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1 Be-Devfled Westfield football crushes Kearny in season opening game, 29-0 See Sports, page B-l n step with high school marching bands 8M N* wt*k't WaekandPlus fcoupons"galore7 'Shop with over 50 different budget-saving i cost cutters Special booklet inside Fall fix-up time Put that lawn to bed properly and-winterize the home nowl Special supplement inside _J The^festfield Record % v C <,- 3, No. 40 Thursday, October 1, 1992 A Forbes Newspaper 25 cents LMOA D. EPSTEN/THE RECORD Bill Palatucci clutches a wad of phone message forms and listens ntently to taller at Bush/Ouayle headquarters fn Kenitworth on Thursday. Palatucci directs GOP fight for New Jerseyans' Nov. vote By EUZAKTH QftOMEK THE RKCOKD He isn't a member of the Murphy Brown fan club, or of Pat Buchanan's either. The executive director of New Jersey's Bush Quayle campaign, BU Palatucci, only needs to root for the president This is the second time the Westfield resident has headed the time we get to the end. t'll be very close by the Bush campaign in the state. He has been involved in Republican We've got a lot of work to do before November 3rd.' politics since he started an internship in college Bill Palatucci and before he knew it he was working on Governor Tom Kean's election. But he was not just an impressionable college kid who took his first chance to get involved in politics. He had already made up his mind that he was n Republican who coincidentally had the oj> portunity to be a part of the campaign. " had no interest in being a Democrat," Mr. PaJatucti said. The Republicans can thank Mr. Pal- atucci's father for his political allegiance. He owned a bar in Wanaque and worked seven days a week to support his family without any help from the government. His father's self reliance and determination underscored what Republicans stand for, Mr. Palatucci said. "He never got a government check, he pulled himself up and made a life for himself," Mr. Palatucci said about his father. But in the campaign of 1992, Mr. Palalucci is feverishly working to pull President Bush's poll ranking up before election day. As the executive director, he plans the president's visits to the state, organizes the phone bank, and keeps tabs on all community efforts to reelect the president. His experience on campaigns, both former Governor Kean's and President Bush's, gives him insight on the race to November. "t'll be very close by the time we get to the end," Mr. Palatucci said. "We've got a (Please turn to page A-2) knew Clinton when... By ELZABETH GROMEK THE UECOD Jim Moore remembers the guy in college that always did well on exams because he seemed to be able to grasp the key idea of the material. This guy was one of his roommates and he graduated Georgetown Phi Elota Kappa. Today this guy is running for President of the United States. Westlield resident. Jim Moore met Bill Clinton during his sophomore year when they were in a Constitutional Law class study group. The five students in that group became friends and eventually shared a house together their senior year. That time in Governor Clinton's life has been under the microscope often during this election because he was in England while many of his classmates were in Vietnam. But Mr, Moore, who is veteran, said he was never resentful that his friend did not go into the service. n fact, of the five in the house, Clinton was the only one who did not serve. "None of us resented the fact that he (Please turn to page A-2) Wait-and-see posture follows unveiling of school aid plan By ELZABETH QftOMEK THE RECORD Westfield educators are applauding state Republican legislative efforts to rewrite the Quality Education Act (QEA). Original figures indicated that state aid to Westfield under the GOP proposal would be down 24 percent from the current level, but both lawmakers and educators see that estimate as being deceiving. The New Jersey Department of Education projected a loss of $857,180 in state aid if the GOP proposal were to go into effect, but Assemblyman Rich Bagger reassured school district representatives in a meeting last week that all the figures are not together yet. n reality, Westfield's aid may increase by about $25,000, which is only a fraction of the total budget of over $7 million. However, the proposal still means good news to the schools in town. Even though aid may be down, other restrictions of tho QEA will be lifted that would have affected how funds are raised and appropriated in Westfield. There are three important issues in the new proposal, according to Mr. Bagger. The state will continue to pay for pension and social security costs for teachers and school district employees. This "dodges a buljet" that would have potentially raised taxes by as much as 10% if towns had to foot the bill for it, Mr. Bagger said. The budget cap will be maintained, but there will be an option to that will allow the town to vote to exceed the cap. Currently, the budget cap is in effect whether or not townspeople want to pay more taxes to provide for a greater increase in funding. Every student in New Jersey will be guaranteed state aid of $200 per pupil, which equals $800,000 for Westfield. Mr. Bagger met with School Superintendent Mark Smith and Board President Susan Pepper in an effort to get their opinion on the proposal. Mr. Bagger wants to proceed cautiously with this new act, and not pass one that is "ill advised," he said. For Mr. Bagger, communication between the law makers and the school districts is key in developing a system that works. "'m reaching out to districts to discuss this," Mr. Bagger said. Dr. Smith said the proposal had "ideab worth pursuing," but he still had some questions. He was impressed with the way the law makers were creating this proposal. " like the idea of the Republicans putting together a concept paper and circulating it and talking about it before it's legislation," Dr. Smith said. Mrs. Pepper was pleased that the state will continue to pay the pensions. TTie communication between the law makers and those involved in everyday education is also an important step, she added. Until the figures are finalized, she will simply, "wait and see." New business chief girds for battle By EtiZABETH OHOMEK THE RECORD With the Quality in Education Act (QEA) wreaking havoc in the school administration building, Westfield's new Assistant Superintendent for Business has his hands full. Pr. Robert Rader starts his position in the middle nf the dispute between towns and the state over school budgets. As the assistant superintendent. Dr. Rader will be creating and balancing the budget in a year when state aid is questionable, as are the rules governing where else the town can get money to provide for the education of Westfield youngsters. But as a business administrator for the past 20 years. Dr. Rader is certainly ready for the task. He started his career in Middlesex Borough and most recently worked in Princeton. He has had much experience in dealing with the school funding changes. Dr. Rader concerns' himself with the noninstructional aspects of running the schools, the building maintenance, grounds and bussing. So far, Dr. Rader has been enjoying working in Westfield. He is looking forward to working with the "tremendous" school board, and commends the district for the way it is run. But the challenge remains to work within the constraints which the state has placed on school spending. With the new Republican proposal to replace the QEA, Dr. Rader will be looking toward Trenton to see what changes will affect Westfield. The caps that restrict huw much the towns can increase their spend- Sewer fix-up plan launched By ELZABETH GROMEK THE RECORD The Town Council look steps to modernize the sower systems in town at iis Tuesday night meeting Mindowaskin Park and three other nioas in town weio the subject of ordinances passed to piovide funds for tho improvement of sanitary sewer systems. The areas around Fairview Cemetery, St. Mark's Avenue, and Ca/lotun Road have been tapped tor sewer rcbuildinc], replacement or extension Thorn have been problems in tho past in those areas, Public Works Commitloo Gliairper- (Please turn to fuoo A;') Health department announces flu vaccine schedule By EUZABETH GROMEK THKKKCOU) With flu si'asnn coming, the Wostfield regional health department ha;; scheduled vaccination clinics fur (his Senior citizens, children and adults with certain medical conditions that pul them at risk for respiratory tract in feel ion;; are e.sjx 1 - cinlly nt rislc. Those pro existing conditions include: ncc itirrd cir congenital heart disease any chronic disorder or condition affecting respiratory functions chronic kidney disease dialx'les chronic anemia conditions or therapy that lower resistance tii infections Senior citizens are at increased risk for medical problems if infected by a flu virus. Klu clinics ate o x>n to all residents of Kimwixxi, Giirwixxl, Mountainside and Westlield. Here nre the dittos of the Flu Princeton outburst follows Dr. Rader By ELZABETH QBOMEK THE RECORD Dr. Robert Rader denies any allegations of misconduct while at a dosed meeting of the Princeton Regional School Board. t has been reported Dr. Rader spoke loudly and lunged at a member of the board at a closed meeting in August. More recently the Princeton Board voted on a resolution to reprimand Dr. Rader, which was not passed. Vote on it was 4-4. While he admits he may have spoken loudly at the meeting, Dr. Rader contends he exhibited "no physical reaction of any kind" at that meeting last month. Dr. Rader attributes the vote to reprimand him to the fractionaiization of the Board. The two sides in the district have been hotly arguing for Die past year, he said. He was surprised by the action because it had taken place after he had resigned his position there to come to Westfield. There had also been subsequent meetings and nothing had happened, he said. Dr. Rader did not mention the alleged altercation to Westfield Superintendent Mark Smith because he did not realize it was an issue, until the Princeton Board brought it up after he had already started here. The Princeton Board meetings had been getting very "hot" and "loud" over the past year, Dr. Rader said. The district's comptroller and assistant superintendent for curriculum had also resigned, probably due to the strained atmosphere. Dr. Rader said. " avoided getting involved in that circus," Dr. Rader said. n a statement, Dr. Smith said he wi review the facts of the situation and that he has "full confidence that this review will substantiate the ability and professionalism of Dr. Rader." ing have been in place since But under the QEA, the increase hns been shrinking. At first, the caps were around 11 or 15 i>ercent, but they have been doc lining rapidly since to 5.63 percent in the limumkj school year. Next year, the cap is expected to be below four percent increase. Under these circumstances, the district is challenged to find a way to maintain the standards without jeopardizing the students' education. "We need to find a way to cut back without affecting program," Dr. Rader said. "This means saving on electricity or water." Wlnle he supports the idea behind the quality in education act, Dr. Rader believes the state has gone about it in the wrong way. Local property taxes are not an ap- (Please turn to page A-2) Parking panel eyes deck again with full support of Chamber By EUZABETH GROMEK "Jf you build it, they will come." No, it's not a vokv in a movie telling Kevin Costner tn build a baseball diamond in (lie middle of a corn field. t is a voice tellinj: the Westlield Town Council to build a parkin;: deck downtown. At last week's meeting of the Transportation, ['.irking and Traffic Committee, the council inenilx'is continued the long run ning debate over building a deck. Re ceuily, committee members visited a deck in Summit and sjhike to <>lhi i.ils there about (heir problems with the deck. The purjxise of this mtvting was to see where Wostfield could wnefit from Summit's example. The meeting was attended by members of (he Westlield Area Chamber of Com- Clinics: merce, who strongly urged the committee Thursday, Octolx-r 1!, V.:M) tn :».:<() at theto move Onward with the plans for the Garwood First Aid building. Walnut.Street. Wednesday, October M, V 01) tu 11:00 at the Mountainside Municipal Building, Ufl!"> Koute 22. east. Thursday, Octolwr?.?., 71)0 n at Community House 1, first floor Hnilraod Station, North and Martini 1 Avenue, Kan wixxl. WwliiOfiday, Novemeber!, 7:11(1 to li:(o at the Westfield Municipal Building Court Room, '125 East Brood Street. T1K KKCO1U) parking facility Chamlx'r President Hob ert Newel! said the deck will be it way to gel employee:, and permit parkei's off the street, so the space can H' used by downtown shoppers. Both committee memlx'n; and merchants were concerned with the financing and operation of the deck. The idea of huilding the deck has xvn passed around the bureaucracies of town for the past ten years, but no real strides have been made lo break ground on the- facility. '"ho deck would be built over the current permit lot known as the Citgo lot. As the deck will enhance the downtown area by attracting more shoppers, business owners accept the fact that they will pay for the deck through higher assessments. The Chamber representatives and the committee agreed that the central business district is one of Westfield's greatest assets and, along with the schools, what attracts many homeowners to town. The committee adopted a resolution to go foiward with the plans to build the d<vk. t will have to work with the finance committee in order to get the process stalled. The issue of whether to have the d(vk metered, run by attendants, or entirely for permits will also need to be decided. Business interests suggested selling spaces to business own TS for their employees. Councilman.Jim Ciiuba called for the enhancement of the plans the committee already has to insure the deck structurally can iiceommixlate additional levels, if the need ;>risi.'s. The current plan, developed by Vincentsen and Asstviates calls for a two level deck. The pit»ix)sal to build the deck will be a joint venture ex'tween (he transportation, parking and traffic committee, the finance committee, and the downtown interests. Councilman.Jim Hely called for "leadership" lo finally move this proposal forward to the town council and to completion.

2 A-2 Sewer fix-up (Continued from page A-l) son Margaret Sur said. JMindowaskin Park will have the sowers redone in addition to roadway improvements and regrading. The Friends or Mindowaskin Park, a private organization, will be adding new lights, benches and walkways. This venture is an example of how municipalities and private groups can work together to accomplish a goal, Mrs. Sur noted. n other action at Tuesday's njeeting: ;An agreement was passed to provide for a consultant to study tbc problem of sewerage in the Qarwood Brook. This continuing problem has received the attention of the Department of Environmental Protection and Energy (DEPE). The council will pay $20,000 consultant fee to Killiam Associates. ^.The council will also hire consultants to study the impact of the development of the Lexington Heights subdivision on fresh water voetlands. The assessment will take place before the town decides to Business chief (Continued from page A-l) propriate way to fund schools, because the lower taxes in the cities cannot support a quality education for all urban students. n terms of the property value behind each pupil in a district, the disparity can be great, he said. A town like Westfield has about $1 million in property value behind each student, while a city may have only $9,000. However, Dr. Rader said the answer is not "leveling," or bringing all districts down to one level. The state mandates programs, yet does not fund them, Dr. Rader ex- move ahead to avoid other problems with the DEPE. The agreement between Westfield and the Union County Utilities Authority for the collection of recycled materials was approved. The cost of the pick up of these recyclables is $24.23 per household per year. The taxpayers pay for this service in their taxes. The agreement is binding until August 1997, unless the town chooses to break it Mayor Garland "Bud" Boothc announced the appointment of a Bicentennial Commission. n 1994, it will be 200 years since Westfield was recognized as a separate municipality from Elizabeth. The steering committee wilt be chaired by Linda Maggio, the executive director of the United Fund and current Rotary Club president Also on the committee are Maggie Cimei, Ralph Jones, Allen Malcolm, John Manos, Robert Newell, Michele Picou, Eva Wiley, and Bobbins Yudes. The mayor is looking forward to celebrating the bicentennial with a costume ball, day-long carnival in Tamaqucs Park and a bicentennial logo contest plained. Examples such as removing asbestos and instituting the use of calculators show how the state decides where certain money should be spent without allotting any funds for it But what confounds Dr. Rader about the whole process is that the people making the laws are not very well versed in running schools. The QEA was passed very quickly, without much time for analysis. This is why Dr. Rader and the rest of the board commend the Republicans for drafting a proposal and then trying to get feedback from educators, he said. "t's frustrating when there's no input and then it's taw," Dr. Rader said. the more moderate Republicans, Palatucci like Tom Kean, who want to include people, not exclude them. (Continued from page A-l) lot of work to do before Nov. 3." He works to educate other Republicans to temper their conserva- The phone bank will have 40 or 50 phones with volunteers calling tism, he said. voters in the key counties. The Even the vice president can be callers will be surveying people, too conservative for him. offering literature about the president's plans, and testing to see take trying to take on a fictional "The vice president made a mis- how much support he has in the character, and a popular one at : state. Mr. Palatucci likes the that," Mr. Palatucci said. "T.V. phone bank because it provides an should present role models, both opportunity to "talk with the ac- good and bad." : tual voters," he said. All far right ideas and character. However, he does not always assassinations aside, Mr. Palatucci : agree with everything that goes on sees the economy as the major in the party. He admits that Pat issue in the campaign. He commends Jim Baker's leadership in [ Buchanan is too conservative for his taste. He aligns himself with clarifying Bush's message. LNDABURY, McCORMCK & ESTABROOK A PROFESSONAL CORPORATON ATTORNEYS AT LAW S PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT JAMES D. DEROSE HAS BECOME A MEMBER OF THE FRM MR. DEROSE S A CERTFED CVL TRAL ATTORNEY. HS AREAS OF CONCENTRATON NCLUDE AUTOMOTVE FRANCHSE LAW, PRODUCT LABLTY/ WARRANTY AND COMMERCAL LAW. SNCE 1954, LNDABURY, MCCORMCK & ESTABROOK. HAS BEEN PROVDNG A WDE RANGE Ol- LEGAL SERVCES TO NDVDUALS AND THE BUSNESS COMMUNTY NCLUDNG: TRALS AND APPEALS N STATE AND FEDERAL COURTS ESTATES AND TRUSTS BANKNG, COMMERCAL AND CORPORATE TRANSACTONS GENERAL CORPORATE AND SECURTES LAW HEALTH CARE AND HOSPTAL LAW ENERGY AND PUH.C UTLTY LAW EMPLOYEE BENEFTS AND EXECUTVE COMPENSATON LABOR LAW BANKRUPTCY AND CREDTOR'S RGHTS ENVRONMENTAL LAW AND LTGATON CONSTRUCTON/SURETY LAW FEDERAL AND STATE TAXATON REAL ESTATE/LAND USE LAW PERSONAL NJURY AND NSURANCE LTGATON FRANCHSE LAW PRODUCT LABLTY LAW 53 CARDNAL DRVE P.O. BOX 2369 WESTFELD, NEW JERSEY (908) FAX (908) News October 1,1992: Resident remembers Clinton in early years (Continued from page A-l) had not gone in the military," Mr. Moore said. He described how Clinton ended up at Oxford and Yale when he had been ready to get d rafted at any time during those years. According to Mr. Moore, Clinton had received a deferment to attend Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar in But this deferment was not a guarantee, it was only for a semester at a time. n April of 1969, Clinton received a letter to come for a preinduction physical, but the letter arrived in England after the date he was to report When he called to find out what to do, the draft board told him not to worry, he would be placed back in the pool, Mr. Moore said. By the summer of 1969, when Mr. Moore saw him again, Clinton had decided to go to law school in Arkansas, get into the ROTC program and have a three-year deferment This procedure was not uncommon, Mr. Moore explained, plenty of their classmates had taken a three-year deferment and gone to law school. But Clinton felt it was not right to try to get out of the draft, Mr. Moore said. "He was not happy with that decision because people he went to school with were in the military," Mr. Moore said. By October Clinton was classified as 1-A, meaning he could have been drafted at any time and Mr. Moore said Clinton was convinced he was going to be drafted. But by December, the lottery system was adopted and Clinton got number 310, relatively high, considering the draft, pool in Arkansas. Mr. Moore does not believe Clinton dodged the draft at all. "He was home free and going to go back to law school and be governor and he gave it all up," Mr. Moore said. "f this makes him a draft dodger, that's a bunch of bull." Clinton always intended to go back to Arkansas and work to make it better, Mr. Moore said. He wanted to make changes as the governor and run for a federal seat to end his career, following in the steps in William Fullbright "His objective was to go back to Arkansas, be, a leader for change in his own state," Mr. Moore said. Clinton's success as a leader is rooted in the way he treats people, Mr. Moore said. He treats everyone as an individual. When Mr. Moore and the rest of the old roommates got together with Clinton in New York last Spring before the primary, they discussed the health care crisis and Clinton listened to what his friends had to say. "He wasn't a would-be president talking down to us. He treats us the same way he treats other people," Mr. Moore said. One of the frustrating parts of Clinton's campaign for the organizers is his willingness to stop and talk to people, regardless of the schedule he must keep. He looks tavel Agency right through people as he talks to them, Mr Moore said, instead of scanning the crowd for someone better to talk with. As he has been standing at rallies, Mr. Moore has noticed people coining away from encounters with Clinton saying things like.'he really seemed to be listening to me, and he even asked mo a question." One example of Clinton's openness was the appearance on MTV. "He's not hung up on some pretentious idea of his own worth," Mr. Moore said. "He loves to talk to people and he really listens. "People feel empowered by him, not diminished by being in his shadows. He really hasn't changed much from college student to governor. His style is open and friend* ly," he added. The criticism that Hillary' Clinton has received has been unfair, Mr. Moore said. Her commitment to the cause of children has been turned into a negative. But when she first came to Arkansas, she had to prove herself. Espe- cially since she kept her maiden name for the first six years. But she won the approval of the people in Arkansas by working to better the schools and continuing to be a 'Tierce litigator" for children's rights, Mr. Moore said. Jim Moore of Westfield, left, poses with speech writer Tom Caplan and Governor BU Clinton during the New York primary campaign earlier this year. Say Hello To Some Good Buys! 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Mill sm»m iimi comiliai»l itrltm nvtl itmcii «>lch linmtii ipntl fmchjin o( K limn wlwi lupplun Amirliti lipnii ii >e ni o«ilkll n Ml urillliil«m ll t>j nil «wnliilmt il uik itpflitn 1-800'YES-AMEX ( Mini. n. '>.i.m. in ' > p.m.) SCOTCH PLANS SUMMT WESTFELD Havel Agency -The Westfiold Record

3 October 1,1992 News A-3 Many autos burglarized on wild Wednesday Police are investigating a string of auto break-ins that occurred last Wednesday in town. The list of victims includes: A North Euclid Avenue resident reported someone broke into a 1990 Volkswagen and stole the radio. A Marlboro Street resident reported a 198G VoLkswagen and a 1991 Volvo were broken into while parked at the residence. A Marlboro Street resident reported a 1985 Volkswagen was broken into. A Marlboro Street resident reported a 1989 Volkswagen was broken into and a radar detector was stolen. A First Street resident reported someone broke into a 1986 Cadillac. A Boulevard resident reported someone broke into a 1989 Honda. A Boulevard resident reported someone broke into a 1989 GMC. Police log Tuesday, September 22 A Scotch Plains resident reported someone stole an MEC portable phone from a briefcase while on the train, * Choo Choo, on Quimby Street reported someone stole a coat valued at $220. A Warren resident reported damage to property he owns on Ripley Place. A Rahway Avenue resident reported someone attempted to gain entrance into the house. * An employee at Westfield High School reported a briefcase was stolen. There was cash and personal papers inside. * A Woodbridge woman was arrested on a contempt of court warrant and transferred to county jail after failing to make bail. Wednesday, September 23 Thomas Ball, Jr was arrested for shoplifting at Shopper's Liquors on South Avenue. Thursday, September 24 A Summit Avenue resident reported the driver's side window was broken on a 1982 Peugeot parked at the residence. * A Coleman Place resident reported the left door window of a 1986 Mercury was damaged. A Tremont Avenue resident reported the driver's side window on a 1986 Ford was broken. Friday, September 25 A Cumberland Street resident reported the theft of 1987 Pontiac from the residence. A Marlboro Street resident reported the house was burglarized. * An Evergreen Court resident reported the house was burglarized and jewelry was stolen. Saturday, September 26 A Kirkview Court resident reported three vehicles were broken into and radios were stolen valued at $2000.» A Newark resident reported a 1992 Ford truck was broken into while parked on Norgate.» A Shadowlawn resident reported a 1991 Volvo was broken into. * A Shadowlawn resident reported a 1992 Ford truck was broken into and several items were taken, * An Orchard Street resident reported license plates were stolen. * Homeward Bounty reported criminal mischief to the entrance. * * Michael Johnson of Tinton Falls was arrested for possession of marijuana and hashish at the comer of South and Summit avenue. Sunday, September 27 Three juveniles were arrested for burglary on Cacciola Place. * * A Boulevard resident reported the theft of an antique street sign at the comer of Park and Boule- Gas leak, structure fire lead fire department action September 21 The fire department was on standby for the Elizabethtown Gas Company at a gas leak on the 2000 block of Central Avenue. fire department put out a structural fire on the 600 block of ANSWERS D CR0SSWOR0 ruzzle. N COMMUNTY LJFE SECTON Fire log Glen Avenue. * The fire department responded to an activated fire alarm at the Edison ntermediate School. September 22 The fire department responded to a system malfunction on the 100 block of Mohawk Trail. * * * The fire department freed a victim in an auto accident on the 700 block of Mountain Avenue. * The fire department investigated an alarm activation on the 100 block of Eliner Street. September 23 The fire department put out a vehicle fire on the 4000 block of Kimball Turn. «The fire department assisted a locked our resident on the 200 block of Midwood Place. * The fire department was on stand by for the Public Service Gas and Electric at the scene of an arcing wire on the 100 block of Grandview Avenue. The fire department was on the scene of shorted electrical equipment on the 200 block of Sinclair Place. September 24 The fire department investigated a smoke condition on the 800 block of Harding Street. September 25 The fire department responded to an accidental alarm on the 700 block of Boulevard * The fire department responded to an unintentional alarm on the 100 block or Elm Street. The fire department responded to an unintentional alarm at the Jefferson School. September 26 The fire department was on stand by for the Public Service Gas and Electric at the scene of an arcing wire on the 500 block of Lenox Avenue. * * The fire department investigated an interior alarm on the 600 block of North Avenue. «The fire department responded to a system malfunction on the 100 block of Stoneleigh Park. * * The fire department was on the scene of an auto accident of the 400 block of West Broad Street. September 27 The fire department was on the scene of an auto accident on the 500 block of East Broad Street. The fire department responded to a smoke condition on the 900 block of North Avenue. The last, classic street sign, shown here, was stolen Sundaynight between 8 and 10 at the corner of Boulevard and Park Street. Police have asked for calls from anyone with nformation* leading to its recovery. The sign is about 100 years old. vard. Monday, September 28 Dennis Kinsella, age 25, of Embree Court was arrested on a contempt of court warrant from Long Beach and Union. He posted bail. Francis McTeique of Oak Avenue, age 23, was arrested on a, contempt of court warrant frorh, Fanwood and Cranford. * Moysey and Tatyana Averbukh of Scotch Plains were arrested for shoplifting $623 worth of merchandise at Lord and Taylor. The suspects posted $550 bail. Two from town named in area trash scandal By ELZABETH GROMEK THE RECORD Two Westfield residents were charged in a trash short weighing scandal. Scott Sawyer and Rocco Romeo were arrested as principals in carting companies which participated in a bribery scheme involving a Linden transfer station. They were charged with conspiracy to commit theft, use of a corporation to further criminal activity, theft and commercial bribery as part of a plot to underweigh their trucks as they dropped off household garbage. Authorities say other trucks were overweighed to make up for the difference. Trucks are weighed when they enter a transfer station and after they dump their trash. The trucks of the seven carting companies involved in the scandal would be registered as having a lower weight, resulting in a loss of $106 per ton. To avoid detection, the weighmasters would lower the weight of other trucks upon their departure. The County Prosecutor has begun forfeiture procedures against the seven companies involved, but all will remain in business with a trustee overseeing operations. Revenue from the forfeiture will be used to reimburse the victims of the scheme. Two of the carting companies have routes in Westfield, Dick Vella & Sons Disposal and Blue and White Disposal. None of those involved haul for the town itself, according to town engineer Ed Gottko. The hauler who picks up at the firehouse and the municipal building was not one of the seven, he added. 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4 A-4 October 1,1992 Commentary Plowshares, anyone? Some police unions press for pro-gun law and confuse silent majority seeking curbs The question tormenting and diverting the Legislature for the moment is whether New Jerseyans like the existing ban on semiautomatic firearms. Governor Jim Florio earlier this year signed legislation banning ownership of the rapidfire, heavy caliber weapons. But this summer, the Republican-dominated Legislature passed a bill relaxing that ban. The governor vetoed it, thereby sustaining the ban. Now here comes a National Rifle Association-backed phalanx of urban police department unions calling for an override of the veto. The officers argue: the existing ban targets only honest cititens and has virtually no effect on criminals. enforcing the ban wastes critical police funds and effort. honest citizens are made a new class of Criminal for owning such weapons. > the governor is motivated by politics, not public safety. At first glance, the position of the police unions surprises and confuses the non-amnsbearing majority of voters: s the ban ineffectual after all? n the court of common sense, however, these points don't stick well. First, the ban doesn't target honest citizens, but ownership of certain hyper-deadly weapons. Honest citizens, presumably, would turn in such weapons. There is little evidence that enforcement has thus far drained police resources at all. And, finally, the every governor is nearly always motivated by politics. The majority of New Jerseyans neither own semi-automatic weapons nor perceive the law in such a narrow light, as do the minority of police officers. Rather, the appeal of the ban is in its broader message that, "New Jersey is determined to strictly penalize those who commit crime and own the implements to heighten its damage and terror." The law gives police officers the option of adding charges to those arrested for using such arms in felonies. t also gives them another entree for investigating and seeking subpoenas to search suspected felons known to possess such weapons. The Legislature has better things to do than to veto a common-sense ban on semi-automatic weapons. There's always school funding and excellence. How about them as crime deterrents? Doesrif ffftln6 SQMETHM6 UfCE Holy Trinity parents express gratitude To The Record: The parents and students of Holy Trinity nterparochial School of Westfield would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to the residents of Westfield Cor their very generous support of their annual sports booster sale, held Sept. 26. The monies collected will help our school to continue to maintain a successful, comprehensive sports program; building character and setting goals for the youth in our town. Sports coordinators Gerard and Linda McCabe hope to repeat last year's successes when Holy Trinity, representing Westfield, won all track meets, placed first in Girls' CYO Basketball and were strong contenders in other sports activities. KATMLEKN WNTZE Chairwoman, Booster Committee Crime victim thanks police for helping To The Record: This letter is addressed to Chief Anthony Scutti of the. Westfidd 'olicc Department would like to commend the Westfield Police Department, especially Officers Bob Barkus and Barron Charnnhss On Aug 15 my home was burglarized. When arrived home, Officers Barkus and Chambuss were already there waiting for me. Their professionalism, thoughtfulness, and understanding were deeply appreciated. t is very nice to know that there are still people who care about others. Please extend my gratitude to thesefine men. ELZABETH CHROME Westfield Now is time to call Letters to the editor To The Record: The following letter from Governor Kean reflects a heightened awareness of our state leadership to the deleterious effects of airplane noise over suburban New Jersey communities. You, too, are encouraged to express your concern to President Bush by calling the White House Message Center line from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The number is U»Flt. The cost of a one minute call is 22 cents and that is all the time that is required to say "Stop the Jet Noise in Westfield, New Jersey." Call as frequently as you feel inclined. The next few weeks provide us with a window of opportunity to have the EECP rolled back over New Jersey. Every Viewpoint Question:What is your feeling on the recently vetoed national fannily leave bill? Lisa Gaines Westfield "t's unfortunate that the U.S. is behind in terms of what families need. We need to place a value on children and that would be one way of doing it." Kathleen Carey Westfietd "He's (Bush) into family, he should back the family. Times are so hard, he should make it as easy as possible to be with the famity if there's an emergency." Kelly Schnur Westfield " feel a federal law would've been important. This shows how the administration hasn't addressed family issues in terms of spending time with new children or adopted children." nterviews and photos by Both Gromek at Westfiold Day Care Cenler Susan Barrett Westfield "t's not real reinforcement of famity values. f you were for family values, you would pass laws that would allow families to take care of each other." Nancy Carhart Westfield "As a small business owner, 'm afraid of how rt would hurt business. But as a motfter, think it's a good idea." the White House call counts! The following is the letter from Thomas Kean. Dear Ms. Barsam-Brown: Thank you for your note about the jet noise problem. can understand your frustration about this situation, and 1 will follow up on your request by speaking with President Bush. You have my best wishes. Sincerely THOMAS L KEAN PAMELA Executive Director Scotch PlainsfFanwood Citizens Against Aircraft Noise JeflCartiart Westfield "Numerous countries have similar bills and it hasn't hurt them economically, don't see why H wouldn't work for us." A sod story about school computers To The Record: One sometimes wonders where are the priorities? Our Board of Education spends in the neighborhood of $145,000 out of surplus as hear it, for seemingly unnecessary work on the field behind the high school. Then they let us know we need a bond issue to buy computer equipment. How about if they did it the other way around? nstead of using a surplus a surplus! for digging, sodding, irrigating, whatever, a highly serviceable recreation field, why not use the surplus to purchase the computers? tyas there a realization that the town might not stand for a bond issue to fix up a field that hardly needegl to be fixed? t's the old story. f you Htave unneeded money, spend it any Way you can. Give it back to the taxpayers? Heaven forbid! t might be difficult to get in the budget next year. JOSEPH J. MOTTLEY 683 Willow Grove Road Westfield Link between United Funds minimal To The Record: The Westfield United Fund Campaign is getting underway. Unfortunately, the National United Way became involved in a scandal tied to the president of that organization. Such must not be thought of as having any tie-in to the Westfield United Fund. Our local tie-in to the National United Way has been that we have received material from them which has been of value to us and the small amount that we have paid to them really covers such material. We have not contributed their suggested percentage of our local budget. We should not let the situation of the National United Way in any way affect our participation in the Westfield United Fund. Our fund] is doing a great job for Westfield and on a vory low cost basis. Previous to its organization as it is now set up, each organization now within the United Fund put on individual campaigns and it became an ifnpossible and intolerable situation. As a result, the United Fund was organized and that has brought about a logical low cost of financing these much needed agencies that benefit Westfield so much. We must not let the national situation affect our local giving. : H. EMERSON THOMAS Westfield Boosters say 'thanks' for Button Days To The Record: The Westfield School Boosters Association wishes to express appreciation to all the contributors who made our Button Days, Sept. 12 and 13, a success. t was refreshing to see the community get behind this project, the proceeds of which go toward the purchase of athletic equipment not normally covered by school athletic budgets. Our thanks to the merchants who allowed our members to sell buttons in front of or near their establishments; to the Westfield High School cheerleaders whose smiles and cheeriness charmed many a donor; rind to each and every person who purchased a blutdevil button. M.L. COHEN Wpstfield School Booster Association Our policy on corrections The Record will promptly correct errors of fact, context or presentation and clarify any news content thnt confuses or misleads readers. Plenso report errors to Record editor Ed Carroll by phone at 276 GO00, or by mail at P.O. Box 2790, or through the slot at tho office at 231 Elmer St. All corrections ami clarifications will appear in this space. Ed Cairo* Editor Eleanor Barren Dana Cdeman Sharllns Chiang Mike Dank Brian P. Dunlanvy Dtofine ford Denlse M Fuhs Robert Getchkxi Paula riuraasia Barbara Mnrtrto/a Cheryl MHUKDF Hohl Mare Poll/ Hobin J, Phillips Dana Coclirnn Brad Davis Fton CVay Fran Hollkiay Lisa Johnson Laa Moora Janii Risch Lofis Russo Stephen Strunsfcy Elizabeth Lynch Susan Valonti Chevies /anynra Qraphkm Barry flumpto Sport*: Allan Conovef David SiminoH Jell Hnnfly Bill Howard Tom Swalog Lynda Koch Linda LaOoeul Lawrence Mirota Ron MncCloskey Lance Osbofn Flalrw Cllaham Cfamifwri Artv«flM*>g Manager Brian Florciak Managing Ed*» Mka Skara ADVERTSNG Soon Zuokar Kip Kudufc Sports mmnt Jessica Brook* Scon Burton Photography: Sharon Wilton Diana Matflerd Georga PsccHMto Linda Epeteln Charyl Fenske ChM Cosy E**x Copy Daek: D*v«AHana RoaaNa Groae Jim Wright WHiam WMtwvan Jack Punching Nawa Aaatalarrta: Charlai Evarait Fkxanca Kaasal Mnx MeCloud Phylhi. 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Davta Cortrc** Write Us: 231 Elmer St., PO Box 2790 Wtstftold, NJ 070G1 Edward F. Carroll Editor Norta Garrtlt Fixaoutfra Sporia Edlor Joan Casey PromoMon Dnctrif William Waathovan WMkarM) PHM E«(K Mlckl PulalneMi Rob Pain* Dndor tt Ptwtogia >liy Phone:(908) FAX:(908) Rob Forth MMTM* Dckvwy Manager Mka Boarttiar Judith Branner Jr o Qena Cota Halsn Ctancy Cynuiia Ravall Roy HopKlna Janet Davlea Room Managw Compoilng: Vivian Banner Usa KOMBS Qordon Oavlsi Frod Holub Jflfl Jnkowlfiw Philip Miiinrcn Esihw FioimliFiflHr Scull fu)wnnd» MiHs SuigiMma Preatroom Bob Troch* Quainass (J(K«Christina Adamico ElaJna Buckalaw Kim Striba Janlt Hanat Eric King Jamas Laroia Joann La/ue-Timm Mnrilyn Mnim Jennifer Mamlviassr Vida Muccnielto Chartaa Harrara Pra«arocin) Manager CluiHaa Oa\i\s Juan (-'lares ThomnB Gantry Petar Hnaiko Gilhar Jimsna/ Anlfiony Wdnnwin Wavna WfKjdi Maltrourn AnBiony f^l/.lfiiiti Allen Bird CRCULATON Karan Watah Manago PRODUCTON Mark Andla Ulan Mayar Norman Roberta Laura Rlchemon Joan ftobenson Ana Rodriquei Lawance Spulictt Tom Torperaen Mailrnom Manay Betty Blntk ahio tlliinoo Victoria Bombnch Williim Burke Arlal Cartugnna Wayno Onlgiird Jdnnrn Ousiinomi rtxviuili Hniiiilui Annn J.HKSDM SUBU mi Juitlna MHVH Angota MiiRnlll FNANCE & GENERAL OFFCE Donisu Wagner Alan Boytian Meryann Mann John D'Aehlno Sn9k> Copy Ta*m<k*a«na. 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5 October 1,1992 Community Ufe A-5 FbodadwMi,1 11 M Supporting OOWflM nwrian't honor fofh OlnCO 14 Privy to tlchwoh T EmuMw MAtMeprtn D UOm, n Bonn ttstoualmtan MCMtrw 40FMM*O magl»lr*l«i 43 Summwdnia 4CMyonlha Oka 4t County bumpkin 47BMtor«lcfc MOtanalhnto USpactaly Mod 0 wai Mtwaol Maporl MYofco- M Bianch ot mad. 1 Blanchad MSNporywd laadtn mulnw M Funny Camay ip«taaol chaleadony 7 Rhythm tn WEahauitduct 70 Younoar too d7-orw Tlflawtn 73BMeal 74 Balsam 7SOacoraui TtMoroMcur* 7* Emotional Viiy ULwnpol th M Jack and JUTS buvtten TWvarlnlUly N'Kings " (mowa) 9 Elaclrtcal unha OMovaln 1 Hara. n Paris 12 JavanMa raa M Ovar again ts Formal account t7 Thay'ra vmn al hjaut t$ Charm or dalghl MJapanasa p 103 ProfaMtontl fmfnhfvmf 104 Opera holannla garm 105 Kind ol oranga toowuy olnlvnani 107Randd bacon 1M Woid baloia dtcbor parada 1M Thou who oqla DOWN lorundyot rty SActorTNoka 3Spaca modula 4Oodo<lova Taana htlrdo ClaaaUy 7UnHatby hurting Brazllan btrdt Uago 10 Laavaln a hurry 11Allar>Mc gamalth ilklngtoppwt tscumte- Maadand) 14 ScruHnlia 1 ANSWERS TO CROSSWORD PUZZLE ON PAGE A-3 " Advertise in the Record! S Moat ' ' unduoua itljw LJwNgh fnountwiv KAuatrtan M 4 v WFOPB WMR MCaNaJof 4»0nund *** a > " t OtoorNtoal or athahadrmnf aaiawopwtnaf SBConeaMad on* MScoMah MoMMbaf 37 "Thai tw eahar M Short (varym* Hanson)» Fuuy MHa SlraoT 41 Pawtoreoina " * * n wmnin nwi 40EngM> UNumbatad MOoortlgn lmoraraand thafcan atcomptalns MShwpana 1 Arrangadby UFrv* b#v#fm#»onootjho TOitndh«fCarofboat TOCoNoamuddy AM 74MV»*rawatar Tl Short, ttumad TtFlMttowvd 77Margarat Ounmnt ohwaelar TtSourca turgolo MOmol volcat Papa Hamlnmray M School C MOoddataol agrtoumwro SAhmya atloclrva M Anagram tor aat* MTaaiwHdly MDauca 7FinooEMo. torono Oota lw 1 g 101 Spring mo. 103Throa,ln Oanoa Despite time, credits may be earned Union County College has established a "challenge examination" policy to set standards for granting advanced standing credit to students who successfully pass a departmental test in a subject area taken many years ago. These so-called challenge examinations have been implemented due to the increasing number of students who return to college following a long-term interruption of their studies. These examinations would be used to validate successful knowledge about a course that was taken more than 10 years ago. A student must receive permission from the department chair- Symphony auxilians honored The Westfield Symphony Orchestra Guild recognized two of its members recently for their outstanding contribution to the organization at the general membership dinner at Echo Lake Country Club. Susan McClelland and Judy Phillips, both of Westfield, received the guild's Volunteer of the Year award. Nancy Priest, president of the Westfield Symphony, presented the honors for exceptional individual commitment and their creativity as a team throughout the year as co-chairwomon of the successful spring house tour and in other fund-raising activities for the Symphony Guild. Mrs. McClelland and Mrs. Phillips also had key roles in organizing the Westfield Symphony's gala at the Short Hills Hilton this past winter. Myriam Gabriel of Westfield will continue to serve as president of the Symphony Guild, a volunteer auxiliary organization whose main goal is to promote community involvement with the symphony. Working in close cooperation with the Westfield Symphony, members are encouraged to share the joy of the musical experience while recognizing the importance of supporting a professional orchestra which so greatly enhances the quality of life in our area. The guild welcomes new members. For information on membership or Symphony Guild. actjvp^ies, call person in order to qualify for credit, and credit will be awarded if the student earns a grade of C or better on the test. The departmental examination would be developed in the appropriate discipline by a faculty member who will determine that it is comprehensive in testing a student's achievement of course objectives. t would be a rigorous test designed to thoroughly tap the student's knowledge of the subject matter and would be frequently updated. f the course includes a performance requirement, as in a laboratory or clinic course, the examination must test achievement of that Readyforwinter MGOE RFT SHOP N SG' requirement directly by use of such measurements as an instrument test, laboratory practical examination, clinical performance, or whatever indicator the department^ would be administered upon sue-,, cessful completion of the didactic"! department examination. -^ Students wishing to take a challenge examination must obtain a form or application from the appropriate department chairman. f he or she is deemed eligible after an interview, the student must complete various forms before taking the test and then pay the re-_ quired tuition. * Call for more informa*'* tion. ' The Thrift Shop at 114 Elmer St. will have fall and winter coats on sale at bargain prices beginning Tuesday. The shop is open 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturdays, and proceeds are donated to local charities. Modeling ski parkas from this year's winter line are Mary Lou Carter, Thrift Shop co-chairwoman, and her daughter, Aly. Barbershoppers invite singers The Rahway Valley Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society is seeking male singers of all ages to participate in its 45th annual harmony show. The theme of this year's event, "Strike t Rich," will be historically topical and presented Dec. 4 and 5 at Westlield High School, Rahway Avenue and Dorian Road. Male singers are invited to join in singing wilh 'the Jerseyaires Chorus in preparation for the show. Training aids in group singj ing and learning the show repertoire are provided by chapter musicians. Preparations are being made at the Jerseyaires regular weekly meetings, Monday evenings at 7:3.0 p.m. at the First Baptist Church, 170 Elm St., Westfield. For more information, call Bob Garrone at * s Did you read about what happened this week in the The Westfield Record? Crowd estimates ranged up to 40,000 for the Chamber of Commerce's third Festifall The middle schools in town are different in their approaches to education, a Columbia study says A therapist relies on the nature of the sexes to reopen couples* communication lines Blue Devil boys and girls cross country teams are in a position to win state titles one more time TheWes tfield Record We are about your community" To subscribe call The Westfield Record- What Mom can remember is lats le's forgotten i remarkable. W is heart As ALZHEMER'S DSEASE 'KOC.KSS S, it is not unusual for its victims to have clear memories of childhood, yet not recognize those dearest to them. t is this ttagic symptom and others make Alzheimer's as devastating to a victim's family as it is to the victim. n conjunction with consultants from the Prnu'iitLi Research Clinic,it the lohns Hopkins Univi'rsilv School ot Medicine, Meridian lealthcaiv has sup xirteil,i series ol studies aimed at innovating new ami belter ways of caring tor the memory impaired. Meridian's leadership role in supporting dementia research resulted in the lirst Alzheimer's care unit modeled on principles of modern psychiatry. Today that MERDAN NMNMNO CRNTKR-WESTFK1-D Coming <toon! An innovative approach to Alzheimer'** cart* research is embodied in a program called Foe us, now in place at Meridian Nursing Center-Westfield. The goal of Focus is to prolong the independence of the memory impaired by sharpening their remaining abilities. Fo<. LS offers an individual program of care for each patient, provided bv a specially trained stall v\ a set ure and slnicluteil residential environment. For families ^tuiggling to tope with the consequences ot their loved one's illness, hx is otters education, counseling >\m.\ support. someone YOU line has Alzheimer's Disease, call and ask lor our ree Fo^us bnxhure. While here is no cure, l : ix:us offers the care you and vour loved one need. tcus on Alzheimer's 101 B LAMBERTS MLL. ROAO WtlTFKLD NEW J M V

6 A-6 Community Life October 1,1992 Daughter born to Yeagers Robert and Catherine Yeager announce the birth of their daughter, Births Caroline Catherine, July 25, 1992 at Family Born Birthing Center in Princeton. Caroline joins a brother, Christopher, 2. Grandparents are Catherine Mudroncik of Munster, nd., and Jane Yeager of Boulder, Colo., formerly of Watchung.» * * Lora Frances and Steven Anthony Hoffmann of Westfield announce the birth of their daughter, Amy Leigh, Sept. 10, 1992 at Overlook Hospital. The baby joins older sister, Alexa Kate. Maternal grandparents are Lorraine and John Bono of Brigantine. Paternal grandparents are Agnes and Walter Hoffmann of Kenilworth. Lori and Bill Siegel of Westfield announce the birth of their son, William Taylor, Sept. 3, 1992 at Overlook Hospital. Maternal grandparents are Caryl and Charles Connell of Woodbridge. Paternal grandparents are William and Ruth Siegel of Tamarac, Fla., formerly of Westfield. Miss Nguyen becomes bride of William G. Connolly Catherine T. Nguyen of Hoboken, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen Huy Loi of Virginia Beach, Va., was married Sept. 12, 1992 to William G. Connolly, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Connolly Jr. of Westfield. The Rev. Charles Kelly performed the Roman Catholic ceremony in the Wren Chapel at the College of William and Mary in Wiliiamsburg, Va. Ms. Nguyen, who will retain her name, is an assistant buyer at Barney's New York. Mr. Connolly is an associate attorney in the corporate department at Lowenstein, Sandier, Kohl, Fisher and Boylan in Roseland. The bride and groom both graduated from Cox High School in Virginia Beach and the College of William and Mary. Mr. Connolly received a juris doctor degree from New York University School of Law. The bride's father, a former colonel in the South Vietnamese army, and her mother, Nguyen Tarn, own La Caravelle, a French-Vietnamese restaurant in Virginia Beach, where a reception was held after the wedding ceremony. The groom's father is the regional editor of The New York Times. After a trip to Paris, the couple will live in Hoboken. Acting Studio offers classes for all ages and ability levels Classes for the fall term of The have the choice of moving in many Acting Studio, 189 North Ave. E. directions. They may continue the Cranibrd, will begin the week of Oct. 5 and run through Dec. 19. The studio offers classes in acting, musical performance and television for adults, teens and children, from beginners to experienced professionals. A class for nduit beginners in basic acting technique is titled The Actor Prepares. Through theater games and improvisation, the class helps actors fx>come less inhibited and develop communication. Several lessons are taught on the use of objects, which can help the actor develop his character and become more at.e^se and more interesting on stage. jljasic acting skills are taught that "rnust be mastered before applying for acting jobs, whether musical, dramatic, comedy or television commercials. From this basic class, students technique classes, which include working on scenes, learning rehearsal techniques and character work, or sti ly television acting, or musical performance classed. There are two classes for television acting: one that concentrates on basic acting techniques for television and film ;md uses primarily commercials as the source, and the more advanced class, which focuses on sitcoms and soap operas. Children learn to follow stage directions, read lines with honesty, communicate with other actors and have good stage presence and projection in Acting Technique for Children. The classes are grouped by age, the youngest being 7 years old. Children may also take Musical Performance for Children and Children's Television Acting. Call David Christopher at 27C THE PNGRY SCHOOL A tt i ti d e p e n d e n t, c oe d it ca t tonal, cultu rally diversified aiidtt.iy day school OPEN HOUSE Grades 7-12 Thursday, October 8 7:30pm Martinsville Campus tl-7fl, Exit 33, South 2 Miles) "Pingry has taught me to say. think, and write what feel, believe, and know to be true." Blvlhe Henwood, Stanford RONALD and JUNE KELLER June Jarman is bride of Ronald W. Keller June Ann Jarman, daughter of Mrs. Stanley Edry of RockviHe Center and Hampton Bays, N.Y.. was married Aug. 1, 1992 to Ronald William Keller, son of Mr. and Mrs. William E. Keller of Westfield, at Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary Roman Catholic Church, Southampton, N.Y. Mr. Keller is the grandson of Peter McPartlan of Westfield. Ajmee Hozner, cousin of the bride, was matron of honor. Other attendants were Theresa Keller, sister of the groom; Cara McCord, Jennifer Wilson, Loren Amato and Kerry Burke, all friends of the bride. Lorraine Salek and Nika Seidman, nieces of the bride, attended as junior bridesmaids. David Keller, brother of the groom, was best man. Ushers were Brian Keller, brother of the groom, Drew Ratchelous, cousin of the bride, James Sibum, Joseph Pope and Julio Leon, friends of the groom. The bride graduated from Holy Cross College and received a master's degree from Hofstra University. She is a Spanish teacher at Valley Stream South High School. The groom graduated from Fairletgh Dickinson University and is a loan officer for Sears Mortgage Corp. A bridal shower was given by the groom's sister in Westfield. A second shower was hosted by the bridesmaids in Rockvile Center, N.Y. A rehearsaj dinner was hosted by the groom's parents at John Duck's Restaurant in Southampton, N.Y. A reception was held at the Waterside on Nayac Bay, Sag Harbor, N.Y. Following a honeymoon in Antigua, the couple resides in Northport. N.Y. DO YOU WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE? NEED FNANCAL AD? You sty you want 10 go lo cowjc tu: ve no' we 0' wic* $z>v& «ugh 1 'y you"' Collegiate Services car 'tip We hjrt access lo vssi a''a> c' lyonrunon or ctttoes and urowsites as we* as 'aoe > n d vxjiofia 1 scnoo'i nationwide.. Tha incudes sou'les 0' tianca a: cc!f a.aii: ano c'r»*e We use t»gh spftd comptfle.'s :o rrn:^ vot ic :ie m:n numsc o 1 scriaois VOL COUO anciid Basel" or yoj- Qjai-ftoisums We waich out the mos: sout:ss c' tnan^a; a>c aiaas-e lc vou Wi mmt and pifionally votk wrth you oft tir dmnitoni and linancial paperwork ntctiury lo ttetp you 'aach your BM Fo' tree aic :o^3e:e "^ 'g v *":; ;s ;j:s",.:, OJ: sne r.aiipf CO.DO'' MO* O P fii : 936i i3<-f5s" 0' ali «>* 1 -BOO-312»060' ime iji-iji: Please Send Free nformation ' Name of Student Address City State. Telephone Number Zip. High School Attending ' Year in School 1 Please send this coupon to: COLLEGATE SERVCES LTD. SJ^P^LOX^OURT^WHTEHOUSE^STATON, NJ j Two Kean students honored Eileen Rcidy of Westfield, a student at Kean College, has been inducted into Psi Chi, the national honor society in psychology. Navik Mehta of Westfleld, a member of the psychology club at Kean College, was recently awarded a certificate for outstanding service. *» Ross G. Brand of Lynn Lane, Westfield, was named to the spring semester dean's list at Larayette College. * Lisa A. Zemel of Otisco Drive, Westfield, was named to the spring t's cookie time Campus notes semester dean's list at Lafayette < College.» Carol L. Tobelmann of Westfield : is a freshman at Messiah College in Grantham, Pa. She is a graduate of Westfield High School and is majoring in art. She is the, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs.. Charles Tobelmann of 505 First St. Westfield Girl Scout cookie manager Pamela Orbach gives pointers to Washington Rock Girl Scouts, rear, Tanya Mayer and Linda Haustein, and, front, Jessica Mahon and Kelly Mahon as they prepare to embark on the door-todoor Girl Scout cookie sale. Scouts will take orders from Oct. 9 to 25 and will deliver cookies from Nov. 16 to 29. Proceeds promote scout programs. Call icnanfono onamanc CLUBS! CDCTHEMRE present 'Whodunnit 9 CONTACT*? We Care,nc. a totujiie-in-cheek murder mystery Signed for the Hearing mpaired Sun. f Oct pm (doors open at 2:15 pin) Cranford Dramatic Club, 78 Winans Ave., Cranford Tickets, $15 general admission & 52i) ti-wiwil door (he afternoon of the play OT <> Tin. 1 Qmn.h. Cranford Book Store. Cranford i>r Th>; Mjrii-n. 1 -\v All proceeds will benefit CONTACT 'AV Cm-. which serves central New Jersey int^. (.(in (it* ;U 1 hasi'd til ct H't A Slim-. Wi",tfield, L 1 l'i!"jk SlOL',ttlW()l>(l )lint j L 1 M ^ infi'rvi'iuiou S»T 90H-647-S5SS Ext. 228 We'd be delighted in (iwttrrr your tfurstinrn SETON HALL PREPARATORY SCHOOL 1ZO Northfield Avenue West Orange, New Jersey OPEN HOUSE Sunday, October 4i 199* From 2 to 5pm SAVNGS To WARM York Hi VKT Buy a YORK Stellar Plus furnace and cooling system before November 13th and receive up to a $300 trade-in allowance on your old furnace too OR coo _ GOP 6 months of 0% financing You'll also receive... A free thermostat A 5-year parts warranty...where YOUR SATSFACTON S OUR CHEF CONCERN AT FLAMNGO'S MAKE RESERVATONS FOR YOUR ] EXT PARTY J OW! TS A PECE OE CAKE CALL AND CELEBRATE FUXMNGO STYLE! Scpantli- 1)( tuinled 'iirly Kooin Hnllooiis in; nvlldt ons lol D<>f4 'iirly 'lulu-rs Ciik'iliiin willi Clowns & UlrllHlny Child Always 'R'l- Weekdays or Weekends Avullnhl'e Childivit of All A^cs Wcl- 'OMf ;\lsd Avaihihle lor ('lab For further information please call the Director of Admissions at (ZO1> Scton Hall Preparatory School welcomes students of any race, national origin or religious conviction. 615 Central Avenue Wosttield, NJ B Authorized sales and service South Aw., W. r. <5»» OFF An\ 7 Party Wllli ihlm ( «Mi Kin -The Wostficld Record-

7 ; «October 1, 1992 Community Life A-7 Residents to describe trip to China at monthly lunch ; Virginia and Charles Jackson will Club news ahow photos and relate tales from their three-week trip to China this [iast summer at the First Wednesday luncheon to be held at Raymond's Restaurant at noon Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson were part of an 11-member tour led by Robert Soong of Fanwood, a native of China. Their travels encompassed Hong Kong's historic Hangzhou with its West Lake, Shanghai, the tree-lined streets of the oncecapital Nanjing and on to the new capital, Bering, with its Forbidden City, Tienamen Square, Great Wall and Summer Palace. The Jacksons also will show photos of the terra cotta warriors and horses of Xian and tell of their stops in Chengdu and the former Nationalist capital of Chongqing before floating down the Li River past cone-shaped mountains and water buffalo in Guilin (Kweilin) and on to the thriving city of Guangzhou (Canton). A former educator and a principal in the Westfield school system, Mr. Jackson serve p- osident of the Westfield Adult School txxird and is a trustee of the Westfield Historical Society. A professional Librarian, Mrs. Jackson has worked in school libraries in Teaneck, Linden and in Westfield's Tamaques School. This Dutch treat luncheon is open to the public and reservations may be made by calling before noon Tuesday. Rake and Hoe Club presenting luncheon To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the Rake and Hoc Garden Club of Westfield, will present "Lunch- Thyme: A Celebration of Herbs," a special gourmet luncheon featuring herbs in each of the dishes. The i luncheon will be held in members' homes Wednesday, Oct 14, at noon and advance reservation! are required. The members have been busy making favors such as "tussie-mussie" bouquets and "garden tea" as gifts to those attending and educational programs on herbs and their uses will be presented at each luncheon house. Tickets at $20 are available from any Rake and Hoe member, or call Nancy Wallace at 23247BS. n 1952 the Rake and Hoe Garden Club of WestAeld was founded by a group of young women who were interested in gardening, flower arranging and landscape designing. Since that time the club has become well known for the civic work it has done, by the educational opportunities it has offered to its members, the house tours and holiday tours, and flower shows presented to the public. Since the beginning, the club has been involved with the public gardens of Westfield, including foundation plantings at the then YMCA/YWCA, the azalea planting in Mindowaskin Park, the evergreen screen at the memorial, pool and the planting on the side facing East Broad Street at the new library building. n addition, the club has helped at the Miller-Cory House Museum garden and is currently involved in the planting of a wildflower memorial garden and arboretum at the Reeve residence. Beginning in 1954, the Rake and Hoe Garden Club has made flower arrangements for hospitals and schools, and just a few years ago planted and now maintains the Touch and Scent Garden at the Trailside Museum Visitors Center. FREE BLOOD PRESSURE SCREENNG & BLOOO SUGAR CHECKS Medical Associates of Westfield On Thursday, October 1 from 4-8pm at 324 E. South Avenue Westfield, NJ (9O8) SAT., OCT. 3 No Appointment Neceaaaiy [2 hour fast required for blood test) [ ] Westfield Art Association 4th Annual Member ndian Summer SDEWALK iuit SHOW framed and portfolio works E. Broad Street at Mindowaskin Park WESTFELD SCHOOL OF DANCE Announces New Adult Classes Ballet Tap jazz Fitness Ballroom Classes start October 5 for more info, call 7S DARRYL S. WESS MD hrm,iltil.ii/v ft't/tlft t\f Ult ft ;\,<,'tut.ltr.< <if ft/m u> ptf:l.t?i>!>< iinnouitty llif t'ftruui/ t'fu new office for DERMATOLOGY and COSMETC SURGERY.MlTi.iri'. >l.inl.aluim Moles V.M ii <>'.< -mil Spiilcr.«Vi-ins Sit in ( '.uii ii At lie '.il lii ci t iutr. (' Vcs ( ", -(iivl lis ( >«r in.ilolofly Harry S. Wriss MD Hoard CYrti fiod Dermatologist H'> S. Ku.liil Avr. Wrslllrlil, N..F. 07WW (*)()8) AW/N/ii/ r ' Stiiurikty taur* Jacqueline Cohen and Jonathon Bass are wed Jacqueline Cohen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mervin R. Cohen of Westfield and Lenox, Mass., was married at Temple Emanu-El in Westfield Sept. 1, 1992 to Jonathon Shepherd Bass, son of Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bass of Ocean. Rabbis Charles Krolofr and Jacob Friedman and Cantors Martha Novick and Andrew Edison officiated. The nterludes String Quartet played the Trumpet Voluntary, Handel's Water Music and Jewish liturgical music. A reception followed the ceremony in the Greifer- Sacks social hall at Temple Emanu-EL The bride, given in marriage by her parents, wore a white, floor length, short sleeve, silk taffeta gown with a chapel length train and a bodice adorned with reembroidered Alencon lace and seed pearls. Her chapel-length illusion veil was attached to a large Alencon lace bow that was worn at the nape of the neck. The bride's flowers featured a wired bouquet of lily of the valley, stephanotis, hydrangeas, pink garden roses, Queen Anne's lace, variegated ivy, gaylax leaves and wired French ribbon. Andrea Cohen of Boulder, Colo., and Elisha Monzella of Scotch Plains, sisters of the bride served as maid and matron of honor, respectively. Bridesmaids were Leslie Diamondstein of Edison, Geri Weiss of WestAeld, and Jennifer Simon of Bridgewater. The attendants wore tea-length Laura Ashley dresses of aubergine and muted shimmery green flowered polished cotton. They carried bouquets of porcellina roses, estrancia, hydrangeas and ivy. Best man for his brother was Seth Bass of Ocean. Groomsmen were brother-in-law David Monzella of Scotch Plains and cousins of the groom, Todd Bass of West Hartford, Conn., Matthew Shapiro of Arlington, Va. f and Jason Feuchtwanger of Freehold. The bride is a 1985 graduate of Westfield High School. She was graduated from Simmons College and is a candidate for a master's degree in environmental science from Drexel University. She is employed by Paulus, Sartor and Sokolowsky, an environmental engineering firm, in Warren. The bridegroom is a sales representative with Allied Supply nc. based in Long sland. He was graduated from Ocean High School and received a bachelor's degree in psychology from Temple University. The bride and groom were feted at many festivities prior to the wedding, beginning with an engagement party given by the groom's parents at Temple Beth Torah in Ocean. A bridal shower tea was given by Bonnie Forgash in her home in Westfield. Judy Segal! of Westfield hosted a luncheon at the Bernardsville nn honoring the bride. Sharon and David Portman of Wayside entertained at their home in honor of the couple. Bridal attendants feted the couple LOCAL MOVE TMES JONATHON and JACQUELNE BASS at separate bachelor and bachelorette parties. The bridegroom's parents hosted a pre-nuptial barbecue/swim party at the home of Judge Melvin and Helaine Whitken in Fanwood. The FOR Tin: W::K OF FRDAY, OCT. 2-TWRSDAY, OCT. H a n Mitot«el to!»(»///>/>/ si \ AMMY MULTPLEX RoutM a A 35. Sayrevtlte (90S) Mr. Baseball (PG-13) Friday- Thunday: 1:10. 3:25. 5:45. 8:05, 10:25 p.m. Law show Friday and Saturday at 12:30 am Glengarry Glen Ron (R> Friday Thursday: 1, 3: '10 p.m. Late slow Friday and Saturday t 11:50 a.m. Pw Mighty Ducks (PC Thursday: 1:15. 3:30, 5: :10 p.m Laic show Friday and Saturday ai a m Hero (PG-13) Friday-lhursday: 1:40. 4:15. 7:10. 9:45 p.m. Lale ftltow Friday and Saluiday nl a.m. The last of the Morgans (F» Friday-Thursday: 1. 3:20. 5: :20 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturdayat 12:30 am. Sartflnal (PG-13) Friday-Thursday. 1:30. 3:4O, 5:45, 8. 10:15 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday nt 12:15 am nnocent Blood (R) Friday- Thursday. 1. 3:20. 5: :20 p.m, talc thow Friday and Saturday at U'JO a.m. Mr. Saturday Night (Ft) Friday Thursday: 1:25. 4:15, 7, 9:30 i> m. Lale show Friday and Saluiday al 12:10 a.m. Singles (PG-13) Friday Thursday: 5:30, 7:35, 9:5O p.m Lnte show Friday and Saturday al 11:55 p nv Captain Ron (PG 13) Friday- Thursday: 1:05. 3:15. 5:25, :45 p.m. Lite show Saturday at midnight. School Ties (PQ-13) Friday Thursday: 1:20. 3:35. 5:50, :20 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 12:30 a.m. Sneahen (PG-13) Friday nurstia 1:25, 4:15, 7, 9:30 p.m. Laic sho Friday and Saturday at 12:15 a m Hellraner Hell on Earth (Ri f-nday-thuriday: 1:15. 3:15. 5:15. 7:55, 10:20 p.m. Late sliow Friday and Saturday at 12:10 am. *Hon*y. / Stow Up the Kid (PG! Fnday-Thursday: 1. 3 p.m. J Nln)as (PG) Frtdaylhursday: 1:30, 3:30 p.m. Sing* Whin Female R) Friday- Thursday: 5, 7:40, 9:55 p.m. Lite show Friday and Saturday al am, CNEPUU ODEON MMLO PARK Route 1, Edison (90S) Captain Ron (Pti-13) Fndny- humjay: 1:30. 3:40. 5:40. 7:45. 8:45 p.m Sorarinar (PG 13) Friday Timir.if.iv 1:15, 3:40, 5:50. B:10. 10:10 i rn Hero (PG-13) Friday- Thursday , 3:40, 8, 10:20 pm Mr. SlUurOay Night H Friday Thursday: 1, 3:10, 5: p.m. Singles (PG-13) Fndny 1: r i 30, "in p <v nnocent Wood H) (inlay HUM.K 2, 4.10 p.m. HutnanH ai*t Wivvs H) n«t»v lliurumy. ' 3 0, 10 f) ii iti Mr nnntball (CO 1)1 MHMV Thursday Jt) Mo. 10 pm. rne Mighty Uuchi (PG) Friday- Thursday: :20, 5PO p.m hr L.i'.r til the Mrj'in-.iris R Friday hursrioy , 5:40. 8, 10:20 p.m. Sneakvrs (PG 13) Friday-Thursday: 2. 5:15, 7:45. 10:15 p.m. School O s (PG 13) Fr«l,iy. Thursday. 1. 3:30, 5: :30 p.m. Glcnfiiury Glen ftoss (1(1 Fnctay- " Thursday: 1 5O :50.!).5O p.m, DUNELLEN THEATER,ir»8 Nonh Avr;, Dunpllen (W)ai hr Migliry Oucds (PCl rridsy. Mondfiy. Tuesday. Tnuts(My: :15 n in. Satuidnv. Sunday, weilnfisdrj, ? i r > n m KENDALL PARK CNEMAS 3560 HoulP 27. Keadall Park ' 'ne Lasi nf Die (H) Fn- (lily. Saturday: 2 10, 4 <15, 7: p rn Sunday: 2. f), 4:45,?: i m Mnndfjy-Ttiursrlay: 7. 3:15 p.m. Hero ('G 13i Friday, Saturday: 2. 4:35, 7:10. 9:30 P.m Sunday: 2, 130,6 55 y. 15 pm Monday- huisdav 7, 10. 9:30 [) in rvie ^^^Vlf^ Ourks (PG> Friday. Saluifljv :05 5unii.iv J-30. fj: , "1 'fi p.rn Monday hursdav: ' p.m. SivMkets lpg-13) Friday. Satuidnv 1:50. 4:15, 6:45. 9:15 p *n Sund.iy: :05. fi:30. «D.m Monday. hursdsy: H p.m Mr. Saturday Nip Ml (Ri Siiturcla.: 2: 'J:15 p rn. Sunday: t: fi.40. C J p in. 8 p m Cvitam Ron ir'g 1.11 Fndny fnitui. ri.iv 2. '1, 8 n m Stmrtav ( p.m Mundiiv huisdav: 7 15 p rn, *S'/ij.'(es (f'(i 131 Friday. SaluKi.iy 2, l'i, H, 1U O rn Siindav r i (J in. Mondayrin<i«l,ii ^.lo t>m Hu'.lhimH and VVKVS (R) Fnilay 4. fi. lo pni. Sunday 3.30, S 30 p.m. Monday- Tliursdnv: 9:t5 t> rn. MOV CTY Mniilc 1 f. ('.ill L.'vic. lielin f'hw) 3H2-5S5 r i t'all hp.-jlei (of showtinios MOVE CTY Oak ieo Cpnlnr t0fi5 )rcn Fir), tdison (90H 549 fififio C.iil thontpr fiti showtiitirs. UNTEO ARTSTS MDDLESEX MALL SlPltun arnt H.lillt'v loddi Soulh Pl.iinlit'ld (9081 7fi3-i>24ii Call Di^.ili'r lin s)io*v1imr>s SOMMStl DERNARDSVLLE CNEMA Hnulp «'()?. L)prnni<1svillp 'lllh! (lio-m S* Hl'in (T. mi.v, / M\ M.S pin S.iluiH., Siiiidf'lv *'! d i) 4'i \< in r.inivl.iv hmsd.iv.' H p H nnook CNEMA 10 H.imlllnn S! Bound HiiHih t'ob 4(>>-Slli5 < i tuisltfuitfi tint! Wnvi rh ridav Mfinil.n huisdiiy Mfi. t lfi p in Saluitiny. Sunday 1, 3:10. 5:15, 7:25. 9:30 p.m. m lhc Rocky Honor Picture S'roiv (R) tnrl.iv, S.ituninv Midnight GENERAL CNEMA BLUE STAR Route 22. Watoriiini; (908) Call ihpaler lor utowtimus. GENERAL CNEMA RDGEWATER COMMONS lluf{pu(es 22 & ( UG1 Mr Saturday Night (H) Fntta)'. Saturday: 1 40, :40 p.m. Sunday-Thursday. 1, f-.fjo. 9:15 p.m the Last of the MCVUOT'S R> fc-.lay, Saturday: , 9 50 p nv Sundav-Thursday: 1 SO MO p.m. Siwakeis (PG-13) Friday, Saturday :10, 6:50. 9:30 p.m Sun rtay-lhureday: 1:30, 4:10. G 45. 9:15 pm Sinfl/es (PC-13) Friday. :35. 5:50 8:10, p.n. Sunday: 1:20, 3:35, 5:50, 7.50, 9:45 p.m. Monday-HiursUay 2, 4:30, 7, 9 p m. The Mighty Ducks (PG) Friday, Saturday: 1, 3:15, 5:30, 7:45, 10 pni Sunday: 1. 3:15, 5:30, p rn. Monday-Thursday. 1:30. 3:30. 5: p.m. School des (PG t3) Fndav Sunday 2, 4,15, 6:40, 9:15 pm, Monday- hursday. 1: p.m Glengarry Gltn Ross (D Friday. Saturday: 1: p.m. Sunday: 1:10. 3:25. 5:40. 7:45, 9:45 p.m Monday- Thursday: 1:45, 3:45. 5:45. 7:45, 9:45 o.m MNERAL CNEMA RUTGERS PLAZA kaston Ave.. Somerset (9O Call thpater liir ilmwumes GENERAL CNEMA SOMERVLLE CRCLE Houtc 28, [ Captain flo/i (PG-131 Friday: G: 15. 8:15. 10:15 D.m Saturday. Sunday: 1 45, 4.6:15, 8: Monday hursday: 7:30. 9:50 pm Mr. Baseball (fg13) Fnda> 6. 8, 10 p.m. Saturday. Sunday: ,5:45.8, l(> p.m Monday liuryl.iy 7: p.m Hero (PG-13) F^nday. Mnndiiy Thuisday: 7. 9:40 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 2. 4:25, n ri MONTGOMERY CENTER THEATER Route 206, Rocky Flill ( HuSlVtMdS ailtt Win"". H) f Monday llnnsd.iv 7 '(), " 30 i m Sitluiday. Sund.n ). 3, r > p in CWlvlfiarry li/t'i) f*.>s r Hl Fnd.iv. Monday Diumlnv 7:15. t 15 p.m Salurdnv. Soiiti.iv :15 n in UNON CNEPLEX ODEON CRANFORD ^5 North Ave Wi",l CrflfWoid 1908! 2H> 91.'0 Srwadera ipfi 131 liitl,n. hursiloy pin Srtlui day 'ninilny: t, 4,iO. 7 10, y 45 l» in. Mr- Hlt'.PtiM (PG 13) Fndny, Mini day-thuisday \4fi p m S.ilur*«y, Sunday: 2.15, 44S, T:15, 9-45 p.m. CNEPLEX ODEON UNON WO M.lyviv.. i"t Aw, H- in. (0081 fm6 '1373 Mr. S.ilu'riay 'Vijjni K!) tnd.iv. Mondav-Uiursday: 7:30, r _>.15 n r» SnUnrt.iy. Sund.iy: :45. 7: p... Scdool Ties (PG-13) Fnday. Monday-Thursday: 7:40, 9 50 p m. ufday, Svnvday : :45 n.m FVE PONTS CNEMA 3?7 Chpsmut S.. Union LNOEN FVEPLEX.<V0."innll Wiwl Av Lmilp" 908i / H.vp (TG- 3i F-mtav 72(\ '.i.;:. p 'ii SunUly U' r i?, ). / i) m Monday ruiisd.iy: 7:20. 9:30 p.m Mi thtsebatt (PG 13' Mni.v, MO. 9 45p m S.*TuiOav, oundav \2 ^ 2:55. 5:05, 7 10, 9.45 P rn Hun d.iy lhur-«l.i> r i n rn JL 1 Mrtf/ify Duch^ iptil rul.n 7:25. 9:40 p.m. Saturday. Suiuiay 1. 3, :40 p.m. Monday- Thursday: :30 pm Captain Ron (PG 1 3> FntLif 7.30 p.m. Satu'day, Sund.iv ?f)() m. Monday Miur\.,i,," J5 p rn Heilune' ' Hi'ii on (-..»['' tf' Ht dav, Mondiiy-TDur&iMt '.' 1 : j ' m Salunia,-, GunOat 5. 'J. 5 ; in ^rcnheis (PG-13) Fnd.iv. 7 «"i p ni Saturday, Sunday. 12 -l r J..'»'.i P rt-i Monday ^hur^d.iv r^opm /rm,hf">r Biood (Ri rula. '! 3n pin. fi.ilurday. Sund.iv :35 p.m. Mundiiv-MU«."V 9 2?i D in LOST PCTURE SHOW 2395 SpiiDffipltJ Avc.. Unniri ( Call (fieaiei lor stiowiimp"-. NEW PARK CNEMA?3 Wr'.t Wp^tliciil Aic rlhhi.'. JO^O «i nil tiin.n't lor shnwiinie^ UNTED AHTJSTS RALTO ifio t.isl Broad St. vvestheld ( Call Weatef lor showtimei WESTF1EL0 TWN CNEMA 3H Ci' Avr. Wpsiltclil (»K1H) fi r i C.iprnin flan (PC. 13) Friday, Mcniday-Ttiursd.iv 7 30, 9 3Ti p in Sat un1.iv. Sund.iy 1 W, D, ' 35 pm.vnooe tic (T. 13) nil,iv Mini * 'l r v 9 '' 1 P in ' unlay. Sund.iv 1. t 1.. r < H.,' 4 r» <l r >() p in HUNTERDON CNEMft PAZA Hniil.". :\\.' f. i! ciminr.lihi C-HiHi 7HV.',','! Hi'rii (V. 13> ml.n. Munl.i,. /' l'.<!> ll [ 'l '.ultur il.i,. Si,"it.,.' -1 l'i. 7 l r i " ' p in Mi '..iriml.n \i';;/il (Mi m(,ii. llm",.t.i> i.'l,'(l iiii iiiiid.n.'. -1 l r i,.". 9.'0 p. l >j f'di-*'r, i\ l F bride's parents entertained out-of- j town wedding guests at a brunch the morning alter the wedding at their home in Westfield. Following a wedding trip to Ber-' muda, the couple will reside in. Scotch Plains. v, llnu^rl.iy,'. 4,'O p in r *alim(t.ty. Sunday,\! r ). ;, ' ^'0 p.m S,nglfi (W.-1J l-fiday. Mondnr hursday 7 45, 9 4^ m S t(ui tiay. Sunday /" 4 f», V' 45 p in 'llm Mighty 0uck% (PG Friday, Monday- [hurstiay. 7:10, 9:10 p.m S.ilunl.iv, &U-H A lij p rn HUNTEF1D0N THEATER Rou(e 31, Fl<?mmr;ton,90S) hi- i.til ut the Mitlvc.v". ihl Friday. Saturday. MoncJ.tyllujrsday: 7. 9:15 p rn. Sunday: p ni MORRS AMC HEADQUARTERS Hejdquarturs r\,v.< H.'ro (PG 13> Fr.rt.i. r. " n m Saturn.i, 2 i. 7 30, _ rn Siiml.n ^ p m Wind,i.,?uesda> inuisii.v. 5 30, 8 p " Wcdncsdnii rim. the M,E>lt\ Duff's ('Gl FliCJy r i 10? r 'O. ' 5U D in Saturday:.1.' 3(V r.o, '3 50 p rn Sun. 1 it) 3 'JO. l.">. H p in MundSv. lu'! '.(Kiy, tiuisd.l, C) bo. 8 i m vwdnpsdjy: 2, p.m. Mr SnluitJay Night (Ri Friday. 5, 7 JO, 10 r m Satmdav: :30. in n.i. Sii"i).iv 1 i'o. 3 20, S5O H..'P p rn MLMH1.V,! i\.y, Ti JO. 7 r )CMiin.' 1O, ' >.H'. 7 r i0 i Thurs- i- H..._«i i Uivod Hi nii.n v.10, id in. n. S.iU.'ii.i, p.m. Siii-ikiy J L> m Monday. Dmrsditv- 8 p T ',iw?,ike'\ il'f. 13) liid.iv r i p "i Saluii)j> fi, 7 30, 10 P m. Sunday , 8 P m. Monday. Tuesday. Thursday 5 30, 7:50 p.m WednpsOay: 2. f p.m. " Hone>r?i(X»n vi l-e^iis (F'G 13* FrJ. day. 520 p.m. Snturd.iy pin. Sunday G Mnnitoi. Tuesday. liuisoov: 0 p m. Wcdn - : f. day: 1,50, G p in. Captain Ron ('G-13) Fnda> :50, 9:50 p.m. Saturday 3. 5:2f). 7:50, 9:5O p.m. Sunday: :50, 6. 8:10 p.m, Monday, lues day. Thursday: 5:00, 750 p.m Wettrujsriay: 1: :50 p.m. School Tie* ('G-131 Tridav: <1 Ml p rn S.ikinl.u f- 7: i ni Sunitav 13O. 3:40. G, B 10 p.m. Monday, luesday, Thursday!i 50, 8 n m' l n p.m Mr H.isr:wi'i''l".-13i F'ri'lny. 5:10 7 4(), l(i 10 i ni Saltirdav r i 10. i.40, pri. Sun 1 1O, p in lur'mi.iv, thur&dfly H n. in W*>0rn?4.1,ly. 140, f-. '10. H 10 i rn, '. Htiii>.vnt^ anil i\'itm im ndiiy: , 9 50 Saludlay : W, 5:10..' 40, 9:50 p.m. Sund.iv G n.m. Mnn- (l.i>. liipsdny. hursdny: :90 i in WiMlnpsd.iy. 1 50, 5 <O, 7:50 pm ; Smglri (PG 13i Fnd.i). 5: Hi 10 pni. Sdluifl.iy. 2 10, 5 20, 7 4O p m Sunday. 1,10, , fl.20 0 ni. Monflfi)-. lues rtay 5 50, fl 10 r m. Wirlncsday: , 8:10 p in. CNEMA aoe iioulcs 208 tk 24, Chester (908) '. 011 mo*h* lor thowtimti. "The Westfield Record-

8 A-8 October 1,1992? Community life Children still at play in Westfield Day Care Center; By ELZABETH QWOMEK THERECX)RD ' For 25 years, families have relied 911 the Westfleld Day Care Center (WDCC) to watch over their children while they work. But when your child stays some place for ten hours a day, there is much more nvolved than just making sure Center has had positive impact Adrienne Glasco had such positive memories of her experience at Westfield Day Care that when t was time to send her son to day care, she chose her alma mater. Her teachers are what she remembers most, and she saw many of them still there when she enrolled her son, Montel. Their devotion says a great deal about the school, she sakj. " fett good about sending him there, especially since realized there were still the same teachers there," Ms. Glasco said. Ms. Glasco recals there was always a lot of activity, but plenty of time for work and learning, too. Montel had a similar experience to hers, and the nfluence has served him wed as he coniinued on to Tamaques. Ms. Glasco said the teachers always kept in contact wrth her about her son, and ft was always good to know how Montel spent his days in a positive way while she was at work. -ELZABETH GROMEK FRDAY OCT. 2! [7] Mums and pumpkins Tamaques School, Willow Grove Avenue, has its annual mum and pumpkin sale in front of the school tfrom 8:30 a.m,-3 p.m. Com stalks *and gourds also are on sale at rea-.' sonable prices, farm fresh from < Dreyer Farm in Cranford. SUNDAY OCT. 4 J 0 Sound your horn The use of i animal horns by early settlers in ; New Jersey is today's demonstra- ; tion at the Miller-Cory House Mu- ; scum, 614 Mountain Ave., from 2-5 : p.m \7\ Scavenger hunt A nature scavenger hunt takes place at 2 p.m. attrauside Nature and Science Center in the Watchung Reservation. See how many items your family can correctly collect. Prizes to the winner. $2 per family Galaxies at work Discover how planets are made; where heavy metals come from; observe star factories, neutron "clocks," "lighthouses" in space; and other displays of astronomical workmanship each Sunday at 2 and 3:30 p.m, through October at the Trail - side Nature Center planetarium in the Watchung Reservation, $2; $1.70 senior citizens. MONDAY OCT. 5 [21 literacy volunteer workshop Literacy Volunteers of America begin a workshop for literacy volunteers through the Westfield Adult School from 0:30-9 tonight at Wfstfiekl High School, 550 Dorian Road. The workshop continues Mondays through Dec, , cxl AARP meeting - Westfield n Chapter will meet at St. Episcopal Church, 414 East id St. at 1 p.m. Social hour begins nt 12:30 p.m. that Johnny and Suzy have lunch and a nap. This fact does not escape the staff at the WDCC, who have spent plenty of time polishing their technique to get children ready for school and the world while their moms and dads are at work. The staff, many of whom have been with the WDCC for more than eight years, are committed to the children they spend their days with, according to the center's executive director, innea Rhodes. "They have a real gift for being with children," Mrs. Rhodes said. But finding gifted people must not be a problem for the WDCC because they staff more The problems of growing up have stayed the same, but it's really seeing the children come and go and see the results of what you've done that matters.' Fran Holzapfel Westfield Day Care Center teachers per student than the state requires. This way the children receive more individual attention and staff members can respond better to the needs of the young children. The staff is made up of mostly professional teachers. Of the 24 staff members, 11 have bachelor degrees and five have group teaching certificates. The center also attracts student teachers from Kean College, which are a "wonderful resource," Mrs. Rhodes said. The Westfield Day Care Center was started in 1968 by a group of women associated with Church Women United who recognized the need for a day care facility in town. TUESDAY OCT. 6 0 Book fair Tamaques School holds its book fair today, Thursday and Friday 8:15 a,m.-3:15 p.m. in the school gym. Books are on sale for toddlers through teenagers with a variety of Troll books supplemented by the Quimby Book Store. 0 Art of collecting Fred Bancroft of the Business Development department of Sotheby's will present a slide lecture on buying and selling at auction at the College Woman's Club Program meeting. Fellowship Room, First United Methodist Church of Westfield. 8 p.m. WEDNESDAY OCT. 7 0 Armchair China tour The First Wednesday luncheon at noon at Raymond's Restaurant features a photo-illustrated lecture by Virginia and Charles Jackson of their three-week trip to China this summer. The Dutch treat lunch is sponsored by the Westfield Historical Society and is open to the public. Call by noon Oct. 6. THURSDAY OCT. 8 [7] Archives open The museum and archives of the Westfield Historical Society at Tamaques School are open to the public from 9:30 a.m.-noon. [7] La Leche League Regular meeting of the P.M. group of Westfield's La Leche League, 617 Hort St. U p.m. For information, call Alice at or Marilyn at SATURDAY OCT. 10 \7\ Haunted houses A.J. Rauber, lecturer of parapyschotogicol phenomena, speaks on "Haunted His- When that center opened, it had 15 children in a chapel on Madison Avenue. The organization outgrew that space within a year, and had 49 children enrolled by January Bit by bit they moved into available space at the Christian Education Building of the Presbyterian Church on Mountain Avenue, before they occupied the space they have there now. A full day kindergarten was added in 1972, and an infant care center was opened in 1983 on West Broad Street. t is not uncommon for a child to start at the infant care center and move across town to the WDCC before going on to first grade. The Center is supported by the WDCC Auxiliary. Through its annual "gigantic garage sale" and the Little Shop on Elm Street, the auxiliary raised over $32,000 last year for the Center. The center does have to thank its dedicated staff for its success and longevity, but it can also acknowledge its unique tuition system for attracting a blend of faithful families. Tuition is not a flat fee, but is based on the family's income. This allows not only wealthier families, who may have two intorical Structures in and around New Jersey" at 10 a.m. at Westfield Memorial Library, 550 E. Broad St. t is the monthly program of the Genealogical Society of the West Fields. Call L.E. Moody, [7] Requiem performance Choral Art Society members join the' Plainfield Symphony in performing Gabriel Faure's Requiem at 8 p.m. at Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church, Watchung Avenue, Plainfield. The program also includes Beethoven's Fourth Symphony. Upcoming Events 0 Fund-raising dinner Fourcourse dinners will be held every Tuesday night in October. Choose from four entrees selected and prepared specifically for this Mealson-Wheels event. Cost: $18. Proceeds will benefit Meals-On- Wheels' elderly recipients. Ferraro's talian Restaurant, 14 Elm St. For tickets and information, call th anniversary herb luncheon Rake and Hoe Garden Club's special event will be held Oct. 14. Tickets are available from any Rake and Hoe member or by calling Business After Hours Cosponsored by Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce. Ramadu Hotel, 36 Valley Road, Clark. Oct p.m. $45 per display table. Reserve by Oct. 14. Admission: $12 for chamber members, $15 for nonmembers. 0 Art auction Sponsored by Westfield Junior Woman's Club to benefit Mindowaskin Park, St. Helens Church, 1G00 Rahway Ave. Oct. 23. Viewing begins at 7 p.m.. followed by the auction at 8 p.m. $7 admission. For tickets, call or ] Off to see the Wizard - The Westfield Y has reserved a block of tickets for the Paper Mill Playhouse production of Wizard. ofoz for the matinee Saturday, Oct. 24. Proceeds will lie used for scholarships. Tickets are at the Y or call (71 Dessert-card party The Woman's Club of West field will hold its dessert-curd party fundraiser Wednesday, Oct. 28. A drawing for a $1,000 trip also is planned. Ticket; may be purchased from club members or at the Mayfuir/ Foodlown Oct and [7J Culling all shoppers 'Hie Westfield Recreation Commission is sponsoring a shopping trip by bus to Franklin Mills outlet mull in Pennsylvania Monday, Nov. 16, leaving the pool complex on Scotch Plains Avenue at 8:30 a.m. and returning about (5 p.m. 7B0-4O8!3. Youngsters from Class 203 of the Westfield Day Care Center recently spent an afternoon on the, playground located at the facility. comes, but single parent families to take advantage of the quality of care provided at the center. Without the price obstacle, the WDCC has u "neat mix of kids," Mrs. Rhodes said. Throughout the years, the staff of the WDCC has felt like a part of the children's families. They watch as the kids progress from year to year, and see many of their younger brothers and sisters when it is their turn to do to day care. But, it does not stop at kindergarten, many teachers run into past students on a regular basis. Fran Holzapfe), who has worked at the center since it began, said she can hardly even run into A&P without seeing a former student or their parents. She jokes that there are only about 10 types of kids, because each one reminds her of a past student in one way or another. While much has changed in the world in the past 25 years, the kidfe stay the same, according to both Mrs. Holzapfel and Mrs. Rhodes. The problems repeat themselves, but never often enough for them to be able to predict know what will happen next, Mrs. Rhodes said. "The problems of growing up have stayed the same," Mrs. Hojzapfel said. "But it's really seeing the children come and go and see the results of what you've done that matters." Flu shot clinics will be open during October Flu shot clinics are open to residents of Fan wood, Garwood, Mountainside or Westfield: Thursday, Oct. 8, 2:30-3:30 p.m. Garwood First Aid Building, Walnut Street, Garwood; Wednesday, Oct. 14, 7-8 p.m. Mountainside Municipal Building, 1385 Route 22 East, Mountainside; Thursday, Oct. 22, 7-8 p.m. Community House first floor railroad station, North and Marline avenues, Fanwood; Wednesday, Nov p.m. Westfield Municipal Building Court Room E. Broad St., Westfield. Annual flu vaccination is strongly recommended for the following individuals: All persons (children and adults who are at increased risk of infections of the lower respiratory tract due to pre-existing conditions as: acquired or congenital heart disease; any chronic disorder or condition affecting respiratory function; chronic kidney disease; diabetes; chronic anemia; conditions or therapy which would lower an individuals resistance to infection. Also for senior citizens, ages 55 or over, who are at in- Franklin School will be hosting Great Pumpkin The Great Pumpkin returns this year to Franklin School with an appearance scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 24. This year's activities will be held rain or shine at (he Franklin School bcj;inninj! at 10 a.m. and continuing until 4 p.m. Featured will be an old fashioned hayride through the streets of Westfield and an exciting skatclxvirxjirin exhibition by the renowned J.T. Mur- Climes, field events, a haunted house, scarecrow making, and aria and craft:; will w featured. Koixl, x-vcrajie:;, and l>;ike<l j;cnxl.'; will also x 1 available. Kor more information, cuntiael Maria Gordon at Health notes creased risk for medical problems as a result of flu infection. Support group to meet Oct. 14 Parents United for Self-Help, a support group for parents of an emotionally disturbed child, is having a meeting on special needs trust Wednesday, Oct. 14, 7:30 p.m. Joe Marmo, financial planner with Allmerica Financial, will present: How to structure an Estate for a Disabled Child Without Jeopardizing His/Her Eligibility for Public Assistance. The workshop is free to the public. Call Health Day open to Westfield residents The Fanwood Board of Health announced that it will conduct a Clothing sale will benefit Westfield Day Care Center Sully Hedboij', and Anne Wisc.'liusen, ('<> chairwomen, announce (hat the Mind annual children's clolhinj; sale sponsored by the Wei.tfirld Day ('are ('enter Aux iliary will be held J'Yidny, Oct. 1(1, and Saturday, < M tin- 1'iesbyterian Church, PJKT level of Westminster Hall, 141) Mountain Ave. The sale will lie-in at!> a.m. on both days and proceeds will Health Day Saturday. Oct. 17, from 9-11 a.m. at the Fanwood Municipal Building, 75 No. Martine Ave., Fanwood. Th*'Health Program will offer an extensive blood screening, consisting of a SMAC 26, a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and a High Density Lapoprotein (HDL). The blood tests will be performed by National Health Labs. The SMAC 26 is a blood analysis monitoring several bodily functions and is used in assessing total cholesterol results to determine possible coronary risk factors. The CBC is a test including a red and white blood cell count. t may indicate the presence of infection, anemia, allergies, lung disease and more. The HDL test measures factors protective against coronary heart disease. 1 Robert M. Sherr, director of" health, says that anyone taking the'blood test must fast 12 houre before taking the test, with the exception of water. Pre-registralion for the blood test is mandatory and will be conducted until 4 p.m. Oct. 15. Co-chalrpersons of the Great Pumpkin Fair, Suzy Kane (left) und Beth Lane, have been spending much of their time recently preparing for the event. benefit the Westfield Day Care ami the nfant Center. Donations of outgrown children';; clothing, sizes infant through M, may *' dropped off at the Day Care Center Tuesday, Oct. 13, and Thursday, Oct. S, between i) ji.rn.-i! p.m, f resident. 1! wishing to donate clothing are nimble to store items until dropoff dntrs, they rimy contact thf center nt 232 (1717 n make other MHA needs volunteers The Mental Health Association of Union County if, in nwd ol volunteer;; (or its Com xiniori Programs. The (jtxil ol the programs is to provide) support and friendship to iicjullit overcoming montnl hoiillh problems, and to children in iwvxi of a poi.ilivo rolo modul n their liven, For mom information, call Jaimo Delcjado iit :

9 October 1,1992 Community Ufo A-9 [ Obituaries Church will host ethics conference Arthur Charles Kammerman dead at 77; corporate officer active in institutions Arthur Charles Kammerman, 77, a retired corporate officer and a prominent member of Union County institutions, died unexpectedly Sept. 23, 1992 at Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center, Plainfleld. A native of London, England, he emigrated to the United States in 1918 and lived in Atlantic City before moving to Westfleld in Mr. Kammerman formerly was chairman of the board of Federated Purchasers nc., Kenilworth, and served on its board of directors, He also was a vice president with the Vick Chemical Co. at its former New York City offices, and until 1970 was a vice president of the New York advertising agency now known as BBDO. ^ From 1976 until^ils retirement in 1986 he was vice president of the Council for Financial Aid to Education, based in New York City. Mr. Kammerman was chairman Louis S. McCool, 71 of the board of governors of the Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center nursing school in He also was a past president of the Union County Planned Parenthood Association and the Westfleld United Fund, and held membership on the Union County Republican Committee. He was named to Phi Beta Kappa at Rutgers University, from which Mr. Kammerman received a bachelor's degree in English in n 1947 he received an award for outstanding service to the university, and in 1960 was president of the Rutgers Alumni Association. Mr. Kammerman was a vestryman at St. Paul's Episcopal Church from and wrote a book on Highlights of the History of the Episcopal Church in Westfleld in He was a trustee of the Westminster Choir College, Princeton, from Surviving are his wife, Helen Henderson Kammerman; a son, Charles H. Kammerman of Fernandina Beach, Fla.; two daughters, Julie M. Hogenauer of San Antonio, Texas, and Joan Grashof of Atlanta, Ga.; four grandchildren; two brothers, Roy Kammerman of Beverly Hills, Calif., and Leslie Kammerman of Atlantic City; and two sisters, Mrs. Charles Errickson of Clinton, Md., and Mrs. Frank Coffin of Virginia Beach, Va. A memorial service was held Friday at St Paul's Church. n lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Memorial Fund of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 414 East Broad St., Westfleld, 07090, or to Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center, Park Avenue and Randolph Road, Plainfield, Arrangements were by the Gray Funeral Home. Worked as glass blower with outdoor advertising firm Louis S. McCool, 71, a glass blower with an outdoor advertising company until his retirement in 1986, died Sept 13, 1992 at his home in Scotch Plains. He was bom in Germantown, Chamber will host seminar., The Union County, Union Township and Westfield Area Chambers pt Commerce will be co-sponsoring B "Business After Hours" seminar, ^Wednesday, Oct. 21 between 5-7 p.m. at the Ramada Hotel, 36 Valley Road (Garden State Parkway Exit 135), Clark, N.J. Set up time is 4 p.m. This is an opportunity for all types of businesses to develop and meet new business contacts, promote your company's products and services, and interact with an all business audience from a wide area. Cost: $45 per display tabtei/includes one free admission). Admission: $12 for Chamber Members, $15 for Non-Members. There will be hors d'oeuvres, cash bar, door prizes, limited number of exhibit tables, limited electric. Reservations for tables must be made by Oct 14. Call Pa., and lived in Westfield before moving to Scotch Plains in Mr, McCool was employed for 45 years at the Fairfleld offices of what is now the Gannett Outdoor Co. He served in the Army Air Corps during World War and was a member of the Venice Flyers Association, Venice, Fla. Surviving are his wife, Eleanor Finn McCool; two sons, Daniel L. McCool and Gregory McCool; a daughter, Lynne Eleanor McEnroe; seven grandchildren; and two sisters, Madeline Poppert and Mary Jane Bilics. Services were held Sept. 21 at the McCracken Funeral Home, Union. Burial was in Fairview Cemetery. n lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society. Mary Jacques DiTrolio Westfield resident; was 87 Mary E. Jacques DiTrolio, 87, a former resident of the town, died Sept. 19, 1992 at St. Patrick's Residence, Naperville, 111. Mrs. DiTrolio was born in Elizabeth and lived in Westfield before moving to llinois. Her husband, William J. DiTrolio, and a son, William J. DiTrolio Jr., are deceased. She is survived by a daughter, Pauline Piereth; six grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; a sister, Margaret DeMarco; and three brothers, Albert Jacques, Louis Jacques, and Joseph Jacques. A funeral Mass was offered Friday at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church. Burial was in Fairview Cemetery. Contributions may be made to St. Patrick's Residence, 1400 Brookdale Road, Naperville, 111. C0563. Arrangements were by the Dooley Colonial Home. Roosevelt School will host parents Parents of Roosevelt ntermediate School students are invited to return to their children's classroom on Oct. 5. The evening will begin at 7 p.m. in the auditorium with a welcome from the Student Council, FTSO and administrators. There will be a special presentation by our music department. All parents of students at Roosevelt are encouraged to attend. Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 1100 Boulevard at Midvale Way, Westfleld will sponsor a miniconference on Christian ethics, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 3 and 4. The speaker will be Dr. William Edgar, professor of apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. Dr. Edgar has done advanced study in the field of medical ethics and will present a Christian perspective on contemporary issues such as birth control, genetic engineering, in-vitro insemination and surrogacy. The Saturday session is scheduled for 3:30-5 p.m. The second session is slated for 6-7:30 p.m. Those wishing to attend both sessions should bring their own sandwich; the church will provide beverages and dessert. The Sunday session, which emphasizes withholding and withdrawing treatment, euthanasia and living wills will begin at 9:35 a.m. Dr. Edgar also will preach at the 11 a.m. worship service. Religion The Rev. Stanford M. Sutton is pastor. Call or Holy Trinity picnic called a success Fathers and Friends of Holy Trinity held its annual picnic Sept. 19 in Tamaques Park. The organization, led by Thomas Manahan and Timothy O'Shea, is social and service oriented with the goals of raising funds for Holy Trinity nterparochial School and promoting an enjoyable social atmosphere among the fathers and guardians of the school's students. DJ Dennis Tuohy entertained and activities and games included balloon tosses, contests, races, soccer, soflball and volleyball were available. New minister at Westfield church The Reverend Marc Joel Trister.. began his ministry with the Pirste Congregational Church of Westfield on Aug. 25, He accepted the call of Associate Pastor and will have primary responsibility of thcr Educational and Outreach Ministries of the Church. Reverend Trister, a native o{, Union County, graduated from Pennsylvania State University and earned his Master of Divinity from Yale University. For the past 22 years, Rev. Trister taught history' and religious studies in private schools located in the northeast and Colorado. As a result of his work with ado- 1 lescents, Rev. Trister is considered a national authority in the area of substance abuse. He has published articles, developed programs and. counseled high schools addressing this problem. ' Holy Trinity begins new academic year Holy Trinity nterparochial School in Westfield recently welcomed its 322 pre-kindergarten through grade eight students to a new academic year. This is the 76th academic year for Holy Trinity and its second year of co-sponsorship as Holy Trinity nterparochial School. Under co-sponsorship, the school is supported by three parishes: Holy Trinity in Westfield, Our Lady of Lourdes in Mountainside, and St. Helen's in Westfield. There was a coffee hour for parents and guardians sponsored by the Home and School Association Sept. 9 while old and new students greeted each other and their teachers at half-day session. Home and School Association officers for the school year are: president, Arlene McPherson; vice president, Cathy Ciofle; re- TME TO RENEW YOUR AUTO NSURANCE OUR RATES FRST!! CHARLES F.KRAMER, NC. 208 LENOX AVE. WESTFELD School news cording secretary, Jackie Pantano; corresponding secretary, Terry Lamar; and treasurer, Kathy Brennan. The committee chairpersons are: room mother, Eileen Behr; book fair, Donna Froelich; bingo, Kathleen Brennan Zukowski; hospitality, Arlene McPherson; library, Jessie Smith; Panda, Melanie Thrift & Consignment Store Grenci; health and safety, Rose-! mary Malcolm; and sports, Lindsj and Jerry McCabe. Also, Boy Scouts, Tim Avis; Girl Scouts, Ann Fromuing; Father} and Friends, Tom Manahan and. Tim O'Shea; publicity, Mary Alice Ryan and Pamela SchundlerJ booster and Christmas boutiqui sales, Kathy Heintz; art auction^ Una Cote; students' art show, Kathy Heintz. Holy Trinity welcomes Steven Ryner, a computer instructor, to the staff. Patricia Eilbacher has moved from sixth grade to join Mrs. ntrabartolo in teaching the two seventh grades. Jumble Store Junior Uaftn of Ellzabcth-PUitflcd HALLOWEEN HABERDASHERY Upstairs at THE JUMBLE STORE \ October 10, 10 am - 2 pm Nearly New ft&flowecitcostumes and Vintage Clothing for all Ages Take a chance on a FREE Ninja Turtle Costume Rental from the Costume Corner and a Gift Certificate from Brummer's Chocolates Refreshments for Shoppers!! Donations Gladly Accepted and Consignors Welcomt NEW FALL CLOTHNG FOR CHLDREN & ADULTS HOUSEWARES JEWELRY 110 Walnut Ave. Cranford Daily 9:30-3:30 Closed Wed. Thurs. 7-9pm Sal Distinction Vinyl Pools Watchung, 6100 Tokyo Steak House $ 3.00OFF Six conservative ways to earn liberal returns. f your CDs arc about to roll over at around 3%, maybe CDs art 1 n't the answer anymore. n our new 20-page guide, we've identified six clear-cut, conservative ways to double your rate today. This easy-to-understand booklet reveals timely, higher-yielding alternatives. t contains a wealth of information sjx'oifit ally for conservative investors. So get the facts. To receive your guide without cost or obligation, contact our office nearest vou or mail the coupon below today. For faster service, call tollfree anytime, day or night: 1^ , ext.103 7>i arr FlliC nnurrd and nffrr a fixrd ratf ofrrtum Altmuiinti may he btngn ttrm imwffmniis, and thnr yitltu umi fmntifxil ntll puilunlr utlh markrl condttiom. U Ple.w MMU mr "Six Wavs To Earn Six Percent, tli Mori-." understand ihrrc's no cost or obligation. ANY DNNER OF $ or more Good only Sun. through Thurs. Excluding Holidays Not to be combined with any other offer. Salad Bar & Hot Appetizers with Dinner Sun. through Thurs. only AN You Can Eat Crprtil Cflttis Accepted ^^Tz^^S-^ 956 Rt. 22 E. Somerville ~^^M~'MB^M~~ ^^^m ^^^m wmmmm M V«w m i^mmm M M M ^mmm M ^ M m^a^ ^MBH ^ ^ i ^ mmmmt -The Westfield Record- AODRL5S CTY, SAtt/ZP first Securities MHttef MM «** SlDt* EKfWia BKf S»C

10 A-10 Community Life October 1,1992 >O Bulletin board Loan shows slated at Children's Hospital New loan shows by members of the Westfield Art Association have been hung for the fall in Children's Specialized Hospital and the Spanish Tavern Restaurant, both in Mountainside, and the Midlantic Bank in Westfield. Paintings in the hospital are by Jeanette McCullough, Leta Dority, Ruth Nelson, William Coombs, Dorothy Skrba, Judith Bambert, Mabel Winch, Rachel Felz, and Barbara Schwinn. The show is open to the public during the daytime hours through the ambulance entrance. On weekends contact Shirley Biegler, the hospital's community resources coordinator. Linda Hutchinson has added her paintings to the on-going exhibit at the Spanish Tavern Restaurant, and Cleary Berlin has a display of her work at Midlantic Bank. All paintings are for sale. f interested, inquire at the site of exhibit. Night Place draws crowd of 600 students The Westfield Recreation Commission and the PTC "Night Place" Committee held its first "Night Place" of the school year Sept. 11 for students in grades 6-8. A crowd of 600 students enjoyed an evening of music, games and socializing with friends. The next "Night Place" is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 9, from 7:30-9:30 p.m. at Edison ntermediate School. The evening features a DJ, movies, ping-pong, basketball, volleyball and refreshments. Tickets are $2 in advance and $3 at the door. Advance sale tickets Miss Curia to wed Mr.Dynda Mr. and Mrs. John Curia of Westfield, formerly of Cranford, announce the engagement of their daughter, Michelle, to Peter Dynda, son of Mr. and Mrs, Leo Standish of Linden, formerly of Clark. The bride-to-be is a 1986 graduate of Cranford High School and is employed by Cosmair nc. in Clark. Her fiance is a 1984 graduate of Arthur L. Johnson Regional School in Clark. He is employed by G«- mair nc. in Dayton. An April 1993 wedding is planned. may be purchased at both ntermediate schools during the week of the event. For information, call the Recreation Department at Teen Center opens at temporary location The Westfield Recreation Commissions' Teen Center opened its third season of operation Sept. 18 at its temporary YMCA location. The Teen Center, housed in the Wateunk Room of the Municipal Building, has been relocated to the Westfield YMCA due to the renovations under way at the Municipal Building. Thanks to the staff at the YMCA, the Teen Center continues to attract students in grades 9-12 each Friday from 8-11 p.m. The center offers a number of activities for the youths, including special events, which provides an excellent alternative to "hanging out" in the downtown area. For more information, call the Recreation Office at Meals-On-Wheels holding fund raiser The Meals-On-Wheels program for Union County announces that Ferraro's talian Restaurant, 14 Elm St. Westfield, will be the location for this year's fund raising dinner. The selected, four-course dinners are planned for every Tuesday night in October. The donation for the dinner is $18. Proceeds will benefit the elderly recipients of Meals-On-Wheels. Call for tickets and information. Mcals-On-Wheels nc. is a private non-profit agency which provides nutritious meals to the homebound. Last year, Meals-On- Wheels provided more than 300,000 meals to seniors in Union County. Museum looking for volunteers Training sessions for new volunteers will run at the Miller-Cory House Museum, 614 Mountain Avenue, Westfield, Tuesdays, Oct. 13, 20, and 27, 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Coordinated by Janet Crane, the orientation program will include a talk on 18th century architecture by well known architectural historian, Sandy Brown, a slide presentation on the history of the mu- Mandrilla named to ADA Board of Directors Joseph Michael Mandrillo of Westfield, has been named to the Board of Directors of the American Diabetes Association, New Jersey Affiliate nc. The manager of Pharmacy Operations for the Central Division of Supermarkets General Coofx?r:ition in Woodbridge, Mr. Mandrillo is a Registered Pharmacist in seven states including New Jersey, A graduate of St. John's University in New York, Mr. Mandrillo is listed in the W7io'.s- Wlm Ann my Students in /briencrin Umvcir.itws and Colleges and received the Lunsford Richardson Pharmacy Award in 19G3. He is a member of many professional organizations including the New Jersey Pharmaceutical Association, Pharmaceutical Society of the State of New York. t- was chairman of the St. Helen's Roman Catholic Church Parish Lift. 1 Committee in Westfield (19KU-82) and served as president <1!)H.'M!M-1). 'Hie Now Jersey Affiliate and its regional chapters provide education and support service;; for New Jersey's growing diabetes community while raising money for diiitx'u's research. The mission of the American Dialx'tes Association is to prevent and cure diulx'ti's, and to improve the lives of nil people affected by Sylvan Learning Center 1 Helping kids be their best. Boost your child's grades. Build self-esteem. Programs in reading, math, algebra, writing, SAT/ACT college prep, study skills, toinctvotk support and time management. CW2 Syh«n Lrirnkiir Syrtrml EDSON 4 (Near JFK Hospital) Stareast! 1-0OO-4B4-4S43!)9' ])tr rriliiull- t!4 limns n ilnyl Must t>c 18 Touch Turn" nr Hutury ['hont'h Dully Monthly- CmiipiittlMllly Horoncn >es Plus lie spoken limit powerful.'1 turd TAJt MVK Free ntroduction to rjtpliiln cost * #2.<Jfi per minute JJ4 lioiuu it dnyt Touch (one or Hntnry 'lioncs Speak f) AH!roller Tnrot Header MH lie N Yrnrn..r Older A Service <il rucrmcdlh nc. seum and information on a variety of aspects of life in early New Jersey. The Miller-Cory House has earned nationwide recognition since it became a museum in 1972 and has been featured on television, in a number of magazines, and the social studies textbook, New Jersey: Yesterday and Today. Volunteers may participate in many ways docents guide visitors through the furnished farmhouse, the cooking committee prepares meals over the open hearth using period recipes, showcase demonstrators bring early American crafts to schools, and gardeners tend the vegetable and herb gardens. Assistance with the general maintenance of the house and grounds, costumes, research, public relations, as well as the gift shop are also areas where volunteers can participate. Opportunities to learn new skills are available and no experience is necessary. Call to register for the fall volunteer training sessions. Financial aid workshops at UCC Union County College will conduct a series of financial aid workshops throughout the academic year to acquaint the public with the New Jersey State financial aid form and various sources of assistance available to them. The workshops will be held at the Cranford, Elizabeth, and Plainfield campuses to assist those needing information. Persons attending or planning to attend any New Jersey college would benefit from the programs. Workshops will be held as follows: Cranford Campus All at 6 p.m. Thursdays, Nov. 19 and Dec. 10; Tuesdays, Jan. 26; Feb. 23; March 9 and 23; April 6 and 20; May 4 and 18. Elizabeth Campus 10 a.m. and 6 pjn. Thursday, Oct 22; 10 and 6 p.m. Wednesdays, Nov. 4; Dec. 9, Feb. 3 and 24; 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 24; 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Thursday, April 8; 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 5; and 6 p.m. Wednesday. May 19. Plainfield Campus 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 12; 10 am. and 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 4; 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 10; 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 7; and 6 p.m. Thursday, May 6. Call t Leah Goodwin weds Gary Fennessy** Leah Marisa Goodwin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Austin Goodwin of Westfield and Gary Frances Fennessy, son of Mrs. Catherine Fennessy of South Orange were married Aug. 14, 1992 at the First Congregational Church of Westfield. The reception was held at Twin Brooks Country Club, Watchung. The Maid of honor was Jocelyn Northcutt, Warren. The Bridesmaids were lisa Capestro, cousin of the bride, of Matawan, Kristine Metzger, Westfield, Loren Newman, rvine, Calif., and Amy Schulte, Roselle. The Jr. Bridesmaid was Kelli Hecht, cousin of the bride, Westfield. The best man was Alan Jones of Fanwood. Groomsmen were Seth Goodwin, brother of the bride, Westfield, Peter Capestro, cousin of the bride, Matawan, George Middleton, Maplewood and Maurice Papeika, South Orange, both nephews of the groom, and Russell Verducci, Fanwood. The bride wore an ivory silk shantung gown, custom made by designer Candice Solomon of New York. The dress was off the shoulder with sweetheart neckline, edged entirely with seed pearls. Silk hand-rolled fabric roses adorned sleeve top and base of back just above double peplum. Headpiece was same fabric roses trimmed with pearls; securing a triple veil/train edged in silk. She held a bouquet of ivory roses with stephanotis, Queen Anne's lace, baby's breath and ivy. The bride's attendants wore pale peach Faille sheath gowns, off the shoulder with simple single peplum bodice. The bouquets comprised of varied peach roses. Queen Anne's lace, baby's breath and ivy. The bride is a graduate of Westfield High School and Kean College of N.J. (cum laude); a member of Alpha Kappa Delta (nternationa) Sociology Honor Society). She plans to do graduate work in the field of sociology. The groom graduated Columbia High School, South Orange and Fairleigh Dickenson University with degrees in social work and LEAH FENNESSY business. He is employed in the restaurant business and is General Manager of The Northside Trattoria, Westfield. The bridal showers were given by Mrs. Elizabeth Peck and Mrs. Sonia Kokie at the home of Mrs. Peck in Cokesbury, N.J. The bridal; party was held at the home of the; bride's mother and Mrs. Bobbie; Brennan's home, sister of the; groom, in Florham Park The rehearsal dinner was hosted] by the groom at Ferraro's Restau-,' rant in Westfield.! The couple will be spending their! honeymoon in Jamaica (Grand! Lido). i Christopher Brown awarded 1 Jones Memorial scholarship ] The Fifth Annual Award of the Geraldine E. Jones Memorial Scholarship Foundation, in the amount of $1,000 has been made to Christopher Brown of Convent Station, who is attending Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pa. This scholarship is awarded annually to a deaf or hard of hearing impairec student attending college, in prepa ration for helping others with similar problem. The Foundation, established bj the late Mrs. Jones' family ant friends offers assistance in a fielc in which she had a strong interes and many ties. NTERESTED N PLACNG A CLASSFED Call Or Stop By Our Westfield Office," Monday-Friday ~ 8:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M.»* 231 Elmer St. Westfield PAX Union County places >i CALVARY LUTHERAN CHURCH 108 Eastman St., Cranford Hit 9m. C. tal ftocuto, M, Putt ThflCM SUNDAY WORSHP SERVCES 8:30 a.m. ft 11:00 am. SUNDAY CHUflCH SCHOOL & ADULT FORUM 9:45 a.m. A Congregation ot the Evangelical Lutheran Church n America Redeemer Lutheran Church Clark and CoMrpartttwaltc Plata (1 Block* North of Lore) and Taylor) WMflald, NJ Rev, Paul B, Krtttch, Peator Roger Borchln, D.C.C. Sundty W«*M»S*rrtM* - Nand 11:00MU tvntty t«tio*l - *:M wn WMMMtr MnMM - M» pn WonM* k n k«wn* Mkmtton Hour CMHlKl (toy Uh*o> Hiir of Thr*i«h Of»at TERR1LL ROAD DAFTST CHURCH J40 Ttrrlll Bd, Scotch 'lalm Sunday: 9:45 AM - Sunday School 11:00 AM Morning Worthlp a: 15 AM Church Training 7:18 PM - Evanlng Worahlp Wadnatdiy: 7:00 PM Prtyaf Mtailng Nut fry Cara Prodded Tht Garwood Presbyterian Church 341 Spruca Avenue Garwood, NJ Gary Wetzel, Pastor Sunday School and Worship Sarvlct 10:00 am. Wtdnatday Night Prayar Powtr With Pralu Sanrtc* - 7:30 p.m. St. Paul's United Church of Christ S Rev, Frederick Rogers SuntNiy SCH 9:30 A.M. Child C.irc Av;iil,il>lc FRST UNTARAN SOCETY OF 'LANFELD Unitarian Universalist efej 724 Park Avc, 'Ulnfleld, NJ A-075O Hrvrrrnd Mar nl Cnmpb«l1 Grnsn Sunday Srrrtcn. CMd Cart 9:)0 lio AM < hwth bhitol 9:.O AM Programs for Children, Jr. & Sr. High, Singles, Couples, Families and Senior Adults Sunday School 9:15 am Sunday Worship 10:30 am Sunday Evenings 6:30 pm Wednesday Evenings 7:30 pm CRANFORD ALLANCE CHURCH 7 CHERRY STREET, CRANFORD The Westfield Record- GRACE & PEACE FELLOWSHP 9S0 RAKTAN ROAD CRANFORD. NEW JERSEY (90S) Ptiion Don k Vitfinij Knuiltrn Sunday - 10:00 A.M. Worship Wednesday - 7:30 P.M. Teaching GREATER MT. ZON - UHC 43 lohnson Avenue Cranford, N (90S) 27C-O03O PASTOR: REV. CHARLE W. BULLOCK Sunday Worship Service; 10 am Sunday School 11:30 am Morning Worship Weekday Services: 8 pm Wednesday Bible Suuly a pm Friday 'ram Si rraisc ST. BERNARD'S CATHOLC CHURCH 368 Sumner Av. Plainfield Mass Schedule Saturday: 5:30 PM Sunday: 8:00, 9:30 11:30 AM Rev. Joseph F. Barbone, Pastor KENLWORTH GOSPEL CHAPEL Nowurk Avr ft 33rd St., Kanllworth Sunday Services: 11 AM - Family Bible Hour and 7:00 PM - Evnnirtg Services Monday, 7.00 PM Boys Brigade Wtdnoday, 730 PM - Prayer and Bibls Study Friday. 7:00 PM Youth Mooiing Friday Nighl Children'! Club PM (Grade School Age) Call For More nfoimalion ST. LUKE'S A.M.E. ZON CHURCH 500 Downer St., Westfield WLCOMES YOU flev. Theodore Calhoun, Sr,, Pastor SUNDAY SERVCES Cnuith School oo am WCHthtp Barvtc* «rn WEONESOAV SERVCES Pfayw Swvtc* 7:30 pin Bibto Slucty B 00 «m Hoty Communion Fw» end Thud SunOnyl FOR ENCOUNTERS OF AN EXTRA-SPECAL JEWSH KND N A 9VNAAOQUPOR AU PCOPC FOB AL REASONS, N ALL SEASONS. Com* ih«a th* Jawtoti bpttimik wtti yt. flllfmwbl* Kiltl tod NO BULOfM FUND C«JMM pf/lklpmlon by men ind * >*». AT ftft-1554or r CongragaUMi Kntsiwlh srael A CONSCttVATVf TEMPC 29 MounUn Avnw, Bound Brook, N J (908) Child Care Provided Jacob's Well COMMUNTY CHURCH Dltcovary Group: 10:00 AM Main Service: 11:00 AM Hillside Avenue School (Ccntcuni.iJ A Hillsirio Avonur,, Ctmtford)

11 October 1,1992 Community Life A-11 Basket workshop set Oct 7 The Miller-Cory House Museum, 614 Mountain Ave., Westfield, will host a Basket Making Workshop Wednesday evening, Oct. 7, from 7-10 p.m. in the museum's Education Center. ^ileen O'Shea will be the instructor. Mrs. O'Shea has taught and demonstrated numerous crafts at ithe museum and many other historic sites and is a former chairwoman of the museum's Board of Governors. She will guide participants in the step-by-step construction of a melon-shaped basket, which will be completed in one evening. All materials will be provided and refreshments will be served. The cost of pie workshop is $20 and advance registration is required. Built in 1740 in the "West Fields" of Elizabeth town, the Miller-Cory House became a museum in 1972, For more information and to register for the workshop, call Town seniors aid nursing home patients, storm victims Residents of WestfieJd Senior Citizen Housing recently brought bags pants donated 13 lap robes they Recently, the Outreach partici- of clothing and bed linens to the made for local nursing homes. The activities office to help Florida hurricane victims. The bags were Josephine Sorrenlino, Eleanor quilt makers are Jenny Nowatowski, picked up by the Salvation Army. Clausen, Betty Miller and Alice Fink, n addition, $120 was collected The residents wiil participate in a community program by the League and presented to the Coalition for the Homeless to be usedtor summer camp. of Women Voters to address flyers to be sent out before the general election. Stacy Bavos to wed David Towns Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Bavos of is employed as a contract administrator with the federal government. Westfield announce the engagement of their daughter, Stacey J. Her fiance graduated from Westfield Senior High School and is the Bavos to David L. Towns, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Towns of president of Galaxy ndustries in Westfield. Metuchen. The bride-elect is a graduate of The couple will bo wr-d later this Westfield Senior High School and month. TY journalist working at Lynchburg College Nick Dilorio of Westfield is a reporter for Eye on LC. ;i video news magazine for Lynchburg College in Virginia, A senior communiration studies major with an emphasis in broadcast journalism, he is the son of Joseph and RacheUe Dilorio of Westfield and is a 1DB9 graduate of Westfield High School. 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12 A M ( ' i * * 4 i i * ft i ' (. A '. V ' i»! i ( l l j A-12 Community Life October 1,1992 Adult school class begins on Monday Classes of the Westfield Adult School fall semester will begin Monday evening. Get 5, at Westfield High School, 550 Dorian Road. Late Registration is possible opening night The Adult School office will open at 6:15 p.m. for this purpose. For courses which are not already filled, individuals may register and attend the first class on the same evening. All semester-length courses begin Oct. 5 and run for nine sessions through Dec. 7, with no classes Oct. 12. Among the shorter multiple-session courses beginning Oct. 5 is "Joumaling - Creative Writing Techniques," completed in four sessions, which can lead to "How To Get Published," a five-session course beginning Nov. 9 Prospective students can call the Westfield Adult School Registrar, Mrs. May Furstner, at , to make sure they can be accommodated in the classes they wish to attend. PUBUC NOTCE PUBLC NOTCE Westfield Symphony welcomes six to its board of directors Six new members (including one from Fanwood) of the Westfield Symphony Board of Directors were welcomed by the Executive Committee recently and participated in an orientation session at the home of Board Secretary Mary Jane Mattes. Tliose participating were: Mary Lou Crago Taylor, Marilyn GuJotta, Gilbert Bilodeau, and Mark Fleder of Westfield; Virginia Wixom of Mountainside; and David Kellogg of Fanwood. Ms. Taylor and Ms, Wixom will serve on the marketing committee, and Mr. Bilodreau and Mr. Fleder will serve on the finance committee. Mrs. Gulotta will serve on the post-concert reception committee. Mr. Kellogg is the vice president for finance. Ms. Taylor and her husband, James, have lived in Westfield since n the 1970s and 80sUnited States Military Academy she owned and operated a dance and holds a masters degree in foreign service from Georgetown Uni- studio in Manhattan. She has been active in school affairs and has volunteered on behalf of many charinance from New York University, versity and a masters degree in fitable affairs, Her primary interest N.Y. is in providing school children with the opportunity to experience music, art and theater. Ms. Gulotta and her husband, Charles, have lived in Westfield for 22 years. She received her undergraduate and master's degrees from MT and is a computer systems analyst for Prudential nsurance. She is on the boards of the United Fund and the Westfield Adult School. Mr. Bilodeau is treasury operations manager for the nternational Division of Schering-Plough Corporation. He and his wife, Emily, have lived in Westfield since He is a graduate of the A resident of Westfield for the past 12 years, Mark Fleder is a construction contract lawyer and a partner in the Roseland firm of Connell, Foley, and Geist. He is the legal adviser for the Horsemans' Benevolent Association, a race horse breeders' association. Ms. Wixom and her husband, Everett, have resided in Mountainside for 28 years. She is an interior decorator and has been active in Junior League and volunteered for several organizations. Mr, Kellogg is a partner in the accounting firm of KPMG Peat Marwick. He and his wife, Gail, have lived in Fanwood for 20 years. He was chair of the Hamilton Col- chestra, named again this year a lege 25th Reunion gift Committee Distinguished Arts Organization by, and has volunteered for the the New Jersey State Council on Watchung the Arts, is in its 10th season. For Council of the Boy information about WSO concerts and education programs, call 232- Scouts. The Westfield frllvff/ Steep Venter Symphony Or WSO board president Nancy Priest and music director Brad Keimach, fourth and second from right, greet new board members, from left, Mark Fleder, Mary Lou Taylor, Gilbert Bilodeau, Marilyn Gulotta, David Kellogg, and Virginia Wixom. WEtTTWU) MMOMM. UWW ««TMLD,NCWJ NOTCE TO HD NoK* mty pmn tm (MM takta «* b«nc+ma by tm Vbmy OfCtir <* tm WiiMlM MnorM Utuwy *lf <M pn»won at CL AMNQ SERVCEStar t a Utnry. Hd> «a b* OfMmd MiMH public tm WMMd MMTOU Utnry. HO tm* Brad SM. WMWd. NJ 070W an OOctm 13, iw2 tote A.M. prwimu *m. Spuiakn ««Jfcrmtt Odtartm prupomd Mnfet m bmn M ki tm Omot of tm utnry «nd ray b» mpactod toy pm»m t**n during ttmmm ham BKUn * b* kjrrttad *» copy of n* ipmtomora an prc^nr note*. 9di mum b* rad* on tm wmndani bid tafrm n t» nwnr amgram tanti ni nqumd by tm avmniara. mutitm ndohd m HUMS «*» laving ih» rmnm of m» ob and *m «nl addia or M UU an t». irhfiirt 10 Mi BMn TnM^ Otrnn xd nui n l by GartM Chv*. CMhto's dm* or Bk) 10% ol M mauni bid. Oat may ba hand-uiiiiaj or mmma by o M M mal D»* tfm* mmianmi m*ktm Bkldn» raq^ad to oomply «to no>*«nana ot PL C. 1Z7. Tn> Bovd trf Truaaaa o( *w WaMWd MumM Ubmy raaanw h.righttom aa any nl K t*fc daamao B tv baal nmram at tit Ubriry t> OD n By orafcr or t» Boa/d <* TuaMi ol»» WaaMK) MamoM (16.26 VMS 11 OH 1,10*2 WE'RE CONCERNED ABOUT YESTERDAY'S NEWS. News can appear one day and be gone the next. But the paper news is printed on can and should live on. Recycling is the one way we can all give something back. Head. Then Recycle. Forbes Newspapers U.S. ^~ SAVNGS DELUXE EXTRA FRM Twin - ea. pc. 44 Reg.*99 Sets Only Full Ea. pc. Reg.' Sets Only Queen 2 pc. set Reg. ' $ lore Since 1958 FACTORY DRECT REBATE NO SPRNGS ATTACHED UP TO CASH BACK FROM SEALY Rebates vary according to model and sue purchased. Otter unih SUPER FRM 100sOf Steel Coils For Extra Support Twin - ea. pc. Rep.'158 S>ti Only Full ea. pc. Refl. * SM Only 11 ;*>»-» 93 Queen 2 pc. set Refl.' King 3 pc set Reg. * BETTER LUXURY FRM 100 s Of Steel Coils For Extra Support Twin - ea. pc. Reg. 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13 October 1, 1992 You said it: ifte never expected to win. t was a preriy good ream pkffonvancc. Hopefully, we'll continue to get better.'... John Martin Westfleld High School girts cross country coach STheVfestfieldRecoid ; *,?;Get rolling ; The Westfield Classic Bike '.';Tour will be held this Sunday at Mindowaskin.Park. The event will benefit the Westfield Police Athletic League, the Westfield Rescue,Squad and '.,the Westfield Jaycees Foundation. The registration fee is [$15 for individuals and $25 [for families. For further infor- mation on the event, please «see Scoreboard on page B-3. :550 Club Drive J Continuing its 25 year tra- Jdition, the Westfield School J Boosters Association will be J mailing its 550 Club member- ship letters. This program raises efforts to finance # equipment and related items * that are otherwise not cov- C ered by school budgets. f J you would like to participate, By KP KUDUK J send contributions to: West- 'HE RECORD ; field School Boosters As- After three events on Friday, J soctation, P.O, Box 594, Wostfield trailed rival Scotch «Westfield, NJ, or contact 550 Club Chairman Lowell Hig- gins at : Safety clinic j The Westfield Recreation Commission will host a! coaches safety clinic on ' Tuesday, Oct. 6 at the W.H.S. cafeteria. The cost of the 3 hour program is $15 per person. All volunteer coaches are strongly urged to attend. For more infof** mation, contact the Recre ation Dept. at """*- The Hot Spot The unbeaten girls tennis team faces its first big challenge today when it competes in the first rounds of the Union County Tournament at Plainfield's Hub Stino Complex, situated directly across thu street from Muhlenberg Hospital. Westfield has not war) a county lit(o in five years and last yonr the Blue Devils finished behind Oak Knoll and Kent Place. The finals and semiliruils will bo held tomorrow at Hub Stinc. nside fl Prcviows Q-2 f] Youth Sports D-2 [V Scoreboard D-3 Got a score to report? (,.(// Ktp Kit,lttlc,ii }'<, (,0C0 oi f.n n.','(, c.j.v 1 Om.iililictt n 10.' KEMPJER Westfield opens with shutout of Kearny Offense rolls up 225 rushing yards in 29-0 win By KP KUDUK THE RECORD KEARNY -As the Westfield players filed off the field at Kearny Saturday afternoon, there was not the usual amount of smiling faces and jubilant expressions that one would expect from a team which just posted a convincing 29-0 opening day triumph. nstead of whooping it up on the bus ride home, the Blue Devils handled their success with a calm self-assurance, the same way the Buffalo Bills would treat a victory over the ndianapolis Colts. "We knew we'd win if we did what we were capable of," said senior Dave Duelks. "Kearny's not the toughest team on our schedule. Maybe that's why we weren't that excited. Right now, everyone's mind is on the tougher teams." Westfield will face one of those teams on Saturday when it takes on rvington at Recreation Field. The Blue Knights quick-strike offense will be a stark contrast to Kearny's conservative groundoriented attack. "rvington's going to be tough to beat," said quarterback Chris nfantino. "We have to beat them on defense because our coaches and players are so confident that we'll be able to move the ball." The Blue Devils will do most of their moving on the ground. Westfield wore down the Kardirials with its running game, as five different backs combined for 225 rushing yards. "We're not going to back down against rvington," said Duelks, who rushed for 21 yards and a touchdown on five carries. "We're just going to run it right up the Gymnasts vault over SP-F by slim margin Plains-Fanwood by about three points entering the final event. The Blue Devils made up the difference in the floor exercise, as the lowest score it registered was 8.8. Meanwhile, the Raiders performance on the beam, typically one of the lower scoring events, wasn't enough to get the points back. The outcome of the tri-meet (Linden also competed) wasn't resolved until the final girls was finished, and when the points wore tabulated, Westfield (4-0) came out ahead, to Linden totalled G8.15 points. " think psychologically it was a real upper for us," said Westfield Coach Ellen Kovac. "t set our momentum off well. t was nice to beat them. The entire team came together" Once again, Jill Smith had an outstanding meet, winning the balance beam (8.35), the vault (8.40) and the floor exercise (9.4). Smith accumulated more points (34.45) than any other gymn;ist. Sara Rosenblatt finished second in the floor exercise (9.1), trgan Lcnehan was third in the uneven bars (7.0) and Dana Fizzell tied for third in the ilcx>r exercise, despite competing with a bruised heel. "Dana Fancy did very well," said Kovac. "She put in an all-around performance. She wsis consistently strong in each event. Sara Rosenblatt finished strong on the floor. She was a little clisapiwinting in the beam event, but she came back and we needed her to." Boys cross-country wins Stewart Memorial Matt Gorbaty (17:19) finished seventh and Chris DeMasi (17:21) was right on his heels, as Westfield surprised teams from across the state by winning the Stewart Memorial nvitational at Warinanco Park on Saturday. "We never expected to win," said coach John Martin. "t was a pretty good team performance. Hopefully, we'll continue to get better. t was a nice plus. t was the first invitational we've won in quite a while and it's usually one of the better meets during the fall season." Gorbaty and DeMasi had plenty of support from their teammates. Andy Ruggiero (17:37) placed 16th, Ted Kilcommons (17:47) finished 24th and Don Cambria (17:54) was 26th. Adam Barcan (18:18) and Rich Kostro (18:38) also finished in the upper half of the 132 man field. "We didn't expect to win," said Barcan, who placed 43rd. "Coach Martin was talking about finishing in the top three as a goal. Don Bosco (finished second, 37 points behind Westfield) was very tough. didn't think we'd beat them." The varsity was not alone in its success. With juniors Jim Nicoll (18:31) and Geoff North finishing first and second, the junior varsity also won the Stewart Memorial. Paced by Larry lo's sixth place showing, the freshman team finished second to Christian Brothers Academy. Tennis serves up two more wins, UCT today Westfield's girls tennis team rolled to a pair of easy victories over Watchung Conference foes Card market feels pinch of %^ -ftover-saturation ^ Approximately 1,000 people Hocked to tho Walchunf» Flea Market Card Show this past weekend. sj They lind HO dealer tables to ; shop at and an opportunity to meet Elanily Velarde c>[" the New York Yankees. Tfie flea market promoter feels that the card business is picking ufj due to the lower prices on single rants and older wax (foil) packs. While at the show, asked some dealers what they thought about (he card market, in general. Chris tccker of Slafen sland Sports ('aids believe;; the market SERVCE HOURS: 7:45-5:15 Mon.-Fri. n the Wby Peter Smith A column aboul sports collectibles has been rather stagnant. "Card companies are putting out too many products at unwarranted higher prices," stated Becker. An example of the fluctuatinj: market happened when n customer asked Chris Coti, another dealer, for the price of Chicago Cub Alt- S(;ir Hyne Sandberg's 1!)W Topps SERVCE sm ROUTE 22 EAST gut. don't think we'll have a problem with that. Our game plan is just to run it up the middle and let them stop us." Kearny was unable to accomplish that task on Saturday. Westfield's deep cast of talented running backs kept coming after Kearny in waves. As the game reached its conclusion it became clear that Kardinal defenders could do nothing to stop them. At the forefront of the Blue Devils rushing onslaught was fullback John Mask. The junior made his first varsity start a memorable one, amassing 92 yards on 11 carries. His powerful straight ahead running style made one-on-one tackling a nearly hopeless venture. "Mask has excellent leverage and he's got strong legs," said nfantino. "He did an excellent job." (Please turn to page B-3) WattfMd K«arny W - Dave Duelks 2 run (Dave Hanwood kick), 3:42. W-Erwyn Lyght 1 run (Duelks pass rom Chris nlantino). 7:42. W - John i n-nt 1 U.Uf. WESTFELD 29. KEARNY S*corxt Quarter W - Aivin Moore 53 run (Harwood kick), 7:27. First Downs Third Ouarter Mask 2 iun (Harwood kick), Fourth Quarter WasL Kaarny 9 7 Total Yards Rushes-Yards 33-22S Passing Yards 36 B Comp-Att-nt GEORGE PACCELLO/THE RECORD The Westfield gymnastics team sent a message to the rest of New Jersey when it defeated perenlal powerhouse and archrival Scotch Plains-Fanwood, to last week. Sara Rosenblatt (above) was one of the Devils who helped in the victory, scoring a second-place in floor exercise (9.1). rookie card. Even though it's in the book for $58, Coti came down to a price of $45, but the customer refused. To me, that would have been a good deal. "The market has been depressed a little, but it depends on what you have to sell and what you want to sell it for," remarked Coti. By the way, both dealers, Coti and Becker had excellent cards and prices. The next show at Watchung Market will be Saturday, Dec. 12. Some customers were wondering if the blockbuster deal that sent Jos'- Canseco from the Oakland Athletics to the Texas Rangers for Ruben Sierra would have any U-aring on the card market. As of the moment, Canseco card prices arc still spiraling downward while Sierra cards are remaining AT 287 OVERPASS BRDGEWATER ^ rrofate" 1 JBC OL? r "BRAKE "] ^;TUNE-UP, r ROTATE n [LUBE, OL, 11 TRES ' ' & FLTER 1 'NSPECTON' T W"'i $ ft95 n $OA^ 'SOLS' <i»..f rin.'.l'i:v «^F Ml ^ ^ *'3''i1VA'Mc'">*"n'niV imiil.irn»ii 'lomiiim Oil illci < cnti n»i Wen i i pus. iii,,i,,.,, n,.,.,.!,., A, i(ilm.n,i() ' 'ri'mium Odup lo!i ills CF. nmi Ad iisl r iltt coil * ' Mf;lkf<«10/7/92J FN E«plr»» 10/7/BZj FN EK()«P 10/7/92 J SERVCE SOO95 39 n. f ".' 1.V>'l-i ijiihuns (it.inl PiiuMi of fn^p hells Elizabeth and Plainfield during the week to raise its unbeaten record to 6 0. The Union County Tournament begins today with first and second round action taking place at Plainfield's Hub Stine Complex. At No. 3 singles, Jessica Hurley was tabbed as the No. 1 seed. Juniors Liz Ryu and Gloria Ko, playing at No. 1 and 2 singles respectively, (Please turn to page B-2) constant at the previous price. Other cards on the move, include Fred McGriff, Roger Clemens, Kirby Puckett, Mark McGwire and the 1988 Score Traded set. 'mm very excited about the beginning of the upcoming hockey season and the cards that are on the way. Most people will be watching for the much-awaited Eric Lindros cards, but there are a lot of new players entering the NHL this year. 'll try to keep you informed on how their cards fair as the season progresses. Football cards do not seem to be doing that well, thus far. The only item that seems to be selling is the Upper Devk Pro Bowl sub-set. While don't care much for the Collector Edge football cards, it seems that people are notably pleased about the numlyering of SALES Sacks-Yards Lost 0-0 Penalties-Yards 4-30 / i Punts-Average FumWes-Lost 0-0 3rd down corw, 6-10 TimeolPoss. 21:15 ndividual Lt«d«r» Ruining Westfield - Mask : (1TD), Lyght 7-14 (1TD), Mitchell 6-43, Duelks 5-21 (1TD). Moore 2-55 (1TD), ntantino 2 0; Kearny - Maslag Martone 10-35, Carson 7-24, Wnoroski 2-9, Pearson 1-(-2). 1NT, Cheek 0-1: Kearny - Carson 1NT. Receiving Westfield - R. Hayes t-36; Kearny- Neer 1-8. Passing Westfield - nlantino Devils girls swim coach steps down By KP KUDUK THE RECORD Family commitments claimed the loss of a second consecutive girls swimming coaches at Westfield High School when Cindy Schaefer announced she would be unabfe to return for the upcoming winter season. Schaefer took over for Lynn McRae, who was on maternal leave, before the start of the 1991 season. With her oldest child, 5-yearold Matthew, attending kindergarten this year, Schaefer said she wouldn't have enough time to work her regular job, drive her son to and from school in South Brunswick and still have time to make Westfield's early afternoon practices. " tried to figure out a way could do it," said Schaefer, who works during the morning and afternoon at the Ken Shirk Day Care Center in the Metuchen YMCA. "But, my son's the No. 1 priority. 'm really going to miss it. Whoever takes over this year should have a very good team" Athletic director Gary Kehler is already dose to naming a replacement. He's currently interviewing candidates and he's hoping to reach a decision this weekend. Kehler did not reveal the names of any candidates. The new coach will be delighted to know that the Blue Devils lost just five swimmers to graduation, only three of which consistently scored points during the season, Westfield has a strong cast of underclassmen (Please turn to page B-3) each individual card. The numbering of each card is proof to the consumer that only a certain amount of each card has boon produced. There will be factory' sots of this item available within the month. f you can afford the going price, snatch them up because there are only supposed to be 100,000 sets generated, including both factory and hand collated. Presently, my understanding is that the hand collated sets will be priced x-tween $90 and $100 with the factory sets starting at about $120. Peter Smith rvsuh'r in Piscorcurm/ ami if covsidvnxl u tmduu) canl rxprrt. His mluum appears tlic fuvt irerfc q/'eawi inonth. Send questions to: Pvtv Smith, c/ o Tom Swales, Forbes Newspapers, 102 Walnut Avc, Cranlord, NJ SERVCE (908) (908) Pontiac Master Dealer 51 Years Dependable Service TRANSMSSON 1 r SPECAL AUGMENT 1 $ 69 95!!$39 95 ' ' ^p <1 Whorl Abqnn rr1 "?» f r"tr,me, "" '" f*'', 1,)"'" 11 FN EnprM 10/7/92.. pfj Explr** 10/T/BJj

14 t Sports October 1, 1992 HGH SCHOOL ROUNDUP f (Continued from page B-l) defense, led to a pair of shutout were both seeded eighth. victories for the Blue Devils, allowing the team to meet the challenge Both doubles tandems, Jessica ; St. Claire and Lauren KazanolT at set by head coach Pete Giordano,. No. 1 doubles and Kristen Aquila who dared his team not to give up and Sarah Tirone at No. 2 doubles, any goals during the week. were seeded second. n their game at Bayonne on Fri- "We stand a chance of finishing in the top three." said coach Kathy day ni e ht ' the Beos coud hard!y j Luckey. "A lot depends on what mana g e «sh» l on let nlonc «'»' { happens to Liz and Gloria because putting one past goalie Amy Korthey'l! be playing the higher seed- [ ed kids right away. The kids did chak. Tourtellotte's two first half tallies, on assists from Lori Chelius and Abby Bomba, held up in» well last year (third) and think we } may be a little stronger than last the rain. Westfield dominated J year." throughout and outshot the home! "We have a good shot at winstanding Bees, { ning," said Burley. "This is the f best chance we have of winning in my four years here." The previous afternoon, the Blue Devils crushed Summit, 5-0, at the Roosevelt School faeld. Stacey Tourtellotte scored twice, her sister Lexi scored once and Chelius and sophomore Suzy Folger rounded out the Blue Devil scoring. Kerry Humphries and Antonia LofTredo added assists. Westfield doen't need any more self inflicted challenges, as it will play East Brunswick, Union Catholic and Bridgewater-Raritan in the next 10 days. jjgiiis cross country places 6th in Stewart Seven runners finished within 2:37 of each other to spark the Jlue Devils to a sixth-place finish n the Stewart Memorial Jnvitaional on Saturday at Warmanco 'ark. Seniors Anne Engell (23:19) and Woelle Nolas (23:22) were the first ', [iris across the finish line for Westield They placed 32nd and 33rd, L'spcctively. Kelly Ciandy (40th, Blue Devils boys soccer 5^3:36), Lisa Citrin (41st, 24:18),. llewson (42nd. 24:27) and Clobbers Summit, 7-0 >femily (ileason (43rd, 24:37) packed Rain and wet grounds postponed Jjn tightly behind their teammates. the anticipated match at Bridgewater-Raritan on Saturday, so West- ; "The pessimist in me says that we were off by a minute of what field (4-0) remained unbeaten entering yesterday's contest against ;we shouldvo done," said coach *Tom Hornish in comparing this East Side, which occurred prior to "week's times at the Stewart to last press time, Week's tunes at the class meet. n the positive side, we had a n their only match of the week Slight grouping and that'll be mi- the Blue Devils blasted Summit, 7- Sportant in the county, conference and sectional meets." The junior varsity also finished 0. Mike Cort scored his eighth goal of the season. Other goal scorers included Alex Tavares, David Villalobos, sixth overall. Freshmen Kellie Mike Wheeler, Jim Corco- Goncalves (22nd, 25:20) and Shanda ran and Ryan Hughes. Martins (28th, 20:15) led the way and were supported by sophomore Jennifer O'Brien (33rd, 26:34). Girls meet challenge: no goals allowed Stacey TmirU'llolte's goal scoring touch, couplet! with a suffocating RANKNGS Union County Football Q Union (2-0) Westfield (1-0) Elizabeth (1-0) Scotch Plains (1-1) Cranford (1-0) Daniel's hat trick paces 6-0 rout of the Mount Diana Daniel scored throe goals ami assisted on another to help the Blue Devils scored three times in either half, as they lambasted Mt. St. Mary's. (> 0, in Watchung last Wednesday Alison Koni't. Krin Allebuugh anil Jen SchwiirzcnlH'k also scored goals fin- Wi'stfuMd. which evened its record ;>t 2 2. Megan O'Brien made seven saves in preserving her second shutout ol' the year. Konet and Sehwiir/i-nbek also had assists. " just thmk we played aggressively." said head coach Maggie McFadden. "We moved the hall up the field well. To be honest, we played a little ix'uer against Pin gry v but this was our lx-st ol'letisive showing." Saturday's match against East Brunswick was jx>stponcd due to wet grounds. LNOA D. EPSTEN/THE RECORD Westfield's Suzy Folger tries to knock the soccer ball away from a HiHsborough defender during action last week. The Blue Devils are currently 5-1. Folger, a sophomore forward, scored 30 goals for the junior varsity last fall and tallied a goal and an assist in Westfield's 5-0 blanking of Summit. High School Results WESTFELO FOO«MH (1-0) Westfield 29, Kearny 0 Boy* Soccar (4*0) Westfield 7, Summit 0 Glrli Soceef (5-1) Westfield 2, Bayonno 0 Westfield 5, Summit 0 Tarnda (6-O) Westfield 4, Elizabeth 1 SOCCER BOYS DVSON V PATROTS V FREEDOM 3, CALDWELL 0 The Painois V Freedom traveled lo did well Sunday to compete against tho Caldwell Cougars Less than live minutes into tie cjnmr Wcstfield'r. Ralph Rapuano attacked on the lolt flank and plilcod n lon(j steady rross to Aleiander Utu Law senior! and took a shot which vwis parried by the Couqar keopcm Justin Del Monico look the loosi; bad rwirl drovt' it in the back of he nut to put, 0 Mikay Todtf had a vnrsiinlo game, playing ingtdo lull miclficld. stopper,ind swi'ppi.t Albert Thrower piov,di;d some on Clint] clolonsivo work on ho outside, sup porting his fincjlieldeci At tin; Kith mimiiu, Mike Slotler, looking lot a Westdcld '-.tiirt. found L.HJ in (in open spaci* L.ui rt.'coivnd Stotler i, pass nnd rrossfd it to he attacking right lo Ool Mom co vvho knockedft across for the score Andy Ku kt'pt UM; Cougar lett winy sjloni with suffocating defense and nice movor. while Michael Sanockl was given -a slight tom altor providinr) lino piatcclion ancf good ball di'jtnliutiun at thu sweoper spot n hc!>5tfi minute. Stotler. playing stop por, bauled a froo kick ahoad to Lau Lous Week of Sept Westfwid 5. PlalntoU 0 FtoU Hockey <»-») Wmtfletd 6, Mt. SL Mary's 0 Boy* Crow-Country (1-0) 1*1 n Stewart Memorial w/ 81 pis. Girl* CroM-Coumry (t-0) 8th n Stewart Memorial with 191 pta QymnaaHca (4-0) Westfleld 07.25, Scotch Ptains-Fanwood Linden YOUTH SPORTS Shot rom hc right found the upper left corner of he nel, making it 3-0 Matt O'Neill won somo nice batllns at in side right and Mltce Carter recorded MS r.pc ond &tnjtout in loarjue play GRLS DVSON SCORPONS 9. SOUTH PLANFELD 0 The Woslfield Scorpions iciyafimd.1 smashing victory Sunday at Houlihan Field. winnint) HO over South Plaindeld fiorn Mir opening kick the Scorpions, compi'.cil ol girl:, undur i; 1 years ol nrje, rjontroilud thi 1 tempo, keeping piny in the South Plamfinkl hnll ol the held for most of the 70 minute contest. Alison Cook, the right forward, scori'd the first two goals lor Wiistfiolc), both ol thorn corning ofl solm Btiots allur rucoiving perfect passes liorn cunlui lorwarfl Meghann Mc- Mnhon Melissa Willyard, playing cower r.triker in the second quarter. sroi(;d ttio third and lourih (joalb. tjotrt lap ins rcmi in liont ul tho no! n the second hall, Sara Flnestein got things going, taking tfie ball rom 110 yards out,inct bootinq it home. Jade Blgglo the right lorwaid. got the noirt goal, kicking it rom 15 yarcls out into he corner. Deirdre Lynn, usually.1 fullback, mado it 7 0 when sho tapped one in from her now loft lorward position Striker AEyssa Graye scored nom. defletling he ball off tho FOOTBALL rvington at Westfield Date: Sat.. Oct. 3 Time: 1:30 p.m. Location: Recreation Field on Rnhway Ave. in Kearny The Blue Knighte (1-1) rvington handled Shabazz, 24-14, in the season opener belore bowing to Union, last week. Head coach Chet Parlavecchio has a loadod olfense that has most of its skill players back from last year. OB Mike Hankerson leads an offense that's capable ol scoring in a hurry. Against the Farmers ho completed eight of 19 attempts tor 109 yards. Hankerson's main targets are WR Collis Martin. TE Ashermond Singleton and RB Sha-Kil Moss On delense. rvington was gradually worn down by Union's massivo front line The Farmers gained 244 yords on the ground. Defensive leaders include DBs Alphonso Bonner and Roland Chavis. DE Dana Norris and LB Danon Morgan. The Blue Davits (1-0) While the offense lilerally ran over Koarny last week, the delonso continued to be stingy, especially against 1tie run Dating back to last year, the defense has recorded live shutouts in its last 10 gamos. DE Seth Coren and LB Andrew DuPuis each made 10 tackles in tho 290 victory last week Linemen Ron Nob,n, Mark Borton, Ron Mammann and Stova Monrnngor controlled play on both sides ol the ball Offensively, Westfields strength lies in its number and variety of funning backs. Dave Doulks and John Mask are the classic straight ahead runners, white TBs Erwyn Lyghl and Alvin Moore aro quick and shitty Mask was particularly impressive last week in amassing 9? yards in H carries Over all, Wostfield rushed lof a total ol 22b yards The Skinny: This game appears to bn the classic caso ol speed versus strength rvinqton should look to use the entire field in order to utilize its outstanding tool speed This means Wostfiolds defense must be prepared to defend (ho corners, pressure ho quarterback and Cover the receivers Offensively. Wit? Blue Devi's will probably opt (or a bad control, ground-oriented attack in hopes ol kooping rvington's danger ous offensive weapons on tho side lino legs of a South Plamlield player Margot Siegel at hallback. put tho potnt on the txsarcl capping a nice? run down the left side with a confident kick Olher Scorpions contributing significantly ta tho team effort were halfbacks Katie Richards. Jessica Wyckotf. Cristin Ferrle, Melissa Karpa and Lisa Villalotoos. Thuy turned in solid pcrfo^na ices, constantly maintaining niessuie on So i!h PJainlield and creating scorifig opportun ties The defense-, although not tested (M rtiost ol the game, did play solidly when called upon Courtney Stone was particularly out! landing at swnopet and wns ably assisted by Jennifer Woodbury OT mosl of ho gamp and by Cook, McMahon, Villalobos and Lynn lor portions ol ho contost Not all o! tho Scorpions' oppononis tne expected to bo as easy to handle as South Plainliold was. but with a 11 rt^cord. the Scorpions are readytor luturo challenges PAL. FOOTBALL Westfield Griddars crush Cranford 2f-G Tho Blue Devil C" Toam onlended then U-'ague rocord three year winning stroak to 10 games on Sunday as they defeated the Cranlord Cougars, 2\-(i Tho Devils opened then 199:? season m stylish lashion as thiiy usoc! a punishing ground gamo to pul away the Cougars PREVEWS GRLS SOCCER East Brunswick at Westfield Dale: Sat.. Ocl 3 Time: 10 a.m. Location: Roosevelt School field on Tuttle Pky. and W. Dudley Ave in Westfield. The Bear* (4-0) With head coach Lou Kosa recovering from a minor stroke he suffered oarlior in the week, you could forgive the players for not being totally focused on playing soccer. Nonetheless, East Brunswick continued undaunted, defeating Morris Catholic in Oenville last Thursday in a match between possibly the two best teams in the state. The offense features sharpshooters Lisa Rabii. who scored both goals against Morris Catholic, Karen Bizup, who sat ou! last year with a knee m jury, and Dobra DeNicolo. Tho midfield, which did a superior job in con trolling tho neutral zone against tho Crusaders, is led by Kris Black The defense, which has not given up a goal this season, is spearheaded by senior sweopor Carla Swartz The Blue Devil (5-1) Woslfiold seems to have recovered nicety from its opening day loss at Pingry The Blue Devils have won live straight games (boloro yesterday's match at East Side. wtveh occurred beloro press time) and have outscorod hoir opponents, 13-1 Sinker Slacoy Tourtellotte and junior halfback Nancy Schullz have boon scoring the bulk ol tho goals lor head coach Pelo Giordano Hallbacks Lori Cholius, Kerry Humphreys and Melissa Long have all conlnbulod to the offonso So nior Amy Korchak has recorded lour straighl shutouts Her job has boon inado easier by dolenders Christie McGovotn and Liz Capano The Skinny: Westlield neods to accomplish iwn things il hopes to win. First. ho d«fonr.o must contain East Brunswick's thioo high Hying forwards. Then, tho midfiold must control the neutral zone to mako rt tougher lor he Bears of lenso to operate Offensively, the Blue Devils must make tho most ol their scoring chances against a team thai has yel to surrondor a goal this soa son. Lalo in ho first hall with the gamo scoreless, Dluo Devils outside linebackor Larnont Tumor stepped in ftont o( a Cranlord receiver and raced -10 y.'iujs interception to give Wi'stln'ld a G 0 lf*ad Quarterback Kevin McCorm.ich ran m M tho corwersion. n the (hurt ciu.irii'r, Ci.mford scotcd on a limig p;iss play But Hiu Cougars were dumod hi 1 point.liter, as linebacker Tim Young stuffed the Cougar lullh.ic.k on tho tyard lino lo prnsorvf, 1 thr / 6 lead Tho Devils, behind hu powt-i UHU) cjf iii.,uk Pat McMahOn and tlic ii,(u hint] nl Jim Mltchel, Dean Rtcca, Mike McCue, Dave King, Chris Glacone, Brian Russo, Joe Sandars, Matt Daly and Mike Ciaccinrolli controllod tho second i.11 r lurner, Jh»> i.pcedy hallt>nch rippod off two long touchdown runs m tfu; fourth quarter and McCoirnack scored the extra points on wn txujtli'gs McMahon [urner,iral MtCormack led a tough Woiilfmlct iluli-rir.c Jake Dupont, Mike M r o i, Mike Duelka >m Joe Glresi at curnivllick shut down the Cranlord passing attack strnni) Goger fhi' '.ccondary was hulpod by tho : M.> pi,iy ol Blf Brunhouse, Eric Vines Wilt, Eric Encarnaclon, Kevin Farlnn, Joe Robinson, Evan Smith and Sergio Vlllafano lie Jlue Devils t.iko on Scotch Plains no«t Sunday al home on.disnn Fiold at t? DANA DANEL WESTFELD The senior center halfback scored three goals and assisted on another in Westfield's 6-0 blow out of Mount St. Mary's in (ield hockey action last Wednesday. "As chosen by Forbes Newspapers Sports Dept." DEREK CARTER DUNELLEN A junior tailback on the Destroyers' football team, Derek has started the season in grand style with 391 yards rushing in two games. n the opener against Belvldere, he ran for 200 yards on 13 carries, before gaining 191 on 31 against Metuchen. n addition to scoring two touchdowns n each game, Derek, who was a quarterback at Plalnfleld High last year, threw a touchdown pass agninst Bolvidere. 1 A4 cht-srn hy f orhes Newv»in,ifn>f &' Sporis Dppl." YOUR SPORTNG GOODS COMPLEX 513 W. UNON AVE., (RT. 28) BOUND BROOK, NEW JERSEY/ /on., luer.., Thurr,.. f ri 8 30 AM to 9 PM/Wed. & Sut 8?0 AM to 5:.?.i Tho Westfield Rocord-

15 October 1,1992 Sports B-3 N THE NEWS Boosters begin 550 Club Drlvi The Westtield School Boosters Association, Continuing a 25 year tradition, will be mailing jits 550 Club membership totters. Thai's ho estimated number ol athletes who participate n Wostfield High School sports programs. A request lor a penny an athlete, or $5.50 per donor, was made. This annunl program hag continued as a part of Booster fund raising efforts to help assist the school athletic teams with donations of equipment nnd related tems not normally covered by school athlotic budgets. you would like to participate, please send your contributions to WesWeld School Boosters Association, P.O. Box 594, Westfield, N.J. ; or contact 550 Club Chairman, Lowell Higgins! at Rec Commlilon to holt taltty clinic The Westfield Recreation Commlslon will host a coaches safety clinic given by the Rutj gers Youth Sports Research Council on Tuesj day, Oct. 6 at the high school cafeteria. This three hour clinic will be held from 7-10 p.m. with registration beginning at 6:45 p.m. The i cost is $15 per coach. Under law, in order to be provided with partial civil immunity from lawsuits, each volunteer coach must attend a rocognized three hour SCOREBOARD clinic, This clinic will meet all th* requirement* of the law, as well as provide th* coaches with a handbook and reference manual. Major topics covered are: general coaching concepts, fundamentals of sport, and first aid procedures. All volunteer coachos are strongly encouraged to attend this mportant clinic for their own protection. f you have any questions, please contact the Recreation Department at * Far HU» SteeplMlMM The 72nd running of the Far Hills Race Meeting Association's annual steeplechase races will be held Oct. 24 at AT&T Moorland Farms n Far Hills. The theme this year is "Family Day in the Country." and will feature a new event the Sport of Kings Challenge for first-year steeplechase horses. Ticket prices are: $200 lor member and oversized vehicle parking; $100 tor subscriber; $25 general admission and $20 for preforred parking. Grounds open at 9 a.m., with pony races starting at 11 a.m. Formal racing follows at t p.m. W.T.A TENNS NEWS W.T.A. Fall Tennis Social The Westfield Tennis Association s hosting ts annual Fall Tennis Doubles Social. The event s open to members, all Westfield residents, and guesta on October 24 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Mountainside ndoor Tennis Center. Partners of singles may sign up by October 20. Th* cost s $10 per person. For more nformation call T. Trimble at or J, Power at , CYCLNG WMtflald Clastic Bik* Tour a*tto roll The Westfield Classic Bike Tour will be held on Oct. 4. The event will benefit the Westfield Police Athletic League, the Wettfield Rescue Squad and the Westfield Jaycees Foundation. t will begin and end in Mlndowaskln Park. t's not a race but a tour that bikers take at their own pace. t will offer ndividual* and families of all ages the opportunity to safely ride their bicycles n and around the community of Westfield along a variety of routes choosing from one, seven, 15, 35, or 65 miles. There s even a 15 mile mountain tour. All routes promiso to be scenic, fun and challenging. Each route will also be well marked and will have sufficient checkpoints where riders can rest and got food and refreshments. f you can't quite pedal the entire distance you choso, vans will be available to pick you up. The registration fee of $15 for an ndividual and $25 for lamllles of three or more will include lunch, valuable coupons and favors, and a chance at some valuable door prizos. Riders will be encouraged to collect donations toward their ride and make them eligible for a Westfield Classic T-Shlrt, plus valuable awards, including a 25 nch color television set. There will also be a raffle with the main prize being a mountain bike donated by Pro Tour Cycles. Form a toam of five or mate and try to win the leaded Artistic Glass team trophy. Upon completion of their lour, riders will be treated to a delicious barbeque tunch while they listen to the Westfield Community Bard and the Westfield Boy Scout Jazz Band porform n lho bandstand. Don't worry about your blka being stolen because you can check it nto tho monitored bike check area. For more information contact either Jeff Slirral at or Robert Algann at GOLF MCC Fall Coif Classic The Middlesex County College foundation will hold ts 10th Annual Fall Golf Classic Oct. 5 at Metuchen Goll and Country Club. Proceeds benefit scholarship funds and financial aid. A $200 ticket includes lunch, golf, dinner and prizes. For more information, call MCC Foundation, * SPORTS CALENDAR Oct. 1-7 All times P.M. unless otherwise noted Thur, Oct. 1 Boy* Soccer Westfield (Fresh) at Pingry, 3:45 Tennis Union County Tournament al Hub Slino Complex, 4 Frl, Oct. 2 Football Westfield (Freth) at rvington, 3:45 Boy* Soccer Westfield (Var) at PlainfielcJ, 4 Olrls Soccer Westfield (Fresh) at Churchill, 3:45 Tennis Union County Tournament a! Hub Stino Complex, 4 Sat. Oct. 3 Football Westfield (Var) vs. rvington, 1:30 Boys Soec«sr Westfield (Var, JV & Fresh) vs. E.Brunswick, io a.m. Girls Soccer Westfield (Var & JV) vs. E. Brunswick, 10 a.m. F)*ld Hockey Westfield (Var S JV) vs. Metuchtn, 10 «.m. Cross Country Shore Coaches Meet at Holmdel, 9 am. Mon, Oct. B Football Westfield (JV) at rvmgion. 3:45 Girl* Soccer Westfield (Fresh) vs. Mendham, 4 Field Hockey Westfiold (Vat & JV) at Summit, 3:45 Tennis Westtiold (Var & JV) al Union Catholic, 4 Gymnastics Westfield at Middletown North, 6:30 TM, Oct 6 Boys Soccer Westfield (Var 4 JV) vs. Linden, 4 Girls Soccer Westfield (Var) al Linden, 4 Devils post shutout (Continued from page B-l) " was especially happy with Mask, both on offense and defense," said head coach Ed Tranchina. "He runs very hard. He proved he's a player today." Mask's interception of a thirdand-nine pass by quarterback Bob Carlson deep in Kardinal territory set up Westfield for its second touchdown of the first half. The first score, came on a 2- yard run by Duelks with 8:18 left in the second quarter, was set up by Mask's 37yard ramble down the right sideline and nfantino's 3&yard pass completion to split end Rodney Hayes on third and-13. On the second scoring drive, Mask bullied ahead for 21 yards on third-and-four 1o give Westfield a first-and-goal at the Keamy three. Sophomore tailback Erwyn Lyght plunged in from the 1-yard line exactly four minutes after Duelks opened the scoring. nfantino couldn't handle the snap on the extra point, but he was able to find Duelks wide open in the end zone for a two point conversion. Westfield led, tfro, at hatftime. <*mm. The second ha!f was completely one-sided, as Kearny's offense didn't pick up a first down on its next three possessions. Meanwhile, the Blue Devils offense literally ground out two more scores. The Blue Devils third touchdown was capped by Mask's 2- yard run with 1:53 remaining in the third quarter. Mask ran four times for 24 yards on the 40 yard scoring drive. Tailback Ah/in Moore concluded the scoring on his 53- yard jaunl midway through the fourth quarter. On a delayed hand off, Moore found a gaping hole right up tho middle. Trie junior accelerated through the opening and scampered untouched into tho end zone. "A lot ol guys had their first varsity game today," said Tranchina. "Those guys grew up a lot today. They're a big plus. The leadership from the seniors was another big plus." Devils girls swim coach steps down (Cnnliiiiii'tl Voni pa^c B-l) who ;irv nlmost cci'thin to improve upon liisl yr;ir\s (i'j-l iiuii'k. "Wr \wrr SMlislunl iiiicl pleased with the joh tln> co;u'li<\s did," said Kt'liler "We'd <vil;iinly like to hiivc ii lone term eoiich. You lost 1 lite continuity <>l' instruction ;md it's dhinithy ;i plus when you h.ivi' tin- saint 1 couch jvar alter year heciiiise there's a lot of oltsea--.iui conimiiiiiicatioii between the eoiirlies ami players." nterns needed Tin- 'm he:; Newspapers sports ili'p.'ii'liiii'iit r- i-iiiieiilly acceptinc ;i i ilnmtioir. "! sp^nis interns lor hr!l[l;' \WA ] i ] i r) :, seasons. ntri'msliips aie unpanl, Hit olit a innijii'' i > ij i lit v tn rani in a news ri»n seltint;. liidtiis must n- liij'.h :;elii«il i.tiiilrnts who can drive. T you're iuu'h'sled, write ami tell us why to: Nurh (lairett, Kxeculivt 1 Sports Kilitnr, KoHics Newspapers, P.O. Hox <i!)(). Soiiiijville, N,,). aurlmoton 929 Routs 130 North 6O93B6-O770 VMM 58 Route 206 2O CHMTM 125 Route!06 90S Q CLNTON 66 Old Highway 12 9O« OOVtR/HOCKAWAV 416 Route AST MUNWCK 264 Rouie 18 90S CAST HANOVER 2S9 Route 10 East FLMMOTON Route Circle 9OB-782-2S00 fondt 336 New Brunswick Ave FMEHOD 4011 Roule9 90S OMEN SHOOK Roulo 22 Eusl MACKBTTSTOWN 15 Route 46 tt as! ol Town 9O8-852M00 MULCT 3140 Route 3b i «l to 90S HGHLAND PARK/EDSON 1610 WoodbrxJgo HOHTSTOWN 400 MercBr Street D MUMOftOUOH??00 Curnplain Road 908* LAWflfMCEVLlE 2925 Brunswick Pikp, Route LTTLE MLL9 2 Miin Strwt 201-2M-7400 MADSON 319 Main Street METUCHN 203 Route MONMOUTH JUNCTON 3930 Roulo 1 North 908 B21-B9O0 MOftMSTOWM East Hanover Avo MOUNT HOLV 1582 Route 38 at Route NEW BRUNSWCK 6 Terminal Road (ott Mow Lane NEWTON l34wat«rsiiwl NORTH PLANFELP Moute 22 and Mountain Ave OAKHURST Route 35 NOHH OCEAN 920 Route 35 So Wannnmasso TOtWM.iaOO PHLLPSBURO 44B Memorial Parkway R 21 E) ooa-ssg-idoo PSCATAWAV 10 Ethel Flonrt Wo )OB ? PONT PLEASANT 3117 BnriyeAve (oil Rt B POMPTON PLANS Houte 23 (Plains Cenlerl 2O-831-0S00 PRNCETON.Vfl Slate fload Route 70S) ROSELL PARK Wojtiiold and Locust Avenue 90( SOMERVLLE Route Circle SPARTA 8* Mam Siieot TOMS RVER 2B0 RoutfJ 37 E.'isl 1)1 Pkwy 9OB-244-'i500 UNON Ftouto 22 final and Springfield Road WASHNGTON Route 31 9OR O0 WEST CALOWELL 640 Pussaic Avenuu 2O O WESTFELD 14^ South Avnnut* Last '.(UB WEST ORANGE 2J' Pro5p(M ; l Avl'nuil lilt Uaklni s 2ui-/:n-ir>oa AM tiliitiuns open Mtirxlay Hull fn <1,ly / (10 um to 5 00 pr>i Silturdiiy '. uo pin Al L LOCATONS AHE OPCN NKiMlS f'ltasr i:all i thr ctjliun l you rah STS-1 <D EASY CREDT TERMS NSTANT CREDT. 90 DAYS SAME AS CASH! SE STORE FOR OEAUS THE TRES YOU WANT FOR StmocesTone Ttrcstone RELL EXPRESS URE SERVCE: TRES NSTAtlED N 45 MNUTES OR LESS OR YOUR STS VALUE PACKAGE S FREE "STS VALUE PACKAGE" COMPUTERZED WHEEL BALANCNG TUBELESS VALVE ASSEMBLY ALL WHEELS HAND TORQUED TRE PROTECTON POLCY STS "NO HASSLE ' WARRANTY LOOK FOR THE STS "EARLY BRD" KEY DROP BOX FR 721 ALL SEASON STEEL BELTED RADALS OFFER ENDS OCTOBER 10, 1992 size P155/80R13 P165/80R13 P175/80R13 P185/80R13 P185/75R14 P195/75R14 -The Westfield Record- WhttiflSl Regular Price $50,95 58,95 62,95 65,95 69,95 73,95 W y Whitewall Sato Price $ STS 30,000 MLES ESTMATED TRE LFE ECONOMY ALL SEASON STEEL BELTED RADAL SZE P155/80R13 P175/8OR13 P135/75R14 P195/75R14 P205/75R14 P205/75R15 P215/75R15 WHTEWALL * 4) 40,000 MLES ESTMATED TRE LFE fircsronc FREHAWK FTX SPORT PERFORMANCE ALL SEASON STEEL BELTED RADAL SZE Pr 5/60TR15 P205/60TR15 P215/60TR15 P225/60TR15 We'll lubricate chassis, drain old oil, add up to 5 quarts Quaker State oil.and nstall new quality filter. Special oil and filter typos may result n extra charges. Expires 10/10/9? WHTEWALL , SERVCE COMPUTERZED WHEEL ALGNMENT Servico includes sotting FRONT WHEEL front ennnbef, castor and too to manufacturer's specs THRUST ANGLE $39.95 For enrs requiring till four wheels to bo referenced FOUR WHEEL $49.95 For cars requiring all tour wheels to be adjusted At STS Car Service Centers, Our nationally-certified auto technicians are also part owners. So it's in tf>eir interest to take the time and the care to make sure you're happy. size P205/75R14 P205/75R15 P215/75R15 P225/75R15 P235/75R15 Whitewall Regular Price $74, Whttowcrit SafmPricm $ Sente* 30,000 MLES ESTMATED TRE LFE ECONOMY MPORT ALL SEASON STEEL BELTED RADAL SZE BLACKWALL 17b/7OR /70R /70R /70R /70R ,000 MLES ESTMATED TRE LFE firtsfonc ATX ALL TERRAN LGHT TRUCK ALL SEASON STEEL BELTED RADAL StZE P205/76R15 P215/751? 15 P235/75R15 P235/75R15 PLY SL SL XL SZE PLY U235/85R16 10 R4S TREAD DCSGN WHTEWALL BLACKWALL MANTENANCE ELECTRONC TUNE-UP $>fo95 Wo uv.tnll Autolifp spark m^t ^J l>hn!. y>l timing test buttery, lh,, t,, ->. i r.ginns i it Hi. hi iiijiih.} system and iiv.pi M i i-ithoi koy ongme parts liunsverse V-6 engines 'ind air conditioning inforterence extra. Six Cylinder [ nginos %W9b Light Cylinder m in uv.?6 1^ Ob \ xpiior. 10/10/9? STS SAFETY NSPECTON Wo check important vohicli > functions liko bolts wakes, oxhaust. lluicjs. hosos. lights, shocks, tiros, wipers xpires 10/10/92 Regularly S7 95 J -4-

16 B-4 *TheWistfield Record October 1,1992 RS will auction liquor license of town restaurant Creativity downtown By ELZABETH QWOMEK THE RECORD The nternal Revenue Service has seized Sinclair's Restaurant for alleged non-payment of taxes. The license will be auctioned off to make up for the money the restaurant owes the RS, officials said. Until the actual auction takes place, the seafood restaurant will still be serving alcohol, according to manager Scott Williams. He declined to comment any further on the proceedings. From the RS's standpoint the process is not a quick one. First the taxpayer receives up tofivelet- any problems enforcing it, town attorney Charles Brandt said. Alters informing them of the tax money they owe. f the amount of though the law is unrecognized by money is not high, according to the ABC, it has been on the books RS spokesperson Colleen Hancock, a collection agency collects "t has been a matter of dispute for over 25 years, he said. the money. f it is high, an RSbetween the ABC and Westfield," officer makes contact with the taxpayer to make arrangement to get the full payment. f the taxpayer does not keep their debt account current, the federal agency will seize their assets. But, it is a last resort measure, Ms. Hancock said. The RS gives the taxpayer many opportunities to pay the owed money because they will lose money in the transaction. Anytime something is auctioned off, the will not get the full amount, Ms. Hancock explained. The whole process may take up to six months or more, she added. As with any other liquor license transfer, it will have to be approved by the Town Council. However, the town of Westfield has placed a condition on the license that it must be used in a restaurant with 250 seats. The town restriction is disputed by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, but the town has not had Mr. Brandt said. The new owner of tho license will have to abide by the town's restrictions in order to havo the Council's approval. Mr. Brandt was uncertain if the RS would find the restriction problematic. "Whether the RS agrees remains to be seen," Mr, Brandt said. Women Business Owners plan open house on Wednesday The Union County Chapter of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAW- BO) will host its second annual Business-to-Business Open House Wednesday. Oct. 14, at the Westwood in Garwood, 5:30-8:30 p.m. All women entrepreneurs, or those in pursuit of owning their own business, are invited to join the members for networking and celebration. "We are currently in our 10th year,"says Chapter President Brenda S. Rhodes of Express Typesetting in Summit, "and we anticipate exciting and challenging opportunities in the years to come as SHARON WLSON/THE RECORD At the FestiFall last Sunday, Bonzo the clown, also known as David Becker of Edison, creates a balloon sculpture for a small, rapt audience downtown. more women entrepreneurs enter the business community." According to Ms. Rhodes, last year's Open House drew over 100 participants including members, non-members and exhibitors. This year, about 1,000 invitations have been sent to women-owned businesses throughout Unj,on, County, For more information, or to make a reservation to attend, contact Pat Sigmon, LPS Consulting, 889-C300. NJAWBO is a chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners, dedicated to supporting and encouraging business ownership by women. Secretaries to meet on Wednesday Professional Secretaries international. Union County Chapter, will tional meet tho first Wednesday of Professional Secretaries nterna- hold its monthly meeting Wednesday, Oct. 7, at tho Westwood Restending tho meeting or receiving in- the month, Anyone interested in attaurant in Garwood. The social will formation may call Pat Rufolo at (evenings) or Connio be 6 p.m. with dinner at 6:30 p.m. Digieso at (between 2-4 followed by the business meeting. p.m.). Central tqj's Source For Meeting People. Take some lime to onto down torn* chiractanstics aboul yourself, and your pfeioiences about the type ol person you'd lko to meet 2.You can place your ntroductions' ad for free usl by calling Our specially trained slatf will help you wtila your introductions ad. to gel (he best response Deadline lo ptace your ntroductions ad is Monday by Noon. 3. Your ad will run toflour weeks, and can be renewed at any time 1 80O559«9495 TO PLACE AN AD OR FOR CUSTOMER SERVCE ntroductions is operated by Forbes Newspapers. 44 Franklin St., SomatvMe, N J Forbes Newspapers' ntroductions is a way to meot people, find a tennis partner, a fourth tor bridge, or another classical music lover Whatever your interests, you should be able lo find someone lo share them. Personal advertisements and voice mail messages mny not contain language that is ovortly sexual, suggestive and/or offensive to the general public The publisher reserves the right to reject any nd This publication assumes no responsibility of liability tor the content or reply of a personal advertisement. Must bo 1B years or older lo use this service. MOST COMMONLY USED ABBREVATONS: B Bl^ck C Christian D Divorced V Femnlf? H Hispanic J Jewish M - Male S Single o W White TO ANSWER ' WW - Widowed AJsf AT> WWW White. Widowed t. Nolo the extension numbers at hn and ol the nets you'd like lo answer? Call horn n Touch Tone phoru; 3 Fellow hu vtxcu pruriipts and record yotn> The cxir.t is $2 00 per minute 4 You must bo 18 years nr older lo ur,n this 900 lino. 1«900«226*1003 %2 FOB THE FRST MNUTE, $2 FOR EA. ADDTL. MNUTE 1000 PERSONAL KNM WWWM- S'10", 184 lbs. cenl«r«l Jersey area (Edlaon), non-imoklng/drlnk- ng Protaalint male. m«chnlc«lly nclined. anjoy fishing, autoracing, flea-markaia, uaad to b* i P/T modal, looking (or a SWF yrs old, between S'6" and up, must ba n good hsalin and Protestant 9X OM nrafm Pmtnen EARLY AM EXERCSE PARTNER- wanted nside and out, brisk walking and or roller bladlng. wetghts/toning 'm near 5 Points n Union. Please call ext Share expenses, guarantee great time. Please Exercise Partners is a nt-w call classification and is part of F YOU RESPONDED TO Forbes Newspapers' ntroductions, ft it intended for SAGE MAY HAVE BEEN THS AD, YOUR MESme by people looking for DELETED. PLEASE REother people with whom to SPOND AGAN. exercise or pity tportf. Far DWM 43, with boat n more information please \Vm Kays, looking for unencumbered S/DWF call /-WBMJMM for 1007 Oamm Ptaymn Traveling Qompanions u n fw clas* ficati*n and 2 MATVM LUtlsacking 2-3 \ntmrmmmlm* ntroduction). t ii in- part mf Fmrbet Newspapers' tennis partrtart. Cranford tended for me by people ndoor court reserved looking for other people Tuea. fl-oam. Please with whom to travel. For reply box 4076 more information please Game Players is a nrw call l-bqq-s$ clairtfl "0tt0n ottu 9 pttff *f Forbes Ntnrtpafrs' ntrudttctitns. t H mtsnsum 10U fmr use by pteple looking for other people with whom tu play garnet. For more in formation please call /W0-1S WOMENS FUN* LEAGUE SOCCER* A baglnnar level, 30 i team looking for otftar ( rti«lo play or n«w playwi n North Plainfield Area f nterested, please reply ext Advertise n fie Ctttttlledt Hobbyists Hobbyists it a new classification and it part of Forbes Newspapers ntroductions. t intended for use by people looking for other people with wbam n pursu.. hobbies. For more information pteate call /- S00-!S9-949f ATTRACTVE SJF '8", easy going, good sense of humor. SO. SJM, 30 B, non-smoker, lor trip to Las Vegas during tha week of Christmas, and possible felatlonshlp, pleas* call OKt.3696 DSNEY WORLD, FLA SWM, 39. seeks white female for Disney vacation n middle to late Oct. frsquant trips to sunny spots this fall/winter. Please call ext QUY8,- 30'a, with unleshlonabls car, sook 2 led-up females, comely, lo search for the Qrail Please reply ext SWF age 22. one blond hair blue eyes, one brown hair blue eyes, each looking for a SWM, aga 22-27, for friendship/ possible relationship, we enjoy NYC, working out, dancing, and AC, f you have similar nternals, or can ad to ours please call exi.4252 SWCF 47. rish/english, non-amofcar, likes cocktails, kisses & conversation with a man who makes ma laugh, makes me blush A keeps ma always wanting more. 'm free of baggage, no exhusbanda, or lingering ralatlonahlpa. nave been loved & know the real thing. You can not fool me. Can you handle my exhuberance tor life? No wall flowers or clinging vines nead respond. Be confident, possess humility, ba fun loving & genuine. Above all-make mm laugh! Please reply box 4206 ATTRACTVE, SWM, 25 Looking for good looking, young seductress Serious nquiries only. Please reply exi ATTRACTVE * CLASSY SWF- 29. looking lor SWM tor tier one & only". Are you successful, tall, extremely handsome, sincere, romantic & wtrty? am a fiery Aries whose nterests nclude horses, adventure, intrigue, movies, tennis etc Might we have something in common? You won t be disappointed Ext ASSERTVE. SUCCESS- FUL A ATTRACTVEclean & oducatad, classy 36 yr. old, DWM who loves excltemont, passion & exotic adventures. Wants allraclivo slim, special younger womnn who wants moro than n 9Vfc wk. relationship & s not afraid to ask lor it Please reply box 4119 af you have an item you can no longer use and want to give it to someone for free, use the "Free to Good Home" category. f you have a pet that you can no on ger keep and want to give to someone for tree, use the "Adoptable Pols" category. Forbes Newspapers Classifieds help you recycle! = DOUBLE THE PLEASURE, DOUBLE THE FUN- 2 mpulsive, irreverent, fun-loving temales (30s) seek 2 imaginative, outrageous, good looking guys (30-40). Taka a chance. These girls just want to have fun! No nerds, dorks, druggies, or lalnt of heart need apply. Take n chance call ext 4214 A VERY HAPPY- well adjusted mid 40» woman s seeking one vary special guy. 'm a late YOUR NAME? LOOKNG FOR bloomer, ao to apeak, You're getting who poaeaiei a grtat wanner... deal of advanture and zest for life. Caught up n a career track, coupled /r is the poltiy of thit with an ntense travel newspaper not to publish schedule, never found any personal advfttsrment time to aettle down. 've thai may be overtly sexnal t lighted now and ammggettivt and/or offensive ready lor a special relationship. Please be a tervice is intended solely lo the general public. This non-smoker and a happy for personal advertisements man. Call ext for singtts who would like la establish a relationship wtth Pthrr singles. ARTCULATE, Brainy, witty, worldly, tall, trim, handsome 403 WM- WASP Very successful international exocutiveamusing & sexy & highly meeting a slim woman DM 55, nterested n educated You are tall & for long-term relationship, non-smoker, likes slender, a secure, complex outdoorsy beauty: all type* ot music, ext.- ago appropriate & a GAP 3899 to Givenchy woman for whatever. Please call Ext Advertise in (he Ctisilttod! Ads n Classitlcd don't cost They pay! DWJF 49, bright, lively, attractive, prol., from somerset county, soeks, ntelligent, secure man from ages for friendship & possible long term relationship ext 4254 CAO BELLA RAGA- ZZA Ju9t returned from Sicily n search ol a slender, dark talian Princess 19-2B. 'm 22, vy League Grort SBM. Please call Exi DWJM- Attractive, alhletlc. 59", 170 lbs., successful. Soeklng warm caring confident indopondent lady, 32 to 42 (or long term relationship. Reply ext Advertise in the Ctassihcd! Two classifications in the Forbes Newspapers Classifieds are FREE to you when you fill out and mait in the coupon. Name? Phone Address ['_] Free to Good Home (2100) ] Adoptable Pets (3080) City Slate- Zip. Fill in 1 charactoe per box, allowing lor spaces and punctuation as necessary. Romomber lo includo phono number. 4 lino limit. To run the ad (or frco, this coupon must ba used. No phono or ders. For any questions call: Send lo: Forbes Frccbicr. Forbes Newspapers Classifieds P.O. Box 699, Somorvlllo. N.J. 0QB7G DJWF- VERY PRETTY & PERSONABLE, wet! educatod, professional, slim, young looking 43. physically ncttve, sollstlcotod yol down lo e.inh, soaks an oqually warm, genluno. roflnod. caring, communlcntlvo, bright, attractive, fun loving, non-smoking, 40s - 50 s professional man, 1o oxploro Ufa and t's plodsurus. lovo tho out. doors, tonnls. biking. rnvol, dining, and tho arts, ext.3900 DO YOU BELEVE tlinl nnlasiob can como true? Would you lko to racionto ho oxcltomont of ho lirst kiss you evor had? Ate you looking lor n rolatlonship thnt QOOS from fireworks to cuddles? (his is you, nntt you uro altrnctlvo, small-framed, not grossly ovorwoicjht find MUCH youngor than, keep roadlno. 'm nn attr.icllvo 51 year old JM, separated, smoll bu'iinoss ownor <)oekim) n now life. don't drink, ox cept wine, quit smokimi 6 wookg nyo urn wollectucntod. unit fmvu a multitude ol ntmcinls ranging mm hrid<;u to fast cars n Vorjnr,' You will be ruaaonntily mluc n 11) d, tinvn n (joint sonsn of hiimiir, liko to laugh, bo coinforlnhlu in onrih or cnckwiil drosf; r find you will t>u n tnurhy looly person willing t<> iln your shnro to mnko,i now rolnllonship wink My kkfs run (]TVMV nmit on thoir own. t you h.ivtyo u h[]s t nmi it t ho inn that's linn d iuvo lo hnar frum ;i ndy who ln\'i fi 7iisl lor die. iin,ip proclalion of r t < > el nn ninnls, nnfl w.ints in ho (mil of n i:ou ili' rii'.-i'n' cnll Hxt 3iM4 DWM- 41, prtifd'i'iiomil aocuro ob,!> ((>, uui ihs. nthlhtlc, <!i' f oys ',[nnk h ltiovlfj!t, <:nn vn i 'i jit ion Suokinu m i, 11r,i H! wiiini, ruling wnmitin (in comfimitihi'ihip H< h-h n> Fully ri lu'itim; MiJaHmi ship llii(ily t»l :i'i,',- DWM-- :: y,. -,oil nrnplnytiil. lr)nkint tot,i wooiilli tit Mili'ilfirK o who fl M MHt K honit'.t VVfwlias VEirlorl /^ t<; billing tn wink Mi Ml < wi j> rnliitloiithlp 'ill Utf lljfi, liltiriffii h-iii.hi,. nyo9 Cull «t 111 1, try youtl attractive, tall i in. love all types of music sports, dancing, thontro & NYC. have one child Would like to meot >. DWM with similar characteristics & nterests Mho is down to earth & has n good sense of humor. Please reply box 4123 DWM S3, trim, athletic, stablo and vibrant- wish os to moot sincere lady 38 to b0. nterests may include lennls, bicycling. 00's music, dancing cooking, travel and qulei limos together, just to mention a few. ntorostoc! in friendship that might load to a long lasting relationship. nxr 4202, POBSO call DWM- 54 yr.s old couch potato, no smoko drink, looking lor slim. soxy, touch-potato, lo share couch and good times. 0X DWM hopeless romnn tic, one woman man, 4 > btit riding my Harloy. makes rno feel lko 25 b'0", 150 lbs., 2 tattoos find ono oarrlng, looking for n petite ndy. (ago nnl important) for companionship and whalovur olao dovolops out.4068 FEMALE, 5' 6", PHD, PSYCHOLOQST WHO RESPONDED TO MY AD. COULD YOU PLEASE CALL AGAN AND LEAVE YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBEH YOUR MESSAGE WAS CUTOFF. FT, ATHLETC GENTLE- MAN- wllh stylo. 35, imiks companionship ol kxikuuj loi nn, laugl' t«r S. good limes Oivo a rail, ft lots atari on nyln(l oursylvosi Acjo unlnipor-,nit Haro tiiiinnn Hoply box.lofiii GENEROUS- WM, 45, ill i cicli vo. willing to '.linm. siuiks prnlty nily lot mill day ninilo/voui. i..l.". MORE ntroductions On Next

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The deadline for classified display s S PM on Fridays. CANCELLATONS: Accepted up to 4 P.M. Monday prior to publication. ADJUSTMENTS: We make every effort to avoid mistakes in your Classified Advertisement. Please check your advertisement the first week it runs. Errors in advertisements running more than one time must be corrected before the second insertion or correction allowance cannot be made. Correction allowance for errors shall not exceed the cosi of tho ndvcni-iement P A Y A B L E N A D V A N C E: All.ids lor Garage Sales, Employment Warned. Wiintc to Rent, Houses 1o Share or Aparimnntr, to Share. All acts when moving, nil mi r, to addresses outside of Now jor;,o/ EXTRA CHARGES: Dlind Ads, $5.00 'or box rental and mailing charge (Box held (or 30 days) All capital or bold et1«rs 50c per lino, par week CONTNUED From Previous ainrous WM- 45, attractive, wealthy willing to ahara. Saska pretty lady for mutually banaficlal mlatraas-type ralatlonahlp. Pleat* call Ext HANDSOME SWM- 39, looking to m m S/DWF. who njoyt Qunnlson Beach at Sandy Hook as much a» do. 'm 5 11, 170 ba. alio lika dancing, movlta & candlelit dlnnara. 'm caring a sincar*. f intersitad, please call Ext 'M A WM, 27 YEARS OLD- 5'7", with light brown hair and blue ever 'm looking for a SWF for serious relailomhlp who enjoys outdoor activities and lka* going to beach and bowling. Middlesex Cty araa. Please reply ext H you're a tall, lit, eecure, educated man of ntegrity, 50+. who s bright, warm, sensitive, lovea life, including: the arts, traveling, dancing, skiing, tennis, the outdoors, lakes and the sea- think you'd like me. 'm a DWF, 5' 5", trim, presentable and professional. My children are on helr own. Call - maybe we can make each other smile. Please respond to ext JENNFER- Tho first lime you forgot to push the '#' sign. The second time you forgot to loave your number. Please call me back and do both r d love to talk to you. Thanks. Ed Ext LADES: THS SWM LOVES LFE AND WANTS TO FND SOME- ONE TO SHARE T WTH. 29 years old, blond hair, blue eye*, 6, cuto smile, who is honest and has a great sense of humor. Looking for SWF, 21-32, (kids okay.) who loves to laugh. Please reply ext MARRAGE MNDED? Want a child? want a wife: Let's make a deal...hardworklng SWM, 28, very fit, 6' ', very ntelligent, suave looking. Prof, needs mousy Country Qlrl, Corporate Lady, or n-between, or so. to share walks, movies, dinner, cuddling, beach, love (a business together?) Sacrificing for Bountiful lite. Ext NCE QUVS FNSH FR8T Do hove your ntlontlon? Ml, 'm a 36 year old, pretty, petlto, professional SJF. Who lovos to dance, i^ork out a! tho gym and spend qunlily time listening nnil looming about youl Do you want a "real relationship" with fun and frolic? Aro you years ol nge? ThoncaN exl 3610 QUALTY WOMANwants lo moot qunlily man, youthful sonlor citizen, ext S CHRSTAN WM- 6 2Z5lbs brown hair groori eyes, likes bontlruj. long walks, rlcfos n tho conn try, History. Seeks bom again Christian fomnle. for dating S possimn marriage Plonsn reply box 4127 SBM PROFESSONAL - 34, 6'2, nthlottc lypo would lko to moot nn littrocilvo & fit S/UW enjoy going mil to dinner, comedy tint's. beach, dnnclntj ft in thu movies, you hnvii "<> problom with nn rilnr rnclal frlnndslilp nr Kilntlonshlp. i'loiiio call l-.xl. 3JM3. BDM [irnfosskmal. 30, 5 r 10, 21011)5. TlHKll-i. very romnnllc, nililellc Sooking s/dhi. ;>f.-:if. who onloys any A ovoiy hlng, Cancot/PlsKDa preferred fo> possible lout) tofrn rolntlonshlp, drug S alcohol free. Hoply Bon 3010 OWM- 43, looking SDWF ages Looking lor one on one relationship, possible marriage. A woman who likea to be spoiled and to spoil her man. A nonsmoker and not nto drugs. Sociable drinker OK, kids ok. pets OK. Ukes the movies, dining out, shore, or Just being home with a good movie a dancing. No head games, no barbies. Please call ext DWM- 60, professional, very active, fit, & financially stable. An average man- no drinking or drugs, but smoke, looking for SWF, slim, 28-43, needing a nice start n life who likes to be spoiled and knows how to spoil n reiurn. Must be level headed, like sports, cars, dining out, quiet eves. Sense of humor a must! Ext SNCERE attractive, SWM, mld-30's, with vailed interest! and high values n search of car- na, atlracilve, marriageminded lady with senso of humor Ext SNGLE SOUTH AMER- CAN MALE- 31 years of age, S'9 would like to meet a single female between ages 25-30, race unlmportantant. To share the good and the bad times together. Please call o«l SM 40,- looking to make friends with S/DWF nterests nclude dining out, movies, the shore. No fatties please. Reply ext SM- 26. black hair, brown eyes, attractive, well built. 5 8" 169 lbs. with secure job s looking for swoet, niuaciivo SF, with nlco figure, good personality, between between 5' to 58 lor friendship and possible relationship. enjoy sports, working out, com. ecty A dance clubs, tho beach, dinner, etc. plea9e_caluixt SM 28, good looking & enorgellc with possession of all good qualities. Just relocated. Looking for SDF between 35 & 40. Hobbles nclude listening to music, movies, ant) being a romantic Romeo Plaase J t J l M Z SOUTHERN SWM- 26 years old, blond, vory cuto, wllh an easygoing personality. have a good hoarl and am easily persuaded into being bad. 'm seeking a fomnlo with similar ch:iraclorlstlcs so my thoughts wtll bo moro interesting each day lhan what 'm having lof dinner. Ploaso respond oxt 4064^ STOP if you're a woman botwoon ihe agos of & aro looking lor romance ft friendship, 'm a SWM D'fl, dark hair & bluo oyos, rish ft ndian, with llusions of groncfuro n tho liold Ol lovo f you lko romantic overlings by a firopliico long wnlks by tho share, niituro ft music Thon cnll and loavo a mag. Box 41 1B SWCF ttill (5 0) hlontfo, & shy. Unencumbered, but rondy lo bw 9o rish, bul don't hole) Hi a ngnlnsl mo Age 36, novor married (n good man la hard lo find). Good chomiiilry croalos raclion; nltraclion gnites friendship, friendship fjols loynlly & mspoct-a hiss is lovo. Walk wild mo stup by stop along tho path. Opon ciimmunk'ntlon» must Mnko mo lmi(jh & bo p.iifnl with my nlwnys minci lulo. Allm (ill. its you 111 bo gottirui rnndy lor Moply lion 40C7 SWCM iiiinrantooif ijood looking Mi. (>' l70lbs, hntwri rintr, tilun nyon. nun nmokur. ruijgtiit ciutilooi ly[h' nm nn nriifiibln rcirtinnhc with trndillomil V.KN jiniitl lalknr N lisloimi w [jnwil sniisci nl hiimni fovo D S bi' HH ( > icoklnci liifi loving. i «intnniuni-i!">wf. :ir.-t;. lor )'M A romnnrli llop'y r>l 'dlill AdVBitlie n lia Classllladt SWCF- 60, 5 6. attractive, well-groomed, good figure, ntelligent who enjoys going out to dinner, dancing, travel, family, friends, etc. am searching for a SWCM, 5'10" t. up to 65 yrs. of age with same qualities who s nterested n a one on one alncere relationship. Please call ext SWF- 26, brown hair, hazel eyes, attractive, successful, ndependent, non-smoker, great sense of humor, loves lootball. Please reply ext SWF- 30, 5'7, attractive, blonde, have a demand- ng ob w/crazy hours. Seeking SWM with great sense of humor to enjoy off hours with. Please reply box 4113 SWF 45 yr. old groen eyed brunette, quiet serene & excellent company s looking for the same qualities n a financially secure gentleman to snare good times together. Please reply Ext SWF friendly, out? olng, attractive, SWF, 5' 0. seeks educated, handsome, SWM age H 10" or tailor who enjoys tho outdoors, on sunny days, and the ndoors on rainy evenings. This SWF likes museums, dancing, the beach, movies, and long scenic drives on Sunday afternoons t you are a SWM who likes the same and can make me smile call ext SWF- mid 40's & very special sweet, kind, loving, deep, soft, sensitive & vulnerable a often insocure; vory understanding, loving, loyal, fun, curious, fominlne, pretty, otc. love tho bonch. travel, anything to do with water, bolng silly, porformlng arts, exploring, reading, skiing & highly oriented to close, supportive relationships wllh friends and family. At tha same lime, 'm smart, well-oducatod, fully actualizing, courageous, successful, olfoctive. highly perceptive & rosourcoful, too often "driven" professional with a fascinating & demanding caroor nood someone similar to balance my life; somoono lo bake cookies for & worry about, suprise. make hnppy & spoil My rlond ft permanent companion noocis n good sonse of humor, flexibility ft a willingnoss to work things out. Ploase reply to oxt 3041 SWF- slim attractive alhlatlc. 39 En oys golf, tonnis, movies, dining out. romantic evenings Looking lor spocinl S' DWM with similar intorosts plus a closiro lor n long term relationship. Ploase roply oxt SWM, 39, attractive. 6. l!i0 lbs, brown hair & oyes 'm looking tor n WF, (ngo not mportant,) must liko to travol nmj lovo to smilo. Plonso roply out SWM- 2bV 3, 175 lbs. brown finlr. greon oyos, fiun-smokor, non (ifinkor, non drug usof Sooking SWF 22-31, ntelligent, nttr.ictlvo & who oujoys dancing, going lo tho bcinch, tnklng romantic walks, movios S spending qulol nights locjolhor at homo lioply t?xt 3S49 SWM- ;'(!, V, f!) lbs. ]\hv tm»> *;hnio. and 11kf> to work oul nrul ktiop physically tit enjoy hs- mmuj n nil kind ot rock arid roll m looking for n SW"?l-30. and on oys Moving a (jood timo find koop ttiimtihdlvos physiunity lit 'lunso rnll out 1? 10 SWM i'h, Hind (if Ctiti Scorin txikinu for SW ;>l-;'h wlio onjoyn (iootl idirirti uf finriidr ft sliarln<j nilint llrnon nijnlliur 'lna'k) call «t 4f)/;i SWM- :n, 'J H, nnri- imiohnr. niitmi iritnnibls (in oy nm innviui, boni:hus. t)lkliii(. oxniclalny, M nk Ml!i Sniikinii n mnrrlngo minded S/OWF win) hii'i limn lo hiiikl a nsilng rloiidshlp A lo shnrci intorosis wo hnve in common Moply bo* SWM- 26, 5' to. 'm attractive, have a good seme ot humor & en oy life to the fullest. The activities enjoy are NYC, the shore, movies & romantic candlelight dinners. Looking for SWF who s physically fit, easy-going A caring, to develop friendship & a possible relationship. Please reply ext SWM 37, handsome, healthy, clean cut enjoys antiques, country living, movies, cooking looking for SWF 30's, small framed, gentle, easy going who enjoys the same Please call Ext SWM- 39, handsome, well educated, athletic professional. Enjoys sports, outdoors, tennis, golf, movies, travel the arts & sunshine. Seeks very attractive affectionate ntelligent fit female who enjoys life, companionship, romance A sharing all the above Non-smokers please reply to box 4102 SWM- attractive, 35 yrs. old. 5M0", classy, nice mod build, oducated, well-accomplished, true values, great personality, humor, no bad habits, very romantic, healthy & cautious, night owl ft off weok-ends, enjoys outdoors ft general, ncld.s traveling, he beach, movios, hiking, walking, photography, tennis, dinners, quiet evenings at home watching videos, seeks female 21-4S, attractive, hoalthy. classy, sincere, caring, not into drugs or heavy drinking, for good relationship and hot romance. ext.3b95 SWM n search of S DWF 20-35, non smoker, need someone to spoil So givo mo a call at box 4076 SWPM 29, BS., brown hair ft oyos, very handsome and physically fit non-smoker soaks the companionship of a SWF, who enjoys outdoor activities, work out, dining out, movie going or jus1 a quiol evening at home. you aro socure with yourself, value honesty, kindness, sensitivity and affoctlon, able to trust and ready fof a sorlous ono on ono relationship ploaso roply to oxl 4050 SWPM- 35, 6. vory handsomo, athletic build. lovos tho outdoors, biking, hiking, camping ft travol n search of vory attractive ndepondont, while female, who sharos tho snrno intorosls Plonso mil oxl 4212 TO GOOD TO BE TRUE- 35 yrs old, 0 3, 2t0lbs, trained by his 4 sstdrs, ho has ioarnod how not lo treat a lady fly seeing tho bums wo wont oul with, he's no fool, very strong ontollonnlly & priyblcnmy, vory gonllo. romantic ft n torrifle sonso of humor 4 n spontaneous personality thfll you can't help tjut lovo you want lo ;iol1fo down, ladles this s your chanco. Mny br> thu nsi trim princo- t you ajo llf> woon 2B ft 30,!>!> 7, not ovoiwolghl, nol into drugs, not n smokur, vory high rnomls, tarnlly orienlod, rollnblo * dependable, very swnot ft yonilo, looking (or a f]uy that will ho thoro for v " no mailer what, but oxpoets tho snrno roin you, Wo uryo you, tiun'l til this ono (jot flwny Mnply oxt VERY ATTRACTVE SLM WF- soil nmnloyod ;> r o f t* s H i cm 111, lovus riuifiu;. dunclm) nml i f jlit in til rooklntj t iu)k HJ for mnlo prufesslonnl, finaricinlly fmcuro Muni hnvw n ammo <if hnnuu, t)o siruciro mid luirmsl iirul!io(i() ynnrs of nij<< Mnnnn rail i xl A'.'liA WWOCF- SJ, siinini, nt litnllvi'..luviinliirfiu-i n simich ol S or DHCM. in-!>!> who wfirila D bo apo clal Must on oy rnvol, nml 13 hoallhy. U" nlll) and must no! ho nfrald of cormnlimonl nnd communication. Plsnso roply to WELL EDUCATED- sueessful male, financial executive, youthful early 40"s, no dependents, 5'11", runner's build, enjoys fine dining, quiet walks, gardening, and exploring, would love to share life's joys w/a welleducated, spirited, physically fit, attractive professional woman, with high standards, who loves adventure and values a caring relationship, nurtured by love and respect, ext ALLOW ME TO QVE YOU the gift of a lasting relationship. Personalized, 17 yra. experience. Call Judy Vorlo'a Compatibles M-707-tOM. EBONY SNGLES Frustrated? Dent bet Write: Black A White Sin- 8 les. P. O. Box 6294, No. runswick, NJ, MATCHMAKER NTERNATONAL The largest & most selective personal ntroduction service n the nation. For free nfo J PATH'S PARTES Buffet, Dessert, Coffee. Reservations limited. Oct. 17th, 7:30 PM 9O M Since 1974 TOGETHER has been the better alternative for thousands of single people. We keep growing because we're selective and personalized. Do something positive for yourself today Call 1-M S Last* Found BASKNG ROGEbrawn tabby ft white kitten; gray female cat with light flocks. BERNARD TWP- brown tabby kitten with white markings. BRANCHBURQ- black and white male kitten; Gray & white female kitten; Brown tabby kitten with white markings; Himalayan cot; long haired black dog with brown paws & white on neck; Black lab/pointer mix pup with white on one paw and neck; Altered male beagle. HXSBOR- OUQH long haired orange gray & buff female cat; Long haired orango female cat. SOUTH BOUND BROOK- Black & while kitten. Somerset County Humane Society, Route 22, North Branch, NJ _ LOST CAT Northwosl Motuchen, neutorod male, brown w/tlgor stripes, yellow collar w tags, f seen please call & v. msg. LOST Westfleld aroa, largo long haired, whlto ft orange tabby cat. Answeres to Buckley. Reward. Call days nights REWARD Jewolry lost n Foodtown, Wssttleld Plaaso return lo Westfield Police Depl., Greek Orthodox Church or Foodiown n Wostfloid WHAT'S POPULAR? Tho Popcorn Diot Total Nutrition Sinfully-Delicious Tnsto Big barn rolled n caramel nnd chocolate. A Dieter's Dronm! Call: FREE BOOK... A alnotos guide fo ttnilnp n tho no's ' Straight from ho Henri". Vnlued (io H2.9Li Call 1-80O S5 HAVE FUN, WLL THAV- EL- nll. slim WM photographer, 4<l'V tly nnmlc, curing, sookfi buxom, slim V# i'u-4!.".- i;lonn, non-smoker foi dlhcreet mlil-wniik lun Sond photo A phono " tlox 1 1b, c/o i rntum, P.O. Box 693, Somorvlllo, NJ OB070 NEED RDE- Mercer St., Somerville to E. Main St., Flemington A return. Weekdays Mon., Tues, Wed., Thura., Fri. Work- ng hrs. 8am-5pm. Will pay monthly. Please call after 6pm, , ask for Margaret. PRAYER TO THE HOLY SPRT- Holy Spirit, Vou who solve all my problems, who light all roads ao that can obtain my goals, Vou who give mo the Divine gift to forgive & forget all evils against me A that n all nstances of my life You are with me. want in this short prayer to thank you for all things & to confirm once again that never want to be separated from You & even in spite of all material llusions wish to be with you in eternal glory. Thank You tor Your mercy toward me & mine. The person must say this prayer tor 3 consecutive days. After 3 days the favor request will be granted even if it may be difficult. This prayer must be published immediately after the favor is granted without mentioning the favor, only your nitials should apper at the bottom. J.B. PRAYER TO ST. JUDE- Most Holy Apostle, St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesua, the Church honors and nvokes you universally, as the patron of hopeless cases, of things almost despaired of. Pray for me, am so helpless and alone. Make use mplore you, of that particular privilege given lo you, to bring visible and speedy help where help is almost despaired of. Come to my assistance in this great need that may receive he consolation and help of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations and sufferings, particularly (here make your request and thai t may praise God with you and all the elect forever. promise, O blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindlul of this great favor, to always honor you as my special and powerful patron, and lo gratefully encourage dovotlon to you Amen. L-K. THANKSGVNG NO- VENA TO ST. JUDE Holy St. Jude, Apostlo and Martyr, great n vlrlue and rich n miracles, near Kinsman of Josus Christ, faithful ntercessor of all who nvoko yojr special patronage in llmo o' need. To you have recourse from tho depth of my hoart and humbly beg lo whom God has given such great powor to como to my asslstanco. Help mo in my present and urgent petition. n return promise to make your namo known and cause you to be nvoked. (Say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hall Mary s, 3 Glory Be's). St. Judo, pray for us and nil who nvoke your aid. Amcvi (Publication must bo promised. This novana lias never boen known to fail. This prayer s to bo said for 9 consocotivo days). My prayers hnvo beon answered: R.C. THANKSGVNG NO- VENA TO ST. JUDE- Holy St. Jude, Apostlo and Martyr, great n virtuo and rich n mlrnclos. noar kinsman of Josus Christ, faithful intorcossor of oil who nvoke! your spnclnl pntronnge in tlmo ui noocl To you hnvo recourse from ho depth of my heart and humbly bog to whom Qod hns given such gronl powor to corns lo my assistance Help mo n my >r«minl nm! uiyen! potitkin. n roturn promise to mako your riamo known nruf cauno you lo bu nvoked. Sny Oui nllinrs, 3 Mnil Mary's 3 Glory He's) S. Judo, piny ftir us nnd nil who nvoke ymir old Amoii (Publication must ho promised This novnrm hns nover tioen known lo toll This prnyor Li to bo anld tor 9 consocutlvo (nyn) My prayers havo mon nrwwored: J.R. Advertise in the Classified! PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VRGN (Never known to fail). Oh, most beautiful flower ot Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine splendor of Heavon, Blessed Mother of the son of God, mmaculate Virgin, asslat me n my necessity. Oh. Star of the Sea, help me and hoar me, herein you are my mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earthl humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor mo in this necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. Oh, show m e herein you are my molh er. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray lor us who have recourse to thee (3x). Holy Mother. place this cause in your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, you who solve nil problems, light all roads so lhat can attain my goal. You who gave mo the divine gift 10 forgive and forget all evil against me and that in all instances in my life you are with me. want in this short prayer to thank 'you lor all things as you confirm once again that never want to be sedn-nlfffl from you in eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine. Tho porson must say this prayer 3 consecutive days. After 3 days, the request will be granted. This prayar must be published allor the favor is grantod. MJ3. THANKSGVNG NO- VENA TO ST. JUDE- O Holy St. Jude, Apostle and' Martyr, great in virtue and rich in mlraclos. near kinsman ol Josus Christ, faithful ntorcossor of all who invoks your special patronage in time of nood. to you havo recourse from tho depth of my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to como lo my asslstanco Help mo in my present and urgont petition. n rolurn promise to make your name known and cause you to be nvoked. St. Judo pray for us and all who invoke your aid. Amon Say three Our Fathers, three Hall Marys and Glorias. Publication must be promised This Novena has novor beon known to fall have had my request grantod Publication promised M.B. THANK YOU ST. JUDE 8. Sacred Hoart of Jnsus lor fnvors recoivod M.K. PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VRGN- (Novor known 1o fail). Oh, most beautiful tiowor of Mt. Carmol, fruitful vine splendor ol Heavon. Blessod Mother of tho son of God, mmaculate Virgin, assist mo in my nocosslty. Oh, Star ot tho Sea. hofp mo and how mo, heroin you oro my mother Oh. Holy Mary. Mother of God. Ounon nl Heavon iind Earth! humbly besoocli you from tho bottom ol my hoarl to succor rno in this nocosslty Thorn annono that can withstand your powor. Oh, show mo riorniri you nru my mcilhor. Oh Mary, con roivod without sin, pray lar u9 who hnvn recourse to ihoo (3«) Holy Mnlhpr plnco this cnuso in your hands (3s) Holy Spirit, you who aolvo all proh nms. Unlit nil roads!«' Hint enn attain my You who qnvo mo tin* divino glfi lo fnrfilvu mill forgot'nil ovil ngnlnsl mi' nnd thnt n nil nstances in my llfo you nru wllli mo, wnnl n thl3 shml prayer to ilinnv you lor nil things as you ronliim unco again thnl rinvm wnnl to ho Bupanitoil from you n oiorrml gloiy Thank you fur youi niftrry towrtrd run mu! mlno Tho poison mii'il sny thin prayor :\ consocutlvo ilay«afinr,i dnya, ttio roi ir<isl will m tjmntocl This ptnyoi muni ho puhllnhnd nlltii ho favor s gtnntod.v.n, PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VHGN (Novor known to nll) Oh, moat honiitilul flower of Ml Cnrmnl, fruitful vino splendor ot Honvon, Blessed Mother ol the son of God. mmaculate Virgin, assist me in niy nocossity. Oh, Star of the Soa, help me and ^ihow me. heroin you aro my mother. Oh. Holy Mory, Mother of God. Quuon uf Heaven and farih! humbly bosoo^ h you from tho bottoni cit my hyart to ^ucjc:r mi? in Tiis n o c o s s i t y T h e r e ;i r o nono thnl crui /.UV..MU) your powci Oh. bt'.ovv me ticruin you an 1 sry mothiir. Oh Mary conceived without ^.n pr,i\ for us who have n!i. :<i'\,n to thne (3xi Holy f.'.ov-i >. placo this CLU:>O K,..K honds (3x). Holy Tp.r.t. you Who ^Oivq all 1>!::[> OTS. Hqht nil reje:,,o thai can attain rny ;io-i; You who gave nw fie ii: vino C]i!t to lor",: 1 ;* 1.^ (! forgot all evil,~k.rn:,l r:n.' and ML us air in^' r--* 11 ; in my lift yc.j ;in«v.ffmo. want in th, 1, shi;il prayor to tumh i,,u fo' all things.'i;; you -snlini once ncjain that ne;t" want to be ;.eji.irad'tl ffom you in nll'n:a[ ijlory Thank you lor your mercy toward nie and mine. Tho per:.on must sby this prayei 3 ninsocutivfi days Aitor.i days, the request wil' JC granted. This, p i a v i; r must bo putjli^hoci atlttr thq favor is grantrij D.M. PRAYER TO ST. JUDE- Most Holy Apo'itk'. S! Judo, faithful servant anil frlond ot Josus. i'>" Church honors and invokes you univorsany, ar the patrrjn ol htiprlpsr. cases, of things almnsl dospoirod ot Cray far mo, am so helpless and alotto, Mako u^o iirlploro you, of that pafhcular privilege given tn you. to br' n 9 v i s i jl t l art it spoody hnlp whnrc help is almost dcspairecf >l Come lo my asaim.iruc in this groat ns'ed thai mpy rocoive the runsi'iilion and help of lieav,.n in all my nocossitios. tritiillations and Kulftrnniis. pnrticvilarly (here your request) a^ict 11>>! 1 1 may praiso God with you and all iho plod forevor promiso. O blessed St Jude. to 1)0 liver iimuflu! ot this greal favor, to always honor you as ivy special and powivuii pation. and to yrntofully i-rv courage drvotion to y-u Amen M.A.M. PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VRGN- (Nover known tn tail) Oh, most beautiful flower of Mt. C.imiol, fruitful viruj splendor ol Heaven. Hlnv.SDd Mother of the son ol Ciocf. mrnacufntp Viriiiii assist me m my nihi". l.ity Gri. Star nf lht> Sea, iielfi how TM>. hivcmi you an* p>y niolhei Oh. Kily Mary. Motru-i nl tiiid. UKHM cii Heaven rul.t'tli' h u in 1 ly i' y i' i 1 r h yim( (roni (lie viiknn ot my lu'.nt ti> sun i" mi' in lis inn: v i, fi i ly 1 t n a i 0 none that ian withsl.intl your povvef Oh shoa mo hrmmii v'" ai n niy mother Oh M.ny. enn ^fivcil willnnil in. pfay h'l us Who ll.iw r (>f (>i j r ",i l lo tlu'c.u1 Mollnu. (.L 1 thi-i r,nr;i h m voui h.irnir (,l«i Hi ly Spilll, yihj V.M^ so H ve.ill ]trt>t^ cill'.. ikllil i" sn trial,imaim my tionj > oir whu n jvc mi" the ill vine iptt l<i tiirftnt all iivis.uiainsl mo ain't that in all in;,,incus in my lit, 1 > L'U arr> imlh run, wanl in this r.ln'rl (iravor n hank VLH for all thirujh a',,'m confn in on("ti ntjatn 1h,il neve want to tu> 'ii'paial.ul from you in (Mcinal m 'Ty T hn n h you tor > mn ni(itc;y lowanl i"e ami rnine T hf> per-.on must nay this prayer 3 i'on uuiitivm tlayii AfU-i J clay;;. t(h ( ftuiuif-t vvilf l>r g r a n i'd This i i a y *'' rini'il tut published aflin the f avnr s gi anteil PMC p n A v r Ft T ti THE: OLESStU VHGN (Novel l-nown!<> la-li liri, itinst hpauliful Howpr nl Ml Ci'iui'l fnnllul vine spleiulit nl Heaven. Hli"i'iO(l Mother cl tin son ol Cil'il. rniiiiliulnlo Vlrt)ln, nfitiist riui in niy ruict'^hky Oh oi;ir n( Hie i>oa, help me.nut " v. mo, lioioin you arc my moihor. Oh. Holy Msiry, Mother of God, Queen of Heavon and Earth! humbly beseech you from tho bottom of my heart to succor me in this necessity There are none that can withstand your powor. Oh. show me herein you are my mother. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who havo recourse lo theo (3K. Holy Mother, place this causo <n your hands 13K). Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, light all roads so that can attain my goof Vou who gave rno tha divine, gilt lo forgivo and forget all evil against rno nnci thai in all instances in my life you are with rno, want in this short prayor to thank you for all things as you ronfirrn once again that i never want lo bo separated rom you in eternal glory Thank you for your mercy toward me nnd mine Tho person must say this prayer 3 con secutivo days. After 3 days. ho request will be granted. This prayer must bo publiiihod after the favor is granted. L.K. PSYCHC READNG Help on all terms of lilo including group'j Cnll Mis Mary Ray, D0B-b7?- T17Q, 02 Pi.un'ield Ave & ft! 1 G:liso r i NJ SWEDSH MASSAGE Janet. CMT Call PC*!- l"j-l By appt only THANKSGViNG NO- VENA TO ST. JUDE- Holy St. Judo. Apnsnt? and Martyr, g'eat in iirtue and rich ir rniracl'-:. ricar kinsnian of Cf-.rist, f.tlhllil inlf.-i-ev Sor ol all wfio n.'jkt. your fippcial pall rn,i'h' tri time ot need To you 1 'l.'l'.t' fi*[ UU'H TrL'. r -"i S'le dt i'n o' niy he irt and l-.iimbly tirci lo ivlion -, \ o d h a s y i ve n s ur t) i;reai.^owei tn c^rrth 1 to ny assislnncc Help me in my present arul urgent pi'tition n return prom - ir,e lo make your namo known ami cause you lo be invoked (Say 3 Our fathers, 3 Hail Mary s. L) Glory HD'S) St Jurle. pray lor us and all wrio invoke Amon ( 1 u b11cation must be promised This novena has never boen known lo fail Tfie; prayor is to be r..iul for 9 consecutive cijysl. My prayurs M;ivc tiycn answered: P.M.C. VVAN, t m yours, always, have beer 1, always will be f ni with you always and hope my presence helps VV e v c got a 11 f e 11 n i e a lie ad ot us. Baby Aiioro You Do'l Love, SOMERVLLE BASE- BALL is now accepting nominations for the aenual election of officers to bo held on Oct. 1J, Public nomination aro now being accepted and maybe submitted to Brian Kelly at tho Sep! 30th meetlmj Nominations after this cfato require written nodificaton of intent signed by a! least 5 signatures (SB. PO 77, Somerville, NJ 0887G) submitted at least 5 days prior to the election in order to t.'u accepted. 2O00 FOR SALE 2010 Antiques WANTED: Pooplo who have tiad real life spntiual arid supernatural on rounieis. am writing a bock on tho sublet, and would hko to interview vou, please reply box.10 nrbos Newspapers, 4-1 franklin St, Pu Box f.i'i Somerville. NJ. OHBTf. PSYCHC READNGS DY DOROTHY ove«health»busi':i * SPECAL» -lair l nf iiiacllhiis S'> with Hie; ad Call loi appl fiounci Hi L 90B Announccmont s DOAT SHOW OCT. flit- URVA BUYS- '.': <) a BOATS. T A n f T A M Ctn EXPO HAl, (U il-l i SON. s v.n in N.! TPK ir-.i i".;.i'h DRY SNK Farm Table- Doiujli Cox on logs, larcji- 7 dr Cunt'oard, set Nor;- taku Chiru. other count,-v furniture, b2g-2913 ESTATE LQUDATON Ron top desk. $2!>!!u, Grand Father C e c K S' : J0, anliques. ononta :. bumper pool with ek'ir - phant t'. j o.s. burik U' '* cii -,)0a-7t) Appliances 12 CU. Fr. chest fnv er il-j0 port.itmc 0.< iv.ishc S t.o. POa-'.i-" f, Mt A M A N A - e o c s : : rieaniik) range, v>-r, sjood cord S175 r ;;,'. f t:ns -! OOOBTU. n ;. AC ; ;b soo-i-i9-i5db APPLANCES- nofr. (;- enters, washers, dryvi.-. stove 1. fu>asonanli 'ales. All ijuarante!. 1! 1 Call V10H MAYTAG GAS DRYEH like new, S350 ni".'~ tiable Call 90B >:- alter : 30 pni REFRGERATOR-,':. cu ' and gas stc-e vei'tiess hood, har\< : REFRGERATOR G f vory ne. 00. Maytag Wiishor ige S75 Exrot. corn! Call 2-* WASHER- S7f> Uryo;, SE'J Stove. =..'!> ihe'ntje'rator. Si 70 Can rtehvor Color ronscln TV S00 Pis rail 7^2-C<SS9 WHRLPOOL washer. oryer S nifr, i yrs. olri. Mint cond Sears ruis qnll HO fi79-! Art Johnny v\ ANTED Porplit v,'io livo in rti.1l Tii-itL' h;,l;s&a. Ca!." f ro cial Ed, CUSTOM OL PORTRATS, plioto. (i ly iiforii. ol1!l--l'ip-'..i> 1 s a hie S)...' C T! 2040 Auctions with -N OALY BBLE Mrs SAGE-- Call U> '.' CO Bible Cnur-.e write n- ;'!ill Hiiihi.-inil Ave Pi",ealaw;u NJ oii!l!^l HOME SHOW OCT. 9-1 t.- /.SM fj till 11.. ll Hi PARSFTANY All. PHCtr. ON MCH- N - BAT H Hl : M OO- - N O r A N "t A S T C HAT is ron noorindtilli NC. WNHOWS. '.OT; Miinr APWSt.W-i!.- fpm WTH All- N. i-ono 3jr-cxF»o AUCTON ELWOOQ G HELLER.S, SON AUCTONEERS NC., w,i!l :.rll thp poi H'riril [iroperly of ftut'i Foper.?-\7 Neqle S, MOJH Urook. NJ.?.i!.. \'\ 3 "AM FUHNTURE: Oak tiov. ( -M. 'un.-i rnb, n,i(i '.'.M' pine ft i yp in k ; hr M v stand, rn ahoo '.lanl lioiit desk, pine!-.i u'kt'i rtiesl. lilt-mr.-''i:' O(t rmrroi, Martha W '.erti'hi stand, sintitr' a'vmiui ni, ri >inol rjf>\,(-.. maple tinu so!, mnpie ''utr h-lahlc w 6 chairs ( all-men ^el. sola, chnirs GLASS: cut piossod dep i o s i; i o n. R S P i u s c a. china. Flint, stemware, Weller. Slanqol pitcher s. luiwl CLOCKS: Srminn in.intcl. Wnlorbury shell f.'i'll trunk. G e r re a n lii'.i iii' he fid (M). oltl leather hound books daleii iiom 1791, HiinirTionrt organ, jinmrj lahie, sti'iiitier trunks, rotlwonti set, beer si( ns, tools, old wedding gown, Lie -ii,,'eiuth color cv, iieipo, kitchen wiui' elr pi r^ lures, tafiestn ; OinrrnoNS: nt 7?. 0 Mountain Ave., loll OMM StU'PpnrtJ Avp. loft onio Hnwthoino to Naglo Si f'roviovv nt BAM. Wnleh for aicjrifi 1ODERT E. HELLEn AUCTONEER S A Forbes Newspaper

18 B-6 Classifieds October 1, Auction* AUCTON T 0 be held on location the historic "Wtilpple Tise Farm", Katad on Montgomery Townships register of designated landmarks. Located on Route 601, off of Route 206 South, n Bella Mead. NJ. Saturday, October 3 Pr*vtiw begins at MM al«harts at 10:30AM Rain data October 10 10:30AM This outstanding Auction will consist of a v/aiuable estate's conlonls ncluding: Antique furniture, collectibles, art, general antiques, dlshos, glassware * personal property. Partial listing: Cherry hutch, walnut china cabinet, Victorian racking chairs & sola, wardrobe cabinet, Empire table & dresser, anliquo high chair, cradle, slde-by-sido, oil lamps, framed Picasso print, framed marriage Advertise in the Classified! certificates, upholstered chain, dry link, Victorian dresser, Pier mirror with marbla bass, trunks, books, advertising bottles, paper & tins, dolls, lamps, starling silver, clocks, ruga, linens, wicker, Havllland A ronstone china, prssaed glass, tools, various horse & riding equipment & much, much mora. Plaasa call for further nformation 4/or direction*. Food ftastroom Mease bring your chair TERMS: Cash or check w/valid NJ license. FRENCH'S AUCTON SRVCE MS-US-M7a FRANK LEE FRENCH AUCTONEER (MEMBER NJ»SA-NAA) WNDSOR AUCTOMS ANTQUES AND COLLECTBLH AUCTON Knights of Columbus Hair, 2400 North Avenue, WaatttaM, NJ Saturday Octebar 3, 1 PM-Pr«vtewii AM OVER 20O NTEREST- NG ANTQUE/COL- LECTBLE LOTS PAR- TAL LST: Furniture/Oriental Ruga: 19th C. Pa. Cupboard, Charry Oask, Blankat Chart, Child's Roll Top Oask, Tilt-Top Tablo, Game Table, Armolraa, Excellant VMt. Cupboard, Spinning Wheel, China Closet, Doaka, Chair a, Viet. Parlor Tabla, Mahog. Tabtat, Flna Caned 3 Door Armolra, Room Slxa Persian A Afgan Ruga, * Several Flna Accent Sized Rug* and Killms, i. Morst Jawolry/Hummala/ Colita: Fin* Tennis racalat W/sa Diamond*, Cameos, vory; Hummala: Out ol Danger- FB. Little Flddlar-SS, Sweet Music-FB, Little Celllsl-SB, Angel W/ Trumpet, Brought Vou a Olft. Coins: Unclrc. Silver Cart'a. a Year Salt, ft Assorted Coins, A Moral Decorative) tama/collactlblas: flookwood, Rosevllle, Fiesta, Fulpar, Cowan. McCoy A Waller Art Pottery, Blue Willow, Flow Blue, Beleek, Dresden, Fine Pa. Crock, Stoneware, Batty Lamps. Art Daco Flgural Lampa, Steuban Vase, Elian* hower Scarf, WW Frame, Trunk. Botllaa-Many Local NJ. Coffaa Qrlndera, Fostorla Bowl, Seth Thomaa Clocks, Paanut Vending Machine, ngram MantaT Clock, Brasa Seal*, Laca A Linens, Tapaatrlas, Records, Qolf Clubs A Moral SHvawi Starling Flatware Sate 'Courtship' by nternational * BS pet. by Sltta House, s.a. Cigarete Caaa, Card Caaa, Compote A Candleholder; a.p. Raed ft Barton a po Viet. Tea Sat A Rogara Flatwara, Plus Mlse. a.p. Radical Crosley Cathedral, Philco and Kant Radios. Violin, Relnhold Oak Victrola, Victor W210 A W80 Phonographa, Portable Victrola, Wooden Child's Vldrola, RCA Nipper Salt A Poppar. Art/Paper CollaetiMoa: 1«th C Portrarte, Primitive Oil/Board of Cabin, Qouacha/Papor-Harrlson Fisher, Daco Silhouettes, Lettera Ca. 1870s, Advertising, School, Greeting Cards. Fratamal, Panama Canal Book, WW 28th nfantry Coming Homa Program, Newspapers, Mapa, Books. 20 Part Folio-' Venice ol Today" F. Hopkinaon Smith-BM A Moral Netat tem* Still Arriving. Catered. Tames Cash or Approved Check. 10% Buyera Premium. C*Jk(MS) SSS-SM1 Winder Auction*. John Sinlaoulrt* Aiaullwieoi PAM AUCTON SERVCE ESTATES WANTED' 0UOHT A SOLD* Pat OrtMm.8Oe>«4 031 or Hike Luatano, 201-t43>732t 2070 APPLE OS PitO- 2 yrs. new, color printer, 2 disc drive, color monitor and all software CaH90S-5aO-OS21. CHKMATE- pay bills using your PC A your ex- itling checks. For further details A lo order, Write: Arlco, 2902 Wade St. Placataway, NJ 0BBS4-45S4 $28.05 nc. tax A ship. COMPUTER HCLP Confused, Frustrated? We Csn Helpl Software assistance, computer aales. repair* and upgradaa. C.S.E., nc. Mt-«S4-»MS COMPUTER- BM COM- PATBLE $295. Wo repair computers A printers. We buy computer* A printer*, monitor*, drive* A board. 90S M PRNTERS- Commodore MPS 801, dot matrix, $50: Kaypro-Juki LETTER QUALTY, daisy wheel, use* BM Selectrlc ribbons, emulates dlablo 830, Commodore nterlace, $100. please call aft. 7 pm Farm* APPLES Homa grown apptaa $6.00 V4 bushel Burnt Mills Road, Pluckemln. N.J. CHRSTMAS TREES BELOW WHOLESALE Dense excellent-quality trees, call for prices. Hermlzlan's Tree Farms, 31S B TRACTOR- MF Front end V* yd. loader; 3pt. hitch/ PTO. Asking $ B i, FLOWERNG TREES. 2"-3" caliber. 8-12' high. ncludes: Flowering Plum, Weeping Cherry, Kwanzaln Cherry, Crab Apple, Norway Maple, etc. Regular price: $150- $200, NOW ONLY $M! 6 CALL S08-48O27S : Advertise in the Classified! FREWOOD-Oak and Ash B nch lengths, seasoned A split. $ a cord. Call Evenlnga FREWOOD- Seaaoned hardwood*, $13S/cord, S80/V* cord. Delivery ncluded. oob-esa-isei 2990 ATTM: CRAPTSRS elafayette, NJ eflemington, NJ Join our aucceaalul yearround craft show store in either or both of these exciting locations! Don't mlaa the holiday season- Call today! MH.SM0 CRAFT FAR FLEA MAR- KET AUCTON Community Baptist Church, 211 DeMont Lane, Somerset. 10/10/92, 9am- 4:30pm, Rain date 10/17. CRAFT FAR- Hlley School, October 3rd, 9«m-3pm. Comer Morris Ave and Chamber* St. So Plalnfieid. FLEA MARKET- Oct. 10, 10-3PM, Franklin Health Dept., 035 Hamilton St. Call HKM NDOOR FLEA Sun. Oct. 4; 9-4. Over 120 table* of Bargains St. Mary'a H.S. 337 Bo. Bread St., Elizabeth. Something lor Everyone BEDROOM BET 4 pc. Antique. Late 1920*. Hefinished, good cond. $1350. Una Chest, e«c. cond., oak, cedar lined. $ after S BR Hal. prov'l 13pe. wood w/2 twin bed* ncl. box sp+ matt value 12K Ask $ CHNESE RUQ- 5X9 green, $500. BUFFET A HUTCH- Beige lacquered, $900. Call DESK- Office desk. L- shapad, sac. desk, walnut formica A two couchas with coffee table. Call DNNG ROOM SET table w/leaf. china cabinet w/ilght, 6 chairs, Light wood w/beige cuahiona, S850/BO OR SET- oak table, 6 chairs, china buffet-si 26; d**k-$40. Plea** call HOME FURN1SHN0S- Matchlng couches $200. coffee table. $35. Office Sec. deak. Baby crib A closet. A equip. Peapack. NJ. Call KNO SZE WATERBED- Scrolled wood hoadbd. w/shelvas, mirror A light*. $250. Call LVNG A DNNG ROOM- sete for sale, exc. cond.. $300 ea. or BO. Call after 4 MOVNG- Dining/living room set. Single bed, bar/2 swlval chairs, upright freezer, recltner, W/ D, microwave, also other tem*. MUST BELL. Pleaae call MUST SELL 3 yr. Old Orexel Heritage coffee table. 2 matching end table* $498. Curio cabinet $199. All mint cond. A many other furnishings. Negotiable bet. 7pm-10pm SOFA, LOVE SEAT A CHAR- Gold, upholstered, good cond., asking $250. (908) NOTCE: All OARAOl SALES *xfreftl«emerrt* are PAYABLE N AD- VANCE by cast), check. VSA or Matter Card. For a quota art coat, plaasa call 1-S00-S89-B49S. A BAROAN Diane Smith Quallt* Consignment*, 1 HiiitoJ Rd., Mendham. Now accepting quality clothing A accessories left women, children, nfants, A men. MUST be n style, n season, A n EXCEL- LENT condition. Free of wrinkles, tear* A stslni. Other consignments accepted: Antiques, Quality uaad furn., jewelry * higher priced knletknacks. Will consider buying Antiques A Jewelry outright. BEAUTFUL item* n More now! Call (aoi)m»6itt ; BELLE M1AD- 4fe Stonewlek Dr.; Sat, Oat PM. Something for everyone : % Advertise n the Classified! YOUR HOUSE A HOME A Guide To Local Professional* Servicing Your Need! For:, 4030-Carpanffv 4140-Mosory 4070-E«cfrlcal.4180-Pcilnling 4080-Handyman Service! 4200-Plumbing, 4100-Home) mprovement Heating A Cooling* AiM-Landscaping A RoOftna ' Tre* Cora 42M-Wollpap«ftng EtocMas/ A-1 ELECTRC CO. No Job Too Small No Challenge Too Qreat Residential/Small Bus. Specialists All work guaranteed. Ue S ACCU-MARK ELECTRC 3rd generation electrical contractor. come from a family of exp. electricians. Lie Fully ins anytlmel ALK ELECTRC- All resid. & comm. needs, 100 amp aer. $550/up, 200 amp ser. S750/up. Free Est., fully ns. lie. 9732, AMERCAN MADE ELECTRC CO.- Free estimates. Senior citizens discount. Lie.#9688. "CALL " ASPEN ELECTRC- All residential needs: house fans, smoke detectors, lighting, telephones, etc. Quick response. Lie. #7534. Call ; ELECTRCAL SERVCE Quality work/reasonable prices. Avail alter 4pm & wknds FREE estimate. Fully bonded & nsured. L.A.B. ELECTRC Lie # ELECTRCAL WORK Security & recessed lights, heaters, fans, phones, 240 volt service changes, elc. Problems solved, quick response. Lie. # Free ests. Please call David al or ELECTRCAL WORK- Commerciol, residential and ndustrial. Licensed, No and nsured. Free estimates. Call Vince Santonastaso Electric ELECTRCAL All typesresidential Commercial, industrial wiring & lighting, RDnovntions & Now Construction. Llc.#297B. Seasons Special: Landscape lighting. Pools 4 Spas, COONEY ELECTRC ELECTRCA All types of wiring, Service changes A paddle fans. Additions. UC. #6252. Harold Klousor ELECTRCAN nstall, ol circuit breakers, paddig fans, attic lans, electric hoal, recessed lights, appl. wiring. Free est., ns RONSON ELECTRC (Lie. 5532). PHOENX ELECTHC- Lic.o< Attic fans suppliod and installed S160, Paddle Fans installed $65 Outlets from S Handyman Services APPLANCE REPARS AH majof brands, all major appliances Raasonabla. experienced, reliable Samo day service Jell 90a-36<}-4075 HANDYMAN Can do most anything and at reasonable rates No job too small ngured Call QO6-32Z-1B73 HANDYMAN CAN Odd Jobs rom grass cuttings to repair Obs around the house cater to anyone who noeda holp HTNTDVM AN FOR HRE- Carpentry, replacement of windows & doors, floor tiles. Docks, additions, kltchon, bath ronovallon HANDYMAN SPECAL all types ol homo repairs 8, Spocinllzlng Lifetime gultor cover nstallations. * MPROVE * * EVERYTHNG * duality! Painting. Spack- Hng, Decks. JoMold, Ynrds. Fasti ODD JOBS 8, GENERAL FF.PAF1S- Lt hauling, imisli clv.irud & 10- movori Exp^n int/ekt cftrpeniry, painting, roplncomnmt windows 0, f no work, lot] [ J Hi) nli t<n> -iirkill Wliy break ymu, ,' l you don't 3uo, iish Call 113 today for n FREE osllmqle Our /th year NSTALLATONS" F«nce»«Qar«g«door op*nara*storm Doors Carpantry Rtptlr ODD JOBS* ALWAYS WELCOME!' (908) MR. DO ROHT- Will ciaan, rapalr, paint: walla, ceillnga, porchat, artlca, callara. Carptniry and Organlia Qarasaal "Master of tha tmaltlob" 9MM7S4a Horn* mprevamanta Conttructlont Carpentry (All phai**) Sheet FlocK Painting Fences Dicks Outdoor structures Masonry a Patios Bathroom A Basement Remodeling And much more... Always fraa estimates and competitive rates. * nsured* CALL JOHN MUSELLJ (908) FENCE- nstalled & Repaired. Freeesl PC FBERQLASSbath & shower enclosures with 24/hr. nstallation. $1500. Black Point Construction ABSOLUTE CONSTRUC- TON painting, siding, windows 1 doors, tree estimates, fully nsured, Call ADDTONS & ALTERATONS KTCHENS BATHROOMS BASEMENTS DECKS CERAMC TLE»ETC. FULLY NSURED* *FREE ESTMATES* COMPETTVE* PRCES* FOR DEPENDABLE. HGH QUALTY WORK, RAY LAEYT-827-M33* ADDTONS ALTERATONS Roofing Siding Baths Kitchens Basement Renovation. Financing available AL BREUCHE * SON Homa mprovements Basement to attic, nslds & out. Experience 1 references. Free estimates Reasonable rales AL S CARPET SERVCE specializing n repairing, antique, oriental & hook rugs. Removal of Wrinkios. buckles Stretching & reinstallatlon of new & used Carpet. Since B O ALL COUNTY FENCE CO. All types Wood & Chalnlink Fence installed. Free est. Call 908-6S Or AMERCAN HOME M- PROVEMENT- Watl, floors, kitchens end doors APPLANCE REPARS BY MARK Specializing tn Whirlpool. Konmoro. Q.E. washers, dryors, tflghwasheis & portable air conditioners.?a HR Hot Water Heater inatnlliitlon & repair. 90B ARTES CARPET SER- VCE Sales, nstallations a repairs. Shop at home sorvlce. No Job loo small Fully nsured. Call after 5PM At CLEAN-UPS Attics, cellars, garages , leave mgs. reasonable rates BASEMENTS TO AT- TCS and everything n holwoon, custom carpentry both in and out Seasonable rates A res eatlmatos Dave BATHROOMS Free Estimates Curripldli! batluriorrii s n! ;i <; hj w a!i V(!l<l'i liminsnrl, n *){in»{l, yii- l*»p J.M.C Homo Menovnllons 1-B0O-734-BB BATHTUB A TL Rt- 8URFACNO- S year warranty, frm ttimatei. Call 90S-7S8-53S1 OMty't ROOPNQ Fra* eatlmatai Call UUMMO" RESTORATONS" Maaortry Rapalra. Rooting, Powerwaahlng. All work guaranteed. Call t0t.s4t.1773> CARNNTRV * ROOF- NO- repair. Calling A floor porches, (tap*, paint. Call CARPENTRY SY QUEL CONSTRUCTON CO.- Wald»d vinyl replacement windows A ataal doori, Cuatom dackt, addition!, dormers, kitchen 4 bath remodeling, baiemants, drywall a taping. NO JOB TOO SMALL! Fully insured, fraa att CARPENTRY- a Horn* mprovamantt. do it ALLl All phaaa* of homt mprovement*. Fraa ait. nt. Sieve, CARPENTRY- All small, medium rapalr* imldt/ out, and new work. Alto ceramic tile, ahaetrock repalrt, gutters cleaned, rtpalrad and nalda painting. Larry, CERAMC* TLE * ^nstillation* it Rapalr* & Re-grouts PSCTELL TLE & MARBLE (908) CERAMC ft MARBLE NSTALLATON- Baths, Kltchena & Foyers. Old a ntw. Repairs CERAMC TLE * MARBLE CONTRACTOR 11 yrs. experience, long lasting quality work. Ref's, free estmates. Call John DaNlcola, Jr CERAMC TLE- nstallation & repair. Quality work, reasonable rates, (rea estimates CERAMC TLE- kitchens, bathrooms, counter tops, lloors, Also Paint, ing & carpentry, FREE EST, REF., CERAMC, MARBLE, SLATE, TLE- Bath expert nstallation-black Point Construction CHAMPON POWER WASH- Homes, decks, concrete, etc Free estimate. Call CHAMPON POWER WASH Homes, Decks, concrete, etc. Free estimate CLEAN UP A HAULNG Attics :.-Garages it Yards Removal of all typos ol rut blah, debris and appi ances Prompt service NM-" CLEAN UP A HAUL- We do all types Fast service. FREE EST! Low rates, 9O8-S4S0143 CLEAN UP A ft B- Trash removal, Haullnu odd Jobs, NO ob to DG or SMALL, give us a call, we do 11 all CLEAN UP AND RE- MOVAL- yards, basements, attics, construction debris, ect., call: Mike»Oe-Se COMPLETE HOME MANTENANCE NC. 15 yrs n business, maintaining homes for retlreoa. widowers, dlvorcoos people who just don't have the time. We do everything from painting to additions, Ray, '1 CUSTOM CABNETS/ COUNTEflTOPS Corlan, Formica Tile Work DA D'S GUTTERS Clonnlrui A flushi'uj. Hcroons nntnllnd, rim nb, fully niurinl /S1 D & W HOME MPROVEMENT All filiason of homo mp nterior a exterior You name t, we do Hi CALL MKE 22O.6MS OCCKS- $7.50 par ft. or will beat any legitimate OhV, Custom work. Fully inaurad. UnllmHsd references. Color portfolio. Call now and aava (St NO YOU KNOW... that an ad n this local paper also goaa nto 16 other local ptpais? Raach ovar raadara with on*call! 1 PAVNG and" "SEAL COATNG" Commercial/Rasldantlal es«/iq. ft. Saal 119,95/ gal. All types of paving, potholes A raaurfaclng. All work la guaranteed C * C SEAL COATNO Sailing Drlvswaya, Decks, Wood fences, etc. Quality work. Applied by hand not sprayed. Servicing Somerset county. Call " AL T RGHT" TOM'S DRVEWAY PAVNO Saalad by hand. Potholes, Cracks, Resurfacing. Reasonable prices. Fraa eatlmatea. Call Tom: DRVCWAYS FNCNG V CATENA Driveways, Curbing, all types of fancing. Fiae Eatlmatat. Will beat any " SOa-fMS DRVEWAYS Fraa Estimstas. Seal coating by hand. Will fix broken araas, additions, ovariay. Call Tom. Sams day aarvica. Rsaaon DRVEWAYS FREE ESTMATES ON NSTALLNG NEW OR REPARNG OLD Drfvaways Parking lota «S«aleoattng eramroad tie* eb«lg(uin block* Concrete Work- -ATVlMW- FULLY NSURED Our 27th yaar MAJER CO DRVEWAYS-PARKNS LOTS "* a Repairad. resurfaced, atoned, aaal coatad. RR ties a Belgium block D. A. HUNT PAVNO Serving Brldgawatsr area since DRYWALL CONSTRUC- TON Sheetrock and taping, specializing n small obs. T.A.F. Drywall Call ORYWALL NSTALLATON FNSHNG Specializing n Additions, Renovations & Basomenis. Free Estimates. BOS EXCAVATON LAND'S EXCAVATNG Top Soil, Pipe Trenching, Stone, Footings, Land clearing Septic REASONABLE FREE EST FULLY NS FAMLY CONTRACTORS CUSTOM HOMES f Additions f Add-a-levoU,- Custom decks A patios Total homa mprovements. Sarvlng New Jersey for over 20 years. Fraa) Estimates. Call FENCE e* All types of wood (once nstalled & repaired..n.m *9 ' FLOORS New wood doors nstalled, sanded & finished. Old wood floors reflnlshect. Painting & Wallpapering. Free eat ACCURATE FLOORNG 9O8-3O2970B GENERAL CONTRACTNQ Masonry A Carpentry We nstall sidewalks. patios, etc., Good prices call Al: B08-B " ' * HOME MPROVEMENTS Cnrpontiy Drywnll Ceramic Tltln(j riocunstriiclion rinpnlf't S, Clnlinn '\tt[}(u\ttf. itij'klity. Aiiifni i: ii M f r i\ M ' P ii n') h 11> jluiu) iiiun, {nnti ru hl t mil o!i1miiiit()m (lll'l nil,'ihlf), prnlri'iriwinnl plnn iiiny Muttipf nti. mltim prkn Please call: HOME Alterations and Additions Prompt and Courteous Sarvieaa "Quality at Ha Bast" WALLACE CONSTRUCTON AFFORDABLE HOME MPROVEMENT nside and Out, FREE EST FULLY NS., HEF.s, call OAVC :MtV72S-SS7» OR BRUCE 90S We alao do rubbish removal!! HOME MPROVEMENTS * REPARS- Additions, decks, woodan storage shsds. All phasas of homa mprovamants & repairs. Vsa/MC. FREE ESTMATES OUR HOUSE 388-OBM HOME MPROVEMENT nterior and exterior painting, wallpapering, floor finishing, roofing, mansonry, carpentry, drlvawiy saaler. Call NTRODUCTONS... A way for people to meet people, every week in your local Forbes newspaper. The ad s tree, than one call does t all! S9-M95 RON RALNGS RONWORKS' SAM-8FM SO0-31D-2O36 * * J * D MANTENANCE NC. nterior/exterior repairs, Attic 4 basement cleaning, No lob too small! J *. J TRASH RE- MOVAL- a Light hauling, also clsan-ups:attlcs, cellars, garg.a, also odd ObS, J.B.D. BULDERS, NC. Additions, kitchens, baths, roofing, decks, insured. Call J.T.M. REMODEUNG Complete home mprovements, porches 4 decks, interlor/extpriors, carpentry work, deck reseallng & cleaning. No ob too small. Contact Steve Dimlno or Free> eatlmataa. JFK CONSTRUCT1ON- Crantord All work guaranteed. One contractor lor all your needs. Large or small, we rio tt alll KNchan Cabinet relating or new, countertops, tile work, carpentry. Free est cnll Tony 8OO or 9* KTCHEN CABNET RESTORATON Most Kitchens undor $400. Rets. Fully nsured. " " KNOX DRYWALL ^ Gypsum Wallboard ^Taping & Finishing f Alterations i/nbw Construction Roberi Knox 562 Ploasant Hill Rd Chester, NJ MOVNG Small moves, apart menta & homos. Businosses 8. Corporato Compare & snvn Froo estlmntos NLLA'S CLEAN-UP AND CARTNG SERVCES- Junk r o m o v ii o [ nil kinds Wo ptovldo dmnp- 3tor sorvlto 7S4-C07& PANTNG A CARPEN- TRY Shoolrock»Spnckllnfj»lntorlor Womfwork* Doors A Trlmewimlnws* PlnstorliKj Cnll Rich after 6pm, REMODELNG Hnniiniftnt to attic. All oxlorlorn me luhfmj roolfl fnr lfe)n OfllllTi.'itn r;ill f'ttlfll 'Kt ///.' nuitnish HMUVAL Snivlr.JrH! ^L 'if rii;w,n ftsi V, m A:;OM- AH.r HAT S, Slirjw itrl.i tiinn..r jiirk up or r it) 1 :,, otf rur MM <H.Jim hfpniii)[i ;MM ii;< ;.:<Ht, n U'.HV. MM,, MJH'J. (ixi.elliuil CM uncos nviiilnhlo SHEETROCKNQ A SPACKUNO- Ouallty work, Exp., insured, Dalnagro Dry Wall * Finishing, call: SHEETROCK/SPACKLE Repairs to sheetrock & plaster WNDOW A-1 REPARS Replace glass, putty, caulk, paint & wash. Quality craftsmanship for 25 yrs. Fred estimates. nsured, work guaranteed, prompt service. Bob Slelnman, WNDOW CLASS RE- PLACED ON STE- We repair, re-putty & paint old windows a trim. Vory reasonable. NSURED. Calf Clear View WNDOWS AND DOORS Super prices on replacement windows and doors. All sizes and styles. TRM/sidlng. Tlmbertlne Construction WNDOWS/CARPENTRY NO Job too small! Roplacement windows nstall-$159, FREE EST,, Landscaping and Tree Care ACCURATE CONSTRUCTON Vinyl Siding, Rooling, Stucco, Windows & doors. Call ACCURATE LANDSCAPNG Al! phasos of landscaped construction. Lawn Service. Retainer walls, Brick & concrete patios. Belgium block curbing, Decks, rrigation, Japanese Rock Gardons w/waterfalls & Walls. 9OB-S ARMSTRONG LAND SCAPNG PAVNG Asphalt diivowuys. landscape nstallation, shndo trees & shrubs, now lawns, sod or sood. Docoralivo stono, topsoil & mulch. RR llos, rot.iining walls, Alien block 8. Koyslone. nterlocking brick paver, sldownlks, patios & drlvoways. Troo & Brush removal with chipper. Driveways stoned, rototllllng, oscavnting, dozer & york raking. Call Joe CHEOCCH LAWN A GARDEN Lawn Maintonanco nosldonllnl.'cdmm. Cloan-ups Design COMPLETE CAHE YARD SYSTEMS- Troo sor., lawn mnint., t froo cut, landscape design, Smr cloanup. nsurod, froo os- 11^ FALL CLEAN-UPS Lawn maintenance, lunf removal, thatching, overseeding, fall lortilizmg, full nsured. reo estimates Call Visions Of Green 90B-36!MJj)e LANDSCAPNG Comploto lawn rnaint. & landscape conslr, t fall cloan-up. 90B LANDSCAPNG- ;iwar:l wlnnlna designs to lit todays fifostylo, complete professional installation and maintenance, cfill for no obligation, FREE CONSULTATON. NOHTH RDGE LANDSCAPNG, B LANDSCAPNG - Full clean up, nwn cmo. hn'ching, truo work, hauling Will heat nriy writlon estimate rtuliablu sorvlco_clinrllo LANDVEW LANDSCAPE SpuciaN/lnrj in nil lypos ol liiiidsi:a iiny S niitinldnarico tultnble & nlfurtjnljlo. Hosklofitiitl/ conirnoiclal. Call C'.aiy B9 LAWN A PROPFRTY CLEANUP Maintenance. Altonl.ibln rntos, C,T 11 Jon n\ (!)0(t) Ufifl-71U1 LAWN CARE/YARD WORK- lui'it.'itfivkd. l.own'il Miiln'i, urn main'! (iill '.'il n:)'.!l LAWN CAriT.11 yr. <'* l(!l C] H ' ',! i '. l/.ll 'm 1.,'iwri'i i ut. lii-il. Hun rl o fl t i!,i so M,i h f u rillii'+, iiiii.itiln ijurvi! i; Wiiii '>tiu?,; v,n«lawn CUTTNG- ivvn,ir i'. ral inninvdl, f M lip 1,?.lll'l',( MpllM.ll t n'.'.rfjri S- K i.ill' 1 ; Call <O)-72 /\V/N MflW!N(. lut.i. i,p ii.iii i!. 'ii. pi iiilllli) '//ill hi'.l!.11'/ ll' (jitltiiiilii price. ir&/-(h 'l LAWN SERVCE- Promt, reliable, insured. deihatchlng, powerseed- ng, leaf removal. Serving Somerset county MULCH dark double shredded $14.95 cu. yd. Free delivery on 20 yd orders, PETE'S AFFORDABLE LANDSCAPNG Lawn Maintenance, Fall Cleanups, mulching beds & Rock beds. Full landscaping. Trimming & Pruning. Free est. nsured PNE LANDSCAPNG Landscape construction 4 lawn maintenance. Services ncluded: all phases of landscaping A lawn maintenance. Plantings S rock walls a speciality, Owner operated & customer oriented PREDATOR TREE SERVCE DEAD TREE ALERT, Fall clean-ups Full ns TREE * STUMP RE- MOVAL s your stump a pain n the grass? Free estimates Fully insured, "JUST STUMPS" B. TREE MANTENANCE- Tres removals, shrub pruning. Commercial & residential. Quality work at fair prices. Over 20 yrs. experience. Alsofirewood for salel Call or Tree Removal VENS BROS. Tree Experts FULLY NSURED TREE WORK WANTED Pruning, storm damage, removals, chipping, shrub care, insured. Smith Trss Service k -k * * TREE and LANDSCAPE SERVCE Export Reasonable nsured Masonry A-1 WAYNE P. SCOTTqunhty masonry sor/lcos. Froo estimate Rofofoncea. nsurod. 40 yrs. a nmlly business. Every job a spoclalty. 9GB-5230 TAURUS CONSTRUCTON Mason Contractor. Specializing in residential Portfolio & Roloronces. Psc. 90B r* K MASONRY WORK Cutbmc], sidewalks.patios crilmnoy work, slops irtloi locking pavers CALL (90B) ivtason CONTRACTORS Specializing in till typos ol masonry: Brick work, block work, concroto, titc. Fully insurod Free estimates. NO JOBS TOO SMALL MASON CONTRACTOR- LOW F.ill prices, spiicialulng n stops, walks, pa- HOB! fill criiintioy & (pic. 6, mason work, No Job to r.riuilll ns. Froo F:sU. 2!> yra oup., Same Location, Doan Koep A Sort 757-7<l21 MASONRY"-?!) yr'; oxpuinner Nu (il) ti>o i-iiiiill. Stn )s - i.ik]nw,ilks niivnwiiy'l 1.ithiv, llncks Cnll Dill ill 9fiB.rjfiO5- MASONHY CONCRETE PAVNG iirick, llock, i'ltoriu, 'P'i. Siiltiwalh-i, Ofivnvn\y r. ou n ( ii 11 tiii'i. jrr ';, j,ltlns, i utliintj, iilijiiin lil'i' H immjr»iii DM {'MB)/')/ 7'JJl.) MASONFtY ( onili'tu. Diilin. 'jlfip'i. nil inu'kin rk. run i sin U i Y NS CALL TONY: non-253.(g10 MASON- sjirif iiili/inii in, M typoii ui. 'iimi ill. [ S CALL ANDY U0tl-<1G!l-:m/ QUALTY WfHKMAN- SHP Af A ASON Alll.r 'HCC all!yn<". uf tvh'.ntnty. ur frem V.,1. pla r.nll John, b(l3-/()fi2 MASONRY ft LAND- 8CAPNQ Additions, porches, brick or concrete driveways or patios. Landscape tie construction. Full array of masonry A landscape service*. No /ob too small. Call * * * TK Masonry Residential Specialist Foundations/Steps/Con- Crete work/paving stones/ Allan block retaining walls/chimneys and fireplaces. CALL TOM at XM0 PmkiUng JK'S WALLCOVERNG NSTALLATONS and nterior Painting Quality Workmanship Call: Joe Klingebiel free estimates PANTNG * PAPEf HANQNQ- nterior/exterior. Window repairs. Quality workmanship tor 25 years. No Job too small. nsured. Free estimate, prompt service. ob Stetnman B % Disc, with Mils Ml NJ STEAM CLEAN" All exterior cleaning A palntlno ol homes; alum, vinyl, brick, stone, pools, cedar shakes & wooden decks. You name t, we can wash t. Vsa/MC. For tree estimates, call* " " A Good Hands Co.- ntorlor/asrterlor. Wallpaporing, painting, power washing tor commercial/ esldentlal. Call Fred or _ AAA PANTNG NTEROR/EXTEROR LGHT CARPENTRY RCH GORMAN ALFANO'S PANTNG Professional, quality work at reasonable rates. Many happy customers. Free est ALL PANTNG APPLCATONS (Owner-Oper'd) 10 yrs! (Lowest Rates) DEPEND- ABLE. Qual. Guur't'dt Mildow Off. Fast Est. Local SZS-774B ANTHONY'S PANTNG nterior/exterior. Roofing, gutters cleaned/nstalled. Fieo est CUSTOM PANTNG nterior/exterior Staining Paper hanging Toxturod * Popcorn ceilings Neat, meticulous work by thoroughly oxporlonced professional. Special attention lo lino detail. No sloppy production work. Freo ostlmatos & rellablo professional planning. Bolter Job, bettor prlco. Please call: FEMNNE TOUCH NTEROR GALS Wo'ro n the Pink rilorlor pnlntlng, curpontry, wallpapering, kllchon *:nhlriol!i, basement wnlls A lloora, (jorage doors, docks, porches, olc. Rof- (Horicoa, froo oatlmtitos. NO JOB TOO PETT- Cnll , loavu munsnyu NTEROR PANTNG jur noril tiunllty work will innot your esllmnto. CALL90B-281-O737 JOHN MACNAMARA PANTNG- nterim piilnlin[l & wall pnporlny rue osllinatiin Fully n surncl. nocommomfad hy ntnrloi Oncorntors. OOfl LAVTOL PANTNG llll - S U Y Nfi 1 il tut UltlnwiKi in prop workmanship. Wo fl innll^n n liistiilllrm vinyl Miplilt'tt WllKlllWS We m (lu goniimil r:iir[i O riiurov/ruollnci 1-BO0-28B-4O33 NNA KALLAS- Palntlno t Paperhanalng, Repairs. Plaster/Sheetrock. 27 yrs. exp PANT1NQ/WALLPAPR- NO- Honest ft experienced. Many references. Reasonable rate*. We take pride * * AREA8 FNEST PANTNG and REMODELNG WALLPAPER S1S/ ROLL POPCORN CELNGS DRYWALUREPARS CUSTOM WOODWORK CARPENTRY CERAMC TLNQ NSURANCE CLAMS Honest, dependable service. Crafted with precision, neatness, and dedication to professional excellence. 12 Years Experience Mil MT1MATS AND WRTTEN GUARANTEE EST PRCES N TOWN Mark, M8-T83-172S TOM HANSON PANTNO interloreexterior Wallpapering Free Estimates Call Tom 12 PANTNG * WALL PAMMM- "Pall Special" $80 off palrittno and 20% off wallpaper- ng. FULLY NSURED. W1H beat apy Mfttton estimates. nterior/exterior. Will work weekends. Call Chris 873-3B9,< PANTNO * WALLPA- PERNG- Exterior/ nterior, custom work. Commercial /r a a d e n 11 a!. FULLY NSURED. Nick PANTNO (Ed Rallly) nterior/exterior- Free estimates. Custom work. Very neat & references. Sheetrock Repairs. Power Washing. Futly nsured PANTNO and WALLPA PERNO- nterior & exterior. Remodeling of baths and kitchens. Decka nstalled. FREE ESTMATES. Call Tom, , B S41 PANTNG BY CARNEVALE, OUR 38th YEAR A EXTEROR/NTEROR Quality work. Reasonable, free estimates. :, \ PANTNG- ALL STAR. FULLY NS., FREE EST! Quality work. CALL KEVN W PANTNG- ATB NC. PANTNG. S50/room Exterior $ Wallpaper St5/roll. Roofing & gutters, free estimates PANTNG- Homos nside & out. last quality work. i2 yrs. exp. RefB. upon request. 21B-9B37 PANTNG nterlor/onlerlor. Reasonable rates. Fully nsurod, FREE EST Call P A N T N G - Let a woman do your painting Neat, clean quality work nsured. Freo estimates Call Maryann PATTERSON PANTNG ntorlor $7bf room, Exiorlor. Froo estimates Shootrocklng & tiling Rofororices avnll. Fully insured ; t PAUL A. MLLAR PANT- NG Meticulous nl/ext Svcs. 12 yrs oxpor. Gutlurs cleaned. Fully ns Free esl. Exc rets. CALL PAUL at S08-84(l Pro PANTNG CO. Commorclnl, noslilentlal ndustrial. Fully risiirotf E«port Power Wnslilru] ntorlor/exlorlor Pfalocllvo Conllng Snrut/Wiilur filnstlmj Wallpaporlny/romoval liootiochlrm/ Hepnli Popcorn ceilings/ Hopnlr Offices/warehouses Churches/Co lidos Maintenance painting nib PANTNG nlnririi A f Ktn'lor (Jiinllty 'alntlnii 'owfir WnshliHi Onck Snniliu] Caiilklrig (UD CH K S[:liiiinlii: fioforenros Avalinljlu TM'S PANTNG nt..,ii:i A ikloiliii VV.lll MjH'iMh) Vi»iy nnar r*' 1,iv,tN ) f c(i it'itirnauv; lully liisiuuil {UiH tiklny B-75B3 PANTNG* Power washing, stalnj ng, wood rstlnisnlng, any surface, custom colors, gutters. References. nsursd. Free written estimates S600 CARSONE PLUMNG ft HEATNO No job too small. Free estimate. Lie.# COPPERHEAD PLUMB- NG, HEATNO, DRAN CLEANNG- Affordable quality - free estimates, 24 hour emergency service. License #8917. Please call DOWD BROTHERS PLUMBNG * HEATNG, NC DRAN CLEANNG. CENTRAL A.C. Fast same day service evenings and week-ends. Uc # B239 or PLUMBNG A HEATNG Low rates. Good service, Drain cleaning. Free estimates. License #8461. Call John MS-S8M PLUMBNG * HEATNG Water heaters, water filters, gas boilers, sump pumps, sewer 4 drsln cleaning. e All repairs, e Truppl PlumMntt, Lie Cell , Snydar Plumbing Sewef A Drain Service Evenings ft Wsskends Lie. # ACTON ROOFNG CO. Exc. rates, quality work, no money down and tree est. 82B-610B CAD HOME MPROVE- MENT ROOFNG A RE- PARS new woik, reroof, free estimates, reionble rates. Seamless gutters GENERAL ROOFNG Flat roof specialists. Ratar entire roof or patch. No )ob too small or large. Flashing, sky lights, chimney, pointing. Call Tom-25 years n the business-tor the best ob at live and let live prices. Stop that leak newt P.C. ROOFNG A PAVNG All work guaranteed Free estimates. All types of roofing, paving, potholes, soal coaling. Paul Coatollo BOB-9B or beeper * t <t * ROOFNG- Honest & experienced. We lake ride, reasonable rales ionlor citizen discount Financing avail "3 ROOFNG CONTRAC- TOR Calico Construe tlon Co. Hoofing of all typos. shlnglo/mat/slato and teak repairs No job too small. nsurod Freo ostlmntos ). ROOFNG-ALL TYPES- Fully ns, FREE EST! Ovor 20 yrs. oxp. P, Dminuccl ^6462 ROOFNG- AFFOriD ABLE, nf.ladi.e, (T PENDAOLE Carpunlry, Painting. Fiao Estimates Call ROOFNG- all phasos. fully ns., FREE ES! l.owosi prlcnsl A.T.F. CONST., (Zmorcjoncy Repairs. Wallpapering A Forbos Newspaper WALLCRAFT ['xpuil l'n )uihnntjlnii Paint Tr[in S Cnlllnya' ntiurnd T Mill l:*'lllt1cll)' Norm onn-li A BEAUTFUL JOO hv (iiiiliilrit) Hnn(]iipi > MKt [lf*(uhlmikjl Hl N* 1 '' iiofo'isinruil rihi frih iialwi.lo;in, '.u''^} t.y."j^ >A'tnHANGiNa N< nil lim ' Cnll N.H <.'ft>-l'.>4'.>. Ullldll Count mily iiliuiso WALLPAPtniNGBY FEMNNE TOUCH 11 o ll l i i> n ft ) fi r n t o n ';iim[ii 'uifvieu rou»3*; niiriin-, No Job nn Hinnll Cnll 90B B2

19 October 1,1992 Classifieds B-7 UNAHMVLUE- 123 #1, Almost new- Clothing, Jewelry, Fur*, Acceseorles. Continual 50%- 75% markdowni. BMg. a - TH ANNX- Until quality horn* furnlthlngi, Antlqua*, Collactiblai. Continual 10%-50% mark down*. New merchandise arriving dally) Con- iqnmanta by appt. Dealara space whan avail. NCOME QUAUTV - CONSiaNMHTS M-F 10-«, Thur*. 8 Ut Closed Monday* n July 4 Auguat W-7JfrT7M SOUND RHOOK- 1M W. HOM T. 10/2ft10/3, Baby Sale-Boy cloth**: (fiiant-3t. piaypan, ear- alt, awing, wood hlghohalr, toy*. Rain? Sal* on porch. BOUND BROOK- 270 Cvb*r St., 10/9, 8-5 pm, (nultl-iamlly! clothing, naw sport* clothing, comic book*, act. BOUND BROOK- 2 W. Union Av*., (naar flbhs), Sat. 10/3; 9-4. Rain data 10/4. Oak tabl* duk, Wicker chair ate BOUND BROOK- 5» Oalay ff>l.i (cornar of Dalay 4V T*a St) Sat Oct 3, 9-4PM. Household tems, cloth**, drapes, pictures, A much moral Rain data Sun Oct 4 BOUND BROOK- Win- Mr St., (north of Rt. 26) Sat. 10/3; eam-4pm. YAR0 SALES. Household, Clothing, blka* A moral BRANCHSURQ M0 OM York Road, Saturday, 10/3. 8am - 3pm. RDOKWATER- 10 rah Ct.; (Washington Valley Rd. to Solomon -Dr. to Joshua Ln. to Sarah) Sat Oct 3, 9-3PM SaJesmans glftware samplas * ware. BniDQEWATER Motintalntoo Rd; (next to Redwood nn) Sat A Sun Oct 3 A 4, 9-SPM, lota ol goodla*...vld*o cam*ra. naw doll house w/turn. (till n pkg. Tlfii- Tiy lampi. Rain or ahlnel Country Chili Rd.; Fri A Sat, Oct 2 A 3, 9-4PM. & Families at 1 location. Oreat variety-furniture, toy*, household ttama, craft* A much much more, Traaaura* gatoral BRDQEWATCR- S««No. Brlos* St, 10/2 A 10/3, Bam-5pm. Depres- on gla**, girls bikes, boy* cloth**, lawn furnllura, Adirondack chair, miscellaneous Nam*. R00EWATCR- 660 Thru-way Dr., 10/2 4 3,9-4 pm, moving sale: Crib, la. var. ol H/H tems, cloth*), book*, (urn., A much moral BRDOEWATER- 87S North Vtow Drive, 10/2 & 3, 9-4pm Rain or shine. A little ol everything form 0 to 00 years. From toll! bowl* to heaters. Slop by and sea our miscellanous tems. CRANFORO- MM fllvaralda Dr. MOVNG SALE! Frl A Sat, Oct. 2 & 3, 9:30-3:30. Household Hems A furnishings, garden tool*, porch furn., much morel DUNELLEN- 338 Fourih St.. Sat. 10/3 9-3:pm. TOYS, TOYS, TOYS Like new, used by one child. nfant-s yrs. Little Tykes, JAJ, Fischer Price, Play Sch., All your nfant 'needs. Strolfer. play pen, dress tab, car seat, and more. Household items. DUNELLEN- 384 New Market Hd.; Sat Oct, 3, 9-4PM. 4 Family Sale! household, furniture, collectibles, clothes, etc. EOSON- 14 Bonham Dr.; (oft Woodbrldge Ave.) 10/3 A 10/4, 10-4PM Furn,, AC, goll clubs, rugs, Christmas tree, bowling ball A morel EDSON- 33 Farmhaven Ava. t0/3, 9am- 4pm. Tools, antiques, collectibles, etc. EDSON- 84 nidge Rd.; (off Old Post Rd), Sat & Sun Oci 3 A 4, 9-4PM Giant Multl Family EDSON 66 Qood Luck St., (Park to Universal to Fleet), 10/2 & 10/3; 8-4. Cribs A bedding, high chairs, other baby equip. Boys/Girl clothing- nfant to az. 5. toys. All like new, name brands. Over BOO tems. Also some household. Flaln date 10/9 & 10/10. FANWOOD- 20 nnlnior Rd.. 10/3, 0-3pm, cloth- ng QALOHE books, Htl MAHTNSVLLE Washington Vnlloy nd.. Sat., 10/3, 9am-4pm & Sun.. 10/4, 9 am- 1pm..Estate Sale-Chinn (Limoges), tools, 50-yr. old wood crib, costumo Jowolry, linons, bureaus, complete twin rnnplobr sot, unusual trunk, 10 spd. blko, skis, ntlntnblu boat, old & UH s mi Hams MLLSTONE^ 2~3 Craig A 29 Onha Dr.; (tmi So of Mnnvlllo off Millstone Rivor Hd ) Silt 8t Sun, 10/ 3 A 4, 8-5PM. Mulll-famlly snlo, vorythlmj tnu3t go. rain or shliie, oxorclaor, ovon w/blk glnss dour, Dnssotl couch, nil oxcol cond, windows, storm doors, vnnllios, sinks, faucots, clolhlnu * murol MDDLESEX- 125 Barbara Place, Oroonbrooh to Ramaoy to Lynn o [Jnrlimn 10/4, 9-4pm Toys, household, misc. MDDLESEX- t Rolling HH RD., Oct 3 A 4, 9-4. Moving- tool* snow OwerV hn 'A misc. NO. EDSON- 43 Homestead Rd., 10/3 A 10/4; 10-4PM (Oft Plainfield Rd., 1 block before Stevenvllle Pkwy coming from Oaktraa Rd.) Household, turn., games, mlac. Rain or Shlnal NO.PLANFELD- 22 Regent St. off Watchung Ava. YARD SALE TO BEAT LAST YEAR'S SALE, Sat. Oct.3, 9:30-5:30 A Sun. Oct. 4th B:30-2p.m.. Something for everyone: furn., chair*- wood A upholstered; tables, 2 D.R. Seta, Love seats, antlqua wing mach. 9x12 rug, Tiffany lka lamp, lamps, dolls, stemware, china, sliver flatware A too much more to list. Must eel PSCATAWAV- 465 Sidney Rd., 10/1-3, Thurs.- Sat., Bam-Spm., Pop'* gone A Mom need* the money. Partial eatata sale, no early bird*. SCOTCH PLANS- Brookaldo Dr/BrookaMe CT NEQHSORHOOD SALE. 10/3, 9-2pm. Furniture, baby tems, cloth- ng, misc. SO. PLANFELD, 137 Koeclueko, (off Hamilton Blvd.) 10/3 A 4 Sat A Sun 9-5PM Rain data 10/10 A 11. 3BR aata. oak desk, tools, tires, clothing-all zs. Hshld, book* A mlsc SO. PLANFELD- SO* Audubon Avo.; Sat, Oct 3rd, 9-3PM. household tem*, baby tems, cloth- ng A album* SO. PLANFELO st St., off Plalnfleld Ave, 10/3, 9-4pm, rain date 10/4, H/H tems A morel SO. PLANFELD- 37 Park St.; (off of Park Av*. behind AAP) Sat Oct 4. 9-SPM Raindate Sun Oct. 5. furniture, household, cosmetics, children* clothes SOMERSET- 47 FOX- WOOD DR. (off Easton Ave.). 10/3. 9-5pm A 10/ 4, 11-3pm. Moving sale. SOMERVLLE- 3 So. Clark Ava., 10/3 A 4, 8:30am-4pm. Multl-tam, Furn., hshold, A more. SOMERVLLE- 39 Waal Spring St. (near YMCAj 10/2 A 3, 10-6 PM. 3 Family. Winter coats, mlsc household, 2 Artists' drawing tables ($25 ea.) SOMEHVLLE- 4 Monroe St.. (behind hosp.) 10/3, 9:30-3pm, misc, H/ H tems, A lots morel SOMERVLLE- 40 Fleldstone Dr., off Gaston Ave. {back yard) Sat. 6/15, 9-5. Another great sale. Antiques, collectibles and much more. Clocks, statues, good glass, tools, violins, pictures and too much to list. SOUTH PLANFELD- 119 Rlsoll Tew, (off Plainfield Ava) 10/3 A Tools, furn., new A used clothing, housewares, computer games. Rain or shine. SOUTH PLANFELD Eganey St., 10/2 & 3. 10am-4pm. One block off Plalnfleld at Tompkin. Priced to sell: Household, books, appliances, furniture, and lots ol misc. SOUTH PLANFELD- 321 Church St., 10/ pm, everything must gol Furn.. TV. all H/H tems SPRNGFELD- 50 Maple Ave., off ol Morris Ave. 5 mlns. from Ftl / pm. Everything must gol Freo standing wood or cool fireplace, brass & glass corner table, maple bedroom set, chairs, tables appliances, tools, lawn oqulpmonl. etc. WARREN- 16 Skyline Dr., ot( Ml. Horob Rd MOVNG SALE, Thurs. Frl, S Sat. 10/1, 2 A Furn and collectibles WARREN- 5 Northrldg. Wsy, off Emerson Lnnu Frl. Oct. 2, B:30-4:30PM Multi-family. Children items, furniture, household, clolhlnp WATCHUNO- 475 Johnson Dr.; Sal, Oct PM A Sun Oct 4, 9-1PM. household Horns, furniture, box 9prlng. mattress, clothing WESTFTELD Rahway Av*., Sat. 10/3; 9-4 Books, c fit d /nfant clothes, toys, plus moro! WESTFELD- 618 Elm St.; Sat, Ocl 3. 9:3CMPM rocofds, furniture-, clolh- ng housohold Horns WESTFELD- 619 Kimball Ave. 10/3, 3arn-2pm 5 bvurnor gas slovo, rattnn chair, howpllal bod stnnd, Law books, 1oya & much moro WESTFELD- 634 Raymond St.; Silt Oct 3, 10-6PM, Very spocial baby's items, clothing, shoos, oqulpmont ole (Hannah Andorson, Brlgtits Crock. Bio Boltoms) plus col loctlblo9, LP's. taifios' conts 8 moro WHTEHOUSE STA- TON- 1 DEMOTT OR. (corner f'ulaskl litl & Oornott Or.), Snt & Sun. 10/:1 & 4. nain-cipm Furriiluro, npiiliancds, household itorns & inoro 1 2 FLUTES Armstrong. Just appraised at $225/ each, General Morchttndlso CAR STEREO- loshihii, inill mil with rnsiottu $ Call 'Kill 'K ALL DRUMMERS BE- WARE- (1) S pc. Pearl Export drum set (500 senaa) also, (i M ol H- Hata, (1) cymbal-both Sablan. $400 firm. Laura 968*1192 AMOO NVALD BAT- TERY CART- extra battery pack A wheats A charger. $1300 new- ask- ng 1600, ATTENTON BANDS- Speakers for sale. 2 JBL bass bins, 15", 2 JBL high end horns. Concert material Asking $800/ Bast Offer. MUST SELL! ATTENTON DRUM- MERS- (2) Pearl P-7B0 chain driven pedals-$45/ ea. or both for S80. Only 2 mo. old. Eric BCYCLES- (1) girls peed; (2) girls 26" 3 speed. Choice of bikes S35. Call after SPM, ask for Andy COLOR TV- motorola, 31", good cond., brown recllner chair, COUCH- blue, biege A brown, very good cond.. S200. Dining dm. Set. China Cabinet, 6 chairs, table + 3 leafs A pads, good cond. $500. Keyboard organ, very good cond. $300. BBS-1133 DESK/FLE CAB.- perfect cond.,-$200; Whirlpool 25 cu. ft. rofrlg. w/ lcemaker-$500; Dryer- $50; 2 baby strollers. 3 child carseats; pictures, lamps. Call after 5PM KT. TABLE A chairs, living rm. furn., bedroom set. metal dog cage. Alt tems cheap MOVNG- Must sell 5 pc. oak wait unit, exec, bike, 10 spd. mans bike lospd., other qualtlty tems. Call OLD CAST RON TUBlogs, $200. Upholstered Singer Sowing Machine $250. Call PECAN BEDROOM SET Triple dresser w/ mirror, men's bureau, night stand $495. LVNG ROOM SET- Sola, loveseat, chair, 2 lamps, $595. FUR COAT- lull length beavor $795. Must sell, mako offer Plonso call v. msg. PHASE CONVERTER- Rotary type, 1 to 15 HP. Call or evenings PANO Klrrbnll console, walnut appraised $1500. Walnut dining/ conf. table 42x66 * loaves $205; K sz waterbed, bookcase hdboard, new llnor-$100, 2 Spanish endtablos/cab.-$50oa. antique oak wardrobe w/ 4 drawers & mlrror-$225 and more POOL TABLES BARGAN BASEMENT Now & Used a! rock bottom prices CAUTON: Coffee mug winner ahead... SOFA and 2 chairs, like now, $300,'BO; rowing machine, S75/BO; SOFA and lovo soat. bunk beds, sloel desk and chair, sido chairs. twin bod sot. call for dotails, TRES- Eaglo ST-P245/ 60r14; Eagto GT. 4 P20S 60HF) 14. Host olfor 900- Z76J579B TOP SOL FLL MULCH Dulivoreti WOLFF TANNNG BEDS- Now commorclal-homo units rom $ Lampsloll ons -accessories. Monthly paymonts low as $18. Call today FREE NEW Color catalog Office Furniture A Supplies DRAFTNG MA- CHNES- Vamco 18" & 20". w/o rulers. $65, Call Z3B-0Z5-1. FLNG CABNETS- 2. A & 5 drawer, nucro-ficho A electric typewriter. Call Advertise in ho Classified! 216O Wanted to Buy ALL CARS WANTED Any car old, now or wrocked 24 Mr. towim) service AABACUS ANTQUES ANTQUE BUYNG SERVCE Wo Are Purchasing Fumiturn * Painliruj'; Oriental Rugs * Sliituui; Clock!! * Toys * Minors ESTATE LQUDATONS Plonso Call Toll Froc ALL LONEL, VES, AMERCAN FLYERiinti otiior toy li.nnv Cnlluclor [>nyu fiu hpst prio us Call UOO 'Ki--Uii'i or i'ot-(!:!!.!?(!'.>» AMERCAN FLYER A L- ONEL TRANS S OLD TOYS - 'T cili 5)[)»-?!.'ior all i ANTQUE A USEO- Furniture, Old DR sets and BRs from 1800's to 1950s. Also misc. pieces S9. AUDO COMPONENTS ft RECORDS- from Mlrantz, Macintosh, JBL, Western Electric and others, Classical A Jazz records CDS WANTED- Wa buy, sell or trada CDs, or ask lor Joe or Suzanne CHERRY TQUES Antiques 79 Watchung Ave., N. Plalnfield, Now buying OLD: Clocks A watches, baseball memorabilia, paintings, lamps, tools, toys, jewelry, lurnlture, photos & collectibles. * TOP CASH PAD A 90S-S61-S744 HALT LJEAM- Tan VO throughbred gelding. Oldwtek ana. Hum potential, need experienced rider. $ per a ENTRE ESTATES- or single items purchased. Estate Sales professionally conducted. We buy old furn., oriental rugs, porcelains, paintings, etc. VOQUE ANTQUES FSHNG TACKLE- collector wants to buy OLD, rods, reels, lurea. catalogs after 5PM GUNS, SWOROS, MED- ALS, MLTARY TEMS. CAMERAS- NJ A Federal licensed. Top cash paid. House calls made. Bert HGH PRCES PAD- for quality postcards, sheet music, old toys, baseball tems, cameras, military, typewriters. TV'», Worlds Fair, fountain pens HOUSEHOLD SALES Let us arrange an Auction at your home. No fee to you from us s nvolved. Have well known Auctioneers avail. We also buy out contents, partial or all. Please call v msg. or BUY ALMOST ANYTHNG One tem or an entire estate. Call (908) or % OFF All Domestic Blankets and Turnouts Sept. 1st - Ocl.!5lh Park Avenue Gladstone. NJ (90S) COMPANON ANMAL PLACEMENT- Available for adoption, altarad adults, purebreads and mixed breada. Call HVE SOMEONE A SMLE- Somarsat Regional Animal Shatter has puppies, kiltana, dogs and cata. Adoption reasonable. Missing a pat? Call KTTENS Beautiful Black w/wti. paws, 5 moa. old. Ukes outdoors & la friendly, M or F RETRO RACNO GREYHOUNDS AVAL- ABLE Greyhounds make wonderful, docile petsl Please adopt! For nformation package pleasa call or writs: QrvyhotM*) Friends aaklmrmg*, NJ 07S90 JUKE BOXES «PNBALLS- any cond. 9tot, coke, arcade machines A barber poles. Call OLDER SODA, QUM * VENDNG MACHNES, Juke boxes, Arcade games, Neon signs A clocks, Lionel trains, Hoss trucks, pedat cars, toys, Wanted by collector Steven POST CARDS- Toys, Games, Trains, Banks, Sheot Music, Political, Dlsnoy, Worlds Fair, Dolls, Magazines, etc. Call Herb SLOT CARS- From the 60s. All sizes. Makers. Conditions eves or days TURN YOUR OLD S- CYCLES NTO CASHcall Jim, WANTED TO «UV: OLD WRST WATCHES * POCKET WATCHES. CASHPAD WORKNG OR NOT* Call OOO PETS AND LVESTOCK HAPPY PAWS OMD ENCE SCHOOL- Registration night s Oct. 22, 5-8pm. Claasss atari Nov. 4 * 5. AN levels ol training. Tues ft Wad eves. Photostat proof of current shots required. CM) Defense Bldg, Manville NJ. B0B-46B-1C60 Or Dog* * GRAND * OPENNG * AKC PUPPES n the open to hue ft cuddle Famous SHAKE-A- PAW guarantee Wa ara Breeder's representatives BRNG THE KDSf 14 Rt. 22 W«at Green Brook Commons Green Brook, NJ (100 yda West ol Rock Avenue) M6-968-AKC2 * * HOURS 4* Mon-Sat, 11-9pm Sunday.11-6pm $50 OFF ANY PUPPY WTH THS AD! Not to be combined with any other offer. CH. SRED GORDON SETTER- Male, 1 yr, show quality. Reasonable to Good home only Call CHOW- Podlgrce dog lor sole. Clnnnmon/whlio, black lonquo 1 a '.Vyoar old has papers. $ paid S call sou 183 U735 DOG OBEDENCE Clnssos n Clark. Privates n Flomlngton. Pups, Berjlnnors & Advanced MN SCHNAUZER- AKC, 7 mo. Fomalowhllo, 2 Mnlo-S&P $300. Call SUNRSE ACRES- Dog obodlonco. Private & group classes. ROBUS (lunrnntood PAMPERED P*T CLUB) Loving. Affordable. Animal Car*. Wouldn't t be great to have) a professional pat sitter to walk. te*d and play wtth your pat(a) n your home when you am at worfc or on a trip? Wa ear* for any kind of crlttara. Equine Care A Specialty For a Free Consultation CaH S06~7S7.4»1 OOO SERVCES 4V»O A-1 RESUMES AND OTHER TYPNQ/WP SEH- VCES. Professional work. Reasonable rates. Call Patsy (908) B4B-4273 COMPUTER PROGRAM- MNG- Customized Fox- Pro, Fox Base + programming. Customization of SBT accounting software Series 6. Series 7 and Pro'esslonal Senas. Experienced n Novell LANs. Stephen Dragon A Aaaoc. 9M DESKTOP PUBLSHNG Business cards, Letterhead, resume, menus, brochures, newsletters, directories, magazines, promotional packages. We handle all phases of productlcn ncluding printing. For more nformation SQ0-640-S70* TYPESETTNG ft TYP- NG resumes, flyers, brochures, term papers, bus. cards. Fast turn around. SpeedyWord WORD PROCESSNG Word perfect/lotus, letters, proposal*, term papers. Call CMM ABLE TO CARE FOR NFANTS OR TOD- DLERS n my Plscataway home, Go to work with peace of mind. 3S6-26S2 30SO Horses ENJOY YOUR HORSE oil yunr with groat ndoor/ outdoor facilities from $:)7!> for all day turn-out tor,-is little ns $100 with Tloxlblo pnrl-llmo help. f'rlv lossona. Pino Hill, AWWWWMWMMMMAAMW - LEARN M.S. - DOS - THS S WHAT YOU Will. LKARN... >nasli«?. 'owfultl l.'nniinnliil l.lwt lint Mips,!>««Sliui'lllli', Write Yont Own Hal Me Copy ("MAK, Wlinl CMOS <l Mnltr l>lin l<>ll<-«'rliii li-i T'o Sti»*ll Ot 1'iluti-i l.l«c!>lf*'* l4ml,-^ H t>pv * miiinnn *. C~liflt'l<4ll*U. lf.«mii*ti»«? lit-*. l>lr«<'torv Surfff, 'Mimpffl, l'l l»i ( (MMrt^it, ->na. l : ll**a mt<l!>! «-< t«jil«-«wtin( s Ai lint <,>iilli riii* tivn huiii dtui' i iu.-n loi tin' n. u 'l M O iu-i'tls d" fi'fl i T*» lor will not ]*-,,,,, 'l (.-.-- )(>S Ei^'-i* i (Uiiriiniifii S' i>mfor alilt- u/ttli,)vt' until (lie oiiifoi 1,1 l»i»- u' i () > rtlltl «tl\irtitrt>4 CALL !: AUNTE M'S NFANT TREE State registered family day care. Agas 4 wks. A older. CPH cart., nsur., and equipped Exp. mom. especially with nfants. Ralarences, Small group allowing the att. and nurturing your baby deserves. One ntent spot left. Call today for detail* n Westfield, BABY CARE oxporloneod, responsible mom with previous daycaro contoi oxperlenco wlh provide loving care for your newborn or nfant n my Hlllsborough home. CPU cortltied, nonsmoker, fully nsured, childproof home, yard/ playroom. Appropriate equipment provided. First weak hall price. Expectant moms welcomol Pleane call BRANCHBURG- 2 Cor- lllod A expertenced loachors to cure for your nfant n n warm & loving nnvlronmont PT openings avoll Rats avail. Call for nterview S26< 176(1 days or i'loosuo 0VB9 CERTFED TEACHER* will provide loving lenrn- nn onvlronmant for your child n my South Plnlntlglii homo. Non-»mokor, cmrent rnloroncos FT 8, M Pleaae call Barbara, * AU PAR/NANNES Llva-in Europaon glria, leoal for 12 mo. average coat t170/wk Call Cart. Prof. Nanny t Mother ol on* yr. old, will watch your children. Mon-Fri, So. Plfld. area. Snacks avail. Tta^StT*. CERTFED TEACHER- Mother of 2 will care for your infant or child in my Plscataway home FT/PT Act., ft lunch CHLD CARE- in Hillsborough. Mom, State Certified, racraatlonal tharaplat, CPR and First Aid Certified, flexible rataa A times, CHLOCARE PRO- VDED- in my Marttnsville/Brldgewater home, FT, state cart., meals nc., playroom, lots ol TLC DUNELLEN- will take loving cara of your infant FT, expar., rafa, nonsmoker EXPERENCED SOMERV1LLC MOM Provides TLC, art & actrvltlai. Rets, CPR can. Lg. yard. S0S-SaS-47M. HLLSBOROUGH AREA Full/Part time/ drop in/back up reliable Chlldcare MONDAY MORNNG NC NFANTS ft TODDLERS NSURED, NSPECTED MONTORED e MOTHER OP THREE e Will watch your child n my Somerville home FT or PT, day or night. Reasonable rates. Please call Jayne, , PRVATE HOME DAY CARE Arts ft. crafts & a lot more activities, fenced n ysrd, well equipped. Licensed & state approved. Please call now lor free registration at the QUALTY CARE DAY CARE CENTER. Located n Plscataway. (808) 8B RESPONSBLE BABY- STTER Mother of 2 yr. old. Good raf*. Manville , 9am-Spm SOMERSET MOM- will cara for your child n my home, naar JFK Blvd., across from Macafee School, axe. ref., or rintfsw APT. ft HOUSE- Professional cleaning by polish women. Free estimates. Call APT., HOUSE, OFFCE CLEANNG- The "CLEAN" PEOPLE. Reliable, bonded, ns. Call ARJO CLEANNG SER- VCE Commer. A resident., good exp. A ref.s, low rates, A+ Cleaning service Reliable but reasonable rates, call Susan: CLEAN NEWS Happiness la having your home or office cleaned the way you want by a Co. n business for 10 yts- Bonded and nsured CLEAN TEAM- Homos. Condos/Apla. LOW RATES- 1 bdrm, bath $40 to 4 bdrm, 2-3 baths $65 Honast/rollabte/exp/oxc refs/qwn trans CLEANNG DONE BY HONEST roltnblo person with references Call CLEANNG- Apt.. Olfices, Houses, everyday, AM, PM, & eves. Good refs. own transp Profer Somerset Cly CLEANNG houses, condos, reliable, 5 yrs. experience, references, own transportation. Call Kathy CLEANNQ- Polish woman will clean your house. Call CLEANNG- Professional, with n personal touch. Reliable, rofor sneos. Free estimates. Commercial A residential. 10% ofi first cleaning. Call The Polished Look CLEANNG- lohfiblo woman will make your homo shine Reforencos own transportation, freo estimates DON'T SPEND YOUR WEEKENDS CLEANNG call: nstoadl HOUSE CLEANNG Qood roferoncos, axpoilence, own transportation, nvnilable Mon thru f~ii (908) HOUSE CLEANNQ- for a few good cuslomois, no ngency. rot,8. 50% off 1st donning cnll Klin. 900J75ZJ9BG _ HOUSE CLEANNQ reliable woman, exp seeks house denning Cxc rels Cnit (201) or 4B<1-(1530 CLEANNQ- reliable references, experienced Satisfaction guaranteed, HOUSECLEANNO BABYSTTNG- Goo references ft own trans portalion. Paapack, Glad stone ft Bedmlnster area or CHLO CARS N MY BRiMEWATR HOME- CPR Cart., Exp., Raf. Avail. Loving atmosphere ft fun activities. FT only. Call CHRSTAN DAY CARE Arbor section, F/ T. axparlancad, nonsmoker DUNELLEN- experienced mom will care lor your child, large playroom, lunch ft snacks provided. $85/wk LOVE 'n TOTS- A family day cara service providing quality developmental cara. Experienced, State certified. References. FT/PT. 6 weeks-2 yrs. old. Franklin Area GVE MOM A BREAK. Enjoy time for yourself or run errands, wa offer a supplementary evening A weekend service. Please call for more nfo. MOM OP 3- to care for your child n my So. Plalnfleld home. FT/PT. Lots of crafts, sports, loving ft learning. Refs. avail HOUSECLEANNGgood references, experl enca, own transportation Mon-Fri. Call Kristin anytime HOUSES, ETC.- Own transportation. Reasonable rates Lv. mesa, for Jan L.A. CLEANNG SERVCE 10yrs, exp. Work gunran teed. Ref. avail. Call NEED HELP WTH HOUSE CLEANNG?- Houses, apis, condos, Venetian blinds, win dows, carpets. Weekly. bi-weekly, monthly. Fully bonded. Fully nsured. Call for free estimate POLSH WOMAN- wil clean your house, apt. own transportation, ref.s reasonable rates, PROFESSONAL CLEANNG SERVCES- Commercial ft residential. Call for free esil mates PROFESSONAL HOME CLEANNG dally weekly-monthly rates Fully bonded & nsured 1-80O PROFESSONAL WNDOW CLEANNQ Fully ns., Bonded, FREE EST Superior Ref. Call WANT YOUR APT., HOUSE OR OFFCE GLEAMNG? LET THESE 2 LADES DO YOUR CLEANNG! Free esti mates, exp., rofs., Hon est & reliable. Call WswftnCare COUNSELNG- with a Professional n Adoption depression, divorce mediation, geriatrics, grid & stress. Barbara Ron ACSW-BCD X0 tmtfuctton/ Cductlon ART CLASSES- Adults children. Drawing, painting, pastels. Beginners- Advanced. Classes lim ited. Experienced artist teacher ATTENTON HGH SCHOOL SENORS- College Application Essay-Writers workshop Avoid procrastination Call BECOME A PARALE. GAL Attorney instructed, Home Study, ejt bji hed FREE catalog , Southern C»reor institute. 164 W Royal Palm Rd., BOtraHafOn, Florida BEGNNER PANO LES SONS pop/rock specialists. Degreed teacher Call DRUM LESSONS- in the style ol today's lead- ng drummers. Jazz. Rock, Latin. & Fusion. All levels. Beginners to Advanced in your homo DRUM LESSONS Well known live/studio drummer taking on new students. All styles. Berkloo graduate. My studio <> your homo. Pat Tarnmlnen, ENGLJSH TUTOR- nny grade level. NJ cert teacher of English Lisa Call FRENCH- All Levels. Licensed, native teacher Former vlstlng Prof at Rutgers. Yrs of successful teaching Rets avail after -1pm % SMAOL1N KUNG FU NSTRUCTON NYs Chinatown N c * Jsrsciy D'Bnch hy UTCJ nlzocl nstructors 1',\c systom foi vrpr-iiv tllnoss, soil,i compcrtlllon skmi Call o icheduifl your in>v trial losson TOOAV Mnslor Frnnk Yee Sifu Torn Gr.inl 'J.V 2 LEARN A FOREGN LANGUAGE- nl homu in just 30 clays tjiitirnnigoo! Provon results nlo 74 firs U' MATH TUTOR- Algobra. Trig. Pre-Cnlciilua. Calculus Cnll lilii BOH- 54B-4G32 PANO NSTRUCTON Dinno Olson Gnlvncky, availablo lor toachinu 9nm- HOpm, Mon-r ri A Sal. Call PANO LESSONS All stylus All apes PANO LESSONS- n your homo Brain htiurc) Hlllsborntigh mill ;iri>n Cnll 3G0-4M7 PANO LESSONS-in my So PlftJ homu Kpiinody Schl men. i'o yi'i 'M 1 Mary Fllon 7:i3-C3(i!i PANO- ALL STYLES, ALL AGES. AT YOUR PACE Dntirooil (tl/\ MM), 20 yrs Dtp. [invnln CO lot) 0 & u Ml vu i sit y Bridgdwnlpr 7iM-nii:'<i SPECAL TRANNG WORD-'flir.C1 LOTUS DA A F.NTY CALL 90D TUTORNG- math, grades thru 12, lie. math teacher, will also train on most Macintosh appl. Call Paul at TUTORNG- Reading, Math in your homo. 10 yrs. public school experience. Cortified K-8 & H.S, M3lh; M,A. degree. Call VOCE/PANO- Private Lessors w/rarilan Valley College Music Professor. Call Adele Carliss, M.S nsurance LOW COST HEALTH NSURANCE ndividual, family or group. Plans designed to meet you' needs Any Doctor or Hospital. Great maternity plan Legal Stwvfns ATTORNEY AVAL- ABLE Closings, Refinancings Leases, Real Estate matters. Wills. Corp. Docu.s Reason rates. L. Gotlib ATTORNEY HOUSE CALLS: Wills (rom $70), Closings (tram S395), ncorporations (from $225). Call for exact feos; other services. J. DeMartlno, Esq LOCAL LEGAL EAGLE Expel local attorney wants to serve community. Lorja! services provided on contingency or rock bottom retainer. All Consultations are free. Specialist in tralfic court, accident cases, real estate & wills. John C. Slnuk, (w) or (h) Loans A Finance $$$ AVOD $$$ BANKRUPTCY FREE Consultation Financial Fitness of NJ. FNANCAL AD For collogo- For freo information ploase call 908-7!)5-2t Miscellaneous Services AFFORDABLE JUNK RE- MOVAL- Reasonable & aflordnblo ratos Free estimate nsured AT YOUR DSPOSAL Wo clean up Basoments "Allies Garages Yards»other odd or>s Prompt courteous service at reasonable prices JCP CARTNG t c4b CLEANUP A LGHT HAULNG of all types. Free estimates, nsured, low rates, We work weekends. Tony, _ CUSTOM SLPCOVERS Draperies, reupholstery. Your fabric or ours. Formerly at Steinbachs & Hahne's. 43 yr*. experience. Senior citizen disc. Shop at home service. W. Canter DRVEWAY/PARKNG LOT SEAL COATNG Residential/Commercial SOG our display ad in the Business/Service Directories n your local Forbes Newspapers Classifieds. Free estimates. Fully insured. CHEM SEAL Mandham, NJ 90B O GUTTER A LEADER CLEANNG- Repaired & nstalled. Quality service, Reasonable prices, fully insured, Call GUTTER A ROOF CLEANNG/REPARS House trim painting & tree trimming. Very reasonable. Fully insured. CLEAR VEW> GUTTER MAN Cleans, repairs & nstalls leaders & gutters. Free Estimates GUTTERS A LEADERS Cleaned and flushed Siding power washed Mildew removed from any surface. Please call: Tom Hanson Painters 9OS-46B-S0S2 JUNK REMOVAL- Attic, basement, backyards. Call Joe JUNK REMOVAL- We do all types of clean up jobs- attics, basements, yards, garages, etc. Low rates. Tree est. & fast serv. anytime. Call JUNK REMOVAL T L C Big and small, house cleaning, we do it all. Call KAREN'S For all your sewing needs. Reasonable prices. Plus sizes. Call (908) , LAWN MOWER RE- PAR Tom's Lawn Mower Service. Ride-on mowers, trimmers, weedeaters, chain saws. Toro. Snapper, Rally, Honda. Free estimates. Free pickup & deliver, Piscalaway MOBLE MARNE SERVCE Free Estimates Pick up A Delivery 7 Days a weak (90S) MOVNG? Apts.. Homes, Ollicos, Pianos, Lic.# Palmier) Movers, MOVNG? Select the competent, experienced, reasonable gentlemen of BEE LNE MOVERS. PM *0O156, Advertise m the Classified' PANO TUNNG Over 25 years experience. Wayne Smith, SUMMER CLEAN UP Attics, basements, garages 8 contractors. Free estimates, fully insured Call RUBBSH REMOVAL Servicing ALL of NEW JERSEY, REASON- ABLE RATES, Show ad at time of plck-up:oet 10% OFF THC LL! call Jim Brennan , n business sine* txcelltnt references available YOU CALL, We HAUL Big truck. No job too big or mill. Reasonable) rates. Free est BALLOON RDES Flights savs our own csnssd balloon port in WMtMiouM at ftpm dally. May thru October. One of NJ's oldest snd mod experienced ballooning compenles Special 20th ennivenary price 1135 psr person. CONTACT DCNNV AT YELLOWSTONE ADVENTURES BRTHDAY PARTY CN- TERTANMENT- For children (4 & up). Tun filled magic show & balloon animals for all. Reasonable rates. Call Constanilne CELEBRATONS UNLMTED Disc jockey service FOR PARTES- or any occasion call the Music Factory DJ Service, for more nfo CAN DRAW ANY- THNG! Portraits, Pets, Homes, etc: Character Sketches for Parties. Reasonable PARTY PLAYERS- run the funl "Book Now, gel FREE ice cream cake." Cell 90a-tU-f»2S * PUOD4NS * My.Tee-Fine Clownln Reputation speaks for itself all occasions comedy magic and more. Please call 6S LOOKNG FOR A PHO- TOGRAHER7 For doing your Wedding or Family Group Photo*. Call Charles Moore, MS S 1-M0-371-S7fJS REGSTERED ARCH- TECT NJ, NY & PA. Consultation by appt. only. Resid. new alter, or add. Call Fees Reasonable. THERAPEUTC MAS- SAGE Try a massage & synchro session, the ultimate holistic relaxation exper. Call Sound Mind, 60t-t21-M00 TRAVS PHOTOGRAPHY We Came To You! Specializing in: Portraits- ndividual, Family, Engagement, Baby, Pet and Home Glamour. 1-8OO Forties Newspapers Employment Guide sooo EMPLOYMENT 5010 Career Training and Services ifc:-* Til COMPUTER TRANNG VordproCPSsiMq, Spreadshoots. Databases. DOS Windows Reasonable ntes. Ono-on-Ono,'waii nll Frn for dutails* E-Z COMPUTER SERVCES OUT OF SCHOOL? Out of Work' High School dropoul 7 Jot) opportunities Dotwuon tho.cjos of 17 & 23^ nosidonts of Middlesex, Somi'rsol, Huntr retort Counties only! For information call LVE-N - Fulltime Mon- Fri Caring for 2 children in Westfield starting mid December. Call , v, msg MATURE WOMAN NEEDED- to care for 2 yr old & infant n my E. Brunswick home Part lime lex, hrs, avail. Light housekeeping req avail. Call Child Care Wanted BADYSTTliHS NEED- ED TiMClWi. '.luik'nl;, jol.i sc^kim^ *\vi efclrn >nijomo wrtm tli'xibk* hrs PT! C.1 i 11 a Pinch liic MO Rt 10 Wost. nnnrloiph, NJ 900- B79-&G-1'/ CHLD CARE NEEDED n my Cr.inMrd homo P T. Hf'x firs Mun -Til Must providi 1 tmnspur1,i hon yoh-:';.'0,*:il CHLD CARE WANTED t 1 VO in 1 o <.1 M n (Or.^ 'im.'ili ^rh»ml children.' ) lock ; luuii sctmol r 00 ki n LJ,l n-, list No huur.f'wtirk l'lr;i;;n cnll Mik,i ;o-t-otui ; >ipm CHLDCARE NtEDED N MY HOME 1-1 ilays M wk, ;<.'{ '!'. Holer onoib n-i "-,ill -Hi" MLV EXPERENCED LOVNG -.-.liti in PFFtSON rj laro fnr rnv ' hiltiy par t lime l, ho f Lllj ll h my tll V {',1* to FATHER OF 2 l(ir i-hihl r.ipn in fn i n s 11* i liinn ntlirr, pin ti ntti'ii Ulllruil!>U» FELD MOM part tlmo child luu'iti t;!>'i-m; HOUSF KEEP! H NAN NF livo in in mil tn i an' feu A yt i '!(1 111 Wat icn NJ all!kh i"' ' -!!! t n in m\ innr t' v c ' y oaily AM inii t'.ii "Ht li/.l.l ppi NFAN1. l iihln p (nro tnr CAflF 1111 nn rcspor, m'ihl<ui to hnfiy in my nti ( Mon nivin't ' 1 fif'nl pn'iitnn Mir.! k ru lir*h. tiavtt t**p i-ts '/! '.'-ll S att 1 in /P 5050 Employment- General SEARS Telephone Representative Rpquiros ovenings, Saturday and Sunday Good starting salary. Benefits S6 00 por hour. Cnll Ash for Phyllis or Jan. COOKS ASST - lull tiniq kilchen preparation iiriil diitios. Stirling nren r l"9 tor iiput.. GAS STATON AT- TENDANT- Full lime Apply: Abby s Shell Station. North & Elizabeth Avo. Cranford. S200-J500 WEEKLY As5emblo products at homo Ensy! No selling You'ro paid direct. Fully Ouaiantoed. For diroc- (ory infn. call 24hr hotltno HU O0 Copyright * NJ17HDH $SOO WEEKLY NEW EASY Stay homo, nny hours asy assembly S l.iisy sowing $3B,fiOO.asy wood assembly $ E-.nsyrinfts asy jowolry asy electronics Mh $76.4!>0 S1 9,500 $26,200 V nlonl Bfjont $40,900 Hiininuco nynnt Sfi^.'jOC 1 No sollinc] Fulfy guarnntr-nl For nto Cnll?4hi tmllinn HO ?!>00 Co(!yrit lil#nj7hym ACCOUNTANT/BOOK- KEEPER- FT. 40 hr wk -.alnry innn.0 $n$l2 pi" hr oppriorico norossnry in rompufpr dntn on try A ('. <VM", Ci'L. JET'S. Hank llurs Ae-rl Annlynis. linnom! A{:i"t lining, nit SM lominu' only tn Mi'l J lll-'l. ilnllman n Kirnatliinal. nc, 30(1!5 Mandalplivilli' Mil. V O liny (Wi'.t, 'lscnlnwiiv, N. OBH!! Otiti^V AOTRTB -'.'l Nrndftd to hnlp i raft Ohilfllmnfi tioct''ntuii"), rnon, wrnnlhs, otc Cnll Oavo 9()0-322-r>!i!>2 PARKER NTEROR PLANT8CAPE 1325 Terrlll Road Scotch Plains, NJ EOE ASSEMBLERS- Excellent ncome to assemble products from your home Dept. P8331 ASSST. MANAOER~ with 2 yrs. exp. n fast food rest. Send resume to P.O. Box 1155 Woodbridge. NJ AUTO MECHANCbusy Pontiac Cadillac dearlership wants experience class A or B mechanic, good pay & benefits. Call Tom at AUTO MECHANC- F.'T exp. pref'd, commissions, medical benelits, plus opportunity for advancement. Full service Retail/ Auto Repair Center. Call for appt Suburban Auto Mall AUTO SALESPEOPLE Have you ever considered a career n Real Estate? Come to Welctiert Realtors Career Seminar on Thurs., Oct. 1 at 7:00 PM to learn more about this exciting business. Reservations a must 1 Please call JoEllen Ashby at (908) or Sam Mllora at (908) t could change your lifel Seminars held n Oldw > k & Edison. AUTO SERVCE- experienced warranty clerk, qood pay & benefits, friendly working conditions Call Kempor Ponllac Cadillac SO0 ask for Tom : : SELL AVON u o Earnings up to 50%! Call rene, After 4pm. AVON artias SALES All For information cnll BODYBULDERS a D- ETERS Earn exciting in conio A bocomo hoallhli-i w.-expludg ndus ol Sell HonlthCaro BOOKKEEPER/ CLERCAL Full time pntry nvol position, musl typo Computer knowlluliin n plus Excellent company bonoflts. Call , X2B0. CASHER A HOSTESSES- FT or PT. Cnll H/llsborough Diner S CHLDCARE- narn Tiifinoy providing quality chlliipnrn for 1 or more children n your own homo MONDAY MORN- NG NC. olfors froo insiirnnco, inlorrals, equipinput, back-up & more Union County B- HB4; CnntriBHt County Ads in Classified don't cost They pay! A Forbes Newspaper

20 B-8 Forbes Newspapers 1,1992 Employment Guide October 5050 Employment- General CLERCAL- Full benelils To $7/hr. NO typing Roq. 1 yr. varied office oxp. & car. Day hrt. Middlesex O* COMPUTER TECHNCAL SUPPORT SPECAL' 1ST to provide support for micro and mainframe computing at area col' loge. ncludes some programming, micro com' uuler to eproces9ing n' stallation, maintenance coordination, etc. Expert once with language* such as: COBOL/CCS, MANTS, SQL or equlvel lanl & experience with micro computer operat nig systems & appllca lions a must. College cource work n DP or ap plied science, Expert once n third generation environment & expertonce using VM/CMS, VM/ ESA, VSA/ESA preferred. To complete application by 10/8/92. call ext 301 between 10AM-ZPM. AA/EOE CONTRACT LABOR- ERS S9-S11 per hr. 0RVERS/CDL local work. Will train. FT, Experienced drivers PT & Supervisor & piece work avail. Call: DATA ENTRV Long term temp. Job. Chester area. TeleSearch, nc. (201) DELVERY/ DSTRBUTON: mmed. openings. Exc. 2nd income. This independent contractor oppty. nvolves delivery of advertising material clocr-to-door on Sats. tarn hundreds of extra S S monthly. Car nee. Gall now DENTAL RECEPT. P/T positions avail., exp. nre!.. Reaciinglon township area, DELVERY PERSON For pizzeria. Experience necessary, Muat know area. Qood pay. Must pply n person to: ALFONZO'S 121 W. Main St. DENTAL RECEPTON- tt- Mutt be energetic, friendly A have dental experience n appointment book control, computer (Softdent a +) & phona kills. Albert nternoscla DM0, DENTAL SCHEDULNG ECRCTARY- tor a modern Morristawn dental office. Must be an organized person, experience preferred. Call DRVER Busy, Busy, Busylf Need add trucks, van, pickups w/cap, wagons, hatchbacks & motorcycles. Covering NJ/NV area. You can earn up to $700/wk. Call now. Start today. Can 20i-7tw-itis DRVER WANTED- to eicort salesman around NJ, Monday thru Friday. Call needed, Class A or B Several lobs available mmed. Possible long term. Call or come n with abstract. (906) , ash for Lynn. OMNE TEMPORARY SERVCES EOE M/F DRVERS/HELPERS- H H goods carrier, looking for an exp. responsible person for local and long distance work, must have valid NJ lie, and trans to and from job, CDL a <, good starling salary and benefits, call for appt. DNER RESTAURANT The Most Exclusive Modern Restaurant Diner in New Jersey, Grand Opening on or about October 1st is looking for experienced Waiters wd Waitresses - All Shifts 65 Rt. 206, Chester (9OB) FORBES NEWSPAPERS S GROWNG!! and is offering the following job opportunities FULL TME OPPORTUNTES Advertising Sales Our i(.-111,11 htitjlc growth means we need lo expand, urn vilu-, loicu Wu,iro offering an e»celienl op ikjriunily lui d bright unergolic, self sljrtor As u quaiilil'o candidate, you should he enltiusiasuc. iu:u oiikj orij.tnizec) & motivhted You should havu jufurrtor verbal & wnttun communications skills, i im.i lullow liiruijgh. and un understanding of tlie jmpiirt.imn of cuslomer service A ruiiabfe c:«ir is n jnir.i Wt- wrll riiin you in all aspects ot nowbpiiper atlvi-ftibinq s tilos & you wilt coordinate advertising lui [ju'jinubsus ol all lypea & sizes you are iitcu^il'il. ijluasy lorv/afd you resumn to Usnctr i):i!>"iti Advertising Manager. Forties Nuwh-!-,i(.! '.., 'O Bux H99. Somervillo NJ OBBVG' if"! tat02 Reporter nutum.islii: ^h.irp ruportur neec)t*(l tor our aw;inl WH. < (immunity newspaper ytrjup t.npununco pn'ti.-ifu'l Send resume dnd clip-, lo Robin J l't-.ilii i-j. drlor. forties Newspapers. 1 O 3ru b'm...liiiurvilll. H J 088/6 No tails, jlcj-if PART TME OPPORTUNTES Advertising Telephone Sales llri'lht SL'f-btiirter needed to sell iidverlisiruj OVL- Uitr thk?phonu in contra! New Jersey's #1 Clai^i liuil dunarlmanl All you neod ate good lan(]uar.]l*.irirl typing skills, an excellent lolophono mminur, anil ;i commitment to customur service We will Ham you wf) positions available, each 19 hums or wui'k 'Hilary plus ijenurous commission 'li-i'.u i.lit Kelly /ullo, u«l 62S0. to ;irraru if an ir,-r. Circulation Telephone Sales.(in wfiili; woiknuj llmitilii liours :j lo >l.iy, M.M w*jeh, 6 p rn ( J p fri in our liodrtimstur illn a %! 00 pui hour plub commission Hloaso call! M'ti in Cit-'iit! L'VL-nini'jS af tsx\ 7302 Circulation Clerk ci,ill miunloct indiviiliml lo hnncllo dat,! ontry. hny <wi" h iind phono duty Nnxihlu houfs KJual for niiii'riiakcci, (oll(m)c!>lu(lbnl!> or iienrors Ploasu.ill J.ihri rvacllino, i!<t i:\q2 Newspaper Delivery.M"J N(!wspa()urs n now lakintj namu-i ni ni.i( l)t)nrhond delivory in Now brunswick, North linin-.wii k, riellu Mood and Hillsborougli Dulivifr H' or two (t.iys por wrjok and oiim J45S55 Musi K' H yt'iiii or oklor and hnvo ruliiiblo transports in in 'J Now Hruribiwitk awl NoMli Urunswick i!«l /.1O1, and lor Hollo Muml arid Hilluhor MHJ call Mulch nl cut /'100 Youth Carrier All Carrier imys and glrla n ttiu Society Hill. Frnnklin 1(>WM', iiri'' t'flrn t>«!ra nu)noy by boconilri( n /oulli i aiunr vvurk onn day (ior wofik. Pli'iiso cull iuli h at u%\ 7'OC) Must lx> \'<! yt'lira or olilur Forbes Newspapers MTHODUCTONS... A way for people to meel people, every week in your local Forbes news paper. The ad s free then one call does t Bill 1-M0-SS9-94BS DRVERS- OVER 10 NEW CONVENTONAL ON ORDER Up to 26. cents per mile- plus bon efits NO RELOCATON" Call Vemon Milling Co nc., Laurens. SC al or DRVERS- WHO CARES ABOUT OWNER- OPERATORS? We do We are a stable, family owned company commit ted to the independoni businessman. Call MUNSON TRANSPORTATON EOE. DRVER looking (or ro liable person with valid drivers license (or local Towing Co DRUG ABUSE PREVEN TON SPECALST- Fo residential youth services program. F/T MA, MSW & or CAC. Sonet resume to P.O. Box 6871, Bridge watef, NJ , EASY WORK AT HOME Taking snap shots. Send soil addressed stamped envelope to P.O. Box 159, Dunellen EASV WORK!- Easy Pay! Assemble products at home. Can loll free Ext, 1221 FTNESS DRECTOR Full time, exercise pro scrlption, sales experience needed. Call: Full Tlma Part Time START NOW Local Co. seeking quality ndividuals $10 15 to start. Training, deal (or Students. 2nd ncome or Career (90S) ask (or Norma. Q*n«r«l H«lp 15 PEOPLE NEEDED AT ONCE * * FULL TME* * Local co, has openings in set up & display. We train those accepted. Cor needed. No experience Rapid opp'ty. $400/wk lo start advancement HAR STYLSTS- Busy Green Brook salon. Salary, comm, benelits, education, call Nick HAR STYLST- Part oi Full Time with experience. Dunellon Area. Call B-9779 HARDRESSERS with experience for Somerville Salon. Full time position available. Excellent salary plus commission and paid vacation Call HELP WANTED- in a Formica shop. F/T, days, call Heinz botwoan 9-5 PM, HVAC NSTALLER Commercial & ndustrial with sheet motai experience Call (908) NTEROR DECORATNG/ SALES- M a u m -m i n d o o businoss-oriontod irldiv Will train NSURANCE AOCNCV- Non-smoklng of fie needs experienced»c rotary or CSR for ex- Havt you «vtr contld r»d caraar n Raal Ea panding agency. Exp. n tat*? Coin* to Watctwrt Personal lines & Commercial. Licence pre RaaKera Car*«r Sa«n(< forred. Send resume: n surance, P.O. Box 381 Middlesex, NJ LAW ENFORCEMENT JOM NO EXP. NECESSARY Now hiring. U.S Customs, Officers etc...for nfo, call , exi am-9pm 7 days. LOVE YOUR CAREER- As An Advertising and Public Relations Pralas slonal n Your Community. A high-earning, prestigious opportunity awaits you as a WEL«COME WAGON REPRE SENTVVE n this area. Meet exciting people. Become acquainted with nfluential government & business leaders. Enjoy high earnings as you manage your own flex, work week. Represent local businesses & professionals when you call on US cltltzens, engaged women, new parents & movers. Call Be* Alsberry or EOE. MACHNE OPERATOR * MANTENANCE PER- SON- 20 hre/week, days, Middlesex Boro, some mechanical ability required MANAGEMENT TRANEE 2 year program wnh a starting salary ot MK +. Can 7<a-HM, ext. MO, and asktor Craig. Management/Retail ASSSTANT MANAGERS FT CREW MEMHEHS QUCK CHEK FOOD STORES s now hiring! Musi possess retail and/ or Customer Service experience. All shifts are available. We offsr a competitive starting salary, incentive bonus, snd an excellent benefit package. For more nformation call Dave at (908) , art. 232 and leave a message. Manager RECRUTER/TRANER Accept the challenge ol adding additional Sales Representatives to an existing local staff. Join Welcome Wagon nternational a progressive ompany with 64 years ot service, as an entry level recruiter. Use your direct sales or management experience to train, motivate & oversee) Oth* era, We are looking tor a goal oriented person with trong communication kills. Excel, oppty. to grow along with your territory. Car necessary for day time travel. We offer alary, benefit pkg. and going training. Send resume n confidence to: Boa Alsberry, Regional Manager, 4 Hopl Trail, 3rancnburg, NJ 08B78 or all Frl. 9-5pm, Welcome Wagon nternational. EO MED. OR DENTAL SST. OR LPN- for oral lurgoon, Thurs, Frl, Vi lay Sot ; eves. SECURTY OFFCERS PART TME & FULLTME Abovo,'iverago starling iatus (Of qualilied Security Ollicors Assignments with one of ho most prosticjiou'i companies in hrj ^Uito Wi offur HEALTH NSURANCE LFE NSURANCE VACATON HOLDAYS Crill '.jub) 901 Uiy'j luf informalion WELLS FARGO GUARD SERVCES BANK OPPORTUNTES TELLERS Tull t, Part Time We ht'k'f.' full time Teller positions n v a11 a b e m Berkeley Heighir,, South Plamfield, North Plairifield and Hillside and part time positions available in Elizabeth CLERK/TYPST - Full & Part Time Full time position requires general office experience, excellent communication, and 45 wpm typing skilh Part limn position in volves aono'ril clerical duties from 4pm-0pm in Granlord ENCODER OPERATORS -Part Time Located :n Ornnforcl Hours 1pm to limr.h Mint have good numerical aptitude and calculator For prompt consideration, please call (908) 931-(i[)44 or send your resume or a summary of your background to: UNTED COUNTES TRUST COMPANY four Cominnrcp ijnvo Cranlnrtl, J,, W.rirr.fiy Fq' O j!i>rturif.ry f-'niiiloyc>r. MCF/H'V MAKKTMQ/ MANAOEMtNT nar on Thura., Oct. 1 al 7:00 PM to laarn more about this axcltlng bullnaaa. Rasarvatlona a muat! Plaata call JoEllen Ashby at (008) or Sam Mllora at (908)494-eSO0. t could changa your Ufa Samlnara hatd n Oldwlck ft Edison. MECHANC- wanlad for foralgn and domastlc repair shop. Qood working conditions. Apply in parson at Battar Sunoco, 401 North Ava. East, Cranlord, NJ * 6980 MEDCAL OFFCE RE- CEPTONST- FT, Mon- Frl, 8AM-5PM, sxparianca prafarrad. Call BOB MEDCAL ECRE- TARV- F/T naadsd for doctor's offlc* n Brldgawatar. Must hava madical offlc* *xp*r. Plaasa call , M-F 9-5pm MODELS (famala 54 A up; guys 5' 9" & up) Want*d for exciting fashion show season. Exp, praf. but not nac. Must ba outgoing, lova music A danca. Call Runway Magic 90B aftar 2PM for appt. NEEDED: 100 people to lose weight now, no will power, new 100% nst. & fluar.laad, NEW YEAR NEW CAREER Part Mm* A fuh Mm* persona for telemarketing positions in Union based company. Exper. an advantage but not essential as training given EMC. pay pkg for the rtgm people. Call for further nto & nt. Carl NURSES Have you ever considered a career in Real Estate? Come to Wetciwrt Reeltors Career Seminar on Thurs., Oct. 1 at 7:00 PM to learn more about this exciting business. Reservations a must! Please call Elaine Salva at (908) or Charlie Frankel at (908) t could change your life! Seminars held in East Brunswick & Metuchsn. OFFCE HELP Auto dealership has permanent position for mature-minded person in busy office. Duties nclude bookkeeping, filing, assisting controller, etc. Experience helpful, but will train the.right person. Call Mrs. Krumpfer after 11AM at or send esume to: LCCARD MOTORS 130 Rt. 22W Green Brook OL BURNER- survive tech., luel oil co. serving Somerset & Hunlarcton ountles seeks exp. tech., competitive salary, enellts. continuing eduatlon and more, call Ed ir Don at PAYROLL BOOK- EEBER 12 mo. posion, exc. benefits, availible mmediately. Prior exp. preferred. Closing date 10/12/92. nterested applicant may send a ;over latter and resume o: Personnel Dept. Hillsorough Twp. Public Chools, 555 Amwell Rd, gesnanlc, NJ * * * T/FT NCOME OPPORTUNTES AVAL- ABLE- $ / month. Plus profit sharing plus medical dental. For information call 80O ext.100 RAPDLV GROWNG CLEANNG SERVCE- S seeking motivated oul olng ndividual in full or art tlma housecleaning work. Must be last deendabls, hone, ovorage 50.bO, 7.50/hr. Call PARK RANOERS Game wardens, security, maintenance, etc. No exp. necessary. For nfo call , ext am-9pm 7DAYS. PART TME PEAK TELLERS The Howard Savings Bank is saeklng qualified applicants with prior bank teller or cash handling experience for th* following branches: EDSON BRANCH 1063 nman Avenue AVALABLE SCHEDULES UPtO$10.05/HR. Thursday 11 AM-2:3OPM Friday 11 AM-3:30PM Saturday 8:45-12:15PM UPTO$11.13/HR Saturday Only 8:45AM-12:1SPM PSCATAWAY BRANCH 1280 Centennial Avonuj AVALABLE SCHEDULE UP TO S8.97/HR. Thurs 11:15AM-4:15PM Friday 11AM-7:15PM For immediate consideration, please complete an application at the hiring branch. THE HOWARD SAVNGS BANK...Where We nvest n Your Careerl REAL ESTATE CAREER WEDEL REALTORS, HHsborough. We are looking for good people to join our sales stafl. Whether licensed or unlicensed, wo can get you started n a successful Real Estate Caroer Flexhours, unlimited earning potential & hands-on training. Call Judl Hill. Manager, REAL ESTATE SALES Maximize your earning potential. Plenty of floor time, plenty ol leads higher earnings. Join Century 21 McGee) Realtors 90«-S2« Rt. 202 Branchburg REAL ESTATE SALES Successful Piscalaway based Real Estate firm has 2 openings lor 2 fulltime sales representatives. Benefits nclude private office, ncentive commission split, abundant opportunity time and congenial, honest, professional onvlronment. For confidential intervlew call Mr. Oambacort at REAL ESTATE SALESts a lucrative sales caroer n your future? Take our FREE (S300 value) ndividual Success P'ofilu questionnaire and find out how your natural talents and abilities con bo developed to help you atlaln ho highest lovol of success possible. Call Pat at Weldol Realtors, Brtdgowatar REAL ESTATE SALES- Local 3 otilco llrm, est 1937, seeks agenl willing to devote ndividual, porsonallzod attention to our customers. 60% lo million dollar associates Desk, training & floor time for all now associates. No franchise foos. Flschor Realtors, Whilehouse, Basklnq Ridgo, Washington call Broker, Tom Flschor 90B RECEPTONST/CLERK mmediate Oponing Full Timo Experience & knowledge in effective lolophoio skills. Typing 8/or computer skills important Excellent benefits ConTnet have car & Middlesex County Educational Sorvice Commission, 90B-8B OFFCE ASSSTANT Growing national computer dcnior/hrokrtf sorks iip tail-ortontcd full tlmo indrvicjual fo, F'C word cessing, typing, phone reception mid fitrior v tbsks. Requires PC WordPerfect, nctur;ui: tvimi 45 wpm, nnd reception opcripneo. Good lai and diction skill* needed. Company offers cja ttvo salary ond benefits, ncluding hearth insurance. Modem, non-&mokinfi office. Hush resumr wiui salary history (required) n confidence la: R Schnc vof MAPLE DATA SYSTEMS 960 Grccloy Avenuo, S. Union, NJ ni Opptirlunrty Trnplo^iT M f Word Processors Data Entry ' Secretaries Customer Service Clerks Many Positions Olslen opon 'til 7 PM lo sorve you Top Pay U w Long/Short Torm Assigns Donolils Pay Same Week WorkiKi Call (SOB) for rnoro nformation Fax (908) k Dfl J MfX A Torhor; Slop by""""""^ Oct. HM 3 PM lo 7 'M Opon House al 1273 Hound flrook (load, Middle3(M Open tote thlsthur. Oct. fllh RECBPTONtT- Qoot phons A typing skills must. Full tlm» w/b«n efits. Branchburg, MM U-7MW. SALES CAREER OPPTV- World's largest insurance Co. is ssaklng career-mlndad people. Up to $40,000 to start, no experience necessary. Excellent training and benefits. Call Dan Caporaso at Sales FULL TME Local Springfield Corp. needs 6-8 people to si art mmed. No exp. nee. Rapid advancemen earnings to: $1M0 + par mo. ccall for mmed. nter view S088 SALES Have you ever consid ered a career n Real Es tale? Come to Weiehert Realtors Career Semi nar on Thurs., Oct. 1 at 7:00 PM to learn more about this exciting busi ness. Reservations a must! Please call Elaine Salva at (908) or Charlie Frankel at (908) t could change your lifel Seminars held n East Brunswick A Metuchen SALE8/N6OE $30K PLUS We are looking lor 2-3 enthusiastic success oriented people for our Clark/Brldgewater offices. f you have a professional appearance with a bubbly, positive attitude & exp. n the dating ndustry or membership sales such as health clubs, weight loss centers, etc. then we would like to speak to you. We offer oxcel. benefits, a lucratlvo incentive program, fast advancement nlo mgmt & a fun workng environment. you want an exciting careor opp. call Wendy at 908-3B1-V55S. SCHOOL NURSE- lo be available as a substitute when school nurse s out. Please sond resume or call John Ryan, Principal, Contor School, 319 North Third Ave., Highand Park. NJ EOE/AA SCHOOL SECRETARY Central Office. Shorhand, typing, word processing, and computer literacy a must Twelve month position. Benefits, Send resume to: Superintendent of School* SO Valley View Road Watchung, NJ SECRETARV MuHi/Lolus skills a plus, ohuno 500 Co. TeleSearch, nc. (201) ECHETAHY- Executive Secretary to School Business Administrator, 12 month position. Board Olfico experience preferred. Computor literate and excellent typing skills a must. Starting dato oarly Docember. Sond resume to Personnol Office, Montgomery Township Schools, 405 Qurnt Hill Road, Skillmnn, NJ 0855B-9406 by Octobor 16th EOAAE SECRETARY Legal litigation, Huntordon county Minimum 2-5 yrs. experience WordPerfect equired. Top salary to qualified person SOB- SO SECRETARY- Part/full imo, must know word period and h.ivo good phone skills. Salary npx 18K, sond resumo o: UPC. 222 Courtyard. Somervillo, NJ HORT ORDER COOK OR COUNTERPER- SON- F/T, P/T, reliable, mnluro-mi ndod nctiidunl Sr. citizens wolom«, Experlonce proorrocf but will train. Cranord nron. Call nftor Mam SUPER SUCCESS DEAS F.irn S2OO-600 wk. PT/rr potential Start (jotting paid for rthiit you alroady do lor ln>o Tlio guido to monoy making ideas Own your clronin enr for only S1CQ rno Oo nn ihformcm! rnr buyer or s r 1 11 u r nfill for n ff1l : F. 2 mm nufisano-? 1! hrr,/cf,iy. 90B-60B01OO Volco Box 5312 UPERNTENDENT- [>.irtmunl hrnj^os. Ex >oinitrjcd. own lools, lurnbinr). cnrponlry S ninliiijl skills. Good pnrtmnnl & honofits 'nlld cfrlvors llconso, rotroncos Sl.-irl at $300/ k. ')0U.722-'J<125. TELEMARKETER T/'T. Fdlnon msnri finipany n snuklng nrll* dunls willi good phono kll5 to nssist with cusornor prospoctlng. Will iiln, Flnxitilo lira, 9-1? r -*. 'nrlocl lor pooplo /lli cnldiun in school lonso cnll lorn nl BOB- 2ia-BB0 TELEMARKETNG onrn $200 t PART TME EVENNGS Vnll kiuiwn. oatnlilishiid 'ittnrtl ntrcjcluctlun (irvir.d looklni] for v\\- tu'jl^llr, pur sruuittlo. 'inriiffy pnrhor> to *>l,irt nniulll^tnly ^ollliuj lipoliiliiinnts NO COtfl Al l.lnfi Sriliny lilu'i rhiiiiii'innin urt OW- :jnnii)nl Cnll Alan, 3B1-5S5. r SALF.S rsnli wnnhul lo wink HJ 1'liMlillnlll nlfu!,.m yno-ikitio/wk :; liikn nvm $lll;ll vim ft hiiriii'ki'i '., d'ilh'i,'t MUltt 1 nnlm.l rli. 901)-75/-1304 TEUMARKETtNQ POSTONS AvallaDie mmediately. $7/hr. + commission. 10-4, Mon.- Frl. No exp. necessary, will train. Edison aren. Call 4M-414S TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT Year-round Assignments * Light ndustrial * General Utility * Food Services ndustry: Chef 142, Prep, Servers, waiter /wftltr *, cashiers, dishwashers, grill cooks. Own transportation a must, THE CONSORTUM TRED OF BENG LOST N THE CROWD? Busi ness s boomlngl Grow ng REAL ESTATE CO. needs 3 reliable, ambl tloui sale* people. We offer extensive n-house training, 100% comm. plan. Come show off your talents, for a confl dentlal nt. call today! 7S TO: ANYONE WHO WOULD LKE TO HAVE A HGHER QUALTY LFESTYLE. Kim & have found a way to be able to make mote money than we could ever spend, and have all the free time to enjoy t with our family & friends. GVE US A CALL AT S We will treat you like family & show you how you can do it tool Recorded message Now s the time, Frank A Kim TRAVEL AGENT- Westfield office, leisure agent, 2 yrs. exp., nee, FT, Sabre preferred, benefits, Call UNDERCOVER WEAR PT sales agents needed. Hostesses receive free lingerie. For an evening of fun, fashion & fantasy Call Jean And th* winner s TANA BRADDSH of SOMERVLLE Please call us at 1-S0O-S59-MSS to claim your f REE Forbes coffee mug! WORD PROCESSOR/ SECRETARY WordPerfect 6.1 experienced secretary needed for fast paced executive offices in mmediate area. Musi possess professional attitude, ba a team player, and type a minimum of 50 WPM. Call for consideration (008) OMNE TEMPORARY SERVCES ECE A- MECHANC- for heavy equipment shop. Good pay. Call ask for Peter. S20O-SSO0 WEEKLY Assemble products at home. Easy! No selling. You're paid direct. Fully Guaranteed. For directory nformation call 24 hour hotline Copyright # NJ1-7HDH -.,- POSTAL JOBS - * 23,700 per yr. ' full benefits Men/Women " No lay-offs For an application and oxamlnatlon nformation call (219) oxt.p2617 9am-9pm, 7 days 5060 Emptoyment- HeatthCmrm CERTFED NURSES ADE- Part lime 7AM- 3PM & 3PM-11PM A 11PM-7AM. Only certified aides lo apply. ood working conditions & good benefits. Rarltan Honlth & Extended Care onler, 633 nto 28, Rari-!an, NJ 0B6G Nurses HOME CARE UN s V Cmtifiod- Micid ft Sornor3ol Ctys N a ft L'N'3 w/lrnch R> vonl 0K )- MkidloaoK ounty (l.l'n'a w/atfolomc ont unmu cam OKp. Southtun MkklUninx Cnunly hinwi llcnilh Alifoa vnrloty ol nsslijii rnotits Mliliflnrron and [ioinnrnol Clyn A hono nt -rim H * 7 H C A. T, (; Mnln St. Edison. NJ. Known slnca 1000»» Modlcnl Portonnel Pool NURSE FOR USV- Somerville Allergy practice, Tues. till 8pm, Sat. Bam-12 pm, plus one othsr day, ask for Eve NURSE- FT/PT RN to work n small women's health care facility in Smvl. area. Warm, caring atmosphere where you can make a difference. Flex, hours, competitive salary. Call Carolyn at (908) RN 7am-3pm full lime and part time 7am-3pm and 3pm-11pm. Rarltan Heallh A Extended Care. 633 Rt. 28, Rarltan, NJ 9OS-92-MS0. SOW Pmt-Tkim OOPS You wont too fart Th* winner 1 * name * omtwher* tmfora this point. PART TME ASST DSTRCT MANAGER $7.00 PER HOUR TO START Join the Forbes Newspap«rs home delivery team. Duties varied ncluding field work, adult carrier supervision and customer service. Approximately 25 per week. Daytime hours, reliable auto necessary (mileage reimbursement). CALL ED TARBOX EXTENSON 7401 FORBES NEWSPAPERS EOE ttlnoereh Earn extra money n your spare time. $18>S75/hr Call Carol ADVERTSNG TELEPHONE SALES PART-TME Bright self-startsr needed to sell advertising over the telephone n central New Jersey's #1 Classified department. All you need are good language and typing skills, an excellent telephone manner, and a commitment to customer service. We will train you. Two positions available, each 19 hours per week. Salary plus generous commission. Please call Kelly Zullo, ext. 6250, to arrange nterview. FORBES NEWSPAPERS EOE ADVERTSNO AS- SSTANT- Parttime, entry level position. Must hove some experience n graphic layout, use Mac Classic w/pagemaker and be creative. Handler Mfg., 612 North Ave., East, Westtleid. Please call AVON SALES All areas. For nformation call 1-S0O-M BUS ORVER- For Sr Citizens transportation program n Metuchon, 2 days/week, $8. per hour. CDL required. Please call (908) CHRSTMAS AROUND THE WORLD- s now hiring demonstrators for more nfo call Dee or Lynn CHRSTMAS SALES- JNGLE MY BELLS FOR EEEZ MONEY FREE S300 KT & SUPPLES! NOW CLERCAL P/T Mature minded roliablo self-starter lo work n Plscataway area. 3 days per wk Mon, Tuos Thurs 9-3. Must be good w/ numbers, typing. Ploase call for directions. COACH BUS DRVERS Wanted reliable, exporiancod, charter bus (stick ahlfl) drivers. Weekdays or weekends with CDL bus license. Also Athletic trips. Mln. o»por 4 yrs. Call DRVERS- So Plninliolii 'zzorm noods responsible drivers oves A wookonds. Must hnvo own cur Cull «J08-7!>7-22- rmnod, openings FASHON AOVSOF Woiir A show rxilns HWnlry 2 ovos $12Si. Nu )ritmodt, U0f.7!i0-:i0nu FUHNACE CLEANNG S'Xir, doy shift. Mny lone! to fullhnio posiliom nltur?iiivurnl niunlhs Hv- : ini!il EippllCiiliiHi l>y ihnnhifi sioii ;':; :i;' i :i. HELP- Nuiul tii turn ) lopln i;irl tirim 10 hr 1, wk $l!io()/»hi Cnll Albiiilu * > LTA! GU Aft m w(iikini Ayi ti>-l'.fvn un >< Allttrnitliv** hiirid 'H.M,ill <l(lll ;'.lli (,'iq MEDCAL ASSS AN! neceponst liiiini, otfl( o, fi-lll liri;wk l«[) n VnnipiM luri* nr WHUM d liiiini 'Kill.!l(',4 ll'l^il UMOUSNE DRVERS FT position avail. Experience preferred Call PART TME DAYS CRCULATON CLERK Detail oriented ndividual to handle dala entry, key punch and phone duty. Flexible hours deal for homtmaker, college students or seniors. Call: JOHN D'ACHNO 1-MM EXT 7302 PART TME REPRESENTATVE Very responsible A dependable person needed lo work for TV Rental Co. n New Brunswick hospital. Must have excellent communication & math kills. Extremely neat appearance required. Flex, day*. 1-5PM or 3-8PM ncluding Sat. or Sun. 10AM-4PM. $6 per hr. to start. Paid holiday* & vacation. For a local nterview call weekdays » PART TME. COORDNATORS/ Teachere are needed to organize short term HOMESTAY PROGRAMS for groupa of nternational Exchange students. Supervise winter, spring or summer groups n your own community. Flexible work schedule. Motivation needed: no prior experience necessary: wonderful experience; QOOD PAY Send letter of nterest or resume to NTERNA- TONAL EDUCATON FORUM, 790, Pine Shore Rd. Tome River, NJ PHONE WORK- Eves. Start at S8/hr. plus bonuses. We need enthusiastic, articulate, money motivated people. Most be avail. Mon.-Frl. 5:30prn-9:00pm Call THE HOME NEWS, SOS- 248-M78, 9AM-SPM PLAY N YOUR SPARE TME while earning great ncome. Free train- ng A earn tree kit. Call Vai with Discovery Toys Pis call RECEPTONST- CLERK- for Basking Ridge Real Estate Office. 9-2:p.m Mon-Fri. $6/hr. Call RECEPTONST- Duties nclude answering phone & filing, 9-3. Cranford area, (908) SALES of pre-owned vehicles, day* or evenings, flexible hrs. Start n mid Oct. Call between 2-6 pm SCHOOL BUS DRVERS WANTED- School runs, sports end class trips. Please call Romano Bus Service for more nfo SOCAL WORKER- Degree, PT, flex. hra. Apply: Cranford Health Center 205 Blrchwood Ave. Cranford, NJ START TONGHT- earn SB to S10/hr. working evenings from G-9pm. No experience necessary, just s good phone voice. Offices located in Edison and Cranlord. Call today, TELEMARKETERS PART TME Earn extra cash flexible hours 3 to 5 days per weak 6pm to 9pm in our Bedmlnster office $7.00 per hour plus commission tor further nfo CALL OLCN OR QENE EVENNGS FORBES NEWSPAPERS Ext Telemarketing Part Time Hourly rate, plus ncentives. Greobrook area. Call Michael Bailey TELEMARKETNG- 20 people needed mmed. PT nights. $5-$9/hr, Will- ng to train. Call after 5:30 pm, TELEMARKETNG- We aro an established healing ft air conditioning firm seeking an experienced, aggreslve self starter for this position. DEL PERSON- Soulh Extensive on he ob Plalnflold area Expenonco prof., evenings &/or and ovory Snt. Must training, late afternoons DENTAL HYGENST Woslflold rjonornl praclico s looking for fulltimo wookonds project positive phono hygionisl. (4 days per DETARY ASSSTANT mago and good phone wook) No wookoncf9 3:30 to 8 pm. Will train, manner. We offer basu Call oollullr, Acros Nursing salary plus commission, Homo. Noslianlc, NJ and nn oxcollont working EYE DOCTORS AS onvlronmonl, (nonsmoking office). Apply by SSTANT- floxlblo 30 hr woak, ncluding 1 eve & DRVERS Must hnvo phono: ask tor Nick nlldrnallng Sat. for friendly pooplo orlontod West- >olp got CDL license Far Woslflold. NJ, cloon driving rocord Will Casnlo, McDowells, liold oiflco. Mulli faceted noro nfo call B _ Job will train, come join 4044, nsk for Marynnno our room. Ho ply Box 113 or 4G4-59&3. nsk forwater/watress- co Forbes Nowspnpors, Nnncy Part or tull days. The Exchange Restaurant. Cnll 44 Franklin St. Somor- llo, NJ OBU76 DRVERS- PH posilon 90B nvail good ([living ocord o must lor 5090 sliidorit of retired pursun Cnll i>2fi-g551 Employment Wanted NOTCE: All EMPLOY- MENT WANTED advertisements aro PAYABLE N ADVANCE by cash, check, VSA or Master Card. For n quote on cost, plenso cnll BOOKKEEPER- CEO ol Mild sl/o cornpnriy ntor- UMHK n finding omployriutnl for hnnufti, ilnpontl* ihlit full charge xink km.ipur wild cornpulnr e«piiriiincfi. M D :j[l wk a! $1f>/ln UMUK Midillimux Cuurtty Ho«t ti. nrhnfi Nnvvspnpt^r!i 1 11 lln* HW), <;nmiiivill<< N. (111(1/«C F R T F E D HOMr HEALTH ADE uxp., inirihl, flimtilh, uxcollp i mis. fl»iist>mflt>rn rnli.. C.lll HM, 'HM CM CHAUFFEUn/ GAH- DFNFH (iiifid rnfi-ri iis <".1 pviiri SC-

21 September 30, October 1, 2,1992 Forbes Newspapers U-1 Real Guide -JfflfcH Luxurious ranch features in-ground pool CRANFORD - This unusual white brick California-style ranch situated on a beautifully landscaped 93-by-l 10 foot lot at U N O JM HOUSE TOURS G32 Lincoln Park East features a lovely patio and an inviting in-ground pool. That ranch is listed at $308,500 through the Kiamie Agency in Westfield. A charming flagstone entrance hall leads to a 29-by-50 foot living room with a ceiling to floor mirrored wall and sliding glass doors which overlook the patio/pool area. The ll-by-14 foot dining room also features a mirrored wall and tasteful decorating. The 14-by-14 fcx>t kitchen is a cook's delight with its two counter top ranges, including one on the center island. That kitchen also includes a built-in oven, microwave, trash 'his pool compactor and dishwasher. The lovely formica cabinets offer plenty of storage space. The 20-by-11 foot family room is conveniently located just off that kitchen and has a comfortable feel to it, with a good view of the patio/ p<xil area. A so likl-atcd on the first Moor is ;i laundry room, powder room and library. A step up from the living morn is i 1 -'.'.sleeping area with its 17-by-11! fivit. master bedrrxnn, 11-by-11 foot ivdroom and a Ki-by-12 foot x-d- The main bathroom features a dressing table, bidet, bathtub and."eparate.shower stall. The finished basement consists of :> huge, fully carp^'ted rtvivation i-'jorn with a bar and built-in shelves. SHARON WLSON/FORBES NEWSPAPERS California-style ranch at 632 Lincoln Park East in Cranford includes a patio and in-ground swimming a spare room, a full bath, two walkin closets, including one that is cedar, and a large storage closet. Amenities include central air conditioning, sprinkler system, recessed and track lighting, two sump pumps, exterior lighting and an attached two-car garage. The home is one of the many styles of architecture nestled along the twisting banks of the Rahway River. New Jersey magazine chose the borough in 1!)8(> as one of the 12 great towns to live in, with its towering trees forming a canopy of shade for strollers and bicyclers. The recreation department offers a well-rounded program of seasonal activities suitable to all ages and special needs. 1.5 «2 Unooki Part Eset, CmHord kvgraund pool, mb wown, ncnttlon coon, and keek lotting, two aump pumps, exterior &toe, * ncmorin Through Wwri» Agency* Crarford Realty notes Vivian Cook of Westfield, a square feet of space up to as sates associate in the Westfield much as 36,000 square feet of office of Burgdorff Realtors, has space. earned a ^^^^^^^ Fof tvore information, cafl real estate ^H^ ^^H business manager Rose Evans broker's t- ^^^^^^H at cense. A real estate professional Joan McNally of BemardsvMe, for a sales associate in the Basking 15 years, Ridge office of Weichert Realtors, Ms. Cook has earned the office's top listing has been a agent award for August. frequent * * * member of the state's Million Dollar Club, a member of Burgdorffs President's Club and the winner of numerous office and company production awards. Suzanne Farrell has joined Marc Kelley Realtors in Cranford as a sales associate. Ms. FarreX has held various positions with commercial real estate developers, and for the past five years she has been director of leasing for the Kaplan Barbara McCarthy, of Clark, a sales associate in the Westfield office of Weichert Realtors, has earned the office's Associate of the Month award for August. She has been a licensed real estate professional for 20 years and is a licensed broker. She is a member of the New Jersey State Million Dollar Club, and Weichert's Million Dollar Club. * * * Barry Glassman, of Bussel Realty in Edison, recently received a $1,000 cash award in a Broker ncentive Drawing sponsored by the Central Jersey ndustrial Park. Each time a real estate agent registers a new prospect with the ndustrial park, he or she qualifies for an entry. Registration for the next drawing is taking place until Dec. 3. Agents can also earn commissions of up to seven percent for leasing as little as 4,000 Organization and Pasbjerg Development Company, which specialize in building and developing shopping centers. # * * To be featured in Realty notes, send a short release, wnh a photo, to: Jim Wright Forbes Newspapers P.O. Box Franklin St Somerville, N J., Photos will be returned H a self-addressed stamped envelope is enclosed. For more information, call , Ext REAL ESTATE 020 M20 ^ Hit FANWOOD STOP DREAMNG mmaculate Split cvul in itiovo-in condition. Features 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, hardwood door;;, natural wood molding & much morn 7'ix157 lot With storficjo shod. SPL 1655 SCOTCH PLANS $329,900 ALL THNGS BRGHT & BEAUTFUL n this bciiuitilul Conlor H;ill Col. DR w/pickled Oak floors. MBR w/ dressing aron BtMinod cnth. coilings. FPL & skylts in lam rm Now fiirn/mr coiuliimnor'mo! Gumtu pool on lundsc. cjrnds in lijm rm SPL 1fiHt SCOTCH PLANS $193,900 YOUR TOMORROW MAY NEVER COME yun don't 'it'ii this today Split litvnl in irnmauiuttu condition (in < ul fjn ;'W'H) intjmijnc pool with now dock & patio Many HMS indiidmf Protnssiuniilly hindiiuiipuii. fiis is a must act)!! '"('!<i-lii SCOTCH PLANS '.\ 10 '.-irk Avc M l.ili Vnlfti.iK SCOTCH PLANS GO FOR T $229,900 Beautiful Ranch on 2 acres. Living rm w/frplce, eat-in kit, 2 car garage. Professionally landscaped property in great area. Plenty of room for expansion SPL 1680 SCOTCH PLANS $199,900 FVE STAR VALUE Fantastic opportunity 1o purchnso this charming 4 turn, 2 5 bath Col, featuring living rm w/trplco, chesnut trim, hardwood firs & professional olfico spncu Can bo purchased w/nd,iconl lot SPL 1659 SCOTCH PLANS THREE R's OFFlfl'! HOURS: Monday - 'Yiday. V a.m. - S) p.m. Saturday & Sunday, <) a.m. - (> p.m. Reduced floady & roally riicn woll maint.nnml Ranch in Country Club aroa. -1 timlronmi;, 1'!> balhr., full basoinunl. P firoplaro:; Larpo propurty wilh spacious moms for <>ntort,nnnu S'L KV16 SCHLOTT REALTORS" BRDQEWATER UP ON MOUNTAN This all brick Colonial has 3 BRS, large kitchen, dining room * backs up to 60 acre TWSP. park. $139,000. (BD-2566) WECHERT REALTORS BEDMNSTER By Owner. 3BR Ranch, VA baths, full bsmt., 1 car garage. New Kit./carpeting/fixtures. Freshly painted tn/out. Mint con. ditlon. $139,900. Call MM-B2e-33a2. CRESTWOOO - Adults (55 +), 7,500 Homes, 40 Styles S20,000-$140,000. Over 50 Clubs & organizations, shopping, transportation. FREE BRO- CHURE Heartland Realty Associates Realtors, P.O.Box Rt. 530, Whiting, NJ Associates. P.O. Box D. 480 Rt. 530 Whiting, N.J EDSON- 4 BR, Cape, Mint cond. tenced yd,, good area. Low taxes. Must see/buy. $136,000. Call owner HGHLAND PARK- Move-ln cond. 2BR Ranch on quiet street. Lg. LR. eat-n kit., gar., New heat A CAC. walk to everything! $147,500. Call days ; ovos RARTAN- DSTRESS SALE- 3BR Colonial. lormal OR, targe eat-n Kit., carpeted, full bsmt. Cornor lot. Asking $117,900. CALL 7J3-1323, SOMERSET REAL ESTATE AGENCY. SO. PLANFELD- 5 yr. young alt. ranch, 2 BR. 2 bath, large deck & gnr Adorable! $138, S B58 SOMERVLLE $139,000 EXCELLENT STARTER- Wnlk lo town & schools Older Colo nlal, recently renovated, corner properly CALL SOMERSEf REAL ES- TATE, Realtor 72S Horn** for Sato WHLE YOU'RE HOUSE HUNTNQ... Hunt lo see f you'r* our winner ot a "orbea coffee mujl DHANCHBUBO LAND LOTS OF LAND Soe SUNFSE/SUNSE Trndlilonnl charm Cnntor t nil Col on la -custom built WHAT YOU SEE WLL ALWAYS BE Borders GREEN ACRES. Many amenitlos, zoned prof, use, early poss. Otored ni $2B4,900. Owner MM-3BV-7142 RDOEWATeR $3M,«00- CALL TO SEE THS EXCEPTONAL TUDOR COLONAL. deally situated on professionally landscaped lot with inground pool. 4BRs, 2Vi baths, FR with tlreplace and rear deck. CALL. SOMERSET REAL ESTATE, Realtor»0»- 72S CRANFORO- 105 Bloomingdala Ava., Kit, DR, Rec Rm, LR. 2 BRs, 2 baths, garage 50x162. $183,000. Call D0 YOU KNOW... that an ad n this local paper also goes nto 16 other local papers? Reach over 400,000 readers with one call! 1-80OSS»B4»9 HUNTERDON COUNTY Looking for a charming home n the country with tow taxes? 3 bedroom home with t ' "} baths (updated), custom kitchen w/jenn Air stove, beautiful floors, DR A bookcases. A great older maintenance-free Colonial w/enclosed front and side porches, Shaded back yard w/storage barn. Asking S1S Make an offer. Preferred Lifestyle Realty»0S-707-OSB0 NTRODUCTONS... A way for people to meet people, every week n your local Forbes newspaper. The ad is tree, then one call dob9 t all! S SELN By owner, true mo1 her-daughter, 4-BR 2 lull baths, Fta. rm., lull b$mt., cul-de-sact nr. train, bus & sch $195, KENLWORTH Pristine starter, 4 BR, 1 5 Baths. Walk to shopping. This cape cod s ust right for the retires nlso WSF 3841 S 51,900 Expanded cape offering 4 BR, 2 full baths, formal DR, new kit. A balhs Groat park-like location WBlk 1o schools, shopping. rons WSF 397P $159,900 Coldwell Banker Schlott Realtors «>a-233-sssb WESTFELD OFFCE LEBANON TWP- 4 BR rnnch, large LR, w/ huge plc, country kit. DR. deck, 2 balhs, magnlllcent vlewb rom estate propeily with 6 ocros Lg born, pool. Add. two 5 ncro bldg. lots, septic design, approv. floady to go. Package donl, , Will sub-div. Prill only Evos Use Your Card,,, UNOKN A rare find ot ciiarm A value. Ready to move-in. 3 BR, 2 full baths, eat-n- Kit., large FR w/iplce, CAC & deck. WSf 3952 *165,000 Coldwell Banker Schlott Realtors WM.233.9SSS Wettfleld offlc* MANVLLE NEW LSTNG SOLD BRCK RANCH This lovely home consists of 3BRs. 1 ' * baths, big eat-m Kit., finished bsmt. w/bar & summer kitchen, Anderson nsulated windows, CAC, 1 car detach, garage $159,000. Century 21 MCGEE REALTORS M Rt.202 Branchburg METUCHEN- S BR. 2 1/ 2 bath, expanded ranch, on secluded St., near High school, deal for someone w/llve-ln parents, or grown children, ncld s fplc, 2 car garg., enclosed porch, and more, asking, 219,900, by owner MDDLESEX- Exp, Cape, 4 9r, large LR A Kit., new add., skylights. Slider to new deck, pool $152,000. By owner PSCATAWAY NEW NEW! NEW! Brand new & almost completed! This spectacular Colonial has 4 bedrooms, 2V» balh*. family roam, cathedral celling & skylight n Living Room, attached garage. 9 lots available. Some on cul-de-sac $169,900. ERA SUBURB REALTY AGENCY SO. PLANFELD beauliful 3 BR split, porch, deck, finished bsml, largo corner lot, St 51, B SO. PLANFELD- New Col.,4BR, mod. kit w/dlnette, LR, DR, 2 1/2 bath. AC, FP, deck, full bsmt. large lot. $239,900 Call SOMERSET- 3 BR. 2 balh, 2 car gar., CAC, lg EK, FR, 2 decks. $168,000, SOMERSET- by owner, spectacular energy efflc cape,4br DR.LR. upgrd ktch.2 atl. gar,cac beaut yard.clse NY bus hwya, top nelghbr lowtax.prln. only J _ 8OMENVLJE l20b,900 Executive area near Medical Center. 4/5 bedrooms, 2'.i baths, FR with FP, ^ many extra*. CALL SOMERSET REAL ESTATE, Realtor. toa SOMERVLLE- 2 BR ranch, LH, DR, Fla. room, Kit. w/pantry, fin. bsmt, t bath, 2 lava., att. qar., HW floort, 2 rplc, $159, SOHRVUJ:- 2 family, zoned for prof. ut*.»dequale off atr««t parking. 1199,000 n«g ev»» SOMERVLLE- 3 BR. new EK, lovely neighborhood $160, % to telling agent. WATCHUNQ S32t,S00 JUST USTCD Beautiful sprawling Ranch on 1.85 acres of parkllke property with a brook t This home boasts a brand new custom kitchen, new fmally room, all new windows, new vinyl tiding, LR with fireplace, formal DR, 3BRi, 2 full baths, 2 car attached garage and many mora features and extras. Call U»l! ERA J. ZAVATSKY * ASSOCATES REALTY Realtor MW-7SS-1200 HUNTERDON COUNTY' New construction or will build to ault. 2 acre lota. Low taxes, cloaa to shopping, schools, transportation, and recreational facilities. Tranquil cul-desac road only 10 minutes from Hi. 78. Starting at $249,900. Call Bulkier, 9O8-H1-27OO CRANFORD TWO BEDROOM CONDOMNUM FROM JUST $79,900 TWO BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE JUST $89,900 You can be an owner in this outstanding community. These beautiful and spacious home* boasting new kitchen appliances and plush wall to wall carpeting are conveniently located near schools, parks, ma or hghwys and NY transp. With favorable mortgage terms and easy carrying costs, you can own for lass than t costs to rent Sold to qua), buyer thru broker by prospectus. OPEN HOUSE SAT A BUN 12-4 MON EVE 4-7 TUE A WED 12-4 ON STE (908) PARKWAY VLLAGE 21 B LAMBERT ST Dlr: GSP to Exit 137. At light turn rt onto North Ave Go to 1st light turn rt onto Elizabeth Ave. Take 1st rt onto Wade Ave. Proceed to Patkway Village.

22 U-2 / Forbes Newspapers RealEstateGuid le September 30, October 1, 2,1992 We Can Help Make t Happen! FORBES NEWSPAPERS WESTFELD $179,900 SOUTH PLAMFELD $149,999 3 bdrm expanded ranch n quiet area on cul-de-sac Lovely 3 bdrm home n levels on quiet street in great 2 full bins, many updates. Walk to Tamaques area. Newer kit. den, hardwood floors. WSF 3932 School. WSF 3951 WESTFELD m w^u office«a* 264 East Broad St. -«COLDWELL BANKER OFFCE SORTH AMERCA COLDUieiX SCHLOTT REALTORS* 070 Charming 1 badroom unit M Tilt HHa. Ml nw tral lent*, oak kticrten wtth an comforta, lower Atarmta. Airy 2BH, 2 B«th. 3nd door «nd unit Spaetou* LR. cathedral calling, Frplc. slldere laad fo court»m* daek, all appliance*, oanlral air. rac laellluaa. Cloaa by ahopplng ft aaay aceiaa to rantportation. $119,800. MntUn to tfw C/MiWsdJ CONDO MART BrMajawrtar Prlca raducad for quick «alt, desirable 2nd floor unit, 3BRs. *»Un Kit., LR w/ balcony 1104,800. Pool Tennis. Branehbura Penthouae Unit, 2BRa. 2 full batha, eat-in Kit., plus DR, LR w/vaultad calling, skylights, balcony, pod * lennl* $109,900. RaaeMngton- Commitment to excellence shows n thl«beautiful 2Bfl, 2nd floor unit. 2 full batha, LR w/akylight*, convaraatlon pool A len- arta, nla.t108,2s0. Century 31 MCO.EB REALTORS 1035 Rt.202 Branchburg HOaiWATBR By Ownar. Lg. "Beacon Hlir Tvmhaa w/garage, 2 BRs, 2V* baths, E-l-K, LH, DR, fplc. $ B1 FLEMNQTON- Sun Rldga, End unit, 2 BR. 2 V* batha, LR, DR, EK, garaga, full baaamant, many up-grades. Vary prlvata araa. Mova-Jn cond. (187, B»O days or evenings, THE HLLS/CHESMONT "D" Model townhouaa, 2BR, 2 bath*, garage, flraplaca, loft, window traatmant & all appllancaa ncl. S48,000. 8D-2S67. WECMEffT REALTORS 7* GOT A CAR or TRUCK FOR SALE? BOUND BROOK- 4 family, $ caah flow, asking 1188,000, ownar t licensed raaltor, fully laasad, Lotmmnd amin BROOK/ WATCHUNQ- rasldentlal lot, magntfloant vlaw of NYC skyttne/3 bridges Only lot laft n exclusive araa. All approvala. 1433, TEWKBBURV- Praitlglous nalghborhood. Cots starting at 1165,000 or build to suit. Home* starting at 9575,000. Only 4 laflt) OwneWBuHetor, Weeks lor $ 30 At the prepaid rate ol only S30. Forbes Newspapers will run your 4 line ad lor 3 weeks in 17 publications reaching more lhan 100,000 radars in Somerset. Middlesex and Union Counlius. WHAT A DEAL! Orlef good on ears, truck* or Ad must run as originally ordored. Must bo paid in advance vans only, with mis coupon only Any chango in copy consiitmus =i (no iclunds) Private party only no new ad Remember to call when dealers please 4 LML-M.uionnm i.nt. 5.1 c vehicle is sold Additional lines, add $1.15 lor each PrKMW. Otf. _E«p. Dill. Fill in 1 character per box, allowing lor spaces and punc luailon as necessary. Remembpr to nclude phone number Mml wilh check or money order lo: FORBES NEWSPAPERS CLASSFED P.O. Do«G99 Somcrville. NJ USe YOUR CHARGE Offer» Expires 12/31132 " COASTAL M.C.- S mllas lo b««ch SM.000 raw townhom n rlintfly ootflno communttv, country dub momlmrahlp, low taut * mild Huoni, Brlcklandlng punwion»tfb POCONO CAMMTB- Rt 196 N., 2 lg landdlta24'lratlww/ M»l»dlota.24lratlww/ AC, attaohad 12x12 room, t«nnl«court*. pool, clubhoum. watar * alac. Will plit W- Sacurliy24hr».W3a-»4»<16i POCONO LOT- (or Ml«by ownar, city watar/ Mraf,! > vlaw, haalth problama, naad caah, mutt Mcrrfica, 122,000 nag., looking tor quick i*. 90S-aina96 ST.LUOCCOUMTV.rL. 2/2 Villa, la. acraanad courtyard. altappia., c*li- ng fana, vartlcali. 2 poola & CluWwuaa. 30 mint, to Mata A Oodflara atadium. Qrtat fl«mna * boating. $86,900. Call 90B-72549M, aft. 7pm. COUNTS _ MW LMTNQ HOTUMi 24 HOUR RECORDED ME8SAQE 1 BOP TH PnUOOfTAL WNHOLD RALTV, NC. VACAUON 'HOPtRTY H210 WLOWOOO- mint condition 1 BR condo, tttpt to baach/boardwalk. BaautKully furnlthad, pool, AC, cabla TV, fully qulppad khchan. tsooo yaarly rantal potantlal. A graat nvaatmant. Raady to rant or anjoy a* a vacation homa. Asking only SS poialbla ownar financing at 7% to quailflad buyar. All raatonabla ofrara walcornad. pitam call ftoa-eai-esos. 340 NOKOWB.FLA. Batwaan Baraaota Vanlea. lovaly laclodad guaat houaa, AC, araa untouched by Hurrteana, t fltilfl from D94Kfl >W1 TV ififnqi fmnlnqi nw f%%* tauranta, thaataf, pariui, churchca, golf, mnt ncludaa ail urtruaa, local pnons, cttb4# TV. Monthly ranial$500^wa»l«ly POCONO*- Enjoy tna fall lotiag* at tma «wy prlvata Mt. cham naai Daiawara Watar Qap. Lot lodol»0t b. nrfllait Saw Craak 3 BRa. Dan, pool A tannia., golf. $200/ waakand, 8M-7B7-4ft attar $pm Advrtltt in (/) ana unit, vary prlvata. MANAHAWKN- 3 badroom ranch on ovtrtlza Adulia prafarrad. Avail. Nov /mo lot in Ocun Acraa 2065 comaa with hardwood floor*, bum-n fliaplaca, somensrr- Spaciews private fancad yard with 2 BR, 2'h bath, LR, OR, pool A moral Just mlnuta* to A.C., L.B.., & Ulll. Pis call S3 EK, laun. $800/mo + Q.SP. Prlcad lo all at only $84,9001 Call Toll Fraa O. Andaraon Agancy, Raalton BRANCHBUHO- larga aacludad 2 fam. horn* with garaga and (hop. Ram avarythlng lor $1900. Call batwaan e- Opm. W4-421? NARTTAM- 3 BR houaa. $975 phta uthwaa. 1 V4 mo aacurlty. Prof, or working coupia or trantfar. 7 Lincoln St. WARftN TWP 4BRa, 3Mh. LR. OR. FRw/ fplc, study, Oaatgnar Ktt.bamt, 2-ear gar. Voodad lot. $29O0/mo.Ca««47-TS«0. KDMNBTN- Tha Hllla, fully furnlahad 1BR Condo w/all amanltlaa. Avail. 10/ /mo. Lv. mag BtDMNSTER- Tha Hllla. 2 BR. uppar and unit. DW. AC, WftD, Mlcrowava, pool ft tannta. $12SO/Mo. Avail. Dae. 1 Call EDSON- 1 BR condo, wall lo wall carpal, dt*hwaartar, W/D, naar train station and all major highways. $780 plus uiifa. 1 vi mo sac. 1 yaar laasa LEMNOTON- Sun Rldga, 2 BR, 2 Vi bath WESTFELD- naw (ownhousa, 2 BR. bath, garaga, W/D, Dlshwashar, \C. raflg. Avail. 11/15. $950/mo 1 vk sac. No pats NORTH PLANFELO J12B.»00 GREAT STARTER HOME Ftaluting 4 bectrooms spacious LR lormal OR, EK. fenced in yard, walking distance 10 school ano transpc tation. move-in mint condition, plus more WA2796. WARREN OFFCE SOS BRAHCHBURG»l 79,000 Beautiful 3 BD 2''2 bam colonial villa on back of quiet dftad-em St * EK Sunken fr, gar. lull Dwsnit & more BRANCHBURG OFFCE BROGEWATER FRST TME BUYERS DREAM Well maintained comlortablo fnnt.h n f '.e lamily neiyhdorhood taic]f j Mchen, nice yard with larqo rlrc* A nuist 500 al h.s pne O9S 4D0S OL0WCK OFFCE " -"ft >' NORTH PUtlNFELD NEWLY REDUCED FOR QUCK SALE $109,000 gets you tuts spicious charming CoWnmt luatu^nq 4 bfldrooms, attractive tiieplaco, (orrnai DH lots ol value Awats your inspection. WA2608 WARREN OFFCE SOB B0 BRANCHBUBO * FRESH AS A DASY - Upgraded Winding ftidge/beechwood Townhouse; 3 BR. 2VS baths. garage 9, lull basement Wooded privacy BD-26M. 6EDMNSTER OFFCE 7B BRDOEWATER 1229,500 LOVE AT FRST SGHT? Owners lake pride m this unmncultik 1 homo situ died on a park-mi? wntntj ( luting 3 Bfs, now carpoii'uj. r leidft room. 2-car ga<age This one wool last. BP-2/04 KDMtNSTEft OFFCE Federal Tax Credits for First-Time Bujers: An Urgent Message from Jim Weichert Legislation now before the Congress would offer special tax breaks for first-time buyers. Coupled with mortgage interest rates at 20-year lows, these federal incentives would make (he American Dream of homeownership as affordable as it may ever again be in this decade. To find out how these proposed incentives could make it easier for you to buy your first home, call or stop by any Weichert office Tor our Special Bulletin. Jim Weichert Weichert, Realtors BEDMNSTER 1320,000 OPEN HOUSE SftlUHDAY & SUNDAY S FORECLOSURE!! [ ;,'rig Coumry Hancfi w'spflriijti fia^. 9 & ', prime lane in est.nn are.t 3 BHs!j'n -jom, fijininl DH, Tprrt* Cofia 1i«Hoo* [J>i Hi?Qt] BeomiPiio'. lo WM-ie Ga*. Ln^f BEDMNSTER OFFCE no BAPTSTOWN KNGWOOO TOWNSHP HJNTERDON i 154.BOO NVS ilvl WOHK n (own 2 fully w.( txlmt down A [lurrn up Zo'iirui pm-mirs busmoss profc^ jjonal iisp Walk n Mo'o. pnsl ntli o \ M"K 0M3 i"50," OFFCE LEBANON TWP WATERFRONT HtlHtA Hflr>Ch With (.tlll U\ i- i»i, PSCATAWAY $269,900 NEW CONSTRUCTON TO BE BULT Pa.LAMD B ac parcalpanoramlc vlaw ol Elk Mt. ikl raaort. Subdlvldabla land on ttout ASKNG MDO- 2«R apt. n fully ranovalasi 2 stocked pond adj. lo Pa. family room, ncluda* gam* land. One* n a Ufa haat, hot wslar, lawn tlma opportunity to build malnt., $1, 1 yr. your homa. Raducad to laasa, Raf. rag. For full $56,000. mmid *al«. datalla call 90* Call 9O«-234-1B5e days or avas. Booth Avancy, nc. Raaltors. 3«0 nmshmmt TME SHARE UNTSand campground mambarihlp*. DKtrati talatchaapll Worldwld* ielactlona. Call VACATON NETWORK U.S. and Canada or Fraa rantal nformation B FLORDA- Dliney Area. Oraat waather-no waiting at attraction!. Off-Mason pedal 2 Bdrm. fully loaded Condo. Sleapi 4. S2BB per wk. NOW until Nov. 15, Call Rosemary 1-80O-FLA-77S7 HLTON HEAD, S.C. FALL SPECALS Save 20% (ill reservations after 8/22. Qreat locatlona-ocean to Fairway. 1-6 BRs. Full pries range, Fre* Tennis. Qolf, shopping dlicounta. Hilton He*d lal. Realty 1-S0O-S4S-SH2 CALL-FREE BROCHURE BOUND BROOK- Modam 3 room* + Kltchan & bath. 2nd floor. Prof. coupia prafarrad. No pats. Sac. + Laaaa. $700 + ullla. Avail. 11/1. Call for appt. BRANCHBURQ- 1BR non imokar, no pals nawly ramodlad, $500 util nc. raf* aft 6 BRDOEWATEt 4 lg. rooms, S cleaata, refrlg. central A A H, R ar. many eonv. acoaas i 3 Hwya. Adurta. No pat*.»740. Call SOS BROGEWATER OHANDVEW QARDCN* 1 A 2 Bedroom Townhouses. Cantrsl air, ndividual storage. Walk to park & tennis courts BRDOEWATER- 1 BR n 2-fam. housa, qulat nelghbrhd. Non-smoker, no pets. $560/ mo. nc. utils , avas. BRDQCWATEK- 4 lg. rooms, 83 Old York Rd. $700 fall utlls. Rsfa. 4 Sec HGH BRDGE * BACK YARD PlCNtCS t.^rgo rjoc*' fino [jnvjita yirri ' = 'mnco you. CifOynwil Of \*yt ^.J(.. "tfiff '<> : (jaih hrjrnn NoAly 'i>n>. SOMEfWLLE J94.B0Q fonluruli in SO'ivorvilro Mmorii. Unit 11ns reslo'&d VicTonan A rantlnx J rioitio with wrap nround porch ntvl D(jT1rr'b ponlry i r, n must see H(l- HLLSBOHOUGH OFFCE BOUND BROOK S1S4.«00 WALK TO TOWN CuMom built Colnn,il wilti h-rn. DntJfoonis, nrtjo KJ'MS hpnuijhniil lin'owoorl tlooir* r.' Aitfiilwfjr*, Cftr QBrflcjf3. Hb ',i:i' MLLSBOBOUGH OFFCE 908 B7it 8100 HLLSBOnOUGH VJ7.5OO BE YOUR OWH LAND OfD t«ko prido in Ovvrinu] Mus.' Oral room. 2 Blory Cnridn with [irf>n'^< fl balconv. carport. CO'.E 1 ni M'.-J, - transpottaiion HH OJU'i HLLSBOROUQH OFFCE 9011 B7S.B10U lik.'.il r>n«> li.ill,u;ru loly on ill ill! :,M;.CO rooms wilh slyl' 1 fjij-,lt.>rii limit lu your pl.iris i «r i MJ ij tsomeribet JUST NEW BUNSWCK S.'O'Hf) MOUGLflSS AHEA'i '.-..,,l4f,.. i,,m,,i,.i,-ini.,,t,hi' n',,,.!.,.,.ill,lull"!., : i,. i.i.',', :,,,m,.i ', >. i.."ln»i"'.!",,..,-, H, n,li,,,,' 'ill."i.'-l MJUrM HHUNSWCK OFflCE U08 J9T 0200 euison. Nonrn WALK TO M[.TMO>AflK ' il.,,l,'" ' t!" ' tdison of Mc:t innwn 4>M-«nraiy SPOTSWOOD Siifi.'JOO TOO NEW TO PHOTO Mint r.nnrlitiun 1 l-'rii'.lily [),iiiiti»l K (,,ii(inti"l 1 lujrin /' r t>,itl! lu if mi with j.r, r tt'nr i \, w. <,i r ;n i.' [ H" h. lilind',.,i[i ili.ini ( -, K iiinrii M Y C tjii'i,il i inni-r '. SOUTH BHUNSWiCK OFFCE OU LAHFtL) JS'J.OW DEAL STAHERM MtlUCHEN OFFCE 90B DOB H200 SUMMT PCTUE POSCAFU PEFFECT 11.^, flwiiif'n'i.'l BH C clofi'hl ntlr-r,; r(jrt,.k>1,'ly (irnfiili'l h,in A (nil i,,tili (.Mii/rinifMilt ^ l,,f.i'. '(. in ' '. lmilvt.' HO,,'. *,...,,r,i i,,ly (,,, VM. * 1 WATCMUNO OFflCr SOMH-Mrin EDSON BETTF.n THAN NEW" imvlllltlll l,> ri>lli]>l 11,1, h', lll Arxill 1. 4" l.dnn',,,' ti.illi-,. Hj,.iii^ JfHiri AH M lljm!l)> r, J^-'.irn' ( (U mn Ol'i : ;'! 1 METUCMEN OFFCE 90B!1OB 8?00 S1FLU. LOCAON' J H'Jll O'FN?,UN '. l> M ',' -., J ( l i t -,',,'.', -,-,., '. >- ' ' ' [ [ J ' ' '' ' ' Dill Long Kill lid t) 'lrnu"! Hil pll (in M.rr- r,r tit nt}hl mi!.hti*m>,< l.» WACUNfi fll CK 'Kill ',>il-!i4l,[> AllOitkts Open Until 9 'M Weichert. Realtors ndependent Sutioually Line up a great deal... in Classified! tir ilk dral ;iiil<imtohik'? Turn to t's a showroom in in ml 1 he ill ivcl ions! Forbos Classified OUTSDE NJ A Union County Forbes Newspaper

23 September 30, October 1, 2, 1992 Cuid c Forbes Newspapers / U KMBALL AVENUE OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 1-4 PM This home Bits on a large lot in a friendly neighborhood and features many upgrades. All new double glazed insulated tilt-n windows filter natural light nto a bright, airy, warmly decorated first floor. Relin- shed hardwood floors, chair rail, and French door leading to a large deck and fenced backyard add charm. This home is freshly painted, inside and out, and the baths are new or renovated within the past 1B months. The basement has a new one bodroom, one balh apartment suitable for a parent, adult child or au pair Two car garage. Low $200's REALTORS Come to the OPEN HOUSE on Sunday, or better yet, call now for an [.» appointment to preview this very special home * Condo of the Week * SACRFCE PRCE, NOT VALUE 8-4C-E<'V<ilor. Tup Fliior, ili".ir,il>l<> 1 UK l.iyuul, CUHM;,i < tiiirmiii litlu- wcikl,! 1.! room overlixiking < ouriy.inl, n,ik p,ir< ticl llo<>r». \ Lir^c entry loyit' We've loft the ri'nuv.ilion'. on tin-, one lo yuur < ri.itivi- touches.although we'll hrtvt' ( spilly ( <Si in muve-in i imdilinn,il lime ul i 11 i -. i i i f" v GREAT NO FRLLS PRCE OF $91,000 Owner/Sponsor will su >[>ly morl^.inc n ijuiililuti luiyif' Milinii-niinri" (<'< Jl'tl <X<, f lim.iliil Mm-. S1~>(/M- iiu luilrs licit, hul T, trash ft-nrnvtil K mure 1 Call for appointment M-F or Turn ntiht,il tiglit Ave.) to blmkar, corner nfwm Saturday Open House Prospect Ave., Cranford 276-0A70 DRECTONS: From ha OSP North 01 Soulh, take e«il 137. makn right tintii North Ave to light blinker turn (eft (Prospect Avu j. prtxood 21/2 blocks to English Villngo PSCATAWAY RARE FND! Ranch. 3-tJ^drOoon, "J rial?" U ''*! ci'^'vy n. nciowd poicn Mi ho 1.*-..*.!' 1 (tjnir, 1!, tho l«pwil«fiaali"g,-.'i.".i git rag*. t«ne*r! piopa"* Oww-.T.*!, r 'i-in.,*,) via paiwsiwn Pric»d *l l'.''"t '-< ''! P8CATAWAV MMACULATE THROUGHOUT! PSCATAWAY LOOKNG FOR A BARGAN? PSCATAWAY NEW!! NEWl i «% HOUSE OF THE WEEK FANWOOD $176,000 This adorable Cape Cod has a cozy living room fireplace, lormal DH. screened porch & a palio. 1 bedroom & half bath on the first fl 2 bedrooms & full bath on the second fl, Wall to wall carpet, secuiity system & garage door opener. nterior painted in 1992 Set on lovely, spacious property close to school* and transportation. Call us today (or your tour 1 JON THE REVOLUTON! Supercharge your career by mastering the strategies of two of the nations peak performers. MAC HEAVENEA tt, th-j tiltiiimh- (,ir<!'( cnh.ini rninit v\vn\ ihe nnr i> i* -\h f -, i n-,. -. rimilh for lhnu^il"fhot n\]\ c>mh JJM U-S^ H.>.,n u>-^ iv, im-ir-v \n',i tn Kip the r.ili-nl,imf sh.irc the *t rrf-. of ihi- *M in ihr n \*:v.r<-- ir.r, r "REVOLUTONZNG REAL ESTATE RESULTS" Tuesday. Octabsr 13, am-5pm Madison Squ.ire Ci.ircicn New York, New York ERA VLLAGE GREEN REALTORS BRANT AVENUE CLARK, NJ The Door O Home Ownership s Opening Up iyivflnia Han* 3 t**of&ofnii ^ nsrns spill 3 USOroomn. l 1^ ti*tn» L sruip#»: um dining from, tamity rooni Uriel 1 au ana HOUR RECORDED MESSAGE NEW LSTNG HOTLNE ApmiimnU DORCHESTER HOUSE Somarvllla Luxury High Rise Elevator Apartments Studio 1 & 2 Bedrooms OUNELLEN- 1DR, $650/ mo. + uti!s. Avail. 11/1 Adults preferred. Call EDSON- ) * 2 BR. heat and hot waier inc. 1 yr. lease. Available Nov 1st. No pets. 1 Vi mo. security EDSON- 1BR, CAC. eat-in kit. w'dw, pool & tennis. Close to trains & mall. SVOO/mo incls. heat & hot water, 9 0 B GARW00D- 4 rooms, heal & utils. supplied ex* cept alec. Priv. entrance, full attic, $750. Avail 11/ 1. Call 90B-7B GARWOOD Apt for rent. 1 BR, nice section ot Garwood. 4 blocks from town. Pertect for single adult or young married couple. Avail. 10/ 1. S575 ncludes heat. Call Mr. Kails, 7am-4pm at HLLSBOROUGH- furnished efflcency, gentleman prel.. all util, incld. S525/month MANVLLE- large 1 BR loft, $575/mo plus utilities. Off Street parking. No pets. 359-S609 MDDLESEX MDDLESEX VLLAGE* Spacious 1 BR Garden apt. S675/mo. ncl. haat ft HW. NO PETS. Pool vail , 12-0 MDDLESEX- 1 room Studio S350/mo. utils. ncluded. Mature female pref. 90B MDDLESEX- 3 spacious rms. 1st fir., avail. 10/1, no pots, on busline, convenient to shopping. 1 or 2 persons. Call after 5pm, (90B) MDDLESEX- comfortable 2 BR, w/w carpet, LR newly ro'lnishod hard wood floors. Kit-new oak cabinets & no-wax floor, storage rm, w & d hook up. newly tiled bath, cablo TV hook-up, adult prof, couple pref. w/ref.s, olf-stroet prkg. for 2 cars, no pets, $850/month. incld.s heat & all water, 1 1/2 month sec, by appt MDDLESEX- Modern 3 room Apt, 2nd fl, painted. S490/month plus utility. Reply Box Ml c/o Forbes Newspapers 44 Franklin S. Somerville, N.J NO. PLANFELD. GREENWOOD GAR- DENS- Newly renovated 1 BR 4 2 BR gardan apts, *»B0 * $750/ mo, nclude heat A HW. NO PETS. mmed oceup v msg NO. PLANFELD- 1st floor, W/W carpet, DW, 2/ 3 BR, nice resid. area. Rets A sec NORTH PLANFELD- 2 BR condo. new kit & bath, frostily pnintod. convenient to Rt. 22, 78 & public transportation S775/mo. hoat & hot water inc PHLPSDURG MACK- ETSTOWN- 1 BR. unlurnished, Pltiase call PSCATAWAY- cozy 1 BR api in 2 family, hoat/ HW, oft-road prkg, avail 10/1, 9OB_-Bj)5^234p_ ^ RARTAN- 2 rooms & balh, 1 mo. sec, no pels, Call after 6PM. D26-2&46_ ROSELLE PARK- Mod. 6 rm in 2-lam AC. WW carpat, DW. $800'mo. util. Lenso & sec. Business cotiplo prof Avail. Oct !-B044_ SO. BOUND BROOK- BR apl Avail 1O'1/92. Olf-sl. park Quiet 3l $435/no;it 8i hot water ncl Call SOMERVLLE LUXURY APTS Top area, 1, 2 & 3 bdrms, air cond. Heat, hot water & cooking gas incl. Balconies, country setting, walk to town. Storage. Cable TV optional. $620 when available SOMERVLLE Apartment, 2 BH, DR A LR combo. Kitchen with refrigerator, no pets Adult* preferred. $775.oo/mo plus utilities. 1 1/2 mo security. Call SOMERVLLE- 1 BR, avail, now. Month to Month or 6 mo. lease s avail. Must supply own refrlg. Call between 9-11pm SOMERVLLE- 1 BR. LR, kit., dinette, sewing room, CAC, WAD, newly renovated, 1 blk from town. $750/mo SOMERVLLE- deal for bachelor A bacheloretita, axe. neighborhood, 3 BR, LR terrace, large closets, haat HW 6 cooking gas ncl. S895/mo WATCHUNQ- On acreage, furnished, 50' mobile home, private WE8TFCLD- 2 1/2 rooms, $705/mon1h, 3 1/ 2 rooms, $790/month, walk to NYC trains, con- METUCHEN- Studio, near all transportation. venient to Seniors preterred. Private enterance. All utils. inc. S295/mo downtown shopping, no pets, 1 1/2 month sec. heat supplied BHANCMBORQ- PNE MOTEL. Room & kitchenette. Reasonable rates include services & utils. MS-723-U20 BRDOEWATER- 1 Room, Cable & phone hook up. Kit. privileges with mlrro. Ofi S. parking. No smoking or CRANFOflD- lurn.ed Rm., pvt. entrance, share bath/den, limited Kit. prvg., $350/month, 1 m on h sec., avail, immed., OUNELLEN- Huge house has openings for 2 roommates w/priv, baths, LR w/fplc, DW. W4D $450/mo., utils. incl. Call HLLSBORO- Furn. rm & bath, kit. and laundry use. Phone and cable. For male NO. PLANFELD- Hist Dlst Unfurn. rms. Prof, female, non-smokor Lrg rm, pvt. balh, prkg., kit. priv. $425/mo. + sec. Ulil incl NO. PLANFELD- Male non-smoker. Nice neighbrhd. $90/wk , aft 8:30pm, v. msg. PSCATAWAY- Female, 2 rooms furnished, share bath, laundry, S60/wk eves. SOUTH PLANFELD Private room for a single Share Kit. & bath. $360/ mo + security WARREN- room furnished, priv entrance & bath. Near -7B. S120/wk. Business persons only Apartments Shan to PROF. MALE- lo share 2 BR apt., smokers ok. Piscataway area. $375' month, incld. all util, SOMERSET- Two prolessional females looking for a female (22yr-30yr) to share 3 BR, 2 'i bath townshouso in Quailbrook. $400 * utilities. No Pet9. Pool, Tennis, Firapalce, garage Oci 1st AfMrtffMftts to WARREN- F, non/ smoke, prof, to share 2BR, 1 bath. Apt. $ /2 util NOTCE: Alt HOMES TO SHARE advsrtlaem«nta ar* PAYABLE N ADVANCE by caah, check, VSA or Master Card. For quote on cost, please call NEW BRUNSWCK- Professional female to share furnished 3 BR condo. $450/mo. plus half ulil. Avail. mmed. Call 90S , eves. NO. PLANFELD- female, furnished room, kit., privileges, W&D, S350/mo. Calf RCADNQTON- 100 ac. farm in pleasant area. Respon M/F to share 4 BR farmhouse. S inc. util. call or SO. PLANFELD- M/F to share home, furnished room, W&D, pool- 400/ mo + share util. Call 90S SOMERSET- Young prof., non-smoker, to share large 3 bedroom. 2VS balh townhouse. Full basement fireplace, W&D, tennis. Eat in kitchen. $ plus utilities Advertise in the Classified! 9490 WaWlf#0 to ffawfff NOTCE: All WANTED TO RENT advertisements are PAYABLE N ADVANCE by cash, check, VSA or Master Card. For a quote on cost, please call WDOW- Seeks 1 BR apt. in So. Plainfleid area, please call Mfseafteneous NOTCE: All MSCEL- LANEOUS RENTALS advertisement* are PAYABLE N ADVANCE by cash, check, VSA or Master Card. For a quote on cost, please call CAR STORAGE SPACES $50/mo. Owner lives on premises. Near Whitehouse Sialion GARAGES FOR RENT Need additional storage space? Want to keep your cr.' in a dry garage witn hgnting? For only 545/mo there l t slill space avail at Finderne Heights n Brldgewalor Call for nfo on Mon or Wed COMMERCAL REAL ESTATE 9610 Busfnwaa fvopertres for Sale HOPEWELL restaurant business building & property Unique greohouse dining overlooking brook. deal location tor quality ethnic restaurant 15 mins. from Princeton 90B eves or ivkend Professional Properties for Sale MENDHAM sq ft neighborhood office building, no rotail. 61 W. Main S. $329,900. Pis call CALL...COLDWELL BANKER SCHLOTT REALTORS ttlf 96SO Office Rentals CRANFORU Qirch wood Ave., 1300 : sq. tt in altraclive, owner ot cupicd, 1 -.lory ollict building. Ample parkmej. separate entrance Can Bill HGHLAND PARK Psychotherapy office lo' rent Waiting F-t J;J:, off street pir^nr) CLP >. cordjciv Reasdnacir rent. 90B /O to if o< fipy HTL LSHOHC UGH- Prime Poulo T'Li. i,.i:j';ori with traffic Mr >; 'W -K\ ft, Totally >"rw<j:ud Ample pa'kiii;. CiHi 90B METUCHFN- 2-7 room oftitps. i-riri'j location. ncfti triiin h tius, off streol part<;ria CaM Arnoll MDDLESEX - SO0 fi. 1oO sq.ft. on -ii.?.q F J rkg. Excel, location 90H or S _ PSCATAWAY- Cii::o or Hotail 6,(100 -in. ft Wilt divide Also c'otilist ohice. Rt. 2Q7 & ^nlton Rd t SHARE A PRESTGOUS OFFCE Deck Space: S1S0 Wood fuin'cf oifico' S35O Waatfleld 908-^ SOMERVLLE-? Office Professional Suite Pan oling, AC, Carpuling. Private Parking. 72&-6G60 WATCHUNG LO sq.ft. in prot bldg Anip't prkg. easy access to Rt 78 & 22 Call a 9660 ndustrial Rentals SO. PLANFELD - l oo'j sq. K. giitage w io x i? doo.-s. 750'lafl, GOO sq ft. office, fenced in roar yard. Call H43<J 9670 Retail Rentals GREEN BROOK- Busy RQ q ft avail. Great co-li.'nnn!^! mmediate occupancy. Owner, 908-S METUCHEN- good location on busy 'oad. appro*. BOO, parking 279 Central Ave Call ^tor 5PM :if)U0 SO. BOUND BROOK- Busy Main S office'rolnil store from. 900 sq ft. improved, 1100 sq t st&r a g e 'e x p a n s i o n Lei; make a! Broker ptotoctod. Bob, S Warehouse Rentals SOUTH PLANFELD 1500iti.ll. muhr-ubt< Offices. Shop, licjtii 'ii;i'- ufactuiing. cic (.Mb rqm ZH" CorvvirinL 1 ":: l0c«3tl'(.l. AUorr!aL)iL- «-ril 9011 /Si-OiOO 98iO Businesses to> S;>!o BEAUTY SAU-- son AiOii it'o stcy O TAVERN PtST locdltf-j or. iiuc rodci ii itri'ici'j \y H;c,ri.- o: ' right cno.. v r quarter; or.nv & BUHdl'K V!"t assis: v/ f '. -. ' 908-r.L: -'"...:, f -j L.\,iig, >; lie m.iy, EARN SG.O <0 lo S'.O.OOO MONTHLY - F-T-FT D,',- tnbul n Lj Criric i>vmtion P,c,nij-:t.- L v - < --LJbillio,. 1C^' " '-<';> i (janv PT.TT M.ina^u : i il S Dlslnlrjiojjf,i',, sivtin.-. quniiiv Cali t 0222 lur fc.rquir jd). FRKNOLY HOW, TES h;in opo.- ii;!o..mont s fcr chdryf. H,yh conii.m^stoii and ho-i'uss nwnrds Two catalog 1, c>' j or eov ncn -. Call l (103-1BG-H : 7. of getting,ow intciy-^t ralt^s on yon. 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' '> l L SOMCFStl SOCETY HLL J J LAUFER 309 Rarltan Avenue l( f Mnnd P.ird Ni'W Jl-i»PV 1 fl Z»9 " ' F '» (C(OU l#1 : ' 'nli F'nO BOd-J J J'3 1 SCOTCH PLANS PERFECT DOLL HOUSE t ul.viml i:«r«cotf 1iicill(K "n ^^rsubd ki l«<h K wrhi'ila' M ovi A l.i.l him*»r»l'«'tl C..",l,!.fi SELN NVESTORS WAKE UP NEW BRUNSWCK THE PRCE S RGHT i" ' ' " :lt ' 'ii a 1,-iinily ih'mlll»nli'if»l HM". ll i K. linui lifonl iftv<''.1ninnl 'll i Pily D: S( HTQ MM'^ huyi" ('.ttl tij A Union County Forbes Newspaper CLARK $247,500 Go i <l nous m.'iintoncnco liec r,-ini:ii Mini condition Beautiful tin ishi»u tmsernpnt with siiminct kitcliun. mground svvimminc] pool. li.mhotl in ViirLl lor B.ifotv Call (of tldails Cl K 960 CLARK $299,900.) imilifkvti, 2 '. hiilh culoninl ontiinim nnw o.»t in kilchon. forniii) iluiiih) toiini rnntrnl an rontlition tnti ~vn\ tmmiiti in cluut'l hill arna Cl K 196.' ( AKK OFFC, 777 KnrUnii Road 9( CLARK $272,900 Be.VJliful dpsignor townhouse in log cabin ostates Full finished bast'rni«nt all larao rcoms ovn $ in up-gi;u1es and dec orations Call tor dotails CLK 1939 WESTF1ELD $279,900 Viclonan Colonial tionip feafuro!". four hodrooms, r? '. ii.ittiv. twi car yaiagc and too many now fuiiturort to lisi cal. kir dolails and private showing CLK '!9Pli SCHLOTT H A HM 1 ;- OPPC'Firi.MJV C.J«.'O'.T S!." -' w.r. d uxu ",.. :i^ h Fr.m n.'-.- Cpli HC<!->*. :-.'>>C YOU VVO( i li' OWN A < Make.-Tinnoy al! ' ; >ini' Froo rliitnils VVnlp All,.:- ^^i^ Man.i Rci Eclisn i '^,i _ OWN AND O'FBAll i in tj s i ' c K n i,-.: t- Conn. "ii.1.' -ii, c route i'!, ie y o u C--«i'?o 'li' > ni!' roqulicil 1!M'O '... '. OWN AND OPEHAT route* of OLNit :i '. i' t ' fl (1 'muck milflnni". r o uto pstahh?.ru-.1 1c ; you S l»!l!h (Hi...-,.,ci,-..! roqulrihl 1 -n''.. '.' SLCUN> N!>M! UN mtnclpd - C.lll POn i. 1 -.'! T-SHRT PM i.. i : : SHOP -'iyi - businoyy. nf~ltr1r equlprnnnt, iiiinliui lerlals and nu^plioa Only $4,B Oigi

24 * * *» September 30, October 1, 2,1992 Forbes Newspapers U-1 Automotive Guide Joint effort makes 1993 Ford Probe a huge success By BU.RUS8 on the same assembly line as the Mazda MX-6 and 626 models. FORBES NEWSPAPERS While each nameplate shares the For 1993 Ford is debuting the same platform and power train, the second generation Probe. Like the styling of each has its own inoriginal 1989 Probe, this new one is dividuality. The design of the newproduced in Flat Rock, Michigan est Probe was the result of col- TEST DRVE FORD PROBE GT Specifications Base price -$15,504 Price as tested - $19,378 Engine type - V-6. dohc, 24V, smpfi* Engine Size liter/153 cid Horsepower at 6,000 rpm Torque (ft/lbs) -156 at rpm Wheeibase/length-103 inch/ 179 inch Transmission - five-speed manual w/od Curb weight - 2,320 lbs. Pounds/HP-17 Fuel capacity -15 gal. Fuel requirement - unleaded regular (87 oct) Tires - Goodyear Eagle VR50 P225/5OVR16 Brakes anti-lock optional disc/ disc Drive train - front engine/front drive Performance mph sec., 1/4 mile (E.T.) sec. EPA economy, mpg city/ highway/observed- 21/26/ 23.8 Drag coefficient (Cd) -.34 Sequential multiport fuel injection See the 1993 Ford Prop* GTaf the Mtowrfng local dw i_; Fuf fetton Ford, ftoute 22 East; SometvMto and OHmehman Ford, routes 202 «31, Remington. laboration between Concept Center California in Valencia, and Ford's North American Design Center in Dearborn. While the Probe is a long way from being a true sports car, its performance is good and its handling predictable. APPEARANCE: Not only is the new Probe GT longer, wider and lower than its predecessor, but its styling has been substantially revised with new fresh, flowing lines. From its low nose to its curved rear deck, and along its smoothly sculptured sides, the Probe looks good. The assertiveness in its styling is seen in its lower cowl and further forward windshield, as well as its larger 16 inch 5-spoke alloy wheels and Goodyear Eagle VR50 performance tires. COMPORT: The GT has a well laid-out sporty interior. The analog instrument panel is recessed into a wrap-around dashboard, while the center console holds the easy to use controls for the sound and climate control systems. "Die tilt steering wheel is fitted with an air bag and cruise control buttons. The front bucket seats are adjustable and ample. ROADABLTY: To provide a broader base for better handling the Probe has had its wheelbase and overall length extended by four and two inches, respectively, and its track is over two inches wider. The GT option package includes 4-wheel disc brakes and ABS, while Goodyear Eagle VR50 P225/5OVR16 are standard. These items, when tied in with the refined suspension layout and calibration, provide excellent handling and control in a wide variety of driving and traffic situations. PERFORMANCE: An updated 2.5 liter Mazda-built V-6 now powers the GT. t has 4-valves per cylinder, double ^overhead cams, sequential multi-port fuel injection and an electronic engine management system. The 5-speed manual transmission has a fairly short throw and shifts easily and crisply. With this power train combination found it exhilarating to control the 164 eager horses under the hood whether on the Raceway, the highway or in city traffic. ECONOMY: The EPA ratings are 21 city/26 highway. Excluding the Raceway, 1 averaged 23.8 mpg around town and on the road. CONCLUSONS: This second generation Probe continues the relationship between Ford and Mazda that dates back to t is built in a jointly operated plant in Michigan and uses enough Made in USA parts to qualify as a domestic model. While it will never replace the Mustang (although at one time it was considered a candidate), the Probe is well on the way of establishing at strong niche in the specialty performance group. PRCE AS TESTED: $19,378 with option package 263a and sunroof. BASE PRCE: $15,504 with base Probe GT equipment. FORD'S 1993 PROBE GT is a wider, longer model than its predecessor, but its styling has been substantially revised with new fresh, flowing lines AUTOMOBLES * * * CHEAP! FB/U.S. SEZED 89 Mercedes $ VW $50 87 Mercedes $ Mustang SSO Choose from thousands starting ai 525. For Directory nformation call 24 hour hotline Copyright #NJ17WJC AMC EAGLE- 82, SX4. G cyl., PS, PB, AC, runs & looks good! S900/BO CHEAP FB/US SEZED 89 Meicodes $ VW S50 87 Mercedes $ Mustang 50 Ctiocjo rom thousands surfing at S25 Ffw Directory nformation call 21 hour hotllno Copyright CHEVY 77 Caprlcn. de pundnblo, needs some work. 09K ml. $800/BO. 90S-96B-638f>. CHEVY- 78 Nova. 4 dour. Blue w/blue nterior. 305/Auio. AC. 11 OK. Runs strong. S450/BO. 90B-3S CHEVY 82 Cavalier Wagon, 3-spd atrto, PS, PS, roof rack, cloth int. Body nnd nt. good. High milaqo CORVETTE MOO BRONCO»50 89 Mercodea $ BMW $ Mustang $50 U.S. Public Auction, Druglord Properties Choose from thousands starting $25. FREE nformation-24 Hour Hotline NJ17HRC DRUGLORD TRUCKS! S1OO 86 BRONCO $50 91 BLAZER $ JEEP CJ $50 Seized Vans, 4x4's, bonts. Choose rom thousands starting $25. For Directory info., call?4hr hotlina. B Copyright* NJ17HKK CADLLAC- 75, Coupe DnVllla, 500 VB, auto, ps, pb pell, p-seao, climnlo controlled ac, pw. near mint inleriorl tilt/ telescopic whool, no dents, delay wlpgrs, am/ fm/casa w/oq., great 1st car! $075 b/ 0. 90B-627-9B02, loavs mesaaqo 8020 Automobile* undmrt25oo CHEVY 84 Camaro, needs vwoik. S1300/BO CflllJErlc CHRYSLER- 83 LoBdron Convertible, Town & Country Edition, black, 2- df., PS, PB. P/wlndows/ roof. AC. loaded, leather nt., orig owner, no rust, RUNS GREAT Classy car. must BOS. $2000 Call 90U _ DODGE 07 Omni, 5 spri., AM/FM C K under warranty. Mint ml Blue nl/oit..11 ml cunii., $14, por gal., 2 now tires, must ho ioon $2250 fu.-ld 84, Tempo, r>spd, ""* Pl 8, 4Dr. AC, r window tiofog, AM/FM stereo, PS, PB, luggage rack Excel, cond. $2195/ B0. 90B ,att. 5, M20 r» iifcri undar$3so0 POMTAC- 84 Fiero, 4 cyl, 4»pd. good cond. 3BK ml., S2.200/BO WHLE YOU'RE HUNT- NG FOR A CAR... Hunt to CM f you'ra our winrwr of FortM* Coff*«Mug! ACURA- ntegra 90, 1 bk ml,, 5 spd, ac, p-snrf., am/fm/cass./cd, alarm, 3 dr., $13,000, must sell. 90B S AUD- B5 5000, grey. PS, PB, AC, AM/FM cass,. 85K Miles. $ after 5 BUCK- 88 Regal, Custom, 2 Dr., 6 cyl.. auto., AC, PS, PB, PW, digital dash, power dr. locks. AM/FM cass., 62,000 mi., garage-kepl, S4900. Call _ CHEVY- 86 Caprice, clean, or 85 Cutlass Clera. extra clean. Must sell one, your choice. Both loaded. $ CHEVY- B7 Celebrity. 4 dr, front wheel drive, AM/ FM, AC, tilt, 5BK. good cond. $3350 Call CHEVY- B7 Nova, orig. owner, silver, 4 dr.. auio, AC, PS. P6, AM/FM stereo, excel, cond.. 70K ml, $35QO/BO. Call eves. & weekends CHEVY- 88 Berotta, auto, air, PS, PB, 33K ml. reasonable oiler accepted CHEVY- 88 Corvette, yellow, PS, PB. auto, AC, 251 sports pkg., excell cond., garage kept. $16, CHEVY- 69 Cavalalf, red 2 DH, 5spd, PS, PB, AC, AM/FM stereo. 1 owner, oxc. cond. $4000/ BO CHEVY- S-1O BB, 2.4L, one owner, 64k, $3200 b/ o, also Honda Civic 83, now rebuilt eng., 25k, $2300 b/o, CORVETTE 72 coupo, white with blue int. Numbers match. 350 auto robulll engine. PS, PB, Ac, till. $9500/BO Advertise n trie Classltledl FORD 62 Falcon. Low mlloago Aulomalic S650/BO Call 9OB after 8pm. FORD 79 Mustang turbo, htchbk.. 4 apd, man, oc, ps, pb, nm/lm/ cb, insp July 9/2, silver A blk. runs well, 122k, $300 b/o. call FORD Bfl Mustang GT, exc. cond. 5-spd PS, PS, AC, cruise, om/fm Casa. 39K ml. A9tilng $7900/ BO. B9-01B6 FORD- 90 T-Brd SC. whito w/artlc btuo nt., Powar ovoryihlng, ABS, JBL/CD, 5apd. 6 cyi. sllll HONDA BB Accord DX 5spd, 2DR, hatchbk, Woll kopt. B?,500 mi J4 too/ DO S4B1. HONDA- Bli Civic. hnlchback, 5 ipd ps, pb, asking $2800, * * * # HYUNDA- 91 Excel HONDA 82 Accord, 5 dealer extended warranty tprj., 113 K, 4 dr., PS, avail., auto, moonroor, PB, AC, good cond.. PB. PB, AM/FM cass., $1350. Call B JAGUAR- 83 XJ6, very good cond,, fully loaded, must setl. $S500/BO JEEP- 88 Wrangler. 71k, 6 cyl., 5 ipd.,alr, ps, pb, hdtp/blklnl. Sony, n»v«r off rod. MNT. $7400, MAZDA- 79 RX 7, rebuilt engine, body damage but runs great. $600/ BO MERCEDES TD, s'wagon, auto, ac,»nrf, 108k, full power, loalh, a/ smcas, new tires, alloy wheels, gar ed, exc. cond. $7900, ' MTSHUBSH dr Precis, 28k, $4000 b/o, like new, B43 JAGUAR- 84. Vanden Plas, Classic, Tan, Moon- MTSUBSH- 87 Gallant, black, 53K, exc. S6000/BO rt, Pefelli tires. 97K ml.. cond., auto., AC, full power, AM/FM/cass., UNCOLN- 83 Towncai. Cruise, $6,0n0., will neg. 40k, loaded, 1 owner, {90S) 8B9-5435, please u»t a beautiful car, l«avo msp c $6000, aft 6pm MTSUBSH- B9 Sigma, loaded, ABS, mnonrool, 53K ml,, Exc cond, $ OLDS 6r>. Delta Hoyale, mint cond. fully aqulp. Looks like now. S3600/BO. gotyjebgos^ PLYMOUTH Horlion, 4 dr.. hatchbv.. 15k, Oflg owner, auto, ac, am.'fm/ CASS, bucket $aal<i. deluxe model, garg ed. oxc. cond., $4950, B8 PONTAC- 81 LeMans Station Wagon, V6, 91 windows, doors, PB, tilt, AC. new tires, e^cel. cond. Best offer after 6PM PONTAC- 83 Firebird, auto, PS, PB, AC. AM'FM cass runs & looks good. $ 15O0/BO PONTAC- 84 Firebird. 6 cyl, auto, AC, PS, PB, t- tops, spoiler, AM/FM cass. approx 78K miles, Asking $2300/BO Call PONTAC B4 Trans AM, T-top, Auto. Fully loaded, B5K. good cong, $3000/BO 7b pm PONTAC- 67 Firebird, low milage, blue, oxc. cond. Asking $3600. Call John PONTAC- 68 Grand AM SF.. white, fully louded, excellent condition, PONTAC- 89 Grand Am, lurbo, loaded, 53k, auto, S5200 b/o, RENAULT BB Modnl lion Wagon, 49K milea. S4OO0/BO Hlonso cnll SAAB 88-5D 9000 Turbo, Gold, mito, 35,000 ml, axe. cond. S Q O4 nl1.6:p in H755 SUBARU- 06 wmjon,!, speed turbo, fully londod GL-O pnekngo Exc. cond. $3200 or bosl offor B08!J TOYOTA- 91 Csmry, 4dr, VS. sunroof, AM/FM cass.. AC, PS, PB, P/wlndowi, alarm, mint cond,, 9K miles. 1 owner, $13,900 firm! Call or after 6 ask (or Robin 0040 Antique ami Classic AutomoMfM JAGUAR- 71 XKE Roadster, serious nquiries only. Call Luxury Automobile 8060 Sportscars MAZDA- 89 RX7 Turbo, 5spd, red, loaded, now cond., ext. warranty K $14, FamUy Vmm JEEP CHEROKEE x4, rebuilt engine, 6 KM, 5 spd., Ac, AM/FM, 4 OR, Exc. cond, $4200 Call x4s, Sport and UgM Truck* CHEVY- 66 Corvette convertible, yellow pace car, great condition. Must see. 59K miles CHEVY- 69 S-10 Blazer, 4 WD, auto, 4.3 liter V-6 engine. 56,500 ml., mint cond. PW, PDL, cruise, till, digital dash. AC. AM/ FM cass., sunroof, cloth bucket seals, towing pkg w'lrnilor hitch A ski rack. $10, B21^1430 CHEVY 91, S10, longbed, 26k ml., AC, PS, PB. Tahoe pkg $9000/BO 90B DD YOU KNOW... hnl an ad n US local pnpor alao gods into 16 other local pnpors? Roach over 400,000 ronders with ono calll _1-800-SM-94»5 FORD- 82 F-150 XLT, bnijnor. cap, new pnrts, no ni9l, vory good cond. Boat offer Truck* and Van* FORD (SO- Handicap Van 1988, 30K mil**, " STAR CRAFT Conv.* Wh«al chair lift, ralltd roof & doora. Fully loadad. Like new _ mutt it* NTERNATONAL BO School Bus. FOHD~ 81 Wheel Chair Van, 8 pastengtr _ 2 wheel chairs, Both high mileage. Pleaaa call Bound Brook Board of Education Secretary: B Avtomoitm Part*, Smrvkmi ABSOLUTS CASH FOR YOUR CAR WE BUY ALL METALS 4B HONDAS, NSSANS, TOYOTAS WANTED also all foreign autos. Pis call anytime JUNK CARS WANTEO- Late model wrecks & trucks. Top $$$ Paid ^6582 PERONE'S AUTO SAL- DATSUN- 82, 2B0 ZX, VAGE cars & trucks 5spd, AM/FM cass, PW/ wanted. Highest prices D, exrel. cond 1 owner. paid. Free pick up. Container service available. $3000/BO Autoniotn* MRACLE WORKER Towing _ recycling. Local i long distance. Free unk car ramoval. Old batteries & radiators bought MOTORCYCLES MOTORCYCLE NSURANCE For Many Types Of Motorcycles Also Personal Watercraft nsurance A Complete Seleclion oi Clothes. Cnllec'.ibles,-ifKi Accessories. Harley-Davdison of Edison 299 Rl. 1, Edison (908) AUTOMOTVE DRECTORY NEW CAR SALES 3< Dum»nl Rd. Far lllli, NJ. SalM A Strricu Strict 1909 ro ADV C > To See Your Auto Ad Here Call On-*oad HONOA- 73, 450 Four, runa good, S300/llrm, good Marling bike. Call S28-S129 after flpm YAMAHA- 82, SECA 650, 7,500 orig. miles. Hardly ridden, new tires/ battery. Excel, cond. Asking $1800. With helmet $2000. Call Advertise in the Classified! 8400 RECREATONAL VEHCLES TRALER- 12' x 60', 2 BR, asking $24,900. Call SELECT USED CARS 90 LNCOLN TOWHCAR $16, EDDE BAUER AEROSTAH 4X4 7 (MMt"9*' (Two.»wt f, cyl Ml pw TRAVEL TRALER- Fan, Style Liner, 27'. Fully self contained, roof air, tantarn axle, sleeps 6, battery package trailer, awning, 3-way ref. Asking $2750. Call $18,795 '91 MERCURY GRAND MARQUS LS?\ * B FTW $14,895 '90 FORD LTD COUNTRY SOU1HE *, ryl. M pw, c»sl ftlu l v,n $12, UCK LE SABRE LMTED <it ft ryl lull pwnf wh co*»" martfil A H **rnilftnl cnrtdidfyi FT fii tit W1 fhm'f^nuto $5,895 '88 LNCOLN MARK LSC? «1- fl c*( fun \>m. l**lfi«r AEJ5 'tfl "* ". * 1( > 4 ftr)^^n. 'l "" $11, JEEP WRANGLER 4X4 U5S $11, OtDS CUTLASS CERA J d i i,, fi..11 pmi ftj-'n [ hpi *np»'ti,, v,ft ( n e t J3.B95 'B9 BLAZEH S-10 TAHOE 4X4.' t, 1.,v,,.», bin.iml fi»«wm dliinn*q mam lauiity Jll Vr. v.n ««11HM9 $11, GRAND MftRQUS LS in 6(T '.' )'*!" i"v»i '<" ' ra»l Mium i**'h J9,B95 89 UNCOLN TOWNCAR «fit fliyt,f' W> l»fllhf««.( ft»l i:vf». luacm'1, tt JM irw vn»kyfi,';'j0 $12,495 '92 MERCURY GRAND MARQUS LS d it> fl tyl N" d*i *>.vlfl<l K niu > lh n f"»* fl?'tt mi»*n #Nnr>h<i." 1 J1 $17,895 '89 ECONOLNE CONV. H-TOP VAN H<V 4 r» il H>*n M «ilnli"l V UtM )i»rl»cl n litp t<i\' r.1 1^1 "" "> #Kli'U3.11* $13,895!)G PORO TAURUS GL $3,495 "88 JEEP CHEROKEE LARADO S 0, UNCQLN MARK LSC,,t u«i. in." «"'. i.infil A!' (M'iW $24,795 AH enrf; lislml mjuifjpnii wilh Auto Trans, Air, \'S, P3 & Gloroo ufilom; nolod CONVENENT HOUBS Opon Mon -hufi 9 to 9 Fd 9 to 6 Sol 9 to 5 MO RV SHOW - GREAT BUYS NEW-USED RAR- TAN CTR. 127, ADMS- SON 2FOH 1 with AD EXPO. Uie Your Card... Bm_is1r>rr rt' l Quick And Convenient! only 7 only BOATS M20 PowrBoai* TBHULL- 15 ft., canvas cabin, 50 f).p. Evlnrude. Tilt trailer. Used less than 40 hrs, garaged. $2100/ Ads in Classified don't cost They pay! 6G, «- WE'VE GOT 'EM LNCOLN-MERCURY 617 West Front St. (Rt. 28) Plalnfleld, NJ :;;.»«,K...ol lerwlct and improvement t advert l»d n clawined. Wlicn you nacd a helping hand, act the cl*mlfl«> habit Your llncoln-msrcury laailng Haodquartort 'men me Put) all eotti lo M pat) tit tofiium»t «icip) lot PARTS SERVCE BODY SHOP (all mokot and modoli)

25 S«pt3O-Oct2 A Forbes Newspapers Guide to your quality time Movies Nightlife Music Stage 'Saturday Night's' alright Bluegrass in Watchung The ultimate guitar collection/, 'j Fl Murphy's law on George Street 14

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27 Weekendran* Cover photo by Rob Paine Seniors Greg Barker and Krista Booth sound the horn for the Piscataway High School Superchiefs marchim band. hi run \u \/s Cover story Dining. H Movies Music Nightlife Stage!! M! imitmiiai fliiiiittitiiiiii i! DRK OR s Advertiser index Club Mix Curtain Calls Dance Him Capsules Galleries Happenings Kid Stuff Museums Singles Soundings. Speakers! t t!! # t to *» tllllitlltllllltl fliiiaaiiitiiiiiittiti ( llffllmllflm ^ ^ l iiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaini ittiii WKKENDPUJS is a feature of Forties Newspapers, a Drvteion of Forbes nc., and appears n the HilksBedminster Press, Somerset Messenger-Gazette, Franklin Focus, Bound Brook Chronicle, Middlesex Chronicle, New Brunswick Focus, Mctucnen-Edtson Review, Piscataway-DuneHen Review, South PlainfteW Reporter, Midland Park Herald, Warren-Watchung Journal, Green Brook-North PlainfleM Journal, WestfieW Record, Scotch Plains-Fanwood Press and Cranfbrd Chronicle. Utttn tottweditor, press releases, photographs and announcements of upcoming events should be sent to: William Westhoven, WeekendPtus Editor, P.O. Box 699, SomervWe, NJ The fax number is (908) To subscribe to your local Forbes Newspaper, call William Westhoven WKEKENDPUJS EDTOR Micki Pulsinelli ENTERTANMENT ADVERTSNG DRECTOR Barry Rumple GRAPHC: ARTST Rob Paine CHEF PHOTOGRAPHER Malcolm S. Forbes Jr. EDTOR-N-CHEF Charles A. Lyons PRESDENT and PUBLSHER Kathleen Lanini VCE PRESDENT, EDTORAL Jim Hayden VCE PRESDENT, MARKETNG Roger Silvey VCE PRESDENT, OPERATONS How Lucky Can You Get! $ 10 coin Arrival! Sunday iftci 4 put llmwglt 'ritu) NATALE'S OEL 1823 Bound Brook Rd. MMdttMi, H J. COUNTRY SQURE RESTAURANT 20 Ml Btthtl fid. Wwrtn, N.J. he week's best bus deal to Atlantic City's only Casino and Entertainment Resort!,, EFFECTVE JUNE 14, 1992 When you want lhe bill, utl White " Ul C - for ) >our ml charier. 60 ytari of «r? K *!S" "*' 2U H200 \ti4lumi wttki' Muj.1 bf i\ )tih> or i*kf. Uffff Jpflkt» KluAikd kui trrhilt ONE STOP D U 211E. Wtltfwd Av. UNDEN STATONERY Atlantic City's Luckiest Place to Play! ROPWORLD. AND ENTERTANMENT RESORT SUNNYStDCSTAl WWo^Av*. R0MH0.NJ. 21 NOfttl Av#> M REMEMER Totmtoiw Bi«Momeun CMOWNU PUYWQ SOTS ANfiTAUSn THE 6th ANNUAL VTRO REC1NE SPNAL CORD RESEARCH DNNER THE CENTRAL JERSEY SPNAL CORD ASSOCATON FRDAY, OCTOBER 30,1992 ' Join Us At The Somerset Hilton 6:00pm Cocktails 7:00pm Dinner 6:00pm-9:00pm Silent Auction $ 55 Per Person s 500 Per Table of 10 n the past five years, the Central Jersey Spinal Cord Association has contributed more than $100,000,00 to the Miami Project To Cure Paralysis in its effort to find a cure for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury Our organization has also provided over $50, in financial assistance to spinal cord injured people in Centra! Jersey for equipment and home modifications. The success of our organization has been made possible because of the generous support of so many people in Central Jersey. With your help again this year, we can continue to fund spinal cord research and provide financial assistance to spinal cord injured people in Central Jersey. thank you for all of your help in the past and for your continued support. 1 look forward to seeing you on October 30th at the 6th Annual Vitro Recine Spinal Cord Research Dinner, Kevin Hoagland FOR MORE NFORMATON PLEASE CALL [] Please reserve seat(s) at $55.00 per person Q Please reserve at $ per table am unable to attend but please accept my contribution Enclosed s a check for 3 payable to the Central Jersey Spinal Cord Association. Name: -~ - - Address:. City; State: Zip:. Business Firm; Title:. Business Address:, Cily: Sliite:..Zip: Uusiness Phone: Home Phone: ( Send to :CJSCA P.t). Box 7-1 New Brunswick, N Sept, 30-0ct. 2,1992 Forbes Newspapers

28 Weekend! ' «>( Tm with the band' Many high school marching bands are gaining new respect as one of America's traditions By BARBARA MENDOZA WeetendPlus mer he morning dew is still clinging to the grass and the air is chilled to an uncomfortable 40 degrees. "Mark time, march," the drum major bellows as her voice pierces the morning silence. t's 8:30 am. on a Saturday, and while most students are rolling over in bed, members of the Westfield High School marching have been working out for at least half an hour. They've got three and half hours to go but somehow, they don't mind. "t's something that we have to do and know we have to do it," 17-year-old Maisha Easton, drum major for the Westfield High School marching band said. "t's something you accept you just get out there and do it." The heavy practice for members of most high school marching band begins sometime in performance and overall appearance on the field. August with band camp. Students participate in a number of local competitions in anticipation of the grand finale Twelve hours a day for five days the students march, play their instruments and practice at the Meadowlands, their drills in the heat and humidity. "Band camp is fun but its hard," Easton said. "We go away all together and hang out. t's hard because it's hot and we're in the sun." Allison Pellegrino, a senior at North Plainfield High School, which holds band camp at the school, agreed saying it was hard to practice in the heat. "But we really accomplished a lot," she added. "We got further than we have ever gotten before." Although high school marching bands are usually associated with football games, halftime is not the only event where performance counts. The highlight of the marching band season, according to Maisha, is competition between other marching bands. "We don't really like the football games," she explained. "When we are at the competitions everyone in the stands is there to see us perform." One of the largest competitions is sponsored by the Cadets Marching Band Cooperative (CMBC) every November at Giants Stadium. The various bands are placed in categories depending on their size and are judged on marching skills, musical quality, color guard ', A.. t. Ul.,. L «Band directors begin preparing for the competition in May for the next school year and work exhaustively to perfect their routine and musical performance, "We all go gray and bald at the same," said Michael Fackelman, North Plainfield High School band director. "Then our hair grows back around December." Competing is nerve-wracking for the band director and the students as well. "Before the competition it's a very nervous kind of anticipation feeling," Easton said. "During the event you're just waiting and get the adrenaline coming up, Then during the award ceremony everyone screaming and hollering. Afterwards how you feel at the end depends on how you come in." Doug Sellmann, a 17-ycar-old senior who has been a member of the percussion section of North Plainfield's marching band for (bur years, said competitions are something he looks forward to each season. " play other sports and like competing against other people," Sellmann said. "t's always good to see what other people have done at other schools and get a feel for what they have done." t's also an intense feeling for the youngsters who know they arc in the limelight. "Your playing for a huge stadium full of people," Maisha said, "Not everyone can say they played in the Meadowlands." t also is a way for band members to earn respect from other students at the school. "At this point, were kind of like, the band, we're not really respected," Maisha said. "Once we start winning comix?titions they notice us and we're respected," This is one of the problems that marching bands have been facing for many years, according to Mr. Fackelman. But he, like many band directors, R0B PANE/WEEKENDPLUS is working hard to banish the stereotype surround marching band members, "We all know the connotation as- We all go crazy and bald at the same time. Then, sociatcd with band," Mr. Fackelman OW half grows back around December,' Michael Fackelman Band Director North Plainfield High School added. "The television always shows band memtxts as misfits. The ones wearing sloppy clothes, owiwcight students and kids who wear floods." For instance, Mr. Fackelman pointed out, on the ARC television show Couch, the band director is ridiculed on a regular basis. "At many schools," he pointed out, "the coaching staff and football teams never accommodate the hands." However, this is no longer a problem at North PlainlU'ld Hitfh School. n fact, the captain of the football team is a member of the band. " think a lot of my friends kind of resort me," Sellmann said. "Basically, everybody says, 'you play an instrument, that's what you do, you play a sport, that's what you do, 1 everybody just kind of does their own tiling" Linda King, band director for seven years at Westfield High School, set out from the x-'ginning to eliminate the vicious stereotype. "When walked in here they were calling these people vulgar names," Ms. King said, " let it be known that 1 don't want to ever hear Numbers painted on the parking lot blacktop at Plscataway High School mark rehearsal spots thai again. worked on getting rid of the stereotype as soon as got in for the Superchiefs marching band. But the musicians must memorize those spots when the hero." time comet to perfrom. {Please turn to pitjjo 5) 4 Weekend Forbes Newspapers Sept, 30 Oct. 2, 1992

29 Weekend ROB PANE/WEEKENDPLU8 Tha tnimptt aactlon of tht Placataway High School Suparchlafa marching band goaa into action during a racant practica. Long hours of rehearsal, study and fund-raising activities ara commonplka for moat marching band directors, participants and many of their parents as well. Keeping in step with high school marching bands (Continued from page 4) And now, according to Ms. King, the students in the band are "looked up to" by other students in the school ''Everyone notices how big they've gotten/ 1 she added, "and now they arc pretty proud to be here." Band directors have found themselves working hard to recruit new members as well. Marching band enrollment plummeted during the 1980s. Although membership seems to be on the rise, there is still some difficulty in attracting students to the organization. "When first started hero,"ms. King said, "we had 13 enrolled in the band" t was a chore lor the newly hired band director to try and attract more students to the program. "Now we have 8f> kids." she said " really worked hard to recruit band members and now they kind of come here by word of mouth/' Students participating in the bands are finding out that it can be fun, according to Ms. King, and they are telling their friends about it " don't know why it declined," she said. " think that maybe because there are more sports offered to the students and they have a lot more homework than we did when we were in school." Michael Fackelman, band director at North Plainfleld High School, attributes the decline to several factors. "When came was the fourth band director in four years," he explained, "that's hard for the kids to adjust And, unfortunately, nobody wants to be part of a group that doesn't do well." However, there are some bands, such as the Piscataway High School Superchiefs, that have continued to prosper during the last decade. "There are some schools that just stay that way," Mr, Fackelman said. "t's just something that happens." One of the reasons for the Superehiefs success, besides having an excellent band director, is the support of the parent's association, which is 150- / D" members strong. " enjoy it a lot" Carol Brodzmski. a member of the Superehief Band Parents Association said. "f you didn't enjoy it you couldn't do it." When you see your kids Why do they dedicate their time to tiie organization? "Because it's worth it." Mrs. Brodzinski added. "When you see your kids out there it really makes you proud." At North Flamlield High, the parents provide inspiration and encouragement to the students. Mr. Fackelman said. "f you have a bunch of dedicated parents willing to come out and support or be there in any way is going to be a great group," Mr. Fackelman added." You don't even have to be called a band parent organization. As long as they come out and support the students it's great Band parents in general are a nice influence. Not every area has the opportunity to have a support group." "We support the kids all the way," Mrs. vote her whole life for band?',"she added. Brodzinski said. "Right now parents are active up to every night They are either practicing the drills and now 'm on the sewing committee. 'm working all the time." According to Mrs. Brodzinski, being a band parent is "habit forming." "t feels good to watch them win," she explained. "To see where they go from band camp, - Carol Brodzinski Piscataway Superchiefs Band Parent Association when they don't know what their doing, to the competition at Giants Stadium when they perform perfectly, it really shows you what kids can do when they want to do it." And that's why many of the students are in the inarching band. Butcher a 16- year-old junior said she doesn't mind the commitment "1 think it's a lot of fun," she said. " don't mind the time have to spend there because in the end it's worth it" The students typically devote anywhere from 8-12 hours a week to the marching band. They practice alter school, on the weekends and at night "t's pretty much that intense up until the November competition," Mrs. Brodzinski said, "But all the hard work is worth it" Parents who don't have students in the band find it hard to understand why they dedicate so many hours to the organization, according to Mrs. Brodzinski. 'They'll ask me, 'why does your child de- " toll them that it's something they love to do." For band directors, the relationship is love/hate, according to Mr. Fackelman. "n June" he explained. " can't wait for marching band to start and by my first football game can't wait for it to end. "Being a band director is either good or bad/' he continued. "When it's going well things are good and when it's not going well, it's bad. Your in the public eye every weekend so when you do something wrong you hear about it" Mr. Fackelman is also working toward a winning season this year. 'The students in the inarching band this year arc probably the most dedicated student body we have ever had," he said. "We are trying to get back on track. Because of a positive morale they will like it more. Last year was a tough year. We're looking forward to competing." The students are also looking forward to a great year. " think it's worth it," Doug said. "f your going to get involved with something you should go 100 percent and make the most of it" Knowing how hard the students work makes Mr Fackelman's job a little easier. "To get the students on a high school level to Giants Stadium is worth everything," he added. "When you stand on the field and look up its going to be very different That has a lot of kids buzzing. A lot of these kids will never get to Giant Stadium, let alone to the field. 'm looking forward to that" Sept. 30-Oct 2, i m Forbes Newspapers

30 FORUM FOR SNGF«Yom Kippur dance 3t Mayfair $3, non-members $4. SNGLES AGAN (908} Farms. West Orange, 8 p.m. SNQLEFACES (908) (609) Events held at First Presbyterian Church, 320 North Main St.. Hightstown. Discussion group (not churchaffiliated), social hour, and Oct. 7. Memoers $8, nonmembers $10. ( * Brunch a! Holiday nn, Raritan Center, Edison. 11 a.m. Oct. 11. (908) , (908) Cost for all events $10. Dance at Coachman inn, Cranford, 9 p.m. Oct. 2. Dance at The Towers. Mountainside, 9 p.m. Oct. 3, Dances at Clarion Hotel, Edison, 9 p.m. Oct, 9, 16, 23, 30, Orientation at 8:30 p.m. Actmission $8, SOCAL ADVENTURES dancing, 9 p.m. Fridays. Cost Movie and dinner, late after- Dances at Hilton hotel. Short FOR SNGLES $6. CENTRAL JERSEY TALL FRENDS CLUB (women 510" and taller, men 6'2" and taller) (908) Dance at Ramada nn, Somerset, 9 p,m, Oct. 10. Mem- noon Oct. 18, Movie at Movie City 6, Edison: dinner follows at Chili's, Edtson. (908) Country and Western dance m Highland Park, 8 p.m. Oct. 24. Cost $10. Directions: (908) Hills. 8 p.m. Oct Jacket required, Dances at Mayfair Farms, West Orange, 8 p.m. Oct. 7,9 p.m. Oct. 30. Jacket required. Dance at Turnberry at Rillo's. tast Hanover, 9 p.m. Oct. 9. Dances at Sheraton hotel, lages 35-oven (908) Dances at McAteers, Somerset. 7 p.m. Oct. 15, 22, 29. Cost $5. SOLO SNGLES (ages 40-over) bers of any tall club $5, non- Harvest Moon costume bait, 8 Fairfield, 9 p.m. Oct. 10, 24. (908) members $7. p.m. Oct. 31. Cost $8. Di- Dances at Liberties, Sheraton between 6-9 p.m. Business meeting and brunch at Sinter restaurant, Perth Amboy, 11 a.m. Oct. 18. Cost $5.99. Halloween costume party at Ramada nn, Somerset, 9 p.m. rections: (908) , , PLUS SLHOUETTE SNGLES (plus-size adults and their admirers) (908] hotel, selin, 8 p.m. Oct, 11, Nov. 1. Dance at Eagle Rock Club, West Orange, 9 p.m. Oct. 16. Jacket required. Dance at Birchvwod Manor, Events held at Central Presbyterian Church, 70 Maple St., Summit. Rap or bridge, 6:30 p.m. Sundays. Cost $2. Oct. 31. Members of any tail Dances at Ramada nn, Som- Whippany, 9 p.m. Oct. 17. Bridge nitfit, 7:15 p.m. Oct. club $7, non-members $10. erset, 9 p.m. Oct 3,17. Mem- Dance at Gate House, West 1,15. Cost $3. JERSEY JEWSH NQLES (ages 30-55) Dinner at Plau Diner, Edison, 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays. (908) Rap witli fnends, 8 p.m. Ocl 4. Cost $3. Directions; (908) bers $5, non-members $7, SHORE SNGLES (908) Progressive hike at Tatum Park, Mtddletown, and Holmdel Park, U a.m. Oct. 3. Meet in commuter lot at Garden Stale Parkway bit 120. Memoers Orange, 8 p.m. Oct. 18. Dances at Chanticler Chateau, Warren, and Van's, Freehold, 9 p.m. Oct. 23. Dances at Scanticon- Princeton, West Windsor, ant) Old Mill nn, Bemardsville, 9 p.m. Oct. 31. SOPHSTCATED SOCALS (professionals 30-50) (908) Dances at Basking Ridge Country Club, 8:30 p.m. Oct. 2, 16. Cost $10; jacket and titrequired. This realistic ceramic sculpture of a bowler's handbag, catied "Four Bagger," s by Joan E. Scheckel, one of the many exhibitors at the Morristovyn CraftMarket, which takes place Oct at the Morristown Armory. Car Wash MMHMA MCM \ Brushless Hltlsborough (R1. 206) Miluchen < c» nlral Ave ) New Brunswick (61 Commercial Ave,S Hop«iiflwn (next to Bradlee's) WE HONOR ALL COMPETTORS COUPONS with this coupon One Bruahieas EjcUflor Car Wash PG O N \ D K i f A S S 89 plus tax WP $Offer expires 10/11/92$ lils.hill :n Hcurs Sun. Tnurs Fn.-Sat BRANCHBUflC (908) EDSON (906) SOMEHSET Ztnn jiovi jfco C'' (908) PSCATAWAY (906) W0O08RDG (908) laolhtr interested in owning an Easy Video Franchise 1 Call (908) , N.J. FREE Lifetime Membership with 1 Free Rental KilS W ill Renti Geti FREE Sun- ' O'lO )(V Forbes?rs Sept. 30-Oct. 2.' 1992

31 Weekend Happenings AMERCAN NDAN ARTS FESTVAL Rankokus ndian Reservation flartcocas Rd., Westampton (609) Ninth annual juried event w performers from more than 40 tribes, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Ort. 10, Admission $6. discounts available: no video cmem or pets. ANTQUf CAR SHOW Duke sland Park OMYofKRcl.,Bridgevw>er (908) Featuring classic and collector's automobiles, 11 a.m.-4 p,m. Oct 4, Admission $3 per carload, ARTS AND CRAFTS SHOW AND SALE Liberty Village Factory Outlets 1 Church St., Flemington (908) Exactly what the title siiys. 10 a.m,-6 p.m. Oct. 3, noon- r i p,m, Oct. 4. Free admission. CENTRAL JERSEY STAMP, CON, AND CARD EXCHANGE Budget Motor Lodge Route 9. Woodbridge (908) Monthly show and Siilu. 10 a.m,-4:30 p.m. Oct. 18. free admission, CLARK STAMP, CON, AND BASEBALL CARO SHOW Howard. Johnson motei Garden State Parkway Exit 135, Clark (908) Monthly show and Sine, i 1 * a.m.-4:30 p.m. Otl. * 'r>'v admission. COLLECTBLES EXTRAVAGANZA Liberty Stale Pork N.J. turnpike bit 14b Jersey City (201) Toys, glassware, mo.." memorabilia, and other items..10 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct. 3. Admission $5. COLLECTORS SHOWCASE Bovs and Girls Club 1050 Jeanette Ave,, Union 1908) Comic book and trading-card show, 9:30 a.m,-3:30 p.m. Oct. 3. Admission $3. CRANBERRY FESTVAL X White Horse nn Route 532, Chatswortn (609) Ninth annual celebration of tne Pme Barrens' fruit, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Oct. 17,18, Ram dotes Oct, Admission $4; tours extra. FALL CLASSC MOTORCYCLE RUN (908) !215) Motorcycle tour through the fall foliage, beginning 11 a.m Oct, 4. Registration at Laneco, Houte 22, Phillipsburg. Cost $10. FALL FUN FESTVAL Mam St., Somerville 1908} _ Street fair in the'county seat. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct. 4. Free admission. FNE ART AND CRAFTS AT NOMAHEOAN PARK Springfield Ave., Cranfotd 'OOfl) 'utaoor art show ;i n d sale. U,i.'[!. ") p.m. Otl.,1 'i fft.'t lift- FUNGUS FEST..lOine'Sft County tn.i ' >' Location Center i.'rd Stiilirip Rd Kidgo , 8 7 : A 'ti'ttiora ol tnur.h'noft:',.vit.'ther magic or otnmist,1 fii.-j p.m, Oct. 4. Adults $1.50. children 75 cents. HARVEST JUBLEE Clmton Historical Museum U 56 Main St., Clinton (90B) Country festival featuring giassblowers from Wtieaton Village, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct. 10, 11. Adults $3, senior citizens $1.50, children free. HOME REMODELNG ANO DECORATNG SHOW Aspen Hotel Route 46, Parsippany (908) Fall version of a nome builder's bazaar p.m. Oct. 9. Ufl.rTvlOp.m. Oct. 10, 11 a.m.-6 p.m, Oct, 11, Adults $6, children under 12 free, UONS CLUB FLEA MARKET Market grounds Route 206, Chester '908) Operated by Chester Lions Club with proceeds to a KM chanties, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Smdays through Oct. 25. Fnx admission. MUSC COLLECTORS' SHOW Holiday inn Route 202, New Hope, Pa. (201; Vintage vinyl cind sundry items. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct. 4. Admission $3. NEW JERSEY FALL BOAT SHOW Exposition Hall Rarttan Center. Edison ' Cdiiin cru^rs iind other vtvr,*'k p.m. Oct. 9, 11.i.m.-lOp.m, Oct 10, 11 ;i.'- 6 p "v Oct. 11 Admission >C. NEW JERSEY FALL RV SHOW L>nPMtioH Mall Hiintii': Cnnlcr, tiiiscj" l H; Motor horrc OK] cj'i'per,pft.'f;. MO o.m, Oct. 2, 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Oct. 3,11 a.m.-g p.m. Oct.!. Admission S6, discounts available, OKTOBERFEST Village ol Waterloo 1-80 Exit '/ : Stanhope 1201) Music, food, and spirits from tfie old country, noon-6 p.m. Oct 3, 4. Admission $8, discounts available, PUT YOUR HEART N A BOOK Sheraton hotel Route 35, Eatontown 1908) Book-signing party with writers of romance novels, 4-6 p.m. Oct. 3. Free admission: bring a romance novel to De autographed. SENOR CRAFTSMEN OF HUNTERDON COUNTY Fiemtngton Mall Route 202, Remington ;908] Fall craft show and sale, 10 a m.-6 o.m. Oct. 3, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct. 4. Free admission, SHORT HLLS ANTQUES SHOW Community Congregational Church 200 Hjrtshorn Dr.. Short Hilts (201) ftie 30th annual antique show, 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Oct. 2, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct. 3. Admission $5. TOY TRAN SHOW Sheraton hotel Route 1, SPlm ;W8J r ; jie lor railroad l;.;fis. 1U ti.rr-.-2, Oct. 4. Adults $4.!JO. children under 10 free. WORLD OF CARDS AND COMCS ftre Company No. 2 Route 206, Hillsborough i908) Comic book and trading-card show, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Oct, 3. Admission $1.50, "Cigar Girl/' a 19th century oil on canvas by William Morris Hunt, is part of the "Anatomy of a Painting" exhibition of works by Hunt and John George Brown which continues through January at the Montclair Art Museum. F FESTVAL a tasty selection of fine art, crafts, nternational food, family fun & entertainment SPONSOR:SOMERVLLE f ALONG MAN ST (RTE. 28) S0MERV11LE, NJ BUSNESS&PROF.ASSOC. Become a Member of the Community at Raritan Valley Community College Communily Education and Services at Raritan Valley Community College offers over 250 non-credit courses for professional and personal development. f you would like to upgrade your job skills, learn a computer language or explore a new hobby, Raritan Valley can help. Some of the courses and programs offered are: 1 Alcohol & Substance Abuse 1 Career & Life Planning Construction Technology nternational Language Personal Development Arts & Humanities Business Gnircprcncurship Communications Skills Computer Technology Environmental Studies Home, Health & Beauty Leisure A RccrcaUon Parenting Studies Professional & Continuing Education For a complete listing of non-credit courses call (908) Raritan Valley Community College Route 28and Lamlngton Road -North Branch, New Jersey Serving the Residents of Hunterdon and Somerset Counties- Sept. 30-Oct Forties Newspapers

32 Playing the fool Director Billy Crystal looks for the heart of 'Mr. Saturday Night' By JEFFREY COHEN WeetendPius Mm Otic 0 V E S Mr. Saturday MgM is meant to put Billy Crystal on the map as a major power in Hollywood. He stars, he writes, he produces, he directs. Yes, he directs. When you've got the kind of clout Crystal has in Hollywood, you direct. But when all is said and done, you probably won't like Mr. Saturday Night as much as you want to. Crystal, a gifted and intelligent performer, couldn't be improved upon in the leading role of Buddy Young, Jr., a Borscht Belt nightclub comic in the mold of Jack Carter, Shecky Greene and Jack E. Leonard, all of whom are mentioned in the film. But Buddy isn't necessarily the kind of guy you want to spend two hours with. Obsessed with his career (which peaks in the '50s with a Saturday night TV show, hence the title), Buddy mistreats his daughter, insults pretty much everyone he meets and constantly berates his manager/ brother, played by David Paymer, for not making Buddy a big enough star. The fact that Buddy manages to sabotage every break he ever gets seems immaterial to the comic. The film jumps around in time, especially in the first half hour, from a present day, 70-ish Buddy and Stan (Paymer) to their start entertaining the family in the living room as teens, back to the present, to Buddy's early '50s courtship of his wife (Julie Warner of Doc Hollywood), back to the present, to Buddy's TV show, and back to the present. You get dizzy after a while. After it si' "k.\s in, Crystal and his co-screenwriters /)well Garu and Babaloo Mandel [Panmthml City Slickers) concentrate less on the laughs, which come almost exclusively in Buddy's one-liners, and more on the rather familiar story of a personality magnetic and repellant at the same time, so the people ho really abuses can't stay away. The script construction, it should be noted, isn't all that different from the last Gana^Mandel project, A League of Thar Own: siblings start out with a dream; one is better at it than the other, they stay together for a while, drift apart and have a sentimental reunion at the end as old people. Students of screenwriting will find parallel scenes. But the big question is: can Billy direct? The short answer is: yes, he can, and pretty well. Crystal keeps everything moving at a good pace, he gets very good performances out of Paymer, Warner and Helen Hunt (as Buddy's new agent, who's never heard of the Rita Brothers), and he capsules Aging comic Buddy Young, Jr. (Billy Crystal) resists the lead of his agent, played by Helen Hunt, n the new comedy feature Mr. Saturday night. knows just how far to push Buddy in your face before pulling back to show a soul underneath the wisecracks. Buddy first gained notoriety as a Crystal character on Saturday flight Live (hmmm...a TV show on Saturday night-well, never mind), and he was twice as obnoxious and not very funny. n a switch from the traditional TV-to-iilm transfer, Buddy is softened up u little for Mr, Saturday NighU because it would be unbearable to sit through a whole movie of this guy constantly on. Billy knows when Buddy needs a little comeuppance, and he gets it. Crystal the actor is Crystal the director's biggest asset. He is never less than likable on the screen, even when he talks about hiring a girl to play his daughter on stage for a touching moment when his actual daughter refused to go on. Even when he's being cruel and thoughtless, Buddy is understandable. And since this time, the star and director of a film about a standup comic is a standup comic, the performance scenes actually show off the timing and talent of the act itself, perhaps the most dangerous feat in show business. But the script lets us down in spots. Especially toward the end, it becomes desperately maudlin, and the intrusive, soupy score by Marc Shaiman doesn't help at all. t's admittedly hard to come up with an original ending for a story like this, but they could have tried harder. Buddy Young, Jr. is not a wonderful guy, but he isn't a demon, either. You feel for him when show business turns its back on him, and even when he's being cruel to his daughter, he's given some motivation for being angry; he just channels it in the wrong direction. f we'd seen more of his daughter than the few short bits the script allows, we might understand it better At least they avoided the cliche where Buddy would cheat on his wife; he never strays. For next time, Billy, go a little easier on the schmaltz and a little heavier on the laughs. But Mr, Saturday Night is not a bad start at all. Video rewind llohiti fcf 1N OMM NMF Jmy prmtm am $3 or 12 tor Co-op imffltom* Al of Vw of Ricky flton n Vie Cwp toon 10a «tf»fcftm 0* faja PMnw oanpit n nvw nnnvlok sm tap) at 7 (uit For ftwt MpniMQtV Ml (908) UM42. Top 10 rentals 4j H^J.L - J BH 1* NmmWm man 3> rnmufson TOMNDOS 4> 0MRQMM & ht Mpnfeo Mnji 7i 19)0 Moot or nms v m MfNt Man Ctttt juaia 10.0*0*1,.i mm* * OPENNG THS WEEK ftpwto rtvttws by WMfctndPtut staff QUN0AMYG1NROSS Al Padno, Jack Lammon, Alec Baldwin, Ed Harris and Alan Arkin ftpad an all-star cast in this Tim version ol David Mamet's Pulitzer Pn/e-winnmi; play about real estate and shakers. jero Dusti/i Hoffman plays a time criminal turned ri?lu< tjr < >ero in hts ix/nedy fiy <*i Steven frears vvilf r.w AficJy firm o. 13/. OF MCE AND MEN Yet another version of the Steinbeck classic, this time starring John Malkovtch and Gary Simse, who atsti directs. (PG-13) MR. BASEBAU lom Selteck stats as n (ading ilufkor traded tjntprpmorvously :i.i Jap,inp',e oasehall team in 't'i r, fomprly (lirwli'd t), Rftl ' ' fii> )i'.( '/taiiinfh.'i fppi 'J: i":urrewt FLMS A LEAGUE OF THER OWN..V UM' tdlcl u'.ti'f. stars Geena Oavis, on Petty and Madonna as members of the All-Amencan Girls Professional Baseball League, (ormed m 1943 when World War decimated the rank o< the minor leagues. Tom Hanks o-starr. as their crusty, befuddled manager (PG). BLADE RUNNER N(V, Ol'ei'tdf. KA Lii tin- 1'lHJ l'if!i;, [,i iitt M. fi i_.i H,.J«.iti-Mil (i di'tcrlivt 1 ihivnviii i <>Ci L'KV' v.i'11 ell'! i r \i!i r i)' r."h(;.i :». 'i,.i' j 1 -ec. i-,v!...' no.'/ eri<.]int; tn,tj i >u of the distracting narration added to the original over the objections of (he director. With Rutfjer Hauer, Sean Younp, and a young Oaryl Hannah. (R), BUfFV, THE VAMPRE SLAYER if Oscars wie amofded Uv titin 1 ;, liis (»il l wn.dil be it!,iirf Don t (.'»[>cct tfx. 1 Ar.'itl spring UilHt;V (jt'sftitc <.n'm' 'ilria iii.i'i!>'i'l' itnij it'i iln i Cli'Miiijti 1. fif'.llr?, is J witty, k'.rll -'.'rd i r!!!,.(<,.itkj'.i! ;i -. jlic,,!r,r iji'i >'.'J,'j r,,', li:. r!,,.. ij{il'i t.j KCt. 1 ),!,1 'jlui'vllfj 1,11!'{.'leader charm, even while slicking ghouls with wooden stakes, guitar frelboatds or w+iatcvcr's hnndy. Donafct Sutherland is suititbly creepy as the vampirekiller ri'rruitingofiicer, while Paul "'M. 1 Wee Hemum 11 l?ui ;1jl«("i cut ktri ;of the ><jnip]fc r, f/julil f'vr Vi.'t' ^ff't'l^ rrjfiat'tif'.'if H 1 '"''t" 1 llh 1 inoui'.ll'ji) HKM Jl'/.'St'i cffprtiu.'ly j.ii.) J! lh(.' S(H,ll (" furt i,* 'r;,il ail U-i'\,-. h n-i(-! )'!!, iirr f'.rf,-!' =(:(;_.--.(if fi.r Pl:(.!.. ', J,,J, CAPTAN RON Kurt Russell stars as an inept charter captam hired by A "typical" suburban family to help them transport an inherited sail boat back to Fiondj. A (nedictithle compdic.jdventuit 1 results. (f'g-131 CHRSTOPHER COLUMBUS - THE DSCOVERY The first (jf iwi.) rnnviesi rnirk inj 1, thf! SUOti.^,' of t'u 1 dimo-.t'iy iif A"-yru:..i, tmis <W, priiduced ), A'ei.ifutor find Hjd S s!kiln! -rr-dsl <>! t''b i!,' '.'Pli-'iJii J,i r>1 t.v- ij.ri:: >r,'- rolci lium Mdilun (iiarido and Tom Selleck, Slory by M.ino f'uio, who also co-wrote the screenplay, but don't e«- pect another Godfattw. (PG- 13) CROSSNG THE BRDGE Diiirtu nbout Uwo friends on.1 dnir-smuj'jjinf, adventure \r. Can.ida. (Hi DEATH BECOMES HER Wild (.'ffi.'ct'i-ljd from director Hob <ltick \o (he huhitf, Who i ugih UMiitl Sl-lr'i Streep ii'ul GuirJic H<.i nv.ils for l h c.iffi.^lki'i 1, duu turn to 8 orbes - 30-Oct 2,1992

33 Weekend Film Capsules David Stratthom and River Phoenix art members of an undeground security team in the hit film Sneakers, which also stars Robert Rtdford, Sidney Poftier and Dan Ackroyd. (Continued from page 8) Willis. Nothing, including multiple fractures, gunshot wounds and decomposition will stop these catty cadavers. (PG-13) DMKSTOMM Hyper James Woods plays u con man who teams up with boxer Louis Gossett, Jr., to double-cross Oiggstown mogul Bruce Dem. Realistic action and clever dialogue help create a successful merge o( Rocxy and The Sting. (R) ENCHANTED APfttL..Joan Plowriflfit dresses up this modest, but charming film about a group of mismatched women who gel to know each other when they rent an talian castle. Fast becoming an <irtnouse favorite. (PG) HEUMSEftllhHEUON EARTH Pinheod is back for the third installment of this graphically violent horror series centering wound a magic puale box and the demonic "Cenobttes" who come to raise, well, you know, with those who solve it. Not for the weak-stomactied. R) HONEY, MJEW UP THE KD Sequel of Disney's Honey. Shrunk the Kids reverses the lens this time around, as daddy/inventor Rtck Morams ;aps his precocious toddler with o ray that mokes the kid grow to God/illa-like proportions. Mostly-tor-kid flick gives new meaning to the "terrible twos." fpg) HONEYMOON N VEQAS Silly but enjoyable comedy starring Nicholas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker as a young couple why attempt marriage in Las Vegas, where Cage loses a bundle to card shark James Caan. Caan demands a weekend with Parker, a dead nnger for his beloved ex-wife, in payment, and spirits Parker off to Hawaii, with Cage and a convention of Elvis impersonators m hot pursuit. (PG-13) HUSBANDS AND WVES Art imitates life as writerdirector-cradle rocker Woody Allen and Mia Farrow star as a married couple who take a long look at their own union after their best friends make the bitf split, strong Allen supporting cast includes Liam Net, 1 - son (Darkman), Judy Davis, director Sidney Pollack and Cape Fear coquette Juliette Lewis. (R) NNOCENT BLOOD Tongue-in-check, teeth-irtneck vampire thrills from the John Landis, the director of American Werewolf in London, (R) LAST OF THE MOHCANS Oscar winner Daniel Day Lewis (My left Foot) star in the latest remake of James Fentmore Cooper's frontier tale of 18th teniury native American Hawkeye caught up m the French- English wars, No expense was spared in making this fviolenl. but visually-stunning adventure. R) MR. SATURDAY NGHT Billy Crystal stars and directs this comedy about the rise and fall of fictional Borscht Beit comedian Buddy Young. Jr. With David Paymer, Helen Hunt and Julie Warner. (R) MSTRESS Reminiscent of Robert Altman's The Player, the plot of Mistress, which deals with a director trying to get his film produced without giving in to the usual Hollywood compromises, is a little stale, but the performances ol an all-star cast led by Robert DeNiro make it more than worthwhile. (R) OUT ON A LMB Ferris flue/tor's Matthew Brodenck stars in this harmless comedy about a somewhat stuffy yuppie involuntarily drawn into misadventure. (PG) PETSEMATARYTWO Sequel to the Steven King thriller is reported to be better than the first one. Hard to imagine it being worse, Edward Furlong (the kid from Terminator 2 stars as a teen who stumbles upon the title plot, which seems to have be re-animating its occupants. (R) RASNG CAN Director Brian DePalma shakes off his Bonfire of [he Vanities disaster by returning to his familiar stylish thriller territory. Combining hair-raising thrills with dry comic relief, Raising Cain also offers an over-the-top performance by John Uthgow as a child psycologist with a dark past and his murderous twin brother. Lolita Davidovich, who swept Paul Newman off his feet in Blaze, stars as the shnnk's unfaithful (and ill-fated) wife. (R) RAPD TRE More martial arts action from Brandon Lee, son of the legendary Bruce Lee, with the former playing a young witness to a mafia murder who gets caught up m the middle of a drug war. Violence typical of the genre, as is the movie in general. R) BOB ROBERTS * Tim Robbins {Stiff Durham, Trie Player) directs and stars as the tile character, a right-wing oohtico using slick campaign strategies and updated folk songs to usurp his opponent, played by author Gore vtdaf. Razor-sharp satire takes aim at both politics and the media. <R) SARAFNA Uplifting musical numbers are juxtaposed with disturbing scenes of violence, many involving innocent children, in a sttrring film version of the Broadway musical hit. Whoopi (Please turn to page 10) " Jennifer Grey has given up Dirty Dancing to take up yachting n the TriStar adventure film Wind. Review revue 'Bob Roberts' - what's in a name? Released to mixed reviews during the first week of September, Bob Roberts has nonetheless managed to cause quite a stir, especially considering its welt-timed appearance on the back turn of a presidential election campaign. This promising directorial effort by actor Tim Robbins (Bull Durham, The Player) takes satirical aim at the absurdities of both politics and the media covering the political beat as it tells the story, in pseudodocumentary style, of a right-wing, folk-singing Yuppie senatorial candidate (Robbins) trying to unseat a liberal ncumbent (author Gore VkJal in a well-received performance). Although limited to Just a few screens (mostly in Manhattan) during its early release, Bob Roberts is just beginning to make its way into central New Jersey. So in case you missed the reviews the first time around, here's a quick look at what some of the critics had to say. David Ansen "Timely doesn't begin to describe Tim Robbins' political satire" said the Newsweek scribe, who obviousry enjoyed the movie, but qualified his ardor with "Bob Roberts mimics reality so ctosety it runs the danger of being outdone by the real thing.,.how can you top the absurdities of our current political carnival, in which Newt Gingrch can say wtth a straight face that the Democrats are following the Woody alien platform of family values, our Republican president decides he's really the reincar- nation of Harry truman and the religious right is convinced that 'militant homosexuals' are trying to take control of the army?" Richard Corliss Echoing the Ansen platform, the Time Magazine reviewer lends praise - "As writer, director and star of the mockdocumentary Bob Roberts, Robbins argues that '90s anomie is the flip side of '60s idealism - the perky music, so to speak, without the hammer-of-justjce lyrics. The perfrect candidate for this era of moral confusion would be a millionaire folk singer, a charismatic opportunist who can twist Woody Guthrie into Pat Buchanan by warbling, This land was made for me/ Corliss, however, adds, "But what happens when the butt of your satire co-ops your plot line?" Vincent Canby The New York Tims crtitic ateo acknowteges the competition of reality, but feels the film manages to succeed just the same. He also praised Robbins as a talent on the rise, saying "Mr. Robbins has kleamed a lot from Robert attman, who directed him in The Player and whose Nasnv/lte and fanner '88 would seem to have influenced both the spirit and style of Sob Roberts...Mr. Robbins emerges as a formidable triple-threat man. There's a big imagination at work here. The movie sometimes overstates its case, but the music-making, success-oriented Bob represents an authentic American political tradition." Ralph Novak Boos and hisses from People as Novak states "f Bob Dylan had run for the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania in 1990, this might have seemed like a cutting satire. As it is, it is an unfocused, silly, tasteless, uninformed political comedy.,.robbins is a strong actor. But writing and directing for the first time, he capriciously demeans the Desert Storm war, evokes, in a comic context, the murder of Robert Kennedy and derides people who pray." Kathleen Carroll Robbins got the vote here as the Dairy news critic raved "Fueled by Robbins' obvious concern about what he calls the Holrywoodization of Washington/ and voter indifference, the movie is a wickedly witty, merciless expose of a mediaconcentrated campaign in which tittering TV anchors and ah-toogullible reporters are easily swept away by the phony patriotic fervor and professional charm of a seif-proclaimed "rebel conservative." Bob Roberts was meant to jar Americans into caring enough to become active participants in the politcal process; 1 Sept. 30-0ct: 2,1992 ' Forto Newspapers

34 Weekend Film capsules (Continued from page 9) GoMbwg stars as an oppressed himorytaachar n South Africa who inipirtft tfw tlttt characttf, a young ttatnaibfri, to become actiw n tha stntfaji tor freedom and a decent educaten. Many s o m i mm shot on tf» actu* Swwto (octtkwii wnvn DwCHOiMtWi wrv vxx and tortured by white soldiers. Tha combination or celebratory dancinjandalaufitifmay confute some vtonen, but mt events show m doter to real m than many wxid imaajric. (PG-13) Young habitant! of i apartmant building Nw and love in a movie that is more interesting for rti showcasing of the hiphot Seattle music scene than for ts quirky comic vtyettes. Directed by Cameron Crowe, whota credits nclude the equally-hip, but more-lnsfcitfui Fast Times tt Aktjsrnont H10\ and Say AnytNnf, Wjth BrldajK Fonda im below), Matt Oion wick (Bom on (nafturf) of m and Campbell Scott (Julia Roberts' canctr-etrichen beau from last yaar'i Oyini Koung). (PG-13) andgtt Fonda stars at a young New Yorker who openi her home to the roommate from hell {Jennifer Jason lee), a mousy psycho whose obsession with her roomie leads to murder and mayhem. (R) schootmi wornnf-class football hero is recruited by an excfustve prep school in the 1950s and becornel the Big Man On Camput. His school and school' mates turn on him, however, when his Jewish heritage is re- (PG-13) ^Outstanding cast, led by Robert Redfbrd, stars n this slick Mend of comedy, action and torts concerning s foup of electronic security experts up to their ears in ntrtgue. Directed by Phil Akfen Robinson {fiew of Dreams), the cast also features DanAckroyd,BenNngriey (Oiendf], Mary McDonnell ), River Phoenix and Sidney Poitier, (PG-13) WJYMMC Director David Lynch prows being removed from the confines of network censorship doesn't alwtyi MUR in a better product as he transfer! his landmark television show to the big screen, tore's the type** formula of sax, violence, sleazy characters and oddball imagery, but there's nothing terribly original to nterest to anyone out- side the fraternity of fanatical Twin "Peakers," who hopefully have found other hobbies by now. For the faithful, however, it's fairly worthwhile (o witness the events that culminated in the death of Laura Palmer. (R) A couple of pre-teenage mutant turtle wannabees are trained by an old master to save the day, Live action from the Buena Vista (Disney) folks, who prove once again that when it comes to kids movies, they ouajit to stick to cartoons. (PG) UNTOMrVEN ft Publicized as a typical Clint Eastwood action-western, /ftforgiven is the hitfi point of Eastwood's directorial career. He's ado no slouch in the acting department, starring as a retired (inslinger. now a destitute widower with young children, who s recruited to hunt down a gang of outlaws who sliced up and disaftjred a local prostitute. Eastwood is only after the reward money, but gets more than he bargained for in the process. So do the bad guys and a seff-rigiteous sheriff played by Gene Hackman. (R) WNCRC THE M Y TAKES YOU A strung-out "family" of street kids bet stoat, hustle and look out for each other in seedy Los Anasles.WithDermotMulroney, Sean Astin, Balthazar Gettv and Lara Flynrt Boyte, (R1 visuaay-lmpressiva epic that dramatizes the pursuit of yachting's America's Cup by a fictional team of sailors and desifters led by Matthew Modine (fllrdy, Memphis Oetfe). Ltfit on plot, but director Carroll Bal lard f(7w3lac*slajfm rvewr Cry War/) keeps things interesting with stunning visuals both on land and sea. With Jennifer Grey (D/A>Oandn and Cliff Robertson. (PG-13) MAS-(Mas lies«terf fantai Gswns Complete Unjerk Attention l»peit 315 Main Street BcdralnHcr (901) 234.(444 M-Thun,O-S:30 Fri i t 6 Sit 10-5 THBFS F Art yw*a»nrrfi Thtlilm«uPmtti iinn»ti - T FRST! iplaintieldarei CLASS FREE j CLASS,SCHEDULE HOTLNE exp, 10/30/92 (800) i RSNEEDE FOR FAMLY FAR WALK-A-THON TO BENEFT THE RESOURCE CENTER FOR WOMEN AND THER FAMLES AT DUKE SLAND PARK Old York Rood (Route 567) Bridoewoter. New Jersey 9 AM TO 3 PM ON OCTOBER 31, 1992 F NTERESTED N PARTCPATNG CALL CHRS AT (908) OR JESSCA AT (908) PEEDWA SATURDAY * OCTOBER 3rd * 7 PM HOLDAY NN NGHT OPEN COCK PT with S M A SUPER MODFEDS 125 UP CHAMPONSHP RACE ARDC-NEMA MDGETS NJ STATE CHAMPONSHP RACE PTS OPEN 2PM PRACTCE 3PM RAN DATE - FOLLOWNG DAY SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4th 2PM tt PTS OPEN HAM PRACTCE 12 NOON Remington Speedway 1 mile North of Circle On Rt. 31 North (908) N;il.!sli,i\ ARES (March 21 April 19) You may he more <fcpendent on another than you would normally chootc tobe, Don't get "rammv" when you act another it full of hull. Tnm younelf to come up with a aolihionthai worb for everybody. Y«i are (lie conquering hero in ilic weekend parade. Grin and wave all weekend long. TAURUS (April 20-Miy 20) Be more forthright this week and do be bullhetded ahoiti matters tint are important to you, if you want to get your point across. Loosen upwhennegotlal- ng a new money arrangement - go for il. Your crealive.encrgies are high all this weekend. Your imagination is oiling. (JKMN (May 21-June 20) Get plenty of exercise mixed will) work, or you could gel stressed oui big lime. Someone tries to gel you to change your routine midweek. What hastens depends on tiow committed yixi are. lly the weekend, have your priorities set struiglil, if you waul a wann and loving few days. CANCKK (June 21-Jiily 22) You may have a hard lime gelling die work week started, hecunse llicrc are so inuny "wiicr" tilings tn do. Smiiehow, sonicwlicrc you have to buckle down, because wbat good is playtime wiilinul money? ('mint on getiing yourself ready and raring lo go (lie weekend, Li:O (July 2 VAugust 22) You urc having a lot nl problems lliis week. Somehow the inner lunnoil will mil, meanwhile there will tw steam and sizzle. You get happier as llie weekend comes in. Use this energy lo accomplish what you should have during the week. VROO (August 2KSeptcml*r 22) You talk up H Monti till ihib week, (id your point across uud center on what h iin >ortanl to you. You brec/c tliroiigh the work week und arc ready fur uuytliing. You roll inioihe weekend lull of fun and games, Your more flirtatious side comes out all weekend long. LBRA (September tt-octob* 22) De more aware of how vtrypoueuive and needy you ire. Theae an driving traits definitely, but (hey could also be driving you nirii. Communications flow toward tha waekend and you get to clear your cheat, aoto ipeak, Plan on slowing down this weekend. SCORPO (October 2)<November 21) You whit through the week, letting what you want. Uut what is it all for? Good question, and since you're in a more introverted phase ttiis month, it might be worth pondering this weekend. Spend time thinking, talking, exchanging ideas and, perhaps, a feeling ot two. SAGTTARUS (November 22- Decemher 21) When you're quiet (his week, you're very (juiet. When you're loud, it seems as if you're thinking through your actions right now. (Maybe hatching a plot or two.) You don' need to go all through bis, us you're a natural winner. Use ihe weekend to build your self-can- Odcnce, CAPRCORN (December 22- January 19) You experience the proverbial highs mid lows this week. Hie good news is, there arc twice us many highs as there are lows. You ulso zero in on what you want and, you old gout, yoti gel il. lix >ecl to do u lol of celehmfiiuj und partying this weekend. AQUARUS (Jnmiary 20-l-ehruary H) Making your presence known hus never been a problem, Aquarius. Keeping you under control can he. You demonstrate the Know how to gel wlml you want in business Socially, you're a whirlwind this week. SCKS ('chruary 19-March 20) You have a very wild imuginution, 'iscrs, und whfn you let it go.,. Whatever ilmi duydrcitm is, you're determined to inukc happen by the weekend. (Valivc lirainslnnniug with pnls lakes up» g<kxl {HXtiou ol your lime. You muke ii great show at work, as well, l m by Ki«KmturM Syiiil ()!)' per mituilf 114 hours u day! Musi k 1 \H Touch Torn: or Koliiry l*hniii*s Dully Monthly * ('(tmpnlllillily lorosfniu^ 'lns [lie s xikni turot powrrlul l\ ami iv TAJi 'Vtv ntrodiiclliiii in'xplntn nwl S'st\ft itr 'J'l nmri ii itiiv 1 Tnmlt timii* or Kiitiiiv 'lnmrs S n'iili lo Aslml^iT n:\il Kciuli'i Musi hi H \,NS> HliUr A vnkv (il luuimcillii hu. 10 Forbes Newspapers Sept. 30-Oct 2,1992

35 Weekend Dance DANCE EMCK HAWKNS Saturday, Oct. 10,8 p.m. Fine Arts Theater Rider College, Lawrencevilfe (609) Dance troupe that performs with its own orchestra. Admission $12. MKOUMSA MlMttV UMt DftNCf ^WHPfl HF^WV ^^WVw 0cU6wdl7,8p.m. State Theater 19LMn itonave. New Brunswick (908) Featuring premieres of Catligrtph for Martyrs (Oct. 17} and two reconstructed works, fotw and Tent. Admission $20-$8, SHOWSTOPKM Saturday, Oct. 3,8 p.m. Union County Arts Center 1601 rving St., Rahway (908) Dances from around the world n a revue of dance students. Admission $20. AUDTONS VtUAODtSKMlt 475 DeMott Lane, Somerset (908) For winter production otaftw Good Men, Auditions at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 6, 7. Multi-racial cast of 17 men and one woman 25-30; must team military protocol. Rehearsals CENTRAL JERSEY MASTER CHORAU Mondays, 7;3O p.m. Arts building, Raritan Valley Community College Route 28, Branchburg (908) , Choral ensemble of 60 voices. Openings in all vocal sections, especially for tenors and basses; audition may be required. N A M OF HARMONY Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. Elk* lodge Washington Ave. East Brunswick (908) All-mate chorus singing barbershop harmony. HGHLAND PARK COMMUNTY CHORUS Thursdays, 8 p.m. Highland Park High School North Fifth Ave., Highland Park (908) Chorus of area singers. Auditions required for membership; tenors, basses especially needed. HOKWEU VALLEY CHOJWS Mondays, 7:45 p.m. Central Valley Hign School Titusville Rd., Pennington (609) , Mixed chorus with 60 members; rehearsals for a Christmas concert. JERSEYMRCS Mondays, 7:30 p.m, First Baptist Church 170Elm St.. Westfteld (908) All-male chorus of all ages; rehearsals for December harmony Show. PttlLOMUSCA Mondays, 7:30 p.m. Unitarian Society 176 Tices Lane East Brunswick (908) Mixed choir that sings choral works in Middlesex County. PRNCETON PRO MUSC* Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. Trinity Church Crescent Ave., Rocky Hill (609) Symphonic chorus Of 120 members; also a chamber chorus. RARtTAN VALLEY CHORUS Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. Faith Lutheran Church Amwell Rd., Hillsborough (908) Mixed chorus of nearly 100 members. RARTAN VALLEY SYMPHONC BAND Wednesdays, 7:30 p.m. Hillsborough High School Raider Blvd., Hillsborough (908) Community orchestra w/75 musicians, amateur and professional. SOMERSET VALEY ORCHESTRA Thursdays, 7:30 p.m. Bound Brook High School West Union Ave., Bound Brook (908) Community orchestra. SWEET AOEUNES Piscataway Chorus Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. Reformed Church Main St., South Bound Brook (908) , Somerset Valley Chorus Tuesdays, 7:15 p.m. PeopleCare Center 120 Findeme Ave. Bridgewater (908) , For women who enjoy singing,. New members welcome: no experience necessary. WESTHELD COMMUNTY ORCHESTRA Mondays. 7:15 p.m. Roosewlt School, WestfieW (908) For adults and young people who play string nstruments, Must be able to read music and play first positions, ARE YOU FAT, EMBARRASSED or have given up hope? Have you tried & failed at dieting, or gained the weight back? / tost 90 lbs. & kept it off for over a year Leam how we can help you change your life! Simple Affordable - no Starting fee. No Packaged Meals No Drugs or calorie counting Less $ than "Center"or"System!" Call our 24 hr. recorded message / changed my life - 77m recording will explain how RECESSON BREAKER! Most Bides Now Only 2 Tickets! { S A V E! Skill Games and Prizes 8 FUN RDES ORAL AGES Buy \ 36 TCKETS N i For $10 00? Buy OAM TO 11PU 172 TCKETS For $20,00 LOW COST HEALTH NSURANCE ARE YOU SCK OF PAYNG TO MUCH FOR TOO LTTLE? CARPENTERS, PLUMBERS, LANDSCAPERS, BULDERS, REAL ESTATE AGENTS, r'shermen, DOCTORS, ATTORNEYS, ACCOUNTANTS, SMALL BUSNESSES.SELF EMPLOYED, WORK FOR SMALL BUSNESS, ETC... \ALL ACROSS THE USA WE'RE PUTTNG PEOPLE N A HEALTHY STATE * MATERNTY COVERAGE VJVffiVVPVPSflM ' * 10 MLLON HOSPTAL COVERAGE * DENTAL COVERAGE BifvPWvirPwPV ' EMPLOYEES (1-5) * 2 YEAR RATE GUARANTEE HPnPPmlmhH ' STABLE PREMUMS * VANSHNG DEDUCTBLE ^^MmMMdMmKm WORLD WDE COVERAGE H/OTT LOW COST GROUP RATES - ANY DOCTOR, ANY HOSPTAL CALL: ALAfsJ H/OTT United Service Association Sat., October 10 8PM For Health Carc For Slltnt Film A Thtatrt Organ Buffs Tickets $6 PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Lee Erwin At the Organ Sat., October 17 8 PM Fabulous 50's Rock 'N Roll Sal Anthony A The Memory Machine Enjoying Your Summertime Fun! GOLF Low Rates ROUTE 22 SCOTCH PLANS, NJ* ml. westofq.s.p. Exit UOA Larry Chance & The Earls Pawlom Tickets $20, $17,50, $15 Sun., October 25 3 PM Ticket! $6 Coming November 8 ASHLEY MLLER n Concert On Our Wurlitzer BOBBY VNTON For Tickets call Sept. 30-Ocf. 2, 1992 Fwtjcs n Concert 1601 rving St., Rahway, N.J. 0706S Vlfeetend i.:. *.:.X

36 G H T L F E Mountain music Bluegrass takes root at Watchung Arts Center ByWLUAMWESTHOVEN V/eekendPlus Editor Now that country music has broken loose from southern borders and has successfully invaded mainstream America, can bluegrass be far behind? Those of you who have recently embraced the new wave of Nashville sounds, but have yet to experience the unique fusion of railroad rhythms and traditional folk melodies of bluegrass, should find their way to the Watchung Arts Center on Saturday, Oct. 3, when the "mostly bluegrass" group Out of the Blue takes the stage for a night of hand-clapping, foot-stomping tun. With trademark three-part harmonies and an inventory of acoustic instruments including guitar, banjo, mandolin and fiddle (no violinists here,./iddje players only need apply), the New Jersey-based quintet is well-equipped to create authentic bluegrass in the tradition of Lester ETatt and Earl Scruggs. But with influences ranging from folk to rock, plus the nearly-three decades of experience logged by singer/guitarist/ bandleader Arnie Reisman of Nutley, Out of the Blue is known for its decidedly original sound. " like to think we're unique," said Reisman, "We're definitely not a cookie-cutter band. We have a wide range of material and a sound that is sort of a compromise of our inluences," Reisman himself expressed an affinity for several styles of music, including straight-ahead rock 'n' roll, but his first influence was the burgeoning folk scene of the early 1960s, Reisman, who is in his late 30s, first picked up the guitar in 1963, but soon switched to banjo after hearing it for the first time. When he was a little older, he began to make the trip from his native Bronx to Manhattan, where he tuned in on the folksingers who used to gather in Wasliington Square. Eventually, he formed a band called Diamonds in the Rough, which became the house band at Capulet's back in the Bronx, "t wasn't that great," Reisman recalled. "Being the house band, people didn't play a lot of attention. always preferred a concert setting." Diamonds in the Rough disbanded in the early '80s and Reisman began to concentrate on his daytime career (he has a masters degree in social work and is currently an administrator at Newark Beth srael Medical Center), but back in 1988, he sang at a wedding with a friend, Ann Ransom, and the seeds of Out of the Blue weiv sown. "My wife (Rita Reisman, who sings and plays buss in the band) and Club mix The New Jereey-bised btuegrais quintet Out of the Blue will perform in concert on Saturday, Oct. 3, at the Watchung Arts Center. knew her socially for years, but didn't know she had such a nice voice," said Reisman. n its infancy, Out of the Blue was a modest trio, with the Reismans and Ransom combining on harmonies to the instrumental accompaniment of Arnie's guitar. The set list ranged from slow country and bluegrass to an original bluegrass arrangement of the popular hit by the Teddy Bears "To Know Him is to Love Him." Before the end of 1988, the band grew to four members as guitarist Walter Tomkoski of Parlin, who also plays fiddle, was added. Last year, guitarist Earl Karlsen of Caldwell, who also plays mandolin, completed the lineup. Both instrumentalists add their vocal talents to the mix as well. n between the additions of Tomkoski and Karlsen, both Rita Reisman and Ransom became accomplished instrumentalists, Rita on standup bass and Ransom on guitar. "t's quite a range - a veteran, a couple of neophytes and a couple in between," said Reisman of the bund's unusual mix. Recently, Out of the Blue has taken on a new challenge - adding original material to their list of country and bluegrass favorites, all of which will benefit from the superb acoustics of the Ails Center, which also offers the intimate concert setting Reisman prefers and patrons are sure to enjoy. "'m just beginning to have the courage to play originals, and Ann has written some vocals as well," said Reismann. Seating is limited, so reservations are strongly encouraged. U )cominfi musical events at the non-profit Watchung Aits Center include singer/ guitarist Ruthie Foster (Saturday, Oct. 17), whose experience and influences range from country and gospel to rock and hlues. Out of the Blue, Saturday, Oct. 3, 8 p.m. at the Watchung Arts Center, 18 Stirling Road, Watchung, Tickets $8. (908) Music on the mountain oonosn flf pmrinov oy ms Ntw Jmty ChifflMf Music So* ctty on Sunday, Oct 4, wt n* auftntt the 1902*93 p«fomv ing arts SBrin. Muste on (to Mountain at the church of St. John on.the Mountain in BernanMe. Mnnen of the Governor's Artistic Focus Grant, the Montclairbased Society is heard regularly on National Public Radio and recentiy made debuts at Alice Tu«y Hal (at Unootn Center), WoW Recital Hal (at Canape Hat) and the Kennedy Centertorthe PVUNMBJ mi* we propim, which bt0ne at 4 p.m,, im n* dude Heydn't London Wo No. 1 *C Major, la* Tarn**&* ton wr nwv tv HBVWTBN m m m wort* by Beethoven, MoeQomei and Loud Meyee, dbnfcv fti fhpm MwnavMv tie* (900)76^2281 RVCC Major Artists p m nw«i Branm N vpvu ts 21*ehow Major Arttati Sarin wkh a pefnomanoe by the rhn* new M M w n a j n w new /or* sey on Friday* Oct 3«wpcomf*! enowi n me eenei include BTOBAMB/S &* &**% Holy Story (Oct 10); «bjuert» concert by the SeMom Soeoe ( Point Croesand Natalo McMas* ter (Oct 17); a performance by me wnencan nepenory owet (Nov. 7) and a protfam of classical and origjnal music by the noue Chamber Ensemble and Qeigen, the Tokyo String Orchestra (Nov. 8). Tickets for the Major Artists Series range from $ depending on the show. For more nformation, call (908) BRCH HLLNQHT CLUB Route 9 South, Old Bridge (908) Dance party, Saturdays. Male revue, Saturdays, Thursdays. Teen night, Sundays. John Eddie, Oct. 3. BUCK SWAN RESTAURANT Route 1, West Windsor (609) Mario Castro-Neves (piano), Saturdays. BOO-aOOS BAR -44 Newark St., Hoboken (201) Dance party, Sundays, Reuse nltfit, Mondays. Open Jam v^g-force, Wednesdays. "Alternative" rock. Thursdays. BOURBON STREET CAFE Old Bay Rattaurant Church St. New Brunswick ( BRGHTON BAR 121 Brighton Ave. Long Branch (908) Poetry/acoustic night, Wednesdays. Well of Souls. Misery Bliss, Boneless. The Lawyers. Oct. 2 Godspeed, MunaChunka, Oct. 3. Bessie Mercer, Oct. 4. Jazz Reflections, Oct. 6. CAftBAR 115 Ocean Ave., Long Branch (90S) Free admission for afternoon shows. Locked Up in Life. Wurgod, limes Up, Another State ol Mind, afternoon Oct. 3. Skankin Pickle, Eggman, after noon Oct, 4. CATCH A RSNG STAR Hyatt Rtgertcy hotel Route 1, West Windsor (609) Headline comedy every night except Monday. College night, Sundays and Tuesdays. Ladies" night, Thursdays. Joe Vega, through Oct, 4. CHARLOTTES 58 South Mam St.. Manville (908) Live oldies bands Fridays and Saturdays, Loose Change, Oct. 2, 3, 30, 31. Motavation, Oct, 9, 10 Last Exit. Oct. 16, 17. First Avenue, Oct. 23, 24. CTY GARDENS 1701 Calhoun St., Trenton (609) "AMi'fnative" dance party, Fridays. 95-cent dance night, Saturdays, Thursdays. Faith No More, Helmet, Oct. 7, KMFDM, Oct. 24, CLUB BENE Route 35, Sayreville (908) Bobby Bland, Sonny Rhodes, Oct. 2. Allan Holdsworth, Oct. 3. The Dixie Dreg',, Oct, 9. Jay Black A The Americans, Oct, 10. The Breckof Brothers, Oct. 11. Michael Hedges, Oct 15. Gary Moms, Oct, 16. Najee, Oct. 17. Larry Carlton, Oct. 18. The Rippingtons {w/russ Freeman), Oct. 23. Shadowfai, Oct 30. The Roches, Nov. 6. Bola Reck & The Flecktones, Nov. 8. CLUB 101 Ocean Ave., Asbury Part (908) gnorance, Fridays. Dance party, Saturdays. Controlled Bleeding, Oct. 2. Consolidated, Oct 31. THE CLUBHOUSE 116 Wjlchung Avu, Ramficld 1908) Rave night, Thursdays. COCKTALS 51 Mam St., South River (908) John Cafferty & Tfie (Jeavci Qrown Band, Oil. 8, 9. Voices, Oct. 10. The Party Dolls, Oct. 16. Rich Meyer. Oct. 17. COPENHAGEN RESTAURANT Scintlcon-Prlnceton Routul, West Windsor (609) Piano brunch w/sandy Maxwell. Sundays. CORNERSTONE 25 Now St.. Metuchen ( Traditional jarc. Larry Ham, piano quartet, Oct, 2. Rio Clemenlc Trio, Oct. 3. Peter EcklundAiarty Grosi, Oct. 7 (trio), 17 (quartet). Ed Polcer Quartet w/mark Shane, Oct 9. lorry Qlaine w/mark Shane, Oct. 10 (quartet), 21 (trio). Kenny Davern Quartet, Oct, 14, Allan Vache Quartet, Oct. 1C Warren Chiasson Quartet. Oct 23. Ray Alexander Quartet w/marty Napoleon, Oct. 24. Paula Lockhcart, vocals w/trio, {Pleosa turn to page 13) Fortes Newspapers Sept. 30-0ct 2, 1992

37 Weekend Club mix (Continued from page 12) Oct. 28. John Gordon, alto sax w/quarlet, Oct. 30. Andy Fusco Quartet, Oct. 31. COURT TAVERN 124 Church St. New Brunswick (908} Night Train, Oct. 3. Bigger Thomas, The Critters, Oct. 10, THE COVE 108 Chestnut St., Roselie (908) Open coffeehouse, Tuesdays. Rumour Hazit, Brian Beth? 1.*/ ft The Lodi HomeCoys, Damifmo, Oct. 2. Those Who Remain, 10 A. 0., M&M Band, Apaclie fror, Oct. 3. CRCKET CLUB lh Ave.. rvmgton (201) Live acts in mam room, "alternative" music in basement. Open-mike mfiht, Wedne^da^ ferraplane, Wipattraction. main room Oct. 2. Daddy Dynamite, Misdemeanor, basement Oct. 2. Meanpeace, The Outcry, Oct. 8. ESSEX MANOR 41 Broughton Ave., Bloomtieid (201) Jack Destiny, Sundays. THE EXCHANGE Routes , Bridgewater (908) Open blues jam, Tuesdays. THE FAR S<0 789 Jersey Ave. New Brunswick (908) Open-mike night, Mondays FAST LANE 207 Fourth Ave., AsburyPiirh (908) cent dance night. Saturdays. the Outcry, W«dnesdd>s. "Alternative" dance night, Thursdays. Bitstfiwd, he Brothorhowl, Oct. 2. Potts ol Justice (w Mikf Peters), Oct. 3, Diibylon A.D, WipattUKlion, Oct. 4. Jeffrey Gaines, Mi. Reality, Oct. 10, FOREST MANOR Route 615. Jamesburg (908) Country music, Saturdays. Gun for Hire, Oct. 3. FREODVS 1 Mill S*. Bemardsvilte (908) Comedy night, Sundays J, AUGUSrS 19 Dennis St.. New Brunswick f9o8) Dance party, Fridays, Sat-.jrd.iyb. Hufj Cftv Jam, Sundays. JACK O'CONNORS 1288 Routti ) Pic!no brunch w.gladys NiChitrds, Sundays, Gat/ Oievjr. jebdny'j JASONS 1604 Main St.. South Bolmar i90fl) GH1- l<:ig ('Airier. RoiJ r,l' Jf. Quiiaet w.' 1 Mfcl Hood ivotiili), Sundays. Jaa night, Wednesdays. Billy Hector & The Fwlanes, Thursdays. ThfKairianes, Oct. 31. JOHN & PETER'S 96 South Mam St. New Hope, Pa. (215) t-'ree admission for afternoon snows Saturday and Sunday. Liberty Blues Jam. Tuesdays. Mountain John, Wednesdays. LVE TONGHT 125 Washington St. Hoiwken 1201) Open am w/nu Noiso. hurs days Qiotnpr Brother, Pamnualers. T'ie Fwwicks. Oct. 2 Soul tr^ines, Scott L Mftvw & fhl> Sound Sdi'-/citKK)',. Oil i MARTA'S CANT1NA : Penn Vtilll New John Reivin Quartet w Charlie House Jt, tucsikiys. Ntfjit fiim. [Jigft Oct. UJ. Guitarist Allan Holdsworth, whose progressive rock career ncluded stints with Gong, Soft Machine and U.K., plays the Club Bene with his band, 1.0. U., on Saturday, Oct. 3. MAXWELL'S 1039 Washington St. Hoboken (201! the Jayhawks, Southern Culture on (he Skids, Oct. 2. Sonny Burgess, Tno A Bonus. Oct. 1 ifetofedorris, 3oss Hog, Oct. <;» Chris Hartoid. Oct. 10. The Chills. Oct. 15, Beat Happening Oct. 16. Ronnie Oawson, fho fieimorl 1'iaynoys, Oct. 17. Nation uf Ulysirijfi, ChumiviiViifiitju. Oct. 18 H) Lti cifio. Fiill Pwarls. Oct 23, Stereolab, Oct. 24. Belly, Oct. 27. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Oct, 30, tu Genius, Oct. 31. MELODY BAR 106 French St. New Bfiinsvvick MNE STREET COFFEE HOUSE First Rufomit'd Church 9 3>)yanl St. Ne*v Brunswick i908) Allsho«at 8:30 p.m. Spouk Hiindy (smfjofsonf'rtntcf), Ck:t. 3. McOei-nolfs Hiindy (rish duo), Oct. 10. Privateer (sea songs), Oct. 17. David Berber (folk), Oct. 24. Jim Albertson (storyteller), Oct, 31. NOAH'S ARK 112 Mam St.. Woodbridge (908) Jus' JammirV, Oct. 17. ORPHAN ANNE'S 1255 VaMoy Rd., Sdrlmg (908) Open jam, Sundays, Audition night, Wednesdays PETEYS SPORTS BAR 1001 Wust CampLun Rd. Manvillo (908) Party Masters (classic rock), Fridays, PHEASANTS' LANDNG Am well Rd., Hillsborough (908) Mirage, Oct. 2, 3, The Delivery Boys, Oct. 9. Johnny Charles & The Stingrays, Oct. 10, Flashback, Oct. 15,17. Stolen Hearts, Oct. 23, 30. Pedestrians, Oct 24. Elan, Oct. 31. THE PPELNE 841 Broadway, Newark (201) All ages admitted Fridays, Sundays. Hardcore/industrial music night, Fridays. Progressive-music dunce night, Wednesdays, Sundays. PLANET SURF 1900 Ocean Ave. Onley Beach (908) The Connelis, Oct. 2. Gimme the Gun, Oct. 9. PLAYPEN LOUNGE Route 35, Sayreville (908) Male revue, Fridays, Edgar Cayce, Wednesdays. Gifigies, Oct. 2. Voyce, Oct. 9, RED BULL CAFE Best Weilern Red Bull nn 1271 Route 22, BnciQcwater (908) Jazz night, Sundays, Open-mike night, Mondays, Audition night, Wednesdays, THE ROCK HORSE Second & Kings!ey Asbury Park (908) Aleister Crowley. Sub Culture, Oct. 2. Dirt Cheap, Talisman, Dangerous, lanm, Mother Earth. Oct. 3. ron Horse, Oct. 9. Phantasm, Oct. 10. THEROXY 95 French St.. New Brunswick (908) ndustrial techno dance night. Sundays. SAMS GRLLE 777 Route 202, Rantin (908) Warren Chiasson Tno, Mondays. SHOGUN Route 27, Kendall Park (908) Live comedy Fridays and Saturdays. SOUTH RVER PUB 66 Mam St., South River '90B John Eddie (acoustic), Tuesdays. Backstreets Duo, Wednesdays. STANHOPE HOUSE Mam and High, Stanhope (201) Soul Kitchen (w/sandra Wright), Oct, 2. New Riders of the Purple Sage, Brian Murphy, Oct. 3. Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Btll Kelly, Andy Goesslmg, Oct. 9, Steve Forbert, Oct. 10, George Jr., Barbecue Bob & Friends, Oct. 11. bttte Mike A The Tornadoes, Oct. 16. Robert Ross Band, Oct. 17, Luther (Guttar jr.i Johnson, Oct. 23. Billy Hector & The Fairianes. Oct. 24. The guanas, Oct. 30, Blue Sparks, Oct. 31. STRESS FACTORY Clarion Hotel 2055 Route 27, Edison (908) live comedy Fridays and Saturdays. Jackie (The Jokeman) Mar- King, Oct. 16, 17. BOD Nelson, Nov, 14. STUDO 1 88 Verona Ave., Newark (201) The Rend?, Oct. 2. Phantasm, Wildside, Oct 3. Spread Eagle, Oct. 17, TVOLJ GARDENS Scantlcon-Prlnceton Route 1, West Windsor ( Tony Dmicola Quartet, Saturdays. WHALBONES TAVERN 665 Bound Brook Rd. Middlesex (908) Jus' Jamrrm', Oct. 2. Top 10 compact discs 1. Spin Doctors, Pocketful of HOME SHOW 2. Eric Clapton, Unplugged 3. Nine nch Nails, Broken 4. Temple of the Dog 5. Pearl Jam, Ten 6. Extreme, /// Sides to Every Story, 7. Mother Love Bone 8.112, Acbtvng, Baby 9. Elton John, The One. 10. Arrested Development, hree Years, Five Months and Two Days n the Life ol.. -Sales figures courtesy of Mrilk Records OCTOBER 9,10,11,1992 FR. -10PM,SAT. AM-0PM, SUN. AM-6PM ASPEN HOTEL S CONVENTON CENTER RTE. 46 WEST, PARSPPANY LAST SHOW AT THE ASPEN! All your de< OMK, remodeling ami rpstouitton nerds undrr one 100. liilffiur Drsiijtirrs (.iistorn umilure Sun Rooms Oriental Rutjs Spns (JUiscts Kil( hen f- ijjth (H'sit [n l is Mirrors St.nncd Glass Exterior GEM:RAL ADMSSON $6.00p.p. $1OFF FO i Full run Adult f\awi J 1 Admission With This Ad, NJ FALL RV OCTOBER 8,3,4, 1998 Fri. 1-lOpm, Sat. Ham-1Opm, Sun. 1lam-6pm RARTAN CENTER EXPO HALL 4S± EXPO HALL Z f EDSON, NJ NJTPK. EXT1O»GSPS, 127 G5P N. 129 OFF RTE. 514 WEST RE MMHRPWMV wn OUN Mf Mi MM0M OWU M MB M mt im mmxjm NUT 3434 GNCRU. «DMUim $6.00,.,. DON'T MSS THE BEST DEALS OF THE YEAR ON 92 AND 93 MODELS AND OUR LARGE SELECTON OF PRE-0WNED MODELS. $1 OFF F0 Full run Adult Miuit. Admitilon With Thli U' Sent. -30-Oct r 13

38 T A G E Michael ^lurphy prepares for the' Popular stage y screen and TV veteran to star in season opener at George Street Playhouse By MCHAEL P. SCASSERA WeetendPlus Writer What do the screwball comedy What's Up, Doc?, the cult thriller Strange Behavior, the seminal feminist drama An Unmarried Woman, Woody Allen's urban romance Manhattan, Robert Altman's classic Nashville, and the recent, big-budgeted Balrnm Keturns all have in common? The element shared by each of these and many others films, as any true movie enthusiast knows, is the actor tylichael Murphy, currently ^making his first stage appearance in nearly five years at the George 'Street Playhouse in New Brunswick. Murphy is appearing with Greg Mullavey (of Mary Hartman, Manj Hartman fame) and Catherine Curtin in Tom Dulack's Near the End of the Cantury, the world premiere of a new three-character comedy from the author whose Breaking Legs was a commercial and critical success during last year's New York theater season. Previews for the production, which opens GSP's 19th season, began on Sept. 26, while the official world premiere is scheduled for Friday, Oct, 2, "This is a play about three people who are taking a close look at their lives as they approach the end of this century," says Murphy, taking a break from the intense rehearsal schedule in which he is currently involved with his co-stars and director Gregory Hurst. Dulack's play, which unfolds at a laundromat in a small Maine town, finds humor and compassion in its examination of an increasingly fragile world, < "For the two male characters, there is an.clemcnt of middle-age breakdown, but the play goes beyond that," Muiphy explains. "'ve played a lot of whiny types, but this character is truly up against some very serious issues." Those issues, which are expressed by Dulack with a wit Murphy calls "biting and sometimes bitter," include modern problems as diverse as water pollution and the depletion of the ozone layer to heart disease and ADS. Murphy plays Richie Boyle, an athletic, well-preserved, 40-something intellectual who, since writing a trashy novel, has become a media celebrity. "He used to be an academic, but he has since developed a deep self-loathing," Murphy says of his character. "He has his picture in People magazine with his arm around Jack Nicholson, but he's successful for no good reason, and he knows it. He's on his fourth wife, he's been to Hollywood and back, and dunng the course of the play, he goes to Maine to visit an old friend who had a heart attack. The two of then mull over their lives, often bitterly, until a college-age girl comes in and shakes things up." The primary action of Near the End of the Century takes place outside the laundromat where the two men go to get away from their families, discuss current events, and, ultimately, to vie for the attentions of the (female character. Though Dulack's play deals with a variety of serious issues, Muiphy maintains that the production is "very, very funny 1.", "What like best about the play," he continues, (1 is that it doesn't lecture. When read the script, knew right away that wanted to do it." ntense working situations like the preparation lor Near the End of the Century must be familiar to Murphy, an actor who has been repeatedly cast by some the best directors in the* motion picture industry and who, as a result, has at least 20 years of impressive roles to his credit. Born and raised in l^s Angeles, Murphy studied at the University of Arizona and tit UCLA, then went to New York to pursue an acting career. During this period, he supported himself with a job at fcord and Taylor and, later, as a school teacher. Though he worked in regional theater, theatrical work failed to come his way in New York, so Murphy moved back to Los Angeles, He quickly began to grab the attention of major directors who have since continued to cast him for a variety of acting assignments jn both film and television. Of his big-screen debut in the 1967 Elvis Presley film Double Trimble, Murphy says, "t was a terrible movie and was terrible in it." ' Despite his own assessment of the project,-murphy's career had begun. His first television job was on the series Combat, a military drama often directed by now-tegondary JHrnmaker Robert Altman..- " met Altman when 1 was very younr, maybe 22 years old," Muiphy says. "He would hire actors for Combat, get the audience hooked on the characters, then kill them off in a few weeks." The advantage of Altaian's sometimes unpopular narrative techniques, Muiphy says, is that the director was able to employ many young actors. 14 Forbes Newspapers Sept. 30-Oct. 2,1992 Greg Mullavey (left) and co-star Michael Murphy sort a few things out during rehearsals for the premiere of Near the End of the Century, an original comedy by Tom Dulack that opens at the George Street Playhouse on Friday, Oct. 2. for the two male characters, there is an element of middle-age breakdown, but the play goes way beyond that 've played a lot of whiny types, but this character is truly up against some serious issues.' -Michael Murphy "Altman's the greatest, just stunningly talented," the actor says of the controversial director for whom he has starred in numerous film and television projects, including McCabe and Mrs, Miller, MM*S*H, and the HBO political satire series Tanner 88, "Despite his ups and downs in the business, he is constantly resurrecting himself," Murphy says of the director of the recent, critically-lauded feature The Player. One of Murphy's most memorable characterizations was of the political press director in Altman's 1975 classic American mosaic, Nashville. "He was a very duplicitous character," Muiphy recalls of his role as a political maneuverer whose slimy tactics were cunningly concealed beneath the clean-cut exterior Murphy so easily projects, and which Altman has frequently exploited. Murphy, who says his work on the stage occurs only in "fits and starts," continues to work steadily in films after a particularly impressive string of commercial and critical successes during the 1970s and 1980s. Of 1972's Wliat's Up, Doc 7, director Peter Bogdanovich's homage to the screwball comedies of the 1930s, Muiphy recalls working as part of an ensemble with moga-star Barbara Streisand. "There was such hysteria anytime we were shooting on location with Barbara, and she had a dressing room the size of Rockefeller Center," he recalls, but he adds that she was "very pleasant" and highly receptive while taking direction from Bogdanovich, n 1978, Muiphy played what is arguably his most memorable role as the urban, professional husband who leaves Jill Clayburgh for a younger woman in Paul Mazursky's seminal feminist drama, An Unmarried Woman. Of his character in the film, a character who sent not only Clayburgh but also large portion of American women into a feminist tailspin, Murphy says, "he was the first of the whining yuppies." "Doing An Unmarried Woman was a wonderful experience," he says. "While we were shooting it, we all thought it was an interesting, intimate picture, but when it was released it took on a life of its own. t would lx? hard to get a picture like that made today." The following year, Murphy starred in Manhattan, one of Woody Allen's most successful films. Having become close friends with Allen in 197G when the two were east in Martin Ritt's The Fnmt, Muiphy says working with Allen and Diane Kcaton on Manhattan was "so comfortable it was like spending time with friends." n part to avoid tyj>ecasting as an urban professional after the success of An Vumarned Woman and Manhattan, Murphy worked for director Michael *iughlin in two "risky and interesting" projects. He played a sheriff opposite xmise Fletcher in Strange Behavior, an off-beat thriller which has since become a cult favorite, and later staned with Jodie Foster (Please turn to page 15)

39 Weekend Simon says in Brldgewater Nei Simon and Alton Chehov w rami at wont omno The Good Doctor which tobtlnf pfwornoo oy mt CMV Qtnttf n MojMNftir Oct 247. onion ioipi6o w won no* toby tf* Russian muter for the production, which wss a t* during the Broaswy CaUnrlrw Curtin plays an ofl-beat young woman who catches the eye of Michael Murphy in Near the End of the Century, which opena the 19th season of the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick on Friday, Oct. 2. ear the End of the Century Michael Murphy Written by Tom Mack; * reded by Qogory S. Hunt Set deity by Deborah Jasien; Costumes by Barbara Forbes; light* in by Donald Holder. Production stage manager Thomas L Nrtbimance dates: Oct 2- B. Time*: Tuesday-Saturday 8 p.m.; Sundays 2 p.m., 7 p.m.; Matlneet Thursday, Oct 8, 15 (11 em), Saturday, Oct 17 (2 pm,)< Wn* $1*30. dte- ^H^aW^w SJVW^BJSJBJBP^^P nw WMRNHna) ajnn amor ovens, ray wnai Ybu Can" paitoinanuas: Tuetday Sept 29, Tuesday, Oct 6. floneti rosy be purchased on day of performance at the Qeorp Street nayhoust Box Offloe rhh oeah only. No reaarve* none* ror mofe injvinwdon, CBR (908) TT Uters cal Michael Murphy (Continued from page 14) and John Lithgow in Mesmerized, a film he calls "a near-miss." Murphy's other projects during the 1980s include thus limits the time he spends on the stage. Vie Year of living Dangerously^ Shocker, and Salvador, " do theater only when find a play especially n addition to Batman Returns, Murphy's recently added Folks to his credits when, on the suggestion of the film's producers, he joined his wife, actress Wendy Crewson, who starred opposite Tom Selleck in the black comedy. Murphy, who has been married to Crewson for about four years, had been on the set tending to the couple's two young children. Though he lias left JOS Angeles and now resides with his family in New York, Murphy continues to work in film more often than in theater. His exporienct' in xjlh media, and particularly his years of continuous experience m movies, puts him in a relatively unique >nsition to reflect on the transitions which have taken place within the motion picture industry during the last two decades. "Trie film industry has changed radically" during the last two decades, he says, "The business in LA. is much bigger and more crowded than it used to be. caught the tail end of studio days, then worked for about twenty years under an 'auteur' system. Then, if the director wanted you, that was it. Now, there's a lot of testing for roles." Murphy uses as an example Jodie Foster, an actress he praises and with whom he shares agents. Though she won her first Academy Award for The Accused, Foster was required to test for the role. "The business today is often about producers, agents, lawyers, and how well your last picture did," Murphy continues. "Then, if a picture didn't make it, an entire studio wasn't at risk." Though Murphy believes these factors have turned the motion picture industry into "a largely produceroriented" field and "an often mediocre business," he does cite some directors who still manage to work with creative success within the system. "Tim Burton, for example, is a true artist," says Murphy of his director on Batman Returns. Despite the difficulties of working in today's film industry, Murphy continues to get choice roles and appealing," he says, "and 'm really only interested in doing new plays." n addition to having starred in occasional New York stage productions, Murphy worked earlier in his career in a Los Angeles production of Thornton Wilder's On r Town which both starred and was directed by Henry Fonda. The experience of working with Fonda, who Murphy recalls as "the consummate stage actor," helped him to adapt his naturalistic film acting style to the larger-than-life arena nf the stage. "The transition from screen acting to stage acting is easier for me now," Murphy maintains. "The biggest difference between working on film and on stage involves the rehearsal process. During rehearsals, you go to hell and back trying to 'crack' the play. With film work, you sometimes get the script on Friday and have to x 1 on the set to shoot on Monday, so there is often no time to prepare. Hut, infilm,you do of course have the option of re-shooting a scene." "The quality of the work," he concludes, "is not ultimately about the medium, but about the material and the people you're working with." Currently enjoying the struggles anil rewards of working with Hurst, Dulack, and his co-stars in Near the End of the Century, Murphy docs not discount the possibility of moving with the play to another theater once its New Brunswick run is finished. f not, despite his proven success and the steady rate of his film work, Muiphy will likely continue to renew his teaching certification as he has on a regular basis throughout his acting career. "Well," he says with a smile, "anything can happen," vtyottos en) both comic and touching as they deal m severe) aspects of how Wt used to be in Russia. Tickets are $9 or $8forseniors and students. Friday and Saturday peffbmiances begn at 7:30 p.m., wftie Sunday matinees be n at 2:30 p.m. for more (nfamatjon, call (908) 'Lovers 9 opens Trilogy season The TrNoe> Repertory Company in Basfcinj rid* w i open Ks 12th season onfflday, Oct 2, with the popular comedy anthotoe^ tovwi 9ftd Osber Stranjsfs. Show dates are Oct 2,3,9, 10, 16 and 17, with an &30 p.m. curtainforeach perform* ance at the Rktfe Hie^i School lovers b a ootoctton of five stories about love and relation* ships, included in the cast are m Hess and Barbara Kadri of Basking Ridge, Tony Oestreicher, and Dave VHteptque of Bernardsville and Jennifer Moore of Highland Park. Tickets are $8 for adults and $6 for seniors and students. For more information, call (908) Help wanted at Crossroads { Volunteers an) needed by the Crosroads Theatre Company to usher at performancesforthe season, which runs Oct U-June 20. Do you haw one afternoon or evening to spare between Tuesday and Sunday to f e e t and seat patrons at the downtown New Brunswick theater, which houses one of the leading repertory companies n the country? Cat House Manager Susan Settles at (908) Sept. 30-Oct. 2,1992 forties Nowspnixvs VUbcfcond 15

40 WeekendHi,:. BUCKS COUNTY PLAYHOUSE 70 North Main St, New Hope, Pa. {215) Pippin, musical about the travails of Charlemagne's son. Through Oct. 11. Admission 20-S17. CENTURY PRODUCTONS Hunterdon County Courthouse 71 Main St,, Flemmgton (908) , Lindbergh & Hauptmann: Jhe Trial of the Century, reenactment of Bruno Richard Hauptmann's 1932 kidnapping trial. Through Oct. 4. Admission $15. CfftCLE PLAYERS 416 Victoria Ave., Piscat.iway (908) Way t Again Sam, Woody Alien's spoof of Casablanca. Through Oct. 3. Admission $10 Fridays and Saturdays, $8 Sundays; discounts available. COiTS NECK NN Routes 34 & 537, Colts Neck (908} A Deadly Environment, murder mystery set at a country club. 8 p.m. Oct. 2,16,30. Admission 1 $40, includes dinner. BflUTANfM RCPtKTORY THEATER PeopfeCare Center 120 Rndeme Ave. Bridpwater (908) Jhe Good Doctor, Neil Simon's adaptation of short stories by Anton Chekhov. Oct Adults $9. senior citizens and students $8. QCOME STREET PLAYHOUSE 9 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (908) Near the Eno of (ne Century, world premiere of Tom Deck's comedy about two mon <imi ;i woman they meet m Maine Through Oct. B, Admission $30-$16, discounts available GROWNG STAGE THEATER Main St., Chester (908) B79-494G 8/g River, Mark 1 wain's 4j^»i fures of Tow Sawyer in musicil form. Oct Adults $10. children $8 HUNTERDON HU1S PUYHOUSE Route 173, Hampton Never Too Late, comedy t>y Sumner Arthur Long. Oct 1- Dec. 21. Group rates call for pnces McCARTER THEATER 91 University P., (609) Cat on a Hot fin Moo', the Tennessee William 1, play. jty >ul a woman and her alcohol husband. Through Oct 11 AM mission $38-$12. M0NTCLAA STATE COLLEGE Memorial Auditorium. McEachern Hall Upper Monlclair (201) Arts in Education Showcase, featunng 20 performers r.uil able for school-age iiuiiiur.res 9:30a.m.-4 pm. Oct 3. Art- V - p : M fi'..»m1.rr.-. t Vr-^?g#!M-i.j;f.-i:- Johnny (Bruce Jonei) and Wllma (Bruce's real-life wife, Elinor Jones) try to put the punch back n their marraige in the Trilogy Repertory's production of lovers and Other Stran&ers, which opens Oct. 2. mission $18, NEW JERSEY SHAKESPEARE FESTVAL Drew University Route 24, Madison 1201) MUCH Ado Aoouf Nothing, or a battle between Beatrice and Benedick Through Oct, 10. Ad niiscio'i S30-S14. discounts PAPER MLL PLAYHOUSE ' ''p Wsntv 0' 0:, available. PERONA FARMS Houte 517 *\Uron's MifwVi. a 11,11 rmt;.ti'i 11 1 musical ftifrn v.-hh audi (.'nee niirticipdtiun. Club Row (hnjuj'ti Nov. 20 Group MU 1C " Livailobl( j ; edit c prices, 'i PemeniderMriTiri the eis and Hiimmerstpin pl.jv about a Ntirftt'fjian fanul; 1: 1 turn-of-the-rcriury S<i^ f-'ant.isf.d Mam tneater. rmi^i LUM;. 18 Group rate, availadl rail U.r prit.t'i. PLAYHOUSE 22 1 in [>.inhains l.ijm LtiM twti'i, tne Ai>dn>A uuyd Wclv nor muvcal M< it t h <" life ul first larly ba inrov;p,tiott 18. Ail MOii $12. i!i av.h- RARTAN VALLEY COMMUNTY COLLEGE Route 28, Branchburg (908) l Buddy, musical about the illfated 50s singer Buddy Holly. 8 p.m. Oct. 10. Admission $27,50, $25. SOMERSET VAUEY PLAYERS AmwellRd., Hillsborougfi {908) , Equus, psychological drama in ttfuch si» horscb are blinded hy a 17-year-old male. Through The George Street Playhouse Outreach Touring Theatre Company celebrates its fifth birthday on Saturday, Oct. 10, with New Hid, a comedy about moving to a new country and learning a new culture. Backstage tours and an acting workshop follow the free (reservations required) performance. Call (908) Oct. 4 Admission $11 Fridays and Saturdays, $15 for two tickets Sundays TRLOGY REPERTORY CO. Little 1 heater. Ridge High School Suuth Kinley Ave. Basking Rid fie (908) (.overt and Other Sfracers, mantttl ui'nettes by Joseph Boioj'/ia and Hi'm.'f Taylor. Oct. '2-17. Arl.jlts $8, sofiior citi/ons anil students $C. VLLAGERS THEATER 175 LV'Miitt Lare. Su^ef^l (908.1 H7J- 27 f) ^"''.s ii' Gdd, Jijlin 'iflikl'if.'i' 1, tlrania ah'd a nun dlcu'.f.'d ot killing her own i;lnm. l;!oti ',fi Oct. 18. Admission $12. COMNG UP COACH & FOUR flunk. 1 33, Hii'/HM(hv> '1 DvMl) ii^nn ni, niuldor tly club. H p m. On 9, 3! Act'Tussmn $40, mckidt's dinner. CRANFORD DRAMATC CLUO 78 Wiruins AVL 1, Cfjnlorcl i908i?7h- 7G11 Shaflor. Ck:l M-^-l $y. CROSSROADS THEATER COMPANY 7 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick (908) S/ow DancL' on tfi h, Anlhtiny Gtvunit, William Hanloy s drama about two students in a Hrooklyn candy stoic. Oct. 11-Nov. 15, Admission $30-$22. DREYFUSS THEATER Fslrlelgh Dickinson University Route 24, Madison (201) Women and Wallace, play by Jonathan Marc Sherman. 8:30 p.m Oct. 15,16,17,18, Adults $3, students $2. KEAN COLLEGE VaughnEamoi Hall Route 82, Union (908) Talk Radio, Enc Bogostan's r>lay dealing loosely with murdered talk-show host Alan Berg. Oct Admission $8, discounts available. NEW THEATER Rutgers Arts Confer Georgii St., New Brunswick (908) Wedding Bund, Alice Cinlclress" drama about an interracial romance in Oct. 15-Nov. 1. Admission $W t discounts available. PASSAGE THEATER COMPANY Mill Hill Playhouse Montgomery St., Trenton (609) ftis City ol Dreams, world premiere of a drama by Walter Allen Bennett Jr. about a working-class renton family circa Oct Admission $20-$10. PUYSNTHEPARK Roosevelt Park amphitheater Route 1, Edison (908) »Ha!l Horse, Half Alligator, oneman show by William Mooney. 8 p.m Oct. 15, Admission $4. SHERATON AT WOO06RDGE Route 1. selm (90H634-36O0 Murder at &i(e Noil, murder mymi'iv set en a Caribbean island 8 p m. Saturdays be- '.inninf, O( t. 10. Admission $'10, includes dinner. SOMERSET HLLS HOTEL 1-78 bit 33, Warren (908) at Cafe Noir, mu'der Si?l yi a Caribbean island. 8 p.rt! Oct. 9, 23. Adnnssion $40, includes dmner. THEATER GULD OF N.J. Artists SliDWCiise fiedter.1150 ndiana Ave., Trenton (.609) BuUmihv'j Aw free, Leonard Gwshu's comi'dy about a blind fiidfi tryinj 1, to mnkp his way in the wurld. Oct Admission $10, discounts available. WYCK0FFS STEAK HOUSE 932 South Ave. West Westfield (908) Murder «i( Cate Noir, murder mystery set on a Caribbean island. 8 p.m. Oct , Admission $40, includes dinner. Sept. 3()-rH,f.?, 1992

41 Weekend ndex of Advertisers 21 Long Court nn 19 American Repertory.21 Middlesex Army & Navy 2 Boat snow»»<i >»» «20 Natasha's Stars w New Jersey Symphony 17 & 19 t > < < ii! 6 Pboono Trip 2 0 Hf wtluw flttllmlltlmmf MMtlltlttMMt tt *W FUaldcntial/Commtrcitl ndustrial All TVpet Of Fence ln»flf«d * Repaired FREE Estlmms Fully nsurri W Yrs. Experitnct YJPUH VflVOj tit * mi ii*tu 90B/66S^91M Restaurants WFonzo Fence Rose Square, 17 Dine Out WthMtekl 23 SCUBA Easy VWeo 6 ShaKe A 2 " Remington Speedway 10 starts *"***» F a r m 17 Four Seasons 2 Street Fairs 7 GraysRorlet 7l9 "'swortd 21 Classes start Home Show 13 USA for Health 11 at the Jaaerctae 10 Union County October Events 11 following Lynn KoNm 11 VCR Service 21 locations: Liberty Via* 20 We* Photography 19 Unda't Farm 19 White Bus 3 PCK YOUR OWN PUMPKNS Over 250 scenic acres pen Every Day 10:00-5:00 PM Hayr/dtt to ttm Pumpkin Pitch Evtry W-kwd or Groups By Appointment (908) , Stilts Brookview Farm m. 22 West RsadlMtonftdExit, 2 milts on tfl Resdlnolon Roio, wanchburg WestileW YMCA Oct. 15 -Highland Park YMHA Oct 14 Feel a Song Coming On: The Music of (fa A saluie to (he grat Aracrii-iii lyrkist Doruiln Fields. fl'jiunn^ music of Jrrnnii 1 Kern, Arthur Sdm;iii/. C\ Oikmin. Jimmy moa 1 ^i,i r n n n Leslie Uggams MaryCleereHaran Jason Graae Brigid Brady & George Dvorsky \Kinlifr\ fl llu- New Jersey Symphony Orchestra David Bluhop, conductor Chirie* f polt, dlnclnr Saturday, October 10 at 8pm NOMAHEGAN OCEAN EXPLORERS AQUATC CFNT R H7 Hi. ilivon Plrtfi- diton WWl'l HE A-T-RJ NFW BRUNSWCK Tickets $40. $30, $25, and $20 - call (908) 'S 1 "= 'if. LfilfPi m hi." SHOW RAN OR SHNE»11AM.$Hli OCt 3-4 ACROSS FROM UNON COUNTY COLLEGL A finued MOW or KDUCJU m iw k ouun Co-iponior«d by Union County Dipt, ol Firfci t Mcrtallon i loit Squirtd froducdont, nc. Photographer!, Woodworkm, (wturt Weovtn, aawwoiim, goihkri, Mk.iv Potitn, Son Sculptunn, and Uit mort umuual, unlgtw ^idpunw CtroVh Suit Pky to Exit 13S. Folk*f ilm=tor K«ni»w«ih. Co^pp 2 mlki to SpringfkW Avr L*ft onto SprinafWd Avt. md the park H on WL M > icrou the itrwt it Union County Colk9e, MARK YOUR CALENDAR NEW JERSEY ART & CRJUT EXPERENCE OCT 2425 SOUTH MT. ARENA, WEST ORANGE Foliage Glider Tours ># See the true colors of fall this season. Enjoy a soft, quiet ride as you view the Countryside. floud Street Soaring, nc. For information or to reserve a ride, call (908) Somerset Airport, Bedminster r»j Sept. 30-Oct. 2,1992 Fortes Newspapers

42 U S C Strung out on guitars Ocean County collector Scott Chinery has turned a teenager's hobby into a a multi million-dollar investment ByWLUAMWESTHOVEN Weetendflus Editor Tjhe operative word for Scott Chinery is Big. Make that very big. Biy as in size - Chinery' is big enough to look down on most of the New York Giants linemen, and is probably as strong as most of them, Big as in successful - Cybergenics, the sports nutrition product company he founded in 1982, has made him a millionaire several times over. But the biggest big of them all is how he does things in a big way. Take his guitar collection, for instance. Housed in his magnificent Ocean County estate (for reasons of privacy and security, that's as specific as we're gonna get here), the assembly of more than 500 stringed wonders, all tuned and ready to play, is one of the the largest, and most valuable, in the entire world. ' Yet despite the investment it represents (he continued a recent feature on CNN's Your Money program that valued his collection at $4.5 million), and the obvious pride he takes in showing it off, Chinery's purpose is a noble one - his sincere desire is to preserve a part of history that touches him deeply. Yes, he's got a big heart to go along with everything else, "They are the greatest investment 1 have ever found," he said. "The market is defining itself much in the way the fine art market did back in the '80s, when millionaires and billionaires started bidding and drove the prices up through ihc roof. But 1 am interested in preserving these instruments. feel they are the foundation of much of our culture and they are fine art in every sense of the word." Chinery, who admits to having a collector's mentality (he used to own the original Batmobile from the television series, ami current trinkets in his toy chest include pre-castru Cuban cigars ami a "communicator" from the original HUir Tivk scries i. is living out any collector's fantasy. He started his collection at age B. when he purchased an Orpheum archtop guitar, circa 192(1, fur $5 from an old man who came into the music store he worked at as a teenager. t was frustrating for a wink; at first, he had no money; then, he had the money, but no time to collect. n the hist two years, however, he's pursued guitars with great passion - plarinj 1 classified ads, hunting down leads and traveling all ever the country, dropping huge wads of cash wherever he found a vintage axr. "t's a matter of supply and demand, and right now. the values ;ire astronomical in terms of where they were a tew years ago." said t'hinery. " paid $100,000 dollars for a Stromberg guitar about nine months ago, and 've already turned down a lnt of oilers tor $liot).000. People are (Please turn to page 19} Axes to grind (clockwise, from top): Scott Chinery demonstrates his harp guitar ("the extra strings aren't for playing, they create a sympathetic vibration that was the beginning of reverb"); an antique Encore banjo machine, which operates like a player piano when fed nickels; Chinery's case of priceless Stromberg and D'Angelico guitars. Photos by Augusto F. Menezes id'

43 Weekend strumming as many as 20 or more at a sitting. Guitar collection Nor does he buy and sell strictly for profit. n fact, he's never sold any of his guitars. "Even when needed money, never sold," he said, wincing at the (Continued from page 18) very thought. forming share partnerships on these guitars, t's a He also laughed when it was observed the modest very lucrative investment." furniture in the room doesn't exactly fit in with the Chinery, by the way, has an entire showcase of rest of the antique decor. Obviously, Chinery is still a guitars by Stromberg and D'Angelico, two of the most man of simple tastes, at least in some areas. collectible guitar makers in the world. They, like " guess 'm a pretty simple guy. get made fun of most of his prize pieces, are kept safely inside glassenclosed alcoves that line the walls of his lodge-like gesture to his baggy shirt and shorts. all the time for the way dress," he said with a music room. Air-conditioning and humidifiers are As much as his collection has grown in value in employed at all times to keep the instruments from recent years, Chinery believes that the big explosion safe from the elements. won't happen until we enter the 21st century, and But Chinery's music room is no guilded cage. Unlike many collectors on his level, Chinery doesn't "My interest is only in the high end, but there are says it's not too late to start a collection of your own. kxk them up with a hand's off policy, An admitted fantastic bargains at music stores and flea markets," "frustrated musician" who abandoned all hope of a he said. "You can get a viable investment for as little musical career at an early age, he now rises daily at 4 as $30(M00. ajn. so he can spend a few hours with his beauties, Just get there before he does. Radio at the Melody Hb Hub C/iy Ste Spote Repair, tte syidi. mation on the series, can (908) catod radio comedy series that orfg* tnates out of New Brunswick, ww serving as the featured performer present a r* radio program on Monday, OcL 5, at the Melody Bar ^ seoon(j oflr Hub dry Spote Repair is currently entering its m year of tapedforlater nrtonal v ^ broadcasts over a list of broach and vvi be f^ed by more then 50 stations throutfiout ** " ^ Profetf<uft open-mlke the United States and Canada, Many of the stations are members of the U-rVetworff unhwrsrty and ooliege radio netwrtc For more irtfbr- readln *' ^ "* ni^lt ' s n is free and opentothe general public (age 21 and over). Doors open at 8 p.m, Git \Sbabam, violin Hugh miff, conductor SM THEJUHE, NEW BRUNSWCK SAT. OCT. J 8:00 PM SYMPHONY HALL, MWARk S Y OCT. 4 3:00 PM WMWHN TV Hfhridr* Otcrturr BUM f Scotthli fmusi (OPAM) Sjiir 1n«n HJh itv Kid HKMH Suite (mm H K HirKiduut Vtandorin CKHV tr ir. in. ub. no Mudrtil/Si nior rush ' ^ off whi'ii jvailjblr CALL 800-ALLEGRO CHLDREN'S FALL/WNTER Portrait Special...P«cf»00i start af $59" "THF DtCQMTOR" October S, 16 & 17 By Appointment Only No Groups Unbeatable Savings Not Available Elsewhere For Details C.ill or Toll Free C U 1» ' DO YOU WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE? NEED FNANCAL AD? W» AM Htm to i «fl Hriy atflbmikin on atop and \xmm, m wl» Dak md watt* KftooH m UM fyft ym compel lo mart you to U not nurtw ot ictw*^cojd«efidti»n«iyouf qu*ta*oni. Wt HWh out lit most wucfi a* nincal ad ***k lo you Wt MH * pirn* wrt *h you * tii ***** nd tiwrtl p«wm(kmcniifylqh*vnr«cli putt*. fa M *KJ convwi rtomutofl, * < W onqhlon, M out wo mail»h«coupon below, «F (908) a a l 1W-31»08 a (9M) 5M-43S0 ' Name of Student Please Send Free nformation Address City State Zip Telephone Number High School Attending Year in Srhnol Please tend this coupon to: COLLEGATE SERVCES LTD. i 63 PHLOX COURT, ^TJHOUSEJTATON^NJJJfiiaBg Pick Your Own Pumpkins! Sept. 26th-Oct. 31st LNDA'S FARM STAND East St. Annandale, NJ 45 tmnuloi wolt ol Hewaik on 17B lo B CH M'liuii lavein, muha lust nghl oiilo tat! Streel, follow mm OPEN Weekends 10-5, Mon. Frl Group Visits Mon.-Fri. by appl. only Call (908) Free Hayrides rom Cornfields to the Pumpkin Patch Saturday & Sunday Friendly Farm Animals plus Corn Stalks ndian Corn Apples Cider JV LNDA'S FARM STAND n Brldgowater 831 Rt frssli t'rotim e Uaiiiun Cotilef OPFNl-VKHYOAY 10-fi 'Tffl Visit Our Hdunttd Trial! m 1 TREES from $39.99 & up ] \ FLOWERS from 49< & up HANGNG BASKETS $14.99 & Up PLANTS from $2.99 & up 40% OFF All Wicker Furniture 4 0% OFF All Lamps (Cash & Carry) Dried & Silk Flower Arrangements Custom Made Flower & Dried Arrangements Choose from Tfwusands of Dried & Silk Materials i Grays SUk Warehouse r " S 1 ) HL 22 Fast, Watcbunj* lloun ft U> fioo, Sunday Bridal Btmtjiu'ls Made To Order DATES SAVE CASH 9,7810,4 OPEN TO THE PUBLC SMPL0T6L0R FRENCH FRES $9.95 $1.95 MUOHCASt MS HUG UUSHRV STEAK V^ f TEAM TMLE SZE CHCKENPMNUVERA Q Q CPER THAT OKSTUFFEDSHELLS ^ J i W HATFELD COUNTRY MADE BONELESS SMOKED HAM i m i AA 4Q»VO.WHOM ^ D ^ B B l v ^ F LB M f- iljcto i!oclj SAKW ARNOLDS CAROLNA BRAND SMOKED SAUSAGE $4.691»43.69 mr m i u. o«per JU 101 CHEF POTATOES $5.95 PER SO B. BAG CHEF ARGENT SALAD OLS MYWW l«wn&»%und tm... OUVOL OUVf OL OUVtOlt ' $3.59 $3.89 $6.98 KUON mm f oimon CONTTOL SUOAR $7.69 PtH CASE OF 2000 CAPE MAY CHOPPED CLAMS $3.95 CMi SWEET N10W MAND LOW CALORE $7.69 PFR 0OX OF 1250 CUM JUCE ln HO 9.95 P[ " air OF 5APHNE «Ml) «MU tiutt <nt mat r«. cm at NESTEA FRESH BREWED CE TEA BAGS $7.99 PER BOX Of B0 BAGS UCH MB WAWM t ftauoh itctivr *r xc OE ia GLASS UG WTH 10 k. SWEETHEART PLASTC FOOD CUPS 8OZ. 16 OZ. 32 OZ. $3.39 $4.95 $3.95 ft H Ullll [» M $15.95 $19.95 $35.95 tol( -A Warehouse Of Savings" L0CA vm Ve Tiwi 1 CAU FOR EMV DRECTONS ooquw* hl ir. H JR* WE ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS VSA & MASTBR LA Sept 30-Oct 2,1992 Forties 19

44 <!.' Weekend PC: Museums MUSEUMS (609) TuNday throutf Saturday from 10 a.m,-5 p.m., Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Wwtffn European palntk#, iculptupe and decorative art ftwn 19tti rxj20th centuries: * o pit-columbian art and art of 'Thi Art of Pictorial Photoffaphy:UBM925,"throu0Nov. 1 RfcvSt.Mistone Borough (90S) BtafcamftrVs shop with tools and dwtats from the mid-18th centwy to the 1960s. Open Sundays torn 1:30*4 p,m. through Dec. 13, wmthtr permitting. EATJCTKYOUKTOVWE Rhw M., Pfceataway (906) VtHage composed of relocated 118tfi centuiy structures set near the headquarters of the county park police. No tours offered at present. Gift shop open Wednesday throufi Friday from 10 a.m.- 3 p.m. aoosomenetst (908) Museum open Tuesday through Saturday torn U i.m.-4 p.m. "Budapest 1900; n Photo- 1 frapta." thrautfi Jan mmiinniiuii HftTONCAL MUSEUM 45MicciiochAve. Montetmn (201) Gardens open daily from dawn until dusk. Museum open Sunday and Thursday from 1-4 p.m. Adults $3, senior citizens and students $2: group tours by appointment Antique Oriental rugs by W. Parsons Todd, through Nov River Rd., Piscataway (908) Piscataway Township historic museum and gift shop. Open Thursday through Saturday from noon 5 p.m. Antique and craft show, 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. Oct. 18, HHDOUSEX COUNTY MUSEUM Send your news to WeekendPlus 44 Franklin St. P.O. Box 699 Somerville. NJ Or fax your news to (908) tems should arrive no later than the Thursday of the week before an issue is to appear ContfJkM Low HOMM 1225 River Rd,, Piscataway (908) Daily (except Monday) from 1-4 p.m. Free admission. MUM-CORY HOUSE MUSEUM 614 Mountain Ave., Westfield (908) Sundays from 2-5 p.m. through Dec. 20. Use of animal horns, Oct. 4, Volunteer training, 7:30 p.m. Ott.13, 20, 27. Newman Springs Rd, Uncroft (908) Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Sunday from lla.m.-5p,m. 50th annual New Jersey Water Color Society exhibition, through Nov. 1. MONTCUR AKT MUSEUM 3 South Mountain Ave. Montclair (201) Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from U a,m.-5 p.m.: Thursday and Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Free admission for members. Non-member admission: adults $4, senior citizens and students $2, children free. Free admission for all on Saturdays. "Sunday Samplers" for all, 1-5 p.m. Sunday through Dec. 6. "The Amencan Landscape" from Cole to Blahetock, through Nov. 22. Paintings by Dotty Attie. ttirough Nov. 29. "Anatomy of a Painting" by John George Brown and William Morns Hunt, through Jan, 17, 1993, Paintings by Reginald Marsh, through Jan. 24,1993. Plains ndians art from the museum collection, through June MORWS MUSEUM 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Mornsiown (201) Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday rom 1-5 p.m. Free admission for memoers. Non-member admission: adults $4; senior citizens, students, and children $2. Permanent gallery exhibits: dinosaurs, live animals, five senses (for children 3-5), mammals, mnctel trains, history, North fit M American ndians, Woodland ndians, rocks and minerals. "500 Years of Discovery: From Columbus to Space," through Oct. 18, Glass sculpture from 1962 on, through Nov. 22, Glass sculpture by Lucartha Kohler, through Nov. 22, NJ. CHLDREN'S MUSEUM 599 ndustrial Ave., Paramus (201) Fantasy castle, a 50s fire engine, and more exhibits for kids to touch. Open every day from 9 a.m.-5 p,m. Admission $6 weekdays, $7 weekends; children under 1 year old free. Group rates available. "Music Time!" for children 8 and under, 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Thursday, Friday. NJ. MUSEUM OF AGRCULTURE Route 1, New Brunswick (908) Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Oil paintings by Thomas Torak and Elizabeth Uchtenstem Torak, through Nov. 1, N.J, STATE MUSEUM 205 West State St., Trenton (609) Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m.-4:45 p.m. Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Free admission, "Weaving Around the World." through Jan. 31,1993. Posters by Ben Shahn, through Feb. 7,1993. "Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration," through March 7,1993. NEWARK MUSEUM 49 Washington St., Newark (201) Wednesday through Sunday from noon-4:45 p.m. Donation, Largest museum comply in the state Permanent exhibits include "Afnca-The Amencas-The Pacific,' "Design in Native American life," "American Painting and Sculpture," Numismatic Gallery, Asian Galleries, Datlantme House nnd the Mini-Zoo. "Stepping nto Ancient Egypt.' through Dec OLD BARRACKS MUSEUM Barrack St., Trenton (609) Revolutionary War museum. Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am.-5 p.m, Sunday rom ; J.10,11,1992 an> 10pm, &n tamfyn RARTAN CENTER EXPO HALL EOBON, NJ 1-90B93B p.m. Donation (2 for adults, S for students and senior citizens, 50 cents for children under 12. OMOftN-CANflONSAU. HOUSE Front St., Scotch Plains (908) Historic house from c Open the first Sunday of each month from 2-4 p.m. Free admission. REEVES-REED ARNRETUM 165 Hobart Ave., Summit (908) Gardens open daily from dawn to dusk. Talk on bats by Ellen Rathbone, 7:30 p.m, Oct. 7, Cost $8. DR. WUJAM ROBNSON PLANTATON HOUSE-MUSEUM 593 Madison Hill Rd., Clark ( Farmhouse built in 1690 as part of a 750-acre plantation. Open the first Sunday of each month from 1-4 p.m. Free admission. RUTGERS GEOLOGY MUSEUM Rut tr i Unrvtrtlty Hamilton St., New Brunswick (908) Monday from 1-4 p.m., Tuesday through Friday rom 9 a.m.-noon, Free admission, ST, HUBERTS GRADA 575 Woodland Ave., Madison (201) Animal art from the collection of Geraldine R. Dodge. Open Wednesday through Sunday from U a.m.-4 p,m, Admission $3, WALLACE HOUSE 38 Washington PL, Somerville (908) George Washington's headquarters when he was stationed in Somerville in Open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday JANE VOORHEES ZMMERU ART MUSEUM Rutgers University George and Hamilton streets New Brunswick (908) Tuesday through Friday from 10 j.m.-4:30 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from noon<5 p.m. Color etching from "Pissarto to Picawo," through Nov. 29. Chii(]rens-book illustrations by Roger Duvoisirv through Nov. 29. GENERAL ADMSSON PP. NJ TPK, EXT 10 GBPS. 127* GSPN. 128 Of F RTE 914 WEST am* wr «u mmm own m m am mrnmmuuminu Galltry talks n October at the Princeton University Art Museum nclude a talk about Northwest Coast ndian objects, ncluding this Tllngit totem pole, on Oct. 16. FREE ADMSSON ARTS ^CRAFTS SHOW AND SALE SAT.fc SUN. - OCTOBER 3 & 4-10AM TO 6PM Over 75 juried profcoiooali displaying and idling fiat hindttidc art* tod enfa. Vttt our 65 owlet au>ra. A HBEB Chance to Win the Contents of the AMfc Cnfo Tieatuic Chest! Muaktl Emcitanmcnt by Win Michacb FBEB Batomforthe Kidat Church Street, Flemingum, NJ TablUc. 202tot*HentogionCutk (908) Presented by f f NflCSl CSUTTS, WC (908) ,.» Fans* POTttY* WOOD* AXWOBU* JBWBULY* STJUNO GLASS* CBAMCS* AMMORM! i i^^^ \H r" Ti AT i ^^ 1 on the slopes,..or.,.heaping ''* from noon-5 p.m. Free admission. A"- free food..w..iholding ; P ; il-* tt: ch ill"- sf : " filling but a in t- t- - - * 1' Fortes NcvwpapDfs Sept. 30-Oct. 2,1992

45 Weekend Galleries ARKGAUfRY 33 Mine St.. Flemings (908) Friday through Monday from 10 a.m.-5;3q p.m. Also open by appointment. Wildlife prints by Charles Frace, Oct, Reception from 1-4 p,m. Oct. 3. CVALAOOtCTYLTt). LactWWrmiAve,, Gladstone (908) , Open during store hours. "Equut October," paintings of hones, Oct Reception at 6:30 p.m. Oct, 10. CUftfMONTMUEV Lamington Rd., Bedmtnster (90S) Open during library hours. Works by Doris Terns, tnrough Oct North MiinSt.Cranbury (609) Open during library hours. Retttan lending excavation, Oct EVEMttHTOMiEY 117 South Maple Ave. BasWng Ridge (908} Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a,m,-6 p.m. "A Gathering or Glass and Quilts," Oct. 9-Nov. 21. Reception from 6-8 p.m. Oct, 9. GAUEKVAT MTOLMVEMQUU Route 206, Princeton (609) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. and Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Thursday from 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Maps of North America rom 15th-to-19th-century Europe. Oct. 4-Nov. 15. HUNTEROON ART CENTER 7 Center St., Clinton (908) Thursday and Friday from noon- 4:30 p.m,, Saturday anc Sunday rom 1-5 p.m. Prmtmaking Council of New JCsey members' show, through Oct. 11. JEWSH COMMUNTY CENTER OFMETROfOUTANN.J. 750 Northfield Ave. West Orange (201) Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m.-lo p.m., Friday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday from 10 a.m. until closing of center. "Voyages to Freedom," Jewish lite in Latin America and the Caribbean, through Oct. 19. NAWSCOQAUERY River Rd., East Hanover (201) Open to the public daily from noon>4 p.m. Free admission. Northern New Jersey Sculpture and Painting Affiliates show, through Oct. 29. NEW JERSEY CENTER ror VSUAL ARTS 68 Elm St., Summit (908) Monday through Friday from noon-4 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 2-4 p.m. Free admission (except where indicated). Paintings by Clarence Carter and Hughie lee Smith, through Oct. 25. Tour of exhibition at 3 p.m. Oct, 4. Adults S, senior citizens and children under 12 free, Mixed media by Rashid Arshed, through Oct. 26. NJ.DESMNER CRAFTSMEN 65 Church St., New Brunswick (90S) Monday through Saturday from noon-6p.m, "Exploration and Discovery" of crafts, through Oct. 17. PRNCETON THEOLOGCAL Mackay Campus Center Princeton (609) Open to the public every day from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Wildlife paintings by David M. Redding, through Oct. 30. Reception from 4:30-5:30 p.m. The areas first Disney Animation Art Show, featuring original eels from Plnocchio, Snow White and other classics, will be hosted by the 7.C.T. Art Gallery in Metuchen Oct Oct. 1. PR1NTMAKJNQ COUNCL OF NEW JERSEY 440 River Rd., Branchburg (908) Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday from 1-4 p.m. Works from the Hunterdon Art Center, through Oct. 10. RUTGERS UNVERSTY Downtown Art» luwto< 125 New St., New Brunswick (908) Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Free admission, "HyGrkJ," multimedia show by Amy Breedlove, through Oct. 2. "Origins," multimedia show by Toni Thomas, through Oct. 9. Photographs of an El Salvador village by Steve Cagan, Oct 5-16, "Rites of Travel" by Shun Kit Wong, Oct. 12-Nov. 6. T.C.T. FNE ART OALURY 470 Main St., Metuchen (908) Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 10:30 a.m.-6 p.m.; Thursday and Friday from 10:30 a.m.-9 p.m. Animation drawings from Watt Disney features, Oct VSUAL ARTS LEAGUE Business nnovation Center 100 Jersey Ave., Building D-l New Brunswick (908) Open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a,m,-5 p.m. "Connections," multimedia exhibition, through Oct. 17. WALTERS HALL GALLERY Douflai! College Chapel Dr., New Brunswick (908) Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Ftee admission, Theater art by Alwin Nikolais and dance art by Murray Louis, through Oct. 16. WATCHUNG ARTS CENTER 18 Stirling Rd.. Wotchung (908) Sunday from 1-4 p.m. Also by appointment. Art of "Barns and Knolls," Oct Reception from 7-10 p.m. Oct. 4. American Heartwalk Training Tips By Vicky wyder Where to walk CaH (215) iix-p&i scries on ws/wnf for exercise befrtf run to conjunction wfth waterfront walkways, three walkway New York, N.Y. - features six the American Heart Association's tours. Call (212) Heartwafr. Ms. (tyrier is the Assistant Chief of Ptyikxl Therapy at off-road trails, four riverfront paths, Washington, D.C miles of Somerset McoYcaf Center. 450 public parks, three walking Walking doesnt have to be Just tours. CaN (202) O0. plain walking! Savannah, Qa connected t can be a lot of fun when coupled with a vacation n a fun place. bridgeway walk, 157 public parks, park square, riverfront path and There are several area parks that three walking tours. CaH (912) 944- have walking trails in them. These trails wi include trails that lead up Another way you can progress and down his as wek as throogh your walking program is to add jogging ( do not recommend jogging if the woods. Two enjoyable places where you can go walk are Pleasant you have never jogged before or Valley Park in Basking Ridge and have not been involved in an exercise program), Start gradually by Colonial Park n Franklin Township. During the summer, spring and fall, adding two to four minutes of jogging after 5-10 minutes of walking, you can pack a picnic lunch and make a family outing out of it. and alternate the two. Gradually ncrease the time of jogging and de- There are many cities that you can visit where you can walk to see crease the amount of walking until the sigtrts. Here are some of the cities in which you can plan a vacation and get your exercise at the you are jogging for a full minutes. Please keep in mind that same time: a fast paced walk is just as beneficial and doesn't have the increased Boston, Ma. - features six city risk of joint injury as jogging has. walks, 17 miles of waterfront walkways and three walking tours. Call (800) Philadelphia, Pa. - features 328 public parks, greenway footpath network and three walkway tours. Look for the Heartwalk registration form n the main section of your fortes Newspaper. To o6ta/n additional forms or for more ftiibrmat/on, caff (908) NEW BRUNSWCK S STATE THEATRE World of Cards & Comics Convention Saturday October 3rd Hillibwooflh Fin Company No. 2 Routt 11 E or W to Route % EiN South. Follow lo SomtfvtUt CifcU 1 lottow wound lo Rout* 2M S. Appfoilmclely S mh«i on th Admission $ ch WMiThtiAd Mini) For nfo, (906) DRACULA THE BALLET Choreographed by Stuart Sebastian Friday & Saturday - Oct. 30 & 31 8:00 pm "Mr. Sebastian's 'Dracula' is a serious thriller. A Dracula that draws blood..." The New York Times CAR WASH Gilt Certiiicale COUPONS AVALABLE 5 EXTEROR WASH VCR Service Center Repairs - All Makes/Models Cleaning and Maintenance Pick-up A Delivery Sorvice n-home Hook-up (908) WERCAN KtrtK UK.10 pin BOX OFFCE: ULTRA MODERN-BRUSHLESS. STATE OF THE ART EQUPMENT SELF SERVCE VACUUM SYSTEM AVALABLE LOCATED: Hwy, 27 Edison (At Highland Park/Edison Nut ( Hlif ttitlon O4A A H Aft Dally 6to6pm-Sun. 6 lo 6pm 0 1 «7 a V U 9 $4 21

46 Weekend Soundings ADS QWLTS0N0800K1992 Friday, Oct. 2,8 p.m. Richardson Auditorium, Princeton University (609) Collaboration of ADS poetry and music w/william Parker. Dantone, and William Huckaby, piano. Adults $15, students $2. ARCADA TRtO Wednesday. Oct, 14,8 p.m. Bishop Dougherty Student Center, Seton Hall University South Orange (201) Chamber music ensemble per forms works by Schubert, Copland, Beethoven, and Dvorak. Adults $8, senior citizens $4. MVD MfflOtSS! Saturday, Oct. 10, 8 p.m. Lenfell Hall, The Mansion Fairieigh Dickinson University Route 24, Madison (201) Classical guitarist performs m a cafe setting. Adults $22. senior citizens $16, students $15. CAFE VENNA Saturday. Oct. 37, 8j). m union Countv Arts Center 1601 rving St.. Rahway (908) Two tloo-wop sets from the 50s and early 60s Admission $20-$l r j, LEE ERW1N Saturday. Oct. 10, 8 p.m. Union County Arts Center 1601 rving St.. Hahway '908) Organist performs solo and in accompaniment with <j screening of the siie n.t-iilm classic Wi&nro/r o' tdv Opera. Admission $6. ESSEX BRASS QUNTET Sunday, Oct. 4 noon Leonard J. Buck Garden uiylon ftn For Hills i908l Ensemble performs traditional and "ne* age music. Free admission MCHAEL FENSTEN Sunrtiiv. Oct pm. State Theater 19 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick ;90Hi ALLEGRO \he Hebndes Overture by Mendelssohn, Bruch's Scoll/sfi fantasy; suites from Billy the Mfd bv Copland and T/ie Mitaaiious Mandarin by Uartok. Admrsyon $37-$10, discount available. TUESDAY NOONDAY CONCERTS Oct 6 and 13,12:15 p.m. Kifkpatnck Chape), Rutgers University Somerset St., New Brunswick (908) Featuring soloists and chamber musicians from the university, Free admission. ORGNAL MUSC FOR TUBA Monday, Oct. 5,8 p.m. Nicholas Music Center, Rutgers Arts Center George St.. New Brunswick ;90Bi Somewhat-dueling tubas perform works by Manny Albam, Ed Sauter, and other composers. Admission $11, discounts available. OUT OF THE BLUE Saturday, Oct. 3,8 p.m. Watchung Arts Center Ptono Concerto No. 1 in D minor, jnrj the overture to Berii-enuto Ctiilini by Berlioz. Adults $7. students $3. RGOLETTO Siiiurday, Oct. 3, 8 p.m. Stiite i heater >l'>3 Nrjrtlmmplon S. Elision, Pj. (215) ihe Verdi opera, sung in talian (with tngfish supertnles) by ihe cast ol Hie talian National Opera, Admission $25, $23. RVERSDE SYMPH0NA Saturday, Oct, 3, 8 p.m. St John the Evangelist Church 13 North Mam St. Dnibertville [215) Mendelssohn's Sympnony No. 4 m A major; Johann Hummel's Concerto in E flat; Rachmaninoff's VoM/'Sf 1 ; the overture to An luilmn u; Algw, by Rosstni. Admission $20-tlO. RUTGERS JAZ2 ENSEMBLE Friday, Oct, 9, 8 p.m. Nicholas Music Center, Rutgers Arts Center co St., Now Brunswick Saturday, Oct, 17, 8 p.m. < Lenfell Hall. The Mansion Fairleigh Dickinson University Cc'iHtsur and irierureter of.!irn)pf" tliiv '"K'w t;if'(.'s. Ac)- 18 Stirling Rd., Watering!908i Ok,tf;Mss band based m Ne-,% Linnd led Dy Micn,iel Mossm.i". Atl'TtisMOn $11, dis- Route 24, Madison 1201) Ongjnal opera Dy Richuro Pearson Thomas, performed semi-staged. Adults $22. senior citizens $16, students $15. CHAMBER SYMPHONY OF PRNCETON Sunday, Oct. 4, 3 p.m. Richardson Auditorium. Princeton University (609) Performing works ny J.S. Bach, Buet, John Cage, and Ui Barbara. Admission $22. $19: discounts available. CHANCEL CHOR Sunday, Oct. 4, 4 p.m. Reformed Church 23 South Second Ave. Highland Park (908) Southern gospel music sung by the church's choir. Donation. COMPOSERS ENSEMBLE AT PRNCETON Saturday, Oct. 3.8 p.m. Taplm Auditorium, Princeton University (609) Performing works by Alban Berg, Steven Mackey, and Bryan Rulon. Free admission DAVD CRAJGHEAD Tuesday, Oct. 13, 8 p.m. Princeton University Chapel (609) Organist pertorms worvs ny Mendelssohn, Louis Vterne. and William Albright. Adults $10. students $2. DVERSTY! Sunday, Oct. 11, 2:30 p,m Richardson Auditonum. Princeton University (609) Eight choirs celebrating religion in American life. Admission $15. FRSTAVENUE Uoncwv.Oct. 12, 8 pi',. 1 (30'Ji 2'.) NUJN. 1 Atjtio'-i d VJCuuui" O! SK)fl FOOTNOTES JAMBOREE.i;. Oct P m ' Auditorium Princeton Universiry 1 '01)91 2 c i8-5ooo h,lk sonp, haotenannv w/the Princeton f-oolnotes and others. Adults $8. senior citizens and students 1G. RUTHE FOSTER SdUint.iv, Oct, 17. Bp.m. WatChung Arts Center 18 Slulinp, Rd., Watchunj! (908) Blues singer performs in a gallery setting Adults SB. LAURA GEORGE/ BETH ROBNSON Sunday, Oct. 18, 7 p.m. Governor Moms Hotel 2 Whipn,iny Hd., Momstown ( Flautist and pianist perform Greens/ewes, a Fantasy on Japanese hoik Mus/c, and works by Ravel and Bach. Admission $12 m advance, $15 at the door. VNCE GORDANO & THE NGHTHAWKS Sunday, Oct 4, 4 p.m. N J. Center for ViSUiil Arts (ih tl'ii St.. Summit j'.jndiiy O(t p.rn Heniiissiiiiie fjcotcfi 't.nns ScrCiety bandleader and tus ensemwe Admission JlG. r >0 in Summit, $35 (w/dinnpr) m Scotch f'l<nns ANNEACKLEYQRAV/ Singer-songwriter Bernice Lewis, a finalist in the celebrated Kerryville (Texas) Folk Festival's New Folk Division, will appear at Horizons Coffee Mouse in Franklin Park on Friday, Oct. 2. Tickets are $6 ($2 for children under 12) or $5 with a donation of nonpershable food goods to the Franklin Township Food Bank. Other upcoming shows in the Horizons series include John Sonntag and Wendy Beckerman with Jim Albertson on Nov. 6 and Steve Key with Joe Giocoia on Dec. 4. For nformation, call (908) Sunday, Oct. 18, 4 p.m. Westminster Choir College 101 Walnut Une, Princeton 1609) Soprano and tenor smg works by Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, and foster. Adults $10. senior citizens and students $8, FEEL A SONG COMNG ON Saturday. Oct. 10, 8 p.m. State Theater 19 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (908) "Songs co'wntten by Dorothy fields, sung by Leslie Upjgams w/members of the NJ. Symphony Orchestra. Admission $ JENNFER LARMORE Sunday Oct. <1, A p.m. Westminster Choir College 101 Walnut U«ie, (Vintetot; (& G63 MeHo-SOOWa smp.s work-, by Ht'indel. Gounod, f.itm?, ;irnl Hossmi. Adults $10. senior uli' «>ns and students 18. KRWCE LEWS t-r»ddy. Oct 2. B ]fi (908) Folk sinjjim pertorms in a coffft'tiousc st'tttrir w/diivid KJeiner and U; Pagan. Adults $5 w/n food donation, $6 without; children under 12 $2. LNCOLN CENTER JAZZ ORCHESTRA Tuesday, Oct. 13, 8 p.m. MtCarter Theater 91 University P., Princeton (609) "Duke Ellington classics performed by a Wynton Marsalisted orchestra. Admission $35- $25. AL MART1NO Sunday, Oct. 11, 7 p.m. State Theater 453 Northampton St. Eii'.Um, Pa. i215l Baiiadecf best known for 'Spanish Eyes" and "Alia porte (it'l sol flo the Door of the Sun)" Admission $28, $26. DON MESSNA TRO Sunday, Oct. 11, 3 p.m. Tewkslwfy area (908) , living-room 5(ftttnf> (location given jt time of purchase). Adults $15, senior citiicns and students $7.50. NEW BRUNSWCK CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Sunday, Oct. 18,3 p.m. United Methodist Church George St., New Bmnswck (609) Slnnj; ensemble perfoims works by Dvorak, Mozart, and Uafoer. Adolls $10, senior citizen r. and students $0. NJ, CHAMBER MUSC SOCETY Sunday, Oct p.m. Church of St. John on the Mountain 379 Mount Harmony Rd. Oeriuirdsville (908) Quintet performs works by Haydn, Beethoven, and other composers. Adults $10, students $5 NJ, SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Fnday, Oct. 2, H p.m. War Memorial, Trenton Sdlurday, Oct. 3, 8 p.m. Stale Theater, Now Brunswick Sunday, Oct. 4, 3 p.m. ji.'rsc. Jfiii lilmrljy Now York. JASON POSNOCK/ JUNGEUN CAFARO Suntl.iy, Oct. 11^3 p.m. Tjpiri Auditorium, Princeton University (609) Violinist and pianist perform workb by Mo/art, Brahms, Dvorak, ontl Debussy. Free admission, FRANK PATTERSON Sunday, Oct, B, 3:45 p.m. Our Lady of Sorrows Church 217 Prospect St. South Orange (201) rtsfi tenor performs in j "peace and joy" concert. Admission $20. PHLHARMONC ORCHESTRA OF NEW JERSEY Saturday. Oct. 3,8 p.m. Theater at Raman Valley Community College Route 28, Branchburg (908) Dvorak's Cetlo Concerto, the Romanian Rhapsody by Enescu; Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky. Admission $10. PLANFELO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Saturday. Oct. 10,8 p.m. Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church 716WatchungA».. Plamfald (908) Faure's Requiem, with the Choral Art Society of NJ.; Beethoven's Symphony No 4 Adults $17, $12; senior citizens arid students $8. PRNCETON UNVERSTY ORCHESTRA Oct. lgcincj 17,8 pin. Ricfurdson Auditorium, Princeton University (609) 2&8-5OOO World premiere of Somni/ocjuy RUTGERS UNVERSTY ORCHESTRA iiund.iy, Oct p.m. NK.H(] J? Mushc Center. Rutfltis Art 1, Center George St., Now Brunswick i908) Schuriunn'fi Cello Concerto; Beethoven's Symphony No. 7; trie overture to 7'ie Marriage of hn<ifi) by Mo/iiit. Adrnisston $11. discounts available. ARNOLD STENHAROT/ LYDAARTYMW fhursdiiy, Oct 1, 8 p.m. Richardson Auditorium, 'tiirceton Umvcrsity (609) Violinist and pianist perform sonatas Dy 3eetnoven, Brahms, and Strauss. Adults $18, stuilents $2. TRADTONAL MU5CFEST Saturday, Oct. 17,8 p.m. Theater at Rantan Valley Community College Route 28, Branchburg (908) Featuring The Seldom Scene (tiluegrass), Point Cross (traditional songs), and Natalie Mac- Miistor (Cape Bieton music). Admission $15. THE TRUE STORY OF CNDERELLA Saturday. Oct 17,8 p.m. Summit High School 125 Kent Place Blvd. Summit (908) Comic operetta, written by Warren Martin and narrated by former Gov Thomas Mean. Admiswn $20, TY WOODWARD Sunday. Oct 11, 3 p.m. Memonal John Fitch Pla;a, Trenton (609) Organist pertorms pop selections on (he theater's concert THE EAM/THE PASSONS THOMAS FARACCO Su Mile Run Reformed Chutch Ja«ensemble performs in a Symphony Hall, Newark by Su Lion an; also organ. Admission $8-$5. 22 '(-orfies Newspapers Sept. 30 Oct. 2, 1992

47 Hometown hospitality Both local diners and hotel guests love Alexander's By MCK) PULSNELU Culinary Comspondent N N G AfeUMrttr't at the. Holiday nn in Somerset is different than other hotel restaurants, To be sure, the restaurant fits the description of most hotel eateries - beautiful setting, plush surroundings, lots of glass and brass, and the usual accommodating service. But Alexander's offers more. First of all, the dining room isn't as large as most. Not only that, the atmosphere is warm, not that aloofness common with large chains, Also, the prices are reasonable. There are no $20-30 entree selections. After speaking with manager Jorge Vicente realized this was by design. He wants to attract customers from the arcn. 1 asked if most of his patrons were hotel guests and he said no. During his busy buffet lunch most of his clients are from area businesses. And at night, dinner guest are not necessarily hotel guest, either. t's this friendly, relaxed atmosphere, that sets Alexander's apart from other hotel restaurants. And, of course, the prices. The menu is mostly American, but there is n variety of choices in pasta, seafood and meat. There are six choices of soups and appetizers ($2.25 to $8.95 for a jumbo shrimp cocktaili. Von can order something traditional such as French onion soup ($2.95) or something unusual like baked brie in phyllo <$fi.flf». Salads (five in all, from $5.95 to $8.1)5 for a blackened scallop salad) include a chef salad, smoked chicken Caesar, spinach or the salad bar a la carte ($6.95). The.salad bar is included with all entrees. Pasta choices (four selections from $ (3.95) are very creative. There is lobster and emb stuffed ravioli served over a light shallot dill cream sauce with roasted H1 peppers ($15.95). Other choices include spinach and angel hair pasta with jumbo shrimp in a champagne cream sauce ($16.95), lasagna ($11.95) and black pepper fetlueeme pnmaveni ($12.95) with broccoli, red peppers, carrots, mushrooms, garlic Koiiu>nu cheese and virgin olive oil. There is a nice selections of entires. Seafood choices include salmon or swordtish (SlOiii, maln-mnlii or tilapia ($lf».ilf)i and blackened Finn da grouper ($17.95). All seafood entrees include the salad bar. fresh vegetables and nee There are three poultry selection:., including willed leiiilerle-m u!' turkey ($lh,!hii nr lemon chicken "Sl-Miai Me.i' entiw are prune nt, ($15,95), filet mmnii!i erklfl.v N'-w York strip steal; C?7!1;K center nit pork chops ($M9;j'and medallion; o (three in nil) include l-'inp-nnii'-i.:;];'!.: f.i. \Vci!i; ($15.95;. All poultry entrees include the,- ilacj har tm'>h ve.yiahk,md He suhslitule a haked potato' i<>r tt! ocktail for myseli'i^j.ilai. and a while the meat,\\\i\ \eai :elerlniih Our starters included a shrimp i LNDA D. EPSTEN/WEEKENOPLUS Fine dining and an elegant setting is just around the corner at Alexander's Restaurant, which is located at the Holiday nn in Somerset. venison ( >lti!';"> \'e;i! cello );e and of chicken vegetable soup for my husband ($2,25). The four shrimp in my cocktail were the large Gulf variety, served with a zesty cocktail sauce. My husband's lx>wl of soup was tilled with vegetables and served in a hearty stock. This is usually a g(xxl sign, because when the soup is delicious, the rest of the meal will be too. Our salads came from the salad bar. We selected mixed greens, raw vegetables and a dressing. We try not to over-indulge at salad bars. For his entree selection, my husband had the nightly special, Veal Alexander ($14.9:1) which was medallions of veal sauteed with spinach, topped with ncotta and mozzarclla and served over a bed of spinach pasta. He said it tasted as good as it sounds. The veal was tender, the ncotta fresh and the spinach a nice compliment to the two cheeses. 'm on a new diet, so 'm watching my fut content. 1 ordered the salmon, broiled with lemon and a light cucumber sauce ($1(1.95). made two requests of the kitchen - wanted to make sure that the salmon wasn't cooked with butter and asked to substitute a baked potato (withmit a lopping) for the nee. They accommodated me nicely, Tin 1 salmon was crisp on the outside but moist inside, t not only tasted i;nod, it was also good for my diet i.> well. Accnmpanymti both our meals were fresh vegetables of earn its and sliced zucchini. pas-vd on desserts but my husband had the Snickers Rar pie. a rich.selection i if chocolate, caramel and nuts im.f>(li. Other selections include a derby pie decadence, carrot cake, an assortment of cheese and choenlate cakes for Mass t wa.i a thoroughly enjoyable evenmi; of fine fnod, >w\\\\ with a and.ill!,:"t\ llap and a! alwlahle prices. Mr Vieente is on tin- right track hme! r<mauran1:- eni ll' 1 [Mipulalh H ; kim (MM him if they are interested Alexander's at the Holiilin nn 1'F-i DJ.K:^. A.e., Somoisi 1!. ' C X)8' V. This column is meant to inform readers atout dining opportunities in the area. t is not a review. Side orders Bound Brook nn, Bound Brook. Look for the special celebration for their one year anniversary, Now appearing on piano, Gabneiia Mandni. (908) * * Bho*Ouiif Kendall Psrk. Back by popular request is Paul Surttup. Also appearing, Jim Gafflgan, Plus, special surprise guest Ask about Friday njfrt discount tickets. (906) 422- U17. * t * top be found at Tin Bsnji on the waterfront Oontflonjst the bmlriess parson's lunch lor $5JO. (906) # ChojOftf Bound Brook. An* nrversary Special - introdocin new 16 oi steak for (7.95. Thursday there's a special Mds menu $1.99. Starting to October, to entertainrnent; Joe Rooco and legacy. ( * * * * PataiHo, Bound Brook. Entertainment Friday and Saturday for the month of October Art and Willie. (908) or 356- VHa Mtneont, South Plainflek), Every Friday ni#n, starting at 8 p.m., Richie at piano and Bobby as MC invite you to Open Mike-Talent Night. Come sing along! (908) , * * Coachman, Cranforti. Dinner for two available everyday (except holidays). Special $25, includes soup, salad, choice of entree, dessert and coffee. Now appearing in the Lounge: Rickshaw, (908) * * # Wang's Kitchen, Franklin Park, Fourth Anniversary Celebration! Live lobster any style $9.95. Mongolian Barbecue, salad bar and soup. (908) or Micki Pulsinelli y Speakers WYE J. ALLANBROOK Friiliiy, Oct. 9, 4 Woolworth Conier, HKJM 1H> Princeton Umwisity (609) "College professor discusses "Topical Play' in U»c Mnui; quartets of Mo/.irt hcimd mission. THE ART MUSEUM Princeton University (509) H Gallury talks fntlity iu 12:3J p.m. Sunday at 3 p.m. M'llii' Hjrford on piiititef Ani;clic,] i^ujffmarvi, Get 2, 'V J.KKC Meiscl on Ad Heifihardt iiftd h,ink Stella, Oct. 9. Jill Snytier on Act Heinhordt - ii'id StOlU. Od. 11. Annette Mt'ilf iirniln on nrjijfi ni) wls frurn tlio Northwest, Od. l'i, 1H, DEAD SEA SCROliS L 1 Sfiokim 81b (908) Lecture series about tin? 40 years of research tnto the scrolls. All programs ot 10:30 n,m. Ret* admission Dr. Devorah Dimant or. the Jewish perspective. Oct. 11 Dr. James H. Cliarlesworth on the Ctiftstian [*rs(icclive, Oct. 18. Dialogue w/dr. Dimant and Oi CMjfiesworti), Uit.' JESSE ANN OWENS Fndjy, Get 10, «1 n T Wuolwort" Center. Hooni 110 Princeton University (609) CoNeg,o professo' brings up new evideni:o for the compostionnl proo.'ss i" lleiwiwnna 1 music. hi'u admission SHAKESPEARE THEN AND NOW S.iturcl,iy. Oct. 24, 9:30 a.m. Dickinson University Student Cenier, Madison (201) Co'ioijuium on ihejtei history, featuring Dr. Maurice Ctiarney from Rutgers University. Free admission; registration roquired. Kid stuff THE ART MUSEUM Princeton University Gallery talks lof childien 6-9 years old. Satins at U a.m. Children under 7 must be accompanied by d'i..idult Free admission NEW KD Saturday. Oct. 10, 10 tur George S!fPP! f'(,utioi,s(.' 9 Uvingston *V" ri«r. to m Anit'fiCan SOLion; includes ety. THE SORCERER'S APPRENTCE Sunday, Oct. B, 1, 3:30, and 6 p.m. hditor at Valley ConiniLiiiit\ College Noute 28, Hr Plus otfer storicb told with music by Lindii & Company, Admission $6. Sept. 30 Oct. 2, 1992

48 ',:, L r j,.'! '. : ; :,.,., '.... ' : - K ' ' ^MlSlilil m BOBBY & MARYS 318 William St., Piscataway WEEKEND DNNER SPECALS Stuffed EQQplsnt teipii $mmm X' v -.i' A J - C-1L' \"'r 1^'. -.V...-.,. ' - \ s.-,.,.'.!. NTERESTNG ^ S:&M^M% mnm :1 turns 11-2 PH An Extensive Array Of Foods Buffet Style, From Salad & Fruits, Fresh Cinnamon Rolls & Assortment of Desserts To Hot Casserole Dishes, You Can Create Your Own Omelette, And Enjoy The Carved Meats, Or Dig nto A Fresh Belgian Waffle Made Before Your Eyes, Adults $10.95 Citizens $8.95 Children $4.95 (4-12yrs) Under 3 Years FREB 708 Mountain Blvd. Watchung 908\ : X;i- NEW LUNCH MENU. jrne Route202 (AtTheBUnlKr) Bedmirottr 908*2)4*1596."^mm ms. iv-^.lj rn^^v^m mm Wm^m '«W>. MM mwtw&m^-m'm? ;;; '*?<': ^U^JL'^V : '.' ; %M$M mmmk : "T;-.w\ i v>.',-; *:.;>, * iisv W&rWm :*&&-is Continental German-American Cuisine "The Stamm Family is at your service" OPEN FOR LUNCHEON, COCKTALS, DNNER, SUPPER On the North Shore of the Uke 141 StetllH tool. WttchMf. Ntw Jcitcy 9344 % mm m i-*.^:-'\-;; m CRANFORD NJ.'S OWN BG APPLE NOW APPARNO N OUR LOUNGE "DAYBREAK" COMNG NEXT WEEK "MRAGE" Wedding* Showers Dinners Persona Available very Day! Except HoiWayi Special ncludes: soup, salad, choice of any entree, dessert, coffee. grat. not incl. Call (908) At Parkway Exit 136 Cranford vv<:?,.:.<.; : < >{! Kids Mondiy thru Fridjv BREAKFAST SPECAL 6 am im ifld. 2 Em, Home Fries, TOM, Jelk Juice & Coffre SM Newly Remodeled Restaurant/Diner Senior Citizens Special FULL COURSE DNNERS starting at $6.50 Come and Celebrate With Us Starting October 1 thru October Uth Grand Re-Opening Special From am to 9:30 pm COMPLETE DNNER (incl. Soup, Salad, Ptuaio, Vegetable, Dessert and Beverage^ COMPLMENTARY (Any Dessert from our Pie Case plus Beverage) Broiled Chicken Breait KE-BOB $8.95 Prime Rib of Beef $9.50 Biuiied Filet of Sole S8.95 All Chicken Breast Sauted $8.25 plus much much!! MORE FULL DET MENU AVALABLE NON-FAT YOGURT & CAPPCNO/EXPRESSO etc. 309 North Avenue, Weslfleld Open 7 Days A Week EAT FREE Monday thru Thursday All Day - All Night Choice of one FREE item from our Kids' Stuff Menu with each purchase of one large Stromboli or Pizza *Not valid with lake out or any other promotion. Children under 12. r A Good Times Restaurant a 49 Easton Avenue Brunswick, Brunswick, ^ z*t<4w^ Sopt 30-Oct. 2,1992

49 Marilyn Comwck Why The Heck s He Giving Me A Cork? You've ordered a bottle of wine with dinner at a restaurant. The server s going through the ritual of opening the bottle at the table. The cork s removed and handed to you. What are you supposed to do with «? Sniff H7 Feel t? Pass it around the table? Many people know consider this an outmoded custom stemming from when cork quality was very ffy, and seldom give the cork a glance. 'm not a cork compulsive, but there are a tew simple things that a cork can tell you about the bottle you are about to drink that can be nteresting. First, look at whether the cork is wet. How tar up the cork has the wine permeated the cork? (This is seen moro dramatically with red wines). This can tell you if the wine has been stored properly; on its side so that the wine is in contact with the cork continually. A wet cork will maintain its ability to seal a wine from air far better than a dry cork. A dry, crumbly cork could mean that oxidation has occured. This would produce off flavors in tho wine. Does the cork have little, glittery specks on it that looks like sugar? These are lovingly called "wine Diamonds" by the industry and are really a good sign. They are caused by sedimentation of certain wino acids, most often occuring whon a bottle has experienced cold, and are very harmless. Tho winemaker chose not to put the wine through a process called "cold stabilization" which would make theso spocks (all out before bottling, and would require an extra filtering of the wine. Each time you filter a wine, you run the risk of losing somo ot tho flavors or aromas. f tho wine was perfect, why put it through another process? Smelling a cork roally won't givo you a good indication of what tho wino is like, unless tho cork is falling apart tn your hands and smells very bad. Obviously, thon you can look for problems in tho wine Wino Educator, Alan Young, had a wonderful way of dealing with being handed a cork: hod stick it in his ear and say, "Sounds groat! Pour it!", Enjoy! Sponsored by \NG TCN Wine & qum FRANKLN TOWNE CENTER (next to FO0DT0WN) HT Highway 27 Fnnklln Par*, m Dance tc the Scund cf cur Live land* Cvtry Friday Night Oct. 2nd Bud Beavers & Elaine Oct. 9th Jim Hoffman COftCE ET HDDOCK (908) lunch Dinner Cocktails Banquets Parties for AJ Occasions Rt. 78 (Exit 12) 4 miles West of Clinton Ballroom Dancing coming S«pt. 19th. Call for dotalltl 42 Wutlity Saeclelelhn CHOPPED STEAK DNNER $599 Cannot bd us«d with othui (liscounlh fttx not inclutlwl lot any (Mity si/u COU K> yootl PORDCROSA EXPRATON 10/16/92 humnl FREE Sundae Bar ncluded with Every Meal RBEYE DNNER Hilmyu, chonuulfwldlo. uui AYiMiCaiiUittCittlMd But lut (Hill bliliil.h, 1 l«l (luswll tui (ibccl wilh otlmi td«not ntd (jowl KH diiy PONDEROSA 10/16/92 FLEMNGTON Roule31& Church Slreel, ill (mtimtu GRAND BUFFET $ Mon-Frl lilt lillti's ti v.llllll/ t)l lurt vn< <jlitlhits msti (tint l.isly iirnl SUHMU W lll'i lie H<HH wilh (ilticr l,u hoi AlMTtWHNl PONDEROSA EXPRATON 10/16/92 SOMERSET 922 Eoslon Avenue PONDEROSA ResUunnt Wky o Mjwktrt iciptioul Lunch Buffet $6.95 Wtd., Thuri., Friday SKurday f2? FREE '3.00 OFF i ito^ttlwlmirmbt toiv******* a^aai a^ai a^^^m AaM flfea^al kav ^ali Caa^^aa a^mfl At206$ouMirtw timm^%^m*mftw: ffi» Avenue Morrtotwn (201) OFF PurcHm of combined with my othef o% KDNWDD ESTAURAN AT tasknci KM>(.l COHNTrtY Cl.i'U Anh'nmn ctinfii'to hw{ft yimr fkiluli'litkl u Counliy Ctuh si'itin^ to Serein?Lunik PUHT,ftmdqyhmnch l\itio Ptnuti* in mwm. ftenmtiom JA«(P nuwunauktt. 10/15/92 NU-CREATtONS Sept. 30-Oct. 2,

50 ^.r : >:'/;::y : S;>'fj^ Guide [BOOK YOUR HOLDAY PARTES NOW! ' QREENHOUSE RESTAURANT ENTERTANMENT FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER Friday & Saturday Nlghtt ART & WLLE 4 Room Avatoblt toryour Bmqutt Natdi Widdinoi Showwi Anpfvtntry Piriitl i r wiy1im8ffcial8twed.mt5.7wi 1 NORTH VOSSELER AVEOUNDROOK <: : :< We've Brought Back 1982 Prices On Our Baby Back Ribs! Rt Valid Monday Thursday 54pm Only Cannot Be Combined With Any Coupon or tn House Specials Offer Good Thru October 31, Soulh WMhnflton Avenue, PlscMMwy A Piece of Mexico in the Heart of Metuchen Restaurants Caterers Forbes Newspapers 3376 Route 27 Kendall Park PRESENTS NEW YORK COMEDY Back by Popular Request Paul Suntup Alto Apf»*ring Jim Gaff/gan plus special tuprlf guttt 7 Buy One Comedy Show Admission At Regular \ Price Get The Second SHO\Xn- ME S FRDAY & SATURDAY 10PM Produced By Patrick Gflynor Entertainment R«erv;itloni Suggcited, Umltcd Scaling m OUR 1st YEAR ANNVERSARY SUNDAY BRUNCH 10:00 AM-3:00 PM MHKHBS EX1DEL1 ' HOMEMADE MEXCAN FOOD Ever Popular TACOS Ql CARBON HALF PRCE MENU TEM 400 KAN ST. METUCHEN wiwn you purchase i menu [NEXT TO TOE TWN STATON) item 0 Equal or Greater Value MON,SAT.7AH.iePM SATURDAYS UP T VALUE.J AST LUNCH fi DNNl H MnO HHS TU Y Rf GRFAT 1 >rs Comedy Night 8:30 p.m. Night Football $1.00 Draft Bud & Lite Free Buffet irc MUNCPAL PARKNG ONE BLOCK AT SOMERSET & RACE STREET Rt 202/206 Brldgewater «iiri«iani 26 Forbes Newspapers Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 1092

51 -, ' ' : &, DNNER SPECALS Tues:Pf!meflib. $195 Fish & Chips Dinner. $6,95 Wed: Mexican Pizza (appetuer) $4.25 Delmonico Steak $8.95 Twin Lobster Tails $10.95 Thurs: Buckets of Steamers (appetizer) $ 4,25 Captain's Combo $10.95 Lobster Tails & Prime Rib $15.95 Fri & Mexican Pizza (appeiizer)..$4.25 Sat: Bucket olsleamefs(appy) $4,25 Al. King Crab Legs & PfimeRib $15,95 Brotled Swordftsh $12,95 Corner of Grove & Main St., Somerville PRODUCE Broccoli 69*.bunch Bananaa 25* OAK TREE FOODS Farm Fresh Country Market ib. All Natural Jiney Rtd Dtllcioui Applti 29' b Biby Sugar Pumpklm 99' ea. MEATS U.S.DA Cholet BontlMi Sirloin Steak JO49 O i b. Flltt Mlgnon (7-9 b. avg.) CuttomCut b, Frtih V* Chicken Ugi 39*, (5 lbs. or more) Try our Homemade SpecfiftJu: tilian Siusage, (Hot or Swnt, Meaf/oif. Pinwhtel Steaks 4 More.' SALE RUNS THURS.-SUNDAY /4 We Now Accept Visa MasterCard & Discover Cards DEL Boafi Head Bologna $999 m ib. (by thi pound) Dormin'i Yetlow/WMe American Cht»«$299 b (by the pound) Our own homamsdi Chlcktn Soup 10 OZ. CUp 99' free with my Sub (V2 or Whole) Ho/remade Stew, Chill 4 Oritnttl Dishes "4 Up ATTENTON RESTAURANTS, GROUPS & CATERERS: We tell wholesale meats, produce & deli at 5% over cost lor orders called ahead & picked up. Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-6, Sat, 8-6, Sun. e-2 p,. Located on Oak Tree Road /QAQ\ 7CC OCfiO M?A Next to Drug Fair across from (WO) 755'ODDJ gladlyaccepted Post Office n So. Plalnfield & RESTAURANT OPEN DALY 11AM \CHECK OUT OUR STUDENT DSCOUNTS] LOBSTER FEST % b. Lobster $ PRME RB w/potato, Salad and Bread cim $ 6 9S FREE 1 2 Time Outlet WhmMpigNome k Bacon sritenough. > " j,'#* :00 "ao-b'-ao 30-9:30 75* CLOCK 10:00-1V.O Close BkdOucfcfli >;? Drafts Long Wive MUSC These days, bringing home the bacon leaves little time for cooking. 80 after work tomorrow, bring home a bucket of Roy's hot ami delicious fried chicken. Let Roy's cater your next affair - Call for Special Prices! t2ki5sl2 FREE!* $ 6-9»fi! $ 2 oo /»3 o off 8 P 9C «Chick.n l6/2o Pltc«,253 FRENCH ST. (RT. 27) (908) , (Right On Tho Now Brunswick H Somorsol Border) Rt, 22 East, North Pialnfield 325 Tcnill Rd. ( Scotch Plains Rt. 22, SomervlHc Rt. 31, Remington frs* 1 ' > : «Sept. 30-0ct Kortws Nev\sfiapors

52 ' *.. : \ - v, w3^ -:;: ; ; ;,;;S f?:^ : : p m\ ^ A>. u?, RESTAURANT 69 Main Street Lebanon Casual Country Setting featuring \ talian-american Cuisine Thursday Night ' LOBSTERFEST *9" Sunday BRUNCH MO" ' ALL YOU CAN EATM (908) : Exfl 20A oft Rt, 78! : 2 8OCK3 from Rt. 22 Optn TuM.-Thun. i 11:30-9:30 Friday till 10 Saturday 4-10 p.m. Sufldiy 10:30-2:00 p.m. C Sunday Dlmtr 4-1 p.m. [Forbes Newspapers is your entree to restaurant-goers r O'Connor's So Many Ways To Make You Happy MONDAY NEW YORK STRP $095 TUESDAY PRME RB $ 8 95 WEDNESDAY BONELESS NEW YORK & SCAMP *13«THURSDAY PRME RD W 5 FRDAY PRME RB $ w/stuffed SHRMP SUNDAY SENOR PRME RB from 12:OO-5pm SUNDAY All YOU CAN EAT BRUNCH RUTURNS 112 PM N A HURRY' Try our super unliniilcri soup, salad k saiulwich mlfci Moii.-l : ri. 11:30 A,M,l:30VM. lluikl your own siimiwicli rom a selection of rcsli deli meats, cheeses a ml condiments while you make your own salad and enjoy ;i cup of our freshly made soup of the day. tor only KDS' Children 12 A under order FREE from children's menu Tucs, & Thurs. (one per adult entree) Fridays at 9:00pm Call for reservations! RSTORANTC >< -COUPON Ml \(\\)\\ Couples Nile!!! -14 ( Ol 'll 10 HNM'R. i, i n i l. r - i ' K M t i i Ml i n l u n t R: Hoserviilions Sugtjostod FRDAY NTE 6 PM-9 PM TALK OF THE TOWN 'GRAND BUFFET" RCHE AT PANO EVERY FRDAY NQHT Starting At 8:00 Rlchl* at PUno Bobby "MC NVTE YOU TO "OPEN MKE - TALENT NTE' * Hamilton Blvd., So. Plainfleld (Off Rt. 287) HEW oz. STEAK OZ. STEAK LATE NGHT at CHEERS JOE ROCCO FRDAYSH OCTOBER STEAKHOUSE 426 E. Main St., Bound Brook, Additional Parking Courtesy Archie's Men's Shop Open 7 Days Banquet Rooms HE WEEK at CHEERS NON. - All Dayfit night All Ladles Drinks 1/2 Price TOES. - T-Shirt Night 1st 25 People Receive A Free T-Shlrt WED. - Karaoke Sing-A-Long, Prizes & 1/2 Price Drinks 9pm-Closing 111URS - Special Kids Menu, $1.99 FR. - Live Entertainment, Mo Cover SAT. - $ /2 b. Lobster Special SUN. * Special Kids Menu, $ Weekend S Newspaper; Sept. 30-Oct..', 1992

53 ONBLS NfWSPAPERS-UNlON COUNY DON-StPTLMBER 1992 : iit'itj. M W ;* ] :l fl,' :>-' S8 is0 mm t'tzm : in '

54 U2/0d A Forbes Newspapers Supplement 2SYRS, FAMLY RUN R. Sagar R. Tudor Roofing, Carpentry, Siding Seamless Gutters Fully nsured Free Estimates or LAV1T0L PANTNG FME EST! FULLY NS. Ext...nt. Ultimate in prep & workmanship. We specialize n installing vinyl, replace windows We also do general carp./homa improv./(oohng T6T TLE Remodeling Bathrooms Kitchen Floors U Foyers Repairs f Regrouting Call Glen Troiky MAKE YOUR HOUSE A HOME MKE'S PAPERHANGNG WORK ALL TYPES OF MASONRY REPARS NO JOB TOO SMALL! All. WORK GUARANTEED D. cfffccmo Reasonable Rates Quality Work OUVERANOKMni mm Orfcmm fttifoalto BtUum Bloch Curtww RiftMdTlM ALL TYPES MASONRY Basement Waterproofing Quality Wort - Rtaionabit Ritti 35 WS. EXPERENCE CHETP08PECK JK'S WALLCOVERNG NSTALLATONS nterior Painting Quality Workmanship Call J M PETER RCHTER & SON Roofing - Siding - Carpentry Gutters & Leaders Fully nsured Free Estimates 30 VflS, EXPERENCE MASONRY ALL TYPES OF MASONRY Fully nsund HeasmaNe Hales 36 YRS. EXPERENCE =A.APrEZZATO= *8204 CHAEL M MASON ADDTONS RENOVATONS TOTAL HOME MPROVEMENT DECKS t KTCHENS BATHS FUUVNSUfllO FME ESTMATES 1 '., '.V"i-V^' '? '*>'' 'X -- T & T LANDSCAPNG TNchlng, Sttdlng, Ntw Shrubs, PlanU, Mukh, Firtlllnr 27 YEARS EXPERENCE JOHN MacNAMARA PANTNG nfrtot Piloting t *j/fp#pifing Frtt itimaltt Fully niurid RMOnumrritd by lnt«rtor Dtcorilori TN'S?UMM\ nterior,,exterior Vary Neat. References Available. Free Estimates t Fulty nsured CALL TODAY! 908-7M-78S3 NO JOB TOO SMALL! CALL NANCY 276-/549 A 0000 HANO COMPANY nterior Exterior Residential and Commercial Wallpapering e Painting Power Washing Call Fred or

55 Oct-1, 1992/U3 *?.' NDEX Cover Photo by Rob Paine Area painter Bob Steinman does some touch-up work on a house n Raritan, STAFF Cheryl Fenske Chief Copy Editor Christine Retz Ellen Felicetta Contributing Writers Nancy Lengyel Barry Rumple Graphic Artists Rob Paine Director of Photography OUTSDE Working with nature Fenced in n the swim The right tools Up on the roof Outside color Ready for winter NSDE A new look 16 Are you covered? 19 Covering the cost 19 Light up your life 20 Fashionable appliances 21 Decorate with style PSE&G Forbes Newspapers, A Division of Forbes nc. (908) To Subscribe Call Charles A. Lyons President and Publisher Kathleen Lanini Vice President Editorial Jim Hayden Vice President Marketing Roger S. Silvey Vice President Operations illie M. Davis Controller George Gannon Circulation Director 99* 64SF*r./$125 U N K M M Squirt Grid -hiding design 10% nois«reducing Ftrertlardmt Acoustical DwnenswrtaWy dn.iia7?h Beautiful Ceilings Wide Assortment Fantastic Prices on These Tiles and Panels DECORATE AND SAVE SALE ENDS SAT.,0a. 17 HURRY N HOW! 2x2 $105 dn. size sq. ft 48 SF reg $1.25 nsloll a foikionoble suspended ceiling with Armjlrong'i color matched grid-d blends into ihe overall ceiling design Of use Armstrong'} mirror ond bran grid to odd o decorative flair to the ceiling. mstrong, 64SF ron.$i.oo nstall only with Armsliong cofoi-nijithed or iccctt gnt] BULDERS'GENERAL SUPPLY COMPANV 336 CENTENNAL AVE. (90S) NMAN AVE. (908)

56 U4/0ct. 1,1992 OMEMPRO A Forbes Newspapers Supplement Fall garden cleanup is a breeze with labor-saving devices y CHMSTMEREVZ SPECAL CORRESPONDENT don't know about you, but! have always loved autumn. My sentiments echo those of Humbert Wolfe who wrote in his 1926 poem, Autumn, "Listen! the wind is rising/and the air is wild with leaves/ We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!" Nothing like watching the beautiful, crisp leaves rustle against the windowpane. But all too soon they wither and die and need to be picked up, one way or the other. Then don't like autumn anymore. But am glad to say that many contemporary products make this otherwise irksome chore easier. Somerset Lawn & Garden, Route 28 and West End Avenue, Raritan, carries the new, popular Troy-Bilt chipper-vac. This product vacuums and shreds the leaves in plenty of time for me to catch the Rutgers game. Doug Stiles, owner of Somerset Lawn & Garden, notes that this piece of equipment also shreds other lawn debris such as small sticks and garden prunings. Mr. Stiles estimates that the Troy-Bilt machine reduces debris by an 8-1 ratio. Well known for its outstanding service and good values, Somerset Lawn & Garden also stocks a full range of Snapper and Cub-Cadet products, as well as the Troy-Bilt line. A few years ago had a nice crop of spring bulbs, brought about by industrious fall planting. Then LFE came along, and wasn't able to devote the same amount of time to the garden. But this year, t GEORGE PACCEUO/FORBES NEWSPAPERS am determined not to let it get Robinson & Son owner Ed Roblnion stsnds amid some of the plants he sells at his nursery n (Please turn to page 5) Cranford. ADVERTSER NDEX Fabulous Wallcovering 11 Atlantic Fence 20 Blindworks 21 Brass Shop 6 Brunt & Werth 6 Builders General Supply Co 3 Wl MJJ til 1 Dl Ull d & ii»imiminiitmmmuhm HM<MMtllMMMHhHMM4MtMMltHM1H«UM ^ Clarke Engineering Co...13 Colline Bros. Locksmiths, 8 Cranwood Electric 21 vuoul QU 'will iq'fidil ntllmmiimtltimilltllmmutltlmhumuhmhtlmmmtlmmmmmtllltlit Country Tiles 20 Decorating Den,. 9 Deco Rite Wallpaper 15 TJDrexler, 13 Elm Radio 14 Everything Plus 20 ^ m' J v w > * l ^< W* \4 r 1 i( i ^ _j *" 1 w* ^ *<»' w V' t. V Q f ii m oione ouppiy voi < > > >i.t>....i...>. >« tt Four Seasons 23 Hartig Paints 16 Home mprovement Specialists... 2 deal Tile 10 J.A. Super Tile 16 MDS nterconnect 19 Make Your House a Home 18 Mastec 17 Mclntyre's Lawnmower 10 Michael M. Mason Contractor 14 Oliver Howarth 9 Painting Plus 8 Precision Blind 9 Patrician Creations 22 Raise The Roof, 23 Reel Strong Fuel 7 P.H. Robinson Landscaping, 19 Rockefeller Plumbing 8 Simone Bros. Fuel Oil Co 19 Swan Cleaners,, 21 Union County Oil Dealers 15 Weather Shield 16 Weil Done Building Products... '. 24 Williams Nursery 5,Wm,.A. ParkhufsUe$pns.» -... _.:..,_ 15

57 A Forben Newspapers Supplement E MPROVEMENT Oct. 1, 1992/115 Garden cleanup is a breeze with today's equipment (Continued from page 4) summer and fall labors, away from me. knew needed think that we daily become professional advice in this area, so more ecologically oriented, We turned to my local Agway, 1160 are attuned (and rightly so) to rc- Somersct St, New Brunswick, cycling waste. Lawn debris is no Manager Pat exception and Barno was most Agway can meet in helping The newest lines of your composting me determining ^0 nmers and requirements with its variety of compost aids, designed to meet the needs of the large and my gardening needs. Knowing l&wf) tfdctofs COme f) EL! 5 S * variety of stytes small acreageholder. spring table, Mr. rang/fig ffottl basc Barno suggested...,. _ x rt t sometimes seems that the less time one has, the more there is to do, at least in my case. So 1 am glad to know of Agway's my feathered complete line of friends in winter fdf) B Of COWff)efCldl riding mowers and - they look so lawn tractors. with lean - their and Agway registered Feathered These products come in a variety meets Friend Wild my Bird needsfoods. of styles ranging from basic riding their red Darwin «*fg mowers to tulips as one of those with mulching my sure winners..,.., always feel an dttdchments 10 tnosb obligation to feed that fulfill a Wkte Garden care beyond that de- mowers to those with mulching atvoted to flowers and fowl is tachments to those that fulfill a turned over to my spouse, and wide range of commercial needs. Agway is ready to accommodate The variety and convenience of him, too. The store carries an as- the Agway products will give me GEORGE PACCELLO/FORBES NEWSPAPERS sortment of fertilizer products that more time to catch that crucial Timothy Dyas and John Thurston gel a Crimson King maple tfee rtady for display at Robinson & include weed control as well as 4th-and-l play in the Rutgers Son n Cranford. mulch products to protect his game! Don't Miss NJ's Largest Selection of Flower Bulbs! i FREE Over 300 Varieties Top Size Bulbs Less Expensive than Mail Order Horticulturist on Staff to Answer Questions i with any $25 purchase of flower bulbs. Wtm coupon. UrrttomftM tog M forty. Can not w comblrwd wdfi xiy omv ofl«uplrtt October Mft WilLitm* Nunery (908) Ji ^^ ^^^H ^^^B ^BB^ ^^^B ^mmtil ^r^^r ^^^^ ^^^^ -^^^ ^^^ ^^TT «v4* ^^^u ^^^w Only at: Williams Nursery 524 Springfield Ave Westfield (908)

58 U6/0& 1,1992 HOME MPROUEMENT A Forbes Newspapers Supplement Don't fence me in with the wrong material Today's products are easy to maintain... and still look The fence has long been a part of American tradition, but gone are the days when a fence was posted for the sole purpose of marking a boundary, Unfortunately, part of the tradition includes long hours of upkeep, maintenance and eventually replacement. But not anymore. Today merchants offer a wide variety of fences with a means of adding dimension and distinction to the property with minimal work, Established in 1973, Shire Fence, 65 Twelfth St., Somerset, deals not only in Merchants offer a wide variety of fences with a means of adding dimension and distinction to the property With minimal work commercial and residential but also municipal fencing as well. They carry a full line of chain link, wood and ornamental iron fences. Armor Fence, 17 Cottonwood Court, Edison, offers quality work at reasonable prices. Plan now to dive in next summer With the end of the summer season, thoughts should turn to the professional winter care of your private summertime oasts - the swimming pool. Cindy Pool, 1696 Route 22 East, Watchung, is the originator of the custom made pool. Since 1954 they have offered complete pool service, sales and supplies. Contact them to winterize the pool or (or your own "pool of distinction." n Piscataway, Landmark Pools, 169 Stelton Road, not only offers a pool winterizing service but also offers a convenient winter lay-away program to make large items more affordable. Del Rue Pool Supply, 64 North Ave., Garwood, has all swimming pool needs on hand. Pool closings, pool and spa chemicals, service, repairs, litters, covers, pool toys and accessories are all available. Specializing in chain link fences, the company will install or you may choose to do it yourself. Builders General Supply, 336 Centennial Avc., Cranford, stocks five different stylos of pressure-treated fencing in addition to stockade fencing in natural spruce. Gate hardware and exterior stains also arc available, Free delivery is also available. For those who want the look of a wooden or iron fence with minimal cost and maintenance, merchants offers an option. The beauty of ornamental iron fencing is available in aluminum, with baked enamel that will not peel, crack or chip. This makes it ideal not only for swimming pool area but also for coastal and other areas where dampness causes wrought iron fencing to be a chore to maintain. Aluminum also serves as an ideal material for privacy fences that are beautiful, strong and durable. Vinyl fencing also allow today's homeowner to have an attractive fence without worrying about painting, rotting, rusting or replacement. Commonplace in Europe, vinyl fencing was first introduced to America in the early 1980s, The product is made from an ex- The traditional picket tenet hat been replaced by easy-care vinyl. trcmely durable vinyl compound that provides excellent weathering properties t is popular for use around pools, since it is unaffected by moisture; it docs not rust, peel, chip, fade or require painting. Just as its wooden and aluminum conn terparts, vinyl fencing is available in various designs and colors. SAVE 15% SALE SAVE 15% BRUNT & WERTH Floor Coverings, Carpets & Vinyls 741 Central Avenue Westfield Thurs. 'til 9 "We are here to please" Professional nstallation Available Providing personalized seivice to the Westfield Area for over 36 years. -7 ; -v Specializing in the Sales and nstallation of Vinyl Floor Covering and Carpeting )leum RAKE N THE SAVNGS.Celestial Esteem Triumph Sept. 25-Nov. 9 Attention All Shoppers! The Brass Shop will provide the following service for you: Brass, Copper 6c Silver Polishing Lamp Repairs - Fixtures Rcfmishcd & Rewired Brass Beds Polished Antique Lamps Restored Andirons & Fireplace Equipment Polished & Lacquerd A fine selection of gifts from around the world. Brass Shop 763 Central Ave. Westfield rear paring owned & operated Over 30 years experience J Decorater & Painter accounts welcome J^J#V*V./.

59 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement Oct /U7 HOME MPROUEMENT Be prepared weather or not J: V Custom D Wy CHMSMEREZ SPECAL CORRESPONDENT My old rish mother used to say, "We're sure to have weather, weather or not." Few things could be as baffling as our weather in None of the overpaid weather people peppering the network news have apologized for their way-off-target forecasts so tor but, backed by the Farmer's Almanac, they promise a pre-thanksgiving snowfell. Always prepared to serve its customers, Middlesex Power, 635 Route 28, Middlesex, has everything you could ask for in snow throwers and snow plows. Owner Tony Desantis commented that his line of Toro products is most popular with customers. He sells more of the Toro brand of products than of all other brands combined. For snow plows, Middlesex Power recommends the Toro wheeler brand, with snow plow attachments which can be readily fixed to its well-known line of e 4. GE0RGE PACCiELLO/FonBES NEWSPAPERS Somerset lawn and Garden owner Doug garden and law,! tractors. St M s(l8 Qn fl Cub Cadet ( down wm_ And what if the Fanner's Almanac mower at his establishment. is wrong, and we have another mild autumn? Martinsvillc Power Mower, 1948 Washington Valley Road, Martinsville, will "fall" into line to help yon Owner xie Kasman note's that Marlmsvillr Power Mower has a wide variety of both Hilly (loal push-style and Stihl buck-pack blmvits as well as Simplicity chipper-shredders and best-quality chain saws for when the big winds finally net here and the leaves and branches tall. r ft, > 'V 3 X SHOP-AT-HOME DECORATNG SERVCE Our Shup-Al Momr provirit's you wilh ttml 4(tn< v tiiluinl in vuilinit wilh i nc* (nlot \< hrmc <n usl jn iilf.i M- i^n nuke >oui ilicims J HU\\ {rl out ri «'in M 'll piu aiiessuih 1 '. jni) tutniiurc <n wiut HH h\\uuuill\. ljv/linii,i jl t jnild '( jllnnljy ippoinimenl 1. nt> i(»l nt OR (908) DELTMAR SAVE HV65% OFF ENCHANTE TOUCHGUDE VERTCALS GRANDE CUSSQUE METAL SUNOS CUSSQUE1 ft 2 WOOO SUNOS tsoftuoht PUATED SHADES SOfTHCHTflEATroSHADtl NSTANT COUPON RESATE Otdci * Present this rnupon Jt timt' nt p during our September «.alp ami tcceivr S of) Pd(h plpdti'd shade you onlei. Qiunlilics not limited Dpircs 11/3/92 i r«brki Undt ttowcustom Products... «MNOiWKWrAW(C«CVtTOMQUAUTV [NUMtia fc WAUWK* DMOOMNSEMU «OCCASONAL FVUNTUftC HOURS Mon-Ffi ; Sal 9:30-6; Sun Route 22 at Wilson Ave. N.Patnlietd.NJ (90ft) y BURNNG MONEY! We'/f Show You How To: Cut your heating bill by 15% to 30% Use the money you save on oil to pay for a new oil burner within only 2 to 3 years. Earn the interest equivalent of 30% to 50% on the money you invest in better comfort. Serving Union County & Vicinity Since Lexington Ave Cranford

60 1992 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement HOME MPROVEMENT 11 Preventive maintenance NKRNWUW NTEROR & EXTEROR Fully nsured [ For Quality Plumbing t's Donald S. Rockefeller PLUMBNG HEATNG Bathroom Water Alterations Heaters Gas Boilers Raleigh Avenue State Lie. #4205 Cranford r /fk f \ J Featuring A Complete Line Of Wrought ron and Aluminum Railings O RALNGS 1 Window Guards Protect Your Home From Today's Problems of Theft Also A Complete Line of:! Aluminum Awnings Patio Covers Aluminum Storm Doors and Windows Security Storm Doors Vinyl Replacement Windows DOORS Serving your area for over 30 years M t ( \ 1 1 \ H Oil WNDOW GUARDS Visit Our Showroom Or Use Our Shop-At-Home Service C$j 213 WesHleld Ave. Roselle Park t t ( is the key to roof care Selecting a qualified and reputable roofing contractor is for some homeowners the most important decision they will ever have to make. The various designs and types of roofing materials on the market today often add to this seemingly complex undertaking. t is comforting to know that professionals such as Jeff Alle Roofing nc., P.O. Box 639 Somcrville, are there to help. Alte Roofing has been providing roof maintenance and re-roofing services for residential and commercial buildings for 20 years. Utilizing an up-to-date fleet of vehicles and equipment, the company's highly efficient staff concentrates on quality workmanship and service. Michael M. Mason, 217 Walnut Ave., Cranford, feels this is an excellent time for making improvements to your home - interest rates are down, homeowners are staying in their neighborhoods and present homes can be enhanced with u little remodeling and updating, Just pick up the phone and call for help with a free design and estimate. Tony Balsamo, whose firm serves central New Jersey and handles siding, windows, additions and other typos of home improvements, noted that roofing is about half of his business. SALES NSTALLNG REPARS AUTO The biggest determining factor in whether a roof needs work is its age. Most roofs, he explained, have a 20-year warranty. f a roof is over that age, he recommends having a professional check it out. "Sometimes people wait too long," he said. "Then repairs are a lot more expensive." This, he noted, is preventive maintenance rather than waiting for the shingles to curl or become brittle or for there to be leaks around the chimney. "Check your shingles; that's the main thing. People never notice the roof. Ninety percent of the time people wait until they have a problem, which causes even more problems," he said, "f you get it before it gets too bad, you'll save yourself a lot of money." Some common danger signals to look for include: t Damaged shingles Roof bare spots jooscncd nails Deteriorated flashings Granules washing off the roof f some of these problems exist, the homeowner may want to consider reroofing. Not only will damage from leaks be avoided but also a new roof will add to the beauty and value of the home. SAME DAY SERVCE WU BROS "SNCE 1908' COMMERCAL ( NDUSTRAL RESDENTAL 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVCE MAXMUM SECURTY LOCKS ft LOCK SYSTEMS DEADBOUS JMMY-PROOF LOCKS MASTER KEY SYSTEMS PANC LOCKS DGJ1AL SYSTEMS CARD SYSTEMS t DOOR CLOSERS* SALES SERVCE BEST LOCKNG SYSTEMS CCTV NTERCOM A T A * FOREGN AND DOMESTC KEYS MADE tk%m W i LOCKS REPARED LOCK-OUT SERVCE m m mmm S A F E S * MEDECO ARROW SCHLAQE MASTER AMERCAN DEXTER CORBN SEQAL LCENSED BONDED NSURED MEUNK DEBOLD MOSLER t SS QARDALL KEYSTONE*OPENED* REPARED COMBNATONS CHANGED* NEW SAFES WESTFELD SCOTCH PLANS FAN WOOD CRANFORD Springfield Ave., Summit 513 W. Westfield Ave., Roselle Park

61 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement Oct 1, 1992/U9 HOME MPROVEMENT Options abound for redecorators W hen it comes time to redecorate a room, homeowners have a number of options. But for most, the choice typically boils down to either paneling, wallpaper or paint. Personal preferences aside, what's the best alternative? n terms of cost, simplicity and versatility, there's no substitute for decorating with a top quality interior paint. A simple hypothetical case shows why painting is - by far - the least expensive way to redecorate. Consider the cost of materials needed to redo a typical 12'xl4' room having about 400 square feet of paintable wall surface area: Paint: A gallon of the very best quality of interior latex paint, costing $18 or more, will typically cover 400 square feet of wall. And because top quality paints hide so well, one-coat coverage is usually sufficient. Add in the cost of some high quality rollers and brushes, and the makeover could be completed for just $30 to $40, Wallpaper: A single roll of high quality wallpaper will cost about $16, and 18 rolls would be needed to redo the room. Add in brushes and cutting tools, and the cost of wallpapering u 400-squarc-foot room would be more than $300, or 10 limes the cost of painting! Paneling: High quality 4'xH' panels typically cost about $25 apiece, and 13 would be needed to cover the room. Even excluding the expense of tools and supplies (nail, etc.), paneling would cost $325. f studding or insulation were installed, the cost would be higher still. And don't forget the labor involved in redecorating. While most homeowners are comfortable doing their own interior painting, many will hire a contractor to wallpaper or panel, and that can cause remodeling costs to soar. But low cost is only one reason to redecorate with paint. Equally important is the fact that it's easy. Even novices can get professional results with today's durable top quality interior paints. These paints go on thicker and easier, flow better and spatter less than ordinary interior paints. And cleanup is a snap with latex interior paints; plain soap and water is all that is necessary. Still, one of the strongest arguments for redecorating with paint rather than wallpaper or paneling is the nearly endless combination of colors, sheens and effects that can be achieved with top quality finishes. Many sorvice-oriented paint retailers, hardware stores and decorating centers will mix paint to your own color specifications. RightNow,SaveUpTo30% Wail-To-Wall, Floor-To-Ceilmg And Corner-To Corner During Our Semi-Annual Sale. Choose from a wide selection of window treaimenis, wallcoverings, floor coverings, carpeting, fabrics, accessories and more. Consultations are always complimentary, so call now... this offer ends October X tf-mellilujw Great das Just Come To You." Eich ftinchiu ifidepcndcnil)- owned ind optntcd, 1199J DDS. Oliver A. Howarth Paving and Excavating Driveways Parking Lots Seal Coating Belgium Blocks Railroad Ties Stump Grinding Drainage Problems Water Linei to Stumi FREE ESTMATES FULLY NSURED FACTORY DRECT NOW 3 LOCATONS -YOUR SOURCE FOR CUSTOMER WNDOW TREATMENTS OVATON b 'LEVOLOR' 1 Choose from 31 popular colors. Custom Made Up to 108" X108" Sleek 3/4 11 X1 1/4" headrail All metal cordlock components FREE SHOP AT HOME SERVCE otf NATONAL BRAND PVC VERTCALS OVER 25 STYLES AND COLORS OVER 250,000 FEET N STOCK FOR FAST DELVERY WTH THS COUPON - OFFER EXPRES OCTOBER 15, 1992 ELZABETH Showroom M-F W. Grand S:. Elizabeth Lo:a:ed in tf e Elmcra Section GARWDCD Showroom t 1C-4 2 Narr,*i Avs. Ga Fr-m Frcsty UNON MARKET Showroom 6B Fn / 53L 11-3 Sun 11-5 t^ 5 ScnrgMd Ave, WEEKENDS ONLY FAST DELVERY

62 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement MPROVEMENT Video color planner is a big help (Continued from page 10) work out of the color selection process." While many customers will want to recreate the color schemes of their own home fltrnishings, Moore's Video Color Planner also provides pre-selected color schemes for those who may be seeking a little creative inspiration. These color combinations were created by Benjamin Moore & Co.'s renowned color stylist Ken Charbonneau. Once colors are chosen, a printed readout provides the corresponding Benjamin Moore color numbers and suggests the primers and topcoats needed to paint the various surfaces. For more information, see your local authorized independent Benjamin Moore dealer or contact Benjamin Moore & Co., 51 Chestnut Ridge Road, Montvale, N.J Recycling grows throughout Union Newspaper, aluminum containers, glass bottles, and jars are recycled now, but by September, plastic bottles, steel cans and household corrugated cardboard will be collected at curbsidc, too. By December mixed paper will also be collected. Cranford: Cui'bside collection is alternate Wednesdays. The Conservation Center on Birchwood Avenue is open Thursdays and Fridays 9:30 a.m.-3:20 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 a.m.-3:50 p.m. Kenihvorth: Recyclables are picked up every other week during the month. Anyone wishing to bring recyclables to the borough yard may do so on Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Garwood: The borough offers one curbside pick-up service monthly for recyclables. South Side Garwood residents may have their paper products picked up the first Wednesday of each month, while pickup for north side residents is very third Wednesday. The borough's recycling center on Willow Avenue is open the first and third Saturday of each month from 9 am-noon or the first and third Thursday of the month from noon-3 p.m. Westfield: The town conducts curbside pickup of newspaper, aluminum cans and glass bottles and jars. All recyclables must be placed at curbside no later than 7:30 am on clays designated for recyclable pickups Westfield residents can also use the town conservation center, Lamberts Mill Road, for leaves, grass and organic garden refuse, twigs, brush, shrubs and logs under two feet. The center is open March 15 to Nov, 30, on Thursdays, FVidays, Saturdays and Sundays. The center's hours are: 8:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. on weekends, and 9 am-5 p.m weekdays. Scotch Plains: Curbside recycling pickup is every other Tuesday on the north side, and every other Wednesday on the south side, Fanwood: Recycling is conducted every Saturday (except holidays) from 9 a.m.-l p.m. at the Drop-off Depot on North Avenue by the Fanwood Recycling Association. Oct.1,1992/U11 Six steps to perfect painting Deciding on the color to paint your home's exterior can be fun, yet challenging...even (or the most confident cdorist. t's not uncommon to find several hundred color cards at the neighborhood paint store, And some service-oriented paint retailers, hardware stores and decorating centers will mix paint to your own color specifications. So, the choice is yours. But how do you go about making the right selection? A six-step procedure suggested by the Rohm and Haas Paint Quality nstitute can help with the decision, making your exterior decorating fun filled and carefree. 1 Find out f there are local restrictions on color. Before you fall in love with "Desert Sand," "Brilliant Blue," or any other paint color, check to see if any local authority restricts the colors you can use, This is especially important if you live in a historic area, newer subdivision or townhouse community. t's not uncommon to find a list of "approved colors" in these types of neighborhoods. 2Look to the natural environment for nspiration. Try to choose a paint color that is compatible with the appearance and ambience of your local environment. For example, bright pastel colors may look wonderful in sunny Florida, but out of place in Oregon. 3.ConiWer the colors of your neighbors' homes. This is an important but often overlooked factor in color selection. Most people want their home to be distinctive, but it should also be compatible with the neighborhood color scheme. So, take a long, hard look at nearby homes before choosing your paint color. 4!ake nto account the style of your home. There are some paint colors that seem to best complement certain architectural styles. For example, white works well on formal colonial or Greek revival homes, while bold color treatment seems to enhance the appearance of Victorian-style "gingerbread." 5Consider the "fixed" colors on your home. n selecting a paint color, factor in the color of any brick, stone or unpainted masonry on your home. Also make sure your paint is compatible with the color of your roof and any other surface that won't be painted. 6 Go wtth what appeals to you. Now comes he fun part. Even after following the first five steps, you should still have a rainbow of exterior paint colors from which to choose. Let your selection reflect your individual personality. 40,000 Rolls in Stock Great Discounts Free Samples Full Service Central New Jersey's #1 Source For n-stock Wallcoverings Call 24 hours South Ave. Garwood Mall, Garwood NJ 1 Block South of Rt. 28 between Cranford & Westfield Mon Wed Fri Sat 10-5 Tue Thu 10-9 Sun 12-5

63 U10/OC. 1,1992 HOME MPROVEMENT A Forbes Newspapers Supplement Customers can paint their homes on screen with video color planner Paint consumers who view the color selection process with great trepidation can now put their concerns to rest, thanks to Benjamin Moore & Co.'s Video Color Planner, a revolutionary color visualization video system that allows consumers to "paint" their homes without even picking up a brush. Moore's Video Color Planner is a userfriendly video system - operated with just a track bail and a button - that allows consumers to experiment with the entire selection of Benjamin Moore & Co, paint colors on a video screen. Customers may select from a large assortment of preprogrammed interior or exteriors. They simply choose one that most closely resembles their own home. f they prefer, a photo of their own home's exterior or interior can be programmed into the system. Here's how Moore's Video Color Planner works: For those who do not wish to use a photograph of their own home, the Video Color Planner provides a wide variety of interiors and exteriors from which to choose, from traditional to country to contemporary. Pick one which most closely resembles line structure or room to be painted, and it appears on the screen, ready to be "painted" Also available is the option to bring your own 5- by 7-inch or 8- by 10-inch clear photographic print to the Benjamin Moore dealer, who will arrange to have it "scanned" into the system. The photo will then appear on the Moore's Video Color Planner screen, and the fun begins! Homeowners can experiment with Benjamin Moore & Co.'s entire selection of colors in literally endless combinations. Colors can be applied to siding, trim, window frames, garage doors, and other exterior details. For interiors, choose the color of furniture, carpeting, drapes, and accessories, as well as walls, ceilings, trim and doors. And there's no problem if you happen to make a mistake. A touch of the console's "Oops!" button reverses any errors, and a tap of the "Help!" button elicits further instructions. "Moore's Video Color Planner was designed for everyone to use, from paint and design professionals to weekend do-ityourselfers," says Yvan Dupuy, vice president of sales and marketing for Benjamin Moore & Co. "With the extraordinary selection of colors available - both standard and custom-mixed - Moore's Video Color Planner allows the paint shopper to see how any combination will look. t takes all the guess- (Please turn to page 11) Tht tmhnology of Benjamin Moort't Video Color Planner reproduce! ndividual ohotot of homti. With RedMax, Yardwork s A Breeze Would you start your ciir with <i hiimlcrank? Would you handwash ;ill your family's clothing? Of course not. So why continue clearing leaves with a rake or pushing snow aside with ;i shuvel? You have heller things to ilo with your time. Make yardwmk a hrcc/c with a KcdMax back pack power hlowcr. Lightweight ami versatile, (he KcdMax blower delivers a powerful airflow that clears away debris from your lawn, driveway, patio or sidewalk quietly and clliccnlly. Jobs that once took hours can now he done in minutes. Mow aw.iy the drudgery of yardwork and home maintenance with a KcdMax hack pack power hlowcr. Your hack will t iank you for il. "FALL SPECAL suggested NOW ' MclNTYRE'S LAWNMOWER AND LOCKSMTH SHOP (-ivi'ii M ;-yc* l.fn i. rr t STASHisnru win 235 ELMER STREET WESTFELD When Style Sopfetiaitm & Elegance Are Your lied... deal Tile Offers Quality Guaranteed nstallation by our taff of Professional Craftsmen. Ceramic Quarry Marble Terracotta f For Every Room n ffl Vmir Hnmftt»» RST CHOC1 N TLE! 13 LOCATONS THROUGHOUT NY& NJ ideal tile 01 (iiivn Brod l'l 1700 ḟ M Oi»K \'i Ml PUS V,. A*. DRECT MPORTERS T0Y01 wmm

64 1,1*2 A ForbM Ntimpaperi Supplement Rebate Amounts Changed As Of September 1,1992 PSE&G is announcing a change in its 1992 Residential Rebate Programs. 'Dili change affects the Fumace/Boiler and Gas Water Heater Rebate Programs. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you or your customers; however, PSE&G must comply with uniform statewide guidelines which are being implemented at this time. The new qualification levels are: URNACE/STEAM BOLERS HOT WATER BOLERS AFUE 90,0 OR MORE CAPACTY, 30 gal 50 gal. /$MBTU AFUE * 1.W $2, or more GAS WATER HEATERS TANKLESS COL REPLACEMENTS AND FREESTANDNG UNT REPLACEMENT EF 58 eft...55 UtllKM O4K ttltt Mllllltlllllll<«*lll llllll Converting to gas is easy as Obtain estimates, contact a qualified contractor or plumber. Get more than one estimate, ask to be referred to satisfied customers. f you have any doubt contact the Better Business Bureau. f you need further assistance contact your local PSE&G Marketing Department at Contact PSE&G before signing a contract to obtain any additional information you may feel necessary and to also inform PSE&G as to when you will be requiring an inspection of the new heating equipment. There is no charge for PSE&G to inspect and turn on the new heating equipment. This is your assurance that your installation is in accordance with code requirements. 3. n order to attain lower heating costs an automatic Day/ Night Thermostat is recommended TTiis may be installed when the gas heating equipment is installed Ask Expert Advice Before Conversion # You may have several choices as to the type of gas conversion that suits your needs. You'll need your heating contractortoexplain them to you before you decide. Your option may be between installing an approved conversion burner or a new gas furnace or boiler to replace your old equipment. The contractor is able to size your equipment to your particular needs, taking into account any additional energy saving measures that have been i TO HEAT WATER TASK AVERAGE GALLON PER USE CLOTHS WASHER 21 SHOWER 15 3ATH DSHWASHER 15 HAND DSHWASHNG 4 FOOD PREPERATON 3 HAND & FACE WASHNG, 2 CLOTHS WASHNG, (Warm Cycle) 100, to 120 Degrees SHOWER aow (6 Gallons per minute; 3 Gallons of Hot Water) Average Shower time 5 minutes (3 Gallons x 5 minutes = 15) ENERGY SAVNGS FEATURES R-VALUE The nsulation Used On The Storage Tank (the higher the better) Energy-Saving Switches or Settings High Efficiency heating Elements Lower nput Pilots (Gas Models Only) TUPS Ask dboirt tht flfft hour rating mo value ts a mwsure of the amount of hoi wete the beato first hour otoperation starting with a full storage tonk. t Evaluate (he purchase price and quality Read the Energy Guide label. This enables you to compare initial cost and operating cost among various makes and models.

65 A ForbM Ntwipiptn Supplement PSEG Oct.1,1K2/U13 OL 1 G*K of Oil contains 140,000 British Thermal Units NATURAL GAS: Therm of Natural Gas contains 100,000 British Thermal Units Oil vs.g Cost Comp OL: 1 Galon of Oil at current cost - $1.30 (Oil prices vary from day to day) NATURAL GAS: Therm of Gas -$.58936, at PSE&G Rates (Natural Gas prices are regulated by the Board of Public Utilities. They remain constant) PSE&G's Billing Method - Monthly Minimum Charge Per Therm Charge Raw Material Charge Cost per Therm minus Raw Material Charge Calculation for comparison based on 100 Therms $6.00 $ $ $ TheFacts OL BTlis OL 100 THERMS 100,000 BTU's GAS = Therms of Natural Gas 1.4 = Galons of Oil Gallons of Oil = 100 Therms oj Natural Gas Galons of Oil x $1.30 Cost per Galon $92.86 NATURAL GAS: 100 Therms x $ Monthly Minimum Charge = $ $6.00 Total Cost = $61.68 COST COMPARSON: Cost to Heat with Oil Cost to Heat with Gas $92.86 $61.68 Savings with Natural Gas $31.18 Convert to Clciin Natural Gas The ['jwiromuciuully Friendly Homing Kid And The World's Most Advanced Heating Systems Put mi cud 10 MNK ami odors Elimiiiiiti'your oil tank ESTMATE Oil heat's a dinosaur! Convert to modern Gas Heat! 1YORK Hiatingind/UrCondWoning Clean Efficient Convenient Economical Dependable Guarantee ol Satisfaction HOW THE YORK STELLAR PLUS gas furnace makes you feel good inside t's the heart of your York dealer's total comfort systems Constant warmth with no ups and downs Moisture balanced air your skin needs Filtered air your sinuses crave Lifetime plus warranty on both heat exchangers the best warranty in the business High efficiency 92% AFUE rating Low installed cost Low energy bills Financing available Every York dealer is a weatherman,.. bringing nice days indoors. HMCf mi "We're The nside Guys" CLARKE ENGNEERNG CO 15 N Wood Ave.. Linden Union County Middlesex - Somerset Counties Somerset Cty J. Zbzextez Air Conditioning & Heating, nc Union Cty Middlesex Cty

66 U14/0ct.1,1992 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement HOME MPROVEMENT ThEWlNDOWT) BUDAROUND An Andersen" 1 Pcrma-Shidd* angle bay window can make more of a beautiful view. And make less of your energy bill and maintenance chores. Snug-fitting design nsulating wood core Energy-saving Low-maintenance rigid High-Performance insulating glass vinyl exterior K«J '" ' M by Amletscii. Come home to quality Andersen. To make your remodeled space a remarkable place, call us, We specialize in Andersen* windows and patio doors or How does your kitchen rate? How functional and fashionable is your kitchen? Answer these questions from the National Kitchen & Bath Association to find out how the most important room in your house rates. Storage system: Do your cabinets feature time-saving accessories such as roll-out shelves, divided drawers and lazy susans? s there enough cabinet shelf space? s there a place to sort recyclables? Countertop: s there enough counter space? t s the countertop material undamaged and in good shape? s the counter color/pattern up-todate? Mechanical elements: Do you have enough electrical outlets? t s there a good ventilation system in the cooking area? Appliances/fixtures: Are all of your appliances a pleasant Kitchens by Elm Working with "Best Home mprovements" Sale & Service Dishwashers, Ranges Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers Kitchen Cabinets Major Brands ELM RADO Appliance Closed oon ci MCD CT Mond ays WESTFELD color that looks good? Room orientation: s there a casual dining/conversation area in the room? s the kitchen arranged so that "people traffic" is directed away from the cook's activities? f you answered "no" more than "yes," you may need a new room. Take the first step and contact a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association to ensure a successful project. They are competent to design and install complete kitchens, and subscribe to a strict code of conduct. Bring this evaluation with you and your NKBA Kitchen Dealer or Certified Kitchen Designer will help you use your "no" answers to make planning decisions regarding room shape and size, and appliance and material selection, as well as mechanical specifications. For a complete list of NKBA members, contact: NKBA, 687 Willow Grove St., Hackettstown, NJ 07840, or FOR-NKBA. sai. g-s, Thurs. tn 9 pm MCHAEL M. MASON General Contractor FREE ESTMATES FULLY NSURED Family in Cranford 39 Years Complete Home Remodeling Additions Alterations t Renovations Bathrooms Kitchens Decks Carpentry Masonry Plumbing Electric Screen Enclosures Basements and Attics Windows Doors Roofing t Siding Cabinets Stock or Custom Ceramic and Marble Tile Ay*y -'<v.s vvs H \ t w t v t»wt f«the Total Comfort Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning EEN SERVNG CRANFORD AND UNON COUNTY FOR 6 36 North Avc, E Cranford Lie J

67 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement Oct. 1, 1992/U15 HOME MPROVEMENT Prepare your home for winter to economize and save energy Fall is the perfect time to start prepar- furnace should be professionally inspected ing your home for the winter and serviced before the start of each heating months ahead, Seasonal mainte- season. nance - making sure your home is Replace your furnace filter and make as safe, comfortable and energy-efficient as sure you clean or replace it periodically durit can be - is important. ing winter months. comes Here calling: are 10 simple steps every home- nspect the Check chimney for and cracks vent or pipes broken to owner should take before Old Check Man Winter those see draffy if they arc in masonry good working around the condition. chimney. Seal your home against.,,. drafts by caulking and MDCfoWS dod (JOOfS, t Clean your gutter of fallen leaves and other debris. Then install leak wcatherstripping around the ft/mace, the doors and windows. This is, and an inexpensive procedure UMternfripc guards on the gutters and that can help you save on Wdtt?r WM» wire cages on the downenergy bills. ^ Remove screens and install storm win- Shut off water to the outside faucets to dows and doors. prevent freezing and broken pipes. f you have a hot water system, bleed Wrap your water pipes and ducts in any your radiators of the air that will cause exposed areas such as unheated crawl spacthem to operate poorly, es. Check your home insulation levels to make sure they meet recently upgraded R- Remember, prevention is the best cure, value recommendations by the U.S. Depart- Nature can wreak havoc on a home, and a ment of Energy. Attics and crawl spaces are cold and drafty house can cost you plenty in the most important areas to check. fuel bills. Take the time now to avoid any For safety, efficiency and economy, your problems this winter. GAS HEAT MAKNG YOU NERVOUS? SHOULD YOU CONVERT TO OL HEAT? V 1 \ 1 Yes No Answer these easy questions andfind out: D D s your g;is heating equipment over D years old? Do you feel your gas hills arc too high? Have you ever waited a day or more to have your system repaired? When a serviceman finally got lo your house, did lie simply "Keel Tag" yoti heater leaving you without heat? Q 0 Did you have a problem getting through to the Gas Co. or to the right department when yoti called? D Q Did you ever wonder if your family was safe or if curium monoxide was leaking into your home due tu a blocked chimney or a malfunctioning gas burner? 0 Do you ever wonder if your gas meter is correct? - When was it last checked for accuracy? Q Did your pilot light ever go out because the gas pressure in ihc gas main dropped? Did you ever wish you could change gas companies? Do you object to paying bills hascd on 'estimated' readings? Q O Do you sometimes feel a little uneasy about the possibility of a gas explosion? HOW DD YOU SCORE? f you answered yes to all 11 You're long overdue for a conversion to safe Oil Heat. Gil! your local independent fuel dealer today. You may he able to covert for under $1000. Find out how, f you answered yes 5 to 9 times Most gas heat users probably fall in this category. Many do not realize how easy ii is to switch. Now is the time lo find out. Simply call your local fuel dealer. f you answered yes 1 to 4 times Why put up with any of the inconveniences of gas heal? The safely of Oil lie ill should be reason enough lo convert. Sooner or later you will experience more of the aggravations of dealing with a utility so why not convert now? F YOU ANSWERED NO TO ALL 11 Either you've got to be kidding, or you already have Oil Heal. N-STOCK BORDERS ON l»f STOCK WALLPAPER 75% "1 A / OFF A M M $5.99 STARTNG STAWMOAT AT P 1217 ROUTE 1 EDSON (908) Al The lirtmectlon Of We. 287 OVER 15,000 DRVEWAYS OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Seal Coating Brick ftwtrs U/m. A. PARKHURST fr SONS. (DC.?: ':! : ' m Driveways Parking Lots Curttng Too many homeowners were fooled into thinking gas heat would save them money. Now that all the facts are out, OL HEAT has proven itself to be less expensive, more efficient and safer for your home. So DON'T FALL FOR THE GAS LNE! Convert to Oil Heat now! Remember with Oil Heat you will continue to get that 'Til be right over" service. Oil Heat repairmen never "Red Tag" a burner and tell you to call someone else. They fix your problem, and do it within hours of your call. Oil Heat companies are very competitive. They know that to keep a customer they must treat a customer right. With Oil Heat you are never just a number. With Oil Heat you can call and speak to the owner. Try that with your utility. Did you know the average price of heating oil rose just 3% for the 10-year period from December 1981 to January 1991, compared with 32% for electricty and 29% for natural gas, according to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. The decision by now should be clear. OL HEAT is the NTELLGENT CHOCE. f you have OL HEAT smile and relax - if not, call you local OL HEAT dealer. Find out how you can enjoy the peace of mind only sate OL HEAT can provide. REFCTOCO ON ACQUEST.FULLYW3URED SPONSORED BY UNON COUNTY OL HEAT ASSOCATON

68 U16/0& 1,1992 MPROVEMENT A Forbes Newspapers Supplement Fall is the ideal time for remodeling ly CHMSTNE RETZ SPECAL CORRESPONDENT With the cooler weather people tend to stay indoors more and pay attention to what is or is not happening there. The cooler, crisper days also inspire us to work harder than we did in summer's torpor. Kitchens are a perennial mustdo on the remodeling list, and.for advice turned to Hank Gordon, owner of Somerset Supply Co., 169 Somerset St., North Plainfield. n business for nearly four decades, the company proudly offers a complete line of contemporary and traditional kitchen cabinets and will customize your order. Popular traditional finishes this fall include oak, maple and cherry. Somerset Supply is one of the largest dealers of Aristokraft cabinetry in New Jersey, stocking more than 20 cabinet models. And if you don't know where to begin - just know that something has to be done - you will be pleased to know that Somerset Supply offers a free design and delivery service, and handy installation can also bo arranged. Bathrooms aren't relegated to second place at Somerset Supply. The company proudly features everything from bathroom hardware to LS-brand whirlpools to steam units, with everything in between to turn your dowdy bathroom into a dream room. maginative Hardware, with its new showroom on Route 202 in Bedminster, caters to imaginative developers, architects and designers who demand only the best. Products such as decorative hardware, kitchen/bath fixtures and hand-carved doors are available from the best manufacturers in the world. Strober Building Supply, 20 Truman Drive South, Edison, is another-company with decades of experience. Representative Bob Zeiffero told me that the company, which deals with contractors and the retail trade alike, specializes in four main product areas: roofing, acoustical tiles, ceramic and millwork products. Dealing with so many contractors enables his staff to give retail customers the benefit of the lx?st professional advice at no cost. This can give the customer the reassurance that she or (Please turn to page 17) GEORGE PACCELLO/FORBES NEWSPAPERS Customer Thomas Babos, right, checks out a window display with Building General Supply salesman Dave Whitmeyer at the store n Cranford. STORM WNDOWS urn/mmm Good '49.95 Better '52.95 Best '55.95 nstallation Optional 0* WE8TFELD 613 SOUTH AVE., W. SPEOALDSCOUNg «-~YZ STYLES & COLORS GALORE Beautify Your or Your Customers Home or Business MPORTED DESGNER TLE "%/«Our Showroom Monday-Saturday 8:00-5: North Ave. Garwood NJ Tel. All Major Fax: 908/ Credit Cards 908/ We Also Handle Adhisive Materials & Cutters Low Prices w Low Prices JOAN SAYS "We Got t All" FAMLY OPERATED SNCE % OFF Wallcoveringg fo For Savings this Fall WALLTEX MPERAL SHUMACHER UP TO We carry: A Better Wallpaper Way to Strip )er Pi Sera Brus SALE ENDS OCT. 31st, 1992 R0llerS ies rs Glidden We Carry Paint, Curtains, Bathroom Accessories, Throw Rugs HARTG'S PANT & WALLPAPER 101 N. Union Ave. Cranlord Mon.-Sat. 8:30-5:30. ThufS. ll 8:30, Closed Wed.

69 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement 001.1,1992/017 Fall is ideal time for remodeling Sales of windows higher prior to cooler weather (Continued from page 16) ficiency of their new windows, he is not overspending, and that people investigate other measures their needs are going to be folly to protect their loved ones from met winter's chill. Builders General Supply has Mr. Smith commented that two convenient central Builders General also New Jersey locations: carries Owens-Corning 336 Centennial Avc, insulation for every Cranford, and 1177 part of the house. nman Ave., Edison. Years ago, kitchen Representative George cabinet stores em- Smith proudly commented on the window ists to draw pictures of ployed commercial art- replacement aspect of what customers' kitchens would look like their large business, noting that people look to replace with the new products in place, windows at this time of year be- Builders General has eliminated fore heating systems have to be that problem for its customers, turned on. ^ 0^ers a j ^ comp U ter render- Builders General has a com- ing of just what the new cabinets plete range of Andersen bay and M ^ bow windows that can be mixed t,,.,, L., n addltlon to lt5 rcndcrmg scr " and matched for best effect And by not going through a dis- vicp lor kitchen tabinets * Buildersi tributor, the company can offer (i <w>' oners complimentary csthem at a 20 percent disccunt timates, measuring and delivery of nspired by the energy of- its merchandise. GEORGE PACCELLO/FORBES NEWSPAPERS Builders General Supply manager Scott Latimer stands n model kitchen at the store. WHAT'S T COSTNG TO KEEP YOUR OL HEAT RUNNNG? PLENTY! il Financing Available: Take up to S years to pay! Convert to Gas Heat Now.. T* mum WEL MCUMN htfh thicttncf M Mlm un itwt (Nl feht HfM MW. AvttaMt tef any rtttdtntiil HMR of hot wii«f 4 of the best Names in Heating: 1. Gas Heat 2. Weil McLain 3. Trane 4. Mastec Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, nc. h leider in oil to Gas Conversion! and SAVE! itbhardtbstopatkme: "Large enough to nerve your need$... tmall enough to care about them!" N.J. lie. #140 MASTEC Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning, nc. 11 Lincoln Place No. Plalnfleld, U (908) Con us for ob your Plumbing, Healing 8 Mr ConditionmB Needs"

70 U18/0ct, 1,1992 m A Forbes Newspapers Supplement Home mprovement Specialists A guide to local professionals servicing your community. DRTY CARPETS ARE MY SPECALTY * Best Service * Best Price * Special Care * Call Anthony ELECTRC COONEY ELECTRC All types - Residential, Commercial, ndustrial Wiring & Lighting, Renovations & New Construction. Landscape lighting, & Spas. Lie. # Years experience ELECTRCAL WORK Security & recessed lights, circuts installed, nns, heaters, smoke detectors, 240 volt service changes, phones, intercom & Bell systems, etc. 24 HR. Emergency Service. Problems solved, quick response, lie. # Free estimates. Please call David at or GUTTERS GUTTERS & LEADERS Cleaned and Hushed. Siding power washed, Mildew removed any surface. Please call: Tom Hanson Painters HOME MPROVEMENTS ALLED CONTRACTORS Rooting Siding Gultors ft Lender, l : fleeesmalt0 OCTOBER!iP UAL Free OeclNcnl Fan & nsiallaltonwman^now mo! ; *0403 HOME HOME LANDSCAPNG MPROVEMENTS MPROVEMENTS AND LAWN CARE AMERCAN EAGLE CONSTRUCTON Additions Renovations Carpentry Patios Decks t Brick Pavers Masonry Bathrooms Garage Conversions Porch EnckNures Family Rooms SkytigNs Design Service nsured CARPENTRY & CABNETRY FNE QUALTY tnt. & ext. remodeling & repafrs. Windows, doors, trim, basements, stairs, hand railings and fireplace mantels. Free est. rets. 11 yrs. exp For the highest Quality Custom Carpentry, Home mprovements, Renovations - At affordable prices Call Free Est. Fully nsured. References J&D MANTENANCE NC. CALL NOW FOR DECEMBER DSCOUNTS Decks - Painting - Gutters - Masonry -Fences -Sheetrock - tiling - Ceiling Fans - Birds Removed -Basements Finished NO JOB TOO SMALL J.E.D BULDERS, NC. Complete Renovations Additions t Kitchens Baths Roofing Decks Ceramic Tile Attics Dormers Basements Fully nsured For Free Estimate Call MASON CONTRACTOR Low Fat) prices, specializing in steps, walks, patios, alt chimney & fplc. & mason work. No job to smalt. ns., Free estimate! 25 years experience. Same Location Dean Koep & Son 757*7421 MASONRY 20 yrs. experience. Additions, steps, sidewalks, patios, foundations, fireplaces. We do it all in one call! nsured, references, free estimates. Call Bill at *8945 STEVE BUHLER CONSTRUCTON CARPENTRY HOME MPROVEMENTS do it ALL! Remodeling Garages Decks Roofing Siding Finished Basements Free Estimates, nsured References available KTCHENS KTCHEN New Cabinets Refacing Cabinets Counter Tops Tile Work Carpentry Free Estimates Tony LANDSCAPNG AND LAWN CARE ANDREWS TREE SERVCE all phases of Uee & shrub care reasonable rates. Fully nsured Free Estimates 24 Hll Emergency Service Call CHAMPON LANDSCAPE & TREE EXPERTS P.O. Box 216 Middlesex, NJ WE PLAN, PLANT AND PRESERVE CALL LAUBACH NURSERY Landscape Designers & Contractors Since 1954 "Water & Rock Gardens a specialty." 55 US Hwy 206 Somerville, NJ Call FLOWERS FOREVER Professionally planned gardens. Perennial and herb garden for a garden of full seasonal color at reasonable prices. Call MC OVERHEAD DOORS OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY OF CENTRAL JERSEY Visit our Showroom Full line ol garage doors and electrical operations Salos Service nstallation PANTNG TOM HANSON PANTNG nterior/exterior and wallpapering. Free estimates. Please call Tom at PLUMBNG PLUMBNG & HEATNG Low rates. Good service. Drain cleaning. Free estimates. License #6461. Call John ROOfNG ACTON ROOFNG COMPANY Excellent rates Quality Work No money down Free estimates Fully insured Serving Somerset & Midddlesex Counties or DR. ROOF General Contracting & Home mprovement Roofing Siding Decks Windows Additions Attics Basements Somerset Cty Hunterdon Cty Free Estimates ysst J 1J 1 J * >

71 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement Have you been properly insured? By CHWHHNERETZ SPECAL CORRESPONDENT The damage wreaked by this summer's hurricanes has made us all aware of the value of proper insurance. When did you last check with your insurance agent to bo sure your home and its contents were properly insured? What about the fur coat and diamond pinkie ring you and your spouse exchanged during the holidays last spring? Are they properly insured.' checked with Tom Van Syckel, president of Van Syckel, nc., E. Union Ave. ( Bound Brook, tor some things that homeowners should consider about their insurance coverage. He recommended that homeowners are sure you have guaranteed replacement insurance to cover the ftill replacement of your home in case of serious damage. You should also have full replacement cost coverage on its contents. f your prospective mortgage lender renjses to accept your guaranteed replacement cost policy, your agent will be happy to talk to the lender about this problem. Mortgage lenders must accept guaranteed replacement cost policies. Don't be caught underinsuring. Some homeowners undcrinsurc because their insurance company doesn't automatically upgrade their policy limit annually to keep pace with rising construction costs or they don't have a guaranteed replacement cost policy. Underinsured homeowners may find some unpleasant surprises, especially in the event of partial losses (which occur much more often than total losses). f the home is underinsured and the owner does not have a guaranteed replacement cost policy, the insurer can legally pay less than the replacement cost. Top quality claim service is vital. Many homeowners think they are saving on their insurance by choosing the lowest-cost insurer. That can be a major mistake if the company doesn't promptly pay its claims without hassle. The best way to choose an insurance company and agent is personal recommendations of your friends and business associates who are satisfied customers. Mr. Van Syckel said homeowners should also pay special attention to their policy's theft limitation on jewelry, furs, silverware, etc. A special floater policy may be advisable. Furthermore, carry sufficient limits of liability, perhaps a $1 million umbrella to cover third-party liability suits (guests injuring themselves on the property, etc,). The outstanding insurance professionals at Beckerman & Company, (Richards Agency), 1906 Westfield Ave., Scotch Plains, answered a few other questions about homeowners insurance. What coverages are available for people who rent, have a co-op or own a condominium? Special policies are available in these cases. Homeowners 4 and Homeowners (i policies offer similar coverages for contents coverage and personal liability protection, if you are a tenant not owning the building in which you reside (HO4) or the owners of a condominium (HO6). The policies insure your personal property against loss or damage brought about by a number of named perils. What other kinds of protection are included in a basic policy? The most often asked about refers to what we call "additional living expenses." Your homeowner's policy will provide monies to reimburse you for additional living expenses in case your home is damaged to the point where it's impossible for you to live there, For example, if your home is severely damaged by fire and it becomes necessary for you to stay at a hotel and eat in restaurants while re- (Pleasc turn to page 23) Home equity loans provide low-cost way to pay for home improvements f you've been putting off that all-important remodeling rate which is 6 percent. Closed-end is 8.9 percent. n project, what better time than now to qualify for a low both cases, re-payment is based on a 15-year term. cost home equity loan. There are no application fees, no points. United Jersey, 630 Franklin Blvd., Somerset, offers Magyar Savings, 109 French St., New Brunswick, both open-end and closed-end home equity loans. offers home equity credit lines at one of the leanest Home equity credit offers theflexibility to take funds out rates around - just Vh percent over prime. There are as you need them and deal with increased needs as no application fees, no points and no dosing costs they occur. They offer a 12-month prime-only interest required, Contact the Magyar Loan Center today. P.H. ROBNSON LANDSCAPNG CO. Commercial Residential ndustrial Weekly Lawn Maintenance Lawn Renovations Landscape Design and Grounds Care Chemical Applications Top Soil Mulch Sod Seed Southwestern Bell Comdial Centrex Specialists AT&T Systems FT Systems FREE ESTMATES 911-fiHfi P.O.Box 623 4OO m \J* O Scotch p,ains, NJ nterconnect Telecommunication Specialists Telephone nstallations, Small Uusinvss Systems, MuintenniKT, Service John Morgan Consultant 111 QUMHY STR-rr SUTU 8 W E s r o m, Ni \v JURS-:Y O7OW (908) 'AX (9(18) FUEL OL SAVNGS Why pay high fuel prices? Check your fuel oil prices then call Simone Bros, and Compare! We are hc LOWEST PRCE FULL SERVCE OL CO. in the area. -Providing- Yoor Round LOW Prices Prompt Personalized Service Automatic Delivery Budget Plans Service Contracts Complete Heating nstallations PAY LESS CALL FOR LOW PRCE QUOTE Without Sacrificing Safety Comfort and Convenience!! CALL SMONE BROS. NOW Serving Union & Middlesex Counties For Over 55 Years SMONE BROTHERS, FUEL OL CO Harding Ave. Linden

72 U20/Od. 1,1992 HOME MPROVEMENT A Forbes Newspapers Supplement Lighting up your life _t jmuuuia UHB wjf CWUnNiWCTZ SPECAL CORRESPONDENT Mow that the ugly, eyesore kitch- '* en has been renovated, it's time to turn my attention to other living areas sorely in need of refurbishing. Decorating and saving money are equal priorities to me, and can satisfy both at the House of Lights, 213 Route 22 East, Green Brook, five mites east of the intersection of Routes 22 and 287, Owner Carl Astrin is proud of the new line of replacement lamp shades. He commented many high-quality lamps sold years ago had poor-quality shades that now need replacement. The House of Lights carries lamps and shades made by the Grabell Company, known for its quality wares. Cathedral ceilings are all the rage in household architecture. But what to do with all that open space? Mr. Astrin advises that people invest in a slow-moving, good quality ceiling fan. Heat rises, and there can be a KKtogree difference in the temperature at eye level and on the ceiling. A ceiling fan will mix the cool air at the bottom with the warmer air on top. The fans sold at House of Lights are noiseless and will save about $150 annually in energy costs. And if you are looking to purchase new lighting fixtures at good prices, you may want to stop in at Cranwood Electrical Supply Co., 49 South Ave,, Garwood, Oct The store will be having a fall clearance sale then, with great buys on their Fredrick Ramond brass and glass chandeliers for the dining and hallway areas, as well as crystal chandeliers by Wetnstock and Bibi Lighting. Looking for a kitchen lamp? Before you buy anything, look at the Elgee West Tiffany-style lamps at Cranwood Electric. They have some terrific buys, And if bathroom lights are on your mind, Cranwood Electric has a new display of bathroom brackets by Elgee. Their mix and match concept is very (topular, notes representative Sandy Stanton, adding that the customer picks the style of bracket they want and Cranwood matches it with a selection from their variety of glass shades, for a look that matches their personal taste. Most styles are available in both polished brass and in chrome, she noted. Other, more traditional bathroom fixtures are provided by Seagull, Progress, Ktchler and Lavery, to name a few. Heating up for cool weather y ELLEN FLKCTTA SPECAL CORRESPONDENT With winter soon approaching, you'll want to be assured of a safe and highly efficient means of heating your home. Now is the time to ready your unit. Having a professional service your particular heating unit will guarantee peak performance and savings throughout the long winter months. A full service heating and air conditioning company is Edison Sales and Service, 95 Newfield Ave., Edison, They service and maintain all types of equipment and install high efficiency heating and air equipment. Reel Strong Fuel Oil, 549 Lexington Ave., Cranford, has been in business for 65 years and offers a 24- hour emergency service. They also offer whole house air cleaners, automatic clock thermostats, heating and air conditioning. Call for an efficiency test to make certain your home meets today's standards. Albers Fireplaces, 976 Route 22, Dridgewater, has been committed to service and quality. They offer the widest selection of fireplaces and accessories to suit your price range, With today's hearths, you don't have to choose between beauty and convenience Whether you're building a new home or buying or renovating an existing one, the hearth continues to be among the most sought after amenities, providing aesthetic appeal as well as increasing your property's value. And, though ga$ hearth products have been around for decades and are convenient, they have fared poorly when measured against the aesthetics of the wood-burning hearth, Clean air for a healthier winter Qy CHMSTMEMTZ SPECAL CORRESPONDENT Being indoors a good deal more than you were this summer can't help but make you aware of the air quality inside. All too often it's not as good as you would like for a variety of reasons. checked with Reel Strong Fuel Oil, 549 Lexington Ave,, Cranford, to see how to best protect all from the pollutants in the environment and help ensure good air quality during the long winter months. Reel Strong's sales representative Mike DeFabio recommends the Space-Gard Air Cleaner as an efficient way to minimize the dust and pollutant particles that ordinary air filters can't. Reel Strong sells this brand because of its attractive cost, and because of its combination of filtering principles (straining, diffusion, impingement and interception) to effectively trap a wide range of particle types and Dry interior environments may need the help of a humidifier, of which there is a large selection, to put humidity in the air. Light up the Holidays CHARLES TLES W«sttitld, NJ 439 Central Avenue (908) Stockton, NJ Bridge Street (609) Baltimore, MD nner Harbor Arn;i (410)332-lfi01 Philadelphia, PA Manayunk,215) 4B? 8440 With a newpkitchen! NATONAL KTCHEN and BATH MONTH ll'ta \k Designs by Paul nc. (batiif.iwsigmcvnrr.n 32241Y8 \ \ v ' Begin planning run ind urn "! lit jblr lo wclo unc nrnds andfamoy lor HKJVfnicrmiiinnm \nut nc«^tmwijsr km lnt\ tars arc! appliances Foiihf«pcndrsiji «immwuiik»kikkn suiniihiwn And k limn UM in unit bverythng PLUS Cabinet Hardware 1625 East Second Street Scotch Plains, N. Hand Painted Tiles & Terra Coiias Closed Sunday - Monday RESDENTAL COMMERCAL NSTALLATON FREE ESTMATES REPARS FULLY NSURED CHAN LNK AND CUSTOM WOOD FENCE MANUFACTURES OF ALL TYPES OF CUSTOM WOOD FENCE PARTS 4 SERVCE DELVERY AVAULE Playhouses Custom Outdoor _., Furniture Playground Equipment Dog Houses DO T YOURSELF HEADQUARTERS 'i '.li if.'k COMPLETE WATER GARDEN CENTER WalefUto Fountains Km Prebbncattd Ponds GoWFish Pimp brer iwaler Treatments "Tht Solution (o iff your 8EBVNO CENTRAL JERSEY U.S. HWY 22 GREENBROOK V.. t ;... i t i >. V

73 ^ Forbes Newspapers Supplement : " (i*i m *t h Oct. 1,1992/U21 HOME MPROVEMENT Quality, service important when buying appliances SPECAL CORRESPONDENT people remodel kitchens, they tend to remodel them 100 percent. Not only do they get new cabinets, but they invest in new appliances. With a kitchen upgrade, you can make your kitchen more attractive and more useful by replacing alt or some of your existing appliances with today's betterlooking, more useftu ones. For those who don't want to go the route of a complete remodeling, an upgrade can be done on a smaller scale. For example, it could mean upgrading from a conventional coil electric range to a smooth-top model. n addition to dramatically improving the kitchen's appearance, they also make cooking and cleaning up easier. f you should require design assistance, make sure you select a professional who is a certified kitchen designer <CKD). The experts offer the following advice: Expect to spend at least a month shopping and learning about the appliances that appeal to you. Start a folder. Visit home shows, open houses and dealer showrooms. Ask your friends what they like or don't like about their appliances. iook for articles and advertisements. Pick up brochures. Write for information. i Think carefully about which appliance features you actually will use. Generally, the most worthwhile features are those that save time by making cleanup easier, such as glass shelves in the refrigerator, self-cleaning capability in ovens, or glass-ceramic smooth tops on ranges or cooktops. One of the best places in Somerset County to purchase new appliances is MacArthur's, 87 W. Main St., Somerville, Co-owner Craig MucArthur is proud of its full lines of products by many manufacturers, including Zenith, Frigidairc and Maytag. Maytag appliances include refrigerators, dishwashers and ranges, in addition to washers and dryers. Known for their high quality and quietness of operation, Maytag has been a staple of MacArthur's brand-name merchandise during the company's nearly four decades'of existence. During that time, MacArthur's has built a reputation for excellent service. Their fleet of eight trucks and trained personnel delivers and installs your purchases, and MacArthur's does not subcontract its service department GANT SHOWROOM SALE 3 DAYS ONLY THURS., FR., SAT. - OCT. 1*1,2nd * 3rd t FREDRCK RAMOND AMERCAN LANTERN DESGN FOUNTAN LTHONA LAVERY PROGRESS MARCO JUNO BROAN KCHLER DNCO SEAGULL t ELGEE Carlllltd. Lighting Contullmt Available OUR REGULAR LOW PRCES ALL LGHTNG FXTURES ALL MEDCNE CABNETS ALL RANGE HOODS ALL, DOORBELLS & CHMES CHANDELERS QUTDO0R LANDSCAPE FLUORESCENT BATH-HALL POST LGHTS RECESSED TRACK STANED GLASS CRANWOOD ELECTRCAL SUPPLY J MON.-WEO SOUTH AYE., GARWOOD FR.SAT. 85 [908) LouverDrope" HunterDouglas >: 7MAH 50% to 65% OFF Custom Window Treatments Best Prices! Best Products! Bui ty Dulff) LEVOLOR' FREE ESTMATES > PLEATED SHADES CELLULAR SHADES WOOD BLNDS METAL BLNDS VERTCAL BLNDS PLUS: OUR DESGN CENTER FEATURES AT DSCOUNTED PRCES: WALLPAPER: 750 Booki to Ctooss From FABRCS: 5000 Fabrics to Chooss From UPHOLSTERY: CARPET: BEDSPREADS: W 2500 Fabrics to Chooso From SCO ResUjntlal i Commercial Stylos Readymad* & Custom 844 South Avenue W., Westfield, NJ CUSTOM DRAPERY CLEANNG SERVCE 192* "The Experts in Custom Cleaning" 'We measure your draperies length before we custom clean them, Then they are rechecked to make certain that they retain their original^. size and shape. No shrinkage, fabric damage or color loss. At all no extra cost. We handle the whole job..right trom your home. NCLUDES Custom teke-dom andflo-hangswice Mention this ad for 20% off Our Already Low Price Expires 11/30/92 "THE BLND CLEANER" Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning t ULTRASONCAUY CLEANS MN, VENETAN, NotVilkl VERTCAL OLNOS & PLEATED SHADES Wilh Any REMOVES DRT, POLLEN, SOOT, Other Promotion GREASE 4 DUST lewflesflow.s^irees^brjeooomzes W V 44 North Ave., East, v>vrw!...' ',..*.trt ' \ *.,' «,:..* f ' i Cranfort J.NJ,...{?08).27!8:330Q.

74 U22/Oct. 1,1992 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement Fall presents a riot of color for all rooms ly CHMfflNERETZ yet another great room presentation. f you are not sure of what you want or SPECAL CORRESPONDENT need, Fabric Land has a fully trained staff F«t *., i * * -4 ready to help you in your selection of faball presents natures palate at its.,, J _ ;.... J best The leaves blend together in a ncs "* colors decorators - ^ ^ myriad of colors, some dark, some work & y u from slore or the ^e bright, always changing, always nience of your home. beautiful. This is mirrored in the fall interior designs of-. fered at Fabric Land, 855 Traditional ioohs that Route 22 West at Wilson j nc j ucje Avenue, North Plainheld, Staff decorator Susan textu^s We Miniman told me that from our grandparents' "everything goes" this season. Colors and fabrics era are being Updated are being put together in r ^g»qq S f Qf ye * a new variety of exciting lu UK b /U yel ' ways. another great room Furthermore, Fabric Land has a monthly series of free special events, demonstrations, seminars and other money saving ideas to help the home decorator. There arc several emphases in their October program. Halloween costume design and execution will be featured, as will tips on bedroom decorating and a full day of quilting demonstrations and activities geared to the store's new quilting department. As soon as the calendar "Colors are deeper - more saturated," she nature's added. Everything darks to Mediterranean from midtoncs, leaf turns to Nov. 1, many people start from sunwashed naturals to nature's thinking of the major holidays and the giftbrights, can fashionably be found in taste- giving season. Fabric Land will present Hilly decorated homes this fall Ms. Mini- "Vogue Holiday Decorations for the Homoman added. maker" as well as "Quick and Easy Holiday Traditional looks that include fabrics and Gifts and Fashion to Make" that month, as textures we remember from our grandpar- well as more quilting demonstrations and ents 1 era are being updated for the '90s for home decorating ideas. DANE MATFLERD/FORBES NEWSPAPERS nga DeMalo, a co-owner of nteriors in Westfield, shows some sample fabrics lor drapes or upholstery. Edison Wallpaper Factory Outlet, 6 Sut- Edison Wallpaper Factory Outlet has all ton Place, Edison, has many terrific ideas the latest fashion colors in a wide variety of for your fall coloring scheme, Designers the best patterns, Ms. Katz noted that pre- Michelle Katz and Cynthia Pastcelnick dominant colors fall into several broad catcommented that Southwest designs arc still egories this season, including: in demand, as are faux finishes (marble or Southwest colors - dusty and muted granite stone effects, for example). And tex- peach, mauve, teal, rust, beige and blue tures are becoming more jwpular. Primaries - red, blue, green, yellow, The new trends at the store include: with a black accent Stucco textures Neutrals - beiges, taupes, Fruit border and sidewall (a greys, with a black accent sidewall is a coordinating pattern Jade and purple combination for the main walls). The now fruit with u black accent designs are gestural and contemporary, but because of the subject stylei however, bolder combina- Pastels, They never go out of matter, the patterns are versatile tions arc now coming into their enough to be used in a contemporary, transitional, or traditional Do you have an idea of what own. environment, you want, but no time to shop? Use of primary colors in kitchens and Are you in charge of decorating your corpochildren's rooms. Borders arc very popular rate reception area and have no margin for now, f you don't want to paper a whole error? Do you have your basic decorating room, you can enhance it with a xjrder, or scheme in place, but need that special acuse a texture as a sidewall and have the cent piece to pull it all together? main focus on the border. (Please turn to page 23) Come See Us For All Your Masonry Needs unitock PAVNG STONES RKTANNG WALLS Flint Stone & Supply Co, inc. 480 E. WestfieU Ate., Roselle Park (908) PATMCAN CREATVE FLOORNG SPECALZNG N FLOOR COVERNG Carpet, Linoleum, Wood & Tile Get Ready for the Holidays Early With Famous Makers Carpet Cabin Craft Salem Philadelphia World and more,.. 100's of Colors to Choose from Many Remnants and Some Area Rug:- -- EXPERTS N NSTALLATON -- Armstrong Congoloum Manninglon '-:'A

75 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement HOME MPROVEMENT Oct /U23 Fall presents a riot of color for every room Dark colors are in; traditional looks, are back in style. (Continued from page 22) f you answered "yes" to any or all or these questions, you can find the answers at nteriors, 601 Central Ave., Westfield. Designers and partners nga DeMaio, Mary Ellen Doyle and Beth Kroncke have everything to elegantly decorate your personal or business environment from floor to ceiling. Members of the American Society of nterior Designers, this dynamic design team pride themselves on their certification, which assures clients that ASD members are graduates of a reputable four-year design program and thus are qualified to dis pense the best advice tailored to meet their clients 1 unique needs. nteriors handles the highest quality furniture, carpet and accessory manufacturers. Stark carpets, Tomlinson upholstered pieces, and Guildmaster furniture and lighting fixtures are among the brands they represent An armoire t filled with accessories at nteriors n Westfield. DANE MATFLERD/FORBES NEWSPAPERS Getting the proper insurance (Continued from page 19) pairs are being made, you'll receive the difterence between your normal living expenses and the cost of living away from home, up to the limit stated in your policy. How can keep my insurance costs as low as possible and still provide adequate protection for my family, property and possessions? The best way is to maximize the amount of your "deductions." A deductible is the amount of loss or damage that you, the policyholder, agree to pay on a property loss. For example, if you have a $100 deductible on your homeowner's policy, you've agreed to pay the first $100 of damages. Your insurance company is then responsible for reimbursing you for the rest of your loss, up to the limits of your policy. The larger your deductible, the lower your premiums will be. Therefore, to keep your insurance costs as low as possible, you should designate the largest deductible you can afford. SPACOUS ^JtjiM^ AV AlWAYS VANliD f* FALL SPECALS 'Full Cap* Convtralon $MiM»-/ NOW $21,500 Full Ranch Con»tr»lon«M9» NOW $23,500 WALK-N CLOSET 7x8 MASTER BATH 6KO BATH 6XB BEDROOM 1U12 Custom Decks Additions Windows Roofinq" Sidinq" Kitchens til MASTER BEDROOM 13X16 BEDROOM 12 K 14 Free Estimates > Fully nsured FOUR Sl-ASONS 1KW Ld DORMERS AOOTWS Of ANY SZE CUSTOM HOWE DCSfONEO BY STAFF ARCHTECT t* HOOF OttNeO AND COSH) QWCWY 9( EXWTTS EXPERENCED flwes-.1 8OUWUM8'PATK> ROOMS 8CREEN ENCLOSURES SKYLGHTS WNDOWS-DOORS OutdoorLivins,.,ndoors 34 Brook Plaza, Rt. 22 West, Green Brook, NJ M6M771 TSESYind Raise The Roof WTH FOR FREE CONSUUAtlON & ESTMATE CALL (9 0 8) 7 8 9*

76 U24/OC1.1,1992 A Forbes Newspaper! Supplement \ NTERLOCKNG "Tto All-Purpose, All-Season Pairing System " CGBBUSTC^S HOLLAND STONE SPARTAN S TWOMAVMTVUHUMinW The Mwy SNpii Of Gnnnol p Are Eadh Artiobte n Six Stand** Oofaf You Can Ute One Or Mom Shjai k* Custom Cotoring s tan VbirGhnndDMlBrRrOstate CHARCOAL MULT-COLOR Colors Available: BROWN NATURAL GRAY... COUPON -, Address: City DM.; PRODliCiS Ava/7ab/e At: Svpplitit of QuiHty Building Mattt'ials (Ml) 141*49)1 M (H) flilouli Avinui, flottlli Pi(k. NJ Suppliers of Quality Building Materials (908) FAX (908) Faitoute Avenue, Roselle Park, NJ 07204

77 JJ.V*:. '-\ ;t -. "!.- j" f. \. d Chronicle, d Record, is/fanwood Press OCT. 1992

78 l ^ y "The Area's Greatest Kid* Wwr />-V Collection at Discount Prices'* Kid's Country]) '..... i Sizes newborn to 14 yrs. *" r,uk Kl E C nl i Wi 1283 Springfield Ave. New Providence $ ir $ i i off!! off t min purchase *25 min purchase 6~1 i: i! Not To Uc Combined Not To He Combined w/ anv other coffer w/ any other offer 431 Park Ave.. 3 1,92 Oct. 31,92 Scotch Plains Kjds Coi ltry Kicls country : ^ JiJoeJ L_, 'L * _ w«. _ ^Ji MCHAEL M. MASON Complete Home Remodeling Cabals Slock or Cj^ iry Finish Tnm Bath Additions Altorntiona - f 1 J : 3 [ jsv.jrrr. & Wood and FREE ESTMATES FULLY NSURED Family n Cranford 39 Years mv^h wm^ ^^ ^^^^^ $50 GFT CERTFCATE Toward Any Job Excooding $500 Not To Be Combined With Any OUief Otfor. ",. A s -. ' \ :..-.< ' - *. - ;.. ' * * ;. \. i BREA CE FROZEN YOGURT KAWAY and more! Z} 447 f Scotch Plains CREAM ]18 inch Mylar Balloon ^$2 jany Cake 9 inch or more ^. _-_:_- _ ' _J -S- " (,K\M> H. 1 U»> * M,1 1 U ' f *-, >U. 1 1 " - 1. l< - " fis4-7 *? j nr or 7S-..U. (.AUD,\ N H K 1 i l t M -pk [t,.1, L i. i i :. ClliNA 1 K. f 1 YAJ) lolt 2.OCA 1O.XS NO EXP. DATE NO EXP. DATE $3.00 Ol!] $5.00 Ol Am l^iiih.isr < M >1 S.O < >i MM i- t,mi<l!>«m i l 111,!lh Hi tlc < f t i n n! 1 < <iiip( pi-i v l i s t * i l l l l ' l ( liin.i 1 i^h! < i.i i 141 ml tun A11% )'in i h.isr ( M S.M».O() ( h Mm v,llllln( 1'T U Mil H i. unilun.iimiii u i h,nii iilhi'i i> i! i/ [ M 1 UU H H 1 v L si, Hltl ( hni.i il'jil (.1,111(1 l-dlllllu'

79 The Original Discounter MCKEY FNN KNOCKOUT WOMAN'S - JUS..N's CLOTUKS NATONALLY ADYKRTSK) FAMOUS MKKS, 102 No. Union Ave- Craniord MCKEY FNN ON ANY PURCHASE OF $25 OR MORE WTH THS COUPON «. [. i f i. n '. < ; * HUNG'S R STAURArTT Park Ave., Scotch Plains FNE DNNG and TAKE OUT c 1 f - r c ^ P ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^^^^m ^^^^w ^^^H^fr ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 00 OFF ANY ORDER OF '15.00 <Ts* Not ncluded) Not to be Combined wilh Any Other OMer Not Valid On Luncheon Special TREASURE GARDEN 5 OO OFF 616 nman Ave., Colonia COCKTAfL ANY ORDER OF'25.00 (Tun Not ncluded) Noi lo tjc Combined w>th Any Other Otter Not Valid On Luncheon Special ^U' BURGER KNG i FR 990 WHOPPER ^ ' with purchiiso (>i n C R O S A N T'W C H, Whopper Sandwich [ ' f, 1st- ir * - < i r > Scotch Plnins Findcrno Avo f J lninfiglc1 South Avr Groon Brook Ml. :?2 West Union Ml. V.2 Last t ( M[H in hrinii m < i i i r 1111 f i n t * 11 M mt-r,n< ht v.uni U (! i rm ]i r Ml t J1 1 Tf." n l l j ' i ' M t yl 'J i' * ' j l ^ i i i l ( K M - ' [>i-r i i r.» WALL STREET DRY CLEANERS Avr. t i. SAML DAY SZMVCL n hy 1 1 Out by OO42 " i ;n «; r n r t " FREE rf?( '; l~ SUPER COUPON rw An Y Dry Cleaning j Off Order of '20 or More Wall Street,- 1 n.-^ - c,o ' WnH Sirnnl Dry Cl rk4 i H j _i s,vitti t.iitu i f.>r t M mtu uis ( )if * u % ( ',)T l l y SUPER COUPON FREE Dry Glocinm< u*f Oni' ^-r^of*"? l^ml ^ * wilh cuvniifhi of ;> ciuipr smis 1 '

80 FREE i 2 FREE sunenca TM«,AM.VCLU., U N F O R M GRAND OPENNG _ artia Where ramifies Grow Strong Together i.?\iz ^ * * With 2 Week Taekwondo Course 1814 East 2nd Street 990 nman Avenue g**^*^ Scotch Plains Edison S 29 K,? (Corner of Park A E. 2nd Si > ^m ^0 UHiyj R7.CCRC; Exp Nov PRVATE Taekwondo Lessons (Adults Only) Exp. Nov North Ave, Westfield 9O O8-388-O oo ; OFF Complete Pair Of Eyeglasses and/or Must be presented at the time of exnm. Not valid with any ot.vft'/r t/tc //saw/ S/f At**ft i t/t)tt (f/t*i</ it T nterqbs FNE NTEROR DESGN Window Treatments Carpeting Fabrics Accessories Wallcovering Fioor Plans Furniture Bedroom Ensembles Be One of our many satisfied clients 601 Central Ave, Westfield (908) $50 OFF! REUPHOLSTERY S50 off every upholstered Chair or Sofa NTERORS 601 Central Avc Westfield CARPETNG S50 off each room of wall to wall carpeting ' Coupon txpires Oci 31, 1992 BULDERS'GENERAL SUPPLY COMPANY 336 CENTENNAL AWE MUM ME. (908) (908) VtSJK GOOD TOWARDS OFF PURCHASE OF S25 OR MORE CASH OM CULL/>:i i.,ahr; O L MS T 1 Pf M H^JUSLHCH. SAL L 111 Mi-.i (. X t; L!.[>E" [ '- i:i; : _ '_i i

81 ilk- WoiiHn\ in A/AAV <.t i*etite iutsltiotts! Career Casual Outerwear Lingerie Swtmwear 15 No. Union Ave. Cranford, N.J. 9O O88 $$$ On All all lutshifjh /on $25 purchase $ 10o F/on $50 purchase rf*^h ^^kof) ZCJOFF/ on $100 purchase Not combined w/iiny olmfr offer or *('?? "The Experts in CUSTOM DRY CLEANNG" 44 North Avenue CRANFORD Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7-6; Sat. 7-5 SUPER COUPON Any with Dry Cleaning Order Laundered Shirt of *10 or more, No limit Exp. Oct. 31, 1992 SWAN CLEANERS O j GARFELD'S SPORTS LOUNGE & RESTAURANT UNON COUNTES ft 1 and ONLY SPORT LOUNGE NORTH AVENUE PLAZA 501 NO AVE.. GARWOOD BG oo OFF! ANY DNNER ENTREE "*** *^- L^pires Nov. 11», t9**2 'j.mih Avirajf Pi A;A # VH NO AVT ("lanvvo-" H pdresses Skins Sweaters Blouses Jackets Pnnts Accessories $10.00 OFF ANY PURCHASE OF S5O.O0 OR MORE Mn.'iv ^ ' '/i-'s c: " T( "' ASK AE^.^U f >UM $ 25T66 ^5F F ANY PURCHASE OF S OR MORE * 1OG7 F^AF^TAN RD. f CLARK 0/0G ,...<i'.-

82 ^Unlimited Join Our Wine-Of-The-Month Club 1120 South Ave. Westfield From Dvllvry to WesttivHS A Scotch Plains $ 2 off Any 1.75 Liquor Sate itvnik c.tclttiletf Wines Unlimited i % off Any Six Bottles of Wine (Miit or Maters),- Wines Unlimited ; 15% off any mix and match case of wine Salr it ruts r.\chau'tl L:*P Wines Unlimiied 10 "3* "9; 750 ml Beringer White Zinfandel Wile itftji i t M ii Wines Unlimited 92 "A Full Sorvice Nail Salon 11 At Rree?in OPEN SUNDAYS latte Nite Appts. Available! Hrs: Wad.. Thur»., FrL 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Sat. & Sun. 9 a.m.-3 p.m. 123 North Union Ave. Cleveland Plaza Cranford, N.J. 276-O676 l MANCURE PEDCURE 15 TPS SET W/WRAP 3O SET OF WRAPS sr**\oo -,* '-:, i ^ ''4' n The E L L Y P P L E Children's Clothimj ami Accessories Sizes layette - 41, 4-14 Always up to 3O% OFF 329 South Avc.AV West field, (908) FREF PARKFNC, N KFAK Tliis Couptjn Cidod For An Additional S 5 OFF on Minimum Purchase of *25' H Valid thru 10 ;U 92 Tins Coupon < iooti ["or An Additional S 1O OFF on Mininunn Puitliasi* of \iicl thru 10 ;* 3 r Buye> Hoses ( i and c;et (3 FREE i i > ' v^ - v y 1818A East 2nd Street Scotch Plains , %»A,\ W/\uiy pure KM 1 /\l\'lil loo 11 r * v.'i.'. H r t. H

83 BULDERS'GEN ERvAJ. SUPPLY COMPANY GOOD TOWARDS PURCHASE OF $50 OR MORE CASH OR CREDT CARD ONLY LMT 1 PER HOUSEHOLD SALE TEMS EXCLUDED Coupon Expires 11 ^4 92 McDonald's McDonald's 216 North Ave. Garwood * ^- r.; i - ' ;..V '. 8 OZ. Coffee : i- Any Value Meal 2.99 McDonald's is the place for fast, friendly service and great savings. 1 iil> with purchase of y n: Ci.v :-»/ i. 11 THE WESTFELD DET PLAN 147 Elmer Ave, Westfield THE PROGRAM WTH SELF ESTEEM "We Work Front The nside Out sabel Tabatchmck Maria Chororo::. Dr Harry Powers 7SQ W ^ " r i LOSE 20 POUNDS N 6 WEEKS AND WE WLL REFUND HALF YOUR MONEY BACK Oi.t 3 :,: 1816 E. Second St. Scotch Plains, NJ (908) ! i L 15 OFF Any purchase over $50.00" J.ui. 1 <UKi f 25 OFF j! Any i purchase j over j $100.00"! J.ui., 1 ULK.l "Nol to JU cotnljifufci wilh uny ottic*r oiler. limit cwi»» ptu custornpi.

84 MONKEY Off Rt. 22W t Cor. Somerset St., N. PJainfield (9O8) 755* Morris Ave. t Springfield <cor MQ»H MimumA V < (2O1 ) Fast, Reliable* Courteous Service!! AR FRESHENER w/coupon NO APPONTMENT NECESSARY.NUTK 1 HK A Oil. PROS $6.00 OFF!!! Fl-LL SKKVKK CAR C ARK PAK SOT \ Only $21.95 «,c B s27, 5) 1 p**i t h^ wi m» la V "hn k 1 * U r<ik<k V NJ'S tt\ RETALER OF DANCE WEAR & ACTVEWEAR Capezio Marika Physical Fashions 387 Millbum Ave., Millburn, N.J. (201) Lenox Ave., Westfield, N.J. (906) Rt 27 (Metro Park) Edison (908) All Merchandise. (No! valid with any other promotion.) With this coupon expires 11/30/92 Konny's lor Physical Fashion Hershey's At Mi'rsht'v' 1. KiMitlu/nrth BUY ONE WHOLE SUB GET HALF A SUB o JM LUMO COV ( f* Ht F j fi', 1 :'! Jll.liS ust* coupon four times 2 t,. -t 2O% 502 Boulevard, Kenilworth : OFF n* >[ v,i h< 1 \K , 1-8 OO [_ on c:c)l.d CUT illlv OKDFK t h + *1 iff -T S 1 if S j l l ' t U\ts _ J imousiiie Ltd. i 592 Springfield Ave., Westfioki!:\[>crit'//<* ///*' (inindi'ur of mir Luxury St'tltm.s X i/uol/i Stn-fcfuw j U! 1)1)1 \(,S AH1 Ol'K SPECALTY, 1 O< Al Avl '.[ HV(.[ AVAAS1U- ;u HOH!.( UVK A1 ( ';; 11 ALL ARPORTS , > (ift.!;;::::'::: <> *. f (i<j u $ o ANY : ;L DAN S UVK ;[_ $ 10 OFF AM*. M( SM J - < *

85 Clark,NJ County Home Security (908) "Making Our Communities A Sufer Phicc to Live" Local Home ami Business Security Alarm Company Looking to establish bigger customer reference base in Union Countv. i i SECURTY ALARM SYSTEMS 300( uunt> llomr Sec. Fully nsured up to $1,000,000 References Avjihthic 15 years nl installation experience Lifetime Warranty cm Parts iv L.t JKKJ: No-ObliiMMtm l r.stimales One Guipoti per estimate Oifa expnes 12 <*2 * 3 2 EASTMAN ST., CRANFOKD $ Jewelers 1 JF\AA Any Purchase UU over s 50 m Cannot be igfnbi'ied wany otht?t utft-r lynek Jewelers (l!a/\aa ^ #1 UU Any Purchase Over MOO- fvoff E WS N,30,i9 W C.'innut be cominfif'd w any other otier Hair Designs For Men and Women Customers Only With Opt#r*itors _ «J"^P ^2 ^ ^ -^ HA'R'CUT 13 NOflM Ave. E. N**w Cu^lom«rs Only.With S«(HCHC1 Cranford, New Josey L ^ JL^2? 2 Jt^ MOGENDORF ERRAND SERVCE 908-^ CALL TODAY FOR A ^NOOBUGATON PRCE QUOTE MENTON THS COUPON Af Ti H PRCE UUOTi ANH T AK( : 25% OFF (. v- in F K"- T A ll,mi >?;*.< \ N [ WE RUN ALL TYPES OF ERRANDS LAUNDRY - SHOPPNG POST OFFCE VDEO/BOOK RETURN HOUSE STTNG CAR THROUGH NSPECTON CAR TO AND FROM SERVCE STATON PET CARE * WATER *LAMTS - WATTNG FOR DEUVERT OX REPARMEN PAPER AND MAL PCK-UP OTS, LOTS MORE

86 490 Boulevard, Kenilworth We* Chart u* & (OVM All J'rrscrtpiMiri Ptan*. tt Al» Mfiln-.ii 'ollrn 1 Vim W.M Wo O.ish Nrw JiM',i'\ uth'tv > Kt'i, *t Onnr 1u 1lu» t < m<» M,nk*»t (.f f O 'M" i $000 i $O00i $O00i This Coupon is Worth $3 00 Towards The Purchase i Thi r > Coupon ir, Worth nt» is Worth \ GO T he Of $6 00 Or More Of S*> 00 Or More. Of 56 h G Or Mure. BORO DRUGS i BORO DRUGS i BORO DRUGS.»o 1 i l i - 1 S '*. - * Selling it? Next time you need to place a classified ad in the Forbes Newspapers Oasoifiod Section Lise this coupon to save 5O% off the regular cost of advertising Call to place your ad Coupon must be presented at the time of ofder to receive your discount Forbes Newspapers 150% OFF Any Classified 1 Advertisement nt r o d u c ti o r Offor d s not i r ^ c ky \ ed o-i 12/31/92 Jerry f s Leather Works & Shoe Repair We dive Your Shoes Xew Life *.*;:lit!s's Mis S-1 00 VYniit? you \\iv\ only)»\'^;it* U Wait Jb A!A*:*yb Awiil!> :)i* C are 17 Alden St. Cranford r N.J. (9O8) g% Any Repairs of WOFF $10.00 or More h- 1 l $ 3 $ 4 L- Not good w vt -; - :nr?r p'qt!..! C?. Protective Sol 00 OFF Wornens j 00 0FF Men's j COUPONN \ SOLEGUARD, oles VsNVfJf 'J :'-: V^ WORN *T- 3 \ THE y J\ t STOP Your ONK SOP Party Suppiirr Tef^ib Danco Floors Fountjln^ i rrn,!r i ; TJrwi'rs Wlsrilnci Weli'i <. t An<l so ti 1 iio 7 1O Central Avu, Wustflold ^ r BRNG!N TH [ S PARTY T jr s 3-00 off $ 5.00 off any S.iii> at M e r 1, 11 n\ % 1L> or muil 1 uiy ur u f S-''*> or ^- M5.00 off iiny SaU 1 ur Hen!al of S l UU or more.,r,.n

87 The MATTRESS FACTORY Open lo U»e public 1 *-* r-^ M/\n/ * FREE Delivery Mir t Sugg High Brass Spld Tighl C»Morma King 5 Ci»ctfic B«d* of OPEN SUNDAYS -fv* r tuton Fn 1OAU6PU T>»*» tqau^«pm Sal 1GAM LPM Pr»*enl Th*» Coupon Upon Purchase ^-MATTRESS FACTORY FREE Bed Frame or $15.00 Of1 Any Premium Sol GARWOOD EAST HANOVER fn 1UAMT>i'M T\LM% 10AM Prosont This Coupon Upon Purcr\ase -MATTRESS FACTORY FREE Bedding Removal GARWCK3O ^ EAST HANOVER Plut r ^ o- fi 1!ii Computer Systems for Everyone! rhtf* Smalt SyzTcm FREE Free Ee>t\matce> on rcp&\re> and e>y&tcrr\e>. For am of your computing nccde> call Prodigy Software and 24OO b^ud Modem With Any Purchase While Supplier Lae>t> puua AKC Pupplai PUPPf S Ufetfme guarantee Pupplei in the open to hug Lowest Dog food prices 14 RT. 22 WEST. GREENBROOK COMMONS GREEN BROOK 0 0O yards wosl of Rock Avo ) 968-AKC2 TM tn t)* 1 n inv other 5E> nthur HECKMATES RFSTAUP Dining at 210 Somerset Stro?t North Plninfield Checkmates Restaurant 21O Somerset St., No. Plalfifleld Must be of equal or lesser value Expire* 1130/92

88 COMPACT DGTAL AUDO Bring n this Music Staff Coupon OO ALL; OFF CD'S! Purchased At One Time j (Regular Price - n Stock). With Coupon Expires Oct 31,1992 j BRAND NEW r^en'u WTH A WDE SELECTON OF TALAN SPECALTES NEW AFFORDABLE PRCES COMFORTABLE CASUAL ATMOSPHERE For r-o'e tnforr-.o;-: -. O' l :> '^K? teie r va;ons. pussc- :n-:n:; ^ :,: BOULEVARD KENLWORTH, NEW JERSEY Dessert! w/entree i 1 Limit 1 dessert per coupon Empires i Buy t For ovary new paid subscription to a locai Forbes Newspaper, we will give $5 00 to the youth/adult recreation team, high school team or school club of your ctioce To Order Your Subscription Call George a t BOO 300- l J3?1 ul /iif-cfor the price of the weekly Forbes Newspaper in your are;) UU Credit My $5 To. n For My Sub. To Your Name Address lown.,_^ League Of Your Choice F* ttl Out A Semi With Payment To rorbes Ncwspaptis Po.Bc^^^&odmini-iur^N^o/'Jzi i CARPET CLEANNG 2 RMS S RMS RMS S RMS *99 95 C - - J : -! ; # ". ' '-. 1 Chair S Chairs *5J Standard 3 Seat Sofa Slandurd Sofa & Lovesea1*75 00 [t, 1 (i FREE x Room Teflon ) GRGCO Quality Professional Service Since 1960 Catl (908) Or AREA CARPETS CLEANED Protect Your Valuable Carpets By Having Tnem Regularly Cleaned n Our Modtm Fociiiry! Orientals D h u i r * e s * * Hooked Ho if loom Bi aided Any Area Ruy CONVENENT PCK-UP &DELVERY

89 O ' s Casual Clothes lor the entire f'nmily 19 N, Union Ave. Cranford, NJ Any Purchase of* $25 or More From our Kvery Day Discounted Price Coupon P«r Porson Snlc Morns l_ J f.lur JHJ Cjinnnt be comhmotj with other discounts or coupons NDOOR POOL FTNESS CENTER Centennial Ave. Cronforci. NJ 7OQ-7 26O Summer Hours 1 0 am-9 pm -L^*?*** J / Everyday ma* [One Fitness Center Workout Exp With This Coupon CRANFORD POOL (Eountrg Squire Men's Shop Fine Men's Apparel and Tuxedo Rentals 107S Unntan Ko.ul, Clark 3H2-676O » i i OFF! Any New Purchase of. S 5O or more ( coupon per customer not valid i - with any other sales promotion). (Kxpirrs UV i /**2). WESTFELD VACUUM f There's No Comparison! VACUUM TUNE-UP = =. ELECTROLUX KHUY HOOVEt EUHEKA SCANS PANASONC & ALL UMEFtSl t*i 'l 1' 1 lit i 'L *H M i l ii * hi t f, M ' f f nh» nh Me. M. i. + 1J i M >. M M 1. i JH j t i i i '. i i l ' H l,\ 'll i i i 'L '> ' n..- j n *\ **.n MUM JAM L. r3f?oad ST. WESTFTLD FREE BAGS BUY ONE GET ONE G * pllmfl COUPON EXPRES 1 ORECK UPRGHT

90 With This Coupon i HOT AR S<lifao*t j BALLOON FLGHTS " GFT CERTFCATES AVALABLE i i ' OFF per person Great Gift for the Holidays \ Exp '92 i Feminine Touch NTERORS Painting Carpentry Wallpapering and more... Prms COUPON S WORTH"! $ OFF 'No Job Too Petite" WE RE N THE PNK (908) (M<n. $500 00) f.o.:;«-i Ft- C^r'-JTior Job or, Jan j 1 st PFAFF K 1*RKMKR NAMt SKWNG MACH1NKS THE EARDLY T. PETERSEN CO. 224 Elmer St, Westfielcl Ctosed Weds Est 1956 Mowers Sews Vacuums Sales Service Parts From For A Free-Arm Pfaff Machine FREE Needles with German e purchase 1 Selling it? Next time you need to place a classified ad n the Forbes Newspopeis Classified Section use this coupon to save 50% off the focjljkj cost of advertising. Cull \-b<x)-bb<j < M < sb to plaeo your ad. Coupon must L>o prosontod at the tim** of ordor to ror:olvo your discount "ntroductions" Forbes Newspapers 150% OFF 1 Any Classified Advertisement. ads not ncluded. Of tor expires 12/31/92

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92 UT Attention Restaurant Owners On Nov. 5, 1992, Forbes Newspapers will offer you the opportunity to showcase your restaurant for our readers -- your customers. Forbes Newspapers's Dine Out, a special section devoted to restaurants, will be distributed in our newspapers across Central New Jersey, specifically targeting Somerset, Middlesex & Union counties. That's a readership of 312,9,55 people who are always looking for a new dining experience, quick take out food, or simply a good meal. Forbes Newspapers is the local source for restaurant information, so join our exclusive group & show our readers -- your customers -- your specialties. Deadline for this section is Oct. 20, ca 908/ for more information or to reserve your space today. Forbes Newspapers Bound Brook Chronicle, Cranford ChmnlcJtt, rranklln focus Green Brook North Piamfintd Journal. Highland Park Hmald, Mills-BucJrninster Press. ni MetuchervEdfson Review, Middlesex Chronicle, Nuw Brunswick Focus, Piscataway-Dune lion Review, Scotch Plains Trmwood Pruss.SomcMsot Mossongor Gazotio. South Plainiiuld Roportur. Warrorv Wat c hung Journal. Wustfiuld Record

NewsReel. Teamsters Local 399. Motion Picture & Theatrical Division. Secretary-Treasurer Leo T. Reed

NewsReel. Teamsters Local 399. Motion Picture & Theatrical Division. Secretary-Treasurer Leo T. Reed NewsReel Teamsters Local 399 Motion Picture & Theatrical Division Secretary-Treasurer Leo T. Reed Fall 2012 Message from the Secretary-Treasurer By Leo T. Reed An Ambitious Program To Create

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City Newsletter - January 2019

City Newsletter - January 2019 City Newsletter - January 2019 In the City Limits Your Monthly Newsletter Connect with Us! (352) 735-7100 510 North Baker Street Mount Dora, FL 32757 In This Issue Your City Council.......3

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Metuchen Public Educational and Governmental (PEG) Television Station. Policies & Procedures

Metuchen Public Educational and Governmental (PEG) Television Station. Policies & Procedures Metuchen Public Educational and Governmental (PEG) Television Station Policies & Procedures TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 3 Purpose 4 Station Operations 4 Taping of Events 4 Use of MEtv Equipment 5 Independently

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1. Click on the PRODUCTION INFORMATION tab and click on **Professional Project Registration Form**

1. Click on the PRODUCTION INFORMATION tab and click on **Professional Project Registration Form** FIRST STEPS Before applying for a permit with the City of Savannah, the production must first complete a Registration Form with the Savannah Regional Film Commission. You will need to visit their website

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THE ARC RECREATION NEWSLETTER July 2014 August 2014 September 2014 Page 2 THE ARC RECREATION NEWSLETTER All trips must be paid for in full before the event. You will receive a call at least one week prior to the event if you are on

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Choose the correct word or words to complete each sentence.

Choose the correct word or words to complete each sentence. Chapter 4: Modals MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the correct word or words to complete each sentence. 1. You any accidents to the lab's supervisor immediately or you won't be permitted to use the facilities again.

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St. Paul Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Show December 1-3, 2017 St. Paul RiverCentre St. Paul, MN EXHIBITOR KIT

St. Paul Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Show December 1-3, 2017 St. Paul RiverCentre St. Paul, MN EXHIBITOR KIT St. Paul Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Show December 1-3, 2017 St. Paul RiverCentre St. Paul, MN EXHIBITOR KIT EXHIBITOR S TIMELINE October 2 October 30 November 6 November 10 November 10 November 17 November

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Willow Theatre Performance Packet (Artist/Performance)

Willow Theatre Performance Packet (Artist/Performance) SUGAR SAND PARK COMMUNITY CENTER City of Boca Raton Willow Theatre Performance Packet (Artist/Performance) Sugar Sand Park Community Center 300 S. Military Trail Boca Raton, FL 33486 Phone 561.347.3900

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Between Friends Friends of the Adams County Library System June 2014

Between Friends Friends of the Adams County Library System June 2014 Between Friends Friends of the Adams County Library System June 2014 Between Friends is the newsletter of the Friends of the Adams County Library System. Friends of the Library PO Box 4792 Gettysburg,

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December 9, week I meet the Transportation Department.

December 9, week I meet the Transportation Department. December 9, 2016 What an amazing celebration we had this past Saturday, December 3, with the tree lighting on the Plaza de Las Cruces. It showed the promise of a bright and vibrant downtown brimming with

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Contemporary Issues: Problems Facing Our Nation and World

Contemporary Issues: Problems Facing Our Nation and World Elizabethtown Area School District Contemporary Issues: Problems Facing Our Nation and World Course Number: 405 Length of Course: 1 Semester Grade Level: 10-12 Elective Total Clock Hours: 120 Length of

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Facilities Use Fees TYPE OF FEE OR CHARGE

Facilities Use Fees TYPE OF FEE OR CHARGE Facilities Use Fees RESIDENT RESIDENT Greystone Estate Use Fees (Meeting s) (exterior areas beyond the terrace, and events that are not meetings are subject to rates listed above) Non Monday - Friday,

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ACTIVITY: Scavenger Hunts - 12 Life Skill Topics. Competency Area: All

ACTIVITY: Scavenger Hunts - 12 Life Skill Topics. Competency Area: All ACTIVITY: Scavenger Hunts - 12 Life Skill Topics Competency Area: All Activity Objective: Students use scanning skills to locate specific items in the newspaper. Newspaper section: All SPL Level: 2, 3,

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I Tom. L the film starts does the film start? In past simple questions, we use did: L you. I you live do you Live?

I Tom. L the film starts does the film start? In past simple questions, we use did: L you. I you live do you Live? In questions we usually put the subject after the first verb: subject + verb verb + subject I Tom you the house will have was will have was Tom you the house 0 Will Tom be here tomorrow C Have you been

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FRANCISCAN FESTIVAL OF FINE ARTS FRANCISCAN FESTIVAL OF FINE ARTS September 1 & 2, 2018 9:00am till 5:00pm Saturday and 10:00 till 4:00 Sunday (Please note difference in times) Rules, fees, and Information Sept. 12, 2017 If you wish to

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Supervisor, District 3, Board Vice-President CALL TO ORDER/INVOCATION

Supervisor, District 3, Board Vice-President CALL TO ORDER/INVOCATION STATE OF MISSISSIPPI November 15th, 2017 COUNTY OF LOWNDES MINUTE BOOK # BE IT REMEMBERED that a regular meeting of The Board of Supervisors of Lowndes County, Mississippi, was held at The Lowndes County

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Copyright Statement. ATTITUDE TRANSFER SCALE: Primary Form (Grades K-l) This test, administered to students individually, is designed to

Copyright Statement. ATTITUDE TRANSFER SCALE: Primary Form (Grades K-l) This test, administered to students individually, is designed to Copyright Statement WIRE 1983. Distributed by permission of the Western Institute for Research and Evaluation. Reproduction and distribution of these materials are permitted only under the following conditions:

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Los Angeles Ballet s Quartet

Los Angeles Ballet s Quartet Engage Learn Transform MARCH - APRIL 2014 Special performance for Club 1527 Now that She s Gone One-Woman Play written and performed by Ellen Snortland Friday, March 7 at 1:30 pm Now That She s Gone is

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Policy # Title Section #

Policy # Title Section # NUMERICAL ROSTER OF OI POLICIES I = INTERNATIONAL I-1 NO POLICY I-2 NO POLICY I-3 Awards, Appeals 1 I-4 NO POLICY I-5 NCB, Across District Lines 14 I-6 New Club Sponsor, Definition 1 I-7 Awards, Presentation

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities Sponsorship Opportunities Dear Prospective Sponsor: The Town of Huntersville Parks and Recreation Department sponsorship program is designed to effectively market local businesses while making a positive

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custom fused glass tile Important Copy: custom glass tile and fused glass tile Custom Glass Tile

custom fused glass tile Important Copy: custom glass tile and fused glass tile Custom Glass Tile custom fused glass tile Custom Glass Tile Important Copy: custom glass tile and fused glass tile Color Printing in Omak, WA at FedEx Office. Partyline Print is available Wednesday afternoon at the following

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Town of Ballston Community Library

Town of Ballston Community Library Town of Ballston Community Library Check us Out! 2008 Annual Report Mission Statement: The Town of Ballston Community Library shall develop and maintain facilities, resources, and services to meet the

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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ADVISORY COMMISSION INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ADVISORY COMMISSION 7:30 PM, Wednesday, March 26, 2014 1 st Floor Azalea Conference Room Courthouse Plaza (2100 Clarendon Blvd.) In attendance: Chair: Vice Chair: ITAC Members Present:

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THE MINACK THEATRE. Notes for Playing Companies. Please note 2016 amendment to Section 5 - Public Liability & Employer Liability Insurance

THE MINACK THEATRE. Notes for Playing Companies. Please note 2016 amendment to Section 5 - Public Liability & Employer Liability Insurance THE MINACK THEATRE Notes for Playing Companies 2018 Please note 2016 amendment to Section 5 - Public Liability & Employer Liability Insurance Please note 2017 amendment to Section 9 Child Performers Please

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SHORT TERM THEATRE RENTAL RENTAL PACKET (For Tenant & Non-Tenant Use) SHORT TERM THEATRE RENTAL RENTAL PACKET (For Tenant & Non-Tenant Use) We are pleased that you are interested in using one of our spaces for Event. Please carefully read all of the information and complete

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COUNCIL ACTION FORM. The following streets will be within the closed area, but are not part of the race route:

COUNCIL ACTION FORM. The following streets will be within the closed area, but are not part of the race route: ITEM # 19a-f DATE: 06/26/18 COUNCIL ACTION FORM SUBJECT: REQUESTS FOR MIDNIGHT MADNESS BACKGROUND: The annual Midnight Madness races will be held in the downtown area on Saturday, July 14. The event includes

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MAYHEM POETS CONTRACT RIDER AGENCY: Geodesic Management Keith Ghion (p) 646-415-9234 Artist: Kyle Sutton (p) 609-468-3044 MAYHEM POETS CONTRACT RIDER DATE OF ENGAGEMENT: VENUE: PRESENTER:

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Florida Department of Education CURRIUCULUM FRAMEWORK. Digital Television and Media Production

Florida Department of Education CURRIUCULUM FRAMEWORK. Digital Television and Media Production Florida Department of Education CURRIUCULUM FRAMEWORK December 2001 Program Title: Occupational Area: CIP Number Grade Level Length Certification Digital Television and Media Production Industrial Education

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Tivy High School. Band Program

Tivy High School. Band Program Tivy High School Band Program 2014-2015 Handbook Martin Lenard, Director of Bands Kerrville ISD/Tivy High School David Eickbusch, Assistant Band Director Tivy High School Susie Jaksik, Head Band Director

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DRAFT Sandown Cable Access Board Meeting Town of Sandown, NH

DRAFT Sandown Cable Access Board Meeting Town of Sandown, NH 1 2 3 DRAFT Sandown Cable Access Board Meeting Town of Sandown, NH 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Meeting Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 Type of Meeting: Public

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Address Street City State Zip Code. Phone E- Mail. If non-hofstra student, please list your home law school

Address Street City State Zip Code. Phone E- Mail. If non-hofstra student, please list your home law school Office of International Programs 121 Hofstra University Hempstead NY 11549-1210 T: 516-463-4547 F: 516-463-4710 APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION IMMIGRATION LAW AND BORDER

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Winthrop University Police Department. Daily Case Log. Month of January, 2018

Winthrop University Police Department. Daily Case Log. Month of January, 2018 Date Reported: 01/04/2018 Date(s) Occurred: 01/04/2018 Location: Johnson Hall Incident Type: Mischievous Behavior Time Reported: 8:53 AM Time(s) Occurred: 8:53 AM Synopsis: Officer met with the complainant

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Facility Rentals at the Royal Alberta Museum

Facility Rentals at the Royal Alberta Museum The Royal Alberta Museum is one of Alberta s premier cultural venues. Situated in a park overlooking Edmonton s majestic River Valley, and located just minutes west of downtown, the Museum boasts the perfect

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Toccoa Harvest Festival 2017 Application Historic Downtown Toccoa

Toccoa Harvest Festival 2017 Application Historic Downtown Toccoa Toccoa Harvest Festival 2017 Application Historic Downtown Toccoa Welcome: The Toccoa Main Street Program welcomes you to our 41 st annual Harvest Festival. We invite you to be a part of this northeast

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October 13, Absentee voting by machine begins next Wednesday, October 18 th.

October 13, Absentee voting by machine begins next Wednesday, October 18 th. October 13, 2017 New Community Development Director Our quest to hire the best and brightest continues with the filling of the Community Development director position. Larry Nichols has more than 28 years

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Equipment & Hospitality Riders

Equipment & Hospitality Riders Equipment Rider Equipment & Hospitality Riders 1. One (1) Pioneer DJM-900 or better 2. Three (3) Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus or better Ethernet linked (no exceptions)

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VENUE PERFORMANCE FLOW March 15-17, 2018 Indianapolis, IN

VENUE PERFORMANCE FLOW March 15-17, 2018 Indianapolis, IN Music for All National Festival, presented by Yamaha VENUE PERFORMANCE FLOW March 15-17, 2018 Indianapolis, IN National Presenting Sponsor The following document contains important information and details

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Dear Fellow Educator:

Dear Fellow Educator: Dear Fellow Educator: On behalf of Hofstra s Department of Political Science and Model United Nations Club, I would like to invite your high school to participate in the seventh annual Hofstra University

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Township of Egg Harbor August 15, 2011 Planning Board

Township of Egg Harbor August 15, 2011 Planning Board Township of Egg Harbor August 15, 2011 Planning Board Solicitor: Engineer: Planner: Christopher Brown, Esq.(Ted Strickland, Esq., in attendance for Solicitor Brown) James Mott, P.E. (Mott and Associates),

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TWIC IMPLEMENTATION ACCESS AND ESCORTING AAPA Port Operations, Safety and Information Technology Seminar TWIC IMPLEMENTATION ACCESS AND ESCORTING June 10,2009 STATUS OF ENROLLMENTS Mobile has the sixth highest number of enrollments of the 146

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The BiO gives all 8 days of Bulverton evening events and LNEs and full Week Festival Camping.

The BiO gives all 8 days of Bulverton evening events and LNEs and full Week Festival Camping. SIDMOUTH FOLKWEEK 3 TO 10 AUGUST 2018 BUYING GUIDE & TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1 WHAT FESTIVAL TICKETS TO BUY AND WHEN? To help you in planning your own Festival there are Festival long All-In-One, Bulverton-In-One

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Unpaid Internship - Job Description

Unpaid Internship - Job Description Unpaid Internship - Job Description College Internship Description: The iheartmedia Internship Program (unpaid for college credit only) has been designed to provide qualified college and university undergraduate

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Other Pronoun Rules. Exercise One: Choose the correct pronoun in each sentence below.

Other Pronoun Rules. Exercise One: Choose the correct pronoun in each sentence below. Other Pronoun Rules 1. Pronouns which follow linking verbs (be, being, been, am, is, are, was, were, and forms of seem, appear, remain, and become) should be in the subject form (I, he, she, we, they).

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What Clauses. Compare the following sentences. We gave them some home-made ice cream. What we gave them was some home-made ice cream.

What Clauses. Compare the following sentences. We gave them some home-made ice cream. What we gave them was some home-made ice cream. What Clauses What clauses is a part of a noun clause. It is used as a subject or an object of the sentence. For example: What he said was interesting. What he said is a noun clause. It is used as the subject

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AGENDA Cable TV Commission

AGENDA Cable TV Commission AGENDA Cable TV Commission 6:00 PM - Thursday, January 22, 2015 Coho Room, 130 East Sunset Way, Issaquah WA Page 1. CALL TO ORDER 6:00 PM 3 a) Commission Membership 2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES 6:01 PM 4-8 a)

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FILMSF FUNDING $239,342 $400,000 ANNUAL REPORT FY 13/14 COLLECTED BY THE FILM OFFICE GRANTS FOR THE ARTS PROVIDED FILMSF ANNUAL REPORT FY 13/14 FilmSF works to develop and promote film activities in San Francisco. We proactively market San Francisco as a filming destination for the motion picture, television, advertising

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MHS H A N D B O O K MHS H A N D B O O K 2018-2019 ORCHESTRA HANDBOOK 2018-2019 A handbook for the orchestras at: Midway High School 8200 Mars Drive Waco, Texas 76712 254.761-5675 X 6 Go to Dr. Benson s teacher

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Chaska Event Center City of Chaska Parks and Recreation Department

Chaska Event Center City of Chaska Parks and Recreation Department Chaska Event Center City of Chaska Parks and Recreation Department FACILITY RENTAL AND CEREMONY INFORMATION The Chaska Event Center (CEC) is located in the heart of Chaska s downtown area. The CEC provides

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Thinking Involving Very Large and Very Small Quantities

Thinking Involving Very Large and Very Small Quantities Thinking Involving Very Large and Very Small Quantities For most of human existence, we lived in small groups and were unaware of things that happened outside of our own villages and a few nearby ones.

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Policies, Responsibilities & Fees for Use rev rev. 2013

Policies, Responsibilities & Fees for Use rev rev. 2013 Policies, Responsibilities & Fees for Use 2.14.12 rev. 7.3.12 rev. 2013 The Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy is a non-partisan center that is also home to the Chancellor s Honors Program and

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Date February 2, Recreation and Park Commission Operations Committee. Philip A. Ginsburg, General Manager Dana Ketcham, Division Head.

Date February 2, Recreation and Park Commission Operations Committee. Philip A. Ginsburg, General Manager Dana Ketcham, Division Head. Date February 2, 2017 To: Through: From: Recreation and Park Commission Operations Committee Philip A. Ginsburg, General Manager Dana Ketcham, Division Head Dana Ketcham Subject: Joseph L. Alioto Performing

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Q. But in reality, the bond had already been. revoked, hadn't it? It was already set at zero bond. before September 21st, specifically on September --

Q. But in reality, the bond had already been. revoked, hadn't it? It was already set at zero bond. before September 21st, specifically on September -- 0 0 September st, correct? Q. But in reality, the bond had already been revoked, hadn't it? It was already set at zero bond before September st, specifically on September -- A. The bond was revoked on

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APPENDIX L MODEL STATEMENT APPENDIX L MODEL STATEMENT Assume in a hypothetical case that William Billiard confessed to shooting John Jones to death with a handgun during the course of a robbery that occurred in an alley in the 1300

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Lancaster Performing Arts Center RENTAL FEES and Policies

Lancaster Performing Arts Center RENTAL FEES and Policies Physical Address: Mailing Address: City of Lancaster 750 West Lancaster Blvd ATTN: LPAC Rental Office Lancaster, CA 93535-3816 44933 Fern Ave LPAC Rental Administrator (661) 723-5932

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Gwinnett County Public Schools Honor Orchestra Program Handbook

Gwinnett County Public Schools Honor Orchestra Program Handbook Gwinnett County Public Schools Honor Orchestra Program 2016-2017 Handbook Gwinnett County Public Schools Vision Gwinnett County Public Schools will be a system of world-class schools where students acquire

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Youth Theatre of Hardin County HELLO, DOLLY! ~ Cast & Crew Contract, April 26 July 21

Youth Theatre of Hardin County HELLO, DOLLY! ~ Cast & Crew Contract, April 26 July 21 Youth Theatre of Hardin County, April 26 July 21 Page 1 For clarification please contact Betty Marsee, 270 765 5421 or MEMBERSHIP To audition for this production of HELLO, DOLLY!, you

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PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP PUBLIC SCHOOLS Board of Education Administration Building 1695 Hylton Road, Pennsauken, New Jersey 08110

PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP PUBLIC SCHOOLS Board of Education Administration Building 1695 Hylton Road, Pennsauken, New Jersey 08110 PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP PUBLIC SCHOOLS Board of Education Administration Building 1695 Hylton Road, Pennsauken, New Jersey 08110 BOARD OF EDUCATION MEETING ADDENDUM Monday, November 19, 2018 PERSONNEL 1. RECOMMEND

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NJAJE Executive Board Meeting Omega Diner, North Brunswick, NJ Monday, January 19, 2015, 8:30 PM

NJAJE Executive Board Meeting Omega Diner, North Brunswick, NJ Monday, January 19, 2015, 8:30 PM NJAJE Executive Board Meeting Omega Diner, North Brunswick, NJ Monday, January 19, 2015, 8:30 PM Call to order David May - 8:56am Attendance: Jeff Haas, Dave May, Jeff Lesser, Mike Anzuini, Jeff Kunkel,

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TD TORONTO JAZZ FESTIVAL VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK 2014 Serving the Jazz Community Since 1987

TD TORONTO JAZZ FESTIVAL VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK 2014 Serving the Jazz Community Since 1987 TD TORONTO JAZZ FESTIVAL VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK 2014 Serving the Jazz Community Since 1987 Turn up the jazz and explore the TD Toronto Jazz Festival as it plays nonstop from June 19 June 28, 2014. Uniting

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I thought it would be useful to append a list of our main points from Wednesday s meeting on the next page.

I thought it would be useful to append a list of our main points from Wednesday s meeting on the next page. Independent Producers Scotland Film City Glasgow 401 Govan Road GLASGOW G51 2QJ Friday 23 rd January 2015 Dear Members of Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee, Thank you for taking notice of the state

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CITY OF ISSAQUAH CABLE COMMISSION CITY OF ISSAQUAH CABLE COMMISSION December 4, 2014 Police Facility 6:00 Coho Room MEMBERS PRESENT Max Emrick, Vice Chair Ed Authier Open Robert Gonzales Robert Stephens, Chair (phone) ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF

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NEUSE REGIONAL LIBRARY NEUSE REGIONAL LIBRARY CIRCULATION POLICY POLICY #2014-01 Revised March 15, 2011 Revised July 31, 2012 Revised December 9, 2014 Revised June 15, 2016 Table of Contents I. Purpose... 3 II. Registration...

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Special Event Calendar. Go to top

Special Event Calendar. Go to top Special Event Calendar Go to top Go to top Just ASK for Information about Senior Services in Union County Union County residents seeking information about services for senior adults age 60 and older can

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BoardDocs Pro Page 1 of 3 3/31/2014 Agenda Item Details Meeting Mar 26, 2014 - City Commission Meeting Category Subject Access Type Fiscal

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Handbook for Musicians and Parents

Handbook for Musicians and Parents Handbook for Musicians and Parents 2018-2019 Season Musicians and Parents are asked to read this carefully! Please note the following pages at the end of the Handbook: Tuition Payment Form (p. 7) KVYSO

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OAK PARK CONSERVATORY RENTAL INFORMATION OAK PARK CONSERVATORY RENTAL INFORMATION FOR WEDDINGS, SPECIAL EVENTS & BIRTHDAY PARTIES The Oak Park Conservatory is owned and operated by the Park District of Oak Park and is one of the top three historical

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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees MINUTES

Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees MINUTES Anderson Union High School District Tim Azevedo, Superintendent 1469 Ferry Street Anderson, CA 96007 (530) 378-0568 Board of Trustees Butch Schaefer, President Ron Brown, Clerk of the Board Chris Carmona

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Hopkins County-Madisonville Public Library LIBRARY USE

Hopkins County-Madisonville Public Library LIBRARY USE Every resident of Hopkins County is encouraged to use the Public Library facilities via Main Library, Bookmobile, or Branch Library. Each library card applicant must furnish all information requested on

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Forest Grove Middle School Band Handbook

Forest Grove Middle School Band Handbook Forest Grove Middle School Band Handbook 2013-2014 Bradley J. Esau Director of Bands Terrance Davis Principal 1 Table of Contents Welcome Letter to Students and Parents...3 Mission Statement and Program

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RADIO STATION. WWPH, Princeton Junction

RADIO STATION. WWPH, Princeton Junction 1 RADIO STATION POLICY MANUAL07 FCC LEGAL ID: WWPH, Princeton Junction STATION FREQUENCY: 107.9 FM (NOTE: While not required by the FCC, we prefer that our announcers state the frequency before the FCC

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Beginner Band Handbook

Beginner Band Handbook Beginner Band Handbook 2018-2019 Beginner Band Jennifer Borders, Director of Bands Logan Stalcup, Lance Walker, Basil Bouras, Associate Directors Connor Pickle, Percussion Specialist Dear Band Parents

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APPENDIX J Richmond High School Performing Arts Theater Usage Policy (December 2018)

APPENDIX J Richmond High School Performing Arts Theater Usage Policy (December 2018) APPENDIX J Richmond High School Performing Arts Theater Usage Policy (December 2018) This usage policy agreement outlines policies and procedures for usage and rental of the Richmond High School Performing

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The Lerbäck theatre barn conversion of an old barn into a theatre

The Lerbäck theatre barn conversion of an old barn into a theatre This series of informative fiches aim to present, in summary, examples of practices and approaches that EU Member States and Regions have put in place in order to implement their Rural Development Programmes

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- 1 - LICENSEE S INFORMATION: (Please complete all for processing) Licensee s Name: Licensee s Address: City, State, Zip Code:

- 1 - LICENSEE S INFORMATION: (Please complete all for processing) Licensee s Name: Licensee s Address: City, State, Zip Code: SOLVANG FESTIVAL THEATER APPLICATION AND STANDARD LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR USE OF SOLVANG FESTIVAL THEATER FACILITIES This document, when properly executed by all parties, represents permission by Solvang

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Town Hall Use Policy Established February 22, 1999 rev. June 22, 2007

Town Hall Use Policy Established February 22, 1999 rev. June 22, 2007 Town Hall Use Policy Established February 22, 1999 rev. June 22, 2007 Purpose: The Hudson Town Hall houses the various governmental departments and their employees, and elected and appointed boards. Space:

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The Region s Largest and Best Attended Home Show! FEBRUARY , Rockland Community College Field House Arena, Suffern, New York

The Region s Largest and Best Attended Home Show! FEBRUARY , Rockland Community College Field House Arena, Suffern, New York 32nd Annual SUBURBAN HOME SHOW The Region s Largest and Best Attended Home Show! FEBRUARY 22-23 - 24, 2019 Over 400 Display Booths featuring state-of-the-art products and services for

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May 8-11, Wisconsin State Fair Grounds West Allis, WI EXHIBITOR KIT

May 8-11, Wisconsin State Fair Grounds West Allis, WI EXHIBITOR KIT May 8-11, 2013 Wisconsin State Fair Grounds West Allis, WI EXHIBITOR KIT EXHIBITOR S TIMELINE Immediate Immediate April 26 Room reservations at area hotel Balance due for exhibit space Wisconsin Temporary

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Akron-Summit County Public Library. Collection Development Policy. Approved December 13, 2018

Akron-Summit County Public Library. Collection Development Policy. Approved December 13, 2018 Akron-Summit County Public Library Collection Development Policy Approved December 13, 2018 COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT POLICY TABLE OF CONTENTS Responsibility to the Community... 1 Responsibility for Selection...

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RESPONSE OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THEATRE OWNERS (NATO) To the report and recommendations of The Federal Trade Commission

RESPONSE OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THEATRE OWNERS (NATO) To the report and recommendations of The Federal Trade Commission RESPONSE OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THEATRE OWNERS (NATO) To the report and recommendations of The Federal Trade Commission Approved by the NATO Board of Directors November 2, 2000 Phoenix, Arizona

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Vice President, Development League of American Orchestras

Vice President, Development League of American Orchestras Vice President, Development League of American Orchestras New York, NY Send Nominations or Cover Letter and Resume to: Zena Lum Search Director 617-262-1102

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Savannah Film Commission 2009 Annual Report

Savannah Film Commission 2009 Annual Report Savannah Film Commission 2009 Annual Report Savannah Film Office Mission The mission of the Savannah Film Office is to weave the film and television industry into the fabric of Savannah s social, economic

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Leibowitz, et al. ORGANIZATION bill analysis 5/13/2009 (CSHB 821 by Hancock) Creating a TV manufacturer based TV recycling program

Leibowitz, et al. ORGANIZATION bill analysis 5/13/2009 (CSHB 821 by Hancock) Creating a TV manufacturer based TV recycling program HOUSE HB 821 RESEARCH Leibowitz, et al. ORGANIZATION bill analysis 5/13/2009 (CSHB 821 by Hancock) SUBJECT: COMMITTEE: VOTE: Creating a TV manufacturer based TV recycling program Environmental Regulation

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The Midwest Clinic International Band and Orchestra Conference Performance Trip. Chicago - December 2017

The Midwest Clinic International Band and Orchestra Conference Performance Trip. Chicago - December 2017 The Midwest Clinic International Band and Orchestra Conference Performance Trip Chicago - December 2017 Agenda Midwest Performance Trip Parent Information Meeting Music Booster President Introduction Fundraising

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Chapter 13: Conditionals

Chapter 13: Conditionals Chapter 13: Conditionals TRUE/FALSE The second sentence accurately describes information in the first sentence. Mark T or F. 1. If Jane hadn't stayed up late, she wouldn't be so tired. Jane stayed up late

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Broadcasting Ordinance (Chapter 562)

Broadcasting Ordinance (Chapter 562) Broadcasting Ordinance (Chapter 562) Notice is hereby given that the Communications Authority ( CA ) has received an application from Phoenix Hong Kong Television Limited ( Phoenix HK ), a company duly

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LOCATION OWNER S GUIDE LOCATION OWNER S GUIDE What you need to know if a production company comes calling Millions of dollars are added to the state s economy each year by film and video production companies and commercial still

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THEATER RENTAL AGREEMENT THEATER RENTAL AGREEMENT 1. Responsible Party: Name Organization Address Phone Email 2. Rental Option : Facility only Facility and film 3. Purpose of Rental: 4. Time of Use - Please fill in date and times

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SEASON 1. INFORMATION & FAQs SEASON 1 INFORMATION & FAQs What is the registration process this season? Registration will begin ONE day prior to the audition day. You can come to the venue and register during designated times on the

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$ + $ + $ = $ Booth Fee Corner Fee Electric Fee Total Fees Due. Exp. / Signature

$ + $ + $ = $ Booth Fee Corner Fee Electric Fee Total Fees Due. Exp. / Signature OFFICE USE ONLY EXH# BOOTH # Application Deadline - When Full There is not a specified application deadline for this event however all categories are limited and are subject to being closed before the

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Covington High School Intermediate Concert Band Syllabus

Covington High School Intermediate Concert Band Syllabus Covington High School Intermediate Concert Band Syllabus STUDENT EXPECTATIONS In order to create the most positive learning environment and for everyone to have the best musical experience possible the

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35 th Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival Arts & Crafts Vendor Application

35 th Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival Arts & Crafts Vendor Application 35 th Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival Arts & Crafts Vendor Application SPONSORED BY: THE BRUNSWICK COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE PO Box 1185 Shallotte, NC 28459 (910) 754-6644 WHERE: Causeway Drive

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English as a Second Language Podcast ESL Podcast 217 Lost and Found

English as a Second Language Podcast  ESL Podcast 217 Lost and Found GLOSSARY Lost and Found a place that holds lost items for people until they come to find them * I left my glasses at the theater last night, and I m hoping someone turned them in to the Lost and Found.

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Student/Parent Handbook

Student/Parent Handbook Sabin Middle School Student/Parent Handbook 2018-2019 Melissa Shank Band Director The Student/Parent Handbook is a guide to help students and parents understand more about the expectations for the band

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YAGP 20th Anniversary Season Final Tour Guide New York City, NY - April 12-20, 2019

YAGP 20th Anniversary Season Final Tour Guide New York City, NY - April 12-20, 2019 YAGP 20th Anniversary Season Final Tour Guide New York City, NY - April 12-20, 2019 Dear Friends, We are thrilled to welcome you to the Youth America Grand Prix 20 th anniversary Final Week. Below, you

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BOARD MEETING MINUTES. February 24, Time: 6:30 pm. Rehearsal Hall. Staff: Laura Lee Mathew Wright. Guests:

BOARD MEETING MINUTES. February 24, Time: 6:30 pm. Rehearsal Hall. Staff: Laura Lee Mathew Wright. Guests: BOARD MEETING MINUTES February 24, 2015 Time: 6:30 pm Rehearsal Hall In Attendance: Dawn Leverett Jim Loder Sheila Weaver Eugene Wong Gary Ambrose Bob Swanson Robert Rust Jim Guenther Shannon Flora Staff:

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RETURN THIS FORM TO THE OFFICE OF THE CHASKA DEPARTMENT OF PARKS & RECREATION Chaska Community Center Theater Rental Application RETURN THIS FORM TO THE OFFICE OF THE CHASKA DEPARTMENT OF PARKS & RECREATION This application form MUST be filled out completely prior to the requested

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