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4 Printed by B. 1. DRILL, Leyden (Hollsnd).

5 PREFACE TO IX"" EDITION. During the many tim~s the first and second volumes of this Vocabulary have passed t.hrough the press, an attempt has been made, not only to correct the blunders of compositors but to secure uniformity in both volumes and to supply obvions omissions. This Iatest edition is practically free from printing errors, and it would be difficult to add t.o the number of words in the Vocabulary without seeming to trench upon the legitima te field of an English-Malay and Malay-English Dictionary. As regards the Dialogues, 1 wish to remi nd the student who may fee] inclined to criticise sorne of the conversations, that they are supposed to be held between Europeans and natives who in many cases would not be Malays. They would be Chinese, Tamils, Indiana and others, to whom the language spoken by Malays to each other is practically unknown. The Chinese carpenter, the Tamil dhobi and the lndian watchman do not speak that language or understand it. If anything, the dialogues to which 1 refer, err rather in the direction of accuracy and the object is to raise the standard of the lingua franca of the Straits to approach a little nearer to the language of educated Mala ys in their own country. London, 8 Nov FRANK SwETTENH.lM,


7 CONTENTS. Prefaces Instl'Uctions for the Pronunciation of Malay Words Transliteration.. Malay alphabet.. Grammatical Notes Days of the Week. Months of the Year Numbers... Points of the Compass Currency, Weights, and Measures J;:nglish-Malay Vocabulary Rinchâna..... English-Malay Dialogues. I. - The Weather. II.-Time... III. - The Road.. IV. - Conversations with a Cook V.- Convet'8ations with a Boy. VI.- Conversations with a Syce VII. -Conversations with a Gardener. VIII.- Table Talk IX.- Conversations with a Washerman. X. - Conversations with a Tailor.. XI. -Conversations with a Shoemaker XII.- Conversations with a Joiner &c. Page. IV XI xv XVI XVIJl xxv XXVI XXVII XXIX XXIX

8 VJJI CONTENTS. English-Malay Dialogues, Continued. XIII.- ln the Bazaar XIV.- On a River. XV.- ln the Jungle XVI.- At Sea... XVII. - Shooting.. XVIJl.- Dm ing Disturbances XIX.- Conve1~ations with a Râja. XX.- Conversations with a sick man XXI. - Opening a Plantation.... Page



11 VOCABULARY OF THE ENGLISH AND MALAY LANGUAGES, WITH NOTES, BY F, A, SWETTENHAM. Opinions of the P ess. These abjects appear to us to have beeu successfully attained. The work is a most scholarly production, which does Mr. SwET TEI!lBA>I the highest credit, and must have cost him rouch time and labour, and it cannot fail to prove a most useful vade-mecum to the student and the business man who wishes to obtain an accnrate knowledge of the Malay language, its idiom, pronunciation, and written character. When Part. II. is published, the complete work will enable any one to learn how to speak and write Malay accurately without help or reference to any other work, such as MABBDEN's Dictionary, now out of print and diflicult to get, or CaAwFuan's Grammar and Dictionary, now also more or less out of date, and which does not give the Malay cbaracter. - Singapore Daily Times,!8th April, 1881.

12 -II- When we say that the work does credit to his reputation as a Malay scholar and reflects highly on his abilities as an author and an industrious civilian official, we give him but faint praise. There is such small encouragement for a man in the Far East to devote his t.ime to a work of the description referred to above, that we wonder Mr. SwETTENHAM ever attempted to start it. He has, however, done so and deserves every credit for his industry. - Penang Gazette, 9th May, At a time when so many of our plantera are going eastward, the publication of Mr. SwETTENHA>t's book is most opportune, and the second volume, which is to contain the Malay-English Vo cabulary, will complete a most excellent work. - Ceylon Observer 7th Septembe~, As the author very truly remarks in his preface, a work has long been wanted which will enable a new arrivai in the Straits Settlements to easily acquire the knowledge of Malay requisite to make himself understood by those na ti v es with whom he is brought in contact. Mr. sw~ttenham has endeavoured to supply this want in the book just published, and his efforts have resulted in the production of a handy volume which may be relied on... The book deserves to be patronised, and doubtless will be. - London and China Express, 3rd June, There wa~ certainly room for Mr. SwETTBNHAM's English and, Malay Vocabulary and Dialogues, in which his objecta have been, amongst other things, to compile a vocabulary which shall contain every word likely to be met with in ordinary reading, writing, or conversation, and "to express in the Romanized Malay, as

13 -IIInearly as possible, the exact pronunciation of the Malay word " This is, perhaps, about as difficult a task as a person can set himself with any language, and, for reasons which will be obvions to ali who raad Mr. SwETTENHAM's preface, it must be specially difficult in the case of Malay. Mr. SwETTENHAM has certainly spared no pains to attain his object. It would be interesting to discover how near a carefal student of his work could get to the accurate pronunciation of Malay.- Satu rda y Review, 9th July r dj edf> JW' ois..>.sy. dl F,~ 0!,:; ""'L...;:.S JG 0.-o rk -.\,.!<\; ~I..>..>IS_,.....>~ r..j~} ~1 ~ )4.1 or?.!..,..._l.:.:s' '~ <:J- êj)- ~~ ~ o~ v-ji.s_imj; ~~ lr-'fll ;,.:._;.1 OY.-~ ~ ~ dl ~~..> ':-'l.:.:{ '::'Li_,?.JJ"'"" <!.L.o ~ ~!P. ~..> y.)l. L.r41 _r.)4 & ~ 0;.~Lw; <.5..>l:,. l!:)l..>l ~ ~.s1..,~ ~!-~... ~~ _,-,!~ ~~~ w~.jo,),.;.9 ~ Jawi Per-ânak-kan, 2 Jemad Alakhi, l!:)i->1 c)'j

14 Preface to the second Edition. In republishing this English-Malay Vocabulary, now for sorne time out of print, I have endeavoured to correct the errors of orthography and tonal marking which bad crept into the first Edition. At the same lime, I have taken the opportunity of adding to the Vocabulary and carrying out certain suggestions made by those who were kind enough to send me their friendly criticisms. In this respect, I am chief! y indebted to the la te Mr. "NITTI of the British North Borneo Company. F.A. S. PtRAK, 24th July, 1885.

15 Preface to the first Edition. The want of a Malay-English and English-Malay Vocabolary, has, 1 believe, been felt by many berides myself_ Ali who live in the Straits Settlements recognise thenecessity ofacqoiringsome knowledge of Malay, and they are divided naturally into two classes;_ students who wish to attain to a considerable proficiency, and the great majority who only seek a knowledge of Malay sofficient to enable them to hold a conversation with their clients or their servants_ For the student, there is, though now ditt:cult to p ocure, MARSDEN's Dictionary - an excellent work, but its aothor, having derived most of his information from Malays of Sumatra, gives sometimes a prononciation, and.sometimes a rendering of a Malay word, quite opposed to that in use in the Straits or the Malay Peninsola. Again, to use the best part of MARSDEN's Dietionary, an acquaintance with the Arabie character is absolute!y necessary, and this fact closes the book to ali for a time. The casual learner probably never evon attempts to consul! a Dictionary whieh needs a considerable preliminary study to ena ble him to use it, and, giving up in despair the works which, onder the title of Malay Grammars, have at valions times appeared to harass - 1 might fairly say mislead- him he looks for a book in which he can, withont effort, find the English word he seeks and its equivalent in Malay, or vice versd.

16 -VI- The wishes of beginners do not, as a rule, soar beyond the modest dimensions of a Voeabulary, and as 1 believe mueh instruction may be obtained from sueh a book, provided it be aeeurate and complete, 1 have endeavoured to supply their wants in the present work. The above explains the raison d'être of this book, and a very few words will tell what it offers, and with what special objeet. The present volume eontains a Voeabulary of over 5,500 English words, with Romanised Malay and Malay equivalents alphabetieally arranged; 1 mean, arranged in accord ance with the ordinary sequence of letters in the English alphabet - an arrangement of!etiers eommon to European nations and but little altered from the Arabie alphabet. Sorne directions for the writing of Malay!etiers then follow, whieh may be found useful to those who are brought into near eontact wiih Malays. Lastly, there are twenty-one short ehapters of Dialogues, written at different times during the last four years, but chiefly on journeys in the Native States, given as specimens of Malay as it is spoken by the Malays. A eareful study of these sentences will, 1 believe, with constant intercour;e with Malays, do more than any grammatical in truetions to give a learner faeility in expressing himself in this most ungrammatieal but most idiomatie language. A Vocabulary of Romauised Malay, Malay and English words, whieh it was my original intention to give with this volume, 1 have determined to publish separately, ehiefly to avoid making the book unwieldly, but also beeause there may be sorne who do not eare to have both parts of the Voeabulary. So mueh for the construction. The objets 1 have aimed at are these:

17 -VII- (1.) To compile a Vocabulary which should contain every word likely to be met with in ordinary reading, writing, or conversation; and whilst giving the same word over again onder a common synonym, to a void repeating it severa! times as the equivalent of severa! synonymous but rarely used words.. (2.) To give the Malay equivalents in the Malay (Arabie) character, accurately spelt, as an assistance to scholars and a means of producing correct writing and spelling in Malay composition; and also by placing the Malay word in the Vernacular alongside the English and Romanised Malay equivalent, to accustom the eye to the appearance and spelling of the word, so that when met with in a Malay writing it becomes easily recognisable, and when introduced into composition it will be accurately spelt. (3.) But chiehy to express in the Romanised Malay, as nearly as possible, the exact prononciation of the Malay word. This is a point which 1 regard as of the utmost importance. The accent with which a language is spoken is, in ali cases, a crucial test of excellence. An accurate prononciation and use of a few words is better than the Huent utterance of many ill-pronounced and ill-arranged sentences. Sorne timo ago, I was privileged to listen to a discussion on the question of the Malay language by a party including severa! of the oldest residents of Singapore, and I was surprised to hear it stated, and apparent! y accepted as undeniable, that a man might have resided twenty years in this Colon y and know Malay very weil, but it was not to be expected thal he would understand the conversation of a couple of Malays who were not talking for his especial benetit. Without attempting to dispute the statement, it was alleged in explanation thal the language usally spoken by Europeans in the Colony, and called by courtesy Malay, is rather a mixture of English, Portuguese, Tamil, Hindustani, Chinese, and sorne ethers, with a substratum

18 -VIIIof Malay to work upon, and that even this patois is but imperfectly known to thoee who use it, when any but the commonest words are introduced iuto a conversation. That is a very fair statement of the case, but 1 would add to the indichnent, that every Malay, when introduced to a white face, takes it for granted that the stranger's knowledge of Malay is very halting and very imperfect, and will try al ways, through politenoss, to talk down to the standard of his white friands. So a Malay, when surrounded by his European acquaintances, will speak a dialect which bears the same relation to Malay that «Pidgin English" does to our every day conversation. But above ali, and more than ali, the really good Malay words that are known to and spoken by almost every European after a few months' residence in the Colony are so mispronounced that they become difficult to recognise, and it is this neglect to care for the fine differences of intonation which mark (sometimes the only mark between words of identical spelling but of wholly different meaning) Malay words, that rendors it so difficult and almost impossible for a European, accustomed for years to talk to Chinese, Boyanese, Tamils, J avanese, Bu gis, and ethers, in a language as foreign to them as it is to him, to understand a conversation between two pure Malays who have not a familiar acquaintance with the «Vulgar Tongue" of the Straits Settlements. The Peninsula, until so lately a ter1 a inr.ognita to us, is now however becoming the scene of considerable agricultural and ether operations worked with the resources and under the guidance of Europeans. We may, therefore, hope that, as a better knowledge of the Malay spoken by Malays becomes necessary, there will arise an increased desire to attain it. As a means to this end, 1 have given special care to the orthography of the Romanised Malay words in

19 -IXthis Vocabulary, and 1 invite the special attention of those wh<> would use this book to the directions for prononciation. In such,. matter I could not rely on my own authority for the exact prononciation of many words which are only heard when one is thrown constantly amongst Malays, and which are not likely to be caught by the ear without care, nor retained for &ny length of ti me. I, therefore, sought the assistance of one whose authority may, I believe, be accepted with great satefy, and the spelling and tonal marks on every word in the Vocabulary were only fixed upon after consultation witb him and when his opinion decided me that my own preconceived ideas were ri ght or wrong, as the case might be. I off er the prononciation of these words on the authority of MAHOMED SYEn, the Government Munshi, one of the very few natives remaining in the Colony or the Malay Peninsula, on whom students can rely for a valuable opinion in matters of Malay language or literaturc. The object of the Dialogues, I have already explained. The expressions are those of common every day use, translated for the most part from Malay into English. Sorne of the conversations, such as those with the Cook, Gardener, Syce, &c., are for the help of persans living in the Colony, and would naturally be held with Chinese or Tamils, Javanese and Boyanese. Others, such as the dialogues on,. River, in the Jungle, during Disturbances, &c., may prove of use to those whose duties or pleasures take them into the Malay States. 1 regret that, owing to the difliculties of printing, this work being set asid~ when any more pressing business occupied the attention of the Printing Office, and from want of type (every eight or ten successive pages having to be at once printed off without proper comparison and correction), many slight inaccuracies of spelling and tonal mar king have crept into the Romanised Malay of these Dialogues. Wherever there is any doubt asto the prononciation of a word,

20 -Xthe Vocabulary should be consulted, and, if there be a difference, a bide by the Vocabulary. The Malay-English, which will form a separate volume, has been prepared to give to those who have no knowledge of the Malay <>haracter, or inclination to learn it, a ready means of ascertaining the meaning of any unknown Malay word they may hear in conversation or meet with in manuscript. It has been my endeavour to ascertain the true meaning of the M~lay, and to a void, as far as possible, the perpetuation of mistaken renderings. 1 have also refrained from offering a manufactured Malay equivalent for an English word representing a new idea to the Malay mind, unless that equivalent is weil understood and recognised by the Mala ys themselves. My obligations to MAHOMED SYEn will be understood from the statement I have already made. 1 have had the very greatest assistacce from Mr. NoaONHA1 the Superintendent of the Government Printing Establishment, but my best thanks are due to the Government for permitting the book to be printed in its office whenever there was leisure for such work. Without that permission it is improbable that I should ever have completed a task which, while of great interest to me, has not been concluded without considerable labour. I trust the outcome may prove of sorne utility. SrNGAPORE, 28th JJfm ch, F.A. S.

21 -Xl- Instructions for the pronunciation of Malay words written in the Roman character. u With regard to the mode of orthography adopted in express. ing the words of the language in our characters, two considerations present themselves: the one, that of conveying as nearly as possible their true sound; and the other, of paying the requisite attention to the powers of the severa! letters made use of in the original. * * Il bas been my design to avoid a pertinaceous adherence to either mode. 1 have followed as close! y the literai orthography of the original as could be done consistently with a fair expression of the sound, and where these could not be reconciled, 1 have given a preference to the latter consideration, because it appeared of more importance that the word should be rightly pronounced by those who cannot read the Mala yan character, than that the more learned scholar should be gratified )ly a literai accuracy to him not absolutely necessary. Frequently indeed 1 have been induced to repeat the spelling with sorne variation in order to con vey ajuster idea of the pronunciation". - MARSDEN. VOWELS. The Vowels a, e, i, o, u, are pronounced as in Italian. The circumftex accent " or the short mark - when placed over any of these vowels, willlengthen or shorten it. These tonal marks do not always represent a long or short vowel in the Malay spelling, but are given to shew the quantities of the various syllables of a word in pronunciation.

22 -XII- Pronounce il as the a in sopmno, or the vowel sound in farm; example Bârang, Mâbok. Prou ounce a as the vowel sound in the English word some; example Sampei, Rang ka. Pronounce 11 as. the vowel sound in the English word c11p; Krltp, Pltnat. Never give the sound of a il1 the English wo1 d man, to any 11lalay word. Pronounce A like the sound of ay in the English word lay; example ~!ok, Hêmat. Pronounce e like the sound of e in the English word ten; example Hengga, Pâkien, Pengsan. Pronounce ii as short as possible, like the sound of re in the English word retire; exam pie M~nang, T~pi. The sound is so short that many persons have advooated its expression by a simple apostrophe, th us, M'nang, but 1 prefer the e. Pronounce î long as the ee in sleek; example LI hat, Pl! eh. Pronounce i as in the p~eceding without!aying quite so much stress upon it, as Bini, Bjji. At the end of a word, when followed by a consonant, the sound of the i is shorter, like the sound of i in the English word tin; example Lllin, Langit, Mltsjid. Pronounce 't very short, as in the case of the e, only with the sound of i in gill; example Jllld, F'îrdâus. The use of this toue is rare. Pronounce (J as the vowel sound in the English go; example Dôsa, Ôrang. Pronounce o as the o in English; example Choreng. The pronunciation of o really depends on what follows it. Thus o followed by n is pronounced like the English on, and o alone bas the sound of o in so, thus Chonto'. Again, o followed by,. is pronoun-

23 -XIIIced!ike English o, thus Undor; whilst o before ng is pronounced more like the o in the Dutch Jonkheer than in the English long, as Longgar, Gfinong. o is very seldom met with, it should be pronounced with the vowel sound of the English knob; example Pukol, Dos ta. Pronounce a like the vowel sound in the English two; example GO.nong, Luka. Pronounce u rather shorter than the above, but with the same sound; as Tâkut, Muntah. ii has the vowel sound of the English word too/,; example Miilia, Diinia. The sourid is rare in Malay, but met with in Arabie words. Never prononnce n when met with in a Malay word like the u in but. In words wàich have no vowel marks, pronounce ali the syllables evenly, laying no marked stress on any; example Kumpul-an, Gunting-kan, Baoding. Generally speaking, in dissyllables the accent is on the first syllable, and in polysyllables on the penultima\e. DIPHTHONGS. Pronounce ae, ai, or ei, wh en met with, with the sound gi ven by repeating these vowels one after the other, as above instructed; example Smai, Sungei. au has the sound of ow in the English now; example Pulau. Co~soNANTB. As regards Consonants il is only necessary to say thal ng is always pronounced like ng in the English hang and never like ng in the English mangle. This last sound is given in Malay by adding another g, thus Tanggong.

24 -XIV- The sound given by Malays to what l have expressed by the letters ang is difficnlt to find in any English ward. l'he sound of the first syllable of ''hungry" is however near it. Never pronounce ang like the same letters in the English hang. g is always hard as in go. The soft sound of g in the English genlle is invariably expressed by j in Malay, thus Jlnak. ch is al ways pronounced like the ch in church; and sh like the same letters in shine, - unless where specially instructed to the contrary. kh should be pronounced like ch in Loch, but harder, as Khabi!r. Whenever a ward, or the final ayllable of a ward of more thau one syllable, ends with either h or k, that ward or final syllable must be pronounced very short indeed, whatever the vowel which precedes the h or k. When the ward ends with h that letter should be slightly sounded, but when it ends with k, the k is almost al ways silent. Lastly, do not be afraid to pronounce the r in Malay words, it is a peculiarity of the people that they lay mnch stress on the r in prononciation. It is difficult for an Englishman to pick up the practice, but is should be attempted In KMah, the common people, and indeed the Chiefs, unless talking to strangers, speak with a curions lisp, which avoids the prononciation of s,,., or l, but whatever may be the local peculiarities of any particular Native State, and they are but few and of slight importance, there is but one language recognised in the Peninsula, and that is Malay, not High Malay (whatever that may mean), or Court Malay, but sim ply the Malay language proper, and aknowledge of that, if the words be accu ratel y pronounced and used in their true sense, even though the knowledge be but slight, will be as useful in KMah as in Plthang or Tr~nggânu, in Pêrak or Sri M~nanti, as in K~lantan or Patâni.

25 -XV-- Transliteration. 1 have bound myself by no rule in this matter. Indeed to transliterate in Roman letters vowels which do not appear at ali in the Malay words would be diflicult. I have reproduced the Malay consonants by their equivalents in Roman letters in every case. To lay down such a rnle with regard to even the vowels which do appear in the Malay, would be unwise, for it would only mislead. To say that L.5 should al ways be reproduced by i, when in Malay it is oftcn pronounced as e or as ei, or to make it a rule that _, shall al ways berendered by il,. wh en it is often really pronounced o and au, woul<l be to advocate mispronunciation and misunderstanding, witb no countervailing benefit. ~' i. e., mnng, cannot be transliterated to any intelligible sound, but it is perfectly easy to produce the Malay word, thus M~nang, having already laid down how it and a shall be pronounced. I have rendered the Malay latter "" by nya to distinguish it from ~ or c!,. Let me repeat again, the Romanised Malay words in this Vocabulary are not, and are not intended to be, transliterations. of Malay words, but, guided by the instructions already laid down, they are intended to represent the Malay words as pronounced in the Malay language, while the Arabie characters shew the correct spelling in the Malay vernacular. Hamzah (~). - In Arabie words, where two Alifs wonld come togethor, the second is omitted, and Hamzah inserted in its place. In Malay words, the Hamzah is usually found at the end of a word, and gives the vowel which precedes il a short sound very much as. though the Hamzah were the final k.

26 -XVI- Malay Alphabet. The Arabie Alphabet, with the six let!ers marked with an asterisk ( ) aaded, form the Malay Alphabet. The letters marked "* are only used in words of Arabie origin. N ame. llsolated.f l'ina!. 1 Medial.[ Initial.~ Equivalent. Alif Ba... y Ta... "" Tha'"'.... Jim.... Cha*.... Ha*".... Kha*"... Dai*.... Thal*".... Ra.... t Za*" ) Sin.... U" Shîn ""...,.;. Sod **..... ud ) ) j U"" T Th (as in tltick) J Ch H (strong in baek of throat) Kh (stronger thau ch D Th R z s..:. Sh.-D in loci ) S (strong)

27 -XVII- Na.me. 1 Isolatod.l Final. 1 Modial.l Initial.~ Equivalent. Thod**. ui' 1 uq ~ Th (as in the) or D Ta** J;,.b.b. k T (strong) Tha**... Ji:,.!<. fi:,. Jb Th (stronger th an Thod) Ain**... e c.. a. 1:. iia. or a Rhain"* è t_....i:. Rh or Hr Fa**......; u. À F Pa* ;._a  ;j p Kof..... ü 13- i ;; K Kaf......s.$. ~ { K Nga".. ê t a. A Ng (prononnced together) Ga*... ~ ~ r t G (àlways hard) Lam... J J..l L Mim... Nnn Wau... Ha... Ya... Nyà*...!" l'" + M "' 1.:) 1:)" ;. N, W, 0, V, or AU ' " +y SD H 1$..s 1 ~ :! Y, I, E, or El....,., ""! ~ ~1.. Nya Pronounced like the German r. P and G are eommonly written with one dot instead of three.

28 ~XVIII~ Grammatical Notes. FORMATION OF SUBSTANTIVES. Affixing «an" is a codimon method of forming a substantive from the radical in Malay, and it may be taken as a rule that the accent will, as in the case.of Jabât-an, be moved, tho penultimate in the substantive becoming long, thus: Jâbat, Jabât-an; Kâsih, Kasth-an; PO.tar, Putâr-an; Pichah, Pichâh-an. In conversation it often happens that this long penultimate is pronounced short, as Kas1h-an instead of Kasth-an, which is the really correct form, while Pichllh-an and not. Pichâh-an is almost universal. For prononciation, the safest rule is to put the accent on the first syllable in dissyllables, and on the penultimate in polysyllables, though many exceptions will be met with, such as T~lor, M~rak, P~ning, S~kedar, Ka-bakti-an, Ptpis-kan,&c., where nothing but practice will teach accurate prononciation. Another perhaps more common way of forming a substantive from the radical is to prefix «Ka", either alone.as in Ka handak, inclination, or by far more frequently accompanied by the affix.<an", thus: PO.tus, Ka-putO.s-an (also pronounced Ka-putus-an or Ka po.tus-an)t Tumboh, Ka-tumboh-an (al ways pronounced with the accent equally placed throughout, or with a slight stress on the antipenultimate). Here again it will be seen how impossible it is to lay down a hard and fast rule, but when the radical is not itself tbe substantive, the latter is. commonly formed in one of the two ways above described. "P~r" is a particle prefix of constant form used in the formation of derivative substantives; it is sometimes abbreviated, especially in. conversation, to «P~ ", as P~-k~rja-an.

29 -XIX- In the case of Per-angkap the initial t of the radical Tangkap bas been dropped for the sake of euphony. Âiak-kan, Per-ânak-kan, and Ka-bânyak-kan are exceptions to the above rules. Aiak, Ânak, and Bânyak being the radicals, it might be expected that the substantive, or (as in the case ofka-bânyak-kan) adjective, would, as is usually the case, be formed by affixing uan", and perhaps, in the case of the first, by prefixing «p~r"; but there is no prefix, and «kan" is affixed in preference to uan", apparently for the sake of euphony. Besides tho means of forming substantives described above, another common form is where the radical (of whatever part of speech) takes a prefix of "P~", 'P~m", up~n", up~ng", or up~ny", sornetimes with the affix «an" added and sometimes without. A substantives so formed usnally denotes an agent or instrument of the meaning conveyed by the radical. The prefix takes the form «ee" when the radical begins with l, m, or p followed by a consonant, thus; Pe-lûbang, pitfall; Pe-mârah, passionate; Pe-prang-an, war. When the radical begins with p followed by a vowel, the substantive is formed by dropping the p and prefixing upem", as: Pukol, Pem-11kol, a mallet; Pandang, Pem-andang-an, sight. If the initial letter of the radical be t, the substantive is formed by dropping the t and prefixing upen", thus: Tâkut, Pen-âkut, a coward. Peng-tiihu-an is an exception to this rule. The prefix takes the form of «Pen" before ch, d, and j, as: Pen-chllrt, a thief; Pen-dâpat-an, earnings; Pen-jâja, a pedlar. It appears, however, that wh en the radical begins with ch, the prefix sornetimes takes the form upeny'' and drops the ch as more euphonious, thus: CMchok, Peny-11chok.

30 -XX- The prefix takes the form "P~ng" before vowels, and before g and k, as: P~ng-âdu-an, a complaint; P~ng-lring, a suite; P~ngllsong, a litter; P~ng-hillu, a chief; P~ng-gâli, a spade. When the radical begins with k, the prefix also takes the form "P~ng", dropping the k, thus: K~tam, P~ng-~tam; Kuêt, P~ng-uêt. If the radical begins with the letter s, the substantive is formed by prefixing "P~ny" and dropping thes, as: Sâkit, P~ny-âkit, sickness. FoaHJ.TION OF VERBs, &c. Verbs formed by prefixing the particle "B~r" to the radical, may be used in either the present, imperfect, or perfect tense, and there is no alteration in the different persona of the verb, the persona! pro no un being suflicient to carry the sense, th us: Dia B~r-bangkit, he gets up, he was getting up, or he got up - the context sbewing the tense; Klta Mr-bangkit, we get up, we were getting up, or we got up. I do not lay this down as a universal rule, but it is usual. It must not, however, be supposed that the prefix "B~r" can be placed before ali radical and used with the above described significations, for instance: Dia Mr-jâlan means, he goes, he was going, or he went, according to the context, Jâlan being the radical, meaning either a road, or to go, or to walk. But P~rgi means also to go, and yet B~rp~rgi is most unusual, and P~rgi-kan unhcard of, whilst Jâlan-kan is common and means to cause to go. Jâlang-kan bichâra, to carry on a case; Jâlan-kan p~rkâra, to keep a matter going. Sometimes, again, "B~r" intensifies the radical, as: Budi, sense;.b~r-budi, full of sense, sensible. Bulu, haïr, feathers; B~r-bulu, covered with haïr or feathers, hairy, feathered, shaggy. Dârah, blood; B~rdârah, bloody.

31 -XXI- "Kan" is an affix which almost invariably gives to a substantive, adjective, or other part of speech which will admit the addition of this particle, the meaning of a transitive verb, thus: Jâlan, a road or to walk; Jâlan-kan, to cause to go on, to carry on. Kanching, a boit; Kanching-kan, to fasten. M~shhur, famous; M~shhur-kan, to make known, to publish. Kuat, strong; Kuat-kan, to make strong, to strcngthen. Ampun, pardon or to pardon; Ampun-kan, to pardon. Atur, arranged or to arrange; Atur-kan, to arrange. Under the letter M, will be found varions forms by which the radical, whether it be substantive, adjective, adverb, verb, or other part of speech, ia transposcd into a transitive or intransitive verb. These forma vary according to the initialletters of the radicals, thus Langkab, a step, becomes M~-langkah; Bri, to give, becomes M~m-bri, Tandok, a horn, becomes M~n-andok; Kail, to fish, becomes M~ng-ail; A pa, what, M~ng-âpa; Hârap, hope, M~ng-bârap; T!tek, a drop, M~nltek; S~brang, across, M~ny-èbrang. In the majority of cases, where r tbere is a prefix only, the verb formed is intransitive, but when beaides the prefix the parti cie «kan" is affixed, the verb theo formed is always transitive, as M~n-j~rat-kan, to snare. When the radical begins with!, m, n, nya (-,.) or r, the prefix wbicb forma the verb is al ways «M~", as: Langkab, M~-langkab; Mâsok, M~-mâsok-kan; Nanti, M~-nanti; Rll.pa, M~-r1l.pa-kan; Nyânyi, M~-nyânyi. When the radical begins with the letter b, the particle prefix takes the form of "M~m" as M~m-bâcha, to read. When the radical begins with the latter p, the particle prefix takes the form of «M~m" and drops the p for the sake of euphony as: Prentah, M~m-rentah; Puji, M~m-ll.ji.

32 -XXII- When t is the initial!etier of the radical, the particle prefix takes the form of "M~n" and drops the t for the sake of euphony, as: Târoh, M~n-âroh. When the initial!etier of the radical is ch, d, or j, the verb is formed by prefixing the particle "M~n" without other alteration, as Châbut, M~n-ch:l.but, Dâpat, M~n-dâpat; Jâdi, M~n-jâdi. M~nyitchi-kan and M~ny-ungkil are exceptions to this rule. Where the radical begins with a vowel, k, or g, the particle prefix takes the form of "M~ng" without other alteration, thus: Âdu, M~ng-âdu; Isap, M~ng-!sap; Ubong, M~ng-O.bong; Hêrut, M~ng-hêrut; Ganti, M~ng-ganti. The k is however sometimes omitted in words like "Hilang" whcre it can either be pronounced or not, both being equally right. Whore the initial letter of the radical is k, the verb is formed by prefixing the particle "M~ng" and dropping the k for the sake of euphony, as: Kôsot, M~ng-ôsot. If the radical begins with the!etiers tr, then the partiele prefix takes the form um~n", whilst the t is dropped for the sake of euphony, as: Trang, M~n-rang-kan. If the radical begins with the letter s, the prefix changes the s into "M~ny"._,... thus: Sâbong, M~ny-âbong; S~mbah, M~ny-~mbah; Susu, Meny-itsu: "T~r" J is a constant particle al ways met with in composition, and always as a prefix. When placed before a verb, it gives the signification of a past partieiple, as: Ter-bitang, thrown away; T~r-âtur, arranged; T~rb!lang, counted; &c. When prefixed to an adjective, it adds emphasis and intensifies the meaning, and in conjonction with uskâli" denotes the super-

33 -XXIIIlative degree, thus; T~r-Mlik, overturned; T~r-M.noh, murdered; T~r-lampau, excessive; T~r-l~bih skâli, most; T~r-l~bih baik skâli, best. usahya" is the word most commonly used by Europeans to express the first persona! pronoun, whilst "you" is best rendered politely by uttîan". l'he Malays commonly use uakn" for ui", and utt\an", uangkau", or uâwak" (if familiar) for uyou". uangkau", is also often rendered by ukau", or, in Province Welles ley and K~dah, by ~ohang", and is genorally used in speaking to servants or the lower classes. In Pêrak, ui" and uyou" are familiarly rendered by ut~man" and um!ka". In writing, ubêta" or Klta re presents ui", and «S~hâbatbêta" or us~hiibat-klta", you". Râjas or persona of rank often spaak of themselves as ukami", and render "you" by ukamu" or "Angkau" wh en talking to inferiors, When inferiors address their superiors, and wish to make a point of the distinction, they spaak of themselves as uhamba Tt\an", your slave; this is common also in writing from an inferior to his superior. upâtek" is the commonest form of expressing the pronoun of the first person when used by an inferior to a Riija, or between Râjas when the younger wishes to shew respect to the eider or superior in office. The English definite article uthe" has no real equivalent in Malay. Bring the child, is translated Bawa iinak; Bring thal child, Bâwa ânak itu; Bring a child, Bawa sâtu iinak. In sorne cases, uthe" is rendered by uyaog", as: Bring another, Bawa lain, or Bawa lâgi sâtu; Bring the other, Bawa yang Iain itu; The latter, Yang k~mdian; The former, Yang dt\lu; and so on.

34 -XXIV- The word «Sudah" is mueh used by the Malays. It will, with a verb, always express the past tense: Sudah mui, dead; Sudahjlilan, gone; &e. When used alone, it will mean, That will do. If used interrogatively, as Sudah? or Sudab-kah? it bas the meaning, Have yon dona? Is it finished? Is it ready? - aeeording to the context. Wbilst in such a sontenee as Sudah-lah klta ini, it would mean, Now, we're dona for. The constant use of «Punya" to indieate the possessive is inelegant and unusual. The best and commonest form of expressing the possessive is by plaeing the pronoun after 'he substantive, as Rll.mah dia, his or ber bouse. The indiseriminate use of the intensifying partiele «Lah" (.J) should be avoided. The partiele «Tah" (lü) is in ail respeets similar to «Lah", but not nearly so eommon. «Sàngat",- very, extremely- is plaeed either before or after the adjeetive, but usually the latter. «T~r-làlu" and «T~r-lampau" are plaeed before the adjective, and «Skâli" after it. «Maka" (I!M) is used in writing on! y, and marks the beginning of a new sentence. The word «Ânak" is applied to the young of ail birds, beasts, or fishes: Ânak gàjah, a young elephant; Ânak anjing, a pu pp y; Ânak Mrong, a young bird; Ânak!kan, a young fish. - Mala ys speak of so many nights where we say days, th us they would say: «He will be away three uights", meaning three nights and two days.

35 Days of the Week. Snnday..>.>1 <.S;l$> h!lri thad Monda y ~1 <.S;l$> Mri 'îthnli.in Tnesday.:::.~ <.S;l$> Mri thalâtha * li' ednesday l hâri rabn >!) <.S;l$> hâri arbiia ** Thnrsday (.,-+'> <.S;l$> Mri khamis Frida y ~ <.S)l$> hâri j~miiat Satnrday ~<.S)l$> hâri sabtn Sunday is also called «Hâri minggo" in the Straits Settlements, from the Portnguese udomingo", and the other days of the week are known as:- Monda y, uhâri sil.tu"; Tuesday, uhâri dll.a", and so on. One week, in the same way, is called usâtu minggo", but the Malays cali it usâtu j~maat" or utll.joh hâri"- sevan da ys.. The Arabie form; the Malay pronunciation "Salâsa" is commoner. "'* The Arabie form.

36 Months of the Year. Müharram r~ 30 days Sa far ~ 29 Rl!b! alâwal j_,~l é-"'; 30 Rl!b! alâkhir ;>~1 tf:!j 29 Jemâd alâwal J,~l..lL.:;- 30 Jemâd alâkhir ;>~l..ll.:;- 29 Rl!jl!b ~) 30 Shabân 0~ 29 Ramthân* ()l,.,o) 30 Shl!wâl J~ 29 Thil kaadah.~1.._cj 30 Thil hâjah..sill.. ~» and sometimes These months do not correspond to any months in the English calendar, and as there are only 354 days in the Muhammadan year, the position of these Muhammadan months with regard to our calendar is constantly changing. * Pronounce "th" as in the English word Than. The names of the months are ali pm ely Arabie.

37 -XXVII- Nu rn bers. One o!,.w _,:;Lw Lw sa', sâtu, suâtu Two ~'"' r dll.a Three.:s..;, l" tl ga Four wl f am pat Five ~ o Jima Six ~1 a nam Se ven ~_,:; tiijoh Eight <:.i'jj-> A dilâpan Nine o-4- s'ambllan Ten.S_,.;.. 1. sa'pll.loh El even ~ Il sa'blas Twclve ~l,-> 1r dll.a bias Twenty.s_,; ~'"' r. dlla pll.loh Twenty-one _,:;Lw.s_,;,.,.., r1 düa pll.loh sâtu Thirty.S_,; ~ 1". tlga pll.loh One hnndred <./.:;)- 1 sa'râtus One hundred and one _,:;Lw~';"" 1.1 sa'râtus sâtu One hundred and twenty.s_,;i.,_, ~~;"" 1r. sa'râtus dll.a pll.loh Two hundred ~ ~_; ~'"' r düa râtus One thousand y;.,'.j""" 1 sa'rlbu One thousand one hundred ~IJ"""y;.,'.J""" Il.. sa'rîbu sa'râtus Ten thousand l..w.ll- 1 sa'laksa One hundred thousand l...jtl.s_,.;.. 1 sa'püloh Iaksa One million l...jtl~l;"" 1 sa'râtus laksa Units l.wll.w sa, asa Tens.S_,; pll.loh

38 -XXVIII- Hundreds ~~ ra tus Thousands y.,/) rlbu Tens of thousands 1.-ii.l laksa Hundreds of thousards._s;s keti Millions l:i_p.- juta In speaking of days of the month, the following are sometimes osed:- Sixteen 0JJ _,:;Lw sâtu gliip Seventeen 0JJ ~<> dtîa gliip Eighteen._;Jj~ tlga gliip Nineteen 0JJ u-1 i!mpat ghip Twenty.S_,.; 1,<> do.a ptîloh Twenty-one )~ sa'lêkor Twenty-two ;#. ~<> dtîa lêkor and so on up to Twenty-seven ),~ ~_,:; ttîjoh lêkor This form of expressing numbers other than da ys of the mon th is very commonly used in Piihang and Jess frequently in other States.

39 -XXIX- Points of the Compass. North ~l.:i_,l utâra South di~ s~lâtan East )~ timor West ~::.~L> bârat J North-East.:;._,'.li),_..;; timor laut North-West ~::.~_,'.li":'}-! bârat laut South-East ~lk:i t~nggâra South-West LS!.>.::.}1 bârat dâia. Currency, Weights, and Measures. ÜURRENCY. - SINGAPORE AND M~LACCA. 4 duit ( t-cent) = 1 sen (1 cent) 2I sen = 1 wang (2Ï cents) 10 wang = 1 suku (25 cents) 4 suku = 1 ringgit (1 dollar) ÜURRENCY.- PRNANG AND PROVINCE WELLESLEY. 10 duit* sen= 1 klipang (10 cents) 12! duit = 1 tâli (12f cents) 2 Mli = 1 suku (25 cents) 4 suku = 1 ringgit (1 dollar) The duit (1 cent) ia divided into baives and quartera- "st~ngah duit" and "suku duit'".

40 -XXX- ÜURRENCY.- PAHANG. 1 itam tengko = 4 cents of dollar 2 itam tengko = 1 k~n~ri (gold) = 8 cents of dollar 2 k~n~ri = 2 sàga = 1 buso = 16 cents 2 buso = 1 suku = 1 klipang = 33-} cents 3 klipang = 1 ringgit (1 dollar) 4 klipang = 1 mas ($ 1.33}) 16 mas = 1 bungkal Pl1hang Copper coin was not current in Pl1hang, but gold dust weighed according to the ahove table. Silver dollars are current, and àmall tin tokens coined by the Revenue Farmers for circulation in their respective districts. Straits copper and small silver are now (1904) current in Pahang, and the old currency bas almost disappeared. AvmRDUPOIS WEIGBT. 16 tahil (tael) = 1 kati* (1} lb) 100 kati = 1 plkul (133} lb) 3 plkul = 1 bhara (400 lb) 40 plkul = 1 kôian (5.333} lb) The Malay and Chinese kati differ in weight, the former having the weight of 24 Me:xican dolla.l'b, and the latter of 22}. 'fbey are termed respectively "kati bësar'" and ukati këchil". GoLDS:MITH's WEIGHT. 12 sàga = 1 maiam * 16 maiam = 1 bungkal (832 grains Troy) 12 bungkal = 1 kati * Eight maiam are equal to the weight oc one Mexican dollar. Gold dust is sold by the bungkal; Gold thread by the kati.

41 -XXXI- ÛPIUM WE!OHT. 10 hun = 1 chi 10 chi = 1 tahil MEABURE OF ÜAPACITY. 4 pau = 1 chtîpak 4 chtîpak = 1 gantang 10 gantang = 1 pâra 2 pâra = i ptkul 40 ptkul = 1 kôian DRY MEASURE 4 chtîpak = 1 gantang 10 gantang = 1 naleh 10 naleh = 1 kùncha 5 kuncha = 1 kôian LoNG oa ÜLOTH MEAEURE. 2 j~ngkal = 1 hasta 2 hasta = 1 êla 2 êla = 1 Mpa (1 fathom or 6 feet) 20 kâyu (pieces) = 1 kodi (1 score) LAND MEASUUE. 12 inchi (inches) = 1 kâki (1 foot) 6 kâki = 1 Mpa (6 feet) 4 (square) d~pa = 1 j~mba (144 square feet) 100 j~mba = 1 p~njuru ( square feet) 4 p~njuru = 1 r~long (1 orlong, or H acres, nearly}

42 Abbreviations. Ar... Arabie. Ch..... Chinese. Eng.... English. Hind... Hindustani. Jav.. Javanese. Pers... Persian. Port.... Portuguese. Sans... Sanskrit. When any of these Abbreviations - Ar., Sans., Port., &c. - is plaeed after a word, it does not neeessarily denote that the word is pure Arabie, Sanskrit, or Portuguese, &e., but that the word is derived from one or other of these languages, or is an altered from of an Arabie, Sanskrit, or Portuguese word.

43 VOOABULARY E N G L I S H - M A L A Y. A A (the a rticle), t:jl~ sâtu, ~ sa. - of long things (spears), t:jl.;.. sa'bâtang. -of short things (knives), &4,~ sa'bllah. - of animais, birds, fishes, )~ sa'êkor. -of large things (ships, houses), '~ sa'bll.ah. -of cannon, eggs, ~ sa'blji. - ofletters and muskets, ~_,... sa'pftchok. A of umbrellas, ~IJ:... sa'kâki. -of sheets of paper, kâjangs, ~ sa'bldang. -of cloth, sârongs, &c., J+w sa'mlê*. -of fa bries in the piecé, _,.1! _,:;~ sâtu kâyu. ê!r. _Ti t~r-bll.ang, J.S'~J t~r-tinggal. ABAN~ONED 7 ABDOMEN, o~j prut. ABILITY, al~ ka-pandei-an. ABJURE, To, '4f tau bat. Also used of sheets of papel'.

44 ABL -2-.A DO ABLE,..Jy, Mlih, U"!,.=>..>1 âda kuâsa. ABOLISH 1 T0 1 U"j~ bapus, Ê_~ Mang. ABORIGINEs, ~>1 Ê.J'I ôrang Mkit, ~ tj'i ôrang-l!ar, Ê.J-'1 L,)L.. ôrang-sâkai. ABOUT, bof.>..;jj~bib kfirang. AnovE, L!"';, l âtas, ~1..> di-âlas. ABSCESS1 J~ bisuj. AnscoND, TO, <..5)'), lâri. ABSENT,..>1 ~ tidak âda,..>[,:.' f"l.::> ti-ltda h!ttbar (A.). ABUNDANT1 ~4 b!tnyak,...._s!impah, J,..." maamur (Ar.). ABusE, To, L./lA mâki, l...;.;_..._; nista. AcCEPT, TO, til trima. AcCIDENT, ol~... b~nehâna. AccOMPANY, TO, rl-y. Mr-sâma, oof;i b~r-k!twan. AccoMniCE,,i<J_,...<.;, p~n-ülong, 0,lS kâwa';;. AccORDING To, of- s~p~rti. AcCOUNT, AN, rl_p.l klra klra. AccoUNTAN'r, AN, r~ E _,:; tükang m~ng-!ra-nglra, krâni. AccuRATE, J~ Mtul. AccusE, To, ->_,J tüdob.._,ïlyl" AccusTOMED, U"lH biâsa, w;.jl$" glilak. AcnE, ~L.. slikit,,_;;..;._ s~nak. Acm, 1"""1 âsam. AcKNOWLEDGE, TO,..,Sl âku,_,j~ m~ng-âku. AcQUAINT, To, d~ m~ny-atâkan, ~~ maalum-ka.n,,<l:i L5 ;i bri tau. AcQUAiill'ED, TO BE, ~ k~nal. AcQUIT, To, Lf"'il!~pas. Acaoss, ~~ t~r-lintang. AcT, To, (do), o~ Mat. -, To, (play), Ê_}l<l. (j-!l.,j. Mrmain mayong. AcTION, ACT1 d~j p~r-mat-an. AcTIVE, ~ pantas, ~~ râjin. Ann, TO, ~tarn bah, ~_,1ft hong. -,To,(as-inarithmetic),~ j~mlah-kan. ADMINISTRATION, ~l..;w~ prentâb-an. ADMINISTRATION, LETTERB OF, U"!_,.î o),.- s1îrat kuâsa. ADMIRAL, 0 t..,._j;j laksarnâna. ADMIT, TO, (to a place), I.JL,.l., L5j. bri mltsok. AnoPT, To, (a custom), o..>b ""J,... m~n-1îrut ltdat.

45 ADO -3- ALL ADOPTED CHILD, ~~,_ji.jl ânak angkat. ADORN, TO, L5"'~ hiâsi. ADRIFT, o_hu hânyut, o_hi ânyut. ADVICE, ~ nasihat (Ar.). TO ASK, ~ l;.:.m minta nasihat. An vise, TO ~~ L3 ;1 bri nasi hat. AnvocATE, TO, d~l..f.-1 ~_,.:; t1îlong bichâra-kan. AFF AIR, ji.:> hâ\. AFF AIRS, j~l ji.:> hâj ahuâl. AFFECTION, ~[.=::, kasih-an, d~} p~r-chinta-an. AFFIANCE, To, t_~}l Mr-tfinang. AFFIDAVIT, ifl.4.w "'-';,... s1îrat s1împah-an. AFFIRM, TO, dw-' m~ng-atâ-kan. AFORESAID, ~10 o_,...,..., ~ (fi yang t~r-s~but di-litas ini. AFRAID, o_,s'l:; tâkut. AFTER, cfc4) k~md'ian. AFTERNOON, p p~tang,._,jip L3J\9 Mr-âleh hâri. AGAIN,.1LÀ- cifj Jâgi skâ\i, j~ pfila. AaE, ~ fimor (Ar.). AGENT, M., wâkil (Ar.). AGENT, (with complete power), js'_, w;..lb.. wâkil mutallak (Ar.). AGREE, ro, (en.qage), ~.;.;;,. T Mr-janji. AGREEMENT, AN, ~ j p~rjanji-an. AGREE, TO, (be friends), l5"bp Mr-dâmei,P.Y:.. sa'tuju. AGREEABLE, I...Ï<)I.w smap. AGROUND, (of a boat), o~sangkut. AoUE, ~~!""'-' d~mam kora. AHEAD, 0->~-> di-hâdap. AIM, ro, >'?"Y tuju. AIR, ~->_,l udâra. Aaa, ~) r~nggang. Aus, L~_,_,; adôhi. ALBINO, f~ bâlar, ~Y" BÔpak. ALIKE, w, ;"" a'rfipa, rl~ sâma. - JusT, L3" >'?'" r~ sâma jfiga. ALIVE, w_,~ hidup, w_,~l ldup. ALL, ;,..., s~müa, ~ s~gâla (Sans), ~ s~kalian. ALLEY, b,-l Jôrong ALLow, To, (permit), p. blar. ALLOWANcE, (moneh), ~ t-' wang blanja. ALLOY, ro, )~ champur. ALLY, TO 1.,;:-y. Mr-s~tia.

46 ALL -4- Al'O ALLY, AN, 01,~.~tia-wan. ALMIGHTY > U"!,f' 4--o mahâ kuâsa. ALMOND, r->l-? bâdam (Pers.), ~L:.:l k~tapang m u-}los. ALMOST, ~ hampir. ALMS, ~ s~mkah (Ar.). ALONE, c;:4- tjy' sa'ôraug s~hâja. ALPHABET, il' ~ ~~ âjiph-ba ta. ALs?, J_,; p(lja, $p. j(lga,!p. joa. ALuM, U"-'1:; tawas. ALWAYS, ~JJL.. sa-jâju, U"~ s~ntiâsa. AMAZED, t_ ;; ::;.-_r; t~rcmngang, 0 1;P hêran (Ar., hairân). AMBASSADOR, ~_,1 utus-an. AMBER,~ am bar (Ar.). AMBUSH, TO LIE IN, uwl endap. AMIABLE, u-}l...'ll bajus, ~L.. f'j mânis Iâku. AMONGsT, r-!1-> dâlam, ~L.;.:_;I antâra. ÂMOK, TO Ü,r'~ m~ng-âmok. ANcEsToas, &Y' ~ nênek moyang, ~ :,.-:;1-> dâtoh (or dato') nênek. ANCHOR, AN,._,L... sauh. -, To, "Y.'J;! Mr-Iâbuh. ANcHORAGE,.;:?~'li lâbuh-an. ANCIENT, r'li llima, ()L..j z~man, (Ar.). AND, o'-> dan, if-> d~ngan. ANGEL, '"-""~~ m~jaikat. ANGER, AlrGRY, ;L. mârah. -, (speaking of Raja), l!lr m~rka. ANGLE, TO, (lo fish), J.:!l~ m~pgail. ANIMAL, AN, ~~ binâtang,. ~4~ yang b~r nyâwa. ANISEED, ~la u-.>1 âdas mânis, ~L. ~jintan mânis. ANKLE, ~ ol. mâta kâki. ANNOY, To, ~_,1 Osik-kan. ANOINT, TO, ""-'J-'1 urut. ANSWER, y!,--:?- jawâb (Hind.), vj~ hâlas, o_,~ m~ny-aut. ANT, o_,... s~mut. ANTIDOTE, J-'W p~n-âwar. ANVIL, o-i...ml Iandasan. ANXIETY, ~ Mlisah. ANxious, _,wj rindu, ~ bimbang. ANY, tj~ sa'bârang, 0 _,; ~ 0 t.. mânl' mâna pun. APPEAaANCE,. ;_, J ro pa. APPOINT, :ro,._o;.;l l~tak, } târoh, ~.>~ m~n.jâdi-kan. APOSTLE, J_,...) ras(l) (Ar.).

47 ARG -5- AST ARGUE, TO, /J.Mij. b~r-bantah. AnisE, TO, ~;! Mr-bangkit. ARITBMETIC; ry. ~ elmu klra klra. AnK, THE, ~~ behtra (Ar.). An><, THE, QiJ l~ngan. ARMADILLO, ~ t~ngglling. ARMED, c:.>~j. Mr-s~njàta. ARMPIT, ~ k~tiak. ARMY, _f;:j lashkar (Pers.),~ ashkar (Ar.). AROUND, ~ k~jiling. ARRACK, (spirit)._:;) ârak (Ar.). ARRANGE, TO, Ji''Jo,. m~ng-âtur. ARREST, To, ~ tangkap. ARRIVE, o, ~ sampei..arrow,,ui;._ji.jf ânak pânah. ARSENIC, ifl J., warâng-an. ART, ~ elmu (Ar.). 'ARTERY, "Jf..J o).,flirat dârah, ARTICLES, (goods), rt}i bârangbârang. ARTICLEs, (division of subjects), l}j p~rkâra. ARTICLEs, (of agreement), "'-'J,.- ~j elirai p~r-janji-an. As, o J- s~p~rti. As BEFORE, J,.- sa'mlila. As LONG As, (in length), ~ sa'-panjang. As LONG As, (intime), l.j.-sa'lâma. As uuca As, Uï,J4~ sa'bânyak. As QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, U~.J..H &. ~ sa'brâpa ]~kas yang bftlih. As WELL AS YOU CAN, ~~ ufj."" uy.~ t""" sa'brâpa baik yang bftlih. As YET, ~~ W... sa'lâma ini. ASCEND,TO, (a rive> ),,,.ii,pyomlidik, AscENn, To, (a hill), L./1-" '';m~ndâki. AsBAMEn, _,JL.. mâlu. ABBEs, y,l abu. AsmE, b-1 âsing. -, TO PUT, ~:':'""',1-.:j,.~~ m~ngâsing-kan. AsK, To, "::'l:i tânya. AsK FoR, To,.d. ;v...o min ta. Ass, AN, '-'~ kaldê. AssEMBLE, To; o~;-i Mr-himpun. AssEMBLE, To, (calling together ryots), f krah. AssxsT, To, t),:.' tûlong,_,;.:..4 ban tu. AssiSTANCE, if_,l_,:.;îka'tlilong-an. AsTBMA,!..J!..J 0i.- s~sak dâda. ASTERN, /<-..S~..J di-bjâkaog, o_,:.:.ïy,':i di-buntut, Jfèi..J di' êkor, if,:;)!" di-mritan,

48 AST -6- BAC AsTONISHED, f::ii"<'".? tercmngang. AsTROLOC.>Y, r_,..,.'-'.!1 ~ elmu nlijo.m (Ar.). AT1..> di. AT FIRST, rjl. m ula m ula, J...al âsal. AT LAST1 f>l âkhir (Ar.). AT LEAST, rtj~ sa'ko.rang-ko. rang. AT ONCE1 J,LJC- skâli, * ~ if..> dengan segra. * ATONE, T01 ~y hâlas,~ ganti. ATTACK1 T01 j:îtj langgar, 0_,..-ol.:it..o meng-âmok. ATTEMPT, To, Y>;:.- cho.ba. ATTENDANT, 0,U' kâwan,..;:..>>-/ Mdak. ATTENDANT, FEMALE, r~l..> dil. iang-dil.iang. ATTENTIVE,~'.; râjin. ATTEST, To, if~ -...;;.;~.)!;... menâroh tâpak tângan. ATTITUDE, ~- sikap. AucTION1 [,-4J!êlong (Port.). AuDIENCE, (at COUI't), ~ mejelis. AuNT,!..>_,.,. J,ol mak mtlda, J,ol >"' mak su. AuTHORITY, U"!,.î kuâsa. A venge, T01 ~y hâlas. AWAKE, T01 e;3l=?- jâga. 1 TO CA USE T0 1 of~ banguo, <::f3j grak-kan. AwAY, ):JS klûar. AwHILE, ~ sa'bantar. AwKwARD,..>.Y' hûdoh. AWNING, 1..5~ cmtri (Hind.)1 t:::;>-1> kâjang. AXE, -...;;.;!> kâpak. 8 BABA,** yy baba (Hind.). BABY1 r0(.il)' kânak kânak. BACHELOR1 &Y. bûjang. t 1 B.a.cK1 THE, t:s'j4 b!âkang. "' Bring ali at once, "Bawa semûa skâli". Come at once, "Mâri den gan seg, a". "*" A name used to designate Straits~born males, whether the children of European, Chinese or Eurasian parents, but most commonly used of Straitsborn Chinese. t Really means uunmarl'ied" and is applied equally to bachelors, spinters, widows, widowers and divorced people of both sexes.

49 BAD -.7- BAT BAD (not good), ~~...::,~ tidak baik. BAD (decomposed), J->! Msuk. - (wicked), ~ jlthat. BAG, A, Ê-'} kârong, _,)L- saku (Port). BAa, MoNEY- (Chinese), _,;_,t opau (Ch.). BAGGAGE, rt} bârang-bârang. BAIL, t:f.:a4- jâmin. - TO STAND, (:.Jo-'4- LS'-'~ men-jâdi jâmin, _,)L;;.. mengâku. BaiT (for fish), c:f<l umpan. BAKE, To, ~ panggang-kan. BAKER, A1.b; t!,.. tûkrng rôti. BALANCE (remainder), j~ bâki. BaLD (hairless), w;.:;>! bôtak). BALE OUT1 TO (water), ~~ 4+M men-imba âyer. BALL, ~>/ bola (Engl. tb P01 t.). -, ( wicker *),..5~ râga. BALLAST, ~~ WiJ_,:; tôlak bâra. Bumoo, ~>! bûluh. BA>r.i.NA, H plsang. BANK (of a rit er), ~ tebing, cs'-' tepi. BANK, SAND, &::4 beting. BANK (artificial, of earth), ~'\o bâtas. BARBER, A, j.*- E;; tûkang chûkor. BARGAIN1 A, ~_,..> per-janjian. BaRGAIN (to cheapen), J~~ tâwar. BARK (of a tree), ~}o ~_,) kûlit kâyu. BARK (of a dog), w;jl- sâlak. BARLEY, t~ U"lr, bras blanda. BARREL, Ê.'j' tong. BARREN (as females) j_,-w... mltndul. BARRIER a4:i tampan. BARTER1 TO, j _,:i tt\kar. BaSHFUL,,JL.. mâlu. BASIN1 J.,.,"i~ bâti!. A SMALL, ~ mangko'. BaSKET, Jf~ bâkul, ~~ kranjang. BASTARD, & 0ül ânak gampang. BASTARD (born of a concubine), WY.._W- 0-il ânak gundek. BAT (vermin), J-'"::Jf' klawar. BATH-BOUSE (fioating), ~ jamban. The only bali used by the Malays is this one, but the Portuguese ubola" is generally understood in the Settlements.

50 BAT -8- BEG BATH-noo111, ~ ~ t~mpat mandi. BunE, To, '--'...>..M mandi. -, TO, (of Rajas), rr êram. BATTLE, Ê_~ prang, dy' p~prang-an. BAwL, TO, ~f trlak. BAY (of the sea),j..l:i t~iuk. - (colour), ~_,{ ;!:"' mêrahktining. BAzan, ;""~ pâsar. BE, c~l âda. BEACH, ~ pantei. BEADS r~l.o, mânik-mânik. BEAK,,} ~âroh. BEAM1 A JE g~l~gar, u;j~ bol.lak, BEAN, &ls' kâchang. BEAR1 A1 ê_i,y. brtiang.. - T01 (support), Ê.~ tanggong, cfti tâhan. BEAR1 T01 (on the head), t~ junjong. BnR, To, (in the a. ms), t f,c~ dtikong. BEAR, T01 (ca. ry), J-4.; plkul. BEAR CHILDREN1 TO,.Jllfr. b~r-ânak.. BEAR ARMS 1 T0 1 <.::J4>U- ~ pakai s~njâta. BEAR FRUIT, To, ~~ Mr-btiah. BEAR WITNEss, To, ~lon I..Sf. bri saksi. BEARD, A1 <.::.~_,.~ janggut. BEAST1 t:j~ binâtang. BEAT 1 T0 1 jl _,; pukoj. -- T~, ( with the fist), _,J.~ palu, >=?-;I gôchoh. BEA'r, T01 (with open hand), r tampar. BEAT, To, (in a mortar),...:;~ tumbuk*. BEAT, To, (overcome), ~ m~nang. ( intrans. as the hea t) y.c~y. B~r-d~Mr. BEAUTIFUL 1 ~ chantek, ~-"" molek. BECAUSE, ~ ~Mb, o} karâna ** (Sans.). BEcKoN, To, ~ lam bei. BECOME, To, '--'cc~l:;-- jadi. BEn, A1 j.;."ls' kâtil, ;,j.,t'j ~ t~mpat tldor. BEE,._.]!~bah. BEEF1,-;J &"le~ dâging-mmbu. BEETLE1 &--_,5 ktimbang. BEFORE1 _,.)_,.9>0._.] l~bih dahti}u, BEa, To, (ask), <LM.. min ta. * Commonly used for "to beat with the fist'' also. "'"' Also pronounced KBrna.

51 BEG -9- BIB BEG AL:M.s, TO, &!~ s:l..;,:,;..,o minta sm~kah. BEGGAR, ( eligious mendicant), r, fjj,klr (Ar.). BEGIN, To, <.S"::i.o mulai. BEGINNING1 A1 J,l âwa) (Ar.), j...al âsal. BEHAVIOUR1 0!,[:;1.~ ka-jâku-an. BEHIND1 t!~-> di-bjâkang. BEING1 A HUMAN1 ~l.o ÊJ)""' sa'ôrang mltnüsia. BELCH, TO,,_ji9~ biâhak, BELIEVE 1 T0 1 ( tmst), l3~j p~rchâya. BELIEVE 1 To,(think),~flkir(Ar.). BELL, A, t~:;,-_,.l Jôchong *, t;.:,3 g~nta. BELLows, Lr~ p~ng-tlmbus. BELLY1 et~j prut. BELONGING1 ""',...1 ampunya, ~.,.,.,_,.; yang punya. BEL~w,.,Y.> di bâwah. BELLOW t TO,. 0i,>j trlak, BELT, A, F ~1!kat pinggang, F.!,l:i tâli pinggang. 1 BEND, TO, Ê~ m~j~kong. BENEVOLENT1 j;u> ;r mtlrah bâti. BENT, >foi bengkok. BESIDE, -'4--> di sa'blah. BBSIEGE 1 T0 1 ê# k~pong, Br.sMEAR, To, ;~ himor. BEST1.),LJC- 04~- yang baik skâli. BET, To, ~}j. Mr târoh. BETEL, (leaf), r. slrih **. (nut), b.; ~ Mah plnang. BETROTH, To, ~pinang t, ~-!,:; ttlnang. BETROTHED, ~_},;; ;-!,~ sudah Mr-ttlnang. BETTER1 ~~ ~ Mbih baik, - t TO M.\KE, L5Sly4+-o m~m-baik i, BETWEEN1 l_,l.;.:;f antàra (Hind). BEWARE, T01 dl,- jâga. BEYOND, (]~ bâlik sâna, ~<.\...- di sa'blah. BIBLE, (Pentateuch), """":;}" taur1t. Not Malay, adopted and understood. ** ~'Sîrih" is the leaf of a vine, grown like pepper, and is chewed by the Malays, Siamese, and many other Eastern people. On the leaf is spread a little chunam or lime, and tobacco, gambir and pieces of betel.. nut are chewed with it. t Pinang is, strictly, to ask in marriage, tûnang to promise, betroth.

52 BIB -10- BOA BIBLE, (Psalms), ))ij zabur (Ar.). -, (Gospels), ~'"'...il injil (Ar.). Bw, TO, (offer a priee), J'[j tâwar. BIG, r b~sar. BILL, tjy "";'- st\rat ütang. BIND, o o, ~1!kat, ~ tarnbat. BIND, T01 (book),~ j111d *. BIRD, Ê.Jf. Mrong. - CAGE,?- sangkar. - NEST1 Ê.J,_, i:.jl.. sârang btlrong. BIRTH, ~If pér-ânak-kan. BIT, A, (piece), ~ sa'k~ping, ofi.n sa'krn.t. BIT, A, (for ho se), ~!agam (Hind.). BITE, TO, ~ glgit. BITTER, ~\; pâhit. BLACK, ~ hitam. BLACKSMITH 1 A 1 L<"'"'~ tf y tt\kang Msi,._..-1 '-'.,_w pandei Msi. BLADE, ol.. mâta. BLAME, To, dji. ;; "'-' m~n-cmlâkan. BLAZE, To, ':»~~ Mr-nyâla. BLEED1 T01 )> )~ kluar dârah. BLEED1 To, (surgically), ""J'I of kri!t ürat. BLEMisn, ~~ châchat. BLESSED, d ;i Mrkat. BLIND, ~ buta. BLOoD, ).:> dârah. -, OF NO BLÉ, ~_r. Mrbangsa. BLoODY, ).:>;i Mr-dârah. BLOSSOM1 li.ji bt\nga. (bud), ~_y' kütum. (full blown), ~ k~mbang. BLOTTING PAPER 1 ~ u-b;-> k~rtas k~mbang. BLOw, To, (with the mw th), wy.;; tiüp. BLoW-PIPE, A, ~Y" sumplt an. BLuE,_, ft bi ru. BLUNDERBuss, A 1 Lr~~ p~muras. BLUNT1 J,o..:; tumpuj, r.li Ê.Jf kürang tâjam. BoAR, cf.5~ bâbi jantan. WILD 1 <:fi_,j L~4 bâbi ütan. BOARD1 A1 (wood), d\; pâpan. * Arabie, lit. means leather.

53 BOA -11- BRA BOARD, T01 (/odge), E-->'tilmpang, BoasT, T0 1 <.5;1...> d ~ m~m Msar-kan diri, J!,.?j. Mr-bual. BoAT1yj prau, o4- ~ampan. -, (a dug-out), Jfi... sâgor, )_,Ji.? jâlor. BoAT, A HousE, ~ k~tiap. - ' A SMALL FISHING, ~_,î kôlek. BoAT-HIRE, y!,-> F tambang prau. BoDY, t>~ bâdan, '-!~ tûboh. -, A DnD, ~ mâiat (Ar.). ~'_ OF AN ANIMAL,~ bangkei. BoiL, T01 lfy.) r~bus. - RICE1 T01 0ül:i;1 Mr-tânak. -,.a,..)_,...,., blsul... BoLD, (brave), ~~ brâni,..?li gâgah. BOLT1 A1 ~ p~ny-!ilak. BoNE, & tillang. BooK, -.-W" kitâb (Ar.). BooTY1 O"'l.o..) rampâs-an. BoRDER, ~ t~pi. BoRE, T01 Wi~ft gêrek. BoRE, To, (the ears), VY.~;-1 Mr-tindek. BoRNE0 1 ~-' ;i Brilnei. BoRRow, T01 r,>w pinjam, <LM.. r,>w min ta pinjam. BosoM, 1..>1..> dada. BoTH1 -,.,.1_,~ ka-dûa-nya. BOTTLE; '(;,l.î kâcha, t:jl; bâ!ang 1 J.:iy, botol * (Engl.). BoTTOM1,_,4 bâwah. BoTTO>t1 (anus), ~ pantat, [,kj:,.> pûnggong. BouGH1 o9'i..> dâhan. BouND.&.RY, ~~ pr~nggan, ** 0..>Lo- s~mpâdan. Bow, (for a. rows),...;~ pânah. - 1 T0 1 (the body),...:;_,-n>' tunduk. BowL, J.;il; bâti!, f y, bôkor. Box, (chest), ~ p~ti, 0 1-4L.> k~\amdân. t BoY, ~L,f'j -.Ji-ji ânak lâki-lâki. BRACE, (a couple), t:-t.o... sa'pâsang. BRACELET, t:j1' glang. BRACKISH, -""\; pâ yau. * In use in the Straits Settlements. ** From per-hinqg,t-an. t Seo.,'fl unk". l'robably derived from Kalam (Ar.) a pen, and Dan (Per.) a box. Only used of small boxes.

54 BRA -12- BRI BRAINS, vu_,î ôtak. BRANCH, A, (bough), c:fij dâhan., To, t_;'..::ç- châbang. BRAND, A, (mark), 1~ tanda, ~cmp. BRANDISH, TO,p.l achu. BRASS, d~j t~mbâga. BRAVE,._!,)! brâni. BanERY, ~ ka-bakti-an. BRA WL, TO, ~\.; -'J~ huru-hara. BRAY, To (as an ass), ~;; trlak. BREAD,~) rôti. BREAD FRUIT, dy" sfikun. :BREAK, TO, ""f.'.o pi chah,,,;;~ pâ.tah. BREAK nown, TO, ~) runtoh. IN, To, Wi-wl.. ""f.'.o pichah mâ.solç. BREAK TO PIECES, T01 Jr.f_;.; ~~ pichah hanchor. BREAK OFF, TO, ~_,; pfitus. - A PROMISE, TO,? munkir. BREAK IN, TO (lame), ~ jlnak kan. BREAK OF DAY, <.3)\.; ~.) dinihâ.ri. BREAKERS, (surf}, ~_,1 iflf..o pichah-an ombak. BREAKFABT,~~dl..mâkan pâgi. BaEABT, THs, dada. BREASTs,,...-_,...- suau, ~fo kôpek. BREATH, ~ nitfas (Ar.), Î,~ nyâ.wa. BREATHE, To, ~ m~-n1tfas. BREED, To, }~ piâ.ra, ~ pl~mra. BREEZE, ~i angin. LAND-, o)4 ~1 angin dârat. BREEZE, SEA-, o_,':ll ~1 angin la ut. BRIBE, A: w!,- suap. - > TO, W!,- <.3:f. bri BUap. -, TO TAKE A, wl,_ cfl-o mâkan suap. BRICKs, o4 bâta. BRIDE, (~) 0 1~..Lo~ ~ p~ng-antin pr~mpitan (Mtlna). BRIDEGROOM, (~) ~~ ~ p~ng-antin lâ.ki lâki (jantan). BRIDGE, A, ê?4-+-:?- j~mbâtan,.p. titi,.._'j:,j g~rtak. BmnuE, To, L~ m~n-tti. BRIDLE, A, Ë k1tng (Jav.). BRIGHT, (shining), l.,.,p. châhia., (clem ), Ê.; trang. BRn.r, ~ blbir. BRIMBTONE, i:~ balêrang. BRING, To, 1,~ bawa. BRING UP, TO, ~ ~ bja-pj~mra.

55 BRI -13- BUF BRISK, ~ pantas. BRISTLES,,JY. bulu. BRITTLE, ~s râpoh. BROAD, fi Jeb~r, U"I,]Jtl.as. BROIL, TO, &-JI gôring. BaoKE, ro, &,J J.S _,; pukol hlbang.* BROKER, A, ~,J js' _,; tj-'1 Ô rang pukol lü bang. * BaoocH, A, f::-_,f krüsang. BaooK, y.l Jjl ânak ayer, Jjl..?>"' ânak sungei. BROOM,_,;y p~ny-âpu. BaorH,!,l kuah. BROTHER, (eider), ~~ âbang. of Râjas ~ kakanda. -, (youn.qer), 04..>1 âdik. of Râjas,.N..>I âdinda. BROTBER-IN-uw, (by sister), _f-!1!par. BROTHER-IN-LAW, (by wife), LJ"ft biras. BRow, (forehead), ~ k~ning, '--~1..> dahi. BRow (of a hill), =4Y. ~,;..S kamunchak Mkit. BRowN, ~l.o ~lltam mânis. BRuisE, ro, ~ pipis. BRUSH1 T01,;L.. sâpu,,j.-~ gôsok. BausH, A, (fm ~weeping), jy, p~ny-âpu. BRUSH, A HAIR-, JL.o_S =-4. slkat k~pala, L!"-' ;--! brus * (Eng.). BRUSHWOOD, (/ow), 0L.+--- s~mak.** BRUSHwooo, (secondary jungle), ~~ blukar. binâtang. BRUTAL, (bestial), el.\; oj- B~p~rti BuBBLE, ro, (of boiling water), &..JY.~ m~n-dldih. BucK, (male deer), ~ L.._,J rûsa jantan. BUCKET, 4.:i timba, ti! tong. BucKLE, &:-f,;s kanching. (of a bele), &...>..;...; pinding. Buo, <F'l t'y' kütum (or kuntom). BuFFALo, Y./ k~rbau. BuFFALO-POOL, Y./ ~~ kilbang k~rbau. BUFFOON, 04 tj-'! Ôrang j~nâka,..::,_,':)j plâuak, 1 )j prlin. * In use in the Straits Settlements. "'"' See HThicket".

56 BUG -14- CAL Buo, ~ pljat, Wl-Y.>ïY' kutu Msuk. BUILD, To, ""~ bltat, ~~!kat. BuLL, ~ y;.j l~mbu jantan. BuLLET, -'J_,li p~l~ru (Port.). BuLLOCK1 c:;!4 ~ l~mbu k~mblri. BUMP, (swelling), ~ Mngkak. BuNcH, (of fruit), o..n.:i tandan, ~~slkat. BuNDLE, A, u-py. bungkus. -, To, cf-foy. bungkuskan. BuoY, Y ~ boya (Pot t.). BURDEN,'A, (difficult matter), cr-y Mban. BuaN, To, flo bâkar, l!"y~ hangus. BuRsT, TO, (hlow iep), u_,:.:.l. m~l~tup. BURY, To, ~lj' tânam. Bu&YING PLACE, J~ kubor (Ar.). c BuRYING PLACE, (aneient), "-""tf krâmat. BusHES, 04- s~mak. BusiNEss, o<~_f; p~-k~rja-an. BusY, 0l-w s~sak, ~<\:; ta's~nang. BuT, ~L;.:j' tmâpi. BuTCHER, ~L-.> kmsai (Hind.), t-~ p~m bantei. BUTT1 TO, (with the head), \.3_,~ m~n-andok. BuTTER, ~ m~ntêga (Port.)., CLARIFIED, ~l.w ~ mlnyak sâpi. BuTTERFLY, r,;_,s- kupu-kupu, rr) râma-râma. BuTToN, ~.;j kanching. BuY, To, L~ bli. BY,..S_,I ftlih. BY, TO PuT, c.f+- simpan, ~JI.:i târoh. BY AND BY, c.}':j ~ sa'bantar lâgi. CAB,~~~ krêta sêwa. CABLE,,_,l- ~lj' tâli sauh. CAGE, A, j:s- sangkar. 1 CAKE, c,.jw p~ngânan, -'!,:?- juâdah (Pers.). CALAMITY1 ~ )1.. mâra bahia.

57 CAL -15- CAR CALF,~ 0ül ânak l~mbu. -, (of the leg), ~ tf jantong b~tis. CALIC01 '-"*""' -"""JI., bjâchu m\ nyak. CALL1 T0 1 ~ panggi!. -, To, (shout to), t-'"':lllaung. ln, To, ~- singgah. CALM, (shelte~ ed),,_,.x; tmoh. -, (pleasant), 0"'4 nyâman. CALUMNIATE1 T01 ~~.,;.:;_;, <=:.>!,./ Mat fit~nah âtas, d'\iy.jl aniâya-kan. CALUMNY 1,_;_;.:_; fit~nah 1 <.5~1 aniâya. CAMEL 1 l.;:.;_,f unta (Hind.). CAMP1 A, ~ ~ t~mpat ashkar. CAMPHOR1 li"-')4 J~Ls' kftpor bârus, CAN, (able),.sy bûlih. -, (bucket) t~ tong. CANAL, """'JI; pârit. CANDLE1 d-' dien, ~ lijin, CANDLESTICK1 d-' L.fô' kâki dien, ~ ~ Uki lllin. CANE1 A1 cf!j) rô!an. -, MALACCA,~ sam am bu. CANE, WALKING, ~_,:; tongkat. CANE, SuGAn-,,..,;. t~bu. CANNoN, r'-f" m~riam. CANNOT,.!y ->L;;i tlâda M\ih. CANOE, A1 J_,JL::- jâlor, 0i.,.l_,) kôlek. CANVAS 1 y.':l\ cr'{ kain lâyar. CAP, A,# k~plah (Eng.). o-"-+-- sampan -, ~0 WEAR, ON ONE SIDE, ~l; ~ # pâkai k~plah tenggek. CAPACIOUS1 U"f,..J Jdas, ~':)\ Jâpang. CuACITY1 (measurement), çfl!yw s1kat-an. -, (burden), ç?!yo mfiat-an., (talents), <.5..l,H budi, ~ akal (Ar.), 0~ bîjaksâna. CAPE, (promontory), t~ tanjang. CAPITAL, (resource. ), J->yo môdal,. :,{_,; pôko'. CAPON, A, (L.,...Lî) <.5~ r''' âyam k~mbiri (kasi), CAPTAIN,(onshore),~p~ngllma. CAPTAIN, (of a boa!), b,s:' nakhôda (Pers.). CAPTIVE, A, cfj:.' tawânan. CARBUNCLE 1 (the stone), Ji..,S g~ mâla. C.tRBUNCLE, (disease), ~) ~Y p~ny-âkit râja.

58 CAR -16- CAS CARCASER 1 A 1 ~ bangkei. CARDS 1 PLAYING 1 ~_,.s:.. u--1>_,...:> k~rtas sa'kôpong. CAnE, (a.11xiety) 1 ~ ebinta. -, (diligence), L~~.,t uslthâ. -, To, ~ IMllli (Ar.) - 1 TO TAKE1 dl:;- jâga1 r~f ingat-ingat. CARE of, TO TAKE, ~ m~n-unggu, tp. pi~mra, ~1 âsoh. CAREFUL1 ~~ râjin. CARELEss, ~'j lalei, LL.lt alpa (Hind.). CARGo, ci'"!,.o mllat-an. CARNAL AFFECTIONS, _,.-"-i!,_9 hawa nafsu (Ar.). CARPENTER 1 A 1 y._l) Ë _ij t{lkang kâyu. CARPET1 ~~~~ p~rm1dâni (Pers.). CARRIAGE1 A, (vehicle), ~fkrêta (Port.) CARRY, To, (see Bear), Ê.~ tanggong, ~ plkul. CARRY AWAY, T01 ):}S' ~~ bawa klllar. CARRY ON THE 8BOULDER1 )~ kan dar. CART, A BnLLOcx-,_,..! ~fkrêta Mm bu. CART, A BuFFALo, Y./ ~fkrêta k~rbau. CARTRIDGE,.., ().,.? p~tron, r~ gantang-gantang. * CARTRIDGE Poucu, A1 ~~ k~rpei. CAnVE 1 T0 1 (wood or stone), _,î.,t llkir. CASCADE, A1 ;if ()~~.-; panehoran âyer. CAsE, (circumstance), jl...::> hâl, ~lîj p~rkâ.ra (Hind.). CAsE, (fo trial), ~l.;f'i bichâra (Hind.). CASB1 J,:f t., wang tunai. ÜASBIER 1 A 1 (shro{f)1 t., Ë _ij t{lkang wa:ng. CAsK1 A1 tj' tong. CAsT ANcnon, T01 ~'jj. Mr-lâbuh,.,L.. Ê'Ji bllang sauh. CAST AWAY 1 T0 1 ~ champak, ËJi bllang. CARTING NET1 A1 'jl:;- jâja (Hind.)1 1 TO USE A1 'jl;9.;... m~n-jâla. CAHTOR OIL1 Ü)l:;-~ mlnyak jârak. * Malay made, with bamboo cases.

59 CAS -17- CHA CASTRATED, 13~ k~mbiri, ~kasi. CAT, A, ~y' kuching. CATCH, To,.Jill tang ka p. CATCH HOLD, TO, (of a bough with a pole), ~\)' kait. CATCHING, (infectïous), ~ jang kit. CATERPILLAR, i>! ~_,1 fi lat buju. CATTY (1 1 /s lb), j;\)' kati. CAUTION, TO, ~~13j. bri ingat. CAULE, TO, cfl'~ p/i.kaj-kan. CAusE, A, (reason), ~ s~b~b. To, o~ Mat. CAvE, A,!,S' gl!a (Hind.). CAVITY, A, &i Jûbang. CAYENNE PEPPER, tb 1..>~ J/i.da china, c_5l.;:.- châbei. CEASE, TO,._~j. Mr-Mnti. CEDE, To, <:PJ"' s~rah-kan. CE!LING, r~~ Jangit.Jangit. CELEBRATED > ),~ m~shhnr (Ar.). CEMENT, To, (fasten)> dj p~rkat. {)ENTIPEDE, A, ~1)> hajipan. CENTRE, ~ t~ngah. ÜERE:MONY' TO RECEIVE WlTH' =-'j> if-' OY.-'-'" sambut d~ngan hormat. CERTAIN, y;:; t~ntu, ~ sungguh. CERT!FICATE, dys Oj)"' SÛrat ka-trang-an. CEYLON, ~ 13_,.-L n~gri sêlan. CHAFF, (of grain),~ s~kam. CHAGIUN, j;l.ql lf..wy" süsah hâti. CHAIN,. -ij rantei. CHAm, A, 1.5"'-' f krüsi *. CHALK, ~~xi\)' kâpor bjanda. CHALLENGE, L,,J''M'j. Ü_Y.I /i.jok Mr-klli.hi. CHAMBER, 0i4.; bijek. CHAMELEON, M~:Li t~nggiling. CHANGE, A LucEY, ê,;:;l untong. CHANCE, To, >-;_,1 übah. ÜHANGE FOR ANOTHER OF THE SAME KIND; 8UCCE:ED, TO,. J1 ganti. CHANGE, w,(exchange),j }itükar. ONE'S DRESS, TO, if.l.w al\)' sli.lin kain. ÜHANGE ONE 7 8 HOUSE, TO,!5~ pindah. CHANGE,To,(move),~lâlih-kan. * Arabie "Km si".

60 CHA -18- CHI CHANNEL, (of a stream), ;,JI ihor. - (passagethro'), 0""-'_iitr~s.an. CHAPTER, j...a; faslt] (Ar,), _p. juz (Ar.). CHARACTER, (letter), Ùf"' haraf * (Ar.). CHARACTER, (reputation), ru nâma (Pe> s.). CHARCOAL, t) ârang. CHARGE, (eost), 3~ Mrga, ~"'-4 blanja. CHARITY, 0 ~ Mrma. CHARM, A, j.g:i tangkaj. CHART, (map), W p~ta. CHASE, To, _r.is k~jar, ~ ham bat. CHASM,.tl:;;- cmjah. CHAST ISE, TO (correct), j?'f âjar, m~ny-eksa. TO, (punish), ~~ CHA.TTER, (ta/king), t:~~ btsing. To, (as the teeth),.,j:j'j..s g~m~lâtak. CHEAP, ;,.. milrah. CHEAT, TO,.,.-;;ttpu, ~-4' kêehoh. CHEcK, To, (restrain), c;9>l..t m~nâhan. CHEEK, THE, ~ pipi. CHEERFUL, ~ <:!Jyw sftka chita, j;~ t!- s~nang hâti. CHEESE,~~l kêju (Port.). CnEQUERED, ;,:;L:;;.- ~l:i tâpak châtor. ÜHESS **, (the game), ;il:;;.- c;.!lo main châtor. CHESS-BOARD, Jil.:;;.- du pâpan châtor. CHEST, (box), & p~ti. - (breast), 1..>1..> dada. CHEW, TO, Ml.omâmah.._, (quid), >il- s~pah. CHICKEN, ~~ 0i,.il!ânak âyam. CHIEF, JW' k~pâla, Ms ar. r &. yang CHIEFLY, Y.:.M.wf ast~mfta. Cmw, Wül ânak. -, (first born), _,...!_,_.., Wül ânak sillong. CmLD, (last born),~ Wül ânak bongsu. CHILD, WITH, (pre_qnant), t-'c>...ii: ngandong, t!.,:jy. bun ting, J...l.:> hâmil (Ar.). CHIN,,S'f..> dâgu. * Plural "Huruf". h King, Râja; Queen, Man tri; Bishop, Gâjah; Knight, Kûda; Castle, Têr; Pawn, Bîdak; Check, Sah; Check mate, Mat.

61 CHI -19- OLE CHINA, ~ ~ Mnua china, tb l3p negri china. ÜHINTZ1 ~ (F!is' kain chlta. CHIP, A, J..'l.:i tiotal. CmsEL, """~ plthat. CHOKE, ro,.j.,k. cmkek. CHOLERa, J-'\,g> ~y peny-âkit, hâwar. CHoosE, To, &-W p!leh. CHoP, To, <::.Jf krltt, ~ tetak, Èf~ chinchang. CHI<IST, ~ ~ nabi Isa. ÜHRISTIAN1 c!,~ neserâni * (Ar.). ÜHURCH 1 ~~ grêja (Port.). CICALA,.., r&) rlang-rlang. 0IGAR1 <::.l!j?' cmrut (En,gl.), -:,J_,) rôko'. ** ÜINDERS, (glowing), ~~ bâra., (ashes),.>i\,g> hâbu. ÜINNAMON 1 ~L.,..,..,J_,...) kûjit mânis. ÜIRCLE1 CIRCULAR 1 ;.;;J..}i bûjat. ÜIRCUMCISE1 T01 ~T ber-sûnat, ~~ Mr-khatan (Ar.). ÜIRCUMFERENCE 1 ""'w. JIJit, ÜIRCUMSTANCE1 <..3} pri, Jl;. haj, ~ls'j perkara (Hind.). ÜITRON1Y.f _,...,J!!mau kerbau. CITY,)~ bandar (Pers.), <..3p negri (Hind.). CIVIL, (polite), dr sûpan, u-41 y. Mr-bhâsa. ÜLAIM1 T01 oy;.;..' tentut, CLAP, To, (the hand),...:;~ tepok. ÜLAPPER 1 A 1 (of a bell),~_,) \,)üi ânak locheng. t CLASP1 A, (of a girdle), &...u; pen ding. CusP, ro, (embrace), ü_,.l; peluk, W.Sl.> dâkap. ÜLAss, (kind), ~ jenis, 1"""'1... mâcham, W1 bangsa. CLAUsE, (article), ~!s'_,; perkâra (Hind.). Cuw, A, _y' _y' kuku. CLAY,~...;\.:; tânah!!at. ÜLEAN1 T01 L';''?)"?!" chûchi 1.~~ briseh or berseh. t CLEAR, (transparent),";,ip.-jerneh, ÊJ trang, CLEAR, (evident), ÊJ trang, <::.!4 nyâta. ÜLEAR, (voice), 6')4 nyâring. "' ln the Straits usually means Roman Catholic. *"" Properly a Malay cigarette. t Not Malay, but undet:stood.

62 OLE -20- coc ÜLEAR1 To, (a plantation),~ m~n-~bas. ÜLEA VE1 T0 1 1<.~ bjab. ÜLERK1 ~_,.:; ~;-=:" juru-tftlis, J,if krâni. ÜLEVER1 LS~ pandei, WY-'p cmrdek. ÜLIMATE1 ~..>~1 udâra. ÜLIMB1 T01 '-""~ panjat1 ~W naik. ÜLIP 1 T0 1 ~_,j' guntingkan. ÜLOAK1 (loose covering), dl::::> o~ kain sl!mut. ÜLOCK 1 ("?" jam (Pers.). Cwn,...;1:; J.O..)' gumpal tânah. CLOsE, ~~ râpat. -, T0 1 (shut),._;,:;_,:; tfttup. -, T01 (cover), ~..>_,...:; tftdong-kan. ÜLOTH1 dl{ kain. ÜLOTRES1 (j.!~ pâk!an. * CLoun, 0 1,1 âwan. ÜLOUDY1 (misty), oy!j::j.î klam kâbut, 0~->; rmup. ÜLOUT1 o~l:;,- dl{ kain cbâwat. ÜLOVE 1 (spice), ~ Li:y bftnga cbingkeh. ÜLUMSY1 ~ m~nggap, tjf ~ kftrang pantas. Co AL,_,:;~ t) ârang bâtu. ÜOARSE1 )~[{ kâsar. CoAsT, o~jl L~ t~pi laut,,_? pantei. CoAT,.9.~ bâju. Con, to, ~_,; pftjok. r"-/j\ è)-- si\rang Jâ ÜOBWEB1 bah-jâbab. CocK1 ~ f"'!l âyam jan tan. GAME1 tr.l~ ~1 âyam Pâhong. ÜOCK1 J UNGLE 1 c_:r;~l f"'!-1 âyam ft tan. CocK-c&ow, f"'!l ~_,..,:::, kuko' âyam. CocKs, TO FwnT, È"~ m~nyâbong. CocK, WEATHER-1 ~1 1~ tanda angin. CocKROACH1 ~ llpas. ÜOCO NUT1..jJll kjâpa, )~~ nyor. HUSK1 oyl~ sâ but. JUICE, OR TODDY, Ü~ ujis' tftak klâpa. Coco-NUT MILK, uji:::, y.l âyer klâpa. Pronounced as here spelt, but properly "Pai<l>.i-an".

63 coc -21- COM CoCO-NUT OIL, uj\s' 0i-,:,;A mlnyak klàpa. Coco-NrrT PULP,,JM- santan. SHELL, Ê.J~ t~mpurong. COFFEE, l,iî kàhua. COFFIN, [_,.J long. Co1L1 ro, p lengkar. CoiN, ro, (money), Ê-' l.4;.. m~n ~mpa wang. CoiNCIDE, TO, (in opinion), ""J,:; tllrut. CoLD, J~- s~juk. -, (of the weatheronly),~~ dingin. CoLic, ~ chlka. CoLLECT, To, Jr"-'-S kumpul, 0 ~ m~ng-himpun. CoLLECTioN, al# kumpul-an, c_f~ himpun-an. CoLoua, OJ-' w~rna (Sans.). CoLT, cf l~_,l,.ji..il ànak kllda jan tan. CoMB, ~ slsir, ~ sikat. CoMBINE, To, <.S"L:i~ m~ny-~rta-i, ~_!y. mua-f!tk!lt. CoME, To, <.?}A mâri, ~~~ dàtang,..?-+- sam pei, ~ tlba. CoME rrp, To, -.JYU naik. ~brang. COME A CRoss, To, Ê ft':7"' m~ny COME AND oo, TO, r~_,l;-1 Mr- 11lang-1llang. COMFORT, ifl;...s' ka-s~nang-an. CoMMAND, ro, ~),.- s1iroh., (of a Raja), ~ tltah. CoMMANDER, (military), ~ p~ngllma. COMET, )yy.~ ~ bintang Mrêkor. CoMMENCE, ro, LSs:"::»~ m~-mula-i. CoMMENCEMENT' j_,l àwal, o ~_,..î ka-mula-an. CoMMERCE, o lsl,ij p~r niàgaan. CoMMISERATB, To, ~~ sàiang-kan. CoMMISERATION, ~ kaalhan, &.L- sàiang. CoMMISSION, To, or A, ~ p~san. CoMMIT MURDER1 T01 &.ly. bünoh. A CRIME, TO, U"-'~~ Mr dôsa. CoMMODiorrs, ~~ lâpang. COMMON, i..y.~ dina, caw' kabânyak-kan, -..JY ~JI... m~lâchak yak, ~ mêwah.

64 COM -22- CON CovuoN PEOPLE, ~J rii.iat (Hind.). COMMOTION, j+f g~mpar. COMMUNICATE 7 T0 7 <.5 T _,L...:i bri, tau, dt;.:;;;.. m~ng-atâ-kan. CoMMUTE, To, / _,:; tûkar. CoMPANION, 0 _,ls" kâwan. CoMPARE, To, &.<.Ài../l>anding. CoMPAss, (Mariners'), cr-'~ padûman. CoMPAss, PoiNTS of, cr-'~ ol.o mâta padüman. CoMPASSES, (dividers), ~ jangka. CoMPASSION, ~ kaslh-an. CoMPEL, TO, Lo;-"'lr m~ng-râsi. CoMPETE, ro, 0 _,~ lâwan. COMPLAIN, To, _,_,L;;... m~ng-âdu, CoMPLETE,._;,;S' g~nap, ~ Mngkap. COMPLEXION, ~_,_.. _;-,!f âyer müka. COMPLIMEIITS 7 <:ft_,i<s ka-pfijian. CoMPLY, To, ""J_,..:; türut, J~ kami (Ar.). ()ompose7 TO, (compile), Ê.Jl$" kitrang. DoMPREHEND, To, L,;; ~ m~ng ~rti. Co>rPUTB, To, t~;-! Mr-hêtong. CoNCEAL, To, ~y.-- s~mb(lnyi-kan. CoNCEITEn, ~1{ kâchak. CoNCLUDE, To, (finish), ~_,.; pütus-kan, ~Lg> hâbis-kan. CoNCUBINE, V4cMl gundek. CoNDE>rN, To, (sentence),~ m~ng-hukum-kan. CoNDESCENDING, (affable), "Jr--" s~ mlîrah httti.. CoNDITION, (state), Jls::j pri hal. CoNl>UCT, (behaviour), olf'":js kalâku-an, W fiial (Ar.). CoNFECTIONs, ~L. manis-an. CoNFERENCE, o)~ m~shwârat (A.), ~l;;.=-1 bichâra (Hind.). CoNFEss, To, _,sl~ m~ng-âku. CANFIDENCE7 O~/ ka-p~rchaya-an, CoNFINE, To, (put in restraint), ~_,...!; pâsong-kan. CoNF mm, To, d _,:;.;:, t~ntu-kan, ~tmap-kan. CoNFRONT, ro, cf'\(~ sa'mükakan. CoNFUSE, To, ~_,:;... m~ng-ôsot, d RI{ kâchau-kan. CoNGEALED, ~ bliku.

65 CON -23- COR CoNJURE,To,(usewitchcraft),~f. Mr-hantu. CoNNECT, To, (add to), ~~ meng-ô.bong. CONQUER, TO, ~~ âjab-kan. l TO, (win),~ menang. CoNSCious, JJ..- sedar. CoNSENT, To, J~ kami (Ar.), _,{L;... meng.âku. OoNsiDER, TO, (weigh), F tirobang. CONSIDER, TOl (heed), ~~ inga\. CONSPICUOUB, o4 nyâta. CoNSPIRE, TO, ~ pltk!tt. CoNSTANTINOPLE, ~t istambul. CoNSTANTLY, Lr~ santiâsa. CONSU~T, TO, o;!~a mesbwârat (Ar.). CoNSULT, T01 (ask advice), t:...o '-""~ minta naslhat. CoNSOMPTION, (the disease), _;.:;y &.f bâto' kring. CoNTAGIOns, ~f. Mr-jangkit. CONTAJN 1 T0 1 (hold), o!_,... mô.a\.. CoNTENT, U"!,; puas. CoNTINUE, (and then? *) (Jè.v-.l kemdian L-'/:» lâgi. CONTRACT, A1 ~:J:,:?"k?-j per-janji-an. CoNTRAcT, TO work BY, [.p Ê.~JY kerja bôrong. CoNTitADICT, To, ~ bantah. CoNVERTEn, (from Islam), wr murtad (Ar ) CONVERTED, (from bad habits) l =-!~ taubat. 0oNVEY, To, _?1 antar, 1,~ bawa. CONVICT, A1 0 1,~ benduan **,.JI... Ê.J,I ôrang sâlah. CooK, To, """"'L. mâsak. -, A, """"'L. tf _,1 tô.kang mâsak. COOKING-PLACE, )_,;10 dâpor. COPPER, 'J':" d4+j tembâga mêrah. CoPY, TO, (transcribe).{;j)i... sâlin. - T01 (imitate), <::.>;~ tô.rut. CoRAL, Ê.} Uy. Mnga kârang. CORAL REEF, t){ kârang. Coao, JI; tâli. ~ Continue, in the ~ense of go on, wh at next 1 is 1'endered by Kemdian 1 Lâgi 7 or Li~pas itu 1 - but if it is wished to say "he continued walking", or 11Wntinued working", &c., the rendering is "Dia jâlan pula",._dia kerja pula" or "Dia kerja lâgi". **" A Hindustani ward, not understood in the Malay States.

66 COR -24- CRE ConK, (stopper), ~~ p~nyumbat. ConN, r-'c\.3 gandum (Pers.), Jfy} trtgu (Port.). ConN, (maize), [}~ jâgong. CoRNER, (outward),~ siku. -, (inward), -'J~ p~njuru. CORPSE, ~ maiat (A>' ) ~ ~ bangkei. CoRRECT, (accurate), Ji'! Mtul. CosT,.:5~ Mrga. - 1 PRIME,~_,; pôko'. CosTLY, J.to m~hal. CoTTON, ~1>' kâpas. -, (thread), f<.i..i Mnang. CouGn, -:,:. ~ bâto'.~ COUNCIL ÛHAMBER1 ~Lf,'-/ "-"-'J rll.mah bichâra. CouNSEL, TO, (advise), ~ LSj. bri nasthat. CouNT, To, &. btlang. CoUNTERFEIT1 (false), t':l'f...<) ]anchong. CouNTRY, ~ Mnua, LSp n~gri (Hind.). CouPLE, A, ~l.ô.. sa'pâsang. CouaT, (hall of state), t-'ft~ bâlei rong, ~ m~j~lis. COURTYARD1 ()1~ hajâman, COURTEOUS 1 1!:.1_,...;-J W ]~mah Mmbut, OÔ-'""' sllpan. COURTESAN1 ~~ jâjang, j~_,..., sun da!. CousiN, FrnsT,_,;~ sa'pupu., SECOND, _,...;_,...; t,j dll.apupu. CoYER, To, ~..,_,:, tll.dong-kan., A, if_,-'_,:; tll.dong-an., A, (for victuals ), tf.,'?'l.. sâj i-an,ls'?'l.. t _,..,_,:;til. dong sâji. - (for a boat) &1>' kiîjang. CovERLET, A1 ""~ \.)'!!>' kain sltmut. Cow, A,~~ l~mbu Mtlna. CowARD, ~!:.~_,{W p~n-âkut. CoxCOMB, ~L-'-'~ bâwa sâjak. CRAB1 A1 ~ k~tam, [..''.~OÎ k~ptting. CRACK1 w;:i) r~tak. CRACKERS, (fire-works), o,..._:;;-.)" m~rchun, ~ p~tas. CRADLE1 (.;.!~ buâi-an, LS_,.NI ~ndôï. CRAMP,_,{i>' kâku. CRANE,(machine), 0~~ putâr-an. CRANE, (the bird), o.n_,i b~ bil.rong undan. CnAwL, To, ~;A m~-rangkak. CBEAM1_,...,_,..., ~ k~pâ]a SUSU,

67 CRE -25- eus 0REASE, A, ~ ~ b~kas JI. pat. CREASED, <::.>_,c\5' kmut. CBEATE, TO, 0 X,pl:,.. jâdi-kan. CREDITS, (opposed to debt. ), t?~ pi-o.tang. CREEK, _., y.l 0ül â.nak âyer. CREEP, TO, 0Y.) raiap. 0RESCENT, cf>/ if# J~ngkong an bo.lan. CRE VICE, ~ cmjah. CaEw, (of a boat),~~ 0ül ânak prao. CRIME, LI"-'-' dôsa,..sl- sâlah. CROAKING OF FROos, ww'b' )!,- suâra kâtak. CROCODILE, A, ls~ buâia. CROOKED, ~ bengkok. CRoss, (crux),~ sallb (Ar.). -, To, (pass ovm ), Ê_pi:.A m~ny-~brang. CRoss-LEooxo, J4..;~ Mr-sila. 0Row, TO, sy'~ ko.ko'. -, A, (cornix), w;5\j gâgak. Cnowo, A, c;rl# kumpul-an. CROWDED, -._A.-..;j p~noh s~sak. CRowN, 0~ mahkôta (Sans.), 01:; tâj (Pers.). CRUCIFY, TO, ~ sallb-kan. CRUEL, ~ bingis. CRusu, TO, 0% tumbuk. 0RUTCHEs, ~ ~_ij tongkat katlak. CRY, To, (scream), ~; trlak. To, (weep), ~1.;... m~n-angis. CRY, TO, (shout), 0),... sôrak,ê,so':»!aung. CnBIT, _., 1.:.:-g> hasta. CucnMBER, O), :.,. : m~ntlmun. CuLTIVATE, TO, o~;i b~r-kabun. CnNI!INo, ~-'fr cmrdek, J-.li.c;i Mr-âkal. CuP, ~ mangko' 0_,~ châwan, ~ changkir. CuRE, TO, (heal), ~ s~mboh. CuRIOUs, (stran,qe), o'r.> hêran. CnRRENT, (ofu ater), LI"-') ârus. CURRY, (eatenwith ice),-.:;_,":hauk, à,? gule. OuRSE, TO, yfo m~ng-o.tu'. 0URTAIN, p~'ü tabir- CusHION, J.M.? hanta!. CusuRD APPLE, c.# <..Sy"'!,-..; Mah sri-kâya. CusTOM, o->lc âdat, r--'"j r~sam. CusTOM-HousE, t.f.b-..._._,) ro. mah chukei.

68 eus DAT CusTOMs, (tax), ~_,:;;- chukei, ~1.:> basil (Ar.). ÜUT1 T01 ~:,; pôtong. - To,(hack),t-fJ..;;-chinchang, w;.:.;:, tetak. ÜUT DOWN1 T0 1 ~ tebas. ÜUT IN TW01 T01 /1,4 bjah. - OFF, TO, of krlit, ÜYPHER 1 ~ s!far *, ~p kôsong. D DAGGER, U""J./ kris. -, (long), ~ <..r."/ kris panjang. DAGGER1 (ve>'y short), f..>j\ ~_,:; tumbuk Iâda. DAGGEa,( anothe., different), 04..>~ bâdik. DAILY1 Ït_s:;'--t--w sa'hâri hâri, ~)~ r~ tlap-tlap hâri.. DAM, TO, ~1 itmpang, ~ sekat. DAM, A, E-'1 itmpang. DAMAGE, (loss), I:J;.j~~ ka-rfigian, olf"'-1 benchâna. DAMAGE, To, Wi-~) rôsak. DAMASCENED1 (as ste.z), Jr'WTber-pâmor. DAMNEn, THE, <ill} l.s"""y.i!si nerâka. DuP, ~ lembap. DANCE, L5} tiiri, L5JI.;,o men.âri. DANC!l!G <HRL, =4 y.,_:;"'~"' bfidak joget, 01,~ blduan. DANDLE, F. tlmang. DANGER, ~ bâhia. DANGLING, (hanging down,.._<m=:-j. Mr-juntei. DAaE, TO, (provoke),,_:;~1 âjok. DARJNG,._i,~ brâni, ~J4; pahlâwan. DARK1 ~ glltp. DARKNEss, oy,~ klitm-kâbut. DARLING, ~L(_î ka.kâsih,.g~~ yang di brâhi. DAaN, To, """"'~;'?' jerfimat. DAsa, T01 (throw down), ~ Mm pas. DASH TO PIECES1 T0 1 Jr.f'~ hanchor. DA1'E, cf>/ l5j~ hâri Mlan. Adoptcd f1 om the English, understood in the Straits Settlements.

69 DAT -27- DEE DATE, (fruit),!..y> khorma (Ar.). DAon, To, (smear), J"_,J lûmor. DAUGHTER, o~_.ô WiJI ânak prempûan. DAUGHTER JN LAW, j _y.;.;.,. menantu prempûan. DAUGHTER, BTEP, LS~ WLJI oi'-"j ânak tiri prempuan. DA vm,,..>~>1..> daud. DAwN, l.sj~ ~_, dini-hâri. Du, l.sj~ hâri. - Mw-, LSJ~ ;Ji.:; Wngah hâri, ~)rem bang. DAY, THE LAST, """""'~ <.5)~ bâri kiâmat. DAY AFTER TO MORROW, l..._,.llûsa. * DAYLIGHT, l.sj~ ~slang hâri. DAzzLING, ~ ~ gllang gemllang. Dun, J;l.. mâti, ~ hllang. -, (of Rajas),~.. mangkat. DEADLY, ~ bisa. DEAF, ~ pekak. DuL, To, (traffic),jl,,;;!ber-niâga. -,.., (m!<ch), 0i.,J4 bânyak. DEA&, (expertsive), J+. mehal., (beloved), él,~ padûka. DEARTH, Ê.JY kûrang. DEATH, ~L.î ka-mâti-an., BY UIP A LING, ~...}-W sula. DEBATE, To, (discuss), d~l..f~ mem-bichâra-kan. DEBILITATED, c:~!,> Ê.JY kùrang ku at. DEBT, t:j,i ûtang. DEnTon,t:Jy;! &yang ber-ûtang. DECEIVE, TO, #." tlpu. DECIDE, TO, cf-.j_,.; pûtus-kan, ~ selesei-kan. DECK, (of a ship), ~_, dek, ** ~tingkat. DECLARE, TO, ~ m~anyatâ.. kan. DECORA TE, TO, L.:;M'~ hiâsi. DEcREE, ~ tltah. DEDUCT, TO, Ê_y_,.; pôtong, c:!..'/~ châbut. DEEn, (action), d!,.ij per-matan. DEEP, r-!1-> dâlam. -, (in colour), 1,:; tûa. DEER, MousE, ü,c.w; plandok., Hoa-,.54 L..,J rûsa bâbi., ROE, b"..,î kljang., BAMnun, L..,J rûsa. * See uto-morrow". Adopted by au sea-faring ~lalays.

70 DEF -28- DET DEF.U!E 1 TO, ~1..> ~ 1!:.>!,-i Mat fit~nah di-âtas. DEFEAT, TO, o-<tjl;;.. m~ng-âlahkan. DEFEND, To, c?lm m~n-àhan. DEFICIENT, Ê.;,s' k{lrang. DEFILE, TO, (make dù ty), dr"?' ch~mar-kan. DEFLOWER, TO, j3_,) rügu!. DEFORMED, (in hand or foot),~~ châpik. DEGRADE, To, cf~ m~nghlna-kan. DEGREE, ~ pangkat. DELAY, TO, ~ lambat-kan. DELICIOUS1.1~ W~ smap skâli. DELIGHT, o''k-5' ka-süka-an. DELIGHTED, ~ Il_,... süka chita, J;~;.? g~mar hâti. DELIRions, ~ glla. DELl VER, TO, ( elease),._,-..j!~pas., To, (hand over), r:p; s~rah-kan. DELUUE, THE, ~ bah. DEHAim, To, s.l:ü...o min ta., A, cll...:.:..l... j p~r-minta-an. DEMOLIBH, To, ~) runtoh. DEMON,~ han tu, t:f:> jin (Ar.). DENY, ~ munkir. DEPART, To, t..lj p~rgi. 1 HOME, T0 1 & p{l!ang. DEPEND DPON 1 T0 1 ~ ty;j;i Mr-gantong ka-pâda. DEPOsE, TO, <:R.S p~chat-kan, t)i Mang. DEPTH, ~b dàlam. DESCEND, o;i" t{lrun. DESCEYDANTS 1 y-;f"'?r._ji_il ânak chu chu. DESCENT1 OF HIGH1 0 i,l-.j,.--i bangsâwan. DEsERT, A, ~L:.:.ili È.-'1; pâdang Mlantâra. DEsERT, TO, ~ tinggalkan. DESIRE, T0 1 W~ handak., To, (long for),_,wj rindu, rw-> Mndam. DEsiREs, (passions), _,.-il!,9> hawa naf u (Ar.). DESPAIR1 Lrl Lr_,:;_,; p{ltns-âsa. DESTINY, ~ naslb (Ar.). DESTITUTE, ~ bangsat. DESTROY 1 TO, cre-u, binâsa-kan 1 cfii-_,; rôsak-kan. DETACH, To, ~1 âsing-kan. DETAIN, TO, o+'-" m~n-âhan. DETEST, To, <Sf~ Mnchi.

71 DEV -29- DIS DEVICE, (contridance), Jl...:> hal, c;ll:,- jâlan. DEVIL, THE, ~~ tbjis. -, A, 0 ~ shaitân (A.1.), p hantu, o;fr jin. DEvoua, TO, ~ mâkan. DEw, o,-;--'1 iimbun. DIALECT, u-~ bhâsa. DIAMOND, ifl intan. DIARRHŒA, ;/ rê_)! bûang-bûang âyer. DwE, <.J"'"è;'ci!, bûah pâris,~.>!.> dadu (Port.). DICTA.TION, TO READ OUT, ~Lf.'..j; rinchâna-kan. DJCTIONARY, ~ lohrat (A.r.), u-.y'~ kâm us. DIE. TO, j;l., mâti, t}# hllang. -, To, (of Râjas), ~" mangkat. DIFFER, To, ~ j. Mr-s~1isih. DIFFERENCE, ~~ betj!a (Ar.). DIFFERENT, B~r-bâgai-bâgai. B~rj~nis-j~nis. DIFFICULT,,_Y" sftsah, 'Y.~ pâyah. DIG, TO, ~11 gali. DIGNITY, o<l.;,l..s ka-mi1lia-an, OJL-;S ka-msar-an. DILIGENCE, i;p.~ râjin. Dm, JJ!~ kâbor. DIMENSIONs, oij~i ukur-an. DINE, To, cfl. mâkan. -, (of Râjas),._;,:,:;_ santap. DIP, To, (dye), Wfo cmlup. DIRECT, To, (point out), 0_r.>w tunjuk. DIRECT, (straight), (..)N~~ trfts, L!'"~J_,J lftrus. DIRT, j_,i' k6tor. -, (loose),..._, sampah. DIRTY, ~ cmmar, ;Y' k6tor. DISAGREE, ~j. b~r-s~lisih. DISAGREEABLE1._;I.À.w W~:i tiâda sm a p. DisAPPEAR, ~ hilang, ~ llnyap. DISAPPaovE, ~ ;-1 ->W tiâda Mr-k~nan, L) _,- ->W tiâda sûka. DisCHARGE, To, (a person), ~.!~pas-kan, r:p.:fji p~chat-kan. DISCHARGE, TO, (a gun), t-j.; pâsang. DIBCHARGE, TO, (a cargo),..;(;;_,; punggah. DISCIPLE, <.À,>)"._ii.il ânak miirid. DISCLOSE A SECRET, TO, ~) ~>/ bùka rahsla. DISCOVER A SECRET, TO, ~~~.) ~) dâpat rahsta.

72 DIS -30- DOE DISCREET, ~"!:/ bijak. Discuss, TO, 1 ~Lf'-1 bichâra DISCUSSION, A, \ (Hind.). DISEASE, =-~Y p~ny-âkit. DISEASED, ~l... sâkit. DISEMBARK, TO, j-;\l <.Üf> OJ,.:; tfirun dêri-pâda kâpal. DISENGAGE, TO, ~ m~-~~pas-kan. DISGR.I.CED, _,JL.o mâlu. DISGUISE, A, rl... sâmur. DISGUSTING, vw4' n~jis (Ar.).. D1sii, ~ pinggan, ol...e--1 ashân. * Disn, (of metal), r-!l:i tâlam. -. (of wood), ~_,..l dû lang. DISLIKE, To, if y...lw tiâda b~rk~nan. DISMISs, ro, ~~ p~chat-kan, d):}s klûar-kan. DISMOUNT, TO, O>,:; tfirun. DISOBEY, TO, p1 inkar, 0 _,JL. m~-lâwan. DISPUTE, To, ~Y. Mr-bantah. DISTANCE, 1 b. h DISTANT, ~!1,. JRU DISTINCT, (audible), &:)4nyâring., (visible), o4 nyâta. DISTINGUISH, TO, ('recognise), J..;l k~nal. DISTINGUISB, TO, (descry), ~ nampak. DISTRESS,._Y" SÛsah. DIBTRIBUTE, To, c;4?4-? bhâgikan. DrsTRICT, A, ~.cf..) diiirah. ** DISTRUST, t5ïu> M shitk bâti, l3~j Ê.Jf kûrang p~rchaya. DISTURBANCE1 A, c?.!..li3 ~ p~rgâdoh-an. DITCB, ~)~ pârit. DivE, ~ m~ny-~lam. DIVIDE1 T0 1 ~4-? <::.>~ bftat bhâgi-an. DIV IDE, To, (eut in two ),.,4 blah. t DIVISION, A, ~4-? bhâgi-an, of- sa'krat, 0~ habuan. DIVORCE,._;;Jl.b t~jâk (A1.), l3 jir emre!. DIZZY. ~ p~ning. Do, TO, o!,./ bûat. Do NoT, ifl?- jângan. DociLE, (tame), ~ jlnak. DocTOR, A, os_,..l dftkun, Y'Y. born o. DoE, A, tffl L..._,) rfisa Mtlna. s and h pronounced separately. -JI. t Sound the h. u See "Province".

73 DOG DRU DoG, A, ~1 anjing. DoLLAR,~) ringgit. DoNE, cl-w sudah, ~~ '~ sudah hàbis. DooR, A,? pintu. DoUBLE,.J,I>' 1,-> dô.a kâli. DouBT, ~ smk. DouBTFUL, ~ ~ tidak t~ntu. DovE, A, Ç p t~kô.kor. DowN, (below),,,~_, di-bâwah. -, to Go UP AND, O):? ~b naik t1irun. DowN, TO Go, O)':; tô.run. DozE, TO, ~A m~nganto'. DozEN, A, lj;,.w}lôsen * (Engl.). DRAG, TO, 0Y}i târek. A BOAT1 T01 bj'.w SÔrong. DRAGON, A, <lb nâga (Sans.). DRAGON;FLY, r'j~ tl~ bilâlang jârum. DRAIN, A, '-""'} pârit. DRAKE, A1 ~ ~~ itek jantao. DRAUGHT-BOARD, J:il:?r dl; pâ pan chàtor. DRAUGHTS1 (gameof),j:f''l:;;,. châtor, r-' dl!m. DRAUGHTS, TO PLAY AT J:?L:;;,.cr.!L. main châtor. DRAW1 T0 1 (pull), 0',:)' târek. -, TO, (delineate), ~_,:; tulis. OUT, T01 Oy!L:;;,. châbut, DRAWER 1 A 1 <.?-~ Jachi (Eng.). DRA wn, (neither winning), l3;"' sri. DaAWN1 (of a weapon), ""-"L:;;,.fi t~r-châbut. DREAM, L.~ mimpi. DR!ji'S OF CO>'FEE, ~ L.~~ tai _,'kâhtia. DaEss, To, cr-!1{ L..,)l; pâkai kain. DRIFT, TO, ""-":!~ hânyut. DRILL, (of soldiers), ~)~ bâris, c4!,> kawâid (Hind.). DRINK, TO, ~ mlnum. DRIVE, TO,_,.l~ halau. DaoF, A, ~ titek. DRoP, TO, (fau), lü~ jâtoh. - 1 TO LET,.!l,j'i..::-- ~~ bâgi jâtoh. DaowN, TO,(.<ink),~t~ngglam. DauG, TO, f _,; pukau. DauM, (Malayan), ~~ g~ndang ** O~) r~bâna (Port.). DRUNK,._;y.l.. mâbok. Not Malay, adopted and unùerstood in the Settlements. "'* See Note to utambourine".

74 DRY -32- EAT DaY, f:j.j kring. -, TO, ~1 angin-kan. -, (in the sun), clj~ jémorkan. -, (above the fire), ~L- salaikan. DaY LAND, o}> dârat. - SEASON, u-ilô ~>A musim pânas. DucK, A,.Ji.;Y.I ttek. DuE, (owing), ~_,1 ô.tang. DuMs,~ bisu. DUNCE, Ê_~ bingong. DuNo, $~ tahi. DDRING, L...Lw sa'lâma. DusK, LI"Y.I{ kâbus. DusT, ~[; hâboh, y.<> débu DuTCH, IJ..i..4 blanda. DuTY, (impost),,5'>=?- chukei. -, (ought), ~!; pâtut. DYE, u.k cbélup,_,.ji.. malan. DYSENTERY, "Jf..> _f.f ê_l,_; bô.ang âyer dârah. E EacH, r&.-l.o mâsing mâsing. EAGLE, cl,f_, <;) râja-wâli. EAa, L~ télinga. EAa-atNG, Y.lj krâbu, ÊJ~ sô. bang. EAR-atNo,(hanging), r~laniinganting. EARLY,(inthed:<y),rc)'i;pâgi-pâgi. EARNEST MONEY, r~ cbéng kr am. EARNEST, IN, r~ sungguhsungguh. EARNINOS, ifl~ pén-dâpat.an. EARTH,...;~ tânah., 'I'HE,~,~bllmi,~Jdünia. EARTHEN POT, (for COOking), ê_j4 blânga. EARTH()UAKE,,_;~ l ' gémpa tânah. EASE, ifi.m.s' ka-sénang-an. EASILY, r..,_,_.. mô.dah-mô.dah, ~ sénang. EAsT,),._;; timor. EAT, To, dl.. mâkan. * See "South", page XXIX.

75 EAT -33- EMP Eu, ro, (of Rdjas),._s.:.w.. santap. EBB, ""-'J"" surut. EBONY, ê) y,_\s kâyu ârang. Ecao, ~y-1 u-j~ hâlas bunyi, il) r~ka. EcLIPSE, o~l g~rhâna. * EcoNOMICAL, ~ hêmat. EDDY, _r!l o)l..._,; pusâr-an âyer. EDUCATE, TO, (instruct), J""?'L,.L m~ng-âjar. EEL, o~ blut. EFFACE, TO, ~m~og-ilangkan, EFFEC'r, ro, o~ bdat. EFFORT, TO MAXE AN, Yfr chdba. Eaa, J~ t~lor. - SHELL, ).;:; ~_,.( kft!lt t~- Jor. EGG PLANT, (brinjal), Ê-'J trong. EGYPT, ;=' m~sir (Ar.). EIGHT, <:}'1!..:> dilâpan. EITHER, _,:>1 a tau, o!,-.ji... sâ- Jah suâtu. ELAPSED, _,.o...j lampau. ELBOW,~ siku. ELDER,!ii ~ Mbih tll.a. BROTHER, &1 âbang, SISTER, ~ kâkak. ELacr, ro, ~ pileh. ELEPHANT, AN, "'?"li gâjah. ELEPHANTUBIB, oy:.ï_,l untut. ELEVEN, u-4- sa'b]as. ELOQUENT,._.,l.:;:?-;1 '-.v.;.; pandei Mr-châkap. ELBE, ANYTHING, r._;l (;.!'], lain âp âpa. ELsE, oa,_,:;l atau. EMACIATED, LI"Jf kll.rus. EMBARK, ro, (in a boat), ~L...; ~lj naik prau. EMBABK, ro, (in a ship), ~"-.!l...; j.>ij' naik ki'tpal. EMBE&s, )~ bara. EMBLEM, AN, I.N.:i tanda. EMBRACE, ro, ü_,.l; p~luk. EMB&OIDE&, t.r.>- suji, r!>-"" sll.lam. EMERALD, é>-';oj z~mrlîd (Ar,). EMEriC, M.iy ~,_,1 dbat muntah. EMIGRATE, TO,.~ pindah, EMISSA&Y, if;,... sll.roh-an. EMPE&oa, (o Empress), ~) 4-o mahâ-râja. EMPLoY, ro, ~_,..;;... m~ng dpah-kan. " Uindustani. A Malay says uni mâkan rauh".

76 EMP :.. ENV EMPLOYlllENT, o'l.:;> ;-D p~-k~rja-an. ElllPOWER, TO, Lr),-l. <.S;--1 bri kuâsa. ElllPTY, t::--_,5" kôsong. ENCHANTED1 (bewitched), a-ll-o..> Ê.~_,.; di mâkan pôlon_g. ENCLOSED (fenced in) ~~ j. Mrpâgar. ENCOURAGE, T01 ~!J i.s;-i bri Mti. END, (extreme point), &,1 üjong. - (finis),~ t~mrrt. - (conclusion), o9'1""--îka-sudah-an, y>l âkhir (Ar.). END OF THE WORLD1 Mi.,-,> <.S)\.$> hâri kiâmat (the last day). ENDEAVOUR1 T01._,.,-"'?' chfiba. ENDURE, T01 <:fti tâhan, bjq;; ji t~r-tanggong. ENElllY, "-wr milsoh,_,f- stru. ENGAGE, To, (promise to perform), <.ft~j.mr-janji,y'~mengâku. ENGINE1 1~ j~ntra (Hind.) 1 o_,w p~sâwat. ENGLAND, ~Pl <.S~ n~gri Inggris. ENGRAVE 1 T0 1 r.f_,i fikir. ENJOY 1 T0 1 (like),l>>wsüka(hind.). ENJOYABLE, Wü_,;"" s~rônok. ENOUGH1._s,S' ~ chfikup, ~sudah. ENQUIRE, T01 ~,>~ M.nya. ENRAPTURED 1 ~L_, âshek (Ar.). ENSIGN1 (flag), ly.~ bandêra. * ENTANGLED1 ~_,{ kôsot. ENTER, TO,...:;_,..Lo mâsok. ENTERTAIN, To, (at a feast),_,..~ m~n-jâmu. ENTERTAINMENT1 o4} p~r-jâmu an. ENTICE, To, Wi::>Y.+" m~m-mjok. ENTIRELY1.;)~ bjâka, ~ gijnap. ENTRAILS1 ""-' j.),1,;,' tâji prut. ENTREAT 1 T0 1 ~if.:> <l:.:;... m!nta d~ngan sa'sungguh-nya. ENUMERATE1 TO, ~ b!lang, Ê.~ hêtong. ENU111ERATE1 TO (as in a census), ~~banchi. ENVELOPE1 (of letter), <::.>;_,- b} sârong sürat. ENVOY1 a-,:>:,1 utns-an. * Portuguese, adopted and weil understood. See "Flag".

77 ENV -35- EXC ENvY,.ft~ d~ngki. EPIDE>nc, (lit. spread), o)l... m~-lârat. * EQUAL, rl... sàma. EQUIP1 TO, ~ ]~ngkap. EaAsE, To, ~~ bo.ang-kan. ERUPTION, (in the skin), ~~ ka-tumbuh-an. EscAPE, To, <._!;J~ lâri. EsPECIALLY, ~1 ast~mo.a. EsTA TE (property), <::.>.f h~rta. (inherited), I:!IW p~sâka. ETERNAL1 ~ k~ka]. ETHIOPIAN, ~ habshi. EUNUCH1 ~:_y:;_,; puntong. EUROPE, w_, y.l Erôpa.. EvEN, (in number),.j.;s g~nap. EvENING, ~ pmang. EvENT, (matter),}j p~rkâra. EVER,.;;j p~rnah. -, FoR, j.j(s,_j'- sampei k~kal. EVERY, r~l.o màsing-mâsing, r~- t'lap-t'lap. EviDENCE, ~~ ka-trâng-an, 1fbt.î ka-nyâta-an, EviDENT, o4 nyâta. EVIL, d'~ ka-jlthat-an. EwE, ~ r<._!;p. biri-biri M tlna. EXAcT, (acc~erale), J~ Mtul. ExALT, To, d ~ m~m-besarkan. EXAMINE, To, Wj preksa. EXAMPLE, (model), o->:i...j t~jâdan. EXA>IPLE, (sample), ~ chonto. ExcEED, TO,,_,iJ lam pau. EXCELLENCY1 His, ~l:il_? &. ()~ to.an yang t~r-utâma. ExcELLENT, ~ WY.~ baik skâli, rl:il_? t~r-utâma.. ExcEPT, ""Wl> hânya, ~ m~-lain-kan. ExcEPT, To, ~! âsing kan. ExcESSIVE, _,l~fi t~r-lâlu, _,4); t~r-lampau. Ex CHANGE, To, j y tàkar, Lp gan ti. ExcHANGE MONEY, TO, u,j_,i urup, jy tukar. ExciTE, To, cf>_,::-1 âjok-kan. ExcL.UM, To, ~_,.J:-4 m~ng O.chap. * Arabie. "Last year there was an epidemie amongst the buffaloes in Pêrak." HTaun sudah âda p6nyâkit kerbau melârat di Pêrak". Ta spread sim ply, as a sore, "Meroiak".

78 EXC -36- FAO ExcusE, TO, (pm don), ~~ miiaf-kan. ExECUTE, TO, (perform ), <.::>~Mat. ExaAUSTED, ~ Mieh. ExiLE, TO, 1.3p l3f' [~ Mang dêri n~gri. ExiST, TO, -'1 Ma. ExP AND, TO, ~ k~mbang. EXPECT, TO, L-~ m~.. nanti, ~~-- dl 0;'.9 hârap il.kan dâtang. ExPEL, To,_,Jl; halau, ê.~ Mang. ExPEND. To, ~,;! Mr-blanja. ExrENSE, ~ blanja. EXPERIENCED, U"lti biâsa. ExPERT,.._~ pandei. ExPLAIN, TO, cf:if trang-kan. ExPORTs, ;!,.l' ~J~ Mrang yang klilar. ExPosE TO THE sun, TO, J~ j~mor. * ExPREss, TO, (squeeze out), _,...; prah. ** F ExTEND, To, (of speeoh or writing), ~~ Janjut-kan. ExTERMINATE, TO, ~~ m~ng-hâbis-kan. ** ExTINGUisH, TO, ~ pâdam. EXTRAORDINARY, 01~ hairiôn (Ar.), F-J t~r-cmngang. ExTRAVAGANT, V'>;)"/ bôros. EXTREMELY, ~l... sângat, _,.]~;; t~r-!uu. EYE, ol.o mâta. -, BLINKING OF THE ~)_;j d. t~r-klip mâta. -, PuPIL OF THE ol...o -..ii-il il.nak mâta. EYE BALL, d.o u:-?~ bjji mâta. EYE-BRow, f:7s k~ning. En:-GLAss,ol.otf.,AfrCMrminmil.ta. EYE-LASHES, ol.o _,J_, bulu mâta. EYE-LID (upper) ol...o -...)i.;_,...l..) klôpak mil.ta. EYE-LID (lower), ol.o j:*i blbir mil. ta. F.tBLE, ~fr cherlta. FAcE, A,~.,.. milka. 1 FACE, TO BRING FACE TO, cf\"_,-. s'milka-kan. * See ' 1 Dry". ** Sound the_ h.

79 FAC -37- FAS FACTORY, è_,..jj' gmong. FADE, TO (as leaves),_y,.':jj!ayn. -, ro (of colou s), "~-'~ b~rll.bah. FAIL, TO (in business), ~4- jâtoh. -, WITHOUT1._;;~.Jy,.,)l,.,:i tiâda Mlih tldak. FAINT, TO (swoon), ~ pengsan. FAIR (handsome), <S"'~ p~rmi (Pers.), w_,.y.i êlok. FAIR WEATHER1 ~~ t:;~ ehuâeha baik. FAIRY,!_,!<.) dêwa (Sans.),...sj p~ri. FAITH(religious), 0 L..,Iiman(Ar.). FAITHFUL, ~~ harâp-an, o l.,;.;:,'jî ka-p~rebaya-an. F ALL1 T01 *..:il.:;,.- jâtoh. -, TO, WITH A CRASH ~.) runtoh, "i; r~bah. -, T01 IN DROPS ~ j. Mrtîtek. -, TO (as leaves), ";_,l lll.roh. F ALsE, """"".,) dos ta, t~ bbhong. - (of coin), [Jf.-'.l lanchong. F ALSEHOoD, A, ~~ Mhong. FAME (report), p> khabltr (Ar.), "";-' w~rta. FAME (reputation), ~ nâma (Fers.). FAMILIAR(accustomed),Lr~ biâsa. FAMILIAR (intimate), r~;-1 Mr-handei-handei. F AMILY, (relations ),r_,:;kaum(a r.), ~Jys' k~lurga (Hind.),...;!,.; pua k. FAHILY (hwsehold),.._._,) ~;f!si rll.mah. FAMINE, olf:]$' ka-lâpar-an. FAMous, J~ m~shhur (Ar.). FAN, A,~ klpas. -, To, ~ klpas-kan. FAR,.,4- jauh. (Hind.) FAR As, As,&.- sa'hengga. FARE (passage money), F tarnbang. FAREWELL (said to a persongoing), oll::- ~~ salâmat jâlan. FAREWELL (sa id to a persan remaining), ~:; ~~ salitmat tinggal. FARM, A, Q,~ k~bun. - (rented privilege), ~1.; pâjak. FABHION (mode), )l.:;:. ehil.ra, o<.)b âdat. ~ See note to utumble".

80 FAS -38- FER FASHION1 (form), u_,) rfipa. FAsT, (quick), ~!~kas,~ chepat, LI")'.) draa. FAsT, (abstinence), LI"!,> puâsa. (tight), ~ k~tat. FASTEN, ~f\kat,~tambat. (adj.), 0,._.:; Fu, -.:;_,...? g~mok tambun (adj.), ~ l~mak (subst. and adj.). FnE, ~ naslb (A1.). F ATHER, u4 bâpa. GRAND._..iU,.,.i nênek. IN LAW,!,.--:!;-" ID~rtfta, ~m~nto.a. FATHER, 8TEP L3ft U~ bâpatiri. FnaEas, FoRE- &Y' môyang. FATHOM, A,~..> d~pa. FATIGUED,..,:J Mteh. FAULT, ~~ s\lap, ~khi- Jâf (Ar.), d'cli.-l ka-sâlah-an. FA voua,.._l.) kâsih. F AVOURITE,.._tJ:.f' ka-kâsih. FAwN, A, L~_,) ww! ânak ro.sa. FEAa, &.,s'w' ka-tâkut-an. -, To, o_,.ll.:; tâkut; FEABT, A, 0!,.---oL:,-- jâmu-an, 1..3;-'w..:;. khando.ri (Ar.). FEAsT, To, (entertain), _,...~ m~n-jâmu. FEATBEa,_,.ly, bu!u. FEATHERED,_,.IY,j. her-hu]u. FEATUREB, LI")~ pâras. FEEBLE1 ~ ]~teh, o!,-0 tjf ko.rang kuat. FEED, TO, (give to eat), cfl ;/ bri mâkan. FEED, (nourish), f# pl~hera. FEEL, To, Lrl;" m~-râsa. FEET, c./lf kâki. FEIGN, TO, ro!,.i Mat-Mat. FELL, To, (eut down), ~ t~bas-kan, ~ t~bang-kan. FELL, To, (knock ldown), ~ banting-kan. FELLow, A, (match), -'-'Y- jodo, * 0 _,lj kâwan. FEMALE, ~ hetlna, ()~j pr~mpll.an. (P~r-ampu-an). FENCE, A, fi.i> ~âgar. -, To, cf~~ pâgar-kan. FERN, A,,Slo paku. FERRY, (lit., landing place), d4 bâgan. FERRY BOAT, F <::f+- sampan tambang. "' Only used of hï.jman beings when they are supposed to be divine! y ordained for each other. Sa'jodo, a man's or woman's affinity.

81 FER -39- FIR FERTILE LÀND, ü,-3' IÜI.:i tànah g~mok, FESTER, To, IÜL.i j. Mr-nânah. FESTIVAL DAY, t3~ t3)u hâri rai a. FETCH, ~4 bawa. FETTERS, pl~) rantei kang. kang. FEVER, l""'-' d~mam. FEw, ~'"""- smikit. FIBRE, o;_,! ftrat, ~ b~nang. FIDDLE, ':J_l;\/ biôla (Port.). FIE!~ cheh! FIELD, (plain), t-'l.; pâdang. FIEND, ~ sêtan (Ar. ()~ shaitân). FIERCE, Ê_;IJ gârang. FrFTEEN, u-4 ~ lima-bias. FIFTH, ~ yang ka-lima. Fm, ~1 âra. FIGHT, To, t~;-! Mr-prang, ~'% j. Mr-klâhi. FlGHT WITH COCKS, TO, Ê_yi~ m~ny-âbong. FIGURE, (human shape), ~ slkap. FIGURE, (appearance),...;_,) rftpa (Sans.). FILE, f4' klkir. FrLL, To, 0 ~~1!si-kan. FILLY, A, ~ l..l_,.s' J..jl ânak kftda Mtlna. FIN, A, ~;!!"' strip. FINAL, _r>l H yang âkhir, ~.],Kw d~yang k~mdian skâ:ii. FIND, To, '"'..;!'-' dàpat. FINE, (in texture), U"_,J~ halus. -, A, l.>.j..l Mnda. FINGER, t3;4- jari. -, FoRE, ü~ t~lunjuk. -, FouRTn, ~L. t3;4 jari mânis. FINGER, LITTLE, ~ t3} '?' jari kalingking. FIN GER, MIDDLE, _F t3;4- jari han tu. FINis, ~ Mmat. FINISH, TO, <::/--!~ hâbis-kan. FrRE, A, cs"l âpi. -, To, (a gun), t:-l.; pâsang, ~ m~n-~mbak, ~_,.:.:L. m~l~tup-kan,.h."-1 Mdii. FIRH, TO SET ON, ~~ ~ bftboh âpi. FIRE-FLY, r~ klip-klip. FIRE-PLAcE, J~l..l dâpor. FIREWOOD, ~~ y,!lf' kâyu âpi. FIREWORKS, ~~ l:ioy, bftnga àpi. FIRu,..._;J;;; Mgap. FIRST, rl'j p~rtâma.

82 FIS -40- FOL FIBST, AT, N_,.. mnla-mula. Fisa, A, 0 3Y.I!kan. -, To, (witk a rod), ck~u... m~ng-ail, ~ panch!ng. -, To, (witk fly),~ m~pas. -, To, (witk a net), ~4W--o m~n-jlila. Fisa-aooa,.h!~Ls' kail. FISHING LINE,.h!~Ls'.1L:i tâji kaij. -, ROD, ()~_ii" jôran. FisT, ~ g~nggam. FIT, (suitable), ~\,; pâtut, r..r~)~ hârus. FITS (convulsions), ~ p!tam. FIVE, ml lima. Fu, TO (make firm), ~_,.L m~n-~goh-kan. Fix, To, (determine), cf_,:;.;:; t~ntu-kan. Fuo, r._r.~ panji-panji, i_r!jv.; bandêra (Port.). FLAG-STAFF, )-.,!~ ~ t!ang bandêra. FLAME, TO, ~Y.j. Mr-nyâla. Fusa, To, (asligktning),~ ;i Mr-k!lat. FLAT (level), <::>~ râta. (smootk), ~ p!peh. FLATTER, To, ~~ puji-kan. Fu voua, r..r~ râsa. FLAw, A,~ cmlah. FLEA, A, ~1 _ijy kutu anjing. FLEET ( vessels of-war), a-!,...s Ê~ J...R..S kumpul-an kâpal prang. FLEBH,,4.!1..> dâging. FLINT, Ji _ij4 bâtu âpi. FLOAT, TO, J_,.,...:; timbu], Fwca, To, 0,Ls';i b~r-kâwan. FLooD, A, "'iy!t âyer bah. * FLOOD TIDE, ~\,; y.l âyer pâsang. FLOOR, A, ~ Iantei. Fwua, Ê,o:; t~pong. Fww, To, }~ ngâlir. FLowza, A, ~Y. M.nga. -, To, ~Y.;i Mr-bunga. FLUTE, A, &.J_,... su!ing. FLY, A, ~~ lâlat. '- DaAooN-, A, r,j..::- &J~ bilâlang jârum. FLY, FtaE-, A, r~ klip-klip. -, TO, È? t~rbang. FoAL, A, l..>y Wül ânak kll.da. Fon1,._?Y. buhi, ** 'Y~ bu web. Foo, <::>_Y.Ls' kâbut. FoLD, To, ch Upat-kan. Sound the h. The h is silent in this ward.

83 FOL -41- FOR FoLD, A1 ~':J lâpis. -, A, (ofhair), J;:o,~ sanggul. FoLLow, To, o~l lkut, o),_:j türut. FoLLOWER 1 A, 0 _,Lî kâwan, ç?lj ka-râpa t-an. FoLLY, ~.>y/ ka-bôdoh-an. Fooo, dl.l;a makân-an. FooL, ->Y. bôdoh. FooLisa, ->y-i bôdoh, Ê~ blngong. FooT, ~LJ' kâki. -, SoLE OF THE L.,)Ll -...ii->l..:i tâpak kâki. FooTMARK, ~ ~ Mkas kâki, ~Lî._;t;L:i tâpak kâki. Fon, OJL...s' karâna (Sans.), u-fl âkan. FoR EVER, rl...l~ sa'lâma-lâma, ~._s4- sampei k~kal. FonBID, To, cfi';':j lârang-kan. FoaBIDDEN, ~~ harâm (Ar.). FoncE, (strength), cfi~ka-kuâtan. FoncE, To, l.s""'f,ia m~ng-ràs-i. --, BY, U"!,-S o!,-s ~ d~ngan kuat kuâsa. FoREHE.oo, ~b dahi. FoREIGNER, Êl.> tj-'1 ôrang dâgang. FoREMOST, ~L:ifo yang p~rtâma. FoaENooN, ~_,:.:>_, waktu thilha (Ar.) FOREP ART OF A VESSEL, 0!,J.9> ha- Juan,.:lyo mtîka. FoREST,* d~ ütan, 4-o) rimba. FoRFEIT, TO, ~ hllang. FoRGED, (cou~erfeit), b-f.._;._j lanehong. FORGET, TO, 0_,.1 Jtîpa. FoamvE, To, ~_,...1 ampun-kan, ~!,.,. maiif-kan. FoaK, A, _,...:,y-1 g~rfu (Port.), -.Ji;;;-~ p~ny-tîehok. FoRK OF ROAD, f!- simpang. FoRKED, &L;:.- châbang. F01m,...;_,) rtîpa. FoRMER,_,.!~~ yang dülu. FoRMERLY, ':Jlî _,.1~.> dtîlu kâla. FoRBAKE, To, ~ m~n-inggal-kan. FORBWE.A.R, TO, w_,..., ~l.o mâka:n sumpah. FonT, A, oy' kôta (Hind.). FoRTUNE, ~ naslb (Ar.)., Gooo, Ê~l untong, See note to 11Thicket".

84 FOR -42- FUR ~~ ~ nasib yang bai k. FoaTY,.J_,; """""' :tm paf p1lloh. Foaw ARD1 (in f ont), J~'-' dam! o. FouL, ~ n~jis (Ar.). FouNDATION 1 0""'':l~p~ng-âlas-an. FoUNDER, TO, olî kil.ram. FouNTJ.IN1..., r.' ct''rf..;.; pan chut-an âyer. Foua, """""lltmpat. FowL, rll âyam. FRAGILE, ~) râpoh. FaAGRANT, c)'l_, wangi. FRANCE,~_,.> <.S_;L n~gri pransis. FRA un,_#." tipu. FRECKLES 1 ~~ L.,9il:; tai JâJat. FaEE, (manumitted), ~'-'f' m~rdhêka (Jav.). FaEIGHT1 ifl.;..:.' tambang-an. FaEQUENTLv,_,J:JJ... sa.lâlu. FRESH1 -'Jlt! bhâru. -, (of fish), ù,~ hidnp. - w ATER1 J-'L:; 7-l âyer tâwar. FarnAY, ~ <.S;~ hârij~maat. 0,Lî FRIEND1..., ~!,si? s~hâbat, kâwan. FRIGHT1 cf>fi.;.:s' ka-tâkut-an. FRIGHTENED1 ( Startled), o:r.>s'? t~r-k~jut. FarvoLOus, r~ sia-sia. Faon, J.1.J;J~ kâtak, '-">_,{ kôdok. FaoM, <.S;'-' dêri, ~;'-' dêri-pâda. FROHT1 di~ hâdap-an, -, IN, Ù'-'~'-' di-hâdap. -, To, (face),._;_,~,;;, m~ngâdap. FRONTIER, o'-'1.4.. s~mpâdan. FaowN, To, o,f krot. FaozEN,~ bltk11. FRUGJ.L1 ~ hêmat. FauiT1 A,,y, b1lah. - 1 T01 '~f. Mr-blîah. Fav, TO, 't;y/ gôrin~. FULL1 ~,;,; p~noh. - TO OVERFLOWING, ~ 0ï.-~ p~noh s~sak. FULL MOON1 r'uj d>i blîlan p~rnâma. FuN, <ft.l..j p~r-main-an. FUNERAL PROCESSION, (J"'l(_;;)~ """'*"' p~r-ârak.kan maiat. Fuxnus, 0 _,1~ cmndâwan. Foa, }y:f. ~!,{ k1llit Mr-bnlu. FuaL, T01 (a sail), 7~ t:j_,l g11 long Jâyar. FURNJ.CE1 )jfj dâpor1 ),._J' g~nhôr. FURNITURE1 ""'-'J ~ j p~rklt. kas romah.

85 FUR -43- GEN FuRRow, J_,JI Uor. FURTHER,._,L::;> ~ ]~bih jauh. 1 FUTUIUTY1 of-1 âkhlrat (Ar.). G GAG, To, ~~ sumbat-kan. GAIN, (profit), ê,:wi nntong. -, TO, (win), ~ m~nang. GALE, A, ""Y-":J rlbut. GALLANT1 (brave), ~~_r-! brâni, (li_,j4> pah-iâwan. GALLOWS1 [y:;.~ y,_~ kâyu p~nggantong. GAMBLE, TO, L-.;0>=?-j. Mr-jftdi. G AME, A, ç:;4.la j p~r-main-an. GANDER, ~WI angsajantan. GAOLER 1 A 1 ~~!_,.;:( katfta p~njâra. GAPE, TO, ÈL;; nganga. - 1 T0 1 (yawn), U~ m~nguap. GARDEN, 0~ kltbun. GARDENER1 A, 0~ f! _,:; tftkang kltbun. GARGLE 1 T01 j'_,( kftmor. GARLAND, A1 L;;y, if)!' karâng-an bftnga. GARLIC1.:;_,; i:.-'4 bâwang pliteh. GATE1 A1 f:!f fo pintu k~rbang. GATHER 1 T0 1 ~_,( klitip 1 ~_,; pftngut. GATHER TOGETHER, T01 ~~ himpun-kan. GAY, (in dress), ~ chantek. GAzE, To 1 ~ pandang, [,_;J r~nong. GEM1 A1 olaj p~r-mâta. GENEALOGY1 ~ selasllah, d-'jy( ka-tlirun-an. GENERATE1 T0 1 ~->4W m~njâdi-kan. GENEROUS1 j;l9 "JY' miîrah bâti. GENIUS, (ability), LS->Y, ~ aka] budi. GENTLE1 oy..j...j l~mah l~mbut, GENTLE, (lame),.._;;.;.,.. j!nak. GENTLEMAN f 0 ~:; tftan. * GENTLEWOMAN ~~ Ïnche. GENTLY1 rç?'jjj plan-pjâhan. ** "' See note to uyou". *'* The spelling in the Vernacular is "P8rlâhan".

86 GEN -44- GO GENTLY.BORN, 0t_,~ bangsâwan. GENUINE, JY4 Mtu!. GET, To, ~~.> dâpat. GnosT, A,_p hantu. GaNT, A, U'"WJ raksâsa (Hind.) GmnY, p. p~ning. GIFT, "'-è<.à.9' h!idiah (Ar.), o:!r.+'. p~m-bri-an. GIFT, (from a Raja), a9'~l angrâh-an. * GILD, TO, J-'.>l.w sâdor. GILLB, (of a fish), ~1!sang. GIMLET, A,..s.>f g~rdi. GINGER, L,lg> halia. GIRDLE, A, F ~ p~ngtkat pinggang, F 13 Jl:i tli.ll pinggang. GIRL, A, oy..}._ïijf ânak pr~mplian. GIVE, To, ~,T- bri-kan, ch'l: bâgi-kan. GivE, To, (of a Raja),~~~ angrah-kan, * c/~j k~rniâkan. GLAn, '=R' <tlyo sfika chita. GLANeE, TO, fi'_;.. m~ng-~rling. GLAss, bl.s' kâcha. -, (a mirror), <tl_,_. ~fo ch~rmin mlika. GLEAN, To, ~~ plingnt. GLITTER, TO, EJ' gllang. GLITTERING, ~ chahia. GLOBE, THE, ~.l :.:Jy, blilat diinia. GLORIFY, TO, c/w... m~-miiliâkan, ~~ m~ng-hormatkan. ** GLOawus, l;,1o miilia. GLORY, o<w ka-miilia-an. GLOsSY, ~ chahia. GLOvE, " ~L:i Ê.-'JL.. sârong tângan. GLOw, To, (as fire), ~~_,-.. Mrnyâla. GLuE, dj p~rkat. GLUTTON, A, 11.:?"_,!3' glôjoh (Po t.), F tama (Ar.). GNAw, To, (as a dog), ~ m~ng-glse. GNAw, To, (as a ra.t), ~~ m~ng-grêt. Go, To, J j p~rgi. DOWN, TO, OJ:f tlirnn. - IN, TO,,_;;...l..o mâsok. The g in this word is pronounced distinctly from the n which precedes it. Sound the h.

87 GO -45- GRA Go UP 1 T0 1 ~~ naik. Gou, A, F kambing. GoBLET, A, 0 _,L;;- châwan *. Goo, c)l1.:i &!JI allah ** tiiâla (Ar.) ç?,:; tll.han **. Goo willing, illi<l;::..;i inaha allah (Ar.) GoLD, U"""l mas. ousr, (stream gold), U"""l 15;-'1 mas urei. GoLD LEAP, ~ji U"""l mas k~rtas. GoLo MINE, A1 U"""l Ê.~ lumbong mas. GoNE, tj_,> ocl..w sudah pll.lang, all.::- ocl..w sudah jâlan. Go NE, ( disappeared),..>4-=>' ocl..w sudah tiâda. GoNa, (passed),,j:» ocl..w sudah lâlu. GoNG, A, tl gong. Gooo, ~~ baik. Gooo, TO MAXE, '-AL;...o m~mbaik-ki, ~ ganti. Gooo BYE,~ ~JI- salâmat tinggal t, all.::- ~JL., salâmat jiuan. Gooo DEAL,..,... ~ bânyak. - DEEDS 1 ~ ka-baktian, ~ka-mjik-an. Gooo FOR NOTHING1 ol ;-i..>~ tiâda b~r-gll.na. Gooos, rej--! bârang-bârang, 1~ o;' Mrta Mnda. GoosE, A1 Wl angsa. GoSPEL, W.-il injil. Go,ao, A,>!:»!abu. - 1 AN EARTHENWARE1 ~":l\...;1:;!abu tânah. Gour, <:ft pêrai GovEaN, ro, ~;-'-" m~mrentah-kan ** GovERNMENT, ç?l:.:...i_;ô p~-rentâh-an ** GovEaNoa, ~;+"' ~ yang m~m-rentah-kan **, J~ gémnortt. GaACEFUL1 1.5"'} p~rmi (Pe. s.). GaADUALLY, rç?":»j plan-plâhan (per-lâhan). * Châwan bas no leg to it: if a vessel bas a leg then the Malay will be "Châwan ber-kâki" or "bâtit ber-kâki". Sound the h. t See HFarewell". tt Adopted and weil understood. "His Excellency the Governor". "Tûan yang ter-utâma ge ben or".

88 GRA -46- GRI GRADUATED, r~;i Mr-pangkat-pangkat. GRAIN,,J~ btii-btii-an. (seed), ~ Mnih. GRAMMAR,,_sû naho. *. GRANn, Y""' Msar, 0y41 êlok. GRAND CHILn,~ chuchu. GREAT,~~ chichit ** GRANDEE1 Y""' tj'i ôrang Msar,._ ÊP: ôrang kâya. GRANDEUR, o)~ ka-msar-an. GaANDFATHEa, :,:;1-> datoh (or dato'), ~ nênek. GRANDFATHER, GREAT &r moyang. GaA1<DMOTHER, o~} :,:;~-> dato' pr~mpuan, o~;-ô ~ nênek pr~mpuan. GRANITE, "i.tf Y. _,:.~ bâtu Mkit, l:h'_,l _,:;~ bâtu libin Il GRANT, To,(allow), pi btar. GRAPEs, ;~1 '~ btîah anggor. GRAPPLE1 To, F p~gang. GRASP1 T01 (in the hand), ~ g~nggam. GaASP, To,( in the m ms ),.,_,10 p~l uk. GRAss, o_,...j rumput. -, LoNG BANK, ~":» lâlang. GRASSHOPPER1 tl~ bi-jâ]ang. GuTE, To, ~-,} parut-kan. GaATEFUL, f::s' k~nang. GBATING, (lattice work), r~ kisi-kisi. GRAVE, (serious), or mtîram. -, A, )y.:; b.bor (Ar.). - CLOTH, cjs' k!1flln (Ar.). GRA VY1!,$' kuah. GRAZE, To, (as a horse), dl.. o_,.o..) mâkan rumput. GREAsE, -.Ji-1 I~mak. GREAT_, Y""' Msar, ~ mahâ (Sans.). GREEN, (Colou ), ~ hüau. (unripe), 1->y mtîda t GBEET, To, ""Y.-"" sambut, <.Sj. M::iw bri salâmat. GREET, TO, (inferior to Râja), ~ s~mbah-kan. GREY, (of hair), o-i,ltîban tt GRIEF, a9'l..._,...) ka-stîsah-an, ~ <il,-> dtîka chita. " Arabie. There is a strong nasal sound in the second syllable. Great-great-grandchild, Piot; Great-great-great-grandchild. Pi ut. t See note to 41 Unripe". tt Probably from "Ubah" and meaning changed colom. Il Only in Singapore.

89 GRI -47- GUT GRrEvous, (oppressive), ls~t aniâya (Sans.). GarN, ~~ k~rnyih. GaiNn, To, d ;-<! kisar-kan. GRINDSTONE1 A1 O~~ _,:.1,. bil.tu kisll.r-an. GarsTLE1 ""J-'t ll.rat. GarT, pis pâsir. GaoAN1 To, È_j<A m~ngrang. GaoPE, To, y~ rll.ba. GaovELLING, (lying on the face), wj~tiârap. GaouNn, THE,.UIJ tânah. Gaow, To, ~ tumbuh. - To, (increase), ~ tarnbah. - To,(become),lS<>~m~njâdi. GaowL, To, 6':;..U.. m~n-dring. GauDGE, A1 Y rv dltmditm. GauEL, ~ 7-t âyer kanji. GauMBLE1 TO, :.:..:;;_,;-" m~-r1l.ngut, ;,;:;;_,... sll.ngut. GuARANTEE, A, 0~~ chagll.r-an. Guun, To,.3'L:z. jâga, _,.J..i.;... m~n-unggu. To, (protect), ~_,..Ml Jin dong-kan. GuAan, A 1~ p~n-unggu. See upipe". GuAan, A RoYAL,~~ hulubll. lang. GuARDIAN,._, (as of a minor), M_, wâkil (Ar.). GUA VA FRUIT,Y.-"? jambu. GuEss, To, w;j; âgak, ~sang ka. GumE, T01 (conduct), ~ pimpin. T01 (shew the way), ~ oll::- m~n-unjuk jll.lan. GmLT, ly'-'<> dôsa, ~':J..-5' ka-salab-an. GurLTY1 LY'-'<>f. Mr-dôsa,...JL... sàlah. Gu><, 'isj 7-t âyer p~rkat,!m..s g~tah. Gu><s, THE, l.s""_;j gusi. Go:N, (a musket), ~LM. s~nâpang (Dutch). Gu:N, (a rifle), J:;î J t~rkul. - (breech loading), w;.;_,l ~U... s~nâpang kôpak. Gu:N, (c~nnon), l""r m~riam. - PrvoT, (native), ~ lêla. GUNPOWDER1._H.'À:! ~_,t ll.bat M- dii. GuNWALE,_~-'J rll.bing. GuTTA1.:;3 g~tah. GUTTEB1 _;.lt 0 t)r.f,;j, panchôr-an âyer*.

90 HABIT1 <::h.)\.., âdat. HAcK, TO, ~~ chinchang, ~ t~tak-kan. HAIL, (congealeà ain),w; rambun _,:;~ (fr~ Mjan bâtu. BAIL, To, (cau to), -';"" sru, Ê:-''j!aung. Hua, (of the head), <::>Y."; rambut. - 1 A SINGLE LOCK OF 1 j~ jambul. -, (of the body), L._,}Y. bulu ruma. -, (of beasts),}y. bulu. HAIRLESS1 (balà),._;;:;y. bôtak. HAIR-PIN, J~ ~R chtl. chok sanggul. HAIRY1 yy.j. Mr-bulu. HALF1 ill l~ngab. -, ÜNE,..:il:.:... st~ngah, ;Lo.. spâroh. HALF, ÜNE AND A, ~_, ~ st~ngah dll.a. HALL, 2,~ bâlei, ;:,pl~ bâlei rong. HALo, (of moon), dy- Ê.v.;s" kandang bll.lan. HALTEn,(horse),.:\.:F" klljai( Hinà.). HALvE, To, ~ m~m-blah-kan. HAMM ER, A, j{ _,;.> p~n-ftkoj. TO, ji_,:; tukol. RAMPER, A, (basket), f:_?jf kranjang. RAND, A, if~ tângan. HANDFUL, A, ~ sa'g~nggam. ffandkercbief 1 A 1 if~l.w. s/1- pu tângan, J,...,.. simpul. HANDLE, A,},l ulu. -, A, (of a ~esse!), U;,.\:1 t~linga. HANDLE, To, (feel), trs râsa. RANG, To, (intransitive), b;:;s j. Mr-gantong. RANG, To, (transitive), ~_,MS gan tong-kan. RANG DOWN, To, L~;-i Mr juntei. ffang OVER1 T01 (off the straight), ~sengit. HAPPEN, T01 <.5-'L?''""' m~n-jâdi. HAPPINEss, try:.:... sentôsa. HAPPY, ~ <!)_,... sll.ka cbita. HARAss, To, ~~ m~ny. ll.sah-kan, ~ blsing. HARBOUR, A, (anchorage), ~Y.'j lâbuh-an.

91 HAR -49- REA HARBOUI<1 A1 (bay),._ji.):; t~luk. HARD, t.r!f kras. -, (firm ), fi.r:; t~gang. overl (in steering), )~ ch'îkar (Hind.). HARDEN, To, (met:jl), ~ s~poh. HARM, oi.;f"-1 Mnchâna. HARMLEss, (tame), ~ jtnak. HABNESS1 THE,!..>_,{ (_J"è.\.J(; pâkian kilda *. H.ABPOoN, 't!--j"' s~rampang. HARROW, A1 ul.:; ~ stsir tânah. HARRow, To, ul:i ~ m~nylsir tânah. HASTE, WITH, 1}:- s~gra. Hu, ~ k~plah (Eng.), Ê:-'y-:i ~ tildong k~pâla, ~y-:; topi. HATcH, To, ~ m~n-~tas. HucHET, A,._;;;Lî kâpak, ** t~ bllong** RATE, ~"-/ Mnchi. H. VE, To, o.ll âda,..j_,i;i b~r-illih. Hu, tj.f "".f-'j rumput kring. RAzE, """Lî kâbut. HE, Hn, 8HE1 HER,.s..> dta, 13lla. HEAD, THE, JW' k~pâla. -, (principal), t,?l âgong. HEADACHE, JW F. p~ning k~pâla. HEADLAND1 t~ tanjong t. HEADLONG1 t:s y> ~ lintang pilkang. HEADSTRONG, JW' t.r!f kras k~pâla. HBAL, To, ~Y-+"" s~mboh-kan. HEALTH1 ~le âfiat (Ar.). 1 IN, :.:.SV.., sêhat (A1".) HEAP, A, 0 ~ tarn bun. -, To, ~ kumpul-kan. HEAR, TO, }'.> Mngar. HEART, (anatomicauy), t~ jantong. -, (usuauy), L.ii\.9> bâti. HEABOY, (sincere), ~~.JG. sa-sungguh-hâti. HEAT,~\j pânastt,:.11.9>hangat. HEAVE op, To, PY- bungkar. See ''Ciothes". *- ukâpak" a Chinese axe or hatehet; ~'Biîong" the Malay hatchet. t Contracted from "Tâ.nah iljong'". ft HPânas" usually of the beat of the sun or atmosphere, "Hangat" artificially heated.

92 HEA -50- HIG HEAVEN,.:5;:- shiirga (Sans.). HEAVEN, (the sky), ~":j langit. HEAVY, o;~br!tt. HEDGE1._, J'J, pligar. HEDGEnoo,._,...;l.:i ~ landak t!inah. fued 1 T0 1 ~~ ingat, ~ f~dîlli (Ar.) HEEL, A, ~_,;; tumit. - OVER, TO, ~ Sengit. HEIGBT1 ~ ka-tinggi-an. HEIR, LI";~ wliris, ~...J_,~" yang Mr-lllih p~slika. HELL, 01j n~rlika (Hind.). HELM1 <...-"'-'_,..[ kamftdi. HELP, To, t:j_,m m~n-lllong. -, To, (especially in war),~ ban tu. HELTER-BKELTEa, l3t- l3ft ch~rei-mrei. HEN, A, (of fowls), t;8 f"'\1 âyam Mt! na. HER, u;'-' dia. HERALD,.., ;l:.:-41 amntlira. HEan,.., 0 _,l.l kliwan. IIERDSMAN,.., JW' g~mblila. HERE1 ~ slni, ~" dislni. HEREDITARY1 0W p~s!ika. HERET~FORE 1 ()-!1 tèll... sa'j!ima ini. HERMIT,.., o l.ü' j p~r-tlipa-an. HERON,!.1 r...:;~) tj~ bllrong rllak-rllak. HESITATING1 t.s>'lg ~ bimbang bâti. HICcouon, _,v..,.. Mu. HmE, To, ~~ s~m-bunyikan. HIDE, TO, (give refuge to), cp-'~ m~-1indong-kan. HmE, a, ~y klllit. Hmn, cfo tinggi. HIOHNESS1 (title),~!_,:j tftan-ku, * ~ tunku,~l unku. HIOB PRIEST, L.k ulâma (.Ar.). - WATER1.,._;...; t-'j, j.lliyer plisang p~noh. HIGHWAY, l3~ d~ jâlan raia. ROBBERY1 ()~l... alimun.**.,. Usually used when speaking of orto a Sultan. "Tunku"and "Unku" are used when speaking of or to any one (male or female) of Raja Lirth. Practically ali these word$ are the same, but there is a marked difference in their use, as in the case of "Tuhan", the Almighty and "Tûan" (the sameword) which answers to Mr. or Sir. *"' Also applies when committed on a river.

93 HIG -51- HOM HIGHWAYMAN, (),...~ p~nyâmun. HILL, '-&Y. Mkit. -, (rising ground), ~L.. j p~rmâtang, ~""' changkat. HILL, ANT, "i-y. bdsut. HILT, _,.l,t u}u. HJMSELF, HERBELF, l.spl..>...i.- (.5<> dia s~ndlri. HumER, To, ~ t~gah kan, c*-' m~n âhan. fiindermost,._,lb(..~ yang di.blâkang skâli. HINDRANCE, A, o=;ljc.-l ka-s~kâtan. HINT, A, oj~i ishârat (Ar.). HIP, THE, i.p ~ pangka} pahâ. HIRE, (of labour),.;,t ilpah. -, (of a house), ~ sêwa. -, To, (engage labour),~y.,. m~ng-dpah-kan. HIRE, TO WORK FOR, L.;'?"lf a-lla mâkan gâji. H1s, "::'~.._.,_, dia punya. * H1ss, To,..\y.-;1 Mr-slol. HIBTOBY, i:,!ll;;. hikâiat ((Ar.). HIT, LiS k~na. HIT, To, dl.ij' k~nâ-kan. filtrer, l.s)~ ka-mâri, ~ ka-slni. HITBERTo, tju(.. ~ sampei s~kârang. HoARBE,, )\.; parau, <_,)G' gâro'. HoE, J~ changkul. ** HoG, L''~4 bâbi. -, WILD, d~ <5.4 bâbi Otan. HoisT, TO, ~~ angkat-kan, ~foy. bungkar-kan. H01sr, (colours), To, ~1..; naikkan. HoLD, (of a ship), ~ pêtak. -, To, ~ p~gang. -, TO, (contain ), o!,-o mdat. HoLE, A, Ê-Y!il bang. RoLLAND, I..N..4l.5~ n~gri blanda. HoLLANDE&, 1~ tj'i ôrang blan da HoLLow, lr:io,) rongga, ~_,{ kôsong. HOLY, ~ küdus (Av.). HOMAGE, ~~_,.> p~r-s~mbah-an. HoMAGE, TO PAv, ~f.-"' m~ny ~mbah. "' The best way to indicate the possessive is to place the pronoun after the substantive as Hrûmah dia", his (or ber) houfle. *If. Large, heavy, and used to do the work of a spade.

94 HOM -52- HUN HoME, (h,ouse), ""-'J r~mah. HoMR, AT, ""-'J'"' di-rllmah. HoNEST1 <.:4;-'..J_,~ yang M- lih p~r-chaya, "-"'...il.ot umânat (Ar.). HoNEY,_,..>l..o madu. HoNOUR, (dignit_v), (/L...,.,.W' kamiilia-an, o)~ka-msar-an. HoNOUR, ( espect), "-"""j> hormat (Ar.). HooF, A,_,{_,{ kuku. Hoox, To, cf:y. Ll kait.kan. Hoox, BILL, ê.j ; pârang, 0W_,..? gôlok. Hoox, Fisu, J...! lt ol.o mâta-kail. HooP, A, L~ simpei. HoP, TO, ~ jingkek. HoPE, uj~ hârap. - 1 T01 u)4 it..o m~ng-hârap. * HoPELEss, U"t ~_,; pllt!ls-!sa. HoRIZoN, )(#':li L.flt kâki langit. HoaN,._, ~ tandok. - 1 TO BUTT WITB THE...,~ m~n-andok. HoaNET,.., 0 ~ tabuan. HoaoscoPE, r'""i.î niijiim (Ar.), J...tO faâl (Ar.). HoRsE, t..>_,{ kllda. HoRSE, (a wooden frame), rt..>fo kll.da-kllda. HosPITABLE, ÈPt-""~ 0i.l~ yang gâlak m~n-jâmu ôrang. HosT,... ""'J ot,:ï tllan rll.mah. HosTA GE, A, _,s'w p~ng-âku. HoT, ~L; pâf:tas,** ;,:;:[9> hlîngat. -:-, (pungent), ~ pmas. HouNn,._, 0 t_,j}'} ~t anjiug p~r-bllru.an. Houa, t'?" jam (Pers.). HousB, ""-'J rllmah. How, 0~ bâgei-mâna. - 1 MUCB 1 ut;-/ brâpa, u)-1 0Y.4 brâpa bânyak. - 1 ~lucb, (of priee), (5 ~ utj. brâpa Mrga. HowL, To, Ê-'"~.. m~-raung. HuLL of.. ve sel, _,.9>t,...; 0 t'""-! bâdan prau. HuM, TO, (as bees), ê.,-i'-';-1 b~r- Mngong. HuMAN, ~l..o mllnllsia (Sans.). HuMBLE, '..NJ r~ndah. HuMOUR, (disposition), c.s1"} prângei. HuMP, A, ~>1 bongko', HuNDRED, Ll'i) r!itus. Sound the h. ** See "Heat".

95 HUN -53- ILL HUNGRY, j'li Jâpar. HuNGER,,)j'::M' ka-lâpar-an. HuNT, TO, (game), -'JY.I Mrcbftru. HURRICANE! A, <.::J~) rlbut. HuRRY,..;_;5 gôpob. HuRT,(damage), \}.f.-4 Mncbâna. -, (loss),.:ft_,/ ka-rll.gi-an. -, (wound), ls'_,j IO.ka. HURTFUL, ~ jltbat. HUBBAND, J'li Jâki, <5"!,.- sutmi (Sans.). Husn!,..JJ diam, HusK, ~_,.î kll.lit. OF CORN.~ s~kam. - OF T8E COCO.NUT <.::J_,.-lL,.. sâbut. HUT,..,...:;_,~ pondok. -, (shed), J...-:ii bangsal. 1, ~ sabya, * _,.îl âku. 1, (in writing), ~bêta,~ klta. lee,~ r.l âyer MkO.,_,..:,~ r.l âyer bâtu, IDEA, 01~ flkir ad. IDIOM, JL,..Î4.,;.._,) rll.mab cbâkap, ols' 1..3 j pri kata. lnrot, '4.? Ê.J-'1 ôrang glla. lnle, (lazy), ~l.o mâlas, ~ s~gan. lnol, jl.!l> j. Mrbâla. IF,fo.jikâlau,~jika,_,Jis'kalau. IGNORANT, ~ MbaL ILL, (sick), =&L.. sâkit. ILLEGAL, U"-'-> dôsa, (forbidden by Muhammadan law), r~ harâm (Ar.). * "Sahya" is the ward most commonly used by Europeans to express the first persona! pronoun, whilst ~y ou" is best rendered poli tel y by Tûan". The Mala ys commonly use 'Aku" for ~ I" and utûan", 11Angkau" or "Awak" (if familiar) for 11you". "Angkau" is also often rendered by 11 Kau", or, in Province Wellesley and Kedah, by "Hang", and is generally used in speaking to servants or the lower classes. ln Pêrak, hl'' and uyou" are familiarlv rendered by 11Têman" and u M i.ka". In writing, Bêta or J(ita represents '~1''. and Sehâbat-bêta or Sehâbat-klta "yon".

96 ILLNESS1 =&L,.,; p~ny-â:kit, ILL -54- INC ILL UMIN ATE1 T01 ( make light),o;p; trang-kan, o;p;m m~n-rangkan. ILLUSTRIOUS, rli; t~r-nâma. IMAGE, o"jl:i WAdan. -, (appearance),._;_,) rilpa. IMAGINE, To, l:!ljt- sang ka,~ flkir (Ar.). bntate1 T01 0);; tilrut. 1 T01 (mimic) ~ tingkah, üy.-1 âjok. lmmediately1 ~~ ~sa' bantar ini, cr-i Ê.;~ sa'kârang ini. IMMENSE, r 4- mahiî Msar. IMMODEST,_,ll.. Ü~ ttdak malu, ~1 aib. IMMORTAL1 j-l(s' k~ka]. Y,.p ALE1 T01 ~_,- sula, IMPATIENT1 ~ ~ ttdak si1- bitr (Ar.). lmpede1 T01 ~~ B~kat-kan. lmperfect, or"--- ->W tiâda s~mp~rna. IMPERTINENT,)"'[$' kâsar. IMPLEMENTa,..,..il âlat_ IMPOLITE1 ~_,... d..,_:i tiada silpan1 Li"4-ir. ->4.-J' tiâda Mrbhâsa. \ I><PORT1 To1 ~L... m~-mâsok- \ kan. IMPoaTs, w;...l. F.)-~ bârang yang mâsok. IMPORTANT, o;~ ~ri1t. IMPOSE UPON1 T01#. tlpu. IMPossiBLE,...J_,... l..:i r~ skâli-kâli ta'miih. IMPOBT1 (tax), ~ * chukei. lliipotent1 ~~ ~l.o mâti pilchok. lmpower1 T01 ~ Li"!,.S <.,Sr. bri kuâsa ka-pada. IMPREss, TO, ~ t~kan.!mprison1 T01 di;~ p~njârakan, lmproprr 1 ~l,;.)w tiâda patut. IMPROVE1 To, (make betfer),._fo,~ m~m-baik-i. IMPRUDENT, ~~ 'U,.S kilrang bljak. IMPUDENT, ~ ~ milka t~bal 1 _,JI...)W tiada mal u. IN,-> di,,.ji->-> di-dalam,r-!1->dâlam. ln ORDER T01 <.,Sli.., s~pâya. INCAPABLE, Li"!,-S' 0~ yang tiada kuâsa. IxcENSE, (perfume), ~ stanggi, ~ k~mnyen.

97 INC -55- INF INcEsT, 6-'r sumbang. INcH,..s}'?' jâri, <Sf..il inchi. * INCITE, To, ~_,...1 âsul kan. INCLINATION, ü~ ka-handak. INcLOSE, To, (fence in); cf }ijj pâgar-kan. INcoHERENT, (it1 speech), ~;)"' m~-rêpet. INCOME1 C.f"IJ,I~ p~n-dâpat-an. INcoNSTANT, F bimbang. I~coNVENIENT 1 &<l.:i ta's~nang. INcREASE1 T01 ~ tambahkan. INCREDIBLE1..si..;:.-,.;.Jy,<l,j' ta'bll. lih p~rchaya. INDEBTED1 t?~l;. Mr-6.tang. INDEEDP.S_AA bagitu-kah? INDIAN1 AN1 ~ tj~f Ôrang kling, ** ~ Ê.;~l ôrang hindi. I: DICATE,To, ~tunjuk-kau. INDIGENT, ~ miskin. INDIGN!TY1 0!,JW' ka-mâ)u-an, INDIGO,~ n!la (Ar.). INDIBCREET 1 ~.>~tiâdab!jak. INDISPOSED1 (averse), ~<L.. tiâda mau. ->4-=>' IND!VIDUAL1 AN1 t;'y" B8 1 Ôrang. INDIVIDUALLY1 Y~L,. mâsing mâsing. INDOLENT, v..jl.o mâlas, ~ s~gan. lodulge1 T01 (favour), ~u.._. m~ng-âsih. INDUSTRIOUS1 0*'?") râjin 1 ~~~ us 11ho1. INDUSTRY1 4--~1 usithâ, INEXPERIENCED1 U"4L:i la'biâ- 88. INFANT, Y,_;ülS' kânak-kânak. INFATUATIID1,gfj. ~ g!ja-brâhi. INFECTED1 ~j t~r-jangkit, INFECTIOUS1 ~yi Mr-jangkit. INFERIOR1 (of things), ~~ t;f kll.rang-baik. INFERIOR1 (in station), ~4> dibâwah. INFERNAL REGIONS1 >ij)-3 D~râka (Hind.). JNFIDEL1 jls' kâfir. (A>.). INFINITE, (in time),.}.l(î k~kaj., (in space), r:}:1jj..>~:ï tiâda b~r-pringgan. * English Malayified and understood. **' Corn mon, but properly "Orang BenggâJa", "Orang Madras" &c., according as they are natives of Bengal, Madras, &c.

98 INF -56- INS INFLiCT PUNISHMENT7 T0 7 m~nyeks!-kan d~ INFORM, To, 0S::..o~ miialumkan, d~ m~ny-atâ-kan, _,<l:i 05j. bri tau, d"'l achum. INFORMATION, p:> khab!ir (Ar.). INoENious, 05,).>-ir Mr-htl.di, ~pandei. INHABIT, TO, 0 w.)_,.> d1idok di, 0 1""0 dlam di. INHABITANT8, ~) raiat (Hind.). INHERIT, TO, ~Wj. Mr p~sâka. INJURE, To, ~-') rôsak-kan, dy.~! ani!ya-kan. INJUSTICB, 05~! aniâya (Sans.). INx, o_,l.> dâwat (Ar., dauat), l.m:i tin ta. INxsTAND, o_,l.) "-"'...R...t...:i. t~mpat dâwat. INL..uo,..:il:i j. Mr-tâtah. lnland, _,l_,l 0 di ulu, o).>.) di dârat. lnner, THE, ~10 ~ yang di-dâ Jam. INNOCENT, <::?~..U)0 ~Y" suchi dêri-pâda ka-sâlah-an,.jl..j..>[,.,:; tiâda Mr-sâlah. lnnumerable, ~;;.)4.-,:i tiâd~ \ t~r-bllang. i lnquire, TO, "fl..:; tânya, L...:.ï_,; j preksa. INSANE, ~ glia, ' INsEcT, (crawling), oji... &. ~\.4 binâtang yang m~lâta. INsEcT, (flying), f:jj &. ~l-4 binâtang yang t~rbang. INsERT, To, 0.,..:.'-=="-""'-""'--!:~" slsipkan. INsmE, ~1.>.> di-dâlam. INBIGNIA OF ROYALTY,~~. dl::-'/ p~rkâkas ka-râja-an. INSIPID, J-'l:i tâwar. INsoLENT, (arrogant), ;"'Lî kâsar, b~>"' sombong. INsPEcT, To, ~ m~-llhat, W;"" m~m-reksa. INSTANT, AN, ~L.. saat, ~ sa'k~jap, ~ Sll'bantar. INSTEAD, t.? ganti. INSTIGATE, TO, o_,_..u... m~ngâsut. INSTITUTION, (custom), 1::.>,)~ âdat, i"""j r~sam. * INsTRUcT, To, j?"l,;t,o m~ng-âjar. "' Resam is more a local practice; it is a word of very corn mon use in Pêrak.

99 INS -57- IRK INSTRUCTION, o'r.~ p~ng-i\.jaran. INSTRUCTOR,!')~f guru (Sans.). INSTRUMENT, ~ j p~rki\.kas. INsUFFICIENT,.J..-f ~ <.)L;,:i tii\.da ehdkup. INSULT, TO, (abuse),._,s1. mâ.ki. INsuPPORTABLE, t:f:;.'? <.)L;,:i tiâ.da t~r-tanggong. INTELLECT,~ akaj (Ar.). INTELLIGENGE1 (news), _FkhaMr (Ar.).. INTELLIGENT, <.3-'~;--i Mr-b1l.di, ~~Mr-â.kal. IN TEND, TO,..3~ handak. INTENTION,<.)~ maks(ld (Ar.). INTERCEDE, T01 d~l;f'/ t:-j_,:i t(l- Jong biemra-kan. JNTEREST, (of money), b[!>-1 b(lnga wang, ~ ribâ. (Ar.). INTERFERE, Ta, ~ri ber-champur, id_,.a 0i-wl.. mâ.sok mülut. INTERNAL, r-!1<.)<.) di-dâlam. INTERPRET, TO, J? t.s.f. bri Mrti. INTERPRETER, U'"~!')~ juru bmsa. INTERROGATE, T01 o-îw~ preksa-kan. INTERRUPT, ro, (indiscourse),w;...l.. ~Y' mâ.sok mfilut. INTERBPERSE L..,...l... ~ s~jangs~li. INTERVAL, if':l-s ka-s~lang-an. INTERVIEW, o!l+j} p~r-l~id1î-an. INTESTINES, O!J j JIJ ti\.li prut. INTIMATE, (well acquainted), J..<l' r~~ k~nal baik baik, U'"4-i.f. Mr-biâsa. INTIMIDATE 1 To, o,_s'l..:; <.5;-i bri tâkut. INTOXICATED, ~1.. mi\.bok INTRICATE, =---~ kôsot. INTRODUCE, T01 (bring in), ~~, ;;_..L.. bawa mâsok. INTRUST1 T01 <:Pf" s~rah kan. INUNDATION1 "::'! y.l il. y er bah* JNVADE, Tü, p ]anggar. INVARIABLE, "-/!Jiyi <.)~ yang tiâda Mr-(l bah. lnvent1 T01 0 J\:,p~ jâ.di-kan. INVISIBLE, ~ J'lnyap. INviTE, To, a-s~ stla-kan, ~;;; panggil, o_,.4:?- j~mpnt, -...R.:?-1 âjak. INVULNERABLE, j..;l kitbaj. IRKBOME 1., süsah. Sound the h.

100 IRO -58- JOI IaoN,~Msi. -, AN, or To, là,>:f'"l istrlka * (Hind.). IRoNrCAL, y.~ sindir. IRREGULAR, ;,_:ï~.>4.-:i tiâda berâtur, IRBESOLUTE, F. bimbang. Is,.>l âda. IsLAND, _,.J_,; pu lau. IssuE, TO, (go out), ;!,-.1--l klllar, =-t',? t~rbit. IT, L3.) dia, ~~ itu. ITcH, ~.>:f kudis, ITcHY, J..:;LS gâtai. ITEM, AN, ){S';' p~rkâra (Hind.). ITERATE, rt:j,l.f. Mr-1\lang-lllang. ITSELF, L3j.~ ~ dia B~ndiri. IvoRY, &.1..? gâding. JACK FRUIT,,_,3~ cbemplt dak, ** u;:;._; nang ka. J ACKAL, juy:f"' srigâja. JACKET,_Y.~ bâju. JAIL, ~~ p~njâra (Pers.). J.uwa, ~~;.;y:> k~tll.ap~njâra. JAPAN, o1'?' LS/-J n~gri j~pll.n. J u, A, a!la.:i t~mpâian. 'JAVA, JAVANESE, ~L:;> jâwa. JAws, 'e; rlihang. Juwus,_,..>~ cbembllru. JEER, TO, y!~ m~ny.indir. JERK, To, ~ sintak-kan. JEsT, A,~!...<:;> j~nâka. JEsus, L~ ~ nabi isa. JEw, A, l,...c.>~ yahlldi. JEw's BARP, A, È;;.s genggong. JEWEL, A, ol..o,_; p~r-mâta, ~) rittna (Sans.). JEWELLER, L3;1_9>j?' j~hâri (Pers.). JINOAL, Jl,.,JJêJa. JoB, TO WORK BY THE, È_;,..-1 ~rk~rja bôrong. JoG,TO, (trans.)tf.'~ gunchang. JoiN, To, (a person), l.4:?- jumpa. JoiN on, TO, ~_,lllbong-kan, cf"y-+'" sambong-kan. JoiNT,_., (of the limbs), ~ sin di. JoiNT, (of a reed),.,s'y. buku. * Hindustani, adopted; Jiterally ~eans "wife's work". ** The "Chempadak" is rather smaller than the unangka" but the outward appearance of the two fruits, except as regards size, is the same.

101 JOI -59- KEY JoLT1 TO, &:f' goyang. JoURNEY1 A 1 0~j p~r-ja)ân-an. J OY1 L>"u;:_s- ka-slika-an. JunoN, A, fl.:> hâkim (Ar ) -, TO, ~ m~ng-hukum-kan.* JuDGMENT1,A,!'",;:::> hukum (Ar.). JUDICIOUR1 ~ bljak. Juo, A, t"'~ buyong. ** JUGGLE, TO, ol... ~..:r.l. main sllap mâta. JUGGLER1 A, d.o --.o..l-~ p~nyllap mâta. J UicE, y.l âyer, _,c~l.. mâdu. t JuMP, To, ~ lompat. JuNGLE, d_,lfttan, tt <::?y$' M- tan. JUNIOR, lely ~ )~bih mftda. JuNK1 ~-' wôngkang. JURISDICTION1.:iJj prentah. JusT, jcll.,. âdil (Ar.). - xow, o---"1'- sat ini, r. dl sa'bantar ini, ~1... saat (Ar.). JUST P AST, L5'-'l:i tadi. JusTIFY1 TO, cf fi Mnar-kan. JusTLY, ~Li...~ d~ngan sapâtut-nya. JuT OUT, TO, &-'If. Mr-il.jong. J UVENILE1 lely mil. da. K KEEL1 u-)_,.ijftnas. KEEP, TO, a-"- simpan,._,l...<...o m~n-âroh. KEEP A PROMISE, TO, ~ ~ m~ny-ampei-kanjanjl. KEEFER, A,~ p~n-unggu. KEo,.;., k.s' Ê:fi tong k~chil. KERNEL,.o., ~llsi. KETTLE,.;., ~ k~ndi, WY)"R" chêrek. KEY, A, L~...;.S. wul ânak kunchi. Sound the h. **" A HRuyong" is a round vessel of eartbenware; the European Jug is called "Gayong" and often in the Straits Settlements "Jag". t "Mad n" is used when sïjeaking of fruits thejuice ofwhich is sweet. tt See note to "Thicket".

102 KIC KNO KicK, TO, F t~ndang, * ~ sêpak. Km, A, ~ 0üt ânak kambing. KIDNAP, TO, afyj':jj lâri-kan. KIDNEYS 1 ~~ l,i btîah pinggang. KILL, TO,._;.Jo/ bo.noh. -, TO,(for food with religious forms), ~ s~mblehkan,,_5'-4 bantei. KILL, (FOWLS), TO, t9 pôtong. KILLED1._;.Jo~j t~r-btînoh. KIND, (sort). ~ j~nis, ** ~l.o mâcham. t KIND, (atfectionate), ~~t-i.s' kâsih. KINDLE, To, &--W pâsang, tt d':jjl.,:; m~-nyâla-kan. KINDRED1 r}' kaum (Ar.), lj},_ls' k~lgrga (Hind.), ü!,; puak. KING,;:;:) râja. KINGDOH, lft:,..t; ka-râja-an. Kiss, A, r~ chium, u~ k~chup. Kiss, TO, r~.;._., m~n-chium, u.jo?.'~ m~ng-~chup. KITCBE~,}~;t.;.dâpor,~'P~nangga. 1 KITE, (bird), tj È.;~ Mrong 14ng. - ' (of paper), Y& ':Ji lâyangrl:tyang. KITTEN, ~_,{ 0Litânak kuching. KNEAD, :ro, U"" ) râmas. KNEE, =-~ IO.tut. KNEEL, TO, ~_,.L. m~-io.tut. KNIFE,~ pisan. -, ÜHOPPING, ~cl':jj Jâding (inkuah),...;,;j.,s gôlok (inn.. rak), È.J\; pârang (elsewher ) KNIFE, SHALL, 2,_, ~ pisau walt. KNIT THE BROWB 1 T01 $t.> o_,,...s krot dahi. KNOCK 1 TO, (st.-ike), j.).,> pukol. -, TO, (with the fist), ~~ gôchok, F hantam. KNOCK DOWN 1 T01 ~ banting. KNoT, A, Jf- simpul. -, (in wooà),_,{.joi buku. KNow, To, (understand), ~?""' m~ng-~rti,~l:i tahu. KNow, TO, (be acquainted with), j..;{ k~nal. KNow, I non't M.it ~ntah. * "T6ndang" with the sole of the foot; "Sêpak" with the top of the foot. **Arabie ' Jins"; Latin "genus". t Not Malay adopted. tt To lay and light a fire "Pelkat api".

103 KNO -61- LAN Kt<OWLEDGE1 0~ p~ng-tâhu-an. Kt<owt<, WELL, J~ m~shhur (Ar.). Kt<owt<, TO MAKE, _,<l:i ls.f. bri tahu, ~ m~ny-atâ-kan. KNUCKLE 1 l5)4- ~Y, buku jari. KRJs*,~f L LABOUR, (work), ()''4-f> p~-k~rja-an. LABOUR, To, 0~ M-k~rja. LABOURER, ~_,1 tj-'1 Ôrang üpah-an,._)fo ÊJ-'1 ôrang kuli **. LAc, ( ) L-o.l...J_,A... sapfiloh laksa t. LACE, IW.l,>:) renda (Port.), ~ plta (Port.). LAD, r~ Ü<.)_,. Mdak lâki-lâki. LADDER, ~ tangga. LADEN, To, ~!,-o müat-kan. LADEt<, TO, Ut<- ~~ punggah. LADEt<, DEEPLY, o).w sârat. LADLE, <_,..M.. s~ndok, _,<.)_,... su du, e_yl.? gâyong. LADY, 0 _,<1.. ma'wan, <. - alti, LS"f.J: in ohe. LAKE, ~ tâsek,_,..il<.) dânau. LAMB, rlsj"'i Wi-il ânak biri-biri. LAME, ~ tempang. LAMENT, To, '-.:;If' m~-râtap. LAMP, ~ p~llta (Pers.). LucE, 04-o_,.J tombak. LAND,...;\:i tânab. (opposed to water), "";!<.) dârat. LAt<Dil<G PLACB, of~ bâgan. LAt<DLORD,...;L...:; 0!,:; tîian tânah. LANE, É_;,J Jôrong. LAt<GUAGE1 U"4-i bhâsa. LAt<TERt<1 lpml lantêra. * The ordinary descriptions of the kris-the national weapon-are: the "kris" or "kris pandak", the short kris; the ukris panjang", or long kris; the "bâdik" a straight short stabbing knife; and the "tumbuk-jàda", a smaller slightly curved dagger. Not Malay, but well understood everywhere. t "Laksa" in Malay means

104 LAP -62- LEA lanting (Jav.), tfi=i tanglong (tenglong). LAP, THE, fo pangku, ~:) riba. -, TO HOLD ON TBE, ~ m~m-angku. LAP, TO, ~ jllat. LARD,.5~._;U l~mak b/ibi, ~..;,~ mlnyak bâbi. LARGE, r. Msar, r-s'i âgan;t. (wide), u-!,jluas. LAsH, (of a whip), ~~ ~1:; tâli châbok (Port.),. +:ir ~1:; tâli cham li* LABT, ;>~ yang âkhir (Ar.). - BORN, ~._ji_jl ânak bongsu. - DAY, THE, :.:..04,> f..3.jl_, hâri kiâmat. - NIGHT, ~L..w sa'mâlam. LAsT, To, ~ tâhan. LncH, A, [.~ :<;...;..i' kanching, &.-f.-.ili p~ng-anching. LnE, (in time), ~ lambat. LnE, THE, (of Rulers), ~}1 al m~rhum (Ar.). LATELY, -'.J~ bhâru, ~\:; tadi. LATTER, THE, d-~ [:-,! yang k~mdian. r, ~ kisi LATTICE WORK, kisi. - ~ LAUGH, TO, 1,\:i_ii t~r tâwa,...aj3" g~lak. LAuNcH, To, c:ij.ji tdrun-kan. LAw, rt.<.à--ïi undang-undang, o..k âdr.t ** LAw, SENTENCE OF THE, ~hu kum (Ar.). LA WFUL, ;.;_:;L.; pâtut, JJG. halâj (At.). LA WSUIT, ~l.;f'i bichâra. LAY, To, (place),._,} târoh, "-!~ Mboh. LAY A WAGER, To, }j. Mr-târoh. LAY BY, To, ~ simpan, ~1 âsing-kan. LAY EGos, To,.Jfi.j. Mr t~lor. - HOLD, TO, ~ p~gang, <::J_,i; paut. LA Y w ASTE, To, cf..l-4 binâeakan. LAzY, u-jl. mâlas, ~ s~gan. LEAn, (metal), f""':!l...;; tlmah ltam. LEAD, (for sounding), r-'j prum (Port), b<.)"::j lâdong, 3_,<.),:>"\> bâtu ddga. Not Maylay, adopted. "" Lit. Custom.

105 LEA -63- LET LEAD, Ta, (go with),.:f~ m~ng-antar-kan. LEAD, TO, (guide), all::- <:fo.w tunjuk kan jâlan. LEADER, A, (guide),_,...>..;.; pandu. A, (chief), j_# p~ng Mlu. LEADER, A, (in battle), ~ p~ng Jima. LEAF, A, y..'t 0 _,1..> daon kayu. - (of paper), ~ sa'mlê. LEAKY 1 TO LEAK 1 r-_r/ bôcbor, t..rè?. tlris. LEAN, (thin), U"Jf kll.rus. - To, ~ sengit. - AGAINST, TO, )~ Bandar. LEAP, Ta, ~ lompat. LEARN1 TO, r.~ b]âjar. LEARN THE Koa!N, TO, t..?~ m~ng-aji. LEARNED 1 ~b ajim (Ar.). LEARNING, olr.~ p~ng-ajar-an, 0 ~ p~ng-tau-an. LEAST, ~ ~ ~ yang k~cbil skali. LEATHER1 :,W_,î kftlit. LEA VE, Ta, ~ tinggal-kan. - OFF, Ta, ~j. Mr-Mnti. -, (permi. sion), 0...ilithin(Ar.).l - OF ABSENCE, <5iR cbuti. LEAVE, TO TAKE, Ï'fl(erior to SUperior), ~-"";/ Mr-m~hun. LEECH, HoasE,.:.:.J lintah. -, (small), ~\; pitchltt. LEES of WINE, }::11 $l:i tai anggor. LEEWARD1 ~~._,t,.> di-bawah an gin. LEFT1 (opposed foright), l5:r.f kiri. LEFT-HANDEo,l5r.f d k~rjakiri. LEo,~ Mtis. LEGEND, ~f"" cberlta. LEGITIMATE; jj.b. bajâ] (Ar.). LEISURE, AT, t'- s~nang. LEISURELY1 ~'!Jj p~r-jâban. LEMaN, A, ~lt _,...J liman kapas. LEND, Ta, r.>w c}~ Mgi pinjam. LENGTH, ~ panjang. LENGTHEN, Ta, ~ panjangkan. LEPROSY, LM.î kosta. LEss, (in size), ~).> J..:;.f.S k~cbil dêri-pâda. LEss, (in number or quality), tjf..>.>ys'kll.rang dêri-pada. LEssoN, A, (teaching), 0 1;-'?":i.; p~l-âjar-an. LET, Ta, (permit), ft blar. - ao, Ta, ~!~pas-kan.

106 LET. FOR sêwa. LET - H - LIN ~ BIRE1 T0 1 ~ t.sj. bri (epistle), a"";;& "'-'),.. LETTER1 sll.rat klrim-an. -, (characters), U-'f"' huruf* (At.). LEVEL1 o) râta. Lin, A, Ê~ p~m-mhong. LIBEL1...;,;.;; fit~nah (Ar.). LIBERAL, j;l; ~r' mfirah bâti. LIBERA TE, T0 1 ~ Mpas-kan. LwK, To, ~ jllat. Lm, A, (cover), ~_ii tll.dong-an. -, EYE, o\..o,_iu_,.l) klôpak mata. LIE1 A, t~ Mhong. -, TO TELL A1 t~ m~m-b~hong, LIE nown, To, 6'} bltring. LIFE, ~~ nyltwa, oi.,p hâiat (Ar.), ~ jlwa. LIFT, TO, ~~ angkat-kan. -, To, (set on end), a'yy...m.o m~n-diri-kan. LmuT, (opposedtodarkj,t?trang. OF DAY1 ~ slang. (in colour), I.Jy mll.da., T01 t--1; pâsang. LIGBT1 (not heavy)1 ~) ringan. LmBT-uousE1 A, ~~ "-"-'J rll.mah âpi. LIGBTNING1 ~ kl!at. LIKE1 (alike), rl- sltma, u_,)"""" sa-rll.pa, oj- s~p~rti. To, 15_,... sll.ka, if r. Mr- LIKE1 Mnan, "*"'~ m~ng-âsih. LIKENEss, A1 pt1 gambar. LIKEWISE1 J_,; pfija, J' _P.- jfiga. LILY, tf\1 bltkong. - 1 W ATER 1 r.l t.f~ bâkong âyer. LILY, (lot~s), j;~ trâtei. LIMB 1 oftl angg~ta. LIME, (caix). )_,;'5 kltpor. -, (fruit), u-':;-i ~ liman nlpis,~ 1""'1 âpa~ liman. LIMIT, (boundary), <:}:1j pr~nggan. LnnTEn1 (confiued), '4.4- s~mpit. LIMPID,.._,;,fr j~rneh. LIMPING 1 H~ penchang, ~tempang. LINE1 A, ll"'} bâris. -, ( cord), ~l:i tâli. - 1 To, o:h'j lâpis-kan. "' Plural. One cbaracter, "Haraf"

107 LIN -65- LON LINGER, TO, ~;i Mr-Jengah. LINING, cr-*'~làpis-an, u---!1 âlas. LINS:, A, (of a chain), a~ chinchin. LION, A, ~ singa (Hind.). LIP, ft;,/ blbir. LIQum, ;.!~ chair. LIQuoa, 0"_,;.,.,.. mlnum-an. LIST,?,:, daftar (Ar.). LIBTEN, TO, ~ m~n-d~ngar. LITTER, A, ( vehicle), if_,-_,1 usongan. L!TTER (rubbish), >Àç.. sampah. LITTLE, ~"\) k~ehij. -, (in. quantity), ~..>... sm! kit. LIVE, TO,._;_,0.# hldup. -, TO, (dwell),!"'",:, diam, ~ ting gal. LIVELIBOOD, <:.f.;4f.;j p~n-ehârian,.;}~ ka-hldup-an. LIVELY, ~ pantas. LIVER (the organ), t$il.9> bâti. LIVING, l,~j. Mr-nyâwa. LIZARD (chameleon), r..o.._,... sumpah-sumpah. LtzAan, GRAss- VJ~ Mngkârong. Lizum, RonsE- ~*-'t chlchak. LoAn, To, cf=i!,a mll.at-kan. LoAn, A, dyo mll.at-an. LoADBTONE, J,l;1 ji~ bâtu brâni. LoAF OF BREAD, A, s_,) ~ sa'biji rôti. Lou, t:j_,ill.tang. LoBSTER (cray-fish),..jls Ê,:,Y hll.dang gâlah, Locs:, A, ~.;S' kunehi. -, TO, (with a key) ~.;S' kunchi-kan. LocoMOTivE, A, ~~ l.;.:,>f ~~ enjin krêta âpi. LocusT, ~~ bilâlang. LonGE, To, ~ m~n-ll.mpang. LOFTY, ~ tinggi. LoG, A, (small),,-il Ê~ pootong kâyu. -, A, (larger), >"IS t'\> bâtang kâyu. -, A, (still la ger), -.;tl~ bâlak. LOITER, TO, cf~~;! Mr Jengah di jâlan. LOIIESOME, t.#.r sftoyi. LoNG, ~ panjang. - A Go,,..>... ~ ~ là ma sudah. - AB, As, (in lime), L.L.. sa'- lâma. LoNG, As, (in length), ~sa' panjang. LOIIG FOR, TO, d_,ùù) rindu-kan. 5

108 LOO -66- LUC Loox, TO, t~ pandang, <_#. tingo', Ê _,.i_; r~nong. Loox, TO, (see), ~ Ilhat. -, (descry), Vl4i nampak. LooK FOR, TO, -s_;l.f.;... m~n.ehil.ri. LOOKING GLABS1 ~ I:J::"ft emrmin mdka. Loo>I, A1 (weaver's), ~ j~ntra (Hind.). LoosE, (in particles), c)_; r~iei. -, (undone), ~_,J Idehut, Êfk~rbang. -, (not tight), p~ Ionggar. -, (in texture), [_;L::- jil.rang. -, TO LET ~ Mpas-kan. -, To, (unfurl), ls', Mka. LoQUAciOus, ~ ~ panjang lldah. LoQuAmous, TO BE ~ L;.:,.f"" Ianjut kan eherlta *. LoRD, THE, c:?_,:l tdhan. - ( uler) 0!,.-.:>'~ yang di-p~r-tdan. LoRD, MY,.!'lÛ!,:i tdan-ku**,_,.(;:i tunku. LoRD, A, CHIEF, ;"'-! [_;_,! ôrang Msar, ~ [;_,l ôrang kil.ya. LosE, TO, ~ hllang. LosE, TO, (incur loss), L~-'J rdgi LosT, ~.~ sudah hllang. Loun, (of the voice), ~ Msar. -, ( shrill), t:':.>l.,j nyil.ring. LoueE, A, ji kutu. -, TO CRACK A, ~~fl Mr-tindis, ~~ b~r-tlnas. LoVE, ~ls' kâsih. -, TO, ~~ m~ng-âsih. ARDENTLY, TO, ~~~ bril.hi. LoVELY, LI"'}...;;..Y.l êlok pil.ras. LOVER 1 A, ~l;j; p~ng-âsih. Low,.N_; r~ndah. -, (in stature), ~..,_.. pondek (and pandak). -, (in priee), ~Y' mdrah. -, (in voice), LI"'_,J~ halus. -, TO,(ascattle),<~m~ngwa'. Low WATER, ~ _;-:!! il.yer timpas. LowER, TO, ~_;;' tdrun-kan., TO, (reduce), ~;" m~-r~ndah-kan. LoYu,,s:.- s~tla, 0 <~jl kap~reha ya-an. Lucx, Gooo, ê_,...-;:-;1 un tong, ~~ &. ~ naslbyang baik. ~ To be garrulous. * See "Highness".

109 LUC -67- MAJ LucK, BAn, 0~ ~ naslb cmj!tka. LuGGAGE, re} bltrang bltrang. LUKEWARH, (tepid), r!,.w suam, LuHINous, 4<r châhia. LuMP, A, J.,i..5 g~mpal. LUN.lTIC, ~? glla. LUNGS, THE, r_,} paru-paru. LuaK, To, L.-,1~;1 Mr-sém- Mnyi, u.ni ~ndap. LusT, ~Y hawa nafsu (Ar.). LuTE, A, &.Jr s1îling. LUXURIANT, (foliage), ;1,..- S1Îbar. Luxua1ous, 0 l..l amân (Ar.). LYING, (recumbent), &:)w; t~rbltring. M MAcE, (spice), ~L; U~ Mnga pâla. MACHINE, o_,w ~~ j~ntra p~sltwat. MAD,~ glla, MAGAZINE, (ofarms), <:;Jl.:f\-tp.>.S g~dong sinjâta. 1\f.lGGOT, A, ~_,Illiat. -, A (book), ~ g~gat. -, A, (wood), 'Y-Y. bubo'. MAGIC,~ hikl(mat (Ar.). MAoisTaATz,.., ~~ 0!,.:>' tllan mâjistret * MAGNET, A, L.,-ifr. ~ Msi brlt. ni. MAHOMEDAN, r':ll...f isjâm (Ar,), liiaid, A, (virgin). }> 0i.il ânak dâra. Mun, A, (female attendant), rt:;l-> dâiang-dâiang, o~j w..>; Mdak pr~mp1îan. MuL, Cou OF, c?j fr~ bâju rantei, '7') fr~ Mju zêrah. MAIMED, f:?f k1î~.?ng. MAIN MABT, b-31 ~ tlang âgong. MAINTAIN, To, (support), dip pl~mrâ-kan. MAINTENANCE, cfi.m mak~n-an. MuzE, (Indian corn), tfi.::- jigong. MAJEsTY, (title), c)_,.;. duli. This title is weil understood in the Straits, and also in many of.the Native States.

110 MAJ -68- MAN MAJEBTY, Youa, _,.=:,..;!,1 tdanku*. MûoaiTY, THE, 01-;!~ yang bânyak. MAKE, TO, ~]H bdat-kan, ~..>L:;- jâdi-kan. -, To, (compose),,;p;'i kârang-kan. MAKER, A, E _,:; tdkang. MALADY, ~~ peny-âkit. MALAY,.., }!llo t;-'1 ôrang ma- Jâiu. MALAYAII, }!JLo majâiu. MALE, ~ jantan. MALICE, r""""' dàmdltm. MALLET, jl_,..o pem-dkoj. MAil, A, t;-'1 ôrang. MAIIAGE1 T01 J'~ men-jâga. -, ro, (govern), ~.J""" mem-renlah-kan. MANDATE, ~ tltah. MAllE, ~ _,.ly, bulu tengko'. MANGE, TH&, ~ti., u)f kdrap binâtang. MAIIG0 1 (fruit), Lili!,.! bdah mangga **, ~!H Mah memplam **,._,L..;!H Mah pauh. MAIIGo, Hoasm, &.~ bâchang. MAIIIlROVE, _,s'~ bâkau. MAIIGUBTEEN1 ~-!ri bdah manggis. MANac, A, ~J-'1 ôrang glla. MAIIIFEST, "'-'~ nyâta, t? trang. MAIIKJND, cs-----ïla manusia (Sans.). MANIIEa, (mode),~!.:;:.- châra,!""'"l.. mâcham. ' (behaviour), o!,jo.l kalâku-an. MANTLE, (loose garment), ~ (J'!'i kain le pas, è.m.l... IJ.!'i kain selendang. MAIIUFACTURE 1 d~j per-bdatan. MAIIURE1 ct bâja. MANUBCR!PT, "'-';,.. sdrat. MANY, ~~ bânyak. MANY, How, ~4 ul_r. brâpa bânyak., AB, ~4-w sa'bânyak. - ' so, ~ sekian. "' See note to "Highness". Both these words are probably Sanskrit, and introduced here by the Tamils. "Mangga", which in Tamil means "unripe" is in use in Malacca and Singapore, and "Memplam", which in Tamil means "ripe", in Penang.

111 MAP -69- MAT MAP, A, U:; pma. MARBLE, ~~,:;~ Mtu puâlam, j" j" j>\o bâtu marm!tr. MARCH, T01 ali.::-ft ber-jâjan. MARE, ~ 1..>_,.( k1ida betlna. MARGIN1 ~ t~pi. MARK, 1~ tanda, ~ bekaa. -, (sea!), ~ ch!tp, <.STM m~trêi. MARKET, ;-'"L.; pâsar, ~ p~kan. MARRIAGE, 0"~ kâwin (Pers.), 0 ljg nikâh (Ar.). MARRIAGE PORTION, 0"~ ~~!si kâwin. MARRIAGE, TO ASK IN, F m~m!nang. MARRIAGEABLE, ;-+-" <..s4- sampei ftmor. MARRIAGEABLE1 (of szdtable rank),,;y' kufu. MARRIED, O"~ft,..>.,..., sudah ber-kâwin, 0 ljg '""- sudah nikâh, c#. ft '""- sudah Mrbini. MARROW, ~,:1 vu_,j Ôlak tftjang. MARRY, TO, (wed), cr'~ ft ber-kâwin, <.S.f'")i Mr-istri. MARRY, ENGAGED To, ~_,;1ft Mrtftnang. MARsn, A, LSl; pâya. MARSHAL1 T01 (set in ar1 ay) 1 ;}il;;, m~ng-âtur. MARVELLOUB, o'~ hêran, t?-:;::-y; t~r-ch~ngang, ':-Y.~L=f' ajâib (Ar.). MASCULINE, çjm=:- jan lan, r ~-:,\ lâki-lâki. MAsn, To, (mix up), J~ champur. -,To,(reducetopulp),~ pipis-kan. MAsK, A, ~,;; topeng. MASON1 A STONE, }i~ ë }i tftkang bâtu. MASSACRE, o"_,..;_,...s ka-bftnohan. MAST, ~ tlang. -, ';ORE 1 u..>j t,',.! tlang âdap. -, MAIN, e,.jj ~ tlang âgong. - > MIZEN1 &l~ ~ liang blâkang. MASTER, 0!,-J tftan, ~~JJ inche., (p eceptor), -'J,.s o!r-=> guru., (of a vesse!), 1..>_,$' nakhoda (Pers.). MAT, A, #. tlkar.

112 :MAT -10- MED MAT, RooFING, & kâjang *. MATCH, A, (fellow), _,..l_p. jodo. -, A, (for a mine),~ sombu. liiatch1 A LUCIFER1 cs>j,_;;,j> târek âpi. MATE, A, (companion), 0 _,1>'kâwan. -,.., (of a vesse!),~ miialim (Ar.). MATE, CHECK, ol.o mât** :MATTED, ~ o::j >"' sugun hantu. MATTER, (business), JL> hâl (Ar.)., (pus),...;~ nânah., N01 ul ~ t!d'âpa. MATTREss, ~ t!lam. MAW 1 FISH 1 rur-jlûpa-jllpa, E--# k~lumpang. Mn, (can),..s_, Mlih. ME,~ sahya t, ~~ âku..meadow, A, [..l\5 pâdang. MEAGRE, (thin), Lr)f' kllrus. MEAL, (from grain), ttj t~pong., food), erik. makân-an. MEAN, (ignoble), at? hlna, cf...l dina. -, (stingy), j-4 klkir. -, To,(intend),~.J~handak, ~b- ho\jat (Ar.): MEANING1 d? h~rti. MEus, (property), o:;.,? Mrta. MEus, (of livelihood), o:'j4f.;.; p~n-châri-an. MEASURE 1 To,(ofcapacily),~>"' ûkat-kan., TO, (of length), f_,lllkur., A, (of capacity ), di>yw sllkat-an., A1 (of length), o)_,-î_,} ükur-an. MEAT, &'l..l dâging. MECCA1 (the city),.s., m~kah. MECBANic, A, E _i'" tllkang. MBDAL, P, bintang. MEDDLE, To, J~ champur,.j:is ganggu. MEDIATOR, A 1 L5'}~ p~n-dâmei. MEDICJliiE, '-""'_,lllbat. " A most useful contrivance made of mbngkuang leaves, and used for boat coverings, cart coverings, &c. In the jungle it answers the pur~ pose of a tent. *"" Possibly connected with the Akkadian "Mit", the Chinese" "'Mut", the Arabie "Mat" and the Malay "Mati" ail meaning "dead". t See ~!".

113 MED -71- MID MEDLEY, J-'~ )~ champur baur. :MEET, TO,,..:;;i Mr-t~mu, ~~ Mr-jumpa. -, To, (receive wuh courtesy), ~~ sambut-kan. MEET, (fitting), "'".:;\; pâtut. MEETING, (assembly),d# kumpul-an, ~"' m~j~lis * MELANCHOLY, ~ \!)_,..> dfika chlta, r;y' mo.ram. MELODIOus, -''"'f' m~rdu. MELON, WATER, ~~ mand~ J!kei, ~ tamblkei. MELT, To, <::/;:;:f.~ hanchor-kan, <::/;:r.j!~bor-kan. MEMBER, A, (of the body), o~l anggo.ta. MEMORABLE, (famous), Jrt~ m~shhur. MEMORANDUM, ~Wyl_,ô <.::>),... so.rat p~r-ingat-an. MEMORY, d\.iy>b' ka-ingat-an. MENACE, To, (threaten), o_,_?_,l O.gut. MEND, To, ~4-o-- m~m-baiki. MENDICANT, RELIGIOUS, ~ fl1jdr, (Ar.). MENIAL, (ser~ant), Ü-'>i bo.dak, ~hamba**. MENTION, TO, any.- s~but-kan, <.::>Y.t." m~ny-~but. MENTIONED, o~; t~r.s~but. MERCHANDisE, ifls'..> dagâng-an, d~j p~r-niâga-an. MERCHANT, A,}!..>_,... sodâgar. MERCIFUL, (as the Deity), O"'""'"J rahmân (Ar.). MERCURY, (quicksilver),wj raksa. MERCY, ~ kâsih-an, ~) rahlm (Ar.). MERELY, c;:4- s~hâja. MERIT, t.rl.:?- jâsa. MERRY, ~ 1!)_,... sfika-chlta. MESSAGE, dl-; p~sân-an. METU, ()~,:.!~bor-an. METAPHOR, ri.o..i umpâma. METEOR, p ~;B' chlrit bintang. METHOD, jb <..Sf pri hâj. MEw, TO, (as a cat),~m~ng-iau. MIDDAY, <..S;\.9.:a:; t~ngah hâri. MIDDLE,.:.:; t~ngah. MIDNIGHT, ~Lo û:; Mngah mâ Jam. MIDWIFE, ()~ bldan. "' A meeting of four or more parsons. u Lit., Slave.

114 MIG -72- MIS MIGHT1 (could),.jy, M.lih. -, (powe ), U"!,S' kuasa. MILD, (in tempe ), coy..o-l Mmbut, ~l.omanis. MILDEW1 oj:j'j Jâpok. MILE,_,:;~ batu * MILK, ""~ susu. -, TO, Y"~ j prah susu. MILL,.l1 ~ p~ng-glling. MILLION,.._, L-;W ~;"' sa'ratus laksa. MIMIC1 T01 cf:'r.l âjok-kan,cf.:'"l âchan. MINA., (the bird),è_~ è.j~ M.rong t'long. MINCE, T0 1 r~_,.! ~~ chin chang IO.mat IO.mat. MIND1 THE1 ~ akaj (Ar.). -, To, (heed), ~1 ingat. -, T01 (look after), J'L:,. jâga. MINDFUL1 (attentive), ~~ râjin. MINE,~~~ sahya punya** -, ;., (excavation), è_~_,.! Iumbong. MINER1.l1 è_~_,.l._jijl ânak ]um hong. MINISTER of STATE, <.SjM man tri (Sans.). MINUTE,.l1(of time), ~ minit (Eng.) t- MIRE, J~ Iumpor; co-}- s~ Iut. MIRROR1,V>-" ~>-'?" cmrmin mo. ka. MisCARRI.lGE,.._, (as of a female), o~f fl ka-go.g~r-an. MISCELLANEOUS 1 r._l~ bi\gei-bâ gei, r ~ j~nis-j~nis. MISCHIEF, ol;f~ Mnchâna. MisCONDUCT, ~L.;..>~ _rf'j lâku yang tiâda pâtut. MISER,.._, :f& tj-'1 ôrang ktkir. MISERY, 0 ~15_,...5 ka-sukâr-an. MrsFORTURE,.V~;:.- ch~lâka, ~~~ ~ nasib ta'baik. MISLE..n, T01 ~ m~ny-~satkan. MISPRONOUNCE1 T01 ~ pêjat, Miss, To, ({ail to hit), W'..>L;; tiâda k~na. MIST, co~lil kâbut. MISTAKE1 '--"4.- silap,.jl... sâjah, MIBTRESS1 Y~JI inche. * Lit., a stone. The English word mile is understood in sorne places. ** See "His". t Understood in the Straits,

115 IMS -73- MON MISTRBss, A, (concubine), ~w_,? gundek. k~ndak., A, (paramour), -..3~ MISTRUST1 T0 1..sl.::;rj tjy k1irang p~rchaya. MISUNDERSTAND1 T01 <..#?-'.Ji... sâlah m~ng-~rti, ~.JI... sâlah!'!!ham. M1x, To, ç/j~ champur-kan, ~_,..;;-ls' kâchok-kan, J-'L, baur, P"l) kamir (usually in the making of cakes). MoAN, To, 0ü'lf' m~-râtap. MoAT, A, """")> pârit. MoB, (rabbie), d..> c:r.? hlna-d!- na. MocK, To, y!~ m~ny-indir. MonEL, ~ chonto. MonERATE, (in priee),..ji;~..>[,.,:; ~ tiâda brâpa m~hal., (indifferent),~~ ê.jf k1irang baik. MoDERN, -'J4! bhâru. MoDEST, or santiin., (bashful),}l. mâlu. MoisT, (damp), ~ I~ngas, ~ l~mbap. -, ( wet),... ~ bâsah. MoLASSEs, ~ ~ mants-an t~bu. MoLE, (on the skin), ~~$~tai Iâlat, IJ..U tanda. MoLEST, To, ~_,1 1isik. MoLTEN, Jr.f~ hanchor. MoMENT, A, ~ sa'k~jap *. MoNARCH, 0 l..b.l. sultân (Ar.), ~ Mginda**, 0 i_i;j ~ yang di p~r-t1ian *** MoNnAY, ~1..s)~ hâri lthnâin. MoxEY, t-' wang, """"-'..> duit. (cash)._,;_,_:; Ê.-' wang tunei. MoNKEY, ~Y' m1inyit t, )-J krat. '-'-';! brok tt, e} 111- "' See "Instant". "Baginda" is properly only applied to a Râja who obtains his throne by conquest, or who eonquers another country, Contl'acted into ~'Yam TO.an". t Both these words are used for the corn mon brown long-tailed monkey. -ft A large monkey with short tai!, often trained to gather coco-nots and doriens.

116 MON -74- MOT tong*, ~~ llngka **, ~~ si&mang ***, ~L. mawa t MoNOPOLYj.., -.Ji.:?-\; pajak. MoNsooN, (season), ~Y' musim. MoNTa, cf>' blllan. -, LAST, V... cf.r/ bl\jan sudah. -, NEXT, W..ll; cf>' bl\jan Mdap. _, THis, a-!1 cf>' Mlan ini. MONTHLY, rd>' blllan-mian. MoNUMENT,.., ~~ aiamat (Ar.). MooN, THE, cf>' blllan. -, FULL, ruj cf>' bl\jan p~rnâma. IN CRESCENT, cf>' if_,jgil Mngkong-an Mlan. -, NEW, cf~:)4- sa'hari M~an. MooNLIGHT, t? cf>' blllan trang, d>< ~ châhia Mlan. MooaHEN,.., [Y-:'"_,.; puchong. Moa.lss,..,. d; pâya. MoaE,...oJ I~bih, ~~!Agi, ~ m~kian. MoREOVEa, l:/~ shamdan (Ar.), 0 ~~!Agi pun. MoaNING, ~\; pâgi. Moaosa, r-l...o 1:!).>-" mdka mâsam. Moaaow, ~~ êsok. Mo at AR, (for beating grain), t,-j )~song. -, (cement), J,;ll kâpor. MoaTIFY, To, ~L...~ m~ny- Jl.sah-i. Mo Es, 1.5"'>" musa. MosQuE, ~ mltsjid (Ar.). MosQUITo, üyol.l nyamok. NET, y.-j-l kjitmbu. Mo s, oy_,.l Iumut. MosT, L.,JU:.. ~_,.:; t~r-mbih skâli. MOTB, ~ g~gat. MoTHEa,..;;...! mak,y;,!l!bu. MOTBEB. Ili" LAW, o!,li-or'!,-:i)""" m~rtlla pr~mpdan tt. MOTHER, 8TEP, "*._;;..t mak tiri. MoTHEB. O' PEARL, )~ <.::>~ siput mutiara. MoTivE,.., ~ s~b~b. A black monkoy with long tai!. u The uwah-wah". "'"'* A kind of "Wah-wah". t Baboon. it Also Mentûa prempûan.

117 MOT -75- MUS MorLEY, (pied), ~ blll.ng. MoTTLED, r 0-'l;i ber-âwan-âwan. MouLD,...;1:; tânah. -, (fo casting), 0!,.:;:.1 aehuan. MouLDY,...;;_,;':>~ Jâpok. Mouxn, ul.:i 0 ~ tambun tânah. Mouxr, ro, (ascend), ~U naik. Mouxr.ux, ~y' gtînong. MouRN, ro, (weep), ~L;... m~nangis. MousE, ~1> Lr.#. tlkus padi. DEER1 Ü!>~ pjandok. colour, ~~ hablok (Hind.). Mouru, ;,;J_,.. mtî.lut. OF A RIVER, j!,) kuâla. MouTHFuL, A, W_!,..w..w sa'auap. MovE, ro, (transitive), c/s~ kêsut-kan. -, ro, (intransitive), ü} ;-! ber-grak. -, ro, (remove), "'--'-' pindah. MovEABLEs, t_rs'ls' j p~rkâkas. Moen, ~~ Mnyak., so, ~ s~kian. Mucu, roo, ~1 ~',_. bânyak âmat. - 1 VERY., ~~ :}':>\fi t~r-jâju bânyak. Mun,;# lumpor, ~::t_,l. s~lut. Munnv, "f'j 11ehah. Mun.DY watnn,._,f 7-l âyer kroh. MuG, A, ~ k~ndi. MUHAMMADAN, rji...i is]âm (Ar.). MuLE, A, ~ barhal * (Ar.). MuLTIPLY, ro, (increase), ~;-! ber-lam bah., ro, (in arithmetic),js'_,> pukol,..._,jo tharab (Ar.). MuMBLE, ro, ;.;<._,) rungut. MuanEa, ro, ~_,; btî.noh-kan. MURDERED, II..Ï_,;J t~r-btînoh. MuRDEBER,...;~ p~m-btî.noh. Muauua, ro, ;.;<._,..., stî.ngut. MuanAIN, j- sampar. MuscLE, ~::>;_,1 tî.rat. MuscULAR, JJi::; t~gap. Musunoou, (fungus), 0-'1~ ebendâwan. Music, dr cs:!)'/ bunyi-bunyi-an. MUBICIAN, o~"'-/ b1duan. MusKEr, ~LM. s~nâpang (Dutch). MusLIN, uol.::> dis' kain khasa. r and h sounded together.

118 MUS -76- NAU MussEL, <::>~ siput. MusSELHAN, r:l..i tj'i ôrang IslAm. MusT,...;;~.J_y,<l:i ta'b1llih tldak. MusucaEs, ~fo kumis, ~misai. Musuao,._s,L- s~sâwi. Mu TER, To, (assemble), o'û# himpun-kan,c.#j krah-kan * MusTY, LS'"'~ basi, MuTILATE,To,t,..l~m~g-lldong. MnTINY, ~J..l dra~ka.. MUTTON1 r lsft f:f'b dâging biri biri. MuzzLE, To, ~ simpal-kan. MY,..,.,_,;~ sahya punya*~. MYsT~av, _., (secret), ~J rah sia (Sans.). N NAIL, (of iron),y'l; paku. -, To, cf~ paku-kan. -, (of the {inger), f ys' kuku. NAKED, ~ t~lanjang. NAHE, ru ~âma (Pers.). NAHELY1 ~>~ ia-itu, ~ iani (Ar.). NAP, (of cloth), al~ _,J.71 bulu kain. NAPE of THE NEcK, ~ tengko', NARRATIVE,~~ hikâiat (A1.), ~ft cherlta. Nuaow; (as cloth), 4.A+bldang ~~ c... r;~mpit. NAaaow, (as a passage), ~~ s~mpit. NABTY 1 <!4~ Ü~ tldak baik, ~ n~jis (Ar.). NATION, (country), LS~ n~gri (Hind.), ~ Mnua., (race), ~ bangsa. NATIVE,(of people),._s}j0ülânak n~gri, d"üy p~r ânak-kan. N ATURAL, ( opposed to manufactured),.;:?.ii OJ~j p~r-b1lat-an tllhan. NATURE, (disposition),~ tab1at (Ar.). NAUGHTY1 ~ j11hat, Only used when the people are collected by order of the Ràja or Chiefs. ** See "His".

119 N AVEL,.:.._,; p1l.sat. NAV -77- NEV N.HIGATE, TO, J..'l dr)l, m~lâyar-kan kâpal. NAVIGATION, olr.~ ~ elmu p~-lâyar-an. NAVY, Ê.~ rj...;lj kâpal kâpal prang. NEAR 1 (in position), ;.:S'.> d~kat. -, (in ti me, al most),~ hampir, ;.:S'.> d~kat. -, (about),rl_p.lklra-klra,wi$1 âgak, tjf...;-! l~bih k1l.rang. NEu, ~ chantek. NEcESSARY1 lr-'jl.g> hârns. HOUSE1 ~ jamban. NECESSITY, ~ paksa. NEcK,~ le~ar. NECKLACJO, :,i'l âgo' *. NEED, (to want), l>::?-l> hajat (Ar.), ~handak. NEEDED, (wanting), tjf k1l.rang. NEEDFUL, lm}~ hârus. NEEDLE1 r-'jl.:,- jarum. NEEDY, ~.-.~~ m'îskin. NEGLEcT, c)~ lalei, Wl alpa (Hind.). NEGLECT1 T01 (forget), U~ J1l.pa., To, (leave), ~J tinggal-kan. NEGLIGENT,.),~ lalei. NEGOTIATE 1 T0 1 d~l.;:f'i bichârakan., T01 (passoff), d,f)l, me-lâkn-kan. NEGRO, A 1..sj'~ kafri (Port.). NEIGH1 T01 ~};/ Mr-trlak. NEIGHBOUR1 A1 t~ Ê.J-'1 ôrang sa'kampong. NElTHER THIS NOR TH.lT 1 0,o.4.1 <J~ 0~1 <J~ ini-pun tldak itu-pun tldak. NEPHEw, ).>r WUI ânak sndâra. NERVE, (sinew), ""J-'11l.rat.. NERVOUS 1.;;'j Jâtah**, t.j5 gli t NEsT, (ofbirds, &c.), ê.}- sârang. NET1 CASTING1 ~l.:;> jâja (Hind.). - 1 DRAG, ;.:)_,; p1l.kat. -, (for birds or beasts), &)l::- jâring, ~~ s!ding. NEVER,...;}~~ ta'p~rnah. YET1 >Ùj ~ biij1l.m p~rnah. * If strung like beads "Merjan". ** A curious nervous complaint by which many natives ofthese parts, especially Boyanese, are affected. t A Iso "ticklish".

120 NEW -78- NOS NEw, ~;4-1 bhâru. NEws, ~ kbabl!r (Ar.), <::.>;~ werta. NEwSPA.PER, ~ u-1:>_,..> kertas kbabltr. NExT, (following), (;.!~ kemd1an. NEXT DAY, <.S}--~ ~~ êsok hâri. NIBBLE, TO, (gnaw), r~~l krumit-krumit. NicE, u~ sedap. - NIECE, A., O~j }>_,-ilil ânak sudâra prempdan. NmaA.RDLY, f<! klkir. NraHT, r-!l. mâlam. -, A.LL THROUGH THE,~~ r-!l. sa'panjang mâ!am. -, LA.ST, ~L...- sa'mâlam,..s-'l:i r-!l. mâlam tadi. -, LA.TE A.T, ~1-o ~L::- jauh mâlam. -, MID-, r-!l. ~ tengah mâ. lam. -, To-, i:j~ ~L. mâlam sekârang. NIMBLE, ~ pantas. NixE, ~ s'ambllan. NIP, To, (pinch), ~-*' plchit*, ~y;;-cmbit. NIPPLE, (of breast),,.-,.- JW' kepâla susu, ~_,J kô.pek. NITRE, 1,1"'-'- sendâwa. No,~tldalr. No use, L.-""'j per-cmma. NoBLE, (by birth), o'~~ bangsâwan, ~;1 Mr-bangsa. NoBODY, uy.-..>>l.:i t'âda siâpa. NoD, jlôl ~~ Anggo' kepâla. NoisE, L<d~ bnnyi. NONE,..>l,o,:; tiâda,..>>\:; t'âda, NONSENSE, ry.- sla-sla. Noox,..s)-9 &..iu tengah hari, ~) rembang. N OOBE, <::.>fr jerat. NoRTH, }~1 utara. NoRTH sur, _,...b> P, bintang kotüb (Ar.). NoRTH-EA.sT, <::.>~~ J~ timor la ut. NORTHWA.RD, )L.:;~I ~ sebjah utâra. NoaTR-wEsT, <::.>~~ laut. NosE, b~ htdong. <::.>}---1 bil.rat Also to massage.

121 NOS -79- NUM NosE, A RUNNING AT THE, V"yYl engus, <.sv;- s~rdi * (Hin<l). NosEGAY, ~Y. if)!>' kârang-an Mn ga. NosTI<IL, b~ Ê_,J lll.bang hldong. NoT, dy. Mkan. -, no, ifl=?- jângan. -, 1s,.>L,.,:i tiâda, dy. Mkan. - TET, rf! bi1jll.m. NoTcn, (on a blade), ~Y" sumbing. -, (on a tree), ~ tako', l.n.:i tan da. -, To,..y'~ tako'. NoTE, (mark), I.A.U tanda, =--~ alâmat (Ar.). NoTEo, (celebrated), J~ m~shhur (Ar.). NoTHING, ~ o:i wyl... sâto âpa pnn ttdak. NoTHINo, Gooo FoR, ~ ;i.>~ tiâda Mr-gll.na. NoTICE, A, 0 ~~ ka-nyâta-an. -, TO GIVE,,,~ <.3 yi bri tau, d~ m~ny-atâ-kan. NoTORious, J~ m~shhur (Ar.), NOVICE, A,._}"j Li"~ rf! biilll.m biâsa lâgi. NoURisn, To, )~ piâra, ~ pm Mra. Now, [JI.i:- sa'kârang. -, (the expletive), 0.-o maka **. - AND THEN > ~[.>!>' kâdang-, kâdang. Now, JUST, (of past time), L-e.>~ tadi. Nox10us, ;:p- ji!hat., (venomous or deadly), ~ b!sat. NunoE, To, ~-f' kuêt. N UMB,!J"'i k~bas. NUMBER, A1 (in a'rithmetic), l.ju,l angka., (many), ~~ bânyak., To, (count), Ë*! btlang, tf# hêtong. -,(as foracensus)~~ ban chi-kan. NuMBERLEss, Ë*IJ.>~' tiâda t~r-btlang. "" A severe sickness in horses very like glanders. *'* Used in writing only, and marks the beginning of a new sentence~ t Often used.of snakes and weapons.

122 NUM -80- OBS NunRous, ~~ bânyak, ~ M bat*, Nul!, A, (recluse), o~} d'wj p~r-tâpa-an pr~mpllan. NuRsE, A, ~l,;;; p~ng.âsoh. -', A WET, <.S';,-~ p~dy llsu-i NuRs.E, To, (suokle), <.S"Y"Y.>" m~ny-llsu-i 0 NuRSERY, (for plants), l5""" smai, IY..)J rmeh. NuT, A, ~_,{ LY'If &. ~ Mah yang kras kalit. N UTMEG, ~1; ~ Mah pâla. NUTSBELL1 tj~ t~mpllrong. NniPH, (celestîal),..s)->~ bldadâri (Hind.). ÛAKUM1 j$w p~m-âka), ÛAR 1 All 1 t}!l.l dâiung. ÛATB,..._._,... sllmpah. -, TO TAKE AN,..._._,...;/ Mrsllmpah. -, TO ADMlNIBTER AN, '-~..._._,~ bri sllmpah. ÛATs, l..v-.4 LY'îj. bras blanda. ÛBEDIENT1 c;;'{ c;;),... ~ yang m~n-llrut kâta. ÛBEISANCE 1 ~ s~mbah. ÛBEY1 T0 1 0),:; tllrut. - A MANDATE, TO, ~.J..,o ~'i m~n junjong tltah. ÛBJEcT, (ofpursuit), O":)l..f..A;p~nchâri-an. ÛBJECT, TG 1 (dispute), O~~ ID~ Jâwan. ÜBLIGATION, _TO DIBCHARGB AN, ~ j u--l~ hâlas k~rnia. ÛBLIGE, TO, (compet), LS'"'I~ m~ng-rasi. -, To, (help), t:j_,..., m~nlllong. ÛBLIGING,.;j_,... SlÎpan. ÛBLIQUE1 b fi'" sêrong. ÛBLIVION1 LJ<~_,.ll ka-japa.an, ÛBLOQUY,,;.;.:; fit~nah (Ar.). ÛBSCENE, <.::.-_!)}~ charut,?_,_s' kôtor. ÛBSCURE, (dark), ~ kjitm,.jj5 ghtp. Commonly used of heavy rain, "iljan!ebat".

123 OBS -81- OFF OBSERVE, ro, (heed), ~! ingatkan. OBSERVE, ro, (look at), ê;-w pandang,~ f.ingo', ê.,-i! r~nong. OBSTACLE, AN, tfk..,î ka-s~kâtan, 0BSTINATE, Jlli tri/ kras k~pâja, 0BSTRUCT, TO, ~ m~ny-~sak. 0BTAIN, ro,..s_,iy. Mr-itlih, ;,;;icàm men-dâpat. Osvrous, ol,! nyâta, ê..? trang. OccAsroN, ~-~" k~tlka, trl. mâsa. 0CCASIONALLY, re\5 kâdang kâdang. OCCUPATION, o"4_,ù pe-kerjaan.. 0CCUPIED, (busy), d c>l âda kerja, )<.;.., ~- tidak s~nang. -~, (as a house), ÊJ-'1 c>l âda ôrang. 0CCUPIER OF A BOUSE,.._._,) ()~ titan ritmah. Occua, ro, c5->~ men-jâdi. OcEAN, r. o_,~ lant Msar. Onn, (not even), ~ g!tnjil. On oua, -'"Y bau. OF, (possessive), "'_,; punya * OFF, (from), ~1 Je> dêri âtas. -, TO CUT, ~j kriit kan. -, TO LEAVE, <.?;/ Mr-Mnti. 0FFENCE, AN, Ul.w sâjah, tr-'cl dôsa. 0FFENCE, TO TAKE,.:,.,ll... "JU...,. L.,...'.s> men-âroh sâkit hâti, r-m-> 'JI.M m~n-âroh dl1mdl1m. 0FFEND, ro, (dowrong),..sl...y. Mrsâlah, tr-'->;/ Mr-dôsa. 0FFENDED, j;l_9>.:,.,ll... sâkit-hâti. 0FFER, ro, ~_,1 unjuk-kan, L./~ slla-kan, o'y.->r sudi-kan. 0FFERING, AN, (from inferior to Râja),,f~j per-s~mbah-an. OFFICE, ~_,1 ofis **, Ê-'.;3 g~dong t. OFFICE, (employment), o"~_,ù p~-kerja-an, d~ juâtan. 0FFICER, l5-'~ pegâwei., (military), & ~ peng-llma prang. 0FFICIOUS, J4Y,p cherêwet, 0FFSPRING, (chi/d), Wül ânak, * See "His"'. Adopted in the Straits Settlements. t Lit., Store.-house.

124 OFT -82- OPI 0FTEN, j':j.- sa-jâlu, d,wf kritp kâli. 0FTEN, HOW, d,\)' l....;lj. brâpa kâ\i. 0GLE, TO, ol.o c:r-!t..;-1 Mr-main mâta. OH! l, wahl,_? hei! 01L, ~ mlnyak. -, EARTH, (kerosine dl:c.), ~ 1\.i~ mlnyak tânah. 0IL, To, ~_,;Lw sâpu mlnyak. 0INTMENT, Ù;-'1 ~ mlnyak llrap. OLD, ( aged), f,:i t1ia. -' (ancient), rj lâma. - TIMES, JI.~ _,l_y>.> d 1i\ U kâja, :}Y'-> O"j z~mân d1ilu. 0LDER, THE, (of two or more), ~ yang t1ia, r~ yang lâma. 0LDEST, THE,._,li.J(... ~ yang tll.a skâli,._,li.j(... rjj.;;" yang!âma skâ!i. ÛMEN, AN,.s:lG.w sang ka'. OMIT, To, (forget), ù_,l 11ipa. OMNIPOTENT, "'-';~ kiid~rat* (A -)- ON, v-=;1 âtas, v-=;10 di-âtas. ONcE, '-.,li.j(... skâli. ONE, _,.:.'Lw sâtu, o~w suâtu, Lw sa. ONE, (of things),_olym1): bârang suâtu. ONE, ANY, (of persons), 04--;;,.f. pàrang siâpa. 0NE BY ONE, \Y'l.w sâtu slîtu. -, IT's ALL, 3 _,.=> rl... sàma j1iga. ONE EYED,.J.;... ol... mâta sa' bjah. ONJON, AN, i)y bâwang. ONLY, r-4- s~hâja, "="~ hî.nya, J.M kmar (Ar.). OPAQUE,~ s~bam, 0~ ~fr yan; tiâda j~rneh. OPEN, \)'>/_ii t~r-b1ika. -, To, \)'~ m~m-b1ika. -, To, (as a flower), ~ k~mbang. -, To, (give room), ~j lâpang-kan. 0PENING, AN, Ê~ \1ibang. 0PENLY, ti'" if-> Mngan trang. 0PUHON, 0t~ f\kir-an, ~ sang ka. OPIUM, 0.~1 âflun (Ar.). * Properly on! y used of God. Such a sentence as "he thinks he is omnipotent" is rendered- Dia fîkir dia maharâja Iêla.

125 OPI -83- OUT OPIUM, (ready for smoking),,~ chan du, o..>l. mâdat * 0PP0NENT1 ()!J':» Jâwan. OPPOSE, ro, 0,~ m~-lâwan. OPPOSITE, Jk.~;i Mr-hadâp-an. 0PPREss, ro, d~wi aniâya-kan. OPPRESSION, c:4-.if aniâya (Sans.). OPULENT, <.,?~ kâya. Or,,:;1 atau. ORANGE, AN, ~l..o _,...,J l!mau mânis. 0RATION1 0 <L:.:îj p~r-katâ-an. 0RAT01t, O~;i G~ ÊJ!>f Ôrung p.(udei Mr-kâta. 0RCHARD1 Q"'"-''-' djisun. OanER, ro, ')~ m~ny-ll.roh, <:P)_,- silroh-kan. -, ro, (of 1 eigning RO.jas), ~ tltah-kan. 0RDER1 AN1 ~ hukum (Ar.). -, AN, (commission), o- ; p~san. 0RDER1 AN, (of a 1 uling Rûja),~:; tttah. OaniN.ucE,(/egalenactment),rtNI undang-undang. 0RDINARY1 c;j..i~ o_,l. s~p~rti âdat, rj':» lâzim (A1.). 0RDNANCE1 ~_,... m~riam, ~ lêla **. 0RGANIZE1 T01 )}'"L;t,o m~og-âtur. 0RIGIN1 j...:>f âpaf, j-jgt; pangkaj. 0RLONG1 AN, ÊYJ r~long t- 0RNA!I!ENT1 ro, aj'-~ bias-kan. 0RNA!I!ENTS1 0 ~~_,..; p~r-hiâsan. 0RPHAN, AN, _,Jl,.,; piâtu, ~,... lui ànak yatlm (.Ar.). 0THER1 (f.':» lain. O rrea, AN, y.l ~1 anjing àyer, Ê.r-' m~m~rang. 0UGHT1 ;.:;.-.:il; pàtut, U"!l)\g> bârus. Oua, -,._,.; '-If klta punya tt. Our, ),J..> dl-lilar.,. Mâdat is inferim in qualitv to 1'Chandu", being pi'epared from tl1e covering which encloses the Opium, whilst uchandu" is prepared from the drug itself..,.. Jingal. t Col'responds to the English acre,... only is '/3large1\ 3. orlongs ~a~ing 4 acres- 4 Dopa make 1 Jilmba, 100 Jemba make 1 PenJu~u, 4 PenJuru make 1 Orlong. The Depa is commonly a fathom or 6 feet hneal measure, but in this case it is a square Depa ot 36 square feet. it See "His".

126 OUT -84- OYS OuT FRoM, ;!,J L5;-' dêri hl.ar. -, TO CAST, i:.~ bll.ang. -, TO CRY, ~j'}i Mr-trla](. - 1 TO SPEAK1 0~ 0>-Îi.:;:.- Châkap kuat. ÛUTCAST1 0 :i:~ buâng-an. ÛUTCRY1 j..1 g~mpar. ÛUTRIGHT1 i',_;;j Jangsong, ÜvAL, ;Y.Y. bujor. ÛVEN1 )j!..> dâpor. OvER, (in position), v-ji..> di-âtas., (in quantity),..;ll~bih. -, (in deg ee), ~1 âmat. AND OVER1 rt--j_,ir. b~rû)ang-ll.)ang. ÛVER, ALL, o) r~ta, ~_,.L.w Sa Jll.roh. ÛVERCAST1 o~w:.j..s' kjl(m kâbut. ÜVERCOME, TO, ~ljl..o m~ngâlah kan. ÛVERFLOW1 T01 >.ij limpah. ÛVERGROWN1 (witk weeds),... s~mak. ÜVERHANG1 T01 È-'~ chondong. ÜVERLADEN1 <::.>}w sârat. ÛVERLAY 1 T0 1 (as u;itk go/d), o_,.jl-_r. Mr-sâlut. -, To, (as herrinys in a barrel), IY..:JW}i Mr-tindeh. _, TO, (in regular o der), a-_,...f. Mr-sll.sun. ÛVERLOOK1 T01 ( watc/t ), J'l?- jâga (Hind.), ;;;.;... m~n-unggu. ÛVERRifE1 ~}~ ~ânum. ÛVERSEER1 AN, 'ig;_; p~n-unggu. ÛVERS!GHT,.ur, ~ sliap, o'~ ka-lll.pa-an.., ÛVERTAKE, TO, UIJ ~ ~ hambat sampei dâpat. ÛVER1'URN1 T01 0!i:.iWy bâlik-kan. ÛVERTURNED1 04]yf t~r-bâlik. ÜwE, ro, t::':,l;i b~r-ûtang. OwL, AN,...:;_,..~ ponggok, [;)! ~ bll.rong han tu. OwN, (possession), -,.._,.; punya * -, o, L5>4,... ~~m-punya-i. -, ro, (admit), fl;;.. m~ng-âku. ÛWNER1 THE,.,_,..,.~ yang ampunya. ÛXEN, ~ Mm bu. ÛYBTER1 AN1 ~ft tlram. See "His".

127 PAO PAR p PACE, A, ( step ), ~J langkah. PACIFY1 ro, ~_,...; pll.jok-kan, ~ l3 ;i bri naslhat. PACK UP1 T0 1 ~ kl:;mas-kan. PACKAGE, A1 G~Y. bungkus. PADDLE, A1 '-'"L;;; p~ng--âyuh. -, ro, a-v>xll kâyuh-kan.. PAGE, A1 (of a book), yw' éjy mll.ka kitâb. p AIL1 A1 :cy; tong. PAIN, ~lw sâkit, IY,~ p~dib. PAINT1 ~ cmt (Ch.). -, ro, ~_,;Lw sâpu cmt. - A PICTURE, TO, ~ U~_,:, tillis gambar. PAINTING, A1 (picture), _r.j' garnbar. PAIR, A1 &lôpâsang,_,.:.y, jodo * 1 l:j:,.ojls' klamin **. PAIR,( ofhorses),l.3;j":' jori(hind. ) p ALACE1 A1 0 \.M,f astâna. PALANQUIN, ~ ~~ krêta plankin (Sans.). PALATE1 ldy r~':l\ langit-jangit mll.iut. PALE, (wan), ~_,; pilchat. -, (in eolour), l0y milda. PALING, jl3 pâgar. PALM, (of the hand), ifl:i J.;l:i tâpak tângan. PALM, (of trees),..;.);?. 'jî_,;pô- ko' yang b~r-p~i~pah. p ALPITATE1 T01 f."'f. b~r-d~bar. PAN, (iron), ~!_,.( kuali. PANN!ER, (used on elephants), l.l(:j;j reng ka. p ANT1 T ~ p~nat I'îlab. PAPA, <\; pa', w~ bâpa, IY,I âyah,.ç!, wa'. P APER, u-bj k~rtas (Ar.). PARA DE, (for drill), l.!""} bâris,..>..c~ kawâid (Hind.). PARADISE1 t..!"-''-'~ flrdâus (Ar.). p ARAFFIN OJL1.>.i\:i. ji~ min yak tânah. p ARAMOUR1 0..>vS' k~ndak. "' Used only of human beings supposed to be divinely ordained for each othe1 ; "Sa'jodo", a man's or woman's affinity. u "Kiamin" a pair, as of birds; generally, ~~a family" whether of human beings, birds or animais.

128 PAR -86- PAT PARAPET,~ banting. PARASOL, tj-l~ piiyong. PARCEL, A, u-..,.,u:>i bungkus. -, A, (portion), o!h-ll> ha buan, i.:f.:?4-? bhiigi-an. PARDON, o~t ampun, wl1... maaf (Av.). PARDON, To, cfj~at ampun-kan. PARENTS, u4 y,!f ibn bâpa, >,!f ~~ âyah bonda. PARROT, l5j~ [ JJ! M.rong nu ri. PARRY, TO, ~ men-angkis. p ARSIMONIOUS, # klkir. p ARSOJI, A, l...-")~ 0 t_,:; ttl.an padri *. PART, A, l:!:,s-4-? bhâgi-an **. -, To, (divide), cf44-1 bhâgikan. -, To,(cutintwo),~blahkan. PART FROM, To, LS.f?" cherei. - WITH, TO TAKE, O;r--< M serta *** partition, (of a ~uilding ), ~<ÀÏ.l diu ding. P ARTJIER,(in trade),l~y kongsi (Ch.), :.:JYf' sharlkat (Ar.). P Ass, To, (an examination), ~ khatam t ((Ar.). PASS BY, To,_,.l~ JiiJu. - THROUGH, TO, ~ )antas. - CURRENT, T01 _,!'~ ]âku. -, A, (bet1ceen hills), "-~ oll.::- ~ >! jâlan cmlah btl.kit. p ASSAGE,A,oll.::-jâJan,[J_,JfJôrong, PASSAOE 1 A THROUOH, r.:_r-n"~~ trüs-an. p.assa.6e, TO TAKE, (in a Vessel), J..;!s' ~ m~n-umpang kâpal. p ASSAGE1 TO FORCE A, ~ tempoh. PASSAGE MONEY, F tambang. passion, "JI., mârah. PASSIONATE, ~~ L.,JbJ hâtj pânas, 'JW p~-mârah. PAST, _,_l~.j.:i t~jah JâJu,.~ ~ sudah Mpas. PASTE,(forsticking),:.:.îjp~rkattt. PASTRY, t~ -'!P. juâdah t~pong. P ucn, A, J :i tarn pal, [,--...:; tampong. PATB, A, oll.::- jâlan, tj1jôrong. "' Weil understood to mean a Christian Minister or Priest. *"* See "Division".,...,.. Contracted from Bi:;r SCrta. t "Sudah khatam" properly means uhaving i ead the Koran from beginning to end". tt Mala ys use boiled rice as pas te.

129 PAT -87- PEN PATIENT, r sltbl!r (A1.). p ATTERN1 ~ ehonto., (design), '-'..>fr ehôrak. '(model), oè>jl:i t~lâdan. PAVED1 c.:r-"1-'lf. b~r-ftbin *, _,.:;~_r, Mr-bâtu. PA w, (foot), L./1{ kâki. -, FORE, iflj tângan1&-> csll{ kâki d~pan. PA wn, To, cf,l->ls gâdei-kan. -, (in chess), ~ bldak. PA Y, TO, y!~ baiar.. -, (wages), L2lS gâji, ~ blanja. PAYMENT, o\p~ baiar-an. Pu,&!{ kâchang**,jl. sâgat. PEAcE,(tranquility),l~s~jahtra, Lw_,:.:.;- s~ntôsa. PucE, TO MAKE, (between others), ~lcm.o m~n-dâmei-kan. PFAcE, TO MAKE, (become friends), l.s"'iè> j. Mr-dâmei. PEACEFUL1 0 L.t amân (Ar.). PEACOCK1 A1 Ü.f' t..>.f. bftrong m~rak. PEARL, A, )l,.,:.:.. mutiâra. PEARL, MoTHER-o', )~ o_,.r,; slput mutiâra (Sans.). PEASANT1 J.1 ~_) râiat (Hind.). cal;s' Ê..>-'1 ô rang ka-bânyakkan. PEBBLE 1 A, tr.:-f,l _,:;~ bâtu JI. chin. PEcK, TO, o.f~ pâgut. PEDIGREE, ~ se\asl\ah. PEDLJ.R, A, (;~ p~n-jâja. PEEL, (1 inù), :.:;,l_,.l kft\it. -, To, ~_,.l kftpas-kan. PEEP, To, ~~ intei. PEEVISH, ~ manja. PEu, J., (fastening), 0'-w~ pâsak. -, J., (for hanging), È~ p~ng-gantong. PELT, TO, j-j lempar, Jy lotar. PEN, A, r-1' kltlltm (Ar.). -,, (forcattle),è..ns' kandang. PENALTY, ~ hukum (Ar.). PENCIL1 ofo patlut tt. PENDULUM 1 A 1 (of clock), ()"è!h t'?' buâi-an jam. PENETRATE, To, WL.wL. mâsok, ~ lantas, U"~ Mmbus. "' Corn mon in Singapore, but not understood ~lse~here, derived from Pu1au Ubin, an island in the old Strait, where gramte zs procured. u A gene1 al term for ali seeds in pod. f A red bean used in weighing. tt Not Malay, understood in Singapore.

130 PEN -88- PET PENKNIFE, ~,} ~ pisau k~chij. PENTATEUCH, """':Ji'" taurit. PEOPLE, fêj-'1 ôrang Ôrang& ~y hâla. PEPPEa,.>~ Iftda. -, ÜAYENNE, 4.>~ Jâda china,.3;l.:;e- cbâbei. PE~CEIVE, TO; ~*' ilhat. -, To, (descry), 0i-Q..J nampak. PERCH, TO, (settle of birds), ~ hinggap. PERDITION, i""'p. j~hannam (Ar.). PERFECT, O~ s~mp~rn~. (complete),.a g~nap. PERFORM, To, (do), o~ m~mbûat. PERFUME, or_,<y bau-bau-an. PERFUMED, ~!_, wangi. PERBAPs, ~~}-1 bârang-kâli, ~~~<À.A m1idah-m1idah-an. PERIL, ~ bâhia. PERIOD, (time), ~\{ kâ]a (Hind.), Lrl.. mâsa, _,:.:>., waktu (Ar.). PERIOD, (conclusion),~~ âkhir (Ar.). PERISH, To, (come to harm), Lr~ binâsa, 0i-_,J rôsak. * Mortar ~~ Lesong". PERISH, TO, (die), j;i.. mâti. PERJURY, TO COMMIT, ~ dl..o mâkan sùmpah. PERMANENT, J>;;1 t~tap. PERMISSION, 0 01 ithin (Ar.), ()ia m~hun. PERMIT, TO, ft b!ar, o-'1 L3f. bri ithin, Qt0 L3f. bri m~hun. PERPETUAL,.W k~kaj, Lr~ s~ntiâsa. PERPLEX, TO, ~~ kôsot-kan (also k1isut-kan), cf fol{ kâchau-kan. PERSECUTE, TO, Lf'yWf aniâya.. kan. PERSEVERE, T0 1 at'" tâhan 1 4-_,lf. Mr-uslthâ. PERSIAN1 <.5"'} farsi (Ar.). PERSaN, A, ÊJT'" sa'ôrang. PERSONATE 1 T0 1 ~-'J" m~-rupâkan, ;"l.., sâmar. PERSPIRATION, ~ pjuh. PERSUADE, To, cflt:>_,;p1ijok kan. PERUsE, TO, (;:~ m~m-bâcha. PERVERSE, )$:11 angkâra (Hind.). PESTILENCE,~ sampar. PESTLE, yl alu *. PET, TO BE IN A, Ü_Y.-ff" m~-râjok. PETITION, 0 <1..:.:;..._,.> p~r-minta-an.

131 PHA -89- PIN PHAN'I'OM, JMg, han tu. PHEASANT, ARGUS, f_lf ÊJ~ hll. rong kuang. PHILOSOPHER, ~~ pandlta (Sans.). PHLEGM, -._ji.g,l..> dâhak. PHYsiC, =-;~1 ilhat. PwK, TO, (gather), ~ p~tek. -, To, (choose), ~ pileh. - UP, TO, J>.;i_y' kutip, ~_,; pll.ngut. PICKLE, TO, ~)G' gâ.ram-kan. PICKLES, W~p j~rok, pl âchar (Pers.). PICTURE, A, _r.j' gambar. PIEBALn, ~ hlling. PIECE, A, (bit), ~ sa'k~ping, of- sa'krlit.- PIECE, A, (as of elath, silk), y.l.j(.. sa'kâ.yu. PIECE, To, (join), ~~~~ ll.hongkan. PIER, A, d~ j~mbâ.tan. PIERCE, TO, Vi,>~f gêrek, ~-"'?' chilcbok. PIETY, ~ ka-hakti-an. Pm,..,._ç~ bâ.hi. PIG-TAIL, A, (queue), i:'?'~~ tauchang (Ch.). PIGEON, (lame), c5'bf' m~rpâ.ti. --, (green), L.,.;_,; punai., (large), ~ j p~rgam. PILE, A, (heap), 0 ~ tamhun. PILGRIM,(Muham.)'L<~haji*(A>.) PILGRlMA.GE, TO PERFORM THE, L~ 0i,!i; naik baji. PILL.I.GE, To, oy'l.w sâ.mun, ~) rampas. PILLAR, A, [:fi tiang. PILLow, A, J..:.:-4 hantai. PILLOW-cAsE, A, J..:.:-4 f.~jl.w rong hantai. sâ.- PrLoT, A~ _,~ pandu, ls:,j~ katll.loi. PIMP, A, l..>y F. pinang mll.da. PIMPLE, A, _,..:;L, c::.:,l,:?- jed.wat hâtu **,..>~ J~ hlsul lâ.da. PIN, A, ~ p~nlti t, :.:ill r~)'?". jâ.rum p~ng-lilat. PIN, A HAIR, J~- Wl'?'.f"' chil cbok sanggul. PINCERS, ~ p~ny ~pit, PINcn, TO, ~~ plcbit-kan, <:?.?- cbilhit-kan. -J~. Thetittle of 11Uaji"is only uiven aftet the pilgrimage has been performerl. *"'In the face "Jerâwat", betow the waist ''Uîsul". t The English word Malayified.

132 PIN -90- PLA PINE FOR, TO, d-'i.à,jj rindu-kan. PINEAPPLE,..r---iLil ananas (nânas). PINK, l..>r "fi" mêrah mû.da. Pwus, '--~ bakti (Pers.). PIPE, A, (conduit), o),..;:'~ panchôr-an *, o)_,ll..w salôr-an * PIPE, A SMOKING, l3);fj...!)j hunchui (Ch.). PIRATE..., f p~-rompak. P>T, " b_,l lü bang. PITCH, (resin), _r>f..> dâmar, rjls gâla-gâla. PITcH, TO, (as a ship), ~-'~ Mrôleng. PITCHER, ty.~ buyong. PITFALr., (trap for game), ~_,_l; p~ Jo bang. PITH, }_,.; pû.jor. PJTY, ~ kaslh-an. -, TO, ~Lw sâiang-kan. PLACE, ~ t~mpat. OF, IN,~ ganti. -, To, "!Ji bllboh, "-'JL..v. m~nâroh. PL.Acm, (in disposu.:on), o~ l~mbut, ~L. mânis. PLAG.!'E, (pestilence), j+- sampar. PLAGUE, To, (annoy), ~_,t llsik-kan. PLAIN, A, (open grou~d), t-'~ pâdang. PLAIN, (evident), ol,! nyâta, t.i" trang. PLAINTIFF, _,..>lli p~ng-âdu. -, (accuser), H..>_,;.; p~n-üdoh. PLAIT, To, ~~ ânyam. -, To, (fold), ~ llpat-kan. PLAN, (design), L--.1;_,1 upâia. -, TO, ~ pltkitt**, ~!,.< muafltkltt. PLANE,.._, (loo!), ~ k~tam. PLANET, A, ~ ntijtim (Ar.). PLANT, To, ~L.;._.o m~n-ânam: ~l:i, tâoam-kan. PLANTs, cr-la:. tanâm-an. PLANTATION, OF kl(bun, ["'0\ Jâdang. PLASTER, (for building),)j'tkâpor, -, (medicament), j.4:i tampa!. PLASTER, TO, (stick on eithe. with the fingers or an in.9trument), ~ t~mpek. PLATE, A, ~ pinggau. - ' (silve. ), Üft re} bârang bârang pêrak. * "Panchôran" is open, as a trough, usalôran" closed. ** Often used in a bad sense, as to conspire.

133 PLA -91- POl PLAY, TO, ro"l.;i Mr-rnain-main. -, To, (on a stringed instru~ ment), ~ gêsek. -, To, (a reed instrument), u~ rn~n-iup. PLAY, A, (a,qame), o;fi.l.j p~rmain-an. PLA Y, THEA TRIC AL, t)'!"l. ().!l.. main mayong..player, (comedian), o} prl!n *. PLEAD, Ta, (in a Court), ~l.,~'i;i Mr-bieMra. PLEASANT1 (to sight),wi~ehantek, üft-1 êlok., (to taste), uv... s~dap. PLEASE, Ta, ~Y" <..5;-i bri süka, db' _Y,:A mêny-üka-kan. PLEABED, ~ ~Y" sdka ehlta, ~ ;-1 b~r-k~nan, Llo) rithâ (Ar.), L.,:;~ ;+'? gltrnar bâti.. PLENTIFUL1 uyl, bânyak,...o_.j limpah. PLIANT, (flexible), :,:.:J ]~nto', jjj Jintar. PLoT, =-B pliklit. PLOUGH, A1 ji.l(;,:; t~nggâja. PLOUOHSHARE, A1 J~J ol. mâta t~nggâla. PLovEit,.., ~r t;y. Mrong ehorling (r.honglei). PLucK FE.1TBERs, To, o~lf.'-..i-a m~n-ehâbut. PLUCK FRUIT, TO, ~ phek. PLuG,..&., ~_,..., surnbat. PLUMP, 0.,..$ g~mok. PLUNDER,,.., TO, ()~L..., sâmun, ~)rampas., TO, (at sea), 0i.AA_,;-< m~-rompak. PI.UNDER, o-lm; rampâs-an. PLUNOE IN, T01 Of?"}' t~rjlîn, PocKET, ~~ kôehek. POEM, T-" shalr (Ar.), ()_,... pantun. PoET, ~ è.ju;_; p~ng-ârang sba'îr. POETRY, :r'" shalr (Ar.). PoiNT, &_,lüjong. -, (ofland),b-~.utanjongt. -, (dot),~ nl!kta (Ar.). PoiNT, To, (a weapon),,=:-y tuju. -, ro, (indicate), ~ tunjuk-kan. PLouon, To, cfjij(;;:;t~nggâla-kan Usually applied to the actor who plays the part of clown. Malay play. have often but four characters two male and two female; the hero and bts friend the clown, theheroine and her old nurse. t Contracted from tânah i1jong

134 POl -92- POS POISON, oi?") râehun. -, TO TAKE, ()j?-"1) dl.. mâkan râehun. Po1soNous, ~ btsa. PoKE, TO, ~..*- ehliehok. PoLE, _., (for a boat),..jlj g~jah * PoLECAT,.., ~r mlisang. PoLICEMAN, ol...;.:.. mâta-mâta. POLISH, TO, o4l:;;- chânei-kan. PoLISHED, ~4_,...:; Wr-chânei, 4.:;;- chahia. PoLtTE, dr sûpan. PoLLUTE, To, dy::;;- cmmar-kan, ~ nejis-kan. PoLYGAMY, _,..,L., madu. POMEGRANATE, A, ~0!,.i bfiab deltma. PoND, A, ~y' kôlam (Sans.). PoNDER, To, ~ flkir (Ar.). PoNY, ~S l0y' klida kechil. PooL, A, (muddy, used by animais to bat he in), tif klibang. PooR, (indigent), ~ miskin. PoPPY, (of opium), o0l.i;i;y, blinga mâdat. POPULACE, ~) riiiat (Hind.). POPULOUS, L5") ramei. PoRCELAIN, o9>4'_; b4 bârang pichah-an. PoRcH, L~_;.w s~rambi. PoRCUPINE, wcli..j landak. PoRCUPINE's QUILLs, üj..;j LSJ-'...> duri Jandak. PoRES, l.._,j t:;:lliang ruma. PoRK, ~4 &.ÎI..l dâging bâbi. PoRPOISE, rl.;.j lumba-lumba. PORT, (harbour), o9'>1'jj lâbuh-an. PoRTION, (share), 1.:!;,5'4! bhâgi-an. PoRTRAIT, pj' gambar. PoRTUGUESE EuRASIANs, È.J-'1._,..;~ ô rang serâni. PoSITIVE, (certain), y:..;..:; tentu, ~-sungguh. Poss ss, To,...!_,f,---1 ber-lilih, LS<l.J,... mem-pmiya-i. PosSESSIONs, 1"'-'--/ oy-9' Mrta benda. PossiBLE, L.~~ sa'blilih nya,..jy, blilih. PossiBLY, L..,Jl.Q}-! bârang-kâli, a9>i~.m mlidah-mudâh-an. PosT,_., (of wood, &:c.), t_;; ttang. -, (office), o<l.::>-.p pe-kerjaan, ifw pegang an. "' A pole generally, "Ka yu". The name by whieh they are usually known in the Straits Settlements. Lit., means Christian, but in the Straits Settlements itsignifies Roman Catholic.

135 POS -93- PRA PosTPONE, To, <:Pfo gantongkan. POSTPONE A CASE, TO ASK TO,..c~ ~l.;:.''i ag~ minta gan. tong-kan biehâra. PoT,, (earthenware), ü}")prlok, lioj4 blânga. PoT, A FLOWER,yw\; pasu. PoTuo, 2;_,1 Îl bi *. POTTER, A, d~ p~n-jîlnan, ü,ej ~_,:, tîlkang-pr!ok. J:'OTTER'S CLAY,~.W~tânah liat_. Poncn, _,;_,1 opau (Oh.), _,.îl- saku (Eng.). -, (for cartridges),.3f Mrpei. POULTRY, ~~ f"'!l âyam!tek. POUNCE, To; ~ sam bar. PouNo, (weight), L< '<j kati**. -, TO, üy.+j tumbuk. PouNDING STICK, _,JI alu, ifl an tan. PouR, To, Ëii toang. PovERTY, (/Lü{ ka-papa-an. PownER, GUN, ~<.À/ """~-'' obat Mdii. PownERED, ;.:.._,JJomat. PowER, u-!,s' kuâsa. PowERFUL, u-!,s' j. Mr kuâsa.., (physically strong), <::>),> kuat,..?8' g~gah. Pox, SMALL-, fol.:;,.- ~~ p~nyâkit ehâehar t, cf~ katumbuh-an. PRACTICE1 (custom) 1 <::>..lb âdat. PRACTISE1 TO, (lea1 n) 1 _i:>j4 bjâjar. PRACTISED, ( accustomed to ), u-lei hiâsa. PRAisE, T01 ~_,...; puji-kan,.._?._,; puji (Hind.). PRA wn, ê.->-'1 Îldang. PRAY, T0 1 ~ s~mbaiang. -, To, (that sometlling may be given), b.\;! Mr-dM (Ar.). - 1 To, ( ask for), 1.;.:;.. min ta. PRAYER 1 A (Ar.), b.\ doâ. FRAYER, THE HOUR OF, _,_..;:-!i, ~ waktu s~mbaiang tt. Applied to root crops generally. The potato is usually "Ubi Benggala" as most of those used in the Stl'aits come f1 om Hengal. ""' Th~ nearest equivalent; weighs 1 1/ 3 lbs. avoirdupois. t In Pêrak.it is ealled "~etaur". tt Muhammadans should pray five times a day. and ti me isoften marked' hy these hours of praye They at e as follows: ' Sembâiang Su bob" (41/ 2 to 6 A. M.); "St:;mbâiang ThOhor" or "LOhor" (121/, to 3 P.M.); '~Sembâiang Asar'

136 PRE -94- PRE PRECEDE, T01 _,.J_,~ m~n-ditlu. PRECious, r,.nf indah-indah. STONE, ow~ p~rmâta. PRECIPICE, A 1 J...::?-_ii t~rjaj. PRECISE, (exact), ~? t~rt!b (A.). PREDECESSOR1 ~)'"> _,.ly~ yang dûlu dêri-pâda. PREDICT, TO, (by so1 cery), Êy.:;;! Mr-t~nung. PREFACE, o JLoj p~r-mula-an. PREFER1 T01 is'yw ~ J~bih sitka, -, To, (choose), "-l# plleh. PREGNANT, J-..-.ol_::,. hâmil (Ar.), ~>/ hunting, Ê-'~ ngandong. PREMATURE, ~1 :.:...;;;L; Mngat âmat. PREMATURE DELIVERY 1 0 ),_?_,j' gitgor-an. PREPARATION, a--'~ ka-siâpan. PREPARE, To, dy~ smia-kan, ~siap-kan. PRESENCE OF, l!f THE, 0~ hâtharat, dl~-> di-hâdapan. PRESENCE, TO GO INTO THE,.._;._:,~..o "'-'1"""" m~ng-âdap hâtharat. PRESENT, f"i.:> hâthar (A1.)., AT, Ê_;~ s~kârang, cr-i 1.3;~...U pâda bari ini, cr-i ~ k~tlka ini. PRESENT, _., 'Y.~ hltdiah (A.), cr.~ p~m-bri-an., _.,.(from an inferior),.:_-?l.,..-j p~r-s~mbah-an., _., (from a superim ), \.;Jf k~rnia *,.:_-?1}-;1 angrâh-an ** PRESENT, To, (give), <.:_r.---' m~mbri,?'~f k~rniâ-kan, ~_;--Li angrâh-kan **, ~ s~mbah-kan. PREBENTLY, L,?-::» ~ sa'bantar lâgi. PRESERVE, (fruits, &e.), ~l... manls-an,!,.l=> halua (A1.)., TO, (keep), cj- simpan., To, (protect), c#-'~ lindong-kan. (from 31/ 2 to 51/, P.M.); "Sembâiang Meghrib" (from 61/ 4 to 6'/ P.M.); and lastly "Sernbâiang lshar" (f oru 7'/ 2 P.M. to 2 A.M.). * Also used of presents trom those of equal rank. u Pronounce the n & g separately and not as one letter.

137 PRE -95- PRO PRESS, To, t:p t~ka:n, ~1 âpit-kan. PRESS, A1 (copying d':c.), 0.;.;_,..;1 âpit-an. PRETEND, T01 kj!,--i bttat-bftat, r0t.i_,l i\lok-i\lok. PRETTY, ~ chantek, ü~l êlok, 04lr mi\lek. PREVAR1CATE 1 T0 1 04)~ j9 pittar bâlik. PREVENT, To, <:#' t~gah-kan. PREVIOUS1 _,l~.jj;- yang dftlu. PREY, BEAST OF1 L.,W~ tj~ binâtang huas. ParcE, Ji;? Mrga. PR1CK 1 TO, 0':;;-_,:;;- chftchok. ParoE, t ~_,- sombong. PRIEST1 rl.ol imàm * (Ar.). PRIME COST1 ~ _,; pi\ko'. - MINISTER, ~~ Mndahâra. PRINCE1 (;:~ J..il ânak râja, l_i'-' p~tra., (heir apparent), 1.)_,. <;:~ ràja mftda. PRINCESS 1 <.5? t),. tftan p~tri,,),...j ii~ râja pr~mpilan. PRINCIPAL, (main), tf1 âgong. (capital sum ), j..>_,_ modal, ~_,;pi\ko'. PRINT, (mark), U"-~ Mkas, 1~ tan da. ParNT, To, t:a ch!tp-kan. PRINTED1 ~ji t~r-chitp. PRISON, ~~ p~njâra. PRISONER,..Jl..w EJ-'1 i\rang sâlah. OF WAR,,_}!,:>' tawân-an. PRIVATE 1 (apa. t), l5"'!y" sftnyi, &.-1 âsing. (forbidden), ~} larang-an. (secret), if~ bâtin (Ar.), ~J rahsla (Sans.). P&rzE, A, ~<If prais** (Eng.). PROBABLY1 J~)~ bârang-kâji. PROBE, A1 ~~ p~ny ungkil. PROBOSCIS1 JJ4 Mlâlei. PROCEEn, To, (adt ance),,_}~ jâlan. PROCESSION, ~Jlf p~r-ârak-kan. * The 14lmâm" leads the prayers in the masque or elf)ewhere. The ukhatib" is under the "lmâm"; he is the preacher, and expounds the Korân in the masque. The "Bilai" is onder the ukhatib" and his duty is to caji the people to prayers. The usiak" is undel' the "Bilai", and has charge of the masque and perforrns the minor offices. h Understood in the Straits Settlements only.

138 PRO -96- PRO Pn.ocLaiM, To, ~L:; <..Sj. bri tau, d~ m~ny-atâ-kan., To, (a Rdja), <:?i' naubat-kan * PROCURE, To, ~1..> dâpat. PRoCUREss, a, J_,J? p~tôlul. PaomoAL, (extravagant), U"~Jr. bôros. PRODUCE, TO, (yield), i..sj. bri. PROFESSION, (calling), (/4-~ p~k~rja-an, c_ii\..;:?- jabât-an, PROFIT, '~<\> faidah (Ar.), b:.:.il un tong. PRoFLIGA.TE, ~ jiihat. PROGE Y,.B.B 0ül ânak chuchu. PROHIBIT, To, ~J'JJ lârang-kan. PROLIX, J.l~;i ~_;,; paojang. Mr-châkap. PROLO No, To, (a speech or writing), ~_,.;>V..! lanjut-kan. PRoMlscuous, ~r ->L,.,.:i tiâda Mr-plleh, )~4 Jk cham pur baur. PROMISE, TO, ~~j. Mr janji,, a, ~j p~r-janji-an. PROMONTORY, A, Êft"'W tanjong. PROMPT, ~ cmpat. PRONE, (on the face), u)_;; tiârap. -, (addicted to), LI"'~ biâsa. PRoNouxcE, To, ~~ st:!butr kan. 1'o pronounce badly ~ pêlat. PRONUNCIATJON, ~~ s~butan, ~ Iafltth (At.). PRooF, ifyl ka-trang-an. PRoP, A, orto, tf~ sôkong. PROPER, ~"\; pâtut, U"~Jl,Ql hârus. PROPERTY, 1~ o? h~rta Mnda. PROPRET, A, ~ nabi (Ar.). PROPORTION, IN, )v..;;_ if-' dengan sa-kedar. PRoPOsE, To, ( intend), ~handak, cf:i.,j niat-kan. PROPRIETOR,..,~~ yang ampunya. PRORECUTE, TO, COmplain), ~,_\~ m~ng-âdu,!,=> dii.ua (Ar.). To, (accuse),.;p->.ii tüdoh-kan. PROSECUTION, A, ()~..>1 âdu-an. PRosEcUt'oR, ~_,u_; p~ng-âdu,,,:,_,;.; p~n-1idoh. PaosPER, To, êy;.ïfr. Mr-untong. PROSPERITY, ~~_, daulat (Ar.), ):.:p,u. s~jahtra. "Naubat" is the great drum only used on such occasions as the proclamation, marriage, or death of a Ruler.

139 PRO -97- PUN PaoSTITUTE1 tji.:::- jâlang, J.A.ï_,... sundal * (Hind.). PROSTRATE ONE'S SELF, 0~ 8~jfid. PaOTECT 1 T0 1 c_p_,..w Iindongkan. PROTECTION, TO PLACE ONE'S SELF UND ER THE1 L5yl'-l t _,J\.il.. m~ Jindong diri. Paoun, Ê~>"' sombong, 01J(:;;>'?" chongkak. PaovE, To,~i:;j'trang-kan,~ nyat:î-kan. PROVED 1 ~(Ar.) sah ** 1 i;_f -~ sudah trang. PROVERB,.., o>l.i..'i p~r-nmplimiî-an, o)~t imrat. PaovmE, T01 (get ready), d~~ smia-kan, ~f"l> hâtharkan. PaoviJ?ENT1 (eoonomical), ~ hêmat. PaoviNcE1 A, (territory), y.>l..> daïrah (A1.), ~l-.;9..;;> j~j:îhan, u;.l.:i taïlok (Ar.). PaoviSIONs1 J..l(; Mkal. PaovoKE, To, cf'_r.-1 âjok-kan. Paow, 0 t_,j..o> hainan. PaowEss,.JtJ gâgah, ~ ka-bakti-an. Paoxv, (representative), L.,.:;-;J' ganti, M~ wâkil (Ar.). PRUDENT, ~ bljak. PanNE, To, ~ chltntas. Pav, T0 1 L.,:.:.ït intei. PsALMS 1 THE1 ),-') zabfir (Ar.). PUBERTY, tl~ bâlir (Ar.), PuBLic, (notorious), )~ m~shhnr, o\.1 nyâta. PnBLisH, To,(make knownj,d~ m~-nyatâ-kan. PuLL1 To,,_;;.,j> târek. OUT, T01 ~.J-<"'?" Chahutkan. np, TO, 0 ~ bantun. PULLEY1 A, "J'J Iôrah. PuLP, ~1 ampas. -, TO REDUCE TO, ~; ptpis-kan. PULSE, THE1 <.5-'U nadi (Sans.). PuMP,.., 4+/ bomba (Port.). PUMPKIN1 ~l...o ~~!abu mânis. PUNGENT, (in taste), ~ pmas. PUNISH1 TO, dl-il.. seksâ-kan1 ~ hukum-kan. "' Procuress. *'* Eonnd the h.

140 PUN -98- QUE PUNISBMENT1 l.-.ii.w seksa. PUPIL, A, (scholar), ~:),... -.Jül ânak miirid. PuPIL OF THE EYE, ol.o -.)ül ânak mâta. PuPPY, A, ~1 Wül ânak anjing. -, A,~(coxcomb), ~Lw _,4 bawa sâjak. PURCHASE, TO, ~ m~m-bli. PURE,..ft>"' suchi. -, (clear), ~fr j~rneh. -, (unalloyed), JF-1 _,~ tiâda ber-champur. PURPOSE, A, (intention), w~kahandak, 0~ maksud (Ar.). ~1.::> Mjat (A :-), ~ niat. PuRsE, _,;_,1 opau (Ch.), r~ pundi-pundi. PURSUE1 TO, <::J==>~ k~jar-kan, ~ hambat-kan. Pusu, TO, cfi'j_,.:; tôlak.kan. PuT, To, "-'} tàroh, ~ bftboh. DOWN, TO, ~ J~tak-kan. - IN, TO, ~l.o mâsok-kan. - on, To, (as clothes), ~L...; pâkai. PuT out, To, (exting ûsh), ~_,~ pâdam-kan. PUTRID, Wi-_,; bûsuk. Q QuAIL, A,..,.,; tj'i ~ftrong puyuh. QUAKE, EARTB, l.;..s g~mpa. QuAKE, TO, ~ m~ng g~lltar*. QUANTITY, -..J4l;- sa-bânyak. QuARREL, (difference), ~ s~llsih. QUARREL, TO, ~~ ber-s~ilsih., To, (wrangle), ~r Mr-bantah. QUARREL, TO, (fight), $~j. ber klâhi. QUARRELSOME, }.> p~-mi\rah. QUARTER, A,~ Y" suku. QuAY, cf4 bâgan. QuEEN (consort), '-'J~_,.; p~rmisftri (Pe. s.). QUEEN, (regent), oy.,.} (::') râja pr~mpftan. "' Commonly pronounced "Mengtrtar".

141 QUE -99- RAG QUEER1 (Jf_;:P" hêran. QUELL1 T01 (stop), ~~ brentikan. QuENcn, To, (extinguish), ~,!.; pâdam-kan. QUENCH THIRST1 T01 ~0 ol'-_,;f âpus-kan dl!hga, ~" v~!,-; puas mlnum. QuESTION, A, J!,- suâ]., To, o===--w j preksâkan,..,_,.1:; tânya. QmcK, ~!~kas, ~,_ cmpat, ~y bângat. -, (swîft), U'")'-' dras *, _r.-~ laju. QUICKLYj ~~~ a--"-> d~ngan s~gra. QUICKLIME1 J'~ )~\S kâpor t6- hor. QUICKSILVER1 W) raksa. Qum, (of tobacco), IJk. s~pah. QUIET1 ("!'-' diam, ~Y' SlÎDyi. -, (calm),,_,w tmoh. -, (at peace), L~_,;.:;... s~ntôsa. QuJETLY, (leisurely), d"} p~rlâhan. QUILL1 _,.!>/ buju. PEN, _,J>I ~ kl!liim bulu. QUILT1 (COVering), <:.:.>~ (J.!\S kain sllmut. QUIT 1 T0 1 ~J tinggaj-kan. QUITE,,1L(... skâli **. QmvER, TO, ~ m~ng lltart., A,,_,..s';? t~r kas. R RABBLE1 (mob), (;.1.) ~binadina. RAcE, A, (running), 4..J lumba. -, A, (nation), ~ bangsa. RADIANCE, ~ chahia. RAmsn, A, 04~ lôbak. RAFT, A, ~) râkit. RAFTER, A, }lj g~i~gar. RAG, A, dis 1.;:>-j p~rcha kain. RAGE, 'JLo mârah. -, (of Rdjas),.If m~rka. RAGGED ) 04-'J rôbak râbek. * "Dras" as a horse; 1 'Laju" as a boat. ""' Quite right "Ei:;tul skâli". t Written as p1 onounced.

142 RAI -loo- RU RAIL, A BAND-, ~...; -"""ls kâyu p~m-~gang. RAIL, TO, (abuse), r c..!l-1 Mr-mâki-mâki. RAIN, <:fr_y' hûjan * -, BEAVY, ~ <:fr~ hûjan!~bat. RAIN, TO, <:fr_y' hûjan. -, TO BE IN THE <:fr_y'j. b~rhûjan. RAINBow, L~JL; plangi. RAISE, TO, (lift), ~~ angkatkan. -, TO, (set up), ~y.c\mm~ndiri-kan. RAiSI~s, fi./ J~l anggor kring. ~f k1sm1s (Pers.). R.i.JA, A, 0 ~ râja_- RAKE, A, Lr":)Li(_;;_; p~ng-gâris, r.w slsir. RAKE, TO, d _r"l.:;;- châkar-kan, d ~ slsir-kan. RAM, A, (male 6heep), ~ r..sft biri-biri jantan. RAM, ro, 0i.Mllantak. RAMPART, ~ benting. RAMROD, A, ~ plantak. RJ.Ncm,, ;;_..y. bfisuk: RANDOM, ol~ <U ta'ka-tâhuan. RANK, (row),._,-,>} bâris. -, (station), ~ pangkat, ~J" m~rtâbat (Ar.). RANK (in smell), ~~ hâpak. RANSACK, ro, Ji'_,.l- s~longkar. RANSOH, TO, G~ m~n-~bus. RAP, TO, (tap), <:P? kêtok-kan. RAPACIOUS, (greedy of ga.in), y_,.l loba (Hind-). RAPE, 1.}J.,J rfigul..:..., To, J RAPm, (as a rive. or horse),u-~'-' dras. RAPm; A, (in a stream), rr j~ram. RAPm, (as a ship), y"j laju. RARE, (precious), o-ni indah. RARELY, (seldom), t;l.:?- jârang. RAsH,.>>? if'-' d~ngan g6poh. RAT, A, u-y:.;;; tlkus. RATE, (priee),$~ Mrga. RATHER, (which would you rathe~ ""_ ' Hûjan bubo''; Scotch mist. uhûjan rintek"; drizzle. "Hûjan rinyei"; heavier than "Hûjan rintek". 11 Hûjan hambat m6rtua"; mining in short showers with dry inte1 vals. 11 Hûjan tiàda bûlib ch61ck mâta"; raining cats and dogs. "Hûjan bâtu"; hait.

143 RAT REB have?), <01_,..., mâna tilan silka? oy 0 w" yang RATIFY, To, (confirm), d _y.;:; t~ntu-kan., To, (acknowledge), ~l:u. m~ng-âku. RATTAN, cf-'; rôlan * RATTL~, ro, t-~,...l,..{ gunchang, f::!.f goyang. RAVAGE, To, cf-~ binâsa-kan. RAVENous, (of beasts), Ll"!,.i huas. ' ( ery hungry), o~# ka- bulor-an. RAw, (uncooked),!<ma mantah. RAY,_., (of light), ft- slnar. -,(thefish),ls}~tlkanpari. RAzE, To, c#_,a-i; runtoh-kan. RAZoa, A, f _9--~ pisau chilkor, t.../li..o; rampâki. Ruca, To, ~jljak**,~ sampei, Ruca, _., (of a river), _,;.:;) raotau t. REA CH OUT THE BAND, TO, 0~~~ iflj unjuk-kan tângan. Run, TO, 10L;.,. m~m-bâcha. THE KORÂN1 T01 ~U_.o~~ mêog-âji. RunY, L-.0\.w smia, ~ slap,._?1 achi. READY, GET, ~ siap-kan, d\i..>..w smia-kan. REAL, JY~ Mtul. REALLY, ~ suogguh, ~ sah (Ar.). Rur, To, ~ k~tam-kan, tt LS,... m~-ni1ë. Rua, (hinder part), Ë~ blâkaog, if-:jji bilrit-an. REAR, (of an army), <::f_,:i_,:i tiltnp-an. Rua, To, (as a horse), ~~ m~ng-~rjang. -, To, (b ing up), j~ piâra. RusoN, A, (cause), ~~ s~mb, J..d fasal (Ar.)., (understanding), J.-;w, akal (Ar.), LS'-'Y. budi. REASONABLE, ~\; pâtut. REBEL, A, ~)'-~ yang drahka. " There are severa! kinds of Rattan, the "Rôtan sega bras", the best of ail: 2 "Rôtan sega"; 3 - ~~sega âyer,"; 4 "Rôta? bâtu". *"" Jîjak is only used when measuring or reachmg downwards. t Frequently also the reaches of a river are counted by the bends, so many ''tanjong". u Hantau" means also district, neighbourhood. tt ~ee usickle".

144 REB REE REBEL ro, ~)..> <.::.>~ m~mbtlat drahka. REBELLION, <!.1.9j.l drahka REBOUND, TO, ~_,J Junjak. REBOKE, TO, a==),..._.l. Mgorkan. RECALL, TO, 0i.;,J~ ~panggi! k~m-bâlik. RECANT, To, ;);.MJ munkir. RECEDE, To, ;.!:~1 undor. RECEIPT, A,~) r~slt* (Eng.). RECEIVE, ro, f'"'l j-' m~n-rlma., ro, (into the hands, or as a guest), ""Y--- sam but. RECENT, -'Jlt~ yang bhâru. REcKoN, ro, ti'# hêtong, dy klra-kan. RECKON, ro, (count), &. bllang. RECLINE, ro, t'} bâring. RECOGNISE, TO, r ch!tm, J...w' k~nal. RECOIL, ro, (intransitive), J-'..À...il undor. RECOLLECT, ro, ~1 ingat. RECOMPE>rsE, A, (reward),.. ;_,1 {lpah. RECOMPENsE, ro, (make a return), ~_,-l~ m~m-bâlas. RECONCILE, TO, ~f...\m m~ndâmei-kan. RECORD, To, (in writing),.;hy t(l.jis-kan. RECOVER, To, (from illness), ~ s~mboh, ~!. âfiat (A.). RECOYER CONSCIOUSNESS, TO, )~ s~dar. RECOVER, To, (get back), ~1..> ~~ dâpat k~m-bâli. RECREATION, ~l..._,ô p~r-mainan. RECTIFY, To, cf!_,;.:; b~tul:kan. RECU)lBENT, t'}? t~r-bâring. RED, "f"' mi\rah. REDEEM, ro, (from pawn), cf-_,,;; t~bus-kan. REDUCE, ro, (lessen), r:pj:f k{lrang-kan., ro, (degrade), ~J'.Ï t{lrun~kan. REDUCED, (as a swelling), ""'J,.. surut. REED, A, t}'j ~ bangsa riong, t"'j ~ bangsa r~sam. REEF, A, ( ock), [)5 kârang. --, ro, (a sail), ~ki!tt-kan. REEL, ro, (stagger), Ê_}'~ hoyong. Adopted in the Straits Settlements.

145 REF REL REFER T0 1 T01 (Trans.).),jj _;;;1 antar ka-pâda. REFINED1 (as metal), ~ji t~rs~poh. REFLECT1 T01 (consider), p. flkir (Ar.). REFLECTION, ( efiected object), u~) ril pa, &,~ bâiang. REFORM1 T01 (in conduct), =-i}'fl Mr-taubat. - ; T01 (improve), L~4+-o m~m-baik-i. REFR.lCTORY1 ( ofpersons)j.,?..>d~gil. REFRESHED1 J- s~gar. REFUGE, if~..w ~ t~mpat lindong-an. REFUND1 T01 Wi.tJ~ y~ baiar bâjik. REFUsE, To, di,l ~nggan. REGALI.l1 ()"l=?-~ ~ j p~rkâkas ka-râja-an. REG.lRD1 To, (esteem), ~~ b~rchita. - T01 WITH1 ~ fas!tl (Ar.). REGARDLESS, TO BE, d-_,w ÜJ...;j lldak fmfili (Ar.). REGION, (country),~ Mnfia *, <..Sp n~gri. REGISTER1 A1 J'-' daftar (Ar.). REGRET, ~Lw sâiang, ~ chin ta. - 1 ro, (rule), ~r-" m~m-rentah-kan. REG UL.lR1 (in or der),.j-jij t~r âtur. REGULATION, 1ê>Wl undang-undang. REJGN1 T01 li.sü ~~..> f"!l...w;-1 cll=?-y Mr-s~mâiam di-âtas tlikhta ka-râja-an. REINS, (for driving), LI"~ ras (Hind.). REITERATE, TO, rtj~~r. Mr-filangillang. REJECT 1 T0 1 di:ol ~nggan. REJO!CE, ro, rej_,_,.,;-/ Mr-sfika sfika. REL.lPSE1 T01 (of a sick person), ~Lw tj~lr, Mr-filang sâkit-nya. RELUE, TO, (;Î~ chitrâ-kan, cf p> khamr-kan. REL.lTED1 ~;-/ Mr-s~nak 1 ~~-'Y";i Mr-sudâra. REL.lTION,..,( connection), r_,okaum (Ar.),$.J:)S k~lurga, -..:;~ puak. "' "Benûa" a continent. 'fhe Mala ys speak of "B8nûa China", China; HBen-o.a Kling", India; "Benda Siam", Siam; and "Benûa Rûm '', Ancient Rome,

146 REL REN RELEABE, To, ~!~pas-kan. RELIANCE1 (trust), eyilf harâp-an. RELIEF, (help), i:.,s_,:ï tüjong, ~ ban tu. RELIEvE, TO, (take the place of), '-,;.:;] ganti. RELIGION, W'l agâma. RELIGIOUs, ol..!!f. Mr-lman. RELISH, (taste), U"s râsa. -, To, (like), lly- süka. RELUCTANT, cî- s~gan. RELY UPON, TO, ~ u).; hârap pâda. REMAIN1 TO, J,iGu tinggal., To, (wait), L~ m~nanti. REMAINDER1 (balance), ~4 baki (Ar.), ~ l~bih. REMARK1 T01 (say), dl:.:s' kâtakan. RE,IARKABLE, 0 ~p.:> hêran. REMEDY, (for sickness), J-'W p~nâwar. REMEMBER1 To, ~~ ingat. REMIND1 T01 ~~ <.5_r. bri in gat. REMIT 1 T0 1 (forgivej 1 d-i_,i.ol RicO pun-kan. R 1\liTTANCE, (payment), o)~ pém-baiar au. RElllNANT, ~4 baki (Ar;)., (of food), ~ sisa. RElllORSE1 J..- s~sal. RElllOT!I1 (in position),._,4- jauh., (in time past),.~ t':ll Iâma sudah., (in ti me to come), c)"':ll t':ll Iâma Iâgi. REMOVE1 To, (change the place), cp~ pindah-kan, ~~ âlih-kan., (take away), ul} 1,4 bawa p~rgi. RENDEZVOUS1 ()~~~ ~ t~mpat p~r-t~mü-an. RENEGADE 1 ~).,) È.J-'1 ôrang drahka. RENEGADE, TO Jot. TURN, 0~ bê RENEW1 T0 1 (a bond),<:.:>)_,... J_,:ï tükar sürat. RENOUNCE 1 T0 1 (disown), ~ munkir. RENOWN1 -...i4~ tl.; nâma yang baik. RENT, (hire), r,.. sêwa. RENT, TOLET Fou,c/r,..sêwa-kan -, To, (hire), r,.. sêwa. - A MONOPOLY 1 T01 0i.:?-~ fi.; p~gang pâj a k.

147 REP RES REPAIR1 T0 1 (mend), ~4--- m~m-baik-i. REPAST1 c.fi.m makàn-an. -, (of Rtijas), dl.;;;... santilp-an. REPu, T01 t!~.a baiar 1ltang. REPEAT1 To, (say again), dl:.:î.3,k.. c)'":ll kâta-kan Jilgi skâli, o~ t:j~fr. b~r-1îlang kâta. REPEATEDLY1 _,l:iw Sa ]âju. REPEL1 T01 (drive back), d yl.9:ha- Jau-kan. REPENT, ~ m~ny-~sal. REPLACE, To1 ~<; ganti-kan. REPLY1 To, y~ m~n-jawâb, o_,~ m~ny-aut. REPLY1 A1.,!,;?- jawâb (Hind.), o_,~l.. sâhut. REPORT, A1 ( umozw), p:> khabltr (A -.). REPORT, T01 d p:> khabitr-kan. R~PORTED, IT Is, d_,î o>l ilda kur..un. REPR>:BENT,To,(complain),d_,_,~ m~n;_>-âdu-kan. REPRESE~TATION,.., o~o>~ p~ngildu-an. REPROAcH, To, d~"""'-'o m~nch~lâ-kan. REPRov>i, TO, d _f.>l âjar-kan. REPTILES, ojw,! t!~ binâtang yang m~lâta. REPUDIA TE, To1(divorce), w;:ji.1<.5 ft bri t~lâk * (Ar.). REPUTATION, ~t; nâma (Pers.). REQUEST, A, o"l;;.;_,~ p~r-mintaan. REQUEsT, TO, s.l.;v...o min ta. REQUZRE1 To, (want), _,,L. mau, ~ ;1 Mr-ka-handak., ro, (demand), o~ tuntut. REQUITE1 T01 ~y hâlas-kan. RESCUE1 T01 Wl? ~) rampas Mlik. RESEMBLE 1 T0 1.,u_,) ~L., sâma rüpa-nya, J_,;- sa'rüpa. RESERvE, TO, o4-w sim pan. RESIDE1 T01 ~ tinggaj, l.)i..>_,o> düdok. RESIDENCE, M-') ro.mah. RESIDUE1 ~ & yang J~bih. REsiGN1 T01 (give up), ç/-9;- s~rah-kan.. * The action of the husband. If he gives utelâk Sâtu", or HTelàk Dûa" it is possible to take the divorcée back again, but if utelâk Tîga" be given the matter is final.

148 RESIN, _,:iy J"'f..l dâmar batu. RES RIB REsiST, TO, 0 _,~ m~-lâwan. RESOLUTE, (determined), M..ld~gil. RESOUND, To, Î)<LS;. Mr-gaung. RESOURCE,. J;_,f...sf..l dâia upâia. RE8PECT, ~;> hormat (Ar.). RESP>:CTPUL, d-'""' sîtpan. RESPECTING, j..d fasiil (Ar.). REsT, (freedom from trouble), 1..._,.:.;...;- s~ntôsa, ifl.:.-s' kas~nang-an. -, (remaindet ) jy baki (Ar.), ~ &. yang l~bih. REsT, To, (t epose), 6'} 1;! Mr-hâring. RESTLEss,...,J llsah. REBTORE, TO, cfij_,.; pîtlang-kan. REsTRAIN, TO, a+'-' m~n-âhan, cf&l::ï t~gah-kan. RESt:LT, ":<';------=>! âkhir-nya, a-_,:ï# ka-pîttus-an. RETAIN, T01 (keep), o-+:i tâhan, tjg p~gang. RETALIATE, To, cf-jy hâlas-kan. RETIRE, TO, J-'<Àil undor. REriRED, (secluded), (.5'),-. sûnyi. RETORT, TO, o\5 u-j4 bâlas kâta. RETREAT, To, J-'<Àil undor._ RETURN, TO, (go back), ~4 hâ- Jik, f:j_,.; pîtlang. RErURN, To, (give back), cfij_,.; pûlang-kan. RETURN A FAVOUR, TO, ~~ hâlas-kan. REVEAL, To, (a sec et);!sy.-'"" m~mbîtka. REVENGE, TO, (requite), cf-jy hâlas-kan. REYENUE, J...ol.:> hâsij (Ar.). REVERE, To, <:?r hormat-kan. REVERENCE, ~:r- hormat (Ar.). REVERSE, TO, (completely change),.),l.j(.. cf&i_,l îtbah-kan skâli. REVERSE, THE, (quite different), ~l.j(.. a"}\ lain skâli. REVILE, TO,.!,l.;. Mr-mâki. REvivE, To, (rouse again), ~~ J_,.; Mr-bangkit pula. -, To, (recover consciousness), ).>..- s~dar. REVOLT, TO, i.l(9')..l drahka. REVOLUTION OF HEAVENLY BODIES, os'~~ p~r-!dar-an. REVOLVE, TO, 6:-_,.;;. Mr-pîtsing. REWARD, (payment),..;_,1 îtpah., (gift), "!.~ hiidiah. RHEUMATISM1 J.;;_ B~ngaJ. RHINOCERos, A, 0..ly bli.dak. RHYME, Vi.:?-1... sâjak. Ris, A,._,,_._,) f:j_,:; tîtlang rûsok.

149 RIB RIS.RIBBON1 ~ pila (Port.). RwE, (ill the ear, unhusked), <.5..l~ RIGHT, (p1 oper), ~L.; pâtut, li""jl$> hârus. padi. -, (true), ~ sungguh. -, (husked), li"~ bras. RIGm, ~ t~gang, } t~gar. -, (boiled), &[j nasi. RIGoRous, ll"l/ kras, -, (oryza gluti11osa), ~_,; &U RIM, A, fi blbir, ~- t~pi. nasi pftlut. RIND, ~_,î kftlit. --, (d y, hill padi), t.)':>\ lâdang, RING, A, l:jô,.;f~ chin chin. Lo_,.g> h1lma. -, AN Eu-, >-/~ krâbu, &Y'" - FIELD, A, (wet), '"1... sâwah, sftbang. t~ Mndang. -, A, (cù cle),..:;j.>-1 p kan- - NURSERY, A1 L5""" smai, 'Y...l_; dang bftjat. rmeh. RING A BELL, TO, 6-:'?"Y 'ti go- RicH, (wealthy), Jî kâya. yang 16cheng *. - 1 (ill taste), 04JJ~mak, RINULEADER1 A, JW' k~pâja. RICHES, (/~ ka-kâya-an. RINGWORM, U_;_i kftrap. RmnLE1 A, t}"? ";Pl nyiru-jârang. RINSE, To, ( wash i11 water), ~4 -, A, ( conu11drum ),. :; ~- bâsoh. t~kak-t~ki. -, To, (steep in water), rn_; RIDE, TO, l..l_,î ;1 Mr-kftda, F>'-' r~ndam. l..l_,î m~n-unggang kftda. RIOT, A, j-2 g~mpar, <::?"..lij j RIDGE, (of a roof), b-;+1 ~_,:.!11- p~r-gâdoh-an. lang bumbong. lhpe, 0>-L. mâsak. RIFLE, A1 JÇ; t~rkuj. - 1 OVER1 r,.;) rânnm, RmnT, (opposed to left), dlî kâ- - ' UN, l..ly mftda, 0>-Lo r~ nan. biilftm mâsak. -, (opposed to wrong),.fi M- RisE, TO, (get up), ~bangnar, J,:.:; Mtul. kit, of~ bangun. ----~ If ta pull a ùell, then '-'Târek"; if ta strike a gong of wood or metal, theo "Pukol".

150 RIS ROO RisE, TO, (ascend), l...iy.~ naik. -, TO, (spring away), ~_,.J lompat. -, TO, (fly away), f:!j t~rbang. -, TO,(shootupasplants),~ tumbub. -, To, (in priee),.3"j>._;;eu naik Mrga. RIVAL, (opponent), 0,-:»Iâwan. RIVER, J'Y" sungei, y!t ~ ~ bâtang âyer. RIVER, THE MOUTR OF.o, J!P kuâla. RIVER, TO ASCEND A,._i:Y.)~ mftdik. RIVER, TO DESCEND A, }-!? hijir. RIVULET, y!t._jijt ânak âyer, Wüt '--~-'"'" ânak sungei. Ro..u, A, cil?- jâlan. -, (highway), l.s~ cil?- jâlan ra la. RoADSTEAD, ~>i":lllâbuh-an. RoAR, TO, l...iy. j>j. Mr-trlak. RoAsT, To, F panggang. RoB, TO, ~) rampas-kan, ~_, sâmun-kan. -, (at sea), Wi.RA_r4 m~-rompak. -, (snatch), "">!~ râbut. -, (steal), <.S;fr ch1l.ri. RoBBER, A, oy'y. p~ny-âmun. RoBBER, (pirate), Wi.RAj p~-rompak. -, (thief), <5;7-f,;.; p~n-chtlri, J''S kâwar. RocK, A, _,:;~ bâtu. -, TO, (intransitive), ~.,.J _r. Mr-gôyang. RocK A CRADLE, TO, ()~) ai un. RocKET, ofi_;-4 m~rchun,._ji_jt t.rh' ânak tlkn'j. Ron, (stick), """Q_,:; tong kat. -, FISBING, v~f?" joran. RoE, (of a fish),.yy.t ;;; t~lor!kan. RoE-DEER, ~ kljang. ROLL ALONG, TO, &:J_,I gqjing. UP1 TO, ty_,..? go long. -, TO, (wind),~lllit-kan. -, To, (as aship), ~,t;i berôleng, w;,.,l_,i gôlek. RoLLE&, A, ~ p~ng-glling. -, ( waves after a storm), 0 jt alun. RooF,.., È.~>i bumbong. OF THE MOUTB, r~":l\ ~_,.. langit-langit mo.lut. RooK,... (CI"Ow), wi.i'1.? È.;~ M rong gâgak. RooM, (space), ~ t~mpat. -, A, l...li4i bllek.

151 ROO RUS RooMY, Li"~ luas. RooT,.o., fi âkar. -, (origin), J..ol lisa! (Ar.). -, TO TAKE, ~~ Mr-âkar. RoPE,,W tâli. RosE,.o., Li"-';U>-i b{lnga rôs, * J_,Loll>i Mnga mâwar. RosE water, J-'Lo r.l.âyer mil.war. RoTATION, IN, rt.?'y. Mr-ganti gan ti. RoTTEN, (foul), Wl->1 Msuk., ( decayed, worn out), 0_,)_,. Mrok. RouaB, ;"'~ kiisar, ~~ kâsap. RouNn, ~ k~ltling. -, (circular), ~.ri Mlat, ~>/ buntar. RousE, TO, (stir up), ~ m~m-bangkit-kan. -, To, (waken), cf.i_,i:~ bangun-kan, ~~ grak-kan. Row, (rank), u-è>~ bâris. -, (disturbance), ~_,.:,t.jj p~rgâdoh-an. Row, To, [J"I-'y. Mr-diiiung. RoYAL, <;:) râja.~* Rus, TO, ~_,.{ gôsok-kan. RuBsi B,..;,_ sampah. RUBY, A, l.,j..> _,:.1; biitu d~jima, o~ yâkut (Ar.). RunnER, A, '-'""'_,...î kam{ldi. RunE, (unmannerly), ;"''.j kâsa r, U"Le-! t;f k{lrang bmsa. RuFFIAN, ~ Ê.J-'1 ôrang j~hat. RUFFLE TO, d,_;:.-~ kâehau-kan, ~-'J rônyeh. RuiN, TO, ~L4 binâsa-kan. -, To, (demolish), ~_,...:.:...;) runtoh-kan. RuLE, (Government), ~b:;j prentâh-an. RuLE, To,..:.:.ir" m~m-rentah. -,.o., (regulation),~hukum (Ar.). - '..., (measure), o)f_,l ukuran. RuMoua,.., ;r.> khabi!r (Ar.). RuN, TO, 1..3;'" lâri. -, (collide), J}"JJ t~rantok. - AGAINST1 TO, (charge), ~) r~mpoh, f Ji t~rkam. AWAY WITH1 T01 cry:; ":llo m~ Jâri-kan. RusH,.o., (plant), ~J rantek, o,_;;-f k~rehut. RusH, To, fj t~rkam. English Malayified, understood in the Straits Settlements. H Viz., of Royal birth, "'Bangsa Râja".

152 RUS SAL RusTY, c:.>.)is kârat. 1 RuT, A, (uoheel track),!..>_,.) ~ -, TO BECOME,c:.>}'j. Mr-kârat. Mkas rôda. s SAcK, A, t-'} kârong, _,s'lw saku (Port.), ~_,.S' goni (Hind.). SACRED, Ll"-'.x; kildus (A.). SACRIFICE, TO, (slaughter)p~~j k~rban-kan, ~J...o...- s~mblehkan * SAD,~ é]_,_, dîtka chlta (Hind.), rjy' mûram. SADDLE, A, if. jin (Hind.), 0 Jt; plâna, ~ sela. SA.FE, SAFETY,...:,;..o...AJL- salâmat, ~- s~jahtra. SAFFaoN, (the plant), ~~~ kîtnyit. SAGACIOUS, ~ b!jak, W;l: ârif (Ar.), 0iè-'fr cherdek. SAGACITY, J..-..L: akal,._.,_,~ bu di. SAao, _,.S'Lw sagu. SuL, A, y.~ lâyar., To, y.":ij. Mr-lâyar. SAIL, FORE-, ~..;i,; trinket (Port.). -, MAIN,(È_,;'ï y.~lâyarâgong. -, MIZZEN-, È_-';W p.~ Jâyar p~nyîtrong. -, TOP-, <.3-'LS' gawei (Port.). SAIL HAL YARD, ~ klltt. SAILOR, A,ylf Wüt âna.k prau. SALAD OIL, t.:.jj.- ~jm!nyak selâda (Eng.). SALARY, t_f?"lf gâji. SALE, A, al~ jûal-an. -, (by auction), tfo.l lêlong (Port.). SALINE, ~Lo mâsin. SALI V A,,_,_,.) Jûda.h, )~ y.t âyer li or. SALLOW, ;,:"?"_,.; pûchat. SALT, 0 LS' gâram. SALTPETRE, ~~~ s~ndâwa. SALUTATION, A, rjl.. salâm (Ar.). See "Kill". The "b" in "Semblehkan" is silent.

153 SAL SAR SALUTATION, (when meeting),m>jl.. ~r salâmat Mr-jumpa \ ~IJ tâbek** SALUTE, TO, rjl. <..S;i bri salâm. -,To,(wifhguns),if,jc;.,y,.w r'f' sam but d~ngan m~riam. SALVATION, Ji? ~l,j lu~ sa-. lâmat di-dâlam shlirga. SALVE&, A, (of metal), ~IJ tâlam., A, (of wood), t-j_,,j dulang. SAliE, THE, (alike), r-1- sâma. - 1 IT'S ALL THE 1 J'y rl., Sâma jüga. SAME As THis, THE, o"l d,j rl... sâma d~ngan ini, o"l..._;_, T"' sa'r1ipa ini. SAMPLE1 ~ chonto, 0 1)'?,'1 achu-an. SANCTION, To, (approve), <:J==>fi Mn ar-kan. SAND, ;*""'~ pâsir. 8ANDAL WOOD1 (JI~ _,.ls' kâyu cmndâna. BANDALS, ~ft cmrpu t., (wooden), Lo.._, _ii trompa. SANDBANK,.1., ~~ beting. SANDFLY, A, U"'?l âgas. SAP, d g~tah. SAPPHIRE1 ~y~ bâtu ntjam. SARCASM, j...u., (J>l.;;) i p~r-kata-an aindir. SARONG, (national dress), o"i.s Ê. 'JL... kain sârong tt " See ufarewell". *"" Not Malay, but in eommon use in the Straits Settlements and in sorne of the Natil'e States. t Leather shoes made in Palembang with a peg to hold the toes are called "Çhapel Palembang". tt The "sarong" is either of silk or cotton or a mixture of the two. Of cotton "sarongs", the most valued come f1 om Celebes and are known as "Kain Sarong Rugis". Java produces the painted cotton sarongs so much admired by Malays; they are called "Kain Batek". A comrnoner sort of cotton sarong is the "Sarong Plekat" of the Coromandel Coast. Of silk sarongs, sorne of the finest are the.,kain Mastoli" of Singapore, ~ Kain Sungkit" (silk and gold thread) of Pe~ang and Borneo, and the sarongs of Palembang, Ba~u Bara and Mentok 10 ~umatra. On the East coast of the Penmsu1a, Trengganu, Pahang, and Kelantan produce a large number of silk sarongs, and scarves.

154 SAS ~ 112- SOA SAsH, (round the ehoulder), &1{ t~ kain slendang. -, (round the waist), ~ ~;G; p~m-hlêt pinggang. SATAN, ~1 iblis. SATIATED, ~ k~nnyang. ' (assuaged), cri,; puas. SATIN, ti~ çr-!1{ kain siten *. SATIRICAL, ;/.>.;.., sindir.. SATISFACTION, (return),~.-<mf gan ti., (r.ontent), oi'l.;...î ka-s~nang-an. SATISFIED, L;;~ vw~ puas hâti, <.::.>~ u-,;l:.~> hâpus luat., (with food), ~ k~nnyang. SATISFY, TO, L;;~ cf--!_,; puaskan hâti. SJ.TURDAY, ~ <..3;~ hâri sabtu. SAUCE, Y' kuah. SAUCER, A, &ft plring. SJ.ucY, jît nâkal. SJ.V AGE, vw!,.i huas., (untamed), y) llar. SAVE FROM, To, (danger),~":)..,. salâmat-kan. SAVE, To, (reserve), a"- simpan. -, TO, (protect), ~-'~ lin dong-kan. SA VED, (from danger), ~_ii t~rl~pas, '-""'""":)..,. sallimat. SA.VING, (frugal),~ hêmat., ( except),..,.,l.:.~> blin y a, c# m~-lain-kan. S..vouaY, W<À.w smap. SA w,..., ( <..?L? 1 g~rgâji. -, TO, f SAWDUST, ~1{ ':>!~ hâboh kâyu <..?L? 1 $~ tahi g~rgâji. SAY, To, dw' kâta kan, ol>'_r. Mr-kâta, ~~ Mr-sabda. SAY, THAT IS TO, \,:.:. -: P=k ia-itu **. SAYING, A, o''l:.:îj p~r-katâ-an. ScAB,..., (on healing sore), ~_,f krftping. ScABBARD,..., tc>.; Ê _,;Lw sârong pmang. SCA.FFOLDJNn, ÊY prâgang. If the sârong is in one piece, it is ealled "Sa'lêrang~'; but if it bas to be joined in its length. it is called hber-kampoh", and is not so much 'Valued as the 'Kain Sa'lêrang". If the coulours of the fabric are dyed fast, it is called "Malau Kopi"; if the dye is indifferent. umalau Lechi". Adopted and understood. ** See unamely".

155 SCA seo Scuo, To, cfj't-fj l~chor-kan. SenE, (of a fish), ~ slsek. ScALES1 (for weighing)1 if4+:> timbang-an. ScALEs 1 (sleelyard),~l..>dâching. ScANDAL1 ~ fit~nah (Ar.), "-""~11ipat. ScAa, Cl')~ parut. SCARCE1 """f.) bi.::- jftrang dftpat. ScARE1 To, (frighten), Cl~ m~ng-ltjul. ScARECaow, A1 (to frighten birds),.b~ pâchau. ScARF1 ~ ~lî kain slendang. 8CARLET1!,:i "y." mêrah t1ia. ScATTER 1 T0 1 )~ hambor, )~~ til.bor * ScATTERED1 (dispersed), <.Sj. <.Sft ch~rei Mrei. ScEBT, 0~<~~'~ bau-bau-an. ScENTED1 ifl, wangi. ScnEME,.., (contrivance) 1 L.-L~! upâia. ScnEME1 (intention), ;.:,.,_.; niat,.>~ maks1id (Ar.). ScnoLAR1 A, (learner), <.)y,_,..o Wül ânak miirld (Ar.). Scuoua, A 1(learned person) 1 l4.~ pandits (Sans.), )b âlim (Ar.). ScnooL,... )~ bandar-sah (Pers.),.lfo skôlah ** ScnooLBOY1 r.j4 &...:;->Y. b1idak yang blâjar,.jy;.. ÜJY. btîdak skôlah. ScnooLBoY, (in a Malay school)1 L?.~..s->Y. b1idak m~ng-âji. SCHOOLMASTER1 ~),..s- 0 )-J t1ian guru. SciENCE, r-k elmu (Ar.). Smssoas, F...,$ gunting., (for cutting betel-nul), L_;;-:J,S Mlil.ti, ~L> kâchit (Jav.). ScoLD, ro, ~)"' ~-&rab-kan. Sco_acn, ro,.;fo.:;l3 gâring-kan. ScoRE, A1 (ma1 k) 1 ~:)13 gâris , (lwenlyl,c_."'-'y;..sa'kodi. - 1 ro, (mark), ~:JI] gâriskan. ScoRPioN, A, ~ Jlî kâlajin king "'" Used of sowing seed, feeding fow1s, &c.; uhambor" where more force is used. umen-âbor" is more common than "Tâbor". u The English word Malayified and understood in the Straits Settlements.

156 seo SEC Scoua, To, ( wash and clean ), '!>-~ Msoh. ScouT, A, ~ kâkap. -, TO, ~~ m~ng-il.kap. ScaAP, A, of- sa'krltt, ~ sa'k~ping. ScRAPE, To, cf-')3 gâru-kan, cf;:/ _y' ktîkor. kan. ScRAPE, TO, (g ate), ~ kikis-kan. ScRAPER, A, (groter), r);.j _y' ktîkor-an. ScRATCH, TO, (claw), ~~ chil.kar. 8CREAM1 TO, ~?f. Mr-tr!ak, ScREEN, A, <.5~ têrei *, ftl:i tâbir, re->1 il.dang-âdang. ScaEw, A, Wi:Y.I ~ p~ler!tek, _,f- _y'!; pâku skru ** ScauB, TO,...;;..._,.? gôsok. ScRUTINIZE, TO, cfwj preksâkan,,_j;d~ s!dik. SCUFFLE,(affray), l:j~':lls'kjâhi-an. ScuM, ((roth), $y. buhi. ScuRF, ;",...U:, kal~mtîmor. ScYTHE,.\(?~!- sâli'it. BEA, THE, o_,':lllaut. BEA-SHORE,.p pantei. SEA-SICK, o_, ':>\ üy.lo mâbok la ut. SEA-WATER1 <::.>_,':>\ ;-~.1 âyer laut, a*"'"' yi âyer mâsin. SEA-WEED, rji âgar-âgar. SEAL, A, (signet), <.5~ m~trêi, ~chltp. SEAL, To, L5f-' "!)! Mboh m~trêi, ~ <::f:i t~kan chltp. SEALING-WAX,.;)':l\Jak t (Hind.). 8EAM1 A 1 ci4.>i.:,- jait-an. SEAMAN, o_,':ll È.;-'1 ôrang Iaut. SEARcn, To, L5;l.;f..M m~n-châri. -, To, (examine), Wj preksa. SEASoN, (of the year), ~_,..musim. SEAT, ü->_,..> ~ t~mpat dtîdok. - 1 TO TAKE A1 0->_,..> dtîdok. SECOND, THEj 8EC~NDLY 1 ~~ yang ka-dtîa. SECOND, A1 """"1,... S~at tt, SECRET, A, ~) rahs!a. SECRETLY, ts-!y-"""' ~ dengan s~mbtînyi. SECTION, A1 (of a subject), j...a; fas!tl (Ar.). " "Têrei" and HTà.bir" are screens of hanging cloth. The English word Malayified and understood in the Straits Settlements. t Sound the K. tt Vide "Instant".

157 SEC SEN SECURE1 (safe), ~::L.. salâmat, ~ ~jahtra. SECURITY, (bail), t:j.:al=?- jâmin, SEDIMENT1 $1J tahi. SEDITION, ~J" drahka. S>mucE, To, (lead astray), ~ m~ny-~sat-kan. SEDUCE 1 T0 1 (defiower), j.j_,) rilgul. SEE1 T0 1 ~ Ilhat*. SEED1 (of grain &c.),._,;.; b~nih, ~biji. SEEn, TO sow, yy.lm m~n-âbor. SEEK, To, LS)-f"'-' m~n-châri. SEEMINGLY1 ~!...~ râsa-nya, ~l.;_,) rilpa-nya. SEINE, A1 (net), ~ _,; pilkat. SEIZE, To, (catch), ~ m~nangkap. SEIZE1 T01 (hold) 1 ~ p~gangkan, SELDOM1 t)l=?- jârang. SELECT, To, ~,; ptleh-kan. SELECTED1 ~"'.~;y yang sudah di-plleh. SELF, LS.f."' diri **, LSf.cÀ.i..w s~ndiri. SELFISH, ~~ loba. SELL1 T0 1 J!p, jlial, J!P.j. Mrjlial. SEMICIRCLE1 A 1 tf:ilj~ngkong t, ~Moto'. SEND1 To, ~~ klrim-kan, r" m~ng-antar. SEND FOR, To, ~ panggil. SENIOR, THE, ~ yang tlia. SENSATION, A, ~!...~ râsa-nya. SENSE, (of feeling, taste, &c.),u'~ râsa. SENSE, (intellect), J.ii.e akal (Ar.). SENSELEss, (in a swoon), ~ pengsan. SENSELEss, (unconscious), J~<l:; ta'smar. SENSELE s, (stupid), ~ Mbal, ""'-'" bôdoh. SENSIBLE, ~~ bljak, LS"'.rl;-i Mr-blidi, J.ii.ej. Mr-âkal. SENBUAL, ~~ Mr-lngin, _,.-o.ij. Mr-nafsu. SENTENCE, (order), ~ hukum (Ar.). SENTENCE, (phrase), 1!:>~1 aiat. * Vide "Look". "'"' "Diri" is placed before and usendiri" after the pronoun; th us "1 myse)f" jg eithef Hdiriku" (diri âku) 0}' "âku sendiri", t Lit., '!arch~'.

158 SEN SEW SENTIIIEL1 ~ ÊJ'I Ôrang jâga1 J,l;;;; p~ng-âwal. SEPARATE 1 T0 1 c/y.p cmrei-kan., T0 1 (divide), ~ blah-kan., TO, (sel aside), ~~ âsing-kan. SEPARATELY, r&.--l.o mâsing-mâsing. SEPULCHRE, Jf' kubor (Ar.). SEQUEL1 THE,.,.,j>l âkbir-nya. SERIOUS, or mlîram. -, (important), oj. brltt. SBRVANT1 (with.\falays), Ü->Y. b(t. dak. SERVANT, (with Europeans), ÈJ'I ôrang, l.s'?"li' ÈJ'I ôrang gâji. SERVE 1 T0 1 (work for), if-l'(!_! ri Mr-k~rja d~ngan. SERVICE, (assistance), if_,.l_,:.:s'kat1llong-an. SERVICEABLE, ol ri Mr-glÎna. SET, A, (of boxes, dishes, &:c.), O"'Y""" sa's1lsun. -, A, (of buttons), for sapranggu. SET, TO'-cffl Mboh-kan, ".;!.;... m~n-âroh. -, To, (asjewelsj,c#}'kàrangkan,.ut;! Mr-tàtah. SBT, To, (as the sun), OJi" ttl.run. - A TRAP 1 T0 1 Op ~l; pâsang j~rat. - APART, TO, ~~ âsingkan. - now11, To, cfiw Mtak-kan. - Ill ORDER 1 T0 1 Ji"~ m~ngàtur. - on, T01 (incite), ~y.l àjokkan. - out, T0 1 (slart), ~1,! Mrangkat. - out, TO, (state), d~ cbitrâ-kan. - up, To, (erect) 1 ojy:i~m~ndiri-kan. SETTLE1 T01 (adjust), ~ 8~ Msei-kan. SETTLE 1 T0 1 (confirm), d _,:;.;:i t~ntu-kan. -, T01 (decide), cf-=i_,> plî tus-kan. SEVEN1 >=?-_i; tlîjob. SEVERAL1 ~~ sm!kit, 1,->.:>.;; d~a tlga. SEVERAL KINDS1 ~~ an!ka. SEVERALLY1 r~l, mâsing-mâ sing. SEVERE, (harsh), U"~ kras. SEw, To, ~~ m~n-jait.

159 SHA SHE SBABBY, (in dress), ÜJ,... o"i.j;j pakâi-an bftrok. -, (nigga. dly), #. klkir. SHACKLES, ~ L.,..:W) rantei kangk11ng. SaAnE,._,w tmoh. - ONE'B SELF, To, t-'l.;f. b~rnâong. SnAnow,.., ~~ bâiang. SnAFT, (of weapon, <i:c.), ~~ bâtang. -, (of carriage), ~ hom*. SHAGGY,_,.!>';/ ber-bulu. SnAKE, To, (Trans.),~~ goyang-kan. -, To, (with fear), ~ m~ng-g~litar. HANDS, TO, ifl:i ~~ jâbat tângan. SHAKY, (loose), ~_,J longgar, ~J r~nggang. SnuL, _,l.. mau,.jy. Mlih,._? nanti. SHALLOW, ~_,...:; t~hor, """"~ changkat, '.:.. ::;,- chêtek. Sa&lll, To, (feign), r.:;,:,_... Mat Mat. SBAME, _,.Il.. mâlu. SBAMELESB, _,.Il.. êjf kll.rang mâ Ju, dl; lly mlika pâpan. SHAPE, u_,) r1îpa, ~ slkap, of'~ bangun. BBARE, A, œf4/ bbâgi-an, (li~ habuan. SBARE, TO, rl./4-!_r. b~r-bhâgibhâgi, o4.?4! bhâgi-kan. SnARK, _., Y-! ~~!kan yu. SaAaP,!""?"~ tâjam. -, (acid), l'""'l.. mâsam. -, (cunning), ~-'ft cberdek. SnARPEN, To, ~~ tâjam-kan, ca-1 âsah-kan. SHARPEN, TO, (point), ~>f..ï) ranchong-kan. SHA ve, To, f _,::;,- chlikor. SHAVER, _., (barber), f _,::;,-tf_,.:; tlikang chtlkor. SaE,.._..:. dia,..;lia. SaEAR, TO, F.~ m~ng-gunting. SHEARS, ~ F._,$" guntlng besar. SHEATH, t-'jl... sârong ** Not Malay, but underst.ood. ** The "Sft.rong kris" or kris sheath is uf wood and in three parts: a broad cross-piece nearest the hilt called the "~ampir", usnallyofkamuning

160 SHE SHI SHEATHE, To, ~_,)... sârong-kan. SHED, A, ~ bangsal. -,A, (smaller),j_,~pondok. -, (lean-to), J~L~ sâpor. -, m, (as leaves ), cf9';f-o m~luroh-kan. SHED TEARs, To, ~W... m~nangis. SHEEP, r l3ft biri-biri. SHEET, A, (covering), <::>~ a!!{ kain sllmut. SHEET, A, (of pape> ), J.t- sa'miê. SHELF, A, t~ cf\; pâpan gantong. SnELL, A, (concha), ""~ slput. -, (rind), ~_,l kfilit. -, (of a nul), t-'j,o..:; t~mpfirong. SnELL, A, (for cannon), ~IJy.j prlok âpi. SaELTER, A, Ê-'~ ~ t~mpat m~-1indong, bli;i ~ t~mpat Mr-nâông,~jamba. SHELTER, A, (f om sun or wind),._,..ntmoh. SHELTER, TO, (protect), ~_,-u) lindong-kan *. SHELTER, TO TAXE, LSf..,),Ê.,~ m~-1indong diri, Ê-'W;--1 Mrnâong. SHEPHERD, JW' g~mhâla. SaEw, To, ~y,.;._:; tunjukkan. SHIELD, A, ~ ~ prisai. SHIFT, To, (change),.:?. gantikan*. SHIFT,To,(move),~lâlih-kan*, cf9'~ pindah-kan*. SHIFT, TO, (change clothes), ~1... a"!{ sâlin kain. SHIII BONE, ~_,...s' t-j_,...:; tfi)ang kring. SaiNE, To, 4R.-;i Mr-châhia. SHININO, 4R- châhia, ~ kl lat. SHIP, A, J..ôi>' kâpaj. _,.., (steamer), ~1 J..ôl>' kâpal âpi, u_,y p~ny-uap. -, A SAILING 7 j..'j J.,ôlJ kâpaj lâiar. or sorne other orna mental wood; them the" Bàtang" or fltraight piece co ver ing the blade, and this partis commonly of Senna wood; lastly the "Buntut", or endpiece closing the end of the sheath, of ivory, ebony, &c. If the "Sarong" is covered with gold it is called ~'Tràpang" * Transitive.

161 SHI SHR SiiiP OF w AR, t _,-ô J...jl.S' kâpal prang. SHIPWRECK 1 A 1 "f.'..j J..,;i>' 1 kâpaj pi chah. SHJRT1.o.,~ kamêja (Fort.) AN UNDER 1 l:j~~ bânian *, SHI VER, To1 ~ m~ng-litar. SHOAL1.o., (sand), ~ Mting. -, A, (rock), t} kârang. - 1 A 1 (number), 0_,~sa-kAwan. SHocK, A1 ( conct~ssion),~f g~gak. SHoE, A, _,..:;L...L., spatu (Port.), o_,...is kllsut, u-_,1>' kaus (Ar.). SHoE, A HORSE-1 l..>_,s' _,:;L2... spatn kll.da, l..>_,s' l5'""'i b~si kll.da. SHoE1 To1 (a horse) 1 l5'""'i jl_,; pukol Msi. SHOOT1 T01 (with firearm) 1 ~\; pâsaog, j..,!~ Mdii, -.:;_,:.:1- m~ Mtup, ~ m~o-imbak. SHooT, To, (with blowpipe), sumpit ~>- SHOOT, T01 (with a bow) 1,_;\;j. Mr pânah. SHooT, To, (as a plant), ~;-1 Mr-tumbuh. SaooT1 A, (from a branch), ~_,; pll.chok. SHoP1 _.,. cvs kmei. SHoP, TO KEEP.o., #j. Mr-kMei. SHORE1 THE, (of the sea) 1._p pantei, o_,'j LSR:i t~pi laut. SHORE, (land opposed to water), o)..> darat. SHORE,.o., (prop), tf>"' sôkong. SHORT1 I.JY..JW pendek, SHoRT, (wanting), tjf kll.rang. SHORT eut,.., ~ al4- ja!an singkat, Ln _ii al4- jalan trus._ - 1 (by water), 0"'-'.i" trns an.' SHoT1..., (from a gt~n), u-"' das. -, (bau, bullet), -'J~ p~lll.ru. - 1 B!JIALL 1 )~L.i...> p~n-âbor, r&l>' kachang-kachang. SHOULDEB 1 THE 1 _,<~ bau, SHOUT, TO, w),..-;-1 Mr-sôrak, UY.Jj. Mr-trlak. SuouT, ro, (cal!), t-' 'j!aung. SHOVE1 T01 UÙ_,:i tôjak1 t-'j'~ 8Ô rong. Suow, A1 (exhibition), d'rfw j p~r-tunju-an. SHOWER1 A1 (rain) 1 o-=:-_,1 1ljan ** SHRED1 ro, f jiu m~ng-ll.kor. Sua wn, I.JY...>p cmrdek,. ~ pandei. Guzerati, adopted and understood in the Straits. *"' See "Hain".

162 SHR SIE SHRIEK, TO, ~jij. Mr-tr!ak, SHRILL, 6'};! nyâring, SaamP, _., Ê'-'llldang. SHRINK, TO, (of prople),...s;. ngri. -, (of things), c.\.&' kiet. Saaoun, A, (for a corpse), ~ kllf!tn (Ar.). Saaoun, (rigqing), tf. t~mbêrang. SaauB, A, ~ _,; pliko'. SauFFLE, To, (cards),~~ chinchang. Saux, To, ~).>...s_f.> ~_,L:,-jauhkan diri dêri-pâda. SauT, To, ~_,..:; tlltup-kan, ~_,.:.<>' kâtup-kan. SaUT, TO, (as a flower), u_,.:f.l.î k~nchup. SanTTLE, (in weaving ),..:.; )~ t/irak. Sav, _,llo mâlu. SicK, ~L... sâkit. SieE, (of a Rdja),f:!.J gring,jj.c uzor (Ar.). -, DANGEROUSLY, ~L.,...:.;_,ji sâkit trlik. -, TO BE, (vomit),..:.:;_,.. muutah. SICKLE, ~ p~ng-~tam *, """*"L... sâbit,..s'y' p~n-llë; SICKNBSB, ~y p~ny-âkit. SmE, _., &4w sa'blah. -, ~o~v, 4- ~ sa'blah sahya., A (party), ~ pêbak. -, THE, ( edge, border),~ t~pi. -, (of a geometrie {ig~re),~l... sagi. BIDES, BOTH, ~ ~ sa'b]ah m~ny-itblah. SmEwAvs, Ê-'P'"' sêrong. SIEVJ:,.., l ~1 -, TO PUTTBRO'A.,faiak-kan** * There are three instruments with whieh the padi is eut, one the "Pilngetsm", a knife-edge on a thin pieee of board with a bamboo in it to give pul'('hase. This instrument is used by the women with rouch dexterity, but as only one stalk at a time is eut the work is slow. "Sâbit" is a siekle, and is eommontly used by Chinese in reaping, Malay men resp with the utue" or upentj.e" (either name is used), a stick about two feet long with a sharp book at the end hke a gatf. With this instrument one "Perdu" or root (about 10 stalks) is eut at a time. ""' upeog-aiak" is also used for a usieve", but though more correct is not so common as "aiak-kan".

163 SIG SIR SJoH, T~, ~ m~ng-!tloh. SuiHT, ifl~ p~m-andang-an. SJGHTED, Dllll, J':f.lt kâbor., SHA.RP, r.l:i ol..o mita tâjam. SIGY,.., (signal), 1~ tanda, '-"""JI.s: alâmat (Av.). SJGN, To, ifl:; 1~ '-'JI.:; târoh tanda tangan. SIGNATURE, ifl.:i 1~ tanda tângan. SIGNIFICATION, THE, (meaning), y.-iif Mrti-nya, '-:;"-'"4-i bhâsanya. SmNJFY, To, J.? Mrti. SILENT, f"'l-' diam. -, (stil[),.._"'!,... sdn yi. BILENT, BE, f"'l-' diam. SJLK, ~ sutra (Hin~.)- SILK, (in the piece), ~ o!\{ kain sutra. SILK THREAD, ~.:.:... ~ Mnang sutra. SJLK WORIII, A, ~ -.;:.J_,I 1llat sutra. 8JLK WORI>I1 COCOON OF THE, t-'~1 / ~ endong sutra. 8JLLY1 -'Y, bôdoh. SJLVER, üft pêrak. SJIIIILAR, <::.>.r-'-- s~p~rti, ù_, )""" sa'r6pa. SJ!IIPLE, (easy), ~ s~nang. -, (foolish),,_,_,_..., bôdoh, ê~ bingong. SI!IIPLY, ;:;:4- s~hâja. SJN, t.r-'-' dôsa. SiliCE, ~"'-' sa'minjak, ~i' ~, dêri-pâda waktu. SJNCE LEAVING, ~ sa'p~ninggal. SJNCE, LONG,..A..,':J lâma sudah. SINEW, A, <::.>J-' 11lr~t. 81NG1 TO, LS'l4-- m~-nyânyi. SINGE, To, cf..-y'~ hangus-kan, ~:)ls' gâri~g-kan. SINGLE, (sole), ~_,:; tunggal. -, (unmarried),&y. Mjang. out, To, (choose), ~ plleh-kan. SINGLY, r_,:.i... s.l.tu-sâtu. SJNouua, (curious), 0 ~ hêran*. SJNK, TO, ~ t~ogglam. -, To, (of a vesse!), t} kâram. SJP, TO, ù,r m~ng-lrups.a, oy uan. Arabie, properjy pronounced hhairan", see "Extraordinary".

164 SIR SLE SIRoP,...;_,;-:- Plliyer strup*, ~JN smrbat. SrsTER, 0 1,..._,._,...; ~-.>_,... sudlira prempftan ** SISTER, ELDER1 w;slî klikak. - 1 YOUNGEB 1 (),_...f -.JY-.>1 lidik prempftan. SISTEB IN-LAW, ol'i-"j ~1 lpar prempftan. S1T1 ro,...:;._,_,-.> dftdok. -, ro, (in a chair), ~1...:;._,_,-.> L5""f dftdok âtas krusi. -, ro, (squat as Malays), 0->_,-.> J4..;~ dftdok ber-sila. Six, ~1 anam. SizE,.,;-1 besar-nya. 8KATE1 A1 (fish),c.:;}c:jy.iikan pari. 8KEIN 1 A 1 jl_,:; tftkaj. -, A1 (small), ~ klingking. - SKELETON, A, Ki;) rangka. SKILL, cf.~ ka-pandei-an. 8KIN1 ~_,) kftlit. SKIN, ro, cf->_,l kftpas-kan. SKIRT, (sdrong), b}- o-:!1.) kain slirongt. SKULL, A, 0)~ tengkôrak. 8KY, THE, ~':l\ ]angit. BLACK, J-'v.;S kendor. SucKEN1To,cfJ_,v.;Skendor-kan. 8LANDER 1 T0 1 u-=;10 ~ <::>fh Mat fitenah di~litas. SLANTING, Ê.-'P""' sêrong. SLAP, ro, (in anger), j..j tampar. -, ro, (pat), 0fo tepok. 8LASH1 ro, (eut),~~ chinchang-kan. SLATE,.., (for writing), _,..:,~ dlô pâpan bâtu, _,:;~ 0 ~ lauh bâtu. SLAUGHTER, ro, (kil!),.j_,: Mnoh, 0}"~ meng-âmok tt 8LAUGHTER1 T0 1 (cattle for food), ü.:::..., e 1! ' sembleh-kan, ~ bantei-kan. SLAVE, A,~ hamba. 8LEEK1 0 ~ lembun. 8LEEP1 ro, J-'~ tldor. -, (of Rdjas), _,-.>!;/ ber âdu. Weil understood by Mala ys. European sil ops are a favorite beverage. Ha1 dly ever used, the two following words being almost invariably used to express this relationship. t ~ee,!!ârong".. tj- To make a furious assault and kill indiscriminately. To make a night attack on a bouse for revenge or plunder is often spoken of as "Meng-âmok 1ûmah".

165 SLE 123 ~ SMO SLEEPY, ~.. m~nganto'. SLEEVE OF A coat,_,.:::-~if~tângan bâju. SLEI!IDER, ~) ramping. SLICE, ~yi- sa'pôtong, ~ sa'k~ping. SLIDE, To, _f.fj_,.l;t.. m~ng-lunchor. SLJGnT, A, -,.y<l<, aib (Ar.). -, To, ~<L<, aib-kan,.>!.,.,:; ~~~ tiâda indah-kan. SL!LY, r l5jj':'" chilri-chilri. SLJMY, y.cn.l l~ndêr. SLING,.1., (for throu;ing), r j,j âli-âli. SLING, TO, j,l;;.. m~ng-âli. SLIP, TO, _f.f-.ijs g~linchir. BETWEEN, To; ~ SÎsip-kan. SLIPPER, A,_,iJft ch~rpu * SLIPPERY, ()"{".,.l lichin. SLOTH, THE, F.Y' kongkang. SLOVEMLY, '-"""-"ft <>~ tiâda ch~rmat. Sww, ~ lambat. SLOwLY, ~'jj p~r-iâban. SLUICE, y.l.),~ tâli âyer. SLY, l51.> dâia, WY.<>ft.cMrdek. SM.I.cK, To, (as the lips), ~.5 k~chap. SMALL, ~S k~chij. SMALL Pox, ft~ ~4,-; p~nyâkit châchar. SMART, To, (pain),&,!~ pmih. -, (finely dressed), ~LS kâchak, ~ bêgak. SMART ln REPJ.RTEE, ~ ':-'~ pandei m~n-jawâb. SMASH, TO, ;7-{~ "-f.~ pichah hanchor. SMEAR, To, d.t'_,.j Iilmor kan. SMEARED, J"'_,.lj>" t~r-jdmor. SMELL, A,,J:~ bau. -,To,(scent),r~'""'m~n-chium SMELT, To, dj,_.j Mbor-kan,..,.,.;_,; pd put. SMILE, TO, ry.;"' slnyum. S>nm, BLACK, ~ ê! ~ tdkang Msi. SMITH, aow-, u-'1 ê! ~ tilkung mas. SMOKE, '-"-1 âsap. SMOKE, TO, (with a pipe), ~ m~ng lsap ** Sanskrit. Native slippers of Jeather. UsuaiJy a pp lied to the smoking of opi~m. To smoke a cigar or pip.e, ulsap ch6rnt". HJsap hunehui". Malays smoke c1garettes oftobacco rolled ID nipah leaf, which are called uroko'".

166 SMO SOL SMOOTH, ~'*' llcbin. SMOTBER1 To, cf-j Mmas kan. SN AIL, A, (sea), ~_,1 Îlnam. -, A, (fresh wate~ ), L.-~ kmmboi. -, A, (land), o)..:> o~ siput ditrat. SNAKE, A, )_,1 Îllar. - 1 A HOODED1 (co~ra di capella), Ê-'.x; )_,1 Îllar tmong. -, (the ophiophagus elaps), )_,1 }- Ê-'.x; Îllar Mdong s~lar. SNu, To, (break),..:;~ pittah, SNARE 1 A 1 {gin), <::.>ft j~rat, -,TO,~ ~m~n-j~rat-kan. SNABL, To, (as a dog),t:;y>.;..om~ndring. SNATca, To, <::.>>1~ ritbut. SNEEB, To, ;!..M.w sindir. SNEEZE, To, \F""f. Mrsin. SNIPE, A,~~ ÊJ" Mrong Mrkek, ü_,~ Mtlrok. SNoBE, To,.,;. ngroh, J~d~ngkor. SNouT, Êr-f,;., munchong. SNow, ~ thalj (Ar.). SNUFF1 Ê-'~ _,)4--J t~mbâkau hldong. SNUFF, To, (a candie), ~_,S' gunting-kan. So, (in such a manne~ ), 0~-> damikian, #, bagliu. -, (therefore), ;yi~ s~mb itu. MANY, ~,. sa'kian. - AND so, _,.;1 anu. - THAT1 ~~- B~pi\.ya. SoJ.K, To, r.n; r~ndam. SoAP, 0 "L... sabun * (Port.). SoJ.a, To, &~ m~-lityang. SoB, To, _,..,._ smu. SoBER1 (tempemte), ~ ~ &. yang tldak mlnum. SOCIETY, A1 ~~.el..:::- j~maah (Ar.), ~_,l kongsi (Ch.). SorA,l.S"?'_,lkauchi**(Eng.couch). SorT, o~ l~mbut, SoFTLY1 c?':lljp~rlithan. SoiL (earth),...;1:; titnah. - To, çrl ~ cmmar-kan, d J_,l kôtor-kan. SoJOOBN, To, (without fixed abode), ~ m~n-umpang. SoLDER, ~? pïtri. SoLDIER, ~ ashkar (Ar.), _,..>I...U... solditdo (Port.), $Làspahi.. Adopted and understood in most places. Adopted. Understood in the Straits Settlements only.

167 SOI, sou SOLE OF TDE FOOT, ~ Viôl:i tli.pak kli.ki. SoLID, ~ly. Mr-lsi. -, (firm),...;jti t~gap. -, (con,q aled), ~ Mk1i. SOLITARY, (single), ~_,:i tunggaj., (lonely), LS'l_,... s1inyi. SoME, (a little), ~.>..- smikit. SoME ONE, tf>"' sa'ôrang. SoMETHING, ui_,:;l... slitu âpa. SOMETI>IEB, rê-'~ kâdang-k/idang. SoN, A, ~,J.jl ânak jantan, rc5'~ 0i,:il ânak 1/i.ki-1/i.ki. SoN-IN LAw,_,;.:..v.-. m~nantu. SoN, STE;-, 1.3y.(i Vül ânak tiri. SoNG, :-31_, râgam (Sans.), _,3~ lagu. SooN, (in a moment), c}~ ~ sa'bantar Iâgi. ' SooN, (quickly), ~ l~kas, if<> 1}.. d~ngan s~gra. SooT, JI; t) ârang pli.ra. SOOTHE, TO, ~_,; p1ijok-kan. SoacERER, t-'1,; pâwang * SoRE, ~L... sâkit. Soi<E, (smarting), IY.~ pmih. SoRRow, ~L...,...S ka-s1isah-an, dl~j p~r-chinta-an. SoRBY, <5"~.._...>- slîsah hliti, ~ J,<> d1ika chlta (Hind.). SoRT,.._, ~ j~nis **, ~L.. mli.cham. SoRT, To, (arrange), Jii~ m~ngâtur. SoRT, TO, (separate), ~1 âsing-kan. SORTS, DIFFEEENT, rl.jyy. Mr-bligai-bligai, r~y. Mr-j~nisj~nis. SouL, THE, ~ jlwa. SOUND, A, LS'l~ bunyi, -, TO, (intransitive), LS<r.T Mr-bunyi. SouND, To, (try the depth), è 1 r-' j Mang prum. SouND, (in good order), J,:4 M tul. SouNDING LEAD, r-'f prum (Port.), t-'<>~ 1/i.dong. SouP,!,$' kuah, u_,., s1îp. t SouR, (turned), L5""Y basi. * upawana" is a elever person whose services are called in when it is thought that the 0 practise of a little magic wilj end in securing the desired result - a urnedicine man''. "'* Arabie Jins: Latin Genus. t English. Understood in the Etraits Eettlements.

168 sou SPA SouR, (acid),!'"'"'!.. mâsam. SouRcE, (origin), J...ol Asa\ (Ar.)., (of a stream), r.l ol... mâta âyer. SouTH, \}":A- s~lâtan. - t FROM THE, dj.l.w '-~.,) dêri s~lâtan. - 1 TO THE 1.;}":J.-J ka's~jâtan. SouTH-EAST, o_,'ll "";~ bârat laut. SouTH-wEsT, u;l..> "";~ bârat dâia. SOVEREIGN 1 A 1 (ruler), 1 )i j~ yang di p~r-tüan, ~1~;.-,l d~lf ~ yang di-âtas takhta ka-râja-an, ~ ~;-""' yang m~m-rentahkan. Sow, A1 ~ <5~ bi\ hi Mtlna. SPACE1 ~ t~mpat. 1 SPACIOUS1 ~')\ Jâpang, li"!,-) lu as. -, TO, (as grain), ;Y.L;... m~nâbor. SPAnE, A,.1~ p~ng-gâli, u_,.:;r cmp*. SPAIN, J,-,ll u;p n~gri spanyôl. SPAN, A,~ sa'jengkal ** SPANGLE, A, (ornament), ~ j~mki, r~ kllp-kllp. SPANIARD1 A1 O)ll ÊJ-'1 Ôrang spanyôl. SuRE, To, (give), c)'~ bâgi. -, T01 (let go), ~ \~paskan. SPARK1 A1 (of fi e), ~1 ~Y. Mnga âpi. SPARKLE 1 T0 1 ~ ~ gilang g~mllang, ~;-1 Mr-cbâhia. SPARRow, A1 ~ Ê;Y. bürong pipit. SPASM1 ofl; ranggut. -, (of the stomach), 0W-w s~nak. SPATTER1 To, ~~ p~rchekkan. SPAwN, ;:}:' t~lor. * See "Hoe". Measured from the end of the thumb to the end of the middle finger. Two "Jëngkal" make 1 "Hasta", the length from the elbow joint to the end of the middle finger; and two ''Hasta" mal(e 1 ';DOpa", or fathom.

169 SPE SPL SPEAK1 T01 ols kâta, ~~~ Mr-châkap, ;;y:;;! Mr-tll.tor. SPEAR, A1 ~ Mmbing, ~y:; tombak. -, A, (of wood), ~ s~ligi. -, To, (stab), ~ tlkam. SPECIFY1 To, ~~ e~but-kan. SPECIMEN,.., _,.:.:.;_,.:;;.- chonto. SPECKLED1 ~f. Mr-intek. SPECTACLEs, 0 L... cp"' T?" ch~rmin mâta. SPEECH, (language), Ll'4! bhâsa., (address), dl.:.:sj p~rkatll-an. SPEECHLEss, LJ~ Bls'j. _,L:i>l..:i ta' tau Mr-kâta lâgi. SPEED, u-d!~kas, 1..1")<> dras, 0 t,=?-j!s' ka-iâju-an. SPELL1 A 1 (ckarm), ~:.i"'azlmat* (Al-.). SPELL 1 T0 1 l.?.-.1 ija. SPEND, To, (money), cf~ blanja-kan. SPENDTHRIFT1 A1 1..1"-'J)/ tj'i Ôrang bôros. SPHERE1 J~f'?,!- ehlikar-wâ]a. SPICE, r,j,_) r~mpah-r~mpah. SPIDER,.., r..,.,~ Iâba-lâba. SPILL, T0 1..._,y:; tll.mpah. SPILT, (in quantifies), r~r. Mr-lêpak-lêpak. SPIN, To, (weave), 0,-_:; t~nun. -, To, (make tkread or rope), j...o:;o pintai. SPIN A TOP, T0 1 &:-LS' d-l. main gâsing. SPINE1 THE1 ~:J(; t:jy:; tftjang bjâkang. SPIRIT1 A, (ét il), F jin (Ar.). hantu, <:ft SPIRIT, THE ROLY,~~(:-') ruh-al-kudus (Ar.). SPIRIT, (distilled), ü) ârak (Ar.). SPIRITED1 (courageous),..!.)! brâni,.. l'l? gâgah. SPIT, To, '-'Y lll.dah. SPITEFUL, r ~_, ~lm &. yang m~nâroh dlimdlim. SPLASH1 To, (Trans.) ~-~ p~rehek-kan. SPLEEN, THE,,~ limplidu. SPLENDID1 0~1 êjok, ~ yang mülia. * Only used in a good sense. Commonly means the ground-up condiments which form the. basis of a carry.

170 SPL SQU SPLICE1 TO. epy.""'" sambongkan. SPLIT, TO, ~ blah-kan. SPOIL, TO, (injure), ~-'J rôsak-kan, cfl..wl-4 binâsa-kan. SPOliGE1 A, t} l;i;y, Mnga kârang. SPoo11, A, ü_,.n... s~ndok. SPORT, (amusement), if.<l.oj p~rmain-an. SPoT,.., (place), =W t~mpat. -,.& 1 (blot), ~ sa'tltek. -,.&1 (imperfeclion),~l.;;.-châchat,.r.l.,_ cmlah. SPOTTED, ~;/ b~r-intek. SPOUT,.&1 (conduit), Ol;,-f..;,; panchôr-an. SPRAill,.., ""J-'1_.ll..w sâlah ltrat. SPRAINBD, ~; t~r-gllat. SPRAY, (foam), ~;" m~rchek. SPREAD out, TO, ~ hampar, p. Mntang. SPREAD1 To, (as a creeper), o~ m~-lâta. SPRIG, A, (of a tree), FJ ranting. 8PRIN0 1 t:;*'_; rabla (Ar.). SPRING, To, ~ m~-lompat. SPRING,.&, r-f ol.o mâta âyer. 8PRINKLE1 To, ~_,..; p~rehek, rr. sêram. SPROUT, To, ~ tumbuh.,.&, u--ï_,..:; ttinas, ~_,.J ptichok. 8PUR1.&, =~~ p~ng-uêt, -J:i ~ p~ng-g~rtak. SPua, A cock's (natural), 'Y'".>"' 1""1 stisoh âyam. -, (artificial), <.?-\;" taji. SPURious, t,-f...<l lanehong. SPURll, To, (kick), F t~ndang*, ~êpak. SPY,.., _,J.>"' solo, _,Jy.::> p~ny-ôlo. -, TO,._.il intei,_,j~ m~ny-ôlo. SQU.&BBLE, TO, b.--""-!:-!;-! b~r blsing,..:.:.;.,-;! b~r-bantah. SQUALL1.&, t-'->y, bôdong. SQUANDER, T01 tf~ mlsm-btiang, ~l; hâbis-kan. SQUARE, ~Lw ;.:>..l11mpat sagi. SQUARE, A PUBLié, o'~ mêdan ** SQUAT, To, (as natives), ~y.;.j.:._,.:. dtidok Mr-sila. "' See ukick". It is a curions fact that though utendang" is to kick with the sole of the foot, and "Sêpak" with the top, us:êpak" is al ways used of animais, though they kick with the sole of the foot. ""' Arabie umaidan".

171 SQUEAK, ro, }J g!gir. SQU STA. SQUEEZE, T01 ~L;;;..,.m~ng-âpit, j prah, ~~ p!chit. SQUINT EYED, ~Y..;:.~L..., mâta jfiling. SQUIRREL1 A, ~y tupai. 8QUIRT1 ro,.rf,;j lonchor. -, A, 4+-l bomba (Po t.). STAB1 TO, ~ m~n-lkam. STABLE1A 1(for cattle), [~kandang. -, A, (for horses),!.>_,{ ~ bangsal kfida. STAcK, A 1 (pile), 0 ~ tambun. -,.., (ofpadij,e~j~lâpang. STAFF, A, (for walking), ~_,.:; tong kat. STAG1 A, <:F L..._,) rfisa jantan. STAGE, A 1 (platfo m), ~y balei. STAGGER1 T01 t)'!~ hoyong. Sr AGNANT, (not running), ~ t~nang. SuiN1 _., ~~ châchat, t'ji"' choring. 8TAIRS1 ~ tangga. SuKE, A, (of wood), J~ ~IS kâyu pâgar. -, (in water), ~ panchang. STAKE, TO, (bef), "JL.:;yi Mr-târoh. STALE1 (old), r':ll lâma. -, (gone bad), 0i..-y.~ btîsuk. STALK1 A1 (stem), ~y bâtang. -, A, (ofleaf, fruit, or flowe~ ), ~tangkei. STALLION 1 A,~I..)_,{kfidajantan. STAMMER1 T01 -.._;3L? gâgap. STAMP, A, (for letters),~stamp (Eng.). -, To, (with foot), ~ hênjak-kan. -, To,(withaseal),~aû t~kan cblip. STAND, TO, (as bristles), r ;"" sram. -, A, (pedestal), c./is kâki. - up, ro, <5f...);i b~r-diri. STANZA1 A1 i.s_,.l.w slôka (Hind.), ~;"" sa'rangkap. Sua, A1 ~ bintang. -, A SHOOTING, p 4~ ch!rit bintang. STARBOARD, (right hanàside), cfis kânan. STARCH1 ~ kanji (Sans.). STARE, TO, [~ pandang. Suar, T01 (with fear),.;:.~_#j t~r-mjut. Situ. The uncomfortàble feeling caused by hearing a squeaking noise

172 STA STI SuRT, To, (on a jom ney ),dl::;>jâlan. -, (ofrajas),~~mr-angkat 8TARVING, j~ <5>"\..o mâti Jâpar. STATE, (condition), j!,:>l jl.:> hâlahuâl (Ar.). -, (pomp), o)4ka-msaran. -, A, (country), 1..3}G n~gri (Hind.). -, (government), o<i.::-)î karâja-an. -, TO, dl.:.;îkâta-kan,d,o.,bo miial um-kan, <:Py..ws~but-kan. STATED, oy:-_f t~r- ;~but. STATEMENT, A, o<l:.;î i per-katâ-an., A, (complaint), 0!,0lli p~ng-âdu-an. STATION, (place), ~ t~mpat., (office), ifl.i(; p~gang an, di.::-~ p~-k~rja-an., (rank), ;,:G; pangkat. -, (Police), L..,J~ balai, "-"-'; i:.,-1; r1îmah pâsong. STAY, To, (wait), ~ mé-nanti. -, TO, (remain), ~ tinggal. 8TEADY, (firm),..._;,:,:;, t~tap. STEAL, TO, 1..3;,-f,;.,. m~n-chftri. STEAM, ui,9> huap. STEAMER, ~~ ~L_l kâpaj âpi, u~ p~ny-uap. STEEL, ~ bâja. 8TEELYARD1 (for weighing),~l0 dâching. STEEP, t;y?' chôram. -, TO, (soak), rn; r~ndam. - IN HOT WATER1 )~ cmjor. STEER, TO, 1..3-l_,...Î ~ p~gang kamftdi, dy.0_,...f kamftài-kan. 8TEERSMAN1 ~Yj?' j~rmftdi * STEM, A, ~\o bihang, ~ tangkei. STENcH, A, 0i-Y. _,<~ bau bftsuk. STEP,.., (pace), ~sa'langkah. -, (of stairs), ~ 0UI ânak tang ga. STEP BY STEP,..;;<'ü ta'teh. STBP-CHILD, 1..3y;; 0UI ânak-tiri. STEP-FATHER, 1..3y} u~ bâpa-tiri. STERN, (severe), t.rl/ kras. OF A SHIP1 if.;)/ blîrit-an. STICK, A1 y,'5 kâyu. -, A POINTED, _,.::::;.-"") ranjau **. "' Contracted from BJuru kamûdi". u Small pointed sticks or irons, used to plant round a stockade. or in ditches, in time of war. They are sometimes poisoned and inflict a serious wound on bara limbs. Caltrops.

173 STI STO STICK, A WALKING, ~_,;;tongkat. STICK, TO, (poke), Wi.:;;-_,.:;;,- chfichok - IN, To, (as a pole), Wi.:;;-l.:;r chltchak. -, To, (adhere), ~!~kat. -, To, (meet. an obstruction), ~::.>~sangkut. 8TICKY, y.cwj. b~r-jindêr. STIFF, tj::; t~gang, U"Y' kras. STIFLE, To, cf-j!~mas-kan. STJLL, (quiet),!""..) diam, l$'!7'" sll.nyi. -, (y et), L.J~ lâgi,.$y, jll.ga. STILL BORN, if~ka- b!tbâng-an. STING, (of an insect), 1... _, TO, J ;u,. s~ngat. STINGY, p. klkir. STIPULATE, TO, L~;i b~r-janji. STIII, To, (intransitive), ü} ;i Mi grak. -, m, (as in cooking), d _,.:;;.Il' kâchau.kan. - UP, _T01 ~ m~m.. bangkii-kan. STIRRUP, ""'\l') r~kab. (Sans.). ST!TCH, TO" (sew), ~~.m~njait (,;,~n,jâhit). * Arabie 11 Kursï'. "'"' Usually pronounced HBr~nti''. STOCK, (~tores), rt;4 bârang-bârang. STOCKADE, A, >-iç kubu, ~ ben ting. STOCKING,._;l{ t-'jl.., sârong kâki. SrocKs, THE, Ê. Y'~ pâsong. ' TO PUT IN THE, c_#,.,...,ü pâsong-kan. STOMAcn, 0 _, j prut. STONE, A, _,;i4 bâtu. -, (of" fruit), L~ b!ii. -, A PRECIOUS, ol.j p~r-mâta. STONE TO DEATB, TO, f'"'?"; r~jam. STooL, A, (chail ), 1.5"'-' f krosi * Sroop, TO, ü_,..ju_,;; tunduk. SToP, ro,..?;i Mr-h~nti** -, (getinthewayof),~lâdang. -, TO, (hinder), ~- t~gahkan, o9'l..<.o m~n-âhan. -, TO, ((orbid), c_#;~ lârangkan. -, A, (point in writing), ~ n~kta (A>.), Vi#. Utek.. -' np, ~o, cf.!wy:; tll.tup-kari, ~ s~kat-kan, ca..._.i ~mpang-kan. - np~ m, (staunch blood),-~ij )..) tâhan dârah

174 STO STR SToPPER, A, ~~ p~ny-umbat, ~W p~m-aiam. SToRE, A, (plenty), ~4 bânyak. -, TO, (put away), o::f- simpan, "-'JL:i târo~. STOREnousE, ê.~v-3' gmong (Port.). STOREs, i:;4 bârang-bârang, ~~ Al at. -, (provisions for journey), ~Mkal. STORM, A, ""-*":; ribut. -, ro, (assault), j.:..j langgar. - AT, To, 0~~..>11' gâdoh-kan. SroRY, """":f?' cherlta, ~ kêsah * STOREY,, (of a house), ~ ting kat. Srour, (robust), ~ t~gap. -. ' (fat), w,..s g~mok. STow, ro, (cargo, ttc.), <::.>!,A mfiat. STRAIGHT, Lr>;Y lfirus. STRAII<, TO, (clarify), ~L:; tâpis-kan. STRAIIIER, A, (fi/ter), ~L:i tapis-an. STRAIT, A, (Of the sea), ~ B~[at. - ' (difficulfy), o~l(,....s kasukâr-an. STRAITENED CIRCUMST.J.NCES, B~sak -..Ji,-. SrRAIID, (sea shore),._? pantei. STRAIIDED, <::.>yf.~~ t~r-sangkut. STRANGE, dr.> hêran, F? t~r-cmngang. STRANGER,, (fvreigner), Ê.J~I E'l-> ôrang dâgang. 8TRANGLE TO: ck_,..:;;.. m~ngfijul-kan, ~~ m~n-j~ratkan. STRAP, A, ~_,.l ~L:i tâli kfilit, STRATAGEM, A, ~~ êlah, lsb dâia. SrRA w, L5"lr. j~râmi. SrRAY, ro, (as cattle), ~ s~sat. STREAKEn, (as atiger), &:;fr choreng. STREAM, (current), Li"') ârus. -, CHA.NNEL OF A, ;_,lt âlor. -, (river), ~_,_.. sungei, y.l ~-~ bâtang âyer. -, A TRIBUT ARY, ;-:!! Wi-il ânak âyer., DOWII, { # ht- J TO GO DOWN-1 f Jir., UP-, _,.!~! hulu. Arabie HKissah".

175 STR STU STREAM, TO GO UP, uy<>y mt\dik, STREET, A, ol4- jàlan, STRENGTH, d),ii$' ka-kui\.t-an,, (power), U"!,S' kuàsa. STRENGTHEN, TO, (a position), kll. koh-kan, o4î ~- STRETCH, TO, ~) r~ntang, 0Y}i târek. our, To, (the hand), unjuk-kan, ~~- STREw, To, J)iU... m~n-âbor. STRicT, (severe), U"Y' kras. STRIDE, A, ~ sa'langkah. - OVER, TO, <JGiLo m~-jangkab. STRIEE, To, j..::::>_,_. m~m-ll.kol, w;...ij gâsak,,j~ palu, ~_,J gôchok*. STRING,.),\:i tâji. STRIP, TO, (peel), d'-'~ kt\paskan, -, To, (take off),~ tanggal-kan. STRIP, EAST TO, ~ Mkang. STRIPPED, (naked), ~ t~lanjang. STROKE, ro, _,...;L... sàpu, w;..._,j gôsok. BTROLL, To, ~dl.::--;! Mr-jâlan-jâ Jan. SraoNo, o!,li kuat. -, (aswind),~~kinchang. - (powerful), v~!>-=> ;-1 Mrkuâsa., (pungent), U"v-; pmas. -, (as a current), U")<> dras. -, TO MAKE, (fortify), d'tf~ kll.koh-kan. SrauuuLE, TO, 0,~ m~-iâwan. STRUT, TO, (as a fowl), ~ m~ng-lgal. - STUBBLE, (of padi), LS"'? J~_,:itungguJ j~râmi. STUBBORN, Jl...Ll U"l,-î kras k~pàla, J.,.,?.> d~gil. STun, A, (button ), y~ &.-f..;..s' kanching bâju. SrunnEn,..:.t;! Mr-tatah. STUDENT, '-\>:f' 0til ânak mi:irld (Ar.) STUDY, TO, j>j4 bjâjar. STUFF, (cloth), cr-il kain. STUMBLE, To, <...>,)- sâ~ok. 8TUMP OF A TREE, J.fi'_,:i long gui. STUNNED, ~ pengsan. * "Tumbuk'' "Gôchok" with the fist. "Tampar" with the palm. "Tëtak" with a sword. "T8pok '' to pat. "Godam" to strike with a rattan or stick.

176 STU SUF STDNTÈD1 ~~J t~rinchat; SruPm,..J...i Mbal, '-'.H bôdoh, Ê.~ bingong. STUPIFIED, ;~<~ ~a'smar. STUTTBR1 T01._oll$" gâgap. STYLE, (of persons),y''j U.kn. -, (of a thing), ';~ châra. SuBJECT, (matter), f;l!~ p~rkâra (Hind.), ~ fasltl (Ar.). -, (person), ~) riiiat (Hind.). TO, (li ab le to ), l;.l.jy. bülih k~na. SuBM:iT, To, ü.,~ m~n-undok. SuBSEQUENT, 0'"""'~ ~ yang k~mdian. SuBsEQUENTLY1 0'"""'~ k~mdian. SuBSIDE, TO, <::!.,;_,... snrut, o;,..:; tltrun. SuBSTANcE, THE, (gist), ~_,1 ~ ltjong pangkal-nya * SuBs~ITun:, T01 /.ii tltkar, Lp gan ti., A 1 tp ganti SuBTRACT1 To, (deduct), ~_,; pôtong, <::~,Hl.!;:. châbut, wu_,.:; tôlak. SuccBEn, To, (take the place),m~ng. ganti,~.., TO, (ansrcer the purpose), l.s'-'~ m~n-jâdi., To, (prosper), ê_~l;-1 Mr-untong. SuccEss, ê_~l untong, '-'Y<W faidah (.4r.). SuccESSFUL1!,:lj. Mr-tltah. SuccESSION, d-';':.:î ka-tltrun-an. -,IN,rt?;~Mr-gantiganti. SuccEssoa, tp ganti. Sucn, (like), <::~}- s~p~rti, -.,;_,;"" sa-rltpa. -, (so), ~'-' damikian. Sucx, To, ~ m~ng-lsap. SucKLE, To,...s:,...-~ m~nyltsu-i. SUDDENLY1 r..,_.;; tlba-tlba. SuE, T01 (in court),!,.c'-'j. b~r-diiua.., (generally) ~ minta. SuET,,;W l~mak. SuFFER, To, (be in trouble), ~IJ.>._.Y" di-dâlam sltsah. -, To, (end~tre), t.fii:i tanggong. -, T01 (permii), ft blar. Lit., the beginning and end of it,

177 SUF SUFFICIENT1...,)S.* chû.kup, ~ sudah, 1 THAT IS 1...,)S_,:;r '"" sudah chllkup. SoaAR, ':li)' gllla. CAIIDY 1 _,:i~ ~)' gû.ja bâtu, CANE 1~ t~bu. SuiCIDE, <..S;f..~..;_,. blluoh diri. SoiT, A, (at law), };f l bichâra. -, A, (ofclothes),<:::f..'i ~l...j p~r-sâlin-an kain. -, To, if.;, r.y- sa'tuju d~ngan. SuiTOR, A, (wooer), ~~&.yang m~m-lnang. SuLKY, 0_,-:?-S r~jok, I"'""'L. 1!_,... mllkamâsam. SULPHUR1 ê_pl-1 balêrang. SULTAN, 0 Lb.l... sultân (Ar.). SoM, (total), ~ j~mlah. SUMATRA, ~ _,.!_,> pu]au p~rcha. SoiiMBR, (dry weather), ~_,...,. ~\; musim pânas, -'JW' k~mârau. SUP Sui!MIT1 ~ kamunchak. SoMMON, To, ~ panggil. SuN, THE, <..S;ltM mâtn-hâri. -, TO DRY IN THE, a-3),..,. j~mor-kan, SoNBEAM, A, p. slnar. SoNnAY, ~1...s)-.9 hâri âhad (Ar.), ~~...s}~ hâri minggo*. SUNDRY, rl_s-3~ bâgai-bâgai, rr.l. mâcham-mâcham. SoNRisE, ~[j...s}~-.:..0 mâta hâri naik. SoNSET,..:iL::,. <..SJ~ mâta hâri jâtoh. SuNSTROKE, A, <..SJl.eM LA.:; timpa mâta hâri. SoPERcARao, _,;;~chin chu**, Wi;.:,.,; f!_,:ï tllkang pêtak. SoPERINTEND, To, $~ m~njâga, )G;... m~n-unggu. SuPERIOR, (better), ~~ -..;.! l~bih bai k. SUPERLATIVE t. Portuguese, adopted and understood in the Settlements. ** Chinese, adopted and understood. t The superlative:) is formed by prefixing "tbr" to the comparative, th us: good llbaik", better U}Sbih baik", best 11ter.Jebih baik" j and so ujabat", ulebih ji1hat", "ter-h~bih j3.hat", wicked, more wicked, most wicked.-the superlative is also formed by prefixing "yang'' and adding askâli" as "yang baik skâlii", the best.

178 SUP SWE SU PERN ATURAL,._;:R-sakti(Hind;). SuPBRSCRIPTION, (address), ~~ alâmat. SuPPLE, <_,Ml l~nto'. SuPPLY, To, (furnish), <::JY.r. brikan. SuPPORT, To, (prop.), ~_,.J _,... sôkong-kan.,to,(endure),ê_~tanggong, ifl.vo m~n-âhan. SuPPOsE, TO, ~ flkir (Ar.), o!u- sang ka. SuPPREss, To, (conceal), s~mbllnyikan, o4.,>y.-. SuPREM,, ]""'ilt- mahâ Msar. SuRE, (certain), _Fj t~nlu, t:<' sah (A1.). -, (trusty), o---"1,-il> harâp-an, ~:/4-fl ka-p~rchaya-an. SuRETY, ct:"~ &. yang m~njâmin. SURF, J..;...o_,l o+"f,_; pichah an ombak. SuRFACE, (top),~~ âtas. SuRFEITED, ~ k~nnyang. SURGEON, of-'..) dllkun, _,...,.>-/ homo. SURL Y, ;-'0 kâsar. SURPLl:S, J~ baki (Ar.). SuRPLus, (of food), L-,.w sisa. SuRPRisE, TO, (startle), ~~ k~jut-kan. SuRPRISED, 0 ~ hêran. SuRRENDER, ro, lsf...l ~;- s~rah-kan diri. SuRROUNn,To,~_,.QS'k~pong-kan. SuRVEY, ro, f_,lllkor,...;[j J >"' sllkat tânah. SusPEcT, To, ~ 'JL.;.. m~n-âroh shltk. SuHPEND, To, (postpone), ~p gan tong-kan. SusPENsE, c5>"1;,ji...l..? gondah hâti. SWAGGER, TO, lsj-:l..l t~~ m~ny-ombong diri. SWALLOW, A, r&~ tj7/ bllrong lâiang-lâiang., TO, if t~lan. SwAMP, A, ~ pâya. SwAN,.., ovû_,lllndan. SwARH, A, 0 _,~ sa'kâwan,..;:)f- sa'puak. SwEAR, To, (take an oath),,;_._;i Mr-s1Împah. -, To, (curse), -:,:;_,:;;,. m~nglltu'. SwEAT, ~ pluh. -,To,(perspire),~j.Mr-pluh. SwEEP, To, _,>L... sâpu.

179 SWE TAK 8WEEPER 1 A 1 (bt t~sh) 1 _,.;L,;; p~ny- IÎpu. S wset, u--jl. mânie. SwBET BCENTED 1 ~~ wangi. SwzETHEART1 A, ~I.S.S' ka-kâeih. SwEETMUTB1 ~L. manie-an. BwELL1 'IO,! ~ Mn kak. SwELLlNG, A, g SwiFT1p.')\lâju, lrlf' draa* Sw1M1 TO, El Mrnang. -, To, (float), J~ timbul. SwiM1 T01 (as the head),~ p~ning. SwnrE,..5~ bâbi. SwiNG, To, ojy.!,.i buâi-kan. SwooN, ~ pengsan. Swoao, t"" pmang, [.>J_,... eundang ** SYcE, A1 (groom), '-""'""1... eaie. 8YLLABLE 1 A 1 ~kl!llmah (Ar,). SYMPTOM1 ljv.:i tanda. 8YRINGE1 l.;...i bomba (Port). T TABLE, A1 ~ mêja (Port.). TACK1 A1 (nail), ~,s' _,J~ paku k~chil. -, To, (in sailing),._;;_,~bêlok. TAIL1.., ;yyl êkor. -, A1 (queue), ÊrY tau-chang (Ch). TAILOR1 A1 ~L:,./iy t(lkang jait (jabit). - TAHE1 T01 ~~ ambil., TO, (accept), 1"'-f trima. TAKE1 TO, (receive), o>++-"" eambut. -, T01 (snatch), oy,) râbut. - AWAY 1 T0 1 t.li 1,4 bâ.wa pèrgi. CARE 1 T0 1 ~ jâga (Hind,). HEED1 T01 ~~ ingat. HOLD1 TO, F p~gang. PRISONER, T01 ~ tang ka p. - UP1 T0 1 (lift), l>:l(:;;f angkat. "' E=ee -~Quick", "Rapid''. *"* 'fhe "Sundang" is a Malay sword of severa} forms, straight or wavy, single or two-edged, but in ah cases short. The commonest form is ve1 y like the ancient Roman sword. The best are made in Sulu, Borneo, and Acheen.

180 TAK' TEA TAKB UP AND CA.RRY AWAY, TO, e>~l angkut. TALE, A, b:.!;:;:.- cherlla, ~ kis sah (At.). TALISMAN, A, M,>JC azlmat (Ar.). TALK, TO, ~~ ber-châkap. TALKATIVE, ilj_,... ~L; bânyak mlilut,?. plêtêr. TALL, ~ tinggi. TALLow, 7 ~.:;:.- 0W lemak chaiar. TAMARIND, A, 1_,4 r-"'1 âsam jâwa. TAMBOURINE, 0~ reb:l.na*, ~ gendang*. TAME, ~ jlnak. - t TO, ~ men-jlnakkan. TAN, To, (hides), cfii.ol... sâmakkan. TANGLE, TO, cfs.-y kôsot kan. TJ.Nll, A, rl,s kôlam (Sans.). TAP, TO, (pat), ~Hepok, <_iis keto'. T&PR, t'~~ plta Mnang. TAPIR, THE,._;;y.:; tenok. TAR,} ~ mlnyak tar** TARGET,.., (màt k), 0 )L...w sasâr- an. TARNISHED, TO BECOME, t:-l,.,-..9> ~ hllang châhia. T.tsx, o l=?-_f; pe-kerja-an. TASSEL, A, ~jambul. TABTB, } l, _, To, LJN:; rasa. TASTELESS, (insipid), J-'IJ tâwar. TAuNT, TO, ol'.wy-!1-' daius-kan. Tu, _., (impost), J.-_,.,L=> Msil (Ar.), J y chukei. -, To,.;#. ~ chukei-kan. TAXED, TO BE, J.-.>1.:> W kena hâsil, J ~!.Al kena chukei. TEA, (the leaf), ~ 0 _,1..> daun teh. -, (ready for drinking),..;; y.! âyer teh t. TEAcn, TO, d fi"! âjar-kan. TEACBER, A,-';,? guru. TEAx, J;l=?- y.!l>' kâyu jâti. TE.AL, _., ~ Ê.J)i blirong bellbis. Tun, TO, ~_,) kôiak kan. TEAas, clo 7-l âyer mâta "' The "Rebâna" has only one face; the "Gendang" two m one. Understood in the Straits Eettlements only. t ln the Peninsula often called "Ayer hangnt".

181 TEA TH A- Tuas, TO SHEn,' ~LM ni~nangis. TEASE 1 T Y.,. m~ng-tl.sik. TELEGBAM1 A1 o,lî 0~_,; p~rkhabiir-an kâwat. TELEGRAPH1 T01 o,lî j>'_,; puko\ kâ.wat, u~ j!_,; pukol telegrap*. TELESCOPE, e-'f trôpong. TELL, To, (relate), cf p> khabitrkan, '"l:i <..Sj. bri tau, ~Y.~ s~but kan, ~':;:.-1 achum. TEMFER, (disposition), ~ tab1at (Ar.), ~~ prangei.,, ro, (metals), ~~ s~poh-kan. TEMPEST1 A1 oy..,>:) ribut. TEMPLE,.1.1 (Muhamma4an),~ mlisjid (At.). TEMPT, T01 YJ'?' chtl.ba. TEN,.s,.._.. sa'ptl.loh. TENANT,.., ~ &. yang m~nyêwa. TEND1 TO, (guard), J'l?-jâga (Hind.). TENDEB1 (not hard), oy...l l~mbut. TENDER, T01 (make an offet ), J'l.:i ti\war. TENT, A,~ khêmah (Ar.). TEPID, ~~~ suam. TERM? FOR WHAT 1 (time), uf,.> ~':>\ brâpa lâma? TEBMS p ON WHAT,,}--~,...1.-;; ~~ bâgai~mâna p~rjanji-an? TERM;NA.TE, TO, o~;-i Mr Mnti-kan. TEBRIFIED1 o_,{l:i tâkut. TERRITORY, UL...:; tânah **, I...Sp n~gri (Hînd. ). TERROR1 d_,$'1.;.:) ka-iâkut-an, TESSELATED1 ),_:;~.:;:.-- Vûl...:i tâpak, châtor. TESTAMENT, (will), ~' waslat (Ar.)., old, """:Ji'' taurit t TEBTIFY, TO, ~ <..Sj. bri saksi, ~;! Mr-saksi. THAN, ~Jo) dêri-pâda. THANK 1 T0 1 "t-lî ~._f trima kâ. sihtt. Understood. "Tânah Pêrak" The terri tory of Pêrak; "Tânah Malâka" MalacCH terri tory. t See "Bible".,- lt Lit, BReceive my kind regards'' an expressiob adopted from Europeans as the equivalent of "thank you", but untillately unknown to Mala ys.

182 THA TH( 1. 1 HAT, 'l'bose, ~~ itu. - 1 IN ORDER, ~ S~pâya. IS TO SAY, ( viz),...,_.,l<y Ïa itu, l.s~ iiini. 'fhat WHICH, &. yang. 'fhatch1 '-.ô:il âtap. TBE*. 'fbeatre, &~ t~ pauggong wâyang. TanT, <::;.':),-f.s' ka-chtiri-an. TBEIR, '-,l:j. ~ dia punya ** "THBN, (at that time), ~1 ~ t~t'kâla itu t, ï4.l ~-' waktu itu, ï4.l ~ k~tlka itu. -, (next), (jo!~ k~mdian. 'fbbl<ce1 Yo- <.S)..l dêri situ. "THERE, yy,-..l di situ, 0 L.w..l disâna. THEREFORK, ~~ ~ s~mb itu, ï4.l o} karâna itu, j...o; c/1...,..li âkan faslll itu. TaBREUPoN,.J..:.:.. smiah,...u:. ~1 I.À.w s~tlah sudah itu. TBESE1 (j-!1 ini. TuBY, <..5..l dia, tj-'1 & dia ôrang, ~f' marika itu. TBICK, j..;:>' t~bal. -, (in consistency), ~ k~ntal. TBICKET1 A,~~ bltikartt,-...j!ow s~mak. TBIEF, A, <.S)}f..;j p~n-chtiri. J-'1{ kawar. Tumu, TDE,._,~ pauh, ~ pahâ. TBIIIBLE,.., <.SJL::- t-'jl..w sârong jari. TBIN, (not thick), l.!"'o,.,.ï nlpis. -, (lean), U"-'Jf ktirus. Amongst Malays in the Peninsula a common expres~ion is "minta mâaf" which means upardon me for receiving a favour for which 1 can make no adequate return". Also used in the sense of the ordinary English "Pardon me". Has no real equivalent in Malay. Hring the child, is translated ubâ' wa ânak"; Bring th at child, ubâwa ânak itu''; Bring a child "Bâwa sâtu -ânak". ln sorne cases. uthe" is rendered by uyang", as, Bring another "Bàwa ]ain", or ubàwa lâ.gi sâtu", Bring the other HUâwa yang ]ain itu". The latter ' 1 Yang kemdian"; Tho former hyang dûlu", and so on. "'* Pee BRis". Their land ~'Tânah dia" or "Tânah dia ôrang" or ' 'Tâ.nah marika''. t Contracted from "Tetak!ila", and that from "Tentu kâla". t+ Primevaljungle is "Utan rimba" or "Utan besar";secondary growth when it has reached a good height ' Bifikar'' or "Utan Llûkar''; and low bushes usemak'' or "Utan kechil '.

183 THI _: 141- THR TniNG1.., (m ticle), t} bârang, I..Mi Mnda. - A1 (affair), ~'Oj perkâra (Hind.). - A1 (implement), ~1 âlat, ~ j perkâkas..., (vessel), ~bekaa. TH!NGS, (effects, luggage), rt}-1 bârang-bâraog. - 1 (property), 1~ o~ berta benda. THINK1 T01 ~ ftkir (Ar.), é\,;;,.. sangka, I_;.;S' klra. THIRD1 ~ ka'tlga. TniRDLY, ~ ~ fasl11 yang ka'tlga.' THIRSTY1 U"-'1. > baus1 ~.) di1bga. 1 BLOoo-1 ~ bingis. Tms, ali ini. TnoaN1 A, '-';-'" duri. TnoaouGn1 o~ râta *. Tnou, ~1 angkau ** TnouGnT,,)~ flkir-an, <!U.w sangka. TnooGHTFUL1 ~~ râjin. TnooGHTLEss,..l,l~ lalei, Wl al pa. TBOUBAND1 ~:) rlbu. 1 A1 ~:r"' sa'rtbu., TEN, L...iû.w sa'laksa. TBRABH1 T01 J,S' ~ pukoj t. GRAIN, TO, ~~..,..o. meng-lrit tt. TnaEAo, 8 beoang. TBREATEN1 T01 o_,s'ij lsj. bri tâkut1 o_,?_,lll.gut. THREE1 ~ tlga. QUARTERB1 j Y' ~ tlgl> su ku. TIMEs, ~\.S ~ tlga. kâli. THRESHOLD1 ~ J_,~ Mndul pintu, _# ~J" derni pin tu. TBRIFTY1 ~ hêmat. TBROAT1 (inside), t#j rengkong. - 1 (neck),~ lehar. THROB1 TO, j.->j. ber-debar. TnRONE1 0~ singghasâna. (Sans.) THRONG1 A1 ÊJ-'1 ct# kumpujan ôrang. TaaouGn, (penetrated), U"~ lem bus, ~ lantas. "' Make a thorough search, "M6n-chàri râta l'âta". *"' See "Y ou". t See,Strike''. tt Tl'Gdden by the feet.

184 THR TIL THROUGH1 (by means of),.j_,! (tjih, ~.J_,I itlilr s~mb. TnRow, TO, jl. lempar, _ii_,.! lotar. AWAY 1 T0 1 oll~ bfiang kan, ~ champak-kan. DOWN1 T01 ~~-'J rfibohkan. TaRUST, TO, (inset t between), slsipkan~. -, To, (sta!o), ~ tlkam, ~_,.:;;- chüchok-kan., To, (push), ~_,:; tôlakkan THUMB1 THE, ~)~ ~~ iba jari. TaoNDER, "Jf gitroh. THURSDAY1 khamis (Ar.). ~..s)-j> Jrâri Tnus, ~ baglni, ~..> damikian. TaY*. 'flh, (vermin), ~ f_» kutu l~mbu, ~ s~ngk~net. TICKLE, To, (7'rans.), ~ glikan, ~_,.:;;- chüchok-kan. TICKLisn, c)' gli,.:, Y, lâtah ** TmE, (current), LI"-') ârus. - 1 FALLING 1 0_}),..., ~~ âyer surut. - 1 RISING J ~ pf âyer pâsang t. -, BLACK, ~ y.' âyer t~nang. TmEs, THE, ""-';,... ~-L; pâsang surut. TIDINGS 1 ;P- khabilr (Ar.). TrnY, TO MAKE, ~-'~ m~m b~tul-kan, d;iil âtur kan. TIE, To, ~1 tkat. --, To, (as in a cloth), cf!_,.._ simpul-kan. - np, To, (as~a boat or animal), ~ tambat-kan. TIER,.o., ~;; tingkat. TI GER,.o., Y'"':f' hartmau, ~ J rimau, 0""'1... mâchan (Jav.). TIGHT1 'i:is k~tat. -, (close e.ogether), """")râ pat. TILE,.., F g~nting. TILL, (until), ~~ hengga, ~ <.s'- hengga sam pei, <.s" sampei. "" See uyour". u Usually, applied to persons affiicted by a curious nervous corn plaint which impels them to do whatevcr they are told howevèr ridiculous or painfui to themselves.. : t Top ofhigh water upâsang penoh". Dead low ~a:ter "Surat ~impas".

185 TIL TON TILL THE SOIL 1 T0 1.._;L.:;.),~ m~ng-gâli tânah. TIMBER, y.ls' kiîyu. TIME, ~-' waktu (Ar.), u-l.o mâsa, ~~~ kâla (Hind.). AFTER TIME, _),\s' uf kri!p kâli (Hind.), ~JJL.. sa-lâlu. - > AT TDE 1 ~ ta'kâja (t~takâja), ~ km!ka. - > OLDEN1 j~..l Oi.o) z~mân damiu, j~ Jy>..l dllhulu kâla. TIMES,.),\s' kâji. TIMID, o_,îls' tâkut. T N,..._;, timah. TIN ORE,...;.ï LS~ biii timah ** - SHEETING1..._;,~ ~ timah pfttih. TINSEL,..llj prâda (Port.). T1P1 Ê'"-'1 àjong. TIP ToE, on, <~;i Mr-jengko'. TiPsY, 0:;~l.. mâbok. TIRED, ~!~teh, ~ pllnat. TITI;E, o)jls g~lâr-an. TITLE 1 TO GIVE A1 d fl g~jar-kan To, ~ pâda t. -, (where thet e is motion),<!) kat. ToAo, -'Yi UiJ\S kâtak puru. ToAsT,~ j;_,j rôti panggang. ToBAcco, f4-:i t~mbâkan. To-o.n, dl ~;4- sa'hâri ini, ~)~ dl ini hâri. TooDY, (palm juice), 0!,:>' tuak. ToE, '--.,S'Is' ~;4- jari kol.kl. -, GREAT, c.!il ~~ ibu kâki. ToGETHER, r ri... sâma sâma, "";"' s~rta. ToiL, To, ç[4-f k~rja-kan. ToKEN, A, 1~ tanda,..,.._,.~ alâmat (Ar.). TOLERABLE,t;f...;.] J~bih kàrang. ToLL, A, (impost), ~ Yir chukei. ToMB, A,)~ ku bor (Ar.). To-MORRow, 0~1 êsok tt, 0,-~i bêsok. ToNE, ( ound), '--,J~i bunyi. ToNGs, ~ p~ny-~pit. * A tin mine "Lumbong tîmah". Thetin-bearing stratum ".Kârang". To excavate this tin-bearing earth HAngkat l{âra.ng". To smelt tin "Mâsak", 01 "Püput tîmah". "" Pronounc~d "Bîjeh" Jn this sense only.. t Give to him ubagi pâda dia". Go to Singapore "Pergi ka' Singapura". tt The day afte1 to-morrow "Lusa"; Two da ys after to-morrow "Tû Jat"; Three. days after to m~rrow "Tungging"; F6ur days after to morrow "Uet ula.t"; Five days.. after to mori'ow, Six da}'s bence, "Tai anjing".

186 TON TOW ToNGUE1 (the member), ~ 11- dah. Too, (also), 3-B" jll.ga. -,(excessive), """'1 âmat, #? t~r lampau. TooL, ~\{}_ p~rkâkas. TooTH1 L~li.~ gigi. --, EYE1 6'} L;.~ gigi târing. - 1 FRONT1 L3J""..#. gigi Sl'Ï. - 'GRINDER, ~l gi:!rham * - 1 TO FILE THE,..#. Ër m~r~pang gigi. TooTHACHE, c/-~ ~ sâkit gigi. TOOTH-BRUSH1 L,J ~ p~-sftgi. TOOTH-PICK, ~ ~-'*' p~ny-ungkil gigi. ToP, THE 1 Jl.ôS k~pâja, ~~ âtas. -, (of a hill), ~v..s kamunchak, ~_,; pll.chok. -, (roof of a house), Ê.~ bornhong. -, A, (cove. ), if_,-'_,:i tll.dongan. Touz,.., (the stone), &.Y' ~l.. manikam kll.ning. ToPMABT, uw ~ ttang p~ngâpoh. ToRCH,.., r''"' dâmar, ~-'*' p~ny-ll.loh, Ê.Y'L::,- jâmong. ToaMENT, To, (teaze), ~_,i ll.sik-kan. ToRTOISE,,,, ~l_,f kura kura. ToRTURE, I_,W~ sangsâra ** Toss, To, ê_.r.-llltmbong. -, (as a bull), tjr. jll.!ang. TOTAL, THE,.J...::. j~mlah. -, TO, ~ j~mlah-kan. ToTALLY, ~~ blâka. ToTTER, TO, f:-!:j ;1 Mr-gôyang. ToucH, To, "-"il;>''"'-' m~n-jâbat, M~ m~n jâmah. - OF GOLD, TO TRY THE, ~_,1 uji-kan. ~OUCH-BTONE 1 A 1 t..i?"-'1 j'~ bâtu uji. ToucHING, (r.lose), =-->!_, râpat, ~~Mr âpit. TouGH, '"""") liat. Tow, jsw p~m-âkal. -, To, lw_,:; tonda. * Sound the "h". "' To stone to death "Rejam". Death by impaling "Sula".

187 TOW TRA TowARos, (in the direction of, &4- sa'blah *, <:!) ka* TowEL, A1 ~!_,:; tulila ** (Port.). TowN,.., )~ bandar (Pers.). ToY, A, r;ftl.j i:j~ bârang p~rmain-an. TRACE, A, (harness), <.::>~ jut (Hi nd.). -, TO, (draw), ;,:; tô.rut. TRACK, A, (foot-mark),._.{il' ~ Mkas kâki, a-s' k~san. -, TO,._.s'LS ~ <.::>;,... m~n-ô.rut Mkas kâki. TRACT OF LAND, A, _,..Aj) rantau, d~j~jâhan. TRADE, (/l>'l;,;j p~r-niâga-an. -, To, ~l;,i f. Mr-niâga. TRADER, A, }l>yw sodâgar. TRADITION, A, '-èp eherlta. TRADUCH, To, ;: ;_,...;t-.-o m~ngftpat. TRAIN, (suite, followers), if)s ka-râpat-an, tè?; p~ng-iring. TRAINING, o?jl.; plâjar-an. TRAITOR, A, ~;'"' Ê;'l ôrang drahka. TRAMPLE, To, cfji.~ pijak-kan, ~y.l irek-kan., To, (in an,qer), ~ Mnjak-kan. TRANCE, IN A, ~ pengsan. TRANQUJL, (calm),,,.x; tmoh., (quiet, retireù), t.f., sô.nyi, Q"l,J nyâman. TRANQUJLITY,. ( est and quiet), ifl.i-s' ka's~nang-an, l...y:.;. s~ntôsa. TRANSACTION,!;LS~ p~rkâra (Hind.). TRANBCRIBE 1 T0 1 (copy), ~LsâJin. TRANSFER, To, ~.,:P;- s~rahkan ka-pâda. TRANSFIX1 T01 (stab), ~ tlkam-kan. TRANSFORMED1 ~ m~nj~jmat. TRANSGREss, To, Jûl inkar. TRANF.LATE1 u-4-1 :-Jf..M' ~l..., sâlin ka'dâlam bhâsa, ~J t~r-j~mah-kan. tuju * unia mari sa'blah sahya... He is coming towards me. "Haluan-nya lta'singapura". The prow was pointed towards Singapore. u Weil understood in the Straits Settlements. a As by the doctrine of Pytltagorus. 10

188 TRA TRI TRANSPARENT1 (clear), "*'fr j~rneh. TRANSPLANT, T0 1 ~ pindah kan. TRANSPORT, T01 (banish), cp~ Mang-kan. TRANSPOSE 1 T0 1 f _ij t(lkar. TRANSVERSE, Fi t~r-lintang. Tau, A 1 (generally, 1 ~ -, A, (for vermin), p~r-angkap. -, A1 (for birds), 04-::?- j~bak, JS ;"' s~rkap. -, A1 (for beasls), Ê,_l; p~-mbang. -, A, (for fish),_,.:f. bu bu,.s_,j lôkah, JS ;"' s~rkap. TaAsR, (spoken), r~ sia-sia. -, (quite worthless), ~1 ~IJ tai angin. TRAVEL 1 T0 1 ~4;-i Mr-jâ!an, ~)! Mr-angkat. TaAY, A, (metal),~ tâlam. -, A, (wood), tj,<> dülang. TREACLE1 _,...,...:; ~L...o mania-an Mbu. TREAD 1 T0 1 ~~ pljak. TREASON 1 ~)..> drahka. TREASURE, (money), t~ wang. TREASUREn, A, lf.>...4 Mndahâra. TREASURY1...;If?' khazânah (Ar.). TREAT ILL 1 T0 1 if>~~ <l:i 0~ Mat ta'baik d~ngan. WELL 1 T01 if..> ~4 0~ Mat baik d~ngan, cfm~ mèng-hormat-kan. TREATY, ~~ p~r janji-an, ~j triti * (Eng.). TREE, ~\)'y~ pôko' kâyu, d'~ ~\)' p~hun kâyu. TREMBLE, To, r m~ng-l'îtar "* TRENCH 1 A 1 """"} pârit. TRIAL, A1 ( experirnent), cl~,-f s' ka-chüba-an. -, A1 (judic~al), )4:''1 bichâra. TRIANGLE, A, c.ll...::>..;.;tl ga sagi. TRIBE1 (party), ~ pêhak. -, (race), L-:i;; bangsa. TRIBUTARY ro, JWtaïJok(Ar.),,_,~..> di-bâwah. TRIBUTE 1 ~~ ufti t (Hind.). Ve y generally understood. ~r- ~ee ~-Quake''. t The usual tributs, with IIJalays, paid by a subject State to a Suzerain is a goltien flowet uhunga ruas", or gold and silver flowea s "Bunga mas dan pêrak". From individuals, it is a tithe.

189 TRI TRU TRICK, A, LSI..> dtia. -, TO, ~ kêchoh. TRICKLE1 T01 ~ m~-jêjeh. m~n-ltek., To, (by drops), ~ TRIFLING1 (unimportant), ~ w~ t!dak m~ng-âpa. TmoGER, (of gun),~ plchu * TRIM, TO, (clip), er' m~-r~pang. TRINKETS, (jewellery), u-"1 re}~ bârang-bârang mas. TRIP, T01 (stumble), Ü!>)L- sârok. TRIPon, A, (used to place pots on when cooking),~~ tungku. TRooP, A1 (company),..:;,_~ pâsok. TROUBLE, (afftiction)1 '-Y" sdsah, ifl-_,...s' ka-sdsah-an, <:!J,_, ddka., (difficulty), o~~kasukâr-an., To 1 o'4-..h-" m~nydsah-kan. TaousEas, }}- s~luar. TauR_!.fi Mnar, ~ sah (Ar.), ~sungguh. -, (genuine), J_,:4 Mtul. -, (certain),~ t~ntu, ~ sah (Ar.). -, (quite so),.fi Mnar, J_,:.:; Mtul. TaULY1 ~ sunggub. TRUMPET1 A, LS~ n~firi (Pers.). TRGNK, A1 (box) 1 ~ p~ti (Hind.) 1 oi..w> klilitm-dân ** OF A TREE, A, ~~ bâtang. OF AN ELEPBA.NT, A, ~J.4 Mlâlei. TRUST, T01 LSI.:;rj p~rchaya, 0}9> ~ Mrap ka-pâda. TRUST PROPERTY1..._u, wlikaft (Ar.). TRUSTY1 ~~ harâp-an1 o~4js' ka-p~rchaya-an. TauTB1 ;-'--< Mnar, ~ yang Mnar. Not Malay, adopted and nnderstood. Only used of small boxes, probably derived from "Kalam" (Arabie) a pen, and udan'' (Persian) a box: thus the whole ward would mean uwriting box or case". t uwnkal'' is prope1-ty devoted to religious or charitable uses. Sueh property is usually placed in the bands of trustees for administration. The gift is in most cases accompanied by a document stating the purposes for which the p operty is given.

190 TRY TWI TRY, To, y~ chilba. -, TO, (judicially), d~l.;f! bichâra-kan. TuB, A, t':; tong. TuBE,._, f!"}'' trôpong, LrJ'j Iâras. TucK up, To, ~'ir_.,. sing~ sing-kan *, ~sêlak kan* TUESDAY1 0~ L-':;~ hâri sa]âsa or thalâtha (Ar.). TuKAN, A, (lio nbill), ~1 ÈJ7! Mrong enggang. TUMBLE, TO,.;.:il:;> ji\.toh **, b-'_ij tumbang. TuMouu, A1 È_y-Y. busong. TuMULT, A, f's' gempar. TuNE, A, ~~ râgam (Sans.). TURBAN, A, ç;i)"' serb~n (Ar.). TURBID, '" f kroh. TURK 1 A, L.,.Î j EJ"I Ô rang ti1rki. TuRMERIC1 ~.f kll.nyit. TuRN, A, #. gilir. TURN1 T01 (become), <-'"-'~men jâdi. -, To, (change of religion), w;...lo mâsok. TURN1 TO, (return),...;;..,.,l~ bâlik, î!:j~ pll.lang. --, To, (as a mill), d i9 pll. tar-kan; -, To, (mll over), ~_,_J gll.ling. -, TO, (as the tide), ~~berâleh. OUT, TO, ~~ p~chatkan, ~!,.! Mang-kan. OVER 1 T0 1 (1'rans.), ~~ bâlik-kan t. ROUND, To,( Trans.), pll.sin g kant ~*""_,.;. THE HEAD, T0 1 ~!; pâ ling-kan. TuRTLE,._, (sea), y.j pen yu, è_i>'is' kiî.tong., _., (river), è_y;s tuntong. -nove,._, f p tekll.kor. TuSK, (of the boar), tr: siông. -, (of elephant), &..>li gâding. TwELVE, u-4 1,..> dll.a-blas. TwENTY1.!_,.; 1,..> dll.a pll.lob. TwwE, Jls' I,..J dll.a kâli. *" u~ingsing-kan" to turn up, as the sleeves or trousers. "~elak-kan'' to lift up, as the sâron:z;. u To tumble - of persons "Jâtoh" or,,hebah"; of trees,jà.toh" or "Tumbang"; of bouses "Rûboh".or "Jâtoh". To cause to tumble- of houses or anything constructed uruntoh-ltan". t If intransitive, thea "Bâ.lik" and "PO.sing"' or "Pâling'\

191 TWI UNC Tww, A, ~) ranting. TwiLIGBT, Jls' L;>...;... sinja kâla (Hind.), l;>u... r&-j r~mbang r~mbang sinja. TwiNE, (string),,)l:i tâ!i. To, (twist), J..-:.:...W pintai. ROUND, TO, (to wind), ~ blit, ~!!lit. TwiNKLE, To, (as a star), ;;!.? C""""" u ~ gllang g~m-llang, c..;;l.f;;-;1 bêr-châhia. TwiNKLE, To, (as the eye), ~ k~jip. TwiNKLINa,.., (instant), ~ sa'k~jap * TwiNs, ~ k~mbar. Two, t,-> dll.a. TYRANT, A, ÊJ-'t d~wt &. yang aniâya-kan ôrang. UDDER,.AN,~_.Y"" susu. UaLY, ->_,.Il' Mdoh. ULcE&, AN,~),; puru. UMBRELLA, AN, Ê)è~ pâyong. UMPI&E, AN, ~ ÊJ-'t ôrang t~ngah. UNABLE,.J_,...; ->L;i tiâda bülih, U"!,.î ;i ->l.;i tiâda Mr-kuâsa, "'-'J":ll<l:i ta'lârat. UNANIMous, ~... sa'pliklit, -.:.:.Jy, Mlat. UNARMED, ol;>u...j-1 0L..,.,..:i tiâda Mr-s~njâta. UNAWARES, _,ll'\..:.:.w ->L;i tiâda sa' tahu. UNB.!KED, ~ muntah. UNBECOMING, ~ti...:f,~ tidak pâtut, ~l:;.;_ ->L,;...:i tiâda s~ntâbek. UNBELIEVE&, AN, (other than Muhammadan), jls' kâfîr (Ar.). U NCEASING,._?;-i <l..:i ta'mr Mnti. UNCE&TAIN, _,;.:.;.:; rl:i ta't~ntu. -, (irresolute), F. bimbang. UNCERTAIN IN SPEECH, Ü~~ nyânyok. UNCIVIL, "My> ÊJf' kllrang bormat, ;"'\s' kâsar. UNCIVILISED, pl!iar. * Cleal ly the same wor d as the preceding one, but the difference in pronunciation of the last syllable is marked.

192 UNC UNL UNCLE, )..>;- u4 bâpa sudâra, _,-soi; pa'su. UNCOMMON,(rare),.J..ï 1 indah, r~ plek-plek., (seldom), Ê ;l:;>jârang. UNcovEa, TO, ~ b1ika. UNCULTIV ATIID LAND, t:--.,s' /J..ÏW tânah kôsong, êj /J..Ïl:i tânah rang*. UNDER1 (less than),.>jj..> bfk1irang dêri-pâda. UNDERMOST1 ~lj\:.w,_,4~ yang di biôwah skali. ljnderiieath1._,y..> di-bâwah. UNDERSTAIID1 T01 <.5i~ m~ng ~rti, ~ f~ham (Ar.). UNDERTAKE, To, t~ m~n-anggong. UNDEawoon,,_;;... s~mak., (secondary jungle), /Y. blukar. U11no, To, ~ Mka. U!!DOUBTBD1 _,;:.;.:; t~ntu, ~ sah (Av.). UNDREss, (distinguished from uniform), c:r'o:!.r' ~\{ kain pr~man** U!IDRESB, To, cr.-ll ~ Mka kain, ~ t~lanjang-kan. UNEABY (troubled), ~ miishkil (Ar.),... _,_ s1isah. UNEMPLOYED1 "(!;~..>l.;i tiâda M- k~rja (b~r-k~rja) &- s~nang. UNEQUAL, rl....:>l.;i tiâda sâma. UNBVEN1 (odd), ~~ ganjij. UNEXPECTEDLY1 rl;,:i tlba tlba. U!!F.UB, -.:;... :;\;..>l.;i tiâda pâtut. UNFoLD, To, (unfurl), lly, Mka. UNFREQUENTED, LS'l,- s1inyi. UNHAPPY, ~U>..._,.>-- s1isah bâti. UNHEALTBY1 (of places), ~ J4Y. t~mpat p~ny-âkit,..>~ cri tiâda amân (Ar.). UNJFORM, (alike), u_,;- sa'r1ipa. UNINHABITED, ~.,...S kôsong, LS'-'r s1inyi. U!!JTE1 TO,(join), cl _,:il...sàtu-kan. UNJVERBE, THE, ~~ âlam (Ar.), ~~ 0 1..> LS"~ bumi dan langit. UNJUST1 J,-:i-1..>~ tiâda Mt1il, J.>ic..>l.;i tiâda âdil (Ar.). UNLADE1 T01 ~.,. punggab. Cultivated land. "Tf>.nab rap". Englisb "free man"' Malayified; weil understood in the Straits Settlements.

193 UNL UPS UNLAWFUL1 rtf> hari.m *(At~). UNLEss, ~ m~-lain-kan. UNLUCKY, ~:i...:?,- ~ naslb cmlâka. UNMARRIBD, Ê">i btîjang. UNMERCIFUL, ~ bingis. UNNECESBA.RY, IT rs, Wl.S..o!,)~ tiâda m~ng âpa. UI<RIPE, r.,_,.,. mtl.da ** UNSHEATH1 T0 1 cf:>~\.:;;- cbâbutkan. (shaky), tf-1 yi Mr UNSTEADY1 gôyang,-..o;.::; ~'tldakt~tap. UNTANGLE, T01 (untie),~:)_,t ureikan,!j'y, btîka. UNTIL1 ~ hengga, ~ sampei. UNTo, ~ pâda, UNTOLD, (r.ountless), &.J.>~ t'lâda t~r-bllang. UNTRUE1 't?>~ Mhong, 1.:.:...> dbsta. UNUSUAL1 E_;l.::- jil.rang. UxwiLLING, _,J:L.o.tl:i ta'mau. UNWIHE1 ~ t;:/ ktîrang akal,.>y, bôdoh. UI<WORTHY, ~<lô;i.>l,.:; tiâda Mr-faidah. UP,,(above),.._,..:, t litas. - AND DOWN 1 ()),:;.,W.L...; naik ttl.run. -, TO BRING1 ~ bja, tp. pl~b~ra., TO ao, ~t naik. - 1 TO CLIMB 1 ~ panjat. - 1 TO GET 1 0,_;;~ bangun 1 =~hangkit. - > TO SET1 c}y.j.,) diri-kan, -, TOPULL,(asaweed),oy,l.f.-M m~n-chàbut., TO STAND, <:;!..>;! Mr-diri. 1 TO WAKE 1 J't.:,.. jâga (Hind). COUNTRY1 (interior) 1_,_i_,J hu lu. T0 1 ~ sampei. UPoN, ~t.> di-àtas. UPPER, THE 1 ~_,-:ït~ yang dilitas. UPRIGHT 1 (slraight up), <:p.>fi t~r-diri., (morally), j.,:.:, Mtul. ljpbide DOWN 1 U;~; t ~r-tiârap, ~~J t~r-bàlik. DOWN, TO TU.RN A THING ~~ bàlik-kan. Forbidden by Muhammadan law. u Speaking of fruits, unripe is umuda''; the next stage "Tua"; ripe "Mâ.sak"; over-ripe "Rânum".

194 UPW 152- VAR UPwARDs, ~solska'âtas. URGE, TO, 0'(:;_9.-! âjok-kan. URINE, t.. -;.;S r.' âyer kinching. Us,~ ktta*. USAGE, o~b âdat. UsE, o:l gû.na. - > TO,._;'~ pâkai. U SED TO, LJNLt.i biâsa, rj ':>\Jâzim (Ar.). UsEFUL, o:l ;1 b~r-gû.na. U BELEOS, o:l f..,)4j tiâda Mrgû.na. USELESSLY, r~i p~r.chfima. UsuAL, o..lk âdat. USUALLY, (often),y':i., sa-lâlu, U TENSIL, A,..,JI âlat,.lrsi5j p~rkll.kas, ~ Mkas. UTTER, To, (articulate), ~Y,. m~ng-û.chap. UTTERLY, ~tg, skâli. hâbis **,.)\J::... v VACANT, t:-_,l kôsong. VAcATroN, (leave of ab.oence),,s,~ chuti (Hind.). V AOABOND, A, ~ tj'! Ôrang bangsat. V AIN, J:;:,-1{ kâchak. -, IN, l._b-j p~r-chfima, rl,.w sla-sla. V ALlANT> j,~ brân i. VALLEY, A, ~ Mmbah. VALUABLE, (5?f. Mr-hërga. VALUE, Ji~ Mrga., To, ~ nilei-kan. V ANISH, TO, ~::>L.J ~ hllang di mâta, ~ l'lnyap. V ANQUISH, TO, cfi.ji âjah-kan. V APOUR, w!,9> hua p. VARIABLE, (in disposition), y:;:; <IJ.,f':> ta't~ntu lâku-nya. VARIANCE, TO BE AT, ~yi Mr-s~l1sih. V ARIEGATED, ),.:;~ J.;l.:i tâpak '* See '~\\re". ** Utterly burnt down "Hâbis t6r-bâkar"; utter1y useless "Ta'bergûna skâli".

195 VAR VES châtor *, r 0!_,r Mr-âwanâwan * V ARIOUS, r c.jwr. Mr-bâgai-bâgai, ~;-! Mr-j~nisj~nis. V ARNISH, ~ eampang **. VARY, To, (alte> ), ~_,1 1ibahkan. VASE, A, 0_,~ châwan ***, J,;,:i4 bâti!. V EAL, y.i 01-il &S'l'-' dâging ânak Mm bu. V EGETABLES, )}'!\.- saior, VEIL, A, JW' t-'y o"ls' kain llîdongk~pâlat, >_,S' f'm~rgo' tt VEIN,.., ";!'-' 0 )_,11irat dârah. VEINED, (as wood), tj--ri ""J-'i L.l- 1Îrat Mr-s~lang-s~1i. VELVET, _,c.j.4 Mldu ttt (Port.), <.S)Y,. Mluri. VENERA TE, To, (as a child a parent), ~j> hormat-kan. VENEREAL DISEASE, Ê.J\s' ~y p~ny-âkit kârang. - VENISON, L-_,J &S'''-' dâging rlisa. VENOM, 1 L...,..., V ENOMous, \... bisa. VENTURE, To, YR chliba. VERANDAH,...sJ:A;- s~rambi. VERGE, THE, (edge), L~ t~pi. VERIFY, To, (examine), cfwj preksâ-kan. VERILY,<.S4;-...in~schaya(Hind.). VERNACULAR, MAL.\Y1 ~,l:::-- jawi. VERSE, T-" shair (Ar.). VERY, ~~J t~r-lâlu, ),;t_,:; Mr Iampau, ~L... sângat, àl.j(.. skâli. VEsSEL, A, Lr~ Mkas..,.., (ship), Jj\s' kâpal. '* As a chess-loard or anything the pattern of which is in squares or straight!ines. uberâwan-àwan" mottled, rnarbled, &c. "'* Malay varnish. Chinese and English varnish are known by the English name. u.tt See "Go blet". f Wound round the head and face, partly concealing the features. tt The veil worn by women who have performed the pilgrimage; it leaves only the eyes visible. tj-t U nderotood in the Straits. -., "Tfr-Jâlu", and "T61 -Jampau" are placed before the adjective, and "Skâli" after it. "Sângat 1 ' is placed either before or after the adjective, but usually the latter.

196 VET VIZ VETERAN, A,!,:; tj-'1 ôrang t1l.a, Vzx, ro, ~~m~ny-dsah-kan, -, ro, (tease), ~_,1 dsik. VEXATious,...,... sdsah, ~L..o mâ.iang*. VIBRATE, TO, Pl Mr-g~ntar,...;,;J3' j. Mr-g~gak. VwE, d~s' ka-jlihâ.t-an. VICEROY, ~~ ~ gan ti râja, J,.lh..W_, wâ.kil m~tallak(at.). Vwmus, ~ jl1hat. VwroRIOus, ~ &- yang m~nang,...s)l.éo hrazi (Ar.). VICTUALS, ~ dl.. mâ.kan mtnom, d~l aiâ.p-an. VIDELICET, (viz.), ~<y ia-itu, ~ iani (Ar.). VIEw, ro, (look at), t~pandang, tf; r~nong. VIGILANT, Jl..~I.J..o tf.,'?"~ râ.jin m~n-jâga. VIGoaous, o~ kuat. VILE, (wicked), ~ j!that. -, (fiuhy), ~ n~jis (At.). VILLAG.E, A, t# kampong, cij p~kan ** VILLAIN, A, ~ t;-'1 ôrang jlihat. VINDICATE, ro, d ~ Mnar-kan, ~ m~n-rang-kan. VINDICTIVE, r r-> ";LM &. yang m~n-âroh di!mdl1m. VINE, (grape), ;/11..y'_,; pôko' anggor. -, ( creeping plant), o~..y'_,; pôko' m~-iâta. VINEGAR, 3-""" chùka. VIOLA TE, ro, (ravish), jj"_,) rdgul. VIOLENCE, o-ij3' ka-krâs-an, VIOLIN, ~>tl biôla (Port.). -, (Malay),...,..._,:) r~bab. VIROIN, A,)->...;;...;r ânak dâra, tj-'r Wüf ânak ôrang. VISIBLE,..._ji4j.Jy, bdlih nampak., (plain), coy, nyâta. VISIT, ro, o~ m~-iâwat. -, To, (cali in at),~ singgah. VlZIER, 1..5~ al->_,.> p~rdâna mantri t (Sans.), ~~ J"')-' waz!r al âtham (Ar.). * ''Mâ.lang" is a strong word in its true meaning, but is often used in a lighter sense where we should say Hvexatious". Properly a place where things are bought and sold and therefore usually applied to a small town. t Malay prononciation umentri''.

197 VOl WAG VoteE, ):;- suàra. Vom, (empty), t:--y' kilsong. -, T01 üp: bêrak. VoLCAN01 ~l,r. ~_,!' gtînong b~râpi. VOLUME, (of a book),~ jïjïd *1 JW' k~pàla. VoLUNTARILY, <:!)_,.,.. ~ d~ngan stîka, ~4- s~mja**. VoMIT, TO,..:.:..iyo muntah. V ouen FOR, TO, _,{!;;;.. m~ng-àku. Vow, To, w_,.. stîmpah. VowEL MARKs, l.l""} bàris. -, (upper),..s<; fltl!thah (Ar.), 1 ~1..> l.l"") bàris diàtas. w VowEL1 (lower),._,...-..= k~srah (Ar.),._,4_, l.l"":)~ Mris dibàwah. -, (in front), ~ tmmah t (Ar.), c_fl..>..> ~;4 baris diditpan. VoYAGE, ofr.":ll; plàyar-an. VuLGAR1 (of low deg1 ee), ~ tj-'1 ôrang hlna, ca4=> Ê.J-'1 ilrang ka-bânyak kan. VULNERABLE, j..;l..>l;i tiàda kebaj. VuLTnaE, A, ~ Ê;r btîrong nitsltr (Ar.). W ADE1 TO, ü_,0ûf' m~-randok. WADDLE1 T01 r~~~ cf~;" Mr-j~.lan t~r-k~ndek-k~ndek. W AG THE TAIL 1 T0 1 ;iy.i &} goyang êkor t. WAGE WAR, To, [~;--! Mr prang. W AGER, (stake), <::?-';'üj per-târoh-an. WAGES 1 L?.IJ gàji. -, (hire),.!ë_,ltîpah. -, (allowance), ~ blanja. WAGGON, BULLOCK, ~ ~~ krêta!embu. " Arabie, lit means leather. ""' '4Tiâda ô1 ang panggil, sehaja sahya dà.tang". No one called me, 1 come of my own accord. t Pronounce th as in Hthe". tt To switch the tai! to keep off flies, "Ktbas".

198 WAI WAS WAIBT, THE,~ pinggang. W AIT, TO, l5;..:;.;.,..o m~-nanti,,i:t:_,:; tunggu. -, TO LIE IN, J.J..il ~ndap. WAKE, To, (t..ansitire), ~~ grak-kan. -, To, (intransitive), LS'L:,> jâga (Hind.). W ALK,.., t;}":k::-j p~r-jalân-an. -, TO,.}4--j. Mr-jâlan. WALL,,.,~ tembok, ii~ &..>..i-> dinding bâtu, o..,) kôta (Hind.). WALLow, To, fj{j. Mr-kûbang. WAN, ~_,; pitchat. W AND, A, ~ ~_,:ï tong kat lam bei. WANE, To, (of the moon), a-l.r? ê.jf-' bûlan m~ng-ûrang. W ANT, To, (require), _,sol.. mau, ~handak. -, To, (pine for), _,v..;) rindu. W ANTING, tj-1 kitrang. WAR, t~ prang, cr2)-u p~prang-an. -, TO MAKE, tif. Mr-prang. WARD off, TO, (parry), ~ m~ncangkis. W ARDER, A,~ p~o UDggu. WARD ROBE, 1, l5)l.-ji almâri * (Port,). WAREHonsE, A, t-'~ gmong. WAaEs,. fi:j~ bârang-bârang, ifi:s.> dagâng-an. WARM, (of natural heat), ~G pânas. -, ( artificial heat), ~U> bang at. -, LUKE tl,- suam. WARN, To, ~..o mt!ng-ingatkan. W ARPED, (become bent),.:;fj-o m~-l~lok, t~ m~.j~ngkong. WARRANT, A, (of court), O""":JI, wâren **. WART, A, ojy.i ol..o mâta!kan. w.. s,.>1 âda t W... H, TO, a0r~ bâsoh-kan. --, TO, (bathe), ajy.""-i.a mandi-kan. " Weil understood in the Straits. *"" English arlopted, but weil understood throughout tha Settlements. t I was there "sahva pun âda dîsîtu". Very often there is no equivalent for uwas" in Malay. "was he mad?" ' Gîla-kah dia?'' No, he was ()oly drunlt, "Tidak, dia mâbok s8hâja".

199 WAS WAV W ASH 1 T0 1 (clean), ~?- chûcbi-kan. W ASHERMAN1 A1 (j-!1.{ <.?Y-t' tj'i ôrang m~ny-ûchi kain, t.si~,:, dhôbi (Hind.). WAsP, _., 0,1;l kra wei*, 0 ~ tiibuan. W ASTE, To, (throw a cay), cf-!''.9 hâbis-kan, ~ champakkan. -, TO, (destroy), ~') rôsak-kan, dl..~ binâsa-kan. W ATCH, A,!"'?" jam (Pers.)., Tc, J"4w-< m~n-jâga, ~ m~n-unggu, J,U... m~ng-âwal. W ATCH>'UL1 DE1 r<!,y~ dl:;- jâga baik baik. W ATCHMAN, A1 04 È.J'I Ôrang jâga, J,W p~ng-âwal. W ATCHWORD1 \J",.,... S~mbôian. W ATER1 y.l âyer., To,(as plants),rr. êram. 1 TO MAKE1 ~JS' kinching. 1 BRACKISH1 ~U _;èl âyer pâyau., FRESH, J'l;j _r.l âyer tâwar..w ATER 1 HIGH 1 ~ &-~ pâsang p~noh., LOw, l.!".>..:ï ""J,... snrut timpas. 1 SALT1 ~l,o pl âyer mâsin. W ATER BUCKET1 4.:i timba. W ATER CARRIER, y.l E _,:; tûkang âyer. WATER FALL, 0 ~ji y.l âyer t~rjun. W ATER-LILY1 J):i trâtei. WATER MELON, ~~ manmlikei. W ATER POT, ty.'y, buyong *. WATER SPOUT, t~ ~~ pûting bliong. W ATER TUB, y.l f.i'' tong âyer. W ATER WORM1 el{ kâpang. W ATERY, y.~ cha~ar. WATTLEn,0Lwl... Jb pâgar sâsak. WAvE, _., ~,1 ombak, ~ g~lumbang. -, To, ch lambei-kan. WAVERINo, ~ bimbang. WAVY, (u.nd-;,lating), r-...i4--",~ b~r-ombak-ombak. * ukrawei" have their nests in the ground, 'TB.buan" in the tl'ees~ *"'*' See ''.Tug".

200 WAX 158- WEI Wu, ~ Jilin. -, EAR, ~ $1:i tabi t~linga. -, SRALll<O, <!J~ Jak * (Hind ). W AY,.o, (road, method), c,ji.::- jil. lan. -, BIGB, <...5~ c,jl:::- jâlan. râia. - 1 IN THIS, (thl<s), ~ bag!ni. W AYLA v, ro, (lie in wait for),~l ~ndap. 1 T01 (rob), O.r'l..w sâmun. WAYWARD, ~l.:> _,.:;-;..:; <W tâ' t~ntu bal-nya. WB,~ klta, LS"IS kami** WEAK, (feeble), J!}r uzor (Ar.),...J l~mab. W EALTB1 o<ki.l(s' ka-kâya an. WEALTBY1...siS kâya. WE.oN, ro, y-_r~ <..Sfo ch~rei su su. WEAPON,.o, o~ s~njâta. W ua, ro, ~ pâkai. W BARING APP AREL1 ~l_u pakâi an. WEARY1 ~ pi1nat, ~)~teh. WEATBER, ~r musim. 1 FINE,.W.~ ~~~ chuâcba baik. WEATBER cock, cr#l l..u:; tanda an gin, r cr#i angin,angin. WEAVE1 T01 g,.u t~nun. WEB,.., t:j_,> o"u-l (;>-lis kain di pâpan go.iong. - 1 SPIDER'S, ry~ tjl... sârang lâba lâba. WEDDING,.o, l.r")+l kâwin *** (Fers.), t~ nikâh (Ar.). WRDGE,.o, ~ baji. WEDNESDAY,.r-1~...s}_g, hâri ra bu. WEsK, A, fo _,;;Lw sâtu minggo t, ~_,:;Lw sâtu jemiiat (Ar.). WEEP, ro, JO.#l.i..o m~n-angis. WEEVIL 1 A 1 'Y.,: bubo' tt WEion, ro, ~ timbang. ANcnoa, ro,._,l... fo.r~ bungkar sauh. Sonnd the k. Usually used by a Malay ruler when speaking of himself. The word is also commonly used to express hwe" in ordinary conversation. See u Marry''. t Adopted from the Portuguese, and weil understood, but the Malays asually speak of TO.joh hâri'', seven da ys, andso on for other periods oftime. tl- 11 See "Maggot".

201 WEI WHE WEIGRT 0 <::.l.f. britt*, WEIGHTB, (for scales), if4,:0\o batu timbang-an, j;ls' kâti **, O-'"~ paun (Eng.)., (for steelyard), _,_:;~ ~1.> bâtu dâching,._jij! ~!.> ânak dâching. WaLCO><E, ~1.> ~~ salâmat dâtang, ~ alla (lit. Invite). 0 T0 0 ~~ <.S.f. bri salâmat, d~ slla.. kan., To, ( eceive), ~ sam but. WELFARE,~ka-Mjik-an*** W ELL0 A, c}y.j prigi, J'JI:; t~jâga (Hind.). -, (in health), ~ sêhat (A1.), ~~ baik. -, (good), ~~ baik. WELL BRED, ~~ ~ bangsa baik, ~~ -._ji.jl ânak baik., (polile), d,... sll.pan. WELL DONE, 1.3_,_\..,!1 ê\ok, U"fo bâgus. WENTt. WasT, <::.>} bârat tt. -, NORTH, H_,':l\ <::.>} bârat Jaut, -, SOUTH 0<.3I.> <::.>} bârat dâia. WaT,...!,. bâsah. - TRROUGH 0 o,-?'.;j Jinchun. W HALE, A, U"-'~ o'y.i lkan pans. Wn.,aF, " 0''4-:?- j~mbâtan. WnAT, wl âpa. FOR? (why), ~ JI âpa "~Mb? WHAT'S BIS NAli!E, )IR., ~1 0~ tll.an anu, ê,j,... sa'pôlong. WRATEVEa,,_;1 ê.} harang âpa. WREAT, r-'<.'jvs gandum (Pers.), f-!j trlgu (Port.). WHEEL, A, L.>_,J rôda (Sans.) WREN, ~ bila, ~~ âpa-blla, JWI âpa-kâla, JWl.o mânakâla. - ' AT THE TlME, ~ ta' kâja, i'"-' waktu (Ar.), ~ kêtlka. W BENCE; 0 l.o <.SJ-' dêri mâna, What weight is it? ''B1 âpa brat-nya". *' If the article is weighed by catties (kati) the weighis are "Sâtu kâti", "Stengah kâti" and so on, but if weighed by avoirdupois then the English w01 d is adopted and the weights are "Sâtu Paun" (1 lb.) &c. "'"*"' Sound the k. t Vide 41Go'', Ile went Jast night. "Sa'mâlam dia jâlan". ft For "Weste1 ly", &c., see ~'South".

202 WHE WHO WHERB, ow-' di-mâna *, OL. mâna, ol.s ka'mâna. _ 1 EVERY1 ro) râla-râla. WHEREVEB, rol... mâna-mâna, o~} bârang di-mâna. WHET1 T01 (sha. pen),,_l_;t..om~ngâsah. -, T01 (burnish), ~~chanei-kan. W HETHER1 ~ jikâlau **. WHETSTONE1...,tJt_; ~~ bâtu p~ng-âsah. WuEY,...,-.~1-.~ 7-l âyer dâdeh. WHICH1 &- yang. W HICR? (interrogative/y), 0 ~ yang mâna? WHICHEVER1 (![.,.;;)~ bârang mâna. WHILST 1 )I.AA;w samantâra ***, _f>_, waktu (Ar.), L...Lw sa' Iâma, ~ saminjak. W HINE1{ ofadog),vi,>j ;i Mr-trlak. WHIP 1 A 1 W}!l'?" châbok (Port.), ~cbamtit. WHIP1 T01 0}!1'?-" if-' j>'_,ô pukoj d~ngan châbok. W HIRL, T01 &-_,ô pfising. -, To, (of' water), ;"'_,; pllsar. W HIBLPOOL1 A, J"f CJ)l..._,ô pusâr RD âyer. WmRLWIND1 A 1 È_y.li b:,> ~1 angin pllting bllon;;. WHISK, A1 (of featj.ers) 1 j~ jambul. W HISKERu1 È_-'Y.1l.ï tâli tlldong. WHISPER, TO, ~-oh btsek. WmsTLE, To, Jy:""';i Mr-slol. WHITE 1.:,:_,; pfiteh. WHITEWASH, )j'si âyer kâpor. W HlTHER, ()W"" ka'mâna. WHIZ, T0 1 Éi--'f. b~r-mngong. Wuo, &-yang. Wuo? (interrogati~ely), u~ siâpa? WHOEVER1 U~l~bârangsiâpa. WHOLE,!,.w s~mfia,,;)~ bjâka. -, (total), Al.:?- j~mlah. WuosE,.,.~ul,.,.wsiâpapunptt.,. Where did you meet him 7 udimâna kau bi::h--jumpa dia 7" Where are y ou going 1 HTûan handak ka 'mâna?" Where there is motion, u.se ''ka'mâna". """* Vide "]f". Uof ~~selang sâtu hâri." Every other day. useiang tîga hâri". Every third da y, &c. t Not Malay, adopted. tt See "His".

203 WHY WIN WaY, c:._,liluat*, ~ ulilpa s~mb, J.d ul âpa faslil, u~ m~ng'âpa. WrcK,.&., -"++'"'" sumbu. WJCKED1 ~ jlihat. WICKEDNESS1 <Sj~ ka-jlihll.tan, WJCKER WORK1 (of rattan)1 <::f-'j rôtan ** WmE, (spacious), U"),.l hl.as. -, (broad), fi lehar. - A.PART1 [}=!- jârang. WmEN, To, a=~ lebar-kan, ~~ lâpang-kan. Wmow, A1 1~ janda. WmowEa, A, Ê?"Y. M.jang. WIDTH1.,fi lebar-nya. WIFE1 ~ hini, u;_r.:.-.1 istri (Hind.), 1 ):J-'j pr~mpilan. W1o, A1 ~4 cmmâra*** WILD1 çf_,l iltan t., (untamed), ft lla.r. WILD TRIBEB1 ~:,1 tj-'j Ôra11g iltan, ~ sakai, ~ s~mang, ~Y. ÊJ-'1 ôrang btîkit, of. jâkun, ~_,9> hudei. WILD CATTLE 1 f'~ siâdang 1 j,l.. sapi. W 1LFUL1 JW' U"l{ kras k~pâla 1 (i:l;t.. s~ngâja. WILL, A1 (te. tament), ~-' was!at (Ar.). WILL1 (mean to), _,,!.. mau tt. - 1 (futui'e),.j>-! btîjih, L,.-:.:..Li nanti. W ILLING1 ~_,... BÎika. WILY1 ~<>ft cmrdek. WIN, T01 ~ m~nang. WIND1 ~1 angin. - 1 A STORM OF1 c:>y,.,>:) rlbnt. -, To, (as string),?.pj lengkar-kanttt,~ lllitkan. WIND1 T01 (roll up), t:j_,$ gilioqg, "'. Contracted ft o m HA pa bûat". * A cane chair ~ Krusi rôtan". ""u Adopted from Hindustani. t See uthicket'', A wild man "ôrang ûtan'': a wild fruit "bûah ûtan'', tt 1 dont care 1 will do it, "Sahya ta'fèduli, sahya mau jûga bûat". Will you go? "Bûlih-kan Tûan pergi?" In a moment 1 will go "Sa'bantar lâgi nanti sahya pergi". Are you willing 1 "Sûka-l<ah?" Ali are willing, usemûa ôrang sftka". tt+ "Lengltar-kan" to coil rope; "Lîlit kan" to wrap string on a stick or reel. ll

204 WIN -Hi2-. WIT WINÎ> ur.a :CLOCK, TO, ~ kunchi-kan. WnmL.,is, A, 0~~ putâr-an. WINDow, ~ tingbap., (venetian), ~~jindêla (Port.). W!NDPIP~, THE, t#; r~ngkong. WINE, ;f11 anggor (Pers.). WING 0 (of a bi> d), ~1... s~iap. WINK, A 0 ~ k~jip, ol. ~~~ ishârat mâta. WINK, T00 ol.. >}~1 <.3r bri ishiîrat mâta ol..o ~ k~jip-kan mâta. WINNER, THE, ~ ~ yang m~nang. WINNow, TO, 1.3~ m~ng-irei. WINTER, (cold season), ~>-" ~_, mlisim dingin. WIPE, To, a5j;l.. s~pu-kan. WIRE, o.,l>' k~wat, 1.3.,1_, da wei. WIBDOM, ~ akal (Ar.), O~ p~ng-tâhu-an. WISDOM, (leart~ing), ~ elmu (Ar.). WisE, 0 ~ bijak,sâna, ~ pandei, ~.f. b~r-~kal. WIsE, ( lea t~ed), ~(.,. âlim *(Ar.). WisH, A, (desire),~ ka-handak. WisH, To, (want), ~ handak, _,s;~ mau, ~.:!}_,..., stî.ka. WIT, ~ akal (Ar.). WITH, d.) d~ngan **, ri....~rua, ""J"' s~rta. WITHDKA w, TO, (retire), 04,-l~ b~lik.. WITDRA w, T0 7 (give way), ),.Nf und or. WITHERED, _,.~ layu. WITHIN, ~1-.>.) di-dâlam. WITHOuT, (outside), ),_! -> di-lliar., (11ot with),..>w' if-' d~ngan ti~da. W ITHSTAND, TO, c?i.m m~n-âhan. WITNEss, A, ~ saksi., TO BEAR0 ~ <.3r bri saksi. WITTY 7 ~l:;r.f. ~ pandei Mr-châkap, ~ bljak. * When a man is spoken of as 1'Aiim" it is usually understood that he is learned in matters of religion and doctrine. '*" With a knife. unengan pisau". He came with me, "Dia dâtang ber-sâma dcngan sahya". Pêrak and ali its provinces, "Negri Pêrak s6rta dengan sekâlian tailok-nya".

205 WOM WRA WonN, j prèmptîan., (female), ~ bètlna. W ONDERFUL1 01_;--1:--'> hêran, ~J tèr-chèngang, ~<L;e ajâib (A1.). WoN'T, (wilt not), _,<l.o..::,~ tldak mau. Woon, (limbe~ ), _,;!s' kâyu. W OOL, ~ LSft _,J>i bulu biri-biri. WooLLY-BAIRED, ~yl ""~J rambut krinting. Woun,.o., 0 <L;.:S j pèr-katâ-sn. - 1 ONE1 0 <L;.;s' l ~...:il.iw sa' pâtah pèr-katâ-an *. 1 <Il kerja, WoRKMANSHIP, dl..::,-r:-: pè- W oux, kerja-an, d''~i;-' per- ' btîat-an. WoRK, To, ~ bè-kèrja (bèrkerja). WoRK.MAN,.o., (artizan), f:_f_,j tlikang. W ORLD 1 TaE 1 4i..l dunia. WoaLn, THE,(Ihe globe),ls">!mmi. WoaN, (shabby), üj~ Mrok. -, (used), ~u ''"""' sudah pâkai. WoRsE, (more wickcd), ~L:,- ~ lèbih jithat. WonsE, (1101 so good as),~~ bf ~J..l ktîrang baik dêri-pâda, üj~ ~ lèbih Mrok. WORSHIP1 T01 t_?_,... mèm-tîji 1 ~ - sèmbah ka pâda. WoRTHY1 (good), VY,~ baik. WouLD** W OUND 1 A 1 is'_,.l Jtîka. WouNn, ro, dis'_,.l,o mè-hl.ka-kan. WoUND 1 TO RECEIVE A 1 ~ l.;..) kèna ltîka. W OUNDED 1 is'_,j,0..., sudah Jtîka. WRANGLE, To,pj. bèr-tèngkar, ~~l.oj. bèr-mâki-mâki. WRAP1 T01 ~~ bâbat. WRAP UP1 T01 ~_,.]~ bâlut-kan f. ac-a bungkus-kan. WRATB1 'Jl.o mârah ff, * In conversation it is usual to omit "Per-katâ-an" the context preventing misunderstanding. "'* t:ee 1 'Will". 1 would do it, but, 11 Sahya sûka mem-bûat, tetàpi'', 1 would have killed him, but he ran away, "Sahya mau bûnoh dîa tetâpi dîa lô.ri". t "Balut-kan" to wrap up as furnitut'e. usungkus-kan" to make up a parce! or bondie. tt Seo "Anger".

206 WRE YEA W REAK VENGEANCE, T01 IJ~l u-jy hâlas gona. Wnum,A,(offiowel"s), l:i:y, ifl} karâng-an bonga. WREATHE, To, (twine), Ê.J~kârang. WRECK 1 A SHIP 1 j..;~ L~,; pi chah-an kâpal. W RECKED1 "f''-' 'cà.wsudah pichah. W RESTLE, TO, j.-o_,? j. Mr-gômul. WRETCH! 0Jl.;:,- cmjâka! W RETCHED 1 ( distl"essed),.._~_rj;l9> sîlsah Mti. WmooLE, To, (as a snake),}~ m~n-jolor, }~ m~n-jâlar. WRING1 T0 1 (as linen), O~~j prah kan. WRINKLE, A, o!}f krot. WRIST 1 THE1 ~j p~r glang an, iflj _,{y, buku tângan. WRITE1 T01 ~_ii tojis, ~_,.;.,. m~n-ôlis, o;~ m~ny-ilrat. WRITER 1 A 1 (sc1 ibe), ~_,.:ï!}j?" jilru-tillis. WRITING, A, ;~ stî.rat. WRITHE, To, o!}~ m~ng-hê rut*, ~1:;;,. m~ng-gllat. WRITTEN, ~_,.:.;:; t~r-tîllis. WnoNG,.JI... sâlah, J_,:4 w~ tldak Mtul, J4w sllap. WnoNo, A, (sin, crime), lj'"!}-> dôsa,.ji... sâlah. WRONG ANOTHER1 T01 cfyl,;..;l aniâya-kan. WRY, o!}r. hêrut. y Yu1,.., ~1 ~!}1 ô.bi âcheh, ê_,.>\3' L.,-~!}1 Obi gâdong. YARD,.., (the measu e), JY.I _,;L-sâtu êla **(Port.),\;.>..;;;.:.. st~ngah d~pa, oîll.:>..~ tlga kâki. YARD, A court, a"~~ halâman. YARN, (thread), f::4 Mnang. YAwN, TO,.._;~ rn~ng-uap. Y EAR,.., IJ!}<IJ taun t ( 0 flj tâhun). "' Sound the "h". """' Adopted and nnderstood, bnt the ~lalays usua11v measnre with this table:- 2 Jengl<al make 1 Hast a. 4 Hasta malte 1 Depa (a fa thom or 6 feet). t The ~lalo ys have adopted the Mu hamm adan year of 12months.

207 YEA YOU YEAR1 ONCE A1.)~ O~L:.:.. sa'taun skàli. YEARLY1 O}"s;l:; r~ t'lap t'lap ta un. YBARN FOR1 T01 cf_,~ j" m~ rindu-kan. YEAST 1.t.l~ ragi * YELL1 To,..J.~};i Mr-trlak. YELLow, ~~_,[ k'llning. 1 LIGHT tft pêrang. YELP1 T01 (as a dog), ~};/ Mrtr!ak. Y Es,~ ya. YESTE!it>J.Y1 IJ"JWî k~lmârin **, THE DA. Y BEFORE, _,J_,-> O"JWî k~lmârin dulu. YET t. YET, NOT, r~ blillim. YIELD, To, (submit), ü_,w_,:; tunduk, l.sy!-' <:Pr- s~rah-kan di ri. YoKE, (of bullocks, &c.) y ko'. YoLK of AN EGG, ;,U "P" mêrah t~lor. YoNDER, ol..-.l di-sâna, ~.) di-situ. Y one, OF,':>\~ }_,9>-> dlilu kâla. Y ou,. 0 1.; tu an tt, fol angkau, t!' hang, ~ kau, Y'~ kamu,.y' mu, Ü}l itwak, ~ mlka, ~ """il.sva s~mbat bêta, ~ """'L<>.., s~hâbat klta. * 14Tuak" from the coco-nut tree supplies the place of yeast here. ** Last night, "Sa'mâlam". "Kelmârin" is also used to express any indefinite time past. - usome time ago". t No word in Malay properly expresses the English "yet"; th us Has he come yet r is rendered "Sudah tîba-kah bi1\ûm 7" Lit., Has he arrived or not yet 7 In other senses 41 Yet" may be rendered by "But''; thus-y et it does not matter. "Tet~pi tid'âpa itu". tf See "l". Rajas or persans of rank often speak of themselves as "Kami", and render ''You" by 11Kamu" Ol' "Angkau" when talking to inferiot s "Awak" is used when the persan addressed is on familiar terms with the spokesman. When inferiors address their superiors, and wish to make a point of the distinction, they speak of themselves as "Hamba. Tf1an", your slave; this is corn mon also in writing from an inferior to his superior. "Hang" is the first syllabe of "Angkau" and is common in Kedah and Province Wellesley. "Kau" is the second sy!lable of "Angkau" and is common in ~elângot and elsewhere. ''T6man" - 1, and "Mika" - you, are common in Perak, used by persans of equal rank on familiar terrns. "Beta" - 1, and HS6hâbat bêta"- you, are used in writing.

208 YOU ZOD YouNG, byo m{tda * Y oua,...,.._,; fol angkau punya **,...,.._,; oliî t{tan punya. z YOUTH1.,.,l..l_,.o m{tda-nya. -, ~ 1...J'-'>1 Mdak, 1..1_,.- Ê.J' 1 ôrang m{tda. ZuLous, 0*'?"~ râjin. ZEBBA1 A1 Ê/1..1_,[ k{tda b!l!ng t ZIG ZAG1 i:l_,l.î ~ slku k]{tang. ZINC1.s;L.. ~ tlmah sari. ZODUC, SIGNS OF THE1 ~..1 p. ~ bintang d{ta-bla. * The youngest child of a family "Anak bongtu". ** ~ee 11 His". t From this name of the zebra it bas become common to call ail piebald ho l'ses "Biang".

209 RINCHÂNA. Specimens of Compliments, &c., to be used in Writing Malay Letters. 1. From a High Offtcial to an independant Malay Ruler. Compliments. ~~JI <>I_,J ~;<> ~~~ U"l..\;-~11 ~, u"~~~~ ïü;, J~_A.- 0 ~1~)>.>1 ~~ ~~-~-S;i.>~._;,r, ~ ~':J.:;_,; &. rll.>.> r,;1 ~~ &. r,;1 01:; ~..>.;;.> d>-~ 0 1..~..s;l.eM ~ ~.,_,y.jl..;i r!lc ~ ~,..- ~.i1...j~i ~~...U)... 1_ ~~..sp r,.-.;1 01..bl- _,...;1 0 ~ ~ '-""~l.s9 1:!!~-.u ~ "'?-~ o>l->4 ~1..~...;;a:; r.:~.> JL, r ~YI..sP rll..~..~ (;.!1 U"t....u M-i_,.....~Uy d--_,lt.. ~..11.>1 0.< J!_pl ~ ~~ Co11cluding paragraph, with date. '-""~l.s9.»s' ~ ~L:. r._ii.,j4;~.,..~ cr-!-:j rul...11.>1,;:; 0-o d--_,lt...> &.U.!I =~>~

210 168 RINCHANA. II. From an Independant Malay Ruler to a Blgh Ofllcer of Government. Compliments. 1.:)'.) w"';y.jsr.)~ d- ~LS' u"~' ù"j,.s ""'),... I.:)Jr. 1.:)'.) \,?)~ ~~4 Jl,_h.)1 ~'j_ l.:)~'~r' ~j" if_ii dk~ Ài) IJ.il <.SfJ (/\.::-)$'...:.:.;;.. &. IJ.il ~ ~).> ~ i4~ ~ ~~ dl~ ~t.>..,y!,.::>.j~i r-!lc ~ ~~,ji)...:,' J.1.. d-' IJ.il <.SfJ...:.:.;;"" >JI IY)i.>~ IJ.il,).; ~;- row' L~ (ft?".# J~ Jo~~~-> ~"j :.:,~ ~:;~ ~ rd)_,:,)! 0 1.> rc#'"l>';i dy'~ ~ ~ =hl.. ~ i4~ ~ü b~..:;:..y,i ~).> d-..4l ~ of-> -,.y} al> ~ Concluding paragraph. :.:,~..ill'~ w;,ij r~~ d-' ~;- ~~ ~ M.yl ~..,t.>l <.!')~ cfy.,':)~ ~ a!' ~),... ~l,.ij ~

211 RINCHANA. 169 III. From a lllalay to a l!uropean or Gbluese Marchant, or vice versa. (The eoneluding paragraphe in I?r II may be adopted in ali cases.)._;~ ~1) ~p.l<> ~r- ~~,.~ ~.) i,3,1ls ~~ fsb ~ al,.o ê:-.. 5il.JIJ ~)1) ~~ ~ 1/,;AA;> 1.:)-il ~~ l.:.l~~~~ <>1 J~ ù,_j 1.:)1<> _)'j a;u... a4a~ r,..-;1 d'~ r_,...,;l <..S}o ~i:,., dl u x> _,~ 1',-îl ~..x>;-> dl~ t;:;lc~ "fip.l.s~i ~ ~W, -'r"' d'~.s_,i ~~J~ r,..-;1 o<l::-;; ~ _,~ r,..-;1..,..,~ _,....:;1 oy ~ ;.:,tsp ~ ~ ~ ~r 0~ u)~ ~ ~~ ê# _,:;1 <..S}o ~lc~-> :s;-. o 1-' ~1... u-_,llg> csî'j ol..!-'.>-1 d'~ >...:/I.:S>' ~ :S~ J_,l.:>l ;o/ ~~ r:i.lll,~_, ~ _,...:;1 ~~..x;;-' "-'tsar. Ji.::-.Sic~l 0-o lv. A l!uropean to a Malay or vice versa. Short Gompliments where no great formallty ls wanted. <>4xâ:!.sL> 1/,;AA;>...;~ ~<> ~:r-1 J.Î:! ~s411 &.sn om_,a.. ~l ~..X>;-'~~.s" [:') <>1 1}~ l.:.lidi~r-

212 l'io RINC_HANA. r-!1.>.> ~1 <.S/J ~1.>.> p:ll ;,;,.'f--ly. -.lü-,! _,_ïl ~ J4l.s9..u ~_,a,. -~.JI..>! <!M_ J!,>l.~_,.._,~ 0 1..> ~le V. A Subjeot to a Malay Raja. ~~ o-'""1 r-'laji ~ a..ui J..f1, ~~ au ~l_,:s...j,<>... d'»r od o-l o~ '-'~" ~ <!).:il> o~ 1 '>Hr. ~ ;;1) _,JI ol..hl.. o 1i"~ (~) cl'-' _,;ft,;;.;~._,4[ ~ ~_,a,.._;u:; y.<"-' ~ ""r"'!yi lsp d4-y' ~ ~ 1 '"' ~L..-;1 '"'~ o-'""1 ~r ~!,J o~l cl--o~ J~ o 1'"' J_,..-1~1-> ~~J o,0->1 ~ ~_,a,. 0..:>1>..uJ'"' u~ o-'""' u}j "'-';-- ~ o"a_,a,. <!).:il> ~~ ri,<all ~ o.>l... ~-''"' VI. From persons of equal rank being on famuiar terms and not using muoh formallty. ~) ~.> ~,., ;U- I"L... ~ ~w a..ui l""i dr l"l.!yi, "'*"' ui.>l.. 1"1,~1 ~ o~,j.,jj o~ ~J" I'L;~I ~ ~

213 RINOHANA 171 VII. The Reading or Crown of Letters. (1) The writing is true. (2) The meaning is clear. (3) In cases of invitation or pe tition. (4) When the letter contains a promise or agreement. (5) Asking for consideration. (6)' In letters of congratulation.._;;jl,..j_ii (4) ~}1 #Y. (5) o4-;~l &;Y. (5) ~1(1) _,...;;JI, ~1 ;,; (2) ol:,-lll. L~l5\! (3)

214 172 RINCHANA. VIII. Addresses of Letters...:M~~ r-jf<) r,_;l 1!1>4.-JI &=!-' ~:.~~I'-4S' ëf<) 1.:)'~1 &!-"'-'JI o:.os;, 1..,1~ ~._,1o4-iY. r_,jl l.s}j a,4f"..u lo..i<)l.i.o e_f<) 1:)':!1..:.ü;, 2..:M~ y,l~~<) ~ 1:)'1,.j 1:)'1,.j ~.. ~:.~ ''-4S' tlf<) 3..:M~ ~~~-es~ r-jl# ')""' ~,.z AJ,t ~~;4 4 J.o ~ yil d'l?s> l.sp~ ro~ ~ ~Lsw ~a.;:.,

215 RINCHANA. 173 IX. Specimen of a Malay Poem. l:)~l:;-'f' ~) ~u. ~ ê! I"L.; ~!) ~SiM<> ~<::>~..,..:.i>'~ 4-_,> _,JJLw ;..:)_,.> J.L u; y.-> y-u.. r-!.:>... ~ u;)l(;.j>! ""JY" >JGL..> ~"::'1.>1.>~~ d,j.ji.>~ l4.l _,..1_,~ ~ U"Lbji!,A> al~ _,;.:;1 ()"4-f> ~4-.JI.>~ ;,:î ->;i U"Lbï <::>!,.c-> r-!.:> ~1-> i<:!l-> 0 Lf.\.iJ ""~ 0i# &. _,:;1 "Po '-""4 ~.J4_,:;r rl;.:j.lb:> * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** *** **.. ** * * * * * * c;:).s_,.fl r-!.:> -e/" ;1 ~~.)~._ii.,j4 _,!l...4- l.s};1 ~..,..,_,~ <::>~ l.sj'jl y'l.,)~ ~, d~..,.,i_,l-?'.._. J,; U"Lbji ""'j,. r-!.:>.j>~ wl.-> _,:;.;:; ;.:..~ r-!.:> y.-!_,1 o!,-.jt... u;.f'rl ~ ;,:î;1..l.y.i l_;ls'j ~ ;œ...~~~_,lis ~.JLJY.;" ~-> (J"L::-)î -.J4..l~ c/1 ->~ &.ir ~

216 RINCHANA. (TRANSLA.1'JON.) The Vourtiers- (The Peu. Ink. and Paper). The Pen declared: ui am the Râja; ali writers set great store by me; my marit is so great that it cannot be estimated; ali Governments laud my valuable services." The Ink answered, and said: "Wh y do y ou, Pen, boast of y ourself, if I did not run after you, nothing you do wonld ever be scen." Then the Paper: uwere it not for me y ou would have nothing to run upon, and neither of you would ever be visible." The Author: The Pen is first without doubt, the lnk and Paper are his assistants. But if any one of the trio be left out, the labour of the others is vain. These three - the Pen, Ink, and Paper - are blessings when acting together; if they are of one mind, they will produce something of value. The earth is thcir inheritance, both the good and the evil of it; what is written cannot be recalled. If you believe it not, search and you will find this maxim is proved in ali the books that have been written in past ages.



219 ENGLISH-MALAY-DIALOGUES. I. - THE WEATHER. How hot it is to-da y. The sun is very hot. It is unbearable. Is il al ways as hot as this? Y es, it is usually much about the ~aame. I never felt it so hot before; it is certain! y hotter th an Singapore. 1 think it is warmer in Penang. Y es in the town, but not on the hill. It is cool on the hill. The top of the hill is very cold. In my country it is so cold in the Pânas skâli sa'hâri ini. Mâta.hâri t~r-lâlu pânas. Ta'Mlih tâhan. Âpa, sa-lâlu pânas baglni-kah ~ Y a\, Tftan l~bih kftrang haglni jüga. Ta'p~rnah sahya r&sa pânas baglni, t~ntu l~bih p&nas dêripâda Singapftra. B&rang kali, l~bih pânas di Pulau Pinang. Yah, di bandar, t~tâpi di bftkit tldak. S~juk di bftkit. Kamunchak Mkit itu sângat s~juk. Di-dâlam n~gri sahya, waktu mu- 12

220 -178- winter season that the water in the ri vers and ponds freezes. Ah, that n.ever occurs here. Do you like the warm weather P Y es, 1 Iike it. No, 1 don't Iike it at ali. Malays can't endure the cold. When it is very cold they catch fe ver. That is unpleasant. Do you think it will be fine tomorrow or wet? 1 think it will be wet to-morrow. It looks as if it were going to rain. Y es, it is looking very black. 1 think it is only wind. If the wind cornes first we shan't have rouch rain. 1 hope not. There is no snow in these conntries. No, never, Sir. Have you ev er seen snow? No, but 1 hear there is snow in China sometimes. Y es, that's true. -sim dingin, s~juk skâli hengga. sampei âyer sungei dan âyer kôlam m~njâdi b1tk1î, Ta'p~rnah bag!tu dis!ni. TlÎan slîka-kah ;pânasp Ya.h, sahya slîka jllga. Tidak, sahya ta'sllka skâli. Ôrang ôrang Malâiu ta'tâhan s~juk. Ka.lari' ~~juk sangat.nanti dia ôrang Mua Mmam. Itu s,...ah. ' ~- Bâgi-mâna ~-a. fikir-an Tllan; pânas-kah êsok atau hlljan? Bârang-kâli Mjan êsok. Nampak s~p~rti na'hllja.n. Y ah, nampak kâbut sângat. Bâr~~~... s~hâja.. Ka.lau angln tllrun ditlu, t'âda. brâpa hqjan..,, Sahya hâra~ bagltu. Tiâda tha.lj' didâlam negri n~gri di_ba'w!}hangin ini. Ta.'perna.h, Tfi-;.n... Âda:k\h pernah Tfia.~Jiha.t thalj itu?' T'âda, Tllan, tmâpi sahya denga.r âda jllga kâdang kâdang thalj di dâlam n~gri China. Y ah, sungguh bagitu.

221 Here ali days are alike, yon can't tell J anuary from June. No, that's true, but the nights are alway 8 cool. Yes, for there is always a little breeze at night. 1 prefer this olimate to thal of Europe. It is pleasantest when it rains. If it rains a little, not if it rains much. If there is a very little rain, though, it is pleasant. 1 can't go if it rains to-morrow. l'il go if it is fine. l'il go whether it rains or not. That's right, Sir. Those clouds look very dark. If the wind rises those clouds will disappear. Come at daylight lo morrow. 1 can't come at day dawn, but l'il come early in the day. If it's evening it will be no longer any use ~- Di slni tlap, tlap hari sa'rlipa, ta Mlih tau.blilan J anuary déripàda Mlan June. Sungguh, t~tâpi mâlam-nya s~juk jliga. Yah, karâna mâ!am hâri sa lâlu âda smikit angin. Sahya slika Ù~ra slni dêrip&da (ll \!ldâra Erôp~.,...,_ ~i;hfijan bmru smap kâli. Yah, kalau hfija':' smikit, kalau bânyak tldak. Kalau hfijan smikit pun baik jliga. Kalau hlijan êsok sahya ta'mlih p~rgi. Kalau chuâcha baik, blilih sahya jâlan. Hlijan ta'hlijan pun, t~ntù sahya jâlan jliga.., Itu-1~.; Mtul, TO.an. Âwa;, awan itu ~.ilam sângat. Kalau tlirun angin hâbis-lahâwan âwan itu. Dâtang pâgi pâgi êsok. Dini hâri ta'blilih, t~tâpi sahya dâtang pâgi jliga. Kalau p~tang, ta'mr-glina lâgi.

222 -180- l'il try my best. How bright the moon is to-night. What o'clock did it rise? I don't know, but it won't set till morning. If there is no moon the stars are ali brigh ter. We bad better go when there is no moon. The earth moves round the sun and the moon round the earth. The sun is a very long way from the earth. The wind is very strong, The wind is rising. The wind is falling. The land breeze i,. cool, the sea breeze hot, IDÔÎ'eover it gives rise to sickness. I fear we are going to have a storm. Did yon hear the thunder? No, I only saw the lightning. Y ou hat better shut ali the windows and pull down the chics. Nan ti sahya emba d~ngan sa'hll.- lih-nya. Trang skâli Mlan mâlam ini. Pukol brâpa naik-nya? Sah~/a'~ p)g~ ~ib~ lli.rma~~k,o~ Kalau t'âda bfllan, bintang s~mll.a Mbih trang lâgi. Pil.tut kita jâlan waktu Ml an glitp. ~) ~ Mmi )lan k~liling mâta;hâri, ' dan b~[.$, ~ 'biiiing Mmi. Mâta Mri jauh skâli dêri.pâda bll.mi)q_. 1/f,J"{)l > Angin kinchang s!<;ltli. Angin handak tll.r~n. Angin handak mâtl Angin dârat s~juk, angin laut pânas, lâgi m~m-bangkit-kan p~ny-âkit. Sahya tâkut bârang-kali nanti tll.~u}' ribot. Âda-~ d~ngar gll.rohvu? Tidali, sahya nllmpak 1 knat s~hâja. L~bih baik tll.tup jindêla-ditn tll.- run-kan chic s~mll.a.

223 -181- II.- TIME. What o'clock is it? About ten. Have you a watch? How can I have a watch in tho jungle? It looks like noon. If you can see the sun it is not difficult to know what o'clock it is. How? At daydawn the sun rises till the middle of the day, i. e., 12 o'clock noon; from that lime it falls till lohor, i. e., 2 p. m.; from there it continues falling till asar, i. e., 4 p. m.;:::; and finally sets at 6 p. m. What o'clock will you be ready? I am ready now. If you will return in two hour's time we cau go. Two hours more will make it very la te. Pukol brâpa s~k&rang? Ubih }<Îirang pukol sa'pîiloh. Âdà::~- Tûan m~n-âroh jam? Mâna Mlih m~n-â~oh jam dâl 1 ajp ' Îltan?,v'{ ~,è,-'c!\ln'\': '/ Nampak ~;r.{rti r~~ang. Kalau b~ nampak mâta hhi tidak sîisah handak tau pukol brâpa. Bâgi-mâna? Pâgi pâgi mâta hâri naik sampei t~ngah hâri, ia itu pukol dîiablas; dêri-pâda waktu itu mma hâri jlitoh sampei l~h&(itidtti pukol dôa; dêri situ jmoh lâgi sam pei s~mbâiang âsar, ia i,tu klra klra pukol l!mpat p~tang; an mâta ~âri mlisok~pâàa ~pukol anam p g. Pukol b~a Tûan n nti smia? S~kâkng sahya smia", Kalau TÎian bâlik dâl~m dû a ja'l' lligi Mlih klta }ô,lan.':l-'"- : ~~ DÎia jam lâgi \ jâdi 1 lamb at silngat. \ \ 'r-..._..._,\\j'" 'I

224 1 can't help it. 1 can't get the things ready sooner. ln that case say no more about it, 1 will be back in two hours' ti me. What did he say? He said he would come to-morrow morning, and if not in the morning he will be here by the middle of the day without fail. What o'clock will you come? Nearly two o'eloek. About three o'clock - at four o'cloek exactly... Ralf past three o'clock in the afternoon [in the 'night (i. e. 31/ 2 a. m.)]. It is past one o'clock. This morning. To-night. Last night. Yesterday morning. Yesterday during the day. The day bef ore yesterday [or sorne days or months ago]. To-morrow; [sorne da ys or months bence]. He will come without fail the day after to-morrow morning Âpa Mlih btl.at, sahya tiâda Mlih siap-kan bârang bârang l~bih dll.lu dêri-pâda itu. Kalau bagltu jângan Tll.an s~butkan dûa kâli, dâlam dll.a jam nanti sahya bâlik ka-mâri. Âpa kâta dia P Kâta dia nanti dia dâtang ~sok pâgi pâgi, kalau tldak pâgi t~ntu t~ngah hâri dia âda di-slni. Pukol brâp6. nanti Tllan dâtang? D~kat pukol dlla. L~bih kllrang pukol tlga-pukol ltmpat Mtul. Pukol t!ga st~ngah, p~tang [ mâlam]. _---~. Suda~:,pukol sâtu.jâ:lu.., Ini pâg'ï or pâgi tadi.-,.,: Mâlam s~kârang. '\ Sa'mâlam. Sa'mâlam pâgi. -' lr~l,iijârin, ~g hâri.':;\ ( \ K~lmârfu dlth~tu:to-r'k~lm)~in].. /... (':'~:~ :ffisok. Ta'bll.lih tldak nanti dia dihang lll.sa pâgi.

225 He must be here in the next three days. He can't arrive by that lime. He must come. Wh y did yon not come P. 1 dawdled on the road and so 1 arri ved la te. As soon as you receive this latter come at once. Tell him 1 can't.wait any longer. He sa ys he will come at once. In that case 1 will wait a quarter of an hour longer. When did it occur? About a month ago. Are y ou sure P Quite sure. Cao you recollect.what o'clock it was? How cau 1 tell, 1 don't wear a watch. Was il moroing or afterooon? 1 can't wall recollect, Sir, bot 1 thiok il was!ale at night. Dia man Ma di-s!ni diilam t!ga Mri!Agi. Dia ta'bfllih sampei pada waktu itu. Ta'Mlih t!dak d!a mau duang. M~og-iipa Tll.ao ta'datang? { M~og-iipa angkau t!dak datang? Sahya [ham ba Tll.an, pâtek ]lengah di-jâlanjiidi lambatsampei. T~tkala sampei sll.rat ioi dâtanglah skui. Khabltr-kan pada dia [piida Tll.an itu ]sahya tiiida Mlih m~-nanti lâgi. Kâta d!a [Til.an itu] nanti diâ dâtang d~ngan s~gra-nya. Kalau bagliu bll.lihsahyaml>-nanti lâgi su ku jam. Bila m~n-jâdi itu? L~bih kll.rang sa'bfllan dll.lu. T~otu-kah? T~ntu. BO.lih-kah ingat pukol brâpa itu? Bligi-mâna Mlih tau, sahya t!dak m~o-âroh jam. Pâgi-kah pmang-kah? Sahya tldak brâpa ingat, Tll.an, t~tiipi piida flkir-an sahya sudah jauh miilam

226 -184- Can yon be sure? Y es; no, I can't be sure, I think so. Will y ou swear to it? Y es. Very weil, from the day yon met him till to-day how long is it? About a week. It is eight da ys. Did yon meet him the next day also? I don' t know. Try your best to recollect, thal day yon met him, did he say he bad met MAT the previous day, or Iwo days before, or a mon th bef ore? I think it was on thal day also. What, the very day thal yon met him, on thal day also he bad met MAT? He said so. Did he meet MAT before he poke to yon, or afterwards? I think he saw MAT first. Thal was what I asked yon. T~nto-kah? T~ntu; sahya ta'bülih t~ntu M- tlipi sahya flkir baglto. Brlini-kah (bülih-kah) sompah? Bril.ni (btl.lih) Tfian. Baiklah, dêri-pâda hâri angkau Mr-jumpa dia sampei hliri ini, brlipa Jâma-nya? Bârang-kâli sâtu minggo. Âda lâpan hâri lâma-nya. Ésok hâri itu, âda-kah angkau Mr-jumpa dia? Ëntah! sahya ta'tau. Chftba ingat baik baik, hâri angkau Mr-jumpa dia, âda-kah dia kâta dia Mr jumpa MAT itu sa'mâlam d'h11lu, atau düahâri d'hülu, atau sa'bülan d'hfilu? Bârang-kâli itu bâri jüga. Âpa, hâri angkau Mr-jumpa dia, hâri itu jfiga la Mr-jumpa d~ngan MAT? Dia kâ ta bagltù. Âpa, dia ber-jumpa MAT itu d'mio dêri-pâda Mr-châkap d~ngan angkau atau k~md'lan? Bârang-kâli MAT d'hfilu. Itu-lah yang sahya tânya pâda angkau.

227 -185- Afte you left ber, how long do you think it was before she died? About an hour and a half. I can't tell. Speak truly. Truly, Sir. Ever since I came here 1 have been looking for you. How long have you been here? Not very long. 0! 1 beg y our pardon bad I known it was Mr.. should bave come at once. N ev et mind. Another time when you come 1 shall not fail to be ready waiting for you. Wh en can I see y ou again? To-night after dinner. Ifyou will come to-night at twenty minutes past ten, we can settle that matter. Very well, 1 will come. Come sooner than that. I will come later. Did you see what o'clock he went out? K~md'ian dêri-pada angkail tinggal-kan dia, brapa lama, lâgi, bhâru dia mâti? BArang-kâli st~ngah d1ia jam (satu jam st~ngah) bagltu. Ta'tau sahya. Châkap Mtul b~tul. B~tul, T1ian. Sa'minjak sahya dâtang ka-mâri sahya châri.kan T~an. BrApa lâma Ttîan di-slni? T'âda brâpa lâma. Oh! minta maaf, kalau sahya tau T1ian.. t~ntu sahya dâtang!~kas. Tldak âpa (Tid'âpa). Lain kâli Tûan dâtang t~ntu sahya sm!a m~-nantl Bila Mlih sahya jumpa Ttîan ]agi? Mâlam s~karang, Mpas mâkan. Kalau T1ian bûlih dâtang mâlam s~kârang, jam pukol sa'p1iloh dûa ptîloh minit, btîlih k!ta s~l~sei p~rkâra itu. Baik, b1ilih sahya dâtang. Mâri l~bih d'hûlu dêri-pâda itu. Sahya nanti dâtang k~md'ian. Âda-kah lihat pukol brâpa dia kltîar?

228 -186- Two A. M. on Thursday. 1 thonght so. Ceriainly it was he who dit it. Pukol d1l.a m.tlam khamis. Sahya pun fikir bagito. T~nto dia yang Mat. III.- THE R OAD. Which is the way to.. P This is it. Is this the right way to... P No, yon have missed yoor way. Where is the right roadp Go back by the road you have just come for a mile or so, and then turn to your rigbt [left]. How far is it from herep About lhree miles; y ou can reach it in about an hour if you go fast, if you dawdle it will take yon an hour and a half. In tbat case l'il start at once. Where does this road Iead top To Bukit Timah. Is it a good roadp Y es, it is good. No, Sir, you can't go by that road. WhyP M.tna jàlan p~rgi ka..? Ini-lah dia. B~tul-kah j.tlan ini p~rgi ka. P Tidak, T1l.an sllap jâ.lan. Mâna juan yang Mtul P P1l.lang bâlik jâlan tadi kmar satu bâtu, k~mdlan ikut kânan [kiri]. Brâpa jauh d~ri slni? L~bib k1l.rang tiga b.ttu; barangkâlisâtu jam b1l.lih sam pei, kalau juan dras, kalau lengab di-jâlan t~ngah d1l.a jam bhâru sam pei. Kalau bagitu sabya jâlan-lah. J.tlan ini p~rgi ka'm.tna? Ka'B1l.kil Timah. J.tlan baik-kahp Baikj1l.ga. T!dak, T1l.an, ta'bulih p~rgi jâlan itu. Âuat? -Âpafasltl P-Âpa s~mbp - K~n-âpa?- M~ng-âpaP

229 - 187-'- That road is ""!ery bad, it is very muddy and there are many holes in it. Can a carriage go on itp No, Sir. How are we to go then P There is another road; yon must go back a short way and then go to your right-.can you show ns that road? Yon must excuse me for 1 am engaged, but this child will shew you that road. Thank you. Let us go. ls this the right roadp No, Sir, that road goes to Seletar. Where do y ou want to go top. To Bukit Timah. ls not this the right roadp No, it is further thau this. That man said this was the road. No, Sir, you mistook him. No, 1 understood perfectly what he said. Ah! now, this is the right road. Which is the road to Mr... ' P Jâlan-nya ta'baik skâli, Mnyak s~lut, lâgi ltl.bang bânyak. Btl.lih-kah krêta lâ\u di-situ? Ta'Mlih, Ttl.an. Bâgi-mânakitajâlankalau bagitup Âda lain jâlan, mau Mlik smikit d'htl.iu, k~md1an ikut jâlan kânan. BO.Iih-kah TO.an [angkau] tunjukkan jâlan itu P Min ta maaf, TO.an, sahya âda k~rja smikit, t~tâpi Mdak ini Mlih tunjuk-kan jâlan itu. Trima kâsih. Mâri kita j âlan lni-kah jâlan Mtul tidakp Btl.kan, Ttl.an, jâlan itu p~rgi ka' S~lttar. TO.an na' p~rgi ka'mâna P Ka'BO.kit Timah. BO.kan-kah ini jâlan-nya? Tldak, jauh Iâgi dêri-pâda ini. Kâta ôrang itu ini-lah dia. Tidak, Ttl.an, Ttl.an sâlah f~ham. Tldak, sahya Mrti baik baik p~rkâta-an-nya. Ah! ini-lah bhâru jiuan Mtul. Mâna jâlan p~rgi ka'rtl.mah Ttl. an...?

230 -188- Mr. who? I don't know that gentleman. Do you know Mr... 's hou se? It is on a high hill [low hill]. Perhaps your horse can't go up that hill for it is very steep. If the horse can't get up I will walk. In that case there is a path, but it is somewhat overgrown. I don't mind. Y ou can see the beginning of it (the path) from here, close by!hat betel-out tree. Did you see a gentleman pass by this road? Co ming from which direction? Going from here [going from there]. Was he walking or on horseback or in a carriage? He was walking carrying a gun. Y es, 1 saw him. He went that way two hours ago. If he cornes back, tell him 1 have gone on slowly. Ttlan mil.na? Sahya tidak k~nal Ttlan itu. Ada-kah tau rtlmah Ttlan.? Rümah nya di-âta~ Mkit tinggi [Mkit r~ndah]. Bârang-kil.li kftda Tüan ta'btllih naik Mkit itu, karâna chôram sângat. Kalau küda ta'mlih naik sahya. bülih jâlan kâki. Âda sâtu lôrong k~chil, t~tapi s~mak s~dikit. Sahya ta'f~dtlli (ta'êrar). Dêri sini bülih nampak htljongnya, d~kat pôko' pinang itu. Ada-kah nampak sâtu Tüan lâlu ikut jâlan ini? Dâtang dêri-mâna? Jâlan dêri sini [jâlan dêri sil.na]. Dia jâlan kiîl<i-kah, naik ktldakah, atau di-dâlam krêta? Diajâlan kâki m~m-tkul s~nâpang. Yah, âda sahya lthat. Dia lâlu s~blah sâna, âda dtla jam sudah. Kalau bâlik Tüan itu, khabl!r-kan pâda dia, sahya sudah jâjan d'mlu plan-plâhan.

231 Can yon do that? Certainly, Sir. Where bas he go ne? 1 don't know the name of the place. ls this the road to the gardens? Does not the road fork? No. Y es, there are two forks, the first. to the right, the second to the left. Y ou can't mislake the road. The road is very muddy. It is a dry road. The road is a little wet. The road is very dusty. In the dry weather it is al ways like that.. If it is win dy it is most disagree able, for one's eyos and mou th become filled with dust. The Singapore dust is the worst of al\ for it is red, and once it bas fallen on anything yon can't get rid of it. Ali the roads in Singapore are good, That is true, but there are many Bfilih-kah, Tfian, Mat itu? Bfilih, 1'üan. Di-mâna dia p~rgi? Sahya tldak tau nâma t~mpat itu. Ini-kah jâlan p~rgi ka'kltbun bunga? Jâlan t'âda Mr-simpang-kah? T'âda. Âda düa simpang-nya, yang p~rtâma ka'kânan, yang ka-düa ka'kiri. Ta'bfilih silap jâlan. Jâlan Mn yak lumpor. Jâlan-nya kring. Âda jfiga Jlchah jâlan-nya t~tâpi t'âda Mnyak. Bânyak hâboh di jâlan. M usim pânas sa'lâlu bagliu. Kalau angin süsah skâli, jâdi mâta dan mülut p~noh Mngan hâboh. Hàboh Singapüra cmlàka skâli, s~b~b hâboh-nya mêrah, skali!~kat ta'mlih di-klüar-kan!agi. JAI;<n jâlan di Singapüra s~müa bai k. B~tul 1 Tüan 1 t~tâpi Mkit-nya

232 hijis which makes it hard for the horses always ascending and descending. In the Malay States you very seldom meet with high roads, there are only jungle paths. ln Lâru t the re is a railroad. A railroad is very straight, this road is very crooked. Go in front. Go behind. Torn and go back. Let us go back. If we fiud the road weil and good, if not we will return. Come here. Go and tell him, l'rn waiting, and then come back at once. That wiji do. bânyak, jâdi stlsah skâli pada ktlda, naik ttlrun sa-lâlu. D!Uam tânah Malain jârang skâli Mr-jnmpa jâlan Msar, jâlan tltan s~mûa. Di Lârut âda jâlan krêta âpi. Jâlan krêta âpi trus skâli, jâlan ini bangkok. Jâlan d'mlu. Jâlan di-blâkang. Ptlsing bâ.iik. Bâlik-lah klta. Kalau dâpat jâlan ktta p~rgi, kalan tldak ktta bâlik. Mâri slni. P~rgi kâta ahya nanti, k~md1an angkau bâlik ka'mâri d~ngan s~gra. Sndah. IV. - CONVERSATIONS WITH A COOK. Have something to eat ready tomorrow morning. What do yon want to eat, Sir. How many people will there be to supply? Pâgi pâgi êsok siap kan mâkan smikit.!pa Ttlan mau mâkan? Brâpa ôrang mau mâkan?

233 -191- Klta yang âda di-r1imab s~kâ- rang, dan lâgi d1ia T1ian. We who are in the bouse now (the bousebold) and two gentlemen basides. You can get ready tea, coffee, toast, eggs, and fruit. What kind offruit would you like? Mangosteen, durians, rambutans, pulasam, pineapples, oranges, whatever you can get. The coffee is finished. Very, weil, you can buy more. What is the priee of coffee a catty just now? Twenty cents, Sir. Very weil, buy five catties. I have no time to go to the bazaar, Sir. Never mind, send your "help". He is ill, Sir. Very weil, send some one else, whoever there is. There is no one else, Sir. Look for a man, some one must go for those things. Won't to-morrow do P No, to day he must go. Angkau(lu) Mlih smia-kan ayer cha, kâhiia, rôti panggang, t~lor, d~ngan Mah Mah. Apa mâcham b1iab T1ian s1ika? B1iah manggis, Mah dorien, Mah rambut-an, Mah pulâsa~, Mah nllnas, b1iah llmau, mân~ mllna yang bùlih dâpat. Kâhlia sudah hll.bis. Baik Mlih bli lâgi. Kâhlia brâpa Mrga sâtu kâti s~kârang. D1ia pûloh sen, T1ian. Baik, Mlih bli lima kâti. Sahya t'llda s~mpat mau p~rgi pâsar, T1ian. Tld'âpa silroh kuki k~chil p~rgi. Dia sâkit, Tilan. Baik, silroh lain ôrang, bârang siâpa yang âda. Tidak âda lain ôrang, Tilan. Angkau châri ôrang, ta'mlih tldak sâtu ôrang mau p~rgi ambil bârang itu. ~sok ta'mlih, T1ian? Tldak, ini hâri j1iga dia mau p~rgi.

234 -192- Then 1 must go myself. As you like. What are y ou going to gi ve us to eat (for dinner) to-night. Soup,- fried fish, prawn cutlets, roastmutton, and boiled fowls, curry and rice, cheese, and pudding. What kind of curry? Malay, dry, lndian, brinjal curry. 1 want dinner at 7 o'clock exact! y, can you have il ready by that time? Three people will dine here. What, three in ali? No, three besides ourse! v es, that will make seven in ali. I want to ask for sorne more money, Sir. What, is the money finished? Here are ten dollars, you can ose for house expanses. Il is not enough, Sir. WhyP 1 have spent a great deal for food, besides there is oïl, candies and ali the rest. I think you are very wastef~l, Kalau bagliu sahya mau p~rgi s~nù!ri. Silka hâti angkau. Âpa mau bâgi mâkan k!ta mâlam sèk:l.rang. Soup,!kan gôring, hildang katlet, kambing panggang, âyam r~. bus, kari nâsi, kêju dan pudding. Âpa m:l.cham karip Ka ri Mala!u, ka ri kring, ka ri B~ngg:l.la, kari trong. Sahya mau mâkan pukol t{ljoh Mtul, Mlih-kah sm!a m:l.kan p:l.da waktu itu? Tlga ôrang mau m:l.kan di-slni. Âpa, t!ga s~mfia? Tldak, t!ga ôrang Iain dêfi-pâda ktta, jâdi tfijoh s~mlla. Sahya mau minta blanja sm!kit l:l.gi, Tllan. Âpa, duit sudah hâbis-kahp lni âda ringgit sa'pllloh, Mlih Mat blanja rllmah. Tâda chllkup, Tllan. Âpa fasit!p Bânyak sudah blaaja m~m-bli bârang bârang mâkan, Iâgi mlnyak, Jilin, âpa s~mfia. Sahya f!kir angkau bânyak bôros,

235 -193- the expanses ought to be smaller. I will give yon five dollars more and that will be enough to last three days. It is not enough, Sir. Y ou can try. Where have y ou been? To the bazaar, Sir. Y ou are very lata returning. Did yon get any crabs? No Sir, so I bought oysters. Are they good? Y es, just got. Do you want to eat them raw? Y ou can bake them. Have yon any milk? Plenty, Sir. Give it to me. Bring it here. Where are the onions? They are in a basket in the kitchen. Go and fetch them. Do yon know how to make icecream? No Sir, I don't. Y es, I know a little about it. Don't cook it too much. Under done. pâtut blanja kftrang dêri:pâda itu. Nanti sahya bâgi lima ringgit lâgi, jâdi chlîkup Mlih pâkai tl ga hâri lâma-n va. Ta'chlîkup, T1Îan. Angkau Mlih emba. Dêri mâna angkau dâtang. P~rgi pâsar, Tûan. Lam bat Mnar angkau bâlik. Âdakah dâpat k~tam itu? T'âda Tftan, jâdi sahya bli tlram. Baik-kah tlram itu? Baik jftga, bhâru bawa. Tûan mau mâkan mantah-kah? Bûlih bâkar-nya. Âda kah susu? Bânyak, Tûan. Bâgi pâda sahya. Bawa ka'mâri. Bâwang di-mâna-kah? Âda dâlam bâkul di-dâpor. P~rgi bawa itu. Âda-kah angkau tau m~m-mat ice cream? Tldak, T1Îan, sahya ta'tau. Bûlih jûga slkit-slkit. Jângan t~r-lampau mâsak-nya. K1Îrang mâsak. 18

236 -194- Ho iv many ducks did you huy just nowp Three. Will thal be enough? If it is not enough more can be bought. Go and catch a fowl. Three have beon killed. ls the ice-cream readyp Bring it here, 1 want to taste it. It does not taste nice. It tastes very nice. The whole dinner Jast night was badly cooked; unless you do better, 1 sha\1 gel another cook. Y ou must make better soup, or 1 shah eut your account. Mind y ou don't get an old fowl; and pluck it properly, don't put it in hot water to remove the feathers. Bril.pa êkor!tek angkau bli tadi P Tlga ôkor. CMkup-kahP Kalau ta'chilkup MJih di-bli lil.gi. P~rgi-lah tangkap il.yam sa'êkor. Tlga êkor sudah pôtong (s~mleh). lce-cream smia-kah? Bawa slni sahya mau ril.sa nya. Ta'sMap râsa-nya. SMap sh!i râsa-nya. Sa'g~nap bârang angkau bâgi klta mâkan sa-mâlam, t'âda Mtul mâsak-nya, kalau angkau ta' Mlih Mat l~bih baik dêri-pil.da itu nanti sahya cbâri Iainkuki. Angkau mau Mat soup yang baik, kalau tldak nantisahya pôtong klra klra angkau. Jil.ngan angkau bawa âyam tüa; Jâgi handak cbâbut-kan bulunya d~ngan piitut, jângan ch~ Jor âyam itu. V.-CONVERSATIONS WITH A BOY. Where is my boy? \ Di-mil.na sahya puny.a boy P! Di-mâna boy sahya P

237 -195- He is here, Sir. He is outside. Cali him. Are my clothes ready? To-night 1 shall dine out, at the bouse of Mr..., put my evening clothes in a portmanteau (box). Do you want to wear black cio thes or white? White coat and trousers, black waistcoat. Put up enough clothes to last me three days. Will you take your clothes, or must 1 take themr Y ou tnke them. What o'clock must 1 start? Y ou must reach Mr... ' bouse at 6 o'clock exactly. After dinner [breakfast] you can go home. Tbese trousers are not fit to wear, they are tom; give them to the tailor and tell him to mend them. Wbere are the shoes 1 wore yesterdayr They are dirty, 1 have not clean ed them yet. Âda slni, TO.an. Âda di-io.ar, TO.an. Panggil dia Kain sudah smia-kah r Mâlam s~kârang sahya mau mâ. kandi-ltîar, di rtîmah TO.ananu, târoh kain pâkai mâlam di-dâlam p~ti. TO.an mau pâkai ltam-kah alan ptîtehr Bâju dan s~luar ptîteh, waistcoat!lam. Târoh kain chtîkup btîlih pâkai tlga hâri. TO.an mau, bâwa ini kain-kah, atau sahya mau b.twa? Angkau bâwa. Pukol brâpa sabya jâlanr Angkau mau sampei di rtîmah TO.an anu pukol anam Mtul. L~pas mllkan angkau btîlih ptîlang. S~luar ini ta'btîlih pâkai, sudah kôiak, b.tgi pâda ttîkang jait, sllroh dia m~m-mtul-kannya. Mâna kâsut sahya pâkai sa-mâlam. Sndah kôtor bülum di-chtîchi lâgi.

238 -196- Will you have tiffin in the office? Yes, avery day you must bring tiffin to the office at noon, 1 shall want to eat it at exactly. Do you want to work with me? If you like me, Sir. As a boy? Where dit you work before? Have you a character? After you left Mr... what did you dop What wages have you received hitherto? 1 can't give you more wages than seven dollars a month. Will you give me food too? No, you must find your own food. Can you talk English? ls there a gharry near here? If you order me 1 will look for one. 1 don't want one now, but 1 want a gharry to be at the bouse at 8 o'clock to-night. Tüan mau mâkan tiffin di-ofiskah? Yall, sa'hâri-mri angkau bâwa tiffin di otis pukol düa-blas, sahya man mâkan pukol düablas st~ngah Mtul. Angkau mau k~rja sâma ahyakah? Kalau Tüan süka. Jâdi boy-kah? Di-mâna angkau k~rja d'hülu?. Ada-kah sürat? Sudah!~pas k~rja Tüan anu, âpa angkau büat P Brâpa gâ.ji angkau trima sa'lâ.ma ini? Sahya ta'bülih Mgi gâji l~bih di\ ripâda tüjoh ringgit sa'bülan. M!Lkan di-â.tas Tüan-kah? Tldak, angkau m~n-châri mâkan s~ndlri. Bülih-kah châkap lnggris? Ada-kah kri\ta d~kat slni? Kalau Tüau süroh ahya bülih châri eâtu. S~kârang sahya ta'mau, t~t!lpi pukol di-i!lpan muam s~kârang, sahya mau kri\ta di-rümah ini.

239 -197- VI. - CONVERSATIONS WITH A SYCE. Do you want to engage as a syce? Are you weil acquainted with a syce's duties? I have two horses- a pair- you must groom one of them, you must occasionally drive them if! wish it, and you must help to look after the harness. I will huy the horses' food, and every day you must ask the boy forit; and he willgive you sufficient for a day's feed. How much do you give one horse for a day's food, Sir~ Every day you must give one horse three feeds, at one feed two chupaks of padi, one chupak of gram and half a chupak of bran. I want the carriage at a. m. to-morrow to go to Singapore. The pair~ No, a single horse. The black horse, the chestnut, the, piebald, the mouse-coloured. Hold the horse. Angkau chli.ri k~rja sais-kah? Angkau pandei k~rja klida-kah? Sahya âda d1l.a k1l.da~-jori-angkau mau jâga sâtu, lâgi mau jâdi coachman kâdang kâdang kalau sahya mau, dan lâgi mau t1l.long cmchi pakai-an k1l.da. Mâkan k1l.da sahya b1l.lih bli, dan sa'hli.ri hâri angkauminta pâda boy, dta b1l.lih bâgi cmkup mâkan sa'hâri. Brâpa T1l.an bâgi sâtu k1l.da sa' hâri mâkan? Tlap t1ap hâri augkau mau Mgi pâda k1l.da ttga kàli mâkan, skâli mâkan d1l.a cmpak padi, sâtu cmpak kâchang, dan st~ngah chûpak busi. Sahya mau krêta êsok pâgi pukol sa-p1l.loh st~ngah na'p~rgi ka' Singap1l.ra. K1l.da jori-kah? Ttdak, k1l.da tunggal. K1l.da ttam, klida mêrah, k1l.da bhtng, k1l.da hablok. P~gang k1l.da ini,

240 -198- The bit is rusty, why don't you clean it better? Rub it weil and then put sorne salad oil on it. The left rein is twisted, straighten it. The traces are not fastened yet, why can't you bemorecareful? If the horse ran away now we should be smashed to pieces. Let go the horse. Let go his head. Get up behind. Where is the whip? It is left behind, Sir. Be quick, go and fetch it. Go on, 1 ce.n't wait any longer. Go slowly. Go faster. Whip him (or them) a little. Y ou can't whi:p him, Sir, he will be vicions. Catch hold of the wheel and turn it. Put down thal harness and come here and hold the horse. What are you doing? Don't hold the horse like that. How am 1 to hold him, Sir? Lâgam sudah kârat, âpa fas!tl angkau tldak chl'tchi l~bih baik? Gôsok baik baik k~mdian târoh mlnyotk s~lâda smikit. Ras kiri sudah kôoot, Mtul-kannya. J ut biîlüm!kat lâgi, âpa s~mb angkau ta'miihllhat baik baik, kalau küda lâri s~kârang nanti j~annam klta. Upas küda. L~pas k~pâla-nya. Naik di-blâkang. Mâna châbok? Sudah tinggal, Tüan. L~kas p~rgi m~ng ambil-nya. Jâlan, sahya ta'miih m~-nanti lâgi. Jâlan plan-plâhan. L~kaslâgi. Pukol sm!kit. Ta'bülih pukol, Tll.an, nanti dia j11bat. P~gang rôda püsing-kan. L~tak pâk'lan itu, mâri slni p~gang küda. 1pa angkau Mat, jângan p~gang küda bagitu. Bâgai-mâna mau p~gang, Tüan?

241 Hold him with both bands close to the bit. He will bite, Sir. He can't bite. Does this horse kick? No, Sir, he is very good, he bas no vice. Get ready the carriage, 1 want to go out for a drive. The horse is ill, Sir, he can't be used. What is the matter with him? He has glanders. Gall Mr..., and ask him to give the horse medicine. The horse bas a cold, he will be weil in Iwo or tbree days. 1 hope so, but you must look weil after him. In how many days more will he be ready for use? Don't give him loo much grass to eat, once a day is enough. 1 want the horse with saddle at the office at 4 o'clock to-morrow afternoon. There is a sore on his back, Sir, you can't put the saddle on him P~gang d~kat Iil.gam-nya dila àila til.ngan skil.ii. Nanti dia glgit, Tilan. Ta'billih dia glgit. Kilda ini m~ny.êpak-kah? Tidak, Tilan, dia bil.nyak baik, tiâda jlthat sil.tu-pun. Siil.p-kan krêta sahya mau mâkan angin s~dikit. Kilda sâkit, Tûan, ta'billih pâkai. Âpa kilrang dia? Sâkit s~rdi, Tilan. Panggil Tilan anu, min ta dia bil.gi ilhat. Kilda sudah sâkit bâto', dila tiga hâri billih baik. Sahya hârap bagitu t~tâpi angkau mau hia dia baik baik. Brâpa hâri lâgi bhâru bûlih pâkai? Jângan bâgi dia mâkan rumput t~r-lâlu bânyak, skâli màkan sa'hâri chûkup. Sahya mau kilda pâkai tunggang pukol l1mpat phang êsok, angkau billih bâwa ka'ofis. Blâkang-nya sudah Iilka, ta'billih pâkai jin, Tilan.

242 -200- VII.- CONVERSATIONS WITH A GARDENER. 1 thought it was the gardener. The gardener is waiting, Sir. To-night there are sorne people dining here, get a good many flowers and arrange them on the dinner table. What kind of flowers would you like? Whatever you can get will do. Go to the gardens and ask the superintendent, he will give you sorne ; take a basket to put them in. There are no red flowers, Sir. N ev er mind, get sorne pretty leaves. The garden is like a jungle. 1 think y ou are Jazy. 1 have no implements, Sir, how ean 1 work properly? What tools do you want? 1 will give you money and you can bu y what is wanted. Y ou had better bu y about twenty flow er pots, and plant the flowers in them, This road is very bad, mend it. Sahya sangka tll.kang ki1bun tadi. Tll.kang ki1bun âda nanti, Tll.an. Mâlam s~kârang âduôrang mâkan di-slni, emba ehâri Mnga bânyak bânyak s~dlkit, m~ng âtur-kan di-âtas mêja mâkan. Bll.nga bangsa mâna Tll.an sll.ka? Âpa yang âda jâdi-lah. P~rgi ka'mkit Mn ga min ta pâda Tlian yang jâga di-situ, dia bûlih Mgi; bawa bâkul sâma, Mlih di'lsi-nya. Bünga mêrah t'âda, Tlian, Tid'âpa châri daon daun kâyu, mâna mâna yang êlok. K~bun ini s~p~rti li tan rlipa-nya. Bârang-kiHi angkau mâlas. P~rkâkas t'âda, Tilan, mâna M- lih k~rja Mtul? Âpa p~rkftk;s angkau mau? Nanti ahya bâgi duit angkau bô.lib bli âp'âpa yang kilrang. Baik angkau bli bârang dila pil lob pasu tânam-kan Mnga didâlam-nya. Jâlau ini ta'baik skâli, emba M tul-kan-nya.

243 -201- Break sorne stones amal! and put them on the road, and then lay sand on the top. The grass in the garden is very high, èut it shorter. That is not enough, it must be shorter than that. Hanchor-kan bâtu târoh di jâlan, k~mdian Mboh pâsir di-âtasnya. Rumput di kl1bun sudah tinggi t~r-lâlu, emba pôtong pendek lligi. Tâda chll.kup, mau pendek dêripâda itu. VIII. - TABLE TALK. Get dinner ready, boy. Bring dinner (lit. the food.). Dinner is ready, Sir. What are y ou going to gi ve us to eat to-day? Change this plate. This knife is not clean, bring another. This meat is not done enough, take it away and have it more cooked. This table cloth is very amal!, why did you not put on another one? Bring another chair for this gentleman. These potatoes are bad, where did you get them? Siap-kan mâkan, boy. Bâwa makân-an. Mâkan sudah s~dla (siap), Tîtan. Âpa angkau mau bâgi mâkan klta ini hari? Tîtkar pinggan ini. Pisan ini t'âda chîtchi, bii.wa lain sâtu. Dâging ini kîtrang mâsak, bawa ka-lîtar sîtroh mâsak lâgi. Kain mêja ini k~chil sângat, âpa fasl11 angkau t'âda târoh lain sâtu? Bâwa krîtsi lâgi bâgi pâda Tîtan ini. Ubi ini sudah Msok di-mâna angkau dâpat-nya?

244 -202- Pour wine into ali the glasses, when yon see a glass is empty fill it np again. This wine is not cold enough, bring sorne ice. Wh y did yon not come before? 1 have called yon throe or four times. If 1 cali yon answer at once, don't forget another time. Where are ali the ether boys. Order them to stay here and wait at table whilst we eat. Wh en did y ou roast this cofl'ee P 1 think sorne time ago. Yon ought to roast every day enough cof!'ee for the day. Who broke this glass? 1 shall eut your wages. Tdang anggor ka'dâlam glass s~mda, bila angkau Ilhat glass sudah ki\song, p~noh kan-nya lâgi. Anggor ini kdrang s~juk bâwa âyer bâtu. Âpa s~mb angkan t'âda dâtang l~bih d'hdlu,sudahsahya panggil tlga 11mpat kâli. Kalan sanya panggil, angkan!~kas jawâb, -lain kâ!ijângan angkan ldpa. Di mâna lain lain boy s~mdai Sdroh dia i\rang nanti di-sin jâga mêja waktn k!ta mâkan.. Bila angkau gi\ring kâhüa ini? Bârang-kâli lâma sudah. Sa'hâri hâri pâtut angkau gi\ring chdkup kâbüa sa'bâri mâkan. Siâpa pichah-kan glass ini? Nanti sahya pi\tong gâji angkau. IX.- CONVERSATIONS WITH A W ASHERMAN. Tell the washerman to come tomorrow. Get ali the dirty clothes ready earl y in the morning, 1 want to give them to the washerman. Sdroh dhi\bi mâri êsok. Siap-kan kain kotor s~mda pâgi pâgi, sahya man bâgi pâda dhi\bi.

245 -203- When the dhobi cornes tell me. Count the clothes and look carefully to see whether they are correct. i'hey are ali correct, Sir. They are not righi, Sir, there is onepocket handkerchief short, two bajus missing, and there is a pillow case which does not belong to yon; he has changed yours for one belonging to sorne one else. Y ou tell the dhobi I won't pay his wages till he brings ali the things which are now missing; he can take away this pillowcase and bring me back my own. Dhobi, wh y have yon not washed these clothes properly, they look very bad? The cio thes are much torn, and there is hardly any slarch in them. Take back these clothes, clean them again, and put plenty of starch in ihem. If yon wash my clothes how much must I pay you? Three dollars for a hundred, Sir. Bila dhôbi sampei bri tau pâda sahya. Bllang kain s~mlia, preksa baik baik kalau Mtul tldak. S~mlia Mtul, Tlian. T'âda Mtul, T6an, sâpu-tangan k6rang sâtu, bâju k6rang d6a, dan sârong ban ta! sâtu b6kan Tilan punya; sudah tilkar lain. Angkau kâta pâda dhôbi sahya ta'biîlih baiar gâji-nya hengga sampei dia bâwa s~müa kain yang k6rang; sârong ban ta! ini dia billih bâwa p6lang, bâwa bâlik sahya punya. Dhôbi, âpa fasll angkau t'âda chüchi Mtul ini kain, ta'baik skâli rüpa nya? Sudah bânyak kôiak, lâgi kilrang kanji. Bawa bâlik kain ini, chüchi lâgi skâli, dan târoh chükup kanji. Kalau angkau chlichi kain sahya, brâpa angkau min ta üpah-nya? Tlga ringgit sa'râtus, Tilan.

246 -204- llut 1 want to pay you by the month, not by the number of articles. In that case you ean pay me three dollars a month. V cry weil, y ou ean come to my bouse with elean elothes arid reeeive the dirty ones every Monda y. I want these two things to-morrow afternoon without fail. If it is fine 1 will bring them, Sir, but if wet 1 can't.. If y ou will try y ou ean bring them whether it is fine or not. This waisteoat is not properly folded, it is quite erooked. Don't put starch in these trousers, 1 like them soft, but iron them weil. This garment is spoilt, your iron bas been so hot it bas burnt it, 1 shall eut your wages one dollar. The dhobi wants his wages, Sir. It is not yet a full mon th. Very weil, here are his wages, three dollars -less fifty cents 1 have dedueted. sahya mau baiar bo.ian Mlan, Mkan bilang-an kain. T~tâpï Kalau bagltu, TO.an btl.lih baiar tlga ringgit sa'mian. Baik-lah, angkau Mlih mâri di rfimah sahya m~m-bâwa kain eh O. chi, dan m~n-rtma kain kôtor, t1ap t1ap hâri lthnâin. Kain yang dfia Mlê ini sahya mau p~tang êsok, ta'blllih tldak. Kalau pânas Mlih sahya bâwa, TO.an, kalau hûjan ta'bo.iih. Kalau angkau ehllba, t~ntu bo.iih bâwa, baik piinas baik tldak. Waistcoat ini t'iida Mtul llpat. nya bânyak k~dut. S~IO.ar ini jângan târoh kanji, sahya so.ka I~mbut, t'âpi istrika-n y a baik bai k. Kain ini sùdah rôsak, nngkau pâkai istrlka t~r-lâlu hangat iâdi kain sud ah hangus, sahya nanti pô tong gâji angkau sâtu ringgit. Dhôbi minta gâji-nya, TO.an. Bulàm emkup Mlan-nya lâgi. Baik, ini-iah gâji-nya tlga ringgit - ko.rang lima pllloh sen, sudah sahya pôtong.

247 -205- X.- CONVERSATIONS WITH A TAILOR. I want to see the tailor, tell him to come to my bouse the day after to-morrow morning at sevan o'clock. want yon to make me a coat. Have yon brought any patterns of cloth? Not white stufl', thick cloth 1 want. Have yon any other patterns? I have in my bouse, Sir, but 1 have not brought them. Yon cau get many other different kinds of cloth at the godowns, Sir. N ev er mind, I will give yon the cloth. How many yards will be sufficient to make a pair of trous ers? Take this, if it is not sufficient 1 can huy some more. This cloth is very heavy, bring some thinner. There is none thinner, Sir. This cloth is very dark, I should like one a little lighter coloured; try and find one. Panggil tükang jait, so.roh dia mâri ka'rümah sahya lfisa pâgi pukol tdjoh Mtul. Angkau mau Mat Mju coatsâtu. Âda-kah biiwa chonto kain kain?' Bdkan kain püteh, kain t~bal sahya mau. Ada-kah chontolaindêri-pâdaini?' Di rümah âda, Tüan, tmapi t'âda sahya bâwa. Tüan Mlih dâpat bânyak lain lain bangsa kain di gmong. Tid'âpa sahya Mlih bâgi kain. Brâpa êla cmkup m~m.mat s~luar sa' pâsang? Ambil ini, kalau tldak cmkuj> Mlih sahya bli lâgi. Kain ini brltt sângat, bâwa yangnlpis lâgi. Tldak!ida yang nlpis lâgi, Tüan, Kain ini Mr.Jâlu itam, sahya süka pdteh s~dlkit dêri-pâda ini; emba châri-kan sâtu.

248 -206- It will be difficult to get, Sir, but I will searcb. If 1 provide the cloth, bow mucb must 1 pay for stitching one pair of trousers? That is very dear, 1 think it is more than a fair amount. In bow many days can yon finish tbese trousers? Try to bring them to-morrow afternoon, 1 very much want them by tb at day, if yon work bard yon can certainly finish them. 1 will try, Sir. How mucb a do en are white trousers, you buying tho stufl'? 1 want ono and a balf dozen. This. coat is far too big, and of the sleeves one is long and one short; take it home and make it rigbt. Sfisab dâpat, Tfian, t~tâpi Mlib sahya m~n-châri. Kalan sabya m~m-bri kain-nya brâpa sahya mau baiar itpab m~n-jait s~iuar sâtu pâsang? M~bal sângat itu, J~bih dêripâda pâtut. Brâpa Jâma Mlib smia s~juar ini? CMba bâwa p~tang êsok, sahya Mr-ka-handaks:l.ngat p:l.dabâri itu, kalau k~rja Laik baik t~ntu blllib di-mbis-kan-nya. Nanti sahya chfiba, Tdan. S~Iuar pdtob brâpa Mrga sâtu Jôsen, kain angkau bli s~ndiri? Sabya mau st~ngab dda Iôsen; Coat ini t~r-lâlu Msar, lâgi tângan-nya suu panjang sâtu pen<lek; bâwa pitlang Mtulkan-nya. VI. -CONVERSATION WITH A SHOEMAKER. These shoes are worn out, 1 can't wear them any longer. Is there a shoemaker bere. Kâsut ini sudah bitrok sahya ta'mlib pltkai Iâgi. Âda-kab tdkang kâsut di-slni?

249 -207- If there is a good workman cali him, 1 want to order him to make me sorne shoes. 1 know how tomake shoes, Sir, but lam not elever at making boots. Make one pair of shoes first and let me see if they are good or not, afterwards, if they are good, I can get more. Have yon brought patterns of leather for making shoes? This leather is not good, it is very thin. l want patent leather. Try and make a pair of boots, I will gi ve yon a pattern. 1 can't wear these shoes they are too short and too narrow, I can't gel my foot into them. Make another pair larger than these, and longer. The leather is very hard. Have yon any other thal is softer than this? Can yon make long boots to w~ar for riding if I give yon a pattern? 1 want white shoes with laces like these. Kalau âda tfikang yang baik panggil dia, sahya mau sfiroh dia Mat kâsut. Kâsut sahya tau Mat, Tfian, 'tapi boot sahya kllrang pandei. Bfiat sâtu pâsang kâsnt damlu, nanti ahya Ilhat kalau baik a tau tldak, k~mdian kalau baik Mlih di-ambillâgi. Âda-kah angkau bâwa chonto kfilit m~m-mat kâsut? Kfilit ini ta'baik, nlpis skâli. Kfilit kllat sahya mau. CMba Mat sa'pâ ang boot, sahya bûlih bâgi chonto. Kâsut ini ta'bfilih pâkai, pendek sângat, lâgi s~mpit,.kâki sahya ta'blllih mtsok ka'dâlam nya. CMba Mat lâgi sâtu pâ ang M sar smikit dêri pâda ini, lâgi panjang. Kfilit ini kras skâli. Âda.kah lain yang Mm but lâgi? Blllih-kah angkau Mat boot panjang, pâkai tonggang kfida, kalau sahya bâgi chonto-nya. Sahya mau kâsut pqteh, tâli-nya s~p~rti ini.

250 -208- Without laces, with india rubber on the aides. That brown Ieather I don't Iike, it is not nice, and it soon wears out. I will wait till yon get sorne European Ieather. Make the soles thick [thin]. The heela are too high [too Iow]. Tiâda Mngan t.tli-nya, Mngan g~tah di s~blah m~ny-~blahnya. Kll.lit mêrah itu sahya ta'sll.ka, ta'êlok, Iâgi!~kas rôsak. Sahya nanti angkau dâpat kll.iit E rôpa. Tâpak-nya Mat t~bal [nlpis] s~dlkit. Tumit-nya tinggi so\ngat [r~ndah s.tnge.t]. XII.- CONVERSATIONS WITH A JOINER AND CARRIAGE-MAKER. Cali a carpenter. This table is injured, the foot is broken, mend it. Canyon make chairs like thisr At how mu ch each? If you make me a dozen can yon lower the pricer Can yon get wood liko this in Singaporer Any tough wood will do. Use good wood Iike M~rbau. Panggil sa'ôrang tll.kang k.tyu. Mêja ini sudah rôsak, k.tki-nya pâtah, emba m~m-mtul-kannya. Bll.Iih-kah tll.kang bûat krll.si baglui? Brâpa s.t!u? Kalau bll.at s.ttu lôsen, Mlih-kah kll.rang h~rga-nya. Bll.lih-kah dâpat k.tyu bangsa ini di Singapll.ra r Sa'b.trang k.tyu yangllatjâdi-lah. P.tkai kâyu yang baik s~p~rti M~rbau.

251 -209- Don't use red wood. Y ou must varnish it. This table's leg is a iittle too long. Cut it and make it the same length as the others. I can't do it hore, Sir) I have not brougbt tools, 1 will go home now and return with the ne. cessary tools. Very weil, but come back at once, for this work must be finished to-da y. Y ou bad better plane the top of tho table, it is dirty and not qui te leve!. Look, this bas come open, try and stick it together again. Can y ou do tb at? Will it be easy, or difficult? 1 want a kitchen table, not made of ex pensive wood, 5 feet long, 21 j 2 feet wide, and about 3 feet high, what is the priee of a table like thal? Kâyu mêrah jllngan pâkai. Târoh varnish jllga. [Molay varnish is called Sampang, but it is too expensive for furniture and Eng!ish or Chin esc varnish is used for that.] Kâki mêja ini panjang smikit. Cbûba pôtong, Mat sâma pan jang Mngan lain-lain kâki-nya. Sahya ta'blllih Mat di-slni, Tllan, sahya t'âda bâwa p~rkâkas, nanti sahya pûlang d'hlllu m~ng-ambil p~rkâkas yang cmkup. Baik-lah, t~tâpi!~kas bâlik, k~rja ini mau di-hiîbis-kan pâda hâri ini j1lga. Mêja ini baik k~tam-kan smikit, âtas-nya sudah kôtor, lâgi t'âda râla. Tingo' sudah r~nggang, chûba râpai-kan bâlik. Blllih-kah Mat itu? S~nang-kah, süsah? Sahya mau mêja sâtu, pâkai di dâpor, jângan kâyu m~hal m~hal, panjang lima kâki, lebar d1la kâki st~ngah, tinggi bârang tlga kâki, brâpa Mrganya? 14

252 -210- The varnish on the chairs you brought yesterday was not dry, so it came off; lake them home with you and put on another coat of varnish, and when they are properly dry, bring them back. My carriage bas been broken, you bad better go and see it and then come and tell me for how much you will put il in order. Two or three spokes of the wheel must be renewed, the right shaft is broken and the paint is off in two or three places. Don't be long over the work, 1 want to use the carriage soon. Can y ou make me a. new carriage, a four-wheeled buggy like thal used by Mr.? If you make a new carriage in how many days can yon finish it? Make the hood of tho best black leather, lined with dark blue cloth; the cushions of dark blue leather to match the cloth; paint the carriage black wilh KrO.si kro.si angkau bâwa sa-mâlam, varnish nya bülum kring lâgi, jâdi sudah Jijkang; bâwa po.lang kr(tsi itu, târoh varnish lâgi skâli, bila sudah kring Mtul, bâwa bâlik. Krêta sahya sudah pichah, Jijbih baik pijrgi Ilhat, kijmd1an mari khltbar-kan brâpa Mrga angkau Mlih Mtul-kan-nya. DO.a t!ga kâyu rôda mau di ganti,_ lâgi baum kânan sudah pâtah, dan cmt do.a tiga tijmpat sudah rôsak. Jângan lengah mijm-mat kijrja itu, sahya mau pâkai krêta Jijkas. BO.lih-kah Mat krêta bhâru sâtu, buggy ltmpat rôda sijpijrti yang di-pâkai O.lih Tuan anu? Kalau b(tat krêta bhâru brâpa hâri Mlih hâbis-kan-nya? K~p-nya Mat ko.lit!lam yang baik skâli, âlas kain biru!tarn di-dâlam-nya, tilam-nya Mat ko.lit biru!lam sâma wijrna sijpijrti kain tadi, krêta sijmo.a

253 -211- blue linss and put on tbrse coats of varnish. sl'lpu chttt ltam dëngan bâris biru, dan sl'lpu varnish ttga kâli di-l'ltas-nya. XIII.- IN THE BAZAR. What do yon sel! here? I want to bu y some saom!gs, J a vanese, can I get them here? The e are not good, have yon any better on es? That is very dear. Shew me soma cheaper ones. Have y ou any silk? Chinese silk, for making bajus. I have none, Sir. Yon can get it in the Macao shops. Can I buy things in the pawnshops? In the pawnshops yon can't, Sir, but in the old c!othes shops yon can. Where can I get Buggis cloth? At present yon can't get any, Sir, Âpa angkau jital di-slni? Sahya mau bli kain sârong bâtek, bûat-an Jâwa, Mlih-kah dl'lpat di-slni?!ni kitrang baik, âda-kah yang baik dêri-pâda ini? Itu Mnyak m~hal. Chûba tunjukyang mitrah s~dikit. Âda-kah kain smra? S~tra China, Mat bâju. Di-slni t'âda, Titan. Dl'llam kmei Makau Mlih dâpat. Bitlih-kah sahya bli bârang bârang di-pâjak gâdei? Di-pl'ljak gâdei ta'mlih, Titan, têtâpi di-kmei kain Mrok Mlih jitga dl'lpat. Kain Bitgis di-mâna Mlih bli. S~kârang ta'mlih dâpat, Titan,

254 -212- but in the Buggis season yon can huy it in the Buggis people's boats or in Kampong Glam by the a-shore. \Vhere is the cleverest goldsmith here? Probably among the J avanese in Kampong Glam. The Chinese workmen are elever, buf we distrust them a little. Is not this the shopofajavanese named AnMED, a jeweller? Yes Sir, formerly he lived here, but now he has removed to Singapore. Can yon give me sorne one to go witb. me, and shew me his house? There is no one who knows his house except myself, and I can't leave my shop. t~tâpi l!lusim. Btîgis btîlih bli di prau ôrang ôrang Btîgis, atau di Kampong Glam Mpi la ut. Mâna ttîkang mas yang pandei skâli di-sini? Bârang-kâli ôrang Jâwa di Kampong Glam. Ttîkang China pun pandei jtlga, t~tâpi ktta ktîrang p~rchaya smikit. Btîkan-kah ini-lah k~dei sa~ôrang Jâwa Mr-nâma AnMED, ttî kang mas (j~hâri]r B~tul, Ttîan, dahtîlu âda dia tinggal di-sini, sèkârang sudah dia pindah ka'singaptîra. Btîlih-kah bâgi sâtu ôrang p~rgi sâma sahya mèn unjuk-kan rtîmah-nya? T'âda siâpa yang tau rûmah-nya lain dêri-pâda sahya, hal sahya tiâda btîlih m~n-inggal-kan kmei. XIV. - What is the namo of this river? Where is its mou th r ON A RIVER. Âpa nâma sungei ini? Di-mâna kuâla-nya?

255 Only as far as Kuâla Lâbu, you must lake down the kajang there. Wby? Because the river, from the mou th of the Lâbu towards the source, is much overgrown. Thal is very unpleasant. Y es, but you can use an umbrella. Thal too is a trouble, but with or without a kajang 1 must go up the river to-da y. The tide is now falling, it is belter to wail for the fiood tide and then you can go up the river easily Ini-lah kuâla-nya. Sahya mau mll.dik, bll.lih-kah dâpat prau di-slni? Prau mâna bangsa Tll.an mau? Sampan, k~tiap, prau sâgor. Mâna yang baik? Kalau mau müdik dras (cm pat cmpat or bângat) sâgor k~chil yang baik. Kalau maa mll.dik s~nang baik This is the mouth. I want to go up the river, can I get a boat here? What sort of boat do you want? A sampan, a house-boat, adug-out. Which is the best? If you want to go fast up the river, a small dug-out is the best. If you want to go up in comfort, it is better to use a uhouse pâkai k~tiap. boat". Can you go up the river with a Bll.lih-kah mll.dik Mr-Hjang fixed ka jang? mâti? Sam pei Kdla Lâbu s~hâja Tll.an, di-situ mau bll.ka kâjang. Âuat? M~ng-âpa? K~n-âpa P S~Mb sungei ini dêri Kuâla Lâbu ka'ulu bânyak s~mak. Bânyak süsah itu. Yah, tmâpi bulih Mr-pâyong. Sll.sah jll.ga, t~tâpi Mr kâjang ta'mr-kâjang pun sahya mau mll.dik hâri ini jll.ga. S~kârang âyer surut, l~bih baik nanti âyer pâsang bhâru bll.lih mll.dik s~nang.

256 can't wail. Hire one boat and safficient men. A steersman, and how many boatmen do y ou want r Four boatmen, thal will be live in ali. How much wages will yon give? Whatever is fair. ïvhatever is the custom here. It is the custom here to pay the hire of the boat to the owner, and he settles with the steersman. The boatman are paid twentyfive cents (a quarter of a dollar) a day. What, must 1 give the boatmen their food too? No, Sir, they will find their own food. How large a bouse-boat do yon want. - one thal will carry a koyan? 1 don't know if it carries a koyan. Can Iwo people sleep under the kajang with comfort? Oh very easily, Sir, if a boat of a koyan capacity and carrying 1'a'b0Jih nanti, sêwa-kan prau sa'bll.ah dan châri-kan ôrangnya chill<;up. J~rmüdi satu, lâgi ânak prau brâpa ôrang TO.an mau? Ânak prau itmpat ô rang, jâdi lima s~mo.a-nya. Brâpa Tüan mau bâgi gâji-nya? Brâ;Ja pâtut. Brâpa yang âdat dislni. Kalau âdat di-slni di bâiar-kan sêwa l<a-pâda TO.an prau, nanti dia s~l~sei-kan dengan j~rmüdi. Ânak prau itu di Miar-kan-nya sa'suku sa'hâri. Âpa, sahya mau bâgi mâkan-nya jüga pada ânak prau itu? Tldak, TO.an, mâkan-nya s~ndlri. Brâpa Msar k~tiap TO.an mau pâkai, - yang mo.at sa'kôiankahr Sahya ta'tau kalau müat sa'kôian. Bülih-kah düa ôrang tldor di-mwah kâjang dengan s~nangr Oh bânyak s~nang, Tüan, kalau prau müat sa'kôian tidak bâwa

257 no cargo, many people can sit comfortably in it. I have but few things, Joad them in the boat quickly. Are you ready? Ready, Sir. Then shove off. The water is deep here, y ou must row (lit. use oars~. Row hard When the tide begins to ebb we can pole. If I on! y go up the river and return another way, what will be the charge for the boat? The same, Sir. Oh thal is not fair, for you can Joad up the river, and get another hire coming down stream. The priee of bringing things from the interior down the river is very cheap, Sir, but 1 willlower the hire a little if you don't return. We bad better fix it beforehand. bârang bârang, bânyak 6rang bl'llih düdok dengan s~nang. Bltrang bârang sahya sm!kit s~hâja, müat dâlam prau Mkas Mkas. SM!a-kah? Sudah siap-kah? SM!a, Tûan. Kalau bagitu t61ak. Âyer-nya dâlam di-sini, mau pâkai dâiung. B~r- dâiung-lah kuat kuat. Kâyuh kuat kuat. l,paut. Bila ber-âleh surut biilih kita ber-gâlah. Kalau sahya müdik s~hâja, bâlik ikut lain jâlan, brâpa sêwa prau itup Bagitu jüga Tûan. Oh ta'pâtut bagitu, angkau M lih mûat di-hûlu dan ambil sêwa hllir k~m-bâlik. Mürah skâli, Tûan, m~m-bâwa bàrang hllir dêri hulu, têtâpi Mlih sabya kûrang-kan sêwa s~dikit jika Tûan tidak blilik. L~bih baik kita janji (t~ntu-kan) dahûlu.

258 -216- Very weil, Sir, let it be twenty- Iwo dollars. When do yon want to start? The day after to-morrow, first thing in tho morning. Get ready sufficient oars and poles, let nothing be wanting. Will yon give mc a little money in advance to buy food, rattans, and other things? How much do yon wantp Abouthfi ve dollars will be enough, Sir. Very weil; come to my hou se the day after to-morrow morning, and take my luggage to the boat. Fill a box with earlh and bring il in the boat, in arder thal we may cook rice in tho boat. Take hold of y our pol es, ali ofyou. The pole won't roach the bottom. Try again; does it reach or not? It reaches. Pole away, we are going dawn stream. Baik, Tilan, blar-lah dfia pilloh dila ringgit. (Dila lêkor). Bila Tüan m~u jâlan? Lilsa pâgi pâgi. Siap-kan dâiuug dan gâlah cmkup chûkup, jângan kilrang sâtu âpa pun. Bûlih-kah Tilan bâgi slkit duit d'min, handak m~m-bli bârang makân-an Mngan rôtan dan lain lain-nya. Brâpa angkau mau? Bârang lima ringgit chilkup, Tüan. Baik-lah; lilsa pâgi mâri ka'rûmah sahya m~ng-ambil bârang bârang bâwa türun ka'prau. Îsi sâtu p~ti d~ngan tânah, bâwa Mr-sâma ka'dâlam prau, Mlih klta Mr-tânak dâlam prau. P~gang gâlah s~mua ôrang. Gâlah ta'sampei (jljak), Tüan. CM ba lâgi skâli; sampei-kah tldak? Sampei, Tilan. Tlkam gâlah, klta ânyut.

259 -217- When we get to the point (lit. promonlory) yon must pole very hard indeed, because the current is so strong there. When we get into the bend (lit. bay) it is easier. Cali in! Cali in! People on shore are hailing us to cali in. The bank is very high there, go alongside that sandy place up stream. Y ou can get ashore, Sir, there is a landing-stage, a bathinghouse. The water is very shallow, the boat can't get along. Y es it can. It is shallow (lit. dry) here, back down stream. N ow it is deeper, pole again. ls the water fresh or salt? It is brackish. Look out for an open place, and we will stop there, and cook our rice (i. e., have breakfast or dinner). This is a fine place. Go alongside the shore. Bila sanipei di tanjong itu mau gàlah kuat kuat, s~mb ârus dras skâli di-situ. Bila sampei di t~luk s~nang s~dlkit. Singgah! Singgah! Ôrang ôrang di dltrat âda!aung klta, slîroh singgah. T~biog tinggi sângat di-situ, râpat pantei pâsir di ulu itu. Bftlih jftga naik, TlÎan, âda j~mbâtan, âda jambao. Âyer ttlhor skâli, prau ta'l~pas. L~pas jftga. Kring dislni, undor k~m-bâlik. S~kârang dâlam smikit, Mr-gâlah-lah. Âycr tâwar-kah atau mâsin? Pâyau, Tûan. Châri sâtu t~mpat yang trang smikit, singgah di-situ klta Mr-tânak. Ini-lah t~mpat baik. Râpat ka't~pi.

260 Hainan sudah H>pas, k~na di t~n- gah, di êkor, k~na k!tmûdi. Jâga di hainan. Brâpa jauh dêri-pâda Bandar Stick in a pole, tie up the boat to it, and let every one cook his rica quickly. When we (or you) have finished eating we will go on. The boat has stuck. Is it on a snag, on the sand, or the roud? If we have stuck on a stick you must go back, if it's on the saud shove her, and you'll perhaps gel her off. Balance properly, the boat has a list to that side. This bouse-boat rocks very bad! y. This boat is very steady. Catch hold of that bough with the pole, and bold her with a pole from the stern. [To pre, ent being carried down by a strong current]. The bow is free, she is fast amidships, astern, by the rudder. Look out in the bows! How far is it by ri ver from Bandar Châchak gâlah, tambat prau, Mrtânak-lah s~mûa ôrang Mkas Mkas. Sudah hâbi~ mâkan jâlan-lah. kit a. Prau sudah sangkut. Di kâyu-kah, di pâsir-kah, di lumpor-kah? Kalau sangkut di kâyu mau undor; kalau di pâsir sôrong prau, bârang-kâli bûlih!~pas. Timbang Mtul M!ul, prau sengit sa'blah, K~tiap ini gôlek sângat. Prau ini t~tap skâ.li. Kait dâhan itu d~ngan gâlah, tilhan baik baik di bo.ritan prau. T~rmâsa [Langat] to R~kohP T~rmâsa mûdik ka'r~koh? We can reach it with one day's Sâtu hâri b~r-dâiung anam hâri rowing and ix day's poling. Mr-gâlah, bûlih sampei. Five more bends of the river, Sir, Lima tanjong lâgi sampei-lah, and you will reach it. Tûan..

261 -219- Owing to heavy rain the river is very high. Three da ys ago there was a great flood. Fix a pole in the middle of the river, wewill pass the night here; fire-wood wecan geteasily, and the jungle is more open. There are a great many mosquitoes, put sorne leaves on the fire, and make smoke. Wake up every one before daylight to-morrow, cook whilst it is still dark, and theo we can start again. When the boat is going down stream you use paddles only. Look out for thal snag ahead, if youstrike itthe boat will swing broadside to the stream, and S~Mb hiljan t~r-lampau Mbat jâdi sungci sudah Msar. Tlga hâri àûlu âda bah b~sar. Châchak gâlah di t~ngah, dislni Mlih klta Mr-mâlam; kâyu âpi s~nang dâpat, lâgi ûtan âda trang sm!kit. N yâmok t~r-lampau bânyak, târoh daun kâyu dl-âtas âpi, blar âsap sm!kit. Bangun-kan s~mûa ôrang dinihâri êsok, glltp glitp b~rtânak, k~mdian Mlih k!ta Mr-jâlan püla. BI! a prau hllir pâkai p~ng-âyuh s~hâja. Jâga tunggul ài-âdap, kalau k~na s~kârang nanti Mr-lintang prau, bârang-kâli kâram klta. perhaps we shall be swamped. Ali the things will sink. Nanti t~ngglam bàrang bârang But we shall float, and can swim to shore. Do people fish with a rod here? One or Iwo fty-fish, but many net. What sort of fish do you gel in this river? s~mûa. TMâpi klta nanti timbul dan bûlih Mrnang ka'dârat. Ôrang slni biâsa m~ng-ail-kah? Âda sâtu dûa yang m~pas, Mtâpi bânyak yang m~n-jâla?!kan bangsa mâna yang dâpat dâlam sungei ini?

262 -220- Kaloê, s~mrau, t~ngas, and many others. The kaloê is the beat to eat. If any fish are got simply roast them. Îkan kaloê âda,!kan s~bârau,!kan t~ngas, dan bânyak lain lain bangs!l. 1kan koloê yang smap skâli mil. kan, Kalau dil.pat!kan Mkar-nya s~hâja. XV. - IN THE JUNGLE. Where are you going? To Slim. It is a long way. About one night op the river and two da ys walking before you reach Slim. Is it a good road. It is a jungle road, y ou know what that is like. Up and down hill ali the way, and you must cross two or three streams. The rivera are shallow, bof if it rains it will be diflicult, for there will be floods. If you start early in the morning you will arrive by daylight. Ttl.an mau p~rgi ka'mâna? Ka'Siim. J auh skil.li. Bil.rang-kâli sâtu mil. lam mtl.dik, dtl.a hil.ri b~r-jâlan bhâru sampei ka'siim. Jâlan êlok-kah (baik-kah)?. Jil.lan tl.tan, Ttl.an t~r-l~bih tau hal-nya. M~n-dâki m~n-tl.run s~hil.ja; man jtl.ga m~ny-~brang dtl.a tiga ânak iyer. Sungei-nya t~hor, t~tâpi kalau htl.jan diltang stl.sah jtl.ga, nanti Mr t~mu bah. Kalau jâlan pâgi pâgi Mlih sampei slang hâri.

263 If the sun is high when you start, it will be night when you arrive. In thal case i t is better to pass the night in the jungle. Yon can do that, but it is unpleasant to pass a night in the jungle. WhyP There are many mosquitoes, and in big jungle you may meet ti gers. If you make a big lire the tigers dare not come near. Perhaps. Bring two or three kâjangs, also mats, pillows and mosquito curtains, and we can sleep in comfort. Perhaps the grass will be wet, you bad belier bring a waterproof sheet. Don't bring many things, it is very difficult to carry them in the jungle. There is not rouch big jungle, it is principally secondary growth Kalau màta-hâri sudah tinggi bhâru Mr-jâlan, t~ntu mâlam bhâru sampei. Kalau bagliu l~bih baik Mr-mâlam dâlam tîtan. Btîlih, Ttîan, t~tâpi stîsah jtîga Mr m&lam dâlam li tan. ÂuatP Nyâmok bânyak,!agi dâlam rimba Msar bârang-kâli jumpa rlmau. Kalau btîat âpi Msar t~ntu rimau ta'brâni d~kat. Bârang-kâli, Tâan. Bâwa kâjang dtîa tlga bldang, lâgi tlkar hanta] Mn gan klitmbu, Mlih klta tldor s~nang smikit. Bârang-kâli rumput bâsah, l~bih baik Ttîan bâwa kain g~tah jtîga. Jângan bâwa bârang bânyak, stîsah skâli mem lkul bârang dâlam rimba. Rimba sedlkit, Ttîan, blukar yang blin yak. The secondary growth is worse Blukar yang t~r-l~bih stîsah sebecause of the beat. Mb pânas.

264 =222- If there are greàt trees they will shelter us from the sun. Our feet are sure to be hurt, because of the roots on the path. Mind the thorns, if they catch your coat they will tear it to a certain ty. Are there many leeches here? If it is a wet day many, but not in the dry season. Leeches arc annoying, but the horse-ieeches are worse. If two or three horse-leeches stick on you they will suck about a chupak of blood. Never mind, when they are salisfied they drop off. What is thal noise? A tree falling. Sir. This afternoon you can stop at a sakai (wild people) clearing. There are two or three familieo of Jambi people who have eut down the jungle and made a clearing. What are they going to plant? Hill paddy, Sir. Which is bost, hill paddy or wet paddy? Kalau pôko' Hyu Msar Msar Mlih klta Mr lindong diri dêri-pâda pânas. Kâki k!ta t~ntu nanti sâkit, k~na âkar di jâlan. Jâga duri, Tfian, kalau k~na kain bâju t~ntu di kôiak kan. Ada-kah bânyak p~cmt di-slni? Kalau hâri Mjan bânyak, kalan miîsim pânas tldak. Plichl!t pun siîsah, t~tâpi lintah t~r-l~bih jllhat. Kalau!~kat diîa tlga êkor lintah itu, bil rang-kâli di mlnum dârah M kat sâtu cmpak. Tld'âpa, sudah k~nnyang dia jâtoh jfiga. Âpa itu bun yi? Kâyu r~bah, Tfian. P~tang s~kârang Mlih klta br~nti di lâdotng sâkai. Âda dfia tlga klamin ôrang Jambi bhâru m~n-~bas-kan otan Mat lâdang. A pa dia mau tânam. Padi Mma, Tfian. Mana baik, padi Mma-kah padi Mndang-kah (sâwah-kah)?

265 -223- The wet paddy is best and gives the largest crop. Padl sâ wah yang baik, Tüan, lâgi bânyak dâpat. XVI. - AT SEA. Where is our ship? At the anchorage. At the mouth of the ri ver. If there is no wind we can't sail this eveniog. I think we shall have a breeze. If the wind's astern it will be grand, if it's a headwind it will be troublesome. If the wind's on the bearn we can tack. Don't sail when there is no moon, you can't see. At what o'clock will the moon rise? Far in the night, about 1. A.. M. In that case go down to the seashore at midnight and wait for me. Get a good man to steer. It is difficult to find (such a one), Di-mâna kâpal klta? Di lâbuh-an, Tiian. Di kuâla. Kalau t'âda angin ta'dâpat Mrlâyar (blâyar) ini mâlam. Bârang-kâli angin nanti türun. Kalau angin dêri blâkang y!thum, kalau di müka süsah. Kalau dêri s~blah Mlih klta bêlok. Jâogan Mr-lâyar Mlan g111p, ta' Miih nampak. Pukol brâpa Mlan t~rbit? Jauh mâlam, Tüan, bârang-kâli pukol sâtu. Kalau bagliu türun ka'pantei pukol düa-blas, nanti sahya dâtang. Ch&ri sât_u ôrang pandei p~gang k!tmüdi. Sft ah m~n-châri, Tüan, t~tâpi

266 -224- but if the night is clear, we can coast along the shore, there are no rocks or reefs. W eigh the anchor. Hoist ali the sails. The main-sail will he enough at first. Lower the jib. The sail hal yard is twisted, go up the mast and make is righi. Starboard the helm, I see broken water ahead, there must be rocks there. The boat won't answer the helm (lit., the rudder won't bite). Hard a star board! Put the helm amidships, we are drifting. How is the ti de now? Is the tide rising or falling? It io the top of high water. It is dead low water. The flood bas just begon. On the firs_t day of the new moon there io a great rise and fall of tide. I can't see the shore any longer we bad botter gat inshore a little. We can't, Sir, the shore is close, kalau mâlam trang, Mlih kl!a râpai pantei, bâtu dan kiirang t'âda. Bungkar sauh. Büka Iâyar s~müa. Lâyar âgong s~hâja jâdi-lah do lu. Til.run-kan jib. KIM sudah kôsot, panjat tlang b~tul-kan-nya. Klri kamüdi, sahya nampak âyer Mr-ôlak di âdap, t~ntu âda bâtu. Kamüdi ta'mâkan, Til.an. Klri ch'lkar! B~tul-kan kamüdi, klta undor. Bâgei-mâna ârus s~kllrang? Âyer pâsang-kah surut? Pâsang p~noh. Surut timpas. Âyer bhâru pâsang. Sâtu hâri Mlan âyer pâsang Msar. Dârat ta'nampak lâgi, l~bih baik râpai ka'pantei smikit. Ta'bil.lih, Til.an, pantei sudah

267 -225- you can't see it because of the heavy rain. If y ou see J ugra hill, steer straig h t for it, and you will enter the Langat river. Throw the lead. How mu ch water is there? It is deep, the lead does not reach the bottom. Throw it again. Deep four. It is shallow here, ho careful or we shah get on a sandhank. We have passed the sandbank. Cast anchor; pnt out the fires. One man go on watch, and the others can au go to sleep. The boat rous so it is difficult, to sleep. I want to start at 5 A. M. Is there sufficient coal? There is no more coal, but there is plenty of mangrove wood. Get as much fresh water as you can carry, if you use salt water it will injure the machinery (boiler). d~kat, ta'mlih nampak di büat Mjan!~bat ini. Kalau nampak Mkit J~gra tujulah Mtul Mtul, Mlih dâpat Kulila Langat. Bû.ang prum (lâdong). Bràpa âyer-nya? Âyer dâlam jüga, ta'jljak prum. Bû.ang skâli làgi. Ampat Mtul. 1'~hor slni, jâga baik baik, nanti klta k~na Mting. Sudah!~pas b~ting. Bi\ang sauh; pàdam apl. Sàtu ôrang jâga kâpal, lain ôrang s~mû.a Mlih tldor. Kâpal gôlek (ôleng) sângat, sû.sah klta tldor. Pukolllma pàgi sahya mau jàlan lâgi. Ârang âda cmkup-kah? Ârang t'âda lâgi, tmâpi kâyu bâkau bânyak. Ambil âyer tâwar brâpa yang Mlih mû.at, kalau pâkai âyer mâsin nanti rôsak p~sâwat (prlok-nya). 15

268 -226- XVII. - SHOOTING. 1 want to go shooting. Wh at do y ou want to shoot? 1 want to shoot birds. What sort of birds? Snipe, quai!, teal, goose-teal, wild-geese, whatever kinds thefe are. In Pahang there are lots of peacock, but here there are none. Argus pheasants are the most diflicult to get. They perch on the tops of trees in big jungle; if any one approaches they fiy away. Do y ou use a breech-loader? Yes, a double-barrelled breechloader. Bring the cartridges loaded with small shot. There are no more, they are ali finished, on! y NO. 5 are left. For pigeon N. 5's are capital. Bring two or three bali cartrid- Sahya mau p~rgi m~n-imbak. Âpa Tûan mau timbak? Mau m~n-imbak bûrong. Âpa mâcham bûrong? Bûrong Mrkek, puyuh, bûrong Mlibis,!tek âyer, undan, mâna mâna bangea yang âda. Di Pahang bûrong m~rak bânyak, di-slni tldak âda. Bûrong kuang yang sûsah skâli m~n-dâpat. Dia hinggap di-âtas pôko' didâlam rimba hesar hesar, kalau ôrang d~kat dia t~rbang. Tûan pâkai s~nâpang kôpak? Yah, s~nâpang kôpak dûa lâras. Bâwa p~tron yang!si p~nâbor halus itu. Tldak âda lâgi, Tfian, sudah hâbis s~mûa, tinggal number l!ma s~hâja. Kalau m~n-imbak punei êlok-lah number lima. Bâwa p~tron p~lfiru dfia tlga,

269 -227- ges, perhnps we shah see a wild pig or a crocodile. This way, Sir, two or t.hree bir<ls have settled in the grass there, at the edge of the swamp. There they are. Are they hit? Y es Sir. No Sir. Go and fetch it (them). It is only slightly hit, not dead, and has dived. Teal are very elever at hiding themsel v es, unless they are killed outright they are very difficult to find. There are plenty of birds, but tho swamp is deop, you must use a boat. The grass (or rushes) has grown long, it will be difficult in a boat. We can go along slowly. You can't row, you mnst pole. Y ou sit in the middle of the boat, at the bow, I will pole from the stern. This swamp is very extensive, what ùo you cal\ it? Tho dry rice fields. bârang-kâli b~r-jumpa bâb ütan atau buitia. S~blah sini, Tüan, âda dûa tlga èkor hinggap di rumput situa, t~pi pitya. Itu dia. K~na-kah ttdak? K~na Tûan. Ta'k~na, Tûan. P~rgi-lah m~ng-ambil-nya. K~na s~dikit, Tûan, bülûm mâti lâgi, sudah dia m~ny-~l'!m Pandei skâli s~mbûnyi bûrong Mlîbis itu, m~-lain-kan mâti langsong sûsah m~n-châri dia. Bûrong bânyak, Tàan,!~tapi pâya dâlam, mau pâkai prau. Rumput sudah panjang, sàsah Mr p1 au. Bàlih jüga klta Mr-jâlan planplithan. B~r-ditiung ta'bûlih, maa Mr-gitlah. Tüan düdok di t~ngah prau, di haluan, sahya nanti Mr gâlah dèri blâkang. Lüas skâli pâya ini, âpa nitma t~mpat-nya? B~ndang kring, Tûan.

270 -228- The bird is down, it's hit in the wing, and will run, chase it quickly. I have got it. It was hit in the breast and killed outright. Ali those that are not killed eut their throats and wemuhammadans can eat them. Their flesh is very rich. The snipe is the most delicious of ali. Do yon like hunting deer? If there are dogs I like it. The Pahang Râjas are elever at hunting with dogs. Wh at sort of dogs do they use? The dogs of the wild tribes. Seek a wild man who is elever at tracking wild beasts, and we will go and shoot them. There is a elever one here, Sir. What sort of big game can you get? Elephants, rhinoceros, wild eattle, tapir, sambur deer, roe deer, mouse deer, and others. If I coulù get one slâdang I should be delighted. Btîrong sudah jâtoh, k~na k~paknya, nanti dia lâri, hambat!~kas. Dâpat, Ttî~n, k~na di dada mâti langsong. Mâna mâna yang biiltîm mâti lâgi s~mbleh-kan dia, Mlih klta ôrang Islâm mâkan-nya. L~mak skâli dâging-nya. Btîrong b~rkek yang s~dap dêripâda s~mûa. Ttîan sûka Mr-Mru rûsa-kah? Kalau âda anjing sûka jtîga. Râja Râja Pithang yang pandei Mr-btîru- Mâna bangsa anjing dia pâkai? Anjing ôrang sâkai. Châri ôrang sâkai yang pandei m~ng-lkut binâtang llar, bûlih klta p~rgi m~n-imbak. Âda sâtu ôrang pâwang di-slni, Ttî"n. Mâna bangsa binâtang Mlih dâpat? Gâjah, bâdak, slâdang, t~nok, rll.sa, kljang, plandok, dan lain lain-nya. Kalau Mlih dâpat slâdang sâtu êkor gl1mar-lah hâti sahya.

271 -229- If we are fortunate we can get Kalau untong klta Mlih jilga one. dâpat, Tilan. 1 hope so. Sahya hârap bagltu. Don't bring many people, one Jângan bâwa 6ran~; hânyak, sâtu or two only. Y ou must walk dila s~hâja. Tâan jâlan plâhan very quietly and must not suii dan ta'billih châkap châkap. tai k. Wh at sort of place do they like? T~mpat miîna yang dia silka? A bamboo jungle near a hot Utan büluh Mkat d~ngan âyer spring, thal is the place those beasts like hest. Can y ou gel near them P Y es, a elever tracker can. A male bas large long horns. The female has horns also, but smaller. The skin is black with short haïr, the feet small with tawny haïr on the legs. The beast is very fierce, if it attacks us we must take care. It tosses yon with its horns. If you wound without killing it will he dangerous, but if y ou miss it will run away. han gat, itu-lah yang silka sângat binâtang itu. Billih kah d~kat d~ngan dia? Billih jilga kalau 6rang pandei m~ng-lkut binâtang. Kalau jantan tandok-nya Msar panjang. B~tîna pun Mr-tandokjüga!Mâpi k~chillâgi. Killit-nya ltam, bulu pendek, kâki-nya k~chil, bulu Mtis-nya mêrah. Gârang skâli binâtang itu, kalau di langgar klta mau jâga baik baik. Dla t~rkam Mngan tandok-nya. Kalau!oka ta'mâti bârang-kâli gârang, kalau ta'k~na lâri-lah dia.

272 -230- XVIII.- DURING DISTURBANOES. Have y ou beard the news P People say there is a great disturbance at Ulu Pêrak. It is so stated. How did the disturbances occur? The origin of it was this, Sir. There is a man in that district who is its Penghôlu, but the new Yam Tûan (Sultan) did not like him, so he dismissed him, and nominated another man to succeed him as Penghûl u. Therefore the new Penghûlu fought with the old Penghûlu. Has any one been killed or wounded? Not yet Sir. Y es, one or two. On whose sida were they killed? On the side of the new l'enghûlu. About 20 of his men were walking through the jungle when they came on a stockade of the enemy, and fought. Those in the stockade bad plenty of Âda-kah, Tüan, dengar khamr? KMa ôrang sudah jâdi pergâdoh-an besar di Ulu P~rak. Âda kun un bag!tu. Âpa sebeb men-jâdi per-gâdohan itu? Âsal-nya, Tlian, bagtni. Âda âtu 6rang dâlam diiirah itu men-jâdi Peng-hülu-nya, t~tâpi Y am Tlian bhâru ini ttda)< süka âkan dia, di-pechat-kan dia, gelar-kan lain ôrangmengganti dia jlldi Peng-Mlu disitu. Sebeb itu Mr-klâhi-lah Peng-hûlubhârudenganPeng Mlu lâma Âda-kah yang mllti Jüka? [dlia. Blilûm lâgi, Tûan. Âda jüga sâtu Seblah mâna yang mâti itu? Seblah Peng-Mlu bhâru, Tûan. Âda bârang düa pûloh ôrang dta, Mr-jâlan dâlam ûtan,jumpa sâtu ku bu müsoh, ber-klâhilah di-situ. Yang dâlam kubu itu ber-senâpang bânyak, mus-

273 -231- kets, the others had only two or three. The new P~nghillu's men fied, pursued by the enemy, and three of the new P~nghillu's men were killed, the rest of their party ran into the jungle at hazard in different directions. Even yet it is not known where they are. Who has fetched tho bodies of the three men who were killed? They are left in the jungle, no one bas courage cnough tofetch them. In that case the new P~nghillu must be very much ashamed, the corps es of his friends being abandoned. Y es indeed. In the reckoning of Jlialays he must be ashamed indeed. Where is the enemy? Their whereabouts are not certain. Thon we bad better go and scout. We can sand the head of the scouts with two men. yang lain dtla tïga pachok s~hâja. U ndor-lah ô rang s~blah P~nghillu bhiîru itu, di-ham bat il lib milsoh-nya, mâti tlga ôrang s~blah P~nghillu bhâru, yang lain lain kâwan-nya lli.ri dli. lam il tan lintangpükangcmrei Mrei. Pli.da Mri ini pun ta'wntu t~mpat-nya. Sili.pa m~ng-ambil maiat tlga ôrang yang mli.ti itu? Tinggal dli.lam ütan, t.iâda ôrang brâni m~ng-ambil-nya. Kalau bagltu mâlu Mnar P~ng Mlu bhâru itu, maiat k!twannya t~r-tinggal. Âpa lâgi, Tilan. Pâda klra ôrang Malâiu mli.lu skâli, Tüan, Di-mâna milsoh s~kârang? Ta't~ntu t~mpat-nya, Tûan. Kalau bagltu Mbih baik kïta p~rgi m~ng-âkap. Bûlih antar p~ng-lïma kâkap d~ngan dtla ôrang.

274 -232- Very weil, to-night it will be moonlight, order them to go and ascertain the whereabou!s of the enemy, where are his stockades, and how many, how many men he bas, how many guns, and of what kind. The head of the scouts has returned. The enemy is atpapan, they have made that position strong. They have three leadero. There are two stockades, one on the right, and one on the left of the road, and a fort on the top of the hill behind the stockades.they have about 150 men, no cannon but three swivel guns in the fort. Very weil, we will take the fort by assault from the rear, and it will then be easy to capture the stockades. When the fort is laken there will be no difficulty about the stockades. Attack in earnest, don't hesitate, and above ail don't give way. When you are close to the fort, and can see the enemy inside, Baik, mâlam s~kârang blîlan trang, sll.roh dia ôrang jâlan m~n-châri t~mpat mll.soh, dimâna kubu-nya, brâpa bll.ah ku bu, brâpa ôrangmll.sob, brâpa m~riam-nya, dan âpa âpa mâcham-nya. P~ng-llma kâkap sudah bâlik, Tll.an. Mûsoh âda di Pâpan, sudah dia Mr-kûkoh di-situ, P~ng-llrua-nya tlga ôrang, kubu-nya dûa, s~blahkânansâtu, s~blah klri sâtu, d~ngan kôta sâtu di-âtus Mkit, di-blâkang kubu yang dll.a itu. Orang-nya st~ngah dll.a râtus Mbih kll. rang, m~riam tldak âda, tmâpi lêla âda tlga pll.chok di-dâlam kôta itu. Baik, kalau bagltu klta mâsok m~ng-âmok kôta-nya dêri blâkang, k~md'îan mll.dah m~ngambil kubu-nya. Kalau sudah di ambil kôta-nya kubu ta'sll.sah lâgi. Lantak b~tul hetul, jângan ôlokôlok, skâli-kâli jângan undor. Sudah d~kat kota, blîlih nampak mll.soh di-dâlam, pâsang

AAM Guide for Authors

AAM Guide for Authors ISSN: 1932-9466 AAM Guide for Authors Application and Applied Mathematics: An International Journal (AAM) invites contributors from throughout the world to submit their original manuscripts for review

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Finding List by Question by State *

Finding List by Question by State * Finding List by Question by State * I. What are the elements of a claim for tortious interference in the context of recruiting or hiring an employee with a restrictive covenant (e.g., noncompete, nonsolicitation,

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On Sense Perception and Theory of Recollection in Phaedo

On Sense Perception and Theory of Recollection in Phaedo Acta Cogitata Volume 3 Article 1 in Phaedo Minji Jang Carleton College Follow this and additional works at: http://commons.emich.edu/ac Part of the Philosophy Commons Recommended Citation Jang, Minji ()

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On the Common Goods. Dr. Gregory Froelich

On the Common Goods. Dr. Gregory Froelich [T Aa R V. W. 0: 1 5 Ma 2010, 2:19..] O C G D. G F S. Ta a a a a aa a a. I a a a a Ta a a a, a,, a a a a. T, Ta a a P a, a a aa; a, a a.¹ B a a Ta a a Taa. Ra, S. Ta a a aa a a a a aa a a a a a. Ca a,

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Thirty-three Opinionated Ideas About How to Choose Repertoire for Musical Success

Thirty-three Opinionated Ideas About How to Choose Repertoire for Musical Success Thirty-three Opinionated Ideas About How to Choose Repertoire for Musical Success Dr. Betsy Cook Weber University of Houston Moores School of Music Houston Symphony Chorus California Choral Directors Association

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The First Hundred Instant Sight Words. Words 1-25 Words Words Words

The First Hundred Instant Sight Words. Words 1-25 Words Words Words The First Hundred Instant Sight Words Words 1-25 Words 26-50 Words 51-75 Words 76-100 the or will number of one up no and had other way a by about could to words out people in but many my is not then than

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Joel Martinson (Choral score) Selah Publishing Co., Inc. Hn. J œ œ œ œ œ œ. j œ. 8 5 Choir: (Women or Men) for review only. ni- mi- pax.

Joel Martinson (Choral score) Selah Publishing Co., Inc. Hn. J œ œ œ œ œ œ. j œ. 8 5 Choir: (Women or Men) for review only. ni- mi- pax. Missa Guadalupe o Martson 10-911 (Choral score) Sah Publishg Co. Inc. Orr rom your avorite aler or at.sahpub.com (Or call 00--1.S. and Cada) This document is provid or revie purposes only. It is illegal

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Curriculum Materials Used

Curriculum Materials Used 2 nd grade ELA curriculum map created: June 2016 NYS Assessments RL.1, 3, 5, 6 RI. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, RF. 3 a, c RF. 4 a, b, c W. 2, 3, 5, 8 SL 1.a, 2, 6 L 1.f, 2.e, 3a, 4e, -Expository Text -Drama -character

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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. About Reading Pathways

COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. About Reading Pathways About Reading Pathways Many students need extra help in learning how to track left-to-right with their eyes. These students benefit from reading practice that gradually and systematically builds letters

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Reading: novels Maniac Magee, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Sideways Stories picture books Technology Smartboard, Document Camera

Reading: novels Maniac Magee, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Sideways Stories picture books Technology Smartboard, Document Camera R F3 F4b F4c SL1-b SL1-c SL1-d SL4 RI 1, 3, 4 Fountas and Pinnell: First 20 Days establish Independent Reading Making Connections NarrativeElements Context Clues Author s Purpose inferences vocabulary

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1- Do you see the small symbol on A? If this sign sits on a letter, the letter will be pronounced as /æ/ in dad.

1- Do you see the small symbol on A? If this sign sits on a letter, the letter will be pronounced as /æ/ in dad. 160 Lessons of Persian Week 1 Are you interested in Farsi? Here' 's the best step by step online class that starts with Farsi alphabet.have problems listening to the audio files? Download one of these:

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Phase Equilibria, Crystallographic and Thermodynamic Data of Binary Alloys

Phase Equilibria, Crystallographic and Thermodynamic Data of Binary Alloys Landolt-Börnstein Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology New Series / Editor in Chief: W. Martienssen Group IV: Physical Chemistry Volume 12 Phase Equilibria, Crystallographic

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Clarksburg High School

Clarksburg High School Clarksburg High School English Composition Style Guide Clarksburg High School 22500 Wims Road Clarksburg, MD 20871 Created in consultation with the CHS English Department Second Edition 2011 MLA This guide

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Studies in Gothic Fiction Style Guide for Authors

Studies in Gothic Fiction Style Guide for Authors Studies in Gothic Fiction Style Guide for Authors Submission procedures: How to submit: Articles should be between 6000 and 8000 words in length. Authors must provide a 200-word abstract and a list of

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Interaction Canada Essential Functions and Grammar Book 3 BOOK 3. Unit 27 Directing Phone Calls

Interaction Canada Essential Functions and Grammar Book 3 BOOK 3. Unit 27 Directing Phone Calls TABLE OF CONTENTS CREDITS BOOK 3 Unit 27 Directing Phone Calls 62 Unit 28 Asking About Language 63 Unit 29 Describing People 65 Unit 30 Habits and Routines 67 Unit 31 Giving Personal Data 68 Unit 32 Temporary

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STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL WRITING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL WRITING "What is written without effort is read without pleasure." Samuel Johnson Writing a composition is a process. 1. Brainstorm for ideas in English or Spanish. Use the wh-words

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Cover Photo: Burke/Triolo Productions/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Cover Photo: Burke/Triolo Productions/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images , Harvard English 59, Cover Photo: Burke/Triolo Productions/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images Updated ed. Textbooks NOTES ON THE RE-ISSUE AND UPDATE OF ENGLISH THROUGH PICTURES DESIGN FOR LEARNING These three

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boring sad uncertain lonesome

boring sad uncertain lonesome I'm thinking of you 1 A song: Lemon Tree A pre-watching Look at these pictures. Talk about the pictures. Which words, feelings come to your mind? 1 2 B boring sad uncertain lonesome.....................

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LANGUAGE ARTS 1105 CONTENTS LANGUAGE ARTS 1105 POETRY CONTENTS I. MEASUREMENT AND FORM.................... 2 Metrical Feet.................................. 2 Metrical Sets................................... 7 Musical Effects.................................

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The Cambridge Manuals of Science and Literature

The Cambridge Manuals of Science and Literature The Cambridge Manuals of Science and Literature EARLY RELIGIOUS POETRY OF PERSIA EARLY RELIGIOUS POETRY OF PERSIA BY JAMES HOPE MOULTON, M.A. D.Lit. (Lond.), D.D. (Edin.), D.C.L. (Durh.), D.Theol. (Berlin).

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Tout au Nord student project, MCC Finding Aid

Tout au Nord student project, MCC Finding Aid Tout au Nord student project, 1977-1981 MCC-00358 Finding Aid Prepared by Kathryn Donahue, October 2010 Acadian Archives/Archives acadiennes University of Maine at Fort Kent Fort Kent, Maine Title: Tout

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AP Music Theory 1999 Scoring Guidelines

AP Music Theory 1999 Scoring Guidelines AP Music Theory 1999 Scoring Guidelines The materials included in these files are intended for non-commercial use by AP teachers for course and exam preparation; permission for any other use must be sought

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FIFTH GRADE. This year our composition focus is on the development of a story.

FIFTH GRADE. This year our composition focus is on the development of a story. Table of Contents Table of Contents... 1 Introduction.. 2 First Grade... 4 Second Grade. 8 Third Grade. 14 Fourth Grade... 21 Fifth Grade... 30 Sixth Grade. 36 Seventh Grade 45 Eighth Grade... 52 Ninth

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Useful Definitions. a e i o u. Vowels. Verbs (doing words) run jump

Useful Definitions. a e i o u. Vowels. Verbs (doing words) run jump Contents Page Useful Definitions 2 Types of Sentences 3 Simple and Compound Sentences 4 Punctuation Marks 6 Full stop 7 Exclamation Mark 7 Question Mark 7 Comma 8 Speech Marks 9 Colons 11 Semi-colons 11

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pre-watching Look at these pictures. Talk about the pictures. Which words, feelings come to your mind?

pre-watching Look at these pictures. Talk about the pictures. Which words, feelings come to your mind? I'm thinking of you 1 A song: Lemon Tree A pre-watching Look at these pictures. Talk about the pictures. Which words, feelings come to your mind? 1 2..................... B Match the words from the list

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DO WE GO BY TRAIN, OR BY BUS? 12 IN THIS UNIT... 12,? Transportation and Travelling What number bus do you take? How far is it? How long does it take? Locations The Emphatic Particle - DO WE GO BY TRAIN, OR BY BUS? In Unit 4 we started

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Program Title: SpringBoard English Language Arts

Program Title: SpringBoard English Language Arts The College Board SpringBoard English Language Arts SpringBoard English Language Arts Student Edition, Grade 7 SpringBoard English Language Arts Teacher Edition, Grade 7 SpringBoard Writing Workshop with

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Prestwick House. Activity Pack. Click here. to learn more about this Activity Pack! Click here. to find more Classroom Resources for this title!

Prestwick House. Activity Pack. Click here. to learn more about this Activity Pack! Click here. to find more Classroom Resources for this title! Prestwick House Sample Pack Pack Literature Made Fun! Lord of the Flies by William GoldinG Click here to learn more about this Pack! Click here to find more Classroom Resources for this title! More from

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How to read the Chinese characters (Mandarin) Lesson 1

How to read the Chinese characters (Mandarin) Lesson 1 How to read the Chinese characters (Mandarin) Lesson 1 Di yi ke For this study for reference you will need: 1 The Chart of the 214/8 Chinese radicals, with variations. 2 The list of the meanings and pronunciation

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Fry Instant Phrases. First 100 Words/Phrases

Fry Instant Phrases. First 100 Words/Phrases Fry Instant Phrases The words in these phrases come from Dr. Edward Fry s Instant Word List (High Frequency Words). According to Fry, the first 300 words in the list represent about 67% of all the words

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character letter. For reference. character friend friend writing writing

character letter. For reference. character friend friend writing writing Writing a character reference letter for a friend. A character has to be a letter. Children bobbled around the field, writing, For nearly as tall as the chubby.. Writing a character reference letter for

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The verbal group B2. Grammar-Vocabulary WORKBOOK. A complementary resource to your online TELL ME MORE Training Learning Language: English

The verbal group B2. Grammar-Vocabulary WORKBOOK. A complementary resource to your online TELL ME MORE Training Learning Language: English Speaking Listening Writing Reading Grammar Vocabulary Grammar-Vocabulary WORKBOOK A complementary resource to your online TELL ME MORE Training Learning Language: English The verbal group B2 Forward What

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GLOSSARY OF TERMS. It may be mostly objective or show some bias. Key details help the reader decide an author s point of view.

GLOSSARY OF TERMS. It may be mostly objective or show some bias. Key details help the reader decide an author s point of view. GLOSSARY OF TERMS Adages and Proverbs Adages and proverbs are traditional sayings about common experiences that are often repeated; for example, a penny saved is a penny earned. Alliteration Alliteration

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The indefinite articles 1. We use the article a / an when we are talking about something for the first time or not specific things.

The indefinite articles 1. We use the article a / an when we are talking about something for the first time or not specific things. The indefinite articles 1. We use the article a / an when we are talking about something for the first time or not specific things. I've got a new job. (the listener doesn't know what the job is) Would

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Program Title: SpringBoard English Language Arts and English Language Development

Program Title: SpringBoard English Language Arts and English Language Development 3Publisher: The College Board SpringBoard English Language Arts and English Language Development SpringBoard English Language Arts Student Edition, Grade 7 SpringBoard English Language Arts Teacher Edition,

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LANGUAGE ARTS STUDENT BOOK. 8th Grade Unit 8 LANGUAGE ARTS STUDENT BOOK 8th Grade Unit 8 Unit 8 Writing, Listening, and Reading Language Arts 808 Writing, Listening, and Reading 1. WRITING LETTERS 5 THE STRUCTURE AND FORM OF BUSINESS LETTERS 7 TWO

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Learning Chinese Table of Contents. Learning Chinese A FOUNDATION COURSE IN JULIAN K. WHEATLEY YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS. Copyright 2011 Yale University

Learning Chinese Table of Contents. Learning Chinese A FOUNDATION COURSE IN JULIAN K. WHEATLEY YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS. Copyright 2011 Yale University Learning Chinese A FOUNDATION COURSE IN MANDARIN JULIAN K. WHEATLEY YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS NEW HAVEN & LONDON Learning Chinese comes with an extensive set of audio clips that serve as a personal guide to

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Countering*Trade*Opponents *Issues*with*TPP:*Point*and*Counterpoint* * * Opponents *Point* * * * * * * * Counterpoint**

Countering*Trade*Opponents *Issues*with*TPP:*Point*and*Counterpoint* * * Opponents *Point* * * * * * * * Counterpoint** Cuntering*Trade*Oppnents *Issues*with*TPP:*Pint*and*Cunterpint* Tradeppnents,includingsmemembersfCngress,haveremainedutspkenthrughuttheintensedebateregardingtheTrans:Pacific Partnership,rTPP.TaddresstheirmainargumentsagainstTPP,thisarticledecnstructsandcunterseach,whilestressingtheimprtancef

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Cover photo by Malene Thyssen,

Cover photo by Malene Thyssen, Transcriptions by Stephen ucke Tutorial videos for these songs available at www.tradschool.com Cover photo by Malene Thyssen, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/user:malene Contact tradschool@gmail.com

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TOUR OF A UNIT. Step 1: Grammar in Context

TOUR OF A UNIT. Step 1: Grammar in Context Each unit in the Focus on Grammar series presents a specific grammar structure or structures and develops a major theme, which is set by the opening text. All units follow the same unique four-step approach.

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COMMONLY MISUSED AND PROBLEM WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS COMMONLY MISUSED AND PROBLEM WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS After. Following After is the more precise word if a time sequence is involved: We went home after the meal. Allow Use allows one to instead of allows

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6 th Grade Reading Curriculum Map Highland Turner Elementary Week Standard Key Vocabulary Learning Target Resources Assessment

6 th Grade Reading Curriculum Map Highland Turner Elementary Week Standard Key Vocabulary Learning Target Resources Assessment 1 RL 6.3, 6.6 L6.4, L, 6.1 plot, resolution, genre, literary elements, contextclues, multiple meaning words, sentence, sentence types, editing I can identify and analyze literary elements in a realistic

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1.8 Conventional Greetings

1.8 Conventional Greetings 1.8 Conventional Greetings 1.8.1 The addition of guò (untoned) Questions about eating are often used phatically, to be sociable rather than to seek actual information. There are quite a number of variants

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Instant Words Group 1

Instant Words Group 1 Group 1 the a is you to and we that in not for at with it on can will are of this your as but be have the a is you to and we that in not for at with it on can will are of this your as but be have the a

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ELA SE: Unit 1: 1.2 (pp. 5 12), 1.5 (pp ), 1.13 (pp.58 63), 1.14 (pp ); Unit 2: 2.3 (pp.96 98), 2.5 (pp ), EA 1 (pp.

ELA SE: Unit 1: 1.2 (pp. 5 12), 1.5 (pp ), 1.13 (pp.58 63), 1.14 (pp ); Unit 2: 2.3 (pp.96 98), 2.5 (pp ), EA 1 (pp. The College Board SpringBoard English Language Arts SpringBoard English Language Arts Student Edition, Grade 6 SpringBoard English Language Arts Teacher Edition, Grade 6 SpringBoard Writing Workshop with

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PJJ Programme 1 ST FACE TO FACE SESSION. Date: 25 February 2017

PJJ Programme 1 ST FACE TO FACE SESSION. Date: 25 February 2017 PJJ Programme 1 ST FACE TO FACE SESSION Date: 25 February 2017 Name: Mr. Jackson Wong Kok Ming Email: jacksonwong@upm.edu.my correct pronunciation, appropriate stress and intonation skills, speaking skills,

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Washington Legal Research

Washington Legal Research Washington Legal Research Washington Legal Research Julie A. Heintz Seattle University School of Law Suzanne E. Rowe, Series Editor Carolina Academic Press Durham, North Carolina Copyright 2005 Julie

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Table of Contents. alphabet review: letter order, letter recognition, letter sounds... page 16, 22

Table of Contents. alphabet review: letter order, letter recognition, letter sounds... page 16, 22 Table of Contents Tricky Phonics pyramid page: children have trouble putting these lessons into action as they read. This book will help you help your child with these very important rules. Leopard picture

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Effective from the Session Department of English University of Kalyani

Effective from the Session Department of English University of Kalyani SYLLABUS OF THE SEMESTER COURSES FOR M.A. IN ENGLISH Effective from the Session 2017-19 Department of English University of Kalyani About the Course: This is basically a course in English Language and

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LANGLEY SCHOOL. Your Little Literacy Book

LANGLEY SCHOOL. Your Little Literacy Book LANGLEY SCHOOL Your Little Literacy Book Contents Some really useful terms..3 Sentences 4-5 Punctuation 6 Commas 7 Speech Marks 8 Colons and Semi Colons.9 Apostrophes.10-13 Paragraphs 14 Connectives.15

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Uppercase K. Counting to 30. Day 16

Uppercase K. Counting to 30. Day 16 Day 16 Uppercase K Write a K in each box. Start at the top left corner. Draw a line down the side of the box. Jump up to the opposite corner at the top and draw a slanted line to the middle and then back

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For Review Only. Pangasinan Pronunciation Guide. Consonants are pronounced like the typical Italian ones except: c which is pronounced like k

For Review Only. Pangasinan Pronunciation Guide. Consonants are pronounced like the typical Italian ones except: c which is pronounced like k Pangasinan Pronunciation Guide Consonants are ronounced like the tyical Italian ones excet: c which is ronounced like k n and g when seen together in that order (ng) are considered one consonant and is

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AKAMAI UNIVERSITY. Required material For. DISS 990: Dissertation RES 890: Thesis

AKAMAI UNIVERSITY. Required material For. DISS 990: Dissertation RES 890: Thesis AKAMAI UNIVERSITY NOTES ON STANDARDS FOR WRITING THESES AND DISSERTATIONS (To accompany FORM AND STYLE, Research Papers, Reports and Theses By Carole Slade. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 11 th ed.,

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HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS LIST 1 RECEPTION children should know how to READ them YEAR 1 children should know how to SPELL them

HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS LIST 1 RECEPTION children should know how to READ them YEAR 1 children should know how to SPELL them HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS LIST 1 RECEPTION children should know how to READ them YEAR 1 children should know how to SPELL them a an as at if in is it of off on can dad had back and get big him his not got up

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Study Scheme. Music Applicable to students admitted in Major Programme Requirement

Study Scheme. Music Applicable to students admitted in Major Programme Requirement Program Information Academic Program: (334 new curriculum) B.A. in Music Academic Year: 2018 Select Language: English Study Scheme Learning Outcomes Study Scheme Music Applicable to students admitted in

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JOURNAL OF DRAMATIC THEORY AND CRITICISM STYLE GUIDE JOURNAL OF DRAMATIC THEORY AND CRITICISM STYLE GUIDE JDTC uses the MLA Handbook, 8th edition, as its basic style guide. For endnote references, however, JDTC uses its own house style, detailed below. Additional

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Nicomachean Ethics. p. 1. Aristotle. Translated by W. D. Ross. Book II. Moral Virtue (excerpts)

Nicomachean Ethics. p. 1. Aristotle. Translated by W. D. Ross. Book II. Moral Virtue (excerpts) Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle Translated by W. D. Ross Book II. Moral Virtue (excerpts) 1. Virtue, then, being of two kinds, intellectual and moral, intellectual virtue in the main owes both its birth and

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Advice from Professor Gregory Nagy for Students in CB22x The Ancient Greek Hero

Advice from Professor Gregory Nagy for Students in CB22x The Ancient Greek Hero Advice from Professor Gregory Nagy for Students in CB22x The Ancient Greek Hero 1. My words of advice here are intended especially for those who have never read any ancient Greek literature even in translation

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TABLE OF CONTENTS. Free resource from Commercial redistribution prohibited. Language Smarts TM Level D.

TABLE OF CONTENTS. Free resource from   Commercial redistribution prohibited. Language Smarts TM Level D. Table of Contents TABLE OF CONTENTS About the Authors... ii Standards... vi About This Book... vii Syllables...1 Consonant Blends...6 Consonant Digraphs...12 Long and Short Vowels...18 Silent e...23 R-Controlled

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APSAC ADVISOR Style Guide APSAC ADVISOR Style Guide (Updated 7-2011) Reference books and style guides For items of style not discussed here, refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA)(6 th edition)

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SCHOOL OF LAW Legal Methods & Skills Professor Murphy s Style Guide for Assessed Coursework

SCHOOL OF LAW Legal Methods & Skills Professor Murphy s Style Guide for Assessed Coursework SCHOOL OF LAW Legal Methods & Skills 2017-18 Professor Murphy s Style Guide for Assessed Coursework ASSESSED COURSEWORK: FONTS AND MARGINS The main text should be 10 point verdana. It should also be 1.5

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School: Phone: Principal:

School: Phone: Principal: Third Grade Report Card District: Hillsboro School District 1J Student Name: Academic Year: 2014-2015 Teacher: School: Phone: Principal: ATTENDANCE To The Parents/Guardians Of: Reporting Period QT1 SM1

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Ruby: The Story of Ruby Bridges Musical Overview Product Code: RD8000

Ruby: The Story of Ruby Bridges Musical Overview Product Code: RD8000 Ruy: The Story of Ruy Bridges Musical Overview Product Code: RD8000 To help you find the perfect musical for your next performance, we have provided this overview of the vocal and orchestral demands for

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ELEMENTARY MUSIC TEACHING IN THE LABORATORY SCHOOL. ELEMENTARY MUSIC TEACHING IN THE LABORATORY SCHOOL. THE general problem in the music work of the Laboratory School is how to arrive through class instruction at the child's appreciation of good music.

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Town of Londonderry Title I - General Code Ordinance Rev. 2 September 12, 2011

Town of Londonderry Title I - General Code Ordinance Rev. 2 September 12, 2011 CHAPTER XXIV - CABLE TELEVISION SECTION I AUTHORIZATION FOR CABLE TV FRANCHISE A. Approval RSA 53-C authorizes the Town to enter into nonexclusive agreements to provide cable television service to the

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LadyBug Technologies LLC Manual PowerSensor+ Field Certification Procedure

LadyBug Technologies LLC Manual PowerSensor+ Field Certification Procedure LadyBug Technologies LLC Manual PowerSensor+ Field Certification Procedure Procedure Applies to Following Power Sensors LB478A, LB479A, LB480A, LB559A, LB579A, LB589A, LB679A, LB680A Contents Purpose:...

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ELEMENTARY GRAMMAR LABORATORY 1ST SEMESTER Name: Date: Teacher: Miss Gabriella Mata Grade: 1 st Elementary I. Reading comprehension Reading comprehension is the act of understanding what you are reading. There are two elements that make up the

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WHAT INTERVALS DO INDIANS SING? T WHAT INTERVALS DO INDIANS SING? BY FRANCES DENSMORE HE study of Indian music is inseparable from a study of Indian customs and culture. If we were to base conclusions upon the phonograph record of an

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Table of Contents. Essay e-comments Page #s

Table of Contents. Essay e-comments Page #s Table of Contents Essay e-comments Page #s Essay Organization and Development: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion (e1 e49) Introduction Paragraphs 4-6 Body Paragraphs: Argument, Analysis, Evidence 6-9

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UNIT 1: THE SUBJECT. QUESTION 13: Fill in the blanks with a verb in the correct form, paying special attention to subject-verb agreement:

UNIT 1: THE SUBJECT. QUESTION 13: Fill in the blanks with a verb in the correct form, paying special attention to subject-verb agreement: UNIT 1: THE SUBJECT The Subject is one of those features of English grammar which have proved both easy and difficult for Chinese learners easy because there seems to be something similar to the concept

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Commonly Misused Words

Commonly Misused Words accept / except Commonly Misused Words accept (verb) meaning to take/ receive: "Will you accept this advice?" except (preposition) meaning not including; other than: "Everyone was invited except me." advise

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Man angry at English on Japanese TV

Man angry at English on Japanese TV www.breaking News English.com Ready-to-Use English Lessons by Sean Banville 1,000 IDEAS & ACTIVITIES FOR LANGUAGE TEACHERS www.breakingnewsenglish.com/book.html Thousands more free lessons from Sean's

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Please allow myself to introduce myself. The reflexive ("self") pronouns only have two purposes:

Please allow myself to introduce myself. The reflexive (self) pronouns only have two purposes: Please allow myself to introduce myself. The reflexive ("self") pronouns only have two purposes: 1. To refer back to the subject (when the subject is also the object) 2. To add emphasis. I did it myself!

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High Frequency Words KS1. Reception

High Frequency Words KS1. Reception High Frequency Words KS1 (bold=tricky words) Phase 2 Reception a an as at if in is it of off on can dad had back and get big him his not got up mum but the to I no go into Phase 3 will that this then them

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EPISODE 26: GIVING ADVICE. Giving Advice Here are several language choices for the language function giving advice.

EPISODE 26: GIVING ADVICE. Giving Advice Here are several language choices for the language function giving advice. STUDY NOTES EPISODE 26: GIVING ADVICE Giving Advice The language function, giving advice is very useful in IELTS, both in the Writing and the Speaking Tests, as well of course in everyday English. In the

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HellBound Books Publishing

HellBound Books Publishing HellBound Books Publishing The following guidelines are based on what we have actually seen in manuscripts. Many are common errors; some are a tad more technical, and a frighteningly large amount are simply

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Commonly Misspelled Words

Commonly Misspelled Words Commonly Misspelled Words Some words look or sound alike, and it s easy to become confused about which one to use. Here is a list of the most common of these confusing word pairs: Accept, Except Accept

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PUNCTUATION. Copyright by Pearson Education, publishing as Longman Aaron, The Little, Brown Compact Handbook, Sixth Edition

PUNCTUATION. Copyright by Pearson Education, publishing as Longman Aaron, The Little, Brown Compact Handbook, Sixth Edition PUNCTUATION PRINCIPAL USES OF THE COMMA Separate main clauses linked by a coordinating conjunction Set off most introductory elements Set off nonessential elements Separate items in a series Separate coordinate

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Lesson 1 Mixed Present Tenses

Lesson 1 Mixed Present Tenses Lesson 1 Mixed Present Tenses In today's lesson, we're going to focus on the simple present and present continuous (also called the "present progressive") and a few more advanced details involved in the

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VOCABULARY. Looking for a temporary job / Spoil yourself! / If I were you...

VOCABULARY. Looking for a temporary job / Spoil yourself! / If I were you... VOCABULARY Advertisement And so on Animal lover Animal Assistant Available Cage Conditions Driving licence Duty Either... or... Essential Experience Gorilla Hairstyle Holiday job Kind Lifestyle Mirror

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LANGUAGE ARTS 403 CONTENTS I. SECTION ONE... LANGUAGE ARTS 403 CONTENTS I. SECTION ONE................................. 2 Why William Was Thankful................ 3 Root Words, Prefixes, and Suffixes......... 7 Handwriting and Spelling....................

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Lesson No. Contents Page No. 1 The meaning of Grammar 2. 2 English Letters Classification 2. 3 Some Words often used in our daily life 3

Lesson No. Contents Page No. 1 The meaning of Grammar 2. 2 English Letters Classification 2. 3 Some Words often used in our daily life 3 Page 1 of 77 1 st Chapter contains the following lessons. Lesson No. Contents Page No 1 The meaning of Grammar 2 2 English Letters Classification 2 3 Some Words often used in our daily life 3 4 Sentence

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DIRECTIONS: Complete each days work on a separate sheet of notebook paper. Attach this sheet to your paper when you hand it in.

DIRECTIONS: Complete each days work on a separate sheet of notebook paper. Attach this sheet to your paper when you hand it in. DIRECTIONS: Complete each days work on a separate sheet of notebook paper. Attach this sheet to your paper when you hand it in. Monday: Use your dictionary to look up your vocabulary words. Write them

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15. PRECIS WRITING AND SUMMARIZING 15. PRECIS WRITING AND SUMMARIZING The word précis means an abstract, abridgement or summary; and précis writing means summarizing. To make a précis of a given passage is to extract its main points and

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Scope and Sequence for NorthStar Listening & Speaking Intermediate

Scope and Sequence for NorthStar Listening & Speaking Intermediate Unit 1 Unit 2 Critique magazine and Identify chronology Highlighting Imperatives television ads words Identify salient features of an ad Propose advertising campaigns according to market information Support

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Editing and Proofreading 101. Updated July 2015

Editing and Proofreading 101. Updated July 2015 Editing and Proofreading 101 Updated July 2015 1 Editing vs Proofreading Edit: to prepare a document for publication by altering, adapting, and refining it (often substantive changes) Proofread: to read

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alphabet book of confidence

alphabet book of confidence Inner rainbow Project s alphabet book of confidence dictionary 2017 Sara Carly Mentlik by: sara Inner Rainbow carly Project mentlik innerrainbowproject.com Introduction All of the words in this dictionary

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Same and Different. Think and Discuss

Same and Different. Think and Discuss Same and Different ACADEMIC PATHWAYS Lesson A: Listening to a Lecture Conducting a Survey Lesson B: Listening to a Conversation Giving a Presentation about Yourself 1UNIT Think and Discuss 1. Look at the

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Diamond Cut Productions / Application Notes AN-2

Diamond Cut Productions / Application Notes AN-2 Diamond Cut Productions / Application Notes AN-2 Using DC5 or Live5 Forensics to Measure Sound Card Performance without External Test Equipment Diamond Cuts DC5 and Live5 Forensics offers a broad suite

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Year 2 Sound Waves - Weekly Overview. Term 1

Year 2 Sound Waves - Weekly Overview. Term 1 Year 2 Sound Waves - Weekly Overview. Term 1 Week 1 The first week of every year is used to refresh and develop the building blocks of the phonemic approach to spelling. Carefully constructed activities

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voiced mark Ç 49 È go to page 52

voiced mark Ç 49 È go to page 52 voiced mark A voiced mark, as its name suggests, indicates that a consonant is to be pronounced with the vocal chords vibrating. Think of its two short lines 襁 as a doodle of the vocal chords. As shown

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Kingdom Schools. Boys Intermediate. (Jan. 26 th -30 th, 2013) English Department. Name:

Kingdom Schools. Boys Intermediate. (Jan. 26 th -30 th, 2013) English Department. Name: Kingdom Schools Boys Intermediate English Department (Jan. 26 th -30 th, 2013) Name: P.S. to get your soft copy of the weekly booklet, please visit: http://marsermir.pbworks.com Teacher: Mohamed Al Shamaly

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Unit Topic and Functions Language Skills Text types 1 Found Describing photos and

Unit Topic and Functions Language Skills Text types 1 Found Describing photos and Mòdul 5A Unit Topic and Functions Language Skills Text types 1 Found Describing photos and Photos hobbies Talk about photos and describe who and what appears in them Make deductions going on what you can

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Georgia Performance Standards for Second Grade

Georgia Performance Standards for Second Grade Georgia Performance Standards for Second Grade Language Arts Terms for Georgia s (CRCT) Criterion Reference Competency Test Administered in April of Each Year Parents: We are counting on you to help us

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Author Guidelines Foreign Language Annals

Author Guidelines Foreign Language Annals Author Guidelines Foreign Language Annals Foreign Language Annals is the official refereed journal of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and was first published in 1967.

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PREFACE TO THE FIFTH EDITION PREFACE TO THE FIFTH EDITION CHANGES IN THE CONCISE EDITION This concise edition is a shorter version of the fifth edition. The structure of chapters, sections, and daily teaching units is unchanged. But

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STYLISTIC ANALYSIS OF MAYA ANGELOU S EQUALITY Lingua Cultura, 11(2), November 2017, 85-89 DOI: 10.21512/lc.v11i2.1602 P-ISSN: 1978-8118 E-ISSN: 2460-710X STYLISTIC ANALYSIS OF MAYA ANGELOU S EQUALITY Arina Isti anah English Letters Department, Faculty

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