c.- en en '- .AJ THE DALE WARLAND SINGERS Dale Warland, Conductor Sioux Falls College Jeschke Auditorium Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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1 en '- 3- c.- en U C o- 'ō3 THE DALE WARLAND SINGERS Dale Warland, Conductor CD (; U CD s:.aj Sioux Falls College Jeschke Auditorium Sioux Falls, South Dakota September 25, :00 p.m.

2 Der Geist hilft unsrer Schwachheit auf (1729) J. S. Bach (sung in German) This motet (Ho. 2) was written for the funeral of Johann Heinrich Ernesti, the long-time rector of the St. Thomasschule in Leipzig where Bach was employed. It is scored for double chorus. Mass in G Minor (1923) Ralph Vaughan Williams (sung in Latin) Elizabeth Miller, soprano Roxanne L. Bentley, alto James Goodrich, tenor Frank Steen, bass I. Kyrie II. Gloria III. Credo IV. Sanctus - Osanna I - Benedictus - Osanna II V. Agnus Dei Ralph Vaughan Williams' Mass in G Minor is considered by many to be one of the masterpieces of English church music in our time. Dedicated to Gustav Holst and his Whitsuntide Singers, it is essentially a liturgical work inspired by the great polyphonic liturgy of the English Renaissance - particularly the masses of William Byrd and Thomas Tallis. Scored for double chorus and solo quartet, the Mass abounds with massive sonorities and antiphonal effects. Its second performance was in London's Westminster Cathedral under the direction of Sir Richard Terry, and it has been sung at the most solemn liturgical observances there ever since. The Ballad of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard (1943). Benjamin Britten (for male voices) Britten wrote this work for friends who were in a British POW camp in Germany, where one of the prisoners was organizing a music festival. I II III INrERMISSlOO

3 IV ArrErican Folk Music I Gave My Love a Cherry Courtship Riddle Song Elizabeth Miller, soprano (Stephen Paulus) Courtship riddle songs were frequently used as the basis for American folk songs; this one is perhaps the most popular of them all. Shenandoah Voyageur River Song A. Douglas Nodland, tenor (Shaw-Parker) This river song came from the American or Canadian voyag~urs some 170 years ago. It tells the story of a snubbed voyageur who found solace with an Indian maiden (the daughter of the chief Shenandoah), finally leaving her on the shores of the Missouri River. Li ttle Bird, Li ttle Bird Tradi tional (Gail Kubik) A kind of endless singing game, millions of Americans have grown up singing the tune and words upon which this setting is based. Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair... Appalachian (Stuart Churchill) Originally a girl's song of unrequited love discovered about 100 years ago in the Appalachian mountains, this beloved ballad attained popularity as a man's elegy in this century. 'Ihe Da.le Warland Family Singers The Horticultural Wife The Hutchinson Family Tim Johnson, tenor Darling Nelly Gray B. R. Hanby Listen to the Mockingbird Alice Hawthorne I Took Her to the Ball Will S. Hayes William Rollie and James Goodrich, tenors Tenting on the Old Camp Ground.... Walter Kittridge v

4 Three Portraits by Stephen Foster Stephen Foster (Edwin Fissinger) 1. Laura Lee 2. Oh! Susanna 3. Gentle Annie Broadway Spectacular!.... Favorites from the American Musical Theater "Hello, Dolly!" from Hello, Dolly! (Roger Emerson) "Tomorrow" from Annie "Put on a Happy Face" from Bye, Bye Birdie "What I Did for Love" from A Chorus Line "Marne" from Mame SOPRANOS: Allen, Sally +Henderson, Sandra Hendricks, Karen Louise Hofstad, Carol Adelaide +*Johnson, Sigrid Kahn, Susan ++ +Miller, Elizabeth Sams, Lea Anna Sathrum, Marie Schoenwald, Robin Shepard, Sue +Steen, Linda TENORS: Anderson, Paul J. Bartholome, Peter G. Berglund, George Gerike, Paul William +Goodrich, James +*Henley, John +Johnson, Tim Nelson, Jerry D. Nodland, A. Douglas +Pearthree, Steve +Rollie, William Pianist: * Denotes section leader VI VII The Il3.1e\'V'arlandSingers / Personnel Jerry ALTOS: +Bentley, Roxanne L. +Halvorsen, Joanne Jones, Lynn Carol Kleman, Danelle Laitinen, Lois +*Ludwig, Chris +Ridder, Diane Sandeen, Kay E. Van, Rica Jane Waldo, Mary Helen War land, Ruth BASSES: +Boyce, Paul Cowles, Robert +*Elmore, Robert +Hanslep, Peter Hornicke, Waynne B. Neumann, Dan Sheppard, Steven +Steen, Frank Theisen, Paul van Houten, Paul R. Rubino+ + Dale Warland Family Singers

5 -SELECTED TEXT- The Ballad of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard (1943). (for male voices)!'. Benjamin Britten ( ) As it fell on one holy-day, As many be in the year, When young men and maids together did go Their matins and massto hear, Little Musgravecame to the church-<loor- The priest was at private mass- But he had more mind of the fair women Than he had of Our Lady's grace. The one of them was clad in green, Another was clad in pall, And then came in my Lord Barnard's wife, The fairest amongst them all. Quoth she, " have loved thee, Little Musgrave, Full long and many a day:- 'So have I loved you, fair ladye, Yet never word durst I say:- 'But I have a bower at Bucklesfordberry, Full daintily it is dight; If thou'lt wend thither, thou Little Musgrave, Thou's lig in my arms all night: With that beheard a little tiny page, By his ladye's coach as he ran. Says, 'Although I am my ladye's foot-page, Yet I am Lord Barnard's man: Then he's cast off his hose and shoon, Set down his feet and ran, And where the bridges were broken down He bent his bow and swam. 'Awakel awakel thou Lord Barnard, As thou art a man of life! Little Musgraveis at Bucklesfordberry Along with thine own wedded wife:- He called up his merry men all: 'Come saddle me my steed; This night must I to Bucklesfordberry, For I never had greater need.' But lome they whistled and sang, And some they thus could say, Whenever Lord Barnard's horn it blew: 'Away Musgrave, away!' 'Methinks I hear the threstle cock, Methinks I hear the jay; Methinks I hear Lord Barnard's horn, Away, Musgrave, away/'- 'Lie still, thou Little Musgrave, And huggle me from the cold;. 'Tis nothing but a shepherd's boy A-<lriving his sheep to the fold: By this, Lord Barnard came to his door And lighted a stone upon; And he's pull'd out three silver keys, And open'd the doors each one. He lifted up the coverlet, He lifted up the sheet: 'Arise, arise, thou Little Musgrave, And put thy clothes on; It shall ne'er be said in my country I've kill'd a naked man. I have two swords in one scabbard, They are both sharp and clear; Take you the best, and I the worst, We'll end the matter here: The first stroke Little Musgrave struck, He hurt Lord Barnard sore; The next stroke that Lord Barnard struck, Little Musgrave ne'er struck more. 'Woe worth you, my merry men all, You wp.rene'er born for my goodl Why did vou not offer to stay my hand When you saw me wax so wood? For I've slain also the fairest ladye That ever wore woman's weed, Soe I have slain the fairest ladye That ever did woman's deed. 'A grave,' Lord Barnard cried, 'To put these lovers in! But lay my ladye on the upper hand, For she comes of the nobler kin.' -Anonymous (from The Oxford Book of Balladsl The Dale War land Singers is a member of the Association of Professional Vocal Ensembles (APVE).

6 This concert has been sponsored by The South Dakota Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association with financial support from:. The Affiliated State Arts Agencies of the Upper Midwest: Iowa Arts Council, Minnesota State Arts Board, North Dakota Council on the Arts, South Dakota Arts Council, Wisconsin Arts Board, with funds provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, a Federal agency, and The South Dakota Arts Council through a grant from The National Endowment for the Arts Additional financial support for this concert has been provided by the following Sioux Falls businesses: Dayton's The Austad Company Northwestern Bank Nordica International Valley National Bank Hagen's Men's Wear J. W. Horner Lumber Co. Larsen Designs, Ltd., Marianne Larsen Robsons Hardware Crossroads Religious Books and Music Harold J. Ersland, Dist. Rep., Lutheran Brotherhood John H. Kittleson, RHU, New York Life Insurance Co. K+M Band Instruments, Inc. Music Mansion Schmitt Music Centers FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT THE DALE WARLAND SINGERS, PLEASE CONTACT: The Dale Warland Singers 1643 Wellesley Avenue St. Paul, MN (612)