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1 Catalog Highlights and New Releases 2015

2 Contents Collection Art & Culture, 3 Audio Books, 4 Centzontle Series, 5 Children's Books, 6 Communication & Media, 18 Economics, 19 History, 20 Literature, 24 Philosophy, 33 Pocket Books, 34 Popular Series, 38 Politics & Social Science, 39 Science & Technology, 40 Sociology, 41 Young Adult Books, 44 Order Form, 45 Distribution & Sales Contact Information, 46 Dear Educator, Librarian, Reader, Fondo de Cultura Económica (fce) has published the work of many brilliant authors and scholars, creating one of the richest and most diverse catalogues in Latin America. Given its rigorous publishing tradition and its international presence, fce is today considered one of the leading publishers in Latin America. Octavio Paz, Carlos Fuentes, Carlos Castaneda, Elena Poniatowska, Carlos Monsiváis, Rosario Castellanos, and hundreds of other distinguished authors have made Fondo de Cultura Económica their home. fce originally meant to provide students of economics with books of economics in Spanish, but then it gradually expanded to include other subjects; now its back catalogue of 10,000 titles approximately 5,500 of which are still in print encompasses works on Anthropology, Art, Communication, Education, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Popular Science, Literature, as well as Children s Books (fiction and non-fiction). fce also has thirty six bookstores: twenty seven in Mexico, eight in Latin America and one in Madrid, also a virtual store that provides books around the world. In addition to its offices in Mexico, fce also has branches in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Spain, USA, Venezuela and the tenth branch recently opened in Ecuador. Our publishing house also produces two magazines: El Trimestre Económico, the longest-running Latin American quarterly journal on economics, and La Gaceta, a bimonthly publication with articles about our authors and reviews of our books. We releas e over 200 new titles each year and this catalogue a small selection of our new titles and highlights will undoubtedly be of interest to your institution. You are welcome to order children s literature and other titles through our Sales and Distribution branch in San Diego, California, or through our main distributors across the USA (see page 46). Fondo de Cultura Económica USA, Inc Verus Street, San Diego Ca., Order information Translation: William Parker Contents: Dorina Razo / Sara Valencia Design, layout: Laura Esponda Aguilar Contents supervision: Guianeya Ramírez / Sara Valencia Proofreading: Carlos Roberto Ramírez, Teresa Ramírez FONDO USA 2293 Verus Street San Diego, CA Toll Free: Sales and Customer Service Phone: (619) Fax: (619)

3 Efraín Huerta. Iconografía Efraín Huerta. Iconography EMILIANO DELGADILLO Dmitri Shostakóvich. Genio y drama Dmitri Shostakovich: Genius and Drama CARLOS PRIETO $22.95 Paperback, 153 pp. Tezontle cm ( in) ISBN: The purpose of this homage for the 100th anniversary of Efraín Huerta is to show through multiple images, an introductory study and a chronology the life and work of the poet. The book spans from his first years to the end of his life, offering important memories and passages that help to appreciate the author s poetic work. $ st ed., 2013 Paperback, 332 pp. Arte Universal cm ( in) ISBN: Shostakovich is one of the twentieth century s most enigmatic composers. His music reflects the heights and abysses of the unique historical period in which he lived, from the end of tsarist Russia until the final years of the Soviet Union. Carlos Prieto, from his perspective as a colleague and friend, recreates the frequently dramatic circumstances in which the Russian maestro lived and created his immense musical œuvre. Arquitectura: pensamiento y creación Architecture: Thought and Creation FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ GORTÁZAR Gregorio Walerstein, hombre de cine Gregorio Walerstein: A Man of Cinema EUGENIA MEYER $ st ed., 2013 Paperback, 184 pp. Tezontle cm ( in) ISBN: $17.95 Paperback, 275 pp. Tezontle cm (6.7 9 in) ISBN: An architect and artist, Fernando González Gortázar takes his readers on a journey through the experience of architecture as the art of spaces intended for human development. This polymath author constructs his own architectural theories and techniques, and shares his ideas, obsessions, and observations about the art of designing living spaces. Town planner, landscape architect, sculptor (urban sculpture as well as small and medium format sculpture), writer, traveler, and an expert on Mexican culture, Fernando González Gortázar has fought to preserve the historical and natural heritage of his home country. M eyer s book has been completed with both passion and objectivity, based on the author s own recollections as well as memories of others who knew Walerstein well, alongside thorough documentation. Gregorio Walerstein wasn t just a man of cinema, he was also a pillar of Mexican cinematographic art, and industry, for decades. Art & Culture 3

4 Audio Books Entre Voces is a series of classical Mexican and Latin American audio books. Read by their original authors or by other famous writers, this collection is proud to use only the unabridged versions of original texts. Probably the greatest virtue of Entre Voces is that it evokes for the listener the oral tradition that is intrinsic to the origins of every literary work. The collection includes poetry, narrative fiction, and drama, by authors as important as Lope de Vega or Sor Juana. Enero era la hierba / Janvier sur l herbe / January was the Grass Juan Bañuelos 129 min. BC: $9.95 Trazo del tiempo / Trait du temps / Trait du temps. Dans la voix de Francoise Roy Coral Bracho 129 min. BC: $12.95 Ecos. En la voz del autor / Echoes. In the voice of the author Rafael Cadenas 67 min. BC: $9.99 En el filo del gozo. En la voz de María del Carmen Farías / The Edge of Pleasure. In the voice of María del Carmen Farías En la orilla del silencio y otros poemas. En la voz del autor / The Limits of Silence and Other Poems. In the voice of the author Rosario Castellanos 73 min. BC: $9.99 Alí Chumacero 72 min. BC: $9.99 Los sueños. En la voz de la autora / Dreams. In the voice of the author Elsa Cross 76 min. BC: $9.99 El divino Narciso (Loa y auto sacramental). Dirigida por José Luis Ibáñez / Divine Narcisus. Directed by José Luis Ibáñez Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 295 min. BC: $44.99 Fecunda fuente. En la voz de Juan Gelman / Fertile Mountain. In the voice of Juan Gelman Rubén Darío 75 min. BC: $9.99 Contextos. En la voz del autor / Contexts. In the voice of the author Salvador Elizondo 61 min. BC: $9.99 Cristóbal nonato. En la voz del autor / Cristóbal Unborn. In the voice of the author Carlos Fuentes 74 min. BC: $9.99 El Duque Job. En la voz de Héctor Azar / Job the Duke. In the voice of Héctor Azar Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera 74 min. BC: $9.99 Muertes históricas. En la voz de Ignacio Solares / Historic Deaths. In the voice of Ignacio Solares Martín Luis Guzmán 60 min. BC: $14.99 La muchacha ebria y otros poemas. En la voz de David Huerta / Drunken Girl and Other Poems. In the voice of David Huerta El jefe Pluma Blanca. En la voz de Alejandro Aura / Chief White Feather. In the voice of Alejandro Aura Nican Mopohua. Versión en náhuatl y en español de Miguel León-Portilla, leído a cuatro voces. / Nican Mopohua. Náhuatl and Spanish Versions, read in four voices Efraín Huerta 70 min. BC: $9.99 Renato Leduc 75 min. BC: $9.99 Miguel León-Portilla 106 min. BC: $14.99 La gatomaquia. En la voz de José Luis Ibáñez / Gatomaquia. In the voice of José Luis Ibáñez Félix Lope de Vega 178 min. BC: $21.99 Resonancia. Poesía en dos lenguas / Resonance. Poetry in Two Languages Pura López Colomé and Alastair Reid (eds.) 196 min. BC: $38.95 Sinfonía concluida y otros cuentos / Concluded Symphony and Other Stories Augusto Monterroso 68 min. BC: $9.99 Poesía y prosa. En la voz de José Luis Ibáñez / Poetry and Prose. In the voice of José Luis Ibáñez Salvador Novo 75 min. BC: $9.99 Escritura en voz alta. En la voz del autor. / Writing Out Loud. In the voice of the author Fernando del Paso 75 min. BC: $9.99 El diosero y otros cuentos. En la voz de Roberto López Moreno / The God Maker and Other Stories. In the voice of Roberto López Moreno Francisco Rojas González 74 min. BC: $9.99 Juan Rulfo: voz del autor / Juan Rulfo: the author s voice Juan Rulfo 93 min. BC: $14.99 Jaime Sabines en Bellas Artes / Jaime Sabines at Bellas Artes Jaime Sabines 73 min. BC: $9.99 Nocturnos, nostalgias y otros poemas. En la voz de Alberto Dallal / Nocturnals, Nostalgia and Other Poems. In the voice of Alberto Dallal Xavier Villaurrutia 74 min. BC: $9.99 4

5 Me he querido mentir que no te amo I ve Wanted to Lie to Myself that I don t Love you GILBERTO OWEN $6.95 Paperback, 77 pp. Centzontle ISBN: The most famous poems of Gilberto Owen written between 1921 and 1948 are here: from the poems of his prime of youth to his Perseus Defeated. The compilation made by Élmer Mendoza is quite an event since it is a brief poetic work, not as famous as those of his generation partners, the Contemporaries, but with the same level of excellence. Cerebro y libertad. Ensayo sobre la moral, el juego y el determinismo Brain and Freedom. An Essay on Morality, Game and Determinism ROGER BARTRA $16.95 Paperback, 304 pp. Centzontle cm (6.5 9 in) ISBN: Freewill does exist, human beings are free, no matter that just a small fraction of their actions escapes from deterministic mechanisms: this is the proposition held in this work, which places it between the neurosciences field and the philosophical argumentation. Centzontle Series Encuentro: Octavio Paz y Julio Scherer Encounter: Octavio Paz and Julio Scherer Erich Fromm y la naturaleza humana Erich Fromm and Human Nature RAMÓN XIRAU $7.95 Paperback, 116 pp. Centzontle ISBN: $ st ed., 2013 Paperback, 85 pp. Centzontle 11x 17 cm (4.3x 6.6 in) ISBN: Anthology of three interviews made by the journalist Julio Scherer to Octavio Paz: Suma y sigue, Tela de juicios and El valor del tiempo, and the essay Julio Scherer wrote of his last encounter with the poet, entitled Un testimonio. It is somewhat a biography of the life and political thinking of Paz s, whose subjects go from democracy, political reality and political parties, to the 1968 massacre of Tlatelolco and even the social and cultural history of Mexico. M an s freedom and human nature are the central points of this series of essays, which are the outcome of a dissertation between two great thinkers, German Erich Fromm and Mexican Ramón Xirau. Here, man is presented as a self-made being who moves towards freedom through his labors, yet who does not always wish to be free and so devises new idols to hamper his reaching that aim. A masterful study on human nature. 5

6 Children s Books Yo no soy un conejo I Am Not a Rabbit PEPE MÁRQUEZ Illustrated by NATALIA COLOMBO $8.50 Paperback, 36 pp. Los Primerísimos cm ( in) ISBN: The beautiful tale by Pepe Márquez, illustrated by Natalia Colombo, confirms that, in the realm of imagination, everything is possible. Its protagonist, a zombie, compares himself to rabbits even though his own customs are very different, but a very important event will make him realize his own identity. The book is part of the series Los Primerísimos del FCE which targets kids who are starting to read, alone or aided by someone. Un viejo gato gris mirando por la ventana An Old Gray Cat Staring Out the Window TOÑO MALPICA Illustrated by ALBA MARINA RIVERA $8.50 Paperback, 104 pp cm ( in) ISBN: Buenas noches, Laika Good Night, Laika MARTHA RIVA PALACIO OBÓN Illustrated BY DAVID LARA $8.50 Paperback, 109 pp cm ( in) ISBN: In a world divided into blocks, in which the atomic bomb seems a real threat, in the middle of the Cold War and space exploration, Sebastián, a 12-year-old student, attempts to receive signals from Laika, the Russian dog launched into outer space aboard the Sputnik 2. But when he is told that Marina, his best friend, has died in an accident his life is turned upside down. The silence surrounding Marina s death and his family s decision to move away make Sebastián suspect that something is being hidden from him. Then he begins to investigate on his own, trying to reconstruct the last moments of his friend s life, but when he finds out that Marina had committed suicide, he crosses the line between childhood and adolescence forever. Meanwhile, far away in outer space, Laika becomes a metaphor for the uncertainty that comes with any loss. El hombre que fue un mapa The Man that Was Once a Map IGNACIO PADILLA Illustrated by RAFAEL BARAJAS, EL FISGÓN $8.50 Paperback, 88 pp cm ( in) ISBN: hy on earth does that man smile so much? asked WMario when he first saw Manuel Gutiérrez, a windscreen cleaner in the crossroads on his way home. Ever since then, Mario has observed him carefully and every time Manuel is smiling. What is different in Manuel s world that makes him so happy? Mario is willing to find out and this takes him on the most important quest of his short life. He will not be alone, as he is accompanied by his old, grey cat who narrates this story which is developed through the window. Hipotálamo is an ageing warrior discharged from the army who becomes a wise man famous for discovering the Support Point that will move the world. Quimera, the city where Hipotálamo was born, becomes famous after the local townspeople build an enormous labyrinth to protect Hipotálamo s valuable creation. The story then takes us on an adventure to discover the fate of the labyrinth and the secret the sage left before he died.

7 La vida sin Santi Life without Santi ANDREA MATURANA Illustrated by FRANCISCO JAVIER OLEA $10.50 Hardcover, 48 pp. Los Especiales de cm (7.8 9 in) ISBN: Cielo de agua Water Sky ARAMÍS QUINTERO Illustrated by BETANIA ZACARÍAS $8.95 Hardcover, 32 pp. Los Especiales de cm ( in) ISBN: Children s Books Santi and Maia are separated because one of them will live far away, and they will not be able to see each other for a while. The days are sad and complicated at first. Eventually, the distance will be felt less and the void filled. Will there be an available place for Santi when he comes back? Cielo de agua is a series of playful poems set in natural scenarios like the beach. Its colourful cast of characters include snails, the sun, bats and even a carousel horse. These rhythmical poems are delightful for little children, especially those starting to read poetry. El sueño The Dream ANTONIO VENTURA Illustrated by JESÚS CISNEROS La artesana de las nubes Artisan of the Clouds BIANCA ESTELA SÁNCHEZ Illustrated by LEONOR PÉREZ $12.95 Hardcover, 40 pp. Los Especiales de cm ( in) ISBN: $13.95 Hardcover, 68 pp. Los Especiales de cm ( in) ISBN: Every year, with the arrival of spring, everybody s dreams and hopes begin to blossom. Away from the forest, a young birch dreams and waits. It dreams of the birds singing and waits for them to alight on his branches. An old oak watches him from a distance and waits for the dreams of the birch to come true. L a artesana de las nubes is a book of poems about the relationship that develops between a little girl and the clouds. Each poem describes how the girl communicates with nature, and the weather bears witness to the passing of time. 7

8 Children s Books Cuentos populares mexicanos Traditional Mexican Short Stories Selected and rewritten by FABIO MORÁBITO $35.99 Hardcover, 595 pp. Clásicos cm (6.3 9 in) ISBN: Arenas movedizas Quicksand OCTAVIO PAZ Illustrated by GABRIEL PACHECO $17.95 Hardcover, 63 pp. Clásicos cm ( in) ISBN: After conducting farreaching ethnographic and linguistic research of the most representative and popular Mexican oral stories, Fabio Morábito has compiled 125 folk tales from different regions of Mexico. These stories bear the hallmark of Morábito s literary and translation training, and his experience as a short-story writer, giving them a literary quality for everyone to appreciate, but mainly stands out the labour as a translator to rewrite this tales from the oral tradition, giving them linguistic and stylistic unity. Some of the short stories in this anthology have been recreated by wellestablished Mexican illustrators. Octavio Paz, Nobel Prize winner in Literature (1990), was a prolific author working in many different genres yet his short stories, called Arenas movedizas (1949), remain relatively unknown. These ten short stories, praised by critics for their strong narrative, explore the realms of the absurd, the imagination and our innermost feelings. In 1951, two years after he wrote them, they were published in his famous book, Águila o sol? Yipo Yipo JUAN GEDOVIUS $13.95 Board Book, 34 pp. Los Especiales de cm (6.5 9 in) ISBN: Martín y la luna Martin and the Moon SEBASTIAN MESCHENMOSER $10.99 Hardcover, 44 pp. Los Especiales de cm ( in) ISBN: In a simple and playful way, Juan Gedovius suggests a bidirectional story which can be read from left to right, or vice versa. A woolen thread is the device for discovering a series of evocative images that are connected together and invite children to be observant and make connections between each image, which will be unpredictable for the reader. M artin suspects that someone has stolen the moon when one day he sees it out of his house. He fears he might go to jail, that is why he decides to put it back in its place, but the moon falls off his tree and sticks to Erick s back. Then, Ramón sinks his horns on it and crashes against a tree. What can Martin and his friends do to put back the moon in the sky now that it s all shattered into pieces? 8

9 El estambre mágico del señor Pug Mr. Pug s Magic Yarn SEBASTIAN MESCHENMOSER $ st ed., 2015 Hardcover, 56 pp. Los Especiales de cm (6.5 9 in) ISBN: En el zoológico The Zoo SUZY LEE $ st ed., 2015 Hardcover, 40 pp. Los Especiales de cm ( in) ISBN: Children s Books Since the moment he woke up, Mr. Pug knew that it would be a bad day, and it was confirmed when his fairy left him home alone to go to a beauty contest. He soon gets bored and starts knitting with the magic yarn and needles that the fairy had given him before leaving. He makes himself a pair of socks, a hat, a scarf; he knits a cover for the chair, for his mug, for the garden furniture... There is so much colored yarn he could cover his whole house with it... But he doesn t know it is about to rain... A girl goes with his parents to the zoo. Everything seems normal, but soon she will realize something has happened: the animals have escaped out of their cages! There is only one way to transform this gray and empty zoo into a world full of color, where the girl plays with the gorilla, the bear, the hippos, the elephants, the giraffes and many more animals. Meanwhile, his parents have to live a different kind of experience trying eagerly to find her. Si quieres que te lo diga, ábreme tu corazón: 1001 adivinanzas y 51 acertijos de pilón If You Want Me to Tell You, You Will Have to Open Your Heart: 1001 Puzzles and 51 Riddles on Top MARÍA TERESA MIAJA DE LA PEÑA This work is a thorough investigation about the Mexican lyrical tradition, which compiles 1001 puzzles and 51 riddles of the Mexican popular tradition in order to define and describe this genre, its poetical aspects, such as stylistic and rhetorical devices, the structure and functions of puzzles that help us understand what they are, where they come from, what they are for, and their transcendence and permanence through time and space. $24.95 Paperback, 341 pp. Varias/No definida cm ( in) ISBN:

10 Children s Books Foreign Authors & Illustrators Anthony Browne He was born in Sheffield, UK, A graphic designer and illustrator, Browne is considered one of the best contemporary authors and illustrators of children s books. With over 50 books published in many different languages, he has won numerous awards, including the Hans Christian Andersen Award 2000 for his body of work. Qué tal si...? What If? Me gustan los libros I Like Books $16.99 Hardcover, 32 pp. Los Especiales de cm ( in) ISBN: $ rd ed., 2011 Board Book, 18 pp cm (6.3 7 in) Los Especiales de A la Orilla del Viento ISBN: Age: 5+ Age: 6 months+ Cosas que me gustan Things I Like Un gorila. Un libro no sólo para contar One Gorilla. A Counting Book $ nd ed., 2011 Board Book, 18 pp cm (6.3 7 in) Los Especiales de ISBN: $ st ed., 2012 Hardcover, 32 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de A la Orilla del Viento ISBN: Age: 6 months+ Age: 5+ 10

11 Taro Gomi He was born in Tokyo, Japan, in As a child he loved traditional Japanese stories about mythological animals like dragons, although he also liked Brothers Grimm s tales. He studied industrial design at the Duwasawa school in his native city, and his first job was designing tables, chairs, ashtrays, and other objects. But he soon became bored after realizing that these objects only served the purpose for which they had been created, whereas books could have a wide range of uses something he discovered when he began working as an illustrator. This marked the beginning of a lifelong career. Gomi is now one of Japan s leading illustrators. He has published over 300 books, which have been translated into more than ten languages. Children s Books Age: 8 months+ Adivina qué es Guess What! $ st ed., 1993 Board Book, 16 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: Mira lo que tengo! I Got It! $ st ed., 1997 Board Book, 16 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: Adivina quién soy Guess Who! $ st ed., 1993 Board Book, 16 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: A moverse Move! $ st ed., 1997 Board Book, 16 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: Hay un ratón en la casa Here I Come! $ st ed., 1993 Board Book, 16 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: Escapes Escape! $ st ed., 1997 Board Book, 16 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN:

12 Children s Books Isol Born in Buenos Aires in 1972, Isol studied Fine Arts and Composite Arts. She has developed her work in the fields of comics, poetry, and visual arts. She is currently devoted to media and book illustration, from publishing firms to magazines and newspapers. She has published her work as author and illustrator in Spain, Mexico, France, and Argentina. She was honored with a Golden Apple award at the BIB. Her books are on the White Ravens List with an Honorable Special Mention (2002, 2003, and 2004). In 2013, she was honored with the Astrid Lindgren Award, the world s most important award for children literature. Tener un patito es útil It s Useful to Have a Duck Nocturno. Recetario de sueños Nocturne: A Dream Guide Age: 3+ $ st ed., 2007 Board Book, 34 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: $ st ed., 2011 Hardcover, 32 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: Age: 1+ Cosas que pasan Things that Happen Intercambio cultural Cultural Exchange Regalo sorpresa Surprise Gift Age: 3+ Age: 3+ Age: 3+ $ nd ed., 2010 Paperback, 32 pp cm ( in) Los Primerísimos ISBN: $ nd ed., 2010 Paperback, 32 pp cm ( in) Los Primerísimos ISBN: $ rd ed., 2010 Paperback, 32 pp cm ( in) Los Primerísimos ISBN:

13 Satoshi Kitamura He was born in Tokyo, Japan, in Even though he has no formal artistic background, he became interested in illustration through comics at an early age. He began illustrating advertisements, magazines, and posters in his native town. He then moved to London. Since 1981 he has written and illustrated children books. His work has been translated to several languages and has received important awards, including the Mother Goose Award and Japan s Illustrated Book Award. Children s Collection Books A comer! Let s Eat! $ st ed., 2013 Board Book, 16 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: As Dog makes his way home from the city, he starts to smell those great aromas that tell him he s come just in time for dinner. Once again Satoshi Kitamura manages to enchant young and old alike. Age: 6 months+ Ardilla tiene hambre Squirrel is Hungry $ st ed., 1998 Board Book, 14 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: Pato está sucio Duck is Dirty $ st ed., 1998 Board Book, 14 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: Age: 6 months+ Age: 6 months+ Qué le pasa a mi cabello? What s Wrong with My Hair? $ nd ed., 2009 Board Book, 16 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: Age: 1+ Igor. El pájaro que no sabía cantar Igor. The Bird Who couldn t Sing Age: 3+ $ st ed., 2012 Hardcover, 40 pp cm ( ) Los Especiales de ISBN:

14 Children s Books Perdido y encontrado Lost and Found $ st ed., 2005 Hardcover, 34 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: Oliver Jeffers El día que los crayones renunciaron The Day the Crayons Quit DREW DAYWALT Illustrated by OLIVER JEFFERS El misterioso caso del oso The Great Paper Caper All ages $16.99 Hardcover, 40 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: $ st ed., 2009 Hardcover, 40 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: Age: 3+ El increíble niño come libros The Incredible Book-Eating Boy $ st ed., 2007 Hardcover, 36 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: Age: 5+ Había una vez un niño Once There Was a Boy (Box Set) $ st ed., 2009 Hardcover, 3 vol cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: Age: 5+ Age: 5+ De vuelta a casa The Way Back Home Age: 5+ $ st ed., 2008 Hardcover, 32 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: Este alce es mío This Moose Belongs to Me Age: 4+ $ st ed., 2013 Hardcover, 32 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN:

15 Latin American Authors Vivian Mansour Children s Books She was born in Mexico City. She holds a ba in Communication from the Iberoamericana University. She has worked for radio, television and magazines. Winner of the International Prize for Children s Hardcovers (filij 1995). El enmascarado de lata The Tin-Masked Man Illustrated by TRINO La mala del cuento The Baddy in the Story Illustrated by PATRICIO ORTIZ $ st ed., 2005 Paperback, 48 pp cm ( in) ISBN: $ st ed., 2009 Paperback, 62 pp cm ( in) ISBN: Age: 3+ Age: 7+ Fuiste tú! It Was You! Illustrated by TRINO La excepción de la regla Exception to the Rule Illustrated by PATRICIO ORTIZ $ st ed., 2007 Paperback, 24 pp cm ( in) ISBN: $ st ed., 2012 Paperback, 73 pp cm ( in) ISBN: Age: 10+ Age: 6+ 15

16 Children s Books El agujero negro The Black Hole Illustrated by ENRIQUE MARTÍNEZ El zurcidor del tiempo The Time Mender Illustrated by ENRIQUE MARTÍNEZ Alicia Molina She is a pioneering author of children s books in Mexico. She studied Communication and has worked as a teacher, researcher, and editor for ten years at Ararú, a magazine for parents of children with physical disabilities. Since 1992, she has been director of a non-profit organization that carries out research and produces information for families with disabled children. No me lo vas a creer You Won t Believe It Illustrated by LUIS CASTILLÓN Age: 8+ Age: 8+ Age: 6+ $ nd ed., 1995 Paperback, 48 pp cm ( in) ISBN: $ nd ed., 2015 Paperback, 60 pp cm ( in) ISBN: $ st ed., 2002 Paperback, 42 pp cm ( in) ISBN: La noche de los trasgos The Night of the Goblins Illustrated by ANA OCHOA El cristal con que se mira In the Eye of the Beholder Illustrated by MERCÈ LÓPEZ Age: 10+ Age: 10+ $ st ed., 2006 Paperback, 133 pp cm ( in) $ st ed., 2011 Paperback, 216 pp cm ( in) ISBN: ISBN:

17 Francisco Hinojosa Born in Mexico City, in Hinojosa studied literature and then started writing poetry, short stories and children s books. In 1984 he won the ibby Award for La vieja que comía gente. Hinojosa is the foremost author of children s books in Mexico. Children s Books Amadís de anís, Amadís de codorniz Sweet Amadis, Savory Amadis Illustrated by RAFAEL BARAJAS, EL FISGÓN La peor señora del mundo Léperas contra Mocosos The Meanest Woman in the World Brats Versus Imps $ nd ed., 1995 Paperback, 48 pp. 16 x 19 cm (6.2 x 7.5 in) ISBN: Age: 8+ $ nd ed., 1995 Paperback, 44 pp. 15 x 19 cm (5.9 x 7.5 in) ISBN: Age: 6+ $ st ed., 2007 Paperback, 80 pp. 15 x 19 cm (5.9 x 7.5 in) ISBN: Age: 10+ Aníbal y Melquiades Aníbal & Melquiades Buscalacranes Scorpionseekers De domingo a lunes From Domingo to Lunes $ nd ed., 1995 Paperback, 47 pp. 17 x 19 cm (6.7 x 7.5 in) ISBN: Age: 8+ $ st ed., 2000 Paperback, 91 pp. 15 x 19 cm (5.9 x 7.5 in) ISBN: Age: 10+ $ st ed., 2008 Paperback, 122 pp. 15 x 19 cm (5.9 x 7.5 in) ISBN: Age:

18 Communication & Media Hablar al aire. Una historia de la idea de comunicación Speaking into the Air. A History of the Idea of Communication JOHN DURHAM PETERS La comunicación y los medios. Metodologías de investigación cualitativa y cuantitativa Communication and the Media. Methodology of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Edited by KLAUS BRUHN JENSEN $20.00 Paperback, 360 pp. Comunicación y E st udios Culturales cm ( in) ISBN: $31.95 Paperback, 689 pp. Comunicación y E st udios Culturales cm (6.7 9 in) ISBN: Hablar al aire, by the communication specialist John Durham Peters, is a work translated to Spanish for the first time thanks to José María Ímaz focused on the subject of communication as a way of perception. It particularly analyzes the peak communication reached along with the informative media in the ninetieth- and middle of the twentieth-century. It is worth mentioning that this is not a book about the study of a specific language, but a general approach to the problem of communication between individuals of the modern world. The author takes on the subject from its historicity, going back to its Greek culture and Christian religion origins. Then, he considers some of the foundations of different German philosophical movements of the ninetieth-century to, finally, settle his research on the results offered by these precedents: the notions of what is possible to communicate and what is not. T his text offers a methodological guide for quantitative and qualitative research in communications. It traces the origins of the study of communication and mass media, and relates them to the current debates on the subject. The book is a proposal that contains the different perspectives in the academic field. Thus, it offers updated resources that will help researches and professionals to get a richer and current comprehension of the media convergence. Some of the subjects included in it are the type of resources needed for investigation, the processes of communication, the media users, the media contexts, as well as the different scientific approaches that exist on the theme. 18

19 El capital en el siglo xxi Capital in the Twenty-First Century THOMAS PIKETTY $ nd ed., 2015 Paperback, 663 pp. Economía cm (6.7 9 in) ISBN: For Piketty, each country, in relation with its history and its democratic commitment, responds in different ways to a capitalism basic law that stimulates the concentration of wealth in the most favored sectors. The work of Piketty questions the optimal relation between development and equality suggested by Simon Kuznets, and it stands out the role that public and fiscal institutions have had in the historical evolution of wealth distribution. Economics Economía del bien y del mal. La búsqueda del significado económico desde Gilgamesh hasta Wall Street Economics of Good and Evil: The Quest for Economic Meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall Street TOMÁŠ SEDLÁČEK $32.95 Paperback, 473 pp. Economía cm ( in) ISBN: Under the assumption that economic thought is another way to give meaning to our existence, Economía del bien y del mal makes a tour through the Western tradition seeking for the meaning of economics itself. Sedláček gathers together the outlines of the economic thought on essential themes that go beyond the frontiers of this discipline: consumption, the idea of progress, and moral economy, among others. Respuestas propias. 80 años de El Trimestre Own Answers. 80 Years of El Trimestre Edited by GUSTAVO A. DEL ÁNGEL MOBARAK & GRACIELA MÁRQUEZ $24.95 Paperback, 449 pp. El Trimestre Económico cm ( in) ISBN: A selection of essays published over the course of eighty years of El Trimestre Económico publishing life, in charge of Gustavo A. del Ángel Mobarak and Graciela Márquez Colín, that divulge the economic thought of Mexico and Latin America and of the thinkers who shaped it, such as Daniel Cosío Villegas, Raúl Prebisch, Eduardo Villaseñor, W. Arthur Lewis, Gerardo Esquivel, among others not least important. These pages have served as a critical and plural forum of the discussions about national and regional economic problems, and as a pillar of the Latin American economic thinking, becoming an essential reference for students, researchers and experts on economy in Mexico and Latin America. 19

20 History Entre Dios y el rey: la república. La ciudad de México de los siglos xvi al xix Between God and King, the Republic: Mexico City from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Centuries ANNICK LEMPÉRIÈRE $ st ed., 2013 Paperback, 395 pp cm ( in) Historia ISBN: La revolución y la fe. Una antología general Revolution and Faith: A General Anthology FRAY SERVANDO TERESA DE MIER $ st ed., 2013 Hardcover, 545 pp cm (6.7 9 in) Biblioteca Americana ISBN: How to rebuild the communities of the New World after their destruction at the hands of the Spaniards? This is the question that Annick Lempérière seeks to answer in the pages of her study. According to the author, the capital of New Spain was the locus for three centuries of flourishing conquistador corporatism whose reach can be tracked to the present day. This volume, from Biblioteca Americana Journeys to the Nineteenth Century series dedicated to Friar Servando Teresa de Mier, includes the author s very best historical and political writings, personal correspondence, and social critique. Historia de América Latina The History of Latin America EDWIN WILLIAMSON Hombres y mujeres de la Edad Media Men and Women of the Middle Ages JACQUES LE GOFF $27.95 Paperback, 706 pp cm (6.7 9 in) Historia ISBN: As a specialist in both Latin American literature as well as the region s history, Edwin Williamson, a master of synthesis, presents one of the most interesting studies of Latin American history ever published, divided into four main sections: the era of conquest and colonization; nineteenth century independence movements and the subsequent problems these brought about; twentieth-century events in Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina and Chile; and a general chapter on globalization. $35.00 Hardcover, 447 pp cm ( in) Tezontle ISBN: C ompleted under supervision from one of Medieval Studies most recognized specialists, Hombres y mujeres de la Edad Media is one of the best compendia ever published on the period s noteworthy personalities, featuring handsome, author-selected illustrations chosen especially for the present edition. An excellent introduction to one of the most fascinating periods in human history. 20

21 La teoría de la historia en México ( ) The Theory of History in Mexico ( ) Selection and Prologue by ÁLVARO MATUTE $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 360 pp. Biblioteca Universitaria de Bolsillo ISBN: For Álvaro Matute, compiler of this volume, the historical reflection not only gets settled on the academic field. In the period ranging from 1940 to 1968, historiography reached an expansion towards other fields that weren t considered related to it. A clear example of this is politics, since the development of theoretical production favored the opening of a space for ideological exchange between the representatives of various Mexican institutions that are dedicated, in general, to the humanistic research. Marcel Bataillon: hispanismo y compromiso político Marcel Bataillon. Hispanicism and Political Commitment CLAUDE BATAILLON $20.95 Paperback, 304 pp. Historia cm ( in) ISBN: Biographical essay that, based on unpublished diaries, papers, notes, letters and photos, sheds some light on a dimension of Bataillon barely known by his readers and scholars until today: his intellectual commitment with diverse social and political causes, and his membership in some antifascist and pacifist organizations, dimension that as shown in this essay was parallel with his career as a researcher and philologist. History Paisaje caprichoso de la literatura rusa Whimsical Landscape of Russian Literature Selected by SELMA ANCIRA With a Prologue by JUAN VILLORO $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 384 pp. Biblioteca Universitaria de Bolsillo ISBN: El desengaño del hombre The Disabuse of Man SANTIAGO FELIPE PUGLIA Edited and with an Introduction by ANTONIO SABORIT $11.95 Paperback, 184 pp. Historia cm ( in) ISBN: This is a selection of classic authors of Russian literature. Under the careful selection and translation of Selma Ancira, Paisaje caprichoso de la literatura rusa offers the reader an overview and an introduction to the topic. Along with texts of Gogol, Pushkin, Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, and Tolstoy, there is a sample of authors such as Marina Tsvetaeva, Boris Pasternak and Nikolay Gumilyov. Published for the first time in 1794, this is one of the first works in Spanish to cast doubt upon the legality of monarchy by arguing it is an unnatural system, since it contravenes divine and human laws, besides infringing upon freedom, an inalienable and indispensable right of man. This edition, coordinated by Antonio Saborit, includes an introductory study and notes for an attainable reading. 21

22 History 22 El diablo en el agua bendita o el arte de la calumnia de Luis XIV a Napoleón The Devil in the Holy Water, or the Art of Slander from Louis XIV to Napoleon Censores trabajando. De cómo los Estados dieron forma a la literatura Censors at Work: How States Shaped Literature ROBERT DARNTON $18.95 Paperback, 272 pp. Historia cm (6.5 9 in) ISBN: ROBERT DARNTON $28.95 Paperback, 562 pp. Historia cm (6.7 9 in) ISBN: Robert Darnton offers us an excellent study of the underworld of literary publications of eighteenth-century France, with an interesting analysis of their habit to publish defamations and slanders. By unraveling the art of slander, Darnton shows us a key element in the thought and action of the France that passed from the Ancient Régime to the Napoleonic Empire. Robert Darnton explains in this work that if we were to highlight the particularities of each censorship case, this practice would reveal the traces of the ones applying it. To that end he studies three cases taken from different times and places: the Bourbon France, the British India and the communist regime in West Germany, where Darnton points out the forms of control and their peculiar decline after the system s collapse. Luces políticas y cultura universal. Biografías de Alamán, Gutiérrez de Estrada, Comonfort, Ocampo Universal Culture and Political Lights. Biographies of Alamán, Gutiérrez de Estrada, Comonfort, Ocampo Los orígenes trágicos de la erudición The Footnote: A Curious History ANTHONY GRAFTON JOSÉ C. VALADÉS $35.95 Hardcover, VIII pp. Historia cm (6.7 9 in) ISBN: Four biographical works by one of the most outstanding historians of the past century are gathered here. With a particular style and a mixture of journalist chronicle and history, José C. Valadés faces the challenge of portraying the lives of several fundamental characters of ninetieth-century Mexico with legacies that hamper the historical reconstruction of their actions: Ignacio Comonfort, Lucas Alamán, José María Gutiérrez de Estrada and Melchor Ocampo. $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 184 pp. Historia cm ( in) ISBN: Writing footnotes requires attention not only for being one of the procedures that make up the archive of science and erudition, but also for being an object of keen nostalgia and intense debate. Los orígenes trágicos de la erudición pleasantly and methodically inspects the various functions that footnotes have carried out over the centuries: to give legitimacy to the text, to evade censure or to make up a body of data that could be useful to other researchers. Grafton thus exhibits the intellectual importance of this essential resource of the history of thought.

23 Un escritor en la tierra. Centenario de José Revueltas A Writer on Earth. José Revueltas s Centennial Coordinated by EDITH NEGRÍN, ALBERTO ENRÍQUEZ PEREA, ISMAEL CARVALLO & MARCOS T. ÁGUILA $16.95 Paperback, 327 pp. Vida y Pensamiento de México cm ( in) ISBN: This volume presents nineteen essays that constitute a passionate reading of José Revueltas s work. Reading again one of the greatest Mexican writers of the last century with the critic eye of today is the main purpose of this book, and to achieve that aim there had been reunited some of the most credited voices acquainted with the life and work of the author, such as Elena Poniatowska, Philippe Cheron, David Huerta, among others, covering, each in his/her own way, not only literary but also historical, political and even philosophical issues related to the writer s work. Una patria sin pasaporte. Octavio Paz y Francia A Homeland Without Passport. Octavio Paz and France Compiled by PHILIPPE OLLÉ-LAPRUNE & FABIENNE BRADU $11.95 Paperback, 167 pp. Vida y Pensamiento de México cm ( in) ISBN: This book describes the personal and historical events that united Paz with the Gallic country. It also reveals Paz s encounters with those writers and thinkers that sharpened his texts and reflections, as Victor Serge, Benjamin Péret, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Emil Cioran, Roger Caillois, Henri Michaux, André Breton, just to mention some. This is a meticulous research composed by a dictionary containing the names of the characters and the French concepts the Nobel Prize awarded writer referred to in his work, testimonies of the perception his work received in France, speeches of the 1989 Tocqueville Award ceremony, and a chronology of the key moments of his stay in Voltaire s country. History Labor periodística Journalistic work DANIEL COSÍO VILLEGAS $23.95 Paperback, XIV +537 pp. Vida y Pensamiento de México cm (6.7 9 in) ISBN: This work gathers together all the opinion and reflection articles that Cosío Villegas published in 1968 to 1976 newspapers, including his columns in Excélsior and those appearing in Plural magazine. This book portrays two legacies of Cosío Villegas: his keen vision of our recent past and his critical thinking, imprint that reveals him as one of the fundamental thinkers of twentiethcentury Mexico. Japón en Octavio Paz Japan in Octavio Paz Edition, Selection, and Prologue by AURELIO ASIAIN $16.95 Paperback, 346 pp. Vida y Pensamiento de México cm ( in) ISBN: J apón en Octavio Paz reviews the journey and stay of the Nobel Prize winner in the Asian country. It is a compilation by Aurelio Asiain, who gathers the author s translations of Japanese poets such as Matsuo Basho; adds the correspondence Paz held in that country with personages such as Alfonso Reyes and Pere Gimferrer; and, lastly, shows the testimonies of important intellectuals who knew and admired Paz. 23

24 Literature Literatura universal World Literature Antología personal Personal Anthology Cancionero de la emoción fugitiva. Una antología general Songbook of a Fugitive Emotion. A General Anthology ALFONSO REYES With a Prologue by LILIANA WEINBERG RICARDO PIGLIA FRANCISCO A. DE ICAZA $8.95 Paperback, 176 pp. Capilla Alfonsina ISBN: $15.95 Paperback, 300 pp. Tierra Firme cm ( in) ISBN: $26.00 Hardcover, 499 pp. Biblioteca Americana cm (6.7 9 in) ISBN: Literatura universal is a work that reunites eleven essays of Alfonso Reyes dealing with European literature from different times and literary movements. It is also a reflection on authors of the twentieth century: Rémy de Gourmont, Chesterton and Proust; of the nineteenth century, the romantics Mallarmé, Victor Hugo, Stevenson, Heine and Goethe; and of the Renaissance, Montaigne and Dante. Each essay offers an overview of the European history, literature, and culture. Antología personal, by the writer and literary critic Ricardo Piglia, reunites fictions, essays, conversations, short stories and public interventions he held in different media. According to the author himself, the texts imaginary elaborate and register lived experiences, for in a world of virtual experiences where the sense of private memory has been lost, the utopia lies in the artificial construction of these and the appropriation of the ones we have never experienced. This volume of the series Viajes al Siglo xix of Biblioteca Americana dedicated to Francisco A. de Icaza includes samples of the author s best incursions in poetry, essay, and literary and social criticism. This part of the series follows the objective of the collection: to offer to a wide public a representative sample of Icaza s poetic, diplomatic, and critic production, as well as to serve as an introduction to his varied and rich work and the historical and cultural transformation that made it possible. 24

25 En suelo incierto, ensayos ( ) On Uncertain Ground, Essays ( ) EDUARDO MILÁN Adivina, o te devoro. El enigma de los símbolos Guess It, or I ll Devour You. The Enigma of Symbols PABLO SOLER FROST Literature $30.50 Paperback, 428 pp. Lengua y Estudios Literarios cm (6.7 9 in) ISBN: $ st ed., 2013 Paperback, 192 pp. Lengua y Estudios Literarios cm ( in) ISBN: An edition that gathers together the essays of Eduardo Milán that appeared in the books Resistir (fce, 2004), Justificación material (2004), Un ensayo sobre poesía (2006) and Una crisis de ornamento (2012). All of them deal with the current poetic thought, Latin American poetry, and poetry itself, encompassing different particularities that cannot be disentangled from a multicultural network. Due to its literary style and aim, Adivina, o te devoro can be labeled as a very particular book. It intends to explore, via different symbols of old and of modern history, the human nature and how it links with the symbolic universe. The result is a polyvalent but balanced book that puts in evidence the symbolic nature of man and, at the same time, offers a brainy riddle for those who dare to solve it. Jóse Revueltas. Una literatura del lado moridor José Revueltas. A Literature of the Dier Side EVODIO ESCALANTE José Juan Tablada: su haikú y su japonismo José Juan Tablada s Haiku and Japonism SEIKO OTA $10.95 Paperback, 113 pp. Lengua y Estudios Literarios cm ( in) ISBN: Evodio Escalante, a wellknown literary critic and researcher of Mexican literature, presents six essays where he unveils the literary symbols of José Revueltas s and his most transcending sources. In this fourth edition of José Revueltas. Una literatura del lado moridor appears for the first time a sixth essay, with the title: El tema filosófico del Mundo Invertido en las novelas de José Revueltas. $22.95 Paperback, pp. Lengua y Estudios Literarios cm (6.7 9 in) ISBN: This analytical and comparative essay focuses on the texts written by José Juan Tablada who introduced the haiku in Spanish poetry that were inspired by Japanese literature. At the same time, Ota approaches the author s biography and analyzes the sources and origins of his inspiration, trying to elucidate the influence that Tablada s texts had on Japan and on Mexican poets. 25

26 Literature Octavio Paz Complete Works This edition of Octavio Paz s Obras completas gathers in eight volumes all of the poetry, prose, verbal art, and thought of the Mexican Nobel Prize winner, key figure in twentieth-century literature. It was Paz himself who, during the final months of his life, reviewed and structured his complete works so that all the texts that he decided to include would appear in the appropriate context. Obras completas, IV. Los privilegios de la vista. Arte moderno universal. Arte de México IV. The Privileges of Sight. World Modern Art. Art of Mexico $36.95 Hardcover, 856 pp. Letras Mexicanas cm ( in) ISBN: Obras completas, V. El peregrino en su patria. Historia y política de México V. The Pilgrim in his Homeland. History and Politics of Mexico $30.00 Hardcover, 676 pp. Letras Mexicanas cm ( in) ISBN: The fourth volume of Obras completas of Octavio Paz reunites volumes VI and VII of the previous edition and received the subtitle Los privilegios de la vista. Arte moderno universal. Arte de México. This volume contains essays, reflections and notes that show the author s interest for visual arts from different perspectives, which is why the included subjects are not limited to a specific time span and space, but cover a wide chronology that ranges from pre-columbian, contemporary and colonial art, to artists and movements from other cultures. This fifth volume from the new edition revised and restructured in eight volumes of Obras completas reunites the dissertations that the Mexican poet and thinker confers to political and historical matters of his country through a journey that spans from its past to its present, and with a vision into the future, seeks to understand and discover Mexico. 26

27 New Edition Literature Obras completas, VI. Ideas y costumbres. La letra y el cetro. Usos y símbolos VI. Ideas and Traditions. Letter and Scepter. Symbols and Customs Obras completas, VII. Obra poética VII. Poetic Work Obras completas, VIII. Miscelánea. Primeros escritos y entrevistas VIII. Miscellaneous. First Writings and Interviews. $39.95 Hardcover, 1195 pp. Letras Mexicanas cm ( in) ISBN: $47.95 Hardcover, 1360 pp. Letras Mexicanas cm ( in) ISBN: $55.00 Hardcover, 1386 pp. Letras Mexicanas cm ( in) ISBN: As hinted by its subtitle, volume VI of Octavio Paz s Obras completas gathers texts that, as a whole, define the notion of culture, but which, as the author himself declared, are not investigations, but mere glimpses. The present volume is rich not only because of the subjects treated in it, but also as to the point of view from which Paz approaches the social phenomena he deals with, as these reveal the dual character seemingly contradictory of culture: habits that remain stable through time, modeling the cultural profile, intermingled with new ideas that drive change. Poetry has a privileged place in the abundant and varied works from Paz, and this volume offers a full perspective from all corners of his poetry. The reader will appreciate the dialogue Paz established with other poets through his translations of writers belonging to literary European and Asian traditions: Sanskrit, Japanese and Chinese. iscelánea is the subtitle Mthat designates the vast and heterogeneous group of texts put together in the last volume of Obras completas. It adds the necessary distinctions to be able to better appreciate the author and his work from another perspective. The present volume comprehends volumes XIII, XIV, and XV of the previous edition and abounds in texts from several genres and times that all together are a proof of the richness that defines Paz s work. 27

28 Literature Karpus Minthej seguido de Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi Karpus Minthej followed by Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi JORDI GARCÍA BERGUA $15.95 Paperback, 245 pp. Letras Mexicanas cm ( in) ISBN: Karpus Minthej contains the previously published poetry collections Tres variantes sobre un mismo deseo de lucha en las ciudades and Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi, as well as other previously unpublished writings found by Jordi García Bergua s sisters Ana and Alicia in the years immediately following his death. Although inspired by the author s youth, the writing is mature, refined and sometimes obscure, and explores universal themes such as journeys, morality, aestheticism, love, and death. In this work, the reader will discover an elegant prose embedded in the Byronic and Gothic tradition, aspects that make it a strange case of Mexican imagination, as Christopher Domínguez Michael s prologue to the new edition expresses it. El otro Efraín. Antología prosística Efraín the Other. Prose Anthology EFRAÍN HUERTA Selected and edited by CARLOS ULISES MATA $28.00 Paperback, 673 pp. Letras mexicanas cm (6.7 9 in) ISBN: T his anthology shows the variety of genres and topics Mexican author Efraín Huerta (aka Cocodrilo) dealt with, such as cinema and politics, that previously have not been considered his usual subjects. It also contains a series of texts about well-known characters such as Elías Nandino, Enrique Guerrero, Octavio Paz, Walt Whitman, Stendhal, Diego Rivera, and interviews to visual artist Ambra Polidori and journalists Cristina Pacheco and Magdalena Saldaña, among others. The diversity of Huerta s interests makes this book an unusual tour through his work. De entonces y ahora Since Then and Now ORLANDO ORTIZ $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 216 pp. Letras Mexicanas cm ( in) ISBN: collection of short stories A with a thematic variety that goes from the immediate anecdote to the exciting wiring of crime fiction. In each story we will find fluency, mastery of technique and an effective use of the narrative forms, as well as a language that portrays the everyday words of a large city characteristic to each different socioeconomic level, as well as the provinces s way of speaking and the different lexicological codes that give strength to each expression. Viento del siglo Wind of the Century ERACLIO ZEPEDA $ st ed., 2013 Paperback, 154 pp cm (6.7 9 in) Letras Mexicanas ISBN: This fourth installment concludes Eraclio Zepeda s elements tetralogy, one of the most talkedabout, read and studied novel sequences Mexico has ever produced. In this series of intercalated narratives the author a member of the Mexican Language Academy endows life to characters drawn from Chiapas s historical and contemporary environments. 28

29 De libertades fantasmas o de la literatura como juego On Shadow Liberties or Literature as a Game JOSÉ DE LA COLINA $ st ed., 2013 Paperback, 304 pp cm (6.7 9 in) Letras Mexicanas ISBN: José de la Colina succumbs to literature s playful side in a series of essays that while always a product of deep and wide-ranging knowledge intentionally eschew academic rigor. Turning away from habitual narrative genres, De la Colina analyzes all the literary games that the avid reader must not ignore. Collection Literature El negocio de la edición digital. Una introducción al mundo de las publicaciones electrónicas The Business of Digital Publishing: An Introduction to the Digital Book and Journal Industries La máquina de contenido. Hacia una teoría de la edición desde la imprenta hasta la red digital The Content Machine. Towards a Theory of Publishing from the Printing Press to the Digital Network FRANIA HALL $20.95 Paperback, XVI pp. Libros sobre Libros cm ( in) ISBN: MICHAEL BHASKAR $19.95 Paperback, 276 pp. Libros sobre Libros cm ( in) ISBN: Electronic publishing demands modern editors to relearn their profession and to experiment new the management, distribution, and sales strategies that are characteristic of this emerging branch. This manual presents some of the technological breakthroughs that drove the digital revolution and reviews the strategies with which the different branches of the industry are confronting this challenge. To publish goes beyond the simple task of making something public. It is not enough to put within reach of the consumers what we call content : to really publish something, content must pass first through a series of filters, to get into a frame of reference, according to a model, and finally to be amplified. This complex mechanism is what Michael Bhaskar calls the content machine. 29

30 Literature Obra poética Poetic Work MAHFUD MASSÍS Gladis Monogatari Gladis Monogatari VICTOR SOSA Verdad posible Possible Truth EDUARDO LANGAGNE $33.95 Paperback, 497 pp. Poesía cm (5.9 9 in) ISBN: $12.95 Paperback, 161 pp. Poesía cm ( in) ISBN: $11.95 Paperback, 95 pp. Poesía cm ( in) ISBN: Chilean poet of a unique style and personal aesthetics, Massís reveals the role of the poetic discourse as a reason to live, whose optimistic sparks are not unimportant, but get overshadowed by what he defines as the hole of the soul or the useless existence. Gladis Monogatari, a collection of Víctor Sosa s prose poems that led him win 2012 Jaime Sabines Poetry Prize, poses a daring look that goes beyond traditional poetry in Spanish. The author plays with the voices, with the realities, and with the language by means of a poetic freedom to create oppositions, dualities, and contrasts that disclose the text s plurality and give a great originality to his work. V erdad posible is a book of poems divided into five parts. The first one, Fotos en la portada, consists of a series of imaginary portraits that have as a common denominator the pop icons of a generation. The second part, Amigas misteriosas, conceives a more direct dialog of the poet with his literary masters and his training; this dialogue gradually increases its honesty, resembles cosmogony and descends by the Espiral del tiempo to the years of childhood that bring up the third and fourth parts of the book, Árbol, hijo, libro, and Canción del viaje. The last part, Oficio, consists of shorter poems where the poet shares its conclusions and considerations on the act of writing. 30

31 Cuaderno del nómada. Poesía completa ( ). Tomos I y II The Nomad Notebook: Complete Poetry ( ) Me llamo Hokusai My Name is Hokusai CHRISTIAN PEÑA Mirándola dormir Watching Her Sleep HOMERO ARIDJIS Literature TOMÁS SEGOVIA $57.95 Paperback, 2 vols. Poesía cm (5.9 9 in) ISBN: $10.95 Paperback, 75 pp cm (5.9 9 in) ISBN: $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 160 pp. Poesía cm ( in) ISBN: This volume reunites for the first time the whole poetic work of Tomás Segovia, one of the most honest authors of the Latin American literature. An extension of his personal life and his intellectual concerns, his work displays a deep knowledge of poetic forms: his metric expertise, the refinement of the verse, and an exemplary employment of rhetorical devices are the key elements Segovia uses with the craftmanship of an artisan for creating aesthetically impeccable poems. Out of five chapters from this book that earned Christian Peña the Premio Bellas Artes de Poesía Aguascalientes in 2014 four are based on a painting or a print made by the genius hands of Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, thus gathering under the same literary roof the most dissimilar stories that took place in rather distant points of the planet. These plots constitute what Ernesto Lumbreras accurately calls a palimpsest. T his edition contains Mirándola dormir (which received Xavier Villaurrutia Prize in 1964), Pavana por la amada presente, Pavana por la amada difunt, and La tumba de Filidor, by Michoacan born writer Homero Aridjis. Poems in verse or poetic prose where everything revolve around sensuality and eroticism. 31

32 Literature José Revueltas. Iconografía José Revueltas. Iconography JOSÉ MANUEL MATEO $25.95 Paperback, 178 pp. Tezontle cm ( in) ISBN: Iconography commemorates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mexican writer José Revueltas. This book aims to be a visual tour through the author s life, highlighting events and memories that were relevant during Revueltas s life, and that today help us to get a better understanding of the work and thought of this author. México en Sur Mexico in Sur Selected by GERARDO VILLADELÁNGEL VIÑAS $51.95 Paperback, 925 pp. Tezontle cm ( in) ISBN: Sur, the emblematic Argentinian magazine founded in 1931 by Victoria Ocampo, was one of the most lasting initiatives in the history of printed letters in Spanish language. México en Sur , collected by Gerardo Villadelángel, assembles texts by Mexican authors like Alfonso Reyes, Octavio Paz, Xavier Villaurrutia and Jaime Torres Bodet with articles dealing on subjects related to Mexico, written by Pedro Henríquez Ureña, Julio Cortázar and Ernesto Sábato, among others, thus sketching one of the cultural exchange axes of the time between both countries. Anno Domini y otras parábolas Anno Domini and Other Parables GEORGE STEINER $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 312 pp. Tezontle cm ( in) ISBN: G eorge Steiner, world citizen, polyglot, and renowned professor, was born in Paris to Austrian Jewish parents who, escaping from the Nazi threat, migrated to the United States. Lucid essayist, considered as one of the greatest European scholars, brilliant novelist, his main obsessions revolve about language. This volume collects two of his narrative books: Pruebas and Tres palabras, and a disturbing portrait of evil in the aftermath of World War II that gives its name to this book: Anno Domini. 32

33 Philosophy Antropología en sentido pragmático Anthropology from a Pragmatic Sense IMMANUEL KANT Bilingual Edition German-Spanish $37.95 Paperback, 752 pp. Filosofía cm (6.5 9 in) ISBN: This new edition of Antropología en sentido pragmático includes the complete text in German that was the base for the series of conferences given by the philosopher in the University of Königsberg. In this volume, Kant develops his philosophical idea of anthropology from a pragmatic perspective away from the purely physiological study of the human being, helping at the same time to separate the nascent discipline from the speculative character surrounding it. Las ideas políticas en la era romántica. Surgimiento e influencia en el pensamiento moderno Political Ideas in the Romantic Age: Their Rise and Influence on Modern Thought ISAIAH BERLIN $22.95 Paperback, XC pp. Filosofía cm ( in) ISBN: One of the most lucid thinkers of the twentieth century, exegete of individual freedom within the social turmoil, Berlin s work, vast but dispersed in articles published in specialized magazines, has deeply influenced both contemporary political theory as well as the theory of liberalism. In the essays collected in this volume, where he revaluates western liberal tradition, we find a young Berlin conceptualizing on freedom, analyzing the philosophy of history, and lashing out intellectual determinism. Religión sin dios Religion without God RONALD DWORKIN $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 102 pp. Filosofía cm ( in) ISBN: I n this work, which resumes the Einstein Lectures held by Ronald Dworkin at the University of Bern in 2011, Dworkin holds the thesis that theists and atheists have much more in common than what one usually might think: they both experience the sublime and painful, have faith in truth, are committed to lead a positive life, and defend the significance of their convictions, since, as the North American jurist explains, religion is more profound than the very idea of God. The implications of this argument in the implementation of law as in cases of conscience objection, justification of religious wars, freedom of religion or equality before law are also subject of this sharp, deep, and clear dissertation, where one of the most recognized philosophers of law examines the metaphysics of value to conclude that freedom of religion should not come from the respect to the belief in God, but from the right to ethical autonomy. 33

34 Pocket Books Firmamentos perdidos. Arqueoastronomía: las estrellas de los pueblos antiguos Lost Firmament. Archaeoastronomy: Stars from the Ancient People GUIDO COSSARD $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 448 pp. ISBN: John Maynard Keynes. Un capitalista revolucionario Capitalist Revolutionary: John Maynard Keynes ROGER E. BACKHOUSE & BRADLEY W. BATEMAN $9.95 Paperback, 240 pp. ISBN: La tradición jurídica romano-canónica The Roman-Canon Law Tradition JOHN HENRY MERRYMAN & ROGELIO PÉREZ-PERDOMO Diseño de mercados Market Design ALVIN E. ROTH, GARY E. BOLTON & PAUL KLEMPERER $ rd ed., 2014 Paperback, 285 pp. ISBN: $9.95 Paperback, 200 pp. ISBN: El comercio internacional. Evolución teórica International Trade: Its Theoretical Evolution ELHANAN HELPMAN $13.95 Paperback, 324 pp. ISBN: Las ciencias de la cultura Sciences of Culture ERNST CASSIRER $ rd ed., 2014 Paperback, 208 pp. ISBN: El estudio científico de la felicidad The Scientific Study of Happiness MARIANO ROJAS El niño y la filosofía Philosophy and the Young Child GARETH B. MATTHEWS $9.95 Paperback, 308 pp. ISBN: $8.95 Paperback, 144 pp. ISBN:

35 Locke y el entendimiento humano. Ensayos escogidos Locke and Human Understanding. Selected Essays Edited by IAN CHARLES TIPTON $9.95 Paperback, 312 pp. ISBN: Perfil ideológico del siglo xx en Italia Ideological Profile of Twentieth-Century Italy NORBERTO BOBBIO $12.95 Paperback, 292 pp. ISBN: Pocket Books Conceptos morales Moral Concepts Compiled by JOEL FEINBERG $9.95 Paperback, 296 pp. ISBN: La filosofia del derecho The Philosophy of Law Compiled by RONALD MYLES DWORKIN $13.95 Paperback, 360 pp. ISBN: Naturaleza humana y conducta. Introducción a la psicología social Human Nature and Conduct. Introduction to Social Psychology JOHN DEWEY $10.95 Paperback, 352 pp. ISBN: Retórica de la religión. Estudios de logología The Rhetoric of religion: Studies in Logology KENNETH BURKE $13.95 Paperback, 391 pp. ISBN: Dos teorías de la moralidad Two Theories of Morality STUART NEWTON HAMPSHIRE $8.95 Paperback, 120 pp. ISBN: Crítica de la filosofía de las ciencias sociales de Max Weber A Critique of Max Weber s Philosophy of Social Science WALTER GARRISON RUNCIMAN $8.95 Paperback, 176 pp. ISBN:

36 Pocket Books Ur, la ciudad de los caldeos Ur Of The Chaldees C. LEONARD WOOLLEY $9.95 Paperback, 184 pp. ISBN: El mundo desde sus inicios hasta 4000 a.c. The World From Its Beginnings To 4000 BCE IAN TATTERSALL $9.95 Paperback, 240 pp. ISBN: The city of Ur, site of one of the greatest cultures of Antiquity, has been the subject of numerous explorations and research, of which the most important considering its extraordinary results was the one that lead by Sir C. Leonard Woolley (who also conducted archeological studies in Nubia and Cachemira) between 1922 and Historia de Florencia History of Florence PIERRE ANTONETTI $9.95 Paperback, 176 pp. ISBN: Historia de México History of Mexico Coordinated by GISELA VON WOBESER $13.95 Paperback, 416 pp. ISBN: Los vikingos en la historia The Vikings in History F. DONALD LOGAN $13.95 Paperback, 368 pp. ISBN: Tomás Moro Thomas More ANTHONY KENNY $ rd ed., 2014 Paperback, 136 pp. ISBN: El estilo literario Literary Style JOHN MIDDLETON MURRY $8.95 Paperback, 184 pp. ISBN: T he main aspects about literary style, in its relationship with the writer and the work of art, are here judged by John Middleton Murry with the aim to offer an organized and useful manual for everyone who is interested in the literary phenomenon. 36

37 La economía de la literatura The Economy of Literature MARC SHELL $10.95 Paperback, 276 pp. ISBN: Libertad para el pueblo. Historia de la democracia Freedom for the People. History of Democracy JOHN DUNN $13.95 Paperback, 338 pp. ISBN: Pocket Books Barthes Barthes JONATHAN CULLER $6.95 Paperback, 160 pp. ISBN: D unn s work constitutes a critical account about the strange metamorphosis that turned democracy, from its humble origins as a simple form of political organization, to the prestigious political system that makes it appear, nowadays, as the ideal form of government and even the epitome of good behavior in politics, idiosincracy and society. An accurate biography of the great Roland Barthes, that presents his multiple facets as a literature historian, mythologist, critic, polemicist, structuralist, hedonist, intellectual, as well as a committed and extraordinary master. Ensayos sobre literatura Essays on Literature GÜNTER GRASS $9.95 ISBN: peculiar collection of essays that A binds together the opinions of the controversial German writer about several subjects related to literature. Grass s position is that of a writer that exercises criticism not just from his intellectual experience, but from a profound commitment with everyday experiences. Georg Simmel. Edición revisada Georg Simmel. Revised Edition DAVID FRISBY $11.95 Paperback, 286 pp. ISBN: David Frisby offers an analysis of Georg Simmel s life, the circumstances that led him to set the foundations of sociology, and the contents of Simmel s most important works, which account for the importance of Simmel s theories on sociology. 37

38 Popular Series Más allá de la economía. Antología de ensayos Beyond Economy. Anthology of Essays ALBERT O. HIRSCHMAN Compiled by JOSÉ WOLDENBERG $16.95 Paperback, 519 pp. Colección Popular ISBN: selection of essays, previously published by Fondo de A Cultura Económica, that dwells upon the intellectual work of the economist Albert O. Hirschman. Some of the recurring subjects in Hirschman s work are economic development, social change, the equal distribution of resources and the welfare state. Ciencia en teatro. Cuatro obras Science in Theatre. Four Plays CARL DJERASSI $15.95 Paperback, 355 pp. Colección Popular ISBN: The author brings together two theater plays which relationship lies in the work of a chemist. In the first one, Falacia, presents the confrontation between an art historian and a chemist, when it s discovered that a piece of antique art turns out to be from a modern age. The second piece, Insuficiencia, is about a professor that fails in his journey to get a permanent position at his university, due to the unattractiveness of his research: the physical chemistry of the bubbles in beer and champagne. Más allá del Golfo de México Beyond the Mexique Bay La era de la criminalidad The Age of Criminality ALDOUS HUXLEY With an Anti-Prologue by HERNÁN LARA ZAVALA $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 328 pp. Colección Popular ISBN: M ás allá del Golfo de México narrates the incidents that happened to Huxley during a journey he led through Central America, the Caribbean, and the south of Mexico. In here, the landscape, the people, and the anecdotes were just the spark that ignited Huxley s various reflections about art, politics, culture and other topics. This book allows us to appreciate a somewhat unknown dimension of Huxley s work. FEDERICO CAMPBELL $19.95 Paperback, 812 pp. Colección Popular ISBN: La era de la criminalidad compiles the essays La invención del poder and Máscara negra, in addition to other unpublished works. Each essay revolves around themes such as power, injustice, crime, economic inequality, social decomposition, and the denaturalization of younger generations. Campbell takes the reader on a tour through Mexican history, literature, and philosophy in order to make us reflect on the origins of current Mexican society. In addition, he makes us aware we are living in troubled times: in the age of criminality. 38

39 Gobernando el futuro. Escenarios latinoamericanos hacia 2020 Governing the Future. Latin-American Scenarios Towards Year 2020 DANTE CAPUTO $13.95 Paperback, 147 pp. Política y Derecho cm ( in) ISBN: Learning how to build for the future is the new challenge for governments to achieve welfare for social majorities and for sustainability of democracy. Top nations of the world work within a twenty-year timeframe scenario; Latin-America, however, with some exceptions, seems to be worried only on everyday life, or, even worse, the whole region seems to be trapped in this short-sighted scope. The idea behind Gobernando el futuro is to spark the curiosity about what are the probable threats and opportunities for the Latin-American democracy towards 2020, which inevitably leads us to discuss about the policies the governments of the region are implementing nowadays. Obras III. Democracia y utopía: la tensión permanente Works III. Democracy and Utopia: The Permanent Tension NORBERT LECHNER $23.95 Paperback, 416 pp. Política y Derecho cm (6.5 9 in) ISBN: This is the third of the four volume set that holds the works of the recognized political scientist Norbert Lechner. This volume includes the works Lechner wrote between 1985 and The selection focuses on the subjective side of political practices and the challenges that modernity and postmodernity pose to democratic regimes. Justicia para erizos Justice for Hedgehogs RONALD DWORKIN $33.95 Paperback, 591 pp. Política y Derecho cm (6.7 9 in) ISBN: J usticia para erizos sets forth a theory of justice that arises from the idea that ethical and moral values are a great conceptual unit that determines our individual existence as well as our coexistence with others. To support this idea, the author analyzes several philosophical subjects that range from the epistemology and metaphysics of value, the metaethics, and the phenomenon of moral responsibility, to the nature of interpretation, the characteristics of truth, the problem of will and its relationship with the concepts of law, democracy, political rights and freedom. Politics & Social Science 39

40 Science & Technology La enfermedad y la cura. Conceptos de una medicina diferente Disease and Cure. Concepts for a Different Medicine ANNETTE KERCKHOFF $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 304 pp. Ciencia y Tecnología cm (6.5 9 in) ISBN: The concept of disease and the therapies and remedies used for health recovery are deeply related to the culture, the time frame and the ideas of the individuals belonging to each civilization. Annette Kerckhoff studies twelve medical systems that can contribute to the creation of a new holistic medicine ; for each system she provides a historical outline of its founders, describes the concepts of disease and healing of each one of them, and finally gives three illnesses common cold, back pain and cancer as instances of the way in which doctors describe, explain and treat them. Del hombre como conejillo de Indias. El derecho a experimentar en seres humanos Man as a Guinea Pig. The Right to Experiment with Human Beings PHILIPPE AMIEL $27.95 Paperback, 327 pp. Ciencia, Tecnología y Sociedad cm (6.7 9 in) ISBN: Philippe Amiel presents a juridical and sociological research about the rights of individuals to participate in biomedical experiments. The work reconstructs the complex genealogy of current regulatory framework, which stands in the physician s responsibilities and tries to protect individuals subject to experimentation of possible abuses, all of this as a result of what was determined in the Nuremberg Trials. On the other hand, it shows the urgency of a new social contract in the biomedical research area, one that articulates the autonomy of the individual with the equity in reaching the protection of his rights. Los tipos de vegetación de México y su clasificación. Edición conmemorativa Types of Vegetation in Mexico and Its Classification. Commemorative Edition FAUSTINO MIRANDA & EFRAÍM HERNÁNDEZ-X. $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 248 pp. Ediciones Científicas Universitarias cm (6.5 9 in) ISBN: D espite having been published for the first time four decades ago, this work is still an essential reference for Biology students. It is an exhaustive catalog of the types of vegetation that exist in Mexico. This new edition offers, in addition, an index of the flora and vegetation with their current nomenclature, as well as a geographical annex that exposes the spatial narrative set out by the authors, these two sets of data elaborated by the Comisión Nacional para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad (National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity, Conabio). All this is accompanied by the 107 original photographs captured by A. Maya and Faustino Miranda himself. El teatro de las histéricas. De cómo Charcot descubrió, entre otras cosas, que también había histéricos The Theatre of Hysterical Women. On How Charcot Discovered, among other Things, that There Are Also Hysteric Men HÉCTOR PÉREZ-RINCÓN $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 160 pp. La Ciencia para Todos cm ( in) ISBN:

41 Hay un dinosaurio en mi sopa! Una guía rápida sobre evolución biológica There s a Fly in My Soup! A Quick Guide on Biologic Evolution ÁLVARO CHAOS CADOR $9.95 Paperback, 214 pp. La Ciencia para Todos cm ( in) ISBN: H ay un dinosaurio en mi sopa! guides us through the process of evolution of living beings, like the development of dinosaurs into birds, with a successful blend of information about evolutionary processes, historical matters and cultural issues. Its extremely short 62 chapters introduce evolutionary biology to a wide public, with the accurateness of a professional scientist as well as a fresh and genuine point of view, sense of humor, and a prose that flows marvelously. This book earned Chaos Cador the II Premio Internacional de Divulgación de la Ciencia Ruy Pérez Tamayo, awarded by fce. Economía y sociedad Economy and Society MAX WEBER Edited by FRANCISCO GIL VILLEGAS MONTIEL Las cartas del Beagle The Beagle Letters CHARLES DARWIN Edited by FREDERICK BURKHARDT $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 534 pp. Tezontle cm ( in) ISBN: This books reunites, in chronological order, the complete set of letters Darwin sent and received during his voyage on the Beagle between 1831 and 1836, years during which he made the observations that outlined his theory of the evolution of species. The epistolary exchange shows how his family and friends witnessed, while being in England, the gathering of experiences and materials that helped him nourish his theory, as well as his encounters with other cultures and forms of life, all of this accompanied by the illustrations of Conrad Martens, the landscaper that joined the journey in 1833 while the ship was moored in Montevideo. Deporte y ocio en el proceso de la civilización Sports and Leisure in the Civilizing Process NORBERT ELIAS & ERIC DUNNING Sociology Science & Technology $ rd ed., 2014 Hardcover, 1425 pp. Sociología cm (6.7 9 in) ISBN: $ rd ed., 2014 Paperback, 374 pp. Sociología cm (6.7 9 in) ISBN: This work has been acclaimed as the most important social sciences book of the twentieth century. Here Max weber develops the fundamental concepts of sociology and economy, as well as the several types of domination history has witnessed. This new edition, prepared by Francisco Gil Villegas, presents the augmented, revised and enriched translation of the original text, with critical and informative notes; it also includes a wide and scholarly introduction, new appendixes aggregated in the critical German version, and the original translation not present in previous editions of the oldest and extensive part of the work. selection of essays that A originated systematically on one theoretical and research body: the pioneering work by Norbert Elias about the process of civilization and of the formation of the State. It covers certain subjects in relation to leisure, violence and sports, such as: the genesis of sports as a social question, social ties and violence within sports, the dynamics of modern sports, and the search of emotion in leisure, among others. 41

42 Sociology El Estado en el centro de la mundialización. La sociedad civil y el asunto del poder The State in the Center of Globalization. Civil Society and the Subject of Power Los mexicanos. Un balance del cambio demográfico Mexicans. An Overview on Demographic Change Coordinated by CECILIA RABELL ROMERO Sociología: estudios sobre las formas de socialización Sociology: Studies on the Forms of Socialization GEORG SIMMEL With an Introductory Study by GINA ZABLUDOVSKY KUPER & OLGA SABIDO RAMOS JAIME OSORIO $16.95 Paperback, 289 pp. Sociología cm ( in) ISBN: $51.00 Paperback, 933 pp. Sociología cm (6.7 9 in) ISBN: $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 728 pp. Sociología cm (6.5 9 in) ISBN: In the light of recent theories of democratization, it seems as if in Latin America the voting system assists the neo-oligarchization of the State. The multiplication of electoral surveys under the preeminence of procedural forms makes the vote far from beeing a force capable of influencing the central decisions of political power in the region. The existing projects to transform the current social order claim that the issues related to this power must be solved; hence necessity to discuss several notions about civil society and to give a wide conceptual exposition about the main subjects related to the analysis of the State, of power, and of politics. T he data dealt with in this book cover the majority of aspects relevant to the dynamic demography and its interaction with other spheres of society. There have been noticed several shifts in the tendencies of demographical changes, new cycles that are beginning, and also a wider heterogeneity in people s behavior, in certain scopes where decision making means a concrete influence on demography. In Sociología, Simmel presents an analysis of the processes of individualization and socialization and traces the outlines of a sociological methodology, isolating those general and recurrent forms of social interaction on a political, economic and aesthetic scale. 42

43 Hegel, Haití y la historia universal Hegel, Haiti, and Universal History SUSAN BUCK-MORSS $ st ed., 2013 Paperback, 232 pp. Umbrales ISBN: Falsificaciones, derechos y protestas. Aproximaciones a la China contemporánea Falsifications, Rights and Protests. Approximations to Contemporary China SUSANNE BRANDTSTÄDTER Sociology Buck-Morss presents the relationship there is between Hegel and the Haitian Revolution, that could have given as a result the formulation of the master-slave dialectic. With sufficient evidences, Buck-Morss sees the revolution of Haiti as an example of the power of the first intellectual realization of Hegel and the rupture that brings forth the first modern political fight for freedom, where the possibility is foreseen for an emerging universal humanity. Después de Lévi-Strauss. Por una antropología de escala humana. After Lévi-Strauss. For a Human Scale Anthropology ALBAN BENSA $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 148 pp. Umbrales ISBN: Interviewed by Bertrand Richard, the ethnologist Alban Bensa criticizes the anthropological theories of authors such as Lévi-Strauss, Durkheim, and Mauss. He makes a criticism of the stands that can only conceive social studies through the constraints and rules of the hard sciences with the intention of reaching a pure objectivity. Bensa emphasizes the importance of knowing the context and history of any society without setting aside the rigor required by the anthroposocial and ethnological studies to achieve a true understanding of it. Antropología del Estado Anthropology of the State PHILIP ABRAMS, AKHIL GUPTA & TIMOTHY MITCHELL $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 192 pp. Umbrales ISBN: $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 168 pp. Umbrales ISBN: T his volume gathers four essays resulting of the author s ethnographic work in rural communities of China. In these texts she unravels the customs and aspirations of the locals, and explores both the present relevance of the countryside and its contrast with the reality of urban areas. Thus, she reveals the existing economic, political, cultural, and ideological differences, as well as the deep social changes that this nation is experimenting at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Original compilation of essays in which the sociologist Philip Abrams, the anthropologist Akhil Gupta and the political scientist Timothy Mitchell will criticize, each from his own discipline, the use and abuse of the concept of State. The three of them concur in the illusory character of the State, either treated as a supra-social entity, as a powerful set of methods for ordering and representing the social reality, or as a metaconcept disembodied from the political daily practice that inhibits the citizenship conformation, and show that the modern political science is unable to adequately define the concept without ideological slants. 43

44 Young Adult Books La sed de la mariposa The Thirst of the Butterfly AGUSTÍN CADENA $12.95 Paperback, 208 pp. A Través del Espejo cm (6.5 9 in) ISBN: Damiana, Orlando y Emanita are assistants of professor Merick, a famous writer who by love to his profession gives classes and tries to help these young people of several social classes. Damiana is a young woman belonging to the vagabond world and with a strange syndrome; Orlando, a young shy man from a middle lower class; and Emanita, a very religious young girl with special capabilities. The diversity in the personalities among them, together with the knowledge and fascination of the professor for dark beings are the starting point towards a story with love, disagreement, rivalry and murder. La prosa del transiberiano y de la pequeña Juana de Francia The prose of the Trans- Siberian and of Little Joan of France BLAISE CENDRARS Illustrated by JAVIER ZABALA $ st ed., 2013 Hardcover, 78 pp. Tezontle cm ( in) ISBN: Feverish journey by memory and the present, by the visions and imaginations of this modern poet, by war and the vortex of the barely glimpsed, almost prophesied, modernity. A revisiting of this initiatory poem considered by many critics as the most important work from Blaise Cendrars, which will be accompanied by illustrations that will offer new readings for new readers. Con los ojos abiertos With Eyes Wide Open FRANCISCO HINOJOSA $ st ed., 2015 Paperback, 72 pp. A través del espejo cm (6.5 9 in) ISBN: El libro salvaje The Wild Book JUAN VILLORO Illustrated by GABRIEL MARTÍNEZ MEAVE $ nd ed., 2013 Hardcover, 232 pp cm ( in) Los Especiales de ISBN: T he protagonist of this novel is a 15-year-old girl who runs away from home and survives by doing odd jobs. Soon she gets involved with a student who suffers from chronic insomnia which begins to drive him mad, putting both his and her life in danger. This novel opens readers eyes to things that often lead young people to take extreme decisions at a time in their lives when they start to build a life-project based on their experiences, plans, objectives, goals and feelings. Juan already has his summer vacations planned. However, his mother ignores his plans and leaves him at Tío Tito s house, an inveterate booklover that makes noises when he eats and who is afraid of teddy bears. There, hidden between the myriad of books his uncle holds in his library, Juan will have to find the wild book, a rebel book that resists to be read and that holds in its pages a secret destined for the reader who s capable to catch it. 44


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