CANNES -The opening of a European office by- TK Records (Billboard. Jan. 20, 1979) signals the latest foreign priorities of the Miami - based company which is distributed outside the U.S. by CBS Records nternational. As articulated at MDEM '79 by TK's newly appointed European director, Phil Holmes -here to liaise with staffers from CR companies throughout the Continent -these priorities include the need to promote and develop specific artists. n the past he says. it has been "The TK sound" which has been exploited and sold in Europe "now's the time to work on individual artists." Among them he numbers K.C. and the Sunshine Band (TK's top - selling international act). Betty Wright and Peter Brown. Holmes is swift to praise CBS for its work since the global distribution deal was signed with TK in November "They're doing a very good job," he emphasizes, specifically citing chart action in Holland with Foxy, Jimmy "Bo" Horne and K.C. and the Sunshine Band in Britain. with Peter Brown, T- Conneclion, Celi Bee and K.C.: and in Spain. also with Bee. Holmes should know. Prior to his TK appointment, he was custom labels manager at CBS Records U.K. Now he'll be dividing his time between London, wheretk opens new offices in the city's West End, and the Continent, coordinating the activities between the various CBS units there. The new emphasis on promoting TK artists, rather than simply working from record to record, involves in- person visits and tours by those acts. Holmes acknowledges. JAPANESE TREND^^"M ndustry Ferment Seen Spawning New Labels TOKYO he record ndustry here is going through a period of reorganization and restructuring as companies jostle for market leadership. Last wiuicssed the both of Epic/ Sons.viii SMS SoninJr Marketing Sssieml and nest month Keim,.,d Krcnrds vs due to get oft the giounti other new eomp;ulc,erri'spes i llt'spring up 111i, Will Till, trend tosvai:l the delegation of rr'lw,n,rl, 111% to new eonipanies spin. oil e,tihlishej , in the imlusus.111,1 the r,panvon nto, oc,i leitis, h.i, ils cool, t'1 lle ll new r0111- pany lolmanon, o,tn she.isi liw years Bill then Japan's disk industry has always been receptive to change t all started off on.v big stale with the liberalira non of capital thal hr ought oiesseaa companies into the market with By HARUHKO FUKt \K 1 joint ventures like CBS /Sony. Nippon Phonogram and Warner- Pioneer. Polydur and Toshiba -EM followed. The second wave of new faces came among the smaller manufacturers who built up their bucinei,s around a few chosen artists and producers. The third and latest wave is churacierized by divisions in already Thriving companies. breaking off tu forni independent entities: lipie,sons from CRS/Sons, SMS tram Witmer Pioneer.and even Or. ange louse ront Tokunl.r M1,1. cul ndust' les Now that the Ji,k in.ovulaclurers horse full connection, in production, marketing and distribution, they are finding it easier to l'oru new companies whose administrative policies encompass a limited range of activities. n this respect, 1979 will prove fertile ground for new labels to sprout up and grow 4e He's currently discussing such plans with promoters and CR companies in various territories. Among the markets specifically targeted are Germans and France. which. he opines, are becoming more discooriented. New albums due from Miami in the near future showcase Peter Brown, Ralph MacDonald. Betty Wright and John Tropea. With this and other product from TK. Holmes will be alerting CR1 European companies to U.S. sales and disco activity. so that they can plan their release and promotion efforts accordingly. This is one way in which he hopes to preempt the effect of imports which can often erode the initial sales of new product prior to official release in a market. The TK executive accepts that however swiftly new releases are made available abroad, certain retailers have standing orders with Amencan exporters for the latest soul and disco items. But he's hopeful that the problem can be partially eliminated, at least and declares that there's a fine working relationship between TK and CR1 over the shipment of parts and matenal. Holmes is also planning to work clench with European publishers. namely Apnl Music (which handles TK's 'Sherlyn Publishing). Arista Music (handling the work of Gregg Diamond) and Southern music deating with Celi Reel `Tommy' Staged r k "Ton)nty;' lle 5h hi, - opera, is W be staged as a major West End musical, opening at the Quccn'N Theater. Feb. 6. with Tossnshend personally supervising the music. He wrote the piece 10 years ago. The Who toured the full production on a concert trek and the Ken Russell coos ve s ersion was a big box -oflice hit A stage sensory has been banned until recent), hs.t clause in the movie decd which prevent theater "opposition" for a three -year period. The production is based on a recent seven -week provincial run in Essex, features Allan Lose in the title role and is dintetc/ lby KW! Tomlinson and John Hole. J

75 nternational SEMNARS & GALAS PROVDE BRGHT SPOTS 75 Rain -Soaked MDEM Told Of Mountin Piracy Peril By NUKE RENNESSEN & PETER JONES CANNES -As if it weren't enough that foul Riviera weather threatened to turn the 13th MDEM here into the world's first under-water music fair, the 6,000 participants had the gloomy experience asi week of having their annual pilgrimage further drenched in cold water by grim and devastating news about the colossal extent of piracy. The edifice of stubborn and unrelenting optimism which the international industry collectively erects when it gathers to rattle its drums, blow its trumpets and beat its T- shirred chests. seemed to be developing some ugly cracks after Gerry Oord, the new international antipiracy coordinator for the nternational Federation of Producers of Phonograms and Videograms, warned that the worldwide trade in counterfeit, bootleg and pirated product was now running in excess of S billion annually. Oord spent the week at energetically whipping up industry support for the Federation's antipiracy campaign. urging industry, leaders to get their heads out of the sand and to dip nto their wallets to fund the campaign. "f we don't fight this evil." he said, "there won't be a record industry five years from now." Also voiced was mounting industry concern over the spectacularly mushrooming sales of blank tape. a factor considered by a growing number of industry leaders as posing an even more massive threat to the music industry than piracy. But. as usual in this ever resilient industry. there were little areas of silver lining showing through the stormclouds. MDEM, which last year staged the European premiere of the phenomenally successful "Saturday Night Fever" this year offered the first European showing of "The Wiz" which, despite a mixed reception. is hoped toscore an important mark internationally for MCA. Also premiered was France's first major attempt to crack the rock movie market -the musical "New Generation." t was a good MDEM for country music. A much -acclaimed gala by Roy Clark. the Oak Ridge Boys and Don Williams was followed by news from promoter Jim Halsey that he would be offering the package to the Republic of China and that the Montreux nternational Jazz Festival in July would be featuring a night of country music for the first time. t was a good MDEM, too, for the media in terms of record company hospitality, with Motown launching the new Stevie Wonder album, and CBS. Polydor nternational and WEA celebrating a past year of great prosperity. t was a MDEM for much speculation about the future of ABC Records, and a MDEM of constructive and thought- provoking meetings by the nternational Federation of Popular Music Publishers, assembling for the first tinte. and of international music industry lawyers. And it was MDEM in which the considerable improvement of recent years seen in the quality of the gala presentations was impressivcly maintained. Performances by A &M's star of the year Chuck Mangione made a big hit, the Pointer Sisters scored a tremendous impact for WEA in two sellout performances. Nana Mouskouri topped the bill for the $150. a -head French Variety Club gala and jazz got more than honorable representation with a gala by Carmen McRae. Joe Williams, Thad Jones and the Claude Bolling Orchestra. But the prevailing mood, it has to be said. was one of considerably subdued hysteria. Cannes, even when waterlogged, is not the place for morbid preoccupations about the spreading cancer of piracy. But the partic, pants went back to their home desks this week with a keener appreciation of. and concern for, the fight ahead. There have been warning bells before. but at Cannes last week they had a particularly persuasive ring of truth. From The Music Capitals Of The World LONDON EM Records a renewing s television cam. omen for `Don't Walk.Boogie." disco onented compilation package which has already topped the charts here American country artists, George Hamilton V and Marty Robbins, also to gel the tv treatment, from Kdel, The Hamilton Package. 'Reflections," spans his RCA and An char repertoire. The Robbins disk, "Golden Col. kctan," draws from his CBS recordings Fist heart.shaped single to be released in this country is "Baby 01 Mine," by Alan Price on Jet. The disk is available to coincide with Valen tine's Day, and Price's new U1( tour. Mike Lawrence hakes over as head of promotion at Pye Records He was formerly deputy to the company's sates directs. Robin Blanch flower, Anita managing director here, has signed a three year worldwide deal with ex Stealers wheel man, Joe Egan He will debut with a 45 m March Frank Zappa hicks off a tour of Bnlain Feb. 10, as CBS prepares to issue the first album un der its new global deal with him (contract ex eludes North and South America) Zappa is cur rently in London producing an album for his own label, Zappa Records. which n mol involved in the CBS pact U S rockabdly artist Sleepy La Beet (6 leer, 7 inches, 300 pounds) visits the U.K. in April for the Wembley country festival, and will record a live LP for Charly Records at a venue to be decided. Panache Music Publishing claims to be the first company to use the Disc Jockeys' Feder alum (Great Britain) to promote a record '; not actually placed with a label, but Panache has sent 12. inch pressings to each of the organ'. ration's deelays. tem is Classical Mechanic. 'Woman 01 ce' by American Paul Evans visits Britain to bask in the glory of his "Hello, This s bannie' hit on Polydor/Spring, which returns the singer to chart heights he enjoyed here many years ago. PETER JONES (Continued on page 76) yfngqage e s, SDE STORY" lu'tatl) virtuoso FORD. ROBBER guitarist. singer. composer. and artist. You've seen him on stage with Joni Mitchell, Harrison: Tom Scott, George you've heard him on albums and with Barbra Streisand Now lis- Kenny Loggins. Y STOR :' NSDE "THE 'NS. 16r. 150) ESCAPE" TANNER Band's The MARC first album, rock and roll the way it should be played. featuring MARC TANNER. E_A "AN AMEROANPRA The lyrics and poems of JM MORRSON, the music of THE DOORS. An extraordinary album. rse.saa) er ib't NGHTNGALE GLBERT GL, on e of Braof exponents zil's foremost Latin pop /rock. The North American debut of South composer premier America's Produced by and performer. Sergio Mendes.

76 76 U.K. DEVELOPMENT Phonogram, Pye Cut Lists To Prod Sales LONDON -Two 'moor desk tan. ptugn slogan t.uho advertising Will panics. Phonogram and Par. are also be employed working to stimulate sales of records Sass l'yc managing Director of his and tapes in the U.K M price cut- lirnt\ step "Tapes are not holding ling. up to the ratio of albums, and we he- Phonogram is reducing the price base we can,ifford ihew new price of 350 of its current. full- price popu structures it theeftecl is to stimulate lar albums and cassettes. ntroduc- sales ing a two -tier price structure aimed "t glie% the dealer an increased at helping hack catalog compete benefit and provides the consumer with current releases. with a good reason to huy tape at a The Pye scheme. in effect brings reasonable price." the suggested list puce of tapes mto The Phonogram and Pye actions line with albums, and simulta- coincide with moves by WEA to neously increases the dealer dis stimulate sales, specifically via four count. major marketing campaigns drawn Phonogram managing director up in a quick -draw four days. Ken Maliphant calls his company's The first two months of this year move a first. and experts other firms are bound to be very bad for all to follow suit. "n many cases, High trade." observes managing director Street discounting has given con- John Fruin. "But we cannot allow sumers substantial price cuts on the dealers to feel down. We have to chart LPs, leaving the catalog items do something to generate and stimuat a price disadvantage.' he says. late business for them " A marketing campaign with the WEA's plans include an instant overall slogan, "Going For A Song.' national television campaign for will support the structure change. At Elvis Costello s new album. extra retail level. there will be 1,000 na- catalog discounts for retailers. spetionwide window displays. 250,000 cial disco packs also aimed at the consumer leaflets available and one trade. and a further tv campaign. demillion stickers featuring the cam- tails of which are still under wraps. VENNESE TEST CASE Challenge Home TV Dubs By MANFRED SCH RUBER VENNA -Collection Society Austro-Mechana has filed a lawsuit in Vienna's civil court against a private individual for making recordings on a video tape recorder. The value in dispute amounts to Austro- Mechana based this test case on legal arguments published here by its general manager, Helmut Steinmetz n the article. tagged "Reproduction for Private Use on Video recorders" and published in the Austrian papers for industrial property- copyright, he attacked the "pirates of the Twentieth Century." According to a study made by Philips. owners of videorecorders are using them. on average. nine days per month. and they possess approximately 14 videocassettes per machine. Objects of taping arc mainly tv broadcasts of detective and adventure movies, shows and sporting events. Although the legality of such recordings is in debate. private indi- CASSETTES LEAD ADVANCE viduals, cultural and educational tnstuuuons and trade companies here are reportedly open- minded, believing that such taping is covered by the exception tion for pnvate use. But Austro-Mechana s fights of reproduc- Steinmetz is of a different opinion. He agrees that the Austrian copyright law has provision for the exception of rights of reproduction of cinematograph works for private use. yet argues: The recording of a tv broadcast or film on another set is not admissible, neither through the producer. nor any other person. even if it's done free of charge. Such reproductions violate the reproduction rights of the copyright owners. and are punishable." The society hopes that this test case will clear the legal problems with videorecorders. f the copyright society succeeds, it plans to demand a flat fee on videotapes, to protect the interests of the copyright owners and neighboring right owners. French See Sales Rises Continuing By ENR CANN.`, he sale of disks and cassettes in t rance will continue to show over the next few years a growth rate of about 15% to 20% annually. according to Francois Min. chin, president of the French record and audio /visual syndicate. SNEPA. Speaking at MDEM, Minchin noted that the main development tai the French music industry is the change in the proportion between the sales of disks and cassettes Minchin said that in 1977 cassettes showed a 43`F upturn against a rise of only 84 for disks A check of major T rcnch companies at MDEM indicates,agree ment on the growth pattern of cassettos. but also a general consensus that this poses no real threat to LPs and singles. Three companies with KAti their own duplicating t.ici tues and others s t no further investment in wsseue manufacturing was accessary to cope with the sales ncrease Eddie Barclay, chic) id Barclay Records. who drres nil press or duplicate his own product. is certain that caissette sales will rise cs a tut. her 111'. At present cassettes,rscounl tar about lu'i of the 111 rrkel ri ranse and could esemto ill. i,,,, level ul 30'r Paul (-laude of Voguesatc the upsurge in sassello' ilcs was duc to the configuration ' "lare star!" in the marketplace Minchin said that the Freneh Government was smisideimg n tan levy ou bout blank software and hardware in the tape field to provide a srwrce og' income for copyright holders. nternational BP Report Documents Sales Surge LONDON Statism,. iron the British Phonographic ndustry spanning sales from JulsScpteniher last scar show a substantial increase in the performance of singles.,shunts and cassettes Singles unit sales were up sx' compared to the same period of li, presinu% year. while singles sal,- value was up 81.6'i to appmsi mately 522 million Album unit sales were up and value up to some S69 million. Comments BP director general. Geoffrey Bridge. "t should be noted that this improvement is only in comparison to performance in 1977, which, it must he remembered. was very poor." Cassettes climbed 13.6% in sales and in value. 8- tracks fell by 34 in units and in value Bndge continues: The first nine months of 1978 indicated an overall increase in the value of the recorded music market of over 254, which means that ifs now running at a level around 240 million pounds ($480 million) per annum, indicating a retail value of about 350 million pounds milli, n " EM Holds Lead n 4th Quarter U.K. Chart Recap r)vl)ç)` yll H ;rrd -. retained its singles and albums leadership in the U.K. music market during the last quarter of based on the company's performance in the sales charts prepared for the industry by the British Market Research Bureau. The figures find EM with of the LP market, down slightly from 224 in the previous three months, and of singles business, down more dramatically from 25.4% Second in albums was Polydor with 12.1%. up from 10.9` in the previous quarter Third was CBS with Second behind FMl nt singles was WEA, with 16.ó:i ( and third was CRS, with (13.6%). Leading 45s label in the survey was Mantle w ith 8 4'; -testimony to the continuing sales power in this market of Roney M. eading album label was CBS with RSO placed second in both label categories. with 79'3 and 7 "r. respectisel Chappell was top corporate pub. Miler, and Warner Bros. top individ soil publishing company "Summer Nights' by John'Tr.rsolta and (Aiti.t Newton -John was top single the "Grease" soundtrack trip l' hop g p was Hones 81, loin ravolut top male artist. Otis la NewtonJohn top rent,il act. Mike t'hapntatt t.rp proviso i and John Fartait rt,p contpw.ct PLATNUM PUPPET -Comedian- ventriloquist Kirby and his puppet Caroline look to new horizons after selling an estimated 100,000 units of their Polydor LP in Switzerland in 35 days. Now interest is building in West Germany and Australia. 50% SALES RSE Media Thrust mpetus For CBS New Zealand Gains By PHL AUCKLAND -Media coordination is credited as the major factor behind the success of the year -old CBS New Zealand operation by its managing director, John McCready. He reports CBS sales up 504 in the past 12 months. with the company enjoying an estimated 124 total market share. With CBS not involved in budget product here, its share of the full -pose market could be as high as 164, McCready says. Previously under the wing of Phonogram, it had only six people on staff when t'bs went independent. "Of the S people now working for us, 13 are selling something. Were a very marketing oriented company," says McCready. The first major success for CBS's media coordination came with the breaking of Meat Loafs album, "Bat Out of Hell" on Epic. First came a radio blitz. with ads loosely based on the 50s hit "Purple People Eater." Meat Loaf spots for television followed, and then newspaper contests in Auckland and Christchurch. with a S700 motorbike as a prize in both cities. "Bat Out of Hell" has now sold triple platinum in New Zealand la sale of 15,000 is single platinum), says McCready. and "it keeps on selling." Auckland's Campaign Agency prepared the Meal Loaf radio ads. GFFORD and also put together a 30- minute video. which was heavily used in the promotion of Jeff Waynes "War of the Worlds" on CBS. Aided by a promotional visit by Wayne the double album has now also gone platinum. Other major selling acts have been Billy Joel. with double platinum for The Stranger" and "52nd Street:" Boo Scaggs, platinum with "Silk Degrees" and "Down Two Then Left:" and Neil Diamond. double platinum with "Glad You're Here With Me Tonight." Two local acts have been signed by CBS -singer-songwriter Sharon O'Neill, a performer in the Linda Ronstadt mold, and rock group Citizen Band. Says McCready: This year we may sign two or three more acts. but it's not our aim to have a huge local roster. Our policy is to work hard on the acts we sign and make it happen. We wouldn't sign any act we didn't think has international potential. Without that potential it's not worth having them.' McCready was with Phonogram in New Zealand for 14 scars before moving to London as ter manager for the company. He later served with De-ca and Motown in Britain before returning here in 1976 to estahlish a chain of record stores, since sold to Phono =cam From The Music Capitals Of The World (',urrrvruerl Jrwrur l,,rt;, HONG KONG Lyle Ronaids, managing ddector nl SS Far last, back rum attending the Consumer flee tunes Show in las Vegas. sees a big future for videedcks in Hong Hong Popular Cantonese songstress Susannah Kean has signed with Polvdor hie company hopes NNW (he artist's Bowie Film Track Grabbed By Jambo 111N li un nmt its'e,.!,'._ new i,l rd s.,upans h,is amerced twin on, ol the -brui lo snatch es elusive rights tu the hum of "lust A Gigolo, David Bowie's new mon Distribution m the U.K. through l'ye. The score, hacking a story about the end of World War and the s,'nr, rlt.r. femme. musty and songs.. th.rt cr.t. plus a new BOWE' song. ho songs were specially recorded by Manhattan l'ransler, the Pasadena Roof Orehcslr,r, the Ragtimers (who had the original single and album from "The Sling) and Marlene Dietrich debut album for the label out by tae end of fen rua!) Grammy Records will become the Hong horj licensee la the Mushroom Records catalog which lists on its roster the Spats, the Fee's, the Shyhoohs and Rate Geyer. Over the nett : months Grammy plans to bring lo Heng hen as many artists attached to the Mushroom label as possible Hong Hong's disco champion. Rob at Mal auditioning ta a reccedatg contract with EM Mal who placed fourth at the recent World Disco Championship held in London, has also signed a management contract with Palo Leung. Leung manages the creels of ("labia Chan and the Wynaers, wo M the mod popute acts in Southeast Aug. The Wynners sel to tour Bangkok, Singapore and Malaysia in Apra chew. Chan, cur Benny filming in mpe,. his a new album out on the Polvdor Label Titled "Queen 01 Hearts," the album is probably the last Enghsh album by a local artist to be released by the label la some time n town tor concerts DelethttMlkHal e P HANS EEM.,

77 nternational 77 POLYDOR RDES TREND Cantonese: Language Of Hits n Hong Kong MC AGENDA SHAPES Piracy s No. 1 Topic At 2 Billboard Meets 1 ONG KONG - Polydor (H K ) Ltd. has stepped up plans to record almost its entire local talent roster in Cantonese to keep pace with local trends. t seems the logical step to take. says Norman Cheng, managing director. "Whereas in the past Cantonese albums outsold English albums by 2 to, in the last 16 months this ratio has stretched to as much as 4 to Cheng attributes this dramatic change in the attitude of the local consumer to the emergence of Canto-rock. the present popularity enjoyed by Cantonese singers, Sant Hui. Roman Tam, Paula Tsui. and Adam Cheng, as well as to the disco ' boom. "At the moment we are being flooded by international disco recordings. n Hong Kong. we don't have any disco acts worth recording," says Cheng. "A few years ago we might have thought about releasing cover versions of these disco hits. But there is no point in doing that today. Local record buyers tastes have matured so greatly that they only want the real McCoy. How else could we have sold over units of 'Saturday Night Fever in Hong Kong alone?" Cheng sees Polydor maintaining its stress on Cantonese recordings for at least two years.' Already in production is the debut solo album by Alan Tam. lead singer with the Wynners, one of the most popular groups in Southeast Asia. who have made a name for themselves with their English recordings. Tam's album. according to Cheng, will be Canto -disco in flavor. and will also include a Cantonese version of Billy Joel's "My Life.' plus originals by such well-known Cantonese writers as James Wong and Joseph Koo. Cheng reports that most of Poly - dor's artists have been open minded about making this transition from recording in English to recording in Cantonese. They realize that if they wish to sell records in Hong Kong. this is the only way to go." K.K. Wong, creative director of EM (HK) Ltd.. shares Cheng's decision to concentrate on Cantonese material. According w Wong. the first Cantonese album by EM artist r4, Lam, released only two months ago, has already gone gold. "So far. Lam's English albums Sonet, Starbox Join Forces COPENHAGEN -New record company Sonet /Starbox APS began operations here Jan the fruit of a partnership between Sonet /Dansk Grammofon A/S and Starbox APS, two of Denmark's leading independent record companies. Sonet /Starbox will take over all the current activities of Sonet and Starben, and the two labels will continue under one management. Karl- Emil Knudsen is chairman, Johnny Reimar managing director with particular responsibilities for marketing and production, Henning Schaedler general manager and director with particular responsibility for administration and finance. By HANS EBER 1- has,. sold in stn b:otassingls loi. quantities,.. admits Wong "lassever, sac sill cuntinnc to record hint in English sunpls hcc.iuse we know that he lias the talent to succeed in some other part of Southeast Asia. While he believes Polydor has made a sensible marketing move, Paul Ewing, head of WEA's operation in Southeast Asia. has plans for his company to release English recordings as well as Cantonese. " think we have the talent to record English material," says Ewing, and cites WEA's recent signing, the Ramband, as an example. To underline his faith in the band, Ewing plans to have its debut album produced by British session musician and record producer. John Porter. Porter, recently in Singapore to mix the debut WEA album by Heritage. has co- produced or played on albums by such well -established artists as Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music and the Sparks. "The only problem with recording in Cantonese is that the product will only sell in Hong Kong. Sam Hui is the only exception to that rule," says Ewing. "Also, there are not enough good Cantonese songwriters around. With English material at least you can draw from talent in America, Great Britain or even Australia." 1 SMURF PLATNUM -Geir Boerre sen. whose " Smurfeland" LP has sold a reported units in Norway on the db Records label, mounts the winner's rostrum in an Oslo athletic track with some friends who made the LP possible. svourgc u..,..,l 'sound the world. The M1>1- M meeting of industry leaders who form the MC 1979 advisors panel was called by Billboard at the Majestic Hotel here to prepare the agenda for the Monte Carlo meeting. t was unanimously agreed that the number one topic fordiscussiren at MC had to be piracy. Steve Gottlieb, chairman and chief executive of Chappell Music Ltd., U.K., said that research into the possibility of incorporating a signal into recordings to frustrate illegal duplication had proved abortive, and it was generally agreed that measures of this kind are impractical. Siegfried Loch, head of WEA Germany, suggested to the meeting that the piracy discussion at MC 9 should be slanted towards the problem of impressing on politicians and law enforcement agencies the importance of taking firm action against record piracy everywhere. A suggestion that the problem of home duplication on blank tape was probably even more damaging to the industry than that of piracy was put forward by Michael Stewart, president of the nterworld Music Group. Stig Anderson, head of Sweden Music Stockholm, supported this view, noting that in Sweden, a country of just 8 million people. blank tape sales were running at a MAPS 3- PRONGED DRVE RKM Eyes New ntl Alliances BRUSSELS -Following the company's most successful year, RKM managing director Roland Kluger this week announced plans to expand RKM's record, publishing and management activity on a world- wide basis. More territories are releasing RKM product under its own logo and this year will see the company increasingly orienting its production toward records with international potential. Says Kluger: "We have let a number a local artists go in order to concentrate on repertoire which has sales potential around the world." At MDEM last week Kluger was negotiating licensing deals for RKM product with companies in countries where the label has, as yet, no regular outlet, primarily South American territories and Japan. He also chaired a meeting of European, Australian and American licensees in order to introduce new product. notably by guitarist Guy Lukowski. "The signal event of last year as far as RKM is concerned was the 'Plastic explosion,- Kluger says. "Plastic Bertrand, a Belgian artist. made a big impact around the world and unit sales have topped 5 million. 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' has broken in Australia, and Bertrand was named artist of the year by Europe Ni.. during the station's MDEM gala " Since September, RKM has been consolidating its licensing situation and has concluded deals with WEA for Holland: Vogue for France, Belgium and Switzerland; and Hansa for Germany and Austria. The label is handled by Durium in taly and by EM in Spain, while in Scandinavia the company has two acts with CBS and two with Polar Records. "Our aim is to have first option dealewith our own logo in all world territories except the U.K. and the U.S.A. We want the freedom in these markets to deal with various companies." Plastic Bertrand is released in the U.S. by Sire, which will be issuing a French /English version of "Super Cool" in February. Sire is also picking up another Belgian group. Telex, which has recorded a new version of a 20 -yearold song, "Twist A Saint Tropez." originally released by Dick Rivers and the Chats Sauvages. "We are negotiating for the U.S. release of'que Tal America' by Two Man Sound, which has already nvisible 45 LUN DUN -Logo Rc. here continues its offbeat packaging policy. with the release of Strecthand's "One More Thing" in see- through vinyl, with a clear plastic sleeve. li will have no label, track detail, being inscribed in the plastic in the record's center. Logo claims this i. the "first invisible,h l " Nippon Phonogram TOKYO -Nippon Phonogram has acquired five new jazz labels, including Gryphon, which it will use with its own East Wind and Frasco labels and other overseas labels as ammunition in upcoming market forays here. The lirst albums are due out next month. The company's jaz, policy this year calls for more variety in the production of repertoire and more top - quality releases. "We also intend to hold more jazz conventions. which we've been giving a lot of attention to since last year, and make closer contact with stores which are specially affiliated ;19 made the U.K. disco charts," says Kluger. On the publishing side, RKM has finalized representation of the Meisel catalog in Benelux through Fleet Music. "As sub -publishers we are now becoming a Benelux entity.' says Kluger, "with an office in Amsterdam run by Gerda Felleman to handle exploitation in Holland. RKM is the Benelux arm of the United European Publishers group. Last year our publishing turnover increased by 201." n the management area Kluger is planning increased activity as part of a long -term diversification process set to get under way in earnest this year and next RKM already handles the management of Plastic Bertrand and will be contracting more artists over the next two years. "We also intend to install a mini computer in order to track exploitation around the world, supply our artists with data to help them plan concert tours. and so on," says Kluger. Adds Jazz Lines with us." s division manager Masahiko Asakura Perhaps the highest hopes are pinned on Gryphon, the Jazz label established last September by veteran producer Norman Schwartz, who is taking an active role in production work The first releases on Gryphon scheduled fier Feb 25 arc "The Bob Brookmeyer" by the Small Band and "Le Jazz Grand" by Michel Legrand. The oilier four labels now under Nippon Phonogram's wing are Timeless, Panorama, Skye and Daffodil. culussal 411 million units annually. Other topics suggested for inclusion in the M C 9 agenda were digital recording, rights and royalties relating to videograms. Now retailers can help the light against counterfeiting. an exploration of the trading prospects with the Republic of China and the countries of the Eastern Block. the changing patterns of record distribution, and the problem of trans -shipping and parallel imports. Among industry leaders present at the meeting. in addition of those mentioned above, were Gerry Oord, antipiracy coordinator for FP: Stan Gortikov, president of the Recording ndustry Assn. of America: Paul Marks, managing director of ASCAP; Norman Weiser, president of SESAC: Guido Rignano. managing director of Ricordi, taly: Walter Heebner, president of Recorded Treasures nc.. U.S.: attorney Al Schlesinger, also front the U.S., and Sal Chiantis, president of MCA Music. U.S. Evans Takes Anchor Post LONDON -ndustry speculation about the future of Anchor Records here has ended with the appointment of Ken Evans as managing director. taking over the role vacated by an Ralfini. who plans to work in the film business in Hollywood. Anchor's parent. ABC Records. has put in two of its own directors on the board here. Jay Morgenstern (vice president. general manager international operations) and Alan Rowan (vice president, assistant to ABC president Steve Diener). Evans moves up from head of radio/iv public relations. ajob he took over 18 months ago, following a spell as head of programming for Radio Luxembourg. Anchor distribution, also a subject of uncertainty here, is to continue through the CBS network and will be supported by its own telephone sales operation. But further "adjustments" in the Anchor management structure are expected within the next few weeks. JE T'AME, BEETHOVEN PARS -A survey tere shows that 63% of French adults claim to enjoy classical music but it also shows that enthusiasm is by no means matched by knowledge. Favorite composer named is Beethoven (455), followed by Mozart (37' t Chopin (235) and Bach 122'; But 274 of those in the "welike- d.issics" category could not nunc a single composer. Furthermore. those who could, showed little support for French composers: Berlioz 1751 being followed by Ravel 1651 and Debussy 1551 Performers provided similar mental blocks he +unes showed that 155 admired Herbert von Karajan and 135 Roberto Benzt, but two - thirds of those questioned could not name anyone. Of the few who did, Rubinstein (45 1. Maria Callas and Yehudi Menuhin (45 ) and Cziffra 125) were mentioned. Boulez, Bernstein and Samson Francois received only 1 each. Cepyninhiwi malarial

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RCA FB COOL MEDTATON -Third 1VOrkt, sland WP YOU NEEDED ME -Anne MuTray. Capita CL MRRORS -Sally 04Ael4. Bronse BRO THS S T -Dan Haman. Blue Sky WAS MADE FOR DANCN' -Led Gam., Atlantic COULD T BE MAGC -Bury Manlbw. Anse. MUST MLK AND ALCOHOL -Dr. FeOgood, UMW Artists DESRE ME -The Doll. Begged B anquet 8E611 YOU DONT BRNG ME FLOWERS - B rbra S6ehand /Ned Dlemond. CBS LOST MY HEART TO A STARSHP TROOPER -Sarah Brightman/Hot Gossip, Anota Hansa AHA KNG ROCKER- Generation X. Chrysalis THEME FROM SUPERMAN - Soundtrack. Warner Bros. K DON'T HOLD BACK -Canson, Ands Hansa ARO RANNG N MY HEART -Leo Sayer. Chrysalis CHS DR WHO -Mankind. Pinnacle PN A TASTE OF AGGRO -Barron Knights. Epic ETC EVERY NGHT, Pho.W Snow, CBS DO YOU THNK FM 5(X94 -Rod Stewart. Rm JE SUS MUSC -Corona. CBS N THE BUSH -Muss.. CBS SRDANCEALOT -0ympk Runners, Potydor POSP SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THNG - Peaclw 6 Hero. Poly HEAT OF THE BEAT -Roy Aron. Poydor POSP 16 M 55 TAKE ON THE WORLD -Judas Pnersl. CBS 6915 OS 56 EQUNO8E n S-lean MAMO Ha.n, PolyAH PO GOT MY MND MADE UP- nstant FONT DANCE (DSCO NEAT)- SyMt.. Fantasy ETC WHEN TM AWAY FROM YOU- Fran. Mi., Chrysalis CHS ALWAYS AND FOREVER /MND BLOWNG DECSONS -Heal... GTO G TOMMY GUN -CBS NEW OUTDOOR MNER -WA. Hanes, HAR BABY -Rachel Swwt 50N BUY SHOOTNG STAR -Ddlu, EM WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY - Manhattan Transfer. Atterdk K SS 45 GREASED UGH1N1/1G -)Olin Trrrolls, M4song nternational POSP NEW CONTACT -Edlen Slur, 20th Century BTC NEW RADOACTVE -Gene Simmons, Casablanca UN 134 s8 52 ELO EP.- Electric Ugh, On646a. Jet ELP SHOOT ME SHOOT ME -Tesh. Thomas, Atlamk LV NSTANT REPLAY -Dan Hardman. 8tue Sky CREAM (ALWAYS RSES TO THE TOP -Gregg Diamond/Bank Boogie. Polydor POSP NEW MAY THE SUN SHNE -Nazareth (Morn., NAZ 003) QUE TAL AMERCA -Toro Mon Sound. Miracle M HOW YOU GONNA SEE ME NOW- Ake Cooper. Warner Bros K RVERS OF BABYLON, BROWN GRL N THE RNG -Bomy M, Atlantic Hansa K NEW DOCTOR DOCTOR, UFO, Chrysalis CNS NEW TOGETHER WE ARE BEAUTFUL - Steve Mlan. Gnon CR FOUR STRONG WNDS -Ned Young, Reprise K NEW (OUR LOVE) DON'T THROW T ALL AWAY -Andy GRD (ASO 26) SX MLLON STEPS -Ranh) Harris and Fo, Mercury HANGNG ON THE TELEPHONE - R... Chrysalis CHS THE UST FAREWELL-Manna Band O TM Arlo Royal. BBC RESL NEW YORK NEW YORK -Gerard Kenny. RCA PB NEW EVERY WHCH WAY BUT LOOSE - EdOe RAAb1L Elektra K S PROMSES- Buucocks. Umhed Artists UP This last Week Wend LPs 3 DON'T WALK BOOGE -Various. EM EMTV 13 (E) 2 NEW ARMED FORGES-D. Costello and The Attractions. Radar RAD 14! 3 9 PARALLEL UNES -Bonde. (MNhaal Chapman). Chrysalis COL 1192 (F) 4 4 GREATEST HTS- Showaddy ddy (MNU Kum /Showaddywaddy). Lose. ARTY 1 (F 5 3 SNGLES CaryOilers. RAM MALT (C) 6 7 GREASE-0,41.1, RSO R F) 7 5 NGHTLGHT TO VENUS -86ney M (Frank (Farlan) Atlantic /Hansa K no a 16 THE BEST OF EARTH, WND L FRE VOL 1 -faon, Wind L Fire, CBS A SNGLE MAN -Elton John (Elton John /Clive Franke), Rocket Train 1 (F) ACTON FEPUY- Various, K.lel NE 10401K BLONDES HAVE MORE NN -Rod Stewed (Tom Dowdd) Roo RVLP 8(W) 12 6 WNGS GREATEST -Wings (P/A McCartney) Parlophone PCTC 256 (E) NEW BOOTS AND PANTES -an Duty and The Blackheads (P Jenner/hurle Latham /R. Walton) SON SEEO WAR OF THE WORLDS -Jett Wayne's Muskat V.nbn, CBS 9600 (C) S GOLDEN GREATS -Dons Day. Warwick PR 50531M EQUNOXE -lean Michel Jane (Jean Mlehel lam( Poyder POLD E EVEN NOW -Barry Menlo.. Roy Dante/Barry ManKOw), A.ta 1047 (Fl OUT OF. THE BLUE -EJ orle Light Orchestra, NN Lynn/. Jet JETDP 400 C 19 S YOU DON'T BRNG ME FLOWERS - Ned M.O. (Bob Gaudio) CBS C) EMOTONS -Venous, K Tel NE 1 35 (K MDNGHT HUSTLE -Various, K Tel HE 1037 (K) TONC FOR THE TROOPS - Boomrown Role (Robed John Lange) Ensign ENVY 31F) GOLDEN GREATS -. -Nell Diamond ( (MWA EMTY 14 E) GREATEST HTS -Commodore* ( Motown 57ML LE )A72-Q,een Que.n). EM. EMA 788 (El EVEN NOW -Barry Mln /Aw, Roy Drame /Berry Manlbw), Ar /OU 1047 F) GHOST RDERS N THE SKY -Slim WhHman (Alan Warner/S.1i lurnr)u.. Artists UA7V )0202 (E) SATURDAY NGHT FEVER- RSO F( NGHT GALLERY -.non Knights (Pote langforo) (EPC EPC (Cl LON HEART -Kaki Bush, (Andrew Powell) EM EMA 747 (E) GERM FREE ADOESCENTS -Pay 5e.. (Falcon Stuad/X R.y Sp..(, EM NT NS 3023 (El TOTALLY Nla Newton.JOhn (John Farrar., EM EMA 749 (ET BAT OUT OF HELL -Meal Loaf (Todd Rundgren), Epic/Cleveland nt, EPC (C) GVE 'EM ENOUGH ROPE -Clash (Sandy Pearlman), CBS C 35 NEW CRUSN- Village Peopo, Mercury SONGS OF JOY -Harry Secornbe, Warwck WW 5032 M RUMOURS -Fleetwood Mac (F/Mtwood M.0 /Caroal/Dashin) Warner Bros (W) BACKLESS -Erb proton (Gy0n Johns) RSO RSO 5001 (F) CAN'T STAND THE HEAT -Status Quo (Pro W41kms), Vote EF) AMAZNG DARTS -Darts (Tommy Boyce /Richard Hanley). K., Magot DLP 7981 (E MAGES -Don Williams (0O0 WilWms:Garth Funds. KT. NE 1033 K CLASSC ROCK- Lon4on Symphony OKMSen (Jeff Jarra.r0on Reader. ETA ONE 1009 (K) 69 DREAM LOVER -Ant.. Ventura 0.4stn, lotus WM se, 39 PUBLC MAGE -Pubic mage Ltd.. (Public mage Ltd.). Virgin V 2114 (C) TUBULAR BELLS -Mau owned. Virgin V 2001 C BABYLON BY BUS -Barb Merici and the Waders (Chris Blackwell /Jack NuWr) bland 15LD 11 (E) TONER LGHT YEARS- E,ecnc Orchestra, Jet JETBX C) F YOU WANT BLOOD YOU'VE GOT T -AC: CD lvanda/yhung), Atlantic K (W) UVE- Manhattan Transir (Tim Hausr'1Mk. SlegA). Atlantic K N) S 53 FATHER ABRAHAM N SMURFLAND- (Marne Stedman, Frans Ertel.) Dena SMURF (5) LVE AND DANGEROUS -Thin Lrory (Thin Lsaty /Tony Visconti) 440 ( F) NNER SECRETS -Santana, CBS Srl THE BG WHEELS OF MOTOWN- Vrsous. Motown EMTY 12 (F) 511 GREATEST Staey Dan (Gary K4í1) ABC ABCD 616 (C 59 A NEW WORLD RECORD -C.0c UgM Ordres. (Jett Lynne). Jes JETLP 200 (C) JAMES GALWAY PLAYS SONGS FOR ANNE -James GA.y (Ralph Mace1 Red 5441 RE (R) LEO SAYER-. Sayo, Leo Sayer (Rlclurd (Perry') Chrysalis COL 1198 (F) ALL MOD CONS -Jam (Vo Coppersmith Heaven/ POydor POLD 5004 (F) PLASTC LETTERS -Bonde. Chrysalis CHR NEW WELL WELL SAD THE ROCKNG CHAR -Dean irledman, Ulesong LSLP THE ALBUM -Abbe 1B. Anderson/ Uha4ut1 Epic EPC (C 41 THAT'S LFE -Sham 69 (linty Peorsay /Peler Wilson) Poydor POLO 5010 (F) THE KCK NSDE -Kate Bush. (Andrew Powell) EM EMC 3223 (E) N-141 T.,. Coh Arbor /Airs Sadkln) sten0 LPS 9564 (E) THE SCREAM -Sou.. and The Rms.. (Steve Ulywhtle/ Sour. and the Banshees). PdYdr 5009 (F) ELVS 40 GREATEST -EM. Presley, RCA PL (R) EVERGREEN -Acker BAL (Terry Brown) Warw.A PW 5045 M 69 NEW THE STRANGER -Billy loll. CBS NEW NEVER MND THE BOLLOCK -S. PHds. Virgin V BOTH SDES -Dolly Parton (Various) Lotus WN 5006 (K) BOOGE FEVER -Vrbus, Ronco RTL Rh SANDY -Joan Tranita, (Vrbua) Poly. POLO NEW AND THEN THERE WERE THREE - Genesh, Choima COS THE REST OF JASPER GARROTT- aspr. Garrott DM DE Trole Wai JAPAN (Courtesy of MUSK labo. nc ) As Of 1, tot...gin 1 GANOARA- Godeo (C hum.) 2 CHAMPON- tan (E lores., Tedd.EMH 3 CHAMELEON ARMY -Rnk lado (VAw) 4 SAGA -TwH (AardoaA) 5 AOBAJCSKOUTA- Munayulu Sato (King) 6 H TABDACH- Momoo Yamaguchi (CBS /Sony) 7 MUSOU.- Hiroshi Madona Mr..) YUM.TOYO- M.. (Paam/Crown) 9 0SCT51.3NO.NAKADE- CMharu Matsuyama (F) 10 MONKEY MAGC- Godego (Columba) 11 KBUNSHDADE SEMEMANDE- Soul. ern Mi Stas mnnta.m/vkkir) SHUNKYOKU -coro Noguchl 1Poydor) 13 MZURO.NO.AME- ejunko Tagaml (Disco) 14 HER0 -Kal-Band (Esprest /TosnUa.EMQ 15 KYAGUN-NO-HARU- Masao Son (Mlnoruphone) 16 HARUKANARU KOBTE- HdeA Sallo (RCA) 17 h1000em1.nkk -ke 54ka616ara (Columbia) 18 Y.M.C.A -Wluge People (Casablanca) 19 CHJO NO.K MlroTO Go (CBs/ Sony) 20 MSTER', NLE -Sandy O'Neil (East World) This Week TALY (Courtesy of Germano RusAdto) As 011/16/19 SNGLES 1 UNA DONNA PLR AMGO -Lucb Batt. (Numero UnoRCA) 2 SUMMER NGHTS -J. TnvoRd 6 NoWOn John (RSO- Phonogram) 3 GREASE -Frankie V. (RSO- Phonogram) 4 METEOR MAN -Dee D Jackson (Dumm) 5 LE FREAK -Chic (Atlantic CGOMM 6 PENSAM-Julb glesias (CBS.CGDMM) 7 DEDCATO-Loredaru Bern CGOMM) O SBRULNO -Sahn Mondelle (CGOMM) 9 TRANGOLO- Rerut000 o (RCA) 10 YOU'RE THE ONE THAT WANT -7 Traeo0a 6 O. Nrtwlon.John (R50- Monogram) 11 ANNA -Miguel Bose CBSGGDMM) 12 CAO -Popo (Baby R000rds) 13 S BUONASERA -Renato Rasta (CBS CGDMM) 14 TOO MUCH TO HEAVEN -Bea Gee. (K1.6087am) 15 WOOBNDA -Zan L L. M. Verdl (Cella/ F. 1/CoNo) This Wale HOLLAND As 01 1/25,9 SNGLES 1 Y M.CA Pea. (Pndlpa) 2 PARADSE BY THE DASHBOARD UGHT- Mut Lce11Epk) 3 DON'T LOOK RACK -Pete. Toth, Mick Jagger. (Rolling Stones Records) 4 STUMBUN' N -Sane Quatro L Chers Norman (1100) 5 LE FREAK -Chic (Atlentk) 6 SONG FOR GUY -Elton Jobo 1ROcke0 7 A LTTLE MORE LOVE -O,ria Newt. John (.11 8 BLAME T ON THE BOOGE -Jackson CBS) 9 DA YA THNK FM SEXY -Rod Stewart O Ti. (Werner Bros) NOW YOU GONNA SEE ME NOW -Abce Coo. (Wanes Bros.) LPs Wwk BAT OUT OF HELL -Meal foal (Ep.) 2 CHA CHA-Herman Brood 6 Wad Romance 3 BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN -Rod Slaves Men. Bros.) 4 TOTALLY HOT NewlonJobn (EMT 5 BACK TO '74- Gruppo Spotted Anolal 6 CRUSN'- Vlllago People (PMlga) 7 GREASE- OngAU SouHMrack RSO 8 NNA HAGEN BAND -Nina Hagen Band (CBS) 9 11)8 CROOTSTE SUCCESSEN- Fre00y Quinn (Polylot) 10 BUSH DOCTOR -Pete. Tos, (Rolling Stone Records) This Wei BELGUM As M 1 25'79 SNGLES 1 Y M C.0-000g People (CeYMMU 2 PARADSE gal THE DASHBOARD LGHT - Mut Lal (COS) 3 OA YA THNK rat SEXY -Roo Stewart (WEA) 4 A LTTLE MORE LOVE -OOHo Newton John (EM) 5 LE FREAK -Cok WEA 6 BLAME T ON THE BOOGE- lacksons (CBS) 7 TROJAN HORSE -lao Phorograml MUCH HEAVEN -Bee Cwt 1115y0p) 9 STUMBLN' N -Saale Quabo L am Norman (EM) 10 CALVN' UP DVN' N -Three Deg.* (Ark.) LPs This Week 1 BAT OUT OF HELL -Meat lwl (Cl/51 2 BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN -Rod Ste.all (WEA) 3 CRUSN' -WRage Poops (Phonogram) 4 TOTALLY NOT -Oliva Newlon.John (EM) 5 CHA CHA- Nennen Brood And Ms Wad Romance (ASOa) 6 THE.10EA HT SNGLES -Venous ANSta (Ante) 7 YOU DON'T BRNG ME FLOWERS -NO Diamond CBS B GREASE -John Traoob, OAw Newton - John (Poydp) POP'WORLD -Nilaus Mists (K Tel) 10 JAll -Queen TOh) This Week SOUTH AFRCA ( M sonny. Ra4e) 1 MARYS ROY CHLD --Born', M (Galba) 2 KSS YOU ALL OVER -Eolo (EMBrL) PMo, Sua L Music 162ß10 4 THE Y.M.CA -Voyage People (EMß06) S PLACE N YOUR HEART- Naaarefh (TMUe) 6 HELLO LOVE YOU -Crystal Gayle (RPM) 7 THREE TMES A LADY- Comm/0orö RW Rec. Co.) 8 ONE FOR YOU, ONE FOR ME -La V.. (Galla) 9 BREAK T TO THEM GENTLY -Burtch) Cummbgs (Gall.) 10 NEW YORK GROOVE -Ace Fn.. Real Rec. Co.) Week PORTUGAL (Courtesy of Muslo L Son) SNGLES 1 RECORDAR E VVER -Victor Ewa.. "beat 2 STAVN. AWE -Bee Gee (RSO) 3 YOU'RE THE ONE 114AT WANT-John Tnvolta/OWo Newton -John (RSO) 4 RAPSUTN -Boney M. (Anola) 5 ONE FOR 0O2, ONE FOR ME -la Bonde (Phkpal 6 A MNNA MUSCA-Jose Cd (0.0 7 NGHT FEVER -Bee Goa CANCO PROBDA -Marco Pau. (DAD 9 BCYCLE RACE -Queen (EM) 10 ZUMBA NA CANEG -TOnc. (POlydor) Tha Wei LPs 1 30 SUCESSAS EXPLOSVOS Q NAZARENO -Fro Memoro Da Camara (EM) 3 SATURDAY NGHT FEVER -Soundtrack (150) 4 GREASE- SouMbaca (RSO) 5 STRANGER N TOWN -Bob Sep. (Capita) 6 JAZZ -Queen (DM) 7 VOYAGE -Voyage (Voyage) 8 LAST WALTZ -The Band (Warne. Bros.( 9 LOVE ME AGAN -Flea CooW8 (ALM) 10 STREET LEGAL -Bob OH. (CES) Wonder To Tour Europe With Movie L1\))Ll\ MOO: VS under N plat Luropcan concerts n March. linked olth the premieres of the molle for which has written the alun de.ek, "The Secret Life Of Plants," and the release of that mo1'- e.eore disk -his first LP ln two sears The plan 1s for the Motown slay to perform in Cwations where the film premieres. London s ncluded. Peler Prince. Motown nternational's London -based managing JlreeN:H, h1011ght the RCM's after meetings in Los Angeles with Michael Roshkind, new Motown Records president. replacing Barney Ales He adds that he has the go -ahead to expand the illbete publishing operation n London. "and lake a more aggressive attitude to placing the material." He Continues: "Ware also searching for new U.K. writers but on a very selective basis." lg

79 Canada SYNDCATORS TARGETED Mechanical Rights Agency Steps Up License Activity TORONTO -A growing list of companies here arc getting a subtle jolt as the relatively new Canadian mechanical rights collective flexes its muscle and points the Copyright Act at syndication houses, recording artists and even major labels. The Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA took over the task of collecting mechanical royalties and issuing reproduction licenses m Previously the job had been handled by the Harry Fox Agency out of New York, but it proved to be more of a headache than a bonus for them, notes the Canadian collectives general manager. Cyril Deveroux. The former head of Chappell Music in Toronto. Deveroux says the machinery' and personnel training necwary to issue licenses for and r MARLEY S TELLER By DAVD FARR' 1 make payments lo the 8,111/0 publtshingclients at represents is all in place, and that the assr vi.tlorn 1, now,has ing down offenders. The most recent agreement mode is with Micmac Audio Creators of Montreal, which produces Air Canada's in -flight music programs Several trips have been made to Montreal an the past year, the general manager nforms. to "educate" local record labels about poaching English pop tunes for translation into French without approval, and without paying royalties owed on the records. Now Deveroux and the CMRRA's lawyers are negotiating with syndication houses for an agreement whereby mechanicals are paid on the true number of tape duplications made. "A lot of these corn- sland Banks On Gold TORONTO -sland Canada's national coordinator. Cathy Hahn, hopes to fly to Jamaica late February to present Bob Marley with a certified gold album of "Kayo," a significant event in that it would be a first for Marley anywhere in the world and the first gold album sland has achieved in North America. Hahn says she is awaiting for an audit to apply for the certification. but opines that she is confident that the Marley presentation is on. She intends to make big news out of the event. Backing the success of the album is Hahn's own personal enthusiasm for the reggae form and a growing acceptance of Trenchtown rock in Canada. With Marley's latest -'Babylon By Bus" release enjoying rotation at AOR FM outlets across the country. the national coordinator notes that discotheques are programming more reggae disks than ever before. As an example. she offers Third World's "Journey To Addis," which. she notes. is not a pure disco record by any means" Distribution and marketing of sland product in Canada is handled by RCA and remains this way for another year. The WEA pact in the U.S. has enhanced sland'. image in Canada. however, Hahn says. ncreased airplay is one immediate benefit she sees front the new U.S. arrangement. a trend that is developing from an increased presence on the album charts in the southern market. sland Canada is very close to achieving gold sales on Marley's last studio effort as well, she claims. The label is currently involved in a "Babylon By Bus" radio /print promo - lion involving the Toronto Sun daily and CFNY -FM, which lands a lucky contest winner in Jamaica for one week. Scheduled releases for sland in the next two months include albums by Zap -Pow. a new Jamaican signing; Hi- Tension. a British funk band: Roundtree, a U.S. rhythm and blues band; and nner Circle, a debut album on the label after two reggae outings on Capitol's logo. Artist appearances by John Mar - tyn and Ultravox are both planned at a Toronto club. The Edge, in March. Martyn is scheduled in for three nights between March 8.10, with Ultravox preceding him March 5-7- From The Music Ca itals Of The World TORONTO WEA Canada a readying a malor marketing and promo campaign m support of Strcethtarrs second LP. "Under Heaven, Over Hell" Pro diced by Nazareth's Manny Chadian. Kickoff for release includes an El Mocambo remote broadcast or CHUM -FM Atlantic U S is con fumed to release this poled. t is said that several companies are meeting with U.S chiels to counter CBS's "five year plan" for market domination in Canada. Mike Watson has tell ABA Records retail Oper alwn to return to CBS as an Ontario promotion man. Also pining the company is bred CLQFM music duedor t1ä1 Anderson who ions as artist!,- relations coordinator Ron Newman is gone without explanation as Motown Canada general manager. leaving direc nes coming from Detroit and Gerry Hochberg running the ship without official title Bomb idiot Bob Segarini will have 1,000 copies only of a "rve album on release to radio and press persons later this month The track are culled from a recent CLQ.FM re studio broadcast Same station recently broadcast foe Hall and Continental Drift from The Edge m this city a Regine rumored to be considering opening up "staleot.theart" disco in this market, cum plemenlmg the success of her Montreal loca ron.. Local based Conrad intend Designs. a disco design company. reports negotiations un derway with New York's Stork Club for decor changes May tour dates on Continent Rod Stewart contemplating April& Montreal xebec Disc reports 60,000 phis units sold on the "Slarmanla" double album The Atlantic /France concept work features nu merous superstars from Franco, and Quebec. in cludmg Michel Berger, Diane Dufresne, Nanette Workman and France Gall. CBS regional promo man Dave Deeley re places Don Oates as assistant national sales di rector with Oates taking over the Toronto sates office. t DAVD FARRELL paniec ha 1,,, lire, material across the cunuy and paying ore chanicals on u one -ante ha.r Deverouxsays. "Reproduction ri li i. don't work that way," he adds. Two alleged oltenders that the,agency is currently negotiating with and the producers of Big Counts,, and the Pringle Program, synd is,i i, weekly shows broadcast nation.ll, Both sides of the discussion table are trying to avoid a court confrontation, but syndication people suggest that a ruling in favor of CMRRA would severely jeopardize profitability. Besides which, they argue, they are providing national exposure and promotion which just can't be bought. Beyond these areas, the collective has granted licenses to a number of television variety shows which use prerecorded music as part of their entertainment package and is now chasing down nn -store taped music suppliers for similar purposes. Perhaps the biggest area of work outside of payments is the auditing of statistical records of the record manufacturers. Herein lies the huge sums of monies to be paid out to the recording artists and publishers for records sold or given away for promotion, the mechanical rights. The auditors were given basic training by personnel from the Harry Fox Agency who flew in from New York to supervise in the year. Formed by the Canadian Music Publishers Assn os nh O founding members guaranteeing the finances in the first year, the shares of the agency are held in trust by the Canada Permanent Trust bank, which is responsible for sending out the nominations for the board of directors. Mechanical licenses to the record companies are produced by an MA Basic 4 computer, which also calculates the commission and exchange when printing out the checks payable to U.S. music publishers. The computer is programmed to convert to Canadian funds for addresses in this country. Deveroux claims to have 85% of the U.S. music publishing oper arions represented by the agency and figures an average of 20 new publishers sign for representation every week. Companies working outside the Jurisdiction of CMRRA include the CBS owned April /Blackwood Music publishing company and Morning Music, owned by Boot Records of Toronto. SálSíl'S Salsa Latin Recording xj for the Connoisseur Distributor inquiries invited. LATN PER VENTURE PO Boa OB. Palisades Par, Births Boy,.lawn l odd, to Bruce and Pamela Miller in lais Angeles,Jan. N. Fauter is an umncir und composes. Girl, Urnielle Hansen, to David and Nandi Levy in lus Angeles. Jan. 20. Father is directarr of p at Alexander S. Records. Girl, Rashida Bridget (arbo, to Hank and,lean Cadre last month in Los Angeles. Falser is,january Records artist. Deaths Frank Kelton, 79, music publisher and promoter, in Los Angeles Jan. 20 of a heart attack. His sunivors include his widow, a sun, Kennel!, who produces and promotes records in Nashville, and a grandchild. Bernie Richards, 55. pianist and orchestra leader whose society hand had played for Presidents Eisenhower, Johnson, Kennedy and Ford. Jan. 20 in Lox Angeles. Sunivors include his widow. four sons, two brother, and his mother. Bllb001bonnd Special Survey General News Lifelines John Zatorski, 45 -year veteran with MCA Records in New York, in Newark Jan. 8 in a head -on motor car collision. le joined Decca Records in 1934 and was MCA's office manager in recent years. Joel Goldstein, 32, engineer at New York's Associated Recording Studios, Jan. 9 in New York of a heart attack. le s survived by his widow, Arlene.,lames A. Maguire, 65. pioneer manufacturer representative and owner of J.A. Maguire & Co.. in Peytnsaukect N -1" after a long ill - natss, He was an active member for 38 years of the Electronics Representatives Association. His widow. two sons, a daughter and two grandchildren survive, Marjorie Lawrence. 71, once renowned as an operatic soprano, Jan. 13 in Little Rock. After being stricken with polio in the Australian -born singer continued her carear working from a wheelchair. She is survived by her husband, Dr. 'Thomas King, two brothers and a sister. Billboard SPECAL SURVEY For Week Ending 2/3/79 Floc Lhn LP sin c Copyrignl 1979, Billboard Pubhcatrons. inc No part of nes pu0teal.on may be reproducer stoied in a relrreval system or rae.ivned. in any tom or by any means. elndiin r c mechamcòi photocopying. recording, a otherwise wuveii, iv prior written pe rossron of toe publisher Pus Red MAM (Salsa) THE -Anea. Label i Number (Datrrewtmg Labe) no Web LOS ANGELES (Pop) TTLE-Anea, Ube, A Hander 1061(4..8 tabe0 1 CHARANGA AMERCA 1 VCENTEFERNANDEZ El Sonde 0019 A Pesar de Todo. Carlronics SALSA MAYOR 2 ROCO DURCAL De fro*, luchando. Velvet 8011 Carla a 1 Gabriel. Promo OSCARD'LEON 3 JUAN GABREL TH 20)6 Con Mara., Pronto CONJUNTO UNVERSAL 4 ESTRELLAS DE ORO Jaguar 5036 Amero CHARANGA 76 en 78 5 LA MGRA TR 139 Celts de Tr. Mar!Monsoonal C. CRUZ Y 1, PACHECO 6 CEPLUN Or Un Demo. M Basoue de la China. Odeon TTO PUENTE 7 CAMLO SESTO No Enlre Amigos. Pronto CEU CRUZ /W. COLON 8 LOS POTROS Orar They Could Hare Made Dos Album. Peerles Vata66 9 LUPTA D'ALLESSO 9 CONJUNTO MPACTO lumpue Nonce Volvee Odeon Document Bailable 11.0 RGOR TOVAR?taroesde Ml vida Mirona Melody 10 HECTORLAVOE La Comedia. Farm DMENSON LATNA tremenda Dimenswn. Heiser FANA ALL STARS Spank Fever. Columba PUNTO4 AP CHELO A U n,(wacion de A (linens. Mesad ROBERTO ROENA El Progreso. M LOS POLFACETCOS fi naron Pelse, lain oternabonar 5067 SMAEL MRANDA Saber Stobmiento v Pueeb i anea LOS TGRES DEL NORTE 15 ANDY MONTA NEZ LAD MONGO SANTA MARA Ala Cade Vaya / ORQUESTABRODWAY Pasapode. Coco l71 18 EDDEPALMER The inegenhilg tedie Pamirs. lao e No B. Fama 564 NELSON NED va Conlon. sosa ARMANDO MANZANERO Conlon Salome America LOSE LUS top lids LOS MUECAS Etilos. CYS GRAN COMBO 19 JUAN GABREL En las Vegas. GC OS Espectacular. Pronto J. PACHECO 20 JOAN SABASTAN The Allist FOC 50) Aloud CHARANGA 76 tyre al Roseland. TR LOS FELNOS Estes San Los felinos. Mutara SALSA FEVER 22 JULO GLESAS EH2046 A Mrs 33 Anos, Alhambra BORNCUBA 23 ALDO Y LOS PASTELES VERDES ALHAMBRA Doc* de Oro. Microbe EDDEPALMER 24 CONJUNTO ALFA Coco 141 Juguete Care. Epsden CELA CRUZ 25 LOS HUMLDES A ledos Mrs Amigos. Tice 1423 &silos, Fama

80 80 POPULAR ARTSTS ANDERSON, BLL Ladies Choice LP MCA MCA 3075 BTMCAT CA MCAC 3075 ARPEGGO Let The Music Noy LP POlydur PO 1 BABYS Head First LP Chrysel's CHR 1195 e BASSEY. SHRLEY The Magic s You LP UnnW A.stsuALA BG APPLE BRASS Opus De Metropolis LP Rossi BGHORN Bighorn LPCaumbw JC J 98 BTJGS :796 CAJCT BLOODSTONE Don't Stop LP Motown M7 SO BOOMTOWN RATS A Tonic For Th. Troops lpcolumba JC BT JCA CAJC BROMBERG. DAVD My Own House LP r,nl;nrr c fl BROWN. CHUCK. & SOUL SEARCHERS Bustin' Loose LP MCA SOR s SORT CA SORC 3076,798 BROWN. JAMES Tek. A Look At Those Cakes LP Pardm PD1b18 :7 96 BROWNSVLLE Air Special LP Epic JE JEÁ CAJST BURNETTE. BLLY Billy Burnet. a LP PoVdo, PO Q BUSSEY, GEORGE. EXPERENCE o Disco EKtrsvagann Phase E l LP Atlantis SD $ T TP J CAC is CAMEL m Breathleós LP Arista A CHARD Ole Ole LP Salol SA BTS Q CA SC8515 l 98 D CHEAP TRCK C At Budokan m LP Elx JE W 8t 1E LL CA JET COASTERS Cossu. LP 54.PCar1MS PL P CONNFF. RAY Ray Conniff Ploys the Bs Gees & Other Great Hits LP Colmbo 1C s l 98 RTJCA35659 s 98 CA JCT COOLDGE. RTA. see Kris KristoRerson COSTELLO, ELVS Armed Force. LPColumbu JC R17JCA GJCT CRAMER. FLOYD Super Hits LP HL TÁ CA AHK CREME D'COCOA Funked Up LP Venture V CREME. LOL. & KEVN GOOLEY LP Pplyrlor PDl 5177 t198 DAVS. JOHN, & THE MONSTER ORCHESTRA Ain't That E.wuph For You LPCOumb,a JC JCA CAJCT OEMAN. MAX. BAND Take t To The Mas LP RCA AF 1// B7Á155 32/ CA AFK/ 12/ DENVER. JOHN John Denver LP el A CA AOK1.75 s89fl DSCO BOOGE. v.2 Love Commit... Silvettl. Holloway, etc. LPSHSOU :' /i 5798 DOOBE BROTHERS Minute By Minute LP W r 1193, DUPREE. CORNELL Shadow Dancing LP M5(, ] DUTCH COVE OLD TME STRNG BAND Sycamore Tea LP lune,...o 7A1i:'i 7600 ENO. BRAN Music For Filma LP A66, A New LP/Tope Reoses This 11111ng of new LP /Tape releases s deslgnod to enable retailers and radio programmers to be up- to.the.m nute on available new product. The following configuration abbreviations are used: LP- album; 8T -8 -rack cartridge; CA- tasselle; OL- quadraphonic album; 08 quadraphonic 8 -rack cartridge. Mulliple records and /or lapes n a set appear MOM brackets following the manufacturer number. Tape duplicator] marketers appear wllhln parentheses following he tape manufacturer number, where applicable THE FABULOUS POODLES Mirror Stars LP 1, JE T JEA sl98 CA./L ,798 FARAGHER BROTHERS Open Your Eyes LPP6161,,r PÚ161,,,' s 91 FFTH DMENSON High On Sunshine lpm666s1,7,a ,798 FLEMNG. JOY The Final Thong PA's.. SD BT M GCS GAYE. MARVN Here, My Dear LP r.rn, 11641]217, GAYNOR. GLORA Love Tracks LP Posals9 PO s 7 98 GCHY DAN'S BEACHWOOD R9 Gichy Dan's Beachwood a 9 LPRCA Art BT AFS :938 '.798 CA Ars GOLD. JM Hometown Hero LP 1., BT J1Á $798 CÁ1/ s7 Se G000 RATS Birth Comos To Us All LP P,s41P GRAHAM. ADDLE Been A Long Time Trawling LP June App41JA GRAY. DOBLE Midnight Diamond LP n6n,ty NF9001 /798 GREEN. AL Truth N' Time LP H. HP HARVEST, BARCLAY JAMES BarctayJams Harvest X LPPoloo, POt bl l3 5) 98 HASSELL. JON Earthquake sland LP 1o141010M 7019,798 HEAD EAST Head East Live P ,998 HOARY Just Bofors After Hours LP Columba JC BT JCA JC HORTON. WALTER Fine Cuts LP 136ná Pg8P.678 $698 HOT CHOCOLATE Every l's A Winner LP nfinity NSTANT FUNK nstant Funk SÁ BT WSCES. $798 JADE WARROR Way of The Sun LPAntias ÁN JAM Ali Mod Cons tppolydo,pd JAMES. RCK "Bustin' Out of L Seven LPrtxds G JARRE. JEAN MCHEL Eqqumos. LPPolydm P $, 98 JEFFERSON STARSHP Gold LP room $ $898 1 C.A 81K JOHNSON. DANNY ntroducing Danny Johnson 1.1,771 Art. x47117 $698 KAZEE. BUELL 8.11 Kama LPJune ApP.11.1A0119 M1601 KRSTOFFERSON. KRS. & RTA COOLDGE Natural Act LP Á6M SP4691J LEMON Eamon LPPrulu0o P81171ó1 LBERACE The Best 01 The Classics LP/70 fat. LYNN. LORETTA We've ComoA Long Way. Baby tl9f1 LP MCA ]ACA 10,1 s! 9H BT MCA$ CA MCAT t! Vq LYNX Sneak Attack l s avi nv 60',11 MACK. JMME On The Corner LP Sst hoe 81, '18 871P/ CA, MARLEY. BOB. & THE WALERS Babylon. By B. 1,1 Cil' $17118 MATHS. JOHNNY Tho Best Days of My Life LP r-olumbtiljl $198 MCA t98 i: CA JC77,49 $ MAURAT. PAUL. PLUS Owns.. Coll LP M,vl Wr S8M s /9R McCOY. CHARLE Appolachren Fever LP M.N,.,n,rru MG7h McDOWELL. RONNE Live At The F. LP S, ord' ", tit MELANE Ballroom 5tra015 l P omn,n 1011,19003 MDNGHT RHYTHM Midnight Rhythm LP B T P N CAC s /')N MLLER. MARY K Handcuffed To A Heinache P lnrr1711p 100., MONEY. EDDE Ole For The Taking! lpc cambia JC BT JCA CA (' MORODER. GORGO Music From "Ba,tlestar Gal.ctica" & Other Original Compositions LP tavrw,nr_r.1.p/ MOTOWN SOUNDS Space Dance LP Motown M NAZARETH No Mean City LP Á6M SW NELSON. WLLE Sweet Memories LP RCAANL STA $7 98 CA $7 98 NO SLACK No Slack LP Messwy 5RM NO WAVE Squsm. Pollee. suing". etc. LP Á6M SP OLSSON. NGEL Nigel LP 8acg J T J2Á36792 /798 CA JZT LE PAMPLEMOUSSE Seat Magic LwP 7vl Áv6605] PARK. JAN. BAND The Jan Park Band LPCaumb,a Ai BTJCA CAJCT PARLAMENT Motor Booty Affair LPf sabianrt.lp 7125 /798 PEARSON DANNY Barry White Presents Mr Danny Pearson LP Unlursiwd 57kí ,1 t /98 STJ CA PHLLPS. ANTHONY Private Parts & Precee LP WC 7905 PLANK ROAD STRNG BAND Plank Road LP7sne JAW 5 Sri 00 RAFFERTY. GERRY Garry Rafferty LP V rsa 7005 ROBERT. RORY. & RCKY Robin. Rory Ricky LP Cre a Crop 7957 RUFUS Numbers loaecaa1090 '.798 RUSH. OTS So Many Roads LP DH,nw : 198 SANDS. EVL Sups m d1an9im at.on 5798 Ár CA A, 2943 ',7 98 SDE EFFECT Rainbow Visions LP 7.4r., F '18 SSTER SLEDGE We Are Family lp CM46,x 51(19 ;798 et 1r /98 CA 5109 ;791 SMATHERS. LUKE. STRNG BAND Mountain Swing LP Jmlr Appal JÁ17: SMTH. LONNE cmeha' LP111(9J SPRNGFELD. DUSTY Living Without Your Love LP Un. u:d Annn UAU1936H 1798 STARFRE Mincing & Singing For You 0Á A STEVENS. CAT Bock To Earth 1P AAA P41,. 57 0(1 STEWART ROD Blondos Ham Moro Fun T CONNECTON T Connection TANNER, MARK, BAND No Emape LP EkSA Asdoin M169 s TEX, JOE He Who s Without Funk Ces, Thn Fust Stone LP 17w / 98 THOMAS. TASHA Tasha Thomas LP Alunor SC/ T P CA CS TONTO K. Life in the Feodehain LP Ep,c JE BT JEA CA JET TRLLON Trillion LPL, JE BT JEA CA LE TRUMPH Rock & Roil Machine LP HCA Art TURNER. JOE Everyday Have The Blues LPP CA TYLER. BONNE Diamond Cut LP RCA Af CA MK 1 "3072 UFO Strangers n The Night LP Chr, C/ , VALENTNE BROTHERS The Valentine Brothers LP MCA SOP , /0 CA VOYAGE Fry Away LP M4,6n WAGONER. PORTER Today LP RCA 4H T ÁH CAAHK $790 s/ ) 98 s) 99 5B : WATERS. MUDDY Muddy "Mississippi" Waters Live lp &tae SSr JZ BTJCA CA JZT WLD FANTASY Jungle Drums LP Mxf v,n9lne M$i 0U f WLSON. TMOTHY Timothy Wilson lp H6l WTHERS. BLL 'Bout Love LP Co mbo JC B TJCA CA JCT WONDER BAND Swrwayy to Love LP ALSO SD etrpl131+1 CACS YANKEES High and nside LP Bq Soule BSLP03 / LAGER. MCHAEL Lila': A Party LPL.9,mb,a JC BTJCA35771 CA 1C JAZZ ART ENSEMBLE OF CHCAGO Live At Mandel Hall LP 0r97.4' DS :! 98,798 :/ 99 s / s 1 98 $798 s7 98 AYERS. ROY. & WAYNE HENDERSON Step nto Our Life LP Pa ydo, PO B ARONE. BURG HAR DT ORCHESTRA Minden Switzerland LP Chu mwry DS BERRY. BLL Shortcake LPConwrd J47,CJ75 s 7 98 BOLDEN, WALT Walt Roden LPN... r1z $798 8T11Á CAJZT BREWER, TERESA, & EARL HNES We Love You Fats LP Dry l.n lv, UJR K 1,01,08 BRYANT, RAY. TRO All Blues 01,14, CAS CONNORS. NORMAN Tho Bost of Norman Connors & Friends SP Buddah 80S COWELL. STANLEY Tslkin"Bout Love LP6dary10,5 ' CREEKMORE. TOM Sha s t 1PDia nmry Of. 791 EAVES. HUBERT Esoteric Funk LPl,nr,l,ir 11'1 01.' 17,78 ELDRDGE. ROY D eli's Weil P Vw.,'V 1:511 :790 EVANS. BLL. TRO. leelurino LEE KONTZ & WARNE MARSH Cross Currents P nuu1r1 'P FARMER. ART TM Suntmm Knows Oh.. Lo 1C s FEJJ Live At The Pilgrimage LP Jul Danger GOLDE. DON. 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MACKE New Wine n Old Bonis LP nner C MLESTONE JAZZSTARS n Concert LP Weston M MNGUS. CHARLES Me. Myself An Eye LP Atunhc SD TP CA C58803 s7 98 MORAZ. PATRCK Petrick More: LP Pol.. CA MRAZ. GEORGE. see Roland Hanna MUHAMMAD. LORS You Ain't No Friend 01 Mine lp Fantasy P4566 s7 98 PAUL. LES. TRO Les Paul Trio LP , PETERSON. OSCAR. & TRUMPET KNGS Jousts LPPaWO231081/ 5898 CAK RANBOW Crystal Green LP 'pow Cit C RETURN TO FOREVER Live LP Columba JC G CA JCT ROSS. RANDY Mistral LP Sisxade t SE 0 33C14 SMTH. LONNE LSTON Exotic Mystariea LP Columbo JC T JCA s79tl CA JC TDWELL. GEORGE DENS SOLEE The Secret: a Out TRSTANO. LENNE Domont mo The Maelstrom L P 6lr, C., C600, s > 98 WALDEN NARADA MCHAEL Awakening LP Á11,m,1 Sn 19, BT P 1'1: CÁ FF 98 WAL TON. CEDAR Animation LP C C 1557, BT)CA CA lc s ) WEBSTER. BEN galled: LPVenr Yí WLLAMS. MARY LOU My Mama Pinned Rose On Me LP Pablo CAK WOODS, CHRS Modus Operandi LP Delman, OS./ THEATRE /FLMS /TV BATTLESTAR GALÁCTCA The Saga of featuring the original cast LP MCA MCA T MCAT CA MCAC CALFORNA SUTE Original Soundtrack LP CaumW J TJSA CAJST 3572/ 1898 EVERY WHCH WAY BUT LOOSE Original Soundtrack LP 00945E503 se 98 THE MAGC OF LASSE Original Soundtrack LP Poe, P,r. 755 MOMENT BY MOMENT Original Soundtrack LP PS0 R OLVER'S STORY Original Soundtrack LPABCAA 711/ $798 PARADSE ALLEY Original Soundtrack LP WAWA-5M BT MCAT CA MCAC SUPERMAN Original Soundtrack LP wane] Bros WLD GEESE Original Soundtrack LPA6MSP4730 CLASSCAL 18 9e BACH. JOHANN SEBASTAN Goldberg Variatnoo. Kan Richter LP Afpeste AH Peasant Cantata. Coffee Cantata Conentus Mus,cus Wien Hamoncoun LP A.m Sinfonie: Cooceno Movements from Bach Cantatas ConCenl5s MULYt W,en. Harnoncourt LP Asp.. Aí BEETHOVEN. LUDWG VAN Piano Concerto No 4 in G. Op. 58 Lupu srael Philharmonic Orch Mehta Piano Sonatas No 19 in G. Op 49. No. 1. & No. 20 in G. Op. 49, No. 2. lupu LP LondonCS 7 t OB 7798 Gä57108 L 795 Piano Concerto No. 4 in G. Op. 53 Rosen Symphon,caof London. Morris LP Pears W7PLE Symphony No. 6 (Pastoral) JOChUm, London Sym ph Bich LP AOQHS Symphony No 7 in A. Op. 924 Egmont Eh/suture. Op 84 Berlin Philharmonic Orch Ke,1beM LP 44pek,e A BERLN. RVNG TM Girl on tea Mogan. Coyer: Songs of rving Berlin Morns Bolcom LPRCA.R,ASeolu,l si 99 CA ARK13089 /7913 BRAHMS. JOHANNES Symphony No 2 in 0. OP 73 Berlin Philharmonic Orch Keilbank LP Asoashs AF :6 911 DVORAK. ANTON Gypsy Songs, Brahms Garman Folk Songs Schreier Dunkel LP Aspra A36 4, ELGAR. EDWARD Pomp & Circumstance LP tvrtmbous T HAUFRECHT, HERBERT Symphony For Bras & Timpani Anim Ensemble Society O New Yak Kanisrcl Maurer's' Ana For Orchestra. Hamburg Symph Orchs Balch Huss Landscapes For Brass Oumtol Western Bass Gumtat LP CR HELPS. ROBERT Gossamer Noon. Beardslee Amencen Composers Orchestra Scholle, Console Odeona AmeccanComposers Orchestra SeCchie, LP CRSD 384 HUMPERDNCK, ENGELBERT Hansel & Getal Popp Fassblender Borry Haman. Schlemm Gruborova. Burrower. Vnnw Phrth Orch Solt. LP bream OSA S 99 HUSA. KAREL Sonata For Violin ()hyena Ow, LP GenoOin GS 0í KHACHATJRAN, ARAM Violin Concerto. Gtazounov: Violin Concert o in A. Op. 82 Fodor London Symphony Orch Meta LP RCA awl Seer A$L,3954 -í79e

81 81 New LP /Tape Releases KOUSSEVTZKV. SERGE COrlcerto For Double Bass Karr. Oslo Phtlh Antorenr 7 Cowell Hymn &Fugteng Tune Na 2' PRton Concenu For Strmg Quartet VVnd nstruments & Percussion LP CR SO LALO. EDOUARO Symphonie Esmonols / Saint- Saone. ntroduction and Rondo Caprimioso Kulka. Pouah RodloSymp Orch. Kad LP nseelle LEONCAVALLO RUGGERO Psglisati Pavanam. From, Waxen Nor t Prat Orch Patent., Mascagni Cavalier's Rushee.. Pavarotti, Verady. Cappuca9,. Nat 1 PM Oren.. Gavauem LPl.ondon LEWS, PETER TOO Signs and Circuits Columbia Slang Quartet. et M Rocs Pete for Cello Prano end Electra. Tape. Events Three Songs: Wells. Chamberlain Dougherty et al LPCR MACHAUT. GULLAUME DE Le FortteimArnoure.Sse Music For A While Klums LP th Recodl S t MOZART. WOLFGANG AMADEUS Concertas For Flute (Complet.) Veste'. Moran Ensemble Amsterdam BnSQgen LP ABC Gene 4X Concertos For Piano No. 25 in C & No. 27 in D -fiel K 595 de Lanocha. London Ph,lh Orch Solo LP Loon London CS Eine Kleine Nachtmesik, Divertimento Colkg,um Aureum LPChe nessence PMC7087 Essuldd, Jubila[. & Concert Arias Blegen, Zukerman LPColumtaa M GMT cosset No. 14 in G. K.387/ Haydn: Quartet No. 74 in G. Op. 74. No. 3 Alban Berg Ounne1 LPA.pokln AF MUSSORGSKY, MODEST Picturaat An Exhibition Philip Jones Bross Ensemble LP Argo 2RG CA K Songs & Dances of Deeth The "Sunless'- Cycle; King Saul. Song of The Flea Nestoronko LP Meted,yo- CNumbq PROKOFEV, SERGE Symphony No. 5 in B -let. Op. 100 Cleveland Orch Mod/o1 LP London CS PUCCN. GACOMO Madame Butterfly Scotto. Domlogo. W,OO. lin,ghi. Andr0011, P1,ha1nlon1, Mooml GColumbu M-, ROREM. NED A Gusher Raeder Rotent LP CR Sö 98 ROSSN, GOACCHNO Overture Album New yak Ph,lh Bornstein Cleveland Orch Szell LPCdumine MG35187, SBELUS. JEAN Seven Symphonies LP venam S0 STRAVNSKY, GOR The Rite of Spnng London Symphony Orch Mata LP R. Roo Sea, ARl l GARK TCHAKOVSKY, PETER. LYTCH 1812 Overture; Capriccio talien; Marche Slave Dermot Symphony. Dumb LP Landon C., Sorokin. Nesterenko. Adass, Marurok. Bolsho, Thearre, Cosier LP MOodM' Wlumbq 1A The Samna. Op. 37. Cherkassov, USSR Symph Orch Svel0nov LP MNOdm,Corumbq MG The Si. Symphonies Los Angeles Phdharmomca. Mohia LP London CSP t CACSP The Sleeping Beauty Notional Philharmonic 0,011 Bonynge LP...GSA CACSA ) Symphony No. 1 n G. Op. 13: "Winter Dreams" Pleladolphre orchestra Ormandy LP RCA Red Sml AR GARK CLASSCAL COLLECTONS MELNG. ELLY Souvenir., /Bsldwtn LPCMUmbn THE BALLET ALBUM N ow York Phtlh.. Mttropoulos. Bernstein, Philadelphia Orch., Ormandy. Columbia Symph. Orch.. Stravinsky LPColumb,o M1/351 ßB( BAUMANN, HERMANN Horne. Haydn. Rosotti, Handal LP Aepelte ARO BRUGGEN. FRANS B aroque Recorder Music, v.1 LP Ayssk,e ARö Baroque Recorder Music. v 2 LP&spare AH Baroque Record2Music.,' v.3 LP BUCHNDER. RUDOLF Piano: Beathoven, Haydn LP Armekle A CABALLE. MONTSERRAT Spenteh Songs LP London OS CHAPUS, MCHEL Organ Works LP AsandeOR CONCENTUS MUSCUS WEN Concertos in Concert LP ASpokle AR CURTAN RASERS (TM World's Favorite Overtures) New York Phil... Bernstein, Philadelphia Orch. Ormandy., Cleveland Orch., Stell LPCOlumbel MG DOMNGO. PLACD. see Renata Scotto ENGLSH CHAMBER ORCH English Orheeatra. w /Garcia LPCWOnten M ENTREMONT, PHLPPE Playa Piano Favorites LPG/don/nn MG ell 98 GALWAY. JAMES Annie'. Song and Other Galway Favorites LP RCA R.d Sml ARS N9 81 A / 9H CA ARk l / 911 JONES. PHLP. BRASS ENSEMBLE Fanfare PA/a/LAG H/ LEONHARDT. GUSTAV Baroque Festival Concert LP A,peklc A. :1.156 eh 9H LEWENTHAL, RAYMOND The Romantic Pteno. w/ London Symph. Orch. LPColumbm 41G351ß312, 1898 MARKS, ALAN Boulez Premiere Sonate / Sessions. Second Piano Sams./ Chavez: Cisco Capschos Para Piano LPCM MERTENS. THEO. & CONCERTO AMSTERDAM Virtuoso Trumpet LP Aspens ARB RCHTER. KARL Marien Organ at Ottobeuren LP Aspekte A SCOTTO. RENATA. & PLACDO DOMNGO Sinty Rornlantic Opera Dusu CA M73513M r7ß8 G MT35135 SONGFEST Bernstein, National Symph. LP OG STORCK. HELGA. & KLAUS STORCK Sonatas for Harp And Cello: Sphoe. Dupon, Romberg LP A,yO,e AH TOMTA The Bermuda Triangle LP RCAARL T AR G 4R S798 VAROUS ARTSTS Fruhklasslk Guano. Haydn, D1lterador. LP Annekle A ö 98 VAROUS ARTSTS The Mimetic Percy Grainger Piano Ro11 (1919) LP RCA RW5wM VONSTADE, FREDERCA Sorg Rocttal lpculub,a M35177 : / 98 CA WAVERLY CONSORT Welcome Sweet Pleasure Music of England's Golden Age CAMT3SteaM GMT SPOKEN WORD AHMED DR. BRAHM The Story of King Tutankhsmun- El Mslakh LP Argo ZNF AMBROSAN CHOR & PLAYERS Sing Children Sing Songs of the British sles LP Ceedmnn TC BBC PRODUCTON TM Cruel Sea -Massenet LP Coodmon TC BLOOM. CLARE Chronicl.sol Neeeia Prince Caspian -Lewis LP Cadman TC BOND. MCHAEL Paddington & The Disappearing Trick -Bond LP Cad.. TC BURTON, RCHARD A Personal Anthology LPArpo20SW GKZDSC CLARKE, ARTHUR C. Pounteins of Paradise -Clarke LP Cream, DOTRCE, ROY Scenes from Watership Down - Adams LPArgo2DA GK20AC FERRER, JOSE Lincoln/ Dough. Debates LPCsedmon 1C GRMES. TAMMY When Jenny Lost Her Scarf - Avant! LP Caa,non TC HERBERT, FRANK Battles of Dune- Herben LPC.anon 1C 1601 /798 HLL. GEOFFREY The Poetry & Voice of Geoffrey Hill LP Co,dmo, TC MASON, JAMES Selected Poetry of Catullus LPCneanon T MORENO, RTA Gloosccep & His Magic & Other Legends. Me WsMnski ndians -Hill tc PATON, ALAN Cry, The Beloved Country -Paten LP Ceedmon TC LES PETTS CHANTEURS de SANT LAURENT Sing Children Sing: Songs of France LP Cendmm TC RCHARDSON. AN Tales of King Arthur & His Knights: TM Story of Launcelot -Pyle LP Car.. TC VAROUS ARTSTS UP On The RFleord: Events of 1978 LP Caedmo. TC VONNEGUT, KURT, JR. Breakfast of CMmpions- L Gsedumon TC W LLAMSON, NCOL The Hobbit -Tolkien LP Argo ZPL COMEDY NATONAL LAMPOON National Lampoon Greatest Hits LPVaa 7008 PRYOR, RCHARD Wanted. Live n Concert LPWamer &os Test Poly Sleeves Continued from page 4 MMPr TRPLE CROWN -Donna Summer holds her three awards as favorite female disco vocalist, favorite disco single winner and favorite disco LP winner. AMERCAN WNNERS -The Bee Gees and Barry Manilow backstage at t recent American Music Awards telecast. The Bee Gees won as favorite pop rock group while Manilow won as favorite male pop /rock vocalist. Asian Meet Unfurls Jolly Roger Connrtued fron] page 73 Potential." This will be chaired by Tokugen Yamamato, and the panel will include L.G. Wood: Graham Broughton, managing director of Polygram, New Zealand: Dieter Bliersbach, president of Polygram, Japan: Michael Comerford, director and general manager. EM Malaysia: Paul Turner. managing director of WEA Australia: and Vin - cente Del Rosario, president of Visor Music Corp., Philippines. Among delegates to the Billboard - sponsored conference will be leaders from the music industry's international companies and their regional affiliates, and from those firms operating primarily out of Southeast Asia /Pacific, including Australasia and Japan. f will also be r attended by government officials from the host country. Malaysia, and from other nations in the area. The conference immediately follows the Far East regional meeting of the nternational Federation of Producers of Phonograms and Videograms. at Kuala Lumpur's Regent Hotel, on Feb. 9. and many attending this are staying on to be at the Billboard confab, as speakers, panelists or delegates. The specific program of the first Asia /Pacific Conference is as follows: Friday, Feb. 9. 6:30 p.m. -Cocktail reception. Saturday, Feb. 10, 9 a.m. -Welcome address, Yb Dato Lew Sip Hon, deputy minister of trade and industry. Malaysian government. 9:30 a.m. -Keynote address, Nesuhi Ertegun, president. WEA nternational. 10:30 a.m.-piracy panel. Chairman: Nesuhi Ertegun. Panelists as noted above. 3 p.m.-"doing Business n The Asia /Pacific ndustry." Art Martinez, RCA Records nternational, division vice president. 3:30-5:30 p.m,- Piracy panel continues, panelists as nosed above. Sunday, Feb. L 9 a,m.- Address, Encik Ahmad Sa'adi, deputy secretary general and head of Malaysian govt. copyright commlttec. 9:30 a.m. -Keynote address, Dick Asher. president, CBS Records nternational. 10:30 a.m. -'the mportance Of Global Music /Record Sales To Your Country," Chairman. Dick Asher, panelists as noted. 3 p.m, -Paper delivered by Tokugen Yamamato. director of regional market development (Asia /Pacific) for RCA /RVC Corp. 3:30 p.m.- "Report From New Delhi." L.G. Wood. group director. EM Ltd. 3:50-5:30 p.m.- "Music: A Growth ndustry For The Asia /Pacific Region -ts Potential," Chairman. Tokugen Yamamato, panelists as noted above. Those wishing to attend arc urged to register immediately with Billboard's U.S. or European offices (coupon appears this issue). Registration fee is $275 U.S. Hotel accommodation, which will be reserved by Billboard, is limited, and prospective attendees should advise their requirements as soon as possible. TOP COUNTRY - Crystal Gayle holds her award as favorite female country vocalist. Grammy Party By Chi NARAS CHCAGO -NARAS will screen the Grammy Awards network telecast here at a gala public function to which dozens of local recording acts are invited. The Park West nightclub. with its giant theatre tv projection system, has been rented for the Feb. 15 airing to be followed by disco dancing. Admission is $5. "t's going to be a Hollywood -type premiere with searchlights out front." explains one of the NARAS show producers. "The performing people won't be there in the capacity of performers, but as partygoers." For the Record LOS ANGELLS- A &M's promo - lion, advertising. merchandising and other creative departments will not be affected by the label's new distribution deal with RCA (Billboard. Jan. 27, 1979) as was intimated in last week's story. Changes and layoffs are expected in the sales and accounting departments, where it is reported that 76 employes have been terminated. ing director, because the glue that meshed the paper and the poly would sometimes seep through and mar the record. Low density poly sleeves would stretch and sag. according to Thompson. and would not be strong enough to hold a record. Yet high density sleeves require high density resins, which are not made by U.S. chemical giants like Exxon. Arco - dupont and Union Carbide. They arc, however, available in Europe and Canada, which explains the early jump on the competition made by Toronto -based Custom Converters. The main reason for the interest in poly sleeves is summed up by one of the firm's owners, Don Stagmire. "Paper prices are going up all the time. Polyethylene prices wib be comparable quickly." Stagmire also claims that poly sleeves are lighter and easier to store, with poly sleeves weighing only 25 pounds (compared with 50 for paper) and measuring just six inches when stacked (versus two feet for paper). n addition to these shipping and storing economic factors, Stagmire says plastic sleeves provide better protection for the record. since fibers can't rub off on the vinyl. John Gearhart. who is promoting Custom Converters in the U.S., notes that the equipment used to manufacture paper sleeves is not at this time adaptable to poly. Stuart Andrews Jr., president of Andrews Nunnery Envelope and Paper Corp. in New York, candidly states that his firm began subcontracting this business "to protect our right flank" when Custom Converters started to make noise. WB begin looking into poly sleeves. according to executive vice president Stan Cornvo. because (Continued on page 9f/ idi

82 82 delwa V.7 Album Picks,. Number of LPs reviewed this week 47 Lost week 46 or n , c Copy, rat 19/9 Onoa rd Pubhcatwnc,nc No part canon may be reproduced, staid in a ;hinny. ayarem of trans - mank in any ram a oy any means eeichonin mecnanmal photocopying recording or Melrose without the {WO, whiten per mnvon of re pubnshe /. Billboard SPECAL SURVEY For Week Ending 2/3/79 RCK MMES -Bustin' Out Of L Seven, Gordy (Motown). Produced by Rick James, Art Stewart. lames con mes to pule funk Tradition with his new P Creating a dancing feel. the LP opens with fhe title Track. then switches to an uptempo "High On TOW love Suit" featunng an excel lent percussion arrangement and use of horns via the superb talentsol the Brecher Brothers lames is also quite capable of handling soft ballads as on he drteep Spacer Lone lames' willing and singing talents have resulted in another crammer aal product Best culs: "8usti' Out." "Spacer love.' "Cop 'N' Blow Dealers: Strong popularity should spark sales AMAZNG RHYTHM ACES, ABC hoduced by Jimmy Johnson. The sm man group balances country and rock on its new album. which leatures the Muscle Shoals Horns and loan Baez on backup vocals on one cut ('Homestead n My Heart") The group has only had one big pop hot ('Trod Rate Romance "), but the song selections here, including Al Green's "Love And Happiness should prove strong 15 mate rial The instrumentation a euellent. topped by Russell Smith's guitar and harmonica Best ab: "love And Happiness," "Lipstick Traces.' 'Whispering n The Night,"!Pretty Words," 'The Lonely One' Dealers: Stock pop and country, va"\\r, SOU1 TAVARES -Madam Butterfly, Capitol SW Produced by Bibby Martin. The group mites dacotited rhythm nom bers and exquisitely vocalized ballads on its latest album proving itself os versatile in this regard as Motown's Comma o does The beautiful ballads are the highlights here. thanks to Ct the strong horn, string and rhythm arrangements by Bobby < Martin and Ron Kersey The group's "Mae Than A Woman" mwas featured m the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack, et Pending its recognition base Best rads: "Never Had A Love Like This Before' (The CO single) My Love Calls,' ''m Back For More," 'Let Me Heal at The Bruises" Qy Dialers: 0 The Onental album art is keyed to the title of CC D Country,_ m LL MARVEL FELTS -One Run For The Roses, ABC AR115. Produced y Johnny Mara This well produced LP features Felts power packed emotional eibratto on a wide ranging col lecteart of songs from straight country to kicking tock'n'roll The overall energy a high and the feeling's good. with plenty of percussion to cier things up Best orb: "Everlastin' Love" "Stinin' Up Fretin's," "n The Still Of The Night " Dealers Success at single on charts should provakn nter est and spur sales. 'SUE NELSON -Sweet Memories, RCA Prodicer not Fitted. Nelson's RCA LP seems like an updated pre musty released collection response to Nelson's old classics revitalization in his Columbia 'Stardust" LP Material is mostly ballad oriented as the Nelson style touches on Tamil mar tunes. such as "Everybody's Talkie," "Help Me Make Through The Night' and "Both Sides," in addition to other sell penned efforts Best cub: Will You Remember'." "Both Sides, ""Decem bow Day' Dealers: Nelson has generated an even larget following within the year Stock hearty. 10E SAMPLE- Carmel, ABC * Produced by Wilton Felder, Norbert ' 'Sloe" Hooper, Joe Sample. Sample cantor ues to expand his personal horizon with his latest eiait Opening with the dle Track, Sample takes ynu away with the melodic use of ha acoustic piano and a Latin tinged rhythm section featuring percussionist Paulinho Da Costa Sample. always a Crusader, uses his old friend and partner She Hooper on all the tracks and one can notice that combined tightness on the Rhodes flavored 'Rainy Day n Monterey and "Sunrise" This package comes off strictly professional and should be guile appealing to (alt audiences as well as Crusader tans Best CUTS: "Carmel,' "Rainy Day n Monterey Dealers: n store display should attract wide variety et buyers G Classical 'i y ANNE'S SONG (and other Galway termites> -lame sal. ray, National Philharmonic (Gerhardt), RCA ARL Al. Spotlight BEE GEES -Spurts Having Flown, RSO RS13001 Pro duced by Bee Gees, Karl Richardson, Albhy Galuten. With the unparalleled success of "Saturday Night Fever" sou pled with the successes of its live album and "Children 01 The World.' the Bee Gees are undoubtedly the reign mg champs of contemporary muses in terms of sates and airplay This collection of new studio tunes is perhaps the Gibbs' definitive LP Charged with burning disco flavored melodies, those finely honed lalselto vocals and superb harmonies, the Bee Gees are also assisted by some first tate musicians like guitars! George Terry. Joe Lela on Percussion. Untie Mann on lule, Blue Weaver on piano and the Chicago horn section The album is a mix of beautiful Bee Gee ballads and cooking upbeat tunes that translate lust perfectly on dance floors The Gibbs' No single, "loo Much Heaven," should help propel sales, along with the numerous other singles candidates Best cuts: Too Much Heaven," "Tragedy " "Love You nside Out.' 'Spurts Having Flown' Dealers: The Bee Gees are on a torrid streak Stock accordingly ready a retail smash in Britain, this album is likely to score heavily in the Stales as cell Galway's puckish charm, which has captivated audiences in concert manages to shine Through undimmed on disk His fluent technique and lyric gilt are put to good use in this accessible collection of a dozen tunes, including the John Pence title ballad All in all, a delighlful potpourri of pieces by Villa lobos. Kreisler. Mo tart. Debussy. Bizet and others. plus a traditional hornpipe leatunng the flutist on tin whistle. always a Galway showstop per Pop crossover potential is apparent SCHUBERT: THE COMPUTE SYMPHONES -Kau r, Ben in Philharmonic, Angel SETUP. Few condom's have ven lured to record all eight of Schubert's symphonies, and Kara tan is certainly the most distinguished of that slim fraternity A high interpretive standard is maintained throughout, with an expert sense of pacing lending support in places where Schubect's ideas might slag. and Karatans fiery temperament contributing many stirring moments The orchestral playing o topnotch, though a harness in the recorded sound inhibits total scrutiny mac- ), First Time Around DESMOND CHLD AND ROUGE, Capitol ST Pro- duced by Richard Undo. This lour member New Yak based group a led by vocahsl /keybeardisl Desmond Child and sup ported by three lemale vocalists Each of the culs is Cush coned in lull bodied instrumentalion. many backs containing an rgb Havoc Child shows potential as a songwriter, as his lyrics maintain both an unlaced peek quality as well as SPY eral penetrating hooks The instrumentation is on par with the vocals and wilting Best rafts: Our Love s nsane, "Main Man the Fight" "Lary lore" Dealers: Capitol is mounting,, a malar push THE MAX DEMAN BND -Take t To The Mu, RCA AF Produced by Antic Romfeld, Frank D'Augusta faking its name ham the Herman Her, novel, this rturn li-1 Of-k, hard and metallic throughout This nine song debut and although the beat is very heavy, the lyrics are intriguing The vocals should have been mixed sharper, otherwise the group manages lo kick hard and provide enough of a musical honk to hang rs lyrics on Best cuts: "Through The Eye 01 A Slam,' "Paradise." 'Ravin Such A Good Day" High School Slar" Dealers May m drive, pitch to Bowie Sabbath lams MEDUSA, Columba ( PmMeced by Shy Drinbwa tor, John Lee, Gerry Snore, and Gerry Bonin, the bassist and drummer ul Medusa, are also the head and core M this seven member band None of the musiorti on this group is e novice All the members draw on that fusion, rgb and pop experience But what the band plays is contempo nary risk, with influences ranging from limo Hendrix to Steely Dan to Rufus Strong roots in modern pit and rab, and a solid bottom make for salatying musm The band has two gui JEFFERSON STARSHP -Gold. Grunt BZL13247 (RCA). Produced by Larry Cos. This lavishly packaged greatest hits LP contains selections from the Starship t "Dragon Fly." "Red Octopus." "Spitfire" and 'Earth" LPs n eluded. too. in the package is a 15 with the song. "Light The Sky With rue: which has never appeared on any LP The songs here represent the Airplane,Starship in the most popular phase of its long existence The sound is thick rich and seamless, and the vocal solos and har monies by Gracie Slick and Marty Bacon are without peer The song selection includes the great singles, Meade!, "Play On Love" and "Count On Me ' Best cuts: Those above Dealers: This is a consistent platinum act Gold cover will make striking display lansts and two keyboard players, giving it good scope and depth Best arts: 'Heartburn." "Hot d Love lover," "Second Hand Brain' Dealers: This one a for black and white audiences BERTHS WORRELL-AM The Woo n The World, Arista ÁB4209. Produced by Bernie Worrell, George Clinton. The al bum takes the Parlament,Funkadelic school a step further into the mainstream and introduces vocalattcomposer/key boardrst Worrell to the ranks of today's pop innovators t's a bil excessive al limes, layering strings upon group vocals Punctuated with staccato rhythm backings, but it grows on you Best cuts -Woo Together," "Much Thrust." "Hold On " Dealers: Play instate, pitch to rock and soul tans MM GOLD- Hometown Hem, Tabu (CBS). Pro duced by Mike Theodore, Dennis Cagey. Nice debut loam a singer -songwriter who writes thoughtful lyrics and delivers Them in a pleasant, mellow fashion The country tinged tunes (There are nne al Them) should appeal to rockers as well as progressive country fans since the lyrical content is more sophisticated than the average country ballad A versatile sec' tel provides appropriate backing Best orb: The Dancer," "Storybook Children," "Watch ring The Wald From A Cloud." 'l Remember You " Dealers: Pitch to progressive country tans and mellow rockers BETON McCLAN 6 DESTNY, Poydne P Produced by Frank Wilson. This new female trio comes across as any thing but newcomers, it's totally professional, light knit, ma lure with fantastic vocals Lead singer McClain a capable of lakingon several vocal changes in a single number with abso lute ease There is even a Broadway show type tune here which the ladies handle like veterans There is a mixture of ballads mid and uptempo songs. showing OR (heir versatility nstrumentation is strong, large and effective Best cuts: ' Crary Love," "My Empty Room.' "t Must Be love; God Said. Love Ye One Another " Degas: This group is already developed Proper exposure will make all the ddtererce Billboard's Recommended LPs PoP BONNE TYLER- Dumand Cul, RCA ÁF Produced by Robin Cable, Now* Scelf, Steve Wolfe. Tyler s distinct tough hewn voice is will suited Pd to the sort of laidback, gently raking tunes contained her! There s oust enough el a aove Try influence lo Wain the crossover audience she developed with her single hot, "t'sa Heartache "Arrangements are kepl simple Bea cub: "Louisiana Rain, "Baby M Love You." "My Guns Ate traded." "Wads Can Change Your de " KAAK- Phantom Of The Night.!anus XS7039. Produced by Dennis MacKay, Kayak. A winning combination of upbeat soll rock songs in the Al Stewart and Fleetwood Mac mold and ballads could mean a breakthrough for this British band The live man group. augmented by two female vocalists. along with producer Dennis MacKay produce a clean sound with pleasant melodies Good use of horns and strings Throughout Best cuts: 'Daphne (laurel Tree)," -Keep The Change," 'Ruthless Queen,- "The Poet And The One Man Band' EYE SANDS- Suspended Mimation, ACA AF Pro duced by Michael Stewart, Erie Sands. This is the third LP on singer /songwriter Sands She crate ' Love Making Love To You'), and the first la RCA Sands writes rub influenced pop songs and songs them with soul in a graceful and unassuming manner With top studio musicians helping out the result is solid contemporary soli rock Best cuts: "Get Op "' lady 01 Tile Nrghl" Can't Wart For You BE BOP DELUXE -The Best Of lad The Rest Of Be Bop Dekale, Harvest SKBO1870 (Capitol/. Produced by lar McGmtccl. Any Thomas Baker. Bit Nelson, John Leckie, Nick Mobbs The now defunct 8rdish band's sovenlh American re lease S divided equally between greatest hits and previously unreleased material Revue' one of this two record sel con. tains the best known works by this melodic hard rock act Retard two consists of material originally meant to be re based on the Bowie influenced. electronic "Abaste Elastic" last year All are well done leatunng Bill Nelson's seeing goo tar work Bat air "Sleep feat Burns.' "Ships n The Night." 'Ras Of Light" 'Panic n The Wald THE CBD2- Nothing s Sauced, Casabtoeca! Pto doted by Eric Moose Despee some evidences ot a guff. rough hewn charm, the Godz' second LP consists of rudimen. lory heavy metal instrumentation and embarrassingly hack neyed lyres Lead urger Eric Moore has a strong voice but the other elements camisole to undermine this asset Haever.lhis band toured with Vogel last year and then tandae, especially in that native Midwest. a growing. Bast rarer "Rock Yet Sox And" "714," "He's A Fool " HORSLPS -The Mar Whit Bust America, DM D11121 Pit doted by Steve Kati Thu freeman rish rock group harden Os stance on this new outing Using less Celtic themes ad folk instrumentation, there's more 01 an emphases on mebdg rock tram guitars and drums. Smooth vocal hatmonra also stand out Best cots -'Loneliness." 'Tonight (You're Wtb Mer,'' f t Takes All Night:' "The Man Who Bust Anima." Homesick SEAN DEt.A9EY- Higtrny, Casablanca ?Mead by Sun Delaney, Mile Stone. Kus producer Delaney toms rocker himself on this outing and a assorted by a bevy of tal- Jeff Baxter m electric guitar and pedal steel Delaney has a guff vnootb voice and ha music is atmospheric rock highlighted by stuffs. in tempo and feel lest arts "Welcome To The Cetus,- High On The Liquor 01 love.- 'Baton Rouge r "Ow But Me To The Punch " 'Walk On The Water." "Dreams" TRUMVRATE -A La Carte, Caplet ST Produced by Jurgen Fritz This is a tasty, though somewhat baffling, tot poum of rock styles by the veteran German group. Site ose consols mostly of upbeat numbers with thoughtful lynot e the Supertramp mold Side two cvnsots of darn progresare rock in the ELP tradition, a traditional remake of Beach Boys " badin' " and a Billy Joel influenced song called "Goodbye Best arts "o Ann Walker. "Late Again." 'Waterfall' 'Dv hn,' For You' soul DELLS-Face To Race, ABC M1113. Pmdecad by Al hubs, Calvin Carter. Rudy Nebwn4 be Dells The Dells bane log been amongst the classiest soul balladeers in the busiest but here they also shine on punchy uptempo rób Robtason's arrangements on both the lucky cuts and the stnngtiden ballads are exceptional and should bnng this LP both soul and disco play Best arts: 'Face To Face." 'Mooted Oa lee mg You'' '-Wrapped lip Tight PHYLUS HYMAN -Somewhere le My Wet.e, Anita A14202.Vargas wooers There sa little bitelsootalotd mild dace and more than enough of an MOR Raves to the package d 10 songs Vocalist Hyman performs well on all el them, with production usatance ranging from Lobe to Barry Manila. and tunes ranging from the topical to the tra dilronal (Van Heusen Burke's 'Beres That Rainy Day ") Bed ads 'trying nside Your love ' "has You All Over.' Loam' lot A Levin'' The Answer s You' BLOODSTONE -Don't Shp, Motown MAOMt1. P Mhcid y Minton Manvegee. The tour man group that went top 10 pap in 1973 with the dream like Natural High' does several soft cuts on its new LP, but the highlight a a old. rhythmic Lam. bert b Potter tune. 'it's All Been Said Before' which pal sates and percolates for nearly five minutes Best arts ts All Been Said Before,' "'m lust Doing My lob. 'Darr Slno H's Been A long Trine" FFTH DMENSON -hgh On SeesVe., Malian MA1/A1. Produced by Marc Gordon, Mai Davis. the current lineup in dudes poly two members of the aigmal Filth Dimension - Plotence LaRue Gordon and lamonle McLemore But its stm klutg, effervescent pop soul sound remains remarkably an changed Both ballads and mom midlempo numbers are lee tuned bete with a strong rhythm sedan pacing the (et-nitrnred on wage Rill *thew -Ms error eenataearie raw preartt r M NAY Oro and MO nth tm ricanai Rpewebel it sae a) lia Ò1r! 090MNet Puxr- ycednyed N No hip Wt et No Choi w lw eprrle d Y emecei, rommeodee- pdatm b im fe wail loll d W in MM avenon ni M. romaer, r agas r war *Ob. fa. (tommy lien stet ntrg ire nit kohl Row. WNW G WO can. reuws Dawa Deere, h lid Gran. Ray Hwhate n. M Hoak, Rp Ruby, Roman Rorak. hm NGuMajk prit Rira, to Peer Purdy, OW Twyei. Man neat. Ganta RMt lira Rr1aa e a v

83 titi Her presence is dazzling. On stage, she's commanding. Already, critics have compared her o the great vocalists of our time. When she sings. she can make fou dance... d le you with lier presence and range...or move you to tears. Encore called her' ja-rzv and blues and soulful and just plain god:' And New York's Dai /r :N'es. capping a rave concert review termed her "a bundle of beauty and talent...sweeping New York by storm:. No the full scope of Phyllis Hymans tremendous talent emerges on a brilliant - new album "Somewhere n My Lifetime:' Featuring the smash single. " Somewhere n My Lifetime:' produced by Barry Manilow. Three sizzling tracks produced by B&B hitmaker T. Life. And. a stellar lineup of guest musicians. "Somewhere_ n My Lifetime:' One listen and you'll know.; the singer is...phrllis Hyman. "'Somewhere n My Lifetime:' The incredible new album by Phyllis Hyman. Featuring the smash hit single. "Somewhere n My Lifetime:'.ssiusa Shit, Produced by Barry Manlove b Ron Dante Larry Al,xander rarburoupntor ROlrtlarC 7 Lrfe for Sunbar Rdducllons. nc


85 i1 l11i: l j1 ji i 1111 ill r ll v i iii \ 1 li \ 4 Ì l After all the bullets: Platinum. Ted Nugent."Weekend Warriorsr On Epic Records and Tapes. 1 Produced by Lew Futterman, Cliff Devi. and Tom Warman for The Next City Corporation. Direction: David Krebs and Steve Leber for Leber -Krebs, nc. e. Copyrighted material

86 86 Billbood's Billboard SPECAL SURVEY For Week Ending 2/3/79 Number of singles reviewed this week 90 Lost week 113 single c Coo, Billboard Rubrication, nc NO part or NS ;rubrication may be reproduced aloretl in a reineval ayalem. Or ranemrlaed, in any form or by any means. ekcoonic mecnan,[al pholoco,n, recording. Or therw. WdhOUl the ono/ wfer. permru,on pf the pudrçhor BEE GEES -Tragedy (3:42); producers The Bee Gees, Karl Richardson. Albhy Garden, enters Barry Robin, Maurice Gbh. publisher Slagwood BM RSO RS98 The Bee Gees do it again with this charging pop /disco tune similar in intensity to "Stayin' Alive." Vocal and instrumental hooks abound while the patented Bee Gee falsettos and harmonies are as graceful as ever CHC -1 Want Your Love (3:28); producers Nile Rogers. Bernard Edwards. venters Bernard Edwards, Nile Rogers, publisher Chic /Cotillion BM Atlantic 3557 This quintet lot lows strongly on the heels of the smash "Le freak " Theresa catchy. rhythmic hook throughout with atmospheric vocals T0T0 -l'll Supply The lore (3:32): producer Toto. writer D Parch, publisher Hudmar ASCAP Columbia Da vid Patch's knack for carding great hooks is evident in this uptempo rocker which features lady instrumentation and high vocals Following the top hve "Hold the love," this sec and release is further proof loco is a hot new group. with lots of fresh ideas AMBROSA-Lde Beyond LA. (4:45); producers Freddie Piro. Ambrosia, writers Pack. Drummond. publisher Rubicon BM. Warner Bros WBS8699 Following the top live "How Much Feel:' the group shows off a different side of its tat. eats Featuring excellent moog and percussion work, remains cent of Yes, the group builds an intensity to reach the strong chorus. Excellent vocals and a creative arrangement make this a very catchy release. QUEEN -Don't Stop Me Now (3:27); producers Queen. Ray Thomas Baker. writer Mercury, publisher Queen/ Beechwood BM Eleklra E46008Á The group s "Fat Bol tomed Girls " / "Bicycle Race' was not a unanimous lavorate. rr but this second single horn "laze s less gimmick laden, 4 while still retaining the brazen braggadocio of Freddie Mer O cury's lead vocals A strong guitar solo by Brian May as an m other hook. J DAN FOGELBERG /T1M WESBERG -Tell Me To My Face m (4:28); on producers Dan Fogelberg. Tim Weisberg. writers G n Nash. A Clarke, T Hick. publisher Manbus BM Fug Moon s (Epic). Fogelberg's any vocal and Weisberg's (lute M work as well again here as d did in the previous "Power 01 Gold" rom the platinum "Twin Sons 01 Different Mothers " t's a midtempo work that moves along in brisk fashion Ct 2 recommended w LEO SAYER -Don't Look Away 13:30); producer Richard LL Perry. writers Leo Sayer, Tom Snow, publishers Long manor: Chrysalis, ASCAP, Bramlree/Snow BM Warner Bros WBS8738 NEL YOUNG -Four Strong Winds (4:05); producers Neil Young, Ben Keith, Tim Mulligan. writer lan Tyson. publisher Warner Bros ASCAP Reprise RPS1396 (WB) MECO -Main Tete Theme From Superman (2:36); producers Meco Monardo. Tony Bongaovl, Harold Wheeler, writers John Williams, L. Brousse. publisher Warner Tamerlane BM Casablanca N JM MORRSON MUSC BY THE 000RS- Roadhouse Blues (3:45); producer lohn Hoeny, writer Tim Morrison, publishers lames Douglas Morrison, Doors. Eleklra E46005Á GLEN CAMPBELL-1'm Gonna Lae You (3:22); producers Glen Campbell, Tom Thacker, writer Michael Smolherman, publishers Seventh Son /Royal Oaks ASCAP Capitol P4682 BROOKLYN DREAMS -Make N lad (3:22); producer Bob Esty. writers B Sudano. 1 Esposito: publishers Starter/ Rich's BM Casablanca N8962D1 COUCHOtS- Walkin' The Fence (3:29); producers Steve Bain Eddie Lambed, Roger Nichols, writers. M Couchsls, P Cautious, C Cauchois. H Messer. publisher World Song ASCAP Warner Bros WBS8749 JOHNNY'S DANCE BAND- Avenue 01 Love (3:31); producers Tony Bongaovl, Bob Clearmountarn, Lance Quinn, writers C Barway. 1 Juliano. publisher Juan ASCAP Windsong.1f (RCA) BARBARA MANDRELL -(11 Loving You s Wrong) Don't Want To Be Right (3:04); producer Toni Collins. writers Homer Banks. Raymond lackson, Carl Hampton, publishers East Memphis/Klondike BM ABC AB2451 ROADMASTER -Circk Of Love (3:01); producers Greg Riker, Roadmaster. writers S McNally. R Johns, publisher Canal BM Mercury USA DAL BELLO- Pretty Girls (3:081; producers Bob Mo naco, Al Cover. writer Lisa Dal Bello. publisher Neve Branca ASCAP Talisman TALUS BANDT -One Way Love (3:271; producer Matthew Fisher. writer tony tester, publisher Midsong ASCAP An ife 7731 * ----'.0\\1P/ Soul MARVN GAVE -A Funky Space Reincarnation (Part ) (3:10); producer Marvin Gaye, writer M Gaye. publisher Jobele ASCAP Tamia F (Motown) This two part disk S rhythmic but melodic, with emphasis on the lyrics The constant vol heal drives the point home that this is highly danceable number nstrumentation is lardback and a Tasty CHERYL LYNN -Star Love (4:101; producers David 8 Marty Parch, writers J Footman, 1 Wieder, publishers Col gems EM /Spec 0-Life, ASCAP, Screen GemsEM /Traco Co!umbra Lynn follows her infectious hit "Got To Be Real" with an equally ortlieg track Repetitive synthesizer. strong horns and good vocals make this cut stand out CFMNA 8NAM -Lite s A Dance (3:23); producer Aril Mar Gavin Christopher, publishers Ackee /Mocrisp din, writer ASCAP Tattoo WBS8740 (W 8 ) Chaka's second soto single following the soul and pop smash "'m Every Woman" highlights her gutsy, souilul vocals, augmented by a troupe of backup vocalists who provide the party mood implied in the title Mardan's production emphasues the rhythmic groove FUNADEUC -Cholly (Funk Getting Ready To Roll) (3:45); producer George Clinton, writers W Collins. W Mon' noon, G. Clinton, publisher Malbu BM Warner Bros W the lyrics are clear here, but that doesn't really matter because the constant funky beat is so infectious et overrides everything else At the same rme the energy level is lessened giving way to a smooth, sophisticated feel BROTHERS JOHNSON -Aid! We Funkin' Now (3:33); pro Miter Quincy Tones. writers Louis Johnson, Quincy Jones, tom Bahler, Alex Weir, valerse Johnson, publishers Yellow Brick Road /Kodr ASCAP, Kadada BM 00M 2098S The duo goes disco on its blest single. with horn and vocal lls very reminiscent of K.0 E the Sunshine Band's biggest hits. The lyrics will win no "Message Music" awards, but the groove is rhythmic GEORGE DONE -Say That Vat WN (3:05); producer George Duke, water G Duke, publisher Mycenae ASCAP Epic The lurmer (airman comes out strong with this R88 inspired track Featuring Earth, Wind 8 Fire type vocals and a catchy arrangement, the song grooves up to the hooky chorus which allows the production to build recommended THE STAPLES -Chaca Boom 13:061; producers levy Wexler. Barry Beckett. writers Jimmy Cameron, Vella Cameron, pub hsher World ASCAP Warner Bros. WBS8748 SHOTGUN -Don't You Wanna Make Love (3:32); producers: Stuart Alan Love, David Chackler, Shotgun; writers E Lath more, 1 Steels, W Talbert; publishers Home Fire /Funk Rock /ABC/Dunhill BM ABC AB12452 THE THREE DEGREES -Woman n Lore (4:00); producer Gaagau Madder, writers D Bugattr, F Musket, publisher Chappell ASCAP Arsola 7721 VERNON BURCH- Brighter Days (3:47); producer Vernon Brach Tony Sobel, writer Vernon Burch, publishers Unarto Sand BArch's BM Chocolate City CCO101 (Casablanca). DAVD OUVER - Wanna Write You A love Song (3:49); pro duce Wayne Henderson, writers Michael Gradney, David Oliver, publishers Daleo/Grandniego BM, At Home ASCAP Mercury ADC BAND -Fire Up (3:31); producer ohnny Mae Matthews, writers Michael ludkins, Mark Patterson, publishers. Wood song's, Bus BM Cotillion ( Atlantic) THE STYLSTCS -Lae At First Sight (3:40); producer Teddy Randazzo. writers Teddy Randazzo, Roger Joyce, publisher Ramie Darzle BM Mercury TNA TURNER -Viva la Money 13:141; producer Bob Mo naco, writer A Toussaint, publisher Warner- Tamerlane/Mar. saint BM UA UA 265Y LONNE USTON SMTH -Space Princess (3:46); producers Bed decoleaun. Lonnie Liston Smith, writer M Miller, pub fishers Echoes of the Cosmos /Chappell ASCAP Columbia ANACOSTA -baby Don't Ever Leave Me (3:05); producer Charles Ki555, writes T Boyd, R. Sinclair, T Wdlrams. pub lisher Charles KDps BM Tabu 1S85511 (CBS) WNNERS -Get On Up And Do N (3:40); producers Fred Frank, Steve Tyrell, writers Winners, publisher Desert Rain ASCAP Ands 7729 LAMONT JOHNSON -Hey Cid (3:59); producer Jerry Peters, writers G GoBro, C King, publisher Screen GemsEM BM Tabu (CBS) sr> Country GLEN CAMPBELL-'m Gonna Love You (3:22); producers Glen Campbell Tom Thacker. writer Michael Smotherman. publishers Seventh Son /Royal Oak, ASCAP Capitol P4682 An exceptional performance from Campbell, backed by crop and clew production The guitar work is particularly brilliant. merging with ke melody, lyrics and voice to form a potent combo TAMMY WYNETTE -They Call t Making Love (2:19); pro duce( dilly Sherrill, writer Bobby Braddock. publisher Tree, BM Epic Wynette takes a Bobby Braddock ballad and builds at to a spicy climax An uplempd, gospelslyle background powers the message GENE WATSON- Farewell Party (4 :05); producer Russ Reeder, writer Williams, publisher Western Hills, BM Capitol P4680 Watson's sbaaghtlonvard country style works perfectly with this bittersweet ballad Steel guitar plays a ma for rote re the background and bridge WLLE NELSON -Sweet Memories (3:09); producer Not Listed. writer Mickey Newbury, publisher Acuff. Rose. BM RCA PB1465 The hauntingly beautiful Newbury ballad re ceaves classic treatment horn the Austin outlaw The lonely accents d a harmonica mixed in with acoustic guitar and background strings add a fragility that enhances the words ol the song BARBARA MANDRELL-(f loving You s Wrong) Ddgy Want To Be Right (3:04); producer tom Collins, writers Homer Banks /Raymond Jackson/Carl Hampton, publishers East Memphis /Klondike. BM An old rab tune redone with lorchy fervor by one of the best female singers in country to day Production gives strong rhythm emphasis through bass and drum tracks with Mandrell's vocal adding dynamics as the song builds ntensity recommended ROY CLARO- Shoulder To Shoulder (Arm And Arm) (3:15); producer tim Foglesong. writers Bob Morrison /Jim tenace; publisher Musk City, ASCAPrCombine, BU ABC A TERRY WALLACE -Yours Love (2:03); producer loe E. lohn son, writer Harland Howard publisher Harland Howard/ Tree, BM, 4 Star NEL YOUNG -Four Strong Winds (4:05); producers Ned Young, Ben Keah, Tim Mulligan, order an Tyson, publisher Warner Bros. ASCAP Reprise PRS1396 BOBBY HOOD -Slow Tuna And Promises (3:101; producers' Terry Wallace /Terry Skinner order lack Wilkerson, publisher Acuff Rose. BM Chute CR0004 >i THE CATES -Going Down Slow (3:07); producer Brian Fisher, writer Bobby Bond. publisher Tree BM. Ovation RALPH EMERY -Daddy, s She Pretty As Mama (3:25); pro- ducers Foster /Rice. writers Roger Mutrah 8 Scott Anders; publishers Magic Castle /Blackwood. BM. Eleklra E PEGGY FORMAN - Still Need You (Now And Then) (311} producers A. V Mdlelstedt 8 L. E. While. writer. Peggy Forman, publisher Hello Darbn', SESAC. Music Creek STAN HTCHCOCK with SUE RCHARDS- Faders Keepers, Losers Weepers (3:08); producer Johnny Moms: writer: Murry Kellum /Pearly Mittheil, publishers Johnny Marrs, BM/White Bluff, ASCAP MM 1028 Easy Listening recommended BJ. THOMAS -We Could Have Been The Closest Of Fria& (2:49); producer Chips Moman, writers Steve Pippin. Joke Slate, publisher House of Gold BM MCA MCA Disco recommended CERRONE -Look For Love (4:10); producer Cenone. writer Cenone. publisher Cemone SACEM tic) CoUwm (ABat MONTANA - Love Music (3:13); producer Vincent Moe011 r.. writers Kenneth Gamble. Leon Huff. publisher MM- Three BM Atlantic 3554 j Picks -a tap 30 cart lone in re Maim d the eweiaw Meg Ad voted la the Medan released M weak; taneek4 -a enedweed to land m the Het 100 between 31 aed 100. Rerew rie( Ed Harmon w Billboard's Recommended LPs Continued /min page 712 mstrumental backup Best cuts: "High On Sunshine. My love Away," "You're My Star" turn ALBERT KNG -New Orleans Hat, Tomato T0M7022. Produced by Allen Toussaint. King's deep, soullul voice blends well with Allen toussaint's coped production here The tunes range horn down and out ballads to lunky, rab outings Toussaint, himself, supplies keyboards and joined muni catty by King's own scorching electric guitar, as well as drums, percussion, bass and additional keyboards Best cuts: -'Born Under A Bad Sign," "The Very Thought 01 You,' ' Gel Evil, We All Wanna Boogie" "Get Out My Tile Woman TONY WLSON -Catch One, Marseille BRK698S (W.O.). Produced by Ron Albert, Howard Albert Much of this LP is met low but rhythmic, complementing Wilson's easy singing style Backing instrumentation S equally easy and pleasing. Al though this LP lends itself to sitbng hack and merely listen mg. Were also art some danceable hmgs lased or, which makes for a balanced 53rkagr Brot cuts: "'fee Your. arty 7w former Temptation has elected to cut material tidally surfed to the old temptations Then there are disco things that, while enjoying a catchy heal, remain non drscripl tortmrmen talon is smooth, almost silky, with the string section purlieu tarty effective Background singers are tight and complement we Damon has a good once but without proper material, he could to dull Best cuts: "L's Music, "'f unday," "Ride On " country SASKA 8 SERGE -1 Believe n Love, ABC /Hickory H Produced by Will Hoebee. Saskia s wispy. Trail vocals rrtelyi` substantial support rom an excellent assemblage on sludn session players who provide a solid undercurrent of msuu menlalron this Dutch duo manages to impart a bue country accent n a 'Aback collection ol lunes that could use a Mlle mole variety and oomph Best cuts: "Blue Eyes Crying o The Ram " "Panse Call Me " disco tantlt N 00111g, ABC AÁ1120. Produced by Michael lager. nt Ree fiert tongs, toil don not include any ol the group's recent disco material The most recent songs here are 1972's "My World" and 'Run To Me " thumping bass lines pace the lanky orchestration The album ad es also 'Whine, lealunne the lemale trio costumed and posed ur an identical posture as the "Children 01 The Wald' LP cover Best cuts: "Holiday." "Londe Days" jazz OSCAR PETERSON AND THE TRUMPET KNGS -loads, Pablo Produced by Norman Enanr A novel idea this. tpnlhng hr celebrated talents dl Clark eny. Roy Eldridge. on Faddis Dury Gillespie and Hairy "Sweets" Edison indi virtually with the Peterson piano on nine tunes, all quickly recognarable and all encalingly performed A surprise is Gil respie's smrnul rendition of the moody "Stella By Starlight." Best cuts: 'Crary Rhythm." "Trust n Me," "there s Greater rve" WALT BOLDEN, Nemperor (CBS). Produced by Walt Bolden, Grady Tale this is the debut tor Nemperor from Holden, a Tarr dru111111r'r with 111 years experience the music rs mamstream tau. closer to the '50s than to modern fusion sounds A sure sense ol swine propels the music effortlessly, No with Bolden getting able help from plans! Harold Moberg and the late Wilbert Dyer no alto sax Best cuts: 'lwrl Spring Comes Again, 'Street Singer, lust For You RAY BRYANT TRO -N Blues, Pablo Prodee d by Norman Gram. Sam (ones on bass and Grady Tate, 6m16. provide classy backup to Seyant's scintillating Stew./ strolongs through seven tracks. Thanklully. them's S4Arg pretentious here- no distorted electronic shrieks -memb Ng vale poor, by a gilled soloist Best cuts: "mpel' WO Symphony Sid," "Blues Changes" ENRCO BAVA QUARTET- Unteled, ECM MB). Pit dated by Manfred Eicher. From Trieste, Rava blows lruo and s backed by a trio leatunng Roswell Rudd's trombones this lave track LP taped in Germany last year t as acceptable but far rom unique or huly moving music Best cuts: "RouW About Midnight BARRE PHLLPS- Three.Day Moon, ECM (WB). Pct duced by Manfred Eicher. Phillips is a San Francisco who has resided in Europe 11 years Here he a accom by Torok Curto, Dieter Feachlner and Terre Rypdalthrough turgid, dull exercises taped 11 months ago in Norway 111 a Tarr, it's as frigid and dark as Oslo an "ngul Buz." January Bed


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89 FE1mLTÀRY 26 U&( 1,1979 NEW 'DRK llhjf()n ÎcY'EL NM YORK CTY nl fay41rf. nsal.fx0 -a NA. n rn ar.n NNW 1.rrN tfm Y RM COSCO CAAt -ly.oma.. O..W11rlrfl' w f.rm..[ 1.i4i10 n..1..t 1../.Y un (WM..Ml/MM0 LOCO POP. V Thursday, March 1 OAL.00N bac0 tnrt.l..wl.r a MAMCA AWAAO/.AMOE A COMO.MOlAla0C1A1g.1V.0äC0 UEEAA.S-...or tapen Pr.N n To US 1.lnio..nlan'l' of 01. WS" Wednesday, Fabruary 28 YM,lSr00. COfWMNMrSeSY.TO w.1. r Nr.t.lril' w>r...r.. -C1f..EA01 1 l.y.p. V1111'111+tt COCO M1 4gMl MO MOM YPOM/A.G No Mt r _ rue uowm M. baco. NeNti ewn+r wow fi mol Mq.t..o.m.' Vn.r1.W. y... le rr 4a.+wnl.UA A.1 Y1A Enir 1..wvPm. A}w.]ON r. W.w1 STVE AApin ARNE W01[ ZY.. N1,W. N... AwVlAfdll MCA MAOM LAM twavenfnr-/.op1gm faonsnoa. *p...uvo1.v. A,..w.. C2MNMO O!Mru.lun;l MMLNW fynrw Ew.l lnhr q...c T,...e...r rryw.1 rt «R..l N..YNN 1r MONCA h- nrn. w.a:. NM+Mi WOODY.y Him/ n.,f NUM ro}n,4a.wc ; ALflH rvt N Mw r.(71../ lhlla. M fhh. i..ym1110y AM.a7 11Y 'ra+o. MAW MVavtlCOn CoYSONWNr Jr N.s.YrN.n1 i.ny ta w4.17. WOMN:..p[P -1NO0W!1.V. VOW...YA Y.uln... wr f nph.. M.N. r nw a AY1.OM4 y1r...\a.i AR.O\1 c.a w.yn.[ r.nlml'u.,.w.. N..cms.A_p.met rw.l..wnr!oa.aal1.. YA_.1.Y...yiMr...Sr romtpr. Y.. AM.q '-ry.,r N..11 rv0[ M.tnn-rpnre O.nt MOM'rM s /1a OR1..o ro 0U/.11 O M ro WM...1,.. rats_r. Y.. r. own.11.1.m.m.r+.,. Moo 1 i! N..AM.e ]71./Ye1. Sort+ C.r..l,.t ,1 PA.WbSS to tv MP,. Y] P.Y N.O. H... Y.. w.t0 w-14. Y.. K /..71.n A H AA+ '.e\ MAY 10.g.StirOf]rMOrrOa M O..NN qr1l.r..1sr raa.m. Mr wa. M o..t.r tt.t.r aawtan...+w..-.wvn. _...V.w.u.,.....V 1]1/S. nv. MC,....., f, N.. **AVOD.....rW... 1n1.4arA..r...Y.F.o. w A.. o...n1 Ar...rra.11r1 Mr.rNS wwa.1s..n..1.s OM tlt..n..o rm1m.nq1a1.lrn aww2. 1YxM h rtrnwy. Yr r r. M. Billboard. Mall completed form tu DANE KRKLAND /NANCY FALK Billboard's nternational Disco Forum 9000 Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles. California Please register me for Billboard's nternational Disco Forum V at the New York Hilton Hotel, February 26March 1, 1979 Full payment via check or money order must accompany this orm n the amount of (please check) O $285 REGULAR RATE (after January ) C $210 tor Disco DJ's Disco Forum Panelist, Students, Military Spouses Name(s) Company/ Disco You may charge your Disco Forum V Registration il you wish Master Charge C BankAmericardr Visa C Diners Club C American Express Credit Card Number Fxpiration Date inaturr REGSTRATON DOES NOT NCLUDE HOTEL ACCOMMODATONS OR ARFARE Registrant substitutions may be made A 10% cancellation fee will apply on any cancellations before February Billboard most be notified. in writing. of any cancellations. and such notification must be received no later than February 5 ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS AFTER THS DATE. Regrstel Now, Registration at lse door will he higher All information on hotel accommodations will be mailed to you immediately upon receipt of your completed registration torni Title(s) _. Phone First name or nickname di b;niao Address City State Zip

90 `JUST LSTEN' Hancock To gnore Disco Drift Critics t is :\N( ill -S leihie Lcock es mit going to he detcrie,i m vcnturinu nto disco h) adselsemrm- cal re;tction h. upcoming release on Columbia, "Lett. Don't 1 ail fs1e Now:' shows the la// keyboard player nosing still (.other out nsu pop area,. Hancock has said of his fan, and Main Point Books PHLADL.LPA the suhurban Main Point in Bryn Mawr. an earl) coffee hou.e.. adding jazz to its musical menu New booking, will van increasingly on jazz acts. Alreals promised are dates for futurist', coin poser and pianist Carla Bley and the Heads Brothers. recognized a5 Philadelphia's first family of authentic tau. i ; iç S in le moll "s.,,m, henm won't he able,: hcliii, l'in da,1nf, bis kind., ntnsim het should poil h.,k and listen and take l lot what 11 s 11.1u.,Uk notes that his current doio work s more than lust.l p.n.- mg flirtation \nit lus nest album is going to se J dam,..rhum Smiult.aniou,ls. mvalh the release of Fee,. (olmn hl.m, pooling out "n ( omen,- a rmcon' of joint Her - blu l.mmm.ìkr( hick (orc.a.meoustis Jai/ piano from last year's tour The two albums are not meant.m, the saine audience. "Feet, will he sent to pop musli n Conceit" o the nyiewcrm. and Lau reviewers On "Feels' Hancock will oonunue lo use the vocoder, a voice- altering unit, fier those sun;:s whteh require v.+malc. Bilboard SPECAL SURVEY For Week Ending 2/3/79 Billboard Jazz Lips Best Selling ) TTLE Anal, Label Nimier s (Dise Laben 1 TOUCHDOWN Bab lama. apwn 2< <'C4emba N FAME Ramme u s tau eel Dnae kw: 16 MR GONE Nutne. Repo. Columba C 3531E 18 REED SEED GOre. Wa:ómrlan r Mdan M7 s10 19 CHLDREN OF SANCHE2 Ca mb Mmnrmne PAY SP ALL FLY NOME anuu We, än K,a PAT METNENT Per When/ CY Maurer Arm n MKE etv.te Reee knn SECRET AGENT (n.. Gera Pdeaa PD NTMATE STRANGER tom Sans C81,54 H COSMC MESSNGER Re cue Pury UNPN SD SECRETS W Scan Moen A Roe Lail An NrJ1 N311Á9 24 YOU SEND ME Ro, Arens P414 eu rnm.1 6a a 12 FEELS SO GOOD Erse mot.< PAM CP 1658 ANGE 8 r.4 d* (Amu, 5 N CONCERT M AMne Nanan. *Mine M alinno WE ALL NAVE A STAN %Non teen ÁR1. AA MAGC N YOUR EYES,rr /lull U.reea M U ß2f 14 MANHATTAN S5MNOM4 D.e... r14ptr1 S S CARNVAL SOFT SPACE rr lei. ron Owl CMK MAGES 0.540e 16w Mm M. 7 ONE AMM Nma NO Gat, CHCK, DONALD, W00DROW Minn Nome Rana, Le, N STEPPNG SONES.1NE AT THE VOME vangumad É ; S a / J1 / MM K O so On 9 a S t 8 TRE Artist Ube] 6 Number idib. Labro TA4AT ABOUT 60U Stamm, fun/850e lanice 1 BEFORE 1110 RAN l<e D'iu ti. 1% 6E 150 CR1 OM hemmer {6C M 1106 CROSSCURRENTS gal sm mo FanNA F 9563 MOTHER WORLD kin Gu CGambo w )5513 UUCP Ra e, mew: Caumbu MUDS Ut1 Cao Potpie PD Pbonod'so YOU MOT NO FREND OF Mrl O taie i4b4mmid elms» PASNFC 0RO :um &en Gi Ca. mvau C THANK YOU Donala era t OUT OF TE WOODS Oreton DANA C 154 A SONG FOR YOU Ron Lees M8e405e M 9686 FeRaPo 46n1/ F.U.MJ- lit SUN BUR CONCERTS N WAN Pea, sraeli t :V CH 1100 Malmo Nov, WNS CARt70N a,. R TOE NGHT TME Mn6a.l 14n4<1vm0 15,1046 ND: 510 rbntal NMaHWAY OASE Bobbi mv6.rm (Nw ^b, )l OTHER PEOPLES NOON MYa Aonood.4,r,14Á 'A Vs AAMm TRUE Doe 545mm 4n1 AN 36EMDS Mid YaMnb tjn' GAPYX 14,a.í ELLA nr0eral0 Nr iew Pee SOUNDS OW a Nn.+ Á 6o. MUSC FOR ainl la MUSCANS 552o Re, wm,o Poe TROPCo ono Barm,,, ANA SP 4'10 THE GREETNG MKa taner MA.oron. N 45 ama, m GREEN Jazz _. Kent State Bringing n Jazz Acts mm,ol. work,hmmp, an Open lam see,limn Joss n,t,tirs in the Student (enter k.11h,kell,lr..rni other special vseul, hl. msov,ll will he employing the ii uk Mangloni sound sys- ent Je'elimped for hint 15 Northeast AnJ nm i he C,tival will begin i,.itnrmh i at 2 JS p in with workshops hs Chico l;imillon and Phil Wood, tia mime ai evening's program begins at 7 and include, performance, h5 the Chico Hamilton Quartet. Anthons Braxton, the Phil Woods Quartet and Ohio pianist Pat Pace. On Sunda). the Festival continue, with a 3 p.m. showcase in the (C ilhs- kcliar featuring JOT, a new Hi/ so cal -nstrumental group from Charleston. W. Va. This group features vo. calist Louise Pearson and a selection of original material. Sunday evening's program begins at 7 and features the Sam Riven Orchestra which includes Chico Freeman. Ricky Ford, Hamlet Bluets and Rivers on reeds. Jack Walrus on trumpet. Ray Anderson on trombone, )on Pullen on piano. Thurmund Barker and Mike Carvin on drums, Dave Holland on bass. and Joe Daley on tuba. among others to he announced. The Riven Quartet, which includes Risers. Holland. Daley and Barker. will open the evening. They will he bllowed by the Chico Freeman Quartet, the Hamiel Blue' Tau and then the entire Risen Jazz Festival Orchestra. Tickets for the festival are $6 for students and $7 for nun -students. (here is a special package rate being offered for both nights at SO for students and S12 for non -students. According to Jim Amen. student chairman of the Kent Stale Concert Committee. it has been decided to dedicate the estimai to the memory of Charle, \hn7n5. [Jazz Beati LOS ANGELES -The Universal taut Coalition n New Yak has recr,ved a S han the National Endowment of the Arts to help rt sponsor a live nigh) salute to women n tan That event is slated la lune funds will also go to help put on Monday night gigs at the Village Gate The aganuatnn has also begun a Monday night concert series at the Thud S Music School Settlement The agannahon sup0oas modern and avant garde musicians Bassist David Friesen is Australia gigging and sill be doing loon of Europe and lapan m the Spring Also making lost impressions is led lober, louring the East Both acts record for n Oer City Noonan Clan has his top Pablo acts il a concert package the festival, as it es being billed, plays Vancouver. Seattle, Portland, San ranase, Los Angeles. DallL, Austin, Boston, Chicago New Yak and Washington starting /eh 4 and ending Aunt 23 lie ;alb's+ lita. Count. Oscar Petetsnn and toe Pass of cones, hr hankie Capp. Sal Pierce imm'çonaut band plays lime Whale' nn, Santa Monica. Cali eb 10 Card Basle and his man sa lilted Rube Ellington eceltlly mn New Turk will, a roncert at hr Calhedial nl S John The Divine On lle second night of hr celebration Mercer Ellington led the Ellington band ln the chanty bash Harold's Rogue and tar in Washington, DC has cloned Club was owned by Harold Kaulman, a psychwtnsl Minor/red the Realm simile 19/3 the building'; owner would not le new!he lease The club seas time to such Wash mglon larrnien as Renon Marshall llawkun. Reuben ll and Amite* While as well a,. 6,mnrry Mirai matir,.111 D ill, n1 Lau Beal to Bdlbnard, nn;. les Cahl HOME AGAN -Ronnie Laws visits with students at Smiley High School in Houston, Laws' hometown. on a recent promotion junket to plug his new "Flame" LP for UA. No Rest, Relaxation For Quincy Jones Schedule Too Tight Ns F t LOS ANGELES --,", J think that after completion of,a i,o sect the sue and magnitude of "the Wiz" while simultaneously producing the Brothers Johnson's "Blam" LP and writing and producing his own "Sounds And Stuff Like That" Quincy Jones would relax and take of easy. Jones, who refuses to consider himself a workaholic. while giving the impression of being one. has returned to the studio to pick up where he lift off. le is in the process of producing Michael ksun's new album for Epic, which will include "You Can't Win' from the "WC He is also geanng up for production of the new Brothers Johnson album for A &M as well as formulating compositions for his own album which roin be a double- pocket set scheduled for fall release. lit also tecks of possibly producing the nest album by Chaka Khan and Rufus or the last few weeks. "Q" las his friends yell him) has been spending tige to son hours n the studio. getting the "feel and tempo right" hefore he iergfns actual production 01 lle Jackson album. le says this is his lint tinte hack in the studlusince finishing his 231 -month "Wu" scoring project "After a stretch like that. its important n let y'mlur hatlerles reeimarge," say's lunes. Sn far te's completed three session. with Jackson White ti's prcnl.iims lier hint to prijlàt what homo has own album will 1.13.e loris,,s, has lwiremord set will màludi J lengthy pilei moi, hjhlm dose lo lo minutes or l'ut sm,mplile soli Whin Joe, he time u, write ris manse ni.11ellill" - msrib.11 urghl. wicki111.1,...1, OS hell there hunt lo he aidai, it dells with moor sfecpong time and lost.ihoul emeiithing else.- hm sans Although he has hcen emu :iceml bs soniels fol erring loo i,n away twin his l.1 // root.. {ones fiels the ctilwnmistiolu11ti_j 'lusthiàausr don' sound like l did :o tea, arc, wlik'r..limi l ou man only gol NO fer -11 don't know i,lr,ml dtiestimn the nisi.dhum will lake Lou h.oc to h out and Tel il coati through. 1- ykkltil7 1 he ideal thing is to make the kind of music you want and have it sell. "Fusion music has always been put down. Yet Basic and Ellington had the same position in the business at the time as the Beatles and Bee Gees. Most pop instrumentalists of the time did music that everyone was into. ts what people feel emotionally. "There's more body action being generated now with the audience wanting to be as much a part of the music as the artist. Some unters say that Elvis Costello is the best new artist of so can't take their criticism that seri- ous,. explains Jones. Despite the intensity and scope of scoring "Wiz." Jones is still in love with motion picture sconng. f pow iucing and writing isn't enough. he searching for future scripts to re "'m looking for new stones. l'm hooked on films and want to do more of them. But 'm looking for the tight idea and it won't be on the magnitude of the 'Wiz.' Jones states. "Since Dolby came in you can put music and visuals side bs side. won't go hack to television.l'm looking Gar more of a role in films and w liai the screen is all about." Quincy has sand some 30 motion pictures as well as i, including "Root, While ry is out of the question, so are lis a performances-at least for some time. "Between dealing with ell the material. ifs hard to find llllt' ".tones believes that the difficult part of producing an album takes place Won even entering it. --Going into the studio is die eeriest." he say, "There's so much to do before. like the pre -production \\ hen sou get into the studio, its pot a matter of putting cm e, dung on tart." And it all that isn't enough. Q is called on "ll times J ml,l to r.irucipate in sallow. rousts indmisors scnminars sponsored M schools and other organizations. He has made appearances at UCLA and USC with another UCLA Extension program ',ailed "ASC'AP Presents The Working Sungw miler /Cot toy for ytli ;LSlatcd March (0. 5 at 4 tos A

91 FANFARE -The Philip.tones Brass Ensemble, Argo ZR(.$70 (London). Produced by Chris lazell. After listening to a full album of music performed on brass instruments one sometimes is ready for a little more sound variety. Enough of one thing is enough, it seems. But listener fatigue never sets in with recordings by the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble. most of which appear on the Argo label. This ensemble of pop British trumpeters, homists, trombonists. tuba players and percussionists brings more color and variety to its work than any comparable ensemble. At that. there are few groups anywhere that compare to this large and multi -faceted concertizing outfit. When the Jones Ensemble steps before the listener. there's not even a thought of missing strings and woodwinds. Their work is that imaginative. This new album of short pieces by pre -baroque and contemporary composers can be savored in its en- MC '79 June Loews, Monte -Carlo General News Closeup tirety or sampled in short doses. The selections offer a great prospect to radio programmers with dteir brief but highly animated form. Side one looks at processional and fanfare pieces by French, British and American composers, including Elgar Howarth, a trumpeter who is responsible for many of the group's arrangements. Contemporary music freaks and film music buffs can sink their teeth into these exciting. theatrical. multi -hued. sometimes dissonant banners erected in sound. The group turns back the clock on side two. which begins with a military fanfare celebrating the triumph of the British over the French in 1415, followed by The Earl Of Salisbury's Pavane," a slow. stately. Elizabethan dance by William Byrd. Howarth has transcribed the traditional "Greensleeves. handing the ageless tune to a choir of soft- spoken trumpets. There follows a suite of dances from the French Renaissance. These contrasting pieces are filled with exuberance and uplift, highlighted by striking antiphonal effects and rhythmic drive in the percussion. The annotation credits two dozen musicians. and it seems we are hearing the full contingent on most cuts. The reproduction is robust and radiant with plenty of hall reverberation that's used to enhance the performances. The group contributes a lot of rhythmic snap to its playing and some of the dances on side two actually begin to swing a little. "Fanfare From The Cenci," one of the modem pieces, has a menacing mood and sudden shifts of tern - per that bring to mind the main title cue of some '50s science fiction flick. William Walton's "Spitfire Prelude And Fugue" is part of the scoring of the famous British war film, "The First Of The Fugue." The work. march -like and typically British, originally was written for full symphony but here has been translated. Other composers include Aaron Copland, Michael Tippett. Andre Jolivet and Havergal Brian. tr4)pop Charts generate consumer excitement in retail outlets, especially with the influx and impact of disco and R &B product in the pop charts. Joe Loris Record Museum Philadelphia The virtuosity of this 'roop.. players, their superior inusajoshu and ability to grab the listener's.i. lention can't be over- cntphasued u Europe an enthusiastic concert following for the group exists, something that Argo Records hopes wencourage in the U.S. Howarth's transcription for brass instruments of the famous "Pictures At An Exhibition" by Mussorgsky also has been recorded by the Joncs brass. The disk is appearing simultancously with this one. Another recent album is "Philip Jones Brass Ensemble n Switzerland." including unusual arrangements of popular Swiss melodies. on the HNH label. ALAN PENCHANSKY Test Poly Sleeves C'outrnuc /ram nge.5/ "qualitatively they're much more acceptable." His only initial concern "four -color doesn't reproduce too well." Capitol's Thompson confirms that it is more time consuming to open the poly sleeve and load a disk into rt than with more rigid paper sleeves. but adds that the poly sleeves slip into the record jackets more effortlessly. Capitol. which manufactures Warner Bros. product. is running the tests with the three suppliers, though its own records (excluding Angel product and a recent Kate Bush LP on EM -America) are not sleeved rn poly. Floyd Gluten. executive vice president of marketing for Shorewood Packaging Corp., one of the world's largest manufacturers of record jackets. is carefully watching the poly boom. "We have an intensive investigation." he says. nto the manufacture of sleeves made of vinyl. polyethylene and other plastic material." Glenn Ross, creative services director at RSO. and Ellen Neitlich, production director, point out that, bought in bulk. the poly sleeves would cost "the same or a little less" than paper sleeves. Alan Bank, manager of testing and material specification for CBS says that its only involvement todate has been pressing the sleeves for RSO. "But we're looking into it and developing costs for both 2 -inch and seven -inch poly sleeves." he says. Milwaukee Continued from page /5 tors wholesale and retail record store, laments. "Take today for instance: we can't get out on the streets, can't get any merchandise in or out" Radio Doctors ran midwinter sale advertisements two weeks ago in rs radio and print. A blizzard hit the next day. "But we are sponsoring the WEMP -AM radio programming from Winter Fest," Mowers says optimistically. talking about the annual civic sponsored winter show which began Friday lie hopes ticket sale promo on the festival and ads on WEMP will help bring back some of the lost business. "We've been opening at our normal time at 10 a.m. but if the weather is too bad we close early," says Robb Hellmann, director of Peaches Records and Tapes. " think the weather service could just call (Continued on page 98) ntroducing the one and only... Daddy Dewdrop With his new smash hit, "NANU, NANU, ( Wanna Get Funky Wich You)" nuhasion 7201) Produced by Pardo Jones for Little Bear Productions. Distributed by as Records and Tapes. 91

92 92 FOR WEEK ENDNG FEB. 3, 1979 Bi llocard,atr VSMM alye.aa6 4. N. Drl', u -in4.., wnr so.t 1r,.Y+-Krr.r.. ar.es_a wum.. ar,ti.e4a..,{ a Mw,.r rmny..rr r.. -,!r wa. r.a 4ar0. M V. D,.tAlra TTLE-Artist g$ 31 pp1 TTLE-Artist g 3 (Producer) Wnkr, Label G Number (OB1reNinp LAO i (Producer) Wnte, Label 6 Number OM1bBOrg labdl *Chart Bound TRAGEDY -eee G. WAN YOUR LOVE -Chic (Atlantic 3h T) SEE TOP SNGLE PCKS REVEWS, page 86 TTLE -Artist (Producer) WMer, Label 6 Nimber (Dbdribu4l,p label) i+f LE FREAK-co. (mom to... NM Rogers), N. hem. B. Edwrm, Aare 3519 Y.M.C.A -rasera Peoph WM ,..krak N Be., r Nab. C.A.,. 915 CPP DO YOU THNK 'M SEXY -N. vr.., (T.40.4), R C pyre, Weme A LTTLE MORE LOVE -o.. Nato. Wu (loin ran., MG.1 TOO MUCH HEAVEN -&. c.., (M' Gem/Mtn, G..) B 1 Y S. RSO 917 MY LFE -au,5 N., (Nul Rama, R loll. W EVERY 'S A WNNER -Herr Lwow, (Y.Me MNNL E Bc.e, n.n11, (.CÁ1 FRE -Parr Sans (bi4rd Ps s, B Spprirlta. Panty ,mnuml SEPTEMBER -Earn. W. A air (Yana Y Nbc,, A MRA, A Wrlc. Arc Cdum0u) WLL SURVVE -mom Gem, (MM Feula) 0 feula, F harm. Pc,dc LOTTA LOVE -Nmece,rsDn ct remparrl N. Trt. Wr1. B.e 866u WAS MADE FOR DANCNG (Y.l4ei Uu,dl.. 1i Sea &o., 40) v..., NEW YORK GROOVE-A.. neon (nain Mnw. M1 noel), P 1J,á. C4Y.la4 941 A8P)BP SOMEWHERE N THE NGHT -4try,nnp. (Bues Mc. AN he Cade). W knrnen R Ken, Ara NUN GOT TO BE REAL -a1nl Lrnn (1440 Pay Dame hen), C Linn. D run. D. thr, CMureu SHAKE T -an M,ghrn (3 Roberkn,) W!hml, i Bara'. ll 019 SOUL MAN -Bon cpa. (M1 larh..l 0 Porter. 1 Urn A100. )515 HEAVEN KNOWS -Donna Summer L (Gino Need.. Pue 4111,1 D Swmmn, G. i.e. P. WW. Canna 959 NO TELL LOVER -coca. (Pua timbre). L towbar*. 0 Senpem,, P Cetera, Colwbu 11087, HOLD THE LNE (trio), Pa., Cam DON'T HOLD BACK-Gamon (0.701 Wlbu. Mmes 4.11u 1,1, D Warms 1 111aee Amri Aran 7/17 Drama, BLUE MORNNG, BLUE DAY- ft..., moo 010, Ma lot, la N),)d). L Gru.m, M Ma; THE GAMBLER -1.11, 4e,rs Nm Mvlr), o. 1,44. Unaed Anna 1250 DON'T CRY OUT LOUD -Mdm, garde., (x140 ow), Cl. Suee, P Mea. MNa H BABY BABY -LW. 1o404á1 (Pet, Asa), W. Maw. N. Moe.,. N40k YOU DONT BRNG ME FLOWERS -Ulna Sam.' L Wee (Mob 11101). R 5s11á. A Bap., M. Md Dumoro Bergman. 1. TAKE ME TO THE RVER -m, nowt w,r (Nola Eno, ham[ 14141). A Cran, L Npdt1. Are 1032 (9104., Bro.) HOME AND DRY -Gen R4&nr. Ewa Mur., GA, tibeml, G ROOT. *0440 Mm 3104 BABY 'M BURNN' -o.., rut. Kan Atm) 0 Panera, 1CÁ SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THNG -Pero.. L (Treed. Pane). D OW1, r Paren. Pd31r SHATTERED -tilling Sill (, om). N )3 c, AM., Sr.e 19)10 rmamm N. Re.. awe LOVE DONT LVE HERE ANYMORE -Mr 0*ss palma NNh44) Y 0, Á.1d Mime ma) DANCN' SHOES -A, alla, (Pur Cam). C Ma., Mae 200 PROMSES -Eat 5,104 (Mr b2r7). R fallen.., N limn. SO 910 WN WN ALM CHA ABA BP MCA /CPP WBM ALM ALM WAN CPP WBM WAN ALM ALM CPP W8M WBM CAP MM/CNA CPP WBM CAA CPP CPP ALM WAN WN CHA CPP :Y W ONE LAST KSS- cnr M W P 1.T, 3. lur-n, EM Arrows LADY -lm. ere, 4114 O.M Baron 4 LRN b., Woe, G 60óe. Cu ON 4467 R 44 5 EVERY TME THNK OF YOU -t.. B,41 R...1 1,14.4, 11 1 Cat., Cerryln 20) WHAT YOU WON'T DO FOR LOVE -44òt Cad., Ana Naianrl. [áás1 A , Gad 11 ( WE'VE GOT TONGHT -8o Seer 1. S.E., L Yuck Slab RT1)1 Seaton) B Sign 4y'1á YOU THRLL ME-04 (bed. Chop.. Y Chapman, N Crow W,rnn.Cab 6111 (Warne &m ) ALM ROM CA CPP WBM 62 3 WHAT A FOOL BELEVES -Dab..ow,a (1N Tempkmanl, M MDerald, A Liutre, Tome boa 8725 WBM 42 9 DON'T WANNA' LOSE YOU -Nao A Caro lime hotel NY 8 Onn. WA CCM 47 7 YOU CAN DO T -oobe Gar (RKa Map), L Sinn. 8 V.. n, A Gorroure, )i (MCA) 45 9 DANCN' N THE CTY- wnhall Am C0 4* 34, Nag SNG FOR THE DAY -sin (She), r, SR. MA STORMY -seance (Da. Limb. Bryn Pran, B. 04 A Shim 2A. Cobb, 54 5 HAVEN'T STOPPED DANCNG YET- 6..., (wwrd ken A Rau lama), 6 ces. Cap s1 3 CRAZY LOVE -r«. (be4rd Unfold Drv!om, N. Tom, ABC WBM 57 2 JUST FALL N LOVE AGAN- N. A.N, 10r lb,0, MerWm/ to Cd Cl peal YOU MAKE ME FEEL MGHTY REAL -Sm... (x10411 row, speeders, s,llare. Wary fatal AK CPP 40 9 YOU NEED A WOMAN TONGHT -awm 1 u1nk (Gall Drawl O Melee, CPP 60 2 SONG ON THE RADO -M Pewit U 5111/1001. Mon Parson Mn OUR LOVE, DON'T THROW T ALL AWAY -Anal Gee Praaa cab. Nay Gauun on 4440H1447, B CPP AU CPP WBM 56 8 DANCN' SHOES -co 4ná b rot 41), C. Stn0, Um, CHA 66 2 FOREVER N BLUE 1EANS -co ( , 1 Ou.all. 801 Ca., Columba WBM 67 3 YOU STEPPED NTO MY LFE -Yoe Mar. Rem 1, ken Wk141M). B Lee, 4. Gab, M SAC het SHARNG THE NGHT TOGETHER -0, coos (. NON., L SlrunoL A Á4s44, [apn GET DOWN -Gar auro.l (Can Oars,)) Pamp1., 70 Denim,/ 7307 CPP 70 GO TO RO -reek Sow (MA1 Sdr) P ARo. A *44211, 46M FREE ME FROM MY FREEDOM -eon. roso, Moan e. Prow, kon 10.rn, Wry Coral), R lea lbw CPP CHA 8 A LTTLE LOVN' -ties Moe Awe), D feu.w L f. Porno, AMA 709) AL 3 LONELY WND -comes (ti.a). C W.W, (CBS1 3 POPS, WE LOVE YOU -Wm 152 Simi..r,, (saro 674. san Amman A Yd.), L , Want EVERY WHCH WAY BUT LOOSE -12d. Ra1b,N 151tá) G4nm), 3, Cam, 11 wo, r 4,0.44, 01441, CHA CPP CPP WBM CPP 5 DON'T KNOW F TS RGHT -Erl,n -C4.r.[(14 tre VO ds, 141. F14Á ACA 113*6 CAM 3 GOODBYE, 1 LOVE YOU -snm nr. Owe. A. Alba Noe. Albert) 1 4ebem..AN WON 2 MAYBE 'M A FOOL -to. Non., 1( Mar. L Mee, L Qua. Ts., Burr 6..3 Cohost ALM 8 WHO DO YA LOVE-ac L m. wnalm. 444 (Caw, A Ana), Al Cam,. R 8na. [1 101) CAP cra* 86 2 Er* THE CHASE -c.o. MYNrr (Gape G 1r4414r. Cassable 356 NOT FADE AWAY -T.,. tide ), c 04o4,, A relu, MCA 1919 BABY NEED YOUR LOVN' -En Cale. pn444. e.a41, 149 Car., M. OU OUR LOVE S NSANE - oser.. W A [r[. (Wre wra. 0 CÁ1. Caro /N MUSC BOX DANCER -n,.. N. (T. Wb). fr41 lilt PN0A SUPERMAN-NN... (Pm.. 9W5 N. Marta 1 Sab. 4145, 3147 KNOCK ON WOOD -Man Leon eguied, L W6 A.Á LVN' T UP -ea A 4.01 L M C weal Uhl err Can lees, UM mss CHP AWAY THE STONE -AYaln (lad keen M,anel. A Sups, C *0 STUMBLN' N-s.1. OrNr. A aw Abram ry C.A.. N Cr51, Mae Clap RUN HOME GRL -sad CA. (14. Pu.erl. Toy. A Summ.. AL Ol0 FANCY DANCER-Fn. (eosempww, GadaArow )0.611M TAKE THAT TO THE BANK -all.. (D. Greer t lam Spent, L Salim L SPlra, Sim MN (AU) DOG 8 BUTTERFLY -Non 01'4 edrl, Na,E W4.ur rá91 L Rama. L 9`ÁE S Era Patna 5401ClS) SUPERMAN -ona 9a4a., 0. Saumal. Aa labe V.. Broa ALL THE TME N THE WORLD -s (Ran Hd L 54114, S, Sm..o, Ca1ab1 177 BAD BREAKS -cr si,wo (C 5611, A Dew). M Saw.LS.ó L Cal SLmn AL 2109 FOUR STRONG WNDS -ra v..b pea Ts, B. 444, r í39e DM FOR YOU AND -lora (ec Srroa Go.,m L Sturi, G bu4mn, t T. sr Sera. BUSTN' 1005E -osa s fames rader. C 13.e, Sarte 15114,MCAT OH, HONEY- o.k[aa. (Mn Wdl. Gold. Doane. 54pMr 111 (lana SURVVOR -coot 4044 (1977 B.4.w, Luna Out C era Ore bai 1ót THE FOOTBALL CARD New G S.ft Moron DOUBLE VSON- r..e.. taw 51.1 r Mea L Car, Mir 751M LOVE THE NGHT LFE -alai 1t. S., etd.lel.e) A nept, S. Niil -a PdSar MW SHOOT ME -T... Tr *6901, Ma 1 0t. 1 Poti 0*p , 042 STRANGE WAY -r..o2 T- Dula Ace wort mama 3541 LOST N YOUR LOVE -N. Par A Tend Aure A emme, Saab na OS (rlyd HOW YOU GONNA SEE ME NOW -r. o. M. fetal R Cover, L T..M L L... ter ala A MAN 'LL NEVER BE -era 0e Sá.1) T. SWAP tpt 0113* 17 NSTANT REPLAY -o. Nader (4. NN1. 7/ D om ST S2712 L\ ) 13 YOU TOOK THE WORDS RGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH -6. W R14á ewetr..). L Wm., l Na16wa0 CPP NOM CP CW PS, CPP CPP 909 ALM UN ALA RAM CP NU CP 43 ROM CM SM er POM CM STAR PERFORMERS: Stars are awarded on the Hot 100 chart based on the to lowing upward movement Strong ncrease n sales / Upward movement of 4 positions / 2140 Upward movement o1 6 posh- t nos / Upward movement of 8 positions / Upward movement of 10 poslllons. Previous week's slurred positions are maintained wllhou u 51a the product s n a holding peed. This will, n some cases. block out products which would normally move up with a star n such cases. products will be awarded o star without the required upward movement noted above Recording ndustry Ann, Ot AmeroCa seal AL cede 'Nation as "million seller " (Seal indicated by bullet.) Als Recording ndustry Assn 01 America anal of certification as "two million seller " (Seal ndicated by riong)0 Sheet m sic suppliers are (unlined to planar /total cheat moot Copies and do 700 purport lu 70plesent muted publications dislonutmn AR'. Apr' Blackwoisl Pub ALF - Á11r111 Pubhshmg, ALM - Almo Pubrcallons, A.R - Acu.Rose, B-M a &hrtn Mdh. BB t Big Bells, 6 3 = Mg Three Pub., BP - Bradley Pub CHA = Chappell Moos, CM - Cherry tale Mush Co CP - h omo Pub CPP - Columbia Pictures Pub.. FMC - Fronk Music Culp HAN - Hansen Pub, HM - van Mogull Music, MCA - MCA Mush. 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M4 A reflection of National Sales and programming activity by selected dealers, one'stops and radio stations as compiled by the Charts Deol. of Rillhnrl.N AO

93 Whe 1ot#tie P c.ùtec Ciste. Bonnie Pointer is to me one of the best vocalists of 1978, 79, " -EDDE MONEY r onnie Pointer... her album fills you with what everyone wants more of- plenty of love and gentleness." -STEVE WONDER / he unique banjo and the lyrics make 'Free Me From My Freedom' a smash... one of the hottest records in Philly... #9 after three weeks!" -MARK SERPAS, WZZD PHLADELPHA a 3 onnie's debut album is very impressive... a smash crossover success" - RECORD WORLD mooth and powerful... dramatic and moving" -NEW YORK DALY NEWS An effective mix of styles, ranging from tender ballads to funky, earthy cuts" - BLLBOARD Her debut solo album, "BONNE PONTER ",;., Her premier single, "FREE ME FROM MY FREEDOM "m 10 Exclusively On Motown Records & Tapes O 1979 Motown Record Corporation

94 FOR WEEK ENDNG FEB 3, 1979 * 2 * * 13 Lei COmOMd bum Hal.onal 4101a3 50,e1 by ne AAuY< opuleray char, DPJrlmfnl and he Record Memel Resea,ch De p4rimepl of 6.nMard ARTST TAe Label. Number (Dot Label) 7 BLUES BROTHERS Brief Case fun Of Flues Wok C ROD STEWART Blondes Have Mae Fun Wm. z /s BLLY 10EL 52nd Skeet C1 U C NEL DAMOND You Don't gong Me Flowers CO.. SC SAMNA STRESAND Greatest Hits VA Cake óa FC CHC CEst Chic YMMC SO N v * * 05 * 30 EARTH, WND 6 ORE The Best Of Earth. Wind A Fire.1ó1 P( BARRY MANLOW Greatest lids keu FOREGNER Double Vision elaaic SD 199._ tvllage PEOPLE Chasm huyaet_ LeLr 7111 ERC CLAPTON Backless TOTO CaWmOO ic OLVA NEWTONOHN Totally Hol YG )051 7 DOOBE BROTHERS Minute 8y Mewle wool ems es SOUNDTRACK : 14 STEVE MARTN A Wdd And Guy Guy Plane w R AEROSMOH 'Lae Bootleg Cared. PC2 71í STEVE MLLER AND Steve Miler Band Greatest Hits _Chow 10o lierr STYX Pieces 01 Eight AL., HEART Dog And Butterfly Pantin fr SSSS rfb$ QUEEN Jan Ekeln a fe BOB SEGER 8 THE SLVER BULLET AND Stranger ln 7n Car DONNA SUMMER LRe And Mort Fatale. NNP GLORA GAYNOR Love Tracks Pnhew yo UM 29 8 PARLAMENT Motor Booty Altar raw.0 NBP ELVS COSTELLO Armed fates reame.. 7/ 3SM * 32 w 1 33 S NCOLETTE twine bon 1Se 3743 BLLY JOEL The Stranger 41. nee C oll, WORN GTE Here, My Dear lank 3U 1 Wa.ri STEELY OAN Greatest Hits Akt Ay CHERYL LYNN Got To Be Real Co4n C PAM NELSON Live Cohort. AC/ ! 12% 7911 TN 7! N a14 SUGGESTED lisi PRN.e. 7! L% LS A % 7.% ).S 7.11 L% L% La LN 7.% U.% Tsai LN L%! 731 7! 7.S 7.S T.% il X * 38 W 40 l 43 W y* W * 52 5/ SS * S / 2 34 t) Sr. PERFORMER -LPs pnlm.rp oreares, reseengn rp.nwmalvnon smn wee/ ARTST T111r _Labt.Number (Dlsl. Latta) SOUNDTRACK Saturday Nlghl fryer MK, 4001_ DRE STRATS Die Ska45 am, ós1 /S, 3766 PAUL McCARTNEY 8 WNGS Wings Greatest GPAJ S!A1111e1 _. EDDE MONEY life For The Taking CcATSJ 'f SOUNDTRACK The lad 01 The Rings Faelaw ROLLNG STONES Some Girls LWy :4,n CDC 111,1 1104,1,1 GRATEFUL DEAD Shakedown Street Amu AA M MEAT LOAF Sal Oul of Hell OCCkrrUV Mlr,n.lenh P( RCHARD PRYOR Wanted owe n wain<33, 1.4 PEASO BRYSON Crosswinds GF10 si THE CARS fielen ft _J PONTER SSTERS Energy NEL YOUNG AL 1ORREAU NMe h (EMUUA:rlaml Comes A lime All Fly lare W4,, ell na, rn M M Wa. 34 Ma MR 1,9 35 CAT STEVENS 7.S Back To Earth GENE SMMONS ROSE ROYCE /411173S /% 7N (411144, /NP * 7170 N /N Slakes Again 37 il maw. yolk,771 LEF GARRETT wann BOSTON L Nei 7.01 * feel The Need Don't look Back VAN HALEN Sang bin 'N 71W k.nlal 1.H: 7N,! p: l'sal N i"1 N y4,., Amer RSA STARTPERFORMERS: Stars are awarded on Oho Top LPs S Tapo she. based on the upward ee0vmem Strong ncense n sloes / P -20 Upward movement el 4 pesltlons / Upward movement of m ï ä % 41 % 111 7N rya 11!_ ON L 71..,_ BOB MMES Touch Down lease T! 7 DAN FOGELBERG b TM WESBERG twin Sons Of Diderent Mothers rar Mull _11 TAN -_7. KELS BAND Sanctuary (l 4nrruSO11006 TA L ACEFREHLEY Caub er, MOO W % CALDWELL away nmlesl 7! 7A AL STEWART Time Passages klag AB 410.S 7.11 KENNY ROGERS The Gambler 55,0.4kfm WÚ9)4 GNO VANNELU L y 731 7! Brother To Brother MM Se 1171 N ON CHCAGO L. Hot Streets ter.. PC JSS7 w UNDA RONSTADT L loving n The U.SA row, et 155 ON TN SAATAA nner Secrets 4i,Sc OC 3500_ N LN GENE CHANDLER Gel Down t9 Soot SAM* carboy, CHUCK MANGONE Children D Sanchez AY Se 1100 PEACHES 6 HERB 2 Hot Pak. PD 6177 THE TAUNG HEADS More Songs About Bulldogs And Food Man ber TANYA TUCKER TNT Yu 1066 SOUNDTRACK Soot teas we. m Mk 1711 JOHN DENVER MLA fy U!l PABLO CRUSE Wales Vert Alm 51 N11 ANNE MORAY Let's Keep liar Way (paci Sw ASHFORD 6 SMPSON s t ST Good for Ya Won. bai, ai N ON 731 )_N 7311 N SM ! 1s rr S LS AL % / sl TA 7A 7.S 11N LN N 7.S UN N X W 'T ARTST Tolle _.L.abtLRombor_(Dnt absu COMMODORES Greatest Hits ester RUSH Hemispheres Y(rcV HOT CHOCOLATE Every l's A Mona MaAlrwf 1031 AUCH BRDGES P.. P SAAC HAYES for The Sake 01 Love COr00, osi TED NUGENT Weekend Warriors tac R CHANSON Mcer ANDY G11311 Shadow Dancing MORS L 85 B SOUNDTRACK Midnight bore. Cobb.. DP 7111 POCO Len 4 d :099_ DOLLY PARTON Heartbreaker KA ATL BARRY WHTE The Man ML Wrap/ 7571 THRD WORLD loteety So Adder we's 1t/ 9111 Mina Not MEUSSA MANCHESTER Don! Cry Out Loud Neu KB PETER CRSS CaYbMU * 99 8 VOYAGE Fly Away Wain 71 Yan rte, ELTON JOHN A 141 Sul Man. TOSS db 90 7 BARMTS Light Of Lite menin!ay t CHAKA MHN Chaka tr 101.amer BM BSA AN MATTHEWS Steabn' Home MWel. M VAN MORRSON Wavelength wry Pout RSA 371:_ RONNE LAWS flame, nle4 Star 0, KANSAS wo for The Show a Mer Pi rte. 91 7S 10 TODD RUNDEREN Back To The Bars hewer th GEORGE W Move t On Over sir JMMY BUFFETT You Had to Be There WU * SLVESTER Step ll lank. 111M. * c2121 UFO Strangers n The N1ght let tAYS Money Talks 'an ,rour BLONDE Parallel Lines r Mn46+P.Ne DAN HMTMN nstant a RepDlayy 91 ii C VLLAGE PEOPLE Macho Man Lambkin, Net P.4 s"'2,ed vrce LST W ` C ó W ti u á A 7! 731 N 7A 731 N 7A 7! L% LS ON /A 7! N 7! ON ON ON 7! ON 7A 7A 7! 7!! N 7! A 41. 7A N ON 7! 7A PA ON 7! ON 7! ON 7! 7! 7! 7! N 7A 79 7A 7A ! % / N N 7! 7 6 positions / Upward movement of 6 poolllona Upward movement of 10 positions. Prnvinus wed4.5 1r11141 sdsihus e11 mnlnlamod wahout a slur A rre product is in a wowing a elod TN, writ, m COMO cases, block out products which would normally muoir ills will, a slay li such cases. products will be.rwurdud,r slur without the required upward movement pored above Recording ndustry Assn Qt Amen. seal 100 sales of 500,000 unds (Seat indicated by Velino L Recording ndustry A. Nr 01 ArnarlCA NP for sales.l r 000,000unir5 (Soolmdicaled try lr an010 Rocordinglndustly Assn to all manufacturers OtemerlcasoaHuddawiodsbteanoopsonal 7 7.% 7! A


96 96 Z,'S r ti t t Sy* ll y.M y Ch.,1 Upon,* t and ene Mar6M ß 6eatt6 04 Parwem or Bymn.d ikkst label. Mumbrr, DiSt BOB MARLEY i THE WALERS RbYbi' BY Hus 1 L0 11 an., b,n 1 BONNJ! PONTER 144( Bß8115!Mot pgwnc6v BM ON AOwll(an No DOW 6E 507 r O FAST Aú7. (007 FLEETWOOD MAC wv. _ ll 60 8 ALCE COOPER -7- From The osode Avm.Ga ty LLVS f ßE5151 A lr rndary Perlorma Vol. yl.,, cç ) JS t OUTLWS Rarn TO Wm 6, :05 k THE MCKSONS Destiny (x ( r _ _ 1.11 _7!_ W 7!,,..? 7(11 1 -{. a t! t le, 9.x tri 7181 Y o Lf -_ e0m1ro6 C á Fo. v _ N _ )! >M 7! /!_ 11!1 7! NAUPAiH N0 Mean Cilr > SS AC/DC You Want Bk. ' Got t aon< SD 1971' 711 ' 61 ' , 13 JOHN PAUL YOUNG Lore s n The Ail :ay.. liana: s4 1141, f Z BRUCE SPCNGSTElR Dai hers At The Edge 0110,01 t Co.. K ! 7! 1! 130 t 127 SA JACKSON BROWNE RunnmQ Q 1 On Emp Y MO 7!L_ 7! 737 i BELL 11 MMES ! J! 7! MARSHALL TUCKER BAND 617/1851 NS ',Vow C1N A1 7! 7! J PAUL SiANF` _ SOUTHSDE JOHNNY MD THE ASBURY MMS Hearts 01 Slone Cann ! _ l GEORGE CARLN ndecent Evasive lore f 7! a i 136, y STLR PERT MER..LP'1 ;pe6nn9 ó4.8b14 p00hwm1 1. npw.d Dra9re11lnif,te.\ 0 ARTST ; i Title (.òe11. Humber (01st label)! PLAYER DnÓ ASer Úó4t 146' 12 f MELBA MOORE Melba re Pe, CFRRONE i 1;,.L., ^ ^ SO! EFFECT Ralntlow Wston rernrt7x3 %U 5X111114nMi 7 = W m 7: F r 7 : 8 UST _ ! 1.16 NORMAN, EXLE Emotions t1 lip!. 7! SOUNDT1111CK the Wl7 11A r l4! } WAYLON JENNNGS 1'114 Always Been Cat" t HAML ro 1! 7.14 /se TCONNECT10N 716, PETER TOSS Bush Doctor CDC» /S AO STYX :Grand SUS1on.44 ".r 1631 NL ß011Eß WASNONGTON,R Rte. Seed YNCw Y ! 1! 7! N PEMDERMASS lode s A Song Worth 51ngns n,.e<pb Y.M6ou ` 7! 7! 7!! ! MACE PEOPLE (n.m+us qtr OM ADC BAND long Stroke C.,ac, s2s Mboe1 SO RORY BAUAOER ('(loto Finish VALUE NELSON Stardust Tos SOUNOTRACA 1.erl Which Way But Loose 1..,t sol MO Aue We Not Men, We Art DM w.1,. n Osa An - - W, v á í é a a s 1Q t-e g- s ATmsi TAk Ubd.Number (Oat 4beO wcaestqo LST = 6x8 O 7 s lfall MCHAEL lare ll 1 P SMOSEY ROBNSON kí( lµ1 r JOHN irlyolta Notts fever 166,001 FUNRADWC One Natron Under A Groove Rwnw lroa B`J 1709 GUM RAREBY C;:r To G" ynn 14.6 Ú14A W WRY GTUN Lilly Catkin's Crates( Hits wwr le 7621 p 7! 1! MLTON FEDER e A Stil Ada( Al i 7! 7! )! (14/1 SKY rentwesofcaptain Q 7.98 CONNORS The Best of Norman Connors 6 Friends trd560;s1h0nm) T!.0 7.Y!F!K ilj r. s 9.18 R 7! 7 7! _ 7! 7! ! ß081ßT lohn50/1 Gort Personal frlen0 (4,1111 1w r7a {11CÚ 1 7!,, SAP r! NEE DEGREES New Dimensions ww 8^ ! 110 7! S! 7! u!(mm (ra ! * 7! 7! 7! 7 -, ZON CpTER SONNV ßO Sl TY'1 [ R 2 SAD CAFE M6Placed deals µ11 ;r ! ! BARRY MANLOW Eatn Now RCA 1AMES Come Cd MAP Rrl 7! 7l 7! 7.6 C19a111MVwl ! MUN Elan Motor ! 7! /! EDMN STAR Dean 70.P.r !1 E!1 7! AMBROSA Life Beyond L k a...1 S l 15S L. 1! 1! 1! KENNY 10661/15 Ch '.:,peu C LRLE MYER BAND Sleeper Carcnt( Cava m Hon 1.14_ 13?! JEARdUC PONTY Mlsxnger _ Z t W'M Are YOU WA MGR* 1! FD/1[1GNER A u9y< A TOP LPs &TAPE A Z OUSTED Df ARTSTS, AC'Oc ADC db 714 tari f / 710 r r M 7.O n C7ik. -_ CRYSTAL MTLE When Dream ass as 7! 7! 7! u 1811 Star, n Concert MldO.<11 5Y04 n7ra,r, 11 11! 11!11 a, S 1M :15 urr4m.ow1. rw ly OR NOOK Pam 6 Pleasure waw sir 1 rw 714, s s BOSTON 7% rm BACABYKDS Night Groove. er x M 7! UKESDE Shot O love,...111( N ! 7! EMMYOU HARRS,,,:fire Si 23 SWTCH - - LW 796 7! : S 7! SOUNDTRACK The Rocky Horror Picture Show ; 00( OSU ßY1 _ M 29 CWTMN TERN.E W , ts 34 BETTY MRWNT W L% Y T! 7! l! 1!_ maw ó8a ! 1! PHTUS NYWN Somahne n MY Lifetime A,m ! --S 7! T! SARAH DASH _4.040t 1x ! 7! 1s, S SEA LEVEL On TM Edge 414'.11 Caw ! 7! -. 6 COOLDGE RRt3 KCSTOFFEASON A RTA /18kí81 Act ! )! 7! PAT TRAVERS Sat n the Street _ Ponau ro ! 7! 7! lu CHUCK MARGONE Feels S. Good AGM ! 1M GWEO Ugh Ego 1(4, CC1r :004 t taira S 7! 7! 7! R+ Madame Bunerllr '-n 6,. 6s. ax 7! 7! 7! MAR ROTA %"-a / TOM SCOTT r.., eat, rt5151 LSi MNDCLL New Worlds 7! bat. A8 a111! ,_ 7!' DON WARMS mplelsl6ns _ !4_ 71f 7.! _ GONS M Stopped Dan.',N.' +sw ! 7! 7! DANA ROSS mu.. um, 26 SOURDKAC11 Sgt Pepppeei s Lonely Snarls u0 Band mots/ SS M.hGrM 71 Mel u66rymm. N74 GeO errrl GOruMU 166 Chut MN.abn. Elk Clylun O.oa 47 Ba.ry M.ub. 117 Co.nmoaw GwyaNa,Y. 1% BebMrralaTlbW.w. 149 N.C.o NaaLOwes 197 M..hallu[\.B.w A.o.nM! M... C tm.'.16w,mun. 161 Sf.wNlMrn Mtlro.Y lw (M.! rrbu 74, 101 anm.m,r... AaM.Naxmp.n _ 67 Pow Cre. 15 lu.. Wy.. 75 PwM.C.lnn 1r647 88, a N.1' B.1f1.. M D..o 15T M..(yll 110 Sty..M111.r Baby. 101 lohn Orme. 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M N 16w.1 H.vror 56e. 180 GW Var.rrw6 54 7S , W Y,4pi'.e01a.. w 10OT Pypp.'llonersH..r.CU6Ra,M Yor.a ro 168 Go.. W.Mr./1on Jr K W 63 tarry WM )6 TWN 141 DonWlnam U6c1 119 Wb _... 17A 10) SoulhJd41o6nn1lTl.A.burylu4. BM7Wr.aM U li 110 JohnPealYSUn.._ 170 ul eap.spmn.n Peu156na7 Ee.nRsl a4b.14a Malay Own ---- Cal M Se..r1. ß5l..11.._._ PP S H sty Don,.a Sum./ ,140.4%..._- 61 inani 110 lac 86 f

97 Quincy Jones Productions and The Fitzgerald- Hartley Company are pleased to announce after one year of our partnership the following awards and nominations. %)%%4 j G Ato, ` r era Qsoo y t 5 ewer `%leat eg+ t,v ó t`e ``Stv N12Ne Pd <aív et ` ló` e e<'t.+c ti`rei' 5 ' * * Pt a tt t ` Pr`re.a iµ é d er s N 1,44% tt.,ß. o.p o` re, 1 re <a`n GK e5v Qa 1 tvet t n a ` tta cl eco ta a,ió. re Jar,e t,ate'a0 r y'sy We are extremely grateful to our artists and everyone at avetedß <5 rt ti o ef<eeato Ga a e e, Pest,,cre FQoneyé t,`yaoja0,aµ` n o+e G c`1 e o e. aen etá. oc! vey p,pttacta G`G Q o e; <`ytoyet éty 0 `y Pettoaa t` P%e `a ßeyGy o449 o,re etoot. -2N` l,g yai (001;0 e A &M, ABC, CBS and MCA Records; NARAS, The Motion Picture and Television Academies, Regency Artists, Monterey Peninsula Artists, and the radio and retail industry for making our first year so successful. A &M Records NC'JOMNS 1416 No. LaBrea Avenue Hollywood, California Quincy Jones Ed Eckstine ZGEfRAD.};ARTLEY L? Plaza de Oro Ventura Blvd. Encina, California Larry Fitzgerald Mark Hartley eyr P P8`Oo,or eoti,a ß et W daq otar 1ot+e G O y O aye. óeyt P A éet v y, c te e, a Pa o: " at,,.y at eet ó a 0,0 tajeo '. e, '. y z319,r ea, ßß., 0 pe.(,,,,.4 ey rey; rt Ve `ypßttj.,e 0-0 O V a a G,: i4`"o e,t, fi.,0 44. ttyt G af,0 4 sfégt?,a rg, e et a al t ek `' {e 0 0y yw P

98 98 New CBS `Special' Lines Continued from page 4 Commodores include Hawkins. Billie Holiday. Eddie Condon. Wild Bill Dawson and couplings of Lester Young & Buck Clayton. Ben Webster & Don B} :u. Jack Teagarden & Max Kaminsks. Bud Freeman & Jelly Roll Morton and Mel Powell & Joe Bushkin. The Encore Star Series will bow with flue tilles. with an additional 25 to come dunng the year. Encores release schedule calls for simultaneous release on 8 -track tape. Spotlighting both pop and jazz product, the initial releases features tiüi; Holiday. with 12 unreleased - cuts: Duke Ellington, Harry lames. Bob Wills and Erroll Garner. Other performers in the series include Roy Hamilton. Steve Lawrence & Eydte Gorme. the Four Lads. John Davidson, Eddie Condon. Andre Prevtn. Les Brown, Dinah Shore. Kate Smith and Gene Autry. Shulman promises further prod. uct from the MCA (Decca) vaults, as well as deals with other labels. including European. now in negotiation. Both Commodore and Encore will he highlighted by Columbia at the March convention of NARM, where the division of CBS will have a booth. Execulive Turnloble J Continued from page 4 Haynes as executive producer of a &r and Bobby Fischer as national promotion director... Bill Maxwell. a drummer and record co- producer for Andrae Crouch and the Disciples. joins Light Records as director of a &r in charge of contemporary and soul gospel artists.... Gary Kenton has left his publicity post at Warner Bros, New York... Mark Smith joins Savoy Records. Eliza- beth. N.J., as national promotion assistant... William Rayborn named director of advertising and promotion for Tempo. nc., Mission. Kan., after having been vice president of the Christian Artists Corp. Music Publishing Promotions and additions to AcutE Rose Publications, Nashville. include Ronnie Gant, formerly in charge of the company's recording studio, to director of the professional department, and the appointments of Gene Vowel! and Annette McKinney to the professional department n addition. Lynn Peierzell joins as engineer... Dan Wilson promoted tu professional manager of Nashville's Tree international, while Cliff Williamson will head the firm's pop music division... Pat Nelson appointed to general manager of Sea Oats Music. a BM affiliate, with responsibilities to also include Short Rose Music. ASCAP. and Outer Banks Music, BM. Prior to her appointment, Nelson served as Nashville reporter for Billboard and manager of artist development for New Horizon Management... Ed Penney to head the Show Biz Music Group. a new publishing house in Nashville owned by Show Biz Music. nc. Penney is vice president of the Nashville chapter of the NARAS board of governors and has worked on the professional staff of Acuff -Rose and Chappell Music as a songwriter. Pat Strawbridge appointed assistant to the general manager. Sue Sheridan signed as a staff writer by the music publishing division of the Entertainment Co., Los Angeles. She has written for Cheryl Ladd and Lynn Anderson... Helene Blue appointed manager of copyrights and licensing for the pop and serious music departments of Belwin -Mills Publishing Corp. She held a similar capacity with European -American Music. Marketing Chris Stewart, former director of operations for the Record Bar chain. Durham, N.C., moves into the vice presidency of retail sales. vacated by David DeFravio... Record Factory's parent company. Mighty Fine Distnbuting, Brisbane, Calif., has created a new post, director of finance, with Barbara Hardman, a newcomer to the industry. filling the slot. Dan Toulssant, long operations manager for the 20 -store chain. has been appointed vice president of retail by Sterling Lanier. Related Fields Guy Thomas, for two years media coordinator for Rogers & Cowan's music division in Los Angeles. will head a newly established disco music division for the firm... Sydney Faye appointed director of creative services for mage Marketing & Media. Los Angeles. She had been director of advertising and promotion for Sound Unlimited's One Stop in Skokie, ll... Joe Collins. formerly public affairs officer for the U.S. Marine Corps in Los Angelo. named general manager of Heider Scoring Service. Los Angeles... Ed Bannon appointed director of engineering at One Step Up Recording Studios, Los Angeles.... Maxell Corp. appoints Steve Levine its new Midwest regional sales manager for consumer audio and video products. He will operate from Chicago... John Dale promoted to vice president and general manager of the magnetic tape division of Fuji. New York. He had been general manager. Also. Fred Nakamura. executive vice president and chief executive officer of Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., elected to the board of directors of Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.. Tokyo, parent company of the American firm... Floyd S. Glinen now executive vice president, marketing. for Shorewood Packaging Corp., New York. He had been vice president. Dun England, previously national sales manager, appointed national accounts manager of the magnetic lape division of Sony ndustries. New York. William Zysblat leaves his post as chief financial officer of Sir Productions, New York, to form Sound Advice, an accounting and financial service firm... Barry Tobias appointed vice president of finance and operations for the Entertainment Co., Los Angeles. He had been controller with the Lefrak Organization... Patricia Willard moves into the newly created position of public relations coordutator for the Moss Music Group, New York... David J. Burdick named to the newly created position of marketing manager for the nationwide Radio Shack electronics store chain. George P. Petetin made U.S. marketing manager of Sonic Research. nc., Danbury. Conn. He had been operating his own manufacturer's rep firm to the Ncw York area for the past year... A. Ward Brill, for 20 years a sales representative for Walco -Linck Corp., Clifton. N.J.. named national sales manager, needle division... Shelly Wright joins the staff of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences in Los Angeles as administrative assistant to executive director Christine Fannon. She replaces Carolyn Knutson. Lote General News The rumor mill continues to grind out reports about the reverberations from the RCA /A&M coalition. Motown Records, which was orphaned when its partner in the Atlanta distributorship. Together Distributing, went with RCA, is supposedly talking with Joe Simone about coventuring an Atlanta label in which the Cleveland /Chicago independent label distribution boss would be partnered. The grapevine has it that Jim (Hot Line) Crud - gington of Memphis approached Mike Lushka, executive sire president of the Berry Gordy label, about taking the line on in his region. A contract settlement between former MCA Records president Mike Maitland and the label apparently is still stalled. When contacted at his home, Maitland said " can't say anything." presumably under orders from his attorney. Earlier his attorney told a local LA, daily that Maitland's contract ran till 1982 and litigation is in the offing... Jonie Taps, who rose from a songplugger in the Apple to a leading Hollywood studio executive, is penning his memoirs... Did Vin Carter, GRT president, tell intimates that the GRTJamaica bash for its top customers two weeks ago was the last for the tape firm? Warner Communications' Special Projects division has worked out a deal with Burger King chain, wherein the fast foods outlets in the Chicago area are selling four -singles EP samplers to customers... s CBS Records shopping for leadership for its burgeoning disco operation?. Look for major programming innovations ahead from ABC radio. They could -dwarf those disclosed by rival NBC in this issue... Now it's MCA on the inside track to distribute ABC Records. nsiders say MCA is favored because it offers distribution, while competing Polygram wants to buy out the label. f MCA locks up the deal, the welter of rumors hints the black music acts on ABC will wind up on the nfinity label... Mike Chapman, who produced Blnndie, Nick Gilder and Exile successes will most likely do similarly for the Knack's first for Capitol s Milton Salstone, the Chicago pioneer. worried about independent distribution? When queried. he admitted that he was all for it until the last breath. He acknowledged that he is still waiting word from his attorney's call to ABC New York corporate's legal department. offering MS Distributing as a buyer of the ABC Record label. Sal. stone says he called Steve Diener to personally make the bid. Diener told him to have the MS legal counsel contact about independents when Henry (TK Productions) Stone hosted Joe (Bib) Voynow, Richie Salvador and Jimmy Schwartz (Schwartz Bros.) and Crudgington at the Super Bowl Others at the prime grid event but nsidelrock not in the Stone entourage: Paul David and a group of his Stark Record Service brass and John Cohen and Raul Acevedo of Disc Records. And how about Sterling Lanier, president of the 20- store Record Factory chain out of Brisbane. Calif., being closeted all day Wednesday (24) out at the North Hollywood HQ of Music Plus with financial chief Dave Marker of that 14-store Southern California chain?... Two of the Hilton Head. S.C., leisure leaders, Phil (Capricorn Records) Walden and Barrie (Record Bar) Bergman are subjects of features in the exclusive island's quarterly periodical. n fact. Phil and Peggy Walden grace the colored cover of the slick. And the Record Bar 1979 convention returns to the isle Aug. 19 for four days at the Hyatt after a Nashville confab to Jackie Brown coordinates the event. Speaking about ;taxied Bar, Track tips its topper to employes of the two Oklahoma City Bars, who treated 50 orphans from St. Joseph's Children Home to a holiday bash, where each moppet got three LPs and a couple of posters. Pat Twist, Jean Ware. Debbie Bedtnell, Mike Barrett. Bill Brewbaker and Bill Hale brought the true meaning of the feast day to the needy. The Rev. James Cleveland and Frank Wilson, by the way produced the first Clouds of Joy album on Cityligbts, the Barrie Bergman /Barry Grielf label distributing through CBS. Videodisk on video: Mery Griffin recently featured Ken 11 ngram. Magnavox sales /marketing vice president, demonstrating his firm's videodisk player for the Philips/ MCA optical system. nterestingly. he used a Philips -labeled demo disk apparently made in Europe. rather than product from the U.S. ngram predicted a place in the U.S. home for both videotape and videodisk. Track erred. Clive Davis denies the meeting Tuesday (23) in his New York office with Chuck Smith and Jack Bernstein of Pickwick. And to prove it. he spoke from his quarters at the Beverly Hills Hotel. LA., that very day. And a call to Joan Bernstein. Jack's wife, indicated he was in New York. but not dealing with Arista. And the word is that if Pickwick got the line nationally (Billboard. Jan ) the distribution giant would ask for an additional discount in that they would be saving Arista loot be dealing through just one house -one statement, etc. The Arista Caribbean convention did discuss the possibilities and potential of various distribution altwice a utive let slip during the meet that he still thought the MCA deal was the best yet... Patty Brooks is doing the single, "Close Enough For Love." theme from the film "Agatha." for Casablanca. She sings it on the track. CBS Leading NARM Nominees Continued from page 3 gory instead of the usual single recognition. Joe Cohen, NARM's executive vice president, calls attention to the fact that the NARM awards represent best sellers and no other criteria. This is a complete list of nominees: Best selling hit single record - Boogie Oogie Oogie, A Taste of Honey; Lc Freak. Chic; Night Fever, Bee Gees; Shadow Dancing. Andy Gibb; Stayiu' Alive, Bee Gem. Best selling album -Double Vision, Foreigner: Grease Soundtrack; Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack; Some Girls, Rolling Stones; The Stranger. Billy Joel. Best selling movie sound treck album -FM: Grease; Saturday Night Fever; Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; Thank God t's Fi'day. Best selling Broadway east album-a Chorus Line. Ain't Mishebasin; Annie; The Wir Bust selling album by a male artist -City to City, Gerry Rafferty; liven Now, Barry Manilow; t Loose & Fancy Free. Rod Stewart; Running on Empty. Jackson Browne; Shadow Dancing, Andy Gihh; Stranger in Town, Bob Seger; The Stranger. Billy Joel. Best selling album by a female artist- Greatest faits Vol. l, Barbra Streisand; Let's Keep t That Way, Anne Murray; Live and More, Donna Summer; Simple Dreams, Linda Ronstadt. Best selling album by a group- Aja. Steely Dan: Don't Look Back, Boston; Double Vision, Foreigner: Point of Know Return, Kansas: Rumours, Fleetwood Mac; Some Girls. Rolling Stones. Best selling album by a male country artist -Eve Always Been Crazy, Waylon Jennings; Stardust, Willie Nelson; Take This Job and Shove t, Johnny Paycheck: Ten Years of Gold. Kenny Rogers. Best selling album by a female country artist -Let's Keep t That Way. Anne Murray: Here You Come Again, Dolly Parton; When Dream. Crystal Gayle. Best selling album by a black group -A Taste of Honey. A Taste of Honey; All 'N All. Earth. Wind & Fire; Blum, Brothers Johnson; Natural High. Commodores; One Nation Under a Groove. Funkadeiic; So Full of Love. O'Jays. Best selling album by a black male artist -Come Get L Rick James: Life is a Song Worth Singing. Teddy Pendergrass; The Man. Barry White; Weekend in LA, George Benson. Best selling album by a black female artist -Betty Wright Live. Betty Wright; Chitka, Chaka Kahn: Live and More, Donna Summer; Smooth Talk, Evelyn "Champagne" King; Thankful, Natalie Cole. Best selling jazz artist -Feels So Good, Chuck Mangione: Reed Seed, Grover Washington, Jr.; Sounds... And Stuff Like That. Quincy Jones: Weekend in LA. George Benson. Best selling comedy album -A Wild and Crazy Guy. Steve Martin: Let's Get Small, Steve Martin: Up n Smoke, Cheech & Chong: Wanted Live to Conceit, Richard Pryor. Best selling classical album - Bravo Pavarotti. Luciano Pavarotti; Greatest Hits of 1720, Kapp; Rach - maninoff: Concerto No. 3. Vladimar Horowitz: Star Wars & Close Encounters. Zubin Mehta and Los Angeles Philharmonic: Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano, Rampal and Bolling. Best selling children's album- Moppet Show Vol. L Muppets; Pete's Dragon /Soundtrack; Sesame Street Fever. Muppets and Robin Gibb. Milwaukee Music Cotutnnei ron pu,t < v/ out here and see if we have something special scheduled, That way they'll know for certain if a storm is on its way. t has happened to us es" cry time oser the past few weeks." Heilmann has put off the winter blues h thinking about Mil- waukee's Summerfest the 12 -day July music festival where Peaches sponsors a rock stage. "We're already working on that; we will be increasing our seating capacity to about 6,000." he says. "'d rather think of that than all this snow." Tont Sprtel creative service director for WSN -AM, has been one of the few able to capitalize on the weather. "We're giving (*every 11th caller a small bag of beach sand. suntan lotion and a T -shin that says. ' Survived Snow Blitz '79,' plus we're playing summertime music." he says. There was a pause. "God. wish had 300 more shirts."

99 LBERd4s) L The "G" is pronounced like the "J" in joy; the joy is in the music, as vivid and sensual as Gilberto Gil's native Brazil. {J J ìj'íj.ìj J.;,\ -41 The American premier of one of the foremost exponents of Latin pop /rock; an album that is as infectious and... joyous as Gilberto Gil. Produced by Sergio Mendes On Elektra Records and Tapes

100 When mild mannered but multi- talented Herbie Mann releases a disco smash. the result is super. Super Mann: ncludes the hit single, Superman." A Panck Adams P/oduc +ions, nc Production On Atlantic A Records & Tapes



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State of VOD & Digital Trend Reports

State of VOD & Digital Trend Reports State of VOD & Digital Trend Reports CHRIS ROBERTS SVP of Sales, OnDemand Everywhere 503.284.7581 x247 July 22, 2014 1 Executive Summary 2 Executive Summary VOD In 2013, an average of 43.3

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Making Money In Music

Making Money In Music LESSON 12 Making Money In Music Publishing/Performing Rights/Distribution In the music business there are many ways one can earn an income. In this chapter we discuss the publishing and distribution of

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Sun Records Albums

Sun Records Albums Sun Records Albums 1957-1968 Sun LP Pressing Identifiers The three factories that usually pressed for Sun Records were: Plastic Products of Memphis (TN), operating out of 1746 Chelsea Avenue next to Kilowatt

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KOREA TIMES U.S.A. MEDIA KIT KOREA TIMES U.S.A. MEDIA KIT 02 The Korea Times Music Festival at the Hollywood Bowl. MEDIA KIT Introduction When the Korea Times printed its first U.S. edition in 1969, the Korean population in Southern

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If you really want the widest possible audience,

If you really want the widest possible audience, WHY WOLFE? It s natural for an independent filmmaker to consider self distribution, but is that the best way get a return on your investment? Distribution demands a very different skill set from filmmaking

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L.S. AYRES FAHSION MODELS PAPERS AND PHOTOGRAPHS, CA Collection # OM 0659 L.S. AYRES FAHSION MODELS PAPERS AND PHOTOGRAPHS, CA. 1919-2013 Collection Information 1 Historical Sketch 2 Scope and Content Note 4 Contents 5 Processed by Jessica Fischer December

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Efficient, trusted, valued

Efficient, trusted, valued Efficient, trusted, valued Your ABC: Efficient, trusted, valued ABC Open Today, the ABC is better value for Australians than ever before. The ABC continues to adopt smarter ways of working and harness

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Full year data/ links to announcements will be added for different countries as they become available.

Full year data/ links to announcements will be added for different countries as they become available. Jan 2009 FULL YEAR 2008 Full year data/ links to announcements will be added for different countries as they become available. UNITED KINGDOM BPI press release, 7 th January 2009 BPI PRESS RELEASE UK reports

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Home Video Recorders: A User Survey

Home Video Recorders: A User Survey Home Video Recorders: A User Survey by Mark R. Levy As omrs record mooies and prime-time TV fare, the immediate effect may be to increase the TV audience; the long-range effect of pre-recorded material

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Contemporary Chamber Ensemble

Contemporary Chamber Ensemble Contemporary Chamber Ensemble The following is the breakdown of 2002 2010 revenue for a Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, which performs classical, contemporary and crossover jazz works, and records and tours

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BFI RESEARCH AND STATISTICS PUBLISHED AUGUST 2016 THE UK FILM MARKET AS A WHOLE. Image: Mr Holmes courtesy of eone Films BFI RESEARCH AND STATISTICS PUBLISHED AUGUST 2016 THE UK FILM MARKET AS A WHOLE Image: Mr Holmes courtesy of eone Films THE UK FILM MARKET AS A WHOLE The UK is the third largest film market in the world,

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North American Business Activity Statistics First Quarter 2015

North American Business Activity Statistics First Quarter 2015 North American First Quarter 2015 Restoration Hardware X Team Partner: The Trilogy Group Atlanta, GA WE ARE over 450 professionals in 35 offices throughout North America. We are a powerful network of partner

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THE HISTORY OF MOTOWN PAGE 1 THE HISTORY OF MOTOWN PAGE 1 What do you know about the music company Motown? Circle the options which you think are correct in these statements: 1 Berry Gordy Junior started Motown 50 / 60 / 70 years

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Pet Sounds. Label 62-M01S Pressed at Scranton, AudioMatrix. Label 62-M01L Pressed at Los Angeles, Jacksonville

Pet Sounds. Label 62-M01S Pressed at Scranton, AudioMatrix. Label 62-M01L Pressed at Los Angeles, Jacksonville Pet Sounds Label 62 T-2458 Black rainbow label with logo at top, and no subsidiary print. Matte labels First appearance in Billboard: May 14, 1966. First appearance in Cash Box: May 14, 1966. Label 62-M01S

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Eugene McDonald. Zenith Radio Corporation. The Illinois Business Hall of Fame

Eugene McDonald. Zenith Radio Corporation. The Illinois Business Hall of Fame Eugene McDonald Zenith Radio Corporation The Illinois Business Hall of Fame Our laureates and fellows exemplify the Illinois tradition of business leadership. Eugene McDonald was born on March 11, 1888,

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Billboard Pop Album Charts By Joel Whitburn READ ONLINE

Billboard Pop Album Charts By Joel Whitburn READ ONLINE Billboard Pop Album Charts - 1965-1969 By Joel Whitburn READ ONLINE Billboard Pop Charts: 1955-1959 Joel Whitburn's - Cash Box Top 100 Charts: The Sixties Cash Box Top 100 Charts: The Seventies Hot 100

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Jazz Bandleader Composer

Jazz Bandleader Composer Jazz Bandleader Composer The following is the breakdown of 2006-2011 income for a Jazz Bandleader-Composer, who writes, records and performs his own works and leads and participates in multiple ensembles

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Become a Recording Artist

Become a Recording Artist Get paid to sing! FabJob Guide to Become a Recording Artist Kathy Baylor Visit Contents How to Use This Guide... 3 About the Author... 7 1. Introduction... 9 1.1 Becoming a Recording Artist...

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Programming Policy : Can-Con & Hits

Programming Policy : Can-Con & Hits Programming Policy #003 Monday, March 21, 2011 Programming Policy : Can-Con & Hits 1.0 Reasoning: The purpose of this policy is to define the restrictions on Can-Con and Hits, as described by the CRTC.

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THE BUSINESS SIDE OF SONGWRITING THE BUSINESS SIDE OF SONGWRITING Robb Cairns - Oct 2018 WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR MUSIC? Only play my Originals Bar Scene City Concerts Folk Festivals/House Parties Senior Care/Nursing Homes Just

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Vista Group International Limited 2015 Annual General Meeting Chairman s Address

Vista Group International Limited 2015 Annual General Meeting Chairman s Address Vista Group International Limited 2015 Annual General Meeting Chairman s Address Before moving to the formal business of today s meeting, I would like to comment on some of the Group s activities and achievements

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In the early days of television, many people believed that the new technology

In the early days of television, many people believed that the new technology 8 Lyndon B. Johnson Excerpt of Remarks of Lyndon B. Johnson upon Signing the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, delivered November 7, 1967 Available online at Corporation for Public Broadcasting,

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Meeting of the BBC Board MINUTES. 23 November 2017 Broadcasting House, London

Meeting of the BBC Board MINUTES. 23 November 2017 Broadcasting House, London Meeting of the BBC Board MINUTES 23 November 2017 Broadcasting House, London ITEMS OF BUSINESS 1. Apologies and Conflicts of Interest 2. Minutes from the 17 October Board Meeting 3. Executive Reports 4.

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Objective: To acquire a position in Production Management and Background Coordination.

Objective: To acquire a position in Production Management and Background Coordination. Graham Cairns 778-322-5972 Cell Passport: Canadian. Daytime Emmy Award Nominee 2016 (Producer) Professional Affiliation: Directors Guild of Canada Objective:

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BPI the British recorded music industry BRITISH ARTISTS SCORE HIGHEST RECORDED SHARE OF GLOBAL MUSIC SALES BPI the British recorded music industry BRITISH ARTISTS SCORE HIGHEST RECORDED SHARE OF GLOBAL MUSIC SALES UK acts account for over 1 in 7 of albums sold world-wide in 2014 5 of top 10 best-selling artist

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Music Business Handbook and Career Guide, 10th Ed Sherwood Publishing Partners. Chapter 4

Music Business Handbook and Career Guide, 10th Ed Sherwood Publishing Partners. Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Start Thinking... 1. So you ve just written what you consider to be a song with hit potential. How do you go about getting it published? 2. What makes a successful song? Define the songwriter

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English as a Second Language Podcast ENGLISH CAFÉ 146

English as a Second Language Podcast   ENGLISH CAFÉ 146 TOPICS Famous Americans: Annie Leibovitz; home shopping cable channels and celebrity product lines; come versus go; via versus through GLOSSARY portrait a painting or photograph of a person, sometimes

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How Recording Contracts Work by Marshall Brain

How Recording Contracts Work by Marshall Brain How Recording Contracts Work by Marshall Brain So you and your friends can finally call yourselves a real band. You're known at bars, clubs and coffee houses outside of the neighborhood you grew up in.

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The Deep End with Nick Michaels. A Trip to a Time When Music Mattered

The Deep End with Nick Michaels. A Trip to a Time When Music Mattered The Deep End with Nick Michaels A Trip to a Time When Music Mattered Nick Michaels The Storyteller His voice has appeared on over a billion dollars of

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BWTB CHRISTMAS SHOW * John & Yoko Happy Xmas (War Is Over) `71. * George Ding Dong Dark Horse 1974

BWTB CHRISTMAS SHOW * John & Yoko Happy Xmas (War Is Over) `71. * George Ding Dong Dark Horse 1974 1 BWTB CHRISTMAS SHOW 2014 * John & Yoko Happy Xmas (War Is Over) `71 * George Ding Dong Dark Horse 1974 1 2 9:13 BREAK This morning we will feature all 7 of the Beatles XMAS messages which were FLEXI

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FIM INTERNATIONAL SURVEY ON ORCHESTRAS 1st FIM INTERNATIONAL ORCHESTRA CONFERENCE Berlin April 7-9, 2008 FIM INTERNATIONAL SURVEY ON ORCHESTRAS Report By Kate McBain watna.communications Musicians of today, orchestras of tomorrow! A. Orchestras

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A Case Study for Business Studies HSC Course - Stage 6

A Case Study for Business Studies HSC Course - Stage 6 BIG SCREEN BUSINESS Part 1: Management & Change A Case Study for Business Studies HSC Course - Stage 6 WORLD S BIGGEST SCREENS Pty Ltd LG IMAX Theatre Sydney, Darling Harbour Written by Julie Brown, Group

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(The film is notable for offering a song and the performing group a front credit):

(The film is notable for offering a song and the performing group a front credit): Song - Now and Forever Composed by Graham Russell Song - Now and Forever Performed by Air Supply (The film is notable for offering a song and the performing group a front credit): Music Composed by Bruce

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MACQUARIE CONFERENCE Wednesday 2 May, 2018

MACQUARIE CONFERENCE Wednesday 2 May, 2018 MACQUARIE CONFERENCE Wednesday 2 May, 2018 2017 Financial Highlights Global Cinema Screens Introducing Kimbal Riley Vista Group - Growth Movio Will Palmer Questions 2 2 OPERATING SEGMENTS CINEMA MOVIO

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Source 1: The Changing Landscape of the Music Business

Source 1: The Changing Landscape of the Music Business Read the Should Musicians Change Their Tune? passage set. Should Musicians Change Their Tune? Source 1: The Changing Landscape of the Music Business by Jacob Carter 1 2 3 The music industry is in the midst

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The smartest media mix is best left to Science.

The smartest media mix is best left to Science. The smartest media mix is best left to Science. MEDIA KIT Newsflash: The times when you reached the scientific community just by cherry-picking a few print and digital ads here and there are bygone. Science

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600 Matters. A vision for collaborating with America s broadcasters

600 Matters. A vision for collaborating with America s broadcasters 600 Matters A vision for collaborating with America s broadcasters 2017 We re all in! When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the 600 MHz broadcast spectrum auction, the Un-carrier committed

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Mary: Well, I have a set of 78 rpm records from the 1920s that are an exercise program.

Mary: Well, I have a set of 78 rpm records from the 1920s that are an exercise program. Episode 909, Story 2 Exercise Records Tukufu: This case asks what a box of old records can reveal about an early era in American physical fitness. Oakland fitness fanatic and health club owner Jack LaLanne

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Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts records

Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts records Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts records 01 Finding aid prepared by Celia Caust-Ellenbogen and Faith Charlton through the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Hidden Collections Initiative

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STANLEY PANENKA S TOP 40 MOST VALUABLE BEATLES RECORDS AND PICTURE SLEEVES STANLEY PANENKA S TOP 40 MOST VALUABLE BEATLES RECORDS AND PICTURE SLEEVES The following list of Beatles records and picture sleeves you are about to view are in my collection. While I do not have all

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New badge pricing announced


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) AMANO. ,i CINCINNATI ELECTRONIC TIME RECORDER EX 6000 SERIES ) AMANO,i CINCINNATI ELECTRONIC TIME RECORDER EX 6000 SERIES CONTENTS External View 1. 1 Specifications 1 Before Programing EX-6000 series 1 2 How To Program EX-6000 series 1 6 Printing Space (Vertical)

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F I L M S T U D I O G R O U P Studio Group Film Studio Group Film Studio Group (FSG), a Los Angeles-based studio and services. FSG offers comprehensive studio development, management and consulting company, was formed in 2002 in response

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The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors Board of Directors Conference Call November 14, 2013, 9:00 pm EST

The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors Board of Directors Conference Call November 14, 2013, 9:00 pm EST Ferdinand Meyer V called the conference call of the Federation to order at 9:00 pm EST. Present: Absent: Ferdinand Meyer V, President Bob Ferraro, 1 st Vice President John Pastor, Director at Large John

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Published in the United States of America by Cherry Lake Publishing, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Published in the United States of America by Cherry Lake Publishing, Ann Arbor, Michigan 2 Published in the United States of America by Cherry Lake Publishing, Ann Arbor, Michigan Content Adviser Paul Farahvar, President and CEO, Shoeshine Boy Productions, Chicago,

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Our circuit is the third largest in the U.S. with 339 theatres and 4,566 screens in 41 states.

Our circuit is the third largest in the U.S. with 339 theatres and 4,566 screens in 41 states. FINANCIAL TEAR SHEET CORPORATE PROFILE We are a leader in the motion picture exhibition industry with 539 theatres and 5,998 screens in the U.S. and Latin America as of June 30, 2018. Our circuit is the

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Members In The Spotlight!

Members In The Spotlight! Volume-132 March 2018 Members In The Spotlight! Tennessee Motor Coach Association P.O. Box 5191 Kingsport, TN 37663 (866) 721-8622 BOOK YOUR TOUR TODAY! The Birthplace of Country Music Museum, an affiliate

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JVC Reports Business Results for the First Half of Fiscal 2006

JVC Reports Business Results for the First Half of Fiscal 2006 For Immediate Release: October 27, 2005 JVC Reports Business Results for the First Half of Fiscal 2006 (April 1, 2005- September 30, 2005) Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. (JVC) announced today it registered

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FREE TIME ELECTION BROADCASTS FREE TIME ELECTION BROADCASTS 2016 Edition Production Guidelines Note: These Production Guidelines apply to all Federal, State & Territory Elections. The ABC may revise these election production guidelines

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The Library Page Page 1 of 8. The Library Page. November CLOSED THANKS- GIVING. 28 Story Hour 9:30am

The Library Page Page 1 of 8. The Library Page. November CLOSED THANKS- GIVING. 28 Story Hour 9:30am The Library Page Page 1 of 8 November 2017 Vol. 18, Issue 11 The Library Page Demmer Memorial Library, Three Lakes, Wisconsin 54562 Connecting people to the transformative power of knowledge by providing

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2003 Year of the Blues KEY NATIONAL EVENT SCHEDULE 2003 Year of the Blues KEY NATIONAL EVENT SCHEDULE KEY EVENTS Sundance Film Festival January 19-23 Park City, UT Attendance: 40,000 Premiere screening of a 100-minute compilation reel Panel discussions

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University Street (Taehangno) Photo: Noriko Kimura

University Street (Taehangno) Photo: Noriko Kimura 2006.8.10 Lee Gyu-Seog Born in Seoul in 1971, Lee Gyu-Seog dropped out of the Mass Communications course at Korea University in 1991. In 1997 he joined with other young artists in forming the Seoul Independent

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Sealed Air s PriorityPak Automated Packaging System is One for the Books

Sealed Air s PriorityPak Automated Packaging System is One for the Books For more information, contact: Donia Crime / Sara Ruth Weber Shandwick Worldwide 404-266-7578 / 404-266-7540 Sealed Air s PriorityPak Automated Packaging

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Pasek and Paul: Up Close and Personal with Special Guests

Pasek and Paul: Up Close and Personal with Special Guests CONTACT Tim Dunn (714) 556-2122 x4209, Images: RELEASE DATE SEGERSTROM CENTER FOR THE ARTS PRESENTS Pasek and Paul: Up Close and Personal with Special Guests AN EXCLUSIVE

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Math in the Media: Syndicated Programming. Syndication Ratings: Talk Shows, Game Shows Finish Season Strong

Math in the Media: Syndicated Programming. Syndication Ratings: Talk Shows, Game Shows Finish Season Strong Math in the Media: Syndicated Programming Math In The Media Syndication Ratings: Talk Shows, Game Shows Finish Season Strong First-Run Strips Gear Up for Sept. 10 Season Premieres By Paige Albiniak Broadcasting

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PTE Academic Practice Test 2. Part 1: Speaking

PTE Academic Practice Test 2. Part 1: Speaking PTE Academic Practice Test 2 Part 1: Speaking Part 1: Speaking This part of the test consists of some questions where an audio is listened to and the response given. In the actual PTE Academic test a personal

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THE TIN MAN TALKS... THE AARON PARNELL BROWN INTERVIEW. Written by Bill B Saturday, 04 July :51 - Last Updated Saturday, 04 July :18

THE TIN MAN TALKS... THE AARON PARNELL BROWN INTERVIEW. Written by Bill B Saturday, 04 July :51 - Last Updated Saturday, 04 July :18 Without doubt one of the truest "SOUL" albums of 2015 so far has been 'The Tin Man' from AARON PARNELL BROWN. The complex but concise nine tracker has won the hearts of underground soul lovers since UK

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Written by Bill B Wednesday, 27 February :59 - Last Updated Wednesday, 27 February :12

Written by Bill B Wednesday, 27 February :59 - Last Updated Wednesday, 27 February :12 Chris Jasper is the soul fans' soul man. In the 70s and 80s he was an integral part of the Isley Brothers and of course went on to become one third of Isley-Jasper-Isley. Now running his own label Gold

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JVC Reports Business Results for Fiscal 2006 (April 1, 2005 March 31, 2006)

JVC Reports Business Results for Fiscal 2006 (April 1, 2005 March 31, 2006) For Immediate Release: April 27, 2006 JVC Reports Business Results for Fiscal 2006 Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. (JVC) announced today its financial results for fiscal 2006. Consolidated total sales decreased

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(vocals, bass, guitar), Cub Koda (guitar, vocals), Tony Driggins (bass), and drummer T.J. Cronley barnstormed across the

(vocals, bass, guitar), Cub Koda (guitar, vocals), Tony Driggins (bass), and drummer T.J. Cronley barnstormed across the Rambunctious showmanship and riotous party anthems propelled by a string of hits, including their signature Smokin in the Boy s Room, Brownsville Station blazed a relentless road from the Midwest to Madison

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5 Phase Plan. one second at a time. a non-profit collaboration bringing the world together,

5 Phase Plan.  one second at a time. a non-profit collaboration bringing the world together, 5 Phase Plan a non-profit collaboration bringing the world together, one second at a time. a non-profit collaboration bringing the world together, one second at a time. The 1 Second

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F A L L THE OFFICIAL E-NEWSLETTER OF THE PERCUSSION MARKETING COUNCIL F A L L 2 0 0 8 IN THIS ISSUE: PMC Receives NAMM Grant for 2008-2009 In-School Programs PMC Produces NAMM Show Idea Center Panel Presentations

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2011 Q1 Results Presentation

2011 Q1 Results Presentation 2011 Q1 Results Presentation TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited Stock Code:01070 Disclaimer The information contained herein should not be utilized for any legal purposes in regards to any investor's

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UNRRA SELECTED RECORDS AG : GERMANY MISSION, RG M UNRRA SELECTED RECORDS AG 018 039: GERMANY MISSION, 1945 1949. 2015.249.1. RG 67.049M United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archives 100 Raoul Wallenberg Place SW Washington, DC 20024 2126 Tel. (202)

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Musicians, Singers, and Related Workers

Musicians, Singers, and Related Workers Musicians, Singers, and Related Workers * Nature of the Work * Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement * Employment * Job Outlook * Projections Data * Earnings

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UK TV Exports. A global view in 2016/17

UK TV Exports. A global view in 2016/17 UK TV Exports A global view in 216/17 2 Foreword... UK TV Exports 216/17 Rona Fairhead Minister of State at the Department for International Trade This year marks a new format of the UK TV Exports Report.

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Complied and analyzed by Steve Perdicaris

Complied and analyzed by Steve Perdicaris Complied and analyzed by Steve Perdicaris Organization: Background University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music Evaluation Question: Does an education at Pacific help music alumni in the field? Goal

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RAAC Newsletter May 2018

RAAC Newsletter May 2018 Hello friends! I'm so ready for spring, but another freeze watch appeared today! Yet, as I'm writing this, the "early adopters" are in bloom or ready to pop. So I've adopted a spring attitude and am ready

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City Newsletter - January 2019

City Newsletter - January 2019 City Newsletter - January 2019 In the City Limits Your Monthly Newsletter Connect with Us! (352) 735-7100 510 North Baker Street Mount Dora, FL 32757 In This Issue Your City Council.......3

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$0.10 for KS fees (ten percent) $0.20 for deliverable rewards (twenty percent) $0.70 for producing what you raised funds for (seventy percent)

$0.10 for KS fees (ten percent) $0.20 for deliverable rewards (twenty percent) $0.70 for producing what you raised funds for (seventy percent) Kickstarter budget plan for Dream Out Loud. Project Scope: To produce a broadcast quality film about U2 s fans, exploring their connection to the music, the band and each other. The film is to be shot

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US Columbia Records Singles

US Columbia Records Singles US Columbia Records Singles This labelography addresses main line singles only. Columbia used several series to indicate main popular series. Label 01 Embossed label information with no Paper Label 1901

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UK films at the worldwide box office, 2017

UK films at the worldwide box office, 2017 UK films at the worldwide box office, 2017 BFI Research and Statistics Unit 22 March 2018 1. Key Points UK qualifying films had a total global box office of US$8.1 billion in 2017, taking 21% of the market,

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GCSE Teacher Guidance on the Music Industry Music

GCSE Teacher Guidance on the Music Industry Music GCSE Teacher Guidance on the Music Industry Music IMPORTANT: These notes are intended for use by teachers not students. This is not new specification content that needs to be covered or will be assessed,

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UK FILMS AT THE WORLDWIDE BOX OFFICE UK FILMS AT THE WORLDWIDE BOX OFFICE BFI RESEARCH AND STATISTICS PUBLISHED AUGUST 2017 UK qualifying films released at the worldwide box office in 2016 earned one sixth of total global receipts. Rogue

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Samsung, LG bet on new display to revive TV sales 20 June 2012, by YOUKYUNG LEE

Samsung, LG bet on new display to revive TV sales 20 June 2012, by YOUKYUNG LEE Samsung, LG bet on new display to revive TV sales 20 June 2012, by YOUKYUNG LEE now look obese next to the most recent ultra-thin TVs. Picture quality has also made giant strides. But for most consumers,

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WLOF Weekly Music Charts: By Frank W. Hoffmann

WLOF Weekly Music Charts: By Frank W. Hoffmann WLOF Weekly Music Charts: 1965-1969 By Frank W. Hoffmann Top Songs of 1965 #1: " Eight Days a Week by The Beatles. video. MP3. rock music hits charts Music, Top 100 Songs of 1965 - The Most Popular

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TeleChoice expands into Mobile Handset Retail with strategic stake in Planet Telecoms

TeleChoice expands into Mobile Handset Retail with strategic stake in Planet Telecoms For immediate release TeleChoice expands into Mobile Handset Retail with strategic stake in Planet Telecoms Planet Telecoms ranks amongst top mobile handset retailers in Singapore TeleChoice to acquire

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W7OEK. Volume 2008, Issue 11 November 2008

W7OEK. Volume 2008, Issue 11 November 2008 W7OEK Volume 2008, Issue 11 November 2008 Don Bennett KG7BP 618-5189 President Jack Schock WA7IHU 535-8471 Vice President Lud Sibley KB2EVN 855-5207 Treasurer Bill Cook N0DMC 951-6644 Secretary Tom McDermott

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Installation Instructions. What This Option Provides

Installation Instructions. What This Option Provides Installation Instructions IN Bulletin 1336 PLUS, 1336 IMPACT, and 1336 FORCE TM NEMA Type 4/12 Gasket Kit Installation & Drive Mounting (Catalog Number 1336 RF2 1336S RF3 1336 RF4 1336 RF5 1336 RF6 1336

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Capitol Records announced in mid-august that they were preparing this album for release.

Capitol Records announced in mid-august that they were preparing this album for release. The Beach Boys Christmas Album Capitol Records announced in mid-august that they were preparing this album for release. As we can see in that ad, the track selection and cover art were basically complete.

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Members of Flexible Pavements of Ohio. Cliff Ursich, P.E., President & Executive Director

Members of Flexible Pavements of Ohio. Cliff Ursich, P.E., President & Executive Director DATE: December 19, 2018 TO: FROM: SUBJECT: Members of Flexible Pavements of Ohio Cliff Ursich, P.E., President & Executive Director Exhibitor Information Planning is underway for the held in conjunction

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A MUSICAL. Preview Only. pizz.


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PRELIMINARY INVENTORY ACCESSION CA2725 ROBERT M. WHITE II PAPERS PRELIMINARY INVENTORY ACCESSION CA2725 This collection is available at The State Historical Society of Missouri, Research Center- Columbia. If you would like more information, please contact us at

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Global pay TV revenues crawl to $200 billion

Global pay TV revenues crawl to $200 billion Global pay TV revenues crawl to $200 billion Based on forecasts for 80 countries, pay TV revenues will climb to US$200 billion in 2017, up by US$23 billion on 2011 but up by only US$2 billion (1%) on 2016,

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It is a pleasure to have been invited here today to speak to you. [Introductory words]

It is a pleasure to have been invited here today to speak to you. [Introductory words] Audiovisual Industry Seminar WTO, Geneva, Wednesday 4 July 2001 Speech on "The economics of the sector - the UK example" Michael Flint, Deputy Chairman, BSAC [Slide 1] It is a pleasure to have been invited

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Sunday Maximum All TV News Big Four Average Saturday

Sunday Maximum All TV News Big Four Average Saturday RTNDA/Ball State University Survey 2004 Additional Data: Newsroom Staffing and Amount of News Television Hours of Local TV News Per Day TV News Budgets: Up, Down or Same? TV News Profitability by Size

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Jones County Junior College has

Jones County Junior College has Inspiring Greatness MUSICAL ARTS PERFORMING ARTS VISUAL ARTS Jones County Junior College has mastered the art of providing fine arts to its students. Jones boasts a highly qualified faculty specializing

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RAAC Newsletter April 2018

RAAC Newsletter April 2018 Hello friends! We're launching into spring with a great offering to celebrate new growth and new beginnings. First up is Friday night at the movies - "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" on April

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by manufacturer's number.

by manufacturer's number. Compiling a discography of the Beatles is probably among the most difficult of such tasks. Interest in this group is so intense, however, that the enthusiasm of fanhood has propelled many with little discographic

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Canadian blues icon Tom Lavin & the Legendary Powder Blues launches The Centre s season with a high energy first show.

Canadian blues icon Tom Lavin & the Legendary Powder Blues launches The Centre s season with a high energy first show. FROM: CHILLIWACK ARTS & CULTURAL CENTRE SOCIETY 9201 Corbould Street, Chilliwack BC V2P 4A6 Contact: Ann Goudswaard, Marketing Manager T: 604.392.8000, ext.103 E: W:

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...samurai jazz warriors


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Guide to the UFW Canadian Boycott: Toronto Office Audio-Visual Collection LAV002473

Guide to the UFW Canadian Boycott: Toronto Office Audio-Visual Collection LAV002473 Guide to the UFW Canadian Boycott: Toronto Office Audio-Visual Collection LAV002473 This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on July 08, 2016. English Describing Archives: A Content Standard Walter

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