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1 SIXTY- SITH PEAR PRICE: 50 CENTS 1 L 1 the Bililiba DECEMBER 12, 1960 THE AMUSEMENT INDUSTRY'S LEADING NEWSWEEKLY pbc Air Waves Decked With Yule Promos Radio Stations' Tinseled Fare Includes 'Donkey Contests,' Santa Claus Sleuthing By JUNE BUNDY - NEW YORK Radio stations across the country have launched their usual yule -time promotions month. avith a flock of fund -raising stunts. holiday contests and other special gimmicks. Roulette Records' new waxing "Dominick the Donkey" by Lou Monte is currently the focal point of contests conducted by several disk jockeys. including Buddy Deane, s1'jz- V. Baltimore; Bill kftzer, program director of WEER.141,:1Llo; Howie Leonard, WI..OB, Portttníi. Me,; Dick Smith, WORC, Worch >4.c Mass; Sherns Strickhouse, ICE, Providence, saga r.- -.s, WCOPI Boston. Schweitzer, who onbinatcd the idea. has been spinning Monte disc 2(1 tithes a day. a listeners to send in the. d asking on postcards. These citrates are pulled out at random perry day, and the NI,M,r. w uiners ree.:ètve copies of the platter. At the conclusion of contest, a "grand winner" will receive 5100 worth of toys. which Will be delivered by "Santa.' rid - ing on a donkey named Dominick ',instead nl a reindeer. Guess lire -Haws li uddy Deane 's contest calls for cr to guess how many donkey mice -haw sounds are used on the Monte record. Winners will be *wanted stuffed toy donkeys. Toy donkeys (with Monte's autograph attached) will also he presented as 'Prizes by the other deejays named above for the best letter written by listeners on the subject "Why I would like a donkey for Christ- The contests are paying off in sales on the disk. according to Rouletters publicity chief Bud Katie!. Buffalo distributor Carl Glazer. of Metro Distributing, has ordered close to 5.1)W a day since the contest started on WEBR said Katz-el. and Boston is also coming in with strong orders on record. Other cities where contests are in progress show Similar sales activity. A "'Secret Santa" gimmick is Hired by WINS, New York, and (HK, Cleveland. New clues are JNNEW to Air 24 -Hour Cheer \FN YORK -Again this year ts'\ L ss' here will give its listeners the costly Christmas present of 24 hours of not -commercial yule programming from 8 p.m. December 24 to $ p.m. Christmas Day. Si'aMtJra have purchased an entire day on other stations and presented what amounts to a noncommercial holiday seg. (See story on this page.) But WNEW is deliberately eschewing all financial benefits and donating one spot per hour to different public service pitches. given each day to help listeners identify the "secret" St. - Nick (a well -known personality local in WHK's case). A complete Polaroid Camera outfit will be awarded to the WINS winner; while WHK will distribute more than $2.000 in prizes to its "Mystery Santa Claus" winner. In addition to the Santa Claus contest, WHK deejay Johnny Holliday reports that the station will arrange for Santa Claus to pay a special visit to homes where the letters WHK have been incorporated into holiday displays decorating the outside of homes. The U. S. Marine Reserve is repeating its successful "Toys for Tots" campaign again this year. One of the first stations to tie up with the Marines' promotion is WALE, Springfield, Mass., which is asking its listeners to bring in new or repairable used toys as donations. In return. ss'ac'e will give out free records. Last year WACE dialers donated three truck -loads of toys for the fund. Dick Drury. operations manager pf KQV. Pittsburgh, is inviting children in local orphanages to send in Christmas cards which they have made themselves. The cards will be displayed in KQV's showcase studio windows. The station is sending a transistor radio to the child who submits the best card. Decjays at KQV will also attend Christmas parties at local orphanages and distribute records to the kids. Miami station WCKR is devoting its December promotional funds to two separate drives. both aimed at sharing Christmas with needy families' children. "Shara- Christ- mas" is based on a selection Itvv.:i families ii, i. 16_ 's (Continued on page 16)1 U. S. MUSICIANS HOPE FOR MORE CULTURAL TOURS By MILDRED HALL WASHINGTON - American music and its finest performers could be given far more of a world audience through the international Cul- tural exchange program if the new administration and the new head of the State Department give their blessing to the project. The roundhouse swings of appropriations committees at tours of singers, - orchestras and jazz groups - especially the latter could be considerably tamed in 1961 if the White House is known to feel warmly toward Uncle Siam's musical emissaries. A goodly percentage of both the longhairs and the cats have'been rooting for Senator Fullbright. patron saint of performing arts on the Hill, to he the coun- Hy's neat Secretary of State. Although the so - called "President's International Program" received a new and vigorous co- ordinator in the 1959 appointment of Robert Thayer as Assistant Secretary of State for Cultural Affairs. in 1959, funds for the performer- exchange project have stayed at the same level of around $2.25 million per fiscal year. Out of a total of less than $49 million authorized over a five -year period, from 1955 to 1960, for the entire exchange program. including funds for international trade fair participation, less than 514 million went for cultural presenta- tions. Dedicated workers in the State Department, ANTA. the U. S. Information Agency, and other agencies stretched this to cover a total of 170 musical. dramatic and athletic tours, entering cur;,,t countries. 1(,..;r,11.11 EMI Claims Fourth Of World's Disk $$ Sales at Top Level British -Based Global Organization Says Trade Good on Most Fronts By DON WEDGE - LONDON EMI is now responsible for one -quarter of the world's production and sales of records, it was claimed here as a result of a special research study on a fully international basis. At the same lime, warning was given that there may be a recession following the current slackening of the pace of economic expansion, although this might lead to increased disk sales. Both claim and lorecast were given by EMI Chairman Sir Joseph Lockwood when he addressed C0111- pony stockholders at the annual general meeting here December 8. "All the indications are that the economic climate will get cloudier and more unsettled," he said. "Almost everywhere the pace of economic expansion is slackening and. in many parts of the world. it may give way soon to some measure of recession." Might Up Demand However. Sir Joseph added that this might lead to stimulated demand for disks. "When, in order to contain inflationary pressures. the demand for durable consumer goods is deliberately pulled dorm by government restrictions. we often find that the pattern of spending changes. "The demand for other products. like records, rises." During his review of the EMI group's diversified world -wide affairs, he noted the intensified competition in the disk industry. "As in the ' 30's " he said. "many NEWS OF THE WEEK FTC Emends Inquiry Into Alleged Disk Industry Price Fasoritism.. The Federal Trade Commission is broadening its inquiry into alleged discriminatory price practices in the disk industry. Investigation will center in at least six arras. Officials of Society of Record Dealer; of America pledge complete support. Paz, 2 Billboard Survey Shows Dealer Discount Pattern. A survey conducted by The Billboard Record Market Research staff shows a clear pattern of dealer discounting. indicating that discounting is in direct ratio to sine of market. r.t r Z Disk Counterfeit Ring Smashed; Itr.,t.l, n 1 ti, -,s tt.,i,i. \,I 17 A disk counterfeiting ring, allegedly mob -fi- nanced. was smashed last week in raids carried out in Brooklyn and Utica, N. Y. Arrest of 17 persons followed. All were charged with attempted grand larceny, conspiracy and counterfeiting of trade -marks and business lt.n. c,. rag, DEPARTMENT AND FEATURES Opera.:. Al blow, Pop (- nr,.- Arew, Auditorium Top LP's _A Newwener a6 Honor Roll of Dal.. 15 Audio Producia 2 1) Dot lea..... v, Bulk Vending 59 T,.morm.', Tap....!7 Gunboat Confab S! Ida C. Is W... lg circa Trooping 50 Ha R. At B. 4n Cta.ttied Ada 5a Mu.k Record Re.ierr Cain Machismo S. Th,, week, Lra rs Coming emote Si singles Fw Fas,'EaAtbiwn Pipe. s' Management 4A Red,, Foal Canal.-. Hot no as Rome.' i, Letter Liu 56.also Newt +t MmKIIamtae s5 T \'.Mm,cRadw. newcomers have found the business difficult and unprofitable. We are convinced that our catalogs and our organization will keep its firmly established as the world's largest record company. "EMI is now probably stronger than ever in the disk market, not only in Britain, but also in other parts of the world. In a special study which we have done in the production and sales of records in all the countries of the world, we have found that our share of total international demand is approximately 25 per cent." (For Sir Joseph's comments on the British scene see separate stories.) Following are extracts from Sir Joseph's remarks on other countries: U. S. and Canada -Sales of Capitol Records in the year had been handicapped by the work stoppage at Scranton, the corn - pom''s main factory. Turnover was down slightly on the year and profits were substantially lower, partly because of the stoppage, but also through continued pressure on costs and competition on manufacturers' margins. Australia -Sales of EMl's subsidiary were 38 per cent higher, largely accounted for by a 67 per cent increase in TV receiver sales, but disks were up, too, and in- creasingly profitable dite to efficiencies in manufacture and increased output. New Zealand -EN11 retained ils share of a reduced disk market. Germany -Disk market not so good as in the previous year, "mainly because of heavy consumer spending on TV sets." EMI in- creased LP sales by half, won back classical sales lead and had large increase in singles sales through German hits. France - Comparison difficult because of company reorganization during the year, but disk sales scented to be slightly up. (Way - Considerably increased competition in disk business, with several new companies adding to an already large number of releases SIGN PAINTING MADE EASY! I.CAati glgtt PAINTt.^ta - IIA YC YOt!E own ahnt r nuke owner o,s tme.d. f[>a1.y Itltertna e10 Sn. wry n 6D/1n! IIe1J. Onto Instructions aka this. equipment oriel sup. atlas of oil kind ow told thru Th. Bil1- boord's Classified Section oath week 'The Gathering Spot for Thoutondt of Rosen and Sellers Every Week."

2 2 THE BILLBOARD TELEVISION MUSIC RADIO Communication. to 1S64 Broadway, New York 16, N. Y. DECEMBER Expect FTC to Widen Probe Of Disk Pricing Procedures SORD Co- Operating With Agency; Dealers' Reps, Examiners Meeting By REN GREVATT - NEW YORK The Federal Trade Commission, which has been for some weeks conducting an inquiry into alleged price discrimination in the record industry, is expected to broaden the scope of its inquiry to cover a number of markets in the United States, Cooperation in this matter is being extended by the Soi:iety of Record Dealers of America. The current investigation was triggered by a number of complaints received by the federal agency from record dealers. The inquiry is understood to he concerned with alleged discriminatory prices extended by manufacturers to one- stops, rack jobbers and socalled "most favored retailers." An- other pricing factor is related to clubs in rates offered direct to ultimate consumers. It is reported that representatives of record clubs headquartered here have been questioned by FTC investigators in detail regarding their price structures and that records of disk distributors have also been examined in depth. Another aspect of the investigation has to do with complaints by some dealers to the effect that co- operative Capitol Names Perry Mayer Ad Manager - HOLLYWOOD Perry Mayer last week was named Capitol's ad manager, replacing Steve Auld, who resigned to form his own ad agency. Mayer reports to Stan Gortinov, Capitol Records Distributing Corporation's merchandising veepee. Concurrent with Mayer's appointment, Capitol moved its album packaging operation: from artist -repertoire hack to the merchandising department. Album packaging, including the label's graphic arts, photo and editorial operations, were moved two years ago from merchandising to a. &r. when then Merchandising Vice -President Lloyd Dunn was named artist- repertoire vecpce. The department, still under Mary Schwartz' helm, now moves to Gor- tinov's merchandising wing. The switch -back goes into effect January I. It moves the operation from the Capitol Records, Inc. level where it had been under Dunn's wing, to the firm's distribution sub - sid. CRDC, where Gortinov now is functioning. advertising funds have hot been made available by some manufacturers unless the dealers in question agree to sell merchandise at list prices. Prime Complaint One of the prime complaints regarding one -stops has to do with the retail operations of a number of these outlets. This is one aspect of an investigation by the FTC just nosy getting under way in Philadelphia, The Pennsylvania Retail Record Dealers Association logged complaints there (see The Billboard, December 5 issue). This week, examiners met in Jersey City, N. J.. with SORD treasurer Lou Shapiro and the attorney for SORD. Jerry Kaplan, who flew in from Chicago for the meeting. Another meeting occurred here with Sy Bondy, president of the Associated Record Dealers of New York and New Jersey. Both Bondy and Shapiro are co- operating with the examiners and providing leads on other dealers in a position to discuss the local situation here. They also expect to make available records of dealings with other elements in the distribution picture. Shapiro, a Jersey City dealer, said, "I'1 not worried about myself. We're doing all right with our business. But I am concerned about the members of SORD from coast to coast. Many of these fellows get badly hurt by the evil practices in our business. This thing has got to come to a head and we of SORD want to cooperate in any way we can." Dues Payers Shapiro pointed out that of the..200 dealers associated with SORD, at least 1,600 are current dues payers. Dues are $25 a year. (Controlled on,.cu ^e 431 Am -Par Buys Piece Of Australian Mart By JUNE BUNDY - NEW YORK In a move to cash in on the rapidly expanding record market in Australia, Am -Par Records here has purchased a 50 per cent interest in Festival Records Proprietary Ltd. of Sydney, Australia, one of the most thriv- ing disk manufacturing and dis- tributing companies in the Corn - monwealth. The other 50 per cent is owned -as an equal partner -by Mirror 4 Charged in Disk Theft NEW YORK -A gas station at the corner of 10th Avenue and 26th Street was the setting last week for the seizure by detectives of four men charged with stealing album goods from the nearby Lon- don Records warehouse. A fifth was later taken into custody, charged with selling the stolen merchandise. Arrested were Andy Gray and Sam Green, both of whom were warehouse employees of London: Charles Dunphie, a guard from the 4'I MONEY -SAVING SUBSCRIPTION ORDER Name Enter my subscription to The Billboard for a full year (52 issues) al the rate of $15 (o considerable saving over single copy rates.) Foreign rate $30. Occupation Company Address City Payment enclosed Ione- Stale Bill en? Send to: The Billboard, 2160 Patterson St., Cincinnati 22, O. Newspapers Ltd.. which purchased Festival in October. Early in 1959, Am-Par's parent company, American Broadcasting -Paramount Theaters, Inc., bought an interest in News Ltd.. which controls a battery of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV - station in major Australian cities Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, and Perth. Ans - Par Records, heretofore handled in Australia by Whyte and Gillespie, will now be manufactured and distributed in the Commonwealth by Festival. Am -Par will also have first refusal rights on distribution of Festival disks in the U. S., according to Am -Par President Sam Clark. Festival presses and distributes the Decca labels (Brunswick, Vocation, Coral), Top Rank, Vox and Concert-Disc, in addition - to the Australian labels Rex, Teen. Lee Gordon, and Festival. The last four labels feature some of Australia's top -selling disk names. including Col Joye, Johnny O'Keefe, Johnny Devlin, Dig Richards, the Graduates, Hal Carter and Jack Speering. An interesting aspect of the Fes- tival operation is that the firm operates its own artist management WB DISTRIBS IN ELITE CLUB - HOLLYWOOD Warner Bros. Records, noted for Its flare for class, is forming a highly exclusive club for the distributor elite, to be known as "The Bob Newhart Million Club." Membership is restricted ' to those distributors who sell their market's share of a million Ncwhart albums (both "Button -Dawn Mind" offerings). The club's Super Imperial Potentate Jim Conk - ling has accepted for membership Minneapolis' Bob Satemps and Boh Dahle (Cole Distributing), and Los Angeles' Al Latuska and George Morte (Sun State Distributing). Indicative of the club's reserved tone, its members receive neither lapel button nor,-preferential discount. Instead, they can enjoy man's most sought after blessing: the feeling that they "belong." Kapp Opening Own L.A. Office HOLLYWOOD -Kapp Records. which operates its company -owned branch in New York City, this week will open its own branch in Los Angeles. Kapp thus will be operating its own distribution out- lets in the No. 1 and No. 2 record sales centers. Kapp President Dave Kapp told The Billboard he has no plans for additional company -owned branches in other markets. He scoffed at reports that his firm eventually will go to an all- branch in New York on two.counts: I. it doubled the firm's sales in New (Cu :iritue,l, e,11,c 4-') Westminster Ups Classical Artists Stable - NEW YORK Westminster Records has lined tip a number of classical artists for the label. Dr. Kurt List, a. &r. head at the firm, said last week that the new West- minster artists for 1961 presentation included conductor Fernando Previtati, violinist Andre Gertler, pianismfou Tsong, Eugene List, the Chamber Orchestra of Lausanne, and guitarist John Williams. (T.s'ong, by the way, will marry Zantira Menuhin (Yehudi Menuhin s da'ghter) in London December 17.), just back from Vienna for a few days of conferences, is re- (Cunlinuetl an page 42) REVAMPED MUSIC CITY STAGES GRAND OPENING HOLLYWOOD - Grand opening of Clyde Wallichs' 'rebuilt Hollywood Music City was held yesterday (Sunday) in ceremonies that attracted the cream of rec-,rrdom's celebs and televised (Stardom's celebs and was televised (Station KTTV) in an hour -long re- mote pickup front the Sunset and Vine store. Rebuilding increased Music City's area by 40 per cent, bringing it to square feet. Cost of the store's complete overhaul was estimated by Wallichs at a half -million dollars. In addition to the increase in space, the rebuilding gives the store a totally changed interior with up -dated sales facilities and an ultramodcrnistic exterior. As a re- salt of the expansion, Wallichs said, the store will be carrying even greater stock of albums and singles, will be able to display more product, and accommodate more customers with increase efficiency. Music City will now carry at all times a $ inventory in disks, Wallichs said. The Hollywood store is the largest of the three Wallichs Music City outlets here. and will serve as the chain's headquarters. Grand opening ceremonies also marked Music City's 30th anniversary. The store had been at the Sunset and Vine location since 1938, and for eight years prior to that was situated on nearby leur (Continued on page 41) Moe Austin to Sinatra Helm HOLLYWOOD - Moe Austin has resigned his Verve Records' post to become the administrative head of Frank Sinatra's new recording company, The Billboard learned last week. Austin's appointment to the r key position marks the first tangible indication that Sinatra is building his label's executive force. Sinatra's diskery, as reported exelusively by The Billboard (see De- I cember 5 issue), will debut in mid - February with a two -album re- lease, consisting of packages by Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. The '' firm will sign other artists and will issue its wares in album form and singles. Austin had served Verve for the past several years as its comptroller. As the Sinatra label's administrative chief, Austin will be responsible for all contracts - signed by the firm, including artists' pacts, plus building the company's personnel, Austin will assume his new duties on the first of the year. As reported last week by The Billboard, the Sinatra label remains unnamed. Several label names are still under consideration with final I decision to be made.sometime before the year's end. Verve was recently purchased by Meta+-soluwyn- Mayer as a sistvt, operation of its M -G -M Recogcs. Füllñóard lb. Amossmen ladntrt's loadlas Ilertweekty Founded 1894 L,ItW. H. Donaldson Publishes', Rosar s. Lltrtetord Ir. W,Il,me 0. LJttteford Editors Paul Ackerman Music- Radio -W, N. Y, James W. McHugh....Show New., Outings Aaron Sterntield Coin Mech., Owego,- We J. Sachs, Exec. News (d,ise. Cincinr,r Robert Retenu Assoc. Music Ed., el Lee 2hito Western Music Ed., rf Managers and Divisions L. W. eatto Male Office. Cincinnati R. S. Llttleiord Jr. Music-Radio Div., N. Y. Sam Chase Asst, Publisher, New York M. L Reuter.,Show News Division, Chicago Helmer Stark..Coln Mach. Division, Chicago Offices Cincinnati Patterson SL L W. Gallo Phone: Minbar t.wso Nets York Sa. 1SS1 Broadway Georgia Connell Phone: PL., Chime 1, MS W. Randolph SL Maynard L. Reuter Phone: CEntral asele Hollywood 50.!SRO Norm cower San, Abbott Phone HnUywood e'sall St lout. I. 612 GUes 8s. gram, n W.,iint Phone CHUWe Washington b G es.. fire. Mildred. Hall, tile(. New, Gums Phone: National Advertising Managers Music Ads Sato. Dir....Dan Collins, N. 1, Musk AM, and Prom...Andrew Cnide, N. Y. Show News Mdse... Rober) Kendall, Chiron* Coin Machina Hilmar Stark Chicoó0 Music -Western... Robert MuClusker. L A. Circulation Department B A lirons. Director... Cinclnnett Send Form 5579 M!.lain Advertising and Circulation Of Imes 2160 P St.. Cincinnati 22: Ohio SubeeAV4an tea sayshia In advanty_ pur / t15 In nj nil Canada: r t:agn menlrlea. Y baerlben wken N- uue,tina chan or addeta shoyld e~ old a, well as new ABCaloe said a cinvronal and at Bp. o The outboard Pu lab ng paw 8t: board tao auuaskee urna Ih ime ma,a4ne,t aanmarte merehana VIT fest. LS in U 8 A Gift Gn,'de; 17u!1 1;,.. ol... a wow /LrupOL irrí "r. 4 nrt Ìilah urriiiwm UÑ ly a.ln me routs. Ilatsoan, «et, a M wohin corea FRtt. co., M. Lw Ì "41- vel 7J1 '

3 r DECEMBER 12, 1960 HERE'S TOP CHRISTMAS ALBUMS, SINGLE DISKS NEW, YORK -As an aid to dcakrs and disk jockeys During the C hr(slmaa ((cation. The Billboard is listing all of the new Christmas albums and siogks pkked over the past eight weeks at having the greatest commercial potential. The list coven new Christmas albums In all fields, pop. classical. international end spoken.tord. The singles list includes new Christmas records for dvhiren, (.encn and etiuity. Billboard Spotlight Christmas Albums ( seals For Chratntas- Eilecn Farrell. ('ol. MS 6165 Jov to the World -Andre Kostclanetz Orchestra. Col (s a328 lovcus -F. Power Biggs. Col. BS 6167 H..Iteluiah -Brass of the Hollywood Bowl Symphony. Cap. SP 8529 Hark the Herald Angels Sing -Virgil Fos. Cap SP 8131 Magic of Christmas -Nat King Cole. Cap. SW 1444 I.,.t Month of the Year -The Kingston Frio. Cap. ST 1446 h s ( hri ),nos Everywhere - Paul Anka, ABC -Paramount ABC 360 Swinging Christmas -Ella Fitzgerald. Verve MGV 4042 A Christmas Carol (Dickens) -Sir Ralph Richardson, Caednton TC'A he 25th Day of December -Bobby Darin. ATCO ' ( briars as Spirituals- (klelta. Vanguard NIBS 9079 Billboard Spotlight Christmas Singles Fitzgerald- Jingle Bells. Verve I Ili Robby Darin--Christmas Auld Lang Sync.--Child..t Crad Alco 6183 Mitch Miller -Muet Ile a Santa -Christmas Santa. Col NUI Anka -Rudolph the Red -Nosed Reindeer. ABC -Paramount ABC I he Browns -Slut Christmas. Victor 7820 Brook Renton -Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Mercury 7173(( Jerry Butler- Silent Night-0 Holy Night. S'ee Jay 1688 I he Statues-White Christmas. Liberty David Seville und the Chi munk%- Rudolph the Red -!oyej Reiade.r. Liberty Mercury in Top Year; Sets Distributor Meet CHICAGO - Mercury Records will be holding its annual distrihutión meeting here December 15 -I6, with the label looking back on a r-"` IS per cent yearly sales increase over and what Mercury officials describe as one of the best years in the label's history. Mercury's president. Irving B. Green, card the label had also had substantial g no th in the foreign market. Green tibia cited the labe's record club operation as being instrumental in domestic growth. Green indicated that additional "plans for esparnion" would be revealed at the forthcoming December mecdne. He dcdined to elaborate what ihcse plans might be. Entire Staff The twoal:iv conclave, scheduled for Chicagos Esecutive House. will include Mercury's entire a. &r, staff - its regional sales manager and. of course, the label's local executive..:í, ataft. '1 he agenda tar December 15 is divided into three parts. Two morning meetings will take place: DOT DUE WITH - UNIQUE ALBUM - Dot HOLLY WDOD Records will soon release its "C indertellu" album in one of the most unique platter packages to he aimed at the disk market. In addition to the LP which is based on the Terra Lewis Paramount Piclures fain of the same name, the package itself contains an array of toy items. Goodies to warm a tot's heart include: multi-colored disk.'. lio; Magic Wand Hatch" (shade of Incite), a sitver foil tiara complete with elastic headband (to prompt little girls to play princess). road -race game with spinner and vehicles. a pop-out music stand and 24 -past color picture orybook_wttb sing -along Green and Irwin H. Steinberg. etecutive vice- president. will preside over an a. &r. forum attended by Clyde Otis, Eastern a.&r. director; Hal Mooney, jazz a &r. director; David Carroll, Midwestern e.&, director: and Shelby Singleton, Southern a. &r. director. Kenny S. Myers. vice -president in charge of sales. will gavel a morning sales meet attended by Chet Woods. vice -president of Mer- cury Distributors, and regional.sales managers Bob Vest. Irving Marcus, Dick Bruce, George Hayes John Coleman and Charlie Fach. In the afternoon. n. &r. and sales forces will merge for open -forum. On December 16 the Mercury staff will be joined by the firm's distributors from national distribu- tion areas. This meeting will be centered on Mercury product plans for '61, with special emphasis on the January release and its related sales. merchandising. and advertising program. THE BILLBOARD MUSIC NEWS 3 Extend Probe of Disk Bootleg Ring to 'Entertainment Field' Hint Baring of 'Big Names' as Case Breaks on Two Fronts in N. Y. State BROOKY'LN -An investigation of disk bootlegging which resulted in the arrest of 16 men and a woman here this week "has now entered the entertainment field itself," according to assistant district attorney William Sonenshine, of the Rackets Bureau of the Kings County district attorney's office. A detective involved in the case added that "big names will he involved." Neither would elaborate. The case broke Thursday (8) when simultaneous raids were carried out here and in Utica, N. Y. The ring, believed to be Mafia - financed, planned to flood the pre - Christmas market with S LS million wdrth of bogus LP's by Frank Sinatra and Johnny Mathis. While the focal point of activities was here, the.pressing of the disks was being carried out at the plant of Mark Records in the up -State city of Utica. The arre -ls today were the re- French Plastic Disk Stirs Nippon Trade - TOKYO The French Sonorama plastic disk process is looming here as a potentially powerful factor in the phonograph record husiness. In view of its unusually low -cost of manufacture and its good fidelity characteristics. it has caused a considerable stir among record men. In the words of one observer, "recording companies are at a crossroads as to how to treat Sonorama and its similar recorded sheets in the days to come." Retail prices of regular records are strictly maintained by the close co -operation of the Union of Record Dealers. Classical 12 -inch LP's sell for S6.39 stereo and $5.28 monaural, while I2 -inch monaural pops go for S4.16. Tradesters here well know that these prices are too high for ordinary white collar workers and students. For this reason, the reduction in Frank Sells 'Molly' Demo - NEW YORK Frank Music has sold its "Unsinkable Molly Brown' demo LP to RCA Victor's Camden label to be issued as a regular release. The record, which was supervised by Frank Music boss Stu Ostrow, features singers Sandy Stewart and Bernie Nee. plus the Elliott Lawrence chorus and ork. Lawrence handled the arrangements on the demo. The demo disks were made as professional records, in the hope that they would be sold to a label. Camden will release the album with the 10 tunes from the ''Molly Brown" show nett week. price was strongly recommended by a Nippon Victor Company director as early as last spring, but a big slash is difficult because of the relatively small quantity of each l.p pressed. A pop single 45 r.p.m. disk here sells for 83 cents. On the other hand, a disk pressed on one of the Sonorama type sonosheets can he produced for 8 to to cents, equivalent to the price of many popular magazines. Some here feel that if a disk hit could be released in the form of a sono- sheet, it could easily sell a million copies. As a Japanese disk man noted, "Nobody here cares to predict exactly what effect Sonorama, or its relatives, Sono -Sheets and Phono- Sheets, will have on recording field, but offsprings of process mushrooming." French Sonorama was introduced here early this year by Asahi Sonorama Company, a subsidiary of the largest in circulation. A Sonorama book with six recorded sheets sells for S1. Its series of Japanese folk!c', rumar.l na 2 Companies Sign Consents - WASHINGTON P r e s t i g e Records, Inc.. of Bergenfield, N. J., and Concord Distributing' Company, of Cleveland. have signed payola consents with the Federal Trade Commission. The companies agree not to make any undercover payments to broadcast personnel to have their records played, but the signing does not constitute an admission of guilt. Billboard Study Shows Clear Disk Sales Discount Pattern Indicates Record Outlets Cut Price In Direct Ratio to Size of Market Ry TOI NOONAN and BOB ROLONTL NEW YORK -A study of discounting of records by retail stores throughout the country, conducted by The Billboard Record Market Research staff during the period March through August 1960, shows a clear pattern of discounting according to size of market. The survey reveals that discounting is prevalent in a third of all record stores in big city markets, or 34.4 per cent; it totals 14 per cent of medium market stores, but is a constant in only 6.9 per cent of all small market record stores. The same pattern (on a bigger scale) shows up with non -record stores (the chain and variety type stores selling many types of mer - chandize including records). Almost half, or 46 per cent of these stores in large markets constantly discount their records; 18 per cent do it in medium size markets, while 12.5 per cent of these chain or variety stores discount their records in small city markets. These figures refer to dealers who answered "yes" when asked whether they always sell one or more records of every label they carry at a discount. An entirely different type of pattern shows up with record dealers and variety or chain stores when questioned as to whether they provide a coupon or club plan for discounts after the purchase of a stipulated number of records. A total of 36.2 per cent of all record stores in large markets provide a club or coupon discount plan for their customers; 16 per cent of record stores in medium markets do (Continued on page 35) suit of an investigation started four ntdnths ago into the slaying of 17. year -old Vincent Graffeo, a Brooklyn teen hoodlum, who wan killed after a gangland -style ride. Graffeo, allegedly a graduate of a notorious Brooklyn racket - run crime school, was apparently shot to silence him front giving testimony' about the school. Graduates of the tutoring course were later linked with the projected disk counterfeiting operation. Working on tips, detectives trailed three men to Newark air. port late Wednesday evening (7). The three stet a messenger front the pressing plant as he stepped off a flight from, Utica, carrying samples of the Sinatra and Mathis platters. The four were then trailed back to Brooklyn where they were seized. Arrested Thursday were the following: Gaetano (Tommy) Vastola, 34, of Brooklyn, operator of a Coney Island night club, former maniteer of deejay Alan Freed and IC,.rrrbrrr,i,.n pugs H) Radio on Ship Beams Britain - LONDON Parts of Eastern England will he served by a second commercial radio station early in the new year. Transmissions will come from a ship anchored off the Dutch Coast. Tests have been taking place for the past month while a staff has been recruited. Programming Is scheduled to begin January 1, Broadcast hours will virtually avoid Radio Luxembourg's English transmissions, the only other corn- (Continued on page 35) Colpix Drives On 'Pepe' LP NEW YORK -The Colpix Record wing of Columbia Pictures is marshalling all its promotional guns behind the original sound track recording from the forthcoming "Pepe" spectacular directed by George Sidney. The flick, which somewhat follows the "Around the World in 80 Days" format, stars Cantiflas and 35 other top movie and disk names as guests. The album presents nine of the motion picture's top artists -among them Bing Crosby, Bobby Darin, Maurice Chevalier, Sammy Davis Jr. and Jude Garland. Release of the new album is tinted with that of the picture, which will have simultaneous showings in sonic 15 key market areas. The album is attractively packaged in a handsome gate -fold. UA Offering Stereo Extra NEW YORK - United Artists Records is offering a special stereo indicator "at cost" to the public as a merchandising aid in the overall launching of its new Ultra Audio Sound albiun series. The indicator, an automatic balancer for stereo speakers, with a retail value of , will be put on sale in dealer stores at actual cost, S6.S0. UA distributors and dealers will join UA is waving profits on the item. A full guarantee is given with each indicator, plus an instruction booklet.

4 4 MUSIC NEWS THE BILLBOARD EMI World Survey Indicates HOT 100 ADDS 17 DECEMBER 12, 11ò6 Rising Sales in Record Field Says It Does One Quarter Of Disk Trade Continued from page 1 and production capacity - estimated to be twice the demand. A deterioration in national record business, and though EMI held first place in the disk market there was a slight setback. Spain - Recession in demand for records. mainly because of government action. Future conditions uncertain and difficult. EMI turnover lower. but being overcome by increased efficiency. Greece - Expanding market with substantial rise in EMI turnover. New equipment and improved product had led to disks gaining place on par with books in cultural esteem and prestige. Turkey -More normal condi- tions had led to bigger raw material supplies. Sales were largest in 31 years of EMI company's operation. Denmark -Market 'virtually unchanged with EMI turnover slightly up and particularly successful with pop disks. Sweden - Total industry disk sales down, but EMI's were up and therefore increased share of the market. Belgium - Economic conditions difficult. but EMI record sales were higher. Switzerland - EMI disk sales again took larger share of market. India -Small increase in ElsU turnover, mainly due to higher sales, particularly by newly introduced micro -groove records. LP market exceeded expectations, but sales of 78's -the largest proportion of total sales -remained stationary. Singapore - Difficult economic and political conditions and disk sales affected by government measures and importation of pirated pressings of EMI recordings. Pakistan - Economic conditions Improved and EMI turnover higher. South Africa -Total sales down because of racial disturbances and general trade slowdown. Argentina -Small decline in volume of disk sales (mostly concentrated on 78's), as a result of government austerity measures. Brazil -- General shrinkage in de- EXECUTIVE RAPS CHEAP RECORDS - LONDON Low - price disk operations were attacked by EMI Chairman Sir Joseph Lockwood in London, Thursday (8). An opinion seems to be held in some quarters that the introduction of cheap records has 'saved' the industry from decline and in some way 'proves' that prices must have been too high before," Sir Joseph said in his formal report to stockholders. This is not so. I cannot speak with certainty about the business as a whole. but our research into the release of records in Britain suggests that the low- priced long, play records do not account for a large proportion of total sales. They certainly do not in EMI sales. Sales at normal prices account for about 97 per cent of our total record turnover. "There are very large fixed elements in the costs of recording, which can only he recovered from large sales even at our present selling prices," he repeated. "The prices of our records are fixed in the light of our long experience based on a distributive organization which covers the world. It is possible to price oneself out of business with prices too lose as well as with prices too high." mand for disks (mainly for microgroove types here, with 78's increased!). Phil's unit sales fell, but value increased slightly, with largest share of disk market retained. - Chile Improving economic conditions marred by earthquakes but EMI increased share of disk market and turnover was top, despite a small reduction in numbers sold. In dealing with the three South American companies, Sir Joseph Lockwood observed that "it is difficult not to be able to report a higher turnover each year in many of the countries in this part of the world because a steep rise in prices is a fairly regular occurrence. This was so in the three countries where we have companies." COPENHAGEN NOTES BIG PUSH ON MUSIC ITEMS By TED WOLFRAM COPENHAGEN -At no previous time has there been such a huge outlay here on newspaper space by manufacturers, distributors and retailers of all the major products in the radio. TV, phono, and tape -recording fields as there has been during the first weekend of December. Full - page ads in color and feature articles on newly opened outlets for retail sales and demonstrations were numerous. A similar campaign in the record field appears to be ready to get going immediately. There are several reasons for this activity. For instance, the big German firms, such as the Bosch and the Siemen corporations, which until recently had been concentrating on such items as machinery and household appliances, are now also displaying and advertising their musical and electrical products. For the first time since the end of the war, it has now become possible for the big firms (largely mergers of small retail outlets) to move into midtown premises with large amount of floor and window display space. Over the weekend the newly merged Setandia group, with 17 retail outlets, completed. its moving into a big new midtown store. At the same time the Bagger group opened its sixth retail outlet in a new building opposite the heavy -traffic Norreport "S" subway station. These are the two largest stores in the above fields and have ample space for departments handling disks. The big Philips firm has opened a midtown demonstration center where all of its musical products are demonstrated, but not sold. The big Fona chain of retail outlets is currently plugging its Fona Record Club, with accent on classical platters. On Monday (5) it opened a new jazz record department in its main retail out - and this was tied in with a concert by Art Blakey and His Jazz Messengers, at the Odd Fellows Palace, Monday night, sponsored by Fooa and the Dansk Grammofonpladdcr (record) firm. Blakey autographed his recent platters, during the afternoon, in the new jazz department. - Global Sales Hit Top Year At $1.92 Billion LONDON -Electrical and Musical Industries had a record $1.92 billion turnover, an increase of S3.3 million, resulting in a net trading profit before taxes of $14.6 million m its last trading year, the chairman. Sir Joseph Lockwood. told stockholders at the annual general meeting here Thursday.(8). In the year ending June 30, total group sales had risen by 2 per cent and they brought a profit rise of 9 per cent. Total British disk sales had risen above the previous year's. Lockwood noted, with EMI basing increased its share of the market. (The period under review included a full year of Rank's separate U.K. operation, the Top Rank label not going to EMI until August.) Lockwood continued: "We increased our singles business very substantially during the year y largely because of our great success in selecting and promoting outstanding popular artists." Most of this had been achieved with 45 r.p.m. singles and he pointed out that total British production of 78's has fallen from 43 7 million in 1957-`58 to a mere 5.1 ntilion in '60. "The change -over to stereophonic records is taking place slowly, but these records, especially among the long -play types, are becoming firmly established." he went on. "Nearly one half of the sales of Beethoven's Sixth Symphony, conducted by Klemperer, consisted of the stereo version and there have been similar high proportions with many other LP records. Undoubtedly, it is with this kind of music that stereophonic reproduction is most valuable and we are glad to see that the public is beginning to appreciate this." In another reference to EMI's classical output, Sir Joseph instanced the "outstanding" success of Sir Thomas Beecham's records of the Haydn Saloman Symphonies and the Delius Florida Suite. About half of the group's total turnover was represented by records, which was more than before the war. The remainder was accounted for by sales of electronic capital goods, radio and TV, domestic electrical appliances, magnetic tape and some office equipment. The balance of products within the group had received considerable attention during the year and EMI had acquired two firms in the domestic electrical and elec- tronics fields. Purchase of such businesses could, Sir Joseph said. bring quick results and benefits for both. "It was the manner in which we were able to develop so quickly our interest in the disk business in the U. S. and Canada," be said. "The acquisition of Capitol Records gave EMI access to a repertoire rich with talent and provided Capitol, through our catalogs and world -wide connections, with opportunities for rapid expansion." A research and development group had been established to continue the study of studio techniques for stereo recording, the process of lacquer cutting, and factory process for producing records. Work was also in progress on recording and reproduction on magnetic tape with particular reference to slow speed operation. There had been further advances on the EMI system of stereo broad - castin 8. NEW YORK -The Hot 100 chart added 17 new aides this week. They are: 40. Angel Baby (Figure, BMI) - Rosie & the Originals, Highland 53. Little Drummer Boy (Delaware- Shawnee, ASCAP) - Harry Simeone Chorale, 20th Fox 55. White Christmas (Berlin, ASCAP) - Bing Crosby, Decca 64. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (St. Nicholas, ASCAP) - Brenda Lee, Decca 66. Chipmunk Song (Monarch, ASCAP) - David Sevilla and the Chipmunks. Liberty 69. Jingle Bell Rock (Cornell, ASCAP) - Bobby Helena, Decca 71. Shop Around (Jobete, BMI) - Miracles, Tansla 79. Adelte Fideles PD -Bing Crosby. Decca 84, I'm Hurtin' (Acuff -Rose, BM!) - Roy Orbison, Monument 86. Puppet Song (Debmar, ASCAP) - Frankie Avalon, Chancellor 88. A Perfect Love (Debmar. ASCAP) - Frankie Avalon, Chancellor 93, Happy Days (Jobete, BMI) - Mary Johnson, United Artists Idolize You (Saturn, BMI) - Ike & Tina Turner, Sue 95. Calcutta (Pincus- Symphony House, ASCAP) - Lawrence Welk, Dot 96. (In the Summertime) You Don't Want My Love ltree, BMI) -Andy Williams, Cadence 97. (My) Last Date (With Yon) (Acuff -Rose, BMtl) - Skeeter Davis, RCA Victor 100. Christmas Soog (Morris, ASCAP) - Nat King Cole, Capitol AGAC A the s kv k V ores n Collection Plan NEW YORK -The council of American Guild of Authors and Composers (AGAC) has sent a letter out to its entire membership recommending the continuation of the Royalty Collection Plan for five years. and asking that participation in the plan become a requirement of regular membership in the Guild. The letter, which seas signed by AGAC Present Burton Lane, contains a ballot on which members are asked to vote yes or no to continuing and explanding the plan by making all members participate. It also contains authorizations for AGAC's 5 per cent fee for the collection plan. The letter has already cued a lot of excitement among many top writer- members of AGAC. writers who have no objection to the royalty collection plan if it is voluntary, but object to its covering all members whether they want it or not. In fact, the dissatisfaction on this level has gone so far that a number of top writers said last week that if the new plan passes they will have to consider resigning from the Guild. The reason for the dislike of a collection plan which all members must join is not hard to find. Under the royalty collection plan AGAC collects 5 per cent of all moneys a writer -member receives from a publisher - whether collected by AGAC: or not -up to 51,000. In D. DREYER DID 'LONESOME' BIT NEW YORK -After much diligent footwork on the part of The Billboard. it was discovered this week that the writer of the recitation on the Eh is Presley record of "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" was written by veteran music man and writer Dave Dreyer. Dreyer, the composer of "Cecilia." "I'm Following You." "Me and My Shadow," and other hits, penned the recitation while working for Bourne Music in the 1920's. At that time recitations were used by singers in theaters and music halls to dramatize songs before a live audience. The recitations were often printed on the back of sheet music copies. other words, the 5 per cent fee is based only on the first a writer may earn from publishers. Up to now only the writers who asked for this service have been charged the 5 per cent fee. Writers who did not want to participate did not have to do so and could still be AGAC members. But, it is understood, the expenses entailed in administering the plan. sending accountants to publishers' offices to see if they paid writers the correct royalties. etc., have cost more than all the 5 per cents collected to date will pay for. Thus, claim a number of writers, the need for a bigger fund. But a number of top writers claim that they do not need AGAC to collect from their publishers for them, They say that they are satisfied with their publisher income and that if they have to enroll in the royalty collection plan they will be giving to AGAC and receiving nothing in return. They do not deny the need of AGAC's collection plan for other writers, but deny its need for themselves. AGAC claims in its letter that the collection plan has brought hundreds of thousands of dollars to writers who would not have otherwise received the money. AGAC further states that selfish publishers will seek to drive a wedge between those who are and those who are not part of the plan, and thus all members should be covered by it. AGAC is due to announce the results of the balloting shortly. Westinghouse Buys KLAC NEW YORK - Westinghouse Broadcasting Company is buying station KLAC. Hollywood, for 54: 250,000 from Hall Broadcasting Company. which reportedly spurchased the 5,000 -watt iodic in 1956 for about $850,000. Contracts between Westinghouse chief Donald McGannon and Mortimer Hall were expected to be signed Monday (12). Sale. of course, is subject to FCC approval. Hall bought KLAC in 1956 from his mother. Dorothy Schiff. who owns the New York Post Newspaper.


6 6 INTERNATIONAL MUSIC THE BILLBOARD BRITISH Newsi..otes By DON WEDGE News Editor, New Musical Express Several British music publishers are following their American counterparts by recording material themselves and selling to majors for release. Latest example was the Decca issue last weekend of "What's It All About?" a comedy number performed by two deejays, Pete Murray and Brian Matthew. It was produced by Les Conn, a former Decca a. &r. man. who now heads the Melcher operation in Britain. Another Conn production, 'Martin Slavin's The Charleston's Gonna Rock the Hop Tonight," was issued by Oriole last' weekend. Last month Pye released "Ten Swingin' Bottles," by a young British rock artist, Peter Chester, which has also been produced by Conn for the Melcher organization. All the numbers are Britishwritten and published within the Melcher group. The Rank publishing company, Filmusic, headed by Harold Sham- Best -Selling Pop Records in HOLLAND N eek ending December In, 1960 Courtesy FoonPlaleau, AmerYuorn I au Tbta sleek week 1 1 RAMONA -The Blue Diamonds 1Dtcca) ] ] O SOLE MIO (R's Now Or Never) -Elvis Presley (RCA) 7 ) NEVL'R ON SUNDAY -At least four best selling versions: Melina Mercouri, Dalida, Mieke Telkamp and Anneke van Hoof( 4 4 EVERYBODY'S SOMEBODY'S FOOL -Connie Francis IM -G -M) BARCELONA- Wilmary's (Fontana) 9 6 MIDI MIDINETTE -Coney - S - 7 IH,M,V,) ROCKIN' BILLY -Rea Valk (Fontana) 6 a TELEPHONE BABY - Johnny Otis (Capitol) 7 9 LUCILLE -The Everly Brothers (Warner Brat.) S 10 WIR WOLLEN NIEMALS AUS EINANDER GEICN- Heidi Bruhl (Philips) APACHE -The Shadows (Columbia) MY GIRL JOSEPHINE Fats Domino (Imperlal) 1 13 ONLY THE LONELY - Roy Orbison (Condon) WEIT 1ST DER WEG -Freddy (Polydur) HE'LL HAVE TO GO- Jim Reeves (RCA) 'SY BITSY TEENIE WEENIE YELLOW POLKA DOT BIKINI Brian Hyland (London) LETS HAVE A PARTY- Wanda Jackson (Capitol) ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT" -Etats Presley (RCA) PLEASE HELP ME, I'M FALLING -Hank Lockkin (RCA) STARLIKE-Peter's Rockets (Decca) I "Free pan. has also been producing disks, though in this case one side of each coupling has a connection with a Rank movie. A film title tune, "Faces in the Dark," by Janine, who plays an electronic instrument called a nsartenot, was made by Filmusic at first for re- lease on Top Rank here. It was issued at the time of the hand - over to EMI and the disk was taken hack by the publisher and reissued through Oriole. It has now been issued in several overseas countries and done well -on the Top Rank label -in South America, Another Filmusic production, "Angel," sung by the Day Brothers, has been Issued by Oriole. Two new sides, "My Mommy Told Me," sung by the Shane Sisters, and "Why Did You Leave Me?" by Ray Merrell, were issued as an experiment on the newly launched Ember label. The latter tune has been taken by Rank Records of America. Shampan feels that a publisher is justified in going to the expense of producing a disk himself if he has complete faith in a number. "The last thing we intend is to become a producing company," he said, "but if a number has been turned down by a.&r. men it doesn't have to be given up. Often it could be that he has no contract artist available at the right time, whereas the publisher can draw on unattached talent." Much the same thinking is be- hind publisher Allan Crawford's disk- producing efforts, although in this instance he formed his own label. ACM -Academy, and releases direct. First title was Jim Dale's "Somewhere There's a Someone," and there are four more assailing release. His first effort has found several overseas markets, being particularly successful in South Africa. It is also out in Italy, Germary France, Australia and Scan- Best Selling Pop Records in BRITAIN week ending December t0, 1969 (Connelly New 1luskal Yspree., Latina, Last Mk Week Week 1 1 IT'S NOW OR NEVER=EIvis Southern Germany Presley (RCA) By JIMMY JUNGERMANN 2 SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME- Producer, Drifters (London) Rayetischer Rundfunk, 3 STRAWBERRY FAIR -Anita,, Munich Newlay (Dec.) One year ago, Etta 1 LOVE YOU -Cliff Richard Angell (Columbia) started the first Record Bop in S S ROCKING GOOSE -Johnny ami in Frankfurt. To celebrale the Juthe Hurricanes tl. nndnn) biles. Etta recorded 7 6 MAN two songs OF MYSTERYfor Shadows the new (Columbia) Anitrola label -"Nor Mit 3 7 GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME- Dir" and "Ich Mach' Mil Dir Al- Peter Sellers and Sophia Laren les."... Norman Grano started his (Panaphone) new )ATP 11 package 1 1. ITTLE DONKEY -Nina tour in end Frankfurt featuring Prederik (Columba) Roy Eldridge, Cole LONELY PUP-Adam Faith man Hawkins, Jo Jones, Dizzy Gil- (Partophane) lespie, Jay Jay Johnson, Stan Getz, POETRY IN MOTION- Johnny Julian (Cannonball) Tillotson Adderley, (London) Don 9 tl AS Ryas LONG AS IIE and NEEDS Benny ME- Carter.,.. Singer Shirley Betsey )Columbia) Hüde Ott and the band of Thomas 6 12 MY HEART HAS A MIND OF VI'endlinger returned to Munich ITS OWN-Connie Francis IS 12 GURNEY SLADE -Mat Harris (Fontana) 2U 14 BLUE ANGEL -Roy Omisnn ().óndon) IU 15 DREAMIN'- Johnny Burnett+ (London) MY LOVE FOR YOU- Johnny Mathis 'Fontana) OL' Mac DONALD -Frank t1 Ll Sinatra (Capitol) in LIVELY -Lonnie Donegan Wye) 19 THE STRANGER -Shadows (Columbia) PERFIDIA- Ventures (t ondonl JUST AS MUCH AS EVER -Nat Cole (Capitol) MILORD -Edith Piaf (Columbia) KOMMOTION -Duane Eddy IL.ondon) 24 GEORGIA ON MY MIND -Ray Charles (timvi ONLY THE LONELY -Roy Orbison (London) - 26 LITTLE GIRL -Many Wild. (Philips) xtamdonald's CASE-Pine/awn Men (Capitol) - 21 G. 1. BLUES ILP1 -Elms Presley (RCA) EVEN MORE PARTY 17OPS- Ross Conway (Columbia) MR-. CUSTER- Charlie Drake )Parlophone) after a DECEMBER 12, 1960 GERMAN Newsnotes our to Persia. U. S.- German music publisher Paul Siegel and British music publisher Reg Connelly have "Eininal Kommt Die Liebe" by Michael Jary, sung by Zarah Leander on (he Ariola label... The Hcliodor label is releasing two U. S. labels, Cadence and Legrand. Johnny Tillotson sings "Poetry in Motion" and "Princess, Princess," Legrand offers the U. S. Bonds with "New Orleans" and "Please Forgive Me." Mercury issues two U. S. stand - (ConriniJetl on paye 18) Northern Germany By BRIGITTE KEEN Music Editor. Autmnalen -Markt Braunschweig, Germany Two big German Song Festis.11s will take place nest year. In addition to the already announced Festival 1961 arranged by Radio Luxembourg and the town of Wiesbaden (which also arraneed the former performances) another festival has been announced by the "vcrein Deutsche Schlagerfcst- Spiele e.v." to take place June 4,'1961, in Baden- Baden. This new corporation, whose chairmen are Genera) Direc- tor Dr. Erich Schulze, Munich: Gunther Brauolich, Hamburg: Max Faust, Berlin, has planned this festival in which all German composers and lyricists can participate with new works. the German TV will show the finals June 4, as well as four semi -finals shows in April and Flay. Final entries must be in before January lb Lolita sold I million records of "Seenlann" (Sailor. Your Home Is in the Sea), currently No. 9 in The Billboard U. S. charts, and will receive a golden disk front her recording firm. Polydor. at the beginning of nest year in her home (C'ontinue'd nn pave 18) ITALIAN Newsnotes By MARIO DeLUIGI Narcisco Parigi will take part in the second Festival of Italian Song. in March of 1961 in Buenos Aires... Capitol Record's "Love Theme," taken from the film "Front the Terrace," has met with dinavia. Crawford takes the view much success here, paralleling the "that it's no good leaving a good "Theme From the Sumpter Place." song lying about -if the majors Another success, less sudden, don't cover it, then we do" (C'ontinued on page 181 DANISH Newsnotes By TED WOLFRAM Care of American Express, Copenhagen STOCKHOLM: Ake Persson, Swedish jazz trombonist, and Jerri Grey, American singer, were married, here. November 21- Jerri Grey had a principal role in the and Easy" musical, which made a short -lived tour of Europe, BELGIUM News notes By JAN TORFS Juke Box Magazine, Mechelen, Belgium There seems to be an increasing demand for German recordings all over the world. In Belgium, Conny (Froeboess), Peter Kraus, Freddy (Quinn) and other German singers and now Lolita with her "See - mann" and Bert Kaepfert with his "Wonderful by Night" are riding high in the U. S. A. Even more startling is the success in France of a record, sung in German, by tsvo Danish boys: "Banjo Boy" "Kill Watch," the Palette platter by the Cousins, a Belgian rock 'n' roll group, is enjoying very good sales. The tune has been recorded by French star Johnny Halliday and by Mister "Mustapha" himself. Bob Azzam,,., Peter Plum has the the publishing rights on " Fabiola," dedicated to our future Queen, which have been bought for New Zealand, Australia, Italy, England and the U. S. A. Andrew Anita of Spanka Music was here for a short visit, stopping in from London and on his way to Geneva. He spent most of his tinte with Robert Bnsmans, Benelux representative of Spanka Music..,. Johnny Mercer wrote Eng- lish lyrics to the Charles Aznavour melody "Rendez -vous a Brassilia" and major recordings on this lune will he appearing soon... "Anita My Love" a musical, especially written by one of our leading composers, Hans (lower, for the 13cl- gian Television. brought heavy demand for the title tune, as performed by Palette singer Louis Neefs, The record will be out very 600n. Rina Pia, Barclay songstress, macle a Flemish recording of "Tell Laura I love Her" under its new title: "Odat Hij Haar Liefhad." Flip side is a German evergreen: "Met Jou Is liet Leven Zo Mooi." The Chackchtts are in Rome, playing the (anions night club Grotte del Piccione. Altho "O Sole Mio' is still in the No. I position on the local hit parade. the new Presley release, Are You Lonesome tonight," has been launched on the Belgian market to benefit from the big Christmas sales. and Persson was a member of the Quincy Jones band, which a;i>,t feature of the show. The nest is - w'cds will reside in Sweden. COPENHAGEN: Niels Borre, concert master of the Danish Na- tional Radio Symphony Orchestra, died here November 25..., There have been a number of replacements on the staff of KODA (Danish counterpart of ASCAP). Composer Erik Trop has been made executive director, while Lone Wilhelm Hansen, feminine head of the Wilhelm Hansen music publishing firm, and Robert Jeppcsen, have been named as members of the board of directors. Norman Grano was unable to find a ball available for his big JATP unit, with Cannonball Adderley and Dizzy Gillespie. which gave concerts in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden, Copenhagencrs, however, had two concerts. December 5, in the Odd Fellows Palace, by Art Balkcy and His Jazz. Messengers, presented by the Fona and Dansk Grammofonplads (record) firms.,.. Nan Merriman, American mezzo -soprano. topped the hill at a big Christmas (benefit) concert, sponsored by a loc,il paper, in the new Falkoner Centret Theater, on Sunday (111. Others featured in this concert will he Gerry Mills, pop singer; Grelhe and Jorgen Ingmann ensemble, and Metronome Record's director -con-' poser -pianist Bent Fabrieius Bjern, with Henny EInritzen and Swedish pop singer Siw Malquist. Richard Stangerup is bringing Colds Armstrong to Denmark for concerts in Copenhagen. Aalborg and Aarhus, during January. Chic. 14 -year -old jazz singer, has been signed up for a leading role in a new Danish film. I hut stable is that of Tony Rents His recording of " tenerezza" (Tenderness) on His Master's Voice, has gained popularity steadily, especially in Northern Italy with the younger generation. "Dove Sei," (Summer's Gone) the original recording by Paul Anka, now holds second place in Ilse Discobolo radio show of pop music. The record, on Columbia here, has been selling very success - lully, and its popularity must at least in part be due to the lyric, which refers to Anka's sojourn to Italy two years ago. Best -Selling Pop Records in ITALY sseek Fading December 10, 1940 (Courte,y Muslo e Diedri, Milan) Last 77t1+ Week Neck 1 I II CIE10 IN UNA STANZA- Mina eta,,:) I ES ENFANTS DV PIREE- 1)alide ( Barclay) 3 WHAT A SKY -Nino Fidenco IRCA) 4 11'S NOW OR NEVER -Elvis Presley 1R('.A) $ st CI SEI- Untbeno Bind! (Ricardo 6 NOTE UI LUNA CLANTE- Domrnico Modulino Wank) 7 NESSUNO AL MONDO- - Prppino ili Capri (Cariwh) 7 u MILORD -Edith Piaf (Columbia), fluida (Barclay) 14 Y TFl.l. LAURA t LOVE HER- Ricky Velum, (Columbia), John 1 tom) (Top Rank) 1 IO l'oli MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME -Ned Sedalia INCA) GARBIE -Eddie Calvert (Columbia) 9 12 II. NOSTRO CONCERTO- 'Umberto Rinda irieordl) I IEBEIJ:I -Rol) Bauer Yoe, INl Padrone) PI'I A(2ORA- Adriano Celt/nano (Jolly) MULE- SKINNER BLUES - Frndrrmcn (Fop Rank) BARATTOLO- Gianni Meccia (RCA Camden) t IR)K FUR A SFAR -Garry Nulls (rap Rank) TILL/PERSONALITA'- Ca'erina S'altnle (Delta) - 19 SUMMER'S GONE -Paul Antra o(salumbial la 20 ITSY BITSY TEENIE WEENIE VILI OW POLKA DOT BUCINI -Brian Hyland (Landon), Buddy Hackett (TOP Rank) By SAM',. STE.INMAN Piazza San Anselmp 1, Rome The runaway leader in this year's "Canzonissima" national TV- lottery competition, " Romantica," is still fighting a plagiarism suit in the courts. In the latest testimony, Dr. Nicola Festa, who claims the tune is similar to "Angiulella," which he submitted to the 1957 Naples Festival where it w'an rejected, admitted that he had never offered the number to Renato Raster), whom he is suing. He also admitted that his song has never been published, recorded or publicly performed....unlike last year's success, "Can - zionissima, 19h0," has turned out to be one of Italian TV's greatest bores. Unable to divest itself of three tiresome comedians, the program runs along on the strength of its song appeal. A committee of six musicians had three journalists meets in Rome this week to sift the San Remo songs with a view to picking tho 24 finalists, Meanwhile, top interest is centered in-who the new singers to be heard will he. Duriwn is pushing Little Tony and Sergio Franchi, two Italians who scored in London before making their mark in their nathe land. American Vesuvius label has picked up Jimmy Fontana's Italian recordings for the Hollywood mark here. Another Hollywood artist, Umberto Bindi. is preparing for a New York Carnegie Hall appearance... RCA Italiana hats put the voices of Mario Lanza and Enrico Caruso on one 1.1) for those who like to make comparisons and the results are startling... Opening of San Carlo Opera in Naples was delayed by a one -day strike called by the staff for opening day..., CGD has issue(( a special catalog of Christmas songs from 'White Christmas" to "Natale Bianco" with Johnny Dorelli... Abbe Lane and Xavier Cugat have abandoned their Florida -South American tour to do a Christmas season revue In Milan and then may tour Italy after the holidays... Ivan Megull is picking up Edizione Tornado's "I'm in Ecst :icy." a movie time by Stellari and Rohuachi. The Reader's Digest Italian edition is offering a mail order set of 12 LP's encompasing 68 works entitled "Festival of Classical and Light Music." Set sells for $25... s Orpheus is doing a similar sales pitch for its Collectors Club, but offers three disks as a starter-


8 Watch for the NEW Billboard Coming January * we's outlet Shoe News Peel will combine wilts its menleis publication, Fumrol, enti move Italo f ',welt e1.í a IT pebileell.n er ill el... MUSIC NEWS THE BILLBOARD A (means "I understand") the fabulous German hit is now on Vista! by Ilse Werner in German and English F -366 Another Reader -Advertiser Benefit of the NEW 8 /[!BOARD Exclusively for the Music -Coin Industry New Improved Make -up and Typography Professional typographic experts --John Peter Associates -hove been engaged to do a "fresh -up" job on your new Billboard. That's the some organization whose experiences includes work on such leading magazines os Life, Look, and McColl's... and which added sparkling newness and readability to Electronics and Progressive Architecture among others. BILLBOARD IVI LJ S I C WEEK Meanwhile.. Music -Phono Merchandising... Radio -TV Programming... Juke Box -Gam Operating TV, RADIO LP'S HIT BRIT. DISK MARKET By DON WEDGE LONDON -An interesting new addition to the British album mur -' ket is the adaptation of successful radio and television series to wax. Pioneer- version was a recording of BBC racjip's "Sing It Again,' a halt -hour weekly tune -a- minute show devised by BBC Producer Johnnie Stewart and featuring a regular team of professional singers, and musicians. The radio format, now in its l Oth year, has been transferred to disk and this month Columbia issued a third LP based on the show. Man behind the production with a. &r. Manager Norrie Paramor. who three years ago put Eric Jupp's BBC - Radio series. "Music for Sweethearts," out in LP form. The technique was taken into the teen market three years ago by' another EMI a.&r. main, Norman Newell. with an LP of BBC-TV's "6.5 Special." Phis show consisted almost entirely of young disk 'names. and Newell collected the FMI artists who had clicked on the show for an I P recorded in front of a studio audience. I his has been the pattern since then. The "6.5 Special" was originally produced for television by Jack Good who moved to ABC- ) V to begin another highly successful teen series. "Oh Boy." which went on to was almost in its original IV format two years. Newell followed last year with a version of a similar BB(- -TV show, "Drum - heat." 'Teen TV series have now disappeared from the two networks, and this has directed added attention to the radio shows. Biggest of these is the weekly "Saturday ( lids," which Newell recorded using the sort of talent, drawn front the FMI roster and uncontracted artists. featured in the radio show during the last three' years. The album is about to be released in time for the Christmas market. Newell has now secured BBC permission to record a version of another weekly radio program, "Parade of the Pops." This is a hit parade show and as such would Strand Moves With 20 LP's Early in Year NEW YORK - Strand Records it ill release 211 new albums from January I through February in a move to strengthen its distributor relationships by offering a complete 1_P catalog. Although the albums retail at $3.98 (nionaurtl) and S4.98 (stereo'). general manager Sid Pasttier is offering them to distributors at a better than usual discount - about $1.50 per LP. Pastncr also plans to bring out 33''3 stereo sin- gles and a two -disk "Kompact" situ, set (both stereo and monaural). which will feature an entire 12 -inch LP on two seven -inch singles. Price on this package-modeled after RCA Victor's new Compact 33 Double album -has not been set. 'The first Strand album. "The Faith of Lincoln." will be released this week. The LP features Lin- coln's favorite hymns sung by the Disson Hall Choir with narration by Hall. The new Strand albums will cover a variety of fields - jazz, sound, pop. ere. - and will include m a s t e r purchases as well as packages recorded by the label itself. Pastner haz pur - chased a nevv single, "Darling 1 Need Your )..ove,' by the Chips (rom Venice Records, Hollywood. the disk, which stirred up some action on the West Coast, will be released shortly on the Strand label. DECEMBER 12, 1960 have a short lile if put directly oms tvax. Newell will therefore turn il more into a collection of all -time pops and invisages an almost endless succession of variants if it proves successful. 'IN regular band on the air show, Bob Miller and the Millermen, will he featured again with FMI waists land possibly some from other labels on loan -out) who have guested in the series. Pye is also enicting the market and plans an LP of Ihe Sunday morning radio show, "Easy Beat:' another teen pop rittisic series. The label is also keeping the title "Be My Guest" for one of its contract singers, Joan Regan. who has a BBC -PV show of the same name. 1 his musical activity is in addition lo the disk versions of big radio comedy shows of which muai labels have at least one esampie. These usually come as a result of negotiation with the BR( for right to issue on v,: is of broadcast rrodn,n r, Clara Haskil, Noted Pianist,,Dead at 65 BRUSSELS. Belgium - tiara Haskil, the great classical pianist, died here last week 171 of iniuries suffered in a fall at a railroad station. She had arrived here tram Paris to gisc a concert with Arthur Cïrumìau.s. the violinist, before Queen Mother Elizabeth of Bel - glum. Shc was 65 Years old. Mist Haskil had built up e devoted following far her performances of classical and early romantic music. Yarn of her loyal farts considered her to be one of the outstanding interpreters at music of these eras. and especially of Mozart's keyboard music. She was born in Rumania in 1895 and made her protesional debut at the age of nine. Illness and World war 1 interrupted her career. hot mice the war was uvcr she hc:,+me well known. tier last appearance in the United States, after a 30-year absence, was in the season, when she was acclaimed for her performances of Beethoven piano works. Recordings by Miss H:ukti hove been brought out in the United States on the Epic label in recent years. but recordings are also available by the Pianist on Angel, Decca and Westminster. lien recordings were widely praised. Among her noted 1-P's were her tarinus Mozart concerto I-t's, and the Beethoven Sonatas for violin and piano with Gfumiatix, the full cycle of which were recently completed. Her similar set of Nln:,iii Sonatas were left incomplete M he: death, as were a series Of :onceito cordings with the I-.nnoureu' C1rchestra under Igor 't.iikevrtch, Miss Haskil for many ycnrs had been living in Sow/inland nee Lausanne. Neal Hefti to NARAS Post HOl l.lwood - Neal Hefts was named tu the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences' Los Angeles board of gpoernorv, filling the spot vacated by the departure of Henri Rene. Rene recently moved to NE0 York. Mefti, in turn. arrived here ttom New York where he had becta active on that city's NARAS board. Among other New Yorkers who have entered the local- NARAS fold are Percy Faith, Iry Towoh_ send. Lee Schapiro and Dough. Beauchamp, New NARAS mita ' bers here include the Eligib : Bill Comstock, Dick ReynoUe t Virginia Richmond.

9 DECEMBER 12, 1960 THE BILLBOARD MUSIC 9 MGM ba Ye Dealers are Wild about it... Customers moving out with albums like Knighthood was back in Style...and so it is...if ye heed the way in which Deejays Everywhere are spinning The Disk. Ye secret, Sir Cat, lies in the performance erstwhile Symphonic Knights giving forth a Huge but pleasing Sound, so Lush and colorful the King's robes pale in comparison. Yea, verily, Camelot has arrived... and MGM has Ye Album. So Get with It. ttftt,? titt?ií41 +1 :T t 11- t +r, M M rt RECORDS 4. MUSIC FROM LERNER & LOEWE'S ORNADEL AND THE STARLIGHT SYMPHONY OFCHESTPA MGM Ye Mono Numeral is E3916 Ye Stereo Numeral is SE3916 (Ulf)? not erber tortgtuït(i1l

10 10 MUSIC NEWS THE BILLBOARD Johnny Marks' Christmas Pin -Up Shedf THE SMASH HIT BRENDA LEE Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree ( DECCA RECORDS) BEAR BRENDA SING IT ON THE PERRY COMO SHOW DEC. 14 SEE BRENDA IN LIFE MAGAZINE, DEC. 12 ISSUE RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER 25 Neto Releases 30,000,000 Record Seller New Big Hit Singles dá Paul Attica (ABC -Paramount) Melodeers (Studio -20th Fox) Chipmunks with David Seville (Liberty) Joyeux Noel, Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS 1960 Sammy Kaye (Decca) 1959 Art Mooney (MGM) Tex Johnson (Prom) I HEARD THE BELLS ON CHRISTMAS DAY Harry Belafonte (Victor) Bing Crosby (Decca) Fred Waring (Capitol) Sound.Spectacular (Victor) Carillon Bells (Decca) Lester Lanía (Epic) Dennis Day (Design) Johnny Kaye (Peter Pan) etc. I'LL BE A LITTLE ANGEL WHE SANTA CLAUS PARADE The Little Angels with Craig Sechler (Riverside) THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS SONG Rosemary Clooney and Gene Autry (Columbia).hues Bros. (Victor) Pete King Chorale (Kapp) Glade MacKenai* (RCA Victor) Eileen Barton (Cord) Spike Jones (Verve) Ruts Morgan (Decca) Jon. Arthur (Pecca) ;Hitch Hiller (Golden) Johnny Kay. (Prom) etc. EVERYONE'S A CHILD AT CHRISTMAS Gene Autry (Columbia) WHEN SANTA CLAUS GETS YOUR LETTER Gene Autry (Columbia Hall of Fame) Capt. Kangaroo (Golden) Mitch Miller (Golden) Tex Johnson (Prom) etc. ST. NICHOLAS MUSIC INC Broadway, N. Y. 19, N. Y. Mack Wolfson, Benny Miller, Lucky Wilber, Ed Penney, Mike Connor, Jim McCarthy, Joe Petralia, Marvin Drager, P. R. Offic. DECEMBER 12, 1960 KICK OFF NARAS MIDWEST CHAPTER DRIVE AT MEET By NICK BIRO from artist performances to album CHICAGO -The initial meeting cover designs and engineering and to launch the Midwest chapter of recording of the individual disks. the National Academy of Record- In the final voting, slated to take ing Arts and 'Sciences (NARAS) place early in February, each will he held at the Ambassador category will bave been narrowed Hotel here Wednesday afternoon to five nominees. Awards will be (14) and officials are shooting for midwestern participation in the forthcoming national "Grammy" elections. Bob Yorke, member of NARAS' national hoard of directors, and Dick Jablo. association attorney, tre expected to be on hand to launch the Midwest chapter. The session is slated for 5 p.m. Dick Schory, head of the organizing committee here, said that already 28 members had been signed up, with only 50 needed for a charter. Schory said extensive mailings were being made and that he was hopeful for a large initial turnout. Final Voting Altho the first round of the NARAS voting for record achievement awards closed last week (5). association officials said the Chicago chapter members would be eligible to participate in the finals. There are some 60 different categories representing a wide range of awards in the recording field- Rocco Voceo Dies at 73 - NEW YORK Rocco Voceo, president of Bregman. Voceo and Conn. passed away suddenly last Monday (5) at the age of 73. The veteran music man, who had started his career as a boy tenor in for his skill in picking songs and for the many great teams of writers he put together. He joined Jack Bregman and Chester Conn to form BVC` after a long successful manager of a number of the largest publishing firms. In the early days of his career Voceo was hired by Harry Von Tilzer to promote and exploit his songs. Soon after he was signed by the late Leo Feist to take over the management of the Chicago office. He was brought to New York after several years in Chicago to head the Feist professional staff. From there Voceo went to De Sylva, Brown and Henderson as general manager. Later he was made head of the Warner Bros. music publishing catalogs. Among the songwriting teams that Voceo joined were Walter Donaldson and Gus Kahn (who wrote the score of "Whoopee "), Gus Kahn and Isham Jones ("It Had to Be You," "Swingin' Down the Lane," etc.). After helping found BC, Voceo teamed Mack Gordon and Harry Warren, who wrote many film hits ( "You'll Neve Know," "Serenade in Blue," etc.), Mack Gordon and James V. Monaco, and Mack Gordon and Josef Myrow, He also developed and encouraged defter David Rose. Voceo was honorary president of the Professional Music Men since its inception and a member of the Friars Club. Survivors include a daughter, Lorraine Curry; a granddaughter. Catherine Curry, and a brother, James. Hirt Signs With RCA NEW YORK - Al Hirt, New Orleans trumpeter, has signed an RCA Victor record contract, it was announced by Steve Sholes, pop a.8tr. chief. Hirt recently opened an engagement at Basin Street East here. He has already cut two albums for the label. Hirt and his group are set up along Dixieland lines, although it is not primarily a Dixieland combo and it plays a variety of music. made on a nationally televised show. The Midwest chapter will be the fourth for NARAS, which itself was first organized some two years ago, with a chapter in New York. Chapters in Hollywood and Nashville, Tenn., followed. Dick Schory was pamed by the national association to set up the Chicago group and has been working with a committee that includes David Carroll, Mercury: Joe Wells. RCP -Victor; Willis Charkovskv, composer -arranger; Mike Simpson, composer -arranger; Bill Hanley, musician; and Nick Biro, The Billboard. Territory for the Midwest group will extend north to Canada, cast to Cleveland, west to Omaha, and south to St. Louis. Members are drawn from two groups: active members, who participate in the making of the recorded product, from artists, arrangers, writers and musicians to literary editors; associate members, from those in sales, promotion and other supply functions of the industry. Only active members are allowed to vote in the awards presentation. German Court Ruling Favors Disk Artists BRAUNSCHWEIG. Germany - The German High Court has decided that recording artists can now claim a fee if their performances are used for trade purposes, i.e., in juke boxes, TV, cinemas or broadcasting. Music operators who now pay a duty to the GEMA, German performing rights society. are of the opinion that the levy is high enough to cover the fees for performing artists, too. A special corporation, the Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistrungs - Schutz - rechten (GVL), has been formed to respresent the interests of performing artists. The collective treaty between the juke box operators and GEMA bas been recalled for December 31, Bargaining is under way between the parties interested. Up to now, GEMA has satisfied only the claims of composers, lyricists and music publishers, while the recording artists received payment from their recording firms. Col. Promotes Shifts Staffers To New Posts - NEW YORK Columbia Records has made a number of new promotions and appointments in various departments. Sal Forleaza, former supervisor of field communications, has been appointed product manager of single records for the company. At the same time Gene Weiss has been promoted to the post of regional sales manager for the northeastern region, covering New York, Boston and Hart ford and Albany. Bruce Lundvall has been named to the position of manager of, field communications, the post formerly held by Forlenza. Lundvall will. handle Columbia's "Insight" and "Newsletter," the firm's sales publications. And Oscar Ehrenkanter has been appointed to the post of director of administration by Ken Clancy, vice -president of Columbia Accords Distributors. 1

11 DECEMBER 12, 1960 THE BILLBOARD MUSIC 11 oiwy12 YON ki l ; l i t1/62z TOP 50 av 100% ficff41161 If you, as a record dealer. have never before offered your customers Angel Records. then you shouldn't miss this timely opportunity to stock the very "cream" of the Angel catalogue - while you have this valuable protection! If you are already an Angel dealer, then you will want to take advantage of this line opportunity to replenish your stock of Angel best- sellers for the important holiday business you're enjoying right now! Offer closes December 24th. You have a full 6 months to exchange purchases of these albums made during this program. See your Angel Representative today! 01044**-1--'_1 1 I.444*_1_41..+-`1ti.$31'1'-1_a1'_1 1--1_''_1 1_`14** +V4:44 44 c7 IT # c 4+ rr tl* ili iili a *i..* 'N. I+ (S) (S) (S) B3610 (S) (S) Soviet Army Chorus and Band At the Drop of a Hat (Planck,' and Swann) Klemperer Conducts Wagner Rent of - Peter Sellers Bitter Sweet Highlights BL Puccini: Ilea. complete (Collas) (2 records) DL Puccini la : Boheme, complete (('allas) (2 retords) (S) B-3577 Beethoven: Symphony 09 (Klemperer) (2 anordi) (S) BL Donizetti: Lucia di Lammermoor. complete (Catin.) (s,mords) (S) CL Ponchielli: in Gioconda, complete (Collas) (2 worth) Mozart: Horn Concertos (Dennis Crabe ) Callas Portrays Puccini Heroines OrS: Carmin Burana (Sasal/iseh Giuseppe di Stefano: Songs of Naples Giuseppe di Stefano: Songs of Naples. (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) album 2 Beethoven: "Emperor' Concerto (Emil Gilets) Hindemith: Horn Concerto (Dennis Brain /Hindemith) Rimsky- Korsakov: Scheherazade (Beecham) Tchaìl:ovsky: 1812 Overture, others (von Karajan) Dvorak: "New World" Symphony (von Karajan) Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf; Haydn: Toy Symphony (ronkarajan) (Ustinov) Tchaütovaky: Nutcracker Suite: Swan Lake (Sauallisch /Philharmonie) (S) Schubert: Songs. Album 2 (Fischer- Dieakau) (S) Verdi: Overtures (TLtlio Serajn/ Philharmonie) (S) Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Sings Operetta (S) (S) (S) :35815 (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) Lilac Time - Highlights Merry Widow - Highlights White Horse Inn - Highlights Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake /Sleeping Beauty Suites (eon Karajan) Beethoven: Violin Concerto (Do rid Oi.strnklr ) Rhapsodies for Orchestra ( Silvestri/ Vienna Philharmonic) Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker; Romeo and Juliet (Markerilch(Philharmonia) Beethoven: Triple Concerto (David Oistrakh Trio) Beethoven: "Pastorale" Symphony (Klemperer) Birgit Nibon Sings Beethoven, Weber. Mozart Helter Skelter (Band of Welsh (nard.) Chopin Waltzes (Afalen:ynsdi. Piano) Mozart : Symphonies. No. 38 and No.39 (von Karajan) Romantic Overtures (Silvestri/ Ph ilharmonia 1 The Orchestral Wagner (Snrrolfisci: Phi )Ita rmon as ) Callas Portrays Verdi Heroines Mad Scenes by Callas Rimsky- Korsakov:Scheherazade (von Mataeic /Philharmonia) Schubert: "Unfinished" Symphony and " Rosamunde' Music (Klet :ki) Behind the Footlights (Scots Guards) Hoffnung Interplanetary Music Festival Donizetti: Lucia di Lammermoor - Highlightn (Callas) Wolf: From the Spanish Songbook (Fischer- Dieskan) Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4 (von Karajan) The Happy Wanderer (Obrrnlirrhen Choir) 4* 1+ *14** ik*********31c****ok************ 411'GEDS

12 12 MUSIC NEWS THE BILLBOARD Merc Signs Kim Sisters, Other Acts CHICAGO - The Kim Sisters head a new list of Mercury pactings announced last week in what is part of a general catalog expansion program begun by the label several months ago. Other signings include Bobby Hendricks, young rock 'n' roll singer, and Jay Epac, Hawaiian Islands singer, both patted by Clyde Otis, Eastern a.&r. director for Mercury. George Barnes and His Jazz Renaissance Quintette were signed by Hal Mooney. In the c. &w. category, Shelby Singleton. Mercury's Southern a. &r. head, added the following: the Sprouts, the Salem, the Plainsmen, Curley Herndon. Jerry Glenn and Eddie Noack. TALENT BUYERS: 1001 Ideas to help you select the right talent for your important location SCHECK FUND TO AID NEEDY NEW YORK - The Marilyn Joan Scheck Foundation, devoted to the assistance of needy children afflicted with cheiloschisis (hair - lip) has been established by Mr. and Mrs. George Scheck of Manhasset, N. Y. The foundation is in mem- Beto.e you by talent you look for data on an artist... background. singing style. tha type of..ark the artist has done in the Pest 'night clubs, TV, fairs, films,.,. current and previous hits... personal manager,.. booking office... information that will help you spot talent on the rise. Information that null help you place the ' ICht talent n, mu flght location. Be rune to Read... and Use.., Billboard's Big New Year -End ory of the tight -year -old daughter of the couple. The child perished in a fire which destroyed the Scheck home on Thanksgiving Day. Contributions to the foundation may be sent to Mrs. Arthur Pine, Port Washington, N. Y. Scheck, the manager of Connie Francis. is recovering in a Long Island hospital from an illness which befell him following the tragedy. and Hold Onto Programming and Talent Buying Guide -a spacial slick -stock section of the December le issue. MN= /..t record. programming iliaa 114Pwal today's top record talent,coming DEC.19! Japanese Club Not Yank Type - YOKOSUKA, Japan Nippon Columbia was the first company to organize a phonograph record club in this island nation. The operation now boasts over 150,000 members. The club, however. takes a far different form than the Columbia Record Club across the sea in the United States. For one thing, in accordance with manufacturers' contracts with retailers in Japan, direct sales by way of mail are prohibited. Buyers get to be members by collecting coupons which are enclosed in the jacket or sleeve of each record purchased at their record store. These coupons are mounted on a card until the card becomes full. At that time, the filled card is sent to the club for membership. Members receive only one bonus 10 -inch LP disk once a year. Membership, however, entitles them to participate in lotteries with prizes of TV sets, stereo phonographs and other valuable loot. BMI Offers College Prize NEW YORK - BMI will award a prize of $1,000 to the composer and lyricist of the best college musical comedy or revue presented in the United States and Canada during the '61 academic year. The drama or music department sponsoring the production will receive an additional $500. Entries will be judged by Morton Da Costa, Robert Griffith and Harold S. Prince, Robert Fryer and Lawrence Carr, Lehman Engal, Dory Schary, Steven Sondheim, Sheldon Harnick. this is it! THE The Billboard's Famous BIG ONE FOR 1960 YEAR -END PROGRAMMING & TALENT ISSUE featuring. e e Billboard's Big Annual DISK JOCKEY POLL RESULTS plus other Important programming and talent buying features, including the and record data service, famous quarterly biographic TODAY'S TOP RECORD TALENT. UNUSUAL LP BRINGS CAP. RARE COSTS - HOLLYWOOD This k one of those "what- you -runinto - when - you - make - an - album stories. C a p i t o l doesn't like'to talk about it, but one of the costliest pop albums in its history was the recently released "Ports of Paradise" package. The label invested a full $28,000 in its recording cost, going $10,000 over budget. Matson Lines, whose South Seas ports of call serve as the basis for the album, contributed $6,000 toward the project. Alfred Newman conducted a 47 -man orchestra and Ken Darby batoned a 26 -voice chorus. It took five separate recording sessions, plus more than an hour in overtime of each session before it was completed. Its roughly estimated that Capitol will have to sell some 250,000 albums before it recoups its production costs. Admit Stealing Boss' Records PITTSBURGH - Two employees of the National Record Mart here were held for court after admitting stealing thousands of dol- lars of records from the firm. The two employees. one a warehouse worker and the other a truck driver, admitted stealing $6,000 worth of records. City Detective John F. Stack testified in Downtown Magistrate's Court that approximately $9,500 worth of records had been taken from the National Records Mart warehouses from March to November of this year. An employee of the Nick Lonrtkin Music Stores was held for court here last week in a related case. The employee, a porter. was accused of pilfering $5,000 worth of records during the past several years. Tops Records Stages Meet HOLLYWOOD - Tops Records will hold its semi -annual sales meeting this week (14), attended by 17 of its district managers and company executives. label executives presiding will include President Bob Blythe, newly elected Operations Vice - President Larry Finley. and Sales Vice- President Ira Moss. Among plans to be discussed will be the unveiling of the low - price label's strategy to be followed in cracking the full -price (i.e., $3.98, 54.98, $5.98) album market. District managers, in turn. WI), conduct meetings in their own areas to deliver the company's message to the label's 52 men the field. M -G -M Bows 5 Dec. Albums NEW YORK -M -G -M Records has released five albums for special promotion during December. These include music from "Camelot," by Ornadel and the Starlight Symphony: Joni James with "100 Voices and 100 Strings; Larry El- gart's first for M -G -M, "Sophisti- cated 60's "; "The College All -Star Dance Band," tinder Don Jacoby; and Julius Monk's "Dressed to the Nines." Promotion effort is geared to getting dealers to handle the sets as gift items, particularly the gold - foil wrapped Joni James package. Albums are being rushed to stations and displays are going out to dealers. in DECEMBER 12, 1960 SING -A -LONG Mitch's Idea Picked Up For Radio NEW YORK - Mitch Millers "Sing -A- Long" albums have inspired a package of sing -a -long spots, designed for use by broadcasters as station identification - type jingles. Created by Bob Far - rer of Commercial Recording, Dallas, the jingles were introduced by EVIL in that city last September. and were used to kick off WABC's (New York) new format and deejay line -up last week. The jingles highlighted a two - day "Sing -A -Long Sound Spectacular" staged by WABC here Monday (5) and Tuesday (6), Packaged in 30 and 60- second spot form, the jingles feature community -sing -type vocals on a flock of oldies -such as "Bicycle Built for Two," "Sweet Rosie O'Grady'." At the same time, WABC 's new deejays (Scott Muni, Herb (Oscar) Anderson, Farrell Smith, Jack Carney, Charlie Greer and Chuck Dunaway) played various types of sing - a - long - type records - college songs, foreign tunes, and marches. The station has started its regular programming now (the top record hits of the day, augmented with new releases and oldies) but the sing -a -long spots will continue to be featured throughout each show. Time Debuts New '61 Line - CHICAGO Time Records introduced its new line for 1961 here this past week (December 9 and 10) to 32 of its distributors who convened at the Ambassador East Hotel. - Bobby Shad, president of the diskery, introduced a line of specialized albums which have been recorded by engineer Earl Brown. Brown is noted (or hit work in electrical and percussion music. Besides Shad, the distributors were hosted by Sales Manager Phil Picone, Harry' Ringler, comptroller, Mill Roseman. advertising, and Pete Spargo, promotion director. Benny Special To Spot Hits NEW YORK -Jack Benny's upcoming NBC -TV musical special, "Remember How Great," will feature Connie Francis. Andy \Vil- (lams, the McGuire Sisters, Harry James and his ork and Juliet Prowse. Sponsored by the American Tobacco Company, the show (February 9, 8:30.9:30 p.m.) will spot- light all -time pop song bits of the past few decades. It marks Benny's first NBC show (as star) time he left the web and moved to CBS 12 years ago. 'SWINDLE SHEET` ON FIRING LINE WASHINGTON - Iegk- lation to cut "swindle sheet" ente-tainment expenses front legitimate business deductions was again promised by Sen. Joseph Clark last week. Clark pushed hard for legislation to put everything but food and drink outside the pale of business deduction for entertainment, during the past session, and will reintroduce the sanie bill by way of christening the new 87th Congress. Excluded front the deductible tab would be show tickets, night club performances, memberships in clubs. st

13 DECEMEER 12, 1960 THE BILLBOARD MUSIC 13 COMPLETE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ALBUM... ONLY ON RCA VICTOR original sound track from the film EXODUS by ERNEST GOLD LIVING STEREO RCA`IICTOR ;04t Already a best seller, breaking in all markets. Watch for the film in your local theater. Available in Livin Stereo and in Monaural Hi -Fi on... TICANICT011.

14 14 MUSIC NEWS THE BILLBOARD DECEMBER 13, 1960 Disk Bootleg Probe Extended ERNIE IIEUKSFIIER and his IGgPSv: AIR LADY MG V-4045 Ñiiiiìtìiìi Onhsini Ernie Heasrhrri aedbis &rmot Orfárllra r. i) A superb collection of the very cream of Broadway show tunes... a unique blending of voices and instruments... a richness and fullness that easily equals, and in some cases surpasses, the original last recordings. HERB CAEN San Francisco Chronicle ; OVE I NIISryeJley BIG SCHER HECK SING If you're not dancing to Ernie Heckscher,, uf1q (( e you're not dancing!!.ari. \' BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA described by police as "associated with the underworld's lop hoodlums';; Sidney.,Mittelman, 48, of Monroe, N. Y., who is already under indictment in Essex County, N. J., on similar charges; Frank Lerner, 27, of Brooklyn, operator hf an album cover and label production firm known as Lerner Associates; Jerry Kipperman. 30, of Brooklyn, and Leon Silverberg, also 30. of Jericho, N. Y., described as business associates of Lerner; Nicholas Del Negro, 49; Larry Martire, 29, and Daniel Annunzteta. 22. described as messenger for the ring. and Charles T. Polhemus, 50, of Utica, an official of the Utica plant. The suspects were booked on charges of attempted grand larceny, conspiracy and sifying faland counterfeiting trademarks. Tt was Polhemus who was met in Newark by Vastola, Mittelman and Lerner. Later, State Troopers and Utica police, accompanied by Brooklyn detectives, swooped down on the Utica plant and arrested Stanley Markowski, 41, owner and president of the plant; his brother Alexander, 32, and Ann Decker. 33, secretary- treasurer of the firm. Many thousands of fake Sinatra and Mathis albums were found in the plant and were impounded, although none had yet reached retail channels. Four others were taken into custody Friday in the continuing crackdown. These were Norman Ravis. 41, of Hicksville. N. Y., and his brother, Herbert, 38, of New York. The Ravis brothers operate Peerless Album Company, a well - known album" cover production firm in Brooklyn. Also arrested were Joseph J. Goldstein, 32, and Manuel Zevon. 34, owners Graphic of Processing Corporation, a label and cover printing firm in Manhattan. Other arrests were expected momentarily at press time Friday. French Plastic Continued front page 3 songs with each hook containing four recorded sheets, sells for 72 cents. Toshiba Record Company which presses Angel and Kapp here. has recently tied in with Asahi Sonorama and will release educational hooks, using the thin vinyl disks. Kodanta Press Company has launched "Kodama" (Echo} Book monthly and "AAA" book every other month. The "Kodama" has 26 pages with four 331/2 r.p.m. phono sheets included and sells for 77 cents while the "AAA" 96 -page edition has three phono sheets and sells for 88 cents. Both editions are custom -pressed by King Records, an affiliate of London, Mercury and other labels. To compete with the Asahi newspaper, the Mainichi newspaper, second largest here, began to release Echo Sound magazine. Some music magazines also contain as a supplement, a couple of sonosheets. Even Newsweek Magazine's Tokyo edition is now widely distributing "A Brief Guide to Current English." in spoken English in the form of a sono -sheet for Jap- anese students at 27 cents. - Local Elects third issue has now been published. Further, Nippon Columbia is Officer Slate distributing its own Aunvisioo like "Bubble Book" for kiddies. This book contains three five -inch recorded colored picture sheets and sells for 55 cents. With all this splurge of activity, disk men are reflecting on the possible applications of the process to the pop disk field. In America, it is noted, the Rank Audio Plastics firm is making the process available for various advertising and publishing enterprises, although the process has not made comparable strides there. The ring was believed to bay; received financing from high mo suer sources. Carmine Lombardo zi, one of the delegates to the so. called "Apalachin mobster conveg1t taon" in upstate New York several years ago, has been linked with the ring. Lombardotci was near the top of the list of those questioned in the Graffeo killing last summer. He was believed to be the money man behind the operation, funnelling the cash down to the ring operators final Vastola. Vastola allegedly told police that he owned an interest in rock and roll singer Lloyd Price, and that he also had an interest in Roulette Records. Roulette spokes- men denied that Vastola now has or ever has had any connection with the diskery. Early Thursday, Price had been implicated in the ring because an auto, allegedly owned by the singer, was found at the pressing plant. Price was later released when he offered an explanation o:f the car's presence which satisfied police. However, assistant chief inspector Raymond Martin said there was still interest in other connections which apparently linked Price With Vastola. All those arrested, except Del Negro. were released in $2,500 bail pending a hearing here Wednesday (14}. Del Negro was held without hail because of a pre- vious police record. Seymour Steinberg, an attorney of the Philadelphia law. firm of Blanc, Steinberg. Balder and Steinbrook, which has been investigating bootlegging practices for ARMADA. said that he expected to lend 100 per cent co- operation to Brooklyn authorities on the case. Merc Names Leslie Distrib - CHICAGO Mercury Records announced its second distributor change in two weeks with the appointment of Leslie Distributors New England Inc., East Hartford, Conn to replace Trinity Record Distributors Corporation, Hartford. Last week, Metro Distributing Company, headed by Carl Glaser, returned to the Mercury fold as its Buffalo distributor, after an absence of some nine months, during which time Mercury serviced the area with a factory sales representative. Both moves are attributed to a hypoed sales effort by the parent label. Irwin H. Steinberg, executive vice -president of the diskery. said the change is "in keeping with Mercury's desire to increase exclusive sales activity in connection with our product. We are seeking more and more to influence existing distribution, or create new distribution. with separate sales forces which will give exclusive representation to the Mercury label." Steinberg, however, stressed that there was no general revamping of Mercury's distribution pattern in the offing and that both the Hart - ford and Buffalo moves were dictated by individual circumstances. NEW YORK-Local 802, of,the American Federation of Musicians AFL -CIO, elected a ticket of encumbent officers in an election held here this past week. Re- elected to office were Al Manuti, president; At Knopf. vice - president; Max L. Arons, secretary, and Hy Jaffe, treasurer. The election was adjudged a landslide for the cneumhent ticket which gar - estimated votes out of

15 U ; 3 Q NEW POWER- PACKED HITS! SMASH VOCAL THE INIMITABLE ioni CONWAY JAMES TWITTY sings I sings MY Es1 SI DATE WITH '\ YOU BON( IT'S SO GOOD MUSICAL SUPERVISION ACQUAVIVA Packaged in an attractive colored sleeve K12933 Packaged in an attractive colored sleeve K12966 THE STARPOWER LABEL c92 12J THE STARPOWER LABEL -r 0,4

16 16 - MUSIC NEWS THE BILLBOARD '': rja, m,dr IN UTA. vt* is'" Special Time Saver tubt 04,11u.. I. TIME 1:30 ORI i,"g 1. Radio Promotion Disc V 1e MAIN THEME from EXODUS (Ari's Theme) s.` 1,, 'font film ' ISOM' '. 9V'Mrr r.m,l Go101 NANTOYAMI L His erch. RCAD[Ar1rNi AMD toty\n6 Attention-oil program Directors and librarians Available Now... Your TIME SAVER Version of the hit record OT sas DIJS MANTOVAÑ i Time 1:30 only 1 minute 30 seconds Wire Marvin Deana fór ydur new copy LONDON RECORDS, INC., 539 W. 25th Street, New York 1, N. Y.,xF DECEMBER 12, 1960 RADIO STATIONS LAUNCH MADCAP HOLIDAY FARE Continued from page 1 neediest will receive a complete Christmas dinner.,and toys for the children. the second drive, "Stamps for Toys" calls for an exchange of trading stamps (sent in by listeners) which will he honored by various agencies in Miami for Christmas toss. Dick Clayton, W11_, St. Louis, is stimulating interest in the annual Christmas Scat campaign conducted by the Tuberculosis and Health Society of St. Louis. The station is broadcasting a saturation schedule o f specially - produced spots to supplement deejay Clayton's personal appearances at the TB Society's X. -Ray Mobile Unit locations and meetings. Birthday Bid Ray Dunphy, oho emsecs "Express Your Opinion" on \VHEB, Portsmouth, N. H., recently asked his listeners how he should celebrttc his 25th birthday, December 15. He adopted a suggestion that each of his fans send him 25 cents, with the total amount collected earmarked for the Seacoast Christmas Charities. New Orleans outlet WWL is conducting its annual Christmas drive for the 1,200 children at Charity Hospital. The Balaban stations, WIL, St. louis, and KBOX, Dallas, are behind a "Give a radio for Christmas" saturation spot campaign, designed to help increase the sale of radios for local merchants and build radio's "sets -in -use' figures. The Boston Globe Newspaper again this year is giving Boston area listeners a Christmas present on December 25 of 17 hours of Christmas Music without commercials. Only identification of the newspaper as sponsor will be the mention of its name on the legal station breaks. The show, lagged "A World of Christmas Music," will feature the only complete stereo recording of Handel's "Messiah" by the Handel and Haydn Society of Boston, along with other stereo waxings of traditional yule music. One of the earliest Christman. promotions - was staged by KXGO, Fargo. N. D.. November 26 a "Christmas in November" spectacular at the Fargo Civic Center. Sponsors who had purchased the special package, had booths in the auditorium, and KXQO dcciays broadcast from the center front I0 a.m. to 10 p.m. Listeners registered for a drawing at the auditorium and 55,000 worth of prizes were awarded during the day. Santa Claus attended the event, via helicopter. Station WNEW, New York, is making its audience a - Christmas present of 200 free seats to Phil Silvers' forthcoming Broadway musical, "Do Re Mi." Listeners have been sending in their names for a drawing to determine which dialers will attend the December 30 performance. Also on hand that night will be a group of WNEW deejays. Top Broadway stars. including Ethel Merman and Elizabeth Seal, have taped special spots for the promotion, and program director Mark Olds expects the stunt will draw about 250,000 entries in all. Olds has set up a pattern on the playing of yule was by WNEW jocks. With the exception of an hour -long "preview" show, the station did not play any Christmas disks until December I. Front that date through December 10, the outlet played only one holiday platter each hour. Starting this week, WNEW jocks will play two seasonal records per hour. Then on December 19, WNEW will go all out and play from three four Christmas disks each hour through Christmas Day. WILL PRESIDENT BACK WORLD MUSIC TOURS? Continued from page 1 Heath Bowman, chief of the Bu -' reau of International Cultural Exchange, who must administer the program, points out that the exchange now reaches one -third more of the world's population than when it originated in 1955, but the budget has been at a standstill. Another administrator hoped that new leadership from a Democratic President would not only induce appropriations committees to step up the funds but also to cut down on the abuse handed to the hard -pressed workers and to the performers themselves. In the eighth semi -annual report on the exchange program, released last week by the U. S. Information Agency, which handles promotion and publicity for the performers circling the globe, it was pointed out that during the first six months of 1960 alone, 55 countries were toured by S5 attractions, including one full -scale musical show, "My Fair Lady." Reactions front the audiences at various points on this tense planet were documented front newspapers of the nationals. In Moscow, the press reported an nudiencc wild for "My Fair Lady." In the Far East, Japanese newspapers said the Boston Symphony "melted the hearts and souls of the audience." In Manila they loved the sway the "gay. vigorous" American dance music found expression in Rod Alexander's "Dance Jubilee." Among others, an American folk music troupe went through India, the Herbie Mann jazz band toured Africa. rho Howard University choir covered Latin America, and the Eastman String Quartet toured from Greece to Morocco. Each group, carrying a wholly different type of American musical performance to alien surroundings, "made many, many friends" and "entranced' their audiences with their musical ability and personal warmth, the press reported. Louis Satchmo Armstrong, on a commercial tour, made it a triumphal one into further reaches of Africa with State Department funds from Kenya to the Ivory Coati While all other news from Africa was grim and bloody. everything came up roses for Satchmo and his indigenous American music: "They dig me over there." said Satch. What's Ahead? In 1961 the Dave Brubeck Quartet is scheduled for a 12 -week tour of Latin America, beginning in March. By way of contrast, the Milliard String Quartet will our the Far East for eight weeks in April and May. The list of the musical emissaries will lengthen if the climate on the Hill thaws, as it is with the new year. ****-Hillhoard hoped, "SIDEWALK SANTA" Epic (9429) CHRISTMAS HIT! Merrill Staton Choir Vocal -SATB Carl Fischer Inc. All the news of your Industry every weck In The Billboard...

17 DECEMBER THE BILLBOARD MUSIC 17 Tony Bennett sings FOLLOW ME Tony Bennett sings FOLLOW ME Tony Bennett sings FOLLOW ME c/w Ramona (also available on Single an) From the Smash Broadway Musical Lerner and Loewe's CAMELOT EXCLUSIVELY ON COLUMBIA RECORDS...

18 18 MUSIC NEWS THE BILLBOARD DECEMBER 12, 1960 ELIGIBILITY TO ASCAP MEMBERSHIP Applicants for membership in the American Society of Composers, Authors 8 Publishers who meet the following requirements will be accepted as PUBLISHERS: members: WRITERS: Any composer or author of a copyrighted musical composition who shall have had at least one work of his composition or writing regularly published. Any person, firm, corporation or partnership actively engaged in the music publishing business whose musical pub. lications have been used or distributed on a commercial scale for at least one year. and who assumes the financial risk in- volved in the normal publication of musical works. STANLEY ADAMS, Presirleaf AMERICAN SOCIETY Of COMPOSERS, AUTHORS & PUBLISHERS 373 Madison Avenue New York 22, Now York BREAKING WIDE OPEN IN NEW YOPN! AND GOING ALL THE WAY "THERE'S A y100\ OUT TONIGHT" b/w Indian Girl BY THE CAPRIS Old Town Ovum Aerwbs 1697 Broadway, N. Y., N. Y. Your key to SALES RESULTSthe ndrertising columns of THE BILLBOARD! BRITISH IVe-wsnotes Continued from page 6 'The trend is not confined to the new firms. Two long -established houses have displayed interest. The Noel Gay office is recording Willie Wilson and the Downbeats, a group it manages, on two of its own titles for release through a major. Peter Maurice cut two titles with Cy Grant which were taken by Decca. Review copies were dispatched but the disk not issued as one of the titles was a Christmas number and the Label felt there was not enough scope for it in the time left for such songs. LABEL SWITCH: The most important move yet to establish the indie Ember label is the acquisition of two sides from 20th Century-Fox. They are the Harry Simeone Chorale's "Little Drummer Boy" (the first issue of Top Rank here and an immediate hit) b -w "Onward Christian Soldiers. "' and AI Martino's Our Concerto." Ember is hoping to become the 20th Century -Fox outlet as its British licensee in the new year -as indicated the U. S. label was originally represented by Top Rank. VISIT -IN: "An Evening With Ella and Oscar," a concert package featuring Ella Fitzgerald and the Oscar Peterson Trio, will lour Britain for three weeks from March 5 as part of a European tour... The Dave Brubeck Quartet heads a package with British support. front January 21 in a tour restricted to nine days... Eartha Kitt did an unadvertised panelist spot on BBC-Ws "Juke Box Jury' Decem- ber 3 A Hollywood visitor was Gene Norman %lilt Rack- mil in London for the "Spartacus" premiere -else; Vivian Blaine. BUY OUT: In a move probably without precedent in Britain, Cliff Richard, our outstanding teen star. bought himself out of an old contract which had options for tw'n movies. FAN CLUBS: 180 fan clubs, representing 150 artists, are currently organized in Britain, according to a survey made by Tony Bromley of Hit Parade magazine. Two years ago the number of clubs was ti0t1, hut the great reduction is a sign of consolidation rather than lack of interest -those that remain are bigger and there is a tend to professional organization. the biggest clubs are behind Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard and Frank Sinatra. BELLS: For Jeannie Carson, who married American actor -writer! Riff McGuire in London (Noncmher In Paris. Jacqueline Boyer, who began the year by singing the number that won the Eurovision Song Contest and get ring stardom from it, ended it by marrying Francois Lubiana. HOME FRONT: Judy Garland, the only U. S. artist taking part, and the British stars involved, were presented to the Queen Mother after the Royal Variety Gala at the London Palladium December I.. 1 he Queen paid a private visit to the Lionel Bart hit musical, "Oliver!"... Mafalda Hunter has taken over promotion at Ember Records... Jack Bradley replaces Brenda Slattery as publicity chief for Pye Records. GERMAN Neivsitotes Crfrirrtwi( lr,r,tt Pw<' A Southern Germany ards, "To Each His Own" h -w' "Sleepy Time Gal," sung by the Platters.... German band, the Feetwarmers, will visit the States. Stops will be made in New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, Chicago... Hammond organ wizard Lou Bennet recorded an EP for the Electrola label in Cologne featuring "Satin Doll" and "What a Differ- ence a Day triade. ",.. AFNbroadcast a Bunny Berigan stony.. Elvis Presley's "Wooden Heart" is No. I this week on Radio Luxembourg's Hit Parade.. Heinz {Voezel wrote the German lyrics for "Tracumen, Immer Nur Traeumen" of U. S. hit "Dreamin'," sung by Detlef Engel on Decca. In Italy's "11 Nostro Concerto" Melodic Der Welt has another his at hand. These records are available: The original by Umberto Bindi, an instrumental by Helmut Zacharias, both on Polydor: another Italian version, sung by Vit -' twit) on Odeon, and two German versions with lyrics by Kurt Feltz - Joe Miller on Polydor. Ralf Bendix on Electrola... The German version of "Never on Sunday" reached the mark. Most popular disk is by fate (Lill Mar - leen) Andersen, followed by Meline Mercouri and Caterina Va- lente.. "Des Hatt' lab Nie Gedacht" is the German title of Tree Music's hit "What Do You Want From Me." Frank Clmcksfield has recorded " Tzigane" by Cedric Dumont. published by Coda, to be released on Decca... Frederick Fox of Sant Fox Music, New York, discussed publishing matters with may Pet - erer in Zurich, Zwitzerland... "Charleston Bells" is the title of a new tune by Hans last, recorded by Bela Sanders and his ark an Philips Northern Germany town, Vienna. Lolita is the first woman to break into top position on the American hit parade with a German -sung tune. Only similar ex- ample is No Roblc's " Morgen." The Feetwarniers, who won the first prize of the Sixth German Amateur Jazz Festival, are touring the States front December 5 to 21, visiting New York. Atlanta. New Orleans, Chicago. They will bring with them their Dixieland -style record- ing of "Muss Dcnn Zum Stadtele 1 Hinaus" (Wooden Heart) and "Ein Schiff Wird Konlmen' (Never on Sunday 1 on Odeon. On the occasion of the marriage at the Spanish Queen Fabiola with King Baudouin of Belgium taking place December 15, the record importing firm of Bernhard Miitulski, Frankfurt, will release on their Anitrola label the German version of the Spanish song " Fabiola," cogsposed by the Queen's brother. German lyrics were written by Gilbert Obermair. Record is backed with "Prinzessin Ma," dealing with the wedding of English Princess Margaret and Anthony. Armstrong - Jones. Both titles are sung by opera and musical singer Peter Bahrig. Pictures of the couples are printed on the record covers..., Reg Owen, who broke into the charts w ith "Manhattan Spiritual" some time ago here, has signed for a monthly 45- minute program in the "Hessischer Rundfunk' (Radio Frankfurt) as a conductor and arranger. Owen has just written the music for the British pic, "A Very Important Person. ".., While his "It's Now or Never' is still at the top, Elvis Presley's new recording, "Wooden Heart," is coming up fast. Record. also available and sung by former GI (:us Backus on Polydor,.is expected to become greater than "O Sole Mio" here, and will be pushed by the showing of the Paramount pic, "Cafe Europa" (GI Blues), to start December 23 here. l Christmas Just Isn't Christmas Without.. LITTLE DRUMMER BOY and trey Andrton'e SLEIGH RIDE Both Widely Recorded Hits Revisited) Leroy Anderson'. BLUE TANGO A Balboard L Cosh Be. Pick Lester Lanin on Epic Bill Block 8 Combo on Hi (ORRINA CORRINA A Brand New Version Roy Peterson on Dunes 1960's Most Welcome Tenants.., Theme From THE APARTMENT Ferrante & Teicher on United Artists Leray Anderson, SERENATA Sarah Vaughan on Roulette MILLS MUSIC, INC Broadway. New York 19, N. Y. THANKS ELVIS FOR "ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT!".., and now far all the answers: "YES, I'M LONESOME TONIGHT" DOME STEVENS -Dot CARPENTER -Coral LINDA LEE -Shasta RIDGE PAGE -Rendezvous and "OH HOW I MISS YOU TONIGHT" JEANNE BLACK -Capitol BOURNE, INC. IA9( MUST( MO 136 West 52nd St. New York, N. Y. MIDNIGHT MOUNTAIN b %w A CHAPEL IN THE VALLEY BOBBY FENSTER HEIGH-HO ti 7,.Fi17h'1i WANTED!- Lyrics -Music -Masters. New young material and ideas for our International Music Publishing & Recording Company. By appointment only. noose phone JU ZODIAC MUSIC (ORP. IBMI) 1733 Broadway New York 10, N. Y. WRITE SONGS? Mega:ono for 5050,,,.'rß,. Established Sang runlecis -Vital Technical Taos THE SONGWRITER'S REVIEW samare 25c 50 Der sñ w'0.5 I rowan a,oedw,r All the news of your industry every wick in The Billboard.


20 RADIOS TAPE RECORDERS AUDIO NEWS PHONOGRAPHS COMPONENTS 20 THE BILLBOARD STORFTESTfD PROFIT POINTERS FOR DEALERS Cartridge Tips Keep Dealer in the Groove By ROBERT SCOTT The emphasis on high -fidelity components and equipment has tended to make the public increasingly conscious of the parts which go to make up the portables and consoles you sell. Previously, this series has covered record changers. loudspeakers. amplifiers and tuners. An equally necessary piece of equipment for a record reproducer is the phono cartridge, a small block whose job it to hold the needle and convert its mechanical movements hack and forth in a record groove into electrical energy which can he received by an amplifier, Classifications Cartridges are classified by the way in which they convert mechanical energy to electrical energy- generally as crystal or piezoelectric or as magnetic cartridges. in each type of stereo cartridge. the needle is fitted to two elements. each sensitive to motion in a different plane for each stereo sound channel. The elements in a crystal cartridge consist of two crystals. usually of Rochelle salts, which produce an electric current between them when one moves in response to prods by the needle assembly. In the magnetic cartridge the needle assembly' moves inside a magnetic field. Either it may have magnetic lips which muse Punch -Out OK For Disk Club - OPELIKA,.Ala. \Idler \1usic Company. known here as the house of music." has opened its own record club. through a unique card punch -out system. which can be used for bonuses in either singles or LP's. Donald A. \tiller, owner of the store. said the club was started two years ago and now boasts nearls 2.(100 members. With a customer's initial purchase, he is given a card with 40 punch -nut squares. When a single is purchased. one hole is punched. An album buy brings four hole punches. With 15 punches. the member is entitled to two free singles. With all 411 punches. he can have his choice 01 four singles of one LP free. Miller said the gimmick has worked well with both adults and leenres. AUDIO NEWS BRIEFS I he Bell Sound Division at the -I hompsun Wooldridge Company Is named Ed Crane as its fac -1 lots sales representative for Florid A former assistant operun, manager for Montgomery - \\ art is the new director of op.' entions for the Boston -based Radut Shack. His name: Robert G. Davis... Several divisions at the N.tectro-Voice Corporation have a! new advertising and sales prontolion agency. J. G. Sullivan and Company. Falling under the agenes's esploitation suing are the loudspeaker. enclosure. microphone. phono needle, cartridge. public address, marine instrument and communications instrument products of the Electro -Voice firm... The Shurc Brothers have named Ray R. Hutmacher Associates. Inc., as manufacturer representatives for the Wisconsin and Illinois areas. wthm a non- magnette coil, or the cud men he magnetic and the tips simple iron pars. In either case, a small amount of current is genertied. A third type of cartridge, the ceramic, substitutes nun -made crystals for the Rochelle salts. Crystal or ceramic cartridges are commonly, used in low -end phonographs for several reasons. They are inexpensive. small. easily replaceable if necessary. highly efficient and produce a strong electrical signal. Consequently, they can he used is ith low-powered ant - plifiers lu produce a low -cost yet a highly acceptahle sound reproducing system. Magnetic cartridges are generally favored for the more expensive consoles hecause of their smoother sound and fuller coverage of the sound spec- trum. Magnetic cartridges tend to he more delicate than crystals, however, and produce a much smaller electrical impulse There are a few high -quality ceramic cartridges which have properties similar to magnetic cartridges and are designed for use in consoles and audio systems. Both crystals and magnetics arc subject to damage and may need replacement after some period of time. The life expectancy of either cartridge may exceed that of the system in which its installed. or it rimy he ruined imnteuiately by a,harp blow. eseessivc heat or by being placed in a strong magnetic Held. Some crystal cartridges tend In become stilt with the passage of mite. eventually plowing thru a stereo groove rather than tracing it. Some cartridges may become jammed with dirt collected by the needle from the record groove. Eventual!. these will need replacement. Or the natural iniac'nrnirrnrtl 1,11 prove 431 STORETESTED PROFIT POINTERS FOR DEALERS Communications to 1564 Broadway, New York 36. N. Y. Dealers Spark Stereo Interest At Motel Demo PUEBLO, Colo. -- K here the stereo market dues not seem to exist, or is apathetic. it is up to dealers to get together in a group. and "do something about it." Early last year, what has ap peared to he a wide-open "stereo boom" suddenly collapsed. Vidntar- Mathis, carrying two lop lines of stereo consoles. watched sales dwindle sharply, altho there was no apparent reason for the situation Querying "arverige people' thrumout the city. the Pueblo dealer was surprised to lind that quite a few people knew little or nothing about what stereo actually swat,. Further investigation proved conclusively that what suds needed was a general introduction to stereo and its advantages by all stereo re- tailers in the city rather than one store attempting to carry the hall on its own. Consequently, thru a local distributor. Mathis set up a meeting and invited the 111 leading retailers in the city. Mathis was delighted when all IQ of the dealers ins iced showed up. Over hreaklasl cultee the group agreed on a dace, the type of demonstration to he used, but held out for separate showrooms for individual brands. sshich would permit full -volume demonstration without interfering with other exhibitors To handle this problem. the Pueblo dealers hit upon a happy solution. This was to rent an entire motel. convenient to most Pttrh- lans. equipped with a large banquet hall. as well as Ill roosts which could he tiscj injividuallc by the Ill dealers. As plans were formalized. a motel was found which wan able to offer a reduced rate over a period of far Jess. The large banquet t.nrrured nrr puee 211 Consumer Education Ups Accessory Sales By i t -. 1 N N F 1 F. I OR'mIBI' the dealer who wants to sell a larger volume of phonograph and tape recorder accessories will find that the average customer must be educated as to why he needs accessory items, says Alton Lawrence, owner of Lawrence Hi -Fig in Birmingham, Ala. Accessories Displayed One of the State's leading dealers. Mr. Lawrence has given accessories plenty of attention, display- ing them at five points Ihru the store. particularly at the cash register. where every customer, buying arything from a record In an elaborate built -in stereo installation must stop at least briefly. Big mass displays of phonograph needles, brushes, anti -static spray and cloth, record racks, raw tape. pre -recorded tapes, cleaning compounds, account for many sales thru the suggestion route, These mass displays, however, are actually only a small part of 'the accessories merchandising etfort at the Birmingham store. The real secret of success in this field is a newsletter, which Mr. Lawmenu writes himself. mimeographs, and sends out to more than of his customers in the Binning- ham area. His newsletter covers every aspect of getting the best out of a phonograph. a tape recorder. a television set, etc., with tips on maintenance, upkeep. and repair, as well as a complete page on accessories, and their usefulness. Since he began the newsletter three years ago. Mr. I..awrence has become something of a recognized expert in all aspects of sound reproduction, and most of his customers who receive the six to eight -page newsletter carefully file it away for reference. In typical accessories discussion, Mr. Lawrence takes up one item at a time, such as phonograph needles in one issue. He describes the difference between steel, sapphire and diamond needles, compares the results to be achieved by each with the original cost, gives tips on needle care and replacement. A following issue may cover the use of anti- static materials, including cloths, brushes, and spray liquid, with his own opinions and experiments with each reflected in the copy. Periodically, he discusses other accessories, to the extent of devoting an entire page in one issue to the hest DECEMBER 12, 1960 NEW AUDIO PRODUCTS Rack for Disk Displays lu help dealers keep their disk merchandise before the public eve, the.freedmen Artcraft Engineering Corps ration of Charlevoix. Mich., is offering the No addition to their line of record display fixtures already 'on the market. I he new Recordizer, as the unit has been dubbed, has a capacity of inch LP's. It measures 54 inches wide.222t: inches deep :1 comet-stem kit,s and till inches high. An added ahle which allows leannre halt of is the pegboard which each,hell ter is ray,,,. C:111 he he rued to spotlight par- plait. I+tu el the iiio,. r, -,,.s it.-uier :abut, tae!,cts. special also be joined t term 't products. or demonstration.area. Unit Demagnetizes Tape Heads Selling at S5.')8. the Rohin. Industries of Flushing, N. Y., has introduced a tape head demagnetizer. which clears up niaise and harmonic distortion in tape reproduction. 1 he \lode! FID -3 has a special plastic sleeve covering the t'p of the probe which presents scratching. 'I he new unit is a lowerpriced piece of equipment meant for amateur tape enthusiasts. while the proles- sonal motel. the HI) -t, si:'. ing far is the prote sinnal model made t same company. Strobe Measures Tape Speeds A new lapestrobe. has been added is the lin of in- r struments now being produced lis the Scott Laboratories of New York City. In / stilt addition lo its 7t:, 15, and tit- inch -per- second unit, Scott has come out with a standard ±'d, 7oz and 15-inch-persecond strobe. -Che former i, the Model A. the latter and mcwei strobe Is the Model B. When 'Ned stilb the special \lode! \V adapter speed he measured en the System High on Tweeter Ih. Reali.l, I I..trestat 2. ai nr,t ifs' I.ei -.t -tam. bung introduced lis the Radio Shack of Boston. feature..t four - element electrostatic tweeter. Besides the eight -inch woofer. the unit bau a nn,oher.5 other tech- nical team,- and is asailablc in e; teal. god Model A. and I,pccd lie measured with the Mode B. More information is ae,.i able front the firm Replacement Speakers for Autos Utah Radio and Electronics of Huntington. Ind., it arctic,. a 4 by 10-inch speaker trade especially for auto radio est placement, The speaker can he used in Buick. Cadillac, Chi tolet. Pontiac. Oldsmobile and Studebaker models, han not Corsair or Lark models made by OM and Studebaker. Speaker Catalog Available The Buzak high -fidelity kind -spu.' been announced as being available to interested par.,. l, booklet, which lists all members of the Bozak line. can ri obtained front the company's franchised dealers, or direct t., the company in Darien, Conn. Bookshelf Speaker Line The Bell Sound Division of the Rantpo 1Vouldridge t ration. Columbus, O., has debuted the first member of it line of speaker systems. It is a book, II,''I an eight -inch low -frequency woofer and ti char -sari'. rc r. walnut finished enclosure and rr'!- inch tweeter. It conies in a for S60. methods of protecting records against dust when not in use. Sales Grow Does such a letter actually build sales? '1 he answer to that queslion where accessories arc concerned, is easily -answered by point- ing out that accessory sales have grown front only I per cent of gross volume at the time the news - 'letter suas started, to between F and 10 per cent of a which is gross volume now several times that ' (Conrinneti on rveyr.

21 tee. DECEMBER 12, 1960 IHFM -AES Unite in Show Jerrold Adds Component Co. NEW YORK -=The Jerrold hlec- Konica Corporath,n.,1 ph1l -liti lr11'., ha acquired the YWOOD -Ray Pepe. In h, fi an,l stereo t, rn,,licit term m 'Joule of High 1- itch!+ Nlanuf.te tirer. president last ucek named an all inu.try corttltittce tu help the lurthcomtn Los Angeles mr- 9ßtWb is :..prrbducioj OWL ' AES Io'the Institute 1 «, has been one of l'ere., goab. For some time, Pepe has ich that the IHFM. comprised elf 1parufacturen as its title indictee., presented loo much of a commercial Mule to the audio- Minded public. In the early days of Iba hi -fi show's, the AES had appeared side by side with the Institute to presenting the events, thereby providing a highly respected mantle of professional authority 10 the shows. In later years, the Institute and the Society paned ways, with the IHFM Taking over the shows for itself, and, as a result, according to Pepe. the shows lost an appreciable amount of audiophile appeal, The Los Angeles show will mark the reunion of IHFM and AES in a hi-fi show effort. The hi -fi show will be held here the week of April 3 at the Ambassador Hotel. AES will hold as national convention concurrently with the hi -fi show. also at the Ambassador. Pepe's all- industry committee planning the local hi -fi show is comprised of members representing all sectors of the audio field, including manufacturers, their reps, dealers. and the AES' President Harm Bryant. Reps include Norm Marshank and Mark Markman: dealers include Crenshaw Hi -Fi's Jim Trego and Sight and Sound's J e r r y Johnson; manufacturers aboard include Superscopc's Joe Tushinksy, with Ray Pepe (James B. Lansing Sound. Inc.'+ vice- president) as committee chairman. AES President Harry Bryant (also executive s ice -president al Radio Recarders here) rounds out the committee. Da C. Hi Fi Show dealer. Adds Exhibits WASHI`c,TO' -- The sixth Washington High Fidelity Music Show looks like a sellout for its February exhibition dates at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington. February 10, 11 and 12, says Cñarles'W. Lineau of Charles Lincau Company in Silver Spring, Md.. chairmen of the industry committee for the show. Lineal' last week said that over hall the exhibit rooms have been reserved since the first announce - nient three seeks ago. Produced independently by Music Productions- Inc., for the industry, the Washington show has the support of the Institute of high Fidelity Manufacturas, Serving with Liman on the inustry committee are William C. Shrader of Shrader Sound Inc.. and Gene Rosen of Gene Rosen Associates. The three-day exposition will display Ille latest equipment in honte high -fidelity systetus. Exhibitors already signed up include: Harmon - /Cardon, Acoustic Research, Advanced Acoustics, Fiabes, McIntosh. H. H. Scott, Phillips, Audio Pii -.e - ',WWy Smoking, p ball t, d Audio! Mapzine, High Fidelity Magazine. J. It Lansing, Sherwood, Rek- O-Kut, Jansen, Concertons, Weathers. Tand- rvntsoak. Uaeity.SSepb Sargent - Raytoent. Tboteen, Superscope. Livingston, Pickering, ti -K shsrch.:,lcr, I hr- act, I c. N the Ifarm,,n- Kardon 1,11 will operate as separate suhsid into sof exchange ni which Harm on - Kardon shareholders will receive one share of Jerrold stock for 1.8 shares of Harmon- Kardoa issue. No change in personnel or management is contemplated in the H -K firm. and Sidney Harmon will con- (inue on as president. According to Milton 3. Shapp, president of Jerrold. and Harmon, the Iwo complement one another basically in that the Jerrold company makes equipment which distributes TV and electronic signals. while the Harmon -Kardon firm specializes in the manufacture of components for the reception of such signals. Accessory Sales Continued from page 20 the first year. The store leads the city in the sale of diamond needles. for example, sells anti- static items at such a rate that it leads the State, and has wen volume grow in all accessory classifications at just about the same percentage. 'We never sell anything without suggesting the accessories which go with it," it wan pointed out. "even if the customer is buying only a single 45 r.p.m. record. Acces- sories do not enter the customer's mind when he first buys a new phonograph. a new recorder. and usually he has been hard put to it to get together the cash for the purchase. This makes it difficult to sell accessories along with the original equipment itself. and so, we restrain ourselves to a simple discussion of the accessories. showing the new phonograph purchaser a sample of each. Thereafter, when he comes back for records or seta -, ice, you may be surc that we will dig in. and use every effort to sell him all of the accessories he needs. Because the newsletter has paved the way, we probably have less sales resistance than the average Dealers Spark Confirmed Irani page 20 room was converted into a general display by a co- operating distributor. Prizes which were meant to lure the public were also shown here, including portable phonographs and record albums. and similarly desirable door prizes were given away every day. The 10 dealers nteanahile arranged to have beds removed from each of the 10 rooms at nominal cost. and then paid only the standard going rite for each motel room,' to he used as a showroom. Four or five pieces of stereo equipment were shown in each of the rooms. All stereo equipment was put thru its paces without fear of interfering with any other dealer's demonstrations. With 1,000 lines of advertising used to attract traffic. the big Stereo Show was an outstanding success. bringing more than people out to the convenient motel, with its more than ample parking facilities, and introducing stereo to hundreds of people per day who had only a foggy notion of what the name meant beforehand. Conroe and Recoton. Local retailers planning to exhibit include: Kitt Music Company. Campbell Music Company, Custom Hi -Fi. Electronic Wholesalers, Shrader Sound; Audio Center and Emco. The show will open at 6 p.m., Friday, February 10, and run until ICI p.m. Hours for Saturday. February II and Sunday. 12. will be 1 to 10 p.m. THE BILLBOARD AUDIO NEWS 21 EIA Meet cloves on Audio Imports WASHINGTON -A varied and provocative number of subjects wet-' covered in the recently concluded Electronic Industries Association winter meeting in San Francisco. Uppermost on the agenda was the authorization of a program to combat the electronic imports now flooding the United States. By a unanimous vote, the EIA board of directors authorized the organization's Electronic Imports Committee to initiate an ostensive campaign to inform the public and members of Congress to the dangers of uncontrolled foreign competition. Other highlights included were the authorization of n committee to represent the electronics industry in international standardization activities and the support of legislative or executive action which would consolidate frequency allo- cation under a single federal authority. Authorization of a subcommittee to outline an advertising code of ethics for the radio -TV and phonograph industry was another move undertaken by the EM. In addition, a preliminary report on electronic trade shows was re- vealed. Surrey indicated a heavy financial cost to component manufacturers resulting from the growing number of national. regional. and local hi -fi shows. One new EIA director was also elected, Joseph G. Gillies. who is vice- president of operations at Philco, plus a number of new members for the esecutive commit- Component Ad Pulls Ferns NEW YORK -The pledge [hat a number of component manufacturers took a few months ago, whereby they vowed to appeal to women as well as men. appears to he coming true. The Harmon Kardon Company of Plainview, Ness York. has becn running a series of ads in top Sunday supplements, showing a picture of a high- fashion model plaintively asking (against a background of high fidelity components) "Why doesn't someone talk to me about component high fidelity?' Surveys have noted that most readers and most purchasers of high fidelity components are men. Yet since the components are usually placed somewhere in the house. women have a lot to say about where they are placed. and how they look, how they fit into the decor. Harmon- Kardon's ad appeals to the distaff side not only with the attractive model, but also in the copy. Part of the copy reads: "A custom' component such as the classic Harmon- Kardon Festival II adds distinction and beauty to the home. Note how it adapts to any decorative scheme -period or modern: how perfectly it tits on a shelf, a bench. a table. a sideboard. If music is s part of your way of life, why not dramatize it in the same way that the art lover. the antique collector or any serious hobbyist displays the objects of his pride and pleasure." These ads have just started to rua so it is still too early to tell how they are doing with the femme trade. But it is probable that more and more component ntanufacluren will join the appeal -to -women kick, until women are willing to accept components with as little trepidation as they do a TV set or a package phonograph. 'Radio Totals Show Oct. Dip, But '60 Output and Sales High - N1ASIIINGTON Monthly totals for radio production and sales filed by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) showed a general and gentle decline for October as contrasted to September. Although these sales and production figures for all types of radio sets were down from September. they categories showed vigorous action on a yearly ahead of basis. For instance. the October total of all radio sales (with the exception of auto radios) suas the second Radio (Excluding Auto) October September 1( August 794,6118 July June 702,889 Year -lo -date '611 Year -to -date 'G9 highest of the year. topped only by September sales. In all radio production. too. the figure ranked second. In FM production. the October total is fourth following the year's high in September and higher totals made in June and March. Year -lo -date totals in all R%DI(1 S\LFS (Units) w e r e RADIO PRODUCTION (Units) running nicely These are the statistics as reported by the EIA's Marketing Data Department: Radio (Excluding Auto) May 548,322 April March 664,441 February 611,479 January 803,388 Total Radio Auto Radio October 1.727, ,357 September 1.945, ,961 August 1,048, July 890, ,009 June 1, ,870 hlay 1.277, ,165 April 1,230, ,963 March ,761 February 1442, January 1,355, ,461 Year -to -date '60 14, Year -to-date ' ,970 4,682,962 TV PRODUCERS: - What are your needs guests... stars,. or talent for, a complete spectacular? when answering ads. Take ten minute break -to get a fresh outlook on some fresh new talent to spark up those important ratings for your TV shows. Take a good hard look at the vital facts about today's best recording stars. Check their backgrounds... their hits, past and present.. get a 24 picture of the solid appeal of today's record stars. The way to get ali of this important talent data is to '_5,790 FM Radio ,745 71, ,31) 78, , ,162 Re sure to Read.., and U se..,and Hold Onto Billboard's Big New Year -End Programming and Talent Buying Guide -e special slick -stock section or the December 19 issu , ,763 EXTU FOR BEILERS How to get them' (very dealer ants to snow Mr Dealer fto you pulled o smart pr.ewss, worked on o,.n.,el e..rchandnrna idea, mode o ( lacer timle pay off, Why not there your bro,mtorm with your fellow -dealer otros, the country though rho columns of the mcord dealer's erode poper, the outboard. lust sand doo.h to O. Z1Uro. The alitboord, 1570 North Gower Se. Hollywood 25. Cold. Wit de the nor. Say You Saw It in The Billboard

22 22 MUSIC THE BILLBOARD DECEMBER 12, 1960 TheChrìstmas HitSingIeOfl96O-'61 14-MAKOM-P4ACAKAMWAMAC-AttAlAkMONOM`-41-4Ma. KOMMAKAM-$414AkiliMACACAMOMAirlaWittak slarlic BOBBY DARI N =.W.. : -Mkika.a..-.M CHRISTMAS AULD LING SYNE bfw CHILD OF GOD ATCO "6183 arranged -conducted: BOBBY SCOTT ISag OIMAKNigif' ït. r.. i. A T C O RECORDS

23 DECEMBER THE BILLBOARD MUSIC FEATURES 23 VOX JOX ARTISTS BIOGRAPHIES FOR JOCKEY PROGRAMMING MUSIC AS WRITTEN MORE RUGGED h JUNE BUNDY.Fefá /0W4ip to our page fái{.pgtlooifftlelial- demands mark Yiisptt_ WM. Cleveland. calkd bi &W. eplettlat base played basketball r- - loch öidlt ecbool funds for the past feu' years. Ms. eidtibuieft pines with high school faculty - teams, arüf111m"y lhe,mee rte ` i.;playrpg 30 games this season at least ono each week. Team members -all WHK stalfcn -in- clude Scott Burton. Pat iitzgerald. librarian Neal McIntyre and program director Jerry Splan. Len Fagan, W'BZ, Boston, is doing the space -hit this week. On Monday (12) he w111 enter a Rambler auto and ie raked ISO feet into the air by a derrick -1 which height be win broadcast his 6:10 show. lire. Giant search - itgb5s will pinpoint the auto. The event w111 originate frnm elho Rambler's local headquarters... Barney Graven. program director of %VKLO, LouLstllle, and WKLO deejay Paul Conley had trampoline bouncing canted for the Motion championship recently at the Kentucky State Fairgrounds before a crowd of about 1,000. Grovcn nun. CHANGE OF THEME: Dave Pringle, \WAG. Ann Arbor. Mich., has been psromoted to chief announcer status... Alfred Simon, director of light music at WQXR. New York. is collaborating with Dick Lewlne of CBS on a new book. "Almanac of Theater of alusi.," which will he published by Random House next August... Bill Snldow has joined 1VHIS, Bluefield. W. Va and need,, wax for his new 3 to 7:30 p.m. daily program New deejay additions at % NTA, Newark. N. J.. are Reed Upton. formerly with WMCA, New York. and Bob Dahlgren. formerly with WCBS and WNEW, New York. Upton lakes oser WNT.t's IO a.m. to t p.m. time slot, followed by Dahlgren from I to 4 p.m. across the board. Meanwhile. WNTA, general manager Ted Steele (acteran deejay and W'NTA -i'v"s dunce shun emsee) reports liai W'NTA's new 'Golden Sound" formal has boosted the station's ratings. Bob Edwards, ex- program director at WCUE. Akron. O.. has taken over p.d. duties at WPEO. Peoria, III... Rex Miller. formerly with WITH, Baltimore, is the first deejay signed by Esquire. lnc.'s radio -TV division for its nearly purchased outlet W'QXI, Atlanta. Esquire, Inc., bought WUXI last June... Lee frothy, a regular feature on KOFY, San Mateo, Calif.. and KIDS:. San Jose, Calif., for many years has joined KHIP -FM. San Francisco, the all -jazz station. A specialist in the fields of traditional jazz, blues and American folk music, Crosby will be on the air from 5 to 6 m., Monday thru Saturday, and from 4 to 5 p.m. on Sundays. He is founder and president of the Dixieland) laze organization. Societe Jazz Traditionale, and also leads his own band. Freelance programmer Bill Gasin reports the following jockey changes: Bob Cole, recently with KRI.A, Los Angeles has Nord WEIR. Kansas City. Mo.; Joe }loan, ex -KY11, ('Icseland. has become program director of KTLN, Denver: Gene Weed is new assistant to Jim Hawthorne, recently appointed program director of KFWB, Hollywood. and a teepee of Crowell- Collier Broadcasting, Inc.; Do,, Bruce has moved from KBOX, Dallas, to the program director's post at WRIT, Milwaukee. Dave Dasts. formerly with WAKR, radio and TV, Akron. O. (in early evening spot handled by Alan Freed and Scott Muni during their old stints with WAKR) is now serving as U. S. Army Communications Center duty officer at the East Coast relay station. Fort Detrick. Frederick, Md. He will return to 11'AKR in early Meanwhile. Davis is on the air 25 hours n week at W'FMD, Frederick- working in an early morning and late afternoon air shift between his five -day week (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) as an Army lieutenant. He is "helping WFMD up -date their operation and setting up a music library for them." When the East Coast relay station. a S2$ million investment, goes into operation early next year. it will he designated Army Radio Station WAR. Replacing an "outmoded station in the Pentagon," WAR will be "the net control station for STARCOM (Strategic Army Communications) system, and will function to provide world-wide communications for the Army and other federal agencies in Washington." Station W'GLi, AM -FM, Babylon. Long Island, N. V., starts a round -the -clock schedule today (12), marking the first time a 24 -hnura -day broadcasting sersice has originated from Lang island. Bob James will rmsee all -night shay. "aloondial." from midnight to 6 a.m. across the board. The new program, according to WGL1's general manager Dasid H. Polinger, will "run the musical ggaammut from hop to Bach and back, nab the accent on Ibtenabte music." Tom Shannon, Buffalo, has signed a contract s ith Corsican Records. The 22-year-old jock's first release will Ise a new version of Bob Metrill's 1956 hit (by Jimmy Rodgers), "Honey Comb." Shannon is on the ale three hours a day... lev Fasiitow, record librarian chief at WCBS, New York. and frau. Evelyn, are proud parents of Sieve. Craig, their second son, born December S in Brooklyn,... Man Albert, 19-year-old Syracuse University sophomore, has a daily disk show, on WOLF. Syracuse. N. Y., from 6 to 9 p.m. Tagged "Dedications." the program is set up so that a battery of operators tape the voices of dialers calling to request records. Thus listeners actually hear themselves ask for their fsvotito didt before Albert plays it an his show. MIAs Cosner, long ode broadcaster far the Voice of Auseeka Ma anted a weakly disk show for WCBS. New York ea Saturdays, hem 2x10 to 4 p.m. Conover's Voice of America allow, "Meade U. Sr A "" features both jazz and pop j>rtteas, bolt his new WCBS program, "House of S0" will place more emphasis on jazz. sot & Butler's 'Break Your Heart' Big on Hot 100 Jerre Buller stns horn in Sun flower. Miss.. on December S He mused to Chicago as an infant and his first recollection of music was listening to spirituals on Chicago radio stations at the age 91 sit. Young Butler attended trade school in Chicago majoring in restaurant management and grad- uated in June That fall he joined a group called "'The Impressions." Their first break was a personal appearance at a swank fashion \horsing, schere they met Mrs. Vi Muzinski, who brought them to Yee Jav Records. His disk al "For Your Precious Love." sshich he penned. with the impressions ssas a hit and his solo rendition of "A Lonely Soldier" was another chart maker. Currently Butler is riding high on the "Hot 11)0 with "He Will Break Your Heart." Blue Diamonds Score With 'Ramona' Revival Ten years ago Rudy and Ricm do Wolff moved front Indonesia to Holland. With a couple of friends they started a Hawaiian hang' and played with the group during their schooldays. Their singing and playing in high school was at informal gatherings and only for their own enjoyment. The boys soon picked up the rock and roll heat and one night when performing were spotted, tested, and signed to a recording contract. Since then the Blue Diamonds have had a string of hits overseas on the Decca label, including "'Tit I Kissed You," "Oh, Carol!" "Pretty Blue Eves," "Let It Be Me" and "Cathy's Clown." Currently their revival of "Ramona" on the London label is on its way to becoming their first big hit on the American record scene. YESTERYEAR'S TOPS - rh nation's top tunas on record, a. reported in the aillboerd DECEMBER 17, Sixteen Tons 2 Autumn Leaves 3. Moments to Remember 4. He 5. Lose Is a Many- Splendored Thing 6. Memories Are Made of Thin 7. I Hear You Knockin' 8. Only Vol! 9_ Love and Marriage 10. Shifting, Whispering Sands DECEMBER 16, The Thing 2. Harbor Lights 3. Tennessee Waltz 4. Nevertheless 5. Bushel and a Peck 6. All My Love 7. Thinking of You 8. Rudolph, the Red -Nosed Reindeer 9. Frosty, the Snowman 10. My Heart Cries for You New York MANLEAL CRKR NEWS... Charles Hash, national sale manager of Everest Records. has appointed Ideal Distributors in New York and Sunland Music in Southern California to handle the line. George Monaco, who formerly handled the Everest branch in New York will remain as field supervisor for the label as well as assisting Ideal chief. AI Levine... Vince Gaullism, of Mohawk Records, has signed a management pact with the label's hot group, the Dhneosinns... Group lust issued a Christ- mas w,isine of "Ave Maria."... The Kin label has patted warbler Tommy Reed... Elliot Wexler. of \Payne Record Company, made the lie -up between Benrus Watches and MG -M Records lair the jewelry store promotion of the hl(i -M I.P "The Wizard of 01" Disk arrangement ties up with the TV version of "The Wizard of Or" \which was sponsored by Benno on TV last Sunday (I I). record by Reg Sparinn Records of Canada. with a and Howie Mallows called "Hello Love" getting action, may issue the disk in the States... Leroy Holmes has signed the Rrnnwns to Everest. At the same time Moe Preskell is pushing Gloria Lynn's "The Jazz in You," on Everest in the Midwest... Bobby Heller has taken on the Dynamic Sound line is Philadelphia... Herb Dale has taken nn the Imperial line tor the Boston area... The Van Dorn.Sisters have signed with Phillune Records Derjay Bill (Hors) Allen, has given up spinning platters to handle promotion, sales and a. &r. for the Chess-Checker- Argo libels. Allen will continue to headquarter in Nashville. TALENT TOPICS Jcrrt Jackson, representing Billy Vaughn, is now on n national tour doing promotion for the irk leader... l.anrliert, Hendricks and Ross open nt the Village Van- with the Ray Bryant Trio... guard in New York December 13 Baby Washington has signed with Circle Artists... Jimmie Rodgers is off on a trip then the South starting December 16 to promote his new flick "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come." Jonah Junes returns to The Embers in New York January 9... Adam Wade opens at the Holiday House in Pittsburgh December Jassntan Gene Quill married piano student Julie McDonald last week in New York... Gerry Mulligan's father passed away last week... Joe Sherman was recording Ersel Hickey for Kapp in Nashville last week. Count Basie and his ork are now at Birdland in New York... Della Reese is breaking records at the Flamingo in Las Vegas Sam Fletcher's new personal ntanager is Lee Magid... The Bobby Darin -Sandra Dee nuptials were held in New Jersey at the home of Don Kirshner of Nevins- Kirshner Associates, the songwriting and producing tram... Charlie Byrd, the jazz guitarist, will leave in March for a trip to Central and South America sponsored by the U. S. Slate Department... Steve Lawrence und Lydie Germe drew sensational crowds last week al the new Latin Casino In Merctmntville, New Jersey... Theodore Bikel is off December 18 for a week of appearances in London-. Pittsburgh.. Earl Grant starts a tour of Japan January 29. Bob Rolontz. The current surprise hit among recent albums is "Connie Francis Sings Jewish Favorites." Its popularity is bound to help her forthcoming night club date at Johnny Bertera's Holiday House beginning February 3... Bill Candy. the singing emsec at the Ankara night club. is visiting the deejays these days plugging Enza Stuarti s' Jubilee LP. "A Tribute to Mario Lanza." Stuarti is cur - rently filling a two -week date at the Ankara. One of the top singles in this area today is Elvis Presley'-, RCA Victor waxing of "Arc You Lonesome Tonight?"... Jane Oliver, the RCA Victor promotion gal, is walking on the air these days after the critical reviens accorded her teen -age daughter, Saundra T-hrenhauser, in the Pittsburgh Playhouse production of "Cheating at Love." Both papers predicted a bright screen career for the 16 -year -old lass. Epic recording stars. the Four Coins, front nearby Canonsburg, are making their first personal appearance here in some time at the Town House along with another local singing quintet. the Val -Aires. 'They will be followed December 12 by M -G -M's Tommy Edwards, and then the Flamingos... Ben Herman, head of Standard Distributors, hosted a cocktail party at the Hilton Hotel for distributors to hear a prevue of the Pirate baseball LP which Herman will release for producers Peter Thornton and Eddie Beachler of KDKA -TV. Tim Torntey and his promotion manager, Jack Armstrong, plan big promotions on "Ill Will," the new Jubilee album starring Will Jordan and Dino Dondi s "Foreign Boa." Dondi bi a native singer slro studied in Europe and has appeared with the Pittsburgh Opera Company. Decca's Carmen Cavullaro, whose latest LP was the highly successful "Franz Liszt Story," from the score of the Columbia movie, "Song Without End." has been booked for a repeat date at the Holiday House night clttb January The "Camelot" promotion is doing fine locally with dealers reporting strong sales activity on the miniature "Camelot" records Barney Stein of All Brands Distributing and his wile recently returned from a Visit to their native New York. "Take My Love" by the Three G's is shorting strong potential... Dave Brubeek drew a full house at the Jan Horizons concert at the Penn -Sheraton Hotel. Quincy Jones drew the nod for the December I1 concert there... Porky Chedwick, the W'AMO deejay, presented the final jazz concert of 1960 December 5 al Syria Mosque featuring such recording names m ltank Ballard and the Midnighfers, the


25 DECEMBER 12, 1960 THE BILLBOARD MUSIC 25 Atit' again'" Jimmy (A Million To One) Charles PLAYS SANTA with another Smash! "AGE FOR LOVE" b/w "FOLLOW THE SWALLOW" Promo (P-1003) PLUS -Especially for Xmas I SAW MOMMY (MY BABY) KISSING SANTA CLAUS b/w Santa Won't Be Blue This Christmas (J. Charles) P A LITTLE WHITE MOUSE CALLED STEVE b/w Xmasville U. S. A. (Charles) P Corp. 165 W. 46 STREET, N. Y. 36, N. Y. Phone: JUdson

26 26 MUSIC FEATURES THE BILLBOARD DECEMBER 12, 1960 FROM THE BILLBOARD SALES DEPARTMENT FRANKIE AVALON is in an enviable position on Billboard's Hot 100 this week! Both sides or his new Chancellor release, A Perfect Love b-w The Puppet Song, are fast climbing Star Performers. Frankie s new album Is one of the first "Photomensional" albums released by Chancellor... The name stems from the Ilse of a vinylite sculptured head of the arils) mounted on a suede -cloth backing which coven the entire surface of the album. Outstanding feature of the package is the tact that the cover actually is a removable cumut, suitable for hanging on the wall. The LP Is subtitled Young And In Love. Both Frankie and Fabian (title of his LP is Young And Wonderful) are subjects of this unique package described as "Facade," Frankie can currently be seen in the film hit, The Alamo, and toe forthcoming episode In the TV series, My Sister Eileen, which he is filming N Hollywood this week. 1.aYERN BAKER'. strong mots in the blues probably accounts for the driving effort she puts into her new Atlantic release, Bumble Bee. The Chicagoborn artist lain goal form on thin outing that has most unusual ork backing. Flip is My Time Will Come, a very touching rendition of an atttactive ballad. JOHNNY BURNETTE. Liberty Records' snit oho scored with Dreamin', turns up in the number 12 position on Billboard's Hot 100 this week, s fast climber. Johnny is presently on a ant- righter wing thru the northwest. He leaves for a 2S-day European tour January 21. BIRTHDAYS OF 111E WEEK: Dec. 12, Connie Francis (currently headlining at the Copa in N.Y.C.) and Frank Sinatra. Dec. I). Dick Schory (RCA's man in charge of "Percussion" albums. recorded the album Music to Break Any Mood). Dec. 14. Dan Dailey (MG -M Records) and Spike Jones. Dec. 17, Ray Noble. Arthur Fiedler. Dec. 1$, Anita O'Day. JERRY BUTLER: Chart topper Jerry Buller has recorded his first album, He Will Break Your Heart, title of his hit single. Set Is made up of It other good performances by the Vee -Jay recording artist who sings them all in fine style. Accompaniment varies from zinging strings to rhythm combo with vocal group -rates a Billboard Pick. JIMMY CLANTON, who sold a mil. llon copiers of Just A Dream. Is on the acetto with a new single, What Am 1 Gonna Do la-w If 1, The young singer from Baton Rouge, l.a., is presently doing one -righters In me arcs of fornia and New Mexico. The DRIFTERS: From the hot pro &litter team of Lieber A Stoller, cou pled with the winning arrangements of Stan Applebaum, comes a *Dong follow-up to Savo The Last Dance For Me. Title of the new ana is I Count The Tears. The group it made up of Charles Thomas, 'Pillsbury Hubba, Doc Green and Rudy Lewis, Ben E. King, former lead singer is now rc cording solo for Atoo. DUANE EDDY, the pride of Phoenix and Jamie Records claim to fame, has given smart. melodic interpretation to the film theme Pcpe. Flip is s slow. mystic side featuring Eddy'. haunting guitar work. Billboard gave It a two -sided Spotlight Winner. Eddy was recently chosen "World's Moat Outstanding Musical Personality" in a poll conducted by the Britian music Palter. New Musical Express. Winner.last year was Elvis. BRIAN HY'LAND. fife young singer who catapulted from obscurity to national notoriety via his record hit stay Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, may have a follow -up to the Bikini with his latest, I Goth Go (Because I Love You, b-w Lop -Sided Over -Loaded (And It Wiggled when We Rode It). Known as "thee bashful blonde," Brian hails from Woodhatcn, Qoetns, N. Y. PEGGY LEE it back In her Latin habitat. and it's a delightful one. via her new Capitol Slbum, Ole A Ica Lee. She brightly swings, in the Latin mon. tier, it group of standards, singing them in her sultry vocal way over hacking by the Joe Hornell ork. F:nt Latin release wos Latin A la Lee. Miss Lee will apneas on TV January 1 in the.allow lieodlincr of '61." JOHNNY MATHIS has ton warm, lusty ballads on his new single, How To Handle A Woman b.w while You're Young. First is from the Broadwuv musical Camelot. Mathis is presently touring the country in his own revue. JANE MORGAN. currently abiding up a three week out at Hollywood's Cocoanut Grove, offers a soh, smart. softshoe rhythm b,tllti0, Somebody. from the new Jerry Lewis musts, derfella. Flip is The,Artery Sea, tune with a folk flavor. MIKE NICHOLS & ELAINE MAY arc the two comedians presently drawing capacity audiences to their Broadway show, An Evening With Mlle 1'who1, and Elaine May. For those <t cannot make it to the theater. Mercury Records has token highlights from the show and recorded them in album form. This looks like another of the best.telling comic album. Mike and Elaine met some years ago when ii' were of Inc l'niteity of Chicago. J151)11E RODGF.RS arrives in New York December Ilth for a lttreeday stint that will find him recording new sesslnn for Roulette and protneting his new movie. The little Shepherd Of Kingdom Come, to be to- N J INSCOIRSE A weekly column of lively chiller material on the hottest and most popular recording artists -those "Spotlighted" by Billboard's review slat). as well as those textured by the record companies in their major Billboard ad promotions. } To help you spot the ones you S }s need. when you need them. all Idiots item aro carried In strict alphabetical sequence. i1* n41n " lc.ucd this month. On the 17th he Itasca for Ft. Womit. Dallas, Allants, Macon, Naahtllle, and several other southern cities, NEIL SEDAKA. one of RCA Victor's most commcnlal stnpers, It on the scene with what looks like a fast climber. Calendar Girl. another penncd by Nell and Howard Greenfield. San Applebaum and His Orchestra provide the backing. Previous Sedalia hits include Oh, Cam': The Diary: I Go Ape: Stairway Tu Hem.: Y. Mean Everything To Me. and Run Samson, Ron. DODIE STEVENS has one of the line "anawelo t to the Elvis Presley hit. This one is titled Yes I'm Lonesome Tonight. Dndie stags It with feeling and warmth. Dudio first scored with Pink Shoelaces. Dot's the label. DINAH WASHINGTON has too strong sides on lice new Mercury releose, We Have Love. t catchy novelty with clever lyrics, b -te Looking Back, a tender ballad. with a warmly expressive vocal, PROMOTION DAYS 8 WEEKS: Ucc. 12 Is Ice Cream For The Holiday. Week. Dec, 14 is Chanuka- Jewish Holiday. Dec, 15 r lily Of Rights Dny -by act of Congress. Bill Of Rights was stifled on this day in Dec. 17 Is Pan American Aviation Day and the Anniversary of Powered Flight -Wright Brothers firm powered flight scat made on obi, day In Soo you In sewn spinniñ data. Tom Rollo. MIS WEB'S Kw Money Records... an alphabetical listing el the records manufachren are backing with special feature bailment in ble space Billboard ads. ACE OF I.OVE:- Jinimy Chide, CALENDAR GIRL -Neil Sedaka SINGL IS Add.: RCA Vatrr CHRISTMAS AULD LANG SYNE -Bohby Darin Arco FOLLOW ME -Tony Bennett fotomini PEPE. -Duane Eddy ' Jamie RUDOLPH. THE. RED -NOSED REINDEER- '1 he Metedeer Studio WHAT WOULD 1 DO-!dickey and Sylvia RCA Victor ALBUMS CASH..OT- Qtnudcl and the Starlight Symphony Orch..., v \fghl EVODL S- Or:gin.,l Sound Track RCA Victor According to statistics maintained over a period covering thousands of releases -. 7 out of 10 will reach Billboard's "HOT ' 100" in the weeks ahead! Every week... disk jockeys all over the nation help spark up their record shows with this fresh, lively material furnished exclusively by the Billboard. Watch for it next week. i MUSiC AS WRITTEN Drifters, Dee Clark. Jerry Butler, the Islet' Brothers, Bo Diddley, the Spaniels, the Blue Notes, Screamin' Jay Hawk- ins and the Doc Baghy orchestra. Leonard Mendlowitz. Cincinnati Jacques Feli, French -Hungarian singing pianist', handed has a holdover been thru New Year's at the Crown Indianapolis.. Room, Kasbah.. Win Mercer, heard on the Capitol label, moved into Yeatman s Cove of the Sheraton- Gibson Hotel here 171 for an indefinite Wednesday engagement... record Dottie Mack. feature former on panto WCPO -TV here, due in next week for a with the homefolks. visit She's pegged for a guest shot on Len Goorian's chatter -patter and interview show on WKRC -TV December Beverly Radland is in like Flynn at the Racquet Club. Day ton, O., for two weeks starting January 5. John Tassas, of the J. Walter Thompson adagency, New York, in town last Thursday and Friday (8.9) to super- vise promotion on Lorne Greene (Ben Cartwright) and Michael Landon- (Little Joe), of NBC -TV's "Bonanza" series, who hopped in from the Coast Wednesday 17) for a series of appearances For WLWT and local RCA Victor dealers, (Tolley Broadcasting's promotion expert. Joe Cella, worked with Tassos on the local deal. Greene and Landon returned to the Coast Saturday... WCPO -TV newsman and interviewer, George Palmer, who airs from the Fiorenline Room of Hotel Sheraton- Gibson here, is mulling plans to present a night -tine revue at the spot, employing local TV and eatery talent... Deejay Jim Dandy has given up his daytime slot on WCPO here to conduct a new all -night platter program on the station, "Dandy to Dawn." heard 12:15 a.m.-5:30 a.m.. Monday thru Friday. Bill Sachs Nashville RCA Victor's Chet Atkins was joined by the label's Ben Rosner on a recent promo trip to Milwaukee..,, RCA Victor's Nashville studio is undergoing new construction to expand facilities. Label's Roy McC'Iary and Allen Stevens were in town from New York last week to select new furnishings for the soon -to -be completed plant... Wilburn Brothers taut a session recently for Decca under Owen Bradley's direction and are skedded for more sessions December Justin Tubb, formerly on Decca, has cut his first session for Don Pierce's Starilay label and release is skedded for around yuletime... Jim Reeves has gone into the bowling alley business with baseball's Mickey Mantle in Henderson, Tex. Floyd Robinson was painfully injured recently in Go -Cart race near Nashville... Webb Tubb cut Decca sessions last week at the Bradley Studio. Deccas Owen Bradley and snouse, Katherine. celebrate their 25th soedding anniversary December Capitol's Marvin Hughes directed a Simon Crum session for the label recently at the Bradley Studio... The Browns are due in town soon for sessions... Chet Atkins has recently signed to new singer, Jimmy Presley Elledge, for the RCA Victor Label. Pat Twiny Toronto Garry Ferrier of CHUM's announcing staff has a new record on the Quality label which he wrote and sings himself... Ernestine Anderson, Mercury recording artist, is hooked into the Town Tavern, while another Mercury artist, Carmen MacRae is hooked on TV to do a show with orch leader Ack Kane... (713C dcejay Elwood Glover -who prefers to be known as a staff announcer at the station -l9 doing his afternoon two -hour show of interviews and record spinning from the General Motors Motoranla... Reo Records Dion will appear at the White Shield Shopping Plaza as will Quality's Freddy Cannon. Dion will also make an appearance on CHUM's Coca -Cola Hi -Fi Club.... Westbury Hotel threw a cocktail party to honor Jimmy Namaro's new Columbia LP, "limply Namaro and His Trio at the Westbury. "... Sparton released the Mallows' newest, "Only You.' by Le Rose and Bonne.... Doug f.ycelte did a tour of Western Ontario radio stations to boost his singles... Johnny Esau has moved from CKRC. Winnipeg. to he sports director for CFTO -1V. Toronto. He's been succeeded by Ron Oakes. 'rimmcrman of JlacKay Record Distributing report- 'e "Chipmunks Around the World" has had pier.. Retailers in the Toronto area report that Ch' tying has started. A sure sign has been the pick Iles of Christmas records. Looks like a big year for te record business, according to the retailers... Jimmy Rushing is booked to sing with Mike White's Dixieland group at Sterio's Tavern... Alf Coward moved with his group to the Overseas Club, while the Chelsea Club takes over with the Dun Thompson big band after midnight. Determined to have sales of Time's "Camelot" album. Quality's Ontario promotion manager Bill Eddy dressed himself with spear and found himself atop a white milk horse to ride thru the downtown area. No one else would climb aboard the horse. Newest fad in the cin' is accordion music as Charles Camrllerl, who has been featured with the London Symphony Orchestra, takes over the musical chores at the Plaza Rooms,... Glenn Gould, Columbia longhair artist, sold out both periolio,nccs with the Toronto Symphony Orchestral. Harry Allen Jr. Hollywood Joe Perry, vet Decca staffer and Coral's Coast sales manager, has recuperated front his recent heart attack, and is now resting at his home in Sherman Oaks (Calif.) for a couple of weeks before returning to his office. (His address is 4948 Fulton,).. - KNX morn- (Continued on page 43) a


28 VOL 28 The Billboard's Music Popularity Charte.., PACKAGED RECORDS DECEMBER 12, 1960 FOR WEEK ENDING DECEMBER 18 Bi1llard TOP LP'S MONO ACTION ALBUMS - -- on the chorts 39 weeks or less Mir lost Week Week TIM, ArNIL label and!winkel Wads on Char, O 2. BUTTON-DOWN MIND OF BOB NEWHART Warne, W , I. BLUES Elrrs Presley RCA Victor I PSI 225eí O 4. BUTTON -DOWN MIND STRIKES BACK 5 Bob i:eo Sari :.,nrr Hros. W 1391 O3. NICE AND EASY 17 Fran( Sinatra Carllol W 1417 O5. STRING ALONG 18 Knit,. trio Cannot T O7. SIXTY YEARS OF MUSIC AMERICA LOVES BEST, VOL II A.wrtcd Artists..., 1111I2,, A t,u.r 1,1 Ming O 6. JOHNNY'S MOODS... Johnny Mathis 1.26 O 8. EDGE OF SHELLEY BERMAN O9. DARIN AT THE COPA B obby Darm Arco 1' 14. WILD IS LOVE \., l: n,.sits Cannel WAN GENIUS HITS THE ROAD Ra, Charlet.ARCParamon, ABC Di BRENDA LEE DL SAY IT WITH MUSIC R: v Conniff C,n,b,a t O 16. REJOICE DEAR HEARTS 25 stonier D4,c C ;.,rdner.. R4 A Vi,rnr 0 1.P,t THIS IS BRENDA 4 Brenda Decry DL TWIST 6 Chubby Checker. -Pn N., P 7001 i7 24. BALLADS AND RHYTHMS OF BROADWAY 9 Johnny Ma;hi, 11. Colob,.; This!HS Week Work Tille, Anil, lapel and Numb Wreao on Duel 23. SOLD OUT 34 ittplon Tr,,. 29. THEME FROM A SUMMER PLACE Billy Vaughn , i WEST ISIDE STORY 6 2q 18. KICK THY OWN SELF 'Politer Dave Gardner..RCA V,ro, 1 Pot KNOCKERS UP 6 Rusty Warren Jubilee 11 P THE ALAMO MORE ENCORES OF GOIDEN HITS,.oro M1,G b, IAUGHING ROOM _ Woody 1VOOdburY 5<e,i,.,,;,,,r: 1.,W 9 2B 25. SOLID AND RAUNCHY Bill Black Combo Ili 14,01,1, 131_ 12toil MY NAME IS JOSE JIMENEZ Rill Dana sirr.. tole 1.1,1 ; DATE WITH THE EVERY BROTHERS. - GENIUS OF RAY CHARLES......Atlantic I I' - 33 EASTr MONTH Of THE YEAR BEN -HUR 34 R.,- Syn.,nhonv,snit.,,, -,., _. R, (, N ANKH AT THE COPA ' 1 Purl Anita AP, P..r :n.i.rrn Alit. : SENTIMENTAL.\luth 5186 ALONG WITH MITCH Iler l 11. rjumhia C I 1457 O 35. IRMA Li DOUCE ' 2 I'nluml+,a 1' 5iM1 ig 22. MEMORIES SING ALONG WITH MITCH CAN CAN 33,1i,ch ill,, Columbia CI IS42 Sound Te.tek 11. t.4,10 W I Cul MACK THE KNIFE -ELLA IN BERLIN 14 Fila F,I; ee r.,ij Vcnr,1(:V PAUL ARMA SINGS HIS BIG P15 nlonm U', LORDS PRAYER PROVOCAiIVESPERCUSSION, VOL L1.13,.A+.i4 Conawnd (h,nr 1111 (rlon STEREO ACTION ALBUMS - -- on the charts 29 weeks or less This Last Weeks Week Werk Tine, Attisl, Label and Number on thus O 1. NICE AND EASY Frank Sinatra.(..Peul SW 1417 O2. STRING ALONG 1111 K ing.lnn Trio l'aneol Sr 1407 O 3. BONGOS!ras Admiradores Command S 8(39 SD 0 5. PERSUASIVE PERCUSSION, VOL. II 17 Terry Snyder and the All Start Conn,. RS WS till 4. WILD IS LOVE 8 Nat King Calk (. an,uh SWAK 1392 O 7. LOOK FORA STAR 16 Bitty Vm,uhn INN not DI.P 2533_2 O 9. SAY IT WITH MUSIC a cs $202 O 15. MEMORIES SING ALONG WITH MITCH o, mop, Columbia CS ß34 ' ELViS IS RACK ENI, mod, BYE BYE BIRDIE original (':,,I B 6. PROVOCATIVE PERCUSSION, VOL. II 13 Command All Stars _.. m..comand SD CAN CAN 21 Sound Trac; (.,pram S1V G. I. BLUES 4 Lists Presley RCA Victor LSP BALLADS AND RHYTHMS OF BROADWAY-..11 Johnny Mathis t.lomh : JOHNNY'S MOODS 15 Johnny Malhis t (umhin CS x BONGOS, FLUTES AND GUITARS Gin and S $12 SENTIMENTAL SING ALONG WITH MITCH...21 M,i.h M1I.Ore,,,b,a C'S 8251 Thit last Week Week fine, artist, label and Number oí11, I hit 31 Wttks o. (bail (D 20. WEST SIDE STORY 4!)rig 4141 Ca4I , o.r., 111; GRAND Morton CANYON Gold,' SUITE Sr, DARIN AT THE COPA... 9 Robb, Dann O19. WHITE SATIN 13 (:corge Shrar,ng CarLlol ST l''4-20 BRAHMS CnMfFRTO 1 S. Ri,:hler: ll+,,.tnn S.n,rv;nr,,, t),;1.r1 -e1t,,1 Rt.1 ;OW IS,.- "4nh JEALOUSY 3 Pers, Faith,. O21. STEP.EO CONCERT 21 K :ray, +Ion i,io Y5 29. EXODUS.... Sl Ilhl 13..r.i I... 1+r,4,n t s._ - 26 IRMA LA DOUCE 1 - BERNSTEIN PUYS BRUBECK, 27 BRUBECK PLAYS BERNSTEIN 1 Da..t B,uhc.k Voar,rBrrn<,r,n - MORE ITALIAN FAVORITES ('Sonic Francia S WITH THESE HANDS 29 Hoare Karo Ist Icon 30 O27. MACK THE KNIFE -ELLA IN BERLIN Lila Foageraid,er.e,ííís hint ESSENTIAL INVENTORY (MONO ALBUMS, on the charts 40 weeks or more DIN last Week Welk TON, toil,, Label aua Numbre - ENCORES Weeks Chart OF GOLDEN HITS, Platter, Mercury MG INSIDE SHELLEY BERMAN. Verve I4GV O 2. 1HE SOUND OF MUSIC. 0110al East, Columbia KOt O '1 GREATEST NITS. Johnny Maths. Columbia CL O3. SI1lTY YEARS OF MUSIC AMERICA LOVES BEM. VOL I. Assorted Ar!ists, RCA Victor LM '_5 9. BELAFONTE AT URNEGIE HAIL, Harry Belalente. 4.9 Be!a1onte, RCA Victor LOC SING ALONG WITH MITCN. Mitch Miller, Columbia CL! O10. MY FAIR UDT, Original Cast, Columbia ) 4. SOUTH PACIFIC. OOginal Cast, Columba Ot 4: ) 8. (TALION F Coracle Francis. MGM E FROM THE 8UN600 1, Kingston Trio, Captol HEAVENLY. Johnny Mathis. Columbia CL Colum0002E bi Sa ING AL0R6 WITH NI1CH. Mitch Miller. 43. Cl GIG,. Sound Track, M G ST IS 17. KINGSTON TRIO AT URGE, tapitol.t I6 11. KINGSTON TRIO. Capitol II 18. HYMNS, Tennessee Eerie Fad. Capitol i OUTSIDE SHELLEY BERMAN, Verve I KING AND I, Sound Track, Cä8,101 W PARTY SING WITH 011(9, Mitch Miller. Columbia Cl SOUTH PACIFIC. Sound Track. PCA Victor 10C WOODY WOODBURY LOOKS AT LOVE AHD LIFE. Stereoddllies MW I FAITHFULLY. Johnny Malt-,s. Columbia CL ) 16. THE MUSIC MAN. Original Cast. Capfol WAO (Tc., 225. OPEN FIRE. TWO GUITARS, Johnny Mathis, Columbia CL ESSENTIAL INVENTORY,STEREO ALBUMS; on the charts 30 weeks or more last waska week Wcek sule,,lini Lahti and Number 11.(17,» ) 3. OOI. FF PERCUSSION, I, Snider aí4 the pli Stan, Cammand RS 800 SD 47 Te"" 2. SOUND OF MUSIC, Original Cass, Columbia KOS SOUTH PACIFIC, Sound track, 0(A Victor ISO O 4. PR090CATIVÉ FERCOSSION. VOL 1, Cammard pli Stars, SO 806 co 6. FILM ENCORES. VOL I, Mantovanl, londan PS BEUFOhTE AT (6ß0061E NAIL, Harry -alni r, nj RCA Sirtor L C'J 7. MY FAIR UDO. Original Cast, Columbia OS El Borne Symphony Orch., Spina, MG-M 1E Cq) 14. PETE F0UN1516'5 NEW ORLEANS. Coral CM THEME FROM 1 SUMMER PUCE, Billy Vaughn, Dot RP I1. MUSIC MAN, Orig,oal Cut, Capitol SWAG 990 C2 9. SOLD OUT, Kingston Trio. Capitol T 1352 O3 10. COME DANCE WITH ME, Frank Sinatra. Capilol SW y 12 FLOWER DRUM Original Cut. Columbia OS , Sound Track. )411 SE j HERE WE GO AGAIN. Kingston Tilo. Capilol ST KING IND I, Sound Track, Capilol SW MORE S GREATEST HITS. Johnny Matha. 11 Columbia CS C9) - MR. LUCKY, Henry Mancini. RCA Victor LSP SING A10N6 WITH onto, Mkt; Millar. Columbia CS

29 DECEMBER Mw lßillboarrie,alualr Popularity Charte... PACKAGED RECORDS 29..,: "E, IN STORES & RACKS MONOPHONIC CLASSICAL ALBUMS I. SIXTY YEARS OF SONO HITS, VOL. 2 Assorted Artists. RCA Victor LM TCHAIKOVSKY: PIANO CONCERTO NO. t Yea album, Orchestra directed by Kiril Kondrashin. RCA Vidor LM , RODGERS: VICTORY AT SEA. VOL. 1 RCA Vidor Symphony Orchestra, (Bennett), RCA Vidor IM TCHAIKOVSKY: 1812 OVERTURE: CAPRICCIO ITALIEN Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra (Dorati), Mercury MG S. RA(HMANINOff: PIANO CONCERTO NO. 3 Van Cliburn, Symphony of the Air (Kondrashin), RCA Victor LM THE LORD'S PRAYER The Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Condie), Columbia ML BRAHMS: SECOND PIANO CONCERTO Sviatoslav Richter, RCA Victor LM LANZA SINGS CARUSO- Caruso favorites Mario lanraenrico Caruso, RCA Victor lm HANDEL: THE MESSIAH Addison, Oberlin, Lloyd, Warfield, Westminister Chorus, Williamson, (director) Philadelphia Symphony Ork. of New York. L Bernstein, Columbia M GROPE: GRAND CANYON SUITE Morton Gould, RCA Victor LM 2433 STEREOPHONIC CLASSICAL ALBUMS I. TCHAIKOVSKY: PIANO CONCERTO NO. I Van Cliburn, Orchestra directed by Kiril Kondrashin, RCA Victor LSC BRAHMS: SECOND PIANO CONCERTO Sviatoslav Richter. RCA Victor LSC RODGERS: VICTORY AT SEA, VOL. I RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra (Bennett), RCA Victor LSC TCHAIKOVSKY: 1812 OVERTURE; CAPRICCIO ITALIEN Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra ( Dorati), Mercury SR TCHAIKOVSKY: 1812 OVERTURE; RAVEL: BOLERO Morton Gould Orchestra, RCA Victor LSC THE LORD'S PRAYER The Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Condie). Columba MS TURANDOT Tebaldi, Nilsson, Bjoerling, Toni, Rome Opera House Ork. Leinsdorf, RCA Victor LSC RODGERS: VICTORY AT SEA, VOL. 2 RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra (Bennett), RCA Victor LSC GROTE: GRAND CANYON SUITE.... Morton Gould, RCA Victor LSC , LANZA SINGS CARUSO- Caruso Favorites Mario Tanta Enrico Caruso, RCA Victor LSC 2393 BEST SELLING LOW PRICE LP'S III., price $2.95 or laaat (Monophonic) 1. Soul of Spain, Vol Strings Somersel P Ebb Tide Frank Chacksfield Richmond M Good Housekeeping Reducing 011 Om Record...Harmony HL Sod of Spain, Vol 2 ' o 101 Strings Somerset P John McCormick Sings Irish Songs 6. Silver Screen RCA Camden (Al Stings. Somerset P Hawaii in HI fi Leo Addeo Orchestra. RCA Camden CAL 510 B. 101 Strings Play the Blues.Somerset P You Do Something lo Mo Mario Lanza RCA Camden CAL Yen of Familiar Songs 101 Strings Somersel 2 RS (Stereophonic) 1. Soul of Spain, Vol Strings.. Stereo Fidelity SF Strings Play the Blues.....Stereo Fidelity SF Stat of Spain, Vol Strings.. Stereo Fidelity Sf Yen e1 Familiar Songs 101 Strings Stereo Fidelity 2 RS S. Ebb Tide Frank Chackstield Richmond S Centeno Under the Stan 101 Strings.Stereo Fidelity SF Symphony loe Leven 101 Siringa..Stereo Fidelity SF 4500 Reviews of THIS WEEK'S LP'S The pick of the new releases: SPOTLIGHT WINNERS Ned OF THE WEEK Strongest sales potential of all albums reviewed this week. SONGS In order to speed reviews of LP's, The Billboard requests that ALL albums be sont to The Billboard Record Review Deportment, P. O. Box 292, Times Square Station, New York 36, N. Y. However, singles should be sent to The Billboard Record Review Deportment, 1564 Broadway, New York 36. EXODUS Pop OF THE WEST The Norman Luboff Choir. Columbia CS 8329 (Stereo & Monaural) -This Cottons in the tradition of earlier Luboff albums with a handsome cover. descriptive in itself of the idea behind the album. with no written copy. Here, a colorful scene of the cowhands working with the herd appears. Inside, the choir performs handsomely 13 tunes associated with the West. Most of these have genuine folk roots, things like "Red River Valley," "Whoopie Ti Yi Yo." "Cool Water," etc. A splendid performance that should find plenty of favor at the retail, and jockey level. The Hollywond - Studio Orchestra. United Artists UAS 6123 (Stereo & Monaural) Ernest Gold's lush and dramatic score for the forthcoming film, "Exodus,' is given a strong performance. As one of the big upcoming pictures. there is certain to be much promotion surrounding it with consequent benefit to recordings, with two singles already climbing the charts. Potentially strong sale for this one. ELLA FITZGERALD SINGS SONGS FROM "LET NO MAN WRITE MY EPITAPH" Verve MGV This LP contains the three songs per. formed by the thrush in the Burl Ives -Shelly Winters - James Darren filet, plus 10 other songs recorded for the sound track but not used. Accompanied by pianist Paul Smith, Ella delivers sterling performances of such standards as "September Song," One For My Baby." "I Cried For You," "Melancholy Baby': and "Who's Sorry Now." Nobody can sing them like this gal. Should be displayed in conjunction with the (ilns showing. Must D1 programming, Maurice Che:.:lier, Ring Cro,h\, Bobby Darin. Sammy Davis Jr.. Judy Garland, Shirley Jones and Andre Previn arc among those. Representative tunqes include the "Pepe" theme. "Mimi," "Pennies From Hea`,En," and another original from the pic, "That's How It Went, All Right." FIRST ANNUAL MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE BOOZE IS THE ONLY ANSWER - CLUB Woody Woodbury. BITOA B -1 Woody Woodbury has been a prominent name.ppn best -selling charts with his first two comedy LP's onntereoddities label and this newest outing should really gas his fans. He's found again at his familiar diggings in Fort Lauderdale's (Fla.) Bahama Hotel. kidding customers and telling his stories in a highly entertaining live performance. Also included in the box package is a manual for members of the BITOA Club and a copy of "Booze News,' club house organ. An imaginative piece of packaging that should delight the Woodbury fans. Specialty FACE TO FACE (2:121 Pete Martin and Various Stars. Decca DXD 166 -Pete Martin has created much stir by his "1 Call On" series of articles with famous personalities in the Saturday Evening Post. These were accomplished via interviews with tape recorder. and here, fascinating segs of interviews with such stars as Merman. Como, Crosby, Hope, Groucho Marx. Marty Martin, Danny Thomas, Maurice Chevalier and Edith Adams are reproduced on one of the LP's. On disk two. each of these performers gets a chance to do at least one tune, identified with themselves over the years. Some of these are real collector's items. Martin's Post readers make a big ready-made audience here. (Combined on page 31) ALBUM COVERS OF THE WEEK i IL. East el Stet 101 Slrings.Stereo Fidelity Sf Tke Mask Man Various Artists Lion SL NW Sawa 101 Strings.Stereo Fidelity SF 1000 PEPE ni ra Sound Track. Colpita CP 507- Studded with top -draw movie and disk artists, the original sound track recording of the forthcoming Columbia Pictures flick spectacular "Pepe" makes for both exciting and nostalgic listening. Directed by George Sidney. of "Around the World in 80 Days' tame. and starring Catinflas, the pie has some 35 top personalities, nine of whom arc captured on wax here: THE SOUND or vsusic- -The Som- erset Orchestra rearm), Perfect PL teats. Eye -catching item A cottage in brltilaat coton oa a black background. Proue display item. IRELAND. MY IRELAND.- Cane Donaghy, Epic LP ltuoi. Lovely. anima Irish landscape, mostly in greens. of course. Attractive ham for display.

30 30 MUSIC THE BILLBOARD DECEMBER , TAKEN FROM THE BESTSELLING CHARTS OF BILLBOARD, CASH BOX, VARIETY, MUSIC REPORTER, MUSIC VENDOR AND TOP RADIO STATIONS AROUND THE COUNTRY RED HOT! OH, HOW I MISS YOU TONIGHT Jeanne /1 /ach No L'. ad)onald Billboard "Hot 100" ('ash Box "Top 100" Music Vendor "Top 100" WINGS OF A DOVE Billboard "Hot 100" Billboard "Hot C&W Sides" Cash Box "Top C &W "' Music Vendor "Top 50 C &W" EXCUSE AIE. Buck Owens Billboard "Hot C&W Sides" s2 Cash Box "Top 50 C &W" 2 Music Vendor "Top 50 C &W" = WORLD SO FI'Ll. OF LOVE Fnron Noting Cash Box "Top 50 C &W" #13 Music Vendor "Top 50 C&W" FORGET THE PAST Cash Box "Top 50 C&W" Music Vendor "Top 50 C &W" F'Irnn Young I1'S COT TO BE A HABIT Hank Thompson Cash Box "Top 50 C &W" '30 Music Vendor "Top 50 C &W" # SHE'S JUST A WHOLE LOT LIKE VOI'. Hank Thompson Cash Box "Top 50 C &W" -48 Music Vendor "Top 50 C &W" = MEAN MEAN MAN Wanda Jackson Music Vendor "Top 100" #07 WINGS OF A DOVE 44,44 No I'VE GOT A RIGHT TO KNOW Buck Ossens Music Vendor "Top 50 C &W" -^ THERE'S NOT.4N1' LIKE YOU LEFT..Faro, l'oung 6lllsic Vendor "Top 50 C &W" -47 PICKED TO BE ACTUAL SELECTIONS BY THE INDUSTRY'S LEADING TRADES OVER AND DONE WITH Oli HOW I MISS YOU TONIGHT Jeanne IN'sk Billboard "Spotlight Winner.- "Aitbo the song b an oldie, It is presented as an answer to Elvis Presley's current samb.. "Ara Vint Lonesome Tonight?" and features an erfecti,e narration by the canary on the bridge. Watch k." Cash Boa "Pick of the Week " -"The chirp, whose 'answer recording' of 'He'll Hare to Stay' played a main, role In her copping 'most promising' honors, come, up with another chart threat In 'Oh How I NH. Von Tonight. "' Music Vendor "Pick Hit " -"Could moss to chard. slate." WINGS OF A DOVE Errlin husky Billboard's "Bml Buss' UM TROUBLE A DOUBLE DATE 7he Qoyal Çja/axie4 Na I WANT TO LIVE AGAIN Rose Muddos Cash Bus "C &W Bullseye "-"The rtcran thrush seems set for another chart appearance through her attractive sainting or 'I Want to Lire Alain: The tones brighi -beat honky'lonler of lost lose oath a suaay outlook." CHRISTMAS CAROUSEL. Peggy Lee Music Vendor "Pick lift"- "ten Peggy Lee Chestmas release which may wand try on the charts." GOODNIGHT MY_ BABY The Kingston Trio Music Vendor "Pick 1111 " -"Disc. featuring old Xmas lanes and the ansai'' usual fine arti try, is un attmclhr Pule offering." RELEASES OUT THIS WEEK, AND ON THEIR WAY TO YOU NOW, A YEAR AND A DAY Judy Scott JOHNNY DOESN'T TALK MUCH Capitol's newest thrush beautifully demonslntee her broad soma style on I CO bright up-tempo tunes.

31 DECEMBER 12, 1960 The pick of the new releasesr SPOTLIGHT WINNERS Null( OF THE WEEK Strongest sales potential of oll albums reviewed this week, Corrrrn,,ed,lr.',n pdçe 29 Spoken Word JACK.DOUGLAS (WITH THE ORIGINAL CAST) Columbia CL Comedy writer -comic Douglas. of lack Paar TV show fame, has a witty, caustic sense of humor. which leans toward the sick-nik style. This package, recorded live during his engagement at Manhattan's Bon Soir oilery, should appeal to Douglas' extensive following (both from TV and from his best selling comedy books). CANDID TELEFUN Flender. United Artists UAL This could be a sleeper in the comedy LP field. Adopting TV's "Candid Camera" technique to the telephone, comedy writer Harold Finder conducts a series of what sound like authentic phone calls on a variety of hilarious subjects. Standout bits are his calls to a pet shop (to purchase monkey for "cooking purposes "), to a bird doctor (to check on a neurotic lovebird) and to a book store (to buy a four -inchthick volume to raise the height of a piano stool). Latin American 7'he Rillhoar,l'a Aluaic Popularity Charts... PACKAGED RECORDS 31 Packas also includes a spec., coupon to be triad in to Ilrm's deal of ow set free lib three purchased. **i. SALVOS FROM A SALOON ILAle Swag..d his Hoe. Teak Phase. Epic LN Charlk Emma is a t,et- wmente hooky toner who b tamed m the area around Eddie Sachs' place in Center Valle, Pa., for his old- fashbned accompaniment It silent otovin. heat's feature et hie act to the puts, and that'. 1Ow kind of nostalgic. nit kev Interpretation he Bed his piano here site to "Tiger Rat." "12th Strict Ras." "1 Wonder what's Bo come of Seib." and orate tot of others of the same attend vintage. The set has an incitement In the Its on-location wund and, fanciers of the hooky ton sense ww like It. * ** ON THE TOWN WTTTI THE C1.EV'ELA ND POPS Loeb Kaea ICondectort. Epic BC 1107, (Stereo t Mowwnty -The Cleveland "Pops" "tap up a flock of ti.tenable show tunes in lushly effective lemromenul treatments. Some tine romantic mood aide. we hate tot Jockey sen. Selections are from On the Town," "My Fair Lady," "Cae -C.." "The King and 1." 'Oklahoma!" "On Your Tots" end other shows. JAZZ LP'S **** STRONG SALES POTENTIAL 'W's and sotto '504l depiayo satin, tgwatlw socat style on this "comeback" parkas Ably backed by a group of solid Jazz men, she reglsten with such nostalgic standards as "Blue Moon," "Conte Ralo of Come Shine." etc. * ** HAVE YOU HEARD HERMAN IONTEN TM Haines Foster Trio. Epk LA 1M111- Homan F,wtn,a a pianist with good feel for blues and a good Ian touch as well. On this new LP, his first Nkning recording, he comp thru with strops par formances on some original and standard tunes. The blues. which be composed. Is "Harman Blurt," and it Is one of the best tracks on the record; other good sides are "Volart," "Laver Man" and "Strange.- Fostat is backed by Earl May on bass and Frank Dunlop on drums. Good an by Foster. *** THE FRANK WESs QUARTET Prestlt'Sfeedanlne 1 - Another in the PresUga-Moodavitle series, geared to Ian minded audience as well as buyers of soft moody. background material. mis group of tunes, which features Wess on both flute and tenor um. Is well keyed to the dual. market Idea. Piano, bass and drums weave neatly In and out of solo spot. and sup po llna tole for Wets. Pleasant group of standards to ibe menu, with one original. "Ratty Afternoon." b' Wen. k ** LOOKING AHEAD Kew McIntyre sad Erie Doleby, Pearlge. New dun 0U2 -Binh Kee blclnttre and Erie Dolphy have somethins of an union. notional approach to the laze idiom es this LP. Both play alto sag and flute cu either side of the album and their playing should be of Interest to the more forward. looking members of the tau fraternity, Dolphy'a alto ark Is not as frasmentary as Ornate Coleman's-"They All Laughed" is a good exnmple -and he does some unusual things, bath the bass clarinet oe CLASSICAL LP's * ** MODERATE SALES POTENTIAL * *k GRIF.C: VIOLIN SONATA NO. I ICI STRAKHII SONATA NO. HI IGAOf. WITZ) Besas BR 1403$-The two most popular Grits violin sonatas are coupled with David Igtistrakh playing the that and American fiddler Louis Gebowlw plat,. the more familiar No, 3. The latter also b coupled by the label with ether Oistrekh perform. antes in another release. Altho the paten liad audle.e for three works b not vat, this release elands good competitive (Continued on pace rti A ALL WE'VE GOT FOR EVERYBODY LOVES THE TRiO LOS PANCHOS El Trio Los Ponchos. Columbia EX The Trio Los Panchos, one of the hottest groups in Mexico as dell as in many other countries in South America, comes thru with wonderful performances of a group of well known Latin tunes. They include " Quien Sera,' " Estrellita. "Siboncy" and "La Paloma," and the boys sing them in lovely fashion, featuring warns, melodic guitar backing. First -rate backing. First -rate wax for all Latin markets and one that could also get pop action. POP LP'S * * ** STRONG SALES POTENTIAL * * ** UP FRONT TM Mary Kas. The. Yen. MOW Ph. Trio is al lu bat In Uhb smartly Myna package. sib Mary Kaye ngbtming with.act impact on solo most stints an Lova You, Porgy." "My Yiddish. Morons," etc. Fine programming wu toe hip spinners, Other.elections Include "Ev. etythiog's Coming Up Row," "Heartache,,' "And th. Angels Sins," etc. AUDIO FIDELITY RECORDS DOCTORED FOR SUPER STEREO CADENCE RECORDS The World's First Stereo -Scored Orchestra * * ** EVERYTHING GOES Th. Four lads. Columbia CL loto- Here'a solid. swinging package for dew Ina. Spearheaded by showmanly tocalltic of the group's lead chanter, the boys canister strongly on group of standards - "Some of These Days" "All of You." "Nobad: " "t, Had to Be You," and the title tune **** JO AND JAZZ. le lkanord. Columbia Cl. 1S4t- Connobsews WU find this an album of mon than trout Interns, The line ch.ntreu b showcased here as a Ian Nruah, backed with such instrumentalists as lien Webster. Ray Nance. Johnny Hodge, Jimmy Bowie. and Don Faaerquit. Tunes a ")est Squeeze Me," "For You:' "MidniTt Sun.' 'What Can Say Dear After 1 Say I'm Sorry." etc. Packs. ahoutd tap bob pop and tau markets. * * ** SWINGIN ON THE MOON Mt Tors.. Verse MGV Another re -udie. set for the Tonto tans. The chanter b it his vary vocal hest on these moody, moonoriented nicctlo. like "Swinstn' on the Moon," "Moonlight Cocktail," "1 Wished on the Moon," etc. The material b wen keyed to Tome's soft. croon style and the backings, with Itch fiddles alternating with bran and reeds. makes fora lust-right setting for the vocals. This can be sold and some mood jock sep will find It highly apinoable. **** TONY BENNETT SINGS A STRING OF HAROLD ARLEN Colomb. CL Tony Banat has a tint -rate album her, one of bb but this Year. to feet. The amer comes thru Vita his own special anti most attractive Iman prrtetlor. of tunes penned by Harold Arlan, aided by pretty bockina by the Glenn One no -. The song ate all familiar, such as "Oser the Rainbow,. "Right as the Rates," "I've Got the World nn Strina" and "Cons Rain oe Coma Shim." A sock package for Bennett fans. POP LP's * ** MODERATE SALES POTENTIAL *** SWINGIN' PRETTY AND ALL THAT JAZZ Mal Mane. and his Abata,,. DMbs DC. 10)4 ISlereo i isle ants- Motbawo hua wemblcd an.tenting, offbeat ont - aemble including bis own saordlon, win bau, Motta, hate, noiew and ratio. Mode of percussion. The onesto to )aasbu.d but It b strongly In the mood groove, which means than to sala potential ta both directions. This i. oat or th. label's "coo panas" atomo une and most bunts will find the audio quell,. to 0ek 1..1, ass poap pista "Bast of th. Rue." "MI Footbb escort," 'Taft of the Town,` Mo. **** LAMBERT. HENDRICKS AND ROSS SING ELLINGTON With the We Imes Trb. Columbia CL 1S10- Lambert. Hendrick a Ross are back again, this time io their own special era ranrensents of tunes by Duke Ellington. Ion Hendricks penned the lyric, and the trio sings them in their own ottlmes sensational fashion over driving support by the Ike Imo Trio. Tunes include soma of Duke's best. from "Thlnp Ain't What They Used to Be." to "Cottontail." The LP should appeal to their many tans. **** TROMBONE AND VOICES J. J. Johnsen. Columba CI, 1317 'Moo. suret i Stereo) -Thin album's title tells iu simple story: trombonist Johnson plays an assortment of standards against a backdrop of rhythm and mixed chorus. Frank MVO's good arrangements set Johnson's woolly trombone against the chorus and then allowa the chorus to oleo the lyrics of Ute tool included. Ballads get o soft but not schmatry sound and there u notch MI. In the up tempo tunes, "Portrait of Jennie" Is a good example of the firm, "Get Out of Town," the utter. Set bridges the gap between pop and tua nicely. JAZZ LP's * ** MODERATE SALES POTENTIAL * ** SWLNGIN' ON THE TOWN The Rey "Little Jan" Eldridge Quartel. Vern MCV Another album featuring steady, pretty, warm and mighty tistenable work from "Little Jon" himself. The tuna are almost all standards, from "The Way You Look Tonight" to "Misty," and Roy playa them wide meaning. His, work hero b vp to his best, and his trio backing nest, gets In his way. Tasteful, attractive Inez of We mainstream school that is worth many bean.. ***BLUE GATOR Willi Jscksos. Pe nlse Willis Jackson comes tiro with both driving and tends interpretations of is group of stand and and onginat tunes on this btuesy new set, backed by solid rhythm. Jackson on tenor displays elements of both his explosive, wild, swinging work, as well u more subtle warm, and meaningful stile. which transforms 'Try a Little Tenderness" Into dellatnfol track. With Jackson, Bill Jennings on salt. end Jack McDuff on arson stars, out. It's an interesting set, to Use elder fan snare. with the Otte wet and "Gazer's Tail" the best tracks. * *sn EMBERS AND ASHES Obbiq Hoa, Statecraft 16 -Here's se attractive new vocal talent who should ap peal to pop as well u jam spinners. Tho gal has a sweet. sexr, trua sound on a /tuts of standards end oldies. Top banda include a bolero treatment of "Wild t. the Wind," "If 1 Should Lose You" and "God Bleu the Chid." * ** SOUTH SIDE SOUL. The Jaen Wright Trio. Prestige Planist-leader Wright and the other two members of his trio, bassist Corky Roberta and dmmmor Walter McCsnu, are all from Chicago, hence the rote of Usk: album. Wtiabt has eery good tramp of the Darns idiom and on It much as another fawn. Chicago planbt done -Abroad lama] assemble and Wright could torn into a fine commercial performer. As it stands this b good debut for No group especially an inch gevpel and blues oriented tracks like "Amen Cornet" and "Sid Cornet." * ** SINGON' AND SWINGIN' Boto Rache. Proale The serene Ian unary (pith Duke Ellington In the XMAS IS HITS! Busted Out in Chicago! WHEELS By The String -a -Longs #M -603 Busted Out in Detroit! TELL THE WORLD By The String -a -Longs *M-606 Taking Off! THE JOKER By Carl Maduri #M -604 Watch for These New Releases by SHIRLEY & LEE THE GENIES LITTLE ESTHER DISTR1BUfEDnn,,- -n.p1-- fl er' WNIf1QWiN QCmÁS,,911C. MORfvCRAFT. PRESIDENT LI. ti x.... tif Via 4i-411, PHONOGRAPH RECORDS WHY PAP 0000 of rag, Allorne0. vannas Isbell, such as Marc., Dscra. MGM, Chan, AOC, ha. 010 tor C, 095 per M, Eatendel Ilan Assorted, $25 par C par la. boos Plating (11.91 Hob Vriva labels, Decca. t'atlery, Columbia, etc. WO t0 e, 0100 par C. inn Nays tarot ads Mr C. Pts.Pekn 'Mott 43'. to package. 23: 00. S.r 45 t tt o'ckasa. Si. so. All record accostorier always ovofloble. Chrlal0000 orders handl.d Immedlarly. RAYMAR SALES' erin;z :7,,,AY. Olympia

32 32 MUSIC THE BILLBOARD DECEMBER 12, Stock up now on this great new record that's breaking big ail over the country. ft's the hottest! UtCAN i Cri ()f, `

33 DECEMBER The Rillboard'g Popularity Charte... PACKAGED RECORDS 33 Reviews and Ratings of New Albums t,.afglued /ruin parr JI tarisse Matent eba tub Miser tome wbkb cool. MM MIMAI. R ** *CI ' ICTIrREO Iio. u VIro& e'. w Still 1 'LW rio. 4 IN R, MAJOR. OR Si FANFAS IN P MI-,.o& OR MAXIXIR* NO. 17 LM R PLAT INI/OR. OP. M NO.. 4 MAZURKA NO. Or IN A MINOR. OP. POETIL Lao mena to (moo». lk RC IIN IF*. R MMs h-a Rione pedo.nee w She Pa 'M u. perhaps Chopin.. onera,..0oera. le the blsblilht of this disk by the Huns POtbh planbt whore unit appeialla bere thus far h u been t h Usi NSHOm conctn. TTe iou a roan i / PAIR M,Uoager than bun repuretns, Mut SK 1Ì1l1 Ibould he wibut upon concert toed Mu«. dma aoid Oka. latere. *** CHL'MANNt DICfaTE11L1In /. s Or. ea: SPCHS GEDICHTE LTD St. ut lest, OP. M: NIDMUNC. OP. 2s. NO. 1: tole. SIDFY GRENADIERS, OP. 4S, NO. 1 Gerard tarie.. tsarur. Esk RC 111E ISlaew Murante -Th Is the third Lime (;.tard Soura7 has recorded ne "DKhlutkb." and Ms French hatd ne sing. rbesa rorianuc rats almost u Ito (1)1191 Germen. SouUY's retuhllon has hr[n maenad rah the record buying publu with some fine relia.. Hennity, und thb hone could brnetit u a molt. Tus LP M taled out sailli a number of short Schumann vocal works. also beutifuty #maimed erakiny for s JmoebI THEME FROM "THE YOUNG ONES" Come ;1 SA C1 RECO IDS D 1403 Lecust St.. Philgdelphlo, Po. THELMA CARPENTER Sings "YES, I'H LONESOME TOtiIIGIIT" CORAL RECORDS Busting Wide Open! A PERFECT by LOVE FRANKIE AVALON C CljanceCror ONi STOP RECORD SERVICE! 45 60c RPF1 All LP's-REGULAR DISTRIBUTOR " WHOLESALE-NOTHING OVER SAME DAY SERVICE The MUSICAL SALES COMPANY Th Musicol Sole. Bldg, Baltimorw, I, Maryland IOW-PRIED EN WHO READ c. &w. LP'S * * ** STRONG SALES POTENTIAL **** SIG SONGS ILUUei Hamy Dickens. Columbia CL IMS -1Te laie hlbw, who plies +JI step out on unie se the Losey man of the sect. hate shows bis well-known slrsleht vocal el.k. with Dock of ballads ln the traditional vein. Titles m elude "1 Cried Agate.- 'Tomorrosee Just Andhsr Day to Cry,' "A Fad Prom a Faded Rose." etc. Good clun.wundtng, spits, hiehhdcd, tndhioaal country buck- Ing 'ends tu the near effect. Fana *BI go for 'his one, Dickens fire set In spelt. C&W LP's *lit* MODERATE SALES POTENTIAL * ** COt'uIESS MARI. t Easaen[b lúlaas, Snips ER AIM -61- This package is made up of two 12'inch disks, carrying the complete recordist of the Emmerich Kalman unetelle. The per- formance - Radio Lelprie Production - carn. much charm sod. Good soi. end Instrumental sorti. FOLK * * ** * * ** SINGING Alt. NICHE LONG Ron and Noua. ColaNk CL ISeI- liere's o talented young coupla from farad, who can thank TV'. Ed Sullivan for their presence Is the Ste. today. They've travelled the folk circuit hue In depth and hays met a healthy receptlos. a tact whirl, k explained by their vigorous and imitent., tire renditions in Ibis album. They arc Israelis, but hen they have chosen a largely American program of material, "Two Brothers." "Tho Mighty Mississippi." etc. plus mie of their own country. the (amaril 'Tana. Trena, Tram" The couple h,o tale and pten.y of showmanship. SPECIALTY LP's * ** MODERATE SALES POTENTIAL IOW.PRICED POPULAR * ** * ** THE SOUND OP MUSIC The Soumet Orchestra ilium.. Perlect PI f -ovoly per(ormanes of the.onus from the Broadway smash by tar Somerset Orchestra under Reedy Burns. AI, of the attractise Rode.' nones are nr,r from the show, Ina knethr orerune. Ph,. mdlvidual treatments of "The Sound o. Male." "DoRaM1," "alma Es'ey Mao, Bolo." etc. An 1,ecatching cover adje,p Peal. * ** THE ACCORDION RAND Heat Cerne sad bis Aerordleas. Perfcrl PL 1101I-This accordion casera'. tribut. s nice aeteolson of tenais earotred from the musk of man. r.. (here's Ore Spanish 'T.1 Rel:atio." o.271' "Can Can" and s number of wall,. a r ;;!'1 polkas. p TH -1 LS'E J.kil CL A sait,. rte Srkeg Courge Rond. Perfect PI - The Dutch Seing Collasse Boo.l p. Ina rousntg Rnup of Dirsopop pr ( insanes os e group of traditional fa.or nia and U adds up Ina 104 of foi. Tuoi. include 'I Serran. You Scream. We means for ice Cream." "Memphis Blues..'nier Rag.. and mbar Lesotho. "Mc [tend, lade play them and slog (hem with unabashed etldlladsme and h r add, np Io loud entutibfineat. Anr )['ire loser, Io.,. ** *LIMAN AND SIAM!: i1iptr1 2ANO PLAY TV THEMES Disks DUT 1032 Islaao & Mwawral,- BUSINESSPAPERS yummy and blarbsn McPanLnJ turn In MEAN BUSINESS Diamant «adinp la O.k.. iule of pvup of TV litem. acre, such u "Mr. Lucky.- "!tort Gu.," "Hat Stemms." and Bahts. II'. Ulght and u iablbited tea and R amui/ leurrer traditional ter. LOWPRICED CLASSICAL * ** FRksr IIHAR: IHt MIRRY V. MON Hm. Islutler.l.m Operella perlrr, P.AeN PL 12g13-1.mer, ', nase musk,n n soow' m paon-mar. wib find ibis put userai, anj of "Il,r Ste, t.ce n( Iahlhrhl. Uwn the. Puy u the lots -ptew field. The sn.,n sn.l immotl1 me:udl. art W.,,s. lo (.<,mrn, of cvtu:e. FOLK*** *0* COIN' PUCPt Casey Andanne. Plaines. ERL Ill -TLe,lrnt[J. sari 1.,11 singer s,mp1. a.aril, 1 mot.,, here, Jrli. er ink in a 10rthr101. k lo,.o,a t,, :,iahk drama. Inch/sied 11, toil oy iss lohn Henn.' bis own Mied noj a Rehel." beeps. and the r:: (os, a und. * ** AMERICAN FRENCH MUSIC Fra. the Rarer of Lesbles.. GakMed GIRL.? Comiterod as a pince of e/hnk culture. this package can have tome value ai representell.e 01 e ieiole recorded variety of gnwronts iopenoire. This Is the valus musk of the Louisiana deltas, the mode of the French Americans of that regbs. II ploc. much emphasis on the accordion watt 'mollo often hoard, loo. Vocale ara in stám.. tone by such loe1.iights AS Ire le/une. Cleveland Crochet and Lotto, Brnmsud. The mask. In. fcrestingi, bas some marks of both rdb. and coma, For students. * ** ROSH. AHD ROUND Y. McCurdy. Rodeo 1,11. RLP Ill - W'ell.known to folk circles. Ed btecurdy hes tome eight outer LI "s currently avail able on four different labels. Now he's been waecd by Ih.. Canadian label Is a selection of folk songs of lmt nation. whkh he aings convincingly. the group ln clods. tongs Ihal era humorous and sad, with some sea chanteys to' Ner malted up. bfocurdy'a fars and friends of Canada will be potential buyers. * ** A CF,NTL'RY OF FOLK SONGS Mart Opts".. Rodeo tat,. RLP The 10011, LP Ill.ase of this Canadian bel, dl.irlbuted by London Records of Csn- ro The Original "HEARTBREAK HOTEL" BILL SMITH COMBO 1773 {I "GUNSLINGER" BO DIDDLEY Chess 965 "BEST BET" Cash Box Not Raucous, Not Blasting, 2 GREAT HIT INSTRUMENTALS by ARV E-Y 2120 So. Michigan Ave., Chicago 16, III. IVAN WARD and The Swingsters a W aoa, Ltd., katures one of that nation.' when answering ads. pnputar radio pcnoul es sing(nt group ' of familiar folk song.. Mart Osburn's (Continued on page 42)i New Redd Foxx release LAFFARAMA DTL -801 EP -802 EP -803 r'4 STARS" Billboard Pleasing for All Locations` O Y "66 ROCK" "CONGO GLIDE" Savoy #1591 RECORD CO. NEWARK. rn. J. Say You Saw It in The Billboard REDD FOXX ALBUMS HEAT HOLIDAY SALES DOOTO 1E1 ri Off

34 34 MUSIC THE BILLBOARD DECEMBER C this is it! this is record programming taday'a top record talent THE BIG ócs FOR 1960 Immin this is record programming today's top recordtaient COMING '1 DEC.19! he Billboard's Famous YEAR -END PROGRAMMING & TALENT ISSUE featuring.. record programming today's' top record talent COMING DEC.19! Billboard's Big Annual DISK JOCKEY POLL RESULTS C=110 plus other important programming and talent buying features, including the famous quarterly biographic and record data service, TODAY'S TOP RECORD TALENT.

35 DECEMBER 12, 1960 The Billboard's Almair Popularity Charta... POP SONGS 35 CONCERT REVIEW Harry Sings Good, Clowns Bad When Harty Belafonte sing,, he is undoubtedly one of the oinlera in the world today. But when he clowns, top voal he ehouldnl Playing to a week of turn -away houses at Chicago's Opera Home (541). Belafonte needed neither the fantastic lighting effects nor tbs sometimes overpowering musical accompaniment to rose the audience with such standards as "Have Nageela," "Jobs Henry." "Man Smart" -which he calla! the King James version. due to the many younger folks present. and When the with the Dixieland version preceded by Sai1Na Cis Marching In, BB imitation done in the style of an old English madrigal. But after a highly effective rendition of "Ya Reba," toward the end of the program, he resorted to unnecessary clowning with the Vocal Four -who provided some fine backing for several numbers. and then went on to 20 minutes of "Matilda' -which has son of worn itself out since making such a hit at Carnegie Hull. Miriam Makeba, the South African thrush who has had no stronger booster than Belafonte since her arrival here lust November. brought a beautiful and exciting voice to the program. Scoring in "The Click Song." which she ducts with Belafonte in his IBtest Victor album, " Belafonte Returns to Carnegie Hall," she also got across to an appreciative audience with an Indonesian lullaby and a Zulu folk song, Most effective musical hacking was provided by two guitarist*, a bass and s large set of bongos. But the orchestra seemed largely estraneous and the lighting was almost too effective -to the point where you started looking for the nest effect. rather than the song. Belafonte has few peers in the entertainment field but this reviewer for one missed a hit more of the old Belafonte and his rendition of "Scarlet Ribbons.' among many others the audience was evidently eager to hear. Steve Traiman. fy 1. Nee( 2 O 4 O Study Shows Discount Pattern Crn:limed iront page 3 it, and 25.2 per cent of dealers in small markets hase such plans. Of chain or variety type stores in large cities who sell records, only 16.7 per cent have a club or coupon plan. and 14 per cent in the medium markets have4his type of plan. However. 20.R per cent of chain stores or variety stores in small markets have a coupon plan. There is a small percentage of stores, both record stores and chain and variety stores, which discounts some labels, hut sell others at full IIji price. 'This u1osual type of discounting is followed by 11.6 per cent of record stores in large markets. by 10 per cent in medium markets. and by 3.9 per cent in small markets Many stores, especially in the medium and small markets, do not Radio on Ship Continued front page 3 merciat radio service at present aimed at Britain. Like Luxcrntrourg, the new station will reach areas other than that for which it is primarily intended. Programs will consist mainly of pop music and it may become a powerful new promotion aid for disks. not only in Britain but on the Continent, too. Already at least two people connected with British record firms - one from Philips and the other from Decca -have identified themselves with the project. Some publishers have been quietly helping it along. The new station is using the call letters CNBC, but this does not rip2ify any association with the D. S. radio -TV network. For 12 hours a day the transmitter is used for airings to Holland as Radio Veronica. :The English service will operate froff 6 a.m. to noon and midnight to 3 am. The whole of Britain will not be covered, but the area will In- clude London and most of the wealthy eastern and southeastern counties. Morning programs will clash with BBC domestic radio services, but they are light on disk town at the material time. Head of the CNBC English optrillion is Doug Stanley, a former executive of the Dutch State radio's overseas service. Program controller is Paul Hollingdale, a BFN announcer until the summer and currently a jockey for Philips is their sponsored shows on Radio Luxetttbaug. discount, but do run sales- occasionally. And the patterns here are very similar for both record stores and chain and variety stores. A to- 0 tal of 26.3 per cent of all record stores have occasional sales in large markets. 47 per cent do it in medium markets, and more than half, or 55.1 per cent, do it in small markets. A total of 23 per cent of chain and variety stores run sales in large markets. 52 per cent do it in medium markets, and 56.2 per cent do it in small markets.. Another look at these figures indicates that the occasional sale is the way the medium and small market stores answer the discount practices of big city stores. And there are still stores who do not discount at all. or hardly at all. according to The Billboard Record Market Research survey. Most of these atores are located in the medium and smaller markets. Of the big city storm only 9.8 per cent of the record stores said that they almost always sell records at full list price. However, 32 per cent of medium market record shops and 26.8 per cent of small market shops said they hardly ever i TD 18 discount. And only 15.9 per cent of big city market chain and variety stores said they do not discount. but 28 per cent of the medium market stores of this type said they do not discount, and 20.8 per cent of these stores in small markets said that they. too, do not 22 discount. The fact that only about 9.8 per cent of the record stores and only 15.9 of the chain stores and variety stores in large markets said that they hardly ever discount means that almost 90 per cent of all large market stores that carry O D O 21 records discount in one way or 25 another Some of these stores do it all the time. others on some lines and not others, others through sales, and others Through club or coupon plans. In the medium mar -, Acts almost 70 per cent of all stores 27 that carry records discount by one method or another, occasionally or constantly. and in the small mar-1 28 ket almost 75 per cent of all atores are on some sort of a discount plan. This all adds up to mean that it is a somewhat rare record shop or chair. and variety shop that sells its records at list price. It is also clear that discounting. straight or in doses. has become an accepted practico for the majority of record shops In the United States I et THE NATION'S TOP TUNES ROLL OF H115 FOR WEEK ENDING DECEMBER The Honor Roll of Hits comprises the nation's top tunes according to record sales and disk jockey performances as determined by The Billboard's weekly nationwide surveys. Tone I LAST DATE 2 ARE Composer Publisher Ry Floyd Cramer-Published by Acull-R.,,e (BS11, Week, ue Clan YOU LONESOME TONIGHT 4 t. Ilandm.n- P P.. l ,hual.( by Buurne-vva,,,en (ASCAP, 8 WONDERLAND BY NIGHT A THOUSAND STARS EXODUS Kaemplen- Puhlislxd by R,v,naaIi,BSII, Bs Pearson-Pnhl hcd h. BrvJCO , a, Gofd-Pubh,hed hy ChapPeu IASC.SPI SAILOR (YOUR HOME IS IN 111E SEA) By Scharlenbertct- Busch- Pubaal,ed by Garland 'stove (ASCAP 3 POETRY IN MOTION (I. Kaufman.5 9 NORTH TO ALASKA NEW ORLEANS HE MANY TEARS AGO 5 STAY Anthony- Pu('lkhcd by Sl erofian I B\II By Phillim- Published by Hobbits* (SWAP, By Guide- Royster- Pubtíshed by Pepe (05th WILL BREAK YOUR HEART By Butler. Mayfield and Cower- Published by Conrad IBNI, 17 LONELY TEENAGER AF Trpper- nrpaola-!arse,- ny Scrotl-Pablinnad by Ra,.esel( (11511, By Maurice Williams-Published by W,nd,nne (BS11, Schwane (SSC'sl' 13 LET'S GO, LET'S GO, LET'S 60 By Hank Ballard- Published by Luis IBM11 14 ALONE AT LAST 7 Hy Lehman- Published by Pearl (BM I, 16 MY GIRL JOSEPHINE 2 Ily O,.mino.Bsnhotomca- Pubhsl,ed by Trai. '5\1l, 22 YOU'RE SIXTEEN H3 Sherman -Sherman- Published by Blue Gt 3,1 iesll, 10 SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME P,rmu,Scnum.,u- Published by RutnhaleroPr.sres,tve (55th, O I2 GEORGIA ON MY MIND a 19 By Huaey' Carmichael and Slesrt Gorrel(- Pubhahed be Peer tnternalunul (115.I SWAY 23 I GOTTA KNOW 24 PERFIDIA By By G,mhel -Ru(y- Published be Peer (R,11, Enana-WJliams-Publí,hed'by Alamo (ASCAP By tyameaques-n. t.ecds-published by Peer (HMI/ 26 HUCKLEBUCK 5 By Olbsna and Alfred -Published by United ( I WANT TO BE WANTED 12 By Gannon-Spottl Tesla- Pub(ahea by Leeds (ASCAP, 28 I'LL SAYE THE LAST DANCE FOR YOU 2 By PomusScbumaa- Published by Rumbalera- ProBrectiee (BMIy BLUE TANGO 1 By Leroy Anderson- PUh(nbed by S1,(s (SWAP, RUBBER BALL 1 Bs Arch - PubHShed by Arch tascapi RUBY DUBY DU 1 By Charles Wolcott-Published by Robbins (ASCAP( FOOLS RUSH IN 2!1_ Arts.:, Bloom- Publubed by Rieman. Ve:cu end Conn (AS( API 29 LIKE STRANGERS By Bryaet-P,btislxd by Acuh(Rosc / IO RECORDING AVAILABLE (Best Setting Rcord listed in Bold Joel.) L LAST DAIF -Floyd Clymer, II vl. T775; Skeeter Desk, Vic 76t5; Juni Jame,, 1.1.0, ; Lawrence Wrlk, Dot ARE TOtt LOVESOMF TONIGHT -Al Salson, Dec 27811; Jaye P. Mona, M -GS ; Fleta Pre*. ter. Vie WONDERLAND BY NIGHT - Anita Bryant, Carlton 537; 65e1 Kaemidert, Dec 31141; Lunt, Prima, Dot ' A THOUSAND STARS - Kathy s'onoe and the Innocent.. Indie. Ion. 5. KKODt's - Fcrnnte and Tekker, U nited Artists 274;, I..,oden SAILOR IYOt'R HOME IS De THE SEAL -Loa,., Kapp POETRY IN MOTION -Johan/ Tillotson, Cadence NORTH TO ALASKA - Johnny Horton, Columbia NEW ORLEANS - U. S. Bonds, I.etrand 819, 10. HE HILL BREAK YOUR HEART -Jerry Buller. Yee Jay 354. It. MANY TEARS AGO - Connie Franck, SI-c :S IL STAY - 1.Ilrle Joe and Thrillers. Catch 7136; Maurice Wataams and Zodiacs. Herald 552; Marsha winters, Stephany II. LONELY TEENAGER - (Si,,. Laurie LET'S GO, LET'S GO, LET'S CO -Hank Ballard and the Mldnleblery KM. 5400, 15. ALONP. AT LAST- Jackie Macen, B mmwkk MS' GIRT. JOSEPHINE - Pal. Domino. Imperial YOU'RE SIXTEEN -Johnny Ban nene, Liberty SAVE TNE. LIST DANCL. FOR MF Drulrn and Ren F. Knit. Ausesse GEORGIA ON MY MIND-Ray Owe, Alle-Paramount SWAY -Bobby R)deu, Cameo IB_ GOTTA KNOW-Fiele Presley. Vk PERFIDIA -Four Aces /AI Alben., Day 27987; Ahmed Jamal. flitch 6889; Metropolitan Jazz Quartet, MG -M Sollt; Oleo Miller Ort! Modernaires, Vte 0035; Andy Rose. Coral 62142; Rene Tauset, Gene Norman Presents 152; Ventures. Dolton 1S. 23. HUCKLEBUCK - Chubby Checker. Parkway 613; Craftunen, Warwick 572; Georgia Gibbs, Roulette 4126; Lou Monte. Roulette 4294; Kate Smith. Kapp 7.37; Paul Williams and Hucklebuckcm, Savoy I W ANT TO 0E. WANTED -Breads L et, De I'LL SAVE RISK LAST OANCR FOR YOU -Damlu Jo, Vey Bt.l.'P. TAN(:o-RIO slack Omaha, HI 2027; Le,( Lanln, Lp,c 9e RIMIER RAIL - Bobby s'es Liberty /. RUBI' DL'RY DU -Tobin SIM. therm MN 7022; PSpPer Pm; Panl,n 7320: J,,anle Sommers. Warner Bep'. 518); Ckark, Wnkwtr. M-G411 K louts RUSH IN -Brook Beams, Mer 71712; Remo Canso. Col 41697: Melrnlm Dodds. End IOW: Norme Mayo,!ern 77021; loe Serene. Seto* 606. M. LIKE atra1cers-eraly Imes- err. Cadence WARNING -The title `00500 ROLL OP HITS. Is a renitent tr0dcmar0 and Ibo llat(nt of dim bib Ito beta oopyrlahted By The Blllhoard. Use of either may rap he made without The 111.1R merd's come t. Requests for web courent should be submit'..n Wi, l/ m N. pubhshen 01 71sa LWlosrd M Tao Bboard Broadway. New York 36. H. Y.

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Pe.a l6 S Sa30N3dS 3WI H LL O SL Z"tot lunnwr ld.)ay.a,,, MI. 9NI00 3a,n0A ivhm MONB n0a 'ald.11..0:1 \owlr 6 Z 3A L6 CU 6V01 aoaaal.q) uo,ntv a,yuw;l 41 I 3A d V ZZ9 Ia.o) eca.31 L9 A13N01 N A3 n0a 3AVH -001 Z6 SyO1 +O,l.a.c * 41' 1 ONOS 13ddOd ROgtr 114'11.) 1110,1,134)0a. `' a3wwos 10 S3AI31 N33219 OL Cfr )4a'nuo)1 00,440 toa!,nllanh Ki r910, lonufu0ed-3hs',auel) tea, a31av3h O21VH L 99 SS 8 S 9L4 a+na 0 pue,wr ZB IOS sap,1p14 a )r p.ull ZI WV8V1V Z EL Iri Pao) apan aocpv ae 3W3H1 S,VId P6 O 98 LLLft c»aa í(1.11.1) vu111 - small 31S3aI - - LiZI IIPPV 1++a1411.a - -,N119W j61 uopuu. tpuu'cl(1 a01h VNOWVa - L8 08 LL I 111.6Z 'u0310.\1 uue4)! na A8n0 ma OS 2 I 192 vlquv P>au:7 '111+a) IV MIS 1N3)11IN9VW - - LS SL LLOL alwnuv aaqa. u1a, W08 co 6 0 Z8 u.oah sa'cr S P8 7L OL EL OtOS oauy u,dwtl0. NOOW All 3) fOti a,aa.l,aualit Ili' dohs tilt uawt) Ilap.a Ag AA L 01 f140f c»a(i 11u1aH AlOa NIf LLr +11.,1oa tia,etu,eld YM LE 6E E av _....6N P+o+ag Auedulo) 1110y c f16u!, awls w-d'aalgepfaf 11 u0!,1aa WdE 1e41 lalealpul Iqe,lfó tl u6!uaa 16u,1 mla{t w'0'+ S11 Ir41 fala!pu, 1la. t141 o0t 1oH 40 Huliwd plratd0 Iu1ea,ó yi paa,6y1 S13yM0lg3d IMO gylg oo: _ m o m m ml+,m, Li g E m L 'LL Z4191 roa 'atm. 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F, ó IILI ',a " " 'MOa110W01(3W 3A01 n0a 111M) L8 L 8S 6011E oaaa 4+1 apu.+n NVM 38 Ol 111IM I II LI SZ Z OORL +mal,\ VJa ''++a>al 111C 8 n0a 9IIIS01 1 WV 17 L I grei oaoapa) 'most, Lua,:1 S OS ZZ EZ OE Sl iloi apunpy,1a,lu0 3W ) I E101 lun0wx+ad:)8l- 'a1+a4j teal 01 O ONIW AW NO S 01 SI BZ 069IL Aln>aa{ti 'of allula(1 8 "n0a ma S813H13AVS 11,1 0 6Z ZZ LZ n3aa11 'umu3h yuo+. NI Hsna OD l 7Z 9l S n ISM loa 'cw1+d,,no'l 1H91N A9 011I12130N0M 88 IL 0' IS 01 E18 Aa.ylad '»43343 ^ggagl 8)na31A)nH PI si oz tiz LRZSS Auaqll 'aa(.1, n11 L9 S Art LZOL IH '114w03.,.axla n18 - sl l ip19i 10a '1N.N aauaa..l P6 OL 6 iook S O18L +olala vjh.alvaad I113 MOM V1109 I 9S 7 LZ 41 RL ump1a,augua 1 VIOI1a3d IZ l OLOF aulr{ '11111( A Z IZ 8{ POLS,riadwl oulmuo,)a 8 3NIHd3SOf 1810 AW LZ 7Z PI U OLISi +la,n4ulag 'uo.i!u a17f 01 1ST' 1V 31101V! 8 ZI 91 OOPS 'va1411up01.41 Po. p+rllea `1111'31 l 09 5,131 '09 8,131 ' SI 9 L81 uawrj IIap.H A AIMS OZ etg puula. 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37 DECEMBER 12, 1960 The Billboard's Music Popularih Charts.,. POP RECORDS 37 TOMORROW'S TOPS BEST BUYS BUBBLING UNDER THE HOT 100 (heat show MA Ids. of oll those on the Hot 100, have begun to ONAt soles breakout ration this week for the first SHOO. The ore recommended to dealers, juke box operators cod dish IockeYS as having the Breath potenliol to go oh mg wa, previous lillboord Spotlight Picks ore marked 1/. POP DONT GO 10 STRANGERS Ella Jones 'Prestige, I1\111 Prestige IRO ANGEL BABY... Rosie and the Originals (Figure, BMI) Highland 500 CORINNA, CORINNA Ray Peterson (Mills, ASCAP) Dunes '_iu'' ONCE IN A WHILE Chimes (Miller. ASCAP' SAD MOOD Sam Cooke HMI) Of Victor 'Rte, WALK SLOW Utile Willie John Be -s, tj \II) king f -t'ti HOT 100: A TO Z. VrJetr Lo,e Thou,antl ftf+. Atlrn F.deles Aoe Ior Lov Ibam BOCnr,.labam r[or11 Alone et Lsl Am 1 Lo+ln'' YV AM1 Bby An Yau Lenetom TOniehl AAI /,(IaI Flowtn Ballad of the Alamo r11ud Tfayl1.... ee T9 ea el 16 Amlthe M'n he Memo rrobb.nal Balla nt1 Otw Anoel sumbinve vs Chtort.yrrl Sinn 66 Cnh,rmo+ sown 1011 Corona. Cerfrne a7 Deno, by the Light of the Moon 71 Deer John 67 Dell Mnuu 67 Oan1 Go,o Irnon (Exodus,Ferate and Tiehen eau rmantovnii e0e1t Ru+h In wnis a,'.r an My t,5,n!f OI r' '1 Thema o ta.v LeaY -, el svmrn<r es arosty Tonfont Nero Dava N1rA aend Hannan Neve OU ETar Oren Lortely Ne WI,I 11rreY Your N<arl Neochn Cnoahte Coo.. NucYlL tty DO. know w l.trl You Mla tad Ç Me w.nt r+1 e. wen+ed 11 five 1h L'asr OMee toe you 1T m N u riaaaaaa, J.nele 1111 Rota le Last rata c..m!r Lrt rwed Dale f6 al <S 76 s7 7e eo sn 11 Le' 0l the 's Tim. ts bl's Co, Let's 00. Let', Go LIMB!anage: 3r UHt Drvmmr Bev Lonely 7enwer...,a Magnificent seven... Mn Tryn A Myr air) JTe +oìr0 I eg rmyi Leu ON W.In cour Natural Bern Lever New Orleans Ala. 7é a1 MINI to Or MacDonald 7 Once in While 41 rentdla 1e rrrlry In 611e urml 0,*" fan.... emb1.n..... n Ramen. NtY.n Arounr Ihe Chr11mn M Tn. íbit téëet é:iiin oc<n ubv Ruby Duby Du rmatthw,t RVYv Dubr Du 1WOIC01,! ga... ú 7f.. CHRISTMAS LITTLE DRUMMER BOY Harry Simone Choral 'Dc1.tss:lreSh.mnee, AS( API 2!ith I.!'I WHITE CHRISTMAS Bing Crosby Berlin, ASCAP) Decca ROCKIN' 'ROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE...,Brenda Lee CHIPMUNK SONG JINGLE BEIt ROCK REVIEWS OF S1. Nicholas, ASCAP) Dec,' David Seville and Chipmunks 'Monarch, ASCAP) Liberty 551n8 Bobby Helms 'Cornell,.ASCAP) Decca C&W A WORLD SO FULL OF LOVE Ray Sanders (Tree, BN'll) Liberty R &B 60H10 James Booker (Lion, BM1) Peacock 697 SHOP AROUND Miracles (Jobcte, BMI) Taenia these records, while they have not yet developed enough strength lhruoul the country fat inclusion on any notional short anywhere, already hove stimulated considerable regional anion. Ronk position indicates relative potenliol to earn an early listing on the Hot 100. I. MR. LIVINGSTON Larry Verne, Era SILENT NIGHT Bing Crosby, Decca (LET'S DO THE) HOLLY GULLY Bill Doggett, Warner Bros WHITE CHRISTMAS... Clyde McPhatter and Drillers, Atlantic OH, LONESOME ME...Bob turan, Warner Bros RUDOLPH, THE RED-NOSED REINDEER... David Seville and Chipmunks, Liberty BABY, 0' BABY Shells, Johnson BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Bing Crosby, Decca TWISTIN BELLS Santo and Johnny, (anadianamerlcan CALENDAR GIRL Heil Sedaka, RCA Victor 7829 I1. RUDOLPH, THE RED -NOSED REINDEER Paul Anka, ABC -Paramounl OH, HOW I MISS YOU TONIGHT Jeanne Black, Capitol LOYEY DOVEY Buddy Knox, Liberty CHRISTMAS AULD LANG SYHE..Bobby Darin, Afro RUDOLPH, THE RED-NOSED REINDEER Melodeers, Studio 9908 THIS WEEK'S SINGLES the pick of the new releases: SPOTLIGHT WINNERS \ ) OF THE WEEK Strongest sales potential of all records reviewed this week. In order to speed reviews of single records. The Billboard requests that ALL singles be sent to The Billboard Record Review Deportment, 1564 Broadway, New York 36, N. Y. However, albums should be sent P. O. Box 292, Times Square Station, New York 36, N. Y. Pop CONWAY TWITTY C'EST SI BON (Leeds, ASCAP) (2:141 -DON'T YOU DARE LET ME DOWN (Valley, BMI) (1:50) --- Conway Twisty comes thru with stylish renditions here of a familiar standard and a new rocker. On "C'est Si Bon" the singer turns in a solid. driving performance; and the flip is sold with excitement. M-G -M JAMES (MY) LAST DATE (WITH YOU) (Acuff-Rose, B\III (2:261 -ioni James could leap back on the charts with this fine performance of the current instrumental hit with Floyd Cramer. She sings it with much expression and the backing is first -rate, too. Flip is the standard "1 Can't Give You Anything But Love" (Mills, ASCAP) (3:32) NI-G -M LENNY MILES - DON'T BELIEVE HLM, DONNA (Ludix, BMI) (2:21) Lenny Miles bows on the label with a sock performance on a fine rockabaltad. aided by a solid fem vocal group. Lad sells the tune with gusto. Flip is "Invisible' (Ludix, BMI) (2:15). Scepter 1212 TIIEOLA KILGORE CHAIN GANG (THE SOUND OF MY MAN) (Kags, ROSE. BM) 12:40) -Here's an answer to the Sam Cooke hit of a few weeks ago and it's sold by the thrush with a lot of sparkle over solid support. Could happen. Flip is "Later I'll Cry" (Kags, BMI) (2:21). Candix Country & Western AlADDOX I WANT TO LIVE AGAIN (Central, BMI) (2:160 -KISS- ING MY PILLOW (Central, BMI) (2:12) -Rose Maddox handles these two country sweepers with much feeling, aided by strong arrangements and good backing from the orb. Both sides could get country action. Capitol 4487 SPECIAL MERIT SPOTLIGHTS Pop Talent The following records hove been picked for eulstond Mg merit in their various categories becous in the opinion of The Billboard Music Stoll they doserve exposure. (Reviews appear elsewhere in this issue) LINDY ESTES * ** WHERE WILL I GO (Kenny Marlow, BMI) (2:18) * ** MARIA (Benjnn, BMI) (1:48) Fraternity 872 VERY STRONG SALES POTENTIAL POPULAR * * ** ROYAL GALAXIES * *** OTC, end Mee wog- CAPITOL A bouncing song about on,bat has faded u sung rich emotion by the group ben aided by forceful triplet backing, MUSIC PUBLISHER INFORMATION: Dato naming the publishers of recorded tunes is provided by The Billboard in four different stages of o record's life: (1) All new single record reviews each week show the names of the publishers of each tune. (2) When a record is listed on the Hot 100 for the first time, publisher information is included in the special box which appears in the news section each week. (3) The week's Best Buys, naming the hottest breaking records on The Hot 100 in the box which appears of the top of this page, also provides publisher dato. (4) The top 30 tunes each week are listed in The Honor Roll of Hits, which also gives full publisher information, 1

38 18 The Billboard's Music Popularity Charts... POP RECORDS IN THE TOP 100 LET'S GO, LET'S GO, LET'S GO HANK BALLARD and the Midnighters KING 5400 SLEEP LITTLE WILLIE JOHN KING 5394 WALK SLOW LITTLE WILLIE JOHN KING 5428 THE BELLS JAMES BROWN KING 5423 HOOCH! COOCHI COO HANK BALLARD and the Midnighters KING 5430 I^tl Please Come llome I for Christmas 11 CHARLES BROWN Christmas Conies But Once a Year AMOS MILBURN f KING Y-1, NZ-- %" CL tas2 Rr' NEW CHRISTMAS SENSATION "JINGLE BELLS CHA-CHA-CHA" by tf CHARLIE ACE LOGAN Distributed Nationally by COSNAT RECORD DISTRIBUTORS HIS SPOTLIGHT WINNER 1 Bobby Vee "RUBBER BALL" b/w ''EVERYDAY" j(55287 /J1 LJ L12.7fIr RELIABILITY -QUALITY RECORD PRESSING Originators of the Patented rim drive; thick -thin type record RESEARCH CRAFT CO NORTH FULLER HOLLYWOOD 46, CALIF. All the news of your Industry every week In The Billboard,.. Ai A thi / FOLK TALENT AND TUNES By BILL SACHS Around the Horn Bill Anderson, accompanied by his wife Bette, visited Cincinnati December 1-2 to promote his latest Decca release, ''Walk Out Backwards," and his tune, "I Missed Me," which Jim Reeves is waxing fat on the Columbia label. During their Cincy stay, the Andersons were guests at the honte of c. &w. singer Connie Hall in Fort Mitchell, Ky. Connie is also on the Decca label. On Saturday (3) Anderson and Miss Hall were featured on Rudy Thacker's 'Dennison Theater Jamborre," Cleveland. The flip side of Anderson's new release, "The Best of Strangers," is reportedly drawingconsiderable pop play.,., Rudy Thacker, author of Roy AcufFs "Mountain Guitar," recently made his debut on Del -Ray Records with a sentimental tribute to the late Johnny Horton titled "Johnny Horton Went to Meet His Lord" b/w a prison ballad, "Tomorrow Is My Last Day," Ray Price shows his wares at the Terrace Club, Waco, Tes., December 15, and Cook's Hoedown Club, Houston, December June Lou and Her Pine Hedge Ranch Hands continue as headliners on "Sandy Lake Jamboree," presented each Saturday night from the stage of tige Pensa Lake Theater, Sandy Lake, Pa., by Process Talent Management, Franklin, Pa. Other regulars on the show are the Jamboree Sweethearts (Sue, Nancy and Linda); Nick, the Pennsylvania Ranger, formerly with the York Brothers on WSM, Nash- sille; Ernie Skelton, and the Youngblood Sisters. Cowboy Howard Vokes appears as guest on the show January 7. Decca has put the new Roy D r u s k y single, "I'd Rather Loan You Out" b.w- * "Three Hearts In a Tangle," on immediate release. Deejay copies went out last week, Kenny Custer and His Cole Mountain Boys and the Western Vagabonds have signed a new one - year pact with WFBG -TV, Altoona. Pa. Kenny and his boys are also heard each Saturday on WVSC Radio, Somerset, Pa.. The gospel- singing Blackwood Brothers play City Auditorium, Neosha, Mo.. December 12; Fort Smith, Ark., 13; Municipal Auditorium. Texarkana, Ark., 14, and Ellis Auditorium, Memphis, b e f ta r e taking off on a 15 -day- vaca- tion starting December 16. They resume their bookings at City Auditorium, Birmingham, December 31. Country music balladeer George Hamilton IV has joined the Acuff -Rose Artists Corporation. Nashville, on a long -term management contract. Marvin Rainwater this week winds up a long string of New Jersey dates for the Jim Denny Artists Bureau, Nashville,.., On a recent trek to California, Carl Smith made a series of television films for International Film Distributors Cor- poration. Willie Nelson Iras just inked an exclusive writer's pact with Pamper Music, Inc Goodlettsville, Teno. Eunice Records, new label with headquarters in the Grein Building. _ Evansville, I n d., kicks off its operation with three coontry releases, "My Palomino and Me" b.w. "First Love, First Broken Heart," by Brenda Holly; "When I Lost You" b,w. "At the End of the Rainbow," by Glenna Dene, and "Twisted Fiddle" b.w. "Buffalo Gals," by Bob Bethel. Deejays are invited to write in for samples. Little Jimmy Dickens returned to the mainland over the weekend after playing December 6 -l0 m Hawaii.. "The Shindig Show," formerly "Cowtown Hoedown," Which originates each Saturday night front the stage of the Majestic Theater, Fort Worth, has been taken over by Bobby Williamson, veteran Dallas -Fort 1Vorth promoter.,,. Jim Small, president of ABS Records, after completing a series of talent auditions at the WRVA Theater, Richmond, Va., hit out for Florida accompanied by his assistant, Bob Weiss, lo promote. the firm's new r e l e a s e, "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke" b.w. "Sleepy Summer," by the DL\larco Brothers. Deejay samples are available by writing to the ABS main office, P. 0. Box 934, Harrisburg, Pa,,,. El Rader, head of Countryfied Music Promotions, Cincinnati, has added a public relations sore - ice for c. &w. artists to his opera- tion. Cowboy Howard Vokes and Mabelene Baker were recent TV guests on "Townhouse Jamboree,' Beckley, W. Va., along with Jack Cartwright and the Country Lads. With the jockeys Ray Robbins, now programming all c,&w, stuff on K R R V, Sherman - Denison, Tex typewrites that he needs all releases, "hut bad," The Old Coffeehead also seeks personal iutros and station breaks and welcomes visits front talent working the area,... Carl Story, now spinning seven hours of c. &w, and gospel a day on WGSW, Green- wood, S. C'., puts out a request for spinning wax... Marvin Paul pipes from Bay City, Tex.: "1 have recently launched an hour of country music on KIOX here and am in dire need of country records to sustain the show. My show marks the return of this type of music on this station since I coped to increase my air iliac soon. My format is records and a song or two with my guitar, and six five - minute spots during the day with a commercial, plug, song and commercial." John Capps, of K -Ark Records. St. Louis, says he has available to deejays a new release by Carl Phillips on the old Onie WOceeler number, "I Saw Mother With God Last Night.". John Stephenson, of Cowtown Records, Avery'. Tex., requests that deejays write in for copies of his - new Christmas re- lease, "Rudolph Pouts" b.w, "Christmas Bells," by Mary White, Ralph Mathis, program director at \VCPC, Houston, Miss., shoots in a plug on Cowboy Copas' new Starday waxing of "Settin' Flat on Ready," which he claims is kickin' tip a tempest in the Deep South, and the country version of "Save the Last Dance for Me," just released on the Bandera label by Merle Ray. Carl Butler, of 119 Two - Mile P i k e, Goodlettsville, Tenn., typewrites that he'll be happy to send a copy of his new release, "For the First Time" b.w. "I'm a Prisoner of Love," to deejays who'll write in... Rick Maze. gospel music director at WIXI, Birmingham, Ala., reports that the station kicked off its new town and country radio service December 6, Henceforth. Maze says, the station will program to both town and country audiencys, featuring approximately 60 per cent country and western, 25 per cent popular, 5 per cent gospel and religious and 10 per cent news and special features. "%Ve would appreciate record companies adding WIXI to their mailing lists,' concludes Rick. Billboard DECEMBER HOI CW SIDES W.?( ; FOR WEEK ENDING DECEMBER 18 TITLE, Artist, Company, Record Na. I I I ON IHE WINGS OF A DOVE, Ferlin Husky Capitol NORTH TO ALASKA, Johnny Horton, Columbia EXCUSE ME, Buck Owens, Capitol ALABAM, Cowboy Copas. Starday SOI 24 O MISSED ME, Jim Reeves. RCA Victor O WISH 11 O 4 4 BEFORE THIS DAY ENDS, George Hemillon IV, ABCPeramount I COULD FALL IN LOVE TODAY. Ray Price, Columbia ,11 16 t5 FALLEN ANGEL, Webb Pierce, Decca I THINK KNOW, Marion Worth, Columbia YOU CANT PICK A ROSE IN DECEMBER, Emil Ashworth. Decca ll I4 WINDOW UP ABOYE, George Iones, Mercury l/ 19 - IO 8 5 I DON'T BELIEVE I'LL FALL IN LOPE TODAY, Warren Smith, Liberty LITTLE GUY MAMED JOE, Stonewall Jackson. Columbia POLKA ON A BANJO, Lester a Earl Scruggs, Columbia IS WANTING YOU, Jimmy Newman HERE I AM DRUNK AGAIN, Clyde Beaver. Decca LAST DATE, Floyd Cramer, RCA Victor AM I LOSING YOU, Jim Reeves, RCA Victor THE MOON IS CRYING, Allan Riddle, Plaid WORLD SO FULL OF LOVE, Ray Sanders, Liberty IS - SWEET DREAMS, Ben Gibson, RCA Victor YOU DON'T WANT MY LOVE, Roger Miller, RCA Victor CAN'T HELP YOU/ I'M FALLING TOO, Skeeter Davis. RCA Victor CI BALLAD OF WILD RIVER, Gene Woods. Hap I9 LET'S THINK ABOUT tivin', Bob Luman, Warner Bros IO I WISH YOU LOVE, Billy Waller, Columbia LOVING YOU, Tab Gallien. Hickory ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT, Elvis Presley. RCA Victor THIS OLD HOUSE, Wilma lee a Stoney Cooper. Hickory HEART TO HEART TALK, Bob Wills d Tommy Duncan, Liberty jrzemosowroemeemekagm / Breaking Out! BABY LOOK WHAT YOU'RE DOIN' TO ME 0 / and IS IT TOO LATE 0 4 ROSCOEABHELTON 0 r. Excello 2104 NJASHBORO RECORDS, Nashville, tenu, g ON MY KNEES and STAY Charlie Rich / _S Phillips International fasen r",,, 639 M{dlson Tien. Momphis. Torn. R BREAKING FOR A SMASH TEENAGE VOWS OF LOVE The Dreamers Goldisc 3015 GOLDISC RECORDS 1650 Broadw{y Ncw York, N. Y. Louvin Brothers 'It's (INA inas Time' b/w 'Sauk Claus Parade' Capitol 4473 {)ea funnel Olvd., Nellrwood 71. Calll.... weed 1.97{7

39 DECEMBER 12, 1960 The Billboard's Music Popularity l:barts... POP RECnRi)S 39 Reviews of THIS WEEK'S SINGLES r Reviews of New Pop Records r.,suinased tren part 37 }.,. rsrware,. tl/ttafi..ocd. IMIS 1::a1 \ OHM s\ Pl III IMI,* TtoeYe ea Dorsale DAN- Ir... r r i ss H - r dn6 - Riale 1..1 W' NOrf Mal r,".,bat belwt.n ''nen,r truth me I V reudnrttoa brm wmn rnt M:nr r.'is p,rs wnn B{yad" (the Alcoe Show) he banded an rrhe' dki' da:t B.nh ue. Nre s loleea/ttng peammanct Aere by the Petty.--est.Ntc..hv,.J. IMAN,2 IR) C/e7a, 11 Catad am Idl of (apature due le M TV audknct. Watch N, thmtoet, ** ** Otri ei Goa -RCA VICTOR e 0tr nèith erme shamed NN sndk pmeuble br Robidega sod Itnt (tome. feritvrpad, NMI),7 trfr 4* ** Mari, I - Ft OhD ROa1NN)N 'saietta'..,.., prankib. LIMON **** 1111herla site - ROULETTE.' alla -2'he Old bu Ja warped IIh youthful em> Hen M Lywlen, Dual market side. 1Rc arel. SUI) CAS) t**** L7r'n7Tl nary h *V Urarm e' the VC.d nid Presley tecks, Both sides PIC item one of the rra+'', Md LP's. Presles, BMI) G:23) TARTAN * * ** Tm /Grow Vos Relia M Bear ae, Ehe-- CTNANCELLOR The oldie nauded mhibty plions reading here by Me chanter aver smart rhythm backing by tell and.horn, Site could gel action, IMynacofaher, ASCAPI 12'. OS) * * ** Head Oa - Fabien liant in a nape, performance on a Mehl, heist hunk rt m01ó11.1 roar amgt., ('e.$j ci Co.. Rrso.erelr, BAH) II 3O) RICKY DRP, **** Glaneriez*. - PALETTE Embeunt amblais by the chanter no estrus e.âe dei). Dual market appeal. Mlhl han r.ah based 'oued d M% AMI) ß:l2) * * ** Pie l'ont Lose fer Sle- Feellntfil reading en a thapr1- il.yvured theme. Can teh lath pep yej r.ab. srion..yudrnr, IMI) 12 Mt THE RIVIERA* ****[any lo- Re.easbee -COED 542-7ae 110t- Rodgers NayJ.rd gels a rock hartad taudtrre. stila.iotts ie the backing. Wa'cb this non. 4 cauta rob talcs and lus cute. trama. ASCAPI t: 5. * *** that b My Pearl-The boys dome Ihm. wob aevlher en. reading hem and IL uro. has a mal cis«' e- Wa)tb both sales (Wwmeton, BMI) 12:55) - THE CAMUS **** TMre s Peso Oul Tay1 - OLD TOWN A Reds( ruckaballad ehamed alltd mutely hetc by the bout alpe ildadstd support. It hm the round of Dbrenndk and Perth." and could be a metier. (Rob -Ann. BPI) 21O) *** Itrdl GM - S)lghl rocken ro- phew welbmrccuoled performante tram the lash bel, Fllp.c mots reportant uaba.m. SMI) r2:21) ARID CAROL **** á1e da Kbr4- WARNER GROS. SIS' -The tram,hate With sincerity and tendenyth ail a pesos bagad with good tccn.bpe bric theme. S coab,. (ACxrfl- Prwe, BMII 11:55) * ** TM1O Wb.l Y. Do ke Me-The dim blen.s pumttvely on eolehy ir'sr- appeal dilly with Ice hot o bgtkine. iacuff- Rem,.$511) 12:15) rrbz PRADO * * ** Be TrN m Me- -RCA VICTOR Tí26 -LIrm. io. IapgstW toe rhythm matis h hob lmtrommal aide Mal oumpet solo cork. Muth deejay eue. sel *Isavac 'Poet. BMH 12:21) ** /MW 4 His Name- Attractive thane wrapped op,e an effective hyttomcntal peatnyeu with dan.eobk Latin tempo. Slibissno. ASCAP) 11:46) RA%tIR IM -elan L Nata trboa (traer Melon W the mato solo *ora Okb et, Ibg Nam amie W. Le :unta acv. h feature sa amumenemal (Rams, pad Wen a soca) by sly Ramer ohnrm. Ven aka tire- cibapoo-beiotein. ASCAP) (2:321 *** Rala Fr Isibele-Prom " I)ss Uni/M)lab)t *My Rtavls" corn Mis stare, diserto lasas. payad b a lasb mania }gl by the imict aew. Two tory pluma Rd «. Inset- Rentaren ASCAP) 12:S1) Rill) 1298) *k* F1 Me GWe Stmt - Awao 111a hunk of maretral b playwl nathlgry hem on orean backed by rhslhm by the PrOy cr er r,,, cr'.,id ec:. r.,rnm. POPULAR * ** JO11N \'Y R JERRY * ** Nf.Meap -Erre oprnioa of this in- **** Agnel My Arras)- SILVIR St 1P sirrwentat aide bonds anla eiglnfplbe -bet PUA Plainme Loo warhhne rot on pian, bines with dlhee imuumenry Jobnyg a wbuw rockahallad. The ode has,n cambra. BM)), :batman lof feue. (SbetrnooOeVonnn, 0501 f2:11) 11:01) **4 MsBlorka -Sire has almilar (relie and rhythm to (be Ale. Both IShermanDeVOnob, BPI) (2:19) SCOTTV MCKAY * * ** Brows Ky. Haa.eme tlarr- ACE 60g- klckay Mlves the Chuck Bote hit stroma reading that math punches Q ulek-ternpo sede (lao has mull rombo and a ")ea -yea" chorus of chick(. (Arc, *** Co Mn Rhee -Jobe tondun ha of toma )Con ago aeb o roo- terrine heat - menl by the boy. The chicks "bo -hie" on ihb sede and thme are soul -oaring banrune sat rol.. (Murk VII, ASCAP) PL ñ * GOOD SALES POTENTIAL LIND\ ESTES * ** W'hm (:n rte l'nreet 'Cool -FRATER NI Tl' p`:- /Ir,11klt chardon by Eider on moving tnctab,dlati. coy nhy. rl(rnav Slulon. MIN 12: iii *** Marls - Hauhirne t:r m- /la.oeed rhume song wnh rnmantli frnor by natter. Nice moue work on backing. IBealon, BMII (1:41 punrluartd w,ih cash rapbtcf aound [Ifcá1+ r5aua-bcll Slar. 8M1) (2:27) SCOTT blfee AND 114E KERRY' MILL VOICFS *** It Memel to 11e-A1.ANNA 561- vlumcr si.n Ihw yurcr ballad a aery ni;e.cajine choir dwells on Iha tort lote (h[me. Fernale sonies rod Po..roh rhythm backinlì enhances Ihe dfrk IAaanna. ASCAPI 12'50) ** o the Coal Abp Lollipop-- Shiricy 'Tempe tune al 20 years ash eels a O'rnpathetrc trading by Free null chorus and rumbo (Fos, ASCAPI 12:291 THE IVORYTONFV * ** Wot Pie: Wo: tarn- UidIDAP 448 -A butent listeau ís handed a solid per- formance by the boys. Tune N in the blues 1,04:1lon and the lads pip li croce. (Srho ben, SFSAC) 17:15) ** Mme I1 Oser -The hose sell ebb oh, fashioned rocker In brtt Sb5AC) (2:05) RLSS CARLYLE mutine faste. is:hu- * ** Great Somenbere- PleaJina wee ut *0* The lad of Lote-REGIS finir. haed on a fum:h.rr clos. iro) muloly. the lead singer tells of Ms starch for his Is handed a brieht and rhythmic Interpre- Inrud one in the great 9otnewhmc, Smolt lalinn by Rosa Carlyle, plus the hand and combo barking and the MI of the croup,hones. Could gel spins. (Carbuuyh, make pleasing sounds ln suppou.not ASCAPI 12:23) :23) ** Esrnlblaa's the Mure-0,Leier Rnv petite handles by real on this pressant FIFI BART.: ode which is in the mood of sonic old * ** Danger Hennbreak Ahead -.1(E rail fast... band records (C.nb:rlrCh ASCAP) -'the uldle gets a race enough (muni by the )oing thnm with smali combo backing. DERRY 1.EW1S Ballad h taken al a bouncy tempo. 'Miner. * ** Sorsrebody - DOT Appeal- ASCAP) Ins hallad (tom Lewis' new movie "Cinder. feule is handed okay vocal by the star. * ** Two Little Khan -Cuie rprohri: Other venions are Fetnne ria :. but iii' novel.' gets a nice modino by the Lars Mould poll some cirent ris bar 01 Lewis' L)tic tells of how romance hey::, cc.: apirea.ance In tile,,famous. ASCAP) 12:151 combo asfhh. (Miller, ASCAP) * ** Tata II On -.9,nco.airhv.nie Nom the rame I,Im tar rie,..:inly by Lewis. IFa no )1...:.::r LEE ANDREWS * ** 1 %lb, l'on Su- -SS1 AN tac fine iinndard rs fun,/ nicely here by And..., aided by triplets in the backms. A Amen- able fide. (Leeds, ASCAP) 12:29) *** lise Gel lo Cry -I ce Andrews rings the old Joe Cigales his with some warned, oser pleasoni support Worth (,passer(. IRecotdo, BMi) 12:30) THE SPIDERS **H S'ea'm the Onr- ICIPI: RI Al Loch ballait with strings sets a Mie teadrna Hom the lead singer. Cirante/ hag scrod bent sen the aide :nul backing :s testeful *bile std) being ris: 0th: :. :Commodore, BPI) 12:10) ** *Teeaesaee Silas-De group lime kas of adventures with the ladies. Blues arienkd lathe h in the radin' groove wiii /ood combo accompaniment. 'Travis, MIDI) (1:55) (LSE WERNER * ** Capita -VISTA A mot aune- the pece of material h.handed a urane vocal by the thrush over happy Med.ierran-.inalyled suent.. Light, Micro effort it aided by gimmicky backing, '2.35) * ** Cap)ru -On Nie side the lass sella Me tune in German. Good sas on both orles THE LAURIE SISTERS *** Lamente aed San) -91 -G-M Pretty Prping M' Listen on senlimeaial ballad. Mer. opina (MOIS, ASCAPI 12)13) *** the 11 Up--Bouncy Latin -tee ditty b wrapped up in melodic neat and oit.."1"esl (Chappell, ASCAP) (2:15) LORI PARKER *** Are l'on Son! -CORAL 6223p- Slroaa rhythm, gospel LI..MM Herne Iron the new musical -m.. UPinkable Molly erowsi' h lune with mec by pl and chorus. (Ronk- Rbrmcr. ASCAP) 42'34) *** My Ideal- Espreane chirping on dv. pretty standard wnh a mild taler, Rata to backing- i1:amutlt, ASCAP) 12:25) WE FOUR *** Oar Caacono -SANDS 401 -The mclnde styled theme h tuna pler- Mit b mmhlllnetwl finemo. Nice Jecksy Irai. ( Artstoa ASCAP) *** WU* lieur infer Ha Gme-smart inri pal of,hr atrai Bctl, claie. Splenable THE PARU) ***114 Nen -Pay Laon - RP,LMONI tolla' heal sers 9 'ho.ory)c point ove m tae lyre Ile Iola pop.., lune. The group mais wad, nor rite side which b IHE TW11.IGHTS * ** Phrase Belkr. ter Me- COLPIX 17h -Tony Richards h te featured lead singer with lire croup Isere and he chants the dery in +tronc S.M. Tune is a Maine ballad, ITrinily, BMI) 12:19) *** Piper Boy -Tony Richard+ leatrrred had singer with the rroup s 'rio. L oinized rocker bas lo do win the papi, boy who is woes for a dote watt a gui on ho route, (Trinity, :49) H''GO WINTERHALTER AND HIS (irh * ** The GM From Amsterdam-HI A 11(-TOR Plea+ont theme is hardlcd in somewhat heavy handed fanion h' rile 19' ' ro,halter aew here. rshariro- Berr.'l,n, ASCAP) 12.37) * ** lo-gaie From an UalOmed Moab.- Cleverly tided lune receives a warm and finely etched reading hen from the Winter. halter ore II Oc, a bin mound and could get spins. IShopi.oPernsteln, ASCAPI,2:421 TOIIPALL AND THE GLASER BROTHERS * ** Sweel Lyse Goodbye - DECCA Tompall and Ne Glaser Brothers come through with a first -rate performance n o a I. otinisn weeper, aided by sirens and tanne lit the background. Good wax. ioaruyna, BMI) (2:42) *** Same Old 'Remotes On chia vide the 1y1 turn to a cauntryetyled tune and Randle Il MW feeling aided again by stringed support and rhythm. Lash could FM reposer( with both sides.!harry's, BAH) (2:30) THE RIG FOUR *** Oub Tuae-MOON 30o-A cnunrryscylej i.lromenrai blocs, done for ndod effect by the rhythm grou, with pulsar red drums ín the lead. Lhtenable. 1Bc.lcy. BMi) i:5o) *** All Rtatd Up- Another blocs, this tang in slower tempo. Agam luira- and rhythm take the...ou (Beatty, il:s7) ROI) ROGER DOUGLASS * ** lour Happks, Peers-- PHILTONE A philosophical love ballad, about thy happy Dan in the future. A Iwh choral backlog b polled behind Douglass' tinette reading- A spinnable side. (Argo-.. ASCAP) 12 :33) * ** Ladder of Laver -A Latin but per- tarte. this rocker Douala» oases the invitation lo climb the udder of tole to sis chiai. Chorus and guitare provide use brame. (Arcs, ASCAP) (2:15) MICKEY LANE * ** Dam Dee Dee Dee- LAURIP Rockio Ior,orneo/ai olla soaring tenor met peri removal pertuyion openag on this Ortk Side ekes up steam as il tomes atone and migbl gel soni play (rese Just BSI') 11:30) da notelly. /LM SCOTT * ** A Sitar pad a Day-..API1r) Judy Scott bows on the 14óc1 'r oh o worm.eel pertly -pertarmnnee on ii Intenable,A'b.lballad Worth spins. (Stcwdar, BMi) 12:351 ** loamy Domes Taik \loch- P.iohi ender, eceives nnapoy vocal by the for.tided here by pleasant sopeort (Stew-der, :56) SANDRA THOMPSON * - 'My Baby Don't Lote Me) No More -«KFH 7138 Sandra 'Ihompsan cores rnru vo. Ne bit tune by ihn DeJohn 0,11.5 a few years agit. She se8s n with sparkle over,nappy rhythm backing, «tapie (.caf. BAU) (2 :10) ** God Is la Sly Corner -An tapi/aiena) urne la han000d with,,(crus by the yuans Innr.h ther'impie support. Flip ry stionlo-. (Mitchell. ASCAP) 12:20) El'I.1S MASON * ** Fontane. Spring-BELLA 21 -AI- tho as record doesn't quite )ell Enlis Macon doe, a good job on s very lovely balla -' A vocal smug called the Martens pmv(dy nive barking.!croy, MU) ** Va V. Voom -Tais uplempo tune in the old mir. approach has to do wnh the impact a fcm has on the boys. (City Star ) la \len SPRUILL *** Marbre Rink- CBE -JAY 5(1-1ob rotor saxophones tend this instrumental version of the former bit Tute b dome al a medium swine and indiridnal Pas solo ú prod. (United, ASCAP) ** Temple la -Combo follows a 8.11 Dog. yet' apprend. co this instrumental aide. tune is a blues.hat spot. soma good koor sas wink. 'Evertasl, 8511) (2:10) JERRI' JACKSON * ** The Membt M My Lop-10P RANK Feratnl chatoies by Tack.. fnlura Ne ballad side, will an ethereal type cheese beard in the backing. Good effort. (Oak, ASCAP) 1I:161 ** Ksmllsga Yoe KM Ma -Okay ballad offering by Jackson done to a mildly rocki' hacking with fiddles Ind holm. *Budd. ASCAP)'(2331 Christmas SIA'%ARD FERGLSON * * ** Chrisme. for Sloderu trans 1 IN-ROULETTE Tankful trcu- A nun'. of traditbnal yole Items sr. sold bran solo wort. Medleys InclriO "White (]Ir»1m»." "Jlegle gent." 'The Flat Noel; "5r1.1 NMI' (10M chorus, etc.). Tempos vary from seinty lo solemn, spin naine watt for hip pop jocks and jase dey - Iayr. rp)anenry- eerily, ASCAP) 1):0A) (Moo. rie- Park* ASCAP) 13:59) THE DIMENSIONS * * ** C *.Y Chfhtmas WAK 121 -The group in brette by sienna in IliA tributs to the hott.y arases- Bous now bare a big hat and the (slider dbklne sholid get art Ion, 1M0, ASCAP) ** ** Ave elutes -A chenus and slmpm plano and violin part accompany the chantre' Pcrfolmancc calur the spirit of rho respiraounal theme. IMo. ASCAP) (2:51) DONALD * * ** Oenalde Fine Sblhra- UISNEY- 1 A5O 719-A cute story. which also peu. lean a pan of one of the Disneyland 49.cent serin, Here NY the feature In Nia 29eent cella n, Narration is by Jimmy Cmiket *** Donald's Tcmpes. - Another rinb full 'ni Donald's crary vocal sound a. he Ines his iprrper a1 his pane. Ycmng)ltra will Ake buh of Ilaek rides. WALT DISNEI"S SWISS FAllItI ROBINSON ** ** The Animal Race Polka - DIS- NEYLAND LO 713 -A cute tide with a 1050:0, description of an animal race, M. the band en:iodles a chou type backup in polka rhythm. Simple fat, for the yod.. luddies. * ** My btonkty and Me-A nue ani- mal Bopp with a lutte eld lakina the solo wuh the hand Halles a martial -style beck - up. Appealing wax. 'halo with the circus, nlinre feeling. Good value for 29 «ors.) * * DREG TRACEY * ** All 1 Wand fur Christmas ils lour lene1 -ANNA Internant, vocal lrcaintenl of prcity yule theme. Spinnahn. ilio- Gor, *0* Take lie Rack -Peasant lem with rotaacd tempo h warbled with feelina and "near try by Tracey and chorus. (ROGoo. OMI1 SHANIONS * ** Santo Claus le Comtes m Toms- JAY-MAR 1- Bouncy, vocal interprelapon cl the yule standard. Boit sides are dual market items. (Telsr, ASCAP) 11:35) * ** TM Christmas Song - Feelingful reading by kid singer and chorus on the oldie. done up In rockaballnd style, (Morris, ASCAP) 12:2,1) RAY STEVENS *** Malte Chrbtmas - NRC Roy Stevens and his combo play the standard In rio.vint fashion here wilh Ne piano os the Joad. les bright enough to pet a few juke.oins. tspillo. ASCAP) 12:04) * ** Hippy Blue Year -New lune with a moly Bavoir penned by Stevens, is handled nicely by the combo with Stevens piano taking the Joad all the way. (Lowery (2'I)P1 111E FREEBEES * ** Seymour iho Beatnik Eil -MUST- TRON 1I162- Swinging Inonda nccomp ny the marina remo of Santa'. bongo.playine beatnik e :ho saved the old man's trip whin Rudolph got sick. Might have tome novelly value. (DincmakerY, ASCAP), (2 :,70) ** The Cran, Sklgh Ride - Rosine combo rc,rh belli and churning pilla, Pompa Ibn blues Insar,mental with acc0mpznyiny ib ebten. (Discmakerl, ASCAP) ASCAP) (1:50) LITTLE V TUCKER * ** (Ah 1 Waal for Christmas Is Italy Two Front Teeth - LAURIE taule Tommy pives chu hit of yea's ago a Choa Ing trading in a childish voice, (Witmalk, ASCAP) 11:57) * Miner Crddb W'addly -The younpsler addrrus himself lo his Tr,idy hear here, emcllm-audlttrn, 13M1) O. } Country &. Western 7f 7l * * THI: CARLISLES * * ** John Came Home- COLUMBIA Homcspon, houncy country nosclty Is handed personable trading try Bill Carlisle and his croup. Bath odes an tarons Jockey was. fawn-rose, BMI) 12:03) **** Skto 'Pa (hnlrb- Amusing country rotelty is none with aesrul e00á homme by the lead. Boil Carlisle, and group. laculf. Rose, :24) * * * LUTHER WAYNE r ehantine hy Frwd */k* White Lbe - lofpa Sul,d tl'alne on okay country dltty Iy'ic.'Sale A Sued, BMti 4227) *** TM Ohm Gai Me Dom Amin-- Bhksy 1\'efrern,hank h Nng wnh plainlise effectiscneu by Wayne. IM,rer, :01 h AKELY *** Souw Flak SHASTA 145 -Sri, awing, utsrrumental I. w'utthy of a lot of (Continued on page 4O)

40 THE ORIGINAL NIT "ONCE IN A WHILE" by THE CHIMES TAG #444 Breaking Big "ALL IN MY MIND" MAXINE BROWNE NOMAR #103 MUSE PRODUCTS th Ave N. Y. C. Circle ONCE A PROMISE UNITED ARTISTS ULTRA AUDIO NOW FULFILLED EXCELLENT REACTION "YOUR HAPPIEST YEARS" ROGER DOUGLASS PHIL TONE ra.1102 a b.dusutirt lall N te tre t,lar. r 4alhe001 h {. te l DAILY AIR PLAY CHECK of Your Records and Tunes on TY Channels 2, 4, 5 and i and WNBC, WOR, WABC, WEBS (N. Y.) Complete- Inexpensive For Details, Call or Write Radio ACCURATE REPORTING SERVICE (Monitor. for the Industry Since 7930) 885 Plotbush Av., Brooklyn 26, N. Y. BUckm(nsier 'he Billboard's Music Popularity Charts... POP RECORDS DECEMBER Reviews of New Pop Records C1,nrirtrte'e! Yarll pus"r spins and Juke box exposure both pop and country. Happy wax. (Riverside. ASCAP) (1:50) * ** Wang Wang Blues - The fine oldie Is handed a smart and very listenable per.' formante by Wakely's Instrumental group here and Il hua a chance for color. (Feist, ASCAP) (2:05) GINNY WRIGHT * ** Mee, Christmas le You- -CAYCE Lovely Christmas description end sen - timenh make up the lyric to this touching country Christmas side by the less with a lovely style. (Pamper, BM!) (2:34) ** I'm Gonna Get Me Real Doll for Chrstmas -Peppy side here by the chick states just what to title says. (Pamper, 1h10) (2:12) GEORGE KENT *** 1f LoW Had Color -MAVERICK 100S -The chanter tangs his heart out on this rhythmic weeper, aided by solid sup- port. (Stoddard, BMD (205) ** Two Cold Cold Arms -Another weeper Is sold strongly by the singer, echo not with quite the urea success N the nip. (Stoddard. BMl) (2:18) PAMELA LAW *** Just L&. Yon Like It -BOYD Pamela Law shouts out the lyrics to this swinging raker aided by a rocking backlog. She's on Brenda Lee kick here. (Tree, BMU 12:20) ** What Did Yoe Do-The thrush sells this country ballad with some warmth. Flip is stronger. (Ccdarwood, BMI) (3:13) RUDY THACKER * ** Strbrgbeelers - WHIRL Tut. effort b played In country hoedown style and it features morne bright guitar moor by Rudy Thacker. Pleasant for country boxes. (Bolen, HMI) (2:35) ** Mountain Gelór -On this elde Mack. sr comes thru with a vocal abouta farmer who preferred guitar playing to thora. (Acuff-Rose, ) (2:15) RAY BAKER the daily Pi** Losing You Wood Hurt Ma More- MANCO Baker comes meaningful performance on lhru with [Spica' coon by waper. He has a food style and he sells the touching song with beet. (Bluebonnet. BhU) (2:26) ** Cae It Be Real? -On Pie side the chanter proves he can 'e0 a rockaballad with spirit, too. However to song is weak. (Bluebonnet, BMI) (152) BOB BETHEL * ** Buffalo Gels- EUNICE he old -timer get a quick- atepphy Instrumental treatment u fiddle solo which prove that there's lot of life In the old gal yet, (Faye. HMI) (2:13) ** Twisted Fiddle -ltucb of the same on this side but the familier "Buffalo Gol" -gives the flip the nod. (Fare. HMI) (2:15) Children's * * ** VARIOUS ARTISTS * * ** Sobs Family Robinson Songs (Parts I - II)- DISNEYLAND DBR Sa- This 49 -cent platter, featuring catchy must. cal end narration- excerpts,from Walt Disney's new movie "Swiss Family Robinson," should appeal to fana of the movie and book. Sound track bits Include jungle trine, animal rare, and cute chirping by youngster. JIMMY DODD * * ** A Song for Your Bhtbdey (Parts 1 & III - DISNEYLAND Here's coupling with Jimmie Dodd singing with Ill, Disney chorus birthday song on One. Side and a song for all unbinhday. on Side Two. Rollicking entertainment for the kiddies, which many will want to use as sing -a -along (Disk lists at 29 cents.) WALT DISNEY * * ** Daniel Boons - DISNEYLAND DBR 97 -A number of great heroes are saluted with songs hero, Including Roone, Swamp Fox, Tees John Slaughter, Zorro. Davy Crockett. Then Don') Boone also slogs the tuns "Rambllo' In is Cans Brake," from the Boons show',. A lot of value for the money (49 cents) on this one. DONALD DUCK * * ** SR Fenny Storks (Parts I - Hl- DISNEYLAND DBR 96- Donald I. faturd as the hero of these storks, all with...hon and actual dialo, end sound effects. Stories ere we11 prepared and short enough to hold most youngster's spans of attent on. Six of them make k bargain at 49 cent. DONALD DUCK * * ** The Milk Mtn -DISNELAND 717 -Donald becomes the m0k man of the town on this exciting episode which (Inds him crossing swords with a cat and a dog among other. Good kiddie humor here. * * ** The Peanut Vender -Yet another mantle is assumed by the hero. Donald, here, as he sells peanuts at the loon bond concert. Two cute stories. Disk is 29 certt, * ** *Pr* Freres Jacques -DISNEYLAND 718 -The duo turn out the muourable round in Melt- voiced, cooing fashion to simple, folk-styled guitar accompaniment. Kiddies can toits In with this In both the whistled and the sung sections. * ** 1.001, Nol Tree -A simple 'tor)', again woh folk origins, Well- performed n,krial. This sells for 29 cents NY CRICKET -TRAFFIC *** COP Slop, Look and Listen-DISNEY. LAND 716-A lessors in safety rules Is sung by liminy Cricket here, logoher with sound effects of auto horns, etc. An important lesson presented In sugar -coated form. * ** Safely Flnl -More of the game type of leaching oe this.ida, also featuring JImtny Cricket, on this 29.cent di.. WALT DISNEY * ** Songs From Wall Dboey', 101 Dal gentians (Paris I K IJI - DISNEYLAND DBR 95 -Here are Mo tunes from the film. four of them altogether, and done by the cast voltes. Cover, with mom and pop dalmatians std. flock of offspring, can sell this one. Good mixture of kiddie 'chucitles on this one, which fiats for 49 cents, ARCHER & GILT. * ** The Swing - DISNEYLAND These are tuna from Robert Louts Steven - son's "A Child's Garden of Verses," done charmingly to duet style by the duo. This side features pleasant, dreamy bit of vocalizing. * ** Marhtng Song-As the title suggests, this is done in marching tempo, and It features whistling, vocal harmony and guitar accompanimcnl (29cent Int.) Spiritual * * * * THE JOY RIPE SINGERS * * ** YOU Better Mind - FEDERAL 121Se -This side rapidly picks up tempo. reaching a frantic pace, with the lead singer 0anspirited with emotion. (2:151 * ** What About You' -The spirit Is on the lead singer as he and the group deliver the message. Intensity end solid beat mark tue side. (Slobrlte, BM() (2:14) THE PATTERSON SINGERS ** ** Plenty Good Room - FEDERAL Tho happy message is delivered in typical gospel style, with a solid beat, classic chord progressions, and a chorus Joining in the vocal. (Stebrite, HMO (2:30) ** I Need Jesus -A sincere performance by male and female group- (Stebrite, BMI) 12:45) * ** THE PATTERSON SINGERS *** Jesus L. Mine-FEDERAL 1_383 A rousing performance by the lead and te chorus. Instrumental arranement Is inletwing. carrying a Latin (igues. (222) * ** a Went to Be Ready) When Jesus Comes - The female lead lines out the words, which are picked up and repeated by the chorus. Very effective. (2:45) THE CAS :DELIGHT SINGERS *Pr* In the Bo.E- FEDERAL The s'lussic gospel chord progressions In the arrangement are very satisfying. Vocal ts forthright and sincere. Tempo doubles- at the midpoint. (Stebrite, WHO (235) * ** The Altar-ln contrast to flip. lead singer 0 girl her. Her vocal is relaxed and sincere, in semi-..alive style. with answering vocal by the stoup. (2:451 Rhythm 11 Blues * * * * THE TWILIGIOTERS * ** A Possibility-SPIN With good shouting lead singer the vocal group tells of the possibilities of love. The tune, which I co an t0)0,0stlog Latin figure, gets o good stomping reeding from lse accompanying combo as well. (B&B, BMD ** Yes, Yon Are - Blues flavored up- 00mpn (B&8, :1711) Is sung by the Iroup trongy. (Continued so page i 32 Billñöard RB SIDES FOR WEEK ENDING DECEMBER 18 TITLE, Artist, Company, Record Ne. O HE WILL BREAK YOUR HEART, Jerry Butler, Yee Jay 354 O I 2 I LET'S 60, LET'S GO, LEVI 60, Hank Ballard and the Midnighlers, King O 4 O6 8 7 STAY, Maurice Williams, Herald ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT, Elvis Presley. RCA Victor LAST DATE, Floyd Cramer. RCA Victor 7775 B 3 3 SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME, The Drifters, Atlantic O G0NI0, James Booker, Peacock I MY GIRL JOSEPHINE, Fats Domino, Imperial 5104 O 1I 16 9 CRY, CRY. CRY, Bobby (Blue) Bland. Duke NEW ORLEANS, U. S. Bonds. Legrand II GEORGIA ON MY MIND, Ray Charles, ABC -Paramount A THOUSAND STARS, Kathy Young. Indigo 108 I DON'T 60 TO STRANGERS, Etta Jones. Prestige NORTH TO ALASKA, Johnny Horton. Columbia IS TODAY I SING THE BLUES, Aretha Franklin, Columbia FOOLS RUSH IN, Brook Benton. Mercury HUCKLEBUCK, Chubby Checker. Parkway IB AM I THE MAN, Jackie Wilson, Brunswick d SHOP AROUND, Miracles. Tamia ALONE AT LAST, Jackie Wilson. Brunswick YOU TALK Too MUCH, Joe Jones. Roulette 4304 ' I'LL SAVE THE LAST DANTE FOR YOU, Damita lo. Mercury HAPPY DAYS, Mary Johnson. United Artists MY HERO, Bluenotes, Value GEE RUBY. BABY. load Ann, Ace Ray Charles, ABC.Paramount II 19 FOOL IN LOVE, Ike and Tina Turner. Sue 730 I HUSH HUSH, Jimmy Reid, Vee Joy WONDERLAND BY NIGHT, Bert Kaemplerl I TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT, Shirelles, Scepter GREATS GREATI The Spiders "YOU'RE THE #5714 ONE" IMPERIAL RECORDS 6425 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood 28. Calif. RHUMATIZ By JOEL MOORE, f ICI I II I II L. ' fatesi Smash I WHAT AM I DO GONNA b/w AM I JIMMY CLANTON ACE RECORDS' 804 Vincent Bldg.. lockson, Mt" Fussin' Up A Storm... `HURRICANE" Dave 'Baby' Cortez Clock 1031 (LOCK RECORDS, INC BROADWAY, N. Y. C. 3 5

41 a DECEMBER 12, 1960 The Billboard's Meraie Popularity Charts... POP RECORDS 41 a gasser... sales smasher! FOR ADULT DE LI NQUENTS riotous new LP lall sensation "raar T1 "IRS Write Cater Records Box 177 Pompano Beach, Florida For Distribution in Your Area The Big Hits Are On Today's Hit Trademark Best Selling Sheet Musk in U. S. luoes ere sed n Of tit, cl _ar currrm yutes impetuses at Ih1 sheet mottle Icbbct k,el Hecht 3111 Laa1 s..roes Reel t1.rl I. LAST DATE (Acuff -Rose) 2 2. THEME FROM THE APARTMENT 3. EXODUS (Chappel) t 4. GREEN LEAVES OF SUMMER (Feist) t n S. WHITE CHRISTMAS (Berlin) I0 t 6. ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT (Bourne -Cromwell) Il t 7. WONDERLAND BY NIGHT (Roosevelt) 8. RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER (St. Nicholas) WINTER WONDERLAND IBregman) CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN (Williamson) SILVER BELLS (Paramount) ITS NOW OR NEVER (Gladys) SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR SW (Rumbalero- Progressive) S SAILOR (YOUR HOME IS IN THE SEA) (Garland Music) - 1 1S. I WANT TO BE WANTED (Leeds) THE THE THE BIG ON ALL 3 ARE OF THE TRADE PICK OF THE JOCKS OF THE OPS THE CHARTS AND IN ALL AREAS! DUKE -PEACOCK RECORDS 2809 Erostus Street Houston 26, Texas A Hit Single Becomes a Hit LP E THE JORDAN BROTHERS (hartbreahing Smash! "THINGS I DIDN'T SAY" Lamle GUYDEN LRECORDS d":.ñ;::.ran _ i.. JOE JONES' "ONE BIG 1o1ÌTll,, R Another ilk from ROULETTE RECORDS 1631 Broadway, N.Y.C. Still the industry's Most Talked About Albums Nationally Advertised SMASH FLOPS PIP PLP 1900 SING A SONG Of SICKNESS PIP PLP 1901 Slack them. Display them And you'll loll them! for information contort' PIP RECORDS 1350 Highland A..nue Hollywood 25 Calllornie ClIntview H011vwcod The FIRST XMAS (ha (ha l "TWINKLE TOES" (k by the LENNIE LA COUR - ORCHESTRA Setae doi'. MeH tso41b!e cease ne.a NA W. DLv.ruY rarity roar ;1001 V CY.ep g9, 111- All 1h sel Il sur 11411h1 Hui Iasi N D. 111R4W... Reviews of New Pop Records,Ilnrtett eran page 90 LIMITED SALES POTENTIAL 1h InII:Mo slnelea were hr Th. Blllhoasd Slusk Staff and are moldered to he of limned Hake potemine Popular THE NELSON SISTERS The Two Song -amain' Along With the 11. N'RIMUS 702 COL JUSTIN SILLIER Arid kb! Heartbeat- KeotueLy Oa Parade. GAUE 2090 Colonels THE.. 90 CAR TONES How Can 1 Pretend'. - HIpplty hop. CANNON 3,1 JOEL VIOORE Socha,. - Rhumolle. ABC.P- ramoun TONT' LOVE Hopermucger Hop -Key targo. ACAMA 121 FRANK STARO I. Amcrk--Edge of w Star. UP 112 THE CENTURY FIVE L A Moomb. Kam Boo Roo W Out Cba -Red Tiger Shoe+, BELMONT 4003 JERRY DeMAR WTUee1 Vows Love-to the ea, Shrine. KAY BEE 6002 shadows of JERRY ROBERTS Resdnyous -B. True. KAY BEE 6005 HAVE RRTAN Right Ilene for Loss -Lie I Lüe 100, SPECK 102 JERRY SRARELL T1at'. M7 Bwloraa- F.rsrybody Know, ALANNA 560 DIANA DARRIN AB Aeeo.d.' - Freedom RWsn. MOO NET 1001 THE DEMOTRONS Rook.' Wilt Mother Goon -Home so en Pad. RUST CASTAL.EFRS The. Wb I Cn-M, Betsy's AO RICbL PLANET Country & Western W EAA PIERCE Georgia Rog love. KING 5419 BRENDA HOLLY Pans Lo,e, F4,1 *robes greet - YtJ Palma u and St.. EUNICE 1002 NICK WILLIAMS 6esbaesre 1Te.s,.-How Maws H,rs eshest D 1166 THE OSLLAIN% TWAIN Dom'. Eaby, WOODRJC BRe a.. C7ord- Stroll.. thing JACK TUCKER No City Les. tool Fled-Ole WW Lie* gees One Ia, TOPPA 1030 Christmas CATHY SHARPE W W Santa Cone to Shandy Town - North Pole Rook. GLOBAL 721 SANTA'S LITTLE HELPERS San. Clan Square Dance -Is There Sao. Claw. JERDEN 110 JIMMY HANEY Would You the to Ride WOO Saotu1- Lsl's All Hare an Old -Fashioned Chrhl- Os,. JANDEL 1001 LITTLE CINDY If Santo Was My Daddy -111 Be Good. PLANET TH: MOODS TeenAier's Pmt -Rack.' Santa SARG 184 Claw. GLENN BROOKSHIRE Chrlumas Cos,, Book to Sle- Search.' for Contentment. KANGAROO 17 THE ALLISON SISTERS Jlnde Bens -Nit Christmas woe's Be Se Blue. VELI. EI, 1508 LEON PETERSON Spiritual TM, Creetbe -The Blues Gol Me. HOUSE OF BEAU FY I I7 Rhythm 8 Blues Hold of CLEVE GOOEY Everyday Lora,' - Little Muma. 0101E LANCE 1002 Novelty ANDY THOMAS iltr Red Monster et Earth -For L,h..1. STARIVAY 601 Music City Continued from page 2 Street. An appreciable portion of the store's new space will be devoted to a newly opened organ and piano department. Wallichs is currently handling the Thomas organs, and will take on the Magnavox organ line when it is introduced after the first of the year. Last night's televised program listed Johnny Mercer as emsec with a long array of recording names appearing on the bill. Attendance was by invitation extended to artists, dignitaries and the press corps, Particularly noteworthy among the store's new facilities is its stereo -equipped listening booths. All listening booths in the album department are equipped with new Magnavox stereo players. 'HE WILL BREAK YOUR HEART' Jerry Butler, Vee Jay LP 1029 Chart topper Jerry Butler bows in with his first album which. naturally enough, carries the title of his current hit Set is made trp of II other good performances by the boy who sings them all in fine style. Accompaniment varies from zinging strings to rhythm combo with vocal group. Any number of the tracks here might make strong singles with "That's to You," a fine ballad: "Sweet Was the Wine," a real jumper, and "I Found a Love" among the standouts. Records S. Michigan. Chicago 5 GOING ALL THE WAY! "I IDOLIZE YOU" by IKE and TINA TURNER Sue =735 SUE RECORDS 125 Direnlda Drive tes Yorl, N. t. WA The Latest Smash! TAKE ME BACK by Al BROWN AND HIS TUNETOPPERS AMY.811 AMY RECORDS, 1650 Broadway, N. Y. MOVIE PRODUCERS: Today's newest and biggest record stars are tomorrow's big box -office attractions It's coming soon, all In one convenient. easy - touse package. It's a ready source of Grade A box office material. It's the last word on today's top record talent, complete with ail the v,tal data you need to choose the best names for your upcoming productions. Be sure to Read.. -end Use... and Hold Ordo Billboard's Big New Year -End Programming and Talent Buying Guide -e,1c. el tl. rk -,rc_k :ect:c., el 'hr '01 when answering ads,.. Say You Saw It in The Billboard

42 42 The Billboard's.11usir Popularity Charts... POP RECORDS DECEMBER 12, 1960 Reviews and Ratings of New Albums Continued from page 33 yoke and delivery are frequently reminiscent of Dinah Shore's. and she does a lovely job accompanied by guitar on such material as "Barbara Allen." "Be Nobody's Darline." "The Riddle Song." "Sweet Betsy From Pike' and "Greensieevcs." Good programming material. RELIGIOUS ** ** Sr**. REVIVALTIME AROUND THE WORLD The Reelvatllae Radio Choir. Word WET 62. (Stereo Je Slonaurall- Accompanied sometimes by pia. and somdimes by organ, the 32 -voice mixed choir sings lustily and with evident sincerity. Their weekly exposure on Use national ABC "Revivaltime" network program should bring Moir LP to the attention of large number of potential buyers and could well result in business. RELIGIOUS * ** * ** BLIND GARY DAVIS- HARLEM STREET FINGER PrestigeBlues,Bk ISIS -Blind Gary Davis L one of the last remaining blln Negro fog singers. His delivery of "holy blue' accompanied by his own guitar Is In rho fine tradition of revival songs, spirituals and others of religious origin. Theft delivery is spiced with blues and jars feeling. The powerful voice of Rev. Davis. an ordained minister. is well -known in Harlem and Rill have appeal wherever his reputation bas spread. RELIGIOUS EP * ** TOM JONES AND PAULA MURTON 1EP1 Speck 101 -The EP features bass Jones with organist Paul Murton on a selection of hymns. Good performances by the pair on four titles. including "The wonder of It All," "Follow Me." "Wonderful Peau" end 'I Have Found a Hiding Place." INTERNATIONAL * ** *** IRELAND. MN IRELAND Ease. Doaaeke. Erik LP 1M04 - A btlablio and beautifully sung set of Irish Watch for the NEW Billboard Coming January 9 '(III earl's Outdoor Show Howe depart. anal will combine with Its monthly publication. Itnset,. and move Into *Karats 3s,í I1 publication at its own. tunes by this coleto should make good St. Patrick's Day item. Besides the well. known "Wild Colonial Bo -y.' Miss Donaghy wistfully sings moving "Slieve Gallon Braes among 10 other fine Trish aoogs - *** THIS IS YUGOSLAVIA Ell Decor SS'IeR Folk Instrumental Enter.. -. hole, Bruno B One of few accents (HHAREM'S ANGELA CARTWRIGHT SINGS STAR BRIGIrI HLP 102 CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS AND SPECIAL DAYS VarMut AHKt. VARIETY LEN 1001 JAll available programs featuring Yugoslav per - (omen in the music of the various cultures ; of their country. These are remarkably clear and u P- to -date in recording quality and technique and the music, loo, has much of interest. There are Instrumentals and a few vocals. each representative of one or mother of the federated Yugoslav republics. There is much vigor and expression here to Interest collectors. LOW- PRICED INTERNATIONAL *** * ** A DATE. IN MADRID The Crest Stamens International 0echest. ILale Ferm, Perfect PL The large orle under the direction of Senor Ferrer don nice Job on number of dance end mood,pieces of old Spain. Included are mambos and tours de force for trumpet. There an 10 locks in all. Might bave some appeal in areas where citizen of Spanish background are con - centrated- LIMITED SALES POTENTIAL The following Ibame were reviewed by Tb Billboard Rook start and ere e0as1dered to ho of Unshed mice potential. LOW PRICED POPULAR CLASSICS I\ 13 (NCI,. IF MO The Soigne Michaele Trk. PERTECr Pt Another Reader -Advertiser Benefit of the NEW 8 /[!BOARD Exclusively for the Music -Coin Industry GOODWILL AMBASSADORS OF AMERICAN JAZZ Jerry Herman Jete Eeeteable er Poland; Hol Cfuh Musketen. BRL' \O BR in Disk Theft Burns Detective Bureau; Solomon Silverberg. a truck driver; and Irving Koch. a record dealer of 105 East 14th Street- The arrested men were arraigned at the Charles Street station house and were later released in $1,500 bail each. The arrests were made by Detectives Michael Bruscella and Anton Komarek, both of the River - front Squad. The thefts had apparently been going on for some time. With the co- operation of the Burns guard. packages of albums were allegedly carried out by the employees to the nearby corner of 25th Street and 10th Avenue. At that point they were loaded into a station wagon and taken one block north to 26th Street where they were dropped off at a service station there. At this second renezvou- point, another vehicle would arrive and pick up the merchandise for distribution to ultimate retail outlets. The men were taken in the act of transferring the merchandise from one car to the other. Late in the week, information was being presented to a grand jury here. Spokesmen said indictments could be expected. The London thefts case was only one incident in a week sharply punctuated by police action on the record scene in this area. Greater Economy for "Spectacular" Advertising Insert advertising in Billboard -a growing trend among the most aggressive companies in the business -will earn worth -while production economies in the new Billboard. A shorter run -because Billboard Music Week will be restricted to music -coin readers -will save as much as 25% in printing and production costs for insert advertisers. BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK.. Music -Phone Merchandising... Radio -TV Programming.,. Jule Box -Game Operating Am -Par Buys Continued lrorlt page 2 department. which keeps artists working between recording dares by booking them on niter', radio. TV. and personal appearance tours. The Festival operation is headed by John C. Glass, chairman: Gordon C. Marshall, general manager, Frederick C. Marks, executive director: Ken Taylor, artist and repertoire chief and general sales maager. George E. \iccadden, who headquarters here, is U. S. manager of News Limited. The exposure potential for Am- Par product in Australia is a powerful one under the new set -up, since Mirror Newspapers controls a chain of publications (including the Sydngy Daily and Sunday Mirror and the Australian counterpart of "TV Guidé') with a circulation totaling more than 4 million. The firm's estensive radio -TV interests include NWS -9, Adelaide TV outlet and TV Station QTQ in Bris - bane. Frederick Marks. who was in the U. S. last month to confer with Am - Par President Clark and Decca. reports the Australian record market resembles the American disk business more than any other country. Records in Australia are promoted mainly through radio and TV dcejays; young rock and roll artists dominate the singles field: LP sales are on the increase while singles have started to de- cline: country and western material is enjoying a revival. - Es-en the U. S.'s general stock market slump and September -October disk sales slump -ran a parallel course this year in the Commonwealth. Westminster Ups turning to the Austrian capitol to continue taping the performances of the Vienna Operetta Theater.; which he calls the last company in the true Viennese operetta tr.,- dition. Westminster has also appointed a new sales manager, Howard Stark. He was named to his post l by Edgar Talmus. vice- president of the label. The January release list from Westminster includes two albums featuring the Academy Orchestra of St. Cecilia, under Previtali, organist Andre Marcha!, organist Arthur Poister, two LP's of light music by the Eric Johnson orchestra, and a percussion set by the sonic band. Kapp in L.A. Continued Irani page 2 York area; 2. it gave the label an intimate contact with the market and its ever -changing demands. The branch will be part of the Kapp Distributing corporation and will be headed by Bill Hall. its sales manager. Hall will report to Bob Demain, Kapp's Coast sales chief. The Kapp branch will be located on Orchard Avenue in the Vermont and Washington Avenue distributor row area. Demain will move his headquarters from the Kapp Melrose Avenue offices. The latter, however, will still serve as base for Kapp Coast artist- repertoire chief Pete King. Other sales will be added under Hall in the near future. On Musicale Records TOPS IN POLKAS EP?t PulIJh X-Mat Songs by Mathha Da. LW Apple's Telephone Gent by Allie Ckpacake NEW YEAR HITS: MU4S -121 also Ella b/w Mlulllul fin Chet Zbiocki 122 tinta Train b/w Party poll Commandera Oeeh. Diatabutor Wanted. MUSICALE RECORDS, INC HIII Ave Toledo 11, Ohfe -PUSH PUSH- LAURIE 3067 J ' RECORD STORES a`ks Increase Selling Efficiency The original and TOO convenient cord catalog service- Listing. of the latest popular records by titles and artists rushed three limes a month by first -Class mail Big books of over 200 pages of current and older numbers by titles and artists sent monthly -each month complete In Itself with no need to refer to previous /sum. Three months' trial, St0.00, or ac.ornicel yearly, $35.00 Information end 'emotes sent on request. P RECORDAID, INC. O. Ins 556S. Philadelphia fo. Pa. The ORIGINAL version of THE ST. BELLS OF MARY'S by THE BAYSIDERS en EVEREST Is THI UJUING version I a EVEREST RECORDS 360 Lexington Ave- New Yerk, N. Y. TALENT HUNT Rock and Roll Vocalist through January IS, No tops. Mall demos, photos fe MOryia Can COED RECORDS 1619 (roadway New York Rejections promptly rrurnd. THE SMASH VOCAL OF THE SONG OP THE YEAR ANITA BRYANT'S "WONDERLAND BY NIGHT" C.ARLTON 53T RECORDING STUDIO & Retard Prawsuinl e Prastas 5 R P.N -33'., BP M. ane qu+t,t,er from your Ia0 et master. Record Broadcast Corp. P.O. nos 278, San Mare *, Calif. 41

43 in DECEMBER 12, 1960 The Rillboar(ra.Music Popularity Charts... POP RECORDS 43 MUSIC AS WRITTEN lee ay Bob Crane became a lather for the third time it week whet' ids wife presented him with a daughter. to be named Karen. Noma Gran will tape 15 Ella Fitraeraid concerts forthcoming European tour from which be will draw did( mtllria) u follow-ups to ber "Ella In Berlin" L!. 71ár sq mark het *bib consecutive European tour, till Hebromy 11 In Amato dam. Ten-day IOur of fined, bet debut lo prat country, Melts off Starch 29, and unifiable Ella tinging Hebrew translations of her songs. Upcoming tour also will take her into Turkey. Greece, and Imo for the first time, Bel Canto Stereo Tapes Presy Runs Molly is here for a week's huddles with labels and Coast office head Dick Allen... Jerry Lewis has signed nitery songstress Lillian Briggs for a part in his 'TAB Ladies Man" film for Paramount. He spotted her on a 3ack.Paar 7V show.., : Roulette's Jimmie Rodgers gets his first Movie star billing in 20th Century -Fox's "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come," and is recording the title tune for the diskcry. Picture premieres this month. Counting three Ed Sullivan guest shots Jane Morgan contracted last week intoning into May), songstress' Sullivan appearance total null number Comic Bob Newhart kicks -off the new year nith a one -niter tour through Canada and the West consisting of 23 engagements, Before starting the tour, he'll play three weeks at Chicago's Mister Kelly's, closing there New Year's Eve. This will be followed by a pay -TV appearance In Toronto, Januan 3, and un Ed Sullivan shot January 15. He hits the one -niter path January 30 in Calgary, Canada, with the tour taking him into the States of Washington, Oregon, California, and Arizona, winding tip in Pasadena, Calif., on February 25. Kupp Proxy Dase Kapp is here recording Roger Williams..,. Screen composer Franz Waxman will conduct his oratorio, "Joshua," at the Vienna Music Festival in June. Serious work is somewhat of a contrast to his more recent filmiand assignments, currently scoring "The Big Bankroll" for Allied, and prior to this. Metro's "Cimarron."... Alex North, another movie maker with a serious side, recently completed "Revue for Clarinet and Orchestra," which was performed by Benny Goodman and the Nov York City Symphony Orchestra. Leonard Bernstein conducting. North is now capsuling the work down to EP proportions for an up- coming recording. Lee Zhito. Chicago Rig Stiller makes it two in a row from Chicago for t mint Basle. Miller replaces Joe Williams as Basìe's featured s,,.,list, when Williams leaves late in December. Both boys are r h,cagoans. Miller is only the third vocalist in 25 years for the It.:,;c band. First was Jimmy Rushing who left in Vltmad Jamal has added an export -import business to his stable of rnierprises -he'll deal in native Ghana art. Plans for Jamal's smart Alhambra boite, act to open lust week, have been temporarily delayed. probably until after Christmas.. Dixie Lyn Waring, daughter of Fred Waring, married Waring's stage manager, Al Wilson. in Detroit last week (7). Columbia will record Kirby Griffin, nephew of Ken Griffin, in an electric organ session, which will probably be paired ssiyh sides by his uncle in a joint album effort due next fall... Dumita Jo is due for her first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, January H. Prior, she'll play the Diplomat lintel in Hollywood, Fla., December 22.. ('rank Taylor, veteran hooker, returns to Chicago's General Artists Corp. office after five years in Ness York. He heads the outdoor department. The Diamonds will be heard on the Dick Clark show out of New York, December 12, The show will he taped ahead, as the group is slated to open the same day in Windsor. Canada'. Rusty Draper's teen age son has signed a recording contract with Monument Records. He'll he competing with his dad. who is a Mercury artist. Rusty's daughter Judy is also planning to get into the picture-she's interested in a singing career. The family is also negoatiating for a TV series... Bill Kailas of the Aragon ball - ruwn. has returned to his hone after six weeks in the hospital following a heart attack. Carl Mudari, veteran Clescland deejay promotion man, is now with Mary Browdys Trans -American distributorship. Madan just waxed his first side with \Vansirk. He previously cut one side, often he was with Mercury. back in Quincy Jones' band is taking n week out to cut background music for D Sssedlsh- produced film, Boy In The freelop... Ralph Bass cut a second LP for Chess last seek, at the Uptown Theater, Philadelphia... Ben Rosner, national radio -TV relations director for RCA-Victor, was touring the area with Midwest chief, Stun Pat, last week. Ports of call included Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Chicago. The label hullo Its Midwest distributor meeting here at the Ambassador East, December United Film a: Recording Studios is expanding its office area in its Chicago studio headquarters. New staff appointments are in the offing... Spicy Ruth Wallis will bow a pair of albums Jana- 28: "The Spice Is Right," and "Love It a Ring -A -Ding Thing." ale's currently at Dallas King's Club, will go on to the Azalea in Mobile. Ala:. then New York.... Mark Sullivan, Southwest director for Jack Morton Productions. celebrated his birthday in Dalla Xing Club. last Saturday (3) with a party of friends including this reporter. Wouldn't talk age The Gentlemen of Jazz, better Tteowo as the Ramsey Lewis Trio still play the Sutherland Hotel Lounge There over the holidays, December 14- January 1. The trio's latest Argo release is coming out mid - Decemler... It was Mill Jackson, not John Lewis, of the Modern lain Quartet, who came down with strut last week... The Otuetle Coleman Quartet is not disbanding as reported last week. Nick Biro The Billboard RECORD INDUSTRY Source Book & DIRECTORY ISSUE RIVISIONS OF APRIL ISSat Th following dolo should be clipped and entered in your Source Book to keep it up the other hand, a stereo cartridge to dole pending the neat edition We invite should provide quality results submission of all correction, and addition. either with a monaural or a stereo as they occur. Please address The Billboard recording without inflicting dam- Sou.,. Book, ISOI Broadway, New York 36 age. 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Directory 2160 Patterson Street Cincinnati 22, Ohlo 719 Plena rend me by return mall and pos.. copyright al the 108.pata outboard 1960 Record Industry Source Book t Directory. Payment (50c copy) in the amount el S is enclosed (Payment mots accompany order). Mall /e: ledivldual's Nana Admets Company City Zone Slate Pricing Probe He added that at least half a dozen distributors from various sections of the nation (not New York) have also became sustaining members of the organization. Another meeting with local FTC personnel has been scheduled to take place in Shapiro's home, Tuesday, January 10. At this time more information will be exchanged. Later the inquiry is expected to move into Massachusetts, Up -State New York, Michigan and the Chicago arca. Co- operation is expected in all these areas from members of SORD and SORDaffiliated local dealer associations. A spokesman for the FTC in Washington confirmed that the investigation was going on but declined detailed comment on the scope or aims of the inquiry, other than that it deals with complaints of price discrimination violations of section two of the Robinson -Patman Amendment to the Clayton Anti -Trust Act. The spokesman pointed out that any firms examined for possible price discrimination violations would have avail- able a number of defenses and should not be pre -judged. An important factor m any such matter is that of quantity of purchase as a determinant in price discounting procedures, he indicated. MEN WHO READ BUSINESSPAPERS MEAN BUSINESS Cartridge Tips Prod Dealers Continued from page 20 provement in cartridges from one year to another may hase rendered obsolete cartridges in sets you sold.several years ago. The replacement market is a par - ticularly good one at the present time because of the current interest in stereo. Altho a monaural cartridge will produce acceptable sound from a stereo record. it tends to destroy the stereophonic tracings after even one playing. On Conversions If the customer's player is worth converting to stereo you may be able to follow up that sale with a complete stereo conversion. In planning cartridge replacement, a general rule is: don't try to sell up. If the set contains a ceramic cartridge, replace it with a cer antic -if possible, with one made by the sane manufacturer. Afos crystals are interchangeable, how ever -one make will generally do as well as another. Only with magnetics is it possible or advisable to replace a lower- priced cartridge with a better one. However, before installing a magnetic cartridge, check to make sure the amplifier has enough power to operate prop erly with it (a monaural amplifier should have an output of 10 watt for any magnetic cartridge; some stereo magnetics require even more power because of their lower out- put per channel). On the other hand, it's generally not a good idea to substitute a crystal car tridge for a magnetic. In appraising the value al cartridge, there are several ques lions a customer may ask. Whin types of record will it play? What is the frequency response? How easy it it to replace a needle? And at what weight will it track? Most of today's monaural cartridges play 45 r.p.m. and LP mono disks only. No single cartridge plays both stereo disks and 78's Frequency response is usually supplied by the manufacturer. Generally speaking, it is a meaningless figure unless you know what the distortion figure is over the range the manufacturer claims. Most cartridges cover the ,000 cps range, but the clarity with which they do it generally increases as price increases. Good magnetic cartridges and the better ceramics can boast a range of cps with distortion held to a reasonable figure. 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44 IT. 'múit$menrparks trams shows arenas carnivals 44 THE BILLBOARD Communication. to 188 W. Randolph St., Chicago 1, III. DECEMBER 12, 1960 FAIR ASSN. '61 MEETING RETURNS TO OLD FORMAT IAFE Selects Nov in Hotel Sherman; J. C. Huskisson Elected New President By CHARLIE BYRNES CHICAGO -The International Association of Fairs and Exposilions will hold its 1961 convention in Chicago at the Hotel Sherman, November 27-29, it was decided at the annual board of director's meeting here Saturday (3). The decision will mark a return to the traditional meeting held in conjunction with the National Association of Amusement Parks, Pools & Beaches and the Showmen's Lea?ue of America. For the first time to many years the IAFE held its 1960 meeting here in the Morrison Hotel on the three days that followed the meetings of the other two organizations. The wind -up of the fair convention saw the delegates elect J. C. Huskisson. Tampa, to the presidency of the IAFE. Huskisson was association vice -president and is manager of the Florida State Fair, Tampa. G. W. (Bill) Wynne, manager of the Mid -South Fair, Memphis. was elected vice -president and Frank H. Kingman, Winston -Salem, N. C., was renamed to the post of secretary- treasurer. List Directors Directors named were Edward G. Leith$ Allentown, Pa.; William (Tiny) Uthmeier, Marshfield, Wis.; Douglas K. Baldwin, St. Paul; Leonard Rogers, Knoxville, Tenn.; 1 C. Huskisson, manager of the Florida State Fair, Tampa, new president of the International Association of Fairs and Expositions. Dan Thurder, Great Falls, Mont., and T. H. McLeod, Regina, Sask. Willard (Bill) Masterson, Milwaukee, was automatically named to the board as the immediate past - president of the fair association. Rogers replaces Wynne who takes over the vice -presidency. Holdover directors are John W. Leahy, Danbury, Coon.; Lloyd Rhoden. Tallahassee, Fla.; Clyde E. Byrd, Little Rock; J. Hugh King. Yakima, Wash., and Miss Goldie Scheible, Dayton, president of the Federation of State and Provincial Association of Fairs. The Saturday morning business session was devoted to the more formal type of addresses after open panel discussions were held all day Friday. L. (Doc) Cassidy, special events director of the Kentucky State Fair (C,Intinne(I nn pace 52) IND. STATE FAIR PLANS NEW DATES Okay Tentative Shift for 1962 Run; Re -Sign Gooding Midway, Kochman - INDIANAPOLIS The Indi - contract calls for the same terms as ana State Fair tentatively approved last year. new dates for 1962, awarded its Kochman will play the same midway contract to the Gooding number of thrill show dates, on the Aritusentent Company for '61 and first Friday, Saturday and Sunday. signed the Jack Kochman thrill The fair board also okayed con - show for next year's fair. tinuation of the annual contest to The new dates for '62, not yet select Miss Indiana State Fair, official, would be August 25 arts which operates in cooperation with September 3. This would be 10 county fairs thruout the state. days ending Labor Day. In recent years the big Hoosier annual has opened several days before Labor Day and operated several days after the holiday. The dates for 1961 were officially set as August 30 thru September 7. Fair board president Carl Bowman appointed all directors to the date committee and they will spread the word in their various districts and work out any problems that might arise. The announcement will also be made at the meeting of the Indiana Association of County and,district Fairs, to be held here in the Hotel Severin, January 1-3. No 1961 contracts were awarded for attractions in either the Coliseum or grandstand. These probably will be set sometime in January or February. Gooding - was the successful bidder for the fun zone contract, win - nine out over Cetlin & Wilson Shows and W. R. (Bill) Geren's Mighty Hoosier State Shows. The EMERY BOUCHER, GOLDIE SCHEIBLE ELECTED TO IAFE HALL OF FAME CHICAGO -Emery Boucher. manager of the Exposition Provinciale, Quebec City, and Miss Goldie Scheible, president of the Federation of State and Provincial Association of Fairs, were named to the International Association of Fairs and E.- positions Hall of Fame here Saturday (3). Miss Scheible is also secretary- manager of the Alontgomery County- Fair, Dayton O. Another award was given to G. W. (Bill) Wynne, manager of the Mid -South Fair, Memphis, and new vice -president of the IAFE. Wynne received a cord to hold his brief case which he reportedly lost four times during the convention. Boucher and Miss Scheible join a select number of fair executives in the Hall of Fame which was started in Honored that year were Douglas K. Baldwin, manager of the Minnesota State Fair, and Louis Merrill, executive director of the Western Fairs Association. In 1958 it was C. G. (Pete) Baker, manager of the Oklahoma State Fair, and Harry Kelley. Hillsdale (Mich.) Fair. Last year Joseph T. Monsour, manager of the Louisiana State Fair, and Clifford C. Hunter, veteran secretary of the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs, were honored, - TORONTO A. J. Anderson was elected president of the Cana - than Association of Exhibitions in the best- attended affair the assonation ever held. Of the 50 member fairs there were 40 represented, with 82 persons registering at the Lord Simcoe Hotel. In addition to discussing such things as publicity, advertising, grandstand and arena shows. considerable interest was shown in the proposed fee increase being asked by the Canadian Association of Publishers, Authors and Composers (CAPAC). Fairs have paid on the basis of a sliding scale, and CAPAC is suggesting a flat per -capita tariff which the major fairs consider discriminatory. The fair group has lodged an appeal with the Appeal Board and a decision is expected in late December or early January. Fairs ask total exemption from the fees; Also on the program at the To- JOHN LEAHY RELEASED FROM CHI HOSPITAL CHICAGO - John Leahy, owner of the Great Danbury (Conn.) Fair. who collapsed during the fair conventions here Friday (2). was released from a hospital here Thursday (81 and was scheduled to fly to his Danbury home. Leahy said he had not suffered a heart attack. He called it a "fast heart beat" and after several days in the hospital, was released. The attack came at the banquet of the International Association of Fairs and Expositions in the Morrison Hotel. Rodeo Execs Form Assn. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -A number of rodeo officials from Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico met here Sunday (4) and formed the Rocky Mountain Rodeo Association. Ken Brookhart. president of the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, this city, said they hoped to have a strong organization representing the management and production side of the sport which will have a stronger voice in dealings with the Rodeo Cowboys' Association. Rodeos represented at the meeting included those it Monte Vista. Durango. Boulder, Walsenburg, Pueblo and Colorado Springs in Colorado, and Cheyenne, Wyo. Music Tariff Hike Irks Canada Fairs Barnum Fest Lost $1,091 BRIDGEPORT, Conn. = The Bridgeport Barnum Festival operated at a net cash kiss of 51,091, according to a financial report given at the annual meeting of the Barnum Festival Society's hoard of manageaient Wednesday (7). ronto meeting was a discussion on railroad rates for carnivals and stock. Anderson, of Edmonton, succeeds J. K. Clarke of Ottawa. Alex Thomson of Truro, N. S., became vice- president, and Jack Perdue of Toronto was named to Thomson's place on the executive hoard. Others are Jean Alarie of Trois - Rivieres, Que., and A. P. Morrow of Vancouver. Alzin Hamilton, new Minister of Agriculture. was named honorary president. Emery Boucher of Quebec continues as secretary of the association. Seattle Expo Names Wagman Ticket Head SEATTLE -Leo F. Wagman, former admissions supervisor at Freedomland, New York, will hold a similar post at Century 21 Exposition, Ewen C. Dingwall, exposition general manager, announced. Wagman, who joined the fair staff last week as an assistant to Fred Schumacher, director of operations, will establish the ticket design and methods of handling advance ticket sales. All admissions to Century 21 and to rides and other concessions where tickets are used will be under Wagman 's direction. He will supervise an estimated 200 persons during the operating of the fair. Prior to joining Century 21, Wagman was in charge of the ticket program at Freedomland and was with Disneyland for five years. IAFE Ladies Elect Dorothy Fager Prexy CHICAGO -The Fair Women's Affiliate of the IAFE elected Mrs. Maurice (Dorothy) Fager, Topeka, as 1961 president at its recent meeting and luncheon here. Mrs. Fager is the wife of the manager of the Mid -America Fair in Topeka. Mrs. W. (Betty) Walker, wife of the manager of the Canadian Lake - head Exhibition, Fort William, Ont., was named vice -president and Mrs. John (Colleen) Libby, whose husband is assistant manager of the Minnesota State Fair, SC Paul, secretary- treasurer. Speaker of the day was Louis Merrill, executive director of the Western Fairs Association. Tho ladies were also briefed on what to see while their husbands were in the fair business sessions. Arena Wall Falls WEYBURN, Sask.-A worker was killed and another escaped injury Monday (21) when is concrete block wail of a 5225,000 recreation building and skating rink being built at the fairgrounds collapsed during a windstorm. IAFE Féd'ation Makes Awards, Accepts Service Memberships CHICAGO -The Federation of State and Provincial Association of Fairs passed out awards in its annual contest and amended its. by -laws to accept service members here last week. The new service members hold a non -voting membership, pay $10 annual dues and arc invited to all Federation meetings. A directory, followed in order by the Texas Fair Association. Missouri Association of Fairs & Exhibitions and the North Carolina Association of Agricultural Fairs. Kentucky Association of Fairs took top honors in programs, followed by the Florida Federation of Fairs and Livestock Shows, Association of Connecticut Fairs and listing members and associate mem- the Tennessee Association of Fairs. bers will be distributed to all The Virginia group also won member associations, Joe Bartlett, honors on date lists following the secretary- treasurer, announced. Western Fairs Association, \Vis- Eligible are carnival and attrar- consin Association of Fairs and lion people and fair supplier rep- the Minnesota Federation of Coon - resentatives. In the contest, the letterheads and envelope blue ribbon went to tho Virginia Association of Fairs, ty Fairs. Robert Kendall and Charlie Byrnes, The Billboard, were judges,

45 Maurice DECEMBER 11, 1960 THE BILLBOARD SHOW NEWS 45 BANQUET CLICKS 450 Attend IAFE Banquet -Roundup CHICAGO--Clore to 450 fairmen an ll 111re )t (2) st tlst b Of the pon 'Anhui! Meeting here,.t tllte ldetrtatlonal Association of arbl) Expositions. Falter, Mid-America Faq, Topeka, *as chairman of the Steins Launch Shop Center Circus, Rides - TAMPA. Fla. A new shopping center venture, Stein Bros. Circus, is being launched here by brothers Ny and Willie Stein. operators of mechanical shows. Their operation features various circus acts appearing on a stage, plus rides hooked independently. Only,coneensions are food and refreshments. Willie Stein has the show booked here at Hillsboro Shopping Playa horn December 9 -ls. and reported other dates already lined t,r Acts are expeeted to remain on the show 'for the entire winter tour. Ia Addition. to the Steins' me- ;,4laideid cii6ue. offered as a free (Continued an page 52) event and also scrscd as master, No speeches were trade. McDowell, director of the palpite Department of Agriculture, delivered the invocation. Fager introduced the Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, Herb Shriner and Frank Kingman (robs the audience. Brian O'Brien. president of the Canadian Lìikehead Exhibition, presented Willard (Bill) Masterson. outgoing IAFE president. with a certificate that made him Admiral of Lake Superior. Masterson in turn. introduced the following iafe past -presidents, officers and directors: Douglas K. Baldwin. Clarence Hamden, Lloyd Cunningham. J. S. (Doc) Dorton. C. G- IPetc) Baker. James Stewart. Jack Reynolds. Joseph Mnt oour, Hartnett, J. C. Huskisson, John i..eahs. Ed Leidig. Lloyd Rhoden, Donald L. Swanson, G. W. (Bill) Wynne, Clyde Byrd, Harry Fitton, J. Hugh King, E. D. McGugan, Miss Gotdie Schcihle and John Bowman. the latter secretary of the National Association of Amusement Parks. Pools & Beaches. Following supper a floorshow was presented, including Rosso and Johnson. Carneculs, Max Platkin, Elkins Sisters, Noel Sisters and Jimmy Dean. Frankie Masters and his orchestra. with wife. Phyliss, provided the music and Masten also emceed. It was reported by!aft oifi ger cials That the banquet. along with the Saturday luncheon. netted the fair association close to $1 uou in profit. Vandeburg Describes N. Y. Fair Exhibits CHICAGO- Methods to he cm. ploycd in exhibits at the upcoming New York World's Fair were described by Clyde Vandeburg at the luncheon of the International Association of Fairs and Exhibitions here Saturday (3). Over 200 fair men turned out for the event which was held in the Morrison Hotel. Vtmdeburg, who with Art Link - letter, heads up the firm of VandeburgLinklettcr Associates, described some of the operations of V -E -K Associates, another firm that he heads that will provide serwicex for exhibitors at the Gotham exposition. With industrial exhibit space limited to square feet for each exhibitor and only 60 per cent of the area allowed for structures, small business appears to be left out in the cold. This is where V -E -K contes into the picture, he pointed out. The firm is organising co-opera. tive eshihity, and 25 major groups have already shown interest in par - ticipating. A unique method of getting citi- (ors to see the exhibits was pointed out by Vandeburg. On vertical exhibits. the patrons will be transported to the top by means of traveling hells. They will be circled down past all the components in the display to a special events section or theater where the main show will be presented. A% example of the type of planning doing into the phibits was given. One structure planned for a group of light and power companies will be a tower of light -an outside wall of 60 hig searchlights. 10 feet in diameter. which will provide a spectrum of color through which visitors will pats.' s Vandeburg warned the 1AFE members to strive for greater per- manence in their operations. especially in those areas that ate changing from agricultural to more urban activities. Linkletter, speaking in a similar vein, noted that fairs arc notoriously one of the last to get on the bandwagon of changing conditions. Fair Manager Job Created In Cobleskill Kane Again Pres.; Holmes and Platt Also Re- Elected - COBI.13SKiLL. N. Y. T. Paul Kane, District Attorney of Schoharie County, was reelected president of the Cobleskill Agricul tural Society at its annual meeting held here Saturday (3). The society stages the annual Cobleskill Sunshine Fair. The organization also voted to amend the bylaws to permit the members of the board of management. at their option. to create the position of "fair manager." Other officers reelected were Franklin L. Holmes, vice -president, and Alfred L. Platt, treasurer. The board appoints a secretary and will do so at a later date. Dr. David W. Beard of Cobleskill has held that position for a number of years. Another amendment to the bylaws was adopted, providing for written notice of the annual meeting to be sent to all society members. The meeting was well attended and there was considerable discussion with local and area exhibitors concerning (air and building improvements, and changes in attractions. Officials said there would be no immediate action, this year, on the appointment of fair mina- Es E's Potter Will Retire Vv EST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -Adrian L Potter, assistant to the general manager of the Eastern States Exposition since December, 1946, and superintendent of the In- dustrial Arts Building during that time, will retire December 31. He will continue to be assailable in consultative status. Potter has been in ill health since suffering a stroke in June. RIDES SELL BRISKLY Chi Show Keynote Is `Satisfaction' (This is the second and final account./ the annual vade Aloe, of the National Association "1 Amusement Parks, Pools und Beaches, held at the Hotel Sherman in Chicago, November ) - CHICAGO It is unfair to hap one firm as a bellwether for the amusement ride industry, but only a shortsighted attitude would discount the status, and influence, of the Allan Hcrschell Company Poor results for Herschell could hardly he viewed enthusiastically by others in the field, and it is heartening to note that its sales in Chicago were good. Virtually all other providers of rides and other devices reported satisfaction.. Occupying II booth spaces and thus displaying more equipment than any of the exhibitors, it cited a strong list of orders. Plans are to place three more of the big Sky Wheels in operation during 1961, the price for each being in the neighborhood of six figures. In addition to Crafts Shows and Glen Wade and associates. there will he one of the towering units on the Conklin Shows, it is reported. Ben Schiff again reported an encouraging reception to the tune of 5250,000 worth of equipment. Tosser Slides, introduced last year, and his now motorless Flying Cages made the deepest impression with convcntiongoers. Schiff Subsidiary Schiff confirmed an arrangement with Walter Roberts. formerly of Seaside Heights, N. J., to use one of Schiff's buildings in Miami for figure molds, and lighting effects under the name, Show Business Decorators. They have a new vacuum -forming press and spray device. plus the former Allen Hawes molds. The air car shown on the street outside the Sherman, which earned newspaper and TV attention. has its production rights assigned to the new Tuf -Lite National firm headed by Aurel Vaszin and Bill de t_'horbe. variety of devices dis- With a played, there were five companies showing concession go -karts on the floor. Others indicated a readiness to produce them on order. Showing the karts were Simplex, Rolfe Aircraft, Hot Rods. Pretzel Amusements and Presssveld Industries. Grinding out business as usual was the Sellner firm, maker of Tilt -a- Whirls. There are about 500 of these standards in the field, and the Sellners are swell- geared for the parts business which has Beatty-Cole Signs 3 Okay Spring Dates Long Island, Palisades, Philadelphia All Go to tvícclosky- Kernan Operation DE (..AND. Flua. -Clyde Beatty and Cole Bros. Circus this season will play three of the top four spring circus dates in the Ness York -Philadelphia area. Show managers are Frank McClosky and Walter Kernan. The show will open ialarch 30 at the Long island Arena. Commack, N.Y.. where it also played last season. This indoor date will close Popeye, Stooges, Felix Borrowed As Salesmen for Pleasure Island BOSTON -Pleasure Island, after staggering to failure in 1959, showed an amazing rally last season and emerged with a bright future. Part of the success story is due to a fomare disk jockey, Norman Prescott. At the beginning of the season Prescott was drafted as vice -presi- dent in charge of exploitation at Pleasure island. Prescott set up a show business approach, mapping out a campaign for the 70 -acre experiment in the new ts pe of funspot with emphasis on show business, showmanship and TV personalities. "We didn't have a Mickey Mouse. a Davy Crockett or a Donald Duck, such as Disneyland has. to sell Pleasure Island," he said. "We created our own Disneyland type of selling force in the pernsanent characters and voices of the biggest independent names in televninn. We wrote special commercial± which were recorded by Pop. eye. Bow the Clown. Felix the Cat and the Three Stooges. They became our radio, TV and newspaper salesmen." Preston said that after he toured similar -type parks in the U. S., Palisades, Disneyland, Magic Mountain and Pacific Ocean Park. he discovered that there are essen- tially two kinds of parks. One is the.kiddieland with a less ideas on history. The other extreme is the multi -million- dollar park investment, which in most cases has been built at such tremendous expense that it is impossible to make a net, he said. Prescott, who has left for Brussels to supervise a new centure, production of a full -length color Cinemascope animated `film plus 'IV pilot. to be released in the U. S. for Easter dates. says the identity of the TV cartoon characters created the image of fun for the whole family with prestige names explaining the entire Pleas, are Island story. Prescott set up the one -price policy. The price, 52 for adults and S1.50 for children, was right, and the spot immediately jumped ahead of the previous year in gate receipts. All ads for the fusspot were designed showboat style in the tradition of the Palace Theater. TV commercials were made in animated cartoon style, and Al Stakt, Animated TV Productions, New York. produced six one- minute. 30- second and 10- second layouts for Boston TV stations. In 1959 the park spent $262; 000 in adscrtising and promotion, with a policy of admission price and payment for all rides inside. This season, under the new management, a budget of only $50,000 was set, and in the first eight weeks of operation the park was 37 per cent ahead of the previous year in attendance. The 1959 attendance totaled This year the park chalked tip 170,000 in the first eight weeks and ended up topping last year's operation by 400 per cent. On August 5 -a Thursday -the park hit the record for a weekday with more than 7,000 as against the best a year ago of 1,200. When three businessmen took over the tangled affairs of Pleasure Island, they gave Prescott a free hand to put his showmanship program into effect. Robert C. Linnet], real estate developer, Walter A. Smith, oil company executive, and Herbert C. Lee, shoe executive, took over the park's $525,000 first mortgage from the Merchants National Bank and paid 20 cents on the dollar on some $300,000 owed the parka creditors. The group is also paying an unspecified amount on the park's second mortgage of S600,000, for - (Continued on page 52) April 9. Then the circus plays under canvas at Palisades Amusement Park in Ness Jersey from April 10 thru May 21. This will stake use of the new big top now under construction. The stand last year was played by Hunt Bros. Circus in association with Al Dobritch. Third Beatty -Cole stand will be Philadelphia May This is the Shrine sponsored date at Lighthouse Field, where Samuel Moon - blatt and associates operate a large carnival midway in front of the circus. Beatty -Cole had this one last year, too. The show. now in quarters in De Land, will have a new I50 -foot round top with three 50 -foot middles for nest season. It is being hunt by the Leaf Tent Company, Sarasota. Scheduling for the Beatty showy this spring means that it will play twe full months with only two moves, plus the run from quarters. In addition. the showy will have to up and down the tent only twice in that time. General Agent Floyd King announced the early routing. At the sane time Co- Manager Walter Kernan said that the show will have some new scat wagons for the coming season. it also was confirmed recently that the show's performance will include the Great \4'allenda Troupe. This will appear in the show along with the Clyde Beatty wild animal act, the Luis Munoz cannonball act, and others still to be revealed. Durant Joins Reed CHICAGO -Tom Durant, veteran outdoor promotion and ad man, has joined Bill Reed's in- ternational Auto Daredevils for the '61 season. The stunt show is part of Jack Kochman's organization.

46 46 SHOW NEWS IARENA, AUDITORIUM NEWSLETTER THE BILLBOARD Medicine Hat Nets $8,411; DECEMBER FAIR -EXHIBITION MANAGEMENT Convention Session By TOM PARKINSON DON MYERS. Fort Wayne, Ind., Coliseum manager, attended the International Convention Planning Exposition at Las Vegas. He went as a representative of the International Association of Auditorium Managers... Russell Fifer, executive director of the National Association of Concessionaires, was moderator at a workshop session of the convention planning show, which was at the Las Vegas Convention Center... Charleston, W. Va., Civic Center is among the auditoriums - arenas being rented at this time of year by the post office department to help handle holiday nail... The New Britain. Conn.. aldermen have voted to get on with planning a war memorial arena -auditorium.... Mrs. Eva Chalfen, mother of Morris Chalfen, the ice show operator, died December 2.. The Midwest Photo Show at Detroit's Light Guard Armory drew 123,000 people in four days, according to the Franklin County Memorial Building at Columbus, O., and building manager Harry Schreiber reports that it grossed 5112,000. This tops "My Fair Lady" by $5.000 and gives the building the best week in its history... Griffith and Fisher's water show played to light business at Michigan State Fair Coliseum, Detroit, recently, getting 300 paid in the afternoon and 500 at night. The matinee also had 2,200 kids in as guests. Police sponsored the show. Church Plans 12,000 -Seater; Bowlers to Orange Show Hall PLANS FOR BUILDING A seat auditorium have been announced by the general offices of the Church of God at Anderson, Ind. It will replace a building damaged last March when a roof caved in under the weight of snow... Safway Steel Company of Milwaukee is supplying portable risers for Cobo Hall, Detroit... Texas Mobile Home Association, producer of the annual State mobile home show at Dallas Memorial Coliseum, has moved its headquarters from the American Bank & Trust Building to the llieadowbrook Industrial District, executive director Ray Lackland announces..., The BPAA All -Star Bowling tournament will be at the National Orange Show at San Bernardino, Calif. Gas -fired heaters are being installed in the 40,000- square -foot Commercial and Industrial Building. The tournanient is January Pittsburgh Unions Stop Work UNIONS STOPPED WORK on the Pittsburgh Auditorium Wednesday (30) and at several other city projects to pressure the Auditorium Authority for assurance that Building Trade Council unions will have jurisdiction over the operation of the building upon its completion. The action was prompted by the city's hiring members of an operating engineers' union to handle work at an ice rink, while the Building Trade Council thinks their Steamfitters union should have it. The electricians union is expected to claim jurisdiction that might otherwise go to the stagehands and electrician group, for example. A similar sort of disagreement turned up at Chicago recently when both building and operating unions were in the exhibition hall at the same time and disagreed about Which job belonged to each. That was ironed out, however, according to the building management... Meanwhile, at Cobo Hall, Detroit, there has been a flare -up of union problems. Some exhibitors at the American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages show said they were charged excessive rates and that unions required them to pay for tasks they would normally do themselves. Saul Pollak, president of Clapp & Pollak. inc.. manager of the show, said that the labor contract with Detroit Convention Services was "monopolistic." The contract is under attack in court also and the Building management and unions claimed that the complaints arose because the exhibitors had failed to observe rules and scheduling. An earlier show, the National Automobile Show, went off smoothly and this was believed to be because the Detroit auto makers are used to paying Detroit union scales... Detroit problems also include the cancellation of the, 1962 American Legion convention, altho this was because the Legion said hotel facilities were inadequate... Problems arising out of management and operation of Cobo Hall prompted the mayor to send Stephen T. Kish. director of the Civic Center, along with the city comptroller and the budget bureau chief to Cleveland Public Auditorium to study that building's operation. The - mayor indicated that additional managerial personnel for the hall a manager and a promotional.mayor has asked that its scales for union labor be revised. director -might be sought. Unpaid Performers Close Programs in Texas, Canada IN TWO RECENT CASES performers have refused to go on with the show because they said they had not been paid. In Dallas the Vincente Escudero troupe of flamenco dancers began a performance Saturday night (3), hut after a long "intermission," it was announced from the stage that the show would not be continued. Promoter Ted Roggen, Houston, said the performers refused to work, that he had paid $800 promotion costs and offered a $520 check to the company manager, William Baron. Baron said that he could accept only cash according to rules of his firm. The show is fielded by Charles Green Consolidated Artists, New York. Roggen said he also had paid $200 for the bus trip that brought the troupe to Dallas from Austin. The performers went front Dallas to Oklahoma City, continuing their tour.... Meanwhile, at St. John's Newfoundland, in November, the "Canadian Ice- Arama" cast of 50 persons declined to go on unless paid a month's back salary. Bill Cunningham, Montreal, said the show already had lost $8,500. Refunds were made for 500 people at the Prince of Wales Arena in St. John's. Arena Manager Ralph Colyer seized the show's equipment and costumes on grounds that the contract had been broken. Seven subsequent dates were cancelled. Inks Siebrand MEDICINE HAT, Alta. - Officers of the Medicine Hat Stampede and Exhibition Company have been returned to office as follows: President, Mack Higdon; vice - presidents, Henry Cavan and Lorne Thompson; managing director, D. A. Scholten. Siebrand Bros.' Circus and Carnival will provide the midway and four evening grandstand shows at the 1961 fair. The year's net income fer the exhibition organization was $8,- 472, down $3,091 from last year. The exhibition and stampede grossed $50,127, with expenses of $41,654. Major income was $30,- 469 for ticket sales. Major expense was the cost of attractions and contracts at $14,367. Rodeo prize money was $6.348 and agricultural prize money $3,366. Kochman Sets ESE 9 Days, Deal for Tires %VEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -A revised grandstand pólicy is in the works for Eastern States Exposition, calling for no automotive events other than a stunt show. The Jack Kochman organization will perform on all nine matinees in 1961, manager Jack Reynolds reported for the fair. Last season Kochman had the first four days, another thrill show had three days, and there were two days of automobile racing. - The Kochman show was also bolstered by the signing of an agreement with General Tire and Rubber Company for Negotiated by Bill Reed, it calls for General tires on the International Auto Daredevils and Hell Drivers units. Melfort, Sask., Renames Prez - MELFORT, S a s k. Walter Schmidt was re- elected for a third term as president at the annual meeting of the Melfort Agricultural Society. Dave Vansickle and Jack Campbell are vice- presidents. Honorary president is J. M. H. McKee and past president is George Lancaster. The society's surplus stands at $54,245, compared with $51,586 last year. The year's receipts were $38,378, compared with $41,635 in 1959, and expenditures were 545,645, compared with $35,629 last year. Harry Kahn Marks 29th Year as Secy. - WAPAKONETA, O. Harry Kahn, who was recently re- elected secretary of Auglaize County Fair, is preparing to begin his 29th year as manager of the local fair, which has set August 5-11 as dates of the 1961 annual. Kahn is second oldest Ohio fair secretary in point of service. Other officials re- elected are Feed H. Kuck, president, and Paul Reinhart, vice -president. Doc Cassidy Urges Tie -In With Civil War Celebration CHICAGO -L. Doc Cassidy. director of special events and publicity at the Kentucky State Fair, Louisville, urged fairs to get on the Civil War Centennial band wagon, in an address before the fair convention here last week. He pointed out that during a deluge of publicity will be given the centennial thruout the States... The federal government and many State governments have appropriated funds for she centennial and they are looking for ways to spend it... Cassidy said fairs fit into the picture. The Kentucky State Fair last year jumped the gun and actually held n pre -celebration kick -off that garnered them plenty of publicity. To help there are nearly 100 civil war round -table organizations in the U. S. and 50 North -South skirmish associations. Additionally, in the South arc the United Daugthers of the Confederacy and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Their counterpart in the North are the Military Order of Loyal Legion and the Sons and Daugthers of Union Veterans. Cassidy described the event at the 1960 Kentucky Fair, calling attention to a photo feature in The Billboard's Cavalcade of Fairs. A huge battle scene was spread across the marquee of the fair's coliseum; outside gates were decorated with huge cutouts of Union and Confederate soldiers, cannons were brought in and the event garnered local and national publicity. A U. S. Army band was on hand, a color guard and drill team from Fort Knox and the Louisville High School ROTC band which prepared special drills for the event. Two troops of North -South Skirmishers participated in grey and blue uniforms. At a luncheon co- sponsored by the fair and the Kentucky Civil War Centennial Commission. speakers included Dewey Short, assistant secretary of the Army. Several wives of civil war veterans were also present. The celebration was really a special event and Cassidy stressed these as methods of getting publicity and interesting people. He said there has been a decline in the purely agricultural fair due in part to fewer people now on farms. He pointed out that the decreased rural population has not hurt Sears, Roebuck. They have changed their entire operation to fit these changed conditions. Cassidy said that fairs must concentrate on their natural assets by broadening their base. Oregon State Fair Shows $107,432 Profit SALEM. Ore.-The Oregon State Fair showed a gross profit of , one of the largest ever recorded. during its 1960 run, Howard Maple, manager, reported. The profit was $41,432 more than in The audit showed a cash balance of S242,712.95, also one of the highest on record. Ot the 1960 profit, was in actual cash with the remainder in capital improvements. Attendance figures for the run were also high with an estimated total of 301,281 of which 188,110 was paid. The non -paid included passes to exhibitors. concessionaires, 4 -H members, and children under 12. Paid attendance was 23,000 over The audit showed that the horse show lost $ and the grandstand show, featuring Louis Armstrong, $2, In the profit category were the rodeo with a net profit of $1,063.55; racing, $63, and concession space, $68, Outside rentals accounted for $8,753.10; West Coast Shows rides and shows. $35, with the carnival space bought separately, and the front gate. $142, Other profits were accrued thru entry fees, stall rentals and other fair services. Capital improvements listed included new rest rooms in the livestock barns, a 60 by 40 -foot warehouse, new booths in the commercial exhibit building, ticket boxes, a 36 by 24 -foot greenhouse, light standards on the grounds and in the parking lot, paddock and permanent installations in the floral gardens. New showcases were set up for the food and hobby departments with the Natural Resources Building remodeled to include land products. poultry coops, permanent equipment to provide for the High School Art Travel exhibit, and black - topping pari of the parking area. 'Clean' Lobby for Albany; Syracuse May Get '62 Meet ALBANY. N. Y. -There will he no showeards displayed in the lobby and floor landings at the Hotel Ten Eyck nest month. This, and the possibility that the following year's meeting will be held, in another city, are major pre -convention seems for the New York State Association of Agricultural Fair Societies. President Langley Collyer of Cobleskill named a five -man committee last winter to discuss the 1962 meeting site. It is reported - unofficially that a location more favorable to western fairs, Syracuse, is recommended. The traditional Albany meeting has often clashed with the State Legislature sessions, putting a severe strain on hotel facilities. The executive committee has voted that advertising will be limited to the doors and entrances of agencies, shows, concessionaires and others. A lobby directory will be maintained through courtesy of Louis Rosenberg of Triangle Poster Company.

47 DECEMBER 12, 1960 THE BILLBOARD SHOW NEWS 47 AMUSEMENT PARK OPERATION 2 Dallas -Fort Worth Spots Close Down for Off- Season 'IWO AMUSEMENT PARKS. both located in Irs.nt. Tex.. beween Fort Worth and Dallas, shuttered Sunday (4) until spring opening, which both said would he about April. The parks are Storyseasons, and Cowboy Town, in its third year, and managed this season by Allan Matthews... Storybook Land, a walk -thru inside a "castle' will with several live animals. had a Boat Ride and live pony ride and surrey ride... Cowboy Town. with replicas of Western pioneer village stores, featured "TV Westerns conic to life" with continuous enactment by 6 to 10 cowboy actors of a series of 20 to 25 shits, requiring about three hours to go thru the series. Rides, all live, include big stagecoach. pony rides, and burro carts. A (cornier train h being added for next season... Both parks had operated on a Saturday- Sunday basis only since schools opened in September. During school vacation both discrete every day. Each also is available nights for club parties Seek National Park Bids; Plant Building 5,000 Karts OFFER FROM FIRMS or individuals to provide overnight accommodations, a restaurant and related services in newly authorized Haleakala National Park on Maui Island. Hawaii, are being sought by Interior Department's National Park Service at Washington, Director Conrad L. Wirth said. It is estimated that a minimum investment of 2150,0(10 will be needed to finance the construction. In the first 10 months of this year, a total of 82,300 persons visited the park, compared with 59,500 visitors during the whole of Offers from parties interested in providing the new facilities should be submitted before March Ling -Temco, aircraft manufacturer with four plants in the Southwest, is producing a racing go -kart at its Garland. Tex.. plant. Leon Mason, Tema) Industrial Division manager, con - fimicd that karts are coming off the line at 25 per day now and will shortly he stepped up to 100 per day until their present order for 5,000 is filled. Jim Rathmann, last year's Indianapolis Memorial Day 500 -mile race winner. has ordered the 5,000 of the little racers, to he known as Rathmann Xterminators. Rutland, Vt., Mulls Talent & Mutuels - RUTLAND, Vt. Decisions on entertainment for the 1961 Rutland Fair will be made following this week's annual election of offiats. Two board positions will be filled. All seven of the large cattle barns were repainted during 1960, as- well as the 4 -H building. In addition some 4,000 yards of fill were brought in to improve the area. Considerable talk is attending the question of pari -mutuel racing, which was approved last November at the polls. The bill provides for a local referendum on the matter, and also for a statewide fund to benefit faim, from racing receipts. If Rutland has the race subject before the voters in nest Match's Town Meeting, and it passes. the grandstand would he faced with considerable renovation to make it suitable for mutuels. In 1960 harness racing pas eliminated. Board feeling. expressed by secretary- treasurer Arthur (Abc) Porter, was that racing has not been drawing crowds and therefore was not economically feasible. In an effort to find the daytime grandstand solution the fair offered thrill shows Monday (Labor Day) and Friday. auto sprint racing on Saturday, non -competitive teen talent show on Tuesday, Kart racing Thursday, and display of Vermont -bred Morgan horses on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. There were GAC -Hamid acts every afternoon and the Manhattan Rockets dancers at night, plus the Kirby Stone Four for three nights and Betty Johnson for three nights. Night business was satisfactory, Porter indicated, but daytime business continues to be elusive. Kehoe Park to Display 150 FOR BREAKFAST Kiddieland Turnout Grows in Chicago - CHICAGO Response to the kiddietand semions in Chicago was no encouraging that even greater participation is forecast for Turnouts at all sessions were up from last year's and the program was considered a good one. Ferd Clemen of Cincinnati's Pee Wee Valley was chairman. An indication of things to corne was the 150 -odd persons getting up Monday (28) for an 8:30 a.m. breakfast m the Hotel Sherman's Old Chicago Room. They were greeted by association officials Bob Plarr, John Allen and John Bowman, and heard talks by Jim Mc- Hugh on things spotted in his travels, and Don Beebe of the U. S. Karting Association. After lunch George Nissen spoke on and demonstrated rebound tumbling, and Joseph Fowler of Dis- - neyland outlined "Imagineering New Ideas for New Rides." Second -day highlights were a discussion on vending machines versus concession stands, a filmed report on Santa's Villages by H. Glenn Holland, and a panel on insurance problems. Bob Gast of Holiday Hill, St. Louis, and Richard Ziegler of Automatic Canteen Company were the opening subject's speakers. The insurance panel had strong representation, with John Logan Campbell, Fred Lauerman, Clem e$chmitz, John Naughton and Charles Lenz all taking part. Several questions were disposed of. including a mistaken impression that park premiums are affected by the incidence of carnival mishaps. Many al Opening Session Clemen said a start has already been made on the 1961 sessions. The big breakfast turnout showed the following represented: Beach Bend Park, Bowling Green, Ky.; Playland, Fort Lauder- dale, Fla.; Playtown Park, Morton, Pa.; Funland, Baraboo, Wis.; Johnny's Concessions, Palmyra, Ind.;'Biloxi - Gulfport Park Biloxi, Miss.; Robert Hammer, Louisville; Bell's Amusement Park, Tulsa, Okla.; Kiddytown. Chicago: Pleasure Island. Wakefield, Mass.; Hot Rods, Inc.: Percy Turnstile Company, Billboard Publishing Coln - pany, Coca -Cola Company; West - view Playland, Waco, Tex.; Jimmy Thompson Enterprises, Alexandria, BOWMAN GIVEN NEW CONTRACT CHICAGO -John S. Bowman, executive secretary of the NAAPPB, was awarded a three -year contract. This action was taken by the NAAPPB board at its convention here. Bowman succeeded Paul H. Hucdcpohl three years ago. Va.; San Antonio (Tex.) Roller Works, Disneyland, U. S. Karting Association. Pee Wee Valley. Cincinnati; Peppermint Park, Maple Springs, N. Y.; Fable Toy Company, New York; Springlake Park, Oklahoma City; Noble Park Funland, Paducah, Ky.; Harry E. Prince, Boston: Lusse Bros., Philadelphia; Philadelphia Toboggan Company; Santa's Village, Arcadia, Calif.: Greenland Park, Hollywood; Fair Park. Nashville; Ross Davis, Los Angeles: Olympic Park. Maplewood. N. J.; Dorney Park. Allentown, Pa.: Taunton (Okla.) Novelty Company; Fantasy Island, Grand Island, N. Y. Enchanted Forest, Chestertown, Ind.; Le Sourdsville Lake, Middletown, O.; Ocean View Park, Norfolk: Allan Herschell Company; Swope Ruzlo, Kansas City; Seaside Park, Virginia Beach, Va.; Lake Winnepesaukah, Chattanooga; Joyland Hillside Park, Wichita, Kan.; United Amusements, Portland, Ore.; Adler Display. Baltimore; Bed Woody, Inc., Wichita Falls. Tes.; Michigan Midget Movies Detroit; Taylor Bros., Apalachin, N. Y.; Keller Manufacturing Company. West Palm Beach, Fla. Danny Caulfield, Anchorage, Alrisl;a. Nissen Earned 1916 During First Quarter - NEW YORK Nissen Trampoline Company's first quarter earnings for the three -month period ending September 30 were $191,- 305 or 51 cents per share, based on 375,000 shares of common stock now outstanding. The figure is up sharply front the same period of At that time earnings were $ or 29 cents per share, and based on 250,000 shares of common (as recapitalized) then outstanding. During the fiscal year ended June 30, Nissen's net sales were $2,285,805 and net earnings were 8266,183. The firm's stock was first offered for sale November 3 by Jessup & Lamont. It is quoted on the Eastern Weekly List of he National Association of Securities Dealers,,1 l;lj(11iic9.,.- i1 Lti The he biggest profits come fyom " best the =rides 'tunnel PLAN AVAl1A BLt Merry-Co-Rounds Miniature Trains Boat Ride Kiddie Auto Ride Portable Roller Coaster Jolly Caterpillar Sky Fighter Helicopter Mad Mouse Mite Mouse 1865" Locomotive Brownie Tractor Roadway Ride Rodeo Twister Tank Rido Buggy Ride ill Car Cat Record Player MerryCsRound Records tape. Ride Timers Canvas ALLAN HERSCHELL CO., INC. EST Clinton St. Buffalo 6, N. Y. Phone; TA "THE WORLD'S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF AMUSEMENT RIDES" WANTED RELIABLE CONCESSIONS for bulldings located on Boardwalk, Long Beach, N. Y. For any kind of legitimate Canes operating for stock only. Rolldown, -Swinging Ball, Fish Pond, ate, Playing to tremendous crowds. Percentage or flat rental. Also linos budding fot Cotton Candy. Portom and Drinks. FUNLAND PARK, INC. 603 Liff.5 tt. Blvd., Long Beach, N. Y. CIVE TO DAMON RUNYON CANCER FUND KIDDIELAND PERMANENT LOCATION For Lease Top location in rapidly expanding armlactnent. and recreation center. llnllmtled pace. would ender someone with complete act of ride, Af Am Interested In Individuals with one rid plena, to 'urn. and bend!.,hear own ride on Ma rem nne location. write or can HAROLD SMITH, 6104 aroknhunt Rd.. indinaooli 10, Ind. Italian Ride Products - MIAMI Two new kiddielands at shopping centers are in operation by Billy Kehoe, and the program shows signs of growth, he notes. One is Funspot ut Cutler Ridge in South Miami, the other at Northside Center. Cutler Ridge, on Dixie Highway Route 1, opened October 1 and contains a Scrambler. Frolic, Schiff Tower Slide, Kiddie Wheel and Turnpike, and Mange's Pony Carts, Fire Engine, Whip and Merry-Go- Round. Northside has a kid Merry- Go -Round and Fire Engine for Christmas and will be expanded. It will pt major rides as well. Kchoe'k parks feature newspaper coupon tie -ins. Some of the rides here operated at Chadwick Beach, N. J., last summer, then were moved southward. Chadwick Beach will again have a park in It is four miles north of Seaside Heights. Three Italian rides will be worked there in association with Rossetto Oreste, of Luna Park, Naples. Italy. Kehoe said a franchise agreement has been negotiated with the Soli factory in Reggioemilia, Italy. calling for display and sales of rides and Scooter buildings at both Chadwick Beach and Miami. Active in the operation is Mrs. Ronnie Kehoe, 'formerly Mrs. Jobn Christopher. MINIATURE TRAINS 5 Famous Models.. plus the new "1865" 5,e m typo with reel smote... dependab's G -16 gasoline power. focal point for theme pork or erc;l:rb Ind train an 0.16 hock. Coot( attendance and publicity. Alta available.. NNE finest Trackless Tro;n. ALLAN HERSCHELL CO., MINIATUaf TRAIN DIY. lion Cimon St. NOW. 6, N. r. P hone: TA 5.t300

48 s THIs 48 SHOW NEWS THE BILLBOARD IT! DECEMBER A Colorful, Informative Weekly EXCLUSIVELY for a Colorful, Exciting Industry Every Week...NEWS as it happens! You have a front row seat for all that happens in every segment of the industry now covered by the Show News department of The Billboard and Funspot. Every Week...SPECIAL REPORTS Timely reports in depth of new industry developments researched by experts, profusely illustrated and edited for fast reading. Every Week...SERVICE FEATURES Complete lists of ROUTES, COMING EVENTS, FAIR MEETINGS, LETTER LIST, FAIR DATES. Every Week...PERSONALS News of people in the amusement industry including profiles and obituaries. FASTER SER I rice In a Bright Modern Format Designed for Fast Reading NEW SIZE.,, Amusement Business will be standard news magazine size -the same as the cover on the opposite page. NEW FORMAT,,. You will read Amusement Week from cover to cover as news stories, photographs and articles carry you from one interesting page to another. NEW TYPE,.. Designed for easy, fast reading with stories edited to give you the important details at a glance. NEW MAKEUP... Following closely the style of national news weeklies like Time, Newsweek with liberal use of photographs. - NEW PAPER,,, No more newsprint Amusement Business will be printed on slick, white offset enamel by the most modern of web offset presses. Subscriber copies will now be mailed from Cincinnati Saturday to be in your mailbox to begin your week on Monday morning. And a one year subscription will cost only S8. Newsstand copies will be dispatched from Cincinnati by fastest planes and trains to be at your corner newsstand Monday morning. Newsstand pate will be 50e. Show Agent Copies will get same fast delivery service as newsstand copies. Wherever you are. your show will have copies available on Monday. ABC Audited - Advertisers will have all details of Amusement Business paid circulation thru audits of the Audit Bureau of Circulation. ONE BIG $2.8 BILLION MARKET Now thru one authoritative weekly advertisers can reach all segments of the fast growing amusement market... whether they are permanently established funspots or travel to a new location every week. Wherever people go, they create needs -and Amusement Business reaches the owners, managers and operotors of the nation's amusements that more than three billion people will patronize this year. The Amusement Market is unique in that its basic commodity is selling "fun to the public for a profit." Families everywhere are its customers. For the past three years its gross sales has been rising at the rate of 6 per cent each year. Its needs range from light plants to light bulbs, from a concession stand to a complete cafeteria, from a complete production to fill the nation's biggest stadia. clown to o Figures compiled by Professor Thomas Lea Davidson, School of Business, University of Connecticut, and Amusement Business' Research Director, establish the annual gross sales volume at a conservative $2.8 billion. Sources for these figures ore three annual surveys he has conducted for Funspot Magazine plus figures recently released by the U. S. Deportment of Commerce. GREATER EXPANDED STAFF This is the team of experienced experts who will publish Amusement Business: Publisher- Maynard L. Reuter Editor -James W. McHugh Publishing Policy Committee: Maynard L. Reuter, James W. McHugh, Robert E. Husted, Frank Joerling, B. A. Bruns News Editor -Charles Byrnes Feature Editor -Tom Parkinson Eastern News Editor -Irwin Kirby Assistant to the Publisher -Marilyn Tarson Assistant to the Editor- Stephen J. Traiman Editorial Assistant -Ellyn Bagus, Alice Lotvin Manager, Southwestern -Frank B. Joerling Manager, Western -Sam Abbott Washington Bureau -Mildred Hall, Delores Newcomb Poe Market Research Director- Thomas L. Davidson Art Directors- George Lundy, Erwin Lebowitz Advertising Manager- Robert E. Husted Jr. Advertising Sales -Robert Kendall, Cliff Strom, William Hood (Chicago) Robert Riedinger, Dermott O'Connell (New York) fry Kattus (Cincinnati) Advertising Staff -Ray Pilszak, Allen Calloway Circulation Director -B. A. Bruns AMUSEMENT BUSINESS The Communications Center of the Industry 188 W. RandC.I h Street Chicago 1, Illinois

49 A sq,121 jo epondacra!afore I!I MA pan pflry IA ILI ed4119.ty.s.a4hopu 116,!H 'PURA 'Im:441p3 Scomono Nothimg 'iaam "Isnw pxtrochlig o sioysqqnd huedmod u!tiswind p,aeocium Mi 40 atirle2cin 4,--t-?4,./.1trzt '10 0. go ft.-_ ssawsn _mamas' nui JIM lvnipv Annuer enssi ism 64 SM3N MONS 011V L I 039W3D30

50 50 SHOW NEWS THE BILLBOARD DECEMBER Fort Worth Circus Ca S. Primrose I CIRCUS TROUPING I Tops 90,000 Paid - FORT WORTH An all -time attendance record of 90,426 paid admissions was set by the 18th annual Moslah Temple Shrine Circus held in Will Rogers Coliseum here, closing November 27, figures released by Dr. A. Ward Hicks, circus chairman. show. Previous high was 84,081 last year. Performances were increased one this year, totaling 17, with several sellouts bringing the average up to 5,319 each performance in the 7,500 -seat arena. A new one - day high of over 20,000 was set by three shows given opening Saturday (19). With the 1960 show barely completed, the Shrine estimated that by January 1, it will have sold 50,000 tickets in advance for next year's show. Walter L. Donning, public HIGH TYPE PROMOTERS With crew. Also Phonemes. Full season booked, Wallace Bros. Circus. Call RAY NYBERG 1740 Second St., Sarasota, Fla. Ringling , Evenings PHONEMAN Ticket deal ending January. wills Maryland State deal to follow, BOB FEENEY 6228 Georgia Avenue. N.W. Washington. D. C. RA BIG SAVINGS New Welle Cargo, Yellowstone. Asien Fan. ncerj Romliter Franklin. Patenoder. Contact m< for tuscount un any make trailer. "Sove Money With Johnny" JOHNNY CANOLE 1861 N.W. lath Ave., Miami, Fla, Phone: PLata PHONEMEN Book. UPCM, Banners. CHR'M. COMMITTEE 171 Gold St., S.W., Albuquerque. N. M.. Phones: Days, CHpel Nights, Diamond No collecte PHONEMEN e T. o eni MP Pa a sponsors. Far placement contact Con s A. J. WIESNER fou Broadway Elmira, N. r. Phena: REOenf tmii P.S.: Can also peace one toanotch Promoter. relations chairman. said this represented contract sales to firms which are buying out the first six shows for Performance here included Izzy Cervone. hand; grand entry; Malko and Zachhini, flying return acts in unique opening position; Vidhel and 011y Jacobs elephant acts; Theron and Frilani cycling acts; Landon Midgets, Henry's Globes and Amandis, acrobatic acts; George Hanneford Jr., and his riding act, featuring Gracie Hanneford, and working with the Manhattan Rocketl dancers' line; Triska Troupe and Great Veno, high wire acts; clowns, including George La- Salle, Bill Fee, Eugene Lovelace, Charlie Franks, Garner Newton, Van Wells, Jeff and Peggy Murphree, Happy Kelleras. and Alfredo, Mike, Victor and Nino Landon. Then came Hodginis Dogs, Gaittier's Steeplechase, and Allen's Bears; Hanneford, Three Eddys and Riccardis, trampoline acts; production number with dancers plus the Rhodin high revolving ladder: Keller Wild Animals, Juszyk's Cats: Georgian Trio (Hannefords) with Roman chariot entry and perch act, phis Diane Hanne - ford in a globe; Tiebor's Seals; dancers: clowns: the Bragazzi Brothers. comedy; Del -Rae Duo, Trudy \Vilson, Greta Frilani, Hope and Rae and Shirley Peterson, aerial; Lemke's Chimps, Watkins' Chimps, and Panchti s Monkeys (Theron); \Vazzans, Arabian act; clowns: production number featuring Betty Pacso on the single trapeze and Roman rings. Most acts and production numbers used here made the new Texas Shrine circuit of Corpus Christi, Austin, and Houston before coming fc.rrtlrnrrsl.,i.,,..;' 51) CONTRACTING AGENT One who known how to book TOP SPONSORS far telephone deals. N. á R. Caroline, Geor[la. Renia. one- For AOLLriy STAR LETTES REVUE" and NAME BAND combine. Pay 3700 per. vcrlfied contract plue 3r:: of crocs per tlat< ac IonR as 7'ou'Te wius uf. 10- PHONEMEN -10 EXPERIENCED, for BOOK. ADULT and CIDLD TICKETS. Room man tasas from ttrwa. Steady Ilu'u Geo. Baker. Ted Conmrn, Jack r. contest ma, gire Ia6l.gets lvnl. Jack Ham1IMn. Smltt 8111 tme ad, Elbe Phanall chane number hare you can be called. to t, Williams. Penn Shady Orate telar Ps. Unfree enreliable, nava your Llene minly mine. and PHONEMEN al Fratern Order o[ Pollee Slaaaekle, Stale of Tenneuee: IR cltln. Year - rourwurk. w'urklnçç Chattmoor1ffa now 1111 F' <b. 1. No cvllccln, no aövance. R. A. tel.) MALLORY CA , ChaNanooea, Tenn. 1af. or Sun.. AL 10722, Nashville, Tann. WANTED FOR FIFIELD'S NICKEL PLATE CIRCUS Ads and Performers for our 02 show opening In New Orleans middle of April. Must have own transportation. Pony Act to featum, must have plenty of flash, also Dog Act, Skatang.8ear, Seal or any otter Act. Can also use a good trained Monkey Act, Novell Acts of all kinds, Trampoline. Slack Wire Tight Wire, Swinging Bars. (No Aerial Acts.) We can use Novelty Acts of all kinds that work on ground. especially Mirembaphone, Banjo. Accordion. In answering remember this: Use typewriter If Possible, state time of act and salary expected. All acts on this show work In clown costume. Will sell two Concessions inside Popcorn, Snow Cones and Candy Floss. Name your best per cent. Also Novelties for outside must have big flash. Name your best per cent, Will buy all kinds of Circus Equipment. Can use 90 ft. Round Top with SO middle Piece, glues and Reserved Seats, Light Plant: Calliope. steam or air; lack Hammer, Sound Truck. Will buy pair of small Baby Elephants, must be henllhy. Address all mall to ART FIFIELD, 515 West Porter, Ocean Springs. t4ississlppl. WANTED WANTED WANTED FOR SEASON 1961 OPENING ON OR ABOUT APRIL 3, 1961 ACTS OF ALL KINDS, CLOWNS, FAMILY ACTS, SIDE SHOW BOSS CANVASMAN, WORKING MEN ALL DEPARTMENTS. REPLY CRISTIANI BROS. CIRCUS P. O. BOX 860, SANFORD, FLORIDA Dies; Trouped 65 Seasons - CHICAGO C. S. Primrose, veteran of about 65 seasons of trouping, died at a rest home in Winfield, Ill., December 5. He would have been 87 on December 13. Funeral services were held at Oak Park, III., his former home, December 7, Primrose began on the advance of the Bailey & Winan wagon cir- cus in 1890, followed by other circuses and a minstrel outfit. By 1895 he was ahead of the J. H. LaPearl Circus, and in keeping with the custom of the times he agented hall shows during the win- ter. From 1898 thru 1903 Primrose was with the Gentry Bros. organization, when billing included glass framed picture panels displayed in each town. Primrose routed the Gentry shots when it played Chicago lots, among other places. He was with Gollmar Bros and He began operation of his own hall shows in First wog "Uncle Si Hoskins." Then came "Prince of Sweden," "Ole Peterson" and "Ole Swanson,' Paid in Full," "House of a Thousand Candles" and several more. Primrose operated as many as 13 shows at a time, With Ralph Kettering, Primrose managed several Chicago theaters from 1926 to Then he joined the Gentrys in an attempt to revive that show. He moved to Lewis Bros. Circus for several years and was ahead of Cole Bros. Circus , as contracting press agent. He filled the same role for Clyde Beatty Circus until In the 1950's he was with King Bros- & Cristiani Circus, with retirement coating after the 1954 season. Surviving are a son, Lewis Primrose, River Forest, Ill.; two daughters, Irene Adams and Marguerite Gerschefske, both of Oak Park, and a brother, Bert Smith, Kissimmee, Fla. MIS WANTED For Our 1961 Fairs Acts of all kinds, including Troupes. Variety Acts, Musical Acts. Acts doing two or more and other Acts suitable for Fairs. Also a standard Flying- Return Act and a High Act. Send photos and details. 1, C MICHAELS ATTRACTIONS Reliance Bldg., Kansas City 6. Mo. PHONEMEN top producers needed. Phones open. Year -round deal. Reload protection. H. TYLER 2847 W. Blh Los Angeles 5. Calif. DUeblrk PHONEMEN Get your Chrislmun BR here. Four-year reheat. eau HEmleck , Groan Bay, Wisconsin Morrie, bet In who know us. Joe or Bobs touch, slap any other. PHONEMEN C'hrlslmas lwsue of only Rtalrwldr Lahnr Pa er. All lowm oawed, plenty uf tapa: vah: CLARENCE BEARDSLEY Ja<ksen, Mus., F 0371 Mlrldfnn M Lone eeo ahglma., UN 1. 71{2 PHONEMEN WANTED Repeat deal. Civil Air Patrol. Town carded, Dhoe ire. 2s per cent collect and pa5r dully. Mora to toaow. Booked schd. Joe Wright, contact. Wire: JACK Can Wegfarn Union ne General Delivery. Lesington, Ky. N. By TOM PARKINSON CHET JUSZYK'S NINE -LION ACT made the Houston Shrine Circus and went over well there and at Fort Worth, from where he expected to return to quarters at Jungleland, Thousand Oaks, Calif, Next definite booking is for Al Dobritch at Detroit. He hopes to work four tigers into.the act in He praises David Dalle, Jungleland manager, for helping him get started. Jzzle Cervone, bandmaster for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus five seasons, with nephew Jack Cervone conducting when tizie was away on special work, announced he Is leaving that show to free lance and "take It a little easier" nest season. Ile conducted Shrine bands for five weeks in four cities of Tesas, and plans repeating an extended tour next season plus e number of circus and fair dates. Mrs. George J. Keller will continue as owner -manager of the big animal act trained by her late husband. Capt. William Horne. for three years first assistant to the late Professor Keller, will wear the white gloves to cue the animals, and Al Lapchak, with the act 13 years, moves up to first assistant. From Fort Worth they planned to move to the Los Angeles area to vacation. rest the animals from nine months' showing, and train for their opening with Ringling in Madison Square Garden next spring. They have two more animals on order, and are fairly well booked for next season with a few fill -in dates yet open. Random House is to publish a book about Keller in January. and Reader's Digest is reported working on a condensation. Hubert Castle visited the Shrine Circus at Fort Worth and talked with a few acts about appearing in the circus program he has fairly well set for Minneapolis February 23 -March 4.,...Hal Sands, who had four lines of Manhattan Rocket precision dancers out this season working theaters, fairs and circuses, attended the Fort Worth Circus... Al Dobritch was looking over the Shrine Circus at Fort Worth... Hans Lederer of the Hamid office was scheduled to visit Fort Worth also.,.. Ray F. Holmes, circus chairman for Moslah Temple Shrine in 1961, spent seven weeks touring Europe in August and September. and looking for acts he wants to import for next year's circus. As in the past 17 years the circus committee will also visit numerous American circuses. Dates next year are November 24- December 3.. Sandra Duke, 19, daughter of Ray (Jelly) Duke, worked the entire Texas Shrine circus route tumbling with Wazzans troupe. the Lowell Kriel, of the Ertel Family of circus acts, was in Chicago for the outdoor conventions. Among others on hand for the affair were Berni Miller and Tom Carroll.... Helen \Vallenda, who used to have no trouble doing the famous high wire act as top mounter in a pyra- mid, did have trouble with less altitude and fractured a pelvis in a fall at home while replacing a light bulb. She is in Memorial Hospital, Sarasota... Wintpey has signed to clown the St. Louis Police Circus for Al Dobritch.. Fred C. Landrus is keeping extra busy with his magical act at Army camps in the South and has been working out of the Jackson Hotel at Augusta, Ga. Gene Plowden, Florida AP man, did a feature about Gargantua. It appeared in papers early this month,. Since closing with the Cristiani show, Billy (Orwell) Rogers and Bill Banks played Texas fairs, then joined Scott Bros. and recently visited Don Rey and Jimmy Goff. Eddie Rogers writes that he had a successful season with King Bros. in Canada, where be was adjuster... The National Zoological Park at Washington recently got the first white tiger to reach the Western hemisphere. Dr. Theodore Reed said it is white with black stripes and comes from India. It is one of 14 such animals horn in captivity. D. Roger Francis, who has been doing promotions in the San Francisco area, will be with the Carson & Barnes Circus next season, bringing several phone men along with hifn,... Harry Rooks is breaking the seal act which Dallas Show will work, reports Jack Smith,... A government report says peanut stocks arm at an all -time high, 1,068,000,000 pounds.. Harry Beck is general agent for the King Bros. Circus. That show bought an elephant from Tony Diano recently, giving it a herd of three. A Famous Cole bull balked at being in a holiday parade at Paris. Tex., and bolted on a 10- block run. Albert F. House, John Phillips and Gladys Emerson Cook were among guests at the recent CFA meeting at Hunt's winterquarters. Philadelphia fans were hosts.. Frank Dean closed his shopping center dates in October and then went to Mexico to appear in some rodeos and to scout acts for possible use at the San Jose, Calif.. Firemen's Rodeo. He also caught the Circo Union and visited with Jesus Fuentes. Floyd King and Neil Berk of the Beatty Show were huddled in New York last week-... Mickey Sulli- van's band will perform at the Frank Wirth circus date in West Hempstead nest spring... Evelyn Currie has her three tigers broken into her new act, also has new cages and arena, and will tour again with Hamid- Morton starting in February. She is breaking four new Siberian tigers to work separately. The tigers are now three years old and weigh over 400 pounds each, she notes from Chattanooga. She also works five. lions and a black lion given her by fife Pittsburgh Shrincrs. Big top romance L9 featured by clown Alvie (Kokomo) Maddox in the TV series. "Tales of the Circus," being filmed in New York by Fredric Stoessel, Inc., in five- minutd sequences. The package will he distributed by Stoessels sales organization, New Hampshire Film Center. A 35 -mm. theatrical starring Kokomo has been optioned by Fredric Stoessel, Inc., "The Magnificent Idiot," written by Maddox, who also composed the music. HAMID QUITS BUT ISN'T CONVINCING CHICAGO- George Ham - id kept insisting at the conventions here that he has retired from GAC- Hamid's fair booking business. He cited as his reasons for being here: past president and director of NAAPPB, five -term president of AREA, a founder of SLR, president of the fairs in Trenton, N. J., and Greensboro, N. C., and owner of Hamid- Morton Circus. But his insistence about the booking retirement lost some of its zing when he admitted, "Of course. I'm always available for consultation."

51 DECEMBER 12, 1960 THE FINAL CURTAIN ARMSTRONG--James F dw ani. 81. one of the oreanacrs of Queen City Oardem. now known as Regina's Exhibition Stadium, November 22 in Regina, Sask. He was secretary of the Gardens from 1937 to 1944 and promoted the drive for funds to inice in the building. u nu *ed is a son and a JROTr +alas C., 58, circus and carnival Ian. at Arcata, Calif.. November 28. Survivors include his widow. Esther; a daughter, Elaine Sarkaria, two sisters and a brother. CAUGHLIN- xlauriee Mickey), former advance man for cir- cuses, at Chicago November 24. Ha was a bill car manager for the Buffalo Bill & Pawnee Bill Wild West Show in 1912 and then with a series of minstrel shows, and later with Solis- Floto. Hagenbock- Wallace, and Ringling- Barnum. In recent years he was advertising agent for Chicago theaters, among them the Erlanger. Survivors include his widow. Caroline. of Chicago. and a sister in Holyoke; Blass. Burial at the billposters union plot in Forest Home Cemetery, Chicago. CHALFEN -Mns. Eva, 72, mother of Morris Chalfen, operator of "Holiday on Ice." at Minneapolis December 2. Other survivors include her hushand, Nate; two more sons, Carl and Golden. and a brother. Louis Sackter. FI.ANNIGAN- Robert, former carnival concessionaire. December 2 in Veterans' Hospital, Minneapolis. For the past 10 years he had worked on the ialnnd of Okinawa, returning to the U. S. last June for treatment. Survived by his widow, Viola; a son, Wally; a sister and a brother. Burial in National Cemetery, Fort Snelling, Minn. KENDALL -- Clyde, 56, for more than 20 years manager of Greensboro (N. C.) Agricultural Fair, December 2 in Duke Hospital, Greensboro, following heart surgery. Surviving are his widow. three nisten and a brother. Burial in New Garden Friends Cemetery, Guilford College, N. C.!''', ä, =3. MERRY MIXER One of the top "money-makers" on any midway. Carbrick Wheels Chairswings Flying Saucer Kiddie Rides GARBRICK MFG., INC. t,w,s H. 6 Lowe A. Galen a C.f. He11, Ps. ra... tm {In MERRY -GO- ROUNDS 1060 lumping, Kiddie size, 20 ft.; tram-age, 30 ft.; adult. 32 & 36 ft. sizes Ka1 die Rides The Ferris Wheel. Auto,, Poly Can. Boot Wes, Music Boast, Ticket Booths. W. also costar' build. THEE[, MFG. CO. Ph. MU Laannc. 6 $preu Ste. Leavenworth, Kanus LEVERE- Frederick E" 86, president of Basin Rock Park. at West Haven, Conn., November 24. He was among those who pioneered the park about 1906, when he opened a hot dog stand there. He was a partner in operation of the Kid - dieland and 12 rides at Savin Rock. and president of the firm which owns the Roller Coaster. He was a 32d degree Mason, Odd Fellow and Red Man, as well as Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. which was founded by a relative of his. Survivors include four daughters and three son. most of whom Jive in West Hasen. Burial at West Haven, MALEC -Nlrs, Joseph, wife of the owner of Peony amusement park al Omaha recently. MONROE -.Fred K., 77. bass saxophone player in the John Philip Sousa Band from 1925 until at Evansville, Ind., December fi. He had oper- ated a music store in recent years. PICHIANNI -Lane, of the Pichianni acro troupe, November 25 in Portland, Ore. At one time he appeared with the Ringling -Barnum show and in vaudeville. POWELL, William J. 51, circus elephant handler, at South Bend, Ind., November 26 of a gunshot wound which the coroner ruled was self- inflicted. He had been in poor health. PRIMROSE -C. S., 86, former circus advance man and one -time producer of theatrical companies, at Winfield, Ill., December 5. (Details elsewhere in this section.) SALEM -Theodore, vaudeville and former owner of a traveling show, December 6 at his home in Jacksonville, Fla. Salem en- tered show business in 1908 and retired in His lent traveled under the name of Little Country Teddy. Survived by his widow, Zora. SWEGRIST- Joseph Patterson, 53, former circus performer, November 29 of a heart attack in Shreveport, La., where in recent years he had worked as a stag - hand. A son of the late Charles Sicgrist, he broke into outdoor show business in 1922 as an aerialist, and during his carrer toured with most of the leading circuses. He was a member of the Masonic Order and of the Shreveport Stagehands' Union, Survived by his widow, Ethel; a daugther. Joanne Day Pilla, and two brothers, Charles and Billy. Burial in Greenwood Cemetery, Shreveport. STIVERS -Mrs. Barbara, 66, mother of Marie S. Rice, concessionaire w i t b Howard Bros. Shows. November 29 in Wilkes- Barre, Pa.. of a heart attack. Also surviving are three sons. MARRIAGES ROSSI- FERRIS- Joe Rossi, circus bandmaster, and Pearl Ferris. Side Show performer, at Huntington, W. Va.. December 2. Both have been with a number of circuses in recent seasons. WEBB-FOLLINGSiAD- Ano Follingstad and Edward 8. (Butch) Webb Jr. November 14 in Pelican Rapids, Minn. Bride - groom is the son of Mr. and Mn. E. S. (Ted) Webb, frozen custard concessionaires. Bride has worked for Wcbb the past Several years. THE BILLBOARD SHOW NEWS Si Ft. Worth Circus Continued letup page 50 to Fort Worth, rho there were some changes at each city. Wardrobe for the closing "Golden Girl" spec together with portable water fountains, large tableau turntables and special lighting wan furnished the four Shrine temples by the Austin (Ter.) Shriners, but most other items belonged to individual acts or local producers. Extensive special lighting for hippodrome tracks purchased last year by each coliseum was used together with a large quantity of black strobe light- ing for 14 swinging ladder girls and the Rhodins high in the coliseum roof. Top pageantry build -up was for the "Beauty in the Air" finale star- ring Betty Pasco s single trap and Roman rings suspended front a revolving crystal chandelier. She performed smoothly and styled and preened to thunderous applause before the multi -lighted water curtains, revolving tableaus in end rings, all- performers turn -out on the big track and fireworks closed the show. Business opening weekend included 6,00) children for the Friday (18) matinee and 5,000 open- ing night. Parade was held down town at 10:30 a.m. Saturday followed by more than payees for the matinee and near 6,500 that night. Three performances were sched- uled Saturday (26), with a special 10 a.m. show bought by Worth Food Stores, which also bought the house Thursday night (24). Other advance sellouts were Sunday night (20) purchased by Bell Helicopter plants of the area for employees and families and Tuesday night (22) bought for families of Leonard Bros. department store and related industries, ranches, etc. For Wednesday night (23), Texas Electric Service utility bought all balcony and box scats, leaving only a few hundred for general sale in the 7,500 -seat arrangement set up in Will Rogers Coliseum for the circus. Professional staff included Robert F. Atterbury, general director; Charles Basile, ringmaster: Phil Escalante, master of properties and Ray Miranda assistant; Andrew Castle, rigger; Lee Kidd, chief electrician: Bill Speers, electrical designer; Dorothy Canova, choreographer; Mike Malko, assistant on production numbers; George La Salle, producing clown; Eula Shelton, wardrobe mistress, with Mrs. Van Wells, assistant. Uniformed prop men marched out for introduction on big track just before grand entry. ' Aerial ballet girls were Judy Jacobs, Shirley Petterson, Hope Brown, Trudy Wilson, Pat Watkins, Linde Wilson, Joanne Wilson, Susy Reynolds, Bunny Pinzaro, Betty Escalante, Harriett Say, Flo Theron, Sandra Duke and Maria Theron. Manhattan Rockets were Pat Elmer, Terry Blaquier, Sheila Kai - ler, Sheila Howe, Diane Arias, Dee Dirnsmore, Kathleen Maier. Bonnie Johnson, Gale Nelson, Kathy Bergeron, Carol Marszalek, Sheryl Nickerson, Pat Miller, Judy Carr, Sarah Cain and Wanda Rodzeurik. Vidbel's elephants joined the Shrine trek at Austin. Woodcock's elephants, worked by Buckles and Barbara Woodcock, were in for the Houston dates only. Keller's animals cage act worked all but Houston dates. Juszyk's lions and Zucchini flying act both joined at Houston. Hodgini's dogs worked only Fort Worth. Amandis troupe worked teeterboard only al Austin and Houston and also worked DIVORCES HUTCHENS.- Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hutchens recently in Càsrville, Mo. He is operator of Hutchen's Modern Museum. ROLLER RUMBLINGS By AL SCIINEIDER THE ROLLER SKATING INDUSTRY, which has yet to add up all the benefits of its 1960 convention, already is loving plans for the 1961 National Skate Queen Contest and business seminars which the sponsoring Roller Skating Foundation of America promises will be even bigger and better. "The publicity from parades, newpapers and radio and TV, not to mention the enormous benefits of the seminars themselves, was the greatest ever " said Joseph F. Sheveison, vice - president of the Chicago Roller Skate Company, who moderated the business meetings, "and the 1961 convention will be produced on an even more extravagant scale." Reports from all over the nation tell Shcvclson that the 1960 contest and seminars at Bal Harbour. Fla., November 13-16, produced what appears to be the greatest publicity bonanza in roller skating history Thousands of words about the queen contest and the seminars were printed in newspapers around - the country. The queen herself statuesque Mimi Hill, of Cincinnati -appeared atop a roller skate - shaped float in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and the appearance of New York Yankee infielder Gil McDougald at the convention won roller skating important space on some sports pages that roller skating seldom cracks. Miss Hill, 17, proved her right to the industry's royal robes with a queenly gesture that brought her coronation ball to a close. She presented her silver tiara to Karen Rogers, of Ashland, Neb., who overcame the effects of bulbar and spinal polio with the aid of roller skating and who was a special guest of the RSFA at Bal Harbour. The convention was keynoted by Dr. Shane MacCarthy, chairman of the President's Council on Youth Fitness, and was marked by the appearance of Marlin S. Sieg, a national director of Cub Scouting, and Mrs. Bruce Macintosh, for years a national figure in Girl Scouting. Each accepted a 52,500 award from the roller skating Sales Office Relocated By McFadden - CLARENCE, N. Y. The Mc- Fadden Associates office has been moved front County. Road in Clarence Center to a new location, 9J41 Main Street, Clarence. The firm represents several producers of amusement rides and devices. Installation of a new kind is reported by Richard McFadden. The 60 -lane bowling "Funfare" building erected by the Bowling Corporation of America, Reuben Dank - off, president, includes a 10 -hole miniature golf course provided thru McFadden. It is located at Hillside. N. J., and also includes billiard room. two lounge bars, restaurant and snack bar. Elect Fair Officials BRANDON, Man.- Officers of the Manitoba Winter Fair, which opens April 3, are: President, George MacArthur, vice- presidents, Hope Turner and R. F. Forbes; a_ecrelary- treasurer, Alex McPhail. trampoline at Corpus Christi and Fort Worth. Bob Duren of Houston announced first three circuses of the circuit, and Charlie Basile took over the job for Fort Worth only. industry. "Were already working on the 1961 convention which will top the 1960 affair both socially and in industry benefits." sass Irwin N. Rosee, director of the RSFA. "No stone will be left unturned in our efforts to make Ih edition far, for superior." A SNOW BALL Ice Shaver Style and She for Svry Ned Wrli for full pornwlora CIAWSON MACHINE CO INC. P. O. Boa 3 rloelown, N. I. I BIN, _._ 'IT1/B I011' PUMP -IT Pump Awhile * Coast a M,Irt HANDCAR RIDE NO MAINTENANCE ALL STEEL PORTABLE KIDDIE APPEAL OTTAWAY TRAINS CHANCE MANUFACTURING CO Irving, Wichita, Kan. Ame,ica's only COMPLETE Of MINIATUR( 1RAINS EINE SKATING RINK TENTS 42 s 102 IN STOCK AI AU TIMES NEW SHOW TENTS MADE TO ORDER CAMPBELL IFNI d AWNING CO. loss enu,,, AW Alton I vnane, NO mate! WANTED For 1re1 Delnl atee erww f.0. 7SMerc1, 2 lfal want elan Carnival wllh no.ckeu. no i su e tua eead onolas. Admission ol e <Ñálea aosnnú Baova ""nu' eeaiea aide to narra L Canaahan, aeererral `%0. U. oval «e FIWVj, t]]iol tele, no nessi inno rte tae rlahl to r <}rc, u,delú lad.w. PORTABLE SKATE RINK FLOOR 30m 100 h., Ilke new, moats, walk 36 new Aar seals, 50 wed aha. 150 clomp thole. and po,,r cash. Witt wll 011 er port. 324,iw6s06. Ave.. B. C. PAUL roakaenvine, rt..

52 C SHOW NEWS As a "Billboard" for your fountain, this handsome, eye -catching barrel is your indispensable dispenser! 45Collon Oak Barrel in Stainless Neel Cabinet Ills you draw: Finished COKE or PEPSI, Creamy or Solid ROOT BEER, Plain SPARKLING SODA hidedes Electric Corbonolor and Refligerotion System Write for FREE illustrated folder :I MULTIPLEX I Faucet Company 1400 Ferguson Ave., Dept, BB 12-12, St. Louis 33, Me. Man, oc'urers of Bever,. D;spens:ng Equlprnenl Eaclusi.ely Since 1906 FUN HOUSES DESIGNED WITH BIG PROFITS IN MIND.S. + I L IIlll.11[._-fDISL'n,_ ;! Write for Descriptive Circular. - NATIONAL RIDES Century Flyer Trackless Tams Kiddie Ferris Wheels Kiddie 8u s gy Rid. ide mpnyy,. T Cureter The Houses O Steeplechase Old Chutes Cocot er Cars Mirror Mazes Complete K,ddiclends 1860 FRONTIER TRAIN NATIONAL AMUSEMENT DEVICE CO. P. O. Box 488, VAC Phone! AMhorst Dayton 17, OHIO NEW MODERN AMUSEMENT EQUIPME sa -:-:.,f _., ' f' I? le,1 KIDDIE RIDES ADULT RIDES MINIATURE TRAINS ROLLER COASTERS FERRIS WHEELS MERRY -GO- ROUNDS SHOOTING GALLERIES FUN HOUSES CONCESSION TRAILERS WrIt today for complet. catalog. KING AMUSEMENT CO., INC. P. O. SOX 448 PHONE! HO MT. CLEMENS, MICHIGAN ANCHOR TENTS The Showman's Choice Finest mal. - de vn: Eaperlanee. F lemeloll and New Nylon Fabrin. Retl- Blue -Yellow -G roan- W hoe. Aluminum Tent Frames -light Weigh! Hinged legs -Slip hints Rustproof concessions -show Tents - Rids TOPS- binge -Warr Go-ROUna- Goekhsuss Tepa. Phone: Nsrrtson Se193 ANCHOR SUPPLY CO., INC. EVANSVIIIE, INDIANA POPCORN -- COTTON CANDY-- SNO- KONES -- APPLES WE HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED WRITE NOW FOR OUR 120 -PAGE CATALOG 00 "GOLD MEDAL" ALL THE WAY GOLD MEDAL PRODUCTS CO. World's Largest Manufacturer of Coaeession Equlpmenl and Supplies 313 E. 3rd ST., CINCINNATI 2, OHIO High Quality KIDDIE RIDES ROTO WHIP- KIDDIE WHIP -SPEED BOATS -PONY CARTS - GALLOPING HORSE CARROUSEL -FIRE ENGINES Illustrated Circulars free W. F. MANGELS CO., Coney Island, Brooklyn 24, N. Y. ESTABLISHED 1888 AMERICA'S FINEST SHOW TINTS BERNIE MENDELSON CONCESSION TOPS SHOW TENTS RIDE CANVAS BANNERS H" MITCHELL H. (lark St., Chicago "MITC Phone: Ardmore 1 FIeIA Roprsssntafvo: D, UNITED STATES TENT AND AWNING CO. ESTABLISHED Ore. 88 Yean of Specialised Experience. MAIN OFFICE b FACTORY. SARASOTA. FLORIDA N. EAST AVENUE PHONE: RINCLINC Clrcua- Carnival- Concessbn -Any Slae --Any Typo-Bannon-Ride Canvas H. T. 3ESSOP CEO. W. JOHNSON THE BILLBOARD DECEMBER 12, 1960 Carnival Routes Fitzsimmon, Roy: Roswell, N. M., 12 -Jan. 3. Merchants Festival Rides: Nashville, Tenn. Peter Paul Amsa Peter Birlo; Sanford, Fla. Santa Fe Expo.: "'Wesley Clark; Falfurrias, Tex. Scott's, Turner, Rides: (Hillside & E. Colonial) Orlando, Fla., 12- Jan. 1. Sugar State: St. Martinsville, La. Circus Routes DeLock's: W. K. DeLock; Savannah, Tenn. Sells & Gray: Haines City, Fla., 12; Apopka l3; Euslice 14. Miscellaneous Kriels' Kars & Klowns: Evanston, Ill., O'Day, Marie, Palace Car: Calvert, Tex., 12-13; Milano 14-15; Rockdale 16-17: Thorndale 19-20; Taylor Legitimate Shows Music Man: (Convention Hall) Tulsa, Okla., 12-17; (Municipal And) Oklahoma City Ice Shows Holiday on Ice of 1961: (War Memorial Arena) Green Bay. Wis I8: (Veterans' Memorial Aud) Des Moines. la., 29 -Jan. 2. Ice Capades, 20th Edition: (Arena) Victoria, B. C., 12-17; (Coliseum) Spokane. Wash Jan. 2. Ice Capades, 21st Edition: (Coliseum) Charlotte, N. C., 13-18: (Garden) Boston, Mass Jan. 11. Shipstads & Johnson's Ice Follies of 1961: (Arena) Philadelphia. Pa., 25 -Jan. 8. Pleasure Island Cont.,:ed tram ',ace 45 merl)' held by New York businessman Harold Korda. The three owners have substantial stock interest in Pleasure Island,. and Linnet! and Lee are directors of International Recreation Corporation, Inc., builder of Freedom land. One of the first steps the new owners took was to cut the overhead of 272 park attendants to 76, shaving the overhead by 60 per cent. \Vith the one -price policy going, Prescott said, "We began a physical overhaul of the park, creating a new picnic area. parents' rest area and changing the names of rides to shows. For example, Chisholm Trail Show, Wreck of the Hesperus Show are rides. They built a new seat show howl, with stage painting and brightened up the park with areas such as Engine City, Horseless Carriage Land. Magic Land and Baby Animal Land. Among acts headlined at the park were the Three Stooges. Howdy Doody Roadshow Pals, Clarabell and Chief Featherman. Popeye and many others. A jazz festival also was booked into the park under the direction of George Wein of Newport fane. Night at- tractions such as this are planned for next season. which will include strawhat musicals, legitimate shows and concerts. One striking innovation planned for next year is a bathing beach and a wave -making machine which will create Ocean -type breakers 10 feet high. An Outdoor Space Land is in the planning stage. Shooting Galleries And lu:tonal for Eastern and Waster', Type Galleries. Writ. for new catalog. W. W TERPENINU Marine St. Ocean Park, Csllt. Satisfaction Is Chi Keynote mounted to 1 S»- 5,OÚ11 worth of business annually. Pretzel Amusements was again showing its two -story Dark Ride mechanism. Several inquiries of promise were noted. Million -Dollar Pier in Atlantic City will be installing one of the units, and another will be going to Atlanta, Leon Cassidy reported. Thunderbird Jr. rides also sold well. Lighting Exhibitor Pleased Anteing the trade show surprises was the appearance and reception of Line Material Industries, light - ing engineers. A long list of parks, Kiddielands and golf operations wer» interested in increasing their lighting efficiency through engineered installations. One major carnival, noted for its powerful light towers, was also interested. Line was taking no orders but will send lighting specialists into the field. It tied in with a miniature golf firm to provide its units as part of the golf course package. A number of Double Loop -o- Planes fielded in 1960 by Eycrly Aircraft resulted in considerable interest. Utilizing Roll- o- Planestyled tubs without the revolving action, the ride's simplicity and one -man handling appealed to carnival operators. The connection between the trade show's Iwo rooms was occupied by Arnolt's Amanda Water Scooters, Percy Turnstile, and Audio Tours' talking storybooks, all of which cornered much traffic daring the three and one -half days. Jack Pardo,' had his trackless kiddie circus train at the Morrison Hotel for the (airmen's convention, and Joe De Ritis of Spencerport, N. Y., ordered one after watching it in operation, Earlier in the week it has been at the Sherman in a suite. Santa's Villages reported nt the meetings that they will install three theme -car Monorail units at their parks in 1961, and this news spurred interest in the exhibit of the manufacturer, American Rapid Steins Launch attraction, the show features the Great Arturo (high wire) Family; Naomi's globe. juggling and rope spinning; the Roberts. clowns who toured with Jack Kochman's auto thrill show; Johnny \\'elde's hears; Arturo Twins, trapeze, Miss Ruby's dog and pony act: Capt. Bob Stone, elephant act; Connie Welde, tight -wire ballerina, and Speedy Babbs, globe of death. '61 Fair Meeting Continued from page 44 spoke on "The Civil War Centennial" (see Fair -Exhibition Management column, this issue). Lighting C. M. Cutler, General Electric Company, Cleveland, showed colored slides on lighting effects at a number of world's fairs and expositions and John I:. Campbell. Baltimore, spoke on public liability insurance. Douglas K. Baldwin, Si. Paul, spoke effectively on the "Future of the IAFE" in a brief address in which he paid tribute to many past leaders of the fair association. Clyde Byrd, chairman of the resolutions committee, read his report which called attention to the passing on during 1960 of Charles A. Nash, former manager of the Eastern States Exposition, Springfield, Mass., and 1. M. Rudisill, veteran of the York (Pa.) Interstate Fair. It was also resolved that a message of cheer be sent to Glen Boyd, veteran manager of the Springfield, Mo., fair, who was unable to attend due to illness. Following the Saturday morning session, the International Fairs luncheon was held, Transit Systems, The cars will ha shaped like bumble bees. There will be layouts installed in 1961 by Fairways Miniature Golf. on the basis of convention activity and prior orders. Eighteen were built for last season, Frank Abramoff slated, among them an outdoor one at Hershey (Pa.) Park's ice rink, and an indoor one in the Million- Dollar Pier theater building, Atlantic City. Just finished is a course in a Portland, Me., bowling alley building. in virtually all respects the trade show was superior to editions of recent years. In addition to orders placed on the floor, there ara always many sales pending which are confirmed after the winter holiday season, and this practica is expected to be followed this winter, as usual. THE MIDWAY'S TOP MONEY MAKER FOR OVER 30 YEARS TILT-A- WH(RL Add. lots of flash for your midma thrills that make It constatent with lu Ina 'alue3srilr.1177a7.' CHECK THESE IMPORTANT FEATURES: Deauatul Fluorescent Lighting Nem Center Ltaht Column Colorlul New Plouc Signa ba ex Topa d male rara. For literature and Particular. Write -Wire-Phono SELTNER MFG. CO. P. 0. Roo 306 Forbault, Minn. Phone: EDison ROUND -UP Worlds Most Unique Ride POPULAR NONNET HALER 600 ridss pat hour Smpla trouble ln. construction and op.ralioo S.mrtran.r mounted milts for or portable W. FRANK HRUBETZ_& CO., INC uste st. az. Sol.m. or.9oe Phot. EMplr IT PAYS TO OWN 1 J.en3 INSURANCE COMPARE SERVICE, KNOW HOW, COMPANIES d RATES BE SAFE -NOT SORRY CHARLES A,'en/ & MIOCHES, INC "rho Showman's Insurance Men" 149: fourth UNet. North p O Po SI. Petershure 34. Fir Phones S.JtOI- 7-59i4 INSURANCE for the Amusement Industry SAM SOLOMON "A Showman for Over 30 Years" Pit:IXLOn Is..éhC

53 DECEMBER 12, 1960 THE BILLBOARD SHOW NEWS 53 West Coast Shows Sign 5 -Yr. CARNIVAL CONFAB Contract With Ore. State Fair West,.-Coast Jneitided t c00' a' et Pe Oregon! t knoll s tti Ptf. OÍS convention had one more year In en on its Ilya -%ear contract when it rrhrndlyd Ir, 'ropnc.11 a, re- Schafer Inks Fort William Exhibition Replaces Royal American Shows D:\I.I.AS I,se Murphy ha, hcclt After 24 Years nominated for president of the the Stare 1.ur t'ilia,. was presented tu the ttaunu n,n It. quested layion in the program to.upgrade Bobby Cohn, show's general agnus entertainment. With the awarding. In Chicago. Cohn told The Billof life fouryear contract. the carni- board that the Kiddieland area will»l, headed by Mike KrcLtn. has.flue years to run. West Coast hid SI(.,000 as carry out Grimm's Fairy Fade theme. The insinikttion will he portable but figures will he stored at the fairgrounds and not used Ior against aft per cent of the Kiddiehind gross. 'The only other hid was any other date. The tramewolk that of Bainacr Show.. which was will he permanent. Figure, w III graduated but was basically S22,004) he both stationary and ammated as against 40 per cent of the gros,with some in third- diniensi,ni l dcfrom the moppet area. sign and hase relie(. Iustananon Maple said that West (bast pre- will Ix by fair personnel under the cored a model of the area and it show's kupervi,lon, Cohn sand. Also planned are the remn,al.0 the Mix -Up and Giant R,iekct rides ;located on the ground,,nice 19' Joe Murphy Slated by Dallas Club and the theming of '_It portable concessions booths, which are the lair's property. Cohn said that during his visu k' the trade show in Chica- o, foc rides were purchased - -a Dodgent. Helicopter. Super Jct. Mad Mouse and Pretzel. The rides will be,signed to the two units as needed and featured at the dates where they are combined. 1 hose dates are the Kern County Fair Biker Bakersticl.l, anti Santa Clare County Lane Star Showmen's ( "huh.of Fair, Sam l FII( \c,t 1 \\'. \. S1 hafcr's Jose, both in California. 'nth t onorc Show have signed Tex ' here. In plv,de the c i'r at alllaetin114 \I,stn the.i.:!i.tic iii,l I IIrc 191,1 tua tir rire ( :ana,ll.i +, \till tel.i,. -,.., -. I, Ile.rIoil..,,,.I,I,.,t- +I,. ;,I :n. EI,I Arthur. Ont. x111:01, llt,1 lire- Itat,ldcnt. l',.rl \'.,li,_'rll,t.lel,,lt..ii,,i l'..i (,:-._'. _sin' ( Ihr D.,II., ba,ed,ht, Irr.Int 1, Ihe cl.tnadi:m r.ut '.tas,iit. nilll.r,t,wer Iht ",'yf.iml I,d!,",- I,,t:,+t,.di l'r lir!,i "t unz Inks hobilee Ini,.:;1:,t,,, III. I I h: -I,,Id li i,,,i \1,,ri!',i_h, I,...cnllnn h cr. il,tlcr t,placcs R,...1 Amer. ' cc,.,t,,,...i. c.i 1 f l I, - lair after the Ila,tmg,. lacer hod' played the event for the 4'Z44eara. The Sedfmayr -owned sty organization was forced to; Batt icaan Shows at the Books Wheels give up the trait as well as the; Superior. \Vis., annual when at srgnetl to play the Wisconsin State Fair at \111waukec- Schalcr. second generation ow tier of the show, also disclosed that he has added the Tyler; Tex.. and Marshalltown. Ia.. fairs to his 'h I wore and will return to the Cedar Ror'af,, la,, ewenl next year. k I has added a new Twister and I) JgCm to his ride Zinc -up for next sr.,,,,n. New menti-ers are D»,,n:.,rJ Shirks Baziner. Harry I I,c.r, ul Sichrand Shows. has tittered to furnish copies or his new hook to the club ro sell with the proceeds to go into the treasury. Murphy and his committee are busy staking plans for a Christmas party for underprivileged children. The event will he held December 23 on the fairgrounds and plan, arc to have twice the number of partici- pants as last sear. Percy,\bunco is in St. Paul Hospital. Paul Juhlin and G. Smith are recuperating at bonne after heing released from hospitals. WILLIAM T. COLLINS INKS SUPERIOR, WIS., FAIR PACT \t PI R1OR. Wis. -The Douglass r ants' Fair here has s+gncd Nilham T. Collins Shows In play its Auiu-I S -13 fair in 191,1. Seegar Swanson, manager of rho la r, :Inaoun_ed The lair here, which will operate Tuesday thrl ILA been played by Royal American Shows for the past 24 sear. The lutter gave up the contract when it signed to play the 1961 Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee. Swanson said the fair board g,wc the nod no Collins alter conferring with many shows at the Chicago meeting but did not definitely decide until they arrived buck home here, - Grandstand attractions have not been signed but writ be during the nest couple of months. Swanson said. NORTH BlR \IINGHA\I. Al,. Al Kunz, owner of Heth Show, reported he has signed to again provide the midway attrrctiurr, at the Greater Gulf State Fair. \Inhile, in This will make the fifth consecutive year the :how w ill he at the event. Earl Backer. general represent., live for the show, also announced again signing Lairs at M. field. Ks' and Illinois fairs at Harrisbur c. Olney. Flora. Decatur and Alta - tu onl for the various units of :Ise Meth organization. Kunz also disclosed an agree - Kueill in Chicago will bring the Space Wheels back to Harry Bait's Pontchartrain Beach Park. New Orleans, next spring. the huge double. double wheels will open there April 2 and remain ihru the July 4 holiday. A Heth unit will play the :Mobile Mardi Gras next spring and routes for all of the Kunz -owned units me about 95 per cent completed for the '61 season, he said. Kunz and his wile. Esther. will spend the holidays with the oldest Kunz son, Ronald. in California. They'll fly out with a stopover at Las Vegas. He'll fly hack to make the Indianapolis fair meeting and will be represented at most of the meetings in the Midwest.,e., «..,,.^...^^^^^ -s suss s '..,..., r t t WM. T. COLLINS t WANT FOR OUTSTANDING 1961 ROUTE CONCESSIONS Cookhouse that is up to standards of this show and will cater to show people. Also Isar Pitch, Gloss Pitch end Hanky Ponks of 11 oll kinds that work for merchandise., of SHOWS Can place any Grind Show of merit. RIDE HELP Con place Foremen for all rides. Must be sober and reliable and have chauffeur's licenses and references. (No cars.) Also want Tower and Front Gate Man. Ali replies: VIM T. COLLINS SHOWS 801 F. 78th Sired Minneapolis, Minnesota 1 `'Ikt,l l\ B \t: \I S rites from Big State Sinn; winlet San \mina ii.., csersthing is okay after a good.,.,, It,.r., \nna Monte, ow r I,. say business topped the pros n, Lit have purchased,, i III- a\\'hirl and will add,anther dc, cc«in '., 1, Juhn'ly and Cleo Graves hissed n free turkey dinner on I hanksg,ng and the ride hart's presented Cleo with poinsettia plain. l F there at \hwre's trailer park are the Graves, Belle Es SI, e,i '.1 Jinunv Carroll. Mr. and Sirs. Whitey Archer, Helen lank_. B,I ( aryl!. Ras and Bills Henderson, Sailor Oliphant. Jack and \,rg,n,., Barnes lack Birmingham. Joe Santa, Mr. and Mrs. John Faster.and Maria l=uster. Others: Ann Babette, Miami: Fred and Ann Smolt. Iot,s Gentry and [dilie Fiett. LaFería. Tes.: Curler and Bests FA, \\'hitnes. Trs. domes Reeves is confined in Brookes Goners,' I- In,pncl, Ward li -I4, San Antonio. Veteran agent leek Downes is currently selling setting machines in San Diego.. Hy Neitltch is keeping lin,, selling Slate license plates in Chicago Andy Kusin reparus that he'll again have his conce suns on the front end of Heth SI Ands is Irving in Round lake, III., and his son. Jerry. is working in 1.a, Vegas. \et... Harry liant, of the (nth Lido, which wus on Ruwal \nterican's buck -end the past season, enjnsed his ('hicaru sisit. including the Showmen's League banquet. Carmelo,!loran passes on the talk-mint: sidelights that Zook r,.ice during the t hicagn meetings of the Ladies' Ausiiian of the Showmen's c.acuc of Ater ica. r wiling awards from the,miner,chi, tic, hook were I'd \I..., ;,bete Nancy McBeath, transistor radio. and \Ir,. \I.,e Kelly. tamer.,, On the dollar books the awards went as lurllnw,: doh StraIhich. c!c :Iris percolator: Dolly Muscaralla. Scotch blanket \i l,ircd \lalinala Drew was awarded the irieml,h,p anon \laniloil. frail crake. made by t'armclita Horan... The SLA Ausilia ru past prc,id;nl, acct for their annual Christmas party on November 29- Pre,ett were xlac Tasior. t?seisni Hock. Margaret Filograsso, Ida Cha,e. I I,ic \i lit r, Phurl'e Carsky. Lucille Hirsch, Louise Rollo. Jeanette \lattindalc Mrs. Frieda R isen,sail C`.u'ntclita Horan. Guests were Geraldine anti \I,-c siuscarcll,,. 51alinda Drew. \lary l.ou Callheck and Frith, Roach. Francine Jones reports from the I annp,t Ladies. Auxiliary that President Fete Sedlmayr was back in :,i,n after representing the club at the Chicago meetings. She donated.i one -carat diamond ring to he _sen,uay at the bazaar. On'. list Were Monica Bares, at home; Lucille Starks rind Via La- \iais' in the hospital: Flo Pontico, at horse. Mary Cain announced that the Saturday dance was wellattended. with the wah i contest won by Bill and Mary Cain who will compete against nthrrs during the coning weeks. Isis C aughy. presi- dent of the (lover Garden Club, reported on the Flower Queen Din- nor with 'Marguerite Wilson as the queen. The Ladies'.Auxiliary pins are selling welt. C'ltnrlie 8t'nres Info from San.tnlonio quarters of Alamo li'position Sires,s is that those remaining at the hase are I-arry and \4aadlin Nolan. Bill and Bertha Williams, Earl and Dorothy Johnson, font Taylor and Tony Herluglia. Wintering at their hontes there are Lack and Irene Oliver, Herman,,n,i Jo -Fay Reynolds, \1r. and Mrs...l ce Mlarvin, \1r. and Mn George Barton. Jake and Vi Arnodl, Bill Carr, Emma Miller, Joe Murphy, Earl Randolph. Robert :and lady Vogt. Whitey Simpson. Bob Marshall. William and Sofia French. Jake and Maitre Alexander. Sant Blake and A Morris. In Aransas Pass are Joe and Bade Unclaar, (Aven Jones and family and Corkey Jones and family. In t orpus Christi are Floyd and Wilma Stokes. v.hiie the Doc Osborne family and lames and Betts Thom,-,. are in Houston. Vernon Harper,sent to the West (oast. Also m San Antonio are.andy Custer and tamil y and Hot. chat (liston has her cale there. Recent v,sitors at the winter quarter, included Leta' Black. \lave Friedman. Hs mie Ruback, Berns lisrttan. Red C,uherwood and Sailor O:rphauu a recent trip to \labile. Ala., Herman l cires of the Colin & Wilson Shows. concluded arrangements with Jr.,cph Burn, to use his Standard car lia for the I 96 I t Mardi Gras Celebration. I he i "1.i celebration will open two weeks earlier than the 1960 esent. and the opening is set for February 1. Other Mardi Gras ride operarois there will include Frank W. Peppers, who has hooked Deggcllcr Bros, rides for the lot at Conti and South Conception Street. Tex Roberts and Raymond Ci. Hills dl have two lots on Davis.5vente In the Negro seclaon. John Poldem,,l will operate rides and concessions. on a new lot in rear of the I iks Club. George Duzaak still oprrair at Broad and Spring Hill Asc nor. Ride operator Charles ii. Hodges writes that he has le.,'cd one of 'clohile's lots l'or the I961 Mardi Ciras Celebration and will operate six major rides and straight sales concession. Lease was linnl- ized hs Waller B. Fox. who w,ll handle the sale of concessions... Joe Gilligan. assistant manager of the Hunt Circus, wax a recent guest of James Heron in Jacksun,llle, Fla. In years gone bs' Heron and Gilligan were on the Walter I. Main and the Downie Bros. circuses. Heron also visited the King Circus when it played I aka Cut:, Fla. Iller, Colla oy Connie C u n d i f f 5%ilkenleld, daughter of Red and Florence rundill, cookhouse operators, sailed November 12. on the S. S. United 1 States to join her husband, who Is stationed with the Army at Hirlbronn, Germany. They will he (here two years.. Mrs. Red Slater, altho still in Burgess Hospital, Kalamazoo, Mich., as the result of a September 12 auto a cement. iv making satisf.tctory proerc,s and would like In hear from tram Is. After closing the.coma nn Page's Combined Shows with their Side Show and "Tropicana" reine. Mr. and Mrs. Rohr Del Mar visited relatives in Miami before returning to Biloxi. Mass... Hob Dale. The Billboard agent and concessionaire on C &H Antnscmenü, is wintering in Rock Falls, III., where he is doing a nightly act at the Spnrlman c Lounge. He'd like 10 hear from friends, ell yrlmrieler F'LASllß.1('KS: i l l I'ears Ago- -Merle Beam was elected president the American Carnival Association. Ralph Pecker, Dick ( oterean 2 and Sum Peel! nere named s ieepresidcnts.... the Sao Francisco chapter of Shin Folks nl America burned the mortgage un ifs i clubhnusc.. -. Morris Lipsky received a gold lifetime membership card Z from the Showmen's League of America... About 1,0Ú0 turned ow for the 13th annual hanged of the National Shotsmen's Association. Patrick [Roots) Riley. scenic. artist for Cetlin & Wilson. was called y y.^,.,, «a,., strr.«r ;:,.:,.,.,,...ßz,,.; «s.s Irak to acuite deny in the United Slat. Air Force.

54 34 SHOW NEWS THE BILLBOARD SLA Fund Gets $1,790; Detroit Club '61 Chairmen Appointed Nominates Cook - CHICAGO The Showmen's League of America fund for aid to showmen was enriched to the tune of $1.790, most of it from parties held on various shoes. Ed Sopenar, new president, announced. The money. which was presented at the anunal meeting. included James H. Drew Shows, $400; Art B. Thomas Shows, $400; Johnny's United Shows, $560; Heth Shows, $330. and Bobbie Cohn. $100. The following committee chairmen were appointed by Sopenar in one of his first official acts following his installation. ' Showmen's Home Fund. Fred H. Kressmann; finance. Fred H. Kressmann; ways and means, Hal Eifort with Nor- man Schlossberg as co- chairman; entertainment. Dave Malcolm; house, Hadji Delgarian: grievance, Bill Knight: welfare, Petey Pivor with Hank Shelby as co- chairman; directory, Louis J. Berger with Paul Olson as co- chairman: membership. C. C. (Specks) t.iroseurth; niemorial services, Harry Cherniak and John Sherlock; funeral, James Campbell; building, Noble Case with John Sherlock as co- chairman; press, Charlie Byrnes, chairman with Dave Friedman and Nat Green as co- chairmen. Honorary hoard of governors, Ontario chapter. are J. W. (Patty) Conklin; Pat A. Marco, Elmer Brown. Howard Jones, Harry Shore, Kin Rifkin, J. P. (linuuy) Sullivan and Isl. M. (Neill Webb. George B. Flint was renamed chaplain. William A. Hetlich and H. A. (Whitey) Lehrter, tylers; Morris A. Haft, Arthur Morse and Bob Beaudry, cis- counsels; Louis Herman. Q.C., Canadian counsel; M. M. (Neil) \l'ehh, Canadian secretary, and Dr. John C. Havlik, physician. FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE THE FOLLOWING SURPLUS SHOW EQUIPMENT Allan Herschel) 3- abreast Merry-GO-Round, excellent Tond/lion. Painted, ready for the toad. Wooden horses lust painted. In very good condition, with Allis- Chilli-mars power unit, $5,000. This ride Is set up for inspection to our winter quarters. Transportation may be had il desired. Santa Fe Streamline Park Train with 3 coaches and approximately feet of track, compte, with oak cross tin. This train in excellent condition, complete with track. 54,000. Ottawa Amusement Co. Hand Car Ride, 6 can and 320 ft. of steel track, very good condition. painted, ready to go, $1,500. Home -made Train Ride. portable. 4 -cyl, angine. complete with track and two coaches, loaded on special -built 7 -wheel trailer. complete with trailer, $750. Home -made Car Ride, needs work, S2í0. Set or 10 Erie Diggers mounted on trailer, may be booked on show. The above equipment may be seen at our Winter Quarters, Route 3, St. Joseph, Missouri, and 1 will he at the Iowa Fair Convention Dec, 12, 13, 14. ATTENTION. CONCESSION PEOPLE Now booking for the 1961 season. Long roule 01 lairs and celebrations in lie Midwest. Contact BILI, DII,LARD, SONNY ISIVERS AMUSEMENTS 708 RANDOLPH ST.. ST. JOSEPH, MO. PHONE: Agents FOR SALE One Semi -Trailer special built to haul Rock -o -Plane 32 ft long, 14 -ft all -steel Possum new 20 tires, vacuum brakes Built new, last year to y specifications. carrons. One G.E. Search Light and Generator. Brand new and ready to Ito with new factory Paint lob. Complete unit mounted on 4 wheels, can' be putted in back of car One Sperry Search Light and Generator in new condition, mounted on 24 -n. semitrailer with possum belly*. $1, used Rocket Ships for Kiddie Ride. 3 seats and steers, wheels In each ship with sweep back wings. Real sharp looking. $200 for all 5. Write TONY CARL Mile Road, Utica, Mich.. or phone Washington, Mich., Stillwell FOR SALE -EQUIPMENT -FOR SALE diuh-p,occo %T g Scooter, A-1 condition, fluorescent lighting, with 5ranspnrte5sn Two 25 kw _0 volt A.C. Light Plants, ew motors iwa swap for Kid Ride. One Cìrcuf Ticket Wegon and Office combined- Balls on Lobo., semi. Bargain Several Tractors and Semis. Mir to good shape. One Photo Concession Trailer with living compartment. Two machines, cutouts. etc. This is a beautiful outfit. Plenty Of stork. One cemhination Cookhouse and Grab, built on 24 -ft, trailer, plenty of modern equipment Inside. Flashy and well built. Will book on shawl CONCESSIONS' Welchla, Duck Pond, 1 Ball and Fishpond. Plenty of stock, good canvas. Will book on show., All above priced ter quick sole Reason for selling. replacing with new and different equipment, Address II. N. (DOC) CAPFUL BOX 327 Phone: PA Coolidge. Aria. P. S.: Can plane capable Foreman and Working Man on JO rides. Also Show Paint., RAKER UNITED SHOWS New aooklny for 14:1 anon opanlnyy In early Appril. CONCESSIONS: roue clean, da., le Cbrations of all th.,... Inter Ñled N a proven rule o! spring data, celebrations and fairs andin In Oc ober Wt have you SUOWa: Cnn ptaee nny vvottbwhlle family -type Shove. Fun and Glas. Huu+r. small rpn113slaet BID'S Wilt boot o ear two Srafor R1dea not eonfllcan[. FOR SALE: 3 Llaht Tnwera; 1 svhlrlwlnd FTo+a erarhlne. rand on< season; I rumple, t n[ l.t[hte and Ilene rot Octopus. tlncandesern4l Adtlrns: ERNIE ALLEN, 181E SpanE Ay., Terra Haute, Intl. Phenol NOAh RIDES FOR SALE Ill Te, porta,,, Ondgem Ride, In good shape, 30,440 ft. Building, fluorescent lighting; 7 -car T,It. rornpletely overhauled. A -I shape, fluorescent lights. w,lh transportation. Atov rides onced for quick sale. a.srga,n cita e A/111.s Also two Concession Trailers, é.cal, Cork Joint. W. D. (RILL) CAPELL Boa 1175 Phone: PA Coolidge, Arts. HOLIDAY AMUSEMENT CO. Hav e1[h,en of the heuer fnlra wad ecrivi'ona In nur territory. Plavtn[ ( Kansas Clny until Wr F -aumh. then (aun and celebratlorss. Hava nue o[ WeT474: FouAlin In gu Ierrl[prv. Caneeedons: Stx Lists. Backaa, Bln //u CII). Gallrrr, galloon Uarts, tsar Spinde, fbrntn, Novetllea. Tü atrlker. Aitn ntl Ñ'el[hl orte Ball, all Pltrbes sod anything not conrucupa w'e do rot overload. FIELDING GRAHAM, 7415 Slate Lina, Kansas City, Mo. WANTED RIDE OPERATOR With %terry Go Round arid two or Three other main, rides to June 12 -July 23 -July 30- August 6- August 20, all In I( you have Binge can also use, Equipment must be In good condition. Write all details and Elva phone number whore you Ten be called. Write BOX all,, Care al The Billboard, 188 West Randolph, Chicago 1, IIIIneB, at For '61 Prei - DETROIT Frank Cook, coowner of the Cook Amusement Company. was nominated for president of the Michigan Showmen's Association to succeed Robert Morrison. Others nominated are: First vice - president, Harry Stahl; second vice - president, Robert Reid; third vice - president. I- eonard Gould; treasurer, Edor Burge; executive secretary, Calvin L. Lovejoy. Nominated for the board, were Leo Pike, Gerald Gordon, Max Nahoum, Milton McLean. Rex Allen, Irving Rubin, Harry Peltier, Irving Quist, Tint Galo. Ray Sleeper, Sant Burd, David Green- berg. Irving Borker, Elmer Mahoney, Arthur Rosenthal. -I-he nominating committee consisted of Irving Rubin, chairman; Ray Sleeper, Leonard Gould, Harry Peltier, Sant Burd, Albert Clothier and Milton H. McLean. Paul Greeley, secretary of the MSA for the past six years, remains in office. Alex Freedman Signs July 4 Celebration SAN FRANCISCO = Royal West Shows -Golden Gate Shows have signed to play Redwood City over the Fourth of July, Alex Freedman, head of the organization, said. The date is reported to he one of the biggest Independence Day runs in California. Freedman said that the deal was set by Edward (Ted) Levitt, Jimmy 1 anti. and himself. The show will start its second bear of operation in April when Manager Harley (Cuffey) Larsen brings the equipment out of the barn for dates in this area fol- lowed by a route into the Pacific Northwest, Eleven rides, now playing a shopping center in nearby Daly City, are soon to he returned to winter quarters for refurbishing before the opening date. Freedman recently returned here from the Chicago meetings. where he purchased a Super Jet ride to be delivered in spring. Chi Showfolks Install Kapp CHICAGO -The Chicago chapter of Showfolks of America installed Lucian Kapp as president at its annual Christmas Party and installation here Sunday (I I). Also taking office were Peggy Richards, William Hetlich and Sophie 'T u c k e r, vice -presidents; Thomas Coulthard, financial secretary; Louise Emerson, recording secretary; Evelyn Louise Nye, corresponding secretary, and Oliver Englund, treasurer. Directors are William H. Robertson, Lillian Robertson, Clara Paulsen, Hy Ne)Ilich, Ralph Grey, Belva Schrader, Ida Crosby, Ann Lynch, George B. Flint, Rose Shep ard, Alan Shepard. Agnes Kessler, Estelle Flint, Etta Coulthard, Emma Kapp, Dora Ring. Also Floyd King, Morris Lipsky, Burt Van Ducen, Al Butler, James H. Drew, Isaac Chappte, May Adams Stoker. Mildred Cusick, Wilson Storey and Al Kunz. CLUB ACTIVITIES National Showmen's Association Ladies' Auxiliary - NEW YORK First vice- president Ann Peterson subbed for vacationing President Jane Tub's at a special meeting November 30. After Chicago. Jane Tubis will go on to Hot Springs for a month. Installation will Ise held alt the Sheraton Atlantic (old Astor Hotel) Monday, January 9, with Virginia Leonard as chairman and Ethel Shapiro, co- chairman. Mildred Peterson and her husband and Fred) Coleman were cocktail guests at Bess Hamid's Atlantic City home November 25. Helen and Sam Rothstein have left to winter in Florida. Pearl Meyers was here from Grand Rapids. Mich.. for the N.S.A. week of festivities. Tha mother of Treasurer Mary Pendralae passed on in Philadelphia recently. Bulletin Editor Anita Ci. Pineapple is in Toledo, where husband. Johnny, appears nightly at the Conlntodore Perry Hotel. Evelyn Balalsky emptied the wishing well in her Connecticut home. Contents. in a gold velvet hag. were sent in for division between the General and Sunshine funds. Northwest Showmen's Club - SEATTLE At the November 26 election Frank Kirsch was named 1961 president, along with Neva Hiscox, first vice -president: Sam Adelston, second vice- president: George Hiscox, treasurer: Marie LeDossx, secretary, and A. L. Warner. chaplain. Installation of officers will he held in the new clubrooms at ns Eighth Avenue on January 1. 1 he past president's banquet and ball will be held January 13 in the Norslander Ballroom at 300 Third West. WOM Retains Greensboro Fair Midway GREENSBORO. N. C. -World of Mirth Shows will again provide the midway for the Greensboro Fair, it is announced by George Hamid, president. Dates will be September 26- October I. Hamid and Frank Bergen, World of Mirth manager, were here last week for the funeral of Clyde Kendall, veteran manager of the fair. Whitey Browne First Prexy of New Maine Club. NEW GLOUCESTER, Me. - Whites, Browne, Sabath's. was named president of the newly organized Maine Showmen's Association. The election was held at the first meeting of the organization. Other officers are Robert Ross. vice- president; Donald Lambert, secretary; Ray Magno, treasurer; Philip O'Brien, publicity man. Next meeting will he held here in Nev Gloucester on January 9. Fránk Taylor Moves To Chicago Office CHICAGO -Frank Taylor, who has been working out of tho GAC- Hamid New York booking office, will move to Chicago in March. He will join Ernie 'Young here in booking of attractions at fairs and special events. DECEMBER 12, 1960 Bath, N. Y.'s Fair Contract To Reithoffer - BATH, N. Y. The Steuben i minty Fair here will he played next season by Reithoffer Shusys for the first tinte. Pat Reithoffer Jr. and J. Victor Faucets, fair secretary. made the announcement jointly. This will be Reithoffer', first Visit here. The fair, finning August 30 to September 4. has been played its the past by the Jantes E. Strates Shows and, most recently, by O. C. Buck Shows. In the Reithoffer routing, Bath will be played by the unit appearing the previous week at the Dutchess County Fair, Rhinebeck. Renscller County Fair in Schagticoke runs simultaneously with Bath, and will get the unit moving in Irons Watertown. FOR SALE 41 FI. Tandem Trailer Built to haul Tilt. Reason for selling, I have two. S. B. RHODES 1701 Harrison, Amarillo, Tex. Phone: DRake FOR SALE OR TRADE 1956 Seineroo, 1955 Round -alp. Both In perfect shape. Also 1959 Funhouse. ROD LINK 7931 S.W. 16th St. Miami 55, Flo. WANTED RIDES AND CONCESSIONS Her{<on Marsh Dya, Aua. N]7, 1Ye1. Larant caabranon In W scomm, writ. Plena A. W. STRE HIOW 1 P. O. sex w.uknn., Wit Phenyl Liberty 1470 CRYSTAL AMUSEMENT CO. Wants for Fort Pierce, Fla., in town. Lincoln Park, Dec 1 4art. 1, few more Hanky Panics. No tats. RIDES' Small MerryGo -Round or any Rides not conflicting. Deposit required All tephes: cre WESTERN UNION Belle Clade, Fia., rho week. Thank l'on U. L. ANDERSON algae en c. smith snows, tar your nw w11a Terre van purchn. "Sava Money With Johnny'' JOHNNY CANOLI Mgt N.W tarn e. Miami, Fla. vnog.: Pkv ne 1-o]oa FOR SALE OR TRADE DARK RIDE Bunt un tun '24 -n. send trellre. Wul trade for good PLnhous E. L. WINROD Ear 31, Lateo, Fla. Ph... 1V 4304e PÖ E FINEST RS WRITI FOR 1960 OAT! BOOK CIMTRAI Show Printing Ce., Inc MatON CITY, tow

55 DECEMBER 12, 1960 REINDEERS r R1lbber Inflates, s Iambi S " Deer r` Abo f SPECIAL PRICES TO QUANTITY USERS 71. dp. wl,h 11 erdsr CHARLES SHEAR, Inc. WOrlh ISO Roth Row N. York 7, N. Y. DIRECT FROM Costume Jewelry Manufacturer JEWELRY FOR GRAB RAGS esul,lul, Nrll.h Rhlneslnn. N<klNS. 1 HCa le la, RinN. TERRIFIC!LASH Rul lrw1rr. Ne Slu. OunnNd ít.00 RNane n. D<I.n t elylm. Immrl0lah DI.rrY. Only MI nn OIMr S.nutlenal VIw Om. alma Prom/ CrONS, bmld 37se MM'31Rhlneslon Rlnea, bf1g ladle' rldal Rln {/. InIrl oku1i Hood MOH rrinos 8m 0.111, Pins. 1»d 71s 0Pl1IIaK<klan RerNn {s..of..n.oiiä Or,qlil RNrin f.n, SFND FOR NM CATALOO Y Illus. Pats*. O.N 7f! OH. on C.O.O.s. PACKARD JEWELRY CO. 4S W. ISM SI., O1. a, N. V. 10, N. Y. SEND FOR CATALOG OUR GREATEST LINE OF SENSATIONAL PROFIT MAKERS WRITE TODAY WATCHES PREMIUMS PROMOTIONS NOVELTIES CEL -MAX, Inc.` EWÉ RY 552 SOUTH MAIN MEMPHIS TENN 11` CLOSEOUTS! 1: PICK -UP AT FACTORY! ; '.. PRICES CUT TO BONE! 5 rr M A Musts a: S I,. ONnI 74 Rintlem e, Sus Corn, Tí,r at 3f' Plush Comae Man d :- S SyHuee Plush Dom. 500 d, SPECIAL DEALS FOR BIG USERS! PRO CATA LOO -,A0 N1w T:,.- IVSh, FN<lin. Ase<h. e,i, COMMISSION RIPS WANTED CA TOY 330. ar I IttittitItitul1ItItlmtlllllfltllllllt11 i M. Y.0 S wdauv ANAL... A...t 1010 SOLD OUT Thanks for your wonderlul response to our ALUMINUM CHRISTMAS TREE lb N COOK, Im. ckkar. 7aylw.. r.l.,,.n G N Nef C os. Our la:am.?nnl ttl ll ll ll uunnlnnlnln tun ll plu,. BEST MERCHANDISE BUYS Communications I. Ill W. Randolph St Chicago t, III. THE BILLBOARD 55 AWNW1 now mrchandiie for tomorrow's.. parade of hits Wt. ANA WN544/ 45ti 1N51114MKNtt NNV011NbNWMHAMVHWW LIN+ FOR LISTING SEND NEWS RELEASE, GLOSSY PHOTO OR DRAWING TO'. Parade of Hits, The Billboard, 188 West Randolph, Chicago 1. MODEL PLANE Model plane eliminates costly crack -ups. Flight trainer, scaled from a World War IT model, is powered by an instant -starting engine. In regular landings the plastic parts separate for rapid reassembly with rubber hands. Retails for $9, - Thimblc- Drome, 9538 Brighton Way, Beserly Hill., Calit. CHARMS Line of charms includes ones for all occasions. Birthday cake at 54 is typical. Includes Christmas theme charms, such as heart with two tiny hells inside at S18; Santa Claus in the chimney at 5I and Santa in a sock at $3.15. Come in both 14-carat gold or stainless steel. - Carl -Art, Inc.. 95 Chestnut, Prnsidence, R. I. 0 POP GUN Pop gun with a "bullet" that is attached to the gun. Shoots 12 inches or 40 feet. Unbreakable. easy to load and easy to shoot. Complete with ammunition. Retails at 69 cents.- Kustin, Inc., Nashville: BRAID RUGS Rug braider that is said to create a smooth rug in only one day. Work with many different types of materials. Is self -adjusting and does not jam. Retails at per set. -Fred S. Cummings Boardman. St. Louis 39. TOTE PIN For carrying shoulder sit l' handbags. Item clips on shoulder of coat or jacket In such a seas that its pins automatically lock into place. On and off with one motion of the hand. Strap from handbag fits into clip and cannot slide off the shoulder. Relals for SI each. -Carri Pin. 244 North Wisconsin, North Massapequa. N. Y. INFLATABLE TOY Bobo can he punched. jumper) on, wrestled with. Inflated clew toy comes 50 inches, 39 inches and 27 inches tall. Retails at S4. 53 and S2 respectively. He always bounces back for more. - Doughboy Industries, New Richmond, Wis. RACKS Line of racks for many purposes. Utility rack, belt ring, four-tier trouser rack, tie and belt rack or tie rack. Retail from 59 cents up to $1. -Ekco Products, Chicago. LABELS Method of identifying eyeglass', or sunglasses. Tiny gold engravings can be affixed easily to the temples of the glasses. One strip shows name and phone number; the other the address. Retails at 35 cents per set or SI for four sets. -I -Dens. 789 Washington, Scarsdale, N. Y. WHEN YOU REPLY, PLEASE MENTION YOU SAW IT IN WI ARE THE BILLBOARD PARADE OF HITS MANUFACTURERS ALL KINDS PULL TICKET CARDS TIP BOOKS B iseb 11.L BOONS st vets. vets se enable prk3. Phone WheshnE -CEdar Columbia Sales Co. 307 Male St. Wheeling, W. Va. You Cant MIDI Finding Many Bargain. In the Classified Section, this issue. 55% ANI/AANW AAAIAAIIIANINAAIN XMAS SPECIAL LADIES' A GENTLEMEN'S Wild Watches ELGIN, BULOVA. BENRUS, GRUEN 1961 Styles Guar. Like New FREE! CATALOG ADULT GAMES JAR TICKETS MATC..PANO TIP BOOKS SALSBOARO6 PUS. CAR09 RONDO end asino 'EQUIPMENT Comptes. Supplies - AI n 41sK Let Ace GAMES Waage. dsd Caosel Nationally Advertised ELGIN BULOVA WITTNAUER WALTHAM GRUEN BENRUS Watches Li 2600A( FREE eilt youf erde IN N *MORI MEN'S and WOMEN'S NEW STYLE WATCHES Special Choice Lot ' cr $39.50 for $49 Nrw Gsesl Nr FKsl wll fiantlera.rantl.l S.eull! lo r Ilke newt wnp41 wti amenbands. ]3. mesh wlih order- bslence C.O D GENUINE DIAMOND IR the Rough NECKLACE Nand set -ta hoer sele.a1ied <n.ln. LOH.. Ilm onrv. CLOSEOUT SPEC! IL: MEN'S JEWELRY SET Cuff Link., rie Slide. Money Clip Cold plated, Porteci for n OravinI, AllrxtlYrly 6eed. Rog. 56 Doe -NOW TIIIF DOZ. Send for LATEST FREE Catalog ana :for :,mon on SPECIAL SPINDLE DEAL 12(5cc Pefe ErtfeJtptises, grrc W. NORTH AVE. CHICAGO 47, ILLINOIS EVERGLADE BUYERS' GUIDE Gellap SEND TODAY FOR YOUR FREE COPY OF OUR GENERAL CATALOG IT IS NOW At ells. IIt1.P niu,rra11no In Oretrt LIn el..trlea 1 n Demtsli Navaho end Nal Len Ily lsrd Nms n Ms. hand H, In c'udrne Neuseweret. ElrcN is AP.II llwelrv. 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56 56 MERCHANDISE THE BILLBOARD MANUFACTURERS - WHOLESALERS "BUY MART" MERCHANDISE DIRECTORY LETTER DECEMBER 12, 1960 LIST í..11n end oaekagea ddrevaed la brie. In core of The Billboard will be dyeml.c.l In Ma Ilel two Ilnie only. 11 you orw having mall addreurd to you to our ear-, look fur your n nu EACH WKRK. T. b. heled In following week, luue. mall nit. *seek C litelnnall riffle* by Tuesday morning rre.1.." 11,..FRS INDIAN BEADED BELTS NICKEL SILVER BUCKLES CONCHA BELTS TOOLED BELTS, WALLETS TOOLED HANDBAGS GUN & HOLSTER SETS Attention. mete title w holc ne era L Taira a t -41u7 n.sit'e mr. ad wil mu wv tn rfdwer 1T,.1s NOVELTY CO. aaari l res r TH ST. DENVER 7, COLORADO WE OFFER Y8U: 32 STYLES OF MEXICAN LEATHER BAGS. 8 STYLES OF LEATHER WALLETS, COIN PURSES. LEATHER teen GUN BELTS, SERAPES..207 LOWEST WHOLESALE PRICES! Writ for order sheers. MINER CO., Box 718, Nestor, Calif. Buy Direct CERAMIC NOVELTIES La tie, suppllcr of noveluer. ('LOSE OUTS OVER. RUNG - Salta i 17s." a. 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Ohio IMPORTERS- WHOLESALERS Mechanical roya - Novelty Hats -Balloons -Jewelry watch Seta for Carnivals - Fa1n - Parka - Resorta - Cirrus. and r other ^SENti FOR PRICE LIST A HARRIS NOVELTY CO Arch St. Philadelphia 7, Penn. Phones: WA and MA HERE WE ARE McDANIEL CATALOG SALES CORPORATION I5 West 79th SI. Chicago , Phones RAdelrffe * JOHN MCDADE * LEO SEYMOUR * CLARENCE BALLERAS Sendd fa 'W.v íi960 III FREE oted c Ìe1ó16 HEADQUARTERS Par II type: of Party Favors and 7 n a n a M1w <oj6ul o ViSil OUR Occoeionf. ln OT a od f Pwih Favof pricaa. NEW SHOW ROOMS. GOOD PARKING. RODIN NOVELTY CO. ltaj W. Weh,neton Blvd., Chicago 7, III. Phono: CM 240E0 COLLEGE PENNANTS WHOLESALE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Made fo Order -Fail Setasr. PERSONAL NAME E'.!RLEm, America's Best Our 0,gmat Shield-Over 3)S I'i.r,, T- SHIRTS -SWEAT SHIP.TS. Jobber to the Trade Quality K ^.1goods From Our hl,11 Woo co,ro1i isiopint; Veit* tar rn,a_h t.,,.. vo:i LnIterbcad. J i N COOK, Inc. chic,0 7,v IÌ1. KEEZER MFG. CO. OPERATED A MANAGED BY JIM A Plaistow 222, N. NAT COOK H. OUR ONLY LOCATION. WHOLESALE NOVELTIES AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE For ()solar*. Premium Users, Novelty Men card Concessionmrs. Write for Your Copy of Catalog %160. SIMI Your Business LEVIN BROTHERS INOXs cuwtoso LUG T AVTL IND OUR MERCHANDISE GETS ACTION eu We In,. and headhara for Indian', 4116, rjwirv, NevlIho. seeded souvenir., etc. PRIE: Naw Illr21.1 Coto 1ai na ICe THUNDERBIRD PRODUCTS ( Ne. Lincoln Av. Chica 14, 111, NEW STYLES Watch Ensembles for BENRUS WALTHAM Ladies & Men BULOVA ELGIN GRUEN WITH EXPANSION.AND RBC ONDITIONID -G V AR AN T[ [O Are made to sell fast. WRIT. FOR PRICES Write for prices. WEINMAN'S 4..Y Free Wholesale Catalog CONTAINING Expansion G Photo Ideals Heart G Di c Pandanrr Aluminum Chain Identf Runes Pins Pearl. Closeouts. Etc. SEND FOR YOUR COPY TODAY Please afatt your business. FRISCO PETE ENTERPRISES. Inc W North Ave. Ch;caeo 47, III. 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PANDAS LINE OF XMAS TOYS AND DOLLS BELT. SALES CO. te/ 30 HAL 4749'{ T. CHIC A00. ILL. Phon: 11Ayn.rket OPn...VA Until a ` PJA. CEL -MAX, ins. SO MAIN ST MEMPHIS, TENN. WRITE FOR 1960 FREE CATALOG of ' Guaranteed Elk Nw REBUILT WATCHES DIAMONDS -MOUNTINGS Guaranteed Like New sires, mode I s and prices, Write for free catalog. TO ALL WHO USE THE LETTER LIST 1 lie Mail T-orIlu'ding Services of The Billboard are rl Consolirlillcd in the Cincinnati office. All mail sent Io the Letter Zeist for forwarding to showittm should henceforth he addressed: c o Mail Forwarding Service The Billboard Publishing Co Patterson Street Cincinnati 22, Ohio Mail no longer will he held at the New York. Chicago or SI. Louis offices_ Mail addressed to Letter List in care o1 thew offices will he forwarded to Cincinnati for handling. For prompt forwarding of all mail. showmen should hove Ihcir current address On file with the Mail Forwarding Service 111 C or.i 1nat1. As in She past. nail addressed to those for whom no address is on file will be puhtished in this column for two issues only. If not claimed one week after second publication date, mail will he returned to sender. It is espected that the concentration of this service in Cincinnati \(ill speed cnuununicálions between transient showman and those tr' im_ to reach them by mail. I CIiRISI'MAS \1:111, L>ua,rr. ii.7. irk In mailing Christmas greeting 1.>l.o4Rr HI.116,6 X cards thnt The Billboard's Mail Lamnen, frank Slrr. Forwarding Department, please re L.Ie1nnro.rim a member to use 4 -cent postage to t.rayul. Tot ". I.< 5%1;1 Bert assure forwarding. Postal rcgula- Lr,. Rob lions do not permit the forwarding :r' ii et. Oeun of Avail carr.s ing 3 -crol postage Iorennl.0 Lr,, row +vift ut Ille +s ntent of another Irhlnan a, tf krvhh P' Lrnn,ra. RobA, postage fee. Lrrilp i, M. Lrrin. n+ >uri MAIL ON HAND AT CINCINNATI OFFICE 2160 Patterson St. Cincinnati 22, O. i. emhelal Lml <u Leos,. 7ho Loper, Pet Fn:rl,h. wnr. J Lipnrl. Samm 6 Irr Ilrr:er. 71r-. nor/a Evan., Slel'I MrKclrey EU MIDWEST WATCH CO. So. Wabaf Ave. C hie 9e ). h 111. Fg*IS. Chnrler +IrKtlst>-. Jeronle rjspecks imllr;e liiii<r'ar Frrinctou. I/erberl W w oison, Chhartar <lowal Mclütur/f, Kenneth \nderson Ces /'. fievbes i ranle turf/. hlrlry M WHOLESALE I0U> S]i`1ael re F'vul. CIlar:e. J. 7trnlan.n..loe,. Sam Ftenrin*. Ï'pm McWhorter, run /, Mn. F+av, Onn IaHn MERCHANDISE AND NOVELTIES 11Urothw Followroll. I.eonard SlönleY. Harold A. For [on ceaflenains- Neve11Y Mnyntin, ßndds' M. Marlln.!'rank LVaOOn lobbrf -Pre cam Vse ra- A9tn1 -AVC- +ter'ire C. Forkunl, w'i11{>m G. Martln. lce R. \swr Fornier. Franres l/aatrno. nlhony Lonetrf, It, R..ker. Lame FrAneta. Ilu+AI MalchetCSNy i SEND FOR OUR FREI.,Yrr. Ruben Freemun. yrrddle A Tenaa Bakw. r GE L CA n sn ^ Stn. MellhewIror1.i Gallo. Cenrce i kn alrr. rr b *rl PI Illcuhl rnadtilsn a imn er Inn l a [e a / w' Y omue r ßarhlln. Fm ydltl tall` ".,1, enh GELLMAN BROS. Baaird. F7Der1 1.1ogd ra1ya. 77n,ri[ M:IIer. es E. Ile No S1. Minneapolis 1, Minn. BAI, ß11I Gnod, Troy'-Lre xíllr. Pnul V. ek A rburyn Millrr, Ralph R. i BAI. \am Ilusell 1:406r1ÍIt, /:rnrc< ntr. Purchase your Sue Helrlley. Tommie Gnree. Junes & Mitchell. N. R. G d Berg. nun. (:Nahode Mr, Monahan. Vlncent Cone Machines direct Been stelle. Not r:urmn. I A ISr from manufacturer. All rnnel. B,IIId1' rim. gá f SHlraay e r.ram,nne. w R,erbaunt, éb lloreau. 11 Lornr Ilnraan. Sllelh+ J. nh,t Murrn.eT', Johll Pnrl.moutll SAMUEL SERT JHrOiI'+Ir ylulleu. Rddle 1 F MF6, CO. \I..aLrnroe. Jack Iicr.rlh Slurr. ChaNn. P. 0. lee 7803 Naramorr, Lbarlb.1 W h Sln. Falr Park Sallee ñré ` Nanrer,.lame. L, Dallas. Taies Pmr+, dee' ell11u.. BoD A-' Nela<r, C:Irn Nelson. Jlm '6. Maadlnr \rw'comer. [.esyln E. REBUILT WATCHES Ihv..,,I Nichnl, nin. Our Specialty.1npl e.nrrie. nlll urlrka. s1r*. Peggy aulova. BENRUS. CRLIFN r' + in.,ii rtirr. l\'m. Dliirr. JneK ELGIN. WALTHAM. HANtL'l'ON, (\I Lrnnr, u.1,ri,mr. r>rn a 1.ONGJNE. METI'S or LAD45'- III A flawnrlh. Jnc Sln WITH SeCar EXPANSION BANDS. yl^ II.IIrI' Jr.. L*p r:.dtn. Ilnbvrt Fr 1arkrr lom wee nn NOT Ulr WOrld'r Larle.l CUTIIC* rl Ilrndennn. E. (:. &' IThralrlol Rebulldera. HUI' WE AR! 'CHE Carter Mr,, rhuhna. nusfr Cat n \yorl ter It frm, inrr Itennelh Send BE STI Irr price lll (ar Hlihiowe, If. D. t.,ncln, Nn. Ncllle,....._. Pn<r. 411rc Aunc CEES TRADING COMPANY, INC. J trice. Roncrt 1)44 S. HIHed 31., Chluvo 7, 111. When In CNraa4. Halt our Claudel I, avltle.9n1u'a allowmorru. Code. Ed... A. wl e. Evelyn lllnvhbcry Op*n Sundae. Cle Jimmy Cw'In Jr.. yyerrell flhban._ri) Conner rnlrlrk IP.i1i Corm.; Conwa.', 11 J. per. A71a 1 on*. Dan ARTIFICIAL FLOWER PLANTS Courr.irons Cntlrlin. C'UY, An XMAS CORSAGES tromi useuo clulrererh*ed. MAX BERNSTEIN H & B FLOWERS BOX 546 GRAND RAPIDS. MICH. Phono: Glendale Buy Direct! Fabulous MINK STOLES fuaarb Autumn Have Natural Rn Ch Emb* Sllvrwhe Ovaldyl for LownWholta11 Pricer. Dot.. 10 ROSE FUR CO. Wert St., New York 1, N. Y. Crnden. Cran Crowe, I+arrle. f lin rnel U.IVerrlro r A tic Vl fcaibjuei1, w'ii111,m Ratr Hbrlv Kwul'Nnarl. PJ1Sirr Itrc![r Jr.. ('harlmr4 KM r. Kru Klan Kiel Earl `ìr h en Kllnrl re nnm 84, rl 41I1Rassa coi Vat N here", lou Are... You'll Find?limey e/ Your Need. in the CLASSIFIED SECTION this issue whew a+la+lieri+lf, ads..n SAY YOU SAW IT IN THE BILLBOARD! Mn.

57 Merchindl.a. DECEMBER 12, 1960 COMING EVENTS Mabima Calternia Maat. $p4a. s S psuarmww. Jaa , Cakt. "Mt WNW oats!, Jo*. taeditarnml, R, Ota0 llama Rape tuen,ta Nadi. PN, IW/. S. DINO pea FtWItals.-Oatannt Notare Halsrama Ode aril. JUL 1.14 ENS" IBgeas - Ban P lnchie0 National Deaf Wow.Cow Pa1FW1. -Paw f1,,eitrrf TBuan Chinn Chit grein amt. Teekel Welt /a Dar Show /r 02rrromdrl. JeA. a -.. B60 Wrthlmer, 1027 N. Pat11N Ave, Septa Orua Connecticut swum* TeaMasai Autorama dn. Amery!. Mb Joe Kla1a, Autocamp co',-. 1 Weda Park Drier, Nilford. Florida lletawm - Cut Valle! Created ehow. P.b. 73 -M. Mote B. Smith, r. O. Boa 397 NrONew -Ninth P. Lirseleek IOhos A eels, h0. n.2$. O. R. Handele Jr. 11fam1 -Mil Pbrrlio A Sports Car show,dlabor Rey And,. Pub N1I -taternacbnal Host Snow IDlnner Rey Audl, Peb P4E 17 Le /hon- Georgia Ai?anta- Sout...t Soot SP. i derail. 'Show INunitlpal Audi. Feb. 24- Mareb 3 Idartlp P. Kelly. Illinois caseu0-- Chk$o Auto (Vhs deco Center), tika o -Hubby industry Trade Snow Montt NWrtwpt, Feb William L. NacUlWnd Jt Sfo- taternatleaat Sparta, Saat A Vs-.$Ih,o Show INevy Pleat, Jell ?rock Hogan. Indiana etb,1 Wayne -Rod A Cullom Autorama (Alien Ce Menuntal Oollctuml, Dec sui!jokey and Nerd Krwekopt lnnirmemitts - PbodA -Rama Idpesltlon, March 2PAprll I Phil A. Irwin Jr W. till. SL Kansas 'lohn*. -K Oilmen Sports, BONI h Tr5011 P1,n thron B011.L Pea 7-IO. IL O. larlge.alter, Kentucky oow- Realucky Sport, Boat A l'ira - slm Show ICI Put h Napo. Center), Peb. I11-24 William H. King. Louisiana CC.,rtroa- fouhlana Pur A Wildlife Peal. '.I. Jan Jerry Wise. Boa semen -al. Mary Parish lair h LIYers,.-t Show, Feb. LI. P. A. Swann Jr., p 0 Box 112. Leu Charles- AOUtwnt Dist. IJoOoIoat Slaw Rodeo. Fob John L Jackson, Sue MK4Bachu seas 5.1.-New Knaland Boat Show audwrallh Armory1. Peb.!artel!. Michigan ICem Frank B ay Otty-Bay City Poultry show. Jim ben w Lau, e0and BL air B41 City Mean Show. Jon Robert , 001 B Arbor. Detroit -Detroit Boat Show tn.lunt, A,o,Oryl. Feb Lae T..ning- Mtobllaa breeders Show INNS. State bniyereltyl. Feb, 10. e C Culle, 202 Ag Hall, Mt, Grand ItApfdt -Wal Mich. lreetock Show, D Wm. Rupp. 728 Fuller. 0.5, Orsod Roplda -Wert , Spools A Boat biro* doll Aut), Feb, 20JS. Jack Leeks Minnesota NWOneopolla-Opper Mldweat Auto Shoe 1 ral01, Jan. e -15. Meg Winter. Missouri S a:.ta Clly-- ICaos.. City Boat, Sports A Tram! 51.0* IMuolctltsl Audi. J.o. 2T- PYb. et Louie-St tools Boat, Sports Fe Var - t:on Show IOJ,O51. Pub, Wendell KEN HACKETT.. Is pitching jewelry in the H. Gran store on Broad Street, Au- Fusl.1, Ga., and plans to remain there until Christmas. During the past summer Ken worked gadgets thou several Southern States. AFTER... a long silence. Madalinc E. Ragan pipes in to report that she recently rctumtd from a hectic trip to California and is currently visiting in Wails, Mim., with Frenehy and Sally Thebolt. `Also here visiting," writes Madaline, are Tip and Lil Jlallstrom. Frenchy has quite the Tiled business and, with Sally. is operating a clothing store in Walls. Their daughter. Carolina, is getting beauty shop ready for operation" Other hits of info passed on by Madeline include the following: Ner hubby, Ray Herbers, currently Nebraska ORIO0 -Omaha Boll. 8pn110 k Trim') ahbw IetuMClpa1 Audi. rob P. W. K anter New Jersey Amory Pork - Jener 005al Bnat Blew,Conrratloa Milt, Feb Jerry ammo. New York Buftilo- tullelo Boot. Trasrt h Sports Show 117OIh Armory!. Feb Kearo K 5400,0der. u OBWtead Crr Serer/Woo Shan JTa4nd Gerden,- Feb Ruse Coin New York- Netlnnel Outdoor Expo!Coll. aeaml Feb Btdnry Panzer and JIM Harlay, Roonmter -Rochester Auto Show hwar Ma- OWi.1 Audi. Jan. 71 -lob l B Yrecu1-- STrcu.r Auto Show tutor Mamote1 A.,dl, Jen North Carolina Chulorte - Sponamen'a Motor Beet A Vac.. Winer of elle Carnllnu 'Coli - arual, fhb, P. L'an Horn. Ohio C1o,!ond- 14ld- Amertr Boil Show rpublle HsUl Jan lrvlog Columba& - Columbia Despatch -Stet Soet 5hew IVettrao5 Memorial Feb Thomas P Shutt. Toledo- Toledo Home A Travel Show /Cute Audi. Feb t -02, alit K. Tarloll, 441 Sp114ar Bid,. Oklahoma Otiaboma City- MIdwrat Boat, Sport A Trawl Slaw II'.I15rour.11.'. Feb Ject Wr11ht, 1719 N. W. Oath Bt. Oregon Portland- Portland Boat h Sporta Show tpaune Intl. Reno aldg t, Feb Jack Matlack Portland- POrtiand Bost. Travel A Sports S how IYemorlal COIIAeutnl. Feb Tern O'Laughlin Penns) iv'ania Allentown- Allentown ß1r. Sport. Boat h Vaeenon Show lfalraroundsl, Feb. 1i -25. Wendell MnrleR Harrltburr -!Fant Reorntton h Spon5 Show!Perm Show B1dt1.1, P.S. 4-11, John Allis.. Philadelphia -Philadelphia Motor Boat A Sportsmen'. Show IConrentlon Peb orch 4 Clinton W Bm ullen. Plttaburgh- Plttaburgh Sporte, Sal, Teeret A VaraUOn Show 'Runt Armory,, Jan- 14-7, Peal M. Watete- Rhode island Cranalor-hrm A Home Show (Armory). March Rhodes Exposition Co., 208 Crow o Hotel. Providence 1, Cranston -home Proem. Show. Feb Rhodes RstanitIon Co.. loo.. TN Crown Hotel, Providence 2. Texas Donna- -South Tema I -cob A 5heeo Expo.. Jon James Mcqueen, 111 N St. het Wettb -- Rape. A Fat Stock Show, Jan 27 -Feb. 6. Raymond! ßu04. P. 0 sox 150. Booeton- Rollseen rat Slott Show A' Rodeo. Feb 22- Seeroh 6. Herman Engel, 2058 Tee Bldg, Lmredo- Blnhday Celebration, Feb. 1.March 6 San Antoelo -Ban Antonio Block Show A Rodeo, Feb A H Johnson, P. O. Box Washington Aberdeen- Setter- LI1Ine Exposltlon, Feb, 11- M.re1i 2. Patrick J. O'Toole, Winthrop Hotel. TAMPA. Taooms ,10105 Oxnalllon. March Petrick J. O'Toole, Winthrop 1E0101. Snouts - Seattle Boat, Teener k Sports Show Tatt. Guard Armo:yl, POS Tom O'Elpoka lo. Spokane -Spokane Bost Show Ilnteralw 0Olraroupdol, Feb Welly 0. Vowter. CANADA Ontario Toronto- C.nadln Boat Show launmntise Bldg, mho. Parl1, Feb Luya1 M. Keay, NEN FOR DEMO ENGRAVERS PIPESDEMONSTRATORS is booking the Tommy Scott country show. Recently he spent a month in Kokomo. Ind., with Mad - aline daughter and grandchildren. Pearl and Mac McCarty have a trailer park at Monroeville. N. J., and the welcome mat is always out for pitchman in that neck of the woods... J. D. and Eunice Lance have sold their truck stop in Hawk - insville. Ga., and are taking it easy at their home in Atlanta.. Pat Keller and Madaline are in Brooklyn. Pat has been off the road since the passing of Herman Keller and has Madaline in school.... Coming thou Sikeston. Mo.. Madaline met Ed and Mary White Eagle, with jewelry, and Doc Meyers, with medicine. She also noted Duke and Peggy Hall with jewelry in Indiana and Little Panther and wife with liniment.. Ron and Joy Pey- Ion have been working schools In Louisiana and are now working THE BILLBOARD MERCHANDISE 57 MANUFACTURERS - WHOLESALERS "BUY- MART" MERCHANDISE DIRECTORY IMPORTS OF THE YEAR SOUVENIRS NOVELTIES GIFTWARE PLUSH THOUSANDS OF ITEMS Write for ire Cofnlog GOLDFARB NOVELTY CO Ninth Avinue, New York 34. N. Y NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LINES WHOLFSALE NOVELTIES AND GENERAL MFD(HAN ISE Fer Concenlonalree, Coln Mxhlne Osso - sten Deese r. and Premium Useru send TOR OUR NEW CATALOG TODAY Serving the Trade for Over 25 Year. CUTTLER & CO., INC. 928 Omadw.y New York 10. N. Y. OR MERCHANDISE EVERYTHING YOU NEED PLUM loyf, L1'." eotks, Enamtiwer., Hutmwerrs, Aluminum Wen Decor*.NO Tlnwin TeY.' a crryy lend of Gleftwen, linktlf. Hamren, Hac.O<ks. Ptsster Slum, rlyln alrof Wnlpr. B.Iloens, Nelf. sill ORm, 11': tai Rlnae WRIT! FOR tataloo. Mare /vm e1 business to n<e{vr whale silo catalog ACME PREMIUM SUPPLY CORP..01 Wthinglon Avt. ft. Louis 3, Mo. CONCESSIONAIRES PRICE LIST Now Being Mailed Out Duect Importer on Carnival Premium 1.terchandhe. Mention type of concessions you operate when writing MIDWEST MERCHANDISE CO. 10th it Broadway Kansas (Ily 5. Mllsa4,1 GIVE TO DAMON RUNYON CANCER FUND There's No Trick... to finding GOOD BUYS in Used Equipment.. just look over the many ads in the Classified Section this issue jewelry in Baton Rouge, La., stores for the holidays. On a recent trip to Chicago Madaline met up with some old friends on Maxwell Street, Princess Yellow Robe and the Chief. and Cowboy Williams. None of the other old -timers was around, according to Madalinc. Speaking of old -timers she asks for pipes from Tono Kennedy, Hank Fredricks, Doc Frazier, Bobby and Evelyn Roan, Myrtle Hutt, Clarence and Sonia Geronde and the Little Beavers. CURRENTLY.., making St. Louis their headquarters are Mr. and Mrs. Eight -Ball Smith, Mr. and Ain, Norman Hutchcraft, Mr. and Mrs. Buck, Benny Rankin, Arthur Mace, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cummings, Jack Young. George Kemper and James E. Miller. FRED C. LANDBUS -.. vet magician Who has put in many a year in outdoor showbiz, inelud- (Continued on page 58) IMPORTER fn Pri< uu n n Reww.t CHAS. SHEAR AND WHOLESALER BALLOONS. DOLLS. NOVEITY HATS Wlnd -LIO Meehanieal Tous. ilanf. eat Fol et. Rdeee, 0 Outds Show fualneti Ie P.rk "wswr;.'1 saw Y SLUM... Olalall tlna Ell Anemblad PLUSH TOYS and DOLLS FLASH. If Yen havn t sararb Yaiw1 NEVI ITEMS Whan Char IN Maw Idae :47 =7 n the oat, BERNS NOVELTY CO., INC. 114 Woof 1410 Street, New York 11, N Y. Phone: ALgonouin IMPORTER AND WHOLESALER NOVELTIES - HATS ME(HANICALS Carnivals Parks 104 Falio!sorb Other Evanb WRITE for FREE Catalog SOHAnul NOVEII CO. 144 Perk Row New York 7. N. V. DIRECT FROM Costume Jrwvlry Manufacturer IVERYTHINO YOU NEED Rlnae, Bracel.ts, rririney. Necklaces, Scab ter Lem Ilene, Boxed Sils end Many ether Istmi. GV.rnfred Lowell Prices Etile /or AREE patal00 t1 Illo e en PACK.AIID JEiIELIIY CO. 48 W. 251h St. N Y. 10. N. Y. PLUSH BEARS, POODLES, DOGS, TIGERS! DIRECT FROM FACTORY 1 CATALOG FREE IMPORTS. SLUM, TOYS CHINA. COMPLETE LINE CARNIVAL C0000 ACE TOY MFG. CO. 516 ireedwsy (WO 65627). New fool 12, N. 1. GREATEST VALUES Pen., S'r,on try Smoking Art,clef, Tools, Notir n, Houmwaraa, Novelties, Sund, /H, Toys, G,fls, Premiums, Lta1Mr Goatlf. Clocks, Wather, Jewelry, Cu1tsrY. Over Vein of raceirnl Mrrchandlslnp 4 ' mf! CATALOG en waeuest. MILLS SALES CO. Cul Rate WHOLESALERS Since BROADWAY, NEW YORK 3, N. Y. Engravers A Concessionaires) EXPANSION DENTS d PHOTOS Engraving Jewelry. Gold Filled. Sterling A Costume Rings. Religious Jewelry Send for New 1960 Catalog. McBRIDE JEWELRY CO Broadway New York 1, N. Y. LEeinglon PUTT NOVELTY CO., INC. Drr/. 1-22, W 21s1 Sr.. N,w Yerk 10, N. Y. JACKETS CAPES SCARFS Les Pelted! 1N 04/1011 Our new 1061 SOICOlre tine contain, big variety of best leller, for you. Larne stria. HEY' An tine. Write for FREE ILLUSTRATED CATALOG, M MINN of our very pewlu remade., urviu. H. M. J. FUR CO W. lltn Sr.. N.Y.C. 1 QUIT LOOKIN' IF IT'S NEW, WE HAVE IT OR WILL CET IT AT LOWEST PRICES WISCONSIN DELUXE, INC W. North Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. Phone: DI THE BEST SALES BOARDS AND JAR GAMES Wail* for Information and price, GALENTINE COMPANY Deft. 0. Sit e. Jefferson Blvd. South Bene ira, Indin Qualatex Street Man BALLOONS SELLING-BIG PROFIT FAST ORDER TODAY FROM YOUR PIONEER SUPPLIER THE PIONEER RUBBER CO. 401 Tiffin Road Willard, Ohio WORLD'S S M A L L E S T LITER- SMALLER THAN A POSTAGE STAMP. All chrome, sure -firm action, Ind. based, Blg!miler everywhere. Good engraver, Item, A Wolfe for price sod FREE Catalog. STERLING JEWELERS 1975 East Main St. Columbus. Ohl., YOU CAN'T BEAT BRODY for Merchandise We C,ry Complais Lint TIÁTTrod NovelDes -DOLL, PLU5n AN4 MALS- PI*.inc Goode- CARNI \'AL GOVD9 -SP r.l'iai. AUCTION C0005. BIO BARGAIN GATALOO FREEI aa-pao! ILLUSTRATED OA ROAIN CAT l00 SEND AOR COPY. OUR NEW LOCATION M. K. BRODY & CO Inc. /1e So. Melard St. thl<ago 7, Ile. D. Phone f5r0 or Lin Bu. Hnrni : In Chivies. e for it Yra. REBUILT WATCHES BENRUS- -CRUEN -ELGIN Ladles or Cant.' with Exp.nslon Benda. WORLD'S LARGEST MURDER WORLD'S LOWEST PRICES WRITE FOR QUOTATIONS GÈÑENDER SALES & SUPPLIES, INC S0. HALSTED ST. CHICAGO 7. ILL. Hstrtl ACTIIAI &l-la Miniature o nflnoot d wth a. rarntn pt e It' unes for Miry/lure d eomm elr Information 6 d l MI6. CO., Dent. IB, Nashville 3. Ten. For the Finest ln MEXICAN REVERSIBLE PURSES Now Mevican Style Bag 3 com0erments with ribber Proven very durable. Asti coron. Many other taseieliing Ide.can imxrls ASO FOR FREE CATALOGUE PEARL SALES CO. P. O. BOX 675 EL PASO, TEXAS Ostrich Plumes Hats Imported Mdse. Balloons Airships KIM 8, CIOFFI 020 Filbert St. PhrtadeloAl 7 P.. MArks, MArkl

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USED UPRIGHT WAGON Wheel, ito_5; Bic Horn, 6100: Gun Smoke, í10u: BIC Tent, 6100: Skeet Shoot, MS; f76: Super Blg Tent, 125: Double Shot, 9126: Dominoes. Sportanun, Send e -had de telat rgs Fre,sk (:' 1 ^ -11 W. üb Sl.. LrnIStown. Pa. deli SIlEBMACti ßOL4TYP STAMP MA SloOlo Coluro,, LIPCaor óaw0moont Cameo, 614.6; each, AI Hof[, 1900 Rose, Beltlnsorc 17. Nd. 500 VENDERS HAVE COT TO CO, NEW Lot ex Me chit one column, : ere VA65.9.fó. Silver King Gr: flot NItL 61496: PepVn PIII Vrndrn. r or IOr Sonnant ['end O. Box 10593,,:SS.+sJ.A.4` 4(4iA.A.4edtAr7 CAPSULE JEWELRY - ASSORTED EAR. Miscellaneous vs rl6a, es gros,: Neck Pendants, 6T YV **MSat SnUlalcr Rlnae, ss..y.. Qrose: Cuff LNew WANTEDec TOP MFLgD1' WRITER WITH 611.íU Brae+!hak drnonl[ wlm order New salve rrcordlssr end \SCAP ou4llnhl.s Foelarid l'.n Rmr: re St Provlde:tce. R. t. contort +. Sans 71att<r, :A3 H:ck.. Sr. Rrook.^'é i4.-itssß}.'idi:5 - TALENT AVA, WADI LmES RATE: IOc a word, minimum $2. CASH WITH COPY. Set in usual want -ad style, one paragraph, no dis. slay. First line in 5 pt. cops, balance in regular 5 pt. wooer and lower case. IMPORTANT: In determining cost, be sure to count your name and address. When using a Box Number, c/o The Billboard, allows six words for address and include additionol 25c to cover cost of handling replies. Miscellaneous AT r.[be.rty -AGENT CAN ROOK EST.(R- IlxlCd Horror Soo* on go. circuit. No ty- he n:,nt. W.. work nercenlages. Curi t-.ct Ch,cA Frouklln, :gfi Jlldlane Dr. {Illilard. Uhler BASSMAN ern;jtt GIVE TO Musicians SOMA, VOCALS. set St., O TO WOOL. DAVID RUNYON CANCER FUND N RATORS ENGRAVERS P I PES FOR DEMONSTRATORS Cnnliftnt'd frnm page 5: ing stints with riled shows, WOO' the AN ITEM... subject of a feature article in a of interest to pitchfulks i+ the uprecent issue of The Augusta (Ga.) comme St. Lawrence Sculvuy to. Chronicle. staff writer Joy Townes lernational Trade Fuir, to he held giving a resume of Landrus' career on Minnesota State Fairgroufìds. that has spanned some 411 years. St Paul, May According Landrus, Who is looking forward to his 65th birthday on January 14, plans to spend a few weeks in the Southern city. He reports having a number of dates lined up. JACK (BOTTLESI STOVER... writing from Harrisonburg, Va., advises that the Shenandoah Valley is humming with activity. A shopping center recently opened and the apple and turkey seasons arc 111 FUIT swing, ln addition. the Valley is preparing for the Christmas shopping rush..: s to Dann' Barherio, who ch.,rge oi retail sales production for the event, show plans are similar to those for the Chicago International Trade Fair. The 801 Sales Boards and le Games w HS.erö oriiis.anen IMMUNE COMPANY Dsal. e. ate J...r.. in Isom bond N. Indian.

59 um. DECEMBER 12, 1960 BULK VENDING 150 Turn Out for Graff Party; Hear State Legislator Speak DALLAS-Some 150 operators, pests and bulk Industry tradeslers lemon hand as Graff Distributing Company threw its fourth annual Origami party here in true Texas Starting with a day of informal meetings and discussions held at 'Gras showrooms, Saturday (3), the guests later adjourned to the plush Oak Miff Country Club for dinner, a program of entertainment and the drawing for prizes. The latter included such choice items as Ford station wagon, donated by Graff; a 170 -piece ici of bronze cutlery in if teakwood chest, presented by Penny King, and a host of cameras, radios, TV's. gift certificates, watches and the like. donated by charm, machine and fill manufacturers. Most significant from the trade point of view was a warning by Rep. Thomas Jantes. the guest speaker, that increased costs were forcing the State to seek added means of raising revenue. and that the bulk vending industry was as THOMAS JAMES susceptible as any other industry, perhaps more so, because it was a small industry and not well represented. Communications vo 188 W. Randolph 5t.. Chicago 1. III. THE BILLBOARD 59 He urged operators to "tell your story to your State representatives -tell them what the business is like, what a per- machine license will do to the industry. Because I don't know and other legislators don't know." James said he wasn't pushing associations as such, because he had no immediate interest in any such groups -but that operators had to get their story across to the legislators. The Dallas representative, who is now serving his second term in the State House, told operators that 96 per cent of the State's tax dollar was going into four major areas: welfare, education, highways, and law enforcement. He pointed out that Texas' population was growing and that the needs of the State were increasing. Describing the magnitude of the job of a State representative, James said that in the last 60-day session, some 3,000 bills crossed his desk, and that as a practical matter, it was impossible for him to read them all, that two years ago, a vending tan was proposed that would have literally put operators out of business. The bill was defeated at the last minute thru some feverish work on the part of vending industry leaders. 1 om interested in improving my bulk vending operation. Please sand me complete information and prices on Northwestern GOLDEN '50 las illustrated) and otherr; James cautioned he ss s not "here to tell operators how to run your business, but I am here to tell you to take an interest in your government.' (Continued on page 60) ÿrk,i j Northwestern machines. k' `i NAMP COMPANY ADDRESS CITY Pill in coupon, clip and mail to: KING & COMPANY 7700 W. Lka st. Phoney Kt Chtcaeo 7, hl. We handle complete line of machines, parts & supplies. Also 9.11 all afees: tf Th aura, S! P.11 e gam. K nih Nura. Vlrrinl'e Pad eme 11 Casta, mull Almond, Mued Nuu, aalt to ecuum DacY bulk. Panned Candln; Denheya ajo count lad 62D count Candy Coated nabs CNCke; Learlep. Coin 1 LS'nppen. SramP Pnldera, snitar7 NaVklne sanflsn Retrata Boute Carda Cherna. uea Can Iron sondo, \Yell Bracktor and Ball Pena. new and need Vanden. WM. to Kfna L Co. [or prime and our new fi.mee cautos. HOLY PICTURE FLICKERS. in plated rings or lockets. Series of two in cathedral colors. Also in ivory plastic lockets. SURE LOCK, the perfect capsule. Patent No Outstanding dams. Send $2.50 and receive 100 quality filled capsules. Contoins our complete line. PRee Iltu Shoat n an Fears n barme, Charn+s. d Bulk The PENNY KING Company 2511 mission Street, Pltlsburgh 7, Penn. ilk About Our uus Finance Plan World's Largest Selection of lltnlalure Charms ATLAS MASTER.. The proved le -Sc Vendor WINNERS IN THE GRAFF Christmas drawing were: top row, left to right, G. A. Dean, camera from U. S. Gum Co Hoyt Perkins, pen and gum machines from Victor Vending Corp.; V. R. Addington, $50 gift certificate from M. Pressner & Co.; Mr. and Mrs. Ronny McLure, transistor rodio from Ringmaster Charms; Mr. and Mrs. Tom York, pen and gum machines from Victor Vending Corp., and Cleburne Warren, $50 gift certificate from M. Pressner & Co. Second row, standing: D. M. Pittman, card vending machine from Acorn Sales; John Kauffman, 21 -inch television set from leaf Brands, Inc.; Mrs. Jo Green, binoculars from Ringmaster Charms; Dalton Wick, four machines and 'nand from Northwestern Corp.; J. J. McDonald, $50 gift certificate from Samuel Eppy & Co.; Dudley Reese, diamond wrist watch from Karl Guggenheim Co., and.1. C. McClure, Teakwood chest with 170 -piece set of bronze cutlery from Penny King Co. Seated, left to right: Evert Groff; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Moore, station wagon from Groff Distributing Co.; Mrs. Margaret Wick,.ond Mr. and Mn. Vern Infermill, Polaroid camera from Paul A. Price Co. Time payments available on Oak machines through all distributors. All Oak machines are available with le, 5c, 1Oc and 25c coin mecha nisms or a combination lc 5e coin mechanism, and optional slip clutch handle. SEATED AT THE SPEAKER'S TABLE during the Groff Distributing Company's Christmas dinner, left to.hghh Les Hardman, Penny King; Rep. Thomas James, guest speaker, and his wife, Dallas; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Crater, Dallas; Everett Graff, standing, and Mrs. Graff, seated on his left; Rolf Lobel', Mrs, Jo LeMay, Mrs. Joao Mason, Cleburne Warren; Don Mitchell, NVA counsel, and Mrs. L. O. Hardman. AMERICAN NUT 1061 Tremont Street I971oo 20 Massachusetts IMMINGHAM YENOINC. Seo 2nd Avenue, Soren tirmingham 4, Alabama cureter GALES 6 eerilew Anna. Lartrance, L. t., Nen Tor Dio DISTR. nota LTO, 1165 Seymour Street Ymcouver 2, I.0 Canada UMW MOON SUPPLY 2517 West Darts gall.,, Texas N. R. HUTctuetuN CO N. Decatur Road, N.E. Aymara], Cm/Ma IMPROMTO tissues 10O Worin Ga :hegt taltlnwaa 2, Ma/yland LOGAN DISTRInanNG CO West Dlvlaion Sheet catcall* n, IINnOe SAMUEL E. ettaups CO. 4)72 Undell Routenrd St. tou1y 8, Miasmal OAR SALES COMPANY 203) NM Avenue Pilte0ur/h, Pennsylvania OAK SALES of FLORIDA ,1 street Minn: teach, Nelda OPERATORS vainica 1023 South Grand Avenue Los AngNes 15, Galilornla aueoec VENOMS CO. 109 Commissioner SI. West Montreal, Quebec, Canada e ateo COIN MACHINE EACH. JACK SCNOENKACN 713 Pece eroouyn, New York SIEGEL DISTR. CO. LTD. 7)) Caatlum St. Mmtrul, Uuaber, Gnsds SOUTHERN ACORN SALES 326 -JO Ozons Avenue Charlotte 6,11.C. stanoaro SPECIALTY CO Ntn Avenue Oakland, Cal,omu STAR VENO18G SUPPLY CO 6127 Calhoun Road Houston 21, Taras tli;oak MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC Kelestsecidge Ave., Cater CIA, Callletnie

60 60 BULK VENDING THE BILLBOARD DECEMBER 12, 1960 GOING STRONGER THAN EVERT Repeal orders are pouring In! AMCO SANITARY HOT! /4/., HOT! STICK 'EM LIPS IPalenl P.ndinl Thyr hot - Ih.Y'll ompfy ma. hinss lík. mad. Kitls <.n vv/v M.m fo Iheir torah.dl ch.ak. shirts. etc., and they'll become fm \ poup.. ONLY $10.00 Labels Vends ll In vallabls. all mchins.. order Iron, your distributor or: VENDOR The Finest for Vending Flat Pack Produds 1c, 5e, 10c, or 25c Operalion Venus n4 Icks up t0 ; á'z7 "x41 /' Advance coin defector with auto mobs Coln return when machine is empty. Separate coon boy. Cot details end pole.. Write. Wire. Phone today. 55 Leonard St., N.Y. 13, N.Y. COrllandl IT WAS A CHRISTMAS WINDFALL for delighted Mr. and Mrs. Fred Moore when they won the drawing for the station wagon at Graff Distributing Company's yuletide fest. Everett Graff (center) presents them with the keys to the car. We stock a complete line el m Ling Huc Ines, stands, pads, supplies, charms, capsules, merchandise end ball gum. J. SCHOENBACH Factory On,r,butor of Bu :k and Gall Gum Vendors, Merchandise, Parts, Globes, 511mp Venders, Folders, Cigarette end Candy Ma. chines. Sanitary Vendors Md Sanitary Marchand,,.. EVERYTHING THE OPERATOR REQUIRE I. 10c CAPSULE MIX SPARKLING RING, BEAUTIFUL HEART d CHAIN NECKLACE AND ATTRACTIVE PEARL - NECKLACE A MANY OTHER FEATURED NUMBERS ALL PACK. AGED IN CAPSULE. This mix will give You quick turnover and large profil PRICE $4.00 itl Display Cards Decked 200 M. to Bag. With All Minimum Order -3 Bags, Orders $24.00 OAK SALES COMPANY 2033 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh 19. Pa. Gordinuad (rom page 5'1 An immediate effect of the lames speech was the talking up among severed operators of the formation of a State associatiran to affiliate sridl the National Vendors Association.. Previous!, Donald Mitchell counsel for NVA, eiho had intro- How are you fixed for New Gimmicks? MUSTACHES TROPHY BIRDS BRIDE'S BIBLES in CAPSULES 150 ATTEND GRAFF PARTY GIANT (HARMS PRINCESS PHONES ALL NEW Samples on request SAMUEL EPPY & CO., INC Plo,., Jammer: 35, Pa Y. Attitegna SIXTY SUPER C WITH QUICK -TACH FOR YOUR BETTER LOCATIONS SUPERB CAPACITY 1012 Balls 100 Count Gum 2886 Balls 210 Count Gum 365 Regular Capsules 'AT SLIGHT EXTRA COST Soe your Northwestern Distributor or write fo THE NORTHWESTERN CORPORATION 2122 E. Armstrong Street Morris, Illinois ducal James at the dinner, told operators of the national association's benefits and put in a strong pitch for membership. Mitchell cited legislative help given by NVA along with the association's broad medical insurance plan and the benefits to operators of attending conventions and business sessions. The Graff Christmas party, the firm's fourth. has become somewhat of a tradition among his customers. Each year the attendance has grown and the program has hecome more elaborate. 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61 r DECEMBER European News Briefs U. S. Agents Check Fruit Units NUREMBURG -7 he Justice Department had dispatched a squad of agents to Europe for on -the -spot investigation of U. S. Fruit machine shipments abroad. Sources at U. S. Army Special Service headquarters her: disclosed that the FBI k looking into fruit machine operations in U. S. military clubs and also into the export of the machines to Britain. The FBI task forces arrival is timed to coincide with the rush in fruit machine shipments for the legalizing of gaming in British private clubs January 1. The FMI mission k concerned with enforcement of the legislation passed in 1951 regulating fruit machine shipments abroad. In fact, the 1951 law does not apply to overseas ship- ments, but sources here said the FBI is insisting on strict registration of all ahipments abroad. It is learned. furthermore. that the FBI will seek more specific authority, very likely in the form of legislation. extending the 1951 act to foreign commerce. The FBI's interest in Wit machine shipments abroad stems mainly from the increasing overseas popularity of the fruits. Not only has Britain liberalized their operations, hut the machines have attracted growing interest all over the Continent, primarily because of their successful operation by the U. S. military service clubs. France Cuts All Tape by April PARIS -Trade Ministry officials say that all restrictions on the importation of U. S. coin machines will be cleared away by April 1 at the latest. Front that date on. American firms will have untrammeled access to the French market. Assurance to this effect wan given Treasury Secretary Robert B. Anderson's mission on its trip here. The Anderson mission discussed with the French, as with the Germans and British, measures to increase American exports. The coin machine situation was explored as an item in the general field of American Manufactured consumer goods. The French informed the Anderson mission in passing, it was learned, that they look for greatly expanded imports of U. S. coin machines. primarily juke boxes and games. Some experts believe liberalization may boom U. S. juke box imports by as much as 50 per cent next year. To large Meal. however. the import situation is geared to the general French economic situation. and this in turn hinges on events in algeria. Industry experts state that au Algerian war truce would boom the French economy tremendously, and with it U. S. coin machine imports. A leading French importer of American boxes said, perhaps too optimistically: "Get me an armistice in the Algerian war, and I'll write orders for 500 new boxes overnight." U. K. Top Haunt for U. S. Reps LONDON- Britain is rapidly becoming a "home away front honk" for the U: S. coin machine industry. At (east 15 organi- zations have established representation in London. Hardly a day passes without the arrival of a visiting fireman troni the U. S., bent on Probing the potentialities of the U. K. market. This country is now the hottest American machine market on the Continent; in fact, anywhere outside the U. S. The boom has been stimulated by the liberalization of British gaming laws. effective January I. But other factors are involved. The boom traces to the currency liberalization of and the subsequent threat of commercial warfare between the rival European trading blocs, the British -led European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the European Common Market. Lately, the coin machine influx has been spurred by the general U. S. industrial invasion capped by the Ford Motor Company's hid to take complete control of I K. subsidiary. Report Japs Have Mini -Phono HAMBURG -It is reported by trade circles here that the 1.,p.inese are experimenting with production of a miniaturized oil, box using transistors, The transistorized juke box is said to i.e :,u oaf -shoot of Japanese success in developing one of the rt tú h -qu,hn portable TV sets. Japanese transistor men, in this connection, are boasting of a major electronic breakthrough by their scientists, opening the way for even tinier electronic products. A transistorized juke box, in the Japanese viers. is required to create a mass juke box market in Asia. To ben on the Alban mast market, a juke box must be less expensive than any ourreat conventional model and be tailored to Asian locations, most of which are cramped for space. Frodeno Set on Console Box PADERBORN, West Germany -A new console -type music box. the Frodola -S, is being marketed by Frodeno- Automaten G.m.b.G., a coin machine export- import firm based in suburban Sennelager. The Frodola-S is designed for "class" locations which object to the conventional juke box as too garish. It is completely automatic. The Frodeno box resembles an expensive piece of turniture, with all mechanism concealed. 'Talking Parrot' Game Debuts ing a STUTTGART, West Germany -The firm UTA is introduc- new coin amusement game called the "talkatise parrot." (Continnrd on page 69) COIN MACHINES Crnlrtuntcatons t IRS W. Randolph St., Chicago 1, III. THE BILLBOARD 61 IRS Test Before Federal Court By ELTON 11 QISENItUNT ST. LOUls -A case attacking the U. S. Internal Revenue Department's ruling that certain types of pin games are gambling devices per se and require the federal S250 putting stamp was argued here on appeal recently in the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Charles A. Stewart of Lonoke, Ark.. operator, and J. W. Singleton. cafe owner of Little Rock. are seeking to overturn the IRS ruling. Stewart owns two bingo -type games in Singleton's K & K Cafe in Little Rock. Stewart, also executive secretary of the Arkansas Music Operators Association, and Singleton filed suit to test the September 9, ruling in federal court in Little Rock, contending that ruling did not comply with U. S. statutes. IRS Argument Their bill said the IRS ruling was predicated on this: If a pin game has certain mechanical characteristics, such as a meter to compute free plays or a slot or provision for multiple coin insertions to increase the odds, this. in effect. is gambling, even tho the machine owner and location owner said the machine was for amusement only and there was no evidence of gambling. Stewart and Singleton's suit contends that under U. S. statutes. if a machine is manufactured for DISCUSS TAX, FINANCE, LEGAL ITEMS amusement only and is so aa.d, it could not be a gambling device and would not require the federal 5250 gaming stamp. 'their suit asked an injunction against the U. S. to restrain them from assessing or collecting this S250 tax on the type machines the IRS ruled were gaming devices per se. When the injunction hearing was held in federal court in Little Rock, government attorneys from Washington contended that the federal court had no jurisdiction because by certain federal lawn an injunction cannot be issued against the U. S. restraining it from levying and collecting taxes. The federal court judge held with the U. S. The attorney for Stewart and Singleton, Leonard l_ Scott of Little Rock, said the ruling amounted to a declaratory judgment. in which the judge held that you can't get an injunction against the government to prevent them from collecting federal taxes. In the appeal here before the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Scott questioned in oral argument whether this IRS ruling was an exception to the rule. If the U. S. Circuit Court of Apppeals holds that the IRS ruling was invalid. then an injunction can be issued against the government to prevent them front collecting the $250 tax. If the court rules against Stewart and Singleton, Scott said, it is not necessarily a ruling on the merits of the case, which may have to be tried later. Special Operators' Forum Draws 75 to Atlantic NY Headquarters - NEW YORK Store than 75 operators jammed the showrooms of Atlantic New York, local See - burg distributor, Monday evening (5) when the firm held a special "operators' foram," on business problems, grievances and aspirations. The meeting was called by Atlantic President Meyer C. Park - off, who arranged for the presence of three guest speakers to discuss in detail tax, financing and legal problems of operators. Refreshments were served at the meeting. Parkoff prefaced the session by presenting a list of questions. which he called "uppermost in our minds." These he enumerated as Ill Shall we diversify and how shall we do it? (2) The demands of storekeepers in terms of loans and bonuses. (3) Legal problems, including the manner in which to handle location contracts and an operator's legal responsibilities to the industry. (4) The matter of accounting procedures on such matters as sales taxes, occupancy taxes and the New York City (GOAD) lax on juke boxes. (5) How to improve operator public relations in the community. Parkoff saw 1961 as a year of challenge to the operator, where only "resolute determination." will result in success, "Costs arc going up and will continue to stay up,' (Continued on page 63) OPS RECEIVE ROCK-OLA DATA ON SERVICING CHICAGO- Rock -01a will furnish operators with a file of data on machine servicing. The firm last week mailed the first in a series of 13 servicing sheets explaining various "trouble -shooter" steps to be taken on its current phonograph line. The mailing is being made to Rock -Ola's corn - plete list of operators and servicemen, and will continue thruout the year. Sheet No. I deals with the accumulator. showing how it is to be sersiced and what steps can be taken for four of the most common failures _ ;,`_ C-., -".'... f. T.?rt.7g t 4, +_!t;i. A PORTION OF THE AUDIENCE of more than 75 operators which turned out for a special operator symposium sponsored by Atlantic New York, Seeburg distributor, in its 10th Avenue offices Monday 151. Speakers discussed tones, bookkeeping, legal matters and ways and means of obtaining credit. Atlantic President Meyer C. Parkoff plans a second forum meeting at an early date. JAMES S. HINDLE, u vice -president of the Manufacturers Trust Company, consumer finance division, offers advice to operators on obtaining bank credit. Hindle was one of four guest speakers of an operators' symposium sponsored Monday (5) in its offices by Atlantic New York, Seeburg distributor.

62 62 COIN MACHINES THE BILLBOARD DECEMBER 12, 1960 ROSEN BEST BUYS BOWLERS CHICAGO COIN BOWLING LEAGUE (11 h BOWLING LEAGUE (14 h.) CLASSIC BOWLER (13 h.) TV BOWLER (13 h.) TWIN BOWLER 02 ft.) PLAYERS CHOICE (16 h.) KING BOWLER (20 h.) UNITED BOWLING ALLEY (14 h.) ROYAL BOWLER (13 h.) JUMBO BOWLER IN h.) TEAM BOWLER (14 h.) BALLY ARC BOWLING LANE (14 ft.) STRIKE BOWLER (14 h.) ABC CHAMPION (14 h.) TROPHY BOWLER (14 h.) TOURNAMENT BOWLER (14 ft.) KEENEY BOWLERAMA (11 h.) $ BOWLERAMA (14 h.) TRUE SCORE BOWLER (14 ft.) AI! Paces Quoted Crated WIRE -PHONE -WRITE TODAY Send for Complete Lists ARCADE -CAMES -BINGOS RIDES -MUSIC -ere. DAVID ROSEN Exclusive A M I Dist. Ea. Pa. 855 N. BROAD STREET. POULS. 23, PA. PHONE: (ENTER A uôu You can ALWAYS depend Joe Ash says.. CONTACT ACTIVE ACTTIVE Neb. Operators Discuss Location Sales Threat - COLUMBUS, Netl. The increasingly controversial location- sales argument got some heated discussion as the Nebraska Music Guild held ils quarterly meeting here last weekend (3-4). The subject cane up when an Omaha operator rose during the group's Sunday business session to complain that a number of his stops MI1S1[ SPE[IAI S SEE. SH 222 (50c) SIE. 100R SEE. V -200 SEE AMI (New) AMI I -200M AMI 1.200M AMI G -200 AMI G -120 ROC ROC WORE WORE WURI, 2000 WURL WURI Write for complets Win his. UNITED 1101 West Milwaukee Phone: BRoad $ INC. Vliet St. 8, Wisc. ay PINBALLS THE LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF PINBALL GAMES IN THE WORLD! E: tv. Gotniee 1*.r fe. Easrrn PennsYlvanla, South Jraer ntl Delawa. on ACTIVE ALI WAYS AMUSEMENT MACHINES CO. 666 N. Broad St., Philo. 30, Po. POplor l'ou GET THE REST -PLUS COURTEOUS SERVICE- ARCADE EQUIPMENT UPRITES PHONOGRAPHS Round World Ke. Deluxe BIg Mn, MO seebur9 B Trainor Ke Shawnee : Ke. Bucksroa..., Seeburg Metal Typen Ke. Touchdown Seeburg Mercury Floor Gelee Ka. Criss Cro. 15 Seebure V-200 t Vanguard Gun Diamond Retl Arrow Stalle Farr Wad Gat,... ;Ili Bonus Gun 710,00 Supgr Nunier?Seeaura 777 Canto Bi Top 21z.00 Big Three 10 Wur.w., skill Rolls 10...oser Gun?95.00 BI9 Horns a Normalt w1,n;>:er 7100 Pirate Gun HIINh, n Wr11e ] Wurl;lser 2150 Titan Wurlisier 1700 S Genre Circus 79s.00 VENDORS á ]s <k ó: iáii 200 Baby Grands 5.50 S R"' ' lass t ep Corn Vendor S Roc Avnco Choc. a 7 Roc4Ola 1.179, ne w Goff:... 2]0.00 Milli Hot Cho<otele =b, ] Sel WRITE US FOR SP[ CC CIALLY LOW PRICES Barvene cos : ä WURLITTER DISTRIBUTORS (I4VaAND MACHINE EXCI -L PROSPECT AVE., CLEVELAND 15, OHIO All Phones, Tower Vend.. the Magasine 0( Automatic Merchandising HUNDREDS OF MONEY- MAKING VENDING, IDEAS Cost you a fraction of o cent o piece wham you subscribe to Vend -thmagatin of automatic merchendls{nal fill In -fear out -mail today[ Neme Aldea City Occupation had been hit. Other operators immediately chimed in to report similar experiences. Surprisingly, the source of the sales appeared to come from outside the coin machine industry. Operators mentioned one firm, identified only as "Lakeland in Minneapolis," as having long been active in this field and lately coming south to Lincoln, Columbus, Norfolk and Omaha, Nah. Free Lance Pair Another operator mentioned a so- called "free -lance pair in Omaha," who-he heard -were going as far east as Chicago to buy equipment for import to Nebraska for location sales. The Omaha pair have reportedly lined up a couple of free -lance mechanics to do their servicing. One operator said, as a solution, he would do the same thing, rather than lose customers. Other operators nodded in agreement. Another group, however, suggested that the operators work out some form of leasing plan. whereby equipment is leased or rented tel the location, with the operators providing service. programming and any other needed help. Altho no firm conclusions were reached. it was apparent that the problem had become a hot one for the area and that more fireworks could be expected. Expressing a more optimistic note was Howard Ellis, nresident of the Nebraska group. sullo said he felt the operators had nothing to fear if they provided the proper service and took care of their locations properly. Ellis said he didn't see location sales as having any long -range effects in the business and felt the only operators who were realty vulnerable were those neglecting their locations and not servicing them properly. There were other implications in the discussions among operators that the wave of location selling might "shake the industry up a bit." and get the operators to return to more aggressive sales, promotion and servicing techniques. The location sales argument has long been a thorny one in the coin machine industry. Traditionally, the ndustry has felt that the operator, 2 Seregrg vl -200 t0 seeburg KO700 a specialist, P is best qualified 9 to s s.eburo 2m maintain coin operated equipment E FEATURES MONTHLY ccnd. OUT a. Her. r gn 1 Bov Tobacco New Products Trend. Industry News Markel PH. Edit Or;ale Articl. VEND Mseet;n Patterson St.. Clnclnnel; 22, Ohio Yes -Plea. iron me u lot Vend for O 1 Year 5S O ] Years 911 IForeien rata, On Year 9101 Tone... {late 739 and that the coin machine industry will be healthier with such an arrangement. The theory was reinforced from time to time when occasionally. oration sales would be made, usually ending with disasterous results. The location owner would usually lose interest in the equipment after a few months and the equip- ment would go to pot. Servicing was generally poor. and such fine points as programming and point - of -sales promotion were neglected altogether. Recently, however, there have been various murmers from responsible quarters of the coin machine industry, indicating that some form of locatioh selling might be successful if properly done. Advantages were thought to be an increased interest on the part of the location owner in the equipment, since he now owned il. Most notable benefit would be better promotion of the equipment with the location's customers. In response to the various opinions and straws in the wind that were popping up, The Billboard recently interviewed a leading exponent of this thinking, who, incidentally, is a veteran of the industry and one of the industry's most active champions and respected spokesmen. These opinions, published in The Billboard, November 21, indicated in substance, that distributors Federal Court Upholds Gaming Tax Ruling WASHINGTON- Circuit Court Judge Philip H. Dorsey last week (5) upheld the validity of the Prince Georges County, Maryland, Wheatley Law, which makes pos- IRMA THE WOHLO'S M051 DISTINGUISHED PHONOGRAPH FLEXIBLE DEPENDABLE PROFITABLE session of a 5'_50 federa) gaming VII ItIIIIII IIIIIII111t1111llllllttntUt stamp prima facie evidence that a E pinball is being used for gambling. FOR SALE _ The use of pinballs for gaming E PHONOGRAPH purposes has always been illegal -BINGO in the county, but very few arrests E _ AMUSEMENT DEVICES have been made in the past eight E ROUTE years. The Wheatley Law was = _ passed by the Maryland General 5 Located In southern Ohio. All = equipment In good condition and Assembly in l9í7, and in Novent- C operation reaucint a nice Profit. wait her of 1959 county police raided four taverns and charged eight1 persons with using pinballs for gambling. Two of the defendants challenge the constitutionality of the Wheat - Igy Law. In December of last year they asked Circuit Court Judge John R. Fletcher to dismiss the charges. The judge became ill before rendering an opinion, and the case was given to Judge Dorsey, Defendants argued that the law refers to "coin- operated" devices. Coin slots were plugged on the machines in question. and the devices were operated by buttons. Judge Dorsey contended that the Legislature "intended to make illegal the machines described in the act not because of their method of opera - lion but because they were being used for gambling." He said that anti- gambling laws should he "interpreted liberally so as to prevent the mischief intended to be provided against." Judge's ruling will make it possihle for State's Attorney William L. Kahler to haul into court on gambling charges the owners of about 90 taverns and other estab- lishments that purchased gaming stamps. Kahler is not planning an immediate crackdown, however. He first wants the county delegation to the State Assembly to plead for legislation that would ban gaming pinballs from Prince Georges. He fears that the Wheatley law "isn't going to be enough to get a conviction." should sell equipment to locations, and that operators should provide the services needed - mechanical upkeep, programming and other necessary maintenance. The opinions were presented - not because they reflected The Billboard's approval or disapproval -hut because The Billboard felt they should be brought out in the open and aired. Immediately a flood of opinion resulted. Two operators whose views were published in last week's Billboard. Gordon. Stout and Mrs. M. McCarthy, indicated for a variety of reasons their opposition. Judging however froto the discussion that took place in Nebraska over what is actually going on in the State. the subject is far from dead, and likely to come in for a great deal more discussion in days to come. 'the recent Nebraska meeting was held at Columbus' Evans Motel, with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Molys and Mr. and Mrs. (Duc) Stroh as hosts. The conclave followed the association's new format, introduced in Norfolk. Neb., last Octo- ber. Cocktails, dinner and entertainment were held Saturday evening with the business session following Sunday morning. The group adjourned early to enable operators to get on the highways before dusk. The Nebraska association plans to hold ils nett meeting in Omaha in March. Date will be announced later. The Billboard, Box 118 Fi 188 W. Randolph St. Chicago 1, III. _ IIIIIIIItItllliiiitillllltll1111i7 SPECIAL! LORD'S PRAYERS Only $75.00 each AIR FOOTBALL and AIR HOCKEY Only $ each All in excellent condition SCOTT CROSSE CO N. Brood Street Phitodelphia, Po. CEnIer THE BEST FOR LESS Used Wurl. Phonos All Modal. WALL BOX SPECIALS Sen. 200 Sel. W. B... $ Sel. Rock -Osa W. B Sel. Rock -Ole W. B PHONOS See. -C. S See. 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63 DECEMBER 12, 1960 THE BILLBOARD Tax Finance & Legal Items Cig Tax Hike 11 Continued front page 61 he continued. 91íe manufacturer will get more for his product and the distributor will get more for his product and Mi services to tie operator. 'Therefore. the operator must get pond more for his services to the location. Whether this will be in the form of greater proportion. of the collection., or front money or guarantee. doesn't make any difference, but the location GERMAN OPS MULL EFFECTS OF GEMA RULING BRAUNSCHWFIG. West Germany - Juke box operators in West Germany were speculating on the effect of a High Court Ruling which holds that recording artists can now claim a royalty fee from (TEMA Ithr German equivalent of ASCAP) if their per - formances are used for commercial purposes (see separate story. Music section). The operators feel that their current fee structure with GEMA is high enough to cover the anise end. Until now. the artist. did not get a share of the (lema pie. but received their payment from the recording firms. NEW YORK CITY for important business and leisurely pleasure TIMES SQUARE for round -the -dock entertainment and city -wide convenience HOTEL WOODSTOCK for topflight accommodations a service -Cocktail Lounge a Restaurant 129 WEST 43 ST. SINGLES: $6-8 DOUBLES: $10-13 for full color brochure JUDSON for immediate confirmation of your Woodstock reservation WANT TO BUY Oonitb 4- Ployer Swill SIOUX and TEXAN HJgM't Pekes Puidl WEEKLY SPECIALS! Cornpletety aeeondltioned Bally ABC or CONGRESS SHIIFElE AILEY $195 fn wu PINBALL VALUES I R dittoned the Notional Wey / i- PLAYERS il e e De t173.itt/ 01, OSA.ONDS N NALLLLL ]]13 EgtD e t p FITLiI t. 7411a GOTTLIEB 29LAYERS Ca /i4';'% Tp' cps 317E aaioltt ]Tan. ]1F f1 aot+doufe Mpnrwotsr`Le ]» slyer:.spas 11F NATIONAL COIN MAERINE EXCHANGE ) DIrenty Calueo 14, III. eucbineh,m 1 -ti11 *chew answering eels... SAY YOU SAW IT IN - THE BILLBOARD 1 must pay for the great stn the operator renders." Tan Retures Following this, Joseph Klein, a certified public accountant, familiar with the preparation of operator tax returns. told the operators to take any possible break afforded them by the nation's tax laws. He pointed out the importance of having hooks regularly audited by CPA's. Getting a better bréd( on taxes begins with properly kept books, according to Klein. He noted new methods of figuring depreciation. in view of the fact that salvage value of used equipment is taxable. He also discussed various points on sales and use taxes. Another speaker was James S. Hindle, a vice -president of the Manufacturers Trust Company. consumer loan division. Pointing out that hanks already are handling thousands of dollars worth of juke box paper, he told the operators how to approach banks to obtain credit, and the type of information an operator must submit to qualify for a loan. There were a number of questions from the operators regarding procedures of getting money. Jacob Schuldet, president of the Gibraltar Factors Corporation, spoke on his deep interest in the coin machine field. He noted that his firm has advanced over 81 million in credit to operators and that he has attempted to educate a number of bankers on the matter of extending credit in the juke box industry. Location Contracta Final speaker was attorney Joe Godman. one of the better known young lawyers associated with the coin field here. Godman discussed in detail the importance of properly drown location contracts. Parkoff said that the two- and -ahalf -hour affair was the first of what he frankly hoped would be a series of meetings. Later in the week, he noted that he had received "a very encouraging" reaction front operators, many of whom called to ask about the next meeting. It is hoped to hold this "get together" in the near future, according to Parkoff, with the likely subject matter being the value of operator diversification. A year ago, Atlantic sponsored a similarly successful operator symposium in its offices. This was preceded by several meetings in the area, jointly sponsored by local distributors, W'chester Op Dinner Slated WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. - The Westchester Operators Guild will hold a dinner tor all members and their employees at the Top Hat Restaurant, North Broadway, here, Monday evening (19). This holi- day dinner takes the place of the regular monthly business meeting. Guild secretary, Seymour Pollack, said that plans have been made for a gala evening. Activities get under way at 6:30 p.m. KIDDIE RIDE SPECIALS 7 Lee Carousel, 2 Horse, Merry Go-Roundt, ally. S ea. 6 Lane, 2 Hase, Merry-Be- Rounds, ealy ea. Here b yew ahan. to cet the mors etutttehte Ise all std. at es Mat u Terres: ils slows_ Modern Oisfq Co. 7::: 1'einn S!rcrt. cr.rr, II Colo 1t re Gae.:d t Stymied in N. J. TRENTON. N. J. - Operators who bave cigarette machines on location in New Jersey can breathe a little easier -for a while, any- way. Gov. Robert B. bleyner's plan to raise the tax on cigarettes by 1 cent a pack to benefit State institutions was rejected by the Republican- controlled State Senate. This means operators will be able to go on collecting two "bonus pennies" instead of just one. The going rate per pack over the counter is 28 cents. To make things easier, operators charge a flat 30 cents in their machines. As a result, they make 2 cents more than the corner dnigstore does over the counter If the price went up to 29 cents, this "bonus" would have been cul in half and the vending machine industry would have lost thousands of dollars in the State. Elected Alderman 'MILLINGI'ON, Tenn. - William V. Forsythe, owner of Forsythe Amusement Company. was re- elected city alderman Monday 15) for another four -year term. He has been alderman eight years. Forsythe was one of seven aldermen elected of 12 on the ballot. The seven with the largest number of votes were elected. He placed fourth, with 532 votes. Millington is a small, growing city 20 miles front Memphis, and site of a huge Naval Air Station where sonic 17,000 Navy men are stationed. Forsythe has a music and gante route at Millington and in two adjoining counties, Tipton and Lauderdale. His major locations in those counties are at Covington, Tenn., and Ripley, Tenn. He has, in addition, many rural locations. Watch for the NEW Billboard Coming January 9 'tfl.tar,e, Cr..., 1,. Ii,-, wk,.ni.t r.n,prr rna wrute éa, ll r:tl,ur, COIN MACHINES 63 DAVID GOTTLIEB shows new air purifier for Gottlieb Memorial Hospital to (left to right) Louis Zahn, president of West Towns Hospital Association; George Portes, pharmacist; Robert H. Skomfer, vice -president of Richardson Company, plastics firm, and Dr. Caesar Portes, chairman of medical credentials committee. TWIRLYBIRD ONE AWARD WINNERS AT THE PARK SHOW!.. Simulate, actual helicopter ride. Realistic motion, Climb, dived, brill' and riin. Voice recorder tells each pilot how to handle onaciing 'et bombers, weather, flight contrats. This is the wildest coin ride around. BE THE FIRST IN YOUR AREA TO OFFER THIS AMAZING KiDDiE RiDE! Send for Frcc Money- Coin Machine Catalog. Write-Wire-Phone MIKE UNVES CORP. 377 Tenth Are., Nast York 36, N. Y. BRyont Another Reader -Advertiser Benefit of the NEW BILLBOARD Exclusively for the Music -Coin Industry at un. More New Editorial Services OF THE Nine -count 'em -nine big editorial features are already well post the planning stage and on their way to your new Billboard. Sorry we can't be more specific of this time, but take our word for it- they'll meon more and better deejay programming... more and better buying and selling Information for dealers... and more ploy and profit for operators. And, when you put that oll together, it spells still greater effectiveness for advertisers in the new Billboard. BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK... Music -Phono Merchandising... Rodio-TV Programming... Juke Box -Game Operating

64 64 COIN MACHINES THE BILLBOARD DECEMBER 12, 1960 SEE Vdhimó NEW VOICE -o- GRAPH ELECTRONIC Mfg. Corp W. Flllmora St., Chicago 24. III. W. German Trade Embargo Stymies Red Coin Program - EAST BERLIN West Germany's embargo on trade with East Germany is hamstringing the Communist coin machine program. The embargo on trade with East Germany is not effective until December 31, but as the cut -off date approaches West German firms are delaying, reducing and suspending deliveries altogether. This applies to West Germany's coin machine industry equally with 'other sectors of the Bonn republic's economy. West German manufac- Iturers see no point into pumping 6 POCKET POOLS..$ Ft. Bowlers $ American Bank Shot (12 Ft.) Fluorescent Shuffle Board Lites. Pair N. WESTERN AVE. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS JUNIPER ATLAS- Greatest in Value! SEEBURG 22I SR SEEBURG 161 SH SEEBURG L100 SEEBURG K 200 SEEBURG 1000 SEEBURG V.200 SEEBURG 3W I W.O.M Contact U. for PARTS for ALL BERT MILLS COFFEE VENDORS Finest in MUSIC $890 A.M.I $ A.M.I SSS A.M.I. F d95 MASTER LOCKS AVAILABLE FOR ALL PHONOGRAPHS AND CIG. rh Dep., Bol, C.O.D. or Sight Draft F.O.B. Chicago A Quarter Century of Service A M G MM.1..I. E A.M.I. D ROCK OLA WURI. W.O.M c1 95 I USED CIGARETTE VENDORS 11 -Gel. NATIONAL if, et s! 11 -Col. NATIONAL IMOtl. 111 Slan /, I]COI. NATIONAL 12.COl. EASTERN IOCOI. EASER 9-Col Du GTR FNIN ER Wan.) SEEeU RG MET Reconditioned 2122 N. WESTERN AVE., CHICAGO 47, ILL.. U. S. A. ARmitate SPECIALS!- /] -WY DeL. GRIPPER...'3;11 TE L EOUIZ Gen. GYPSY GRANDMA... c. c. ooalee..... ss Kaenay LEAGUE LEADER C. C. SUPER M, R. BASE GenCO rootbail 1 Wma. CRANE 11 C. C. STE4M.4NGV BL.. 11 Belly ALL STAR BOWLERS 17 Genes JET PILOT 71 C. C. TWIN MOCNEV 71 WIllamf TEN PIN 16 Wma. SIDEWALK ENGINEER e Wma. KINO OF SWAT 17 MAKE MONEY with FIRST IMPORTERS! Send for Your FREE 56 -Page Illustrated '61 CATALOG Seo Us FIRST for the Most Complete Selection of all NEW GAMES les 705 ns Js 7s Cable: "FIRSI(OIII "- Chicano COIN MACHINE EXCHANGE Joe K5ne 6 Wollt' Finke CHICAGO 27, ILLINOIS Dickens their wares into at best a shaky market. 'Ihe majority of coin machine manufacturers appear to favor writing off the East Cierman market entirely until such time as sound trade conditions prevail. Little Patience Even assuming that the present East -West German rift is patched over, the producers have little patience with the on- again. off - again character of trade with the Communist bloc. Moreover, the hard -headed pro- ducer is obliged to assume that Communist interest in his coin machines is motivated mainly by the desire to order only enough to use for copying and general experimentation connected with development of Communist -bloc coin machine industry. But, as seen from the other side of the curtain, the situation is downright distressing. East Germany has been importing a modest but expanding amount of West German coin machine equipment. The East Germans, along with the rest of the Communist bloc, are working to develop a home -grown coin machine industry. Development Base But this development will re- quire some years -and a substantial investment in Western coin machines as a base for development of the domestic industry. West Germany has been selling the East Germans a considerable amount of vending equipment, an increasing number of juke boxes and some games. This equipment the East Germans then put on location to analyze customer reaction and to gauge potential patronage and the problems to be anticipated. Furthermore, it is no secret that the Communist strip down the Western coin machines to study construction and analyze workmanship, much in the manner that Detroit automakers strip down foreign -made cars as well as those of their domestic competitors. Restricted Contact There has been fairly friendly, although restricted contact betweeh the East and West German coin machine industries. The East Germans are developing their coin machine production center at Lueckenwalde. East Gelman emphasis is gradually shifting front vending machines, which have general priority in the Communist bloc, to juke boxes and even games. The East Germans produce acceptable vend- ing machines, but they have failed so far to build a satisfactory juke box for mass production. However, East Germany has an excellent electro- technical industry, perhaps the best in the Communist block, and the East Germans concerned say it is merely a matter of receiving a State priority for music box development and then concentrating sufficient technical resources on the project. Soviet Juke Box The Soviet Union is planning to mass produce an 50- selection box for the Communist market, the Radocte, but East German sources state that East Germany is still interested in building its own box. One source explained, The Ra- docte sounds fine, and knowing the Russians we can be certain it will be a fine box. But you need variety in juke boxes as well as automobiles, and we feel there is room for two or three or even four juke box models inside our trading area. "And there are technical problems involved; we can't be certain Russia will produce enough boxes to supply the market outside Russia. And we like the idea of having our own juke box models designed for our market. For if we depend on the Russians for juke boxes that simply means we, have to sell them something else in return. So we might as well produce our own boxes in the first place, since we have the industry and the labor skills to do so." Prior to the trade blow -up, there had even been talk of sending East Germans to West Germany, for limited periods, to observe production processes in West German plants. Certain East German coin machine king - pins have even dreamed of sending a reconnaissance mission to Chicago, which is looked on here as the heartland of the World coin machine industry. But the Berlin flare -tip has put the damper on all such grandiose schemes. Negotiations for a new East -West Cierman trade pact are continuing spasmodically, but the outlook is for a long period of unsettled trade weather. Independence Ups Nigeria's Coin Imports - LAGOS, Nigeria Nigerian independence is booming this country's coin machine imports. Nigerian commerce officials state that 250 juke boxes were imported into the country in the last six months, a figure roughly equal to total 1959 imports. Representatives of West Germany and United Kingdom coin machine concerns are beginning to make Lagos a regular port of call on sales forays into the awakening continent. At the same time, independence is serving as a general stimulus for the entire Nigerian economy. This economic upsurge is reflected in the expanding market for automatic merchandising equipment. The West Germans have the inside track on the Nigerian coin machine market. Even before Nigerian independence, West German firms were dispatching periodic trade missions to this country. Nigerian government representatives were invited to Bonn for West Germany's recent "African Week" observance aimed at drawing African nations closer commercially to West Germany. MUSIC SEEBURG 222 DHR ISIoreo, AMI J -200 Stereo) AMI D AMI E wurlilzcr Wurlitser Werlltsr GAMES BALLY BEAUTY CONTEST $ BALLY TROPIC QUEENS C.C. DROP BALL BALLY STRIKE BOWLER 5,'A UNITED LEAGUE 8 A C.C. CLASSIC 0/A UNITED JUMBO 5/A UNITED NIAGARA 5/A BALLY TOURNAMENT BALLY CHAMPION UNITED ATLAS S/A C.C. TV BOWLER B'A DELUXE 57 BASEBALL BALLY HEAVY HITTER BALLY BIC INNING UNITED DELUXE BASEBALL GENCO CUR CLUB GENCO WILD WEST CENCO CIRCUS GUN C.C. PONY EXPRESS Now DELIVERING C.C. Pony Express C.C. 6 Game C.C. Duchess Bowler. C.C. Duke Irving Kaye Pool Tables Valley 6- Pocket Pool Tablet MON ROE COIN MACHINE EXCHANGE, INC. 24I3 Payne Are., Cleveland 14. Ohio Phony SUperlor OPERATE UNITED'S BOWL -A -RAMA Welcome Everywhere WRITS FOR MAILS UNITED MANUFACTURING COMPANY 3401 N. Calllerni Ave. Chicago 18, III, SCHAFFER PECIALS SEEBURG (Stereo) $ (Stereol V MI M AMI $ J F WALL BOXES Seeburg D3Wa (200) $19.50 Seeburg 3W1 (100) AMI W AMI W SHAFFER MUSIC CO. Writ. for Illustrated Phono Catafoe 849 N. High St., Columbus 8. Ohio Phone: AX Offices in Cincinnati and Cleveland FOR SALE PHONOS SEEBURGS í-100 $ R Seeburg 200 Play Wall Boxes. $60.00 Completely Shopped BELMONT MUSIC CO N.E. Glendale Av. Peoria, Ill. Ph.: , BARGAINS FOR THE WEEK AMI 1200M, Remo AM1 1200M AMI1100M AMI 1200E, Slam AMI E SRI E AMI D United UPA Shalt. Rebound 11.12e /MO United and Bally Small Sall Bowlers C. C. 2. Player Rocket C. C. Drop Ball Rolla -Ban Midway Red Ball Midway lober Ball aatre :VT -. Olive Sheet, Si. Louis 3, Mo. Phone: MAIn Cable. "Cendlsr

65 Perhaps '. DECEMBER 12, 1960 THE BILLBOARD COIN MACHINES 65 faul ea Volley s_ M hdm Tue anion POOL TABLES VALLEY HUH.a/ MO'! POOH IOW! 100t VALLEY SALES CO. N. 1/080M IT BAT CITY. MICH 1 INC. PRICE LIST 'USED KIDDIE RIDE EQUIPMENT PONIES i,.n. /a.,n c. eun a..,n. tr. ena [N VMN..rr0011een, MERRYG0-ROUNDS SPACE SHIPS 1 M0.00 1so 00 ICO oe.voo 111s.0o srsoo ll000 ]ls on ]13.00!hihi, Irr 3 A. ns,o. VARIETY n,n..,1.01 e.1111 EQUIPMENT sss.o. tn Is á:w ns,00 teo.00 /L.00 ae o0 vs.00 )p.eo f 00 n.4, 11f.00 n warts Sim" l.t....0,00011,00.d vt rnn fa 04.e Ih. Prlts Indite." A I,n11,11110.d I/ 1 sr,er OIfeDwvaUNT TO DISTaIaUTOfr vol um at. I 1557 W. NSrlh Are., Map 42. Illlnelr Phew Almlt.0e wwwwwwwwwwww.0 Dallas Op Collections Steady Despite Unfavorable B. \t( k BIRO I r 111 1s - Despite a general business slump in tbc area. coin mtlebbte operators appear to be Dtgdoed osollecme to +hra db e a üyaorff icn stances. but more often a little up. Distributor sales are also good. though music seems to he having a much better year than amusement games. if there is a soft spot in Dallas, it is the games business. Operators Lace one of the most stringent tax structures in the country and now that business is a little down, the marginal spots are starting to fall by the wayside..k game on chine play pass as high as -a S115 tas: Slit federal. ShO Slate. 5M.) city and $15 county. Nickel play g:uncs pay the same -IIt federal tas plus.t Sill State,' )1S clt and 57,50 county levy. fax Hurts Now 1 he ra\cs are nothing new. Hut as 4he Su,nl,In. State \Ito. (tintr.., here.,..1,..+hell 1,111, and thought nothing about,1. Dur- Ing the past Iwo yrurs, tir tees h.'a started to hurt." Susman, who distribute, (ion - lieb and Chicago Coin games said operators hase been fighting the tee, for several years, but with little results. He added that Tes,is was also considering a 2 per cent sales or users tat that would turther cripple the gante operator. Other than the tax situation, fesas operators appear to he struggling under many of the same problents that arc familiar Ihruout the country. loans Up Location loans arc pretalent and range front a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Competition is strong and operators generally settle fora commission. i RECONDITIONED There is no association in limas and a spot check of local shosys GUARANTEED $ vr timettt little favorable the rea- / climate for one. son can hest be summed up in a $ SEEBURG 0 traditional Southern philosophy. es- / 0 peciall prevalent here - minding 0 JAMI one's own business. 20IDH As one distributor said, "every H1100R / w illegel togethel r to form ap a 0 ours P HF100G appoint someone chairman and try 100W to collect some money I hat's MI00[ 29,.00 p4 about as tar as it gets." M100B W1 Walllsox, Most operators Agree it might be helpful to have an association to fight legislation. hut they don't BO for the business of meeting all the time, collecting due, and abase all, discussing busing., Individualists Each man reek he has hi, ottn way of doing things. It may not be the best. but it hl, way. and there's not much sense in doing lot of talking to other operato, about it. Thruout the area, distributor reactions to business :appear to follow the same general theme. At Walbox Distributing, Phil Weinberg says sales for the brill.ile up from last year- primarily m music. Weinberg credits an agrc'- sive sales effort for the surtc. I he firm handles Rock -Ola and Ball, At Cotntnerai.i Distributing Company, Raymond \\'illiams.i.. says the firm is hating a good year. The lines are nr, 'United and Williant.. O'Connor Distributing ('ompens. the Scchurg outlet here. Is cont.- dent. says,ales are substantially up from last year and prospects are even better for O'Connor. with its big push on stereo and 33- singles, cited the recent entry of RCA Victor into the 33- single field as a sign of a swing toward this direction by the record contpanies. Helps Ops O'Connor Vice - President Bob Gilmore said his firma has been working closely with operators in slaking stereo installations and in promoting stereo music to the general public. The fitln is a firm believer in using the daily press to build public acceptance. It regularly goes in for tie -in ads with location owners and is very public relation, conscious (see separate story). J. M. Browning. a distributor for less than a year with AMI. - likewise optimistic. He says sales ha' /r steadily improved not in large quantities, but one at a time, as the operators need the machines for their locations. Browning, who also operates. says his collections for the Year are a little down in both nnl., sand games. He nosed that the good spot. were still good, but the marginal locations were hit hard. Browning DALLAS DISTRIB SCORES WITH Lyric 100, new Write P-R NEWS PHOTO Continental 200 / New Write 0 E WURIITIER 2200 S % ROCK-OLA $ 1475 Stereo ,00 / I r.,,n,:,, r.4ul,.d 0! W.7CIr tl:1ç41,msitlsyt Ott.^ /, s Davis - / [,.wwww MI fans Ert atvd. It _ 31,0,1,. 7, N. Y, U. S. A. I '- hon. GRonit t P: DALLAS -O'Connor Distributing Company got some solid consumer publie relations here with a recent stony on juke hot stereo appearing in the Dallas Times Herald. -She Herald carried a picture of Jane Bixler, American Airlines flight stewardess. and Kim Nash, former captain of the Southern lsletttodist University basketball team, having pima al a campus eating spot. while enjoying stereo than a pair of Koss earphones. The paper went on to point out that the stereo music.old the earphones were features of the new Seeburg phonograph. O'Connor has regularly made use of the daily press tor both advertising and public relations. with what the firm) describes as excellent results in the form of location acceptance ut its machines. O'Connor not only runt ads about its own firm. hut regularly tries to get location tic -ins featuring some special event that the location might be celebrating. A recent example carried a full quarter-page ad by Gordo s. popular campus hangout near Southern Methodist University, advertising the restaurant's ninth anniversary. its pizza and its stereo music. mentioning the Seeburg "Artist of the Week" program, Next to the Gordo ad is one by O'Connor. giving some more information about the stereo equipment. O'Connor sass the dual advertising has a snow -ball effect can the public. helps both O'Connor and the locution, and just as important. gets the location interested in the juke hot and the operator. Economy,Il,u.)li -I illy 10,,t1, problem. N e don't mind helping old customers." he noted, but most pew locations nots rely on an operator to help foul the cost of starling in business. In most canes. the payare slow," he said BUY TOP EARNINGS IN EVERY TYPE OF LOCATION EVERYWHERE 1wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww: LOWEST PRICES, HIGHEST QUALITY Ballerina $ Carnival Queen $ $Laguna Beach Beach Time Sea Island Big Three A County Fair Twin Big Tent, / Miss America c play Sun Valley Big Dipper Cypress Carden Deluxe BigTent COIN MART, INC. I, 1055 Baronne St.. New Orleans, La. Tel, Iwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww /J,fl.f!/AI)r/aWA-//////AerifW//////// /LAW /////////////1////H///////// / LV4//IYNAWA4o//I/ CLEAN ARCADE GAMES FOR SALE 5 Bally Beauty Oueens... $ Demo Ouarlerba;k S 90 7 Williams 4- Bagger (hi Coin Rebound Shuttle 60 1 Williams King of Swat (hi Coin Rocket Sh.1- Player Bally Batting Practice Bally AB( 14 II, Bowler Bally Big Innings Bally AB( Lanes, 14 If United Star Slugger,, Bally AB( lanes, 11 ft. 90 DEPOSIT, WRITE OR CALL STAR SUPPLY CO Stony Island Ave., Chicago 49, III. Telephone: BAyport /////Id//l///AY//////////4Y///N////////////////////I/////N//N////////////////d/l////////p/d/YH//lN New LUCKY HOROSCOPE 5c, 10c or 15c PLAY NATIONAL COIN REJECTOR in each chute NOW has TWO coin returns and other new features. EASY TO LOAD shinplna wage: 1 GAME HOLDS 20 La. N M,WWWM.A. APPROX. 1,000 NUMBERED OR seau TICKETS 2369 Milwaukee t.. MID -STATE CO Chicago 11, Phone. D.ckns , J^ 2,112, n r+ HOROSCOPE PELLETS STAR a i rt rh0fi2perct rlc2 rpf r r; r:rc 3 á ALL FLAVORS NEW LUCKY 7 HOROSCOPE NEW a.n.. di All DEALS AVAILABLE le 10c OR 25c PLAY HOROSCOPE NUMBER HOROSCOPE HI -HAN HOROSCOPE BLACK LACK HOROSCOPE LUCKY BUCK HOROSCOPE BARS & BELLS HOROSCOPE BIC BEN BELLS HOROSCOPE BASEBALL HOROSCOPE hero. iiw <Ì ier '""'r I llbul.eh1..ere CLUB (OUIPMENI CORP W Irvin. Parti Ile. Ch,aa 1), Illinois OI e

66 66 COIN MACHINES THE BILLBOARD DECEMBER The Billboard's Coin Machine Price Index Listii i represent used machines in average condition intro-1 Quotes are received and averaged ducetf from monthly. Listings 1954 thru raid sh,1 d -l9í9 Price quoti b on each machine only as a general guide, I' since machines of identical represents the average of quotes t1. operators by franchised distrilx)tors in three geographical arras -East. %l'est and Midwest. 4-pc e and condition may hase considerswy different values in dísseeut areas. AM: MUSIC D-41 (MIL IIS1 3 SS DIN (Ml. ISS1 130 E-at IN) EH (M E /. 1I53 IRS FJt ( PM (N). 1951!70 F-121 (120, G-at Uel S0 G-10 MIL E G1I1 112I G ( há & &200-1 ( G ) P-..: 350 G2002 ( G ) G2011S (IN) H-2011 ( lSt 53S H-120 (120). 15S I55 (I HUN( (200) OSD (200) I-12S ( S75 I-IN (1N) I200M ISSA 535 i24/11 (2110) SO ( I Ml ISSI i218m f e » S9S J 1M ( SN 1-3M ò1 ROCS OLA 1435 (120) S ! (Sat. 1lS I1201_ ISIS (121). 195/ ( ( ( ' O isn / A (104) B00A (ap ( ism t104i, :100 ( N f20o!. 19SO ( new s1 (100) ( e M (200) S 23N ( N) ( I (100l. soss 7N BOWLERS II SHUFFLES SALLY ADC Savvier 7 /S5. S 210 ADC Jowl/.g Lamm 12 /SB 221 ADC Champion 1/ ABC Super -Dime Bowler 3%S7 210 ABC 0/ Ali-Star Bowler 12/ A4Stm Delusu 2 /S Bally /52 4S B ODY Speed Bowler 11/51 3!e S la. Bib5.a 4 / ml/eager 1 /50 NS Clap Bowler 2 / Comma Bowler 7/SS 220 DeSse. Olds Bawler 3/ Gold Medal 4 /S limbo Bowler $ BL.q -PI. Bowie I /SS 233 Lacky Ai y Sl5S Lock] Simla* 1/51., 300 Monarch 11/59... l!s Pan American SISE. 431 SP..d Dsselr 11 / Slat Slade. II/SS Seiko-Bowie/ I1 /S7., 250 Soper Bawler 1/u Trophy 4 /SS NS CHICAGO COIN All Star Team Bowler 11 /S3...1 i (SM pinker 0 /55 1M 1465 ( Bouma Score 3/SS Bawl Martyr 7/ Sena Bowling ( Teas 50 /S Eye bowler 7 /S5 lü 1475 (INL Championship 1115$ Steno Bowiiag League 7 /S Criss Cross Target 1/u W Double SEISMIC Feature l2 / MINE ( HoL'7..eod IDeq Bowler 3/ MiSOC ( I00W ( Leaky Seita I u FISOG ( N NSW 31taH1. 10 / E bS0a 7/ Gale _ 4 WU Chah ( *ebennd 0/04 SWIM Sí /51 M LIN Red Pia 3/S3 435 lia loi Rock.) 165 ( SNAG..., 2 SI (105) Raást Sherd. Two.!2t e2$ Plays 4 /SI 135! '.. LOSS HIM Scwr. A -Leu 0 / Shuffle E.plerw 6 / í221]e SSS Sir.. $,D 1/ S 212DA (604). 195! - Sem Heckel 3 /5! D W RUMS 1130 ( I $5 950 Toensaaaet 03 Semi 12/ Triple Stele. 1/ Tv Bawl!aq Leaq. I V s7 290 Twin lewbr / UNITED Ad.unce 0'SO Atlas Sheltie Aaey 9'St 405 Bon. Oowlbq Alley 3 'S0 510 Bowling Alloy II /S0 225 B udd Do S / Capitol shuffle Alley O-SS 115 Clipper 4,SS ISO Cyclone Deluxe Bowlleq Alley 7.'57...., Delays?lad 6 /S9 -. Delate Shooting Sum 6'sS Coal Shuffle Deplea 11 /S6 Engl. Shuffle Aun] S 'SI Flash t's/ 4-Way II /S9 Handicap 9/30 Handicap 11/ Ser-e 5/ , lambo lowtbg Alin] i.pbs: Sheik Ailey 1.S3 League Alloy I'S! Lghtalag 2 /SS Midge( BowUeq AN] 3 /51 Niagara II /SS Pale Darla( 7 /Sl. Playtime 0 /541 aegnlntba 11/55 Band Downuq Alley 12íS7 Select Play S.'S4 Shoot's); Star Shuffle Flayeata USE Simples 4.11 Ste-Star 11:57 Saper Sonny 11,31 Team ibw0b g Alloy 4 '17 _.. Teas Mats 12/S1. 3 Way 8159 Iop Notch 11 /SS., Teems 4 /SS TAMS 5.'19 SALLY Ballerina L'511 Sails -A Peypin 13/56... Sally D.S.A. 7.' Si D eath Beauty 11 /SS.. Beach Time!.'SB iii Show 9 /SI. - Broadway 12 SS Carnival 10. /S7. 11.'51 Creas 1/S7 County Far li /S! Creaswa-d. l /SO Cypruu Ceder 3/SS Double Header 1:51 F_ -Way 3 /S1 Gay TO. tiss. - - GQY «r 4'55 Bey West 12 SO Letts Fan 9'5.9 Mead Beech 1 /SS Mlle Jimmies 1/SB Night Oak 3/30 Parade II/SS San lolnnd 1/51 Shaw -Ti. 4/S7 : San valley 7/57 SSS a SSS 414 SSS ISS IBS 17S a SIS SIS I SN N S SO IM S as 170 SO N 413 M 1S1 GOTTLIEB R.eo Ac. High e N Sacket 11 /S9 153 Add A Line 7 /SS San16te 5/ Annabelle 1 /S Wau 7 /511., Around tie weep 2 Shamrock 1/57, 105 7/ yes Sigurd l /SS Ada* S /S9 210 lector Eck-Olf Auto Race S!SI 70 3/ S Brit. slat (/ $ Spot Pool 5/ am., Bowler 7 äs. N Simfr. 5/57 IN / Coat.., 10 /S Slee31. Chas. Il / Ceatlseat5I Ca.. Scam score 1 /S4 N 7/ Styl Rk9.r 7/ IQ Cr. Crows 3 / id il /S Dal 1/ Throe Deaf:.. 5, SS 71 2 Doable Ares l /st 14s TkTat -Ten 2 Does. 3 /SS Si Tea- Bot.Y. 1 /55..., N Easy Aces 12 /SS., IS Top Hat 2! I Fair Lady I L: SE Trod Chap 0; Falstaff 11/ Waoder{ood 3,55., so 2 FtagShli 1/ Dom. Wild Mayo) f2a.tqmhm lois! IN 12/50 IN Dodge City (Free) 12:' Drfweeto de (40e) 0/54 13S 5th laelaq (Ed 1/ Gell Champ 11a*yS 5! 5! 175 Grandma Fosse. S /st 141 Goa auk) (Gerd I S1 Gaa..nk (Bally) 4!SI Rea. Meer (tally) 3153 Heredes Ma.) d.11á. Treartsaa OIL) 12/ B/se Reed 1 'S! ids Garr Gary)!gl?ly igssc; 4/ /SI ISO ss Gana] mama s/14 7 *estop (Wm.) 4/iJ 113 lo.atk F+Ober (" 1/ Raider (0n) 10/55 v *04205 (Gem) S/SS eace Ate (Gum) 3: Frortlerma. 11/53.. OS Heso rap. recta. Della. I mad)abr 1 /St.. SOS ARCADE &NOVELTIES I Geldoder B /Se Hydro Dar! 100íN1 Teller (Geed 1 /S BosebaO Mum) 1:54 05 II (NCO Gypsy Q.M. 2/ lei 3t Ga Harbor Lees 3/56.. M Ani -Star baseball Ht 1Wm 454 Diver 4/51 1!0.,.. - -! / viand Smears 4 i050ea 3 /SS 650 Lghrdnq Sall 12/51 :SS Aqua Dock (Core) 2/53 iss Im Plot 1CO Sí let Tighter (Waal!.'St 171 Godley MAIN It1K es Aal, Pb*, 9bdel!. ISS iolyr IoU 5054) _ 1 Aaeo Photo Model ! Wafer Pria 155 IAgsni S /S / l Mdesde 4/ Auto Test UMW) Idly Joker (Mae.) (Cap) 1. /St..... us 10.'33 04 ` 2 Marathea Ile 11/54 Auto Test (without faabo Tw IKam fia.el 1 Molt 5/ sound) (!' iwa..! 3,'53 7s ' 4 Steeper (.I 125 Q,..e. of Diamonde Ante Tear Taeapa: fí59 tumbe 221 lee Sao Toa:neeme05 (Cap (Wow (3 /Si Race Them 3 / $ /SS S female Guts (11a) 7í5i 155 Ininbow 12 /SS,... N í0 aí Toesale (1Dy) Shovel (CCI 4 RaiM.r 10/56... in 10/ lung). Hot (wag 5/50 M Rocket Ship 5/SS P OOOwat (COP) 7!S 175 Soto Pool 7í5l loyal Flush 5/ Tap 12/54 is 1r. Auto Tust (Cn,1 'lcaaitig S 2If lunq- Oderur t7dlol 1:/íi 150 V Haue aas 7S (CO 3:51 N 2 5a s.9«/ /St.. Ill iaaseose ettiantj ia may line) S9 Salver 10/57 ies /sl 75 lernalt res. Sleets' Pretty 11 /SS -. IM Ratter up tag Tall (CC) 4/SS Swett (Ward bei twtast l /il N S Sl.ggi 4/55 70 Practice /SS 110.aV* Slogger Mal Somber. Bel. SM.. N (ßa571 0 / ES.eO>4.4., letmhl6! 7: ss... StralgL klau 15/ Ng kid. (1.117) 12/ ,. r Sem Da* bolt SlrerSibt Shestr `Sí League i.edee (Ter) 1Wr..0 1/ /S9 200 'Sig League (Wes) l: st $5 ;ennead Moto) 4 /S Swahili. 11/ Malur Le.OV (Mao) argot Ian Malty) 4 Scoreltoard 4 /5S 75 7i9 League Basoboü 4/S1 04 I /SS 147 (CC! 5/SS as! Syrer Clrcos 1/ Model 300 Sheoelg to Gasodaenn 4 Sweet Sies! yep' /Slue 201 Dig 1!'34 ISS fsthibt (Mato' 12 / Te,..der 0 /S1 -.. lie í00a lace M>o.l 3135 l!s es Pf. (WaseJ 2 Inn. erst 1/ M owaafder 7151,4 Oallyt 12/ l...0a.. co Twin lilt 2 /5S SS 3 / Dtd.ere. "112/7" tmaul 10 /S1... ES Ou11mEye (Sally Momma (Goad 12/ Whàiw nd 2/ /S1 2 10/ eel Peat BON) Wi.h0 5 Well a B.rp Gm (Dole) S /S7 34S 1157 lerb.a (Wins) 12/57 US World l/s7 Z23 Champ VS? Carsied Gm (Dal.. (Waal!/S! 3!S 101S4 135 Plan- WILLIAMS O-ñama!N Arrow dead 7/ Baseball 7S Cruise S /SS 135 ICpI IS, /Sf 200 ltìdeb. Th.. TANI 354 Peep Earb (t]>e) Cbcws Rifle Garer] li, 35 7S 2 CSre.. Wagen IGate, 3/57 Mee) D Pb (Copt Topp] h. Gnwa r 75 Hmm (saebl... - Qab,Hew.. 1e /S COO/ rwa.1 1 :' sa í2o reams» Co. S3 SS 123 Il! 143 Crossword 5/SS... HIS e (Was) 3,151 OS Pb? 4n* 1614 mac tf.hs3) 7 /S6 170 co, Ors 4/57 N c.a. Redear ' 1.y Heils (CCI 2 Pinsle (CC:! /Si 15- PSad Horner IWasl y 2A 3 {Star 7,50 íi0 Crooli-e (Wane) 3!57 / Fen House 10 /SS.. S Grethen Pur» Gem 117.).we- Pla].t Bmh.thrn 4 Gay Pain. í!s (G.oc( 11 / o/S! 310 (Gesc! 3 /Si 151 Go :den Dells 5'55.. YN Graadaa Ptaylnad Rill Golery ".Had!).las a1 (Deco) 5/ (,^:,C} 0/'1! 445 h.d í12a) IN Gusher In Hund 1/S7 IM beiss Gandy Polar Aunt ;Da! 1155 IN fermi Sí39 Hem DigelSy I át ileb. Sogger Q.arreróath (Gencl IM saw 15/57!s (Waa) s /St 151! SS eice.o.grash 105g S Rolm larger Rauer Rees' 3'SS. 100 Si vender (Salle) 5/S< 160 ()Imo) 2/17 2 Nap:.e 1/57 IN Mesa) 3 /S3 Perky 1I /St 75 Dslate Skill Parade am Gallery Mood Ilí.tel 11 /K... Pete Pas 4/55 TS (1aD71 t /S3 N 0/u ; i! Wta Wm05 (Geer, 2 PSccnäSy t /5/.. 73 Deiama VaOward a..r rau (Vaal 2 SS 4 Race Maas& (Was) le /se sa 4 /3S SO 'Derby loll (Dal 10 SS $5 3/Ss sei Fair (Gant? 7 /Se 1911."..1/1.1 tie.h.d /$al lii

67 DECEMBER 12, 1960 THE BILLBOARD COIN MACHINES GT bold new compact styling stars in first field sampling Never before have jukeboxes so dramatically new shown such powerful sales potential so soon. Distributors are finding it difficult to keep samples on their floors, and operators who placed their orders early are already reporting enthusiastic location reaction. The growing volume of orders proves without question that the AMI compacts have the look, the size, the price and the performance you've been waiting for to spark play. See the Lyric 100A and 100M, and the Continental 200A and 200M, now at your AMI distributor's. Ride the compact bandwagon to greater profits. uro+une Gwsaw Co+..w.r AUTOMATIC MUSIC, INC. Affiliate of 1500 UNION AVENUE, S. E., GRAND RANDS 2, MICHIGAN. SINCE 1909 DESIGNERS, ENGINEERS ANO MANUFACTURERS OF AUTOMRi c M SICCE INSTRUMENTS FOR BUSINESS AND INOUSTRY

68 Piano 68 COIN MACHINES THE BILLBOARD DECEMBER 12, 1969 OFFICE SPACE In PARAMOUNT HOTEL 235 West 46 St., New York Wurlitzer Officials Die in Crash OFUIGE a sa. f 10 V01101 H^ EXE C VT Vslte if:z4`;75. o../fo Sq E OFFICE Reasonable Rentals Phone: Mr. Dragner, Circle d imte Like Attractive Figures? You'll Go for the Prices on Equipment at $ WORLD WIDE GUNS Chicago Coin SHOOT THE CLOWN Williams TITAN Williams CRUSADER... Williams HERCULES.. Williams VANGUARD.... Bally MOON RAIDER. Genco DAVY CROCKETT Williams CROSSFIRE GUN... Bally GUNSMOKE Genco BIG TOP Genco STATE FAIR. Exhibit SHOOTING GALLERY Cabl Address "GAMES" Chteogo I TermD D.pait. aolonc Sight Dloft. _..- $ LD,1IOE os1butos': '. OP'. BLAZE THE WAY WITH ALL STARS WILD WI LD 11.D WI LD WI )AMES E. ROWING ROBERT t BRUNER ROY GREENWEII. DF KAI S. III.-James E. Rolf ocialion and sas A rnembcf of the a 0 ing. 34. executive firmer vice -president Air Force of executive jet tighter p,tt board of the 0 the Wurlitzer Motional and a company: Robert flight instructor L. at Manufaculrcrs t M 0 Bruner. Assocl'ation. De 36, comptroller Kalb Municipal of Airport. the arm's De Kalb division and He had been active in De Kalb He assistleaves his wife. Connie ont secretary of the company, community life, serving as serre daughter. and Margo, 4, and a se Rev Cireenwell, tary of the 25. company De pilot.' Kalb Public Hospi- Brandon. 2. ocre killed last week tai Board. as when their president of the twin -engine boar) 01 company plane trustees crashgd of the 'Second % into Lake Michigan (Tile Congregational Billboard. Church. tin board ot the Family Service I December 5). Delay Slander Agency. on The trio the Chief Council had been in Chicago of B the Boy Scouts 0 for M America. on a company meeting and the had board ot the p taken off for Chamber Ile Kalb of Com- November merce and as / '9. No first president of the Suit Brought trace of the bodies has board of h.en found. directors of the but some of the wreck 1fMCA. - In the Jaycee, presented,gc of the hint plane was discovered with the Distinçuíshed near Gars. Ind.. December I. Service Aw ard- 2 / Rolling joined Wurlitzer in 1948 /sitter his graduation from North- ('.dcstern University. He worked as I retail salesman, as credit man- I.figer and later manager of the Chi- Wurlitzer company store. and.t, assistant to the vice -president utd later assistant manager of the Ile Kalb division.4 Elected to Boárd In 1955 he became vice- pre+i- e ease, his wife. \tars. and three boys. \Luck. II: Stephen. 7. and Peter. months. Robert 1.. Bruner Bruner. a Northwestern graduate. joined Wurlitzer in t!952 at the North Tonawanda. N. Y.. plant. In 195(,. he became assistant to the vice -president and manager of the De Kalb plant. The followiljg year deni and manager at De Kalb, and he was appointed camptrolller. tour years later was named curets- Bruner had been active ill com-!ive vice -president and elected to munity allays and 1s3s a member. al,he hard of directors. Ile was responsible for the opnation of three Wurlitzer divisions and for co-ordination of the engineering programs of all divisions. of the Salvation Army Advisory Board. He leaves his wile. Eleanor: a von, Paul. Ill. and a daughter. Nancy, n He also directed the company's new European operations. Roy Greenwell Rolling had been president of Grcenwell joined V. c rlitt:er 10 the Chicago Piano and Organ As months asps as company pilot, was New Compact Cabinet By Unionist GARY. Ind -A S ',Linde suit brought by the leader DI coin machine union against s for mer prosecuting attorney has-bee. postponed indefinitely. The defendant k Metto M. Hot ovachka. the former official. and the action against him was brough. by John Testo, Gary. the nation: organizer of the now dormant Na tional Union of Automatic Equip ment Service and Repair. Both Testo and Holoyachka were witnesses before the McClellan rackets committee when it investi gated allegation; of Lake County. Indiana. irregularities in coin machine operations. Claiming that he was slandered by Holovachka's testimony before the committee in June. 1959, Testa filed suit last year. Holovachka, who resigned as chief deputy prosecuting attorney after the McClellan hearing. is practicing law in Gary. Prior to his appointment to that position. he served two terms as the elected prosecuting attorney of the county. Testo. who charged that Holo- vachka was instrumental in the destruction of the union. is retired The postponement was announced by a spokesman for Lake Superior Court Judge Anthony B Roakowski, the presiding jurist the case. BOUGHT AT BANKRUPTCY ATTENTION: OPERATORS In N.r New l.ruy. C.nn.ikatt, Del.rrre- Permrite An).11 and Area. it. 1kA11r*Mr: `. mast* -2n zlrfzro SIAM --- X/X- -Mc.reroie 'N 14;6 011rao l ot et.,... 8,*,if,iF-,<g, HEIGHT 53'r WIDTH 24'1 -DEPTH 16" SHIPPING WEIGHT 146 LBS. M ANUTACIUYFD 0r GAMES, INCe,, 7950 NORTH CAMPallí AVENUE Electric Upright CHICAGO It ILLINOIS /thane COrn.he 7-ae00 Originators of Free Play Gomas TERRIFIC EARNING POWER LOCATION TESTED We Made a Special Purchase and Can Offer Big Values on... SANDY MOOR! SUMSO I SHUTTLES SMALL SALL BOWLERS CHICAGO COIN PLASM CHICAGO COIN ADVANCE SALLY BLUE RISBON SALLY MYSTIC ROCKOLA 1414 AND.11 AMI!I10, P -t10 ANO C -100 SEEBURG a400 AMO C -100 WURLITZta : AND 1300 STEREO WRITE -WIRE -PHONE AMERICAN VENDING Coney Irland A.. Brooklyn as. New York r.h ph ant-. Dt GIVE TO DAMON RUNYON CANCER FUND

69 1*.1 THE BILLBOARD COIN MACHINES 69 Atlas Plays Host To Ill. Coinmen CHICAGO -Atlas Music Corn. puny hosted operators and guests from the Springfield, Iii., area to a showing of the new Seeburg line at the t incoln Hotel there, Tuesday (291. Representing Atlas wert Nate Feinstein, Bill Phillips and Iry Ovítr.. Newell Bellamy represented the Seeburg factory, Operators included Gus Camdi oto, Roscoe and Fritz Bender, Vincent Salvo, Tony Zeto, Lou Edmiston, Dwain Kramzas, Bill Fredericks, Bud Hashman, Tunny Heffernan, Bob Moriconi, Sam Klein. Ray Fiesch, Joe Yaegcl, Bob Rose, George Rademaker, Floyd Altman, Pete Westermeyer, Les Monlooth and Ed Gilbert.?de Ore A14 tri6utore 9or..... t. MIDWAYS SHOOTING GALLERY ADELE CARLSON AND KEITH LA FON enjoy some stereo listening In Aordo's, popular student gathering place on the Southern Methodist campus. The Installation, recently put In by C. E. Bradshaw, National Amusement Company, Dallas, has no less than 14 pairs of earphones -two each In six booths and two pain on the bar. Location owner Gordon E. West claims collections have more than doubled since the installation was mode, European News Briefs c'nurintrn! Jrout page 61 Housed in a miniature zoo setting, the game features a large parrot perched in a tree. In the parrot's breast are concealed a microphone and lordspeaker, and in the brase of the tree an amplifier and endless lape recorder. From the parrot hang, a sign advising, "Speak when my eyes shine." Insertion of the coin lights the parrot's eyes and starts the tape recorder. The tape nuns for one minute and then automatically plays hack three times, and is silent until the nest coin insertion. UTA's parrot requires minimum Door space. It has great appeal for children *id also for adults, according to the firm. $ I In Illinois Wisconsin Michigan Indiana If you are EVER going to buy a GUN... then this one is an absolute MUST!! Money -Back GUNS NN Guarantee - FREE TRIAL - YOU NAME IT! Then 5315 (óc s S215 (,seeder 5325 Hercules 195 Stale Fair 175 Moon Raidir 295 at Vanguard Sky Nelda 325 S NNN111N4NNtiN11NN { Four Aggv 1160 Derby Roll $125 Pinch Haler... $295 js All Slar haler 115 Twin Hockey 175 Heavy nines Its Pins IIS C. t. Hockey 191 Space Age Molonma 195 Baller UP 150 Official Baseball Crane 95 Batting Predict 295 ]NK KNNNNNNN NNN1sNt ÌS ARCADE PHONOS A Saab s4,441,nn44 %s4%%4% Seib. 0 $145 Sub. HF10QR 5345 Wurl Saeb. 205 $745 Seeb. HFI Wiwi Saeb Seek Tape Repealer NNNNNNNSNNN MILWAUKEE AVE., CHICAGO 22, Ill. Phone. EVERGLADE DETROIT BRANCH Puritan, Detroit, Mich. Tel.: Diamond WORDS cannot describe the magnificent ALL NEW DE LUXE You must see it... six pocket POOL TABLE ldorado MARK 77 "v45,, MARK II e7">,46" I MARK III 97 ",57" to believe it! The coin chute is completely reensad. The new, cull viewer permits bolls fo be wen from ony ono!.. The removobte drawer contains the emir mechanism, boll troy and viewer. No ball Troy to attach. Leas slip Into place - no bolts rovired. The entire top roll Is formkn. The nwn, pockets or 16 gong. Ott! -brut, and chrome plated. Some diatrlbator lrritori.s sti11 avairablo. _ SEE IT NOW AT YOUR DISTRIBUTORS! IRVING KAYE COMPANY 363 Prospect Place, Brooklyn 38, N. Y. re/ophan.: STerling

70 70 COIN MACHINES THI BILLBOARD DEC[MBER 12, 1960 Another Reader -Advertiser Benefit of the NEW BILLBOARD Exclusively for the Music -Coin Industry Batch for the NEW Billboard Coming January 9 'allwa.a'a e.doer Show Newt deport. nowt will canto,. with in monthly pobllcn.w,,.4 non h.. separate ago a II pbgutiew of I4 wn. Later News, Reviews, Charts and Price Lists Improved deadlines resulting from the change will enable Billboard Music Week to sharply reduce the interval between news closing and distribution, thus resulting in more up -to- the -minute news coverage.., more reviews of "just released" singles and LP's... more and later statistical data to bring greater speed and accuracy to record charts... and speedier used coin machine equipment prices. BILLBOARD MUSIC WEEK... Music -Phono Merchandising... Radio-TV Programming.., Juke Box -Game Operating IRVING KAYE BOWS NEW MARK POOL TABLE SERIES NEW YORK -The Irving Kaye Company here is now in full production on its new Mark series of the De Luxe El Dorado pool table. The line was first exhibited at the recent convention of the National Association of Amusement Park. Pools and Beaches in Chicago. The Mark I is a 77 by 45 -inch table, while the Mark If Measures 82 by 46 inches. The Mark II is 92 by 52 inches. All models are identical, except for dimensions. Features of the new Mark series include curved all- Pormica tops, 16 -gauge metal corner pockets and a coin chute which takes either a quarter, or two dimes for two players. The tables come in platinum gray or mahogany finishes. The ball viewer allows the players to see the complete hall from all angles thru a formed plexiglas window. The coin chute is recessed. The tray is flush with the table, and a pull -out front drawer houses the entire mechanism. According to the manufacturer, the drawer will support the weight of a man. Legs are of the slip -on type, and assembly takes about fists minutes, with no hardware required. Kaye is also making a new model of its Club Pool. HARTFORD. Conn. - Albert Waxman, of Capitol -Reliable Coin Machines, served on the entertainment committee for the annual dinner dance marking installation of new officers of Hartford's Agudas Achim Synagogue. CIVE TO DAMON RUNYON CANCER FUND WANTED Experienced Bingo Mechanic, Must be honest and reliable. Steady work. Write BOX 115, The Billboard 188 W. Randolph Street Chicago, Ill. Introducing \L) L LE3LALLLL A Revolutionary Type of Extended Play A Q:iiaÌl SKILL OAP! TESTED! PROVEN! ACCEPTED EVERYWHERE! Field Tests Achieve Phenomenal Acceptance- Here's the game that'll give your locations real zest) New ADD -A -BALL feature coupled with bold futuristic styling and "Hard- Cote" wear -resistant playboard finish scored an instant success In comprehensive field tests. Tomorrow's Design Today! -The ageless beauty and durability of Stainless Steel moldings provide an appealing new and clean appearance permanently. Sparkling appearance of plated legs and front door panel adds beauty beyond description. Hard chrome finish corner casting furnishes a comfortable, clean grip for players. Skillful player operation adds an unlimited number of baits to each game. Playing Card Sequence and High Score makes additional ball available to player. Making either tap Joker rollover when lit gives additional ball. Center Target scores additional ball when lighted arrow points to selected card. High Score Panel promotes competitive player appeal. Tapered Light Bon... the ultimate in "design where it counts." Two super -powered skill flippers. Plus a host of other fine features. 04.4h,ga 0 AVENUE CHICAGO SI, tllinofi Now more than ever... it's Alwaye Profitable to Operate Gottlieb Gamest

71 r CHICAGO COIN'S ALL NEW "ELECTRONIC-EYE" DECEMBER 12, 1960 THE BILLBOARD COIN MACHINES 71 FRAY GUN FIRST AND MOST SENSATIONAL RAY GUN IN YEARS! New - TRANSISTOR Type ì ELECTRIC CELLS! New Modern Circuitry _ NO AMPLIFIER!! RIFLE ew LIGHTWEIGHT RECOIL ACTION - SHOOTS SINGLE or RAPID FIRE!! 4 MOVING and 2 Stationar TARGETS - 3-DIMENSIONAL SCENERY!! NSI ONAL New PUSH BUTTON SELECTOR - 3 SPEED TARGETS!! Adjustable -For 10, 15 sr 20 Hits Per Came! Mechanism In "Easy Service' PulUOut Drawer! FITS ALL LOCATIONS Minimum Space 6 Feet! Maximum Space 15 Feet! 20 sitors POSSIBLE 100 BONUS SHOTS!! 3 Reel OrumType Scoring! Celerinl (Amalie. Interior Lighting! Modern Steel Tubing Vend (Cabinet Also May Be HUNG On Willi! All Steel Cei Bon! TESTED! THE COIN BOX TELLS THE STORY! ALSO SEE CHICAGO COIN'S POPULAR LINE OF BOWLING GAMES - AT YOUR DISTRIBUTORS!..,;w Play Moy e. :.r ee. ro. _ 2 for 2S. 2.1: per Gomel DUCHESS BOWLER Combines FLASH -O- MATIC, ALL -STRIKE and REGULATION SCORING! -Also Available, Companion to DUCHESS - DUKE BOWLER with ALL -STRIKE and REGULATION SCORING! 6 -GAME SHUFFLE BOWLER 1. ALL STRIKE Bowling! 2. REGULATION Bowling! 3. REGULAR HANDICAP Bowling! 4. FLASH -O -MATIC Bowling! S. LITE -O -MATIC Bowling! 6. RED PIN Bowling!

72 %)) \ J 1-1 1,WEEK OF DEC. 12 EEBURG 33'/2 STEREO ALBUM RECORD PACKAGES 'kaaaaaaa*aaaaaa**aa**** A AA kaaaakkaak1f rk 10 selections from the 33' stereo album SONOS OF THE ISLANDS WAYNE KING (GECCA, AAAAAkAAA *AAkkkk AAkAk AAA* AkAAAA AA Akekkelli** 10 selections from the 331/2 stereo album HEARTBREAK JON THOMAS (PARAMOUBY) Watch this space every week for the latest Seeburg Artist of the Week releases Seeburg's fresh and alluringly modern beauty does speak for itself. But words can tell you this: Never before was there a phonograph with a silhouette so sleek, so trim, so clean and uncluttered. And so beautifully right for today. Yes, and compact. Seeburg is the compactest. There's not a single useless dimension on it. Like everything else built into Seeburg, all this style and beauty are there for just one purpose : To generate more profitable play. That means more in it for the location. more in it for the operator. : :' ^q RG E3 ltt... PERSONALIZED FOR YOUR LOCATIONS!,

Making Money In Music

Making Money In Music LESSON 12 Making Money In Music Publishing/Performing Rights/Distribution In the music business there are many ways one can earn an income. In this chapter we discuss the publishing and distribution of

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Sun Records Albums

Sun Records Albums Sun Records Albums 1957-1968 Sun LP Pressing Identifiers The three factories that usually pressed for Sun Records were: Plastic Products of Memphis (TN), operating out of 1746 Chelsea Avenue next to Kilowatt

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Sonic's Third Quarter Results Reflect Current Challenges

Sonic's Third Quarter Results Reflect Current Challenges Sonic's Third Quarter Results Reflect Current Challenges Sales Improve Steadily after Slow March, and Development Initiatives Maintain Strong Momentum Partner Drive-in Operations Slip OKLAHOMA CITY, Jun

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Pet Sounds. Label 62-M01S Pressed at Scranton, AudioMatrix. Label 62-M01L Pressed at Los Angeles, Jacksonville

Pet Sounds. Label 62-M01S Pressed at Scranton, AudioMatrix. Label 62-M01L Pressed at Los Angeles, Jacksonville Pet Sounds Label 62 T-2458 Black rainbow label with logo at top, and no subsidiary print. Matte labels First appearance in Billboard: May 14, 1966. First appearance in Cash Box: May 14, 1966. Label 62-M01S

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BWTB CHRISTMAS SHOW * John & Yoko Happy Xmas (War Is Over) `71. * George Ding Dong Dark Horse 1974

BWTB CHRISTMAS SHOW * John & Yoko Happy Xmas (War Is Over) `71. * George Ding Dong Dark Horse 1974 1 BWTB CHRISTMAS SHOW 2014 * John & Yoko Happy Xmas (War Is Over) `71 * George Ding Dong Dark Horse 1974 1 2 9:13 BREAK This morning we will feature all 7 of the Beatles XMAS messages which were FLEXI

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STANLEY PANENKA S TOP 40 MOST VALUABLE BEATLES RECORDS AND PICTURE SLEEVES STANLEY PANENKA S TOP 40 MOST VALUABLE BEATLES RECORDS AND PICTURE SLEEVES The following list of Beatles records and picture sleeves you are about to view are in my collection. While I do not have all

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BPI the British recorded music industry BRITISH ARTISTS SCORE HIGHEST RECORDED SHARE OF GLOBAL MUSIC SALES BPI the British recorded music industry BRITISH ARTISTS SCORE HIGHEST RECORDED SHARE OF GLOBAL MUSIC SALES UK acts account for over 1 in 7 of albums sold world-wide in 2014 5 of top 10 best-selling artist

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Motion Picture, Video and Television Program Production, Post-Production and Distribution Activities

Motion Picture, Video and Television Program Production, Post-Production and Distribution Activities The 31 th Voorburg Group Meeting Zagreb Croatia 19-23 September 2016 Mini-Presentation SPPI for ISIC4 Group 591 Motion Picture, Video and Television Program Production, Post-Production and Distribution

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City Screens fiscal 1998 MD&A and Financial Statements

City Screens fiscal 1998 MD&A and Financial Statements City Screens fiscal 1998 MD&A and Financial Statements Management's Discussion and Analysis (Note: Fiscal 1998 is for the year ending April 1, 1999) OPERATING RESULTS Revenues. Total revenues increased

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WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA HISTORICAL MAGAZINE WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA HISTORICAL MAGAZINE VOL. 12 OCTOBER, 1929 NO. 4 Address of William H. Stevenson at the Unveiling of Harris Memorial Tablet Distinguished guests and fellow citizens, also those everywhere

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How Recording Contracts Work by Marshall Brain How Recording Contracts Work by Marshall Brain So you and your friends can finally call yourselves a real band. You're known at bars, clubs and coffee houses outside of the neighborhood you grew up in.

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01. My Life - 2:08 (Claus Ogerman) Claus Ogerman Production. 03. Sao Paulo - 4:01 (Nelson Riddle) Claus Ogerman Production

01. My Life - 2:08 (Claus Ogerman) Claus Ogerman Production. 03. Sao Paulo - 4:01 (Nelson Riddle) Claus Ogerman Production Frank Sinatra's legendary arranger recorded this MPS album in the early 70s in Germany, creating a unique, contemporary "Riddle sound": Brassy and glamorous, elegantly blending jazz, bossa nova and lounge

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Before the Federal Communications Commission Washington, D.C

Before the Federal Communications Commission Washington, D.C Before the Federal Communications Commission Washington, D.C. 20554 In the Matter of ) ) Assessment and Collection of Regulatory ) MD Docket No. 13-140 Fees for Fiscal Year 2013 ) ) Procedure for Assessment

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An Economic Overview, Stocks vs. Bonds, and An Update on Three Stocks

An Economic Overview, Stocks vs. Bonds, and An Update on Three Stocks Excerpt: Netflix Slides An Economic Overview, Stocks vs. Bonds, and An Update on Three Stocks Whitney Tilson Value Investing Congress October 1, 2012 T2 Accredited Fund, LP Tilson Offshore Fund, Ltd. T2

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(Omitted on some prints): Music composed by Peter Sculthorpe Lyrics written and sung by Alan Dean

(Omitted on some prints): Music composed by Peter Sculthorpe Lyrics written and sung by Alan Dean (Omitted on some prints): Music composed by Peter Sculthorpe Lyrics written and sung by Alan Dean (Inserted on some prints): Music Composed and Conducted by Stanley Myers (And omitted): Lyrics written

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US Columbia Records Singles

US Columbia Records Singles US Columbia Records Singles This labelography addresses main line singles only. Columbia used several series to indicate main popular series. Label 01 Embossed label information with no Paper Label 1901

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Vista Group International Limited 2015 Annual General Meeting Chairman s Address

Vista Group International Limited 2015 Annual General Meeting Chairman s Address Vista Group International Limited 2015 Annual General Meeting Chairman s Address Before moving to the formal business of today s meeting, I would like to comment on some of the Group s activities and achievements

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Catalogue no XIE. Television Broadcasting Industries

Catalogue no XIE. Television Broadcasting Industries Catalogue no. 56-207-XIE Television Broadcasting Industries 2006 How to obtain more information Specific inquiries about this product and related statistics or services should be directed to: Science,

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Guide to the Howe Scale Company Records

Guide to the Howe Scale Company Records Guide to the Howe Scale Company Records Robert Harding 1984 Archives Center, National Museum of American History P.O. Box 37012 Suite 1100, MRC 601 Washington, D.C. 20013-7012

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Earl Cole Music. Tributes Solo DJ service also available MICHAEL BUBLE

Earl Cole Music. Tributes Solo DJ service also available MICHAEL BUBLE Earl Cole Music Tributes Solo DJ service also available MICHAEL BUBLE The undisputed modern day king of croon is Michael Buble. There is nowhere in the world where he is more popular and has enjoyed more

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FIM INTERNATIONAL SURVEY ON ORCHESTRAS 1st FIM INTERNATIONAL ORCHESTRA CONFERENCE Berlin April 7-9, 2008 FIM INTERNATIONAL SURVEY ON ORCHESTRAS Report By Kate McBain watna.communications Musicians of today, orchestras of tomorrow! A. Orchestras

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Carroll County Historical Society P. O. Box 1308 Carrollton, GA MAY Gwyn Chesnut and Carter Clay to Speak at October 20th Meeting

Carroll County Historical Society P. O. Box 1308 Carrollton, GA MAY Gwyn Chesnut and Carter Clay to Speak at October 20th Meeting The C C H S Newsletter Carroll County Historical Society P. O. Box 1308 Carrollton, GA 30112 MAY 2015 Windmills and Flowers A History of the Cottage Hill Greenhouses and Florist Gwyn Chesnut and Carter

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F A L L THE OFFICIAL E-NEWSLETTER OF THE PERCUSSION MARKETING COUNCIL F A L L 2 0 0 8 IN THIS ISSUE: PMC Receives NAMM Grant for 2008-2009 In-School Programs PMC Produces NAMM Show Idea Center Panel Presentations

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Discover Our Good Nature!

Discover Our Good Nature! The Juniata River Valley Chamber & Visitors Bureau Discover Our Good Nature! Photo by Thierwechter Photography VIEW VIEW VIEW 2006-Present VIEW Memories and Musings The Circus is Coming! The Circus is

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2011 Q1 Results Presentation

2011 Q1 Results Presentation 2011 Q1 Results Presentation TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited Stock Code:01070 Disclaimer The information contained herein should not be utilized for any legal purposes in regards to any investor's

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Capitol Label Styles

Capitol Label Styles Capitol Label Styles This label guide covers single and album labels from Capitol Records from their beginnings in 1942 to the present day. Label styles from the Apple label, which was distributed by Capitol,

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Club work in 4-H is the kind of activity we can be proud of; an activity we should be pleased to tell others about. For several years demonstrations a

Club work in 4-H is the kind of activity we can be proud of; an activity we should be pleased to tell others about. For several years demonstrations a 4 H Communications Writing 4 H Club News Senior Teens Name of 4-H Club Member Club work in 4-H is the kind of activity we can be proud of; an activity we should be pleased to tell others about. For several

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A Boutique Streaming Platform

A Boutique Streaming Platform A Boutique Streaming Platform Bringing Hundreds of Channels to consumers on over 400 Mobile Devices StreamNet, Inc 1 Business Plan StreamNet, Inc is a music and entertainment technology company whose primary

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JVC Reports Business Results for the First Half of Fiscal 2006

JVC Reports Business Results for the First Half of Fiscal 2006 For Immediate Release: October 27, 2005 JVC Reports Business Results for the First Half of Fiscal 2006 (April 1, 2005- September 30, 2005) Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. (JVC) announced today it registered

More information Company of the Month: The Music Industry Part One Company of the Month: The Music Industry Part One Company of the Month: The Music Industry Part One This month we examine the business of the music industry. In this first part we examine the early years of the industry from the beginning

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It is a pleasure to have been invited here today to speak to you. [Introductory words]

It is a pleasure to have been invited here today to speak to you. [Introductory words] Audiovisual Industry Seminar WTO, Geneva, Wednesday 4 July 2001 Speech on "The economics of the sector - the UK example" Michael Flint, Deputy Chairman, BSAC [Slide 1] It is a pleasure to have been invited

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The Most Important Findings of the 2015 Music Industry Report

The Most Important Findings of the 2015 Music Industry Report The Most Important Findings of the 2015 Music Industry Report Commissioning Organizations and Objectives of the Study The study contained in the present Music Industry Report was commissioned by a group

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GCSE Teacher Guidance on the Music Industry Music

GCSE Teacher Guidance on the Music Industry Music GCSE Teacher Guidance on the Music Industry Music IMPORTANT: These notes are intended for use by teachers not students. This is not new specification content that needs to be covered or will be assessed,

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Symphonic Sooners. By Patty Flood, '60

Symphonic Sooners. By Patty Flood, '60 Under Guy Fraser Harrison's baton-symphony full o f Sooners Symphonic Sooners By Patty Flood, '60 A DESIRE to provide the best in symphonic music for the state of Oklahoma has created a long-standing tie

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Guide to the Delos Franklin Wilcox Papers

Guide to the Delos Franklin Wilcox Papers University of Chicago Library Guide to the Delos Franklin Wilcox Papers 1907-1928 2006 University of Chicago Library Table of Contents Descriptive Summary Information on Use Access Citation Biographical

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The Muck Family New York & New Jersey

The Muck Family New York & New Jersey The Muck Family New York & New Jersey 1853 The first Muck music store is opened by Joseph s father in Moravia 1907 Joseph R. Muck (1878-?) emigrates from Moravia to New York 1912 Joseph s wife Katharine

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University Street (Taehangno) Photo: Noriko Kimura

University Street (Taehangno) Photo: Noriko Kimura 2006.8.10 Lee Gyu-Seog Born in Seoul in 1971, Lee Gyu-Seog dropped out of the Mass Communications course at Korea University in 1991. In 1997 he joined with other young artists in forming the Seoul Independent

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Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts records

Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts records Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts records 01 Finding aid prepared by Celia Caust-Ellenbogen and Faith Charlton through the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Hidden Collections Initiative

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FY 2010 Results Presentation

FY 2010 Results Presentation FY 2010 Results Presentation TCL Multimedia Technology Company Limited Stock Code: 01070 Agenda Results Overview Financial Highlights Business Review Outlook Page 2 Results Overview TCL Multimedia Technology

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Eugene McDonald. Zenith Radio Corporation. The Illinois Business Hall of Fame

Eugene McDonald. Zenith Radio Corporation. The Illinois Business Hall of Fame Eugene McDonald Zenith Radio Corporation The Illinois Business Hall of Fame Our laureates and fellows exemplify the Illinois tradition of business leadership. Eugene McDonald was born on March 11, 1888,

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Community Choirs in Australia

Community Choirs in Australia Introduction The Music in Communities Network s research agenda includes filling some statistical gaps in our understanding of the community music sector. We know that there are an enormous number of community-based

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Report on the Spanish Publishers Industry Year 2011

Report on the Spanish Publishers Industry Year 2011 Report on the Spanish Publishers Industry Year 2011 The Federation of Spanish Publishers Association January 2013 1 Domestic book trade In 23 editions, The Federation of Spanish Publishers Association

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Musicians, Singers, and Related Workers

Musicians, Singers, and Related Workers Musicians, Singers, and Related Workers * Nature of the Work * Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement * Employment * Job Outlook * Projections Data * Earnings

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BFI RESEARCH AND STATISTICS PUBLISHED AUGUST 2016 THE UK FILM MARKET AS A WHOLE. Image: Mr Holmes courtesy of eone Films BFI RESEARCH AND STATISTICS PUBLISHED AUGUST 2016 THE UK FILM MARKET AS A WHOLE Image: Mr Holmes courtesy of eone Films THE UK FILM MARKET AS A WHOLE The UK is the third largest film market in the world,

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Pasek and Paul: Up Close and Personal with Special Guests

Pasek and Paul: Up Close and Personal with Special Guests CONTACT Tim Dunn (714) 556-2122 x4209, Images: RELEASE DATE SEGERSTROM CENTER FOR THE ARTS PRESENTS Pasek and Paul: Up Close and Personal with Special Guests AN EXCLUSIVE

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WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO CHANNEL 1? WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO CHANNEL 1? Based on a March 1982 issue of Radio Electronics Magazine. Edited and expanded by J. W. Reiser, FCC International Bureau Rev. 8-4-2000 Ever wonder why your television dial

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Mary Ellen Hooper. Katie Brooks. November 14, Sponsored By Equity Lifestyle Properties. Sponsored By Anna Maria Oyster Bar

Mary Ellen Hooper. Katie Brooks. November 14, Sponsored By Equity Lifestyle Properties. Sponsored By Anna Maria Oyster Bar November 14, 2018 Sponsored By Equity Lifestyle Properties Mary Ellen Hooper A veteran stand-up, Maryellen Hooper s comedy has taken her from clubs and colleges to theaters and television. Recently, the

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WALK ON THE WILD SIDE. Including a Live Cougar, and many other wild animals! SATURDAY - 1st 150 People. Goody Bag from ACE Hardware

WALK ON THE WILD SIDE. Including a Live Cougar, and many other wild animals! SATURDAY - 1st 150 People. Goody Bag from ACE Hardware 8 im a -1 Ya k 16 SPO TRA tt he A ay Sund l a Speci $1 Off Admission FREE FISHING Kid Activities Hourly Door Prizes And More! 29t h An L WA RTS FE in BR UA RY CEN nua l SHIN MEN GTO SHO N W FEATURING WALK

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The Communications Market: Digital Progress Report

The Communications Market: Digital Progress Report The Communications Market: Digital Progress Report Digital TV, 2009 This is Ofcom s twenty-third Digital Progress Report covering developments in multichannel television. The data are the latest available

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Mary: Well, I have a set of 78 rpm records from the 1920s that are an exercise program.

Mary: Well, I have a set of 78 rpm records from the 1920s that are an exercise program. Episode 909, Story 2 Exercise Records Tukufu: This case asks what a box of old records can reveal about an early era in American physical fitness. Oakland fitness fanatic and health club owner Jack LaLanne

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The ISA International Songwriters Association

The ISA International Songwriters Association The ISA International Songwriters Association ISA - The International Songwriters Association Limited, was founded in Limerick City, Ireland, in October 1967. Today, there are ISA Members in more than

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If you really want the widest possible audience,

If you really want the widest possible audience, WHY WOLFE? It s natural for an independent filmmaker to consider self distribution, but is that the best way get a return on your investment? Distribution demands a very different skill set from filmmaking

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UK TV Exports. A global view in 2016/17

UK TV Exports. A global view in 2016/17 UK TV Exports A global view in 216/17 2 Foreword... UK TV Exports 216/17 Rona Fairhead Minister of State at the Department for International Trade This year marks a new format of the UK TV Exports Report.

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MUSIC INDUSTRY OVERVIEW record industry MUSIC INDUSTRY OVERVIEW record industry Historical Background 1877 Edison invents the phonograph 1894 First commercial disc recordings in the USA 1930s Low-cost singles appear (78 rpm) historical background

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BWTB CHRISTMAS EVE EVE SHOW PLAYLIST. w/special in studio guest GIVING US SOME HOLIDAY musical accompaniment Sir Cosmo Topper 8.57 AM (?

BWTB CHRISTMAS EVE EVE SHOW PLAYLIST. w/special in studio guest GIVING US SOME HOLIDAY musical accompaniment Sir Cosmo Topper 8.57 AM (? 1 BWTB CHRISTMAS EVE EVE SHOW PLAYLIST w/special in studio guest GIVING US SOME HOLIDAY musical accompaniment Sir Cosmo Topper 8.57 AM (?) 1 2 Pre-intro, intro.. REG. SHOW INTRO Cosmo. Paul Christmas Song

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The Development Of The LP By Edward Wallerstein ( )

The Development Of The LP By Edward Wallerstein ( ) The Development Of The LP By Edward Wallerstein (1891-1970) What follows is a recollection of one of the developers of the lp originally published in High Fidelity magazine, April 1976, Volume 26, Number

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In the early days of television, many people believed that the new technology

In the early days of television, many people believed that the new technology 8 Lyndon B. Johnson Excerpt of Remarks of Lyndon B. Johnson upon Signing the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, delivered November 7, 1967 Available online at Corporation for Public Broadcasting,

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February 16-18, 2018

February 16-18, 2018 EXHIBITOR MANUAL Virginia - 2018 February 16-18, 2018 IMPORTANT! Please read this Exhibitor Manual thoroughly. It includes important information essential to a smoothly run and successful show. Thank you

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Most of us listen to music every day, starting from the time when we first snuggled down to a lullaby. Music is part of

Most of us listen to music every day, starting from the time when we first snuggled down to a lullaby. Music is part of Activity One Rules! rey ey Most of us listen to music every day, starting from the time when we first snuggled down to a lullaby. is part of our lives. And the more we listen, the more important music

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Southbank Centre Business Model Case Study

Southbank Centre Business Model Case Study Southbank Centre Business Model Case Study Mark Robinson, Thinking Practice Published 2016 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License Southbank

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Israel Film & Television Industry Facts and Figures at a Glance 2017

Israel Film & Television Industry Facts and Figures at a Glance 2017 Israel Film & Television Industry Facts and Figures at a Glance 2017 Prepared by: Katriel Schory Executive Director Haya Nastovici International Relations Making Films Come True The Israel Film Fund -

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Lincoln Theatre Company

Lincoln Theatre Company Lincoln Theatre Company General Information Contact Information Nonprofit Lincoln Theatre Company Address 2351 Walden View Ln. Lincoln, CA 95648 Phone (916) 409-7030 Web Site

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Eloise Owens Strothers papers

Eloise Owens Strothers papers 86.064 Finding aid prepared by Celia Caust-Ellenbogen and Sarah Leu through the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Hidden Collections Initiative for Pennsylvania Small Archival Repositories. Last updated

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Concert Series Concert Ticket Office

Concert Series Concert Ticket Office 2017-2018 Concert Series P r e S e n T e d b y F i r S T P r e S b y T e r i a n C h u r C h O F b O n i T a S P r i n g S Concert Ticket Office 239-992-3410 Our 30th Season! First Presbyterian Church

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N E W S R E L E A S E For Immediate Release 2013CSCD0016-000487 March 13, 2013 N E W S R E L E A S E B.C. film and TV production stable in 2012 VICTORIA Expenditures by filmmakers and television producers in British Columbia

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HOLLYWOOD FOREIGN PRESS ASSOCIATION GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD CONSIDERATION RULES Motion Pictures Eligibility: HOLLYWOOD FOREIGN PRESS ASSOCIATION GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD CONSIDERATION RULES 1. Feature-length motion pictures (70 minutes or longer) that have been both released and screened

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [November 7, 2018] Contacts: St. Louis Symphony Orchestra: Eric Dundon 314-286-4134 National/International: Nikki Scandalios 704-340-4094 ST.

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Guide to the Hart, Schaffner and Marx Records

Guide to the Hart, Schaffner and Marx Records Guide to the Hart, Schaffner and Marx Records Grace Angle 1992 Archives Center, National Museum of American History P.O. Box 37012 Suite 1100, MRC 601 Washington, D.C. 20013-7012

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Appendix H: International Production Support Program

Appendix H: International Production Support Program Appendix H: International Production Support Program Fear of U.S. as content Hub 630 631 Leads to Protectionism in Content Imports Arguments for Content Protectionism National culture Employment Projection

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L.S. AYRES FAHSION MODELS PAPERS AND PHOTOGRAPHS, CA Collection # OM 0659 L.S. AYRES FAHSION MODELS PAPERS AND PHOTOGRAPHS, CA. 1919-2013 Collection Information 1 Historical Sketch 2 Scope and Content Note 4 Contents 5 Processed by Jessica Fischer December

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rey If you think about it, you ve probably listened to music every day of your life, starting from the time when you first snuggled Music Rules!

rey If you think about it, you ve probably listened to music every day of your life, starting from the time when you first snuggled Music Rules! Activity One If you think about it, you ve probably listened to music every day of your life, starting from the time when you first snuggled down to a lullaby. That s thousands and thousands of songs,

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Winterland Walk. Xenia Hometown Christmas Presents: The Inaugural- Ugly Sweater Reindeer Run. Saturday, December 10th

Winterland Walk. Xenia Hometown Christmas Presents: The Inaugural- Ugly Sweater Reindeer Run. Saturday, December 10th Seasons Greetings! Experience Where Magic Meets Main Street as Xenia celebrates Hometown Christmas on Saturday, December 10, 2016. Explore Xenia is proud to keep the tradition of Hometown Christmas. The

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Switching to digital television

Switching to digital television Switching to digital television The transition from analogue to digital television is well under way in a number of countries around the world. digital television allows for better picture and sound quality,

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TCL Multimedia Announces 2015 First Quarter Results

TCL Multimedia Announces 2015 First Quarter Results (For Immediate Release) TCL Multimedia Announces First Quarter Results * * * * * * Profit Attributable to Owners of the Parent Increased by 200.1% year-on-year to HK$45.58 Million LCD TV Turnover in the

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(The film is notable for offering a song and the performing group a front credit):

(The film is notable for offering a song and the performing group a front credit): Song - Now and Forever Composed by Graham Russell Song - Now and Forever Performed by Air Supply (The film is notable for offering a song and the performing group a front credit): Music Composed by Bruce

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Radio Transcriptions : A History of Radio Broadcast Recordings by Michael Biel, Ph.D.

Radio Transcriptions : A History of Radio Broadcast Recordings by Michael Biel, Ph.D. Radio Transcriptions : A History of Radio Broadcast Recordings by Michael Biel, Ph.D. Although some recordings were made of broadcasts as early as 1923, the first program specifically recorded only to

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Cherry announced that she has nominated Jane Thomas for the Rotary Red Rose Award for her continued contributions to the Library and this community.

Cherry announced that she has nominated Jane Thomas for the Rotary Red Rose Award for her continued contributions to the Library and this community. FRIENDS OF THE DELTA TOWNSHIP DISTRICT LIBRARY Clerks Meeting April 23, 2014 Welcome Diana Yager Diana, Bookstore Director, welcomed everyone, and provided a brief review of the agenda for today s meeting:

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Music Business Handbook and Career Guide, 10th Ed Sherwood Publishing Partners. Chapter 4

Music Business Handbook and Career Guide, 10th Ed Sherwood Publishing Partners. Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Start Thinking... 1. So you ve just written what you consider to be a song with hit potential. How do you go about getting it published? 2. What makes a successful song? Define the songwriter

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600 Matters. A vision for collaborating with America s broadcasters

600 Matters. A vision for collaborating with America s broadcasters 600 Matters A vision for collaborating with America s broadcasters 2017 We re all in! When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the 600 MHz broadcast spectrum auction, the Un-carrier committed

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Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra announces 2015 Marsh Symphony on the Prairie Season

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra announces 2015 Marsh Symphony on the Prairie Season For release: February 20, 2015 at 10 a.m. Contact: Jessica Di Santo (317) 229-7082 Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra announces 2015 Marsh Symphony on the Prairie Season 12-week concert series features the

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Leer Ice Vending Machines

Leer Ice Vending Machines Leer Ice Vending Machines Guide for Owners & Operators How to get the most out of your new ice vending merchandiser S Contents Key Contacts - who they all are and what they do (Page 2-3) q Your Distributor

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Lancaster Performing Arts Center RENTAL FEES and Policies

Lancaster Performing Arts Center RENTAL FEES and Policies Physical Address: Mailing Address: City of Lancaster 750 West Lancaster Blvd ATTN: LPAC Rental Office Lancaster, CA 93535-3816 44933 Fern Ave LPAC Rental Administrator (661) 723-5932

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The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors Board of Directors Conference Call November 14, 2013, 9:00 pm EST

The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors Board of Directors Conference Call November 14, 2013, 9:00 pm EST Ferdinand Meyer V called the conference call of the Federation to order at 9:00 pm EST. Present: Absent: Ferdinand Meyer V, President Bob Ferraro, 1 st Vice President John Pastor, Director at Large John

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The Star Line Singles, October, 1965

The Star Line Singles, October, 1965 The Star Line Singles, October, 1965 On October 11, 1965, Capitol reissued four of the singles that had been available previously through the imprints of Vee-Jay Records. At the same time they released

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Meet The Composer Commissioning Music: A Basic Guide

Meet The Composer Commissioning Music: A Basic Guide Meet The Composer Commissioning Music: A Basic Guide An Introduction to Commissioning To commision music means to pay a composer to write a particular composition for a specific purpose or event. Anyone

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Reading text A You should spend about 20 minutes answering questions 1 to 10. India slowly gets ready for internet shopping

Reading text A You should spend about 20 minutes answering questions 1 to 10. India slowly gets ready for internet shopping Reading text A You should spend about 20 minutes answering questions 1 to 10. India slowly gets ready for internet shopping Vipul Modi is a busy lawyer in India's financial capital Mumbai. Like many people,

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THE STATE OF BRITAIN S ORCHESTRAS IN 2016 THE STATE OF BRITAIN S ORCHESTRAS IN 2016 SUMMARY This survey provides an update on key statistics for the orchestra sector in 2016. The orchestras surveyed represent 84% of the Association of British

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Jewels of the County - Worth Checking Out. A Report on the Nevada County Library System

Jewels of the County - Worth Checking Out. A Report on the Nevada County Library System Jewels of the County - Worth Checking Out A Report on the Nevada County Library System Summary The Nevada County Library System consists of six libraries, five of which are circulating libraries, and one

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State of VOD & Digital Trend Reports

State of VOD & Digital Trend Reports State of VOD & Digital Trend Reports CHRIS ROBERTS SVP of Sales, OnDemand Everywhere 503.284.7581 x247 July 22, 2014 1 Executive Summary 2 Executive Summary VOD In 2013, an average of 43.3

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LINKS: Programming Disputes. Viacom Networks Negotiations. The Facts about Viacom Grande Agreement Renewal:

LINKS: Programming Disputes. Viacom Networks Negotiations. The Facts about Viacom Grande Agreement Renewal: Programming Disputes Viacom Networks Negotiations After long and difficult negotiations we are pleased to inform you that we are finalizing an agreement for renewal of our contract with Viacom Networks,

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