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1 E AUDIOS VIDEO SOÚRCEBOOIt O820 NEWSPAPER Billboard Publication!! The International Music- Record -Tape Newsweekly May $.75 (U.S.) 'Mexicans To Change U.S. afin Market? By AGUSTIN GURZA LOS ANGELES -The opening e of a projected chain of Latin is retail outlets. which buys difrom manufacturers. promises to foundly reshape the U.S. Latin astre's marketing structure. With the opening late last week of e first store of a Mexican -financed ain (thought to be the first such ration established in the U.S. by feign interests). some industry biers foresee a potential revoluti in Latin record retailing cornsable to that which reshaped the (Continued on page 72) deserves to be listened to by everyone... The band has the appeal of the medium from which they lake their name. but their I intelligence is uniquely rock and roll's KEN EMERSON, Village "It's an obvious. unashamed. instant classic." VIVIEN GOLDMAN. Two among many who understand completely TELEVISION. LIEE MOON (7E 098) On Elektra Records 8 lapes ladvemtaan+eno Dealers, Customers Gripe But Accept $ LP Price Rise Black Music Trend: Soft & Mellow: LOS ANGELES -The trend in black music is moving front hard driving. high energy r &b to a softer. more mellow sound. with more females coming on the scene. So say industry executives who make. produce. release and sell records. Barbara Harris. East Coast art - ist relations director at ABC Records says. For a while: world affairs seemed a hit unstable and it By JEAN WILLIAMS reflected in our music. Were going back to the Johnny Hartman. Arthur Prysock sounds which are basic and uncluttered music." Tom Draper. a vice president at Warner Bros. Records. offers. " first saw the slowing trend happening on the pop level with acts such as Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles and some others. They have come up with a much softer (Continued on page 66) Amsterdam IMIC '77 Looms As Billboard Tulip Blooms LOS ANGELES -n what is described as the most typical Dutch gift' possible. Ariola Benelux of Holland has commissioned the development of a new pink tulip in commemoration of IMIC '77 in Amsterdam. May 5 to 8. The tulip. which is described by experts as an excellent breed with a perfect balance between stem. leaves and flower, will be officially registered as the Billboard tulip:' explains Wim Schipper, manager director of Ariola Benelux. This is the most representative Dutch gift we can make," says Schipper, who will formally present the flower at the IMIC conference which this year is to be headquartered at Amsterdam's Okura Hotel. The Billboard tulip will be on dis- (Continued on page 85) Duties On Electronics Will Spur Price Hike By S I fphe:n t RAIOIAN NEW YORK -Both retailers and importers of Japanese consumer electronics products agree that neither can absorb the basically 0% to I5% countervailing duties at the wholesale level. Profit margins are already close to minimum levels in most major markets since the end of fair trade. As a result. unless the duties recently imposed by the New York Customs Court (Billboard. April ) are rescinded. consumer prices will rise later this year on virtually all types of audio and video equipment. (Continued on page 47) LOS ANGELES -Five months after CBS started the industry's SI LP price escalation by raising the list of the film soundtrack from "A Star Is Born" to 58.98, dealers and their customers are learning to live with new cost levels. But not one's saying they love it. Consumers and dealers alike have expressed displeasure anent the higher list of selective LPs to And certain patterns have evolved since a number of labels began their selective policy one month after CBS raised "Star last November. In a survey of major cities one (Continued on page 0) WABC N.Y. Set For AM Stereocasting By ROMAN KOZAK NEW YORK -WABC, the most listened to station in the country. is ready to go into stereo when the FCC decides which one of several AM stereo systems to permit in this country. "According to the latest prediction AM stereo should be in full swing within the next 8 months:' says Glenn Morgan. WABC's operations director, in an interview following the weekly music meeting he presides over to select the following week's playlist. (Continued on page 30) Coon Elder was born in Mississippi- Brenda Patterson was born in Dama. They met in L.A. where something very special was born... "THE COON ELDER BRENDA PATTERSON BAND." Together. Coon and Brenda deliver everything from rousing vocals to temperate tempos in a magic merger of two extraordinary styles And that magic appears throughout their premiere Mercury album, THE COOL ELDER BRENDA PATTERSON BAND." On Mercury Records and Tapes SRM 40. iad+enisemerni Ala ukannuennenti A certified, smash hit from Kenny Rogers album. On United Artists Records and Tapes. l Ft,


3 News LACK OF PROTECTION CHARGED French ais -The French government blasted er for its hesitation in inf ing international m to recordings during IFPI rations k here to commemorate ntenary awry of sound. ucicn Ades. Ades, president of the 'eh 'ch national group of IFPI. IFPI, also the forum to attack h the govern- - t for casting ranning. recordings into she the squalid category e. as romog" pornogy.,. as far as added value tax is med. as well as for its general Govt. Blasted For By MIKE HENNE-SSEI ostracism of sound recordings ascultural items worthy of proper protection. Failure of the nation to provide for payment to phonogram owners for radio play was another in the list of charges leveled by Ades in his address before an international assembly of delegates and guests in the conference room of UNESCO headquarters here. These failures. he observed. are particularly ironic in view of fact that France is the country which produced Charles Cros. one of the two persons credited with the invention of the phonograph. Ades said there has been a deep misunderstanding of the aims and qualities of sound recording. Records are looked upon as mechanical objects. and people in the industry are regarded as merchants interested only in monetary gain. "A book is regarded as a beam from the torch of civilization and Recording View culture. and book publishers are accorded a high moral purpose." he said. "However. publishers of records are also reflecting human endeavor and achievement. human joy and misery. great moments in the evolution of humanity over the last 00 years. "Yet records are cast into the same swamp where pornography grows. We must therefore fight and openly pursue our rights. Our conviction of the value of our jobs is the best de- i tense of the honor of the sound recording." The cudgels were also taken up by Stephen Stewart, director general of the IFPI. who emphasized that France was the only one among the great countries which had hitherto ignored the principle of neighboring rights. He added, however. that the French government was one of more than a dozen which had indicated an intention to legislate in this field. (Continued on page 67) ublishers, Label Reps Argue Reserve Fund Time Lag Bootleg Beatles A Threat By CLAUDE HALL LOS ANGELES -Widespread rplay coast -to-coast of one or more edeg albums of the Beatles per - ing live has spurred Capitol to ed its release of a live album of ebradesat The Hollywood Bowl" ednesday (4). according to Jim via, vice president of marketing. "Originally. the album was schedlid to be issued worldwide May he says. "But a lot of radio guys round the country are Beatles col - one c bootleg albums at home. The inute they heard a live album was oing to be released. they put their.p on the air, hoping to make a stir a the current Arbitron ratings now alderway nationwide. That intensified the consumer Iemand." But the Capitol album is the first Ewer legit live album by the group. eorge Martin. who produced most f their hits. went back into the stuio and worked on official tapes of a plc of Hollywood Bowl dates. e LP features 3 tunes. The tapes that comprise the offi - 'al Beatles "live" album have been -.ling in the vaults at the record bel since they were recorded. Mazza doesn't know how many deg "live' albums may be floatg around. "They've been selling or years in substantial quantities. tit none through legitimate retail sources. "Thereve been lawsuits to try to stop them" It's believed that the albums were recorded in by various people in the audience at concerts done by the group. The bootlegs, besides depriving the members of the group. the publishing companies. writers and record label of their rightful income. have also proved to be a headache in another way. Capitol had slated a worldwide promotion and marketing campaign behind the legitimate live album. The bootleg airplay has upset all of that In addition. various complications have been created at the pressing plants as the company now tries to press two million copies of Steve Millers new album. which is due to ship platinum. and two million copies of the Beatles Bowl LP. AFTRA TALKS CONTINUING By IS HOROWITZ NEW YORK -Unyielding attitudes on contingency scale payments to background singers is said to be the main element stalling agreement on a new contract between AFTRA and the record industry. Three series of fruitless bargaining sessions have been held Iodate. Talks began early last month in Nashville, followed by additional meetings here and in Los Angeles, with an agreement still eluding the contesting parties. The next meeting between union negotiators and an industry committee now is slated to be held in Los Under the contingency formula. built into the contract which expired (Continued on page 6) BEST BETTS- Arista's Clive Davis, promoter Bill Graham and Arista vice president for AM promo Richard Palmese flank artist Dicky Betts during a stint at New York's Bottom Line. Show was aired live via WNEW.FM. KHJ Craving Broader Audience Plans No Format Change, But `Strong Family Appeal' LOS ANGELES -Paying tribute to a former mentor. Gordon McLendon, Michael Spears. KHJ program director. vows to bring the station back to its former glory with a touch of McLendon. There will not be a format change. However. music will be daypaned "incredibly." The music list will be broadened somewhat, but it's not the number of records on your play - list that matters. ifs how they're played;' Spears says. "There seems to be an incredibly high rotation pattern at almost every mass appeal radio station today: but that doesn't work anymore... people have changed and you can't keep feeding the same records over and over to them." He says he didn't play any more records when he programmed KFRC in San Francisco than KHJ was playing. The KHJ playlist, still accenting rock records. will be about 35 tunes long. though Spears didn't seem eager to be pinned down to a given number. But we won't be playing 4 records over and over and 200 oldies over and over." There may be two or three personality changes. Charlie Tuna (see Vox Jon) is due to hit the air Friday (6) with guest Silvester Stallone joining him. Shauna. a female DJ who worked on the air at KFRC before moving to Los Angeles. has been shifted into a IO p.m.-2 a.m. slot. The air personalities will be more personality- oriented. but human. "I think this market has been liner - carded to death.' By Aug. I. he believes the station will not sound anything like it did a couple of weeks ago. "This is going to be more of a family station with exciting promotions. strong obvious community involvement. and hard - hitting editorials like Gordon McLendon used to run on KLIF in Dallas when he owned it." ESTABLISHES OFFICE IN PARIS Hearing In D.C. Hinges On Royalties By IVIILDRED HALL WASHINGTON -A Copyright Office hearing on compulsory licensing regulations has brought out the bone -deep antagonism between music publishers and record manufacturers over "reserve funds. These are unpaid mechanicals held in escrow by labels against estimated unsold returns, on which no mechanical royalties would be due under the revised copyright law. RIAA and NMPA spokesmen were in total disagreement during the April 26 hearing on the point in time when statutory royalties must be paid out monthly on all product shipped, and when there can be no more reserve royalty funds withheld by the compulsory licensee. Publishers and composers share mechanicals on a 50/50 basis. The reserve funds industry practice will be permitted for compulsory licensees under the new law. Statutory royalties arc required only on records "made and distributed" which are "permanently relinquished" by the manufacturer. The old law called for payment of mechanicals on all product "manufactured" under a compulsory license. Highly contradictory statistics were bandied about during the hearings, originating from surveys and studies made by industry experts and consultant CPAs. Stan Gortikov, RIAA president, whose retinue included the association's- Washington counsel James Fitzpatrick of the Arnold and Porter law firm. and industry experts from Columbia and Capitol records. rec- (Continued on page 00) Stern Moves To Bolster A &M European Marketing LOS ANGELES -Bill Stern. newly appointed European marketing research and public relations consultant for A &M Records. says he will establish a European marketing concept to bolster and unify A &ht's international image. Stem's appointment was predicated the alliance between A &M Records ' and CBS Records International whereby A &M product will be distributed throughout continental Europe by CBS International. (Billboard. April i. Stem will be based in Paris where A &M will open a new division known as A &M Records Europe to help increase and supplement the distribution arrangement. He will report directly to Dave Hubert. vice president of A &M International located here. My job is to ensure that A &M receives total impact in Europe." says Stern. The degree in which A&M is known in Europe is by the promolion of its product" Stem. who left for Pans shortly after the final papers were signed with CBS two weeks ago. says he will meet with Hubert and Marcus Bicknell. managing director of A &M By ED HARRISON Records Europe. to discuss how A &M's various licensees have previously handled product. He adds that a program to Europeanize the A &M label will be instituted. "It's a matter of a known label establishing itself as a more international one.' Stern says. We want to generate interest in certain albums because they're on the A &M label, which is part of the appeal." Stern. who previously worked as international marketing director for Robert Redford's Wildwood Entertainment production company. su- pervised the European release of All The Presidents Men." He has also worked for Warner Bros. Pictures in London. Paris and Moscow and speaks four languages. Well acquainted with international marketing procedures. Stern says that he' will bring a European wide marketing concept to the company" to help A &M become fully recognized as a major international label in all countries in which the pact is inclusive. Stem will help market the entire A &M catalog and will work with touring acts and A &M executives. ambou.o U pub was woeuy try n svoass eubt.cuvmu Inc One Astor PtUUZ 6.5 Broadway. Nc York. N r 0036 Subscrpnon rate annum rate cvrv'rntay U eong.e-tout Doe St 75 Second etas! ponage paid at New York N Y' and at adddona maa rg MMc. Curent ana pack copies of (..p oua are a.atop.e on emerofmn tram MTO M2roterm Rte 00. M omeo N Y 44 :6ms 300 Noon 20bb Road Ann Arbor Mrcngan ant06 Postmaster. pinese trod tune 3579 in 8board. P.O. Boa 256. Racine.. Pa Area Coda o xern. Unner>ay

4 4 General News Titles New, Duties Old For Upped E/A Execs By NAT FREEDLAND LOS ANGELES -Mel Posner, recently upped from Elektra /Asylum president to vice chairman of the label. says his promotion and the rise of Steve Wax to president do not change the share of responsibilities at E /A. Rather. it is n recognition of contributions by the duo during the label's greatest growth period from chairman Joe Smith. The way E/A is organized has me overseeing the day -to -day operations of the label in every area except Steve's promotion department and a &r which is the responsibility of Joe and Steve together." Posner says. - Posner points out that E/A 976 grosses were up 524 over 975. which had previously been the label's best year. And grasses for the first quarter of 977 arc up 54% over the same period lass year. Perhaps some 304 of the big upswing in total E/A grosses for 977 despite the harsh Eastern wnterean be attributed to the Year Of The EAR" merchandising and discount campaign for the total cats- logs of major sellers like Linda Ron - stadt and Jackson Browne- Posner 0 reels. mj More EAR campaigns will be mounted in 977 to feature thc catam logs of other attractive E/A names. er: says Posner. Again W'EA branches rn will deliver to participating retailers complete display kits coordinating with massive local advertising plus price breaks. E/A originally planned live trade ads in a Billboard campaign to show the industry where the company stood after its lint year under Joe Smith. Smith's office logged 300 phone calls the day a Billboard advertisement appeared inviting representative of established acts contemplating a label change to phone him "around five p.m. any afternoon:" By the end of the week some.000 demo tapes had been received by Smith. "Just about every major artist who knows Joe personally called him to kid about the ad -even up to the level of a George Harrison." says Penner. "But every one of these people Joe spoke to understood the point of the message and appreciated it" (Continued on page 2) TOP PIANIST -Count Basie accepts his Grammy in New York from George Simon. NARAS executive. for his Pablo LP "Basie And Zoot" which won in the best iau solo performance category. Copyright Office Seeks Royalties Into W ASI I I I ON -The Copyright Office has begun its study of the record performance royalty situation for its report to Congress, as required in the new copyright law. The law was passed without giving copyrighted recordings the right to collect royalties when played by broadcasters and other commercial users- -a right given only to the owners of the copyrighted music on the recording. The Copyright Office has asked for help in framing the report due Jan 3, 978. It asks for comments and information from all areas of interest- including recording. broadcasting. cable television. motion pictures and other entertainment industries. and representative of copyright owners, performers and unions Topics of most interest to the Copyright Office include the pessihle economic effect the royalty would have on performers. record A HOROWITZ SPECTACULAR NEW YORK -Vladimir Horowitz will appear as soloist with the New York Philharmonic Jan. 8 in his first concerto performance in a quarter century. The event seems certain to develop into the hottest classical ticket lure in recent concert history Already. speculation about the possibility of a live recording of the concert is stirring anticipatory rip- /Continued on pigs 32 Stark Firm Celebrates 20th Anny NORTH CANTON. Ohio- -The 20th anniversary of Stark Record & Tape Service, Inc was celebrated here April at the annual convention and sales meeting of Stark's 75 -outlet Camelot Records chain. In commemoration of the anniversary Stark president Paul David received a large engraved plaque from the family of Stark employes. presented at the company's dined financial banquet. April 25. Management awards also were presented at the yearly dinner that focuses on updating of the company's pension and profit -sharing plans. These went to Ed Moore. Eastern region supervisor. Jeff Tomlinson. Eastern region supervisor. Bs \III.DRF.D IL\l.l. and Vern Renke, deep South supervisor. Henke proved a two time winner. as he garnered one of three expense paid round trips to England that Phonodisc awarded here to Stark employes. Based upon the results of a British rock. store display contest, the trips went also to Dwight Mont - jar. Midwest region supervisor. and Stephanie Jordan. manager of Cam. dirts store number 23 in Cincinnati. Among suppliers who made individual presentations before the gathering at the Sheraton Belden Inn were CBS. U.A.. Phonodisc. Arista. W'EA and RCA. RCA and WEA were represented with videotape presentations custom -produced for the Stark convention. companies, broadcasters. music copyright owners, background music services, jukebox operators. consumer -buyers of records and other interested parties. Comment should be in the Copy - nght Office by May 3 and replies by June Five copies of each should go to Harriet Oler, Senior Attorney. General Counsel's Office. Copyright Office. Library Of Congress. Washington. D.C Her phone number is NEW YORK The -SI \t and a committee representing the advertising industry have reached agreement on a new contract believed to include an increase in the basic session rate for musicians playing commercials. llte last contract. which expired April 30, called for session rates of 548 an hour, with increment, of SIS for each additional 20 minutes. Three -I, -could be made an hour. In This Issue CAMPUS 4 CLASSICAL 32 COUNTRY 52 DISCOS 44 GOSPEL 58 INTERNATIONAL 67 JUKEBOX 5 LATIN 72 MARKETPLACE RADIO 28 SOUL 64 SOUND BUSINESS 46 TALENT 34 TAPE. AUDIO /VIDEO 47 FEATURES Disco Action 45 Inside Track 90 New LP/ Tape Releases Stock Market Quotations 8 Studio Track UCLA Music Class 36 VoxJox 29 CHARTS Boxoffice 42 Bubbling Under Hot 00/ Top LPs 29 Gospel LPs 58 Latin LPs Hits of IheWorld Hot Soul Singles Soul LPs 66 Hot Country Singles. 54 Hot Country LPs 56 Hot Top 50 Easy Listening 33 Rack Singles /LPs Best Sellers 6 TopLPs RECORD REVIEWS Singles Radio Action 22, 24 Album Radio Action...26 Album Reviews 86 Singles Reviews 88 Executive Turntable Ed De Joy named president of Janus Ri., i.:. in Los Angeles. He was formerly vice president and general manager of the label Fad McGrath ap. pointed president of Rolling Stone Records in New York. He was director ol artist development at Atlantic Records and before that director of Adantic's press department.. At Columbia Records Peter Jay Phllbin has mired to associate director. talent acquisitions. West Coast a &r. He was previously manager of Columbia's West Coast a&r department... Larry Palntacci. now manager. product merchandising at RCA Records in New York. He was regional album specialist for the Northeast region... Mike Martino - vich and Robert Ewald appointed branch managers for CBS Records in Cincinnati M De Joy and Minneapolis, respectively. Ewald moves to Minneapolis from Cincinnati where he was branch manager. Ma comes from the Atlanta branch where he was in field sales... Four sala managers have been upped to regional marketing directorial ords, not as previously reported as regional sales managers. The fou Stull. East. Dasld Fitch. South: David Steffen. Midwest; and Bernie West... Gene Heimlich named managing director of Fist -O-Funk Records in New York. He was manager of George McRae and is the owner of Daily Planet Studio... Nancy Lewis resigns as international director -. of Buddah Records in New York... David IIStack has been named ad director of country sales and promotion for the Southeast region at Warner Bros. Records. He will be based in Philbin Patmacci Atlanta... At A &M Records four former regional special projects directors have been appointed to newly created posts as regional promotion directors. Don Tolle will be based in Atlanta and work the Southern region. Larry Green will cover the West from Denver. Steve Drin will handle the Midwest from Detroit and Ron Farber will cover the Northeast from New York. At United Artists Records three regional promotion managers are appointed. Dick Smith will cover the New England and upstate New York regions, Sam Vogel will manage the Pennsylvania area and John Tillar will be based in Minneapolis covering Minnesota. Iowa, Nebraska and the Dakotas... Mark Hodes has been promoted to national Martonovich promotion director at Mushroom Records in Los Angela... Herbert H. Gordon named Columbia promotion manager for the Philadelphia marketing Arno,, regional album promotion manager for London Records... Loa pointed regional album promotion manager. Midwest. Epic Records. ated Labels and Portrait Records. He was local promotion man for Ep Chicago where he is headquartered... At Arista Records in New York Alessio named national secondaries promotion manager and Glen Lajeski to national promotion coordinator. Both were on the national promotions staff... At Elektra /Asylum Records Brian Rooney named to handle Midwest artist relations. He will be headquartered in Chicago... At Private Stuck Retords in New fork Rondo Rosen is the new director of national secondary promotion Griggs and Carole Eilberg is album production coordinator. Rosen was national promotion coordinator at Polydor. an berg comes from Atlantic Records where she was assistant to the album tape production manager... Tex Davis named to head country promo for all Combine Music Group /Kondo Productions product. Based in N ville. he will continue his duties as national country promotion director Monument Records... Taffy Rogers joins Jas Records. L.A. to handle tional sales. promotion and LP scheduluing for the Jack Lewerke -Sid T midge owned label. Ewald s At April Blackwood Music in Ness York Irwin Griggs named director of nancial administration for the CBS -owned music publishing fient: Ulpio M ucci mined director of theatre, film, television. a &r and special products: a Gina Blander is the new manager of national radio relations... Griggs financial director of Screen Gems- Columbia Music: Minucti comes from C Records International and Blander was a staff member... Eileen Rot elected vice president of RSO Publishing and Casserole Music. She was m recently liaison with RSO's U.K. affiliates and with Chappell Music.. Phyllis Stem named managing director of MusiCues Corp. in New York. S joined the staff in 975 Ed Kelleher joins Billboard in New York as a s reponer. He was a freelance music writer... lao Dove joins Salters & Rook publicity firm in Los Angeles. He was formerly manager of press and info lion at RCA Records in New York... Guy Thomas named West Coast t publicity director at Rogers & Cowan. He was formerly associated with music division at I('PR as well as tour liaison director Linda Gres & A. ates Rick Roger appointed to an executive position at Headquarters Tale Agency in Los Angeles. He formerly managed Frank Zappa and headed u his own agency... Sharon Weisz has formed W3 Public Relations alter th yarn with Levinson Associates in Lon Angeles... Producer Joe Shama appointed operations manager of newly formed Southern division Groovesvillc Productions. He will be based in Jackson. Miss... Com Eddy Lawrence Mason elected to the presidency of the American Society Music Arrangers in Los Angeles. He succeed, Lyle Murphy. a Gus Ishida named generai manager of hi fi products in the consumer d sian of Sony Corp. in New York. He was general manager of the South region. R


6 Billboard Founded 894 The International Music- Record -Tape Newsweekly In Billboard EDITOR IN CHIEF Lee Zhnoll. Al MANAGING EDITOR Publications. Inc 9000 Sun.' Blvd. Los Angeles. Calif ( Cable. Billboy LA. NY Telea LA Teles EDITOR EMERITUS: Paul Ackerman IN Y Elot Tirgel ILA NEWS BUREAUS & REGIONAL OFFICES CHICAGO. III 6060 ( N Wae kea Or Area Code 32. CI ti 978 Eddunal Bureau Chief Alan Penchansky. Sales. Bill Kinzer CINCINNATI, Oh Patterson SI Area Code LONDON: 7 Carneby SI London W Telex Phone Cable Billboard London European Editorial Director. Mika Hennessey. U K News Editor Pet,. Jones. Regional Publishing Director. Andre de Vekey MILAN. Italy. Puuale lo rate 9. Tel Bureau Chief. Germano Ruecnto NASHVILLE. Tenn WHO End Ave Area Code S Bureau Chief Gerry Wood, Sales. John McCartney NEW YORK. N Y 0036 Astor Plaza. Area Code 22, Bureau Chie'. Is Horowau JAPAN Music labo Dempa 809 Bokkan BE...2. Higashi- Gotenda. Shinagasvaku. Tokyo 4. TO Bureau Chef Alec Abramoll WASHINGTON. 0 C th St N W Woodward Bldg Rm 95 Area Code u Moo Chiai Mildred Hall EXECUTIVE EDITORIAL BOARD Lee 2hdo Eirot Tegel Claude H. John Sippe. Mildred Hail Is Hornwnr Paul Ackerman DEPARTMENT EDITORS CLASSICAL Is Horowitz IN y COPY Dave Deter /l A ). COUNTRY. Gerry Wood INash ) DISCO Padctal Joe N Y I MARKETING. John Sippel IL A) RADIO-TELEVISION PRO GRAMMING Claude Hall IL A. RECORD REVIEWS Nat Freedland (L A I RECORDING STUDIOS Jim McCulLtugh IL A SPECIAL ISSUES: Eo,I Paige (I A) TALENT Na, FreodUnd ILA I TAPE,U00 ;VIDEO Stephen Traiman IN Y FOREIGN CORRESPONDENTS ARGENTINA. Ruben Machado. Lavage 783. Buenos Ares. AUSTRALIA. John &omen. 29 Curl Cud Parade Harbord NSW, 2096 AUSTRIA Man /red Schreiber 60 Wien XVIII, Kreuzgasse 27 Tel BELGIUM Juul AnthonRsen. 27A Oudo God,aa. 300 Heist op den Berg Tel BRAZIL. Henry 7 Johnson. Av R. Branco 25. Rn de Janeiro Tel CANADA: Many Meth., 89 Rainslord Rd Toronto. Omar. 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Pa (25) S..ABP C, Vol. 89 No 8 General News BOOSTS `KEY OF LIFE' IN CHICAGO Motown Launches Media Blitz It) ALAN PF.V( II v'sf CHICAGO -The outer limits of multi-platinum level sales potential are being tested here by Motown in an unprecedented drive to reinvigorate sales of Stevie Wonder's "Key Of Life" LP. The double album. which according to Motown has sold close to 5 million units before the push began. h:is been the subject of a three -week saturation television ad campaign launched April 8. A 30- second spot. focusing on the album's Grammy sweep. deputed here and was aired more than 00 um.. Motown also has utilized radio and print advertising in the ongoing effort, and has secured wide support from all levels of retail in heavily restocking the album and mounting window and in -store displays. And the campaign includes outdoor billboard advertisements. Chicago CIA bus ads and Stevie Wonder T -shirt iron -ens that were placed in the Sunday. April 24 edition of the Chicago Sun -Times. II is the first time that the metro newspaper has devoted an iron -on to a pop music star, says Motown. "We've already. sold 5 million ARIES. but considering thc number of people in a position to buy the product, we're just scratching thc surface." explains Barney Ales. Motown president. in Chicago to confer on the promotion with MS Distributing- "Masl even rock and r &b 0(- i Wonder Window: This display is typical of windows Motown secured in the Chicago "Key 0 Life" album push, which also included television spots and bus advertisements. for who wants the album has already gotten a copy. but we're looking beyond that to an audience that may not even listen to Top 40 radio. that hasn't been in a record store.n a year." says Ales Alea, who puts a "six figure" price tag on the campaign. says it challenges the industry philosophy that "once an album's out for seven months it's gel to he dead -' As,um- ing success with the campaign Chicago. it will be moved to major markets. he affirms. Chicago retailers and arc reporting sales of the al preaching new release leve "I can't say enough abo campaign. it's selling aim new release." enthuses Keith ling. buyer for two high. Sounds Good outlets. Ecke others were offered a 5 pro the double -album and other I. from the Wonder catalog. "The tags aren't even that lm Loot," says Eckerhng. who has hounded praise for the institull power of tv record ads. The is ads seem to really pick an album. and it's getting heasy play all over." the retailer says. " started selling it even before we ha it on sale." Fred Michale. album buyer r Sound Unlimited one -stop. sa many of his smaller accounts au! buying the double LP in groat quantity now than when It was new.: "We're selling It as if it were a ntel album." he says. noting that adver! rising monies were not availa when the product ums released. Ben Sheats, album buyer for south side Ernie 's One Slop, calls Ihq campaign a "rebirth" "The albu had slowed down after the initial b sale. but with the added advertisement, its picked back up again." he rers in. SECONDARY AIR Arista Promo Chief Plans To Concentrate On Small Towns corne, to NEW YORK -"When breaking records I don't look to WABC in New York." says Richard Palmase, new vice president of AM promotions at Arista Records. "There will be a lot more serious concentration on secondary airplay." he says. "Secondary airplay is especially important because it provides a firm base for a record and. more importantly results in sales. tre- airplay and requests from a mendous cross- section of the record - buying public. "As far as majors go, it is my belief that certain records are immediately appropriate for certain market' places, and if a record is right for a specific station in a specific major market. we will go for that major right away. Then we will provide immediate secondary support in every way possible." Palmese says that as soon as any single is released local promotion people poll station directors around the country for their opinions which are then "hot lined" to his office. Then he concentrates on those areas where there Is the mcxt excitement. AFTRA Contract Colu.d rein page? March 3. additional payments are made to non -royalty singers once certain sales plateaus are reached A hot record could return the performer up to 005 of his original scale payment. The union is now asking that the sales plateaus be reduced and the percentage increased. A source close to AFTRA says that the prime "barrier against settlement is a disinclination of the record companies to increase contingency scale payments to a nlcali-.ngful degree" He adds that "progress has been made in other areas. By ROMAN KOZAK coordinating with marketing and sales to earmark stock into the area. Palmese says That because Arista is a small company there is a great deal of communication between departments which allows for quick responses. He says the reason so many top promotion executives have recently left at almost the same time. was purely coincidental. They all got betterjobs at the same time. he says. and there were no ill feelings. Palmas,' says that for Arista's promotional purposes the country is broken down into four regions. with 6 promotion managers out in the field working with local independent promotion people and promotion folk from local independent distributors. "Each Arista promotional representative should know his or her marketplace. They should thoroughly know and understand the research being done by stations in their area. and should he able to complement that research with appropriate facts and figures," sass Palmese. "In fact I believe that records are broken by local promotion managers- They live in the city. they know it. can feel its pulse. and they must maintain good relationships with that area's radio station personnel- For example. they should always have a good reason to present to program directors for them to add a record. "Common sense tomes into doing good promotion. I approach promotion seriously: it takes a lot of understanding. You have to understand what the stations are doing. You have to understand their research. A lot of stations are now doing passive research. for example. "Passive research is gauging how familiar a certain song is in the marketplace A station may do 300 calls in a week and it will call different demographics: 8. female. under 8, married, what has, sou, And the station asks whether the prop know the song. and whether th like it '-But the only was to gauge h familiar a tune is is to have it pia somewhere else. So what you hasc do is to take the record to a cunt punt) station. or a competing T 40. and get the record played th What the station will do then is out to sec how familiar the tune and add it accordingly. "That is something that is ping up more and more. It is tainly good for the programm We on the record end have to and. stand it. But inherent in passive research is that it is not necessarily gong by what is selling. "So you may get a situation where a record is top five in sales, but the guy may say to you 'hey. it's negative' u.s far as passive research is concerned. So as a promotion man you have to be able to show the program director that the record is acceptable to the mass audience June 7 Vote On Pickwick Merge 'WRFC- P,,Lw icl Info NEW national shareholders will vote June 7 on the merger agreement wilh American Can announced Fr.dal - (29. and signed following author i7ution bv the two firms' boards of directors Under terms of the agreement. it; the works since last fall. American. Can would acquire Pickwick through cash payment of $25 pet share to Pickwick stockholders. S0.6 million deal. Merger is sul Joct to a favorable vote of ou standing Pickwick shares and sat. faction of various conditio) specified in the merger agreement i of the closing date.

7 They're the hottest pair of horns in the business. Their recording credits read like a who's who of musical stardom. They've made two killer albums with their own incredible band, the cream of America's finest players. And now their new album, "Don't Stop The Music" is the icing on the cake. The Brecker Brothers. They cook, they sizzle, they rock. But they don't stop. u or sic? /4. Rom" On Arista Records AL.2?

8 B Financial SALES INCREASE BY 40% moor- WEA Intl: Record st Quarter B4 ED kelle IIE:R NEW YORK- Bo,isung a 409 sales increase. WEA International is celebrating the biggest first quarter in its history. Profits arc up 554 from last year. aoording to company president Nesuhi Enegun, who hails the margin as "beyond our own expectations." With nine of its worldwide markets reponing strong percentage increases. WEA International cites its most dramatic sales jumps in the U.K. (494), Australia (539, Canada (309) and Holland (864). The company also points to gains in Italy (24'4 France (229). Germany (45. South Africa (39) and New Zealand (364). Among the artists credited M the company for As first quarter success are Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles. Rod Stewart. Linda Ronstadt, the Doobie Brothers. George Harrison. Alice Cooper. ABBA, America. Frank Sinatra and Queen. In the U.K. WEA reports scoring its biggest sales with the Eagles "Hotel California." Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours;' and Frank Sinatra's specially packaged "Portait" LP set. Top singles for the quarter included Rod Stewart's "Get Back." Boney M's "Daddy Cool" and Manhattan Transfer's "Chanson D'Amour." In Australia. the company accounts for its 539 sales increase by pointing to the success of the Eagles Bennett, Others Propose Music City Web Takeover LOS ANGELES -A group of Industry veterans and a British investor group will propose a takeover of the ailing Wallichs Music City Disk Sales Off As ABC Marks Record Quarter NEW YORK- Although parent ABC Inc. reponed record first guar- ter net income, earnings per share 4 and revenues, recorded music opera arions sales declined slightly. Both 7 the label and racklobbing arms posted operating losses. Z Net losses were noted for ABC Records and ABC Record & Tape T Sales. although no figures or per - r: centages were reported in the Janus- ary-march corporate statement The. only other profit depressants in an otherwise bright picture were at ABC Theatres and scenic attractions. (Continued nn page 86) Bs JOHN!II'PEL. seven -store chain Monday 2) before U.S. Bankruptcy Judge JA. Dailey hcrc. Sam Jonas. controller appointed by the court to oversee the Wallichs' possible reorganization. confirms that the group includes AI Bennett, former Liberty Records founder/ president who now heads Cream Records. and Ed Barsky and Charley Schlang. executives with Kesler Marketing. a cutout firm here. The British group is believed headed by Spencer Barry. an English imports executive, and might include Michael Franklin. Franklin is a former British drugstore chain founder who joined Wallichs as a consultant and invested in the Southern California store chain in mid Jonas emphasizes that the court has even intention to try to keep the store chain operational- The bankruptcy petition. filed March 4 here. listed assets of 5,650,674 and liabilities of S,56.65 I Billboard. March ORIGINAL Iffr RESTAURANT Salutes AL PACINO Starring in "PAVLO HUMMEL" Buona Salute and Best Wishes Your Host P.S. May you enjoy a successful engagement and our delicious Italian Cuisine. and Fleetwood Mac album,. along with LP releases by Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper. George Harrison and America. Also reported strong is the soundtrack of All This And World War II." with Shaun Cassidy's "That's Rock And Roll" listed among the top singles. WEA Canada reports benefttting from a George Harrison promo- tional tour and concerts by the Doobie Brothers and Queen. with all three of these acts among the leaders for the quarter. Also strong. according to WEA, are LPs by Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Gan' Wright, Manfred Mann. George Benson. Bread. Linda Ronstadt. Seats & Crofts. Joni Mitchell and James Taylor. Top singles for WEA include Rod Stewart's "Tonight's The Night: Bones, M's "Daddy Cool" and ABBA's "Dancing Queen." (Continued on page 67) Capitol -EMI 3rd Quarter Income Rises LOS ANGELES -Capitol Industries-EMI Inc_ reported 5, in income for the third fiscal quarter ending March 3 on sales of 538, The booming success of the label. Capitol. is also reflected on Billboard's Hot 00 Chan where 2 singles sit. including the million -plus selling "Southern Nights" by Glen Campbell at number three and the million -plus selling "I've Got Love On My Mind" by Natalie Cole at number eight. In addition. artists such as Tavares. Stare- Wings, Sylvers, Klaatu, Mary MacGregor. Bob Seger. Hekn Reddy and the Steve Miller Band are an represented, as well as Carl Graves on Ariola America which is distnbuted by Capitol. Maze is in the bubbling under chart. too. For the liest nine months of fiscal 977. Capitol has earned based on sales of ,000 it reports. "While higher costs depressed profit margins in the third quarter." says Bhaskar Menon. president and chief executive officer. "Capitol's performance in the first nine months of fiscal 977 is highlighted by an increase of 359 in both sales and pretax income as compared to the same period last year." The fourth quarter may prove equally as good as Steve Miller's new album will ship platinum. according to Jim Mazza. vice president of marketing. In addition. a Beatles live performance LP is due to ship platinum. Menon also promises "aggressive marketing emphasis on the exploitation of Capitol's catalog. as well as strong new releases by Jessi Colter. Dr. Hook. Little River Band. Helen Reddy. Linda Ronstadt. Sweet, and Nancy Wilson. For a similar three -month period a year ago. Capitol had $38,648,000 in sales and S in income For a nine -month period a year ago. the figures were $6.33,000 in sales and income of Capitol Industries -EMI reports shares outstanding and has declared a quarterly cash dividend of S.08 per share payable June to shareholders of record May PMorke Quotations _ 975 i8 Lew NAME ABC 9K 7K An.. S% 3% AutorNLC Rad,o 8,'A 55.5 % 7K Coumisa RCNres Ins 0h Cr utn.n n,fney.wap 3. EMI te% 2% Gun Weston 4'A HandMnan 36% 23% NarmanlrNualnes ik 4% R -Tel us 6 Lat.yene Radio 26% 2K Metsuanita Elearunio 42'A 36% MCA 20% 6 MGM 57 47% % 42 Motor. 36 3'A Noe, Amensae moo. 22'A 6% Pickwick lmanaional 94 5% Kayo, 30% 25K RCA 0% as Sorry 22% 6% Sumancopa 42K 30 Tray 7% 4% TaNCa 34 2% Tate. 4N 2% Ton. 5% 3% Tranóamerra 2% 9% 20enClntury neu 26% warner Communications eneh OVER THE RE Sales ele Asa COUNTER ASKCOIna % 8 Garrets,. GRT Goody Sam.- legres En , As of noon. Apri 78 3n Koss Cap % % P'E 'rot., High Lee Close cumin. tl % n 7% ] 6 3% K t%,s s+ 24 3% 405 3K 2 3 5:f 6 if 33K 0 a 6 6% lo ' %, 2 T % %,7% x4 60 5K K t2 2% N 7 ri 29K 'a 43% 44 7% 7% 3% 3% 58% 58% 9'A 9% tt,4 34% 35 3% 3% t3% 3% 5% 6% 33% 334 4% 6% 6% 2K 2% 36% 36% t9% 9% 48' K 33V 9 20% 6% 6% 28K 29% 9K 9%»n n% 29% 29% 5% 5% 2% 2% 2% 2% 36 7% % % 29% % Unen Unen unen unce - 4 % 4 una, Unen unen Unan - po OVERT. P4: SaH. 6.d um COUNTER jl Rtatom Exec 7 2 2'. 3% M Josephson % Memorex % ono. Gor - 0 % Recoton % 3% Scrw.0 &Os 0 0, 2% Over -Itte- Counter prices shown may or may not represent actual transactions Ratner. they are a gu,0e to the range oaten which these securities could nave been sold or bought at the ime of completion. The above information contributed to Billboard by Douglas Vollmer of G Tsai & Co inc Los Angeles a. members of the New vork Stock E.cnange Disney's Music Wing NEW YORK -Walt Disney Productions' consumer product` division. including records and music publishing. was a strong performer in the second quarter and first half ended March 3. Consumer products. which also covers character merchandise and publications. and educational media CONCERT PROGRAMS Posters, Financial Reports, Brochures and other on time quality job printing. By the Printing Division of Billboard Publications, Inc. 260 Patterson Street Cincinnati. Ohio sale,, reported increases to dts'isim al operating income of 379 for th quarta. to )U.49 minion, and 395 for the first six months. to 58.92! million. Revenues went to $25.7 mil lion from million for thi quarter. and to $44.34 million fro n $44 million in the six months. G. Tsai & Company, Inc NNW TM 0 POOL HORA t ac 900 Avenue of the Stars. Los Angeles. Calif orme Teinpeone (23) FOR INFORMATION REGARDING MAJOR MARKET QUOTES PLEASE CALL. Man O6te 200 Pik Ave Now Voy. N 007 (273) RECEIVE 800% ON PAST DUE ACCOUNTS MONEY SENT DIRECTLY TO YOU! MEDIA SPECIALISTS CALL TOLL FREE COMMERCIAL COLLECTIONS THE WORLD OVER AMES, MANNING & BROWN, Sunnte Bank Bldg. 270 E. Sunrise Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, FI D...van of CENTRAL CREDIT CLEARINGHOUSE Incoipnlatefi 979


10 0 Dealers & Continued from page discerns: customers becoming more selective in their LP purchasing, dealers taking on a more cautious buying approach to new product. dealers finding themselves on the brunt end of the public's questions about why the raised price and and S7.98 LPs being sold at various discounted levels. The survey focuses on dealer and consumer attitudes in Seattle, San Francisco. Denver, Dallas, Houston. Detroit. Cincinnati. Kansas City. Milwaukee, Atlanta and Miami. What it also shows is that the pub- Wanna Buy A Duck?' : DISCO DUCK DANCE PARTY 4a, t Law U. LawMr Row 2 TaE.. R.ath ryty TMY.N ab, li4 il n,, K.a+, il, "... Ar, a,s ON..M IrQ MS. a NaAtl iolii..-. VP' r `. } DoDwtA FRO NENh.MTWIbW _! f IRWIN THE DISCO DUCK DANCE PARTY - W. r Ow Ow NA Caw Allwnwn Myn W. Mood tttxti oxln o. C.rA, NM CN,IN r.l MnIYq Y.Y..W..W i.n Ln.O..[uE -v..a ^. v:`a,'; i,::::::j.ti.... n^.`'.:r', ALLEY CAT AND CHICKEN FAT wins irmn THE DISCO DUCK Aft ISITY Wm.. Ea. Pd4 T" Twp C.. EN Wf. Poutoe NW, O.F Woe Nu ' "IRWIN- on ( No Ora F>'TeR Pat.. Records IaS KOMOEN MEET NEMAE[, N. 070S con... Boa ac Any $.M«)6)40 Bn rw.n..a, :.33SWba w.,.,.m General News Customers Learn To Live With he will pay for what It wants, even though it may bitch about the higher cost. And there are dealers who have felt a loss in business because customers are reducing the number of LPs they now purchase. Still. conditions vary from city-tocity and store -to- store. SEATTLE By ERIK LACITIS Album buyers here are grumbling about the industry's price rise. but sales have not slackened off. according to local retailers. They say the customer apparently has written off the price jump to general inflation. "When they came out with the S2 bill. that right away tells you the dollar isn't worth as much any more,' says Ed Schacher. regional manager here of Music Street, part of a nationwide -store chain. "I es just like concert tickets. Thrcc or four years ago they were S3 and S4. Now, they're , even $0.50. And they're selling more than ever before." He says he doesn't know where the record market will level off. " thought it would level off at but then it went to S7.98. and now it's $8.98:" he says. Schacher says the "A Star Is Born" Streisand album is selling at his store for $5.40. a sale price at all I I stores of the chain. Sales of the LP arc excellent, he says, although he admits that anhat price "our profit isn't very much." His store is selling LPs for for $5.49 and for $4.69. Schacher had to do a little checking to make sure of his store's price. "We don't base too many of those anymore." he says. Everybody's, a firm with two record stores in this area, says it staged a futile protest against the A &R Men Do something special today. Get yourself another good pair of ears. Ours. Polished. professional, well crafted songs on great sounding tapes. We'll make you smile, well make you cry, we can make your day. SUDDEN RUSH MUSIC 750 Kappoct. Street Bronx. N Y 0463 (22) OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITY AVAILABLE Young. organized, responsible, bright person immediately wanted as overall administrative assistant and executive secretary to busy Vice President of Creative Services & Manufacturing for casual, dynamic. growing, independent record table. Knowledge needed. Salary commensurate with experience. Contact: Milton Sincoff )7.98 price last January and t'cbniary. It refused to carry Queen's "A Day At The Races" LP and then started selling it at its full list price. "We created a few waves in the industry. but not much came of it." says Jim Hudak. a manager at Everybody's. His store is selling "A Star Is Born" at a "Top 0" price of 56.. Everybody's sells 57,98 LPs for 55.88, $6.98 for $4.88 and $5.98 for Hudak says the price hike has had no effect on sales. At Discount Records, which has an outlet here near the Univ. of Washington campus. manager Timothy Jones says the price is going to have to last for five years. Otherwise, he says. LP sales will plummet. especially with price -conscious college students. "The companies are going to kill this market into just hits:' he says. "Consumers can't afford to take a chance on strangers at these prices." "A Star Is Born" is selling at Discount Records for $6.98. "I didn't expect to sell any. but I couldn't keep it in stock." says Jones. His store sells S7.98 LPs for (with a sale price of 54.99), $6.98 for and $5.98 for $4.95. He says he tries to explain to customers the price hike. But, says Jones, their reaction is "ah -ha, the store's trying to make more money." At Standard Records, which is proud that it's been in the same building for 30 years. Mr. and Mrs. Kay and Millard Smith, owners. report "some grumbling and griping from the consumer." But says Mrs. Smith, 'They don't blame us. They realize it's a trend. Everything is going up. They just shrug it off." Her store sells LPs at a 207, discount from list price. The store does a lot of business in classical LPs, which also have gone up in price. Mrs. Smith says the price increase hasn't affected sales. "If you have to have that record, you get it and pay the higher price." she says. Kim Harris. manager of Campus Music & Gallery, has pretty much the same reaction. His store sells S7.98 for 55.99, $6.98 for and for "If people want something bad enough. they buy it." he says. "Impulse buying just isn't a big factor. People here have always been choosey about their music and LPs" Harris says about the price hike: "I think it's just started.i saw it coming for a long time. ever since the vinyl shortage talk." At DJ's Sound City. with three shopping mall outlets here, Carta Barton. promotion manager. says LP volume sales have not decreased. "Because the increases were on just the hits, like the Eagles or Linda Ronstadt. it hasn't affected volume, - she says. "People will buy at a buck more. anyway. Compared to say. movies records remain pretty cheap considering their permanence." DJ's sells LPs for $6.99, $6.98 for and for S4.99. The "A Star Is Born" LP sells for 57.99, although it has hero on sale for Speaking of the Streisand album. Barton says that "we can't get enough copies. we try to keep 50 to 60 on hand at all times." She says further price increases depend on how the general economy does. If other prices go up. so will LP prices. says Barton. In any case, she says. echoing the sentiment of other local retailers. "we have to buy the LPs; we're in the record business" SAN FRANCISCO It).IN ht..0's Bay Area reeurd retailers are not happy with new list price increases hut they report their customers are continuing to buy. nonetheless. "I think they stink." says Rick Johnson of Haight Street's Jax Music, referring to the manufacturers' $7.98 and S6.98 suggested retail prices. "But the public seems to be accepting them." John Maxwell, an assistant manager of Tower Records' LP supermarket, calls the prices "ridiculous." Gail Burke, manager of Banana Records' downtown Sutter St. store. simply laughs when asked her reaction to the increases, "Our customers don't understand why some records are more expensive than others," she says. "So we have to keep explaining." Banana, which is predominantly a rock and soul outlet, offers a wider range of prices than the other contacted stores for most LPs listed at $7.98 with some promotional releases selling for 54.87, and many rock and soul issues for Jas's base price for records listed at $7.98 is the same as Tower and Discount Records, also on Sutter SL Tower and Jax both sell some selected new $7,98 releases for Maxwell says Tower's customers express more anger over defective records than over the new prices and that the lack of quality pressings makes it difficult for him to justify the industry's increases, "There's no such thing as a flat record anymore." Maxwell says. Peter Gochis, Discount's man- ager, says, "We're not happy severe a heavy classical store." He cites Deustche Gram mop hoñ s and Philips long- standing "prestige" prices as evidence that prices are likely to escalate even higher in the near future. Europe's "0 bucks an LP" situation is a possibility. he feels. Other managers are not so disheartened. Most feel -with reservations -that prices will level off at 57,98 with an occasional soundtrack a la the Barbra Streisand /Kris Kristofferson "A Star Is Born" best seller. Maxwell says Tower originally sold "Star" for but has boosted Price Rise l it Si 44,Ind' ii. sell, In.icJii., well." Jax also reports strong sales "Star." but Johnson doesn't corsij., that in any way prophetic. "Not everybody is Barbra S sand," he says. Pete Bhatia, a randomly - customer, seems to sum up the sumer viewpoint in his react the upwardly mobile prices "I don't think I can afford used to buy a lot of records for 53 when I was in college. I buy about every six months now." Another retailer offered th pragmatic atstissment I "It looks like pure greed to m don't know. If they (the p want the music, they'll buy it. Just like gasoline." DENVER By GRANT TYSON Price increases for albums by jot record companies have not adversely affected the sales of popular, well known artists, a survey of retailers here shows. But reduced sales are beginning to show up for lesser known. "sewn -; dart'' artists. The major complaint among retailers is not price as much as quality of recordings. With an average return rate of 0'. the public is wondering why they should "pay more for less." retailers say. Major outlets such as Peaches and Budget Tapes and Records say that their sales are going up consistently, but smaller stores say the going is getting tougher with each price increase and that the crucial issue is "educating" the public to the reasons behind increased costs. Retailers agree that while cis have increased, promotion has got ten better. Discounting of S7.98 albums is al most uniformly set at with oc rasional instances of S5.49 for ex: ceptionally hot albums. The album "A Star Is Rom" retailed a 55,99, and, according to one Dens retailer, "sold like crazy." The overall reaction to the id a boycott is negative. with r citing boycott failures on the Coast. There has been no boye fort launched here. -All it takes is one big oud noring the boycott." says!continued on p4ge RRIPRIPRIPRIPRIPRIPRIPRIPRIP t d Fig d d d d t THE GREAT RIP OFF. Rip Off This Coupon and Send For FREE Catalog - Dealers Only Eíß - -VALUABLE COUPON [SAVED P 0 M O IT I O N A IL Ip R IC IE IS!SAVE] WE HAVE THE BEST CUT -OUT ALBUMS & PROMOTIONAL 8 -TRACK & CASSETTE LIST IN AMERICA! Please Specify: Send LP Catalog Send Tape Catalog MAJOR LABELS.. MAJOR ARTISTS Maco Recotd,J Sc F fiel 507 High St,Burlington,NJ Nane A _res5 City T9'(600) State Zip (SAVE I Ir

11 kví - 4y- _.:,..t t "t" M,, +.. s'. ' -` -. jf 8 - ñ -.. *-. - i..4 ï7/.. r'i'f ' l... A 4 +', ' ti.

12 Fans Are Cheering v'o DAMONE Back With A Smash Hit Record "MY WORLD IS YOU" REBECCA -7 (By Gladys Shelley) SPIRAL PUBLISHING CO. Suite 75 7 West 60th St. New York, N.Y venerol News_ CTI EXPANDS Jazz -Oriented Label Moves By UIt k \ t sser NEW YORK -CTI Records as tai branch out it.., ping further -Caking a strong left turn" into the into r&b. pop and rock.- fields of r &h and pop. reports Jere Thc new direction has already Wagner. vice president and general brought outside producers into the manager. But not, he adds. "at the CTI fold. whereas an the past label expense of our jeu line- founder and president Creed Taylor dominated the production end of The shift. which Wagner says the then jazz- oriented company. could lead to the signing of main- Wagner points out that Taylor stream. teen-oriented rockers in the will remain -totally" invohrd in all future. is part of CTI's strategy to besignings. a &r and production deals. come a -full -line" label. All CTI but the do it is clearly open now for product had been distributed by others to participate. Motown Records until May 976. Among the producers mentioned when a new arrangement was by Wagner arc David Matthews. a worked out leaving Motown to disformer arranger for James Brown. tribute and market only certain artand Haney Mason. whose cvrrcnt ists for an undisclosed penixd of efforts on the label's Scawind LP intime. dicate the crossover shift CTI is em- "We recognize wrest spectalncd harking upon. Jau product will continue to he an jan-" Wagner says. "and we want To Add R &B, Pop, Rock Acts shipped under the imprint of tho. beys 6000 and 7000 serles. W'a r says. while the 5000 unes and Inc Kudu label will be slanted pop. r&b and rock. "We're an album com and well Wagner stresses. an album tympany, using si leases only as a tool and a ve getting our artists before as audience as possible." Upcoming releases w CTfs mise beyond jai daims_ T h e s e include n- - violinist John Blair. prod Creed Taylor and darn bed onented": Idris Muhammad, drummer slanted toward flautist Jeremy Steig. jarz' and vocalist Pat - pop /r &b- A &M's `Holiday Giveaway' Clic LOS ANGELES -As a result of A &M Records precedent- setting -Holiday Giveaway" merchandising campaign (Billboard. Nov ) the label rralrzed additional sales of approximately albums from Dec..3. According to Barry Grieff, vice president of merchandising and mastermind of the promotion. roughly a quarter of a million incremental album sales accounted for in sates abose what normally would hase been sold during the peno si. The figures. described as conservative by Grieff, do not take into consideration albums sold simply because of the eye- catching upfront giveaway LPs. Figures are also non - inclusive of multiple purchases. Gneff says that oseralt \,v.mreat- Bs I It II \RRlst, razed apprwumately between SI and Stu million in incremental sales in the giveaway peed. The cost of the promotion was S which is inclusive of all printing. mailing and card distribution costs. Gneff. however. feels the results were below expectation. Says Gneff: -Thc ompaign made money but at a low level of success. The results were lower than we hoped because of a lack of support on the part of retailers and distributor,. The potential wasn't es en approached - Grieff cites other reasons for the sub -par results. Poor timing. At Christmas retailers don't have the time to devote their energies to the project The campai_rr was innawatssr Dealers, Customers Accept Continued from page 0 Whitaker of Denser's Malt Sho7 record store. and the little dealer. take it on the chin. If people want the album they will go to whoever is selling it" The consensus among retailers is that the public is willing to pay any price for an album they specifically want. but are less inclined to "take a chance' on unfamiliar artists. There is some bitterness on the part of retailers about the price hikes. particularly among smaller dealen. The major labels did vent well last year," says Whitaker. But they fail to take into account that most of us out here are struggling to make a living. The price raises are hurting us and they are hurting lesser artists:' Chain outlets such as Peaches. which operates 2 other stores nationally. are indifferent to the price hikes since their business is done on volume and therefore can be discounted to absolute minimums. But the larger stores are upset about quality. Our business is consistently going up." says Peaches advertising coordinator Ric Atkin. "We expect a price raise once a year. But the quality keeps going down on the recordings. and the return percentage is creeping up" Overall. the Denver record buying public shows no signs of decreasing its consumption. but is becoming progressively more selective. The concern of retailers is proportionate to their operating margins: the big guys are taking it in stride while the little guys sweat a harder. little DALLAS ByB ILR ' 'N ISLE II i' Retailers here _. _rums but have witnessed noeticcton volume. Brian Neely. manager of one of Sound Warehouses seven metre - plex stores. warns that the customer may accept this latest price jump. but he will really complain at another increase. --The national average for LP purchasing is 2.2 records per person per year." Neely explains. and if the prxe goes up again. I think we will see it drop to less than 2" Sound Warehouse has not passed the increase to S7.98 along to customers, as is the case in most Dallas area stores. Neely says LPs listing at retail for $4.95 with a sale price E/A Promotions Continued from page Smith is now in Europe. laying the groundwork for still another area of expansion E/A is seriously taking on in 977. "Elektra/Asylum product and its artists are going to be far more visible in Europe and the international markets than ever before.- says Posner. --Wee will be providing powerful merchandising and tour -support investments in order to widen the sales base of our roster." E/A artists pretty well set for upcoming tours of Europe include Linda Ronstadt. Jackson Browne. Harry Chapin and Andrew Gold. The Eagles arc in the midst of its biggest European tour. s and unique in scope. which m have confused retailers. Competitive holiday paigns by even other major la The promotion was com - - unadsertised on the consumer Insufficient lead lime a trade support. Grieff says the campaign most successful in secondary kets where the retailers were bogged down with compel product and promotion seem. The research compiled by D.L. Blair Co. also indicates v A &M albums were the most. lar. Peter Frampton and Cat S placed first and second. respectiv GrietTsays he is not discos M the results and will atte campaign again probably du summer when competition is r...r- intense_ $ Price Ris of i3.9`. I he jump on some albums to $7.98 has raised cial sale price to 54_55. - don't think records will ever priced out of the market.' N says, "people will always buy ords. But another jump in putt not be wise. Marsha Hawkins. manager of the four Dalls- based` M- Shops, says the customers are hurt by the tag because store can no longer afford storesales. We use to hase all rack for or all country for she says. but we can't do that now. Melody Shops are holding the price on the LPs to their usual $5.98. All of the other albums arc sold for SI lees than list except cl cal which is a constant Hawkins says the store retailed Star Is Born" for and then perienced exceptionally good good" Hawkins remarks) res from a special sale for I hope this is the leveling place." she adds. "because need - to say we are not very happy with John Canda, assistant man of Disc Records. Inc_ likes the Nice: "Ye, because albums a tapes are not the same pnce as they should be.- The list puce has affected business mainly because Candiss feels the customers are primed hr fore they come into the store. "They've heard of higher album prices on radio or read about it.' Disc Records. which has three outlets to Dallas. sells LPs at SI below list puce. Where the company has noticed the new prang (Continued on page 4)


14 General News Higher Priced LPs Accepted By Dealers & Customers C'onrmued`ront page 2 most has been on special sales. Disc puts S6.98 albums on special sale at $3.99: but now on the $7.98 list, the sale price is $4.99. In one area, the customer howls, Candas explains. "Customers feel as an album gets older the price should go down. But. for instance. with Capitol hiking the list on catalog LPs the retail price is up." Candas says this doesn't mean a lost sale, however. "f the customer wants the record enough he will go ahead and pay the price:' Olive Evans. owner and manager of Preston Record Center. which has been in business at the same location for 25 years, says she has seen a lot of changes in the industry. This makes it rough. We are forced to sell the $7.98 albums for $5.99 to move them. I sure wish they hadn't increased the price." She sells $6.98 albums for $5.59 and S5.98 ones for She says on the Streisand album. price did not matter. Customers wanted it and it sold. Preston Record Center marked the hot LP S7.59 except for a special three -week sale at S5.99. "Surely they won't make the prices any higher," Evans laments. The name of the game is profit and / if you can't make a profit what's the point of staying in business?" Jerry Phillips, manager of Peaches. the Nchi Record Distributors Dallas outlet, says the price increases really haven't bothered business at all. He is not particularly ton whatsoever. People hase gone ahead and bought and sales are about normal for this time of year. "We, the public have been brainwashed. Prices on everything keep going up and we keep buying. And a boycott is not going to do any good if an artist comesout with a record that the public wants. This is not the first time they've ` \, ' people who buy Streisand don't buy many records a year. And most of the other new ones are just kind of sitting Itere. I guess it all boils down to who the artist is. "I know that the higher price has hurt Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours.' It's not selling at all like the last one did." Andersen says that her store. one IJucount Retords. pat! et the 40- store chain. echoes Burkhardt's sentiments. "lt only proves the record companies were right in upping the price. The new albums by Queen. Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac arc selling very well here. No one's complained at all about the price." At Korvettes, where the record de- B Ilboard presto by Bonnie Tine still walk out without buying anything." Acknowledging the boycott of the new price category by several East Coast record outlets. Wallrap says he personally feels it was a good idea but couldn't net on his own to add his outlet to the growing faction. "We're part of a chain and we'd have to get the word from our head once in Atlanta. and then it would mean all 3 outlets joining the boycott" Burkhardt says he didn't think that chain had any interest in a boy - colt at all. as did Blair of Discount Records. "From a business angle. the in- crease has been great for us," Burkhardt says. 'But I am sad to see people being so foolish by letting the record companies rip them off like this. I wish there was some public outcry. I t baffles me that there isri t." He voices similar disdain for the rising prices of classical albums which his outlet enjoys brisk sales in. "It seems every day some classical label. Angel. RCA. is upping its price by another dollar." Wallrap was even gloomier concaning overall price increases. "I think the SI hike for just a superstar act is the first step to getting the public accustomed to such outrageous prices. Then. in a few months they'll tack SI onto the entire $6.98 category. superstars or not. CINCINNATI By BILL SACHS concerned by the list on some QUESTION MARK -Customers today may be pondering their purchases as a result of higher costs for LPs which they Area retail record outlets. for the o LPs have generally become accustomed to paying discounted prices for. most part. are not exactly outraged because feels albums arc still by the recent price hike to on te the cheapest means of good enter- 0 tainment and "it just reflects the ris- raised prices. Used to be there were of three Houston Warehouses. is one partment sells approximately selective albums. but of the leaders as ing costs in the industry." People are six songs to a side. then five and of the biggest in the city with a nor- units a week. manager Jim Lario contacted not a single one had a not going to quit buying records be- they're cutting it to four. Now. mal overturn of inventory every says the increase has caused no great kindly word to say in favor of the m with up month. Some 80%c is in rock and soul impact on sales though there have idea. r; Phillips believes this is where the on prices." but they arc starting to build jazz, been complaints. By and large they view it as a hin- t leveling off will occur. "I don't look McLendon says H &H knocks SI she adds. With an April 8 opening "Most customers are now waiting drance to their operation, a disturb - foranother hike. at least I don't want off list price and "that's been stand- of Texas Tapes & Records ("with for the albums to go on sale whereas ance in customer relations. while r- to look for one and fare for a long time." whom we are closely affiliated "), they would buy them without sec- adding little or nothing to cash regis- } Wilson C. Boone, who manages new prices went into effect. and thought before the increase. ter receipts. However. none of those Q 2 HOUSTON Parker Music Co.'s largest store and The $7.98s are going for "I think customers would be bet- dealers report any loss of business as By MILLIE BUDD buys accessories for the company, which is a 5.40 increase from $4.59. ter off protesting the rotten sound a result of the price rise. Spot checks with record retailers also voices surprise that his custom- LPs listing for S6.98 and $5.98 are quality of the new LPs instead of the As one owner put it, Our busi - here indicate that customers are ers have not made any comments on now $4.99, a 40 cents increase. "We price" ness volume continues at a normal showing more resignation than in- the higher prices. also get some $3.99 special ship- Korvettes ordinarily sells the pace, but the hike makes it increasdignation over higher LP prices. They say, 'Oh, that much. and ments," she says and adds: $7.98 disks for and $4.99 when ingly difficult to maintain the profit Only one retailer contacted says go ahead and buy it. People are pay- "IL's really crippling things and I on sale. The 'Star Is Born" al- angle." Discounted prices on the that the cash register is not playing ing money if it is what they want. am sure that it's also hurting the an- bum retails for $6.99. $ and LPs in the the kind of tune it did before the They're still buying 'A Star Is Born' ists who are probably getting ripped The spokesman at Discount Ree- area average around $5.79 prices began going up. at $8.98 and Stevie Wonder's album off. I don't know what's going to ords says they are retailing the S7.98 and $4.77. respectively. "Frankly. I have not noticed any which is SI I- something.' happen. I guess people will just start category for S5.29. Catalog albums Chief criticism on the $7.98 price customer balking at the higher Parker. an old established general listening to radio." in the bracket are usually vld hike comes from Kenny Kallick. prices,' says Ray Landers. manager music store. is not really competitive for $3.99. former owner and now manager of and buyer for the record depart- with the chains and its discounts DETROIT At Harmony House. Burkhardt the Song Shop, pioneer downtown ments of Home Entertainment Inc.. equal about SI an album. The $7.98s By STEPHEN FORD says some resistance was offered by retail record outlet now owned by one of Houston's largest retailers. are going for $6.67. There's no consensus among store clientele balking at the exorbitant Allen Wolpa and Jule Malowitz. "The reactions seem to be. 'So ree- At Acuna, buyer for Music Serv- managers for this area's larger price tag for the "Star Is Born" "It's just something to eat up the ords are going up.' It's made no tre- ice Co., a rackjohber with 0 stores record outlets concerning the effect soundtrack. profits," says Kallick. The whole mendous difference in sales and I scattered in different areas of Texas, of the new price for LPs by su- "Sales were down until we idea is ridiculous -and a rip -off. certainly have heard of no attempts also feels that consumers are contin- perstars. dropped the price to and And that's the way the public sees it. to start a boycott here." wing to buy what they want. And he Though management at most out- dropped it again to S6.94 until more too. Trying to explain the price hike Three of Home Entertainment's has a wait -and -see attitude. Were lets in Detroit personally con- and more people had seen the to the customer is a wasted effort. four locations carry records and 60% not sweating it yet" Acuna adds: demned the controversial SI price movie." Thcy just can't understand it." of them are classical. The firm also We hold pretty much to price hike by most labels, their clientele is At the opposite point of view is Erving Dobrin, manager of the sells heavily to public and school Ii- that is competitive. We have not as incensed. John Wallrap. product manager for Neumark Melody Shops. with Set - brarics. manned departments so customers A spokesman for the recently Peaches. who says the "Star Is Born" eral locations here. has this to say Landers say they are not raising do get assistance. It's convenience opened Peaches store, part ofthc na- album sells for $5.94, "and people "In the past, when you had a hot alprices on any LPs already in stock rather than price and they don't tionwide chain. says the increase has are still complaining that's too high. bum the kids would buy immediand that they are absorbing some of sweat the difference" definitely cut into its usual turnover " People just browsing here would ately. Now they hesitate, delay their the increases. As new LPs arrive with He says the $7.98 LPs are going of 5,000 to units per week and usually see something they liked and buying, and very often shop arounj the $7.98 listing, they generally are for normally but there are customers were moaning bitterly to buy it on impulse." he explains. for price. being marked $6.40, and increase of some marked for draw. The store employes about the hike. "Not any more. Now they take one "Actually, we've had very little 80 cents from The 55.98s go $5.98 albums go for and the Yet Harmony House, one of six in look at the prices and ask when it adverse reaction from customers. for and the $6.98s for $ for this section of Michigan. the man- will be on sale." When we do get a complaint, we try And that is the price structure the Among those surveyed, only Joy agcr reports there's been little public Wallrap says the $7.98 LPs sell at to explain. but it doesn't do any firm has maintained for about IO Andersen, manager of Warehouse backlash over the new price cate- Peaches for regularly and good. They still don't understand.' years, Landers adds. Records & Tapes' busiest store. says gory when on sale. Other LPs in the According to Alfred Cutts. man - But he thinks LP prices have hit that the new prices are hurting busi- "People are going to pay whatever category sell for $3.98 while ager of Globe Record Sales. the all the traffic will hear. "Another ness. But it is too soon to tell just how the company demands of them," catalog albums go for SI less than hassle over the price rise is much ado dollar increase is going to do them big the ouch is. says Roy Burkhardt, manager. the suggested $5.98 list price. about nothing. "Our business hasn't in." "George Benson's 'Breezin' sold "Customers were a little apprehcn- "Consumers here seem to be more suffered as a result of the rise:' says Similar sentiments are voiced by and sold at $6.98 but his 'In Flight' sive when they first saw the price for aware of the record business." Wall- Cutts. We have had little adverse Harry McLendon. in charge of ree- at $7.98 is just pokey- pokey. The the 'Rumours' album by Fleetwood rap says. They ask you why albums reaction from the public. Most of ords for H &H Music Co.'s five Bad Company album just cant get Mac and Queen's new album. but are so expensive and think store them didn't even notice the price stores. off and going. they'll pay it if they want it badly owners are responsible for the in- hike. "If they want it. they'll buy it. "It's not the most popular thing "Barbra Streisand's album is sell- enough:' crease. I apologize to them and ex- Witness the success of the 'A Star Is they've done but I have had no rear- ing like hot cakes but normally the Clyde Blair, assistant manager for plain it's none of our doing, but they (Continued on page 77)

15 rownsville Station ' Right Antra! ICNAEL LUTZ BRUCE "GEEZER" NAZARIAN t BROWNSVILLE STATION Is Back With An Explosive Single! "LADY (Put The Light On Me)PS 45,9 PS PRIVATE STOCK RECORDS. LTD.

16 We break artîstsl not dust records THE MANHATTANS After many years as an incrowd favorite, and after many record labels, the sweet- singing Manhattans came to Columbia where they immediately started selling albums in respectable numbers. Last year they went from respectable to outrageous when their single, "Kiss and Say Goodbye," became the second certified platinum single in history. The new Manhattans album, "It Feels So Good," is the best sounding (and best looking) album yet from The Manhattans. DENIECE WILLIAMS Here's the story of an artist we believed in, an album we loved, and a single we just wouldn't let die. "Free" took a lot of time and patience, but it was worth it... after kicking around in the business for years (she's been on every Stevie Wonder album for the past five years!), Niecy is now an official overnight sensation. JOHNNIE TAYLOR A consistent -selling R&B star when we signed him, Johnnie Taylor is now one of the hottest (and classiest) properties in the business. "Disco Lady" was the first certified platinum single in history. The "Eargasm" album was successful beyond the industry's wildest expectations, and the new "Rated Extraordinaire" album is following suit.

17 c We're really proud of the reputation we've earned as career builders. In the past year, we've taken on careers at virtually every stage of de - velopment. Brand -new artists, solid midrange performers, proven stars -we've given them all the necessary boost to new and ever -increasing success. We're the people of Columbia/ Epic/ Portrait and Associated Labels. We love music, and we've cultivated a knack for discovering, developing and breaking quality talent that no other record company can match. LOU RAWLS Last year's most dramatic Gamble & Huff success story was the prophetically titled Lou Rawls album, "All Things in Time," recently turned platinum. Lou has been making good music for years and for many different labels. But he wasn't the giant star he deserved to be, until 976. BLUE OYSTER CULT The Cult has toured and built, toured and built. We were with them all the way, just waiting for an album like "Agents of Fortune," and a hit single like "(Don't Fear) The Reaper." The album is just under platinum... and it's just the beginning of the phenomenal future everyone is envisioning for the Cult. JEAN CARN She recorded as a jazz singer with Doug Cam. She sang with Duke Ellington. She appeared on two early Earth, Wind,& Fire albums, as well as on two Norman Conners albums. But her greatest success was yet to come: the Jean Carn album, on Philadelphia International. BOZ SCAGGS A year ago "Silk Degrees" was brand new, and we were predicting big things for it... as we'd predicted for previous Boz albums. This time we were right. Even before the release of "Lido Shuffle," "Silk Degrees" was double platinum. Boz got his due at last.

18 BOSTON Has a brand -new, completely unknown group ever done what Boston managed to do? We doubt it. Their debut album was certified gold seven weeks after it was released... platinum eleven weeks after it was released. Now its triple platinum, and still going strong. Meanwhile, the Boston singles "More Than a Feeling" and "Long Time" are practically rock & roll standards. TEDDY PENDERGRASS As lead singer on all the classic Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes hits, Teddy Pendergrass'name was not well known outside the business. But by the time his own album was on the streets, the word was out... and the Teddy Pendergrass album is already just weeks away from gold. JOHNNY DUNCAN A year ago, Johnny Duncan was one of the few names on our country roster that might have inspired the question "who?" That's hardly the situation now, after three Number One country singles in a row, and two bestselling albums. TED NUGENT As a member of the Amboy Dukes, and as a solo artist on another label, Ted Nugent amassed a cult following. As an Epic recording artist he's amassed two (out of two) gold LPs. JOE TEL Joe has been away, involved in the teachinas of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. But there can be no question that he's back, in the best form of his career. His smash single: "Ain't Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman)." His big album: "Bumps & Bruises." His new label: Epic. Ilk

19 AL DiMEOLA We take great pride in the fact that Al DiMeola is currently one of the best -selling artists in progressive music. When we released Al's solo debut album, he was known to a handful of jazz freaks as the guitarist in Return to Forever. Period. Now, with the release of his second album, "Elegant Gypsy," Al DiMeola is a giant. Period. STARCASTLE One day in 976 you opened the trades and there, near the top of the charts, was "Starcastle ": a new Epic album, by a new group, that just seemed to happen automatically. It didn't,exactly. But a group with the rave na tices and the audience enthusiasm of Starcastle makes our work a lot easier. With their second smash album, "Fountains of Light," Starcastle is well established and still growing. TOM JONES "Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow" began an exciting new chapter in the career of the Welsh superstar. It's a country /pop smash that starts off Mr. Jones' association with Epic Records on the perfect note. ENGELBERT HUMPERDWCK What a way to welcome Engelbert to Epic Records. His very first Epic single "After the Lovin' " took off immediately, and is now gold. His very first Epic album is also gold. And they said it couldn't be done!

20 MARY KAY PLACE Loretta may be having career problems on "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman," but Mary Kay Place is enjoying the good life as a true superstar. Her single "Baby Boy" was a smash, her album keeps selling, and we expect more big things from the really very talented Ms. Place in the near future. SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY 6 THE ASBURY JUKES From an Asbury Park bar band to a headline attraction throughout the country... that's the story of the highly acclaimed, highly successful Southside Johnny. And none of it would have been possible without "I Don't Want to Go Home," their debut Epic album. Their latest LP, "This Time It's For Real," is brand - new, and skyrocketing. KANSAS We read in Rolling Stone where Kansas feels that they tricked Kirshner Records into signing them. Well, whatever, Don is glad, and we're ecstatic, because Kansas is one of the hottest bands in the country today. "Leftover - ture" is platinum and sparking interest in their entire Kirshner catalog.

21 MARLENA SHAW Everybody knows the name. Everybody knows she's one of the greatest vocalists of our time. What everybody didn't know was that her Columbia debut album, "Sweet Beginnings," would bullet up the charts, even before a single was released! This is one success story that has the whole industry buzzing. BURTON CUMMINGS The first single on our new Portrait" label was Burton Cummings' "Stand Tall." It is now gold. Burton's "Stand Tall" album is approaching gold. Both Burton, and Portrait' are off to a good start, we'd say. WILD CHERRY They played their funky music and became platinum boys. "Wild Cherry" becomes the most successful debut album by a white soul band in history. And the follow -up, "Electrified Funk," is currently soaring high. THE EMOTIONS We're staying away from sales figures in this ad, but if you only knew how quickly word got out that "Flowers" was a super album, how quickly it began to sell, and how consistently it continues to sell, you'd be awed. The Emotions, of course, had released many albums in the past without attracting a whole lot of attention. "Flowers" was their first for Columbia. And it's gold. We broke 'em. America bought 'em. And there are a lot more where those came from. The growth of our artists is our most important product. Columbia/Epic/Portrait and Associated Labels.

22 ICA/ Billboard Singles Radio Action Playlist Top Acid Ons Playlist Prime Movers * Regione Breakouts &Notional Breakouts TOP ADD ONS -NATIONAL ALAN O'DAY- Undercover Angel (Pacific) HALL & OATES -Back together Agana (RCA) ADDRISI BROS. -Slow ()anon D- Decdhedue Crossover ADD ORS -Me I.o hey prod torts added al the 'ado stators tested as delerm.ned by station personnel PRIME MOVERS-The two Products reg.stereng the great est proportionate upward movement on the stateon s playent as determined br sea hen personnel BREAKOUTS -B elteetd Alan Dept Summary of Add On and Puma Move..nlormat.on to re Hect greatest product actively at Regona) and NatmnaI levels Pacific Southwest Region TOP ADD ERNS LtAB DWI-.-.N'.wM amtt (Pae/tl BAMt -tess Per We YYe 4ryr PRIME MOVERS. sterb aardg-5 Dee flair rleeyn00 vac -Drum (.DI LIW.I Gan-Get la 6w R up (lam:. BREAKOUTS al CIIRI-fira TN Ra /UAl KIM MOT -tee.r w Rrk (Car. IDI AN Ra-A. r._ ) _-: s- v- an, thl-laletelrs D. )OETEE-AmTContyBampNoMae(Ep: ALAN 0'DAV-Undecere Angel (PactTC REEttOOD MAC-Deane (YID )24,3 Diu MAD -GaIeFNNo.(UA)HE2L D MARIN 6AYE-Gd To Gore N Up (Tanta AUCE COOPER -tes 6MelYB AIMINGATE -Got ToGneNUpRaabl H8 5 feeetw000 MAC-Dread lw8.)2225 MAY-los A.tda NOME NUME KIM-When Q ARWNGAYE-GotToGneIlUpRnb RAN 0' DAY -II newer MKdlPacdK) D. MEI7TAHOUSTON-Don't lean lie The WayRamh2 GLDLCMPBBL-Sadhem Needs (RCA) 60 KBA-SrBernr4 808SE6ERRIlYFR MILLET MAD - p ] '::,Ht (Cpdol) IENNGOWABNES-Kehl Ten OtYhe Not (Msa)B 2 RPM MIMI -Sr Doke (tama)262 ACM -Sae Deto FLEETWOOD MAC-Dreams (W.8) BIU con -GonaFp how (UAI LOUVER-WhenlNedYOn(W.B.2 tdulmbb-irylnttolatt. Mercan)22.5 KAFY-B+YerF6W Q-Daxrd Man leprcrseelcdy) MDRMOMS.-SbOmoi [bet Tee MeOn(BndBabl IUBMOOS-ITbenére Neu NO IRnerleky)20-6 POKE WOODIER -Se Dun ltamh) 8 Don't Turn He On (Bogdan) BALZ -PMo PEE4MN -Do te none Man lare 20 Century) OMIT MAMIOR -Ions lee We MudeN 0. TNEIaaA HOUSTON -Doe )levee Me the net mh9 6 DA OUR -tanceraiangel (PeaAK) 7 4 KID -Team ULCORR-GertlyNr(UA) DaBBYMARL0- lens lrewe Men lt (Mata) STERNUM BMD -let Arlen (Capdol) FLEETT00D RAC- d eau RIB.)6S OP- OP WAN DARDSOOL- Geeb*WYor Elea Closed (Pere. Red) KOMI MOT -Vain MYReM(DpiBQ STRERONOEB- 5hM(Ta.b)222 AD&IDES EDMD -feyea 80ogn.Ma (7B) ISIO KENO -)Pepe AUDI RED IL -Thin Sly Weld (CAteD 6MRT 000-&dots UMW DNA I KISS -Cale d. Lae (COMImm) 2520 IU8B00S -I The, We'n Abe NO Pacific Northwest Region TOP ADD ERNS CLW BLMS MD-Ce Tar e A a..) ALY Erl-Wwevrt Yae :h: D, t0e TO-A. Cow. hac *< v,mp) PRIME MOVERS rilst4000 NM-Owam Ot B ) iteyk Nma-S. Dee YIWD F26-rea li. hoe íd.?.i BREAKOUTS 000 SIM Vasil 6ULMT IMO -W., avm am:. ramfau-l'_e a.a4n STEW =JD NtD-:n L Kas KIRK -See insane D JOE TEE -Pen T Gonna Been NOMae(E4c) CLAIM BLUES MAD -Conde l Get n R:thc (Sae) KC.BTHESURSNIK( BAND-ImTole BaopeVanIa)25.20 B08SE6O/SEVEI BULLET SAND - M),,,e) Cep:,)HB 25 ma -San FIaMltta CUYMSLUES BMO-f.cc4nt.nll ROC (Sire) INSEAM/ SILVER BULIET MAO - WetrM(CaE! SITE BONDED -, Oun(Aah _ tlfetwoodmac-grumslw B 23 E MN-Simko D. ME TO -Am' Gonna Bump No Mae) Etc, BOB SEGER/ULYEB BULLET IAD- ManJreel (Got.F) STEVIE WON DER -Se Dun (nh)04 AC.& THE SUNSHINEIMD -Ta Yen B,r. e Mm 0060 KID( -Senats YABSNMI tucko BMD-Heard N la LOT Sog Ca to Loiti BOO SEGO/SEVER BULLET BMD- Mansb eet (Csptcl) UOSAtO- Mee lned tea lw8.)4.i0 NATALE COLE -IYeGe lc. OnMyMnd (Gpdd9 K0-Savaanb KOOK FLEETWOOD VAC-Deem (VI 8 )3-3 S7EVEWONDO -Se Dine (Tenn)) 78 MO-keno DM YALU BAND -let kneel (Cepdd) ALAN O'DA-[Ore Men (exec) ROSE ROYCE- I ern Get Neal TaYn (MCA) 50 ISS- Callotd Lae ICasabbnea)O I5 Based on station playlists through Thursday (4/28/77) PRIME MOVERS- NATIONAL FLEETWOOD MAC -Dreams (W8 ) STEVIE WONDER-Si Duke (Tama) C.C. 6 THE SUNSHINE BAND- n Your Boogie Man (te) IIIOY-staaagc.. RUtUS/CNYA8M-IbDtoro tif, : M)LSlOFG Ell -I Came To Dan-ce (ABMI MDROS60LD-La.ett Boy (As7um)38 808SEGELSIVEBBULLE78MD- Vantbeel(GPla) V-Pallini -Ceded" (WOO STEVE YBLEBBMD-Id Amine (CapAoD FLEETWOOD MAC-duns (Ve 8)253 STEVTE WONDER -Se ddu(taela)ee-2 KOK-Seattle KC.BINESUNRDIEIMD-TetoW ó Ilan (TB) EAGLES-Uek The Fail ten (km.)) CLAM BLDfS M0-CeMa"t Gd N R.gN le0 $ayeb-w6e.i Nad Ya RY B 0 5 BRB-yale4 UICOBEI-Goan FMNw(UA) REZiM000IC-densllNB)23 STEVE VIM DMD-)d Mine (Gptal H825 MAC -Team DUN ReEDIWI -be Riegel) BILL CONTI-Gene tk No. (UA ) DISE ROYCE-, name Gel Ned To Yo. IMCU 6 BrIfEBWwa-4H tax 0Ae Npl(JbNt062 KM-SilAtrCT )AC[SORS-Sho.Yo. The We, TaGatEp.c). ALM OroAY-Unánav/Iel(PApbc) FTEETW000 MAC- Plain (WB.) DAMPS FOGOSOI-Gane Ry Na (Cone bu) 20I trsp-saniarncnf MM O'DIY-U.deeee Pagel (Pink) NALL 60NTFS-Bacl Twine llpnllä/u MORFGO-LeeABy(AsYtoltl27 72 D. WflAMFEKtlSM-Coree Fh No (CobEha)7 3 ATIA-Drar _ FREfALL-CndenOa (Abele l CLrMBwBS BMW -Caed.TGdll R,pt(See) MUM BURS IARD-CoaMn'M Gel It RentlSn)NB 6 North Central Region TOP ADD ONS HALL ares -tin twee Ape law ABOWL BaS- -Tb Pow Ds, Tv- At O. (Dower DIALS -tee Y tae Fat Law PRIME MOVERS. I MAC-Staat A8 ram" cato-lwet Bq Ura4el GLL CO.n-Gmq th Ra NA ) BREAKOUTS: VIA wale W D-' 4- rd) ellm. BCaH(TUNSHW[BA,:- Y.n ON BUB -DeStM ODOR SAM -Slew Dante Onn'tlen Me On (Budah) HALLBOATES -Bati Toteino Agee IRGi BOO SEBELSKYLA BULLET SAND - Mnyoiitet lcpeel268 LIBSAYO -W6etI Need You (W3 (58 IYtB -Odn4 HMSO -Tan On To late (Bede) U. N0NMANCONNONS -Once ire BeenthtTt (Budder., K.C. 6 DIESUISNINE BAND -re tow Bxpe Man all l3 * EIANI LUCAS -Cane Tbnt Man 9 M _ sffac-ty.yta PRE OLEO WAD-le, ICAO:, D. 04IREES-Re.dr (lalde) LEOSAYO-VIWINwdYa(WB)4 SYEBEIRIIO6-3 DWEFaW)a.9 HEAD-GralRgfi SOIT-CBlrtt Babe (CaBdaO FEFEIIFOIDOrgC-Oraaö(W.B RIME 2.96Q EflF-0a/Rdpils REFILL -Cudertea(dYlde) CNfAGO-Yrk.OsYyM.d(Cd.eW) LMT-AgNY.rkas(BDTra)735 MOIEW GOLD -LoneLS Bo/ (Agba)2S 5 RMR-La.aMt STAMIICK-Eary/edr Be Daae' nntesmra) BEIWDYAR-Lsn'aGronDeco (NO fastirr) D NAM GATE-Got t. Owe nupboni) 27 0 AMID DIOS -Db Dareon Mal Ton V e On (OuddM)0 YMCA - Bonin trar BLUE-Capter Ton Keen (MWRanll MU= DM6OIw COLEY- tfssadto BebqlBeirx) MMO9AT-U.detb.e /age tptoßcl M 20 RfFM-G.dadblkeYntH8-22 MGL-Oe.drd BBDID-Ib46ed0.Ya.(DeLhal LUIS-Seem. lkata) NOT-We In,oekea(BeTreU 6 7EIIIfFtryMNES-Rent Tee alèe 5 t`t :4,va l 8 WMGC-Denied mor 668-UmtBb.tTaBeYew Eaeryte.nt (IÖ0) WWAY BELL-TrynC t. Lat T.o BENR R06ELT5-LwDe (UA) E)IGRBEBTNUMPfIDRCB-)Belenla 54,nre::Epe)3525 ;Kb -Caar.ah ACBTNE SUNSHINE WID-FW tan Beebe Yan(IBJ EAGLES-Lite b 76e Fa( Lae (ASSba) REDWOOD WIC-dams (VI.B27,7 LEO SAYO -NW Need Ya (W. B. )3 6 Q-02 (RMQdll)-Cedrea NONE ClRM ILIRSaM-Cddpl6d ie RqM(Sn)60 M7BEWGOLO-LedyBq(Atyhm)20 it RCM -CdnelM WMLL6 DUES-Baci Together Man (RU faglls-l,klntn ratline Minn) REEWp0OM6C-danlsEWB 322 SiEVEW3IM0-dAhee ICaptdl )CUE- Won.06ia stevem DWI SAND-let Wee (Capde) HAU. 60ATES-Es:llottlóvApnau) BIIICANII-LcnvhyNa(UA)305 tuetroop MAC -Naas ()8.20 L}Q(RKfQ)-Pttsó.epe D. MARVIN GAR -Got locnebuolah HALL40ATES-Baca Together eon (RG) MDREWGOLD -Lonely Bet (Abbe )26 BREAKOUTS - NATIONAL STEVE MILLER BARO -let A:ri ten (Capitol) BOB SEGER L THE SILVER BULLET BARD- Ram0.) (Capitol) MARSHALL TUCKER BAND-Heard lt la A Lae Song ICaprKam) WPE2-t0Awj MnRQ60lD-todt Bin lmytr) ADOR60-5b.Catai Duel Ten MeÙ')6..d400 BIUCONTI-faartlyNO(VA3B22 CLIMAX BUIESY!-CaióaY Gig R RIN (S.0 LIBE-Ei(a.P DAMOSDIIE-Caela!MOOR (IA Ocoee (Preen Stoat HALL BOAIES-MaceTOddhd Agam MEA) MDtER GOLD- tmeltboy (Asyle)2T?Tr FLEETW000IAC-daas(W.B )2622 UET-ú..a REETWOOD MMC-Deens (t' 8 ) BORROGEtS-UKit IVA CUM RUES YOD-CaddaTGdN RoI (Sne) 2 3 STEVE MIMI -Se Dan Raab 268 Southwest Region TOP AOD ONS NOEL MCA -Om Davo. Owl Ir. r Ye BNL C00-Gwt nt roaj ly Ty Fe no Ow * PRIME MOVERS. stem tae-s. Dee (t.+) lg t M TUaSYR Yal-Ta tee Awe C. RIITeo00 rac-:.raa a B ) BREAKOUTS. BM aa0 Ma-a 4m. Rene, WaStnA RCM Ba'-IWdNbAten S Marc.) MOT-beet teeewm Ma Tel IT -Made ADMR6 DIOS -Sla. Dance' Dont Te. VeOt :Bsddab) WAIF OSMORD -T es Is llte net Dal Feel (Aaiab IMRDNBEINRGS- LaUnnact leas (FGI) 407 LYM/ BORER -Martantnnte Mgt) ME -N forogwei-fads lit The feat IMhnlel IVOIRE EWMM -Heat Denier (ISO) AC.B THE SUNDER MAD -I -e Yen Becte Van (TA) i) 7 02SGG6S- _.c...$) Dabs NONE ROBE Dabs DOT -M yet la VaseWs(By Trees MMS4AUTUCKOBMD -NeadIl In) Lose Sant I taac.o) ROWER WADIES -Reim Tune Of Tin STEVE WONDER -S. Den (Tien 252 KNUSEM -Dengs FLEETW000 MAC -Drans (W.B I DLLCONR -Conn RFNO (OA I STEVE WONDER -Sr Dun(Tenb)237 LEO SAYER-Men l Need Yoe IWO)6 RIZiN7-97 -FL Rena FIRM -C min ells (Mute) FLEETWOOD RAC -Deems () B.)267 KENMt ROGER MIT -D Paso -ttcdk(ua)ii IS M WYRMDtOtGUSON -Gala fb NOr ICohen be _ BOSEIOTCE -I Wiens Get Mot Ta Yet (MCA) FUE7000 YAC -Dreams (y.b)70 LC /NESIBISAN AMID- le Ten Boope Goa RB)At20 RT- 0Mraa CR7 lcom-goan Flt Nt(VA) 602S{AGGS-leb SIaMt(Celrl) Ya S7EWE RONDE' -Ste One (Taeb)LIES BOMA-OaLah.wa C+ EOBEgER- tab lie Ile Fed Tite (Athn!!! ARMED LALD -Leong B.I(IAh) IEO SARI -ene, lledta (WI )26U lennrbloalies-iew Tpt04 Rp(IMoLlS 6MC-TafN SOB SFLEBraVEB MILLET IMO- II aewat(cap.tol) )MMY60FBEBT-MMEaRaedb(ABC) feefl000 SAC-Deans OVA.)37Z7 STEVEWOWOEB-Sr Dee (Trb)256 BEI)-Ta#t S7EVEMEIQBMD-)dAB.lCaAdd) MpDDtpS.-Str Dade Dell Yes MeO.(D.dmN) REVE0WDQ-Ss Oon(TtlYa)7J GOEf-GmoReMt(UA)4E2 Wru-Ib.orwM A006 NOS -SW Dann Deal tee ReO.(8tesN) OMB MaBE0-Len Lit We Rade R (Arete) D. DATUM FEBg90E-GwwflfNee (CdeVe) 30-2 LC. 6TIESMISHMEWD-raYaw Beep( W. RA) 2-3 BBLL-ába.aparl BLLCOER-G...0..() Rut MLLEA IMO -)G Wes (CpBMO WZSUGGS-tot Shaft (CtlslW)Il.' DIE SORROW W@-FmMar Bmte4an(,i IL Midwest Region TOP ADD ONS IE00t VM-'... Caera Mlll B OMFS-tan rxr.. It PRIME MOVERS UMW INC -0wm OaA 5ISC oe-3. Dee Raga, tau cam -;nie ttn Nos Dol BREAKOUTS BOB SLGOLSUFA YLDT aac-'- snrtlgper. SrEW IIeFl NaM + now ELLIL-wae 2. - ORS-0*!M RFETROpOWC-dtAa3 08 FORDGMER-feehtetn Fat Fee (Alhatet pucotiti-gonta Fly ND. (VA)Z}II STEVENONDO-S. DIM Rda))}5 MDT -Camp AUAOrotI-unan.nrAgellPaoóC) REETNOOD Jut -Oman M'B)26q 802SCAG6S-Udo Den (Cdeau)IT 2 (Continued on page 20 Copyrgh 977, Billboard Put* canons. Inc NO pan OI rh. Oviik Cabon maybe rec. One. stored N a rent.. System, Or trace. milted. in any loon or by an means, electronic. mecha photec0py.g. re00rm0, a VIM, wet/spat the por wntl. POTTTTeseen «Me P.O..' I T

23 NEWALBUM OUWAYLON'S APUAPS!APK -237 Waylon's new LP is hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed (Platinum) LP, The Outlaws': Dreaming My Dreams, another great Waylon Album has recently been certified gold. Now, 0' Waylon reaches a new musical high with selections like Luckenbach Texas -the highest debuting single ever, Lucille, Sweet Caroline, That's All Right //Vly Baby Left Me and more. ALSO AUA: LA o EE APUAPS,'APK -32 CERTIFIED PLATINUM APUAPSAPK -08 APLAPSAPK -062 CERTIFIED GOLD Representation: Neil C. Reshen (203) non Records

24 Billboard SinIes Radio Based on station playlists through Thursday (4/28 77) Ploífisl Top Add Ons Ploylist Prime Movers * Continued from page 22 WON -Musa GEORGE WOK -ten Geld Slay WeAMy ac,la D. EDDIE NOlEM-ANg* InRememoe (NOMI IACIE MOORE -MeeMena) (eatrhe) rsRVtBERBMD-A.P.DaArn re,uy(wbi259 MCA -nef.a.apd. RD000 YAC-Oraom(W 8) HALL LDATES-Baca keener Roe (RG) STEWE WOIIDfe-Se DAt auks) 50 D. MAMA UTE-Got7oGnellUDiTeen 9 4 WORT -Maim BILE CON8-6aaReNoIUA) AROMA GOID-EsaNBoelkyksl. FLEETWOOD WIC -Dreams lwb.)325 KG. LDIE SUNSNNEBMD-rmTaw akryy Men tta3l%? WAN EY-Meeraale WIYIMRDFER6USON -Gonna Fh' ;G._.i B08SEGER. AVER BULLETeMDle know( (Capta) BCtS-CaDWEDr. ben (Cn+OYra)3i w5-sleep62a(arel)9e WR-Pean MOIRE EWY-)keoStaaRS0 MOT -a,r in oukrolb,t 44'479, M Weal Dance(Caond22 R SION -St.Lea (NA MASO-SoMa(Co6Nn!) RIEE MOS. -rneprde(tmo> DLLCOWR-GoadReNa.IUA)3425 REflWWDYRC-Ortan(WB VIEW-Ala'a W2ADFEIGB50-Gorow Err Ns C:dwepal STEYE MILLER MAO- let knee (Caton FORBGNER -Nets L4 Ilk fest Tent ale-to) 48 RfETW00DME-D.tas(Y Des Maim /OEM -AnTGasaBlarpNoWOre(íp, WL9ALLDCRERBAWD-4ea00lna love 5alE(Caprcom) BETTE YIDLR-You're Moon' Oat Tod), (Nane) NB 3 NOT-4n;tiln Tow EMS- Annuals S7EnEWONDER-Su One (Turk) AMMO FFR6USON-Gow Ft, Ike cvwnow?3020 LR SA9B-When!Need You lw 86 WOO -Ifoçapo4 ROE 00E a ST? -Ynwpda F3wTI06FM-Lade(UA MLLL0AT0S- Baca lalelaakamtrca) 02092E WQNOl nE2) 28 FLEETWOOD Mg-Dream (W B.)204 NKR -kenos Crty FIRTALL-Cm dnellalaame) T8O*EEWYM-NNbStrsrtler(RS0) STEYIE *ORDER -SaDave (an.) I89 LEO MEER -ATenI and Tau (W89-4 RILLS -Rape Erb. S.O. STEVE MUM BARD -e: /OBSEGRIILTEI BULLET 84AD- YmUal(CapeoO RBETAEE-i.n0erdta (u.npe) 205 wll cam -tow Ry No. (U A 3-9 MQW{7,_448. AID. L.LTNESUSBNEIAM-rn,eu Bove Mae (R) BOO SFift/SILYEI MAIM BAWD - nstrael (Carnal) fleft/000 MAC - Dream (W KENNY ROGERS-( 0 A 8 9 Northeast Region TOP ADD ONS LLAIt D'OtT-tdeKn WeN (Patnr WI7D tana's FYYN YR-Sre.Nt,t,w8 StIYS tallla NAND-M Man IFateM PRIME MOVERS ftutk a0s0 Cva. atm., C it* *Nam.eNO-.,r.e Axa r-0 lcinan ty fllnla_. SNae AEO) un'-,nttlsola) ns3c -Ke. ras 009 EAGLES- NddC,d4aa (ROW 02 ABARFS-wlmden (E L5-4 Ten ARENA RARUN-BreT.Mt6eetlF 9 anlcl THEM s 4 LaY 899 MlTamlal *ORE WPD-N6Ten D. mum slat -Got lo Can. It04)Tln: STEVE MILLER MAO-kt Woe Kart, LC.$OIESUNOIUE (MD -fn Ter amseman rí2)200 REE79000 WIC -Druon (W 8) e. Tn D TOOIII(ClR-Oo WAN YsN.a Do (Dean) MASS COBSTBUCT9N -Tee Messap RUA) 800TSTSSUB9EBABD- the Peace, Decry (w8 )6 2 D OEST*ATION -)pool Lae Too Mtn or (Pak lot I 95 W /IB-Naq RILL COITI -Leona Ely No.IDAI STEVE MILLER BAD -In ArnowCap4d) LC. THE SUNSHINE BMD -r.teo 8009e Man (TA) 254 SE9EW000-Sr Duke (es.) T 808 SEOUL/SILVER nun BMD- Mant&r eel (Caved; HAUL OATES- Barn lolelher Ram n(rea) STEYIEWOIIOE -So DWe(4n.) 85 LLM O'DAY- Uodecone Argelleabhc) MUM -Male ß7000 YE- Ornans (W 8 ) PIMA CRUISE- WWltru Gonna Dol (Met STEVE WONDER -Ss, Du4(Tanga 290 8WSTEVENSON -Damn le TN Stance (88)249 WTA HELEN REDDT- Yet, Me Wee(Caplet AOREw GOLD -Wool Bot (Wan ton 20 ROSE ROYCE - Wann Get Men To You 9(4)2620 8B8F-lnleN LC.LIHESUNSHINEWID-m tow B-bM *mall) ItE7NYNOLJw- to* s Gloom 0220(20tI _entugl SIEVE WONDER-Sr Debt (lutes 28 5 AW09Ai- Under cant k9d(planet I70 WRAO-Bats MARIA MMIIS MIMI W D-Sernts In Ne N4M. (TTB) MRA09AT-UnOet cod *le (Pad.r' REEY000 NAG -OtnnslWB)50 TATANES-WMAundlCa0ddNB2 WU fm-boston WARN) MAIRNS EMU 8M0-SOnts InI4kLet(AB7 WIN (Rank l LC.L TN( SUNSNINEBMO-re Nu Bs4eMm)fa)223 MAW OWES SAID- CoIdn I Cd n RM IS.e) 26 l W8í-Batr NONE 0E WORE -*wester. Was. REETW000WK -Cums te STEEMIut. 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25 The new entertainment frontier! ALBERTA DMONTON SASKATCHEWAN SASKATOON MANITOBA VICTORIA ANCOUVER EDICINE H A dff.thbridge I GINA WINNIPEG BR ANDON SEATTLE SPOKANE GREAT FALLS TO MINNEAPOLIS 63/4 Million People Western Canadians live in and around major cities. So. warm up your axe and spray your throat. Were wide open. And the great Canadian gigs are happening in some of the most modern and best- equipped concert halls. theatres and outdoor coliseums anywhere. Canadians have developed some pretty hip entertainment tastes through exposure to the best. Western Canada is booming. There is steady flow of available leisure entertainment dollars. Entertainment budgets arc on par with major U.S. centres for corresponding acts. If your act is up to par - chances arc we can do business. a Over 00,000 Seats Waiting From Victorias Royal Theatre cross the mountains to Edmonton's Coliseum. Jubilee Auditorium. and brand new Citadel play the massive grandstand of Calgary's world famous Stampede. the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. and the new Convention Centre. a short hop takes you to Saskatoon's Centennial Auditorium. the gleaming new Regina Exhibition Agridome and the magnificen Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts in Regi. before moving on to Winnipeg, gateway of the West. with the Win Convention Centre. Then ere are like Lethbridge. Medicine and our friends at the Stat Falls. Montana. Watch tho Western Canada. Good au money. good times. Is Western Canada IO Great Cities Each One Hour Apart From Victoria. the garden spot of Canada' on the West Coast (one hour from Seattle) to Winnipeg. the hub city" in the centre of the country (one hour fromminneapulis), each city boasts fine entertainment facilities. You've heard about the vast expanse of mountains and prairies? Each of the major centres is separated only by about one hour's flight ime via modern jet. And there is a vast twork of connecting flights. not only oss Canada, but with cities like New. Chicago. San Francisco. and Los es in the nited States and key Euroell. It's live entertainment isco -daze' has yet to strike portions. A Variety of Tastes Name the top twenty concert groups. solo performers. lounge acts and current touring theatre companies and chances are most of them have played Western Canada recently. We have room for everything. Our musical tastes are varied. Co- ordinated itineraries can be arranged well in advance or take 'em one at a time. Just clear your throat and pick up the telephone. Want a warm Canadian following? Come on up to Western Canada and "break a leg" in our neck of the woods. Contact VAN('OI x F.R. B.C. /MARIO CARAVETII, Pacifi VICTORIA. B.(. J.B. MORGAN. Memorial Arena. EDMONTON. LBERTA /DON CLARKE. P.O. Bo R(N N IGNORE, Northern Alberta Jubil CAI.GAR\. \I.BERTA /DON WELDEN. Box 060, l LAUDE BLACKWOOD, Southern Alberta (.At DE COVER. (*Agar, Convention C RTAiRAV LAMBERT. 250 Scenic Drive KALETA. Arena Contention Centre BAKER. 200 Lakeshore Drive xhibition ARridumc. Box i KENHEAD, Centennial Auditorium IMPSON, P.O. Box N SHANNON. 375 York Avenue CHIESA. P.O. Box 524, ó40

26 Z ze BiliboardAlbum Radio ction Ploylist Top Ad Ons Top Add Ons- National LITTLE FIAT -Time Loves A Hero (Warner Brothers) VAN MORRISON -A Period Of Transdon (Warner Brothers) 0 CC- Deceptive Bends (Mercury) POCO -Holan Summer (ABC) ADD OHS -Tie lour key prod ucls added at the fad. stabons (.sled, as determ.ned by Stabon Personnel TOP REQUESTS/AIRPLAY- The Four products reg.stenng the greatest Irslener requests and airplay. as delermrned by sta bon personnel BREAKOUTS- B4Oboard Chart Dept summary of Add Oos and Requestsm.rplay mlormat.on to vetted greatest produft AS tmty at reganal and nat..' Jewels Western Region TOP ADD ONS A Pie. a /n_0. Mil.0 LAGE -CM.v w Wr (O.I 0 Q lyercn) UM( - I tam Nee (MO *TOP REQUEST FLEITOW WC -: FACIES -Nys Cam, FOE00 -Anse c AIRPLAY BREAKOUTS SueeIItM-L.e 8 Fn Newt.. {r) OAE 6-e x M Iß...e, RIM I8-r FYMe 0.0. M.-aM Mrs UBCI OWN 0't.3.i.n wro60- Pwraem.Li UIyIF.T-t. UalN.e(.. NSPCC.-WM).Lx-D.plw/nßtWrmryl 0WOIOFitrT SOOE6EA/tUE6Yfi.-I--. 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FLEETWOOD WIC- Rumours (Warner Brothers) BONNIE RAM-Sweet Forgiveness (Warner Brother,, EAGLES -Hotel Caldornu (Asylum) DAVE MASON -let II Flow (Columbia) rou4dyy000-(hymi IOCC-DcPI.larIrwery) 00-bM,4..a.tas.D 0n../ UILY0CA3-fwlrF(ar.y inieloq-00. RTICS[-ß3w FM..OD TYITCR-Oq,slIMMn-CbnCe: Y+.w((0C) PMYL86E-ProMhS..0aY OM3BOCN[SKyQOR)Yr-wC+ M-.aC,wmI qacfr- UA Fr...NA t0ae-wawla.arllar.) Owr[DY-oIr./.a0II UtlMOS-`s.rfM alcae-.>.. YtW)TMFS-wew(00.Y OI4.í0t-eenl.rhMr) a)tyta WT. 30-.brir ewp.,..r FIIIE000rtC-M0 O(OOCE-Cil..eeWNr.CFalwrl 8.R8R-Sw.larp.dlN amsr-r:q..ól.árltrm. Mt.O/64-/'Iae.Art.uM. POCD-.u.Lme(.O VTR! NI-Ta.L.nalMen/ AfRI5-.nwNwnora.ABC, NOUr.000f7Y5-(4( grtwr-s..( rle000.-e>.n(87 wlln(la/-tim.efslm(wt.l GyE04EtllR.Rar.., Midwest Region TOP ADD ONS u a-o.vpt+ LMa (wren) MU MI-7. I. A I.. 0/0) COME -0 Somr Oe.ce Ova/ CCM ADa0.-/ Pa. a *TOP REQUEST: AIRPLAY Ft8000AC -k o MB: DEISM UAL a m SMra CIN U KI -00/ W Mr,p CCN.) 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27 'ilveckot Billboard's Annual 977 ON TOUR Directory July 23, 977 l r For advertising information: Loo Angers Joe Fleischman /John Halloran/ Harvey Gel ler;'bill Moran 9000 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, Co / Now York Ron Willman /Ron Carpenter/ Norm Berkovvita/Mckey Addy/ J. 8. Moore 55 Broadway New York, NY / Chicago /Canada Bill <onzer 50 N. Wocker Drive Chicago. ill / Nashville John McCartney 77 West End Ave. #700 Nashville. Tenn / Billboard's ON TOUR Directory is the most referred -to manual for the traveling artist, agent and music industry executive. City-by -city listings of hotels, equipment repair, concert halls, promoters, photographers and many more make ON TOUR an invaluable reference tool. Expanded features will include: MORE MARKETS: 89 cities /markets In the U.S. and Canada. MORE FACILITIES: More in -depth information on house and lighting equipment, in -house services, etc. We will cover facilities even beyond our primary 89 markets. PLUS: More promoters, clubs, late -night restaurants and more information on each. Sound & lighting, recording and rehearsal studios, PR firms, printers, radio stations, etc. If you service or sell to the traveling artist or the $6 billion music industry. Billboard's 977 ON TOUR Directory is your best advertising value... reaching the largest segment of the music business. Expanded distribution to record companies, personal managers, AFM offices, talent and booking agents. Contact your Billboard advertising representative today! Advertising Deadline: June 7, 977 J

28 Radio-TV Programming The Double Whammy Promo Team Urso And McGregor Of Warner Bros. Use Their Own System With Success O LOS ANGELES -There arc "an abundance" of radio stations that can influence record sales, according to the double whammy promotion team of David Urso and Don McGregor. The problem has not been whether they can sell records, but the inability of the record company to get product into that market that's current," says McGregor. a former disk jockey. "It's a situation all record companies have had a lot of trouble with. Fortunately'. there arc a few radio stations 'whore so interested" in getting the bat possible music on the air "that sometimes they will take on a test distribution kind of system for you: McGregor says. -In other words- they'll say: 'Give me a few records and I'll put them out and sec if they soll' Because some markets are totally racked these days and racks arc sometimes a little slow in getting product into a market... to the cities like Abilene. Tex. "So, that's proof that some stations will actually work with us promotion people to test a new record." Urso: "Or, our local promotion person will take five copies to each of six or seven stores in a market if a local radio station wants to test a record. If you sellout at three stores, even though its only five copies. sou know souse got a winner." All the advantages of programming weekly syndicated shows are yours to enjoy, along with a high technical and creative quality. when you connect your station to our line. We currently make available two clever fifteen minute long, weekly radio series which will spark new interest in your programming and generate a greater operating r_ I pouch small market radio station may not be able to affect many sales of a single, Ursa feels-even the information off their request lines can be extremely helpful on new product. "We're trying to build the artist. You can't ride with a By CLAUDE HALL Rod Stewart the rest of your life at a record company... or the Rolling Stones either, for that matter... that is. they might be around. but you must break new acts to replace the others who won't be or just in order to expand "Essentially. we try to work radio with radio." Ursa and McGregor form one of the few duo-national promotion director teams at any record label. Warner Bros. Records. To tell the troth. it was a trio until Gary Davis departed. Urso and McGregor report to vice president of promotion Russ Thy re. Both of them speak of Thyrct as "a very sharp record person." es en though Thy ret previously spent much of his career in sales rather than promotion. "He's not a total stranger to promotion;' they say defensively. One of the most common -logic persons I've met in my life. a brilliant man: says Ursa. He adds that one of the reasons why WB has created so many hits and continues to crank them out is -we've kept the force intact and built a team effort." IME Limited It CO RPO RA TED David Urso: When not on the road visiting radio stations and record outlets, he's usually on the phone. McGregor: "Nobody can work while worrying about whether you're going to have a job tomorrow." They pointed to several record labels that have recently expcncnced high turnover of key record promotion staffs. then compared the success of WB. A &M, Elektra, Atlantic and Columbia with those labels. "A &M treats their promotion people nice... takes real good care of them and allows them to do their.a. A PLUG FOR OUR NEW SHOWS revenue. HELLO: Please send me your Presentness Package Enclosed find Ten Dollars N.5. and our current Rate Card. NAME: PosmoN: STATION: ADDRESS. CITY- lima i STATE/PROVINCE ZIP CODE ttt..i ROCK & ROLL ILLUSTRATED is hosted by legendary Michael Vee, and provides you listeners with a background to the music you play. Each edition spotlights a different artist, or period in Rock, ranging from "Do Wop" to "Disco" with all the important artists and events in between. The series even looks ahead to introduce your listeners to important new artists, releases and trends. Production is tight, and each show is crammed with information and illustrated with music (up to eight cuts per show), with the occasional interview. A must for Top Forty situations. 5 BIG ONES is an outrageous new game show hosted by Mr. Ted. This fleeting program tests the knowledge of Rock & Roll. Each show has three segments which contain fragments of famous records and the listener is asked to identify the artists,song titles and /or the release dates of the records heard in those segments. Truly a r_ t tmm unique program that will hook both yourself and your audience from the first airing. Now, for a very limited time, you're invited to test these showson The Air in your market in any time period you choose. Together with an operations manual. and full information on your programs, we'll furnish you with Full- Length Pilots for both series. Each pilot has three minutes open for commercial use. You can take advantage of this unprecedented offer by clipping the completed plug, and zipping it, along with your current Rate Card and a check or money order for Ten Dollars. to Post Office Box fib Woodbridge. New Jersey U.SA gig ili r INE Mil A job with a certain amount of free duns and respect. Which is what we try to do at Warner Bros: A typical day for McGregor may begin with a phone call from home back to the East Coast. Urto: "But I live so damned far away -Palos Verdes -I try to get into the office as fast as passible each day. I get up in the morning and do a few eiercises to get my blood going. then I'm off to work." McGregor: "We're usually there by 9:30 a.m., at the latest. Someti mes, one of us will get on a kick and wind up at the once earlier in order to make a few phone calls East. "I would sas 90'O.. no, more like of our day when were in the office is telephone work. And 09 is meetings_ Warner Bros. has more meetings than... Uno interrupts: "Management believes. because it's a big. big company. in communication. We have a few meetings. They're good meetings. They're well -needed. Because we're always talking about what move we're going to make on a specific project. ARTISTIC VIEW -Zim Zemarel, r gional marketing manager for lumbia Records out of Baltimo drops by WPIK in Washington. D.C. to bring program director Red Sh' ley, right. a copy of the new Johnn Cash album. Zemarel, who now promotes country almost exclusively, is an accomplished musician and has his own orchestra that is also released on Columbia Records. Though he often performs on weekends himself -and. in fact. performed for President Carter's Inaugural Ball, during business hours he strictly promotes other artists. I might go to the East and he might "And when' we're not on the go to the Midwest or I might go to phone or in meetings. we're on the the South and he might go to the road. We go on the road an average Northwest. And we keep switching of two weeks a month. We just stay areas." on the road." Urso says that each does about the McGregor: "We go everywhere.' same ty pc of job on the road. Urso: "And we never go together. (Continued on page 3 Phoenix Diary Promotion Brings Arbitron On Double PHOENI\ Arbitron executives flew here Th u nday 4 to meet with radio executives and try to put out a radio diary promotion brushfire before it spreads to other markets. The Arbitren ratings surey sweep started Thursday. Arbitron has already threatened radio stations in the market with several pos- -ibilittes, up to and including cancelling the entire survey of the market. The promotion in questions is based upon a diary. Listeners are asked to keep accurate tabulations of what station they listen to and when, then bring the diary into the station and perhaps win a prize. Gars Stevens, senior vice president of Doubleday Broadcasting, which owns and operates KRIZ in Phoenix, claims the diary promotion :ARB also uses a diary system f "is 'totally designed to confuse any diary keeper who doesn't know what they're doing -which is 809 of them." KUPD pulled the promotion. called the -KUPD Checkbook." in the ARB sweep last fall KUPD leaped skyward in ratings. KRIZ management complained to the ARB. which said it could do nothing to stop the promotion at that time. They did asterisk that station's ratings. but many people feel this doesn't affect national advertising buyers sufficiently: they go by the numbers. This sweep, KUPD again started using the promotion. So KRIZ launched a similar promotion. Contacted in St. Paul where he manages a Doubleday station. KDWB, Gary Stevens says, "If they'll stop, we'll stop." He says the promotion is also being used against a Doubleday station in Denver this sweep. Rick Aunchio, vice president and general manager of Arbitron RadiOM' sent out a mail- o-gram April 2 to radio stations in Phoenix in which was stated that this type of promo? tien was "improper" whether it wail a regular feature of a radio station' promotions and contests or not. The FCC allows certain centest and promettons. as long as they on a regular basis and not durin ARB ratings periods. He also stat the promotion could prove of "se oses disadvantage" to radio statìo in Phoenix and throughout radio: The mail -o-gram went to most major radio organizations. including the National Assn. of Broadcasters. Among the five possibilities mentioned by Aurichio that the ARB might do in Phoenix to counteract this promotion are: Cancelling the April/May survey in that market. postponing the survey in Phoenix until the offenders stop the promotion. excluding the listener estimates in the printed survey for the offenders, putting out a supplement with the offenders' listeners estimates plus a strong letter about possible inaccuracies. KRIZ's Stevens says he believes KUPD stopped announcements about the promotion at b:45 p.m. Wednesday (3, but wasn't sure. "I hope they stop, because we'd like to. But we base no intention of stopping unless they do." KUPD later went back on the air with their promotion. KRIZ this past week put a statement on the air that all stations in the market had agreed to stop such promotions, program director Allan McLaughlin says the announcement asks then to fill out any diary they may receive honestly. It is known that the promotion has already spread in one form or another io other cities, including Albuquerque and Denver.

29 Radio-TV Programming r LOS ANGELES -The 0th annual International Radio Programming Forum will be Aug at the plush Harbour Castle. Toronto. Cary Stevens, senior vice president of Doubleday Broadcasting, and Keith James, vice president of programming for Moffat. are flying into Los Angeles May 2 for another meeting to shape up the agenda and potential speakers. Thus, if you have any suggestions about topics. please drop me a note to: Claude Hall. International Radio Programming Forum, 2th Floor Sunset Blvd.. Los Angeles. Calif And. incidentally. the annual competition for air personalities. program directors and radio stations will be announced shortly by awards chairman Al Herskovitz, director of operations. KPOL. Lo. Angeles. JJ. Jackson, program director of KATZ, 82 Olive Si. SL Louis. Mo. 630, is looking for a "great personality." No calls. J.J. also tells me that Black Radio Magazine is having its first convention May at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Los Angeles... Joe Dawson, program director. WQIW in Aston. Pa would like celebrities to call him to record beeper messages in a local charity project- raising funds for the local Crozer -Chester Burn Center. Call and they'll tell you what to say on the beeper. r Bob Rogers is the new chief editor of "Earth Starship" the daily music and entertainment news service produced and syndicated by Earth News. San Francisco. Prior to Earth News. Rogers spent 4 years in radio as general manager and /or disk jockey at such stations at KTUF in Phoenix, KPRI in San Diego. KDKB in Phoenix. If you're feeling like you need someone to talk to. call him at and say "hi." Vox Jox By CLAUDE HALL Brad Davis, formerly of WFSB- TV (which was formerly WTIC -TV t in Hartford. Conn.. has joined WDRC -AM. Hanford. as morning air personality. Davis hosted the popular "Connecticut Bandstand" show in the '50s and '60s on WTIC- TV. channel 3. and most recently had been doing various features for the tv station.... KVEC, an adult contemporary station in San Luis (Continued on page 30) I UMT2 FLYER SPECIAL Bubbling Under The _HOT 00_ 0 -HOT T0 TROT, Wild Cherry, Epic, Sweet City B IO2 -SUPER BAND, Rod & The Gang. Deride SPACE AGE, Jimmy Castor Bunch, Atlantic RHAPSODY IN BLUE, Walter Murphy & The Bit Apple Band, Private Stock ( SHE LOVELY, Bond Parton, Finale Stock DISCO REGGAE (Tony's Groove), Kalyan, MCA M RLE I'M ALONE, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. Capitol EASILY, Frantie Valli, Prmle Stock OILY LOVE CAN BREAK A HEART. Dionne Marwick, Musical 6303 (Springboard In temabonal) 0- FREDDI. Charlene, Prodigal 0633 (Mo town) BubblingUnderThe Top LPs 20- STEVIE WONDER, Innversions, Tamla T 326 (Motown) 202- RREFALL, Allanbc SD STEVIE WONDER, Talking Book., lamia T 39 (Melcwn) 204- YARDBRDS GREATEST HITS. Epic PE ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK'S GREATEST HITS, Parrot PAS 7067 (London) 206 -STEPHEN BISHOP, Careless, ABC ABCD MICHAELSTANLEY BAND, Stagepass, Epic PEG 3466 Available HOP ON THE NON -STOP ilauyou LAFF EXPRESS NOW AT YOUR LAFF Distributor LAFF'S COM I N' AT YA' 208 -GEORGE DURE. from Me To You, Epic PE ITE CITY. 20 Century T BRAINSTORM, Stromlo', Tabu sou -204 trca. t RECORDS (A -96) 8 -trk. TAPES (807) & CASSETTES (207) LAFF RECORDS /428 WEST JEFFERSON BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CA 9006/(23)

30 30 Radio-TV Programming New York's WABC Ready To Air Stereo; Awaiting FCC Approval Continued from page I There have been several systems developed to broadcast in AM in stereo. but the FCC has not approved any at this time. But now. as FM continua to grow. AM may need stereo in order to compete. Morgan says that the populanty of FM vis -a -vis AM vanes from market to market and the time of day. In New York FM is weakest in the morning. gaining in popularity dunng the day until it reaches parity with AM during the night. Morgan notes that, in preparing for stereo. WABC has revamped its studios with the latest custom designed state of the an equipment. "As soon as the FCC approves a system for AM stereo, we can put the system into our transmitter. modify the transmitter slightly and we arc ready to go." says Morgan. Such a modification on the transmitter alone, plus a few extras. would run close to $ for a watt station the sirs of WABC. Although conversion to AM stereo would require new receivers to reproduce it. he thinks that if the FCC approves a quality stereo system, it will be a boon to AM. He sees its greatest utilization with stereo AM radios in cars. "FM tends to fade in and out more than AM in a car radio. and we expect if we get stereo approval. we will have more people than FM stations listening in their car.," says Morgan He notes that it is still questionable how well AM stereo will work beyond the horizon for weaker AM stations. "It will all depend. imagine, on how strong the skywave signal will be. If it's a weak signal you will probably wind up with some sort of echo effect. But our station booms out all over the place. We have even gotten fan mail from the Soviet Union." In commenting about the future of a Now Appearing.. station Iile WABC, Morgan notes that it has been around for a Stevie's Wonderland Stevie Wonder, winner of fifteen Grammy Awards, discusses his incredible recording ca- reer with Don Pictromonaco on all TWA flights. Now until May TWA Being the hest isn't everything.. it's the only thing. Presented exclusively by Billboard Audio Programming Services. AP-4 number of years now. and it has been No. I for a long time too. He says that as long as the station makes a serious effort to play the songs most people like. it will always have a huge audience. "It will vary from station- to-station on how well they will do in the future because you have a delicate balance in programming this sort of music, says Morgan. "This has been a misconception by many program directors who think that in the midmorning everybody is at work or school and only housewives are listening. "But if you look at the rating books you know it's not just women who are listening. especially in a market like New York, which has all kinds of crass work schedules. "I think good radio is all in the style of the presentation. The broadcaster has to be sensitive to the public taste in how he puts together has format; how much news the public wants, when does it want it, how is it presented. what kind of jingles do they want if they want them at all, what sort of personalities. and so forth. Here at WABC we've got the brain trust of the bat people in the business." Morgan cites Alfred Racco, vice president and general manager of the station, who has in his two years at WABC cut the commercials time on the station. Morgan also cites Rick Sklar, vice president of programming for ABC Radio, who basically invented the format used by WABC, and who. though not presiding over the weekly music meetings, was certainly its most dominant participant. In addition to Morgan and Sklar. the meeting is attended by Morgan's secretary, Phyllis Brusca: Janet Friedman, operations assistant: Jac - quir Grudman, director of research and sales development; Sonia Jones. music director, Cliff Love, editorial community affairs director: Laurie Richman. a high school intern, and Tom Tanno. ABC Radio press relations officer. During the 20- minute meeting it is decided to add one record. "I'm Your Boogie Man" by K.C. & The Sunshine Band, to the tight playlist that includes 4 songs this week in prime rotation; five more in secondary rotation, and eight more in the "new library" of hit songs that are fading and being phased out of play. "I Feel Likc Dreaming" by Kenny Nolan. which dropped from 6 to 46 in the station's own survey. is put into the "new library." Another song is nominated. played, its sales record and chart position discussed. but it is not seen strong enough. By vote it is remanded until the following week. It does not make the playlist. Morgan explains that the prime consideration for play on WABC is local retail sales. This is determined. he says. by calls to 75 stores in the area, which are picked every week out of a pool of close to 500 stores. After that six other research sources arc referred to. Influence by record companies or surveys of what other stations are playing in the area or in other large cities. play no part in the selection of a song for WABC airplay. "We try to have the station programmed by the public. We do not dictate to the public what music they should hear. They indicate to us what music they want to hear. And by looking at our list and the num- /Continued on page 33) Continued from page 29 Obispo. is celebrating 40 years on the air this May. The lineup features music director Rick Goulart 6 -IO a.m., Deborah Williams, IO a.m.-2 p.m.. program director Dean Omerman 2-5 p.m., Anna Bokna 5.0 p.m.. and Al Lindley until sign -off at midnight. Steve Gale is news director. Vice Carpenter, maintenance engineer. and Jim Carlisle do weekend announcing. Kathy Folger is traffic and continuity director. Sounds like a good staff. Ed Hider, star of radio, Hype Ink humor publications and the double whammy joke, has been signed as a writer on the "Donnie and Marie" television series. Hider had been doing weekends on KFI, Los Angeles. until John Rook took over as program director.... The 3 or 32 radio stations consulted by Vox lox Lee Abrams have launched a series of superstars concerts. The first one was Joan Arnatrading,coordinated with A &M Records and Sonny Fox, program director of WYSP. Philadelphia. As of June I. the 'Superstars" network will move into full swing in providing affiliated radio stations with nationalized concerts and special programs. Watch out, folks! Lee Abrams is going to own this world one day. * r Metromedia continua to earn enormous and growing profits. Revenues for the entire chain. which includes everything from radio and television stations to grocery stores, set a new record for the first quarter of ,53. Earnings were also high ,908. So. I guess it isn't fair -or maybe even accurate - to reflect on the good old days of WNEW -AM. Probably WNEW- FM makes up by far the days when WNEW -AM used to gross StO or 52 million in New York. * * * Paul Trembley is presently programming WSKB -FM at Westfield State College. Westfield. Mass. 0085, and writes that he's "presently involved in my undergraduate degree in communications. I plan to pick up a radio gig this summer commercially. I'm involved in a lot of studio work, commercials and narratives for filmstrips at the present time. Have you heard from my old friend Bill Rock? He and I worked together at WIRY in Troy. N.Y.. a few years ago. We've fallen out of touch and I'd like to re-establish contact." K WTO, Springfield, Mo., needs a strong afternoon drive country air personality. Talk to Keith O'Neil, think he's in a hurry. Incidentally, there's a legend around the station that Chet Atkins once played guitar on the air there back in the days of live radio. along with the legendary Carter Family. Does anyone know this for sure? * * * No sooner than Charlie Tuna, the morning air personality at KITS, Los Angeles, walks in to resign than he's told the station doesn't need him any more. Tuna had planned to stay with the station through Arbitran ratings. Then join KHJ again. Just when he'll repon on the air now at KHJ, I don't know, but there's tremendous irony in the transposition of Tuna back to his old Los Angeles hangout. Several years ago. Tuna and Robert W. Morgan battled over who would get the morning shot at KHJ. Tuna lost and was moved into mid -day. Tuna left the station in a face -saving gesture and worked in San Diego radio before stepping into the KROQ mess in Los Angeles. I think he enjoyed his days at K I IS. But now the question anses: How do y handle a situation when a di Jockey is walking across the street ostensibly. your competition? Tun I feel, would have done a sional job right through to day: he's too good a radio man a station down just because he leaving. But, on the other hand what program director wishes continue to expose a personali that's going to be on the competiti in just a few weeks? * * r Other moves continue in Los Angeles. Billy Pearl has le KRLA to program KIQQ. And programming consultant Jeff Salgo has become director of operations at one of the fringe area stations he has been consulting -KFXM and KDUO in San Bernardino. Ted Brown continues as program dirertor of KFXM. * * Art Snow, , is looking for a Top 40 and/or adult contemporary announcing position: has considerable experience... Jonathan E. Fricke. P.O. Box th Ave., S.. Nashville. Tenn. 3722, has a two-page nonsense sheet which he sends out fairly regularly. I think you can get on his mailing list by just writing him. Frick now in record promotion. once p grammed such stations at KLAK Denver and KFOX in Long Beat KFOX. incidentally, may be goi to the Family Network. which cou see a change from country m religious programming. * * r Jack Raymond, program dirne of WEIM in Fitchburg. Mas would like to know who pr grammcd KYA in San Franc'' prior to its sale to Avco. I think it w either Johnny Holliday, now t morning basketball player WW DC in Washington. or B Drake, now the afternoon tenn' champion of Beverly Hills... lineup at WDNC in Durham. N.0 includes program director Joe Nue ols 6-9 a.m., Andy Bear 9 -noon, mu- sic director Rollie Bornstein noon -3 p.m., Brad Carver 3-7 p.m.. Don West 7- midnight. and Joe McKay midnight -6 a.m. The format is Top 40and Bornstein also does the music for WDCG, an FM automated counts music operation owned by Durham Radio Corp. Ir Bob Pearson, WFAA. Dallas. is writing and producing a half -hour radio and television documentary correlating the "overabundance" of negatives in rock and country music lyrics with the high divorce rate. the suicide rate the claims the Suicide Prevention Bureau in Dallas has told him teens commit suicide each year). He's seeking both pro and con quotes from record artists. Call him via * a * Lineup at WXLO in Nrw York, fondly called 99X and programmed by Bill Garcia, features the semi -legendary Jay Thomas 6-9 a.m. (remember how great he was on the air in Charlotte. N.C.?) Glen Morgan 9- noon, Dave Collins noon -3 p.m.. Terry Nelson 3-6 p.m.. Ed O'Brien 6- IO p.m. from KFRC in San Francisco; Paulle Riccio 0 p.m -? a.m. and Dick Sloan 2-6 a.m. Paulle is probably the best female rock jock (Continued on page 32). a a

31 Radio-TV Programming t. Continued from page 30 `But this gives us." McGregor. "a two-pronged promotion apch. I may see some things in one ket that Urso didn't see and he ht notice something I didn't h. Later. back in our office, we round and compare notes and about people we saw :' tso: "And we're constantly in h with our regional and local motion staffs while were in the e to find out what records might usting out of their areas. Bee Warner Bros. doesn't have just record we're working on. We on our records off whether it ht be MOR or whatever, then to et a 'feel' on them at least in a given market. And whenever we get a spark on a record. then we to to build a fire everywhere." On the road. Urso and McGregor practically devour a town. "Say I go to Philadelphia: says Urso. "Ill set up some appointments before hand. whether with radio people. retail operators or a rackjobber." But the main emphasis is on the local promotion staff. "We believe the local promotion person is the most important man in the company. He is the key. We're only as good as they are Naturally, we'll see some things they might not recognize. because of experience or a larger view. But we always check with the local person in that market. "Then well go quite a few places in any one market -the soul station. the MOR station. the Top 40 station. mom and pop stores if we're looking to get a'feel' on a particular record. The Double Whammy Promo Team "We work a record hard:" Usually. they make their own appointments. saving their local promotion people the trouble. But "sometimes we'll call like a Ray Milanese about seeing a Jay Cook at WFIL. In our company it doesn't matter who does a task. as long as it gets donc. We're not looking to take bows. Just get the job done. We'll take the bows at the end of the fiscal year when Mo Oslin says: 'You've donc a good job' unless he says: 'I think we could've had a better year, of course." says Urso. While some promotion people complain that it's increasingly difficult to see radio program directors. McGregor and Urso seem to have no problem. "Plus, they're more willing to sit doss n and talk to you... let you know what they're doing... than at any time I can remember. If you go in and ask a guy how his radio station runs today, they'll tell you. They're proud of it. including how they keep track of the records in their market." says McGregor. "They'll discuss their methods of research. too." Urso: "We don't set them up. We believe. hopefully as much as everyone else in promotion. that sure you have to have a good rapport with radio program directors today. But that our relationship is more than that You don't ever go in there and wine and dine a guy then go for the kill with your record, hand it to him with the desert. We're not into that sort of flim -flam. "When we go into the station. it's totally business. True. a lot of them are very, very good friends. But in the station, it's their business hours and its our business hours-both the program director and myself are professionals. We talk business. "I've heard record people say that they couldn't get to see such and such a program director. "Well. if they tried to see him for the right reason. it might be a different story. The time of the program director is just as valuable as our time is A promotion man should not waste his time. So, we're straightforward about our records. It's totally business. Any other way is 'yes. telyear'. "We try to know as much as possible, too, about their radio station before entering the front door. We try to know what they're playing. how many records, whether those records are uptempo or ballads. even the spot load. "Don and I analyzed the situation and decided to learn as much as we could about each radio station we visit. It's much like a ballplayer -if you know a lot about second base. you'll get to play second base. "I think a lot of program directors may get agitated about the promotion person who wastes their time or tries to fake knowing what the station's all about. "I don't think it's any easier to get records played today. though : McGregor. "If anything. it's more difficult... at least it is the way we're trying to do it Because before we even walk into that major market program director's office, we try to find out what a record will do. what kind of audience it'll get. what kind of response it'll create on the air. That's the type of information we need to present to a program director." Urso: "And because we have our proof from smaller markets on what a record can do... or because we're getting a demographic response on requests that fit a given station's needs. when we go to the major market station in. say. a Minneapolis, we're going to have pertinent. valid information for the program director. "Of course, everything depends on the rapport you have with a per - son-he may want to check your information out. but that's okay. "In any case. they do believe me and they do believe Don. And I know that program directors also trust a lot of other professional promotion people in this industry. "I think there's a lot of promotion people in this industry doing what we're doing and doing it well. "We feel. right now, the promotion as a craft has never been better. There are a lot of good promotion people representing some damned fine record companies. And we have a lot of respect for the general. overall promotion field right now." While radio program directors must necessarily be more interested in good programming and record promotion people must necessarily be more interested in total sales. "I believe there's a common ground." says McGregor. And today, most promotion Don McGregor: A former radio man with a warm approach to record pro. motion. people realize that -for a program director -it's not how many copies of a record that were sold, but who bought them. Warner Bros. has 36 promotion people in the field. regional and local. Urso and McGregor think that Columbia Records is the only label with a larger promotion staff. "but we feel we need them all. For instance." says Urso, "we have two guys in Detroit. One works the metro area. the other works the smaller markets around the area. It's like having a farm system for records." (To be continued) Billboard's 0th Annual International BILLBOARD INTERNATIONAL RADIO PROGRAMMING FORUM Radio Programming Forum. THIS IS YOUR CONVENTION!. August 3-6, 977 at the plush Harbour Castle Hotel, Toronto, Canada ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Lee Abrams, Mac Allen. Andy Bickel, Keith Adams, Al Casey, Ken Dowe, Bob Harper. Jerry Del Coliiano. Vic Ives, Dick Janssen, Jack Lee, Jim Maddox, Charle Parker, Rich Richardson. Herb McCord. Paul Cassidy. Dorothy E. Brunson, Erica Farber, Mario Barbota Bill Stewart, Bill Randle, Jack McCoy, Jim West, Peter Davidson. Bill Sherard, Craig Scott, Gary Smithwick, Bill Tanner, George Williams. J. Robert Wood, Don Imus, John Harvey Rees. Bruce Davidsen, Jodie Lyons, Billy Pearl, Jon Holiday, John Lund. Mark Driscoll, Jim Loupas, Jim McLaughlin, Vince Cosgrove. Danny Davis. Tom Draper, Michael Klenfer, Don McGregor, Steve Meyer. Stan Monteiro. Bob Paiva. Scott Shannon, Otis Smith, and David Urso. Forum co- chairmen: Gary Stevens, senior vice president Doubleday Broadcasting KDWB Minneapolis Keith James, vice president of programming Moffat Communications Calgary. Canada Awards chairman: Al Herskovrtz. operations director KPOL Los Angeles WATCH THESE PAGES FOR REGISTRATION DETAILS AND INFORMATION ON TOPICS AND SPEAKERS... OR CALL DIANE KIRKLAND (23 / ) FOR EARLY REGISTRATION!

32 32 i PICKWICK CLASSICS New `Quintessence' Price As Initial Release Ships Bs IS HOROWITZ NEW PORK -Pickwick Inter - market the records at anywhere national ships the debut release of its from S2.99 to the list of new Quintessence classical line this The line consists basically of maweek -22 albums carrying a sug- tenal licensed from other labels. with many of the titles coming from gested list pnce of each. Two years in the making. the club sources never before offered to series was caught up in the cost spi- dealers. ral, forcing a price rise before the Among the latter arc 0 albums first record hit dealers. Original list featunng such conductors as Jascha was projected at S2.98. Horenstcin, Sir John Barbirolli. Ru- Under the current marketing dolf Kempe. Anatole Fistoulari. Sir plan. Quintessence LPs will be dis- Adrian Boultand Vaclav Neumann counted to a dealer price of Two sub -one make up the Quinwith a 0 free goods policy hang- tessence line. One "Critics Choice.' ing the net cost down to Dis- presents standard classical titles. tribution will be via Pickwick's own carefully chosen by label chief Peter wholesaling facilities. Munves to serve as basic library ma- It is expected that retailers will terial for collectors. The other "Classic For Joy." offers lighter classics, aimed largely at the crossover market. Trade and consumer ads will support market entry of the label. built around the theme that the composer himself might have preferred the performances. "Choose the Brahms that Brahms would choose" is emblazoned across the top of large posters to be distributed to dealers. London Extends Price Deadline \L \\ KIRK Loudon Rewrds has extended the period during which it will honor orders for top - line classics at the old list price structure. The label announced a move to S7.98 two weeks ago (Billboard. April Buy -ins at the lower puce may be made until May 3. The original cutoff date was April 26. The price benefits arc extended to the company's string of distributors. who are expected to pass them on to retailers. according to a London exh- n \e.! E <a io.m. J to r Q r C r -} A sampler LP containing 6 excerpts from the first release is also going out to the trade, as is point -of. sale material including mobiles. batter cards and album cover blowups. The sampler LP will have an initial distribution of says \funtes Clossicol Connoisseur List Price To $7.98 NEW YORK - Connoisseur Society has raised the list price of its records to a reluctant recruit to the fast -developing new industry price standard for front -line classical product. Rising production costs led to the move. says Alan Silver. label president. `h is the only way we can continue to maintain our quality standard." Connoisseur's release schedule calls for a total of about 60 new title this year. most of which are issued here under license from EMI. FIRST IN STEREO Quebec Mail Order Firm Eyes U.S. Classical Mart CIIICAGO -Andre Perrault Ltd.. a Canadian mail order company specializing in classical recordings. plans to expand its direct marketing to the US. The Quebec firm. which claims to control more than 605 of Canadian classical record sales. is basing its move on market research it says indicates that fewer than 25 of the entire U.S. population has access to "classical music record shops." This statistic is advanced in a relent letter to classical sales managers Horowitz Concerto Disk? Continued from page 4 pies in the disk industry. The pianist has not been featured in a concerto recording in the entire stereo era. The January concerto. to he staged at Carnegie Hall here. scene of Horowitz American debut 50 years ago. will be conducted by Eugene Ormandy. Both soloist and conductor are to contribute their services. with all proceeds going to the Philharmonic. The work to be featured is Rachmaninoffs Third Concerto. Should intense record company persuasion lead to a commitment for a live recording. prior negotiation to secure clearances within conflicting contractual affiliations is expected to generate some heat. Horowitz is under contract to RCA Records. as is Ormandy, while the New York Philharmonic is an exclusive pactee of Columbia. However. such contract difference, have a way of working themselves out if the event is of surncient importance. Any number of precedents may be cited. but the one with the mont relevance occurred only a year ago. Last May. RCA gave Columbia permission to include Horowitz in a live recording for the benefit of Carnegie Hall billed as "Concert Of The Century: With two of the three attractions in next January's concert in its own talent stable. RCA is expected to (Continued on page 33) By ALAN PENCH \'tihl of major Amcncan record labels. informing them of the release of as Amencan edition of the Perrault mail order catalog. and soliciting new release data and ads for the fall` publication. "The catalog in the US.. with over 9.0 pages. will have an even larger selection of LP recordings and cassettes than are presently available in Canada." Andre Perrault. company president writes in the letter that accompanies a copy of the firm's page 977 annual Canadian catalog The volume, like Schwann. is organized alphabetically by composer. but lists suggested retail and Perrault prices with all entries. Record company ads. both for new and catalog titles. also include this information. The catalog. which sells for S2. also offers audio hardware and record accessones through the mail According to Perrault s letter. the annual American edition will he updated periodically with new release flyers. Perrault whose headquarters arc in Si Hyacinthe. Quebec. could not be reached for additional comment about his expansion plans. His letter. dated March 25. indicates the US. mail order operation is to be based in Winooski. Vt_ at the "Old Stone House. the site of the world's largest collection of classical music recordings. RIGINAL LOND ` ' ORGANIZATION TPfeSents BROADWAY SRNEWEST "Side By Side By Sondheim" has opened on Broadway and it's a smash! If your bins aren't loaded with this superb set, contact your RCA Salesman immediately. RCA Funny Tin Happened on Way to the Forum Anyone Can istic A Little Night West Side Slory ' Comp Follies Over SPECIALLY WONDERFUL "'Side By Side By Sondheim' is a many faceted gem that lights up Broadway...This is a dream of a show...happy, funny, witty and so compassionate. It makes you feel good. Turn cartwheels to the box office for this British celebration of a rare American" -Clive Barnes, The New York Times "...a ravishing musical...sondheim's cleverness, skill and daring have never been accorded the warmth of expression given them by these smiling performers" - Douglas Watt, Daily News SPECIALLY PRICED RED SEAL

33 Classical As. ) CLASSICAL GOLD -Sir John Read, left, Chairman of EMI. presents a gold disk to Andre Previo for cu mutative sales in excess of one mil - lion. The conductor has made more than 50 recordings since he joined the EMI roster in 97. Symphony Pulls Big Attendance 'From Juveniles NASHVILLE -The Nashville Symphony Orchestra's spring series of Young People's Concerts. concluding Thursday (28), drew some elementary and junior high school students to the War Memorial Auditorium this month. The program, entitled "The Symphony Orchestra- Taking It Apart And Putting It Together,' is being conducted by Michael Charm, murector for the symphony,. and is to introduce students to the us families of instruments that up the contemporary symy orchestra. usical selections feature the, strings and woodwinds indi- lly. bringing them together percussion for Borodin's "Poan Dance' and for a modern. `Circus Parade in which the ene participates. a finale. the orchestra disies itself while playing the final ment of Haydn -% "Farewell phiam." Classical Noles Carlo Marta Giulini will lake over as music di tedor of the Los Angela Philharmonic begin rung With the season. replacing Zabin Meta, who moves to New Yak. Except tor some poor commitments with the Chicago Symphony in April 979. Giulio citi not conduct any U.S., orchestra other than the Los Angeles during the run of his three -year contract. The New York classical record community turned out in lace Monday (25) to wish Peter Miens well in the launch of Pickwick's new Euinlessence label. Among those accepting dunks Iron bunnies at the Playboy Club fete arre RCA's Thomas Shepard. lack Pfeiffer and Did Mohr; Columbia's Marvin Seines, Tan Fret and Andy Kaidon; Deutsche Grammo :hoe's km Frey. and Philips Scoff 'Lampe beales. radio and press were also well repro - ented Horowitz Disk Continued from page 32 present a convincing argument for reciprocation. Horowitz 928 U.S. debut was with the New York Philharmonic under the direction of Thomas Beecham. The work then. Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. I. was also the vehicle for his last orchestral appearance in 955. again with the Philharmonic. but that time under George Suit. Philharmonic management plans to offer tickets for the January gala first to its regular subscribers beginning Nov. I. Ticket prices remain to Radio-TV Programming Texas KFJZ Splits AM -FM Frequencies By ROGER PENDLETON DALLAS -The frequencies of KFJZ and KFJZ -FM have been divided to allow operation of two complete radio stations, featuring two different programming formats for the Dallas /Fort Worth metro arca. The Swanson Broadcasting Co. of Tulsa is announcing the move with a promotional campaign. including billboards (I50 showing in the metroplex, four large paint posters, decals and bumper stickers. an advertising schedule in college and high school newspapers. and television spots on channel 4 (CBS). channel 5 (NBC) and independent channel. KFJZ is on the air 24 hours a day with 5,000 watts at 270 on the AM dial. while KFJZ -FM operates around the clock with 00,000 watts vertical and horizontal at 97 on the FM dial. The FM station is being billed as "Z -97 Stereo" Richard R. Marcellan. vice president and general manager of the broadcasting company. says the programming split has keyed a wave of promotions. Marcellan explains. The FM station has been broadcasting since March I without any commercials as a way of introducing a new contemporary 'sound' for radio in this area. Many have wondered. and a number of calls have come in. asking how long Z -97 planned to continue this policy. Our station management decided this question would be a natural for a contest so were starting the First Commercial contest with cash prizes totaling " Z -97 plays about 20 records an hour with a 30- record playlist. according to program director Gary Mack. We hate to pin a label on it :' Mack says. but our programming is a mass appeal contemporary. not an album format" The AM format is adult contemporary. listing 40 records, but playing more than that the program director says. Several changes in personalities have been made. Brother John Rivers returns to Z -97 Stereo after two years with KILT in Houston. He is also heard on more than 800 stations around the country as host for "Pow - erline," a program produced by the Baptist Radio & TV Commission. Two others coming from KILT are Tommy Kramer and Rich Bryan. On the AM side will be Jon R. W. Wallin from WIFE in Indianapolis. He is a personality performer and will contribute a lot to what will Inc a more exciting and entertaining format for KFJZ listeners;' Marcellan says. Returning to KFJZ's music department is Ken "Hubcap" Carter, formerly a newsman with the Texas State Network News who is considered an expert on the 950s and 960s. Other personalities on the FM side are Larry James. Craig Jackson. John Landry and Danny Owen. Completing the AM air staff are Mike Rogers. Don Cook and Jon Powers. Also, Paul Cannon will serve the afternoon time -slot awaiting recovery of Tommy Vance from throat surgery. Peter Gardner will do the morning news on KFJZ. He is formerly news director at KITE in San Antonio. Also on the news staff are Linda Silk and Randy Vick; Bob Barry will continue to supervise news programming and will do some news and sports. News duties on Z -97 will be performed by Suzanne Weber and Dave Tucker. The Forth Worth station, which dates back to 922 and is the station where Bob Wills did his first radio show. has remodeled its offices and installed duplicate equipment so that when the time comes it will be able to easily move into AM stereo broadcasting. The AM transmitter has been relocated 2 miles east in the city of Arlington and provides a better signal to Dallas. Plough's WCOP In Boston Kills Country BOSTON -Country music suffered an enormous setback here last week as Plough Broadcasting. headquartered in Memphis. gave up trying to make WCOP here a successful country music station. As of May 20. the station is changing call letters to WACQand will become an adult contemporary music station with heavy emphasis on news and information. reports national program director and vice president Craig Scott. This makes WCOP one of the few stations to drop country music and the only major market major facility to do so since the big boom in county music several years ago. WCOP had been country music about 0 years. The change in format was brought about quite simply, by "ratings.' says Scat. "Boston is a tough nut to crack. Heaven knows. Plough gave the station adequate time and exposure. But there's just nobody there that lakes commercial country music" The musts mix of the new format hasn't been entirely determined at this time. Scott says. A Dallas research firm is doing a study on the market for Plough. Bob Knight, the program director. will continue with the station in its new format. Plough also owns and operates WTTK. an FM progressive country format station in the market so Boston will still have country music available on the air. WTTK launched its progressive country format last October. Vox JoxJ Continued from page 30 in the country. New music director of the station is Roxy Myzell front the Boston area where she was involved in a disco chart of some kind. WABC Stereo Continued from page 30 her of stores reporting sales on a song, you see a correlation between the two with sales dropping drastically for songs below our playlist" says Morgan. "So even if it looks like we are playing only a few songs. what we are playing is actually what the public is hot on at the moment" Billboard Top50 Listenin TM t II = /S CZ* :=0 Billboard SPECIAL SURVEY For Week Ending Copyrght 977 O band Puohva00nf. Ira *open ol Mrs pud4anon may Oe eproduced stored are Mardi rya htm. W WOW.. m any form or Oy meant. electronic many echanical, phaocogynn9 recoemma or Menem. outnout ifie pear errmen permasean of the puoaslier These are best selling middleoltheroad singly compiled from rada station air play Jetted in rank order. TE, Artast, Label 8 Number (Dort. Label) (Publisher, bcensee) HELLO STRANGER Yvonne Ellman. RSO 87 (Pdyddo (Cotilh0n/ &tire` /loyehne. BMII HOOKED ON YOU Bread Elektra 5389 (Kipahulu. ASCAP) SIR DUKE Stevie Wonder, Tamla 528 (lobete /Butt Bun. ASCAPI WHEN I NEED YOU Leo Sayer. Wainer Bros W (Unichappell /Begone Melodes:Nbert Hammond. ASTAP) RIGHT TIME OF THE NIGHT Jennifer Warne,. Arista 0223 (American Broadcasting, ASCAP) YOU'RE MY WORLD Helen Reddy. Capitol 48 (Chappell. ASCAP) Copp Editoriale Norton, 8M SOUTHERN NIGHTS Glen Campbell. Capitol (Warner Tamerlane /Maraant. BMI) DONT GIVE UP ON US David Soul. Peuh Stock 529 (Macaulay. ASCAP) I WANNA GET NEXT TO YOU Rost Royce, MCA (Duchess. FRO) SING Tony Orlando 8 Dawn. Dektra (Churn. ASCAPi ANGEL IN YOUR ARMS Hot. Big Tree 6085 (Atlantic) (Song Tailors. BMO LUCILLE Benny Rogers. United Artery 929 (Brougham Hall /Andile!mason. BMI LOVES GROWN DEEP Kenny Nolan, 20th Century 233 (Sound Of Nolan/Chelsea. BMI) MY SWEET LADY John Dearer. RCA 09 (Chary Lane. ASCAP) I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES Engelbert Humperdmck. Epic (Silver BIreitarry Mason. ASCAP: SAM Olin Newton lohn. MCA (John Farrar, BMI/Blue Gum /Detamus. ASCAN YOU'RE MOVING OUT Belle Mldler, Atlantic 3379 (Dawnbrealer. 84 SO IN TO YOU Atlanta Rhythm Section. Polyglot 4373 (Low Sal. 86 MARGARtTAVILLE Jimmy Buffets. ABC 2254 (Coral Reefer BMn HOTEL CAUFORNIA Eagles. Asylum (Nil toted) CAN'T STOP DANCING Captain 8 Tenedle, ABM 92 (Mb. BM)) THEME FROM "CHARLIE'S ANGELS" Henry Manam 8 His Orchestra, RCA 0888 (SpeliGdd. BMII YOU ARE ON MY MIND Chicago. Columbia ( &g Elk/Make Me Smile, ASCAP) Love Theme From "A STAR IS BORN" (Evergreen) Barbra streisand. Columba (First Anats/fmanuel20h Century, ASLAP) ON AND ON Stephen Bishop. ABC 2260 (Stephen Bahop. BMI) ME AND THE ELEPHANTS Bobby Goldsboro Epic (Taunton. BMI) EASILY Frankie Vail, Prwate Stock 4540 (Alessi /New Seasons. BAN) YOUR WYE Marilyn McCoo 8 Billy Davis Ir. ABC 2262 LEI Parrot. BNS SAY YOU'LL STAY UNTIL TOMORROW Tom Jones, Epic (DO lama. BMI) THIS GIRL Mary MacGregor Nola Amer Slier Dann. ASCAP) TRYING TO LOVE TWO Willem Bell. Mercury IPhonograml (&II Bat. BUS GOODBYE OLD BUDDIES Seals 8 Crofts. Warner Bros 8330 (Dawnbreaker. BMI) EVERYBODY OUGHT TO BE IN LOVE Frank Sinatra. Warne, /Repair 386 (Paulin. Bull DREAMS Fleetwood Mac. Warner &os 837 (Gentoollelsh Witch, BMI) HIGHER AND HIGHER Rita Ccoldge ABM!922 (Chees(Olarer. Tama4ne/BRC. BMI) NEVER HAVE TO SAY GOODBYE Deardorff 8 Joseph. Arita AS0230 (Chicken Bey /Darrnbrealer, SW) BROOKLYN Cody lameran. Atto 073 IOar len, BM)) RHAPSODY IN BLUE Walter Murphy 8 The Big Apple Band. Pnvale Stock 456 (New World. ASCAP) LOOKS UKE WE MADE IT Barry Har ina. Msta 0244 (Meng. BMI) WITH ONE MORE LOOK AT YOU Jack Jones. RCA 0955 (Test kties,emavvi /30h Century/Werner Bros., ASCOT MY BEST FRIENDS WIFE Paul M4 United Amts 972 (Padi'irt BMI) CINDERELLA Finial), Manic 3392 (Powder. ASCAP) ON THE BORDER N Stewart. lams 267 (0ca James. Butt COULDNT GET IT RIGHT Clime, Blues Band. Sire 736 (Blue (Toque ASCAP) I JUST WANT TO BE YOUR EVERYTHING Andy Gibb RSO 872 (Red Cow /Mm Geb'Jor. Huth 8 Barbara ASCAP ;Strawood BMS DISCO LUCY (I Lowe Lucy Theme) Wilton Place Street Bard. Wand 078 )Desdu, ASCAP) WHODUNIT laven, capita 4398 (Bid) Pen. 8MI /Paten Vlba /ASCAP) GONNA FLY NOW (Theme From "Rocky") Maynard Feturan Columba (United Attests, ASCAPsUnan. RIO FREDDIE Charlene Prodigal 0633 (Slone Panted. BAN) I'VE GOT LOVE ON MY MIND Nang r,:. _ rat Frl.,,s r`...

34 34 STARTS NATIONAL CAMPAIGN Millie Jackson Seeks Aid For Talent Using Airlines NEYI i0k -When Spring Rec- 5 i ords artist Millie Jackson isn't singing. recording. managing or producing, she is waging her own battle against the nation's airlines for their indifferent attitude to the special needs of traveling musicians. Over the years times have changed." says Jackson. "You can't Unsurpassed in Quality GLOSSY PHOTOS 000 POSTCARDS el) ROMA\ KOZAli 5c EACH IN 000 LOTS $ t0 $8.95 t89 CUSTOM COLOR PRINTS per 00 COLOR LITHO $20 COLOR POSTCARDS e loco $80 p, 3000 MOUNTED 203o» ENLARGEMENTS.00 $ l P)>4r oto9ropherr Al Dmire" N JANES I KRIEGSNANN 65 W. 46th St, N.Y (22) Pl get into a station wagon and go from job to job anymore. Now the jobs are so far apart that you have to fly. And the airlines seem to cater to the businessman, to everybody but the art - ists. "Artists like me. we spend about 555,000 a year on air travel alone and they give you no consideration whatsoever. So many gigs are lost because of them. You might get there and your clothes and uniforms and costumes are elsewhere because they missed a connection. "Or if you cam instruments. they tell you Wit doesn't fit under the seat you can't take it with you. Mean while they put a guitar in the belly of the plane. and then set a house on it. When you open up the case, all you see is a bunch of strings and splinters." To light hack against this. Jackson has formed "Airlines Inhumanity Towards Musicians and Entertainers." an organization now polling other musicians about the most cf fuve way of countering this problem. "When we get this information we are going to the airlines with the facts. We'll show them what we spend on them, and what they are costing us. and we are going to ask what are they going to do about it. Or we are not going to ode on some of their airlines." says Jackson. (Continued on page 75) NEED A VIDEO TAPE OF YOUR GROUP? SUNRISE CANYON VIDEO specializes in live one camera color taping of your group... right in the club where they're performing. You'll get a stereo mix and BROADCAST QUALITY video for less than S995 + tape stock. Or if your budget permits we'll produce a tape suitable for European or American television i.e the "Heart" tape which has been broadcast in Europe. Australia, So. Africa and on the BBC. You're into Music We're into Television We make Television "ROCK" SUNRISE CANYON VIDEO 860 Lookout Mountain Ave. Los Angeles. CA Contact Bill or Ron (23) Talent DAVID FOREST PANEL MODERATOR Promotion- Management Topic At Coming N.Y. Talent Forum LOS ANGLLLS- )ev,d I orc,t. whose companies here include Fun Productions concerts and the management of Elvin Bishop, Mickey Thomas and Detective, says he feels perfectly at ease wearing two hats although he admits to getting static at times from various elements in the live entertainment industry. Forest will moderate a panel with six other top promoter -managers in this increasingly controversial field during the third annual Billboard International Talent Forum in the New York Hilton May 3 -June 4. "Sometimes an ICM will complain that I'm not dividing my hats fairly in setting dates," says Forest. "But as a promoter who does at least 75 shows a year including complete national tours. I can't help being aware of what real production costs are at various halls and why it's a bad idea for one of my management clients to come onstage following another act that is notorious for ending assets with a lot of smoke generators going." However. Forest makes it a point never to promote concert, with his own act esen at home in Los Angeles- unless there are no other proper packages available at the right time." "I'm putting my client Detecuse on a show I'm promoting at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium because none of the other local promoters had a suitable date open." says Forest. "But it would he even harder to break my acts nationally if promoters across the country. believed I intended to package the tours myself once my clients were solid headliners." In other Talent Forum news, early registration is reaching an unprecedented 250 with a month still to go. Clearly this will be the biggest Talent Forum yet, with a likely final attendance of well over 500. Making their first appearances at any U.S. convention will be Japan's top promoter. Tab Nagashima. and English concert mogul Harvey Goldsmith. speaking about their respective markets. Booking agents confirmed for panels now include Shelly Schultz and Chip Rachlin of ICM, Hal Ray and Jay Jacobs of William Morris, Ron Rainey of Magna. On the campus panel will be Carol Sidlow of William Morris and Ed Micone of ICM. Chet Hanson, co- principal of Athena Artists, will conduct the booking agency seminar June 4. Sharing the publicity seminar tutoring will he three publicists representing the main types ofjobs in this field. They arc Carol Strauss, head of her own independent agency: Talent In Action BOSTON,Nadi.sar Syaarc Garden, New York, Born in a basement. Boston hasn't yet mas tered the problems of trines. sound systems When you're one of the hottest acts in the buss mess. however, this seems to be a minor detail, of consequence only to fussy critics. Suffice d to say, the predominantly teenaged audience en. eyed dseh immensely The Carden was lammed Continued on a ' e t\ Talent Forum Panel Moderator: David forest (second from left) will moderate a Billboard Talent Forum panel, "PromoterManagers: Wearing Two Hats." Here he's seen celebrating after a recent Todd Rundgr en concert he promoted at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. From left: Rundgren, Forest. Rod Stewart and Britt Eckfund. Carol Ross, New York vice president of Rogers A Cowan's music division and Barbara Carr of Allants Records. Added to the facility operators panel are John Toffoli Jr. of the Concord ICalif.I Pavilion and Jerry Seltzer. president of BASS computer ticketing service of San Francisco. Personal managers newly named to the forum panels include Stephen Leber & David Krebs. whose roster include, Aerosmith and Ted Nugent: Memphis-based Rick Taylor whose 22 acts on major labels range from the soul of the Bar -Kays to the Little Richard has apparrnly quit show busi- ness agun to be a preacher. His brother and manager. Robert Penniman of L A. has report edly had to turn 00w, $ in bookings George Benson plays and sings two songs in the Muhammad Ali him bro Talent Talk The Greatest Lynyrd Skynyrd traded gold records with Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson for honorary citaenship in the cap'. The Florida group First broke in AF unto and played a key role in a campaign to save the old Fos Theatre thee HAM hosted a receptan lucking of a cam paign for the LA Free cline... The first Doable Brothers Golf Benefit for United Way a June 5 at Calabasas. Calif Included m the ben. efil is a Doobies concert that evening at the Century Plaza Hotel with Dinah Shore guesting. Latest additions to the Universal Amphr theatre season are loan Baez. Heart, Kenny Log - gins, Randy Newman with Ry Cinder, Leon Rain sell and Al Stewart Burton Cummings gets a sonnies television special on Canadian Broad casting Corp. April 8 was Chick Cora Day in Los Angeles Roy Ayers has dedicated the song. -Goon. nett Growl," to the growlers m that city, who Ayers says, alter checking out growlers in au tientes pancipabon all over the country, are the best there is Dr. Hook raised S6.000 to budd a Tenn. The lee of $4,000 new high school gym in Lawrenceburg, band also donated its performance Glen Campbell back m the U S alter a tour of Briton A BBC lelenson special and possibly a five album may result from the vac... Capitol has purchased the master from Private Stock of the single "Mississippi' by Pussycat. a Dutch group Capitol reports the single has sold 3.8 million copies abroad but when it was lint re leased here, d died. Now Captol mill try again. P.T.H.(ltrmerly The Harlettes) Bette Mdler's previous backup singers have reformed and are appearing in New Yak's Reno Sweeney cabaret the week Dolly Parton's audience at the Roil included Barbra Streisand I Jo* Peters, Cho, Card Charting, Fay Dunaway, Beth Millar, lace progressive counts -rock of the Memphis Horns: Tommy Mottolla, manager of Daryl Hall & John Oates plus Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band. Chicago concert promoter Amie Granat will speak at the forum as will label artist relations executives Mike Gormley of Mercury. Roy Bat techio of RCA and Larry Harris_ of Casablanca. Registration for the Talent Forum rises from 5200 now to $225 at the door. Early registrants also get the opponunity to nominate tb -_' choices for all categories of the T ent Forum awards. Eagles. "Chinga Chards Country Parr" now available in West Ccast record stores selling strictly by mail order ferry Goldsmith a teaching music scoring at Sherwood College in LA its gad girlfriend Deed sngang along on his *Pea Sunshine'. single with Waylan leonings Willie Deism. not less Loner MI Buttered Sol n0 appeal in the Fr Penes "CaO Wash-,style film. 'Record City " Good Marc Agency of Missoula. Mont.. r edly grossed $600,000 dung the hn tuart of 977. up 62% horn last year aid Springfield, Chelsea artist. crowned Ms. Cdik' nia International 977 in a televised bean". pageant lea Baez has set 2 dates Danny OBeete opening to support her comini soon Portrait album. LSignings_ Bob Dylan to Jerry Weintraub's Management III for representation. Dylan intends to tour the U and overseas as well as perform in moves and telensan shows over the nest several year. But no specific protects are set yet. Dyln and Wentraub meet this month to begin mapping out a schedule Lily Tornio to Arita web first LP a soundtrack of her recent SRO lino woman Broadway show. Band Lynyrd Shynyrd to Premier Talent to Warner Bros with ho new Witto Peter McCann. 200 Century artist, to Hal Yougler for management and producttow Jimmie Rodgers to Robert Gentile's Strut, than Records. Johnny Tillotson to United Artists. Laura Abe, San Francisco write. singer, to Elektra.Asytum Raelee Patterson to Gene Russell's ACuarican Records Blade m' Cora, French composertonductor to the Baskin Agency. 0 -lays. Philadelphia International tao to management learn Waller "Tony' Richbu/geed

35 BILLBOARD'S THIRD ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL TALENT FORUM NEW YORK HILTON MAY 3 -JUNE THE AGENDA: Frank Barsalona, Keynote Speaker Ron Delsener, Awards Dinner Emcee "Is There A Better Way" Panels: -Personal Managers -Booking Agents - Facility Operators -Entertainment -Artist Relations- Publicity -Campus Buying -Concert Promoters "Power Sources: A Label Presidents Panel" "Rock on Television" "Promoters- Managers: Wearing Two Hats" "Radio Power: Plugging In Air Support for Touring Dates" "Black Live Music Crossover" Talent Industry "Basics" Seminars: -Physical Production -Concert Promotion -How to Communicate with Your Record Company -Personal Management -Intimidation: Does it Really Help? -Booking Agencies -Publicity One-On -One Lunches Record Label Showcases THE PARTICIPANTS: Harry Chapin Chet Hanson Ron Scribner Jerry Greenberg Barbara Carr Ron Rainey Quentin Perry Carol Ross John Toffolt Jr. Steve Paul Carol Strauss Martin Onrot Dee Anthony Bob Regehr John Scher Bruce Lundvall Teddy Slatus Mike Belkin Shelly Schultz John Coffino Tats Nagashima Larry Magid Jerry Sharell Fred Bolander Claire Rothman Stephen Leber Jim Rissmiller Marty Kummer David Krebs Jay Jacobs Ken Kinnear Rick Taylor Hal Ray Arnie Granat Bill Washington Chip Rachlin David Forest Shep Gordon Frank Barsalona Bill Cunningham Tommy Mottolla Jerry Seltzer Jack Globenfelt Carole Sidlow Joe Cohen Mike Klenfner Bruce Garfield Barry Fey Ina Meibach Barbara Kennedy Larry Magid Ed Micone Iry Azoff Steve Wolf Mike Gormley Bob Bagaris Harvey Goldsmith Larry Harris Bill Graham Sid Bernstein Roy Battachio Don Law Shelly Finkel Steve Gold CO- CHAIRMEN: Booking Agents: Frank Barsalona Premier Talent, New York Concert Promotion: Ron Delsener Ron Delsener Enterprises, New York 977 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Personal Management: Dec Anthony Bandana Enterprises. New York Artist Relations: Michael Klenfner Arista Records, New York Nightclubs: Alan Pepper /Stanley Snadowsky Bottom Line, New York Entertainment taw: Ina Meibach Weiss & Meibach. New York Facilities: Jack Globenfelt Nassau Coliseum. New York Canada: Forum Director. NAT FREEDLAND C Billboard International Talent Forum iattn: Diane Kirkland Ron Scribner Music Shoppe Intl, Don Mills is Sunset Boulevard, *200/Los Angeles, California Please register me for Billboard's International Talent Forum. May 3 -June d am enclosing a check or money order in the amount of: 5200 (after April 20 SISO (College rate!) (you can CHARGE your registration if you wish.): O Mastercharge (Bank st Bank Americard Card = D Diner's Club Expiration Date O American Express Signature - Name Company Affiliation Address Title Phone T-SHIRT SIZE- All information on hotel rooms will be sent immediately upon receiving your registration! No refunds after May 0. Registration Fee does not include hotel or airfare REGISTRATION AT THE DOOR WILL BE $225, SO REGISTER NOW!

36 36 Number One With a star The Inside Of Making a Hit Record Presented By UCLA Extension In Cooperation With Billboard Presenting the Artist Before the Public By JEAN WILLIAMS The responsibility for identifying an artist's image belongs to the public. while the label's responsibility is to figure out what and where that artist has been identified. That's what A&M executives explained to a group 0 UCLA students and industry persons Monday (25) at the second in a series of six seminars co sponsored by UCLA Extension and Billboard. The topic was titled "Presenting The Artist To The Public. Identifying An Image And Mar keting The Product." Jerry Moss, chairman of the board, A&M: Gil Friesen. president of the label. Bob Fead, senior vice president: Harold Childs. vice president, promotion. and David Anderle. talent director /inhouse producer, all elected to zero in on the careers of Peter Frampton, who is currently enjoying superstar status: loan Armatrading. in the transe tion period. and Driver, a new group and building an image for an artist starts with the record itself and getting the disk played on radio. "The other 20% is a crucial factor, how we take that artist to the marketplace in our advertising, radio spots. advertising our publicity and other means." said Friesen. A &M offered a 3/2minute film clip of Armatrading performing. The singeriguitar ist's record was released in June 976. Moss explained that the hours spent discussing the artist's image and how the label will totally represent the acts are many. He noted that sometimes artists themselves have no idea who they are. But on the other hand. he cited Captain & Tennille as a duo that's aware of who they are and how they should represent themselves to the public. He added that Captain & Tennille are being marketed through television. Bob Fead noted that it's the responsibility of his department to take the product to the marketplace. explaining that the company spends hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly trying to convince the public that A&M's music is the best for the consumer's dollar are forced to play records by other stations but warned against dealing with radio as the only avenue for product exposure. Because promotion is so broad now, he said. if a record is not played on radio there are other means such as discos and instore play. He noted that there are 62 persons in the street who are responsible for getting A&M product exposed. Friesen proudly stated That A &M has been working Armatrading's LP nine months, say Slides were shown of Armatrading headlining, with critics' reviews. feature stories and photographs. Friesen said the public identifies the artist, while the label must stay in close touch with the "streets" and retailers in order to reinforce its obligation to that act. The slide show also included materait about Armatrading sent to reviewers and concert promoters across country plus an advertising campaign which Friesen noted was generally seen in consumer publications. Fead explained that approximately $ is spent on an LP before the first record is sold. Ewart Abner, moderator of the session, in asking Fead to explain the total breakdown of a record, brought out that the cost is approximately $ 75 per LP. Abner along with the panelists concluded that it costs about 40 cents for the actual record. 4 cents for the packet, a double jacket costs about 25 cents, 2 cents goes for publishing costs. the producer gets about 2 cents. the artist's royalties range from 40 cents to $. and the AFM gets approximately 6 cents. Gil Friesen, A &M's president, otters insight into how the label worked with vocalist Joan Armatrading. Frampton emerged from the group Humble Pie which A&M signed in 969, Moss said. Moss noted that contrary to popular opinion, Frampton is not an "overnight" success story but as in most cases. was a gradual building process. As a matter of fact. stated Moss. following Frampton's departure from the group, which incidentally went on to receive its second gold LP. Frampton was working as an opening act for Humble Pie. In early 976 A&M released the LP"Frampton" which Iodate has sold in excess of 6 million copies. said Moss. Armatrading signed to the label in 972 but A&M had rights only in the U.S. and Canada. Her initial LP sold only 2,000 copies but in 975 when A &M gained worldwide rights Moss began pouring more money into her career. "We decided to do whatever we could to bring the name and talent of Joan Armatrad ing home. so we went on a formidable campaign to achieve this." said Moss. He explained that David Anderle brought the trio Driver to A &M and said the label was so taken with the talents of the group it signed them. Anderle said that Driver was not a difficult situation. "Someone submitted a tape with three songs and everything on the tape was done right." Anderle said the groups much like the old Cream group and he was particularly impressed with its energy. Then he had to determine the kind of record the group should record and who the engineer should be. He advised the gathering that variety in music is good, particularly when submitting a tape. But too much variety may be deadly. "As a listener to a new tape. want to know I the artists full potential but want them to I zero in." said Anderle, adding that there should be an identifiable aspect to the music. From a marketing /promotion standpoint. Friesen said 80% of marketing, identifying A panel of experts from A&M meets with students during the second class discussing presenting the artist to the public. Fead contended that marketing music now is most difficult because of tight playlists and that retailers are increasingly important to the marketing programs_ He touched on impulse buying and the importance of properly displaying product He added that A&M has about 00 persons in the held in various categories marketing product. He named such areas as inventory control, sales, merchandising, advertising and others. noting that feedback dictates how the label proceeds and expands its marketing techniques. According to Moss. Harold Childs sits in the hottest seat at the label, while Childs admitted that his job is probably the most difficult. "I have to get them played," he sad. "Most people don't know that it took three to four years to get Peter Frampton and Joan Armatrading to where they are today." said Childs. He noted that the strongest selling vehicle is radio, but the promotion staff must convince stations to play the product. Childs pointed out the importance of building relationships with stations. Then the artist must prove itself, he said. Childs added that when Frampton came out. he knew he had a solid base with the stations. The same situation applied to Armatrading. Childs further explained how some stations Bob Fead senior vice president for marketing. distribution, explains a facet of his operation. mg, "There are few labels that will stay with an LP for That length of time." Pointing out marketing moves for Armat rading, he cited some critics' reviews while explaining that her LP recorded live at the Bijou nightclub in Philadelphia is being played on FM stations. Armatrading is also set to appear on the "Saturday Night Live" television show May 4, singing "Love And Affection." He claimed she is now a star in Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Atlanta. Harold Childs, promotion vice president and David Anderle, talent director and staff producer field questions from the floor. Abner explained that seldom is an LP made today for less than $ When asked the details and breakdowns dollarwise of the advance on signings. publicity amounts committed to touring, producer and publishing arrangements Friesen answered: -There are a lot of vahables and lactors such as whether the artist is popular. coming from another label and others." He noted that other areas depend on what the label feels are the needs of the artists. "We don't put a price tag on things until we have exhausted ingenuity and creativity. The end result is that we don't buy our way, we work and create our way," said Friesen. Members of the audience were apparently wondering about the recent restructuring of A&M. Moss explained that the move enables him to devote more time to the creative end of the business with less responsibility for the over -all running of the company. This move also gives others within the firm different and for more responsibility. "We're looking to the future of A&M," said Moss. He noted that among other things. he would like to be more involved with artists. There were several persons in the audience interested in how one goes about getting inside a label to showcase his talents and where do they turn if that door is shut? Anderle cautioned those interested in this area against going out spending a bundle to get a professional demo made, contending some home recording systems are now sophisticated to the point where tapes may easily be made to submit to a label. At the same time he advised would -be recording artists/ songwriters not to throw in the towel if they are rejected by the labels. The publisher's office might very well be the vehicle to a recording contract, he said. Art Direction: Bernie Rollins

37 Becky's music has been sung by Helen Reddy. Shirley Bassey and others. The time has now arrived for Becky to share her inspiration with you. So enjoy..., _oil photos by Bonn.r Le he emphasizes his enjoyment BJLI-269 PRODUCED BY / STEVE DORFF t New York', Aven Fisher H: nd 90 C of the audience was youn e says. Allen repealed his show ishcr April 22 with a progra volving his wife Jayne. vibist Ter ibbs, comedy sketches. film cli ont his famous tv soirees and ja ucls between Allen and Gibbs. Allen's personals are. of cours vershadowed by his tv appea noes. Still. he enjoys playing piar "Its a compulsive need. a physic end to get to a piano every day nd when he plays colleges ifs ju ith bass and drums. "Forty -five minutes into my sho sit down at the piano and ta. bout American music: he say (Continued on page 7. le "Rambhn' Man.' as nell as songs from h ew Arista LP Judging from the quality of sor I the new songs. especially 'Bougainvillea efts will soon be out of the clubs and back m e large arenas. ROMAN KOZA BABYS LEGS DIAMOND )0,4 rill,,.yry The Babys rs a hot young English group!hi rn much to such predecessors as Led Zeppi n and Humble Pie. At its hourlong New York debut April 2 th and was loud and furious. lead singer /bas ayer lohn Waite, in appearance and manner nor d not in vocal ability, recalls a younger Ro ewart A band like this attracts young girls. an here were plenty in evidence for the shin 'leering on their newest hems While the Babys played nothing too compi led, it was evident that this is an improtm rd. with some of the newer material showrn uperior dynamics and pacing to the wer chording in the earlier songs basi 0 everything the band performed in its IO g sel. most interesting was 'I Believe li ore" which began slowly, and then caught fire his was followed by 'Rescue Me." a new sont ON TATTOO RECORDS and TAPES. MANUFACTURED a DISTRIBUTED BY RCA RECORDS EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATION: BNB ASSOCIATES LTD PUBLIC RELATIONS / STEINBERG LIPSMAN a ASSOCIATES UKl The course is offered to graduate and undergraduate students and the general public for two and three credits- depending on whether the student wishes an additional hour a day in pert ormance techniques. Tut - lion ranges from 526 for the two credit undergrad plan to 5338 for three graduate credits. Concerts are either promoted by the students or put on in conjunction with a promoter. depending on the risk involved. Upcoming shows include Bob Seger May I I and a "Good Times Weekend" bluegrass show May 20-2 with John Hartford and the New Grass Revival. Nassau Coliseum. Uniondale. America made an SRO visit to suburban New York on Apnl 20. Fa this 75-minute perform ance. the three nearly interchangeable lead singers, Garry Beckley. Dewey Bunnell and Dan Peek. shared the stage *nth a basic rock band and a small forest of potted plants. The band moved rapidly through its material, performing nearly 20 songs. beginning with men ersto epou a 'n, :u w ere the Allmans got a little too Jazzy toward the end. Betts sticks to his rock 'n' roll Betts was always up front. he sweet and sour pickings. That marked so much of the Allman's sound. evoking a gamut of powerful emotions. Betts can play hard. biting rock licks, but when he gets soulful and sad. the man's playing can make you cry performed both old Allman material hat didn't sound exactly groundbreaking but al he guitar licks seemed lust in the right places. Opening the show was Legs Diamond. Ives, an a nightmarish debut the week before wilt per and Angel where the band -s amplifier. ept gang out. This time around the band seemed to hari altered its sound problems. and though I gain did not have to put on any sat of show the pistol packing lead singer used his limiter space effectively while delnermg high Rober Plant type vocals. Legs Diamond was on only for half an hour able to perform only lire songs. But its verse+ of Rock 'n' Roll Man' and 'Stage Fright" (no the Bands song). were most interesting, ROMAN KOZAI (Continued on page 7!

38 Nur The In Presente Presenting the, Before the Pul Sy MAN WILLIAM The teapatwlaey b danteytflt teew botrtp to M pbac ea* replelmy as a we eut tenet OM WWI Isa boon dreaed AMI faeqlatn epeaeisd a sw soeertes and nartby preens M ot the mold na wets elrr eatlowd by ticla[.l+aron aid Sto api..s slyd Aewntnt Te Tho pbeec. ldr,mywtg, An una' *Mg The Aoduct «+y Moor c M Owe AYR G. Innen weep Wet Sob Iead satrr wa pne4 CAW wa P9drtt prowolvl Andrla *we deecb rmmraa *KW to we in en M tree avant**.we an** eroi Oaf tlmtw la* bwtarears, n Msn prmd and Omer. new pro W I now. alal wesdatt. ell Mee nee the WOW wehmd al Jean Aresbatlag, Irarnpton envied from Humble Pe wend, AIM s4rd n tad Maas riled that co bar opens Frampton w not an ow ma limy Out bin molt calls, w WW' promo As a matt, of tact stated Mot min** s depwture born the g, rwdrttaey sent *to moms es LP. rwnpton ass earl.' as an b Humble Pb tlsl ' In.wry 976 YO "Nosed the Ouch ladles has sae n tc, b+ copra. sad Moat Amplitude/g seed to w let CO AYR had netts ant,. w U ad ta *OP LP sold only 2 Out n 95 etw+ AYR plied ruts Mop began pouring more her wow we decoded to do.4wiw r twins the name and taunt of Jo., rig temp. to se sent on a tam sad Moss pap, to Write Ms He aplrrd that Dowd Ana. the tr.0 AIM um i ti w Lain *nth the latent' of tf Mi ed than *Merle said that Omer nos M tsluaben. "Someone submitted three soma and Mrpthrns on tf doer rem Antral sad the group n mutt, Gam stoup and he was WI passed wlh es energy Than ha h mete the kind of record the et record and who the engine., shou'o u He advn.d the gathering that varety in music is 'pod. p.lkulary when subtrttrts tape But too much seamy my, be deadly.aa a astsow to new tape. want to know the whits full potential but i want them to taro n.' sad And**. adding that there should be an d.nbttable avid to the musk from a mnm.lryipronobon flandpo,nt. Fusion tad Bo% of marketing,, drmaytn' w radio. but th. promotion Mitt must con virtu stations to play Nie product Childs pointed out the mportance of bwld ass resatong cps with statom Then the art est must prove Melt Pu Md Chad' added that when hanpton une out. he knew bu had a old base with the stations The tare titwtnn applied to Annetta/Mg Childs Murtha explained how toms stators radas M ated one cnics' renews while as Dianne that her LP teoerded be et the api nghtdub n Phwadatphe w pastis played on FM stations Amatrudr s w aka set b appear on the Saturday Ment Law" Metreaion shop May 4. warn s -low And AtlscUOn.. He cl,mad she is flaw a usa an RirenaappbL Pheetl toiw and Atlanta see e 5 aaed,let MOM trot. Lene ttetttu M 00% ilplomo awe phrsaraeed M the prm tellre Mlpas h he owe le oboe is a Hott At Nie O/ teste Oats M dalel e,eeete,e ach is the Iwr r rr7 see "Wed M The pteleltel's Moe eye any al8 diode a nicoidets cowbett bead Ah beseslar ion+ e

39 BISONS JUBILANT Campus Long Colorado U. Rock Famine Ends By hl) LOS ANGELES -The lint rock ccn at Boulder's Folsom Stam in twoyears took place Sundas )as the Unis-. of Colorado in con - ction with Feyline presented wood Mac. Bob Seger. Firefall n Sebastian. last show held at the ue, home Odd for the Univ. rado Bisons. was the Doobie May 0, 975. ver. the Boulder community negatively to the huge poor sanitary conditions er problems the large crowds in the college town. Lobel. director of the CL' Council, says all problems ce been alleviated. Also the rd of regents has assessed a surcharge on tickets for all The athletic department is automatically profiting e concert. says Lobel: "The school realized t they were losing in terms of taue and prestige. We lost out on Ian's Rolling Thunder Revue h was originally scheduled for Icier but instead was held at Fort dlins. tsrrison "Entertainment in the concert market is a major economic boom to any area. Boulder, which is a tourist community, is now further enhanced." In order to ensure peaceful entrance and exit to the stadium. the CU Program Council worked together with commerical radio station KADE -AM which broadcast live remotes from the scene informing patrons about parking. traffic conditions and best router into Boulder. The program council paid all expenses for the remotes. The university was also in constant communication with law enforcement agencies. Lobel says full - page ads ran in Boulder and nearby newspapers detailing advisable entrance routes. The capacity crowd is believed to be the largest ever assembled in Boulder and second only to a Beach Boys date at Mile High Stadium in Denver last year. Tickets for students were and SR.50 for non -students. All seats were sold out in a record 22 days. 0,8000 of which were purchased by ; udents. Bowling Green Univ. Must Program To Female Tastes LOS ANGELES -Hou to prix concerts that women will atis the question facing the procommittee at Bowling Green niv. in Ohio. the student enrollment is e comprised of `i female. Ihom are directly involved mming. fan. director of program - s the concert committee ectively to appeal to the female population and - e s had more success with iented programs. fficult taking females into lion when booking con - ough the ratio in attend - ually three to one females. t of the programming comfemale with only one male ecutive board. trying to get female artists ke Joni Mitchell and Linda arc not interested in coni- adelphi Course In Synthesizers \L \\ YORK An electronic syntzer workshop geared toward and other contemporary music kafered this summer at Long Ishhd's Adelphi Univ. July II -5 km 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Don Muro, chairman of the Na- 'mal Assn. of Jazz Educators, will Induct the workshop. Muro coaured the educational filmstrip. troduction To Electronic Music,atbesizers," with his father. Jo-. chairman of the English and inanities Dept. at Baldwin (L.I.) School, who assists his son in course. The course is offered to graduate undergraduate students and the rat public for two and three its. depending on whether the 4 eat wishes an additional hour a in performance techniques. Tuit ranges from S26 for the two ít undcrgrad plan to 5338 for graduate credits. ing here. Overall we have an obligation for balanced programming.' says Stofan. Peter Frampton. says Stofan. did extremely' well as did Gino Vannelli. who played to a strictly female audience- Yet despite the large female population Bowling Green is predominantly rock -oriented. The Doobie Bros. sold out while Dionne Warwick fopped, attracting only ,000 students. Stofan says the school is seeking a female act for the summer to entice students hack to school. The summer months have previously been void of shows. Olntpic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner spoke on campus and attracted a huge bulk of the female body. And a movie "Sex Fest" proved disappointing because no women attended. Movies like "Lady Sings The Blues' were successful. says Stofan, because it dealt with "heartbreak." However, the biggest problem that confronted the school this year was the unusually cold weather which forced the cancellation of Jell Beck. Wild Cherry and Brick. "We had no concerts between December and February due to a shortage of power. All lights were turned off. It was a critical situation. Our first show since then was Dave Mason in March." Stofan says. Stofan says Bowling Green aver - ages about six large shows a year and fears that the cancellation hurt the school's credibility. Concerts are held in Anderson Arena which seats or the Grand Ballroom with a capacity of Tickets for most events are Concerts are either promoted by the students or put on in conjunction with a promoter. depending on the risk involved. Upcoming shows include Bob Seger May II and a -'Good Times Weekend" bluegrass show May 20-2 with John Hartford and the New Grass Revival. Talent VERSATILITY HIS MIDDLE NAME Steve Allen: 4 Formats On Job Blutaares photos by Bonnie Tiegel Composer Steve Allen runs down some thoughts on the piano in his office. Right: he emphasizes his enjoyment of playing for young people. LOS ANGELES -Steve Allen has devised four formats for personal appearances. He plays a select number of nightclubs in which he and a small jazz - flavored band play his own compositions. He appears with symphony orchestras as guest pianist for their pop series. He plays colleges with a program of "old songs" and eschews his own material. He plays hotel rooms with a half and half program of music and comedy: he does lectures in which comedy dominates. He has stopped recording. The reason? No interest by any label for his brand of MOR music or jazz piano. Continued from page 30 April 9. with 8,000 -plus paying a total of S to hear straight ahead rock 'n' roll. no frills. no lancy light shows. no costumes. What makes This group compelling is its rim plicity They are standardbearers of a philoso. phy that touched a major chord in the 960s and refuses to die. A a year job with Polarordland couldn't keep Boston's founder Tom Scholz from proclaiming his allegiance to rods 'n' roll. Cpic Records thought likewise Al last count, so did more than 3.5 million record buyers. Boston comes out on stage. five guitars and a drummer, and begins to sing and play basic rob chords with metallic overtones The lyrics are di reel and to the point Outside of the music and the rock 'n' roll Irle. things are less than they appear. Competition and a corporate slot aren't the only choices. Better to tun on. tune in and seek "Peace Of Mind.' which happens to be the title of its cunent single That's prevailing wind and Boston knows how to ride the cunent It sails through 0 tunes all much the same. interspersed with Star Trek blasts of metal boogie. Scholz steps to the mike to demonstrate man's mastery of the technology by bending notes on his modified Fender, and lead vocalist Brad Delp actually leaps into the audience in a rare but effeclwe display of trust and identification with the lens The group o on stage for an hour. playwg mostly tunes from the hit LP, along with some new ones such as "TV Politician" and Ell Never Be." The Man Sammy Hagar. reviewed here recently. was the opening act DICK NUSSER AMERICA.Vrnsou Coliseum. Uniondale. N. Y. America made an SRO rod to suburban New York on April 20 For this 75.minute perform- ance. the three nearly interchangeable lead singers. Garry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell and Dan Peek shared the stage with a basic rock band and a small forest of potted plants. The band moved rapidly through is material, pedormmg nearly 20 songs, beginning with By ELIOT TIEGEL So the author /composer /novelist /television personality plays around one dozen personal appearances to keep in front of the public and keep his chops in good form. A recent two-night booking at the Rosy here drew 806 young people for the four shows. Did this youth - oriented flavoring surprise him? "No." he answers in his San Fernando Valley office complex- -'The Rosy is a young hangout." Allen says he draws a strong representation from youth because "there's a lot of music in my concerti' and there's also the expected silliness which he is known for as a comedian. Three years ago he did a concert Talent In Action some better known oldies like Muskrat Love and "Ventura Highway." then moving to new selections from the "Harbor" LP and back to the hits, closing on' Horse With No Name;' The show was well paced. with the singers beginning on acoustic guitars and the band playing quietly behind Them. But as the evening warmed up, so did the show, Midway through it became apparent that for all its pretty country rock harmonizing. America is also a band that rocks. And rock it did, very well indeed. beinemg the audience to its feet where it remained for a long lime, bouncing along and clapping. Such an performer along. and it outpouring of emotion helps any certainly seemed to drive America on to new heights, making a pleasant and exciting performance DICKIE BETTS Boom,' Lrrr. \r lark ROMAN KOZAK II was billed as On Evening With Dickie Belts' and it certainly was. with Betts and band performing 5 minutes shy of two hours for the first set April 9, then coming back the same night for an even longer second set Betts performed with a sobd band that in cluded Dan Toiler on second lead guitar. tom Broome on piano. Ken Tibbets on bass and Jerry Thompson and Dent Sharbono on drums The new band's formal. and Betts' longtime associaban with the Allman Brothers. brought that group immediately to mind to the 2 song performance. In fact the performance showed lust how much the Allman were indebted to the taciturn guitarist and singer. All the songs Betts performed had the badi. tonally long instrumental break that allows fur band members lo step out at length But where the Allrrans got a little tool any toward the end. Betts sticks to his rock Betts was always up front, his sweet and sour pickings. that marked so much of the Allman's sound. evoking a gamut of powerful emotions Betts can play hard. biting rock licks, but when he gets soulful and sad, the man's playing can make you cry performed both old Allman material at New York's Avery Fisher Hall and 90% of the audience was young. he says. Allen repeated his show at Fisher April 22 with a program involving his wife Jayne. vibisl Terry Gibbs. comedy sketches. film clips from his famous tv soirees and jazz duets between Allen and Gibbs. Allen's personals arc. of course, overshadowed by his iv appearances. Still. he enjoys playing piano ( "it's a compulsive need. a physical need to get to a piano every day "l and when he plays colleges its just with bass and drums. "Forty -five minutes into my show I sit down at the piano and talk about American music." he says. (Continued on page 75) like hambhn' Man,' as well as songs!eon] his new Arista LP Judging from the quality of some of the new songs, especially "Bougainvillea;' Betts will soon be out of the clubs and back into the largearenas ROMAN KOZAK BABYS LEGS DIAMOND Yorkville I)tearrt-.\rie l rrra The Babys is a hot young English group that owns much to such predecessors as Led Zeppe tin and Humble Pie. At its hourlong New York debut April 23, the band was loud and furious. Lead singer /bass player lohn Wade. in appearance and manner- isms if not in vocal ability, recalls a younger Rod Stewart A band like this attracts young girls, and there were plenty in cheering on their newest heron evidence for the show While the Babys played nothing too oomph. rated, it was evident that this is an improving band. with some of the newer matenal showing superior dynamics and pacing to the basic power chording in the earlier songs. Al everything the band performed in its 0 song set. most interesting was 'I Believe le Love' which began slowly, and then caught lire Thu was followed by 'Rescue Me; a new song that didn't sound exactly groundbreaking but all the guitar licks seemed lust in the right places. Opening the show was Legs Diamond, fresh (rum a nightmarish debut the week before with Piper and Angel where the band's amplifiers kept gang out This time around the band seemed to have mastered its sound problems, and though it again did not have to put on any sort of show the pistolpacking lead singer used his limited space effectively while delivering high Robed Plant type vocals Legs Diamond was on only for half an hour. able to perform only five songs. But its version of "Rock 'n' Roll Man' and "Stage Fright" (not the Band's song), were most interesting ROMAN KOZAK (Continued on page 75)

40 2 Another Major Concert For Philadelphia PHII_\DELPHIA- Electnc Factory Concert`, w hich made rock conceit histon last summer when It created a Si million gate at the John F. Kennedy Stadium here. plans on a SI million encore this summer. Lam Magid and Allen Spivak. who head up the locally -based concert firm, aim to attract another fans at a S 0 ticket June I I at the stadium. Last June. as pan of the nty's bicentennial celebration. the concert headlining Yes and Peter Frampton with Gary Wright and the Pouseue- Dan Band was acclaimed the largest rock concert in a "confined area : as contrasted to Woodstock type of concerts, eser held. For this years "encore." Spivak and Magid are returning Frampton. who will he joined by Lynyrd Skynyrd. the J. Grils Band. and at least one other group. While last year's concert. which had the benefit of perfect weather conditions- was staged from 4 p.m. to midnight without any major incidents or problems. this years concert will be a daytime happening from noon to 6 p m. Tickets went on sale April 23. and the $0 ticket for all seating without reservation is the same as last year. Os reavt c[oa roco BLACK & WHITE 8.0's S S47.50 COLOR PRINTS S SEND FOR SaToPLES ANO COMPLETE PRICES ON 40., OTNER son PRINTS. AND POSTERS *PICTURES E. FLORIDA ST. SPRINGFIELD. MO Talent New On The Charts CARRIE LUCAS -I Gotta Keep Dancin --* Don Canekus and Dads Gnfr's RCA custom IMO Sod Train is enpymg as lust T000 pop PH nth Shalamar's Motown lid medley. town Festnil" Up The latest Sal Tram act to mate the charts a this soul +data stylist who has molten song for Awns by label acts the Whispers and the Sal Train Garg las well as the South Shoe Careens soon on Wand) has performed as a backup singe with the Whispers and recorded with D I Rogers on RCA lutas was stared m California. and lists her ideas as Steve Wonder. Barbra Streisand and Ludy Garland. She was signed to Sal Tram eqm months ago and her debut album. Supply Car rte: was released last month The cuts generally feature insistent rhythm and lacas coat. stn sous race. reeeencent of Syha or Donna Summa The Soul Tram annelids handle Lucas through then Ginnie, Management In Los An She hash t yet begun greats dong personals Tho smgte es now up to number fire on Ball boards disco attain feature. RECORD DEPOT -STOP RETAIL DISCO HEADQUARTERS Mall orders welcome Send name 8 address for weekly disco survey. 604 N. Highland Hollywood. Calif (23) ROYAL OAK THEATRE ROYAL OAK, MICH. Detroit Stage Employees. Local No. 38. I.A.T.S.E. has attempted to place union stagehands in this recently opened concert theatre, but management prefers to use other than I.A.T.S.E. union personnel giving as a reason the paying of less than union rates in this area. Management has indicated rate of pay as only S3.00 per hour with no overtime provisions for excessive hours or weekends. Detroit Stage Employees, Local No. 38, would like all prospective acts and performers to be aware of the non -IATSE backstage employees and spotlite operators. PETER GABRIEL -Solsbary Hílr -* Gabrets first appearance on the but 00 Id lows by pat seven weeks the chart ban of Gen esa. which he fronted from es inception in Eng land in 966 until his open statement to the press in August 975 in which he announced lee ear quilting the group Genesis' two albums since Gabrers depor tune. 'A Track 0 The Tail and Wend And Watt, enng. have been its haghestchartmg LPs Had mg some to speculate as to haw imp.otant Gabriel was to the act As he states People after assumed mote everything because was the rralt man Then when I left and Me group sanded more or less the same they began to question my contnbu ton Now, though 5abnets sales Pol..) has been proved. as his rust sob album after seven LPs with the group a resting In the Top 40 after nee weeks on the chart It a also re the top 0 m Britain This album was produced by Bob Erne (who has delivered top 0 nits an Alice Cooper and Ilasl and was recorded In ha Toronto studod with tamer Ake Career sidemen TOn sangk a an acoustic based eumeaton d the state tniistrances that caused Gabriel to lease Gen sus Based m Landon. Gabnel a managed and booked by Tony Smith or Hit and Ran In Landon isoli also manages Genesis ) Gabriel recently completed a mwrtar of the US_ he is now taring &dam. CURRENT -Theme From Rocks (Gonna Fly \owl -00 The charting d this data asuumental by a five man band of LA se sen minivans mans Me lint Playtaa9 release that has come an the ROC 00 since the label recently became a CBS ariate. (The Playboy distributed Besener tut by the Rubanaas had been charted for about a monte before the C8S oral ) this a the fourth version of lie Oscar. mmr. mated Ricky tlsmst to make the Hal 00 Rhythm Heritage (ABC) had the Lust treatment to make the survey on Feb. 26. but a fell off at ter three weeks. Then two weeks ago Bid Conti ItA) and Maynrd Ferguson (Columbia) appered followed last week by Current Plapboy contends. though. that this rennin was the hat to be relased as a single. citing a shipping date of Dec 28 The lit ass produced by loe Saracen. who has bud success on the Top 40 level with mstru notais He produced the Routers' 'Lets Go" 462 and the Markets' Out Of Limds- 964 both for 98. and the T -Hones -No Mat to What Shape" 966 and the Ventures' -'llanau five ). both for liberty- Sara cen Is acting as manager and agent tor the group Canent cansots of arranger Ben &nay luto has handled lead guitar on a lot of Steve Barn dales) Cud Allan. Richard Hobaca and Pat Bourn). Though only the Maynard Ferguson version of -Reeky has made much headway m the disco market there a a 2 inch disk an to Current version It features en the flip side Classica s lore Song.' a dance treatment of Tcnaikovsky Filth Symphary, which was the pays test single last all In the classical disco race d lost to Walter Murphy's 'A Fifth of Beethoven's Chicago Concerts - l' H r:\lr0 H eckls big -hand Jazz concerts are scheduled in May here at the Drury Lane Theatre in Water Tower Place. The Stan Kenton Orchestra May 2. the Thad Jones R Mel Lewis Orchestra 23. and the Maynard Ferguson Orchestra (30) will grace the series that also offers Lamie Kazan (6. Billboard SPECIAL SURVEY Pon Week Endma t ;4 Top Boxoftice feppror[,on óreor0 Ntlrarors. wc An pmr a ma aaaataaas wwe e..wvice.r v_ sro.ea.r.arene.a<prsrwm.ararrdaad.wawy *coma ady er, rrwrw ew_r-, li a 9 0 u ARTIST-Yranoter, Fx.lrc, Dates..-..v:., DEh0ES SEtI.. ToW,«et Sa-cs Arenas (6,000 To 20,000) LED 2ERELJN- Concerts West. Roelof Cat Cincinnati. Oho. ADM ) NEIL DMIIOWO- Concerts West Market S4 Arena, Inaanapola. Ind Apnl (2) ELVIS PNES0-gtnt. Iii/RCA Record Tows Col_ Greensboro N C. Apra 2 ELVIS PESLET -Mgmt III. RCA Re aed Tours. Ohm pas Sfad>um. Detrod. lack. Apnl 22 ELVIS PNESLET -Ngeet IH; RCA Road Tars Centernal Hail. Toledo. Oho April 23 GRATEFUL DEAD- Eectrc Factory Concerts! Nonatch Entetaanment. Spectrum. Pbdadeprka. Pa. Aped 22 ELVIS PRESLEY-Mlad. 0 /RCA Raced TOUR Cmc a,ru 24 AMEN Cts- a Ti fa 4S-CoCesarelaper. I April 8 \ UUgONGS- Ruffe0 f Imdla. : -pie R,4r22 AMERICA BURTON CUNLNNe. -Cress Country Concert Corp. Cric Center Hertford Corn_ Aped REO SPEEDM60/NAIAETN/PDIRT BLAIU- Stnan Prod Arena St Paid Moo. Apra 23 ENGELBEE HUUPERDINtx -o f Reóeip, Ccoenntabn Conte. A.M... ce. Api 2 GRIIEFUL DEAD -Cross Country Concert Carpi Morsane Enter/unmet Cmc Center. SP/0W Mass. Apro 23 TOM (ONES- Catrens West. Canadian Conto. Pine 9htl, Art- Aced 8 BOSTON/DEAINGEB -Entam Ltd.Care Center Charleston. W Ya. Apnl 2 COONS 0S/COMWLNDEB C00Y -3es Rog Prod_ Gisler Arena. 4-- _' M t. Apt 20 DRAM EWT0-IONN.M STAFFORD-Edam Ito Cent Center. Wheelmc n Va April la HOT TUNA/EWOT MURPHY- A,RIao 6 Vase.. Poem Commack L I I l Opel 23 COOK MOVE0I0EB -Entam Ltd_ Cwt Center. Wbeebal, W Va.. Apra 9 ILEO SPEED( AG0N/NAIAEIH /P0N BLANA- Daydream Rod_ Dane County Ca MaCSon Mars, Apri 9 Auditoriums (Under 6,000) EJIGELBERT HUMPERDINCB -R., d. F-od Nero Rad Sacramento. CJfaf Apal 22 BOB SEGER 6 THE SILVER INUIT BAND /TOM PETTY 6 THE HEARTBEAIFBS /STABZ -&A Graham. Weteland San Francesco. Cali April 24 22TOP /PIPER -Cross Caantry Concert Corp_ Palace rneatre. Waterbury. Conn Apel 2 HOTTUNA:EIUOTT MURPHY- Monads Enterta,earent Capitol Theatre. Past. NJ tard 22 RUSH /ANGEL/YAM MEBSIE0- OiCesrtEegle AgrrcuRVral Hal, Allentown. Pa API 20 PAUL WIEIWÖ /JAMIE OUVOB -Electrt Factory Concern Shubert Theatre Phitadelpha. Pa 222 Aped CHICK COEA RETURN TO FOREVER FEATHERS STARLET CLAME- Cademponry Prod_. Ael Open Haar, St lao, Mo. Apnl 9 RUSH/ANGEL/WI WEBSIEB- Cedric Kamer, Palace Theatre Albany. N.Y, Api 2 AHRS/HO000 SÁ6 -Bi Gahm. Performing Arts Center. Sad lot Caen-, Apnl 9 AS /STALLION- Feyhne Presents lie. pelts Feldhouse, Denver Colo.. April 2 WAUIC POWTY- Fnedman G labrits. Paumant Theatre. Oakland. Culd..Apd 22 WEATHER REPORT /AL BRE0A -Ektht Factory Concerts. Tower Theatre. Philadelphia Pa_ Aped 24 íj -CC PONTY/0CHAEL FRAWRS- Fnedman a khn:tcr Comm. Center Theatre- Sacramento Uhl A a- 2 BINItS,'HOLLYWDOD STRAS- Seabreere Resnntatans. Arlington Theatre. Santa Baroan. Call 4C5) 22 CHICK CARER RETURN TO FOREVER FEATURING STANLEY CLARKE- C.:r'a:rparre Rod.; Outs Fide. Mein. Hall. Kansas Cary. Manas. Apel 2O OZARK VT. DAREDEVILS- Cowtown Prod /Good Karma Prod Johnson Canty It College Kaasas City. No.. Aped 72 REBAISSANCE/6AL.LA6EB I LYRE -Daydream Rod Performng Arb Center. Mahraukee. MSC. April 8 RUSH,A WEHSTER-Cedre Aushner. Mel Hudson f ec Center. Paghkeepse, N.Y- Apnl 2 TANGERINE DIKAO -lohn Bauer Carcert, Paramount Theatre, Portland. Ore_ April 20 Twkae Prcw Stake ,565 S4S S ? S950 $ S750 á S S S8.>: 5663' S b $59,RIZ ì C-00 S _ $ S $ SE 5 2 TS S S7 229Q' L Sbtl $/ $ $654 Ia2e0' $ ,95' S749' S ' $6, SS 506 SLUM S6 50 3,735' J :tzar

41 Lynyrd Skynyrd. Nov, exclusively represented by Premier Talent.

42 44 Discos Paris Ops Competing With City -Run Clubs PARIS- Privately operated discotheques in this city of lights are running into stiltcompetition from municipal -run discos which arc not only heavily subsidized by the city. but also woo audiences with a comprehensive record lending library. In some startling statistics published recently by the French National Music Committee. it was revealed that government subsidies for the municipal discos jumped from $ in 967. their first year of operation, to an estimated SI last year. The lending library division of these government discos lent records in 967 and disks last year. Many of the records for lending are made available through promotional copies from record companies, but they also buy some disks, and this figure rose from 4,220 records bought in 967 to purchased last year. The collection is said to span a wide cross- section of music formats. The discos employ trained librarians who listen to all new releases draw up individual lists and make their recommendations at "final choice meetings." Subscribers to the lending library division of the discotheques are asked to pay a registration fee of SI. and are allowed to borrow four rev- ords a week at 25 cents per disk. Rev - 4 O a, Q î GSA LTD. DESIGN FOR ENTERTAINMENT GRAHAM SMITH ASSOCIATES. LTD. 45 EAST 35TH STREET NEW YORK. N.Y yre discoorheryaam5prc By HENRI' KAHN mimes realized from registration fees and rental charges soared from 520,000 in 967 to $02,000 last year. LDisco Mlxi By TOM 50k LTON NEW YORE -Soul Train Records a rush-re. leasing the new Soul Train Gang's 2.indi 33%s Lprn. disco desk tilled "My Cherie Ennui. Soul Train is aeaing something of a musical stir with ifs remakes al the old Motown htts and this one is no exception. This once. popular Stevie Wonder tune has been updated by the group and emerges as one of is best efforts Iodate. It runs for 7.09 and has several effective percussion breaks The original beauty of the song has been en bauend by this new arrangement which also includes a winsome instrumental section with via. fins Matured. Goldmind Records distrauted by Sahoul rs finally releasing its first 2-inch 334 r.p.m. disco disk The label was the first to release the 2-Inch 45 r.p.m., but has decided to switch the configuration to 33% coat to facilitate popular demand. The fast release in the new configuration n an exating mix d lateens Holloway's "Hit k Run." The tune was mixed by New Yak disco deejay Walter Gibbons and engineered by Mike Hutchinson it Sigma Sound Studios. N.Y. It runs for I I Oland is built pnmanly around the vamp where Hdloway adlibs. Many of the breaks on this record are unpredelable, and convey the impression that the mwnq deelay was working with a lull floor of dances and was gang out of his way to "do a number" on the audience No stnngs are used. and the horns are heard sparngty This version is rally so different han the original that it must be classihed as a new record It wilt be commercaly released some- time next week. (Continued on page 77) The Most Complete Disco Supplier In the World Write for Free Catalog Dealer inquiries Invited CAPITOL STAGE LIGHTING gco., INC. 509 West 56th Street New York. N. Y. 009 (22) LASER DISCO ENTERTAINMENT SPECIALISTS EVERY UNIT WE BUILD IS CUSTOM MADE FOR YOUR DISCO OUR PRICES ARE REALISTIC. WE HAVE UNITS ALREADY IN OPERATION OUR UNITS CAN BE MANUALLY OPERATED BY YOUR D.J. OR BY AN AUTOMATION SYSTEM ENTERTAINMENT IN THE FUTURE TENSE CALL NOW FOR INFORMATION: 64) LASER PRESENTATIONS, INC., 335 KING AVE., COLS., OHIO 4322 LASER PRESENTATIONS, INC. Sharon Lee: Socialite To Deejay At 20, Jet -Setter Directs Music For Posh N.Y. Club NI:W YORK -If you arc an attractive socialite who has rubbed shoulders with the creme de la creme of society on both sides of the Atlantic before you are 20. what is there left to do for encores? Well, if your name happened to be Sharon Lee, you would assess the possibilities and finally settle on becoming the "music director" at the S2 million La Folic discotheque, one of Manhattan's newest and most - poshly- appointed meeting places for the in crowd, and those on the outside still scrambling to get in. Lee, daughter of a top British fashion model and step- daughter of a New York businessman who coowns the fashionable Hippopotamus Club, runs the sophisticated 552,000 sound and light system at La Folie with much oldie some delicate grace of a humming -bird flitting from flower to tropical flower. For someone who has just about run the gamut of experiences available to the privileged class, including trading options on Wall Street at age 8, she not only does her job with a rare feminine grace but also with an expertise that could embarrass many of the old -time professionals in the business. Lee dislikes being called a disco deejay, she thinks it is a restrictive term that does not truly define her diverse functions at the S2 million marble and stained glass East Side pleasure palace of Penn -Dixie business tycoon Jerome Castle. In fact. the wispy, blue -eyed blonde is much more than just a spinner of platters. Both at the club By RADCI.IFFE JOE Study In Concentration: Sharon Lee. socialite "music programmer" at New York's posh La Folie discotheque, says she spins records for "the sheer fun of it." and outside, as operator of her own mobile disco service. she acts as a pert. knowledgeable, ambassadressat -large for the disco industry. doing just about everything from articulating the potential and diverse aspects of the disco industry to curious patrons, to teaching disco dance steps. to explaining the complexities of her sophisticated sound and light system. Her professionalism, personality and connections have landed her some of the juciest jobs available. The day this writer caught her at work, she was spinning platters at a party for Margeaux Hemingway thrown by the Fabbrgc Cosmetics Co.. and attended by a cross- section of the country's elite from Gary Grant to Joe Namath. As Lee explains it. she loves the DISCO SOURCEBOOK Survey Spotlights Key Audio Buying Patterns NEW YORK -Innovations from traditional manufacturers and newer custom suppliers of audio equipment to the disco market continue to alter buying patterns at new and existing clubs in the U.S. With the exception of Technics by Panasonic in turntables. and Shure for microphones. each with more than 50% of the market as noted by respondents to the Billboard Disco Sourcebook survey, no equipment category is dominated by any one company. The result is today's competitive market, with the encouragement of never-ending research and development by many companies that leads to constant upgrading of "state-of- the -art" technology. From the beginning, few traditional hi fi or sound reinforcement manufacturers provided all the equipment needed to solve the unique sound problems of the emerging super disco- With "good sound" far more vital lo the club than the dollar considerations, budgets were flexible, with system tailored to the disco. Emergence of the sound specialist led to the growth of custom supplier and packagers. with the advent of custom -built mixers and preamps, av well as bastardized speaker systems that used the best high- power -wpacity components offered from all SOUNDS. Asa result. designers and packages more often than not are "mixing and matching" in their choice of equipment, making a selection By STEPHEN TRAIMAN based on the needs of a particular club, rather than choosing the most popular brand. This key factor should be kept in (Continued on page 50) DISCO IMPORTS 2"- LP's -7e France - Germany - Italy England - Canada Nationwide DJ Service Coo us Gore your location and type of club Weil send you disco records COD Return unnunable records and we mil apply them agamsi your next order Send Stamped. sell- addressed envelope for complete list of domestic and imported disco records Now Aarlao +e 7'- Everybody Dance. Bumble Be. UMW dome to Amer.. C. boon Bros_ Blood and Won, Amanda Lear, Claaalw saw. AWL Band: Superb, Marie Plea, Manna See You Darce. Jerry Rlx_ LP- Gibson Bra.: Eastern Man. eddu: Exclusively Yours, Gordon Goody. D SINGLES O S WOng na a a Rtr5aUeó 9 9e2 Taies m 5pek Sond TI 25 tor cata/, deductioro agarnst st Trtoader 55 w 42nd St, ^ New York, NY t 00a6!CI RECORDS (22) 22,4909 dubs, the music. the dances, the people, and she decided that since she was spending much time and money being in them. she might as well become pan of them and a least pay her way. "i figured it would be fun," she says. Lee was able to talk Bob Lobi or the disco consulting firm of Design Circuits to train her to be a "music director -and it was also through his firm that she got her first job at Cecils, another Manhattan disco. Castle later came along and was able; to woo her away from Cecil's to open La Folic. The hackneyed tag of "idle rich" does not wear well on Lee. She takes her jobs seriously and works hard. She has already started a loosely - formed class for the training of disco "music directors." Lee's training classes for disco "music directors" covers much areas as psyching the mood of the audience and programming music to match that mood, pacing the audience, taking them on -musical trips" at just the right time, and bringing them back to reality when the "high" has exhausted itself. Shealso teaches how to handle todays sophisticated computerized light and sound systems, mixing. and speaking into a mike. Another growing aspect of Lee', business is acting as music programming adviser to discos in such far - flung places as Paris, Hawaii, Florida and Texas. meteor MIXERS meteor CONTROLLERS meter SPEAKERS the meteor PROJECTORS Disco mete dl r STROBES Source meter DISCOGUARD mete r MOBILE PACKAGES meteor light and sound company 55 MICHAEL ORIYE Sv O55ET, NEW YORK 79 ( Hammond Industries Inc.

43 MOW Billboard's Disco Action Copynpht 977 e.. a retneval system or Irarssnutt...n a. cm, car mecnanacar by any means. etectrorec, P^ i r e,otdrnp oe othe ease. wetaui Ihe prep, *Men permgyen of the pube.,er ATLANTA I KID A LW -Gras her. -Bar raw. (2 era) 2 GOT TO GM IT W- YnMCyh -.t. Urtr) 3 TOR CANT NUPE TROY maxim own WOE TOO MTMON TXE YORE I r.dd. W -.!e,erg - Ph.OH0M Iatrt.. U PI M7, ow YOM IYYT- CA. TON ICT -era Care -Rase Bras 2 5 SLOW DOWN -teen Yill-laa(llall2+a L DOINIr0UNYM0O-r0reLOr -TA (2uch 7 Pe09[S I 802( :;,rrwrpi I RIP-" -Red era lrep2.rh! TOUCNWI. TUL ME-BLIrAIrdiOnAam -EA 2 0 STKI TDGETNEN- are AOeba -Epe (2 tal WIMPED INE DAZI -Ida Ono ltemane a<nru -SAM (2 aal 2 MW TOIL TOD GOT NE DMONG -Mbea Tne Corned.n LMILOCL'MI IS WS( AI. fame, -4Ss 2 went WQLIN AMOUR -SUOR Irto Gee -Sad Tram 7.ncn, u SOPDDIAN -Ceh Bee L Tee Bean Bs. -TN U2 uta) BALT./WASH., D.C. aww IIEEDA eres -Sena hod. 2.h 7 IOMIG IOU 6 ELIIIG E/UMNEDTO VON WKboned N Ira-5aóeel (LP) 3!UAW TOi0CT-6esfpP-MreeB,m 2 ah) GOITO GIVE ORP-Ilan.Gp-TaulP) s TMTwDIT MUUMUU 00M7UfEt/MCNWIII. PON WIR-OdI-Yerory CPI I SOKRYGNrEtOSOOWEN-CA Bee L TN Bwh f+:an la (2 eh I Ott / ttln-lotyia M.t 2 Ia:n NINO t WWI -7let Cmahc -Gro,! MTIIURPT MUSA N WIN YOU/TH6fUUN6- tanhk-kuiip, 0 DO WIT IOU NONA 00-Ccredce-R (II m II SLOW DOWN -I:Inr.,es-lade(I2s9 2 GOTIt Lf2l OINOK-Cant leas-sew Tree 2 annl 3 RA0005-EsaYa -Elba Rech (7 ah U EGNI HEN. MK s00roa 2 nrcbl 5 SWEET OrXIWTE-GYs07a Ben- La0aet2+,a aw Tea WM BOSTON I T J Gin HIDE ROM TOU5Of (DORT LOVE 00 PA TIM NE YORE I GET. TM( MOREI Sal - IedCl Pr s.rha- P'.awlpe.. P/ 2 9EEIIIM /ON LOPS -G. Bee LNBray Bach -tel 2ma 3 CLIGN0UACT-pees Coe -Wemo Bras?. eá / COULD MIAMI EYENMURL INS /USTI CADS -lam Meir tesa -C T DO MAT TOR WMM 00 - Coned. -Te(?. L NAG( &ROOF MIL- ;,..ol0merstn-satleel (II anl 7 OICEI7EImIIIOE-HwmuCwms-BAetM2 ael I I IUD A WM-Cope Inn. Bea. ).KNee (2.9 9 IYTOWX FESTIVAL -Shreuu-Seel has 2 mal 0 BOOfJEIl00S-HUI Wan -Epc(2+9) COI TO GK IT UP-Vann Gate-ThMM ILPr. SLOW DOM -laea2..x 3 I cam IC9P DMNpIL-Cene Lw-Sod Inn l ) 2.he u frlkeiffd-debafwsms-wntbw.r02 ans) IS IEII TOR& TOU GOT M DMCN6 -Aube Teo Co...- a 3ee49,2 xal TeWen CHICAGO UPtdNTESTIS as. --es.r -Seel Inn (II.L) 2 GOTTA IEEP WIC, 4G -Came Leta -Sad Tram (I2, 3 I CAYGHT 09ILT-9-. e: Cap -Wr.a Bra 2 DONMIIOU MUM 00-ICennMCn-Ta2rxe s G morn LOVE IOUAXTMON.'YOU CANT HIDE FADE To95EU THE KM I GM. TM YOU I WAHT- Trdd. PeaYrr>u-nWarPhe IetmrlwalP moron* oat -ds0esd/ los Earle O,arn 7 TDIIDIYL TPA M-BbaladlOnaeóa-IIG(2 I SLOW DOIIN-Nr Wes-LaOa I7 ei9! 'REED tman-uhanat-batnpwime(2aà) 0 00ItOOEDa-Mamefwe-Tar,nPl II IT TOtGOTEOAIOIBG-A.rrinrConrdma- /0M(IreHl) M LOVE NC8IR&-CagM-Cdie.(LPl 3 SPCA fom9(d-yesm EPebe-Esc 2.9) U OISNIiEG-Ded.eshPaiMer. MerOOei(7eca) IS sypuym/oielok-sm.&etrae&rarbela-it can. s Inc No pan of tors pubteconon may be rope... etc. awn Tea Wen DALLAS /HOUSTON 000, TODI MIO& DO - (mne:un -2 -wcr 2 GET MVPI -:erase Ile Her. (2 d) 3 I COTTA UT/ OANOIG -Cine lata -3W Tra 2 r:el 4 I CWGHT TOUT ACT -Nuts On -W.. O. 7 5 MUM FM NODE A DAI -Rape. Prlrl7oe -DIA 2 anal G UMW' KPiMAL- -Serrar-Sea haw l lhnchl YETHE ME- &awll4monrmn -RCA (M PwI I SBPUYM,ON LORE -Cd Ike Pa Ban Pesa -tp 2 rshl 9 FM MAOWL -fu lmatare- fk2,ks, 0 I DOIIT MK YOU MTYOGLYOUCm WDE FINI IOURSEIf -Te0y Peaelms- Paaaebe. Ir,IwLP SLOW 0 -lyres Mies -Um. 2 met» LOVE IN C YMOO -+.,:nor -piroe ( Il I a YOU COI YE QMCIlG-Aalrea Trae Coanecta.- B.40. (2.0) 4 (NEED A YM -Trace Han-kw 7eanm (2 we 5 GOT 0 GM IT DP-Kane Gm -lank (t PI llóweel DETROIT GOT 0 Gm IT UP -V, e.e U4,, -Tek ILP) I 00 MAT YOU IWIM DO -I Ceesed.on -(2 agi) 3 SUPERMAN 'CLOSER CLOSER/OWE IODE -Ce6 &e AIN Hein& «n -Re REP, WI THE WEED -Date beers. -weebee.2 5 THE YOU GET, THE WIN IMMT/IDONT LOVE TOO MVYOM,YOU CMT RIDE ROK TOIRSOf- Tedd, Penderfran -PhWOelane lateanertl (LP) G DISCO MI5 -DuloWwxll-Po,gdeMlA linnl.r.r 2 mch) 7 I WELD WM-Grau Ina-Beam I IMT SAID IT COULDN'T M OOML(0 YR& POOR VAN-Delft Wm.') rlpe! Y09 EOIí MMES MY TLMPUAI9E ROE -Rare E.x ace -Wlw 0 U MOWN EESTYü-SuWaa-Sa. Inn 2lab) Il GETIMM-Imnq-Bp-Nmae-W2.) IOW, YOU 6 WING ME/CRANED If VOW LOVE/ COME ON IX-Stove, Ot.M-5 Wa(lPl ] INMUABE KANTOR -PabaArees -ABC (LEI OLK0N FEMO iod Y COatAtt COtrRKT/DAM PE D( Or NE YOON-iruemps-Nlac OP) IS ICAUGHTYONACT-Nues Cwp -Wew&os(II LOS ANGELES /SAN DIEGO Tha wan I GOTTA MEP DMCNG -Canty lacas -Sid Tra (2 ncnl 2 'CAUGHT TOUR ACT -Hoes Cop -laser Bes 2 eco, 7 Dee WHAT TOUNMM DO- TCplectce- TRW nà WOW, ONE LOVE -Cale Bes The Bmaylc. -IN 2 men) 5 IMO RIM -Grigie kart -Bea kx.2eà) G 2040 IODICA 0 -BarEn Pe.ugteo-DIA ( TO GM CUP -Manne W.- TlM(tP) L TTlOO MM -Omise M*Cass -PdTew (2. 5 f EEL tnemid -Cd te.obes- WeMOwrd(2 0 T0Ú0 Yf. TIN' KE -Blesa llyl áòeida -RU oat DETOUR resnw4 -Slbaa -Sod Tram. l 2 SLOW 73. -b 0.- Leeee(2 mal 3 LOVE M C W IOt/NAOISIUO/YMIGIT UST - Gnwe Cold. (LP) OP MAPCO fm 70E -lax Darn, The Monte Orchestra -SAM (I7 -agi) 5 LOVE RA/LOVER- Palos Aaowtee -Vaque 2, The Meek Compiled by telephone from Disco D J MIAMI AREA DO PONT YOU NINA DO-I Corned na -A 2.9 UPTOWN FESTIVAL -SNknv suparuval( LOST -Ces. Bee L IN Burl B.Hh -X 2 rat WYE U C IMl0N/IIAU 6IUU' YDIGHT UDY- Cert. -G..a (LPs 5 LOPING POU 6MUIG ME -twee 0 True -Srsm o, t REED A IO- Cnee Noves- Bwh.d.a2- ed. a 7 SLOW 00. -Ian Maes- L..(2./ I 500 TO IKE BUM -te v Tare -TR (2.a) GO NUT -r &" qee -TA 2 rat II I.T. IOU CAT UE OJM0I6-M6a ira Carxöa- 9r- 7, cna DOTDD RUM GC76,70 YE -Pee Bea -TR 2 2 LIP /WIPED TM DAL -sot aurea - saii l 2. u ICAIYNT TOW ACT -hua Can Bras (I2 4 OW ROME I GEL ME NON./00M LOVE MU - MY0N.sODCANTM IROYYOUEUFfed, Pes'.eerrm- nroderpe itelyl,gr (LP) is IGOTR MEP IWSYG -Gm, loo.- Prha.2 wfi NEW ORLEANS SLOW DO. -are. ta kw. (2 anal 2 TWU(lWBIgU85 A 09- BLASShsnaiton -UA 2 each) 3 MAIN' -few Heeds Mr -De W 7.a nm) 24 DtM- RMOarei Tee Yonne acnstn - SM (2ná) S DONMT TOO 304 Carew. -TA 2.hi L UPTOWN FESItNI -9Maae -Seel Tor 2eh, 7 IGOTTAAEEPBMOIG -C., lax -Soul Irae Ili aha t ICAUGHT TOUR ACT -Rees Cop -Warne Am 9 GOT TO GM ITUP -Mane n Ga.e-.Ma led/ 0 GLT NAPPY-in, -Bo has -TA 2 a.) II wkwmnm LOPE -Cd Bee AIl. Bout Bea - i 2.Ia 2 NEED A WAR -Cow Tres- Bran Ja a. Moth/ 3 LOVE INC U9- Cenpv- Cab.n(LP) 4 LI -IOt rir:,:3k -Antres Ire CrMCfm.- BudAa Z IM I IS nee Nad NI& MANIA( -7w9 Mxne-A 2.h) NEW YORK I HEED I MAR -Gace )wawa -Ban holm 2.Mhl 2 I GOTTA KEEP DIMWG -Gee Lela -S. Ca 2 AO, 3 DO MAT TOU 9MUM DO -T Ch,... -A PUMAR /0E LOVE/CLOSEI CLOSER -Ceh Bee L IC 9, by B.. -la flpi S ICON D0-3Mn M5es -Lax.2 an) f YOU CANT MOE ROW TOUEDE/ DOW I LDA IOU ANYMORE/K MOM G7, THE YOM NMT- TaOde Peeler/ma- P.6dd.. laemtner II PI 7 0P0 FES.-5uleen -SW Tom 2 mal I I CAUGHT TOU* ACT -eves Epp -Nero Om 2 nchl 9 D6COMYU0I00 CONTACT CONTRACT /STAMI'- In..- Aare((I PI 0 LOVING TOLL LOSING TOO -Po,ne Hawn -&daab 00 TN WARM GET FUNKY WON YE- Pea &a.a- le (2 rce 2 GOT 0 GMITUP- Mar. Gen -Tr6(LP/ Il DEYMSGUM -C LG«Dant- W..42ch) lfis IM C WNOMODCA IS &ACI/YIDIIIGHI ACY- Canoe. -Colo n It PI 5 nesivn Be DIGHT TO REM/ WBhC I.PnHOmr.- SpPne2 ext The.w PHILADELPHIA I MAN -Cox e boa- Beam lodes (2.0 MED t UPTOWI festnft-shaine-seel Tr DO MAI YOU MARA DO-Cw, 4 THE YOU IGE,THEYOREIRWIT/YOU CANT IRK ROM EOURSELF -le Sly PeWapat-PbYdelpnp nns! rlpe 5 SUPUMM, ONE LOVE -CwBee Bh.rBu::.Buee+_lK. 2anI I TMY WO IT CpIIDMT BE DOMAIN IVA. POOR MAR -ON".-Mrrrry (LPL 7 I GOTTA MV DOOM -Can. laces-5pd Tran 2 ern) I ILI. TOUGOIKEDMCDIG-Anhn Ion Co.leern- Beddah (2 7 9 LR6YUMVEApIUIOA -Rater fanal -Wdn(2 nd I/ NP NUM THEDEKI-dt One I The Yade DICNnn -.92 tad) I MAW TOIItIGT-M CUP -Wao ibis (2 aal 2 7LTTOOWM-DouxYLh.e-POrIa(2.n 3 t000me. T ARE -& oval, U NIT I 9-I okhda Kama -fam Mad 2.ed, rtn a, IS SNORE M WHAT YOU% WADE OF-Mete Own - Meted rempprll PHOENIX GET YOUR 800YBOWMnsdTNele.las)-le Psplerw^,e -AW U 2.a) t 00 MAT f0/ 00-I C. do.- IK UPIOwNrISTMAI- SOWaor -Sol Tla(liwl) t Lr_ TOO GOT MI 00KING-Aealma Tne GexcUa- 0O6ur.:2.xn 5 I GOTTA IIEEP WALING -Can e lam -Sot Iran (2 each, L TNFNTTdOUIeaUEA DAY -Ba.. hn.eeda -UA let axhl I WYPUYM/OIELOVE- Cd.B.L TNBnIp bad -Te 2 ad, CADI TOUR( ITUP -Mar. Gan -TharsLP! FEEL ICI REED -DetO Geer.- Wneea 2 miel II YMC HMfKM. Wlfl ItMTMM -SO.«OI e, lam GI, -wce Tac y0bcarthide lloy 0UEEL F,IOOITLOKT00 MIYDM.TM YOM CGT. TM YOU I NOT-,dc, Pee,xerre,:-,800,64 IYe.tceaill P, X -labo Yee -Lan WMPE0 MME DENT -WA Davo LTN Watt, u I5 a:nere -SAY 2.x0 WWI I0/4 ACT -Mae Cpl -..., &m 2 fothlldkofyomt-arauya9han-rn2 we 6.3 PITTSBURGH W IOWWMIMI -S.e.m -Saul Irr, I,7 esce) 2 RVEWAR/OM LOVE -Cd Ekel The BanBuch - 2.A) 3 DORNBI YOU MARCO -T Cmwaon -TA 2 «II 4 IVIDITT406 MOORS A OAT -B,Ers Peen V. -UA 2.x 9 NP -Iax Gem -RN BO Teyo2,xh I SLORDOVIU -JAM Wks- Lae. 02 =II 7 TOUMI YL TMEYE- 84cL,p0oeoln- RCA2,ece I SWEET 0thWITE -Omen Barry -npon02 ace 9 GOT TO GIVE IT DP-Marna T.a(LP, ID GOTTA RCFl0AIICNG -Came Laca -Sox Inn 2 SURPRISE -Andre GUxn- Load. 7..x) 2 IBM A MM tares -Bam Nenn (It lace) 3 UfWM- LOPOIO -MCA (LPl IOK IN C W AIR- Enron- CCIJI.n ILPI 5 DOEOUBMM GET NMI WITH NE-79, *a (7-09 Tne Neel SAN FRANCISCO NEED A WM -Ste; r k.y. -We, Iwehn 2. 2 OOlrt STOP THE YUOIC -Bd &e &m. -testa (2 meal 3 GOI TO GIVE IT DP -Mar. GTe -TIM. an / I WIGHT YOUR ACT -Hun Cuts -Weep, &m 2 n<n 5 SLOWDOWN -IPnn Maw- LOM0al2.a I AVEEI DYNAMITE -C.u0n Blrh -lw0a 2 In<n aebod 7 0E WDn 000W0 BE OW/ 0ILOYE,GET ON DOYU -Dtlö -Naas, I TH MORE IGET, TIE WOMIWANT /TOUCMT HIDE RON YOURSELF / DORT LOVE TOU AMORE - Teddy Penderpm- PMaOtlPhs Iare,atenaI 9P, 9 COW TO AMERICA- Gann &r. -Duo Mnr02.nrh =Pct) 0 I GOTTA LEI) DANCING-Cerra Luca -Soul keel!? aa) MAGIC 000F FIRE- Srsoul Orckan -Send 2 m<hl 2 COULD HEAVEN EVER M LAETH6/ THIS INNER OUT -'.Mrs Muhremod- C(LPL Il SUPEAMM, ORE LORE-Cell Bee The Barr Bu, Ir. (: ah) 00 WHAT T0 W00 -t Grand«-IK 2.Ch) 5 NIWIU M A 86. TOWIUTAF4 -Ed. ne- Si..(2.à TaaWed SEATTLE CO MAT IOU WMM DO- Coeeechr-Ta 2.e nil GOT 0 DUKE (to AIy f iem Dewutess-AVI (2-na 3 TAI00 WIM-Deme lccaane-poe. 2 4 UPIDwXFFSTNAL-Shakmr -SW Iran 2+x) 5 UFE GOES OW-I,mhHopeL0rra-RU(2-ma I NM Wallet -I(pd W9u-Thllt-inch) LOVE II C MOO-linar-Ca0oo(lP) I LOVE W0I-Heel LSoaOnNnn-Claeunr ilpl 9 00Ml LEAVE YE DOS MAY -ThtYlaHcesla-sNa Ill.nni 0 iw80tiwthouea Oaf -Be9raPemrgbr-UA 2rxAa I.T-TOU GOT ML DANOMG-FawU True CaeecLa- Bsdd6 n,-ces LOT LOCL/UfE6MUSIC-ROCee Fulda -4s(2 ere) 3 GOT TOGIKIT UP-Mrrw Gen -IWI(LP) 4 SLOW DOWN-hxwMks-ladan(2.xD 5 ILA/GUI YWIACT-Nees Corp.-Wann Bros III Ixhl Il IS MONTREAL AUT 8086 BUIO XO YON -foe In -CBS 2 DROWN FES/NAL- 55,4.3, -FGI t 2.9) 3 BABY COKE De -Se, 0C.- Lee.(I/eal 4 00 ML TAM YE -Bland tin Orates. -RCA 2 DRAM LA DISCO- Unir+Onto.- Trees C.A. SOUL SISTU -ìc no ken LOPE IR C KWON -(eroe -MCA DO WHAT IOU RAMA 00-T finectea -RU (I2 -ex Kl Ra,9 0 -! y7 B:nd- LOrdon 2 +ís7 LOIE IR.0a -Gray YcLar -RU 02 weal LETS TRT ONCE AGHI -Pa'. me Nesn -RCA 42 ace, GONNA FIT 0 (Nee iter Idy)- VamC.O CZ PLY. TOD GOT ME DANCING -Andrea Tea. Can.eclon- Qaa,e PUSSF00TU -lack+ Cnsan -RCA 0602 MGGE -4.Yn -MCA Top Audience Response Ptayhsts representing key discotheques in the 6 major U.S. Disco Action Markets. National Disco Action Top 40 L OP rr ro Poo,'.ns Inc No pare on Inns puyipnon may be re Produced, star. al a retneral system. or IelCIC tl.. m any Toren or by any means moos mechamcat photocopy.; re. rw7 a converse. mthont tale par n 0 the peelraher I NEEDAMAN -Grace JOn.;s -Beam Junction(2 Inch) 2 DO WHAT YOU WANNA DO -T Connection -T K (2.inch) 3 ICAUGHT YOUR ACT-Hues Corp.- Warner Bros (2 -Inch) 4 SUPERMAN/ONE LOVE-Cell Bee& the Buzzy Bunch -TK ( I2.inch) 5 I GOTTA KEEP DANCING -Carrie Lucas- Soultram (2. loch) 6 SLOW DOWN -John Mlles- London (LP) 7 UPTOWNFESTIVAL- Shalamar -Soc Train (2.loch) 8 GOT TO GIVE IT UP-Marion Gaye- Tamla(LP) 9 YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM YOURSELF/ DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE /THI MORE I GET THE MORE I WANT - Teddy Pendergrass- Phiadelphla International (LP) 0 TWENTY -FOUR HOURS A DAY - Barbara Pennington -United Artists UPJUMPED THE DEVIL -John Dons & The Monster Orchestra- S.A.M. (2.inch, 2 TOUCH ME, TAKE ME -Black Light Orchestra -RCA import (2 Inch) 3 THEY SAID IT COULDN'T BE DONE/ OUR LOVE/RICH MAN. POOR MAN -Dells- Mercury (LP) 4 NEW YORK YOU GOT ME DANCING - Andrea True Connection- Buddah (2 -inch) 5 LOVE IN C MINOR /MIDNIGHT LADY -Cerrone- Cotdlan (LP) 6 FEEL THE NEED- Detrod Emeralds - Westbound (2 inch) 7 GET HAPPY -Jimmy BoHOrne -TK (2.inch) 8 LOVING YOU IS KILLING ME/ CHAINED TO YOUR LOVE /COME ON IN- Moment 0 Truth- Salsou (LP) 9 WHY MUSTAGIRL LIKE ME /SWEET DYNAMITE -Claudia Barry- London (LP) 20 FLIP -Jesse Green -Red Bus Tempo (2 mch import) 2 TATTOO MAN-Denise McCann- Polydor (2-inch) 22 DISCO INFERNO/STARVIN /BODY CONTACT CONTRACT - Trammps- Atlanta (LP) 23 COULD HEAVEN EVER BE LIKE THIS/ TASTY CAKES -Ides Muhammad -CTI (2mch) 24 KATRINA /JUST WANNA BE WITH YOU /THIS FEELING-Lllestyle- MCA (LP) 25 MAGIC BIRD OF FIRE /GETAWAY- Salsoul Orchestra-Salsoul(2- inch) 26 DO YOU WANNA GET FUNKY WITH ME -Peter Brown - tk (2 Inch) 27 LIFE IS MUSIC /LADY LUCK /DISCO BLUES- Rrtchre Family -Marlin (LP) 28 FUNK MACHINE -Funk Macho ne- T. K. (2- inc h) 29 HIT & RUN-Loleatta Holbway -Gold Mlnd(2 -Inch reran) 30 DON'T STOP THEMUSIC- Brecker Brothers -Anita 3 STICK TOGETHER -Minnie Rlperton- Epic (2 inch) 32 DANCIN' -Croon HerghtsAHalr -De Lae (2nrh re -rain) 33 DISCO LIGHTS-Dexter Wansell- Philadelphia International (2. Inch) 34 STONED TO THE BONE -Timmy Thomas -TK (2.inch) 35 PICTURES & MEMORIES -Marten Shaw -Columbia (LP) 36 DEVIL'S GUN /WEGOT OUR OWN THING -C J &Company - Westbound (LP) 37 MARY HARTMAN. MARY HARTMAN- Sounds O9 The Inner CHY -'West End 38 GET YOUR BOOM BOOM (Around the Room Room) -Le Pamplemousse-A V I (2,nch) 39 THIS WILL BEA NIGHT TO REMEMBER -Eddie Helman- Salsoul(2 Inch) 40 SURPRISE -Andre Gagran- London (2 inch) Compiled from Top Audience Re spouse Records In the 5 U.S. reglona lists

44 i 48 Sound Business Studio Track B) JIM \Ict l LOS ANGELES --Capitol Records' recording and mastering facilities have been extremely busy in recent weeks, according tojohn Kraus. recording department manager. With activity stemming from both in -house and antra- industry work. wends mastered and recorded ma tonal includes Capitol artists Bob Segal. Taveres. Freddie Hart. La Costa and Oklahoma. as well as ABC's John!Hemmer and Poco and Alice Cooper for Warner Bros Don Costa produced Don Ho and Trini Loper at One Step l'p, Humberto Canes engineenng. Chalice Productions' Joe Renzetti is producing Jesse Cutler (not lessi Colter as was reported in this column last week) for UA, at Producer's Workshop. Cutler. a futurist, is the co- arranger of the Broadwaw and film sermons ofgodspell Daryl Halt & John Oates arrived at Sound labs to begin third RCA LP. Chris Bond producing.. Gino Venal is preparing his fifth A&M LP at the A &M Studios here, co-produced by Gino and Joe Vandli. Norm Kinney cngmccnng-... Willy Heider remote dept. was assigned to proside all audio feed facilities and scntces for the Paul Ante is special at Hollywood's Palladium. a Pierre Coseue production with Mary Pasetta producing The show was also recorded fora new Anka LP Heider also did a remote of comedian Sandy Baron's Roxy gig. Songwriter Gavin Christopher recording his own LP at Record Plant. John Ryan producing. Mike Stone assisted by Mike Clink cngineenng. There also. Epic's Angelic Trost-lair tracking with John Boylan producing. Deni king at the board helped hs Mike Beiriger Beuoks Arthur producing Bette Midler. Bob Merritt and David Litman al the board. and Jurgen Koppers in the final stages of mixing Donna Summer latest LP for Casahiano-a. Doug Bider at the hoard. At the Sausalito Plant Alan Blazek produced Ehin Bishop: Johnny Sandlin produced Tim Weisberg; Tower of Power tracking. Alan (hand wskw ai the board: and producer Jim Ed Norman working with Commander Cody. Tom Rye at the hoard Tom Scholz and Brad Delp of Boston were in at Westlake Audio doing vocal and guitar overdubbing for a single. Scholz producing with John Boylan. Steve Hodge al the console. Arista's Mandrill was in at Kendun laying tracks and mixing with producer Jeff Lane and engineer Baker Rigsby: Frank Zappa was in mixing new material. Geoff -Blades- Gillette at the beard Billy Preston has been putting in long hours on his next A &M LP, producing himself with Michael Shuman engineering: and producer/arranger Glen Spreco was in super - _ing the mastering of Erie Anderson's new Arista LP. Terry More doing the cutting. In at One Step Up, Hod David producing for Martin Tahs ABC - TV special `Very Good Friends;' Kevin Kelm engineering... Thelma Hominy, has been working on her Studio Converts NASHVILLE -Studio I. formerly Monument Recording Studios, has convened its facilities to 24 -track and has acquired Sun Dacus from Atlanta as chief engineer. An Ampex 200 has been installed in the studio. as well as updated lacquer channel equipment and a replaced cutting head...\t t. new LP at Music Recorders, MCA's Olivia Newton-John continuo her LP project at Soto' MCA's Lisa dal Bello did overdubs at A &M Studios, Western Studio One was the scene for Art Garfunkel's new single, producing himself Fontaine (Foote) Kirkpatrick was named vice president and studio manager of Universal Recording Studios. Mickey Chapman produced Exile for Atlantic at Whitney. Andy Williams, Kim Fowley and Earle Monkey in at Music Grinder listening to material for possible LI' protect Karma recording at Total Experience, F. Byron Clark at the hourd. and co-producing with Reggie Andrews. Johnny Bristol produced himself at tauten. Fric Prestidge engineering while Chris Hillman produced Dan hkfoeeison. In also was Brian & Brenda Russell. Saba completed material at an LP ai Had. John Fiore at the hoard. In out of iown nota: Jem Lose and Mike Zager finished production of the love Child's Afro -('ubac Blues Band at Columbia Studios in New York, a new concept LP combining salsa and disco. In recently also at the buss CBS Studios were Frank Sinatra- with Claus Ogerman producing and Frank laicoat the board. Ted Nugent with Tim Geelan working the knots, and Laura Nyto with engineer Don Puline. Dive and -Beer also produced Juanita Fleming there also while Cissy Huston came in to cut a tunes u well. Heart wrapped up its new few LP. now named "Little Queen " at Kaye- Smith. Seattle, Mike Flicker producing Thom Bell also produced the Spinner. there recently. Peter Frampton has nearly three months of studio time under his belt at Electric Lady. N.Y., mixing with (leis Kimsey and in -house engineer Frank )- Augusta. Producer Eddie Kramer a scheduled to mix the Rolling Stones' live Toronto LP. At lledden West. Schaumburg. L Jeff Pearey engineered the first of a series of live studio concerts for WJKL -FM. Elgin. Ill. The first session was Bill Quitclaim and his band. cut before a live audience, mixed afterward. and then broadcast. Danny Selaphine was also in producing a tape by Srreetplayer, a Chicago -based band. Pearcy at the hoard with Gary Hedden. Styx was recording a third LP at Chicagos Paragon Studios, producing themselves with help from engineer Barry M a r n a Final remix-. ing was done on Caroline Peytons new LP at Gllfoy Sound, Blomington.lnd. _.Le Monde Ltd headed by Arsenio Pitts, was in producing track, for a new group. Gold. Dick Sontag engineering: and James Lee Stanley was in doing a live show for KWAV Monterey. Chuck Leary engineering -all at SuperSound. Monterey, Calif. Roy Buchanan and Stanley Clarke teamed up for the recording of Buchanans second Atlantic LP. Clarke produced at both Electric Lady, N.Y. and Clover Studios, L.A. Capricorn Sound Studios. Macon. Ga.. have been bus) lately. Recent projects include: Johnny Sandlin producing Katy Moffatt: a live Volunteer Jam LP. Paul Hornsby producing: and Larry John Wilson mixing (or an upcoming LP as did RCA's Rob Galbraith. Steve lapa, with Vince Morette at the board. mixed the latest John "Spider" Martin LP on Improv at Trickmaster Studios. Buffalo, N.Y. r _Sound Waves An Optimod-AM Due By jolt, )s DRAM Church Audio Course At Nashville College NASHVILLE. L.lcmcntan son - cepts of church audio systems will be offered in a fundamentals of church recording and sound systems course NEW YORK -- Following on the khz. since Urban engineers feel at Nashville's Belmont College successor its Optimod-FM compres- most AM receivers do not reproduce Ma 2-4. sor- limiter package. Orhan Associ- signals outside this range anyway. ates is completing development Therefore. scrs low and high fre- Designed for laymen involved i work on Optimod -AM. quencies are simply a waste of transchurch audio systems, the coup At the recent NAB show in Wash- mitter power. will familiarize its students wii ington. March Orleans mar- After filtering. the signal passes keting coordinator Frank Santucci through a wide -range compressor. public address systems. setting u describes Optimod-AM as a system with a ven slow release time. This new systems. how and when rose whose quality may rival that of FM. compression stage regulates the av- material to revamp the audio syt Company president Robert Orban erage level fed to the subsequent tem. what kind of recording syster was on hand to demonstrate a pro- stages. Next, the composite signal is functions well for church servia totype version of the system. which split up into six frequency bands. and how to plan and direct per attracted wide interest among con- each of which is fed to its own hm grams from a technical viewpoint. vention visitors. lice. With AM stereo possibly 'just Designer Robert Orkan points out around the corner," the Optimod- that this feature easih allows up to AM is being planned with stereo-in- (Conrrnued on page 5) Mastering Problems? terconnect facilities. Santucci, formerly senior project manage Ampex. reports that an accc Break Ind. Ground _ II reed io p =nuns on. eeh. II oil out or phase one ate pvit raj. r bee to Mop and we stereo adaptor chassis will be made sash\ ILLL Ground has been er a.mall antenna available shortly after an AM stereo broken for a new recording studio in DGI ddrree gustily.mice to smell s)-stem is announced by the FCC. Fort Wayne. Ind., according to Troy resifted Lent. nodule nod producers In developing the Optimod-AM Shondeil, former Nashville record- anon the country we ale preen de Se W. penmen, labels color system. three design goals were ing figure who ar has accepted a new tide. and drop+b.pnen sought: the system muss handle ex- position with Sur -Fox Records in tremely wide dynamic ranges with- Fort Wayne. out audible side affects: it must help -It'll be Indiana's most modern DGI overcome the estreme high -fre- and sophutiwted recording studio. quency rolloffs built into most AM claims Shondell. Officials hope to receivers. and the processed signal complete the project in Ma). "Smah Acccunts i4e:come must be transmittable through exist Sur Fox has released its first three trig AM transmitters. regardless of records: "Lose is Dead" by Twyla 55 NW 42 Av. Ft. Lauderdale, age and operating characterisucs. Knight. -You Keep Messin' With FL 3337 (305) The Optimad -AM is essentially a My Mind" by Paul Schmucker and Sen mg Ihr record iittti!ta three -stage deice. First. the input -I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now - sinn % signal is filtered at 00 Hi and lit hs Shondcll. it takes two of then to monitor off tape while you record H 'I as I I'I. III I I 0-4H flà.'ii I you can do it _- with just one of ours and save $0,400 NMI daeiiminalion dbx. Incorporated 296 Newton Street Waltham. MA 0254

45 Tape/Audio/Video _Exhibitors Cite Gains At st Multi -track Expo a LOS ANGELES- Se, cral thou - ind recording enthusiasts- many of um young and anxious to get.irted and karn more about the ::ní- professional equipment mar - ct -converged here at the Conven-.,n Center April for Multi. rack Expo. the exposition. engineered by?uve Kelsey. owner of Audio Con - ipts /Dave Kelsey Sound. one of oe largest dealers of pro and semi -.0 gear in the country, was the first its kind ever held and aimed 'reedy at the emerging home studio n.irket For many of the attendees it was he first opportunity to interface ith manufacturers of this type of yuipment with 26 firms reprented. On the exhibit floor was everyhing from mixing boards to rape,..orders/reproducers to noise re- " ;action systems to signal processors. Most exhibits were set up to allow hands on approach with plenty manufacturer's representatives w 90% SOLD OUT Semi -Pro Home Recording Interest High unhand to answer individual questions. In addition. a series of 3 continuous seminars. panel discussions and workshops -many of them lively with question and answer sessions -added to the dissemination of knowledge. They covered a gamut of topics ranging from the design and application of magnetic tape to a I6 -track mixdown (see related story). "I'm very pleased at the turnout." said Kelsey. "and it underscores my point that we are appealing to a new and different type of consumer. One interested in getting started in this field. Not necessarily the professional who attends an AES." Kelsey, as well as manufacturers represented. added that they were pleased enough to tentatively schedule a similar show for next year with next years event promoted more widely. 2 British Firms In Joint CES Display NEW YORK -With 90`b of avail - ahle space sold as of April 2. the Summer CES reports the biggest,, ntingent of U.K. firms. A record 2 I will show in a group sponsored by the Federation of British Audio. Professional audio and disco systems: new loudspeakers. turntables and amplifiers. and several new disk rand tape care products are among highlights in the display. Bill Glasgow. show manager for the June 5-8 event at Chicago's McCormick Place and nearby McCormick Inn. notes the show will utilize more than square feet The entire facilities of the giant expo hall will be used for first time. with 50 public rooms and suites at the Inn reserved for audio components. Among highlights of the British exhibits: Monogram Professional Audio will show the model 3050 power amp. claimed to be the liest production class A switching amp of totally h modular construction: model 3600 FM tuner. and the 3000 Slimline series for the mid -fi market: the model 3000 with two tape monitors and tone controls. Radford Audio will unveil a stereo power amp. dual channel preamp control unit four speakers and a range of audio lab instruments. Expotus has two new professionally oriented units. the HH Electronic S 500-D tw'o- channel power amp with up to 500 watts RMS/ channel and weighing only 45 pounds. plus the Stereo-l2 portable sound mixing console. Armstrong Amplifiers will have tuners. receivers, and an amplifier from its series 600. Goodman Loudspeakers, more than 50 years old and the U.K. s largest speaker manufacturer- showing for the first time. will have a disco speaker system. hi ft cabinet system and a selection of loudspeaker driver units. KEF 'Electronics will demonstrate its new model 0 speaker system, using computer -aided digital analysis in a radical approach to the design of both dividing networks and the complete speaker systems. Chartwell Electro- Acoustics will introduce a high -power professional monitor speaker. the PM 450. a two-unit system designed for small to large studios. Leeson Systems. just 8 months old. is offering the new LBI Lynette bookshelf speaker, a two-unit enclosure with a sloping front face. for flush mounting against the wall. plus a high performance tuner and three power amps. Rola Celestion also will launch a new bookshelf speaker system. the Dilton 22. a three -way system that incorporates a new eight -inch bass unit and 'N -inch voice coil. Other U.K. firms with speaker products include Grabern Audio. a newcomer with B and N speakers and Appolo stands: Mordaunt- By JIM McCULLAUGH Brian Trankle. Otani marketing executive, observed. "We're very pleased and we've gotten a great many product information requests here at the show." Trankle admitted that although Otani is a well -known firm in the pro market there were soon, attendees unfamiliar with his firm thus giving them a foothold into the new breed market. Homer Hull. Scully marketing executive, remarked, "Kelsey has drawn the right type of people. No doubt about it. I'm pleased with how the show went" Ken Woodcox, Crown, added, "It was well worth our trip from Indiana (Crown's home base) and we've gotten a eood deal of interest and rc- BIGGEST AES ANTICIPATED NEW YORK -The 57th AES is shaping up as the biggest yet with preregistration for the May 0.3 Los Angeles Hilton event indicating better than the plus at last year's record run. More than 30 exhibitors are participating, with all available expanded space committed. Highlights include Dr. Thomas Stockham's update on digital recording techniques that kicks off the technical sessions; multi -track recording pioneer Les Paul as awards barfquet speaker. and a sound centennial museum with the 897 Berlinergrammophone, a war -prize Magnetophon tape recorder, and the first Neumann microphone, among other exhibits. Key Count In Betamax Suit Is Dismissed By JOHN SIPPEL LOS ANGELES -The charge that Sony Corp. was guilty of violating the Lanham Act in falsely describing, representing or designating the origin of its Betamax television - copying machine has been dismissed by Federal District Judge Warren Ferguson here. But the case, filed late in 976 (Billboard. Feb. 26, 977) continues. with Video (P), an Ohio corporation. recently petitioning the court to allow it to intervene on behalf of all Beta max owners. Video (P) points out that the plaintiffs plainly hold all Betamax purchasers liable. The original suit named William Griffiths. a Betamax purchaser, as a defendant. along with a number of chain retailers, Carter Hawley Hale store, Bullock's and Robinson's, all chains; and (Continued on page 5/) spouse from the products we've displayed." One added bonus, said manufacturers, in addition to helping better define the mushrooming home studio /semi -pro market was the chance to talk with potential consumers about the products themselves. "The added insight" remarked Trankle, "helps us to design better products." On the product scene: Ken Sacks, marketing director. along with a TEAC team, explained "home cookin' " with the TEAL/ Tascam lineup of semi -professional products. Included here were models, 3 and 5 mixers as well as models 90-6 and 25.2 recorder /reproduccrs. The 90-6 is a 6 track multitrack recorder while the 25-2 is a N- track, 2- channel recorder/reproducer. JBL was in the forefront with products from its professional series. Included here among other monitors were the model 430 broadcast monitor as well as the 43 I control (Continued on page SO) `How To' Seminars Draw L.A. Traffic By KEVIN NERRILL LOS ANGELES -"The best way to describe all this equipment is that it's inexpensive. but not free," remarked Dick Rosmini during his "Musician's Home Studio' workshop, one of 3 seminars conducted here at the 977 Multi -Track Expo April at the Convention Center designed to enlighten the semipro recording enthusiast with views and instruction from professionals in the field. Surrounded by 56,000 worth of recording machines, mixers, meters, microphones, equalizers. speakers and cables, enough for an "adequate" semi -professional recording studio, Rosmini added, "This is slightly more expensive than sports car racing." Representative for TEAC /Tascam, Rosmini explained that the advantages of this equipment lie in the minimal qualitative differences when compared to equipment of APPEAL HEARING JUNE 8 Industry Reacts To New Duties Continued from page I With all tape recorders covered. the new home videocassette systems. all manufactured in Japan. apparently are liable for a 0% duty as monaural units. Firms affected are licensees such as Zenith (Sony) and RCA (Matsushita). The Treasury Dept. has filed its expected appeal in the Zenith versus U.S. case, and a hearing is scheduled on June 8 in the U.S. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals in Washington. This is only a hearing. and while it was expedited, it is not known whether the court will reach a decision before its long summer recess at the end of June. It is possible the decision will not be determined until the fall term or later. Meanwhile. the U.S. Customs Service began implementing the duties on April 4. with bonding required on all shipments in transit. While the bond is minimal, generally S7.50 per on the f.o.b. value. or 4 or I%, on the thousands of units involved from the major U.S. importer /distributor arms of many Japanese firms. it mounts up rapidly. While most of the U.S. subsidiaries are still checking out the situation as to what products are covered, several already have announced their "pass -on" plans. They basically consider the duties as direct costs, rather than contingent liabilities. TEAC was the first to announce that it would pass along a portion of the general 5% surcharge to dealers as inventories run out (Billboard. April ). U.S. Pioneer Electronics will phase in some increases May, according to president Ber- nie Mitchell. with others to take effect July I and Sept I. With S50 in- crements throughout its line. Pioneer will round out the increases so dealers can maintain established price patterns. Emphasizing he is not speaking as president of the Institute for High Fidelity, which can't take a position as its membership includes both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Mitchell sees the international ramifications as a "rather scan' concept. Assistance on this skin prieided by Mildred Ball in Washington. "Any lawsuit launched by any U.S. manufacturer against any overseas company will probably win. This could lead to a trade war in which we'd all be losers." Also taking a strict "hands off" attitude is the EIA /CEG, sponsors of the semiannual CES. "In trade matters our group did not initiate any action on countervailing duties," emphasizes Jack Wayman, senior vice president "We represent US. based marketing entities of foreign manufacturers, as well as domestic manufacturers who are sourced overseas, so our attorneys are not involved in any views on the matter between Zenith and the U.S." (Continued an page 49) professional standards at 20 times the price. Using a question and answer format illustrated by demonstration and colored by unbiased and witty advice, Rosmini aimed his discussion at instructing those who own - equipment how to fix what they're ; doing wrong. He also awarded TEAC /Tascam accessories to participants introducing pertinent topics. "You need to invest about $3.800 in equipment in order to produce i decent demos for music publishers," remarked Rosmini, adding that "once you've started out the tendency is to either quit or end up spending another couple of thousand," Rosmini emphasized the equipment's expandibility and along with good cables and clean machinery advised that money be spent first on quality microphones, an investment that will improve the sound more than anything else. On a similar subject, Doc Siegel, engineer and /or producer of43 gold records. conducted a workshop on microphone application. discussing and demonstrating various types of microphones and their function as found in the recording studio, and offering solutions to problem situations. Outlining his philosophy. Siegel remarked. "Those entering the semipro field should have a conception of what they arc doing. In order to record a group properly, the sound coming out of the speakers should sound the same as that which goes into the speakers" Recommending the lowest cost mike for the purpose required. Siegel advised the semi -pro to start slow when buying microphones. taking care to pick the right mike for the designated application. adding that "There's no general purpose microphone good for just about everything. Each microphone has its purpose and its need." In a discussion on "Recording Fundamentals," Brian Ingolsby. president of ABC Studios. stressed the need for perfection remarking that, "What were looking for in our industry are the professionals who (Continued on page 50)

46 48 Tape/Audio/Video_ T/A/V Sourcebook \I.W YORK Additional copies of Billboard's 977 Tape/Audio/ Video Market Sourcebook. published as a supplement in this issue. WY available at 50 prepaid from Billboard. ISIS Broadway. New York. N.Y TOKYO PACT Altec Sound LOS ANGELES -A formal consulting agreement with Altec Sound Products long -time Japanese representative. and two new appointments in its marketing organization. Business Is Expanding In U.S., Abroad are keyed to expanding business opportunities here and abroad. reports president William Garmon. Under the "cross-consultantpaces terms. I. Hattori. president of The more Elcctori Co.. Ltd.. of Tokyo. Altec 's sole Japanese rep for 0 years. will offinalls become executive consultant to Garmon on product development and quality control. we the nationally, more you'll sell locally. The only popularly -priced tape supported by national advertising. The market is enormous. Nearly 0 million portable cassette recorders were sold in % of those recorders cost less than S75, so you can be sure a large portion of the blank tape market will be looking for ways to stretch their tape dollar. Enter Tracs' The only popularly - priced tape supported by national advertising. With ads in major publications like People. Cosmopolitan, Oui and National Lampoon. You can expect to see 2 ads for over 33 million gross impressions between now and April Along with exciting promotions throughout the year and well designed, functional display material. AudioMagnetics Corporation 234 W. 46th St., Gardena. California (23) Michelson Drive. Irvine, California 9276 (74) In today's huge tape market. with a good product and a good message. you can be sure, the more noise we make. the more sales you'll make. So make tracks for Woos. With a popularly- priced tape that will of users, with a unique position in the market (the one tape made for portable recorders) and with a unique, national advertising campaign, Tracs is sure to make a mark on your tape market. And your sales curve Available in cassettes 8 -track and open reel. Trocs cassettes are now also avodoble o Phillips boxes. Cae,O, 477 PuzioNlo;neSc,Cal:crab In Canada 880 Martingrove Rd. Rexdale. Ont M9W 5M9 (46) In turn. Garmon and Bill Fowler Altee vice president, marketing. assume positions as executive consultants to Hattori on marketing development and distribution. Hattori is credited by Garmon Cory' making Japan one of Alice's most" important export markets, introdue-: ing the company's industrial, professional and consumer sound products to concert halls. religious shrine; theatres. airports and public address systems. Also tied to expanding businesf overseas is the appointment of Ed as vice president. sales. for the, international division except for Europe. managed through Alice Sound Products Ltd. under general manager J. P. Hogen. Kane. must recently with Challenge -Cook Bros.. is responsible for all administrative functions, including order processing. traffic. warehouse coordination and distribution. and sales abroad. outside Europe. In the U.S., with Alice sales of hill products increasing approximately 60% last year. according to Fowler. Jim Johnston has joined as vice president consumer sales. Coming to Alta from Zenith Radio. Johnston will be responsible for domestic sales of Altec/ Lansing hi fi speaker systems. projected for a 404 sales increase this near. notes Fowler. He points to particular demand for floor- standing models IS and 9 that feature the patented "Tangerine high- frequerys drive phase plug. The new cross -consulting agreement in Japan. and the addition of two strong marketing people. is exported to accelerate Altec's expand - ing sales. according to both Garmon and Fouler. Signing cross -consultant agreement, from left. are Bill Garmon, AItee Sound Products division presi dent; I. Hattori, Electors Co. president, and Bill Fowler. Altec vice president. Tape Duplicator_ In ras fourth semiannual report to program owners. the Politic Television library's Video Program Service notes 48 sales and 57 ant als for luly December 976 For the two rears the servo has operated.825 sates and 666 rent. alt were recalled, notes manager Nan Leek In the resent sa months. 47 Doble tv stations shared the royalties Total dollar volume horn the two years a $ A 38-page vdeo program supplement was lust issued. announcing the avadabihty of 500 added programs, bunging the total offered on L,inch U-Mate ndeocassefte to almost utks. Fm a copy of the supplement and other program information. The Public TV Mary, 475!Enfant Plus. S W.. Washington. D.C. 2002f.


48 Billboard TAPE AUDIO VIDE MARKET SOURCEBOOK t! i Tape /Audio /Video Equipment Manufacturers & Im rs 5 Tape Services Design & Artwork 3 2 Packaging & Labeling 4 3 Printing & Lithographing 7 4 Custom Duplicators 9 5 Duplicator /Marketers 33 Tape Supplies 6 Empty Cartridge, Cassette & Reel Manufacturers 20 7 Parts, Cartridge & Cassette, Manufacturers 20 8 Tape, Blank Loaded, Manufacturers 2 9 Tape, Bulk Raw, Manufacturers 23 0 Duplicating & Processing Equipment Manufacturers & Importers 24 Professional Tape Supplies Manufacturers & Importers 26 2 Packaging & labeling Equipment & Supplies Manufacturers 26 Tape Accessories, Manufacturers & Importers 28 Tape Store fixtures & Merchandising Aids Manufacturers & Importers 30 International 34 Canada 34 German Federal Republic 35 Italy 36 Mexico 38 Netherlands 40 United Kingdom 40 EDITORIAL Publisher & Ed.tonin-Chief: Lec Cnn:, ll A Editor Emeritus PJU A< (h Y Managing Edo. Flat Tegal (L A.I DIRECTORY STAFF Editor. Earl P.,, Editorial direction. Sophen Daman Taps+ Audio +Video Editor Mans.. of Directory Served. (lob Hud.. Assistant Manager of y 5.MA.A S.,IA Ward Dnecto.y Assxiat. Peg Bole, Jan Braude Joan Eisen. Rand Ruggebry An Direction J Deno Chapman Xie, Buckram Billboard Publications, Inc 9000 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles. CA ) Cable BilIbov LA: LA Telas NY Talas INTERNATIONAL SALES GREAT BRITAIN Barr, Hatcher 7 Sueet London W9 PG Tel 0J AUSTRALIA Mr ken Appleton Adre9 Ply to 4 Mr Aran SI Meth Sydney NSW TN AUSTRIA, BENE -, LUX. CZECHOSLOVAKIA. HUNGARY. POLAND. SCANDINAVIA: Jelen Hoossenhasd. SrnettotlstrAII A0. s Helloed Tel FRANCE: Oayer Zlsmecrkowsk, 30 AyaetuP Bugeaud 5-6 PRIA TO ITALY, Gormanu Ruante. Piam4 Loreto 9 Milan Tri JAPAN- Hugh. N.A.,. Dempa Bldg..2, shorn.. Higasthiounda. Sltinary.waa,. ToA,A Tot (03) MEX- ICO. Man Fnhe.. ApArtAdo Postal.766, Masco D F T SPAIN Rafael Revert. Plata Mara ma Cava Ili 3 Eae.Mu Deride 28 Mead 7 Spear VENEZUELA CMaban Roo. Rada; Eutos 090 Cane El Reum OIa Viles El Rosa! Carioca, Veneruela PUBLISHING Associate Publisher Tan Noonan. Bin WA,diow Director at S.I. Tom Noonan Assistant Director RI Sal.. Ron Willman IN Y I Tapre'Aud.o /Video Sal. Director Ron Amnion ACopynIU 97 7 &aboard Publicatarre Inc. All right, reserved Tnn won. may not be coped. reproduced. env lam (including but not limited to m,crohena or rruatadm, stored in a retrieval swan or nsnlrùrrd. m any form or by any means elecbola mechanical ptotocopyog, rncerdng. a Mher.yN rae,a the prior pem,nta.on dl the publish. Subscription rates Payable: n advance One yuwr U S A lsseepl Alaska. clews.. Ptrsleg Other rates on raquent Anew 3 to 6 weeks dahuery best copy Subscription corrospdnden. Manager Balboad Bos 256. Radnor. Pa 9089 Oergeo address should giveold and 6,hed weekly Second -eta. pmuge pod et New Vora N Y and additional marling odors send Fm 3579 ro Subscription Maroc.. Billboard. Boa 258. Radnor Pa 9009 T. company oho pub ashen on NEW YORK Amet.can Amu. Gde & Tab4wen Reporter Indultnal Otsyn. Intent. Rea.denbd IntAron Merchandising Prato Weakly. WatsonGupoM publications Whinny Adv., o LOS AN- GELES: Billboard. NASHVILLE: Amusamem &rameso LONDON The Aine World Rado-TV Handbook. How to Liston W the Work) Jan Journal Interrubaud TOKYO Music Labo P.tmaeler, please een0 Fenn 3679 to Billboard Publications. Inc.. Boe 256. Radnor Pe 9089 Ans Cod

49 MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH FIDELITY COMPONENTS, MICROPHONES, SOUND SYSTEMS AND RELATED CIRCUITRY. Station Master. You con virtually drive coast -to -coast without leaving the sound of o radio station using o Shure microphone. In fact, you'll encounter almost as many different models of Shure microphones as you will stares. Case in point: the Shure SM7. It features a wide -range, ultra- smooth frequency response with show 'n' tell switches that allow the user to select any of four microphone response curves: () flat response; (2) presence boost; (3) bass rolloff; and (4) presence boost with bass rolloff. The SM7 also uses an innovative "air suspension" integral shock mount for super -isolation against mechanical and shock noise. Ask your Shure dealer for a demonstration of the show 'n' tell SM7. It's one Shure "show" worth telling everybody about. Shure Brothers Inc. 222 Homey Ave., Evanston, IL In Canada: A. C. Simmonds & Sons Limited TECHNICORNER The Shure SM7 is o unidirectional dynamic microphone with o 40 to 6,000 Hz frequency response. Noise reduction systems cur mechanical noises, breath "pop," wind, and electromagnetic hum. "Add -on" filter devices ore unnecessary. The SM7's integral foam wind / "pop" filter reduces even difficult close -up breath sounds. Impedance is rated or 50 ohms for microphone inpurs rated from 9 to 300 ohms. Output level: -57 db (0dß = milliwatt per 0 microbors); open circuit voltage: -79 db (0 db = volt per microbar). HUFR e

50 _ TAPE /AUDIO /VIDEO EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS & IMPORTERS T he fallowing is a Lis, of Manujacturers & Importers of Tape Recording/ Playback Equipment. Video Recording /Playhack /Projection Equipment. Audio Components & Equipment. and Phonograph /Phonograph Combinations. The key to the abbreviations for the Types of Distribution is: (M / Res) Manufacturer-to-Retailer. (M /OEM) Manufacturer- to -DEM. (M /End) Manufacturer -to -End User. (M /C) Manufacturer-to-Contractor. (ID) Independent Distribue tors. (Br) Factory-Owned Branches. (M /Rep) Manufacturers' Representatives. Noie: For the More speciali :eel disco and recording studio equipment firms. refer to the Billboard International Disco sourcehook and the International Studio and Equipment Directory. Q at A A L am American Acoustic lobs A DC,w BSR A D S. see Analog ysems E G.TNelunkon. sua Gat.. Audo A K G Aeousnes, 9 McKee Dr Mahwah N J TN VP Bnkhan yin Mgr 5 Richard Rowel, Adv Mgt Geroge Gamee 3a.suilm: M: Rel. Mr Rep Product. PMO urindges, aryle- pkkup. c.o...s Cowden.. dynamic). IwdpmoM...vest.. combs m 4 A R. see A V C Syleme Inc (AUau Vnwl Commumcelon), 785E Lake Si Minneapolis Minn TN /62) Prn 6 Sel«Mgr Jon Bormann. Adv Mgt Doug Onion Oneo Ow Sales Mgr. Suva Sseary Dietributbn: Mr End Product Speabn patch pan. teal pulp ment electron. crossovers AccupAase see Teen Accon. see BSA Ace Audo Co 447 Elwood Rd Eat Nonroon N Y 73 is' Pr«Sales 6 Adv Mgr John Grever Ohtnbudon Mr End M %Rep Product Ampi.en. preampfera equal van electronic moo.. Acowtc Research Inc 0 Amnion Dr Nan wood Mau TN Mktg Tecnniul5em Dir C Vina Gmpos Product AR speak*. turntables Acanik 3A Intl 72 M.N. Are Soue 602 New Yak. N Y 006 Product Ampil.M preampden. spsekn Advent Corp 95 MWnr Si Ca... Mana 0239 TO Sale Mgr Tom Flo. Dimribuibn: M Re M C Product. ADVENT owes. I.nel rec n paym., op VIDE08EAM large tern. iel.nson: yd protectors 7 Roland W4r. ON land Ca. 962 Id 45) Prn Ir in Fag Exec VP Alfred Gross Mktg D u David L Huth DlstrmbMbn Ret AA. Elect... Inc Tr, E2 Product- 8v 6 cruse. hao port.. n7aayen A,ko Corp 070 W t6 St Broadview. III m 6053 Tel Product Grose lauto. gourou,«nrpry Ants see Merton Ehcvmcs Aka, Amer.cri lad 239 E Oel Amo Blvd Comput. COO 9020 Te ti Eta VP C E Pn,Il,q Audio Mk. On J 8 ends'. PK nci e -Ir u me 6 open r. (norn Q l Tir rodeo..' n' players n., Alarm. sea 68 ImpM.Etpon Alembk Irk PO Bo. 759 Sebastopol GId. Abg o TO 707) Pon R. Turner VP 6 Sales Mot Oinr0uba. M /Rat. 0 Prodct Pre Am... Zenith Sem Field Allison AVMS., Inc 7 Tech Co. Natick Mow 0760 Tel Prw Roy tison. Sees b Adv Mpr Ohlribuuun M Rea Speakers Prod. Sumner Bennes MIK Corp 55 S Manchesur Ave Ana.. GI, Tel 74) Pies Wiram F Gormm Salsa Mp "fie! iorbos 4dv. Mgr Daryl Finnoy. PR Cutis Pckelh Diwribuion: Mr OEM, Product. mothers. weaken. moo... (rddense0 puatixan. pose,queen Ambon Auda WNnu7 South Am b,y N J TN Prodpo Open urnt ID m nna0 rn n' ey. Deokers macs. microphones. pwl- Ameukan Accastc Lobs 629 W. Cemuk Rd CM. ga Tel Prw George Males $ares Mpr Bernard Fryman Distribution; M /Rp Product AAL apukon Amvicen AWbpon Inc 407 N Providence Rd Columba Mo 6520 Tel Prat Bruce R Maier Sales Mgr Er. too m Adv Mgr Joy Ferguson Product: STAR emoiers pro-empdian, m.o.. headphones. LENTEN spoken. ENTRE - phono cartridges Amerknn Gebsu Electron Inc. 25 Pork Aso S New York. N Y 000 Tel ( est. GELOSO ampinen apeokara. miro phones )motos Coty. AmaKOn Untied Co Inc Sala dery Yoh. N V 0023 Tel Pubs Mgr S. $alas Mpr S Cheep Adv. Mgr DI Chang Chenil Product b I: Product. VIOLA AUDIO photo or phono combs ph uken,lunmicrophones Ampersand Inc 982 Kelvin. C.awpnh, 3! TO Product: 9,9n Ampr. CaD 40 &oodwey Redwood Crry. Glml Tal (45) Poa Roseman. Sal«Mgr Paul Hind, Adv Mgr Di Faner Distribution M /Roo. ID. M /Pop P!Ddua Opre reol (D.,0..onall rn re /pay. wdoo to nn qu dc r cal, Uienn d d r s MoY- ApP * >G8080Penns n;bv00 FPa.r..rvAN. P odrel' Gssete oe. (prdess oneg ree nippy. cow units- pre. pi uproleu áún Ampolle. we Grow Amonun Anel) 6 ppon! SYMnea IM 6 Ial duga Wey. i 8 7 T G Produel: ADS weaken Arkry Proas Mlg. Co Inc 74 dens GLt 9047 TN IJ Product Spoken Avow Trodong Co Inc 5 Broaway. New Yak N Y 000 Tel Pr«Ben Oweck 5N+Nor Jeck Usk. Adv Mgr Jsek Ow. Local branch 70 Aso J Brooklyn 270 TN Mgr Mark Dv nl Dlwnbullm 0 Product B.v puma sub. pone.) 6 car setts dome paubh) ra -n prase. compel photo o phone, combo...wee units racers en speakers Aso Inds Inc E 5 St Columbus Ind 47. Td Product Compact onto a p.m combs Sant. Audo 099 Joy St noon«.. N Y 46 TO Product EgwluM ó+etk Corp Kotba 6 Jackpn $it Connseut. Oha TN 26.n John P Wren, Salts pot JoM Jensen Dhduct' Tit ID Product.Tonphon )mono nnndp.a styes...phones Idvrrmcl (wdpllaa.s. coda.ccinc 5. AWOa.hlyp Inc 5206 Danbury Now Mot lad Conn TN 2Ads Mgr Mkdm Scrmdl, Adv Mgr Jana p under VECTOR AUOIOANDOo spwkn DYMA VECTOR tonerms phone unrdges Aud 065 Era p Downs Rd BPr.ry. Conn TN Ads Prw Snow. $al«6 Adv nap KnNe Snow P. prod.. Pro-ampAen. pwwm Awn. rneircl s: Audo Concepts Inc ova K.Isey Sound 738 $enta Mmo Blvd lfolh wood Got Tel Pt. Dave KN.,. Sates gr. Gil Reyes Adv Mgr John Dulrlbutkm: M End. M; C P rod. S ken Audo bah see D pr 57 S 5 Sup.a. Corpus Chrnli Des.. Tat 780 Tel OwMr Alan Lawns D hlribution MrRet Produce. Sudan Audo Dynamics Corp Pck. Dntnet roe New Mdlord Conn TO VP 6 Gen Mgr C E Wen VP Mktg Geo.. P Pounn. Sta. Mgr John Gnna.. Adv Mgr W Keene Dhtnbtion Mr OEM, MrRep Product- Tonarm. Phono wnr.eges lybpckup..when bung level moos Awa Innovator, 704 Bayonne 0 Lo Pt TN 504) PI. Hugh La Heaton Product HFARON speakers Asd.. Inc 0950 SW Fifth Fdth Ave Na 60. TN Prn 6 Sab Mgr Mpr CMbs Wood. VP MYtg Gone Stoll Prod AUDI:Net M,R.p Product amp4lod pros Ion. spoekm.daodenódemodulalon EPA urnebles Audo Phase. Tel Pre.0 Speakers N G2-24 Kent Wash Td (206) Audophib lmp9u 0 E Ene Su, Cnkepo. III 606 TN Owner 6 Pres Davd Stool Product: QUAD.ros 6.0.,. preempi.eto. Iunsn peoken TRANSCRIPTORMICHELL lurnuaes U00 CRAFT nnaerm* Aud Devon. Pe Prn Mero Soap. Sates Satis Mqr Geof nary Holston Product'. Ampifen. po-ampaen tgakm pualpen (computer opaotedl Audo Pulse Inc. BoOloid Research Park Grow' Or Bedford. Mass Tol (6 7) 275 I 9S Produce. Dignal rame tir Ntems AuOa Research Grp 26 )6 Ave S Minn Tel Prw Wiuem Johnsen, Saba Mgt W Diller Audio wnnmu US Inc town. Ohio Tel TN ßI ) se Ave.. fay 6 Adv Mpr Jon R Kelly. Mktg Mgr FrVP feed ed Nkhola D istribution- WE.* M /OEM, MrRp Product: Phono cartridges, DO-pickup. ow opmnes(condenser. dynamic), headpnon. Audolech Inc,. 42 HomdlSn Aw Su ms ford. Co!, Conn Tel: 203) Pies Hamilton Bro.., VP ó Trees Rob Mika Faulkner on Unmet Solos Mgt Product. H Imp, BIG RED E. SUPER RED peakan, KEITH MONKS Ion.. MASTERING LAB egwpen Audioles, see GC Elavomca Awnuon. Corp Asa.. Non. Hot,004 Co?! 9605 TO ( Pros D Warer Sala Mgr A W Ses-.. Adv. Mgr ng Gottdinr D rhtnbu9m.mrre M0FM Pr.uw CEASSETTE cease. (portable) ree re!m yens: AUDIOTRONICS mkr00mones (dynamic), hoadmons. A4do Visual Gmmumcaton, sen AVC Systems Audio.. Corp 60 Marcus Blvd Hauppauge. NY 787 tel (56) Product 8. te ó.mana puto was, pinyan Cap. PO Boa 698. Coronado. 928 TO (74) Prey E. Adv Mgt J A Wdwn, Sales Mgr N E Wilson Dletrlbudon: Minot. Mr End Product Speakers (modo.. reompemon Aulom.!, Rode Mlp Inc., Main St- Molrow, Mau 02 Tet. (6 ) Praos EJwnrJ. HOUSman; VP Sales. Pa.r J. More. Mn. VP Mktg 'mama F. Lwll. WayZo: óu V6.y.. 2 Sherman Zi Tel 735 tl7s W.em Rep Sal«Mgr Elk I G Smith An R.lSol «Mgr Edward Km- Bensenville e... Or 2p 6008 TN 32) Moo Mdse «urn Rag Sous Robert Pasqua. An' M,dw.teln Reg Sala Mgr Frank Mods* Dhulbutbn..Ria ID M /Rep Pndwi. 8.v 6 caswn.hoo... AuotK sert United Rematch Avd Corp 0 Top. Ln Edo Provder.. R I 0294 TN Prn Mbeel C Allan VP Mktq. J M AIN. Produlci. SpsekM Inc Ver Jet Sur. 40 Corum Rd E6<er sot SpPng Mo Tel Prn.. Habentock V? Mktg Jock J Gran Sala Mgr Don Pensa Adv Mpr Red 6.M0 D istribution....oem. ID P roduct LEAR JET 8 -tr 6 asana laulo) roc n Meyers tune., Wad/VA. spook. B 6 BlmpomTr.irk 85 Part $I.Troy Mkn TN Prn Emery Klern $ales Mgr TerreKe S.non Ads Mpr A (Nmnnn DistributOn Mr Rot 0 Product 6 RHAPSODY 8 auto A0,l 6 urn. polo porheed + %pbren RHAPSODY Amiable.. hub phones B E 5 GewutK. sen Ben+pa El.n..zokrnk B G W Systems IM YuAm Ave H..v thane. Cat! TN B Pros Ban Wry Wachner Solos Mgr Wayne Fr6man r.. Adv Mgr Barbara WecnMr Product...en dream... C. Inds C Vrnun. me &nm Inde W Bryn Mawr B M l fhclrmka Inc Aw Cnogo TO 32) Prn John M. Mmu. MM n s Mpr Jerry Nubla. Adv Mq Tan Bower 0... M.G.. M.Rp Product TRACER eon B S R RUSA! Ltd pt N Y 093. Td Mi.) Prn John Montel. Pins Consumer Dit 84 Mcpd. Mdsg Mgr Harold SchMrnan. Adv Mgr Tarn Thomas Branch Elk Or. Village. Ill. 780 Ms. Ave bp 6000 TN Branch Mgr Tim McLoughlin Destnbutbn. M: Fl MrOEM Prodwl BSR 8, Mon. roc n: payer umudm ADC lumubni )torr camoges atyb- peraup egwlwn ACCU TMC turn.. Bop 6 Olufsen of Amwka Inc 55 Busse Rd. En Grove Vduge. a Tel Prn John H Tms. Sales Mgt ROM. Dan Radecki Edwards Adv Mgr Product BEOMASTER taco.. BEOVO% PHASE-ONK spoor BEOGRAM Wmubies. BANG 6 LUFSE. phono onndpes NN.- pokup,heodphono Baker Autaada USA Irk St ets..phe Pa 946 TN (25) BnMa Wesintml RI 758 gun Onk Or 2p TN gecko l Cord Coro R 45. Dur rim, N V. 263 ISs Chn7 Piet feed Becker Sales Er Adv Mgr Chito Mer A. Swan Sp. M OEM MrRpp Ban 6 Howe. AudbVnwl Prods Dry 700 McCormick Rd lvkdnwood. III Tel Product. Goon Irama. eauuum.p roc n paten Benlam.n Hatronc Sound Co 90 Park 4-ni, Huntnplm N y 7.3 TO 56) Pr«Jut u rah... CONCORD spoken. MIRACORO wrnuan: ELAC %MIM- CORD ast 8.mada see sp Bap b Coulson Boos. Ph sea Bang 6 Banat Phase-Lek sao Bop Bnrgm Euu Mea $ytlems Inc M 5 Cau Mew GM TN Pr«Jefaph...Mt Ss54. Mg Tarry Oistribution. Produe Geo.. Spokn B.vme. see Sony Corp Ben. Kryyybon Beu Sound Ca7p (lectronks Row DFtS Te. Td 2 Pt. R S Phil Prod Jr Sales Mgr PMI Clemol P )duel Speakers Bova Oyna Hom pod lea Bop Red. we Boron Cory USA Berwyn Rosamom III 6008 Tel Mir Prn Kimr Mgr SChuck Salan Mgr Joe Di Folio; Adv Mgr Cition Kline Distribution. Ca Rat, M /OEM- ID. M: Rap Product: CofNlte (Lome. auto, pollabl0) r rpnven S""gay.. leer Sieq.r Inc Boa s00. PrPmus NJ 0785 Tal ß0l) Pies. John T. orgn: Snlee NO, Ed Sindpu Adv Mgr Prod Dd Poor utbn: H. Flop Prodwi TECH CRAFT BY BOGEN aspeakers ple.nmplilen. boon.,genet speakers w.en Bova. Spukn Woks. Bolivar. Tenn Toi : WATS (800) Wodwi S9VO' Boman Inds., Hell PrMy. Glib 8 '902'4 Tel Tal 73) Stan Prw Robert Saks Mgr Stoll Sunow. Mktg Serve Mpr WiMm Wen sy. - Oren Bryn Mawr MI Ave M (td 6006 Tel 3 Brnrk. Mpr. Rkaor- C.HSUdI. N.J.. )40 pro. Si Zip Td Branch Mpr Chuck DNIV ProdUC NOn. M /Rat MIOEM. ID. Mr Rep Pro.. 8 bashiya puao)k nrpbyan Bon $one. a. He4W{nry. ltd Buse Corp 00 TM Mountain Rd Fnming.m Maw 070 TN ( Puts A Sal. Mgr E Schs'. wa Ads Mgr John Wm... Prole. rotin Prod. Mgr Ror Kok.. Dhtnthnien M /Roo Product Amp ben. pre mpdrn sgekan Sorti Inc 587 C./WM. A. No VAIIA Cann Td 203) Prm R 7 Boml Adv Mgr Jura A Fad Dhtribu.n. Product Amp... spook. B.. Inds Co Sous' Sent. Rd Wed.,. N Y 590 TN VP' Sees Paulus Ibnman. Wry (p.m VP Promo Anhui Gasman Ohtelbutbn. MrRp Prods. BIC VENTURI weaken. OK lem. ea«bramr Ant Corp B 00)98 PI Peuuwar N J OB8S Tel 70) 9 E. V. Ron Frr. S r VP Jerome Rahman. Net Sa. I Mgt Anpeks OMOT. Pn L 3ck equip Burwell Labs bus Gmb.dpa. Man Product Now roocm Cr OA CO 068!O TIM. 3 CAN 0I. Dery Purr Conn 0680 TO 003, Prodlact Anpilen. prwnpden rcarrora. -oaken photo o 5Nlges C T S al Paducah Inc N 44io Si Pedu n Ky 4200 Tel TN dnyen 2 64 Product lawpot donna Gbb orale. sea Gb. a ATOM/ Gbb of Ama.0 Inc 6767 C 50 AM Commerce Coy Co TO ( Product CAe G4fone let lint t Ange. G TO Prodee M MWpgnes Calton Gr lapes Ggen Coro Ave Her Yak N Y s Cum RAFT Ir ßn Rob Kropp Exec VP Kropp Product: 8v 6 orle Rum.) ras -n. n. a ppho w %w outs. compact p.m phono camw or wo tau mr G Tape Inc 000E Amo Blvd Canon is' ( Gen nary G. Muai: SANS Mgr Jones Product ON' JET SOUNDS ev taasens pub) n!pnym Grnn Mlp 55 74) 74l AM EtkAnddo Got Tel 74 )47 70 Ohduct M: End Product onekn Convey Penser use Paw, Gmury Pro rsums td. 60 Civic Centon Sen Clare COO WATS Td (800) Prsgsei Prgecipt arolrr GhvaZego Inc 2250 Montague St Arhu Gkl 937 Td ( Pr. Guar Crow. r. 5s'«Mgt Walt Worker Bony Aitken. 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Product: S ri Br 6 cassette ChOrPO. roula, port able) ra,touron, cintra. corn P. pan unes phono a phono samba oit a wla ape combs Iwten ents n. [pa.ken. Creative P0ge..Inc. 75 Manson Ln. S-.300 N V 787 7s' 56) 587 o0 Bon speaun Prodwe CREATIVE speakers Criterion, row Cro ATel Inc.. Ir SI.. 0us. Taro Tel Pros. Sales 6 Adv Mpr.Chuck Grand Drm nbulbn: M /End, MlC Product Maphoneud Inure Crown Intl Inc. Rd.* 4654 TO 29) los Prao Clar- Cos ence ro Moor. Sores MJa Kan Howard Adv Mgr James Bwlte PR Coale can: Memos Distribution: M /Rep. Prod a. Open se! rs. pre of «si! - nl pavan. emp.hen. Mrampkhn. equnum. o oasoven. Crown Corp 39 Mncneg South San Fenc,KO. Cu Td 45) Oduct. CROWN. CROWNSCRIBER lapa ps... equip Cur. M0!S. sea Crown Rodio Cum Mallet Corp.. PO Boo 76, Mho. T«7575 Td. 7) Product: Cones' phono a...con., cope unit ecimp et phone a Onan cope uni roc.. torn.. Custom Audo Dry lause,.6. a Inc, Men St Bun. 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Independent Reps Product: 8-tr. 6.:æe (nome) rm n/playen compi.t phone or phone Combs ar/tape un.. amplifiers, tunes. recovers speakers. Galasv sea Pubs Drum. Gallen- Knwge, 5048 VandH0 Way. Cantpb.l Cola Tel (408) Co -Ownen Rohm A Gal./ Rcherd J Krueger Dierlbu4M.- M / Re M /Rep. Product Amplifiers Garrard Dn Pleases Consumer Prods 00 Commercial St. Plannaw N Y 803 Tel 56) Product: Turntables Gauss. set Glec Audio Gal.. see Arta..n G.oto. Geneal Aud. 308 W 5 th S. Austin. Te Tet (52) Pros Stephen W Shields Drs.butlon. M: End. Product Ant.le.. pre- emprhers Conan! E(Ktre Audio Prods Dept Election. Park. Bldg 5, Syracuse N Y 320 TN ( Gems. Physce Corp New+ngton Park New. mgton N H 0380 Tel 60) Product Spmkers Gerantrum labs Amoco 45 York St Brooklyn N 20 Tel ( Pros M. Mae) Ktgg( Sales Mgr TAPE /AUDIO /VIDEO EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS & IMPORTERS Paul Friedman Distribution M/Re. M:C. M!Rp Product. 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ID. krep Product- rs, speakers. e. rs. : M Feed Prods Co 768 Ln* Ave Pnala-./Ohe.Pa 95 Tel 25) Prod.. FRIED. IMF speak." ',Su Ten Corp, of Amen.. 35 E. Janis SI Carson. Caul Tel ( p VP 6 Sales Mgr Snutaku Han Branch: Wean bw*.i. N.J., 80 Passe Ave Lip Td ( Contact I Staub. Product: TEN 8. 6.nana (auto) nec n' n. etems Fn Compass Sotatd Studios 55 N Dickinson 5 Mad... W Tel ( Pres Rc..d P Mu,phY. Sat. Mgr Jena dean Lop Product: Pre -amplifiers...en Amity Fulmar Co 260 Monroe A.. Memptd Ten 3803 TM (90) Pros tow Fukner -I, Pod. Mgr Dennis Sm.. At My Mgr J*rry ilauchon Dinribolon M/Ret, M /OEM. 0. 8r Product. 8. i cassette Mule. portable: Furman Sound 66 Canal St. Suce 25. S... Ra- losl. Cif Te (45) Pros 6 Says Mgr J. Furman. My Mgr Paui Rothchild Distribution: ID Prod.. Preamplifiers. egos.. electron :c G 8. Inc 6700 Northws(E.p. - Linn, 3 -A. N... cross. Ga Tel (404) Pres R Nich ol.e Born Jr Saks Mgr. M Alfrpd Ga.b..b.son,., M/OEM. ID. M -Rep Product Speakers turns... G a Electron Wyman R.I., Itl 60 TO W5) Product: AUDIOTEK preampbl -ers m.. Ohorles ennderner, dynamic. fined... G L t see Garent... G T E Sytgnu Inc 700 Ehleptt 5 Batave. N Y 020 Td 76) 3x Auaw Sala+ Mgr Jun Proud. Product SYLVANIA r...n. speakers, GTE...era infonics 200/D cassette duplicator SIDE : DEMO 46,. 4 D / At the L.A. AES D[L flvsystem, ejo»dey -,.a,a --' At the N.Y. AES Or Wherever Superior Duplication is Available P.O. Box, Michigan City, IN (29)

52 M th F rtrdgas TAPE /AUDIO /VIDEO EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS & IMPORTERS NEUMANN M Wham. Icon arm. TELCOM no. tad.. Gm. w Sorao Grdo Labs Mc 464 Sr.. An Broo,n N Y 220 TN 22, Pros Jo-...NE God. Saal Mgr Rosalind Kr.p.r Product Phony candor. Gm. Audio hods 550E W Fellas.. An b" Owr. 600 TN Prn Jon Bwwandorl SO. Mgr lane Pw.n VP 6 Adv Mp Char. Soon Dionbueon M'R. Product. STANDARD OF PERFORMANCE Gran Prot EYC...on 5 Sr loon Mo Product IN (34, 62 onsa4 8 n pw4d.t 6 P...l ncn...04 a comma comoa Mm...Sou comb w' Opa tons Great Amnion Sound Co Inc 2TO '239Sí las. (all 93 TO P00 Product A6,2UA ampblrn Gro me hk W Proc.ora PKnon Van.. Groom. w 4WWKAud.n Nato, w Nolen AuOn Nemnprw Inn Irc IS5 MKN. Dr Syowl NY 79 TN (SIBI Wwt Coast ( Prn Color E Ham mond Seal M. Norm Wnland. Attr Mgr Jrrvr M $m.h OYUi6..en M r Rn Product METEOR spank.. BEYER Or NAMIC mcrophonos Hand.. Ornomc nhbon,...on. MARK IEKNIK pws Hwb.h. lr 39 W 28 SI Nov Y. N Y 000 TN Pros E Kra dan Selo Mgr In Karon OM.6.ton ID Product 80N SONIC E. 6 casson. Pocono a , roc n /play.n ponow pinta peso cama : tape Wart Hammn sa Inarnahonal Md.g H mon' Krdorl Inc 65 Anw Coup P4rrnvw a N Y 80) TN (56) Product. CITATION rn.rl.n Paarn04/rs sawn HARMAN,.ROON am.rmn. 40o.Á. on um4.n.w Ion4y ho. Cap 620 Nord Rd Rama. N J TN 0, has Roan S.wrlen.rn ErK V 6 Adv M. record Put BUY in their eye Record Browsers Oisplay Tables Tape Cases OVER 00 DIFFERENT STYLES AND SIZES PLUS- CUSTOM FIXTURES (Io your specifications) AND FREE DEPARTMENT DESIGN /LAYOUT gcafilay ggruifimenl at* 0. 7 SOUTH ORCHARD SEATTLE. WASHINGTON SNmwturn Sala M. JwM CapOaeona..0 MRn MrR.p Prods. CONCERTMASTER 200ÁC 6 HOL TON piks Hear Mures 4504 Bryan P Doan. Grave III 6055 to Producn t Hdphonn Har. AW.o Innovrr.. H.. Co Whop Rd St lorph Inch Product' MATH0 am.rlrs P, ampl. hon IuMn roan. sank.. nw4on Hoonno w Haart Han Sound Ltd 2 Hwl Ind Bhp Matsu TO (68295"7000 Pros Bols H«I Solos Mp Rch WaIrMold DMrouton MRp Product AmOhlan meal... Her. Eoclrencs 68 hoot. Ara wood IR tenon 6006 TO Pros Ow. F KMrr SAYS Mgr Hank Kad M'Re MrOEM. O. MrRp Product. P.Amohlrs spe4... m C.o. Icon... dlr.el M.o.. ro Hon. 425 Ventura B/A Shorn.. Ow Cain 9423 TN ,2777 Rn W M Honiara Sow. 6 Ad., Mgr Roben Co. 0otn6..on M Rep Product NERVIG roan. CONNOISSEUR 4ew von.. GOLDRING M.w rar uo n. r -0Áo0 Br.d C. -HH,. Cµ TO (23, S has I Kowangl. Avare Sall Nütg Oh -.wry alno. Ano Mgr 5 Story D4d6uton M Rp Product Carn Donn ne nrplay.s am pero. Po.. n fun. mar. prk.n r n o.. N.on w Haoy SM... Arto Ep g Corp 40 A.55. A Van Tel 6680 Pr. Montar TB 8 3 Mgr Bob Worts.. Adr Mgr 006. N.. D4.Naton M OEM M : End M C.0 No.. HAECO rnpid.rc Pa an... HTLaa ESwoca s Corp 860 Noma. on Has 6 lawn Nob TO ( Product 8 I vuol roc Oar. 0 [Nand Arum.. IME w M Taco Pooh.. Roc W IMI two k6. Magmr.olan V C airo loom.orse. V Cap ^494 6.mhonon Inc 538,etd Are V.- rono N J TO (20, has D.Wd E Oa.. Nn S.ta. Mgr Ra rd N Wood. Pradst MAGNA IMAGE Orge union Wr oeyun r wd.o prop Imp. Mds Inc 20 Hrdord An M.aI Vat non N Y 0553 TO Product- PE fan.. lnlrnrry SYewn 7930 Oening An Onpge P.n CaLI 9 J04 Tr II t 3) hod.rts $pwwn In4rrd DYntronca la 0 Horuon BM South Nm6«saa. NJ 0608 TR 20 MI" 3000 Pros Howard YNitY. V SeM Jwry C KrcNr OMrMulan MThn M OFM.M/C ID Mr Roo Product Ba 6uwrYatb7rmn/PIaY.n MMKw w EYwovoKa. arlerrltrtn EYnroó IK 350N E7c Or. PWIer., nl TN 3 35B 462 Pr.. peur D.hrr. Sln My ToT Mono DiNrlarrrorl MrOEM, IArEnO Product OPTRO EM opon rmlpdwssnr..9 recn4pyyen Peom.nrs e9ualtpe FONS womb. In4mNqrw Mdp Aaaas IM Hub. Manrmea Tau. Ava fl. Gnra V4 Corp LW IS TO Pao A R Moo Soma. fak VP Pal Srlwrlbrg: SaW JDN Jwl HANIMUoeW.IPavdg roc 'rol p4yn carman Mono. pllprp tamb ai ua Inlrr..lprwVdaoCorV MVY 0[ 990Alman.An. SrarryvsY. WI TN {406, M. RorWd Fard Sales Mgr Fndrk RanlpKa Corp Corrn4.otrne On Ca. G faun re/ii NC r.d.o 4p rk nrplas.n 2" " dow alrtua orrrn mom. My S WaMngbn 86rd Rosa. Munda.n III TO ( ro G.a6 Roam. Eaoc VP R Product CONCERT HALL <ernpact a sau. phd.lopmonoc.n6f wr.w/ell0eunns Inr.'tl w Tryon.. E HIGH " REEL TO REEL MASTER (Ian IN rod of shoe cameral C C Ron Mane. Mc 260 M M Nme Ta6 NY 007 TO ß Product J C PENNEY 6ar a tarnt Or.Kky K n/p.y.0. llhta4 tono. a4 awrp4p.r4tl r.taran rais 674. Amos lrrq OlAp..000E DO el Amo JIImu.fa GIn NO 23, Product 8. aamt. Man rk nrplanr l R F Co. PO Sp4na GYo bed Rd Opd..Wp N J Tr 20t B7J6SS5 Prn JoM R Frrw N Ddensm F4ArcA. N WWIasNRN MrErd MrRp Product AmpkN. J v C Amor. Inc Ow.ra Mdtnrrn E. poor.mwpn NY 778 TO 20 4.' 8300 hw S Hon VP Sr. Hrry ï' GqwÉ'.hp SIOqI. Ne I Brand. Common. Calif 0 W Blvd bp TO 23, YJ2MaMroP bp 60T5 TO ( Rog GOO. Prodlct C.T. tl. Mo. pin>ma. ampa.ra tarrart sprt... hnntl04a. rsawg...kroph..a.. no.. rada.. d.cnan a.dn. /rrdplcrrs J V C Inds Inc wna M.o. MasOaN NY 378 TN PROFESSIONAL SPEED CASSETTI. DUPLICATING SYSTEM Pa.4a.a.n..J nespfee wen or. NONABRASIVE hot doul MCC Tnwl.AD AND CAPSTAN CLEANING KIT ALSO AVAr/IKe.aT4 rows sr ÁLÁ040. MIMIC p< 700 a.. <.w. r.:.,.m Compact/Portable For Fast. Easy and Trouble Free Operation Spear rtu'.. rrlaude Fen. on doua torts, mont. and cue amer. mend and IN- CASSETTE SUVE CONSOLE spa urttr Inrkn 4 cop. ras.0 Now From SSK ENTERPRISES. INC. 0.9 T.raaead Rood on.. Vaa., Cato. 9t76 03 BBD.IDI a LSK SALES 07 Est Caarwn M gran. Ana ( PM SALES LTD. IC sad l 6.80o Vdrr Goat BC vok 20 I60e e58ò787 r Y 4alai MAGNETIC TAPE PROCESSING EQUIPMENT Passavant, the quality name in magnetic tape processing equipment for the past 20 years, manufactures a complete line of coating and slitting machinery in 6 ", 2 ", 6" and 26" web widths. Passavant equipment is sold and serviced worldwide and used by many of the worlds leading magnetic tape manufacturers. We provide complete package magnetic tape manufacturing facilities to meet your production needs. Unwinds Film Conditioners Film Cleaners & Washers Gravure & Reverse Roll Coaters Smoothing & Orientation Equipment Floater Dryers Cure Ovens Calenders Rewinds Slitting Machines PRSSRVRNT PASSAVANT CORPORATION P.O. BOX 2503 BIRMINGHAM, ALA. U.S.A. 3520

53 d' ta pea S N.. Sales Mgr Mennen 5deeas. Tsy' Adv 6 Sob Promo Mgr Ed Passes P.. V.dao tapa tel n r payer Jar* b. Amoco Inc 2889 Roebhng Ave sera.. N Y 046 Tel 2, 2, Pros John Marovsan. Sab 6 Mktg D,. Len Sdwdef D lelel6utie,n' M RN P aedeat Speakrs elecopn.< crosso02!smut. w EMCIron6.s AMM O.. g Corp S Leap.. Ave Car son. Old TN ( Prat Arthur D Games Saba Mgr Bob Games Ape Mgr M.. Weston Product' Spook. JaeW Elecnonu Aruuta Lea An. pba CaM TM ( P roduct V.. ape nec n; payas Ray...vs.,. of Jar.c Inds ) Mam 6 Conon Sn Pdadelpha Pa 7927 TN 2.5) VP 6 G. Mg. JaW'...on Sales Mgr Steve Koff Douitutron M /Rat. ID. M/Rp Product 9-,t'. 6 cassate lauul nec n, 90(002 l.nnfps R.seach Inc 5 E Los An pries GM 9000 Tel 23) Sean Mgr Jeff Ohm. Produr. JENNINGS RESEARCHLONTRARA epanars Jeta. SOW Labs 436 N Unned Pkwy.non ter Part. Id 6076 Tel ßl Pre...Kalov. VP Mktg James Twerdahl Ade Mgr Chuck Wendt B rand.. Santa Cara. Coli, Thomas Rd bp TN (408) Women. Regl Mgr John Wood - Report N.Y.. 50 Putnam Ave 2.p 520 TO Eastern Reg Mg. Jules Rude Dy8Wwion: M /Roc ID. M: Rep Product 5pWan. headphones Jet Sourds. see Cr Tapes ley Sewn, see Kyowa Annota J... see Tapp Electron. K 6 N. sae WAWm Pasty Co K L N Rawnh A DevNOpmm. Corp.. 30 Goa St Camb,dpe Mass 0239 TN (67) Predttct: Speakers. pave bow Sound. see Audo Concepts Kat.ocra Inc 4 MOdeon Ave New Yak. N Y 000 TM Pees Lesko blet be Mgr A 0 Adams 6ptlon: M/Rp. Prodoet VIDEOTON spaken Kannsod Electron. Inc 5777 S Boaaway. Carco. COI TN (23) Pon George T Aram. Sr VP Yoch, Na kas VP Mktg Don PNmoost Brandt- Woodside. N.Y Ave. /op 377 Tel Sr VP 802 Ka. saga. VP Henry Akno Prod.. Cassette (homme roc r/pteyer. amp4w02 p.e.mpde02 lune recovers ban.. apex Km. Pont Cory 06 Houton Or Jersey Cl. NJ ) Prod.. Casxta (ponebk. rac'r /players camper Mato or phono combs w7 6 w/o ape un.ts Klark Trash, sea Hammond Ind, Kau, 6 Hummel see Gotham Auch Aswn Inc PO Boa 688. 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M,Rp Product: Speakers Kuotom Krea.ons Inc 936 Lon.hus S. North.. Cold 9324 Tel (23) Pr. Wham Lang. 5Nes Mgr Floyd Sand. AGV Mgr Bruce Lang Drnribukon: Mi Rep Product: POWER UP.mphrm XK speaker Kgowe America Cap. 500 Wharton Cacti. PO Drawer Mante. Ga TA (404) VP 6 Gen Mgr Fred..- rm.. Sags Mars M, Ben Waver Product KYOWA 6 JOY SEVEN 84 6 cas e. WM.) payes, compact parir or pha.0gpmbe w /apetints L M S. cos Dyfaw L T L Elearorw. 525 Ye Central. Kent. Wash 9803 TM (206) Product Speaker Lab.. Repro Fwctron.. Co,0 7 Jencno Tf.y S.rsset N Y 79 Tel (56) 92' B8.thbution M / End. Br Product- LAFAYETTE couette /home auto pansas) rm'r,player compact phono a p..apcofnbs or ono.mpecots amps hers.wwrs recemn ivnabin. m.cro poses (cawenset. dyne.. FM vweba. tang B rossa reducers. apa.kas. std -W.W 2). Incc T headphones. CRITERION 9 5tó New YYork. N Y Prsd*s: Open reel (ptoimmnal. nec re r pay et'. aquaktars. Jamea B lanwp Sound Inc. UBLI 8500 Balboa OtA. Nonlmdge. C kt 9329 TM 73, 893$4 Pre. 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Drstributio. ID Product Open reel (Prol.sgn5 r.c Gauss Set The Standards Now Gauss SetsThe Pace There's only one way to be the industry leader... the Gauss way. We set the standards for quality sound duplication -over and over again. Now our newly introduced 64: capability lets you double your production rate of audio cassettes. Your 334 master is reproduced on slaves running at 240 IPS. We've tightened control on the heads, shortening the gap to allow proper reproduction of your master. And, exclusive standard features like Cetec Audio For the Educated Ear 4: our unique focussed gap and 0 MHz bias system allow us to maintain the superb quality that you've come to expect with Gauss. To update existing units in the field we offer conversion kits that interface simply with our 0 MHz bias system. We know that our business is your business. So we work hard refining our technology and furthering the state -of- the -art. That's what we mean when we say The Gauss Way: unmatched quality in tape duplication that is cost -effective for you. That's 6-4: A Division of Cetec Corporation Main Office 3035 Saticoy Street, North Hollywood, California 9605 Phone (23) TWX European Office Cetec U.K. Sapphire House. 6 Uxbridge Road. Ealing London W5 2BPEngland Phone Telex (85) /ply (Continued eut page TS -X

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Speaker Radio Stucs (de. of Tandy Corp I 26 7 W Sap e.nh St Fon Wash Tes 7607 TN (8 7) Pros Laws Kahl d Selo M9: Bernard Appel. 4dv Mgr harry Blom.n Nat Pup 6 Norm Hy 5490 Distribution: M'End Product REALISTIC 8. 6 cassette Ihoma. auto ponablel roc n'players. Compact Phora A piano COmbs w. an' o Ape units ante, hen tune.. 7-e.. Weaken turntables p.ond cartn. dg97 microphones (condenser dynamic). egushten headphones TAPE /AUDIO /VIDEO EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS & IMPORTERS Ranson Trading Co Inc 85 Bmadw.y. New 779 N Y 000 Tel ( P. K 0 Raney Sates Mgr M K Ram say. Adir Mgr N Kher Distribution. M Ret ID M: Rep Product: SUBLIME Bir 6 casxne Thnorn.e fluffy, LWOW) Mc n. pen compact phone re a phono combs w o tape cancan ncenen Weaken tumtabtes Pendell Insu urnems Inc 32 Duryea. Ihne Cale 9274 TN ( Pros 6 Adir Mg. Donald D Randon 0t, tabs 6 Mktg Charte. R Wbenx. Distribution M Rot Produce Amp,lrrs Rea.. see Radio Shock Reeoton Corp Crane St Long Idaho C): N Y 0 Tee 22) Pros Robot L Bord44t Sales Mg. Georg. Cave Reg 7 Sales Mgr Welter Wenenberg (Con/init.' on page Ts -!)p Oearonp Inc 20 Broadway NA N Y 0007 TN ( PIP Jay Shenker. Seise Mgr Mike Shenker. Ado Mgr 8) Shankr...Mom M cß4. M /OEM ID M'Rep Pnd. l- PATRONIC 86 yule) 6 caseene (nome para Of piano combs w' apa unit. amphi IM peempal.n curer. reekoven. Spool, MI phono canndgcs. rni -pickup ma parcs Iran.denser dreams). eedphones h Feanhme Communcrtarn Inc 930 Newark a i Ave Jrser City N J Tel (20) portable) tee rs, p.m, poneble Produce MAGNUM OPUS speakers Foie es Akdo Mfg 40 Jyt) Or Mass 0453 TO 67) Elm VP James R Nancoca. Seas Mgr Wrier E Srnwrrc Ass', Sales Mgr John E Farr DYtr%ution) M /OEM. M /Rep a. Producer. PEERLESS Speakers. PEERLESS/ M8 m.opwmes (condenser dynamic). heed po. : C Penney. we C It. P'er.. deem., Corp Washington SI Waukegan Tel ( An 6 Gen Mgr R Bruce Wight Ss. 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Cabs 9080 Tel 3 PIO50 d.r: PIONCER 6 c C/NEa yowl -n +payes CENTgEK BY PIONEER.s' ItsAIMblel40 n.'players compas Nano phono combs re "Lvov uns 90-Vryat. yes Me4dr Re49 pa Inc 4900 Wethe.edsv4e Rd. Elan. n Md 2207 Tel 30) George Mop. VPSel. Sandy Gross due.. POLK speaker FORMULA FOUR asem s P.A.. Sprite. Corp 2 Park Aw Suite New Yoe,N Y 006. Tel VP S F Fern Ch. Eng Abrrum B Cohen 99046utiow U- OEM. ID. M: Rep. Produce Speakers Potypa.. see Mot7tran Paphorn Reegs 85 Ate C. New yak N V 0009 Tel 22) Pros Jory. Bruca Se. Mgr Noel Menngton DiwitediPI M Ret 4/End. MrC P.n.I IMF speakers. SCNOEPS micro N'ornes Kandensn+l Power Up se. Kotdon Krrotons Prec Pan 3 Inc K 5t'. Fnnkln Pro le 603 TA (32) I Product GROMMES- PRECISION preampl. fors Iullart PRECISION ampd.n GROMMES receren apaaken Prawn see Peronma 844. Aoletd Video S 3 7 ón93-5d Kansas Mo 6409 Tel T44 Saks Mgt Nin [cadenne.. Asc Mgr Joe Sprlo Product la9e screen m:rnva. video porkton Pro 90 VWs..Inc l Ave Mom. Fa 333 Te. (305) WAYS TN P7duee Large frem t7evteon vdao prolecles Nat.. Snaorns Inc 005 O,on Ave Chian NJ 0703 TN 20( Pt. PF Garnbub Product LArye sown trevonn.,,,d. props Prs Prorrpod Sibs Co 8760 Ampo Ave NonA dgt Calif 9324 TN (23/ Prey Marin Pike. Mktg M9. 6a Lee Product Speaker. Puas Drames Mg Co,. PO Bo 355. Depot S:. CdN.e.. RI Tel G. Disbibutirl M Rot M OEM. M: End. M -C. ID M/R. /Nadu.: GALAXY am Pit...- pre- AP.. bud, see Sharma O R K Electronic Pm. Inc 568 N Saone You F74.a Ca TA Gen Mgr Cad Mammon DAmbubon M'RM. M -OEM M. End. kv Produce Pre-ampd.. t... anwms. Plano Can.dges stw -PeAw COO, 6 e... Co W. Grana Ave Frrstkn Park Is 603 Tel ßI Product Video ape lac ce. -plants M) Comm.ncoons SYMena On RCA. Col.. l Looking for a professional audio product? Westlake Audio is a lot more than a studio builder. We represent. stock, sell and service the finest professional audio products available today! Microphones, tape machines, amplifiers, speakers, consoles and more. Whatever your product need, call Westlake Audio. la deer Leal_ V-V7a til5 Ilg04 63 Wilshire BOA.. VV SrOiJ CWíS LPs Angeles. California Atlad f23) Telex Consoles Aud :octanes Automated Pro - Harrison Cetec Allen 6 Heath Yamaha Tape Machines 3M Electra Sound Otan and Gakamlcht Synchronisers Automated Processes 3M EECO Monitor Speakers Westiake Aud7o JBL Gauss /Ce:ec Amplifiers Crown J8. Crew.n -Vega SAE Yamaha Microphones AEC Electro-Voice Neumann Shure Sony Beyer P4. Support Equipment Allison Research Amber Allas Auratone Countryman )30 Dolby Editali Eventide Clockworks Inovon)ma Koss Lan9 Electrontes MRL MXR Multi -Sync Orban- Paresound Pandora Pultec Sennhelser Sony Stephens 5uper,K U.R.E.I. White EMT MumIx Custom Acoustic Design and Cootructioa Complete Studio. Control Boum and Echo Chamber Design. Construction. Wiring and System Interface. rmaak...aeon. wow.

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I Jy : sfe`...c'_,, ;.A '4' 7,4I os., N 4a.,, Where there's good music, there's a crowd. And a Trouper Series Mixer. AUDIO ENGINEERING SOCIETY 57TH CONVENTION BOOTH 24 For a poster of this bd, send $ for postage and handling to' UNI -SYNE DESIGNERS G MA7AJFAC TLIRERS OF professqnal AL6D SYSTEMS G EOUPMEM )02 NMP5i7E ROAD WESTLAKE VR.AC -CNfOR-A sofa 805, Woóm.n Mhq Senn Aar MO ÿ 6eb ONMIW7n 0 prom.. Opon red prdesaom9 a.0 rotrar r S.ylow 7723 DMwnr. A. Van Nue C.hl 906 Tel 23r 96 / h N.. arp.pow Iad.rrMon r roto Pera Swd..w.r E7nr0x Cap 0 W 77 M.. No Ya.. NY 006 TO Pron. s.dprorn3 SePwn Co Inc 43. Mrlw Awe N 435 Td Produa. Annphhae pn arphrws Yaw.. Srwwood El.ctrpx Ia.Inc..300M Cabla,. CH... Ir 60e N Q «roduel ArrpóA.ra. I./aa. wen. opeer Sr.p.M w Net. Pron... S.NtGOw on Wrote asaran. S.aea Mp Corp 225 Raw. r.m. Or Dols Te Td O Proa JK C.InN. VP M.p Tary G.w. A. Mp [tar IA roem. MRp Prod. re SHOWCOampldan p a9ulven oornax vowo.erl q.wrs Srsrr. Ba erc 222 Harney M. 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Mgr ft.., Ow. reo on...ono rep n /play 8 K.w. Ne. Deerpution 0. M /Rp en- Head Co. Inc 665 S Suu St San Lakn CST UM 84 TN Prot Stan Schubach D ossnbution M /Re. M /End hods.. ELEPR05Y5 we. tape Palen Is- CM:WM. 2spred, Taerarn me Tac Tac Co, 0 Amore., 7733 Telegraph Rd Iec ras Mon lebels Cala Tel ( P M Mesh, Isla... Sala Mgr Allen 7orKk AA Mg. Pouo W.sham. Promo Co. cod Inn Deny. Dleb.budon. M / Rep Product TEAL cassette prorm. penal We. lep. roan p.on ep 6 Eocsye( rep o / plasm oleo tape rtk n R OS" onm. releo Canwn 976w 6 coon, ttrr.u.ey micro chrome, no. reducers noniron mpmron preempdnn tuners MICRO -SEIKI vent... toneerms -p Lprolewo.7 recn /p a. etooe ucr To.0 ah By Bogen, w Bogen TedseW Sand Inds Inc 435 ne Dr WAIS)s Gs 3906 Tel ( WASS ( )94 Prods. Spoken Teen. 6, esnaeex. see Pane.. re4tom, w Gahm Aldo tes Co n.a. Me TM Theatre Tnedow w Oscan (*tumor 0.lunkan es Gooh.m Audio TeleMaton Ire 295 S 3600 Wes. Ssh Lake Coy Utah 849 Tea ( Prods. Ampidern. v..o tape rk n / play. TeleMon. gus. M ISC). 770 Park Ave Mun 56) Pradl I...reboot prod ) IIt P. Teiproses. M Tp. Had Co TThaatu Inc.0 Ed9w4od Dr Law X. Dery Se. Mgr Sat Nodgea DiatrIbutiort M /OEM ID. M /Rp The new King Self -Feed Cassette Winder. See it position, load and eject blank or pre -recorded tape cassettes. World leader in tape tailoring systems King Instrument Corporation, 80 Turnpike Road, Westboro, Massachusetts 058, U.S.A. ' : ) :6.9 lei.'- '6..48:7 All King Instruments are manufactured under one or more of the following U.S. patente U.S. Pat Nos , , , , 37734, 3753E35, Other U.S. and foreign patent pending.

58 Presto JULIETTE 8. TAPE /AUDIO /VIDEO EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS & IMPORTERS 6 own. Ow... oo.. re n!yayan. compel phew o...scorn. err Y woo urn u on. recovers speakers nhoophun. (dynamo) Mad der..+ Tatham Anion. Inc 280 Pan Ave Neye York N Y 00 Tel Pre Y Eduard Garland ropers. VP Mat. et.duet Tern pbybeck pup Worm Pof aebl tamped phone or Bono corn. v.. mrn nc n'pm.. tuners wen. apee.. en lutnmd.. Trade Center. Tpyan.nU A,..) Inc Wald Sun. 40. New Yon N Y 0048 Tl 07) Product INVICTA 47, 6 Otene ponir nulo pone., roc rs /Moors, compact 6 pon eeb dono a phono eon. err Y oro ape Traw w 8Ml Tr.n2udwn Ud 8 /Nrtlad Brnnra Pr t9007 Te ] Product Amacene Tmwtr.pno. MCM. me And... Troupe Seen w Un. -Sync TWV,K tra Utah Deomosa Tornir On Cau.c Corp Rd NE Ceda. Rapo. bea 520 T.I (39 ] Ge. Mot Jun Andrew. Wm Mgr lea. Goplall AA. Mgr Ron T.tbr granch.a Outra. Gul 8(x) S Moum.n Ave Zp 900 Tel 03) W.. n Rp SO.., Own. Weever -Cn ton, Gann. PO Bet 352 Zo 0643 Tel (203) , hp Sete Mg. Oa4 SA, Pop Product sropnonse (donen. U -Marc re Soo Corp U S Pemr Elecounsa Corp 75 Orlad R Mao n... RJ TO ,00 P4 Yarn ed Mach. Seto Mgr Ken Kg Ad4 Mgr Do... Knew PR Mgr Gnp. ganders GIR, Esteem Ave bp Tel 23 32a3-3,0 pooch Mgr Ron R LoLod... Sew Mar on lean., -ft Gm gasps Ave 2p Tel Pep Sres Mgr Jan Gooamen DYtnánbn M: Rp THE OTARI DP- 006: DUPLICATOR Slave Recorder Medium Size + High Performance = Budget Price Master Reproduce, No, there's nothing wrong with this formula. Not when it's applied to OTARI's new DP -00 6' Duplicator. The DP -00 is Otari's sensibly- priced alternative to the larger, high speed 32. duplicator systems. Designed by OTARI's experienced engineers with an eye to the specific needs of radio programming & medium volume duplication companies, the DP -00 boasts many features of systems costing more. The versatile DP -00 produces both cassette and,pen reel copies, either two or four track, from or h inch master tapes And no duplication assignment is too large or too small for the OP -00. The reel -to -reel master may be used for average production runs, while for bigger lobs, the modular ' or h inch bin loop can easily be added. The standard DP -00 package includes three slaves (expandable to five), with either bin loop or reel -to -reel master. Slaves are field convertible between cassette and open reel. Bin capacity 800 feet Also available with reel -to -reel master. Reel- to-reel master convertible between and 'S inch tape. Expandable up to live slave units. Slave convertible between cassette and Y. Inch open reel, 6: duplicating speed ratio. Ferrite heads on cassette slaves. Flutter: Less than 0.% wrens. Speed Deviation: Less than ±0.2% Frequency Response: Master: 50 to 5 khz ±248 at 7',; ipso (NAB) Slave: 30 to 2 khz 3240 at -7/8 ids. (DIN) Signal -to -Noise Ratio: Greater than 55dB Crosstalk: Greater than 55dB Average Production (with three slaved: C /hr C /, DP.60 Bidirectional Audio monitoring Reproducer also available in cassette and open reel versions. redues: PIONEER uwo. 6 open r Dyrml ass n; O,Wate eo,pkrasrs a. Wry. orawrin n speak.. e..mawe headphone& down.0 groomers Y.eny Mt U. d Moo Koch Ave V9etead Cala 9030 Tei Prao ye Setae Mgr Join Meet Prost USER ae. on 6 oser red 3.00 ribbon tie Pre rd Penn cule porlaalr rolf e NaCne t5a.. Ubewr w Sow 42o. U..oced Ire 75 fro Womb., N a ' P roóst UNVOX meet. mcrpneres eauekrrs U y New pn N Y 000 Tr ego eg5.500 ho 742 ee3p U.-Sync. Inc 742 a Wwl78 Y7 erse co., redact, TROUPER SERIES moos Umm. Andy Prods ho 20 S Calt ow, Ave Morn Vernon. N Y 0553 Teo 844 ) Got My Rab.. A Sump Maly Mer J. Sa.M Preduot. DUAL moor Pdrrl.l rs'.!pley u.eooe era U nm.d R A Lab Ccep 68 Seth Ave Nos Yen NY 0022 Tel 22 75,4663 Pew Georg Ads. Sam. Mgr tee Arm Adr Met Amu Adret Leta Marta Zp 0022 Olerrsnrslon: 'Rel. MrEnd M:C a. M. Pp Press AUTOTEC open.d brdworw h.,. der... amd4.n. dos.vr m ens. en mals est a are unmpr Ur.cord Utah Eno..ce. 2E Nona. S HSK,. Ind Tel Pre*.. keel A M ecpnr W Sa. n 6.09 De 5...r. O leulorwa: Mr Rea M. OEM. 0 Produce TRUSONK 6 UTAH pw.en rr. Y{yd w Sen. V L w Voons V M Cop 305 Too.. Rd Bence. hobo Moo Tel Pet Venir Mie Seta MY C J Ste.. DedMrien: 6:06M ID h.dtlot YOKE Of MUSIC lummiaer Vrr.psech w 4hCon Voiles Ebcnono Corp 22 Gord Are. farm v,pd. N Y 735 Tel P. Warren 5 RoaeerM. Salt Mer Peu Kaftan Ad. Mer Gtorp (a..., Cury Ses hi./ Kano A Oe Sena Produit: Pream().wf Mdphw.n VdeoWn wadvet vdao -awtr. w C.. Same. M. Rp Vbp roc 0 Encl. Mou gr 333 Tel ( s Produit- MAG,/rS0N.dos YgRW erpn. KMp Vote A3ow. me canot. Muted Vnm.. Myna 65 Pod Tel Tr M5í s Henry.e.r 6l7e*. Sew Harmed Pressa Yb DAVID 6 Vl speekee VIS ONIK Voce o w Vac. wag 352, t 3 t Son Sun vow Ca th 9352 T R Product woke Tnr.duop Syuema Ito Green Ind RO Md Tel Td 33 Sa Pies 6 Adv Mgr frank J 'WaLLe Sale My E An Owtnlatlew: M: OEM_ MEnd M rc. Rep Prr2wo RS arteaan 'era lump d WaNr K2ds Co Inc 263 Ele. pep. Spann. Rd NWrds. NV 746 tas 293 Pes J Pop Wrirl Saba MP HM Gne.berp Oia.riMion M.Rp Product 6 n 6 came. mortar/mi ry pwe cc... potable shore YVep6j tombs ape b MCMMt sows. WI,. Ewa More Ave.. Sdyumbu.p 60,93 Td Wes SO' Wh.m Sc. Mgr M Jonc.. Ado - "ep goo Gat 0.9..rctm. M. Ras. ''Rp Product. SHOT -0.l55 apeeken wan. Ebrnao Corp 20 Broady+.. Tort N Y 000 Tal Product' Tern son. aw Wood SpetWly Nods Inc 50 Toe Si..amee. Moe 6470 Tel P ros Deed Konen VP Sew 6 Adv Roo L Jdnronn Dicogon one: WK. 0. LA 'Rep P.M. PARALLAX spool. Wong Co LW_ 2,2 N V Bt. Ave Iywdad, Gehl TO 23) Proses. Ampere pc.e.. 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NOW OFFERS YOU THE FINEST IN DUPLICATING SERVICES Specializing in Eight Track and Cassette Duplication WE OFFER YOU THE QUALITY THAT YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR BUT HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO FIND. For information on our line of TRACKMASTER PRODUCTS AND SERVICES PLEASE CALL OR WRITE Trackmaster, Inc. 30 S. Dixie Highway West Pompano Beach, FL Tele PRATT -SPECTOR CORPORATION 46 MERRICK ROAD ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y / or 56/ Cassette labels Splicing tapes Sensing tapes Dual manual tape dispenser Paper leader tape Bulk cassettes Sensing tabs Editing blocks No abrasive head cleaner "Pro -Splice" kit Acetate edit tape Sensing tape leader CASSETTE LABELER* AND IMPRINTER IN ONE Fast, Efficient, Precise, Economical Attachment for 8 -track available PRATT -STIX SENSING TABS 04\ `IIjrIWIß.IWG Economical Ease of application (Dispenser available) r

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No. 20 CASSETTE SPRING PAD ago 6 55 PD Narlh P,erce PRODUCTS Ph0na 302eó "' SPECIAL CASSETTE PINS No. 508 FOAM SHIELD 8 TRACK FOAM PAD SPECIAL DESIGNS ON REQUEST No TRACK CARTRIDGE SPRING PAD MICHIGAN DETROIT METROPOLITAN AREA (Area Code 33) 8.7y Ele<r07,Ct Corp PO eel. 42. Frase 4e026 Tel Pres.. Seta 6 Ad, Mgr Allan Bo., Gen Mgr M tael Tartan A' nse ROldf Prod m Woodward A. Lp Tel Pra Arthur H F.e ds. VP 6 Gen Mgr Thomas C A9uv.o Prone. RK g Stud. Inc 26645W 2 Mle Rd 5wthl,eld48039 Tel Pm Gay A Rubo Nudo only, Tape Tmrvcs Inc 750 E Ma Madion Heghe Tel Nude onn MINNESOTA MINNEAPOLIS -ST PAUL (Area Code 62) E M 80E sum St St Pa. 550 Tel Pm Davd E. Feinberg. Sales M. Rohe. T Steens (Auto Meta Coni Inc, 707 W Broadway Mmnaepdn 554 Tel Pra Jemes McCann 5eln k Pnrrp T Lmn Nudo 06 MISSOURI ST LOUIS METROPOLITAN AREA (Area Code 34) K 8 K Rat g Stud. 47 volasnew. Manchester 630 Tet See the Cartomatic Mark I in operation. Join us in Suite 462 A.E.S.. Los Angeles Hilton. or contact Electro Sound, Inc. 60 San Gabriel Drive. Sunnyvale. CA Telephone (408)

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My M Same H Taono Intl Co 23 E 55 SI IrP o0 TN Prw urw Madan ry,v o4m 86r0 lea.0 N J 5, T VdoGaeW D W p Corp Wadepr Total Vdae. 565 Fndl AN 7g 00 Tal Pros 88 Goo Sae Mgr R J Naraa.m Ad. My K 0 la.k ry.deo orlyi PLAINVIEW (Area Code 56) Jeeman En Inc 6 Newoak Ave 20. ei 522 :7 Ores - PORT CHESTER (Area Code 9 auocr,.e Auca srv..n. 46 Iq 057] N Pre. Prue $Yee Mgr Asan C Jor.rtkon.7rI ROCKVILLE CENTRE (Area Code 56) Prao 5peab Cop 46 4.rí Rd 29 t Gt.. I54C 22( 227 e TN MgraeeGomes, SNn Mgr Mgr Pall Maarmnm Pete Gr; RYE (Area Code 94) I.ikestr red Sped to Ns Tri ,,o,o.o in, STONY POINT (Area Code 9 atg Co 25 S L TN has an Sik. Mgr G Mad AM- Masr Oludu onlrl.. YONKERS (Area Code 94) yd. SMwan 4 Prue n Ca,ry Inc 65 T. Nee Rd bp 070 TN N. NORTH CAROLINA KINGSTON (Area Code 99) New valer Enw PO Bo. t 5: TM her Jdm F 8arlrt A S. My John lei. N,aa. A Ade Myr Heywood Send 044. WOO The shape of things to come s here today. At least that's what our customers say. You see. Shape, Symmetry S Sun, Inc. s known as an innovator in the plastics and high -speed automation industry. No easy task. Maybe its because we manufacture the best C -O's and 8- tracks on the market. Or maybe it's because we offer the world's only modular Automatic Cassette Assembly System with built -in advantages she significant capital investment savings, easy maintenance, and the unique ability to Increase production by plugging additional assembly stations into the line. And our new Automatic Cassette Packaging Machine is a great performer.. it automatically folds. positions and loads inserts into cassette boxes at the rate of one every two seconds. Like they say. the shape of things to come Is here today. MHAtr0= Shape, Symmetry & Sun, Inc. Biddeford Industrial Park, Biddeford, Maine C -O CASSETTES SONIC SEALED, SCREW -TYPE, COMPUTER GRADE and /or OTHER CONFIGURATIONS NORELCO BOX BULK CASSETTE LOCKS HIGH -QUALITY CASSETTE COMPONENTS 8 /TRACK and QUAD CARTRIDGES The shape of things to come is here today Call or write our President. Tony Gelardr. and let him tell you why OHIO CINCINNATI (Area Code 53) Asroolt Rec 9 Co 95 W Eynd, 5. $ TO 2a4304 P. Ea T. hank Jr Co.atwpvt Cam. Shaba rc 37. Ave bp 452 TN has 4 5ak+ Mgr 5re O-Stw Au. 0 C A CYO., Prtnap Sta^rrtr fksen Cdr Inc I 283 Svrq Gow Aw bp 4 TN has Eeiaa R Saks Mgr Joseph $4Ae M. Mq' SarJ Wru ontrl Rin Am Pradn. Inc 9745 ladnr RO Ti Pre. Ca, J Toed VP Ph. M aartl.ardl IAudo NEWARK (Area Code 64) Vraca OUSeund 7275 Focs, Zq TN Pros RabedP Ad Mgr.wo Dhi son OKLAHOMA -i T TULSA (Area Code 98) I Am l ad 747.2=7N apet MmnoRrnl Prat 06,0., R Gnr a. Ally Gov INNa, ora OREGON TROUTDALE (Area Code 503) dory Corsene M.rwnes IS Victory Pak t TN Pees Dan don_ Sala. 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VP Sales Jack Scar Hate office Greet Nock N Y K M Rev Inc I 2980 N Ontario St Burbank 9504 Td Pies Glade Me dley S" Mktg John J HeM Kahn Meleg Santa Fe Ave 2.p Te P R Ireeei Tens Hauts Ind 8265 gs,..r 868 ol R5n. e 09 Nol vwppotd Te VP Sete, Richard Ware Nome eñe Nefta Yoh, N Y DOettne S:I 30.4 Hát Corp 6290 Sweet &tad Hollywood Tel Hrne offre Lora Island Coy INew York Mat. nopo.tan Areal N V Plana RKlvnatd. Inc Rogers Peekagerg Corp Ruch We. of Perna -Tram Proda, 0430 Tunings Age. Stn V.A.Y 9352 Tel WATS f Iesept Cant I Con - as S6 &nosh K.+emed ea -,h,.a only; Noe ilion Cowers,.. Ohio 5 appadcag.r C330 Glendale Blvd me Hoeft Mims New Yoh N Y Sa e T rd Ins 8295 Sweat Bled Zip SIaoor boats J G n r Core 57 i Santa Mon.. B.a Lp Ure.d Sound Iry 8 W Magnas Bawl Br,r bee 9506 Td vewle. Inc 6255 Sunset Blvd Hollywood Tel VPSaWa Phd Peen Wed Coo Seek Rep Sert Rosa Males rl Ma Herse Ohm. New Yoh. N Y Rents Alkrwown Pa Aaenlown Roc Co,. wedand Gophers N.loye.ged Wry fir.. Be0 9,505 Ter Pre. George T Par. Saks M. Richard T Pao. SAN FRANCISCO & BAY AREA Area Code 45) LAde. tretne Lnl.ogrep/ ers ROO Forgea 6.0 Sv,m San Fearsome Tel ''o.audo Tape Em IGATEI 35 GSt San&Mae Why do you think it's called public address? The audience is there to have a good time. You're there to work. But, if you're not projecting the sound you've worked so hard to perfect, you just wasted all those long hours in rehearsal. Now that you're increasing your public, it's time to address yourself to an investment in PA. Check out Yamaha's EM- Series of affordable. fully- integrated sound reinforcement systems. The EM-80, 00 and 50 integrated mixer! amplifiers. From four to six input channels, from 60- to 50 -watts RMS. Link them together for even greater flexibility. They're reliable and roadable becausethey re built Yamaha tough. Yamaha's unique stereo balance control lets you optimize sound levels in different parts of a room. Practically any setup is possible with combinations of microphones and electric instruments taken direct. amplified and submlxed- When it comes to speakers,yamaha has two impressive models to choose from. Every component is made by Yamaha to our own exacting specifications. Yamaha's super -efficient, two -way S45H enclosures with a horn -loaded 5" woofer, HF horn/ driver combination with level control, and 00 watts power handling, make perfect mains. On the other hand, our S02T enclosure with 0" and 2" woofers, four 2" cone -type tweeters, and 80 watts power handling, are ideal as stage monitors or excellent low -cost house mains. Both models have built -in passive crossovers. and are available with built -in power amps. For all the facts, send this ad along with three dollars. (Please, certified check or money order only. No cash or personal checks.) We'll rush you an operation manual complete with block diagrams on our EM- Series. Or better yet. see your Yamaha dealer and plug -in to an EM. It may be for your audiences. but their enjoyment is going to pay off for you. YAMAHA MusCOl )oro egeet, Combo p.n Oroogethorpe Avenue. Buena Port.CA Wale P O Box Been] Park. CA 90622

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"There's a rumor going around about a company that designs great record covers & liners, ads, tape labels, catalogs plus 8 other fascinating services." "To find out more about this rumor call..." Xee,, -s, Inc. 50ESYS3S. DM Br NY.073 TEL SaptNAaepfmNe.uFM04rvFamalMq957 \ 8 TERRE HAUTE (Area Code 82) Arco Prei Inc PO eoe.5 Zq TO Pm Jam. S Roy. Sale. Mgr OM Whorl Ivy Nre rpmrr.nanrglrm. Inc face MwnfOn Ind Pah Lp Tal 4669BSt V/ Oon Ford Mow om.ce. Greet Nee.. N v Keay Meq Fort Narn.n IN Pa. bp 7805 TN Hoene Woe toe M9Nn CN.I IOWA CARLISLE (Area Code 55). ry.. Re Cap.55 F.n, S, Prn Nudo l Aura Zp 507 Tel DES MOINES (Area Code 55) 7'.77 iasr.ea." Iq Comae, M Sm.n Swwvom ICustomuad warms annl LOUISIANA NEW ORLEANS (Area Code 504) Ken Keene Ira I. PO Boa 3763 bp 7D I Cm Mot one office SI Lour.. Mo SHREVEPORT (Area Code 38) Imp.m9Inc PO Bea 3697 Zq 7 03 Tel Provo. o«nod wd La g. Ion ICwormed I. Nos mnl VILLE PLATTE (Area Code 38) Vr. Pate Rer Mfg Co 70E Cede.. Z.p TN Pr. J Floyd Soh. Salts Mgr J K Solosu Romp Sol. Mp MASSACHUSETTS BOSTON METROPOLITAN AREA (Area Code 67) F Rae 9 Cc lo, 7 P 025 TN St CHICOPEE (Lea Code 43) the.nro Inc Restre 6 Second Am Zo 0020 TN Pr. Fans ;mu 2P pons Etc Sans MICHIGAN DETROIT METROPOLITAN AREA (Mea Code 33) Tape Toms Inc 750E Mandrine Mahon Negras N MISSOURI ST LOUIS (Area Code 34) Kw K.ea I J9 5.P 5,0 TN InI 0 prat 6 Adr Mp Kwas Kawr Ste. 9n Paren ItarchwNersOMena rte d 9a, Sea.-. NEW JERSEY CAMDEN (Me. Code 609) ROONdd Pop of Labs My d Recorded Pup, rra NV Co Inc 00 St.. St Zq 0605 TN Ph/ , Pre Dam N Goodman Sales Mgr Pal UM.. Acv Mgr (Mod J Goodman Salee Moe New Yak N Y COLLINGSWOOD (Area Code 609) Pam Prods PO Bat 29 Zq 08. TO Pm Joseph A Paul When you need -. CASSETTE DUPLICATION STANDARD OR MICRO -CASSETTE Benefit from the Quarter -Century of Experience & Expertise of JULIUS A. KONINS President of Cassette Productions, Inc Creator and inventor of, and holder of patents on, the fastest, most advanced cassette duplicating equipment in the world Custom Cassette Duplicating Quick delivery on short runs, even 00 or less Extreme length capability: we can give you a longer - playing cassette than anyone else in the world, with no sacrifice in quality. Drop- shipping under your label available Extra high quality Call JULIE KONINS at or address him personally at: CASSETTE PRODUCTIONS, INC. State Highway No 7. Upper Saddle River, N / JERSEY CITY IArea Code 20) 3 sonst I; Inc 8tl0 Art q 5-07Ú5 J tn NYC 2) LYNDHURST Area Coda 20) Cdwfpr-Ldnoprf w Sm PO Bo Tel Pm J G vrmc. peto NEWARK (Area Code 20) AM re R. Corp Custom Svf C. 4 Con. Avt bp 0707 Tel PARK RIDGE (Area Code 20) Cade. Rocs O Bo. 76 Zro (N VP Sus+ R MoogNrve e offs. Lof 4geb CO.' RAHWAY (Area Code 20) Spnngbord Im 947 U5 Nv00 I Zq 0065 N Pm Duse Pug... VP Not Brapmn Sale. LA. 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Gs Inc 37 Pawl 8.5 m Tei P FAN.. Sale Acv. Mgr Mann 5 SHARON (Area Code 42) M.po Race Io, 59 Eamon Rd LP P Krrarcc. Sr Mp M.nreenrwcc Acv Mgr Ru0T. PUERTO RICO CANOVANAS (Area Code 809) onw Race NPuem Roo Art PO Be TN PUERTO NUEVO (Area Code Low. Rods a veno Ebro. Old L.6 dm ad Lip TN '809) 78 t Coda. RaOh GonaW Now offa New. N Y TENNESSEE Loss MEMPHIS Area Code 90) Croire Mpar,e 32 5 Poore SI 38 W TN NASHVILLE AREA (Mea Code 65) 44mf N The, Ms or Fro, Jam. E et New C -4 STEREO \ \` Cassette Copied. C -'s Super Sister. Ono button operation Automatic rewind 6 limes speed. 30.p.í_ Track selectan YOU CAN AFFORD IT. ANYONE CAN OPERATE IT. Introducing a low cost stereo cassette duplicator to complement our famous Super C- Monaural Model. The same high performance. reliability and beautiful design. The same simple operation. just press a button. The C-4 is also designed to absolutely protect your masters while duplicating them. Write or call for an Illustrated brochure on Pentagon's lull line of duplicating systems and premium Cassettes. 075 NORTH OLCOTT. CHICAGO. IL // COLOR CASSETTE LABELS READY FOR IMPRINTING OR IMPRINTED TO ORDER SHEETS ONLY CHOICE OF 0 COLORS/2 WHITES SEND cri FOR SAMPLES AND PRICES PAULI PRODUCTS P. O. BOX 29 DEPT. BD COLLINGSVVOOD, N. J (609)

65 Bd. 746 bp 372 TN Roger Ca0.3 Inc 5 Cnunn S Goodlens»ae Tel P,.s Randal L M. Gleam TTage Dppsn L. 34 Hia Ave Zp ]7.' 778 Mgr Kan 77w. In' PO Boa 56 M37202í TN COnla[ Tom Pallardy Loua Mo Sols,lao. SI Co, 20 Music Square W io TN Prn Regg. M D,ddm.r VP Oip., 6 Sales Mgr Ronald L Nash.. Im Fyn Ado Mp Rober Duson 47 Commerce 3729 Tet Wale. Pr., Co. TEXAS Zp FORT WORTH AREA (Area Code 87) Roc Ness. dl Amena Inc PO Bur N Grail Pawn. Arkng Im 760 Prn Da»d M HnwNl SAN ANTONIO (Area Code 52) CL Eau Inc 002 Hoe/gen St Ge 7820 Tri Pro C Foy Lee WACO (Ares Code 87) Cnatw. Cgrnonnu Le. Inc Nub of She, 920 N Valley Mao bp 7670 Tel VP Mao Mann Mao's Pont Seep Gom Z.p Tel Custom Duplicators ALABAMA MUSCLE SHOALS )Area Code 205) Roc g 5000 Inc 603 E Avalon Ave Zip TN Aube: El.. aloeno. open real CNumda Rec Prod no 8430 Slanet Blvd. woad Ho,- TO We Saks Cant Mgr Mike Coolidge (SM os Plants o. enm Santo Mar.. Cold Ind Pisan N J Audio 8 -V 8....phonic faisan. open reel Custom Rec Mfg Co 580 S Normand. Ave bp TN P.. Jules B Imo VP James They Audio: 8. Cu.", Tape Duo, n 6336 Ancona Pr. Zp TN Audio: 8. ease., Dole Inde Inc 0845 Vanowen St North Hollywood 9605 TN WATS H Ents Audio Cassano Inc 9537 TN., Aye Sune 2 Er Monk 9 73 Tel Pros 6 Saks Mg, Malcolm IC Monett Adv Mgr Oa.d 5 Dn.oec0 Aude Cassano open nid Rao Jacoba Aude Inc 49 Santo Fe Ave Long Beach 9083 Tei P. Ray W- ash. Saks Mgr Harry Jacobs Ado Mgr Bob Jot.. Audi. Craw. open K R T Mfg Inc 623 C..awt SI Van Nuys 0408 Tel Pros Armando T bon. Sa.a 6 Sery Mgr Jorn Pennon Ado Mgr W P., Ring. awn. Audi. By M L Tape DuK g 6834 Super,, SI SeMhved TN Orner 6 Prey e.d Bop Audio. &b canette Mega. Corp 825 lankershim Blvd. Notts Hoa lywood 9605 TN AI dig B -o open tool More Musc Ems Inc 535 lad. Canyon, Sum 700. R.N. Hdll ood 9607 Tel AWIe. Casa. open reel P R C Rec g Co Idw N RNmnnd Rec.. Co,/ 8265 Sunset Pod Sure 09, Hdhywood T VP Sales Pc,. Ware Some oei- New Yak N Y Aude Bau, own Pasadena Sound Roc 276 N Raymond Pas dew 903 Tel Audi 8. alumna RCA Rocs 6363 Sunset Pod HNlywood TAPE SERVICES Where do the people who want Memorex go when they can't buy it from you? TO Roc g Mgr Dod. anale (Seim on.. onhl Home Hip: New York N Y Pint: IM.nepol.k Audio' B-V &V quadrophonic cos... open raid open reel quedrephpn5 Rade Canal 427 W Frith 5 Zp 9003 T Audio' Casson open r.n Sound Gt; Inc 5456 Cano. Rd Van Nuys 9406 Tel Audi. 8 b own. open reel (C,777a7ed on page TS -3l) ARIZONA PHOENIX (Area Code 602) aud.vdeo tbc rs of Anone 3830 N Se v san St Zip 8504 Tel AOe. Cavetto open reel Kdo. k" assene Gen. Cawne Corp 324 N 22 Ave Zip Tel Prn 80 Johnson meson. open reel Au.p COD. 40 E. espnes Rd Zip 2. TN Prey Jo.n A M. Calane open reel SON (Area Code 602) PO Boa 5487 Zip TN AN$AS TESVILLE(Area Code 50) 0, T Prn P. Snarly 8It anon TLE ROCK (Area Code 50) Galati. open re0l IFORNIA ANAHEIM (Area Code 74) Harry McCune Sound Sers Inc 50 W Cernes Zp TN LA Gen Mgr Bruce Burn Some 606': San Francis Cold Audio Cassette Won reel E.o. " open re.. cone. `n" E. Open reel FRESNO (Area Code 209) Co... Annals Corp PO boa 474 ZV TN Pres Ray Cam,cho Sales Mgr Mingo Cevvanles Adv Mgr Jess Luna Mdse 8+r nsoene open reel GARDEN GROVE (Area Code 74) Taper, Cats 727 Garden Grove Blvd Zip 9264 TN Pries Jim Nage. Saks Mua Pat Kenny Audio Cassel. LOS ANGELES METROPOLITAN AREA (Area Code 23) A T & T Pc g. 725 N Hphund Zip Aries: co...,. open reel open.aid quad" Pleat 40.4 Tape (hp! n 5358 Canwrgñ7 Ave Nona Hollywood 960 Tel Gen Mgr Norman C Cooke Api Canera. op«n root Ab. Turwbk 6 Tope 725 N Highland Hot Peeod Tel Prey Ted C.Wer. SNn6 Ado Mgr Go2ane Audio. 8 hr 8+. guadnp7onc cassette 0000 re.. open.eel quadrophonic. Whew k"a...corp Mut Div 500 Rods Or Glenda. 920 Ter aides of. only, PM EA Gros. Why. ldiodo Mevopoliten 4.aa IR Audio: 8-b 8. quod.aphont, alaeetle oe. root op on r W A5 b na 37 ZiP Tel 2549 Pten' 306 Rohner D. Zp Tel Audi Carmin Prod Cabnco Rd Von Nuys 5406 Tel Prw T R Skeet«Mg, J Eddy. Soap Mg. W. Trowbndg Amara Caaaw..pdn nid. open reel Idrero d.. Thousands of Memorex cassettes. 8-tracks, reels, and accessories will be bought today. So it figures that if you're not selling Memorex products, the consumer is buying them somewhere else. And probably spending the rest of his audio money somewhere else. Now there's a very easy way to get people to buy Memorex in your store: Make sure you carry the full Memorex line. MEMOREX Recording Tape Memoree Coroordan. Santa Ciara. Cablorme USA

66 J TAPE SUPPLIES Empty Cartridge, Cassette & Reel Manufacturers A. heap, see Universal Tap Amps Cop Monete Tap Ow 40 Broadway Redwood Gry Call TM Wane. Mandais. W Radar á Le 920 TM Adana. Ga. 335 Gs., á Suva 0 bp TN (45) ell Grove Va-., III. 220 Lem Ava ZN Tel 02, BaMtla, Md., 025 Fanwood Rd IN id , Hekwaaaf. NJ 75 Caiman Rd ZN 0760 TN Ta., 65,dm.I á Tel (24) 6379,00 Ardis: $p case. op. use Ampo Nod'na th 60 FAN Ave New Yow N Y 00 Tel (22) G. TAPEKKRON Te Prn Maned Kupeenan, W...Ion Ion. Sales De Mr dal Laguna Audio 8s, 6 asseta Adyr..a Inds Inc 90 &050^ Rd Cv". N J 0702 Td ß0l Ne Sah 6 Adr Mqr Ch. fieni Jr Audio. Cassette 6 subaammas of casette Pak e,rd lk larder, A. R.N. Aulos Inds Inc NJ TO Rn M Opalds VP M Thaw Au. Bar caw. Aldomatc Grp 290 Ave of the Amercn, New Y 009 TM (2 SBNd70 Teks Tete Nn M.50n 8 SWn Tenafly a Cor Intl bnr France Acadie: Bar 6 cassette BASF Sy terns. Crosby á Genand VP Eked.. Mea 0730 Tel Pen G Golden Mktg Sends Mgr J P 04 Saba Q Mgr J 5 Wale. A. Mqr R E DaMwo Branles: Sema Monks. Cs9 307 Car ri b 4w. La 90;04, ,4057A878 - La ve 6060 Tel TN Clfieo. NJ.. m tag Rt 48 Lp 070 TN 20, 546 J9 - OaM.Tract ter,,360 MWwry $une 255 Z9p Td 20 riel 7 T t` Audio: Open reel C I w GrtrrSt IMF bene. Corp Cp, 5 Rock? w 608 Td 85 39] Prn Rob. L Fbmrep Ira., Sandra Flan, tek Mg, M Onk w C.99 p p 4 6 4K0a 60 Aurho nd CI Su awn Gr T Aw 6 ) 8n name p Glane Marten app 2) d $t rp.kan owns N 070 ( An 03 Gaon Gro 70 5 Sao- Cdlerp 9e Arut her Cal( T 74) Pros Ede, Gmson. Sales Mgt Ray Al. Me Mp HN WA. Aunty. $h a owns CNN. Magnetics (d. d CBS Inc ). 5 W 52 SI New York M Y 009 Tel 22) Dn Glenn Han Ikanch: Cnlury CHy, CNN.. 80 Gnlury Pan W Zoo TO NN, Saba D, Jerry &a5ugh 5 Great Pashto Rd PM. O.., Cam, Lp 0680 TN 203) Pant Mg, Ray Hughes Audis. 8 6 avenu Com95 Grp 24 7 W árenp5 Bv0 Ln Art qnn CaM 90.4 TO Prn Rchafd W Mope Audio. Gbene Cenon Germ.. Inc 34 H. Are NaNV45 Tenn 3720 Ta Prn GI Tam Asdo. $0 B rand Mme Lee, J. Sweo Oak Inds Inc 0845 Van.. St North N.Ywood CNd 9605 TN 03) WATS Audi. Cap e 6 opon awl Corp 55E 44th Ss N. Yon r 00 7 Tel Hon. o8w Korn Oalsung Ind Audio Gs era D.b P.pp.n9 Cop.205 f'.." GmbWp Ora TM Prn Oro Mane,gnar Ner I Soh Mgr Jae R Au6a. $i. 6 marna Vlec - Cana Wateta MmrCap t25 Beta Gs M.-ta GMI TN VDey h'.. EW ope reeó OHS- r Past 4 52E á Hrgnb. ALCD 46 6 T. 73) 5 Prn Day VP6C Mar Paul May... Pant hop Phil K Audio Bru 6 asana E H C w Etenr Hanes fteplnyk HanesG 22, S, Rear. N Y `07 TN Pm Pah $alts Mg, ELee $myrrekn Mahe Mauna Brand nad EHC El Ma, Platt Inc 82E Arta..IOC Gnon TO ßt VP 6 S. Mgr Scar Aus $9 oar.. 5'57 'paon reeb Fdlpec 09 á Mount laure,. N J tg Ger, 0-.n Soh 6 Mktg My Mna Caf slant,.and NAB IA. B 6 Bard names Nester Gab.N Mfg Co G Inc S á.sooty Pool. M Y TO TN P. Edmond Gabo 5.55 Mar G are Ada Mgt W Meyer Amt.: seen. InlermagneKa app 528 St. Sana MN. Co. 955 Td 23393,928 Na Ir vnrq Kau VP Bnsr Weber VP Saks George Johmon: VP Im I Sales Terry Wh.lock Audio B.0 It Ens Inc 6 Newcastle Aw Ptammew. NY 803 TN Mes Al ten Frost Aurlb: Bu marne 6 open roe Koh Cap PO Bo Tucson Mu T Nn 654.Mgr Key sun Mokhowen Audis: Craw. Laer Jet Sweo see Centon Cantle lento Co PO Bo N 69 5e Len- Cassette Duplicator System COMBINES DUPLICATION AND LOADING INTO ONE OPERATION Improves operator efficiency. Up to 50: duplication ratio. Reduces direct labor costs. Eliminates need for bin loop marier. Exceptional for short runs. RECORTEC, INC. 777 PALOMAR AVENUE SUNN V VALE, CALIFORNIA Ho., can Nab Tel (402, Pets Don honhardl Sales 6 /. Mp Doh 0 CnapM Au6o: Gaaa Lannon Mlq Cap Entem..776 Nob Ov Can St Woman Pa 6365 Tel Prn J A)Ile len.,par Dee Nu d Re ber l9oraa.per MM C Tea Ma MLap Mega w PP.. Reel Magneli Mkeq Corp 29 VMby Vmw Tan w.yre NJ 074]0 2069g, Pm TSOrr,aa J Haeawr Ads Mg, M &ouvre Audio Bh c.4 rsd wawa MMC MC MspsstK Cap 668 Maniera Pats. 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RWgNya N J Buy Direct From Manufacturer PINCH ROLLS and PRESSURE PADS Standard Sizes in Stock Silicone or SER Rubber Pinch Rolls Four Lb. Density Foam Heat Tested Pressure Pads Specials Made To Order Teflon' Washers and Molar Rings in stock Ou Pont Trademark TO ß0i adman Ass', Dare Apo. 4*4*5' Ga ap.hats. Oml.a Steal pays duds Msa4 6 wwow. spr, pads Chi Dunn Above 20 Locke Rd P. tab 082 TM (67) Per. Orr Dan Asst,: Sba.q nark Iced. Locks Oy,PS MN 4807 TO Prn Frank Day. VP 6 Gan Mqr Per. M Hayes PL. Mp PM 545 Au6o: Gress hubs raw. saws El Ma. Platt Inc 82 E Mere Blvd C.pan, GM to ( V:B Allan Sae, Saes Mgr Made 8-V 6 carets. pans Gabriel Mlq Co Inc 25 S 4enr De Pam N Y 0980 TO Pet Ed.. Gab. Sobs hop 4dv My W Au6. Mayes hub.. N. Flirt Grp 289 Haw St South N J TO Mqr JAR St Thomas Audio. Carers Yam. 6 peas. pads lento Inc TN VP San 6 Miag PO Sa.4. Hanna, kf. b (29) Prn Jan J W P. KN.. Atdb: Barahmrc pch raw. Intlrtrugh KCap t. Ser,b Memo Cad.404. TM Prot Ina vuq Kau VP &uo. We.. 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67 LEADER LOCK THE HEART +I OF YOUR ' CASSETTE That little piece of staking rod makes the bg difference on the Otlal.ty of your cassette. Our Nader lock s better because our acesal Is DOUBLE EXTRUDED. A process which delivers a rod diameter tolerance of not more than ±.0005".027mm). - Sizes from.049'.2446mm) to.068" (.7272mm - Eatruded m increments of.00'.0254mm - Tolerance not more than 0005" (027mm) - Popular saes -.052".320mm) and.063".6002mm) stocked for immediate shipment Desgned and engineered for the cassette Industry by the Burnhams of New York our staking rod virtually eliminates cassette failure duet(' leader tape pull -out. Ask about Our Mm. Rod for Min, Casselles EXClusnee Agents for She Burnhams CHET DUNN ASSOCIATES Manufacturers' Representatives 20 Locke Road Billerica, Mass. 082 (67) Audio. C 6 m.m.<ama passas Pm, pads sno.s 6 erndows sc.,.vs Universal Tape sheen Corp Inc 82 E ante.. Carson 8754 Cold Td Pres Edwerd O Pr., Audio: 8tr -snap 6 screw type hehres. brono 6 Mer, top, pressure pads pbtlorms mosane -son.. screw 6 snap type halves fton.s steel rets. pressure pads mu meta, thmds hubs double toners window tel. graphite 6 polyester Nr. gat sets 6 eon 6 sta.. steel pins Video. " open rod. 4" wafene. Ts" E4 open red 6 4" open rid ports Webrek Corp W Pco Blvd Los Angeles CAA Tel "35 Pr. Jo p.em VP John A P... Saks Mgr Fee W Branch N R.dDewov Ave Z: Tel" ( Audio: Careens Moen Tape, Blank Loaded Manufacturers i The numbers in parentheses fol/owing the 8 -track dc cassette configurations show recording tinwe in fninafes; those following open reel configurations show length of rape in jeer. A A see Audio Accessories A T.RO. see Abbey Tape A T 6 T Roc g 725 N NpNaro Hollywood Catir Tel ( Audio: Corns (.22 A V Coe sec Audio Vd,o Casupt V A -. V T e s a p co. N J U 74rOl ytlape 2s.. Td Englewood Pres A F Boo. Audi. Caesetse 520) open reel Abbey Tape Dud.Hn 5358 Cernanght Ave. North Hollywood. Cdd. 960 To Gen Mgr Norman C Cooke Audio. Cassette (2.20 Brod name. AT Pro Ark Turntable 6 Tape Inc 725 N Hghbnd Ave Hollywood CAl TO Pres Ted Gardner. Sales Mgr 6 Customs Keaton M.. Golo.. Audio: Gssene 2.22) Advent Corp 95 AMany St.. CamMdge Mas 0239 TO 67, Serbs Mgr Tom Hoeel Audio. Casette Aka. Ltd 239E Dd Amo Blvd Compton. Ceid Tel Video: 'l," ca open reel d 339E Ten Mile Rd. War Amerin Sound Corp non Mad TO (33) Pies Frank Day. VP 6 Gen Mp Paul M Hayes. Saks 6 Adv Mgr Paul E Adams Audio: By 6 bassets fo p. lengths). open reel Ame Roan Tape Corp. 6 Edgewater Ave Repo.. N J Tel i20) Pres Dona. H Gabor Sales Mar Julian fan Auto: 8.v 40i Brand name Remington Anpea Corp Maine. Tape Ow.. 40 Broadway Redwood Cory. Cala TO (45) Branches/ Glendale. Cfil. 500 Roder Or Zp 920 Tel Manu, G. 335 Usestnut Dr.. Sear 0 Op Tel Elk Grove Vatoga IA Lunt Ave Z Td, Bethesda. Md., 025 Fermwod Rd Zp TO (30, NKkuraeck. N.J.. 75 Commerce Rd Zip 0760 Tel ( Prudentel Dr Zip Tel 24) Audio: 8 -r te open reel ' 2440' 3000' broadost Video. " open reel. 4 cassette f , sr' ELAJ open red 750' WHEN YOU'RE LOOKING FOR TAPE - LOOK NO FURTHER! scotch rtcerlap lapes and accessories maxell. the...ewer to END yoaar tape need /i. BASF THE INVENTOR 0F AUDIO TAPE MEMOREX EEMO 6EX Rioa.a^d g Tape 8 it ive Or is It Nterno8(7 A it 24 HOUR FREIGHT -PAID SERVICE ACCESSORIES BLAME worse IN HI year eccw4ry WNl A.I. ROSENTHAL ASSOCIATES M E...toe Ann GoneMe,sale - in eras -s7t t SEND FOR FREE CATALOG BASF BLACK MAGIC EVEREAOY MAXELL MEMOREX NORTRONICS N UMARK PICKERING RECOTON SCOTCH SHORE SOU ND GUARD -WATTS Amer* Prod "ris Ins 50 FAR, Ann New York N Y 00 Ter Cade TA- PE000N T Ras Manuel Ko p.n. VP *oho Upton De Michel legume Audio. 8 s ) basalt Argo Audio Rods Inc Ave Bro..,0 29 TA Pan o. 0 ry Mann, Saes Mgr Dead Notera Audio 8 h Icualom lens, hs) le (60.90,20i Amu Eon Ire 35 Hoffman Ave Nauppauga. N Y 787 Tel Pees Aun Le. Sal. Mgr Leon Kremer Audìa. Cass.tb ( ) Arabe, Trading Co Inc 5 Broad o. Nov York N Y 000 Td 22) Pres Ben Dwuck Sales Mgr Jack Lase- Adv Md Jade Owek (Audio 0. ethenie Inds Inc 90 BrgMOn Rd Clifton. N J Td ( Rtl. Sal.6 Adv Mgr Charles Aud.. Catletn Huss. Mange , Corp Oweont Dermot Cob TO Res Jack Dunham Seta Mgr Eng Oaysd HoworO R.rhrd Senders Ch.d Aug.- Corn. 6 open red,custom.9. s) Asdq Accessories Co Boa 628, R, Bat In 6050 Tel 32) Sales Mgr John 5 Maloney opoobu cease. endless bop.ente 6 open rad K.tom lengths) Brand rama: AA A.S. Ann Ltd PO B. 7 Whtlta Arne Gustafson Tel (32) Pres VP Sibs 6 Adv Perry W. MJM Audio: Cassette open red 6 taus tom lengths, Aue, Co PO San Jose Cam 9506 Tel Pres Lours R Cnsorammta Audio. 8r tassette open reel 6 boadrasl Icvstorn tanglhe...far ses Casson. Inc Audio Inds Inc Broad 4en Ares RdperMd M NJ Tel Pres DaWds VP M Thaws Ass.. av cassette. A ado Magnet. Corp 234 W 46 5t Gardena COI Tel 23, Pr. Dommá J. Sac<acoo Saws Mgr T Kerby Lnde'Y. Adv Mgr Pater D Go..d. Audio: Carnet. ( ) open reel 5" 860'. 900' 6 200'. 7". 200' 800'. 2400' A.dopek ses Copilot ALA. /Tek Inc V.n4aa Way. Campbell. Cold Tel 408) Pros Robert W Kral, Audio: Cassette Wanda. 6 custom lengths) Audio Video Concepts Inc Aleunder Ferry Rd. Cunbn, Md Tel ( Audio. Cassette ( ,90 6.stras lengths, Brand name: AVCon AudHVdwl Communications Inc PO Bo. e5 Radnor. Pa lei (25) Res J LC Ulrch Jr Sides Mgr John W Balunlyne Auer: Cassent (esalan wngths up to 20 minn.l BASF Sys.. Crosby Dr Bedford. Mass 0730 TO (67) Pres G Gr.n. Mktg Saws Mgr J P H.h, Saws Mgr J S Wooer. Adv Mg, R E Dalesso Brancher Santa Mono. Calif 307. Colo- rado Ave. Zip Tel Melrose Park. IC 800 N 30 Ave Zp 6060 Te (32) Clifton. N.J.. 49 RI 48 Zp 070 TO ( DA.. T... Nibs Pavobum Center. 360 M.A. Suite 255 Zip Tel 24) Audio: au 45,64 "90). te 45 60,90.20). open reel (7".800', 2400', ': TOY." Brand name. Perform... Profess. d. Stu. Gip PO Bo. 4? Rase, M.h Barry Tel Pres Sales 6 Adv Mgr Aacn Bow. Gen Mgr Michael Taman Audio. 6 use. poison. lengths) Beam.. see Soy Beiheny I 6820 Auto Club Rd.. Mon Minn orn nee Tel Pres T A Hep.: Soles Mgr Dave W An» Wan, Audio: Cassette feustom lengths up to 95 mon taled Hoop,. 6 R. a Jr Union Ave Ciovaland. Ohio 4405 Tel ( Aube. Greve Kustom leng.s Bosnev. Prod ris 30 Socrl Han Ave.. San Lao Gry Utah 84 Tel ( Pres Cock Ns.. Sal. Na. Dew WNpd., Studio Mgt Clave...son Audio Guam ) Bend T... Robs. rig on Auto Tapes Inc. 06 S Long Beach Rd Roan. Centre, N Y 7570 TO Pres Ruth Schwan, Audio: Cass.. open r. Brand name: Burl.nglon Shannon C E S Rag Inc 4932 South 83 E Ave Tuts. Okla 7445 Tel "8474 Audio By cassette Wkolom Wipe. up to 90 mm aesl C l C sae Inter. A.dq CaldCard Corp Ba. 424, Rena Card Tel Prat Par Carrrcho. 5a. Mgr. Sfogo Cervantes Ad, Mgr Jass Luna Audio: Bir rode.. open rad Caps' Magnet. Prods (Ow of Capitol Re. Inc 750 N Vine St los Angeles. Caul Ici VP E Khoury Mktg See. Dia Jorn M Rico Saks Mgr Os. ANanon Salty offices/ Atlanta. Ga, 670 NE Eewsvy Access Rd 2.p Ter 404) IN Gross Pont Ro óp T. 32) Germansowri. Md Century XXI Century Bd. ZIP Td 30) Nui York. N.Y.370 Ave. oldne Amenda Zp 009 Tel Cleveland. Ohio Pon led Op 4430 TO 26) Dalles. T Oolarook (Ow Zip 75235, (24) Ine' branches" Mo.*. A940 : au ,20)_ te open reel 67Xt.800' 0i, " broadcast Brand name Aud0pak Capron Mus. Tape h r Casette Mown Cap 2 B.74.0 St Yonkers N Y 070 TO 94963,605 Audio: Came. -20 Caw. Rod n Inc 8 RI 7. Upper Saddle N J 074. TO Pres Jutes A Konus AtrSa Caseene , Brand aman Ton Correll. Inc Cook CArn.4tants inc PO Bot W TN. Ave. fort Lauder dale Cl Tel ( Audio: Gwen, ( ) B rand name: Audofa Cerbon Corp 70 S Stan Cottage Blvd. Anahorn. rye TA ( Rn Edwin Gams. Suds Mp *du Mo Nd Wdda Ray P.n. Audio 87/ ) cassette Chu. Mode Vo Hoe, Newhouse Suite 204 S. Lake City Utah 840 Tei Pon R..5 Chafe. Sal. Mgr Pei L User Audio Carme open rod 0030m drgdel Cry Dud sea Inc 70 Lae Rd Ottando. Fla Tel 605) Aug. Cease. (custom tangs) Cremo Sound Corp 65 Ma ion Si Sean.. Wash 9804 TO Pres Larry Ray VP George M Woad. Audio_ Caw. Casemate. see Trans.. Coumboa Magnet o f of CBS Inc. 5 W 52 St New York N v 009 Tel Du Gtenn Nan Breech. Gn City, GM, 80 Park W Zip Tel (23) Net I Sales Ou Jerry 8ronauph Plain. Danbury, Conn.. 5 Grat Pasture Rd Zip 0680 Tel 203) Plant Mgr Ras Hughes Aude- 8 -U 00.00) cassette ) Comsene Corp 247W gyrep. Blvd Loa An pole - CWI TO (23) Pres Rchrd W Mora.( Audio: Cassette 020) Corn. Cap -Cramer Orr MA Rork Rd Or Say. book Conn TO 203) Audio. Casette Cori Consultants In< re Casettes Inc Cory Sound Co 440 &ennui St San Kenos., CaM Tel Pres Omega Co.,. VP 6 Prod n Mgr Phulkp C Markin, VP Sale Lou Sinclair Audio. Caswr open red 6 broad... tom lengths' Cramer Div. see Conn. Crauve Cos...anent Inc pub o SIMI 920 N Valley Mal, Waco. Tes 7670 Tel VP Mac McLain Eng g Du Ralph Swar.ngtan Auto: Cassette Criterion. ses leavens Cady,. see El. du Pont Caro Tape Dud is 6336 Arsaau Circle. Los An get. C Tel Audio 87r casxne. Oak Inds Ins 0845 Varsowen St Nosh Holy wood, Call Tel (23) WATS 800) Audio 87r (custom lengths) cassava ( open reel Vidor " Ampex I IVC open red. 'h" Ed.) open red Danaos find Corp 55E 44 St New Yak. N Y 007 TO Nome office: Korea Audio. Casette Data Packaging Cop 206 Broadway. Cambodge. Mas 0239 Tel (67) Res Ono Morningsta, Nat Sal. Mgr Joe R Hal Audio. 8 -tes 6 cassette Kunom lengths, Vdw 4" ussetn 6 mink... (custom brgthsl Duotone Co. Inc SW 8 Si Mun. Fu 3343 Te Res Sales Adv. Mgr Step,. Gibson Nest.. VP Bop non Rosenberg Audio: 84v Cassano, open red Dupi.erta Nemoum. see Reade. Corp E du Pont de Non., 6 Co Inc Magnet. Prods Ow Photo Prods Dept OM du Pont A.pot. Wilmington. Del 9898 Tel Div Mgr Henry So oh, Ave. Salo Mgr TAPE SUPPLIES William Oskm weer Sales Mg. Rchard 8uckbr Audio: Casette Vidor: 4" bast, (0-907 h" EW open rod 250'.800'400. Brand name. Crdyn Duntale Monody Oectronc Horses Co 2464 Crescent 5 Anor.a N Y y t`02 Td ( Pres Paula Bo ydo' Sales Mgr Bo, Asdlo: BD (45 "90) sissone 60, open tad (60.90 minuses) Brand new.: w., Toyota Pleat. Cold Tel (73) VP 6 Sal. Mgr M Ptö Inc 82 Antara Blvd Carson Allen Scher Audio 8.v. Kunom,mdns, ENnrue Rec 9 Musc Pad g Co 6 Musc Mshes Network of AN m PO Wammopion N C 2840 Td : P John Lewa Jon. VP Betty E Sow. Saes Mgr James L WhwNr Adv Mg, J D Johnson Audio Casse. open red Brand /some E...e Es.tone. see SSK E.cNlerc. sea (boo. Fe..,. see Rahoroong Spa<Ylhn Fd.lpac 09 Goth.. Dr Mount Laurel N J TO 609/ Gen Mgr Dan McCloskey. Sen 6 Mktg Mgr Anhui Cary srmone Auer. Brodosr canrege leo tengeml Fhetwood Rat g Co Inc 32 Revere 5 Rewra Mar 025 TO 07) Audio: Bar Kustom lengths) Yew: open red, "banrdge 6 4" car nerve Ionian lengths). Foe Photo Film USA 350 Art 70ás fl New York N Y 000 TO Gen Mgr John D. Audio (45.90). se open reel casette open rid 6 blot.. (900' '). broadcast (2500') Vidor. 2" broa.aet " open reel. V" us eette Gad.) Mfg Co W.. 25 S L.beny ft Story Pant. N Y 0980 Tel (94) Pre. Edmore Gab.M Sales Mgr G. Hard Adv Mg. W Me. Audio. 8 v (custom Npdf 5 mmutesl corna S ) Genewl Magnet. Tape Co. Irc.. 7. Upper Saddle R.., N J Tel ( Audio: Careen* GranOin.ler, see E.nron.c Homes H4ntage. see Intenulonal Audio Hob see Magnet. Mktg Hnachl Dens, Amorce Lid 5825 Brooklyn. Queens Espwy Wools. N Y 377 Tel 22) P. Y Pup,. Sallo Mgr 8emard Munseae (Video Doty/ (Continued on page TS-. PROFESSIONAL QUALITY 5TÚ00 MAGNETICS 0 MI s BLANK TAPE CASSETTES AND ACCESSORIES EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE DUPLICATOR 24 Hoot Samte On Custom Lengtns AMERICAN MADE GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE ON ALL HIGH SPEED EQUIPMENT WRITE FOR FREE CATALOG Manutacture0 by STUDIO MAGNETICS CO. P 0 BOX 47 FARMINGVILLE N Y Cassette Tape Loader Highest throughput per operator. Fully automated operation. All servo controlled for minimum maintenance. Upgeadable to cassette duplicator slave. Field proven world -wide. RECORTEC, INC. 777 PALOMAR AVENUE SUNNeVALE- CALIFORNIA (A

68 Sat olr Careen. Caid., 205 s Fig Si Lp Tel Mgr Nd npotu-oorann- W, 360 CMrvw.. Pkevy Zip Tel ( t4553 e /7rA, 7 AM 3 44., p on0-mto Mgr M.b 0 Amore -Oaf.. Tea. 469 Proton Rd..P Td (24) 23 }7623 Mgr M..o Bua y Mdacb Sl. Corp Amery. 40 W Mews Bl.d Compton. Caid Tel Pr. k... n.o,. Aedio Componine Saks 6 Wog Dr Jery Nenrcb. Adv Mp Shay, Story Audio Carib PO Bo Hwy 22. Mch. Man Cm Ind Pr. Port C Lloyd Audio Lessen. lament *p.m On. rame- P. Inge mao on Term... Co Cap 323 Sorrel War Senn. Call TN Audio Guam Ina.0n.ra Cap 642 le Si $ene Mono CN' Te Pr. ir. me Kv VP 39. Weber VP Sal. Gar. Saks Terry Wl.ebcl Johnson. VP Int Audio. 84, assorte Inrmatranei Aud. Inc 2934 Melma D Ahrqmn Noghr is TN Pam Deb. Moik. F. VP Jonn Kae 55. Mp B.0 inn Amin: Du otaue, 20. brorkast 0 s.e dr 2 maiaral Video: %" cane.* Rand tante CLC Kama, internat.. Aida Vide8.6 Irr7. a., Tape µa d Motor Nat Se. Co Inc N... Rd.. Mann esew N Y 803 TM Pr. s Sws Mgt Gem..7. Adv Mgr Nome. Stai. Aide: 84u camoan open Ter Vdae open r. %'" pswtr H" EIAJ pen ree, Bond rane. Iran Mo tw Snanuodo ire. lm 535 Broad SI Mot. BNanoe. N r 70 Tei ( S. Mp Neo Y.YY Audio Btr one.* J V C Inds tm Ousens h..., EPwy TAPE SUPPLIES Mmpn N Y 378 TN (22)76800 V'do %" uwlr open reel t h" Ew Rry Jacots A.. Inc 49 Santa Fe Ave lap Bed. Ca Tel m. Rry JeDObf LN Mgr Nary Jacobs L. Mgr 806 Jambe Audio. Cam. kustrn tang., Band rame RJA Jere Electron Ar 2na Cede lips. 9N. Cpl Tel ( Video. n" EIAJ open ne Jr. Roc e Co 594 Km.y Ave C.c.nnat. Oleo 4523 Tel 53, Pm Rusty Y.. Sal. Mgr Mp Linda York Aedio. Bar.60 Mury UncM Adv K R T 09 Inc 623 Cohan. 5 V4 Nuys Ca.I 9406 TN Prn Ao. numb Taboo Ss.. San Mgr John 87- Alin A. Mgr W PM...get..m Rd Audio. Bu 6 cassent moths( Kr a. Inc 262adon Slat. Sunnyvale CN TO ( via., f" apse. reel, onn4cm, %" u sere N " El. open re. titi "EIAI.aea a K.-. Prod ns Inc Band rame: Kan. SMrchrwne 2 I Valley Rd RrWdten Park. Del 9804 Tel Pm M faun Kennedy. Sands Mg. 0 Snvm Ada Mot K.N. 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The combination of ultra high -density gamma ferric oxide particles and an advanced binder system gives Audio Magnetics' tape the characteristics you require to create the finest quality recordings. bulk cassettes AudioMagnetics low -noise duplicating cassette tape In our Premium cassette housing. Featuring specifically engineered components and assembly, designed for high speed duplicating A combination that assures you of the highest possible quality. KAudioMagnetics Fulfilling Your Worldwide Duplicating Needs Irvine. Calif 2602 Michelson Drive ! 74, New York. New York 2 Penn Plaza. Suite 500. (22) Toronto, Ont Canada 8005,79ton Ave So.. (46) Geneva, Switzerland (022)4355 Telex: Audio 8 N eauu Lecture *rand w RoOen.47.,.4 Nape Ou09 Inc Counc4 Bluffs. Iona 550 Tel Gen Mgr Mr.. Ihng Seles Mp Jim Cool Audio u cassette phthgae. New Nellie MlS Tape Prat, 56 Brooks Am Sen Jere. Gad 9625 Tel Pros M. s. Stew Auto Bar Notts ,e. reel 200'800'400' 7600' M M C see Magneac MNp M agnecad, w T.. 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And eight knowledgeable field mar- Our message to your customers will be keting representatives to coordinate our efforts simply this: Buy the machine for your machine. with you'plus more to come. The TDK Machine. TDK's "Machine For Your Machine ": We'll be building the "Machine For Your a campaign geared to oil your profit Machine machine. "concept with extensive national and Toe local advertising support. An expanded tape clinic Electronics Corp.755 Eastgate Boulevard. Garden CO. New York 530. In Canada. Contact 00(e -.J. Electron.cs Incluslres. Ltd for your machine.

70 MASTRO TAPE PRODUCTS RELIABLE FUNCTIONAL SUPERIOR 8 T. CARTRIDGES AND BLANK TAPE LOADED EASILY LOADED AND THREADED SNAP LOCKS SMOOTHLY AND SECURELY TROUBLE FREE SUPERIOR ON ALL COUNTS DUST CAPS Seals Front Of All Track and Guild Cartridges Perfect Fit Slays On (Norelco and Ampex Style) PRECISION MAD C -O AND BLANK LOADED..rr...r CASSETTES rhap 00% Inspected and Guaranteed Avanable n sonn Wek.... GUIDE ROLLERS Concentricity within.0005 Double Flanged Reversible No gate marks KEY HOLE HUBS MASTRO UL INDUSTRIES, INC WEBSTER AVE NY Ns 0! Keyhole holds tape Perfectly round No gale marks Fits all machines Europan Distributor M.I.P. COA50 DI PO.TA VITTORIA MILAN, ITALV Ara we Cap. A.rIIr. vie CAW. f r SAN C.. Or AA taer 0))0 To M OJ a.u AVy I0 JP rb Ate Saus J S wrr A. M 4/ 0. 4asAA A...s 6/ C+!v 0404 Tr 7) Ass HI N 30 M 7 t M / 60a0 )r f 7th4)--C7..M 9. 4 O70I 7r QOII Tr 0Y Pwwl..w Cr.r.»0 Vr.w Lr 7/s te 740 To 047))4907 A./ ae HA NAH A* /6r l.s 06 s IY IAA [... 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Porn pana Broch fia TN % more audio tape sales are yours for the asking. Ask BASF. In 977, retail sales of blank audio tape will reach an estimated $355 million, an increase of almost $00 million since 974. But discount stores have not claimed their share of this growth. Just look at the latest figures for cassettes: Discount/Mass. Merchandiser Stores 35 / 33 / Share of Retail Cassette Dollar Sales 32 r Hall 2nd Hall HiFi /Audiophile 65 /o Stores 67% 68% FYOII 2n0 Hall Cassette volume in discount stores is lagging because these outlets are ignoring the fastest growing segment of the cassette market... the Premium segment. Premium tape brands such as BASF have captured 37% of sales in HiFi /Audiophile stores, and are increasing rapidly. Retail Dollar Share of Blank Cassettes (HiFi /Audiophile Stores) 2334 P. Rrrr 0 Parsons SK Y Tnsl luge Parsons Audio Winders * s 8u duplicators renon. 8 -tir 6 cassette Wader+ Untied Research lab Corp 68 Frt. Aye New York N Y 0022 Tel Prn G Adams Sales Mgr lee Rand Adv Mgr Anou Adams 644., Exact duplicate replacement paru recordera Brand rame: Arno-Tec Premium Brands Regular Brands Price Brands 28% 34% 37% 46% 45% 42% l Cuutf Nlnc: urn pure TS -2 26% 2% 2% (St Halt 2nd Halt 5 Hall 2nD Hall st Hall 2nd Hall As you can see, the premium segment is the big opportunity area in the audio tape field. And BASF can help you cash in on this opportunity. We're the people who invented magnetic tape back in 932, and our products are top -rated both by audiophiles and a leading consumer testing organization. At BASF, we offer you a line of premium tape cassettes and 8- tracks, carded or uncarded, and reel -to-reel, all supported by major market radio and national print. And we back your selling effort with eye -catching in -store promotions, in -store merchandisers and floor displays, and generous co -op allowances. Premium audio tape is a high- ticket, high- margin, high- turnover moneymaker. BASF can help you gain the missing 37% like we've helped Two Guys, Caldor, Fjust red Meyer, and many others who have cashed in on the opportunity. We'll give you all the names and success stories... just call our Director of Sales, Jim Walker, collect at (67) NI BASF The Purist Our Promise: the purest, most accurate sound that tape can reproduce.

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As GAM...p.ww.w..4 N. rn. 4ro 269..ver L Swe4r5.rre. -qv Pressure sensitive Q /Splice' CÁA.r.R IA Plecut cueing and sensing tape splices for 8 -track cartridges Production cost savers World s largest manulactueer 4326 W Pico el.d Los.geles. CA N.dge.ay Ave., C77.cago. IL THE COMPLETE STRACK CARTRIDGE The Industry's best cartridge design and the south's most modern production plant is now available for all your8track cartridge needs... CUSTOM CARTRIDGE,INC. 34 HILL AVE. NASHVILLE,TENN ( E3 (formerly LearJet cartridge) C Um. Tbl.. Mr J«, St Air Cww IeeOw Mp. Sas. Inc PL. On Nw Mtp.y e V.ri.rylan.OM )000 AA Wee.0... MWir 64Y Nc Pl.. (fro ro sa. I 73 I I IorV 22. IWñ,gr.4r b Tel Pew IaM C VoA 4.6h'. AY6.'wY..t ro0e b0 OW.. w IM..ioM Nee Co 40 O.erno.4 Aw Man... N Y 0708 T« Pew OW 02p Owls 0.g.3-G..w+w. JMwr.n Ero 5c 9 Ns+llare. Aw I.rww. N Y 607 Tel nes Ise few Iw Se2e.4 ow Jm.weil 2d Oc Na MaW Nd.ywood 4M 960 Tel Aifr B.a...en M.o. ße.. E.n...ta Cap J402wo tn. Oro. 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For information Ask your Heart Association When it comes to number of units sold, tape is the biggest selling item most hi fi dealers sell. Yet in spite of this, very few dealers realize its enormous profit potential. They still look at tape as an accessory they have to sell, rather than something really worth selling. At Maxell, we've developed a program that's designed to show dealers how much money there is to be made on tape in general. And on Maxell in particular. For openers, we've developed displays, counter cards and lots of other p.o.p. materials that enable you to set aside a tape section in your store instead of just sticking it away on some shelf. Our dealers tell us these materials have helped sell a lot more tape. We conduct clinics in which we bring testing equipment into your store so you can show your customers how their tape sounds. And why ours sounds better. And we have resident technical geniuses you can call on any time you or your customers have a question you'd like answered. Obviously, doing all this benefits us. But it does a lot more for you. Because once we get a customer into your store to buy Maxell, he becomes a potential customer for everything else you sell. And since we have such high brand loyalty, even if you don't sell him something the first time you can be sure he'll be back again. If you'd like more information about our dealer program, get in touch with a Maxell sales representative soon. You'll see why even though our tope only sells for $4.25, it's really worth a lot more than that. MAXELL.THE TAPE THAT'S TOO GOOD FOR MOST EQUIPMENT. Maim!' Corporation of Americo 30 West Commercial Ave., Moonachie. N.J

74 TAPE ACCESSORIES MANUFAC & IMPORTERS C sa... I.33 w Y.[ 37 6.a. M. Nu.. x 07 f Tr 0, IMPORTANT NOTICE AUDIO INDUSTRIES Anno:.n;;es C -0 CASSETTES CASSETTE & 8 TRACK TAPE CASSETTE COMPONENTS NORELCO STYLE BOXES CASSETTE TABS BLANK CASSETTES C -30. C -60. C -90. HEAD CLEANERS 8 -TRACK CARTRIDGES HIGHEST DUALITY LOW PRICES AUDIO INDUSTRIES The kn re rht ukre.wnon7 /ej/orin I rhr Co.nlan hump J: I.MI ManWorrr7e, IDJ Du7t0or. I/J Importer_ r.t warn Se7.a.. Sr.. M. /5rer...RSa O.r... D VV. ll w.o.y.y pea. 0,070 TO 4 3 S Mr. S 46 SM.,h Ore lk C SW i. An A v.rapa w,ir.wr Ip (^Arm /..a. 4.e Pred. C34w.34 N 7/ Are. 4r...N P. a.. M 4.n Rs /4 s On. r.a,.c 530! Naar x Ca.. E N. Ca TO n Srw 443 t4.n /o..t Or r. Gerp Pa. ammo COO, 6 rp e ew GY 9507 Ir rr..r..m.. Wars M ww r,r 6M0 J.w C. sr 0pr3 d x 044. Co em Tr P. Srw maw OA Sa M. 4.t w Mgr R o... wsk OM. /w.t... / O..err r r Y.O.. K 70 W. a m.r Tr 07, Sr.. dam. Ine. G,rc M b. 2f 7 t 0 oo, Górr ww 6. 5p ID.arrrl Ra Tr 0g,...Is P... 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Rd Westlake V4 Everyone is sold d Now An independent testing lab is sold on Sound Guard From Ball Corporation research into dry lubricants for aerospace applications came an exciting break - through in record care. Sound Guard record preservative. When applied to record surfaces, Sound Guard preservative puts on a microscopically thin film (less than " thick) to protect against wear without loss of frequency response or fidelity. The photos below, magnified 200 times, tell the Sound Guard story, dramatically. 'i ou can actually gee vinyl weanng away. For conclusive proof, we asked one of the most respected audio laboratories to test Sound Guard preservative for themselves. Their results were astounding: I. Sound Guard preservative increases the life of records by significantly reducing record wear. 2. It does not in any way degrade audible frequency response. 3.It significantly retards increases in surface noise and total harmonic distortion caused by repeated play - ings. 4. Records treated with Sound Guard preservative do not attract dust as readily as untreated discs. The experts are sold on Sound Guard. The people who know their sound and audio equipment have responded to Sound So s lilble wear can be detected. TAPE ACCESSORIES MANUFACTURERS & IMPORTERS 49e. Cent 936 Tel A Cd 23) Pre, Mn 5 F Kew AM Mgr Step.. KM Product: Head dean. IM Savoy Leath M/9 Cap PO Bo. 76 Ward Hel kda Perk. Hayed., Mass 0830 Tel Salty orioe. Newton (peer Falla. Maw. 039 CMnnut A Ins 0264 TN së sépé G Guard preservative with raves. Like Len Feldman in RADIO ELECTRONICS: At last! The long- awaited record -care product has arrived- It preserves frequency response while reducing distortion and surface noise : And "...not only does Sound Guard lubricant inhibit the gradual increase of surface noise that occurs with repeated playings, but it actually decreases the severity of those annoying 'pops' and 'clicks' which are so familiar to record fans. Or B. V. Pisha's AUDIO review: "Its (Sound Guard's) effectiveness was beyond our greatest expectations : lest market cities of Syracuse and Columbus are sold on Sound Guard. We knew it worked, but would it sell? To find out we went to record and audio equipment stores in Syracuse, New York, and Columbus, Ohio. Did it sell? In just 6 weeks, Sound Guard, which is a preservative, went from 0% to 34`7 share of the total record -care market in both cities. (That includes record cleaners. anti -stats, etc.) Thousands who Ordered direct are sold on Sound Guard. In only 8 weeks, our ad running in audio magazines pulled in orders by the thousands for Sound Guard kits. What's more, we're finding that people are already ordering refills. At fast, they came to us direct. But now, our national advertising is directing Sound Guard customers to you. Product Cann, 6 0a cwt Sawn Adnearve Prods Inc 880 Gad A. Nee. say Cary. N J TO NYC 22) Preducl- $0,69 Op. (MI Soon Prods Inc 25 N Rt 303 Cagan N Y TN Pr es Edward I Con wiled oll page TS-3) to sell it. If you're sold on Sound Guard, here's s how well w help you sell it Well be running 30- second national TV commercials on NBC's MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, along with 60- second radio spots in many markets. Both will feature demonstrations with THE TONIGHT SHOW-'s Doc Severinsen as our spokesman. We'll also be advertising heavily in most audio magazines and directories as well as in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. Besides advertising, you'll also be supplied with point - of -sale material, informational brochures, and test result I booklets. Sound Guard representatives are now calling on shops and stores wherever records and audio equipment are sold. If you'd like the name of your representative, or any other information about Sound Guard, write P.O. Box 500, Muncie, Indiana Stead Guard s the rcels... badmvb ne 600, yyrala. 6r as rased praersxrve. C çynpd0t976 by 04 Gagreen

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" ww r" COMM olv f M C Cop.0 S.A Ir hw O..d [ to..owp Sra pr RAwd S. T ß.a. Ca.r aon 707 w 6s6... Mw.Y 564 Tr S6L779 hw M.C Srw M, r... 7 Lr Mgf Y. MISSISSIPPI JACKSON (Ar.. Code 80) M...N sand i 9a ", M..93ns 307 W to row \ Sur. Mgr Tan C.of VP a CP. Ep G Sror.wen h. Open.r. MISSOURI KANSAS CITY (Area Code 86) Wan. C Mm3 \ Aeaa PO M. 649 I Tr O..w W C Way Aea. Lb owrlr IN A FEW MONTHS EVERY SONG ON THE HOT 00 WILL BE Dirt can be hell on any record. Clean Sound gets rid of it better than any other record cleaner on the market. Clean Sound has an easy -to -use applicator with fabric fibers that reach deeply inside record grooves to lift out every bit of dust and grime. Our exclusive 0- ingredient cleaning solution comes in a control -flow bottle that can't evaporate or overflow. It not only cleans records, but restores the antistatic properties that are lost even before a record is DIRTY. opened. Independent tests prove that Clean Sound reduces static by an astonishing 98.4 %. Len Feldman of FM Guide says it's "for use by serious record collectors who want to keep their records clean and sounding as good as possible for the longest possible time:' People will be looking for Recoton's Clean Sound at your record counter. CLEAN SOUND RECORD CLEANING SYSTEM Recoton Corp Crane St.. Long Island City. N.Y. sow 3 Sound Pros w 2 E]9 9 Zoo Auf Cam. oow. NO LOUIS METROPOLITAN ST AREA (Area Code 34) 0 R Rc 9 Sluae 47 V4ww M Jb. 670 rr AA C..rr oon nr T..7rf.n.S9/oInc 70 s 67.rR.am64 hp 637 Tr 7I2055 Pm* Ow. Non. Mac V Fe.ra N Canto MM CarrM awn Y. SPRINGFIELD (Area Coda 47) N.oW AA9 C. rc. 6 S TO Aude Laue. co... MONTANA k HELENA Area Code 406) ram Ft Seudo 305 Aar So bo 59. Tr Ara. eon..r NEW JERSEY CAMDEN (Area Code 609) Loon. Pu. w Lab r.. r n F Q9222S56 hw 0.. Geodrr.r. S. MV 9r lwda. Aa Mg. Ea...a J Goodrw sre P.m. Yo. N Y Arfr,. ca...r opal nm epa., a msg. b 3.Fgr.7..a Nw. ni o rar CRESSKILL (Area Code 20) Vnowar Co, 20 R..a.ppF.r ea Tr r.w tndc99w. 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BLANK LOADED The numbers in parentheses followtng the 8-track á cassette configurations show recording lume SIT minwet: those following open reel configurations show length of tape In feet. Crue. W /37 Ea O. fr... r O.N tt )T rr.5 7,-)00 N Gm My JL MNr. Sa. J A. Sroa Poo. r Mor.rR O... P Q 69 mo. P.a. Cade N. 03 T. ß44M-4660 A raam q opm.r ' bowl. VY. " won,.. b^prr eg 5- E4J.or, nr 250' YfyM[. C. I Cr,.de w t+0 W Ad aal. On M Tr A.N. tb up+, lrtlw.rwca..r.,.s. Tow TawP.r.NE CaprrWllFw..A..ow Cra. l tl N4 2 l S ßiq 34 d 6 7 n _ 77i r.. rd.. Pe,e..y,o A.ä 5a ors fr.tlmaw fy 00 C... n P n ID Cep O Cr.e. W O..r..w 5esa w Abw of Crr. Op.r.n r Srwr.. 6rrs W VI Aaaaw w S200 0.a Ar IJ.. 33 Y.wnp Ow LOW IU T..,q Pr WO f.m. 5. My J.M.s IOeae. UT...p 4 rrr =.'54, p2a0as sm M Caps crow /5.b 3S0 Sons. he T... O. 6{R269 T..tMS357St Ai.. í. NO as aaa.w Trw. ON. µ0.a pa,. 6rgl,al Nr mno Yí ~ de W 34 Co... o- E.det O. 5W E T l0 T. 67q P. Enc. Na... VP 6r Ar t. NS. eq. some 60 5q 5 NO. SI. 6y W.. 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Compact Cassettes. 8 back cartridges, Component WS aria accessories to assemble CO easy to be opened Compact cassettes. rolled up in different length 80.wµ 8 track CaMages The whole production avallad7e n van0us COSOt6s ProdIJCtion ana Sale of dies. Advice ab 'the or9nt}abon and nstatlabon 0 a ILA Cycle poquctton Corrado Bresofu7 Via XXV Ap6le Cinisello 8 (MI) Italy Phone:

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St 7 D Munch 22 Tel Cade ASONA Telex Pr 6 Gen Mgr AK Kueneder (Continued on page TS -36) high quality level co cassettes and component parts graphited mylar shims technically accurate hubs made of acetalic resin flanged guide rollers on precision plastic pin phosphorous- bronze spring pad Available with or without lugs and pressure or screw closing 8 track cartridges boxes for automatic inserting machine -- o O Nuova 2047 A Societa Italiana Articoli Tecnici S.R.L. Saronno (Varese) Italy. via Dell'Orto. 2 phone

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Shrewdness in economizing Talent in planning Application in manufacturing Rigour in controlling Tenacity in selling SO WE STARTED WORKING TO PRODUCE AN ECONOMICAL CASSETTE THAT WORKS LIKE A COMPUTER CASSETTE WE FILED 3 PATENTS (ONE l5 sou. PENDING) SO COMP-RAT WAS BORN' TOLERANCES 50% LOWER THAN STANDARDS. FRICTION 30% LOWER THAN STANDARDS..l.' Sry b ay.r fa...l t^ P... 6 a+mr.6n we /J tr 6 A.` Or....rn ^'onso N...r.Pr.t 4sdn Co V.05/ Nord C.ri L óóawa Tr OW Pa C,.s 6+a mw D. ISe.m lr.b.+lr I Gaeta C..r6. Naaa.rn. S Woo Tv ap G 46o Go.. Coro GMO(irrMC ea.n5.6 yr Den MnwlL 2006 C.o..,M,+.n+ Te: yl TMa E. Mp 0.. 4g. Saw 4i w aar Nob 6.a.a L M D A Carom SR v. S G.wep. IT 2047 Sra.. Mom. T S.a. Yq Row. 0s66 4we.r.uoa6 Aa6.rbó.Wr V.G I a ,3 IA. Tr p C.t. MMAIDWL.. e.pp.s. SO. o Da.e 0043.a6 V. G T Coo.....a0 aos. 44/e Oe.6.s t.tae SAT 665. eaaw Y. a.a Ot7a 2 2 T. 07, Mnp D. Edo w M.K Parar. no, w Alerta..] 707 f5.+o.r Tep Sea v. 8m.bew 4 2 coo Sen W.f.n. ammo, Ta Ai Cameo molt So" Srl V. 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83 magnetophon 5A Our tradition of excellence your decision for today M5A Today's ever increasing quantity and complexity of Control Room equipment makes the concept of solid engineering and trouble -free performance more important than ever before. AEG - TELEFUNKEN, the developer of the world's first professional tape recorder, has been the leader for well over 35 years - longer than any other manufacturer in the field. Their engineers apply this experience and the excellent rapport they enjoy with their many demanding clients worldwide to make sure that today's magnetophon always reflects an optimum balance between objective quality, serviceability, human engineering and price. Today we present the latest result of AEG -TELEFUNKEN's efforts: The new magnetophon 5A - based on the M 5 deck, proven in years of service throughout the world. The M5A - the master recorder for today and for tomorrow. - new and more compact electronic assembly built into the deck itself features all- electronic timed switching, which permits electronic editing without modulation overlap on RECORD activation or the ',hole,' usually experienced after STOP. - electronic digital timer as standard equipment; a highly sophisticated «auto - locator, provides heretofore unheard of operating ease and time economy. - improved performance -to -price ratio makes AEG -TELEFUNKEN quality more affordable than ever before. - our virtual zero -defect experience is unmatched in the master recorder field. In the highly unlikely case of a service need, you will find knowledgeable engineers and field service people, fully equipped with spare parts, as close as your telephone, no matter where you are located. We'll be happy to send you our 6 -page full -color English /German detailed brochure if you will mail the coupon below to the appropriate address. Coupon Please send me the brochure on»magnetophon 5A» Name Address Telephone Gotham Audio Corporation 74 Washington St. New York, N.Y Hayden Laboratories Ltd. Churchfield Road Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks. SL9 9EW AEG -TELEFUNKEN Energie- und Industrietechnik Magnetbandgeräte P. O. Box 254 D Konstanz AIL 4TELE KEN,e0 WAK 367 E professional tape recorders by AEG -TELEFUNKEN

84 Al P(MUC Ind Prati Sl. Coro b Pau VAta Myn WeMO.wa &+bbu Ne.ete V. Per Caonuale 5 Tel 0332) 770 t Audie: bt. cnona B n. mm..aro Maw MtP N.aronrocuall d. Roberto Bepp.p Ye G$OO n MA.n TO (07) INTERNATIONAL Cade BEPPATOMIL Owner Rob. Dud B.ppb Sales My Bra.lah'. 503 Ram. V. G Arm.l.n. 3 TO Conun Low Argon. e..nd Au DesDuce. Ph. SAT (Sow. Irlrr.4 AncoM Tw.w Srl Vie ,047 Som. Nuetel TN , 7450 Cable NSIAT M. Oa Ed.. e.nenon Audio 8-or owtu 6 apn real bo.n Brend.ame: 5AT PUN SS. Yr Moco Man TO Powre B Vto V. Maroons MrOeeme (Sava4) S wnuove S<olcn. w 3M Stan Sl Ve Como 25 Rov<aao (Como, Tel eb P.m Memo Colombo Gn Mgr Darn De Elan... Sales Mgr Loy Cane Audio: 6u caerme Brand name Como Rey 3 M Oahe SW Maro San Felu i5prar, fei 02) 75 AS Ter M.p Dn K 5 Stho.n Gen Mgr G Demure Sales 6 Mho 8- Bung Audio Co u pe Vese Crone open rol Brats Mme'. Scotch UrwIma (M4.. v S(0 í954a cupo IMAan) Tel Auto Canses TAPE, RAW & BLANK LOADED Apr.G...ert SpA. V. de Gapes 209 M.rr )30 74 Ch. Eaaw blmul Schutt. Banmrnn Gen Mgr Bln.b th.ughm. Audio Canoe open reel Aedo Ounces we NaAranrecunt A. O Ca Sri. V Erna.N 6 Soon. TM Map Du 6 Gen Mg. Supo Mouth Sow Mpr Edo.. Benton Dory, Arada 8, unte BASF we.s. &co. b Co Ve AV ApAe.5 Code. DAVID RITCHIE of LANDMARK wishes to thank EMI, CBS, BASF. PRECISION, TRIDENT, IMMEDIATE SOUND & EVERYBODY ELSE FOR THEIR CONTINUING PURCHASES OF C -ZERO CASSETTES & 8 TRACK CARTRIDGES. LANDMARK Deanway House. Darks Lane Potters Bar. Herts. T. Potters Bar 5905 Let's get together M. Tel Pots Careno Breeden Audi. B.W -8,... no open,. mo- w.. DuW.met Reco T.) V. Na Ban, I7 Moen Te Gudo Mercado. Gen Mp Aldo Merman Selo Mgr 26 Ch. Es. Sovuo Dory] Audio. 8u cacane Doerr reel Ecolma Sl, Vu Lo..m MAen TN 02) Factory. V Mom. 2 Tel Dory, Audio Coo. E..I Sr L Vale San Geneq M..0 Tel Own, Mu, Co... Fo060 ' 6 PMNprm., Gen Mg. Garpa onrl Audio 8u canne From IS,. Indrvdu.le 0. Gee e. Ces.e. Vu Noce Molars TN Gen Mgr Gonad Ces. (Brun M u Adio' Gtr GTE (Gerenti T.. EO..p &l Vet 0e Cebo Milan TN / Tele Pres One.. Cric. Bsporr AWb. Btr casa. Gm. IGenenl Cew.i) SaS. V. Don,. roe Can,. /M.W) Tel 02, ielea 337, n Mgr Dr R Bue, Sera Mor L pasto. pioni onu, Au. 8-tr moans Neumanracu.t d Roberto 8Ippto. Vu G SP tev MI TO Cade BEPPATOMIL Ow. Ro berti BeOta.t. Sala Mpr Owd Bu.rrwadn.arm 0043 Rome. am Va G Aea.n. rm 3 Tel ( Contact levo Argent. Aso: Flu eau. open reel!send mhr.e Awn Devon rh ora SIAT ISobeu.atom An.--' Tun., Sl Vu lo botto Sam. (Vows. Tel '7450 Cab. 45AT Map Dr Auden &u rotten* Ed.. Bewnw Oa. ono Phelps $oa Pena IV Noon M. TM Audio: Car. Pr. Sud. Va Vmao Am um TN TNn 2566 War... 5 ASE A (Soar An6ro 0Soh.), S0A Ve Petro Radom 2046 Mien TM Aida asta QM. * era. corm BASF 5 E C I0. 0 Vetua.a.o Ilei nel Spa. V. G 8 Greta TO Cobb SELEG HEMIT TNn Mop Oa L lap AWb 8, case.. opra rte] Yde- I" open reti. 'h" E W opre.m. 'n WU carved. Scotch w 3M Sore. Vo emeed.e Capo &ales] TM ( San..I., Tab 302 Poe. Pr.. Co.. Ir.. Ge. Mg. &w6 Raman. Seda Mgr tuie CapM.n Audio: bo c...& opra roe 3 M IWr Spa MYrm San Fe. (Spole, Tu ( Tern Map Dr K S Schoen. Gar. Mpr G Demure. SOn Artg Mpr Aedo: casse.. open w ry vid. e 2" " M Ban, N. open nel. " taud.. h. orane.8. El, open nel. IS. EIAJcm- Brand nee.. Sc.*. Sound we Undo. We have got an outstanding collection of audio leisure products. We want to make contact with companies who have the capacity and enthusiasm to create Sole Agencies for us in these countries; USA, Canada, West Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark. Spain and Switzerland. Cassette Cube Holders are the compact attractive answer to cassette storage, available in 3 styles and 4 colours. Modular H is a completely new approach to audio leisure storage and display. This elegant system has great flexibility, and builds up to fit any situation. Samantha brings a touch of luxury to any setting. Superbly made to appeal to people who appreciate quality and precision. Unit Solo is the perfect system when space is limited. yet is very versatile. We'd like to break new ground - how about you? Contact Robin Sculthorp Sculthorp Plastics Limited The Barge Walk', East Molesey Surrey KT8 9AZ Telephone Lindenel P.. Vu Sen Fran, o r TN Manton. raw. Audio Bu Brand name UP Uuvvaus. Sound Iry DUPLICATING & PROCESSING EQUIPMENT AEG.05,.en SpA V. Paso M. Nn TN ( Caw AE34 Tend 3473 Prn Or F An.6n. Gen Mgr L Tn.. yr. M. A 6000 Aut. Doplutm 6 w nd.n Brand Cama. T Brwd.n 6 Co W.A. 05 C.o. 8 M. W tel Pura Cade Beesol., imanutenur.:imperser /Ea0ar. Audio Maw as... rend, From ISoc.w Indrwdwb m Gee Casa. V Nlccodem Won TN 02) Gan Mpr Goon. C.. Audio. Amembir( 6 wnd+.p soup GTE (Contre Tap Eoup SrL V de. CLO Mden Tel T Pros.utero o... us Audio: Auto.Bac. etn.. alum..., 8 rronue tept +rade. Men high auto,. um. eren.e 6 W. MeetsaC Sal rcwrw S.. N.w Tel 02) G. Mol Maohr 0,44..*. /Imper.) Audio: A.Aana.c renders Neu nannuowc a Roberto Betlp.o V. G Slat. um n TO Cade BEPPATOMIL Owner Ro bmeeppto Shoes My O.w óare.norlh 0043 Ran.. Via nam. G Ar 3 TN ( Coned Ur..Mgent.e Au5e Dupumrs halas..0 SPA Puas or Nov., 3, 2024 Mien Tel.02' Inp Oscor,Root' to Uri To tes 2047 MOn Catir INGOROJE Teti+ ]902 Beer. 00 B7 Rome. Vu d Pone Tel ( AWb Du..ot.. 6 re.des Soo. (Sara Iules. Tweanurs...a. Pm ab 7avaa Man T T Las. tae V Pa..4,A Ien Tal Pm Anlo R Au.' 8u 6 cassette sunders T... Vr Ur Metope IM. tan) TO 039) Der Lucwm he r9o. Tu.. Mgr Govan Am Trbrvp noco e. r /.rade. Tsrl.re6.n. o. AEGT.MWan 3 M IoW SAIL MO..a San 70e:. (Sgerl TO Tats Map Dm K S Schoen. Gen M. G. 0.rAPU: Sales 6 Map Mgr M Burch. Audo. Crean* woes band nano Wolleena Nd4 ^a. we 7N PACKAGING & LABELING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES GTE (G,..N Tap Eq.p) SL Vr d. CAo T2 /0 2B S 2B Tura 7546 Prs Ooavrro Cam Began Product ra..eno a. a Maeee.) Sn. VG Ca bumm TM Gen Mg. Roberto Maoe7v... tm.porla) Dorn. Product e 6 tl dales penne arse.e peas, ech..r+. n a+ Sol v4 Como 25. a Kara] T. oses Mao Co.. Ge. My Dra Bened.m Stn Adnen My Gk... Baeed,a Sara Mp Le, Cela Product: taus Tepe.ete Va Uncer go Pue.) TO 039) Da Loo... Pea. Ted.rutal ugh Gour. Bng...n. pore. o^ 7) Prpdol tabele.g mad.. accessories manufacturers 4 p.gevoet S.. Ver de Gnon M,Nn ro ez ch.0 Eut Heknut Sd.uks B.umm. Gen. Mg. 8eoto Product Head cleaners dema9mh»n lode sol.. ago A. Sal V P.r rob 00,82 Ra n. Tel TO Te. Bon N.n, Vr Mo PnaducS Cam. b Po. oses. tltabg heed..ers 6 dernagrowers BreoMn b Co.. Va) 928 Ad Cmr.. M. TO í0i Nos Corrado Brod. Product case. Vole Pnm.b Man llnr TN Cobb RADIO IARIR Product. Hoed ctaar.e.s. o.rogneet<n. eit P'.,...í. ODD. Ve Borpo.o 2. 20)22 AMrr Mop D. 6 Goa Mpr Aim C Trtl- S E ónt5.a Catalog sews brushes SpAI Vu G B Cras cle.r..rt rams MA... T.II Cabo SEEEC HEMIT Ter Mop Du L Lang P.r.wr Head dean, 6...gnawers ]fade tape S. Stl Vote d. Par Vero M. tan Tel Pres W.u. Gun. Gen 6 Shoes Mgt S.po Balbo.. P.ulr Ca.ebp won 3 M I 5 pß MU. Sel Feb. 59m. I T Mp Dr S Schoen Gen hop G OemAU. Sa. Mhg Mgr M BwU. P.odua: C. pog 6 nota. cues 4.ubp woos how c0enos 6...gnawers Nader a.dip lep Ua easel Vu San Francesco sago(maro TO Pr In. Ca.,6steno un hand deed en 6 demepteu7en store fixtures & merchandising aids manufacturers Phonpgnm 500 Vr Borggo 2. 20)37 Man. Tel / Talea Map Ov 6Gen hop. 4ta.nC Tra. ut Prode.: Brays bo.en dnplov reek+ Sale Sat Vole Poro Pies 7., M. tan 7eI Prn Gunrr. Gen 6 Salve Mgr Baaenr Predate Beo anso. anew n0 ur...ra Praho VO S : In Nago /44. Product (0a b. Ó.0. nods playback/ recording equipment..,,.,n Spa Vr nrm en. i029779e Caby AFGITAI T 3t477 Prn Or i Oa.. Ee9 L Trepel. Sel.e Mp A Bor Audio TMela6M ArE4 Sd. V Eds arenro id Mrp Or. i GM Mpr Sa, More.h Sab Mp. Edowdo 6.nes6n N.d. aryl E.neo We.a Srl V. F F Mor.* Tel Cable EXHIBOMi T 475 vv D Arpuaele. S. Mq Gramo Audio Srb.o. 5tOrwa sn E.Abo Studer Behan. 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85 magnetophone 2 The automobile studio magnetic recorder Any firm attaching as great an importance to the practical solution of problems as AEG -TELEFUNKEN is not likely to suddenly leave its studio customers to fend for themselves in the face of problems of an external nature. On the contrary, it will offer them sturdy, but efficient, "all- purpose" devices, able to hold their own equally well in the case of stationary operation and mobile employment or radio vans. AEG -TELEFUNKEN has made just such a universal device available in the form of the Studio Magnetic Recorder, M 2. It is small, compact, easily transportable and, needless to say, designed for remote control. Complete with mono (with or without pilot sound), stereo or dual -trace recording and tape speeds of 9.5/9 cm or 9/38 cm /s. it in. offers all that the professional /4 field demands. In its version with integrated mixer unit, complete with VU meter, it even serves as a self - contained system for every recording purpose, and, thanks to its perfect technology, guarantees optimum tonal quality and a life expectancy of exceptional length with minimum maintenance requirements. There you have it - a self- contained unit, practical, reliable, and at an exceptionally reasonable price. - On the mechanics and electronics side, it fulfils all studio requirements, as far as quality and reliability are concerned. - The large, well decoupled flywheel mass provides for the least possible degree of pitch variance, even in the case of inferior networks. - The sensitive winding control allows operation with coils of 7 to 27 cm without change -over. - Vertical and horizontal operation are equally successful. - The amplifiers are easily adjustable or all studio tapes. - All assemblies are of easy access, the amplifiers on replaceable plug -in units. - Owing to its construction on a robust, cast aluminium frame, the magnetophone 2 will even stand up to rough duty without impairment to the quality of the recording. Should a servicing become necessary, despite the remarkable lack of demands set by this unit, you can rest assured that your M 2 is in good hands with our servicing experts. Coupon: For special informatory material on the M 2, please avail of the following Name Address Telephone Gotham Audio Corporation 74 Washington St. New York, N.Y Hayden Laboratories Ltd. Churchfield Road Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks. SO 9EW AEG -TELEFUNKEN Energie- und Industrietechnik Magnetbandgeräte P.O. Box 254 D Konstanz KEN KEN WAK 349 E professional tape recorders by AEG -TELEFUNKEN

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89 ATGTFK &erg Dr Dr H W Klemm Gen W 2rckermann. Sales Mgr R B Tee.. Prod Mgr A G liure ti A 6n M!t' V7 i Mgr, i Dal.. Au* TelNunkon (Genoa,. b M. ore Alton ó Heath A M S raq d.r (Arnsuadl Ud.. 89 Rd London E8 Tel Audio' Ammsel t R7 0. w Pad. e. Devei.lsenenl smote Resew. sea TNedyn. NM Sales 6 Serve (UK) Ud 30; 32 Concord Rd ylauwood P. Estate, Western Ave ki a London 63 DTH Ttl , Mng Du Stephen R Choi Sales Bane Nall aw6o. As. Liston, AO.wl Audd Vl.wl n b Heath ltd L. BrenNI Eno g Ltd. 09/. Tone London NB TN ( íd Mng De NegsAn My Andrew Stenog. Sein Mgr Andy AlH 8.0 sae Highgate Acousms. see Mown. labs MO Ud 96 Pccadlly London W V A rat (0) (Audio only) Ltd Acre Bd. Rearing. Berke TN Cable VIDEOTAPE Tar, Mgr E H Sask.. Audw, Vdero E9u.p WA. Sculhon & Video. Ammon (USAI sae AMS Research 6 Development Ud Navas House, Maunway. Camberley. Sunny GUt S OE el (0276) Sales Du G A Ward Ar R;D F UK Lad.. Haddon House. 2i4 WIP SAD.Ttl Tale. 649 Ow. Mgr H C PaOnson Prof Mgr j.m. Mine. Comme Mgr A R Patch. Tat... ORKar E k Rage No, only) Prem.. Centre. Nenner Perk Dr en., MAO SU Tel (0) On. Demon. Ud SI 572 Kogslon Rd.. London í) Sw2080R. Tel ( ud. only) kuupunkt s5 Robert Bosch lobent Bosch lad PO Rhodes War. Watford Hens W02 4í8 Ted (0923) 442.,- 33 Audio 84upunkt Video: Bosch Fenn, 3.ento see Allen 6.Heate see Rent Rad. :Mon ses MusDoc Colla Electron. LM 00 Coombe Ln London SW20 DAy TN Teles Mng Ou C A WNR. Gen Mgr R.Vin..les Mgr L AMY Audio: Tenael lei.er4nda7. Uawn,...ens LW Noe., Rd Regale. Sunny Tel 07372, 4757 Meg On M N Evans. Ctrl Erg D.M Evart (AAd.- u.nspons) Gown Intl e Mecones labs Uown R. Co ltd Russel Gardens. WW.f. Ems 55 SRI Tel Wok, Tales Nudva only, The Deno Retard Co- Ltd Decca Howe. 9 Albert Embankment London SE, 75W TN ( Cade DECCORD Telex ,8.5 see ROW Wpbtaw. I. 7 firewood Ave London NW Tel Toles 2879 Di. 8 Lembden. Gen Mgr R Jxkson Moose (Aod. only) Dytlmon Rad. 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Audo Europe SA, 39'4 Maple St tie London W P 5FU TO 95(58(05353 Tats, ChN E,sc M Isn.itara Audio: 5ansur LOP. Sanyo Matapan. IUKI LM Sanyo House Bust. M,8 Ln Watford Hens WO? 4U0 Tel Wed Ter Nude only, Snare Ebnral75 (UK, Ud 5a9 Home 07 Holme Had Ca, Manclusln MID BHL TN 06, Budd Doty) ShiroNKi Ltd. Shore Home The elgew..idle B.cb SLO 9Jí Tte ( Nude on Soda. sea Sony 00, Ltd ylene 4... Gos. Tel in Sunoury -a+ Thames Toles Tele London TaMbarg(UKI Ltd Fyne Sloane. 8 ird Leeds, Nat, yak.3 I 35 Mng 0... John Famee, Sales Du W R Nanrsan. Prom. Serve Mgr M Cow, Nodal Tex see Teledyne 6 Indust. Tope HR TN (0532) TeWucs. see Novato, Parson. Teledyne Acoustsc Research. Hq, 5t. Houghlon R-gn Dunne.. Beds Tel 0582) 6035 Cable ARUKINT Telex VP John Bone. Gen Mgr Maus Pe9ner Sales Mgr Paul Byrne A. 5 P Mgr...aeon. Audio: Acouslc Research. Tee, Clap.. TeNfunken sec AEG- Tekelunken 6 Hoyden Labs Telelon Eectro (UK) Co. Ltd Teieton Hase Waterhouse Ln., Chelmsford. Esse. Te, CIWmelod Tora (lend. only) Tenae see Condor vittan Now there is a new source for C-0 cassettes and high density cassette tape. It's Magnetic Media's sister company in Seoul. The Magnetic Media Korea Corporation has combined American technology with Korean craftsmanship to bring the duplicator the best tape and cassettes in the world. Add value pricing to these high performance products and you also have Thon Consumer Electron. ltd 284 Soumtaury Rd En.). Meld. TN Ier Conon Mgt 0 B Hewlett Audio: Ferguson. U. 3 M Unned m íl4 7M House. Wpmoe St London WA ET TO 0, Cable MINNESOTA Tale Mrq pa Donn Osmpn. Gen Mktg Mgr Gary Donlon, Roc g Me.4. O.. Gen Mgr 5. Jenn Prgmae Dar. Sales 6 Mktg Mgr Audio Mmwm WNlenuk Video: 3M (ONevrsmn video chars lei osote (UK Ud houx Great South Wal Rd Great.. London TN Nude onml Tno. see 6 M Mans Ohm SUS) Ud IS MIs Estate &mt aree Esse. CM7 70 NM. only, U8.nno see Condo Ultra see Than WeltMm Electron. IUKI ltd Tel 8minitee Omens Rd.. WM. Hens. WD 2OH TN. Weft Cable TELERENT Tales p.r M Raymond Sales Mgr A J Nudd on Wdma Breeden Elecvoncs ltd 442 6,tn Rd Sbugh Sí688 TN ( Tale Ch. Esec C Miller Gen Mgr P A. Heel.. Sales Moo S Jones Audio: Ferrogreph Wmmroncs see Lane. WNlerwek see 3M ' i"'' emotion the best deal around. Plus next day delivery, since ample stock is maintained in our stateside warehouses. Yes, our tape and cassettes are manufactured 0,000 miles away but are only 0 digits away: So make this connection now and we'll send you free samples. MAGNETIC MEDIA.; Magnetic Media Corporation, 66 Fayette Ave., Mamaroneck, NY 0543 Tel: s, tl2 W

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91 / Tope /Audio /Video 'Industry Reacts To Customs Duties; Appeal Heard Soon t e ontinued from page 47 pih EIA's Wayman and Plo- Mitchell agree that as come as the industry has been. very little latitude for much hon of the duties at any level t marketing chain. cir concern is shared by many rs. with a typical reaction that Draddy at Liberty Music. one pioneer audio /record outlets New York metro area. iile he's had no official notififrom any of his import lines as Nakamichi or Yamaha. e not in a position to accept margin cuts.' he emphasizes. " I somehow or other well reach tine sort of accommodation with ix manufacturers. Well eat some (of the duty) and they'll cat some. Esentualh the dealer eats more and gets less. ark the consumer will make out reason - thy well- probably better than any industry in the world.' Draddy believes that operations ifie Liberty. into the higher -end. 'cured distribution lines, will be able to handle the increases better. "We're more service- oriented and less dependent on the big tonnage lines. where the bottom lint is really critical." The countervailing duties. actually equalizing duties on imports to offset alleged indirect subsidies to Japanese manufacturers by the government, cut virtually across the board. according to an impon specialist for the Customs Service. Included are all types of audio and video tape recorders and players: all record players. alone and in combinations with tape players and recorders. and radios: all compact and console systems: auto radios. including tape player combos all car stereo): CB transceiver radio and tape combos only. with CB alone excluded. Stereo equipment is generally assessed at 54. mono units at 0s. A detailed listing. provided by the Customs Service. includes: Record players. phonographs. changers. turntables 55. Tape recorders. all types. audio and video, stereo 55: mono (home video), 04. Radio /us./phonograph con- soles. picture tube over 27 -inch. 205: under 27.inch. 55. Radio /tape recorder combos. radio /phono /tape recorder combos. stereo 55. mono 0%. CB transceivers with radio and /or tape players. stereo 55. mono 05. Tape players, all types. audio and video. stereo 5%. mono 05. AM radio /rape player combos including auto: phnno/tapc player combos: radio /phono /cape player combos. stereo 55. mono 05. Auto radios. stereo 57, mono 0% Radio receivers, all types. stereo 55, mono 05.. Radio/ phonograph combos. 55. Record players or phonographs with amplifier and speakers (compact systems), 55. Although the administration strongly opposed the imposition of countervailing duties and is pressing the appeal through Treasury. no one is taking any bets on the final decision by the appeals court. Meanwhile. the industry is in for some major adjustments. British At CES e Continued from page 47 Short, with its Series 2 Pageant. Car - lnival and Festival models': B and W loudspeakers with its DM6 linear l. "modeand Decca Special u. with the London ribbon eaker. cartridges and record cessories. onitor Audio will bow a new nie turntable. the ET 000. d as the first with a binary t scale for fine adjustment. n LED strobe, plus a new arm lifting device. featuring the.r. Sugden is D 03 variable three -speed ble with a DC motor and elecspeed stabilization. plus a new vot pickup arm. lso with turntables arc Envintal Sound, with a new directnit on a slim base: Fons Interal. with its CQ -30 transcripodel. and Linn Products, with inn -Sondek LP 2 transcriplin unit. Bib Hi -Fi accessories. marketed in the U.S. as Audio Kare by Hammond Industries, will show a tape head maintenance kit. cassette editing and splicing kit. and an an- >tatic record care kit -. Metrosound Audio. repreanted in the U.S. by RNS Marketrig, has a compact audio kit for the ti beginner. with record cleaner, tus brush, fluid cassette head leaner and tracking arm: and a new flush: center kit. Keith Monks (Audio) is offer - rig the Uni -pivot sweeper which in- :orporates a static -discharge mechanism, an improved version of the )cord weeper. and a turntable lev- :ling kit nab damped adjustable beet. Memorex Bows Quantum Reels LOS ANGELES- Quantum. Memorex Corp.'s new line of open reel tape. will be ready for retail dis - :nbution May I. The tape will be -old through stores centaine to the serous hifi enthusiast. Quantum. Memorex's top -end complement to the existing low noise /high output open reel line. is an advanced ferric oxide ape engineered to pros ide low harmonic dis - tonion. high sensitivity. excellent )signal /noise ratio and high saturation. Plug into the Ilth Annual Consumer Electronics Billboard's Summer CES expanded section, June,977 Billboard has a line on this summer's CES show June 5, 6, 7, 8, 977 at the McCormick Inn, Chicago. Well be there with our special CES June, issue. Don't miss this biggest show issue of the year; over 45,000 retailers, reps, distributors and manufacturers from all 50 states and 35 countries will be there. 'Bonus Distribution at CES - 'Expanded CES section. Plug into Billboard, the only music trade covering the consumer electronics field every week, and reach your customers. Los Anode. Ice rtewehw.n/ lohn Halloran/ Here, Gell/ 86 Moran e000 S9Owt Bled. ln. Anstoss C. WOO 2./V3.70tl New Yea Iton Witlm.,- Ron Copra.: Nor. Berko.. Make, Addy/ e Nam 53 Broadway Nue York. NY IX. 22' 7M Ad deadline: May 27, 977 ürkao/coada NrhWlk Europe 86 Kanter Lahn Wm Andre de Vekey I50 N. Warlrrr Oree 7; W er En d Ate. mea e C rnab5 5c Caca. IlI e0006 Nuhrdle. Tenn 7203 Load. W. I. England su%:e-a I8 old/.n /43: Tokyo Hugh MALL., Musa tobo. Dempr, adds. Beklan IK,. a-2. HrgaJr l.woda %,r,.g,.,,-ka Tokyo tu 03eaa74e37 CIS

92 50 DISCO SOURCEBOOK Survey Spotlights Y Key Audio Buying Patterns Continued from page 44 mind when checking the survey' results,by type of component. asnoted by respondents to the survey. conducted by the Billboard research department earlier this year. In addition to Technics for turntables and Shure for microphones. other category leaders include Meteor Light & Sound. mixers: Shure and Stanton. tied for cartridges: JBL, speakers: Crown and Phase Linear. tied for power amps: Bozak. pi-camps: Soundcraftsman, equalizers: TEAL, tape decks. and Kern. headphones. Survey respondents by percentage for each type of equipment include: Turntables- Technics QRK. 95: Pioneer. 75: Sony. 55: Ruse.) and Thorens. 45 each; other. 95. Power Amps -Crown and Phase Linear. 5 each. 3G W. 95: Marantz and McIntosh, 75 each: Dynaco. 65: Pioneer. 55: Cerwin- Vega. 45: other Mixers- Meteor. 65: Kozak. 45: GLI. 25: Sony. 05. custom - built. 85: Cowin -Vega. 65. other Speakers-JBL. 235: Altec, 95: Cerwtn -Vega. 55: Ebert). Voice. 65: GLI and Eclipse. 34 each: other. 3%. Preamps- Bozak. 5:: Crown. Memorex Vs. Robins: rn Faulty Demagnetizers SAN FRANCISCO- Memorex is suing Robins Industries in a Federal District Court here. The pleading. charging that the defendant supplied Memorex with faulty head demagnetizers. was originally filed early this year in Santa Clara Superior Court. from where it was transferred to federal jurisdiction. Memorex contends it agreed to pay Robins $ for head demagnetizers. In May 976. Memorex claims it discovered the heads were defective and didn't meet specifications. The court is asked to award Memorex which would cover the cost of malting the demagnetizers which are already sold to consumers. Also asked is a refund on the heads it has in inventory plus those which are returned. it also asks damage, for loss of business reputation incurred through the sale of the defective demagnetizers. 45: Marante. IO'.. GLI and McIntosh. 95 each. custom -built: 65: Soundcraftsnten. 55: other Equalizers- Soundcraflsman SAE. 65: BSR /ADC 74: Tapco. 55: JVC. 45: other Tape Decks -TEAL, 335: Sony. 255: Akai. 5: Pioneer. 85: Revox. 65: JVC, 55: other. 25. Phono Cartridges-Shure and Stanton. 425 each: Pickering. 55: Empire. 4 5: Audio-Technics. 35: other. 45. Microphones- Shure. 635: Sony, 5: AKG, 8 5: Electro- Voice. 65: Beyer. 55: other. 25. Headphones -Koss, 344: Sennheiser. 65: Pioneer. 05. AKG. 95: Sony. 75: other In addition to equipment information. the Disco Data survey covers club status, membership dues. hours. admission. beverage policy. attendance. size. and programming practices and purchases. Also included in the International Disco Sourcebook are listings of record companies with disco product: disco equipment and services listings by manufacturer and cross - indexed by category. plus international listings for such key mar- kets as Argentina. Australia. Belgium. Brazil. Canada. France. West Germany. Italy, Japan. Netherlands. New Zealand. Switzerland and the U.K. Sourcebook copia are available for S 0 prepaid from Billboard. 55 Broadway. New York. N.Y LRepRopJ í;rit,ep ram.:i hand, the Nu. Tape and Capitol blank tale products for Capitol Magnetics' consumer products &vision include Lit -A Saks. 6 Main St. Tuckahoe, NY 0707, phone (94) for New York and Mid- Atlanhc states. Pacific Audio Saks. 933 S Broadway. Los Angeles, Calf phone (23) , for Southern California. Ancona and New Mexico; Meyer 8 Rau, 2 Kan- sas St.. Rm San Francisco. Calif 9403, phone t45) for Northern California, Northern Nevada Also, Rudolph 8 McGinnis, for New England; Firestone 8 Assoc., for the Southeast states: Cl_ Pugh 8 Assoc, tt. Western Pennsylvania, Oho and West yngina IJ.F. Saks, for Michigan, and Sconcrolt I Assoc., foc the Rocky Mountain States, Instant program change with new dual master Flick of switch starts new selection ;ó ó - "6.7;6: Another first for ELECTRO SOUND tape duplicating systems * AN NM "gin from 2 lip Fiv. O. r..a vt co +rou+o. cwu :...way Tape /Audio /Video 'How To' Clinics Get High Interest Cortrrnued from page 47 can take their environment and put it on tape." Ingoldsby cited the intense level of competition within the recording industry that has led to highly sophisticated studio effects and techniques and has brought sound recording mto automation all of which provides various methods of sound construction and tone coloration that ultimately moves towards making recorded sound more realistic A seminar on studio monitors presented by Electro-Volee featured the company's Sentry III. IV and V monitor systems compatible to both home and studio use. While the speakers spoke for themselves. Mike Leiter pointed out the quest for accuracy in any studio monitor as well as equal dispersion and listener fatigue that sometimes accompanies long periods spent in the studio. Malcolm Cecil. composer. musician and engineer. ran a video presentation of his famous and ever expanding synthesizer T.O.N.T.O.for a discussion on electronic music and demonstrated his technique on a smaller system comprised of modules borrowed from T.O.N.T.O's home base. Cory Bails, Haji Sound engineer. took an attentive crowd through an actual 6 -track mixdown offering tips on blending tracks and demonstrating equalization in working towards the final product for his workshop on " Mixdown Tech - niques." Other events running both days included continuous seminars and demonstrations on digital delay. magnetic ape design. microphone theory'. independent recording for musicians. studio design and acoustics. noise reduction and equalization. Though a bit unstructured bearuse of the ongoing nature, all seminars offered knowledgeable and concentrated insight to theory and application concerning the topic discussed. Robert Orban. chief engineer for Orban Associates. conducted the session on "Equalization And Other Signal Processing.- Larry Blakely. director of marketing for dbx. Inc.. conducted the "Noise Reduction -Theory And Application" session. Jeff Cooper. who studied architectural acoustics at M.I.T.. worked for Westlake Audio and now has his own acoustical consulting item. conducted the session on "Studio Designs And Acoustics." Diane Sward Rapaport editor and publisher of Music Works -A Manual For Musicians. conducted the "Independent Recording - What's In It For The Musician" session which delved in to the business aspects of recording, Warren Simmons and Freeman Granum. both of Ampex Magnetic Tape. conducted the "Magnetic Tape -Design And Application" session. Representatives of MXR conducted the "Digital Delay Applications" session. Uni -Sync Mixer Due LOS ANGELES -Uni -Sync has introduced Trouper I live music mixing system. A modular system. the output control module, with a 5749 suggested list. has eight inputs. and the expander module. with a 5698 suggested list. has 0. The Trouper will be previewed at the AES May 0-3 at the L.A. Hilton A w Hi-Fi ST EO Of AIWA ON ICE -With music provided for the first time at the recent World) ure Skating Championships in Tokyo on a cassette tape deck -an Aiwaj the manufacturer got a global plug with its rinkside "ad." The N lights were carried via satellite on ABC -TV's "Wide World of Sports" to lions in the U.S.. where Aiwa is distributed by Menton Electronics. 26 EXHIBITORS st Multi -track Expo OK Camansed from page 7 monitor. Also onhand wa.s the 6233 dual channel power amplifier. Yamaha was represented both showcasing and discussing such products as models PM -70. PM- 80. PM PM -700 professional sound mixers: the P power amplifier: and the F -030 frequency dividing network. Ampex representatives were onhand discussing the firm's Grand Master and studio mastering tapes as well as its consumer - aimed lineup. Ampex Plus series and 20/20+ Series. Dbx representatives were onhand to explain the firm's noise reduction and signal processing systems, most of which were displayed. dhx offers tape noise reduction gear for the professional studio as well as the semi -professional studio. as well as compressor /limiters. Otarï s complete line of professional tape recorders was on display a 'n-inch 8- track, as well as the new Mark II Series. MXR showed off its line of professional products including a digital delay as well as other electronics signal processing equipment. AKG had a full complement of microphones onhand and also explained tes reverberation units. Scully discussed and showcased its line of professional tape recorders/reproducers. The SAE lineup of power amps, preamps. tuners and parametric equalizers was represented as was its recently introduced -click and pop" machine. the SAE 5000 Impulse Noise Reduction system. TSS Sound Systems, Inc. of Los Angeles showcased its 432 studio monitor and 4308 control monitor. Emilar Corp. of California die- T cussed its EA75 high frequ compression driver and EHKO0 ponential horn as well as Systems l4gnetic speaker systems. Tapco displayed its lineup for professional musiarns and sound engineers. Mixers. graphic equal. Leers reverb systems. and accessories were included. Orban/Parasound. signal processing specialist based in San Francisco. highlighted its lineup of dual spring reserb. dynamic sibilance controller, parametric equalizer. stereo synthesizer. and stereo limiter /compressor. The Sound Workshop. Roslsn. N.Y., was onhand with its 280 recording console. its 42 broadcast disco mixer. and other signal processing equipment. Sennheiser exhibited its monophone and headphone gear. UREI (United Recording Electronic Industries) displayed its complement of signal pros equipment. BGW showcased its Iineu professional power amplifiers. Quantum Audio Labs. G dale. Calif_ displayed and d' its recording and mixdown co Elecro-Voice exhibited phones and speakers. including Sentry professional lo speaker. Crown showed Off its ran amplifiers and recorders as well new real time analyzer. Beyee explained its mi phones and stands. Audio Concepts showed off its new 6 -track version of the Concept I console. Bouse featured its APD -600 ape recorder. Audio Designs showed its signal processors, and Seseom displayed its lineup of accessince, Phono Cartridge Campaign Firmed By Audio-Technica CHICAGO -A campaign to pro- "By pointing this out to the cusmote the sale of new phono car- turner. a retailer can help him upmidges over sales of replacement grade his audio system for little more styli for existing cartridges has been than the coot of a stylus. Kelly exbunched by Audio-Technica U.S., plains. The customer benefits and Inc.. marketer specializing in ad- the dealer looks like a hero." aanced design pickups. Kelly says Audio-Technica will "Replacement styli can represent support the messages. -Don't sell reimportant sales volume." says Jon placement styli" and -If your car - Kelly. A -T vice president and gen- tridge is more than three years old. eral manager. But the retailer who don't replace your stylus. in trade sells a stylus when he should sell a and consumer press ads cartridge is probably doing a dis- Further, he says, stores can imservice to his customer and missing prove inventory turnover by emphaa larger sale." sizing new cartridges rather than re- Through recent innovations in de- placement styli. Kelly points out that sign. Kelly says. today's cartridges stocking a wide variey of old phono far surpass the performance of pick- needles represents a major commit - ups of only a few years ago. Since merit to mostly slow moving stock. the stylus represents most of the cost In comparison. he says. phono of the canridee anyway. he reasons, cartridges are more marketable. the consumer is offered far better serving initial systems buyers, after - sound value for his money by ahan- market buyers and replacement doping the older cartridge stylus buyers alike.

93 -_ Tape /Audio /Video 4M Stereo `Smart Clipper' tconlinuejjiant page to db of gain reduction, without au- -- side effects. Additional high - uency limiting is also available. t extensive high -frequent} tion may be inserted before 'ultiple- limiter stage. without 'ng "loudness" due to execs - gh- frequency energy. final stage recombines the six cv bands, which are next through a peak level controlthen to Orban's new "smart g" circuit. rding to an Orban technical this patent -pending circuit the advantages of clipping om from pumping. consistent with program of different arms: but totally eliminates disturbing audible distortion an that has been charactennuc of clippers from the early days of broadcasting-" Orban's Parasound division has just introduced its Model 622 second generation Parametric Equalizer The unit will be available in single and dual -channel configurations. each of which consists of four bands of equalization. Each band contains continuously variable bandwidth control. frequency tuning over a 25: range. and boost /cut' potentiometers. In addition. there are separate in /out switches on each of the four bands. A preliminary specification sheet states that a new proprietary filter design permits equalization notches of up to 40 db to bc consistently obtained. lismiss Key Count In Betamax Suit nhtconrinued from page 47 tqjenrv''s Camera. a local audio /visel discount store. Plaintiffs' inter - taltories ask Sony to produce all anhnanty cards on Betamax pur- dl>. bi-i Universal Television and Pictures Walt Disney Productions. copnltintiffs, accused Sony of actually umging Betamax owners to in- n. w e on their copyrighted movie tv shows. Ferguson ruled that the Judge C. riding of the ads is vague and does I encourage such practice. The held that legal precedents. ted by both plaintiffs and the ant. failed to hold in this liti- The judge therefore looked statute itself, ruling it difficult how a simple failure to disbrought it within the law. And. Ferguson added. no reference ions of material. fact or oblito disclose is found in other statutes. ny. countering plaintiffs' of infringement notes that recording of recorded per - nca for private use and no inn of capitalizing commercially ng been legal. -nts out that it has made a tv mg machine for more than 0 nears. Both Universal and Disney allege that Sony has not wamed Beta-, max buyers of infringement but acwally induced it in their promotion and advertising. Plaintiffs say that in the highly ex- : pensive production of syndicated tv and motion pictures that entire industry is endangered if home cop- Nag continues. TV networks will not run repeats on such high -cost productions if hey feel that many Betamax unit owners have copied such materials. thus slashing deeply into revenue for producing companies, the plaintiffs contend. Sony counters that MCA and Disney don't represent the industry. but only a small portion of it. The plaintiffs counter that their case has been publicly backed by the actors' writers' and producers' guilds. MCA charges that its potential for the sale of its videodisks and videotapes is threatened because Betamax owners don't have to buy such items if they have already copied the ma- terial on their units. Judge Ferguson. in dismissal order on two charges of Lanham Act violation stated: "To say that 'this product is capable of copying is shows' is simply not the same as saying, 'When you use this product to copy tv shows, you are acting legally.'" The judge in viewing the printed warning contained in a brochure accompanying the Betamax unit. "TV program videotapes and film may be copyrighted. unauthorized recording of such matenal may be contrary to the provisions of the copyright law." felt that the statement does not alter the implication that Betamax is capable of recording tv shows. Nor did he feel it was false representation. which would violate the Lanham Act. "For no more authoritative characterization is warranted until this lawsuit is added. decided," he Good -bye, paper labels On- cassette printing to up to 3 colors +lull background color at speeds up to 00 units per minute Saves lime money and problems The APEX Printer from i790 avenue OE TwE ameairits NEW yqx N lepre MONE (=r757aer0 CABLE AuO0uTKTELEx l76e pyfey dellcl BUE rkatier 000 C0088EVOIF MANGE mgne 33 )090 UBLf au0louatic, TELEX /$/7 Jukebox Accutrac Dispute Bubbling By ALAN PENCHANSKY CHICAGO -A dispute over a trial venue will precede substantive arguments in the recently -filed patent infringement suit that pits See - burg Corp. against BSR (U.S.A.) Ltd., a marketer of consumer audio gear. A Seeburg petition. filed here in U.S. District Court April 7. charges that BSR's Accutrac programmable turntable violates a patent for a "Sound Track Selection Phonograph" which Seeburg acquired in 966. Noting that BSR has a sales and distribution office in the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove Village. and that Playback, Inc.. an audio retailer named as co- defendant in the suit. operates in Illinois. Seeburg asks that the litigation be tried here. Play - hack is retailing the BSR Accutrac. BSR's counterclaim, filed April 2 in the U.S. Court for the Southern District of New York, seeks to have the dispute resolved in that venue. BSR's filing, which disputes the validity of Seeburg's patent. points out that the coin -op machine manufacturer is a Delaware- organized corporation with offices in New York City. The BSR complaint indicates that Seeburg notified BSR in November 976 with its claim of patent infringement. Representatives of the two companies subsequently mct on Fcb. 28 and April 7. at which time Seeburg pressed for a licensing agreement with BSR. A Seeburg representative says that company will respond to the New York filing with a request that the suit be tried in an Illinois court. The patent in dispute, No was issued in 960 to Morton Sumter and later acquired by Seeburg. Seeburg has not made use of the patent. the company representative informs. The ADC subsidiary of BSR introduced the Accutrac line at five global press conferences in March 976. calling it the ultimate marriage of state -of-the-art in microelectronics. electro -optics and mechanical technologies." Initially introduced to the market late last year at 5500 suggested list. and increased this year to the top -of-the -line Accutrac has three components. The listener programs up to 24 commands for track selection on a hand -held cordless transmitter. The message is transmitted to a remote receiver with an LED "winking eye" with memory. and this in turn activates the direct -drive turntable ario which places the stylus at the beginning of the selected track. BSR now has the Accutrac in most major markets. with limited distribution via selected dealers, and introduced it to the music industry at NARM in Los Angeles. Seeks An Imprint NEW YORK- Country International label seeks a greater imprint domestically and internationally for its jukebox product. Danny Melt., recently named sales vice president. is handling domestic and international marketing efforts. Label utilizes around 26 independent distributors. with 905 of its product ultimately reaching operators. says Sherman Ford, label president. Rock Singles Bestselleis Cepysgnt 9 ì 0- eeoa.0 Pu0calipss. Ire se Dart Or Inca 9.s tai cs mar Le reproouted. Memo in a retinal system or transmitted,.n any IOrm w by any mtanf.oleclronic. urtanlcal. photocopying resit, a otherwise, wlthoul prwr wnit.n per- litt.on On Ire panto er As Of 4/2 5,-77 Complied from selected rackiobbers by the Record Market Research Dept. of Billboard. WHEN I NEED YOU -Leo Sayer, Warner Bros SOUTHERN NIGHTS -Glen Campbell-Capitol HOTEL CALIFORNIA-Eagles- Asylum DON'T GIVE UP ON US -David Soul -Private Stock RIGHT TIME OF THE NIGHT - Jenmler Warnes -Arista RICH GIRL -Daryl Hall & John Oates -RCA SO IN TO YOU -Atlanta Rhythm Section, Potydor DON'T LEAVE ME THIS WAY - Thelma Hesston -Tamia THE THINGS WE 00 FOR LOVE - locc- Mercury LOVE THEME FROM "A STAR IS BORN" (Evergreen) -Barbra Streisand- Columbia DANCING QUEEN -Abba- Atlantic COULDN'T GET IT RIGHT -Climax Blues Band -Sire UDO SHUFFLE -Boz Scaggs- Cotumbia I'VE GOT LOVE ON MY MIND - Natalie Cole- Capitol CAN'T STOP DANCING -Captain & Tennille -A&M 92 6 LUCILLE -Kenny Rogers -United Artists I WANNA GET NEXT TO YOU -Rose Royce -MCA SIR DUKE -Stevie Wonder - Tamla CALLING DR. LOVE -Kiss- Casablanca CARRY ON WAYWARD SON - Kansas- Kirshner I'M YOUR BOOGIE MAN -K. C. 8 The Sesvvme Band -TK HELLO STRANGER -Yvonne Elliman -RSO DANCING MAN- Q- EpicSweet 24 City FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME - Foreigner- Atlantic DREAMS -Fleetwood Mac- Warner Bros YOUR LOVE -Marlyn McCoo 8 Billy Davis Jr. -ABC U-in-rimy Dean -Casino SAY YOU'LL STAY UNTIL TOMORROW -Tom Jones - Epic LONELY 00Y- Andrew Gold- Asylum LIKE DREAMIN -Kenny Nolan - 20th Century BLINDED BY THE LIGHT- Manfred Mann's Earth Band -Warner Bros ANGEL IN YOUR ARMS -Hot -Big Tree TRYING TO LOVE TWO -William Bell -Mercury JEANS ON -David Dundas- Chrysaks CHERRY BABY- Starz- Capitol SHOW YOU THE WAY TO GO- Jacksons -EPIC CINDERELLA-Fuetall- Atlantic CRACKERBOX PALACE -George Harrison -Dark Horse LIVING NEXT DOOR TO ALICE - Smokie -RSO LONG TIME -Boston -Epic Rock LP Best Sellers Publications, may r.'podvc00. stored.n a retrieval system. or Iransmnteo. m any form or by any means. electronic, mechanical. photocopying, recording or otherwise. without the poor wnnen perm3,0. of the Publisher As Of 4/25/77 Compiled from selected rackiobbers by the Record Market Research Dept. of Billboard HOTEL CALIFORNIA -Eagles- 2 Asylum 7E A STAR IS BORN/ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK RECORDING - Barbra Streisand & Kris Kristofferson- Columbia JS BOSTON -Epic PE RUMOURS -Fleetwood Mac - Warner Bros BSK THIS ONE'S FOR YOU -Barry Manilow -Arista AL LEFTOVERTURE- Kansas -Kirshner PZ SONGS IN THE KEY OF LIFE - Stevie Wonder -Tamia THEIR GREATEST HITS Eagles -Asylum 7E TRYIN' TO GET THE FEELING - Barry Manllow- Arista DESTROYER -Kiss -Casablanca NBLP 7025 ROCKY /ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK- United Artists UA LA693 G 2 FLY LIKE AN EAGLE -Steve Miller Band -Capitol 56 3 ROCK AND ROLL OVER -Kiss- Casablanca NBLP THE BEST OF THE DOOBIES- Dooble Brothers -Warner Bros SILK DEGREES -Boz Scaggs- Columbia PC GREATEST HITS -Linda Ronstadt- Asylum 7E NIGHT MOVES -Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band -Capitol ST 57 8 FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE -Peter Frampton -A&M SP LOVE AT THE GREEK -Neil Diamond, Columbia KC AUVE! -Kiss -Casablanca NBLP 7020 Chrysalis Issuing 4 Albums By LOS ANGELES -Chrysalis Records is re- releasing all three previous Frankie Miller albums along with the U.K. writer -singer's new "Full House" LP due this month. Posters and mobiles for a full retail campaign on the Miller catalog are being produced. The artist is scheduled to make his first U.S. tour in May. A ROCK AND ROLL ALTERNATIVE- Atlanta Rhythm Section- Polydor P0. 6C80 22 ANIMALS -Pink Floyd -Columbia C UNPREDICTABLE -Natalie Cole. Capitol SO SONGS FROM THE WOOD -Jethro Tull -Chrysalis O DREAMBOAT ANNIE -Heart- Mushroom MRS COME IN FROM THE RAIN - Captain 8 Tennille -A&M SP TOYS IN THE ATTIC-Aerosmith- Columbia PC FLEETWOOD MAC -Reprise MS WINGS OVER AMERICA- Capdol SWCO DAVID SOUL -David Soul -Private Stock PS A NEW WORLD RECORD -Electric Light Orchestra- United Artists UA LA679 G 32 ENDLESS SUMMER -Beach Boys - Capitol SBVO SONG OF JOY -Captain & Tennille -A &M SP MARVIN GAYE UVE AT THE LONDON PALLADIUM - Tamla R2 35 BURNIN' SKY -Bad Company - 36 Swan Song SS 8500 ANYWAY YOU LIKE IT- Thelma Houston -Tamia T GO FOR YOUR GUNS -tstey Brothers -T Neck PZ ENDLESS FLIGHT -Leo Sayer - Warner Bros. BS YEAR OF THE CAT -Al Stewart- 40 Janus JuS 7022 BARRY MANILOW II- Arista Al. 406 Miller Miller has been signed to Chrysalis for some five years now. Co-principals Terry Ellis and Chris Wright have never lost their determination to break him in the U.S. and feel that Miller's first American tour and indepth merchandising campaign are the best shot yet. Say You Saw It in Billboard 5

94 52 Country KVOO To Broadcast New Tulsa Opry Twice Monthly NASilVILIA An By PAT NELSON important new venture in an "Opry" type show will be launched May 28 in Tulsa. The Tulsa Opry. engineered by Jim Halsey. president of the Jim Halsey Co., Inc.. will bung top country entertainment to the scat Tulsa Performing Arts Center twice monthly for a live broadcast over KVOO radio Irom 8. p.m. The concerts will consist of approximately eight acts per night including one major artist. one lesser known act and a group of four to six acts, initially from the Immediate four -state area. that will appear on each show. It will be a strictly music program, and, unlike the "Grand Ole Opts " will not he split up into 5 and 30- minutc,pi.ri,or segment,. "There is a definite need for this type of entertainment in our area." Halsey points out. "and the shows wall also serve as a catalyst for other company projects. Judging from other concert turnouts, we feel the demographic group will lean toward the year -old bracket." Plans call for as many as 26 concerts in the coming year with the shows eventually graduating to a weekly hams. The schedule would have started on a weekly basis hut performances previously booked at the hall prevented them from doing Dates which have been set for the (Continued on page 62) EMPLOYMENT WITHIN MUSIC INDUSTRY WANTED! Name: Personal Data: Education: Major: Minor Experience: References: Contact: PAT L AKIN Male -23- Single Middle Tenn State Graduale Music Industry Management Business Administration College Internship With Billboard On Request 3939 Apache Trail Apt. K -3 Antioch, TN 3703 (65) IN HOLLAND MAY 5-8 CMA To Produce IMIC Show NASHVILLE -The international thrust of country music remained une of the hottest topics at the latest quarterly board meeting of the CMA held in Tulsa. April Long range committee chairman Frances Preston pointed out that the CMA will produce the country music show slated for this years IMIC in Amsterdam in May. Scheduled for May 7, performers will include Ronnie Milsap, Tammy Wynettc and Charlie Rich. The CMA show will be televised by TROS -TV in Holland. Ralph Peer informed the hoard that the international committee has extended invitations to country acts from eight countries to perform on this VOWS CMA International Show. set Cor Junc II dunng Fan Fair. Formerly an October event. the In 'emotional Show has been resched tiled for Fan Fair. Pccr also noted a press reception will be held prior to the show. Called to order by Dan McKinnon. CMA president, the meeting was conducted by Norm Weiser. board chairman. The agenda covered items of local through international significance. Bud WendelL chairman of the Fan Fair committee, reported registrations for the 977 event arc equalling last year's record -breaking turnout. More than persons are registered presently for Fan Fair Live show schedules arc set for the June WILL YOU OR YOUR ORGANIZATION RECEIVE PROPER PROMOTIONAL REPRESENTATION IN THIS VALUGUIDE? ß OaO\ NG A \S,S cotg Op AÑ \ SNE ; 6 0K3NG yzs 0 Ara, 004 si \aom S F PLN G u S P \N ßN \ONPL F SEßv STUDO S OaGP N Z P LE ASO óémb:02,p MME S \O ps OP Y YOU WILL IF YOU TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO REACH BILLBOARD'S READERS AND TELL THEM HOW YOU SERVE THE COUNTRY MUSIC FIELD! COUNTRY MUSIC SOURC THE MUCH NEEDED GUIDE THAT WILL PUT YOUR PROMOTION IN THE HANDS OF THE DECISION MAKERS INTERNATIONALLY WHO SHAPE THE ENTIRE COUNTRY MUSIC SCENE. IC 6-2 event, and the exhibit area is packed to capacity. The fourth annual Fan Fair Softball Tournament will be held June 6-7 at Nashville's Two Rivers Park, featuringcompetitton m men's and women's divisions Television committee chairman Irving Waugh outlined plans for the 977 CMA Awards show. Bob Precht will produce the show, with Walter Miller directing. Last year's 90- minute telecast, sponsored by Kraft Foods over CBS, captured a strong 4 average share of the national viewing audience. Don Nelson gave the country music radio committee report. noting that the new CMA broadcaster's kit has been mailed to all organizational members. Within a few weeks, organizational members will receive a brochure detailing results of CMA's recent Arbitron survey of 26 markets throughout the U.S. Chic Doherty arranged for a showing of the group's new audio/ s'isua presentation. titled "Country Musty Tafay " that taus produced for showing to record merchandisers. Other audio/visual shows will be used by radio stations when dealing with media buyers and a general presentauon that can be used by members of the CMA Speakers Burcau and for other purposes. Information will soon be available on a new tcns life insurance program for members. according to Ralph Peer, head of the insurance committee. A brochure covering CMA's new hospitalization plan with increased benefits has been mailed to the membership. Charles Sculls reviewed membership activities while Tandy Rice discuoed the progress and plans con- Duncan 45s Boost His LPs & Gigs \-SSHS.h -c accicll, selected recording material. extensat e airplay and a widely increased and expanded touring schedule has boosted Columbia artist Johnny Duncan's populants at both the country radio and sales levels. Duncan's success can be attributed to two chart- topping singles "Thinking Of A Rendersous" and "It Couldn't Have Been Any Better." both of which received substantial MOR and Top 40 airplay and were produced by Bills Sherrill, CBS vice president of asr -in Nashville. With ho singles paving the way. Duncan's LP sales figures have osen to the point where he is one of the strongest album artists on Nashville's Columbia peter. Two Duncan LPs have been released in the past year. "Thc Best Of Johnny Duncan" and "Johnny Duncan" both of which have risen to the upper numbers of the national country charts. Duncan's success occurred simultanmusly with CBS' increased commitment to country music and expansion of its country music marketing error. through the establishment of a marketing field force and a marketing headquarters exclusively for country music. In order to expand and broaden his touring schedule. Duncan recently signed an exclusive booking agreement with American Management and is now touring nationally. corning this year's Talent h Seminar. Sam Marmaduke ga Country Music Month coma., report and Tom Wilson discus the projects assigned to the pul relations committee. Developments and plans for d actniues and events Came fn Hutch Carlock on antipiracy: I Wee King. awards criteria: Barb Mandrcll. code of ethics: Fn Jones. Country Music Foundail Ron Bledsoe, mceungs and arraty rien.. Mary Reeves Davis, taw urer's report, and Joe Talbot, rance committee. Several hoard members were teryiewed by radio. Is, newspal and magazine reporters while Tulsa. Among those interview were Mandrel!, King. Davis. R. McKinnon. Jim Foglesang and H Peebles The CMA board and other eu: were entertained Apnl 9 at tail reception hosted by the I. Co.. KVOO radio and KZ KGOW radio. On Apnl 2. board attended a luncheon i. by Mrs. Roy Clark at Tulsa', - mit Club. _ Following the April 20 m; the board attended a cocktail and dinner hosted by the B.: Oklahoma. The third quanerly board n: of the CMA will be held., Washington Plaza Hotel. S. Washington Jul, 3-4, Fame Hall Opens Soor NASHVILLE -Thc Songwriters Assn., Internati plans to open its Songwriters H Fame. June. The museum -oriented facility be located at 2.5 Music Square W in the building where the organil tion is located. The Hall of Fame has teas.. total of 66 songwriters- with added each year. The museum will feature a with portraits by Paul Milos.,. the various songwnter greats award itself will also be on along with original ntanuscnp: other memorabilia. Thc facility will be or-, public and tours. seven d- The Hall of Fame commute. posed of Ron Peterson. John U, Don Wayne, Patsy Bruce and Richey, coordinated through ih ganization's offices and its exec.. director. Maggie Cavender. During the facility's first s,... I Nashville Songwriters Assn. national will offer limited edit personally autographed. numb. and sealed pines of sheet mu, songs written bs five Hall of l members- This years offerings are "I ins Tennessee Waltz" by Pee Wee Iii and Red Stewart, "Release Me" Eddie Miller, "Sixteen Tons" Steele Travis, -Busted" by Hari, Howard and "Green. Green (i r.: Of Home' by Curls Putman. Chinn To Maggard NASHVILLE - The Ars,,,) Chinn Group, a six -piece progres sire country land, has joined coi Cletus Maggard, Mercury recordin artist.

95 as!pouoyd Ag peynquys.qoul we,8ouoyd Jo syanpo,d 'sp,aaed R,no,ew uo Rlen,sniaxj Ntny,l e AN7d,v07 `DNIH$Ilend 3I$nW ELZI "B O d- Z9lE-CZE 59 +aw+iai obitlar4..6el 2.Un3a3w (40,4 EIS' NC

96 ANNOUNCING FOUR COUNTRY WINNERS! Strong Requests And Chart Action! "LIE TO ME 9 9 B/W "IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT "Fs - -LARRY WREN- Billboard Charted And Breaking Wide Open! "OPEN UP YOUR D("R" EDDY RIVERS- CH-02 r Uptempo Ballad With Program Appeal! "HONEY IN TH MORNING'!H06 -SAM WEST- Shipping Now! A Smash Followup To "Poor Side Of Town" "YOU'RE SO GOOD FOR ME (AND THAT'S BAD)" BOBBY WAYNE LOFTIS CH-08 THANKS TO ALL MUSIC DIRECTORS, D.J.'S AND DISTRIBUTORS FOR HELPING US GROW! Exclusively On 50 STATES /CHARTA RECORDS Distributed By: NATIONWIDE SOUND DISTRIBUTORS P.O. Box Nashville, TN (65)

97 Country r Nashville Scene Itv l'at NELSON Billboard ( Hot Billboard SPECIAL SURVEY For Week Ending 5. t ' ' ow/ Limits," the progressive live con an senes produced by KLRN In Aus- to Nashville beginning May 6 at 9 WDCN N. The serres was acquired lu on Channel 8 through a grant from IIIo East in Nashville. Two acts will ap- each of the 0 one hour programs that Monday night through July 8 Acts in Of appearance on the serres include Willie /Tracy Nelson, Amazing Rhythm Aces/ The Earl Scruggs Revue, Jimmy Buffett/ Wier, Gatemouth Brown/Delbert on, Fnetall /Denim, Guy Clash/Steve L the Dirt Band /Kiwi, Larry Gatlin/Ala, Roy Buchanan/6s Alan Ramsey. Ar East will Include the broadcasts in its ay night entertainment. Steve Lawrence arrives in town Monday (2 I begin work on a country album protect at Jack Dement Studios with Larry Butler producing. Banjo man. Bobby Thompson, has com feted his second LP at the Sound Shop pro tad by Bob Hoben for Flying Fish Records Capitol artist. Linda Hargrove, will soon have her Tad album out for the label. Pete Drake han lad production for the LP consisting of Bar- pose-written tunes AI American Record Distributing has formed Rcountry showcase division headed up by Jack Clams, vice president of sales for All Amencan The fast in the series of concert tours. devised bassist In promotion of the An Amencan talent aster, mill debut May 4 in Burlington. loam at be Burlington Municipal Auditorium Feature sects for Ihn concert include Linda Cassady, Bulger Wihoit, Dan Hardy, Clinton Caldwell, Avery Mote, Mark DaBon and Ernie Dun. Tenlatme plans are to take the country into approximately 35 additional by the end of the year. Wagoner has a new singing partner on hcoming RCA single. "I Haven't Learned g." set for release in May Merle Haggard heard on several lead lines of the song d by Tree writer Sonny Throckmortan uced at Fireside Studios by Dave Kirby. Tubb has just recorded the single. Limes Do." written especially for him by Seely... Paula Records has released a version of The Fist Cut Is The Deep - Dale Hawkins who had the rockabdly hit. Q.. many years ago. Pnor to his first release. Hawkins produced the country Jan b Malcolm for the Paula label s Loretta Lynn month at CFGM radio in Canada. Listeners have the opportunity Luella Lynn hit kits daily from MCA Bec- Ten grand prize winners will be announced Vonday 2) and each will walk away with a cam Otte collection of Lynn's records as well as a (Continued on page 58) HITBOUND WITH HER NEW SINGLE "TOUCH MES' b/w ucl'm Sending Back Your Wedding Band's Exclusively On TAO RECORDS,PO's MD's L DJ's across the count,. -Thank You. Pybiishad By: MADRID MUSIC CO. (ASCAP), NATIONAL DIST. by: TAO RECORDS P.O. BOX 504. BONITA. CA Ph: (74) 420e6S ATTN: Distributors, Call or Well. WE'LL SHIP PROMPTLY. I * 0raoe.rriWPrN. 6 * 7 9 * W W Its * 3 y 32 W ic' 3V= l l ll TTLE- Artist.e. '<,.i., (DA UbNi (64M AN lnvrewl PLAY, GUITAR PLAY- c.,.,l ratty C Th.). WA 40H2 lrntty lid. awn SOME BROKEN HEARTS NEVER MEND -om Iw. iebaei WC OP 76 lwpry l'na WI) I'LL DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN -( ywal urn (8 WM. X..640, Wed M. 94 wit THE RAINS CAME /SUGAR COATED LOVE -ír.07 serve Ill Wool. Yaw ABUDa 7686 Kim latorreuinn CN+ ^. 64 Dar, LUCiENBACH, TEXAS (Back To The Basics Of Love)-warn. lmee. lb teems. c 0.un), Ru 092+ Ie.e, as Bun SHE'S PUWNG ME BACK AGAIN -IBaet Gan 0 Fat.. B Rml Pbybor 600 Ept ow, a WE AZAR) LET'S GET TOGETHER (One Last Time) -n.not BMW 8 SheriG Rch.). Epa 8S)349 ai.. 8O. 6 VunnS! N. J IF WERE NOT BACK IN LOVE BY MONDAY -u.r Naarud., MCA Orr. 8V YESTERDAY'S GONE -Ben Gr6 cv Bel.a. (lean 5353 (PuFloet, ASCAP) SHE'S GOT YOU -la em air in Coder). VU (Tree. BM) I CAN'T HELP MYSELF -Eddy Row ie,e E Sta<msl. cuco lananutd/deb One BYO I'M SORRY FOR YOU MY FRIEND -Yoe own a... al Corona (Feed Rose. Copysghl 977, Blrboard Pubkeakorn. in, No ',grip, no pubikatan may ba reproducuo. 'brad in a retnw0.6yirem. Of 0ansmin0. in any loan Of by any means. eeclronio neschanscai photocopy, recording or otner.ise. mihuut,ne pnoe written memos., of the publisher BVI. BLUEST HEARTACHE OF THE YEAR -Parr ow Mh wmbv.. Cap. 359.L.,. r<. WA, LOVES EXPLOSION -ais s.o (A adon, Y So,tb), Wu.e, Los Ga.o 84! SUDE OFF OF YOUR SATIN SHEETS -3.rí too. ID ranker. w Carson). Epo i -SOSt. Na<Brdte. BYO PAPER ROSIE -cue now 0 N.msl. Card 378D.rsivslar,Du,ian BM, MARRIED BUT NOT TO EACH OTHER... ic ls u) f WM. ABUORt 768,0 (.. went awn I'M GETTING GOOD AT MISSING YOU (Solitaire) -R. min Ir. NI 4..0) Telmer was. 835,apkhi.,vove. B6) YOUR MAN LOVES YOU, HONEY -yen I. x4 R MOD. Merun (PMnapa.) i)(.mde BIM IF YOU GOTTA MAKE A FOOL OF SOMEBODY -owes U..5 rani 0CA :03S IC,o ::rip BMII LOOK WHO I'M CHEATING ON TONIGHT /IF YOU THINK I'M CRAZY NOW (You Should Have Seen Me When I Was A Úd) -Boris 4.55 it.). RCA ( )v)n atoll LET ME LOVE YOU ONCE BEFORE YOU 60 -WYa Lela, S Doml. C.o. al +.iil 3085 Ulm w.e BOO LUCILIE-anor ono (R W., N 0/00), umw Man ratm. N40).04e Paraewi. BYO THANK GOD SHE'S MINE -Frets. Nan ic Polar. Y yaw. S rnro<.mta) Coped Um Iire, Bun LIGHT OF A CLEAR BLUE MORNING -vei P.. 0 Palm). RG 035 New 55r u) ill (Mom. WOMAN-a. rt BYh ITS A COWBOY LOWN' NIGHT -rr/ raw al ;lees), 4 EVERY 47m (Ceases BIM WRITE-pew e..,,,t Mora 96 (8rapum NO, Da* lane ivi ME AND MIWE (Stompii Grapes And Genie Silly) -e... Soo. 4 WM.) Va 40/05,Neaa 0 Cade BYO THATS WHEN THE LYIN' STOPS (And The Lorin' Sbrts) -Pr bra.0d wd,r P Rt.R Fane) Ramp Los 87 Jar, l.krt ASW, gait SHE'S LONG LEGGED -. sea.prt MD 0... D wimp. Eat (u CM. ' Ten ) F' BURNING MEMORIES-No rr ULY DALE-two car L W. Lbw all Tea Vero Ce..a.a 3 :MO n taa r ere) ü atld,ua..a.a 4íi (Yen Never Lill Tell) C'EST U VIE -Erwbe IMrr. IC Bee(). Rime La 329 Iba CM) 3 n. 35 * * N W * * W ;..2 s 3C e. I w Si l/ IS 3 5 / B 3 J w SUB PWDBMR- S.Bles rendering (realest proportionate ITRE -Adist (Mdnt. LAO a nu. bee IDS U. (P.alsc.. lump) (I Need You) ALL 9E TIME -(aft.0d ( Lout. BOW. BMI íg899 MOBILE BOOGIE -erg.lei ir. IN.,, Nee.). ware /Cara 836 Iron am, ecc SEMOUTA -awry Rod it Std,/, RCA 0493 (Seote.aer ANW3 HELP ME-6 away Il Game). Couva (, ómentun, 84 LONELY EYES-... (B Pep.. Powee 080 NO Clement. But RIGHT TIME OF THE NIGHT - rue P Mo.rnr 4Aa 023 (Wow, 9,,,. - ac ASCAP) I'VE GOT YOU (To Come Horne Sol -0.. A. ld u6 D Mir &0 6 (NSOI NW, /ECM% THE LATEST SHADE OF BLUE-c... swo Ie W.e.). Ce4.b Iwkne. ASCAP) IT COULDN'T HAVE BEEN ANY BETTER -Mini Oman (R. UM). Cdunbu (B. Lao. ASW) FAN THE FLAME, FEED THE FIRE -. co. a Rum). ABGWCaorr 400Lkne, 50W) THAT WAS YESTERDAY -orr Faris (D Farr) Marc on 375 (A,.a Doom. 8 I WAS THERE -saaw (wars 0 Roo, we ore 490.onpenn) fawerun tabos, RBI) JUST A LITTLE -erg -Ors. c.a., (L Wnor. k). sac:oot 7682 tos Ste,<ns, BM) ITLL BE HER -Tend. men (B Rpm.). ABC 226 (Demwvnmua. &San THE TROUBLE WITH LOVIN' TODAY -Aden r The nor (A F,n Al 393 Aueep u The w eei :ode BY CATCH THE WIND -out erne (Doran.). Repubuiw0A 376 I IROAI (So..a ASCAPP A PASSING THING (R ate). CAMP 45 (B4 r Edo. ASCAPI UVING NEXT DOOR TO AUCE -ar.., Carr i Chlea. Y Chapman) ABCod 7685 ( alre. BM/ SOUTHERN NIGHTS -Gtr cu.. s. rawinr). Capta 4376 (urine rmar, Van. BuI) ITS NOTHING TO ME -rr Reero (P Pam.). RCA 0956 (Gain.r4F bum Ca) ANYTHING BUT LEAVIN' -Lary um (t Coital Monument 5(Firw Ceri<r,on BMO I LUST CAME IN HERE (To let A Little Hurt 5r iv PnC D Zoo). Ora hrob 709 lwlgl 00. Rrn6. BYO YOU'RE THE HANGNAIL IN MY UFE -Nap Ayr. Ov BP. eaitrenery U /07: lam N.nre en SILVER ion )hens (R. Tapia) ion n!esrl ASU, THE FEELINGS R6í5 -w.. Fno u trod.. B Mai') LATIN' ON -r.c sa.ped ie Peters) M. Man. BMII v (Wt.) THIS GIRL (Has Turned Wooer, IPt/M Wle..ape( ^4.a taape. IS..a< liven ASCU) u/ MOCKINGBIRD HILL-Deno Fu4. n Nero). wave &a (WA. k$ú) YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A BABY TO CRY -r. loam N.J. SUM,. Pram 9iA 767 (NSa IRFO. co AP) HEAD TO TOE -em aays (8 Fk.o ) WA ,55. BM) COME SEE ABOUT ME-triune a Ur.) MCA 407 (amp Bend ern PM NOT O GOOD AT 600DBY THAT razz (8 6:CM -D MO., Br (Ix. EV, DONT THROW IT ALL AWAY -r.e 6 IG s.b,r Ia.Ra, D. Y.I.O. RDA 0876 Irmo, Cour.. ee ; itr * BO W * w SC, 3 g :::* I lay yen / Ì upward propels rho went TITLE -Artist (wore), label a hv,b,9st LAO (Pcbnrr (Ausee DONT GO CITY ON ME -r.i.s idwweer bea e rae.ri AEA ire BMII BROOKLYN -Cwt lrar O. adrm.ii. Ake 7073 (Cdt<nn'tug env. curt IF YOU WANT ME-ea. le clan d3 Men) Limed M. 985 (855 Peters. 84) RHYTHM OF THE RAIN -Paid r a.w a Thole.. lid (O Lome). Ra 0368 wunwt, BYO SO MANY WAYS -D,.d raw. (e Sava... sway carp Intl Rome Spire. a. B) SPREAD A LITRE LOVE AROUND.* Ye. (R Leib), Epic Warted /rt. Man FOOL -Id. a. Rria (T. S.A. ABC /Del 769 Ilan. the Man <I Bail I'LL ALWAYS. i.. REMEMBER THAT SONG / (Rol. O.silanu Sulu Bui) (BSDI SATURDAY NIGHT TO SUNDAY QUIET -saw Pale ill S!,s. On,.sd Mots 976 (Chen ASAP. VITAMIN L -eun In rim a Loretta Kobe tm ( PO<e) C.Irbu 3050 (DouiSool ASCAP á BORN BEUEVERit ' rw Riìla0067 THE UDY AND THE BABY 4SnsI bean (0. í.8o Prrim..r). RepuokneDt 382 (S.M.. 84 MAIUN' BEUEVE -rte weft U WM. OW. 0 Awn Rae. 8) I'LL HOLD YOU IN MY HURT (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms)... iron ie 4.,s N Nertoai Dilleca, Con Brio 8 (50 (555. au 6 Atoll (Y) ), ndam GOES /0.). Or &0IMm Nan. BMI! I WONDER WHO'S KISSING HER NOW -Ge.c< N.iRa. n w Saaprd ( f Gams n i 7687 Uery l'otrl. cüp /EB Marc 6p ALABAMA SUMMERTIME -lra Tart a raney) c.pdd uto our. (u) TEXAS TEA-u..i Ica ib Pdm), ABC Dd 769 (SMq S.Vhaow. 840 HEARD IT IN A LOVE SONG r.d. ow Cep.o 0270 rw.r< Brost (No Luz äñ TO MAKE A GOOD LOVE DIE -urlr saw. (0 orerae ( Pa, RCA 0936 (U.Mr, W0. YOU WANNA MAKE...5 (P AN..O.iRaA 398IMe u) wa,wm.i cgpi ONLY THE SHADOWS KNOW -ywi.n Dava c Pone) Ru 035 It,,. Bu WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES - Rw.d Plad.dem d Ai..,sa rá55. M 7622 S'euq Adds Adam ASGPrF 8 W. BYO -(not earn B MC InSt (tail err BM, MARGARIT LAID BACK COUNTRY PICKER -Mara Ara irau i)ila.a c iiátcoi uuss MYtIRRS COUNTRY SONG... u F... 8 Ib<e k Ora (50.. aw Bel AHAP) G... nwo YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE -our b. U D.. C Wren Nu. ís. lion.lemat.m. e. WE'RE ALL ALONE.. um (B So4pI Caplol 4I4 tar Scads. ASGP N bsasi Cn..w.W D004í du Bui. OPEN UP YOUR DOOR-Car. ern lo) o.), 03 MD/ isaashv., mi..., wt./. ASG7) IF YOU LOVE ME (Let Me KFlon)na. tars 7 A MAI. MC. 769 W Ge.o. WO BROTHER JUKE- BOX -B.. Emit IP CNN 43C /6.6a 5+02 (Bar Sheep BIM

98 Our country's going where country's rarely been. In fact, one of our artists, Don Williams, is England's latest superstar. The boundaries are finally coming down. And to help the process along, we'll be making a special merchandising effort throughout April and May. Country music belongs to the country -the whole country. DON WILLIAMS. Vi TOMMY OVERSTREET Vintage '77 BILLY "5" CRADDOCK

99 Country Wembley Fest Major Success ONDON -The International val of Country Music. prod by Mervyn Conn. has proved once again the highlight of the der year for British country : enthusiasts. is year. the ninth such event essed around 27,500 fans soak - the trek to Wembley's Empire for the three -day festival over Easter period April 9 -. with charges ranging from to per day. and concession rates those purchasing two or threetickets. ile the evening performances ayed the considerable range of ds to be found within the spec - of country music. the exhibitn area around the Empire Pool Ironed itself to be a vitally importint buyers market. Es-en in these says of hard inflation. business was brisk with the 2 companies which bad booked exhibition space. On the record company front, many companies reported strong tales for their product, especially the \ releases of those artists appearing at the festival. Anchor Records continued to trove substantial quantities of all its Don Williams albums, as well as receiving good reaction through the company's newly established import operation. - RCA completely soldout of the debut Carroll Baker album. and also gained strong sales for the Dolly Parton release New Harvest -First )athering." MCA attracted good business for to new releases ID) Loretta Lynn By TONY BYWORTH and Conway Twisty: and Warner Bros. making its U.K. debut into country. found that Carmol Taylor was the most requested of the dozen impon albums on sale. Among the other record companies present were United Artists. EMI Capitol, Hitsville, DJM, CBS and Shannon, and all stands reported even brisker business when their artists made personal appearances for autograph sessione. Intl Country Kudos Given At Wembley LONDON -The winners of the second International Country Music Awards, based on consumer votes, were announced at the Sunday evening croncert at Wembley's ninth In- ternational Festival of Country Music. The announcements and presentations were made by the festival's MC Dennis Weaver and promoter Mervyn Conn. The list of ward winners are: best international male vocalist, Don Williams: best international female vocalist, Dolly Parton: best international group, Stotler Brothers: best British solo /duo, Miki & Griff: best British group, Frank Jennings Syndicate: most promising international act, Dave & Sugar. Following the awards, a special presentation was made to Mervyn Conn by Emily Bradshaw on behalf of Gov. Ray Blanton of Tennessee. Conn was presented with a plaque proclaiming that April 9- I was named as "Mervyn H. Conn Days" in the state of Tennessee. Other organizations displaying their wares included Harlequin Records, a retail outlet selling both U.K. released and imported albums: Acuff -Rose Music and Burlington Music playing host to Wesley Rose and Mary Reeves Davis respectively. In the newly constructed Wembley Conference Center, adjoining the Empire Pool, further music activities continued with BBC Radio recording a number of sessions with many of the visiting U.S. artists for transmission in the near future on David Allan's weekly "Country Club" program. In the same building the British Country Music Festival sponsored by the British Country Music Assn. and Tank Records, was also being staged and featured more than 30 local groups, duos and solo artists. Also over the weekend the Country Music Assn. (Great Britain) hosted a reception for U.S. and British music executives and announced plans for the organization's news bulletin and forthcoming Radio & Television Seminar: and BBC Television recorded the evening concerts for transmission as a series of five 35 minute network programs commencing in May. Prior to the start of the festival, promoter Mervyn Conn welcomed the visiting artists and executives at a banquet at London's Grovcsnor House Hotel. In his speech Conn commented upon the continual growth of country music within the U.K. and its rapidly expanding role in the general music scene. r= Billboard Hot Billboard SPECIAL SURVEY For Week Ending 5,777 Country LPs. Copy'r9M 957. Bdiooarn Pupbsabons. Inc No Part of MIA o-veeibon may n. reproduced o.ecf are f.evai s3sxm c fransm.ffe9.n any form or by any means eiecfromc macnan,caf la Star Partww -L rphterint propon ornare upward protrm Ihn 888E TIFF-Artist, Label 4 Nemhr fdatroao,,t uodi SOUTHERN NIGHTS -Glen Campbell, tsp. 60! NEW HARVEST... FiRST GATHERING -Dolly Parton, to APL flee KENNY ROGERS, Uerrd t tt% ua 094 LUXURY LINER- Emmylou Harris, 8m 8S 2998 REMEMBER PATSY -Loretta Lynn, Mu 2265 VISIONS -Don Williams, ABC/00 Doso tow PLAY GUITAR PLAY -Conway Twitty, Mu 2262 SHE'S JUST AN OLD LOVE TURNED MEMORY -Charley Pride,, v ar,. WELCOME TO MY WORLD -Elvis Presley, RCA usi 2274 HEART HEALER -Mel tiiris, uc- 2:-s. SAY YOU'LL STAY UNTIL TOMORROW -Tom Jones, Epe Pt JOHN DENVER'S GREATEST HITS VOL 2, RCA CPU 295 WATLON UVE- Waylon Jennings, RutPtt08 GREATEST HITS -Linda Rmstadt. Asrt'v it 092 CHANGES IN LATITUDES... CHANGES IN ATTITUDES - Jimmy Buffett, inc is 990 FARGO COUNTRY -Donna Fargo, m.,, em. m ont THE BEST OF DONNA FARGO, tacite zoo 2075 THE BEST OF THE STATUR BROTHERS, rm.., sea YOUR PLACE OR MINE-Guy Stewart, sen APt harmtnv I'M SORRY FOR YOU, MY FRIEND -Moe Bandy, cstsa Ac ADIOS AMIGO -Marty Robbins, Ac A Down co tar! gong, about a tar dipping. hard working man GREATEST HITS VOL II- Conway Twitty, vu 2235 HOTEL CALIFORNIA -Eagles, room t roar CRYSTAL -Crystal Gayle, Wed Mesh UA{A6is G IO RIDN' RAINBOWS -Tanya Tucker, vu n57 DAD GILLEY'S SMOKIN'- Mickey Gilley, r.35er PO III tlisi TOUCAN DO IT TOO- Amazing Rhythm Ace, ABC AB IN; PAPER ROSIE -Gene Watson, capita sr 597 PIC GREATEST HITS -Hank Williams, vcv SE THE TOUCH OF FELTS- Narrel Felts, Aet%tu Dos 2020 THE WHEEL -Asleep At The Wheel, nspes ST CAROLINA DREAMS -Marshall Tucker Band, tsp,ve' Cl' wee ions, ern f c= RONNIE MILSAP UVE, LORETTA LYNN'S GREATEST HITS -Vol. II, vu 440 ONE NIGHT STANDS -Hank Williams Jr., wan,. Las as TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS -Mary MacGregor, Aau saes. ST 505 (aplc, SNOWBLIND FRIEND -Hoyt Acton, tau BIG BOSS MAN/MY MOUNTAIN DEW -Charle Rich, RCA u I JUST CAME HOME TO COUNT THE MEMORIES -Cal Smith, MCA 7766 ABOUT LOVE -Tom T Hall, wring Saul 9 IP5mcv es THE COUNTRY AMERICA LOVES -Stallen Brothers, kw., 25 ncicaoramì THE ORDINARY MAN ALBUM -Dale McBride, again 05 MD, THE BEST OF CHARLEY PRIDE, Vol. Ill, EA AM LORETTA LYNN'S GREATEST HITS, vu JOHNNY DUNCAN, is-s'tu Ac RIDES AGAIN -Dared Allan Coe, cams. Ac THE TROUBLEMAKER -Willie Nelson, ors sae Rc 34.2 Ira,mr a, ARE YOU READY FOR THE COUNTRY -Waylon Jennings, sushi Isis COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER- Loretta Lynn. sci -ic w00000w WILSON BOVINE -Red Sovine. so ins Wide Sound x 262 Tam. 372 Distribution Rodriguez To Star In `Jesse' Movie NASHVILLE- Johnny Rodriguez has been chosen for a starring role in the motion picture "Jesse," to be filmed in Texas and the Southwest and produced by TNT Productions of Los Angeles. Rodriguez has recently finished work on a pilot for a proposed television series "I'm Country." and has been successful in obtaining a number of guest shows through the William Moms Agency.

100 58 a acsoc%vlany Ways" to cut a hit record New 'Music City' Premieres In May Country_ Nashville Scene but what better way than, with Omy Mama clm * BILLBOARD i 7 RECORD WORLD 89 CASH BOX NOW EXCLUSIVELY WITH GUSTO -STARDAY David's New Hit Single - "SO MANY WAYS" (SD -56) Promotions: Charlie Dick 8 Linda Elliff (65) Sales: Jenen Holland 8. Charlotte Chandler (65) Bookings: Billy Deaton Talent Exclusive Management: Tillman Franks (38) NASHVILLE -HIT'S Inc. ha.s announced the beginning of a weekly one -hour radio show. "Inside Music City," premiering the lint week of May on approximately 00 radio stations throughout the country. Hosted by Ty Coppinger. talent agent and public relations assistant with Top Billing. Inc.. the show will include conversation with and music of the top entenainment in country music. The first guests to be featured on the program arc Ronnie Milsap, Barbara Mandrel). Dickey Lee and Charley Pride. HIT'S Inc., producer and distributor of "Inside Music City." is owned by Coppinger and Irby Man drell. Offices arc in the Young Executive Building in Nashville. Country Acts Aid A N.J. Policeman ASBLR\ l'ari', -,J licn it coma to raising money here at benefit concerts for civic causes. country music proved far more potent than rock musicians. More than.000 persons danced through the night Sunday (7) at a 3 -hour musical jamboree with country bands to net some $3.000 to help a township police sergeant pay his hospital bills. Sesera) days earlier some 20 rock groups. at three concerts to benefit the Paramount Theatre in as conversion to performing arts center. hardly reached a $7,500 figure of an anticipated $ take. Conrinued from page 55 copy of her autobegraphy. -'The Coat Miner. Daughter" The station Is also involved m country display with Sam The preparing a Record man In Square One Musauuga The record store man age's are providing a 20 loot by 2 loot wall lot any promotion material that record companies or adult would like to display Malenal should either be sent to Sam's Square One Store or to CfGM Kenny Bogen, whose United Aunt single "Lucite" n still on the move in Billboard's Hot 00 chart, will be making concert appearances at Ilse Derby Festival m lounrdk. Ky.. Thursday Is), and the Special Olympus Festival n Hous ton, Monday (9 Roger is also set to tape a guest shot on the 'Mute Douglas Show May I I Michel Oath and producer lay Seiler have been In Los Angeles working on Clark's lust LP for Capitol Records Dr. Hook n nearing coin pletmn d the groups latest album br Capitol with Ron HaOkne producing Capltd folks say there will be less ballad materal and more up tempo tunes on the new album berg recorded at Lee Hazen's Studs By The Pond. Epic songstress lady Meer will perform at the Copa MIKOn m Tulsa. Friday 6 Cledm Maaard has added the sn pace wogressne country band the Arnold GM. Group, to he shoe The group made its tent appearance wish Haggard in Owensboro. Ky., Ape 9 one Mug. gaud and ho rote were presented with keys to the city by Mayor lack Fisher Betty Holm has been elected to a newly created seat on the board of the Nashville Song writer's Assn International Hofer will represent the organuaten in all areas d pubkcay Fa- roe rang wet perform at Juts Frontier Club in Mdvak. Utah. Monday (9) Tuesday (0) The Sheriff Men heads for Phallic where he mil appear with Ronnie Mdsap, Hart M/rm. le. Donna Fargo and other top entertainment al Hit seat Arizona Tempe Stadium Kay Clark Sacra Bays and Bud Treat lust wrapped up a sellout seek In the main show.i! II,I'J:, Hey ask tt, ripened al the tacle Star Theatre m San C* Gal. Thursday (28) while Bryce heads ton a cerfs set In Virginia and Iowa KSOP n Se Lake Sly is presenting the Jimmy Dann Shout the Salt Palace, Saturday (7. with spa. guests the Oah Bilge Boys and the Saul NMI Shyers. Country Events On Canada Film NASll(t.LI:- (:crage land. producer at CKCO TV, announced plans to film two try music concerts in Kitchener, tarro which will be edited in half -hour television shows. Tentatively entitled -'Gary In Concert." the shows wí filmed before a live audience Univ. of Waterloo April 9-20 will feature Canadian artists Buck. Artie MacLaren. O Profit and Audio Henry. S performances by U.S. artists Red Sovine. Gene Watson and las Harmes. who wrote " Rome.- are also slated. The senes will be aired over Canadian Broadcasting Co. this fir with possible syndication in the US Book Davis Again NASHVILLE -Danny Davis rt the Nashville Brass. who reopened the Fremont Hotel's main showroom in February. have bete booked back into the Vegas niter! for a second engagement April 3. May II C Guthrie.t Vaverl larks rmbc ' Centervi den too nesboll; 0% Charlotte onashvilj Dickson o nwrencebur ice 3 rubia Ì AI u U o Huntsville 72 Brid.MCA RECORDS. i tsboro s yo 'é tin, dove. band fig itiq üli the release) o e.. I ew single. tand back and watch this lick ill from Lubbock, Texas strikel ó úunlop o lonteagle Jasper o L.; o ttäñ uced by Chip Young '.. MC 2:-44ngle: Trenton Q l.dtoyette ar o Lake tit lint) redì iucigto ai.! d aidr eland Modist Athens Lake Hzwass o Benton 4 r 'town ACA I 8 Ellijay SIai á

101 IT DIDN'T TAKE US I NE MONTHS TO GIVE :3 ri I!! In only six months BIRTHRIGHT has given life to a chart album! Number 3 going to Number on the Gospel Charts! One of the First Gospel Albums to Cross Over to the Soul Charts. EDWIN HAWKINS - Wonderful BRS EIMIn liavvfans & The Edwin Hawkins Sinycrs r_ ` TEE EAST SUMS GOS? ám caravel>`;,; STAN LEE Tomorrow BRS -400 THE CARAVANS Share ORS VOICES OF WATTS God Is What You Need ORS-4003 IIa'.-K(\ti v"ii:04-4". Just released our next chart album. EAST ST. LOUIS-Love Is the Key BRS RODENA PRESTON There's Been A Change MS-4004 THE MATTHEW SISTERS Edwin Hawkins Presents ORS THE PATTERSONS Dear Jesus I Love You ORS 4007 BIRTHRIGHT Available in 8- tracks and cassettes from Birthrigh Records, 30 So. Western Ave., L.A., CA 9008 Distributed exclusively by Ranwood Records, Inc Sunset Blvd., L.A., CA THE HENRY JACKSON COMPANY Saved! BRS And Our Growing Catalog of Best Selling Gospel Albums TRUMPELETTES Is God Satisfied With Me? BRS -406 RF(YRI,, I\(.

102 Pr 60 Tie Up Extra Profits With These New Album And Tape Releases That Will Create Additional Sales Action From THE HOUSE OF GOSPEL NASHBORO RECORDS Gospel_ 2 Calif. Stations Air Sacred Show NASHVILLE -Paul Baker's "A Joyful Noise" radio show has achieved coast -to -coast status with the recent addition of two California stations. The nationwide syndication. distributed from Nashville by GME Radio Productions. is now carried on 7 radio stations from Los Angeles to Richmond, Va. The one - hour weekly program features a rock /progressive sound in Jesus Music. KTNQ. Los Angeles, and KQLH, San Bernardino. are the latest stations adding the show that has been un the air since 970. "There's a strong movement toward Jmus rock music and we've designed the format to be compatible with almost any format except easy listening," comments Paul Baker, host of the show. Baker notes the program is carried h) progressive rock stations as well as gospel stations. Carried in 2 states. "A Joyful Noix" is available for a service fee from GME Radio Productions. Box Nashville, Tenn (Published Onte A 6w») BIH Billboard G Best Selling i:o0rrtqbt 977, 6abuMa PurKNwn+ rnrl n N rntrmm srnmn. a rarntaloo rrrrng rtxo.arp. a am.,.u. «, ccal Billboard SPECIAL SURVEY For Week Endo)/ 5 J J7 os el LP s P ol Ir mu. Mot. UbN 8 Number Mt. Ouacalron mat be r.yr.eec.q "^LaW^Pm..n. Wcronc rttatrt.lttm.,rra hr4nn prlrinygn.r IM W04.r EDWIN HAWKINS 8 THE EDWIN HAWKINS SINGERS «Wn4 nmrrpn 4M 60 ANDRAE CROUCH 8 THE DISCIPLES r.n.t keno t.. SIW 7643 (6aaMQ GOSPEL KEYNOTES ea. rm sk to ia a,laha. lln WALTER HAWKINS 8 TIE LOVE CENTER CHOIR AM Liu : 7Y60/Ax, MYRNA SUMMERS I THE COMBINED CHOIR OF THE REFRESHING SPRINGS C.O.6.C. t t w. Gad. an, So u0lwul MMES CLEVELAND 8 CHARLES FORD SINGERS tau e Tv hd It.t t6tt fan Miaut It w tu.r SOt Me, JAMES CLEVELAND 8 CHARLES FOLD SINGERS. Vol II swot Ohl 70054N,í WALTER HAWKINS REVEREND MACEO WOODS 8 THE CHRISTIAN TABERNACLE CHOIR r í.e Goret UL.LI ORl ) QUINCT NNIES t2 AW sp 6t MUSIC FROM Eí. SOL L (Featuring the Great Gospel Anisa Of Our Time) Nashhoro 2752 t2 Record Sett MOTHER Nashboro?784 2 Record Set; \I If E9 OUR GREATEST HITS Dorothy Love Coates and the Gospel Ilarmonetb Nashboro Record Sc;; ) r N I MM. snh WITH SONG IN OUR HEAR is The Console. N ash horo 785 ir STAND UP FOR JESUS The Savannah Community Choir with Rev. Isaac Douglas Creed Record Soo!", 'The Swanee Quintet _ FROM AL (:l -SIA 5%I III LOVE The Swanee Quintet Creed 377 Matthews: Stardom On Disks Seen NASHVILLE-Randy Matthews. that rock If rolling gospel great. continues his surge toward stardom. The vibrant entertainer continues to spread his own brand of high energy gospel through rock music in his new LP. **The Best Of Randy Matthews." The Myrrh album contains such songs as "Country Faith." "Brown- Eyed Lady" and "It Took A Carpenter. " wanted to take my music into the streets, to the spiritually starving. and sing to people who needed it," explains Matthews. After becoming a preacher and singing for a gospel quand at the Ozark Bible College. Matthews decided he no longer wanted to sing to "spiritually overfed Christians-" He left the Cincinnati Bible Seminary to form Jesus House, where people could gather for spintual guidance.. Later he took to the road to carry on hisministry through musicand began playing and preaching in churches and coffee houses across the notion. Matthews comes from a musical family. His father, Monty. Matthews, aun a member of the Matthews Brothers gospel quarto. the first recording group signed by Word Records. The group was later renamed the Jordanaires, and became Elvis Presley's first backup group - Randÿs father was also a minister, as were his grandfather and several uncles. 2 3 ll IO IO 22 0 E=:* ARETHA FRANAUN/MMES CLEVELAND tr.+e G.v 4Wbc SO ì Y"b SENSATIONAL WIWAMS BROTHERS tt.t G.qtl Mq.a Sr, SGr I876 Ok.ta DONALD RAILS CIIORILLEERS :.a s[ 7 (kelal MMES CLEVELAND 8 THE SOUTHERN CAUFORNM COMMUNITY CHOIR n le at Sin.t.L, 4. r ARDUO CROUCH AND THE DISCIPLES Tr Oct OI Patna l(tl LS Stll Oho. Al. SENSATIONAL NIGHTINGALES Sa rw k ntt Wt. MC... PIP 7a77/ MIGHTY CLOUDS OF JOT Ik petto bac aa tot TESSIE HILL usw Al.a it MC hlelel IV 7/279 TESSIE HILL lx' Vwmrl PIP 7477/ JACKSON SOUTHERNAIRES u Gad t wes.. lima 352 Inn AMORAL CROUCH 8 DISCIPLES rek we un LIN LS al/ 04 9 et ANGELIC CHOIR A. brutal 6 ri. Ma.eart. saw 54 6 ANDRAE CROUCH l«e Y Ntn Lbw, ls WI Thad MC, GOSPEL WORKSHOP MASS RECORDED IN NEW YORK ì.na %l A%Var REV. OR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, M. N,w A Omen O.ed.70,Navba, REVEREND ISAAC DOUGLAS Sings With The NEW YORK CI COMMUNITY CHOIR u-t) res Cott Aare Ion wl ION (hr.. ANGELIC GOSPEL SINGERS THE GOSPEL KEYNOTES e,cn UN /II/ MMES CLEVELAND 8 THE VOICES OF TABERNACLE Get Nat krrd On W, Scat SGl 4377 (4NLl Dutch TV Beams Gospel By Crouch THE BEST OF THE hm / 566 EDWIN HAWKINS SINGERS DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING. it A Thora u 4, Oro NM.0x+) 0 Woodland Stró»t Nuhvilk, Tn THE CRESCENT GROUP AMSTLRUAMI L.S gospel artsts Andrre Crouch and the Disciples will be featured in a 35 -minute television special to he transmitted by Dutch broadcasting company NCRV. The special includes highlights irom a concert in Rotterdam Jan. 2. A 25- minute special on Crouch and the group was aired by the tv con. puny in March J. FARLEY E THE ORIGINAL SOUL STIRRERS NSr 8 S. San,. 4/ 4n[,r ERNEST FRANKUN Mona b 04 ION Try, rw 0 MAMA JACKSON Ite harol Goan, Gud«S,^rn 70i tta6a0)

103 MCA e single o from the album, both smash hits Prouuced by Owen Bradley MCA MCA RECORDS Copyrighted material

104 62 Gospel A $75,000 Promo Push By Myrrh Folk In Bookstores 5\ ILLE: Myrrh Records continues its strong marketing effort with a focus now on the nationwide network of Christian bookstores. gospel music's traditional retail outlets. T, promo push by the division of Word. Inc. is structured to increase enthusiasm and awareness for the wealth of "Jtaus Music" and the 6 new LPs released by Myrrh during the first half of the yr:ir. "Jesus music a just beginning to Ilya" comments Frank Edmondson. Myrrh product manager, who claims his firm's product is "as contemporacy as what's currently being played on any Top 40 station." Firm Speakers At Radio Meet NASHVILLE --Dom Butler. executive director of the Gospel Music Assn., and Mack Sanders. owner ofa chain of Midwest radio stations including K000. Omaha. and KTOW. Tulsa. are two of the speakers announced for the fifth annual Gospel Radio Seminar on Friday and Saturday (6-7). The theme for this year's seminar. to be held al the Airport Hilton in Nashville. is "Realizing Your Potential. Myrrh Records artist Nuke Warlike will speak at a Thursday 5) reception. preceding the two-day event. The reception includes an added feature-an artist/deejay taping session..4 Saturday night banquet and show featunng several name gospel acts will climax the 977 seminar. Performing will he Tim Sheppard. Dogwood, Teddy lluftam and the Gems and the Ward Boys. Other seminar speakers will be Dr. Jesse Poterson. president and founder of Tempo Records, and Hal Spencer. vice president of Manna Music. Materials developed and distrih sited to the bookstores Include informational sheets about how to use the promotional kit and coordinate the campaign through local advertising media. It includes news releases, newspaper ads and radio ads which can be adapted to suit individual stores -and large display items such as posters, banners. mobiles and bumper stickers. Sound sheets, flyers and a newsletter about anise. featured in the campaign are also being utilized. along with an artist bio hook and current concert schedules. Sampler LPs featuring one cut front several artists have been produced. and special T- shirts. proclaiming "There's A Great. Great Joy In Jesus," arc being made available. Crouch Moving Gospel To N.Y. \ASH\ILL.. A significant breakthrough for gospel music comes May 20 as Madison Square Garden features an evening solely of contemporary gospel music for the first time. Andrae Crouch and the Disciples headlines at the scat Felt Forum, part of the Garden complex in New York City. Appearing with Crouch will he Evie Tomquist. another Word Records artist. Crouch. who won a 976 Grammy. has received such wide acclaim with his latest LP. "This Is An other Day," that he broke through to the Billboard Soul chart while receiving wide secular airplay and hitting the top of the gospel chan. Following its premiere appearance at the Felt Forum. Crouch's group will continue its tour schedule to Washington. Pittsburgh and Detroit before appearing on the "Dinah!" show with host Dinah Shore on May 25. HSE RECORDS HAS TWO OF THE LEADING BLACK GOSPEL ALBUMS CHARTING ACROSS THE NATION. PICK THEM UP FROM THE DISTRIBUTORS LISTED BELOW! WILDE BANKS & THE MESSENGERS "GOD'S GOODNESS" HSE476 la Durlurnoes IDI tw4aa 644. CearaOr t L aóx 2nr ata6uto3 25n[W Slnr4 U4AHr 65 2í5.735 Ism PACIFIC lgoi0 MO 74 n/nad0 500 CWbir tirnl ery4746 U a tC060 6 T. I0 En! l4w L/la Nu44. Fl. 300 po5 as46y W600 IG05 OM 57D 222 W 857,e66. VC VIM I Distributed By: THE FABULOUS LUCKETT BROTHERS "JUDGEMENT DAY" HSE r496 O 0E a bora 40 7í9n7 70a 0E030 Y. / ira. r. Wink J II VMS 200 inni Itl TArr Stai. 34n8 IA 763 piq E000 a lyt OqT. 562,34 Armor GrW ACTON NOTW709 COIIMT 7A.04.3;274 7:4, ml 6 HSE RECORDS 707 Church Street, Nashville, Tenn (65) Gospel Scene It; i. RRl' W00) i'lan; aie underway la the second annual presentation of Grant s Gospel lubdee for 977. The event will be held lune IR 9 real Hugo. Olsa Headlining will be Willie Wynn and the Tennesseans and Wendy Bagwell and the Sun. Nias. Other gospel acts horn across the nation will aist be leatured. The Crate Family has put the bushing touches on a new LP at the Sound Lab in Nash ville They area progressive gospel voue. creating new dimensions, and will have veal appeal m virtually all markets" comments Ken Harding who n producing the album for Canaan Records Success Communirabom Cara has Wowed the lead of the John]. Benson Co by moving its headquarters to the Metro Center in Nashville The arm is the parent of Eddie Crook Produc trans. Raise Song Records. Success Tape Dual' tatas. Gospel Music News. Nashville Gospel Talent Agency and S GC Printing This new ta old, will help is lo greatly increase service and quality to our customers,' notes Eddie Crook. president Ene Toenqurt conteues lu war In pupa lardy She has been named the top female ro cubit in Scandinavia. and is the last Chrsban anal to receive a coveted Silver Star award for the highest record salts of any recadmg crust At 2. Ent makes ertensave tv appearance. has cut inspirations albums. performs inter nationally and has lust pined the Billy Graham Crusades Tempo Records has signed Heritage Records to a long term dnntnbution agreement. Included in the pact are the Heritage Singers, New Crus- tiest, Duane Hamilton. ludy Meckstroth, inn McDonald and Bob Sdrerman. Jimmie Davis, a member of lie Gospel Music Hall 0 Fame has a biography at Publshed by Wad Boas.' You Are My Sunshine_. s an enter taming foray through Dans career tliai look him to the top oi show business and politics Emba Gould has released his second LP through Myrrh Records. It's titled -True Stones By Kenn Gould While a teenager in England. Gould played in several rock groups. In 973. his song "Jesus Is the Jan`' was chosen as the theme la Sara 73- at winch Billy Graham was the main speaker. Aug 27 s the date for the 977 annual Sun up To Sun-down Sing in Waycross. Ga. Spon sated by the Waycross Shone Oub and headed by "Doc- Browning. the lineup includes the Blackwood Brothers. the Ringarom, We Wynn and she Tennesseans and the Happy Goodman Famiy. Suncst, now wall a new album at -'In Touch Again" -has hit the road Said in the past year and a halt The foursome has traveled more than males and peen more than I50 concerts in that time span. ASA Muse Co has established a separate di vision to serve the gospel musc community Its Peaceful Paley Music. the ham, located in the UA Tower Building in Nashville. sin the print and publication held of gospel music but then goals are to include other areas d the industry They're searching l0 material tor print in hooks. folio. and sheet muse, and ',enters with a message' are listening to Gospel Trade Magazine under Steve Aune held a leception saluting the gospel Grammy winners Gary S. Parton was there. and was the hit of the event. Paxton has got to be one of the mast crealst talents,n the American muse scene Les Hart Tagged By Gospel Assn. NASHVILLE -The Les Bart Agency, Inc. has been named the advertising /p.r. agency for the Gospel Music Assn. The pact is announced by Don Butler, executive director of the Gospel Music Assn. and the Gaspel Music Hall of Fame, and John Sturdivant. chairman of the association's public relations committee. "With the rapid growth of the Gospel Music Assn. since its beginning in 964. and the reality of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. we feel the time has come to employ the services of a professional advertising and public relations firm," says Butler. Country Rodeo Champ Mahan Now a Singer NAM IVILLL: Kudci.entrrtainer Larry Mahan plans a Iwo-week singing engagement at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. May following h..s successful club debut at Mr. Lucky's in Phoenix The Warner Bros. artist and rodeo champion staged his unusual entry by riding onstage on the hack of Mr. Tcx, a pound Texas Longhorn. Mahan was singing "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" when Mr. Tex answered a call of nature in front of the SRO crowd. Mahan plans to continue his newfound recording and acting careers. as well as hitting the rodeo circuit. Texas Honors 3 s5svill. (lank. Thompson. Leon McAuliffe and Johnny Gimble has-e been honored by the Tesas House of Representatives and Senate. Citing the musicians' contributions to country music. the legislators personally presented certificates of honor at ceremonies at the state capitol building in Austin. KDJW Eyes Talent NASHVILLE-. Preliminary contests for the Amarillo "Giant KDJW West Texas Talent Search" are underway. The winner of the search will be produced by Claude Gray in Dallas. Tex., for national release. KDJW's Casey Jones will emcee the latent shows with Dugg Collins, program director for the station. nvenceing the entire contest. Mahan w all he play ing at lain, re, deos and dances, and he plans special programs through his Lan, Mahan Productions. In the Phoenix appearances. Ala han included selections from k "King Of The Rodeo" LP and sore written by his group's music dircela Michael McGinnis. The group; eludes Steve Keith on banjo fiddle and vocalist Jill Gordon. Mizzou Governor At Jackson Event NASHVILLE - Dotrsy Freddy Weller were the feat performers at a Jackson Day 'station Apnl 5-6 in Spring Mo. An annual Democratic event, celebration was presided os Gov. Joseph Teasdale of Mi and attended by some 450 gu eluding U.S. senators. repro lists and committee members. While in Springfield. the also suited KITS radio for in views and placed their handpriau and signatures in wet cement is front of the new studio facelity. New Tulsa Opry Continued from page 52 Tulsa Opry are May 28: June 4 and 25; July 9 and 23: Aug. 6 and ad Sept. 3 and 7: Oct. and 5: Now. 2 and 26: and Dec. 3 and 0. Amts set for the first four concerts in order of appearance include Roy Head. Jody Miller. Minnie Pearl and Dec Williams. Tentative ticket prices ae 53. S4 and 5.5. More than Records Sold in 5 Weeks!!! "UNDER TI'IEIov sl EAGLE" Tommy Wills zo Playing on KDXE, WDVH, WJAZ, WPNX, WSLV, WIRE, KCKN, WSDS, KTTS, KSTL, KOYN, WMNI, WNAD, WIXY, WDOD, KBUC, KVET, KEJW, KXOL, WEET, WSLC, WEMP, WWVA, WXOX and many more. 6 'r Country I fl, pys International Records 35 WEST 57th STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 009 e a

105 'ec Minneapolis Firm 4, to College Mart.LOS ANGEnLES Produ c- s, a booki g agenc-alpha y, has rear lized aloe of the college market and work its acts in that market. he Minneapolis -based agency me an NECAA associate memlast fall and plans to attend all uni regional and national con - Joining the NECAA has created hole new world for us." says Stone. college booker. "We're g to take our Minneapolis club ps with original material and fully break them in the college et. o date Alpha has been concenng its efforts in the upper Mid - area in schools m Minnesota. Dakotas. Iowa and Wisconsin. e agency is now working with regional acts handled by six nts. Most of its acts are in the at price range. The groups ta play progressive rock, country. disco is and there are six nostalgia bands. A Stone says he will now direct his mergtes towards the Carolinas and Illiana region. r NECAA Switches LOS ANGELES -The dates for - te o o u< urea competition to the Bob Hope And National Entertainment and Campus Activities Assn. (NECAA) sponsored "Search For The Top in Collegiate Talent' (Billboard. Feb ) have been changed to Oct. 7 -Nov.. The former dates were Sept. I -Oct. 3. Reason for the change u to allow the area host schools more ume to contact schools within their area and toallow for preliminary competition. General News Industry Donations Sought For Temple Univ. Series NEW YORK -Temple Unis soliciting donations from the music industry to fund a 500.(Klt) series of 30-minute educational program. on the music industry. The series titled All About The Music Business" will feature such segments as "Record Company President" with Bruce Lundvall. president of Columbia Records: "Custom Label Owner with Bob Reno. president of Midsong Records: "Contract Negotiator with David Steinberg. counsel for Philadelphia International Records: and "Entertainment Lawyer" with Eliot. Hoffman. partner in the law firm of Betdock. Levine & Hoffman, a firm whose clients include Peter Frampton, Waylon Jennings and Roger Daltry. Segments for the future will cover such topics as "President Of A Mechanical Rights Society.-' "Vice President. Marketing," The Studio Musician." President OfA Commercial Jingle House.' "Music Critic." and "Program Director Of A Radio Station." Funding sought for the venture will be used to cover the cost of production. duplication and distribution of the series. Among the first donors is Midsong Records. All About The Music Business" is designed to be used as media support for music business courses under development or already in existence throughout the English - speaking world. The four principal markets for the series Include the more than 400 accredited colleges of music in this country alone, as well as conservatories and preparatory schools. It will also go to such support facilities as community arts councils. libraries. performing rights societies. private foundations, media centers, PBS and cable television stations. music publishers. record companies. booking agencies and advertising companies. Seeburg Shifts Exec Personnel CHICAGO -A number of organizational changes have been announced here by Sccburg Industries. Inc. Elevated to the post of chief operating officer for the firm and its principal subsidiary. the Seeburg Corp. of Delaware. is James Hughes, who continues at the same time as director and chief executive vice president and treasurer of the company. Hughes has been with See - burg since 965. The new title formally recognizes a role Hughes has filled increasingly with Seeburg. according to a company source. Appointed group vice president of the Seeburg Corp. is Charles W. Metter, who assumes responsibility for overseeing both the Sceburg Products division. manufacturers of jukeboxes and vending equipment, and for Williams Electronics, manufacturers of pinball and games ma- chines. Metter s position is a new one within the Seeburg Corp. The executive comes to Seeburg from McGraw -Edison. Inc. Jim Mikes has been made control - ler of Seeburg Industries. Inc. Mikes reports to William O'Brien. executive vice president, finance. June 5 Date For Williams Tribute NASHVILLE -The oblong Cowboys, Charlie McCoy and Jim Owen are among those who will he featured at the fourth annual Hank Williams Memorial Celebration June 5 at Mt. Olive. Ala. Staged by the Hank Williams Memorial Assn., the all -day outdoor event is expected to draw some fans to the Hank Williams Memorial Park where a new and spacious bandstand is being constructed. Inquiries should be made to Chris Gibson. Rt. I. Brantley. Ala (205) Colo. Fest In June NASHVILLE -The 5th annual Colorado Country Music Festival & Trade Convention will be held in Denver. June The festival highlights "Colorado Country Music Week '77" and features business seminars, country music shows and an awards banquet and show. Herman Doctored LOS ANGELES -Woody Herman is scheduled to receive the honorary degree of Doctor of Music at Boston's Berklee College of Music May 4. Other recipients of the school's honorary doctorate have been Duke Ellington. Arthur Fiedler. Mabel Mercer and George Wein. Godwin To Marietta LOS ANGELES - Godwin Distributing Co. has moved from Atlanta. Ga., to Marietta, Ga. The new address is: 095 South Cobb Parkway. Marietta. Ga A Jukebox record from Start to Finish! WARM WATER BEDS, WHISKEY, WILD WOMEN Royal American RA -500 by AL BARKLE Available at your Otte -stop from Nationwide Sound Dist. 204 Elmwood Ave. Nashville, Tn (65) REPUBLIC DECLARES ITS INDEPENDENTS PICKWICK, MINNEAPOLIS PICKWICK, OPA LOCKA TARA RECORDS, ATLANTA SCHWARTZ BROTHERS, WASHINGTON, D.C. PICKWICK, ST. LOUIS HOT LINE, MEMPHIS ACTION MUSIC SALES, CLEVELAND BIB, CHARLOTTE MUSIC CITY, NASHVILLE BIG STATE, DALLAS M.S. DISTRIBUTORS, MORTON GROVE ALL RECORD SERVICE, OAKLAND ARC JAY -KAY DISTRIBUTORS, DETROIT ALTA DISTRIBUTORS, PHOENIX ABC RECORDS & TAPES, INDIANAPOLIS ABC RECORDS & TAPES, SEATTLE UNIVERSAL, PHILADELPHIA ALPHA, NEW YORK STAN'S RECORD SERVICE, SHREVEPORT ONE STOP MUSIC, EAST HARTFORD ALL SOUTH, NEW ORLEANS SUPREME, CINCINNATI RECORD SERVICE, HOUSTON H.W. DAILEY, HOUSTON CALIFORNIA RECORD DISTRIBUTORS, BURBANK M.S. DISTRIBUTORS, DENVER

106 .0464, O4 Soul Sauce Image Meet Bestows 4 On Wonder By JEAN WILLIAMS LOS ANGELES - Stevie Wonder and Sammy Davis Jr. gave a surprise mini concert at the NAACP's 0th Annual Image Awards here Sunday (24) at the Century Plaza Hotel. Following Wonder's sweeping of the music awards and some strong encouragement from Davis. Wonder sat at the piano and began to belt as a tribune to Davis "I Gotta Be Mc:' with Davis Joining in. This was to have closed the evening but Wonder seemed only to be warming up as the two entertainers swung into You Arc The Sunshine Of My Life." For Once In My Life." "Candy Man" and "I'll Be Loving You Always." Stephanie Mitts. star of the Broadway hit musical The Wiz" also performed to the packed house. which paid up to S00 for scab. Few surprises were handed out in the music category as Wonder walked away with the award for male artist of the year. producer. and "I Wish" as the song of the year A special award was given to Wonder. bringing his total to four. with a new award. the Stevie Wonder Award to be initiated into the organizations accolades neat year. Other winners in the music.ategory were James Cleveland & the 4 Charles Fold Singers for gospel an- Ist of the year: B. B. King & Bobby mj Bland. blues anist of the year: Fa. George Benson. jazz artist: the Commodores. vocal group: and Natalie Cole, female artist of the year. T Los Angeles station KJLH -FM captured local honors for the best y music image of the year. < Probably the most disappointing 2 aspect of the event was the lack of cooperation on the part of the nominees and winners to even show up. Of the many winners. Icss than five were onhand to accept their award. While the room was filled with some of the most important names in the entertainment industry, most of those persons nominated for awards were elsewhere. As a matter of fact. Wonder was the only one present in the music area to pick up awards. The show. produced by Bill Chappell. who is also publisher of Soul & Jazz Magazine. and Moms Buchanan. had Sammy Davis as master of ceremonies and Davis musical conductor George Rhodes Sr. as music director for the event.. t t Gospel recording group Andrae Crouch and the Disciples. who recently crossed over to Billboard's soul chart. will headline a concert at the scat Felt Forum in New York on May 20. This marks the group's first appearance at the Madison Square Garden facility. which Crouch says is an attempt to broaden his audiences. Following its appearance at the Felt Forum. the Light recording group will continue its tour schedule which includes Washington. D.C., Pittsburgh and Detroit. P Patti Labelle. former leader of the Epic recording group Labelle. is about to record her first solo LP since the groups breakup.. t Cotillion's the Impressions may be about to lose another lead singer. (Continued on page 66) A * &Htaare SPECIAL SURVEY For WWI Endm S 7 7 Billboard Hot Soul Sin9les. Caaprnqnl 977 BMtqYa P,.4Krw.a K No put on, p.p.t..on m.. Da r.p.o0ut.0 StapO n a M a.maroim. t, a.i pm p tn N3 mnm N.Cra.c mk..rnka pnotocoq,ny raeadny or WMrn.. w+tn4ut In. pe"';.nnar p..m,ew..r Lu pubw V B * / S 8 * II * * 38 * / 28 8 * S / sne r.rtim-+r..m.r( r. r.rae.m w..+ TITLE, ARTIST.tree) lsam l IDS UYn (P9. 4.!taw) GOT TO GIVE IT UP PL -r.. r.(. Al Cs,.:.5 Slla.04, U.M. MCNI THE PRIDE (Part )-rr rare un.e. 0 nn..alityc alym CAP. OC. On Y I.n i tra 77 (a[ WHODUNIT-rear Is Y tits r P..$) tuna ills Itr Ptw i Diu. it. ASCAr rm YOUR BOOGIE MAN - La. I TO S..w tr MM tan I.7 TA Ira sr+e wm.. mn SIR DUKE -sir r....0 rob SUE Irw.. ( asap air oar re THE PINOCLMIO MEOW- t. Ctrs 6 Oro.) U... au U2 Mae to 6* I FANNA DO R TO YOU -r.s Lr. b. M (.0.0p ASW ram P Pea./ TOU'NE THROWING A 6000 LOVE AWAY -rid.eiw A^x < )R: AO, rye. ali IS Nor YOUR LuYE- Pies.. nu or o... i. Paco err IT PEELS SO GOOD TO BE LOVED SO B AD- r.ra.. n taken r n6. t..0 cam. 30sá DISCO INFERNO-tar a u... ( 4t.'t t33 IL. aue GPO. ewe. Bit AIN'T GONNA BUMP NO MORE Dar No Bit Fat Wamanl -w its L Oft. B un, tat 50 trier an rye GOT LOVE ON MY MIND -err c Plea.. bra faa. 0ga tarrsn' 5(X SNOW YOU ME WAY TO 60-ra m Ia 6.M. t Iool tat.w50 mg., far. WI WANNA OLT NEXT TO YOU-r. Mir M R.e.Wi Ya.62 IDI.e a an THERE WILL COME A DAY (I'm Gonna happen To Yarn -smir aver... It Y Sea a Sane) i.r 5779 IrM..e) tier.. OWlt. Wart an UPTOWN FESTIVAL -arrr rat Or IOWA S. Test Ion 0ÚI u.aea OOPrp... pic an SUPER BAND-or t a or or t TW Ontt. rift 590 ß40n.4.4, Bin IRVING TO LOVE TWO -rr. rr Mutan. ran 36 In...r.l (d60. an FLY UKE AN EAGLE-sr or or (S Ma). Ca. 4)72 LS... HOLLYW00D -ra rear ab tar. or a Pin.:,. OD 7769 (et EL arnan aa..vatt tar HIGH SCHOOL DANCE -rral ll á+r in L tom s,na. L Sin.L: CN.r 0 (rq M.00 BAR, I LOVE YOUR WAS -ins. rr. (r Farr.).áo (W N 4 W. tea 0w. OW) YOU-RE WHITS MISSING IN MY UFE-nc Car. rm, a Near F Kam. Yoboe 47 I NO6y pert, MY..a 6M. Oar. S. ß..c an GOOD MING MAN -Par Leo. It Lam r.. 60 I CANT GET OVER YOU -ors cl Brr. L c64í F rlatert IBC 225 0/..0.m A94. SO SO SATISFIED -turn a sere. r Sow.! Rev e. 7 Pl..0 VP. 75fÁ USING BESIDE YOU -Epr rat0 In a.rerat Vsaa rm 72 laal.ra.t an LOVE IS BETTER IN ME A.M -Peer r.,r In So.. G 0 Owe). (Oleo ( a.g... ASCO KEEP THAT SAME OLD FEEUNG -5 i. t.. M arr. bossy an FREE LOVE -w. cr. lv 6.W..04 nw. L sin win Pel 36 (Fall ON YOUR FACE -ran or a ra. ry ßa.. C sasn P Bra) Cora (Sae,). a0 SOMETIMES -rata u. ill. Miro4 Reer. 520) 9rar. a0 GLORIA.ra tai (IL SWn L baeve>. LP. Pam A (04. rr.mie. G WII s W Il 42 3 W / * N IS 3 3 / ë9 ib S I MU.. ARTIST Il..rl. tiim Mat IIMI(hWS Ltua.l ANGEL IN YOUR AR/AS-ft n.mama C n0. T (4w.í) ISNa /Men Ooh. u nr Vast WA 64. YOU TURNED Mt ON TO LOVE -ire, row 0 era.) Armtc ].MI mall niyx EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE -6.p or. n pa, Rm.e rr a0á.. Mai,, 00 WHAT YOU DAMNA 00 -Tarr n C.... D. 50 I, 6N.n -. ami AT MIDNIGHT 0 lave Oil Litt Sou Bp) I.r.. naat uan a W. Rr.aa.A OC 73,Oint le...34rn Oran BLESSED R THE WOMAN-or, o IB oar vet. 07 IDm.. tail LOVE IN Y' MINOR (PL )-cra.a.c C Canal U,aaa 25 OUT OF THE BLUE (Calm Fed M)r. oa LETS STEAL AWAY TO THE HIDEAWAY -tir lna u lait, I b/,., On 77,4,mawt are LAVING YOU, LOSING YOU -mm ty.. n as L DM) tara 56/ IWpo 0.. WO BREM TT TO ME GEIMTLY -Marl Paris a La.aas C I tar) NW:.6 Lrr ar.v. ^a 0/04m0.e..600 fin Mn WHILE I'M ALONE -r. Fero e..( i ern (.s, 39,Pry a., FOR THE WORLD -Rosa D null MC )70 óta aii D r.anrist mars WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT -re. U reel tant 7 IM Pit awn "ROOTS" MEDLEY: A MOTHERLAND. B THEME FROM 0OOTS" -L..i W (A 0 )e.+. e lui 33 9A W_ B. MOP. I DONT LOVE YOU IIi LORE -rra Perme IA Gap.. L MO) rr..6...v us 07'. (EGO (Pen Tr.a tun ROOT VMS-or rra. Pee Bep. Sa.a r. e r herse Y.IarmA C avili L Brat r:n 7393 M..O./ (Op 000,6a00004 WO SPACE AGE -ravi rat or DI noansa a Alrtt 337 II.Ws an WHAT IT Tali/ C s rr U las r Neri. Pr. CO IM Dac Bid I WANTCIU BABY -tar Pry. M GaM. t MIL 0 i,. 00 mitre rr.e. sin 0008 MORIS -cam 0. tot aa.s L Lour a trna.un art, Cie 005 IC RMaat (Ba. C. an 0-arr U PY QUALIFIED 0 SATISFY smr.. a Garr, 732 IB Isrm..)..w an HR AND RUN-tar trr.p (A rra I Nina R Ielwl, CMS. (Stl.dl lire. rrw,sa Strap an DONT TOUCH ME -srra o... Cadrat Carr 4 (UM ling an JUST ONE STEP -tar rra (D Etna. M G..a.). G.5e 7 m) na.. rit HATS Off TO MAMA -nr. n,.. (r eft..t. Gai.. ulu 4..', (Ne.i WPM Ban A DREAMER OF A DRf*M -cr same t0 (Ra,w l._i_, at SM) D OUBLE DUTCH -Fa. w (6 Nam t 6.04; i Mo./ ia.. I GOTTA KEEP DANCIN' -co. t..e ry A..rl, (Gnat. ASfA sowe Ta. 00 9CA, PI SAD GIRL-ca ca.. te Gar. Oda Wet. Ií0 /Ci.0) ((nits. rile. an SHOW ME LOVE -amt ä46.n IC raite) Cora SIS (Rion. WHO'S WATCHING ME ni s.e..a tno bina, Bpi nitr Ose nun I CANT SAY GOODBYE -Prisa. (B haie A flea... seer Si Md., Crn.e0. BYn te' 68 7 S 80 3 ES *= W / 3 y W * CM:* / CZ* iftle ARTIST up. LaW {.66/. WPM MVO. Lf.NN) EVERYBODY HAVE A 0000 IDOE -ea ara i MM. vv. TR. ear) MAT'S ON YOUR YMD, SA..) Pam.. limera MI5 tao à imo.. I uri radio R hew L P. 0. MYIS/ Maw IlaWaw.. Lao HISS IN 77 -Ar n Sa,.: Pinar 0 (Doimmi.rr, IaRA.>Ad San HOT TO T0 -mi n Pr. Eat s.v fit ear, li ITS ME LAST THING 00 -nr. rota n t C iter.). 4.4 Stint (rr. 70a7..a «API GET NARY -ate. -- Ir.r. Can t. Ali ins finn 9au. on, STONED TO THE BONE -rte. ram. (..el r rete.: Gtla 70 fib try. Vt. SOUR AND SWEET /LEMON IN THE HONEY-.. r,e, Ord. fra a. R r..a P. a Dir. ig 00;3 (rea Pari awl WHAT R IS-rr lee Y4.tnsc(a...eara tart..ras Iar..r.t IW, DYNAMITE-u- n,_ IE Ira. Da. 4567}.r.á) IL..L..a.. aft D ANCE AND SNARE YOUR 0URINE -a...l lam Bag IP Was, h Ora 777 Sea sii Pv San AFTER YOU LOVE ME WHY DO YOU LEAVE ME -au- area 6r r. rr ari far. L 6..) ava[ Ltw Mt Salk* Iltee LINI -9 P.m A nega. PORE MY MTh DELIGHTFUL- rna Pera tar,s r )Pawl Mini 5735 (ss.. fiale.. 4 Lilla YOU HAYENT MADE IT TO ME TOP -avari ra., rm. rut to (Drat aaaa YOU GOT TO KNOW BETTFJt -re a e. P r. t. xed rwnl.r IONA(are M.P... On ONO AVE-0a N km. rg C.P.O. L p.l Sprat IOM Oa..NON).]p tep. Ittq MANE ME YOURS -Sri are. to sema Duc':. SID 0 (Cri BW: UP LUMPED THE DEYL -r.. Dee, Co. 57C5,tldr/r..N ASCAP BODO LANGUAGE -tr. L rarer.a ar.rr We.) 2 :Bir: Bel =VI BLACKBERRY JAM -tar Les. IL Ira, Cara 024 alma r.) IS-, f...334µ AM THIS IS IT Il P..a4 NP... lwe (Caw an HELLO SINANGER -Par ti... V..... a0 9 tan 50 t7 5* IF YOU GOIIM 00 R (PHI Tar Mind To H) (Part ) -P. urea I. I. Oacl Mg. Tv.. sal HOTLINE -tar. ern. irta A v'. Mir rrr OCA E ratea.. OC 7264 DISCO REGGAE (T.yo Gram) Whit 7.. eri L.O. res /0679 (44.4«S.R. ern Or Al SUPERSTAR - M... l h.4. pec.le. 003CMal. 0 Amoy. L 0 Oaw, U.r rl..)m. tar Dea AYA AIN'T NOTHING TOU CAN DO-aat C rat Us. lafl Perk (rara a0 THIS WILL BE A NIGHT TO REMEMBER -tar a.a,9 Pew, o ;uni Laved MS arar re.e Sr,. E. OP WHERE IS YOUR WOMAN TONIGHT -sr avara :Mieta tat.500 Male. avo LET 'EM N-r, ar P yy,w. Hr.yr Iap.O.W Mot Ifwf (r,a 6..ona,An. Br0 WIAIIOI GONNA DOT.. Oar Umn mere Or 970 ;.wnprr r0 FEEL URE DRNDNG -aver 9 90 SIN Aid 647

107 Keith is why you should pay attention ' to this ut Keith Barrow is a very remarkable man. He takes on hard -driving tunes with an amazing intensity. And he smooths his way through a ballad with surprising finesse. This is just the beginning for him. But what a beginning. "Keith Barrow!' Featuring the hit single, PC "Mr. Magic Mane' On Columbia Records and Tapes P:c,,.iuced by Bobby Eli. Direction. Steve i a;::i

108 %el"' 6 General News Black Music Reported Changing To a Softer, More Mellow Sound Continued from page I sound and I feel its influencing black music and black radio. "A lot of the softer music is also coming out of the discos-" Draper continua. We found that Frank Sinatra 'Night And Day' was getting disco play in Ncw York so we have made a 2 -inch disco version. Sinatra will pick upon black radio stations, based on his history:' Freddie Pcrren. producer /writer for such artists as Tavares. Sylvers, Minnie Ripenon and Yvonne Elliman, says. "I am personally moving in a more mellow direction. I feel that people have always loved a mellow sound but when trends come in such as high energy music. they take over everything.' Harold Dunham. manager of Treegoobs retail record outlet in Philadelphia. insists. The trend is absolutely moving to slow tunes. I'm not selling nearly as much super energy disco music. Thais not because disco is dying: it's just that discos in this area are now playing softer music" Hillery Johnson. a vice president at Atlantic Records, sees the black music trend mellowing but more on the West Coast than in the Eut. "People are more interested in the messages of songs now as opposed to the bumpily bump," says Johnson. Producer/writer/recording artist Eugene McDaniels, who has written p for and /or produced such acts as Gladys Knight & the Pips, Nancy o á Wilson. Roberta Flack, Lenny co liams formerly of Tower of Power. and now his own artist Afrecka m Trees, claims the trend has been ñmoving rn in a slower direction for the past two years. "It's only now that it's coming out in full force:' says ÿ McDaniels. J.J. Johnson, program director at 2 KDAY. Los Angeles, offers, "I see a lot of attention being paid to that older. mellow sound such as with the tune 'Gloria' by Enchantment." Aeording to Emanuel Johnson. writer of "Gloria" and a member of the group Enchantment, "I felt that the public wanted to slow down a bit and 'Gloria would be strong enough to push through the disco cycle. `liming had a lit to do with the success of the record. People seemed to want the pace toned down and 'Gloria' fit right in." Treegoob's Dunham claims that because of the almost MOR trend emerging. he sees a turnover in his customers. "Whereas most of my customers have been very young. I am now selling some of the same artists to older customers because these artists have mellowed their sound. "Some of my biggest LPs are Teddy Pendergrass, who when he was with the Blue Notes sold to a younger crowd and is now appealing to an older group: Chaka Khan with Rufus because of her mellowing with 'Hollywood': the Dells because of the slow tune on their LP: Marlena Shaw. and Walter Jackson. who wouldn't have sold in quantity last year at this time," says Dunham. Walter Jackson, like Enchant- UTT Expanding LOS ANGELES -UTT Productions. a New England college booking agency. has branched into record production. Zotos, its premiere act, has produced two singles which are being distributed to major record labels for consideration. ment. feels the time was right for slow music. The singer. who had several hits almost a decade ago. claims his music ismor /r&b. While vehemently asserting that music is changing. Jackson feels that it's not reverting back to anything but growing. "Rock was going out and disco was an intermediary. It gave you a chance to dance but you didn't have to go through the sweat scene of the rock'n'roll era. I think disco got out of hand. "You can't dance for years for three and four hours at a time,' Jackson continues. "The public has changed the disco sound. " have something to say in my music and don't feel that can say it in one of those rocked -up scenes. People are buying my music but I didn't presume they would. I only wanted to give them a choice, and it worked." Bobby Earl. program director of WBOK in New Orleans, says: "What's happening is that today's young people are dancing but recently they've decided they also want to sit down and listen to music. "Through records like Walter Jackson's and Arthur Prysock's I see the time coming shortly when kids are going to go back to dancing slow. That naturally follows a slow listening trend. "Usually this kind of trend also brings back female singers:' says Earl. Of WBOK's top five records. four are ballads to midtempo tunes. ABCs Harris and Atlantic's Johnson agree with Earl that female singers arc on the rise, while Hams also sees an upswing in standup singing groups and single artists. Says Hams: "This, too, gets back to where we started several years ago. But we went through a trend where some groups would go onstage in just whatever they fell like wearing no matter how it looked, and some groups backed away because they either couldn't or wouldn't relate to those images. "Now, particularly with new male groups, they're well dressed and choreographed much like the groups of the '60s such as the Four Tops and Temptations. All of this reflects in Continued from page 64 Nate Evans,s said to be embarkinc on a solo career. Evans comments "The Impressions and I love each other and will continue as friends but their ideas are conservative and mine are liberal.' Ronnie Laws has completed his third album on Blue Note. "Friends And Strangers." The LP, produced by Wayne Henderson. formerly of the Crusaders. has musical assistance from Larry. Dunn of Earth, Wind & Fire. Laws' sisters Eloise and Debra and members of his group. Pressure. Laws' two previous LPs were "Pressure Sensitive," believed to be the largest selling debut LP in the history of Blue Note Records, and "Fever." Perry Allen. the jazz announcer at WLOK. Memphis. who died of a heap attack on April 9, was also associate music director at Memphis State Univ., while at the same time working on his PhD. in black jazz which he would have received in August this year. the music. making it smoother like the physical appearances." Eugene McDaniels concurs with Harris, saying "The public is more conservative, its coming out of its jeans and into dress attire. This reflects in their lifestyle and their choice of music.- K DAY's Johnson says, "As for female singers, take a look at what's happened with the female artist in 977 as compared to 974. Recently artists such as Aretha Franklin, Deniece Williams, Natalie Cole. the Emotions and a few others have had top -charted records. This wasn't happening a while back.- Warner Bros.'s Draper feels that with standup acts like Candi Staton and Arthur Prysock. who he claims was the king of the standup black singers. re- emerging on the charts. others will look at what these singers are doing and swing in that direction. McDaniels says it's not the artists or labels that make trends: it's the public. "Trends go around and eserytime someone has the courage to record his own special brand of music, which happens to be different and the public latches onto it a new trend is sei Both McDaniels and Draper feel thatjazz has had a hand in mellow- ing the over -all musical sound. "R &b music is taking on a softer mood with a jazz flavor." says McDaniels. "Bob James at CBS Records told me that his company is now spending about 560,000 and up to produce jazz LPs That has got to mean that jazz is important to all music. That kind of money for ajar LP was unheard of a couple of years ago." he adds. And Draper contends. "Because of the Jazz influence, the black community between the ages 25 and 38. which has more disposable dollars to spend on music. arc buying George Benson. Natalie Cole. Thelma Houston. Nancy Wilson and others." Of the top 50 tunes on Billboard's Hot Soul Singles chan for the week April are ballads to mid - tempo as compared to last year this same period when there were 5 out of 50. Soul Sauce _ Allen had been an announcer in the Memphis market more than 25 ears. t t Hoppy Adams, executive vice president of WANN in Annapolis. Md., is celebrating his 25th year with the outlet. Adams, who also holds down the -7 p.m. aitshift has been in the same time slot for the entire 25 years. Although his official anniversary date was April 2, Adams is celebrating the entire month as "Adams Silver Anniversary Month." The veteran radio executive is also the first black to become executive director of the Maryland. Washington. D.C.. Delaware Broadcasting Assn., an organization comprised of television and radio stations in these areas. J. J. Jackson, program director at KATZ in St Louis. reports he is in need of an announcer immediately. He requests that those interested should send tapes but no telephone calls. e t Remember... we're in communications, so let's communicate. I / I * N lai 6 * * * 2 * s;!soui ú B m Billboard SPECIAL rrm rr rmr -tl. r...t SURVEt ; ; ] fm Week En0 S 7 s Coorr.Jo r077. frateaampulabcabom on No NMI ar,n puortatron mars. rpoduond Maori m a Dune palm or nanamurd m any tam re sr Lou mean..c=ame nraum.a p,aocowp Kwdma * mana.a Ur Om. wearm oe.rmo.en ce w roulakrm S S I 6 It 7 30 I II 3 IO It I I I IO 2 II a Ia r.rr.w.r..r tied rn- TRtE _ (Dit l ) A Yer MARVIN CAVE LIVE AT THE LONDON PALLADIUM Soma 7 na24m.r, COMMODORES rr.r. It WE GO FOR YOUR GUNS M Who, l a.n,7 taco nr.l A- A.A -AH. THE NAME IS BOOTSY BABY s..rr. sores.. sort raver k u nn TEDDY PENDERGRASS namoo. Erse. UNPREDICTABLE au, c.. craw to tires i. OF LIFE roam. tae SONGS IN THE KEY 34. lief ASA RUFUS b. `Irma Carl' a` K Y fis A REAL MOTHER FOR TA ram, NEW tr.o ale rant uormi ANGEL Ok. v... Moo,..,,,p., Ossor noel IN FLIGHT c..r, soon err 4 ca 63 ANYWAY YOU LIRE R tau viasv Nkomo YESTERDAY TODAY 6 TOMORROW sees.vox to six SWEET BEGINNINGS vr.-.: -.,. _ -v rc tosi COMING BACK Mar e, Arnome FOR MORE vr: --, Sr, Iles SLAVE corm s0 %u uraro IT FEELS SO GOOD WARY. tarn. PC Ili% UNNISTARAILY LOU tag e.s wrrw we.i...t R MN (Iva RY LIKE AN EAGLE sins rb sat ea,. sr.ill- RATED,sear t<.., -sec P. ;tao: DISCO INFERNO SD lo: SUITE FOR A SINGLE GIRL.n war., v+ercl DEEP IN MY SOUL soar, less Ir. 7 3S6 tu.u.o ROMANTIC JOURNEY...; -v, -, ;-::a,. ys..a I WANT TO COME BACK AS A SONG rrt. Mama...soma u7330 lured Man/ STILL TOGETHER Roan oitsi A ti M. 0.de3 905 sf89 (WI NOW 00 U WANTA DANCE Gat Cm. sabre Ili ar Y. ö ana PART 3 i I ra Saba* Du. A f03 MAZE leatutint FRANKIE BEVERLY GM. $ 67 WHAT YOU NEED Sec urn rem., r n i * u SR pl u. re a 23 e.. C a ye ;r," Tra s toot l,rn I 23 THE IACRSOMS tar. PE tau, 2 LOVE STOW tees. Cr. MO MK s li STAY IN LOVE em.. awes Ere te Neu..,:a. t I56 PERSON TO PERSON b.q..r it M.rc so t SOMETIMES r ^. _' tr 30 CAR WASH:ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK a a : ' 23 UNFiNISHED BUSINESS 5rtivr,um, Si, 2 A BLOW FOR ME, A TOOT FOR YOU F,.a Omer a so rill r. e,r,ra 29 JOY RIDE Dr... +x 36 V 3 THIS IS NIECE Dom. moms. Pc we r.., 5 IKON' tarn Bawl rear 0s DH ', : -..._ 2 PLAYERS ASSOCIATION rout."- CO 797 PARLIAMENT UVE- P. FUNK EARTH TOUR.r sma car 707 V.S.O.P. see 4., Pc }a. R00S oto.a via sr+ct i.,. THEY SAIO IT IMO ::=P90IJS HYMAN w+os 3 raw sec DONE DONE BUT a.. ßw HFESITLE No 2. BE DID R M:` ROCKY' MGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTAACA Coed +kam w ldk3 c 3 EMI CAIN rsa.a.60a rr. wara.r VI , 7 NEVER SAY YOU CANT SURVIVE Cart. rok.4 Celt CU tait nimm Ya3 ENCHANTMENT t. Au rem statist r2an la 6 LET 'EM al Ba, P.c rwi.rr. animal Pi U. ass 7 HE'S All LYE GOT tw Wks.. ur.w W a VII aft te.r7l BUMP AND BRUISES 4 SEAIWND cc, stt -' I I A MAN AND A WOMAN Saar wee s noes. tr..c MCN fir. t -'

109 International 6 IN 8 WEEKS -CBS Signings Flurry Touches Many Bases Bt ADAM % %HITS ION -CBS here has signed acts within the space of weeks. y cynics see it as a buck- "scattershot- approach to talging of a &r bets in a year to remain uncertain. musieconomically. observers see the signing a move to bolster the CBS n the market share stakes. competition at the top is p. er, Maurice Oberstein. naging director. asserts: "We don't have to sign artists at present. We have a great deal of weight on our existing domestic and overseas roster. We don't have to find another can of beans for the shelf. And its not that we need another new album coming out right now, "Instead. the signings should be seen as a reflection of our firm belief in the talent and potential of each ace." The talent and potential is spread over a wide range. Acts involved are former chart- topper Sandie Shaw, making a determined comeback to the recording scene: Renaissance: Judas Priest: the Realistica: Chris Andrews: the Vibrators: Boxer: the d End Kids: Back Street Craw - Next: and the Clash. hen the industry was coming to with punk rock late last year. gave an early impression that new wave might wash past it pletely. But Dan Loggings, a &r five director. ultimately settled two of the most promising punk its, the Clash and the Vibrators. oggings draws comparisons with U.S. West Coast music scene of a do ago when "the politics of om were influencing rock's depiment at grass roots." e says a Grateful Dead concert Id involve no formal publicity. there would be an audience. ch the same happens in 977 an appearance by the Clash or the Sex Pistols. Attitudes. he believes. are the same: -It's an emotional charge. a new energy. People have to respond as others hace done in the past" The Dead End Kids represent another area which CBS scented to a have left, David Essex apart. to other companies-the tecnybop area. Logging, says the group's popularity surprised him. for he believed the days of teenybop acts were over. Now he agrees the teen and sub -teen market is still there. cis-existing with other developments like punk rock "Pop is a fun market, and the Dead End Kids cater for this." The group's success underlines h Meisel Group Tops $5 Mil BERLIN. -Companiesol the Met- Ad group now have an annual turnover in excess of 55.5 million, according to Irmtrud Meisel, a chief executive. The ratio between national and international product now runs at 65 to 35. most important markets being the U.S. and continental Europe. Hansa, within the group. prodaees60r national product for Germany, 25% international product for the world and has 54 releases from foreign countries. the CBS know -how in taking on Barry Blue. himself a chart singer, as house producer. according to Ober - stein. The Kids' breakthrough, "Have I The Right?" was "a true regional breakout" from Glasgow. Oberstein feels this offers promising prospects for it means that certain records can be tested in and built nationally from certain markets. as they are in the U.S. He adds: "Every station is a local station to some degree. It's good to think there are radio people in every major city with their own ideas about music, and we must use that." Like the Clash. the Vibrators. Next (a multi- faceted group from Liverpool) and the Realistic, (U.K: based black band). the Dead End Kids are new to the record- buying public. Judas Priest. Boxer. Back Street Crawler and Renaissance are familiar to varying extents, but Dan Loggings believes their potential has hardly been tapped. "We are." he says. "justifiably (Continued on page 73) Famous Setting New Course For Foreign Network NEW YORK - Famous Music is restructuring its foreign publishing network to provide more direct supervision of copyright exploitations Under its new administration deal with Chappell/Intersong. the US. publisher will gradually add staff of its own in each of the 5 territories covered by the arrangement. Chappell represents the firm in 5 markets. including the U.K_ parts of Europe. Canada, the Far East, South Africa and South America. Until last January. the two publishing entities figures in a partnership relationship in most areas. Marvin Cane. president of Famous, describes the recent arrangement as unequalled in the financial scope of stipulated guarantees. Famous already has two key executives. Ivan Chandler and Bruno Kretzschmar, in the London office. and staffers will be added_ in other territories on a continuing basis. Main foreign markets not covered by the Famous /Chappell deal arc Japan, Germany and Austria. where other licensing arrangements remain in force.. CENTENARY FETE IS FORUM 40% SALES RISE WEA Intl Racks Up Record First Quarter Continued from page 8 On a market by market basis. Holland, with its 86% sales increase. stands out as the most clear -cut success story. Here WEA reports strong sales for Jackson Browne's "Pretender." Ry Cooders "Chicken Skin Music," Kaz Lux and Jan Akkerman's "Eli," Stills /Young's "Long May You Run," George Harrison's 338" and the soundtrack of "All This And World War II,' In Italy. WEA awards top selling single honors to George Harrison's "This Song" and top album designation to Cerrone's "Love In C Minor." Also listed as strong are the Eagles. Rod Stewart, James Taylor. Joni Mitchell, Neil Young. the Doobie Brothers, America. Frank Zappa and the soundtrack of "A Clockwork Orange." The year's first quarter sees Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles cumin - uing to emerge as significant record sellers in WEA's French market. Other LP leaders cited by this affiliate include Cerrone's "Love In C Minor," Donna Summer's "Four Seasons Of Love" and the "Barry French Govt. Hit For Lack Of I Recording Industry Protection Continued from page 3 Earlier. Stewart had referred to the general conference of UNESCO in Nairobi last fall when a new protocol was added to the Florence agreement which put the record on the same level as a book by according it the status of cultural material. "It is the fate of most human progress, particularly inventions, that apart from great benefits to mankind, they also bring their own difficulties. One of these became apparent only quite recently when tape recording was developed. It became almost literally child's play to copy an original recording and multiply it. "It is estimated that more than 5500 million is lost to phonogram pirates every year and quite a slice of it goes into organized crime. It is after all a simple way for those on the fnnge of the criminal world to make money quickly. In many pans of the New Label Formed By Ex -BASF Execs HAMBURG -Ludwig ondersand, former head of the music division of BASF. has entered into partnership with another former BASF music division chief. Klaus Lau - brun. to form the Fonoteam record company. based at Iseplatz 8. Hamburg. Fonoteam s product includes material on the BASF label other than that featuring artists now signed to other companies. such as Freddy Breck (Electrola): Bata lllic: Cindy and Bert: and the Roben Stolz repertoire (Polydor). Fonotcani product is distributed in West German by Deutsche Austrophon and international licensing is being set by MusiContact GmbH. a Heidelberg company run by another former BASF music division executive. Hennes Pfisterer. world the legitimate record has sir - tually disappeared and been replaced by pirate product." Referring to IFPI's compaign against piracy. Stewart said that the antipiracy Phonogram Convention 97 inaugurated in Geneva had been ratified by 24 countries in the last five years. Turning to the Rome Convention. which he described as "an attempt to strike just and fair balance between the intertwining interests of performers. record producers and broadcasters," Stewart said that since countries had legislated in this field and there had been 9 ratifications in the past IS years. "I would like to record our gratitude to three intergovernmental organizations represented here which form the joint secretariat of the Rome Convention -the Inter- national Labor Office. UNESCO and the World Intellectual Property Organization. They were. at the request of the Intergovernmental Committee of the Convention, also responsible in 974 for the adoption of a model law for neighboring rights to encourage ratifications. Barbara Ringer. then director of the copyright division of UNESCO. new Register of Copyrights in the USA, made a special personal contribution to this effort "If any country felt it would like to mark this centenary with a birthday present. ratification of the Rome Convention and others would be a fitting gesture." In his opening speech. John Forbes. deputy director general of UNESCO, referred to the acute crisis that the technology of sound recording had brought for professionals of music and of the stage. "They tend to become their own competitors." he said. "Through recordings they compromise to some extent their own employment prospects and the possibilities of bench- cial development of their talents. As for the producers of phonograms, they are themselves confronted by the problem of the abusive use of their phonograms by third parties who use them without permission and for their own profit, thus endangering the development of phonographic reproduction.' IFPI president Fraser C. Jamieson paid tribute to Thomas Edison. "In spite of the immense contribution sound recording has made to world culture and the happiness of mankind. it is not given the respect and status it has so worthily earned. How ridiculous a situation that is. when everyone has ears. can listen, understand, learn and enjoy: but so many cannot read." Concluding his address. Jamieson told delegates: Your presence here today is not only a great honor for the IFPI but reflects the fact that on this. the centenary of the invention of recorded sound, the record has at last come of age and is taking its place as one of the principal benefactors of cultural life, communication and education." From The Music Ca Of The Worlc LONDON Big promotional campaign by Phonogram on behall of Val Doonican, currently hosting his arm BBC-TV Saturday evening series. includes a $ national tv campaign for his double album 'some Of My Best Friends Are Songs'...Earner monk Tony Monopoly. nos fast rising cabaret singer. currently in Nashville. Tenn., recording his first Phonogram album with Papa Dan Schroeder. Chita Riven, star of 'West Side Story" and 'Bye Bye Birdie,' bringing her U S. show to the London Palladium (May 30). her first London appearance in 6 years.. Judas Priest signed eiclusnely to CBS and the groups first U K. at bumis -SmAfterSin" Bil Smith, vice presi dent of CBS operations in distaba. in London London" soundtrack. WEA Frati c aiso claims responsibility for breaking Manhattan Transfers 'Chanson D'Amour' single. which went on try become a top seller throughout Europe. George Harrison's promo tour helped boost this artist's record sales in Germany. according to WEA representatives there. who also report strong sales for Al Jarreau, the George Baker Selection, Shaun Cassidy. Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac and local artist Juergen Drews. In South Africa, Jimmy Cliff continua to attain gold status with a pair of singles. "Remake The World" and "No Woman No Cry:" and an album "Follow My Mind" contributing heavily to this affiliates 3`< sales increase. Also strong. according to WEA. are Cerrone, the Bellamy Brothers. Rod Stewart and George Harrison. Rounding out the WEA International picture, New Zealand reports sales benefits resulting from concert appearances by Rod Stewart. Other top sellers include Fleetwood Mac. Queen and the Eagles. Threshold Stays As Catalog Label LONDON -Threshold Records. the label owned by the Moody Blues and set up by them seven years ago as an outlet for the group's own product. is to continue as a Decca catalog label. The windup of the company as an active force follows the imminent departure of Gem. Hoff. Threshord president. for the US. Threshold has represented Moody Blues group product as well as individual LPs by the members. But other names. including Trapeze and Nicky James. have appeared on the label. Included among the eight platinum Moody Blues albums staying with Threshold are "To Our Children's Children." "A Question Of Balance," "Every Good Boy Deserves Favor" and "Seventh Sojourn"The Blue Jays album (featuring Justin Hayward and John Lodge) stays. as do solo albums from Ray Thomas ("From Mighty Oaks And Hopes ") and Graeme Edge ( "Kick Off Your Muddy Boot"). Threshold is the second "superstar' -owned label to fade in recent weeks. The previous casualty was Manticore. the outfit set up by Emerson, Lake & Palmer. to is Maurice Oberstein. (BS - ducat, ano the local staff tats Satnl boss Henry Hadaway has signed a li tensing deal for the U K with newly formed spe ciahst label Redwood Records, run by pop Puri nahst Gorham Wood... It took months of negotiation for Terry Slater, creative director of EMI Music Publishing here to sign a r publishing deal with Australian based Little Riser Band. Van Morrison in for what turned out to be a low - prdile flying visit to promote his new album longterm deal between Jeffrey Krotee d Ember and Steven Metz of Bareback Records of New Yak for Ember representation in the UA. and other European terntones. with a last release on R.B. Greases' What Watching My (Continued on page 70)

110 COME TO IMIC '77 AND {I fkl SIR IOHN READ EHI. WC '77 eer^oie COEN SOILEYELD Pdrlrom NESUHIERTEGUN KAKI Sponsored by: Billboard/ Music Week /Music Labo THE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC INDUSTRY CONFERENCE - THE SUMMIT MEETING OF THE INDUSTRY THE AGENDA May pm Registration GEOFFREY BRIDGE Rrtw Pr000pt vaustrr loel FRIEDMAN KEA MIKE STEWART MerreorY Yusx 6' Cocktail Reception May 6 9 am-0 am SIR JOHN READ, EMI, Keynote Speaker 0 5-:30 "The Presidents Panel" COEN SOLLEVELD Polygram, Chairman Panelists KEN GLANCY. RCA: PETER GALLO, MISA WATANABE, Watanabe Music. GUIDO RIGNANO, G Ricordi: IRWIN STEINBERG Polygram, GEORGE STRUM. Quality Records. MONTY LEUFTNER, Arcola SEYMOUR HELLER Amenun Varlet, Inter. IYtMMI SEYMOUR STEIN Sou Pessport Records AL COURY eso Retords AL CIANCIMIND SESAC 45- pm 5-2: pm "Anti- piracy: Mission Impossible?" STEPHEN STEWART, IFPI; Chairman Panelists JOY GOLDSMITH, IFPI: JULES YARNELL. RIAA: GEOFFREY BRIDGE, British Phonographic Industry Association, GUIDO RIGNANO. Ricordi Luncheon "Our Next 00 Years -Stability, Senility, or Fertility?" STAN GORT!KOV, RIAA. Speaker Concurrent Sessions () "The Career -Building Battle: Label vs. Artist Management" ARTIE MOGULL, United Artists, Chairman Panelists. JEFF WALD, Manager. DON ARDEN Manager: STEVE GOLD, Manager (2) "Publishing Today" MIKE STEWART. Interworld Music, Chairman Panelists: LESTER SILLS, Screen Gems: STIG AN- DERSON. Sweden Music: ROLAND KLUGER. Roland Kluger Music, RON WHITE. EMI: GIUSEPPE RICCI, Edizioni Curci May 8: 9 am "The U.S. Record Business, A Changing Scene" BRUCE LUNDVALL, CBS Records, Chairman Panelists JOEL FRIEDMAN, WEA: HAROLD LIPSIUS. Records Concurrent Sessions () "Evolution in Retailing" SAM SNIDERMAN. Sam the Record Man, Chairman Panelist: IAN MILES, Warwick Records: BOB EDGERTON, Woolworth's, U.K. (2) "Technological Innovations" HARVEY SCHEIN. Sony, Chairman Panelists: JACK FINDLATER, MCA Disco- Vision: BILL ZEISS. Philips, HAL HAYTIN. Telecor, DON McLEAN, Emison LESLIE HILL EMI Pea. te+...,,,,...,,.._-- E -ening May 7 9 am -030 '9 45-2:5 < 5-4 pm IFPI- hosted Cocktail Reception "The International Marketplace" NESUHI ERTEGUN WEA, Chairman Panelists. KEN EAST. Motown: DAVE HUBERT, ABM: STEVE DIENER, ABC: PIET SCHELLEVIS, Phonogram Concurrent Sessions () "Lawyers- Makers or Breakers of Deals?" FREDERIC N GAINES. Esq Chairman Panelists BERNARD SOLOMON Esq ALLEN GRUBMAN, Esq ROBERT STUYT Phonogram (2) "Marketing 8 Promotion. Country by Country" GERRY DORD, RCA. U K., Chairman Panelists- ROBERT MERCER, EMI: PIERRE GOE- MAERE, Inelco SIGFRIED LOCH. WEA "The U.S. Copyright Act 8 Worldwide Implications" MICHAEL FREEGARD British Performing Rights Society. Chairman Panelists: AL CIANCIMINO, SESAC: LEONARD FEIST. NMPA pm Concurrent Sessions () "Ethics and the Image of the Industry" DENIS COMPER, IFPI, Chairman Panelists CHRIS WRIGHT, Chrysalis. LESLIE HILL EMI SEYMOUR STEIN. Sire /Passport "Nairobi Resolution" DENIS COMPER, IFPI, Chairman Panelists. HERBERT WINTER, Polygram, LEO BOUDEWIJNS. IFPI 6.30 pm Cocktail Reception Cocktail Reception Hosted by Mountain Recording Studios. Montreux SPECIAL CMA /TROS -TV STAR PRESENTATION AT IMIC '77 IULES YARNELL Rum 5-4 pm Concurrent Sessions () "The U.S. Copyright Act 8 Worldwide Implications" MICHAEL FREEGARD, British Performing Rights Society. Chairman Panelists AL CIANCIMINO. SESAC (2) "The International Breakthrough in Talent" ROEL KRUIZE. Bovema, Chairman Panelists STIG ANDERSON, Sweden Music 8:30-0:30 pm CMA /TROS -TV Country Music Show Courtesy, toe Country Musc Associaton. RCA Records. Epic Records and MCA Records

111 ) CHALLENGE THE INDUSTRY'S MOST BRILLIANT MINDS.. GERRY OORD RCA Records _. ARTIE MOGULL Ur.ted lutists Records JEFF WALD Manages IRWIN STEINBERG Polygram HAL HAYTIN Tekcor PETER GALLO Galle Ltd. MISA WATANABE Watanabe Musa DAVE HUBERT AiM Roads STAN GORTIKOV RIM STIG ANDERSON Sweden kersi DENIS CAMPER IFPI FREDERIC GAINES Entertainment Attorney KEN EAST Motown Records...AND THE FOLLOWING PARTICIPANTS Mtn Mordu, The Finish Group of IFPI Ramey Mes, Motown Recalls Ied. Ahdersal, Broadcast Music Inc. Big Anima. Polar Musc /Sweden Musc Frsldc AIM Cohen i Stemhan Ili Irlee. Manager Sunao Auks. Musc Pub/ Assn Hon Idris Antsuma into Aras, B Palace de A Muses Ta Ramesh, CRT [Operation Mama BckncR, RAM Records lee OW Berl, furaiee College of Music Gown Iergdrrr, Sont Grammolen ImeK Cream Records list Babaeger, N A Eat.. Discoton, UFA Madder Saber, /ado Ans Inc IWO In Hardee, Barowck, Konecky d Braun fntersong Bawl Publahing Croup )r. $.d., Slane Nier, Musc Plis Leo Ndeajes, Dutch Croup of IFPI Godes Benw, tinted Artists Records helb IMn, tinted Mats Musa WWI Bridge, Brdah Phonographe Industry Ltd Pep Breen, Monona Records L Iaalers, WEA Records Holland Realtbwkra4 Ronda Musa London Ltd. lea Co" Cayce Ices Inc Dail gadder, Dahce Music Group Sal Dinka, Meal Musc Nikd LLarril Whdsett Churchli Muse Albert Curycinird, SESAC Inc Sandy Cabe, Rosy Records Michael ComeAad, EMI Malays L Coattdenc. RCA SA lean garant, Warner Bros France Ed De Joy, CRT Corporation Steve Droner, ABC Records John Dunn, Capitol Records BiU DonneRy, 20th Century Records Morton Drawn, Buddah Records Kevin Eade, Ronda Musa London Ken Fut, Motown Records Ernest Farmer, Shawnee Press Leonard Fast. Natural Musa Publishers Assocatgn John Endliter, MCA Dacorsion Inc. Joel Fredmae, WEA Gene Friedman, Manhattan Advertising Enrique Gara, Dscos Columbia Brun Gibbon. Charisma Records P.. Gamme, Ineke Belgium SA Slue Gold. Far 0ul Management toy Coldsmith, IFPI Marc Gordon, Marc Gordon Productions Stanley Gaditan, RIM S. L. G Gottlieb, Polygram Lesure Ltd Lawrence. Gomm, Esq Edward BARRiS, Hansen Publications Inc Kea G.Ucèein, Schlesinger i Guggenheim Dag Haegggeisf, Soviet Crammed. AB Michael Halpern, Double H. Looming Cap Gerhard Helloman., Discos Columba SA Stephen Harper, The Broadway Group Madeline Hawaye& Pre Records Ltd Sdney Herman, famous Music Corp. Leonard Hodes, Chalice Musa Group Yoshihisa Honda. Victor George Handeis,, London Records Inc Dared Hubert. RAM Records Guillermo Infante, RCA SA Stephen lames, Click lames Musa LId. Michael Karnsfedt, Peer Muslvttlag Peter Kisten, Global Musa Group KarRrerna Kkmpbai, Jupiter Records lean Kluger. Eaten: lean Kluger Round Voter, Roland Kluger Mrses PIA S Kurrot, Ldesong Records Inc. Maxi LAthower, Casablanca Records A Eimasts Larry Lorene, Arcade Records Ltd. Hera Levine, IRLA Michael Ley, Mahal Records Ltd. Harold Lpsius, Universal Distributing Ylk. lobe Lease, Warne Bros Frana Joe little, AdM Records Matthew Maas, RPM Graf/ Robert Melier, Robert Mel. Lid Lee Mendell, lee Mendell Ltd. Ian Miles, Multiple Spund Distributors Hy Munk, Ray Records LAST 0 DAYS TO REGISTER! r Complete this registration form and mail to your representative. (SEE RIGHT). Please register me for IMIC '77 in Amsterdam. May I am enclosing a check or money order in the amount of: 5400 (E222) D S50 ( 83) Spouse registration NAME COMPANY HOME ADDRESS PHONE NOTE REGISTRATION FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE HOTEL OR AIRFARE COSTS I wish to charge my registration on D Master Charge (Bank number D Diner's Club CARD NUMBER EXPIRATION DATE SIGNATURE HOTEL: BHlboard will make all hotel reservations. Please indicate the following and confirmation will be sent to you ARRIVAL DATE ACCOMMODATIONS REQUIRED: Single -- Circle price range desired* Singles $46 $48 $50 $55 Deluxe Singles $60 $65 $70 Twins $65 $70 $75 $80 Suites S $90 Twin DEPARTURE DATE Suite Anie Meg., tinted Artists Records Anders Moron, Polar Music AB /Sweden Musk AB Esteban Recesses, Zaino SA S. A. Mortimer, Barn Publishing Dann Moss, Dann Moss Associates Tau Nagashima, Taryo Musa Joachim Nadeau, Segel Misa Comparses Deed O'Connell, PCAwaA International Robert Oates, I P G Trance Mesa.. Oshima, Vela Ca Donald Passman, Cang, Typse d Brawn Peter Pasternak. 20h Century Records Brigitte Peschaa, WEA European Coordinating Ins. Edward Pastas, RCA ltd Bruce Ramer, Gang, Tyre d Brown Gneeppe Ric, [diem Cura RisS Ratak a, Broadcast Musa Inc Peul Rah, Carlin Musa Guido Rigano, G. Rxordr Tavy Roberts, Chappell R Co ltd Stanley Robiras, EMI Belpum Piel Rose, WEA International Osmo Ruuskaan, Oy Ennkvy AB John E. Scale, Alpha II Management Harvey Stein, Sony Capseation PA SUelkvs, Phonogram Wins Delude. /data foodsc Bendel 8 V Hartmut SAci es, kola Germany Al Schlesinger, Schlesnger d Guggenheim D American Express _. BackA.menr-ard SAM SNIDERMAN San The Revd Man... Harold This covers all hotels with representative prices in each. NOTE. Should rooms no longer be i available in price range you have selected. next nearest price will be secured. Prices may vary E Slightly due to variations in exchange rate at the time of reservation. U.K. currency exchange rate of.80 I No refunds on cancellations after May f STEVE DIENER ABC Recorda Intl Seder, United Wests Musa A Records Croup Bran M. Shepherd, Capitol Records Ralph Siegel. Segel Musa Companies Lester SR, Sueen Gems.EMI Music Inc Edward Slattery, Umled MWs Music Owen I. Lorne, Attorney Bernard Solomon, Attorney Mervyn Samoa. Emerald Records Ltd Marcel Stelmae, Decca Record Company Irwin Steinberg. Phonogram Inc. Michael Stewart, United Artists Musc Pub/ Group Robert Stett, Phonogram Robin Taylor, Pye Records Ltd. Kenneth Tlnrx, Delta Revd Company limned Samuel S. Terril, APR Musc Cap Larry Uttal, Private Stock Records Ray Walter, United Mals Music Ltd William O. Warren, W D Warren Ceeoparry KG Mal Watanabe, Watanabe Musa Robed Wens, Cream Records John Era Weds. Oy Tinnier/ AB R W. WMe, EMI Muse Publishing Ltd. Paul Paulsen, Whet! Churchill Musa Anton Kt amp, Arida Eurodcc Beneiva Walter Wyda, Pee Records Ltd Iule Yarnell, RIM Bill Zeiss, Phioips Eduardo Baptista, Discos Masart Mucus Bkned, RAM Records Tam ScoWls, GRT Henry Bushkin, Bushkin, Kopehon, Gams d Games M Cowry, RSO Records less Fogelman, Musa Plus Fred Gaines, Bishlow Kopelson. Gems d Games Allen Grubman, Grubman d IMursky Hal Haylm, telecor WA Heaney, Amusement Business Lew Honda, EM Los Angeles Rank Chuck Kaye, Ronda Musc Evan Medow, Ronda Musc Albert Meer, Record Sack Robert Mush, Bill Ralph Peer, Peer Southern Frank Segura, Daces Misait Brad Same George Sloth. Quayle Records lacs Vermeer, Quality Recce& le Welder, Cal EUROPE & UK REGISTRATIONS: Helen Boyd MUSIC WEEK 7 Carnaby Street London WIV,IPG ENGLAND Phone: (0) Telex: FAR EAST REGISTRATIONS: Alex Abramoff MUSIC LABO Dempa Building. Bekkan 8F - -2 Higashi -Gotanda Shinagawa -ku, Tokyo JAPAN Phone: ALL OTHERS: Diane Kirkland BILLBOARD 9000 Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, California U.S.A. Phone: 23/ Telex:

112 III- 7. International Ilnternationol Turntable] Canada MORE ROYALTIES FOR CANADA Brian I hall has been appointed to the newly created punition of head of international at RCA, U.K. His present job as export manager has been expanded to take in overseas licensing and promotion of U.K. product abroad and he is to appoint an assistant in all these areas. Hisappoinlmcnt means he relinquishes his caretaker role co, ering domestic sales. and Tom Murphy. who joined RCA from EMI at the end of last year as sales manager. has been promoted to become head of U.K. sales. Both Hall and Murphy report to Gerry Oord. managing director. Jack Wood has joined RCA's marketing department as head of creative services. from a similar job at Phonogram. and will be responsible for all sleeve origination. print buying. creative material and in -store displays. Tom McDonnell is named mar- Aves Label Hits Big In First Year HAMBURG -The first year of trading by the Aces record label here has produced a consistent run of success for founders Horst Schmolzi and Rudi Slezak. The company's pop artist Roger Whittaker has sold more than a million albums. received six silver and one gold awards. und completed a sellout three -month tour of Germany. Austria and Switzerland. He has been voted top male singer of by the German trade papers. Citarly m Niessen has completed J production on a first album by German actor Use Friderichsen. The company has produced a single by Japan's top artist Kenji Sawada, soon out via Polydor. Producer Pete Belotte is currently recording Mars- sha Hunt for an Ayes album. and "e Clive Westlake's debut album for 2 the label is due out in May. The publishing side has opened a Munich office and set up its own operation in Austria as Danubius Musikverlag. Latest foreign catalog acquisitions include ABC /Dunhill (U.S.). and U.K. companies John Carter Music. Terry Noon Music, Preston /Stevens Music. Paragon Music and a long -term partnership with Andrew Heath :lusic. Strike By Printers Hits Danish Industry COPENHAGEN - With only three daily newspapers on the streets because of a printers strike. the record industry here. along with concert promoters. is being seriously affected. The biggest publishing house Berlingske. with large- circulation papers Berlingske Tidende and B.T.. and the weekly Billed Bladet. has not had papers on sale since Feb. I. and more recently most of the other daily and weekly publications have been -hit. Promoters are having a hard time publicizing events, and ICO's concerts with Black Sabbath and AC/ DC, and the national tour of Slade, were poorly attended. The one promotional avenue open was a poster campaign through the city of Copenhagen. Also affected badly was the SBA -promoted concert with Uriah 'Jeep and the DKB -sponsored show with Suai Quatro. The record industry is also hit hecause of a lack of promotional activity for new product. There is a prospect that the strikes may end around mid -May. hut that is merely conjecture. keting director of Power Exchange Records here, having previously been with Record Merchandisers as divisional director, sales and marketing. He will handle marketing al the company's substantially enlarged catalog, including coordination of special campaigns. The first. showcasing Paul Mauriac. has already been initiated. Ray Cooper has been appointed international manager of Transat. lantic Records. replacing Mike Watts, now with Sand. Cooper way previously sales manager and that post is Peter Misson. from livid sales manager. Malcolm Fisher rejoins Transatlantic in London after two years, having previously been with Galaxy and United Artists. as head of promotion, responsible for radio and tv promotion in the London area. He will also oversee the regional promotions team. He replaces Colin Ricardo. who has left the firm. Ian Wright has been appointed manager of the Reader's Digest music division. replacing David Britten who leaves to become U.K. managing director of Yves Rocher- the French cosmetic group. Wright joined Digest in 969 from EMI's market research department. Roger Bell and Tommy Sanderson have joined Chrysalis Music in London as professional managers. The former was previously with Mervyn Conn. the latter with Private Stock. Both will be jointly responsible for exploitation and promotion of the catalog. Andy Jackson has joined Chrysalis as copyright and administration manager. He was previously with April Music and DJM. Jane Gibbjoins as copyright assistant. Lou Solomon has been made sales representative for Lismor Recordings. Previously with Pyc, he is to cover London and the south. Bill Kennedy, previously manager of the Rainbow Theatre. has been appointed director of promotion and production at the Music Machine. London's latest rock music venue. Prior to his Rainbow spell, he was manager of the New Victoria Theatre in London. Bob Nolan. formerly marketing services coordinator at Phonogram. becomes product manager. replacing Allan Cowderoy, who recently wok up an in -house a &r manager's job in the London headquarters. Nolan's artist roster includes like. Steve Miller, Thin Lizzy and Status Quo, His previous post as been filled by Rod Allen. formerly new release coordinator at Phonogram. John Pattrick, general manager. classical repertoire and marketing division, EMI Records Ltd., has been elected to the board of Music For Pleasure here. Roger Stubbs. manager of business planning for EMI Records, is now on the hoard of EMI Record Shops Ltd. Screen Gems In U.K. Promotion LONDON- Johnny Cash. Carole King and Neil Sedaka will benefit front a heavy promotion campaign to be launched here 'soon by screen Gems -EMI Music Ltd. in connection with forthcoming LPs by those artists containing tunes owned or administered by Screen Gems. Polydor is set to rush release a lis double LP of Sedaka's Palladium concert here in May. A special LP of Carole King's tunes is coming from BBC Records and Cash's "The Last Gunfighter Ballad" LP on Columbia will he part of the push. Screen Gems -EMI represent.s his catalog in the U.K. Study Seeks C'right Revisions OTTAWA -A paper containing proposals for a revision of the copyright laws in Canada has been prepared by A.A. Keyes and C. Brunet for the Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs in Canada. The paper was prepared for the Bureau of Intellectual Property and completed after extensive consultation with the public and private sec - tots, and after the consideration of a number of briefs presented to the department. It is only u proposal for copyright revision, and was prepared with the hope that it would elicit discussion and further suggestions on copyright before a draft law is actually drawn up. Keyes and Brunet prefaced their report by stating that "in 97 thc estimated contribution for the copyright industries to the gross domestic product was 5.7 billion. Any change in copyright protection could have dramatic effects on the welfare of those industries. Such a change could easily come about by mere failure to revise the law to keep up with new demands arising from technological and social progress. If only for the latter reason, it is safe to say that more than 50 years after the Canadian Copyright Act was adopted. the time has come for a fresh look at copyright. its rationale. purposes. and the extent of protection" The paper. which is divided into four parts. deals with the basic reasons for change in the copyright law, as well as an emphasis on ways in which a greater amount of royalties generated in Canada can stay in the country. The major conclusion is that Canada should continue its current level of international participation with respect to the Berne Convention and the Universal Copyright Convention, but there should be some thought to providing a way by which more royalties generated in this county could remain here. The paper concludes that in this regard it would not be in Canada's interest to accede to later texts of the international copyright conventions, Bs \ AR I IN MI'.l,Hl.IStt which impose greater obligation. resulting in an even greater outflow of royalties. The main issues for revision of the copyright law have been identified as: The confrontation between those seeking increased and longer protection. and those who wish to have less protection and easier access to copyrighted material. The effects of technology and social change which have new uses for copyright works ur. demands for new rights. for t, stance: cablevision, computer s age and retrieval. public len right. performers rights. The extent to which it wit necessary for the govern men regulate and control the exerci copyright in order to reach an table balance among conflictin!crests. Supertramp Nears Statu As Top Concert Rock Ac TORONTO -With its A &M album "Even In The Quietest Moments" getting increased airplay on North American FM stations, Supertramp is going after a record in this country as the top concert gross rock act, In ils initial six western Canada concert dates for promoter David Horodezky through Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg (two dates at the Arena). Lethbridge. Edmonton and Calgary. the band grossed close to And the band still has to play such major markets as Vancouver. Toronto and Montreal. as well as a number of other smaller cities. An unprecedented two nights at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens and the Montreal Forum are in the planning stages for the end of June with the distinct possibility of even a third night in Montreal. plication when Roger Hodgson, one of the band's lead vocalists, came down with a cold prior to the Edmonton date before a sold -out crowd of 2,000 at the Coliseum. The show went on as planned but in the early part of the concert, Hodgson's voice gave out and the band was forced to change its standard show in order to utilize only material sung by the band's founding member Rick Davies. Ina surprise move, the band announced from the stage that it would give a free show at a later date in Ed- monwn for those in that night's dience. The crowd was asked to k ticket stubs and come hack to see di show "as it was supposed to be performed " The following night's concert the Corral in Calgary was cancel to and it was later announced that Ir. Edmonton and Calgary dates weu be rescheduled for the middle July. It is estimated that it will u. - the band close to to return Edmonton to perform a free concert After the cancellations Hodgson: Davies. who had also come down with the same virus: and band manager Dave Margereson stayed in Edmonton for a day to get medical advice on the epidemic while the cren and the rest of the band flew on to Calgary. In Canada Supertramp has to on supergroup status. Sales of of its two albums, "Crime Of What C have reached double plait status. The current LP. "Es en In Quietest Moments." was ship gold by A &M in Canada. Though no single has been nounced from the new LP. McKnight at OKLG in Vancu has been programming the uncd version of "Give A Little Bit" du the day to such excellent audi reaction that the album cut ent that station's chart at 3. "Even In the Quietest biome' debuted on the Billboard LP cha 97 with a star in the U.S. From The Music Capitols Of The World_ Continued from page 67 Baby." New general manager of Magnet Rec yids here is lain MiNay, recently with Aiuta. who is to control all administration. reporting to Michael Levy, managing director. and Grant Geodchild lakes over as general manager of the Magnet group publishing Interests. Tavares in tor the groups first headlining few of the U K OR group Smokie has seen its' Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone" follow Living Nett Door To Alice" to number. one in the German than, giving the band top spot for I I weeks out of three months. topping even Abba's recent achievements Sonel here on big campaign to push sales on the 'Giants 0 taut' album senes Former Stockhausen student and ea- leader of U it electronic group (ntermodulalion, Tin Easter, has signed with Transatlantic with a debut album called 'Suit Dome".. 'Lonely a musical featuring the music of Lionel Bart now back in business in a big way alter a spell of bankruptcy opens soon in the West End. Ac tor Albeit Finney in Liverpool concert to give early push to his lint Motown album with his own lyrics and Dennis King's muse. likely winners of BPI Jubilee Awards here in- clude "Sgt Pepper" as best U.K album and "Bridge Over Troubled Water," by Simon and Garlunkel as top international lp.. Don Ev- erly, visiting on promotional trip, says he plans to settle m London as tern July. Serres of extra- length singles based on suc cesslul BEC- children's cartoon characters "The Mater Men,' with seven minutes' Planing time a side. out through BBC Records. with dealer in Invest already very high, lolloweg sales of asso elated books having touched nearly million New agency and management company spe cialumg m heavy rock has emerged following the acquisition of the Good Earth agency by NEMS, headed by Paul King and called Outlaw Artists. Plaste Fantastic, set up by Paul Rod- riguee and John Rush as new record outlet. has signed Eddie Thornton, longtime trumpet player with Georgie Fame, as solo artist Thornton cur rently lours with Bonny M. Golf prilessionals involved m the record in duslry's first proam tournament, run by Phono gram here. included Neil Coles, Eanonn Darcy, David Chillas, Brian HuggeH, Nick Faldo, Nick lob and Peter Butler. Radio campaign plus dealer displays la Roger Worreker's new double album "Live In Concert.".. Son. named Sonny, for David Esses and his wife Mau. rem... Big RCA party to launch first Mud single 'Slow Talking Boy." on the label OSLO Alter 50 years of planning and at a PETER JONES cost of around 535 million. the Oslo concert hall has opened to general acclaim Ior ils acoustes in terms of classical concerts. But the par concert in the opening week was a big disappointment. it being hard to hear certain instruments. sri pop shows by Swedish singer Wnesiik and ne. group Aka were also disappointing pearly the hall suits acoustic instruments rather than am phlied ones Coming in for concert hall dates are Oscar Peterson, Joe Pass and Shirley Maclaine. Singer Alexandra Sanity, who is known just as Al. with her group. working on a 45.minute German be program Ior May Wenche Myhre, big Norwegian record seller. has been dun; mere shows in Germany Than in Norway of late Metronome promoting the "Portrait 0 Sr navra" double album and also pushing Emmyla Barris" C'est ta Vie," tying in with her ws4 here The Royal Garden Jazzband, Iron Drammen. o Norway's representative in New Odeans this year and before Paving it took pan in a minrlestwal m Drammen and a trod concert in Oslo to collect lunds for the U.S trip Karin Krug has become very popular in Japan and has also included the Indian tan scene on a recent lour... Appearing ar the hangsberg lait Festival (tune 29 July Al are Ahmad latin, Maynand Ferguson, the Ted Curzon Septet. Ursui Dudziak, Michael Urbaniak and Jan Cutbard with IS -piece orchestra Artists booked In. the Molde Festival (August 6) include Jun Gan Derek, John Abercrombie, Ralph Towner. Dave Holland, Jack DelohnNle, John Sunnite and Al- bert MangelsdorH. RANDI HOLEN (C'onnnaed on page 73,

113 Announcing the recipients of the ri BMI Canada limited C76 CERTECATIES OF HONOUR ES -TU LA VIE COMME MOI? orges Thurston (Billy Clements, Phillip. tchen' ) uscle Shoals Sound Publishing Co. Inc.') Y PICTURES ell Maclver. Frank Phillet elping Hand Music. Manhole Music IFORNIA DREAM Coad oosehead Music. Parche Pants Music CAN'T CATCH ME Bim Great'Songs DEVIL WOMAN Christine Authors (Terry Britten) Canadiana Music DREAM Ken Tablas Abovewarer Publishing. Gloosecap Music Ltd. EARLY RISER ic Robertson e Slogan Music LI BIT OF LOVE e Tablas bewarer Publishing. Gloosecap Music ' BETTER n Beattie, Dan Lowe, Wayne Morice m Music Company N' KINDA LUCKY TONIGHT Materick Vallee Music Limited, Far Music E A LITTLE LOVE en Tobias bovewarer Publishing. Gloosecap Music td. HOLD ME, TOUCH ME Warren Barbour, William Gauvreau Manitou Music (A Division of MCA Canada Ltd.) HOLLY Terry Jacks Gone Fishin'Music Limited I NEED A HARBOUR FOR MY SOUL Tom Middleton Blackwood Music (Canada) Lrd., Down the Middle Music JE T'AIME Jean Robitailie Raymond Paquin Editeur LANDSCAPES Valdy Irving Music of Canada Lrd.. Klavic Music LOIN LOIN DE LA VILLE Georges Thurston (Muscle Shoals Sound Publishing Co. Inc ) LOOKIN' OUT FOR e I Randy Bachman Raubach Music LOVING YOU FROM A DISTANCE David Johnson The Mercey Brothers Publishing Company. Troika Publishing NORTHBOUND PLANE Ray Materick Don Valley Music Limited, Fat Music OLD LOVES NEVER DIE Terry Carisse, Bruce Rawlins The Mercey Brothers Publishing Company OLD TIME MOVIE Rayburn Blake Cancon Music ONE WAY TICKET TO A LADY Jerry Palmer D & L Music Publications ON THE ROAD Dick Damron Beechwood Music of Canada. Sparwood Music PAPER ROSIE Dallas Harms Doubleplay Music of Canada. Quality Music Publishing Limited PETER AND LOU Craig Wood Oceanides Music. Papa Bear Publications ROSANNE Burton Cummings. Domenic Troiano Cirrus Music ROXANNE Peter Foldy Beechwood Music of Canada, Bondi Music ROXY ROLLER Nick Gilder, Jim McCulloch (Robbins Music Corp. Ltd. ) RUDE AWAKENING Bruce Miller Irving Music of Canada Lrd SAIS -TU POURQUOI? Tony Green Cicada Music Publishing SAMEDI SOIR Gilles \'aliquette Les Editions Gilles raliquerre SEEMS LIKE I CAN'T LIVE WITH YOU BUT i CAN'T LiVE WITH- OUT YOU Burton Cummings, Domenic Troiano Cima Music SILVER BIRD Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings Cirrus Music SI UN JOUR TU VIENS CHEZ MOI Main Besserte, Daniel Champagne Les Editions Karma Publications SO GLAD YOU'RE A WOMAN Ron Demmans. Ray Dorritt (AcuffRose Publications Inc.") SUMMER LOVE Craig Ruhnke Cranky Tunes, Unart Music (Canada) Li TAKE IT LIKE A MAN Blair Thornton, Fred Turner Ranhach Music TONIGHT WiTH LOVE Carroll Baker, Don Grashey D& L Music Publications TONITE IS A WONDERFUL TIME TO FALL in LOVE Myles Goodwyn Slalom Publishing Co. TWO FOR THE SHOW Ra McGuire Little Legend Music VIVRE EN AMOUR Roger Magnan Les Editions Téta et Teo Enrg. WHAT THE HELL I GOT Michel Pagliaro, Billy Workman Lapapala Music WHERE'S THE REASON Barry Authors (Terry Britten) Canadiana Music YES i CAN Bob Ruzicka Lions Gate Music Ltd. ' Affiliate Broadcast Music. Inc. Member The Performing Right Society Limited, Lngl Wm. HAROLD MOON AWARD presented to HAGOOD HARDY Presented during BMIC'S Ninth Annual Awards Dinner marking thirty years of active service to Canadian music creators and users. Our congratulations to these affiliated writers, composers and publishers for their outstanding contributions to Canadian music. BMI CANADA LIMITED BM I Serving the creators and users of music since 940 A CANADA 200 University Ave Suite 40 Montreal. P.Q. H3A 2A6 (54) Valleybraak Drive Don Mills. Ontano M3B 2S6 ( t462 West Penner Street Vancouver, El V6G 2S2 ( t

114 U.S. Latin Lairi Marketing Structure May Be Revolutionized É C onrrnued from page I American market with the advent or large retail chains. The first, of the stores known as Discotiendas Fiesta. located at 4 S. Broadway here in the downtown commercial district. will be followed in approximately 60 days by a second store in Huntington Park. A third is planned for the San Fernando area soon thereafter. according to Jose Carrasco. a chain executrve. And though some observers arc skeptical of ambitious future projections. it is significant an itself that management is talking in terms of a possible 20 stores in this area. with sec thought possible by the end of this year. But whether or not the new operation can successfully imitate the retail chain structure of the American market. the very presence of the first store is attracting attention and stir - ring controversy. While the 4.5 square foot Broadway location was still being set up for an opening late in the week. managers from some small record shops on the street were poking around in nervous curiosits SpeciISUI In the nteanume. label executive were arguing among themselves as to how to deal with the new force that has arrived with powerful and professional hacking from Mexico. The concern of local retailers is obvious. Not one is prepared to take on a fair battle with a welliinanced retail operation. Thus. they sec the writing on the wall. And those with enough experience to know cannot resist the anal - ogy to the demise of the mom-andpop shops in the American field. Latin record retailing on the whole has been at least a decade behind the American industry. Most shops arc of the mom-and-pop variety. Most operate with little capital and no use of modem merchandising techniques. The bigger shots that do exist are usually components of larger businesses which encompass a one -slop and label. In these cases. of course. the record line and distributorship take precedence over the retail operation. By contrast. Discotiendas Fiesta is establishing itself here with the powerful hacking of Organization Crewe. the parent company of a 46- Billboard SPECIAL SURVEY For Week Ending I'Ho Ili Latin Coploght,977. Mliboard oubecatana. IM No oars of Inm pudicatan mar be ewodnsrn rimed rn a rooms. sevens. or IranamnaM, n arre toma by arty meona. aoclnnn:, maehanrjl. phaocoprr, ncora, ce motets wthout. war worsen paint. or toy winner SAN ANTONIO (Pop) O. Reek Thu -An at. Label u Nareber (Dutnbutme LabO) JUAN GABRIEL Con Hearn, ;r LOS CADETES DE LINARES U a Laguna Y Un Recueros. game. 02 LUCHA VILLA NO Me Del. Nuera. Menu Mosart 705 MANOLOMUNOZ LlananAe. Gas 453 AMAUA MENDOZA Con Mooch. Gas 45 TONY DE LA ROSA oa'.cirr r eddie 048 LOS CADETES DE LINARES On A.r,S, Raines 003 NELSON NED La Mapa De Nelson Ned. Weil Sde 4076 RIGOTOVAR El Tnuntador Internmmnal. Novatos 3P. VICENTEFERNANDEZ A Tu Salud. Gaytimos 464 THE BROWN EXPRESS La Maouma 50. Farsa 542 LOSBABYS Morn Coto, Peerless 939 AUGUSTINERAMIREZ Dames. Fred. 047 YOLANDA DEL RIO _e.a Dona De La Canaan Ranchrra. t _a,o?337 EYDIEGORME La Came Cala VICENTE FERNANDEZ El H, Del Pueblo Caytroma 44 LOSTERRICOLAS Lm Teruttn Sn Mexico. Dhcolando 8240 RENACIMIENTO 74 Va indo. Ramer 009 RICARDO CERRATTO Me Bray Acmtumbnedo A fi Late entera) mal 5042 ROBERTO CARLOS En Espina Caruonw 487 JIMMYEDWARDS Sob, GC 28 ANGELICA MARIA Con M.30, Pronto 09 FLORSILVESTRE 4 Baiwta My. 692 LOS FELINOS Los Ethan. lloran 0 SESTO Memorias Pronto 02 WEST COAST (Salsa) On Week FFTLE -Attest label a Number IDeunbutmr IateO ORQUESTA BROADWAY Pasaporte Coco 26 WILLIE COLON /RUBEN BLADES Metersdi Maro iena 500 CELIA/JOHNNY /JUSTO /PAPO Recordando El Ayer. Vaya 52 EDDIEPALMIERI Eddn Palmieri Gad coco 33 BOBBY RODRIGUEZ Y LA COMPANIA Salsa At Woodstock vaya 58 JOHNNY PACHECO El Maestro. Fina 85 RAPHY LEAVITT Y LA SELECTA De henit A La Vida. Batman 3: PETE CONDE Este Negro Si Es Sabroso. Fana 489 OSCAR DE LEON Con &p Y Iodo. Ile 207 EDDIEPALMIERI Untenhed Masterpiece Cao 20 LIBRE Con Salsa Con Ritmo. Vol I. Sattel7 av409 ROBERTO ROENA lucky 7, Intesnataal 907 THE FANIA ALL STARS Tubule To TIM Rodreputo Fano 493 VARIOUSARTISTS levy Masotti Presents Salsa Great. On I. fano 495 DIMENSION LATINA Onneni rn lapa 7, H 2008 RALFI PAGAN With love/con Amor. fina 39; HECTOR LAVOE Or O Depende. Faite 492 LARRY HARLOW /ISMAEL MIRANDA Can M, Viepam)O. fend 493 CREO FELICIANO The Sneer, Vaya 48 ORCHESTRA HARLOW El ladro Maraullmo. fama 490 TITO ALLEN Orb, Y onccdo. Alegre ORQUESTA NOVEL Saturn anti. Fano 97 CELIA CRUZ /JOHNNY PACHECO Remando Cache. Yaya 37 RICARDO RA //BOBBY CRUZ 4,c nsirucoon, taya 57 RAY BARRETT pmaiow Barrette We. AUanIrSD2-509 store retail chain said to be one 0 the largest in Mexico. The Mexican shops -40 of which are in Mexico City -go by the name Discotiendas Cretze. And if the first U.S. store is any indication. the shops here will be ultra-modern and fully -stocked. patterned after the style of chains like Tower or Wherehouse. selling high volumes of record /tape product along with a full line of music accessories. Initial measures of the strength of the Mexican retailer do not scent to be overblown. Jose Carrasco. named president of the US. operation that was granted California incorporation status April 5. provides some history: The chain in Mexico was born when an attorney named Jose Luis Zambrano. the firm's chief share - holder. inherited a small record retail shop as part of a bankruptcy case. That shop -with its choice location at an entrance to Mexico s massive subway system -set the prototype for the chain's growth. Within a few years, Carrasco explains. there were 40 stores in Mexico City, 32 of them at subway entrances. A third pawner, Marco Frontana. is general manager of the chain in Mexico. Edmundo Pedrosa. L.A. branch manager of Mexico's well -known GAS label. attests to the retailer's strength. He claims his firm in Mexico has in the past filled orders of up to pesos from the chain. and had no problem at all with collie - uon:' The most distinctive feature of the new operation is its method of doing business which attempts to duplicate the Mexican marketing structure here. In Mexico. most retail shops buy direct from manufacturers. And since the middle man is of little significance. there is only one price known as the "factory price." Carrasco says all but one of the major Latin labels here base agreed In sell direct to him. The unique buying structure promises to give Discotiendas Fiesta a unique advantage in the market here. But since distributors are being bypassed, this will open a "can of worms" in the area of pricing. as one label executive puts it. Carrasco states he is looking for a pricing advantage from manufacturers by virtue of his high volume acquisitions. But some distributors are screaming foul. They claim that some labels are dealing unfairly by offering product to the new chain at less than what they sell to other retailers. While Carrasco confirms that he has gained a distinct pricing advan- tage with certain manufacturers. others have held ferny to their policy of protecting the distributor, States Pepe Garcia. Latin International's chief executive: "If they want to buy from us at the price we oller to other retailers, then we wall sell., But I cannot be disloyal to the hundreds of accounts that have been buying from me for 3 years. and I will not give anyone the weapon of price advantage so that they can destroy competitors who are also my customers.' Discos Latin International, the only major label here which also opemirs a combined one -stop /retail operation. has refused to sell to the Mexican entrepreneurs. Garcia says his firni would not extend credit to the new chain thought (Continued on page 7.7) NEW DIMENSION -El Gran Combo vocalists Mrke Ramos (left) and Chart!I Aponte (center) seem to be waving farewell to the group's long -time leaf singer Andy Montanez who is taking a leap into another phase of his career. Montanez has signed a two -year contract with Venezuela's up and coming Dimension Latina. Dimension is distributed in the U.S. by TH Records el Miami.. LOS ANGELES Buie Wow, longtime chief executive ul 0 teals U.S operation. has announced his rest; natron from the firm Venzor says he will be off to Arizona to set up an independent pr04uctron7 prompt n firm Meccas mighty ranchero vocalist Vicente Fernando Caytron,ts) is sited to appear in May at the Million Dollar Theatre in conlunctron to Muerte De with the release of ha new LP Un Gallen Meanwhile. ors colleague Fetpe ArriaRa (also CaytlonrCS) was on a promotional roil 0 Calmer 'nth ho labels TA promotion man Tony Cortez Aller taking Amaze around to Fed Mart storm for autograph signing sessions. Cortez was instructed by boss Joe Ramirea to hop across the border to do a comparative pnce study of product on the Meraan sade. Ramirez says the top was designed in part to counteract the enrol of the peso devaluation which has /wen Mecean product a decided ad vantage Also helping in the battle a a $2.79 re tad once on promotional LPs Still. that cant beat the Mexican levels Ramirez says Caytronra executive Stan Cayce carried at reconnaisance missions to retail slaps on a recent Meeren City trip A sample find an RCA Camden record. whrch appears in the U S for 560. Lotin Scene on Canno at $4 98 lal, goes in Meuco On the positive side. Ramirez says. Cayce was 'astonished.' at the potential Mexican market for data product. And the foe's Salsoul label can be expected to take advantage of tin obser vation On ha her s new releases. Ramaez says the hen Gilberto Valenauei LP should be a "block buster." And he expects the Argentine group Katinge to do well in regions north of San lose Musimea VP Eric Dominguez was finally spotted at El Gran Combo dance here Saturday (23). He denies rumors that the tuns is dissoh- mg and vanes it will reopen for business at the end da reorganization eat He was sound. mg however. greatly annoyed and slightly bitter with the industry in general He did say some of his artists are no longer under contract to him, but he was unable to confirm or deny that some Musimer tapes of Las Diablos has been sold to Discolando More than one person has noted the dra mate changes taking place at La Feria Del Disco, a retail shop on Pico. A reorganization of the shop, including attractne merchandising displays. the introduction of some American product. more logically displayed and more ear. ily identified product. has paid off for co-owner and manager Ramiro Alvarez. Since taking over the shop in January. Alvarez says business has boomed. Specifically a 28.25% increase in Saks during this year's first quarter compared to last year's final quarter La Fera's speciahy is salsa which Alvarez has begun to buy direct from Fama. Other stores are slid gang without. The effect of Fany s distribu- tion problem has shown up on This week's salsa chart. Fa the first time once the charts were reosganae4 sit months ago. Fany has given up the lop spot to Coco Records with Orqumta Broadway LP. The appearance d Bice Colon/ Ruben Bides in the second spot effects sales in mitral shroments But that album a no longe aralable. In adddnn, new releases be Riheda Roma. kale Betancourt. Larry Harlow and The Puente are not on the chart because stores here have not reserved the LPs Those same LPs of ready have appeared on the East Coast chart weeks ago Ralph Cartagena d New Yak's Rico Recall nos also seen at the Gran Combo affair It was learned later that Cartagena was reworking da tnbuton arrangements for El Gran Combo rec. orris Hondo Perez d Ammo Records reports he has lost the line which was. surprwngly gnen to Tony Fernandez for datnbubon. Fernandel has been a salsa dance promoter here he put on the Saturday show). but has not been m. robed wrth record dalnbution... Perez pro veered the Gran Combo salsa fine on the We Coast and had contributed much to build an im age and sales for the group. The Gran Combo dance also featured Order era Hard* ndh the groups new vocalist Nestor Sanchez. As is often the case. the powerful mu sic created was distorted painfully by a speaker system. A comral sdelight to the event cheap Everyone knows that Larry Harlow is a salsa bandleader So a We Colon. But all were wondering about the identity of tarry Colon, a name which ap peared on tickets for the Gran CombolHarlow concert Bad copy editing, NEW YORK AGUSTIN GURU Thor year's Newport tau Festmal opens here June 24 with the first of fore bee Snide Brewing Co. sponsored "Satu En La Cabe' (salsa in the street) contins on the city's lazzmobde in Washington Square Park Artists scheduled lo appear are Eddie Palmieri. Hector LaYoe, Bobby Rodriguez Y La Company, Tdo Puente, Madde and Candid among others Mercado Maaageteeet a negotiating for ro carol Ceta Cruz and bandleader Johan Pacheco to do several appearances in the Republic of Mali. Africa. May 6 8 in celebration of that re Public's independence Bobby Rodriguez Y La Company booked into the Playboy Club here April 28. The group is also set ta two college dates May 3 al Montclair Stale College and Stockton State College the lot lowing day. both in New Jersey Pete 'El Conde" Rodriguez touring Puerto Ram Fnday (29) to May 8. Vocalist Hector LaVoe scheduled for a lire week tour of Vent zuela starting May 0 pianist, bandleader Larry Harlow to play Trenton State College in N.J. May 2 Harlow also taped a segment for Gerald Leven i `One Io One' telethon airing here lune Ray Darrello appeared on Don Krshner's Rik Concert March 9 performing from his il est Atlantic LP tomorrow Barretto One" Barrello lust completed producing the latest LP for Glatit Jose Fajardo on Cao Roads to be re leased within a week to coincide with Falardà s upcoming tour which takes him to New Yak Ihm Houston. in mid May and Caracas. Vene meta May I8 to 2 AURORA FLORES

115 writ n leaf Garcia: "We have some very strong product. When they start get - un', demand for it Ihey'II buy from us on our terms." managers e are sticking by their established accounts, others are welcoming the Mexican retailers with open arms. Sentiment often runs against some distributors here for their irresponsible business practices that keep them constantly in debt and have H d While some Zabel rs an given the labels collection head - y' aches (Billboard. Feb ). rr For example. GAS' Edmundo rte ' Pedrosa declare: The Mexican s way of doing business (selling direct retailers) is the best as far as I'm cerned. There are five or six disutors who have had a stran- "hold on the Latin record business California. and three or four of are broke. They don't pay their. but everybody has to deal with m. 'If they all were responsible and orable establishments like Mu- Latina or Guiro. we wouldn't be this mess. But since they are not, can imagine how we got into the to we're in." Pedrosa places great faith in the retailers as a viable force to lye long- standing distributor blems. He also states that distributors on e whole have failed to adequately rk his catalog. That problem, he :r believes. will be substantially alle- : viated if the new chain penetrates a i t the market as planned. With all this in mind. Pedrosa is unapologetic in regards to the pricing issue. -It's obvious that the distributors have not been doing the job as it should be done. So will not allow anyone to impose conditions (on my pricing)." Carrasco for his part is well aware of the power of his presence in the market. Even before opening day. he says. the small television /radio shops along roadway which sell small amounts of record /tape product had begun a price- slashing war. And that despite the fact they push 8- track product for example already at under S2. Carrasco: We are not just another store. We are new blood in the market. And whenever something so distinctive is introduced, it is bound to attect vested interests." And distinctive is the key word in describing the new shop -that has some 4.5 square feet of space and will stock more than LPs. Its., features include: A platform in the rear of the store where recording artists will make promotional appearances about every other week. Besides signing autographs and the rest, the artists will be able to give a shoo performance that will be tarried live on oaxsion via radio station KWKW. Lutin U.S. Latin Market May Be Restructured By Mexicans v Continued from page 72 e concede that the firm's manage - :tent shows "outstanding" credit credentials from Mexico. Garcia says he will wait for the chain to establish credit credentials n the U.S. Carrasco. in turn. says that as a re-.ult of these sorts of problems the hops will not handle the Latin Inemational line. which releases all EMI Latin product in the U.S. But both panics are predicting an eminent resolution. Carrasco: In Mexico. we ran into the same kinds of problems. When the time conies and he realizes we are the strongest retail force in the market well have the line in our store." Small cubicles, similar to telephone booths. equipped with headphones to allow the public an opportunity to sample records. Specially designed display cabinets. made of metal and on rollers. manufactured by the firm itself in Mexico. Miguel Rodriguez. the chain's maintenance manager in Mexico. has been in Los Angeles to set up the store. A wholly owned line of accessories that include record sleeves. record cases. phonograph needles, record cleaning brushes and liquids. and adaptors for 45 r.p.m. disks. A planned import section to feature albums front several Latin nations. Management plans to offer formerly unavailable product from Argentina, Chile. Bolivia. Peru and Colombia. A hit list published weekly and distributed to customers, that reports the top -selling singles and LPs in the store. Publishers will be interested in a unique feature of the list which will rank the top songs listing the various versions which the public may be buying. Carrasco stresses that what his stores will offer above all else is service to customers. He says the first store will have six employes. in the record business." he says. the only thing that can be done to capture a market is provide service:' And service. he contends. is what has been lacking from existing shops. "When we came here initialh in August of last year to do a market study. we became aware sadly of the way Latin records are being handled in the U.S." That critical attitude has already caused its share of resentment among established elements here. Nonetheless. Carrasco says his firm believes that the market potential for Latin records in the U.S. has gone to waste. He is asked whether his limas projection for 20 stores in L.A. alone is too ambitious. "I believe the reason that manufacturers are upset is because the full potential of the market has not been exploited. We plan to cover the market geographically as it has never been covered. But that should be the goal of any firm: to reach a level of strength that it has a directing influence on the market. Can the Mexican retailers reach that strength? Certainly they are not limited in imagination. The fertile San Antonio, Tex., market is already in their sights. But mingled with the enthusiasms in the industry here is a sense of reserve. Most say that bring a successful chain in Mexico does not guarantee success in the U.S. where business practices, working conditions and other factors are so different. Carrasco himself provides evi- dence for the claim: in Mexico. we can set up a shop in one week. This shop in L.A. has taken us a month because there are simply more regulations and their enforcement is more stringent" Still. it is obvious that the new retailers believe they have arrived to fill a void in the U.S. market no matter how much they insist on modesty. Carrasco: " believe that some people who have been in this market a long time have thrown away their chance to be the dominant retail force. And the reason is simply that they tried to do too much. They _ waíiced to be retailers. distributors, manufacturers all at once." IMPRESSIVE FEAT -Claudio Bag - lioni, one of Italy's top singer /songwriters, accepts a gold disk for sales in excess of one million, an unusual feat for the Italian market. from RCA Italiana President Giuseppe Oranto. Baglioni's a soft rocker. International `Sexiest Record' On Sale LONDON -The distribution network which handled Island's "Derek And Clive Live' album. refused by EMI. is being used again for a con - troversial LP featuring Xavicra Hol- lander on what is described as the naughtiest and sexiest record ever released." Distribution is by Dix and Tape Supplies in London and some,500 independent dealers are being serviced. At least one multiple, Boots. has refused tu stock the disk. The record. called "Xaviera." features a series of sketches and revelations about Hollander's private and professional life. She is author of the hest -selling hook The Happy Hooker." The album is on the Belmont label and. says director Phil Lincoln, we refuse to sell it under the counter. There is nothing on it to deprave or corrupt and the ansst er to anyone who dislikes this sort of thing is not to buy it" Lincoln says he expects no airplay but is convinced of its sales potential. He first heard it in Canada and obtained the U.K. rights. Initially. he made it available on cassette through mail- order. sold more than and then went for commercial release on record. The cover carrit., a warning that it is not suitable material fair - minors. From The Music Capitals Of The World) Continued from page 70 AMSTERDAM Jinge.gunar:st Cornelis Vreeswiik who served a Three month sentence m a Swedish prison, is recording a prison this summer new lire album in a Dutch "Tussen Zomer En Win ter." new solo LP by Rob de Buis, has Dutch lan- guage notions of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day." Janis Ian's In The Winter" and Bruce John - ston's "Disney Girls." Phonogram released a double album of the biggest hits of accordianist John Woodhouse, who staled his musical career 0 years ago... The thud centenary of the Dutch Artillery has been noted via a special LP featuring military music Unreleased product of blues-rock band Cuby and the Bftzzards have been put to gether for an album Idled "Old Times. Good Times" A new Dutch rock magazine "Sup porting kt" has been launched. Addition to the lineup of country rock band CBS Signings Continued from page 67 proud of our ability with acts at any stage of their career, and I point specially to Mott the Hoople. the Suth- erland Brothers and Quiver and the Kursaal Flyers as examples. The market is there for such talent. Its a question of when the time is right for that particular artist in relation to the public. The worst thing is to inherit other peoples' mistakes. though it is easier to avoid those with a newly acquired act than it is. say. to know exactly when to drop an artist ourselves. Priest (previously with Gull). Renaissance (BTMf. Crawler (Atlantic) and Boxer (Virgin) are known mostly for albums, but CBS looks to them for singles as well. Oberstein says: "Singles are the strongest and best promotional route and we expect all acts to recognize that. The 9605 snobbery among various bands about the singles format has generally gone.' Both Loggings and Oberstein claim that groups now know there is nothing wrong with entertaining and nothing wrong with the Radio One pop approach to acceptance. This big -scale new- talent launch has Tony Woollcott. CBS marketing chief, saying: Our vital need is to get to know acts well, to find out what each wants to achieve. Theyknow their audience bat and that knowledge is essential to us." All the new CBS signings are on a worldwide basis and Loggings looks to several to make U.S. chart albuni We hay oft appearances this year. had a Peter Frampton yet but we believe 977 will get results." And Oberstein says: "British acts of all types feature in the American charts. There's no reason to expect it won't continue that way. No one can now say that U.K. acts don't fit into the pattern of the U.S. market for that is the most catholic market in the world." Hobo Stringband is guitarist Cue de Boo. For musical reasons bassin) Hans Nijland has left Teach -In and is replaced by Nick de Vas. EMIBovema pushing a lot of promotion into a commemorative album by Lou Bandy, a cabaret artist who committed suicide in book on his life and career ties in 959 and a The 5th anniversary of the Elvis Presley Fan Club here celebrated with a festival of his old films.. The 0th anniversary of U K. lolk -rock band Fairport Convention celebrated with a cert Dutch lour. 3.con- Gentle Giant records its new album in May.. More Than copies of Julie Cov- ington's 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina" have been sold in Holland, a near an que occurrence. Ott singer Ann Burton started a thud Jana nese tour April 9. staying until May 3 EMI Bovent setting up a "Diamonds Are For ever' promotion campaign lo tie in with Ned Diamond's four concert tour here between May 3 -lune 4. Bob Marley and the Wailers due here May 3. Kitty Koss, wife ol Dizzy Man's Band lead singer Jacques Kloes, and three girl friends hate formed a group called April, May, lune and July. Singer Lee Tower recorded a new solo album of easy listening classics such as "'Unchained Melody," "Walk Away' and "Somewhere.".. EMIBovema released greatest hits albums by Day Pende and Paul Mka. Singer Liesbeth List on three-week tour of Singapore and Indonesia from May 7. then re- cords an album in Paris for the French market. New single from Champagne is a Wally Tax and Martin Duiser tale. "Oh Me, Oh My " A "collective" of six Dutch journalists, including the writer of this column, working on a book about the history of internationally known Am sterdam youth and music center Paradiso. HELSINKI WILLEM HODS Love Records Oy is the new Finnish represen- tative for the Berserketey. Stiff and Virgin labels.. Kalri Helena (Scandia) has received two dit mond disks for sales each of her albums "Paloma Blanca" and "Lady Love," 5th (Arista) a to make a five -day tour of Finland. staling May 9 in Helsinki.. Love Records has completed its recording studio at a cost of This is the thud new studio to have been built recently in Finland, the others having been opened by Discophon and Finnlevy. Lapponia" the Finnish Eurotuinn entry by Monica Aspelund (RCA), has been released in 20 European countries. plus Turkey, Israel. Aus train and Brazil EMI Finland Oy has started its own mail order venture Sicurr Musiikkikeskus to gain eapenence in this expanding lorm of re tailing Emily Bradshaw of Nashville plans to bring over Finland's Country Express (EMI) for the annual Fanfare Festival which takes place later this year in Nashville Danny (Sandia) will tour Finland this summer with the reigning Miss Finland. Armi Aavikka. Iukka Dolmen (love), who IS currently look ing for a new U S. contract, has lust returned from a Swedish tour Tmo Salenious is now in charge of EMI Finland's domestic public vela lions. while (.eats Stark takes care of the inter national p r. department Restaurant musi ['tans and the Finnish musicians' union are seeking a $600 minimum monthly wage for their members and recently gave warning of a strike in the hotel and restaurant field. VIENNA KART HELOPALTIO Amadeo Schallplatten has acquired the MCA repertoire lox Austria. In for concerts in Vienna were Jerry Lee Lewis (Mercury). Roge Whittaker (Aves). Nana Mouskouri (Philips) Jack Bruce and his band (RSO) and guitarist John McLaughlin with Shakti. CBS artist Tina Rainford is to make a promotion lour and recordings tor the TV pop show "Spotlight" here in lune promotion manager. Erich Pomassl has joined Amadeo as CBS has released a new album by the Austrian pop group Misthaufem. This month the group makes a tour through Aus- tria and will play dates in Munich and Bobli ngen... Twiggy (Mercury) was recently in Vif lach for the ORF television show "lahrmarkt".. Spanish singer Tony De Nanan (Crystal) was here on a promotion tour KTel has an pounced Austrian sales of records and cassettes worth $2.530,000 since last summer EMI artists Smokie and Pussycat will be in Vienna in June to record for the 'Spotlight" TV show Polydor has sold 00,000 copies of the last LP by the folk duo Klaus b Ferri, "20 Most Suc cessful Songs."..- The Vienna Volksoper will give concerts in South Korea and Japan in the fall of Leopold Senghor, president of Senegal, will open the Salzburg Festival on July 2d Mexican violinist Hermilio Novelo performed here in concert.. The Cleveland Quar- tet presented an evening of chamber music in the Vienna Musikverein, featuring works by Haydn, Beethoven and Mendelssohn HAMBURG MANFRED SCHREIBER International Music Service HMS). an import division of Deutsche Grammophon. sold more (ban albums to 250 dealers at its exhi bition held here. Ned Diamond starts a Ger- man tour with a Hamburg concert in June... Arrola's Monti Leuftner voted "most popular record ch.l of the year" by promoters Marcel Aram and commemorative trophy. Marek Liberburg and received a Ritchie Blacknore and his group Rainbow produced an album in the Pdyda studios here. Rold Salute, head of Roba Music in burg. signed a don. Ham deal with CAM-AL Must of Lon Katja Ebstein has the German language version of "Don't Cry For Me Argentina.".. Tel dec signs a mark. catalog deal with Storyville in Den- Sales of more than 20,000 on Elvis Presley's RCA single "Moody Blue." Radio station Europawelle Saar in Saarbrue cken giving Golden Europe trophies to Udoluer- gons, Heino, Frank Farian, Ricky King and Batey M as the must successful recording artists of 976 Roger Whittaker sold a million albums in Germany and received six silver and one gold disks horn Gerhard Weber, Metronome duecta. German group Love Generation on the UA la- bel released in France. U.K. and U.S with 'San Francisco.` Teldec singer Kevin Johnson, Iran Australia, flew in to cut ha first German single Italian singer Donateta sold mote than units of her single ' Laiola." Producer Gerd Thumser, from Munich. produced an album for actress tisefotte Pulver in Berlin. Metronome marketing chief Klaus Ebert sel up a lund Ice rock concerts in Germany with the groups from the Brain label rich Becher died in Berlin. aged 53 Michel, of Lyricist Cart Ul- Johann Meledie der Welt. signed a contract with Gilbert Becaud and Ms publishing company Riderau Rouge Rainer Schmidt -Walk, of Deutsche Grammo- phon. reports that Polydor is to push Getman group Randy Pie in America and elsewhere in search of international acceptance... Volker SpieWerg, ol Intersong. says Tina Rainlad's "Silver Bird" stayed in the German chart la 30 weeks WOLFGANG SPAHR

116 lil 74 EMI Regains Singles Title In U.K. Quarterly Report LONDON -EMI here has regained its long -held title as boss company in the singles market during the first three months of 977. according to the latest sales survey front the British Market Research Bureau. With a share the major has snatched hack the crown from CBS. winner of the previous quarter's sales battle, and put 6.8`i points between the two companies. At the same time. EMI maintained its dominance of the album market with an improved performance (23 ). more than double the.3% of its nearest competitor WEA, itself engaged in a tough battle with CBS for the "we -try- harder" number two slot. Other figures from the survey reflect the power of David Soul as Pri- vate Stock seized filth place in the singles stakes with a 6% share. compared with.8`l in the previous quarter. The actor- singer's "Don't Give Up On Us" was the quarter's top 45. There was a singles upsurge. too. by Chrysalis (5%), thanks largely to Leo Sayer. while both Phonogram and RCA turned in improved performances. Other creditable contenders in this area were United Artists and Creole. In albums. Decca, Phonogram and Polydor all registered lower shares. compared with both the previous quaver and the first three months of 976. The top five titles in the LP field stressed the power of tv advertising. with only one. "Animals" by Pink Flood. not promoted sia the medium. Dealers Select Best In U.K. the t, ram..h,.ne Re...rJ KeIJIÏers' Committee for technical and artistic merit in records have been presented here. At the celebratory lunch. dealers, record executives and media people were joined for the first time by award- winning artists. CBS managing director Maurice Oberstein and Leslie Hill. EMI U.K. managing director. were among those picking up awards for their companies. each of which won. or was highly commended in six categories. Five awards went to Decca: four a u, RCA: two each to CRD- placed mamong the winners for the first -I tine -and Phonogram and Polydor: m and one each to the BBC and. for the - tint time. to Music For Pleasure. t- It was agreed that the decision to ' invite the artists gave an extra dimension to the event and those who r stepped up included Joseph Cooper. pianist and host to the tv music-quiz series "Face The Music": Gavin Henderson. general manager of the New Philharmonic Orchestra: or- _anist Nicolas Kynaston: John asener, composer and conductor: and jazzman Acker Bilk. Laurie Krieger. GRRC chairman. pointed out that the awards were for dealers by dealers. selected by a committee of nine retailers. He feli the record industry could now not do without them, stressing that more record companies each year submitted records for judging. Award categories include best complete opera. "La fedehia pre - miata." by the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra ( Phonogram): best orchestral concert. "Richard Strauss. The Complete Works." by the Dresden State Orchestra (EMI): best solo instrumental. "Bach - Organ Works," by Nicolas Kynaston (CFP). Best MOR vocal. "Side By Side by Stephen Sondhcim" (RCA(: best spoken word, "Watership Down," read by Roy Dotrice (Argo). Among those highly commended were Tippett's "Suite For The Birthday Of Prince Charles," by the London Symphony Orchestra (Phonogram): Decca's recording of Gershwin's "Porgy And Bess," by Garfield To Capricorn TORONTO -Seven -piece Toronto act Garfield. signed to Polydor Records in Canada. has signed an exclusive two-year recording agreement with Capricorn Records for the rest of the world. Under the recently signed agreemint. Garfield must record three albums for Capricorn dunng the two year period Cleveland Symphony Orchestra: flic Baroque Concerto In England." bs the Thames Chamber Orchestra (CRD): "Moran String Quartets." Its the Juilliard Quartet. and "Berlioz Requiem." by the Orchestre National de France., both on CBS: and. in the "bargain price" section, Joseph Cooper's playing on "The World Of Joseph Cooper. Vol. 2" (Dec. I. The one category decided with no voting from the awards committee is that of top -selling singles and albums in the pop field and the w inners were "Save Your Kisses For Me." the Brotherhood of Man single. and "Abbés Greatest Hits" of Epic. International New Rock Venue Opens In London LONDON -A new ronk scnue. Music Machine. has opened in London, following the recent reopening of the Rainbow' Theatre and the launch of Sounds Circus. The new hall is owned by the Midlands leisure conglomerate F and H Entertainments, and the lest bill there featured Sassafras and Raymond Froggatt. Booking policy is to be based on up- and -coming acts Mondays - Wednesday. with bigger names at the end of the week. But Mick Parker. general manager, says: We have a slight problem in getting the bands we want. When we try to book some of the bigger acts we come up against a brick wall. There seems to be a lot of politics involved. and most of the hands don't want to be the first to play here." Certainly it isa new -type venue. It holds more than.000 people. with seating space for around 500. It is not theatre -stated. because visitors are encouraged to walk around and use the bars and the restaurant. Each evening two rock -style acts are presented. followed by disco dancing. Ticket prices are from 5.70 midweek to at weekends for the bigger -name hands. Acts there during April have been Liverpool Express. Trapeze. Roogalator. Nut and Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias. among others. Steve Hodges, booking agent from the Bron Organization. says of the "difficulties" experienced by Parker in getting acts: "One awaits audience reaction to a new venue. A new venture with a new formula such as this can only he judged by audience reaction." RCA Re- Release Splurge Sprays 6 Presley Singles LONDON -RCA here hopes to break six Elvis Presley singles in the Top 50simultancously via the May 6 release of his 6 number one hits in the U.K. since his career was launched in 956. The idea clearly follows on EMI's Beatles' and Motown singles re -release patterns of last year and is backed by substantial expenditure on packaging and in -store promo- Nina! material. Phil Dexter. RCA U.S. label manager. says he is confident that the 455, which span the era from "All Shook Up" in 957 to "The Wonder Of You" in 970. will appeal to two large new markets -teenagers buying Presley for the first time -and the Greece Acts On Illegal Stations ATHENS -Three more unauthorized private radio stations have been discovered here, their equipment confiscated and the owners were arrested. This has been announced by the communications undersecretary who added that a draft bill, providing for extremely strict sanctions against persons operating unauthorized radio outlets and those advertising their products (records and pirate cassettes) was almost complete and would soon be submitted to parliament for approval. The official added that 80% of the unauthorized radio stations in Greek territory had been unearthed and closed down. By PETER JONES longtime Presley addicts whose original singles need replacing. The 4 titles between the first and last are "Jailhousc Rock." "I Got Stung." "A Fool Such As I," "It's Now Or Never." Are You Lonesome Tonight." "Wooden Heart." "Surrender." "His Latest Flame,' "Rock -A -Hula Baby." "Good Luck Charm." "She's Not You," "Return To Sender." Devil In Disguise." "Crying In The Chapel." Dexter adds: "This set is perfect for the collector. Early customers. buying all 6 releases at once. arc to get a black and gold carrying case fret. A limited number of the boxes. repeating the Presley semi -profile picture motif used on all display material. goes free to dealers on a pro rata basis according to size of initial order. And if there is further demand. RCA will provide more at cost" First mooted at the time of the Beatles re- releases. the Presley singles caused RCA problems in duplicating the original color sleeves. Original artwork was no longer available, but a U.K. collector was able to help by loaning his own copies. RCA's tactics to stimulate interest in Presley back catalog started with the release of "Suspicion" and "Moody Blue" and has obviously paid off among disk buyers so that dealer response for the reissue pack is described as "amazing." European pre -release demand has also been unexpectedly high but there are no release plans for the US.. where Presley is said to he regarded as a current attraction rather than back catalog. RECOGNITION -Sir Edward Lewis, left. chairman of Decca Records hands a platinum disk to Willem Barents, managing director of Phonog Holland, one of two given to mark sales of more than 20,000 double a by Mantovani and the Rolling Stones in Holland. Presentation was at headquarters in London. BIGGEST SINCE '75 WEA Pegs Market Push To Dates By Hot U.S. Acts' LONDON -With five of its U.S. acts currently touring here. and three only recently departed. WEA is going through a most intensive merchandising and advertising program-its biggest since the Warner Bros. "Music Show" in 975. The U.S. visitors. all headlining. are the Eagles. the Four Seasons. the Detroit Spinners. Chris Hillman and Tom Waits. The departed attractions are Fleetwood Mac. Harr) Chapin and Emmylou Hams. all now reecising WEA follow -through activity. The Eagles' eight concert dates were sold out in a matter of hours. the Wembley appearances being over -subscribed to the tune of some applications. A giant billboard reading "London Welcomes The Eagles" was net up in London's Cromwell Road. Advertising included a full page in the Daily Mirror. "Helicon." the Four Seasons' new album, was pushed out to coincide with the group's appearances at the London Palladium and in the regions. This tour is reportedly the last for the group with Frankie Valli in the lineup. and he is to concentrate totally nn his solo career from September. The Detroit Spinners team. touring with UA's Brass Construction, is having its new album "Smash Hits" promoted along with back catalog and a special I2 -inch EP. the first in color sleeves, has been made available as a further boost. Chris Hillman is part of a joint headline tour with Roger McGuinn and Gene Clark. all three being original Byrds. and merchandising concentrates on his Asylum albuht "Slippin' Away." with a same -name single. His new album "Clear Sailin " has been delayed until June so press advertising will follow on the back of the tour. For Tom Waits. WEA has released his previously unavailable album "Small Change." John Fruit, WEA U.K. managing director, says: "What it adds up to is very little sleep for a large portion of the company. particularly in the management. press. promotion ark: merchandising areas. But retailers are delighted that WEA artists ale prepared to come to this country and directly promote. to everyone's benefit. To cope. we are juggling dis plays and merchandising and our best description of how things arc going with our competitor is that eve are locked in combat with them' "But the biggest problem. I on, admit. is getting to retailers ;. change displays quickly enough... Arnold, Morrow Launch Pentagon LONDON -The production an songwnung team of Chris Army:. and Geoff Morrow has launched record label. Pentagon, which u buying television time to project the first single. "What's A Nice Girl Like You," by the group Child. Company policy. according to Morrow, is to treat each release indis idually, using whatever approach is considered best for a particular record. Television was picked. at a cost of around for Child be. cause the act has a large, established following -it previously was with the Buk company -in the 8 -I5 age bracket. with a strong fan club. Pentagon policy is to work on releases until they break through and for this reason will concentrate on no more than three acts in its first year. Second is Anne Gallant. Scottish singer. but her single will not come out until the company has completed its efforts on behalf of Child. Finance for the company comes from Arnold and Morrow's cornposing and production activities. They were responsible for the launch here of Guys 'n' Dolls and the group', first three hits. and have written songs for the Carpenters. Engethcn Humperdinck. Elvis Presley and Dusty Springfield. Russians Plan Disk Expo MOSCOW -A special exposition devoted to the history of spoken - word recordings is being set up at the Literary Museum here later this year. and will include disks of the voices of many Russian writers and poets. It is known that Thomas Edison presented Leo Tolstoy with a phonograph recording device' in 908. Edison's team made some 80 recordings of Tolstoy's voice in conversation and short narrations at his Yasnaya Poliana estate near Tula_ Around 40 of these recordings have been preserved and were used by Melodiya Records to make up a special two-record set released a year ago. Other exhibits will include antique and rare recording and playback equipment of both Russian and international origin. The exposition is being built by Leo Shipov. head of the recording department at the museum and is part of celebrations devoted to the centenary of the gramophone.

117 Talent_ aa.. 00, 97 Billboard m P.a...ions. Inc No of the publicatum may be reproduced alored in ei,e.a a}s'e.- Iunsr t,.o. in any ram Opy arw m opying recording. without the prior wr.nen permsk,p, ui the Dubrsher BRITAIN (Courtesy Musc Week) Denotes local ongii, SINGLES KNOWING ME KNOWING YGU- Abba (E0c) -3oca (B Anderson: B UWausl 2 RED LIGHT SPELLS DANGER- Billy Ocean (GTO) -Black Sheep. Henn Levy (BM F-,ndon) 4 FREE- Denece Wahams (CBS) -Kee Dná (M. White.. Steen. 9 SIR DUKE -Stevie Wonder (Motown)- Jobete (Stevie Wonder) 5 3 I DON'T WANT TO PUT A HOLD ON YOU- Bellti Flint (EMI) -Sparta 'Sonde (Mike By Hal Shafer) 6 7 HAVE I THE RIGHT -Dead End Kids (C85)-I Musk (Barry Blue) 7 0 YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A STAR - Manlyn McCoo b Billie Davis Jr. (ABC) -Sheen Gems.EMI IDon Dawes) 8 5 GOING IN WITH MY EYES OPEN - Davd Soul (Pnvale Stotk)- Macauuy (Tony Macaulay) 9 6 PEARL'S A SINGER -Eeie Brooks (ALMI- Carlin (Umber. Stoll. 0 8 SUNNY -Booty M (Atlantc)- CampbeD Connelly (Frank Farah) 2 OH BOY- 8roterhood of Man (Pre) -ATV (Tony Haler) 2 5 WHODUNIT- Tavares (Capitol) -ATV (Freddie Perreo) 3 48 I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT FIRST CUT 5 THE DEEPEST -Rod Stewart (R.a)- Rondor'Cat 4 26 WANNA GET NEXT TO YOU -Rose Royce (MCA) -Leeds (Norman Whitfield) 5 4 GIMME SOME- Brendon (Magnet) - Sunbury (Jonathan King) 6 3 LAY BACK IN THE ARMS OF SOMEONE- Smo4,e INAK)- Chinnichap /RAN (Mike Chipman) 7 23 SOLSBURY HILL -Peter Gabriel ICnarismA( -Hit L Run (Bob Emit) 8 6 WHEN- Showaddywaody (Msta)- Soulhem (Mile Hunt) 9 20 LONELY BOY -Andrew Gold (Asylum) -Winer Bros. (Peter Aster) HOW MUCH LOVE -Leo Sayer (Chrysabs)- Chrysalis: Screen Gems (Richard Perry) 32 HOTEL CALIFORNIA -Eagles ( Asyum)- Copyright Conta ( &8 Srymcryk) 24 THE SHUFFLE -Van McCoy (HGL)- Warmer Bros. Nan McCoy) ROCKBOTTOM -Lynsey de Paul% Mike Moran (Polydon)- Chappel/ Robinson Sp.Ue (Mike Moran/ Lynsey de Paul) AIN'T GONNA BUMP NO MORE - Joe Tes (Ease)- London Tree (Buddy Killen) 27 A STAR IS BORN (Evergreen, - Barbra Stmsand (CBS)- Warner Bros. (B. Strenand /P. Ramone) SOUND AND VISION -Davit Bowe (RCA) -SAR.L /Fleur (David Bowie, Tony Visconti) SMOKE ON THE WATER -Deep Purple (P..)-B- Feldman /Her (Deep Purple) 38 GOOD MORNING JUDGE- 0C.C. (Phitipsl -S(. tones (0C C.) 29 ANOTHER FUNNY HONEYMOON - Davd Dundas (Air) -Air (Roger 30 n Greenaway) 4 MARQUEE MOON- Teievnion (yxatra) -Warner Bros. (Andy Johns, Tom Veda./ 47 WHERE IS THE LOVE -Delegation (State) -Screen Gems EMI (Ken Golf n 30 7 THOUSAND DOLLARS AND YOU- Stylistics (H..)-Cyril Shane (Hugo 'Unp) TOGETHER -0.C. Smith (Caribou) - ATV Music (John Guerin; Mora Bennett) 34 2 MOODY BLUE -Ehis Presley (RCA) - 35 EMI Music (F.on Jannl 28 SOUTHERN NIGHTS -Gen Campbell (Captoll -Wari, Brothers (Garry K)nn) YOU ARE MY LIFE- Barry Biggs (Dynamic) -stns (eyron Lee) > 22 LOVE MIT ME -Maur.. Nightingale (tinned Mnts)-ATV (Denny Duna) MAH NA MAN NA -PMIO Uml,a. (EMI Inlern.onal)-Lorna MuaK RIO -Michael Nesmith (Island)- Warner Bros IMKhael Nesmith) 40 7 CHANSON D'AMOUR- Manhattan Transfer iettantc) -CaAm (Reba,. Perry) 4 - LET 'EM IN -Billy Paul ( mudelphu)- MCCanney ATV _ DON,HUN) ST OP_Fketwood Mx (Warner Bros.)-Copyright CnntrU (Fleetwood MK. Dashut La4at) IT'S YOU-Manhattans )CBS) -April (Manhnlans 8 Marlin) 44 9 REAL MOTHER FOR TA-Johnny Gun. Walwn(DJM) -DJM (Johnny Guitar Watson) SAY YOU'LL STAY UNTIL TOMORROW -Tom Jones (EMI( -DJM (Gordon Milts/ Tran Week 46 I MIGHT BE LYING -Edle b The Hot Rods ((Send l- (slana (Ed Ho./ - GONNA CAPTURE YOUR HEART-.Blue (Rocket) -Rocke) (Elton Jahn /Clive Franks) - LUCILLE -Kenny Rogers (United Anisb)- Campbell Conneny (Larry Butler) 42 ENJOY YOURSELF-Jac/twos (Ease) -Carlen (Gamble: Huf f) - I'M YOUR BOOGIE MAN -K.C. b The Sunshue Band (TK)- Sunbury (K.C.,Finch) WEST GERMANY (Courtesy Husain/aryl, AS of Denotes local onginsingles KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU -Abbe (Poly.) -SMV. 2 PORQUE TE VAS -Jeanette IPoiyder) -Me Woe der W. 3 UVING NEXT DOOR TO ALICE- Smokie (RAK / EMI)- Melodie der Well 4 LAY BACK IN THE ARMS OF SOMEONE - Smokie (RAK, EMI) -Melodie der Wet 5 TARZAN ST WIEDER DA-Willem (Aota) -Cyans 6 OH. SUSI (DER ZENSIERTE SONG)-Frank Zander (Hansa: Mofa) -Intro 7 LOST IN FRANCE -Bonnie Tyler (RCA) - Melode der WNI 8 ANOTHER FUNNY HONEYMOON -David Dundee (Chrysalis: Phonogram) -Rot. 9 DON'T LEAVE ME THIS WAY -Th.m. Houston Liam. Motown /EMI( -Apra( 0 DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA -Juke Covington (MCA Metronome)- Leads. Tran Weer. G.ig LPs ANIMALS -Pink Floyd (EMI) 2 ARRIVAL -Abbe (POlyd.) 3 STATUS QUO LIVE-(Vertigo 4 ZANDER'S ZORN -Frank Zander (Nanu) 5 CHICAGO X -(CBS( 6 DEDICATION -Bay City Rollers (Bell) 7 BOSTON -(Ease 8 THE VERY BEST OF AB8A. ABBA'S GREATEST HITS- (Poydor) 9 TAKE THE HEAT OFF ME -Boney M. (Hansa) 0 WORKS -Emerson. Lake b Palmer (Manta core) This Week JAPAN (Courtesy Music taboo As of 'Denotes local origin SINGLES KAERANAI- Kentaro Shun. (CBS' Sony) -Nichon 2 CARMEN 77 -Pink Lady (VMOr) -Nth on, NTVM 3 YUMESAKI ANNAININ -MOmoe Yam agochi (CBS/Sony) -Tokyo 4 FEELINGS -H. F. See (Express)- Npo -Am.,cana 5 AMAYADORI- Masashi Sada (ElekVa)- JCM, Bud 6 SKY HIGH -Jigsaw (BASF) -MCA 7 ',ASASNII AKUMA- Candies )CBS: Sony) - WaUnabe 8 MY PURE LADY-Ami Oeaki (Espies) -(n tersong 9 DEDICATION -Bay City Rolle% (Ansta)- PMP 0 TSUGARUKAIK YO FUTUGESHIK -Dayan Ish,kawa (Columbia)-Tokyo HI.NIHI- Teruhiko Aoi (TeehiAu) -PMP. RFMP 2 HITORI SHIBAI -Akira Fuse (King) -Wale nabe 3 MUIlA5HIN0 NAMAEDE OETUMASV -Ak. va Kobayash. (Gown) -CMP 4 BOOMERANG STREET.-Hdeki Sago (RCA( -Gmei 5 SHITSUREN RESTAURANT- Kentaro SN- myu ICBS/Sonyl -NChM 6 GLASSZAIIA-Miao TAada (TeicMu)- Fuii. PMP 7 SUNDAY- Buster (RCA) -To..o.EMI 8 HAZEO KURATTE-Nxko Ken ICanyon)- N.chion 9 SEISHUN 3)00) -Kochi Monta b Top GO. tant (CBS.Sony) -PMP, Nichion 20 S05-PM Lady (Victor)- Nchien. NTVM TM We. ITALY (Courtesy Gemono Ruscnto) Aso4977 SINGLES HONKY TONK TRAIN BLUES -ice. Etter - son /Monti...Etc.. 2 FURIA -Hal IRcord.l 3 ALLA FIERA DELL'EST -Angelo B..d..d. (Poly. F0Cram) 4 SOLO -Claudio Paean. IRCAI 5 IF YOU LEAVE ME NOW- Chicago (CB, MMt 6 TU MI RUBI L'ANIMA -Collage (SAAR) 7 BELLA DA MORIRE -Homo Sap., (.4. 8 AMARSI UN PO' -Luca Batbdi Uno-RCA 9 REGINA AL TROUBADOUR -La Orme (Ph...gram/ -Ste. Wonder IMOtown EMI, 0 WISH OBABALUBA -Danda Goo, (CBS MM) 2 BLACK (5 BLACK-La Bete ED.. (EMI) 3 ALL'IMPROVVISO l'incoscienza -Rob erto Sotriu (Fon. Cetnl l4 TENTAZIONE -Franco Simone (Rit.) 5 BLOOD AND HONEY -Amanda Laar (Pet. dot Phonogram) AUSTRALIA ( Courtesy Rado 2SM) As of SINGLES This W. ( TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS -Mary McGregor IRCAI 2 DONT GIVE UP ON US -DavM Soul (PH qle Stock) 3 UVING NEXT DOOR TO ALICE -Smoke IRAN) 4 THAT'S ROCK 'N' ROLL -Spun Cassidy (W.) 5 DADDY COOL -Boner M (Atlantic) 6 DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA -Julie Covington (NCA) 7 WHEN NEED YOU -Leo Sayer (Chrysaln) 8 THE WAY YOU DO IT- Pusayloot (EMI/ 9 THE THINGS WE 00 FOR LOVE -IOCC ( Phonogram) 0 KNOWING ME KNOWING YOU HAPPY HAWAII -Abut (RCA) This Wer4 LPs FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE -Pete. Fnmp ton (Festival) 2 HOTEL CALIFORNIA -The Eagles (Asylum) 3 A NEW WORLD RECORD -ELO. (United Mists) 4 RUMOURS - Fleetwood Mx (Repose) 5 IN YOUR MIND -Bryan Ferry (PWydor) 6 ANIMALS -Pink Floyd (CBS) 7 EVITA SOUNDTRACK- Yanous Anrsls (Astor) 8 ENDLESS FLIGHT -Leu Say. (Chrysalis) 9 A STAR IS BORN -Streisand L Kordoller con 0 A NIGHT ON THE TOWN -Rod Stewart (Warner Brost HOLLAND (Courtesy SbNbng Nederlandse Top 40) SINGLES This Welk MY BROKEN SOUVENIRS-Pussycat (EMI.' Boyer.) 2 NON STOP DANCE -Gibson Brothers ICNR) 3 LAY BACK IN THE ARMS OF SOMEONE - Smobe(RAK) 4 SOUND AND VISION -David Bowe (RCA) 5 YOU NEVER CAN TELL- Emmylou Hams (Warner Bros.) 6 l'm YOUR BOOGIE MAN -BC and Sunshine Band (RCA) 7 YOU'RE MYWORLO -Guys and Dul(s(Mag. net) 8 WHAT CAN SAY -Boa 5caggs (CBS) 9 GO YOUR OWN WAY- Fealwood Mx (Warner Bros.) 0 WHODUNIT -Tavares ICapitof) LPs This Wen4 I RUMOURS -Fleetwood Mx )Warner Bros.) 2 HOTEL CALIFORNIA -Eagles (Asylum) 3 LEVENSLANG- Robert Long (EMI /Bovama) 4 HIT EXPLOSION 7- Various Artists (EMI/ Bnvema) S EVEN IN THE QUIETEST MOMENTS -Su. pertramp IWA) 6 YEAR OF THE CAT -AI Stewart IRCAI 7 LUXURY LINER- Emmyou Harris (Warner Bros.) B ARRIVAL -Abbe IPdYdor) 9 GREATEST HITS -S.M., (RAU) 0 OVERBLUVEN -Herman Van Veen (Hadduln) Thot Week BELGIUM (Courtesy HUMO) As of 4: 5/77 SINGLES GO YOUR OWN WAY -Fleetwood Mx )Re peel 2 LAY BACK IN THE ARMS OF SOMEONE - Senolue (EMI) 3 A MILLION IN ONE TWO THREE -Dream a Express (Vogue) FAIRY TALE -Dana (EMI, 5 THE BIG BEAR BUMP -Ronny b The Big Bear 6 NON STOP DANCE- Gibson Brothers (PNB) 7 VOICI LES CLES -Gerard Lenomun (CBS) 8 MY BROKEN SOUVENIRS -Pussycat (EMI) 9 ET SI TU PARS -M Sullivan b KAi (Phil. Ml 0 DONT LEAVE ME THIS WAY -Thelma Houston (EMI) DONT CRY FOR MC ARGENTINA -Suie Covington (EMI) 2 C'EST LA VIE- Emmytou Hrrn (EMI) 3 WHAT CAN SAY -Boa Soggs (CBs) 4 KNOWING ME KNOWING YOU -Abbe (Vogue) 5 SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME -Cats (FIAI) LPs Tran We. EVITA-Div. Art IEMII 2 RUMOURS- Fieetwood Mx (Repnsel 3 VLAANDEREN NUN UND -WA Tun (TCP kepi) 4 GREATEST HITS OF SMOKIE -)EM(( s ARRIVAL-Abba (Vorm, Continued from page 3 A Talent In Action WALTER JACKSON PHYLLIS ST. JAMES -,, /r', pmpacked house accorded Jackson two standing ovations after the robust. crippled vo- calist worked a 55 minute standout set on steel crutches m a rare appearance locally April 6. Jackson live exceeds even his excellent re- corded outings an Brunswick and now the Chi- Sound label. His palter between songs Is into dotty scintillating. He neednl be apologetic as he was opening night Since he started singing from a wheelchair on Chicago's South Side years ago. he's learned a mike technique which equals any singer In the business. He can attack a lync with the Dower of a Sherman lank or the sensitivity of a humming- bird loraging pollen. And listeners' ears are never violated. even in the overwatted confines o) a rock club tike this one It's a treat not to ever have to grope for unintelligible words of a (plc, as one had to consistently when opening act Phyllis St lames blasted most of her songs. Jackson is especially adept at moving Judie iously from a whisper..which entices the ear. to a penmen! crescendo Veteran arranger /conductor Riley Hampton ably batoned a t5 piece big band during the 0 tune set The entire performance would be en hanced if less mikes captured the big backing band. providing more of a backdrop effect to the dramatic amplified colorations of Jackson's voice. S). lames was overpowered by her or nine piece rock band backup. She can profit from watching and listening to Jackson vary his vol une. The attractive young black chop has the :un and makes a strong effort She should do more standard songs so one can dlshngulsh her mdmdoaf qualrtles JOHN SIPPEL EDDY ARNOLD Ilan/ Sahara. Lot Vega, After 20 years In the recording business and some 0 mdbon records later. RCA arto) Eddy Arnold April 2 amply demonstrated tits 'live" cabaret capabilities with a memorable. (ght program Arnold's hour plus, 2-song set in eluded chart climbing "(I Need You) All The Time." an easy-listening MOR country ballad from ha return album with RCA Although receiving more response to his past hits, from "What's He Doing In My World?." 'Make The World Go Away' to "Bouquet 0 Roses" and "Lonely Again" while soloing on gut tar, Arnold illuminated more recen) pop hits -Al ter The Lovm'. "I Honestly Love You and over. performed "I Write The Songs" In ho traditional (ones. albeit a deadyinger for fellow crooner Perry Como. Enlenng he (hod year at the Sahara. Arnold opened with a medley of "Welcome To My World." "Please Release Mé' and "Oh. Lone some Me. setting a [obey. controlled pace for the rest of the show. Joining Arnold on "I'm The Richest Man In The World" and Country Boy" was the Mike Curb Congregation, In an abbfe loafed. too brief accompaniment The three gal. three guy backup added vitally and a classy touch while on stage Anchored In country western roots, Arnold perhaps slid through a sale colleclan of styles and material, mostly counhy.pop songs. WO ho years o) experience. a wider range of musical choices could enliven his club shows. Steve Allen's 4 Formats Continued from page 4 "Ifs better to listen to an excellent song by an Irving Berlin than some dumb song by some kid today or some excellent song by some kid today than some dumb song written by someone years ago.' he comments. "I deliberately select old songs from the '20s and '30s and the kids cat it up. I sing one chorus and say. "just listen to these words or to this melody: They find my point reasonable: be interested in excellence:" Allen sings in his shows, a fallback to his days as a professional vocalist before he became well -known for his comedic antics. When he did his Roxy show with Tern' Gibbs fronting a small group). the program was his own material. Since the majority of people who bought his numerous LPs were listeners in his age bracket -50s and under -did he have to scratch a lot of material to favor a more youthful audience? No. "I took out one song and it was ironically a today type of tune." Allen replies. "It was called 'Keep It From Me and it was a tragic song about an unhappy father -son relationship. The tragedy of the message brought the first show down. so I took it out.' It was replaced by the theme from "Laugh Back;' an Allen flashback type of comedy show in syndication. Allen says that despite his owning 007 of Meadlow Lane Music and 50% in Rosemeadow Publishing (formerly Bregman. Vocco. Conn). the majority of his compositions are for his own ears. "Ninety -live percent of my playing is for no one but myself.' - Allen estimates he wntes three songs a week with a small percentage for commercial usage. He estimates he's written more than songs since he began when he was 2. Ninty-five percent of the tunes are his Own music with the remainder utilizing outside lyricists. Among his better known works are: This Could Bc The Start of HANFORDSEARL Something." "Theme From Picnic." "Impossible: - "Pretend You Do See Her, My Heart" and "Gravy Waltz." Harting a supply of his own tunes allows him a core of material to work with during his personals. Three years ago he began appearing with symphonies and has thus far performed with the Boston Pops plus Orlando, Cleveland and Madison. Wis.. aggregations. He combines comedy with music for such locations as the Tropicana in Las Vegas, Playboy Clubs. Blue Max. Chicago and Hyatt Regency. Detroit. Most of his LPs for Dot were beautiful music but there were jazz outings for Dot and Flying Dutchman. In a moment of candor fora pianist. Allen notes: "I'm a very thirdrate jazz pianist. My competance in jazz is as a composer. The one form of jazz do play well is boogie- I Millie Jackson Continued from page 4 Jackson. who says she makes no career plans for herself. but rather picks up on things as they come along. is also busy managing an r &b group. Facts Of Life. whose new LP -Sometimes"' has made a strong entry into the soul chart. Jackson says that she got insolsed in this project a few years hack since the members of the group were old friends and she was able to produce them. She says she had to change the name of the group from Gospel Truth. because people thought it was a gospel group when in fact it was doing songs about love triangles. As far as her own reo.,rding career. she is philosophical. "Music is just a way of making money." she says. "And) just do it It all just happened. I was in club one night and somebody dared me to sing. and so I sang. The same thing happened with recording. didn't I knock on anybody's door."

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V. 22 ten MISCELLANEOUS BILLBOARD IS ON MICROFILM: Bs -k %..,w. f BILLBOARD re ma,lbk on mso.6m dating fmrn N,nemher ì94 n, Deeeaaw 974 Minoan ceps of article or chary from any of these Ms may be obtabed from 80sear,f Pe6iutrooa at a coot of 550 per Me bp SO S prigs Fse Pots en rumo tint copra. std for /tnllrr bfnmul,.t Bill Wardlow General Services Billboard Publications 9000 Sunset BIYd. Los Angeles. Cal BILLBOARD Group Subscription Discounts eart on whmpoau to Billboard r Poop sf 0 or mon Pot rtes and Informs ente eox M/ co Barboard. 55 Broadwy New York. N.Y MAJOR NEW YORK CITY STUDIO (24 track rooms) seeks EXPERIENCED STAFF ENGINEER with following preferred records -jingles EXEEIIENT FINARDAL OPPORTUNITY Confidential phone: 0 to 6 (22) m/7 DISTRIBUTING SERVICES EXPORT ONLY All brands phonograph records and prerecorded lapes Also largest selection or anractle close -out oller 30 years or record and tape speclized service to Importers throughout the world. Dealers and dial..tors only. ALBERT SCHULTZ, INC. 6 West 4th St New Yak. N.Y 00 Cable: ALBYREP Telex: eon ACCESSORIES 24 HR. FREIGHT -PAID SERVICE SCOTCH. MAXELL. MEMOREX L BASF race WATTS Dual Bug. Preener. Etc REC- OTON N.4. Audio. Rocord a Tape Access EVEREADY Batteries PICKERING Styli. Cartridges a Headphones SHURE Styli d Cartndges SOUND GUARD Re< Preservahye SEND FOB FREE CATALOG kj- /05000 aswwns. 29 F. GAWB sen 0eyt s Made Po 905 R lin WE HAVE THE BEST CUT -OUT record and tape list Ill America Major Labels Major Artists Dealers Only ALEX A. ARACO, CO., INC. 507 High St., Burlington. N.J (609) ATTENTION RACK JOBBERS Surplus 8-track ara a'burns for sale we can supply ALL your 8 -track and album needs Can today dim Adams (34) RECORD WIDE DISTRIBUTORS 755 Chase Drive Fenton (St. Louis). Mo " ATTENTION, RECORD OUTLETS WE hate the L.rgeo selection of IS rpm olebee and good;- and also major labte LP Intvy - at pcx. rootimal prices. Send for free hemp All adere welcome. Apex Records. Im. 947 US. Highway HI. Rahway, NJ ISO MAKE MORE PROFIT WITH OUR LOWER priors on Ll'h &track., and aerated Top 000 lst updated weekly. Write Tohirco. 644 Huth. way 290 W.. Aueiin. Tex., (Mexican Iht mad. r In PROFESSIONAL SERVICES GLI TASCAN GOING DISCO? McINTOSH TAPCO Our people are experts in the business_ Complete service department HI -FI ASSOCIATES Miami (305) Ft. Lauderdale (305) Suniland (305) ,23 -MANAGEMENT TEAM - SEEKING JAZZ OR ROCK GROUP Sera Tape and Resume' Box 724. Billboard. 5t5 Broadway. New York. N Y 0036 eow FOR LEASE A 47 EAGLE TOUR BES.' I riti. Mr neut.: n. 4 sleeper bunk mini equipped. color TV, annue payer. nel to reel tape e Bah player. Reliable. Contact_ Doug BnttLyham í36 2A -OS8 or arsela General News Dealers, Customers Accept Continued from page 4 Born' soundtrack skid.' Streisand Il hlch Columbia put out at $8.98. the highest price ever for a film LP. he price didn't stop the public from buying. It was a big seller everywhere." David White. manager of Music World. with three locations. reports no loss of business volume or profit as a result of the price rise. "We just must sell more. We get them into the store with our so- called 'sales: lye get them interested and they usually wind up buying another item or two. It's just a case of salesmanship" "The price rise to on selected albums hasn't affected our overall sales one bit," says Christy Twite, manager of Camelot Music. "They are buying but many of the customers can't understand the sudden rise. We try to explain the higher price. but can't make the customer understand. They buy nevertheless." Asked about the price of LPs going up and where they feel the market will level off. most dealers questioned had no comment or prediction. With all commodities, from coffee to chicken feed. going up almost daily. records and albums can't be an exception. KANSAS CITY By ROBERT StACY Both consumers and store managers are expressing displeasure Over the record industn's price hike to S7.98 on selective albums -with some stores reporting sales off 0: Of more. Another complaint that surfaces here is that the quality is going doss n al the sanie time the prices are on the Brad Johnson, manager of one of the three Musicland stores here. says the parent company has sent out a memo telling their branches not to discount the albums now coming in with the higher price tag. In effect, he says the full force of the price hike is being passed along to the customer. He says he's selling his $7.98 albums at His cost on the album. Johnson say's. is in the S4.66 range. Johnson says he thinks the recent price hike is going to be particularly beneficial to the discount houses who can sell a limited number of albums as loss -leaders. "If everything we sell is going up O I in price. the only time we're going to sell any albums is if people can't find it anywhere else. or we have a special sale on an item. "People may not normally drive PROMOTIONAL SERVICES RECORD PROMOTION Career Biders -promotion- O.s0,buNon Spevstring in se, r m for New abets and New 4,0.5 Roger Ricker Promotions 26 Nutic Saure East -e Nashville. Tenn (65) sy Day /Night MUSIC MAKERS OF NASHVILLE tfr,ends who Gare atout you, RECORD PROMOTION Nalonal Oextrahrton (Custom Recording 5e(wnsl Sono records for Imo, MUSIC MAKERS 26 Music Sq. E.. Nos..., Tenn Pho. (65) :INCLUSIVE.7ACO Ill 0' ONLY -FREE newly releosed Deco Records -mut nujor IID.lw Call e4 'W4593. Write D P A. 66 Front. Crean. PA 6!.0 RECORDING STUDIOS ten tn RECORD IN THE BERKSHIRE, OUT. wending Marachusety Studu, offering one -week unlimited time fa $ /0604 lodging. 43 _55.i77 POB :Yä Su rklelder. Mast 0L7ä m V2 quite a ways to go to our biggest competitor (Tiger's). but they sure will if the price difference gets to be S I or S2. A dollar is a big jump." Johnson says record prices can go only so high before buyer resistance begins to make people hack off. A case in point. he says. is the album "A Star Is Born." "We dropped the price to S7,87. but after two weeks of hardly selling any, went down to S6.67. Now we're moving about 00 a week." Ben Asner of Caper's Corner is outspoken about the price increase, say mg subsequent hikes to the customer have cut his business about IOU. He says most of the albums that went up to $7.98 were selling in his store for S6 -an increase to the customer of 80 cents. Asner predicts all major albums will increase to 5798 unless buyers and record stores band together to fight the hike. "It would be the best thing in the world if people would light this thing." The price hike is making people much more cost- conscious and aware of what's on sale. according to done for Gaynor There are sections which strike familiar chords reminiscent of the turnaround from "Darling Be Mme.' and the toms from "Reach Out I'll Be There" The title tune, "A Disco Sym- phony." runs for 4:45 and along with -*Macl4- Ihur Park' tills the entire A side. Both tunes do not really work together. but separately they are strong "Bee Sting" on the flip is known to some disco deelays as Steady Flaw" by the New York Walkers II was originally designed as an 5( mental but vocals were later added making the cut more pop sanding than the "funky. get down' Lack originally intended. Invcctus Records, distributed by CBS Rec ords. has released 'Three Thousand Miles From Home' by NYPA (New Yak Part Authority) There are at least two strong cuts on this LP The title cut featuring horns and synthesuer is an uplempo instrumental that it'll Quickly gun popularity. "I Got It' shares many srmilanlles wdh the title cut but features vocals. There 5 much em ergy in the tracks. and at times there are glimpses of the lire of the early &ass Construe ton. The horns on the two lealured cuts create a lot of excitement when played off the synthesizer. Among the other interesting cuts are "I Used To Hale It (Till I Ate II)" and "I Don't Want Elation To Coyote LOS ANGELES- Coyote Productions president Len Sachs and Steven Cohen have signed a comanagement agreement to represent an r &h /rock group named Elation. The group. featuring drummer Alphonse Mouton. keyboardist Greg Watson. percussionist Bradie Speller. Bob Etoli and Dave Williams. is finishing up its debut release. Sachs and Cohen are negotiating with labels for release oh product. Diante's UA Deal LOS ANGELES -Deum Marne has made a production deal w lib UA whereby he will produce selected artists for the label as well as outside projects. Diente was vice president pop a &r. for LIA and has produced Paul -tnka, Bobby Goldsboro. Ike& Tina turner and the Dillards. $ Price Rise Cid Carduff, manager of one of the three Budget Tapes and Records stores here. She says they are stocking 20 to 30 albums that carry a $7.98 list. and almost all of them have to be specially sale priced to move well. "If the album is a big enough draw, there's no hesitation" to bus at the higher figure, she says. But -the higher prices are making people much more selective on the marginal releases. She says in the past. Budget has always carried 0 albums that list at $6.98 on sale for Now, with the price hike. she carries live 57.98, for $4,99 and five 56.98s for constantly changing the albums on sale. Shc says at least half or the S7.98 albums they movc are on that special sale price. She says people know when the new albums cone in and the old ones go off sale. She hasn't noticed an appreciable drop in business Y. rill the price hike, but is sure her store could have moved more merchandise if the majors had remained at (Continued on page 85) Disco Mix Continued from page 44 To Work Today " "I Used to Hale II' n a very Honeybee Records distributed by Prelude funky r8b sound that could attract some atten Records has released its first album tilled "A own In the clubs. and "I Don't Want To Won to Disco Symphony' by Camouflage featuring day' Is more In the Earth. Wind E Eke style with Mysti. The LP was produced by the same learn a commercial. pop sound. II features more of a that brought Gloria Gaynor to worldwide prom' group sound on the vocals The LP was pro nence. and It is not at all surprising That this duced by Brian Holland lor Holland. Dozier. Hof new podud sounds like 'I could have been land, and Is the strongest product they have done since then Hot Was days TX Records is releasing a new 2 -mch 45 rpm. record of "Hop Scotch'. and Foam by Eli's Second Coming Iron the LP of th. same name. 'Hop Scotch' lealures bagpipes and n truly commercial. "Emilia" sounds as it It could have been taken from the soundtrack of a biblical motion picture. especially with the voices and strings built around a moving theme Another 2 Inch 45 r.p m. release by the same label features Peter Brown with "Do You Want To Get Funky' and "Burning Love Break down." Both cuts are good 'Do You Want To Get Funky' is as ds title implies, a Junky rdb sound with eleclierc gim- micks and the panning of different Instruments back and forth. as well as a lot of echoes which are all used to their fullest advantage "Burning Love Breakdown" is prrnardy the break of the A sde of the record. This sound has been coming more apparent lately with a nun bee of records It Oa sound which rs created in a studio and would be difficult, if not imposuble. to create True. The production is well thought -at and executed by producers Peter Brown and Cory Wade who have created something caceohalal Marlin Records. distributed by lk. has re leased a single tilled "Dlscomanlá' by the Lovers. The tune could well be titled 'Best Disco In Town Part 22 Dlscomanla' is a takeoff of a tune with the group doing bits of some of the big disco hits of the year. 'this comes nowhere near the Ritchie Family. and was never intended la. even though rl was produced by the same teen International Book d Records Distributors of New VA has picked up US distribution ughis to the Polydor (Brazdl release of Casson: Ths two-sided disco onented release Is (moiler in Brazilian discos. and is being released ne,/ a a 2 -Inch 45 rp m. disco disk. Onda' on the A side Is a beautiful slang wdh lush arrangements and a danceable subit Latin rhythm. The lynx are In English and at limes reveal a son st Marvin Gaye guard, "Ctntra: Do Bland on the lhpvde has more of an American soul quality. and n basicaty instrumental with a background of voices singing the chorus The record d tuned with a lot of revers to create a Aar away' effect London Records has released a 2-inch 45 disco disk of the Final Thing' by Steve Bender. There is both a vocal and an instrumen- tal side, with the instrumental side standing out There Is a rhythm pattern and mebdy - of unlike -Fly Robin Fy" The sang features a sin.!sauer as the lead instrument and it tends to have a certain hypnotic appeal alter sevwal plays

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123 S KE REAT PRODUCTIONS BLUEBb IN ANNOUNCING THE DEBUT OFAN EXCEPTIONAL BAND. N.C.C.U.'S SUPER TRICK N. C. C U. S u p e r T r i r UA-LA729-G On United Artists Records and Tapes Produced by CrOtd Byrd Management: Charles Graziano Press: Howard Brandy

124 IJ7nM,CaVI.)[Y, FOR WEEK ENDING Cwe..e7r 0..4.r040 I.Irrr.rrerr reo r, w a. tr.a...w.r.,.r r.r...s..r rr O. a YWn..r Iti Ir rr,r M A W itr ltr II TITLE -Artist (lhee.a.l wtrlw. Lata L NrMr. I0.e.00r 4. HOTEL CALIFORNIA-t. s. r o Srt.l G.,. D.s. 44 N3Y WHEN I NEED YOU -u. s... rresmi Mll. c 0 Gila. s. Liu SOUTHERN NIGHTS -w c..+ Ran Orr L t...l c... Ut$ 9 9 CM w8 SIR DUKE -... or ever. rraw. t rover Iry Mom, C/ DON'T LEAVE ME THIS NAY -tees a.r. OW a.., a t s. C 40.. Garr Sun ISilar.5 I RIGHT TIME OF THE NIGHT -err seen CPP WC.t ems sni w 4 e..rr P a M, I I 5 SO IN TO YOU -air etas..e..t Prr 7 CPT I'VE GOT LOVE ON MY MIND -oar Ire Karl 4e...4,M. L 00.. m rear Sir art CYA COULDN'T GET IT RIGHT -a..s a... saws R..r. 0, lr,. I.k M. l.r ire 70 WCI CMa I WANNA GET NEII TO YOU-s...,fv 04. Mew W IOU Yü I'M YOUR BOOGIE MAN -LC s ti saws w Cser II CIP U00 SHUFFLE -r. t...r...e... t keen 0 Pert CaW 00 Ills CAN'T STOP DANCING -tole s..r, NO 9 4Y It. 0., secs P..r GOT TO GIVE IT UP PL -s.. s,..m Gaon,. r Gere veal OM 04. YOUR LOVE -a.. ear a soh tree v er..s a..a. ear ak ín0 CPP DON'T GIVE UP ON US -ere n_ rnrw. T rarer 0. La. 0 KY LUCILLE-s..s,sr, sir, rry.t s YZ Ir.t a.r Mt. In CALLING DR..39E -.. A. rr. IV UM Par la, c OM HELLO STRANGER- men Or. Per... Orr L.. Per l l... eso u hy. ISO lets LONELY 805í err el Lara.3 ANGEL IN YOUR ARMS -.r C., MIr M..r ascot.area t rows M D. MO 0..t FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TINE-... tr too. Ca,..0 t sir 0 err TRYING TO LOVE TWO -..r. e. P..0/. M. r 4 0 W.00 MO 04. Orr AIN'T GONNA BUMP NO MORE (With No 8 Fal Woman) -r. t.. CN CPP err Ili rd.r, l sit ter ttl S3 DANCING MAN / laa sent Cer LIMA CA DREAMS-MM. a rar..r YaO700. Orna 4 Casa t orla HEARD IT IN A LOVE SONG -err Ia. 4 IP t C_ [..rear 4 8. rat wee WHODUNIT -Tr Par.. Y. L. I r.. CPI. Uw CN GONNA FLY NOW (Theme From "Rocky")-en M (.a, l Cal c Car+ Ma t-.. orna le l.3 Ka...0 P RICH GIRL -r. 4.,.r or. 0 au IMO CM LOVE THEME FROM "A STAR IS BORN" (Everttreen)-err. s...r knut. ea.. -. Lear. too. 0 tr. Crary 3IMa UPTOWN FESTIVAL -Is.a. do r sta.. /. Yla.t Sew Marl s.r tar Lem Of CHERRY BABY -s+., U.,. 0 m.., Der. Men. t-. So.., ; -t. ('5" 0 AtY CN WO MY SWEET LADY -s.. err, Mas De:.i Own, V 0 CUI 36 W W B TITLE -Artist Vrela.rl err,.. USW L NeWr IO.r,l.mal.4 SHOW YOU THE WAY TO GO -50,. e0 4.W Orr.P, l Ga.k l Y. let IMO S -3 CINDERELLA -c.rr ly rs, l.. aa.r. 34 MARGARITAVILLE -t.., rla.a... P.. I.rt, 44 ILA/ BACK IN THE SADDLE- r ae C.. t 0. P. LOVE'S GROWN DEEP -4., M. noes W. CM55 car, 5 M. /. root, mu UNDERCOVER ANGEL -.. eon 6_ 4.. WIr once., L 0oe Pro «I demo NM SLOW DANCIN' DON'T TURN ME ON-w...5 A.0 P.s. 0 Y. 0 O a are.. M CM DANCIN'-c... +e.... 00.. r Law.. a. 0 Cn THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE -e t , tsls lanes. well Art 40., M. SLOWDOWN r... loam MN YtA DANCING QUEEN -.r O..r rare.. w.. n.iala Par.. rawer. I Pos. ear. IV/ NW 63 I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW -acs.. arr...a.r, Con I tra. e+n M..e. P,.. sail 8 Dear ARIEL-er,... M tra.. o I..r.r....d l I SLEEPWALKER-sr C I. o Or. rr. ur YOU ARE ON MY MIND -cr.op woos w Grt., rasa, HIGH SCHOOL DANCE -s,m oils. h.., l save,. s,.rt a SIP. C.r Mai EVERYBODY BE DANCIN'- Lorne IVs. Vfrr. W O.. Y., La. Pr.. 00 It. YOU TAKE MY HEART AWAY -,., one tar.t0. ß.l C L OM.?'.* t,. 3 «l HANNA DO IT 0 YOU -r., se.., earl I 000 / CPI C N.4 I Sinn 0440 CII MAINSTREET -sa sm. Mm Ire. Sweet M 3.. Co. Mn JET AIRLINER -s.. Yr. r. ter. SiM t err. C,. MJ THIS GIRL (Has Turned Into A Woman) -..,sac. hew Ia.., tic,c. boat THEME FROM -CHARLIE'S r Ia...s4T' ANGELS " -e., u... a.. row. on m CPP GONNA FLY NOW (Theme From IW t) L Ca C [u.n l s..a Cr,ie imy 83 THE WHISTLER -on O,..r tits AW um NLY ON THE BORDER -a sr.l a. Pr... DO YOU WANNA MAKE LOVE -c s. rum OM tr., r Yd. n. C., 23 HOLD BACK THE NIGHT - CM. Ps. M tr Sir. lean Orr 04. ere Craw.,art Ilrrar, HOOKED ON YOU-s.. 0.A C. 0 u. CPP 0.. 4M CPP LUST WANT TO BE YOUR I EVERYTHING -Y, w tla., G l GM I G ISO 72 nil., THIS IS THE WAY THAT I tr. ein c 0. 4Y FEEL -M..o o,r SPIRIT IN THE NIGHT -moor.r., tote bad Moo. K. Inc.., I tases. err. r., GAS S 3 SUO ROSA SUBWAY /CALLING OCCUPANTS -s..e.,30 Warr C.c.s 02 CARRY ON WAYWARD SON-...,.. IMP M.wl l ln0a. snow, X it. ti MY L cn WSW MU 00 NBY W t BO 83 se ttt 86 W = C=* C2: c= 96 2 c=s := c=s * Chat Bound LIFE IN THE FAST LANE -Eagles (Asylum 45403) KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU -Abba (Atlantic 3387) TITLE-Artist I/,.af.I r,.. la W L/.Iaar Nr W,M..L Ca0a SOUND AND VISION -oar.... aver 0. G I065 YOU AND er In.,.. Csa r Ora no YOU'RE MY WORLD-. e.., N t.0 W. 0. lr., eta LL.. Cees MU DO WHAT YOU WANNA 00- rtr.m. I[n Sir.. M. LOA. C., r r ore 04 my BACK TOGETHER AGAIN -ow or s tar or. C. r, ION WHATCHA GONNA DO?-Pr. r... ti se.. I..w N.ra Lar 4 FLY AT NIGHT -c... I Lora rr.r ltlt N. r.. M... -, l Ibr IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE LOWED SO BAD -arr. Vrla.M. Ml, rene, r erta, THAT MAGIC TOUCH -r.r star r.wl. Sit. c coe. trees.. nl HOLLYWOOD-. r..ra COW o rr.t 00.. MC 20 SOLSBURY HILL-c.. car AM l.. P Garr.. 7 MY BEST FRIEND'S WIFE -,r r.. 0,n Carr. r 0. NNW sor 72 I GOTTA KEEP DANCIN'-co. L.r 'D.. 0w.r r er4. Sr hsa PM, L Il,v XS/ -. GOING IN WITH MY EYES OPEN Sr rwr nasal. r na.., h.r S.0 NNa SAD GIRL -u t,.. 4..n,-new. C Cis.. h. net i...rt) YOU'RE MOYIN' OUT TODAY-seer Sir rte 0.. I M. C LOP. art s.0 ITS SAD TO BELONG -tat. P.. L I0. are c. S a lever.. l M t..:mu Y.00, DOWN TO THE STATION-to so... Ir Sisy4.,t I Oar rear LUCKENBACH, TEXAS (Bad To The t.. r... I Ira C Sias. as ION Basics Of Lare)-.,. r. a 0a l., rr.l t W LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT or. r HIGHER AND HIGHER -a. cran. PCP sat L YS.. L sew L era THE PRIDE (Part )-er, l.., nr, ra.,i t ir Y,. s,....,. t.r, Cl..' L a,. r M,, Ir 222 ttat, CAPTURE YOUR HEART -ro, r... rr.p I. 52M tr. ear C. mall O /026 I CAUGHT YOUR ACT -.0. Carts nth warn am. Ma. Lea LW ON AND ON or. 0.0 I- SOO. 4W,, s aaaw MC IoM YOU + ME = LOVE- lore near 04.. I W.II Maw MI Ironer Ira/ UKE DREAMIN -.., err I 04/0 era [Isere Cann L arcs 200 Cure 20 SOMETIMES -.m a li Ira. x., s eu.r sio (fry OLD FASHIONED BOY (You're The One) -vet. IDS Orrt Q/ It. I.4,rrl r NEED A MAN -c.r. err -. MAYBE I'M AMAZED Orr s.c.i,n, e SWa I. I.tfr IOM rrc.r0. coos, USO THEME FROM "ROCKY" (Gonna Fly Now)-,...,. lko u.l. 40 C fart l sae... Pure, *STAR PERFORMERS. Slats are awarded to IM NOI.00 chart Daied on M IWlowing upward movement. -0 Shoop Increase In sales t -20 Upward movement of 4 positions / 2-30 Upward movement of 6 postthe product 0 in a raid--.; sm,od This w,, in some caset sloe, / 3.40 Uo.wd movement of 8 positions / 4.00 Upward movement of 0 positions. 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125 Success THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND LONG HARD RIDE Had the members of the Marshall Tucker Band been born during the days of Wyatt Earls and Billy the Kid, their bullets would have been that from Remingtons and Winchesters. But arriving lust a few years coo late the guns have been traded for guitars and the only bullets are the ones appearing in the pages of Cashbox and Billboard. And lust as it takes years for a cowboy roar a name so does it take time for a rock and toll outfit to earn its rep. The Marshall Tucker Band really had its beginnings when the brothers Caldwell - Tommy and Toy - decided to turn music from a hobby into a profession. Still in high school, they formed The Rants ("I never did hgurc out what that meant' puzzles Toy) which tray. died the teen club circuit. Tommy, in the meantime, started an R &B group called The New Generaban. By 966 both bands were road wise and weary and were forced to call it quits when the service welcomed the Caldwells into its ranks. A four -year detachment from music did not dull Toy's enthusiasm and in his first weeks as a civilian penned "Can't You See: the song which was to become the Tucker Band's first hic single. Times were still lean, however, and Toy was forced to continue his discorrackings via club work. He formed The Toy Factory with former New Genera. don vocalist Doug Gray and saxophonist Jerry Eubanks and for two years was shackled with having to play rion- origi- nal material. At this point Tommy pined and later brought with him rhythm guitarist George McCorkle and drummer Paul Riddle. They rehearsed WEST COAST Packed Halls Await MTB The Marshall Tucker Band's Carolina Dreams tour of the West Coast bears lit' de resemblance to the dates predating < the formation of this band. Then, the members (in various bands at the time) were performing in nameless bus in o Iron of faceless people with little to show' at the end of the night besides a few dollars in the pocket and a lack ts, a rw of sleep. Their 977 tour of the western por- riots of the United Stares should do much to erase those memories. Packed halls await the group at virtually every stop and even after several dates had to be rescheduled there was no problem in selling rickets for the new concerts. The reaon for the rescheduling was due to acute tendonitis in the right forearm of drummer Paul Riddle. He actually Played three nights with this condition but the discomfort was too great and the dares were postponed. The rescheduled dates are as follows: San Diego,May 0; Los Angeles, May I, 2; Las Vegas, May 3; San Luis Obispo. May 4: Concord (San Francisco). May 5; Portland, May 24; Seattle, May 25: and Spokane, May 26. For this tour the group is following t 0 day on /0 day off policy: that is, they will play ten dates and then return home for a 0 day rest. This arrangement was group-decided but undoubtedly was fueled by wife request (all sac members are married). In fact brbman Jerry Eubanks along with wife Libby is expecting their first child on Friday and is further argument for this 0 and 0 setup. There was some worry over the rescheduled dates but all that has since been left aside. Sea Level opens all shows except Las Vegas. TO GLORY By STEVE ROSEN original material for six months and emerged with what was to become The Marshall Tacker Band album. When we formed this band. we said, 'Man, let's quit doing all this copy music and try to be a little more original about it all :" says Toy. whose unique guitar style (he uses no pick) earns him admiration from his peers as well as a cover story in the highly regarded Guitar Player Magazine. "Let's play what we want ro play: he continues. "Everybody agreed and that's why and how this band got starred. We all had day lobs. We quit to go for broke. I was a plumber. Our we wanted to play what we wanted to play. and the hell with everything else:' Since the group's first album was released in August of 973. they have recorded five others. A year later A New Life arrived followed by Where We All Belong (November 974: Searchin' For A Rainbow (August 975): Long Hard Ride (June 976e and their most recent titled Carolina Dreams (April 97). The sextet's maturation as musicians is easily discernible while listening to the six albums. The rawness of "Can't You See" was refined and honed down to become "Searchin' For A Rainbow" from the fourth album: and all the vi- tality of this track was further condensed to produce a song like "Fly Like An Eagle:' It's a sound based on musicianship - and companionship. "You've got to have an attitude about it;' outlines Tommy. "Me, George McCorkle and Paul Riddle try to lay in the groove, that groove Char the average guy wants to hear. something that Toy and Jerry (Eubanks) can build on. "We grew up trying to play together. We're not like some bands that don't like playing the same lick over and over. We runt to lay that down:' When one adds honesty to these elements of fraternity and music technique there can only be one end product - success. The band dues nor indulge in on -stage nonsense and ii s more than likely that their concert apparel is the their street gear. All this is same as meant to say is that years of dedication coupled with a talent for making music is what The Marshall Tucker Band is about. The element of longevity is one they hope to hold on ro. "It just seems to be that if a band goes up too quickly, they come down too quickly. kinda like the idea of working our way up slowly:' muses \\'e've got time: Toy. MTB Rocks Raceway \'i'hiie the Liar >0.. Tucker Band has time for little else besides making music, they have been able to devote leisure hours to the pursuit of racing. The group's mutual interest channeled itself into the co-ownership of the Marshall Tucker Band Special, a late model 975 Camara which races the oval track circuit. The MTB Special won is first race of the season at the Cherokee Speedway in Gaffney, South Carolina. where it was driven (as it always is> by Dnug Osteen. Vocalist Doug Gray goes the band one better by driving and operating his own ear. He owns a 966 Chevy Nova Super Stock which has reached a speed of (5 miles per hour in the quarrcrmile. He is driving Friday at the Rockingham Raceway where he hopes to beat the 7. second crack record in the eighth -mile. He has already "unofficially" broken that record and thinks he can cane his rime down even more. Talented Hot on The Charts, u THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND "Heard It In A Love Song "Yt Capricorn Records -CPS 0270 Toy Caldwell's "Heard It In A Love Song" is perhaps the guitarist's strongest synthesis of music and lyrics since he first penned "Can't You Sec" on the Marshall Tucker Band album over lour years ago. And for this reason it is not surprising to see that this single has been the band's most successful ever. It has already made its way up to Cash - box's Number 30 with a bullet and has reached Number 4 in Record World with continuing ascension. Caldwell's attempt was to produce a simple and uncluttered record and in "Love Song" he has done so. The solo passages are made up of no more than a few notes and the electric guitar fills at the end of each lyric line are quite basic. The closing duet of guitar and flute is little more than a rearrangement of the opening mots and it is a credit to Caldwell (and the band> that after such involved singles like "Can't You See" that they're able to reverse the process and produce a song like "Heard It In A Love Song" THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND "Carolina Dreams" to Capricorn Records- CPK080 Carolina Dreamt, the Marshall Tucker Band's sixth album, is as wide - ranging a record as the band has made to date. Containing seven songs, it is their first long player with less than eight songs indicating perhaps an exploration into longer song forms. As on past albums, Carolina Dreams is representative of the entire group in a compositional sense as almost every member is credited with the co-wriring or sole writing of each track. Toy Caldwell. MTB lead guitarist and sometime vocalist, is - as he always has been - the most prolific and contributes four of the album's most intriguing: "Fly Like An Angel: "Heard It In A Love Song; "Desert Skies. and "Tell It To The Dceìl:' Bassist Tommy Caldwell has written a Western ode titled "Never Trust A Stranger" and along with George McCorkle and Doug Gray assisted in "I Should Have Never Started Lovia You:' McCorkle and Eubanks co-wrote "Life In A Song: an up -Tempo song pushed along by Toy's lead lines and again rounded our with an almost Blood, Sweat & Tears horn arrangement. The horn charts on Carolina Dreams are certainly the most sophisticated the band has ever used. Under the direction of Eubanks and arranger Leo La- Branche, the horn parts bring a new level to this Tucker album which the earlier ones lacked. "We're very proud of it: admits drummer Paul Riddle. "I'm really excited about it. When we cut Carolina Dreamy it felt as exciting as when we recorded the first album 7 p Capricorn Special Survey Week Ending 4; 8/ 7 m lop Boxoffice 2,3 30 DAYS ON THE ROAD HOME SWEET HOME NEVER SOUNDED SO GOOD ARTIST OATE CITY, FACILITIES PROMOTER Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band Marshall Tucker Band /5 Athens, Ga., Don Fox Coliseum /7 Montgomery, Ala., Alex Cooley Civic Center /8 Chattanooga, TN., Sound Seventy Municipal Aud. /28 Salem, VA, Entam Civic Center Marshall Tucker Band 3/8 Commack Long Island, Rufinn /Vaughn o Commack Arena Marshall Tucker Band 3/9 Boston, Mass., Don Law Music Hall S TOTAL l TICKET SALES 7,622 /29 Johnson City, TN, Entam 5,44 Freedom Hall /30 Lexington, KY. Entam 4,552 Rupp Arena 2/3 Carbondale, Ill., Don Fox 6,72 Coliseum 2/4 Champagne. III., Don Fax 7,306 Coliseum 2/5 E. Lansing, MI, Don Fox U. of MI Field House 2/8 Passaic, NJ, John Scher Capitol Theatre 2/ 920 New York City, Ron Delsner Paladium 2/2 Providence, RI, Frank Russo Leroy Concert Theatre 2/22 Springfield. Mass., Coplick & Finkle Civic Center 2/23 Buffalo, NY, Harvey & Corky SoVi Century Theatre 2/24 Springfield, Ohio, Don Fox Whittenberg U. 2/25 Evansville Ind., Don Fox Roberts Mun. Aud. 2/26 Nashville, TN, Sound Seventy 9,500 Mun. Aud. 3/0 Dayton. Ohio, Jam Productions 7,503 tiara Arena 3/ Chicago, III., Jam Productions 8,490 Aragon Ballroom 3/2 Chicago, III., Jim Productions 9,00 Uptown Theatre 3/3 Indianapolis, Ind., Jam Productions Civic Center 3/5 Poughkeepsie, NY, Wayne Bond Mid Hudson Civic 3/6 Syracuse. NY, Rufino /Vaughn 7,360 War Memorial Marshall Tucker Band 4/ Stevens Pt., Wisc., Don Fox /McElrath 4,000 U. of Wisc. Marshall Tucker Band 4/2 St. Paul, Minn., Randy Levy SI. Paul Arena Marshall Tucker Band 4/3 St. Louis, MO, Keil Aud. Marshall Tucker Band 4/5 Denver, CO, Feyline U. Denver Arena Marshall Tucker Band 4/7 Boise, Idaho, Don Fox Expo Building Marshall Tucker Band 4/8 Salt Lake City, Don Fox Salt Palace Contemp. Prod. 59 S SQ S%4 4,707 3,500 Sd I'Ir 3,

126 84 New LP /Tope Releases POPULAR ARTISTS ADAMS. ARTHUR Midnight Serenade V sweaty F 9523 ALLEN, RANCE Say. My Friend tfi 98 LAC AMAZING RHYTHM ACES You Can Do It Too V a8c.00s 6 98 ANDREWS. RUBY Genfire Ruby V a8c A ARNOLD. EDDY I Need You All The Time lp RCA APL [795 GAPE. E277 :7 95 ATTITUDES Good News V Drs Hore DH 302 $698 AXTON. HOYT Snowbh.Friend V MG BT MGT 2263 t 7 98 GMGC 2263 s 7% BARBER. AVA Country As Grits V Remo. A870 :6 98 BECK. JEFF WITH THE JAN HAMMER GROUP live V ECK PE :6 98 BECK. JOE Watch The Time V Po.. P0, BETTS. DICKEY. & GREAT SOUTHERN Dickey Batts 6 Great Southern LP Lusk%474.).698 BEE. CELT, & THE BUZZY BUNCH Col. Bell & The Burry Bunch V 4P4 77: BILLION DOLLAR BABIES Battle Axe 0Fy3ppr 0600!699 BILLION DOLLAR BAND Balton Donar Bernd LP Goad c MG502 BLACK OAK ARKANSAS Best Of V Aton SD T TPJ650 QGCS36 50 Q BOBBIDAZZLER O &ebbidaraler CO LP KA APLI.2.% 698 J Br Ant BOGUSH, PAUL JR. EspectTe Her From Me Again LP Pnrale Stock.2025 Ffi 98 â s BOOTY PEOPLE Booty People LP 48C Á y BRECKER BROTHERS < Dorf t Stop The Music V rems BROOKS, LUTTE Two Days Away V , F79B G CS BROOKS. GEO. Play It Again Sam" V 4,-+.x BROTHE RS JOH NSON Right On Time LP 47. SP ST 8T CA C54644 S7 98 BROWNSVILLE STATION Brownsville Station LP vnwie Shoü BRUCE. JACK. BAND Hour's Tricks LP :7 97 t ] 9 7 s6 9B BURKE KENNY Kenny Burke Ori Hex D CALE. JOHN Guts V..MM ILP CAPTAIN BEYOND Dawn Explosion V ware Bros BS CAPTAIN & TENNILLE Come In From Th Rain V AGM SP G CARLIN. GEORGE On The Road V LW. Dare L ST 7, GCS CATO. CONNIE Whoever Finds Thin Low You VCa.t.o.ST CECILIO L KAPONO Night Music V Cdumllu PC CHARLIE No Secand Chnhca VJa,en4K57o37 CHER Images V Wa.,e Woe CHESNUT. JIM Let M. Low You Now LP Hckory ÁH440ä 7698 COMMODORES Commodores V Mo... M CONNORS. NORMAN Romantic Journey Vß, te 98 This listing of new LP /Tape releases Is designed to enable retailers and radio programmers to be sig.-to-the-et nuts on available new product Th. following configuration abbreviations are used: LP- album. 8T- 8.track cartridge. CA- cassette. OL- quadraphonic HIb T': 08 quadraphonic 8 -track camidge. Multiple records and /or Ipes Ina set appear within brackets following the manufacturer number. Tape dupiicalor/ marketers appear within parentheses following the tape manufacturer number. where applicable. CRAMER FLOYD& THE KEYBOARD KICK BAND Floyd Cranial 6 The Keyboard Kick Band V RCA APL2! SIT A..78! 49 Gken 8 ' 95 CROW. ALVIN 6 THE PLEASANT VALLEY BOYS High Riding V PUpor Pot DEE. KIKI K.e. Dee LP RPral G 5 7 C7 PIGC. 2 G PIGCI57 DELLS They Said N Couldrst So Don.. But We Dad It V Mercury SRM DETECTIVE DP Se. Song VTPS47gSS ßa+7 F69ß 8T ip 847 GC -847 :7 797 DONALDSON. LOU Color As A Way Of Lit. V Cool, TTP GC5.99í DORIAN Dorian V Amrra na A OUDEK. LES SHY No Mon LP Cc._ -.oa PC3397 DUSTY CHAPS Honky Task Music LP C.p.c. 5T 64 s B s69ß 6 98 EASY STREET Easy Smoot V Csw.cce CP EDMUNDS. DAVE Get It LP Ses. Song SS SrT P474ß 7 f 7 GC5848 [7 97 EGAN. WALTER F.nd.memal Roll V Co.n+oe PC EGG CREAM Egg Cream leaturirh9 Andy Adams LP Pyamd ELLIOT. RAMBLIN JACK Hard TI.WI,8 V [rw7y ESCOVEDO. PETE B SHEILA Sob Twe Frrosy F % FACTS OF LIFE Sornebmes V 6, S6 98 FARAGHER BROTHERS Family Tres V ABC FATBACK BAND NYC NYUSA V S p. e SP t e 98 FELTS. NARVEL The Touch Of FRAs V Á8C FERRY. BRYAN In Your Mind V 4drH.c FIELDS. GRACIE The Amazing V Mo.nouthEwgrt.e MES FLOYD. EDDIE Eaperienee V Mauro FOSTER. BRUCE Ah or The Show V M.Mn...m MYLP FOUR LADS Ten Million & Still Counting Vfono 63 FOX. NEAL A Painting V.4, FROMHOLZ STEVEN Frolicking In The Mist LPGanoIST6 698 GALE FORCE Gale Ford LP 'snow F GAYE. MARVIN Live At The London Palladium V Tartes T735. GLASS. PHILIP North Sur V V... P GOLDEN EARRING Mad Love LP MG s6 98 BT MGT 2254 í79b GMGC225C 798 GOLSON. BENNY Killer Jot V Columba PC GONG Espresso LPV.nyn P G000 SEED Good Seed V wage Vß GROOM. GORDON Exclusively Yours V FICA APL ÁP5-280 GUTHRIE. WOODY Dust Bowl Ballads FICA CPL EITC.PS GCPK HAGGARD. MERLE Songs I II Always Sing LP C.A SÁ8853 lt 8 98 HAMMER. JAN. GROUP. see Jell Beck HAZEL. EDDIE Games. Dames & Guitar P4yers VWrner Wnr t6 96 HOBBS. BECKY Everyday V Tame x :77 R8J G EUe l 69 HODGES. JAMES B SMITH Where On Your Mud V Lemon P5665 se 98 HOOKER. JOHN LEE Black Snake V F HOWARD. CHUCK Chuck Howard V Gram 005 t6 9 INOIOSTABAJA RAS LOS Mellow Nostalg. LP PCA APL 2082 f ÁP G apk 2082 ISLET BROTHERS Go For Your Guro VT hr. P:ï: : t6 98 JAMES. BOB BJ4 LPC7.C JARREAU. AL Look Terse Rainbow -AI Jarman Urm In Ewe. V Armor Brin s8 98 KATAKIS, MICHAEL A Simples Time VA6M SP ST '798 GC KIND HEARTS 6 ENGLISH A Weh For A Season VDJM0.7, KNIGHT. GLADYS. B THE PIPS Still Together V Budd, BD KRAFTWERK Tram -Europe Express LP SW KRISTOFFERSON. KRIS Sags Of Kris...non V Mon liso LaSo VMG 2247 IST MCAT 247 GMGC ß Le BLANC L CARR Midroght Tight V Bq Tse BT B<iP GCS LODGE. JOHN Natural Avenue...coo PS LOGG INS. KENNY Celebrate Me Hem. V CdumAa PC LUTHER This Close To You V CoNCn P CS-996 3]9 LYNN. LORETTA I Remember Patsy V MG MCAT 2265 í 7 9B G MGC MALLARD In A Different Climate Vv.. P MANDRE Mandy V Moues. M68865 s6 98 MANN'S. MANFRED. EARTH B ANO The R.,.ng Silence LP Y:ame. Wcv BSK MARK S CLARK BAND Double Take V C uumdac3449ß 6 98 MARTINEZ. JOHNNY The Salsa Mechina LP Cap. ST I 64 MASON. DAVE Let It How VCaumw PC34680 se 98 MAUPIN. BENNIE Slow Traffic To The Right V Mercury 5RM MCBRIDE. DALE The Ordinary Man V Con 8o Cß,05 M6GHEE. BROWNIE. see Senn, Terry se 98 MIDLER. BETTE Live At Last V A.untc ,. 98 BT TP-9000 : 98 GCS 9000 sit 98 MIGHTY DIAMONDS Ica On Fire VP.g.I9AW let IPZ MILLER. FRANKIE Full House V Creyuk MISSION MOUNTAIN WOOD B AND In Without Knocking V M2W80082 MOMENT OF TRUTH Moment 0 Truth LP Saw, ST55509 MOORE. TIM White Skidorn V...Lon 7E 088 NELSON, WILLIE Willie ;Before V RUÁP 22:; IT 4P5 70 GAPV.I t7q5 795 NEW YORK PORT AUTHORITY Three Thousand Mr I. From Hom. Prl OHIO PLAYERS Angel V Vevey SF., O "KEEFE. OANNY American Roulett. LP Yrne% MI PEACHES B HERB Peed.. Si Herb YMCA 226 s698 ó M PERSUASIONS Chrmin' VEMV, 7E 099 se 98 PEZBANO Parband EP F...P.802s s69ß PLEASURE Joy. V Few., F POCO Indian Summer V Á9C Á99H_ 698 PRYOR. RICHARD Greatest Hots ' PULLEN, DON Tomorow'6 Promises V Awn. SÁ R TP GG699 :797 RAWLS. LOU Unmistakably Lou V Phu... lest : F REDDY. HELEN Er Candy LP Caput ROGERS. DAVID I'm Gonna Low You Right Out Of This World LP Pe ut..glpmp RON STADT. UNDA A Retrospective LPCm.d ROUGH DIAMOND Rough Diamond V susa llps SAGER. CAROLE BAYER Carol. Beyer Sager V...7E SANBORN. DAVID. BAND Promis. Me Th. Moon V Warty. Was SCHAFFER. JANNE Kathenh V Cm...0 PC SEIFERT, ZBIGNIEW Zbigniew Seifert VC SEXTON. ANN Th. B.9.nnin9 LP Sows Stage 7 SS SOO SIMON. LUCY Stolen Time VRG 4PL.745 s69b BT ÁP SMITH. CAL I Just Came Home To Courts The Memories V MG 766 s69b BT MT CA MGC SMITH. MARGO Happrnsss U, ems SONS OF CHAMPLIN Loving Is Why AM.. Anero 57500).6 98 SOUL CH ILDREN When Is Your Woman Tonight V Ep.c PE SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY 6 THE ASBURY JUKES This Time li s For Reel V Ewe E3466ß.6 96 STANLEY, MICHAEL BAND Stagpess V E..c PEG3466 Q. STAPLES Family Tr. V ware, Wes STA. Violation LPC. S.SWI67 STEAGALL. RED For All Our Cowboy Friends V ABC Dot D0207ß.98 STEVENS. CAT laitso V AGM P4702 BT8T4702 r698 $798 ' G STEWART. GARY Your Pled Or Mint V RCA APL L.99 STREETWALKERS Vicious But Farr V Mercury SUP RTRAM P Even In The Quietest Moments V 6MSP.4634 t69ß GCS 464 /798 SWEET Off The Record V CFerol SW TAVARES Lay. Storm LP Camel STA062R.698 TAYLOR, BRIAN Brian Taylor V RG. 76 se 98 BTAPSI T- CONNECTION Magic LP IT 98 TERRY. SONNY B BROWNIE MRGHEE klydnight Special LP F...en.F.272 Qt.B 98 THOMAS. B. J. Hon. Where I Belong v,..n M.6674 s SPECIAL 38 Special LA ABM ST87 x638 s] 98 GCS TROPEN, JOHN Short Trip To Spec. V Mi4, TROY. BENNY Tessin" M.Te Piece. V Oe V+e DEP TUBES Now VÁ6M SP ST GCS 4672 t th CENTURY STEEL BAND Worn, Main Cold Steil V crud P VARIOUS ARTISTS Guitar Piay., V MG 6002 IT BT MCAT 600 Music Of Jerome Kam LP Bagnoh _698 VERA. BILLY Out OS TB. Dark... V Md.og lne l ß[L VINTON. BOBBY The Name Is Low V 4ßC WANSEL. DEXTER What The World Is Corn. To V PtLuoephe 67P/34487 SE 99 WASHINGTON HILLBILLIES Washington HiIRlrllies V Caee6L.rcs NBLP WATERS Everywhere VWame Bim WATSON. JOHNNY GUITAR A Reel Mahr For Y. V DJM DJLP47 s6 98 WEBB, JIMMY El Mirage Vatrwc SO T 7P GCS WILD CHERRY Electrified Funk VEPCPE WILLIAMS, GLOSTER. b THE KING JAMES VERSION Together Peas 5005 WING 6 A PRAYER FIFE 6 ORUM CORPS Babyfad Strikes Back Wei, 64 Pray BF G WOOD. BRASS 6 STEEL Wood. Brass 6 Steel V Türm 706 t6 98 WRIGHT. BETTY Tlus Time FIN Real V Ahorn 440E YARDBIRDS Great Hits V Tye PETS.. t ZAPPA, FRANK Zappa In New York LP Won. gros s.98 JAZZ ADDERLEY. CANNONBALL. featuring Nat Added,' Coast To Coast V stieslone M ADDERLEY. NAT. xis Cannonball Adder., AKIYOSHI. TOSHIKO.LEW TABACKIN BIG BAND Road Tune V 8C4 Celt T CP. 22 r AMMONS. GENE The Gene Ammons Story Organ Combos Ll. FeLagee 2407, 4896 BENSON. GEORGE. &JACK Mc DUFF GeorgmB. eon &Jack Mc Due LP Pr., BOBO. WILLIE Tomorrow Is Here VBwnerreP OlG BRAXTON. ANTHONY T e Montreux /Berlin Concerts LP...ALSG0 (2, BYRD. CHARLIE Charlie Byrd Swings Downtow. V.+qua 76 COLTRANE. JOHN. featuring QUINICHETTE & MAL V PNgev7 COLTRANE. JOHN The Other Village V V ABC.pare ÁS93252 CLAYTON. BUCK Jr. Parry Time V C`.awcw CR.52 DAVIS. MILES Waimea.. V...toe PC343. DI MEOLA. AL Elegant Gypsy V OA,. 3.6 DOLPHY. ERIC Status LP Pmege P ELLIS. PEE WEE Horn. In Th. Country V S.wy SJL 30 ESCHETE. RON Spi,. s Seen. V 4003 _sell FARMER, ART Crawl Spec V FERGUSON. MAYNARD Conquistador V C.a.,. PC3.57 GILBERTO. JOAO Amoroso 5 95 GORDON. DEXTER Homecoming At The Village Vanguard V Ceuesbel ßt3 +65 GORDON. DEXTER. QUINTET Swiss Nights V.v..% 050 HACKETT. BOBBY Thanks Bobby V Dee, OR.004 HALL ADELAIDE That Wonderful V Mw.att.- Fe.q.ce MES7080 óf HALL. BOMITE Body Lang.. For Low.. LP _ O./ C.oay HANCOCK. HERBIE VSOP V Coeur. PG34668 Qs. 7 9 HANDY. JOHN Crnival V Á6C...noire /69 HARRIS. EDDIE How Can You Live Like That V...5D69ß.63.TP G C5698 HARTMAN. JOHNNY Johnny Harman V Massa,55,2 6 HERMAN. WOODY, & THE NEW THUNDERING HERO The 40th Anniversary. Hall Condo. Recorded Live Nov V Gryonm BGLI T BG E.I4 Y G.K.203 Fla 9s_ HINES. EARL Solo Walk In Tokyo s6 V 8o7ap8, HOWELL MICHAEL Alone VCnIru CAT JAMAL AHMAD Sun Set V Chess 40,407 5, JEFFERSON. EDDIE The Jazz Si.. ng LPinne Gn Ct O+e 696 KENTON, STAN Live In Ewa. V Lpdon SP KESSEL BARNEY Soaring V Cocote Jeu Gal SS LAWS. RONNIE F.MdsL Stainers V Pur..87,.7.7. f / _ 96 LEWIS. JOHN. L HELEN MERRILL John Lewis At Helen Maria V Mos., SRM s LIEBMAN. DAVID Light n Up V Homan SP MANGIONE. CHUCK Jazz Brother LP Mrrwv M MAS. JEAN PIERRE Rw de Lourmel V,.T. Cn 0 6 9e McCANN. LES Mime Lets Me B. V 430 mpube se 9 McDUFF. JACK. see George Benson McHARGUE ROSY R.gtrmars V Juno 2 McRAE. CARMEN At TM Grow American Music Hall 0.76.e Noir LA MERRILL - HELEN. SeeJOhn Lawn (Continued on page 85)

127 General News 85 Dealers, Customers Accept $ Price Rise Amsterdam IMIC Looms on,inued from page Budget sold "Star" for I. "everybody complained -but bought It anyway. People gripe I higher prices. but they'll still " she adds. *rduff says if there's a record t in the offing, she thinks it Id be directed at record and quality -which she says is coning to deteriorate. at sentiment is echoed by r Elliott, manager of one of the Burstein Applebee stores. m upset about the price hike use record companies are not ing up with the quality to " Elliott says. "I think you're to hear a lot more complaints t quality because of the sophistcd equipment now being sold. have a lot of people come in and y high -priced equipment. then i9!vine back complaining about how sounds. It's just because the qual- N of the records and tapes is lousy." Elliott says he hasn't seen any opeasurable drop in business be- i cruse of the price hike. with higher - ipti ed items like "Star" moving well. in!he's more concerned about what tutu happen if the quality and price,continue moving in opposite direc- MILWAUKEE By MARTIN HINTZ Consumers here are complaining :about high album prices and have a sófïed several high cost LPs out of 3" itee competitive market. But Lithe vi, the soundtrack from "A Star Is and are still flocking to the outlets to get copies. High pnc, aren't the problem. "It seems that every woman who ever saw that movie wants an album. Its become like a souvenir." says Jim Howard. chief LP buyer for the four -store 82 Overture chain. Store costs for the Streisand release are varying. but most hover in the range between S5.49 and 56 level. It usually depends how the owner feels the album is doing on the charts and the reaction of the customer. Many store managers have reservations about the increasing cost of the albums, but add that a major group can usually draw well. One exception that has been noted across the board was the recent Queen release at S7.98. which apparently died out after the group's fans made an initial buying surge. " W'o've gone along with the price hikes and I'm still trying to decide myself whether the increases are good or bad;' says John Cannon, manager of the Peaches outlet. "People are concerned about how much they have to pull out of their pocket. they aren't that much concerned about the list price." he adds. The Columbia album had sold at a special sale price after it was released, but it is now selling at S6.97. " think the higher prices arc hurting." Cannon says. "But once the consumers are programmed to pay those prices, they'll accept them. It might take a year or two though." He says he was amazed at the num- ber of people buying at the higher price. "I hate to say it, but I think the record companies are getting away with it " Cannon goes on. At Peaches. S7.98 albums normally sell for or at $4.99 for a special sale: albums usually sell for $4.98. or at on sale. S5.98 LPs are or on sale. If people want the product. they'll pay for it," agrees Ken Herrick, LP buyer for Radio Doctors. His store sold about 5,000 copies of the Columbia release with a 0-day new release special of $5.49 and a current price. Radio Doctors offers LPs at a usual mark and albums at $4.29. "Those are our special retail and ad- Yenised specials," says Herrick. He says stores that boycott high priced albums are only hurting themselves. The customer will just go someplace else to get the release. I f people don't buy it then we don't buy it,' Herrick says. Darrell Kraft of Musicland says he wasn't surprised at the price hikes. "People will buy albums anyway. but they will still moan." he says. "I think that the prices are about as high as they are going to get: Musicland prices are about a SI off the list price. The Columbia LP went for $5.99 at an early sale price and currently is $6.67. selling for The popularity of the respective group determines whether an LP will sell at a higher cost, says Joyce (Continued on page 90) Continued from page play each year at the world famous Keukenhof floral exhibition. Aside from this new special distinction, Billboard also enjoys the unique status of having a famous marching theme carrying its name. The Billboard March" is used by every circus around the world. The Billboard tulip was specially commissioned by Ariola Benelux from the bulb farm of Jac Uittenboogaard, situated in the heart of Holland's famous bulb fields. This family business has grown bulbs on its 50 acres of land since 90. Preparatory plans for the conference are in full swing, with new participants announced for IMIC's panels. Joining the many industry leaders from around the world already confirmed will be George SUuth of Canada's Quality Records and Monty Leufiner of Ariola /Eurodisc on the special presidents panel under the direction of Coen Solleveld, president of Polygram. In addition, Pierre Goemacre, managing director of Inelco /Belgium and Sigfried Loch. managing director of WEA Musik GmbH of Hamburg. will join the panel titled "Marketing And Promotion, Country By Country." New members of the session focusing on New International Forces In Music" are Mike Hales of Polydor and Mervyn Conn of the Wembley Music Festival in England. Bob Edgerton. chief buyer of Woolworth's in the U.K., has been confirmed as a panelist on "Evolution In Retailing" And joining the "Publishing Today" panel will be Sug Anderson of Sweden Music, Roland Kluger of Roland Kluger Music. Ron White of EMI and Giuseppe Ricci of Edizioni Curci. Leonard Feist of the NMPA will join the session discussing the new U.S. Copyright Act. Preceding the IMIC '77 banquet and the presentation of Billboard's Trendsetter Awards on the final day, Mountain Recording Studios of Montreux, Switzerland, will host a special cocktail reception. The registration fee is $400 per participant which includes all sessions, meals. workbook materials and special events. Spouse registration is S50. All correspondence regarding registration fees and hotel accommodations should be directed to Diane Kirkland. conference coordinator. Billboard, 9000 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif., New E /A /N Office NEW YORK- Elektra /Asylum/ Nonesuch Records has relocated its New York offices. The new address is 665 Filth Ave., N.Y The phone number remains the same: New LP /Tope Releoses D :orninuedfrom page 84 S. BARRY. & CO. ry Train PGryt.arl BOL 2200 GGS.2200 MERY. WES M4eftone M RAY. DAVID For Alban IridV Na+.yuon IN 026 ARRO. FATS Navarro Mien.< M4704 2, OLS. RED..And His Pennies LPiow 2 NORTH TEXAS STATE UNIV. LAB BAND tab'76 LIUU PULLEN. DON Healing Force LP73.ascs Saw QUINICHETTE. PAUL. see John Cohnry RETURN TO FOREVER ~ Music:magic LPCdunya x[:4682 :6 98 RINALDO & SONS Jasa Is A Four Latter Word V7kJ Rom. TONY R Phy Charlie Christian V M4aq,e 000 ROUSE. CHARLIE. BAND Cinnamon Plover - VCeaolari. NBLP RUSHEN. PATRICE Shout tt Out a,899, ,L RUSSELL. GEORGE Goiter 4.Ostie SANDERS. PHAROAH if LI Ride Nmylm IN 027 SCHAEFER. HAL The Extraordinary V Jan Pianist Rw...ea 000 se 98 SHAW WOODY. ENSEMBLE CONCERT ` e At The Berliner u.ueo Jamtage most bsummers. BILL Feel The Heat tpreaipep 002 sb 98 TATUM. ART The Tatum Solo M esterpieces, v. 4 Veadnto0789 s CAK0789 The Tatum Solo rpi.eea. v QS a.ppaaio 230 tl 75 $ s7 98 The Tatum Solo Masterpieces, v.6 LP Pablo s7 98 ST5079 t 798 GK The Tatum Solo Masterpieces, v.7 LP Patio SS CAK The Tatum Solo Masterpieces, v.8 LP Vade 'TS0793 s 795 VAN DYKE. LOUIS Round Midnight LP Columbia,345 VARIOUS ARTISTS Rare Big Band Gems LP Ncma3a Boos Cab 004 WALDRON. MAL. see John Cohrane WOOD, PHIL. SIX Live From Tho Showboat LP Gryphon BGL ( CA Bova THEATRE FILMS TV HAZEL FLAGG Original Cast LP A.R. 5e4CBM.220, :638 NEW FACES OF 952 Original Cast LP RCA Rea Seal CBM.2206 $698 PORGY & BESS Goldman & Houston Grand Open LP RCA -Red Seal ARL RAGGEDY ANN & ANDY Original Soundtrack LP Columlw SILK STOCKINGS Original Cast LP PCA Red 5N: $698 YOUR ARMS TOO SHORT TO BOX WITH GOD Original Cast LP A8C A8004 CLASSICAL BACH. JOHANN SEBASTIAN Cantata No.. No 67 Ferner Jacques Orch.. Jacques LP Treasury R BEETHOVEN. LUDWIG VAN Complete Music For Wind Band Landon Wind Solorats. Brymer LP Memory STS 5387 $3 98 Piano Sonatas. Na. 28 in A, Op 0. No. 30 in E. Op. 09 Aahkenaw LP tendon $6 98 G $795 Symphony Na 2 in D. Egmont Overturn Chicago Symph Orch Sdt, LP London CS With Symphony No 4. Op. 64 GCS Symphony No. 3 in E -flat Eroica) ( Chicago Symph Orch Solt, LP London CS $795 London Phdh Orch., de Sabala: Berlioz Le Carnaval Romain Overture LP Treasury R.2022 al $796 Symphony No. 4 in B -Flat Op. 60 Chicago Symph Orch. Solli / Weber Oberon Overture LP London CS 7050 $ 6 98 With Symphony No. 2 in D Symphony No. 5 in c. Op 67 Concengebouw Orch of Amsterdam. Klaiber: Mozart Symphony No 40m g. London Phdh Ores Klaiber LP Treasury R BERLIOZ. HECTOR Symphonie Fantastique. Op. 4; Le Canaval Romain Overture. Op. 9 Cencengebouw Orch Of Amsterdam. Van Beenum LP Treasure R23205 $3 98 BRAHMS. JOHANNES Symphony No 3 in F. Op 90, VaritiiunsOnA Theme OI Haydn L Orchestre de U Suisse Romande Ansermet LPTreasure STS5382 $398 BUXTEHUDE, DIETRICH Organ Works. v. Chopais LP Oaf one Wen DELIBES. LEO Coppelta L Orchestre de la Suisse Romande. Ansermet LP Treasury STS DONIZETTI. GAETANO L'Efisir D'Amore Orchestra Of The Maggio Musical Fimenhno. Molinari- Pradelk LP Treasury SRS sit 94 FRANCK. CESAR Sympfany in d: Symphonic Variations Cleveland Orch Maazel LP London.7044 $698 GCS GILBERT. WILLIAM. & SIR ARTHUR SULLIVAN The Grand Duke D Oyly Cane Opera Co Royal Ph,0 Orch Nash LP Colgan OSA 2062 s 3 96 CA 0,5, HANDEL. GEORGE FRIDER IC Belshazzar C eeniiius Mus,cus 0 Vienna. Hamoncoun LP Taki(unkan (4 i3t 92 KHACHATURIAN. ARAM Gayne Ballet - Tseknavorwn. National Phdh Ores V RCARed Sa i CRL KULKA. KONSTANTY Violin Entenas s,,;,.vr: Warschauer Nat' -Phil h. LP Telefunken :798 MASSENET. JULES Scones Alsaciennes. Scenes Dramatiques. Marche Dos Princesses National Phdh Orch Bonynge LP London CS MENDELSSOHN. FELIX Symphony No in e, Op. & No Sin d. Op. 07 Vienna Ph,lh Orch Von Dohnacy, W London MOZART. WOLFGANG AMADEUS Concertos for Piano No 8 in B Flat &No 9 in Sexkin. Eeglrah Chamber Orch Schneider LP ROAR. Seal A T ARS CAARKI Piano Concertos No. 8 in ElFlat & No 24 inc Engel. Salzburg Mozarteum Orch Hager LP Telefunken $ Serenade No. 7 in D. K. 250 Vienna Phdh. Orch.. Munchtnger LP Treasury STS Symphony No 38 in English Chamber Orch (Semen. Schubert Symph No 8 LP London CS 674 x698 Symphonies No. 38 in D & No. 25 on London Symph. Orch Solo LP Treasury R s398 Symphonies No. 39 in E -Flat & No. 34 inc Israel Ph,lh. Orch Mesta LP London CS 7055 s6 98 CA CS MUSSORGSKY. MODEST Pictures At An Exhibition Chicago Symph.. Giul e,' Prokol,ev Class+eal Symphony LP DG PAGANINI. NICCOLO Violin Concerto No. in D, Op. 6 BeS e Israel Ph,lh. Ores Melia LP London PROKOFIEV. SERGE Piano Concertos No. 3 in C. Op. 26 & Na 4. Op. 53 Ashkenazy. London Symph Orch.. Nevin LP London GC Violin Concertos No in D & No 2 in g Kyung WhaChung. London Symph Orch., Prev,n V London RAVEL MAURICE Bolero Chcago Symph Ore Soli,' Debussy La Merl Apses Mid, D Si, Faune LP London CS RUSSELL- HENRY An Evening With Henry Russell Jackson. Bolcom LP Nonesuch H SCHUBERT. FRANZ Complete Piano Trios Wiener Trio, Buchbinder LP Teletunken Quintet in C. D. 956; Trio in 8- Fist Vienna Ph,lh. Quartet LP,e5eno STS STRAUSS. JOHANN JR. A SR. Emperor Walte Ormandy, Ph,ladepha Orch LP RCARed Sea, ARL T ARS GARK WAGNER. RICHARD Tristan Und Isolde Moedl, Windgassen. Blatter. Orchester Der Suedhschen Oper - Berl,n. Rother LPTelefunken s 5 96 CLASSICAL COLLECTIONS BAKER JULIUS. see Jean Pierre Rampal BOSKOVSKY, WILLI. & THE VIENNA PHILH. ORCH. The Vienna Of The Strausses LP treasury ST BREAM. JULIAN An Evening With LP RCA Red SokICRL77772) 898 ST CR G CRK DE LARROCHA. ALICIA & THE ROYALPHILH. ORCH.(W, DE BURGOS) Concertos From Spain LP Lydon CS $795 EVANS. GERAINT Three Centuries Of Baritone Art LP Trani :NSR s398 FIEDLER. ARTHUR. & THE BOSTON POPS The Pops Boa LP RCA Red SwI CRL3 226ßl 5 98 HOROWITZ, VLADIMIR Favorite Beethoven Sonatas LP Cdumw M RAM PAL. JEAN -PIERRE. with JULIUS BAKER & ROBERT VEY RO NLACROIX Duets & Sonata LP Fantasy F SASS. SYLVIA Presenting Sylvia Suas LP Cordon OS G s7 95 VEYRON- LACROIX. ROBERT. ace Jean Pierre Rampal WOODS. JONATHAN t898 Battle Imperial LPlendon CS7046 CA C SPOKEN WORD s795 - t0 CO O BABY IS THREE- Sturgeon Sturgeon Á LP Csdmon TC FIVE LITTLE PEPPERS S HOW THEY GREW -Sidney Harris LP Caedmon TC FRANCES -Hoban Johns LP Caedmen TC ANNE FRANK. DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL Bloom LP Caedmon FRANKENSTEIN- Shelley Mason LP Cacdmon 7054 $ 6 98 THE GREAT SWITCHEROO -Dahl Neal LP CaMmon TC545,698 THE GREEN HILLS OF EARTH - Heinlein N,moy LP Caoomon SC, HUGHES. TED Poetry & Voice Of LPCaedmon JAMES & THE GIANT PEACH - Dahl Dahl LP women TC JULIE OF THE WOLVES -George Worth LPCaedmenTC LITTLE TOOT STORIES- Gnmatky Conned I.P Caedmon PLATH. SYLVIA Reading Her Poetry LP Caw... TC QUEEN ZIXI OF IX -Baum Bolger LP Caedmon TC RUKEYSER. MURIEL The Poetry & Voice Of LP Caedmon TC 576 $698 TRUMAN. HARRY S The Truman Tapes LP Caedmon , 4396 TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA -Verna Mason LPC eon,on70472 tó.98 WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE - Sendak Grimes LP Caedmon TC 53i se 98 WRIGHT, JAMES The Poetry & Voice Of LP CaMmei

128 86 Iv Album Picks, Billboard SPECIAL SURVEY For Week Ending 5r7í77 Number( d LPs reviewed this week 49 lost week 66 Copynphl 977 Bn.anfl Pubacafa.s. Inc No Dan of mm pube uaon may be fepoduc alavo,n a rhneval symam, or ban. imbed, m any torn a by any moans. Ownomc. mklun,ca, OnnfoaoPy, receding, a omerwae. wwwo,rl Ma poor w in.. perms.. of ma publ,ner 7f COU ntlr ROY CLARK -My Music d Me /Vocal 6 Instrumental, ABC, Dot D0202 :2. A strong LP enort by Clark that exemplifies his masterful yowl and picking ability. A mixture of serious ballad type material. instrumentals and kicky uptempo num bets. this double LP set contains a Hank Williams' tune, So Lonesome Could Cry: a Ned Sedaka /Howard Greenfield tune. "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do." "Hookimt," which o a sell-penned number along with "Hall A Love." that was writ ten by both Clark and R. Lane, among others Strng arrange ments by Bergen While and Bill Walker complement lour our ol the 0 tunes altered m this collection Best cuts:' Georgia On My Mind.' "Kids, "Hall A Love, 'Modern Day Miracle- Dealers: park's Irequent Iv appearances should spar. sales TOM T. HALL-About love, Mercury SRMI39. An un usual album by Hall that, loe the fast lime. relies heavily on writers other than himself for love songs. Hall throws in some of ho own mellow composetlons -such as ''Your Man Love_ You, Honey" and "A Whole Lot Of Love-in the melange that mdudes the timeless "It's All In The Game," the Tom tan,. classic "Lavin' Arms and Don Mettan's ladback love ballad. "And Love You So." Hall's vocals are caressed by some lee der guitar work from Ray Edenton, Pete Wade and Jerry Ken nedy (who produced). A lew strings, some bang lacks. bass, drums and keyboard are included in the simple. effective ar rangements. Bat cuts: "You, Man Loves You. Honey:' "loan' Arms." 'One 0 The Mysteries 0 Lite.- "It's All In The Game " Dealers: No stranger to the pop chart, Hall could appeal lo Polk and MOR as well as country with Iha package. WAYLON JENNINGS -0' Waylon, RCA APLI237 Excep dotal LP from Jennings who is setting some new standards with ha recent product Necked of by his hot new single, 'Luchenbach, Texas (Back To The Basler 0 Love)." the al bum also carves several more biographical and aulobro graphical songs Smooth. polished production from Chips Mo,Q man results n an album that could easily crossover to the O pop field. A Iresh and broad choice of material -with songs m, from Jennings, Woman, Ned Diamond and a host of welterspewees a vehicle that slides Into, and out ol, various music m styles and feelings. A beautifully balanced album with a pow y edul Imeup of mcivans headed by lennengs on vocals, lead rn } I and rhythm guitar. Best cuts: "Luckenbach, Texas (Back To The Basecs 0 Lover 'II You See Me Gelling Smaller," 'Sweet Caroline." < New Goodbye Song" 2 Dealers: Stock this one deep and watch for pop action too. Think I'm Gonna Moll Myself," "Belle 0 The Ball." "Brand A good bet for No. I. FREDDY FENDER -Bat 0 -,. ABC /Ooh Span nmg the years from 974 to 96. Iha Fender album s a compilation ol hits from lour previous Les. mdudmg " Before the Next Teardrop Falls, "Are You Ready For Freddy,' "Rock 'n' Country" and "If You're Ever In Texas" The traditional TeMee delivery that Fenders sensitive vocal style has made famous is surrounded in production by bas, strings, guitar. steel. electric guitar and piano. Best cuts: 'Before The Next Teardrop Falls." "Wasted Days And Wasted Nights, " Sessel Love," "The Rams Came." Dealers: A collector's LP which should spur sales CODY ARNOLD-I Need You All The Time, RCA APL Ainalds second RCA album a a quality blend al the rich smoothness, consistency and lyrically meaninglul material that has established him as an artist who surpasses musical time spans. Owen Bradley's producton expertise brings to gether classy instrumentation spiced with effective guitar pr ano, string arrangements by Bergen White and vocal atoam tenement by the Hollady Singers Songs by Boudleaux and Felice Bryant, "(I Need You) All The Time," Lawton Wdlams. " Faulein:" and George Tomato, "Getter). Away From It All" enhance Arnold's identifiable vocal delnery Best ails: "Il Need You) All The Time." " Faulen," "I've Neuen Loved Anyone More," "Geffen' Away From II All" Dealers: Arnold's appeal reaches many fields of music. j FirstTimeAround SHALAMAR -Uptown Festnil, Saul Tram But 289 (RCA). Theo vocally etventive threesome makes something of a spe tally of contemporary disco updates of early Motown male vial. The Idle cut has already been a Hot 00 angle and es Touede luece medley of a string of Motown bets Slides one and two have different producerarranger teams. The lust side rs sparkling, immaculate disco with a while hot mix. Side two a soul balladry with Gene Page string charts and featuring the voice d the lemale member of this Ira The main stream soul cuts are good and wide ranging en styk. but no where near as distinctively individual as what Shalamal does with the desco tracks Best al: "Inky Dinky Wang Dang Da," 'Uptown Feste val " Deakrs: Good for perky play at souldaco outlets. In a 0u- Deceptive Bends, Mercury SRM3702 Al (hough hall the anginal IOcc has departed en order to perfect and market a new kind al revolutionary synlhe suer. remaining Graham Gouldman and Erlc Stewart have -with the aid of percussionist Paul Burgess and a levy guest solaals- produced a lavishly pretty and cosmi- cally silly LP in the great IOcc lrad/ran As eccentric as it is multitalented in studio virtuosity and songwriting, locc went its awn determinedly madcap way la Years before breaking through with a No I single, "I'm Not In Love." a couple d albums ago This new LP was heralded with a lop 5 single, "the Things We Do For Love," that is a perfect recap d IOcc style m general and this entire LP in ds blend d beautifully lush melodies and production sunoundeng slyly surrealistic lyrics. Best cuts: "The Things We Da for Love," "People In love," "Feel The Benefit." "Modern Man Blues Dealen: The doubleldd locket with its bizarre graph its of deep.sea doers will make an eyecalcheeg display Billboard's Recommended LPs pop BRAND T- Moroccan Roll Passport PP98022 (ABC) Mostly instrumental, evocative freform rock on this somewhat etc cenlnc English gecue s second album Brand X quintet a quite line al conveying flaaty, dreamlike moods with highly controlled studio techniques The group also can cook with a restrained elegance somewhat reminiscent of Pink Floyd Best cut: Why Should lend You Mine." "Disc Suicide " KINGFISH-Live Bichil', let TLA732G(UA) Good live sel with a Fain like feel recorded al the Rosy en LA. Grateful Deader Bob Wer sits In on guitar and vocals and many of the songs do have a Dead flavor -a more laidback type eh rock 'n' roll Best cuts: "Goodbye Yet Honor," "Juke." "I Hear You Knocking.' -'lump For by. " 'lump Back" GINGER BAKER d FRIENDS -Eleven Sides 0 Ginger Baba, Sire SA7532 (ABC) Friends include Chris Speddmg. Rick Geed). Beebe Flowers and "Mr Snips' on vocals The mu sical sides of Baker are represented by II shat songs. The styles range from the sonic assault Baker perfected with Cream and the Baker Guinn Army to Elva type rakers to }au. oriented Latin and African rhythms. The LP shaves Baker as much more than a power drummer. but its eutectec nature bar to smooth continuity Best cuts:' Can a somewhat of a dlatrck lake:' "N'kon Kern N'knon Nkon.' `Don't Stop The Carnival." RICHARD TATE, ABC ABtUt6. Tate is a Spotlight sengernnter pro ducerarranger whose light tenor voice a most al home with blueeyed soul sophistication in the vein of Hall b Oates. He is less distinctive on the mare rock oriented cuts here The LP was cut partially at Muscle Shoals and the sal -rock rhythm tracks are powerfully dynamic. Best cuts: "Fill My Life With Love: ""Long Mountain Road, "She' s Got The Time To Love Me." KEVIN AYERS -Yes We Have No Manias /So Get Your Bananas Today. ABC, AB02 The music on this LP is rust as pradigeus as its title Ayers' wobbling deep vocals help bring a new sound to each lune, avoiding repetition Most tunes are light, whispery ballads White Englishman Ayers backs up his singing on guitar with a rhythm section. the emphasis o on lyrics and melody. This album, previously released in Eng land, is Ayers' first for ABC Best cuts: "Star," "love's Gonna Tum You Around:' "Blue" "Ballad Of Mr Snake." TORNADER -Hit II Again, Polydor PD6098 Mostly blueeyed vocal luth bon' writersengers Larry Alexander and Sandy to rano with caking rhythm tracks by New York studo stars and some guitar from Johnny Wetter Tends to fall a bit between lormal slandardizabons but has no shortage of rgb energy Best cuts: 'Rack Up (Hit It Again)," "Does Anybody Really Wanna Do The Thing." MUSICA ORBIS -To The Listeners, t ongdlvity LD. This gum tet -three male and two female -have a wide campus follow ing Each member is an accomplished musieran uólaing ear ied instruments including harp. organs, Ilules and recorders The music rtsep has a rock classical feel with Kelly Brarelton altering etheral vocals. Best cuts: "Welcome," "Samuel." "Red Winds." "II a Hard To Say " SEEDS- Falfin' ON The Edge, GNP Crescendo GNPS207 Sixth LP by this California veteran foursome has a country flavored title song and 0 others of ment. Sky Sawn, Rick Andridge. Daryl Hooper and Ian Savage show commendable talents not only as performers but as songwriters The pro. ductha team of Kim Fawley, Marcus Tybalt and Neil Norman captures it all with excellent fidelity Best cuts: "Fallen' OH The Edge 0 My Mind," "The Wind Blows You, Hair:' "Pushin' Tao Hard." 'Chocolate River " BLOSSOM DEARIE -My New Celebrity Is You, Daffodil BMDl03. Beautifully retarded package ol two LPs olle,s 6 highly sophisticated songs by the mailable New York singer pianist. long a favorite of Manhattan's Cale society. Ron Cae J ter, Grady Tate. Toots Thielemann. Hubert Laws. George Deems and lay Berhnger provide subtle. effective accom paniment Title song was possibly the last Johnny Mercer composed. Deane defied eight of the titles herself. Best cub: "My New Celebrity Is You," "Unless It's You," "Thee Ought To Be A Moonlight Saving Time." SEVERANCE -Largo 600 A powerful entry by a struggling, unknown Caldorna qulntnt comprised of Barry Sapersten, Greg Hula, Todd Bingham, Zum Vendetta and John Philip Shenale. Heavily electronic. combo boasts extraordinary muselals en drummer Sapenlern and gultanslsinger Bingham and a knack for popping up with mgenrous ongmal songs, 2 in this debut LP. The Severance sound is particularly tailored for discos but will elate almost every type of 977 auditors. Bat cuts_ Right To Choose," "Out There 0n My Own: "Only Mn: 'What More Can Dop' MOM AND DADS -Whispering Hope, GNP Crescendo GNPS208 There's a paradox here, inasmuch as the Caldor neebased label a internationally noted for its Ian product and the unpublicized Mom and Dads group, working out of Spokane,s as far from laze as lrberaces mother. Oldsters, however, sing and play with an abundance of emotron and are now the label's biggest selling act A program of old.timey semi religious tunes. group has wide appeal in the Midwest Best cult "Whispering Hope," "Amer. The Beaublea I"' Let The Lower Lights Be Burning" soul FLOATERS, ABC AB030 The title of this Detroit foursome is quite appropriate since the vocal sound features a high lead voice interacting with almost- ashegh harmonizing. Longish lull sounding studio rhythm lams also find their way on most ol the cuts The group es a contemporary update of Detroit rods soul Best cuts: "I Bet You Get The One You Love: "Eu emhing Happens For A Reason' IKE WHITE- Changin' Trees, LA Internatenal GG Re corded at Tehachapi State Prison in California by Jerry Goldstein fora new Far Out Productions codependent label, key boardat.singerwitergudarat White is a bluesy, latrlunk artat whose fight, soulful voice and imaginative, lulbsound. ing multi overdubbing rhythm tracks would not be out of place on a War LP Best cub: "Comm' Home. " "I Remember George " TOUCH -Energizer, Brunsweck BL Phdly style smooth soul by a sell-contained sextet billed as highly active in studio and commercah session. The ubiquitous Breaker Brothers lead a guest horn section. A daco-arented, clean, percuuwe sound with all cuts on the longish side and teatur mg smooth choral (seven) vocals "Come On Baby " country Best cuts: "Energizer," CONNIE CATO- Whoever Finds This, I Lae You, Capitol ST 606. Cato s Iliad album to Capitol a almost a greatest hits package containing her last foe country charted sin gles- "I Love A Beautiful Guy," "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again. " I'm Sorry" /'Evil On Your Mind, " "Don't You Ever Gel Teed (0 Hurting Mel " / "I've Been Loved By You Today" and ''I'll Be A Lady Tamanow (But I'm Gonna Be Your Woman Tonight)." The title out a a slight vacation from other included mateial that deals with an old man and an orphan chid Production is handled by Don Davis, who does many of the Johnny Cash recordings, and Audie Ashworth, who produced two of the ten songs here Bat cuts: "Evil On Your Mind: "Then Give Him Back To Me " "I m Sorry" and "Who. ever Fends This, I Love You " Jazz NOEL POINTER- Phantazia, Blue Note BNLA736H (UA). Thur Faze nobs discovery is produced by Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen, who also cut guitarist Earl Niugh for the label. Klugh and classiwltramed Pointer learn for some snazzy duets throughout the LP Young Pointer has last fingers and a lush lone The production approach is standard Blue Note over prr.soul with pretty orchestrations and inter complex rhythm patterns. Best cuts: ' Phenlana," Song " 2858EW SEIFERS, Capitol ST 68 Seifert a a Dutch. violinist who did his early [an playing on saxophone credits John Coltrane as his model. He is a writer and with loprank verve and energy who could easily lit with churning Ireelam groups like Weather Report Mahavishna Orchestra. Seifert does a lot of dubbing on top d ha small rhythm and brass bake Best cuts: 'On The Farm." 'Way To tasa " 0HN WOOD -Until Goodbye, Los Angeles LAPRLDOZ wood) Penal Wood, the son of fame Dot Wood, makes has solo peno debut and et is a a sensitive touch on the acoustic and on three he performs alone, with a haunlmg quality melded to single hand npples There rs one clever overdubbing Fender Rhode to one tune and the addition of an at bass to two cuts on side two Wood plays with a gent but with firm convection m a serious manner. Best cut: tel Goodbye," "I'm Buckley," "Until Hello " CHILDREN OF ALL AGES -lust Might Turn Out To Be Adamo AD ten wuscens get together with a writer to make this charming collection of mellow town Fan Raided tunes that should endear themselves to chddr of all ages. particularly those whose parents like tau. Some it a fairly serious. but it makes a wonderful addition to child's musical education Best cuts: 'You Can Run,- Children Pend." DAVE GRUSIN- Discovered Again, Sheffield Lab 5 The p est and film television composer a latest to get the direct disk mastering treatment from this Santa Barbara sp label Grusin leads a star studio rhythm section in e c pretty sel of mainstream West Coast tau. swaging legte and Iastelully Best cuts: "Captain Bacardi" `Adeus Papa,.' "Get Along Little Dogies" JIMMY GIUFFRE -Tenors West, GNP Crescendo GNPS9 Marty Patch's Octet backs the veteran Texas saxophonist II tracks originally taped 22 years ago Stalwarts like Bob Cooper, Harry Klee, Bob Eneuoldsen, Conte Condor Art Mar digan and lack Dulong lend sainted support A bit dated. per baps. but ideally representative of the Los Angeles Ian see in 955 Plenty of expressive, moody sobs Bat cub: "P thence." 'Shorty George." 'There's No Yo" 'Take The Train STAN KENTON -The lay: Composition Of Creative ST078. His devotees may have forgotten Kenlan n skills composer, but this lovingly prepared LP is a remender of enviable talents. Twelve tracks, all featuring his tall ono bra, go back to 943 and all are eminently more simple his 977 ereateons There's a maximum of superbh big band fare here originally produced by Lee Gi Capitol Best cut: Opus In Pastels," Concerto To Concedos." 'Theme For Sunday," `Eager Beaver." FRANK MORGAN- GNPCrescendo GNPS904t Ob gelled alto saxophonist Morgan is a former nano now Irving In Les Angeles who taped these 0 fiat with Wardell Gray, Conte Condor Carl Perkins, Wild and Howard Roberts along with Machito's pump section There's a bit of Charlie P. and the LP reflects a period long dead'',a cub: "My 0d Flame :' "Milt's Tune "' MARKP MARKOWITZ SEXTET -Marl's Vibes, Famous vii t Title a misleading: Markowele a s gelled Hugel and trumpet soloist who is gwen superb suntan through six long but at no time dull tracks by Urble Green. Al Cohn; John Bunch. Min Hinton and Mousey Akcander. No vibes at all, except for the good vibrations evoked by the mush. Wash mgionian Markowitz a immensely Impress., as a Juli soloist Best cut: Hun Deep Is The Ocean.' "Four Flrg Up: "Over The Ra,nbow," 'Marks Vibes._. spolkgkt-the most outs-fandm, nee model of the weel's mimes and (rut with the realest potenful for top of the chart Amman.; pou- predicted for the too MN of the chart e the opinion of ad reviewer: recommended- peedeled to lid the second all of the Nad,n the a encan of the lento, or albums of cope., pualey- ARums revenant a three star stint are not haled nenee Oder. Nat Freedland, renewers. Elm( Treat, Gerry Wood, h Nomma, Ed Harrison. lean Withams. Dune Deem le Pat Nelson. Lily Haab,, Apatm Guru, Nam an Kouk tek Musser. lin' Metulauth Disk Sales Off Connnnerlfrom page 8 ABC chairman Leonard Golden - sun and president Elton Rule report net income For the first quartet hit $8.9 million, nearly doubling I +94% I the year ago figure of $9.73 million- Revenues rose 20% tu near!, 5378 million. compared to S33.-7 million in the corresponding 976 period. Earnings per share were u) 88% to SI.05. from 56 cents last year Gains were primarily due to the continued audience ratings and advertisole «ate, growth of the ABC Televi sion network. :al


130 88 BiIIboos Billboard SPECIAL SURVEY For Week Ending Si Number of singles reviewed this week 0 Lost week 99 p NI le PICkS. ffor ht len. &abad ßlt.a.R. me ra pert a nw name.uw. mer en,._ maim. or venameme. n en, rorro or vt wry means evecwont rry. pnaocoouno won" q. d acarrearte opthout w. V.Gr carmen rrnnevon a err wo v '(\ Pop (' n ABBA- Knowing Me, Knowing You (4:02); producers Benny Mdersson. Blom Ulvaeus writers Benny Andersson Stag Anderson, Porn Uhaeus. publisher Countless. 38 At!antic With a long string of hit singles behind rt Abba ploughs forcefully into a melodically energetic but sad worded ditty about a romantic breakup The massed chow vo cal effects and studio instrumental brightening gunmeks are used with lavish fullness m the singing Swedish foursome s distinctively commercial style recommended HAMILTON. JOE FRANK L DENNISON -Now That loe Gal You (2:58); producer John 0-Andrea. writers H Banks. C Hampton. publisher hung 8MI Playboy MAC DAMS -Picking Up The Pieces Of My Life (3:49); pro duce/ bob Hall. writer M Days. publisher Song Painter. EMI Columba DOUG KERSHAW -'m Bann' (2:46); producer Johnny Sandlin, writers A Domino. D. Bartholomew. publahe Unart. ASCAP Warner Bros. W8S8374 LES DUDECK -Old lodge Jones (3:25); produce Bruce Bot nick miter L Dudek publisher Dudack. ASCAP Columba SEA LEVEL -Shaht A Leg (3:08); producer Stewart Levine. order Edward R Horner. publisher Black Sped. EMI Capricorn CP50272 (Warner Boos t AMAZING RHYTHM ACES -Two Can Do R Too (3:33); pro duce( Barry Burton. miter R. South. publishers otaget Bad hi lu. ASCAP ABC A82272 TOM PETTY- American Girl (3:33) producer Denny Cordell enter Tom Pent publisher Skyndl. BMI Shelter SR62007 (ABC) O EWE BROOKS- Purrs A Seger (3:39); producers Jerry Leber. Mike Stoller seaters lorry Leber. Mike Stoller. Ralph 0 Dun. John Sembeno. publisher Kanadu Xongs ASCAP ALM J 86 I4II Whslsq Yokes (3:45); Producers Roy 40 Hake: amten. D Palmer.. Carbone. publishers Drunken Boat. ASCAP /Blackwood. EMI ABC A8227 W SHIELDS -The Way I Feel TajM (3:06); producer. lohn Da-.. ud Kalodeer, carder. Harry Shields. publisher Haney _ Shields BMI, Atco 4507 (Atlantic) á BADAEE -Cry For Me (3:85 producer 8adAre. water Gaudreau. publesher Earth Breeze. BMI Progressive E87000 (resinali S 0.. ]_ \* }A /% Soul recommended GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION -Non DoU-Manta Dance (3:43); producer Larry Graham k., writer Larry Graham Jr P.M./. Nineteen Eighty Fx. BMI Warner &as W8S8378 Y CASTOR BUNCH - love A McNees Groote (3.00); prodoter Castor Prurit. enter Grimes publisher Inane. BMI Atlantic 3396 LOVE UNUMITEO -I Dd It For Love (3:30); producer Barry White, writers Linda Laurie. Tern Ettinger. publishers Arch, ASCAP /January, BM) loir) Unlimited Gold UG700 (20th Cers JOHN HANDY -Watch Your Money Go (3:43); producer Es mood Edwards, enter brin Handy, publisher Hard Work. EMI. Impulse (ABC) GEORGE McCRAE -rm Gonna Stay With My Baby Tonight (2:55): producer Gregg Diamond enter C Robinson. pub Inner Mmdsong. ASCAP I K IK028 BRASS CONSTRUCTION -The Message (3:40); producer lea Lane. order R. MuHet publishers Desert Moon /Jeffmar. BMI United états UAXW95Y RALPH MacDONAID -Jeri On The Groove (3:005 producers Ralph MacDonald. Within Salter. inters R MacDonald. Wd learn Salter. publisher Anhui ASCAP Madan 332 al( I TATA VEGA -last When Thiess Are Getting Good (337); pro duce Winton Carlos Monsequt. miter A loberon. pub fisher Stone Diamond. 8M) Tamia 54282F (Motown) JOHNNY BRISTOL-ISM Lilt Groan' 88V P. (3 :566 pro duce, Johnny Bristol. D2TP, waster Johnny &scot. pub Isker Bosnia. ASCAP Atlantic WIWE NELSON -I'm A Memory (2:27); producer Friton Jana. miler Wilke Nelson. publisher WHIe Nelson, BMI. RCA IH0969 One of Neson's best songs gets a fresh er rangement from GI. Sprten. turning d into a powerful. con temporary sounding song even though d was originally re corded rears ago Its the best selection that could have been puled from Nelson's Wdhe'Belore Ha Time' album IONINT RODRIGUEZ -8 Practice Mates Parted (225k produce Jerry Kennedy, order Larry Curb,. publisher Fist Generation. 8M) Mercury D493 Rodnguer returns with an other strong love ballad. this the title song to his new album. Cations song with Rodriguez vocal talent and Jerry Kennedy's production WOdOCtutin makes for a strong release MARTY ROBBINS -I Don't Know Why (I Just Do) (2:23); Producer Billy Shoot), orders R. Turk F Mlert. publishers Pencil Mark /Fred M)ervtRO Cromwell ASCAP Columba Robbins is back with another song earth a golden past The success achieved with other such attempts should return nth this lender version featuring excellent vocal work. BOBBY BORCHERS -Cheep Perfume And Cendkhght (2:47); producer Eddie Kdroy. rioters Sterling Whipple publisher Tree BM) Playboy Catchy number penned by the original Whipple a performed with an upbeat Nei by Borchers. Interesting string not adds a dash of m strumenta) neon recommended CHISTY LAIE -Sweet Decreer (2:30); producer Charlie Black writers 8 A F Bryant. publisher House Of Bryant. BMI LS CRT2 SAMOA SMITH -I Can't Stop Lovwig You (2:486 producen hm Mailoy,Dand Malloy. writer Don Gibson. publisher Acuff Rose. 8MI Ekltra E45398 JEANNE PRUETT -She's Stil AN Oser You (3:08); producer Chip Young, writers Wayland Holyhelp Bob McOnt, publsh ers Nall Clement /Map)ehdvSogue. BM) MCA MCM0723. SITYLO -D'm Caring Hone To Yea) Dine (396 dolour tar, Rogers. Omen R Seidel) Hogan. publishers Part nennip. ASCAP, Julep. 8MI Columbia 3053 DAVE DUDLEY-Devis hr Heaven Band Machines 0:2% producer Jimmy Fey Jack Key, Omer Ronnie Rogers. New keys. BMI Rem RR5070 AVA ALDRIDGE -Simple Goodbye Soar (2:446 producers Alan Cartee Terry Skinner enter, Ava and Roy Aldridge. publisher Alan Carte.. BMI Muoc Mdl MM009 AMAZING RHYTHM ACES -Two Can Do N Too (333); pro duce Barry 'Byrd- Burton. ends' R Smith. publishers Tm tage) Bad lu lu ASCAP ABC LUCKY CLARK- Beerytrnee Teo Fools Calle ß:57): pro. duce Milton Blackbird ureters Jet Intel Jan Dyer. pub Ionen. United Artists. ASCAP /Window. 8Ml Polydor PP4393 JIMMY C. NEWMAN- Aliptar Mtw (2:4); producer Shelby S Singleton Jr. inters Jamey C Newman and Floyd Chince. publisher. Newkeys. BMI Plantation P53. 0 MCFARIAND -tae' Back Home 0:40); producer Dennis ente John McFarland Shoe String IROA2043 publisher luny Two ASCAP Easy Listening GEORGE F5CHOFF -SUPER PIANO" -Pew Daeeg (3:0); Producers George Frschott. Terry Sikester. order G. Frschoh. publsher April. ASCAP Columbia Fachoff has charted on the Hot 00 or Easy listening charts with ev try single he released to date. This s among ha most m ntngty commercial efforts. blending a frothy disco surface with a smooth beat for a most pleasing combination The pi amts lavish arpeggios let mtnesting coloring from a female chats Chanter;,!sr td4 pp'rate recommended DEBORAH LUDWIG- Beyond Today (2.55); producer Mike Miler. enters Mike Miller. Monica Riordan, publisher Leeds. ASCAP Warner Bros WBS8372 Ovation Label Will Issue 4 -LP Disney Music Album CHICAGO -The music from Walt Disney feature films. cartoons. Disneyland and Disncyworld will be paid tribute in a four -record album and book package to be released this fall. A compilation of original Disney recordings dating from 923 to the present. the package will be marketed extensively outside of retail record outlets. Plans for the set were revealed here by Ovation Records. which will produce and market the package. "Music From The Wonderful Worlds Of Walt Disney," under a long -term agreement with Disneyland-Vista Records and Walt Disney Productions. The set will appear on the Ovation label. Ovation president Dick Schory. who is compiling and selecting material for the package. says musical examples from mort than 50 animated and feature films will be represented chronologically. The anthology wall trace Disney music from its beginnings with the legendary 923 "Steamboat Willie.' the first sound cartoon made. through the current 977 Disney film. "Petc's Dragon.' starring Helen Reddy. "los not necessarily a documentary approach. though ifs turning out to be so." says Schory. who emphasizes that the package will work as entertainment. Schory stresses too that the set is not a -kid's project." but a "family project." The producer. who began research in Disney's Burbank archives in December. says the album will be organized into medleys according to periods of Disney's production. such as "Mickey Mouse Music." The Early Silly Symphonies' and The Later Animated Years." Major features, including "Pmnochio;' " Bambi" and "Sleeping Beauty- will get medleys of their own. The book parallels this organization with text and reproductions of still frames from the films. Schory says rough -cuts of the original soundtracks indicate the By ALAN PENCIIANSKI musician be organized into medleys with only a minimum of new bridge material to be added. Schon will compose and conduct an overture and finale for the set, to be played by either the Chicago Symphony or the London Symphony. "Thais where I get my kicks," the producer explains. Simulcast Cutback Moved To June WASHINGTON -The FCC has moved the deadline for cutting back of simulcasting on AM -FM radio station combinations to June I so as to not interfere with the Arbitron radio ratings sweep launched last week coast -to -coast As of that date. AM -FM combi- nations will only be allowed to simulcast 25% of programming in markets of or more and 509 in markets ranging from to Disco GLORIA GAYNOR -Most Of AI Diamond, loe Beck erde. Gregg D Arstalbemond Touch. ASCAP Polyflor PDI of disco rants the pace here with a rather instrumental introductor gradually builds Gaynor s vocals remain consistently chestralon supplies a solid dato beat recome CELI BEE I THE BUM BUNCHdual 8.L. Soto. wrier P.L Soto; pu national BMI. APA 700 IT Ka C.J. L C0. -Dens Gen 0:06 producers D eems Coffey, inters 8. Green. R RsA, G. Esher ATV. BMI ADardre STDSR033450PR K EW! PATERS0 -Tan 0. The titans (Phase I) Russel, L Farrow, H. Wrier. noun Lary producers: Ca row. Carolyn Johns: publisher Funks. Bump. BMI. Brook S (Sutton-Miler LTD) MIAMI -Disco Weehewd (35k producer. Witte miters E Ring. W Clarke. publcivr Steam.. BM Drive 6257 (T K) ' -- - FirstTimeArou I MIOWEST FRANCHISE -Whet Too Came kad (333); producers Chuck Jackson. Moan. Buie: inters Marvin Velay. Chuck Chapped/Ja s. ASCAP MCA MCA4068. Natalie Cole come through nth a tun- soundiwg tune The funky beat and easy vocals makes this a hip swaying sing,a long song The liar throughput as the song pears re places vocals and then glides to a smooth ending. LORETTA ROBEY-Sephstioted Lady (2:29x. Norman Raley, enter Loretta Robey. pu. sic. BMI Soundnaves 5W4545 A first la order nth Soundeares. the single anreo a rhythm and tyncal undertones that poke hi button, such as -I like champagne nth my -. am. Schory says the Disney masters, including many mag- stripe. multichannel recordings dating prior to the LP era. will be transferred using state -of- the -an equipment to expand the dynamic range and eliminate noise from the originals. Plans call for the package to be marketed at the Disneyland and Disneyworld parks. to book stores. and through a multi -faceted direct mail campaign. Maranta In Pact NEW YORK- Maranta Music Enterprises has signed an agreement with Editions Basan of Belgium for US. release of four singées by Spanish pop artists. Available on the Ma- ranta label. the series bows with release of the Samantha single. " Nuestra Historia.' Future product will come from artists Tony Martinez_ Miguel and Jeniífer. AU four singles are in Spanish. A catchy tune accentuated by some n - PAUL CRAFT -We Komi Better 0305, s Ases. seder. Paul Craft. pubhehn Black s RCA H097. M uptempo scngte venture songeertn combines sold producton MU; lonesome number. Upfront guitar and steel tome reflected in Craft's suet but sharp vorak. Pills -a tro 30 dart We. me rodeo el m maim Fed Wad le tee rowan Mud m ye& rersa.m.kd -a predcted to ha on are Hot let between 3 mw. Nerve N at Freedat 7 Pirates Fined CHARLESTON. W. Va.- men were fined 5500 each placed on two years probation pleading guilty in U.S. Dis Court to charges of -producing. tributing and /or aiding and abet in the production and distribution infringing copies of tape logs." The men were identified as Norbert Stovall. Allen Sypoll Ja Harold Caldwell. Raymond S Richardson, Leonard Frankl White. James Lee Martin and R en Knapp Jr. N.C. FBI Raid CHARLOTTE, N.C. -FBI age raided three residences in this a - seizing more than worth allegedly pirated 8 -track tapes and large quantity of production a packaging materials. The raids w conducted at the homo of Willi. Dennis and Brad McKinney. both Dallas. N.C.. and at the home Paul Gibson in Gastonia. N.C. M _

131 It was that kind of week. Congratulations to Michael Stewart and Cy Coleman on their. smash hit "I Love My Wife" ASCAP We've Always Had the Greats Sunday. April 7th Congratulations to Richard Wernick on receiving the Pulitzer Prize for his musical composition "Visions of Wonder and Terror" ASCAP.We've Always Had the Greats Monday, April 8th Congratulations to Stephen Sondheim on his smash hit "Side by Side by Sondheim" Congratulations to Martin Charnin and Charles Strouse on their smash hit "Annie" ASCAP We've Always Had the Greats Tuesday, April 9th ASCAP We've Always Had the Greats Thursday, April 2st ASCAP We've Always Had the Greats

132 86 Hearing On Royalties ommended a long penes, for resets funds to continue before being terminated. Gonikov said the Copyright Oflice should set a cutoff date for the use of such funds no sooner than 33 months alter shipment for LP. 30 months for tapes. and 24 months for single He based the figures on a study of two record company's practices. and said a third study claimed a label cannot tally all returns with certainty for a period of Ili than 54 months. NMPA president Leonard Feist. accompanied by Al Berman. head of the Harry Fox Agency for collection of mechanicals, association counsel Peter Fetcher and Joseph Fenton of the CPA Itrio of Prager and Fenton. said sn months should he the out - stde limit for reeve funds to be held by computer'. licensees. The o an "average" figure, reflecting an estimated returns lag of six to seem months, rather hastih.rrn,cd.0 by the ii -o-o subcoin unttcc doling us urtop hearings of he resisten bill. Register Barbara Ringer. who chaired the Copyright Office hearing panel, hopes the two industries will try to reach a compromise cutoff date for the Copyright Office to use as a basis in its rukmaking- somewhere between the Iwo extremes of six months and 33 months. She extended the comment time from the original deadline of May 3 to May 26, because of the complexity and contradiction m the testimony NMPA spokesmen believe the month cutoff for reserve funding by a compulsory licensee should he absolute. Full royalties should be paid an the following months on 009 of the records shipped without reserve funding or allowance for additional returns thereafter. RIAA counsel Fitzpatrick said this would amount to paying royalt) twice on the same recordings. But the publishers said that most returns are wild. if at loner prices. to secondary markets -su a record company i can afford the mechanicals without mi :,h,uttcri n. Late General News InsideTrack David Oi'mnn a is out as vice president and chief opcrating officer tat the Pickwick International proprietary products division. joining only six months ago from his post as head of Phonodisc. No official statement from Pickwick Reliable sources close to the ABC Records scene give Mark Meyerson, head of the label's New York operations, and Stele Diener. president of ABC International. the front-runner spots to succeed the resigned Jerry Rubenstein as chairman. with Meyerson slightly ahead. Corporate brass reportedly had considered shifting label headquarters to Manhattan. then nixed the idea as too costly at this time. The more than raised at the Frank Sinatra - Robert Merrill Carnegie Hall concert April 27 for the benefit of Lenox Hill Hospital and the Institute of Sports Medicine is-believed to qualify for the Guinness Book of Records. Tickets were SIO to with 800 buyers of 5500 and ducats invited to the spiffy Waldorf hash that followed ABC denies it is making uscrtures to Ampes *is a token offer to anckholders... The recent suit filed by htotown Records and Jrrmaine Jackson against CBS and four Jackson brothers an Los Angelo Superior Court has been nursed to.ederal Doaneu Court. Lon Angeles. Motown seeks mulumdhon- dollar damages over alleged inference that Jermarnc Jackson was with the Jackwm 5 on the group's television shows and CBS records by the Jackson.. bile Sehon. president of Ovation Records, e: Icnvteo III and Herb Goldfarb. o h. rnsr keting fur the label. are sphtsvillc Mike Maitland, MCA Records presiden in -house a4ur with a number of currently and label execs In talent acquisition... A has devised a special "Oh Yeah- advents its own expense for the L.A. Free Clime. tempting to raise 5200,000 for a fund -raisi GRT jetted approximately 75 couples to It was their annual prize winner: trip distributors who did outstanding busio Pat Blunda'y One-Stop. Si. Loafs, drew m industry tics to its recent open house. Sony intends to introduce a flip -over t pehle of turning over a record to play the the CF :S SMo, Chicago. June 5.8 Ifs ho between S540 and Siam... Whaleser proposed cooperative effort between as promulgated by Sian Gortikos? end Vic Daring hase started their own F'mfer is handling marketing for the fast Da It us being handled through Finfers New New York offices... Casablanca Records h Record 5erchaodising. Los Angeles- and turd, S Tape, Lmcrville. Calif. Is the Pickwick campaign to sell WEA prod catalog price losing out and about ended*? announcement front the Heilicher brothers now Smrr:, :in (-an takoocr!k, o'crain Cunttnued from page 43 Bernhardt of The Record Shop. "Queen didn't sell and Pink Floyd is not moving that well here," she sass. Thc shop paces are geared to LP positions on the Billboard charts and how well the album is selling. Thc higher on the charts, the lower O the selling price, she explains. Oto "People arc complaining. hut thin 're still buying," she adds. Howard of 82 Overture feels d that if a company is going to charge m a S7.98 list price, it should offer something special in the packaging rn or productio