Ho-Ho-Kus School Spring Musical

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1 Ho-Ho-Kus School Spring Musical

2 Theatrical Staff Director: Michael Michaliszyn Musical Director: Joan Holsten Producers: Janet Gyss/ Diane Murray Choreographer: Courtney Randazzo Pit Band Director: Tim Takagi Audio/Visual: Rina Miraglia

3 CODE OF CONDUCT I agree that by accepting a role in Ho-Ho-Kus Public School s spring musical, I will follow the code of conduct as stated. 1. I understand that by being part of this production, I am making a large commitment. I will take this commitment very seriously and make this show a priority. 2. I will not miss more than three rehearsals. If I miss more than three rehearsals, I will be asked to leave the show. (Exceptions may be made in the case of illness and family emergencies, or under other circumstances. See Mr. Michaliszyn, Mrs. Holsten, or Mr. Takagi in these cases.) 3. I will arrive at all rehearsals on time and stay until the scheduled end unless I have discussed it prior to the day of rehearsal with the director or assistant director. Otherwise, it will count as half an absence. 4. I will treat my classmates, the staff, and all adult chaperones with a high level of respect. At the end of the school day, I will exit the building at the Middle School doors, walk to the auditorium door and wait there until a teacher allows entry. Once in the auditorium, I will remain there throughout the rehearsal. I will have my snack outside the school building (by the auditorium doors) until a teacher arrives to allow entrance into the auditorium. During the rehearsals I will follow directions and rules set by the adult in charge. During the rehearsals I will not use my cell phone. I will use my school-issued Chromebook for the sole purpose of doing homework. Consequences for inappropriate behavior will be as follows: 1st time warning Warning 2nd time warning Call home 3rd time warning Dismissal from show

4 Chaperone Procedures Students must stay in their assigned area Remind students to remain quiet and focused Students must ask permission to leave the auditorium/backstage area Encourage students to do homework during down time Acceptable Use Policy regarding Chromebooks will be enforced. Inappropriate use will result in Chromebook being confiscated. Student will report to Dr. Eckert the following morning. If a student acts inappropriately, please report to a teacher immediately

5 Chaperone Procedures Rules for Mr. Takagi s Room: Voices must be no higher than a whisper No one should touch the TV except members of the video crew Actors and crew may not remove anything from the section that is roped off All actors costumes and accessories are off limits except to their owners Actors and crew must pay close attention to the video monitor and be in the stage area 30 seconds to 1 minute before they are needed Rules for Upstairs Lighting Booth: Lighting and video crews assigned to the upstairs lighting booth must remain in the lighting booth for the entire rehearsal/performance. They may not leave the booth.

6 ACTIVITY FEE Cast Members - $35.00 (includes t-shirt) Pit Band and Stage Crew Members - $15.00 (includes t-shirt) Checks should be made payable to HHK School Student Activity Fund Please bring the tear-off sheet and your check/cash to the Main Office by Friday, January 15th (If this presents a financial difficulty, please see Dr. Eckert)

7 Rehearsal Calendar 1/11 3:15-5:00 All Cast Mary Poppins read through in the Auditorium 7:00--Parent/ Student Meeting in the Auditorium 1/12 Singing Rehearsal 1/18 1/19 3:15-5:30 Act I Scenes 4 & 5 No Rehearsal 1/13 No Rehearsal Pit Band 1/20 No Rehearsal Pit Band 1/14 3:15-5:30 Act I-Scene 1 Pit Band 1/21 Singing Rehearsal Pit Band 1/15 Dance Rehearsal- Cherry Tree Lane 4:30-5:30 Act I--Scenes 2 & 3 1/22 Dance Rehearsal- Jolly Holiday 4:30-5:30 Act I--Scenes 4 & 5

8 Parent Committees Costumes Makeup Tickets Set Painting Set Construction Props/Set Dressing Boosters Program Auditorium Decorations Intermission Refreshments T-Shirts

9 T-Shirt Design Contest All submissions due by Monday, Jan. 25th.

10 Thank you!!! We are looking forward to a magnificent musical production with all of you!