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1 Auto Preview The '94s are coming to f annual auto show Special section Inside Unique boutique Serving cancer survivors takes more than products See page A-6 Magic times two Magic duo 'Blink* at Union County Arts Center See WeekendPlus INSIDE The^festfield Record Thursday, October 7,1993 A Forbes Newspaper 50 cents j Briefs : CAAP meeting : Dr. Mark C. Smith, Superin- ; tendent of Westfield Schools, will speak on the progress of! African-American children in ; the schools at tonight's Con- 1 cemed African-American Par-! ents' meeting. The meeting be- ; gins 7:30 p.m. in the Westfield Community Center, 558 W. i Broad St. : Great expectations ; The Westfield Memorial La- ; brary will present a special program about books and bai bies. Children's librarian Carol ; Wilson will discuss develop- ' rental stages and appropriate books for infants and toddlers. Required registration begins Saturday. Stop in or call Rummage sale A rummage will take place at American Legion Hall, 1003 North Ave. this Saturday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Call for more information. Welcome wagon Don't miss the Welcome Wagon Club's huge garage sale this Saturday at 534 Hillcrest Ave., 10 a.m.4 p.m. Bookworms' feast Tamaques School is hosting its annual book fair next week, Tuesday-Friday, 8:15 a.m.-3:30 p.m. in the gym. See the latest works by popular authors. Addams Family fun Downtown will feature Addams family festivities Oct. 14, 15 and 16. Westfield businesses will offer clues to a crossword puzzle appearing in this paper. Completed puzzles can be left at these businesses by Oct. 14 for entrance in a drawing for a Murder Mystery Dinner for two at B.G. Fields. Other weekend activities include a Scarecrow decorating contest, a showing of The Addams Family movie, hayrides, a display of Chas Addams memorabilia, and shoppers coupons. Roosevelt rocks The Roosevelt School Music Department will hold a fundraiser open to the public at SportsPark USA Oct. 10, 8 a.m.-noon. Coupons can be purchased from the music department or at the event on Route 22 in Union. Call for more information. Blood drive New Jersey Blood Service - and the Westfield- J Mountainside Red Cross will ' hold a blood drive at The Presbyterian Church Oct. 17, 8 a.m.-l:30 p;rn. For more information call or Volunteer your care Contact We Care is seeking volunteers to answer Contact Helplines. The next classes for a required training course begins Oct. 18. For information or to register write P.O. Box 37, Westfield, NJ The Great Pumpkin Franklin School will hold the Great Pumpkin Fair Oct. 23, 10 a.m.-4 p.m, Festivities include a hoyride, a Karate-Trie Kwon Do demonstration, and the return of the Traditional Haunted House. Haunted house The Westfiold Recreation Commission and the Westfield Municipal Alliance arc gearing up for the third annual Ilminted House Oct. 31, 4!) p.m. at the Memorial Pool Complex. Anyone interested in gettinh involved can call 7B9-40BO. French fry fire sparks 8-month ordeal y NtCOU THE RECORD Tom Anspach had no idea how bad things would become in eight months when he entered his kitchen to make some french fries last January. His cooking triggered a fire, a family disaster, and for the Anspachs it's been one setback after another since. Still living in a trailer on his front lawn with his wife and three children after the fire destroyed his home, Mr. Anspach is bracing for another bombshell. Now it's the town of Westfield, which has its laws one of which says it's time for the family to get out of the trailer. "Who in their right mind would want to stay in a situation like this?" Mr. Anspach said. Without a home, the Anspachs simply don't have an alternative right now. Walking into the charred remains of the house, Mrs. Anspach covered her mouth as she and her husband pointed out where this and that used to be. "I just don't care any more what we've lost," she said. "I just want to get back in and get on with my life. Flight now it's like living in limbo." living in limbo has meant life in the "shoe box" for far longer than expected, life in two small rooms for the Anspachs and AUGUSTO F. MENEZES/THE RECORD Rosie, a four-month-old Jack Russell Terrier, shows widened eyes at her first pet blessing on Sunday at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Rector Roger Ard comforts the dog as the Rector's granddaughter and Rosie's owner, Christina Varl, watches. Pets are blessed at St. Paul's By NICOLE A. GAVINO 'H IK RECORD St. Paul's Episcopal Church held a blessing rite for pets on Sunday. "It was kind of a fun, joyous ceremony with a serious message of stewardship," said Emilia Welch, public relations spokesperson for the church. Families brought their dogs, cats, rabbits, and hermit crabs to the church to be blessed by Rector Roger Ard. About CO people came out for the event. "One couple brought their little puppy who had been sick, but somehow managed to get through," Ms. Welch said. "He had been saved." The ceremony and the sermon which followed centered on St. Francis of Assissi, who was friends with all the animals and talked to the animals. TIK- sermon focused on appreciating and looking alter th;a which is given you. "The whole ceremony was based aroknii looiiinu after your pets, as God looks alter :ili >{ hi-. < ITations," Ms. Welch said. Although some of the animals were a iiit scared. and others were a bit loud, they all made it. through without any fights, "There were definitely innii' vua\\ dogs," Ms. Welch said, "they joined tln:ir voice:; in the service." The ceremony allowed pet owners to luivi; their animals blessed and to share a good time with otlvrs, including the priest. "It's just a kind of fun and happy time," Ms. Welch said, "not too serious, one of our lighter events." their children, Kaara, 14, Gina, 15, and Tom, 17. One teenager sleeps on the couch, another on a car seat "In a way, it's brought us closer," said Mrs. Anspach, "but in another way sometimes you can't stand the sound of somebody chewing you just want peace." Peace is something the Anspachs haven't had since last Christmas. After the fire, they should have been able to get back into their home in four or five months. But as Mr. Anspach said, "Every time we think we're ready to move on this, we get hit with another bombshell." Mrs. Anspach said the first mistake was trying to make decisions while they were still in shock. They decided to hire a private adjuster instead of using the one from their insurance company. The Anspachs said the adjuster promised to take care of things for them, acting as a go-between with their insurance company. But after five months, no progress had been made. "We had a lot of trouble even getting in touch with him," said Mrs. Anspach. "It became the story of our lives: "Well call you back." " Not knowing what to do, they hired a lawyer. "He took $600 up front and he never did a thing but keep us hanging for another three months," she said. By this time (Please turn to page A-2) Peru views skew as school board splits 5-4 on trip By HrCOLE A. QAVINO TUEJIECORD In a 5-4 vote, the Westfield Board of Education Tuesday night approved a field trip for next summer to the Amazon Rain Forest for Roosevelt students. The field trip, proposed by sixth grade reading teacher Dr. Joan Horn, will bring 10 students and four adults to Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER) on the Amazon River 100 northeast of Iquitos, Peru. The students will take part in a workshop on the rain forest and Pemvian culture. "They're the ones that can change things," Dr. Horn said, "they're the ones that can save tilings and they are able to teach others." Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Smith agreed, "this trip oflvi-s n unique opportunity that students don't usually have, it may even bo a life-changing experience." I lowcver, several board members expressed concern over safety. "This is a very exciting proposal," Eileen Satkin said, "but what con- How they voted Alter a motion to approva tha itudwit trip to a Peruvian rain forest by Mdba S. Nixon, MOonded by Susan Jacotwon, ttw WacOMd School Board vote): in Favor - Prastdtnt Susan H. Pepper, Vie* President Susan Jacobson. Malba S. Nixon, Benjamin Rulf, Dariollt M. W«l h Opposed Mlctuel W. Fox, B. Carol Mdrw. Eileen Sartdn. WMIam J. cerns me is sending children into an area like Peru, a third world country." Ms. Satkin continued to question safety issues such as political activity and malaria Board Members William Sweeney and Michael Foot questioned the involvement of a public school system in such a trip. "Why is this particular project so different than specialized summer camps that we need to endorse it?" questioned Mr. Sweeney. With opposing votes from Mr. Sweeney, Mr. Fox, and Ms. Satkin along with B. Carol Molnar, the school board passed Dr. Horn's proposal under certain conditions concerning financing the trip. The cost to the student will be (Please turn to page A-2) Russian unrest delays teacher's visit to Kirov By NICOLE A. OAVINO THE RECORD Westfield teacher Elizabeth Hetherington had to postpone her trip to Russia as part of an exchange program until next week due to unrest in Moscow. The Edison Intermediate School reading teacher was scheduled to leave yesterday for Kirov, 500 miles north of Moscow, to live and work with a Russian teacher as part of the American-Russian-Ukrainian Teacher Exchange Program called "Hands Across the Water." Chamber unveils 3-day spooky family weekend The Westficld Area Chamber of Commerce is jumping onto the- Charles Addama bandwagon with an autumn promotion called "Addams Family Weekend," Oct With the guidance of Ron Mao Closkey, Westfield's unofficial Charles Addams historinn, the three-tiny event will celebrate the quirky cartoon characters who originated in Westfield. In the early 1920s, Charles Addams lived on Summit Avenue in Westfield before moving to a house nt S22 Elm St. As a youngster, he became fascinated with two houses one at 411 Elm St. and one nt 229 E. Dudley Ave. and the Presbyterian Church cemetery on Mountain Avenue. These locations became his favorite "haunts," and lasting Ms. Hetherington received a phone call Monday afternoon from the program's director, Erik Mollenhauer, informing her that all the teachers in the program were being advised not to go to Russia this week due to the occupation of the Parliament building and related civil disturbances. "I thought it was a prudent decision," suit! Ms. Hetherington. "We've had quite a bit of contact with Russian teachers, so we have rather current information." Ms. Hetherington said that she and other teachers had anticipated the delay based on their own contacts, even though the civil inspirations for his artistic creativity. Charles Addama began drawing cartoons in the late 1920s for the Wcstfiekl High School literary magazine, The Weather Vane. Even his earliest work showed a bizarre sense of humor and a fascination with coffins, tombstones, and scaring people. His earliest drawings became the basis of sonic 13.0C3 darkly humorous cartoons which became enormously popularized in The New Yorker magazine in the '40s and '50s. Paramount Pictures' Adfiams Family movie, released in 1991, fleshed out the freakish pranksters and made the characters more accessible and enjoyable to nn even wider audience. There will be a special showing of this (Pleaso turn to pngo A-2) disruption does not seern to have reached the outer limits of the country. Although the postponement is only until next Thursday, Ms. I lethcrington said, "It's an inconvenience for both sides of the water because our plans entailed a great many schools and educators." "1 just hope that hy next week everything will lx> restoi-ed to a relative calm." Ms. Ilelherington will be one of 83 teachers across the country heading into Russia next week, 30 of whom are from New Jersey. "We're it-ally just so grateful for this oppothmit.y to visit Russia in this time of change," Ms. Hetherington added. "We are so excited and so happy to even be going." Ms. Hetherington will be living and working in Kirov, an old historical city of about 500,000 people on the Vyatka River. "We're going to absorb their culture, their society, and their educational systems," Ms. Hetherington said, "and engage in a swapping of teaching strategies and materials." Ms. Hetherington is the fourth Westfield teacher to take part in "Hands Across the Water." Previous exchange teachers include Beverly Gcddis, Alan Lantis and John Oshust Crossword contest will launch Addams events An Addams Family crossword puzzle, created by Charles Addams buff Ron MacCloskey. is Lx-ing featured this week at participating businesses of tho Westficld Area Chamber of Commerce Retail Promotions Committee. A large advertisement inchuling the Addnms Family puzzle and the businesses which are participating in the drawing appears in this issue of The Westfield Rvcvni. Also, an insert in this issue has cousxins which are rtxleomahlp at participating businesses. Shoppers are invited to stop into the businesses where Addams Family posters arc displayed to [lick up a copy of the puzzle, to visit the designated businesses to find clues, then to fill in the puzzle and deposit it in the boxes provided. One winner will be drawn at random from among all correct entries received. One person will win a murder mystery dinner for two at B.G. Fields. Deadline for entries is 8 p.m. Thursday! Oct. 14. The winner will be notified by mail or phone Friday, Oct. 15. The drawing is part of "Addams Family Weekend," an nutumn promotion scheduled for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Oct Throughout the weekend, until Halloween, shoppers are encouraged to benefit from special shop x^rs coupons distributed in n local newspaper and available at participating businesses. For more information, contact the Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce at

2 A-2 ttows October 7,1993, Anspachs (Continued IW>m page A-l) the adjuster showed up again after having been in the hospital. 'They should have at least told us what was going on," Mr. Anspach said. As it turned out, the adjuster came through. The Anspaches have finally settled and received their money. The architect's plan is in the making and they have been told everything there will be complete in about six weeks. But, he said, they're not getting what they should. "I know we're taking a loss on the contents or the house, but there comes a time when you just have to let it go." The suffering may not be over yet The permit Tor their "shoe box" home expired. They called the town about an extension, were told they couldn't get one and police would be coming by soon. "I was hysterical," Mrs. Anspach said. "If they tell us to leave I can't even think about that now". Seeking help, the Anspachs contacted Councilman Norman Greco. "These folks are nice everyday people raising a family," Mr. Greco said. "They have been at the mercy of the system and they just need more time. I am seeking re lief from the council to give then that time." Mayor Garland "Bud" Booth* said "it is not the intention of thi town to cause this family any ad ditional grief" He explained th< ordinance controlling the permi has no provisions allowing thi town to give them an extension. As far as enforcement, Mayo' Boothe believes that the town wil not proceed against them. "This i; a situation which arose out of. i tragedy, and the reason the; haven't been able to get the nous > done sooner is again, somethin; that they couldn't control." He said that most matters of thi i nature are brought to the auentioi i of the council, which decide; whether to take actioa ' Town Attorney Charles Brandt said officials hope to amend thfe ordinance itself, so it will offer provisions to get an extension {f there are good reasons. This wijl take at least one month to be approved by council, however. ', In the meantime, the Anspachjs depend on the town to let them stay until their house in ready. Mr. Anspach said, "You just sit here and say what could possibw happen next?" His wife added, "You have to laugh, because otherwise you sit here and cry." KERRE HAGY/THE RECORD Tom Anspach, upper photo, sits on sofa In trailer that has been home for his family of flv* sine* January. Lowar photo shows position of trailer on front lawn of burned Anspach home. Peru views skew * -{Continued from page A-l) limited to $300, and each child will be responsible for earning $100, To complete the funding, Dr. Horn wilt need to raise $16,000. In other business, Board President Susan Pepper announced the long-range planning committee head will be Vice President Susan Jacobson, working with Mrs. Nixon, Mr. Fox, and Mr. Sweeney. A draft of the committee's purpose said it would develop and update long-range plans in areas of demographic projections, educational facilities and finances. THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 140 Mountain Avenue, Westfield, NJ SUNDAY SERENADES Sundays at 4pm October 10 THE BOWART TRIO October 24 Members of THE CHAMBER MUSIC CO-OP All concerts are open to the public Admission is free An offering is received For more information please call COUNTRY \VI SIIRN AND BALLROOM DANCINC, Learn the latest in country western and the basics of ballroom for the beginner and advanced beginner. 6 weeks*$65 per couple*$35 per single BailroomClass-Wed. 8:00 pm Country Weslurn-Wctl. K:30pm To register & fur further info: The YVI 1 11; l)ain(i: & MTMSS SI 11) \\;ilmif Aveiiiic«Cian(oi(l lasses begin Pel. Ulhj. COMFORT BY LA-Z-BOY 9 I 15% O A11251b.-501b. Birdseed Bags Thistle Sale! Any Quantity Birdseed Special We Bring People and Nature Together lb. FreeBirdsecd Storage Buy the seeed on sale... 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3 j» Jtetober 7,1993 A3 W Off and racing Class of '94 editors inspect 1794's Westfield schools' paraphernalia It took a lot of "hot air" to launch the Wettfield Troop 79 Regatta recently, but Mike Attanaslo did his share to pilot hit boat down one of the four 20-foot long rain guard* toward possible victory.» N»COU A. q»wo THEREOORD As the Historical Society documents 200 years of Westfield schools, the high school yearbook staff is preparing to document the year. The Historical Society's first theme exhibit "Living and Learning: Westfield Schools, " focuses on the evolution of the Westfield schools since the first log school house was built around The exhibit contains photos of schools, students, teachers, and sports, along with documents such as old report cards, diplomas, school opening and graduation programs. Highlights include antique sports equipment, an old graduation gown, and copies of the first Westfield school songs. In addition, guests have hands-on access to old publications, including the 'Weather Vane*. According to curator Ralph Jones, 9 out of 10 of the guests visit the exhibit for nostalgia's sake. However, Mr. Jones recognized the benefits for younger guests as well. "I think that they could just get some perspective," Mr. Jones said. 'You can't help but get a broader view. By studying history, you learn about all phases of life." The tri-editors or Westfield High School's yearbook staff agreed as they explored the exhibit "It makes us think about how people are going to look back at our year- Botulism still claiming Tamaques Pond ducks * fey NICOLE A. QAVtNO ber, six ducks were being found THE RECORD Tamaques Pond Mallard ducks tire still dying due to avian botulism. Meanwhile, the town is wait- Ing for results of a consultant's study on the pond before any work!can be done. ;; Resident Michael Felsing said bc ducks were found dead just last «week, "The tremendous amount of dead in only two days, and the Humane Society was continuously called in to pick up sick ducks. "So far we haven't had any more calls about the ducks in Westfield," said Wilfredo Ruiz of the Humane Society. Mr. Ruiz explained that the Society only is called in for sick ducks. The ducks suffer from avian botulism, a bacterial infection which Jrain we've had has helped a little effects their nervous systems, jj>it," Mr. Felsing said, "but we've causing difficulty in breathing, "" pulled quite " a few ducks out walking and flying. Most of the "recently, about six in the last ducks who get sick end up drowning because they cannot keep tueir week." But the situation has improved heads above the water. since last month. During Septem- Low water circulation in the pond and an excess of food, which residents throw into the pond for the ducks, builds situations which foster the growth of the bacteria. As Mr. Felsing said, although the rain has helped water circulation, it has not eliminated the problem. Mr. Felsing and his wife strongly believe that people need to be discouraged from feeding the ducks. Monica Felsing has been tending to the dead and sick ducks at Tamaques and has been approaching park-goers to offer information and discourage duck-feedbig. KERRIE HAGYrTHE REPORTER Tri-edtlors of Westfield High School's '93-'94 yearbook are Chris Black, Sohayla Massachl and Tara McEnerney. book to see what school was like in than it is today," Sohayla said, are only on the surface. "After a 1994, or even more, what life was "They had to be more mature in while you get to know these peo like," Tara McEnerney said. one sense," added Tara. pie, through the things you see Along with fellow seniors Sohayla Masschi and Chris Black, the trio headed to the exhibit to compare the 200 year documentation to their own efforts. First impressions of the old photos and old yearbooks centered on differences in dress and conduct "Everything just seems so much more formal YOUR EXISTING CABINETS RESTORED WE STRIP & REFINISH YOUR CABINETS LIKE NEW EBEK CAI WESTFIELD SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA BRAD KEIMACH, Music Director ALL BEETHOVEN CONCERT SATURDAY, OCT PM in Mr. j o n e s eyes, the changes and read." ITwel Agency. MEXICS CANCUN-6 NIGHTS S 399 Continental Villas Plaza *399 Bonus: Kids Stay & Eal FUSE! Miramar Mission Park Plaza Bonus: Includes 1 Night FREE! $ 469 Fiesta Americana Condesa *579 Fiesta Includes Americana Complimentary Buffet Coral Breakfast Beach sssily *749 ana 1 night FREE! Palace All Inclusive Retorit 90" Astatout our urn* nan-ttop strvlce to Actpuke, p Mtlllo. Huttulco, MM/Puerto Villtrtt from Mem Vottt't JFK Airport starling thit wlnterl WORCO FINANCIAL SERVICES 908/ Warren Licensed Mortgage Banker NJ Dept of Banking fjjsylvan Learning Center Helping kids be their best. Boost your child's grades. Build self-esteem. Programs in reading, math, algebra writing, SATIACT college prep, study smls, homework support and time e IHI MMM EDISON is now easier to try Two new features make Forbes Newspapers' Introductions easier to use than ever. O Introductions Infoline: a recorded message with all the information you need to help you place your written ad, record your voice greeting ana retrieve your messages. Kristen and Russell answer all your questions when you call and ask for extension If you receive a recording that the office is closed, hit * (star button) 6200 on your touch tone phone. 0 Introductions Mailbox: a private mail box you can rent through Forbes Classifieds to receive letters and/or photographs, in addition to voice responses. Ttie introductory rate is only $5.00 a week. Order your mailbox when you place your FREE Introductions ad by calling Forbes Newspapers I EGMONT OVERTURE PIANO CONCERTO No. 3 Richard Flvlds, Soloist Symphony No. 6 Concert Sponsor: Relax Watch/USA and Martin Jtwaters WESTFIELD HIGH SCHOOL DORIAN RD. & RAHWAY AVE. $21 $18 SENIORS $12 STUDENTS FOR INFORMATION CALL (908) Concert mada possible In part by a grant (rom NJ State Council on the Arts/Department of State A Preferred Gallery of Disney Art Editions Presents The Wonderful World of Disney Animation Art Beginning Saturday October 9 thru October 23 WALT I3ISNEY CD. OWALT DISNEY CO. Do not miss the area's first showing of Disney's complete collection of Limited Edition Animation Artwork fromsnow White to Aladdin. T.C.T. FINE ART GALLERY 108 Quimby Street, Westfield Gallery Hours: Mon.-Wcd. 10:30-6:00 B Thurs.-Sm. 10:30-9:00 -Westfield Record- M nm in W person, doudte ocfupancv ^inclui^ I (WWII«Ni«Yoit I JFK) round-dip mporttnuh nmslerc HoW monvrkxklxns. InMl an aid wmetoloui local repftumash Holiday m) puntison e MM I" tfltcsvr KK mou (JaotKt fcwlurcs A««at Ul LlHHH. lildm't. 1. " *"1 - -" i» «y*.***r» >~< CMnilld Aad S28OO to above isles U) U com US Otpirtut u.< *7tapt*n FM MK Mem* *t»m* u. MOB M THw fcte fcjte n (*5( Bwm «) in wbiki IO t* lernrs ml conmorc r it* Dptntn'i Tow Hrtdtttm «(n«mrt **& must tx mntc ma utintfk mm ntfinea SGI, SNAKE, INC. 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4 A-4 Westfield Record October 7, Commentary Hits & misses Autumn's colorful, bracing, historic hits miss their mark for Halloween haters, etc. HIT: Days like Saturday and Sunday when clear skies, cool temperatures, just the hint of leaves pondering color changes, and a rich variety of community outdoor activities made all right with the world in autumn. MISS: Days like Saturday and Sunday when in the midst of all the botanical and meteorological fall splendor, homewoners encountered fleeting thoughts of gutters and lawns steadily filling ivith brightly colored, fallen leaves, JUT: Columbus Day will be celebrated on Monday the 11th when Americans are reminded of Jhe dramatic story of Christopher Columbus and Jiis quest for discovering the Orient, and of the Relatively young, democratic national melting J)ot in which we live. JVIISS: The realization that last year's quinccntejnary of the arrival of Columbus in the Caribbean jivas a fizzle in this country. p : The sight, smell and taste of Fresh apple.juicier warmed and simmering with a bundle of ^cinnamon sticks submersed in it at an outdoor Jjrraft fair at the local church or park. JJMJS.S: The fact that yellow jackets, aggressively ^seeking to bolster hive stores of goodies for the Jjcoming winter also are attracted to the sight, smell and/or taste of apple cider with cinnamon sticks simmering in the bright autumn sunlight. HIT: Halloween preparations and the excitement of youngsters planning costumes, parties, and neighborhood routes on the big day. MISS: Householders who: run out of candy on the "big day," are saddened by the violent-prone heroes represented by the costumes on the kids, and endure petty vandalism inflicted in the name of pre-halloween "mischief night" pranks. HIT: The pamphlets, phone calls, volunteers at the supermarket and visits to the home by candidates for local office. There is an exhiliration, or at least a bit of satisfaction, in the spectacle of democracy once again giving great value to the currency of the individual citizen's vote. MISS: The chilling realization that the Oct. 4 deadline to register to vote in the Nov. 2 election has come and gone, and too many voters, too distracted to have registered in time, will have to sit out the big voting day next month. HIT: Breaking out that favorite sweater for shelter against the autumn's chill. MISS: That persistent "moth ball" aroma that comes off the sweater. Letters to the editor 'Commissioner' Boothe sets letter writer straight To The Record: Your issue of Sept 23 included a letter from an admirer of mine in Linden. His letter intermingled two topics, my commitment to recycling rind my involvement as a commissioner of the Utilities Authority at the same time I am serving as Mayor of Westfield. I would like to respond to both points. As the senior member of the authority in terms of continuous service, I have been firmly and intensively dedicated to the goal of recycling. When the state mandated that Union County put a recycling program in place in the summer of 1987, I was heavily involved in the planning of that program and in bringing it about in the fall of The program that was started up from scratch by the authority JIIIAV to be both economical and successful, although it had its rough points and problems over the year.;. The program had effectively provided ree\\ hiij.,' for most of the communities in the western part of the county. It is ludicrous to question my commitment to recycling, but it is also true that I am quite aware of all Teen's letter on sex education in school is rebutted the problems and limitations that the recycling program entails. I suspect that some comment by me on the latter point prompted my critic from linden to conclude that I was not dedicated to recycling. Recycling is a key component to the entire Union County Solid Waste Management Plan, Which I helped write and enact, and which I and all other UCUA commissioners, past and present, have supported on a thoughtful dedicated and non-partisan basis since the great garbage crisis of 1987 occured. My involvement with solid waste matters and the authority started in 1981 when I first elected to the council as a councilman and long before I becarrfe mayor in During the past 13 years I have served as Westfield's representative to and then as chairman of the Solid Waste Advisory Council to the Board of Frceholders. I inspected over a dozen solid waste resource recovery plants and recycling operations from Oklahoma to Massachusetts to Florida in connection with business or vacation trips. I have learned a great deal about all aspects of solid waste, a subject frankly I never had much interest or concern about before 1980 back in the days garbage was something you put out back and paid $5 a month to get rid of, and I do my best to put this learning to use for the benefit of all county residents. The members of the authority over the years have striven hart! not to l>e parachial or limited relative to the municipalities where they reside. The specific exception has been Rahwny pursuant to court orders and agreements that go back many years, which require that Ilahway have two of" of the nine commissioner-ships. The Ilahway commissioners have abstained from participating and voting particularly when the issue is a financial one Ix4ween the authority and the city of Hahway. When I - when any of us - sit, deliberate and vote on UCUA matters, it is as a resident of Union County. It is very rare that an issue conies along which would in some way ai'fect Westfield duverently than it might affect any of the other municipalities. Over the years authority members, who are appointed by the Board of Freeholders, have tended to be persons involved with local government somewhere in the county - present or former elected officials, municipal administrators and the like. What I have found unfortunate, and I have said so to the public and to my colleagues on the freeholder board is that a number of municipalities have never had representation on the authority to give it more diversity and background - Berkely Heights, Clark, New Providence, Summit, Cranford, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Winiield, and Itoselle Park have never had one of their residents appointed as a commissioner (alternates presently on the authority are from Cranford and Scotch Plains). I will continue to urge that more diversity Iw considered as appointments are made. Ironically, at one of our last public meetings, a member of the public expressed great concern that there is no longer a commissioner on the authority from Linden, a fact reflecting that a commissioner from linden had a term expire. GARLAND "BUD" BOOTHE Mayor, Town of Westfieltl ; To The Kccord: In response to Megan Clark's ie- '. buttal of Sept. 2'A, there :irc.some items which need to be clarified. Miss Clarke, at 15, seem:; to imply she knows more than Mrs. I lint/e, a concerned parent, a;; well as an well read and informed adult. ' Miss Clarke suites that it i:; the rei>onsibility of the school to familiarize kids about different forms of "birth control. This is obviously IH.T..opinion and by no means a fact with winch everyone agrees. Clarke alleges that parent:; who opjxisi' comprehensive sex education in the school;;, will tail t" teach their children themselves. When did olds become S" wise to make such generalizations? There are many parents, including myself, who the WHY sex education is taught today, and we are teaching our children, not only alx>ut the biology of sex and the dangers of diseases, hi it also about values and commitments. Parents who do not support comprehensive family life dur;iiio:i may not be politically correct, but they do care about their clumten and the messages they arc receiving. Any parent who cares enough to write or speak out about an issue, is not a parent who \sill fail at his/her repnnsibility. The pun;! many parents, including Ms. llintye are trying to make is that.'.indent:; are not dcvelopmen'ally :'-ady to make decisions which..ex education courses force on them. Kven under the best of coiidiiioii''. birth control sometimes fails. Teens arc almost never involved in a situation with the best of condition:;. Adolescents, are in- f= TheWestfield Record FORBES NEWSPAPERS. A DIVISION OF FORBES INC. Edward F.Carroll EKDCUIIVS Editor Cheryl Fenske Chiol Copy Etlilor-Spacial Secllons Editor William Westhoven dpius fdllor George Gannon Cirruliilion Dirfldor Micki Pulsinelli MEi or Accounts Malcolm S. Forbes Jr. EtMor-Hii-Chiftl Louis S. Barsony Publisher Roger Silvey V}cy f'rnsalonl OnofilliOMFl AclifHl Oi«m';M MfuiiKjrir Alan Churchill General Manager Donna Peltter Advertising Reprraonlnl VG Doug Baum Clasaldad Advertising Manager Jean Casey l*t(nii'il(i>i! DIM* to' Kelly Zullo TfllHphunn Managof Billie M Davis rim Wo'itlinlif ftocorel is ptibhnhncl wnokly jy Fiirtios Nnwnpnrmia. A Division ui Forlinn IFIC.., im> Wiilnul AVH. CfKinltmt NJ 0/010 S«cr>nd CliiHS Hunli-njn >.iiej.ll Cmnlnrrt NJ 0/Olli POSTMASTER- >lfiiinti r.onii iidclmns nluinyrfl In f mthin Naw,tni{ii»-,. Fiillillnioiil Office), K) Uiin /hi nrjflrninnl»r.nj0/u?1 T(isul>!H:ritii"< a*l \r.\v\ Write Us: 10? Walnut Avo. Cranlord, NJ 070)6 Phone:(908) FAX:(908) telligent, but they are also developmentally young, and kids who have trouble getting up in the morning, getting homework assignments done on time, or returning library books are not ideal users of any birth control. What if there were a number of kids blowing themselves up while making bombs? Would the answer be to teach how-to courses on bomb making in the high schools? Would anyone in their right mind want to provide adolescents with such information? Would parents believe schoold officials when they claimed that they were providing students with information to make healthy choices? Imagine hearing them say, we teach kids not to make bombs as an option but since kids are going to do it anyway we teach how to make safe bombs. Yaeh, right. Does anyone believe adolescents are developmentally mature enough to handle such information? How many believe this aj>proach would reduce the numlx-r of accidental deaths? And would there bo any doubt that we would see the numl>er of explosions rise? The point i:; that real solutions should take developmental maturity into account and teen problems cannot Ix 1 solved with adult solutions. One ixrtoiiual problem is how many adolescents accept what they are told by authority figure:; without question. Megan Clarke state.; that schools teach mon; than just condoms to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. She states they are taught to use S[XTmieides with condoms. At the World Medical Health Foundation Conference on Educational Policy find HIV Prevention, which I attended recently, we were tuld of the dangers of one particular sperrnitidc which brcuks down the latex in condoms. Most adolescents do not appreciate that HIV prevention is not an exact science and even those who use a condom properly each ant! every time are still at risk. Risk reduction doe:; not equate risk elimination, Clarke also statd that when condoms are used correctly they are 88% effective against pregnancy. However, this statistic applies to adults. In a study where teens were involved the failure rate jumped to lii'7c which means that one in five teenagers depending on condoms ends up pregnant. With some groups of adolescents the rate was School board member describes many angles of wage contracts To The Record: In a letter to this paper, Mr. Gordeuk criticized the settlement reached by the Westfiekl Hoard of Education with the teachers' association. He ended the letter with the question: Whom doe;; the board really represent? Although I am not a sjxjkespcrscm for the hoard, I find this a worthwhile question that deserves an answer. Members of the Board of Education arc clcclrd by all of WesUk'ld'is voter:; in a nun jjar(i;;an election. 'ITiey represent the interest;; of all We:,(field's residents, including 'l.'ioo schoolchildren who deserve a good education, and thousand;; of tax payer:; who want their taxes to Ix- spent judiciously. All the voting members of the boaid me Westfield resident!) ami taxpayers who seive their town for three; year terms without C(iin >eiisal inn. Any legal resident who is over lit year:: of age, literate, and a registered votor is eligible to run for election to the board. I presume that this include;; Mr. Gordeuk. As for the settlement itself, I lx-lieve that we did 1-ietler than many other schools board:; and municipal government:; in New Jersey, and without the disruptive labor disputes (hat have plagued several of them. The settlement was unamimously approved by all nieinlxt:; of the hoard, both liberal and conservative (whatever these lalx'ls mean). It is important fur all of u:; to realize a simple fact of life: whether we like it or not, employee:; who are represented by collective bargaining usually fare.somewhat Itctter than those who must fend for themselves as individual;;. As a taxpayer and member of Hie hoard, I am painfully aware < >l the iiifih mst of good eilucal ion. Never the less, we must leineinljer that the good reputation of our school:; enhance:; our quality of tile (ami (lie value of our homes), 1 ho ie that. New Jersey will, some day. Hud ;\ more equitable way to fund public education. This mallei- is, however, not in the hand:; of (be board:; of cxluration. II is up In Hie state's legislature to find a solution to this difficult problem DENJAMIN HULF, Wcslflrlri Hoard of Kelucation found to be as high as 50%. I only wish I could convince Megan Clarke, and other teens that parents who oppose comprehensive sex education are well meaning and caring. Despite the fact that adolescents may see us us overbearing, not with it, unrealistic and living in the dark ages, we were once teens ourselves, went through what they arc going through, understand, and now have experience under our belts which has made us a little wiser. I only hope that with the very rcul threat of AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and emotional scars that these teens will not one day say, If I only knew then, what I know now. M.F. SUMANSKI Scotch Plains How to reach your state legislators District 21 - Kenilworth District 22 - Cranford, Garwood, Scotch Plains, Fanwood and West- Held State Senators C. fxiuis Bassano(R-21) <>H7-<1127 :r.m Chestnut St., Union, I )onald T. DiFrancesco (11-22) XV.'.!.:>()() IK 10 Front St., Scotch Plains, 0707(1 General Assembly Alan Aunustino (R- 22) : r S."J\3li I0/; 1 Wood M., Scotch Plains, IlK hard U;K)()cr (fl-22) ; ();! I tin St., Wostfield, Momoo Jay Luslbacfer (R- 21) (:'(>I)!*):-MJI 12 Housovolt Pla/ij : West Northfidd riond, Suite 212 I ivimiston, Maureen Ofldcn (R- 21) (i'o I )'!()/!> lv>3 2m Lssex St.. Millburn, 07041

5 - October 7,1993 News A-5 Man charged in broomstick beating ofwoman tv By NICOLE A. QAVINO OM/INO dispute over a parking parkins problem. No ported the theft of $500 from her Sept 27, 27. a Roselle resident re- Callows Hill Road. THE RECORD arrest was made. residence Sept 28. ported that his vehicle was broken Sept 28, a Beechwood Place resident reported criminal mischief to into and a stereo was stolen while it was parked on Moss Avenue, his vehicle. Jose Santiago of Newark was arrested and charged last Wednesday for aggravated assault, after allegedly attacking a 27-year-old Ken- Uworth woman with a broomstick, causing severe head injuries. About 11:30 a.m., a Salter Place resident was in his yard when he first heard a woman screaming for help. The witness encountered the victim in the park, running to her car. She got into her car and began to drive away until the witness stopped her. The witness saw that the woman's face was bleeding profusely as she got out of her car. Another Salter Place resident who Police log had arrived, went and called for help. The Westfield Police Department responded to a report of a hysterical woman screaming in Gumpert Field Park. Police found the injured woman who described the suspect and told police that he had fled south towards North Avenue. In the area of the assault, a wooded area behind Diamond Communications at 500 North Avenue in Garwood, police found evidence including a man's jacket thrown across a large rock and a brqprn leaning up against a tree across from the jacket. More Westfield and Garwood po-, lice arrived on the scene, along with an officer and a tracking dog from the Union County Sheriffs Department The Detective Bureau conducted an investigation, speaking with several Diamond Communications employees and discovered the suspect, also an em-, ployee, on the property.. Mr. Santiago was brought to headquarter and charged with ag-. gravated assault and is being held, in lieu of $25,000 bail. The victim was taken to Over- * look Hospital where she was treated for head injuries and released. " Thursday, Richard Hoyler, 47, of Scotch Plains was arrested for al- " leged lewdness while in Tamaques,' Park, Police responded to a report of a man walking around the park ex- posing himself. Police found the man, identified by witnesses, in his r vehicle preparing to drive out of the park. ' An interview with Mr. Hoyler al- _ legedly revealed to police that he ' had been drinking and he was pro- ' cessed and released with a summons for the lewdness charge and a summons for an open alcoholic beverage in his car. Ralph Tuhl, 51, of Scotch Plains was arrested Sept 2D on charges of..,- simple assault and disorderly con- ', duct at 1 Lincoln Plaza. The arrest was the result of an incident including a Westfield Po-! lice officer directing traffic at the J corner of East Broad and Prospect ' Streets. Mr. Tuhl allegedly approached M the officer, shouting and poking "' the officer in the chest before he. fled to his car parked at 1st Nation- " wide Bank, where he was caught and arrested. Mr. Tuhl was rei leased with a summons. John Melnick of Carteret and t Susan MeDaniel of Woodbridge, ; were arrested Sept 29 for drug possession under 50 grams. Both subjects were released on their own recognizance with a summons. Todd Nielson of Clark was arrested Oct. 2 for allegedly being an unlicensed driver and possession of marijuana. He was released on $225 bail. Sept. 27, an East Broad Street ' resident reported an unknown person stole her dog from her yard. She said she let her two dogs out and only one returned. A woman approached her and told her that she was taking n puppy because she believed that the victim abuses her pets. A police search of the neighborhood failed to locate the suspect or the, dog. The Investigation is ongoing. An East Broad Street resident reported that he was assaulted Sept. 27. The victim said' that he wiis assaulted with a stick after n verbal NOW meets next week The Union County Chapter of NOW will hold its monthly meeting 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. M at the First Coni;re(!atit>riiil Church (nursery school entrance, second lltxir), 125 Elmer St.. Wi-sUlcld. Guests arc welcome. Meetings of the Union County Chapter of NOW me held the second Thursday or every month. Call Bernlce at Burglary and theft were reported at a Ripley Avenue residence Oct 2. Police found forced entry from the rear door and the total value of stolen property is estimated at $26,850. A Boyton Avenue resident re- MY ALL SEASON RADIAL SUE P16M0RIJ pin/awm P1IV7MU PIWW»H P20S/73A14 : WITH TUNE-UPS INSTANT CF 0% INTEREST WHITEWAU. tm.«t MI.M SM.M»M.M Sept. 29, a Garwood resident reported several items missing from a construction site at Trails End Road. A West Broad resident reported the theft of $1,350 from her home Oct 1. ECONOMY ALL SEA8ON RADIAL IMPORT SIZE BLACKWELL P176/70H13 SM.M " P189/70R13 SM.M P1K/7WM4 S41.M P19S/70H14 M1.M P20W70R14 Hf.M XH4 Premium Al taion Urtra Long MVMg* tiyrwnu 1IV70W14 th7mfl15 ALL-SEASON Pmntan M P1IMM14 f IIVTMM irvramu IWftlMS P1IMM13 F560 Ttvctton TtpMdUid UBURBAN Auto Man mm uvnnm PIUYftMM PHV7MMM A Summit Court resident reported the window of her car smashed Sept. 27. A Vernon Terrace resident reported his car broken into Sept 27. tarn * * _ M.«ma TOURING T/A* ttliwd Rated Ruggtd COMHVCQM Fof HindlnQ BltbiWy PHV7M13 P1IV7M14 MWflflil tm.b i*t UPREME M«WMR>Whttiw*l QuMfU* PIWTMM HNrTMtt R0WM1I BRAKES National^ SOMERVIHE HB-4200 GREEN BROOK 7'j2t*O0 METUCHEN XCH4" OntaMdFoi Comf ortimt. Qvttt flwt P22V7M1WWI 41Mnumnaom...»«. LT21 WSRtltr _»1U. ITOWM1IT 4U4. ALL TERRAIN AggtNtK* Tnad Ito* Dwign FwMudmumTradhM FIREHAWK FTX TtpttdMttf OIL CHANGE &LUBE with puichua of any taivicai lilted HOURS: 7:30 5:30 Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce and the Retail Promotions Committee Presents THE ADDAMS FAMII: BBOBmni OCTOBER 14,15 & 16 Find Clues & Deposit Entries at These Participating Businesses by 8:OO pm, October 14 A to Z Adler's Ausier's B. Kubick Opticians Brummer's Chocolates Brunner opiicians Central Jersey Bank Classic Studio Cosimo's Epstein's Bootery l-erraro's Restaurant Fifty Hive Elm First Nationwide Bank Hudson Savings Bank The Leader Store Michael Kohn Jewelers Pickwick Village Randal's Shoes Summit Bank Town Book Store video Video The westfield Leader Crossword Puzzle Created By Ron MacCloskey ACROSS 1. Opposite of yes 2. Hairy relative 6. Alphabetical travel agent 7. Mou can see her behind trie counter at The Leader Store 10. Charles Addams Initials 11.Either 13. The Record 17.2 letters found in Randall Shoe* 18 At Epstein's Bootery this goes Into your shoe first 19.2 letters found in Pickwick Village Letters found in Weatfleld Leader 21.Th!s ewelef's initials In reverse 23. To Of not tobo 24. Family butler 26. What you can get at Hudson Savings 27. To find out what you call an old TV show go to Video Video 28. Her picture Is in Adler's and Auster's 29. At Classic Studio you can see Bill Moore take one 30. WosnloW High -Westfield Recon School (Abbreviation) 31.This boy is found at Cosimo's DOWN 1. Magazine Addams worked for in New York 3. 1st. Nationwide is bank in town 4. How I feel it I don't eat Ferraro's Pizza 5 Name of the ABC TV series 8. State Addams was born in 9. How Wodnesday is related to Pugsley 10. CentralJersey Bank has one 12. What you do to Suburban News 14. This book store isn't in the city 15. Who goes to Brummer'a store for chocolate 16. To buy toiletries you go to Fifty Five 22. Family helping hand 23. You can do this at Summit Bank 24. Family Butler 2b. His picture is In two opticians, Brunnor and B. Kubick Oct. 2, an Orenda Circle resident reported the theft of a car stereo while the vehicle was parked on All fares msa&w. Oct 4, criminal mischief was reported to Westfield High School and Wilson Elementary School. Both buildings were defaced with black spray paint. Chlcaoo Ft. Laudardala Loa Angeles Orlando San Francisco Frankfurt London Madrid Munich Paris based on round-trip purchase. U.S. EUROPE <VE7IP>*104 (0EW*99 (VE14M!P)*209 (VHWP)*109 <«>«*»»214 (OOMtt) *334 (vunriii)*189 (HM»)*309 (Q0IUN2)*334 (VOXAtt)'334 LATIN AMERICA Ralize <v**.>»240 Managua (VM«U > ) 240 Monterrey (KUU»)*302 Panama City (VMW)*249 Veracruz (am»>'292 Continental Clean Up Your Commute October 13 to a Smart Take a bus or train Ride in a carpool or vanpool Walk or ride your bike Combine trips - plan ahead To learn more, call: POOL Driving May Be the Most Polluting Thing You Do Today. of Ownerthlp, Managamanl ind Circulation,ff.<n«.e( br J3USC 3ISSI t! If hi Her nrd Let's Clear AIR KJ 0701*-;2 *4 Hi.' '*' N IM KJ 0793UOOB4 H.U. 5 F ; ;, 1.* *«!" i^> '#»-. -I Mfi«l-»rf <*. «T*A Mam - ~- - - ' "'"""" I PW mis 11 h -... y. < <>....-.».... >I.«I_.M_IM,.^U.J > - ' ' " ' «1 r«flhy mpi rn«llkttnwnt* mad* by tt»u*llc*tlonho H-lo Hit7 mit *at c. Oku Ma*... i. visb it ] lift K!~-p() -KT. }1 QDBS. t--- -! - t - _iiu! r«. 11,3*9 ISO tin IU uo; ii.iii IQ« )*? r. ';'""' «* >. i... * II.124 IV) bm *»H II, II,524 I'll «' Oin»',

6 A-6 WestftoM Record October 7,1993 Community life Unique boutique, staff aid mastectomy patients recover their confidence By CHERYL HEHL THE RECORD Scholarship events are listed Plans for the Woman's Club of Westfield's annual scholarship fund-raisers have been announced by Nita McHugh, scholarship trustee, and Sally Brown, president A dessert-bridge party will be held 1 p.m. Oct 27 at the clubhouse, 318 S. Euclid Ave, and "An Evening at Talbots" is slated for 7 p.m. Nov. 3. In addition, Dick Turner of Turner World Travel, 560 Springfield Ave., is cosponsoring, with the club, a $1,000 "Trip-of-Your-Choice" raffle. Tickets are available from club members, from Turner World Travel, and will be on sale at Foodtown (Elm Street). Newcomers plan varied October program The Westfield Newcomers Club will sponsor a Ladies Night Out 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at Brianna's restaurant in Scotch Plains. For more information, call.allison at vilion at Royal Farms. Space is limited to 30 people. BYOB. Refrigeration is available. Call Joanna at Mom's Sanity Night is scheduled for 8 p.m. Oct. 28. This night out There will be an old fashioned without children gives women a country hay ride and cookout 7 chance to sit, relax and chat with p.m. Oct 16. Enjoy hay ride, hot other moms. Call Susan at 889- dogs, burgers, and music in the pa before Oct 27. A mastectomy can rob a woman of her self-esteem and her sexuality. This traumatic experience, however, can be eased by many persons and services, even extending to those who sell prostheses with a special sensitivity. In the first few weeks after diagnosis, women concentrate on the cancer itself, getting through surgery, and prevailing over the devastating effects of chemotherapy. But there comes a moment when breast cancer victims begin to look outward. It is then, that the mission of helping women be themselves again takes its place. This rehabilitation involves more than just the fitting of a prosthesis. Ann Geislinger of A Personal Touch, a Mastectomy Boutique on Elmer Street in Westfield, said their most important service is "understanding, compassion and expertise." Walking into A Personal Touch is a soothing experience. Unlike common retail establishments, it is evident.the owner of the boutique has strived to create a soft and feminine atmosphere for her customers. Although lingerie and prostheses are everywhere, the atmosphere is that of a cozy living room in the home of a friend. And indeed, Ms. Geislinger, with her gentle manner and soothing voice welcomes each customer as if they were a new friend. For Ann is not just the owner who wishes to succeed, she is an involved, caring person who has had 15 years in the health care business. In fact, she explains, more often than not she can steer women toward support groups or lectures that may help ease the ordeal of having cancer. Much has changed over the years in serving breast surgery patients. Not only have manufacturers become more sensitive to women's needs, but they have labored to produce the most natural looking prostheses. While many women opt for reconstructive surgery, many more decide to wait or not have it at all. Making that choice, said Ann, does not mean giving up looking and feeling attractive. With the help of customers, manufacturers of protheses have improved their products extensively- Although customers can choose to use an insert in a pocketed bra, today there is an alternative. A silicone breast form that applies directly to the chest wall allows women to be as active as they were before surgery. Not only are the breast forms designed to uniquely fit each side of the body, they come in every size, shape and color. This lighter weight, softer version of prothesies has brought surgery victims into the '90s and allowed them to resume the life they led prior to surgery. The detection of early stage breast cancer has led to increased numbers of younger women recovering from cancer after surgery and chemotherapy or radiation. The five-year survival rate for localized breast cancer has risen from 78 percent in the 1940*3 to 93 percent today. If the cancer is not invasive, the survival rate approaches 100 percent. If the cancer has spread the survival rate drops to 78 percent, while those with distant metastasis only have an 18 percent survival rate. Mrs. Geislinger also takes care of informing her customers that insurance often takes care of the cost of a prostheses, which can run as high as $500, as well as the lingerie. Often it is just the caring and concern she and her associate Ann Flerx bestow on their customers that puts a smile on a recent mastectomy patient's face. And besides, adds Mrs. Geislinger with a wink, "just so our customers know we care, no one gets out of here without a hug." Ann Gelallnger, owner of Waatfleld'a Maatectomy Boutique. Adult school lists itinerary Day trips of the Classroom on Wheels series of (he Westfield Adult School provide opportunities to visit special places in the metropolitan area in the company of classmates who share cultural interests. Each trip is fully prearranged and fairly priced for convenience and enjoyment, according to organizers. The Connecticut River Valley excursion, in the height of the foliage season, is scheduled for Saturday, Oct 23. It starts with a bus ride along the banks of Long Island Sound to the historic village of Essex, Conn., for luncheon at a local restaurant Then there will be a train ride on the Valley Railroad through the villages of Chester and Deep River. Here, day-trippers will board a steamboat and proceed up the river to East Haddam. Buses will depart from Roosevelt Intermediate School 8 a.m. and return to Westfield 9 p.m. "Railroading in Pennsylvania," set for Saturday, Nov. 13, begins with a bus ride to Strasburg, Pa., and the famous Strasburg Railroad. Following a "train trip to Paradise," luncheon will be served in true Pennsylvania Dutch style. Afternoon visits to the Pennsylvania State Railroading Museum and the Toy Museum are included. Buses depart from Roosevelt Intermediate School 8 am. and return to Westfield 8 p.m. There will be a trip to the Liberty Science Center Saturday, Dec. 4. Participants will visit the interactive science museum, featuring exhibits and hands-on demonstrations on inventions, health, and the environment Special features include an 80 foot high tornado, a touch tunnel, and a laser light show. Also featured is the world's largest Omni-Max Theater. Buses leave Roosevelt Intermediate School 9:30 a.m. and return to Westfield 5:30 p.m. Seating is limited for all trips, so early reservations are encouraged. No refunds will be given unless cancellation of reservation is requested at least two weeks in advance. For information, call Scouts plan active The Westfield Girl Scout Service Team is preparing for the season with some interesting and exciting events for Westfield Girl Scouts at every level. The team is also responsible for bringing the Washington Rock Girl Scout Council programs and training to Scouts and their leaders. The team includes: First Row Betty Riker, special projects; Pam Orbach, registrar; "Skip" Adams, community manager; Ann Bartholomay, older girl organizer, and Ann Marie Schneider, leader's recognition coffee. Back Row Bcrnadinc Liebrich, recording secretary/publicity, Karen Mcrcado, Jefferson School organizer, Maureen Macaluso, McKinley School consultant; Marian Caprario, Wilson School organizer/consultant; Ann Thomasshow, Washington School organizer, Ann Fromtling, Holy Trinity School organizer; Shirley Walsh, service projects; Ann Kril, corresponding secretary. For more information on joining Westfield Girl Scouts, will Pam Orbach at KERRIE HAOY/THE RECORD Farewell The Tamaques PTO and the entire student body recently bid a fond farewell to David Tuller, departing principal. Mr. Tuller moves on to become human resource director In the Westfield school system. The swinging, upside down world of my pal, Theresa Quigley My former grammar school classmate and cohort in crime, the infamous Theresa Quigley, has gained a following in Cranford. Since last I wrote about our grade school praftk where my fellow classmates and I hung the fearless Theresa Quigley out the window on the last day of school, I can barely walk down the street without a request from folks asking to know more about thi;; daring person. Theresa Quigley is what everyone called her. There were three other Theresas in our class and each was called by her full name. Theresa Quigley grew up much ns we all did living in a small, middle class town in New Jersey. It was before women's liberation, working moms or dual incomes. Women had not discovered they had rights, and our fathers liked it that way. All mothers sttiyed home to keep the home fires burning and the men brought home the bacon. But even back then there were maverick moms like Theresa Quifiley's mother. Born and raised in Italy, Mrs. Quigley had a fiery spirit and sense of herself. As the story goes, she emigrated to the United States, met and married Patrick Quigley, and told him in no uncertain terms that her children would have Kalian first names if they couldn't have the heritage they deserved. Allegedly shunned by her family for marrying nn Irishman, Mrs. Quigley set about building a new family unit here on the east coast The Quiglcys bought a large house on the outskirts of town which vaguely resembled a shoe in many ways, what with the way the ivy laced up the tall narrow portion of the front It probably would not have mattered if the Quigleys had not begun having a child every single year for a decade. Of course they did miss one year when the family rifl mended and Mrs. Quigley's mother and father came for an extended stay. Poor Mr. Quigley was banished to the garage where he commenced building lawn furniture in his spare time. By the time his in-laws departed for Italy, Mr. Quigley had supplied every neighbor with a complete set of lawn furniture, not to mention those on neighboring streets. The earthly and beautiful Mrs. Quigley resumed her chilcl-benring immediately, and all was right with the world. Now Theresa Quigley was the oldest of the children, but she broke all rules when it came to the oldest-child theory. Wild and uninhibited with a devil-may-care attitude, the black-haired, blue -eyed, freckle-faced Theresa Quigley was "a handful," to say the least When! there w.ts trouble, Theresa Quigley usually could be found. However, with nine brothers and sisters, her parents found it difficult remembering her name, let alone keeping track of her shenanigans. You could always count on her to volunteer for just about any venture wo were cooking up, Including the hanging out the school window fiasco. Even the Rood sisters, though, did not moss with Mrs. Quigley, who was known to have n very hot temper. During the tumultuous nnd often unbelievable teenage years, Theresa Quigley tried the patience of just about everyone including the local priest who was known for his mercifulness. He banned her from the church after she set fire to the confessional because she could not read her sins from her notes ;md lit a match in order to see. Personally, I believe it could have happened to anyone, but then I was banished from tin; church findoing the same thing six month 1 ; before. Although I lost contact with Theresa Quigley, I do run into Mi::. Quigtey every now and then. With her thick Italian ncce-nt she Inmoans the lift- her daughter chose and blames herself for the tragedy of it nil. I supixist! it was :i shuck to everyone when Theresa Qniglcy picked up and left town rifjlit allcr high school to W-eome nn exolir dancer in Nenv York. Hut what lol lowed was more of a shock. After u lew years of plumes, feathers ami balloon;;, Theresa Quigley grew tired of big city life and decided to join a traveling circus. She always was completely fcur- U-s.4 of height, nnd able to walk along any narrow object with east*. So I was not surprised to hoar my former clnsstiialc was now the star of a dangerous high wire act along with her two brothers, Pedro ami (liussrppi Quigley. According to the- sobbing Mrs. Quigley, not only had her daughter up nnd join the circus, but hitd dnifyjed her very limlm-r brother;; along with her. Somewhere 1 out there in rural America Thcr<-:a Quigley jx. i rfnrms her hii'li win- ail I'or children of all ai:e:!. And I, who fear climbing a ladder, am in awe of my friend who iiwiii' to me she was "on her way lo the top," llm last timo I Saw her. As it should I* 1.

7 October 7,1993 Community Ufa A-7 Phi Delta hear ^school head Westfleld resident William J. Foley, superintendent of the Marlboro Township Schools in Mon- *v)nouth County, will address mem- "fjers of the Rutgers University Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa Oct. 13 at the Spanish T&vem in Mountainside. Dr. Foley, who was trained by the Institute for Development of Educational Activities (IDEA), will discuss the School Improvement Program (SIP), a way to reform schools toward academic excellence. Dr. Foley served as assistant superintendent for business and secretary to the Board of Education in WestAeld He became Marlboro's superintendent in He is a magna cum laude graduate Of long's College in Wilkes Barre, Pa., and holds a master's degree in education from Rutgers University. He earned a doctorate in education from Teachers College at Columbia University. Phi Delta Kappa is among the leading organizations dedicated to educational research, leadership and service. David and Cathy Rock, also Westfiekl residents, are copresidents of Phi Delta Kappa. Mr. Rock is assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction in s> Westfiekl. Ms. Rock is principal of Bayberry School in Watchung. Two other Westfield school administrators are active in Phi Delta. Kappa; Theodore Kozlik, director 'of student personnel services, is vice president and Ken Shulack, principal of Roosevelt Intermediate School, is newsletter co-chairman. Anyone interested in attending the Phi Delta Kappa meeting Oct. 13 can call Dr. Rock at or Dr. Rock at The Westfield Day Care Auxiliary will sponsor a children's outgrown clothing sale Oct at Westminster Hall at the Presbyterian Church. Sizes Infant through 14 may be brought to the day care center at the church on Tuesday or Thursday, Oct. 12 and 14,9 a.m.-2 p.m. Call for other arrangements. Proceeds go to the center. Warinanco reopens for skating Warinanco Ice Skating Center, a facility of the Union County Division of Parks and Recreation, opened for the season on Friday. "I am pleased to announce the beginning of the ice skating season in Union County," said Freeholder Chairman Iinda-Lee Kelly. "During the off-season, the Parks Division was busy making preparations for the Center's opening in order to ensure a pleasurable experience for all who visit." General skating sessions will be held Tuesdays, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; Wednesdays, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 3:30-5:30 p.m.; Thursdays, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; Fridays, 9:30 a.m.-12:3o p.m., 3:30-5:30 p.m., 6-8 p.m. and 8:30-10:30 p.m.; Saturdays, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., 1-3 p.m., and 8:30-10:30 p.m.; and Sundays, 10:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m., 1-3 p.m., 3:30-5:30 p.m., and 8:30-10:30 p.m. For family sessions, nobody under 17 will be admitted without an adult. Admission to the general sessions is $4 for adults, $3 for children 17 and younger and $3.60 for senior citizens (age 62 and older with proper identification). Discount cards for Union County residents who plan to skate on a regular basis will also be on sale. Private, semi-private and individual lessons are available. Lunch time hockey sessions will be held 1-3 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Participants must be 18 years or older and must wear a helmet with a cage or shield. Skate rentals, a pro shop and a refreshment stand are other features of the center. For more information, call or, for a recorded message, There's only one place to call for Rock Solid individual health coverage. PruCare for Individuals, your personal HMO. Welcome Wagon rollin' The Welcome Wagon Club of Westfield has announced the following events and activities for October: Tuesday, Oct. 12: Home and Garden, focus on spring bulbs, 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 14: Gourmet lunch, 12:45 p.m. Friday, Oct. 15: Explorer's group, trip to Green Meadows Farm, Roseland, 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, OcL 20: Preschoolers We live in rapidly changing and often troubling times, Economic recession, technological changes, fasi-pacetl communications and increased specialization, taken together, have created an atmosphere of uncertainty in our everyday lives. Individual response to changes like this canvary. Research has shown that people who view change as a challenge fire better (nan others. The reason for this is fairly simple: those who view change as Inevitableandgrowth-producing tend to develop the personal skills to anticipate needs adjust men is, pursue ongoing and Moms, 10 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 21: Infants & Moms, 10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 27: Book Discussion Group, 8:45 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 28: The Great Escape, a night out with the girls, 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 29: Friday Night Tennis, 7:45 p.m.; children's Halloween party for club members and their families, 3 p.m. Better Days INSECURITY IN THE WORKPLACE training and took ahead to cultivating A role in the new environment. Unfortunately, many people see change as a force ou tside itieir control and doubt Ihcir ability to respond. Individuals with this mindset lend to feel they have few options. Angry and depressed, they respond in resistant, career-stifling patterns. But positive coping skills can be learned. For those having problems coping with (he workaday world, a valuable firsi step should include a consultation with a skilled mental health professional to work on a plan to establish more positive attitudes and outcomes. Presented «i community service by Barbara T. Fishbein, ACSW, BCD Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist HourebvAociointinent 20th Annual HARVEST JUBILEE CELEBRATE AUTUMN IN THE COUNTRY Saturday & Sunday October 9 & 10 10am - 4pm Craft Vendors Harvest Produce Apples Pumpkins * Herbs Chrysanthemums Antique Farm Engine Demonstration Open-fire Cooking Spinning Weaving Bobbin Lace Free Rides on Antique Fire Engine Children/Members FREE Adults $3.00 Seniors $1.50 Clinton Historical Museum Main St., Clinton, NJ (908) Blacksmith Demonstrations Cidermaking Hay Jump Cornshelling Strolling Fiddlers Children's activities including: Scarecrow Contest, Fairy Tale Theatre, Pony Rides, Face Painting, Pumpkin Painting Landmark Red Mill and Historic Buildings Open! Call As a result of New Jersey Health Care Reform you can now enroll in PruCare for Individuals, your personal HMO. From the name you can trust The Prudential. PruCare for Individuals is offered to New Jersey residents not eligible for Medicare, Medicaid or group coverage. Rock Solid health coverage. Doctor and hospital bills, emergencies, X-rays, immunizations and check-ups are all covered for a set monthly fee. Simply choose a participating physician and pay a small copayment when you receive care. No deductibles. No medical bills. No hassle. / Trust The Prudential. Millions of Americans and thousands of New Jersey residents enjoy the benefits of Prudential's managed-care programs. Now you can too. Call PruCare for Individuals, your personal HMO. To receive more information about individual health coverage that's Rock Solid call your local Prudential agent, or: ThePrudential Rock Solid 81 Individual Health Coverage Mttrh JtolM *I*HI t'nrt N** n p *iv*n' nuiks 4»1 llu* I'rudrntul IIIMII.HKV I iiiii i.iny nt Anufu.i, ri'kimt' fl'wj The PriKtt'Mlf.ii lmm\nu r l (nnp.iin ol Aineru.i In I he I' s l»ju*nt urul Tnidi'murk OfTkT Your Guide to the Perfect Wedding Serving Union County T U X E D O S Complete Selection of Fine Formtl Wear RENTALS & SALES WEDDING SPECIAL.. from our large selection of the finest formal wear in stock FREE TUXEDO for the groom with five altendints or more Phi* HO OFF Tor each attendant - or - FREE TUXEDO & SHOES for the groom with nine attendants or more Plud $ 15 OFF for each attendant South Avenue E. - Westfield To A dvertise Your Bridal Services for Only $18.25per week Contact Dawn at Ext Westfield Record-

8 A-8 Community Lite D October 7,1993" I Religion Michael Douglas Molowa A chef in New York City; was 43 Michael Douglas Molowa, 43, a chef in New York City, died Sept 25, 1993 at RunneUs Specialized Hospital of Union County, Berkeley Heights. Mr. Molowa was born in Plainfield, graduated from Westfield High School, and lived in Westfield for most of his life. He also lived for a brief period in New York City. He graduated from the New York Restaurant School. Surviving are his mother, Doris McEvoy Molowa; a sister, Laurie S. Sheila Schoenfeld Fox Molowa; a brother, David T. Molowa; a sister-in-law, Carla Molowa; a nephew and a niece, His father, Albert Molowa, is deceased, A memorial service was held Sunday at St Paul's Episcopal Church. Contributions may be made to the Music Fund of St Paul's Episcopal Church, 414 East Broad St., Westfield, Arrangements were by the Dooley Colonial Home. Owned a real estate agency in town Sheila Schoenfeld Fox, who owned the Fox-Winters Realty agency in Westfield until her 1990 retirement, died Oct. 2, 1993 at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York City. She was born in Newark and lived in Union before moving to Scotch Plains. Mrs. Fox was a member of Temple Israel, Scotch Plains, and belonged to the synagogue's sisterhood. She also held membership in the Westfield Board of Realtors and the Real Estate Association of New Jersey. Surviving are her husband, Joseph Fox; two sons, Steven Fox and Richard Fox; two grandchildren; and her mother, Charlotte Kaplan, Her father, Sidney Schoenfeld, is deceased. Services were held Sunday at the Menorah Chapels at Millbum, Union. Burial was in Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Iselin. Maria Bencivenga Petruccelli Cafeteria worker, 48; native of Italy Maria Bencivenga Petruccelli, 48, a cafeteria worker at Edison Junior High School since 1988, died Oct 1, 1993 at Overlook Hospital. Mrs. Petruccelli was born in Caserta, Italy, and settled in Westfield when she emigrated to the United States in She is survived by her husband, Salvatore Petruccelli; a daughter, Howard Detlefs, 84 Christina Petruccelli, and a son, Joseph Petruccelli, both at home; two brothers, Joseph Bencivenga and Angelo Bencivenga, both of Westfield; and a sister, Anna Bonacorso of Mountainside. A funeral Mass was offered Monday at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church. Arrangements were by the Dooley Colonial Home. Westfield Community Playora Matthew Grlllo, David Eppley, Allan Qerahenaon and Rick Holloway rehearse Arsenic and Old Lace which opens October 16. Westfield Community Players open 60th season October 16 The 60th consecutive season at Westfield Community Players will open Oct 16 with Joseph Kesselering's classic American comedy. Arsenic and Old Lace, Set in nostalgic Brooklyn, it is the tale of two elderly sisters who demonstrate their compassion for lonely men by giving them a good supper, some homemade wine and a long, restful "sleep." Produced by Connie Haddock, with sets by Maijorie Flynn Van Anda, the show marks the debut of Susan Speidel as director at WCP. Ms. Speidel has acted, directed and choreographed shows with The Forum Theater, Plays in the Park and the Chatham Players. Arlene Wachstein is assistant director. Currently in rehearsal, the show features Madge Wittel of Westfield and Elaine Dooman of Summit as sisters Abby and Martha Brewster. Nephew Mortimer Brewster (Rick Holloway) of Roselle, and Elaine Harper (Eileen Toner of RoseDe) try to keep the aunts out of mischief and Cousin Teddy (Ed Wittel of Westfield) from constantly charging up San Juan Hill. The sinister presence in the household is criminal mastermind Jonathan Brewster (Alex Devanas of Elizabeth) and his sidekick, Dr. Einstein (Don Edwards of linden). Lt Rooney (Allan Gershenson of Linden) of New York's finest is doing his best to round up Jonathan and put Teddy in the Happydale Sanitarium. Also appearing in the cast are Arthur F. Trainor of Hillsborough, Gregory Paroff of Westfield, David Eppley of Piscataway, Matthew Grillo of Colonia, James Van Anda, Easton, Pa., and Carl Peer of Westfield. This show also marks the first time that mother and son Madge and Ed Wittel have appeared onstage together at Westfield Community Players. Curtain time is 8 p.m. Oct 16, 22, 23, 29, 30 and Nov Tickets are $12. There is also a Sunday matinee 2 p.m. Nov. 7; tickets are $10. The Oct. 22 performance is a benefit for the College Woman's Club of Westfield with tickets available from that organization. Tickets are also available at Rorden Realty and The Town Book Store in Westfield, or call the box office at The WCP Gourmet Hosts, Lou and Ingrid Casella, invite all opening night patrons to stay after the show for the traditional party featuring light food and desserts. Fireman; also owned a tree service Musical dub's first meeting Set for Oct. 13 Howard Detlefs, 84, a retired fireman and tree-service owner, died Sept. 28, 1993 at Rahway Hospital. Mr. Detlefs was born in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and had lived in Westfield since He was a fireman with the Wostfield Fire Department from 1946-GG and owned Detlefs 1 Tree Service in the town Roger P. Winters, 62 from His wife, Marion Klinger Detlefs, died in Surviving are a son, Leslie Detlefs; a daughter, Edna Detlefs; two grandchildren and two greatgrandchildren. Private services were held under the direction of the Dooley Colonial Home. A Western Electric supervisor Roger P. Winters, 62, who was with the former Western Electric for more than 25 years and retired in 1984 as a supervisor, died Sept. 22, 1093 at his home in Nortli Capo May, A native of Boyonne, ha lived in Westfield and MartinsviUe before moving to North Cape May in Mr. Winters also was a member for many years of the Westfield Men's Garden Club and the North Jersey Orchid Society. Ho was a navigator in the Air Force from (5. Surviving are two sons, Alec T. Winters of San Francisco, Calif., and Christopher R. Winters of Basking Ridge; two daughters, Valeric A. Winters of Roselle Park. mil Pamela D. Winters of Fort I^auderdale, Fla.; and a brother, Dr. Robert L. Winters of Evergreen, Colo. Services were held Sept. 26 at the Gray Funeral Home. Burial was private. Contributions may be made to the Westfield Keseue Squad. Union County places GREATER /Oflr\ Ml. Z1UN - UHL. yi^y 43 Johnson Avenue \zj Cranford, NJ <908) PASTOil: REV. CHARLIE W. BULLOCK Sunday Worship Service: 10 a.m. Sunday School At 11:30 a.m. Morning Worship Oji W Weekday Service): f*k.v 8 p.m. Wednesday Bibly Study T^iA 8 p.m. Friday P«yei & Praiie " -*" -^ CRANFORD ALLIANCE CHURCH 7 CHERRY STREET Phone: Sunday School 9:15am Sunday Worship 10:30 am Sunday Evenings 6:30pm Wocknight Bible Studios Programs fur Children. Jr. & Sr High. Single!. Couplet, limilict 4ml Senior Adulu Redeemer Lutheran Church Clark and Cowporthwaita Placo (2 Block! North ol Lord and Taylor) Westfield. N.J Rev. Paul E. Krltach, Pastor Roger Borchtn, D.C.E. Sunday «Arjull Dibit School B.50AM Sunday WorlMp Sarv. B 00 and AM Wodnesday Service - / 30 PM Nursery Provided During Worihlp Sffrvtcai and Education Hour Hoty Communion Cfllobrated t>( & 3rd Sunday] & Wedneidayi Ol The Month f St. Theresa's Church 541 Washington Ave, Kenllworth Pastor: Rev, Joseph S. Bejgrowicz Sunday Masses: Sat. 5:30 pm Sun. 7: :30-12 Noon Weekday Masses: 7-9 am Miraculous Medal Novena following 7:30 pm mass St. Judes Perpetual Novena Wednesdays al 12 noon & 7:30 pm Novena Holy Hour How Would You Like To Reach Over 23,000 Homes Each Week? Would you if 1 told you It only cost $8,50 per week? Then Call Russell at ext St. Paul's United Church of Christ /^F\ 213 Center St. ' ~~ ] Ganvood V^/ Rev. Frederick Rogers Wonhlp asd Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Child Cart AvaJlibU t KENILWORTH GOSPEL CHAPEL Najwirk Ava. I 33rd 8L, Kanllworth Sundiy S«rvlc«t: 11 AM. Family Blbl* Hour ind 7:00 PM Evtnlng Sirvlcti Wadnaadar, 7 M H* Pray* artikta HuaV rrktm, 1M Nl tou* MMtXf Friday NltMCM**rV» CM M:M PH (Orad* KMel A««) Cat Far Mora Mwmaaw TERRILL ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH l»40 Ten-Ill Rd. Scotch I'laJna Rov. Michael Seaman, Pattor Sunday: 9:45 AM - Sunday School 11:00 AM - Morning Wonhlp 6:15 PM-Church Training 7:15 PM - Evanlng Wonhlp Wednesday; 7:00 PM - Prayer Mtallng Nurttry Can Provldtd ST. BERNARD'S CATHOLIC CHURCH 360 Sumner Ava. Plalnfleld Mass Schedule Saturday: 5:30 PM Sunday: 8:00, 0:30 11:30 AM Rav. Joaaph F. Barbona, Paator -Westfield Record- The first meeting of the Musical Club of Westfield for the season will be held 1 p.m. Wednesday, OcL 13 at the home of Helene Frieland, program chairwoman, 201 Linden Ave. Pianist Grace Hull will perform Chaccone by J.S. Bach and Study No. 5 (arranged for left hand alone) by Johannes Brahms. George Toenes, clarinet, and Louise Andrews, piano, will play Sonata for Clarinet in B-flat and Piano by Frances Poulenc. The movements are "Allegro Tristamentc," "Romanzji," and "Allegro con Fuoco." Wolfgang Amadcus Mozart's Fantasy in D-minor, Franz Liszt's Consolation No. 3 in D-Jlat Major and Aaron Copland's The Cat and tiie Mouse will be performed by Edith Anderson, piano. Ginger Haselden, soprano, accompanied by Beth McFall, piano, will sing To Layami, a Greek folk song, arranged by Theodore Spathy, and Bozzetti, popular Italian folk songs, arranged by Giulio Confalonieri: Canzone di Nozze, Ninna- RACE MEETING STEEP! Nanna del Mugnaio, Contrasto, Notturno, and Serenata. Hospitality chairwoman is Virginia Tienken, assisted by Janet TVre, Audrey Weber, Lynn Adelman and Margaret Swett 73rd Running of the Dr. Turlington will preach on Sunday a.m. Dr. Darla Dee Turlington preach at the 10:30 am. service Sunday at The First Church of Westfield, 170 Elm The Lord's Supper will be served. Church School for all ages gins 9 a.m. Adult education dudes the Pastor's Class on Psalms; the Journeys Class "The Story of Beginnings: Book of Genesis;" and the Forum on "Technology and tianity." The nursery is staffed 9-11 a.m. and includes stories, songi and visual aides about God's ere* ation. A full religious curriculum of age-appropriate activities is offered to ages 2-5. j The weekly Fellowship Dinner will resume 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, folilowed by Fellowship, Youth Cho* and Bible study, 7:15. Book group's focus Jewish authors Temple Emanu-ETs book group, begun last year, will continue to focus on Jewish American literafture this fall. The group met for its first session of the season Oct 3, with subsequent meetings Nov. 7 and De4. 5. Participants will be asked to read a different work for each session. Selected texts will represent k survey of 20th century Jewish American authors. The group's theme will be "In Search of Voice: From Silence to Articulation in American Jewish Literature." Np preparation is necessary for the first section. ' Emphasis will be on the exchange of ideas and group discussion. Edith Weinthal, adjunct professor of English at Montclair State. College, will act as group fiadlitatof. Ms. Weinthal is writing her dodtoral dissertation at Drew University, IATION, INC* RACES for the benefit of Somerset Medical Center Somerville, New Jersey Saturday, October 23, 1993 AT&T Moorland Farms, Route 202, Far Hills Gates Open 9 a.m. Ticket and Parking Information Tickets - $25 General Parking - $20 per vehicle (No charge for children 14 and under) All on-grounds parking requires vehicle pass purchased in advance. No tickets will be sold at the gate. For more information, call Tickets and parking passes available at the following locations until October 20th. BEDMINSTER Bedmtiuter Gift Shop BtjdminMer Physical Rehabilitation Center Country Picnic Super-X Pharmacy Willie'iThvente BERKELEY HEIGHTS Berkeley Hardware BERNARDSV1LLE Dtehlf Jewelers Encore Quality Coaiignmenli J. Maura Shota Montcrey Oourmel Shop*. Inc. CHATHAM The Cheetc A Bagel Shop F, Oenld New. Inc. CHESTER Chetler Country Fumlihingi FAR HILLS The Butler'* Pantry D'Apolilo ft Son Far Hillf Pharmacy The Knit Shop GLADSTONE Beval Saddlery. Ltd. Rolling Hillt Gourmet/ Deli * Catering HARDING TOWNSHIP Jeweler'i Gallery MARTINSVILLE The Village Market or Martintville MENDHAM Jeweler"i Gallery MORRISTOWN C'c»l Cheese The Wooden Keg NORTH BRANCH The Country Baikel OLDWICK The General Store of Oldwick The Magic Shop PEAPACK Copper Kettle Dell PLUCKEMIN Colonial Liquor* SOMERVILLE The Executive Hatrcraftert Somenet Medical Center SUMMIT AJ. Specialty Product. Ceit Cheese Walk Well Shoei of Summit WARREN C'ett Cheese Chubb & Son/Employee Library WHITEHOUSE STATION Diehl'i Jeweler* Whilehoutc Medical Plaza/ Center for Family Health

9 October 7, t <}reek fest features mix of attractions llie annual Greek Festival held on the weekend drew fans from here and afar, per usual. In top photo, Stefanos Sideris discusses a painting with Rutgers University engineering Professor Thomas Taskotakos. i Jewelry is the toic of conversar tion in middle photo as Georgia.^Colonins sells some wares to Cathy Youlios. Below, Dino Cenakos, who cochaired the ';event with Kassandra Romas, "puts another tempting dish into -:the oven. AUGUSTO F. MENEZES/THE RECORD AUGUSTO F. MENEZES/THe RECORD AUGUSTO F. MENE2ES/THE RECORD Community Life A-9 Guild's name is changed The Westfield Symphony Orchestra Guild begins its new season with a new name and an expanded vision of its major goals, From now on, the guild will be called Westfield Symphony Friends, The decision for the name change stems from the desire of this volunteer group to open up to and embrace the community at large. Its mission statement also reflects this welcoming vision. In addition to its commitment to fund-raising for the Westfield Symphony Orchestra through its Spring House Tour and other events, The Symphony Friends have designated as its "Membership Year." It is encouraging all music lovers and those concerned with the promotion of the arts in the area not just in Westfield, but in Cranford, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Plainfield, and Mountainside, to join the Friends. "There is already a definite effort on the part of our business communities to revitalize the business centers in the area," said Myriam.Gabriel, co-president of the Symphony Friends. "Having a dynamic symphony orchestra in such an environment adds the icing on the cake." Eppie Betancourt, also copresident of the Westfield Symphony Friends, said, "We will raise funds for the Westfield Symphony Orchestra, of course, but I envision my leadership as trying to direct our members' time, talents, and energies into using education as a way to introduce music appreciation in the schools and to heighten interest in our superb orchestra." Ten languages in adult school now During the fall semester, the Westfield Adult School offers 10 foreign language courses and three new humanities courses. Foreign language selections include Japanese, Portuguese, and beginning and continuing levels of German, Italian and Spanish. The humanities courses cover topics of historic and contemporary America and literature of the East. "Contemporary Issues in American Society and Government" will examine current political and/or social issues. Each of these course began Oct. 4 at Westfield High School. To register, call Carol Phelan at 232^050. Coat sale Judy Phillips, Beth Hanscom, Carolan Fleder and Barbara Homer model coats on sale this week at the Westfield Service League's Thrift and Consignment Shops at 114 Elmer St. The Thrift Shop hours are 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. The Consignment Shop will accept and sell furs and better coats Oct. 19. SKISWAPl I Buy, Sell, or Swap SKIS, BOOTS, 1 SNOWBOARDS, INLINE SKATES, ICE SKATES ON NOW THRU OCT. 30th, 3 BRING IN YOUR USED EQUIPMENT NOW \ SKIS, BOOTS, I SNOWBOARDS 1 ALL NEW 1994 *i 20% off LEFTOVERS 20% to 60% OFF SEASON RENTALS CompktowMhSkb,,, Boon, binding. Apcln Adult* 129 Snowboard* 99 and up Get fined earfy tor '94 BEST SELECTION 50 %OFF SKI JACKETS CASHIER WILL DEDUCT y ADDITIONAL ' 20% OFF i! Coupon Empires 10/31 '93 SNOWBOARD & SKI TUNES Expires 10/31/9.1.3 A-, Pelican Ski Shops Rt. 22 Whitehouse I Houn: M-F 9-fl..> i Sal «- f Sun ' J-s t LOCAL MOVIE TIMES EOR THE WEEK OF FRIDAY, OCT. 8-THURSDAY, OCT. 14 Schedule* «tubjccl to latlilnirta change. MIDDLESEX MSOV MULTIPLEX Routes 9 A 35. Sayievillo (908) 'Demolition Man (R) Friday-Tuesday: 12:50, 1:30, 3:10. 4:15, 5:30, 7:20, 7:50, 9:55.10:20 p.m. Lalo shows Friday and Saturday at 12:15, 12:35 a.m. Mr. Nanny (PG) Tiiday-Tucsday: 1:20, 3:25, 5:30. 7:35, 9:4O p.m. Lalo show Friday and Saturday at 11:30 p.m. Mr. Jones (R) Friday-Tuesday: 1:30, 4, 7. 9:30 p.m. Late stiow Friday arxi Saturday at 11:45 p.m. ABnxixTala (R) Friday Tuesday. 1:40, 4:10, 7:10, 9:55 p.m. Late show Friday Odd Saturday at 12:25 a.m. 'Malice (R) Friday-Tuesday: 1:45. 4:25, 7:25, 9:55 p.m. Lalo show Friday and Saturday at 12:10 a.m. Cool Runnings (PG) Friday-Tuesday 1, 3:15, 5:25, 7:50, 10:10 p.m. Loto I show Friday and Saturday at 12:15 a.m. For Love or Money (PG) Friday- Tuesday: 3:35, 8:10 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 12:40 am. Dazed end Contused (R) Friday, Saturday. Monday, Tuesday 1:10, 3:25, 5:40, B, 10:15 p.m. Sunday; 3:25, 5:40, 8, 10:15 p.m. Lato show Friday and Saturday at 12:20 a.m. The Good Son (R) Friday Tuesday: 1:15. 3:15. 5:10, 7:15, 9:15 p.m. Lato show Friday ond Saturday al 11:15 p.m. Tho Ago of Innocence (PG) Friday- Tuesday; 1, 3:D0, 7, 9:00 p.m. Lato Show Friday and Saturday nl 12:30 o.m. SWUng Distance (R) Fild.-iy-Titesil.iy: 1:20, 3:30, 5:40, 7:55. 1O:15 p.m. Lnto sftow Friday nnd Suturday al 12:20 a.m. 'Ttm ProUram (R) Friday-Tuesday: 1:40, 4:05. 7:10, 9:40 p.m. Lalo rjww Frirtny and Saturday m iiikinltfit, Tho Fugitiw (IVi Li) Friday, Kuiviay- Tuesday: 3:45, 7, 9:50 p.m. Saturday: 3:45, 0:25 p.m. Into show Iriilay,IJK) Saturday nt 12:25 JurassicPoih (PC 13) Fikiny Tui<r,day: 1, 5:35. 10:10 p.m. /Too Willy (It",) liki.iy Tiii-itl,ty: 1 p.m. Sneak pievx;w of tin- Ikiwity tmtrilliv, (PK) Sulurdny nl 7:.IO p.m., Sunday al l:3o p.m. Call Itieatfir fur Wednnitay ami Ilii/ra CINEPLEX ODCON MENLO PARK Homo 1, I ifison CJWH) 32M412 Mr. Nanny PG) I rtdny ttiuredny. 1:30, 3:30. 5:30, 7:30. 9:30 p.m. M. Butterfly (R) Friday Thursday: 1:15, 3:20, 5:20, 7:30, 9:40 p.m. Demolition Man (R) Friday-Tluirsdjy; 1, 3:20, 5:40, B:05, 10:25 p.m. The Joy Liick Club (R rrid.iy-tucsd.ty: 1, 2:30, 4, 5:30. 7, B30. 9:50 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday: 1. 4, 7, 9:50 p in, A llronx Tale (R) Friday-Thursday: 1:05. 3:25, 5:45, B:10, 10:30 p.m. The Good Sen (R) FfKt.iy-Iliursday: 1:20, 3:-10. 5:35, 7:45, p.m. Malice R) FrKKiy Tliui'.d.iy: 1:1.0, 3:25, 5:40. H. 10:20 [>,rn. '7hcA e ol Innocence (PG) Friday- Thursday: 1:15, 4:15, 7:15, 10 p.m. For Love or Money (PG) Friday. TAin day -Thursday: 3:15, 5:2O, 1:30 p.m. Saturday: 3:15, 5:20 p.m. Sinking Distance (R) Friday Thursday: 1:05, 9:45 p.m. Mr. Jones (H> Friday-Ihured.iy; 1, 3:20, 5:30, 7:50. 10:10 p.m. Coot Runnings (PC) Friday-Thursday: 1:20, 3:25, 5:35. 7:40, D:55 p.m. Budy (PG) Wednesday, Thursday: 1, 3:20, 5:30, 7:45, 10 p.m. Snciik preview of T7M! Owcrty Hillbillies (PG) Saturday at 7:30 p.m. DUNELLEN THEATER 458 North Avo., Ourwllcn (90B) 9C Coll thentartorslmwtimos. KENOALL PARK CINEMAS 35G0 Route 27, Kcnddll I'jrh (9OB) Dt'<no/i iun Man (I!) rmf.iy. S.itunl.iy: 2. 5:20, 7:40, 10 p.m. Sunday, Moildny: 2:10, 5:10,,!):4!j p.m. Tucsil.iy: 7:15,9:30 pin Mr. Ion-, (II) I ilil.iy, Salind.iy: '.'.'0, 5:i".i, f:y>. '..i:4'.> p in. '.uml.iy, Mini d.iy: I'l'O. ' (!'->. /:;'ll, 'I.10 p m. Ml). '.)..'O pin At.llHi.' (Ill I ml.iv,.'i.hlir.l.i,:.' 10, 5:10, r.'.'o, ' :.!() p.m. J.imil.iy. M»n d.iy. 2, 4.Ml, /:O5, '.> 1!> i MI, turvl.iy: 7:10, ):/() p.m. lortowv. t" Ali«ii7 (IT,) lini.iy, S.ii 5, l.': 1C1 p.m. Swul.iy, MrrniLv,-: 4:110, ') p.m. tim".(t,iy: / p in. hir,i:,'.n: l\uk (IT. 1.1) I ml.iv. '.it iml.ty: l?10, / p.m. Sitiul.iy, Momliy: 2, (.'>:J5 P m. TtifMlity: M ' '.» p.m. A [IMHH r,i/i> (R) Friday. SJHIIII.IIC.?: 15,4:50, MO, 0:.10 > tn Sniiil.iy, Monday: 1:'«, 4.45, /. 'I.I'. i> m. Tin".[l.iy: I, 'I 1'' p.m- ( nij /(U'lnin/:-. (I'll) Irnl.iy:.'II. /.'(i,!l.'()(> in. Silluiil.iy f.v' I.'(), l..'l', '>.'!'. I -'I',"..'II phi. lursil.iy: /. l< p.m. Hi!! OIXMI V(«l (HI I nil.iv. '..itliml.iy :M!>, 4.4S, <>.,r>.»."'. to r.i v '» Snml.iy. Mnndciy:.', '1.'. V., / 'i'i, 9:45 p.m.!iii:'.d,iy: 7:il<), <i.jd p m Cull IhMtilcv for Wmtnvutiiy <inil 1'iw day s/iinvliviil-s. MIDDLESEX MALL CINEMAS S(ellon and Modley roads South Plninlield (DOS) Deo>oW/on Man (R) Friday. 8, 10:30 p.m. Saturday. Sund.iy. 2, :30 p.m. Monday: 2, 5. fl p.m. Tuesday- Ihureday: 6, 8:30 p.m. riie Good Son (R) Friday: 7, 9 p.m. Saturday Monday: 2:15, 4:30, 7, 9 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday: 6:15, 8:15 p.m. MOVIE CITY Route 1 A Gill Lane, Iselin (908) Coll ihcnter for showtimos. MOVIE CITY Oak Tree Center 16G5 OnK Tree Rd., Edison (9O8) 549 G666 Call theater for showtlmcs. SOMERSET BIHNARDSVILLE CINEMA 5 Mine Brook Rd. Bemardsvillo (9O8) 76G-0357 Tho Age of Innocence (PG) Friday: 7:20, 10 p.m. Saturday: 1:30, 4:30, 7: p.m. Sunday: 2. 4:45, 7:30 p.m. Monday Thursday: 7:30 p.m. BROOK CINEMA 10 Hamilton SL Uound DrooH I9O8) 4GQ 9GC5 Much Ado About Notttlng (PG-13) Frtil;iy, Monday-Thursday: 7:10 p.m. Satunlay, Sunday: 3, 7:lOp.m. I ike WMcr tor Oioco'alo (R) Friday, MutHlay IhurMl.iy. 9:20 p.m. Salurday, Surxlay; 5:10, 0:20 p.m. JtH! Sttri?! fi.itclori (Ci) Saturd.iy, Sundiiy: 1 p.m. Monday: 1,.1 p.m. ll>t- 1,'m-J.y Mn/rnr (ViTi/m S/iovv (R) Fi»- tl^y, r.alurcliiy: Mklm$it. OFNEHAL CINEMA ill in. st AH llmiti- :'!', Watilnint 1, (')OH).11'.' (001 Pt'HK.>M'<"J M.m {Hi Intliiy Sunday. 1: ill !:.'(), 10 p.m. Monday, lui-.d.ty:.', -V 10. /:?(),<):50 p.m. "l/n; l.innl!ii») (10 Iniliiy-Sunday, 1:15. J 1'., 5:15, 7:40,9:40 p.m. Miinil.iy, 1:45,3:45. 7:1O, 9 [ini. A iinmt I,iic (ii) lilday Ruixliiy. 1:45. ').'(!, /.!i Ml p.m. Moml.'iy, Tureclny: lli,< I vfiliiv (I'tt 13) Friday Suixl.iy: 1, H-4'i, *>.-ls. '.1:20 p.m. MiKxIay, liii-.ilay: , li:45. 9:30 p.m. 1.ill ilnmirr fi'r Wfdnesilny IVKI Hum tl.ty (,fit>«(yitm",. :*.ENI"ltAI. CINFMA IIIIIMil WAtl.l! COMMONS lloutus '12 A 2U2 20(> (908) For Love Of Money (PG) Friday- Sunday: 1:30. 4:20, 6:40, 9:10 p.m. Monday: 1:30, 4:20, 6:40, 9 p.m. Tuesday: 2:10, 4:45, 7:20,10 p.m. Tho FugltrVe (PG-13) Friday-Sunday: 1, 3:50, 6:50, 9:50 p.m. Monday: 1, 3:50. G:50. 9:25 p.m, Tuesday: 2, 4:30. 7:10,9:40 p.m. T7ie Man Williout n Face (PG-13) Friday-Sunday: 1:10, 3:40, 6:30,9:20 p.m. Monday: 1:10, 3:40, 6:30, 9:10 p.m. Tuesday. 2:40, 5, 7:20, 9:50 p.m, 7?io Ags of Innocence (PG) Friday- Sunday: 1, 4, 7, 10 p.m. Monday: 1, 4, 7, 9:35 p.m. Tuesday: 2. 4:30, 7. 9:35 p.m. The Good Son (R) Friday-Sunday: l:5o. 4:40. 7:30, 9:40 p.m. Monday: 1:50. 4:40. 7:30, 9:30 p.m. Tuesday: 2:30, 5:10, 7:30, 9:25 p.m. Malice (R) Friday-Sunday: 1:40, 4:30, 7:20, 10:20 p.m. Monday: 1:40. 4:30, 7:20. 9:50 p.m. Tuesday: 2:10, 4:35, 7:15. 9:45 p.m. Tho Joy Luc* Club (R) Friday Sunday: 1:20. 4:10. 7:10. 10:10 p.m. Monday: 1:20, 4:10, 7:10. 9:40 p.m. Tuesday: 2, 4:25, 6:50, 9:15 p.m. Cull tficater foe Wednesday and TTiursday sfiowt/mes. GENERAL CINEMA RUTGERS PLAZA 103O Caston Avo., Somerset (908) 82B-B787 Demolition Man (R) Friday-Tuesday. 2, 4:40, 7:10, 9:50 p.m, Vie Program (R) Friday-Tuesday: 2:30, 5:10, 7:30, 10 p.m. Cool Runnings (F'G) RkJay-Tucsttoy: 2:15. 4:20, 6:50. 9:10 p.m. Danxt and Cwiftjsod (R) Fridoy- Tinsday: 2:30, 5, 7:20, 9:30 p.m. Mr. Jofics (R) FrkKiy-Tuesdny: 2:15, 4:30, 7, 9:20 p.m. -)7io Fugitive (TO 13) Friday. Monday, Tuesday: 2, 4:30, 7, 9:40 p.m. Sal unlay: J. <5;3O, 9:10 p.m. Sunday. 4:30. 7, 9:40 p.m. SiH:nk prrvirw of 7?i(! ttcwrty Hillbillies (IT,) Saturdays] 7:40p.m., Sunday at :':20 p.m. CM t/tt\ht>r fur Ww^iiest/ay anil JfnifSday ahovvtliruxl. or NEHAl CINEMA SOMLRVILLE CIRCLE Houto?H, (<KJ»> 52G0101 'Mr, Jones (K) Friday, Kiratlny: 7:15. 1:45 p.m. r,tilurdny-monday: 2:15, n-.a'.\. /:15. 9:45 p.m. A HrrxK r,i/p (li) rkl.iy, Tin".d,iy. 7:30, 0:55 p.m. Saturday Mond.iy: 2:30, 5, 7:.K), 9:55 p.m. Mr. N.iraiy (IT.) Friday. TufMul.iy: fl, 10:10 p.m, Snlurdjy-Monday; 2, 4. 0, B. 10:10 p.m. Call ttwatci for Wettrwsitciy nrx) Unm day shovttlmcs. MONTGOMERY CENTER Route 206, Rocky Hill (609) The Wedding Banquet (not rated) Frtday, Monday-Thursday: 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 2:30,9:30 p.m. The Ballad of Ult/e Jo (R) Friday, Monday-Thursday: 7:10 p.m. Salurday, Sunday: 4:45, 7:10 p.m. The Age of Innocence (PG) Friday, Monday-Thursday: 7, 9:40 p.m. Saturday. Sunday: 1:30. 4:15. 7, 9:40 p.m. UNION BERKELEY CINEMA 450 Springfield Ave. Berkeley Heights (908) Call theater for showtime*. CINEPLEX ODEON CRANFORD 25 North Avo. West Cranford 1908) For Love or Money (PG) Friday, Monday-Thursday: 7:45.9:45 p.m. Soturday, Sunday: 1:45, 3:45. 5:45, 7:45, 9:45 p.m. Mr, Nanny (PG) Friday, Monday- Thursday. 8, 9:45 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 2, 4, 6. 8, 10 p.m. CINEPLEX ODEON UNION 990 Sluyvesanl Aw;., Union (908) GflG-4373 Malice (R) Frid.Ty, Monday-Thursday: p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 2, 4, C. 8, 10 p.m. A Urum Tole (Ft) Friday. Monday- Thursday: 7:30, 9:45 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 7:15, 4:45, 7:20, 9:40 p.m. FIVE POINTS CINEMA 327 Chratnut St., Union C.tOH) 'J Call theater for showlimes. LINDEN FIVEPLEX 100 North Wood Awe., linden (9OH) Ihe tkxio 1 Son R) Friday: 7:.1O, 9:45 p.m. Saturday-Monday: 1:10, 3:10, 5:10. 7:<10. 9:45 p.m. Tuesday: 7:30, D 30 p.m. Ciwl Himtiing* (PG) Friday: 7:15, 9:40 p.m. Saturday Mondiiy. 1, 3, D, 7:15. 9:40 p.m. Tuesday: 7:15, 9:20 p.m. Denio/ilton Man (R) Friday: 7:30. 9:45 p m. Saturday Mornlay: 12:45, 2:55. 5:05, i:'m), 9:45 p.m. Tue r Jt.iy: 7:25, 9:35 p.m. A /l/om r,ili- (II) Fihlay: 7:25, 9:45 p in. Saturday-Monday: 12:55, 3:05, 5: to. 7:25,!J:45 p.m. lucsdny: 7:20, 'J:',".) i in. Af.iJia? (H) Friday: 7:35, 9:45 p.m. r.nlimlay Monday: 12:45, 2:55.5, r:.'l r i, 9:45 p.m. Tuesday: 7:^5, 9:30 p.m. C.ill Ihcnter for Wednesday ond 7liurs- LOST PICTURE SHOW 2395 Springfield Ave., Union (906) Can theater for showtlmes. NEW PARK CINEMA 23 West Westfield Avo. Rosette Parti (908) Call theater for showiimes. UNITED ARTISTS RIALTO 250 East Broad SL Westfield (908) Call theater for showtime-*. WESTFIELD TWIN CINEMA 138 Central Ave., Westfield (908) The Joy Luck Out) (R) Friday, Tuesday- Thursday: 7:30, 10:15 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 1:30, 4:15. 7:30. 10:15 p.m. Monday: 1:30, 4:15, 7, 9:45 p.m. Tn» Program (R) Friday, Tucsday- Thurcday, 7:45, 10 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 12:45, 3, 5:15, 7:45,10 p.m. Monday: 12:45. 3, 5:15, 7:30, 9:50 p.m. HUNTERDON CINEMA PLAZA Routes 202 & 31, Flemlngton (908) For Love or Money (PG) Friday, Monday, Tuesday. 7:15, 9:15 p m. Saturday: 2, 4, 9:15 p.m. Sunday: 2, 4, 7:15, 9:15 p.m. Molice (R) Friday, Monday, Tuesday: 7:30, 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 2, 4, 7:30, 9:30 p.m. Itie Fugitive (PG-13) Fnd.iy-Tucsrtay: 7, 9:20 p.m. Demolition Man (R) Friday, Monday, Tuesd.ry: 7. 9:15 p.m. Saturday, Sun day: 2. 4: :15 p.m. 'Mr. Jones (H) Fnilay, Monday, [iicr, day. 7:30, 9:30 p m. Saturday, Sun day: :30, 9:30 p.m. The Age ol Innocence (IT,) Friday, Monday, Tuesday: 8 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 2:30, B p.m. Vie Sivrrl fiaixksn (G) Saturday, Sun day; 2, 4:15 p.m. Sneah prrview of TTie Uevtvfy HHltiilHcs (PCi) Satvjrday at 7:30 p in. Coll Ihcnter for Watnesilciy and lhtirsday sltowtlmci. MORRIS AMC HCADqitAHIERS Headquarters Plaza Monistown (201) 2U2-OGOG lite Afm of Immcence (I'G) Friday: 4:50, 7 15, 9:55 p.m. Saturday: 1:20, 4:30, 7:15, 9:55 p.m. Sunday: 1:10, 4:40, 7:30, 9:55 p.m. Monday: 1:30. 5:40, 8:15 p.m. Tuesday: 10:30 n.m., 5:40, 8:15 p.m. Malice (fi) Friday: 5. 7:.> ( \5 p.m. Saturday: 2, 5. 7>ui. '. ' ) p.m. Sunday: 1:30, 5: M. ' p m. Monday: 1:50. 5:40. 7:V, ' p.m. Tuesday: 10:30 a.m.!> : : : >, 9:50 p.m. The Joy Luck CluO (R) f rid -.50, 7:20. 9:50 p.m. Saturday. 1.', 4:40, 7:20, 9:50 p.m. Sunday: I.'."> 4:40, 7:30, 10 p.m. Monday; 1:1 1 ' 30, 8:10 p.m. Tuesday: 10: '^i n, 5-30, 8:10 p.m. A Bron* Tale (R) Friday _. p.m. Saturday: 1:30, 5, p.m. Sunday; 1:50, 5:1' p.m. Monday: 1:40. 7:4-.. Tuesday: 5:30. 7:40. 9 r -~ For Low or Monty (ft, ' 10:10 D.m. Saturday I ' 10:10 p.m. Sunday-: '.'. ' p.m. Monday: 1:50,!.'.-,. '. iucsday: 8, 9:55 p.m. Striking Distance (R) F-icin : ; -.!urday; 5:10, 10:15 p.m. Sunday.. '".I i. 10 p.m. Monday, Tuesday: 5;.i). i- r i0 p.m. Cool Runnings (PG) Friday ' :o. 7:50. 10:10 p.m. Satuni, 3, 5:20, 10:10 p.m. Surni.i-. V.'. 3:20. 5:40, 7:5O, 9:45 p.m. K'on r>: 1:40, 5:50, 7:50, 9:45 p in. Imam., 5:50, 7:50,9:4'.,,, i < 10:30 TTie Fugitive (1X513) 1 n. l.i ' 7:20 p.m. Saturday: 1:30. 4:' '.>, ^">! p.m. Sunday: :30 p.m. Mi 'ii.iy: 7:30 p.m. Tuesday: 5:20, 7:.U> JI Demolition Man (R) In i.-, 7:30. 10:15 p.m. Saturday:,'. '.. 10:15 p.m. Sumt.iy: 1:40. '. ; JO, 10 p.m. Mornl.iy; 1:SO. 5?0. p.m. Tucr*liiy: 10:30 a.m.. 9:55 p.m. Mr. Nonny (PC) Friday: '- p.m. Saturday; l:'>0.!'>;30, p.m. Sunday: l:?0, '!?(!. c, :55 v, p.m. >. 7:50, 1 o. < 15 I' 1, 9:55 > 2ii. 7:40. i'. ;i, 9:5O '. "50 t\. 10 p.m. Monday. 2. (>, H, ( i inp.m. Tuesday: C p.m. Mr..tom'S (H) 1riiloy:!. H). /:-ia. 10:10 p.m. Saturday.?. 1 n, ''. ':40. 10:10 p.m. Sunday: 1, S..n,. /, r.o, 9.55 p.m. Monday. 1'. [> id H:'j5 p.m. Tiresit.iy;.. in, / < 9:55 p.m. Snpnh preview nl Tho MfvT 1 i> Hillbillies (PC.) Saturday nl 7:i»O p.m. Call theater tor Wcdnwlnv i nd TliursiMy s/iowrlrncs. CINEMA 206 noulo 206. Chestur (900) Call theater lor 5l>owiiiiic5, -Westfield Record-

10 A-10 WestffoM Record October 7,11 You said it: "He's a/ways around the football and If he's not there he's killing himself getting mere.' d TnmcMiM - WHS football comch on Stava Monnlnftr WTA fall social The Westfield Tennis Association is sponsoring a fall tennis scoial at the Mountainside Indoor Tennis Courts on Oct. 23, at 7:30 p.m. The event Is open to all Westfield residents and guests. The cost is $14 per person. Checks may be made payable to the WTA and should be sent to: Carol Gross, 348 Orenda Circle, Westfield, NJ Please bring a finger food to share, BYOB, and mixers will be supplied. The deadline for entry is Oct. 18. For more information call Jean Power at for more inquiries. Card show There will be over 50 of the area's top card, comics and -sports memorabilia dealers at "the Temple Emanu-EI on 756 E. Broad St. on Sunday, Oct. 10, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Hourly door prizes will be given away. Admission is $2 and children under 6 will be admitted free. For further information, contact DJL at Super Bowl raffle The Westfield Booster Club is giving sports fans the opportunity to attend Super Bowl XXVIII while supporting athletics at the high school. A raffle Is currently being held by the Club to benefit the its scholarship fund and help pay for athletic projects at WHS. Each ticket is $10 and the grand prize includes a round trip airplane ticket to Atlanta, Ga., hotel accommodations, car rental and limousine service to and from Newark Airport. In order to buy tickets, contact either Jerry Infantino ( ) or Mel Coren ( ). The Hot Spot Following a fine effort against Irvington, the Blue Devils football team will look to step it up a notch when they visit mighty Union Friday at 7:30. Last season the Farmers defeated Westfield Inside Scoreboard A-11 Youth Sports A-11 Got a score to report? Call Kip Kuduk at or fax to: Our address is: 102 Walnut Ave., Cranford, NJ, Fall sports interns wanted The Forbes Newspapers sports department is now accepting applications lor sports interns in its Cranford editorial office. You must be a high school student interested in journalism. A flexible schedule to fit your needs can usually be worked out. Interns are involved in all aspects of production and writing. For more information, call Union County Sports Editor Kip Kuduk or Tom Swales at Valiant effort falls short against speedy Irvington y KIPKUPUK THERECORD Like a Corvette crossing the finish line before a Trans Am in a dxag race, Irvington simply had too much firepower for Westfield at Matthews Field Friday night. Utilizing and needing all of its offensive weapons, the Blue Knights (3-0) remained perfect and dealt the Blue Devils (1-1-1) their first loss of the season in a 22-7 verdict which left Westfield Head Coach Ed Tranchina encouraged by his club's performance. "It was a great effort," said Tranchina, who suffered his first loss to Irvington during his nineyear tenure at Westfield. "We went up there and the kids were not intimidated. Irvington knew they were in a war. We jumped on them early and made them earn everything. I think we just lost to a better football team. They've got skill up the kazoo." After the opening quarter Westfield appeared poised to pull off the upset The Blue Devils caught their hosts off guard by recovering the onsides kick to begin the game. The visitors maintained their edge in field position and scored midway through the quarter on their second possession. Erwyn Lyght's 13-yard sweep and Steven Cheek's 20-yard pass to tight end Mike Mitchell on third-and-10 helped set up Lyght's 2-yard touchdown run. The 7-0 lead followed the ideal scenario, characterized by defensive coordinator Ron Barner as "jump on them early and ride out the wave." While the offense staked Westfield to an early lead, the defense did its part by limiting Irvington to 15 total yards and no first downs over the opening 12 minutes. But, a precursor of things to come occurred during the second quarter, when the Blue Knights went ahead after a 70-yard, 16-play drive which consumed 8:32. Westfield's defensive game plan intended to force Irvington into lengthy drives, believing the Blue Knights would make a mistake along the way. However, Irvington executed well and made big plays during crucial situations, which, in retrospect, became the hallmark of this contest Irvington converted three of four third-down situations and quarterback Michael Hankerson's 11-yard scramble on fourth-and-seven gave his team first-and-goal at the 10- yard line. Hankerson, who scored Irvington's first touchdown off a nifty 8-yard scramble, kept the defense guessing with a balanced attack, which featured the hard running of fullback Orrin Marshman, the explosiveness of tailback Sha-kil Moss and the talents of a trio of receivers. ' In the event Westfield was able to corral these playmakers, Hankerson displayed the ability to make something out of nothing. The senior was comfortable ad libbing, either running with the ball ROBERT YOUNG/THE RECORD Quarterback Steve Cheek completed 5 of 20 passes for 74 yards In Westfleld'a 22-7 loee at Irvington. or scrambling until he found someone open. "They had too many weapons," said Bamer. "Those three kids in the backfield are awesome. There were some outstanding individual efforts by great athletes on their (Please turn to page A-11) Monninger, Nobile throwbacks to old days By KIPKUOUK THE RECORD Without behemoths like Maurice Bamett, Tom Norton, Ron Mammano and Mark Borton plugging and creating holes on the line, Westfield has been forced to make the transition to a smaller, quicker front unit this season. Realizing this, head coach Ed Tranchina decided to build his interior around the brawn of Ron Nobile and the diligence of Steve Monninger. Nobile, easily the Blue Devils' largest starter at 6-foot-2, 240 pounds, is the lynch pin of the defense from his left end position. Monninger plays at strong side linebacker and calls the defensive signals. "They're both throwbacks to the traditional Westfield type of football player," said defensive coordinator Ron Barner. "You couldn't meet two harder working kids on any team. They're both great offensive and defensive players and they're leaders on and off the field." As a three-year varsity starter, Ron Nobile (No. 74) uses a combination of strength, speed and Intelligence to dominate opposing offenses from his left end position. The senior also starts at right guard on the offensive line, beside right tackle Steve Monninger. Lady Devils psyched for rematch of Group 4 final By KIP KUDUK THE RECORD After taking care of business this week with victories over East Side, Bridgewater-Raritan and Linden, Westfield's girls' soccer team was finally able to devote its attention to a game they've been waiting for. Tomorrow afternoon the undefeated Blue Devils (80) will travel down Route 1 to meet undefeated, once-tied East Brunswick. The Bears ended Westfield's season last November with a 2-0 victory in the Group 4 finals at Trenton State College. In the last three meetings between these clubs, EB has outscored Westfield 7-0 and has won alt three matches. "Wo are really looking forward to thia game," said senior tri-captain Christie McGovern. "I think we outplayed them in the state finals hist year. We were down in their end most of the time. It's our time to beat them." "I think the girls should've beaten them in the states last year," said head coach Pete Giordano. "We feel they can beat them. We just have to go out and piny. We're going to have to be aggressive to the ball and dig down deep. But, win or lose, we've got to be ready for next week." The Blue Devils travel to Livingston next weekend and will probably begin the defense of their Union County title shortly thereafter. "There's life after this game, but it means so much because of the years that have built up to it," said McGovern. Westfield tuned up for the showdown with a 12-0 pasting of East Side Tuesday. Goal scorers included Jessica Czar (three), Lexl Tourtcllotte (two), Suzy Folger, Nancy Schultz, Aliby Itomba, Kelly Norton, Melissa Long, Antonia Loffrcclo and Susan McCloy. Emily Dexter, Gretchcn Mansfield and Holly Talbott registered assists. The Blue Devils were compelled to overcome certain extraneous forces, as well as a formidable Bridgewater-Raritan team, in registering a 1-0 victory Saturday morning at Bnsilone Field. Bomba scored the lone goal at the 38-minute mark of the first (Please turn to page A-11) Nobile'a experience and intelligence serve him well at his demanding defensive position. One of the end's primary duties include keeping the tight end occupied to allow the supporting linebacker free pursuit Other responsibilities encompass sealing down the tackle's hole, containing the quarterback on any outside movement and constantly watching for reverses and screen passes. "His position is statless," said Barner. "You need a very tough and intelligent kid to play that position. It's a tough position to play because that's where most teams attack. His mental toughness, persistence and tenacity is what sets him apart" When constructing a game plan against Westfield, opposing teams are fully cognizant of Nobile's presence. Consequently, they will either double-team him or run to the opposite side. Still, the senior tricaptain has the strength to shed blocks and the speed to pursue quickly. "He's a standout type player," said Monninger about Nobile. "He's about the best we've got right now. Double-teams don't phase him. He's been on varsity forever. He's got smarts, experience and good eyes for the ball." Even though he weighs 70 pounds less than Nobile, Monninger remains a terror on both sides of the ball. The senior compensates for his 5-11, 170-pound build with a relentless style and an boundless work ethic. "He's an extremely aggressive kid," said Bamer. "He's the prototype linebacker aggressive, quick and decisive. He's got a strong personality and he always wants to make an impact and be at the point of attack. He just outworks people. He gives 100 percent in everything he does." "I don't know if I've ever had a harder working kid than Steve, and that means in practice, in the weight room and in the classroom," said Tranchina, who's been the Blue Devils' varsity coach since "He's always around the football and if he's not there he's killing himself getting there. He's in there for literally every play and he never stops." Not surprisingly, both players line up beside each other on the right side of the offensive line. Nobile, a guard, and Monninger, a tackle, work well together and give running backs Erwyn Lyght and John Mask a dependable source for yardage. "I feel confident he's on my side and that we'll get the job done," said Norton, who was selected by the coaches as Westfleld's defensive player of the week against Irvington. "We both know what we're capable of doing." "We get a good one-two punch with them in there," said Bamer. "When we really need one yard we'll go behind Nobile and Monninger because we know they'll get the job done." Steve Monnlnger's relentless pursuit and persistent work ethic has made him a favorite with Westfleld's coaching staff. The senior linebacker-right guard has harnessed these characteristics to compensate for his relatively small stature. Westfield settles for 2nd in UC tourney THE RECORD The intensity was there J and the emotions were at a J 1 fever pitch, but, an unlucky draw and a talented group from Oak Knoll made West-' field settle for the second ' place trophy in the Union' County Tennis Tournament' at PlainflekTs Hub Stine Complex Decked out with "Ws" : painted on their faces, a. "Wildman Rocks" banner honoring head coach Lance. Wildstein and loud cheers that were probably audible. inside nearby Muhlenberg Hospital, the Blue Devils were able to claim one gold medal, one silver and two bronzes. However, Westfield, which ;' finished in a tie with Kent Place, fell seven points short of accomplishing its task. Oak Knoll successfully defended its title, which it shared last season with Kent Place. Union County Tournament "We're happy with second, place," said senior captain Jessica St. dair, "It's better than we've done the past few years and we pretty much played to our potential.'' '. "Oak Knoll and Kent Place are good teams, but, we realize we're right up there with them," said Wildstein. "Even though Oak Knoll walked away with the trophy we feel comfortable that we can play with them." The second doubles team of seniors Lauren Kazanoff ana, Gloria Kb (10-0) defeated all comers, as they kept their per-. feet record intact by claiming the gold medal Kb and Kaza; noft bested Katie Fitzpatrick' and Katie Cooper in straight, sets 6-4, 6-2. St Clair and her partner/ junior Sarah Tirone, tookhome silver medals after bowing to Oak Knoll's Maureen, Kelly and Katie Flschal in the finals, 6-4, 6-3. "We just made too many unforced errors," lamented St Clair. Senior Liz Ryu and sophomore Heather Post earned > bronze medals following victo- ries in the consolation finals.,- Ryu dusted Roselle Park's Adrienne Apello 6-0, 6-2, while. Post cruised past top-seeded: Missy Miller of Governor Liv-, ingston 64,6-0. Westfield was hampered by, the draw, which continually pitted Westfield players against Kent Place players in the quart. terfinal and semifinal rounds,,' The two powerhouses es-. sentially neutralized each other while Oak Knoll chalked up' (Please turn to page A-11) ' GEORGE PACCIELLOmiE RECORD Midfielder Jim Corcoran (right) fights to get a loose ball In recent action. The senior midfielder, who leads the team In scoring, will lead the Blue Devils (7-1-1) Into Important matches against Elizabeth (today) and East Brunswick (tomorrow). Westfield, winners of six consecutive matches, has outscored Its last five opponents Despite the success, head coach George Kapner has yet to see hlb team perform at a consistently high level for an extended period of time. He hopes this will change as his squad prepares for the county and state tournaments.

11 October 7,1993 Sports A-11 WTA TENNIS LADDERS Settlor Men't Singlet In a gnmflng two-hour and 10-mlnute marathon which went down to the very last point, tfendng champion John Dalton defeated «80 champ eitl RHtor in a tiebreaker, 10-9 (5- \) to retain the Westfleld Tennis Association ienlor Men's Singles title. With the victory Dalor) became a three-time winner, having also von the title In Dalton jumped out to a 3-0 lead, only to isve Rider stags a strong comeback through he middle games of the match. Ritter broke )altoo't tense in the 15th game to take a 0-6 oad and gain the opportunity to serve lor the natch. But, Dalton rallied to tie the score at 9- I, forcing the tiebreaker. Seeded second entering the playoffs, OaHon ieat Saul Drlttle and the WTA's most active enlor, Dewey Ralnvllle, en route to the finals, litter, the No. 5 seed, defeated Bruce Long and six-time champ and top-seed Irwln Berrv ^tein. -I. jlady Devils Hi* Senior* Ladder it open to man over At yeart of age. The top teven playert at the end of the regular teaton qualified tor this year's playoffs. The final standings for 1993 are aa tallows: 1. John Dalton; 2. Bill Hitter; 3. Irwln Bernstein; 4. Dewey Ralnvllla; 5. Bruce Long; 0. Charles Carl; 7. Saul Drittle; 8. Jim OiCierfco; 0. Ed Plnkman; 10. Ted Mots; 11. Dick Hatsler; 12. Lowell Doak: 13. Gerard Welts. Womtn't Doublet The list below represents the final standings for the 1993 season following the playoffs of the WesMeld Tennia Association Women'! Doubles Ladder. Ten teams participated in eight or more matches and competed In a playoff. The team of Jean Power and Lee Perry defeated the pairing of Carol* SmJIIIe and Irene Lombrleer, 10-5, in the finals. Losers were assigned position Nos. 2 through 10, based on their relative standings at the start of the playoffs. Trudy Kltngelhofer and Carol Thompson wen* the most active team, playing in 15 matches. i (Continued from page A-10) hair on an unassisted goal from 23 what he termed "a bad half of soc- when the Blue Devils hosted yards out Freshman Amy Wil-cerliams stopped six shots in recording her fifth shutout of the season. ; The Blue Devils clobbered Liniden 7-0 last Thursday behind the (scoring of Tourtellotte (two goals), Folger (two), Bomba, Schultz and freshman Kristen Zadourian. iboys enter big week Ion six-game win streak ; Since Westfield registered a 3-0 shutout of Wayne Hills on opening jday, the Blue Devils have mixed Isolid performances with horrible jones, sometimes in the same game. Even while his club was winning, head coach George Kap-!r atch remained scoreless for 80 {minutes. i l One minute into the first over- }ti/ne, junior Dave Schaller rejcpived a pass from midfielder Jim Corcoran and drilled a left-footed ( r shot into the lower portion of the net i "Four minutes later, senior Mike [Wheeler beat two defenders and ivyas taken down in the box, result- [irig in a penalty shot which Corcoran converted. As they have been Idbing for the past five games, all [Westfield shutouts, seniors Mike Valiant effort!. (Continued from page A-10) 'team. Almost ;ill of their big plays jwere broken plays." I -Irvington surged ahead, 14-7, 1(140 after halflime when Moss jdove over the goal line from four i.vards. A 46-yard kickolt return by Isophomorc Brian Ciemniecki gave jwcstfield the ball in Irvington ter- ritory, but the visitors couldn't pick i up a first down. Chris Vogel's punt pinned Irvjiftgton at its own 6, where Hanker- Isfcm broke the Blue Devils' backs.! ; On third-and-12 from his own 4, jllankcrson found Raheem Morris over the middle for 2(5 yards. On!tfiird-and-13 from the Knights 1 27, jlfre three-year starter hooked up with Rowland Chavis for a 40-yard Igain. Three plays later, Marshman Slipped through a few tackles and j$n 22 yards into the end zone to Ipply Irvington with a 22-7 ad- [mtage. stfleld Mlnglon l Flrst Quarter V Erwyn Lyght 2 run (Chris VOQOI kick), Bin Second Quarter n~ Michael Hankorson 8 run (Ray Simmons Ci), 8:43 > Third Quarter Shakil Moss 4 fun (pass fallsd) 6:40 Fourth Quarter Orrtn Mnrshman 22 run (Hankerson pass 3 nowlarid Clinvls), :2I irsl Downs Ynrd9 lushos-ynrds 'asslng Yards lomp-att Int ackod-yards Lost 'onalllos-ynrda unls-avrj. umlilos Losl rtl Down Carw ' Ih Down Corw, Imo ol l\)ss. West B JOO , :42 Irv :10 Individual Slflilstlcs I Flushing WuMlitild: lyu 1 l7a2 '! (' TD >- ' " ik Mask 31, Mooto 2 (-12). Irv- yttin: Mnr.s (I 10). Hnnkorson 8-54 (t '). Miirshrniui 7-37 (I TD), Johnson Dickinson 2(4)- -.Pnaslng Woslfiold: Chook yds.-i l 'l livirujton; Hnnkorsort yds-1 Int. Flocelvlng Woslfiold: Mitcholl 2-44, Lyght Wl, [inly 10. IrvlfiQton: Moan 2-40, Morris 2- #i Clinvis 1-40, Snbb 117. Rosner and Dave Heller each played a half to share in the victory. On Saturday, Kapner witnessed Montclair, which eliminated Westfield from the sectional playoffs in the first round last year. However, following a scoreless first half Westfield started to take control, outshooting the Mounties 8-1. The match remained in doubt until the final whistle. Three minutes before that moment, Schaller scored on a header from close range, converting a pass from senior Jim Piphcr. Behind two goals from Corcoran and Schaller and one from. Pipher, Westfield was simply to much fo> Linden, beating the Tigers 5-0 last Thursday. ner was not satisfied with the in- consistent efforts. Hockey team seeks to, "We weren't playing soccer as ahit consistent stride Jteam," said Kapner. "We had a lot Following an intense 1-0 loss to of individuals playing different rival Cranford last Wednesday, Sstyles. But, I've seen signs of that three matches brought three different results to a Westfield hockey ^changing. I think they understand.-how I expect them to play and team which needs to string together some victories to bolster its [what it takes to be a good team, inot just a group of good soccer confidence for tournament play. Iplayers." Entering yesterday's match at J Tuesday's 2-0 overtime triumph Somerville, which occurred after.river East Side in Newark encouraged Kapner. The Blue Devils ( and had not played solid back- press time, the Blue Devils were 3- jl) reeled off their sixth straight vic- to-back games against good opponents. Nonetheless, head coach.tory by controlling the flow and Jholding a territorial advantage Maggie McFadden sees signs of [throughout But, despite outshootfing the Red Raiders 19-6, the "At the beginning of last year I improvement wasn't sure how we'd do, then we just started clicking," said McFadden. "I'm seeing us play better, but, we're certainly not on a roll." The coach had to be encouraged with Westfield's convincing 3-0 shutout of Summit Monday. While the offense struck for two quick goals, the defense did not allow a single shot on goal for the entire game. Left wing Laura Cashman (Please turn to page A-12) FOOTBALL u Westfield at Union Data: Frf. Oct. 8 Time: 7:30 p.m. Location: In front of Union H.S. on Morris Ave. In Union The Blue Devil* (1-L1) In many respects, Westfield accomplished many of the tasks outlined in Its game plan against Irvington last wook. Trio Blue Devils got off to on early load and had tho Blue Knights pressing after stilling tholr offense on first and second down. But, Irvlngton's shear athletic ability eventually took o w, allowing It register a 22-7 victory. Not only must Westflold Improve upon Us solid performance, but It also must play a near flawless gams In order to upsot Union. The Blue Devils have not scored a touchdown against Ih8 Farmers In two years and TB Erwyn Lyght (357 yards on 49 carries, 3 TDs) must be productive If Wostfleld is to have a chance. Junior QD Slavon Cheek might have had a caso of tho nerves last week, as he complotod only five of 20 passes. Cheek, In collaboration with tho oflonslvo lino and receivers, must get (he aorlal attack going to keep the defonso honest. FB John Mask. TE Mlko Mitcholl and WR Brian Ctemnleckl will bo Cheek's main targols. Dofenslvoly, Ts Dill Sampson, Mike Toth and Es Ron Noblla and Mali Palumbo must occupy Union's lino so LDs Mike Rotolla, Slovo Monningor and Andrew DuPuls can slop up and make the plays. The Farmers (2-1) Union roboundod from Its stunning loss to Irvington by thrashing previously undofoatod Shnbazz 42-0 last Friday. With a more wide open attack which foaturos 6 2, 190 pound QH Ed Collins, Die Farmers havo avoragod 35 polnls a contosl. But, don't bo loolad. Hood conch Lou nolllno Is still a big proponent of Union's traditional power rushing game. HD Marco Caban, who has not missed an extra-point in 15 nttompts this soanon, end FD Jncyn McPhnll will sook out holes opened by Ts Frank Fablo, Don Solomon and Gs Dan Mlngucd and llnrotd Rlshor. Union's dolonso hits surrendered only throe touchdowns tills season, but It was lit up for the big play by Irvlnglon. Prediction Union 14, Westfletd 0 SCOREBOARD 1, Jean Power-Lea Parry: 2. Carole Smillle- Ireot LomMsw; 3. Debbie Gatesy-Marda Talbot; 4. Ullan LouJe-Kathy Ostrowskl; 5. Trudy Wtngeihofer-Ca/ol Thompson; 6. Evelyn Mtfno-Chariotte Clovenger; 7. Joan Dreyer- Mlssy Horn. a. Beverly DrittJePaula Long; 9. Pat Page- Pat Vlach; 10. Uela Bemsteln-Yvetto Goldblatt: 11. Andrea MacRKchie-Eileen Mitchell: 12. LE- II* Chananla-Gail; 13. Maryanne Hlckey-Paddy Mollard; 14, Gert Cohen-Anne latartara, Mixed Doubles Congratulations to the team of Carol Valla and Paler Pizzl, who combined to capture the Wesrfletd Tennis Association's mixed doubles championship. The Valla/Pizzl tamdem defeated three-time champs Jackie Boyl* and Stan Karp In the semifinals, then hosted Mary Ann and John Nason in a tiebreaker in one of the most exciting finals, perhaps, in the history of the WTA. Congratulations are also in crdor for the team ol Van and Ken Inman, who emerged victorious in the second group of eight championship. The Anal standings are listed below. Have a happy winter and thanks to all for participating. 1. Valla-Plzzl; 2. Nason-Nason; 3. Boylt- Karp; 4. Dugie-Dugle; 5. Gown-Robins; 6. Hay- Hay: 7. Shlneman-Shineman; 8. Goldberg- Goldberg; 9. Inman-lnman. 10. Allen-Rainville; 11. Bernstein-Bernstein; 12. Hlckey-Hlckey; 13. Morgan-Lawson; 14. Dome-Blackburn; 15. Rocfc-Cloner; 16, Evans- Evans: 17. Clevenger-Clevenger; 18. Vlach- Vtach; 19. Drittle-Drittlo, 20. Ougle-Elnhom; 21. Long-Long; 22. Fechtor-Fechlor; 23. Karnlsh-Karnish; 24. Herttua- Horttua. GOLF Ash Brook Women's Golf Association The results of the "Low Net, Low Gross" tournament on Sept. 30, are as follows. 18 Hole Results Flight A - Low Gross: Carol Madeira (82) i st Low Net: Carol Madeira 69 2nd Low Net: Jayne Deo - 75 How Can Employee Ownership AtSTS Benefit You? 3rd Low Net: Mary Anderson & Trlsh Cragg - 76 Flight B Low Gross: Joyce Bukowiec (103) 1st Low Net: Pat Bolta 76 2nd Low Net: Joyce Bukowiec rd Low Net: Doris Reinhardt - SI Flight C Low Gross: Nancy Priares (114) 1 st Low Net: Nancy Phares 79 2nd Low Net: Barbara Jacob - 83 Low putts: Carol Madeira 26 Chip-ins: Marilyn Anderson a Jimmy Budz 9 Hot* Rtsults Flight A Low Gross: Mary Zucosky A Pat Silkuto (SB) 1«Low Net: Pat Soiloato 42 2nd Low Net: Pat Dowd & Mary Zucosky 43 Flight B Low Gross: Maura Guillaume (56) 1st Low Net: Maura Guillaume 37 2nd Low Net: Ruth Kale rd Low Net: Ann Powers & Claire Knaus - 42 Flight C Low Gross: Yvonne Kayes (66) 1st Low Net: Yvonne Kayes nd Low Net: Carol Martin rd Low Net: Elena Rastelll - 46 Jack Apgar of Bound Brook, NJ founded STS in 1958 based on his study of the Lincoln Electric Co., and employee ownership. Lincoln Electric operated on the theory of incentive management whereby each employee shared in the company's ownership and therefore has a vested interest in it's success. Jack perceived a high degree of employee indifference to customer service in the tire and automotive service business. Yesss! there was opportunity if management and labor could work together with a common bond of shared ownership, toward a mutual goal of superior customer service. Thus was born, STS. Sharing our success is vital. We like to think of it as building capitalists, and preparing everyone to realize the American Dream. Yes. hard work, perseverance, and sacrifice still pay off in the U.S.A.We count our blessings; there is no better place, anyplace! Employ** Ownership Week At STS we're celebrating the proven concept of Employee Ownership during the month of October. Come to any of our convenient locations between Monday. October 11th and Saturday. October 16th. and receive an "STS Travel Mug" - FREE! 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The tournament, along with consecutive matches against Summit, Watchung Hills, Scotch Plains- Fanwood and Columbia next week, should get Westfield primed for the state tournament, which begins in approximately two weeks. "I think we have a good idea of what's out there," said Wildstein. "We gained a lot of experience and it'll probably help us down the line.".«mm Ml _ ft P1«/7OR14 nctttcr P91VKKM P216/70R1S P226/7CRI6 2I&/7M15& 2K/78RI69L II 236/7M18W. 18 St «*.«PIWKR13 M.f* P166/MR13 4e\M P176/70R13 «Mt PH6/7OBI3 1*.n PI86/7WU mn PW70R1 i P18BMCHR14 AW PI98/O0HRM M.M Pl«/eflMBI6 79M PaOBMOHRIS MM P216/MHR16 SPECIAL PURCHASE MM! P206/6W15 M9.M LXI 43.M Jead «.* P216/70Rt5 I7».f» '"575 VALUE PACKAGE" COMPUTERIZED WHEEL BALANCING TUBT.LESS VALVE ASSEMBLY TIRE PROTECTION POLICY FREL TIRE ROTATION. I RE I JIRf DISPOSAL Available at extra c hoigo 24 HOUR KEY DROP BOX 1 eavo youi cor anvtimo rtay or niqht lor qudlity STS sorvico 609? MORRISTOWN, :")!?9h r;i!.l H.HIOVIT AWI< (NC.1 lo.,ir w.isli).'0 1 4Sb MOUNT HOLLY. \h)v.< Hnulo / NEW BRUNSWICK, fi Tnrminal fltl {nfl Hnw I_<in«)!> B-8? NEWTON. Roule L'Wi lanidss Ifam Shop Hilnl?0t NORTH PLAINFIELD. lloulo 72 ami Moiinliiin Avi>nup 90S OAKHURST, I63R 1(14 1 Roule 3L> Noilli OCEAN, 9i'O Houtt- Ib So W,inrwim.issn (Ni^l To Burgei King) 90fl PHILLIPSBURG,.1.1(1 MI'(TIOII,II Piirkw.iy (Roiilu?; Fnsl) B-9110 PISCATAWAY, 10 T th.-l Ho.nt Wt-si 9OB-b??-7O7? 908 7B2 25OO POINT PLEASANT. 311/ Elnriqu Avivuin (n(l fil flh] B-4420 POMPTON PLAINS, Houlc ;'3 (Pl.i.ns (H,-\,;i OntnO O50O 90B PRINCETON. 77B Sl.itn Hand (Roule <>0r;> H?00 90B ROSELLE PARK, Wcslliclrt,ind I iv'iisl Avenue I 4BOO SOMERVILLE, Route 20??C<i Curie ??0? SPARTA, «4 Sttpei P01729-BI TOMS RIVER..'HO HI 37 InslOIPkwy (Noxl lo Holiday Inn) B UNION, 24/0 Houle 2;' Ciislhiumit.nut Spnnglield Rd B82 B55b WASHINGTON. Home WEST CALOWELL. R40 Cissinr Avpiiuo WESTFIELD, 343 Smith Avpnui? F-,:isl WEST ORANGE, 235 P.ospnct Avenuo (nl Caldoi's) M

12 A-12 Sports October 7,1993 YOUTH SPORTS P.A.L. FOOTBALL Shutouts were the order of the day lor Westfield when It visited Summit Oct. 3. The Devils emerged from their first road trip with a scoreless tie, a shutout loss and the B team's 10th consecutive victory. Waalftald C 0, Summit C 0 Taking a page from their own playbook "We can't lost if they can't score," the mini Devils scrapped their way to a scoreless tla with Summit, Once again outsized at virtually every position, the C team relied on defensive speed and agility to smother Summit's otfense and keep the bigger Hilltoppers off the board. Summit drove to the Westfieid 10-yard lino irt the second quarter on the running of Tremayne Fogg and Donald Ruelke. But, linebackers David King and Tim Young rushed the quarterback into forcing an inaccurate fourth down pass which fell incomplete. With the offense stymied, the defense went back to work in ils own territory. Tony Constantino, Glenn Hurley and Matt Oaty threw the Summit OB for big losses to snulf out another threat lalo in the first half. The second half was more of the same, as Jacob Duponl and Hurley found littlo running room and could only reach mldfleld. The defense bent, but did not break, making the big plays at critical times, Cornerback Mike Mroz penetrated the Summit backfield to haul down Summit runners for losses on several occasions and linebacker Young made big tackles to stop the Hilltoppers. Finally, Hurley's fumble recovery with just over a minute remaining saved tha well-earned draw. Summit A 29, Waatflald A 0 This was one the A team would like to forget, at least until Summit travels to Westfieid for the season finale. The Hilltoppers dominated play on both sides of the ball. But, even so, the Devils kept the game close before caving In Lady Devils (Continued from page A-ll) opened the scoring 3:10 into the match when she scored oft a pass from Kathy Clabby on a penalty corner. Eleven minutes later left inner Jen Schwarzenbek found the mark when Alison Konct and Jane Oslislo set up the play with long hits. Schwarzenbek closed the scoring with her seventh goal of the year six and a half minutes after halftime. On Saturday the Blue Devils ran the gamut of emotions during a 3-3 tie with Montclair. Following a scoreless First half, senior Erin Mc- Carthy broke the deadlock at the seven-minute mark when she converted feeds from Konet and Schwarzenbek on a penalty corner. The Mounties responded with a goal a minute later, but, Schwarzenbek answered shortly thereafter. A pair of goals by Heather Savage, the last one coming with seven minutes remaining, put Westfieid behind. Then, the Blue Devils staged a desperate rally, which was capped by Cashman's score off a penalty corner with 2:23 remaining. The Blue Devils actually had a few opportunities to take the lead over the final two minutes, but, they missed the mark on two penalty corners. during tha final period. Summit got an easy score In the first period, as a blocked punt set up a 1-yard slant off tackle for the opening touchdown. While tha offense encountered trouble moving the bait, the defense held sturdy for the rest of tha first half and trailed 6-0 at halftime. Westfieid came out of the locker room fired up for the second half and held Summit on Its first series. Greg Montgomery made a key tackle and Marcus Thornton pressured the quarterback. When Rasheed Hawka returned tho ensuing punt 25 yards to the Summit 35, Westfieid seemed to have a new life. But, Summit's defenders again found little resistance to their rush, chasing Hawks and Bobby Bayfcowtfcl for losses. On a key third down play, Baykowski's long pass to a wide open Jason Osborne fell incomplete, ending Westfield's best threat and seemingly taking the starch out of tha Blue Devils. Three Summit touchdowns and leg injuries to Baykowskl and Osborne in tho fourth quarter put an ignominious end to Woslfield's day. Waitfleld Summit Wastfiald B 21, Summit B 0 Tho B Devils extended their winning streak to 10 games with another dominating performance, holding the Hilltoppers to 15 yards rush- Ing on the day and wearing down the Hilltoppors with methodical determination.m Tailback Limont Turner started the Blue Devils on tho road to victory with a 30-yard touchdown run through and around the maroon-clad defenders In tho first quarter. Ho followed suit with a 1-yard burst behind tho blocking of tight end Grag Glrasl to cap a lengthy drive to put Westfieid ahead 14-0 at the half. Quartorback Brandon Doerr and fullback Todd Dowlfng kept tho offenso rolling In the second hall. Cowling, who rushed for 85 yards, sprinted into ttio end zone midway through tha third quarter, only to have the ball knocked loose. Teammate Ragnar Gearhart fell on th«ball to secure tho touchdown and Jim Korn'a third extra point gave Westfieid its final margin Injury bug hampers Blue Devil gymnasts The Blue Devils' gymnastics team resembled the school's football team more than anything else, as a rash of injuries continued hinder the squad's progress. The week Dana Fahey (bruised ribs) and Dana Fizzell (sore knee) returned to the lineup, Jill Smith complained of back pain before Monday's meet and Megan Clarke cut her thumb while adjusting the uneven bars, sidelining her from any action over the week. "It's a problem," said head coach Ellen Kovac about the injury bug. "But, you can't do anything about it. I feel we're over the worst of it and I think things will go smoother. I don't think things can get much worse for the rest of the season." According to Kovac, the unhealthy status of her team probably cost Westfieid a victory in Monday's tri-meet against Red Bank Catholic and Middletown North. Red Bank Catholic (5-0) totaled points, while Middletown North (3-1) compiled 97.3 points to edge out the Blue Devils (3-3), which accumulated points. Despite a nagging back ailment. Smith registered her high score of the year in winning the vault (8.8) and placing fifth in all-around "We played well, but, we had(33.1). The junior also won the balance beam competition (8.75) and mental lapses," said McFaddcn. "It took a lot of fortitude to come recorded fine scores on the bars back." (7.55) and floor exercise (8.0). Schwarzenbek scored Westfield's Fizzell was Westfield's high scorer in the floor exercise (8.G). She lone goal a minute and a half into last Thursday's match. Unfortunately, the Blue Devils could not and tied for sixth on the beam also tied for fifth on the vault (8.4) follow up on their hot start in losing 3-1 at Mendham. Devils' top point scorer on the bars (7.65). Ilrandi Kovac was the Blue The previous afternoon Westfieid (7.7) and she tied Fizzell in the battled Cranford tooth and nail and beam (7.65). Fahey scored well on still came out on the wrong end of the bars (7.6) and floor (7.9). a 1-0 verdict. Donna Polito scored Last Thursday, Westfieid topped off a loose ball into front of the Union Fizzell's fine effort paced her to a first-place finish Blue Devils' net in the first half and, despite sending nine shots on in the vault (8.3) and a secondplace showing in the floor routine goal, Westfieid could not come up with the equalizer. (8.65). Smith was the best allaround gymnast (31.75) with solid of victory. Doerr passed for 45 yards and found Gearhart. Doling, Tumor and Brian Ru»ao with passai. Tha defanaa was highlighted by Pal McMahon'a 25-yard Interception return, lacka by Joey Saundara and Mike McCua and tha all-around hardhitting play of KEvIn Me* Cormack, Norrla Brown, Chrla Chain and Grag Fraltan. Waatllcld 7 7 t 0-21 Summit o SOCCER Division IV Boyt Tho Westfieid Warriors earned two heartthrobbing victories this weekend by defeating Howell Township In overtime In Slate Cup competition on Oct. Z. and by scoring tha winning goal In the last two minutes of play against Metuchen-Edlson on Oct. 3. Waaifield Warrlora 3, Howtll 2 Tho Warriors showed true character In the game against Howell by raltying from behind twice to win 3-2 In overtime. After Howell took an early one-goal lead, striker Grag Odachowakl set up the Initial Warriors' score with a hard cross across the mouth of the goal. Striker Cam Anthony was perfectly positioned for the deflection shot toward the opposite goal post. Halfbacks Brad Gillin and Grag Scanlon lead the defensive charge for the balance of tha first half by winning loose balls In the middle of tho fold. After Howell scored early in the second half, Warrior strikers Nick Gelisler. Kyi* Vanloafcy and Xandar Rothchild began to spread out the Hawaii defense with control passes. Striker Michael Firlay assisted on the second goal by winning the ball In the right corner ol tha field and delivering a crossing pass to striker Adam Walker, who converted the pass Into a quick goal with a hard, low shot Into tha net. In overtime. Warriors' goalie Brandon Kapa turned In the defensive play of tha gams. A breakaway by the Howell offense looked bleak for tha Warriors until Kape charged out of tha goal to make a diving steal of the ball off tha foot of the Howell striker. Tha Warriors went on the attack for tha balance ol tha overtime period. Tho winning goal wa» scored by Warriors' fullback Evan Molloy with a driving shot from tha 30-yard lina into scores on the beam (8.1), vault (7.85), bars (7.25) and floor (8.55). Kovac's total score of was good enough for third. The junior placed second on bars (7.75) and beam (8.05). Sophomores Lauren Rosenblatt, Justine Moncrief and junior Alison Gorski saw considerable action at Union. Holmdel course takes its toll on girls' X-C By IVYCHARMATZ THE RECORD Contending on one of the more difficult courses in the state, the girls* cross country team held their own Saturday at the Shore Coaches Invitational Meet in Holmdel Park. During the first mile Westfieid placed four runners in the top 30, putting it in a good position to qualify for team honors. As fate would have it, two athletes encountered physical problems, forcing the team to miss winning. Sharon Gambino, who has encountered respiratory problems in the past, suffered an asthma attack after the first mile and a half, preventing her from finishing the tha upper right hand corner of the net Warrlora 2, Metuchen-Edlaon 1 Tha Sunday afternoon gams was Titled with lively action on both ends of lha field. The Warriori' defense attacked tha ball relentlessly throughout the game and denied the opposing dub any opportunity to develop plays. Stopper Matt Hall and sweeper Conner Mulvea closed down an passing lanes in lha middle of tha field, while fullbacks Ryan MacDonatd, Evan Molloy and Matt Karpa shut down the opposing offensive unit. Striker Doug Mlnarlk scored the first goal for tha Warriors midway through the first half on a cross from Michael Farlay. Minarlk settled the crossing pass and delivered a perfect shot to tha right of the goalie. After Metuchen-Edlson tied the score in the second half, Umo appeared to bo running out on the Warriors' attack. However, with less than two minutes to play Molloy booted a corner kick into tha goal area, where Walker headed lha ball into the goal for tha winning score. MacDonald and Kape shared goaltending duties to lead the Warriors to a 2-1 record. Division V Boys Montclalr 3, WasHiald Cannons 0 In their only Slate Cup game ol the season, tha Cannons were slow out of the starting box. The mora experienced Montclair team scored two goals In tha opening minutes of play. Sweeper Brysn McDarmott and Kan Sanockl, John Chlasa and Vincent Shan worked hard on defense to break through Montclalr's aggressive offensive line. But the ball didn't cross the midfield line until the 20-minute mark. From that point, it was a different game. Midfielders Ban Masai, Billy Schultz, and Lawranca Kao worked the ball forward, allowing strikers Ban Montalbano, Kyi* Fischer and Michael Kraanor to keep the Cannons In tha gams offensively, Tha best chance for a first-half goal cams when Chlesa took a corner kick. The ball was worked across tha net and promptly knocked in on tha ha!ftim» whistle. The goal was disallowed. The Cannons came out strong in tha second half, where there was steady back-and-forth play. When Montclair was able to work past freshman Matt Elmuccio (res- problems) and senior race. Karen McGuire, who haspiratory proven to be Westfield's leading runner, collapsed at the finish line, hindering her performance. "Holmdel is a demanding course," said head coach Tom Hornish. "If an athlete is not in good health it has the ability to take its toll. Both Karen and Sharon can attest to that fact, as both of them experienced serious physical problems in the race." Westfieid was still able to come away from the race with a few (Noelle Nolas - 23:02). Catherine also had an excellent race," said Hernish. Earlier in the week, the Lady Devils greeted Union Catholic's lone cross country runner. McGuire (20:30), Goncalves (20:45), Martins (21:23), and juniors Lisa Citrin (22:10) and Engell (22:40) seized the opportunity to achieve Westfield's best overall run to date. Westfieid obtained another technical victory on Thursday, after meeting Scotch Plains-Fanwood at Warinanco Park. All three Raiders crossed the line around 24:30, easily allowing Westfieid to claim the top six finishes. "We once again demonstrated that we have a powerful front group. We have the opportunity to overthrow Kearny as Watchung Conference champions. This is as good a time as any for us to take it," said Hornish. Shorthanded boys 7th in Shore Coaches Meet Without its top two runners, the boys' cross-country team was unable to fulfill it goals at Saturday's Shore Coaches Invitational Meet in Holmdel Park. Competing without Andy Ruggiero, the Blue Devils placed seventh out of 25 schools in the boys' B Division race. Paul VI won the event, followed by Toms River South and Cedar Ridge. Westfieid totaled 204 points. "We've got a lot of work to do," said head coach John Martin. "We'll concentrate on training and work on getting fast. Over the next two and a half weeks we'll do a lot of hill work because you have to do well on the Holmdel course in the good finishes. Kellie Goncalves big meets." (22:04), Xanda Martins (22:46) and Senior Geoff North (18:07) fin- 32nd overall and led a tight Catherine Engcll (25:10), all con-ishetributed strong efforts and were pack, followed by junior Ted Kitcommons (34th, 18:09), sophomore able to place within the top third of the field. Lawrence Ho (36th, 18:10) and juniors John O'Brien (40th, 18:30) and "Kellie is one of the top 10 runners Westfieid has put on this Don Combria (53rd, 18:32). course. Her time was a full minute Jim NicoU (9th, 19:09) sparked ahead of last year's No. 1 runner the junior varsity's A team to a fullbacks Andrew Tucker, Danny Kan* and SanocM, keeper Brian Kelly was always ready. Tha Cannons moved tha ball nicely up either side ol the field several times through penistant efforts from Tommy Roche and Jay Cook. but a goal was always Just out of reach. Montclair worked the ball upfieid after a throw-in. They crossed the ball and shot at the far side of the open net for the final score of the game. Fullback Tucker was named the MVP ol the game. Cannona I, North Plalnfleld 0 Tha Westfieid Cannons displayed an outstanding team effort as they blasted North Plalnfleld. In tha opening minutes ol the game the offense of Chlesa, Fischer, Michael Krasnor, Schultz, Masei and Kao set the tone for ttie afternoon by completing calculated angle passes out to the sides and moving Vie ball swiftly down tha field. The Cannons' first goal was scored at the four-minute marie of the opening half. The strong defensive play of sweeper Bryan Me- Ovrmott, Shen, Kane, Tucker and SanocM gave their goalie, Kelly, very little action. The Cannons led 5-0 at the half, In the second hall, continued strong offensive passing was displayed by Montalbano, Paul Cooneltl, Jay Cook. Masel and Kelly. Ball control and on-target passing led to yet another Cannon goal at the ball was lofted high into the left comer ol the net Roche was idle In the goal and the coach praised the defensive unit as they allowed North PlalnRrtd no shots on goal. Maaet was named MVP ol the gam*. South PUinfleld Impact 3 Waitftald Charger* 1 The Chargers' offense, spearheaded by Ted Brown, John Henry Flood, Jack Kane, David Seflgman and Matt Simon*, kept the play In the opponents' end lor the first half. Their passing and the strong tool of stopper, Kleran Miller seldom allowed tha bal pass midfield. An excellent save by Seth Fischer In front of his own goal and a good tackle by Richie How* kept the hard-fought first half scoreless. It seemed the Chargers would overcome their disadvantage ol having only one substitution available when they came out strong and third place finish. Paul Wengerter (12th, 19:16), Adam Barcan (15th, 19:21), Evan Baldwin (17th, 19:22), Rich Kostro (19:38) and Adam Borchin (28th, 19:42) completed Westfield's fine effort. The freshman squad, led by cored the first goal early ki the third quarter, Forward Tim Carroll passed the bad to Oavb Shulman, who scored on a well-placed kick tc the corner of the goal. Strong defense, led Hi Brendan Msher. and some key saves by goat le Paul Johnston kept the gam* dose. How ever, the fact that each player waa forced tq play virtually (he entire game took its toll whef South Plalnfleld scored goals late in the game. r In-Town League > K-Co. 1, Destroyers 1 : Last Sunday, K-Co. and the Destroyer opened up the Boys' In-Town Soccer Laagiji season. K-Co.'s front line of John Kotter, San Sobel, John Johnnldi* and Chat Maltey kajp Destroyer goalie Scott Cutro alert, as r* turned away shot after shot Maffey'e One pit) at left wing set up five comer kicks by Motet MaUurra. but, K-co could not caphahie w*h i score Center hall TadasM Matsurra, along wtj( Kevin Rlley, maintained the midfmd to k*«p ttie offensive pressure on the Destroyers' naif Late in the second quarter Oevld Trtseler, now at center half, fired a direct kick over the outstretch hands ol Cults, giving K-Co. a 1-0 lead after the first hart. Tha second half had tha Destroyers oflens* start their assault on the K-Co. goal. Fullback* Brian ReM, Brian Williams and Danny Egejn handled ttils surge and kept the bad away frojn goal. During play. penalty shot was awaroejj to the Destroyers, which tl*d tha game at 1-1J- Deadlock*d, both teams turned up the lev*) of play, as they competed for the go-ahafd goal. K-Co.'s d*fens* maintained the Oestrcfera attempts to advance, at goalie avun Kemps displayed fine Judgement in net David Trlssler directed mldkeld advances supponeil by teammate Adam Brundage. This mtdfiejd protection set up K-Co.'s front I n*. \ Mike Krlvsk, at left wing, took a lead pa e from midfmd and sat up RkU at center, wta> left-looted to an open QtngM* Niver, whof* shot just mined a postag* stamp score. K-Cfi, made on* last try, but Seth Augusteln'e held shot ricocheted off the near post and out t* bounds to end the gam* at 1-1. \ Ryan Stefluk (9th, 12:29) and Andallah Simaika (21st, 12:42), placed ninth in a field of 40 schools. Last Thursday Westfieid (5-0) remained perfect in its dual meet season by defeating Scotch Plains- Fanwood at Tamaques Park. Jason Lilly of the Raiders won the race, but, the Blue Devilsfilledout the No. 2 through 8 slots. Kilcommons (17:51), Ho (17:5& O'Brien (17:56), North (18:14), Ryato Stotter (18:42) and Barcan (18:48) provided Westfieid with the deptfi it needed to top the Raiders. Left Inner Jan Schwarzsnbek, who entered yesterday's match at Somervllfe as Westfleld'a loading scorer, battlss Cranford'a Krfsten Johnson for possession during last Wednesday** match. 'S HTHLETE OF THE WEEKlflTHLETE OF THE MONTH JEN SCHWARZENBEK WESTFIELD The left inner leads Westfield's hockey team with seven goals and two assists. She scored four goals and assisted on another in four games last week. DEREK CARTER DUNELLEN Derek, a senior on the Dunellen High football team, has been devouring opposing defenses this season. He is currently averaging 170 yards per contest and has scored eight touchdowns In three games. Last week, Carter ran wild over the New Brunswick defense for 306 yards on 19 carries and four touchdowns In Dunellen's win. "Ai chosen by Forbas Newspapara' Sport* Dipt." "Ai chotan by Forbai Nawapaptn' Sporta Oapt." YOUR SPORTING GOODS COMPLEX 513 W. UNION AVE., (RT. 28) BOUND BROOK, NEW JERSEY/ Mon., Tues.. Thurs., Frl. 8:30 AM to 9 PM/Wed. & Sat. 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM -Westfieid Record-

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Lake parlor set, 8 pc. walnut bed set, 7pc pine bed sol. twin maple bed set. wninut d'l table w/ 4L, walnut collage chest, rrwbla top cht-st & wash stand, oak table, gamo table stands, wall stands, child's roll top desk, airs, sofas, 7pc, rattan set, wicker STERLING SILVER, jewelry, glasswaio, pressed, paliern, crystal. Royal Worcester birds, on enlal rugs, TOOLS: wood clamps, molding planes, block planes. Stanley, Victor, blacksmith tools, tool boxes, large stamp collection. LIONEL TRAINS: 60, pre WW2, ENGINES: 224, 24B, 240, 349, 254, 2B2, 259 T, 1666, 2026, box cars, com enrs, oil tanks, pullman, cnboosos, etc.. trncks. tressels, lights, cjnto man. station platform, transformer, much more, motorola talhlnn ROBERT E. HELLER B0B-23E-21D5 iinctilrii] ca9b. oscatosclipa seismograph, printing press, meerchaijm plpo, old books, ays. Pnchinho pami, Wl floor inmps. InbTe lamps, pictures, baskets, freezer, wood burning stove, pal belly, snow blower,,tf v,ic, tools, box lots, much more to be unpnekod RONNIE'S COMPLETE AUCTION SERVICE- Anliques, Msoholtt. Form f, llusinoss liquidations. Ronnld Dorubo, Aucllonoor. Call , Elwood Q. Heller A SorT Auctioneers, Inc. Estate A Peraonal Appraisals Complete Aucllon Bervloa) B A Forbes Newspaper

14 U-2 / Forbes Newspapers October 6, 7, 8,1993 ("IIII XiUltlC I tojld has moved to WeekendPlus Look for a newly-( Introductions, the best way to meet people In Central New Jersey, now in our popular entertainment section, WeekendPlus. Try these two new features: O Introductions Infoline: a recorded message with all the information you need to help you place your written ad, record your voice greeting and retrieve your messages. Kristen and Russell answer all your questions when you call and ask for extension If you receive a recording that the office is closed, hit (star button) 6200 on your touch tone phone. Introductions Mailbox: a private mail box you can rent through Forbes Classifieds to receive letters andyor photographs, in addition to voice responses. The introductory rate is only $5.00 a week. Order your mailbox when you place your FREE Introductions ad by calling Forbes Newspapers 2040 AUCTION NOTICE PUBLIC AUCTION Muttfay OetMs*ft, IMS Pr»vf*w 4:00 p.m. Sal* Start* at 5:00 p.m. NIW LOCATION! North NOIth BMNVCflf ml DIRICTIONS: Rout* #22 WMI to th* North Branch Mil, turn right onto Rout* 26. Th* Flrahous* is Vt mil* on th* right (n«xt to General Stow). NOTE: Trttrt la a 2Bmph speed limit which la strictly niorced In North Branch. PARTIAL LISTING: Tables, can* rocker, chalra, bookcaaai, china, win* glsteei, milk Qlaat, mirror*, wool hooked ruga, oak chtat of drawers, Hutch, pin* cabintt, cradle, student desk, pictures, wicker chair, alant top table, plsyer piano, gun cabinets, display caat, old radtoa, old RCA Victrola, pottery whul, allk acraan cabin*!, tool box*a, toota, banchat, child'a datk and chair, color TV, carpat, r* cords, china, Jewelry, plus mor* quality conslgnments coming In. Food and Restroom TIRMt: Caah or pr*-«pproved chack. 6% NJ Salaa Tax. No Buyer* Premium!! 3040 minch'l AUCTION MRVIC1 M MuMton* Lan«ittftwatar, NJ 0M07 PHOMi <tm) UV-M71 3O49 100,000 IAUTIFUL CHltlSTMAI THUS WHOLUALB- Frailer at the lowett price* in America Douglas Balaam plua all v*rletl*» Wreaths Call for Free Brochura , WIMNNO 0OWN- Size 8. To deacrlpllve to Hat, a Mu*t Seel M00 or beat offer. 7M J070 APPLI MACINTOSH PERFORMA 400. I mag Ram. U meg HO, w/sofiwar* 4 monitor. S750 Call (B06>W ********* "COMPUTERTAILI $74,00. Piaaaa call 00-M0-67W COMPUTM- Norihgate 3MOX,170MBHD,4mb ram, 1.22 MB, 1.44 MB floppy drive*, VOA.26 monitor. 101 keyboard, mouae, Ephlaon 18" 24 pin OMP, loadad with aofiware. MM S IBM COMPATIBLI 209. Wa tlao buy and rep*lr computer*, monitor*, printer* and board*. 90S-4M-74M aoio Farm * Oanfen aou FIREWOOD- Seasoned hardwood, Split & Delivered. S12S/cord MIXED HARD WOODS - Split & delivered. $110/ COrd WHITE ASH W0OD- Spllt a dry, 12,15,24 Inch, you can Nil your car trunk, ARTS A CRAFTS SHOW 10/10, 10-4 pm. Dunellen Unltad Methodist Church, 150 Dunellen Ave, FREE ADMISSION AZAAR Golden Agea. Thur., OCT 21 Crafta, cakes, "grandma 1 * sluff". The Scotch Hill* CC. Jerusalem Rd., Scotch Plain*. CRAFT CLOSE OUT SALE 50-60% off craft auplle*. Stock up and av*. Stelton Hardware (rear entrance) 1410 Stelton Rd. Pise. Frl. & Sat. 10-Spm 2080 Wax Mafcofs, MULCH/TOPSOIU BTONI- PU or Prompt REFRIQERATOR- Star* CRAFT SHOW- Sat. Oct Dal. Retail or Wholaaal*. 10 cu ft. Working but 9, 9AM-4PM. 28 Shaffer East* Fane* A Supply need* repair, FREE) St., Branchburg. Holiday *>07Ti Muat have own tran«portation. 008-S and country craft».(202 SIMPLICITY SICKLE South, left on Old York, CUTTIR B4S 1 1/2 hp, 2nd right on Shaffer). $150. Mighty Mac chip, 2110 QIANT ALL-DAY FLCA per/ehredder, 6hp, *300. MARKET- Oct. 31, 9-4. FutnHun 90B Weatfieid train itatlon, WHEEL HORSE- Smalt South Ave. Vendor* 233- ANTIQUE CHINA CLOSeltdown tractor. $ Rain data 1110T. ET Oak, 3 panel rounded glass, 3 shelve*. $ CHANT FLEA MARKET- * *TOPSOIL* * 10/9, 8:30-4:30 PM. SI. or S/O Scrawied ft unacreened. Matthiaa Church, JFK ANTIQUE- 3/4 «Iron Excavation work. Call Blvd., Somereat bad $30; coif** table/ anytime. bench $10: 2 end tablea HUQE INDOOR/OUT- $10. Call DOOR FL1A MARKET- bet. 3:30-6PM. 130 table* of bargalnal Something for everyone. ASSORTED- Some anti- Sun. Oct. 17, 9-4. SI. Mary* High School, 237 So. Broad 8l., Elliabath. SAT. 10/0, 1AM-3PM SOUTH PLAINFIELD 1007 New Brunawlck Ave Annual Event For Into: VENDOR'S WANTED Indoor craft andfleamarket sale. St. Thomaa Pariah Center, 1407 St. Qeorg* Ave., Rahway. 9AM-4PM, Oct.O ( Gootf ffsfno) III FREE III * Fisher Price Rocking Horse *Sand Box * Small wading pool * Bag of slutted toy* Call3SS-02M AKC STANDARD POO- DLE- White, female. Show atock, 1 yr. old KITTEN- black, good diapoaltlon. friendly, FREEI 2 month* old. Call Kim at Atfwrt/it In ffto CiMiMwM 2100 Pints) to a OOO0 rtojfw que*, tablea, end tables, desk, book cabinet, love aeat, ehalre, lamp*, rug, etc BEDROOM SET- 4 pes. good cond. $125. Dinette "able S40; Ktrby vac. $25 aa la BEDROOM SIT- Young man'* Thomaavlll* Walnut, 10 pea. excel, cond. $ CABINET- One available. Light brown, August". 1-wlde drawer, 2-drawor (small), 1-door. $175. PI**** land repile* to: Box 150, COLONIAL COUCH- 3 cuahlon*. Qood condition. $100. (2) Pin* End Table* with light*. $50,00/pr, ********* COMPUTER TABLE- $ Pitas* call 000-3SO-S7S3 COUCH A LOVE SEAT- 2 sell, colonial Herculon $275. Conlemp, polished cotton COUCH- gold & green cherry walnut, contempory couch w/end tablet, 2 Ig. table lamp*, $ after 6 pm Fumttun DESK- Colonial type, 5- drawer*. 42w x 18 deep. $75. Plaaae reply to Box 150, Forbea Newapapere, P.O. Box 690, Somervllle, NJ 06876, DINING ROOM SET- HICKORY WHITE. 1 yr. young. Table w/2 leave*, 6 chair*, curio cabinet A table pada. A* **en In fin* (torn for $ 12,000. Aaklng $8600. Neg. Call Bat. rpm-iopm DININO ROOM SET- Table w/ 2 leaves, chine cist, buffet, 6 chair* A cust. table pad*, Exc condl $ DINING ROOM- Walnut Rosewood table, China Hutch. 6 upholstered chair*. Living roomcouch, 2 chalra, 2 table*. 1 sleeper aofa. Price neg. Call for appt END TABLE- Heavy, dark brown. $35. Pteas* end replies to: Box 150, Forbe* Newspaper*, P.O. Box 699, Somervllle, NJ ENTERTAINMENT UNIT- Honey Oak. Like new. Etched glai* door*. $350. Chria Forbea Nawapapars, P.O. Box 699, PAINTED- 7 ft high corner cabinet, glass Somervllle, NJ doors on top, taken from old larm house, B/O SECTIONAL COUCH- 3 placet $25; Ml*c. furniture, Call attar 5. TWIN BED- w/mattress. bookcase in headboard, 2 storage drawer*. $70, INTRODUCTIONS... A way for people to meet people, every week In your local Forbes newspaper. The ad I* free, then on* call doe* It alll S 2110 SOFA- Sectional 8 pc, LI. Blue w/mauv* highlights, built-in recllners, lull si. sleeper, $1000/ BO. (2) 26' white ceramic base lamp* $40/pr MAHOOANV CORNER CHINA CABINET- Dr*x- I $600; Maple corner china cablnat $3SO; 6 Cherry captiin'i DR chair* $308; 0 mahogany DR chaira SSSO; Bookcase $35; slant top maple desk $225; Rockar $50; small esdar lined wardrob* S175; Eaay chair $25; Pr. matched gold A wood eaay chair* $95/ea. Large quantity of old coins A currency. Plus a store full of quality used furniture A household items. Bookcases, deaks, lamps, tablea, chaira, mirrors, pictures A frsmee, paintings, etc. PRICED TO SELLI Colllna Comer AnttqiMe A Us**) Fuml* tur*. 33 Dunwnt Rd., Far Hill*. OOS WBuyAStl YOUR CLASSIFIED AD CAN BB PUBLISHED IN 02 NEW JERSEY NEWS- PAPERS WITH ONE EASY PHONE CALL AND FOR ONE LOW PRICE. FOR ONLY $ YOUR AD WILL REACH OVER 1.2 MILLION HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STATE. CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT i-floo-ssb-0495, ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK. DID YOU KNOW... that an ad In this local paper also goes into 22 other local papers? Reach over readers with one cant MH MnrtiM In trfectamfedf Forbes Newspapers Business Professional DIRECTORY Serving: Westfield, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Cranford, Garwood, Kenilworth ADVERTISING HOW W0U19 WU UKt MQUCVSTOMSnST >* & TO ESTABLISH YOU WUSHHSSIHIHS ccumumm AMNOU/Ki SPECIALS AND SALES MSACH mm IN ovn * TOWNS EACH WEEK '0OESTHEHI9HPWCE OF ADvcnnam ws cotntaos win THIN Avvnnst IN THi UNION 9USINISS S CALL f XT. 625* ASKMUWSSilL AUTO DEALERS REILLY OLDSMOBILE, AUTHORIZED OLDSMOBILE SALES & SERVICE NORTH AVE. E. WESTFIELD BUILDERS INC. Come home to quality. * Additions Alteration* KUchens e Baths * Carpentry Deals 276-4O48 "Building with Confidence" p Honw "Calf today my Consultation in alwoyi Complimentary" Family In Cnnlord Owr 40 Years FEATURING: ROSS HOME BEAUTIFICATIONS it Restore Like New * EUL DRIVEWAY SEALCOATING CctThcXrey'CKitl All Your Power-washing Needs All Masonary Surfaces Wash & Seal Protect From the Elements! Pools * All Types of Siding Brick Concrete Stone Stucco Special In Farm Restoration! All Interior & Exterior Painting & Staining (908) DRIVEWAYS ALL YEAR SERVICE ReeMeatlsl ft Cia atclal Asphalt Watts Drtveweye PaiUaf At*** * Seallaa ItMurlactat * CiitWat S l t a t FM Esflautw 7M-9S0* sntvklahy DRIVEWAYS 6V7-O614 RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL DRIVEWAYS PARKINS LOTS SEAL COATING BELGIUM BLOCK CURBING RAILROAD TIES * STUMP GRINDING" "SEHVMQ YOUR AHEA FOR OVER 40 YEARS' FREE ESTIMATES FULLY INSURED FAMILY OWNED ft OPERATED Scotch Plains FLOOR WAXING \W7.JV MAINTENANCE COMPANY FLOOR WAXINQ CltANINQ Stores OftlcM ItttMtnc* Free Estimates FUEL OIL, Call For Service or Fuel Oil Reel-Strong Fuel Cranford Serving All Of Union Couniv Sinn? I 925 AIR CONDITIONING \PR0imiKG QUALITYSERWCF. FOR OVER 10 V WJ Heating and Air Conditioning Sales & Service a YORK Humidifier* Electronic Air-Cleaner* Clock Thermostat* Attic Fan* Blown-ln limitation Westfield BUILDERS BRAND BUILDERS Weatfieid NJ. General Contracting Lowell Brand CARPET COLLISION REPAIRS DRIVEWAYS TO ADVERTISE 'CAftPET BY BOP* Shop «t Horn* Convonteneo o tars* tmhotlon ol Outllty Carpet* o ratna f**aw PtMIng at MOaUraCoat tot Avfo Custom fnotof/otton Gutranfowd tor a Full 2 Yin o Fully Intund o 0 Year* taptrtmtct Ml Typoo of Rtpalrt!Rftntcho$ Call NOW for a FrM Eotlmolo (908) Benner's Auto Center Complete Auto Body U Mechanical with the latest technology. NJ Inspection (J Reinspection ' 606 South Ave., E. Cranford, NJ BENNETT PAVING COMPANY Driveways Curbing Parking Lots Sidewalk* Drainage Work For More Information About Advertising In This Directory Call Russell Ext LTERATIONS/SEWING BUILDING CONTRACTOR CARPENTRY DRIVEWAYS ELECTRICAL INFORMATION CLOTHING ALTERATIONS Hems Buttons Etc. Reasonable Rates Call JILL (908) AMERICAN EAGLE CONSTRUCTION Additions e Renovations Patios/ Decks Carpentry a Brick Paver* Masonry Garage Conversions Skylights Porch Enclosures Bathrooms Family Rooms * Roofing Siding FINANCING ARRANGED - FRKK KSTIMAiKS MH.IV INSURED CALL THEE DESIGN CONSULTATION WITH THIS AD CRAIG PLANT CARPEN7RV AND BUILDING Interior & Exterior Henovntlons "We Take t'riitr In Our Work" (908) f'rec Ksiimulcs Fnllv Insured PERSONAL* PROFESSIONAL ' CONTRACTORS DISTINCTIVE SPECIALISTS IN ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS PARKING AREAS CURBING SEALING RESURFACING CONCRETE AND MASONRY WORK RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL FVEE EffT. RJI-LYINS. CHRIS OH TONY POLYPHASE ELECTRIC All Phases of Electrical Work From Pole to Plug Residential Commercial Industrial Electric Heat 18 Yoars ol Exporionco - FREE ESTIMATE - Unsurpassed Quality Workmanship Lie #7194 (908) TO INCREASE BUSINESS ESTABLISH YOUR NAME ANNOUNCE SPECIALS CALL RUSSELL ATl EXT. 62S6 FOR RATES AND INFORMATION TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE IN THIS DIRECTORY 8OO (5) -A Forbes Newspaper

15 October 6, 7,8,1993 Forbes Newspapers / U-3 asso *0 HALLMARK FIXTURES' (2000 Glais enclosed display unit, card shelving, chk-out counter w/cash register* :30-2pm. 25% DISCOUNT 40TH ANNIVERSARY COLUMBUS DAV SALE Sat., Sun. A MOB. ARCHIES RESALE SHOP Meyersvllle Rd. Meyeravfile, NJ Open 10AM-5 PM MH-S AIR CONDITINER 7B00 BTU $70. Bureau. $70. I'icnlc table & umbrella SZ5, Misc. Hems. Call ( AVON Discounts from s%-20%. Freo color and '-kin analysis. Ask about I roe gift BAHAMA CRUISE 5 days/4 nights. Underbooked) Must sail! Urnilod tlckots. S279/coupl«. (407) Ext. MM Mon.>Sat.9AM-1OPM HANDSAWS, JOINERS, PLANERS- Sanders, i able Saws, Drill Pressus. Routers, Oust Collectors, Shapers, Lathes, Miapor Cutter, Router Utts, Sanding Belts, Etc. o.ive Big Time! Call BAR STOOLS heavy rnlonlal wood, need re. nishlng S10/each, Blk & whlto admiral Console TV, 21", SZ5. Blue vertical patio dr blinds S35, [iiorco Bow & arrow sot $50, usod stroller Shigh hair $io/eacti, tan crialr ^20, 9OB-9BS-2530 OICVCLE Woman's 10 pd, S50/BO. Fox Fur coat sz. M-L used 1 season 5600/BO IV314. Iv. msg. IJIRD HOUSES 4 FEED- 17RS Choose from. '^.00 & up. Singles, doubles & condos BOYS DIRT BfKE- Qood condition. New* S190-A«klng J50. Tuntori rowing machine-asking $70. Call and leave mwge CAMP QROUND MEM- BERSHIP Camp Coast to Coast U.S./Canada. Si /night. Orlg. $695. Sacrifice $ Lifetime mbrshlp BILL'S TRADING POST ****** THE HOU8E OF A MILLION ITEMS ****** f 500 ANTIQUE PLATES ^COSTUME * ANTIQUE JEWELRY ^ALL KINDS OF POTTERY fsterlino SILVER GIFTS ^ 300 ANTIQUE CHAIRS f 25 GOLF CLUBS- WOOD OR METAL *> 100 ANTIQUE PICTURE FRAMES- ROUND, OVAL AND SQUARE. WALNUT, OAK A MAHOGANY FRAMES ^25 CARPENTER SAWS» FOREIGN* AMERICAN COINS f BASEBALL CARDS ^ALLTYPES OF ANTIQUE DOLLS»-DEPRESSION GLASS ALL COLORS- Forbes Newspapers Business Professional ANTIQUE MARBLE-TOP TABLES -CALL CHERRY MAHOQANY LAMP TABLE- 29" diameter. Call CLOCKS (2) Two available. Battery powered. S1S for both. Please send replies to: Box 150, Forbes Newepapers, P.O. Box 600, SomTvllle, NJ COAL-. 2 Ton* $60. per ton or B/O. You pick up COLONIAL- wooden chair*, depression era table. Clothes. Oster elect, knife sharpener (never used), paintings, lamps w/ehadee, full size cust. made box epring A mattress (brand new), 2 single bad wicker headboards glided encyclopedia "Massages ft Papers of the Presl dents". PHOTOGRAPHIC equip.: flood lamps, prolector icreen + other collectibles. All prices negotiable COMFORTERS COMFORTERS I love you, especially when It's coldl $19.95 ANY SIZE! Shams & dust ruffles tool Corner of Fulton & Main St. Bfldgewater DISK, M X SO SieeJcaae $39, chair 110., Antique Singer treddle sewing machine, $ DIAMOND Engagement ring. 48 point marquis surrounded by point stones. Appraised at $2600. Asking $1200/ offer. Call DIAMOND RING- Pear shaped, 67pts, written appraisal for $2000, Best Offer DIAPERS- Disposable. 100 per eaee, med.a la., S1S, inclds delivery or 8M DID YOU KNOW... that an ad In this local paper also goes Into 22 other local papers? Reach over 380,000 readers with one call! 1-S00-BM-MSS DRESSES WHOLE- SALE New evening $75-$2S0. Also mannequins, Industrial celling & window fan, desk, rlourescent fixtures A bulbs, water coolers, lime clocks ENCORE QUALITY CON- SIGNMENTS- Clothing, jewelry, furs, antiques, Collectibles, home furnishings. 123 Claremont Road, Bernardsviile, T-F 10-6, Thurs. 6, Sat FOLDING CHAIRS- Set of metal folding chairs. $25 takes all. Please send replies to: Box 150, Forbes Newspapera, P.O. Box 699, Somervllle, NJ FRANKLIN STOVE- Perfect condition and enough wood to last for 3 years. $ for all. Please call , Advartlsa In ths Classified! Forbes Classifieds GREAT RESULTSII '1 sold my car in two weeks... '1 received a good response to my 'Auto For Sate' ad in Forbes Classified. I sold my car in two weeks and got very close to my asking price." John Hamoll Balls Mead '1 had a tremendous response..." '1 advertised to sell my dining room set in your classifieds. I had a tremendous response and sold the set immediately. Thanks!" Nan Carson No. Plalnfield "We received more calls than the dallies..." "We advertised our home for sale. We received more calls than the dailies at half the cost. Thank you." Stephanie Tormey Piscataway It's easy to get Great Results! Want to get rid of that bike (he kids have outgrown? How about that chair that doesn't match your new furniture? You can turn your unwanted merchandise into spare cash and Forbes Classified is going to help you do it. Reach 380,000 potential buyers by using the coupon provided or by calling us at Name Additional CZ Address lines add $1. 15 for each PM» t havamtf em ksa, hi tor twc» ant >wtshw» nt<tum n*mms*f I* kwlthto ***** wmmat. Ha»tnWt«Mtafit. pea ml 4 Phone _ City State. Zip. VISA/MC # I I I Exp. Date: I DBill me. My check is enclosed. Mtil slth check or money orfjfr 1o: Forb** N«wlpapri» PO Doi(j«9 Somrrvillt, NJ. O9B76 One' 12/31/93 Phone in your ad: ; Fax your ad: (908) DIRECTORY Serving: Westfield, Scotch Plains, Fan wood, Cranford, Garwood, Kenilworth HOME IMPROVEMENTS MOVERS PLUMBER ROOFING TREE SERVICE Call Bob Tile, Quarry and Marble Installed ou Basements to Attics Fr«Estimates BOBBINS t ALLISON, INC. "Local Moving A Public Uonn UCMM AGENT ALLIED VAN LINES 213 SOUTH AVE E CRANFORD TEL LENNY'S PLUMBING HEATING Heating Sewer Cleaning Plumbing & Heating Repairs Hot Water Heaters Sump Pumps Free Est. State License #6249 Lenny Grieco WESTFIELD ROOFING CO. AV Types of Roofing and SUlng Specializing In: Roof Stripping e Flat Roofs Re-Roofs and Repairs» WORK 100% GUARANTEED Fully Insured Free Estimates Ellis Tree Service ALL TYPES OF TREE CARE «. REMOVAL Firewood Woodchips Snow plowing Landscaping (908) (908) INSURED e FREE ESTIMATES HOME IMPROVEMENT PAINTING PLUMBERS ROOFING/SIDING TREE SERVICE PROFESSIONAL JfX.CARPENTERS, INC, XL^* 40 Years In Home Remodeling SPRING SALE! New Decks Bathrooms Kitchens Doors Windows Roofing "ALL WORK GUARANTEED" Free Estimates Fulty Insured Can us 24 Hrs. Richard Degroat Of LAVITOL FAINTING Exterior Free Estimate Interior Fully Insured Expert Carp«nlry Preparation "We'rv Still Working Our Way Through Tom* and Wt do the best Work Around" SAVE ENERGY... We install Vinyl Replacement Windows Check our Rtcnaon Proof Pricti e Hoofing e Leaden and Gutttn How Emaraancy Sanrlce 10% Sanlor Citizen Discount No Job Too Small Free Eatlmates WATER MAINS DRAIN CLEANING HOT WATER HEATERS BATHROOM REMODELING TEL: PAGE: MPL #9523 K MHHW i mmt H7 RIVEMEND DRIVE CLMK. NJ 070M D Ml FUCHS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Owner/Installer - Roofing Siding Replacement Windows Fully Insured free Estimates CRANFORD WOODSTACK TREE SERVICE INSURED Low, Low Rates Senior Citizen Discounts FREE ESTIMATES LANDSCAPING R.F. LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS LAWN THATCHING SttVHtO, TOP SOIL VRIVtWAY SCALCOATING RUBBISH KtMOVAL MIRROR & GLASS MIRROR AND GLASS COMPANY I hn linost quiility and workmanship [ iiclory (Jiroct prices I- xfwrtly ilesiqriecf jind installed Ki>silvt!iiiuj Antiquing - Hoveling W.illsi Co'illngs bathrooms Window trcmtinonts SHOP Ar Home senvtce mee esrimatts FULLYmsunfo PLUMBING CHAPMAN BROS. Lie. #1428 Plumbing Heating - Cooling Alterations - Repairs Air Conditioning NORTH AVE. E CRANFORD PLUMBER Donald S. Rockefeller PLUMING & HEATING INC. Complete Plumbing & Heating Services State Lie Rnlolgh Ave. Cranford All ROSS HOME BEAUTIFICATIONS Restore Like New BULL DRIVEWAY The "Grey" Out! SEALCOATINC AH Your Powerwashing Needs All Masonary Surfaces Wash & Seal Protect From the Elements! Pools All Types of Siding Brick Concrete Stone Stucco Special In Farm Restoration! Interior & Exterior Painting & Staining (908) TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE IN THIS DIRECTORY TV REPAIR Specializing in: SALES & REPAIRS {30 Years in Business) CENTER TV 907 Wood Ave, Roselle WINDOWS COLTON CLAIRE Home Improvements All types of new and vinyl replacement windows Anctereon TIM-ln windows Royal Vinyl Replacement Call Gary Fully Insured - Anderion Sliding Patio Door* (5) A Forbes Newspaper

16 SMU-4 / Forbes Newspapers October 6, 7, 8,1993 NsafMCara 4X80 loans A finance 4X PISCATAWAY- 74 Lake Sldt Dilve North. Moving Sal*. Everything must ol! Male* offer. Sat & 8 un Oct 9th A ioth. Starting 9am. BELLE MEAD- 79 Michelle Lane Moving Salt. Toys, Kids clothes (0-12). boohs, FP screen, record player, odds & ends. Fri ft Sal, Oct 8 & 9, 9am-4pm. NOTICE: All OARAGE BOUND BROOK- 252 SALES advtrtlmnrwntt W. High St., Sat. 10/9; FAMILIES. HH r* PAYABLE IN AD-Items, children's toys, Ig. VANCE by cash, selection of misc. Something for everyone I chtck, VISA or Matter Card. For a quote on BOUND BROOK- 324 cost, pl«aae cal Evergreen Ave., Sal. 1-80O to/9, 9-4. Something for Everyone! Rain date Sun. 10/10. BELLE MEAD- Multifamily, Arlene Ct.; 9-4 pm, to/9, Rain or Shine! Baby clothes & Items, glassware, HH Hems. Something, lor everyonel CRANfORD- 196 Arbor 81.; Sat, Oct. 9th. 10am- MIDDLESEX 122 Fiunyon Ave>; 10/B BRIDOEWATER 297 3pm. NO Early Birds. BEHNAflOSVILLE- 123 Rolling Knolts Way. (Garettson, to Mohnken, to suits, kit. table 4 house- Trl-Chem Pics. Small Brass headboard, mens PM, Baby Horns, furn., Claremonl Road; Almost new- Clothing, Jewelry, Fox Run) Like new: play hold Items. Elect, motors, oddn & Furs, Accessories. Fine ends pen, 2 high chairs, 2 quality horn* furnishings. CRANFORD- 6 Clinton chalnging tables, baby MIDDLESEX- 21 antiques, collectibles, PI.; Years of accumulation. Sat. 10/9, 10am- swing /cradle. Baby Whitney Drive; (Olf from consignments & soft et deal ers. New 4pm. Portable T.V.'s, raclothes, toys & books. Greenbrook Rd.) Sal. 10/ Misc household items. 9 & Sun 10/10, 9-6pm. arrivals- Desks, Oak tables, tats of chairs, rock records, knick dios, wicker, coin sots, Sat. Oct 9th 10am-3pm. Stationery supplies, something for everyone riding equipment, new knacks, something for merchandise dally! all OFF purchase of 125 or more! ENCORE QUALITY CONSIGNMENTS Dealer co-op space avail. Tue-F 10-6,Thurs. til 8 Sat B-7W-77S0 Advertise In the Classified! 2130 General Merchandise 3OLF CLUBS- Ping OUTDOOR FURNI- lng COies 3-PW 4159, TURE- 2 refrlg., 1 freezer, 3raph1te Shaft Jumbo Woods 459, Steel Shaft plus other Items for sale B. 142, All Major Copies ram $139 Set. LH & RHPHASE CONVERTER WOOD FLOORING (Vide plank Oak, Cherry I Colonial White Pine, viack A Co JOCKEY SKATESilzes 8, 10 S3C/Pr; Youth leak, S125: child's easel. 130; double brass bed, i300: Bonna skis. I9SCM, $100; exercise like, S2S. Call 7B lolton TRUMPETwtth extra mouth piece. Must see to appreciate. H2SorB/0. 7H INTROOUCTtONt... \ way for people to meet isople, every week In our local Forbes newslaper. The ad Is free, ien one call does it all! 1-WW-U*-94«S TEMS FOR SALE- Polron lawn tractor, 10 hp. luns good, needs choke djustment, mower deck. lood ullllty tractor, $75/ IO. Kltchenald built-in Ishwasher. Runs well, leads drain hose, $75/ io ACK LA LANE GOLD Ifetlme Membership. 84 yearly dues. $500. lall ACK LALANE GOLD lemberahlp. Good at ny club. S60 yearly ues. Asking S5O0 B/O lall ACK LALANNE- Gold Ifetlme membership. All lubs. $7 monthly dues. 500/BO IMBALL EASY PLAYER ONSOLE PIANO- rarei used. $1595. Can eliver ITCHEN ROLL ABLE- Metal Green. 20. Please send replies o : Box 15 0, orbes Newspapers,.O. Box 89 9, omervmie, NJ KITCHENS ave to 70% on major rands NEISSi. SKIS- 180s ew, $150, Mac. LC comuter + s/ware $ ITTLE TYKES- Party lichen & Easle A blkoard, Mr. Turtle sandox. Fisher Pries Seesaw spinner, many more ems, call for dolails: 0a-388-B699 IETAL HOOFING A SID- NQ FOR HOUSES/ IARNS Incredible roven Product. Super ttractlva. Low Cost, asy Installllon. Guarantea 20 Years. We Cut to le Inch. Fast Delivery! ree Literature PAPERS WITH ONE IUSICAL JEWELflY EASY PHONE CALL AND OX 3 drawers, 2 small FOR ONE LOW PRICE. rawers. $50. Please FOR ONLY $ end replies to: Box 150, YOUR AD WILL REACH orbes Newspapers, OVER 1.2 MILLION.O, Box 69 9, HOMES THHOUGHOUI omervllle, NJ NINTENDO Like New $50 or beat offer. Please call OHOANIC BEEF amoua Black Angus eaf from local (arm. All Blural, no slerolds, horlonea or antibiotics andsr & delicious. $2.39 i. No hidden charges, ut, wrspod & labeled ir your Ireoier. This Is OT a fieeier plan. CALL lenvlew Farm, 909-B If no anser, leave tme * telephone no BRANCHBURG- 11 Delaware Ln.; 10/8-9-10, 9-3 pm, baby Furn., toys, LR sel. Much More! RIDQEWATER- 125 Somerset Avt, Fri & Sat, 10/8 & 9, 9anv4pm. Appliances, Household Items, Lamps. BRIDOEWATER 199 Rt. 28 (Next to No. Branch Reformed Church) Oct, 9, 9-2PM. Annual Sale. Benefits Klrkslde. Parking in rear, Rain Date Oct. 23. Toys, Books, Games, Baby and Household Goods. BRIDOEWATER 305 Rolling Knolls Way; (off Meadow Rd) Sat. 10/9, 9-4. Computer PC Junior IBM + monitor, furniture, bikes, misc. HH items. BRIDQEWATER- 412 Country Club Rd., Fri & Sat., 10/61 10/9: FAMILY TREASURES at one location. Toys. Clothes, Furn. you name It, hopefully we have It. Plua great Crafts General Merchandise Rotary type, 1 to 15 HP. Call Or eve' nlngs PICTURE Hand knitted. (Tree.) 19 x 26. $20. Please send replies to: Box 150. Forbes Newspapers, P.O. Box 699. Somerville, NJ PRINTER BROTHER, DA- ISEY WHEEL $40., Typewriter, Cannon, electronic $35., Typewriter, Smith Corona, elec. $25. Beautiful NEW wedding cak* lop S35I ** * PUMPKINS* * * Excellent quality' Wholesale REFRIGERATOR- New Whirlpool, Ivory, 21 cu. ft. Pd $1400, S950- B/O. Wedding Gown-While w/train & veil, clean, size 16 $200 B/O SCAFFOLDING- Concrete accessories, Meson, power, misc. contr. lools SHARPENING EQUIP- S2S90; exercise equip. Gympac w/accessorlos $425. B all SIMMONS HIDE A BEO 65" S55., Walnut trlpple dresser w/ mirror 63 1/2" S40., While formica hutch 46" wide 73" high 570., Blondo bdrm set w/ mattress & box spring S SINGLE SOFA BEO A 38" CALORIC GAS RANGE Good condition. Best offer after 5pm. SNAP ON TOOL BOX KR-1001 Roll cab. 1 yr young. Good cond. Paid S4200. Asking $3100 Call OLD ORtG. PAINT- INGS- (Damngod OK). Will research paintings, STORAGE BARRELS- FREE Heavy-gauge cardboard. Large size. 4 available. $30 takes all. Please SEEKING TO BUY FROM PRIVATE HOMES: Blue send replies to: Box 150. Ridgo/Southom pottory Forbes Newspapers, dinnorwaro. Purinton P.O. Box 699, kitchenwaro, fine quality Somervlllo, NJ 0B876. china, flgural & animal salt & poppers. Hard TOY SALE Llttlo Tykgs covor children's story desk & chair; F-P tent; books, lo.dr. Souss. wooden sled; assorted Disney, Wookly Reader toys WASHER $150, Bod S45\. 2 Twin Hdbrds $8. EA., Mirror $15., Bowl Balls $10. EA WASHER/DRYER Hot Point. Like new. Olhar household Items. Outdoor Furn. Call WOLFF TANNING BEDS New Commercial-Homo Units from $ Lamps-Lotions- Accessories. Monthly payments low as $ Call today FREE NEW Color Catalog THE STATE. CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT , ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS IOV1MQ- Mouse/Ofnee. YOUR CLASSIFIED AO edroom set, desks, file CAN BE PUBLISHED IN ablnets, toys, etc NEW JERSEY NEWS- M-4M9. ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK Ofltcm Furniture A Supplies USED TOSHIBA- BD Table top copier $500 or B/O. Call (908) Advertise in the Classified! 2120 RIDQEWATCH- 461 toney Brook Dr.; Sat., 10/9/93. Crib, Electrolux Power Nozzle, Hallowween & Christmas Items, Picture Frames, House hold Items, books, lawn chairs & much more. BRIDOEWATER - S6S Meadow Rd.: 10/9-10, 9-4 pm, H/H Items. D/w. turn., books, records, clothing, weights, misc. RIDOEWATER- 650 Country Club Rd.; Satur day, 10/9, 9-4pm. No early birds. Clothing, Crafts, mlsc household Items, elc. Many things like new! MASSIVE SALE CRANFORD 39 Blake Awe; Sat, 10/9 A Sun, 10/ 10. 9am-4pm. No Early Birdsl Antiques, toys, collectibles and all sorts of merchandise. OUNELLEN- 675 Bound Brook Rd. #14, Sat. 10/9: 8-5. BR set, microwave, desks, filo cabinets, toys, Recllner, Ollice supplies. MOVING EDISON- 46 A 29 Caldwall Rd.; (Rt. 27 No. At Pines, turn rt. Off Idlowild Rd.) Fri & Sat. 10/8, Too much to list! 2190 Wanted to Buy AABACUS ANTIQUES ANTIQUE BUYING SERVICE We Are Purchasing Furniture* Paintings Oriental Rugs*Statues Clocks * Toys * Mirrors ESTATE LIQUIDATIONS Call or ALL LIONEL, IVES, AMERICAN FLYERand other toy trains Collector pays highest prices. Call 1-BO or AMERICAN FLYER A LI- in open coses no glass ONEL TRAINS A OLD walls hero!! This insures TOYS- Pis call 90B-755- proper development (or a 0346, leave message or happy, well adjusted, loving call after 6pm pet. ANTIQUE A USED- Furniture, Old DR sets and Lifetime Health Guaran- * Famous Sriaho-A-P,iw BRs from 1800's to tee Includes complirnentry veterinary and (ree 1950S. Also misc. pieces ANTIQUES Wood furniture, glassware, China. Silver. Oil Paintings. Comic Books a Basesball Cards. One Hem or entire estate! FISHING TACKLE- coloctor wants to buy OLD, 'ods, reels, lures, cataogs alter 5PM GUNS, SWORDS, KNIVES, MEDALS, MILI- TARY ITEMS, NJ A Focioral licensed. Top cash paid. House calls mado. Ber! HIGH PRICES PAID for postcards, sheet music, old toys. baseball items. cameras, military, TVs, Worlds Fair, lountnin pens. Call , HOBBIEST Will buy drums, symbols, stands/ compl. sets. Also amps & spoakers. 6B HOUSE CONTENTS WANTED Partial or All Call Sorios- in good to mint condition only PETS AND LIVESTOCK Blrdt, 3020 Cats 3030 Dogs Fish Horses Livestock Other Pets 308O Adoptable Pets Boarding, Training A Grooming 310O - Miscellaneous Supplies & Services 3020 Cats PERSIANS 1 I wooks 1 brown tabby, pat ninlo 1 black, show lomalo CFA Dogs PAPERS WITH ONF. EASY PHONE CALL AND FOPt ONE LOW prilce. FOR ONLY $ 2 I H (I 0 YOUR AD Wll L neach 0 V E n 1.2 MILLION HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STAFF; CALL FOHBIES CLASSIFIED AI 1 -BO0-559-Q495. ASK FOR JOYCE on KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS VOUR CLASSIFIED AD CAN BE PUBLISHED IN 92 NEW JERSEY NEWS- ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK Garage Sates FINOERNE- 731 E. Main St., Sat. & Sun. 10/9 & 10/10; from 9-4. Furn.. clothing, household, misc. HILLSBOROUGH Woybridge Townhomes NO. EDISON- 2 King Oak Manor Pkwy., Sat, SO. PLAINFIEUO- 120 Multi-Family. Tons o( Arthur's Cl. (off Woodland Avo.l, Sal. 10/9; 9-4. Men's coats; storm Dr. Multi-Family. Furn., HOUSE PAINTING- 10/9; 9-4. Sun. 10/10, 12 WESTFIELD 490 Otlseo baby, chlldrons, womons clothing, household 7pm. Designer clothing & windows; Ig. toys; rocker, HH itomt; silver; books A more. Sat, Oct Int./exterior. Light car- bikes, dishes, lamps, Powar washing. Painting items & turniluro, Rain or shoos. Jowolry, pots, lin- tools, HH Items. books; misc. 0, 10-4, Sun. Oct 10, 10- pentry, roofing shlno! Sat, 10/9, 6am-ens, 2pm. (Rt. 206-Now Amwell-Trlangle-Weybrldgo NORTH PLAINFIELO- SOMERSET- 4S» Som- PIANO INSTRUCTION- 3. 3PM Sun, take it away! Club House) SUM'* Way; (Offer*«t St.; fit 27 bet. St. WESTFICLD- 411 g Dlane Olson Qalvacky, Groonbrook Rd) Fri & Peter's Cemetery and wood Ave. (off North) available for leaching MANVILLE 3S No. 8th Snt. 10/B-9, 9-4 PM, Bill's Trading Pott In rear Furn., shelves, toya 9am-2:30pm, Mon-Frl & Ave. Multi-Family. Lo Clothes & Mlsc H/H, Rain housewares, collectibles Sat. Call Tour Schwinn bike, Date 10/15-16 A more. Sat, Oct. 9, 8amhousehold, lishinn, dried 4pm. Rain date PIANO LESSONS flowers, oldies. Sat. Oct Private for kids A adults. 9, B-4pm. NO Early Birds VERY LOW RATES (908) MANVILLE 331 Jackson Ave Antiques, chi'ia lass, old lamps, housohold Items, bedspreads ft curtains. Sat, Oct 9th, 9am-4pm. Rain dale. Sun Oct 10(h. MIDDLESEX- 60 George Ave.(corner of Oswego), Sat. 10/9; 9--J. Rain date 10/10. Fur collar coat; appls.. (awolry, HH Hams, clothes, otc MIDDLESEX- 865 Voorhees Ave.; 5a:, 10/9, 9am-4pm. Storeo, records, tools, picture frames, trading cards, lur nlture. clothing, household Items Dogs Ct WE ARE BREEDER S REPRESENTATIVES Come and experience Iho Shnke-A-Pnw differenco at Now Jorsoy s most beautiful puppy stare. * All puppies arc A.K.C registered and selected lor breed conlorrntty and temperament * Puppies art) socialized fecal examination and lifotirno obedience train- Ing. Bring Iho whole lamily. 14 Route 2 2 West, Groenbrook, NJ (50 yards wost of Bock Ave ) Mon-Sal 11-9, Sun 11-6 $50 oft any puppy with this ad. Not to bo combined with any othor otter. Exp. 9/30793 PUPPIES!! A S50 bill buys any pup in I Hup Pon "N.J.'s Largest Selection" Open (Oct ) hrs. 10-b JP O'Neill Konnols US Hwy 31, Princeton, NJ across Irom Hyatt Hotel 3050 Horses BOARD YOUH HORSE on beautiful?s-ni:ro Towksbury liimi. Small. private plonsuro burn Bright & airy Hfdinq rnic). miles ol c rnu'ii»jts U*HIK. lots ol nciive horse pn<;- plo to ndu with. Comfort- iblo stalls, lumhjut In paddock & juiluru w secure bonrci fences SSGb CALL Glenview Tiiim. goa-ojz-1'122. ft no ariswor, loavo nnrrui & lei nn. AM Clippers & Clipper Blades during the month of October. Pork Avenue Gladstone, NJ (908) 234-2B Moptnbto Pots 7 MTH FEMALE HUSKY MIX AH shotn, woruli-rfill disposition, m.h'd:, OVIMCJ homn 10 MTH SHEPPAFIO MIX S SHORT HAIfl YRLLOW LAD fitiopiiiirrl rni» All shots, hoirtfiljiukuri,hki good w/ r:htlifmmi I m Intrj / M/ 2120 Garago Seles MOVINQ/QARAGE SALE- Sat. 10/9 10AM- 3PM. Sofa bed and outdr furniture. Rain date 10/ Hancock St., Middlesex. PISCATAWAY- 18 Camvlot Ct. (off Gramercy Dr. off Metlars Ln) Moving- FurnHure. appliances, household iloms a clothes Sat & Sun, Oct 9th & 10th. 9am-6pm^ PISCATAWAY- 200 Block of Perrlne Ave Multi Family (2 Families moving, ovoryting must go Saturday Oclobor 9th 9 am-*1 prti SO. PLAINFIELO- 109 Maadow Tarr.; Fri. & 10/8, 9; 9-4, rain 10/ is, 16. HH, clothes, furnfturo, wood stove, bike, otc. SO. PLAINFIELD- 111 Eleanor SI; 10/8-9, 9-4 PM, (off Park Ave, By Acme) Hugs Multi-family, Anything & everything! Rain date 10/15-16 SO. PLAINFIELD Rush St., (off Hamilton or New Market) Sat. 10/9; 9-5, Rain Data 10/10. Unusual Jewelry, furn., clothing, housewares. Advertise in the Cltuiilidl 3090 Boarding, Training & Grooming DOG OBEDIENCE Kind, positive methods, 27 yrs. oxp., Vot roc. results guaranteed, 2 loc, in area, 6B HAPPY PAWS OBEDI- ENCE SCHOOL- Registration nirjhl is Oct. 21, 5-Bpii. Classes start Nov. 2 & 3. All levels of training. Tues & Wed evoa. Photostat proof ol current shots required. Civil Dofonso Bldg, Manvlllo NJ Or B SERVICES Adult Day Care 4020 Business Services Carpentry 4040 Child Care 4050 Cleaning Services Convalescent Care 4070 Electrical 40B0 Handyman Service* 4085 Hauling A Clean up Health Care Services Home Improvement Income Tax Instruction/ Education Insurance 4130 Landscaping & Troo Caro 4140 Legal Services 4150 Loans A Finance 41D0 Masonry 4170 Miscellaneous Services 41S0- Painting Party 4 Entortalnmenl Services 420O Plumbing, Healing A Cooling 4210 Professional Services Roofing Wallpapering 4020 Business Services COMPUTER PROGRAMMING CuMnmlzod FoxPro? b r.h)h ami Wnuluws pr ih rarnrnlntj Custom*- (nflon for S El T,1 recounting GO It ware Snrioo (i, Series 7 and F'rufessionnl Series. Stophen Dragon A Assoc. (908) YOUR CLASSIFIED AD CAN BE PUBLISHED IN 92 NEW JERSEY NEWS- PAPERS WITH ONE I : ASV F'HONF: CALL AND I OH ONI- I OW PMICE. f O R ONLY $ 2 I 'J. 0 0 YOUH AI) WILL MEACH 0 VI II I V Ml I.LION MOMI S MIHOUCiHOUT Mil ' - I A T I C A I I 1 uiiiii ;> 1.1 A:,;>II if IJ AI SO. PLAINFIELO- 115 W. Elmwoed Dr. (ofl Park Ave.) 10/S, rain data 10/10, 9-5. HH Items, clothing & linens. at 22 Main St. garage 3 Or 5, 11am-3pm, Oct. 8 A 9. Over 500 pieces of collectible animals, all kinds; S1-J5-S10, 200 kinds of salt and pepper shakers; S1-S5, Over 300 pieces of Depression glass-all colors; S1-S5- $10 all Items, Give US A THY AND YOU WILL BUY! UNION- 537 Homer Terrace; Oct. 9, 9-2. Old & like new miscellaneous iloms, tools, furniiure, HH, toys & much morel * * COMMUNITY**, * * YARD SALE * * -WARREN TOWNSHIP- 44 Mountain Bhrd, Municipal Pavilllon. Rain or shine, Saturday, Oct. 9th, ww Clutlfltd! N A-N-NYJ IN HOME CHILD CARE Live In/Live Out Part Time/Full Time Also Summers Call 90B or I -UNO -S!iU-!)4!)!), ASK Kffl.IOYCL OH KHI5TIN ion AII mr OErAii.:; SAFE, CLEAN, SMOKE FREE SO. PLAINFIELD A 11 o u T s c A N- HOME. F ontod ynrd. lols WAIF WIDI i>l Inyi & IUVR. Exc. rolb. All fje.iworik /!,:)!» KM 4040 Child Cnre Provided PAFIY CARE l.xp'ii. inii ill'tnllon in ;i nn, onvlmrimont ftof'y. fin I'lnlnfinld /<lf,:i. r l CHILD CARE- Branchburg mom will care for ages 2-5 In my home. Lots of toys/activities, full/part time CHILD CARE- In my So. Plalnfleld home for your 2-4 yr. old. Meals A Snacks provided , CHILD CARE- Plscataway. Loving care for toddlers, age 1 up. Attor school care avail. Monls Incl. Call CHILD CARE Rarltan, any age, PT/FT, yard, snncks, 14 yrs. exper. Close to all major hwys. Start now CHILDCARE IN MY SCOTCH PLAINS HOME Excel, ref's. Call tor appt. D CHILDCARE- AuPair- Cnro cultural excahnge. experienced, legal. Europoan aupairs. Affordable lvio-in chlldcare, Govofnomnt-approvod. Local tounsolors. Cnll NJ. regionnl office, Pat Popplti or BO0-4- AUPAIR. HOUSEKEEPERS/NAN- NIES/NURSES AIDES AVAILABLE Women of all nationalities. Applicants scroened. licenco bonded. Aurora At oncy, Long Brnnch Xi2?2'M6'J LOVING MOM- wltl babysit your child F/T, My home In Pigcnlaway, Havp oxc. rof.s, MONDAY MORNING INC INFANTS a TODDLERS INSURED, INSPECTED MONITORED B PRIVATE HOME DAY CARE FOR INFANTS & PRESCHOOL Educntlonnl & Developmental Program In a homo environment. N.J. liconsnd & insured. Coll now for Iron registration nt Iho QUALITY CAHE DAY CARE CENTEH. Locnlod In Plscntflwny BOB-BeB-1327 PROF. NANNY- Looking to watch your child in vory smnll group sotting ,Df 7HU-7373 E. QUALITY CHILDCAREin (ny Somorvillo homo, w/lots of TLC, Yonrs of oxp. I nncod In ynrd, FUi'iikfn'it/lunrli A snncka prciyirtod, ')no-5p OSO Cleaning Services ALPHA CLEANERS- Lot us help you, for n biinull- Ful homo, npt./ofllco. finnrl rol 9 4W GIVE SOMEONE A 11AI1VSITTING in my APT A HOUSE CLEAN- SMILE- II" in F'lfil hnmo Mroaklnnl, ING 12 yri stronrj local (jlnnnl Aiilm;, r,'n'lh'i li-i'i unch. Miiick 1, Illnpnifl ox ) Wkfy/bl-monthly, pploi;, kiltoii 1!, rlfj<[5i irrjvkinrl itionllily Please call find cnls AdofilKiM ina Linda, B0B S0. oonnblo. Mis'idHi n pi'l 1 C H I L f) C A (I E PRO- ' Crnnfortl. Ftsfs furn'd, Call 72S VIDED Infiinl-y yrs F7T, F <(> iind Mof. Off Ut. POO BRIOOeWATER/SOMER- KITTENS Iron to i (i(iil n finllii Mnnd, ;>H1-'J!I1H, VILLE AREA Very ronsannbla rates, own sup- mo. (2) I wk. 'ild. niagk/grny. Cnll pllon. Will go as fnr as S566 Advartlto In tha CltulUedl f-lornlriglon. B08-gQB3. -A Forbos Nov/spaper WARRIN- 10 OM farm Rd. (by Ml. Horab) Frl.-Mon., 10/B-11, Family. PC, furniture, cameras, boat, clothes, stereo, bridal gown Karastan, morel WESTFIELD- 5 A 11 denes** Trail (off Mon tauh), Sat. 10/0, 9-4. & Sun. 10/10, MULTt FAMILY. Everythlnfl imaginable! TV's to Computers, Antiques to Oullti. SOMERVILLE- 11 E. WESTFIELD- BOO Bteek PACE- Dagraed (BA/ of Hlflereat Ave. (off MM), 20 yra exp., private, Spring St. Sal. 10/9, North Ave.); S*t. 10/9; college A university. 9am-5pm. Misc. Items Baby Hems, toya. Brltfgewler clothes, HH Itams plus whole lot morel WELCOME WAGON at 534. Rain Date 10/18. WESTFIELD- 142 St. Marks Ave. 3 Fam. Salal 30 yrs accumulation must got Sst. Oct. 9th. 9-5pm. Rain date Oct. 10th. NO Early Birdsl DID YOU 9.4pm. Clothes, all KNOW... household, furniture, This little ad can be read antiques. Proceeds to by more than 380,000 Frlands of the Library. readers in 23 publications throughout Somerset, Middlesex and Union WESTFIELD- 307 Hazel Ave.. Sat. 10/9; 8am- Counties? It caught your 2pm. Toys, furniture, household - Great Stuff! attention, didn't It? Call VOUR ad In today! 1-S00-8S9-94M We Get Results I ** CALL ME * I'LL TELL YOU ABOUT MY CLEAN- ING PERSON Call Joyce 908-3a2-87aa. * CARPET * * CLEANERS * JERSEY BOY CARPET A UPHOLSTERY CARE. Truck mounted equip. S12.5O/rm, $29,99/7' couch, call Duki Mannlne Lesve msg, CLEAMtNa PERSON Honest, reliable, experienced, Raft. Metucnen/ Edison are*. 205-OIS0. CLEANING SERVICES Houses. Apts., Officet. Refs. Avail. ExMrienead. Call 90S-Z1S4US CLEANING- Condos/ Hcmei/Apts LOW HATES Prof, quality serv. Honeit/rellsble/exp/*«c. refs. Carol CLEANING- Exp'd. Mother A daughter will clesn home, office, apt. Trans, good refs, honest, reliable. Call CLEANING- Professional, with a personal touch. Reliable, references. Free estimates. Commercial A residential. 10% off first clean- Ing. Catl The Ppllshed Look HOME COMING Environmentally comclenlous cleaning eervlce, Because you care about what goes Into your body, home, A office. Non-Toxic, Biodegradable products only. Very Allordable rates, Refs avail., Call Melissa Rosen: 90B HOUSE CLEANING Very Reliable, Exc. ref.s, a yr.s cleaning e«p. In area HOUSECLEANINO Exp'd, hardworking, flex, ates, good refs. Call Michelle HOUSECLEANINO Experienced. Reasonable rates. Refs. avail HOUSECLEANINO- experlenced, responsible & quality. Good refs. & own Iran9p Iv. msg. HOUSEKEEPER-good eferences, experience, and a hard worker. Low rates. Call HOUSEKEEPING Exp. Ref. Own transp. Union Cty. only. (SOB) M8-0S14 OLISH WOMAN- will clonn your house. Call ROPEKSIONAL CLEANING- Houss/apt. Experienced, ref's avail. CnHOIga RESPONSIBLE Spanish woman to clean your home, exp. A ref.s, 90S- ^ Healthcare Service* WE CARE Home Health Csr* poclnllzlng In: Llvo In Companions Certified Homo Heallh Aldos Coriltlod Nursos Aides Sorvlny Somerset, Middlesex, Union, Monmouth A Ocortn Counties. 24 Hr. Sorv COUNSELING- with 0 rolonolonal In Adoption, Depression, Divorce, Geriatrics, Orlaf 4 Sires*. Barbara Ronca, ACSW- BCD. sos-ais-ma. SPEECH/LANO/AUDJ. TORY-VERBAL THERA- PY- Specializing In arly language development A hearing Impaired children X0 flnstruetfofl/ ftftfcerffofl ART CLASSES- children/adults, beginners/ advanced. Exp'd artist/ teacher auftar LESSONS- In Somerville. Cert'd, teacher w/ BA. Bsch to rock All levels PIANO LESSONS- In your home. Branchburg, Whitshss Sta. Hlllsborough Call 3««-4t37. PIANO- ALL STYLES, ALL AOES, AT YOUR SAX'CLARINKT>FLUTE Leesene In your home by exp'd prof. Recently w/qlenn Miller Orch. All levels. SttW. 494-O4t2. SPANISH TUTOR- All levels, conv./reading/ gramm./document transratlor/buslness. Ref. avail. Call ao«-2s3-0s25 SPANISH TUTOR- Nstlva Spanish speaker. Ail lavels.convemstlon/iead- Ing/grammar SPANISH TUTOR- private classes, available afternoons or evenings, Certified In Mexico. Call between 3-10pm. Ask for Seraflr Valatco TUTORINO-Cert Math Teacher w/ 35 yrs. exp, Alg.l.ll. Qeometry A Trig. Call Aft. 5pm TUTOR Grade School Math & Algebra I & II. Flex. hrs. A location. Ca'l WRITING SKILLS DE- VELOPMENT (WSD>- Mentorlng/tutorlng student writing: College essays, poetry, fiction, research papers by NJ State Teacher of the Year X40 UialSsrvfcM ATTORNEY HOUSE CALLS: Will* (from $70), Closings (from $395), Incorporations (from S225). Call for exact fees; other sen/less. J. DeMartlno, Esq. 90S-S74.saM. ESTATE SETTLEMENTS 35 Years 548«122 Moas A Inglese, Attye Metuchert Prof. Bldg 406 Main St. Metuchen 4150 finance ANY CREDIT OK! Real Estate fleflnancea Only. 7 Days. 9AM-9PM. Fast Serv AoYtrt/ie In the C/iwWtdl fatt * * BAD CREOITtl * * We guarantee clean SHOPPING- Errands. T fl W-T r a n s -U n I o n- Chores, Houseslttlng, Equllax. DEBTS Pickups & Deliveries A REDUCED. 100% Legal. more! LION SERVICES ROW. 0S S1-10W COLLEGE CASH QUAR- ANTEBO- We find scholarships for Anyone! Avaragt 112, Only S69! One page application accesses over 350,000 grants. Double Monsy Back Free Brochure. CREDIT- REPAIR- BAD CREDIT REMOVED FROM YOUR REPORT! From late payments to repossessions & bankruptcies, all can bo removed legally & permanently from your credit report. Satisfaction guaranteed! For free details, call (»0S> T86-M04 WE LEND CASH on your existing office furniture A equipment at a low Interest rate. Let us show you how. Call 3O1-73S.0O A-1 MOVERS Low rates. Insured, local & long distance, 24-hr, service A-1 TRANSPORT Local tt long distance, Hshld & comrner., Fast & reliable service, PM 0669, ACCURATE MOVERScheap, dependable, insured. Local/long distance. 24hr. service. (201) 673-OQ43. ALL JERSEY MOVERS Household, office Piano specialists Reasonable rates LiC.#PM00662 CUSTOM SLIPCOVERS Draperies, reuphoistery. Formerly at Steinbachs & Hahne's. 44 yrs. experience. Senior citizen disc. Shop at home service. W. Canter 90B GUTTER MAN Cleans, repairs & Installs eaders A gutters. Free Estimates JAL PARTY GIVERS CATERINO SERVICE We caior 10 all occasions from big to small. (908) 906-OBS9. LAWN MOWER RE- PAIR Tom's Lawn Mower Servlco. Rlde-on mowors, trimmers, weedealers, chain saws, Toro, Snapper, Rally, Honda. Free estimates. Free pickup A deliver. Plscalsway MOVER Joel's rmrvtng wrvle* Reliable, friendly. Free Estl Ins. Ldw Mln., Sm. A Lg. moves, PM00684 NEW BABY, NEW MOM?- For Home Help so Mom can enjoy her new baby. Call NEW 'MUM' CARE KM PALMIERI MOVERS 908-3SS-24H ei Piece Items eapts. Pianos Offices Homes-7 rmj. or loss tniuihl UeJDOSSO TOP SOIL FILL DIRT DELIVERED or Party* * APPLE ANNIE * ENTERTAINERS Baglady * Belly Dancer < Surprise your favorite gal or guy. No bachelors ' parties. (90B) _ BALLOON RIDES Flights leave our own II-, censed balloon port in, Whltehouse al 6pm daily, 1 May thru October. One of < NJ's oldest and most experienced ballooning ' companlosl $175 per ' person., CONTACT DENNY AT YELLOWSTONE BALLOON ADVENTURES 9OB BIRTHDAY PARTIES- Maglc show A balloon animals. Call Constanllne I CAN DRAW ANYTHING! Portraits, character sketches for parties. Reasonable rates '. JAL PARTY GIVEHS CATERING SERVICE We cater to all occasions from big lo small (903) , * PUDDINS * My-T*e-Flne Clownin Reputation speaks for itsoll all occasions comedy magic and more. Please call Profe*%tonal Services BUTCHER- Specializing in custom cut Deer. Resonablo rates Cali Lou SWEDISH MASSAGEby appt. only. Certified. Dee CERTIFIED MASSAGE Relieve Aches, Pains A Stress Lynn Dlnardo: HOUSE KEEPERS--- tf Nanny nurses»«nurilng care v Elderly companions f Live-In couples < Drivers 'Cooks *24 HOUR SERVICE* -7 days a weak "" JAD MAINTENANCE INC Do you need reasonable commercial or C1 cleaning? LOOKING FOR A PHO- TOGRAPHER? For doing your Wedding or Family Group Photos. Call Charles Moors III, MS S REGISTERED ARCHI- TECT- NJ, NY & PA. Consultation by appt. only. Reald. new alter, or odd. Call Fees Reasonable. TRAVIS PHOTOGRAPHY We Come To You! Specializing lr>: Portraits- Individual, Family, Engagement, Baby, Pot and Home Glamour Advertlu In the Clatsllied! Natasha's 1-9OO f>" H.T minute 24 lionr*» iliiy! I^fnM t>c IH < I'micli lone or Kotury 1'lioncs Dally Monthly Computlblllly Horoscopes Plus the spoken larot powerful 3 cord reading TALK LIVE 1-9OO-S6O-7337 Fr«Introduction to explain cost j>cr inlnuic 24 hours a day! Touch lone or Rotary Phones Speak to Astrolgcr Tarot Header Mint IJC IS VCUI or UMcr A Scrvtcc of InlcrMcilln INC. WE'RE CONCERNED ABOUT YESTERDAY'S NEWS. News can appear one day and be gone the next. But the paper news is printed on can and should live on, Recycling is the one way we can all give something back. Read. Recycle. Forbes Newspapers Soowwt Mt»Wf^flr-QAJ«ro Dourtd frotrt CUFDntcto M«Mlo»it Chtyndft Piuatatviiy Omwflon Hu MiDJCtarrEdifton Review South PtainMd HnjxxiH O'ccn Hit** NiwUi f'u'ifirv) IdghLinrl P/irh Hnrnhl Tho Mifli ll^jni'i^trf I'ni'.i I.MMICJ'H ( r.minici)i I MMhkn? rw.ui

17 October 6, 7,8,1993 AtL PHASES Free estimates, fully Insured, references available. BIENIEK CONST. 80S-424-MB0 CAftPIMTRV- All small, mtdlum rtpairt In* Ida/out, 4 navy work. Ceramic Ills, ahaatrock. repairs, guitars cleaned, repairs ami Inalda paint- Ing. Larry CARftMTHV remodel- Ing, baaamants, tils, painting, Free estimates. JeffM* I4M-S4S1 or Jim (KM DOMT CALL US I Until you've callad tha others. Than call CS CONTRACTING (or ma highlit quality carpantry It homa> Improvements at tha lowest prlea. Wa mean Itl Free aat,, tulty Insured, rela WO * * J. DIOUTIS Quality eraflamanahlp on addltfona, alterations, roofing, tiding, doors, kitchena ft bath, dacha ft replacement windows. Insured, tree estimates CallMM-7M-0014 Carpentry, Deck*, Brick Walks, Patios, Baeements, & flooma Remodeled. S.E.B. Cenetrueiien WW)7»a0M«4070 A-1 ILECTfllC CO. No Job Too Small No Challenge Too Great Residential/Small Bus. Spaclallata All work guaranteed. Lie. MOO M3 «S4-1U0 ALK ilbctfllc- resld., comm. & Indust., avail. daya, weekends, nights, FREE EST! Fully Ins., raaaonabie ratea, Lie. 9732, MS-7M-40M ASPCN ELECTRIC- All residential neads: houae tans, smoke dstactors. lighting, telephones, etc. Quick response. Lie. #7534. Call ; ELECTRICAL WORK Security & recetted lighta, heaters, tans, phonai, 240 volt service changes, etc. Problems solved, quick response. Lie. # Free ests. Please call David at 321-MSS Of 4«t-M14 ELECTRICAL WORK- Commerclal, residential and Industrial. Licensed, No. 9141, and Insured, fraa estimates. Call Vlnca Santonastaso Electric BM-1B09. ELECTRICAL All types of wiring, Service changee A paddle fans. Additions. Uc. #8252. Harold Klouaer ELECTRICIAN- Lie* S743. B ft T Contracting 24 hr service (906) 68S Hanayman AFFORDABLE JUNK REMOVAL- Reasonable ratea. Free estimate. M-7M-7S63 AL'S HANDYMAN SER- VICE Time for Fall fixup, gen. home repairs. A porches A decks. Free eat, APPLIANCE REPAIR All ma or brands, all major appliances. Reasonable, experienced, reliable. Same day aervice. Jeff (906) CHABAK Construction Qeneral Carpantry- Hoofing»Decks«Siding Insured. Call COMPLETE HANDYMAN Frae Eat. Fully Ins. Complete Bath a Kit. renovations, Linoleum & tlla work, Painting -Insldo & out, Dock work t> carpentry work, NO JOB TOO SMALL! ftob.82«-s723 ailtter ANSWERS Cleaning A repairs r- screening i> trea trimming 6. Very reasonable, fully Insured. Call Ctaarvtew HELPFUL HANDVMAN Inslde-Outalde-Otfd jobs. Yards-Fences-Pal ntlng- Masonry-Auto Repair. No Job Too Big or Too Little. You name II. We do II. CALL CHRIS ODD J0B8 * GENERAL REPAIRS- Lt. hauling, brush cleared 4 removid Expert Inl/exl. carpentry, painting, replacement windows & decks. Tree work, log splitting, gutters cleaned! No lob too small. Why break your back? If you don't see It, ask. Call us today tor a FREE estimate. Our 17th year. 628-S83S PAINTING tnterior A EXTERIOR Dock bleaching & waterproofing. Driveway sealing. Lawn cutting a malnlonnnco Odd jobs. Floasoruiblo & reliable. Call Peto _ TINKERING TOM HOME MAINTENANCE A REPAIRS. No ob loo small ' 4085 Hauling A Clean Up AT YOUR DISPOSAL JOSEPH CONTRACTING Cloart-Ups & Hauling Garages, Bnsomonts, Attics. Yard Wnalo, Klc For Prompt, flolintilb Sorvlco, (OOB) fii'i'-eim! ATTICS libiiint, ejni nnylhlng romovucl. SBIIIO tiny apf Sr. cit* disc Nick 27G-H/b Advertise In Iho ClMtsHltdl MAKE YOUR HOISE A HOME CLEAN UP- Rick's Gar.s attics bsmnts 10 15, 20, 25, 30 yard dumpsters/rent CLEANUP 'A LIQHT HAUUNO- oi all types. Fraa estimates, Insured, low rates, We work weekends. Tony, CLEANUP A-1 SERVICE Attic to bsmnt, Fast Service, Low Prices! * JLB 46t-3137 * * JUNK REMOVAL * ATTICS BASEMENTS BACKYARDS CALL JOE AT Mn 4100 Impfowwimil A-1 PAINTING A CLEANING Houaea, rrn.s, etc. Also Powerwashlngl A any A all odd jobs, Our work Is guaranteed, call us FIRST* MS-S13-MU A-OK CONTRACTOR8- Custom decks, additions, concrete snd block patios, basements, roofs, window* & doors Frsa st. Rel A Insured (906) B2B-3S73 Accent Improvement decks, siding, windows, kitchens A baths. Frae esta. Call Hay ADDITIONS A ALTERATIONS Kitchens Bathroom* Basements Decks Caramic Tile «ETC. Competitive prices Fully Insured Fraa estimates FOR DEPENDABLE, HIGH QUALITY WORK, RAY LAEYT-I37-M33- AFFORDABLE HOME REMODELINO Bath, basement, decks, custom tile Installation, wallpapering and int. A ext. painting. Free Est. Call Tom or AL'S CARPET SERVICE specializing In repairing, antique, oriental A hook rugs. Removal ot Wrinkles, buckles, Stretching A relnstallatlon of new 4 used Carpet. Since B FENCE * ^t * r> * ALL COUNTY FENCE CO. All typea Wood A Chainlink Fence, Free est. Year round Installation, Call: to*-«s4-t»25 or 8OS-232-S727 FENCE ALL PHASE REMODELINO Residential rndustiial In Business Since 1973 eslding(vlnyl A wood) Painting Int. A Ext. Renovations Alterailons Kitchens/Baths Heating A Air Cond. Free) Estimate* References Insured S4 (908) ALL TYPES OF CARPENTRY- Repairs, Cement. Bathrooms & Tile work. Call Mike for free estimate ARTIE'S CARPET Sales-Service Installation No Job Too Small Free Est. Call after 5pm Fully Ins. Attics/Cellars Finished Docks Patios Porches All Home Improvements & Repairs.Call BATHRMS THAT LAST New tub, toilet, vanity, tile, quality work. Froe Est I Rel s BATHTUB A TILE RE- SURFACING- 5 year warranty, free estimates. Call WINDOWS BY BOB Quality crattmanshlp for over 25 yrs. Puttying broken glass repair Caulking & washing Window replacement Free Est. & Fully Ins. Stelnman A Daughter BUI LDEH/CARPENTER Additions, doimora, kllchon/bath remodeling, replacement windows & doors, trim, basements. 15 yoars experience Tlmberllne Construction CARPENTRY A ROOF- ING repair. Celling & floor porches, slops, paint. Call CARPENTRY BY QUELl CONSTRUCTION CO.- Wolded vinyl roplacomenl windows & steel doors. Custom decks, additions, dormers, kitchen A bath remodeling, basements, drywall & taping. NO JOB TOO SMALLI Fully Insured, free est CAHPENTHY ft Homo lmpfovbmonl3. I do It ALU All phases ol home Improvements. Froe ost. Ins. Stovo, B-70'12 CERAMIC TILE A MARBLE CONTRACTOR 11 yra. experience, long I.i9llng quality work. Fully Ins., froo oslmalos, ref's, John DeNtcola, Jr. 9OB B3 CERAMIC TILE Flawless workmnnshlp, Sioal prices Is town Froo estimates. Written gunrontoo So. Ptnlrillalil CERAMIC TILE rtomodellng, Installnllon anil repair. Froo IImnles, Horn* hnprovomont CERAMIC TILE- kllchens, bathrooms, counter tops, floors, expert marble Install.. FREE EtTII, REF., D * D'S GUTTERS Cleaning A flushing, Screens installed, Free estimates, Fully Inaured DECKS DECKS $7 PER FOOT. Limited time. Build now and save SSS, Fully insured. Unlimited references. Color portfolio. CALL DRYWALL INSTALLATION A FINISHING Specializing In Additions, Renovations & Basements. Free Estimates. 0*>81t-aS2S 4130 ABSOLUTELY THE BEST prices on yard maintenance. Fall clean up, lawn cutting, thatch- Ing, ssedlng, fsrtillzlng, planting, v vw * * r * w i trimming, ' ' A mulching. edging r ully insursd VISIONS OF SHEEN 908-9M-4136 AMERICAN LAWN CARE- complete lawn service, landscaping, fertilizing, roto tilling, top soil, mulch A landscape design. Quality work at reasonable cost. Call for tree est. Expert Lawn Builders 25 Years Experience Hubbsrd's Landscape NtoCsajM and Tr Car* TRIE * STUMP EX PBRTS all types of tree work, stump removal. Reasonable ratea. Fully Insursd. Frae Estimates. AMERICAN Tree Removal VCNIt IRO8. Tr«* Experts M FULLY INSURED Forbes Classifieds GREAT RESULTS "t have so many lawn maintenance jobs that I'm busy 5 days a week!" Clem Reynolds North Ridge Landscaping To advertise, call HOME Alterations and Additions Prompt and Courteous Services "Quality at its Best" WALLACE CONSTRUCTION M O M li Carpentry (All phasos) Sheet Rock Painting Fences Decks Outdoor structures Masonry Patios Bathroom & Basemen: Remodoling And much more... Always free estimates nnd competitive rates. * Insured * CALL JOHN MUSELLI (90B) JFK CONSTRUCTION- Cranford, All work guaranteed. One contractor lor all your needs. Large or small, we do It nil' LEN PASZKOWSKI- Plumblng, carpentry, mnsonary, oloctric repairs & renovations. Dump truck sorvlco. gutters cleanod. etc. FULLY INSURED. FREE ostlmatosl All work guaranteed LIBERTY OVERHEAD DOOR CO. Clopay Doors 1000 Installod lor S395. Bnso door Is 8' X ^1 MOVING R * S Moving N.J.'«m rated MOVE SPECIALISTS Look (or our ad 8, coupon In the Business & Service Dlroctory Lic#PM REPLACEMENT WINDOWS Prolosslonally Installod TOTAL HOME RENOVATIONS Call for Iroe ostimnlo (90Q) 3C TELEPHONE JACKS IN- STALLED- Homo or olflco, complolo systems nvall '197-05a't. TOTAL HOME RENOVATIONS Docka, hltchons, bnths, ceramic Ilia, Intorlor/extorlor repnlts Z2 A PREFERRED* POWERWASHINO A PAINTING * *A0C FENCE CO* * Clinln Link A Wood f oneing 20% OFF! 25 Yrs ITxp. UU9-66!>I 4130 Landscaping nnd Troo Cttto TOP SOIL- TIM dirt toi snlo. Excavating, drlva ways stoned, soul contod & blnch lopped,722-1uu2 COMPLETE LAWN SER- VICE cuttimng, trim & edging, shrub ft hedge trimming, mulching, stone work, fall cleanups, looking for new customers, free est. senior discounts JUST STUMPS INC Tree A Slump Removal Is your stump a pain In the GRASS? Free Est. Fully Ins. Senior Cltzen Disc. Call 24hra. MM-B34-131S LANDSCAPING- Fall Clean Up, Thatching, Lawn Care, Shrub Trimming, Hauling. Reliable. Charlie, 755-S429. LANDSCAPING- Fall clean-ups, lawn care, stump removal, shrub trimming. Free estimate. Call Vines , LAWN MOWING- for as little as $20. Thalching, seeding, shrub trimming, Installations & clean-ups. Call Jofl , LAWN SERVICE Cleanup, Maintenance Affordable Rates Free Estimates Call JOB. (90B) LAWN SERVICE Prompt, Reliable, Ins. Do-thatching Powerseedlng Leaf removal Fertilization programs Serving Somersot Cty. Call Clem: PHOPERTY RENOVATIONS Do you still noed shrubs installed, lawn work, moulchlng, etc. Anthony Kroposky. 20 Yrs exp SCENIC DESIGN LANDSCAPE ft CONSTRUCTION INC. ivlandscape designs. umound plantings.; pool scapasvrwatbr falls t'r Inwn managemenl u now Inwns f, RR ties,, retaining walls/rock,i Walkways u Patios Spraying,. EPA/OEP Cort Trucking.; Troo work dtcks ii additions ronovntiona ' drlvownys paving Vi celling Excavating 10 yrs. oxp. Fully Ins. & lie ask lor Tony Jr. TREE EXPERT CO. a Trimming a Repairs Removal Modem Equipment Stato Certified Immcdloto Sorvlco Insured For Vour Protoctlon 233-TREE TIMBER TREE EXPERTS INC Troo removal, Ttlmmlng, lopping & stump mlnri- Ing. Pros osl Fully Inswrocl. Call aop-d19-753t Aftnrtite In the a«umttff 4160 A-1 WAYNE P. SCOTT- Quality masonry service!. Fret estimate. References. Insured. 40 yrs. a family business. Every Job a specialty ALL MASONRY Fireplace, patio, porch, chimney or stucco. Build/ remodel your home or business. 35 i yrs In business JP MMONHV REPAIR Repairs On All Masonry. No Job Too Small. Free Est./Ret, (908) MASON CONTRACTORS Specializing In all types ol masonry: Brick work, block work, concrete, etc. Fully Insured. Free estimates. NO JOB TOO SMALL FALL SPECIALS * MASONRY 20 Years Experience; Addltions>Sts)p»*Sldewal ks Patios "Found a- i ion s«fi replace Interlocking Pavers. Fully Insured-Refs. Free Est. Call Bill at 0S-H3-SM9 Painting All QUALITY OUAR.rOl I n t IE x t. 'oitniropsratsd," Decks, mold, etc. Cosmetics. Exp'd, central NJ ANTHONY'S PAINTINO Interior/exterior. Roofing, gutters cleaned/installed. Free est A+ PAMTINa Interior/exterior workmanship done with old fashion pride). Top rated Benjamin Moor* products used, w* speeallm In window reptittylng, re-palntlng and repairs. Rals. and Insursd Or PAINT1NO. BY BOS Quality service for 25 yrs. Interior & exterior Frew eat. ft Fully Ins. Pspafhsngino also avail. SteMtman Daughter l.f,-?fvlf,f MWtlWAIWNO COUffANY All Phases of Interior and Exterior Painting and Staining Aluminum Siding Reflnlshlng Housa Washing Complete Powerwashlng of ' Siding, Roofs, Guitars, Decks, Driveways, Patios and Walks Gutter Protection Systems/Roofing ft Qutter Installation * FIIMSI duality Work * Fr e»lliw»t««.tulty Insured CUSTOM PAINTING & PAPERHANGING 12 yaars of virtually flawless residential workmanship. Small lobs welcamel Realistic down to earth prices. Excellent rel's & free estimates. All work guaranteed In writing. So. Plalnfteld BOCMSO-1596 CUSTOM PAINTING and WALLPAPERING- Int. & ext. Remodeling ot baths and kitchens. Decks instilled. FREE ESTI- MATES. Call Tom, , JK'S WALLCOVERINGl INSTALLATIONS^ and Interior Painting Quality Workmanship Call: Joe Klingeblel free estimates JOHN MACNAMARA PAINTING- Interior painting ft wallpapering. Free estimates. Fully Insured. Recommended by Interior Decorators. 90S>70S-OieO L/T PAINTERS Interiors & exteriors 15 yr. exp., fully ins Advertise in the Classified! A fiuw* To Local Professionals Servicing Your Needs For: a«oma«ot0- UtetrMal a«1ie. «loo a41m- TINCM NINA KALLAS Palntlnf & Psperhanging, Re pairs. PIssMr/Sheetrock. 27 yrs. exp NJ STEAM CLEAN Power Wish Sale Alum./Vlnyl/Wood Homes Sq. Ft. -S1S Sq. Ft. - S17S Sq. Ft. S Sq. Ft. - $375 Call Now A. Save I Explraa 9/17/93 Free EsUFully Ins. Visa MC Wa Can Bast Any Price Show Proof-Written Est. t-a00-4b * PAINTINO S)Y JOMN * Quality Interior Painting Small Exttrlor Jobs 10% OH With This Ad Fraa Estimates * MM-7S1-M15 * +PAINTING ROOFING SIDING 20yTs exp. Very high quality, very neat & dependable. Lowes prices. Super refa. Get In touch before you pay toe muehl Call Spancar McLets *9Ot*231-«204+ PAINTINO WALLPA PERINQ- Entarior/ Inte rior, custom work. Com merclal/residential FULLY INSURED. NIc PAINTING AAA CARNEVALE Exterior/Interior Quality work. Reasonable Insured Free Estimates PAINTING Let a woman do your painting. Neat, clean quality work Insured, frae estimates Call Maryann PATTERSON PAINTINO Interior Extarlor. Fraa estimates. Sheetrocking tiling. References avail Fully Insured. tos-729 SStT; 1-S0O>7S0-S9«7 PAUL A. MILtAR PAINT- INO Meticulous Ini/Ext Svcs. 12 yra sxpsr. Fully Ins. Fres asl. Excellent rets. Call Paul ams-tiss R. ANORECHICK- Painting & paper hang Ing. 3Q yrs. quality expe rienc* R. ANDRBCHICK- Palntlng/Papsr hanging 30 yrs. quality experl ence RICHARDSON PAINT1NQ COMPANY Comm./Resldental/lndust Fully Insured Free est. Interior Exterlo Power Wash Sand Blast S 420O and Cooling COPPERHEAD Plumbing & Heating Inc New Construction Boiler Installations Drain Cleaning Water Heaters Expert, Neat, Friendly Service. Lie Call EMERGENCY SERVICE Sewer & drain cleaning water heaters, Cas Boll' ers, Bathrooms. Al plumbing repairs, Truppl Plumbing, Uc. M707. Call 7S Advertise in the Classified! WE'RE CONCERNED ABOUT YESTERDAY'S NEWS. News can appear one day and be gone the next. But the paper news is printed on can and should live on. Recycling is the one way we can all give something back. Read. Recycle. Forbes Newspapers Scnwnri M«Mng«'0tn!t«t Sound Bun* Cmnc* ChiOfWCM PiK*u*iy Dun»l«n flewiw «n nroo> Noflh PunleU JOIKIWI Hignlmd PK* ttorakt The HJH Rocliiwilln PPOJ» Cunixd CuoiKii Funkln Tocui Soolch Pl*nl Finnocxl frtii Tin Wlftf»W flsoud V in«tvwilcf>un( Joum«l Mm Sojniwtek Fceui SomtitH C«inr/ Guk)» Mddlwn County OuUa A Forbes Newspaper HMN and Cooling PLUMWNO. A HIATINO Low rale*. Good service. Drain cleaning. Free estimates. License #6401. Call John MtVMM ROAN «KING PlumblnoA Heating pwlt PluifiMfl0 A ewaterheatare Drsln Cleaning High Pressure Jet Drain Cleaning Bathroom Renovation Specialists Emergency Service Since 1MB Ucmie * MO Mt-MS ACROOeiNO If your looking lor exc. low rates, w/quailiy work, Free Est. call: 90B or noonm HOME IMPftOVUMirra Specializing in Rool 4 Qutter repair, Int./Ext. painting, call:t»7-ei 34 nooflnq-all TYPU- Fully Ins.. FREE ESTI Over 20 yrs. sxp. P. Dannueel»M-IM-»4«2 ROOTINQ- all phases, fully Ins., FREE EST.I Lowest pricesl A.T.F. CONST., Emergency Repairs. T-N-T ROOFINQ New, Taar-Offs, Frae Eat. For a Dynamite Job Wl TOP THIM ALL) Call the best at the top of tha hill In Warren. WMTPICLO ROOPINO COMPANY All Types ol Roofing a Siding Work 100% Guaranteed Fraa Est. Fully Ins A BEAUTIFUL JOB by Fsmlnlns Hangups. Neat, professional, fres estimates. Call Joan A DELICATE TOUCH The Wallpaper store thst comes to your door. Selection to installation Reliable ft meticulous A Family business Adela ft Qeorge Lee or Forbes Newspapers / SMU-5 Employment Guide 50O0 FMPLOYMENT 6010-Career Training * Bervlcea SO20 Child Car* Wanted Employment Agencies 5040 Employment - Domestic HMO - Employment - General 8060 Employment HeeWiCere 6070 Employment - Manaoerlal 8060 Part-Time 6100' Inveetmenta Oppertunniew 9010 Til COMPUTER TRAINING Especially for beginners. Leeti* eweroeerfect Letua eother Software Call E-Z COMPUTER SERVICES X CMM Cam Wanted ARTENOCR TfUUNINQ Earn up to S10-S15 /hr. Train to be a bartender. Job placement assistance, fee If accepted AMERICAN BARTEND- ERS SCHOOL BABYSITTER WANT- ED- In my No. Plfd home. Saaaonal. FT. Exc. pay. Call 7S7-B712. CHILD CARE WANTED- PT for 4-yr. old boy. FT for 1 yr. old girl In your home. Pis call EXCILLENT PAY- for mature loving person to care for 6 & 4 yr old girls In our Brldgswater home. Must have own car. Nonsmoker very tidy, 7:30-6 M-F. call INFANT CARE- Prof couple seeks mature, responsible, warm person to care for newborn In our Metuchen home, M- F. Call Elaine after 7PM CMW Cave Wantmd NANNIES- Spend a year or moro UL a Nannia with a fino family in Nsw Jsrsay. Salary $240-S400 per week depending on experience" America's Nannie*. PART TIME^babysltter needed to care for my 9 mon. old baby in my Franklin Park home, Pleaae call RELIABLE- flexible nonsmoker needed to care for Infant & proschooler in my Bound Brook home. Appro* hrs.fwk. Musi drive & have reliable transp. Start 11/ : j YOUR CLASSIFIED AO CAN BE PUBLISHED IN 92 NEW JERSEY NEWS- PAPERS WITH ONE EASV PHONE CALL AND FOR ONE LOW PRICE. FOR ONLY $ YOUR AD WilL REACH OVER 1.2 MILLION HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STATS. CALL FORBES CLASUIFIED AT 1-a00-559Srt95, ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK, 5050 Employment- General $12,000 MIN. COMMIS- SION. To sell business opportunity oniy! No exp. nee. We provide an excellent training program. We need hard working aggressive people who want high earning potential. For into on this exciting business, :al! Steve at: B.B.A.(908)356-S766. A-1 RESUMES AND OTHER TYPINUWP SER- VICES. Professional work. Rear.or-oble rates. Call Patsy <<30B 54S-4273 AIDE-PLAYGROUND Z hours/day Interested Individuals shoi.'d submit a letter ot ime-jst Dy October 12, 1993 r 0: Dr. Osborne F. Abbey, Jr., Superintendent, Bound Brook Public Schools, 133 W. Map'i- Avenue, Bound BK.JIV fjew Jersey OBBOti. tor. AIRLINES- row hiring entry level: Customer Service'Baggige Handlers. Many Vihar positions. $400 4 r'00 weekly, Local cr olocation. For Applications and Information 1-30 ' ert.649. ALLSTAR COSTUME Flex day portions avail. f or P/T, rotai', office or Lt. shipping, $ )G & benetits, Mdlsen ' PAINTINO LIVE-OUT NANNY- Professional couple seeks WALLPAPERING STENCIUNO full time, English speaking, flexible A mature Free est. Jeff M«-64$1 person to care lor infant PAPIRHANQINO- No ASSEMBLE TEMS AT in our Piscataway home. ob too smalll Call Nancy HOME Top pay, easy Qeneral housekeeping Union County worlt, gubmn'ae, legitimate. Call <-904-ftBB- duties, non-smoker, references required. Call 3634 ext. N(ill ' only please. WAUPAPERimiBY FEMININE TOUCH BARTENDING Reasonable rates. MATURE FEMALE- to Earn up to S /hr. Prompt service. Free m%- assist working mom with Train to be a bnrlender, 2 tlmates. No job too household and child wk. class, job placement. small. Call 906-J ore. Boys 8 & 11. Westfield 7-10am ? 9222 American rsn-tenders. dill! IMIIIIIKISILTS We mate a BIG DEAL;:^ 1 v*e'» give Y y c over your \t**» JmA, LITTLE THINGS! Outgrown baby cribs. Furniture that doesn't fit In the new houae. Office equipment that isn't used. Appliances you no longer need. All those and more will be sold when you use Forbes Classifieds' Guaranteed Results Ad. Our Classifieds are delivered to 380,000 potential buyers In Central New Jersey. It's a big deal for you when so many people can see your ad for so few dollars. Only $20 buys you 4 lines for 2 weeks. Advertise today In Forbes Classifieds and turn those little things Into a big deal...guaranteed! I!i I Additional line*, add $1.15 tor each ffi Fit In 1 chmtklvt p»r bo«. flowing k* «(j*c«i and punctuitlon n«c*tury. Hwnarftbw to Indudl phon* nurnbar. No ftbbfavtatlons.ploa 4 in«umm Mult IM p«m m Mvtnct - cjsri, chack. VISA M i C H anooowchangai a OOar tmdad lo noncommaiclal «tli Nama. Address. Phom _ S«lBd*d mafcrvandtie tiom ou> For Salt cumicatlon only No Rafcl Euala ot Au1omoirv««d«No QaraQa Safei. tat nvifcols. Mia. and bauar.. w pen a Onaf valid only w«ri uui coupon City State, Zip. VISA/MC# Mall iriul (hack or monay ordar Is: Oflar bplraa 11/11/11 Exp. Data: Fortiai Nawipapara P.O. Bot «H om*r»iih, MJ OHra Ma\\ your coupon, or place your ad by calling,.. -}) 195

18 NewspapersEmployment SMU-6 /Forbes October Guide 6,7,8,1993 Could YOU sell this space? Forbes Newspapers is looking for Advertising Sales Professionals Outside sales positions arc available NOW for confident men and women with advertising experience. Established Union County territories with growing potential are wailing for YOU. The future of newspapers is suburban weeklies and Forbes Newspapers has buill a group of 23 publications serving Union, Somerset, and Middlesex Counties. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. Please fed free to call or forward your resume and salary requirements to Forbes Newspapers, 102 walnut Ave., P.O. Box 626, Cranford, NJ Be a part of the future... Phone Al Churchill NOW for an appointment at FAX (All rvplhi tihll 6r bet* artcify ctrnfldtnltmt) Forbes NEWSPAPERS '" ASSEMBLERS:Exc*l!*nt Income to **s*mble products at horn*. Info DEPT. NJ-B331 ASSISTANT MANAQERS + ROCK A ROLL* Motivated Individuals needed to stafi new office*. Must Ilk* Music, Money a, Funl (901) 9* A88T. TO CHEF Small kitchen, Quality orl ented, SO teat eatery, vol. ume off premise catering. Creativity w/ upscale, fresh foods. Negotiable package program. Market Roost, Flemlnglon, NJ 7BS-4B40 AT J. S. HUNT We pay up to 20 cents per mile for experienced OTR drivers, with raises of up ' to 33 cents per mile. If you want the best, call J.B.Hunt today) , * * * * AUTO MECHANIC ' Full time, experienced -only apply. Salary plus commissions. Aver. 'gross earnings $37-S40k.. Paid holidays and vacation. Full service auto -repair center. Oppi'y lor advancement. SUBURBAN AUTO MALL Edison/Somerville Areas ; (BOS) AVON SALES HEPSearn extra dollars for Ihe ' holidays. 1-aO B3. AVON BALES- AM areas. For Information call 1-SO BANK TELLERS PART TIME gomersot Trust Company. A Subsidiary cf The Summit Bancorporatlon, has Ihe following openings: Watchung Blue Star Monday to Friday 2-6:30 PM & Saturday ; 8:30-12:30 PM Pohatcong Monday to Friday 2:15-0:15 PM A Saturday 8:30-12:30 PM Branchburg, Monday to Friday 2-6 PM & Saturday 8:30-12:30 PM For additional Intormnllon, Please contact Ihe Human Resources Dept. 34 West Main Si Somorvllle, NJ, 0BB B No Agencies PLEASE SOMERSET TRUST COMPANY EOE M/F/H/V BOOKKEEPER ASSISTANT Permanent full time position In busy olflce. Friendly atmosphere. Call Ejnpfoyntanf* **CABLE TV** 3 Immed. openings needed, 3 Installation coordinator* paid wkly 'Must have own transp 4-9 In the evenings Lots of Funl Call for Interview: Phil (*0S) 2S1-321S CAMPAIGN WORK- ERS Learn valuable campaign skills working on Ihla countries molt imporatnt lisue, Nat. Health Caret Earn great money, benefits, A exp,, Hours: 1:30-10:30 PM, call today QO» t 1 CASHIEN/STOCKER - Exp pref. FT-Sat* tleo. ApplyiSrtgifter: Boulevard wholesale Foods, 900 Lincoln Blvd. Mdlsx. CERTIFIED PRE- SCHOOL TEACHER P/T & F/T. Please call CHILDCAHE- earn money providing quality chlldcare for I or more children in your own home. MONDAY MORN- ING INC, offers free Insurance, referrals, equipment, back-up A more Union County ; Somerset County CLASSROOM AID FOR TMR PROGRAM AT CRANFORD HIGH SCHOOL (Poiltlon available Immediately) Please send letter of application and resume to: Mr. Wit- Ham E. Cathman, Assistant Superintendent cl Schools, P.O. Box 646, Craniord, NJ 07016, no later than Octobar 13, 1993 AA/EOE CLERICAL SECRETARIAL We are seeking qualified applicants to (ill the following positions: Word Processing- Secretaries Qeneral office clerk Receptionist Mall clerks Short & long Isim openings Full time hours with above average wages Call today and ask about benefits. MANPOWER Temporary Services 50 Division SI Suite 403 Somsrvillo CLERK/TYPIST/Receptionlst Needed by computer consulting Co., Wordprocesslng, WPM. Pleaaanl telephone skills. S / Wk., Bilingual engiisrv Spanish prsf., 40 hr./wk. Sond Resume persona & confldflntlaf to E. Esplno al Sequel Concopts, Inc Hadley Road 7, So. Plilnfleld. NJ070H0 COMMERCIAL SALES AND LEASING Largasl Most Successlul Century 21 In N.J. Is Looking Fo; Two Marketing Pops. To Handle Key Accounts In Central N.J. Experienced Preferred. Mult Have Or Obtain N.J. Real Estate License. We Will Get You Mrs. Krumpler 1-5pm allicensed And Train You. 90B LICCAROI MOTORS RT 22W, Green Brook Call Century 21 Worden A Green And Ask For Ken Worden At (90B)B Ext. 225 BOOKKEEPER FULL CHARGE- Exp'd-- prelerably In manufacturing. Computer exp. a CONSIGNMENT SHOP * * * MUST. Conscientious Individual willing to perworking person with Needs energetic, hardform other office dutloa. fashion knowledge T, W, 3 of 4 dnys/wk. Hrs. Neg. F, 10-fl, Th, Rot's B Advertise In the Classified! COOKS EXPERf- ENCED Opportunity to grow Into kitchen management position. Our restaurants are ranked within the top 100 national restaurant chains. We offer medical/dental/ vision care, paid vacation* & sick pay, plus a pension program for our employees. We seek Individuals, knowledgeable in food preparation, who are organized. wtilcoordfnated, & can perform well when It's busy. Advancement opportunities exlit within the NJ area for those individuals who can demonstrate: ability, enthusiasm, & the drive to excel. Call for interview: Friendly Restaurants, Mike Martini In Piscataway, or Barbara Hmleloski in Metuchen COOK FT only. Experience nacaasary. Pay commensurate to exp. Apply within Plizeria Uno, So. Plalnfleld. Customer Rep* S11/START Local Co. has several Immed. openings tor tho busy season. Perm/ Temp; FT/PT. Must bo people oriented & courteous. Students welcome. 90S DELIVERY PERSONlor major homo applisnees, FT DENTAL ASSISTANT Busy growing Kenilwortn Dental office seeks Experienced Dental Assistant lor a full Ume position. Responsible Individual with professional attitude and neat appoaranco is the candidate wo are looking lor, XRay llconse a plus. Call for appointment. DENTAL TECHNICIAN Experience In preliminary work for denturo lab Top pay & benefits for right per ion.»e*-5«5a ask for Mike or Denlse. DlfCOVERY TOY$ (90B) DON'T WAITIt Lose weight. 100% nil Lose up to 3Clbs. in 30 days lor only S33. Money back guor. Dr. reemd. ( CO71, DRIVER F/T. Roll-Off oxpor.musi hava COL ftgood driving rocord. Call 9 0S for appt. DRIVER, HELPER a WAREHOUSE WORK- ER Major Building motorlnf r.uppllor tins tin Imrnod. oponing for an oxp Individual. Drivers must have COL Class 0 clnvorg licoiigo & a cloan driving record. Helper/ Wnrohouso worker must riavs drivers liconso. For consideration, apply In parson: Strober NJ Build- Ing Supply Contor, 20 Trumnn Or. Soulli. Edison, NJ * * * * * DRIVERS I Imouninn Sorvlco. Full or Part Time Flax, hours, Morn- Ings, Alternoons, Evorig9 & Weekends. Must hnvo knowledyo of nil major airports & NYC E«p holp'ul. Cloan Driving Dncorri Call (908) DRIVERS Business growing, drivers needed for flntberi tractor, must have CDL, 3 yrs. exp. Clean driving record. Apgar Brothers (BOB) Matt or flalka. Your Job Is On The Line,.....The Phone Line Forbes Newspapers is looking for men & women with pleasant phone manners lo join our circulation team Telemarketing jistanls Excellent opportunity to pick-up extra $S$ working part-time evenings Monday - Friday 6pm to 9 pm. Work up to IS hours per week selling various newspnper subscriptions over the phone. We offer a highly competitive base sulury & commission structure., The Future or newspapers is suburban weeklies and Forbes Newspapers has buill a group of 23 publications serving Somerset, Middlesex, & Union Counties. For more information phone: Julm D'Acliino en'gfon Meyer al 1-800: Forbes N E W S P A P E R S SOW ifoytiwnt- DRIVERS Now accepting applications lor local & 0TF1 Tractor Trailer Drivers & Owner Operators. We are expanding our operations & have very dependable tractors & trailers avail. Drivers must have clean COL license with h aim at endorsornent. Applicants must be at least 24 yrs. of age, min, 1 yr. exp. & will be home on wkentis & holidays. Hospital Insur. & retirement avail. w/safety bonuses. Driver Recruiting 1.B0O-SS1-B199 DRIVERS/HELPERS - Household goods carrier looking for reliable person for local & long distance work. Must have valid NJ linconse and transp 10 & from job. Call DRIVERS/TEACHERS AIDE w/cdl LICENSE To drive school bus and assist with after school program. 15*20 hours 0 week. Call: DRIVERS- Adding 300 New Trucks - Hiring: Sliorthaul, OTR and Con- Irators. Outstanding pay/ bonollts, sign-on bonuses, assiogned trucks. Call anyiime Burlington Motor Carriers: join-bmc (ext.105) EOE. DRIVERS- Local truck- Ing company looking for good tractor trailer company drivers to start immediately. Good pay, bonetits, advances. Call Con-Brook Transportation Inc DRY CLEANER Shirt Presaers Experience preferred, but not necessary. Assemblers A Taggera Full/part time. Call (90S) 2B1-6S92. EXP. MOTORCYCLE RIDER For permit train- Ing of South Bound Brook couple until Mid November when Llcon9e is complete. Call alter 5pm FT/PT BRUNSWICK BOWLING- Mechanic or Pin.chn3i.-r Clark Uines HAIR STYLIST/ MANICURIST- with following for ostnbllshod Inman Ave., No. Edlnon Salon 90B-753-BBDD HAIRDRESSER- 3 yrs oxppriericed. Pnrl time or full»mo _ HAIRDRESSER- FT Slyllst-colorlsl iixcoptional opportunity fur right person. 8 yrs. mln. o»p. (908) HAIRDRESSER Tirocl of working lor orks? Mnko own run oxp vv, following Worn n Irlsncily group! So CJWII us n call nl botw 1 Znoon-Opin. Ask tor Shirley A wo'll tnlk. HAVE A COST FREE CHRISTMAS * * FINAL WEEK* * CALL NOW! By Being a Domo or By Hostessing n party I SET THOSE OIFTS FREEI Christmas Around Tho World SUM Needs Dome's for Pnrty Llnol No Invostments, Work Own Hours. S500 Kll you can earn FF1EEI Nothing lo loose, olot SSSS lo gain. AVG $10/hr MARIE 0OS-7S INSURANCE CSR- Personal lines - uloasnnt uc live olllco, llconsa pro (orreel, will train. Call John et Gze-Z30D Employment- Of INTERIOR DECORATINQ/SALES Full or Part Time. Will Train Pet toa-467-o71b INTRODUCTIONS... A way for people to moot people, every week in your local Forbes newspaper. The ad is freo, then one call does It alii 1-a00.5SS-B49S ITAUAN/FRENCH COOKS Upscale Restaurant In need of step. & qualified persons. Good pay. Call (908) 78MM0. bet. 10-1PM, Mon.-Fri. Ask tor Manager. KITCHEN HELP- North Branch Inn, Rt. 28, North Branch, LABORERS Warehouse packagers and light assembly work. Somo llghi lifting involved. Must havo the ability to read and write. Good working conditions. Above wages. Call today: MANPOWER, INC Somorvillo average LABORER-Neoded by Asphalt Driveway Contractor. 3days/week. Call Law Enforcement Jobs NO EXP. NECESSARY Now hiring. US Customs, Officers, otc. For info. II oxl AM-BPM, 7 days. LIMOUSINE DHIVERS- FT/PT positions avail, 25 yr9 age. NJ licence, retirees wolcome. Will train. Call AM-6PM. MACHINE OPERATOR Musi havo Mechanical nptrtudb. Motal/Tubing exp. holpful, Manufacturng Co in Somorvillo Area. Call (908) MACHINIST Lathe & milling, closo tolerancu. Must be solfmotlvated. 7 to 10 yrs. oxp, No trainees. Call for appointment (906) , ToolTek Specialties, Inc. Maintenance WANTED Malnlonanco poraon wllh to yenrs experience in enrpontry, painting, plumbing, (jlectrlcal nnd HVAC repairs for n 1230-unll aparlmonl complex Roloroncos required Sonet work oxporionco to: M Rose, 4 t.1 Orchard SI.. Crnnlord, NJ Wo nro on o( uol oppnriunlly employor. MANICURIST/ BEAUTICIAN- Hast opportunity Full sorvicn Salon. B I -I i n (] II n I Spanish/English." Call (908) MANICURISTS Full or part llmo position aviiilnblo. Experienced proturrod but not nocossnry tu tnko over full lollowrig. Cnll today 2/l-9i'Ui J MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST- Exp rnodlcat recoplloniii lor tjusy orthopodtr prncico Knowledge ol ICU-9/ ^PT coding & motllcnl urminology nnoclncl Compuior hillimi liulplul NO nvnn/wnuko nil s. Good salary & ljunulit pockago. Call Knlliy/ Mnrl I49-5BOB. MIDDLESEX Laundry mat ntlontlnrii, Snl A or Sun.. 16:30 PM. to (to wash A fold & gonernl Bloro cleaning, S ^lojfflm GOfHMWf OFFICE/CASHIER- Full time help needed for retail lighting A (urnllure atora in Lawrenceville. 4- S day work week. Excellent working conditions. Experience preferred. Call CaaMal Lighting <60tI » OWNER OPERATORS Opportunity with carrier that has loads ready lo go. Need 10 good qualified Operators Immediately. $100 Fuel sign-on bonus to any tractor leased this week. CALL: CON-BROOK TRANSPORTATION INC. AT: 1-8OO PAINTERS Experienced, reliable with own transportation. For year round, steady work. Start Immed. Call (908) POSTAL JOBS $12.OB/hr to start > benefits. Postal carriers, sorters, clerks, maintenance. For an appllcallon & exam inlo. call ext. P am-9pm, 7 days. Mmptoymtnt- VJSVPSnPi, RECREATION ASST Need a person who enioys working w/ people, Every other weekend, 6 hrs. par day, Apply at: Brldoeway Convalescent Center, 270, Rt 28 Brtdflawttr RMIDIHTIAL CLIAN- INQ SERVICE- Seeking hard working Individual w/car. P/T hr M. RESTAURANT Experienced Cooka, Food Servera, Host/Hottesses It Barmaid* netded for new restaurant. All shifts available. Full A part-time. Apply In person: Cryana Public H IJTO Rom* as. ifq RESTAURANT HBLP- Cooks. servers A barlender! f/pt. Must be experienced. Apply In person. Caff* Plancone, 2891 Hamilton Blvd, So. Plalnfleld, NJ. RESTAURANT WAITfR/WAITRiSS, BUSPERSON, DELIV- ERT, UME COOK. Apply In person: Luna Reeia, 31S Route 202 Pluckemln 7S <t0a) RETAIL H1RINO NOWI Mora a MwtaMHMMM SUCC1SSORIES, the premltr retailer ol motivational and selfhelp product* seek* employees for It* Bed minster and Woodbrldge location!. We hire only goal oriented, cuatomer focused people committed to excellence. CALL TODAY and you may be on the job nent week. Call 1-S0O-S2«-SSS7 NOWI Retail MANAGEMENT POSITONS PART-TIME SALES Work for the ANNE KLEIN FACTORY STORE, an established designer apparel store. Fabulous opportunities for Manager* and Part-time Sale* Associates In our Flemington, NJ location. We are looking (or people who have an eye lor fashion and truly believe that the customer comes first. always We offer: competitive salary a great group of people to work with medlcal/ilfe Insurance (F/T) paid vacation (F/T) an outstanding em ployee discount policy Please apply In person: ANNE KLEIN FACTORY STORE Liberty Village Flemtngton, NJ (908) 7BZ-9646 ROOFER 2 years Exp. Tools truck & ladder, S CLOSERS ONLY NO BALONEY $ /WK Leads, leads, leadsl 80% advance commission On road or In office No MLM types, please MM-MS-iaOO PRODUCTION TRAINEES! Dependable people with some prior work experience may qualify 10 be completely trained In Production area ol local Somerset, Union & Mid- wallpaper. In our upscale custom dept., good dlesex companies. pay & benefits, Fabric CHOOSE YOUR SCHED- Land. N. Plalnfleld. Call ULEI Vou cart work 1, 2 Susan M., or more days per week performing production SALES If you are enthusiastic, sell-motivated lino tasks, picking & packing Items for snipment, stocking shelves & an exciting position In and love to self, we have other duties. Some lilting our classified ad dept. Involved. Pleasant, comlortablo plant. Own transtial and benefits. Sales Excellent earning potenportation needed. $6-$a and/or telemarketing Hr. Interviews held week exp. a plus. Send resume ol Oct 4-8 In SOMERSET. to: M. Bernstein, NEW CALL ExCorp, JERSEY LAWYER, 2825 BOO0 for appointment Woodbrldge Ave., Edi- REAL ESTATE CAREER WEIDEL REALTORS, Hlilaborough. We aro looking lor good people to Join our sales stall. Whether licensed or unlicensed, we can got you started In a successful Ronl Eslnlo Career. Floxhours, unlimited earning polnnllnl A hands-on training. Call Judl Hltt, Managor, REAL ESTATE SALES Hfluo you ever consldorod a enroor In Ronl Estate? Como lo Welchert Realtors Career Seminar on Saturday, Oct, 9 at 10: or Nancy Spencer at II could chnngo your life! Somlnorg hold (n Branchburg and Flemlngton. REAL ESTATE SALES Maximize your oarnlng potontial. Plenty of lloor mo, plonly ol loads tikjhor oarnlngs Join Century 21 McGee Realtors Ml 202 Brnnchburij RECEPTIONIST/ CLERK TYPIST Must havo okcollont tolo phono volco 8 skills for busy commorclnl HE of- Ico. Word Processing & Illntj n plug Crnnfurt) n i n n Cnll P n i a o n n n I Advertise In Ihe Clatlltlodl A Forbes Newspaper AM to loarn more nbout this oxcitlng business RaaorvRtlons a mustl Plonso call Peta Spencer nt 90S- SALES/DECORATINO- F/T or P/T open, for detail oriented people personw/excellent selling skills, creative ability, Knowledge of textiles/ son. NJ 08B17 or FAX (908) SEAMSTRESS Wanted. Alteration work. Full/Part time. Excellent working Cond. from private home/warren & After 6PM SECRETARIES W/W.P. High Power Temps needs Dependable, Qualified Temporary Employees to fill lob orders from our client companies In this area. HIGH POWER TEMPS 105 East Union Ave Bound Brook, NJ SECRETARY/LEOALsmall Somervllle law office specializing In Real Estate, seeks organized person w/good secretarial skills & telephone manner, WP 6.1. Legal Exp. pret., N/S ollice, Benefits provided, SECT/TELEPHONE For busy office. Light typing, some computer knowledge, good telephone skills. Boise Olllco Equipment, 138 Somerset St. No. Plfd. NJ Ext. 208 SHORT ORDER COOK FOR LUNCNEONETTE- Cnll (90B) B5. SLTPER/MANAQER- Smail motel noods responsible porson, live-in, to 11roo^OK TERMITE A PEST CON- TROL TECHINCIAN- Exp. prof, Some Carpentry work Involved, Must have good driving record, bonollts, starling S7/hr., Pf. call soot THIOOODAftD SCHOOL Meeatawey, MJ CIMTiniD TCACMBM ANO UMTITUTM Full and Part time openings. Calltg«*MM1M- (or faayavr reeume te TO RECRUIT VOLUN- TEERS tor lit* Amar. Heart Ataec. Friendly, tmoke-frte Mlllburn office. Morn, eve,, wkd shifts avail. now-dee. SAV hr. bonuses. Call (201) Must be able to work mln. 12 hrs./wx. Seniors welcome. TRACTOn TRAILER DRIVERS We are now accepting applications lor various full time positions. You must have at leaat 2 years experience. VANGUARD 00-94B41M mlnater MS- 7S RISUILDIR- experienced only and own BOOKKEEPKR PULL CHARGE- Eap'd, preferably In manufaeturlna. toola. Call 8O Computer exp. a MUST, WAITER/WAITRESS PO- Conscientious Individual SITIONS AVAIL.-11 AM willing to perform other SPM Mon thru Frl. office duties. 3 day*/ Some night and weekend week. 0M-ess-7«oo. shifts avail. Competitive tip* and benefits. Convenlent lo Edlaon, Metuchen and Durtellen. Apply al Frltndlys Restaurant 1060 Station Rd., Plecataway (icroet from Middlesex Mall). WAITER/WAITRESS/ HOST/HOSTB.SS Now hiring. Experience preferred but not necessary. Apply within. Plzztrfa Uno, So. Plalnfiold. WEtQHT LOSS- If your weight Is not becoming to you. you should be coming lo us. Lose 30 pds., 30 dayi, $33. All natural, guaranteed. Qreat way to make $ also. (908) 351-C071. WILOUCE /CONSIRVATION- Jobs, Qame wardens, security, maintenance, act. No exp. nsc, Now hiring, For Inlo cell existed, 9-9PM. 7 days AIDES HOME HEALTH AIDES CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Applications are now being taken for a Cerllllcalion Course to be run 11/1-1 I/IB,» PM, Mon.-Frl. October evening classes also available. Recant work history required. Trainee* wltl be required to work tor Patient Care. Union A Middlesex County asslgrvmenls available. Those who are Interested mutt make an appt. for an Interview In our Wealfield Office with Kim, call <MS) S4-S773 Or come to our Open Houae at: Grant Community Center, 401 W. 7th St., matnfleltf, FRI. 10/15, 10-1PM HARP. inc. 120 Elm St. 2nd Floor WeeWleM, t*j 070*0 AIDES HOME HEALTH AIDES CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Applications are now being taken for a Certification Course to be run evenings the end ol October. Recent work history required. Trainees will be required 10 work for Patient Care throughout Middlesex County. Those who are Interested must make an appt. for an Interview in our Weatfield Office with Kim. call (90S) 694-S773 II inc. DENTAL HYQIENIST- Part time w/chance lor full time. In flemlngton area. Call 7BB NURSE PT Are you looking for an Interesting diversified position In a friendly utmosphoro? Busy Somorvtlle allerolbl office seeking PT Nurse, Mon. 1:30-6:30pm, TU epm NURSINO CERTIFIED HOME HEALTH AIDES Immediate work. Interim Healthcare Is recruiting Cortltlod Homo Health Aides to oln Its professional nursing toam. We offer: Excellent pay Doslrablo work Flexibility of hours Convonlont locations Car and lolopliono a must. (90S) S49-221O Int rim HIAITHCAII. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Plalnfleld YWCA seeks dependible, Mil starter with WP expar. Good telephone A organizational skills. Flex / hr. wk. Permanent 9 mo. position annually. No summer hrs. Call Janet.7*ft>MM ADULT AIDE for Badminster Elementary School alter ichoot child Scotch Plain*, NJ, car* program. Hra, 3-E.O.E. Bpm Mon-Frl when school la In teaslon. Start Immed, Call 271-3S44 ADULT AIDS- for Woods Road after echool child car* program In Ball* Mead. Hr*. 2-epm, Mon-Frl when school It in session. Start Immed. Call 271-2*44 OOKBEPER/ BUSI- NESS MANAOIR Non- Smoking Otllct, Hn./wetk. Tan report*, typing, computer exp. Oeilgn Contutlant*. Bed- *vi^s^s^hs^r* e^h S»^S^SV^^^*^B'%^^^*VAB If CHEERFUL EMEROSTIC PERSON- to antww our Duty phone* a gr**t member* P/T *v*» Tn an eatabllahed family oriented business. Call 90S. 757-SSSS. CHILD CARE ASSISTANT- For Metuchen Edlaon YMCA Pr*-8chool pram. M-F, 11-3:30. M W F, 12:30-3:30. Call Tami or Doris CHRISTMAS SALES NEED CASH? Stop thinking about It A JUST 00 ITf Christmas Around the World now hiring lor P/T work at F/T pay I FREE $500 KIT & Paper Supplies. Join th* winning team In NJ that ha* tola over $2o million! Part time help <or ALL HOURS. Starting lunch tlm#. $5.50/p*r hour. Apply In person: WENDY'S, 1010 SMHon M i Bsa«alaMMii WVJtJwnSlWaT (SOS) SS DENTAL ASSISTANT * HVOIBNIST For temporary assignments. Top pay. PRIORITY MEDICAL 201-SS4-SSM DISTRIBUTION OP PRINTED CIRCULARS Hourly rat*. Call nowl DISTRIBUTORS SPREAD NEWS help the public QETVIfA REQARDLEfS!! DRIVER P/T For luxury Lima Service. Must hive clean driving record. Will train. Call 74422a EXP. FURNITURE SALES PERSON- Earn big dollar*, evenings and week-ends. Apply In person Martin's Furniture, 350 Rt. 22 W., Oreen Brook, 0B812. FASHION AOVIIOR Wear A show ladles lewairy 2 evei. $125. No investment, FREE LINGERIE- Sell/ Eern Undercover Wear at Horn* Parties. PT hrs/ FT Payl (90fl> INSTRUCTORS NEED- ED Mom/eves., cert'd only. Land/wat*r exercise classes. Call LADIES' APPAREL STORE- Mon, Tues, Wed, 4pm-7pm. Thurs A Frl 4pm-9pm, Sun. 12pm- 4pm. Call , MACHINE OPERATOR P/T, with mechanic ability for precision work for polishing and griding opflcal lenses. Call: MAKE YOUR DASH FOR EXTRA CASH As a part-time Forbes Newspaper telemarketing representative. $7.00 per hour plus excellent commission slructure. Call John or Qlen at 1-B00-3QO-9321 or exl MED TECH NEEDED For Busy Medical Facility. 2 ova > every other weekend. Must be flaxlblo. Call Maryann at Mocl- Imorgo MEDICAL ASST/HECEP- TIONIBT P/T, Warren/ WatcMung Dermntoloqy Praclico No eves, No SaH. Call "OFFICE ASSISTANT $IO/per hour. 10 hours/ weekly. Qualifications: Woll-spoken on Iho phono, knowfegonblo about computera, lilghly oraanized, highly rollablo. May load to fulltime position. Mfltuchon Fax resume to Fallow-up with phono cnll to Advertise In the Classified! OFFICE ASST Flex PM, Mon.-Frl., An- w*ring phonea, general oftle* dull**, can sos- 604<ooo for appt. OFFICE HELP- needed In Scotch Plain* Tax cotlector* omoa, eppoit /2 hrm*., (FtoMblaj PI**** *end resume 4 letter ol interest to Director of Flnenc*: Al Steinberg, 430 Park Ave, PART TIME BOOKKCEP- IfM ASST.- Sought for Sound Brook pet aupply manufacturer. Reapoml- Wilt** inckid* A/fl, order entry and general clerical. Flexible hour*. Call 90S.» PHONE SALES- operator* n**d*d for 2 location* In NJ. tn Sayrevlll* 0Oa-721-7S«7. In Woodbridge»0t-*36-g2M. PORTER- PT eve*, to clean oftleee In the Piacataway Araa. Must hav* own transportation. caii sos-aas-taso PT COLLECTORS- Flex, day A evening hr* avail. Training provided , SCHOOL BUB DRIV- SRS- CDL required or we will train Qraen St. l*lln [ 2«3-19*2 I- mienor*. Early hours. Call SCHOOL CROSSING BAM-SPM, OUARD/ SubaHtut*. Application* being ac- Mon-Frl. BUS DRIVER- needed cepted at Highland Park PT, Montgomery Recratlon A Senior Citizen. Ave. OfHear K. Herman. Police Oept. 222 So. Slh Mutt have expar. driving 572-3BQ0 EOE in N.Y.C. Hour* flex. SOFTWARE TRAINER Contact: Montgomery Buslnes* Accounting R*cr*MI*n far an application, M-F, Sam-Fr**lanc*. System*, P/T, Fla*. Hr*., Call: 90a-a08-040B SPORIBW Rl rer Part-time *porl*wrmer needed to work at Me*- senger-qaiette; approilmately hour* per w**k, d*p*ndlnq on th* **a*on; must be available w**k*nd* aa well a* Monday* and Tuesday*: Invorv** coverage of aix area high chool* and youth ports...experience preferred but not necessary...send resume and clipping* to Allan Conover, Execultv* Sporte Editor. Forbe* N*w*pap*r*. Box «99, Somervlll*. NJ 0*878 or plea** call , exl. 6341, Telemarketing MAKE YOUR DASH FOR EXTRA CASH A* * part-itm* Forbt* Newspaper telemarketing representative. 17,00 per hour plus excellent commlmlon eiructure. Call John or Qlen at )321 or SOI ««l. 7302, UNDERCOVER WEAR PT sales agent* needed. Hostess** receive FREE lingerie. For an evening of tun, fashion A tant**y Call Jean SSB-SST<Srt3 NOTICE: All EMPLOY- MENT WANTED advertisements are PAYABLE IN ADVANCE by cash, check, VISA or Master Card. For a quote on cost, please call 1-S00-5S9-949S. HORTICULTURIST Seeking more work, experienced with all phaais. Bulb*, perennials, greenhouse, renovate old fruit treea, etc SIM Some tidt lilted in tbit cusu/ii jliurt may rtquirt * fee lo purcbaie information aim/or materialt regarding carter invtttntenu dnd/or epportunitiet. Auto Broker* N*tw*Hi S500 Startup Entry Level No Exp. Necessary Learn A Earn Immediate Returns Unltd. PotflOO-The A0N-O AVON SALES- Al) areas. For Information call i-aoo-aa2-2»*2 FRIENDLY- Horn* Parties now has openings for demonstrators. No cash Investment. Part time hours with fun time pay. Two catalogs, over 700 Items. Calf B8-4B75. GUARANTEED WORKt- Excollont pay) Assemble simple products at tiome. Nations largest selection of home-workt (904) E»1. NB3B SETTLE FOR NOTHING LESS THAN THE NEST AT J.B.HUNT- We pay up to 26 cants per mile. II you want the best, call J B. Hunt lodayl 1-80O- 3BB-B530. J B. Hunt The Baal Run lor the money. E.O.B. Subject to drug screen. WE HAVE FOUND DIS- TRIBUTING- Sunrlder Foods is nn exciting and monnlngful homo based business Cnll recorded maaaage: Q0B-713-BI97 WORK AT HOME Muridfoda of high paying positions nvolt. 24 Hr. Hulllno: 1-B0O-22B-aifl3, Box (W3803. AdvertJi* In th

19 October 6,7,8,1993 Forbes Newspapers MLM Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 994 Saturn SC Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme IM IDDLESEX MALL SAou tuarf s Rus (0 I i arin's urtains andee's Dbacco am erman Rossi CD 08 A Theatre inema air Trek X kkis ard & Gifts z 0 reen Acres ealth Food OX utting Crew 0 Sterns s EWCARS "If jt a3e Eo WLL Is SI VIP Travel Derby Dog O o Kmart i T> a. f CO Jen's Place Sound Aram a Scotty's Ice Cream Bavarian Pretzels 1. Reydel Pontiac 3. Saturn of Union 5. Forbes Vehicles 2. Reydel VW 4. Suburban Dodge 6. Blaise of Color Pet Paradise Marino's Deli j ^

20 MU-2 / Forbes Newspapers October 6,7,8,1993 > 80O0 AUTOMOBILES AutomoMUa Underf AutomoMlaa Under S2S0O BO30 - Automobilu 8040 Antlquat and Claadc Automobtlaa Luxury Automobile* eoeo Sponacara family Van! X4'!, Sport and Light Trucks 80*0 Trucks and Vans 8100 Automotive Financing 8110 Automotive Parts. Acctatorlei and Strvlcea 8120 Automotive R«p«lr Miscellaneous Automotive 920 BMW '78320I White, 4 spd, sun rool, AM/FM, 98k mi.. S95O. Call attar 5pm BUICK 'M Regal nun* but needs work. Passed Inspect. New parts. 87k ml. S5B5 6/O BUICK- 78 Skylark, forest grten w/bslga Int., 2 dr., v-6 auto, axe cond, runa grsat! SGOO B/O ^)791 CHEW 83 Chevttle, great cond.. am/fm/oss. 89k. S9O0, CHCVY~ 86 Monte Carlo, Fronl End accident damage / O, EKC. for Partil! Orig. Owner day or Eve. TOYOTA- 79 Corolla, auto, brown. 2-dr., 100k OATSUN- SI 310, S(motor newer), new front spd., snrf., am/tm, 2 dr., tirei. good Int., needs good cond., S57S, 908- brakes. SB00/BO dayi am-1Qpm. DODGE- 85 Aries- 4cyl, 4dr, gray. PS, AC. Very clean) Runs good. S C23-92B3. FORD- 76 F-250. Pickup w/cap & power-angle, whole or for parts, Best Offer!! FOND 77 Pickup with truck box. Runs well. Red, 8 cylinder, automatic, 10OK +. $400 or best offer. Please call HONDA- B3 Accord. Sjp, 4dr, dented fender, AC. 62K. Runs goodl PS/ PB S ^ JB^J^H^B; ^PyMe^fWlr H PLYMOUTH- 81 Reliant. 4 tp-*tlck. S400, PLYMOUTH- 87 Sundance. «dr, auto, AC, PB/ PS, hi mlg. S1000/BO / rawtiac 78 Firebird, Dark metallic brown w/ beige Int V-8, auto, new tires, runs good, must Hill! S10O0 B/O, 9OB-4A4-O791 PONTIAC S400 Of Best Offer. (908) undtrttmo CHRYSLER *84 STM CHIVY- 92 CapMse MW sports AVE. Whit*. 4 dr., Classic. Like new. Red, packagt. looki 4 rum 117,000 mi., Good Cond. Fully loaded, All options, real, S2500, S22O0. Call ml. $15,000./offer. Call 988-8SO CADILLAC- 78 1/2 Coupe DeVllle, all power, CB, 8SK, good cond.. runs well. $1300, CHRYSLER- S3 Fifth Ave. 100K. AC. S LEGEND 40r. Auto. $ 319 V* AC, AM/FM St. Case.. Dual Mr PC0264W. MSRP I31J084 4t nor* HIM cap coal lacaarmsobaraitmlwpaymajtat total UU12; curehaaa option al lair mart* vaw Laaaa. wua tormamawnoa, tiaar Ataat t al and «l laam tor in ana d 6M00 map) «15 canttnaa. Prw axmm * Man M M paid by a conaonar aacapt torkoanaing com tag Nation Hat. I tawa. Mot mponaiwa tor typographical arm.' _, RA of somerville New Jersey's Volume Acura Dealer Route 22 West, Brtdgewater Mon-Fri 9am-9pm Saturday 9am-6pm 008) CHRYSLER- 85 Laser, 2.2 tiler, am/fm/cass., 142K, good cond.. S109S B/O, FOftO- 84 Etcort. 4 dr. manual, 95K ml. good cond. new tires, good on fuel. * Call awes A wkend FORD- 84 Tempo. 4 dr., S and., 94k, ac, snrl., $1200 b/o, FORD 87 Escort. PS, PB, AC. Red w/red cloth Interior. 90K. Good running condition. $1700/ BO OLDS 83 Cutlass Cruiser. Clean, maintained, runs great eatraa, 1 owner POMTAIC- 85 Flero SE, V-fl, Fully loaded, asking SaSOO b/o aft. 8PM 9030 ACURA- '89 L Coupe. 5 ap.. CD player, green, 100,000 highway ml. 1 driver. S94OO. Call leav message. ACURA- '90 Legend L 4dr, Sspd, Ml power, air beg, ABS, moon rool, leather, loaded, garaoed, 90k hwy. mi. $ (609) BUICK- '91 Park Ava. Ultra. Leather interior, SO.000 ml. Excellent cond. $16,800 or beat offer UICK- 84 Regal Lmtd., 2 dr., V-6. loaded, S9K, 1 owner, e«c. cond., 82500, 906-S4B-9065 UtCK- 86 Skylark, orlg. owner. 56K ml. 4 cyl 4 dr. PS, PB, AC, AM/FM tape, extra clean in it out, runs grsat. $ UICK- 88 Le Sabre, 97K highway, well malnt., S3B0O B/0, UICK- 91 Park Ave. 35,100 mi., loaded, dark blue. exc. cond., garaged, car phone. $14,700 Call or CADILLAC- 85 El Dorado Barritz. Loaded, stainless steel top w/ sunroof ml. Clean Indide and out, Runs great. S CADILLAC- 87 Seville 52,000 ml., good condition. Must sell. $6500. Call CHEVY - 89 Beretta QT. Auto, while w/red Interior, ground effects, low mi , S7000. Call CHEVY-»& Cutlass Clara. 4 dr, 6 cyl.. auto, PB. PS, AM/FM Caas. $950/ Leave message. CHEVY- 87 Camaro, red, 42K mi. V6, S spd. PS. PB. AC. AM/FM Cass. $ CHEVY- 89 Baretta GT. Blue, Auto, Loaded, Excellent Condition. $6000. Calf CHEVY- 88 Caprice Estate Wagon. 3rd seat, loaded, mini cond. 29K after 5. S9800. CHEVY- 90 Beretta QT. V6 3.1, PS/PVWPDIoeks, alarm, cruiie, tilt, dig. dash. AM/FM case., low miles. Vary clean. $8,500/ O CHEVY-'M Nova. 4DH, 5 apd, AC, AM/FM. New cluteh/okhauat. Excel. Cond.. 9ik Highway mi. $ CHRYSLER- 85 Laser XE. 4 cyi w/turbo, auto, loaded, Good cond., $2850 B/O or trade lor VW camper of equal value ext 626>6 itf. meg. CHRYSLER- 87 Fifth Avenue, 4 dr, ail pwr. 1 owner. 79K ml. Radar detector and snow tires incd DID YOU KNOW... that an ad in this local paper also goes into 22 other local papers? Reach over 380,000 reedere with one call I 1-M0-M*-t4»l DODOE $9 Daytona ES. 4cyl, 33K. auto, AC, warranty. Good cond. + Ktrail $ FORD- 85 T-BIrd, V6, auto, fully loaded, 4 new tires, 76K, gar. kept, $2995. Call HONDA- 86 Accord LX, 4 dr., 5 spd.. 63K, exc. cond.. $5400 B/O, Mvert/se *t 0w CtaiiMad/ HONDA- 87 Civic 4WD. Only 61K. sap, AM/FM stereo, new tires. Asking $ HONDA- 87 CflX. Blue, Ssp, AC, AM/FM caaa., 48K. Good cond HONDA- 90 Prelude 20 S. Auto, AC. Ponver/SR, P/S/B. Call Eves & Sat & Sun HONDA- 93 Accord. 4 dr, ABS, air bag, sunroof, fully loaded. 4SO0 mi. $15, INTRODUCTIONS... A way lor people to meet people, every week In your local Forbes newspaper. The ad I* tree, then one call does It all! SS9-94S6 JKEP- 90 Wrangler. 4WD, 4cyl, Stpd, hardtop. 57k. 1 owner. $8500 of beat offer LINCOLN- 87 Mark VII. Avg ml, very clean, fully loaded, vary dependable! B99. LINCOLN- 87 Towncar Sign. Series. Leethr Int. car phone. Excel, condl $ UNCOLM- 92 Continental, fully loaded, blk ^ey gray Int.. snrl tnri., tok, aikmg S2O.O0O, as CHEW- 90 Berelta OT Blue/Grey. 34k. 3,1, & spd, All power. Alley MlftCURV as Grand wheels. $ Marquis LS. full power, non-smoking, 1 owner, low mileage. $3250/ MERCURY- 87 Grand Marquis LS, Completely loaded. Brn leather Int., Brn. carriage top roof. Beige. Very clean, well kept. $4195/ MITSUBISHI Eclipse. Turbo, 5 spd, A/C, 63,000 mi., AM/FM cass., all power, exc. cond. $6,800 Call: Car must be seenl Affordable appreciating NISSAN SX. red, 5 spd., ac, 47k, am/ classic offered al fm/casi.. snrf,, $8500, $ or evea CHEVY- 73 Nova SS. Rebuilt 307, matching NISSAN SX. noa trans, tilt PS? FstbacK, black w/ gray PDB. new brakes, Int, 5SK, aunri, alarm, fog shocks A front end, exhaust A tires. Asking Hants, wing, new tires, brakes, exhaust * ARE 5 S4900/BO Start, clean, sharp look- Ing, well maintained. DtLOREAN- 63. Low M500/BO OLDS- 76 Cutlass Supreme. 2 dr, V8, PS. PB, drlvable cond. Best i Offer OLDS- 85 Regency. V6, 4dr. all power, AC, stereo. 63K, axe. cond. $3000/ OLDS- 86 Ninety eight Regency Brougham. All power, 26 mi. per gallon, exc. cond., 77k, no rust, $4300 b/o, OLDS 88 Brougham. 4dr, auto, V6, AM/FM cass., AC, PS/PB/PW/ PDL/Pseat. 1 owner, gar. kept, 100K, 25mpg, $4600/ OLDS- 88 Firarwa. 2dr, 1 owner, service rec. 79K, auto, AC, AM/FM Cass.. red, Asking $ or PLYMOUTH- 87 Sundance, exc. cond.'low mi. 34K, 2 dr. auto, 4 cyt. turbo. AC, PS. PB, stereo cass. Pwf/wlnd. Best offer PONTIAC- 86 Sunbird. New brakes, AC. Runs grsat. $ PONTIAC- 64 Trans Am. fled, auto, PS/PB, AC. new tires. $ PONTIAC- 89 Grand Am LE. Blk., 2 dr. coups, i, pb. pw. stereo, 57K, KInt Cond., $5900 B/O, TOVOTA- 84 Tarcal. 4 WO. naw anjina warranty, 5 apd. garaaad, Exc. cond. $ Z TOYOTA- 86 1/2 Supra, 62k ml., 5 spd., all power, fully loaded, excel, cond. Best Offer days; eves. TOYOTA- 88 Corolla. 53K, mint cond., auto, undercoatad SS900/BO / VW- 78 Champ Ed. Super Beetle, Conv. 42K, org mt. runs well. $3500/ BO. 9OB Iv meg VW- 69 Golf QL, 4dr. htchbk. 5 apd. AC. PS, PB, 54K ml. immaculate, $ AnUqummnt AutomoMntt CADILLAC- 76 Eldorado Convert. 29K, all Reach over 360,000 orlg., perfect top/interior, readers with one caflt exc. mechanical/paint. leooist-imtl mileage, mint cond. Orfg. paperwork. Musi latl 121, PONTIAC- 66 Cataflni, Oold vinyl top. 4dr. 1 owner, very good cond. $ PONTIAC- 67 QTO, Red w/whlte Int. Car la orig. cond., a little rust but solid car, PS, PB, all equip, works, runa exc, $3800 B/O, 908-» luxury MutomobMt JAOUAR- 69, XJ6, Sedan. Artie Blue/grey Ithr. loaded, Ilka naw. 71k ml. Priced rlfhl $1S,900. t0s-82s-3780 OLD6- '87 Delta 88. Royale Brtim 4dr. White, Auto, ONLY 49.6K, 3.6L, V6. LOAOEO. AC/PS/PB/ PW/PDL/P/Seal. Cruise, Tilt, St Cass, IM- MACULATE. MUST BE SEEN $7, XJ8 JAGUAR- 69. Black/gray, momo atr, Pirelli wire, radar, mobile phone Incl. Mint cond. $17, SfKNtSCeV* ALFA ROMEO- 88 Spider. Quad, 45K, Ssp, am/ fm/cass, AC. Factory hard top. E«cond. S CHEVY- 74 Corvette. 350 eng.. 4sp trana, all power, AC, blue inl/ext. 1- IOPS, 50K MO00/BO A*k for Percy. CHEVY- 77 Corvette, T-top, 350 auto, needs paint «Int. work. $ , Iv. mag. CHEVY- 82 Camaro Z-28, rebuilt 305 Cross* lira eng., PS, PB, auto, needs paint /BO CORVETTE- 78 Indiannapolts Pace Car. Immac. cond. 6K wig ml. $17,995/BO MAZDA 88 RX 7, Blue w/ Blue int., 5spd, all options. Runs A looka great! $5800 firm. 80S W48, Spwtm Ufitnvctn DIDVOU KNOW... that an ad in this local paper alao goes Into 22 other local papers? FORD- 90 Bronco II XL. 4X4, loaded, auto, PS. PB, anil lock, AC QMC Sierra Clasalc, AC, 29K ml, new tires, $ INTRODUCTIONS.., A way lor people te meet people, every weak In your local Forbes newspaper. The ed Is free, then one call deee It aki 14004SI-MM JEEP 63 CJ7. hard/soft tops, everything rebuilt (trana., clutch act.}, $3750. call IrWCH* Vans GMC TRUCKS 93 Buitd out Clearance* Pickups, Vans, Suburbana, Jimmy's, Dump trucka, 4WDa k special truck bodies. Most models k Mad. duty chaesia Up to 64,600 GWV. Used trucka, discounts, Lotsing, rsbales or 5.9% GMAC financing most models. Award winning CSI rated dealer. COLONIAL MOTORS U.6. RT. 32 WE6T NO. BRANCH (SOM*VL) 1-80O CHIVY- SB Conv. Mark lit. VS, fully loaded. FLAWLESS in/oull Oak trim. Lo mlleii TOYOTA- 87 Plektip. Stick, AM/FM, AC, 4 brand new Michetin tires, cap. Only 50K. Asking 838, AdVwtrsa tft* Cr8S8MStff 4U1O AABC AUTOS SOUatfT Cash tor Used Cars and Trucks AUOLuTCAUTO We pay $28 tup For Any Complete Car FREE Pickup-Local Area With ThlB Ad Good Until 9/16/ O-87O-32O2 ANY AUTO PART INC. Parts t*r meal vehicles! JUNK CARS WANTED! Cad: JUNK CAHS WANTED Late model wrecke A trucks. Top SS5 Paid PIRONE'S AUTO SAL- VAGE- cara A trucks wanted. Highest prlcea paid. Free pick up. Container service available M MIRACLS WORKER TOWINO RECV- CLINQ Local * long distance, Free Junk car removal. 9O6-7S5-*t34. YOUR CLASSiniD AD CAN M PtlSUSHEDIN M N0W MftS4tV MBWft* PAPERS WITH ONE EASY PHONE CALL ANO FOR ONE LOW PRICE. FOR ONLY YOUR AD WILL REACH OVER 1.2 MILLION HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STATE. CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT , ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS 920O MOTORCYCLES ATVs 8120 Mopeds SIM - Oft-Read Mot#rcyC On-Head Motorcycle Parts, Acceaorlos, and Servlee 8286 Miscellaneous ftto MOTORMARINA- B7'.', Like new, aaking 8400 or B/O. Call , 9240 On-Hoad HARLBY DAVIDSON- 80 HERITAOE SOPTAIL,- 2 tone black, crome front' end, axe. cond. $12,000;, ^ KAWASAKI- 79. KZ650,' naw tlrea, good cond. Sy to ride ""'* , SUZUKI-87 RM-125, att. rebuilt, runt good, $650 or B/O, \ YAMAHA- 79 X9 1104, apedal, runa great, very fast, many optloni/r 81280/BO. 90e ask lor Paul,1 A<t$ In ClaiHtlttt '- tfontcoit- 'I 8400 RECREATIONAL VEHICLES 6410 Campers Trailers send l4n-matormoimi MM - RV Parti,, Aecaaoftaa A Strvlca ' 440 MtSC RV! ' MM tetormomn MALLARD- 68. Class k; axe. cond. Sleeps 7. 29* mi., many option^.-' / [ RV SHOW- October 6' 9>10. Seat Buy In NortfH oast Raritan Expo M4H Exit 10, New Jersey Ttf, enpike, Edison SI 00 all ASOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK. admission I nys. ; BCOO soars S610 SoatS 8620 Power Seats Charters 6670 Slip Rantala 6480 BaM A Fishing S l l 700 Warte, laerlea and 710 Mlac Boating CHRYSLER- Outboard motor. 3.6 HP. SI50. 90S > 'i> :» i* i! EASY Til FIND! HARD TO OW EQU WITH W»l AiRBWSt rya w i %i\m 10nKi««a: t Dodge, FWD, Emerald Green, 7 pass., 4 spd. auto, trans., 3.OL V6 eng., P/S, P/B, rr. def., AIR, B/S moldings. Vin #RR54O813. MSBP: $18,029. Incl. S50O Coll. Grad. Reb.(if qual). Based on 48 mo. closed end lease w/ $ purch. optn., $15OO cap cost red., 1st. mo. pymt., $350 bank foe & $312 rof. sec. dep. req. Total pymts: $11,676. BUT FOB Si."- IMfW 1HO4 KtlAIHIW ZOR Dodgo Liftback, Electric Blue Met., 5 speed man. trans., 2.2L 4 cyl. ong., rr. def.. P/S, P/B, no air, AM/FM stereo. Vin #BN MSRP: $9865. Incl. $5OO Reb. $50O College Grad Reb(if qual). Based on 48 mo. closed end lease w/ $ purch. optn. $1OOO cap cost red., 1st. mo, pymt., $350 bank fee & 229 ref. sec. dep. req. Total pymts: $7192. BUY 8453 w Dodgo, Emor,nld Groon. 3 spd. auto, trans., 3.0L V6 eng., P/S, P/B, AIR. Vin #RF12O9O5. MSRP: $14,974. Incl. $5OO Rob. $5OO Collogo Grad Rotj(if qual). Basod on 48 mo. closed orici loaso w/s purch. optn. $1500 cap cost rod., 1st rno. pymt., S350 bank loo & $295 ref. SQC. dop. roq. Total of pyrnts: $10,860. sur»*i MB MO. IAIIW i I ill B*lli Dodgo, Metallic Red, 4 speed auto, trans., 3.3L V/6 engine, P/S, P/B, AIR, cruise, power locks, power windows, AM/FM stereo cassette. Vin #RH1O9759. MSRP. $18,920. Incl. $500 Coll. Grad Reb(if qual.) Based on 48 mo. closed end lease w/$8208.2o purch. optn. $15OO cap cost plus $350 bank foe. 1st mo. pymt. & $319 rof. soc. dop. roq. Total of pymts: $12,01 2. BUY 836 GCT THE From Garden State Parkway Exit North/South onto Rt 27 South, 7th light, turn right on to Central Awe. HT. From Route 287 North From Route 287 South Metuchen-Route 27 EKII, left at 3rd light, right at next light to Central Ave. Motuchcn-Neuv Durham Rand exit, Ion at light, left cit next light to Central Awe. CENTRAL AVE at ROUTE 27 METUCHEN Prices incl. all costs to be paid by a consumer except for licensing, registfation, doc, fees and taxes. 55,000 ml./term; Be per ml thereafter. A Forbes Newspaper

21 October 6,7, Forbes Newspapers / MU-3 NEW TOYOTAS u " '93 PICK-UP TRUCK! S $ 7330! '93CAMRY LE4-D00R! *15,495! s '83TERCEL 2-D00R1 '93CAMRY IF «VM»! '93 COROLLA DLX! '93MR2 SPORT COUPE! WtEAfUU Cr?f[?/7" OK BY PHONE... WHILE YOU WAIT! 5F TOYOTA'S "INSIDE"PRICES! I ^am MA Af j)f '...B s ~pheh. thi toyola'ouual'» pouey la ahnpl Oltoloaun of awaryinng and anything you want to know. mtooouktaakhranythngmorar GET '1,000 TRADE-IN BONUS! Mm m n&w OmW/m, stfp U for MvwHary. ffar a amh$d tma an* un» torihar notoa, wat pay a A* $1,600 OVn tha aurrant Oahma "BOQkvSm" lor any nh* traoa+. Now *n1 * wot* a trip to Ftamington to aava an amm $1,0007 Aucmaurmumi J». '94CAMRY LE4-D00R! T-1OOPICK-UP1 Mm/ MWWOOI40W *239torMoll Ho tosh Don.YuOwnttl %715 i\ liri'.it Selection UWCOffPCnOWAL 4S-DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE TOYOTA t/m/tt SBKHB3BS& PUT MTUL AQAINr TOYOTA OUTLET TOYOTA IN FLEMINGTON SALEHOU&W.-m9AU-9r%S*T.»AM'$M$BimHOURS:iiOH<m7MIV'5PM Rr.2Q2,FLEMINGT0N,NJ.i Its hard to talk about resale value when no one's givingthem up. WKenyou build a car right the first time, it ages well. Buy a Saturn today, and in a few^ears you'll be able to sell it for a good percentage of what you paid for it. Higher, probably, than a lot of imports. Though chances are good you'll never want to give up a Saturn. M.S.R.P. if lit 1994 SC2 it SlJ/425 including rtloiitr preparation, transportation and p optional far stuy wattl lax, iietiut an} other option* p a&itionat. Pnytcttd y resale value/or / J994 a J994 SC2 SC2 bajtd b filiautilga (ALG) (Stptimbtr-Octebtr( S b O b 1995) S Saturn CCorporation. SATIRN- SATURN OF UNION YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD SATURN RETAILER 2675 ROUTE 22 WEST, UNION A DIFFERENT KIND of COMPANY. A DIFFERENT KIND of CAR PONTIAC BONNEVILLE SE LOADED & HERE'S WHAT YOU GET!... MSRP BUY FOR ONLY! I It 4 Door Sedan Front Wheel Drive 3.8LTPI 3800 V-6 Auto. Trans Power Steering ABS Brakes Air Conditioning Elec. resr defog. Alum, wheels Pwr. Antenna Power Seat Power Mirrors Remote Deck Lid Release Illuminated Entry Cruise Control Lamp Group Headlamp on Warning Gauges ETRAM/FM Cassette AIRBAG Mats Tinted Glass Sport Mirrors Stk #3386 VIN *P MSRP $21,909 ONLY 1993 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA HIGL MSRP LEASE WITH ONLY.. Ill DOWN POTME NT (PER 'MO. 48 M0S. lere's WHAT YOU GET!.* 4 Door Sedan 4 Cyl. Engine 4 Speed Auto. Transmission Power Steering Air Conditioning AM/FM Caasette Power Locks Security System Rear Defogger Tinted Glass Int Wipers Tilt Wheel Clock Stk #3783 VIN #PMO43457 Power Brakes MSFIP $15,245 Lease pymt. based on 48 mo. closed end lease w/48 equal pymts. of Si 99 ptus tax. $1000 down, 1st pymt plus $225 raf.sec. dep. due at inception. incl. 15,000 miles, 10«/mile thereafter. Option to purchase at end of lease torj $ Total pymts. $9552. Lessee responsible for excess wear & tear. BONNEVILLES SfS&iZ dzss. JETTA 111 GL'SMMEFT MM ROUTES7 ED/SON JVJ. 19OB]EB7-B8EB Prices Include all rebates, Incentives, dealer discounts and all costs to be paid by a consumer except tor lie, reg. & taxes REYDEL PONTIAC/VOLKSWAGEN. 1 A Forbes Newspaper

22 MU-4 / Forbes Newspapers AutotnoliueGuide" James Toyota Outlet holds its grand opening "In four short months, we have assembled a winning team that has already set new sales and customer satisfaction records," Jim Botsacos told more than 250 guests who gathered to celebrate the recent grand opening of James Toyota Outlet. "In the next calendar year, we will be among the top 50 Toyota dealerships in the United States a Board of Governors dealer," he said. Mr. Botsacos, president of the Toyota Outlet in Raritan Township, spoke with conviction because he is confident that the staffs dedication, the new facility and the quality of the Toyota products that he sells will guarantee success. Sunday's gala cocktail reception was hosted by Mr. Botsacos and his wife, Laraine. "We both wanted to do this," he said. 'To welcome new customers, as well as leaders of the community and local industry." Raritan Township committeeman James Durant, joined the party, as did local contractors and media pfticials. "It helps to be able to associate a face with the voice on the phone," Mr. Botsacos said of his invitation to the families of staff members. During his remarks, he expressed his gratitude to a number of senior staff members who relocated from Toyota positions in New York to join his new dealership in Raritan Township. The bright, modern facility seemed even more impressive Sunday when the contractors who were present recalled the difficulties of the original site development. "What Jim told you about this place having presented a challenge is true," one said. Before constructing the state-of-the-art dealership, he actually had to have thousands of tires excavated from the prime Route 202 location. Mr. Botsacos was justifiably proud of the result. "For those who think American craftsmanship has faltered, tell them they should have been here today," he said to rousing applause. The showroom is designed to be a nonthreatening environment in keeping with Mr. Botsacos' "full-disclosure" philosophy of selling. On-premise "information stations" allow customers to read up on everything they want to know about the cars, even Toyota's "inside prices." Consumer buying guides enable customers to compare prices before they negotiate. Parts and service departments are accessible and welcoming. Customers have also been impressed by the dealership's ecological commitment: the Toyota outlet reclaims the water used for car-washing, and separates oil and discharges before proper disposal. Mr. Botsacos is confident of a successful future in Raritan Township. Based on the success of the dealership in the four short months since he opened it, he should be. October 6, 7,8,1993 IB LUCK L3MCZ Proudly Introduces The Century Barry Moore, left, general manager of Toyota New York Regfo presented James Botsacos, president of Toyota Outlet, with Japanese Kabuto helmet as worn by Samurai warriors over 8(f> years ago. The helmet Is symbolic of strength and Integrity Bin Ihe INCE UTO GROUP Rirst-Evor, ~Tri-Stor«UONDA WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE A Yours Now For Classic American Value For The Price Of A Compact Import! Drive Home This Roomy, Quality Built Buick, Fullyj Equipped For One Low Price. Brand New 1994 Buick Century Automatic Transmission Power Windows/Locks Electric Trunk Release Mats Rear Defogger 2.2 Liter, 4 Cylinder Engine AM/FM Stereo Cassette Tilt Wheel MSRP $15,135, Air Conditioning Cruise Control Driver Side Air Bag Anti Lock Power Brakes Power Rack & Pinion Steering Power Reclining Seats Full Wheel Covers ABS Brakes VIN#R Pick Your Color And Drive It Home! Prices include all costs to be paid by consumer except for lie, reg. & taxes. CIRCLE [BUTCK GMC TRUCK RTS. 202 & 3% FLEMINGTON, NJ CALL ft 4PMli«PII «S:3MMtl8PM Largest Inventory of 1993 Hondas From The BUI Vine* Auto Group Unbeatable Prices Too Low To Advertise. Clearance Prices Apply Only To In-Stock Inventory of 1993 Hondas SA VE On These 1993 Hondas ACCORDS 4-Doors; EX LX DX Special Editions ACCORD Coupes CIVIC 4-Doors CIVIC RS Coupes Civic del Sols PRELUDES Warehouse Clearance Sale Located At VIP Honda WAREHOUSE Corner Rt. 22 East & Somerset St., North Plainfield Across From VIP Honda (908) (906) (908) FAX (906) 2208 HAMILTON BLVD., SO. PLAINFIELD, N.J. 07QS0 Bring Back Your Cars Showroom Shine We Stock a Complete Line of Car Care Products-Waxes, Cleaners Polishes. Receive a FREE Bottle of Touch-up Paint - With This Coupon &;a $25.00 Purchase. $6 50 Limit Onfl Par Customer - Exp. 11/30/03

23 r Ootober6,7,8,1903 BRAND NEW 1993 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 4 dr, auto trans, pwr rack & pnion strng/dlsc b, 4 cyl. AM/FM st cass. p/lkt, air end, tni gls, rr def, velour tnt, bkt sts, sport/remote mirs, bsm, rdls, styled whls, VIN LM Stk MSRP $15,245. Total of pymts $ Option to purchase at lease and at $6250 LEASE FOR BRAND NEW 1993 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF Stfr hatch, auk), pwtracfc&pmon MingMfeeb. * cyf.ahvfmitcw. pwfm. * end. tnt gli, rr cm. vatour Int. bw ta. VIN LM S* tt MSflP I14.O4S ToW of pymnto Option to purchus end**s7u Lowers Your CostOf Living BRAND NEW 1983 VOLKSWAGEN FOX 2 df, 5 *p<s nun Iran*, pun rack 1, _. cast, cloth Int. bkl ttt, *tyt»d whit. VIN PF0f73D Sfc MSRP S940S. 60 mo. ctotad tnd IMM. Loa* t«l. t*cur*y Mpettl 1100 Total o! pymts Option to puichasa at IMM tnd at S244S.30. $2500 cap co«reduction down. BUY FOR OR LEASE FOR Per EMCO/DIFEO OLDSMOBILE RT.22 Final '93 Inventory Sacrifice! BRAND NEW 1993 OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA S 4 dr, aulo, p/i/b, 2.3 quad 4 cyl. AM/FM st cass. air end. tnt gls. rr del, radiate, ttytod whit. VIN PM Stk MSRP $15,164. Lease rat sec deposit $200. Total erf pymts $9552. Option lo purchase at lease end at $4897,56 BUY FOR BRAND NEW 1993 OLDSMOBILE CIERA 4 dr, auto, pfs/b, 6 cyl, AM/FM st cass, air end, tni gls, rr del, tilt, cruise, clotrt int, bench st, radials, styled wtils VIN P Stk MSRP 13,996 Lease ral sac deposit $250. Total of pymis $ Opiion Ig puichase at lease end at $ BUY $ FOR BRAND NEW 1993 OLDSMOBILE 88 ROYALE 4 dr. auto. p/s/t>. 6 cyl, AM/FM st cass. pwr w/lks/tf/sts, air end, tnt gls. rr del. tut. cruise, cloth int. bench st. styled whls VIN PH Stk MSRP $18,995. Lease rel sec deposit $335, Total of pymts $14,880. Option to purchase at lease end al $ OR LEASE FOR OR LEASE FOR Forbes Newspapers / MU-5 12 HOUR SALE I Prices incl. all consumer costs except licensing, reg. & taxes. 'All leases for 60,000 mi. allow, w/ 10$/mi. thereafter. No addll. liability other than extraordinary wear & tear. "Jetta & Golf pymts for 48 mo. closed end lease w/ $1200 down pymt, $500 cap cost reduct., & $200 ref. sec. deposit due at incep; qualified buyers. An EMCO Company DSFEO Junction 287 & Rt 22 East, Bridgewater 77M Moat Lo 9d Gn At 77M Wortd (908) I Prices incl. all costs to be paid by consumer except licensing, reg. & taxes. 'Lease pymts for 48 mo. closed end lease w/ no money down. 15,000 mi./yr. allow, w/ 100/rni. thereafter. No addtl. liability other than extraordinary wear & tear. 1st mo's pymt & security due at incep.; qualified buyers. An EMCO Company Junction 287 &Rt 22 East BirJgBwater 9 Q B ^ I 6 S»1 :n For Anyone Who Thinks Now Is Not The Best Time To Invest In A DiFeo Lexus, Here's A Little Dose Of Realit Brand New 1993 GS300 Lease For 4 wtil ABS bihi. AM/FM st cats, security lystem, driver S psrjr air bags, pwr seatsanlrron. eeib/rnnrofb, air cna, end. anoy alloy whls, wnis, Ml, crulie. door - mall. 6 cyl. pwi tin ttnqybrk* auto trans, lunrt.leather int. it. VIN P0O42O40 Total o) pymts Option to purchase al lease nd at SZ3.0Oe mo. cloaed end leas* MSRP $40,363 Per Brand New 1993 SC300 Lease For 4 whl ABS p*i bfhs, AM/FM si cass. security system, driver & psgf air bags, pwr seats/mlrfors/sting. auto trans, air end, alloy wtili, till, cruise, llccr mata, 6 cyl. leather int, sun rt. VIN POOIS105 Total o< pymts S2S,BS2. Option to purchase al lease end al $ a mo closed end lease. MSRP J Per o." Brand New 1993 Leather int. pwr sun if. 4 whl ABS pwt brks. AMff'M si cass. security svsiem. driver A psor AH bags, VB. memory system, pwr sts/slmg, air end. alloy wns, titt. cruiso. door mats, auto VIN PO146544, Total of pynus $29,342 Opiion to pu.'chaio nl lease end at %24.2X 8? 48 mo closed nnd lonsb MSRP S49.O63 LS4OO Lease For Per An EMCO Company "The Elite of Lexus " Just 1/2 Mile East of Route 287 ROUTE 22, BRIDGEWATER on Route 22 fa Brid 8 ewater CALL Prices incl. all costs to be qaid by consumer except licensing, reg. & taxes. 'Lease pymts req. 1st mo.'s pymt. $450 bank fee, $500 sec. & $3000 cap cost reduct. due at incep. Mi. limit of 15,000/yr. w/ liability for excess al 150/mile. No addtl. liability other than extraordinary *«ear & tear, qualified buyers.

24 MU-6 / Forbes Newspapers Guide Octobers, 7,8,1993 AUTO BIOGRAPHY KEMPER PONTIAC 5 miles from Bridgewater Commons Rt. 22 East at Rt. 287 Overpass Bridgewater (908) or Zhe Classic Collector... A Special Offering L I CADILLAC KEMPER CADILLAC 5 miles from Bridgewater Commons Route 22 East at Route 267 Overpass Bridgewater (908) CHEVROLET/OEO ROYAL CHEVROLET/QEO Route 28 Just East of Rt. 23 & Rt. 287 Intersection Bound Brook (908) OMC TRUCK MCDONALD PONTIAC-QMC TRUCK Route 202 South Morristown (201) LI PONTIAC KEMPER PONTIAC 5 miles from Bridgewater Commons Rt. 22 East at Rt. 287 Overpass Bridgewater (908) CHRYILIR/PLYMOUTHl T PONTIAC BELLE MEAD QARAQE Route 206 Belle Mead (908) MCDONALD PONTIAC-GMC TRUCK Route 202 South Morristown (201) PACKARD TWIN-SIX DUAL COWL PHAETON Complete restoration just completed by top notch craftsmen. A significant car from the personal collection of Malcolm S. Forbes. $200,000. Please direct all inquires to Dave at (908) SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! 9or Zhe Classic Collector... A Special Offerini CLAYTON AMERMAN DODQE "74 Years of Sales and Service" Main Street, Peapack (908) Do you want more customer traffic? Do You Want To Sell More Car*? Establish Your Dealership's Name, Advertiee In the FORBES AUTOSOURCE. For only $ a month A reach over 380,000 people each week. TO LIST YOUR DEALERSHIP HERE CALL MIDDLESEX & UNION COUNTIES CALL RUSSELL, EXT SOMERSET COUNTY CALL DAWN, EXT CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 2-DOOR CONVERTIBLE COUPE V-16 #7 of 100 built. Meticulously maintained with 865 miles since total restoration. Unique "Golf Club Door" behind passenger door, rumble seat and trunk. Maroon with black fender inserts. Tan canvas convertible top. Natural saddle leather interior. A significant car from the personal collection of Malcolm S.Forbes. $225,000. Please direct all inquires to Dave at (908) SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! Whore Customer Satisfaction i Is Our Number I Concern!" r \ r NISSAN BRAND NEW X4 PICK UP Nissan, reg. cab, 4 whl. drive, 4 cyl, 5 spd. man. trans, pwr. strng/disc brks, dual mirrs, gauges, alum, whls, doth int., bench seat, Stk. #3832, VIN #PC359097,28 miles. MSRP $13, SENTRA X Nlaaan 2 at (WO 4 cyl. aulo O/D, p/ 5'db. AIR. p/t/m. AM/FM c»sa. lilt, c/ c, r/def. t/gls H QQB. dual mlra, Inl wpr, dlx «vhl cvri. cloth inl. bfcta. r«l Mar Stir»39IB VIN PC D«morrii MSRP $13,150 $ 10,995 '87 SENTRA Nissan 2 dr. 4 cyl., 5 spo man., m/s, p/b. no air, Ulx whl. cvrs, vinyl reel. bht. sta. Slk.»PS50A. VIN HU ,074 mi. '2995 9RAMDNEW SAVE $2584 S3RIHIUXE Nnun 4 dr 4 cyl. 5 spa man p/s/db. no air. p'm. till. r/d«l. lint. bern. inch gga,. dual mlra., AIRBAQ. r/chlld aaltty Iha.. inl wpfa. cona. din whl cvn cloth ml, bfcti.. r«cl seat SIX VINPC16291B 23ml MSflP * 13.34B s ll, SENTRA Nissan 2 dr. 4 cyl 4 apd man., m/s, p/b. AIR, AM/ FM Cflsa, ggs du whl cvrs, vinyl reel bkl sis Slk u4651a VIN JU ml. '3995 '«ITAMA WACOM Nlaian, FWD, 4 cyl. 5 upd mho. p/s/tlb AIRh p/m. AM/FM cass, tut, c/c, %t del, tacti, ggs. (JUAI mlra. 2 tone pt. (/child safe Iks, int wpr. clu whf cwrs. cloth reel hkls VIN GXQ3557B 68,077 mi 1020 RT. 22 EAST SOMERVILLE,IMJ (1/4 MILE EAST OF THE BRIDGEWATER COMMONS MALL) 1908) ALTIMA XE Niaaan «dr i cyl. auto 0/0 p/a/dt>. AIR p/l/m, AM'FM can lilt. c/c. r/dtl. linl. b»m, lach. ggs. dual mirs r/child aataty tka. mi wprs. cona. din whl cvr». clolh Int bkts IKI Mat Slk H4I0S VIN PC damomi MSRP mn mmm $ 13,97 Wi'Vi B9 SHADOW Dodge 4 dr 4 cyl. auto p/s/b. AIR AM/FM cass p't. lilt, il del. lich. ggs, dull mirs. int wpr H din whj cvra. cloth reel bkt» Stk «P614 VIN KN mi S 6795 nmm '» 4x2 NCI Vt Nissan 4 dr 4 cyl. 5 spd man. p/s/db, AIR. gaugea, dual mlra. olum whls. bench seals Stk np611 VIN LC38784O mi *7295 Nisftnn A ilr fi cyl,»ufo O/ D i/s/cil>, Ain. pyw/l/ai«'is «-ni AM/FM caas/aq. I.M. r./(, r/clfll. l/gls *jim Inch. yo*. dual mirs. h«yto«i antrv. tnr wpr, c.ohi, «l<rm, cluth 'F.l Slh nf'ao7 VIN ' MAXIMA GXE NIMar) 4 dl FWD 4 cyl Bulo O/D. p/ a/db. AIH, p/w/lli»/t/»m/m, AM/fM can. till, e'e tltfl, tint tach gg>. dual mlfa. nid mlrs. heytflas &niry. AIR6AQ r/chlld aafe Ika ml wpfa. cona alarm, alloya. cloth ml Slk 0P8O4 VIN PT693S ml '» PULIAR NX Nlsaan 1 dr 4 cyl aulo p/ s/db. AIR. p/m. AM'fM atu rso/cd, lilt, r/del tach OQa, dual m4rs, int wpr cargo cvr ui» writ cvrs Sill M571A VIN KW42440R es.flo9ml '8995 Nissan, 2 dr., 4 cyl., auto, trans. w/od, pwr. slrng./dtbc brks., no air, till, r/ctef., tint, gauges, deluxe whl. covers, cloth int., buckets, reel. seals, Stk. # VIN #PC , 24 miles. MSRP: $10,715 $8976 SAVE $ PATHnNDEH SE Niltan 4i4 4 dr Auto OfO. p/i'ibl. AIR. p' m'\/»fm>\y AM/fM cm hll. c/c. r'dmi. I ml bim 1nth gjt dull rr»n. hid mn», cifgo 'hld ' '* pt /mo* fwii Alarm tmiilva"ll dimumi M9RP t '21995 'to CAMAKO HI Clmvy? dr 8 cyl auto 0/ D p/a/dli. AIB p'w^l/l. AM/FM c»ss. till. c'c. r/ def. lach. ggfl, dual rnira. AIHBAU. ml wpr corn alarm, red hkt sis Stk VIN LL IIZOOJ '9895 SHOWROOM HOURS 5MIMFR0MNPLAINFIRD 1D MIN. FROM FLEMINGTON 15 MIN. FROM SPRINGFIELD 15 MIN. FROM HIGhLANO PARK 2D MIN. FROM WDDDBRIDGE 25 MIN. FROM MORRISTOWN '»1 MAXIMA f E NiHin 4 df fl cyi,5 ipd mm, U'ililtt AIM irf. in ci AM/FM c*u li^l c/c. r'det bsm l»ch ggt dual miri r/chili) w'e iki, nil wpr. alarm alloyi cloih r«cl bhli Si* «443»A VIN 13,995 '93 300ZI TWIN YUHBO Nlaian 2 dr G cyl 5 spd man. p/a/ abt, AIR. p/w/l'b/m/tg. AM/FM caia. c/c. r/d*f. tint, bsm. lach, gga. dual mlrs, hid mirs. A^RBAQ. cargo cvr. inl wpra. r/ww. cons. alarm, altoya. laath int. bkli. reel BBOI Stk»P6l0 VIN PX53SI59 V0S2mi $29 ' 1 PHiriNDll II Nlaian 4*4. 6 cyl. aulo O/D, AM/FM CAM. mi c/t. r/del. Inch flci dua ' r " lf» 2 tcma pi r/clitltl «ale tki. ml wpr, r/*pr Sih tf P&M VIN 5 19^00 MOI\M HLJR 9AM - 9PM FRI 9AM - BPM SAT 9AM - 5PM SOMEHVILLE! SOMERSET NISSAN PRICFSINCLUDh AIL COSTS TO Bh PAID BY A CONSUMER FXCFPT f OR I ICFNSING HI HlSTRAllON & TAXFR

25 October 6,7,8,1993 Autom Forbes Newspapers / MU-7 ALL AMERICAN... PONTIACTION! ON SALE AT THE, QUEEN! i2b77! PONTIAC! OlOHStO rfoftli * AMERICA'S LARGEST! QuMn CKy It Amtrtca'a iargaat Charter MMtor PonUw/OMC Truck Oaalar... baynonat LOWEST PRICE! Ouaan CHy compartaon ahoppara conttnuafly monitor compatthva outma to fluaaatammbbab) AfltaWflCBa'aV BaSaatf nahf^a^al GUARANTEED CREDIT! If you'ra II, hava a Job and naaonamtdo«m paymarrt, Ouaan City guarfll TRADE-IN PAY-OFF! Mat* a OMI at Quajan CNy IMa waak and wa'w pay off your car'a balanoa, no INROF now ntucn you ovwl WORTH THE TRIPi WiBaraiiii wftara Ip WJ. NY, or PA you NvOi IMo WMII Jl 0 CMfliwtwy worth th# trip to Quaan CNy Pontttc/QMCI PonMac vahklm won: BEST SN CLASS GRAND aa Cam on Ml* B4U SPECIAL EDITION! i Pwr SM/WInd*. Ram. Kwlau Entry. VIP PLUS Propwn, a*. VrNW<F2M»a. MSHP 121,OSS. 60 me. Laaaa «4iS00 Cap Coat Radudlon, 50,000 ml., Men 1M rnftow pymt* tie,440 phjt 1 mo. mkindama earnrtfr Qrp, «erfy Iwmlnallon Mr markat WNM. $249 GRAND PRIX! NEW '93 LE SEDAN! New '93 wv6, Sport Appear. Pkg, Alumtnum Tir«$, Elactrlc Rur Dafog. Pwr Brakat, Power Steering, 4-Spd Auto Trena, Pwr Window*, ConlroHad Cyela Wtert. CrulM Cnlri w'rnum, AM/FM ETR Stereo Ridto w/ckx* a Ca*a w/auto Rm., FmtfRear Floor Mala, ttc. VINIPF314716, MSRP It7,4321 IMa waak'a taaturad LiMury Vahiela... BONNEVILLE NEW '93 SE SEDAN! Loaded* Door with AIR BAG. Power ABB Anti-Lock Brakes, Electric R«ar Defogoer, 3 6 Liter TPI 3800 V/B En- (line, 4-Speed Automatic Transmission, AM/FM ETH Stereo Casietle, Cruiso Control, Gaugai with Tachometer, etc. VIN#P12«58ftO MSRP $20, ! Ponllacs tint maii-producad Concept Car, compwe w/duil Mr Bags and ABS...nnl at OuMn CKyl Chooaa White. Red orevhbiaekl America's Largest! Thla waafc'a LUKIMV Family Vahleta.. NEW 1993 TRANS SPORT SE! 7-Paitcngar Wagon, Auto tit ~ OD. Paiianc-r V/B, Fronlfflear Wagon, Atr Auto Cond, Trant... w/ ^P^P^Bana^Mk. FM ETR Sttrao w/c«m.. Cut Aluminum Wheels, Power Lock!, Staar- IriQ, Brake*, Window*, TIN Wheat, Luggage Carrier, Crult* Control, Kevfeas Entry, 6-Way Power Seal. i-se Group Valua Equip., *lc. VIN#PT MSflP $22,776. TNa MMk'a teaturad tport VaMda.. SUNBIRp! of Sporty Car* on Sala* NEW '93 LE COUPE! Pontiac loadad with ABS Power Oi*c Brakai, Automatic TranamlHlon, Power Steering, Powar Lock*. Frontfflear Floor Matt, Sporti Mirror*, Com. Cycla, Tilt Wheel, Croaalaca Wheel*, AVPFM C*» sett*, Tint Qlats, Air Cond, Electric R*ar Oefoqaer. etc. VINIP7S9O3S7. MSRP $12,1901 "10.777!! THREE-SEAT MODEL! l AM/FM ETR CASSETTE! TMa waak'a faaturad Compact Vehicla.. LEFTOVER PONTIAC DEMO 1! Vast selection of 1993's used for Salesman's Demonstrators and Executive Vehicles. All are loaded, have 1,500 to 6,500 miles & balance of new car Warranty! 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Stt#P4129 VIN»L4BO3874 '99 CAPHICC WAOON *999S Chevy «-Pau. V/«. Aulo. PS/PB. PW/PL. Air. Rr Defroel. Caatette. Tin WM, Cruite. Rad«la. elc. Sharpl 01,801 ml S1k#P4270 VIN«KA *99 DAKOTA PICK UP 1O,«95 Oodge ConveriUe. 6-Cyt. 4 Whl Di. Auto. Pwr StmorBrkt, PW/PL. An. T/Gleu. Rr Defrost. Stereo Cata. TW. Cruiae. Mag Whri. etc.. Like Nawl ml. S*«T3-476A VINiKS SB SUBURBAN 11.49H 4-0r, SHwarado Pkg. V/B, Aulo, Pwr Simg/Braliaa, Pwr WlndDwa/Ltxikt, Air, T/Qlaai, R: Darroet. Stareo Caaaane, TJt. Cruiae, Mag WMt. etc. Mint Condi 85,713 ml. S«i#P4223. VINajFI SONOMA PICK UP « QMC. S-Cyl, Aulo. Pwr 9mgA3raka«. Av. T/Qlaaa. Stereo Caaaetia, Tilt, etc, Showroom Newl 46,677 mi. SH4P4300 VIN#M050788O. '99 S-BLAZKP1 *11,99B Cnevy 4-Whl Drive 2-Dr, Silverado Pkg. 6-Cyl, Aulo, P&T>B. PW/PL. Air, T/GI4M. Sleroo Cat- an*. Til, Crune, Runrwn Drdl. Me, txlm Claanl mi S*»P4143A VIN«K ' U K-ILAZIR Chevy 2-Dr, 4WO, V/B. Auto, P&TB, PW/PL, T/ Ol, S) Catt, Tin, CruM. Running Brtrt. elc. E«- tra Claanl 64.05S mi SBi»P427l VIN#JFI S.BLAZKR '12,498 Cnevy 2-Dr. 4-Whl Onve. 6-Cyl, Auto, PS/PB, PW/PL, Ait, T/Olaas. Rr Oar, Starao Cm, Tirl CniaB. nw. Pin Stripea. pa. Relive y What, etc. Eara Ctoanl 4e,2V2 ml. S(tifP4344 VI SOCMBROKKK '13,995 Jeep 4-Dr, 4 Mil Dr, 6-Cyl Auto, Pun S\mjl Bttim. Ak, T/aiaaa, AMffM Slemo. elc. t>un Ctaarl 37J55 m( S*»PL4t90 V1N1LL SO V-JIMMV '13,99s OMC 4-WN Ortv* 2-Or. SLE Pkg. V/B. Aulo, PS/ PB. PW/Pt. P/Antam. Ak. TAllua. Fir Oml Stereo Caaa, Tl«Cruaw, Running Brtta. etc. turn Claanl 7fl,SS2rr* StllfT347BA MN1LP5033IEI 'SO BRONCO XLT *14,4BS Ford 2-Dr. 4 WM Or, V/8. Auto. Pwr SlmyBrakea, Pwr Wlndowa/Lockt, Air, T/Qlaia. Rear Dltroat, Siareo CaiMlie. Tin. Cruiae, etc., Showroom Newl mi Slk*P4?95 VINfLLA209fl1. '91 S-JIMMY *1S,99S QWC 4WM Drive 4-Dr. SLE Pkg. 6-Cyl. Aulo Trani. Pwr Strng/Brakem, p WI WndowB/Lackt, Air. T/Qtaia. Pr Detroit. Stereo Caaiette, Tih. Crurse. Mag Whit, elc, Like Newl 35,922 mi S1h«P427e.VlNfM ti SUttMSAN SIMIS 2S00 *1S t 49S Chavy 4-Dr 9-Pass Won. V8, Auto. 4-Whl Dnve Aulo. Pwi StrngBraket. PW/PL, Air, T/Glau. Rr Del, Siarao Cue, Tin, Cruiaa, Pn Stripe, B/S MWge. Running Brde. (He, Mint Condi 56,273 mi StktP4345 VIN#K4MF '92 S-BLAZM 20,999 Chavy, Fiaher Angel Plow, 4-Dr. 6-Cyf! 4-Whl Drive. Auto, Pw simg/brakee, PW/PL, Pwr Anterms. A/c, TA3I«M, Rr Dal. Stereo C»e.. Tilt. Cruiaa, Iwloon fil. Dl«Tnm, Mag Whle, Running BnM, etc. Showroom Newl mi SIMT3-331A V(N«NZ177172, 93 SIBRRA PICK UP'22,499 QMC. V8. Auto, Pwr Stmg/BrahM. Pwr Winoowa/ Lodia Air. T/Qlaaa, Stereo Castette. elc, Showroom Ncwl 70»4 mi SHl<P4330 VIN»P '93 TYPHOON «2S.99B QMC 2-Dr. 6-Cyl. Auto Trent. Pwr Stmg/Brakea, Pwr WinctowaO.DCkt, Ak. T/Olau, Rr Del. Stereo Caiterie. Tih, Cruiae, etc.. Showroom Newl 18.GS7mi S1X»P432«VINtPoai0693 UNDER *99 ptn MO! A vaat Mtawtlon of rallabt* vahlclaa aurteibkb lor family tranaportatton, commuting, studant "atariar" c^r«, ate. Alt with 45-Day Satisfaction Ouararrtaad return prlvllagaa. Quwn CHy oflar*: 2-WH. DRIVE A 4«4 PONTIAC. SMiiiulos Irom Roulr jri Minutes from Flrm I:) UiillltOK liom N(UV BORDER OFNo. PLAINFIELD & GRlEN BROOK (908) 752-3OOO INCLUDE ALL REBATES, If i FIRST TIME BUYERS WHERE APPLICABLE.


27 Vol. 3, No. 7 Oct. 6-8,1993 I' A Forbes Newspapers Guide to your quality time Glee Club Stage Movies Events Win' \\ Dazed reviewe and Confused' Year of the Craft' continues Magic to the Union County Arts Center 5

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29 WcotondPius Cover photo courtesy U.S. Military Academy The West Point Glee Club will appear Friday at the Union County Arts Center and Sunday at Metuchen High School Cover story Dining Events Movies Music Stage m r\i<i\u \/\ *! II «#! «I IllllIfll III!III! Itil I DIKI Advertiser index Auditions. Club Mix Curtain Calls Dance Him Capsules Galleries Happenings Museums Planetariums Rehearsals Singles Soundings 7/ s I titttiiitmiati it ii # Illlllliaitllllfltlf Illll «!! III * IB «nail * II IIII! III ! I IIIII III! Bill I III I WEEXENOftUS is a feature of Fbrbw Newipapem, a DMton of Forties Inc., and appears In the HiHs-Bedminster Press, Somerset MesaengBr-Gantte, Franklin Focus, Bound Brook Chronicle, Middlesex Chronicle, (New Brunswick) Focus, Metuchen-Edlson Review, Rscataway Review, South PWnfteW Reporter. Httftand Park Herald, Warren-Watchung Journal, (Veen Brook-North Ptainflekt Journal, Westftotd Record, Scotch Plains-Fanwood Press and Cranford Chronicle. Utters to the edtor, press releases, photographs and announcements of upcoming events should be sent to: William Westhoven, WeekendPlus Editor, 44 Veterans Memorial Drive, P.O. Box 699, Somerville, NJ The fax number is (908) To subscribe to your local Forbes Newspaper, call Louis S. Barsony PUBLISHER Cheryl Fenske FDITOR Barry Rumple GRAPHIC ARTIST Malcolm S. Forbes Jr. KDlTOR-lN-CHIEl 1 William Westhoven WEEKENDPLUS EDITOR Micki Pulsinelli ENTERTAINMENT ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Worried About Leaving an Elderly or Handicapped Person ALONE? For Solutions, Call AdultCaro Programs, Muhttnborg Regional Modeil tenter CHILDREN'S FALL/WINTER Portrait Special TWO BIG WEEKS! October 14,15,16 October 21,22,23 October 23 It Family Portrait Day «! * *» X»0O-Tf4-0f North AVKM, DvfltHtn S5 D S HUMMEL* ROCKWELL AUSTIN# COPENHAGEN TkfC$lUttor'sPbict Select from a truly impressive grouping featuring OVER 1OOO LLADRO FIGURINES PLUS MANY OTHER FINE COLLECTABLES fvviff! MMAMUIU LUDflOIVlHT OCT P.M. IIIIIIIIHIIIll...A very remarkable and Important collccuon, theltrgwtlnthetri-statc area, featuring many limited edition and retired pieces only available at The Collector's Place The Jeweler You Can Trust Our Prices Are Honest & GEMOLOGISTS Tk* CoUtctor*$ Pha 126 Eat Front Street, PloMteki New Jersey Telephone: *Tol Ree: \ Open Mon.-S*, 10-5 KAISER PRECIOUS MOMENTS BRADFORD EXCHANGE KITCHEN CABINET REFACING r \ * ^ALLHCW FOR FREE ESTIMATE flnmtirilto tfvinvivmv NowOfurowtok Union CKy weeulem Orange ^ MMIMH4 Ml m B606 t0a~13^k90m ^ W fr23747M HamOffioo mi ttwp, MHo* HJ. Dreaming About a New Kitchen? Save 50% and more over quality new cabinets with KITCHEN MAGIC REFACERS. We cover your existing cabinets not with paint, or paper thin laminate and veneer, but with solid permanent, fullstrength FORMICA Laminate clad. There is no need for the mess and dust of sanding cabinets down. You will love our proven results. Our exclusive brand new doors are guaranteed lor as long as you own your home. The stylish and up to date pickled look in Oyster, Doeskin, Seagull, and Tassili Sparkling white and laquer-like doors. A wide selection ol rich looking lustrous wood grains. Exciting solid color European styles in many colors. Brand new hardware. New ountertops, additional cabinets, and custom attentions, if you wish. KITCHEN MAGIC is the source, never a middleman. Price, quality and reputation. Make it KITCHEN MAGIC. We always try harder. You'll love your "new kitchen" by KITCHEN MAGIC REFACERS. "It's now or never." KITCHEN CABINET REFACING Oct. 6-8,1993 Forbes Newspapers Weekend Plus 3 i

30 Weekend Member! of the West Point Glee Club, which will ptrform Friday at tht Union County Arts Center on Friday, Sunday at Metuchen High School and other locations around the area this weekend, enjoy a light moment during a recent photo session. West Point Glee Club marches into Metuchen US. Military Academy's finest voices to visit several area locations for benefit performances this weekend By ELEANOR BARRETT bership in the organization requires oneto juggle his or her "This is what the future of our country is about. Young WeekendPius Writer time quite a bit, he does it because he loves to sing and has people, sure about themselves, willing to serve their county. Imagine rising each morning at 5:30 a.m. good friends who are also members. They arc sincere and energetic. They're the best that we subscribe Okay, so to maybe that philosophy, there is large but section get this. of society to Engineering According to and Captain Officer Laurel in charge Hummel, of the an Glee assistant Club, only pro- 40 the have road, to offer," the concert said Hummel. sponsor arranges for food and shelter. Throw which into early the rising scenario is a common daily military thing, inspection I don't happen of your to fessor percent in of the those Department auditioning of Geology for the glee and club Environmental actually be- Most Club times, members as in receive the case no of payment the Metuchen or credit concert, and while the on room, maintaining a high grade-point average in six difficult college courses, daily rainor-shine military drills and One of the reasons for the competitive nature of gaining "Cadets rarely get to leave that's why it's very important come members. youth will stay at the homes of host families. rigorous physical education and military science classes. membership is the nature of the club itself. when were on trips get to stay in the home of a host And after all that's through, try fitting in several hours Given West Point cadets - especially those in their first family," Hummel said of home-cooked meals and basic per week of singing practice as a member of one of the and second year - year round do not have many opportunities to leave the campus, Glee Club membership homes. family interaction experienced by the cadets at the host world's premier choral groups: The West Point Glee Club, Cadets at the United States Military Academy, West offers a chance to travel and mix with a society much Bill Nann, an officer at Nann Real Estate and Insurance Point, N.Y. do all of the above and they do it well. different than their own. Agency in Metuchen is the man behind the West Point The club, which has performed in every state of the "Some of the best times we have are after the concerts Glee Club's upcoming bookings in New Jersey. He initiated Union, in some of the most world's most famous concert when we answer questions about West Point and interact the effort to get the club in town out of a desire to raise halls and before national and international dignitaries, is with leaders of the community," said Hummel. "It's a money for the Metuchen Memorial Park Commission, making its way into the Weekend Plus readership area this chance for us to get exposure to the rest of the world." Beginning his quest to garner a booking from the club month with one of its scheduled performances to take place This academic year alone the club has scheduled 12 trips, soon after Memorial Day this year, Nann's initial wish was at Metuchen High School, 8 p.m. Sunday, Oct, 10 (admission $15 adults, $10 scniors'students; tickets available at of the club, for example, he has spent spring break with the military band to play at a banquet following the event, most to different states. In Chris 1 experience as a member to organize a golf tournament and to schedule some type of Metuchen Public Library or by calling ). club in Texas and last year in Georgia. "One of the ideas was to have entertainment during the Other engagements this weekend include Union County Hummel said she greatly admires the Glee Club mem- banquet, I thought of the West Point Glee Club but didn't Arts Center in Rahway (Friday, B p.m., tickets $10; call 908- hers and sees them, and all cadets at the academy, as "all know how to get them to come here," said Nann. "I know ); Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson (Saturday, that's good about America." how the President does it, but how dot's Metuchen get noon, free w/admission); the Trcn- ' m booked? 1 ' ton War Memorial Auditorium Deciding rather than to mail ;i Club's dates back almost 200 years MLX N ; inn (lr r ii ) f! u []K \ ft** ^ Wed ^ Point ^^ Cadet (Hie Qub ^ f ^^ Army, emy and was pleasantly surprised Menio Park (Mondav, noon). ft** has bsoome Wed om Point of Cadet the moetfsmou* (Hie Qub limber 1633 vtm It 'boasted 25 Army, The wild mum dub hat per* a^ wj lut j lt, f oum j j K. saj c i While glee club mrmbeisinp has oigsnteatlons bsoome om of of the the United moetfsmou* M e t ft*** From those humble ortfns famed The wild In some mum of the dub most hat famous per* Meeting with Hummel, the two numbers near loo, the ^uup Mitory oigsnteatlons Academy of *x» the United Mi ettsbft*. Met thi club has $mmtoencompass a cwwert famed he* In some In me of oountry the most ***** famous wn,.i, p,i nllt., ni. m < n i vlv p \u 0,.., scheduled to porinn 11 h,,v 1 s mad Mito mentwyesrsajd, Ad * M tbft* to* *** f ritl cwwert Carnage he* Hal, In me Uncoto oountry Center, ***** the XTS^ZSi up of approximntciysr) cadets WUh» K* ftm* embedded in»^ 0 d ft* and Boston's %l* sever; other e,,^ whose UO-mimiti. repertoire ineludes patriotisms, show tunes the Ok* * ft* Otfcttsd h 1903, Jon* of sing wh.lem theaim thltrsdaiomofthlcovofcad^ s at which the club could and spiritual so nk s - all sim B in hom^ lie lint OOfWeit In Maioh Of four-part harmony under the di- that om^ year ie at lintoofweit the Mtory Academy. In MaiohOf aof«l f»^ Itam 1ht patriotic to V ^ E ^ J X X,. ^ f f ^ T recta of U. Col. Frank Dubuy. that lift* year at h» the It, Mtory Sett* Academy. **#«In «tt a*** to the feedwy Show J l ' ^ ' Z ^ S ^ ^ up their three-day weekend just to Cadet First Class Chns Holm, or* lift* fm h» or snottwr It, Sett* has **#«been In Stopp*. ^TSl^mmJSl^mS IM> C ' )nm1 ^ " K 21, of Texas City, Texas ~- the or* evidence fm at or West snottwr Wnt has elnoe been the In Wwy Is the 20th leader in a ton* JJJJ 1 wmm Ff * pu "' u th( " "*" ** cadet in charge of the nin-iiu Acadsm/S fwjodnf in 1802 and g famous as the ttaa^ th«v ttwt many mm, nbust longmi venture -said one of the best Acadsm/S fwjodnf in 1802 and head the Aimy* Oldest musical Urtt. hi# p,^ ^ j^ammom a» S» nncr nuiny phune calls and tlungs about traveling and prr- ttwt vwre many held at mm, Benny nbust Havens' longmi Tavern, Hb mhary career has Included ^ puf^nn J^ruM shared the SL ' voial W(rl(Sp N;u n was abl(? t0 ' forming with the elub are the op- vwre a popular held at - Benny thoiaji Havens' ofmmlts Tavern, - assjfimsnu as Cxscudw Offiotr and &# wttfitfw 1es dub. t ' llltu ' i'"w»t<»^lni " the cadets aml 1>u> (i(i;tl wass(>1 portunities afforded he and his a smng popular Spot - Of thoiaji Cadets ofmmlts in the early - Director of the SoWers Chorus of Amor^ those sharing the spomt peers in seeing now places and in smng Spot Of Cadets in the early Ihe UA. Mny Band; Staff Bands Of- In the past haw bpen Bob Hope, Th(1 Mctnehen Memorial Park moeung new people. ibod. the ^w olub became flosf a perm* In the Oflloe Of Chief, Army On* Ooiby, Dinah Shore and Rqb- Commission seeks raise $100,000 Having been a meniwei of the nsnt the sctmty ^w olub at the became academy a m perm* Sep* Bonds and Assistant Protocol Officer erta Peters. over the next few years in an ofclub since his lust ye;ir ;it nsnt sctmty at the academy m Sep* lor ths UA fortes Korea and Qtfth ^Qeanor Barrett fort to complete renovation of the Point, Holm sairl al!!vn!; h mn ' 1 Weekend Oct. G

31 V E N T S A magical partnership 'Blink'to perform two family shows at Union County Arts Center ByWILUAMWESTHOVEN 1/tteetendPf us Editor Quite literally, the duo of Peter Samelson and Hal Meyers (aka "Dameon") will make magic together this weekend on the stage of the Union County Arts Center. Known collectively as Blink, these two New Jersey residents, who will perform Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m., are the exception to the rule - magicians that work together. And because they are willing to do so, the audience will see a kind of magic show they've probably never seen before. "It's extremely rare that you will actually find two performing magicians actually sharing a stage," said Samelson. "What we're doing is combining our different approaches and our different skills to create a very unique and very rich theater performance," "Penn and Teller - Teller is actually the magician, and Pcnn is not," said Dameon, who, like Samelson, lives in Glen Ridge. "Sigfreid and Roy? Sigfreid is an actual magician, Roy is not. We arc probably the first to really work together onstage, developing material together." Both are theatrically trained, too, which not only helps them place the shew above their individual egos, but also allows them to present their talents in a way that will entertain the audience more than the average magician, It also permits them to perform elaborate illusions that neither can do by themselves, an ability that has earned them work in industrial shows, interactive media and a couple of appearances on Good Day New Vorfc, the morning show seen daily on WNYW Channel 5. They also work on commercials, including a Kraft salad dressing TV spot currently running nationwide. "Most illusions require two people," said Samelson. "But generally what happens is that the magician is generally is cutting someone on half or being cut in half. This way, we can do things where one person takes advantage of the other, and then there's a switch." The synergy between the two magicians is enhanced by music, live animals, the requisite smoke, flashes and fire, and, of course, audience participation. And, they both stress, their show can be tailored for adult, child or family audiences. Even the Saturday night and Sunday afternoon shows will be altered slightly, with Sunday's matinee being the most appropriate for younger children, although both shows are geared towards the entire family. "It's a show for kids of all ages, 11 assured Dameon. "We gear it to your imagination, and everyone has an imagination." BUNK Saturday (8 p.m.; tickets $ ) and Peter Samelton manipulates partner Dameon during a new Illusion the two magi- Sunday (3 p.m.: an tickets $6) at the union clans, known collectively as "Blink," will perform Saturday and Sunday at the county Arts toner, ieoi irvinfist.. Union County Arts Center In Rahway. (908) Craft shows feature music, art and one with an Italian twist he Year of American Craft" shows no sign of slowing clown this weekend as several locutions around Now Jersey host artists and erafters plying thiir wares in a festival atmosphere. One festival with i\ twist -- make that a macaroni twist - is the Cranford Italian Festival Sunday (11 a.m.«6 p.m.) in Cranford's downtown shopping district centered around Eastman and Warner Plazas. Ail and craft vendors will be on hand, but the biggest attraction is expected to be the Mama Mia Italian Cook Off Reeipo Contest, which is open to all fairgocrs. Of course, they'll be plenty ofltalian dishes to sample, and there'll be entertainment as well, including pony rides, face-painting and moonwalks for children along with a variety of musical performers. Perhaps the most ambitious of the upcoming festivals would appear to be the Morristown CraflMarfctt, which will be held Friday-Sunday at the National Guard Armory on Western Avenue. Not only arc their 150 exhibitors scheduled to participate, but the show's sneak preview Friday night (6-10 p.m.) will include a performance by jazz pianist Rio Clcmcntc. Among the exhibitors will bo Nina Gelardi of Belle Mead, who will offer leather goods, including belts with ceramic and metal buckles. Academy Award-winning actress and New Jersey resident Olympia Dukakis is serving u spokesperson for the CraftMarket, proceeds of which will benefit several educational and children's charities, including the Morristown Memorial Hospital Robert Ward Pediatric Trauma Center and Neo-Natal Center. Admission is $10 for all three days, or $6 for Saturday and Sunday. Senior Citizens will receive a $1 discount, and there's plenty of free parking. For more information, call (201) An even larger selection of crafts will be offered at the Remington Crafts Festival, which claims to be the state's largest juried crafts event and features 270 screened exhibitors. Admission for the show, which will take place Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., at the Flemington Fairgrounds on Route 31 (one mile north of the Flemington circle), is $4, with children under 12 admitted free. Many of the exhibitors are under cover, so rain should not deter the crowd from showing up for this popular annual event. For more information, call (607) The 'Tear of American Craft," incidentally, is the brainchild of the American Craft Council, which will honor event coordinator Hortense Green of Westfield during a reception Sunday at the New Jersey Center for the Visual Arts, 68 Elm Street, Summit. The reception, scheduled to take place 2-4 p.m., is open to the public, which is also encouraged to visit the Center's two current art exhibits: "The Joyful Spirit: Three Generations of Haitian Art," and "In Praise of Hands." For more information, call (908) Handbags and other leather goods by crafter Nina Gelardi of Belle Mead are available Friday-Sunday at the Morristown CraftMarket. Oct. 6-8,1993 Forbes Newspapers Weekend Phis 5

32 The good old 'Daze' Seventies revisited in Linklatefs low-budget Vazed and Confused' Video rewind MRM* ti A A^^i J^^^W ^^^J* By JEFFREY COHEN WeekendPius Film Critic The 1970s are a muchmaligned decade. Those who came of age in the'60s feel that they have a lock on rebellion (despite the fact that most of the significant rebellion associated with the '60s actually occured in the early 70s), those younger types who were bullish on the '80s think it was all about leisure suits and really bad sideburns. For those of us who actually came of age (that is, went to high school and college) in the 70s, there has been a sense of lacking. Others had their salad days immortalized in American Graffiti and brilliantly in Diner, or even on TV in tfapptj Days for those with no sense of reality. But we have been regularly ridiculed, forced to account for disco (despite the fact that Saturday Night Fever didn't come out until 1977) and bell-bottom jeans. Nobody celebrates the 70s. Until now. Richard linklater, following his art house debut as writer and director with Slacker, has now performed the same double-duty on tatd and Confuted, and in it, he tries to show everyone who wasn't there what it was like to be young and alive in the mid-70s, Pity he falls into many of the same cliched traps into which less-talented predecessors have tumbled, Linklater follows a group of high school students on the last day of school in 1976, presumably in Texas, although nobody even attempts a Texas accent. They drive around, go to beer blasts, smoke a lot of dope and flirt shamelessly with each other, although virtually nothing happens at all for the course of the film. He's gotten the look right, too. Iinklater's eye for detail gives us virtually every "type" of 70s kid: the nerdy political radical with his frameless glasses and center-parted hair; the "cool 1 jock, with the massive forelock and football jacket; the "head" with a cannabis-ieaf T-shirt, and so on. The decorations in the bedrooms are dead-on, even if a little too dead-on. The problem is, there's very little familiar beyond the formulaic onenotes the characters are allowed. Those of us who were there can tell you that not everybody was getting high in high school; some of us didn't and wore still accepted. And there's a lot of business about some form of hazing that ROCS on after high school lets out, where next year's Rory Cochrana, Jaion London and Saaha Jenaon are.part of the 70a 'anything got!" generation In Dazed and Confused. seniors go around terrorizing next year's freshmen and paddling them brutally in the name of, urn, fun, I guess. This is a movie that's desperate to be American Graffiti Lots of cars are driven aimlessly around, lots of beer is drunk, lots of pranks are pulled, lots of hormones are bubbling to the surface. And there are, in fact, many things good about Dazed and Confused. The performances, with one or two veiy minor exceptions, are very impressive. The dialogue, in most cases, rings true (although too many brainy characters seem to be dropping in from another movie; they're so overdrawn). There is exactly one moral decision that needs to be made, and it's not exactly what you'd call a world-stopper. The starting quarterback for next year's football team has been handed a paper to sign that (despite the fact he indulges just as much as his teammates, who have already signed) he will never touch drugs or alcohol while on the team. Everybody knows he's going to touch drugs and alcohol; the only question is whether he's going to admit it. We're supposed to find it all kinds of heroic that he doesn't want to sign based on his belief in his principles. Uh-huh. A word should be said about the music. We're supposed to revive the 70s with such classics as Alice Cooper's "School's Out," cuts from Frampton Comes Altue, Bob Dylan's "Hurricane" (perhaps his worst song) and Seals and Crofts' "Summer Breeze." And there are some people who believe great music didn't come out of this decade. Finally, Dazed and Confused leaves we 70s survivors in search of our American Graffiti. Many of us won't identify with the characters that ore supposed to symbolize us all and that's where this movie's major problem can be found. hi can Id otafta t iritl w$ 11m rnqivff fi aithe md * ^^M^^^^ r^hwi WWW ^WWI Top 10 vwfortntala & rpa VI91$ 9ty 9. JadttfwOMT 10.fl6fwy nid Joon WI^^W A TERRIFYING GAME OF HIDE AND SEEK IN THE DARKEST CORNERS OF YOUR MIND. DREAM KATHLEEN WILHOITE ) MMA REDGRAVE aa- lit i 4 IBERKELEY HEIGHTS 432O8p*Vtgfl#WAvt. nwttomnqi 9M-MMW1 BEDMINSTER Vllligf it fltdmlnsler (900) BRANCHBURQ TowraPlua Roulf 302 South (906) 725-2MS EAST BRUNSWICK CMc Center fluei Un» & Cranbury fid. (906) EDISON Inman Qrovs Center (MB) EDISON MALL 77S U.S. Highway 1 (006) 966-B8O0 FRANKLIN PARK Franklin Towns Conlor (906) SOMERSET Codar Qrav* Shop Ctr. (908) 60S PISCATAWAY Piscolawoy Town Conlof (006) WOODBRIDGE RLONorth In front of Budget Motor Lodge (DOB) Locations throughout New Jersey Interested In Owning An Easy Video Franchise Call plus -nrtvjs Nwspapor; Oct. 6-8, 1901

33 Film capsules ky WMMMrVUS Stiff OPENING THIS WEEK OEMOUDONMAN Director P«er Weir (Witness, Dead Poet's Sortery) enters the action genre with Sylvester Stallone starring as a cop frozen in our time who is thawd out to catch a violent criminal (Wtsley Snipes, sporting a blond Mohawk) in the year (R) QETTYMUM Michael Shaara's novel The KWrr AtfKs is the basis for this pic oantmd around the famous CMI War battle. Starring Jeff Daniels, Tom Berenger, Martin Sheen PG Hulk Hoflart stars as a professional wrestler moonlighting as a babysitter. Co-starring Sherman Helmsley. That's all you need to Know. (PG) rnhi Una din (The Unbearable Uihtrms or* Being stars as a doctor wrw falls in love with an eccefltnc, troubm petlent (Richard Gere). (R) CURRENT FILMS THEAQEOFMNOCINCE Director Martin Scorcese's (Goodfetfas, Cape Fear) switches gears with this faithful adaption of Edith Wharton's romantic novel about a man who falls in love with his fiancee's cousin in late 19th century American high society. Starring Daniel Day-Lewis (Usto/the MoMcans), Michelle Pfeiffer and Winona Ryder. (PG) AIMOftNE Comedy about an uprooted California teen who uses his Roiler-Blading skills to gain acceptance in his new Midwestern town. (PG) A MONX TALE First-time director Robert De- Miro also stars in this urban drama about a working class father who takes on gangsters that embrace his son when the boy "keeps his mouth shut" after witnessing a crime, (R) COOL RUNNINGS Curious misadventures of the first Olympic Jamaican bobsled team (this is a true story, folks) are ptiyed mostly for laufis, with a SMPPoning cast that Includes John Candy. (PG) DAZED AND CONFUSED An American GraflW for the 70s: director Richard (Slacken Unklater's tow-budget, but delightful, unapotoftsticlookat the decade of free love, marijuana and horrible fashions seen through the eyes of high schoolers during one night in the Bicentennial year of 1976, (R) FM LOVE ON MONEY Michael J. Fox stars as the hustling, ambitous concierge of a posh hotel who falls in love with the ftiriftiend of a wealthy cad who Few hopes will finance his own hotel. (PG) THE FUGITIVE * Harrison Ford stars as Dr. Richard Kimble, on the run from the police after being wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife, in this thrilling big-screen adaption of the popular '60s television series. With Tommy Lee Jones (JFK, Under Siege). {PG- 13) TNI 0000 SON *Home A/one wjnderkintt Macaulay Culklin goes against type as an evil orphan who terrorize* unsuspecting relatives, including a vidtfnt cousin (Elijah Wood). With David Morse. m HMtDTAJtOET Jean-Claude Van Damme hides his accent once again In New Orttan», wham he struggles to bust a band of sadistic hunters who employ homeless veterans as their prey. (R) INTO THC WEST Fantasy about a widower, a magic horse and two poor young boys in Dublin, Starring real-life couple Gabriel Byrne (Coo/ World) and Ellen Baton (Man T/ouofe). (PG) THE JOY LUCK CLUI Well-received Wayne Wang film, based on the Amy Tan novel about four Chinese mothers and thejr American-born daughters. (R) MAUCE An all-star cast (Alec Baldwin, Nicole Kidman, Bebe Neuwirth, Anne Bancroft, George C. Scott) stars In Harold Becker's suspense-thriller about a group of professors and professionals who Just may or may not be hiding dark secrets In a New England college town. (R) THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE Mel Gibson stars and makes his directorial debut with this touching drama about a boy wtio bonds witt a reclusive stranger with a deformed face. (PG-13) NEEOnJlTHINOI The latest adaption of a Stephen King novel concerns violent changes in a New England town after a stranger opens an antique sshop. Starring Max Von Sydw (The Exorcist), Ed Harris (The Abyss) and Bonnie Bedalia (D/'e Hard). (R) THE PROGRAM James Caan plays the coach of a big-time college football team under tremendous pressure to win, With Halle Berry, Kristy Swanson, (R) THE SECRET GARDEN Maggie Smith starts in screen adaption of Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel about three lonely children who rehabilitate a garden. (G) STRIKING INSTANCE Bruce Willis returns to the action genre as a Pittsburgh river patrol officer on the trail of the serial killer who murdered his father. With Sarah Jessica Park' er (Honeymoon In Vegas). (R) TRUE ROMANCE Tony Scott (Top Gun, Beverly HHIi Cop II) directs a powerful cast in this violent drama about young lovers on the run from the mob. Starring Christian Slater, Patncia Arquette; with wonderful cameos by Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer, Gary Oldman. Brad Pitt and Christopher Walken. Script by Reservoir Dogs writer-director Quentin Tarantino. (R) UNDERCOVER HUES Romantic comedy with Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid as reluctant married spies who are pressed back into action - along with their baby. (PG-13) WARLOCK II; THE ARMAGEDDON Julian Sands (Aracfmapnobfa, Boxing Helena) reposes his rote as a disciple of Satan on a mission of evil. (R) REVIVALS THE MATCH FACTORY GIRL * Director Aki Kaurismaki's celebrated (1991 top 10 Mm lists In Rolling Stone, Newsvmk andv!f/a e Vo/ce) dark comedy about a troubled, alienated factory worker whose life is changed after a one-night stand with a businessman, Friday, Oct. 8,7 p.m., it MHtodoUr Hill Room 100, College Avenut campus, Rutgers Coltoft, New Brunswick. Part of "Potpourri" festival spon> sored by Rutgin Film Coop and NJ, Media Art Center, Admission f 3; $2 Rutgeri Film Co-op numbers, (906) , AMERICAN DREAM (1991)/ PANAMA DECEPTION (1991) * A double-feature of Academy Award-winning documentaries, Director Barbara Kopple will be on hand to present American Dream, about the explosive Hormel labor dispute of Panama Deception is director Barbara Trent's investigative /ook at the United Stale's Involvement in Panama, from [he creation o' the country In 1903 through the hidden objectives of the flush and Reagan administrations, climaxing with the invasion of '39. Sunday, Oct. 10,7 p.m. it the SUte Theatre, 19 Uvin ston Avtnut, N«w Brunswick. Admission $7, $5 Rutgers Film Co-op members, (90S) Car Wasl (It 206) (ContralAv*.) N«w Brvmwlck (61 Comnwrdd Avt.) Hopokmm Union (ntxt to (at Union Bradlto's) Market) WE HONOR ALL COMPETITORS COUPONS $ Rtgubr price S5.19ptut tax wirhthr* coupon 7 Onlv 0M Bruthlen Exterbr Cor Wash plus (OX SOfhrtxpirit 10/17/93$ Child Care Center p for Enrollment Infill ToMirs frt-tchool MCunteuturo ^si* KJ SnuN PtrtomHwd *FuMandHiHDayt A Pitno IratrudloM wonl NJStHtAJdtProgrtmi, g CM to twh you qualify Pitas* Stop to A Comptn OFitflftfc Little Chick's CMMCiriCMtir ««>» «>»»»»««*»»»» OUTLET STORE COLUMBUS DAY WEEKEND SALE SWEATER SALE $ $39.99 Reg. $85.00-$ MON thru SAT: 10am to 6pm SUN: Noon to 5pm 112 TRUMAN DRIVE (OFF KILMER ROAD) EDISON, NEW JERSEY BUILDING & REMODELING * Room Additions Kitchens Baths * Decks Siding'Window & Doors * Attic i Basement Remodeling MOLLER CONSTRUCTION Citl for Eitiimlt wd Ptonolnj SHVIM IAST CHANCE TO GET GREAT BUYS AT THE NEW JERSEY OCT Friday - 1PM - topm, Siturdiy 11 AM 10PM, Sundiy -11AM - 6PM SEETHETUKniRACES! RARITAN C1NTIR EXPOSITION HAIL IT IUWIELD AVWUB * UMIOH. FOR INFORMATION CALL EXPO noouddiv Oct. 6-8,1993 Forbes Newspapers WMfcendPtm 7

34 Soundings UMNYMMON Sunday, Oct. 10,4 p.m. Nicholas Music Center, Rutften Arts Center Oeorfe St., Niw Brunswick (908) Jan pianist performs waed Ounbar. gjuitar, and other musicians. Admission $12, discounts available. IRUNtWICK SYMPHONY MtCHESTM Sunday, Oct. 10,7 p.m. St. Francis of ASSISI Cathedral MomSt.,Metuchen (908) Performing concertos by J.S, Bach, CPE, Bach, Vaughan Williams, and Handel. Admission $7, discounts available. KMIVIVRNE Sunday, Oct. 10,1 p.m. Veterans of Foreign Wars 6 W Washington Ave., Manville (906) Irish musician perform w/ Sharon Fisher, harp. Admission S15. WStOOLUNS Saturday, Oct. 16,8 p.m. Knofl Or., OerMie (201) Sinfler best known for "Both Sides Now" and her a caperto rendition of "Amazing Grace," Admission $15. COLONIAL IYMPH0NV Friday, Oct 8,8:30 p.m. Chatham H# School 255 lafayetttave., Chatham (201) World premiers of Randall Svane's Concerto for Strings; also worfci by Haydn and Beethoven. Admission $29- S10. COMPOSERS' ENSCMM AT PRINCETON Tuesday, Oct. 12,8 p.m. Taplin Auditorium, Princeton University (609) Performing works by Steven Mackey and graduate students Constance Cooper, Frances White, and Mark Zaki. Free admission, DtOMMOAKEV Friday, Oct, 15,7:30 p.m. War Memorial John fitch Plaza, Trenton (609) Christian duo performs w/ Geoff Moore & The Distance Admission $11.50 in advance, $13 50 at the door. EDDIE HAZZELL Friday, Oct. 15, 8 p.m Barron Arts Center 582 Railway Ave,. Woodtindge (908) Jazz guitarist ptfformi with Ms trio, Free admission; reservations required. MCNHOZZA Saturday, Oct, 9, 8 p.m. Arts Council of Princeton 102 Wtrterspoon St. Princeton (609) Jan guitarist performs with his quintet Perception, Admiision 15. HEI-OCK WM/ANM KIM Sunday, Oct. 10,4 p.m. LAfitDA Saturday, Oct 9,2:30 p.m. Community Houaa 242MHnSt.,WntOnngi (201) " Muttc, performanct, and otter art in an optn-itafi format. Admliaton $7. NCWJCMcvrors Saturday, Oct. 16,0:30 p.m. Roy W. Smith Theater Union County Cofteajt, Cranford (908) Performing works by Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, George Ger Iriih-Anwtetn nttrtalntr Bobby 0ymt brings hit btond of muilc ind comtdy to the Manvlllt V.F.W. Hall Sunday at 1 p.m. Westminster Chotr College Bristol Chapel, Princeton (609) Pianist and cellist (and sisters) perform works by J.S. Bach, Beetnoven, and Chopin. Adults $10, senior citizens and students $8. ALISON KAAU43 & UNION STATION Saturday, Oct. 16, 8 p.m, tdward Nash Theatre Haritan Volley Community College, North Branch (908) Oluegrass group whoso young leader was inducted this sumriicf into Hie Grand Olo Opry. Adults $17.50, senior citizens and students S15. stiwin, and other composers in a benefit for the cotleja's 60th anniversary. Admission $75. KtNWPLOWIW Friday, Oct. 8,8 p.m. Watchung Arts Center 18 Stirling Rd.,Watchung (906) Jazz sax and clarinet player performs w/mark Shane, piano, and Frank Vignota, guitar. Admission $10, PUINFIEU) SYMfHONY Saturday. Oct. 9, 8 p.m. Ciescent Avenue Frcsbytenan Church 716Walchunp,Ave., Plainfleld (9O81S Ufiuthoven's Piano Concerto No. 4; Dvorak's New World Symphony No. 9. Adults $12, senior citizens and students $8. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA Oct, 15, 16; 8 p.m. Richardson Auditorium (609) OO Mojarts Jupiter Symphony No. 41; ichaikovsky's Uttle Russian Symphony No. 2. Adults $7, students $3. RIVERSIDE SYMPHONIA Saturday, Oct. 9, 8 p.m. Si. John Church 44 Bridge St., Lambertvillo (215) All-Mozart program wahe Ju (ii(er Symphony No, 41, plus three overtures and three anas. Admission $20, $15. RODGERS4HAftTJAZZ Saturday, Oct. 9, 7 p.m. Clarksburg Inn Rout* 524 (609) 259*2556 *$onfifrom (fit thowi of N* crwd Rod mnd Lowii Hut, door; cnuren unoef 12 free. MITQEM MB EKtCMll Friday, Oct, 15,8 p.m. Nictwlas Music Center, RutlBfs Arts Center George St, New Brunswick (908) Performing works of Mark) Bauza, the jazz musician who discovered Ella FrU*rHd and worked with Dizzy Gilletpie. Admission $7, discounts availawe. MOMCRCHOII Saturday, Oct 16,8 p.m. Satr*rHaHa 22OSomtn«tSt VMIA, Mfliajion 7, ndudat Sunday, Oct IT, 3 p.m. (6»)2»5OOO "Pimiat ptrtoffm worts by ui* cimobafto,sytmrabuiaotti, Alto QamanU, Franco Demin. Tmtdiy,0ctl2,Bp.m. State Thtatra Niw Brunawick (908) Jaa piamt performs w/joe WNiams, vocals. Admission I35-J19. MOtSTOWMttND Friday, Oct. 8,8 p.m. Wtfpe Thaam, Raritan Valley Community CoHaaji Routt 28, North Branch (908) Jazz plandt performs In a cabaret letting, Adurta $7.50, senior citizens and students $5. WEST MINT CADET AUEC CUW Friday, Oct. 8,8 p.m. Union County Arts Center, Rahway (908) Sunday, Oct. 10,8 p.m. Metuchen Hi# School (908) 5^ Chorus from the United States Military Academy, Admission $10 in Rahway; adults $25, senior citizens and students $10 in Metuchon. WESTMINSTER COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA Saturday, Oct, 16, 8 p.m. Unitarian Church Route 206, Princeton 1609) , Ext. 260 Boccherini's Cello Concerto in D Mat; Aaron Copland's Fanfare (or Mo Common Man; Beethoven's Symphony No. 7. Admission $5. WOMEN OF OKRA Saturday, Oct. 16, 8 p.m. Fairlcigh Dickinson University Lenfell Hull, Madison (201) Arias sung by three sopranos, two mezzo-sopranos, and a contralto. Admission $22, discounts available. Wadrmday, Oct 13, 12;30p.m. Prinoitofl UnMfilty Chaptj (609) Oojarttt ptrfomitln i solo recital.frw admission. Dance ALVMAAfV KKflTOmtNtlMiU Friday, Oct. 8,8 p.m. Fine Arts Theatre Rider College, lawenctville (609) flnformin worksfromthe troupa's repertory. Admltskm 18 NfWJfMIYIAUCT Saturday, Oct. 9,8 p.m. MMnsThaatif,KaanCona i Routa 82, Union ( ini worhifrom tha r, Oct 13,1 p.m. StaaiTrwatw (908) A chorui, an orchestra, and mort than 100 alr#fi and OanOVn ^VD^naniUDW vt f^mvavr culturtadmliiim Mondays, 7:30 p.m. Am BuMmt RarHan VaMay Community CoMagt RouM 28, North Branch (908) , Choral artsembht aflwatad with the coltfi, Moat vocal rar#«naadad. lanortand OTfCWJEMfV Tuesdays, 8 p.m. Prtsbytman Church 140 Mountain Av»., Wettfleld (908) Chorus of varied votcta from In and around Union County. HMMUNOMM OOMMUNffY CHOMUS Popular an pianist K«nny Barron will perform with guitarist Ted Dunbar Sunday, 4 p.m., at the Rutgers Arts Center in New Brunswick. Auditions VILLAOERS THEATRE 475 DeMott Lane, Somersot (908) For winter production of SpeedlhePtow. Auditions at 7 p.m. Oct. 11,12. Two men and one woman 20-30; readings from Hie script. Rehearsals CEHTKAUEMCV I MASTER CHORALE Thursdays, 8 p.m, Highland Park High School North Fifth Avo., Highland Park (908} Chorus of area singers. Auditions required for membership; tenors, basses needed. HOUNDS FOR HARMONY Mondays, 7:45 p.m. Elks lodge 545 Bound Brook RrJ. Middlesex (908) All-mole chorus singing barbershop harmony, GEORGE KRAUSS MEMORIM.SAND Tuesday, Oct, 12,8 p.m. itatianamertcan Club Hamilton Blvd., South PlafnAaM <908>S49-38» Traditional band wncnptrflwni at danoas and tajtsav ndts. MMTANVAUCVCNOWS Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. Faith Lutheran Church Amvwll Rd., Nwhanic (908) Mtaed chorus of moit than 100 members. ftomemctvauiy MtCMflTRA Thursdays, 7:30 p.m. Bound Brook Htfi School Route 28, Bound Brook (908) Community orchestra wth 0 members, mostly from Somerset County. SWECTAOfUMES tarhms on Stale Wednesdays, 7:30 p.m, Zton Lutheran Church Church St., Oldwick ( , Ptaeataway Chorus Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. Reformed Church Main St., South Bound Brook (908) , Somersot Valley Chorus Tuesdays, 7:15 p.m. PeopleCare Center 120 Finderno Ave. (9081 M For women who enjoy tinging. Now members welcome; no experience necessary. WESTFIELD COMMUNITY BAND Wednesdays, 7:30 p.m. Roosevelt School 101 Ciuih St., Westfield (908) O Community-sponsored orchestra with varied ropertoite including symphonic, marches, and pops. WESTFIELD COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA Mondays, 7:15 p.m. Roosevelt Junior High School 301 Clmk St., Westfield 1908) For adults and young people who play string instruments. Must be able to read music and play first positions. 8 Weekend PKis Forbes Newspapers Oct. 6-8 f 1993

35 Club mix BIRCH HILL NIQHT CLUB Route 9. Old Bridge (908) Male revue, Saturdays, Thursdays Edgar Cayce. Dresden Ulach, Revolver, Oct. 8. John Eddie, The White Boys- Oct. 9. Voices. Oct. 13, 27. Strutter (Kiss tribute), td#ir Cayce, Znhn, Oct. 15. BUCK RIVER CAFE The Hills Route , DtdniinMei (008) 7ftl 7501, 7 in Open-iniku coheehihi'..i:, Ocl 17. BOURBON STREET CAFE Old Bay Restaurant 01 Church St., NL?W Brunswick (908} Grand Central. Oct. 8, Voodoo Rhythm Kings, Oct. 9. Midnight Slim, Oct. 13. Arnold Skiffle, Oct. U Neighborhood Rhythm & Blues Band, Oct. 15. Night Train, Oct 16, Johnny Charles & The Stingrays, Oct. 20. CATCH A RISING STAR Hyatt Rtgftncy Hotel Route 1. West Windsor (609) Headline comedy evuiy m^>t except Monday, College night, Sundays and Tuesdays. Ladies' ntght. Thursdays. Gary Conrad, tlirouuli Oct. 10. Or. Will Miller (from Nick at Nile), Oct , Nick Lewin, Oct CITY GARDENS 1701 Calhoun St.,!u;nlon (609) ' Allternative" dance party. Fridays. 95-cent dance nttfit, Saturdays, Thursdays. Hyperactive. Oct. 10. The Selector, N.Y. Citizens, Oct. 17. CLUB BENE Route 35, Sayreville (908) Angela Boffll, Oct. 8. Jorma Kaukonen, Oct. 9, The Radiators, Oct. 14, Bob Nelson, Oct. 16, COCKTAILS 51 Mam St., South River (908) Solar Circus, Oct, 8. Backsucets, Oct. 9, Voices, Oct. 16. CORNERSTONE 25 Now St., Metuchen 1908) traditional \au. John Gordon Quartet, Oct. 8. Mike Hashim Quintet, Oct. 9. Ben Aranov, piano w/trio, Oct. 13. Nick Sassone Quartet, Oct. 15. Tom Butts Quartet w/chuck Wayne, Oct. 16, Annette Sanders, vocals w/ra Kennedy, Oct. 20. COSTA DEL SOL 600 West Union Ave. Bound Brook (908) Latin dancing (salsa, merengue cumma). Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, COURT TAVERN 124 Church St. New Brunswick (908) Fried Ice Cream, Mexican Muc Band, Oct. 8. Mars Needs Women, Desire, Oct. 9. DOMMtOWNCAFt 8 Wwt Front St., Red Bank (908) Open Jam w/the Betas, Tuesdays. Songwriters' showcase, Wednesdays. Barteque Bob & The Spare Ribs, Oct. 6, Jaclar JihW, Oct 9, FREWS 1 Mill St., Bernardsville (908) Years, Oct. B. Neighborhood Rhythm & Blues Band, Oct. 9. Johnny Umbcrt, Roger Sullivan, Tom Caltbiano (comedy), Oct. 10. Steel Brothers, Oct, 14, 28. Lazy Lightning. Oct. 15. Ra Sol, Oct. 16, HEMINGWAYS 6ridg«wat«f Manor Routes Bridgewater (906) 658-3OO0 Dancing w/dj Jimmy, Thursdays. Skip Roberts Quartet (jazz), Fridays. Comedy night, Sundays, MION'S 1614 F St., South B«lmar (908) Jam session, Wednesdays. Midmte Slim Band (from Imus show), Oct. 9. Bob Gaddy, Oct. 16. JACK O'CONNOR S Route 22, Bndgewater (908) m Open iam session w/ed Wilson, Tuesdays. Willie Lynch trio, Thursdays. A.L. James & Spare Change, Oct. 8. Lost River Hell Cats, Oct. 9, Comtdlan Sttw Rlzzo, whoit rtpttolra includes Brooklyrnicctnttd characters and song psrodlts, will ptrform Oct. 7-9 at the Hyatt Rtgtncy's Strass Factory Comtdy Club In New Brunawlck. Gladys Richards (piano), brunch Oct. 10,17,31. Rhythm & Babs. Oct. 15,22. Wooster Street Trolley, Oct. 16. Dave Earl Band, Oct. 23. JOHN «PETER'S 96 South Main St. New Hope, Pa. (215) Free admission Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Open mike, Mondays. Liberty Blues Jam, Tuesdays. Mountain John, Wednesdays. Scooter Butler, Oct, 8. Trimm & Larsen, afternoon Oct. 9,23. Zen for Primates, evening Oct. 9. The Rarorbacks, afternoon Oct. 10, 24. Phoebe Legere, evening Oct. 10. Renegade, Ocl. 14. The Spaz, Oct. 15. Cross Cut Saw, afternoon Oct. 16. Paul Plumeri, evening Oct. 16. The Horizontals, afternoon Oct. 17. Mr, Downchild, evening Oct. 17. MAXWELLS 1039 Washington St. Hoboken (201) Dick Dale, Supersnau, The Friggs, Oct. 8. Three Day Stubble. Ditch Croaker. Oct. 9. Hug& Bear. The Frumpies. Blood Savage, Oct. 10. Smog. Sleephead, Oct. 14. Supersuckers, Oct. 15. Flat Duo Jets, The A Bones. Oct. 16. Yo La Tengo, Oct. 23, The Boredoms, Oct. 24, Uz Phair, Oct. 26. Come, Oct. 28. McATEERS 1714 Easton Ave., Somerset (908) Stardust (big band), Oct. 15. MINE STREET COFFEEHOUSE Rut Reformed Church 9 Neilsen St., New Brunswick (908) Don Haynie & Sheryl Samuel (folk duo), Oct. 9. Case Brothers (old-time), Oct. 16. Ro#r Diet! (singersongwriter), Oct. 23. Spook Handy (guitar), Oct. 30. PETEYS ATHLETIC CLUQ 1001 West Camplain Rd. Manville (908) EB3, Oct. 8. Call for details, Oct. 9. Crossroads, Oct. 15. lavcellais, Oct. 16. Front Line, Oct. 22. Sly Dog, Oct, 23. Freakwincey, Oct 29. Bad intentions, Oct. 30. PHEASANTS LANDING Amwcli Rd. t Belle Mead (908) The Issue, Oct. 8. Johnny Charles & The Stingrays, Oct, 9. Wisemen, Oct. 15. Last in Line, Oct. 16. Delivery Boys, Oct. 22. Forecast, Oct. 23. Stolen Hearts, Oct. 29. Call for details, Oct. 30. PUYPEN LOUNGE Route 35, Sayrevilie (908) Male revue, Fridays, Saturdays. Oiince party, Fridays, Edgar Cayce, Wednesdays, Freedom Williams (from C+C Music Factory), Ocl. 9, The White Boys, Oct. 10,17, 24. Greece Weezer, Oct. 14,28. Alyus, Oct. 16. STANHOPE HOUSE Main & High, Stanhope (201) Pirtetop Perkins, George Jr, & The Coolerators, Oct. 6. Son Lewis, Oct. 9. Gumbo Combo (zydeco), Oct. 15. Robert Ross, Oct. 16. William Clarke, Oct. 22. The Voodoobillies, Oct. 23. STRESS FACTORY Hyatt Regency Hotel 2 Albany St., New Brunswick (908) Live comedy Fridays and Saturdays. Steve Rizzo, Oct Jackie (The Jokernan) Martling. Oct. 22. Public Auction Just in Time for the Holidays Oct. 9 & 10 Preview 9am, Auction 12 Noon 20th Century Decorative Arts and Furnishings Better Than New York Prices "Over 500 Items** Quality Krcncb, Kngllsh, It American Furniture Rugs, Kwiufs, Jewelry, Ptfnllng* PurcH«Jiu& (tu^vme, l,«mps Ootkv It Dfoujllvf Arts Why V:v- Retail!! Try Av.'iioiL! The Ikst Way to Buy" ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED CLASSIC AUCTIONS For More InfoOU: EMERGENCY Ever been very sick? Hurt in an accident? Hospitalized? You & your loved ones, especially the elderly, can be spared delays when being admitted to hospitals, Get organized with Mftdlcil Dlikitto. Patient info and picture on computer diskette. For free info call (908) or write Telepress, DeptF, 153W, Westfield Ave, Roselie Park, NJ all Styles Arriving Daily Low Discounted Prices On Dresses - Suits Pants Suits And Two Piece Suits Daily Specials $9.99-$19.99 Sizes W :M ht'kjkj L U *4# k-# ~Jf (V*luru Career livening Casual Wear DRESS DEN Retail/Wholesale 1006 B. J. Plaza Route t Edison * Sunset Productions THE FINAL TOUR Tickets Av;iilt)blc [it both box offices To charge by phone i-80o-5unspt-1 fl CHORUS LlfK DIRECT FROM NEW YORK, THE NATIONAL TOUR COMES TO NEW JERSEY B 'roadway's longest-running musical is going on tour. Winnor of 9 Tony Awards, ff you've seen il, see it again. It you haven't, don't ruins this notional totninq production! NEW BRUNSWICK CULTURAL CENTER 19 Livingston Avo., New Brunswick WED., OCT P.M. Tickets from $35-$20 Box Otflue: (908) Charge By Phone; 1-8Q0-SUNSET-1 COUNT BASIE THEATRE 90 Monmoiith St., Rod Bank SAT., NOV. 6 3 P.M. & 8 P.M. $25 $22* $18 Box Office: (908) Charge By Phone: SUNSET-1 Oct. 6-8, 1993 I orlics New w e e. Weekend Plus 9

36 Midwest melodrama Absorbing Tlyin West* is undermined by distracting subplot By WIUJAM WESTHOVEN mtendpius Editor There's no mistaking that Flyin* West, now playing at Crossroads Theatre in New Brunswick, has a forceftil impact on its audience. The question is whether the impact is overshadowing the message. Drawn with broad strokes from the little-known history of African- American pioneers who created new communities in the untamed Midwest following the Civil War, playwright Pearl Qeage's moving saga (which takes place in 1898) gives us a sense of what it was like for former slaves who endured harsh winters and isolation in order to make a life for themselves. And through the central characters, a makeshift family consisting of two sisters, a half-sister and a wise matriarch, you also team how the largely-female population of home* steadders learned to protect themselves, and their land, long before the women were allowed to vote, let alone entertain thoughts of feminism. But the lesson does not come without a price - mates that are more caricatures than characters undermine the credibility of the story and contribute to distracting you from what is really important Now perhaps this is a defensive stance by a male critic reviewing a play by a dearly feminist author, but in Cleage's W»t, there are only two men. One is so beneath contempt, his very presence instilled a mob mentality Fannie, Truant Btvtrty at Sophto and OHvIa Cote at Mtoa Laah, amongst members of the audience, who, unfortunately, felt justified in imploring the ladles on stage to kill him, among other comments screamed out loud during much of the production. TYie second, it seems, was fashioned merely to offset the other, and despite hints of his own slave background (it was made dear male slave babies were taken from their mothers) and a violent past, is warm, shy and mannered to a fault because his mother taught him to be that way. That being said, flytn* West still manages to captivate, mainly due to some powerful performances, including Tony-winner Trazana Beverly as Sophie, the rifle-totin 1, pipe-smokin' half-sister of Minnie and Fannie, two cultured young ladies who look up to her like a mother and father wrapped into one feisty package. Sophie is "so mean, oo man will have her," according to the elderly Miss Leah (Olivia Cole in a touching, genuine performance), who educates these post-emancipation "children" on the horror of slavery through her own harrowing experiences. There, along with another plot line about white "speculators" looking to buy or con the homesteadders out of their land, is more than enough plot to base three or four plays on, but those worthy thoughts are abandoned in favor of manipulative melodrama with the appearance of "baby sister" Minnie, back from London with her dandy of a husband, Frank (played with snobbish aplomb by Count Stovall). At first, Frank, a mulatto who delights in passing himself off as a white (and at odds with his African-American heritage), is little more than a boor, but soon, his true colors are revealed: he's abusing Minnie, both physically and mentally, and his increasinglyoffensive behavior sparks a series of startling confrontations. Sure, it's satisfying to root for Frank's come-uppance, but he's written in a way that he's so unsympathetic, much of the audience missed the forest through the trees; they wanted Frank to fry so badly, revenge - and not the triumph of the women's spirit - became the priority. Perhaps at another stop along the way, the character of Frank (it's a credit to Stovall that he was booed lustily even during the curtain call) will be toned down enough to allow flyin' West to make its important points before it turns into The Burning Bed. In the meantime, there's much to appreciate here. Cole's lyrical monologues of life on the plantation hushed even the most vocal members of the audience, and Beverly is a revelation; she's as convincingly rustic and detailed as the set (an extraordinary design by Daniel Proett that's an artwork in itself) she stalks like a junkyard dog protecting her lot. But it could have been so much more. HYW WEST throutfi Oct 20 at Crossroads Theatre, 7 Uvingston Ave., New Brunswick Tickets $30-$20. (908) Box 0ffici9084tt 8226 I ttoi Nnj ftut JUhwty Complete Lingerie *hnand Attmfen FARMS M Mafa On* Ifinlirtir 901* M-ihn.tO-SJO H tftu 1W LAUREL & HARDY FILM FESTIVAL With Lee Erwln at the Wurlltzer Sat., Oct. 16,1993,8 pm All Mats $7.80 CALL TICKET OFFICE UNION COUNT! ARTS CENTER Advertise your garage sale in Forbes Newspapers and receive a FREE Little Caesar's pizza! Call for more details. Ww Nwswws Oct6.8,»93 Hayrideson weekends pumpkins Sign Up. For Group Farm Tours ekdays) Farm Festival Gourds, Apples (90B) Indian Corn Alttode Firms and slalks j ;;Fresh pressed i&noilhol the center ol Chester MonSal;9am-6pm Sun; loim-spm fue.24wtit< West of the cenler o( Crtestsr * ' W I 'i S

37 Curtain calls NOW PLAYING WUNOMC nm PLAYHOUSE Carrell Rd., Randolph (201) Two plays from ancient Greece, The Trojan Worm by Euripides and Lysftr/ata by Aristophanes. Through Oct. 9. Admission $10. UCftl COUNTY PUYHOUU 70 South Main St, New Hope, Pa. (215) A Chorus Une, Michael Bennett's musical on the trials of being in show business. Through Oct. 24. Admtsaon Wjjlft discounts available. 7aWin*nsAve.,Cr«nford (908) $«pfl/nf Out, musical comedy. Oct Admission $4. CMftSRWS mum COMPANY 7 Uvtnfston Ave., New Brunswick (908) flyfrt'wbsr, Pearl Cleage's story of homesteaders in an allblack enclave in Kansas Through Oct. 24. Admission $26-120, discounts available. FOMM THEATRE 314 Main St., Metuchen (908) Conve/sat/ons with My Father, New Jereey premiere of Hefh Gardner's play about a Jewish A! A family inks a ntw lift In Pittsburgh In 1911, and dltcovm a dark past, In AuQuat Wilton's Jot Tumtf's Cwnt and Gont, which runt Oet at tn Rutgtrt Arts Ctnttr In Ntw Brunswick. father and his sons. Through Oct. 31. Admission $27123, discounts available. QIOMC STWIT PLAYHOUSE 9 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (908) Se/mont Avenue Social Club, Bruce Graham's drama from some unidentified city. Through Oct. 16. Admission $30118, discounts available. THE GROWING STAGE Route 24, Chester (908) Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, Captain Hook, and ah their cohorts in Ntver-New land. Oct Adults 110, senior crtinns and children tt HUffltRDONHltLI PLAYHOUSE Route 173, Hampton 1-80O TheWi/fe Sheep of the faro/ry, comedy by L dugarde Peach and Ian Hay. Throu^ Dec. 22, Group rates available, call for prices. PUINFIELD ADULT SCHOOL MeCAJTTW THEATRE 91 University PI,, Princeton (609) The PwfKtionltt, world premiere of a social comedy by Joyce Carol Oates. Throutfi Oct. 17. Admission $40123, discount! available. IMC NEW THEATER Geonje St., New Brunswick (908) Joe Turner's Come and Gone, August Wilson's play from a pre-wofk) War I boarding house in his native Pittsburgh. Oct Admission $14, discounts available. OFF-KWADtTtEET THEATRE 5 South Greenwood Ave. HoptwH (609) Lattice 4 lovfje, Peter Schaffer't comedy of tvw spinsters enthramdwwi the past Through Oct: 9. Admission $19 Saturday, $17.50 Friday and Sunday. PAPCTMAL PLAYHOUSE Brookiide Dr., Milrbum (201) Pafm Moon, world premiere of musical adapted from the movie that tttmd Rym and (Academy Award winner) Tatum O'Neal. Throutf Oct 24, Admission $42127, discounts available. PLAYHOUSE Dunhams Comer Rd. East Brunswick (908) The Best Uftfe Wftorenouse In Texas, furnished by Larry L King, Through Oct. 24. Admission $13, discounts available. RAMSSON HOTEL N.J. Turnpike bit 14, Newark (201) Nofr Suspicions, murder mystery In a dinner theater setting. 8 p.m. Oct. 8. Admission $40. ST. LUKE'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 17 0akAve.,Metuchen (908) The Fanfastfcfcs, off- Broadway's longest-running production. Through Oct. 16. Adutts $6, senior citinns and students 14. SHERATON AT WOODSmOQE PLACE Route 1, Iselln (908) Noir Suspte/ons, murder mystary in«dinner theater setting. 8 p.m. Saturdays. Admission $40. UNION COUNTY ARTS CENTER 1601 Irving St., Rahway (908) Bunk, magic show on the big stage. 8 p.m. Oct. 9,3 p.m. Oct. 10. Admission $12.50-$8 Saturday, $6 for all seats Sunday. VILLAGERS THEATRE 475 OeMott Lane, Somerset (906) The PMade/phfa Story, comedy about a socialite and her off-the-wall family. Through Oct 24. Admission $15, discounts available. COMING UP DREYFUW THEATRE FeifMign ukkhtton university Route 24, Madison (201) Extremities, William Mastrosimow's drama of a woman taking revenge on a rapist. Oct Adults $3. students $2. JEWISH CENTER W PRINCETON 457 Nassau St., Princeton (201) Through the yes of a Friend, video and performance on the life of Anne Frank. 7:30 p.m. Oct, 17. Free admission. KEANCOUfQE Route 82, Union (908) Art/ctetfe, drama from rural Canada, Vaughn-Eames Hail, Oct , Admission $10, discounts available, S/wfcespeare for My Father, Lynn Redgrave's one-woman show about her father Sir Michael Redgrave. Wilkins Theatre, 8 p.m. Oct. 14. Admission $13, discounts available. OFF-BROADSTREET THEATRE 5 South Greenwood Ave. Hopewell (609) Cotton Patch Gospe/, counuy musical by the late Harry Chapin. Oct. 15-Nov. 27. Admission $19 Saturday, $17.50 Friday and Sunday, SOMERSET HILLS HOTEL 1-78 Exit 33, Warren (908) The W&dint, an Italian- American marriage ceremony in dinner theater form. 7:30 p.m. Oct, 15. Admission $45. TRILOGY REPERTORY Ridge High School South Finley Ave., Bashing (908) Otter People's Money, '80s -drama about a ruthless Wall Street shark who matches wits with a young female attorney trying to protect a family business from his hostile takeover bid. Oct Admission $8, $6 seniors/students. WESmELD COMMUNITY PLAYERS 1000 North Ave. West Westfield (908) Arsenic and Old Lace, Joseph Kesselring's story of two spinsters and how they dealt with homeless men. Oct 16-Nov. 7. Admission $12, discounts available. Saturday's Plus Entertainment Section Exceptional Trips To Carnegie Hall, NYC "rip To Woodbury Commons and Dinner at Bear Mountain Yuletide at Longwood Gardens Rescue * Computer Software Systems Electric Bass-Guitar French & Acting Sculpture & Carpentry African Textile & Basket Weaving Painting & Drawing Psychic Meditation Jewelry Making Nutrition, New Image Enhancement Makeup & Modeling Becoming Middle Age Elder Care Modern & Tap Dance Advertise your garage sale i Forbes Newspapers and receive a FREE Little Caesar's pizza! Call for more details. CALL NOW! Oct 6-8,1993 Fortes Newspapers WMtoMHus 11

38 Weekend Happenings AWIRE VILLAGE ANTKHIESHOW Allaire State Par* Route 524. Wall (906) Held for the 36th year. 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct. 9. Admission S2. ANTIQUE TOY AND DOLL SHOW North Hunterdon High School Route 31, Annandale ( Toys and dolls from the near and distant past, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct. 17. AtfultS S2.75, children under 10 tree. AttWLL CARD AND COMIC IO0K SHOW North Brunswick firehouse Route 130, North Brunswick (908) :30a.m,-4p.m, Oct. 9. Admission $1. CENTRAL JERSEY STAMP, COIN, AND CARD EXCHANGE Budget Motor Lodge Route 9, Woodbndge ( Monthly show and sale 10 a,m.-4:30 p.m. Oct 17 free admission. DOLL, 00UHOUSE, AND MINIATURE SHOW Steinert High School 2900 Klocknei Rd., Hamilton (609) Exactly what it says. 10 a.m.4 p.m. Oct. 16, Adults $2 25. children under 12 free FAU FESTIVAL Frenchtown (908) With amusements ana r 'u:x ^ the Delaware River tow. 10 a.m.-5 pm. Oct. 9. Free admission. GREATER NJ. MUSIC COLLECTORS' RECORD SHOW Suburban Jewish Center Deerfield Terr.. Linden (908) Everything from 78^ to CDs. in a.m.-5 p.m Oct 17 A[i<v',<- illin 14, discounts available HARVEST FESTIVAL Mataraao Farnib Route 519. BnCf^1 ' ' (908) A pumpkin paten, apple y chard, snd other full (eatuips. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Oct. 9, ID Ftee,icimission for most events: cinldren's activities 50 cents. HEALTH AND FITNESS EXTRAVAGANZA Headquarters Plaza Momstown (201) With screenings for vision, hearing, and cholesterol, 11 a.m,-7 p.m. Oct. 8,lla.m.-6p.m. Oct. 9. Free admission. HILUWROUGH OKTOIERFEST Hillsborough firehouse Route 206, Belle Mead (908) Craft show in an increasingly sudurtian area. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Oct. 17 Ram date Oct. 24. Free admission. ITAUAN FESTIVAL Eastman Plaza, Cranford (908) Craft show near the town's railroad station, noon-6 p.m. Oct. 10. Ram date Oct. 24. Free admission. U0NS CLUB FL A MARKET Route 206, Chester 1908) With proceeds going to those in need. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday through Oct Free admission. NJ, FAU RV SHOW Exposition Hall Pantan Center, Edison (908) Motor homes and vans for 1994, 1-10 p.m. Oct. 8: 11 ari'lopjr, Qd L J rn.-6 n.rri Oct. 10. Admihsion $6, div counts available OCTOBER AUTO FEST Somerset Cou»tv VoJern Voj;t Dr., Buth'^wiiU'r (908; CILIV.IC Ciir (i>f0-197 ;->i ;ini) f JCH «[>re-l97o> snow, l 3a.m «D.m Dc! *.J H.m date Out 17 Free STAMP. POSTCARO, AND BASEBALL CARD COLLECTORS OPEN HOUSE A.illM.imrv. jm \OF>M Mfn- b! Mut'.oi'-" ')0H <'-:MO93 Sho.v.v.ti sai«fo r I'oiiectoiu, 10 am -4 p in. Oct 10. Frre admission Kid Stuff THE ART MUSEUM Princaton Univtratty (609) Gallery talks for children (kindergarten-grade 5) at 11 a.m. Saturday. Younger children must be accompanied by an adult. Free admission. Natural history tour of the museum, Oct, 16, THE DUTTON FAMILY Oct. 17; 1,3:30, and 6 p.m. Edward Nash Theatre Haritan Valley Community College, North Branch (908) A musical family with a varied repertoire. Admission $6. THE LEGEND Of SLEEPY HOLLOW/THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE Oct. 9,10; 11 a.m. Paper Mil! Playhouse BrooksideDr,, Millbum (201) Stones from (respectively) Washington Irving and the Brothers Gnmm, told with puppets. Admission $7, $6. PETER AND THE WOLF Sunday. Oct. 10,2 p.m. Wilkins Theatre, Kean College Route 82, Union (908) Prokofiev's famous story, retold m ballet form by the New Jersey Ballet. Admission $7. PIN0CCHI0 Oct. 16,17; ] and 2:30 p.m, Middlesex County College Wootltjridgo Ave., Edison '908; DQG-255G The story (in musical form] o\ a punptl with ;i vtiirrrry lonft ncso. Atlrrnr,9on $'1.50 GARY ROSEN Su'uliiv, Oct. ]7, 3 p.m. I'lioiU.uiKHv Aits Ceritei KJOl Irving St.. R.ifiAdy 'TOHi l o t rack' Dv j vnfyi THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE Sumta.', Oct p.m, Aits Council of Princeton 102 Wiincrspoon St. Princeton (609) v.fio MS One of Grimm's fairy tales, adapated for the stags with music. Admission $5. THESORCUER'SaRCUft Sunday, Oct. 10,2:30 p.m, Watchung Hills Regional High School 108 Sliding Rd., Warren (908) , Puppet show (rescheduled from March by the blizzard), performed by the Bennington Marionettes. Admission $8. Speakers RICHARD ALEXANDER Wednesday, Oct. 13, noon Rider College Student Center Route 206, Lawrenceville (609) Marine science professor*brings up sea farming - where to farm for clams and mussels. Free admission. THE ART MUSEUM Princtton Unlvtntty (609) Gallery talks at 12:30 p.m, Friday and 3 p.m. Sunday, Free admission. Sally Davidson on artists of Montpamasse, Oct. 8,10, Klaus Florey on "The Sacred and the Profane," Oct. 15,17, BENNETT BEAN Thursday, Oct. 14,12:30 p.m. Newark Museum 49 Washington St., Newark (201} Ceramics artist explains the relation between "The Object and the Artisan," free admission. RABBI DANIEL GROSSMAN Thursday, Oct, 14, noon Gil! Memorial Chapel Rider College, Lawrencewlle (609) The college's Jewish chaplain talks about Rabbi Mordccai Kaplan, the most influential thinker of 20th-century American Judaism. Free admission, JAYJORGENSEN Thursday, Oct. 14,7:30 p.m. North Plainfield library 6 Rockview Ave, North Plainfield (908) Civil War historian discusses Robert E. Lee and his campaign at Gettysburg. Free admission. The Bennington Marionettes will perform The Sorcerer's Sunday at Watchung Hills High School. Bennington Marionettes 'Circus' Sunday at Watchung Hills H.S. After being left out in the cold by the "Blizzard of '93" last March, the world-famous Bennington Marionettes will perform Sunday (2:30 p.m.) at Watchung High School, 108 Stirling Road, Warren. Enhanced by artistic scenery, costumes and special illusions, the Marionettes dramatize classic works of literature, music and dance. Sunday, they will present The Sorcerer's Circus, a tum-of. GFJBWORD the-century "circus" featuring a magic show performed by the puppets themselves and music by Dmitri Kablevsky. Tickets for the show, which is sponsored by the Suburban Branch-Jewish Federation of Central Jersey in association with the Jewish Federation of Somerset, Hunterdon and Warren Counties, are $8 each. Call (908) or (908) Italiai) Festival SUNDAY, OCT. 10 TH 12-6 PM COCKTAILS AT CREATIONS (ages 30-49) 1201) Candlelight (XMt" 1^ restaurant. Madison, 8 n m iy.rdays. Cost $6; \itm\ COMMUNITY SINGLES (201) ictn..mi Sowtingat Clai* L.iiir- K : <t- Oct. 9 Cost $7 50 a"d -,i: CORPORATE NETWORKING (201) Social al Uptrwi MUi", GO-.-JT nor Morns Inn, Momstovi -' p.m. Ihursdays CROSSROADS (Mpanttd and divorced) ( , Sell-help group at Center.;)r> United Methodist OJICH, Metuehen, 7:30 p m. Tuesdiiis FORUM FOR SINGLES 6O ) DlSCUSSlOn group 'not t:*uircn affiliated), social noui. a ; in aiding at First Presbyierifln O\nc\\ HtgfitStOwn, 9o m FncMy, d"a S6 A GROUP OF JEWISH SINGLES (pfoftnlonili, 20-45) a9-8flfX) Brunch and discu " /.",' Plams., S8 <)'. V JERSEY JEWISH SINGLES (ages 30-55) Dm-or i\\ C h,jfli" Bfiuvi's Hi^ Mn:i imfk, 6:30 i>'" V.'cil'". 11., fljvs. ( r >7 J639.G79- JERSEY SINGLES ACTIVITIES CLUB (ages 30-older) ^4 f-.'u 1 f-.l'lijf',!' IOl,l i t l(- I-' ). [)'!<). ' 'jn- Oct 10. Mwt,11 to inosf.' who tjit'viousiy r*'snrw1 OntoDertc^t at Sciiwat'DischL' A!ti, Warren, 3.10 p.n, Oct 2'1. Mf<?!.it IGl KrifirivS, t3ridg Open only lo those who previously nwrved. MASH (separated and divorced) UlSLUSSKytl p/ijuy dl filst [Ji! Ml', Cnurcti of NPW M t irkf>(, 1'isCiil-.i.'viiv. / \ : i 0 i T1 NEW EXPECTATIONS '. J f)li ' fvlonfi.i^, Cos!»:t *.'[ irns'.ovs''- UnliHiu!.'n ] 8 fj m fiiiijy., Cost MS ;. "i Oi;' 10!.0,l 1,8 N.J. MO0NRAKER5 TALL CLUB I'.f'lin. H'!'i:i-. fi" 10" find taller, 'Tic*n 6 2" d'ld tr.iiie r ; 1'1-uirten ( (>18 Meotincat Hjrrada Inn, fairdekj, B p.m Oct 12. OVERTURES FOR SINGLES ' G-6165 Cuiictrt by Meridian String Qiniftet at Bnd^L'-Aatoi Mjtior, r >', 17. Cost $12 m iiiiwina 1, $lfj at Ifu? door. PROFESSIONALS CONNECTION ")O8i ;»;!i ()() ; 7 Networking ;ind lnjbint"j r > CJftt f-'xrhiinreat Aisle's, Mnrnstown, r j 30 p.m Wt'd'iesdiiys. O) r A $5 SINGLE FRIENDS (ages 35-older) (908) / Djncf.' at [3,ir.')i\ r Quality Inn, r><jmk'r',(i 8 ;)O i rn Thursdays M(!u>l»."!i $5, i)on-mi.'ml«;r'j $7. SINGLEFACES tu'.tfor all evenis $10 U.IM!.(? and hot buffet at Scantienf) fvir rctun '. *[>."i. Saturdays. '[Vmit 1 Ij.irk 1! fwiuirtifti at Hilton nyti'l. I'tifsipiij:-/, 'J p.m. Oct y, D.iMce i];i(>.(.'l rwiuirod) at Sheriiki'i imih. P.irsipiiiiny, 9 p.m. Oil 8 O.mre,i'iff TcwtS, Mii'inKii'i'jitl" '.I p m. Ocl. 9 ) at Hilton hotel, Short Hills, 8 p.m. Oct, 10, 17. Donee ijiicket ruquired) al Town 4 Campus, West Orange, 9 p.m. Oct. 15. Dance at Liberties, Sheraton hotel. Iselm, 9 p.m. Oct. 1G. SOLO SINGLES (ages 40-older) (908) : 7-9 p.m. BiKifte at Ceniral Prusbyierian Oiurch, Summit, 7 p.m, Sundays. Cost $3. SOPHISTICATED SOCIALS (professionals 30-50) (908) Networking al Bndgewater Manor, 6 p.m. Thursdays. Cost $12. SUNDAYS FOR SINGLES (ages 30-55) (201) Dance (jacket required) at Governor Moms Inn, Morristown, 8 p.m. Sundays, Men $5, women free. TOWN AND COUNTRY SINGLES CLUB The Old Mill Route 202, Bernordsville (908) Dancing, music, conversation.ifitj aindlehghl, 8:30 p.m.- midnight, Wednesdays. IRoindatt 10/24/93) \ Exit 137 off GSPkwy, In downtown Cranford along Eastman St. and North Avenue near the town dock. FREE ADMISSION AND PARKING Tasty Food Arts CRANFORD Crafts Entertainment & lots morel ttpopsored by llje Crawford Gl)urr)ber of Gorrjnjerce FOR MORE INFO CAU (908) U Weekend Plus Forbos Newsoapois Oct. 6-8,1993

39 Weekend Museums THE ART MUSEUM Princeton UiMvtftfty (609) Tuesday through Saturday from 10 3.m.-5 p.m., Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Free admission, Tours of museum heights Saturday at 2 p.m. Western European paintings, sculpture and decorative art from 19th and 20th centuries; also pre-columbian art and art of the Americas. "What Photographs Look Like," through Oct, 24, "Goddess and Potts: The Panathenaic Festival in Ancient Athens," through Nov. 28. Photographs of ancient Athens by Alison Frantz, through Nov. 28. BUCKSMfTH MUSEUM River St., Millstone (908) Blacksmith shop that operated from the mid-18tti century until the 1960s. Open Sunday from 1:30-4 p.m. (weather permitting) through Dec, 12. CLINTON HISTORICAL MUSEUM 56 Mam St., Clinton (908) Featuring the Red Mill and other artifacts of rural America. Open daily (except Monday! from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Adults $3, senior citizens $1.50, children SI. Harvest Jubilee, Oct. 9,10. Parapsychology (w/a science), 8:30 p.m. Oct. 16. Registration required, C00KRMIU. Route 24, Chester (908) Restored 19th-century grist mill that grinds com and wheat into meal. Open Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. through Oct. 31, Donation. Garden Information Days, Oct. 9,10, DRAKE HOUSE MUSEUM 602 West Front St., Plamfield (908) Colonial home built in 1746 and chronicling New Jersey history from before independence to after the Civil War. Open Saturday from 2-4 p.m. Free admission for members. Nonmember admission; adults $1, children free. Plainfield's early settlers from Scotland, through Nov. 27. Related programs at 2 p.m. Oct, 17. EAST JERSEY OLDETOWNE Johnson Park River Rd., Piscataway (908) Village composed of relocated 18th century structures set near the headquarters of the county part( police. No tours of* fered at present. Gift shop closed until further notice. EDISON NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE Main St., West Orange (201) Workshop with inventions of Thomas Alva Edison. Open every day from 9 a.m,-5 p.m. Adults $2, children and senior citizens free. FOSTERFIELDS Kahdena Rd,, Mornstown (201) Living historical farm with implements from the 19th century. Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Admission $4 for farm and Willows residence, $3 for (arm alone; discounts available. Fall on the farm, Oct. 9. Calling Card Weekend, Oct. 16,17. How cider is pressed, 1:30 p.m. Sunday through Oct. 31. Tribute to Miss Dana's School of Morristown, through Oct. 31. FREUNGHUYSEN ARBORETUM 43 East Hanover Ave. Mornstown (201! Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Open house at Whiopany Farm, Ocl. 17, LIBERTY SCIENCE CENTER Liberty State Part N.J. Turnpike Exit 14B Jersey City (201) "Where Science = Fun" with more than 250 hands-on exhibits. Open every day from 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Admission $9 for exhibit halls, $7 for the Ommmax Theater, $1.50 for the 3-D theater, Discounts available. 'About Faces/' through Dec. 31. Maying Halloween masks, 11 a.m. Oct. 9, 10, Replace Your Head," 1:30 p.m. Oct. 9,10,16,17. MACCULLOCH HALL 45 Macculloch Ave, Momslown (201) Gardens open every day from (Please turn to page 14} Index of Advertisers wstocw rwntsi.< «! xu The Car Spa iai*4i<miii >>! I Classic Auto 9 i, IIIIIIIIIIMIIIV Easy Management 6 Getaway Salon 2 Hank Joel Orchestra 13 Tommy Hitfiger 7 Introductions Kitchen Magic Uttle Chicks Childcare 7 Moller Construction Muhlenberg Hospital 3 Parkway Productions Personally Yours 10 PlainfiekJ Adult School Restaurants Service Master 13 Suburban Jewelers 3 Sunset Productions 9 Telepress 9 Union County Art Center.. 10 Wes Photography Worldwide Wholesalers..,.24 PINOCCHIO A Michael Taubenslag Production Saturday k Sunday, October 16 k 17, 140 k 2dO p jn. at Middlesex County College Also this season: A^V V^ Aladdin Alice in Wonderland Jack and the Beanstalk The Silly Adventures of Sinbad (908) All Tickets $ ORDER NOW! Name Address. Phone Please send me the following tickets: PINOCCHIO 4 1:00 p.m. on Oct. 16 $4.50 ea. $ # 2:30 p.m. on Oct. $4.50 ea. $' # 1:00 p.m. on Oct. 17 f $4.50 ea. $" 4 2:30 p.m. on Oct. $4.50 ea. $; ALADDIN 4 1:00 p.m. on Dec 199 $4.50ea. $ I 2:30 p.m. on Dec. 19 $4.50ea. $. ALICE IN WONDERLAND 4 1:00 p.m. on an. 8 $4.50 ea. $ 4 2:30 p.m. on an. 8 $4.50 ea. $ 4 1:00 p.m. on an. 90 $4.50 ea. $ 4 2:30 p.m. on an. 9 $4.50 ca. $ JACK k THE BEANSTALK 4 1:00 p.m. on Feb. 5 $4.50 ea. $ 4 2:30 p.m. on Feb. 5 $4.50 ea. $ 4 1:00 p.m. on Feb. 6 $4.50 ea. $ 4 2:30 p.m. on Feb. 6 $4.50 ea. $ THE SILLY ADVENTURES OF SINBAD 4 1:00 p.m. on March 19 $4.50 ea. $ 4 2:30 p.m. on March 19 $4.50 ea. $ 4 1:00 p.m.on March 20 $4.5Oea. $ 4 2:30 p.m. on March 20 $4.50 ea. $ PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO MIDDLESEX COUNTY COLLEGE MAIL TO; Middlesex County College Department of Community Education 155 Mill Road V Edison, New Jersey ORCHOTWK Com* ind injoy in Evining ol Music & Eniertainmwt! Stlict th» music thai suites your Wadding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Anniversary, etc. 8i... The Landmark Inn Rls, 1ft9 Wooibridge, N,l Wed. Oct. 13th 7:4$ p.m. Dill for RM«rvationi p i 9 1 (90S) 6$4*1444 Marlboro Mounuiniide HOMEOWNER SPECIAL Power Wash Your Home And Receive A: FREE Window Cleaning ' 20 Window Limit Value $80 With Your Power Waih Ofd»r removes dirt grime & pollution eliminates mold & mildew enhances & extends life of existing paint excellent prep work for exterior painting Satisfaction Guaranteed We Offer 10% Senior Citizen Discount Call ServiceMaster Today, And Let Our Window Cleaning Professionals Brighten Your World! ServiceMASTER Oct. 6-8,1993 Fortes Newstxi. Weekend Phis 13

40 VfeetendPI Museums (Continued from page 13) dawn until dusk. Historical museum open Thursday and Sunday from 1-4 p.m. Adults $3, senior citizens and students $2. Items from the musuem's collection, throutfi Jan, MMNSTMET ANTIQUE CENTER 148 Main St., Remington (908) Antiques and collectibles from two centuries. Daily (except Tuesday) from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Free Admission. MCTUR HOUSE 1281 River Rd.. Ptscatoway (908) PtacauwayTownsntp historic museum, with permanent exhibition of lid in the town's earty dtys. Open Thurjday through Saturday from noon-5 p.m. Doration. Dttplty of quits, through Oct. 30. MMOUHX OCUHTf MUSI UM OMMNIM (AW Ntutt 1225 River Rd., Piscataway (908) Daily (except Monday and Saturday) from 1-4 p.m. Free admission. KHUIRCOW HOUSE 614 Mountain Ave., Westfieid (908) Restored 18th-century larmhouse in the West Fields ol Eiu abethtown. Open Sunday Irom 2-5 p.m. MONTCUUR ART MUSEUM 3 South Mountain Ave. Montclair (201) Tuesday, Wednesday. Friday, and Saturday from 11,i m.- 1^ p.m.; Sunday and friwv.j.iv from 1-5 p.m, Free iiclnv. 1,,!) -. for members, Non-mc^itx'r ;>amission: adults $-1, senior at izens and students $2, vu\:\<o'- under 18 Irec. Free,i..i".MV for all on Saturday Works from the m-j r,iv, collection, inrougii J»jt u lw-i Related symposium on (lie n.i>' of women in 19th-r» j r.hir v American life, 2 p.m. (; ; \*> MORRIS MUSEUM 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Morristown (201) Monday through bauml;:, 'if" 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sund^ fui'v, noon-6 p.m. Free adnusmon isn members, Non-memfrpr,nimission; adults $4, '.t-iihi ct «ens and children $2. Permanent gallery e>t-it [ > <u no5durs, live animals, v )' mals, model trams, inyory North American Indians..Vnci land Indians, rocks.inn nivwi als. MUSEUM OF EARLY TRADES AND CRAFTS 9 Mam St., Madison (201) Exhibits port My tn.' mir nl crafts people in tlie \hv-,n-n 19th centuries luescia. through Saturday from ID a.nv-4 p.m. Sunday in.-i-, ^ :> p.m. Free admiwu" i<, T (.I., bers Non-member < «! ' adults $2. children $1 Revarse painting, Oit < N.J. CHILDREN'S MUSEUM 599 Industrial Avi>, f\ir.n>i>-, (201) J62-S151 Fantasy castle, d '50', iirv gine. and more c* hi[ni, ' < n<\ to touch. Open evur, Hi, 1K,MI 9a.m.-5 p.m. Admcw." K> weekdays, $7 weekcmk. <>"i dren under 1 year old free Group rates available Columbus Day wt'ek'nii (>i t 9,10. NEW JERSEY MUSEUM Of AGRICULTURE Cook College Route 1, New Brunswick (908) Wednesday through from 10 a.nv5 p.m., Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Admission* $3, discounts available. Share the Harvest Festival, Oct. 16,17. Free admission. NJ. STATE MUSEUM 205 West State St., Trenton (609) Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m.-4:45 p.m., Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Free admission. Eight "Constructions," ongoing. 'The Traveter as Ethnographer," ongoing. Photographs by women photographers, ongoing. 'Nowhere to Go," pastels oy Grace Graupe-Pillard, through Nov. 7. "Drwm Straws, Story Tellers: An African-American Presence," throu^ March 20,1994. NEWARK MUSEUM 49 Washington St., Newark (201) Wednesday through Sunday from noon-5 p.m. toe admission Largest museum in the Garden State. Permanent exhibits include Greek, African, and native American art; paintings and sculpture from 18thcentury America; live animals in a mini-zoo, Newark fire Museum displays antique firefghtng apparatus. "Furnishing Choxes in the American Home." ongoing. lurried wood vessels by Steven levme, through Oct. 17. "Lncuentro: A View of Hispanic Arl. 11 Oct. 13-Nov. 14. PtiotoRrapnsof Tibet by Heinnch Hjrrer, through Dec. I? "Stt'DDi! 1! 1, Inlf) Ancient Eftypi: fhp no-.lie of Hie Anir,t Pa- ''he:!,' 1 throuf.d December. Arnprii.ari rimwiry, 1, from the ; iiu',,l'ui'i i coileci/'jri. through Uv}) li,!o Anit'iic,) f 1 ii);ifi,l> J,inuar, I'.KM A Vi'.i '(I <> (tie Kitiifi. 1 " lot me Mmvum's i.nofkc gallery, it'iivji'.u -,"(; 'H hci'.iiu 1 '". (mm VH< Hort'.in Collection,' tlirnujlli June 30, 1 PMoKij'/jiih 1., of "Vjnishini 1,.rrp.r l;v Rt'Oda Sicini/y. "Oitj'h Junu ;io. I'J'J.l *\ni.i;(ini<'in H,irrnony. S,infl l(.'mill'f," (Kirn Pt'fU. 'h 1WJ Cliinliu 1 ; tlntim. AFTH'IOH ri'.oni',' rto'ti r.oiotiial tunes to Hi! 1 M,ir, ltiroutfi 1995 OLD BARRACKS MUSEUM Huirack Si,, ht'rufin! "WJ'D ;W>-177(5 'ihnwirifi hie; in New Jcisi'y tiuf- M'p, ll'i! ^evolutionary War, 11,i.ii 'J [) MI., Su'Xlay fiorn I- 1 ' pm Adullr. J2. senior citi/i'ns!"(! r.t(i{lf?nt r, 51, children OSBORN-CANNONBALL HOUSE iff!'-! M. '..rntiji I'I,WL<, Hl'.IOI,! /:I tliiii'.i- t (. lll,. 1 (' f j0 *:iii i ' PHILLIPS MILL '"' Hi 1 W. Nf,v Hope. I'.i i.'i'iinr,-; c ") r i?.i. iw-^io I'.'. I ill -'I I! ' ( ). i r i l ] i l l l. V S f" I y P' I (* i-,! (i'liur'unly < filler 0pi;n I" Hir [juliiir it<"]:ly fififii l-'i ) ') ".'Ijlls i'l, st'mur f.iti/ens I'Kt '.tuflnnl^tl r,f.) Art ebullition tuhl ""..lit 1 thriuign Oct.,'Jl REEVES-REED ARBORETUM!fi'"i Hohjiri AVI.T, SumrTiit i!.»uhl V/.l-H/H/ (i,miens [I I(TI dnily Irom dawn In dusf H.irw-,t Out Hi. AiJulls SO, ctukirt'.t under DR. WILLIAM ROBINSON Freehold Antique Gallery will host a show and sale of works by Metuchen painter/sculptor Edith Hodge Pletzner Oct. 10-Nov. 7. PLANTATION HOUSE 593 Madison Hill Rd., Clnrk 1908) /th-cenkiry farmhouse built on what once was a plantation. Open ttu* first Sunday ol each month from 1-4 p.m. Free admission, TRAILSIDE NATURE AND SCIENCE CENTER NL'W Providence Hcl. and Coles Avt).. Mountainside f9o8) 7B9-3G7O 0 )en every day from 1-5 p.m. Hegistralion required for programs, VILLAGE AT WATERLOO I HO but 25, Stdtihope (201) HiM'fpation nf historil vilt.if.i! from tin; lhth century. Open daily (except Monday) from 10.i i)i.-6 p "i Admission Mi, discounts aviiiiabio. WALLACE HOUSE/ OLD DUTCH PARSONAGE I'JOB)!2b\UV> m In 1 AVI 1, n S'ifwrvi'lt' in 1'/78. 0 M?n Wecinuuljy ltirrnii',1) Saturdjy Ironi 10,1 HI r ) p.m ( Sunday ftrmi fiiinn-o (i m he'.' ddrtn',si(iri THOMAS WARNE MUSEUM (908t Artitucts iind H(?neatoEy ol OlrJ Bridge (nt> M;nlison) Township fl(»n Wednfisdiiy from 0:30 a.m.-noon and the first Sunday of eacri month from \4 p,m, WIU0WW00D ARBORETUM Longviow RrJ., Chester 1201) lour u! the dibureuim's gindens, 1:30 p.m. Oct. 16. JANE VOORHEES ZIMMERU ART MUSEUM Rutgers University Hamilton St., New brunswitk (908) Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from noon-5 p.rn. Free admission. Works from the George Riabov Collection of Russian Art, through spring Galleries ATRIUM ART GALLERY Morris County Administration and Recordi Building Court Si., Moiristown 1^)11 2B5-GOlf>, H : in to the public Monday muni) 1,!) Friday from 8:30 a.m.- ') IJ.III. N(",v leruiy Pnnlmakmg Couni il ini'mbers' show, Ououtft on. n. B. BEAMESDERFER GALLERY 6 North Second Ave Highland Park (908) Monday through Friday from 10 ii.rn.-6p.rn., Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Landscapes by Robert Mo/Ian, through Oct. 9. BARRON ARTS CENTER 582 Rahway Ave., Woodbridge 1908) G34-O413 Monday through Friday from 10:30 B.m.-3:30 p.m., Sunday from 2-4 p.m. Donation. Amencan Artists Professional League juried bhow, through Oct. 10, BEVAL LTD. Park Ave., Gladstone (908) 23* Open during store hours, "Equiis Oclober II," paintings by equine artists, througn Oct. 30. HENRY CHAUNCEY CONFERENCE CENTER Educational Tttting Strvka RosedaleRd., Princeton (609) Open to the public every day from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. "Myth America (Selling the American Woman)," mixed media by Debora Melt/, through Oct. 30. CHILDREN'S SPECIALIZED HOSPITAL 150 New Providence Rd. Mountainside (908) , Ext. 379 Open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.- 4:30 p m. Also open hy ap pomtnienl. tiy Burton Lon-, tluougfi Oct. 29. PhotOj;raphs by H. Lisa Solon, thioufilioct. 29. Watercolors nnd pastels by Elizabeth Apgar Smith, through Nov. 30. CORVELL GALLERY AT THE FORWARD BCoryellSt.,Larnbertville (609) 397-O804 Daily (except luesday) from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Works by Albert L BrossJr., Richard Lennox, Charles R. Ross, and Barbara Watts,. 14, CAPPUCCINO 3MalnSt.,Ointon (908) Mondiy tftroutfi Wednesday from 0,m.-8 p.m.; Thursday from 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m.-11 p.m.; Sunday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m, A Nack-and-wMte "Poster of Clinton,' 1 throu0i Oct. 31. PINT UNITARIAN SOCIETY 724 Park Ave,, Piatnfield (908) Open to the public daily (except Saturday) from 9:30 a.m,-3 p.m. Weaving by Anne Travis, throutfi Oct. 31. Reception from noon-2:30 p.m. Oct. 17. FMNIMTEMttlNflff Routt 519, BelvKJert (906) DaMy from 9 im-6 p.m, World by Merle Morse, thfm#oct.31. HUNTWOONAHTCCNTIR 7 Lower Cemer St., CJtnton (906) from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Admission S3, discounts available. "Circus To-Day!" throutfioct 10. European potten from the 1930U95OI, throutfi Oct. 10. HUKTERDON COUNTY UBRARY Route 12, Remington (908) Open during library hours. Amateur photography contest, through Oct. 30, Works by the Brushing Violets Decorative Painters, through Oct. 30. A.J, IE0ERMAN FINE ART 309 Court St., Hoboken (201) Moodily thiough FruUy from 9:30 p.m.. S:»turil.ty from rioon-6 p.m Also open hy ttpfwinlmcnt. Oct. 15. MONTCLAIR STATE COLLEGE ART GALLERY Upper Montclair (201) Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. "The Time of the Smokestacks," industry in Italy, through Oct. 22. NABISCO GALLERY River Rd., East Hanover (201) Daily Irom noon-4 rj m Fret, 1 admission. Moms Area Visual Arts Forum, through Oct. 14. NEW JERSEY CENTER FOR VISUAL ARTS 68 Elm St., Summit (908) Monday through Friday Irom noon-4 p.m,, Salutday and Sunday from 2-4 p.m. Fret* admission (except whore indicated). "The Joyful Spinl" \n.irt liom Haiti, througji Oct. 2K\ (nillciv tour at 3 p.m. Oct. 17, Nonmember adnnsmii $1. Crafts ")n Praise ol Hjiui',. through Oct. 20 NJ. DESIGNER CRAFTSMEN 65 Church St., New Urun'.wn k (908) Monday through S.iliniliiy dum noon-6 p.m. Dhthit of pa[wr and hook JIT, through Oct. 30. NORTH PLAINFtELD WJBUC LIBRARY 6 Rockview Avc North Plainfield {908) Open during library hours. Oil paintings and wiilercolors by Florence Sonnlag, through Oct. 30. PHOENIX ARTS GROUP 247 Main St., Metuchen (908) Wednesday through Saturday from noon-6 p.m. Also open by appointmtnt. Prints and sculpture by Yuri Arajs, Oct. 16-Nov. 14. Reception from 2-5 p.m. Oct. 16. Ceramic sculpture by Adam Wieczorek, Oct. 16-Nov. 14. Reception from 2-5 p.m. Oct. 16. mcatawaytownihlp MUNICIPAL COMPLEX 455 Hoes Lane, Ptscataway (908) Open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m, 4:30 p.m. "Year of the Craft," through Oct. 29. owituof QAROEN <umirr 24 Fem Rd., East Brunswick (908) Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11 B.m.-S p.m. Also open by appointment. Juritd Kulpture exhibition, ttmufi Oct. 31. Group show of new artists, through Oct. 31, RARtTAN VALLEY COMMUNITY COUtQC Route 28, North Branch (908) Tuesday througn Thursday from noon-3 p.m. Faculty exhibit, Oct SOMERSET COUNTY CULTURAL AND HERITAGE QAUIRY County Administration luhding 20 Grove St., Somcrvillo (908) Open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Historic sites in the county, throufih Nov. 1. Stargazing DREYFUSS PLANETARIUM Newark Museum 49 Washington St., Newark (201) 59fi-GGll Adults $4, children under 12 V. "MiiiJiC Sky," 1 antl 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. "Iho Wealhor Machine," 2 (iiui 4 (i m. Saturday and Sun clay, noon WLClncsday Uirough Oct. 31. NJ. STATE MUSEUM 205 West Stdte St.. Trenton J600) SUir parties. 7:30 p.m. Friday. Includes view of night sky at Washington Crossing State Pork observatory. Fiee admission, "Sing a Song of Stars," 1 and 3 p.m. Sntuiday and Sunday. Admission $1, group rales available. 'Death ol Iho Dinosaurs," 2 p.m, Saturday and Sunday. Ad- 'mission $1, group rates availtihlc riiiiiifen midei '1 not ndnutlet). RARITAN VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Route '28,North Hranch (90S) 2il-K805 A 'Journey Into Space," 1 and 4 p.m. Saturday through Nov. 21, also lit 1 and 4 p.m. Oct. in. "Adventures Alory, (he Spectrum," 2:30 p.m. Saturday ihrtiurh Nov. 27, also at 2:30 p.m. Oti, 10. TRIALSIDE NATURE AND SCIENCE CENTER New Providence fid. and Coles Ave., Mountainside (908) "Laser Revelations II," 7 p.m. Oct. 12. Adults and children $2,50, senior citizens $ WMkend Plus ForbosNewspapw- * Oe^.6-8,f993

41 # -. *»: * * * : : -, : " Old World flavor Aranka's surrounds its visitors with the charm of Hungary # * # - By NCKJ PULSINEW Culinary Co-respondent There is more to dining at Aranka't than just experiencing Hungarian food. What we have here is that friendly Old World charm of Europe right in our own back yard, The walls are covered with oil paintings of the Hungarian coun- ' tryside and needlepoint artwork by the mother of the owner. There are hand-painted plates (nothing mass-produced), each from a different region of the country. European lace curtains on all the windows complete the picture. Daughter andrestaurantmanager Eleanor Reiss visits each Andy and GoWIt Aranki table to welcome everyone to their restaurant as if they were eating in her home. And that home feeling is evident by the family pictures on the fireplace mantle, The owners, Aranka and Andrew Dohanyos, do all of the cooking, while Eleanor manages the dining num. And just like the hand-painted plates, none of the food is mass-prod iced. Everything, including the desserts made with fresh apples and other fruits, is home made. Except for a few American entrees such as filet mignon, shrimp and broiled flounder, most of the food is Hungarian. Appetizers include Hungarian cabbage noodles ($4.95), stuffed cabbage ($2.50), breaded deep-fried chicken livers ($4.95) and Hungarian's kolbas (a homemade sausage served with a horseradish sauce) for $5,95, The menu has 18 entrees from $11.95 for chicken liver withrice to $17.95 for filet mignon or crispy roast duck, All entrees are served with freshly-baked bread, and a choice of cucumber salad or tossed salad. Some of the Hungarian dishes familiar to Americans are the goulash ($14.50), beef Stroganoff ($15.50), and stuffed cabbage ($12.95). Others, not so familiar are the Transylvanian goulash (made with pork and sauerkraut ($13.50), Iiecso {a spicy combination of fresh peppers, onions, tomatoes and Hungarian kolbas served on a bed of rice for $12.50) and gypsy pecsenye (pork baked in a brown gravy and served with dumplings and sour cream sauce) for $16.50, We invited another couple to dine with us. One had first hand experience with Hungarian food when she was growing up. Her mother was of Hungarian descent. We tried three different appetizers - the cabbage noodle, breaded deep-fried chicken livers and the kolbas. The cabbage noodles, pasta with shredded cabbage and black pepper, were hot and plentiful. The chicken livers, crisp and mild tasting, were served with u delicious horseradish sauce. I had the kolbas, also served with the same Ir» i you to thtir popular Franklin Park rastaurant. horseradish sauce. Our thinly-sliced cucumber salad, served in a vinegar sauce and flavored with paprika, was as different as the rest of the food We tried four different entrees. Two were more traditional, like the Hungarian goulash and the beef Stroganoff. The beef in both of these dishes were tender and delicious. The light dumplings, served with a sour cream sauce, were wonderful. I lost count of the calories. Tlie Transylvanian Goulash is served with cubes of pork instead of beef and sauerkraut rather than the buttered noodles, My husband had the gypsy pecsenye. I knew he would love this because the pork is baked in a brown sauce (brown sauces are his favorites). The dumplings with sour cream were an added treat for him. When our waitress brought over the dessert tray and told us everything was made there, I couldn't resist. I can't remember the last time I ordered dessert for myself, and finished all of it! I had the strawberry walnut cake, which tasted as good as it looked, One of our friends had the apple strudel (fresh apples), and my husband had the seven layer cake (1 can't remember the Hungarian name for it), with a hard caramel topping, The food at Aranka's is different than most restaurants. How many other restaurants can you name that serves Hungarian food? I can't think of any, yet I know there are probably several in New Brunswick with its large Hungarian population. But I did know about Aranka's (they began in New Brunswick in 1969). Its reputation is well founded. If you're in the mood for a different dining experience take a trip to Franklin Park and experience home made Hungarian food a la Aranka's, ARANKAS 3185 Route 27, Franklin Park, (908) This column it Intended to Inform readers about dining opportunities in the area, It Is not a retvew. Flflfffmt Jro Cllif Ugkt * WtsdkW, mmnn t» Itfttt MHuhn, Mirttlli Mtfllo Pirk, mmnm WUtfN ^ T^^^^PH ^^^^. ^^^^^u^^' fy^^^. ^^^^L ^-J JMB. 9m houw. Oontinuoui hippy hour fwnyttyt New minu«tmi tcmn TV. Comtdy nitfit OcL 7. (908) * * * Nunvn Roytfi Qmn Brook, fourth Mffltanwy; Bwy purchase of $15 or men it* C»VW A Ffl E tontjml Aw Of any olhtr ipedaty, (906) flk^u^^l^jw^bflkjlc 0«r Jim it bt ooomnf ItrtwM * ttoktt octe.! Oct. 6-8,1993 Newspaper Weekend Rus 15

42 i tlver SADDLE Country! SO'i * p.m. to 10 p.m. fe* Buffet HERB PAMLO'S C/RflNIIOUSHU-STAURANT DINE WITH US FOR LUNCH OR DINNER IN OUR GREENHOUSE Four Rooms/or Banquets Bridal 8how«ri Weddings Birthdays Claw Rwnloni AnnlvtrtarlM RiNrtinen ART & THE FABULOUS FEMALE VOCALIST WILLIE Friday I Siturdiy 9p.m.-1:3Oi.m, RIMTV*Now Forth* Holiday* I NORTH VO08ELIER AVE., BOUND BROOK -9R99 SKfi-OfiRfl ^Celebrating Our 25tb Year Reftaurant located in the Watchung Mountains rated ***l/2 Bemardsvifle Newi rated itkifk Courier News AIMJ-Can Eat Dinner Buffet Tbes.-Thurs. Night $o.9$ Now on Sundays 4:30-8:00 PM... $9.95 Vfeekday Lunch Bufet $4.9$ 168 Mt. Bethel Rd* Warm* Directions: Exit 36 off Rl 78 or Wirrenville Rd. Off U.S. 22 wmmm THE 106 W. 2nd St. Bound Brook Eat In Take Out Thursdays Karaoke 8:30pm AH You Can Eat Buffet Saturdays fli' w f=*. %O 11: Live EntertalnneDt Sat, SepL 25th "New Avenue 1 " Lunch & Dinner Specials Daily Open 7 Days Jefo 26thtaMik 7t/t, %sbumnf Sum* Ipeciattie* f/n tfoohwd Qmt 5o (V (ioatmttitf Stand (Batta/Hait (Atacm fffeme RESTAUHANT /eatunnffthe GREEN GROCERY SALAD BART Oct. 7th to Oct. 17th Authentic German Cuisine Specials for Lunch & Dinner including: Bavarian Goulash Sauerbratcn, Spatzle Wiener Schnitzel Chicken Fricassee Wurst Platters Potato Pancakes Red Cabbage and German Potato Salad Imported H acker-pschorr Octoberfest Beer Happy Hour Everyday Mon.-Fri, 4-7 p.m. Reservations always accepted 600 E. Main SL Bridgewaler ^ Aranka's Franklin McAtccrs Park, Somerset, Italy Express Gar wood, Somerset Hills - Warren, Colonial Farms Somerset, Caffe Piancone - South Plain- Held Main St. Brldgcwater, Mom's - Edison, Jasper's Hillsborough, Ebbets - Whitehouse, Somerset Marriott - Somenert, Basking Ridge Golf Club - Basking Ridge, Carpaccio Middlesex, The Union Grill at Bound Brook Inn -Bound Brook, Time Out Sports Cafe -Manvillc Under Ground -Bound Brook, Cedar Restaurant -New Brunswick, 9O O3O Trattoria Fircnze -Green Brook, Readinglon Roadhouse -Whiie- house, MM ' t«ti KEEGAN t HEENEY 426 [.Main St., BoundBrook* Weekend Plus I orties Newspapers Oct. 6-8,1,993

43 Catarl'i Bound Brook, 90*^ * Taj Mahal. Rirltan, *%3655, Morrlatown, Spali ' ifcrraro's < Rarltan, Somenrllle TAJ MAHAL Exotic Indian Cuisine Lunch Buffet Wed.,Thun.,Frl.4SaL FREE THE EKCH4N6E 646 Rt 202/206 Bridgtwrier & CCHCC / DlNNEB GCT2ND nil Eipo'i. RariUn, GoM«Comer - Bound Brook, I La Caclaa - Sonervlile, Pina * FaiU. Manvtte, Middleici, , I908-27I4W10 MM The Excfcaafc - BridtewaUr, lo'ceuers - Watcfcting, ^565 Scarpelllie's * Warren, I90844M728 SetJiy's. (Wcatwood)l Ganvood, O'Coeaer'i Beef K Ab -I Watchunj, Saaeen New Brenmlek, 90843S488S lunch Dlnnof ^^ - Iw4 ej^p^e^bjpa^jfi R^^ffiaaj Rt 201 louoit nintin limtlitown (9fl»lM«-3W5 (M1)2»3-t<t3 HONOAT THRU THURSOAr FflOM ri U.S. Highway 22 Qmn Brook, NJ Opw 24 hours a day 7daysawMk yg SurmtCohimiOtm, Indudoa Salad, Potato, / Entrot and Broad f (et equal or trntr VWM, rrw vriui H) EXPWES 10/avw NotAvtilableFbrTekeoui JWETE LOWERED THE BOOM OH PUCES! L*E<JI#I>$ -A SPORTS BAR- It I NEW MENU LARGE SCREEN TV COMI-.DYNK.III -OU. 7(li The WOtm Qitcnbrook, Roilaa 1! Bound Brook, Scotch Plalm, * * M i ABOVE 8EPVIO \MTH SOUP, SAW), POTATO, COFFEE, PUDDMQS, OR JELLO - NO 8U88TmiTION8 A ^ ^ A f f Your Choice * C RESTAURANT 3523 Route 22 East Whitehouse, New Jersey _ Tel Fax _ I RVCKLEY'S the only place for ribs *10>flfIIHRS III SOU KIDMSOn SH IIHRS IIMM»n All You CanEat Baby Back Ribs Sink Nit* 22 oi All You CanEat Only] M Ribs Raefclaya Dinosaur ApptaraOn Widnoaoay * Sunday )ur Childs Hirtlujjy 1'JIIY vsiih Our hi:pit 1 Dinoviur In Our f'rlwk I'dr1> Kooml CdM lor Dddilv 1776 South luunstoa Avenue. rimum? WS-1000 PRODUCE Jersey Orchard Apples OAK TREE FOODS 25 Red Golden Macintosh Greening 11 (908) Farm Fresh Country Market DELI Boar's Head #1 Imported $099 w wib Thumann'a Hormel Land 0 Lakes & All Your Fraah Otll Favorltti MEAT Whole Untrimmed Filet Mlgnon 7*9 Ib. Average Cuitom Cut For Steak or Ronti Plus tht Frtihut Poultry, Perk, VMI i B«t( You Can Buy SALE RUNS THURSDAY SUNDAY 10/10 We Now Accept Vis,t M. >hone orders gladly accepted C.irtJs SPECIALTIES imp.pecorlno Romano Chunk Cheese 99 lb, Plus Sausagti, Chteiei Siucei, Dips A Incredible Ediblet Locatei' on Oak Tree Road Next to Drug Fair > rots from Poll Office In So. PUInfWd Oct. 6-8,1993 Forbes Newspapers Wee'end Phis 17

44 Dance to the Sound of cur Live Sands OetMh-lddtoDtMTrlo Oot 1 (Mh Jhn llotfimii Incoff N (908) *tunch*dlnnir*cocl*li W^dnoi BMiquHi * P««M lor M OocMioni 66 Rt 173. with Reason Marilyn Cormock *tf you don't like a wine, it doem't mean that its bad. It mear* you dont prefer the wine, *h«began, "We have a joying In my country, Celt LaW AlalnMattoasGlesdlrectorfor Chimney Rock Vineyards, spoke with great enthusiasm at a totting last week of Napa Valley Wines. Being born In the mkjst of French vineyards, literally, Mr. Mosson was able to Inform all attending on the differences between French and California wines. The common denominator In the wines we taste tonight is Fruit. In California we get so much sun that the grapes have a full fruity character. "He explained. Mr. Masson also proved that vineyards In his niche, the Stag's Leap District of Napa, have no problem maintaining good acidity to balance all the fruit. During the tasting we tried the 1989 Clos Du Val Nopa Cabernet and the 1989 Clos Du Vai Stag's Leap Cabernet, The Napa was garnet color with blackberry and pepper flavors, and a healthy pose of tannins, The Stag's Leap was a Jeweled red, filled with ripe red raspberries, smokey, very round and structured, What a difference 6 feet of land makes. We also tasted a vertical of Chimney Rock Cabernets, The 1986 was showing some age, but had all the flavors you iove In older wines; dried current, tar, smoke - It was velvet.the '8/ and '88 showed signs of becoming this wonderful as well, but were both drinking marvelously now. The 1988 especially was loaded with berry flavors and had subtle, softened tannins. The Chimney Rock '89 Is a keeper, people! I'm getting a case, The problem was that I couldn't find any wines I didn't like. Oh, well. LikeAlolnsays.'Cest La Viet". Enjoyl Sponsored by NM3TCN Wine & Lidiurs FRANKLIN TOWNE CENTER (next to FOODTOWN) Highway 27, Fronkin Park, NJ IB Weekend Pint Forbes Newspapers Oct. 6-8,1993 fe \,\ XX SUNDAY BRUNCH BUFFET Scrumptious Buffet Featuring Omlcttes, Fresh banes, 8-10 Hot Entrees, Fruits, Juices, Desserts andmuch More Adults Only Sentors Children (4-12) l295 $g Children 3 and under are FREE ()'( OWORS OClOM-'K MM-( IAI.S MONDAY Prime Rib $8.95. Prime Rib $9.95 SUNDAY Senior Prime Rib (12-5) " EirfjBW 1795 There Is No Udder! III! 1708 Mountain Blvd. Watchung, NJ (908) Middlesex Ave. Metuchen, N.) Lunch & Dinner Served Daily Live Entertainment Fri. - Sat. - Sun. wm- Fri. - Oct. 8th - Class of f 57 Sat. - Oct. 9th - Irish Entertainment Sun. - Oct. 10th - Kevin McArdle! * mm Coupon Expkts 10/22/93 WMnVMV TopSMotaSfcakMmcr 6.49 JO) Banquet facilities Available In m put) UM C*rm la utrt ti comtt WOK * Wy O»W coupon 0> «r«ait Mi Tw not MfaMd VMd II»«Klp*int MM HUflflV Coupon Expires 10/22/93 Charbrolltd Chlck«fl Dlnntr our OwMM ChU«n torn, MMudn M H Ot polm. aut AMMCtftCM Oi*n«MM" mdm4m DM tfttmrtcoupon IO«< W iny ttnt «U«Ctnnal M uwd coupon Of Mnuni ohw Iti not miatiauhi. M M nty ivy a FlEMINGTON. RI. 31 & Church St IdDURAW BUFFET FN > WflftrLCoupwi Expirn 10/22/93 Lunch Grand Buffet $ 3 VMM: 11-4/HM-tft. f f p Ceupan fait Imini pmi ** C««M ta HUAR/I Coupon Expm 10722/93 FN ChiibrolM1/3lb.*l«wAFrlM VaM 1M Mon.-S«l 1 I/) fc Cnwit w Mewl %. T* N* VaM a FNi SOMERSET

45 Please Look (or this week's menu in: "Somervitte Shops" Diner Weekly Special; BMikM Strips w/btoooou f W M MwMMI S H I R HHNMMHMNIHIMMH Comfcte RESTAURANT Calf. CATERING ike Finest Spaniifc Cuuine in tl»e New WorU LUDAMT in Emjr Ttafay M* few Jmtyfcillhrtyl* CklkA! UtinDfttsltlMISI FRIDAY ft SATURDAY NIGHTS IMIOrfT COLUMBUS SPECIAL 1 fi% OFF with this ad \J Entire Food Bill (Except Drink) limit one per party. Not to be combined with any other coupon. Good 'til I0/17W 120Thonpfton street Corner or W. 202 N. Bound Rarttan WlllUm St. > PUatiwiy 908-7SM2I0 FAX flciutlis WEDOtNOS* SHOWERS DINNERS Call (Nt) N Somerset Hills Warren, *5700 The Rylwd Inn - Whitehouse, MM Cortina 1! Cranford, MM Hunan Garwood, MM Romanelli'i - Scotch Plains, MM Sinclalrc's Restaurant WestfieW, Stefano'i Fanwood MM The Armory - Perth Amboy, MM The Barge Perth Amboy, MM Black River Cafe - Bedminster, La Strada - Warren, MM Coachman Inn - Cranford, MM Bobby & Mary's Piscataway, MM K.C.'s Corner - South Plainfield, O6 MM Headquarters Cafe Piscataway, The Rusty Nail North Brunswick, x FAMILY RESTAURANT Mon. thru Thurs. Kids Sa\ Fo^ 99* Er^oy DENNY' It* Magic Ctowi Staxlay r«gh11 t Artmd Charoctwi Balooni Childron's Mtnu «Birthdcrv Parks h PRIC GREAT MARGARITAS Rt, 22 West, Morfk PlaihfJeld (908) (Com* VM End AM. * Rt. 22 WNO Mo)or Ovdt Cadi Accepted \t OPEN!!! KOSHEB STYLE DELI * CUSTOM CATERINQ Featuring... Lox Herring Whitefish Knishes Potato Pancakes Kippered Salmon Remington's First N. Y. Style Deli 20 Commerce Street Flemington, New Jersey (Located InThe Commerce Street Shopping Center) *6022 Fax 908«806«7022 '"~ - " """"U8BTSS"COUPONTP BECOME A MEMBER OP THE BAGEL CLUB FREE HALF DOZEN BAGELS "BITTKR OFF BBXNO A UMBER" lumbsrshxp FORM Name Phone Addreas Expires 11 /7/93 Cjumot be usixl In fiomhii\ation with any ollior coupon 3? BOBBY & MARY'S Lunch Time **We«kend Dinner Specials** Monday -Friday Zoppa DiMsels over Ungu/n/ $7.95 i^sfti*?? 1 Flounder Francaise $9.95. Monday Nite -Pasta Nite" Spaghetti Linguini Ziti -Meat Sauce or Marinara Sauce ALL YOU CAN EAT! Monday Night Football $1 Bud Lite Drafts & 1/2 Time Finger Foods [ ««".MSW JV (vk Tuesday Nite Barbeque Ribs or Chicken $6.95 Country Western Nite Starting 7 PM Wednesday Nite Pizza Nite $1.00 OFF Any Large Pie > < Thursday Nite Barbeque Ribs or Chicken $6,95 Country Western Nite Starting 7 PM Friday Nite "WMkandSptcW Saturday Nite Sing Along with Rich at the Piano 7PM-? "WMiwnd Sptciali" W\U T4 Saturday ALL YOU CAN EAT BABY BACK RIBS $9.95 KIDS EAT FREE EVERY SATURDAY 4-7PM Tuesday 2 FOR 1 PIZZA Let The Kids Play While You Cat Video Games Billiards Basketball Shoot Plus Many More Terrific Games In Bazookas Playroom 1351 Centennial Ave. * PiscalavVay, N it r'1 V4 Oct. G-8, 1993 I oitvjb NiAvsn?p?t^ Weekend Plus

46 Central New Jersey's Best Choice For Meeting Someone Close To Home KWCIM PMuMfS 60 pin is part of Forbes Newtpapen' Introductions. It it intended for use by people loo/ting for other people with whom to ettabliw rclationtbipt. For more information phase call I-S00-$ $ ATTRACTIVE, WARM, PETITE FEMALE- I i m a very sweet, widowed, Jewish female in my sixties, t am Intelligent and lot of fun to be with! Communication Ii very Important to me. My Interests re theater, traveling, and en oying each others company (and misery), I would like to meet e tingle Widower male, Jewish, 60-73, who it physically end mentally healthy, sincere, and hae a greet tense of humor. I live In Hudson County. Pleaie reply ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO HI CIIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS IOX M i l) FORMS NEWS* PAPERS, PO BOX #H, SOMEWVILLE, NJ OUTI, ITALIAN AMERICAN WIDOW I would love to meet Mr. Right, (Age: 60*erly 7O'i.) If you love to socialize, go out to dinner, visit the thore, on long walks and generally KEEP BUSY-1 would OVE to meet vout Pleaie reply ext THIS ADVERTISER PREFERS TO RECEIVE MAIL PLIASI UNO LETTER AND PHOTO TOt INTRO- DUCTIONS IOX 4165, FORMS NEWSPAPERS, PO OK <W, SOMERVILLI, NJ 0SI76. LINEAR DIVORCED WHITE FEMALE Late 50's, active, employed, seeking tingle divorced white female (linear only) in Metuchen or Edison, but not conlined to that area. Interested in fitness exercising, cralts, flea marketing, day excursions, movies, local theater and general socializing. Please call Ext. 430O. SENIOR WHITE MALE- Looking to talk over aging sex, good living and for friendship or more- with an affectionate, welleducated, older female. Pleaso reply exl, 4298 SINGLE WHITE WIDOWED FEMALE- 70, Interested in SWM, 65-70, who likes slow dancing, bus trips, picnics, movies, etc. Ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4340, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVIllE, NJ 0M7I. VERY GOOD LOOKING, Happy, Intelligent, enthusiastic Swedish woman with great sense of humor. Loves life, cooking, people, animals ft occasional cocktail. Dining out & much more. Would like lo meet someone similar. NS, between 83 a 73. Please reply ext, BUSIADM Contacts Buunea Contditi n.< m-j) dititificiitiim ami u part nj forbti Nw\papm hitraductinm. It is intended for uw by people looking fur other people with ubmn to dnaut folium tor more mjn flcmr call l-hc0-tw-949f, LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED TRAVEL AQEMTinterestod in becoming a business partner in an expanding travel agency branch Additional training provided at no cost to right porson. Pioaso call Ext 4S1B. YOUNG PROFESSIONAL looking for business partners!o join the growing Joint Venture Marketing activity No Investment, No qualifications or exper, roquirod. Training provided at no cost to the tight people. Pleaso call Exl, 'YR. OLD MALE looking for a woman exercise partner for wktnds A eves, No particular age. Pla call exl. 4556, THIS ADVMTISeR HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CIIV1 MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER ANO PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS SOX 4556, FORMS NfWS- PAPERS, PO JOX ttt, tohflwillt, NJ Extrast Partner! u part of Forbei NewiMpert' Introduction!. It ii intended for uir by people hiking for other people with whom to tttratt or pity tportt. For more information pleme call MOO-5J9-W9J. OWF- professional, 46, new to Metuchen area seeki other Females interested in walking as well as other light exercise. Would also enjoy movies, concerts, shopping, etc. Uiten to Voice Mail for more info. Pltaaa call extension CRIMAOEPUYEHS We're looking for crlbbagt players Interested in forming a group 10 promote regulexly scheduledjanwi In the BfWae^/Sdmeivllie tret. Can ert.ot? Sweets For Your Sweetie NEWSPAPERS Pefton rectmriq the paatry toiy must Irvt or work In tht Forbes Newepepere primary market are* and be able to accept delivery during week day bunnees hour*. Try a FREE "Introductions* 1 ad I and you could win a tray of ovenfresh La Bonbonnierc pastries & muffins delivered to you or your sweetie. It's easy. Just place your ad in "Introductions", Central Jersey's best place to meet people, and you're automatically entered. I You could meet that special somej one, a 60-plus new friend, busi- ness contact, traveling companion, exercise partner or game playcr/bobby ist. Call and talk to our "Introductions" advisors who will help you word your FREE ad. Place your ad by 5:00 pm Friday and you'll automatically be entered to win the weekly drawing.. Winner Week #2 M. K. ofn. Brunswick 2062 Rt. 27, Edrton A Hexllty Rd., Go. Ptainfitld R11, Woodbridg* RL 130, North Brunswick, Park Ave., Scotch Plaint ATTWmONsPfNTEPLAYERSl Yes...thii la not a misprint. There are so few of ui. If you play Ptnte) or anyone you know o» plays Perrtepieata give ma a call. JP.S. Robin Thompson, If you read Ihls, pleaae call!) Please reply ext Game Playtn & Hobbyittt ii part of Fob Introduction!. It >J intended for me by people other people with whom to pin unmet or en\oy H For mou information pleaie call I-8OO-5W-94H WOMEN SOCCER- team looking tor playtrt 25 yr.1 & older to join recreational league for fall. Exptrienced and beginners welcome. Please cat! ext m,smguwhinrimau 52, hae worked hard, end taking an early retirement (to meh the IOMI). I im Him, attractive, personable, and eiey aoing-adventurous and affectionate et wall. Would Me To enhance your lift and mint. Want SLACK ramale 36, inking tingle female traveling companion without any rertrtoloni- who le able to trivet at whim. Any nationality. Pleaie reply ext. 416* mm THIS ADVENTIMR HA* ALSO CHOSEN TORE- CBIVE MAM. PLEASE SEND LETTER TO; INTRO- MCTrONSlOX 4tK FORBES NBWSPAPIM, PO BOX SSI, SOMERVIUE, NJ OSS7I. SHMLE WHITE MALE 40, leeklng WF friend for cruise Club Med Of your vacation idea, Share expemet, no commitment required; we'll lust be friendi and have a great timel Pis call ext, Traveling Companion! it part of Forbei Newspapers' Introductiont. It \i intended for me by people looking for other people with whom to travel. For more information pleaie MM J-S0C-S YEAR 0LO- A iu, Attractive fat chick. Under 300, but over 200 Ibt. I have green eyes & brown hair. I'm looking for a sincere, wsrm-hearted, tun-loving SWM who Is not married but employed. I like to pliy pool, go to movies, read & fish. I like to spoil a be spoiled, Serious only respond! Please reply exl ARE YOU TIRED OF ALL THE GAMES? Are you ready for real relationship? Your search is over. I am a SWJPF 38, pretty & petite. I anjoy romantic candlelight dinners, qujet times ai home laughing & cuddling. I am spontaneous w/varled Interests. 1 am looking lor a positive & romantic SWPM who con atto be my best friend II this is you please call me, Ext FOR MORE INTRODUCTIONS SEE NEXT PAGE TO PLACE AN AD t Take some lime to write down some characteristics aboul yourself, and your preferences about the type of person you would like lo meet. 2. You can place your Introductions ad just by calling 1-BO Our specially trained statf i will help you. Any personal information we may request will be kept strictly confidential. 3. Deadline to place your Introductions ad is Friday by Spm. Vour ad will run for six weeks and can be renewed at any time. 4. To retrieve your messages, call and follow the voice prompis for advertisers. The cosi is $2.00 per minute. CUSTOMER SERVICE TO ANSWER AN AD $2 FOR THE FIRST MINUTE, $2 FOR EA. ADDTL MINUT E 1. Note the extension numbers at the end of the ads you would like to answer 2. To respond by phone, call from a Touch-Tone phone and follow the voice prompts and record your messages. The cost ts per minute You must be 'B years or older to use this 900 line. NEW FEATURE BOX RENTAL For advertisers who would like the option of receiving mail responses in VJ voice responses, you can rent a mail box for 55 per week, Box rentals must be paid tn advance before receiving your responses. To respond by mail, look tor aos that are specially ma'ked tn BOLD PRINT. Mall received for advertisers who have not requested matt boxes wrii not bo ( Introductions It optraud by Forbu Niwipiptu, 44 Viltrant Mimorlil Dr, i, Somtrvllli, NJ 0U7*. Foibei Ntwipipen' Intioduciion* n way lo people, find * tennis partner, a loumh lor bndgi, or another claisical music lovir Whalevor your mltrnvi. you should bt able to hnd someoni to shaie Parional advtriisernenn and voict mail missigti may no) contain language that ti ovully ttxual. tuggttiivi and/or otlinnvt lo lh«gintnl pubic Tha Publnho* reserves the nght to reject any ad This publication assumes no responsibility or liability lor Ihe continl o r reply ol a personal advertisement. You mutt be tb yuan or older to use this service 20 Weekend Plus Forbes Newspapers Oct. 6-8,1993

47 Central New Jersey's Best Choice For Meeting Someone Close To Home. AAA. ASSERTIVE, ATTRACTIVE, ADVENTUROUS 37 yr old, educated & sucossful DWM, 5'9", 170 lbs, sandy hair, seeks younger, slim, attractive, demure lemtli (or LTR & family, with take charge kind ol man, pliaii call ext.4297 A M r m ILOND WITH CUSS IN STYLE 57,50, feminine, attractive, slim, fashion conscious, Inttlligtnl, positive accomplished, insightful, fun to b with, great M M * of humor, lovti the arts, classical music, and all the good tilings in lilt. Searching lor i till handsome successful professional (or a monogamous relationship leading to marriage. Please be an Incurable romantic with a zest for lite. Age unimportant but state ot mind Is. Full head ol hear Is a plus, Plnrt call ext THIS ADVMTISM HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO BE CIIVI MAIL. PtfASl MND LETTIR AND PHOTO TO: INTROOUCT1ONS M M 4411, PORKS NEWS- MHWS, *) sox m, sominviat, m own, ALOW AIMED IN IIIUN- DJPM seeks 45+ lemile who is slim, attractive and fun to be with, Must have sense of humor, I am 5't8", 145 lbs,, with brown hair ahd blue eyes. Let's talk. Pie calleitt ATTRACTIVE FIT FUN IWM Very handsome, athletic, smart, well educated, open & honest, caring, sensual, romantic, $ stable, nonsmoker, non-drinker who loves Hie and enjoys travel, movies i plays, dancing & dining, the beach, sunsets, tennis, photography, music, comedy clubs, trading back rubs, exercise, laughter, and affection. I'm seeking a THIN NON SMOKER SWF who toves life and would enjoy sharing fun times, good friendship, and eventually a great relationship that includes understanding, a solid marriage,, and family. Ext PUAlE SEND RECENT PHOTO * NOTE TO : EXT, 4N1, CORKS NEWSPAPERS, PO IOX SH, tom- EWVILLE,NJ0M7*. ATTRACTIVE SWM 34- Blonde hair, blue-eyes, sexy, well built, good heart and lull of laughs. Seeking very attractive female who Is honest, sensitive, caring and affectionate tor possible LTfl. Must like hugsflleiit ATTRACTIVE WHITE MALE- 45, wealthy and generous, In search of shapely lady lor mutually beneficial, mistress-type relationship. Please reply wt ACHEUOR- 36, slim, outgoing, good conversationist, sense of humor, enjoy music, sports, dining out, looking lor SWF, 35-35, lor enjoyable times together wlthsomeone who has the same interests, I) this sounds good to you please call ext 3626 BEINQSINGLE ISNfWTOME.,. and I'm scared to death- with AIDS & all the crazies out there- so why am I doing this?.. I guess I'm lonely and I need a Irlendl So I pick up the Star Ledger and turn to the personals... WHOAt There must be about 10 pages full- So how come I can't llrtd one real person? I'm a single while male, 43,5'9 (225lbs), average looks but very friendly, fun-loving, nonsmoker, social drinker, very romantic, caring and affectionate. My friends call mo Buddy"!! I am also honest and open, not like 90% of these ads- I've been reading what amounts to a bunch ot BS, Size, shape, race, and age do not matter. If you are a real women please give me a call at ext BODACIOUS BLONDEwlth sweeping sensuality. One man woman, 5 5, slim, SOw/ great legs, intelligent, attractive, former model, Into the country and western scene. Socks best Irlend/lovor and marriage w/ a tall, handsome, lit, savvy professional to snaro chili, WYNY, tho rodeo, and the best times olourlivos Ext 4610 BUCK MALE 44 yrs, old. 6'1" 195 lbs, Average build with collego degree. Good sensa of humor, is non-pretentious, and enjoys the following activities: reading, plays, movies, concerts, dining out, dancing, cycling, hiking, amusement parks, picnics, weekend getaways, just to name a few. Desires a tall slim attradive, Intelligent, honest black/hispanic woman over 30 yrs. young. Non-smoker with old fashion values. Would like to share in some or all ot the activities plus the things she enjoys doing as well. For friendship, companionship ana more. Mother with small child wtlcome. Please respond to ext SORNAQAINDWF- 41, w/chlldren, tall, attractive, well-built, would like to meet born again Christian man with a good relationship with Qod, 6't or taller, 30+, family-type. Someone who likes movies, dinners, dancing, camping, working out, traveling, people, and kids, please reply ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PUASE UNO LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS IOX 4M1, FORKS NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX SH, SOMERVILLE, NJ 0SS7S. BORN AGAIN SWCF, 48, student, ACOA, warm, caring; love laughtar, children, animals, good books/music, old movies, the outdoors, sharing thoughts, feelings & God's love. Would like to meet strong Christian gentleman (strong Christian, gentle man) with good, kind, understanding (ol himself & others) heart. Ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER ANO PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4323, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX m, SOMERVILLE, NJ 0M7S. BORN AGAIN SWF, 34, attractive, Prof, woman, looking for a SWC Gentleman, who Is strong In his walk w/lhe Lord, Please write * Incld. photo, THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO (OPTIONAL) TO: INTRODUCTIONS, BOX 3123, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX Ml, SOMERyiLLE,NJ,0SS7S CARING Physically fit DWM, 37, 5 9, 160 lbs. with a good heart, sense ol humor A traditional values. I enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities as well as movies, plays 4 dining at various restaurants. I'm Interested in meeting a slim, sensitive S/DF, 37 or younger with no children lo share similar Interests 4 possibly a meaningful one-to-one relationship. Please call Ext, CARING, FUN-LOVING,- affectionate, lit, finacially secure, matuer SWPM, 32. seeks ISO S/DWF, I want a nice, heatly LTR w/an honest woman willing to give ot herself, to share her life's adventures & misadventures, I'm 5'8, N/S, N/drug user, college grad looking for same. If Ihis sounds good to you please call ext,4612 CARING, HIGHLY EDUCATED, DIM- 37, 511, 190 lbs. Enjoys traveling, movies, exotic places, all kinds Of music and musical Instruments. Very athletic, loves health and exercise. Would like to meet single or dlv. Asian lemale for friendship to learn Asian culture, and for possible relationship. Pleasa call ext CLASSICAL MUSIC LOVER- SWF 38, ISO S/DWM lor harmonius long term relation. I also enjoy Ballroom dancing, dining out, travel, and FSU Football. Non-smoker preferred. All replies answored Please reply ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER ANO PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4520, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ COLLEGE GRAD 25-yr. old SJM who enjoys sports, music & movios & the shore seeking SJF, 20-2S, with similar interests. Please call Extension 4328, COUNTRY DANCE PARTNER WANTED- will train. II you are a financially secure, DWM, tall & thin, 3444 & appear pressed 4 preppy I'm Interested, Button downs a +. No make believe Cowboys. I'm very attractive, tall & thin, 38, with short dark blonde hair & beautiful blue eyes. Dancing 2-3 nights a week. Please call Eat DEAR TALL, SMART, SINGLE AND HANDSOME, I'm a very attractive 37 year old tall, (unloving redhead adventurous and full ol life. I like a man with a great sense ol humor, rugged, down lo earth, and must bs financially secure. Someone who likes anything from line dining to getting lost In the woods. If you're looking lor Cindy Crawford, keep looking. It you're looking lor a genuinely attractive sincere woman to have a relationship with please respond to ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE CEIVf MAIL PLEASI SEND LETTER ANO PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 3*04, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PQ BOX Iff SOMiRVILLE, NJ M1BII, YOU CALLED didn't catch your full telephone number on the message that you left, Please call back-1 would love to speak withy out. Ext D4VORCEO FEMALE Big blue tyes, blonde, 40-somethlng, pretty, nice, interesting lid, hardworker, successful career and a good friend. Looking lor an intelligent, kind, educated man for companionship and lun and whatever develops. Love black lie, the beach, boats, hikes, exploring, adventure, museums and Brigantine. Pleaso call Em DIVORCED WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE 37 (looks younger), gentleman, brown hair, bluegreen eyes, 5'tiO", 185 lbs. Average to good looking? Very hard working, honest, loyal, affectionate, kind-hearted, caring, easy going, shy, domesticated, secure, non-smoker. Interests are outdoors, fishing, recreation, beach, parks, movies, videos, cooking, dining in and out, car shows, American Performance Cars. Seeking single or divorced pretty, attractive, shapely Oriental lady, with very long straight or wavey beautilul black hair. Shoulder length min,, but prefer much longer. Medium build 5'3" +. This lady must be honest, caring, aasyaoing and calm nalured, sharing similar Interests for LTR Pis call ext DIVORCED WHITE FEMALE 43, slim, attractive seeking single/divorced white male , trim and good looking, who Is phslcally and emotionally Iree to build a relationship with the right women If hi were to find her,, and also have time for fun, dancing, dining and just being with someone special. Please reply ext DIVORCED WHITE FEMALE 43, attractive, 125 lbs, Greek-American, with oldfashioned values, In search of a Greok or Greek- American man between ages Financially and emotionally secure with family oriented values lor long term relationship/marriage. Only serious mquir- IBS. Plaase reply ext DIVORCED WHITE FEMALE Early 50's, attractive professional, looks 10 yrs younger than she is. Blonde, blue-eyed, slim, Lihes sports such as swimming, baseball, oic. Loves classical music and olher types as well, loves lo road, college-educated, Looking lor SWM, ago Physically fit gentleman, not to overweight, who onjoys dining out, sports, the boach, and much more! Please reply ext. 4601, DIVORCED WHITE FEMALE Youthful, 46, 5't5", shapely size 12, great lace, brunette professional, very $ and emotionally secure, no kids, non-smoker seeks tall prolessional DWM to age 55 who is pro-active, communicates well on all levels, and is a cut above the rest, yet sensitive, caring & very affectionate to share & enjoy a very special relationship. For additional Info, call ext DIVORCED WHITE MALE 30, 6'1", and professional. Seeking white female- 20's or 30'$, non/smoker, lor friendship, fun and romance, I enjoy the shore, day-trips, romantic times home or out, and I'm willing to try new things. I want to cuddle & make you feel good. Sincere 4 Honest, please reply ext DIVORCED WHITE MiLF Rugged, down to earth, entrepreneur, tall, very fit, runs, walks, hikes, skis, plays tennis, gardens, loves kids, last cars, honest one on one relationship, country dancing, travel, out ol doors, Channel 13, cooking, dining out, candle light romance, Italian anything, antiques, Victorian houses. II you are a nonsmoking petite sexy woman, 35-45, who can write letters and you relate to more than halt ot the above, then please write to me lor prompt reply. Ext. 416B. THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 41M, FORMS NEWS' PAPERS, PO BOX W, SOMERVILLE, NJ 01176, DIVORCED WHITE MALE 60, professional, very active, lit, & financially stable. An average man- no drinking or drugs, but I smoke. looking for SWF, slim, 28-43, needing a nice emotional start in life who likes to be spoiled and knows how to spoil m return. Must bs level headed, like sports, cars, dining out. quiet eves. Sense of humor a must! Ext DIVORCED WHITE MALE 57, 511 successful, financially secure, good looking seeks naturally attractive woman. 41 to 59 up to 6' for long term relationship. Athletic, business Interest, politician, physician, stewardess Socialite a plus. Ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: IN- TRODUCTIONS BOX 44S«, FORBES NEWSPAPER!, PO BOX 6tS, SOMERVILLE, NJ 0M76. DIVORCED WHITE MALE 43, prolessional, 6, 180 lbs., Catholic, Seeking SWF, (firm), , medium build, lor serious relationship & whatever develops. Sense of humor a +, but must be attractive, outgoing 4 good conversationalist (w/no children prat.) lo en oy movies, dining out & the occasional rainy day Please no fanaticsor people with little time on their hands. Please reply Ext, DIVORCED WHITE MALE Very good looking, Brn. hair, Blue eyes, 40; 58. interesting, sometimes funny, prof., Interested in literature, film, beach, quiet eves, at homo, revolution, seeks W$ w/slmilar qualities: very good looking, interesting, humorous, independently wealthy. Wilt take 2 out of 3. Aged 18-6B (prefer 30-45). Height unimportant. To share good times, maybe learn tennis or goit. Please call Ext. 4507, FOR MORE INTRODUCTIONS SEE NEXT PAGE TO PLACE AN AD Take some lime to write down some characteristics about yourself, and your preferences about the type ol person you would like to moot 2 You can place your Introductions ad just by calling Our specially trained stall will help you. Any personal information we may request will be kepi strictly confidential. 3 Deadline to place your Introductions ad is Friday by 5pm, Your ad will run lor six weeks and can be renewed at any time. 4 To retrieve your messages, call and follow the voice prompts lor advertisers The cost is $2 00 per minute CUSTOMER SERVICE TO ANSWER AN AD 1-9O $2 FOR THE FIRST MINUTE, $2 FOR EA ADDTL MINUTE 1. Nole the extension numbers at the end of the ads you would like lo answet 2. To respond by phone, call from a Touch Tone phone and tollow the voice prompts and record your messages The cost is $2 00 per mnuto You Tust be 18 \p.vs 0: older to uso this 900 Imp» NEW FEATURE BOX RENTAL For advertisers who would like the option ol receiving r 'Mil 'esi/jnsos IN LICKM.C 1. I.; voice responses, you can rent.1 box lor S'J per week Do* rentals vusl bi 1 p.uj in advance Ue'oro receiving your responses lo respond by mail look lor ads that arc specially ma'ked m BOLD PRINT. Mail received for advprtiseis who h.ive not requested mail l)o*cs.vh nol be Introductions Is operated by Forbes Ntwipipm, 44 Vtttrmt Memorlii Or. I Somcfvtlla. NJ 0BB76, f" Nowspapou Iriiroducliorii >s,1 people, tmd a tennis pndne*,.1 fourth to» tmdge. or anolhei classical music lover Whaleve: ycuf inlon>tls. yim jhmild be able lo Imd uimenmi Ic v Personal advertisements,md wouo mail messages may not contain language that <i ovediy s««ua< tuggosiivo ami -u oltenyve lo ins gonoiai puh it ti»n mserves Iho itn h t If 'riccl any ad This (iimlicaiion assumes no responsibility ut liabimy f o' I'm content O' reply - 1 '.1 notional jdvpiliiom«fil *ou mn',1 ix* Hi or oldc lo use iru 10 m.>»i r i'*on Oct fi 8,1993 Fortes tampers Weekend Plus 21

48 Central New Jersey's Best Choice For Meeting Someone Close Tb Home a MI ^ a ^ DO YOU ENJOY MOONLIT WALKS on thi b«ch & dancing until dawn? So do I. I im a tpontantous profusions! SWM, 34, entrepreneur, handioma, medium build, who ts ilncirt and tun to bt with, I enjoy physical fitness, music, sporti, A travel. Seeking an attractive, mature, sincere SWF, who enjoys an active, adventurous lifestyle for a lasting relationship. Plea>e reply exl It it ihe policy of ibts nanipaper not to publitb any ptnonal tdvttittment that mty Ite overily imtal, suggtithe mdlor offtmivt to tht ttnerat public. 71m irrvtce is intended loltly for personal aji JOT linglti who would like to tiltbliiba rttatiomhipwitn othtrsitijki. DWf- Beautiful green-eyed blond, 5't4", 118 lbs., great body physically & visually. Warm, intelligent, very affectionate, extremely active, n/s, n/d, no head gamis. Loves sports, music, dancing. SO yrs. young, Children grown, looking for counterpart. Ext. no Please send all letters to: FORBES NEWSPA- PERS, 44 VETERANS MEMORIAL DR., SOMERVILLE, NJ 08678, 0WM- Early 40's, self-employed, seeking a female In her 30'i for a possible long-term relationship. Pleate call ant WMV, FASCINATING ft FIT FEUNI Very attractive, proflisional, DWF, 5'5", 123 lbs Wish- looks 30lsh, non-smoker, w/long blond wavy hair & green eyes. I love dining, dancing & dreaming. Seeks Prof, WM, non-smoker, 40-50's- with great mind, soul, and body, for the best In life, (I was on vacation In August- if I missed your call, please call back!) Please reply exl FIHECMCKE* In search of her match. 41, SJF seeks adventurous, classy gentleman with quick sense of humor who Is confidant enough in himself (not arrogant) to not be intimidated by a confident, Independent, active lady. I enjoy travel, dancing, jazz, tennis and skiing. If you're a S/DJM, 35-45, non-smoker seeking a traditional, healthy, long-term relationship - please reply ext FIT I HEALTHY WHITE M A U 46, seeks female counterpart for discrete fun & friendship. Please call ext, THIS A&VIRT1SIN HAS ALSO CHOMN TO Rt- CEIVf MAIL PUAll SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4551, FOIIIEI NEWS- PAPWS, FO 1Q> IW, SOMtWVILU, NJ BAY SINGLE WHITE FEMALE - Professional, 42, adventurous, cute, in love with life and still growing. Stable, secure and know myself. In search of gay female with like vitalities. Non-smoker, no drugs, disease tree fof friendship or possibly more. Please call ext QAY WHITE MALE 31 yrs. old, 5'11,155 lbs., brn. hair/eyes. Somerville area. Enjoy romantic times, Antiques, long walks in the city, looking lor possible relationship. Looking tor someone Please call Bit. 3033, GIRLFRIEND WANTED SWM, 33, exciting, tall, dark, looks fine, deep, educated, and works out. In search of a team minded, caring, SWF, N/S, for summer fun, museums, walks, movies, and definitely for LTR, Please call tit, HANDtOME DIVORCED JEWISH M A U 42, professional, positive, good shape, romantic, car- Ing, many Interests ISO 8/DWF, up to 42, petite attractive, romantic, smart. Friendship-Romance retalionshlp call ext HANDSOME SINGLE WHITE MALE 35, 5', 6", brown hair, blue eyes, physically lit, great smile & personality, looking for cute SWF who (s fun & open-minded for exciting relationship. Please call Extension HI, SWM- Compassionate, romantic, sincere, loyal, gentle, loving, touching (both physical and emotional), attentive, humorous and thoughtful. Those are the things I hold dearest. I can best describe myself as the toad teas traveled or ofi (he beaten paih. I enjoy seeing somoone happy, boardwalk In the spring, tall, and winter, amusement parks, long drives to who cares where, tall when the leaves turn, sunsets, and sunrises. All these things I'd love to share. Looking tor someone who can be crazy spontaneous as I can to. Me, I'm 46, 5'9, 225 lbs, fairly solid. People soy I'm nice looking, my parents say I'm great. You, anywhere Irom 25-45, attractive, slim to a llttlo over medium build, and crazy ot want lo aspire lo It. Let's talk. Call oxi I WAS ONCE ACCURATELY DESCRIBED AS A STATE OF BEING VERB My favorite hobby is thinking. I am a thirty year old SWF wllh a quick mind and n sharp tonguo. I lovo Charlotte Bronte mid Ihe NY Giants wild equal passion. It you mo a SWM 30-41) and can hold your own in an argument you may be my PETRUCCtu. (Action verbs need not apply) P.S. I nm also small find cute. Ext 4609 THIS ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO (OPTIONAL) TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4609 FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOM- ERVILLE, NJ I AM AN MOMST, TRUSTWORTHY, KIND, CARINO, GENEROUSHMON I am creative, love all kinds of music, song, dine*. hike, nature, gourmet cook, Seeking similar values In a divorced or widowed man yssrs old, Ext, I WANT A MAN IN MY UFE- This 4-year DWF, 49, Irish/German, non-smoker/light social drinker {seeking same), misses a special man in my life. I am pretty, Irish, 5'5" medium build, auburn hair, blue eyed, financially secure, colieoe educ. legal secretary, classical music lover, who will make time dally for us. My lilies are many-give me art enjoyable man with whom to do them. We Mill laugh, enjoy life, travel, you will be needed, You're unmairied, 5 T to 61", are tale 40s to 50s, coll. iduc, seeking a 1 on 1 relationship, active. Bonuses: German, bearded, Gemini, work in law or business. Turnoffs: sexual gorillas, egocentric men. Please reply ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOtIN TO Rl- CEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTION*: SOI 4477, FORKS NIWI- PAPERS, PO IPX HI, SOMERVILLE, NJ 0SS71 IF YOU HEAD THIIADand think it sounds Interesting - we might hive a lot tn common - ke»p raiding still sounds good -leave a message and tell ma about yourself. Attractive female 5' 6" 135 lbs., early 40 s. Fair hair, blue eyes. Professional, homeowner, no children. ISO friend for social things and quiet times who Is creative, with good morals and sense of humor. ++ +'s educated, over 5' 10" athletic, blue ayes, 4O-45isti. young children, Pleate respond to ext 4465 IN SEARCH OF REAL MAN Not wanting a "Barbie", NO head-games, attractive) and intelligent, non-smoker. I am young, crazy, In wheelchair, independent, actress, writer, photographer. Likes: music, parties, quiet nights, carnations. Be young or feel young, NO JERKSI I'm not I frail thing needing assistance, Don't need man, but want one, Ext JAMAICAN MALE 42 yr. old, Physically fit, S'5, 150 lbs. Looking for female between the ages of Seeking nonsmoker and non-drinker, and a professional who Is physically fit. If you enjoy a good time call e»t LADY SINGS THE BLUES- Because she knows Mr. Right Is out there somewhere but she doesn't know where to find him. This attractive I talented 36 yr. old DWCF seeks an attractive gentleman between the ages of who is secure, intelligent, loving A sincere wllh good old-ushiontd values. It you like lo have tun & are Interested in meeting an artist who enjoys dancing, museums, laughing, theater, I music then why not give this Milhsa from Westfleld a callwho knows It could turn out to be s rnknahl Pis respond lo *x\, no Send tetters * photo to FORBES NEWSPAPERS, 44 VETERANS MEMORIAL OR., SOMERVILLE, NJ 0M76. M. Eat you sound Interesting, please wrltsl LIFE IS NOT A REHEARSAL- DWM tall slim good looking, Taurus. A photographer who looks for the good In othirt and beauty In our world, I'm Hey going, healthy and have no dependants. Your are a DWFat least 5'SI tall, who Is appealing to the eye and stimulating to the mind. We are both seeking a physical, intellectual & emotional match for a lasting relationship. No drugs or alcohol, smoker OK. Ent, 4493 LIFE'S TOO SHORT I SHOULDN7 BE W A l f l D- attractive, outgoing spirited blonds, romantic, sensual 4 caring desires an attractive Intelligent unattached male (40-50) to be my friend & lover. II you're roady for a long term relationship, then call, let's laugh & enjoy lile together, Ext LOOK NO FURTHER, HERII AMI Very attractive SWF, non-smoker, in search ol handsome unbald SWM, 50-54,57 to 5*9. for 1-on-i relationship. Interests are dancing, occasional travel, eves, a! home. Call mo - you won't be disappointed! Today may be our LUCKY day. Please call Ext LOOKING FOR THAT SPECIAL WOMAN It you love to laugh, enjoy going out & love hugs, look no further. I'm a 43 yr old SWM who is looking lor SWF up to 40 to sharo groat times wllh, I love to danco or just cuddle. Looking for a woman who wants to bo setonaded by my guilar. I'm 5'8,160 lbs. with hazel/groen eyes & I work out regularly & lovo to liavol Reply ext 4409 LOOKING FOR THE GIRL WHO WANTS TO BE TREATED RIGHT SWM. I'm 23 years old, 5'9", bluo oyes, light brown hair, college graduate and a sansitivo guy. I'm interested in finding somoono who can bo her soil, think on her own, will Iry anything Ifom in-lino skating, camping at n mountain lako, lo relaxing on tho couch and watchlnq a good movio. Could you bo tho tjirl I'm looking tor? Ploaso coll exl, 4122, THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4422, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ LOOMING FOR UNTAMCO HEART SWM. 27, law itudent, Intelligent, attractive, thin looking tor SF, 20-35, Intelligent, Independent, attractive, plewtcallext.3603 MAGIC MAN Thli 52 year old- attractive, aeparated but available, JWM li a wit-employed profeailonil in search of a petitt, texy lady who It MUCH younger than I am for a long lerm relationship. I am a non-imoker, very light social drinker, with multiple Intereali ranging from modern novels to fait can to Vegai. I raited two girls who are married and have their own lives. I mlis having youngsters (not adult children) around the house, so M you have kids, (hits s plus. Hopsfully, you are woman who can make decliioni, undsfilands the pressures ol business, Is Impulsive, tetidef, hai good ssnss of humor, csn even laugh at hanttf, and is willing lo do something at the drop ol i hat. And hopefully, you arc a woman who nteds both to give aid receive lots ol affection, it you csn be Introspective and thoughtful, If you Ilka to roughhouse one minute and cuddle the nut, If you aren't afraid of meaningful emotion or commitment, and If you are willing to try lo work out your hangups (we all have them), give me a call. Please respond to ext 4471 MARRIAGE MINNDf Want I cmmt I want wife: Let's make a dsil.hardworfclng SWM, 28, very fit, Very intelligent, suave looking, Prof, needs mouiy Country Qirl, Cor* porate Udy, or In-bstween, or so, to share walks, moviei, dinner, cuddling, beach, love (a bullnets togtthtr?) Sacrificing for Bountiful lift. Ext MILLIONAIRE WITH YACHT A MERC IOCS Not still reading? SWM-30 (looks 24-25), mad. build (not thin-but not lat eitherl) Shoulder length Brn. hair, green eyes, enjoys Hies simple) pleasures. Blue Jeans, Rock A Roll, Comedy clubs, camping, Shore, Down lo earth w/great seme of humor. Fun loving, Adventurous A a hopeless Romantic seeks same In an attractive WF w/same Intsrests for Fun, Romance, Adventure ft possible long lerm rtlatlonshlp. I am a smoker. Please call Ext DWM 39 tall, dark A...skinny, great sense of humor, lovss music (esp. classic rock), movies, football A long walks. Would like to meet an intelligent commitment minded woman for friendship & more. PS. Sines my sister put im up to this-1 handiomt single younger brother wouldn't hurt. Please? call Ext NEW TO SOMERSET COUNTY 44, divorced white female, healthcare professional, busy working on my degree at a weekend college, finally has the summer on. Haven't had a chance to make ntw friends, I'd Ilka to get back to what I enjoy, natural living, outdoors activities like biking, hiking, long walks, rldei In Ihe country snd exploring, all types ot music from Reggae to Blue Grass, getting Into shape, but most Importantly good and funny conversations and friendship. I have an adventurous nature and I'm optn to learning, sharing and having fun and taking risks (I knt returned from a white water rafting trip In WV with my kids, What a blaal although t was s little scared). I spprsciate the abturdititi mil ills can otftr ind can laugh it myself, (why els* would I writs this personal). I'd love to meet a patient man with similar Interests who wants to explore (the Bridges ol Madison County) with me this summer, Please respond to ext NICE GUY I enjoy the simple things In life; Ice cream cones, movies, good conversation, good books, area) dinners, dancing and good laughs. I'm a W5M, responsible, non-drinker, financially secure, wtlh a wicked sense ol humor. I would like to meet someone who Is comfortable with themself, "pretty-plaln- ano', yaars old, 57" & under, no little kids, medium lo slender build, moderate drinker, non/light-smoker, easy-going, Intelligent, compassionate, strong- (but not domineering) and feminine. Not looking for a ono night stand but a sorious contonder. Please reply ext READ MY PERSONAL DWF, non-smoker, 5' 5", greon eyos, 40lsh professional, looking for tall, professional businessman, Ho should be financially secure, likes life, good times and is down to earth with a sonso ot good humor and sense ol reality. Must answer (his trivia: How many dimples in a gollbalt? Please leave answor, briot message and nomo and phone number and I will call you back. Ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4337, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ NIFTY FIFTY nice & lino looking lady, Fil & Fun WWJF seeking soul mate lor fun & whntevor, II you'ro physically (and lopelully linanclal!y)fil & looking lor lun, ago is no problem. Nice looking would be tlno, Personality a plus, good sonse ol humor a must. Ploaso coll Ext QUALITY WHITE MAU,.,, Nice loowng, 40a, educated, full head ol hair, looks 10 win younger * thinks 20 yitn youngtr,»otid body (should IOH eome etomacn,} conaldeute, noramovtr, eirtremely light drinker, aanauoua, cooks, keeps dun horn*, vtry handy, vary activa llfiitylt. Leeklim tor: brunttia, up to «7yu old, 5 3" to 5'S" slim, i little stacked or willing to be, loyal 4 contldar- ti with a eenae ot humor I a grtat emlle. Smiling tyia a plus. I'm looking for tht quality In a woman. Htr akin color or tyt alant art unimportant, Weese ntpond ixt. 4169, reply guaranteed, TMIS ADVERTISER HA ALSO CHOSEN TORE- C1IVI MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO (OPTIONAL) TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 41SI. F0ME8 NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX ttt, SOME* V1LU,W0SS7l, PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Havt you tvir rtspcndsd to my ttf-'sfmm Went* UP-I didn't know my ad wit print* here for months! Pdiit try lailn now- SPIRITED flender SINGLE JEWISH PIMALE 5'3". attractive 1 charming, auburn hair, hi» l tyti, practice In alttrnativt health can. Lovei exerclie In mturi, moumilnt, creative expression, word play, theatre, dancing, Sttka 3/DJPM, 35-45, S'e-U", slendtr, athlilic, happy, honorawi, communltivt, for lovt, fun, 4 family. Pleate call wt RENAISSANCE MAN LOOKING FOR RENAISSANCE WOMAN I'm good looking, prol., will educated, D8M w/ no chlldrtn. I am 40 (look 33), 56 tall, 165 Iba. I am intelligent and iriiculati, and have a healthy itmt ol humor. I am alao a gtntltman w/ solid valuts, which includt ilncerlty, honesty, and consideration ol other'* fat lings. I havt many intiretti, which Includt volleyball, bowling, tennis, composing music and playing guitar and keyboard I also injoy scmi, and occasionally going to movies, dancing and dining out, as well as spending time at home w/ good frlendi and good conversation. The Renaissance woman I'm looking tor ihould have simitar values and Interests and be btt. 27 and 43. She ihould be emotionally and financially secure, down to earth, havt a pleasant disposition and eppearanci, healthy self esteem, intelligent, not Into head trips, and as comfortable being a lady si well as a tomboy. Musically Inclined a plus. If you tit this description, (are not intimated by a multi-faceted man) and are looking for friendship and perhaps more, please give me a call. Race Is unimportant. No smokers, heavy drinkers or drug users, please. Ext ROMANTIC- SWM, Mid-twenties, 5'tO 11, 160 lbs., Lovs to dance, but don't like melting peopts who aren't themselves In the clubs, interests a n limitless became I enjoy trying new things I'm hoping to find a SWF In htr mid-twenties, who Is witty, outgoing, & enloyi living lite. Please reply eit.44io. THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO. INTRODUCTIONS BOX 44M, FORMS NEWS- PAPERS, PO SOX ete, SOMERVILLE, NJ OUTS. SDWP- 34, blue eyes, brunette, single mom, flnan* dally secure, I enjoy camping, Dining out, movies, lave 4 museums, I'm looking for a down to earth SWM, yrs. old, who enjoys the same things as myself, tf this sounds good to you then call ext HIKING SINGLE WHITE MALI Extremely handsome, successful, creative, spiritual, sexy, hip, cosmopolitan, open minded, honest, communicative, thick full dark hair. Nourishing, single, Interested In serious relationship, responsible, early 30s, no drugs, alcohol or smoking, for SWF, beautiful ash blonde, 29, creative, spiritual, loving, honest, sincere, intuitive, sexy, 57,130 lbs. and much, much more. Ext, 4474 SINGLE ATTRACTIVE 37 YEAR YOUNO WOMAN tf EKING MR. RIGHT * He should be a SW/DWM. educated, llnancially/emollonally secure, affectionate, respectful, and Interested In a friendship and possible long-term monogamous relationship I'm S7, polite, and havo brown naturally curly hair, and hazel green eyos. I enjoy ploasuro traveling, a groat Nstenor and conversationalist, dancing, speclatoi sports, cultural events and much more. I'm the proud mother ol two beautiful cats (a/k/a "my kids") I'm very ambitious, compassionate, and adventurous Desiring a soulmate-not just a "playmaie." It wo sharo similar interests and this no nonsonso' fun-loving woman has peaked your curiusity-lhon cnll or send mo n note (picture optional), I truly boliovo LIFE IS MEANT TO BE LIVED 1! Exploring LIFE'S CHALLENGES is the KEY TO A HAPPY FULFILLING EXISTENCE!! Pleaso reply out THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4475, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ O6B76. FOR MORE INTRODUCTIONS SEE NEXT PAGE 22 Jtffiekfind-Plus torbe$ w" A**tv***r rw

49 Central New Jersey's Best Choice For Meeting Someone Close To Home. SINQU MACK CHRISTIAN PEMALE 32 yr. old, I have been single ovtr 4 yn I comfort- Ml. Bui not enough to win! lo itiy, looking lor someone who hat no children, but wants torn* in Iht future. I have nont now, looking lor someone to help me find myeelf, love m* I not leave me. I am no Beauty but not grou either. I want very much to lovt A bf W e d To grow I prosper together decently, I prtftr someone who la outgoing btciuif I am reitrvtd, Going places I lovt. Please call ert.4295 Tall, athtttlc. Looking for open minded, sensual Itmil*. AQI A ract It unimportant, CHI ma, and Ufa start anfoylng tach othtrt company) Pltitt raply art, 4380, finole WHITE FEMALE 22, 5'8", Enjoy dancing, movies, cuddling a plual I tnjoya walks, lova tht batch, camping and I adora hiking. I hava a bubbly sense of humor A you should tha aama. Must enjoy children. I am looking lor a SWM, Mid-twenties, who hara great sense ot humor, MUST be able lo be open A communicaiel Finacialty A emotionally stable a must. Not looking lor a Playgirl centerfold, just a sincere guy, who is looking tor a real relationship. Please reply exi SINGLE WHITE FEMALE M warm, bright, slim & attractive, enjoys dining out, good music, 4 new adventures, Is looking lor a yr old, S/DWM, who Is lit, down to earth, A looking for someone special, Please call exi.3622 SINGLE WHITE FIMALi Attractive, 49, blonde, blue-eyed, looking for outgoing white male, 48-58, at least 5'10, who enjoys life's celebrations, dining out, entertaining at home, dancing A good conversation. Only men with a sense ot humor A sincere attitude need apply. Please call Extension _ SINQU WHITE FEMALE very attractive, 30, 110 lbs., 5 5 w/t child, nonsmoker, non-drug uttr, sincere, honest, organized & neat, secure ibout myself, Wishing to meet SWM, must be very attractive, 20-36, 5'9"-6T l, in shape,34 Inch waist or small, 0-2 kids ok, non-smoker/drug user, honest, polite, not a slob or lazy, must be secure about yourself yet not sell centered, for a meaningful relationship A possible marriage, It you tit all of tha above, then please call eitt.4294 SINQU WHITE FEMALE 37, down to earth, wavey, light brown, shoulder length hair and brown eyes. 5' 6". larger frame- but not obese, a smoker, attractive, likes cooking, staying home for a quiet evening w/a movie or going out. Works din", hours but kind ot a night owl. Looking for a sincere, honest, S/DWM, kids ok, who knows how to treat a lady, 5' 10" and over, average or solid larger frame 1, who wants a one on one relationship. No head games please. Only serious minded callers need call' ext SINGLE WHITE FEMALE 49, 5'4" 120 lbs, hazel eyes, blonde & attractive. Would Ilka to meet that special tall romantic caring and sincere gentleman to share the simple and finer things In life such as flowers and candle light dinners, A Beat (rlend and possibly a lasting relationship. Please respond to em SINGLE WHITE FEMALE Professional, mld-40's, living lite to fullest but tired of doing It alone. Interests include golf, skiing A biking as welt as quiet times. Value honesty, laughter, & open communication. Would like to meet S/DWM, non-smoker with similar Interests. Pis call ext SINGLE WHITE MALI 26, 5'B", 165 lbs., brown hair A blue eyes, educated, seeks SWF, 20-28, with the following in common, healthy, attractive, athletic, enjoys outdoors, end Is conservative with old-fashioned values, to build friendship & possilbe relationship, please call ext SINQU WHITE MALE 26, 6T, 180lbs ( curly hair (natural), physically fit. Varied Interests Include; Sinatra, Stern, NYC, outdoors, and racquetball. Seeking female (or all occasions. Age A race unimportant. Please reply ext SINGU WHITE MAU 27 yrs old Very good looking, hopeless romantic, seeking tingle female, between 24-42,5'8\ dark half w/ light eyes and in great shape with many interests, The ideal lady is smart, pretty and In good shape, bet 5 1 and 5'6", non-smoker end non-drug user, race ii unimportant. Must be clean and headgarners need not apply. Pleaae reply ext, SINGLE WHITE MAU 31.62,190 lbs, likes sports, movies A outdoors, I am sincere A honest A hava a good sense o! humor. I work craiy hours 3-11pm. Looking tor WF with similar hours & Interests, who believes In meaningful relationships. It you're out there-lei's talk! Pleaaa call Ext S4NQLE WHITE MAU 31, down to earth, handsome, athletic. Intellectual, shy, romantic, sometimes talkative, other times quiet. Like outdoor activities I txtfdse but also like to relax In peace I quiet. Liberal, honest I loyal. Uka tennis, skiing, bicycling, fitness, nutrition, museums, parka, theater, history, politics, etc, Looking for a woman to share lite with. Pleaae call Ext tlnquwwtimau 35,178 lbs, muscular build, brown hair, green eyea. Sick of the bar scene, tired of games, im honest, romantic, handsome with good sense of humor, like to work out and have many different Interests. Looking for SWF, 28-35, very attractive, shapely who la also into fitness, honest A sincere, looking for a long term relationship. Call Ext. 4487, SINOU WHITE MAU 35, tall, handsome, athlete, In excellent shape, en oya music, swimming, picnics, A dining out, financially secure, and very steady, seeks attractive, physically fit female, yr. old, with similar Interest A (ikes to have fun, please call art.3609 SINQU WHITE MAU 36, varied interests, flexible and varied work hours, looking for a SWF with varied Interests, attractive, adventurous and appreciates someone with good sense of humor. Please respond to Ext SINQU WHIT! MAU 38, 5' 11,185 lbs, athletic, good looking, family oriented seeks a slim pretty lady, 24*35.1 love to apoll and pamper that special lady. I'm interested in a long term relationship. Please respond to ext SINGU WHITE MAU 43, in search of S/D/WF, 36-50, for a serious A LTR. I like stock car races. I like to do almost anything. I am S'9, 175 lbs., looking for a one-on-one relationship. A woman who likes to be spoiled. I like the shore. Smokers OK, kids OK, pots OK, Somerset County area, race unimportant. I hope lo hear from you real soon. Please call Ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PUASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4322, FORBES NEWS' PAPERS, TO BOM 6H, 80MERVILU, NJ 0M76. SINQU WHITE MAU Handsome, athletic, successful, well-educated, stable, sincere. Enjoys sports, outdoors, tennis, golf, movies, the arts A travel. Seeks beautiful affectionate, Intelligent, athletic, non-smoking female (28-38) who enjoys life, companionship, romance A sharing all of the above. II you're between 5 2 & 57, exceptionally attractive, physically fit & desire a serious relationship with a great all around guy who promises to make you happy, Please call ext SINQU WHITE MAU Looking for young female who is pretty, kind and attractive. I want to have a nice, meaningful and friendly relationship with a girl that wants to be happy in one relationship. I keep busy physically by taking karate A working out a little with weights, just enough to look and feel good. I am 57 and have long curly brown hair and a cute face. Perfect chance to miet your someone special. In my personality, the most important thing Is the companion I have. Please call Ext SINGLE WHITE MALE Tall, handsome, Attorney emotionally and financially secure seeks tall, very attractive, WF, 28-45, for the best things In life expensive and Free. Ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PUASE SEND UTTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4473, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX IH, IQMtWVILU, NJ 0SS7S. SINGLE WHITE MALE, 30, MY FAMILY I FRIENDS tell me I'd make a great catch, only I don't like going lo bars to meet women. II you wouldn't mind a guy that could build you lurniture, lake you on romantic camping trips & take you Antique hunting, I wouldn't mind meeting you. Incidently, I'm pretty good looking loo. Please call Ext SINQU WHITE MALE 26 yrs. old, attractive, successful, 5ft.10in., strawberry blond hair, green eyes, I am honest and caring, tired of head games & bar scenes. I enjoy various activities Irom N.Y City to the shore. Looking tor SWF who Is attractive, honest, with good sense ot humor who Is looking for e friendship or a possible relationship. Please call exi SINGU BLACK MALE 30, 6*4", 210 lbs., athletic, attractive, out-going, seeks SBF/SWF lor casual dating, must be sincere. Please reply ext. 3615, SINQU WHITE MALE- Attractlve, very lit, 30, S'9, blue eyea, lun-lovlng, en oys boating, beach, outdoors, travel, pets A sports. Seeks SWF, 25-33, tor friendship possibly leading to a lasting relationship. Please call Extension THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PUASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TOt INTRODUCTIONS, BOX tilt, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX HI, SOMERVIUE, WJOSSTS. SINQU WHITt PROFESSIONAL FEMALE 26,5' 7', athletic build. Do you like roller coasters, climbing to the top of a mountain and golden retrievers? Are you looking for a fun-loving, smart and adventuroua woman to be your best friend? If the answer to these questions Is "yes" and you are a SWM, 2844, intelligent and have a kind heart, please reply to art SINQU WHITE PROFESSIONAL FEMAU 36, 5ft.4ln. 110 lbs., very ssxy, sophisticated, Intelligent, exotic. Late 20-looking, Financially secure, independent, corporate professional. Looking tor attractive, honest, sincere SPWM, for LTR. You can count on my sincerity and loyalty If you are a worthy person. Please call ext SHMU WHITE PROFESSIONAL MAU 43, 5'5'\ young looking, smart, handsome, good shape, positive, romantic, stand-up guy, In search of S/D Female; attractive, shaply, slmiliar personal qualities, up to 40 years old. A lady who will be my romantic partner A friend. Please reply ext SLEEPLESS IN N.J. SWM, 33, Eric Clapton look-alike, in search of SWF, 25-33, simplicity preferred- honesty a must. Please reply ext SUM, NICE LOOKING DWM, Professional- looking for slim, nice looking, $/ DWF professional, aged 32-42, drug-free, nonsmoker, for friendship/relationship. Interests Include working out, tennis, theater A the shore. Please reply Ext SPANISH MALE- 33 yrs old, 5'1 V, 175 lbs., good looking, brown hair, looking for a one on one relationship, sell-employed, 1 enjoy the shore a lot, romantic times, home or out, Sincere A honest, Seeks SF, not over weight, old fashioned values, Please reply exi THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CUVf MAIL, PUASE SEND LETTER 4 PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 3617, FORBES NEWSPA- PERS, TO BOX IH, SOMERVILLE, NJ, OM7I. SWF- 25, 57, brown hair, green eyes, slim, professional, non-smoker, rather liberal. Enjoys music, outdoors, exercise, having a good time, whether its going out late or relaxing al Rome. Looking for SWM 25-30, professional/educated, slim or mtdium build, honest, with good sense of humor (no head games} tor friendship and possible relationship. Please call Ext This advertise* has also chosen to receive mall. Pleaae send letter to: Introductions, Bex 44H, P.O. Box 69t, SomorvlHo, NJ 0SS76 SWM- 27 yra old, 811", well fit, brown hair A eyes, seeking a SWF who desires a good friend, someone who the csn talk to, hang out or go to the movies with. Why should there always be sexual tension between men A women? Why not just a friendship? All guys ain't the same, you seel Please call ext SWM- 41, brown-haired, blutd-eyed professional, 6' t2" tall A played football in college. I have a very dry sense of humor, and am successful. Looking for a Ismale In the yr, range for a permanent relationshlp. Pis call exi SWM- 43, In March of SWF, 35 to 50.1 like to go to stock car races, I like to do most anything Ilka movies, dining out, outdoor sports, etc. Please reply to ext This advertiser has also chosen to receive mall. Please send letter lo: Introductions, Boi 4416, P.O. box 8W, SomorvtllO, NJ TWICE AS NICE 2 Female friends really tired of weirdos, long-haired freaks, rap stars, heavy metal monsters A other similar types. One SWJF, 22,5'1, blonde, blue-eyed, educated. Enjoys working out, travel, movies, the beach, dancing, NYC/AC. Other, SWF, Catholic,26,56.brunette, brown-eyed, educated. Enjoys working out, horseback riding, NYC/AC, rock/blues music, concerts. We are seeking 2 SWM, ages with similar interests lor friendship A possible relationship, We're looking lor U2 Give us a ring on Ext UNIQUE WWF- 60, pretty, young looking, vivacious, caring, romantic, seeks refined, intelligent, outgoing, honest, nonsmoking SWM, 60+ under 5'IH" for genuine longterm relationship. Middlesex county homeowner who loves cooking, dancing, movies, theater, travel, people A pets, THIS ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL PUASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: IN- TRODUCTIONS BOX 45*0, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX IW, SOMEWVILU, NJ UPBEAT CLASSY DIVORCED JEWISH FEMALE- Here come the adjectives: Very pretty, slim, dynamic professional, youthful 40'a. 57, blue-eyes, affectionate, warm, romantic and real. Loves to laugh and smile. Eclectic Interests/music, plays, NYC, long walks, conversation, movies, hugs and cuddies. Common Interest not as Important as common values and sharing feeling*/ honttty, communication, trutt and respect. Seeking handsome, successful, Jewish Professional Male who Is sincere, sensitive, confident, secure, affectionate, caring, fun loving and communicative to share love, laughter and life. Please call VERY PRETTY DIVORCED JEWISH FEMAU 40,5 8", slim, green eyes, dark hair. Successful psychologist, 2 children home, financially secure, sense of humor, caring, sociable, flexible, likes music, dining, travel, walking, movlea, reading. Seeks male counterpart with traditional values for sharing laughs, romance, good times A bad In LTR. Please reply Ext VERY PRETTY PETITE DWF- 32, no kids, w/long blonde curls, 115 lbs., prof. & independent. I'm artistic, adventurous w/ a crazy sense ot humor. Enjoys horseback riding, dog shows, woodland walks, exploring NYC, dress up dinners or taks out Pizza. Searching for a sweetheart of a Guy who believes friendship Is the ultimate turn* on. So if you are a SWM, honestly attractive, possess good self-esteem, a good communicator & love to laugh give a call! No drunks, druggies or head games. Great smile A full head of half a plus. Ext, WANTED; 1 VERY SPECIAL WOMAN- Secure A stable, I am a 48 yr old DWM with no complications. Looking to meet a woman who wilt treat me like a king because I will treat her like a queen. I enjoy all (he traditional activities such as dancing A dining out, as well as less traditional actlvles. She should be spontanous A affectionate A want experience life from mild to wild. II this sounds like you- give me a call. Lite Is too short to wastel Please reply ext WANTED: ROMANTIC OUTDOORS MAN Are you a S/DWM 35-48, humorous, kind, easy-going, honest, romantic, rugged? Do you like horseback riding, camping, picnics, Renaissance Fairs? Would you like to teach someone to fish or ski? Then, this DWF It tor you. I am a very youthful, 40, bubbly, romantic, intelligent, caring, affectionate, a great conversationalist with varied interests Including: horses, photography, stock car racing, movies, music and much more, I am open to learning and sharing new interests; want a possible LTR. Please call ext, 4470 WHITE WIDOWED MALE Warm, witty A wonderful. I'm 42 yrs. old, 5' 6,140 lbs., In great shape, have a good job A no kids. Interested in meeting a nice lady, should be petite A pretty with a great sense ol humor. I like music, sports, ptay baseball, enjoy eating dinners at restauranti A gotng to movies. I am a smoker. Please call Ext. 4330, WHITE, WIDOWED MALE Non-smoker, retired 55" and I love walking, movies (action especially) and spending quiet evenings at home, Looking for companionship with a special woman who has a good sense of humor and a sweet personality. Ext, THIS ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO (OP- TIONAL) TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4171, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ WOULDN'T IT BE NICE... tf you're an hone si, unencumbered, professional man between 39*48 who appreciates a quick-wit and would enjoy spending time with a good-natured, attractive, secure woman, wouldn't it be nice to meet? I'm a slim, blue-eyed, 39 year old professional, DJF, not religious and not in a state ot turmoil. I likt the outdoors, sporting events (especially football), movies, theater, scenic drives, dogs, cats, and almost anyone's cooking. If interested please call exi, YOUNO 61 DYNAMITE WOMAN Warm, fun loving bright, wishes to meet sensitive, caring, active Menscn, to share the oy ol living, Please call ext 3621 ^ ^ * * #WAHTED*** Harley man, good-looking, 47-52, clean, unmarried, who knows how to treat a lady who lives to ride, needs to love & be loved, & knows how to treat a man, You must be employed, have other interests A have a good sense of humor. If you hale your mother, are craiy, have a bad temper, a superego, are a control freak, need more than 1 woman A lie a lot, don't call. Normal men, please call Extension THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4331, FORSES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ SINGLE WHITE MALE 29, 58, blonde half & blue eyes, lormer marine, weight-lifter, Catholic, smoker, social drinker, lalooed, biker, Mechanical Engineering student. I like 50's, 60s & Heavy Metal. Hate Rap A Club Music. Looking for SCF, no drugs. Please call Ext, DIVORCED WHITE MALE Daddy, 27, long blond hair, good looking, with 2 small children, (1 boy, 1 girl,) that live with ma. In search ol single or divorced white female, 21-30, slim A attractive- for fun times & dating. Please reply ext DIVORCED WHITE MALE 39, 57, 145 lbs. seeks meaningful relationship w/s- DWF late , under 56 A slim. Easy going, considerate A sincere, Please call Ext Oct 6-8,1993 Forbes Newspapers 23


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52 2 -October 6,7,8,1993 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement Forbes Newspapers state C O N T E N T S Cheryl Ftntki Sp«GW Ssdtom EdHor* RMIEIMI Editor Ctmiitd Mwliing Mftugtr KmyZuNo Cover story New homes House tours Roofing hints Realty notes Transactions "S^Sw'? " ' ' 5 11,13 Jam Start* OlMiMKt Account Emeuttw RogtrSivey MBCOW S< FOIDM Jf. Louisi.Banony P Connie Mahonty UMMO impnont QiofgeQannon OreulilenDlnelor On the cover; CastlePolntelsa luxury townhouse community located inplscattwiy Photo by George Pacciello A Forbes Newspapers An«onorF<*»iinc Somerset Messenger-Gazette, Hills-Bedminster Press, Bound Brook Chronicle, The Chronicle, MetuchervEdison Review, Piscataway Review, South Plainfiek) Reporter, Franklin Focus, Green Brook-North Plainfield Journal. Warren-Walchuna Journal, Highland Park Herald, Focus Cranford Chronicle, Scotch Rains Fanwood mss, WesMlRkord, Buyeil Guide To Subscribe to Forbes Newspapers call: # To advertise call: Prices In Your Neighborhood PlauihM $134,900 MANVILLE 4bedrm cape on 50x100' lot, Living Room, eat-in kitchen, attached 1 car garage, fenced yard and basement. CLASSIC LIVING REALTY s LOW $150'$ BOUND BROOK 2-FAMILY Exceptional value. 3 bdrmsdown,2bdrmsup (currently rented). Possible potential income of $15,000 per year. Full basement & sunporch. The Prudential^ PIONEER REAL ESTATE TtMvtrtlst (Ml) Tlt-INI lit MSI cosanne ueunnzo 18 year Resident Patti Williams Sandra Zaluska 23 year Resident Roscmaric Pclton ' 27 year Resident 28 year Residcnl We're Proud to be part of the Prudential Family ams 23 year Resident AFFORDABLE HOMES UNDER $150,000 ThePrudential on\ K. (0. \({\ 2(>6-2(>KS<inuTsH Strut Ninth riiiinllrld. \J 07060

53 % A Fort*i Ntwspaptrs Supplement October 6 t 7,8, "B B A ROOM TO GROW IN y tfi floor to oriing brick treptoe. «idomd Ditto. temhy room, piui two ipmroom inthe bmrnent, m*km m perfect how lor M BMDQIWATER $104,500 GREAT LOCATION!!! FfMnw painttd, two tedroom, two bath unit. Mature trtm In rear, aval imrnediataty, Owners motivated. BD3172 tofncf WI-TIMOOO BASKING RIDQE 9249 t 900 HMTOWCHOME Unraglttared 5 bedroom houai on 3% acne, Containing original pumpkin pine flooring BD3190. frci S0tV7S1<U BRANCHBURQ $395,000 Majnicant tutor on cuwe-iac street ol I executive rwmei features see-through Mont rp/lr & FR, 3-car gy, & moral 1B003-38B1 toffke $191,900 TOP-OF-THE-LINEthis benttoy model Iwhse in the crossroads will not be on the manvhtong, Benefits ft amenities too numerous to mention here, call today for 1 " BO INCH9UM OFFICE BWDOEWATER $121,900 Contemporary condominium featuring Living Room with fireplace, tormil Dining Room, Kitchen, two bedrooms, Ml basement, private setting. B0O3-3M7 JMNCHMJRQ OFFICE EMSON, NORTH $169,900 SPACIOUS RANCHII! VoUl (ow tw open ftatinfl In Inie lovaly rmenhoma. ItftthnttuMnWiadbaMrmnt, finptaca, two car garage wall to I1S9 ( 9OO A ran find, three bedroom, 2.5 bath ooloniala wnh family room, formal dining room! full bejement, maintenince'tree eitertor. Wonitaet long at thd price. JWIOH OFFICE EDISON $143,955 FAMILY NEIGHBORHOOD! WelNT«intiined lour bedroom cape in thedeetratteoarabwuxiiection. L*/ge eat-m Wchen, full basement and ovarsized garage. JM8ON OFFICE $144,900 CHARMING RANCH!! irvetl cared tor two-tod, one and one-nah bath home with 13'x32'recreational room. New baths, remodeled kitchen, one car garage and more!!!!!!!!!!!! LEDI80N OFFICE SOMERVILLE This charming home with 4 bdrms, eat-in kit, and butler pantry. Convenient to ah major highway* and train station. Reduced to sail quickly. Large rooms, wraparound porch & 2 car garage. HB WUOHOFFI&WW74 FRANKLIN 69,1o9 Trtit townhome has 1763 sq. ft. ot living space, three badroome, Th baths, garage, mint condition! This one wonilastt Call today to arrange your private show- HB-5696 ASiOWUQHOfflCE WM7441C NIL MAKE YOUR OflW»COMETWt.. in thil immaculate 3 bedroom Quaixook carriage home lots ol extras Including ona car attached garage. HB6008 LL8KMOUQH OFFICE MM7«tM. EDISON $119,000 First time homebuyers!! 4bdrms, 1 bath, large property for children to play on IETUCHEN OFFICE , COLONIA $139,900 CUTE I COZY RANCH Lovely starter ranch wtih 3 BRS, LR/OR Combo, LG EIK, central air, 50(200 lot. Close to schools & shopping LMETUCHEN OFFICE EDISON $139,900 WELL MAINTAINED MOTHER/DAUGHTER Beautilul expanded caps, 2 Mrms on first & second Hoors, clean, lull bsmt, thermal windows, central air "TUCHEN OFFICE 906-"" HILLSBORO $194,500 SUPER EXCLUSIVE Immaculate custom ranch m pristine conditon, on 2.4 acres. Nicety laiklscaped. Central air and hardwood doors in family neijhbortiood. A must so«at this price HOLLAND TWP. $214,500 Quality buitt 3 bdrm, 2 bath ranch on great street. Enjoy private landscaped yard from bright & airy Florida room (11x13). Many extras loldwkjk OFFICE , QLEN GARDNER $239,900 BEAUTIFUL GREAT ROOM Colonial with 4 spacious bdrms, eat-in kitchen, large deck, 2 car garage and 1.3 acres, on cul-de-sac street LOLDWICK OFFICE WATCHUNG $219,900 COMPLETELY RENOVATED IN 19B5! Thu conleniporarv 'ealures 2/3 txs, 2 bath, 3 sidod wrap-around [Jock, remodeled EIK,peltled lortgue in groove coding, double sliders oft DR & IR, cusi. frpl. ne* plumbing/electric/ carpets/cac. Too much lo list. WA3?33 LWARREN OFFICE ttt. - BOUND BROOK $239,900 UPDATED COLONIAL On a quiet street with 3 Br. Th baths, fireplace, garage, basement, central air and much more! WA3233 IARREN OFFICE M6-7S7-8COTCH PLAINS $89,900 PRESTIGIOUS! ThM ilatty Gwxjian minor Col»N«on omtcrt ol Ixw&Htfy fmncwad Inm Tr»p<tvicyolth«pfop rty in th* prmuakw Bta* B«h Stckon win bt nfoymt by MUwwrtng on N rilud ith* pino tnv HwlnlntniMclwMlftorfldpDQl TMnOidouthonf k>v«('ttah«i nwm ft, dm «ndpo((li, Au Pi* k*». print I ucift) i r* I meet WC#1»2 MTCHUNQ OFFICE W6-561 GREEN BROOK $429,000 In nim 52 home oi-de-mc community on lopot Itw Witching Ms. Trm ii ant buidkw lot nol awn«dbylricd>mlop«r AndthisisMurcrwncato hiv«ralph LtCanna & Sons custom bum INs itftdonrwy3,300iq It.honwloryou Thactoice iiyourt* EiMHmc«tn Schooil, community, n«gr> bortnod t ihopung PIM lh«vprnkx Mm I crafttnwnihipyoudimrvfl. WCIHI8 1ATCHUNO OFFICE FANWOOD $229,900 LIVE IN 1 - RENT 2 Tenants will help you with this great investment. Three rentals (WF-4260) VESTFffLD OFFICE 9064S4-! CRANFORD $237,500 PRIME LOCATION 4 br, 2 bath, foimal dining room, Ipl., on quiet street near schools, Irans. (WF- 4234) VESTFIELDOFFKE 90WM-7777, a^hhh All Offices Open UntU 9PM 4 BR. COLONIAL OPEN SUN 1-5PM Store front, prrtly country Bfllimp, Ig. kit., (pi, in LR..2c# oarage Lol s ol space* si wage WF CHft: 70 Pwtraiy Drtvt - Viltoy Road lo Pirtmiy E8TTIELD OFFICE 90*654-7 MOUNTAINSI PICTURE PERFECT Cuslomranchinpristlfwconditlon. Many recent Improvements. Large EIK, updated baths. Gorgeous property, light, bright, airy. WM162 IISTFIELD OFFICE 90H64- CRANFORD $149,900 PERFECT START Brick cape on quiet street, 3 BR, 1 bath, screened In Irontpofch.sidepatio, Room lor expansion. WF-4049 VESTFKLOOfFICE WE8TFIELD $229,900 SPACE PLUS CHARM 5 br colonial cape in desirable Jefferson School area, located on cul-de-sac. This is the perfect family home & neighborhood. WF4094 E8TFKL0 OFFICE 9064*7777. Weichert Realtors

54 Make your townhome a Castle Castle Pointe community opens new luxury section PISCATAWAY - Few luxury townhome communities can offer the range of choices to be found at Castle Point, which is officially opening its second section, The community reflects the talents of two prominent Garden State builders - Harvey Caplan and Donald Witmondt. Purchasers can select a floorplan from E four two and three-bedroom, GIVER two-and-a-half HOUSE bath models that were designed with attention to quality, styling and value, said sales cooitiinator James Mancuso. "Harvey Caplan and Donald Witmondt have each spent the last three decades creating outstanding residences throughout Northern New Jersey that feature both quality construction and a pricing structure that represents real value for the homebuyer," Mr. Mancuso said. "These qualities, a great Piscataway location, and on-site recreational facilities are making Castle Pointe the townhome community of choice for many discriminating purchasers." Professionals in search of an alternative to the traditional home have already made Castle Point popular, he said. The townhomes offer up to 1,900 square feet of living space, and boast many amenities usually reserved for luxury detached single-family residences, such as full garages and central air conditioning. Missing, however, is the routine maintenance work usually associated with home ownership. "Castle Pointe is also one of the lowest density townhome communities in the state, featuring just five homes per acre," Mr. Mancuso said, "This has proven to be especially appealing for those who desire more privacy than a townhome development usualy provides." The townhomes at Castle Point, which are priced from $134,900, also offer open flowing floorplans designed to accommodate the needs and lifestyle requirements of today's purchashers. While floorplans vary from model to model, all the homes offer formal living rooms and dining rooms, kitchens with deluxe wood or lam- A fireplace accent! the living room of Cattle Pointe hornet. inate cabinetry and Whirlpool appliances, and spacious bedrooms, including a master bedroom suite accented by double or walk-in closets and a private master bath. Many of the master baths feature luxurious platform tubs and separate shower areas. Vaulted ceilings are standard in some master bedrooms, as well, Unlike many townhomes available in today's real estate market, amenities such as family rooms with available fireplaces and full size/hull height basements, are also available in select Castle Pointe models. Traditional exteriors are accented by such popular architecm tural elements as decorative trim, columns, and bay and palladian windows, contributing to the community's overall appeal. All townhomes at Castle Pointe offer economical forced-air gas heat and central air conditioning, and other energy-saving features, GEOflQE PACCIELLO/FORBES NEWSPAPERS The Mtchent at Castle Pplnte offer all modern appliances and conveniences, plus, beautifully.tiled floors. GEORGE PACCIELLO/FORBES NEWSPAPERS such as 50-gallon gas hot water heaters. All homes also offer abundant closet space, with many offering outdoor storage areas. With all routine exterior maintenance work take care of, Castle Pointe residents can enjoy the community's recreational facilities, including a swimming pool, tennis courts, bike path and recreation building, as well us the fine restaurants and cultural opportunities available in the Piscataway area. The community enjoys a central location near the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, Intcrstatcs 287, 78 and 80, and Routes 1,22, and 18. Public transportation to Manhattan and hub New Jersey business areas is also easily accessible. Castle Pointers sales office and finished models are open Friday- Monday, noon-ft p.m. or by appointment. To visit Castle Point from the south, take Route 287 to the South Edison Exit for 529, Bear right on South Washington Avenue to the fourth light and make a right. Follow the road to the first lelt onto Morris Avenue. Castle Pointe is on the right. From the north, take Route 287 south to the Possum Town Road Exit. Rear left to the light and turn right onto Centennial Avenue. Go 100 feet, make a right onto Hoes Lane, and go 1,2 miles to Morris Avenue, Turn left on Moms and Castle Pointe will be on the left. * t + * m w ««mm tew *+» v.» H * * P.-,_-* v*

55 A Forbas Newspapers Supplement RealEstate October 6,7,8, A good roof can cover home flaws Good foundations are essential for building just about anything you want to last - relationships to homes. But remember, when it comes to your home, what's over it is just as important as what it stands on, The message: Don't neglect the roof A roof in need of repair could be a serious detriment when trying to sell your homo, according to the New Jersey Association of Realtors. "Do not be tempted to limit roof repairs to cosmetic work," said Gene Azzalina, president of NJAR. "Cutting comers could be disastrous if a home inspection finds the roof to be worn and old, "Cracked, curled or missing shingles signal that the roof is past its prime," he said. To spot problems, tour the house with a pair of field glasses for a pletion dates, warranties or guarantees of the contractor and shingle manufacturer, removal of waste closer look. However, for your safety, it is not wise to go up on thematerials, final price and method of roof. If you see a problem, contact a payment. professional roofing service. An experienced roofer should be When selecting a i-oofer, remember to choose an established com-vantages of different types of willing to offer advice on the ad- shin- pany that is willing to provide names of previous customers. Check these references, the NJAR advises. Obtain several written estimates. Make sure estimates are based on the same materials, plans and quality of workmanship. Before signing a contract, be certain it specifies the work to be done, materials to be used, com- gles, as well as how long each type should last. "Investing in roof repair is a wise decision that can significantly boost your home's salability," said Mr. Az2alina. "Putting it off will only make the problems more, costly to repair and could ultimately delay the sale of your home." Investing in roofrepak is a wise decision that can s/gh/fcantfy boost your home's salability. Putting it off wili only make the problems more costly to repair and could ultimately delay the sale of your home' GeneAzzaiina NJAR president RANALD C. BROWN 1934 Washington Valley Road, Box 68 MARTINSVILLE, NEW JERSEY BRIDQEWATER $259,500 SOLID BRICK RANCH 3 bedrooms, 20x15 all-weather hr jted porch! 20 ( kitchen, 21' dining room - 20' living room w/fireplace. Full basement. Call for convenient appointment!! MMIOT Realtor-Insurer MARTINSVILLE $199,500 ADJACENT TO RESERVIOR! 3 bedroom ranch, 2-baths, fireplace, 2-car garago, A great buy! N \ \ \ \ > \ ' \ \ S \ N S \ \ \ \ \ S (908) Experts in Residential Sales Over $58,000,000 in closed sales. This team is working together to serve you better, combining years of experience with hundreds of satisfied clients and customers* Kate Lund, crs Mary Lupini s e n 8 Middlesex, Somerset & Union Counties Broker-Owner Manager-Owner v sill houses and plenty of them! In Piscataway - A Fee Simple Townhouse you'll be proud to call home - Offered for sale at $112,500 Taxes only $1861 Living Room/Dining Room 2 full bedrooms Full bath upstairs Powder room downstairs Laundry Room on Second Floor Nicely landscaped 380,000 readers* More than any other newspaper In Central New Jersey 9 it's a fact! (period) Rwbes _ NEWSPAPERS.....,?tfflafr: Nuetral interior CentralAir/Gas Heat Beautifully maintained Fenced in privacy yard All appliances Lot size: 20x each office independently owned & operated realty center 75 Lincoln Highway (Rt.27) Iselin, NJ Mary Lupini Kate Lund, crs Broker-Owners

56 6-October 8,7,8,1993 RealEstate A Fbrbw Newspaper? Supplement Golden Oak sprouts new community Coppergate Farm is builders' newest custom homes project BERNARDS TWP. - Golden Oak Developers, builders of such luxury home communities as Horizons at Green Brook, and Reflections and Nottingham Way in Warren, recently held a down-home style opening for Coppergate Farm, in the Basking Ridge section of the township. Realtors, builders, the media and more gathered beneath an openair canopy and enjoyed countrystyle fare of hamburgers, hot dogs, chili, potato salad, and pie to celebrate the grand opening of the new luxury home community. With one home nearing completion and a second lot already sold, there are now only i 1 lots, each % CONDOMINIUMS acres or more, remaining at Coppergate Farm. Six of those lots sit on cul-de-sacs at the end of Wolf Lane and Paddock Court. Prices begin at $525,000 for the exclusive, custom 'designed homes. Designs feature traditional exteriors and luxurious interiors. "In this price range, this is the only builder offering true custom homes," said Mary Collins, of Coldwell Banker Schlott Realtors, Warren. Gold Oak Developers will work with buyers to design their dream home, down to the decorating, Ms. Collins said. Although homes take an average of eight months to complete, from WILL PAY YOUR heat, hot water, trash pick-up, yard maintenance, landscaping, and major home owner insurance bills* FOR 3 YEARS.- Really! We'll even supply no hassle, affordable, owner financing to qualified buyers with as little as 10% down payment, NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY Mortgage rates are the lowest in years, rente are the highest in years, your condo fees are covered for 3 years, and the economy is improving... Call for details on our "FALL FIRST* Limited Time Program geared to select Ibr condominiums (resales excluded) * CONDOMINIUMS 217 Prospect Avenue, Cranford (Mon.Fri. by Appt.: Sah No Appt. Necessary, 104 PMj Miinleiunce reduction for i period of 36 months will be credited off purchase price it lime of coninci bated on current maintenance fees on given contracted unit. KEflRIE HAGY/FORBES NEWSPAPER! David Krlmmtl and Robert Goldman of Gold Oak Developers, and Tom Mitchell, project manager at Coppergate Farm, pause at the recent grand opening of the new custom home community in Basking Ridge. conception to finish, building time can fluctuate, depending on how decisive homebuyers are, she said, However, buyers will never be rushed, she added, Custom designing a home is "a fun process," Ms. Collins said. "And in this price range (buyers) deserve to have what they want" Builders Robert Goldman and David Krimmel of Golden Oak Developers take pride in offering quality and value to discerning Nobody Cms How Much You Know,, Until They Know How Much You Care!.Heads 'toss A Coin" Tails If you're thinking of selling your home and you feel that all Real Estate Agencies and Agents are the same. Think Again! t Selecting a realtor should not be a coin toss. Find out why in this ad it's Tails You Win", when you give Bill Decker (bearded fellow in the right) a call. Call today for your complimentary market analysis. You'll be glad you did- Honest! COIDWGLL ISCHLOTT* Office: (908) REALTORS* Eves: (908) homebuyers. They have an outstanding reputation and experience that spans more than 20 years in the development and construction of exclusive custom homes in the Watchung and Somerset hills. Golden Oak Developers' architectural design team is equipped to guide buyers through the design process with state-of-the-art computer software and years of practical experience. Designs are tailored to the lifestyles and tastes of each buyer. An interior designer also assists in such intricate decisions as color.selection, fixtures, vanities and othu - subtleties. For more information about Coppergate Farm, or any other quality home community by Gold Oak Developers, call their Wan-en office at , or Ms. Collins at Send us your real estate news Real estate professionals in Somerset, Middlesex and Union counties are invited to send news of their accomplishments and activities to the Real Estate Guide, We also welcome industry-related articles that may be of general interest to our readers and advertisers. Real estate professionals may also submit listings for inclusion in the House Tour features. Publication will be at the discretion of the editors. Send news releases and articles to: Real Estate Guide Forbes Newspapers P.O. Box G9!) Somervillc, NJ For more information on how to participate in the guide, call Evelyn Hall at , ext. G306.

57 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement October 6,7, mart- Cal tor mort data* CUW1M MMSVMI ^ ^ Mat 142, CUftitT CLARK II49, too 4 DMnoin oapt wlh I, i betfta, Mfwroom, Mi oftoator mm data* CUI1 TO Surprise) Surprise! When you IMMI your fyn onftsab»t»nwptf«*ayard,tntpooliimk and ^ M a t o for you on thoa* hot staling daya.«you'd tit to know mort, otl baton M toolm.hh.1sor 'I' Coma sat this oomtortsns oook'a klohan A oozy fireplace In a bright, open IMno room phwahlanadpiaarnant-al this In a ntoa quiet ntighbomood. HI 1U1 MuM family with 3 unlbvtout of 12 rooma. Located at edge of Main Sheet business area. Zone B-3forprofetslonal ohfott or Ugh! retail. EiotHenl location m$xktoshopping, puuo tianeportation. i M I I V MEAOFFICE WM74M21 COLONIA I3M.0O0 Ettoto araa,4 yr young ranch tooatod on prt> vata oul da uo In MCIMIM M M ol Cotonla. Features Induda 4 badma. 3 imthi, 1/2 aora AMAOFPICI 90* HIGHLAND PARK $149,280 Noa raduoad! 2 (airily */2 badrma aa unit, malntanwwa frn aiwrtor, ovtmbad lot with good parting ladww*, ooflvanlantly localad, AREAOFFKE 90M MSCATAWAY Mapnioant! SpecUcularl BaOarttian nawll 4-5 badifm oolonial w/ mull tevtl dach. Jacuzzi,. marbk loytr, 3 rone heating ikyhtet and more. MET416S AMA OFFICE 90MM-7700 HIGHLAND PARK $159,900 Otdar charm blended with newl! Completely rtmodem home oftariofl 2 baths, Irv rm *Hh 1/ p, <mas> to lown. Ust of amenities lo numerous to fat. MET* 120 METUCHERftWOM AHEA OFFICE 90M94-nQ0 > tm URNAIIMVIUI 91,976,000 Lmwtout 18 yr. otd Normandy Tudor on 1U aorta. 7M0 %q. %, I bdrnm, 61/2 baths, domatte quarters, remodtled Mohan ft balha, In bsrns, 2 story marwa foyer! J MNCHIUM UaasVpunrwst pos ly.2ttoryoondora- Cioalinttooa* OtflSWOeOOfSSM. Mnysnraa. Hon. Convenient tor fivrya. Ptaa^tof you mimjiniinii imorm i ytr n m 9124,000 INOMHM JJpMjBJ S^ IEDHINITER $171,900 Uorabla coiy capt la Iht bail buy In Badmlnator. Ptrlaol nr fammabuytra. lirga Mng rm. ( / Hgrtl knotty plna panting t bull- In bootahatwt. Urgt mat barm. w/adblnfrm t4»>grm.boti7m SCOTCH PLAINS t2ss,000 9 btdroorn Split w/ln-ground pool, lota of storage, 10x24 lam rm w/lrptot, 2.5 oar garaoa. war schools I tranaportatlon. flraaf lamlry ntlbmtorhoodw/toltofroomtogrow.wlitts SCOTCH PUINS $179,000 Spi level hi mow in oondluon! Quiet dead end atrtet. 3 bedrooms, 2 5 baths, lamiry room, fktplaoa Walk to schools and transportation SPLIHft SOOfCHPUINI SaonSotnt custom bui Mnon on igtot land. Urga tnl Kal A dbl door ertry Al sjmoioua rrnti auntian imno rm r itm rm i >, huge h dining rm. updated t M bains. A mutt aattlmr.ini AVINIL HS4,tOO ncpwi on MMH watod. M baaamint, palto and much mart. W1Ult!»«1iao AMAOPfKI tomimqso NORTN nainfiild Ctattie CotonM 178 am W, lenoad. CouU aaafvbeaubdmtedwft roomioapan. Houaa nm 4 MfTOi r DflOA noofll M RftMMCI DMO* staffic OfMri nvmtmtfll SrFfilS SO. KAIMPIILO $116,000 ItTHMOuaMel aaunruly hapt U-SJMI with lame toyec. 2 Kii baits, 4 br, Ms ol room. Qrsat for growing tamay Musi sat!!! SPF1191 MIDDLESEX $114,800 Why rtntt! Whan you can own this maimmres 3 bd. aftordawa horns. Formal dr., ful part flnwtad baaamant for your vtming tamly. Ntot famsv oriented neighborhood W140 SOUfHPUUNPIElD SO. PLAINFIELD $137,900 This ooiy upe is located In a wonderfu I neighborhooa! Greil for tlarier or tmilter limlry 3 nice tiled bd, 1 lull bath and beautiful healed sun room/dr. A Mu.l See! SPF11S5 OUTHPUUNnCLD AMAornct $0. PLAINFJELO $174,900 Ranch lor the (ueelesibuytrt! Fast.. 3 barm,, 1 1/3 balht, Urn/rm w/tp, larae bammenl, laigt kitchen w/iep dining ares, nested Fla/rm. new carpet thru oul, sky light in kfchen, More! SPF11S4 AREAOFFICE PANWOOD $232,900 QuaMly built, well rmlntalned 3 txlrm rsneh. spadous ttm, large bicky ard 1 dekghtftil pool. Very private. A dream oome true WSF4546 WEilTFlELD CRANFORD $149,900 Charming older 2+ lamiry home with good rental Income. Many Improvement! CalMor details WSF4542 WEITFIEU) AMA OFFICE 90* WESTFIELD $269,900 Currier I Ives classic. 5 bdrme, 3 5 bthi. updated kit w/breamatl rm. din rm wirench doom lo norcrt DellghtM detailing w/excitlng Individuality. WSF447B WESTF1ELD AREA OFFICE S66 * * * Clark Area Scotch Plains Area South Plainficld Area Westfield Area (908) (908) (908) (908) Ilillsborough/ Rcadingtoii/ Metuchcn/ Montgomery Area Branchburg Area Edison Area (908) (908) (908) 494- COLOUIGLL SCHLOTT REALTORS 9

58 8-October 6,7,8, RealEstate A Forbet Newspapers Supplement Colonial offers numerous amenities This four-bedroom colonial at 325 Stoughton Ave., Cranford, features a newly expanded kitchen and a family room with a fireplace. The home lists for $347,000 HOMES RECENTLY SOLD BY CRANFORD REALTORS SOLD - CRANFORD A warm welcome to Mr. & Mrs. David Lugara who have moved into their new home on 2 Osage Drive, Cranlord. The home was listed and sold by Christina Serratelli ol Paige, Paige A Richards. HOUSE SOLD BARTON REALTY Lovely colonial on Livingston listed by Cliff Dobbins ol BARTON RE- ALTY and Mid thru Weatfield MU3 SOLD LISTING KIAMIE AGENCY, INC. haa announced the sale of this 4 bedroom all brick ranch at 4 Seneca Road, Cranlord Thoproperty was listed by Don Curry and sold through MLS. LINDEN Paula Forfa of Century 21,D.S. Kuzsma Realty listed a charming cape on 522 Beechwood Rd. through the Garden State MLS. It sold in one week. ft t «4. i SOLD JAMESJ.STIVALEoUS. TIFFANY REALTY listed this home at 75 Burnsde Avenue, Cranlord. RALPH BERNARD ol TIFFANY'S sokl it. J.S. TIFFANY REALTY is located at 102 South Avenue West in Cranlord. JUST SOLD MEEKER SHARKEY, REALTORS al 124 South Ave., E. Cranlord announces the sale of Ihie lovely Orange Ave. home. Julie Murphy listed the property and sold it in i l m». '* ' CRANFORD - A newly expanded kitchen, and a family room with fireplace are the focal points of this four-bedroom colonial at 325 Stoughton Ave. Listing for $347,000 through Mocker Sharkey, Realtors of Cranford, the home also boasts two full baths and two powder rooms. Glass sliders lead from the spacious 27-by-15-foot family room, and the 24-by-l(j eat-in kitchen to a deck and garden. The kitchen features a conter island. Also on the main iloor, L the living room is a comfortable 13-by-16, and the dining room is 13-by-12. All appliances in the home arc white, and there is also a first-floor laundry room, Built in 1982, the home features an 18-by- 12-foot master bedroom. Three additional bedrooms arc H-by-H, 14-by-13 t and 14-by- 11. A finished basement offers n 15-by-lfi recreation room, and an au pair mom. The home is available for immediate occupancy, and sits on a 91-by-118-foot lot. A two-car attached garage provides ample space for vehicles and storage. For more information, or to mil the home, call Vita Zoltak at Tipsheet Address: 325 Stoughton Ave., Cranford Asking price: $347,000 Lot size: 9 l-by-118, approximate Bedrooms: four Baths: two full, two halves Amenities: all white appliances, finished basement with au pair room, fireplace Heating/cooling: gas/central air Taxes: 7,096 Open house: Tlirough Vita Zoltak, Meeker Sharkey Realtors, Cranford,., ,..,.,,,,,.,,..,,,,,,.,#, *>-.

59 A Fbrtas Newspapers Supplement October 6,7,8, ICRANFORD m& A SMART MOVE 3 BEDROOM CHIC CUSTOM BUILT CAPE COD. ITS SPOTLESS AND WELL- MAINTAINED. SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE A BRICK FRONT, VINYL SID- ING, NEW WINDOWSONFIRST FLOOR, FINISHED BASEMENT, ENCLOSED REAR PORCH. MUST SEE! $169,900. MOTIVATED MOVERS WANT IMMEDIATE SALE of MINT CONDITION CRANFORD COLONIAL nr schl, rec t twn, trans. Just upgraded! Feats. 3 BRs, LR/den combo, FDR, all new eat-in kit, RR, dk & Jacuzzi. XTRAS: fp, stained glass winds, built-in bkcases. $180's, Janet D. Barton, CRB, CRS, GRI, REALTOR W \ Member of HCLO«World Leader in Relocation RELOt 106 north Union Avenue-Cranford (900) Agency, Ir\p. 10 SOUTH AVE. E. CRANFORD <NJ) CRANFORD BRICK SPLIT LEVEL IDEAL MOTHER-DAUGHTER HOME... Located in Brookside School area. Includes 6 rooms, Vh baths, 2 family rms, Central Air + 2 car garage. ASKING J Paige, Paige & Richards, 181 NORTH AVENUE, E. REALTORS CRANFORD, NEW JERSEY TELEPHONE: 908* WARM AND SPACIOUS This lovely Westfield colonial home built by Bob Evans features a spacious Living Room with fireplace, bright and cheery formal dining room, new family room w/ Cathedral ceiling, new custom kitchen with volume ceiling and skylight, first floor powder room, 5 bedrooms, spanking new main bathroom, new basement rec room w/built-ins and rich carpet, attached garage on a quiet Northside tree-lined street! ASKING LOW $300's. g y 102 South Ave, West, Cranford l.iy-l SCENIC RIVERVIEW PROPERTY CRANFORD ROOMTOSPAREinthisgrande9roomColonial.Features;banquetsized Dining Room, high ceilings and spacious Living Room with fireplace. Updated with ample cherry cabinets in the Eat-In Kitchen. Separate entrance to a 3 room suite can make this a mother/daughter residence. MIMJMMMII OO XF736 Meeker Sharkey, Realtors 124 South Avenue East Cranford, NJ (Airost Irani Trutn Sllition) (908) m :& I GARWOOD Most unusual M/D home. Kitchen with all amenities, plus a dining room size eating area. Three full baths, large family room. Home is in move-in condition! Make an offer. Asking $210,900. D.S. KUZSMA REALTY 115 Mlln St. Cnntord b l our *«tot HOTUNE tor otfw I** IJOMfMIN

60 10 -October 6,7,8,1993 RealEstate A Forbes Newspapers Supplement Jean Burgdorff, chairwoman of Burgdorff, Realtors, will be the featured speaker on "Million-dollar habits: Negotiating and other business skills," at the joint Somerset/ Middlesex chapter meeting of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO). Ms. Burgdqrff will speak at the Oct. 12 event to be held in the Radisson Hotel, 200 Atrium Drive, Somerset. Networking will begin 6 pm, followed by dinner and the program at 6:45 p.m. The meeting non-members. For reservations, call Amalia Altonji at New Jersey Monthly magazine's 1991 Realtor of the Year in New Jersey, Ms. Burgdorff was also named Outstanding Woman by the Summit YWCA in its 70th anniversary year, and 1990 Employer of the Year by the Makefield- Yardley Business and Professional Women. * * * The Somerset County Board of Realtors plans an open house 2-5 p.m. Oct. 19 at its facility, 275 E. Main St., Sbmerville. Visitors will have an opportunity to see the board's new computer system working, meet people behind the scenes, get information about the board and how it works for its members, and socialize with realtors from the area. For more information, call Gita at Century 21 New Beginnings Re- The Prudential Brown-Fowler Co., Realtors, has scheduled two free real estate career nights for 7:30 pm Oct. 13 and 27, at the company's Basking Ridge office, lls.finleyave. Managers and top producers will discuss getting started in real estate and the company's training program. For reservations, or more information, call Sarah Handford :\ITORS BRIDQEWATER Great opportunity! 3 BR Ranch, Vk baths, 2 car gar. on almost an acre; country neighborhood-town convenience! $181,900 BDM 2886 COLDWELL BANKER SCHLOTT REALTORS Bedminster/BrkJgewater Area BRIDQEWATER MartinsvIRe contemporary - sprawling home buik around center courtyard wrtg pool on 2 ac.; master BR wing, 3 other BRs, Vh baths, 3 car garage & circular drive. $390,000 BDM3127 COLDWELL BANKER SCHLOTT REALTORS Bedminster/Bridgewater Area BRIDGEWATER Location! Location! 3BR, Vh baths, 2- car attached gar., 1+ wooded acres, quiet neighborhood. $229,500 BDM 3047 COLDWELL BANKER SCHLOTT REALTORS Bedminster/Bridgewater Area ft * * Marilyn Rutishauser, a sales as- At a recent awards dinner, ERA Notes sociate with the Branchburg office American Dream Realtors, of of Weichert, Realtors, has been Hillsborough, honored their top recognized as the office's top new sales agents for the first half of homes sales associate for the first at half of the year. Christina Newton was named t Ms. Rutishauser sold the most top seller for the first half of the Several Weichert, Realtors of- new homes in the area during the year. Shaun Daley was honored as fices will be holding real estate ca- six-month pe- _ top lister, Both agents started in reer seminars 7 p.m. Oct. 14. nod. She has real estate with ERA American Featured topics include how to listed and sold Dream, said broker/owner Paul Giannantonio. get started in the business, how homes for 14 salespeople can boost years, and has * * Connie Coppola of Warren has joined Burgdorff Realtors as a sales associate in the Warren office. ibmpany's been a licensed programs, broker for five The offices and their locations years Ms Rut. are: Lincoln Highway ishfluser is (Route 27), Edison, ; 9 W.. f Main St., Clinton, ; Route Ms. Coppola and Stockton Street, East ^uon^f Realtors Million Dollar former 'y man ' Windsor, ; Oldwick Road, club ^ Weicheifs «<, ^iiar aged a food bro- Oldwick, ; and 4 Highway g ^ md ^ ^ C]ub Abo> kerage finn) ^ 31, Pennington, she is a member of the Somerset is experienced in County Board of Realtors, and sales and trans- Cindy M. Field, a resident of serves on ^ t^',, community action manage. Long Valley, has joined Weichert, SCTV\QQ ancj realtor associate com- men^ ^ nft^ve o f Realtors' Bernardsvillc office as a mittecs> West'Virginia, she attended Consales associate. she has lived in Branchburg for A recently licensed real estate 20 years, cord College in Athens, W.Vu. be- Yolanda Bovasso and Lynne Wagner, associates with Century 21 D.S. Kuzsma Reiilty in Cran- professional, Ms. Field has a bach- elor's degree from Ithaca College. Before entering real estate, ford, were re- she was a cently honored physical education teacher at Bcmardsville Middle School and Mendham at the Landmark Inn in Fxiison. Ms. Bovasso received a plaque for out- High School. standing She also formerly managed Ban- achievement of tarn Stores, a family-owned busi- g. oss closed ness. commissions and i units. Ms. Wagner was also Weichert' Realtors' Westfield office, managed by Kathy Buontempo, has received a regional honored with a plaque for her award for the most sold listings for outstanding the first eight months of the year. achievement in The office is located at 185 Elm listing production. St. * * * A sales associate with Weichert Century 21 fore moving to New Jersey 23 years ago, She has resided in Warren for 12 years. * * * IIurgdorfT Realtors' Westfield office "tipped its hat" to the town's gala FestiFall with complimentary photographs of 400 local residents and visitors decked out in fancy hats. Office manager Jean Massard bough a collection of hats a few years ago from a Westfield secondhand shop, and Burgdorff offices throughout north central New Jersey have contributed more hats to the company's traveling booth. Realtors' Branchburg office, D.S. Kuzsma Re lt i l t d Wayne Apgar has earned the ofalt is locatcd at 115 V Miln St., fice's top producer award for list- Cranford - ing the most homes during August. * * More than 100 senior citizens NJAR was fminded m 1017 to pr,^ and retirees attended Rur Mr. Apgar has R dorfr mol ( iind u ' ' )lllllk ' awareness oi tailors' first free public srminar rt ' Illlor P«^l^(^'^m, code of listed and sold on retirement planning, held Sept. clilr>s - l lul) lr l ' rviai l g' hollies for three an(i 8 at St. John's Church m Summit. whi.'vi'in.'nis. m\ identify years, He is a atui The event featured a panel of l )rtinilltl ' llt%w P l»rts and member uf the experts, including estate attorney services, and professional awarecompany's Million Dollar Carlotta Rudd, financial planner ness of important issues. Sales and Marketed Club, and the Somerset County Board of Realtors. Before entering real estate, he was employed for 10 years as a legal, financial, and practical conmarketing representative in the siderations and reviewed various chemical division of Calgon Corp., retirement living options, weighing Richard A. Weidel, president of Richard A. Weidel Corporation, Realtors, has been appointed to a second term on the New Jersey Association of Realtors strategic planning committee. The 1992 committee's efforts were directed at developing a strategic plan for the period , that would be workable for members, officers, directors and staff, Henry Sawatzky, mortgage officer Lew Shnipless, construction ser- To br inrludcd in Realty Notes, vices specialist Hichard Boustjuet, si-iid «l^ss release and photoand home contents sales agunt BT«Ph to: Betty Janicelli. The two-hour seminar covered Evelyn Hall Real Instate Editor Forbes Newspapers P.O. Box 699 Somervilte, N.) a division of Merck and Co. He is the benefits of "staying put" with For more information, call 722- an 18-year resident of Somerville. those of scjuigapjl moving. 3000, cxt; 6306.

61 n POrlNI fliwipipiil RealEstate October 6,7,8, Remodeling can improve value of your home D o you want to make a few changes in your homo? No matter what type of remodeling project you choose, make certain the improvements increase your home's resale value as well as provide comfort and convenience, according to the New Jersey Association of Realtors (NJAR). "Do not assume that the money spent on sprucing up your home will automatically be recovered," said Gene Azzalina, president of NJAR. "To maximize your return, con- 1 sitter how long you are likely to live in your home." Mr. Azzalina said if you plan to move within a year or two, it is wise to limit yourself to relatively inexpensive touch-up projects you can do yourself or have done for little cost. "Cosmetic improvements will give your home a fresh, clean look, add to its market value and create a favorable impression that SOMERSET COUNTY FRANKLIN Kelvin K.W. & Jor Ann Yao to Grace C. Brown, 29 Canterbury Circle, Somerset, $100,000 Meryl I. Dunn to David Fleischman & L. Kleber, 44 Champlain Way, Franklin Park, $189,000 Joshua R. & Karen H. Herman to Michael & Madeline Volpc, 23 Champlain Way, Franklin Park, $179,000 Helene Wrublevski to Clifford Crawley el ui. t 85 Claremont Road, Franklin Park, $228,000 K Hovnanian at Somerset to Lynn M. Dohanic, 141 Columbus Drive, Franklin Park, $72,950 K Hovnanian at Somerset to will make your home easier to sell," he said, On the other hand, if you are certain you will stay in your home for a minimum of three years, you might consider a more extensive renovation, Mr. Azzalina said. However, he cautioned against over-doing it. "The market value of your home is determined mainly by the value of the homos around it, regardless of renovations," ho said, "Of course, if you plan to stay in your home forever, recouping your costs is not a factor. You can let your imagination and budget be your only limitations." There are several financing options available once you've decided what you want to accomplish. You might consider refinancing your current mortgage to cover the improvement costs. This may be the most practical way to borrow for the long-term at market interest rates. If the outstanding balance is low on your Ethlyn L. Boardman, 247 Columbus Drive, Franklin Park, $47,950 Dean F. & Lasanne M. Pinciotti to Thomas J. Pelech, 217 Haworth Place, Somerset, $127,000 Heiss Const. & Renovation to William E. & lisa A Wehner, 10 Laird Terrace, Somerset, $264,500 Scott P, Robertson & M. Miller to Thomas A. & Wendy Rettinger, 31 S. Middlebush Road, Somerset, $154,000 George J. Algozini to Carla L. Shoppe, 213 Sanders Ave,, Somerset, $90,000 Raymond J. & Claire E. McBride to Alan H. Ulman & M. Genshaw, 4 Seelys Run, Somerset, $165,000 Walter Avena & Amanda Avena to Marcia Evans, 17 Veros Lane, $109,500 "W! current mortgage, refinancing could free up a considerable amount Another option is a second mortgage. The interest rate typically is higher on a second mortgage that the first mortgage and the term is shorter. For minor improvements (less than $10,000) you might consider an unsecured personal loan. The term generally is short and the interest rate is higher than on a secured loan. hen choosing a contractor, it is important to do your 'homework'," said Mr. Azzalina. "Before interviewing potential contractors, decide what results you want and why, Also, be firm about how much you can afford. Stick to these rules so you can control both cost and design while minimizing the risks." Obtain at least three separate bids for all work needed and avoid firms that offer sub- GREEN BROOK Seidner Assoc. Inc. to John R. & Catherine Aloise, 7 Beechwoud Terrace, $259,900 Ferruggia Assoc. & Weisbecker to Fcrruggia Associates, King Gouge Road, $65,000 Barbara Naylor & Kevin Silva to Barbara Naylor, 209 Mountain Parkway, $7,000 Nicpro Associates to John & Christine Teng Ho, 8 Scheurman Place, $340,000 Dennis C. & Sandra C. Averill to Elvira I. & Hiram C. Reve, 1113 Washington Ave., $98,000 Jerome & Alice Kadesh to Vincent DiLeonardo, 8 Woodland Terrace, $225,000 HILLSBOROUGH Glen Meadows Inc. to Salvatore A. Perrotti et ux., Bloomingdale Drive, Somerville, $124,990 Elsie Sommer to Christopher Schmidt & Zimmer, 116 Brookside Lane, Somerville, $98,500 stantially lower prices. The quality of their work may be as low as their prices. Before signing a contract, obtain several references from the contractor, and check them carefully. Contact tin. 1 local office of the Bettor Business Ruroau to check on thuir reputation. Check to sue if ii;n;inurs are offered. If so, does it cover all work <>r is it limited to certain materials? Obtain a written copy of price quotations and the specific won. to \w rlnno 9 Never pay n contractor in cash, particularly before the work is started. Obtain a certificate of the contractor's liability insurance coverage limits, policy and company. "Proper preparation is the key to smooth, successful home improvements," said Mr. Azzalina. "And, once completed, the project can add to the value and enjoyment of your home." Crestmont Hills Inc. to Steven & Margaret Ann McGee, 13 Crammer Lane, Somerville, $212,012 Joseph Chrles Hopson to Joseph J. & Kathleen McManus, 12 Euclid Ave, Belle Mead, $227,500 Crestmont Hills Inc. to Arnold & Helen Memoli, 13 Fisher Drive, Somerville, $207,187 James & Adriana Padula to Gregory J. & Bonnie A. Palko, 47 Oak Terrace, $223,000 Country Classics in the Morning to Dean F. Pinciotti & L Mosher, 12 Powelson Drive, Belle Mead, $350,000 August '93 sales topped numbers from last year Sales of previously owned homes jumped in August from one year earlier, as consumers continued a crush of buying triggered by extremely low mortgage rates, according to the National Association of Realtors. The association recorded a seasonally acuusted annual sales rate of 3.81 million existing single-family homes in August, up 14.1 percent from August 1992, Last month's resale rate increase came on the heels of a 14.2 percent annual increase in July. Strong year-to-year increases in home sales were posted in all of the regions. Through August, there were 2.5 million existing single-family homes sold nationwide. The year-higher than that for the first eight months of In the Northeast, the median price for existing single-family homes in the Northeast was $141,300 last month, slipping a marginal.5 percent from one year earlier. NAR Chief Economist John A. Tuccillo said much of the activity in the Northeast continues to fall in the lower end of the price range. HOUSE OF THE WEEK WESTFIELD $214,000 ALL BRICK RANCH with all new replacement windows! The living room has a raised hearth stone fireplace & the "step down" dining room has a brick wall warming oven, beamed ceiling & exit to the patio in the privacy fenced backyard. Dine-in kitchen w/oak trimmed almond cabinets, 3 bedrooms + two recently finished basement rooms, wall to wall carpet, attic fan, floored attic storage, garage door opener & central air conditioning! Call us today for your tourl we. REALTOR ELM ST. WESTFIEID, N,J. RAR1TANTWP. Bedroom, 2.5 bath Colonial backing to cul be sac. New kitchen, newer i study on 1 st level. Parkllke setting a screened A heated Florida Room. $239,900. SOMERVILLE $155,900 Sptc & span and a hack of a M more room than you think. Manicured yard graces this 3 bedroom, 2 bat) Ranch which also boasts a lovely finished basement BRIDQEWATER $169,900 A 7 year young L shaped Ranch. Quality built with two zone heat, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, maintenance free exterior, large 2 car garage and paved drive RARITAN TWP. $119,900 Luxury living in Sun Rrtge'i most popular court. An expanded Master Bdmi, fireplace in living room, and fin. bsmt., makes for comfortable Irving. HILLSBOROUGH $109,900 Loads of posst)wttes. 2* acres surround this cozy Cape of 3 tmtooms, 21 x 12 family room and M tatement. Ideal for the bargain hunter with a keen eye. LAZY BROOK ESTATES We saved the best til last, and now it's your last chance... Concord* Model $369,900

62 12 -October 6,7,6,1993 RealEstate A ForbM Newspapers Supplement Hilltop home has backyard waterfall WATCHUNG - From its hilltop perch, this home at 747 Johnston Drive offers views of the New York Skyline, and features a landscaped patio with its own waterfall. listing for $950,000 through Coldwell Banker Schlott Realtors, in Westfield, the home features five-plus bedrooms and four and a half baths. Nestled on 1.4 acres of landscaped grounds, the property hosts many mature shrubs, evergreens, rock gardens and paths. The waterfall is a highlight, and particular point of pride for the current owners. Inside, 12 rooms, divided between two levels, show oriental and European influences. On the first floor, the spacious 24-by- 17- foot living room boasts a fireplace. A second fireplace warms the banquet-sized (22-by-18) formal dining room. The kitchen is a generous 18-by-ll, and features a breakfast room. Sunlight fills a unique mountain room. The master bedroom, with private bath, is 15-by* 17. A guest bedroom is 17-by-14. There is also a full bath, powder room, and laundry room on the first level. On the ground level, there is an amply sized 16-by-H family room. The expansive recreation room is 31-by-H, and features a wet bar There are two additional bedrooms, 15-by-16, and 16-by-15 feet, and a full bath, Another bedroom includes its own suite. There is a second full bath. A wine cellar, also located on the ground level, offers room for hundreds of bottles. For more information call Lucille K Roll at AUGUSTO F, MENEZES/FORBES NEWSPAPERS Among the many amenities at 747 Johnston Drive, Watchung, are a two-car attached garage, gravel drive and dog pen. Tipsheet Address: 747 Johnston Drive, Watchung AaUagprioe: $950,000 Bedfoomt/Bathi: flw-plus/four and a half HesttaffoooUng: electric/air conditioning on first floor Open house: Through Lucille K Roll Colonial boasts character and style Fireplace, screened porch accent home SCOTCH PLAINS - Unique character and style accent this three-bedroom colonial at 1440 Rahway Road, Burgdorff Realtors of Fanwood lists the home for $395,000. The house is set on a 2.78-acre lot with mature trees and shrubs. A 25-by-12 formal living room features a fireplace and book cases, French doors lead from the 22-by-9-foot formal dining room to a screened porch The sunny kitchen with breakfast room is H- Th ' 8 c o l o n l a l at 144 Rahway Road In Scotch Plains has a unique character and style. by-8. There's plenty of room for lots of family in the 22-by-!)-foot * shwashcr ' ^ d r P encr ' family room. There is also a 12-byhumldifier Sccunty ' systcm ' self Tipsheet ' clcarunb 12 den, and a full bath on the first oven ' smoke alarm ' wal1 " to-wall carpeting, a basement Addre* 1440 Rahway Road, Scotch Plains The master bedioom is a gener- workshop, many closets, a gas furous 15-by-13. Two additional bed- na«- and forced air heat. rooms, also located on the second For more information, or to visit story, are 13-bv-13 and 11-by-ll. tlv home, call Connie Burke at Amemi;. + Vi), U q C ( including^a <'.u DIANE MATFIERD/FORBES NEWSPAPERS Addnf price: $395,00 Bedrooma/Baths: three/two Amenities: dishwasher, garage door opener* humidifier, security ^yirtem Heating/coolinf; gas Open home! I h r o ^ Connie Burite, Burgdorff Realtors, Fanwood,

63 RealEstate October 6,7,8, MIDDLESEX COUNTY EDISON Richard A. it Eva M. Outhwaite to Leslie S. it LUi Greene, 5 Wike- Okd Drive, $183,000 Doreen Siegel to Angela M Senneca, 1M Westgate Drive, $150,000 John F. & Elizabeth Sieverts to Fredrick J. it Rhonda Sieverts, 15 Windsor Road, $100,000 Andrew K Wu to Andrew K Wu it Claire Yu, 367 Wood Ave., $200,000 UNION SCOTCH PLAINS Cumberland Farms 22 Service Inc., 2435 Route 22, $275,000 Steven k Richard Parker to Robert M. & Susan J. Honigberg, 12 Scotchwood Glen, $413,000 Jersey Restoration Inc. to Richard M. & Jacqueline Tropp, 16 Shin-wood Road, $443,500 Saugatuck Associates Inc. to Michael & Merrill Tenenbaum, 1 Swans Mill Lane, $476,200 Andrew P. k Carol R. tenza to Vincent k Debra A. Losavio, 2298 Woodland Terrace, $330,833 Martin & Suzanne Mercorelli to Joseph k Bernadette Lupia, 409 WUllam St., $168,000 WESTF1ELD James G. it Karen. Mortenson, 232 Sinclair Place, James D. Bushford IIItoGarrett J. it Gloria Verdone, 908 $335,000 Boulevard, $340,000 Samuel J. k Emmanuela Damate to Jeffrey A. & Vanessa L. Marilyn k Robert T. Norton to Stanley M. k Andrea N. Satty, Barber, 99 Surrey Lane, 12 Brecie Knoll Drive, $710,000 $204,500 Armcnag & Nada Dekmczian John W, Nightingale k Bimey to Michael P. & Michele Johnson, 814 E. Broad St., $203, Austin St., $175,000 to Jon P. & Janna S. Peterson, William B. Newmiller to Pension KVA, 868 Carleton Road, Richard A. k Dawn B. Binford, Brian J. & Ruth A. Collins to $209, Barchester Way, $415,000, Frances H. k Colin N. Dillon Estate of Rhoda F Grupe et to Terronce O'Connor & J, al to Arvin k Patricia Tikku, Leahey, 823 Cedar Terrace, $410,000 Nations Credit Fin. Svcs. Corp. to Dennis & Beatriz Clark, 941 Cleveland Ave., $95,000 Margo U. Atwcll to Richard N. Atwell, 125W. Dudley Ave., $92,500 Richard C. & Jane T. Davis to Scott S. & Patty P. Bond, 158 N, Euclid Ave., $340,000 David A. & Miriam Bercovicz to Winsford L & Donna J. Belle, 26 Genesee Trail, $304,500 Fenner G. k Betty C. Hcadley to Gregory R k Jill J. Sawers, 15 Hawthorne Drive, $350,000 Karen E. & James G. Mortenson to Myron D. Pctruch, 1012 Irving Avc, $205,000 Robert J. k Eileen Hoernlcin to Mark C. k Victoria Droumbakis, 410 Unox Ave, $350,000 Stephen F. & Kimberly Rosser to Kodger J. k Michele M. Sit, 139 Lincoln Road, $320,000 James R. & Ida P. Confroy to Charles D. Rauch & RA Smirle, JSOManitou Circle, $316,000 Arthur k Seenn Bauchner to Peter &i Suzanne Iannelli, 41 MaaiUv Circle,. $26fl,e0O- HIGHLAND PARK Mary Avgerakis to Mary Me- Neany.tiS. Fifth Ave., $75,000 Ivan it Sarah Roth et altoherbert it Karen Jackson, Ml S. Second Ave,, $90,000 David H. it Deborah Krauss to Misha Busaleau it L Binder, 321 COUNTY Richard J. Marinelli to Stephen M. Toth k TA Sargent, 240 Maryland St., $144,000 Gary C. & lisa D. Woodring to Craig Alexander, 843 Mountain Ave., $275,000 Eleanor M. Schofield to Rodolfo J. Betancourt, SO Nomahegin Drive, $244,000 David P. & Patricia A De- Blass to Frederick D. & Carol A. Hoey, 1410 Pine Grove Ave., $179,000 Edmundo G. Si Floriana Stahl to Jorge G. & Elsa D. Guerra, 7 Rutgers Court, $381,000 Dimitri Sanarntis & Lee Rice to Frank Jr. k lisa C. Salvato, 216 Scotch Plains Ave., $208,500 Ricahrd D. k Paula F. Mcllveen to Layne k Ann M. Oliff, 288 Senca Place, $256,000 Walter F. Jr. & Letitia Albee to 723 Boulevard, $229,000 Harold A, & Lois Sarventnick to Oscar Gonzalez & L Faraca, 101 Cambridge Road, $220,000 John M. k Suetlana Dagostini to Edward A. Hartnctt et at., 115 Clifton St., $227,500 Eastgate Square Lmt. Ptr. to Sheldon & Roberta Marks, 12 Eastgate Square No. 7, $325,000 Jcnnettc H. Coles et al. to Kieran P, k Jeannine D, Hughes, 226 Edgewood Ave., $212,000 Ray k Yetta Draperto Douglas A k Yohko W. Ballan, 330 Gdgewood Ave., $248,500 Estate of Mary R Field et al to Edward Chan, 405 Edgewood Ave., $210,000 Richard T. & Laura L Thornton to Randy k Gcna L. Gearhart, 224 Elizabeth Ave., $186,000 Jack J. Jr. & Linda M. Camillo to Mark L & Joann M. Androconis, 729 Oak Ave., $223,000 New Jersey Realty Company to Martha J. Schilling, 224 Prospect St., No. 3B, $185,000 John CJ. k Lorctta J. Butler to Gary H. k Lisa H. Madclblatt, Harper St., $148,000 MEIUCHEN Edward it Carol DeatontoRobert L & Elizabeth De Batto, 47 Enert Ave,, $206,250 Edith J. gaudet to Mark A. it Rebecca F. Huselid, 170 Highland Ave., $247,500 Andrew S. Nicholas to Jeffrey G. Pauletti, 41 Uke Ave., $152,000 Todd R. k Donna L dear to Paul H. it Eileen M Heinzel, 8 linden Ave. $187,500 John V. k Marda R. Dacunto to Steven V. Pearson Jr., 60-3 Prospect St., $54,000 Jason H. k Lynn M Feinberg to Robert Beltch, 55 robins Place, $182,000. William R. Smith et al. to Anna C Zelensky, 38 Victory Court, $90,000 MIDDLESEX Howard k Sharon Loewenstem to Barry I. it Judith Weinberger, 140 Akaiar Ave., $137,000 Thomas L D'Angelo et al. to Michael D. k Catherine Jones, 137 Grant Ave., $162,000 Anna Parolini to Lawrence J. Prezioso & Sickle, 209 Third St., $110,000 Dime Sav. Bk. of NJ to First Fidelity Bk., 444 Union Ave., $671,385 Mamdouha k Safaa Fakhry to Leonard W. k Tracy J, Coulson, 1010 Dorn Ave., $177,000 Federal Home Loan Mtg. Corp. to David B. Cooper et al., 34 Hanover Square, $74,160 CENTRAL JERSEY MORTGAGE RATES Lander, City, Phont Accountant* Mtgt.WhKsftw Sta. Amboy National Bank.OW Bridgt Amarican Ftdaral Mtgt, Union Bay City Mortgaga, Hazlat Capital FundJr^.Parsippany Canlar Ftd'l Savings.Princaton Cantoal Mtg* Svcs, Watehung Choica Mortgaga, Morria Plains Coflacttva Fad'l Savings,Edison Columbia Nail Mtgs.Cranferd Countrywide Mortgage.Wesffiold Crastmont Fad'l 8anrtnga,Clari( Directors Mtg Loan, RocheNo Pk. Empire Mortgaga Co.,8omefvlBe First Fidelity Bank First Savings Bank SIX Edison First Town Mortgage,Edison Qeneals Mtge Svcs.E Brunewtek Hudson Mortgaga Co, N Bergen Imperial Crtdit.Parsippeny Key Corp Mtge t Laurence Harbor King Mortgage Corp., Clifton Managemsnt Mtg Corp.Matawan Manor Mtge Corp, Persappany MetropolHan Mtge Svc.FreehoW Monarch Svgi Bank FSB.CIark Morgan Cirtton Flni, Matewan Mortgage Money Mart, Edison Mortgage Service Co.Somerset Newsy Financial Svc,N PtslnfleW New Century Mtge t E. Brunswick NJ Home Funding Group,Edison NJ Savings Bank.Somerville Paradise Mortgage, Warran R & J Mortgago,Lodgowood Raritan Savings Bk, Raritan Royal Mortgaged Brunswick Royal Mortgage, Monistown Source Mortgage, SomervWe Source One Mtge Svcs.Cranford Summit Mortgage Co., Cranford Watehung Hills BankAtamn Worco Financial Svc, Warren tt7-4iu 0 M1-I7M2OO -ISS-SMI ISO M4-I70S 850 Mt-fl7M 0-1II-SI SS-SMS 2S I7I-7M* 175 -TUMM tsa 766-S4M MM NO-ITS-MM 950 Mt-7t4-!Mt ISO ISO Mt~ttl-44M MS MS-7M-71I4325 MS-IS7-S7M 171 MS-l7S-»74 N/P IM-tM-t7M 149 M0-IM-M7I MI-MI- OMO 0 I61-M4 MI-IM 00-1*4 00-MZ MO-MI Ml-Ttl APPllaOYR FIXEDl 15 YR FIXED OTHER FEE RATE PT8 APR RATE PT8 APF RATE PT3 APR M MM 305.oo o.oo 7.os {s S.7S U 2.1S M S S.SO I.7S Ml * ' S D S Q A B B H M B N/P A A F A B A A S A SS B H A J A N/P 6.S N/P N/P 6.35 A S N/P N/P N/P SS A p A A , S kw M0-4M C MI-7M MM MI-SM -4IM A MI M ! B M«-7» Ml-Ml MM ISO S M A A I»O 300.M A M-m M6-7M Mfl~7M B -MM M 6MI taai A 1IM 325 MM ISO Ml-Ml-MM M S D A A 5.50 O N M.00 LOO 187 C A A (A) 1 YR ARM (B)30 YR JUMBO (C)5/25 (0)7/23 (E)EQUfTY (F)10 YR FIXED (G)15 YR BIWEEKLY (H) 15 YR JUMBO (I) 10 YR ARM (J)7 YR ARM (IQ5/5 ARM (L)30 YR-NO COST (M)5 YR BALLOON (N)3 YR ARM (O)20 YR RXEO (P)NO COST-30YR FIXED (Q)7YRBALLOON(fl)5/lARM (S)FHA-WYR '-rtfrtclo^ng APP FEE -3INOLE FAMILY HOMES MINIMUM DAY RATE LOCK Ratal v ufiphid by (tw knkn and «prwtntid wahout gmirtm Mm and Mrmt art tu> tctto chmgi. Ltnctori Mmrnrni in cti^ykig Horimtbn ihoiid oorted Co«y>«rtM Mortgag* 1 ^ call (h» landanconlkt tends* lot Hwmrfon on ottw mortgag* producb and mnkmcoepmtto* Morigagt Infer ration uwmm armotomi^iora. futeim»^

64 14-October 6,7,8,1993 RealEstate A Focbw Ntwspflpere Supptomont 900O REAL ESTATE MHO Homes Und«r 11*0,000 Ittt-Homes For Sale MM-Farms MM* Unify HMMS ftlstatn IOS0* MODM Homes ILOtt 1070'Condominiums OW-Twmhousos 1M-tats and ACftago 111ft Out af Ana IM-WaijedtoBuy 9130 Meftejoajos and FlnaHdiw H40 - MM ntwltuil EQUAL NOUUNQ OPPORTUNITY All rial estate advertised in this ntwipapir is subject to Iht Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 which mikti it Illegal to idvirtltt any preference llmltitlon or discrlmina tlon bated on race, color, religion, sex or na tloml origin, or an Inten tlon to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. Thli newspaper will not knowingly accept any ad veriibing (or real estate Chris Malo CRP,GRI wtilch li In violation of the law. Our readers are informed that all dwellings advertised In this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis, Complaints of discrlmina. tiort In housing on the basis of race, color, creed, ancestry, marital status, M X or handicap should be made to New Jersey Division on Civil Rights, 363 W, Stats St., Trenton, NJ Phone (609) $150,000 NEW BRUNSWICK- 3BRs, E-l-K, full bsmt, full walkup ante, fenced yard, $97,500, Hospital area. Good Invest *2534. M30 NsaaaM ftftf Saab A UNIQUE mot MNK HOUtE-w/bam on 2.55 very priv ac in lo tax area of Hunterdon Co, near 178, $245,000 Owner AFFORDABLE M00U- LAR- Custom Hornet. ERIC Assoc. offers high quality cutomized homes, decks and greenhouses that are Affordable. Financing available to qualified buyers. (609) BASKING RIDGE- For Sale by Owner. Spring Ridge Duplex 3BR, 2 1/2 baths, fplc, full bsmt. patio, wooded backyd, attached gar. Asking 5218, ADVERTISEMENT REALESTATM With Anita & Chris Malo Remax Somerset Hills (908) BEDMINSTER M80 EOISON- By owner. Mint Cond. 3 BR, Split. 1,5 Bath, Fim, Room, Fin. Basement, Att. Oarage, Great Yard. Must Seel Asking $ , Neg. Call INTRODUCTIONS... A way for people to meet people, every week In. your local Forbes news* paper. The ad Is free, then one call does It all! M4M LEBANON TWP. Riverfront property. 1 + acre. Quiet area, low taxes, completely remodeled. 28R, 1 bath, 2 car garage, workshop. $162,000. By Owner. Call day or eves. to6> 764-1M4 MIDDLESEX! SOMERSET COUNTIES 1st time buyer programs with a low downpayment vail,, If you have been told you can't buy a home, call Bob WercMl: Century 21 QOMM Past Realty MMtft-SNQ Acfvutfis In (h# OMSM NO PIAINFIEID- Cherming Colonial cape, immaculate, 3 or 4 BR, 2 baths, finished bsmt, frplc, deep private yard. Great location, Open House Sun. 2-5PM. 213 Clinton Ave. near Greenbrook Rd. $154,900. Call NO. PLAINFIELD- Cus Col., 2 acres, LR, w/fpl., 3 king BR, Dr w/corner cabinets, cac, porch den, many up-grades, 2 car Gar., sec.sytem $279K, Anita Malo CRS.GRI Edgewood Community at "The Hills". First floor master BR suite, 2 fir's, loft on second level. 21/2 baths, 2 car gage, LR w/fp, FR w/fp, library, formal dr. $279,900. FAR HILLS A Beautiful Start Seven year old 3 BR home featuring living room w/skyllghts, dining area I w/sllders to deck, fully appllanced kitchen, full basement. $189,000 PEAPACK- S415,000, Ranch, t acre, LR, DR, FR, 4 BR, 2 1/2 bath, view of estate, Prlncples only, PISCATAWAY COLO- NIAL- 6 yrs old, 3BR, 2 1/2 bath, LR, DR, Rec rm w/ frplc, AC, 2-car gar $217, " ICOTCH PLAINS By Owner* lovely 3 BR pin. LR, on, FA, CAC, and many extras. Great neighborhood. Ask H 79,900 call PUUNFIEIO NEW HOME FORIALEI REDUCED- 4BR, Vh bath, 2 car garage. Bl- Level on 1O0 * 100 lot. SO.PLAINFIELD- By Owner, 3BR, 2 bath Ranch, LR/DR, Newer Kit. & bath. Finished Bsmt. Inground pool, ovtrslztd 1 car garage. Immaculate Condition. $114,100. (t0t)7imth OPEN SUNDAY 1PM4PM 260 ADA PUCE Exciting, expanded Cape W/4 BRs, 2 full Whs, partially finished bsmt & more. Come s«e for yourselfl SPF1144 $159,900 Dlr: Maple Ave ot Oakland to Ada COLDWELL BANKER SCHLOTT REALTORS 90S-MS-0020 WATCHUNQ- Family neighborhood. B room Charmer w/woodstove 1 fireplace. Excel, schools, screened porch & country Krtchen. $271,000. Call90t>7Sf>4292 WE6TFIELO- 3 BR.1V4 bath Colonial on quiet st. New CAC/heat.Mrdwd firs ElK.sunrm.full bsmt, gar, $240,000, WHITEHOUSE STA. Commercially zoned. 2 family house tbarn w/ shop/office. 2 car garage & storage. Lge. paved prkg. lot, New (00(1249,000. Call LOWO BEACH ISLANDarea. Bayiront Containporary, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, decks, 40' riparian, 5 blocks lo ocean. $249,900. Call Paula at Bayshore Agency , 070 The HWi- 2BR, 1 bath, AC, all appllancei, water filtration system, patio, 5 min, to Rts. 287,78 I22. $88,000. Call (toi) FLEMINOTOH- 2 BR, finished bsmt, large deck A fplc. $112,000. Call FRANKUNPARft Musi aattt New Penthouse Condo overlooks woods I stream, 2 BR, 2 bath, CAC, Kitchen, LR, DR Wvaultsd ceilings A FPLC. Custom* Ized natures throughout. $102,000 tomtt-tom HtOHUNO PARK- 1BR luxury condo, AC, all Easy commute to 996 $99, Aotortfu HILLSBOROWJH ROOM TO GROW IN Lovely 3BR, 21/2 bath Townhouse, floor to ceiling brick fireplace, enclosed patio, family room, plus two spare rooms In the basement. A perfect horns for a growing family. Priced to sell at $137,000 BD-3191 Weichert Realtors BOtimimnor OOt SOMERVILLE- For tho young Executivo, nawly married or Retiree. Charming 2BR End Unit, trplc, Fam. Rm. Dock, atlic storage. Ail appls. Mint cond. $118,500. PASCALE REALTOR 9OB-72M032 3 BR/lt/1 htm, 2 story Townhauea w/vlewe. Upgraded. Shows like model. Big hearth tire* place, Gourmet kitchen, ceramic bath, courtyard, garage, patio & morel iitt,too MUSIS JUST UfTID-Great Plnevale C- two BRs, 1 plus baths. $119,900 BO-30M. TO» OF THI MOUNTAIN- Lovely 2BR, 21/2 bath Townhouse. Parkllke setting and wonderful amenities, this townhoum Is amust to set. Priced to sell at $147,900 BO-3019 PINBVALE- Move-In condition, neutral decor. 1 BR, 1 Bath, washer and dryer, refrig., CAC, security alarm, pool and tennis. SIMM MMItS THI HILLS- Fieldstone Condo, 2nd floor, 2BRs, fireplace, garage. Living room w/vaultsd celling/ skylight, pool, tennis, onsite shopping. $129,000 B0»34 IRCttWOOO I- Lovely 2BR townhouse In move- In condition. Garage, fireplace. Close to everything. 1119, Weichert HENDERSON, OF COURSE! IOS-7SM00O BOUND BROOK- 4 family, $26,000 cash flow, aaking $179,000, for sale by owner, fully leassd, ROSELLE- 6 apt. from $30K es. or MAKE OFFER FOR ALL 6. Write: Enterprizes, Box 5798, Clark, NJ HILLSBOROUQH Approved bldg. lot. Noatianlc River $145k. acres negotiable OPEN HOUSE - MONTGOMERY SUNDAY.OCT.10-1TO4 ONTOWNSHIP LINE ROAD: Well maintained homeonone acre with small barn with elec. and water, four bedrooms, three baths, floor plan lor in-law, on sewer, mature plantings. (908) $242,000 DIR: Route 206 South, left on Township Line, quick right on Willow and left on Township Line Road, house on right. HENDERSON REALTORS (906) BANK FORECLO- SURES- 13,000 Homes listed. Separate state directories. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts!, save to 50% buying Bnak direct. 7 days 8em-9pm, FORE- CLOSURE WORLD NMtCLOSURIOR ANKRUPTCY- Will buy your Home or Bualness toht4-tt4o, NO MONIY DOWN! Take over payments. Pocono Mountains. Bank repossessed Lot fully wooded. Call BUILD VOUR OWN HOME NOWI No downpayment on Miles materials below market construction financing. Call Miles Homes today, 1- W , e«1. 1. FOREFRONT DESIGNS A Real Estate buyer's professional consulting service. Before you purchase a home, request an architectural ft code analysis to protect your Important Investment, Fixed prices for Inllal consulting, & Hourly rates for design studies, editor details: LONG IEACHI8LAHO- An Island paradise within an easy drive. For friendly, professional service, call HCH Inc. Realtors , Ask for new»al«s brochure. VOUR CLASSIFIED AD CAN IE PUBLISHED IN 2 NEW JERSEY NEWS- PAPERS WITH ONE EASY PHONE CALL AND FOR ONE LOW PRICE. FOR ONLY $ YOUR AD WILL REACH OVER 1.2 MILLION HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STATE. CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT , ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK. Advertise In fhe C/auM 9200 VACATION PROPERTY 9210 Homes For Sale 9220 Poconos Properties 9230 Resort Properties 9140 Waterfront Properties 9250 Lots and Acreage Time Shares 9270 Vacation Rentali 9210 Weekend Rentals 9240 rfoptfutf COASTAL NC~ near Myrtle Beach, SC. Preview our Real Estate Opportunities with our Get- Aqualnted offer~3 days/ 2 nights tgoll. Only $89.95, Callfor details, UNO- Unlondale, Pa. Build your Dream Home on 9 Ac. with views ol Elk Mt. Ski resort. Skate on private pond winter, swim & trout fish In summer. Poas. Bubdlv./arJj. lo Pa, Game Preserve. $55, TIME SHARE WITS and campground member* ships. Distress Sales- Cheaplt Worldwide selections. Call Vacation Network U.S. and Cansda Fredd Rental information , FLA- ArmaMarla Island gulf front, 2 BR apt, full him. kit I linens, cable, AC, BBQ/patio, balcony avah FLORIDA HOME For rent or sale. 3BR. 2 Bath. Screened patio, pool, completely furn. 3 ml. to beach. Palm Beach Oardens. Call days FLORIDA- Mtney araa. New luxury home, fully equip. Pvt end, pool, 3BR, 2 bth. Sips 8. Very affordable! FLORIDA- Disney World Area-Klsilmmse. Prlv owners offer lowest possible rates for fully loaded 2 bdrm, 2 bth squeaky clean condos incl kitchen hardware, towels, linens, barbecue grills, W/D, color cable & much more. $59,99 per day. Tom A Rosemary, FLA MYRTLE SUCH AREA, SC- Luxurious Oceanfront. Fully equipped 1-3 Bedroom Condos. Indoor pool, Jacuzzi, CCTV. AAA. Winter Rentals from only $550/month. Water's Edge NO. MYRTLE BEACH- Tidewater Qolf Plantation. New, 2BR, 2bath condo. Pool, tennis. Wkly/mnthy POCONOS- Big Bass Lake. 3 BR Lakeiront, new boat, fireplace, cable, tennis, lodge. Fall rates, Wkends, weekly, Mid week specials. Reasonable. (609) POCONOS- Saw Creek, 3 BRs, Den, pool, tennis,, golf, $250/weekend alter 6pm. POCONOS- THE HIDE- OUT. Doauliful Largo lake front with fall foliago views. Fully lumishod. 4BDR, laundry, Jacuzzi, roc-room, fireplace, wood siove, Ig. dock & yard, screened porch, dock. Quiet & Ideal for young children. Weok or weekend. Call agent: Dale, , or owner: 9OB-276'B644. Ask about 2347 Crestview House. SO. SEASIDE PARK Winter Rental- 2BR Condo, turn,, all appls 90B-454-3B63; ST. MAARTEN- Follow < the Trade Winds, 2 our Beautiful 2 BR, 2 bath villa directly on beach, fresh water pool, kit, cable, VCR, Fax & phone, dally maid, Rent directly from owner, call O for more info 9400 RENTALS M10 Homes 9420< Multi-Family HOIMB 9430 TownhousM and Condominiums Apartments 9480 Rooms 9460-Boarding 9470 Apartments to Shire Homes to Share 9490 Wanted to Rent 9900-MIK Rentals

65 A Forbes Newspapers Supplement RealEstate October6,7,8, BOUND BROOK- 3BR houit + utll, $1000/mo. Clou to train station EXICUTIVI RINTAL- In Qladstona, 1-3 yrs- SBfl, 3 full, two 1/2 baths. Mint condi NelQh* borhood oi million + homtt. Must eesll 90f> 71M745. KENILWORTH- 2 BR, I htat+ CAC, W/D, lafrlo., torn* turn., I SiOOWmon. to cartuktr couple, J MIDDLIBIX- 2BR Duplex. DR, LA, A/C, 1850 mo + ulll. 1 V4 mo MC. No pttl. S0S-27146S1 AoVtftfM totf»ctassmsdf MAIMNQTONTWP. 4/5 BR Ranovatsd Farm* houit. Spacioui mod, Kit., 3 lull batha, DR, LR, Mud Room. W/W carpel- Ing, att on 34 AC. How Farm. tisoo/mo.+utlla. Sac, raq. Call Amy or Barb tmtm-mii OR IDMINITIR- completely furnithtd 2 BR, 2 bath TownhouM In Hills Development: Wood Duck Pond. Avail, for Immad. ihori term Itaat, Pariact lor Exac. needing temporary houalng. $1750/mo. Call , Iv, msg, BCDMINSTER- THE HILLS. Fully Furnlttiod. 2BR, 2 bath, LR.DR, Kit. Short term laase or long' er. Rent Includis all uttl. & IN*. NO pels. Avail, Imead. Call BEDMINSTfR- Thi Hills. 1st ft. t 2BR, 2 bath, private end unit. All appliances, CAC, pool, tennis. $1200/mo, Avail 12/ BEDMIN8TER- The Hills" 2 BR, Bath, W/W, AC, W4D ( Gar. Avail. 10/ 1.$1200/m BR1DGEWATER- 2BR Townhouse, 21/2 baths, ceramic tile Kitchen, all appliances, pool, tennis. Avail. 10/ ; , FRANKLIN PARK- Sodety Hill Townhouse. 2BR, 2.5 bath, $975/mo. i uttlltlat, HILLSBOROUGH- 1BR, Dfl, LR, comp. refinishad, new appls., W&D, pool, tennis, Heat & hot water Incl. Shopping. Avail, immed. 1800/mo, Call Jim WMW HILLSBOROUGH- Lg. 1 BR, avail. 11/1, upgraded carpets, big closets, all appt., AC, pool, tennis, $725/mon t util, laase & Soc, No Pets, tomirsit- spacious 2 BR, 2 1/2 bath townhouse, In convlent location, all appl,, CAC, + many axtras, $B50/mon. + utll, call 90844M493 WIITFIBLD- Trinity Qardens, 1 Bfl, 1 at dr., Bvt. patio, LR w/trpl., ath w/lacuzzi, Kit. w/ill ppl., W/D, Hailed park- Ing garg,, 11075/mo., inelds water, garbage, now Dawn, avail, if/1, 1 1/2 mon. ate., walk to town a train. Please call 9M433-1M1 OUNO BROOK- 2 BR 2nd Floor, Lrg Kit Utll. Off StPrV Walk To Tm Avail. 10/1. BOUND BROOK- 2BR apt. Cloaa to trans.-traln ft but, Ott-at. parking. For more Info.! BOUND BROOK- 2BR apt, 2nd It. Adults, no pata, S75Q + util., 1 1/2 mo sec + rem , BOUND BROOK- 3 RM, 2nd (If, CAC, all of util. supplied. Prof, mid age, single or couple. Ref., t 1/2 mth. security, Avail. nowl 3S BOUND BROOK- COM- PLETELY NEW 1 BR APT- In restored Victorian north side Union Ave. Impressive EIK w/ spacious cabinets and counters, self clean oven, D/W, (rig, new floor and lighting, new bath w/ Wainscot! and til*. Many features include: new thermal windows, cable ready, closets, carpeting. Off street parking In new garage w/ openers, laundry hook-up in half bsmt. Perfect tor prof, nonsmoking single or couple w! exc. rel. No Pets. $750 + utll. 1 1/2 mth security. Call IOUND BROOK- Half House, 4 RMS $700/ mo.+utlls ; BOUND BROOK- North of Union Ave. 1 BR Apt. $700/mo plus utilities, BRANCHBURO- 2 tarn, newly renovated 2nd tl apt. 2BR f den w/ bath. Large Kit w/ laundry hook-up. LR, deck. $750+ util. Adults prel'd, no pets. Call Eleanor BRANCHBURQ- 4 miles west of Somervllle, 2 t/2 room collage completely furnished, Beautiful surroundings, all private. $500 1/2 month security utilities. Adults only, no pets. Call DID YOU KNOW... that an ad in this local paper also goes Into 22 other local papers? $440 BRIDOEWATIR- 2VS BR, Kit, LR, DR, 1 bath wltti garage. Plenty ot storage, Washer A Dryer Included with apartment Must see, vary private, Avail, for occupancy 11/ 1/93, Located on a private, estate. No peti ItWO/mo. plus ulili, Call or Ash for Mitch CUNTON ARIA- 2BR, ivtbath condo, CAC, fireplace, cathedral call- Ing with skylight ft deck wrtri view, All appl. Pool I tennis Incl. avail 12/1 l900+utils.s37'7u3. DORCHESTER HOUSE luxury High Rlst Elevator Apartments Sludio t a 2 Bedrooms DUNfLUN- 1 BR, LR, OR, Kit, $72S/mon Inclding utll., or OARWOOD- 2BR, LR, Kit, Bath, Bsmt, W&D hook-up, $625+ util. Avail 12/1, days, ever QARWOO0-2BR. Relr. utllltlh Included. Dead end St mo QRIIN BROOK- Large ground ft. apt. 2BR, Florida rm, frplc, gar., yard, sec. $ , HILLStOflOUQH- Avsll early Nov. 2 BR 2tt bath, finlahed bamt. appliances, garage, pool, tennis /mo MAfMLU- 2nd fir apt. Private home. Bdrm, kltjlv rm, pvt entrance. $550/mo + 1Mimo secy. Call , MANVIUE- 4rm/1BR apt. $625 f util. 1 t/2 mo. sec, No pets , MIDDLESEX- elegantly furn, apt., all amentles, just bring your loothbrush, absentee owner, $650/mon, incld. all ulil,, ask lor Mr, Y. NO. PUINFIELD- 1 BR, Somersel SI., $520/mo plus utilities. Call PISCATAWAV Spacious 2 BR apt Rural area, Immed. Occupancy $775 + Utll RAHWAY- Studio apt. Heat/Hot water incl. $375. Close to train station, no pets, tob or RARITAN- 1 BR unfurnished, S875+alec. Sec. deposit req, Avail. 11/ SO. BOUND BROOK- 3 rooms, all utlla. incl. Modern Kit. cabinets, no pets ^174. SO. PLAINflELD- Efflclancy 3 room apt. Utlla. supplied, Area of 287 I Middlesex. Avail. Immed BOUTN BOUND ROOK- 2 family, good area, 9 rmi,, remodeled, hall bimi, $900 No Pete. Call touth BOUND ROOK- 2 apt!.- 2 rm./,3rm./S8».mo. Utll. Incl WISTFIILD VICTO- RIAN-1BR 1 it tl. LV w/ atone frplc, EIK, DR, Den. Avail 11/1. Walk to town ft. train gas & alec. Call WISTMLD- 1st fidor Victorian. 2 BR 2, Bath, LR, OR w/fplc, kit, dan. full basmt. W/D hook-up. $1175 plus utlla. Walk to town t train. Avail. 12/1. Cat! WEITFIILO- 3 BR near atatlon. $875/mo. plua utlla HIGHLAND PARK- Beautiful Room. By the week. Call attar 3PM MANVIUE- Private furn. room w/prlvatt bath. S75/wk. Call , MATURE NON. SMOKINQ PROF- to share large 3 BR ranch MIDDLESEX- Pleasent room for gentleman, off street parking, PINE MOTEL- Reg. rms & rms w/kll. for rent. Short stiy, daily, wkly., monthly rates lowered! SOMERVILLE AREAolder man to share apt. with other man. $400 w/ clothes laundored, meals included tor $575. Call SOMERVILLE- $85 and Up. Kitchen, good location near Town & Transp. Call SOMERVILLE- Lovely rm., residential, refr., phone/cable hookup, non-smoker. $75 & up/ wk,» security & ret. Call alter 4, un CRANPOftD: Female col* legt student preferred. Private two room apt. plua Sharing kitchen, living room and other taclli ties In attractive, safe, upicilt neighborhood. Cwea to all trans, plus private parking 1385 includes all utilities. One year leu* plua security dfposit, Rtf req. Call ROMMATB TO BHARE- Isrge 2 BR, bath, condo In the Hllltborough area. $500 p«r mth, Avail. Oct O (K wl Ifew MMM6 NlMfl NOTICE: All HOMES TO SHARE adverthementsiri PAYABLE IN ADVANCE by cash, check, VISA or Maittr Card. For a quota on coal, pmmm call W95. BERKELEY HEIQHTS- Prof. Female, Non Smokir To ahirt 3 br, home. Beautiful Private Loc. near all major intsrstates. Rm Fully Furn. $450/mo, incld. utll./ cable, no ptts. Raf. pla. Avail. Imeid EDISON- SWPF aaaka n/a consideiste roomate to thare 3 BR house. $425/mo, Inc. utlls. W/D, prkg, persons! LM room. 10/ INTRODUCTIONS- A way for people to meet people, every week In your local Forbes newspaper, The ad Is fret, ihenone call dots It sill 1 AMltfJS NOTICE: All MISCEL- LANEOUS RENTALS advertisements are PAYABLE IN ADVANCE by cash, check, VISA or Master Card, For a quote on coal, please call "STORAGE FOR" CARS, 8MALL BOATS, CAMPERS, ETC. Call Everything from Autos, Real Estate Saies & Rentals, Garage Sales, Miscellaneous Sale Items, Employment, Auctions, Services, from Day Care to Wallpapering Plus FREE Introductions Ads to help you meet people COMMERCIAL 1 REAL ESTATE Business Proper* ties for Bale H2O. PHgealOfial Sale t6tt< Retell Properties far Sale PropertieetoeSaw tito-office Rentals P^nRr II^HIVHJI V^RrnHv SSTO.ftoWIReniitt MM Werehouae Estate Wanted DID YOU KNOW... that an ad In this local paper also goes Into 22 other local papers? Raach over 380,000 readers with ona calll IJOQ-USMH JJO PFOfMFNSl FOf MM STEEL BUILDINQS- Fictory dials. Buy now, aave thousanda. Befora Sizes from 21x24 to 70x150. Jeff H50 OttfCt RwltfliS EXECUTIVE OFFICE Carpet, wood furn. $275 FREE XEROX ft FAX Weslfleld FAR HILLS- Office. Prime location, Paapack Road, 1, Call VJM ArthReeture OS METUCHEN- 2 to 6 room offices, prime location, near train & bus, off street parking, Call Arnolt NEW BRUNSWICK Heart ot thi business district. Across from Middlesex County Courthouse, 46 Bayard Street, (corner of George & Bayard Sts.) Close to New Brunswick train station. Excel, access to NJ Tpke, Routes 1, 18, S^ort & Long-Term teasel^units (rom 200 sq. ft. & up. Avail, immed. For further info call: Brian D. Lavlnt BAB Associates, Inc, PISCATAWAY- Office or Retail. 6,000 sq. ft Will divido. Also dentist office Rt. 287 & Stelton Rd , NfD vines) ffpfions SOMERSET EXECUTIVE SUITE $375 to Furnished, Recaption, Conference Rm.S0S47J.tt1J. SOUTH PLAINFIELO- Excellent opportunity for Docotors, Accountants, Chiroprators, etc. Establlahed office unit In busy corner. 10 rooma total. Can be divided Into 2 offices. Catl tor details. SPF ,000/momh COLOWELL BANKER SCHLOH REALTORS S084SS40M mo SOMERVILLE sq. ft, Light Manufacturing, Machlns Shop, Storage. Harbor Tom DUMEUEN- Store or offices, 18X60.2 baths, 2 storage rms, 2 doors, parking In rear WaWMWBa) ntlnhs SOUTH PUINPIELP ,000 sq.ft. multi-use: Offices, Shop, light manuladurlng, etc. Mlna. from 267, Convertlintly located. Affordable rent, sot-7s*oaoo I BUSINESS 1 OPPORTUNITIES 9810* Businesses for Sale 9820'Franchise Opportunities 9830 'Licenses for Sale 9840 Investments/ Opportunities STYLING SALON- Fullservice, exc. location, good cliniele w/a contortable atmosphere, If interested please writs to: BOX 176, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ, BECOME A PART of a rapidly growing Real Estate Investment Company. Complete training. Buy propertlaa for all cash. Split profits. Management positions avatl- blr Call 908^ INTRODUCTIONS. A way for people to man people, every week In your local Forbes marepaper. The ad la let, then one can does It am LUNCH TRUCK- 'SB Chevy Slap Van. 350 VS t 20' long. Fully equip. Rudy to make money. Route Ind. S14.S00/B6. Call <MS7orS0S after 6pm. SOMERVILLE- Mliltl Family buslnaaa sites. Prime vacant land. PASCAL! REALTORS S0B>722*1Q91 AtfVertfM in to CtossMtdf "HELP and-»inpormation<* -4OURCI-. FORANVTWNOANO EVERYTHINO HELP and hrtoniwlofl ferbuakteaa QBJB^BJIfffBJT, *MAJOR source of edycedon, Grants andteane. LOANOuarantee. *HOWTOflndyeur or * * * * * * * * 1 BROOKSIDE t * GARDEN ARTS.* ;Som*vilH),N.J. {IMOfflFftBMffl! { if IBfojwinofity * * NavTanartsOniv * 2 LmDTMOFFEft if 1 Bedroom Rental * * $650 per month * J 2 Bedroom Rental 2 Z Staring At * * $723permonlh * * IncMNHMllHolWMr i oddmcti, w " OfHc# localitf i t if \n Mtrttr BL, BoMnriNt W ^Hourt: Hon.-frl. I AIM m * ^ M.iaun.f0A»4m * ******** Final Phase! NESHANIC STATION MILL ESTATES MORTGAGES Rdinnncr or Purchase (I POINTS II CLOSING COST A\ iiiil I '.')(Wir CALL I E AREAS VOST SKILLED MORTGAGE BANKERS IWORCO 908/ fartwhtup Forbes Newspapers A'DMsion of Forbes Inc. Only 5 lionus left. 3 to 6 acres, from 4 bedrooms 21/2 baths Anderson Instated windows Family rooms with floor to ceiling brick. Crown & dentil moulding in dining room fireplaces 2 car garages Ceramic tile door in foyer & baths Stained Wood Trim Full basement plus much more 1 O p r n S i L S u n., I 2 i o 5 «r h ) M * ' Onlun;,m PbXVHi IVl** In S L!I ^.QKIOiNJUi S

66 16 - Octobir 8,Trt, 199J KtA!Jf!_ K S For over 7 5 years A trusted reputation for reliabiti PROFILE or A CHAMPION... JUDI HITT, Hello, I'm Judi Hitt, Manager of Weidel in Hitlsborough. This is such an exciting time to be in the real es- I tate profession. My office has recently moved to a state-of-the-art facility in order to meet the demands of the market place. If you have thoughts of a career in real estate, please call me at (908) for a personal interview. Our friendly red sign is the first real estate office that people see on Route 206 in Hillsborough. EXECUTIVE RETREAT OR GENTLEMAN FARMER 675,000 HILLSBOROUGH - Custom built 3 story colonial with 38 acres in the Souriand Mis. Approx. 8,000 sq. ft. of Irv. space. 16 rooms; 8 bdrms, 6 fuu baths, in-law suite, 3 car oarage, 30x19 country kitchen with fireplace, 30*27 Itv.rm, 19x16 family rmw/ fireplace, Two story entry foyer 13x12 with spiral staircase. Walk-out basement 75x35 w/4 rooms and full bath. Inground pool mast, bathjacuzzi tub, master bdrnn 31 M 18 Barn: 5,000 sq. ft. "Must bee Seen" CALL WEIDEL HILLSBOROUGH 908-3W-7100 OCT. IOTHI-1 EXECUTIVE COLONIAL IN RELLE MEAD $91^900 HILLSBOROJGH Butttr mom kwdtd with upgrades. 4/5bBdroom,2Wt»lh < MbiNmenl l 2 cw o»ige w/openera, 'A nrt Htd lot, opm 2 story entry (oyw, op«n 2 stwy lammy room wfluh wan brick firepiaoe, Uniqui fpzttoo dnlgrt dining room, spacious eat-in kit. w/slidtralo woodd«*. All custom window tr«itmsfrts, neutral wrw carpet. Master bedroom bath wf Jacuzzi whirlpool tub. Must see to appreciate CAU. WEIOEL HILLS80POOGH 906^59-7)00 Dif; Rte. 206 to Htllstoough FW. East approx. 2 miles to So, Woods Rd. (School) right 'A mile lo Wl on Stuntood «6/Si^n. PERFECT STARTER HOME $152^00 PISCATAWAY-Moveincondrtion. lyear home owners warranty with this 3bedroom ranch featuring 24x13 LR whh neutral c«- peting, 25x11 Kitchen with ceramic the floor, sliders to Florida room, 3 year old heating system, 3 year old self clean elect, range, new exterior paint. New 15x30 above ground pool w/wood deck. Fenced treed yard. New front landscaping w/ exterior lighting. Close to community park, dose to school, major hwys, and public transportation. CALL WEIDEL HILLSBOftOUGH >'"* : l 100 PER MONTH RENTAL MANVILLE High visibility comer building, 1,000 sq.ft., available. WillsubdMde to suite your needs. Two separate entrances, paved parking lot. Central air, storage basement. CAU WEIOEL HILSeOflOUGH I.,>»*'..» 4".! 7m» * ** THE FAMILY BRIDGEWATER To this spacious 4 bedroom, 2'/: bath home with den, fireplace in family room and numerous amenities. CALL WEIDEL BRIDGEWATER i/* ROME SWEPT HOME! $123,1*10 SOMERVILLE 3 bedroom Cape with new wall to wall carpeting, dining room with skylight and woodburning stove. Newly painted, in and out. CALL WEIDEL BRiDGEWATER (908) START OR STOP HERE! 109,900 BEDMINSTER - Whether you are newly married or ready to retire, this is the townhome for you, with 3 beftooms, 27; baths and lots of living space. CALL WEIOEL BRIDGE WATER (908) SUPER NICK COMWIAL 9225,000 MIDDLESEX-Trtsbeautrtu)4bectoom ( 27; bath Colonial is located on a park-like lot. Family room has a raised hearth and wall to ceiling fireplace. Backs to Green Acres with babbling brook. CALL WEIOEL BRIDGE WATER (908) \ MIT OF IIOliNK! $144,900 RARITAN - On a large lot! 5 bedrooms, 2 full baths and many updates, including vinyl siding, roof, water heater and furnace. CALL WEIDEL BRIDGEWATER (908) CROWING PAINS? $191,117 MANVILLE Try this spacious 4 bedroom, Th bath colonial on for size. With 2 car garage, central air and lull basement. CALL WEIOEL BR1DGEWATER (9QB)685-8?0C OPEN HOI SI SU. * SI A. OCT. V* 10 I-4PM NEW CONSTIUCTION KINGWOOD TWP. "Homestead Homesbeing built by a local, reputable builder in Kingwood Township offers a nice variety of homestyles in an even nicer price range: S to S All homes to be built on 2+ acres lots, with 90-day delivery dates. O!R From Flummyion. Rl t?w io fighl on Piltslown Rd.,itiH on LtmetOak Grows Ril(o siti!on ughl SIGN. CALL WEIDEL FLEMINGTON (908) Weidel has 24 offices serving CHARMING VICTORIAN IN TOWN HOPEWELL BORO - Doni miss this rare find on desirable Boro Street. In town conveniences with old world charm, bright home with many renovations. Deep treed lot. Just what you have been waiting for! Don't wait - call today. $209,960 CALL WEIDEL HOPEWELL (609) NEW LKTING - EAST AMWELL EAST AMWELL TWP - Brick front aluminum sided custom ranch home. Poured foundation, outside entrance. Mature landscaping, move-in I condition. Fantastic veiw. Many extras including washer/dryer, refrigera-i tor, ceiling fans. $205,000 CALL WEIDEL HOPEWELL (609) New Jersey & Pennsylvania WEIDEL NEIGHBORHOOD OFFICES Brldflewater Hillsborough/ Mortgage Loans *""*"" 672 Route 206 " N Montgomery Area (609) Building Route 206 (906) Pre-Ucenslng (908) Clinton School Hopewell 109 Route 173 (609) W. Broad St. next to Holiday Inn Hopewell Corporate (906) (908) Relocation Remington (609) Route 202 (908) WE'VE GOT ROOTS WHERE WE'VE GOT BRANCHES OFFICE HOURS WEEKDAYS: 8:30AM-9PM GENESIS * WEEKENDS: 8:30AM-6PM

67 RAN/F ORDii owner COMMUNITY CALENDAR OCTOBER iger's Fiiu 1 Women's Apparel 6th Anniversary in-store fasliion show at 7 and H p.m. Free admission, please call for reservations Chamber of Commerce will host a breakfast meeting at The Office Restaurant, 8 a.m. The membership is welcome to attend. Admission is $5. For reservations, call M. 10. Off Kocme Contest begins at 2 The Thud Annual Italian Festi- Ival in the downtown area, 12 to (> p.m. Mama Mia's Italian Cook p.m. at the Chamber booth near the Cranford Hotel. For information, call Contest entry is free toali, he Next Step meets biweekly on the first and third 'hiesday nights of each month to discuss uur job search and to identity strategies to overconu. 1 roadblocks to suecess. The group meets from 7 to 10 p.m. at Cranibril United Methodist Chuivh. Call 27fi-l)MG for information. Annul Kitties Show Fundraiser presented by the Chamber of Commerce 8 p.m., at Orange Avenue School Audito- 22Third rium, Featured guests are The Tokens. Vintage automobile show prior to the concert outside the high school. For information, call l. r ). r ). Next Step will sponsor a Significant Authors Program with Dr. Gerry Sturman, author of ''The Career Discovery Project," and Chairman/CEO of The (Please turn to jiage 4) ^' ir I N S I I) H Turning the page 4 Shepherd's nook 12 Award winners 6 KCnniE HAGY/FORDES NEWSPAPERS Nick Netta, Betsy Davison and Georgians Netta of Victoria's Florist on Centennial Avenue will be adding some extra color to the festivities by donating flowers for Sunday's Italian Festival, Endless pasta-bilities at Italian jest Anyone fan be Italian during Cmnford's Italian Festival this Sunday from 11 a.m. to li p.m. in the downtown shopping district. The Chamber of Commerce will center its outdoor celebration around Eastman and Warner Plazas, where- the streets will be filled with sidewalk vendors, crafts people and merchants. Certainly one of the many highlights include the Mania Mia's Italian Cook Off Recipe Contest, which is O XMI to all fairgoers. Knter n pasta, rnarinara or dessert dish and win a 1st, 2nd, or Hid place prize. Bring your dish, enough fur 2 or 3 tastes, to the Chamber Ixioth at 2 p.m. near the Cranl'ord Hotel. Send you recipe by Oct. 7 to 8 Springfield Avi\, Cranl'ord. Vendors will offer crafts, gifts and collectibles white traditional Italian fare such as zeppoles, sausage and peppers, calzones, pizza and pastries will be available. Entertainment for children features pony rides, a moonwalk anil face painting. Iiocal entertainers include dance groups and instrumental performers. Flowers for the celebration arc being donated by Nick Vetta, owner of Victoria's Florist on Centennial Avenue. A member of the Chamber of Commerce, Mi\ Vctta opened his shop last month and will specialize in designing fresh and silk flower arrangements featuring exotic varieties.

68 2 - CRANFORD DOWNTOWNER - October 5,1993 Chamber steps back in time with concert, vintage auto show The Chamber of Commerce is planning two events in the next few weeks. The Tokens will headline the Cranford Chamber of Commerce's fourth annual '50s show at Cranford High School Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. Proceeds form the event will fund the Chamber of Commerce soiviees during th(* year. A vintage automobile show will be held outside the high school prior to the event. The car show wall feature approximately 20 automobiles from the 1950s and is hosted by the Galloping Hill Cruisers some of whose many members live in Cranford. The group meets weekly during the The Chamber will co-sponsor a breakfast meeting to summer at Five Points Inn in Union. They have been host author Don Peppers, a former president and chief featured in many parades including Cranford's Fourth of executive officer of a national advertising firm, Wednesday, Nov. 10 at the Westwood at 8 a.m. Other sponsors July festivities. The Cranford Business-to-Business Directory and Buyers Guide will bo distributed during the concert. Cranford Book Store. include the Westfield Chamber of Commerce and the The event has been very successful over the past few Mr. Peppers is the author ol'one-to-oni' Future, He will years, drawing upwards of 200 at each performance. Tickets are available by calling Ben Shaw of Garden State addition to marketing suggestions. offer new ideas on reaching specific target audiences in Entertainment at , For reservations, call n Kelly Tires NAVIGATOR 1001 PREMIUM ALL-SEASON STEEL-BELTED RADIAL Kelly Tires 1 60,000 milo limilod wananty by "S" Speed rated lot lutlamed speeds up to 11? mph 1 Specially designed tread elemenii deliver exceptional wet Iradion 1 Two tleal belts over polyester cord body for strength, smooth ride P155/80R PI65/80R P175/80R P185/80R P185/75/R I4 89S... P2O5/75R 14 95S. P2O5/75R P215/75R P235/75R P235/75R P235/75R P175/7OR P185/7OR P175//OR P185/70R P195/70R P2O5/7OR P?05/7OR PJI5/70R PJJ5//0S P235/7OR P3OS/6SR P715/65R 13 79S.. I3 83S S I05S x $ IJ85S 14 BBS U8?S 14 90S b 159/S 1!) I0OS 15 W/b 1599S 15V5S ALL-POSITION STEEUBELTED LIGHT TRUCK RADIAL P2O5/7SR1S IT??S/75R16 B) LT?15/85R16 8 $50 $5? $54 $57... $59 $65 $67... $70 $74 $77 $ ior)5lf I O«151T $55 37 $57 03 $55 19 $59 78 $6? $66 $6; $71 in i/a ? n Ob 4V ;!<s w U7 A' iuso; ^ 11 M i t J14133 Other Stzos Availuble Isolated-olement treod blocks and How through design for excellent traction on or off the road M+S raled lor nil-season Iradion! FALL SPECIAL! i 11. Reverse Flush I Cooling System Install New Anti- I Freeze 14.00! 3. Pressure Check I Cooling System 14. Check and Tighten I All hose Connections I 15. Adjust Fan Belt J Tension J 6. Check and Adjust I Brakes 17. Change Engine Oil I - Install 5 Qts. of I Ultra Oil '8. Change Engine Oil Filter Install New Complete I Lubrication. '91.35 j i i l$ Sft Otter Gfwd Whun you purchase the abovu S(xiciitl ~ m I P'us 1 Can of Dry Gas 11 IIFPFP 1 Gallon of Windshield!irncc WaSher Solvent 4 Grtcri Radial Buy For Your Full-Size Car 1 WMlt Strip* ~ I P165/80R13 1 PWVS0R13 1 P185/8ORI3 j 1 PIB5/75RI4 1 P195/75KI4 Steel Belted Construction All Season Tread Design Strong Polyester Cord Body Seiberling II PI55/80R13 WHITl S1RJPE LIMITED TIME OFFER frict. J37.0O Xd WhHellHp* P7OV75RU J5O05 I 1!? 40 fire$tone Performance Radial 40,000 MILE TREADWEAR All Swton Irtuii [)«iiyn Limited Warranty Hi* P18S//0HI3 P18S//0R14 F71V60R14 Pric«167 SI 163 VO 168 SB S Firehawk FTX # 95 81P71S/65RI5 lit* P70S/ASK1 1 ) Pt-JV/ftOfttS I70S/60R1S / tai;; I ^^H "^^^^m ^^^^m ^^^^ ^^^^m ^^^^m ^^^^ ^^^^m ^^^^m i Ttrettone, World Class Tire. 60,000 Mile Treodweor Limited Warranty FR480* Radial I I AH Sizes y I 95 71'i i : l (il'l t ) I i 11 Hi. 1 'i, I Kelly Tires METRIC 600TAUIIAMN nill-iilted RADIAL FOR IMPORTS I' II w*'!*<, CRANFORD SUNOCO 361 Centennial Ave. Cranford, NJ ' I, * I. Tire j! Rotation i IGei reiuly for fill tlw wtirnt-wotithcr HriviiHj nliotid with this mnttnlu d»(il Wo'll rotnltj till lour tin". I ([)lusfull-sr/os)rirt'ilu ) )li(»bli!) ullsr/fis)kiri!il(i ) )ln(it)li!( AlllorjustVW AlllorjustW* I 11 t t%t\ n I uniwlmvohlcy I t\ l^jll J i l U i l I^LillJ 1< * 1 / / cinormt<il i P k i i l l n i i l l " wny ( J 11/ \t\ l» ftdkc f l V f t ^ I aire ol your finvi Now 4-whe#l 'fit rt'hh'lu'lo'jurtt'ililtu'hjiiiito iiii'hi''i'i i ' tjifkil sp(«ilna iiit'j Nu film Ui'i I'l-I. iit ih! in l.i'ium kmiit ' ill' l"i on ii 'i«iiiidnent A Good Deal On A Great Tire! We 1 accept: We support ASE certtlicilion f'li Knur J

69 October 5, CRANFORD DOWNTOWNER - 3 Deli Express celebrates its grand opening with a new menu There is a new choice for lunchtime diners in Cranford. Over the summer,.marie Salvatore and her children Mary and Walter celebrated the grand opening of S & S Deli Express at 12 No. Union Avenue. The lure to purchasing the old Ball Park Deli, said Marie, was the challenge of creating their own personal stylo. "We didn't want to follow anyone's act," said Marie. "We wanted to create our own style, our own menu, and our own reputation." Her children agree. "To take something with a bad reputation and turn it arounclwell that's the challenge that interested me," said Walter. Customers to the deli find the new owners as refreshing as the new menu. Homemade salads are prepared daily by Mary, who previously worked at Marriott Food Service with Walter. They include specialities like ditalini & broccoli with ranch dressing, pasta & broccoli, and fresh seafood salad. Customers comment on the variety of ingredients in each dish including extras like broccoli, peppers, and hard-boiled eggs in the chef salad. Other customers delight in the freshness of it all including the fruit salad with seasonal fruits cut by hand. Grilled specials include cheese steak and turkey melt sandwiches, a grilled turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich with onions. The family has many plans for future expansion including frozen dinners to go, and stocking convenience items. The store is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, 8 am to 4 p.m. They offer monthly and daily specials, fast pick-up, delivery service, and catering. 'Hie phono number is 27G-858B. GET READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS ' # Celebrate Their 6th Anniversary with our in store FASHION SHOW Thursday, October 7, Shows 7pm & 8pm Limited Seating Refreshments Served Call or Stop-In For Reservations Of LENOX CHINA BUFFET & SERVICE PLATES NOW THRU OCTOBER 31ST New Fall Hours M-T-W 9:30-7pm Th. & Fri <>:30-9pm Sat, 9:()0-5pm Sun 12:00-4pm FREE PARKING ASK FOR TOKEN VISA Master Card Amex Discover Geiger's Layaway 15% 20%* OFF PLUS MARTIN JEWELERS REGULAR DISCOUNT! Anniversary Sale SAVE 20% October 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th &10th On Fall Sportswear Dresses Coats Jackets " " Pine Women's Apparel 15 N. Union Ave. Cranford nxomiauek/u YOUR PERSONAL JEWELER SINCE North Avenue West Cranford, NJ NJ Toll Free Number: t martin AGS ACCREDfTED GEM IA8 Howard M. Slept Registered Javier CERTIFIED GEOLOGIST Ellen R. Ramer Certified Gemologist Appro APPRAISER Closed Wed

70 4 - CRANFORD DOWNTOWNER - October 5,1993 COMMUNITY CALENDAR DEWP Duwrtuwi «m<ur»* "** P**!^ DEPP,,,,,OoMtoM«i0 (Continued from page 1) Career Development Team beginning at 9:30 a.m. at the Cranford United Methodist Church. From 1 to 3 p.m., Dr, Sturman will appear at the Cranford Bookstore on North Avenue W., for a book signing. Cares for Kids chary fashion show at the Coachman Inn featuring Cranford retailers Bridals by Athena, Brushstrokes, Cranford Leather, Geiger's Fine Women's Apparel, Gentlemen's Corner, Kid's Kastlc and Fantasia. Admission for show and dinner, $35. Public is invited. Call for details, Halloween Window Painting and Safe Halloween. Downtown merchants encourage families to Trick-o-Trcat downtown throughout the day. Recreation and Parks Department Halloween Parade, 2 p,m, judging at 1:30 31Cranford p.m. NOVEMBER A ^Chamber of Commerce Busif I yness Breakfast with author A \f Don Peppers who will discussing his new book, One to One: Marketing for the '90s. Sponsored in partnership by the Cranford Book Store, Doubleday Publishing and the Downtown Management Corporation. Admission is $11. The breakfast begins at 8 a.m. in the Westwood. Call for reservations. 12 Chamber of Commerce membership meeting. Officers and nounced. board slate presentation and vote. Time and place to be an- Annual Tree lighting Cermm y> f P- m< «Mayor's P*^. Anyone wishing to get involved should contact Kurt Petschow, chairman at 27(> Horse and Wagon rides, 12 to 4 p.m. in the Park & Shop Lot. LOT NUMBER LOT USE 1 ItOIKII IMItl Downtown employees & shoppers 2 IIIMllllllllMIMIIIIM M,.».,Downtown employees 4 shoppers 3 HMIHIIMtHim Downtown employees & shoppers 46 Htllllll tltllttmh Outbound commuters only lk IlKlli Outbound commuters only 7 Shoppers & employoos only 6 Illtllt) IKMIK Outbound commuters onlyy 11...I, Downtown D employees only Cranford Book Store brings nothing but good luck to its owner Meryl Layton is not a superstitious person. When she took her first step as ;in entrepreneur, Ms. hiyhm did it Friday, Oct. IS, l!17h. Although nnt planned. Ms, Liytnn never hesitated For a moment opening the doors of the Cranford Book Store on such an ominous day. "It was a major undertaking for mi 1." said Ms. Uyton. "I never thought about had luck, just atxmt good luck. And it has been good luck" Ms. biyton had been working as a dental hygienist when she began looking fur a new career. An avid reader, the book store was a natural Av\i Since then, Ms. Union's business lias grown to include stores in Westfield, Hedmimsler and Summit. "1 knew I would be good at the business of one store, but I never dreamed it would grow into a small chain. As each opportunity iirose. I knew deep down it was time for expansion, that I could handle more, and each time I rose to the challenge," she said. The store oilers 2f>-percent discounts on all New York Times bestsellers and 10-percent discounts on hard covers. Just as important is the service. "I enjoy relatingto customers on a one-to-one basis, 1 ' she said. "I also know the likes and dislikes of my customers and have the ability to react to.special needs." Her staff is also personable and knowledgeable. Ms. Layton, also a resident of Crimfard, is an active member of the community with posts on the Downtown Cranford Book Store prepares to mark its 15th anniversary Management Corporation, the Helail Committee, the Downtowner editorial staff, and the Hoard of Directors of the Chainlier of Commerce and Downtown New Jersey, "I have a tremendous commitment to Cranford," said Ms. Layton, "The fact that I live here and I work here gives me that special commitment." "We're having to work harder at yetting people to shop in the downtown," said Ms. liiyton. "We are much less complacent at it." In order to better serve customers, Ma. Uyton lengthened the store hours each week. "Having to work six days a week, I know thut the only time I get to shop is at nights and Sunday," said Ms. Layton. "I noticed that when I was leaving at 6 p.m., the phone was still ringing and people still coming to the door. I recognize the need to be open nights and Sunday, and I've had a good response," In celebration of her 15th anniversary, Ms. Layton will offer a CUUJMHI for 2!>-pereent off special items in the store. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday, 9:30 to 5:30 p.m., and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

71 October 5, CRANFORD DOWNTOWNER - 5 Focus will be on children when Kid's Kastle opens this weekend Milan Haddad, owner of Cranford Golden Touch Jewelers, will open a second store in Cranford's downtown, Kid's Kastle, this weekend. The children's specialty store located on No. Union Avenue will feature both casual and dress clothing, newborn to size 14. In addition, the store will offer layettes, christening outfits, gift sets, accessories, underwear, and toys. "I believe in Cranford," said Mr. Haddad. "I live here. Announcing our I've done business here for 10 years, Cranford is a great town and I believe in it." Mr, Haddad will be assisted by his wife, Theresa, who will manage the children's store. In order to open it, the Haddads sold a second jewelry store in Bergen County. "I prefer to do business in Cranford because it means so much to me," said the town resident. The Haddads began to consider opening a childrens clothing store shortly after the closing of similar shop. "There is a real need for children clothing, accessories, etc.," said Mr. Haddad, "People want to shop in Cranford for their children's clothes. Now they can." The shop will be open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and 10 am. to 8:30 p.m. Thursday and Friday. Saturday hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The store is closed Sunday. The phone number is , The Original Discounter Newest Arrivals Choose from a large selection of o healthy fish including: Oscars Gouramis Piranhas Tetras DESKTOP AQUARIUM I I Fancy Gold Fish. Crabs Gichlids. ciawfrogs FISH! NAIL CLIPPING! 1,2 gal. Starter Tank SQ99; Pump Buy 2 Get One Free For Your Dog of Cat. Wrth Plant Gravel this coupon, No purchase of Equal or Lesser Value Beginners Guide WS1349I necessary. A $7.00value. W^lhiscouponOHer«I( p l fkiq'3i,'93 " llmimituu^nu ' Ilf '"^r' fs(w01 ' : " - f '- < N. UNION AVE., CRANFORD COLUMBUS DISCOVERS MICKEYS LOW PRICES THESE SUPER BARGAINS Q0 ON SALE WED. WAM JONES, DIOR, AILEEN AND OTHER FAMOUS LABELS LADIES - JRS. M We C.irrv I-'wM IVduit 1. httrr \ Fond IAMs/l : uk/uikj IiiumphcS. Pro I' DoyM.jl Inod 1 -, ^ Iru'f 1. nr. ffnlikh *(Vxj t'w (.it (i.'otinnnq A!!H. r mh No im.'iqui'i.vrs or fvsuc. ult", Used uroommq <K, IVt Supplies Serve inq AHofYeij' Pet's Needs IJIKJ. hvplilf. Irt*pif.if F r.m. A. Sirull &, S\i!i's 17 North Ave. East, Cranford, NJ (908) , MATCH SPORTSWEAR High Performance Soorts Equipment Rollerblade. Ask for it here by name. Replacement Hockey Wheels In Stock! ORIG. MOO COMP. VAL. TO OUR ORIGINAL LOW DISCOUNT PRICES (ARE 40%.f0% 1H0W RIO. DIPT. STOBE PBICES) BLAZERS SKIRTS BLOUSES SLACKS SHORTS KNIT TOPS SIZES 4 TO 14 & S-M-L TREMENDOUS SELECTION OF BEAUTIFUL FABRICS IN ASS'T STYLES & COLORS FIRST QUALITY & SL. IRREG. NOBODY BtATS MICKFff MENS SILK SHIRTS SIZES S-M-L CLASSIC BUTTON FRONT STYLING LONG SLEEVE 100% SILK WASHABLE 1 OR 2 CHEST POCKETS * ASST COLORS TiMIFIC VALUE! GIRLS PANTIES SIZES 4 TO 14 ASST COLORS MACHINE WASHABLE* POLY & COTTON COMP VAL TO MICKEY FINN ' CLOSED SUNDAYS WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES

72 i - CRANFORO DOWNTOWNER - October 5 t 1993 October 5, GRANFORD DOWNTOWNER - 7 r local residents and five businessmen treasure," Dr. Oriscello, who m nominated by Commis-! honored Sept 29 for their contribu- is, Bilger is a former Cranford Township Com- sioner tod Robinson, works as the head of the lions to the community at the Cranford mittee member who has also served on the Public Chamber of Commerce "Pride in W d " Assistance Board, Through the years, she has I r a y AwdsEcccptioii.'is very rave m you classes al the I'liiiiiiCouiilyPnlicc/Vadiiiiy ill Daly, president ol the CkinibiT. "The people \\\t> received awards wre vny ali'ecied by the lad that Ice, (biiki Memorial Day Parade Ciimimttee, the Jerry l/nns Trh-ihoii, Crunliinl Lillcr Day, the town remembered them And nrlilfully,«i, ft. Michael's iteury SociMy. and more niviilly n m " I 1 "'" since they nive so imieii!if themselves in HV DetCliarlesH.AiihdeaciniiBarliara former Township Commit liclpnl with 'lie preparations fur tlic Cninlbrd Fire She raiiitwiudbyfiirnht mayor Ed Force Scotch Plains, and (live seminars to our lid m- li;i '' m ' llln ' iril ^ Hop, St. Michael youth worker; and l)r.ralph 'Thefclol'lierinvolveiiienlsisovertwdpaijes,,,, ])((I[)K IIIVKIIIII Oriscello. hiri^," lit 1 said. "Without a tjoubt, she is the good- ^ Mr, Archdeacon, a member dthe Cranliird Po- mil ambassador of Cranford". ax mi Wilde. He is a co-founder and director of Cranlord duals. Police Athletic k'auuc and has Ira instrumental "They all lied about her fiirrfl 1 and it is quite lend his qhiiisi'. lie is alsnaviiilalilc In many Craiifonlresidi'iilsv/illillii'ii'iiiiilical needs. His urn 1 lire in establishing several youth pniktiims iiieludiiic obvious that tlic unc problem she has is, that she Ruilditifc 'I I Nmili Aviv F,; Jeff Dallilln, owner, football, baseball, westlne liastotball eheeijeiid- eamiol say 'no'" Grandwiiy Invi'sliiiiiils, I3W Hanlan HKHI; John ing, track and others. In addition, he riiiteiitly Mr, H i p continues to volunteer to teach ten- Kouilis, owner, Iliislir!ilill Diner Itoiranl, IDS wes as the first Cranfonl Oruii Abuse llesislanee nis skills In the students at St Michael's School, M,,,^, A,,,,, V; 'u w \ u,mw im tni; Nn Education (DARE) officer. "His personal philosophy that there is nn.such h nllei'inr an opportunity to students that the scln' could not othciwise offer, ' lotiwhl'mo W, imillk.ihuhuuihiiijno. Union Avenue; and St. Mark's AHE Church, 34 High St, (new construction). Si. Mark's A I Church on High Street Is the only ecclesiastical building honored this year with a Com- thing as a bad kid has turned many a troubled "Frank Hogan is an inspiration lo all of us," a Special ara«iswrei;ivi'ii to ordanizalinns ai youngster into a productive member of society," representative from St Michael's School wrote ivits;iriesiiiclii(liii(i (hi 1 t'raiil'ord Fire, "...the most significant amount of when nominating him, i commitment lo these props mini who never asks for anything in return. We ^pml 100th anniversary; Umld First Aid has been in his off-duty, personal, volunteer tune, wild like lo reward his efforts by nominating him Squad, f h anniversary; and Union County Col- He is not a community asset, he is a community for this award," lege i h anniversary, Tony Mack's Cranford Bike Shop is a winner, i Qrandway Investment's building at 1200 Raritan Road Is among the winners, Dr. RALPH ORISCELLO Recent renovation of the Consalvo Building brings honors to owner Louis Consalvo.

73 B - CRANFORD DOWNTOWNER - October 5,1993 Time for Halloween treats Downtown merchants will offer families the opportunity of a Safe Halloween again this year as store owners open Sunday, Oct. 31 behind decorated windows and offer lots of treats to children of all ages, The Safe Halloween program offers children an opportunity to celebrate the holiday safely. Families are encouraged to trick-or-treat throughout the downtown where they will receive individually wrapped candy. Children are also encouraged to participate in the annual window painting contest. More than 90 merchants have volunteered to have their windows spotlight the town's budding artists as they create ghostly scenes and festive pumpkin patches. The contest is sponsored by the Retailers Division of the Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Management Corporation, Children are encourage to sign up early as space is limited. Please use the attached registration form and mail to Marta Person, DMC, Springfield Avenue, Cranford. TIME TO WINTERIZE Call NOW for: 1 Lubrication, Oil & Filter Brakes, Mufflers, Tires & Exhaust Test Equipment Avis Rent-A-Car U Shocks & Struts INSPECTION STATION We have the /aslesf BEAR COMPUTER MA. ID i WHEELBAUNCING.., _, Wheel Balancing on or off your car BEAR CERTIFIED MECHANICS Visa & Mastercard accepted for repairs OVER 50 YEARS OF CONTINUOUS SERVICE GRECO'S GARAGE 301 South Ave. E Cranford HHLOWUH WIHDOW PAIMM MM.AGE PHONE..AGE_ PHONE..AGE PHONE. BIGGEST PAINT SALE EVER! $5 Off During Ouf Columbus Celebration ^\^Z y EveryGallon>ofPittsbur9h: va CEILING * w Paint, Interior or Exterior in Pastel Colors This top of the tine paint was rated # 1 by a popular consumer magazine, Hurry in today offer expires 10/31/93. The Colors You Love for the People You Love.'" We carry all the colors you love. And now you'll find all those colors at prices you'll love, too! Stop in today and see what we mean. Flat Latex Wall and Ceiling Paint { Pom use on most interior surfaces Excellent saubbability Kasy to apply Interior Wall and Trim Semi-Gloss Latex Tour use on must inierio surfaces Excellent saubbability Kasy lo apply vi.i5\r\-i.i]\vis HARDWARE/HOUSEWARE/PAINTS/VACUUM/CLEANERS 109 N. Union Ave., Cranford HOURS: MON.-SAT. 8-6; THUR.TIL 9; SUN. 9-1 FALL SPECIAL *30 OFF Purchase of eyeglasses or contact lenses w/this ad Exp 11/30/93 Mon -Fn 9 am -6 pin. Thuis fill (1 pni Sat 9 am3pm PROFESSIONAL EYECARE IN A CONVENIENT FRIENDLY SETTING Comprehensive Eye Exams for Adults & Children A Full Selection of Eyewcar From Budget lo Designer Frames All lypes ol Contact Lenses Expertly Fitted Daily Wear, Extended Wear, Gas Permeable, Astigmatic, Bifocal & Disposable We accept Medicare Assignment, U.S. Healthcare, Vision Service Plan & Many Other Insurance Plans «New Eyeglass Lab on Premises for Quick & Accurate Service cranford eye care DR. ALAN J. GUCKMAN REEL-STRONG FUEL COMPANY Believe it or Not., We Want to Sell You Less Oil!!! Nada Zip Zero That's what you may pay for a new Beckett High efficiency oil burner YOU GET; A now Beckett Burner, completely Installed with 3 years FREE MAIN- TENANCE. There Is NO DOWN PAYMENT and NO INTEREST CHARGES. YOU PAY: Only $19.95 per month lor 36 months. YOU SAVE: Between 20% and 39% of your fuel bill, and that could mean up to $32 per month. GLASSES EXAMS CONTACTS =*= =K: =K; 23 North Avenue West, Cranford Call (908) (Near Cranford Theatre) fai i 49 LEXINGTON AVE., CRANFORD

74 Octobers, CRANFORD DOWNTOWNER - 9 Nominate a winner SERVICE (sur'vis) n. an act giving assistance or advantage to another. Friendly help; also, professional aid or attention. My nominee is. Is there a merchant in the downtown business district who comes to mind? Here's your chance b nominate a business owner who delivers a high quality of service. Don't forget to tell us why you nominated them. Send your nominations to Downtown Cranford, 8 Springfield Ave., Cranford, by Nov. 15. Awards will be given at the Chamber of Commerce's regular December meeting. Union County College prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary "Diamonds are Forever" is the theme for Union County College's 60th anniversary gala concert and silent auction, which will be held Saturday, Oct. 16 as the kick-off event of a yearlong program of activities commemorating the 1933 founding of the oldest community college in New Jersey. While celebrating the 00th anniversary of its founding, Union County college also will mark the 50th anniversary of making its home in Cranford. The New Jersey Pops, a professional orchestra, will perform in mnccrt, playing music from the 1930s through the l!)!)0s1<> trace the musical history ih;it took pla<v during the college's (ill-year.span. "Thi' (liamiiiul roprr-.rnts what Union County College is," said Januv; Perry n " Plainiielil, rh;mm;m (>! lln- t;;il:i plannmj; ciimmiuee. "Union Gnmly rolli'ijc will lie around furevi ir j'i! li!-! ' Mir <lia:nor:!i. Tin 1 diamond is a :.!<itie made out nf simple products yi't i^ )1 simiffhiiir, Itruuuful. Tlic snmeis true for I ICC." The committee has already f.atlinvd some unique uilts for tin-.ilmt auetton including artwork, jewelry, personal services, and weekend trip;. One of tlie rnu.l speclaeukir event.;!iid' ed by the college, the gala concert and silent auction will bear a theme of elegance. A black-tic-preferred affair, it will feature numerous gourmet buffet stations, Bidding at the silent auction will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Commons Building, Cranford Campus. The 8 p.m. concert, held in the adjacent Roy. W. Smith Theater, will offer one hour of music of Porter, the Gershwin s, Berlin, and other songwriters. A dessert buffet will follow, For ticket information, call The college- has deep roots in the community, having moved in the full of 1943 to Ilk* old llrant School at the corner of Spriru'/ielii Avenue and Holly Street. It re* m.-liiird in the building through li)s9when it movol tn its present *!B-aciv campus off Sprnu'li-'id Avenue opposite Nmnahegan Park. Today ni"re than lij.nin student:, attend e ;i-ot>:; at \hv t'ranfunl C'iinipu;;, vdtich conlams sewn mujnr builder:; meluding the William Miller S ien-y Oljservatnry. The t'rant'ord Campus is the college's n:ain campus and serves the largest numlier uf students. Tlie college also operates rnigor hianeh campuses in Klr/alvth and Plainin Id COLUMBUS WEEK SAILABRATIONI 20% OFF EVERY MIYATA BIKE IN STOCK! Offer Good 10/8/93 Through 10/17/93 mivaua Extraordinary bicycles lor exiraordlniry people. VICTOWA FLORIST & CANDLE CORNER All occasion florist & candles from Cape Cod & party lite candle accessories presented by Betsy Davison. Flowers-By-Wire Worldwide 24 Hour Service We Deliver All Major Credit Cards Centennial Avenue, Cranford Offer Expires 11/15/93 Long Stem Roses Or receive 10% off your next purchase Nol Including specials 1 1)07. Cash & Carry * Visit Our Unique Candle Outlet! Receive 10% off any candle purchase with this coupon. Offer Expires 11/15/93 CRANFORD BIKE SHOP 103 N. Union Ave. Cranford Unlimited Free Tune-ups for 1 Year M-F 9-9 Sat. 9-6 Sun ANEX -VISA-DISC-MASTER Free Delivery

75 / ' * ' 10 - CRANFORD DOWNTOWNER - October 5,1993 After 25 years, Chef Kalamaras is now co-owner of Coach and Four Gus Kalamaras is back in the kitchen at the Coach and Four restaurant but his responsibilities do not end there. The Cranford resident along with his wife Dorothy and partners Mike and Roseanne Kapetanakis have purchased the landmark restaurant. The foursome, who are also close friends, celebrated the grand reopening Sept. 22. Mr, Kalamaras came to America in the early 1960s and quickly landed a job at the North Avenue restaurant working side-by-side with his father John, the head chef. He stayed there for more than 27 years, until 1990 and left after a falling out with the owners who later filed for bankruptcy. Soon, the restaurant came up for sale, "I ran the kitchen for 25 years," said Mr. Kalamaras, "Who else to buy it?" The foursome is betting on Mr, Kalamaras' reputation to attract customers, and the varied menu and good value to keep them. "1 think we offer both a good menu and good value," said Mr, Kapetanakis, who received formal training at a technical school in Connecticut. Mr, Kalamaras, a self-trained chef, creates his own recipes but will also offer house specialities such as roast pork, fresh ham with apple stuffing, and cheese cake, "There are no favorite dishes to me," said Mr. Kalamaras. "Everything is special. I lake great pride in my cooking. I have to...i want to make it here." The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner. Join the Club that jtaves You Money - i Over 18 ( ()()() Forbes Newspapers readers have received the valuable ForbesMus card which entitles them to a minimum 10% discount or special offer al local businesses and restaurants. i\\.joining the eluh is easy. Kcnew or start a Forbes Newspapers 1 subscription and the I orhcsplus savings card is yours! jt Vi < *. t m The savings quickly pays for your subscription! Call today you'll start saving right away! n Sis,

76 Octobers, CRANFORD DOWNTOWNER - 11 Antique-lover finds travels lead him to open a shop in Cranford Cranford is fast becoming a mecca for antique collectors. A grand opening celebration Sept. 11 introduced shoppers to Classic Antiques on South Avenue, which specializes in dining rooms, bedrooms, oil paintings, Oriental rugs, porcelain and glass. Owner Richard Yorkowitz 1 interest in antiques began as a child fostered by his mother's love of the old and interest in history. In business for more than 7 years, Mr. Yorkowitz travels from Massachusetts to Georgia looking in estates and country fairs for the old and unique. Prior to setting roots in Cranford, he displayed at shows and fairs building a quiet reputation for quality goods. "I felt there was a call for a good, high-end antique dealer who specializes in furniture," said the Cranford High School graduate. "Cranford is an older town with a rich history. When residents look to decorate, they look for the same flavor and use antiques." The flavor of the Victorian downtown goes hand-inhand with that thinking, said Mr. Yorkowita. "It provides the perfect backdrop for a day of antique shopping," he said. The 1,600-square-foot store will offer items that other stores can't, "There is no other store like it around here," he said. "Just the volume of goods we have, will set us apart." Consignment goods will be considered. Store hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The address is 218 South Avenue; the phone number is Decorating Don. FALL HOME DECORATING EVENT! I I II I I I I II 25% OFF Any purchase with this coupon. Not good on any other sale items, or special orders -expires 10/23/93. CRANFORD BOOKSTORE 32 North Ave., West Cranford, MJ (908) CUSTOM DRAPERY CLEANING SERVICE "The Experts in Custom Cleaning" Wo muasurd your diapuims lunyih Imlmi; we cuitorn ctoan Iticm. Ilien Ihey nru ruchuckuil to make curtain lhat limy ruiain ihuir omjinai sizo and sttapo. No shrinkage labile tfnmarje o» color loss Al all no iuir;» cosi. Wo bwfy ho wfiolo job.nglit ti.mti you- ntj INCLUDESCustom Takt 0owt\ vvi No Htny 'M< Mention Itils ad tat 20% off Our Already Low Price EXPIRES 11/30/9) NolVilld "THE BLIND CLEANER Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning t UUHASONICAU.Y Cl.L : ANG MINI. VENETIAN, VI.IUICAI. DUNDiJ & ft I An i> KHAOlii With Any IIEMUVfS HIM, M01.UN. SOOI. Olhei Promotion GUI-ASK &[JUJ1T L = _. «, Laia* tm^ ^^B av^ H^^ H^^ «M» ^B^ - """"* 44 North Ave., East Cranford, N.J. (908) Custom Window Treatments Blinds & Shades Wallcoverings Carpet & Area Rugs Furniture During my Foil Home Decorating Event, save on a wide selection of quality interior decorating products. Together, we'll decorate your home to reject your lifestyle without breaking your btutget. And tliere's no charge for my time. Call me today.jhis sale ends Oct. 2jrd. (908) Greit Ideas Just Come To You. 1 tmm Feel Young... Look Young... Be Young! PERK UP YOUR PHYSICAL & MENTAL HEALTH Swim, exercise & socialize in a pleasant atmosphere! Winterize Your Fitness... OPEN REGISTRATION Residents & Non-Residents Lap Swimming Water Exercise Classes Ample Free Parking Enlarged fully air-conditioned fitness center WORK-OUT IN WARMTH Aerobic Classes Cardiovascular Machines Universal Machines One-on-one Training Available by Appointment Treadmills, Slairmaslers, etc. CRANFORD INDOOR POOL & FITNESS CENTER Weekdays 6 am to 9:30 pm; Weekends 9 am to 6 prn 401 Centennial Ave. Cranford Call FOR INFORMATION

77 12 - CRANFORD DOWNTOWNER - October 5,1993 Owner feels Shepherd's Nook and Cranford are a perfect match In the near future, the doors of the Shepherd's Nook on The store is unique in that it seeks to provide ;i place to a fully orchestrated musical selection. North Union Avenue will open and Cranlbrd shoppers are stop and think as well as shop. Inside there is both a "When you walk into this store, you cim be assured that sure to be just as impressed with the merchandise and quiet nook for parents and a 14-l'ont trolley for use by w ia t (, vor V()U \y U y f or children...nothing will be objeetionmanagers as th, owner Hill Ulmuur is with Crantbnl. children. inskle the trolley, ihiklren will be encouraged to ^,, ^ Mp G[lmmir ^ ^ js ^ ^ m tk, ^ "It was alwavs our intent to have a Victorian theme and preview faniilv movies for both rental or sale in the store.. tfiintf in the other direction. Were iist Irving to put tin.- SO locating in Cranford was a tfreat marriage for us," said I ho "mini-department store ol Uod-liunonn^ products Mr. Gitmour. "Th.. aura in tnwn was v.ry attractive and will oiler K,vetin«cards, tine art. Tiflanv lamps, clocks. the parking was pvat. And the people. 1 can't say enough, jewelry, and music. They will offer "Soundtrax." a set-up They are so pleasant and welcoming." br;te ()11 ll < illl(l m (Hir tw» lltt!(1 Wll - V lvv(tsr ]C - Stoiv ours will In- II) a.m. to 7 p.m. limly. and Thursday very much like karaoke, where people ran sinu alon^ with to f) p.m. Saturday hours are!) a.m. to ṛ»;hh p.m. 23rd Anniversary 2-Fer Sale atgentlemen's CORNER Great Suits, Fantastic Sportscoats, plus big savings, in time for Fall! All of our Suits, Sports Jackets and Dress Trousers are made in the U.S. Ten-Month Dacron & Wool Blend Suits A solid, year-round winner. Reg. $325 each Two-fer $ A A " w o1 Worsted Suits Classic elegance, style, and comfort. * )\ Reg. $365 each Two-Fer $ Year-round 75% Wool, 25% Dacron Suits International style by top makers. (Hart Marx) Reg. $495 each Two-Fer $ V/. }\ \ All Wool Hopsack Blazers (includes Navy) Year-round elegance Reg. $195 each Now $139 Sorry no two-fer 100% Wool Patterned Jackets Rugged tweed dependability Reg. $225 each Two-Fer $ Check Your Size: Regulars, 38 to 50 (includes 39, 41, 43) Longs, 40 to 50 (includes 41 & 43) Shorts, 38 to 44 (includes 39 & 41) EXTRA LONGS ON REQUEST! 9*-/ Visa MasterCard American Express GENTLEMEN' 8 CORNER 11 North Union Avenue, Cranford Hours: Monday-Friday 9-9 Saturday 9-6 Sunday 11-5

Special Event Calendar. Go to top

Special Event Calendar. Go to top Special Event Calendar Go to top Go to top Just ASK for Information about Senior Services in Union County Union County residents seeking information about services for senior adults age 60 and older can

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December 9, week I meet the Transportation Department.

December 9, week I meet the Transportation Department. December 9, 2016 What an amazing celebration we had this past Saturday, December 3, with the tree lighting on the Plaza de Las Cruces. It showed the promise of a bright and vibrant downtown brimming with

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ACTIVITY: Scavenger Hunts - 12 Life Skill Topics. Competency Area: All

ACTIVITY: Scavenger Hunts - 12 Life Skill Topics. Competency Area: All ACTIVITY: Scavenger Hunts - 12 Life Skill Topics Competency Area: All Activity Objective: Students use scanning skills to locate specific items in the newspaper. Newspaper section: All SPL Level: 2, 3,

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Los Angeles Ballet s Quartet

Los Angeles Ballet s Quartet Engage Learn Transform MARCH - APRIL 2014 Special performance for Club 1527 Now that She s Gone One-Woman Play written and performed by Ellen Snortland Friday, March 7 at 1:30 pm Now That She s Gone is

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Facilities Use Fees TYPE OF FEE OR CHARGE

Facilities Use Fees TYPE OF FEE OR CHARGE Facilities Use Fees RESIDENT RESIDENT Greystone Estate Use Fees (Meeting s) (exterior areas beyond the terrace, and events that are not meetings are subject to rates listed above) Non Monday - Friday,

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Jewels of the County - Worth Checking Out. A Report on the Nevada County Library System

Jewels of the County - Worth Checking Out. A Report on the Nevada County Library System Jewels of the County - Worth Checking Out A Report on the Nevada County Library System Summary The Nevada County Library System consists of six libraries, five of which are circulating libraries, and one

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City of University Park Special Events 2014

City of University Park Special Events 2014 About University Park City of University Park Special Events 2014 University Park is an affluent and well-educated residential community of 23,068 residents. It s located approximately five miles north

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Instant Words Group 1

Instant Words Group 1 Group 1 the a is you to and we that in not for at with it on can will are of this your as but be have the a is you to and we that in not for at with it on can will are of this your as but be have the a

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The Syncrude Athletic Park Clubhouse

The Syncrude Athletic Park Clubhouse This newsletter will capture upcoming cultural opportunities within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. To see past editions please visit How it works: Click on the titles below to be

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presents: EXHIBIT & SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES BATES MILL 1, LEWISTON JUNE 9, 2017 hosted by: CNU New England Maine Municipal Association

presents: EXHIBIT & SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES BATES MILL 1, LEWISTON JUNE 9, 2017 hosted by: CNU New England Maine Municipal Association presents: EXHIBIT & SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES BATES MILL 1, LEWISTON JUNE 9, 2017 CNU New England ME hosted by: Maine Municipal Association MAKE YOUR MARK PLEASE JOIN US Build Maine brings together all

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Opera Presentation Friday, February 28. 1:30 pm

Opera Presentation Friday, February 28. 1:30 pm Engage Learn Transform JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2014 Performers So You Think You Can Tap Dance? Orientation and Performance Friday, January 10 at 1:00 pm Introduction to our new tap dancing class plus bonus

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Service to the Disadvantaged: A Pilot Los Angeles Public Library

Service to the Disadvantaged: A Pilot Los Angeles Public Library Service to the Disadvantaged: A Pilot Project-The Los Angeles Public Library EDITH P. BISHOP IN THE FALL OF 1964, Los Angeles Public Library submitted a request for $519,536 of Library Service and Construction

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Between Friends Friends of the Adams County Library System June 2014

Between Friends Friends of the Adams County Library System June 2014 Between Friends Friends of the Adams County Library System June 2014 Between Friends is the newsletter of the Friends of the Adams County Library System. Friends of the Library PO Box 4792 Gettysburg,

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St. Vincent de Paul. Newsletter

St. Vincent de Paul. Newsletter Toy drive begins The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, in partnership with Together We Can Make A Difference, will once again be hosting the Priceless Gift Toy Store at a new location 1000 E. Porter St.

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Bill Lyons (803) Superintendent Booking: Itaska Walker (803)

Bill Lyons (803) Superintendent   Booking: Itaska Walker (803) Demonstration, Display, and Sales Bill Lyons (803) 968-5115 Superintendent E-mail: Booking: Itaska Walker (803)972-0939 Booth Set Up Saturday September 21, 2019, 9:00 AM 5:00 PM

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SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY. Transportation Commission. Rialto Police & Fire Battle of the Badges rialto community center

SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY. Transportation Commission. Rialto Police & Fire Battle of the Badges rialto community center JANUARY New Year s Day rialto water services office closed Recreation Transportation 0 Human Relations coco s restaurant Rialto Police & Fire Battle of the Badges rialto community center

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Phrasal verbs, Prepositional verbs with special meaning (A-H)

Phrasal verbs, Prepositional verbs with special meaning (A-H) Phrasal verbs, Prepositional verbs with special meaning (A-H) Here we have listed verbs with adverbs and prepositions. These verbs have a special meaning, therefore we have used them in sentences. A ---

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Phrasal Verbs. At last, the hostage could break away from his captors.

Phrasal Verbs. At last, the hostage could break away from his captors. Phrasal Verbs Phrasal verbs, Prepositional verbs with special meaning (A-H) Here we have listed verbs with adverbs and prepositions. These verbs have a special meaning, therefore we have used them in sentences.

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THE MINACK THEATRE. Notes for Playing Companies. Please note 2016 amendment to Section 5 - Public Liability & Employer Liability Insurance

THE MINACK THEATRE. Notes for Playing Companies. Please note 2016 amendment to Section 5 - Public Liability & Employer Liability Insurance THE MINACK THEATRE Notes for Playing Companies 2018 Please note 2016 amendment to Section 5 - Public Liability & Employer Liability Insurance Please note 2017 amendment to Section 9 Child Performers Please

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Production Information for The East Side Players Production of. "The Little Mermaid 2016

Production Information for The East Side Players Production of. The Little Mermaid 2016 Production Information for The East Side Players Production of "The Little Mermaid 2016 Please read through this guide, as it hopefully will answer most of your questions. If you have any additional questions,

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Toccoa Harvest Festival 2017 Application Historic Downtown Toccoa

Toccoa Harvest Festival 2017 Application Historic Downtown Toccoa Toccoa Harvest Festival 2017 Application Historic Downtown Toccoa Welcome: The Toccoa Main Street Program welcomes you to our 41 st annual Harvest Festival. We invite you to be a part of this northeast

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The Summit Birmingham Retailers 2018 Holiday Season Hours

The Summit Birmingham Retailers 2018 Holiday Season Hours 2018 Holiday November 2018 The Summit Birmingham Retailers 2018 Holiday Season Hours Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 18 19 20 21 22 CLOSED 23 24 12-6p Thanksgiving 25 26 27 28 29 30 12-6p December 2018 Sun

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ABSS HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS LIST C List A K, Lists A & B 1 st Grade, Lists A, B, & C 2 nd Grade Fundations Correlated

ABSS HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS LIST C List A K, Lists A & B 1 st Grade, Lists A, B, & C 2 nd Grade Fundations Correlated mclass List A yellow mclass List B blue mclass List C - green wish care able carry 2 become cat above bed catch across caught add certain began against2 behind city 2 being 1 class believe clean almost

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The Region s Largest and Best Attended Home Show! FEBRUARY , Rockland Community College Field House Arena, Suffern, New York

The Region s Largest and Best Attended Home Show! FEBRUARY , Rockland Community College Field House Arena, Suffern, New York 32nd Annual SUBURBAN HOME SHOW The Region s Largest and Best Attended Home Show! FEBRUARY 22-23 - 24, 2019 Over 400 Display Booths featuring state-of-the-art products and services for

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THE ARC RECREATION NEWSLETTER July 2014 August 2014 September 2014 Page 2 THE ARC RECREATION NEWSLETTER All trips must be paid for in full before the event. You will receive a call at least one week prior to the event if you are on

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Winterland Walk. Xenia Hometown Christmas Presents: The Inaugural- Ugly Sweater Reindeer Run. Saturday, December 10th

Winterland Walk. Xenia Hometown Christmas Presents: The Inaugural- Ugly Sweater Reindeer Run. Saturday, December 10th Seasons Greetings! Experience Where Magic Meets Main Street as Xenia celebrates Hometown Christmas on Saturday, December 10, 2016. Explore Xenia is proud to keep the tradition of Hometown Christmas. The

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Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! January 25-29, 2016 St. Johns County

Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! January 25-29, 2016 St. Johns County Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! January 25-29, 2016 St. Johns County District and school weeklong events Each class will make a large pages with an original story, comic strip, or words and pictures

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Conversation 1. Conversation 2. Conversation 3. Conversation 4. Conversation 5

Conversation 1. Conversation 2. Conversation 3. Conversation 4. Conversation 5 Listening Part One - Numbers 1 to 10 You will hear five short conversations. There are two questions following each conversation. For questions 1 to 10, mark A, B or C on your Answer Sheet. 1. When did

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Nutcracker AUDITION 2018

Nutcracker AUDITION 2018 AMERICAN REPERTORY BALLET Nutcracker AUDITION 2018 Information Packet and Checklist Online audition registration information at the end of this packet. Have you: Read this booklet from start to finish?

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OREGON CONFERENCE TLT CONVENTION Camp Angelos, Corbit, OR Jan , 2019 TABLE OF CONTENTS OREGON CONFERENCE TLT CONVENTION 2019 Camp Angelos, Corbit, OR Jan. 25 27, 2019 TABLE OF CONTENTS This document can be viewed on-line at Cover Page & Table of Contents... 1 Planning

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Ionia Downtown Development Authority April 2018 Newsletter

Ionia Downtown Development Authority April 2018 Newsletter Ionia Downtown Development Authority April 2018 Newsletter Ionia Area Career Fair Set for April 19th Discover career opportunities and connect with future talent at the Ionia Area Career Fair on April

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Quiz 4 Practice. I. Writing Narrative Essay. Write a few sentences to accurately answer these questions.

Quiz 4 Practice. I. Writing Narrative Essay. Write a few sentences to accurately answer these questions. Writing 6 Name: Quiz 4 Practice I. Writing Narrative Essay. Write a few sentences to accurately answer these questions. 1. What is the goal of a narrative essay? 2. What makes a good topic? (What helps

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2019 New York Adventure. Celebrating Broadway and the 73 rd Annual Tony Awards. Friday, June 7 Monday, June 10

2019 New York Adventure. Celebrating Broadway and the 73 rd Annual Tony Awards. Friday, June 7 Monday, June 10 2019 New York Adventure Celebrating Broadway and the 73 rd Annual Tony Awards Friday, June 7 Monday, June 10 Trip includes*: Choice of tickets to the 73 rd Annual Tony Awards or access to a viewing party

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Fry Instant Phrases. First 100 Words/Phrases

Fry Instant Phrases. First 100 Words/Phrases Fry Instant Phrases The words in these phrases come from Dr. Edward Fry s Instant Word List (High Frequency Words). According to Fry, the first 300 words in the list represent about 67% of all the words

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SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY APR IL 2019 *Rates as low as $169 for adults 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Special: More Fun for Less SPRING BREAK Kids 50% OFF 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Bunny Breakfast Special: More Fun for Less - Stay

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Plymouth Arts Center Rental Agreement

Plymouth Arts Center Rental Agreement Plymouth Arts Center Rental Agreement 520 East Mill Street P.O. Box 253 Plymouth, WI 53073 Phone: 920.892.8409 Fax: 920.893.5242 Plymouth Arts Center Rental Information Overview:

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Phrasal verbs & Idioms in IELTS Speaking. - To make your answers sound more natural

Phrasal verbs & Idioms in IELTS Speaking. - To make your answers sound more natural Phrasal verbs & Idioms in IELTS Speaking What are phrasal verbs? Phrasal verb 구동사 ; 동사에부사, 전치사가붙어새로운뜻을띄는표현 동사 + 부사 ; Grow up, pick up, take out 동사 + 부사 + 전치사 ; Look forward to, get on with Purpose of using

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The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Frequently Asked Questions

The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Frequently Asked Questions The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion? The Pavilion is an outdoor amphitheater that hosts an array of performing arts and contemporary

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Section I. Quotations

Section I. Quotations Hour 8: The Thing Explainer! Those of you who are fans of xkcd s Randall Munroe may be aware of his book Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words, in which he describes a variety of things using

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Welcome to Recreation! Broadcast Club s Wizard of Oz. Contact Recreation. Summer 2018

Welcome to Recreation! Broadcast Club s Wizard of Oz. Contact Recreation. Summer 2018 Contact Recreation The Arc Center 1158 Wayside Road Tinton Falls, NJ 07712 Phone: (732) 493-0225 Email: Website: Summer 2018 Welcome to Recreation!

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Author's Purpose WS 2 Practice Exercises. Practice 1: Ripples of Energy. Read the selection, and then answer the questions that follow.

Author's Purpose WS 2 Practice Exercises. Practice 1: Ripples of Energy. Read the selection, and then answer the questions that follow. Author's Purpose WS 2 Practice Exercises Practice 1: Ripples of Energy (1) A wave is any movement that carries energy. Some waves carry energy through water. Others carry energy through gases, like air,

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The BiO gives all 8 days of Bulverton evening events and LNEs and full Week Festival Camping.

The BiO gives all 8 days of Bulverton evening events and LNEs and full Week Festival Camping. SIDMOUTH FOLKWEEK 3 TO 10 AUGUST 2018 BUYING GUIDE & TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1 WHAT FESTIVAL TICKETS TO BUY AND WHEN? To help you in planning your own Festival there are Festival long All-In-One, Bulverton-In-One

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Spring Musical Information The Lion King Jr.

Spring Musical Information The Lion King Jr. Spring Musical Information The Lion King Jr. November 18, 2016 To all students, parents and guardians interested in Lincoln School s musical: Welcome (or welcome back) to the wonderful world of theatre

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UNIT 01 It s mine Pages 12-13

UNIT 01 It s mine Pages 12-13 UNIT 01 It s mine. Pages 10-11 Intonation Check 1. Whose shuttlecocks are these? 2. They re theirs. 3. It s hers. A. 1. b 2. a 3. a 4. b B. 1. a 2. c 3. a C. 1. It s hers. 2. It s mine. 3. They re theirs.

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YAGP 20th Anniversary Season Final Tour Guide New York City, NY - April 12-20, 2019

YAGP 20th Anniversary Season Final Tour Guide New York City, NY - April 12-20, 2019 YAGP 20th Anniversary Season Final Tour Guide New York City, NY - April 12-20, 2019 Dear Friends, We are thrilled to welcome you to the Youth America Grand Prix 20 th anniversary Final Week. Below, you

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Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! January 22-26, 2018 School District of Palm Beach County - Literacy Events

Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! January 22-26, 2018 School District of Palm Beach County - Literacy Events Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! January 22-26, 2018 School District of Palm Beach County - Literacy Events Ongoing District/School Events Monday, January 22 nd Culmination of Celebrate Literacy Week,

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities Sponsorship Opportunities Dear Prospective Sponsor: The Town of Huntersville Parks and Recreation Department sponsorship program is designed to effectively market local businesses while making a positive

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YORBA LINDA MIDDLE SCHOOL INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC BOOSTER CLUB NEWSLETTER YORBA LINDA MIDDLE SCHOOL INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC BOOSTER CLUB NEWSLETTER December 2015 Director s Message Three months into school and all is going well! We have completed so much in such a short amount of

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2018 English Entrance Exam for Returnees

2018 English Entrance Exam for Returnees 2018 English Entrance Exam for Returnees Do not open the test book until instructed to do so! Notes The exam is 45 minutes long. The exam has 4 sections. These are: 1. Listening 2. Vocabulary & Grammar

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OAK PARK CONSERVATORY RENTAL INFORMATION OAK PARK CONSERVATORY RENTAL INFORMATION FOR WEDDINGS, SPECIAL EVENTS & BIRTHDAY PARTIES The Oak Park Conservatory is owned and operated by the Park District of Oak Park and is one of the top three historical

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Part A Instructions and examples

Part A Instructions and examples Part A Instructions and examples A Instructions and examples Part A contains only the instructions for each exercise. Read the instructions and do the exercise while you listen to the recording. When you

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TEST ONE. Singing Star Showing this week. !The Wild Wheel Ride! Indoor tennis centre. RACING CAR TRACK To drive, children must be 1 metre or more

TEST ONE. Singing Star Showing this week. !The Wild Wheel Ride! Indoor tennis centre. RACING CAR TRACK To drive, children must be 1 metre or more TEST ONE Paper 1 Reading AND WRITING (1 hour 10 minutes) Part 1 Before you answer the questions for this part, do the Further Practice and Guidance pages on page 5. Questions 1 5 Which notice (A H) says

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Willow Theatre Performance Packet (Artist/Performance)

Willow Theatre Performance Packet (Artist/Performance) SUGAR SAND PARK COMMUNITY CENTER City of Boca Raton Willow Theatre Performance Packet (Artist/Performance) Sugar Sand Park Community Center 300 S. Military Trail Boca Raton, FL 33486 Phone 561.347.3900

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Weekly Homework A LEVEL

Weekly Homework A LEVEL Weekly Homework SUBJECT: ENGLISH STAGE: PREP 2 A LEVEL Tense Present simple Past simple Present cont. Passive am/is/are+ p.p was/were + p.p am/is/are + being + p.p Examples -He writes the reports every

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Buy The Complete Version of This Book at

Buy The Complete Version of This Book at How can I put the sizzle back in my marriage? How can I increase my selfesteem? How can I get out of debt? Life's Little How To Book offers clear, concise answers to these questions and more. Life's Little

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Inlet Theatre Rental Guide Newport Drive, Port Moody, BC

Inlet Theatre Rental Guide Newport Drive, Port Moody, BC Inlet Theatre Rental Guide 2017-18 100 Newport Drive, Port Moody, BC 604.469.4722 Welcome to Inlet Theatre The Inlet Theatre is a unique, intimate space located in the heart of Port

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Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! January 22-26, 2018

Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! January 22-26, 2018 Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! January 22-26, 2018 District Blake Wednesday, 1/24: Poetry Jam The three weeks prior to Celebrate All Things Reading! the following activities will be introduced, completed

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M: Let s talk about the newsletter. W: OK, let s check what we ve got so far. We ve decided to have one main story and one short story, right?

M: Let s talk about the newsletter. W: OK, let s check what we ve got so far. We ve decided to have one main story and one short story, right? M: Let s talk about the newsletter. W: OK, let s check what we ve got so far. We ve decided to have one main story and one short story, right? M: Right. And what about pictures? Should we have one for

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CHAIN OF LAKES MIDDLE SCHOOL BAND DATE DAY EVENT TIME WHERE CHAIN OF LAKES MIDDLE SCHOOL BAND 8700 Conroy-Windermere Rd. Orlando, FL 32835 CALENDAR 2017-2018 There will be section rehearsals to help students, in smaller groups,

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1 Family and friends. 1 Play the game with a partner. Throw a dice. Say. How to play

1 Family and friends. 1 Play the game with a partner. Throw a dice. Say. How to play 1 Family and friends 1 Play the game with a partner. Throw a dice. Say. How to play Scores Throw a dice. Move your counter to that You square and complete the sentence. You get three points if the sentence

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THE HEAVENS OF COPERNICUS PLANETARIUM VISITOR REGULATIONS THE "HEAVENS OF COPERNICUS" PLANETARIUM VISITOR REGULATIONS 1 The "Heavens of Copernicus" Planetarium 1. One of the attractions of the Copernicus Science Centre is the "Heavens of Copernicus" Planetarium

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This is a vocabulary test. Please select the option a, b, c, or d which has the closest meaning to the word in bold.

This is a vocabulary test. Please select the option a, b, c, or d which has the closest meaning to the word in bold. The New Vocabulary Levels Test This is a vocabulary test. Please select the option a, b, c, or d which has the closest meaning to the word in bold. Example question see: They saw it. a. cut b. waited for

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2019 Camper Information

2019 Camper Information 2019 Camper Information Welcome! Welcome to Northwest Missouri State University and to the Northwest Summer Music Camp! We hope this week is a fun and educational experience, and we are excited to have

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Powder River News. Weekend Movies. Weekly Weather. Inside this issue: Sunday Movie : Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Saturday DOC : Rough Night

Powder River News. Weekend Movies. Weekly Weather. Inside this issue: Sunday Movie : Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Saturday DOC : Rough Night Powder River News Weekend Movies Saturday DOC : Rough Night Five gal pals must cover up the death of a male stripper after a bachelorette party goes awry. Sunday Movie : Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rey learns

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1. As you study the list, vary the order of the words.

1. As you study the list, vary the order of the words. A Note to This Wordbook contains all the sight words we will be studying throughout the year plus some additional enrichment words. Your child should spend some time (10 15 minutes) each day studying this

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We ve been expecting you, and have lined up some truly amazing experiences for you to enjoy while you re here.

We ve been expecting you, and have lined up some truly amazing experiences for you to enjoy while you re here. Spy Camp Board Games Gone Wild Dam Hatchery Hike Introduction to Photography Game of Drones Splash-Happy Pool Games Cupcake Wars Archery Ice Cream Sundaes & Root Beer Floats Aqua Jenga Craft Beer Tasting

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1. CASH REFUNDS FOR CANCELLATION OF YOUR PURCHASE a. Purchases made from the Official Festival Office at the National of Flamenco


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Riverwalk Mutts & Martinis

Riverwalk Mutts & Martinis Riverwalk Mutts & Martinis On behalf of the Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale, I would like to extend to you and your business the opportunity to be a part of Riverwalk s 12 th annual Mutts & Martinis, Fort Lauderdale

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PERCUSSION CAMP HANDBOOK July 9-13, 2018 Dear students, parents and guardians, PERCUSSION CAMP HANDBOOK July 9-13, 2018 We are very excited to bring an action-packed week of percussion education to the city of San Antonio by hosting the 2018

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UNIT 5. PIECE OF THE ACTION 1, ByJoseph T. Rodolico Joseph T. Rodolico

UNIT 5. PIECE OF THE ACTION 1, ByJoseph T. Rodolico Joseph T. Rodolico We read articles in the newspapers about stress on a regular basis. Numerous books and magazines on the market tell of the importance of avoiding stress as well as ways of coping with it. Stress is a killer

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Dear Fellow Educator:

Dear Fellow Educator: Dear Fellow Educator: On behalf of Hofstra s Department of Political Science and Model United Nations Club, I would like to invite your high school to participate in the seventh annual Hofstra University

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October Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat. Can you see your ABC's? How many seeds are in a pumpkin?

October Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat. Can you see your ABC's? How many seeds are in a pumpkin? October 2018 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 This is the 10th month. Count up to 10 and back down to 1. Take a fall walk with your parents and then read about fall. Can you see your ABC's? Read

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MAINSTAGE MUSICAL: GRADES 6-12 Auditions: September 11-16, 2017 Performances: December 1-10, 2017

MAINSTAGE MUSICAL: GRADES 6-12 Auditions: September 11-16, 2017 Performances: December 1-10, 2017 MAINSTAGE MUSICAL: GRADES 6-12 Auditions: September 11-16, 2017 Performances: December 1-10, 2017 INTERMEDIATE MUSICAL: GRADES 3-8 Auditions: September 11-16, 2017 Performances: November 2-5, 2017 A MAGICAL

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Breckenridge Peak Seven 3 Bedroom Home

Breckenridge Peak Seven 3 Bedroom Home Breckenridge Peak Seven 3 Bedroom Home Summary This 3 Bedroom home with room for 11 is located in a quiet neighborhood near Peak 7. The home is 2 miles to Breckenridge Ski Area and downtown in a quiet

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M A RCH *Rates as low as $99 for adults SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY M A RCH 2019 *Rates as low as $99 for adults 24 25 26 27 28 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 $99 Weekend 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Adults Only Weekend 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 * Ask about our

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Putnam County Library System October Newsletter. View Online

Putnam County Library System October Newsletter. View Online Putnam County Library System October Newsletter View Online 1st Annual No Carve Book Character Pumpkin Decorating Contest This year, the Putnam County Library System is getting into the Fall spirit by

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Depot Park RENTAL GUIDE THE Depot Park RENTAL GUIDE HELLO! DEPOT PARK is a 32-acre public park featuring a custom play area, an underwater-cavern-inspired splash pad, picnic pavilions, a water s edge promenade with scenic overlooks,

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Lesson 1 Mixed Present Tenses

Lesson 1 Mixed Present Tenses Lesson 1 Mixed Present Tenses In today's lesson, we're going to focus on the simple present and present continuous (also called the "present progressive") and a few more advanced details involved in the

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WALK ON THE WILD SIDE. Including a Live Cougar, and many other wild animals! SATURDAY - 1st 150 People. Goody Bag from ACE Hardware

WALK ON THE WILD SIDE. Including a Live Cougar, and many other wild animals! SATURDAY - 1st 150 People. Goody Bag from ACE Hardware 8 im a -1 Ya k 16 SPO TRA tt he A ay Sund l a Speci $1 Off Admission FREE FISHING Kid Activities Hourly Door Prizes And More! 29t h An L WA RTS FE in BR UA RY CEN nua l SHIN MEN GTO SHO N W FEATURING WALK

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Write your answers on the question paper. You will have six minutes at the end of the test to copy your answers onto the answer sheet.

Write your answers on the question paper. You will have six minutes at the end of the test to copy your answers onto the answer sheet. 1 Cambridge English, Preliminary English Test Listening. There are four parts to the test. You will hear each part twice. For each part of the test there will be time for you to look through the questions

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PLEASE READ BELOW FOR SPECIFIC CHECK-IN AND SET-UP INSTRUCTIONS WELCOME! We are so glad that you are joining us! Alpharetta Arts Streeetfest 2018 Exhibitor/Vendor/Entertainer Instructions Hours of Operation: Saturday, May 26, from 10:00AM to 5:00PM, Sunday, May 27

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A is going usually B is usually going C usually goes D goes usually

A is going usually B is usually going C usually goes D goes usually This guide is to help you decide which units you need to study. The sentences in the guide are grouped together (Present and past, Articles and nouns etc.) in the same way as the units in the Contents

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JULY/AUGUST 2015 NEWSLETTER JULY/AUGUST 2015 NEWSLETTER 9807 97 Avenue, Peace River, Alberta T8S 1H6 Phone: 780 624 4076 Fax: 780 624 4086 NEWS & NOTES We have an electronic version of this newsletter if you

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Developmental Sets. 1. Set I: (Spanish speaker)

Developmental Sets. 1. Set I: (Spanish speaker) Developmental Sets 1. Set I: (Spanish speaker) Where the lab report was put? What the girls are having for lunch? Why Lonna is leaving early today? How long Jimmy is going to be gone? 2. Set I: (Ukraine)

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Riverton Community News

Riverton Community News Riverton Community Association, Inc. Feb 15/Mar 15 Riverton Community News Check us out on Facebook at Riverton Community Association R.C.A. Annual Meeting and Election Saturday,

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Stress Management. Worksheets/Handouts. Thank you for your purchase!

Stress Management. Worksheets/Handouts. Thank you for your purchase! Stress Management Worksheets/Handouts Thank you for your purchase! Please let me know how this resource works for you and your students, as I m always open to ideas for improvement! Automatically earn

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City of Rialto. Community Services Department IN THIS ISSUE. 4th of July Celebration. July 2018 Newsletter

City of Rialto. Community Services Department IN THIS ISSUE. 4th of July Celebration. July 2018 Newsletter City of Rialto Community Services Department July 2018 Newsletter IN THIS ISSUE SPECIAL EVENTS GRACE VARGAS SENIOR CENTER YOUTH SPORTS FITNESS & AQUATICS CENTER 4th of July Celebration C O M M U M I T

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Sentences for the vocabulary of The Queen and I

Sentences for the vocabulary of The Queen and I Sentences for the vocabulary of The Queen and I 1. I got in the room, I heard a noise. 2. F is the quality of being free. 3. Curso del 63 is a TV program where some students live and study in a b. 4. A

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NEUSE REGIONAL LIBRARY NEUSE REGIONAL LIBRARY CIRCULATION POLICY POLICY #2014-01 Revised March 15, 2011 Revised July 31, 2012 Revised December 9, 2014 Revised June 15, 2016 Table of Contents I. Purpose... 3 II. Registration...

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VMS ORCHESTRA CONTRACT VMS ORCHESTRA CONTRACT Mrs. Susan Heinz Director of Orchestra Venice Middle School Email: Website: 24/7 Expectations at

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities Sponsorship Opportunities Dear Prospective Sponsor: The Town of Huntersville Parks and Recreation Department sponsorship program is designed to effectively market local businesses while making a positive

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Texas Motor Speedway. November 13, Sponsor Registration Packet

Texas Motor Speedway. November 13, Sponsor Registration Packet Texas Motor Speedway November 13, 2015 Sponsor Registration Packet Dear Valued Exhibitors and Sponsors; We invite you to be a part of the 5th Annual RMFMA Texas Equipment and Technology Show hosted by

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Conjunctions ******* There are several types of conjunctions in English grammar. They are:

Conjunctions ******* There are several types of conjunctions in English grammar. They are: Conjunctions ******* A conjunction joins words or groups of words in a sentence. There are several types of conjunctions in English grammar. They are: Coordinating Conjunctions Connects words, phrases,

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Chaska Event Center City of Chaska Parks and Recreation Department

Chaska Event Center City of Chaska Parks and Recreation Department Chaska Event Center City of Chaska Parks and Recreation Department FACILITY RENTAL AND CEREMONY INFORMATION The Chaska Event Center (CEC) is located in the heart of Chaska s downtown area. The CEC provides

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THE PASSIVE VOICE A) FORMATION THE PASSIVE VOICE A) FORMATION ACTIVE PASSIVE PRESENT SIMPLE They eat it It is eaten PRESENT CONTINUOUS They are eating it It is being eaten WILL They eat it It be eaten PAST SIMPLE They ate it It was

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Performing Arts. Upcoming Auditions. Upcoming Performances. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee 2018 Winter Young Adult Theater

Performing Arts. Upcoming Auditions. Upcoming Performances. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee 2018 Winter Young Adult Theater Performing Arts bigdeal PRODUCTIONS Managed by the Buffalo Grove Park District Upcoming Performances Crescendo Show Choir Winter Showcase Join the Crescendo Show Choir for their Winter Showcase. This talented

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BE108 Pet-friendly Very Spacious!

BE108 Pet-friendly Very Spacious! BE108 Petfriendly Very Spacious! Summary 1 BR 1 Bath Condo sleeps up to 8 Description BE108 Bridge End PetFriendly Large 1Bedroom with Bonus Room Amazing Views of the Ski Slopes Wood Burning FireplaceThis

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Preliminary English Test for Schools

Preliminary English Test for Schools Preliminary English Test for Schools PAPER 1 Reading and Writing Time: 1 hour 30 minutes INFORMATION READING Questions 1 35 carry one mark. WRITING Questions 1 5 carry one mark. Part 2 (Question 6) carries

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