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1 ,^K W W_ W\*> ^ *?* ^^ ^^^P^^p^p^l K P F P P P P p p ^ n v ^ v p p p p p P P ^.-. 7 PPPP -. * Whch #r^del s whch at the auto show, D V,, (., ::V-\MU rols wjnv.. \ - < * Dels offerngs lb -Vr,- r c» - «Volume 25 Number 59 Monday, January 8,990 Westland, Mchgan 64 Pages Ffty Cents ^^ajswnlt.:--.:-: :«...< «<.. **. ^*J*^2*t^.,aS^S*^«? m XJ&T&ttFV&vlWm* 5-g^? t gjg?7 mk Q 9S9 SubwlM n Comma ntotkj/u Corporaton All W^M Rtttrvtd. Famly, frends mourn murder vctm THE DEANof local y poltcs, Tom Brown, s the new J- WjestUnd Cty Councl presdent. 7 Brown was elected presdent.7. by^ the councl Wednesday durng 7 the frst meetng of the new term/ : As councl presdent, Brown s,- frst nlne to succeed the mayor, f t becomes necessary durng 7 4he next two years, * : 77 0 coursebrownhas bad v ; experence n thatdepartaaeht; 7- servng as Westland mayor, 96^: : 69, He also served as astate --.- vrepresentauye.before wnnng 7, eecuohw the councl :7-7- ; :7 Befort tne cltywas : A-7:7 77 v r^rporated, Brown served as Nanl^tow)^ptratee,7-77/ treasurervahd superylsow Elected presdent pro-tem was - Ken MehL the former councl 77 presdent. He replaces. Wllam, Zlemba, who faled townre-; 7 electon n November^ :77 ;77 D Related opnon, 6A By Tedd 8chnelder staff wrter- ^ w ^ f c > ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ w Her^-co-workere at the Lvona Post Offce wll mss the mall carrer who always wore a smle, regardless of the weather. And her chocolate chp cookes. Her mother wll mss the daughter who was equally talented wth a- sewlng needle and a screwdrver. Although Mlchele Gerrlor was mostly a prvate person, she nonetheless found ways to share herself Crash ends n drug arrest wth" olhers^amly-and colleagues- sad last week. Gerror, 37 t of Garden Cty was? shot to death Dec. 3 along wth Jason LaCrolx, 27, n LaCroxs Westland home. Her estranged husband, Ronald Gerrlor, faces a prelmnary exam n the shootngs Frday n 8th Dstrct Court..Ronald Gerrlor, 44, s beng held wthout bond n the Wayne County Jal after pleadng not gulty to two counts of frst-degree murder and one count of possesson of a frearm durng the commsson of a felony. "SHE-WAS-A-regular mss x-t r " Arlene Adams sad of her daughters mechancal ablty. "Watches, clocks, cars, you name t, she was really handy and loved to work wth her hands." "And she was a ^74 good seamstress Mchele Gerror too," Adams sad durng an ntervew n the house on Barton where Mchele Gerror grew up. When her hands werent ted up wth a-project^you could us uallynda magazne or a_book n them, often romantc fcton by Danelle Steele, Adams sad. Gerror was a mal carrer out of the northeast (Mlddlebelt) branch of the Lvona Post Offce snce October 987, accordng to Susan Gllespe, communty manager for the U.S. Postal Servce n metropoltan Detrot. She was "a good worker" sad Alce Bond, superntendent at the northeast staton. "" "The sad part of losng her s that so many people wll never fnd out -what^a-wonderful person she really was," Bond sad. Another co-worker, who declned to gve her name, sad Gerrlor often brought n home-baked chocolate chp cookes to share wth fellow carrers. The cookes were such a bg ht, Adams sad, that colleagues would make up the slghtest excuse to try and provoke her daughter nto a bakng spree. "Theyd tell her dd a real good job today Mchele, thnk deserve a cooke." BEFORE GONG to work for the Please turn to Page 2 \ TS BAZAAR tme over at Westland.Center. ;V,,v :. ; The malls 990 (Communty, T- ;Baaar s sch^edu^ for Frday, > Jan. 28-Sunday,Jan,28. 7 Thehazaar features a varety of handcrafted tems for sale by ; 0. varouschartable groapl -.--:^ thr^u^t Westaod. Tables are T set up n the cental-courts at the center/warren Road at Wayne ;.;..Road. 7 : > : :/? y: v*^- 7 " v: -\ : :.. TbJe event s open to al local <, lon-prow group*. For ^7- nfornatfon about sponsorng a table call Kmm Ells, durng regular busness hours. -¾ NAtVE^HANbE :f - 7- ALeRT:7:77-77:7";7-; v The former Mlddlebelt Hope ; Kurslng Center has dropped? Mlddlebelt from ts name. ts ^. now the Hope Nursng Center.7 / : The name change wasntated to clarfy confuson over the nursng homes locaton, Cherry Hll west of Newbufgb, sad 7 Patrca Ostluhd, executve 7, drector;, 7 7- ;. By C.L Rugensten staff wrter _^^^ A man suspected of makng a drug delvery was arrested by Westland Polce after hs GMC Blazer crashed head-on nto a car at Plymouth and Levan roads around,2,:30 p.m. Thursday.:;.7^ >* - The 35-year-bld Westland man ran off after the crash. Polce caught hm behnd the Klmcraft buldng just north of Plymouth. He s n the Westland jal whle polce are seekng warrants. The drver of the car, nkster resdent Ted Suda, 60, was unnjured. WESTLAND POLCE had the drver of the Blazer under survellance and were callng for a marked polce car to stop hm when he apparently notced the unmarked car followng htm and took off, sad Detectve Tmothy Abramsk of Westland Polce. "He was nvolvedln a crmnal offense, delvery of cocane," Abramsk sad; The man had cocane wth hm Ths Chevy Blazer was chased by Westland Polce offcers north on wth another vehcle at Plymouth Road and Levar. when arrested, sad Lt. John Reddy of the Westland Detectve Bureau. Polce beleve the suspect. was carryng a gun that he threw away when he fled. But a check of the bushes around Klmcraft faled to turn up the weapon. * -... gt ;:-.>> K * ~6 - Rr&P St"-* A-*.,* ^^^ Tr**.*- \ EpNo^- Rv-." O^V-V PS^.^^--.- J. :.. a jnfc : fa^fe_. 7"*^" ll&s : tv l j- >. -* M»; VV. - " -. V 0\ npfaa^j"* - >. ART EMANUELE/ataH photographet Newburgh Road, and east on Ann Arbor Road untl t collded ;- POLCE FROM both ctes were on the scene mmedately, sad wtnesses Davd Karapetlan and John Reddy (no relaton to Detectve Reddy) of Suburban Communcatons Corp. "We were the second car back" V from the lght, Karapetlan sad, r- They heard the crash and looked: up to see the slver Contnental and; Please turn to Page 7 LVONA Frankln Hgh School parents have formed a "new^roup to help parents falsng teenagert. The group, Parent to Parent fof Preventon, meets on the ;7- second Tuesday of each month n the hgh schools north cafetera at7;30p,m. ; 7 Dscusson topcs nclude drug and alcohol use by teenagers and helpng chldren make the tght f choces..:: The Frankln attendance are* ; ncludes northern portons of -Wetland, Tor more nformaton on the group call Penny rwn, 625-M44. A STANDNG O goes out to the students and taf f at Ketterng School for ther, decdedly OtttaUndng holday program, "Tto the Season " The annual program, staged Dec. 2, ncroded skts and muscal selecttom presented by more than 200 ffth aodawh graders. Musc teacher Rchard Aktar drected the show and art teacher Jane Stpe handled the amtvmm and props. 7 SSTERS Tracy and Lort - Rynklewk* of Westland both came home wtnnenln the lvooa JBktPrM Tkrew Caatatt tracyfurstodlnnmpaoata af* M rap, tutt* *» fmd Ms, H marta tortfcw w* A SA flflbmal fld^bftfloflfl^l fn was also tttrd ftfttftato }nlm7-4*. Larl mamnrkfla tfcomftt lt of Sf shots ls Art* mom la tha aje>t category. and Carel Ryukewc of j :<:. ^&vh^<^+-m^u,y,:,<! 2^tl^^*kL..:. mmmm MjMj*j*t**x^^ Former counclman gets admnstratve poston By Leonard Poger edtor A. Kent Herbert, whose cty councl term ended last week, has been named to a new cty hall admnstratve post. Mayor Robert Thomas, whose term began Jan., named Herbert, a counclman for seven years, to the revsed poston of pcrsonnel/(computer) operatons drector. - Herbert, 39, began hs new dutes Frday. He wasprevlously St. Clar Shores* muncpal fnance drector. He has an extensve computer background and, Served as Westlands muncpal budget drector, whats nsde /. Buldng scene F Calendar..,....,4A Classfeds C.E.F v/auto ,. C v Employment.... E,F ndex E Real estate Creatve lvng.....e. Crossword. < F Entertanment....,6D Obtuares.\ A Sports C Street scone D Tas\e B NEWSLNE, P0RT8LNB CRCULATON CLASSFED «3 A THE HORTHAMECAN MTEMATOKAl AT S SPECAL 8ECTT0N N TODAV888UE grants drector, and budget drector between 972 and 982. Apponted to the councl n January, 983, Herbert announced last summer that he wouldnt seek another term- Thomas dscounted any potental poltcal crtcsm n the appontment of Herbert, who wth two other counclmen publcly endorsed Thomas n early October n the campagn whch ended wth the challenger up? settng Mayor Charles Grffn. "Herbert ddnt support me untl the end of the campagn," Thomas sad Wednesday nght when the ap- v potntment was dsclosed. "No one can argue that he (Herbert) has tremendous sklls," pontng to bs record as a Westland counclman and a St. Clar Shores fnance drector. "m not worred about beng crltl- -^zed^-about-the-appontmejt, the new mayor added. The new poston wll combne two separate posts wth prevous labor relatons drector to be elmnated. HERBERT SAD be wll devote about half hs tme to computer operatons and half to personnel mat-:- tere. A key factor n Herberts new dutes, Thomas sad, wll bo to tran : Please turn to Page 3 rrffn ctes error n fnance report v "Former Mayor Charles Grffn sad last week that a check from Assocated Newspapers nc. Presdent Dave Wllett to hs re-electon commttee was nadvertently lsted as a campagn contrbuton. But Grffn sad he wouldnt fle an amended campagn unless t was requested by Wayne County ewctons offcals. As of Wednesday, there was no such request, be sad. "t was a mstake," Grffn sad of the report. "t should have been lsted as a mscellaneous recept of an overpayment :on charges for work done by one of ther companes (Eagle Graphcs)" B. vthe OBSERVER reported the * lstng for the $ check as part-t of two De. 4 stores on campagn t\ fnance jfeports submtted by Grf-; : fn and canddate Robert-Thomas- > *- for the November mayoral elec- \ tlon. Wayne-based Assocated News-jj. - papers publshes the Westland Ea> gle and other communty newspa-7 v pcra n western Wayne County and. s the parent frm for several prnt-c ng and.communcatons,compa-7 nles. Wllett stepped down as publsh-7 er nto the newly created prcsl-". dents post last fall. a can vvth hgh wnter heatng blls By LeAnna Rogtrt staff wrter As temperatures plunge and heatng blls soar, programs to keep low ncome famles and senor* warm durng levere wnter weather are avalable through federal programs and tho Heat Bank. Westland processes applcatons for ts resdents to partcpate n a federal heatng assstance program usng money allocated through/the Wayne Metropoltan Communty Servces Agency. "A person comes n and flls out an "T" applcaton," sad Wjcstland communty development drector Jay Glbert. "The heatng assstance s based on how hgh tho heatng blls are and ther ncomo,". * on last years gudelnes, a ontf-pcrsqt household receved assstance wnnsamaxlrrroo ncomo of 000. A two^per^on^hmsehold uld have ncome refcctrtftg-)*y$50. cstland processed assstance re-. quests from 56 famles last wnter, Gllbertsald. F NCOMES are lower, sucn a» 4,020 for a one-person household, ^.a. people can automatcally qualfy for; heatng assstance, he sad. "Normally for ths, heatng costa ; should exceed 2 percent of the : household ncome," Glbert aald.; "Ths can be for owners or renter*. ; t la a one-tme fuel payment asslsuj ance." ; Many peoplo partcpatng n the heatng asslstanco program are ont general»ss!s(ahce, Ad to Dependent, Chldren, Socal Securty or other fltedlncome he sad. - x. The majdmum allocaton for the: Pteaw turn to Pap> % s t. Tf.-!

2 wmm ;!«t t d&e : Monday, January 8,990 v *>!, >..- BTfUAnnt Roger*..staff wrter Dressng properly for extremely cold weather and beng aware of, bow; much tme s beng spent outsde are Keys to. avodng frostbte, accordjng Dr. Mark Baclgaj, who :worksn the emergency room at > garden Cty Hosptal, v v* " ; We see frostbte on toes, ears and! fngers. Gloves and bats, are needled," he sad. /t depends on the fem-v perature outsde, butwth a 20 below rwlrd chlly t doesnt take long to get frostbte." v v =;>v^ :\r.--v On one day last Week, Bacgal sad the hosptal treated three or four frostbte cases. "We ddnt have any the day before that or the day after,"- he, sad. "We see t n kds sometmes Who have been playng outsde too long/. : ; ;; Frostbte cases can range from frst-degree, whlchsnt very bad, to fourth degree; for whch amputatons are often needed, accordng to Bacgal. ;. ^;,.._. A person who has spent too much tme n the cold wll frst suffer from ^chllblans, a redness and tnglng. of the hands or other extremtes, he sad. \ "twll tngle ard burn when you come nsde. t s not qute frostbte but not far away," Bacgal sad. "You wbu(d need to warm up. \t you get past chllblanes, you should get nledlcal treatment." ; FRST-DEGREE- frostbte wll also have the exposed areas turnng red and wll be qute panful durng. re-warmng, he saldr / - "Youshouldn re-warm fast or n very hot water! The water should be about 04, degrees, whch s lke warm bath water," Bacgal" sad. "Frostbte should bd treated, lke burns n the early stages, other than there-warmng." ; Exposng frostbtten skn to water that s too hot wll only,make the condton worse, he sad, addng that the hosptal uses a whrlpool bath to crculate the water n ts treatment, Second-degree frostbte s characterzed by blsters, followed by loss pf soft tssue durng thrd degree and areas becomng dead wth fourth de- gree, Bacgal sad, requrng amputatons. *. >. ".-., ^.,.:,^ "Sometmes blsters dont show up for an hour or two," he sad. "We mostly see Jrst- or second-degree. The classc fourth-degree frostbte s a sker stranded n a snow bank." " Others who mght have more severe. frostbte would be someone wth heavy exposure to the cold such as eght hours or more, Bacgal sad. "That would probably be an ndgent person. We dont really see that here," he sad. "You do see that downtown (n Deh-of t) sometmes.". f a person suspects they are sufferng from frostbte, Bacgal sad they should seek medcal treatment. "THE TME to come n s f ther fngers are red and tlngly," he added. ^Hosptal offcals also mentoned snow blower njures as another-seasona) problem. - * "Thesnow blower says all over t, dont put your-hand n the machne when ts on, but people do t anyway," sad hosptal spokesman Mtch Nmmoor. A problem seen at the hosptal durng past wnters has beenpeople who try to Warm ther hands on the snpw blowers exhaust ppe., "Some people put ther hands dn the muffler to warm them up," he guy dd t to warm up hs vnyl gloves. They melted rght to the muffler." Nmmoor sad people just need tc thnk abouf what actons they take tc avod some of the prpblems assocated wth extremely cold weather. keep the hearon Contnued from Page,. W llmf assstance s.?2uu, accor<f- ngto Glbert. t s sent drectly to theutlty company.. APPLCATONS ARE accepted by Westlahd after Jan. 0. Money for the heatng assstance s allocated on a fjrst-come, frst-served bass, Glbert sad. \ /: :-::: vv V ; We "run the program untl Wayne Metropoltan Servces Agency expends the funds," he sad. "We can usually accommodate all those who apply" n January and eary~fet>ruary." Westland resdents who wsh to apply for heatng assstance are asked to call the Dorsey Communty Center at Staff members can tell applcants what nformaton and documents to brng so that the applcaton can be completed n a sngle vst, Glbert sad. GARDEN CTY doesnt admnster a heatng assstance program, accordng to Cty Manager Jon Ausllh, but refefsresaents"folhe~utllty companes. "We dont get too many calls about heatng assstance," he sad. Resdents of Garden Cty or other communtes that dont locally admnster heatng assstance programs can call-wayne Metropoltan Communty Servces drectly. "They can call our man number and we wll gve them a ste closest to them to to call or go n to make an applcaton," sad programassstant ^Sharon Burks. " r Those nterested should call "THE TWO programs admnstered through the agency are the Targeted Fuel Assstance Program and the Heat Bank, whch s lmted to Mch- Con customers and fuel ol users. Applcatons re accepted after Jan. 0. The agency began acceptng applcatons for the Heat Bank Dec. 5. MchCon has allocated f.3 mllon n heatng credts for the Heat Bank n 9fl9-90. MchCon descrbes the Heat Bank, also a one-tme assstance, as a last resort measure to prevent gas shu-- tof f or to restore servce. The program s specfcally amed at senors 6tt years and older, people who are dsabled, the unemployed and employed low-ncome people. ESTABLSHED SEVEN years ago, the Heat Bank provded heatng assstance to more than,840 famles n Wayne County and Detrot last wnter. People wthout heat or knowng of someone wthout heat are asked to "call McfC0h~aTne00-MlchCon. "Consumers Gas customers would only use the Targeted Fuel Assstance Program," Burks sad. General assstance and AJd to Dependent Chldren recpents are requred to seek-heatlng assstance through the.department of Socal Servces, she sad. $festlan& Wbzttvtt (USPS ) Publshed every MondayJand, Thursday by Observer & Eccentrc Newspspere, 3625 Schoolcraft, Lvona, M); 48JO.; Second-class postage pad at Uvona, MM85. Address al mal (subscrpton, change of address. Form 3569) to P.O. Box. 2428, Utamta, Ml 485. Telephone 59- om-vv;---:: HO.ME P HVERY SERVCE evrsswnd^,.:.;. per copy, 50«ar/er,;.,-v,:...monthly,$3.00, a; :,..,.,.".yearly,$55.00 Art advertsng publshed n the Westland Observer s subject to the condtons slated n the applcable rate card, copes of whch are avalable from the advertsng department, WestJand Observer, 3625 Schoolcraft. Lvona, Ml (33) The Westland Observer, reserves the rght not to accept an aqvertser8 order. Observer & Eccentrc ad-takers have no authorty tct bnd ths newspaper and only, publcaton of an advertsement shall stltute fnal acceptance of the aoj/ertser8 order. 0 )& Classleds work! Murder vctm remembered as generous, talented Contnued from Page post offce, the 970 Garden Cty West Hgh School graduate worked as a bookkeeper for a Southeld accountant, Adams sad. Although she was an average student, she dd well n math and was well suted for the job, her mother sad. Her daughter also took computer classes at Schoolcraft College, Adams sad. -, t was through an offce co-workers husband-that she met Ronald Gerror n 982, accordng to Adams. Gerror was a truck drver orgnally from Antgonlsh n the Canadan provnce of Nova Scota. Adams thnks part of the attracton may have been the needtatrfog a father nto her household. Mchele was dvorced and tryng to rase a 0-year-old son atthe tme. "She was very young when she marfletfarthe frst tme and ths tme. thnk she was just knd of swept of f her feet," Adams added. * - The coupe wed n January 983. But Adams sad the marrage began to run nto problems durng the frst year. "My daughter was a very prvate person and sheddnt want to ar her problems. Gradually, thngs came out," Adams sad. Adams sad the couple eventually went nto counselng. ADAMS SAD her daughter had expressed concern about her husband keepng guns n the house on several occasons. She sad that was one reason why Mchele wated untl just before she was gong to move out to tell hm of her plans. Although polce sad Mchele Gerror moved out of the famlys Garden Cty home about three weeks before the shootng, Adams sad she actually rented a moble home n late September and moved out n early October. Adams sad t was probably only a matter of tme untl the couple dvorced. "They werent completely apart though," Adams sad. "He stll came over and helped her son wth hs car and she nvted hm to spend Thanksgvng at a (mutual) frends house," Adams sad. Polce sad before hs arrest Ronald Gerror kspt offcers at bay for more than an hour n front of hs Garden Cty home, threatenng them wth one of at least two 2-gauge shotguns he hept n the house. Adams sa&-she luew lttle of her daughters relatonshp Wth La- Crox, " know she knew someone named Jason. She told me they-were frends," Adams sad. " never met hm," she added. SHE SAD she met LaCrolxs famly for the frst tme at funeral servces for her daughter last month. Adams, who sad she had a "good, close, mother-daughter relatonshp" wth Mchele, sad her famly has had a dffcult tme snce the shoot- ^ ngs* Thngs have been especally ^ rough on her^gfandsdn, now 7, she sad. "Hes so confused and hg&wqrrled about the future," /dams sad. Adams sad her grandson has run nto problems wth classmates "because of the way t happened,(la- Crox and Gerror were klled whle n bed together) and ts been allover the papers." -... She sad theboys father and other famly members have helped some, but that the youth wll probably need professonal counselng. Man suspeoted of delverng drags-arrested followng crash Contnued from Page dark blue van recolng from the r crash. Both saw a man dressed n dark blue jacket and pants "lke a unform jacket," because t had numbers on the Back, Karapetan sad JAW p out and run away from the nrsecton toward Tlrs Schoolcraft. "HE WAS HAULNG," Karapetan sad, "and rah rjgbt by otr car. We saw another guy chasng hm, then all of a sudden polce cars appeared." - Karapetan sad he and Reddy saw the arrest from nsde SlvermanV Restaurant. N^/ Lorl Boadway.of Lvona saw the Westtand polce cars pass her house and followed to see what happened. "Usually Westlahd doesnt- come nto Lvona unless theyre chasng someone," Boadwaysald. She ddnt see whom they were chasng. SUT) A, HEAD-of securty at a nearby company, sad hs elbows afd* knees, were brused n the accdent but otherwse he was. "just shaken mostly." Suda saw the accdent comng as he wated to turn onto Levan. "The guy took off headng ths way...,. tryng to make the turn, and \. started sldng;".. - Lvona Polce drected traffc and cleared away the cars at the accdent scene whle Westland Polce.. pursued the suspect. ; fan couldnt H s name. "My grandmother was lke a.mother to me. turned toher for rnotvaton and nspraton, But wth Alzhemers Dsease, she gradually forgot the people around her. She couldnt even recognze me. All could do was wtness a very long, slow death...anctsuffer watchng." Andre Dawson knows frst-hand the solaton and lonelnesss of carng for a loved one wth Alzhemers. Dsease, Now for the mllons of famly members who stand by a loved one wth Alzhemers Dseased theres" someone to stand by you. The Alzhemers Assocaton. At the Alzhemers Assocaton, we have support groups where you can get n touch wttvyour feelngs. And communty servces tr at can put you n touch wth the facts, And, we are leadng the way n fundng medcal research that hopefully, one day, wll put us all n touch... wth the cure. *-. V To reach the Alzhemers Assocaton chapter n your neghborhood/call the number below. Someone s "*.: therenow. To stand byyou.. -v (33) »:< * >::«^ * v FMFRS A S S O C "l A T O N Someone to Stand By\bu. V M

3 ^ummm^ MfcMMM fu^f^ tfm^ * j>: %\*l-.. \^r\-l:"^ PPWPPPPPPPPPPPP * >., * \ ^ Monday, January 8, 990 O&E <W)3A A specal course: Former optcal offqeworker has sghts set on counselng \ *<* By Leonard Pogor staff wrter Most women earn college degrees and begn ther careers before startng famles. Karyn Pasquel of Westland has reversed that tradton, becomng a mother at 5 and havng two chl- - dren beforo graduatng Royal Oak Kmball Hgh School... She"s n6w workng on two masn ters degrees and a doctorate at 35. Pasquel s founder and drector Qjatftna counselng serv-e.-and s program drector for the Dearborn Pastoral Counselng Center. Workng out of her of f ce/hohe on Cherry Hll near Merrlman, Pasquel s plannng a wnter workshop on consecutve Saturdays n January, February, and March to help people deal wth retrement, dvorce, stress management, adolescents, and dependentpersonaltles/compulslve behavors. She.has. been honored for her \ counselng work by the Southeastern Mchgan Substance Abuse Ser-..,-. *cc3 og6noy and graduated-wtfr honors from Wayne State Unvers- can help beleve n people themselves. Karyn Pasquel Octurdcy worcsn ty wth a psychology degree. *asquel expects to get a double Wayne State Unversty masters degrees n psychology wthn the next 8 months, whle workng on a doctorate whcj she plans to complete q two years.. - She plans to have her. studes conclude wth a lcense to practce famly and marrage therapy. AFTER RASNG three chldren, Pasquel became an ordaned mnster through Maranatha Bble nsttute n 975, started pre-medcal schoolsludes at Henry FonT Communty College n Dearborn and the Unversty of Mchgan- Dearborn, gettng an assocate degree n scence and earnng a magna cum laude honors dploma. Durng the past 5 years, Pasquel also took tme to be a Weght Watchers lecturer (after gettng up to 70 pounds) and become an orthoplst and. contact lens specalst. t wasnt easy enterng the work place at the age of 20 wth three preschool chldren at home, she recalled. " ntervewed at 30 places and got only two reponseg/^shg sad. "t was from an optomstrst who read n my resume that attended the Detrot Bble College. "He knew that DBC pupls were hard workers." ntally, she worked hours that allowed her to be home when her chldren were home. Soon, she became a full-tme employee and learned "everythng needed to run an optcal offce." Pasquel earned professonal certfcates, but started to get more nvolved n counselng a servce she frst ganed whle beng actve n her church and later expanded to nclude optcal paents. SHE DESCRBES her counselng style as one of an "actve problemsolver."., Because of past personal and medcal crses n her lfe, Pasquel sad that " really feel the (clents) feelngs because have been there _mys lfujafltep peoplo hollovo n themselves. The.counselor * says she s a "task-orented person" helpng cl- ents workng toward solutons. " lsten, but have deas for people to try. dont suggest anythng, but do offer those deas^l But she slresed that n marrage counselng, she doesnt try to "mend a marrage but dare the persons to take an honest look at ther own nner needs and see W the crcumstances they are n can fulfll ther needs,".-" PASQUEL SAD her nterest n counselng began when she was only5..", -..,- Then, " wanted to be a surgeon, but thought ft would be neat to be a psychatrst.. "n the second grade, started teachng frst graders n academc subjects and then heard of a yotngstertt sad home lfe^gfled-hls-par~ents were gong through a dvorce. " used to pretend. was. a preacher, gvng communon and a sermon," she recalled. Pasquel sad she always "lked to talk to others, lstehto ther prob- _lems^and"buld-thefsej-esteem.^- - The counselor sad she saw herself as a soluton-mnded person who stll gves assgnments to her clents. «* vs- *; t?, slated V^t ART EMANUELE/staH photographer Cty man gets prson; n angers cops Karyn Pasquel holds a copy of the Bble and a therapy book,, boffnof whch she says are mportant to her counselng practce. * A seres of workshops dealng wth fve topcs, ncludng stress management, retrement, and lfe after dvorce, wll be n Lvona on Saturdays n January, February and March. Other subjects to be covered are "dependent personaltes/compulsve behavors and adolescents: lettng go wthout losng. The workshops wll start Jan. 20 and be held throughout the day on successve Saturdays, sad Karyn Pasquel, drector of Foundatonal Lvng, 3095 Cherry Hll, east of Merrman. All sessons wll be tntbg Summt nn, formerly the Lvona Plaza nn, on Plymouth Road between Newburgh and Levan. n detalng her adolescent workshop, Pasquel sad that parents may fnd "lettng go can be extremely frghtenng and panful. The workshop examnes the lettng go process and puts nto perspectve so that ths tme can be a beautful experence." Whle retrement should be a tme of-joy and reward after many years of hard work, t unfortunately tends to nclude a drop of energy and health, feelngs of abandonment, loss of loved ones, and loss of purpose. She sad the workshop wll take a look at retrement and related fears of lonelness, stress, and adjustments. The workshop s for retrees and famly members, Paquel sad. THE STRESS management workshop wll cover the psychologcal and physologcal effects of stress wth Paaquel helpng attendants lookng at specfc factors whch cause.stress and how to modfy behavor and learn to relax. The workshop on "lfe after dvorce" s planned to help people "dare to cope and reach a new state of self-confdence and freedom from emotonal dependency/ Pasquel sad, notng that a dvorce "carres wth t many traumas. t s lke death unresolved wth a sense of lonelness, purposeless, and almlessness." Dependent personaltes and compulsve behavors.can lead to hurtful behavors and responses, she sad. The drector sad that specfc steps to break\be cycles and begn to lead a lfe of ndependence and freedom. The workshop dates are Jan. 20 and 27, Feb. 0 and 7, and March 0 and 7, all Saturdays. f For more nformaton call Foundatonal Lvng at for nformaton on fees and workshop materals. Pasquel also offers workshops to organzatons or ndvduals nterested n sharpenng parentng sklls, dealng wth "separatons or gref, personal growth, sprtual growth, and related ssues for persons n the work place and those n communty servce organzatons. A counselor wth the Dearborn Pastoral Counselng Center, she was ordaned a mnster 4 years ago and s now workng on her doctorate n psychology at Wayne State Unversty. FOR EMPLOYEES, topcs covered wll nclude managng stress, effectve leadershp, motvaton n the work place, workng wth the publc, havng- stmulatng staff.,-nj ; H-r J h\\ MV -^ WW J meetngs, women workng wth women and women workng wth men. Communty organzaton members wll learn about chldren n dysfunctonal famles, understandng the handcapped, workng wth the elderly, and workng wth handcapped chldren. On parentng, topcs wll be preparng for adolescents, motherng wthout smotherng, and the sngle parent home.. Personal growth topcs wll be self esteem, dependent personaltes, compulsve behavors, stress management, tme managementslfe after a physcal loss, depresson, the professonal housewfe, depresson at holday tme, learnng dsabltes, human sexualty and sexual dysfunctons, aborton recovery, the addctve socety, and communcatons. For church workers, topcs wll cover the hgh callng of a mnsters wfe, musc mnstry, workng -wth aborton vctms and ther famles and frends, and the purpose of the church for the Chrstan worker. tt -» *t V "» \ * : ) % «m»* < fl By Dane Gale staff wrter A Westland man charged wth armed robbery and assaultng a pollcej^tffcer has been sentenced to fre to 0 years n prson. The Wayne County prosecutors offce agreed to drop the assault charge aganst Jeffrey Bushbacher, 3, f he pleaded gulty to armed robbery. * MMEDATELY AFTER the sentencng by Recorders Court Judge John Shamo, Bushbacher was taken to Jackson Prson. Bushbacher had already served three months. - Several Canton polce offcers, who asked not to be dentfed, complaned about the possblty that Bushbacher, wth good behavor, could be freed n less than two years. Canton polce want to know why the felonous assault charge was dropped and wondered why the prosecutors offce faled to contact the Canton publc safety department before makng the agreement, sad Pat Nemecek, Canton publc nformaton offcer Contnued from Page ~y "» - publc servce department personnel on a personal computer whch has boe^ not utlllred snce t was nstalled two years ago. - Herbert "s a real wzard" wth personal computers and should be a. "tremendous help".n gettng the DPS equpment operatng. When completed, the DPS computers wll keep track of vehcle mantenance, nventory, and payroll records. Herbert also has an extensve lator relatons background, ncludng takng part n contract negotatons and arbtraton sessons, Thomas / sad. n a report to the councl, Thomas : sad there wll bo many benefts of.-; combnng the two postons. Among the advantages of the consoldaton would bo better ntegra- tlon of the personal and man frame ; computers b^auso of Herberts background; there would no need for "The sentence on the armed robbery, the department feels, was far," Nemecek sad. "Our only queston s why the felonous assault was dropped, and were tryng to fnd out about that now." "Once they make an agreement and they already have a sentence, thats the end of t," he sad - - ARMED ROBBERY carres up to lfe n prson and felonous assault carres up to four years. "The F.A. (felonous assault) was dsmssed, because he agreed to do moretme than he could have gotten for the F.A.," sad KeUh Wrght, Wayne County assstant prosecutng attorney, "We had a guaranteed convcton," Wrght sad. "Gong to tral, theres no guarantee he would have been convcted.". The prosecutors offce recommended a mnmum sentence of fve years. The Bushbacher case began when Canton polce stopped hm Sunday, Sept. 0, 989, not far from a Westland Dary Mart shortly after t was robbed.., an attorney at-all contract negotaton sessons. OTHER BENEFTS of the change would be mproved computer tranng programs, complaton and mplementaton of employees benefts and better coordnaton of nformaton systems among cty departments. Herberts salary of $49,437 la nearly tho same he receved n St Clar Shores, but Westland wll save just over $7,000 a year n elmnatng the labor;, relatons drectors post, Thomas sajd. ~ > Thprrlas also sad that there wll be other admnstratve consoldatons whch ho hopes wll ultmately save about $00,000 a year. Tho purchasng agents poston wlt be dropped wth the dutes flled by controller Dane Kllehbrlel and budget drector Tmothy McCurly. Tps suppled by two youths at the scene of the holdup led offcers to Bushbacher, who was drvng east on Joy Road. Polce sad Bushbacher emerged from hs car brandshlng-a knfe and rushed Canton offcer Joseph Bppus whle gnorng repeated orders to -Slop.,.. Bushbacher was shot twce by Canton offcer Davd Boljesc, a four-year townshp polce veteran, who was credted by the Canton publc safety department for savng Bppus lfe. BPPUS, A two-^ear Canton po-_ Tce offcer, also fred one shot. A State Polce nvestgaton determned the shootng was n self defense. Bushbacher receved bullet wounds to the left elbow, left thgh and stomach. He was hosptalzed and released. He was prevously convcted n 6th Dstrct Court of assault and battery, credt card msuse and ds r orderly conduct. The Lvona manu-. facturlng frm employee s marred to an area polce off leer. A.KentH#rbtt * gets cty pott ". ;; n other cty hall personnel change, tho mayors hew executve secretary wll be Nora Herbert, 4- year cty employee and wfe of the new the personnel and operatons drector* whte Lnda Batsjoff, a polce department.employee for 4 years, wll b the new confdental secretary,,;;.; WOMENS. ;. - - ^ N PROGRESS RGHT NOW Superb fall and wnter wardrobe buys make t worth your tlmo and budget tocheck out every department! DRESSES SUTS COATS **> SPORTSWEAR MSS J APPAREL FURS s LNGERE WOMENS/MSS J ACCESSORES. MATERNTY WEAR?\ BRDAL AND», BRDESMAD 60WNS MENS CLOTHNG SPORTSWEAR MR. J APPAREL OUTERWEAR FURNSHNGS SHOES WHLE QUANTTES LAST We wtlcome Jfrcobtona Charg*, M»»ttrC»rdf. VSA; and Anwcm Shop untl 9 p.m. oh Trtvrjcfcfy and Frktoy. UnM 6 p.m. on Mond«y, TU«y CHLDRENS CLOTHNG OUTERWEAR SHOES ACCESSORES HOME FURNSHNGS ACCENTS BED ANO BATH SERVNG/TABLEWARC % *.r.».«««< -: N «««-.» ;» *.». t:». ««- <»» :j» # u J t.» u ;«..¾.V.¾.» «-

4 ^wwfw»^»^t^r> * ^ ^ ^ ««^^w ^^ m m m ^^^^^^^ ** * ««^ «^ H ^^w, ^»^^ ^w^^^^^^^^^*^ <n^ m^m!!nn?»^.:-,t,^.t^^ ja(w) O&g Monday, January 8,990 A/ to present hstory lesson wth style K 4- ) franklnmusc, Tuesday, Jan. 9 Lvona Frankln Hgh School Vocal Musc boosters wll meet at 7:30 p.m. n Room 508, 3000 Joy, east of Merrlman..: for senors % -.-\ Wayne-Westland School Dstrct Senor Adults meet n the Dyer Center, on Marquette between. Wayne Road and Newburglr Ther meetngs and events for the month of January wll be as follows:,, Tuesday, Jan. 9 - The Tuesday Club socjal hour wll begn at p.m. wth the general meetng at 2 p.m. cop t^^thenewyear got off to a ; panful start for an employee of the Grande Ballroom, 386 Warren" Road. The employee, an 8-year-ofd Redford Townshp man, told polce he was assaulted by a patron he was escortng out of the buldng durng a New Years Eve celebraton at the popular teenage nlghtspol. The vctm suffered a cut alongsde hs left eye and lost a tooth - durng the altercaton, polce sad. Of fleers were called to the..nghtclub at l:08>a.rn. when the fght ; broke outln the parkng lot. ; The employee told polce hs "assalant, a 20-year-old Dearborn J man, punched hm n the face and pcked hm n the bead. - 7 The assalant was one of two men ;asked to leave the nghtclub after ;Complalnts from female patrons that "the men were pnchng them, the J^ployeesald-T ! A RESDENT on the 4800 ^block of Matthew ended<»p wthout a tde Wednesday when someone stole ler car as she was warmng t up. \ The woman told polce the engne of the SWtrfercury Cougar was DONALD MOORE ROTROCK \ A memoral servce for Mr. Ro^ ;trock, 69; former Lvona teashejl jwll be at 3 p.m. Frday, Jan. 2, n "Grace Moravan Church n Westland. ; n leu of flowers, memoral contrbutons may be made to the Hosrplce of Hllborough nc., 60 S. Mag- jnolla Ave., Tampa, Fla., 33606! :\ Mr. Rotrock lved n Westland for ]23 years before movng to Tampa, (Fla., 0 years ago. \!. He taught physcs, math and elec- Wednesday, Jan. 0 The Wednesday Club socal hour wll begn at p.m.. wth the general meetng at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 7 A "Western Dnner" wll be at p.m. Tckets are 3. Come dressed n western" attfre. Entertanment wll be furnshed by. the Dyer Center Western Ktchen Band. Reservatfons ; requred. - v Wednesday, Jan. 24 There wll be a Brmngham Theater Trp \o see the performance of "O-Kay." Buses wll leave Dyer Center at 0:30 a.m. Lunch wll be,at :80 a.m. Buses wlu return at about 6. p.m. Reservatons are f 25. Wednesday, Jan. 3 A pancake breakfast wll be held. runnng when an undentfed man jumped n, backed down her drveway and drove away just after 7 a.m. The man, who was wearng a hooded jacket or sweat shrt, was last seen drvng north on Matthew, she sad. A HOMEOWNER on tne block of Canyon reported that someone broke nto her house Wednesday nght. The homeowner sad she wasnt sure f anythng was stolen, but told polce dresser drawers n upstars bedrooms appeared to have been rfled. The break-n occurred between 8 and 9 p.m., whle nobody was home, the woman sad.. The ntruder entered the bouse by kckng n the front door, she sad. POfc E~afrested a 68*year-bld Detrot man Tuesday afternoon for shoplftng $49.56 worth of meat from the Farmer Jack supermarket, 3444 Ford. The stolen goods fve New York Strp steaks and one Porterhouse steak were returned to the stores trbncs at Bentley and Frankln. A World War veteran, he was a rado specalst statoned n Greenland. He beamed B.S, and M.A. degrees-from Unversty of Mchgan and had an educaton specalst standng. He was an actve Boy Scout leader and church member, loved the outdoors and enjoyed-campng, fshng and fswlmmlng. Survvors nclude hs wfe, Jean; daughters, Gay, Janet Haunert, Peg-. gy Flacks, Carol, Mary Lou Abbound; 0 grandchldren and one great-grandchld. communty calendar Non-proft groups should mal tems.for the calendar to the Observer, 3625 Schoolcraft, Lvona, Ml The date, tme and place of the event should be ncluded, along wth the name and phone number of someone who can be reached.durlng busness hours to clarfy nformaton. ged teats Monday-Tuesday, Jan. 5-6 Lvona Publc Schools wll offer GED tests 5-0 p.m.jjj Bentjey Center, 500 HubbrdJpbr more nformatlon, call W/ meat4epartment. A storeemployee told polce he became suspcous of the culprt after he saw the man place two steaks, face down, n hs shoppng "cart and head for the store ext A second employee ntercepted and defned the man at the end of a store asle. The second employee sad he* saw parts of several other steak packages partally concealed under the mans coat. fashons Thursday, Jan The Westland Cujtural Socety wll sponsor a parade of Amercan fashons from the t early 800s through the 930s at the Baley Center, on Ford near Carlson. UaSBQBE A BOX contanng an undetermned amount of money and candy was reported stolen durng a break-n at Madson Elementary School, 075 S. Carlson, over the holday vacaton. The break-n occurred between Dec. 22 and Jan. 2, a custodan told polce. The culprt apparently entered the -school by breakng a small wndow facng an nner courtyard. freeapoorcmd Beng HefcTHostage. At ths very moment, hundreds of thousands of chldren n Thrd.Worldcountres are beng held hostage by poverty, dsease and gnorance. These chldren desperately need help. Through CCF, you can sponsor a needy grl or boy. The cost s $8 a month only 604 a Jay. Your sponsorshpensures that a poor chld re- "ceves food, ctothhg, medcal assstance, a chance to go to school or Whatever, s needed most. Take abold step. Please pck up your phone now and call.ths toll-free number. Your gft can mean so much to an nnocent chld. Chrstan Chldrens Fund, nc (Toll Fret) J.-. m* ^. Words can ht The program begns wth a salad luncheon at :80 a.m. For leservatlons, send 5 for each guest to the Westland Cultural Socety, Box 902, Westland To reserve by telephone, call Mares Lomas at or Jo Johnson at Reservaton deadlne s Jan. 9. card party Tuesday, Jan. 23. Garden Cty Lades VFW Post Auxlary 7575 wll hold.ts "card party" at noon n the hall, 830 Ford, west of Vehby. Admsson s $3 and ncludes lunch and przes.. O floor hockey * ^Wayne-Westland YMe*r=te- takng regstratons for adult floor hockey teams. Leagues play at Stevenson Jr. Hgh on Saturday afternoons begnnng n February. Team fee s 230. Players must be at least 8 years old. Regster before Jan. 6 at the Wayne-Westland YMCA. Call * - 9 safe rdes* Frdays-Saturdays Lvona Safe Rdes s n operaton Frday and Saturday nghts durng the school year from 0 p.m. to 2 a.m. Hgh school sludents lvng n the Lvona School Dstrct may call on these^ evenngs for a safe and Confdental rde home, For more nformaton. ^call m-m. SECTON 002 _ -~. ADVERTSEMENT FOR BDS FOR WAYNE-MEMORAL HGH SCHOOL RE-ROOFNG ~ 3g0FOTJRTH^TREEt WAYNE, MCHGAN Board of Educaton" Wayne-Westland Communty Schools MarquetteStreet Westland, Mchgan PROJECT ~~ a. Prepare porton of exstng roof to receve new nsulaton and sngle-ply roof system n accordance wth manufacturers recommendatons at Wayne-Memoral Hgh School. b. Bd wll be for a sngle-ply roof system. - % c. nstall new nsulaton and new EPDM fre-rated system, ratng Cas3 A on above roof area of approxmately 38,000 square feet. Contractor to confrm roof area quanttes and submt proposal accordngly. 2. ARCHTECT a. Lane, Rlebe, Weland - Archtects Lberty Street Farmlngton, Mchgan Telephone: (33) PAX: (33) , 3. PROPOSA^TO BE SUBMTTED a. Proposal 60 Roofng Contract 4. DUE DATE AND PLACE _... a.-proposals wll be receved at the followng: Date: January 22,990 Tme: 2:00 P.M. Pacer Wayne-Weslland Communty Scnools Dvson of Buldngs and Grounds Myrtle Street Wayne, Mchgan SSUE AND DEPOST OF DRAWNGS AND SPECFCATONS _a. Drawngs and specfcatons may be obtaned at the Archtects offce after the date of: December 3,989 6 b. Depost: None requred LOCATON OF PLANS a. Drawngs and specfcatons wll be on fle for bddng reference at the followng locatons: Lane, Rlebe, Weland - Archtects - Farmlngton, M -**- Dodge Reports Dearborn, M Constructon Assocaton of Mchgan Detrot, M Dally Constructon Reports Sterlng Heghts, M % PROPOSAL GUARANTEE AND SECURTY BONDS a. A certfed check or satsfactory bd bond made payable to: Treasurer oftbe Board of Educaton Wayne-Westland Communty Schools and equal to fve percent (%) of the bd shall be submtted wth each proposal. No bds may be wthdrawn for at least sxty (60) days after bd openng. 8 RGHTS OF THE OWNER a. The Owner reserves the rgfeho reject any and alltos and to wave any nformaltestheren. :;...:.,.; NOTE; PROPOSALS WtLLBE OPENED ON MONDAY, JANUARY 2 2/990, AT 7:00 PJ». AT BOARD OF EDUCATON BOARD ROOM LOCATED AT: TMOTHY J. DYER BULDNG MARQUETTE STREET WESTLAND, MCHGAN 4885 Board of Educaton Wayne-Westland Communty Schools SHARON SCOTT, Secretary Publc Jjtmury 4,» * ; Wfl M. r M K M ^ ^ K M M M -. a. n l. ^ r "".- p^^skm^^ y- "" "_ SECTON002 ADVERTSEMENT FOR BDS FOR SCHWETZER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL RE-ROOFNG 260 TREADWELL WESTLAND, MCHGAN «Board of Educaton Wayne-Westland Communty Schools Marquette Street ; - Westland, Mchgan 4885 fproject a. Prepare exstng roof to receve new nsulaton and-sngle-ply roof system n accordance wth manufacturerfl recommendatons afschweuer Ele- - mentary School. b. Bd wll be for a sngle-ply roof system. j" c. nstall new nsulaton and new EPDM fre-rated system, raung Gass A on above roof area of approxmately 49,000 square feet. Contractor to confrm roof area quanttes and submt proposal accordngly. 2.-ARCHTECT. a; Lane, Rlebe, Weland - Archtects Lberty Street Farmlngton, Mchgan "* Telephone: (33) FAX: (33) PROPOSAL TO BE SUBMTTED a. Proposal 0 Roofng Contract 4. DUB DATE AND PLACE a, Proposals wll be receved at the followng; Date: January 22,990 Tme; 2:00P.M. V..,. Place: Wayne-Westland Communty Schools Dvson of Buldngs and Grounds. - : Myrtle Street \ MVayne,Mchgan4884-: ^ -; 5. SSUE AND DEPOST OF DRAWNGS AND SPECFCATONS a. Drawngs and specfcatons may be obtaned at the Archtects offce after the date of: December 3,989 b. Depost: None requred $, LOCATON OF PLANS a. Drawngs and specf calldns wll be on fle for bddng reference at the followng locatons:! Lane,Rlebe, Welland Archtects ~ Farmlngton, M Dodge Reports - Dearborn, M Constructon Assocaton of Mchgan Detrot, M ""* Dally Constructon Reports - Sterlng Heghts, M 7. PROPOSAL GUARANTEE AND 8ECURTY BONDS a. A certfed check or satsfactory bd bond made payable to: Treasurer of tbe Board or Ed*catkm - Wayae-Wetland Communty Schools and equal to fve percent (*%) of the bd shall be submtted wjth each proposal. No bds may be wthdrawn for at least sxty (60) days after bd openng. 8. RGHTS OF THE OWNER a. The Owner reserve* the rght to reject any and all bds and to wave any nformaltes theren. NOTE: PROPOSALS WLL BE OPENED ON MONDAY, JANUARY 22,M, AT 7:W P.M. AT BOARD OF EDUCATON BOARD ROOM LOCATED" AT: TMOTHY J. DYER BULDNQ MARQUETTE STREET WESTLAND,MCHGAN4885. r Board of Educaton \ Wayne-Westland Communty Schools 8HARON SCOTT, Secretary FvMaWlWfHltndn, wf..._.._.<: T as a fst. Getthepkture! What you say to chldren can. determne how they feel **ont themeh/e. And how they feel about you. When youro upset, get hold of youreff. Stop and thnk about what youre saylnf. Stop usng words that hurt. Start usng words that help. ^wowsfajmrt SK forhclpfu,lntorm»tloh, wrte; Natonal Commttee for BEfftYcrrorftfChWAbwe.ggnWtf^Chlcay,U.W^J-> /- --¾ * SECTON 002 ADVERTSEMENT FOR BDS FOR ADAMS JUNOR HGH SCHOOL RE-ROOFNG PALMER WESTLAND, MCHGAN Board of Educaton Wayne-Westland Communty Schools Marquette Street Westland, Mchgan PROJECT a. Prepare exstng roof to receve new nsulaton and sngle-ply roof system n accordance wth manufacturers recommendatons at Adams Junor Hgh School. b. Bd wll be for a sngle-ply roof system. c. nstall new nsulaton and new EPDM fre-rated system-ratng Class A on above roof area of approxmately 9,350 square feet at a base bd area and 23,500 square feet at Alternate No. area and 4,00 square feet at Alternate No. 2 area. Contractor to confrm roof area quanttes and submt proposal accordngly. 2. ARCHTECT " a. Lane, Rlebe, Weland Archtects Lberty Street ~ Farmlngton, Mchgan Telephone: (33) FAX: (33) PROPOSAL TO BE SUBMTTED a. Proposal 60 Roofng Contract 4. DUE DATE AND PLACE., a. Proposals wll be receved qt the followng: Date: January 22,990 Tmer Place: 00P.M ; Wayne-Westland Communty Schools Dvson of Buldngs and Grounds 3345 Myrtle Street Wayne, Mchgan SSUE AND DEPOST OF DRAWNGS AND SPECFCATONS a. Drawngs and specfcatons may be obtaned at the Archtects offce after the data of: December 3,989 > l>. Depost: None requred 6. LOCATON OF PLANS a. Drawngs and specfcatons wll be on fle for bddng reference at the.followng locaton!- " ^_ Lane, Rlebe,.Weland - Archtects - Farmlngton, M podgf.reports - Dearborn, M, Constructon Assocaton of Mchgan - Detrot, M Dally Constructon Reports-Sterlng Heghts, M 7. PROPOSAL GUARANTEE AND SECURTY BONDS ~ a. A certfed check or satsfactory bd bond made payable to: Treaurer of tbe Board of Educaton Wayve-Wet (land Communty 8chool and equal to fve percent (%) of the bd shall be submtted w^h each proposal. No 8. bds may be wthdrawn for at least sxty (60) days after bd openng. RGHTO OF THE OWNER \ a. The Owner reserves the rght to reject any and all bds and to wave any nformaltes theren. * NOTE: PROPOSALS WLL BE OPENED ON MONDAY, JANUARY tt, 990, - AT 7:00 P.M. AT BOARD OF EDUCATON BOARD ROOM LOCATED -* AT - - > *.. TMOTHY J. DYER BULDNG. J6745 MARQUETTE STREET...; "\ WESTLAND, MCHOAN 4883 v>. Board of Educaton Wayne-Westland Communty Schools _! HARONSCOTT Secretary r«bull;»dttjry4.h64ll l04 *-*

5 -. J-"-.! ^^^H^^fP^P^WjP^^lw W^V^VPPP PPPPVPPVPPPPPPPPVPPBPPBHPVPHMPM./ Monday, qanuary 8 r 900 O&B- *SA rs Consent becomes electon ssue for autstc center By Wayne Peal staff wrter An archtectural consultant for the Burger Center, home for Wayne County programs for autstc chldren, coul,d be selected Wednesday Keepng a promse made to Burger Center parents, Wayne nty ntermedate School Board members are expected to commsson an archtectural frm to evaluate the former Garden Cty junor hgh school - - now targeted for =dwhng due to ts asbestos content, leaky roof and general need of Repars. "The SD has made a commtment to assess the buldng," sad Thomas Beltramo, drector of management, producton and env-_ Tonmentgl^ervtces. Parents have expressed concern that autstc chldren could be moved from Burger Center and dvded among several alternatve stes. Representatves of "eght or nne" frms toured the buldng Thursday, Beltramo sad. Twenty frms were nvted to submt bds by the Jan. 9 deadlne. The study s no guarantee the buldng wll reman open. "WHO KNOWS what theyre gong to recommend," Beltramo sad. A parent who also toured the buldng sad consderable repars could be needed^. "They had buckewn the hallway collectng water off the roof," sad Kenneth Howse of Lvona. "ts a shar"" th^jmtudlng-was-auowethg^ deterorate the way t dd/ Though hot an archtect by trade, Howse sad he would also submt a bd on the study. " thought someone should represent the parents* pont of vew," he sad. _ ~.^^- Though county school offcals estmated the study would be completed wthn three months, they sad efforts would be made to have t done sooner. Classes for 27 autstc students, between age 3-26, are held n the buldng, whch s owned and staffed by Garden Cty Schools. Energy use up n December Consumers Power anounced t has sent out more natural gas ths December than at any tme snce , the coldest wnter ths century. The company estmated ts customers used percent more natural gas ths December than for a smlar perod one year ago: Consumers, Powers metro regon serves more than 700,000 customers n Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Lvngston and Washtenaw countes. By Tm Rchard staff wrter The parental consent aborton bll wll become a 990 legslatve ssue, though poltcos dslke t n an electon year " dont lke to get nvolved n aborton from a poltcal standpont," sad Sen. Fred Dllngham, R- Fowlervlle. "We had no choce but to send t back to commttee." "t" s House Bll 503, whch the House passed Dec 7 after attachng a so-called Sucde amendment." -Senate Democrats wanted to take up the bll mmedately on Dec. -. But the Republcan majorty, joned =by-two oubtatb Democrats, sent t to" Dllnghanrs Human Resources Commttee. He expects to hold a hearng early n February and report t out to the Senate floor by md-february. - _RW»lT^O-L-H^of-MchlpTrsup- = ports the bll, whch would requre grls 7 and under to obtan ether parental or probate court consent before obtanng an aborton. But RTL dslkes the sucde amendment, whch was added onthe House floor RTL lobbyst Ed Rvet explaned: "t would allow a mnor to have an aborton wthout parental consent f she presented a note to rte abortonst from a certfed psychologst or" psychatrst sayng she was sucdal. "Weve seen t n other states. When Colorado and Oregon were lberalzng ther aborton laws (n the 960s), they allowed abortw n four cases rape, ncest, pjjyscal health and mental health of themother. "A woman would be referred to a Y~ FREE WEGHT JLQSS- G«a FHE6 W E>^ on OFf RESULTS los^s-6 pounds FREE^-u j«f-n-«*cal tupervsky Tfvee OET RESULTS PROGRAMS ajlow you 8J*J <** phystcfan 0 tetxz U^«de! lhal rght kx you Go on tb«d:ft RESULTS FAST lot tpeedejl weght OSJ Try na DET RESULTS COOKJE OET. c* lh«det RESULTS BAA PROGRAM ceared for accve tejtylm OET RESULTS Vtamns, njecton*, and Appflf.e Supocessaols. help you SFAY on youf poo/am. LOSE WEGHT QUCKLY, and k<ep rhofl CaM (Of your appontment today MEDCAL CENTER «4 3 MDDLEBELT ROAO LVONA McnlQ8/Vs QrJy Medcal Cente/ Board Certfed n Weflht Reducton Med*:»fe sympathetc psychatrst. t can all be sad and done n J 5 mnutes. The potental for abuse s there. "f a chld s sucdal, then theres a serous dysfuncton that parents should know about. Lettng her have a secret aborton s not gotog to solve t." SENATE MAJORTY, leader John Engler, R-Mount Pleasant, and Dllngham agreed to hold up the bll. " have a problem wth the amendment. t cjrcumvenls the ntent of the bll," sad Dllngham. "The" House made a major change n that bll, and dd t n the last hours ohhesesson " The Senate passed ts own parental consent.bll-n October. But for poltcal -reasons, the House took up ts own bll,.sponsored by Rep. Mchael Grffn, D-Jackson. "There was a strong feelng Mke Grffn was_ajkttet_person to -be=^ "sponsor, because hes a Democrat, sad Dllngham Gov. James Blanchard, a. prochoce Democrat, s expected to veto the bll, and the pro-lfe majorty n the Legslature s lkely to attemptar^overrde. "the overrde would start n the House," Dllngham sad. "f we can get the votes to overrde n the House, we can easly overrde n the Senate." The Senate bll passed wth a two- KHHCTAXES CANMAKYOU FEE6REAT. ESPEOAUY WHEN THEYRE SOMEONE ELSES, Go v. James Blanchard, a pro-choce Democrat, s expected to veto the bff? and the pro-lfe-majorty n the Legslature s lkely to attempt an overrde. ""thrds majorty, but the House vote >, before the Legslature recessed was eght votes short of two-thrds. for 989. BLANCHARD and the Democrats s-ere sad6 T wantjto~avod votng on an aborton b\\\ durng an electon year. Senate Democrats made three separate attempts to get a vote Dee "What you pcked»p * a very "strong poltcal feelng n Lansng,". Dllngham agreed. Hs commttee usually meets at :30 p.m on Wednesdays n Lansng. Weg htlgss -program - - ntroducecho area women ): KO Area nvted lul/),rnev> program lo help hcm osg;weght through J new method usn^jvtdeotupes at home, ntbnfol. - A onc Vdeo Weght Loss Rrojjram s used by. the Amercan Heart Assocaton n ts health promoton program. Heart at Work People nterested n usng the n Control program n ther owj home may now call the dstrbutor. Health Products Marketng, loll free at A Program Drector wll gll you back wth nformaton and cost. Call today, between 9 and 6, to start the program by January 8. 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6 mmm*mmmm^mm^^ f e M ^ M t o f e M M _ M ^ M M tl^****^******^*^**!**^ Alk^tetate* 6A(L.R,W,Q) O&E Monday. January 8,990_ of vew News: mpact of prnt unknowrvto reporters >. UX)KNG BACK on the 990s. Dont ask me howl got here.prob-. ably pome knd of but-of-body experence nduced by readng too many retrospechveson the 80s and prot < t ". jectlons of what the J 9Us wll be llket But here am, crouched jn a corner, of he basement^ late n the afternoon of Dec. 3, 999 a few hours awayfromthe2st Century. * Upstars n the famly room, the two-way _ m.ellevlson _ :^blarlng_ Jonolyr You^nTurn t outtts controlled at the transmsson pont, the headquarters of NFTV - Nce Famly Televson Vewng. The pnly person who can turn the smellevewers on and offals Terr Revolta, the Secretary ofdecency, who long ago ssued an admnstratve order that all sets reman on 24 hours a day so that the Offce of De- k cency can montor what goes on n the home.. Here n the basement, wth the envronmentally certfed furnace hummng n concert wth the radon converter, feel farly safe. N THE CORNER, covered wth a arpaulla and sprayed thoroughly wth black-market Odor Elmnator, s a small, artfcal evergreen tree hng wlthcolored balls and tnsel. t used.tcreralt a fragrance smlar to pne that could be detected by the smellevewers, but thnk the wash- -ng-ahd Sprayng overthe years" have made t safe; : We salvaged t n md-decade, after Chrstmas was abolshed and all other holday celebratons were declared llegal. Ths s the frst year ve dared to take t out of hdng, Jrut,js % new ceatury s about to.begn, jfs a remndlfbf the way thngs used to be, My wfes upstars, sprayng the famly room wth a cheap perfume that she pcked up at the local drug store, ts supposed to smell lke marjuana smoke and, f t works, t wll mask the odor of the Koolsthat bought from a pusher down n the corrdor last week. f t doesnt well, the Tobacco Enforcement Agents wll be kckng down the door soon. dont know-why m takng thschance. ve gotten used to the Health Patrols and the Envronmental Polce. The /replace has been sealed off for years and the last of the cholesterol-laden bacon grease was taken to the hazardous waste dump n94.. ~~ ~. ~ hd a bag of potato chps n the ar purfer for a couple of years, but my wfe found them and made me turn them n to the Health Enforce^ ment Agency, along wth the can of coffee that found n a dumpster just after t was outlawed., :!» the Health Patrol jack Gladden tng Congress to ncrease thepenalty for smbklng n the tome from a hgh msdemeanor to a felony;rumor has t that tonght he" wll announce an Jnvask^l= e4<>mbhno^ttaefe=tfnp Colomban coca farmers, who have been growng llegal tobacco plants n ther coca felds.. Af (er that, Drug Secretary Manuel Norega wll gve hs annual report on the success of the program legal-.." ". /..._" BUT SHE never found the pnt of scotchjhayjt^kjrtajurnace. vent "when we were raded by the Booze Busters a couple of years ago the day a ter the New Prohbton took effect. dont care what happens m gong to break t out at mdnght, just as soon as Surgeon General Kook fnshes hs annual State of the Natons Health address. He just announced that, as part of - the battle aganst ADS, condom dspensers wll be made mandatory n every home effectve fext week. And he has outlawed the sale of suaar;, salt and at bran, substances, Te says, that are bad for you. We are told to stand by for a report from Jobacco Czar Wllam* Bennett; who wll dscuss the latest progress n the War on Smokng. Last year Bennett succeeded n get- zng-drags-namercar-the-broaov cast wll end wth a grm-faced Presdent Quayle standng n front of a banner that says "Remember: Celebratons Are nsenstve," whle the band of Guy Lombardo V plays "ts a Grand Old Flag and-ts Unconsttutonal to Burn t." Me, m getng ready to crawl under the-tarpauln wth-the Chrstmas Tree, puff on a Kool, sp my scotch out of the bottle and reflect on the progress that has been made durng the last decade of the 20th Century, wonderng whether the Smoke Polce, the Booze Busters or the Holday Patrol wll be the frst to kck n the door. Jack Gladden s a copy edtor at the Observer & Newspapers. Ebtentrc from our readers Letters must be orgnal copes and contan the sgnature and address of the sender. Lmt letters to 300 words. Dogon roofa cruel act on To the edtor: was dsapponted n your artcle about "Chrstmases remembered," n whch you publshed Chrstmas remembrances wrtten by people n ths area. My story wasnt publshed and thnk the paper made good choces. However, feel the story about the dog on the roof was a doubtful choce. t s cruel to make a dog go T tl *>*?%><**& J tr. CKNTLRV JTHowa/dMaJer * ftfffrtf W*»J(c ErK HARDEN (Sleh up on the roof to make footprnts. Ths s cruelty to anmals. n the specfcaton* for the contest, t was stated each story must be 00 words or less. Of the* sx stores publshed, four were over 00 words and only two were 00 words or less. The frst story went up to 49 _words. dont thnk you were far. could have made my story a lttle longer and maybe-a lttle better f wasnt restrcted by that rule of 00 words or less. Shame on you. Elzabeth Phllps, Lvona Classc nterors Fne Furnture... Where you fnd Mchgans largest collecton of J3rand Names ever assembled under one roof Mcdlebelt Lvona (South of 8 Mle Road) M,Th,P.9:30-$:00 TAV.S& 9:30-5: lflt ll»>l llthtw % Twce a week s better Twce a week s belter -^U*«5&*?*0 ^tt&^ ^ v/ M NOT bg on New Years resolutons. You dont make em, you cant break em pretty much sums up my weakwlled lne of thnkng rt that area. Rut somethng happened last week that changed my atttude. f not for all tme then for at least for ths, year:. - t spurred me nto mmedate ac- ton t was already Jan. 3 and : fgured the offcal resoluton checkout wndow was about to shut down for the season on my one and only promse for 990. DO HEREBY RESOLVE TO BE MORE AWARE OF_HOW_>lY_AC- _ ^TONS~SFFECT"OTHERS N THE COMNGYEAR. " - What happened to set me of/ on..ths resoluton frenzy was an ntervew wth Arlene Adams, the mother of murder vctm Mchele Gerrlor of Garden Cty and a Lvona postal employee. For a journalst, ths knd of assgnment snt uncommon. Dont.get me wrong. ts not part ol our everyday routne around here and t stll took a mnute or two n the car before was ready to go trapsng up ths womans drveway n search of answers that mght help flrmn the blanks n ths^tory. But t wasnt the frst trjne ve done t and, unless t retre tomorrow.jprobably wont bethe last. " THE CONVERSATON wth.adams was dffcult and emotonal, but went off mostly wthout a htch. Untl we got to her grandson. Her grandson Gerrors 7- year-old survvng son by a prevous marrage was havng a terrble tme n school, Adams sad. She asked that we not dentfy her grandson by name so that he mght avod further embarrassment. n addton to copng wth the tragc stuaton, he was dealng wth taunts and whspers frpm classmates who had read all about how hs mother and her lover were allegedly gunned down --by her estranged husband whle they were n bed together at the mans Westland home-. Those stores appeared rr ths paper. wrote them. The stores were both necessary and^ because of the crcumstances of the kllngs dramatc. J BUT ADAMS remarks about her Tedd Schneder most from our readers Reader lkes Lyn Bankes To the edtor: * To : that gnorant num-skull that berated;rep. Lyn Bankes. wll tell you that Lvona voters are; not the ^ dumbest n the state, they are the v smartest for votng for a very fne and decent person. U she s pro-aborton we are wth her. Who are you to dctate to a woman "what she should <lo wth her body. f we cant preserve the prvacy of our rght to procreate, cant magne what rghts we wll be able to protect. f someone n your famly was grandson bothered me. As got \n\ the car to drve home began to ratonalze. Woll, hes 7 (almost 8 really) antf should be able to handle t, thought. Rght. _You should have seen 7.. Not exactly a man of the world. As wrote those stores my concentraton was on gettng all the facts. Names, places, who dd what to whom, when, how. wasnt thnkng about how a teenage boy would react to the news that hs mother was allegedly klled by hs stepfather late one nght at the home of her lover. thnk understand better now VhM thngs mutt bft lk? for A^r^- grandson. Not only dd he lose hs mother, but she became a lttle less mother -and a lttle mo/e human n the process. > And thats sort of what my resoluton s all about. dont &nk t wjll. make_me_any less ola. journalst, J)ut t mght Just make me a better human beng. nlptrvmemmwmmrvmkhfm -~?~ raped, would you want them to go through a pregnancy that they wouldnt want or couldnt afford? And as far as flep. Bankes beng a Republcan and supportng pro-aborton shows she s her own person and not a yes-man. Her mall s very nformatve and honest.f do not beleve that the taxpayers pay for her mal; f they, do, So do countless of representatves and congressmen send out mall. wsh you would prnt ths, do not lke to see a nce person lke Repr Bankes defamed and slandered. Mrs. Bankes, the people of Lvona and wll re-elect you anytme. No, Mr. Lcota. am not a relatve., Hal Grushkln, Lvona -800-US-BONDS An easy soluton to gft gvng The Councl for WomenaHealth s pleased to present the second annual Mdwnter-Break foravomen:,.-., U.S. SAVNGS BONDS The Magc af You Saturday, January 27, 9 a.m. «3:30 p.m. The Radsson Resprt and Conference Center ^, Jon our second annual Saturday Getaway for a day of laughter, learnng and ntrospecton, whle Ave explore the knd of magc t takes for todays woman to succeed, and how to handle our contnually changng roles as women. Workshops: Abracadabra: The Magc ofhu mor The Jugglng Act: Balancng Our Multple y Roles % * > ¾ JPaqtases and Dreams: Ways to dentfy and Express Your Creatvty T s \U VMC. You.andJYour Crystal Balk Enhancng Your future Luncfuon Entertanment: Magcan Lucy Smalleys Lttle Mracles Makng Myths Dsappear: A New Psychology^/ Women J. STORE HOURS: MOfFr $;30-9 : St 9:30 $ (Nov! Ml 9) Sun -5 BUY ONE FRAME, GET A SECOND FRAMED FOR A PENNY!! 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Tle Councl for Womens Health s sponsored by._ Catherne McAuley Health Center,- - Chelsea Communty Hosptal and Salne Communty Hosptal M ). ;». «:.. < ".,».,. -. J - t(tf - nrnn " -f rn.rnn,. r/ ,. p....,*.., ^... T.. _..,,,,, nm {m

7 Possble new access road for arport Monday,Januarys, 990 O&E By An Authorzed Sears nstaller MAGNETC NTEROR NSULATNG WNDOW SYSTEM! :..s $- t. j. r; S. <.t n rj. OAV)DFRANK/orepfl6s coordnator The federatgovernmey has authorzed money for Wayne Coun- panson project, alsoncludng a new control tower, runways ty to begn engneerng and desgn work for a south acce.88 road and termnal buldng. for Metro Arport. The route s par o,f the arports overall ex- _. j. - _ - - A southern entrance to Metro Arport moved a step closer late last year as a $5 mllon federal transportaton grant was authorzed to allow Wayne County to begn desgn and engneerng work on Jhe project. Arport offcals sad they were pleased wth the grant, but noted the new route could stll be years away. v arport route to be studed "Wed stll need envronmental approval before buldng could begn," arport spokesman Mchael Conway sad. The new route would connect Eureka Road n southern Romulus wth Rogell.Drve, the arports man route for_motor vehcle tralfc. A half-cloverleaf off Eureka would also be added. The south access-road s part of an overall expanson expected to also produce a new termnal and addtonal runways, south of exstng termnal bulldtgs. An -94 ext s currently the arports tan access route. "Weve long looked at easng congeston off -94," Conway sad. Expanson projects would enable Metro to handle rsng passenger traffc, Conway sad. Passenger traffc more than doubled n the 980s and s expected to contnue growng, reachng.nearly 5 mlljo by lhejnd-990s. n the past year, the arport has expanded ts nternatonal termnal and broken ground "for a new control tower. Prayer, acton s called upon for needy By Wayne Pea! staff wrter Amerca needs both prayer and acton at a tme when the rch are gettng rcher and the poor are gettng poorer, sad the Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker, keynote speaker at Satar-- days Wayne County Prayer Breakfast. Amercans should be thankful for ther blessngs, the long-tme cvl rghts actvst sad. But he challenged county leaders to harness ther energy to help the needy and overcome racal dscrmnaton. Walker, pastor of the Canaan Baptst Church n New York Cty, sad Amercas urban areas bear wtness to a wdenng gap between wealth and poverty. ^ "(N NEW York) weve got 86,000 people sleepng n the street n a cty where you cant even fnd a place to park your yacht unless ts 00 feet long," sad Walker, a one-tme chef of staff-tor the Rev. Martn,UUher Kng and specal advser to the Rev. Jesse Jackson. At several ponts, Walkers speech Please HelpA Neghbors Chld n Need!» Thrd World countres, hundedsof thousands otchldren arc n desperate ne^d of food, clothng, medcal care- the bascs of lte. These grls and. boys are even dened the opportunty to attend school. They are our neghbors n a world that groves smaller everyday,. - * lrough CC\\ you can sponsor a neghbors chld.the cost s $8 a month -just 60? - to help a poor chld n Asa, Afrca or Latn Amerca, - -a chld who ha^ vrtually nothng. v Please pck up your phone now and dal the toll-free number below Be a good neghbor by helpng an nnocent cnld Chrstan Chldrens Fund, nc. & ^800^ ^ (loll Free) f (n New York) weve got 66,000people sleepng n the street n a cty where you cant even fnd a place to park year yacht unless ts 00 feetjong. the Rev. Wyatt tee Walker { ^ Keynote speaker Wayne County Prayer Breakfast was nterrupted by shouts of "Amen." The 60-year-old actvst receved a standng ovaton from the near-2,000 people n attendance at the concluson of hs remarks. " thought t was most nspratonal," sad.schoolcraft College Presdent Rchard McDowell, one of the metropoltan area cvc, busness and relgous leaders n attendance. Arthrts Todav Joseph J. Wess. M.D. Rheumatology 8829 Farmngton Rond Lvona. Mchgan 4852 Phone: "WHAT HE$ sayng s, n spte of our problems, we should try to recognze the good thngs we have n our county," sad Arthur Blackwell, charman of the Wayne County Commsson. Although generally avodng reference to specfc poltcal topcs, Walker referred to the recent US. nvason of Panama as a "debacle." "ThehTarmy s not as bg, as the. polce force of New York Cty, yet we had the bggest mltary ar lft snce Vetnam," he Bald DRY EYES ANg DRY MOUTH N ARTHmTS Dryness n the eyes occurs when the lacrmal gland, located n the outer corner of the eye, fals to secret tears. You note a grtty feelng every tme you blnk your eyes. _. _ Also, you often have a red, panful eye, as rrtants such. as dust and cnder partcles, usually washed away, reman and fester. Dryness of the mouth resultstrom a falure of the salvary glands to produce a flow of salva. These glands, located n the floor of the mouth, allow you to eat dry substances such as crackers. Salva also cleanses the mouth, protectng the gyms from nfecton and the teeth from cavtes. Dsordered lymphocytes provde the common path from swollen jonts to dry eyes. n ndvduals wth rheumatod arthrts, lymphocytes nvade aryj dsrupt jont lnng tssue. n some persons, lymphocytes do the same to the lacrmal and salvary glands. - Treatment s not completely satsfactory. Artfcal tears are useful for dry eyes, but you must admnster the tears frequently. For a dry mouth, physcans jt present have no better recommendatons then frequent sps of water, and use of hard candy balls to stmulate whatever salvary capacty remans. BALLAS BAL.AS BALLAS BALLAS BALLAS A team of leasng professonals offerng you the "Ballas Benefts" T Paul Rondna f.~ Branch Manager ; / Mark Brlggs Robert Dwker Sd 8lnfl*r At Ballas Leasng, wo beleve that leasng should,be a pleasant experence.. Thats why we offer those "Ballas Benefts". #.Personal Attenton #2 flexblty #3 Buyng Rght #4 Lcensng #5 Free Loahers #6»Effectve Used Car Marketng Got the full "Ballas Beneft" story. & George Ballas) Leasng The loaslng Company That Cf res ^ ^ ^ " George Batlas l.oaslng, nc. Sutd 09, 2605 Orchard Uko Road Farmngton Hlls. Mclvgah 4808 SPONSORED BY Wayne County Executve Edward McNamara and a coalton of Detrot and suburban relgous leaders, the event was at Cobo Hall. Afterward, attendees mxed wth the crowd gathered for openng day of the Detrot Auto Show. The prayer breakfast also featured U.S. Sen. Carl Levn, Gov. James Blanchard and Lt. Gev. Martha Grffths. t also featured elected offcals from numerous communtes ncludng freshman Garden Cty Counclman Davd Keltb, who passed the coffee to another cty councl newcomer - Detrots Gtl Hll. 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9 mww**»->r*mwmmmwwvwv*rv?y*wwl*wv*t*wn**, T*w v,w\n9wmrrwm*m*^mm**^* **^WW*!l^jlt rr r^^r?.., - $ m tje Obseruer & Eccentrc Newspapers Ethel Smmons edtor/ Monday, January 8,990 tastebuds cheh-arry Janes 6&E ^;M:W"rt> r^fe-j^ J -\ Dels B rv Hes tred carryng 7 the we Rt~ /5.-VV-CV. =/. -.v,-: >,.;,,?. ^d«^}c healthy - f.- Just about ths tme of year, begn gettng envous of folks lke Oprah Wnfrey and Tonmy La- Sorda blabbng on the arwaves about how successful they were wth ther dets. One would almost be led to be- (leve that ths "mracle" of weght loss could be just-as sc cessful for mllons of us, and lke Oral Roberts, all we would have j to do s send these det doctors a. monthly paycheck and, yes, we! too can look and feel just lke, them. " - " -w - ", Personallyj doubt very much that Oprah gets a chance-to-eat potato skns enveloped n sour! cream presently featured, on the ; menu of her Chcago Testaurant, < Eccentrcs, or, for that matter,! does Tommy LaSorda really get ; to eat a plate full of spaghett and meatballs, not to menton the \ salad and garlc bread..! ts a fact that on the average ; day there are 0,280,32 adults on dets. (Source: "On the Aver-! age Day" compled by Tom Hey- ; mann, Faucett/Columblne books.) ; Thats over 00 mllon folks just "lke you and me who are searchng for mracle cures to help them lose weght. c ^surprsed f that number s far ;greater rght after the holdays, ;elther. *, Now you name t and ve tred t as far as dets are concerned. Thank goodness m 6-foot-8-be- ; cause frequently hear the old : adage, «You. carry t well." Well, <.!m tred of "carryng t well." r ; DONT YOl THNK ts about > tme folks lke-you and me ^stopped blamng our bg bones and fnally fessed up to the real reason why we need to watch our * calore ntake? We eat. Perod.. No fs, ands or buts. cant magne lfe wth Coke, %; wthout chps, meatloaf wthout v potatogs and pe wthout ce *cream. < Sure, could blame ray avor-- Jdupols on the fact that try each Jreclpe before prntng. My prob- (lem, try the whole recpe. {Theres no doubt that n my next jlfe, want to return as a wne ttaster who has the wllpower to splt out each and every taste. \ Speakng of taste, why do deters lke you and me have to put Jup wth plan salads at most of. ;the Detrot area restaurants? Why does broled fsh taste better Jwhen ts garnshed wth a calo- [rle-ladened lobster cream sauce? (Why does Goo-Goo Crunch ce Scream taste so much better than ;"Hte" artfcally flavored ce Tnllk? Because, dear folks, we. have the gft of taste. Granted, there are tmes we taste too much of We thng and the bottom lne!works out that nstead of tastng, yte end up eatng the whole kt and kaboodle; f you cant tell by the fre n tny wrtng style yes, m on by det agan. Wth a lttle luck, Tl be able to change my thought pocesses and be able to swtch from gong on a det to mantanng a healthy eatng regmen, jcontlnuously. have ths problem of fallng off whatever get "on." SO, NSTEAD OF relnqushng my weekly food budget to Lean Cusne, m takng on a newout- ook and wll begn tastng less. hereby pass along the bowl of carrots and celery frmly mplanted on the shelf of my frdge for a new outlook on lfe. m lke an alcoholc around booze, ah addct around* cocane, snce the food wll be there to tempt me at every nterval, m gong to skp ths det tran and re-educate my eatng habts. From now on, just a taste should suffce. f ts that good, there wll be even better stuff to tast tomorrow.., r Yes, ladles and gentlemen, you too can jon the ranks of "tasters anonymous. 0 All t takes s one heck of a lot of wllpower. Send ho money but remember; "The $hadow knows" how many tmes youve tasted cuts from hs eatery. The menu s truly ko sher, whch dffers from kosher style. Morrs Goodman, ownertrf-saras Glatt Kosher Del n Southfeld, dsplays a tray of cold ss^t^a?^ MtfMfc<&fa*>J> m mm Marcos Wth the openng of Marcos, Farmngton fnally has a flne-dnlng restaurant. Though ths lttle cty has a charn" not unlke Plymouth.or Rochester and has valantly redeveloped ts downtown, t had been overlooked as a sltefor a good restaurant! Untl now. T--- ;-:-,- Just sx months ago, Marco Conte and hs famly opened the restaurant n the Vllage Commons buldng on Grand Rver east of Farmngton. Road. They soon found out how rght ther choce of locaton was. Busness has been so good that they already antcpate expandng the 80- seat dnng room. Contes parents, Ann and Enzo, are no strangers to restaurateurlng. For more than 30 years, they operated Rnas restaurant n Detrot. At Marcos, Ento does most of the cookng.-twp other chldren, Roberto and Tna; help out where needed. Marco hmself started workng at Cafe Cortna 0 years ago at the age of 5 - and was general manager by tho tme he left ths summer. Though talan cookng s ts specalty, Marcos atmosphere s a far cry from the red-checked tablecloths you mght expect. t s modern, wth deep lavender walls, glass block dvdng the entrance from the dnng room, black accents and beautful Venetan. masks hangng on ho walls, - v MARCO CONTE desgned tho n- u. JEftRY ZOLYNSKY/statf photographer A mom and her 4^year-old are served by watress Evelyn. Morrs Goodman gves recpes for you to try POTATO SOUP 6 large potatoes cot nto large chunks - large onon, sauteed % cup brown flour (brown n fryng ^an or oven) salt and pepper to taste water to cover potatoes Cook potatoes and water untl they are ^hreerfourths of the -way done. Add sauteed onon. Add flour untl soup thckens. Season wth salt and pepper. Serves 4-6., tcrlor of hs restaurant wth Wart deco flavor to defy the stereotypy but sprnkled talan touches such as the masks throughout. Whle the menu s more tradtonally talan, t offers a few surprses too, ncludng.a delcous srlon dsh n whch thnly slced srlon s wrapped around mozj^rella cheese, flavored wth parmcsan cheese, garlc, salt, pepper and.*parsley, and smmered n tomato sauce. Another nterestng entreo was a broled whlteflsh wth seasoned peppers. an talan touch to an otherwse common dsh.. Among three veal dshes s a veal plccanto whch was OK, though not "\ - -- "" r -.- A.: :-:: V- MUSHROOM-BARLEY SOUP cup slced mushrooms large dced onon 3 stalks celery (chopped) 2 carrots (grated) cup barley 3 quarts water teaspoon pepper Lawrys Seasonng to taste Cook slowly for 2 hours. Add water f too thck. Optonal: Soup bones or 3 pounds flanken. Serves 6-8. delghts By AnneR. Lehmann specal wrter GROW UP N a Jewsh home and chances are you wll become well acquanted wth foods that are home-cooked, plentful and, at tmes, even nsprng. Thats what happened to Morrs Goodman, owner and propretor of Saras Glatt Kosher Del; a restaurant he named to honor hs late mother. Snce ts humble begnnngs on 0 Mle and Coo- Udge roads three years ago, ths Soutbeld eatery, now n the New Orleans Mall, has grown nto a bustlng establshment caterng to everyone fromn Hasdc Jews to sharply clad busnessmen. For orthodox Jews who observe- the-strct relgous detary laws of kashruth, and for whom McDonalds s not an opton, Saras offers an opportunty to grab a quck burger or enjoy full-servce dnng. Many people also are turnng to kosher foods and meats becauseof health concerns, recognzng that the close supervson of these products generally results n superor qualty. The fact s that Goodman, who s at work by 7:30 a.m. and farely leaves before 0:30 p.m., has always been ready, wllng and able to feed the masses. " love to cook, feed and eat," he says. Goodman spent hs sx years wth the Natonal Guard as a cook. THE BEARDED, aproned father of three began hs career n the ktchen when he was 4 years old, workng as a busboy at Lous Del. Over the next 2 years he learned the ropes alongsde hs older brother Marty, who now owns the Detrot chan of Lous Dells. "Food Was a focal pont n our famly, and although my mom never taught us formally, we gleaned a lot by beng around her," he recalls, The food busness has remaned a famly affar. Goodmans four younger ssters, wfe and teenage son all help out. Consequently he has named many of hs 40 combnatonsandwches for them, as well as for longstandng and loyal employees. What makes Goodmans work partcularly challengng s that hs restaurant s glatt kosher. The term "glatt" apples to beef. What t means, accordng to Rabb Elmellech Slberberg of West Bloomlleld^sBals Chabad Torah Center, s that the meat s unquestonably kdsber_because there are no lung adhesons n the anmal. He says, "f there s an adheson t can stll be deemed kosher based on the judgment of the specally desgnated general examner." Only two out of 0 cows are glatt, Slberberg says. "The theory s that ts ahealthler anmal." But the real challenges of runnng a truly kosher restaurant are keepng the menu nterestng despte detary laws, and assurng fnancal vablty despte the many hours t must be closed for holday and Sabbath observances. Please turn to Page 2 Please turn to Page 2 fne dnng, talan top exceptonal. The sauce of whte wne, garlc and lemon was good, but the veal was a lttle on the tough sde. A grlled shrmp wjtt artchoke hearts was excellent. The 6 pasta dshes nclude an excellent llrgufne wth" calamarl (squd), clams, mussels and shrmp. Clams seem to be a popular addton to Marcos pastas. There are three other entrees featurng pasta and clams as well as another wth shrmp n the sauce. Stll, there are meat sauces on a ravlojl and a spaghett. Seasonngs n the sauces seem to be on the lght sde. They arent overpowerng, though they are evdent. Detals: V. Marcos,32758 Grand Rver, Farmngton,^ ,. /fours: Lulch: :30 a:m. to 3:30. p.m. Mon<j0-FHday; Dnner 3:30-0 p.m. MoHday-Thursday, 3:30- :p.m. Frddy) 4:30* p.m. Saturday md 4:3.0*9 p.m. Sunday. The restaurant] s avalable /or;-p.rtvate pattes on Saturday a\d Sunday ajemoons, : Prces: # AH major credt cards accepted. Value: Good tradtonal talan dshes tuth a f 0 unusual entrees. _4 ^-M,^d A v, -.Ld SHARON LEMlEUX/*t»ff ph<rtoff«pb* Marco Conte says ths dsh, llnguln* pttctttore, t one of the bggest sellers at ht rtstaurmt n Farmngton r. -v umnfltagfc t-

10 mnmmmm MMM tmmmmm 28* Pck Monday, January 8, 990 Kosher dels dshes are a 5 7 Contnued from Page :., THE DFFERENCE between kcsljer style and truly kosher s dramatc. A. kosher-style dell ean serve food seven days a week and wll fea. ture thck meat sandwches, cheese; bfntzes, Ruebens, thngs that are not permssble n a truly kosher establshment becausevpf the orthodox prohbton aganst mxng meat and dary products. v _. Goodmans ktchen features only meat and non-dary products, although some tofu-based products have made t possble for hm tooffer, such unque tems as "cheesecake" and "ranch dressng." "The kosher food ndustry s undergong a "revoluton," Goodman says. For example; tofu-based cheeses have recently been developed whch have the taste and meltng qualty of the real McCoy. Although many of these "mock"! products have been around for a long tme, the qualty left a lot to be desred.... """Thats all changng now," he says, and observant Jews soon wll be able to eat excellent-tastng veal parmgan, somethng he s currently test marketng n hs restaurant. Addtonally, Jewsh law requres that kosher restaurants be closed durng the Sabbath and observant holdays. These are consdered days of rest and prayer when work s forbdden. Hence the doors at Saras are closed befp^^urtdown every Frday and dont reopen untl after nghtfall Saturday. FROM A BUSNESS standpont, gvng up ths tme each week mght seem lke a bg fnancal sacrfce, but for Goodman ts a tme for "santy, gettng back to bascs and spendng tme wth my famly," he says. The topc of closng for holdays prompts Goodman to say jokngly;"! guess you can say that dhr vacaton tme s predetermned by a hgher power." Though the ancent detary laws of kashruth regn supreme for Goodman at home and work, he s excted and nspred by all the possbltes the burgeonng kosher; food ndustry, s creatng. "ts really amazng when you thnk of observant Jews sttng down wth a pece of nondary cheesecake that puts the best New York cheesecake to the test," he says. "The possbltes are becomng endless and, for that reason, beng kosher s more exctng than ever before." V Contnued from Page Fllng STUFFED CABBAGE =s^c)pbfnefalhngt^ent8hand" set.asde: ;..-...,., " v*- 2 pounds foamburger teaspoon salt :½ teafpoon pepper-.2 eggs 2 tablespoon rce (raw and washed) dash of Worcestershre sauce Cabbage - \ T$ke the core out of a large cabbage by makng &. crcular cut. Boll the cabbage n salt water. When plable separate the leaves. Place 2 tablespoons of the meat fllng n each leaf. Roll up, tuck ends n and under so roll holds, together (optonal, use a toothpck). Place-cabbage rolls n a roaster pan. Sauce 4-ounce bottle catsup,. large bottle gnger ale, 28-ounce-can tomatoes M_x catsup, wth fnger ajejand pour, over rolls. Add tomatoes and cover. Baste frequently. Bake at 825 degrees for 3-4 hours. Yrelds 6-20 rolls. POTATO KNSHES % cup ol M cup hot water 3 cups flour ¼ teaspoon bakng powder. 3 teaspoons salt Xeapooo^>*ppL_JL^» cups mashed potatoes teaspoon yellow food, color 2 small onons, dced and cooked Beat eggs slghtly. Add ol and war ter and food color: Beat together untl well blended. _Nfx flour, salt, and bakng powder. Add to egg mxture. Cover wth towel and put n a warm place for about- \ hour. Roll V* of doughat a tme, very hn. Put a thn row of mashed potatoes along long edge of dough. (Roll ½ tmes n jelly-roll fashon.) Cut and seal (Dvde dqugh nto slces by usng"%e sde ot your band.) Press down to seal. Place each krrlsh sealed sde down on a greased cooke sheet. Bake at 450 deg/ees for 2-5 mnutes untl brown. Yelds 50. Potato Fllng: potatoes, cooked onons, salt and pepper. SRAEL GARDEN SALAD package radshes, fnely slced head lettuce, shredded 2 cucumbers, cubed 2 green peppers, cubed JJ-.tomatoes, cubed flatgecarrot, shredded V cup vnegar *A cup ol tablespoon salt tt teaspoon black pepper Toss vegetables wth dressng ngredents. Chl. Serves 6-8. to take to the restaurant See Larry Janes column Tastebyds on Page.. DET SALAD DRESSNG Brng a bg Xupperware contaner of»thls when you go to one of Detrots fnest restaurants and offer to pass to other members of tasters ^anonymous. cup plan yogurt cup buttermlk large clove garlc, smashed -tfluplparsley, chopped fne : r: Vt teaspoon sweet Hungaran paprka salt and pepper to taste. /doubt very much that Oprah gets a chance to eat potato skns enveloped n sour cream. "Combne all ngredents and mx well; Allow flavors to mellow n the frdge for several hours before usng CABBAGE SOUP Heck, why not ask the water or watress to heat ths up n the mcrowave- tell em ts to ward offthe evl sprts of gastroenterts. 2 cups cabbage, shredded cup beef boullon or broth clove garlc, mnced fne ^ 2 cups canned tomatoes, blended small onon, dced fne salt and pepper to taste Saute cabbage and onon nv«cup beef broth tll tender. Combne remanng-ngredents and cook over medum heat, uncovered strrng frequently for 20 mnutes to thcken slghtly. f. 22! BOBS OF CANTON 86 Llley Road Canton Across from atrportn the Golden Gate SRoppng Center Joy Road & Llley We Accept. Food Stamps %5 SPECALZE N OVER-THE-COUNTER SERVCE. NO WATNG. WE PRDE OUR8ELVE8 2ftl fl.5 A J ««CE8 ON HGHEST QUAUTV BEEF-PORK-POULTRY-LAMB-VEAL AMSH CHCKENS & AM8H BROWN EQQ8. We Reserve the RlQht to Lmt Quanttes. Hours: Monday-Saturday 9-8 p.nv, Sunday 0-6 PJT. TUES., JAN. 9h ONLY j USDACholee top Srlon "Steak ". o r :..: Grade A Boneless Butterfly Chops, $ 2.39b Lmt 0 lbs. Wth Addtonal >.00 Purchase WED.JAN.0h ONLY j Grade A-Potk Country Style *R jb J~ $.9 and USD A Choce Beef N.Y. Strp Steaks 3,59.b Bulk Package lbs. or rnore dolb.rplu ALL WEEK SPECALS USDA Choce Beef Round Sale! Roast^S^7b. Round Steak? -67 b Cube Steak $ 2*7 b Srlon Tp^¾¾¾, lb. fehurs., JAN. th ONLYJ USDAGhoce feel Rump Roast] *.87 5 lbs. or more [Hamburger madefrom Ground Round $ 49.b [Famly Pac 5-7 lbs. only! (0 lb. lmt) Grade A PORK SALE Lon End Sl4,»#> ~*s Pork Roast lb. Country Style $.. Spare Rbs...)... «o" lb. Center Cut Pork Chop^ lb. Homemade Polsh or *»#> + talan Sausage. USDA Choce Beef, 5.69 lb. ; Boneless Butterfly ~ rotk Onop8...>...< <bb«99 D. Porterhouse Steak *3.99b Top Srlon Steak T-Bone Steak m $ 3.89 b. N.V. Strp ; 00 Hot Soup or Chl Everyday *.89 6 oz. ctn. Calf or n Head Lettuce 24 8JZ0.59«ea. Mushrooms OO pkg. Caulflower Large 8xe «.9 oa. $ 2.79 b $ 4.29 b jesmms Washngton Rod or Qoldon Delcous Apples 59*. Your Choce Mozzarella DEL SPECALS Blmar 8 Honey ^ ^ h f^ 8 "*Turkey of your sandwch Spread Ham cheese Choce gg fu «2.29b, «2.29b. ea. FRESH FSH Freeh Aleeken Kng Cod FMets $ 3.29^ Extra-Large, ^ ^ ^ ^ or MuenMer Jumbo Shrmp 6.69 b J? 0 ". Cut ct. *" ~~~ from New Zealand Orange Rough/ $ ^mmwmmmmw HOURS: Mon -Sat 2-9 pro Sunday 2-8 p.m. DNNER SERVED: Mon -Sal 4-9 p m Sunday 3 8 p n Featurng Stoak, Rbs Chcken A fs/r vfu^sftofurt mm MEAT SHOPPE & RESTAURANT 3473 Grand Rver Farmngton We are not responsble (or typographcal errors carry-out caterng Located m the World Wde Ccnot on Grand Rver Ease of Drake Rd C..7: ^ HTW.. J. News thats closer to home News thats closer to home News thar$ *» ; BONELESS U.S.D.A. Choce Beef SRLON STEAKS $ 2.49» Embers 96% FAT-FREE ROAST BEEF $ 3.79.No Shavng, Ploaso " > - ^ --VST Open Mbf;VSat Sunday 0-6 «CMTOM jjpmtefrbd; ^ ^ W Vm Nprtt) ^Mr^;)^N[^< ^ODUCMl^^ /!.. )...-.A Wnters SKNLESS WENERS $ -69 b..u: Calforna SEEDLESS NAVEL ORANGES 0 for * - A n [ l Grade "A" BONELESS CHCKEN BREAST $ 2.29 <b Wnters Smoked SAUSAGE $.79 lb> ^$$ : FOM RD. xtutolr,- OCEAN PERCH FLLETS $ t.98 lb. No Cholesterol No Fat.Yukon Gold Yellow Gourmot POTATOES ts $ -j59 Y.-.v ^vssus?!?7f^ssf m Prces Effectve thrum 3-90 :..^ ,-.,.. - ^., -,.t. y- nn.. - T r " l: -.,.^,^.-..,,.,......,..,,.:...^..:^,,;;.:. f>:..-vju K-J ; r..r.-/.t..::. j :,".*. ^:^ \ :*/, ;*>> k

11 , wwwwwwm* *W9** nwppwpppppppp Monday. January 8, 990 O&E *38,> 9 <-$, -^ J then clean the house t s fnally here, one of my favorte months of the. year. After the hustle-bustle of December, always look forward to January as fnally have a chance to stay home am Jacke some projects that have been put off for months. Closets, drawers and even the dreaded basement (A.K.A. the "wreck" room) wll soon come under my careful scrubbng and scrutny. On those days when -turn nto a human Dust Buster, the last thng on my mnd s fxng dnner. But t stll s somethng that mst be done as Rowng chldren antuhusbands nev«er lose ther appettes., Ths weeks Wnner Dnner, Spa/ ghettl Pe, offers an eas^ soluton to the dnner dlemma. Submtted by Shrley Wold of Plymouth, the dnner can be made quckly n the mornng and refrgerated untl the dnner hour. Wth" a lttle bt of preplannng, your tme and energy can be maxmzed so that when fve oclock rolls around, you can relax n the knowledge that your famlys dnner already s prepared. WOLDS LFE has been a busy one and she knows all about makng the most of her tme. When her chldren y*ere young, she conducted cookng classes and a small caterng servce out of her home. ** As the chldren got older and she had more tme, she worked as a consultant for an art publshng company. Ths eventually led her nto the contract nteror desgn busness. For the past two years. Wold has worked as a manufacturers representatve, supplyng nteror desgners wth contract seatng to be used n hotels, offces and restaurants. Through the years, Wold has had certan dnners that she can always rely on, and Spaghett Pe s stll a bg ht wth her two sons and husband. She lkes to serve t wth a mxed green salad and slces of fresh, crusty French or talan bread. nstant chocolate puddng, made n the blender as soon as the pe goes nto theoven, Offers a sweet concluson to a fllng dnner. DET RGHT EAT FSH Ttw Holday* WertQfwrt.. HWHWfcNor Anf*» Flth [-;v- % ^:.c*n»*mpyou ^;v -; k>»* thm»rbr«wf*jjhtj, Red Snapper Sea Bm WWf> F$h * Pckerel Perch Shrjmp Squd Smc*ed FUr) lobster Ttf & Much Morel CARRY-OUTS FSH & CHPS DNNERS " WeCook "nchoetefol-frt Olf ~ HOURS; M-Tt) 0t-rvTpm f<t»» «M. M \ g Food8l*nf*Aoc*pt* (¾¾ ^ THANK YOU, Shrley Wold, for sharng one of your favorte menus wth us and congratulatons on beng our Wnner Dnner Wnner of the week. - Untl next tme; tarrroff to confamly-tested wnner dnner Betsy Brethen ^, ,-,^^^ ^$m z-j-zte^a];:-aujhwwwlm^k:. % BLL BRESLER/etaH photography. Shrley Wold of Plymouth offers ths do-ahead dnner, wth Spaghett Pe, one of her most relable famly recpes. duct a major cleanng campalghn Hopefully, you wll be dong somethng a lot more fun and nterestng. n any event, heres hopng ths weeks Wnner Dnner wll entce your famly to clean ther plates, f not ther rooms! Each weeks wnner receves an apron wth the words Wnner Dnner Wnner on t. Submt your recpes, to be~consdered for_pub- lcatwn m ths column or elsewhere, to: Wnner Dnner, P.O. Box 3503, Brmngham All submssons become the property of the publsher. Each weeks recpes are prnted the same szjz, so that you may clp and save them n a three-rng bnder. Use a^pper punch to make holes n the clppng or paste the clppng on a blank sheet of three-rng notebook paper. Another opton s to smply fle the clppngs n a folder wth pockets that wll hold them. Menu taferuer &%tttmtt-> Wnner Dnner SPAGHETT PE MXED GREEN SALAD VNAGRETTE DRESSNG SLCED FRENCH OR TALAN BREAD NSTANT CHOCOLATE PUDDNG?-->- SPAGHETT PE Ths dsh takes about 20 mnutes to assemble, can be made n advance and amply feeds 4-6 people. 8 ounces" spaghett or fusll (squggly spaghett) 2 tablespoons margarne } A cup grated Parmesan cheese 2 eggs pound sweet talan bulk sausage or pound hamburger 32-ounce jar Ragu chunkystyle tomato sauce wth mushrooms and green peppers t cup cottage or rcotta cheese /* cup shredded mozzarella cheess Cook spaghett accordng to package drectons, dran n colander, return to warm pan and toss wth margarne. Beat Parmesan and eggs together, mx wth buttered spaghett n pan. Form mxture nto a "crust" n a 0-nch or 2-nch buttered pe plate. Set asde. Cook the sausage n a skllet or mcrowave, breakng up the bg chunks as t cooks; dran the fat. Startng wth half the jar of Ragu sauce, blend wth meat. Add more sauce to make a thck meat sauce but do not make t soupy. Spread the cottage or rcotta cheese over the spaghett "crust;" tll "pe" wth meat mxture. Bake, uncovered, n a 350- degree oven for 25mfnutes. Sprnkle mozzarella on top, bake 0 mnutes longer or untl the cheese melts and s bubbly. A tme-savng hnt: Double ths recpe and make two pes, puttng one n the freezer for those tmes when lfe s unusually hectc. Or you can make ths early n he day or even the nght before and pop t n the oven, addng about 0 mnutes to the bakng lme.. """^w MXED GREEN SALAD Wash and mx red, or green leaf lettuce, and bbb lettuce^ Add any other vegetables you may have on hand and toss wth some of the dressng, whch s quck and easy to make. VNAGRETTE DRESSNG Ths recpe makes a large amount of dressng, whch, should not be refrgerated. Make t n an old salad dressng bottle and be sure to shake t vgorously each tme before usng. /\cup ol /* cup whte wne vnegar clove garlc, mashed / teaspoon djon mustard pnch of oregano pnch of thyme dred parsley (do not use fresh) sprnkle of paprka NSTANT CHOCOLATE PUDDNG Make ths n the blender accordng to the drectons on the package. Spoon nto some_.favorte custard cups and top wth a lttle whpped cream. so many j S AP Pasta has made t to the top spced, steamed, stuffed, smothered of Amercas lst of favorte foods, wth sauce, mred wth meatballs,-or The optons have expanded from ^-dpped n chocolate and covered wth macaron and cheese and spaghett. whpped cream. and meatballs to an endless array of Pasta comes n more than 600 sde dshes, salads, man courses and shapes; n colors of red, orange, yellow, or green; and n shrmp, nut and desserts n a varety of shapes, szes and flavors. herb flavors. Pasta can be baked, boled, fred, Pasta s found on athletes tables as they load up on carbohydrates before a competton and n countless ktchens where even the busest Annas Fresh or most nexperenced home chef Seaood Mkt Clp and s«v«"""""""" Joy Rd.Rtdtord fl (urm* ran Rtntezo. Frut MtrkM) Up, CtnxSa Dry, Sunklt, Kr»», * COKE. T«t>. You wont notce any dfference, butyour country wll The fve mnutes you! spend regsterng wth Selectve Servce at the post. offce wont change you. Dut t fw//make a dfference»to your country. So when you turn 8, regster wth Selectve Servce. t squcj. ": Cs easy. Ardt $ the lam Apublcj<fvc<nKSMg<of(hl$ puncjon and Scfccvc Servce System. C can create a meal n mnutes and feel lke a gourmet. The Natonal Pasta Assocaton n Arlngton, Va., s spreadng the good news about pasta. Pasta.s an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. Two- ounces of dry pasta contan 20 calores. Pasta s a good source of proten, vtamns and mnerals, and s naturally low n sodum, fat and cholesterol. DSCOUNT POP & BEER R.C, Uplon T, Ktwtln Punch.79 >llu $ or* P»u» Oepo»l Squrt. Sprtf- K«,Or. P*pp«r,M!n HnAv UM, M?0t3,49 CM* PtusQopoft COKE. T»b. Squrt, Sprte, Or. Pepper Mnute Mad 2lter ) j Q bottle «9 PK» Depost 7-Up. Cvt Dry. SurA«, Kje, RC. Up«n Tj*. HrttElKxh.^3.49 fju0*po«t 7-UP, C*r*3* Dry. SunkW. Hre*. R.6, Upton Tea. Hr*asn p\r*t> P M.9 Depplt " No Coupon Necessary NO JMT Good Jan. 8th thru Jan. 22,99a POP CANS FOR OFFCE OR SHOP CALL FOR NFO Grand Rver W.dfPow«rt 5348 Mkldlebttt N. of 5 Ml* 2434 Telegraph 9. of Mchgan Clp and Sav* SUN. JAN. 4 USDA Western Gran Fed Boef w g! r Fresh pasta, packaged soft and sold refrgerated, s growng n popularty p the UntedStates", Justn Arecch, presdent of Frescala Foods n San Antono, Texas, makers of. fresh pasta products, says: "One of the best thngs abdut fresh pasta s that t has more texture, or T>lte n your mouth, and t has a taste of ts own. ts not Just a vehcle for the sauce." Fresh pasta s quck and easy to prepare. The cookng tme s short about one or two mnutes. (Most people have a tendency to overcook pasta, resultng n a mushy, blandtastng product.) "Test the fresh pasta after about 45 seconds," Arecch recommends. "f t has a whte center, ts not done. f ts sprngy and has resstance to the bte, ts ready." Arecch offers another Up: "Fsh pasta out wth a net when you thnk ts done. Dont pour the water and pasta nto a straner because you SOURDOUGH RTE BREAD NO SUGAR" ~ NO PRESERVATVES NO FAT LOW CHOLESTEROL ; ; LOW N CALORES.y-, ( m c t \. OvTt*Bto#Qv&rrJUZr&a*TotOmlV>T**n un J W. 7 Mle Road {c<»erafto*vwo) f LTVONA WEST WARREN Corner ot WarrervA Merrman. next to Jo-Ann Fabro M0N.-SAT.9-8 SUNDAY 9-6 Lst j 8 ounces spaghett or fusll pound sweet talan bulk sausage or pound hamburger jar Ragu chunky-style tomato sauce wth. mushrooms and green peppers (32 ounce) cottage or rcotta cheese mozzarella cheese Parmesan cheese -,, 2 eggs. margarne head bbb lettuce head red leaf Jettuce head romane lettuce. -yov r-chojce^ ot^eggles; = 0 r\w salad ol whte wne vnegar garlc Djon mustard oregano thyme dred parsley paprka - nstant chocolate puddng whpped cream French or talan bread Notes may need the bolng water to cook the pasta for a few more seconds," When the pasta a cooked just rght, toss wth a sauce or other ngredents n a heated bowl "Fresh pasta has such good texture and taste that t makes a satsfyng mea] wnen served wth just a small amount of butter, cheese or seasonngs for added flavor,*arecchsays. " ^StgqSrdT^oupoTj 0* OFT-,- lb. Loaf Coupon Good at Btkary n Locaton Only Thru BunjhwhTSoTgoTr 20* OFF ; 2 lb. Loaf Coupon Good at Bakery lx>c4uon Only Thru l$l-90 3 Wtrran Ford J YOUR LOCAL FRESH MEAT - SEAFOOD - DEL FRUT & VEGETABLE STORE tn Af% Boneless Top Srlon Roast... 4**fV LB. r (Sold B$ Roast Onfy) < GradoA Fresh Oven Ready $«0 0 Stuffed Cornsh Game Hens \**\9 LB. Stuffed wth BfOwnteny.Onton & $$g* Stuffng GradeAFre8h t Boneless Butterfly Pork Chops... Grade A Fresh Center Cut Boneless $ 2.79 rotn uon toas.> <<>>«>> USDA Wostorn Grafn Fed deef v Boneless Srlon Steak (Umlt0LB3. Sold as Steak Only) W*R*frv* 2.99 LB. LB. Fresh Boneless Whttoflsh Fllets Grade A Fresh Boneless Chcken Breast s 2.49 L6. *A ft*} "> v9«7 LB. Fresh Lake $0 CO TrOUt rlllfts...>>... vvv Kowalskl v ta A Plan or Garlc Bologna,,.,... /.S Uparl -. A V A Muenster Cheese, /.3 rm aw**^ :. -J - * Corr»erof Warren & Merrman Extra Fancy Calforna. f\f\t V/flUUrYOr...M. MM... MMMM..M. V W Salad Ready v Washed-N-SUced / Q- MU8lrOOm8 M..M...MM...M.M.MMM.Mt. 9 9 head PKG. Great for Chop Suey or Str Fry Fresh Str Fry *w*«vegetables PKG Extrt Fancy Calforna Bunch Broccol Bunch the Rght to Lmt Qtntltkn AH $#*# twn* Av*U*bh Whm Supp* Lml MMm, Mnn T : am 3 j *-. * M /¾ w 4 > l* h E*.. r <.<> <:». «2-- \. : : >>: & 4 : *& f W O f ;;t! *.» ; r,- 4- w\ ;>: t \\. H» t f ; : -M;». /V -L :! \ MMMM - t... ^..... ^ - ^ ^,. ^ ^ - ^ ^. ^ ^ ^, _ ^ t - ^ ^rtamafllmta ^AMA Lk mm bmat^^rfm«ml<fa^m*«^mam^^«l: M^M mmmmm

12 : - * << w r w " *» l l f PW ^mm, ^w^wm^wtmmw^,^.^^^^^^^,: m wmm.v m. «>» w HW««««r»»;»»m y ^ ^ l^f l ^^^^^"T^^P f^rw^ftt H P««48* :0&E Monday, January 6,990 some sunshne, gve a A. \ ts January. The holdays are v oyer. Three cold wnter months le ahead.before sprng. f you are able.,./. to, suggest that you all come on v; down here to Florda and bask n the * sunshne.. :.,. But f LhaVs not possble, do the v, next best next thng brlngflorlda * tpyou!.;.; ; ; ;. v Have a Sunshne Brunch, an After- ^noon Beach Party; or a,pnner, v. Neath the Palms. : - ;>/.-; Ths party can be a.romantc par- >Jy for two, or a real beach blast Sot ^:20, or 200, f you have the room/ v - :.. y. / : : :.":. ~ : $ F YOU. DECDE to do t, do t > rght. Enter nto the sprt of t all,^. the way..;..,:» f you plan a daytme party, you ; need lots bt^gm^rdjeyen^a_sun- "l^fmp or wotproperly t^aceat"and r yturn up the thermostat. *<;; Remove all the pctures and ornaj.ments from the walls Of the room you are usng, and.tape up whte pa- "> pera(you can buy large rollsfdx feet >*wde.) OoVer the; walls completely, "fl and usng tempura, pant beach - v scenes wth para,trees, sand, sal v.- boats, pelcans, dolphns, herons, and ^seagulls. y; Pencl them n frst. You do not J have to. be a great artsuthenpant >; thejh n lke a chld wth a colorng vbook.. -A Use shells r fsh-netsy lobster floats, H sponges and beachballs. for decora- tlohs.! once covered my lvng room -*; floor wth panters drop-cloth to > protect the carpet, and set up a sand >; box rght n the mddle of t, wth > pals and shovels, so my guests could y buld sand castles. jt > J : -. :. - 5-:. SET ASDE,a place for -your -;<frends to change nto ther bathng VJ suts or shorts, and make sure they -vj take ther shoes and socks off, and go ;*,: barefoot, or wear sandals or thongs. l ; Provde therq wth coconut, scent* :\ed 8unta*n"ol to rub on ther skn and **; tell them all to brng along a bg -& beach towel to st or le on.»v.- ; -. :. ^-..--,=: ^.-.--W-W. - cookng calendar.. Church cookbook ; ^..: "Our Thrd Collecton" s off the. jj\ presses and avalable to the publc. jjvths cookbook recently Wa3 pub- (. X\ lshed by the Frst Presbyteran ^chuwh Presbyteran Womens Asso^ ^ catldn n Brmngham. - The frst two.collectons of the Cybook were n 928 and 952..Taste ^secton columnst Los Tbeleke, cer- Ktfed hore economst, Mchgan State Uhlversjfy^: cooperatvelexten- ^ton servce,. Oakland County, was. ^,the cookbooks nutrtonst and wrote fc = -¾ clarfcaton The second paragraph of nstructons was mssng from a recpe for Mcrowave Caulflower and. Toma- ^:toes that ran Jan. n the Taste sec- *S; ton. The complete recpe follows: ^ MCROWAVE CAULFLOWER $,.-.vv ANJ)T0VUTOES ^*-2 cups caulflower flowerets v*;2 green onons, slced ~ ; : >* 2 tablespoons water vm medum tomato, seeded and ^chopped slce bacon, cooked, draned and y-z. h ^ Brng n * ths ad and receve. ; ^JT50>off:?M your order / OR lo%off Senors; r\ Onecoupon jj per person per vst \? l fll ft b ktchen wtch ^ -, * - Gundella Get a mood taps whch s just the sound of waves rollng n on the beach, and use t for background even f you play Key Largo, Magartavllle^ Songs n a SeaUhell, or Down, n the Florda Keys on another cassette player at the aame tme.." j Serve lots of orange juce and lemonade and ctrus coolers. Your menu can be smple or elaborate. f you plan aj^yjnjng - pa_rty x your_ lghtng should be verydtffeyehc lttle twnklng lghts on the celng cap gve the lluson pf starststrobe candles stuck n your potted plant dshes are.nce. Use ctronella candles on your table as you would on your plcjc table outsde.^ TO GET...DTthT rght mood for a nght at the beach, your guests should stll wear bathng suts, even f they wear a robe or beach coverup over them. Let your -magnaton run wld, and you would be surprsed how quckly you can forget the Mchgan weather outdoors. f your party s small, no more than 0 people, try startng out wth a Yumba-Yumba, Gumba-Gumba. You- wll need long straws, lke they use n some Chnese restaurants where they serve drnks to be shared. Or, you can go to a hardware store and get clear plastc tubng, and cut t to the desred length. THOSE OF YOU who have never experenced Yumba-Yumba, Guraba-Gumba, t s best descrbed as just that a real experence. A waterme<nrt3~tollowed out and flled^wth-tropcal-punch-of your much bf the specal det nformaton gven n a specal secton of the bookr All of the book s handwrtten by members of the church n several styles of callgraphy and handwrtng. The cookbook s $2.95, ncludng postage and handlng, and may be ordered from Presbyteran Womens Assocaton, Frst Presbyteran Church 669 W. Maple Road, Brmngham All proceeds from the book vylll be used to help feed the hungry n Hat,- as well a3 Detrot ard other local areas. crumbled V% teaspoon dred basl, crushed W teaspoon salt n a -quart, mcrowajte-safe casserole combne caulflower, onons and water. Cook, covered, on 00 percent power (hgh) for 5 to 7 mlnutes or untl caulflower s crsp-tender. Dran well. Meanwhle, n a mxng bowl str together tomato, bacon, basl and salt. Toss tomato mxture wth caulflower mxture. Makes 4 servngs. VALUABLE COUPON Mon.-Wed. 0-7 Thurs.-Frl. 0-8 Sat. 0-6 Celebratng 30 Years Servce COUSN JACK PA8TES We dont clam to be the best Wed rather let our customers he the Judge. d373b«*ch Daly f Twce a week s better 9 Twce a week s better K»W^H4n. *»»«.HJB/ The PORTERHOUSE MEATS USMlvhorBeef - N.Y. Strp Lons $ 2.39n, r t\ Coypoo«CxplrM M3-W 058& MAN*PLYMOUTH US6 CHW PfcK-UP SERVlCe Worh AN Oay? DoofWart C«)l Ahosd W«Strtv* to MEAr Voor Needs HOCMAftOtON OWOM Cvf TKtltH *VTVU> m*~* choce. Everyone lesflat on..ther stomachs around a melon bowl, lke spokes n a wheel, and usng the long straws.^ they drlnk-from the melon at the same tme. Even f you do not put rum n the punch, people get gddy Just from, the sllness of t all.... Takng part n" a Yumba-Yumba, GumbaQumba on a beachn Florda can make a^ nto salads, bsques or crepe fllngs. But n Mchgan, lobster s very ex-- penseve, and left-over lobster s nonexstent.. v So, Tave chose he followng recpes to share wth you. All are tasty, authentcally Florldlan, and not too expensve to prepare. WELCOME HOME PORK CHOPS ( $tole ths recpe from Jm Tucc, edtor of the Key West Ctzen.) 6 thck lean pork chops a fstful of brown sugar lots of barbecue sauce (hot or mld) 3 lmes. 2 onons, slced nto 6 peces- pnch of Sal - dashof pepper. \ a sprnkle of paprlkal on trfe floor r rtffchlgan t slflll a^ batng pan. Smother wth barbecue l * great ce-breaker. sauced and sprnkle wfh brown sug- v ar. Place a slce of onon on top of Suggested Recpes, each pork chop. Place one slce of lme on top of each onon. Squeeze f you feel lke splurgng, you can,- lme juce from the remanng lmes of course, serve lobster n any form, over all, and bake for about one hour and everyone wll be happy. ~at~350 degrees. - n the Florda Keys, where you Serve wth baked, boled or can catch your own, we have often mashed potatoes and grlled slces of had left-over lobster whch we fxed pneapple. SEALTEST 2% LO-FAT "MLK $.89 BREYERS»8 0Z. YOGURT MUENSTER CHEESE $ 2.25 PLLSBURY.t -02^.- PE CRUST M.79 LB. POTATO SALAD $.29 KOWALSK BOLOGNA.99 LB KOWALSK NATURAL CASNG HOT DOGS 00LE SLAW GROUND CHUCK WHOLE FRYERS - $ 67* CHCKEN BREASTS r.69 L B L a&f^ "^WL*.. va.t. o 3C / W Stf $ 2.99LB. $.69 LB. LB. *+**»**+& *\r*a ot\»lnlt nt tt\ tm-/t*»n curt. DARY FRESH «6 PACK ENGLSH 39 $.29 ROUND STEAK $.89 LB COUNTRYSTYLE. RBS ^, 4 9 v\ MUFFNS 2 fo/ PLLSBURY»8 0Z. CRESCENT ROLLS 5!.29. CHCKEN LEGS 59* LB HAMBURGER PATTES $.59LB LB. l *\r V* a FOREST BROOK BACON 89* MRS. GRASS PACK NOODLE SOUP MX 7 027rVLASC GREEN OLVES HCOUPON "" FLORDA FRUT DP Mx together: yeggs _. _ V4 cup orange Juce V cup honey. V* cup plus one tablespoon Kaluha Heat, strrng constantly, untl t thckens. Cool, and fold n tt pnt whpped cream. Serve wth bte-szed peces of frut; bananas, strawberres or melon. EASYPCADELLO 2 pounds ground beef ¼ cup olve ol 4 medum onons* chopped 3 cloves garlc, crushed or fnely y, Cuo stuffed stated green olves (chopped). * salt and pepper to taste 3 Vt ounce bottle capers, draned V4 cup rasns teaspoon Worcestershre sauce 2 greenpeppers, seeded and dced bay leaf teaspoon oregano (more f you lke) Brown the meat n olve ol, n a heavy skllet. Dran, Add remanng SPARTAN* CAN ORANGE, $ $ JUCE SPARTAN* 0 OZ. STRAWBERRES W. 6 Mle (3 Blks. West of Beech Daly) HOURS! M-F 7 AM-9 PM SAT. 7 AM-8 PM; SUN, 9 AM-5PM OVEN-REAOY BABYBEEF GOOD JAN. 8 THRU JAN. 2, 990 CHUCK STEAK.29 LB. $ LVER.29 LB. PORK STEAK.69 LB. MEAT LOAF LB Z;JFF PEANUT BUTTER FAMLY S2EV250CT. LB. WHTE OR ASST. PUFFS CANNSTER 79* PRNGLES t4na POTATO CHPS SCENTED eocnv *»2.29 BOUNCE.9 HYGRADE HOT DOGS 69* LO. LMT 6XPME8 JAN. 2t.»90 COUPON] FAYGO* 2 LTER BOTTLE POP 79* +DEP. -.%. LMT 3 EXPRES JAN. ^, MO.. : TOWELS BOUNTY LB. BOX MUELLERS SPAGHETT COMET CLEANSER ; COUPON.3 LBS. DRY ONONS 49 LMT 2 EXPRES JAN. 2,*90, HYGRADE* LB..9 SRLON STEAK ORANGE ROUGHY 5.79.L ngredents. Mx well. Cook over low heat, strrng, for mnutes. Serve on rce, wth fred plantans on the sde. : FRED PLANTANS Choose rpe plantans. Cut n half, across the center, and cut each half n two, lengthwse. Boll untl Just tender. <Dont overcook). Dran and brown n. butter, untl golden brown n color. Serve wth meat as you would sweet potatoes. have had a terrble tme tryng to decde whch recpes to nclude here. Florda fruts, vegetables, seafoods and meats make one want to cook (and eat) forever. left out all avocado and papaya _ recpes^ -and^-e.ver ~. my^=favorte_^ orange merngue pe. But f you, want these recpes, and more, wll be gladlo share them wth you when return "home at the end of ths month. Just call or wrte me at: Box 434, Garden Cty, Mchgan n fact, f have tme, Just may: prepare a cookbook made up of nothng but Florda foods. Untl then, ""thnk Sunshne." HEAD N LETTUCE 49* EA? 0LBSDAHO POTATOES $.99 LEMONS 5^ EA. y BULK BREAKFAST SAUSAGE 99* LB FRESH POLSH OR TALAN. SAUSAGE $.59 WEST VRGNA \) n J& /- LB. ^SEM-BONELESS HAM ^^WHOLE. ^.69- LB. HALF ^ M.89 WEST VRGNA BONELESS HAM LB. WHOLE $ 2.69_ LB. 6-8 OZ. BOLOGNA 99* 25 LB.. PURNA ^ DOG CHOW 7.49^ HLLS BROS. $ 3.9 *-. -.* AUTO, REG., ELEC $.79 COFFEE 6½ 02.. CHUNK CHCKEN OF THE SEA TUNA * KELLOGGS FROSTED.29 FLAKES 83«0% 02.. CAMPBELLS CHCKEN NOODLE SOUP 39* SPARTAN * WHOLE CORN 59* GREEN BEANS 39* OR 5¼ 02.*CUT "ZSs-s LOBSTER TALS 5,95 EA. RUMP ROAST $ 2.59 LB. m HALF $ 2.89 LB. ^v^» ;, 63« DURKEE FRENCH^ 3.39 FRED ONONS 79* HLLS BROS.. 0 ENVELOPES REG. OR SUGAR FREE COCOA 89* YOUR CHOCE 45* H COUPON." 4 PACK CHARMN TOLET TSSUE.09 LMT EXPRES JAN. 2,WO. COUPON Present Coupon at Del for Proper Prcng POLSH HAM»2.59 B. ;LMT 9 LBS.. expmt* JAN. at, m COUPON PALMOLVE DSH DETERGENT 97* LMT 3 BXPR $ JAN. 2,H0. ;. * «. V.* A. *.>.+** ~\ K» *t *. * > \ Ml*! +.* l l m. *»». J kj» >**

13 .nryp090 0*,r P..V/.G)50 Somewhere a chld les cryng Somewhere an old man shvers n the dark Somewhere a famlys dreams burn to the ground Somewhere somebody needs help Please support your local chapter. AoxBrcan Red Cross because somewhea s closer than YOU thnk. *> MMMMMftArt s 4^^H*kMH* *L ^MM^MUMMM^^^^MMM^^M ^^rtkte&^f^^j&^^k

14 m wpw pp^^f^wwpyfw^fwyyy^^y^^fyy w. ^ l ^- -r ^ ;.. - ( ^% ~^ ^^ **4* pq ^^^P <)&E Monday, January Q, 990 ryke^ feature 5 easly seen planets - " S *" { f f J.!, The hlghllghts; for,january wu.ln*. etude: a meteor shower, the earth hylll be closest to the sun, and an / ;<eclpse of the sun wll occur but t wu not be vsble frombur;area. t-?:a\\ fve of the naked eye planets wll be vsble ths month. Mare and Saturn wll be n the predawn sky,.jupter wll be n the evenng sky. ^ercry and Venus tegln the p^onthjn the evenng sky but both move /rapdly nto the predawn sky by <rftor4hs end. / \ " \; / j ;.The amount of sunlght we receve.. CwJU ncrease by only 49 mnutes n.^january, 0n Jan. the sun rose"at 4 >H^m^l>nd-set-at-MO^p.m-, allow- *rg for ajwsslble nne hours and nne {mnutes: of-sunlght. On the Sl8t these.tmes are 7:47 a!nv and 6:45 p.m. for a possble nne tours -and 58 mnutes of slnllght; j ;-For many people, January s the* "-. jbeglnnlrg-of-a-new-yeaf-but-n- pfmtlve Rome the new year start- ed wth the frst day of sprng. Ancent Persans began ther year wth.tfo ofautuhn. Many other >skywatcher8 dvded ther year nto Uwuparts at the end of summers vheat and tbe^hd^wlnters cold. TThe custom of celebratng Jan. as New.Years Day goes back to the Roman Julan calendar. The m&nth :was named n honor of ther god Janus, the keeper of the gates. He had two faces; one lookng back to :the past, the other forward to the fu ture.- V ftr^^rh^l m^^^w m>&. : -jrr WAS ASO the Julan calendar that ntroduced the leap year. Snce the earth takes 865¼ days to orbt the sun, the calendar s off by one day after every four years. Julus peasar decreed, that every fourth year would have 368 days to keep the calendar n lne wth the seasons. Whlle.the Julan calendar-was-a vast mprovement over other calen-.djjre, t too^was off by mnutes - and four seconds each year, whch adds up to one day every 28 years.. 3$y the year 582 the calendar^was off by 0 days, > so Pope Gregory reylsed the calendar by droppng those 0 days and ntroducng another^ correcton., ThfLGregoran calendar was not adopted by everyone at o^ce, t wasnt untl another 70 years bad passed that England accepted t n 752. By then t was n^ce^sary to drop days from the calendar, much to the Objecton of a large number of people who started a rot, demandng the return of ther day8. (Monthly rent and bll payments were suddenly due days earler.). Even the Gregoran calendar s off by 28 seconds a year. At that rate the»dscrepancy wll add upr to another full day but not font,500 years. VENUS WLL present a most mpressve vew through a telescope fof the next week. t s Close to the earthand wll appear as a backlghted crescent.. _ The.moon was at Hm~yuarter = phase at 7:40 a.m. on Jan..4. The moon - s one-quarjer of ts way around the earth. sky watch Raymond E. Bullock Earth. s at perhelon (closest polpt to the sun)at noon on Jan. 4. We wll be 47,099,880 km. (9,403,627.8 mles) from the sub. ObVlpusly our proxmty to the sun s NOT responsble for o"r Kf>ayn* Wo are deangwtn some of the coldest temperatures of the year n January when we are closest to thesun. Our seasons, and correspondng changes of the temperature, are due to the tlt of our planets orbt-around the sun, rather than our dstance from Jt. When are we farthest from the sun? n July, of coarse, when our tem- ^etgtures-appfoath-theu hghest. Venus was "20 degrees from the sun on the 5th and stll wll be an easy object to spot n the west southwest after sunset. Saturn was n conjuncton wth the sun on the 6th, The planet s located behnd Jhe sun, as seen from the earth, and s not vsble. By the end of the month t wll be possble to glmpse Saturn n the mornng sky. *. r THE MOON formed a- trangle wth the star Aldebaran (Al-DEB-aran), the "eye* of Taurus the bull, and the Pleades (PLEE-a-dees) star cluster, the bulls "shoulder," on Jan. 7. On Jan. 8 the moon wll form a broad trangle^ wth AMpharan And japter, the brght "star" below and to the north (left) of the moon. The moon wll be Just fo*ur degrees from Jupter on the 9th. Full Moon wll be at :57 p.m. on JOHN C. HENDRY OFFERS TWO - ELEGANT ALTERNATVES ndtpendent Lvng Plymouth Towne APARTMENTS Enjoy tho freedom and securty of your own home wthout the hassles of homemakfng. Your lease ncludes these no charge extras: Daly dnng servce Weekly housekeepng Personal laundry Bus servce for shoppng and much more Call for more nformaton or a FREE TOUR. w**»-. flsfmamtfuj^a BHP^ /takut^ W^.^^Hnl^B^A f^e J^BS^&r^ m <*. :M?! m b-^^vm &$ m \h^^:vy ^7 : -"f-*:*yv< s. Woodbaven of Lvona >> "Gracous Lvng n A Serene Envronment Lk*n»#d (by th«mkhlg«n D*pwlm*nt of Hd#lth Woodhaven of Lvona s lcensed by the Mchgan Department of Publc Health as a Home for the Aged. ^. Our low monthly rent ncludes all of the followng: - A beautfully furnshed room complete wth beddng and towels. Three meals daly ncludng specal dets. Nourshments around the clock as desred. Mad Servces dally. Launderng of all lnens and personal clothng. Dstrbuton and coordnaton of all medcatons. -" Assstance wth bathng and showers. Tray servce n the room when ll. Assstance wth all actvtes of dally lvng. Recreatonal and educatonal actvtes dally. The followng servces are also avalable Beauty/Barber servces....; Contnence care. Call Ue For Your FRB GUDE To Selectng An Asssted Lvng Faclty JON US FOR LUNCH AND A TOUR OF THE FACLTY OPEN TO ALL FATHS Woodhaven of Lvona Wont worth Avenue (ht slrett N. of6 Mte, W. ofmlddtebeu) Plymouth Tbwne 205 Haggerty Road Plymouth, M *~. Plymouth Brghton ~ ^a Plymouth nn Jh GnacusAbtmXnt 07 Haggerty Road Plymouth, M ** Asssted Lvng Plymouth nn f someone you love s growng older and needs just * a bt more support than he or she can get n ther current lvng stuaton, Plymouth nn offer: Permanent care, Temporary care (for vacatons) Tranqul, landscaped ground* - Three delcous meals served daly Extensve, vared socal and recreatonal program J.? - m&k W Jan. 0. The moon wll be fully lghted by the, sun and wll form a trangle wth Castor and Pollux n Gemn. Castor s the star above Pollux. "Venus wll be only degrees from the sun on the 2th and wll be dffcult to see unless you have an unobstructed vew of the horzon. n only two weeks Venus wll be vsble n the mornng sky, rsng before the sun. ".-. The brght star only two-degrees above the moon around 9:5 p.m. on ^!*43th^^e?ultBtnfcXr-r-lus), the * "heart" of Leo the lon. Regulus s about 85 lght years.away.,the lght we see tonght left Regulus n 905. Lose weght fast. Drop 0 pounds n 2 weeks, up to 25 sumnsamjames Det Center pounds n 6 weeks. success story WkSave money. No expensve J. packaged foods requred. Personalzed counselng. By professonals who have lost <, weght at Det Center. LU^ "% t $ J --n f MM \ Jean.Malcolm lost an amazng 244[founds at DletOntcr. C 990 lxt Ccncf, nc Wtjhl k>m»rvj»p<{d at low vuy»lh rch ftdvldu J. ^ 50% OFF-Ths Week Only Reducng Phase of Program Only Grosse Ponte Troy SoutMleld n Tbetvegb(-los$pwfe$$hn<d$? y A m m t. -.- f-

15 mmmmwmmm!** Tf m^ + m ^^rn t -. *ww* \ Stye #toruer Newspapers 0> Brad Emors, Dan OMeara edtors/ Monday, January8,990-O&E "7" (L.n.W.GHC upcvhe Borgess sdetracks CC t looked to be a pretty even match, Frday nghts basketball game that ptted Redford Unon aganst Lvona Clarencevlle. "Theyre a good team," sad RU coach Tp Smathers of hs opponents.."they beat us n a preseason scrmmage." That mght come as a shock" to anyone examnng the results of the latest encounter a one-sded affar that RU domnated from the openng tp, strollng to a nonleague trumph at Clarencevlle. Coaches can usually fnd all sorts of complcated reasons for a defeat, but ths one was rather elementary. As Trojan coach Rob Whte descrbed t, "We just couldnt ht the broadsde of a barn. "We were sx of 25 (from the floor 25 percent) n the frst half, and those were all layups," he added. "Weddfothtajumpshot." Problem was, t never got any bet-, ter. - "The second half was pretty much the same," sad Whte, whose team slpped to 3-2. (RU s 5-2.) The Panthers led 22-0 after one quarter (Clarencevlle wouldnt score ts 22nd pont untl the second halo, thanks n great part to Bll Malecks 2 ponts. The sophomore fnshed wth a game-hgh 29. By halftme t was 39-2; enterng the fnal quarter, RU was up SteveJ^owak added 2 ponts for the Panthers (wth nne rebounds), and Don Lezotte contrbuted. Kendrlck Harrngton paced the Trojans wth 8 ponts. Frank Juncaj and Dan Nunnery both came off the bench to net 4 and,0 ponts. BORGESS 62, REDFORD CC 44; On Frday, host Redford Bshop Borgess overcame a slow start to beat rval Redford Catholc Central n the Catholc League Central Dvson opener. Borgess s now 5- oyerall.whle CC slps to -5. The Spartans traled 0-7 after one quarter, but got rollng n the second and thrd perods, outscorlng the Shamrocks by a combned count of "We dug n on defense and got some steals," sad Borgess coach Mke Fusco,. "We made our defensve work pay off n the of tensve end:" Shawn Respert, a senor guard headed for Mchgan Staterted the wnners wth a game-hgh 24 ponts. He added four steals. *» Randy Whte contrbuted 5 ponls^on. 7-of-9 shootng, whle Denns Parker grabbed 0 rebounds. Junor STCVe Whtlow talled 6 n a losng cause. Sophomore Bob Kummer added 3. WAYNE 56, MONROE 50: Thursdays Wo.lyerlne A League game between Wayne Memoral and Monroe was a gltterng example of wnnng despte a lack of effort. Wayne had a 5-pont lead early n the second half, but let the non-pressng Trojans catch up and take a lead n the fourth quarter. The Zebras won t down the stretch because Larry Johnson, who scored 4 ponts, converted a three-pont play wth 20 seconds left to push a onepont lead to four. Wayne won despte httng only of 2 free throws. But Monroe was ptful, connectng on just nne of 24. "We dd not play a very good second half at all," sad Wayne coach Chuck Henry. "We ddnt play that well n the frst half, ether. n all honesty, (Monroe) should have won the game. They really should have." Kevn Hankerson sparked Wayne wth 9 ponts. Regge Brandon chpped n wth 0. Monroe was paced by Lev Phllps 20 ponts. Curt Eghmey added 2. Wayne s 5- overall, 30 n the WAL. Monroe dpped to 2-4 overall, -2 n the league. TEMPLE 77, BAPTST PARK 5¾ Fve players reached double fgures n scorng for Redford Temp* Chrstan n Frday"? wn at Taylor Baptst Park. -, The vstors led 20-0 after one quarter and, after a lackluster second quarter n whch Baptst Park narrowed the defct to 33-29, the Patrots took complete control, outscorlng ther adversares 2-3 n thethlrd perod and 23> n the fourth. Kevn McCants 2 ponts (on 0-of-3 JM JAGDFElD/staff photographer RUsDan Lezotte foundjust about everythng he wanted around Clarencevllea basket Frday. Lezotte scored ponts as the * Panthers shredded the Trojan defense for 77 ponts, - feld goal shootng) and 8 rebounds topped Temple Chrstan,- whch mproved to 2-S overall. Marlon Reed contrbuted 5 ponts, John Mllard had 4,.Keth McCants. scored and Dave Schalte netted 0. Crag Dodsons 7 ponts paced Baptst Park. OUR LADY 52, ST. AGATHA 37: A seven-pont lead alter one quarter was never en3ahgetea as Redford St. Agatha lost Us seventh straght game Frday at Waterford Our* Lady of the Lakes. Lakes forced ahead 92 after one quarter, and ts lead just kept growng to 30-9 at the half and 44-3 after three perods. Bran Kutchs pont* was best for St. Agatha. LUTH. WESTLAND 6, LUTHER AN NW 47:. Lutheran. Westla/xJ fourd ts Vhythrr after a slow /(ret quarter Frday, knockng off. vstrg Rochester Lutheran - Northwest n a Mchgan ndependent Athletc ^ Conference game. Doug Nelson and Chrs HabfU sparked Westlands vctory. Nelson, a senor center, poured n 23 ponts and grabbed 3 rebounds; Habtz, a junor forward, had 4 ponts (ncludng hreeo-fve three-ponters), nne boards aod four asssts. Senor forward Mke Hardes also chpped n wth nne ponts, rebounds and four as-. ssu. ;. -- :. After strugglng to a 2- lead after one quarter, s 7-8 second-quarter eploslon put Westland.n command. Stt _Wdenhofer (5 ponts) and Jerry Rogowsk (2) were hgh scorers (or Lutheran Northwest (also 2-3 overall). ", >. «*» Woodhaven struggles by GC By Ray Setlock staff wrter The Garden Cjty basketball team proved to be a thorn n the sde of hghly-touted Woodhaven, but the Warrors prevaled and slpped past the Cougars Frday at Garden Cty. Woodhaven center Vernon Crump proved why be s one of the areas top players, tallyng 0 ponts and blockng three shots. "Crump played real well for us," Woodhaven coach Mke Krogel sad. "He s gong to Mamf of Oho to play college ball, and games lke ths are the reason why " L^D Crump helped the Warrors gan momentum late n the fourth quarter when he blocked a Gar? den Cty shot and took.the ball n for a dunk. " felt good out there tonght," Crump sad. " dd everythng wanteovto do." -DESPTE CRUllKtheJ Warrors stll had problems shakng off the Garden Cty defenders. "Our half-court trap really gave them a lot of trouble," Garden Cty coach Bob Dropp sad. "Judgng by the records gong nto the game, youwouldnt thnk the score would be ths close." (Urden Cty entered Frdays acton wth" a *4 record, whle the Warrors boasted a 5- mark. "We knewthey were a scrappy team gong nto tonghts game," Krogel sad. "We expected a tough game." Thngs ddnt look tough n the early gong, as Woodhaven jumped out to a commandng -4 lead. They padded thelnsdvatage to by halftme. - "Our early lead really surprsedroe,"krogel sad. " Just wsh we could have mantaned t." Garden Cty refused to let the gap ncrease and managed to stop Woodhavens attack, thanks to the half-court trap and accurate shootng; The Cougars closed to wthn at the end of three quarters. THE FOURTH QUARTER came down to defense, as each tea^n exhbted an ablty to force ther opbonent nto lbw percentage shbts" " : Crump managed to boost Woodhaven wth hs" leapng ablty, allowng the Warrors numerous second shots. "He s a good jumper," Droppsald. "We tred to squeeze hm, but he runs the floor so well." The Cougars manged to take a lead wth sx mnutes remanng n the game, but Woodhaven battled back to go ahead 53-50, thanks to a Deanthony Hartman three-ponter. A par of Dan Emerson free throws and a Jm Marszalek free throw ted the score at 58 apece. Woodhaven then jumped out to leads of and en route to the trumph. Hartman contrbuted 5 ponts for Woodhaven, whle Dustln Snell chpped n wth 3.. Emerson led Garden Cty wth a game-hgh 22 ponts. Rck Morton added 2. "When you consder our records, thought we played an adequate game," Dropp sad. "Our record doesnt gve an accurate (assessment) o*f how well weve been playng." J - the Cougars dropped another close game earler ths season, losng to hghly-regarded Jand once-beaten) Wayne Memoral 57*537 Wth the loss to Woodhaven, Gardgn Ctys record plunges to *5. The Warrors mprove to 6-., Shamrocks blow past f Wndsor cers twc^; Home or away, Redford Catholc Central proved more than a match for Wndsor Rversde. The Shamrocks mproved ther hockey record to 7-*, sweepng a par of games from Rversde. Last Saturday (Dec. 30), the Shamrocks hosted Rversde and landed them a 0-7 defeat. Senor forward Keth Bozyk scored four goals and added four asssts for CC. Jesse Hubenschmldt chpped n wth three goals and sx asssts, whle Paul Prronello contrbuted two goals and fve asssts. n.t r, A J Rversde 8-3, thanks to four, goals - from Bozyk. CC also receved contrbutons from Prronello, who scored twcejand Hubenschmldt and Dave GaU; lagher, who each score&once. j; Once agan Fennelly and Hen» derson combned n goal for th$; Shamrocks, stoppng 2 shots.- * HOWELL 9, FRANKLN 8) Mke Parrots power play goal wth 2. ; seconds remanng lfted Howell pas\l Lvona Frankln Frday at Eddl - Edgar Arena. >* Parrot squeezed the puck past PatrK* * MLS\ Parrot squeeea toe puck pas ran,- Bll Baak added one goal for-th^v goa e Greg Donnan to break an 8-r Shamrocks. ^W te..-.- *.. L. Matt Fennelly and Todd Header^ Rck Bernard and Bob Baffy eacs y,-sonshared the~goalterdlng for CC, scored-two-goals for-frankln,-whwr Steve Klllem scored four tmes for; stoppng 9 shots. Howell., «Wednesday, the Shamrocks traveled across the boarder and routed The Patrots fell to S-6. Howell mproved ts record to 8-, Y, -f Former Ocelot cashes n wth < By Brad Emont staff wrter Carlos Brlggs loved hs stay so much n the Phlppnes that he forgot to come home for Chrstmas. But the 6-foot guard, who once led < v the naton n scorng at Schoolcraft, Communty College, was back n tme to rng n the new year. " stayed a couple of moreweeks after our season ended because was havng such a good tme," sad Brlggs, who was voted "Best mport" after averagng nearly 68 ponts per game for Anojo Rum 65, one of sx teams n the Renforced Conference of the Phlppnes Professonal Basketball League. \. The 25-ye4r-old Brlggs spent three months overseas and was an nstant ht wth the basketball-crazed country. Ho led hl9 underdog Anojo Rum 65 team to the fnals of thejrelnforced Champonshp Seres before losng (four games to two) to the favorte, San Mguel Beer, whch was led by former. Alabama star and NBA player Ennls Whatley. > / : *..; Brlggs, who also played collegl* ately at Baylor, became the darlng of fans who regularly jammed nto the 2,000-seat Unversty of Lfe Arena n Manla for the champonshp seres. TO SAY BRGGS ddnt enjoy all the attenton would be a gross understatement. Hs crowd-pleasng antcs won the people over. lrrt the type of player who has a lot of dfferent parts to my game," sad Brlggs, who was ncknamed "Goldfsh" and "Red." "m not a dunker. thnk that knd of surprsed them." \ Brlggs was constantly Wrtten about n the nne dfferent newspapers and magaznes whch cover the sport. Brlggs also appeared on numerous TV and rado shows, and on one occason was mobbed by adorng. fans n a McDonalds. "Once people heard was n there, they started comng n from everywhere off the street," Brlggs sad. "They had to close the restaurant bocause was causng a dsturbance. "Tho mports (one Amercan per r" - - :rvv ; ---? -- v ; team) are just as mportant as actresses - and senators. Basketball players are the mostj popular over there." v \ - Brlggs made nearly 27,000 (tax, free) durng bt$ three-month stnt He was also gven a free two-room condo n Greenhllla (20 mnutes out* "(» -.-l.~-.-~...- (LR.Vv.nMr ,. sde Manla),mad servce, a car and a drver, an errand boy and a gym shoe contract.- ;... He s hopng he wll bo nvted Jback for the Becond league season. "The Frst three weeks ddnt knowanybody and was lvng alone T -...." J. and t was hard to communcate," Brlggs sad. "f you wn, they lke you. f you lose, they, tell you about t. Our team was predcted to fnsh last because we were the oldest group, but they lked us because we had a never-say-dle. atttude." BRGGS may havo found hs nche as a basketball player n the Phlppnes. "<..- Once a fourth-round draft pck of the San Antono Spurs, Brlggs has been a gypsy of sorts. Hchad bref stnts n both Dallas Maverlck$ and Detrot Pstons tranng camps. He also had a cup.of coffee wth the Rockford Thrllers (.) of the Cont? nehtal Basketball Assocaton, Brlggs hooked up wth Anojo Rum 65 after 43-year-old player-coach Robert Jaworskl, a legend n Phlppne basketball, was gven Brlggs namo by former Unversty of. Detrot and NBA players Earl Cureton and Terry Duerod... "My a#nt got *mo a tryout so -went to Phladelpha to meet hm (Jaworskl)," recalls-brlggs; "They werent, sure about my game, but. «-^- * v they looked at some of my vdeotapes brought from Baylor and the *.- CBA." = ;>. Brlggs quckly adjusted to the clmate ("95 and humldv), the traffc ("the worst") and tho style of play ("ts physcal.") -.;. "A couple players dld.nt thnk d last," Brlggs sad. "f you dont plav well, theyll send you home. know a couple of Amercans who were gonfc after three weeks." >:. : : >?. BRGGS COMPETED aganst mports Keth Smart (formerly of n< K ana), Dexter - Shouse (South Alabama), Terence Baley (Wagner); ^StevoBurttHona) and Whatley. ;<.; He (Brlggs) led the league ncorng, whle averagng rebound* Brlggs was also among the league leaders n steals and asssts. < He also recorded the second hlgty cst pont total ever n the Phlppne Professonal game, scorng 9 ponts, second only to former NBA gunner Blly Ray Bates, who oncf topped tho 00-mark. v -v. Pka&turntoPap>$. ft**** * * * * * *.-^.:

16 !.! M ;_ -. -: **". : ** V!.:.-;".!):.* /-- l;-- l---- V ^ 7-.>;.. Pat fodtfeu" yp snjl bom ho fwj»<oq louvl Se net, savng RedfOft} NACE the «m>arr«jype<m ol krg a tbkd-perlod lead n Thu$da/s 9-8 ta *lh? f* K^amaKO ^jnjof.vvmes al lh«redwd lc*ae " " ftxjjefs" ga<t«-tyng joal w\h 24 fem&nog was.-h* second <X Uja game;and H couw not Nave been nwevtal:-.. ":;. NACE came Wo U»«gama lurng orty test place Katmaoo n me A*Jor A-tyse* Morlh A/r-wcan Junor KocVey cagu* stamtnoj, but the sap was flfeat. -rr^raq-f^k^a tow co hc»-.y lw woutf tbvhtnadb. the ma/gln ever*t<tyo Contnued from Page ;. The, Amercan mport s expected to" score and carry the load/ and Brggs, as he dd when he led School- ;craft to the Eastern Conference ttle n , was up to the task. ;" No. 3 of the champon- - shp seres, he poured n-7 potots{to.^whatle/s 4) n a vctory. n ; another game he rjft 30:of 32 free, throws. n another gamete connected oh. 2 three-ponters. ^e^mercan.js_supp<sed to do everythng, score and rebound," he sad. "ts a lot of fast-breakng. You ; dpn v t set \p down low." No mport can stand over 6 feet 5 nches tal. Most Phlppne players are,under 6-4. v M.--^.:-^ , The Amercans are a lot more talented, but a couple of the (nattvex players there-could play n the GBA r but not the NBA," Brggs sad. z. -PAYNG PROFESSONALLY n - tbe^pflppnes also has ts draw- M&s?*: " ". "They play NBA rules, but you can get hurt," sad the Detrolter who prepped at Benedctne Hgh. "The referees are terrble. You get a lot of cheap shots. They try to get you off your game. Once got punched n the stomach takng a jump shot." Brggs alo stayed clear of the llfated attempted mltary coup by j : Q&E Monday. January 8, 990 " "***" " ".M : -..:-.-. N - an secures S-8te Amercan ALL-STARS -... J/5,.. "" Sovet RED ARMY^ PARTCULARLY SNCE NAQE \ad a 7-6lead wfth Just oyw tnree mnutes left n the Kme Ka-amzoo teve-fted tha o a 9 sc«*vj span o\scofng f»^«.. Ke<v< Pttgef s goal wth 2 43 Ml put tm Junp* Wngs up8-7.. < \ XsA-naoo c-d 3-2 aft&r one pored, put a lour-^oaf L»st pusned NACE tafont, 6-4, after Uo Pa fjj-t rnar gotne ha t l/c* tot H ACE Other goal t scoters were JJ. eamoorgc/, Tony Mofca and MaVc Ct*3ppe-s....:... Sm\r, eclkn can be expected al h/ouyh tho, ntwmfl. te NAJMLStopt«otfarrjevshWeerrvrxe fcrws k January -, pro-marcos forces (Nov. 29 through Dec. 8). "The whole thng (coup) started rght beh nd where lve," Brggs sad."they mov<5d us (the team) to an nternatonal hotel where twe stayed for 0 days. Two games were delayed. saw some shootng, but nobody klled. When got back some wndows my condo were shot out. "My mother (Betty) called the. Amercan Embassy and she fnally gotthroughto. me at 5 n the mornng. She was all worred JLtold her was just fne/t wasnt anymore dangerous than beng n Detrot." But because, he was a celebrty, Brggs was able to pass freely through mltary blockades n andaround Manla. T NEVER had to wat n lne for anythng," he sad. "t was always, -Mr; Brggs, come rghrths way. People were real nce. got nvted nto peoples* homes. had no problems or worres. ts a country where you are ether rch or-poor.". Wth a break of more than a- month, Brggs s watng for the next call. - "My agent s talkng to some CBA teams," he sad. " should know_ by Jan. 8 f ll be gong T>ack (for the Open Seasor)~Rght now the/re tryng to gettwo mports per team..wouldnt mnd gong back. thnk the fans lked me." Professonal NDOORS WStarGame Sat. JANUARY 20 2 p.m. JOE LOUS ARENA ^kk^sw.slo^^^kds^prl^ avahble"at Joe Lous Arena Box Offce and qfe r/cket///^fa/<=/=t.harge BY PHONE (33) Youll Get a Kck Out of t! Men, f youre about to turn 8. ts tme to regster wth Selectve Servce ;. y&%$ atany U.S: Post Offce. j t - s quck. f s easy.! And ts the law. By Dan OMeara staff wrter Ryan Johnson and Jeff Gold were sophomores playng on the varsty basketball team when vsts ng Plymouth Salem got blown out by Ypslantl two years ago. They were back onthe same court Frday nght, but t was a,much dfferent result ths tme t. - The Rocks werethe underdogs once, agan, but nobody had that mpresson of them after Salem trounced the. Braves and removed Ypslantl "from the ranks. ofthe unbeaten; ^ VThst s the frst tme n Salem hstory, that - wesre-beaen them on thsfloort^coachbob Brodesad. : -.» "ts a tremendous feelng to come n here and do that and thats a good basketball team.."- Not only dd Salem; 3-, have the memory of ts last vst to Ypslantl as motvaton but also a December loss to Southfeldn ts last game before the holday break. The Braves are 5-. "WE WANTED to come out and play our game," sad Johnson, who scored 4 ponts and hauled n sx rebounds. The ntensty was there, too...;,. " wouldnt say we were at our peak, but d say we played four quarters of^jasketball. Weplayed Salem basketball and came out wth the W." Salemsgame was the same as Ypsllantls run and gun but the Rocks were better at t ths nght. Junor forward Jake Baker had the bg nght for Salem wth game-hgh totals of 22 ponts and 7 rebounds. ",. The &-foot-5 Baker headed an mpressve reboundng effort, whch allowed the Rocks to run the break. He had 2 defensve rebounds, and junors K.C. Klrkpatrck and John Hoffmeyer had sx apece at that end of the floor. "Were a good breakng team," Baker sad. " thnk we surprsed them last year, too. We beat Team CrxjrcM Wyandotte Stevenson 8 H. Anuover FranXln 5f-L.a}hrDp 8H lander P&y r Dan>el (W>an) Gotowtc (Wyan) 8erke (lan/up) Lansky (Andover) Sonverse (Wyan.) Zamler (Andove<) Sharkey (Frank.) Stove* (Frank.) Ocny (Slav*) Wng (ChucM Skoures (lannjp) Johnson (Cnurcft) 8 SUBURBAN HGH SCHOOL HOCKEY LEAGUE STANONGS (As cl Jan. 3) W SCORNG LEADERS T Pt$. GF GA O O O O S a s A s WEEKENDER GROUP TRAVEL KD \V\(. ()( MY KllS W MM *. l t;>\o, Pts 20!8 3 3,3 M S \\K V <u OK MOHM \\ ON Free Federal \ Consumer rrformatlon Catalog. Dept. TO, Pueblo. Cotofado 8009 Announcng a e Buldng scene...onjnformahve gcje to new home, condomnum and commerdol developments n your communty., plus adveftwng and Jfte(6slng artcles destanedtohep keep you on top of the Buldng Scene. Now appearng n every Monday and Thursday edton. < b&t\sez& ctentre KWSPAPtRS For Dsplay Advertsng call «9 *m BMW " \ _-_- 7 H - t g? earns upset of., them-by- 20 r but-hhnk-they gured-they just ddnt play well. ^?WE WERE hungry for a wn. We came out ntense and were scrappng for every loose ball. Nobody was holdng back." The frst of two trples by Baker put the Rocks JnJrontjfL^wjd. at 0-4J r and then Salem tooknof f f racng d a 20- lead at tre end of the frst quarter as the Rocks heated up the break. Bakers jumper mdway n the second quarter gave Salemts bggest lead, 3-5, before the Braves, wth trples by Wendell Rodgers and van Davs, dosed to at half tme. "Theyre a real fast team, and we were beatng them at ther own game," Gold sad. " was worred at frst f we could stay wth them. "But we wanted t more; we wanted t a lot more. We had slow frst quarters n other games, and we wanted to turn that around. n ths one, we just exploded." Gold chpped n eght ponts and also had seven steals. n addton to Baker and Johnson, Klrkpatrck ard Hoffmeyer also played well around the basket. The 6-5 Klrkpatrck scored of hs 3 ponts n the second half, and the 6-4 Hoffmeyer came off the bench to add seven ponts. Klrkpatrck also grabbed eght rebounds and Hoffmeyer nne. "THE BG kds are young, so t takes some tme for them to realze they can play," Brodle sad. "Over Chrstmas, we worked a lot on our nsde game. Early on they look to Jake, but tell them all fve can score and tonght we seemed to grow wth confdence." Rodgers, a 6-3 forward, scored 2 ponts for the Wggle, Granfeldt pace Cvlle fnsh * Roberta Wggle and Lsa Granfeldt ted for frst place on the vault Lvona Clarenccvlles lone vctory as the Lady Trojans were edged by Brmngham Seaholm n gymnastcs Thursday. The Maples scored 2.35, Clarencevlle 20.3 and host Farmngton Hlls Harrson Wjggle ~and "Gfarleldt acheved 8.45 pa the vault, and Granfeldt also was second on balance beam and floor exercse wth a par of 8s. Teammate Ern Magulre was runner-up n bars competton (7.45)/ Clarencevllle8 Jennfer Kapo, who was thrd on floor (7.8), thrd on bars (7.) and fourth on beam (7.85), was thrd n the all-around scorng wth a 29.2 total. Harrsons Amy Solomon was fourth (27.2) and Colleen Henzmann ffth (26). The Lady Trojans also had Chrs ty Nagorka place ffth on vault (7.95) and Sherry Hochstadt sxth on floor (7.4). Braves, and Davs, a 6- forward, fnshed wth. Guard Wayne Mner added nne. Ypslantl ddnt have a good shootng nght, whle the Rocks were 29-of-55 from the floor. "When you press, you take chances," Ypslantl coach Bob Rowley sad. "They beat us down the floor and dd-somethng^wth jt. ^- "m not necessarly surprsed by t. knew they could play basketball. Theyll wn at least 5 games, rfaybe more. "The ones who hurt us were the center and twd forwards," he sad. "They beat us nsde, and we ddnt get much out of our people." TheXattlo to control thetx>ards was guaranteed to be physcal, wth the Braves startng the 25- pound Davs, Rodgers (9Q) and 6-5 Charles Coleman (205) n the, they brought Dyson Slater (6-2,20) and Juqurry Armstrong (6-8, 280) off the bench. Thats where Johnson, a 6-3, 26-pound lnebacker was of partcular help; " ALWAYS take that as a challenge," he sad. " knew we were gong to have to stand bur ground n the trenches. Bake s a bg guy; so are K.C. and Hoff and we stood our ground." Ypslantl got wthn three ponts (39-36) mdway n the thrd quarter, and t was stll a threepont dfference n the last mnute when Klrkpatrck and Johnson scored the last four ponts to gve Salem a lead. Klrkpatrck had the bg play of the^fnal quarter, too. He drove from the wng and scored the basket despte beng upended. He converted the three-pont play for a lead wth 4:5 remanng. Baker ht another trey to make t 67-52, and the Rocks turned the game nto a blowout after that. ^J-tofd (the players) we could be one of the best -teams n the area, maybe the state, f we come focused for every game," Brode sad. " Were strong, we shoot the ball and we have decent quckness. f we come n focused, people are gong to know were n the gym. " Trojan spkers spll DCDS The Lvona Clarencevlle volleyball team mproved ts record to 2-0 by beatng Detrot Country Day 6 4,5-7 Thursday at Clarencevlle. Clarencevlle found tself down 4-7 n the frst game, but battled back for nne n a row to wn. The Trojans managed to settle down n the second game and beat the Yellow Jackets soundly. "We played more as a team n the Harrsons best were HelnzmannJ-^second game," Clarencevlle coach nnth on vault (7.75) and ted wth/ Mary_Hursley sad, "We hustled and Kapo for thrd on bars (7.), Solo^ got outstandng httng from Karl mon ffth on beam (7.7) and Kara Watson and good defense from Rhona Burman nnth on floor (7.05). Saunders." : > <. >!t r. l Wtr- ^; : : r- > \ -.t :t > :. J* \t-f :- > - ; : ; WNTER FURNACE SALE TRANE Cash & Carry 97% effcent AC prepped 6 years parts 5 years servce $ 995 PLUS NSTALLATON BLUO40K942B DGTAL SET-BACK^ THERMOSTAT $ 99. Cash & Carry 70% effcent AC prepped 5 years<f>arts 5 years servce 389 PLUS NSTALLATON TUS060A936A- Honeywell ELECTRONC AR CLEANER *299 Cash & Carry MmDSCOUNT CS mnubw ^mmmhemhg **NB COOLNG, NC. ys-«23370 COMMERCE DRVE FARMNGTP^ HLLS, M 48024

17 tm mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm^mmmmmmmmm^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm J Wll bowlng play a part n European revoluton? A few random thoughts about our favorte pastme. Bowlng s a sport for everybody, young and old, male or female, fat or slm, tall or short, all compete equal ly- Cost-wse, bowlng s far less epenslve than most other sports, especally where basc equpment s con-.^-eerncd ~A -= - - <.. ;-... -,^._= About eght nghts of league bowlng cost the same as one round of golf. Bowlers can enjoy bowlng for about the same prce as one meal at "McFast Foods." Golfers gear can cost lo.tlmes as much as bowlng equpment and n golf there arent any ball returns, as fbey have to go chase,the ball 0-pn alley Al Harrson 400, Ray Turnbull wth a 203 game, Scott Berger 78/ 480, Justn Snow 84, Rob Ashton 80 and Joe Lorlnger " n the "Junors,"- Brett Kotrba rolled a 70/454^ Now that recent world events have changedlhe-face- JasonrHoloweck m/467, Tlffanle West a 203, Suzanne of Eastern Europe, wher wjll bowlng centers open n countres lke Poland, Hungary and Romana? There have been establshed bowlng centers n foregn countres, usually where Unted States Troops are statoned or longtme ndependent natons flke Sweden.. Howabout Russa? Now that the "Cold War" s over wll Brunswck open Moscow Lanes? f^ anyone s not aware of t, there s an excellent publcaton, "Bowlers Dgest," avalable at the counter of-your local bowlng house. Ths s a qualty tablod Carlson a 57 seres, Melssa Ansama a 90 and Darnell Prerhes a 68/483. s - n the "Hgh School" dvson, Marcy Eastman 20, Cecela Buffa 97, Candl Schlacht 204/567, MJ^te Layman /576 and Crag Chab^aJflV^ The "Begnners" had Chad Hnes 37/337, Dustn Harrman 90/246, Shaun Saylor 35, Ryan Hayes 7 and Steven Olsen 82/223. The Thursday Mxed League can use two more couples for the second half. The ncentve s a $l,400^rst loaded wth nformaton concernng the sport of bowl- prze. The league starts bowlng at 9:0 p.m. on Thursng and happenngs n and around the local bowlng day. - ^\D communty. " Drakeshlre Lanes n Farmngton Hlls featured t s publshed every other Tuesday by the Greater Af Youngs 748 seres n the Tuesday Elks League. He Detrot Bowlng Assocaton. h4d a block of Bowlers Dgest was orgnated by. the late Steve Cm- e Westland Bowl on Wayne Road n Westland hostchon n 976. The publsher s Dee Cruchon and the ed the Tuesday Nght Mens League and featured a edtor s Rck Slrobl. sensatonal 803 seres by Larry Vojtkowsk. He had a The current ssue has a fne artcle on spare shootng. Every bowler should read ths, Bob Ashcraft 256/702, Mark McCusker a 276 game and block of Denns Celmer fred a 288/707, The Bowlng Chartes annual tournament s scheduled for January 22 through February 4. t wll take n the West Sde Lutheran League at Redford Ken Gergel a 269. place at all BCA bowlng centers n the Metropoltan Lanes, Bll Bryant ht a 680 seres on games of area. 20. Kevn Cahmbers had a 669 set, Ken ngram a 63 Ths s a worthwhle event and provdes a lot of help and Don Stark a to the varous local chartes. Congratulatons to the Evergreen Church team for League bowlers pay one dollar to partcpate n the wnnng the frst half. ts sponsor s the Rght Approach Pro Shop and the team conssted of: Captan qualfyng seres durng regular league play. Fnalsts can wn some pretty good przes too. "Babe" Radtke, Ken ngram, Mark Raltz, Tony had the opportunty to test a new ball whch wll be Karowch and Gene Rogers. ntroduced soon. t s the Thunderbolt "Dual Block" by At Mayflower Lanes D Redford, Debbe Gazdk Ebonte. Ths s a very hard-httng bah wth plenty of shot a 255Tn the Lades Junor House League. fnshng hook. The Redford Keglers saw Dean Tremontl wth 268/ tred t on a regular factory sanded fnsh and 700. found t to have terrfc hookng acton, too much for At Merr Bowl n Lvona, the Nottngham Mxed dry condtons. - _ League saw Norm Guznack wth a 603 seres and Mare Bartoszek a 522 set. then used the Luster Kng polshng machne to cut down the bg hook and found ths ball to hold a nce lne Woodland Lanes saw the followng scores n the wth stll plenty of acton on the pns. Senor House League: Tom Elsey 720, Jeff Adamczyk Ths ball seems to carry extremely well, especally 73, Larry Mslevy 688, Chuck Myers 688, Tm Grates on the off-pocket hts that you dont normally expect to 685, Mke Rose 670, Mckey Gullet 72 and Bob Stanely carry. a 77 set thnk ths ball wll do well n competton. n the "Mldnlghters," Don Rchardson shot 275/63. o Bel Are Lanes n Farmngton had some pretty n the Alt-State Lades League, Pam Bond had a 254 good acton as usual n the Senor House League, as game. Ted Kress led the way wth for a 693 seres. Paul Koeng shot 244/668, Bll Petrzyk 643, Tom a 638 set and Janet Yaske wth a 68 seres. The "Ladles Nght Out" featured rene Olander wth Johnson 643 and Bll Dryer a 252 game. n the Gay 90s League, Ellen Jansen shot a 23 At Country Lanes n Farmngton Hlls, the game and 605 seres. Greenfeld Mxed League saw Carl Hansen roll 234/ Wonderland Lanes n Lvona hosted the Wonderland Classc League n whch the Farmngton Bg Boy 620, Jan Ellott 223/582, Ken Smth 224/600, Phl Szonye /668, Dan Chrstansen 223/60, Jm team fred a 3289 total ( ). Bob Forsythe Jmmerson 220/652, Gayle Preskora 26-24/605 wth led the way wth a 254 game and 70 seres. a free dnner at Rams Horn and Bll Petrzyk a 64. K & S Bowlng and Trophy racked up a 3257 total A week earler, Barb Turner rolled a all-spare 85 wth John Chattaway rollng 234/665. game. Other top scores ncluded: Bob Bogalay / n the Country Lanes Noon Classc, Betty Harrs 709, Carl Harden 265/706, Mark Konopatzk 267/684, rolled a 637 seres wth a block of , Lada Rck Sedleczek 247/680, Chuck Powell 237/679 and Harrs 223/594, Rany Peters 26/57, Glora 92/562, _Phl Horowtz 257/679. Lnda Turman a 234 game and Gal Fehrenbaclr22r Super Bcwl n Canton hosted the Wednesday 588. Nght Mens League whch had Scott Nelson wth a 74 The results from the past week have Lor Crag postng a 695 seres, ncludng a 264 game (she also shot age. seres and block of Not bad for a 66 aver 279/694 Wednesday n the Majors), Chrs Chsm wth a n the Wednesday Mornng Mens League, Bob 603 seres (she also had a 277%32 at Novl Bowl on Chamberlan fred 266/676 and Tm Magyar Thursday),-Mandy Carlson 24/579, Glora Mertz 209/ 238/ , Conne Perozk 23/576, Rose Kukowsk 205/575 At Beech Lanes n Redford, the rons and and Joelle Wax 92/568. Hammmers Mxed League saw Ken Romps wth a seres of 694 on games of As" for the younger bowlers at. Country Lanes n the past two weeks, the "Preps" saw Chrs Brugman roll n the Saturday Nght Mr. and Mrs. Mxed League, 97 pns over average for 80/490, John Gornall 52/ Rck DPaola was hgh wth a 264 game. UMMW. M.HJ»H»m»l UM«.CT«m f BERGSTROMS nstant Hot Water fnsnkerator ¾ 3Q8SL n The Hot One Reg Kohler Ktchen Snks Lakefeld K6877 Reg Whte SCHOOLCRAFT LVONA M-F9-6 SAT. 9-4 SALE ENDS. JANUARY 20,990 SCRATCH & DENT SPECAL u^^qa 50,000 BTU OA8. FURNACE NSTAU,EDFOr AS LOW AS $ 729! Monday, January O&K *3C Ocelot caqers wn The Schoolcraft Communty College womens basketball team took to the road Wednesday and pcked up a vctory at Henry Ford Communty College. The wn mproves the Lady Ocelots record to 7-3 overall and to 3- n the Eastern Conference. Freshman forward Trlcla Lukas and sophomore guard Ann Hardy the Schoolcraft attack. Each had 5 r? t M /.,..--: 5 BOYS BASKETBALL Toetdtjf, Ju. 9, Hamlramck at darepcevlle,7 pjn Lncoln Park at Wayne Memoral,:? p m Lv. Churchll at W.L. CenlraJ, 7:30 p.m. LW. Frankln at Westland Glenn, 7:30 p.m. Farm. Harrson at Lv. Stevensoo>7;30 p.m. Ply. Canton at N. Farnlngtoo, 7:W pm W.L Western at Ply. Salem. 7:S0pra Northrlle at Farmngton. 7:J0 p.m. Garden Cty at Pnckney, 730 pm Dbn Edel Ford at Redford Unon p.m. D H Crestwood at Red: Thurfton, 730 p.m Bshop BorgessafJTarper Wds ND pm Bsh. Gallagher «Redford CC. 730 p.m. Sfeld Chrstan at St. Agatha, 7:30 pm. Huron Valley at Ply. Chrstan, 7:30 pm - mmac. Concept, at Red. Temple, 730 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 0 Flat Rock at Lulh. Westland, 7:30 pm Frday, Jan. 2 Avoodale at ClareocevllJe, 7 p.m. Garden Cty at D6o Edsel Ford, 75 p m. Ply. Canton at Lv. ChurcbU, 730 p.m. Lv Frankln at W.L. Western. 7:30 p.m. Lv. Stevenson at Ply. Salem, 7:30 p.m WL Central at Westland Glenn, 7:30 p.m Farmngton at N. Farmngtoj, 7:30 p.m Nbrthvlle at Farm. Harrson,"7:30 p.m. Redford Unon at Nov, 7:30 pm Taylor Kennedy at Red. Thurston, 7:30 p.m. Wayne Memoral at Dbn. Fordson, 730 p.m. Bsh Gallagher at Bsboo-Borgess, 7:30 pm Redford CC alerm. Brother Rce. 7J0 pm- Cardnal Mooney at SL Agatha, 7:30 p.m. Luth. Westland at G.P. Unv.-Llggett, 730 pm. Huron Valley at DeL Evangel. 730p.m. Red Temple at D6a Falrlane, 730 p.m. PREP HOCKEY Tuesday, Jan. 9 Redford CC at Sgate Anderson, 8 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 0 Lv. Stevenson at WyandoltefYack), t p.m. Th and ay, Jan. Lv. Frankln vs. Bloomleld Andover at Detrot Skatng Club, «:30 p.m Frday, Jan. 2 Lv. Churchll vs. Lv. Stevenson at Lvonas Edgar Arena. 6 pm. Saturday, Jan. 3 Lv. Churchll vs. Mlford Lakeland at Lakeland ce Arena, «:30 pm Redford CC vs. Brm. Brother Rce" at Redford ce Arena, 8 p.m. MENS COLLEGE BASKETBALL Wedfle^ay.Jaa.0 Hghland Park CC avscboocraft, 7 SO p.m. Macomb CC at Oakland CC, 7:30 p.m. Satarday, Jan. 3 Scboolcraf t at Oakland CC. 7:30 pm. WOMENS COLLEGE BASKETBALL Tuesday, Jan. 9 Madonna College at CoDcorda, 7:30 pm. Wednesday. Jan. 0 Oakland CC at Madonna College, 7 pm Schoolcraft at Hghland Park CC, 7-.J0 pm Saturday, JuU J Madonna College at UM-Dearborn, pm Oakland OCat Schoolcraft, 630 pm Sophomore center Barb Krg (Plymouth Salem) added 0 ponts and 0 rebounds,..."/ The Scbopcaft mens basketball team also broke nto the wn column Wednesday, -defeatng.vstng Southwestern Communty College, ponts. Lukas also contrbuted 5 re- Handy Wattere paced the Ocelots unds,-0. of whcb-camo n^he-lrst (7-ll^Uh 2 potets-and-nlne re- T half.. bounds. Al Hudson added 20 ponts. m 25TH ANNUAL GARDEN CTY CHRSTMAS WRESTLNG TOURNAMENT bee. 23 at Garden,Cty Hgh TEAM STANDNGS: Westarxj John Glenn. 69W perls. 2 Sahne. 60; 3. Tjenlon Dearrxxn. 36; S. Nodhve. 29VJ: 6 Dearborn Dvne Cfvld. 22V?; 7 Redford Uooa Dearborn Heghls Arv napof/s Lvona CfHjrcJS. 69V>; 0 Lvona FrarMn. 63. Garden C\y. 45V>; 2 Metandae Dearborn Heghts Robchaud BertVey. 29: 5 Dearborn Heghts Oestwood. 28; 6 Lutheran Westland. 26; 7. (te) Fa/mngon Harrson and Lrvona Stevenson. each. CHAMPONSHP FNALS Heavyweght: CXson (Sabne) dec Balestren (Dearborn) pounds: B Beuckefca/e (Drvrw Chld) p.nned Gary (Salne). 5:30 2: Hasselt (Trenton) p Khashan (Northv^).0:44. 9: J. Beockeleare (Drvme Chj) dec. Correa (Crestwood) : Murdosslan (HorhvHe) p Pace (John Germ). 3:47 30: Krause (ChurchU) oec Farnutaro (Trenton). t : Dankow (Trenton) dec ftudnjckj (Dearborn). 6-2_ 40: Buckaew (John Glenn) dec. Beebe (Salne). 0-5 (overtme) 45: Potter (NorthvTe) dec BocKoerry (RU) : She:enbarger (Churchll) dec. McLaughJn (Amapofe) T»., n*~ w»w*»y<»^«m»m«j> 60: Townsend (Northvltol dec. Wheeter.. (Frankly). t5* ^ ; 7; KubSn (John Glenn) p. Debates (RU).»30. 89: Woody (John Glenn) doc Cattey (Mehnndale).6-0 CONSOLATON FNALS Heavyweght: Acord (AnnapoUs) won by mrury defaut over Johnson (F/ankBn). 03 Aftson (Northvtfe) won by ln^>ry dofault over D Horvath (GC). 2: Smth (Dea/born) p. Horvath (Luth. WeslarKJ). 3:28. " 9: J Horvath (GC) p. Gray (Sane). 0:47. 25: fjnson (Dvne Chld) won by njury delauh over Peterson (Salne). 30: Votgman (Salne) dec. Ewng (John Glenn) : Jackson (John Glenn)dec. Brandenburg (RU) : Lezotte (Dea/born) dec Ruetz (Trenton) : OUvero (Dr/ne Ch«d) dec. McShane (Dearborn). 9-2 (overtme). 52: Stanley (Trenton) dec Stretef (Sa- ^6) : Andrews (Dea/born) dec. Potam (Trenton) : Demegala (DMne Chfd) p Lytwtnuk (Hafrson). 3:42. 89; Oeksnskj (Berkley) dec. McPhal (Dearborn). -0. NDVDUAL AWARDS Outstandng wrestler: Bob Townsend, NorthvMe. 60. Men. f youre about to turn 8. ts tme to regster wth Selectve Servce at any U.S. Post Offce. ts quck. ts easy. And ts the law. UGLY KTCHEN CABNETS? DONT REPLACE. RDFACE 9 MODERN S EUROPEAN STYLES FORMCA Sold Colors and Woodg ran SOLD WOODS ^ -. v Oak. Cherry f mm \ and Brch v / SERVNG WA YNE, OAKLAND 6 MACOMB FACTORY SHOWROOM FREE ESTMATES, 642. mh Rd ftfedton Hflt». Sne*. BlbcK W. of Dequlndre Daly 9-5, Sun &E Classfeds work! Cabnet Clad Super Summers for Kds 990 CAMP AND A C T V T E S FAR SUNDAY, JANUARY 2,990 :00A.M.-4:00RM. Brace/Lederle Communty Educaton Center West Nne Mle Southfeld, Mchgan t. l t t f n j «Jt >-.*. W, -< t *5**. -. Deluxe Steamng Hot Reg H770^ - Moen CHATEAU" Ktchen Faucet Reg.»72" $49 95 M89 95 Brookfleld K5942 RegJ Deluxe Ktchen Faucet drone 8MLAR SAVNGS ON OTHER CARRER FURNACES SAVE UP TO W0H Carrer Power Humdfer Reg. $69.95 $ NSTALlEO & RUNNNG lor 6$ $ QQ95 Academc Enrchment Overnght Summer Camps Day Camps Specalty Camps Actvty Programs Teen Tours Student Employment Opportuntes MEET REPRESENTATVES OF LOCAL ANDNATONAL 6UMMER PROGRAMS Free Admsson Open to the Publc ; On-ste Food Concessons by ORCHARD LAKE D^L AND RB :l : -. v >. < \ :,.Sponsored by. The Merrll-Palmer nsttute Wayne State Unversty The Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers r>..»* *A, f FOR FURTHER NFORMATON CALL (33) ask for Elane Du«tofo*kr$* numt*f ct xhwort, h# MenrW-P«*nrHk lr»»»mt»fd Th»Obt«nrw * Eocwfwfc r»oomm«fxj arty %p*ck pn^mn.. :-»! ; <.!. >. ftartmfc y f J^M^mrm mm ^¾^¾ 5

18 mmmmm mmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wnp«vm«w KlUHa^MtMlM aj M»4 Ma ft M * MM y» rf fe«^hm***mft***mm^mmmfta«ta^mh *ftmmtammtfmm^m.a j.-. XL.R.W.G). -\4 O&E Monday, January6.990! f Vt : lt : r*..: class reunons / As space permts, the Observer Class Reunons, (800) , & Eccentrc Neu>spaperawll prnt wthout charge announcemehtsof class reunons. Send the January class of 965 wll have ts Dearborn nformaton to Reunons, Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers, 3625 Holday nn n Dearborn.. For more reunon Saturday, Aug., at the. Schoolcraft, Lvona Please nformatlon,_call Kathy (Blelskl) nclude.the date of the reunon Dace, \ md (he frst and ld$t!natrej>fmt_, least one contact person and a. telephonenumber... 6 Andover ; The class of 880 wll have a reunon Saturday, Sept. 5, at. the v Elas Brother Restaurant n Pontlac.- ; Fer. more nformaton, call Class!^untons,(800) ;..._ r.. ; the class of 97Q s plannng a " reunon. For morenformaton, call >Class Reunons, (800) , ;d Avondale v.- :The class.of 980 wll have a re-. unon at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug.,!7.ut the Sheraton v Sputhfleld, 6400 \ J,L. Hudson Dr., \Southf leld. For more nformaton, wall. (800) C000 or.wrte Reunons, 255 Ston- Hngton Ave., Sute 08; Jfoffman Es- ::tdtes,u ; Brmngham Hgh } The class of 955 s plannng a reunon Frday-Sunday, Sept , at. ^the Lvona Marrott, -275 and Sx Mle. For more nformaton, call Mdge (Clark) Wlson, Brmngham Groves \ The class-of-l97(lwlll have a reunon Frday, Aug. 24, at the Radssoj Plaza Hotel, Southfleld. For more nformaton, call or , or wrte Reunon Planners, P.O. Box 29, Mount Clemens P Brmngham Seaholm < The class of 965 wll have a reunon Saturday, July 2. For more nformaton, call Jane Smmons, , or Harry Carlson, & Bloomfeld Hlls tahser., ; The class of 970 wll have a reunon at 6:30 p.m; Saturday, July 4, nt the -Krgsley nn, Bloomfleld Hlls. For more nformaton, call.(32) ,9 Chppewa Valley * f The class of 980w4 have a.reunon Saturday, Oct. 3, at Zuccaros ^Country House, Mount Clemens. For >more nformaton, call or» or wrte Reunon Planners, jp.o; Box 29, Mount Geraens ^ >:::: y - y Crestwood. The class of 970 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Dearborn Lowrey. The class of 960 wll have ts reunon Saturday, July 28. For more nformaton, call Larry Krupa, , or rene DeLuca Pros, ; - "; J. ^The class of 4965-wll have ts^ reunon n-july-.for more nforma-. tlon, call Sharon, , Denns, ,-orMarje, ^fter 6 p.m. Detrot Cass Tech. The classes of 964/985 and 966 wll have a combned reunon Saturday, Oct. 6, at the Warren Chateau, Warren. For nformaton, call The class of 980 wll have a reunon Frday-Sunday, Aug For nformatlpn, call or Detrot Cody The class of January 965 s plannng a reunon Saturday, March 24, at the Ypslant Radsson. Tckets: $65 per couple, f 35 per person. For more nformaton, call Donna Rourk, , or Mck Selhaney, Detrot Denby The class of 970 wll have a reunon Saturday, Sept. 29, at the mperal House, Fraser. For more nformaton, call or , or wrte Reunon Planners, P.O. Box 29, Mount Clemens Detrot Henry Ford The January, June and summer school classes of 970 are plannng a reunon Saturday, Oct. 3 for Romas of West Bloomfleld. For more nformaton, call Dense (Dres) Glnz, , or Pam (Wood) Hermann, / Detrot Mackenze The classes of 949,950 and 95 wll have a reunon Saturday, July 2, at the Hellenc Cultural Center n Westland. For more nformaton, wrte the Mackenze Reunon Commttee, W. Seven Mle, Detrot Detrot Pershng The class of 960 wll have ts reunon Saturday, Sept; 5. For more nformaton, call Lllo J3reer, , or Joan_Coleman, An-all classes reunon and dnner-dance s beng planned for the hgh schools 60th annversary Saturday, Oct. 6, n the Cobo Center, Detrot. For more nformaton, call ;. The class of 955.wll have a reunon-saturday, March 24, at the London House East. For more nfor-.maton, call Mare Slmonte Canzonerl, , or Barbara Hender-" son Mller, Detrot Bedford. The January and June classes of 965 wll have a reunon Saturday, Aug. H. For more.nformaton, call Kathe Zajlc Shankle at or Emly,Green Webster at The class of 970 wll have ts reunon Saturday, Oct. 27, at the Sheraton Oaks ltfnoy. For more nformaton, call Laura Hendry Meyers, , or Esther Halfyard Smth, The class of 974 s plannng a reunon. For nformaton, call Lee A. Wllams, , or Wendy Mare Selaff, Detrot Southeastern The class of 940 wll have a reunon Saturday, Aug. 4, at the Kngsley nn n Bloomfleld Hlls. For more nformaton, call Gerry Bohn Jaglols, , or Evelne Charge Teasdale, f Detrot Western The class of 940 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Margaret Whteford Taylor, , or Leona Supplee Traub, Edsel Ford The class of 980 wll have a reunon at 6:30 p.m. Frday, Aug. 0, at the talan-amercan Club, 50 Oakman Blvd., Dearborn. For jnore nformaton, call (800) Elsenhower The class of 980 wll have a reunon Frday, Nov. 23, at Zuccaros Country House, Mount Clemens. For more nformaton, call or , or wrte Reunon Planners, P.O. Box 29, Mount Clemens % FerndahL _._..._...- _.;_ The class of 965 wll have a reunon Saturday, Aug. 25, at the Radsson Plaza Hotel, Southfleld. For more nformaton, wrte Reunon Planners, P.O. Box 29, Mount Clemens 48046, or call or 263:6803. Ferndale Lncoln January and June classes of 940 wll have ther reunon Frday-Saturday, Sept For.more nformaton, call Gwen Berger Straght, 255 Wakefeld, Brmngham Fordson The class of 970 wll have a reunon Saturday, July 28, a{ the Hyatt Regency, Dearborn. For "more nformaton, call Domlolc Maltese Jr., (days) or (evenngs), or ReneajPstor). Caljery, (days) or (evenngs). The class of 980 wll have a reunon at 6:30 p.m. Saturday,,June 30, athe Bronze Wheel n Dearborn Heghts. For more nformaton, call (32) 397*^00. The class of 959 wll have a reunon at 7 p.m. Saturday, Jan 27, at the Falrlane Club, Dearborn. For more nformaton, fall Anta (DlVlncent) Teffer. ^ Judy (Brusco) Anastos, , or Eleen (Ladd) Nolff, O Garden Cty -. The class of 960 wll have a reunon n fall 990. For more nformaton, call (days), (evenngs).._ The class of 970 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call (800) Grosse Ponte The class of 959 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Tom Teetaert, The January and June classes of 940 wll have a Jont reunon and dnner party Saturday, Sept. 8, n Lochmoor Club. For more nformaton, call ,-or wrte to 89 Park Lane, Grosse Ponte Park Grosse Ponte South The class of 970 wll have a reunon Saturday, Aug. 4. For nforma-. ton, call Jm Bayes, , or Carol (Anderson) Wagner, Hamtramck The February and June classes of 940 wll have a reunon dnnerdance May 27 at the K of C Hall, Edwn and Conant, Hamtramck. For morenfor^naton, call Walter Marfee, ^r Tom Yageca, " ^- -"" Hardng Elementary/ ^ Junor Hgh The class of 96 wll have a reunon n July 99. For more nformaton, call June LaPerre Weaver at Holy Cross Lutheran An all school reunon students, teachers, prncpals and staff members \?U be Frday-Sunday, Aprl For more nformaton, send name and address to Holy Cross Lutheran School, 423 Whtcomb. Detrot Lvona Benttey The class of 969 wll have ts reunon n August 990. For more nformaton, call Emly Serafa Manschot, , or Kathy Korzetz, \* Th^ classof_965 splannlng a ^euhldh/formore hfdrmarbnrcar Sandy (Brumm) - Rockwood, , or Glora (Schalek) Gurney, ". The class of 980 wll have a reunon at 6:30 p.m. Frday, July 20, at the Sheraton Oaks, Novl. For more nformaton, call (800) " \ Lvona Churchll The class of 980. For more nformaton, call (800) Lvona Frankln The class of 970 wll have a reunon at 6:30 p.m. Frday, Aug. 3, at the Laurel Manor, Lvona. For nformaton, call (800) Lvona Stevenson The class of 970 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Class Reunons, (800) North Farmngton The class of 970 wll have a reunon Saturday, May 26, at the Holday nn-lvona West. For more nformaton, call or , or wrte Reunon Planners, P.O. Box 29, Mount Clemens Norlhvlle The class of 970 wll have a reunon Saturday, May 9, at the Sheraton Oaks, Novl; For more nformaton, call Patt (Ely) Tomasak, , or JoAnn (Crup) Schlott, Oak Park The class of 970 wll have a reunon Saturday, June 23. For more nformaton, call And Benderoff Wayburn, , or Sandy Shecter Adler, Plymouth Canton The class of 980 s plannng a j m_qnjajaujrday fc Au^5^tue Nov! Hlton. For more nformaton, call Carol McCuHy-McGUnn, Plymouth Salem The class of "980 wll have a reunon at 6:30 p.m. Sunday Sept. 2, at the Mayflower Bed & Breakfast, Plymouth. Tor more nformaton, call (800) Pontac The classes of January and June.940 wll have a reunon Frday-Sunday, Aug. 7-9/ For more nformaton, call ^9 or Rversde/ The class of 970 wll have a reunon n March. For more nformaton, call Bob Taylor/Karen Bayless, , or wrte Dowllng, -Lvon a4850. " -. - _ Rochester/Rochester Adams The classes of 970 wll have a combned reunon Saturday, July 2. For more nformaton, call Barry. Kng, * Rosary > The class of 966 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, wrte Nna Snatra Hrc, 723 Buckthorn, West Bloomfeld The^class of 965 wll have a reunon Saturday-Sunday, Aug For more nformaton, call Judy Bohlen Klne, , or Sharon Pnke Konarsk, Rosevlle The class of 975 wll have a reunon Saturday, Oct. 3. For more nformaton, call Tammy, Royal Oak Dondero The class of 950 wll have ts re^ unon n 990. For more nformaton, call Royal OaXJKmball The class^f 963 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, wrte Class Reunon, CBC, Box 287, Ortonvlle The* class of 980 wll have a reunon Saturday, Aug. 4, at the Somerset nn, Troy. For more nformaton,, wrte Reunon. Planners, P.O. Box 29, Mount Clemens 48046, or call or The class of 979 wll have a reunon- Saturday, Dec. 23, at Romas, 20 S. Telegraph, Bloomfeld Hlls. For nformaton, call (32) Sacred Heart The class of 955 wll have a reunon n July 990. For more nformaton, call Dolores, , or Jane,(57) St. Andrew Elementary School reunon/open house wll be n 990. For more nformaton, wrte Holy Famly Regonal School, 240 nglewood, Rochester 48063, , or Karen Mooseklan, St. FrancsDe Sales The class of 970 wll have a reunon Saturday, Oct. 20. For more nformaton, call s <>; What knd of a kd do you suppose Thomas Edson was? >A -$. * ;? - \? %.: < - :S- r! r ",-t % -* t -«-* :* «.s * < > s * 4».«*.5 Bet he looked at problems and saw solutons. Lke Maurce Scales who nvented Baby N6-Masfe to prevent doors from closrg \ on lttle fngers. *, Bet he saw how thngs were done, ard magned better ways to do them. Lke Lllan Lukas wtjo ^ 7 nvented the Puddle Detectng Cane for the blnd. Bet he watched how thngs wotk and thought of waysto avod was tng tme or effort. Lke Catln McCracken who nvented the Orphan Ktten Feeder forthree. N Maurce, Lllan and Catln were three of the thousands of wnners n the nvent Amerca! educaton program... \ And you know that small f youre wonderng f ts genus can grow up to all worthwhle, just magne become bg gemusf-wth what Edson would have the capacty to make sad. Amerca number one agan. nvent Amerca! To partcpate, just wrte For now as never nvent Amerca!, 50 Kng before our country needs Street, Sute 420, an nventve spark. Alexandra, VA 2234, or call 703/ ffljhbjffblubb, HDMWBQUH Brngng rlm deas W «t t «ng mnds l - r - - ~ -^-:. C.-..._,.:,_.-->,..-: - H - - " - 5».-

19 !«mm V P HPVfwn mamm^mmmm wm*nwpothm*«p«monday, January O&B *5C PLYMOUTH ROAD -LVONA (W of Farmngton Road) Season Leagues Now Formng (Startng January) MEN S LEAGUES Vo^day 9 30 PM u<".day 9 30 PM Trday 9 5 AM LADES LEAGUES Tuesday 9 30 PM Wednesday PM Wednesday 9 30 PM MXEO LEAGUES Wed"es,day 9 30 PM YOUTH LEAGUES fcmens Juno House-S 000 st (6 Teams) Alled Wessde Men 5 man teams o ndvduals Mdnghle/srtghl shfl men c Tuesday Nghl Lades-4 gals to a (earn Afternoon Delghls (any average) Starlghts-begnners welcome Wednesday Mxers-2 couples to a team Mdnday After School 4 5 P M Saturday 9:30 AM and 2 Noon 990 Aerobc Prce Slash! Classes only *75 (offer expres ) 3 month unlmted PS offers choces choose your ftness program from month. 3 months* 3 months or year packages Aerobcs weghts and machnes or combnaton. No lmtatons; no ntaton; no lfetme contracts. Plymouth Ftness Studo for Lades )58 W. Ann Arbor Rd Plymouth We honor all Lvng Well lady Contracts VNYL WNDOW SALE FACTpRY DRECT-NO MDDLEMAN * ALL WOOD BAY & BOWS NSTALLED UP 0» W NOttMt MSMUTKJM MCtUMS M»U CUMANTCE tkmjuteosukuss PWuunoH < We NSTALL STEEL DOORS, PATO DOORS STORM DOORS Doors or wndows can be nstalled all wnter ca» for FREE ESTMATES FNANCNG AVALABLE ALL WEATHER WNDOWS Schoolcraft * Lvona, Ml p* 5% OFF ALL CURTANS 25% OFF DSCONTNUED PA 7 TERNS Wfc%atz Curtan Mw Largest Selecton of Lace Curtans n the Country! 3326 Grand Rver >!^ East of Farmngton Rd.) Farmngton Mon. Sat. 9-5" SLK PLANTS & FLOWERS SLK HANGNG PLANTS Prces Start at»9 95 SLK FCUS TREES 6rVtaJ NOW $ «M9 OrSTKC (AT t^vtx M.TP.t n <M OOOwf«.OmlSCfKTtl> tlut VAM OTX (AT!» HU) V rut KWOSXOUHTAYPlAZA 739-6*40 TWO NEW LOCATONS 3600 Grand Rver (! Ok W >* Orchard LaK- Mr J. < UptO> -.r f. :. PMM WESTLAND PLAZA Wayne Rd & Hunc Westland JJ7 SOUTHFEU) RD. 3BLK3. N.OMMH.E -977 MT. (XS.MZHS 22V39S0 SLK GARDEN SLK TULP PUNT N 0 W Re MO 5 $795 Reg. 2» SLK DAFFODL PUNT NOW $Q95 ATBV4MD. M T* ftt «< *MA *tl» P0NTUC UUt «0 P«l M-W ACAOMfowwnJcn «74*790 HOURS: M SAT. 0 AM-S PU WESTLAND LOCATON ONLY OPEN SUN. 2-«PM. Expert Carpet & Upholstery Cleanng Specalzng n Orentals, Braded, Decorator & Wool Rugs Sergng - Bndng - Repars 30 YEARS EXPERENCE PLYMOUTH CARPET SERVCE, NC. 5% OFF WTH COUPON. _ - EX E8 MARCMS^MO 75 STARKWEATHER, PLYMOUTH Ed Soleau, Owner - PTUOyfH -.> KlTON., " KTMOUM CARPET X c /. ^ V *>» REAT LAKESFkQoT OFF" Qfl0rl, 3/^ CARPET CLEANNG "^^Ctrpet Cleanng «^«Expres Jan. 3,990 Dres n to 2 Hours rtldun^tcdvl U.S. Patent Process UrnULOlCMY Safe, Non-Toxc. 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20 RP mmmmm.. [[A.-vmmmmmmmm. mm mm mmmm.o&e Monday. January-6,990 v. "~\; h. u l n, ; r : E; ; 5 Thejot^ Newspapers, t s desgned to help you sort out our varous departments*and locate ^W specfc people, Sojeelfree to snp, clp or rp ths pa^jbrjutu^ use. (BB&BBBBMBBBB El B po B B B B B BBB B B B BB B B BB he Observer & Eccentrc -. Newspapers are delvered twce each week by carrer and mall. Our current audtedcrculaton s ( /29/88). To begn recevng your Observer or Eccentrc, call: 69l-05dOTn Wayne County 644-U00 n Oakland 65*-7575 n Rochester/ Rochester Hlls These also are the numbers to call f you experence a problem wth delvery. Offce hours are from 8:30 a.m. untl 5:5 p.m. To became a carrer, call n Wayne County or n Oakland County. FRED WRGHT s our Crculaton Drector ext. 500 ADVERTSNG There"are two basc types of advertsements n The Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers: DSPLAY: These ads-are foundun the man sectons of the paper and are blled at a column-nch rate. We wll provde layout, typesettng, and copywrltlng f you wsh, at no addtonal charge. Photographs and addtonal, artwork are avalable for a fee. - Our representatves are happy to vst you r place of bu stness" and dscuss a marketng strategy wth you. along wth nformaton pertanng to deadlnes, contract rates, research data, and upcomng specal supplements. Our dsplay -telephone numbdrs are: n Oakland County n Wayne County Monca DCola heads our Retal Advertsng department n Oakland ( ext. 348) and Mark Lews s our Wayne County Retal Manager ( ext. 469). CLASSFEJ}F /" These ads are found n the Classfed sectons of the papers and are placed n columns under the approprate classfcaton for the tem that s to be bought or sold. They are blled at a lne rate. Our Classfed telphone lnes are open dally from 8:00 a.m. untl 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 8:00 a.m. untl 5:00 p.m. Frday. Call n Oakland County n Wayne County n Rochester/Rochester Hlls or MasterCard ready f you plan to use one of them. Classfed ads are also avalable n dsplay format for Real Estate and Automotve clents and are blled at an nch rate. -To-arrange-for a classfed dsplay adrcall: n Oakland County r n Wayne County Jack Padley manages our Classfed department ( ext 487), " -L Dck Brady drects all advertsng and promoton for The ObserversEccentrc Newspapers; ext EDTORAL Ever wonder who to call when you have a queston or comment about, what youve read n your hometown newspaper?.. Perhaps youve wondered how to let us know about news or photo tps? - ^ * All he\vs tps should be called to your communty edtor at the telphone numbers lsted n the center column of ths page. receve no answer, call The Observer or The Eccentrc LETTERS TO THE EDTOR: Edtorals are publshed every Thursday. The lead edtoral s wrtten by the communty edtor. Edtorals prnted below the lead are >vrttenby a member of the edtoral department. To reach the communty edtor, call the number lsted. To reach the county edtoral staff (.call the approprate number. All letters to the edtor must be legbly wrtten and sgned. Please restrct letters to 300 words. We reserve the rght to Condense any letter and may refuse publcaton. * CLUB AND FASHON SHOW NOTCES: Notces of club actvtes appear n the.thursday Suburban, Lfe secton.. * All notces must be wrtten legbly and receved by 5:00 p.m. Monday to be ncluded n Thursdays.paper, ff you have questons, please call the approprate Suburban Lfe edtor. STREET SCENE ext. 302 Ths secton, whch s wrtten for readers n the 8-35 age range, appears n our Monday paper. t focuses on actvtes and events throughout Detrot as well as n ouf 2 communty crculaton area, For further nformaton, call Sue Mason ext TASTE ext. 305 Ths s our food secton and appears n the Monday paper. Any questons regardng recpes should be drected to EtheJ Smmons, food edtor. COMMUtfrTY EDTORS: Brmngham Dave Varga ext Canton... Jeff Counts Farmngton Bob Sklar Garden Cty Leonard Poger ext Lakes Phl Sherman ext Lvona Emory Danels ext. 3 Plymouth Jeff Counts Redford Emory Danels ext 3 Rochester Tom Baer Southfeld Sandy Arbruster looext. 263 Troy r.t......tom Baer 6 l-7575 West Bloomfleld Phl Sherman ext 264 Westland Leonard Poger ext 307 SUBURBAN LFE 8ECTON EDTORS Brmngham Becky Haynes ext. 264 Canton Jule Brown Farmngton Ldrane McClsh Garden Cty Sue Mason ext. 302 Lvona Sue Mason ext. 302 Lakes...Carolyn DeMarco ext. 250 Plymouth Jule Brown /Redford Sue Mason ext. 302 Rochester. Susan Stenmueler-r Southfeld Shrleelden ,...ext 265 Troy.Susan Stenmueller West Bloomfleld...Carolyn DeMarco ext, 250 Westland Sue Masor^ ext. 302 CREATVE LVNG EDTORS Oakland County. Co Abatt Text. 245 Wayne County Mare McGee ext. 33 EDTORALS Oakland County... Judy Berne ext. 242 Wayne County...Sue Rosek ext. 349 Brmngham 805 East Maple, Brmngham, M 48009^» Canton Wng, Plymouth, M 4870Z Farmngton Grand Rver, Farmngton, M Garden Cty 3625 Schoolcraft, Lvona. M 4850 Lakes 805 East Maple, Brmngham, M Lvona..., 3625,Schoolcraft, Lvona, M 4850 Plymouth 744 Wng, Plymouth,M 4$ 70 Redford 3625 Schoolcraft, Lvona, M 4850 Rochester..;.. 40 S. Man, Rochester, Ml _ Southfeld 805 East Maple, Brmngham, M Troy S. Man, Rochester, M West Bloomfleld..805 East Maple, Brmngham, M Westland 3625.Schoolcraft, Lvona, M PORT8.> Each communty has ts.own sports edtor; to report scores, call the approprate edtor: «Brmngham...,.,,..,,.Marty Bucmer ,ext 257. Canton,.;...; Dan OMeara ,.ext, 339 Farmngton...,...Dan OMeara ext 339 Garden Cty /..EJrad Emons ext 323 Lakes...,...BU Parker ext, 257 Lvona. ;.. Brad Emons Plymouth...,...,..Dan OMeara Redford...Brad Emons^ Rochester Southfeld... Troy....,,...,.., West Bloomfleld Westland... »»«t*«*t. Jm Toth Marty Budner ext. ext. ext. ext. ext JmToth ext. 244.Marty Budrter ext. 287.Brad Emons ,..ext. 323 BUSNESS NEtfe ext. 325~ The busness secton s publshed Thursdays. n addton to the story coverage and columns, (he secton contalnsscveral calendars: Busness People covers promotons, nternal awards and retrements for anyone lvng or workng n our crculaton area. We wll prnt photographs f space permts. Dalebook covers upcomng meetngs and courses of nterest t busness people. AfarketPlacebrefty covers new busnesses, new products and other busness-related tems. Submt tems for these n wrtng by 5 p.m. Monday. For these calendars call Barry Jensen, ext. 325.For all olher tems call Marlyn Fltchett, ext 33. WEDDHNGS, ENGAGEMENTS, ANNVERSARES We publsh pholograpls..and announcements of weddngs, engagements and major annve-rsarfes of local resdents or former local resdents. These appear as soon as possble, dependng upon avalable space. Forms for announcng these events are avalable from any of our local offces, or you may model your announcement on an example youve read n the newspaper. The best reproducton can be made from a 5" x 7" black and whte photo, but others are accepted. Please avod regular or color Polorojd pctures. "PHOTOGRAPHS Reprnts of photographs that appear n the paper ate not avalable. However, f a photograph s used and not needed for our fles, t wll be made avallble to the frst person callng n. Such photographs-vym be held n any of our offces for two months, awatng pckup. To nqure about a photograph, please call the edtor who ran the pcture.e.: Sports. Suburban Lfe. Entertanment, Creatve Lvng, News. RELGON Relgous news s publshedthursdays. The relgon calendar s publshed on these pages. Calendar deadlne s Monday noon. All materal must be n wrtng. For more nformaton call your local suburban lfe edtor. OBTUARES We publsh obtuares of local resdents and former local resdents. Most obtuary nformaton s receved from area funeral homes. f a local funeral home s not nvolved, please call the communty edtor at the approprate telephone number. All obtuares appear at the dscreton of the communty edtor. Obtuares are-prnted wthout charge. CREATVE LVNG News of the arts appears every Thursday. Notces of gallery shows must be legbly wrtten and submtted by the 5 p.m. Monday deadlne. For more nformaton, call the approprate Creatve Lvng edtor. BULDNG SCENE ext. 33 Constructon and buldng news appears every Thursday. All nformaton related to ths subject should be submtted to Marlyn Fltchett. edtor, one week pror to publcaton. ENTERTANMENT ext. 305 Entertanmentpagcsapp_earThursday_and nclude feature stores/theater and other entertanment revews, Table Talkrestaurantnewscolumn, and the UPCOMNG calendar, whch deadlnes each Thursday (for Kerns to appear tlefollowng Wmrsday). Submt all nformaton to Ethel Smmons, entertanment edtor. M0VD3 REVEWS ext. 302 All questons about move revews, whch appear every Monday n our STREET SCENE secton, should be drected to 8ue Mason. Steve Bamaby s Managng Edtor of The Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers; ext EDTORAL OFFCES:; 3625 Schoolcraft, LlvomaVMPl8l5dr* 805 East Maple. Brmlngha, M / Grand Rver, FTrmlngton, M Wng Street, Plymouth, M 4870 V 40 Man, R^hcstcr, M Q a p B e e e :: \»*\ s \v, * v -»s :: :; : t; llt: ** S t: s- :? :^ S? : ; S.; ; j * M «> V -v :: : : :: ;: :: : S ::: :;: : J-4 * :; l<; -": ;,: : S }".: -J. >. A-- >.... : ^ ^ t_

21 ) Monday. January 8,990 ~0&E *7C.;?. --:-:!: V. -»-.: > J-.! : ; r V V?-! : 5 *, # ; E S V BUY T. SELL T. FND.t CLASSFED DRECTORY ~u Auto For Salf : Help Wanted Home & Servce Drectory Merchandse For Sale Real Estate Rentals MORE tlassfeds Ths clanlflcallon contnued from Pace 2F. Classfeds Wort Buy t Set)rt Fnd rt Can Toda/ Ford SECTON F-C F MU3TAN0 984 TTopj. tc mfc>s.*5.w5 Norm Brother Ford 42-3?6 MU3TANO 988. GT convertble, automatc, loadod. 500 mrtes. excecen condton stored wnters. $ MU3TANO. 988 LX 5.0. Vd. tt. Ul. cruse, power wndows & kx*s. sunroof 4 more, $8,795 Bob Jeannolte PONTACGMC Plymouth. Ml MUSTANG. 9S8 Extra clean. WE HAVE ONE OF THE LARGEST SELECTONS OF CHRYSLER MN VANS N THE TR-COUNTY AREA 984 thru 989 SALE PRCED FROM $ 4,995 MANAGERS SPECAL 979 St. Regs Owner Actual Mles vte WKMVTlMU.S GRAND RVER AND MlOOlEBClT REBATE Oakland Courty Wayne^ Courtty 35^-3222 Rochester/Rochester Hlls 866 Ford MUSTANO 989 LX Converges Automatc, ar, ervbe, u, po*er w(r>dow*/jock*. 2 to choose from. $9,969. Jack Demmer Ford PlMTO»JO-euomatJc, 4 cylnder, stereo, powor braxes/stocrno;. $475 or test offer. 6*2 «9? PROBE 939. «9 wttte wth ar. tap«deck, low ml., good condton. bve n«w($8.9o PROSE 989 att>taot,lv«o" mses. ar, alarm, rnlnv. JJ9/.9Q0. Oays. - J54-6O0O. exl 476 PROBE Your choce ot 3 $«".««9 Jack Demmer Ford PftOEBE, 989 QL ar. premum sound cassette. 5 speed. $0, SPECALZNG N CAflS & TRUCKS *Under*4.MS VLLAGE FORD LOT STM!Orf<VAaOTC~CTCTnv-J0ctc*a passenger. ewojjcnl condton. 03ded 47,000 mtes. Uwdercoated, must be teen and drven TAURUS OL WAOON 987 Loaded great buy. $7,7 LOU LaRCHE CHEVY/SUBARU Plymouth Rd - Just West ol TAURUS GL 4 doors & wagons - V- 6. loaded, 8J po*or optons. From $8,489 Jack Demmer Ford TAURUS LX 987 staton waflon. loaded, exoecew condton, low mles. $8, TAURUS. 9S9. 6 cylnder, good selecton, ( om $8,695 BLL BROWN USEO CARS TEMPO 987 OL S speed or. ter eo cassotte. new clutch mhos. ExceOentl $4,750 Oays. -. On ; e<es MPO 988 GL. power steerng & kes. ejr. AM-FM cassette, prom sound, exoeflont condtoft UNDEfBlRD-937. Turbo-coupe aded, automatc, moonroof. tm stereo cassette/ graphc utzor. power wndows, steorng ks. Keyless entry. Extended warly. Amuslteel $8, Fo/d TAURUS, 9M. 4 door, black, tt. stereo, automat*, good. $4,980. VLLAGE FORD LOT 2 278r870O TAURUS 989 $ leather. moon/oof, and U he toys! 4 to choose from $2,989. Jack Demmer Ford TEMPO Br?*r\. 4 door, automatc, ar. po*er alterng, power b/a>es $3,480 yllageford LOTS T-BRO- 984 Elan, ar, RC-ver st&er»n{> & brakes, cruse. VS. excellent, $3800. AherCpm; 459-8*28 TEMPO. 98«Sport Btecfc. 2 door.- 5 speod^ejr. cassette. $3,760. VLLAGE FORD LOT TEMPO door, automatc. Jr. arc/m. -«xoe3ent cooduon, j4500orbesl CM «TEMPO. 987 GL Automatc, ar. stereo. 4 door. $4.960 VLLAGE FORD LOT tempo gl. 4 door, am-fm cassette, power steerng & brakes, ar, $5500. Alter Spm » TEMPO Automatc, ar. loaded From $8,989 Jack Demmer Ford THUN0ER8R LX Too clean $8,595 North Brothers Ford THUNOEftBRO Loaded and only mees. $0,989. Jack Demmer Ford THUWOERBRO 989 "Super Coupe" - Leather Moonrool. loaded $4,989 Jack Demmer Ford ^ 872 Lncoln COMTNENTAL 987. loaded, excellent condton, best ofler, must sefl Weekdays CONTNENTAL Leather or cloth, loaded Marry colors and your choce of 6 $7,969. Jack Demmer Ford FORO TOWMjCAf 984 Sgnature seres. Sharp car. lots of rrtaes..on/y $5,988 Hnea Park Uncdn-Morcury XL PRZM 4 DOOR COO Rebate st tme buyer* Automatc, etr,am/fm stereo, power steerng and brakes, rear defogger, wheel covert, port mlrrore, door mate. Slock # oeu*v*jtwjrf». B»tjrnV*l la S*** fx(.r< ko-j* * BEST JUST GOT 600 rebate for mport owners Lst $2,038 Dscount ^054 Was $0,98$ Przm Dscount -$800 st Tme Buyer Dscount -$800" mport Owner Dscount.$800 You Pay $8985 AS LOW CHEVROLET AS 3.9% APR Fnancng Amercas Best-Sellng Mn Van,uAt Unbelevable Prces!! 990 Dodge Caravan. 4, OL U K Kn^t, ^^h * 0 M Q *J ~ ^ * * Power steerng & brakes, electronc Hgh-back fuel cloth njected, seats, W&S S 5,04 rear lght defrost, group, AM/FM stereo, cruse, tlt. dual horns, -Stock # : rear washer/wper: Now _Sj 3,328 Ar Condtonng & 7 Passenger <> Automatc OVER 66 AVALABLE AT SMLAR SAVNGS 990 Grand Caravan (ExtendMnmum) Automatc, V-6, 7-passenger,ar, rear defrost, #5063. ^ WAS*6,990 NOW ^4,2 DODGE 8TARCRAFT VAN CONVERSON Automatc, wtlh ov*rdrtv«, 38 V-8, «Jr, pow*r \«rndow»7 toch/muror, power»t»«rng and brake*. V4 ton, 27* wheelbasa. 35 gallon fuel AWFM canotto, Vl»ta. bay wndow, full ca/peung. flbergl*** board*, rear «..._... - tofa, 4 reclnng bucket*. WAS NOW»*6960* V DAKOTA PCK-UP _AutQmallc. V-6, rear *lep bumper, powef toerng and brake*, 22 gallon fuet tank doth nteror. ajfnv/ m$,800 8,899* BRUCE v STARCRAFT MN CONVERSON VAN Aulomatlo, ajr/.v-d, cassette, power door tock*. tft, cruse, atylcd road wheels. NOW WAS 24, TELEGRAPH 990 VAN CONVERSON.. yy^g / Stock # \25,667 NOW * 5, THENEWSPRT OF DODGE ; > : 0 t 872 Lncoln CONTNENTA 9M $(anatur» Serlea" - Low rrjsea. From $J7,389. Jack-Dem mer Ford 8560 ^7?^ CONTNENTAL Sgnature seres, rtoonroor, 43,000 Nghway mbc, but onry $7,98«. Hnes Park Uneotn-Meroury, exl.4o0 UNCOCN Town Cer 982 Clean! Verv flood condton. MARX V Loaded. 3 to choose bom $8,689,. Jack Demmer Ford > fOAD TOWN CARS, CONTNENTALS & MARX VllS 64-89, 7 to choose f om. CaJ (or dolejls Klnes P ark lncotn-mercury " ext.400 TOWN CAR 989 v Leather, U pc«- er opton*, low mflea & loaded Choce or 6 $8,989. Jack Demmer Ford -«00-87e-FORO Mercury CAPR, 980 TAX, 3.3 L. 4 -Speed, leather, ar. good condrtjon. sharp. $ CAPRJ-984. ulornaoc. ar. crvsa control, blue. $4,000 negotable. 425-<e3e COLONY PARK 98«- 0 passov ger Wagon. Loadedl $ CaJ afler 6pm, - 489=406«COUQAft L8 98«V-«. automaoc, power steerng/brake*, powor wndows. CAsaette, and much more. Ths weoka specal $8,695. PAGE TOYOTA COUGAR 980 Xft-7. V*. ful power. ar. 4 new Urea, low mass. Mlnu Must seel $3,400. Dan COUGAR 9«. Great Student Carl Good coodrtlon. $500. or best ofler COUGAR 985, excecen condrtjon. power steorlng. brakes, m3es. everythng on rt, $5800 Of boaloker COUGAR Loaded, exceoent condrtjon. Orgnal owner. $4200 or best COUGAR 988 Loeded. 8 eyeflnder, sharp. $9.9» - LOU LaRCHE CHEVY/SUBARU Plymouth Rd - Just West o« COUGAR 969 "XR7 Supar Charged "-AutomaOe loadod. From $5,989. Jack Demmer Ford GRAND MARQUS 98«- LB, mles, loaded, BgM orty, exce0enlcon«tloa$ GRAND MAROU3. 9«*; 2 door. (us power. 302 V-«. exoeoent, resabje. Ftortda car. $ GRAND MARQUS, loaded, $«.395 North Brother* Ford 878 Plymouth COLT \rtsta 984. wagon, power steerng, brakes, am-fra cassette. tu.wo OOSTEfl AutomaOe, ar. power, sleornp, power brakes, stereo cassette, on sale now onty $3,995 loaded. $± &»\ RELANT door, 42-37«GRANO MAROW3. W. Whte. 4 door, luxury modet. loaded. $5,990 VLLAGE FORD LOT LYNX XfQ 98«, loaded mles. new battery, muffler, Urea, $3850. Dave LYNX 9««OS 4 door. owner, non-smoker, Mfy loaded, mles. A cream pufl. must «*- $ Sm MAROLRS WAGON passenger, loaded mses. $2^50. Cal between loam-opm «MAROU3 9«3 brougham, loadedl Exoeaem concwonl «7.600 mlea. $3,000. After S^Opm. 4*4-09 MARQW Power everytmrfl. good condton, blown head gaaktl st $ SABLE doora* wagon*- V-«. loaded. U power opton*. From $8,989- Jack Oemmer Ford - -«00-«76-FOftO SCORPtOa - 7 to choose, from «2.883 BJLL BROWN USED CARS SCORPO 98«Tourng Package, Feed Motor Comparty Car*. From $9798«. / Jack Demmer Ford STATrONWAGOM 9«5-Exoelle>>l condwon. $3500 or test ofw. CaS eves, and weekends, TOPAZ ,4 door, ar. 5,475 moes, automatc caaaetta, paraoed, non-smoker. Mnt) $6.7«. 47«622 TOPAZ. 96«. 4 door. 24,000 moes, $3, NorVBroUartFord 42-37«TOPAZ door, $4,7*3 North Srotherl Ford ZEPrVR 97«XR7. automatjc, power staerlng/ am-fm cassette,*new.t Nrtwn KNG CAS»«5 4 wheel drrve. Cat- Borna Wck. Load* of txhtt TYMEAUTO KtSSAN 2003X 98-Fuel njected, 5 speed, 40,000 mlea. « *0 676 OWtmoWk CALAS 985, loaded, 76,000 hghway mbe*. very good. condruon, must ae*. $ CALAS, 96«. Supreme. 4 door, hgh maeaoa, no rutt, stereo tape, ar. Anjdoua, AskJng «4500. st «4000 w«take or beat offer. Ca* CERA SL -9«9. 4 door. V6, tutomatlo, mosl opton* txluovtg &, stereo, tap*, rear defroal, (at $8,588 jaakng $2^00 0M*jec2 cvnwra. ScarCmake 0<Hr.64«-24l6 CgSTLAS OEM. *««4 door, auto, power brake*, kodu, tteerng. Has spt bench aeaa. tow maaa*. (^«7er$pm464-37or«5-e25 CUUASS CtERA WAGON 96V am/fm- caaettt*. - many opton*, seals 8, $3, CVTLAS3 6UPftEME»««, rneet, dark taj*. V*. automettc, a*, power tteerng, brafcee, crulea, W. nvfm ttereo. Power, antennea, M M CUTLASS 97«, run* Qood, body (ar, *xc«*enl transportaton. #4007 beet After $ 3Com, Ml**** CUTLASS 976 Supreme.4 door, tow rndea, good condton, «500 or beat.. 422^92 CUTLASS 9M Supreme Brouoham Coupe, automatc, V-, fu«power, llr, crutee, «7300, 47^-5¾¾ DELTA ««MOUOHAM W7 V-«. vtomaho, k. loaded wftf a* Bv» toy*. Only M.OOO m*e*. Was**. PA0«TOYOTA DCLTAM. JWft^/J"*^.t«w fr>*$>s)0^, KOS^SjM C*MMJ^9<*0, ^OWO beetofv. *M70 CMO».»e* BrcVM-y FO^ T**"P^. 4f^,*WS/. y^c+ufchrrfoto **4O0l4 009 M -*<4*.t»je*<am. loeded, 4 doct. *J»«*$M W^lCl***!, ^*.PrtO. 3*3 4*07 P4HWSWCY *e - pewer. «6,000 n* tafwed. H.tOO Ca* TOftONAOO 0l0# p$p, l%4 (***W*. MOO fnbsjsk. emfttjl-4j$ls.400. *t»--» / TyWWWs AOCA4M, 4*0 - T**», 4 door, loeded, se--om CAKAvf LE. **» 4 door, t\ 4 cyender, M power, 40,000 rr^e*. l*«cemrh.««\too.. 47*-34** «..! CRESTWOOD -. DOOOE ttfrerna-brakes. $900: or bey ^ automatc, power ar. Amfm stereo RELANT 983- ar, automatc, ster- 00, power steerng albrakes, 4 door, good condton $».7« VOYAGER SE you MUST see AT $5,699 GORDON CHEVROLET ON FORD ROAD N OAROEW CTDr Plymouth Acclam Factory Cars 878 Plymouth HPRZON. 985 Blue. 4 door. 5 speed, ar. stereo, cassette clean, $2,480. VLLAGE FORD LOT 2, HORZON ,000 orgnal mles, slver, ra3y sporl decal. eotomatlc.alr.$4500/best RELANT.»85. Blue. A door, autom3t<, ar, $3,960 VLLAGE FQRP LOT Ponlfac FERO Red. 5 speed surjcol $2,995. Bob Jeannotte - PONTACGMC Plymouth. Ml GRAND PP.Dt.Sa9. GM Execulrve c«r. $0,900 « From $8995 New 989 CORVETTE CONVERTBLE Whte wth red leather only 00 mles 985 FFTH AVENUE $ LASER $ ESCORT $ PONTAC 6000 LE Loaded. % $ CAPR Automatc, ar. $ MEDALLON Low mles. $ DODGE ARES STATON WAGON $ THUNDERBRD Well equpped. $ OLDSROYALE Loaded. $6488 9&5 CHRYSLEfl LEB^RON 2 door, automatc, ar. $ PLYMOUTH VOYAGER Low mles. $ CHEVY S-0 BLAZER 4x4 986 OODGE CARAVAN LE JLoaded $ CARAVELLE -Loaded $5995 LVONAPTVSS Plymouth Rd. Botwrrn Mrtrtlrbolt *-/>*" ""»/"»/% A K r.t,- m!! :., Pontec BONNEVLLE "LE" 987 Automatc a>, cassotte and r<wt. $8,495. HOLDAY CHEVROLET GRAND H. 98«U Covpe. Automalc, ar. lrt. cassette, rear detrpst, $5,495, Bob Jeannotle PONTAC GMC Plymouth, Ml -,.^ H:-!: Pontac J! ; CATArNA 973^ roeds rrnor ret, pau.asjurg$<00orbestoher FlERO SE 984. Wtte, 4 speod. «lr. stereo cassette, HHVCO<, loaded. owmnea5e.$2400/ofler FlERO Ar. am Jm stereo cassette. s.jnroo». $ ? LEMANS. 978 Maoon 4 door. runs nd lookj gsod, zebarled. V6 engve-$v50: Er« OO J -nrtrf -*- mm * WANTEDW Chrysler Employees Specal ncentves for Lynch Road Factory Purchases. "Fornformaton on ths specal program call or brng ths ad wth you! " Call or see GREG HATTER LVONA luymmtmvllvtfjm lalsfs (Between Mddlcbelt & Merrman) CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH CLEANEST USED CARS N TOWN!!! 989G.M.C. RALLY S.T.X. "350 Eng4n*.-Afl Major Op-ons. GM Warranty * Fu8 Sue. Optons. JANUARYS. USED CAR 987 BLAZER Low-Mes. At Ma;*"»2, CHEVY SLVERADO PCK-UP V Englnt. 27.tCO U.!,, Ar. KAocjbt, Psmt Yr&xt. - Pov* locks. T*. CrvO*. Cturb. B*<Srxr. aw w^n^»9, FORDF Pck-Up. V-8 Engne. Aulomattc. LonrM^es Warranty»9, MJ!**. Tll, Cruse, Warranty. SPECAL PURCHASE 989 DODGE SHADOW Automatc, ar, power steerng and brake3, stereo and more. 989DAYTONA Automatc, ar, power steerng \. and brakes, power wndows, CQQQC T-tops, trt, cruse. Must seel y v J W MN VAN HEADQUARTERS TOP QUALTY USED 988 CHEVY ONE TON EXTENDED CAB 4x4 Loaded wth all the optons.. AJJ A A»" A real work horse.. *. Only y e9«7d 984 DODGE PCKUP Automatc, power steerng ^ ^ ^ ^, - brakes. 8 foot box, ralry wheels. C ^ Q Q K NC4J Truck! ;. ysvbw 988 JEEP CHEROKEE 4 DOOR PONEER All the Optons, 4x4... $3, NEW YORKER Ar, power wndows, lock9, power seats-,,stereo and much more. F NEW $ r 760 NOW $2,995 LATE v MODEL BARGANS Art Ful Power. Cassette, G M. «8, TRANS AM 5 Speed, T Tops, Leatter Seats. XVa Sha/p,OM. Warranty.»8, BONNEVLLE S.E. ASTROROOF Rernble RadJo. - DJal Power Seats, Trunk Rack, O U. Waranryj»8, CERRA BHM t Cftrv. UMO cr«. M-. n, C-~*f. «40 Pc** S«at Poww» <NJCA». rzmtt locu, Cona, K>j>rr:-.OU <Mty%. f.»7, BLAZER TAHOE Ar. frf Po-.-r, Tll Ousa, Casvette, SJ-.r?. O* Owner, O.M.W*-.T%V. 7, FORD E.X.P Mles, A!r, Tt Cassette, Mnt Condton.»4,995 ARTMORANTJr Telegraph c*) Qf)f)f\ M:- N O? Mle ODO"<^V\JU VEHCLES 989 DODGE SPRNT Automato, ar, power steerng and brakes; stereo and more, Stock #2602. $ PLYMOUTH ACCLAM Automatc, ar, power steerng and brakes, stereo and more.. A A A, S n Q Q S 6 to choose From CARS $ ALLANCE DL 4 door, automatc, ar, power steerng and brakes, cassette. $ th AVENUE Ar, power wndows and locks, loadedl :_^_ : $ GMC JMMY BLAZER Automatc^ ar power wndows and locks, loaded, much morel Only $ DYNASTY 4 door. mrtondc a* potevr tocfc* ang lft. cn>»# atexeo and much, much mor* F NEW $T3,296 NOW ONLY RJ> f F TELEGRAPH bs6 :H >HS *«.. \. CAMPBELL 0K 7 Ak 988 SUPREME COUPE- ^$W- f : ;: -. -;» 4J - r -> mmmmmmm^mk *

22 rtrjt^tttttttrrjttjtjttt^tjt^ <m^,m>» ^ ^ m^ PHPPW rnmm^m \ * t / - 6C* Q&E Monday, January 8,990 > tl.. U. ^ k -!. WO Pontc *.OrttNO AM 9WLErfcjGnder.^ v door, oreal an ape, ar, power, euto-,/mauo.vlmo. M7-4W2 890 Ponllac ORAN0 AM te, M5,ffefW* cejv clean, 2 door, black/orey, automatc s weo.k>aded,*5,5}5, 54^383 *-: ^ - MO Pontlsc ORANO-AM 96«,-automatc, tll, luoaaoe reck, -am-tm ceaaette, low mfles.tfwj Ponllac J J, automatc,-ar,-power steerng, nflhwey mttea. relable. Mual drve. *tf3 or beat. 63«-2«*8 GFTNG S EASY 880 Pontlac J-2000: 982, engne needs work. Runs CaB 2«*30 LE 6000 )««, mn condton mna*. covered doth top, of a Hod, wtth 2 yr. warranty, eunblfto 684 Convertble, turbo, ar, anvfm caaaeta, 75,000 mdea,»3,400. After 6pm «$UN8RD door, Mgn mbeeoe. plenty o» extra*, vary $ood condrkyeakfy$j0o0/be»t «SUNBRD $88 -Automatc. a!r. Ut. aterpc. 4 door Oood condton: SUNPRD. 98«. 4 door, automatc, al-. t woo, ceaaette. flght Nue. « VLLAGE FORD LOT SUNBRD rod. o/eat condton, automatc, tn. ar, oru>e. «5800. Call daya. $ TRANS AM Btack on Mack. loaded. 6,000 mle*. SHARP «4.095 Hne» Parts Lnootn-Meroury. 4, ext.400 TRAN3 AM 984- mmaculate condton. Man output, V8. automatc. loaded, r-lopa. «4,600- r --425^e23r TRANSAM, ,000 moes. loaded. exooflenl ahape, whte w/ ootd Mm, must aefl-movlnfl oversea*. USOO/beat offer" (82. T-000, 98, S7.000 mle*. 4 apoed. oood condton, anvfm cassette. «950. Before 7pm Toyota CAMRY Automatc, ar. ster- 00. power brake*, power steerng & much mora. Wa « NOW «.995. PA0E.TOYOTA COROLLA DELUXE door. S speed, power steerng and braxea. slereo and much more. " PAQETOYOTA n « COROLLA 985. whte. 4 door. $ speed. e>, exceflenl conaton, askng « COROLLA 986, OTS, 5 speed, ar. sunroof. «5800. CeS <$9-028$ COROLLA 987 SRS. automatc, overdrve, ar. power sleerlngbraxea, AmFm. Charcoal metrc SpoUeaal»7, COROLLA968.4 door. ar. Ptonoor AmFm, ceaaette, towmllea. Exoeflenll» COROLLA. 989 Deluxe. Automatc. ar, ttecoo. towmuoa, S to choose, lke new condton, roducod to «8.995 PAQETOYOTA TERCEL WAGON: 986. One Ownorl 6 spood. dean, no rust, ar. stereo, end more, «5,000. Can or WTH CLASSFED TEACEU 960, 2 door. 4 cylnder, \?;. v. r classfed ads ONE CALL DOES T ALL! Oakland County Wayne Cotmtr Rochester-Avon Twp. Use your VSA or MASfCflCARO V wvvwvwvwwvw r^ TEftCEL WAGON 989 Great transportaton, only «3.995 Y~ " FOX HLLS Chryaler-Plymouth Hatchback, automatc ralos,- exoeflent condton. «50 or best Offer. After TOYOTA TERCEL 987 SR5 4x4 wagon, 6 speed, ar, stereo and much more, only «8,895 PAQETOYOTA Volkswagen GOLFQT 987- ar. power steerng, 5 speed, cassette, alarm, rust proofed, new dutch, llrea & tune up. W changed every 3,000 mtes. Very oood condton «6,500. Robert Oay» or eves JETTA. CARAT Edton, 988. Slver w/hand panted blue pnstrpe, 5,000 ml, yr. left on warranty. 6 speed, power wndow*, locka. mlr«rora, sunroof, fog lamps, aboy wheota. crutse, removable Baupunx, remote control elarm*r/gtea* breakng sensor. «3.000 negotable. Leave meaaege SUPER BEETLE-977. convertble. OrglnaBy a Calforna car. 85% rettorod. AM new nsde 8> out. Mutt S*8,»4.600 c< beat 0«er Volkewagen JETTA 98- Good runnng condton, needs work, «800 or beat ofler Volkwafen RABBT 8 962, 6 speed, * door, btac*. very wefl majnla^ed. new Urea.» «884 Volk>Wffl<n RABBT 978- Rvm great.»800 or beat offer «884 Volkwaflen VW GETTA OL speed, am fm casaelta atereo, axcesent con<fl» Don. mualsel « r?}*; RED TAG SALE ALL USED CARS AND TRUCKS AT 88 FORD MU8TANQ Q.T. 5.0 V8 5 speed, ar condtonng, cessele, onl/3.000 m?ej mdnght blue. Sale $ Prce TEMPO GL 4 DOQR Automatc, ar condtlonlna, slereo. only at.000 actual nsearaeam^ medum tlue"" mh. Sale $ Prce 4788 feoldsmoble CALAS 2 door, automalc. ajr condtonjng. stereo, sky blue m:e». 8a!o Prce M ESCORT 2 DOOR Automatc, slereo, only actual mles. honey bege fnsh. 8a!e $ Prce MERCMGft)J.HAROWS$4t>OOS Al the extras, gleamng burgundy fnsh, wth matchng vdour. 8ato Prce FORD PROBE TURBO QT FuB power. ajr condtonng, 5 speed ranamlsslon. t>rt. CArfse. 6,000 mles, arctc whte. sho*toom condton. Safe $ Prce CADLLAC ELDORADO Loaded wth extras ncludng fvb power, ar condtonng, atereo cassette. Ut. cruse, baby blue fnsh, ejtra nce. t $ speed, ar condtonng, hj power. Stareo/c«.ssete, dove g» ay. «E«cprrs, ear* - 9* m* tumvn avrywfrar*. a* jwaaj^ **om*c.lra)r>av;.rfdarjn,. tt,. plwer tahrw *},:pofttf ^akaxh~rw&}***.,",; _? f-; lehpffwt T^-*--.^.,--.^ jajmjjl-^lmu ^7^^-=*3 -v0 ";;-:^w..wr --".---.?".r. v; ;;..«¾^¾.¾. Automatc l/ansmls*on. ar ¾¾¾¾ condtonng. AM/TM stereo, cassette & much more, arctc whte. Sharp alo-^ $ Prce 6988 S4 MERCURY COLONY PARK Staton wagon, toadod. a>. Ml power. Ul. cruse 4 atereo. 8ala $ Prce FORD - AER03TAR WAGONS The best selecton anywhere. Hurry n (or best choce. 8 to choose from. 84 FORD BRONCO XLT 4x4 Automatc, ar condtonng, stereo actual mles. Jet black. Lfte Newl Sale $ Prce BRONCO 4x4 XLT Automatc. Br condtonng. AM/FM stereo, power wndows. 52,000 mles. Lke Hew. BrlgM red. Sate $. Prce RANGER 4x4 PCKUP Automatc, ar, beat the snow and tee wth ths,m.k^m,~o«.»,h, brght red beauty. 87fOYOTACELlCAGT $$ FORD MM XLT LARAT PCKUP 88 FORD CLUB WAGON XLT Automatc transmsson. ev condtonng, 2 Sale s tone WacX and rod. ;, Sate $ 8afe $ Prce 7988 Prce 6988 ; B4-, 894x4» Ejceflent seledlon bl pckups Bronco U and Rangers - Oet ready fo< the ce and artdw (n. cmaojtheaebeaut/.. ; *.. v".:": 8alepHced $AClQf from only 4 J O O 89 CHEVY 4x4 PCKUP ^jytl ^»»««*agn«...5 WCd..«lr f ctereo and mu<# more..000 actual mbej, brlghl red wthcap. Sale $^ Prce 2,988 87FORDF-50 4X4 XLT Larat pckup, automatc t/ansmsalon, ar, all the extras ncludng cap. a owhdr new car trade. Sale Prce $,988 Sale $ Prce FORD AEROSTAT* Cargo van. automatc, slereo and much more. Dark blue. 8alo Prce FORD RANGER XLT 5 speed transmssork AM/FM cassette. duratner. s5dng leaf wndow actual mles. Snarp. 8ale $ Prce PMC SERRA CLASSC PCKUP Automatc transmsson, ar ano much more ndud^g cap. oory rrvtes. 8 ale $ Prce 8988 T<JA pc«tr. ar condtonng, ta. crutsa 6 steroo casselo. A Red and Wnjta Beauty- Prce 9988 F YOU DONT KNOW USED CARS...KNOW YOUR DEALER! SUackuell ( t/ju Metro FORD Detrots N Best Kept Secret \ Wf"*"!" 400 Plymouth PLYMOUTH (NEAR HAGGERTY) PE3ZK -***2$ L :: wvwvwvvwwwwv *&*. "VT ^ ^ vo JU BUY NOW A SAVE! % sc % % 990 FESTVA L 2 DR. $,000 REBATE 990 ESCORT PONY\M 2DR. H.B. $,000 REBMt RANGER 4x2 $,000 REBATE Yv %\ % FNANCNG * * $,000 33BA * * & & Mtaastntma&Mamt*, Ovwdrhfl vf fwwn$»oft, pmr tata, W.. ;ons^tm, gaup*. cwrmy t^m, m **$,%& wfrtow <*r**,mektzm smgw mew- 990 TEMPO GL 4 DR. SEDAN $,000 REBATE f^ Overdrve transmsson, power brakes, rear defrost, rado, corsolette, reclnng bucket seats, sde wndow demlster. Stock#2409 WAS $7956 S PROBE GL 2DR. H,B. $ 000 REBATE T» fyk *k, pck-vp, X3.T Mukpment oroup, 60x40 ck* a^aalft kal <J A^^^^^ jaas^m^s^k-a * *4^aMk> f ^^ n a\.la\je&j tpm Owen Man, enronw tw Mp Otfnpax, M*/rtt ftrvo wh catmq, powr towng, tkomtor, M~ nqfwwwow, Stock 0lMtf ; WASLS2,63 S $,000 REBATE 90 AEROSTAR JLVAGON \,! ;: 990 TAURUS L 4 DOOR SEDAN Automatc, overdrve transmsson, rear wndow defogger, ar, power door locks, clear coat pant, power steerng, power brakes;, AM/FM stereo, courtesy lghls, tft steerng column, nstrumentaton, nterval wpers, exteror accent group. CHLO SAFETY LOCKS. Stock #2 Automatc" ar. power steertno. powtr brakes, power locks, dual electrc, control mrrors, tlt, rear defrost, PoM o/oup, bodyslde momnfls, speed control, pofycast wheels, dechd kjooaoe rack, fjnted class, AM/FM slereo cassette-. Stock#2056 WAS $5,96 S $,694* \^S $2,668 s s 8664 V WVWW VW ^ONOLAKBftO. * HOOANS..,^ Jl > r *Ann BO, MACHU «sm W&- a wv» Af-H fn. (or 48 month! on approved cred:t. Avaba en aewc modera. S» deaer for d«t«b*. FtW&x s» - e»adud*d. l W 9mm, BOWsT V U. t^atamfca^a s^a^^a^^ajr MffDM #M H WVMMl 0MW MNM MM, AMW SsWs^, 80 >, ---- WA$ $,39 8*9094 pto lax;ttle, Ktrxx 4 devnaton Rebate W app^afa. lnc»ud»d. Ratal a<«s onry. P^turaa rraynotf»pf»er.t«<mlver*ce». DfjA-..!cJed<Nplk>--vcxt V r rnr.<» "ft Qass, captan crtars, xl lm, 2 bench seats, --"atc. overdrve t/ansmlsslon, - AM/FM slereo * <<A ( r coat pant, spo-^r, converson grwp 4 WAS $4,667 S,727* vwwwww v llfltmt StRVKC CUARANTU 2 MLS RO. SflVCrYSB muf MAL. rnrr TANK o» M "wv.,/,^f,./> Vrf/,,»,<,...,r ^ nvw vnt.pu? TELEGRAPH RD Just Norrh ot? MLE RO. SOUTHFlELD < h.tso from s««.. k OPEN MON & THURS.. TL 9 P.M or V V V V V V V V V v VV V vv vv v%v» vv VV V V V VV V VV V V V V«# V V V V V y T L m m m m t m m a m m m m m m m m * \

23 7* ^SW»T **p fpvn^pppwpwwwpp wvnpvnw *P Hnscte /.Monday, January 8^990-. O&E Pad hs dues When he was a chll<t Peter Ptofsky used to practce the classc openng of the "Dck Van Dyke Show" trppng act to perfecton. Today, Ptofsky has become the prnce of pratfalls, performng hs schtlck n comedy clubs, whch catches most audences by surprse. Fnd out more about the comedan on Page 5D. Oljf bsepuer & {eccentrc weuspajers - ** **D e el not ncl uded By Greg Kowalsk staff wrter LeaH Marana Murray s a veteran of the Detrot auto show. She enjoys the work because of the "most nterestng people" sh$ gets to meet. My mother the ear. Agng ddnt creep up on me; t Jumped me from behnd. One nght unbeknownst to me whle slept they nvaded. Frst the mouth, then the eyes, and they worked ther way up to my forehead. All the whle m n sweet slumber, wrnkles were robbng me of my ; youth. can nam6 the day - Oct. 2, 989. ll never forget t. sat down to put my makeup on as ve done every mornng for roughly 20 years, dont mean abuse my makeup, mean.... oh, you -know what mean. looked nto my mrror and screamed n horror. Not only had wrnkles taken up permanent resdency lke some early squatters refusng to leave ther land, the skn under my eyes had changed. Lttle bumps appeared on that /ever so tender, darkenng (even as wrte) tssue. : "Not now," lamented. would truly be the matron of the crcut now. The crcut speak of s the auto show. Yes, ths year, 5 ye^rs after t had been my bggest dream, was gong to be an auto show. grl. (Can you be one of the grls when your daughter s as old as some of these babes?) have to say that tmng has never been one of my strong ponts. My goals had changed over the years, but mother love stepped n and con- UJ. Please turn to Page 4 "Do you come wth the car?" (How clever.) "Do you get dzzy up there?" (So wtty.) "Are you wearng underwear?" (Yes, but youll never see t.) Those are some of the questons (and unspoken answers) that routnely bombard models at auto shows lke the North Amercan nternatonal Auto Show beng held through Sunday, Jan. 4, at Cobo Hall n Detrot. For most of us, the models stand on pedestals, symbols of glamour and untouchable-beauty. Gorgeous women all, they sng the prases of Pontacs, the fneres of Fords, the beautes of Bucks and all the other vehcles at the Detrot Auto^Show. They are alsonard workng young professonals bour<l together by a common thread of ambton, determnaton and good looks. People often tend to vew the models as wndow dressng and even they admt ar heads. "People thnk we have no brans/ Sonna Johns sad flatly. Johns has brans, so much so that she wll shortly have her own cable TV show syndcated to several local communtes. Elzabeth Puelo doesnt ft the model stereotype ether. She graduated from the Unversty of Mchgan wth a bachelor of arts degree n communcatons. Leah Marana Murray s a student at Eastern Mchgan Unversty. Jame Lynne Kolodzej attends Henry Ford Communty College and has a cable TV show n, All are graduates of the John Roberts Power modelng school n Southeld and are workng at the Detrot Auto Show. And all are veteran auto show models. AT-THtS pont, t would be dramatc to say they have the battle scars to prove ther experence. n realty, the scars are lmted to ther feet, from standng all day on three- nch heels. And n realty, modelng S glamorous. "You get to meet the most nterestng people," Murray sad. For her, that ncludes late nght TV talk show host Davd Letter- ~~ man., " ~ Recently, Murray won the ttle of Mss. Auto Show n New York, one of the natons largest shows. Her prze ncluded a guest shot on Lettermans show. t was a great break for Murray, an asprng actress. Johns brush wth a celebrty came n a X^^dlfferent fashon. y-. ^T~* ""Atone show, tblsguy kept comng up to ^ me," she sad. " though sje tryng to put the make on me?" She poltely brushed, but later notced that people flocked around the man askng for hs autograph. The man was Chcago Bears Walter Payton. Please turn to Page 4 Not only an auto show model, Jame Lynne Kolodzej attends Henry Ford Communty College and has a cable TV show n We8tland. Have look, wll model By Greg Kowalkl staff wrter How do you become an auto show model? Frst, of course, you have to be model materal. That doesnt necessarly mean you have to be a "beanpole" fashon model type, but you have to have looks, charm and sophstcaton. -, Youre born wth looks, but the other qualtes are refned at modelng schools. Several are n the metropoltan Detrot area. These nclude the John Roberts Power modelng school n Southeld, whch s supplyng several models for the North Amercan nternatonal Auto Show now through Sunday at Cobo Hall n Detrot: The schools, whch often also serve" as ~ modelng agences, charge n the area of $50 a week for a course that runs four to seven months. Once a model graduates, he (there are plenty of male models) or she becomes part of the agencys roster. APPROXMATELY 30 auto shows take place natonally each year. Generally, the automakers call the schools/agences to acqure models. ; The models go to audtons or "cattle calls" as they unflatterlngly say >- whch Please turn to Page 4 R.U. Syrus Karlos Barney Qne Mals Budget Gude r The Blue Angels go shoppng. tf. ;.-"..- -"# By Mcky Jones specal wrter Frst of two parts Are you ready for a wnter vacaton, one that doesnt.lnclude aanty beaches or snowy hlls? Have you been avodng a trp to Europe because of all those stores you hear about sky-hgh prces? How about a low-cost wnter va-.caton n London, typcally consdered one of the worlds hgh-prced travel destnatons?.. You dont need warm sunny days to enjoy most of Londons attractons. From now untl early Aprl, you can do London for half the cost of a smlar trp n.juno or July, and you wont be standng n long lnes of summer toursts from all over the world.-. recently spent several days n London at a cost of less than $70 a day for accommodatons, meals, cty transportaton and entertanment. ncludng ar fare from Detrot, t s possble to have a week n the Royal Cty for between $80O- 900, or two weeks for $,200-,800. A one-week vaca- MK3KY JONES Theres plenty of nght lfe to sample n London and on place to start s Plcadlly Crcus. (on ncludes only sx full days and nghts n tondon because one nght and most of a day s spent n the ar/.-. V v Here s a *tep-by-stcp gude to...tfu knd of advance plannng that savesmoney: () Buy budget ar fare. Sx arlnes are currently quotng $37$ round-trp weekday, fares, plus $28 tax, between Detrot and London. There s a surcharge, f you must. travel weekends. Tckets must be purchased at > least SO days pror to departure * and no later than Feb.. Travel must be completed by late March or early Aprl, dependng on the arlne. Tckets are non-refundable.,.; THE MOST convenent flghts are on Pan Amercan and Brtsh Arways whch dont requre a change of planes. Brtsh Arways quotes a fare $0 hgher than the; others, but says t makes up the dfference wth free moves, free drnks and lower taxes. Amercan Arlnes requres a plane change n DalU$,ConUnental n Newark. On TWA, you change planes, and sometmes termnals, n New York. Northwest fles nto Londons lew-convenent Otwlck! Arport nstead of Heathrow. (2) Apply for a passport durn the aomlay wat between tcket purchase and flght tme. f you t^^^n^nwu tmn» mttwop^m r Please turn to Page 4 -*r..t -. -~T -~. tr.f:. :v- MWfa m

24 t. 2D** ;_!_ LO&K- Monday r January6r990 MOVNG PCTURES ALTERNATVE VEWNG r- {*.:-: (¾. S.! Cruse plays the Fourth of July." Kovc Kyra Sedgwck s Donna n Olver Stones "Born on Des p te st r u ctural fl aws, Fourth s worth seel ng "Bora on the Fourth of July" s both excellent and dsturbng, a flm that defes conventonal gradng systems. Nonetheless; ths long (44 mnutes), shockng flm ts as R- rated as they come deserves top grades n every. category except structure. -.*".. "Born On the Fourth" unpleasantly depcts the transformaton of Ron Kovc (Tom Cruse) from a nce young, all:amercan r kd, growng up on Long sland, to a paraplegc, Vetnam veteran protestng the war and the U.S. Marnes c he had once worshpped.. That radcal change was chroh-, cled n an autobographcal book of tesame ttle by the real RotfKovc. Tm^reenplay was co-authored by KovcVnd drector,olver Stone, best known for hs Oscar-wnnng "Pla^ toon." " Y Stone, hmself twce wounded n Vetnam, agan demonstrates _ hs comprehenson and senstvty toward the numerous ssues nvolved n that complex U.S. tragedy known as the Vetnam War. - After an "all-amercan" chldhood one only the 50s and early 60s could proylde Ron Kovc enlsted n the U.S. Marnes. He was as gungho as,anyone about savng our way of lfe from Communsm. Hs story serves as a metaphorlc outlne of Amerca after World War... Hs chldhood had grls, homeruns, famly and all the good stuff stuff that never prepared Koylc for the slaughter of nnocent women and chldren n Vetnam, for the tragedy Of combat, nor for the aftermath of hs paralyzng wound. MANY MONTHS n a Bronx veterans hosptal; then returnng home at a tme whenthe "greenng of Amerca" was underway, a tme when veterans were regarded suspcously and when ant-war protests were mountng all these late 60searly 70s: socal factors led to despondency and Kovcs drunken degeneracy. ;.: v :. But Kovc emerged, from those depths as ah actve Vetnam veteran aganst the war. ; Remndng everyone of the appallng treatment of Vetnam veterans, as "Born on the Fourth." does so graphcally, makes ths flm an mportant one. But t has other values asvyejfc... Kovcs story tells much about our Gradng the moves A+ A A; Bf B B- c+ C.C- D+ D 0- F z * Top marks -sure to pleas* Close behnd -excellent Stll n runnng for top honors Pretty 4 good stuff, rot perfect Good..v..-.":.. Good but notable defcences Jus! a cut above average Medocre Not so hot and slppng fast The very pest of.the poor stuff Poor t doesnt get much worse Truly awful * -. Reserved for the cofossally bad to advanced screenng - * the moves Dan Greenberg Vetnam tragedy and the lack of leadershp Amerca suffered n that perod Nonetheless, the flm has sgnfcant structural problems. One of ts major ponts s the degeneraton of Amercan famly structure n the past several decades. Despte the strength and tghtness of the Kovc famly depcted at great length early on. ts hard to accept that they never vsted ther wounded son n the Bronx VA. hosptal. Long sland snt that far. Accordng the Unversal Studo materals furnshed to the press, Ko= ve grew up n Wsconsn. Why then ths structurally devslye change to Long sland whch leaves vewers wonderng what happenedto the Kovc famly. As well, the flm ends erratcally wth major gaps n the regeneraton of Kovcs character. The last of. these s a quck cut from the Republcan Conventon n 972 to the Democratc one n 7&. EARLER ON, Kovc As depcted unchanged untl well nto hs second tour n Nam. These two glarng flaws clash wth the carefulfashonng of the youthful Kovc character. Theres no excuse for an accomplshed flmmaker lke Stone allowng such structural defects nor dd he exhbt restrant n hs camera work. The extensve us$ of facal close-ups works well n establshng the rrtatng realsm that s so mportant to the flms ntent. But that tends to anjoy more than t should after a whle. Mu9h worse, raplcppannlng of the camera as mages swng wldly to project the terror of combat.and the dsrupton of a soul snkng nto hell s greatly overdone. t works, but only up to a pont. Then, unlke facal closeups, ts not dsturbng ntensty, ts just dstractng.. Despte these complants, "Born on the Fourth of July" ought to be requred vewng. We can learn from our mstakes. t may not be conventonal entertanment, but t certanly s an mportant socal document. A great deal of dsgustng detal has been offered by the) dstrbutors on behalf of "Leather/ace: Texas Chajfsaw Massacre H." They seem to thnk.that volence, pan and sufferng s clever, even great flmmakng. However much money these flms may make, the producers are wrong. WE LVE avery brutal, turbulent tmes and such flms reflect the culture that produces them. But the meda tends to exaggerate to attract at*, tentlon, thereby escalatng the.savagefy that characterzes our century. - Anythng for a buck s the real motvaton for all ths drvel promotng "Chansaw." The flm orgnally was scheduled for release last fall but ts X ratng caused a delay whte t was recut to gan an R. That ought to tell you somethng. When t opens on Jan. 2 dont support corrupton and volence; vote "no" at the box offce. STLL PLAYNG: "AH Dog* Goto vomlnules. - V-- Heaven"(B+) (0).^..^-::::.. Well-known voces back ths anmated story about Charle the German Shepherd and tchy the Dachshund. "Always" (B-)(PG) 0 mnutes. - Sometmes pognant, sometmes sappy story of arborne fre fghter who returns -from death as a sprt. "Back to the Future Part " (B+) (PG) 90 mnutes. All your favorte tme-travelers are n other dmensons once agan. "The Bear" (B) (PG) 93 mnutes. Excellent nature photography but flm often lacks contnuty and gets prettysappy at tmes.. "Blare" (A) (R) 0 mnutes. Superb Paul Newman portrayal of Lousana Governor Earl K. Long wth Lolta Davdovch excellent as strpper/ grlfrend, Blaze Starr. "Crme* and Msdemeanors" (A+) r (PG-3) 00 mnutes, ^ - Woody Allen at hs best n ths romantc comedy about famly lfe wth all ts Joy and sadness. "Dad"(B)(PG) 9 mnutes. Excellent actng by Jack Lemmon, Ted Danson, Zakes Mokae and Olympa Dukaks marred by clches. "Famly Busness" (D-) (R) 20 mnutes. Clever dea and good performances shot down by weak scrpt about father, son.and grandson n robbery busness. "The Lttle Mermad" (A) (G) 80 mnutes. : By >lohn Monaghan specal wrter VDEO VEWNG By Dan Greenberg specal wrter A major vdeo presentaton, "The Women of Brewster Place" (988, color, 80 mnutes), arrves on the vdeo racks Thursday, Jan.. ts avalable n VHS and Beta wth a suggested retal of $80, so look for ths "specal two vdeo pack" on the rental counters. As a teleplay ts unrated, but d gve t a soft R. By todays standards, fowever, ts probably PG-3. Oprah Wnfrey before the det stars as Matte Mchael, a proud woman whose courage, sprt and wll to lve contnually buoy her above the many msfortunes whch befall her/as such, shes ntended as a metaphor for black experence n Amerca and as a testmonal to the human sprt. Despte cruel and unnatural obstacles, black people n Amerca contnue to strve and-to succeed. Despte the odds, at least some blacks get ther share of the Amercan dream. n every tme and n all places, there are people who rse above gref and adversjly. No matter what ther status, those who endure and survve are the heroes. Or, n ths case, the herones, sx "Women of Brewster Place" -& dead-end slum secton-^ town whose lves revolve around Matte Mchaels..." The frst thrd of ths teleplay by Karen Hall s based on Glora Naylors novel and detals how mddleaged ;Mattle came to lve on Brewster Place. She had grown up on her fathers southern farm. He was a pretty rgd guy who thought he was protectng hs daughter when, n realty, he was repressng her. MATTE LEAVES homo when she becomes pregnant and spends many years lvng wth her son, Basl, and a kndly lady, Mrs. Turner,-whose granddaughter, Cel (Lynn Whtfeld), later turns up lvng n the same buldng on Brewster Place. The credts are ncomplete, so ts not possble to ndentlfy all (ho actors and actresses. One of those...^..-..._: :... : _*_«JL_\_L \ multple scleross and only able to use hs left leg, he learns to overcome hs dsablty. Lke most move fans, awat the new Detrot Flm Theatre schedule wth /nore than a lttle antcpaton. t hangs on my refrgerator Just- see,jjl S^Jmar^.vJ*th=^ellow--sad?= FTVcoordhator hghlghter and serves as my weekend socal calendar for the next four.months.. * :.Ths Frday, "My Left.Foot" offcally kcks off the season wth twoyreekeh.ds of screenngs. "Roger and Me;" 4he controversal new flmabout Flnt, Mch., appears n a specal prevew ths Thursday, a day before openng n theaters statewde. "Roger ard Me" almost ddnt make t to the DFT. Accordng to Mchael Moore^ the flms drector, General Motors executves close to the Detrot nsttute of Arts tred to squelch the screenng at the museums popular flm seres. The flm was fnally scheduled after Moore frmly commtted to a personal appearance where he wll answer audence questons. The most common questons lately have concerned the flms scattered chronology n tellng how 30,000 GM layoffs affected Moores hometown of Flnt. "My Left Foot" (Jan 2-4 and 9-2) stars Danel Day-Lews n the true,story of an rsh wrter and panter Chrsty Brown. Strcken wth SCREEN SCENE DETROT FLM SOCETY, Detrot Publc Lbrary, 520 Woodward Ave., Detrot. Call for nformaton. ( 25 membershp, senors and students $23) "Call Her Savage" (USA - 932), 7 p.m. Jan. 2 only. Socety presdent Jm Lmbacher ntroduces the flm durng a lecture about the steamy content of pre-hays Code flms. n ths campy.. example, Clara Bow plays a festy half-breed who takes Chcago by storm A bt hard to take, but full of great moments, ncludng what may be the moves frst scene n a transvestte club. Clps from Laurel and Hardy, W.C. Felds and Lllan Gsh moves wll also be screened. DETROT FLM THEATRE, Detrot nsttute of Arts, 5200 Woodward Ave., Detrot. Call for nformaton. ($4) "Roger and me" (USA - 989), 7 p.m.only Jan.. Mchael Moores controversal documentary about hs hometown of Flnt, Mch.,-makes ts Detrot premere at the DFT before openng statewde the next- day. The drector wll answer audence questons after the screenng. "My Left Foot" (reland - 989), Jan. 2-2 (call for show tmes). Danel Day-Lews stars as a crppled "YOU ARE probably thnkng - lke dd - that ths s gong an -afflcton of the week move," EllorWTr helm./but ts nothng of the knd. ts about anyone who has somethng to say but cant fnd a means to express t.". - Also" playng lor two weekends s "Story of Women" (Feb. 6-8 and 23-25) r C4aude Chabrols focus on a~ female abortonst convcted of murder n 943. sabelle Huppert stars. "Henry V," Kenneth Branaghs exctng new Shakespeare adaptaton, plays Jan "Mystery Tran" (March 2-4) s the new flm from Jm Jarmusch, the drector of "Stranger than Paradse" and "Down by Law." ts three separate stores focus on transents n a fleabag Memphs hotel. Wllhelm hopes to get Screamln Jay Hawkns (who plays a nght clerk) to perform before the flm. Made n just 5 days by New York student flmmaker Charles Lane, "Sfdewalk Stores" pays trbute to slent comedans n what Wlhelm descrbes as "a cross between Chaplns Cty Lghts and The Kd. " t screens Feb man who doesnt let an afflcton get n the way of hs wrtng career. Movng wthout gettng overly schmaltzy or sentmental. Based on a true story. HENRY FORD CENTENNAL LBRARY, 367 Mchgan Ave., Dearborn. Call for nformaton. (Free) "The Flyng Deuces" (USA - 939), 7 p.m. Jan. 8. Above average Laurel and Hardy vehcle fnds the boys jonng the French Foregn Legon., LVONA MALL CNEMA, 2945 Seven Mle, Lvona. Call N for-nformaton. (Free) "The Tran" (USA - 965), 0 a.m. Jan. 9. John Franxenhelmer drected ths acton packed account of WW French Resstance troops tryng to sabotage a<tralnload of French art treasures en route to Germany. As part of the malls month-long trbute to Burt Lancaster. MCHGAN THEATRE, 603 E. Lberty, Ann A^bor. Call for nformaton. ($4 general, $3.25 students and senors) "The Ranbow" (Brtan - 989), 9:45 p.m. Jan. 8-. Ken Russell drected ths emotonal tale about a The cast of "The Women of Brewster Place" ncludes Oprah Wnfrey, Lynn Whltlleld, Lonette McKee, Robn Glvens/ Paula. Kelley.lPhyllls Yvonne 8tlckney and Jackee. characters, although not central to Mattles ljfe, s Brewster Places busy-body, Mss Sophe, and fgures sgnfcantly n the acton. Lorrane (Lonette McKee) lves across the way wth her grlfrend, played by Paula Kelly. Ther unnatural relatonshp s, of course, upsettng and dsruptve, partcularly to Mss Sophe. Although her harpece looks abnormal, her carcature of an odd, bothersome gossp s not. The other "Women of Brewster Place" nclude Phylls YvOtnc Stck- -...J_._-. - ^._.. J^L-. ^ney, playng the woman down the hall wth all the chldren wth whom she s unable to cope. the actress Jackee s Etta May Johnson, Mattles frend from down homo who turns up n a Caddy she "borrowed" from her phlanderng boyfrend, Fnally, thejes Melanlo Browne (Robn Glvens), a nce grl from a well-t6-do mddle-class famly who has taken the name Cawana and moved tomhe slums of Brewater Place to be "black" and do good tor -. - v schedule Replacng the popular "Tournee of Anmaton" s the "New Anmaton Celebraton v (Feb. 9-), ncludng the computer-anmated "Tn Toy," Bll Plymptons "25 Ways to Qut Smokng," along wth TVs "The Smpsons." _. "SWEETE," AN Australan flm about the rvalry between a par of very dfferent ssters, screens Aprl ts the frst feature by Jane Campon, ealed-by some "the Australan Davd Lynch." " Farsof vntage fmv- necstacy durng the wde screen trbute ths past fall wll be dsapponted to learn that only a small handful of older ttles appear on the wnter schedule. "The Dybbuk" (March 24) s a 937 YddsT language flm about a sprt that nvades a woman on her weddng day. And 962s "Carnval of Souls" (March 8) s a low-budget horror flm shot n Kansas. Both flms have already played on area screens. Last season, DFT pad trbute to dancer Josephne Baker wth a double feature of the French flms, "Prncess Tarn Tarn" (935) and "Zou Zou" (934). t was an amazng sell-out, promptng Wlhelm to brng them back to close the season on May 3 young woman (Samm Davs) who opens up sexually and ntellectually n Vctoran England. Based on a D.H. Lawrence novel a prequel to 970s "Women n Love." "West Sde Story" (USA - 96), 7 p.m. Jan The muscal verson of "Romeo and Julet," the ht Broadway muscal by Leonard Bernsten made a decent transton to flm. Natale Wood s beautful but thoroughly unconvncng as Mara Rchard Beymer too clean cut as Tony. The drecton (by Robert Wse) s taut, however, and you cant help but be taken n by the stll-relevant story. Part of a month : long ntroduc-. tbn to the theaters new 70mm projecton and sdhd equpment. "sex, les and vdeotape" (USA 989), Q p.m. Jan. 2 and 9:45 p.m. Jan. 3. Last years surprse ht at Cannes s a well-wrtten (though perhaps overrated) look at late 80s romantc confuson. REDFORD THEATRE Lasher, Detrot. Call for nformaton. ($2). "Gone wth the Wnd" (USA - 939), 7 p.m. Jan Scarletts dress never looked redder, Taras grounds never greenerthan n ths enhanced color prnt. her people. WHLE SHE has some small success n organzng a tenants unon, -. as Spke Lee wll tell you, t takes,; more than good, ntentons to reverse. the course of urban decay. Ccely Tyson s excellent & a., cameo as Melane/Caswanas mother from the suburbs. For her, the real ssue s beng a mother that-*.. provdes for her chldren. Many elements of modern Amerl- - can black.communtes are repre-»". sented nths teleplay although some.. much more so than others. Consplcu- J ous by ts absence s the radcal ele-.. ment and t ponts of vew. n many ways "The Women of Brewster Place" resembles the soco-economc moraltlty plays of the ;«30s, meda ntent on a message of love and socal equalty for all. AN - though.outdated and hollow, thats napproprate snce only lately have > black people benefted fully from the socal concerns whch developedful- > ly n the303. *t the teleplay s epsodc and whle. those unts ft together well, they V dont always flow smoothly. Eventu- "» ally, all the relatonshps are clear, : but vewers need to work at t from tme to tme, - ANOTHER negatve, on the vsual, * sde, the producton lacks the grtty /;. realsm ts subject demands. }. Despte these problems and the" lack of radcal black vewponts, ths s a touchng and movng story about, people worth carng for. ":f t Mattles voce-over statement syn- ;; theszes the most mportant vew- v pont. "We learned that when we : women came together therewas a power nsde us wo never felt be-, fore." "v Thats not so much a femnst ; statcmont as a humanstc one. Poo- pe have the ablty to work together to create socal unts that are great- er than t>*eumof ther parts - now*"y that* Somethng - and that some- thng combned wth excellent per- : formces make "The Women of *! Brewster Street" well worth your -^ three hours.

25 - " v -. STREET BEATS Monday. January 8,990 O&E 3D J The Holy Cows may be a band that lkes to joke around, but t also s one that can produce some lne musc a Replacements-style, gu tar-drven type of garage rock Band fnds success wth ts garage rock sounds By Jll Hamlton specal wrter The Holy Cows are a band of jokesters who also happen to kck out some mghty fne tunes. They got started about three years agq n the archetypcal garage settng and have been pumpng out ther cow tunes ever snce. Ther musc s Replacementsstyle, gutar-drven, jump-out-ofyour-seat-and-dance garage rock: Mchael Feerey says he s nfluence n hs songwrtng by Dnosaur Jr. and country/bluegrass bands. Although t seems lke a strange combnaton, the bands musc does sound lke a successful mxture of these dsparate styles: The Holy COws jestng sde comes out n ther concerts. They are fond of msrepresentng themselves under fcttous band names. At one concert, they say they were "The Good Ole Boys Blues n County Band from Chcago." Durng another performance, they deemed t "Wheel of Fortune Nght" and put large labels on all of ther band equpment. Throughout the nght at another show, John Popovch would play the openng chords of varous over-played shlock-rock tunes, then stop n md-chord, sayng to the audence, "Were not playng any of that junk tonght," before rppng nto a powerful Holy Cows tune. THEFOUR guys grew up together n Chelsea, and stll consder themselves a Chelsea band ("Were not an Ann Arbor band," they admonsh frmly.) These Chelsea boys are: Scott Salyer on gutar, Mke Popovch on drums, John Popovch on gutar and Mchael Feeney on bass. They had all been members of other bands ncludng Frank Allson and the Odd Sox and a band called Outcrowd. About a year and a half ago, the Holy Cows put out-4helr frst cassette called "Greener Sdewalks." The album enjoyed farly good sales, especally n Ann Arbor, and ths encouraged the band to keep playng together. n June of 989, they released an album called "To Be 0r Not To Be; thats what m-talkng about" contanng favortes lke "Grace My Presence," ^Melvs," and "Oh, My Clothes." The album has exposed the oand to a larger audence and college rado has gven t a lot of arplay. One week, the album was the No. song at Duke Unverstys college staton. Plans for a new album are n the works. Several new songs are already wrtten, ncludng the catchy "Walt a Mnute" and "Keyhole," but the band members seem to have dfferng opnons on when t wll be released. Salyer say that he "wants to take tme to do t rght" but Feeney says he would rather "get the album out as soon as possble." BUT ALL s not just popular albums and enthusastc crowds n Holy Cow land. As Feeney puts t, "Were a band wth a complex." They feel the. local musc scene s not all that t could be. "Most of our fans come to every show and become our frends," Salveer sad, "We cant keep playng to the same crowd, we need new people to show up." Mke Popovch echoed these sentments and added, "local musc needs a bg push from the bars taroun d~here." But the Holy Cows are not just sttng around watng for-fame and LVE PHNEASGAGE SantAndrewsHall, Detrot em,not everyone stays at home, sppng egg nog and sharng qualty tme wth far-flung relatves durng the holdays. At least not those who need ther dally dosage of lve rock-androll. Some of these less tradtonal folks opted to spend a lttle of the Chrstmas season watchng Phlneas Gage gve a very sprted performance at Sant Andrews Hall. The place was pretty darn full and especally mpressve, consderng the tme of year and the fact that Phlneas Gage s a local act. There were seats left n the hall, but only because the audence was more n- REVEWS CANDLELAND an McCulloch When Echo and the Bunnymen splt from snger an McCulloch a couple of years ago, the band name^ staycd wth the majorty, amdst clams that they, would be back wth a new snger., Anyone famlar wth McCullochs dstnctve vocals may fnd ths hard to magne and we stll awat for those results. Of course, the death of ther brllant drummer Pete De Frtas n a car accdent has not helped ther cause. Well, for those of you who mourned the passng of the orgnal Echo, gtleve no more. For no matter, who t s credted to, ths LP sounds lke the latest Echo and the Bunnymen record.. ts a curous thng that happens when a domnant snger leaves a band. Ther frst recordngs sound lke a contnuaton of the old band. Morrlssey, former lead snger of the Smths, s another example. Are thoy tryng to prove that they were the reason for the orgnal bands sound or are they tryng to offer a quck substtute to gamer ther old bands followng? Whle song sounds and structures on "Candleland" are Bunnymen-lsh, as a whole t s nfntely rdpre «ujb-^ dued. t stll features McCullochs eclectc word pantngs. Take, for example, from the strong lead off the trac*, "Tho.Fllckerlrtg Wall": * terested n standng around the stage than n sttng back n ther chars and watchng. A majorty of the audence was probably there to catch the headlnng act, Crossed Wre but Phlneas Gage-^qulckly won them over when the carrot-topped lead snger stepped out and shyly announced that t was ther frst gg at Sant Andrews Hall Phneas Gage played a bouncy set of songs, chock full of kller hooks. They have a talent for turnng out emnently lkable pop songs along the same lnes as tunes by Elvs Costello or Squeeze. " heard the footsteps n the street, saw the lghts on the flckerng wall. moved my lps but couldnt speak, choked on the wonder of t all." Or from "Horses Head" are these lnes: "A sngle rose, the curtans closed, a strangers clothes/ were all found, the great unknown, the tghtrope show, a world below, dont look down/-. Muscally, ts" a mlsh-mash of Echo and the Bunnymen and, at tmes, New Order.. Outstandng" moments are "Flckerng Wall," "Proud to Fall" and the sngle "Candleland," whch features some beautful backng vocals by Ls Fraseer of the Cocteau Twns/ The second sde of the recordng (or, for you CD people. >. from Horsos Head" onward!!!) s pretty lame. The song tempos are smlar and tend to plod..,.and you cant qute dance to thcrt, DlckH Comac Wrght j- Actually, Chuck Farnuras sngng does sound a bt lke the nasal tones of Elvs Costello. Alex Lumeoskys gutar playng was percng and drect, echong a trace of the Cure or U2. The crowd responded enthusastcally to the set; albet some a lttle too enthusastcally. A small group of people were slam dancng at varl- ous tmes throughout the show and one guy nssted on repeatedly hopp-, ng nto the stage then Jumpng nto the crowd. The hghlghts of the show were two showcased songs, "Scattered" EARTHQUAKE, WEATHER Joe Strummer "Lets rock agan," Joe Strummer growls as ths, hs frst solo album, begns. The power chords of "Gangstervllle," the frst track, follow. So, ts safe to assume that Joe Strummer has left the moves to resume recordng. He has a role n Jm Jarmuscha flm "Mystery Traln" for those who prefer hs actng...."earthquake Weather," released late last year, s uneven. t flashes wth the brllance Strummers former band The Clash showed through the late 970s and early 980s. But at tmes, "Earthquake" only flckers. There are three or four duds on ths 4-song recordng, songs gong nowhere. - Strummers lyrcs can be a blur of mage and symbol, a mxture of angry urgency and resgnaton. He even ncludes a bref glossary. Autos and auto parts (DeSoto, slant sx, "carburetor bble") and Matng guns predomnate here. There s a a Prnce-llke_jllce of funk, and a reggae tune, but most "songs sound the gutar army call of Strummer and bandmatea Zander fortune, to fnd them. nstead, they have decded to create- ther own success. They started ther own record label, Pcnc Horn Records and sx months ago Joned forces wth agent Rodney Robeson. Pcnc Horn Records nowjjas on ts roster such local lumnares as. Anne B.. Davs and the Opossums. And perhaps the Holy r Cows proudest achevement, theyjrww have T-shrts bearng the name of the band. The Holy Cows are burstng wth plans for the future.-they hope to keep expandng Pcnc Horn Records so that, eventually, they can help produce other local bands records. The Cows also plan to do more outof-state ggs to wden ther audence. The band also hopes to attract tbe attenton of a major record label. Wth a hstory of puttng on great shows and churnng out excellent albums, they probably wont have to wat very long. "* The Holy Cou>s unt perform wth Anne B. Davs and the Opossums on Frday, Jan. 2, at The Blnd Pg, 208 S: Frst St., Ann Arbor. For nformaton, calt 99$ and "Turn t Upsde Down." Chrs Farnum ran around the stage, shakng hs tambourne volently and tossng hs curly tuft of red har as he goaded on the other band members. Phlneas Gage fnshed off the set wth a Chrstmas tune nterwoven wth varous bts of John Lennons "So Ths s Chrstmas.*. v These guys put on a great show and proved themselves to be a very talented quntet. n 990» we can probably expect Phlneas Gage to return to Sant Andrews Hall. Maybe : next tme as the headlners. JUl Hamlton Schloss and Lonnle Marshall. But on "sland Hoppng," Strummer sngs aganst soft gutar runs; "ts been^ the same snce" dont know when/so m gong sland hoppng agan.". n the hauntng "Sleepwalk," Strummer asks; "What would t be/ f you could change every heartache/that ran through your lfe and mne?" "Passport to Detrot," despte the ttle, tells lttle of our favorte town. t tells nstead of a. "leaper": "He sad m tellng you the troth/ wouldnt be on ths roof/f hadnt seen some kssng n the park/or known how to mend a broken heart" JTho Clash far* have probably atready pcked up ths recordng. t to a pleasure to hear Strummers sngng on record agan. As mxedm "Earthquake Weather" to, ts good to hear Strummer rockng agan., Bran Lysooft N CONCERT fath healer* Fa r lh Healers wll perorm on Monday, ^m-e^thebma^pgrsob SrKlrstrAnT Arbor. For nformaton, call fulura shock Future Shock wll perform on Monday, Jan. 8, at Rcks, Amercan- Cafe, 6 Church, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call O 3 engnes w 3 Engnes wll perform^on Tuesday, Jan. 9, at the Blnd Pg, 208 S. Frst, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call O no rght no wrong No Rght No Wrong wll perform on Tuesday, Jan. 9, at Rcks Cafe, 6 Church, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call O DC Drve DC Drve wll perform Wednesday, Jan. 0, and Frday and Saturday, Jan at Jaggers. 348fclabethLake Road. Waterford. For nformaton, call O mply you The Smply You Show wll perform on Wednesday, Jan. 0, atclub Heldelberg,- 25 N. Man, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call O bg wlst Bg Twst and the Mellow Fellows wll perform on Wednesday, Jan. 0, at Rcks Amercan Cafe, 6 Church, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call Juce Juce wll perform on Wednesday, Jan. 0, at the Blnd Pg, 208 S. Frst, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call Qores The Gores wll perform along wth guests Prehstorc Cave Strokers and Rump Rangers on Thursday, Jan..-at the Rado Tavern, Ouelette Avenue, Wndsor. bopharvey Bop Harvey wll perform on Thursday and Frday, Jan. -2, at Rcks Amer- can Cafe, 6 Church, Ann Arbor. For nformaton^ call : O dorf solder Dog Solder wll perform wth guest Harms Way or Thursday, Jan., at Club Hederoerg, 25 N. Man, Ann Arbor..For nformaton, call 66S-7758.»e)l» wg Ells Wg wll perform on Thursday, Jan., at the Blnd Pg, 208 S\ Frst, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call sod bulles God Bulles wll perform wth guests Mol Trffd, on Frday, Jan- 2, at Club Hedelberg, 25 N. Man, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call opposums The Opposums wll perform wth guest Ann B. Davs on Frday, Jan. 2, at the Blnd Pg, 208 S. Frst, Ann Arbor. -For nformaton, clll 996^8555. O wayouts The Wayouts..wll perform wth guests Lme Gants on Frday, Jan. 2, at the Garden Bowl, 420 Woodward, Detrot For nformaton, call scort morgan Scott Morgan wll perform wth guests Cult Heros on Saturday, Jan. 3, at the Blnd Pg, 208 S. Frst St, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call O red C Red C wll perform on Thursday through Saturday, Jan. -3, at the Mdtown Cafe, 39-S.-Woodward, Brmngham. Show tme s 0 pjn. For nformaton, call vbe trbe Vbe-Trbe wll perform Frday and Saturday, Jan. 2-3, at Jamesons, 82 N! Man, Royal Oak. For nformaton, call « b.b. kng B.B. Kng wll perform wth guest, Etta James.on Sunday, Jan. 4, at the Fox Theatre n Detrot Tckets are $ For nformaton, call S3fU,l;;3 ALTERNATVE LOCAL Here are Ann Delss top-0 album releases of 889. Delsl s musc drector at WDET-FM. -. "Aura," Mles Davs.. 2. "Healer," John Lee Hooker.» 3. "Lyle Lovett and bs Large Band," LyleLovett, 4. "Blare of Glory," Joe Jackson. 5. "Absolute Torch & Twang," A. lang. 6. "Mster Musc Head," Adran Belew. 7. "Majesty of the Blues," Wynton Marsals. 8. "Mnd Bomb," Tbe The. 9. "Captan Swng," Mchelle Shocked. : 0. "Lve," New Grass Revval. HAPPY ANNVERSARY, CHARLE BROWN varous artsts The song to called "Lnus & Lucy" but, f youve spent any tme as a chld n the last, quarter century or so,.ts nstantly recognzable as the man theme from the Peanuts TV specals. That song, and others from the long-runnng cartoon seres, are contaned n ths jany.trbute (GRP). Now four decade* old, Peanuts has lorgbeen a chlds comc strp wth a decdedly adult pont of vew. Lkewse, ths soundtrack collecton s not just for the the lttle ones. \ Most of the songs here werewtten by the late jaoman Vlnce Guarald. Hs works free-*prt«j, though wunreflectlve undertones - >erfectly captured the sprt n< Charle Brown and frends, whle remamng capable of standng on ther own. Whle the numerous )w all-stars who appear here add ther own per sonal touch, they dont stray too far from GuaraMls orgtmla (And the alt-dtful sound kaphas) Chck Corns verstoa of uv approprately Mostly "Great Pvmpco WalU" s* partcular standott. But ts matter.btoeanum BB. Kng (and W» fwur, Lodlle) - V No Rght No Wrong wll perform Tuesday, Jan. ^9, at Rcks Cafe n Ann Arbor. Here are the top 0 songs recevng aft* play on "Detrot Musc Scene," whch s heard 4-5 psn^ Sundays (5:80-6:30 pm Tuesdays) oa WDTR-FM <. "Whatever t Takes," Lab Anmals, 2. "Stones," Straage Bedfellows. 3. "Started Out as Frends," EFX. 4. "Lfe of Crme," Hypnotc*. 5. "Speed Bump," Hay. 6. "Hard Ute," Robber. v 7. "Stop Klng Me," mtaton of Lfe. 8. "Serous," Chrstopher Gorey. 9. "Rght by My Sde," George Edwards, 0. "Suffocatng Smles," Sya SyaoL nearly steals the show wth "Joe Cool," a wtty trbute to one of cartoon canne Sooopys many alter egos.. Label owner Dave Gnutat "H* tory Lesson" prov** hm a worthy successor to GuaraMt. whle a group of Chld actors chme H on tbe dotng track a reprse of Lnos and Lucy." Newcomer Aman A W Murray, barely a teenager bmaol, lays down a ncely mtraaed aax lead oa the "Charle Brown Therm " Other artstt contrbwta* tfcctr talent lvlode mnrtrlwa Dawe Br«- berk. Gerry Matttpm. KoBwy Q tat ** RJtesMMsr and sfcfsn Jo* WU> hams and PaflJ Aaotfc. TOle Attft+ "CwrtatMM Twne b Here as**** tsfproprtok far satv day fft-tmaj/ttt s doat; m *K bom for all wmmm. Now. avw afcwt a hoary watal trtbote to CaMa ad BwaooT }-We«w«PMl M V 4- t J y s >» J *, v- T- 3 a fd. 3 ;», V 0 }> * ( *mm 2^( <&j^h&%$&

26 ( H*_ua J *..* " ""» ^ < x <p< 7 jr^*"^""^^ ll mw*t*t~v*l"* M» > *l," ^^^^^, j, q. ««^ w f m m ^pw^fw^wwwpp \L<- "- 4D** O&E Monday. January 8,990 FEAR & LOAFNG STREET SENSE.\ J " : <.}.. :--.( W J^^^^^^^^k^. J ^¾. ->5^f^ M± fl \ \%- ; :- j^h SM# 4 <(:.- -<- - h-< ;v : ; ; STREETSEEN Dense Susan Lucas A Our ntrepd Street Scene reporter s always lookng for the unusual and welcomes-comments and suggestons from readers and entrepreneurs. Send those to ths column n care of ths newspaper, 3025 Schoolcraft, Lvona 4850, or call , Ext. 33. Pcture ths Pcture yourself or a that someone specal on the cover of Tme, Golf or even "Baby of the Year." The unusual pcture frame wth secret photo album s avalable n varous magazne ttles and n two szes, 5-by?7 and 8- by-0. AM ho Male Room on the Boardwalk n West Bloomfeld. Seeng a shrnk Theyre called Tny Doubles, later-produced tny works of arts that make unforgettable gfts and great conversaton peces. Creatve photographers, uslrfg art drecton and desgn, wll take personalzed, photographs that are!then laser-cut lke paper dolls and mounted to durable, sold acrylc whch conforms to the shape of th* fgure. The result s a tny double. More nformaton at Tny Doubles, Northwestern Hghway, Soulhftofd n Applegate 8quare. J? \. Todays column s brought to, \you by the Freudan Slp 6Grdle KarlNlls&on, : Company ad ts dstrbutors n "fortunately, the drector says ytjurarea.. \ can s<uee?e you n a an extra..and, : m sorry, but had to say that. mght add, youre lucky to make : ts part of my new sponsorshp deal. the cut.". _ ; Hohestly, hardly ever wear Jlnge- - /^gbt another shock when ths re, bft every concevable, human actvty MUST have an advertsng daughter n nursery school. monthwhen tred to enroll my sponsor. ;.-...:.. "Sorry, but she doesnt have an advertsng sponsor," snpped the prn * From pee-wee hockey to Pee-Wee Herman, everybody has a Madson cpal. Avenue connecton, Even the Bll o "A sponsor?" asked. "We can afford the tuton; whats the prob Bghts s beng sponsored by a cgarette company. And now, advertsers lem?" are ntrudng deeper yet nto our "Students wthout sponsors," he personal lves. repled, "tend to lack aggresson and " Let me expfeln. marketng savvy. Wthout that. For 0 years, a group of my close kller nstnct, shell never claw her frends have gotten together to celebrate New Years Eve, A rowdy " suggest you approach some of way to the top. nght for us usually meant Scrabble, the chldrens clothng manufacturers about an ad campagn featurng -bean dp and a smoker move on mutual funds. your daughter and dont waste But ths lme, sensed thngs were tme." gong to be dfferent my nvta- "Marketng savvy n preschool?" ~ Hon ncluded a scrpt, a contract and mumbled. "Whatever happened to an applcaton to the Screen Actors mlk and cookes?" Guld. Puzzled, asked the host why - "SNACK FOOD-4oo*t pay had to report to "makeup and enough." he fred back. "Maybe f wardrobe before the party. she agrees to endorse Lttle Creeps Somewhat offended by my queston, he huffed, "Youre lucky you she. could never be seen n publc toys, theyll sponsor her. Of course, were; allowed to skp the audton." playng wth other toys. - "Audton for what?" asked. "Shed have to ptch Lttle Creeps "Lsten, pal, my New Years party to her playmates and wear ther logo s beng sponsored by a beer company, Ther ad agency heard d nvted set up the press conference and pho on all her clothng. The school would about 35 guests n ther key demo- to opportuntes." _ graphc and they bought nto the acton. stammered. "Shouldnt she learn "But what about educaton?" "At frst t was just the usual^sjqjnethlng besdes belng_gr dy?" house party sponsorshp ~ theyd set "By all means," he sad, lckng up a 5-foot nflatable beer can n hs lps. "f she learns to read a the front yard, gve_us lttle beer teleprompter, Lttle Creeps may use aprons to w ar, and throw n a few her as a TV spokesperson and the kegs/;; school wll get natonal exposure." "BUT THAT was before called Beng a parent of hgh deals, my agent. Now, theyll not only pck stormed out of hs offce, hred a up the tab, theyll flm us for a TV drama coach and bought the kddy commercal." \ edton of, "Wnnng through ntmdaton.".. "Of course," he contnued, "that meant had to dump my orgnal And to pay for. her screen test, m guest lst. We went to central castng leasng ad space on the soles of my to pck up a nce mx of ordnary, shoes. When put my feet up on the everyday, run-of-the-mll beer drnkers you know, stunnngly beaut be seen by hundreds of potental cus desk, your advertsng message wll ful cover grls n revealng outfts tomers. JV,, and young men bult lke Greek gods Just thnk of the opportunty to dressed up aa constructon worker* use a classc slogan lke "d walk a and cowboys. * mle for a..-. / Happness comes n all szes Dear Barbara, love the holdays: For me, t s a tme of decoratng, buyng presents, cookng, entertanng and famly togetherness. My parents, who are from another state, come to vst and my tn-laws who lve close by, are also part of the festvtes. wonder fyou can hear my exctement as talk_aboujjt^ j """"My cmdren, who aretges fve to 7, have always enjoyed and taken part n the festvtes n whatever ways were approprate to ther ages. However, my husband never has and have, always accepted ths about hm..he s often descrbed as a rworkaholctand ]that descrpton- s apt. He s more comfortable at ^ofk, than at home. The plus to ths sltua- tons that be has been very successful fnancally and so have always felt that that was hs contrbuton to oujrholday. The problem s that my mddle son s startng to show those tendences. He s only, but he s dong lttle thngs that are tp-offs. He Models, cars are the stars Contnued from Page. " ddrt know who he was," she sad sheepshly. The models usually do from fve to 2 shows a year n places rangng from Los Angeles to New York. But workng schedules ar.e so arranged that models have about 24 hours between shfts. That means enough tme for sghtseeng- and shoppng, plus plenty of nvtatons to partes. And the fun doesnt necessarly stop when the shft begns. FOR THE MOST part, workng a show s routne, the models sad. They usually stand on a rased platform (hence the often heard comment about beng dzzy) and recte a prepared scrpt about the bascs of the car beng promoted. Sounds borng, but most of the people who come by are polte and often ask to have ther pcture taken wth the. model. They duly oblge. "You get to meet some nce people," Johns sad. - "People lke to ask you questons about the cars and you can gve them basc nformaton (wthout the A manly trp to see royal cty * Contnued from Page dont have a passport, rush to the nearest post offce for an applcaton. (3) Wrte to the Brtsh ToUrst Authorty (BTA), Sute 3320, John Hancock Center, 875 N. Mchgan Ave., Chcago,. 606 or telephone (32) Ask for the London Planner, Quck Gude to London, London Restaurant Gufle, London Transport Gude, Map or London, London Budget Hotels and ther Bed and Breakfast brochures. H you have specal nterests.or -planho travel outsde of London, askfor tran or bus schedules, car rental nformaton and lterature about other areas of Brtan; BTA says you should get the data n about 0 days. (4) PLAN A WARM lghtweght wardrobe. Wnter n London Js warmer outsde and cooler nsde than Detrot. Take warm ndoof clothng, plus, a foldng umbrella, ran hat and rancoat. (5) Buy a Vstor Travelcard voucher from AAA Worldtravel or any travel agency. t enttles you to unlmted use of the London subway and bus systems for three, four or seven days at a cost of $3, $7 or $29 respectvely. Ths pass s a great value and you cant buy t n England. t ncludes trps to and from Heathrow Arport, whch would otherwse cost $5.50. Unfortunately, the servce does not extend to GatwlckArport, whch s an $8 tran rde from London. used my Travelcard for numcr-" ous longand short trps, even for two or three Mocks, especally t was ranng or was n a hurry. No standng n lohg"tlcket lnes. The underground s safe and easy to understand. The pass s good on those famous red double-decker buses, too, but the bus routes are more complcated, so ddnt use Ucm often. (6) Choose your accommodaton style, wth the BTA lterature as a gude. You can reserve before leavng home, but there are plenty of v rooms n wnter. Next week; See and experence London on a budget. mght go to hs room to read a b<x»k mmedately after a famly dnner, or f we are at a relatves house, he mght go off alone to watch TV. Of course, encourage hm to stay wth the rest of us, but he s not plable. wonder f should be dong somethng more to change hm or accept hm as he s, as have done wth bs fajher, Happy But Feelng rresponsble Dear Happy But Feelng rresponsble,, - * For most Amercans, the holdays are the way you descrbe yours a ^joyful tme centerng around famly and rtuals. A recent news artcle reported that 94 percent of Amercans celebrate Chrstmas and of those, 77 percent enjoy the preparaton and the celebraton: Hstory shows us that there have always been festvals. There s probably a genetcally transmtted need n us for the fre, warmth and group closeness that these rtes provde. Ancents recognzed that man cannot work365daysayear. So are all the other ones, the 23 percent that dont enjoy the hbldaya or who, attempt to avod them Scrooges? Not necessarly. For those people who are Very wrapped up n themselves, a tme of togetherness wth others would drve home ther nadequacy. * J3tbera=mghfr-be=depresse<Hbe^ cause they ndcate ferce ndependence and thus an unwllngness to overlook the problems that every famly has. So, then, what about your son and hs fatjber? YouJave resolved the stuaton wth your- husband n a most admrable way. complment you. You have not told ^me much about your son, but my "gufreacton s that hs lack of famly togetherness sprt s not pathologcal:» You are not rresponsble n acceptng hm as he s. Happness and contentment can come fv lots of shapes and szes. Barbara pressure of a salesroom)," Kolodzej added. The models are. versed well enough to answer the bascs and there s always a company person nearby to go nto more detal. "The shows are the socal part of modelng," Kolodzej sad. But sometmes socablty can go too far. Murray recounted an ncdent at a Chcago auto show where a man came up and asjeed to have hs pcture taken wth her. She agreed. Then the man asked what hotel she was stayng at. Murray told the"man t was prvate and dtto to hs queston about her phone number. n a moment he was screamng obscentes at her, she sad. And just as quckly, securty was there. The man remaned n the hall and Murray sad she saw hm "movng from car to car" n her area "and just knew he had a gun,".she sad. Contnued frorrtf age She was escorted to her car at the end of her shft by Sta^ Polce offcers OTHER MODELS recount smlar experences, rangng from beng grabbed by patrons to recevng death threats. n response, at least one auto company employs specal securty people to be on hand. One sdeways glance from the model and youre out of there, they sad../ "Models are publc fgures," Murray sad. "People get jealous and celebrtes often become targets." Wtness the deaths of John Lennon and Rebecca Schaeffer of the TV show "My Sster Sam.""<j;;.s:w--4^4KM=*; My mother Barbara Schff f you have a queston or a conment for Barbara Schff, a traned counselor and experenced therapst, send t to Street Sense, 3625 Schoolcraft, Lvona ^^-^7^^^^3:^^^^()^^^--^^^^^^, the model Contnued from Page vnced me to stand on a turnstle*, rotatng my cellulte under hot lghts, wearng a ffress that, felt, made me look lke a worn Mchelln tre Talkng about car parts, "parts s parts" unless youre narratng n front of throngs of people, then.they take on all sorts of glorous meanng and are revered and adulated lke the cons of old. Besdes that, m extremely susceptble to moton sckness. dd t for the love of my famly because knew the money d make would be our only tcket to a nce famly vacaton. represented a very prestgous car one that more establshed (.e. older) people could afford, thus, my beng hred. > But m the novce here and what help could gve? My breasts had nursed three babes, and d always felt Joe Cocker sngng "God lft them up where they belong" was expressly meant for me. But felt t would all be wortht because my kds would thank me one day. Theyd apprecate t. Wont they? They wll, please tell me they wll! AKA the Barbe Doll from Cobo Have look, wll model range from full day sessons to two or Uree call backs At each sesson, auto company representatves revew the models to determne f they have the style to ft the mage the companes are tryng to project. Lets face t a flashy blonde does better at sellng a Corvette than a Honda Cvc. At audtons, models read scrpts they would present at the shows. The scrpts are generally straghtforward presentatons of vehcle features, although some throw n a few zngers, such as concludng the scrpt wth the lne, "Drve me_" "f my father heard me say what they wrote, hed pull me out of there, one model sad about a suggestve scrpt LAST CALL SNGLES CRUSE FEB MARCH 3.SUN. FUN EXCTEMENT CALL FELECA ^5= GET ON THE RGHT TRACK wth the terjer &.Xctentrt" NEWSPAPERS CROSS-COUNTRY SK SCHOOL! Cross-country skng s a fun.^exctng and healthful way to enjoy the outdoors ths wnter. You can learn, to cros-country sk at the Observer & Eccentrc Sk School at several neghborhood locatons n Oakland and Wayne Countes. Clncs begn n January (weather permttng).- *2* ncludes equpment rentalland. V hour sk lesson "%»8* (wth your Own equpment), Non-resdent lees may be hgher Due to lmted space avalablty, pre-regstratons requred. For complete regstraton nformaton, call any nearby ste lsted below, Monday through Frday, at least one week n advance of lesson. Observer & Eccentrc Cross Country Sk School locatons: ADDSON OAKS COUNTY PARK U80 West Romeo Road Oxford, Ml BEECH WOOD8 RECREATON CENTER c/osouthfetdparks & K Recreaton Beech Road South feld, Ml " HERTAGE PARK c/o Farmngton Hlls Parks <S Recreaton 3555 Eleven Mle Road " c^ v Farmngton Hlls, Ml x 473^570 NDEPENDENCE OAKS COUNTY PARK c/o Oakland County Parks & Recreaton A 950 SashabawRoad V Clarkston, Ml WARREN VALLEY GOLF COUR8E c/o Wayne County Parks & Recreaton 3376 Ann Arbor fral West land, Ml 4085 \ 26M990 > v -# 7\ % X "T

27 STREET CRACKS Monday. January 8,999 ~ 0&E **5D Thomas: He turns layoff :Vlt Comedan Bll Thomas has ^been dong stand-up snce the days when jthe Comedy Castle was the only comedy club around vand feels creatvty s sorely lackng "among todays comedans nto a career n comedy By Larry CTConnor.jarLjokes, (gental) jokes, raeahma-teral." Hs arrval n Detrot 0 yearsag(p staff wrter,r " Herrrrreees Johnny. Wat tll they get a load of me. f Maxes so. oh never mnd. "Do you do a Jack Ncholson mpresson?," asked comedan Bll Thomas."Every one s dong them. Dogs are dong them. Three-year-old babes are dong them." Everyone, that s, except Bll Thomas. And perhaps one of the most dffcult aspects n stand-up comedy today s not meltng to the demands of club owners, who seek to put butts n the seats and drnks down ther patrons throats. At least those are the vews of Thomas, who has been dong standup snce the days when the Comedy Castle was the only comedy club around. Upstart comedans starved then, he sad. Yet, ther materal was rch wth creatvty, somethng Thomas feels s sorely lackng today. "The guys started wth lke Tony Hayes and Van Gunter would try and do dfferent materal because there was no money nvolved," sad Thomas, a transplanted New Yorker who lves n Southfeld. "Now everyone s dong what the club owners say wll brng them back sx months later And, of course, Jack Ncholson mpersonatons..""": THOMAS HAS avoded such mate-" ral lke a canary steers clear of the cats llttejlbox. Hs style of comedy. s observatonal, thoughtful and tmely. " Hes the knd of guy who scours the newspaper for man btes dog stores, who probably looks out hs car wndow for road sgns wth double meanngs (lke the lne from comedan Jm Samuels on the sgn that sad "Fne for ltterng." So he pulled over and empted out hs car). Lttle odd tems.make up a good porton of hs schtck. Drty stuff s better left at Laundromats. Ths Crme thng has got Thomas perplexed. He mentons hs brother, who has a baseball bat by hs bed at nght along wth other people dealng wth the problem n dfferent ways. "We had a bg argument about buyng a gun," Thomas sad., "So we compromsed on a BJ3. gun." Thomas had hs eye on coredy snce hs days as a drummer n rock bands. Between numbers, be would crack a.few jokes to fll the vod. concded wth hs frst crack at stand-up comdjr. A temporary layoff from a computer frm led hm to pursue the Chuckle tral... "J"realzed t coujdqt get up n the ^prnng so broughtray-owntemporafyjayoff," he sad.. TfE LAYOFF soon becarpea permanent one. Hs comedc career has" taken a steady rse, performng locally and natonally. Televsorf appearances have ncluded "Showtme Comedy Network" and "CBS Mornng Show."- Hes" branched off on dfferent :. - } COMEDY CLUBS v Here are some lstngs of comedy clutys n our area. To let us "know vho s appearng at your club, send the nformaton to: Comedy Lstngs, Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers, 3625 Schoolcraft. Lvona Beas Comedy Ktchen Darwn Hnes, Paul Papperlla and DowntowD Tony Brown wll perr form Frday through Saturday, Jan.! 2-3^at Beas Comedy Ktchen, 54! Larned - Detrot. Show tmes are 8 and p.m For nformaton. all : \ ; Chaplans East Ronde)! Sherdan wth Ken Brown and Don Reese wll perform Wednes- day through Saturday, Jan. 0-3, at ; Chaplans East, Groesbeck, Fraser..Show tmes are 8:30 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday and 8:30 J and 0:30 p.m. Frday and Saturday. For nformaton, call j Chaplans West Mck Lous Lazlnsk, along wth Tm Pryor, wll perform Tuesday through Saturday, Jan. 9-3, at Chaplans West, 6890 Telegraph, south of Sx Mle, Detrot. For nformaton, call Manstreet Mke Orensten wll perform Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 0-, and Ross Bennett wll perform Frday and Saturday, Jan. 2-3, at Manstreet Comedy Showcase, 34 E. Lbertyf Ann Arbor. Show tmes arv8:30-pfm. Wednesday and Thursday, 8:30 and p.m. Frday and 7, 9 and p.m. Saturday. For nformaton, call Joeys Lvona Peter Ptofsky wll perform Holly Hotel Wednesday* through Saturday, Jan. 0-3, at Joeys Comedy Club Plymouth, east of Levan, Lvona. Show tmes are 9 p.m. Thursday and Frday and 8:30 and 0:30 p.m. Saturday. For reservatons, call joeys alen park Bll Garan wll perform along wth Steve Blntwr Wednesday through Saturday, Jan. 0-2, at Joeys Comedy Club and Sports Emporum, Southfeld Road, Allen Park. ShaaUmes are 8:30 p.m Wednesday and Thursday and 8 and. 0:30 p.m. Frday and Saturday. For nformaton, call SJt.O. wll perform along wth Mary Mller and Mark Davds Thursday through Sunday, Jan., 2 and 3, at Holly Hotel, 0 Battle Alley, Holly. Show tmes are 8:30 p.m. Thursday-and 8:30 and 0:30 p.m. Frday and Saturday. For nformaton, call LooneyBn Steve lot wll perform wth specal guests JUp [Pardo and Lsa Goch wll perfornj Thursday-Saturday, Jan. U-3, at the WolvertnTand Looney Bn Restaurant and Comedy Club, 655-Gengary, Walled Lake. Show lmes are 9 p.m. Frday and Saturday and 8 and 0:5 p.m. Saturdays. For more nformaton, call Cty of Southfelds Parks & Recreaton Department presents "Southfeld Wnterfest Crcus Spectacular" FRDAY, JAN. 26 at 7:30 p.m. at Southfeld Cvc Center Pavlon. FEATURNG! Tm Kapp & Yves Mlord (Natonal Champon Trampolne Artst) -The Great Wallendas Escape Artst Mchael Grffn The Jugglng August Brothers. Magcan Don Jones -. the Fabulous Darnells & Co. Tckets: Adults $0 Reserve $0 General Admsson $8 Chldren $6 Senors ($5 & Over) $8 < Avalable at Mary Thompson Cuttura Center Evergreen Rd;; <"> : Please Help A Neghbors Chld n Need! n Thrd World countres, hundreds of thousands ol chldren are.n desperate need of food, clothng, medcal care - the bascs of lte These ^rls and boys are even dened the opportunty to attend school.! They are our neghbors n a world that grows Mnallcr every day. Through CC\ you can sponsor a neghbors* cost s $8 a month--just 604 o day to help a poor chld n Asa, Afrca or Latn Amerca. - a chld who has vrtually nothng. : Please pck up your phone ; now and dal the toll-ftee number below, Re a g(x»dneghbor by helpng an nnocent chld.-. Chrstan Chldrens Fund, nc (Toll Free) / ~ THE <&wtx\ytt & Eccentrc NEWSPAPERS PRESENTS THREE 990 VACATONS Tour wtrupthers n your communty Vst exctng places Make frends tores oetlw D Round trp arfare va scheduled arlnes Fne resort hotels : ntertsland flghts (Hawa) /... Sghtseeng (see brochure)., Professonal natve escort Arport hotel transfers Yo-your-room baggage handlng ARZONA LAS VEGAS GRAND CANYON PHOENX Uughlln Lake Havasu * 8 BAYS DEPARTS FEBRUARY 25,990 HAWA 5 GLOROUS DAYS Vstng all 4 man, sland? DEPARTS MAY 8, For addtonal nformaton or descrptve *V7Q «MMHlMHaMa««MB*BMlMMl»n fcalforna SAN FRANCSCO LOS ANGELES BCSSUR COASTLNE TV TAPNG AND MORE! v^ 9DA^S DEPARTS JULY 0,990 / M A O brochures/call our TRAVEL DESK at: O m H UJ or , 7._ r L> J ^ - AMKKGAN CE THKATKK m-.-!**_ DOROTHY HAJVULL Amercas most beloved Olympc fgure skatng star makes her MUSCAL COMEDY ANDACTNG DEUUT n ths spectacular new concept desgned exclusvely for the theatre stage. The BEST ol BH< \\ WAY \vth()>hpjc(old-.._. the cng ojvthccako." -. - kvtkk.\ln\lv,nt TUNKllV "Skalntf,snkng, dancng nndac(hg... n logcal progresson from the.standard CC hhow."., l S.VH)!M AW>tfyl!A<UWUl.<.?* #/* t & An Elegant and -Hoarstoppng evenngof Theatre; a muscal journey through Broadways most memorable hts. " " -. ". ~ - -. \~ * ;:. SlAHkM, - \ : W4 v.>-^v.</.v".; ; v: ;.". fvrt/a.v.vlja,,;.;*. -:. Judy o" Mchael Blumbeg^ Sebert SlKUA. Cl KSTMAK ;.. (.Wn/tw ;... Erc Ha UK ) n v.-. llt }h xnlar ""JANUARY 30 - s > FEBRUARY 4 - FOX THEATRE T».JAN,30,.,...,./, :. Al.l. l"ck>:?«$5.00 OFF &^f Wed.JANJl... V.....:.*: Th.WlU.../......;.. S»t.,r>:fU SK.,FKH.4 avenues of creatve epresson. Thomas s busy wrtng two screen plays one humorous and one serous whch he plans to^ptch on an upcomng trp to Los Angeles. Also, there s talk of pursung some actng roles. "ve been told.have a face," he sad. n hs, pursut, Thomas has a partner ~ hs wfe, Charree. She clps the newspaper artcles and sorae-.tmes comes up wth a premse for hs materal. She s also a wrter. A double-team approach doesnt hurt, especally wth the recent prolferaton of comedy clubs and comedans.*.mupn- W pm Wtpm.. K.-»pf«J lw»pm» HMpm. MWpm Mpm * KDS urww 4 <nd s^twors..v «, 2.0B ()f> «prfcrs. - K Kr V $ $7.5«A $5.«: Ol ^4t Nl N<NV >\S M Ml (h hn ha <«r Vrrm Vrrnt Rn\ tlfkx t«\ T«<n»r, Hm ( fwkl *H ^ Mm *fy ( H \R(,K B\ PHONE (33) #mu nfernutmn. *A> HT> \y.* J _«-LU urn** nactuvtx m* mrw m m^mm^m^mmmm^

28 \\,ww^:«m*wr>*v*y* ^)*^ 7*t*f~r^~t~> -< *^ ^*r*t*^?*lmrm, mmjmn9 t mm.^n\m r mr^.rffy. m,m f m^j, -^^: fm ^mt^^^f» ^.^^^^mrw^^^mtkf^fswtrf^ffw^tfmf^^^^^^m^^m^mmm^mr^m «8JP» y s& " ^VJJ--** " -. SfcJ *" ; sen v - OrentalTables... n maple fnsh wth bevelled glassana* brass accents. Cocktal table dfferent than shown; Mfr, lst $338^378^ -.-:-. :, ; Your Choce : ; A Square Cocktal, mt/v.. T y EodTable NOW Sofa Table ea. Washed Oak Tables,.. Offer smoked bevelled glass nserts* brass trnr, and all wood. Mfr. LUt $ Also avalable Jo an oak fnsh rbn sale at $9 your, choce. Your Choce Square Cocktal \ Rectangular Cocktal End Table Sofa Table. WOW ea. *!* Tradtonal Sleeper.. n your choce of full or queen sze wth a premum nnersprlng mattress anl lfetmewarranty on frame and mechansm, covered n a plad Olefn upholsterjsfor excelkwt wear, dfferent than shown. Mrt. Lst $760 6 S549. :,"". jfywtf [pm//- Your Choke Full or Queen Sleeper NOW *- - - : - c t t/j * ~tt\r\ ".v,?s y PRAME.....Wth all Perfect Sleepers And.ths coupon. V*> : ; &&&*! S N. ^W&Ay-*- wss- ^*^;^^^f«^^ ;;- : -&!^f:;,j-»;.-:-j fc.,y > :^--. :;>^rjcf - ^3 :. All^Serta Beddng Sale! All Serta Beddng on Sale, All Perfect Sleeper szes & styles ncluded! Serta Bronze Perfect Sleeper -A.!- ftn All Leather. t. Sofa n stock m 4 colors and specal order n tfother coloa at same sale prces. ncludes Rkh-tux cushonsforadded comfort and okframefor durablty, both wth lfetme warranty. Matchng loveseat and char also on sale. Mfr, Lst $,497, Gmmmmmm :;-;>v 2mh.-y>-; : M^;=;4-^.sow - Charges or f>fg«r bank terras ^^ pnn»\ rngggm QESB2, n, J S^^^^^^^^^^^W ^H^Aaavanv^.V=V Sfore Hours j Mor, to Sat. 0-9 Burt. 2-3». v.* M lftm "The Better Place tabuy Better Furnture 0 Twn ea. pc. U29 Full en. pc $ 329 Queen set $ 439 Kng set Thomasvlle Gallery Locaton NOVD27800 Nov Rd. (at 2 M»e)(Now Open) NORTHD977 E. 4 Mle (E. on-75)troy EASta3450 Gratot (at 4¼ Mle) WESTD936 Telegraph (at 7 Mle) ).,.._...\> r V :..^, llh^l^ k * *- * * ^fcumh^fchftfttj^tm^t \ Twn e*. pc. «59 Full en. pc. 399 Qt»«en«*t 499 Kngs* UOVT % MFWfcf ^WB fc #>$ 0Qty% Sale Prces 4 Days Only!..:.-._.X *«l

29 ^m^m^^mf FPP PW-p m.-*-. p. P <m * P P.«L! P P* tfwt» P^y "V Stye #bserucr & Eccentrtc Sfeuaptpf s., -v Monday. January 8,990 O&E * l * ygamta&»«ma^«^atrvu(mww.^^^ Develop a clear sense of drecton! TROY ART GALLERY Tuesday, Jan,- 9 ^- "Wnter Hghlghts" features selected works from artsts such as Wll Barnett, Yurgen Peters, Kyosh Sato,. Kuroda, Charlotte Evans,- Paula Zaks and Mathlas Mulame. Hours are 5:30 p.m. Tuesday-Frday, untl 4 p.m. Saturday, 755 W. Bg Beaver, Sute 3, Troy. WLLS GALLERY Wednesday, Jan. 0 "Geometry," a show of worleby-brlan Kaln and Lor Rubelng contnues through Jan.27. The concept s that arts orgn transcends specfc objects. Recepton 6¾ p.m. Frday. Hours are 2-6 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday, 422 Wlls, Detrot. ATRUM GALLERY Automotve watercolors and acrylcs by Lvona artst Barbara Demgen. On dsplay untl Jan. 4. Artst wll be n the gallery 5-7:30 p.m. Frday, Jan. 2. Other contemporary works avalable n other meda. Gallery hours are 0 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday; ft) a.m. to 8 p.m. Frday, 0 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. Closed Sunday and Monday durng January. 3 N. Center Street, Northvlle. U-M SCHOOL OF ART - Thursday, Jan. "One Mans Vson," exhbton of archtectural drawngs, llustratons and pantngs by Robert Sutton s on dsplay through Jan Recepton 8:30 p.m. Frday follows a 7;30 p.m. lecture on Sutton by Harold Lnton of lawrence Technologcal nsttute of Southfeld. Jean Paul Slusser Gallery, U-M-School of Art, No~rtb Campus, Ann Arbor. PANT CREEK CENTER FOR THE ARTS Saturday, Jan. 3 "Contemporary Symbolsm: A Cultural Experence," features works by Bertha Cohen, Dale, Sparage and Peter Wlams v Prlnts by Jm Poole are n Artspace. Recepton : for both show? s 7-9 p.m. Saturday.Regular hours are ¾ a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. CREATVE ARTS CENTEft Saturday, Jan. 3 "Unlockng the Mnd,"features works by Nancy Busch, Mchaerl Saffell Gardner, Kathe Kowalsk and Bll Sanders. Recepton s 6-8 p.m. Saturday. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday- Thursday, untl 4 p.m. Saturday, 47 Wllams, Pontlac. SWDLER GALLERY Saturday, Jan. 3 Recent ce-, rame sculptures and mxed meda drawngs by Jean-Perre Larocque, Franch-Canadlan, are on dsplay to Feb. 0. Slde lecture by the artst wll be at 5:30 P.M. Saturday and the recepton follows at 6:30-9:30 p.m. Gallery hours are 0 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday, untl 9 p.m. Frday and 5 p.m. Saturday, 308 W. Fourth, Royal Oak. SOMERSET MALL "A Thousand Years of Roman Fashons, 500 B.C. to A.D. 500," presented by Norma Goldman,s on dsplay-through Jan. 4. Goldman, professor at Wayne State Unversty, has recreated Roman fashons down to the last seam after ntentlve on-ste"research. Open durng regular Mall hours, Bg Beaver and Cooldge, Troy. LAWRENCE STREET B-QALLERY ^ff? Etchngs, serlgraphs^and embossed prnts by Canadan atlst Malhlas Muleme are on dsplay to Feb. 3. Closng recepton -4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 3. Hours are a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, 29WT Lawrence, Pontlac. JOY EMERY GALLERY Pantngs and prnts by Mchgan artsts Stephen Duren, Dck Goody, Ann Mkolowskl and Luclle Nawara are on dsplay through Feb. 3. Hours are a.m< to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, untl 8 p.m. Thursday, 3 Kcrcheval, Grosse Polnte Farms, SYBARS GALLERY Sculpture, by Margaret Keelan, Tony Natsoulas, Frank Ozereko and Susan Martn s on dsplay through January. Hours are a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, 30W. Fourth, Royal Oak. R0CHE8TER HLLS CTY HALL -Pantngs by Dorothy Foly of Bloomfleld Hlls are on dsplay through February. The exhbt s sponsored by Pant Creek Center for the ATts. Open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Frday, 000 Rochester. Hlts Drve, off Avon Road, Rochester Hlls. ARC GALLERY "Vsual Dalogues/Emotonal. Spaces," pantngs by Dale Sparage of Southfeld are on dsplay twlll» HHumwMmt M WUJUUBJlllMg through Jan. 27. Hours are a.m. to 5. p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, 040 " W. Huron, Chcago RATTLESNAKE CLUB ^Photographs by Natldhal Geographc photographer Wllam Albert.Allard are on dsplay n. the Grll Room through Jan. 20. Ths s 6 hs only non-museum show and many of the works arefor sale, 300 * Rver Place, Detrot. BRMNGHAM BLOOMFELO ART ASSOCATON "Letters, Our Legacy," s the annual, jured exhbt by Mchgan Assocaton of Calllgraphers. Contnues through Jan. 27. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday, 56 S. Cranbrook, Brmngham. O ART LOFT GALLERY "mages From taly" works on paper and sculpture by Cornne A. Ragheb of Brmngham contnue through Feb. 3. Hours are 0 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday, untl 8:30 prm. Thursday, 24 S. Wood- Ward, Sute 3, second floor,-brmngham. RUSSELLKLATT GALLERY Newly released sergraphs by Amercan mpresslonlstsd Henry Pllsson, John Powell and Chrstan Ttle and new works by regular gallery artsts are on dsplay, 467 S. Woodward, Brmngham. THE GALLERY Works of several local artsts are on dsplay, ncludng ols, acrylcs, watercolor and pen and nk. Hours noon to5 p,m., Thursday- Saturday. The Gallery, 306 Ford Road, Sherdan Square, Garden Cty. O ROCHESTER HLLS MUSEUM Stoney Creek Chrstmas Toyfest contnues through Jan. 27. The toys spm;the20jh,cen ury^hour.arfta» 4 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. Admsson charge, 005 Van Hoosen, Rochester Hlls. For nformaton, call O MCA GALLERY "Realsm " ncludes works by seven Mchgan artsts. Contnues through March 6, 200 Sxth St., Detrot. GALLERY 22 Chrstmas art show has works by Yoko Moro, Jm Osthoff, Charles Gale and others. Contnues to Jan. 3. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Wednesday and Frday, untl 9 p.m. Thursday and 5 p.m. Saturday, 22 E. Long Lake, Bloomfeld Hlls. * BELAN ART CENTER Objects dart as well as art and ready to wear jewelry are on dsplay to Jan. 4. Hours are noon to 6 p.m. Mondav-Saturday, 5980 Rochester Road, RUBNER GALLERY Holday show features works by Burkert, Shaler, Summers, Thayer, Jerzy and: Mlton. Hours are 0:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, 700 Orchard Lake, West Bloomfeld. e DETROT NSTTUTE OF ARTS ~~ "Furnture by Wendall Castle" contnues through Feb. 4. The DA s orgnatng ths show whch wll travel to fve museums n the Unted States. Objects by Carol Ann Carter ane* constructonsand drawngs by Thorn Bohnert make up the nnth exhbt of the Ongong Mchgan Artsts Program (OMAP) whch contnues through Jan. 28. Open free of charge 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday, 5200 Woodward, Detrot. v COUNTY GALLERlA The Surface Desgner! of Mchgan, 2 n all, have an exhbt of dmensonal art through Jan. 2. Open to the publc. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Frday, Executve Offce Buldng, 200 N. Telegraph, Pontlac. :. DONALD MORRS GALLERY Pantngs by Clement Meadmore are on dsplay through January. Hours are a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, 05 Townsend, Brmngham. HOME8TEAD GALLERY. featured works by more than 00 artsts, Pontlac Tral, Walled La*e.. The begnnng of a decade s a partcularly approprate tme to re-. evaluate what s happenng n your lfe. happy now? What would you rather be dong? The next 0.years wll seem to roll by even faster.than the 80s. Wll youook back on them wth prde or regret? Remember that your present env-. ronment s only a result of your past decsons. You have decded whether to enter nto and/or reman n relatonshps; to take a job and keep t or not; to clean up after yourself as you go, etc. Whle there are always crcumstances n lfe whch are beyond control, you stll control how you react to those stuatons. You may not have asked for all the work you get on your job, but you can.decde whether to let t get you down or to take t n strde and just do the best you can. f someone n your famly s ll, you can help to the best of your ablty, wthout gnorng the problem nor by beng a martyr. There are always choces. - f you dont lke, the way your lfe 3 now, start makng decsons whch wll lead you n the drecton you want to go n the future,j!m not sug: gestlng walkng away from responsbltes already-ncurred you stll need to honor them. Nether am recommendng a "me frst" atttude. However, there are always optons wthn your envronment whch wll gve more meanng to your lfe. A -45-year-old former student of mne captured the essence of my phllosphy. Here are excepts of a letter she wrote me: " thnk the bggest thange experenced was a change of atttude. began to see myself as an ntellgent person wth nterests that went beyond scrubbng and polshng. stayed home for sx years because was always gong to clean the basement. (Never dd.) solved the problem by callng t one large storage area and went off to work. " fnally developed a clear sense ^ organzng Dorothy Lehmkuhl of drecton. constantly work at refnng my goals to be as realstc as possble and stll shoot for the stars. ve found tme to do thngs love, fnshed a trathlon, swam on a Masters swm team and rode my bke across the state three tmes. bought a new grand pano (my lfetme dream) and ve gone back to college to study musc. After watchng the slow panful death of my mother over the last sx years, fnd myself seekng pleasure n each precous moment. Lfe s short, dont want to de wth the dscovery of havng tmxfbmaammkfwa^ not lved." > All too many people_suppress ther, own talents n favor of beng respon-.; sble. Whle certanly we must be re-., lable, there s room n most peoples;, lves for self-expresson as well My. grandfather used to put t very sm-.; ply: "Take the tme" to do what you;- want." agree.. ^ Dorothy Lehmkuhl s owner of t Organzng Technques of Br-\ mngham She does n~house sem-v nars, speakng and consultng on any aspect of organzng and tme management. - r Warhol exhbt teamed wth flms By Jll Hamlton specal wrter f anyone tells you that there s no culture n the Mdwest, send them to Ann Arbor the sooner the better. Bg Art Productons wll kck off the new year wth a trbute to one of the most controversal artsts of ths century: Andy Warhol. The producton, called "Warhol: The Factory Years a nght of flms and musc," wll attempt to recreate what happened at Warhols nfamous factory. The show wll start at 9:30 p.m. Frday, Jan. 26, at the Halfway nn n Ann Arbor wth a screenng of Warhols "Vnyl." The flm has been descrbed as "a black-humored takeoff on Anthony Burgesss- novel "A ClpckworJk^.Ornge" and features -Gerard-Maanga^andthe-tlebut per*- brefly speakng Brdal show Seven area busnesses wll take part n the brdalfashon showcase at p.m. Sunday, Jan. _ 4, n the ballroom of Joy Manor, Joy Road, Westland. Entertanment, hora doeuvres as well as a J glmpse of everthng.that goes nto creatng a Joyous weddng celebraton wll be part of the. k afternoons^festlvtes. Addltonally^brldes-torbe andlhelr prospectve grooms wllbe elgble for",000 n gfts.. ". " Takng part wll be Anjean Brdal Boutque, Dearborn; Presdent Tuxedo, Westland; Hearts & Roses, Farmlngton Hlls; Mary Kay Cosmetcs, Farmlngton; Shes Got Nals, Westland; McFerrar Studos, Garden Cty, Centennal Lmousne, Westland. Oratoro concert The organzatonal meetng and frst rehearsal of the Plymouth Oratoro Socety wll at 7:80 p.m. Monday n the Frst. Unted Methodst Church, 4520 N. Terrtoral Road, Plymouth, to make plans for the performance of the "Passon Accordng to St. John" by Johann Sebastan Bach, wth orchestra. t wll bo performed n Englsh. forraance.of Ede. Sedgwck: ;"ytnyvv s the. flm, whch made Sedgwck an underground^ cult fgure n New York, :: v?( followng the screenng of "VnyJr-TJlg Art wll present two slent short flms of ther own. The show wll contnue wth the Warhol flm "Empre." "Empre" ganed nstant notorety when t was frst shown n the 960s because the orgnal flm ran forseven hours and conssted solely of footage of the empre State Buldng as vewed from a wndow n the Tme-Lfe buldng, 40 floors hgh and 6 blocks north. The "Vllage Voce" clamed that,f Emplre" wll become "The Brth of a Naton" of the New Bag Cnema. Somewhat luckly for the audence, ths restored prnt of "Empre" wll run only 48 mnutes. "EMPRE" S A slent flm and wll be accompaned by a lve performance of The Plastc Onk Band. Onks band s promotng ther recent excellent debut album, "Shonen Bfue." The Plastc Onlk Band ncludes Yujl Onk, formerly of Dreamng n Color, and Matt Smth of the Volebeats and wll feature a percussonst nstead of a drummer. The bands sound s evocatve and atmospherc, smlar to the queter moments of the Velvet Underground. The hour-long lve set wll contnue wth varous other flms supermposed over one another n the same manner n whch Warhol presented flms durng hs years at the factory. v~ Bg Adas tmng could not have.*-.been better. Though.Warhols death was almost two years ago, people reman fascnated by the controversal artst. Books wrtten about Warhol, hs art, the factory years and the Warhol entourage contnue to nfltrate the best seller lst. Hs autobography and hs prvate dares reman top sellers. John Cole and Lou Reed, two foundng members of The Velvet Underground, recently opened ther trbute performance" pece called, "Songs for Drella.". The show has been sellng out n, New York and has enjoyed good re^ vews n publcatons lke "Rollng Stone." < *.. New members wll be welcome- at weekly rehearsals through Jan. 22. The socety la open to. all sngers n tre-southeast Mchgan area, wthout audton. Last years performance of the Morart "Requem" ncluded 80 sngers; Vocal scores wll bo pn sale at the frst three rehearsals. For more nformaton, contact Robert Pratt/drector, at , \,. Mam Unversty Men* Glee Club Mam Unversty Mens Glee Club tour wll be at the Newburg Unted Methodst Church, Ann Arbor Tral, Lvona at 7:30 p.m.. Wednesday. Ths. &0-plece voce chor ^drected by. Dr. 4 Clayton Parr. There s no admsson"» charge For more nformaton, call Jack Haf fey/ r , \.., THE MUSEUM OF Metropoltan Art has been presentng a retrospectve of Andy Warhol and contnues the process of the restoraton of hs flmsr^fhe Detrot nsttute of Art wll begn a Warhol exhbton n March. Onlk calls the Bg Art presentaton, "sort of a prevew" of that event. Bg Art has scored qute a coup by gettng ther hands on, "Vnyl" and "Empre." The flms have only recently become avalable f6r natonal dstrbuton and demand for them has been especally ferce. Bg Art Productons was formed several years ago by a group of frends, then students n college, who also happened to be artsts, flm makers, and muscan! They began expermentng wth varous combnatlons.of sound and vsuals and became known for presentng multl-. meda events that combned the ele-* ments of each of ther varous art forms. Perhaps the most successful Bg Art effort was a producton that they staged a few years ago at the Alley Door. The "happenng" ncluded flms, murals and sculpture by Bg Art members and featured the musc of Yujls former band, Dreamng n Color. The event drew a crowd of several hundred people and receved favorable meda coverage. 25\ w.mspla at cranbrook Future plans for Bg Art nclude a producton combnng theater and musc on Feb. 7 at the Hedelberg. Ths show wll feature a performance by Lou Sharboneau n the oneman Beckett play, "Krapps." Followng the play, The Plastc Onk Band wll play a lve set. -. " DONT WANT TO sound too arty, but, were lookng for an audence that wants to pay attenton," Onk says, "nstead of one only nterested n guzzlng beer." For those who lke ther moves smple and acton-packed, preferably starrng Sylvester Stallone vs. varous small countres and thnk that a good band s one that plays a lot of songs that nclude the phrase, "yeah, babe," and tops off the evenng wth an extented sng-along overslon of "Lous, Lous," perhaps Bg Art wont be your cup of tea. v < %- y : Those," howevev.^who lke a lttle challenge wth ther evenngs entertanment wll be delghted wth Bg Arts latest projects. Ther cuttng edge creatvty s helpng to redefne the boundares of art and musc. So forget what youve heard. New York and Los Angeles dont have a mqnoply on culture; culture lves n the suburbs of Detrot. Warhol: The Factory Years wll start at 9:30 p.m. Jan. 26 at The Halfway nn on the campus of the Unversty of Mchgan n Ann Arbor. Admsson s $4. Bg Art wll present the Beckett play, "Krapps" wth The Plastc Onk Band Feb. 7 at the Hedelberg n Ann Arbor. Hannett, nc. Realtors MMEDATE POSSE88ON Loll of updatng wtth eh newfcethe, new carpttng throughout, new furnace and central tm. Prh/ata lbrary wtth aeperats entrance coum ba noma offce. $5*900 H-W7J7 BlftMmQHAM CONTEMfOftARV.Lovely aetrtrg ww go* courea rtew. Specfeea* beovoome, vaumed cewoga, openflaxwenteror desgn to use as jrw prater. \M* WC* p*fe wth berbecve.h4«,000h-54«cha L^^«^ ^^^^^* Lmng rewn ^.» J A^S^^L^^^M fffq MfVWVQ fe*fc ^stek H^att MOT wwn nfw s^fj a TWke^^WW^^w fw^^^^^^w fvrf^tt hwts^smft frmfts^sft smw r^r^wtt ea^^s^^^^w RfW^^*n ww Ltfft MW4QC Wrw WK*M - -t--- ^..,,.,:^.^:^ -. ;:, M T bkmngham, ml. 4800» Mtnfry^ndtundySun.toflpm BETTER THAN NEW Large colonal wth so much Krlng apace. Bum n 9M n a great famhy-area wtth Farmlngton HWa achoolatfoyr bedfoomt, famly room ptea Hbrary. $»,000H-53C7? H«7 CONTtMPOSUAY Great room wtw vttrfsd ctmng sod marwa place, receaew S^M**. cm«m m pto* fane, 2½ car e* e* Q * HMs edwls. H7MO0 *4407 A M n y ^TfM evtv^fe fatf aml ^^A l^tt ^M^fr ^M^a%. fr^s^ hr^h^^f ^ST^w^^P ^^r* WW ^^^W e^^rw ^^^^^Wy ^^W^^^» ^^%^^^¾ flun UJkMWMTrnOKnhnlwrfr lahaa^ve a^^^^ p^w w^^r^ ^^w^w»» WJ pf w aw w^^^yn w feed fhe lwn-erlel j,. V^^^a^^W ^^Wt ^W Homes of qualty arc our specalty! MsMS - " :. - * - ; - : / # ;. :.. ^mmm -_?j* r> \> «! -,m

30 » ^ *<m^p wmmmmmmmmmm wmmmmmm ft* OAE/ Monday, January 8, 990» : ; " - " Dsplay Advertsng ^JMW-~-~~~& JO - ^WMH WffllSlS^^l zj&zwgst*** * - * > * : : YOU MAY PUCE A. CLASSFED ADVERTSEMENT...;,.///;.. ;...FROM,..:.. 8:00 A.M!-5:30 P.M. MONDAY - THURSDAY ; AND FROM V 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. FRDAY *..* DEA0LNE8 FOR CLASSFEJ) "LNERS v MONDAY SSUE: 5.P.M.FRDAY THURSDAY SSUE: 5 P.M. TUESDAY,.", -ONECAU Dps T AL - : 7 OAKLAND CpUKTY r WAYNE COUNTY R0CHE8TER/R0CHE8TERHLL Lvona -\ 33 Canton T^ - < - * EXTRA LARGE COLONAL Leved n a quet court n one cl Cantons fnds! reghborhoods. Ths brck and alumnum Vm home has frst floor laundry, famly Zoom wth freplace and wet bar, 4 bodrooms, 2¼ baths, attached 2 car. garage an4marry other extra*.»2,600. CALL FRED BEUSLE COLDWELL BANKER 459-6Q00-. EXTRA LARGE former model. 4 bedroom*. 2½ baths. excellent localfoo. fnshed basement, flrtt floor, laundry. 28 -x 7 famly room wh Calforna drftstone freplace Century 2. Home Center /a Acre Wth Stream f the MtUng lor nl* 3 bedroom ranch. Newer Andersen wndows, carpet 4 furnace. Beautful horrle. n a beautful settng, t yea/ home warranty. Motvated teller, brng otters 489, t. Remerca METOWN REALTO ^HOMETOWN REALTORS 4 : t; AFFORDABLE Just Wed-tpaclout 3 bedroom brck ranch. Feature* formal dnng room, fnshed basement, and at- ached ear89». CaJ for detals. Reduced lo efl-onry $9,000 down /plus cost* on ths 3 bedroom brck ranch wth fnshed basement, ga- «9«, thermo wndows & more. Century 2 Today, 32 Lvona - Frst Home Favorte Lvona bargan 3 bedroom brck ranch. Fnshed basement wth full bath, new 2 car garage, alumnum trm, newer caspetlng and ktchen applances» ttay. Move to_o^dl- Uon and mmedate oefcspancy. $44,500>> The Prudental Hart7 S.Wolfe, REALTORS ndependently Owned #yj Operated , - BRJCKRANCH Broadfront altractrva home features 3_bedr corns, 2 bathsv basement 2 car garage, freed mature area. Sell**-motvated, Veterans *-0- down, can nowl. «-477-$Ell ) or A One Way Realty BRCK 2 STORY-4 bedroom, 2 tt bath. V. act* of land. Central ar, 2 flrepace*, braezewsy wth attached garage. M basement $W corned of pksteravchcago., ±: Bulders Closeout Decorated model home loaded wth : extras. Northwest Lvona square ft. colonal features. 3¼ baths, 4 bedrooms pfuj den, fnshed and carpeted wajdout basoment, huge, balcony deck,marble foyer, 60% plus furnace and much more. mmedate.occupancy. $239,550 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, ;: REALTORS, rvdependenoy Owned and Operated Frst Showng Showpece brck ranch on a treed A acre n central Uvonla. FamCy room wfth freplace. fnshed end carpeted basement, 2 baths. 2 car attached garage and deck wth not tub. 09,600 The Prudental Harry S.Wolfe, REALTORS OPEN HOUSE SAT 4 SUN Must sea-owner movng. mmedate occupancy so., ft 4 bedroom colonal, too many extras to Bt.»t7.700rbest Offer QUAD. n Sunflower Sub, freplace, central ar, 2 car attached garage, 4 bedroom, fnshed basoment sq.ft.» Westand Cardan Cty HOT NEW LSTNG Beautful 3 bedroom ranch, huge lyng room, newer wndows, country style ktchen. 2 car garage, onfv Century 2 CASTELL LVONA SCHOOLS Pleasant "colonal wlh. brck stylng tends charm to ths Jewel. Lbrary. Gtasswaa n ktchen. 5 bedrooms, 2¼ baths, famly room. Oock: qeal foraawy buyer for $ OEK3HT m the convenence of ths nvtng brck, ranch oa a quet street. 3 bedrooms.ll bath}, freplace A contra) ar. 2 car garage. A splendd home. Buy. $77,900. CENTURY 2 Hartford South Brmngham Bloomfleld BEVEftLY HLL8 By Owner mmaculate 4 bedroom, 2 fub/2 half bath French Colonal. ngrpund healed swmmng pod, (amty room wth freplace, lbrary, centra) ar, securty svlem, sprlnvters, surrounded, by almost acre ot wooded prvacy. 8rmmgham Schools and fhaa- hg. Exceptonal value at $239,000..S40-9«> 307 South Lyon Mlford-Hlflhland BlOOMFELD TWP.. Luury home by apponlmenf. $ 00,000. StoneWgh SubdMston. "., 540^ Plymouth ndependently OwrtocTrSTOporated -,. Charmng --^» the only way to descrfbe ths Westford colonal wth vaulted ceo- )ng n spadous great room wth freplace. Newer j carpet throughout, country ktchen wth bay and much more. Start the new year out rght wth ths beautful home al»49,900., The Prudental : Harry.S. Wolfe, \ REALTORS :<: tpdepondenuy Owned and Operated CLEAN & SHARP 3 bedroom brck wth ejurrtnum trm ranch. Fnshed basement wfth extra bedroom, nce ktchen, garage, fenced tot, $34,500. "CENTURY 2 ROW ,.;. LVONA...NEWLY LSTED Wont last the wee* Beautful brck ranch. 3 large bedrooms. OeslraWe locaton. Fd basement. 2 car garage. $44,600 st depost takes., CENTURY 2 Hartford North :: LVONA. $74,600 - Calforna brck ranch. Just Dsted. / " 3 bedroom r^nemoorary broadfront ranch on 66 Wde lot wth ca- thecval celngs, futt fnshed basement, VA oana 4 2 car garage, mmedateoccupancy... HOME MASTER UVONA4AREA UVONA - OUTSTANDNG DOU- Be-WNO cokwal. 4 bedrooms, 2½ baths, unque famby room wth cedar beams, country decor, plush master auke wfth hs & her dosofs, st foor laundry wth lota of cebtr*t». hardwood /loora. QUALTY BWLT $64,900 (L09We») Can LVONA - QUALTY bult 4 bed rooms, 2½ bath coontarlocated n NOfTHWESTLTVONtA. Formal dnng, hardwood floor*, central ar. fun basement under farndy room. VAL UE tt» (L42Dar> Call ;-:; -:-;---- -;--.-- UV0NAFABULOU3 4 bedroom, V* bath colonal, an hardwood floor*. doorwab leadng lo pato, oak cabtntry, ceramc tle baths, 2 car attached garage. Lot* of room to crow.» (59ROY) CaJ 522-, T(8CHYYET2eR fteal ESTATE > BETTER HOMES 4 OAAOENS DEAL LOCATON Super value s what you wtfl fnd n ths all/acuy9 3 bedroom. 2½ bath brck ranch. Famly room, freplace, recreaton room/ , ENJOY the country atmosphere of ths sparklng 3 bedroom, ty«bath colonal. Formal dnng room, spacous famly room attachod garage, kng Sbedkfl.» CENTURY2 Hartford South Best of the Best n materals 4 craftsmanshp n ths 4 bedroom Tudor. Breathtakng vew overlookng 2 ponds, Jacuzz n master bodroom & walkout tower level, 3¼ baths, lbrary, txeaklast room, formal dnng. st floor laundry, spectacular dock A_pat)o area around kdney shaped pool. Many more amentes. $449,000. For more detahs^cat... TM RELLY Remerca HOMETOWN REALTORS DOWNTOWN PLYMOUTH - perfect locaton, charmng 3 bedroom Caps Cod. nevrty decoratod. beautfully updated ktchen ncludng applances, "hardwood floors thru-out, wel plaster, must see! LOOKNG FOR A QUALTY BULT home on a lantastc lot? Then ths s lor you. 4 bedroom. 2 ½ bath cotonat. Creal floor plan. Crown moldng. (t>rdry. beautful entry way, protessonal wndow treatment new car. petng n famly room 4 lbrary, parklke treed lot, tlorcct decks, brck pallo, dont mss ths home lt«a wnner! $279,600. CaB Phylls Lemon. Re-Max Boardwalk (00 MMEDATE OCCUPANCY Offered on ths 3 bedroom, * baths, brck cape cod located on a large treed M, newer carpetng, updated kttchen, fnshed basement attached 2 car garage. Only»24,600. COLDWELL BANKER MMEDATE OCCUPANCY 3 bedoom, ¼ bath ranch wth attached garage, has newer roof and fumac*, freshfy pajnted. fnshed basement Wont last at $98,500. QUALTY RANCH Great room wth vaulted ceffng. forma) dnng room, central a*, freplace, attached oarage, 3, bedrooms. 2 baths. Cal nowl»39,600. COLDWELL BANKER " UVONA Clean and updated throughout. 3 bedroom brck ranch wth newer YA car garage,fnshedbasement, newer kftchon. Must seel Only $75,600. CANTON Canton* desjreable Wlshlre Sub. 3 bedroom ranch newty. decorated thru-out Burber carpet new ktchen floor, new blnds, master bath has new vanty and «Jnk. Underground sprnklers, kds playhouse. $8,600. " REOFORO 3 bedroom brck ranch loaded wlh amentes. Newfy updated, 2 addtonal bedrooms n basement. Freplace, thermopane wndows. Must see! $77,600. The Nearly Naw Ranch far butt brck 3 bedroom n Westem Ln-onJet modem Rennofd* Ravne* «ub. Farnfry room" wfth flre= pcace, 2 car garage. 60% pfu* furnace wfth central ar and wood rputeted wndow*.» The - Harry S.Wolfe, - REALTORS! ndependently Owned and Operated N«wry Decorated Three bedroom C«*«Cod wth bwroom down and 2 upstar* rght f the heart of Uvonla. Your larftrv. wfl love the 24K22 famffy room wth M*y_ «n*r Arepec* and vaulted bfcned cefflna and toft. A very»per^hou«fofm7,500. The Pfudental [ Harry S.Wolfe,.? REALTORS! lrtdep»f>ovttyown»*»fdopyaled ) Park-lfke Hrtf Acre Backng MP «the wood* of Rotary Par* «North Lrvwm. 3 Ndroom brtck tanoh wth * new dream kuch- «n wth»gm om c*<hneft. remod- **M beth, new fvmace. farnwy room,, Ffertoa room, 3 car attached garage ard mgroww pool.»9.600 Th«e Prudental Harry S.Wolfe, ; REALTORS ; ndwpendarvby Owned tnd Operated Realtors Premer Offerng. Be the st to *ee ths aprawnng,758 *q. ft brck ranch on a tush «acre settng n one of central Uvonla* fner settngs. Surrounded by all custom homes and features 5 bedrooms, 2V baths, cathedral great room, 2freplaces,formal dnng room, fnshed basement, 2 car attached garage and newer furnace wth central ar.»45,000 The Prudental - Harry S.Wolfe, ^ REALTORS ndepondenuy Owned and Operated PRESTGOUS LAUREL PARK ranch, 3 bedrooms, 2½ baths, many extras. Prced reduced for mmedate tale RECEWY remodeled ranch n Uvonla. Ncely landscaped wth large deck. 2 car for more deta.*. $4,7. CENTURY 2 CHALET LUXURYBRCKQUAD 4 bedrooms. 2 famlry rooms. 2½ car garage, nground pool. Mus soe. $39,000. Broker 776-J663 PLYMOUTHS BEST BUY LOTS OF VALUE Absolutely stunnng 3 bodroom brck ranch located n Lakpolnte Vllage. Completely updated 4 freshly decorated. Extra large famlry room, natural freplace, H baths. 2 car garage. $9,600. CENTURY2 Hartford North Northvllle-Novl * CLOSE TO PERFECT/^. Brck BeWslone 3 bedroom.ranch. Florda room. ½ baths, newer car petng,. wndow*. furnace, door*. etc. 2 car garage, walk fo jtowntown. A must w).» LORENAMCMLULLEN A [ RE/MAX FOREMOST, NC. FROM THE MNUTE.YOU ORJVE OP you wn be charmed by ths mmaculate WJttamsburg Colonal. Great floor plan, beautful ceramc tpe n entry way,- fantastcfreplace-tnfamly room, crown moldng, wot" bar. excellent subdlvtsloft, and great Nov! schools. Only»44,600. Ask for Phylls Lemon,,. Re-Max Boardwalk, NORTHVLLE 3 bodroom brck ranch newly docorated, $98, r NOV! by owner, Dunoaron Pnes, 4 bedrooms, 2A baths, rvng room, dnng room, ktchen, f jmry room, 2 car garage, 2 docks, central ar. $44, Weslland. Garden Cty AH Of The Extras are found n ths 3 bedroom brck ranch wth torshod basement and over sued garage. They nclude a st floor launory, new thermo wndows, bg country ktchen, and a mantenance rce exteror. $79,600 The Prudental Harry STWolfe, REALTORS ndependenuy Owned and Operated Entertaners Delght Dont mss ths all brck ranch wth My carpeted and paneled basement. Super deck oh master bedroom and ktchen wth 4 foot hot tub and covered pato. Huge country ktchen wth extra cawnet», 3trash compactor and dshwasher. Prced to*eflal»7,.e00.. The Prudental Harrys. Wolfe, REALTORS ; ndependently Owned and Operated 33 Canton Canton Country Nce country home n Canton on a 330ft Cv>^ lot. BeautlfuOy dona on tha nsde wth newer carpet 4 hardwood ftoora. TW» home has plenty of room lo roam. Greal famby horn*. Hew roof 4 heatng.»$5,600. Can.. PETC ZABAUA or 0 ARY JONE8 Remerca HOMETOWN REALTOR COUNTRY LVNG Wth cty converveoca* and easy *co**a to shoppng and freeway*. 3 bedrooms, forma) dnng room and updated ktchen make ths Oder home a real buy. Extenarva wood mowng and hardwood floor*, la/ge wood deck extend* across rear and overtook* treed 2 acre*.»06,600. COLDWELL BANKER NEW LSTNG 3.-bedroom ranch, fnshed bas*«men!, newfy redecoratad ktchen. 2 t*r attached garage, rmm dub <ocated wthn *ub, $ Really World EXCELLENCE, EXTRA CLE AN Beautfut 3 bedroom brck ranch, featurng tpadous famby room wth freplace, you wll love the large updated ktchen 4 fnshed basement wth bath, pfu* 2½ car garage, orgnal owner* askng.»75,600 Century 2 COMMUNTY * Lve Lke Royalty n Wayne* newest and most exclusve subdvson. Extra wde loll,»oma wth ravne telungs, are the ses of thesa custom homes. AH have t car attached garage, extra deep basement, master bath, natural freplace, and spacous room sues. Ranch and colonals avalable. From» The Prudental Harry S.Wolfe, REALTORS ndependently Ownod and Operated UVONASCH0O8 3 bodroom brck ranch, 2 car oarage, fnshed basement wth lavatory ard extra bedroom or 6tn. Nce ktlchen cupboard*.»76,600. CENTURY 2 Your Real Estate PLEA8ANT4 CHEERY Affordable brck ranch v,th 3 badroom*. 2 bath* located on a tree ned tt/eet. ear garage. Back* to yard wth pod. Call now.» CENTURY 2 Hartford 8outh : Mechancs Dream Hel lo?e ths fo Jv bsulaled. heated garage, wth 220arnp servce 4 ahev fust adore the remodeled ktchen wth plenty of cupboards 4 newer thermal wtndowa, water heater, sdewalk*. drh^bway 4 much, much more. Askng $43,600. Remerca HOMETOWN REALTORS, THREE bodroom starter ranch. Quck occupancy. Offerng f-ha/va terms. Call rght ewayl» Caj^BB Cavanaogh CENTURY 2 CHALET WESTLANO. Large custom colonal located n forest settng on nearly 3 acres of wooded land. At custom constructon, wth 3«baths. 4 bedrooms, den, central ar, parquet floor, numerous--large wndows to vehv nature. Uvonla schools, best value around, By owner, $269, S Radford BRCK RANCH wth 3 bedrooms completely.remodeled nteror Ptorlrn, N. of 5 MDe befwoon Booch & folograph. $39,500. Possble LC terms, NOT THE ORDNARY GREAT ADVANTAGES... -$247,000 BY OWNEa Van Ness Drve. Bl-level open floor plan wth targe rooms. 4 bedroom». 3 baths on Hllsde wooded-lot. NEW KTCHEN, NEW ROOF. NEW CARPET. CEN TRAL AR Frst floor bedroom & oath has ktchen faclty tor offce or n-taw suter Must see to apprecate. Agent* welcome. For an appontment call WALNUT LAKE PRVLEGES. BtoomfWd Square Subdvson. 4-5 bodroom. lbrary optonal. 2 Ml bath* ;p!us Powder and Brst floor laundry. Forma! dnng room. rvng room and spacous frst floor sunken lamdy room. ncludes large woodburnng freplace. fwshed recreaton room n basement, central ar, sprnklng sysem and many rppbanoes ncluded, Convenent locaton, Brmngham schools: $224,000. Byowner WestBlocmfleld Orchard Lake BRAND NEW home. 3 bedrooms, 2 ful baths, applances, garage, basement, lake prvleges. $49, Hogarth. Nev Cass Lake RdVCasa Elzabeth Rd. Bulder Corporate Transfer Transfer causes the sale ol ths West Bloomfeld year old colonal. 4 bodrooms. 2½ baths, st floor laundry, famly room,freplace,central ar, dnng room, sland ktchen and premum lot n Wettngton Woods. $59,600 The Prudental Harry STWolfe, _ REALTORS ndependently Ownod and Operated COUNTRY SUB B«aut:M ab brck ranch on large corner k>t leaturtng 3 bedrooms. YA baths, rvng room wth freplace, professonally fnshed basement wth la/nfly room, wet bar. workroom, laundry, oversued 2 car attached garage. Askng $ 29.60O..CENTURY 2 Hartrord.SouthVfes MLFORO - a ccvfy laxefront wth sandy oeach 2 bedroom wlh den or 3 bedroom home, ncludes V^ car garage. 2 kjt baths, tamlry room wth freplace, large country ktchen, and much much more, fnttme on the market, prced at $ Cart for appontment. « Roche8fer-Troy NEW TO MARKET 4 bedroom, 2.5 baths Colonc vf>!h Upper Loog_lake prvleges. M acre, farnly room, move-n condton, loaded. Must sell $69,900 3 bedroom, 2 tmh brck Capo Cod Blfmlngham Famly room, forma) room, freplace, masler sute Must seu $32, Rondos BEAUTFUL VEW Clean 4 brght eondo n hghly dosrable area. TasleMr/ docorated n neutral color*. Master bodroom wth walk-n closet, applances reman. $65,600..,,.... y SPECTACULAR LAKEFRONT Ths appealng end unt sreaqvfor ytxj. 3 bedrooms. 2¾ baths, nalura freplace, formal dnng rporn. tnshed basement,rvlth wet bar, dock, all applances reman. $8 7,900..CENTURY 2 Hartford South BRMNGHAM: fyjowner. 3 6edroom 2½ bath tc-*thouse 824 Knross»» Call for appontment, leave message Moble Homes For Sale FARMH0T0N-Hx Far,- mont, 2 bedroom, front ktchen, t bath, lap sdng. swnge root. Age 50+ park e6 3 bedroom,.5 bath brck TM-evel Troy. 900 sq. ft.. \* acre, entertanment room, famffy room, -dnl room, much more. Must t $25,600.» 4 bedroom. 2.5 bath brck Colonal Troy Famly room, mnt condton, prced under market. MARKSEGER RE/MAX PROFESSONALS 64-H4 TROY - Bg Beaver/Coolldge, Colonal. 3 large bedrooms. zv> baths. dmng, famly room wrtreplace. st floor uundry. ar, sprnklers, neutral tones. $*9.800 Open Sun 2-5pm froy. whle brkp* ranch home, bedrooms. 3 baths. 3 car 2400 sq. tt. properly many extras. $52, j garage. 25x Wxom-Commerce Unon Lake BUNGALOW - 3 bedroom, aumnum sded, basement» Drve by 4444 Glenmore (Seven MBe 4 Beech). Call GORGEOUS 3 bodroom Cape Cod, updated ktchen, newer wndow* 4 furnace, partal^ fnshed basement O^ege; Century 2 CASTELL Hot New Frst showng of a truly superb South Redford brck ranch..24 square feet wth 3 bedrooms, freplace and fuq bath, alumnum trm, cent/star, summer porch and Z car garage. $4,600 y The Prudental Harrys. Wolfe, REALTORS ndependerrtry Owned and Operated.... NEW YEAR SPECAL. South Redlord, low taxes, 3 bod- room brck bungalow wth garage. As low as»s00 down. Payment* as lew as»550.5 per month. Cal for detals^... ^CENTURY 2 CHALET REDFORD START UP, large truck sze 2 car garage along wth 2 bodroom ranch. Askng $37,600. Low down payment... THREE BE0RCOM~RANCH, 2 car t a rage, full basement. Askng» $49,600. Must sen. make offer. 477-SELL( )OR5SOO One Way Realty WLLAMSBURG COLONAL Wooded (ot. cul-de-sac, 3 blocks to grade 4 mddle schools. 5. bedrooms, 2 freplaces. 2A baths, panelled famly room, random pegged oak Boor, renovated ktchen, oak cabnets, new applances, h)gh effcency furnace. 2 car attached gvage,» By owner, appolntmenfonry W. BLOOMFELO 4 bodroom cotoll. 2V4 baths, central ar. sprnkjers. large lot.wth trees. Marble foyer, flrepace. newer carpet, fnshed basement, alarm, many extras.»7 5,600. Week Day* W. BLOOM/ELO Professonal charm s found thruout ths 4 bedroom. 2A bath, formal dnng room home. Many extras nclude 2 story foyer, bay wndow, hardwood floor n - (oyer 4 dnng room. Crown moldngs, custom drapes, attractve landscapng 4 fghtng are tome ol the featuras.» Ask Re/Max Q Farmlngton Farmlngton Hlls NEW CONSTRUCTON Ready lor quck occupancy. wat6r access to Lower Stralto Lake. Ths -fabulous tudor "wth over sq tt, larlastlc oak lbrary, ktchen s 20x6. plds breakfast area 4x3. 2nd floor laundry, beautful masler bedroom & bath. 2 freplaces, lots of extras, home s a wnner and has lots of curb appeal, only $349,900. Ask for Phyus Lemon, Re-Max Boardwalk UNON LAKE ACCESS 3 bodroom brck home, alumnum trm, freplace. ½ baths, full block basement. YA car.attached garage, fenced yard, boal dock on lake. $98, CANTON -». Gorgeous 2 bedroom townhouse corwo wth freplace, wooden pato, fnshed, basement, rrusl see nteror. 5 yards from pool 4 sauna. Assumeable mortgage, buyer* only CHELSEA BRDGETOWN CONDOMNUMS 2-3 bodrooms trom $ Located n the quant vclage of Chelsea. 5 mtes W. ol Ann Arbor. Models Open Dally 2-50^" (33) CONOO LVNG AT TS BEST Farmngton Hls spacous bedroom brck. 2 baths, large pato. carport. $77,900 (F27EC-FH) ERA - COUNTRY RDGE FARMNGTON H.lls-Wooded vew/ nver. 2 bedroom. bath, newty decorated, hardwood floor rvng area. pool $48,600. By owner FARMNGTON HlLLS Qualty bult, new constructon. Features freplace, full basement 2 car attached garage, central ar 4 cathedral celngs, flanoh and tree standng townhouse avalable From $04,600. Century 2 West. nc FARMNGTON - Ths 2 bodroom. 2 balh condo s Just perfect. Masler bodroom has dressng room, walk- n closet. Large Mng room wrwet bat-. New carpet dock, storage room. $69,600 ORLtEY REALTY «LEXNGTON COMMONS CONDO. Over 700 sq. ft. 3 bodroom. 2A baths, 2 car garage, basement, freplace plus seller wn gve $3300 decoratng allowance. Hurry t wool last! Only $2,600. Ask for Phylls lemon. Re-Max Boardwalk, Homes Oakland County BRAND NEW BULDERS HOME Outstandng 3 bedroom. 2½ bath contemporary home on 2A acres Man baths t^vt whrlpool lubs 8odrooms have large wak-tn closets. Wood casement wndows, frst floor laundry, full basomonl and 2 car attached garage. Brandon T*p $59,900 per month-rent or lease wth optqn. Call for detals WARE-PDDNGTON 627r284(3 ARBOR FARMS NEWSUBCLOSEOUT 2 BULDER SPECS AVALABLE From.$89,800 Model Open Weekdays 9-6pm Weekends l-5pm Follow Fotsom East oft Orchard Lake Road to Ambeth. head west on Arrjbeth. Youll Be Amazed by afl the updatng on ths brck ranch wfth basement wth a 2nd futj bath and 2½ cat garage. Beautfully remodeled ktchen wth oak cabnets, new wndows, new funsco,. cent/el ar, and beautful decor. Just Bsted. $ The Prudental Harry S.Wolfe, REALTORS ndependenuy Owned and Operated FARMNGTON HLLS COUNTRY ESTATE Sprawlng brck ranch, larger rooms, freshly deco-. rated attachod 2 taga/age. owner- TfTotvateo, calt today, askng» SELL ( ) OR On Way Realty 38 Dearborn Dearborn Helghta COZY 3 bedroom Ranch. $57, Madson, So. Dearborn Ht*. Freplace, 2 car garage, Dstrct 7 scrtoofs.fha or VA. Romax Dearborn Suburban nc. Can Betty Kng EXTREMELY CLEAN 3 bedroom brck, fyfl basement, garage, central ar, attc fan, kftchon redone. $73,600. CaR today. CENTURY2 Your Real Estate Super Starter Ths Just feted horn* s perfect for * tme home buyer. Complefety redecorated, natural hardwood floor*, updated krtchflo wtth KohJer snk, updated batfumhnew Mohen fxture*. Deck outvpk. Dont hestate or thawl be gone at $4,600.. The* Prudental HarryS. Wolfe, REALTORS ndependently Owned and Operated 320 Homes Wayne County THS S THE LFE 3 bedroom*,. freplace n famlry room, marble floor* & carpet thru out, tunny Florda room, bg km lor prvacy. 2 car attached garage, 500 *q.ft.. $/5,609 Century 2 Dynamc Realty, nc Brmngham Broomffefd BRMNGHAM resdence for tale or lease. Contemporary 3 bedroom ranch, park sellng, central ar, cathedral cefflng n greal room, freplace, M basement 2 car attached garage, larga deck, ft floor laon- 0^.»500mo,»46,600.» k WNG LAKC PWVH.E0ES A/chttett dwlgn brck & redwood ranch wth specal* and large everpreen*, matter bedroom *ufla & fvro loom glass door* vew prfvata brck terr»ca from deck. Thru fveplaca Wng room 4 dnng. FJnl*h«d roo focvf) n baaement/targe wndqw/fveptac*. 4 bedroom* Chardwood floor*} 3 baths {whte futures) *!*(«ent7,2½ attached garaga. tt acre,»2 Open hov»e Sunday -3prr. By owner. « (A3 S) - FARMNGTON HLLS 3 bedroom ranch, 2 baths, 3 car garage, 2 acres. Owner fnanced.»44,000, frm FARMNGTON HLLS custom home on 5 acres, 2600 aq. feet, 4.bedrooms, 3 haths,»290,000. Call lor appt FARMNGTON HltLS. Bored wtlh bulder* home? Exctng round house rsng on steel l-beans. 30ft. above ravne. Studo skylghts. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths,»39,000. CaB Bob -60W rooms, faroe McrMLJMno.-r,oom- _buy-man_coor. 2. bodooav 2-tv»Uv " " -*" garage, wndow treatments, applances. $475. or $44, W2 FOUR bedroom colonal, 2½ baths, famtry room wth natural freplace, fnshed basement wth wet bar, 2 car attachod garage,» (C36HE-F) ERA COUNTRY RDGE REALTY * NEW CONSTRUCTON. 600 tq. h\ colonal. 2A baths, stfloorlaundry, wooded dt.» Work Wlh Bulder RAMBLEWOOO GATEHOUSE SUB» Redecorated 3 bedroom home, ceramc foyer, 2½ baths, den/ exerdsa area, sprnkler jystem. 2½ car heated garage, deck w/ gazebo, next lo Commons Southfleld-Lathrup ARCHTECT DCSK3NEO RANCH on.4 wooded acres; N of 2 mfe. Lbrary, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. 2 freplaces, front courtyard 4 rear deck, al amenfte*. Fresh contemporay look, quet cut-d«-*ac. jtrcvg neghborhood assocaton.» For appontment RENT BUSTER What a value at $36,600. Move rght nto th* *pottess, wea decor*led 3 bedroom home. Featurng; new pajnl. carpet, electrcal, plumbng, balh, floorng, soma wndows, nce treat HurrylAsk for CAROL LA PERRERE. CENTURY 2 HARTFORD SOUTHFELO: By.Ownorl Super quad level home, 2774 sq ft. 4 bodrooms. 3 baths. 2 freplaces. Morel 2 Mfla/Lahser area.» Days, , eves SOUTHFELO - cornpaofy renovated 2 bedroom, 2 bth, YA story home. Potental 3 bedroom, now sdng, roof, screen* 4 carpet. Updalcd ktchen 4 balh. $53,900 ORLLEY REALTY UTHFED WHY RENT?» MOVES YOU N wth new $0 Yr. Fxed Mortgage " 0%. PT of $ Country " YA Rat*: M goes wth tw» 3 bedroom. bath home. Formal dnng, ktchen/ butttns, large breaxnt nook 4 car garage art some of the feature*. $42,400. Ask Re/Max Style &8ettlng Unque new offerng on V» acre talung overlookng wood*, Conlemporary 3 bedroom ranch feature* a quasfy nt-rv lkchen wfth oak cabnet* and tkyught, 2 car garage, Hal- an ceramc bath wth *«una. central ar and new energy effcent furnace, wtndowtardmora.» The Prudertlat /Harry S.Wolfe, REALTORS ndependently Owned and Operated CLARKSTON- 4 bodroom. 2. V* bath; famly room wth freplace, tormal dnng room, lvng room, large klchen, st floor laundry. New car-, palng/movfl^w condton, central ex. gas heat, water softener. rvo basement 2½ car garage. 6x40 pato, above ground poof.20x32x4. on.84 acres. Doer n front yard, schcclbus al front door, near park. $55,002) CLAY/SON, 3 bedroom ranch. tus fnshed basemenl.-2.4 car garage, wrjath. $78, CONTEMPORARY M-level home wlh over 2200 sq.leet rvng space on cul-de-sac n famly neghborhood near W. Bloomfeld T>p. 4 bedrooms; 2 baths, lvng room, dnng room, (amty room, boflt n B- brary, ar, sprnkler, many extras.» LAKE ORON, beauuful unque oak log home (not a kt). 2 rooms 4 a bath, double- lot. garage, open beams al hand hewed ogs. 5 bedrooms, breakfast room, (ronta back porch, dnng room 4 front room, freplace, mature roes. canal access, country dub 4 Lake prtvbcges avalable on Long Lake.»9,000. Call LOOKS ARE DECEVNG!!.650 sqft. ranch boasls: 3 sqft 3^03 Ths bed WESTLANO - Very dean 2 bedroom ranch unt. Good storage space, dnng room, central ar, attached garage, $49,600. Ask for: Wally Justus CENTURY2 ROYV wth freplace, (amty room wth dry bar. laundry room en wth an open floor plan and 2 car attached garage. $79,600. Ask lor 93E. FULFLL YOUR OREAMSl Pcture pertect 3 bedroom. 3 bath ranch on 2 plus acres. Exctng walkout lower level wth freplace, bar 4 balh. Charrrtng ktchen wth bay wndows, freplace n famly room end fabulous second 30x40 garage. Only mnutes (rom Rochester.» Askor50L.H. PARTRDGE 4 ASSOC OAKLAND TWP: 550 sq. ft. Ranch on 3 acres. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, famly room wth wet bar. Hew ktchen cabnets. Pool. WU consder Land Contract. $29, Real Estate Servtcs* --. MAKE A NEW YEARS RESOLUTON Gel out ol the Renllng Rut". Call: Vllage Mortgage Co Condos Applegate of NovJ Quck occupancy and qualty malerals ar* recognzed hghlghts ol Applegate cluster homes. 2 spaclou* bedrooms,. 2A. bath*.. Ml basement, ptush carpetng thn>-out, complete ktchen applance*, central ar, del ached gvage wth sectonal door. mpoccebjy-malntened grounds, budget prced tt $99,600 Co-op realtor* welcome The Prudontlal Harry S. Wolf* Realor* Furnshed modos open -6 dally 473-0*90 Northvllle Townshp On the Water Desgn bull wlh qualty conslruclon al Blue Heron Pont* Condomnum!, 2 bedroom home complete wlh 2½ baths, tt floor laundry, dwng room, brdge balcony overlookng oresl ronm wth natural freplace, want-out tower level, 2 car attached garage. $24,500 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, REALTORS 42*5660 ndependently Ow^ed and Operated BRMNGHAM - Exctfenl locaton. MapWN Eton, park Vettng. 2 bedrooms,,6 bath, oeuttal decor. By- ng-chnlng room, fnshed basement, contra! ar, *pc4ark*vlaundry, - car garage^ $74,600. Call for *pponlment. kuv* metsage BLOOMFlElO CONDO rexcellent locaton, Long lake/woodward. Spadous 2nd floor, 2 bedroom, 2 bath. M^g-dnng room, den, neutral decor, central ar, screened porch, altached 2 car f«r»ge, large * tor age room, laundry, reduced To $53, » BLOOMfElD HLLS Sandlewobd Exceptonal end unt backs to wood*, one of best locaton \o complex. 2 bedroom, 2A bath. ncludng whrlpool. $74, "*/ NORTHVLLE. 2 bodroom. 2 balh, own laundry room, beautfully decorated, excellent condton Shown by appontment. $48, NOV-PRME LOCATON mpeccable quaaty. brck, pctvale settng, freplace n rvng room, master balh n bedroom sute, basement, garage. Meadowbrook Counry Ck,b area. Askng $93, SELL ( ) OR One Way Realty NOV - 3 bedrooms. ½ oaths, basement, deck, move n condton, transferred - must sacrfce, $79,900 days(57) Eves KENSNGTON PLACE Mobjfe Home Communty $000 REBATE you move >our new or pre on nod home nto Kensngton Place Enjo<- 8_t>C3uUu settmg Overlookng Kent Lake Heated Pool Laundry FacJ.ty Playground Area Adjacent Kenslnglon Metro Park 8 mnutes (rom 2 Oaks Mall e (33) {-56 and KcnUake Rd on Grand Hrve/ Avenje) -358 nvestment Property WESTLANO All Mol Ncvl 2 bedroom. 2 bath, or 3 bodroom. ¼ balh. stove, rtlrlgeralor, ar and morel as low as $48Umo ncludng lolrent Ca» today WESTLANO MEADOWS 986 Champon bedroom. 2-rVbath w/epplances a shed $5,900. OATMST leavng Slate. 26-S52 WESTLANO- 4x Broadmore 2 bedroom, t bath, large county ktchen, stove, relrkjeator. washer/dryer. Must See. n lovely Weslland Meadows Only $6,500 Call now Northern Properly For Sale SNEAK A PEEK.GREENPONEv AT COPPER CREEK FARMNGTOMHLLS 2 bedroom, 2A balh lownhoyse, 2 car garage, freplace, central tt, prvate pato. Pre-constructlon prces from»09, SOUTHFELO - Brght and spacous 3 bedooms, 2A baths, neutral decor, lovery courtya/d. $66,600. Century 2 West. nc SOUTHFELO. 2 Mle/Northwestern. End unt 2 bedrooms, 2A baths, large Kvtng room, dnng room, al ktchen applances, freplace, porch, alarm, pool, barbecue, garage, basement, brand new carpet/palnt/eebtnets. $75,000. JuHeB WEST BtOOMFlEtO Condo 3 bedroom. 2½ bath, wooded lot, alarm, oak dnng area. Call or W. BLOOMFELD: Rent w/optkx to 32ftNew.Home Bulldere ATTENTON NEW HOME BUYERS Buld»woal equty, no money down. no ponts and 0% nterest on Mles Homes BuMlng materal. Buy now wthout havng land. BuM ths Sprng. Lmt ed Offer. COLOR 8ROCHURE:- MLES HOMES Apartments DOWNTOWN BRMNGHAM 4 unt*. Good moneymaker.. $250,000 down. Owner wll consder Resdental/Vacaton home trade 4 cash. Can 4am-5pm Moble Homes For8ale ALMA, 962, bedroom, must sen, best Oder. Farmlhglon HUs area ARLNGTON moble home bedroom*. 2x60 corner-lot. Con. venent locaton. Serous nqures only. Must ton or leave message $ BELLEVLLE WAGON WHEEL SOUTH 2 Bedrooms wlh dr. ah applances, thed and deck. Only $2l6.00/mo, move n tomorrow CHAMPON - 2x60, 2 bedroom, applance*, central av. n Canton. $5,600. Good condllon FARMONT, 988, 3 bedroom, w»s $23,000, movng must ten, new Auburn Hlls MMEDATE OCCUPANCY Utle Valley Home* Academy Pont Dscount* on model. ttggerty, South Of Mchgan Ave. Afornoont 6 day*. Closod Frl MOBLE HOME BROKERS 4 HOME TOWN USA Oler ths brand new Patrot double wde lor under»450 per mo lota). Cal MOBLE HOME BROKERS 4 HOME TOWN USA Oler ths brand new Patrot sngle wde tor under $400 per mo total. CU NOV PARK, must tell 954 Farmont. $l9,6o0,_r>ew dshwasher or $500 rebate, 3 bedroom*. m»ny «tra». Open House Jan , $pm. Alter 4pm * W 4HYMOUTH-643 0x50(t. wth» 0 ft addton on Bvtng room. Excellent condton. Must wet Woodburnng love, ktchen appfuhcet nty.» or REPO 944 Redman doubawd* n, beautful Westand Meadows easy fnancng, low down.,,- MOBflE HOME BROKERS TRAVERSE CtTV COHDO East Grand Trarorse Bay bedroom Condo. natural woodod solng, shares 600 ol sa,-dy Deach frontage Enjoy recrealon facltes, swmmng pool, wtrlpool S Other amentes at Grand Traverse Resort Rental managemen avalable $82,500. ENJOY NORTHERN MCHGAN S FOUR SEASONS Chalet style home. Lake Skegemog trontage. 3 bedrooms. *. baths large country ktchen, dn,ng/rvng room wth walk-out to spacous dock, all overlookng beautful Lake Skcgemog. $87,500 MLES OF BEACHCOMBNG AT YOUR DOORSTEP Grand Traverse Ba» Chact. ne* constructon. 3 bodrooms.-l. balhs 4 cafpetod throughout Supeb locaton wth vew* of Lcotanau Pennsula and spectacular sunsets $29,600 SPACOUS DOUBLE A FRAME Natural wooded settng wth beautful Lake Skogemog at your doorstep. 6 bodrooms. 2A baths olfer elra room lor Urge (a/r.y or frends who wll sruare a oojcy ms unque proporty. Convenenlry local -ed bctwoen Traverse Cry and Kalkaska. $39,900 ELK LAKE WATERFRONT 200 ol landscaped frontage ths so. t home plus guesl cottage. 3 bedrooms. 2 balhs. large lvng room 4 fsmry^oom. prvate saltng wlh panoramc vews ot Elk Lake « REAL ESTATE ONE..ElkRapds. (66) Cemetery Lots TWO CEMETARY LOTS Lvona, Parkvfew Memoral Gardens, alde-by-slde. Askng $400. Call after 5PM, Bus. & Professonal Bldgs. For Sale PRESTGOUS LVONA area 2 offce buldngs across from new lbrary & Cty HaN OuaJty constructon. Ne leases. Separate utltes Consder spllng $ n Perry Reafty."J TROV OFFCE BULDNO Sa.e or. Leaso squ Afl set up for medcal practce ORLLEY REALTY 689, ncome Properly WEST DEARBORN - Brck 2 lam.)/ Hat separate enlrances, appances 2 car garage, elcellenl condton Afler5pm NEW YEAR NVESTMENT mslanl dvdend. 5 condo uruls. a. occu p ed. 2 b&droom baerr,enl. ktchen applances & more for only $69,900 CaH ask for Charvdr Of Mortgages & Land Contracts AAA NVEST CORPORATON 4330 UKaRd al Van Dyke Why sen Land Contract at dscount? For a better dea, call CASH FOR LAND CONTRACTS mmedate Phone quotes Wonl be cjulbld Mortgages/Rdnances Mortgage Corp ot Amerca -8O0-4S8-968 vrere Ready To Buy Vour Notes Ler.d contracts or even non-real estate r.otos Can lor quote LA2 Frvancal Servces 45S Busness Opportuntes AVALABLE SHARED EXECUTVE OHce, busness, answerng servce, secretary servce W Bloomfeld 8S-8555 BEAUTY SALON FOR SALE - -,-Bloomf <e d H^n CaJ evenngs BEST WATER FLTER Opportunty! Ostfbulors needed lor Mult-Pure most effectve flters on the market ndustry leader snce 970 Up (0 559/unt n commssons Free nfo CaS Lnda COLDWELL BANKER BRDGE REALTY well esabshed.chmese restaurant. Sochuan cusne n hgh traffc Lvona locaton. Call tor detals $30, COSMETC CAR CARE Detal cen. ler 6 hand carwash Complete cleanng. Great locaton n Plymouth 3 year lease on buldng st $20,000 takes ENTREPRENEURS Top dstrbutors currently n*( $50KplusmoflhJ/ *ll tran 24 fv recordng Southern Property DELTONA FLORDA-mmacuUle retrement home 2 bedroom. balh. beautful corner lot wth* trees JO LAUDERDALE BY THE.SEA. 2 bsd"- loom, 2 bath second floor ocean vew. $ Can between 4-9pm LEVS8URQ FL - 2 x 52 traler, newty docorated. prvate home owner* park. L oca led on Lake. $0, Lot8 and Acreage ForSale ATTENTON DEVELfPERS-beaultut 60 4 acres al Mdferd Rd. Ext olt 96. nckxfes pond 4 stream. Zoned resdental. $4500 per acre. Terms avalable. Ask for Beverly Onlsko Century 2t Northwestern CANTON TOWNSHP - 7.v acre Corner. Mlchlgan/Beck. 500ft x 750fl Water, gas. sewer avalable. $4fW00:T(ym. S38-673T NORTHFELO TOWNSHP 5 and 0 acre pvcels Beautful vew of golf course. Perked. (33) NOV-MLFORO area Nearly 2 acres. Wooded, perked, drveway n. mle trom -96. $50, ROCHESTER HLLS - 2 ecr*s. Zoned mutllple. Some sght work completed. Pleaso can , eferspm SOUTH LYON BeautM 5 acre parcel n Green Oafc- Towr.shlp. Perked. $47,000. (33) WEST BLOOMFElO-BuRdabSe lot m a Nee establshed subdvson. Already cleared. $23.900/best otter. Da,t, Eves LakeRver-Resort Property HAHTLANO.Wa!don Woods Resort Executve Membersr<p.located near M59 4 US23 X-wjys; askng $3000 for remanng ls/ yr. membershp or CAKE ANGELU3 GdMew Estate - 4 bedroom, 2A bath brck colonal, 2060 *q. ft., fnshed basement, updated/remodeled k lchen, double freplace, ndoor BBO. 2 car garage, deck, large treod lot. lak«prvlege*, connects to 5 fake*.»45,000 eash new mor tg age. Cafl4-0pm Lakefront Property All SPORJS.LAKE FRONT Waterford, 2 yr, Wd contemporary, updated wth new ktchen, an the amentes, $326, EXCLUSVE AKE FRONTAGE Acreage on bg lake, test than 0 mnutes to Dxe luy. P/lndples only. Bran at LAKE ORON WATERfFtONT OPEN SUN bedroom brck home wth A b*h*,2 freplaces, many extras. 040 ddldv (M 24 to W. on Cl»rktton Rd. to N. on Plnelree 4 W. onludlch). Contact 3of» Str^>hen», Century 2 RearEtate NEW RESOn CONDO SUTES FURNSHED FROM $33,600 (Quarter Ownershp) tha Weor Street nr, on lake Charevotx n Boyrta Cty (400)454-43)3 WHTE LAKEFRONT dorhoue, 3 bedroom, ftreptce. Mus tefl mmedaety. OeaulM prmla lotttton.»49, or 27MJ247 40ONWAtNUTUK6 By Owner. Calfornlt Contemporary. 3 bedroom wefl-mavuned home, 2 bath*, 2 car «llached garage. Great expanson possbltes. Brmngham Schools.»367, Cemetery Lots CAOLLAO Memoral GA/den* on Ford rd. 4 lot* hv«dfvlde) n chotcatrea., ESTABLSHED RESTAURANT wlh hgh ralfc locaton n Lcdanaj County $29,900. ncludes real estate. Can Km Sutherland, at: Sgnature Realty FLORST - Ne* Sheraton Soutffteld Hotel sqlt ol lobby-level space avalable Jan l yr. lease $ + Prevous tenant held space for 5yrs Can. R. W3SOO ex! sl Monlhs Rent FREE to qualfed Tenant FUl L S ERVCE HAR SALON Area Can Evenngs aller 8pm GSl-l 4 CE CREAM RESTAURANT *" -- 9Mle4 Woodward. pmenl ncluded $650 per Cal after 7pm tx^* Tort en.. eqapme morth C HAR SALON n Y/estem Wayne county S staton Beng run on par lme bass Establshed 4 year* nteror Oocoratlng Busness Complete TaJnng Low nvestment 4 Low Overhead Multl Mllon DoOar Buyng Power No Retal Locaton.000 Open Natonwde Several Excellent Areas AvalaKe Successful 4 L-nproven Busness Formula: Ongong Tranng 4 Support; Natonal Advertsng 4 Recognton For Appontment, ca LADES 4 TEENS Clothng StOra wth heavy traffc fow. AH credrt 4 accounts establshed Walk n 4 do busness. Owner w* tran. $46,000., u 693,303. RESTAURANT 4 tounge Class C Ccense,NW Suburbs, owrvcr wants lo retre. Buyers only. C*» Mon-Frl between 9-2pm TWENTY TWO Charty sponsored VendaH Candy vendng machnes. ncludes exstng locatons 4 an equpment. Celt after 6pm VENONG CANOY machnes. Uvona/PrvTtYoulh area. Make (utt lme. ncome workng 2-days-a monlh. Dtvorce forces sale Money To Loan -Borrow BUSNESS 4 COMMERrCAL Loans. Arranged. $50,000 up. Wnte H. Ruby lakevtew Blvd., Ste. 35, Westand. Ml "or can between 6pm-9pm Real Estate Wanted CASH TOOAY OR GUARANTEED SALE Also tn Foreclosure Or Need 0 Repar Century 2 CASTELL NSTANT CASH Any Condton Top $$ Pad Can BU Ctvantugh. CENTURY 2 CHALET PRVAT NOVDUAl wshes (o buy vacant lot n Boomfetd HJH or SoomfeldTwp.CtShl Apts. For Rent BRMMGHAM. 2 bedroom townhouse, YA baths, newty cupeled 4 docortled, new applances, garden»*ttlng. dose lo town " BRMNGHAM AREA. 2 bedroom 2 bath knrury Apt ma- ab<o. $930 per Mo. ncludng heat Yr. lease. No peucaw: BRMNGHAM Lncoln Houso Aps. NEAR DOWNTOWN. 2 bedroom wth tel-ceanlng oven. rostlree refrgerator, dshwasher, btnd, central heat 4 *r, ttoragt. 645*2999 MONTH FREE. BRMNGHAM Newty remodeled 2 bedroom townhouse, prvate enhance*. Traplaoe, central ar, p»«o. great loctlon. mo ree rent to new rtswent* lor lmted tme. Please ca» * BRMNGHAM One bedroom apartment tvafsble. Newty remodeled nteror nclude* vortkto bnds, heat & water. One month free rer\ BRMNGHAM PLACS Apartment* avalable. bedroom. 2 bodroom, deluxe b level. Rent* tlerl at»795 pry monlh. year ktasa. Festa cab /. fa r/. t

31 mmmmmmm 400 Apa, For Rent BRMNGHAM APARTMENT bedroom, m twlhj. ttflttl tt. export, over look partr, c-otj pojslbt«. Call Dorj Codetta, fcnydor Kkwdy &fr*wu. M BRMNOHAW O^Anfo-(m dljlrtcl. 3 bedroom»pjxtm<-nt wth g&rsoe & ruluej. CaJ 2M-J433 welter 5pm Brmngham FREE APT LOCATOR "Or* Slop Apt. Shoppng- Save tme & money! Weve personally nspected all the propertes for you; and well help you (nd thebestl Over 00,000 holces An Prces & Areas Complete nfo. & Photos Froo, pa/sonal servce. Prevew apartments from tho comfort of our off- -ce. APARTMENTS UNLMTED SCHJTHFELD OFFCE Nortf*tSJtern H*y TROY OFFCE 3726 Rochester Rd CANTON»27 FordRO CLNTON TWP Garfeld BRMNGHAM - Greal locaton Leave your car aryj walk 0 smart thopj. resaurens. chvrch. etc bedroom. batf. J670/MO. 2 bedrooms, t bath. J8S5/MO 2 bodrooms. 2 bams. J900/MO. heal 4 ho water ncluded. yr lease. monu securty depost. W4-605 BRMNGHAM. lovcfy bedroom. $47S a month Carpeted, newly docoraled. balcony or patk). Credt report rooulred. N ol Maple Eves: BRMNGHAM-Oatwood Mrtw, deluxe 2 bodroom. central ar. pato, storage room, carport, wa&hor & dryer. t«o0-w50/mo BRMNGHAM TM8ERLANE APARTMENTS n heart ol town Mewty remodeled Vertcal Bund* Oshwashor l>sposal Central ar Bedroom From $ Bedroom.- From $ eves/woovends BRMNGHAM - Uptown, sngles welcome. 2-3 bedroom..00 so,, ft Applances, heat, water. Avalable WOO mo. Agent BRMNGHAM 4 2 bedroom townhouses Waftng dstance lo downtown EHO l bedroom. M9 5 2 bedroom townhouse: $565 Benelcke & Krue BLOOMFELD AREA - Compleefy turnuhod. Mnutes from M-59/-75. Spacous bedroom, neutral color*, custom drapes, was-n dosel. central tl, prtrtl* pllo wth vtow ol gorgeous pood " and woodod area, ls «j e or BLOOMFELD CLUB SPECAL SPACOUS & 2 Bedrooms (From $50 to 240 SO,, ft.) From $470 M.O. FREE RENT Carports Bloomfleld Hlls locaton Thru-unt desgn Dens avalable Dshwashers laundry facltes Storage facltes Beautfully landscaped Pool Call Gerry BlOOMflELO MLL8 - bedroom apartment Short term lease w/long term opton,»455 month. Cafl evenngs BtOOMFlELOTtraS-Executv* *t- Ute. Unque eon vert *d Apple Bam oo 4 eere estate. 3 bedroom, cethedralcerangv large Mtgvag* Sep arate quarter*. n< No pela. $l,s00/mo, Depost requjred CAKTON. svtjese or rent 2 bedroom apt, prvate rtjsty room wfth washer/dryw. W9S mo. or neoo^ able. Qey 78-33?-, ev»»8l4340 CANTON - bedroom apt. near t- 27S 4 McMgan Ave.»370/rf>o. Need reference* or CANTON - beoyoonytov* rerrtj-. WttW & carpal. $400 month. mcvdos beat mmedate occupancy, lease 4 securty. 45S-039 Canton FREE :. APT LOCATOR "One Stop Apt. Shoppng" Save tme 4 money! Weve personally nspected ell tho propertes tot you; and well help you fnd - hebostl Over 00,000 Choces All Prces & Areas ; Complete nfo. A Photos APARTMENTS UNLMTED 80UTHFEL0 Offce 292M Norftweslem rt*y!; TROY Of net 3728 RochMler, Rd. CANTON 427 FordRd. CLNTON TWP. SMJOOrtWd (/ Apt*. For Rant Free, personal «er«vce. Prevew apartments from the comfort of our offtoe. -CANTON- BROOKVEW VLLAGE APARTMENT8 a. 2 bodroom apartrnenls and 2 bedreom-h bath lownhoutet. Ne*ty paned, central ar. carpeted, aa applances, washer, dryer. No pets. From $400 to $476 + securty. CALL OFFCE HOURS (9AM-5PM.MON.-FR.) 729-0flOO CANTON CARRAGE COVE LUXURY APTS. {ULLEY A WARREN) 4 MONTH FREE RENT (New Vears Specal) Prvate entrances One Bodroom - $465, 900 tq.ft. Two Bedroom - $ Ft Vertcals. VVa offer Transfer of mptoymonl Clauses n our Leases Flose Oohorty, property manager Canton FARWAY CLUB \ QoJfsldeApt8. & 2 Bedroom Free.Qoll Heat & Hot Water free Carport ncluded CANTON VLLAGE SQURE From $450 free Heal $200 Moves You n carpel, OPEN UNTL 7:00pm Greal Locaton - Par* Settng Spacous - Tral - Heat Pool - Tenns - Sauna Sound Condtoned - Cabte On Ford Rd. Just E. 0«-275 V Dally 9-7 Sat -6 & Sun. -5 CANTON Bedroom Unfurnshed & Furnshed Apts. Avalable FEATURNG ApU that fool lxe a home Sngle story cvng UtSty room wt attc storage >cef.en access to freeways Ca)l c* Mst Mon.-Frt. 2-6 HEATHMOOREAPTS Ext. 7 ClAWSON WALDEN GREEN APARTMENTS - Close to downtown Brmngham Troy. Oulc neghborhood settng. & 2 bedrooms from $450 N. o«4. E. ol Crook* DEARBORN HEGHTS DEARBORN CLUB FROM $440 FREE HEAT Spackxrs Greal Valoe Heat* AJr-Pool* Cable Some 2 bedrooms-¾ baths Townhouses Avalable Just N. Of Ford Rd nvsler Rd Open Dally 2-7PM Sat. & Sun. 2-4PM DEARBORN. - sublease 2 bedroom. 2 bath. rvng room, dnng room, washer/dryer, carpeled. $795 por month. Must move OEAR80RN - ST. MONTH FREE Oorohestor Aps. & 2 bodroom UAJO rom $465. ncludes heat water, ar. applances, laundry. Spacous, lots of closets, carpsru. M<hgan/Oroonr>eld area Apts. For Rent Canton WNDSOR WOODS LUXURY APARTMENT8 & 2 Bedroom Apsrtrnenl From $476 wth carport Vertcal Blnds TTtfrAjghout Quel Soundproof Construcffeo. W&Dc 0 Shoppng AJso avalable, barrer free t bedroom apartment Off Warren betweon 8be*dor/U8ey Mort-Frt., «-5pm, Sal. A 8urt -5pm Evenng appotnlmenu avalable GARDNALGT. APARTMENTS Close to Shrne. WvJ 2 bodroom. host ncluded. Carpetng, Wnds, ap- prances. Laundry & storage areas. Move n before Jan. 6. pay H month rent Start «t $460. Ca" ?» CHARLES HAMLET APARTMENTS JANUARY SPECAL! Rent a bedroom. apartment lor February st and you/ monthly renl ws be $455 loc the frst yea/ wth ½ month securty ceposft. Call COUNTRY HOUSE- APTS. 7 Ml* Telegraph. One bedroom wth heat, yerllcle blnd*, startng at $40.Move ft betore Jan. tslh. A get ttmo free t2t OETRCMT-Large t bedroom, modern condo apartment Ne*y decorated. 6 Mle A Grand Rver, now drapes, ar oondhjonng, heat, reference A aocurtty defwt Adults. $ (or appl. DETROT - spacous & 2 bedroom apts. from $400-$475. ncludes heat & water* DETROT - W. 7 MLE - Spadous V bedroom apt. from $360-2 bedroom $440 (new carpex ncludes heal A water GRAND RTVEA - MOOlEBELT OREAT LOCATON CEDARDGE Deluxe 4 2 bodroom unts FROM $50 mmedate Occupancy NCLUDES: Vertcal blnds, carpetng, patos or balcones wth doorwafls. Holpotnl applances, securty system, storage wthn apartment Entw r> Tulane block W. o Mddtobefl on the S. sde of Grand Rver. Near Botstord Hosptal. Uvoma Ma 6 downtown Farmngton. -47_lz5020 Model opon daly -5 Exoopt Wednesday OFFCE: FARM NOTON HLLS: WoooMew Apt*. A 2 bedrooms, carports, applances. $500-$600. Call BEST APARTMENT VALUE FARMNCftON HLLS TMBERDGE DELUXE 2 BEOROOM UNTS $555 Adult & Famly Unts ncludes appoancos. vertcal bqnds. carpetng, pool, dose n Farmngton HCs locaton. EffbTtat on Orchard LaXe Rd. on Fotsum S. o< Grand Rfvor. Model Open OaJy 9-5 Except Wednesday 47<> ^ Canton VLLAGE SQURE From *450 - Free Heat s 200 Moves You n Great Locaton Pork Settlng Spacous* Bke Tral* Pool Sauna* Sound Condtoned Cable & Tenns On Ford Road, just E. of -275 Open Untl 7 P.M Daly 9-7* Sat. -6* Sun -5 - Plymouth HLLCREST CLUB FREE HEAT Specal $ 200 SECURTY DEPOST Odet Park Settng Outdoor Pool Spacous Suter. Ar Condtonng mmaculate? Grounds & Duldno:..!..; :..:..." -. -.!, 2350 Rsman Daly ^ OTHER TMES B) APPQNTMEN L. Apartments LVNaYOU CAN AFFORD Tp ENJOY New 4 2 Bedroom Apsrtment Avallabls Convenent To Shoppng And Expressways Cable TV Avalable Prlvata Balcony/Pato Ktchen Wth Open Bar Counter Dens Avalable, \ V4 Bathe Avalable v And More...Vst Ua And See For Yourtelfl On Halated Va Mle North v of Grand Rver FROM $460 OPENMon..Frl.9>6;8at. 0-3;8un. 2 >3 *f Apt, For Rent FARMNGTON CHATHAM HLLS 8T MONTH FREE $200 SECURTY DEPOST FREE GARAGE On 8e)octed Unts FREE HEALTH CLUB MEMBERSHPS Heated ndoor Pool 8aunas Sound* Flreproofed Constructon Mcrowave* Otsmvasber Freo HeaJU Oub MembersNps Luxurous LMng al AWordabK Prloes FROM $520 On Otd Grand Rver bet. Drake & Kalstead Open Dary 9am-7pm 8sl. llarrvspm.sun. em-<pm FAHMNOTON HLLS- luxurous bedroom, carport, huge dosel. (Hsnwasber. newty docorsted. Wood Hues FARMNOTON HLLS - bedroom al t44s. nctudos heal, applances carpetng a ar. V Farmngton Klls Boulder Park Spadous 500 sq. ft.. J.bedr corns. 2 M bajbs. securty system, ample storaoe, modem kchon. carports n SurSoompteu $845 Ask about our Spedah 320J3W. 4M9lV. (W. of Orchard Lake fd) d FARMNGTON HLLS Walnut Creak Apt*. 0 Mle & MSddlebefl. large bedroom, from *4M. plus rotoes 47-4SS6 Farmngton HLts BOTSFORD PLACE GRAND RVER-8 MLE Behnd Sotslord Kotcflal V. SPECAL Bedroom for $489 2 Bodroom (or $589 3 Bedroom for $709. PETS PERMTTED Smoka Detectors nstated Sngles Welcome mmedate Occupancy V» Love Chldren H EAT A WATER NCLUOEO Quet prestge address, ar condv tonlnd. carpetv)0rstov«& refrgerator, al utsoes except electrcty ncluded. Warm aparlrnonts. Laundry facutles. For more nformaton, phone ndependence Farmngton Hlls FARMNOTON HLLS RVER VALLEY APARTMENTS 3600 Nne Me. lusl W.ol Orchard Lake Rd,, bstkof Freedom Rd. RENTNOW4SAV J$ Caa or Hop n lor specals on luxury 4 2 bedroom from»540. (Pets OK) appontment only -8al-Sun. -5pm $ 400 Apte. For Rent OETflOtT SCHOOLCRAFT/OUTER ORfVE AREA Studo, A 2 bedroom apartments. Heal, carpet, vertcals, appcarces. ar condtonng. From $ FAAMN0T0NH8 NEAR DOWNTOWN FARMNGTON Super Locaton Small 60 unt complex Very large bodroom unt wth pato - $485. ncludes: carport, all applances, carpetng, vertcals, eldng glass door. Shoppng STONERDGE MANOR Freedom Rd/W. ol Orchard Lax* 478* FARMNOTON HLLS. M MS* & Orchard Laxe. targe bedrooom condo-apartmonl lor rent. SOO per month. ^ 5&J-M79 FARMNOTON HU8 4 M3e - Mlddlobef. Deluxe bodroom. bath. cortdo.j>et OK-lst floor, prnata pato, carport, pool lenns.e25/r>o. MJ-200 QAADEN ClTY- Brand CKXM garde? type stnge atory bodroom unt Wth dahwasher. refrgorator, stove, washer 4 dryor. free water.425*2«9 GARDEN CTY TERRACE bedroom apartments, $400 per month, ncludes Heat & Water. Olflce hours: 9am-5pm, Monday thru Frday only Aplt.FofRtn. f ARM NOTON HLLS tfjtf, 2 bedroom, wooded vew, frm hc,»v, applances, carport, tfmo. pal securty depost. C«a aaer tp#c 28S<>«4 JSVStW FERH0ALE - «Md» W. 0» V/oOd- r&rd. Very Qutel bed/ovm apartment. 425 month, heat Jbrovtded, prvate parkng, carpet a al/. Cal pam to 7pm.,. S4S-S483 OAROEN CTTY. Che/ry Ka. 2 bedroom \t**jd*» hotl 4?»»ter, ot street purlng, 420/0)0,-Securty CepO»re<jWr9d... 42O-207J QAROEM CTTY fccovmerrmart Studo bodroom. $350/40 month ncludeal uusue* excepteteewo. -...»J-7S4«NOV - FARMNGTON OAROEH CTTY. **?>» 2 Mdrcortl. carpeted, glass doorwal to bajcoo ey, appunbea, heat a water ndudr^. 400 per rnfrtfe SSt-82«GARDEN CTY TERRACE bedroom apartments, $400 per. month, ncludes Heat & Water. Offce, hours: 9am-5pm, Monday thru Frday onty OAROEHClfY: 2nd floor, 2 bodroom, appdancea. car pet. ar condtonng/wale/ ncluded n roty. Storage area S laundry facctes on st floor. Prvate entrant*. mmedate rxcupjncy. fr. Dscount»va!.abld. No p&t. tuojmo. Agent, LVONA APTS. 2 BEOROOM" $550 rxjudlngheat LVONA - OoerlWd Wda. - Brght 8 Spacous and 2 bedroom apartments. No securty depos. months free renl Move-fn cost as lew as» «««FULLY EQUPPED HEAL TH CLUB $200 SECURTY DEPOST Complete GE Ktchens Abundant Storage Cathedral Celngs Nov/ Conslructcn rrom Washer Dryer n Lft Wndow Treatne«ts $ 660 CarpoMj rr r;.-d Open Untl 7 p.m coutr Open daly 9 am -7 p -p.: SJ *. St-r N.K 7, ^ Pavllon Drve ell Haqgetly Rd. (!»*/-?<- - & \Q Mle S P A C lols A P A R T M K N T H OMS fm A P" R T M E Experence luxury apartment lvng at ts.fnest. Tastefully desfgned/ convev njently located, securely prr> tected...tns s Fountan Park Westland. Youll be proud to call t your home. Choce o( spacous or 2 bedroom apartments wth one or twx> bajhs Wshcf & dryer n each apartment Prvate entrance coeach apartment.ktchen.complete -v A 4 4\ /y ty/^taud/y^etwgy f,,dcn< < j, pf > *,cc * : cll<\enhg oven. "H. cubc toot JeU-dcrVosUng «W ^ratov. dfsh*4sher, garbage dlsposju" nd mcrowave oven * nsulated steel entry^doof vnth ded bo& securty lock Sound condtoned floors & walls Prvate pabos & hatoofej Sv.-mmng pool Tenns courts TELEPHONE; 459- t7h J740 Foootalo Park Crcle VestlndMHSleJ Ofrt Moo.- Fr. 0»-&» pa; Sa u- Soa. J pa-5 fa -M\-_ :».:? Month Free Rent Plus Reduced Rate On Selected Unts m cj f t.., -,-^ t Apartment lvng just got better; ^ We^re makng The Crossngs a better place to lve and a ^ better value. Youll feel t n the new hallways and newly jv. \ refurbshed clubhouse. Youllsee t n the plush landscape[* > \p ng when you enter the grounds. And that*s just the ^,,^ w begnnng..ts the new look and,feel of The Cross^gffat-^ Canton and ts for you. (f ^ The Crossngs at Canton offers 9 dfferent flobrplans wth to 4 bedrooms. And whether you choose a Z-level tp^nhorne or a luxury apartment, the fehew6d V beauty of ths charmng rental communty shnes thtough ^^/ey one the result of our recent^captal mprove :± rmnt,& Upgradng" program. Thes/apartments"and ^tcwhomes are the largest rfttfe ares, yet are slll s< ncredbly aftbrdable. K Dbcover these features at^f The Crossngs at Cantont Dens & Freplaces t Fully-applanced Ktchens Ratos or Balcones Central Ar Condtonnjg A Clubhouse wth sauna, ndoor pool, exercse. - opw, a new party room no morel Sec rental agent for devls. */»*. < - <& V^stt The Oossnp at Canton edxy.. Wt just 20 mhnta from Ann AnSor and cfctrntout Detrot, yt\» com/ottr^r^t^fc>mtrtb. Rwrt- 275, /tot ext Arfor RL Vfcjt to ; Hr^sTty Rtjbfowoun» joy Rt,,.. thtn cast to TrV Ohxs*v* Cf<n A- MonM, l0r6,s(. lo-ksakm PSone 455-2^24 toddy. \ * g %.A -?.//V fj\tyvrlj HTW-WW AAjrTrcnn) KKVCV. v»\ «nox tnamm rj ««. A fr]/vr*x\t lo ]f x\x tf.ttkj^ t.r-rkj<»^ rbtat^ rj^trrtj«vn^ *r*t m» B ^^» rcl> tlj*jrt f\\&4 rtr»j«c X // (\ «! + +t~~ o^-j^w y \ 400 ApU. For Rent OAROEN CTY - bodroom apt. t400/ma. ncludng heat. PM securty depost 400. No pets OAROEN CTY - bedroom, avalable mmedately. t400 ncludes heat, carpet, Mchen appcances. $^00t*cvrty,nopets LVONA Suburban Loxury, Apartments Two Bedroom-$525 Carpeted throughout, appr.ances. dfsposa, ejr condtonng. Heat 8 wale/ ncluded. Parkng FAJRFlELO LKona $600 Lovefy extra REBATE large 2 bedroom apartment,s wth 2 larrje baths, large"wa. k dosel n master bedroom, Mnutes from (he Lvona MaH,»nd -696 Ca today. WOODRDQE APTS. Monday, January 8/990 UVONtA; tv3l0 Farmngton R4-. near 7 Mle, laroa 3 bedroom. 2 story Duplex. Appfances. newfy panted 4 carpeted n earth toge colors. Bedrooms upsa^s: Occupancy alley Dec. 3st. >5757mo No pets. Agent r \c\ 5¾ Free Heat SnM ftten Ouounl ZA Hr Mmntd Entrnce O&E 400 Apts. For Rent LASHER 8 7 MLE AREA Nce bedroom, carpetng, heal, ajr. Ne-My decorated. * trvoflla. large t bedroom apartment n farmhouse on 5 mw, Avalable -2-S0- $55 ncludng utttes Dop.l500.AHer5. 4M-4546 UVONtA bedroom spacous apartments. ndvdual washer 8 dryer. Wndow treatment and 6 MO. lease ev&hake on t bedroom un<t CaS MAOHSON HEGHTS RENT $425 Free Heat Spacous Bedroom Clean, o^ule ng «CHATSFORD VLLAGE JOHN R 4 3 MLE Mad: son Helghs WNTER SPECAL CONCORt>TOWEP;S 6 2 BEOROOM APARTMENTS ncludes Seve 4 refrgerator Dsh masher Carport > ntercom Newty decorated Smoke detectors :¾¾¾¾^ -75 and 4 MJe - - Nert to Abbey Theater, , 400 Apts. For Rent r*o» LUXURY and 2 bodroom apartments and town homes wfth Ml-stt«washer/dryor. lghted tenns, raequelbab. tannng salons and exercse rooms. Adjacent to Fot<) Motor and thpppng FARLANE MEADOW GROVE AND COURJ-^ y» Madson Heghts " -SPECAL $00 SECURTY GREAT LOCATON -LEXNGTON VLLAGE BEDROOM APARTMENT,-ncudos: Heal Stove 4 refrgorator Pool Newly decorated Smoke detectors FROM» and 4 MM across rom Oj*!and MaS ? MARGO CAPR -,28^8 Warren, near Mddebelt. Spacous bodroom, heal, new carpet, eppfances, good transporal>on. mmedlate oc- CuC^rCy 464-C042 MERRLLWOOO ARMS APART- MENTS-Studo 4 bedroom apartrr*nts avalable $S65-J75/mo year tej6a. Please can MONTH FREE! SZE & DRYERS APARTMENT Magnfcen! Clutrf-ruse free Csngu Cuvered CarporJt 2 BEDROOMS- 600 sq.ft. TOWN HOMES From 795 to 260¾ sq.ft Rversde Or. Southfletd tum lor. f*!«rj tetea lfter 4 T«!»5»;!> Opf :»:e Pts K;Hw &ct Coorn tjxml )ft Lush 8 hole golf course Washer & dryer n every apt Large walk-n closets Bult-n vacuum system-- - Clubhouse.wth sauna Relaxng Sauna Up Pool* Rocm fmw LUXURY APARTMENT LVNG N FARMNGTON HLLS Presdental & Corporate Sutes Avalable Call or Slop By Today! SEE "THEPEOPLE WHO CARE" HOURS: Sjrt-Sat. 0ajn.-7 p.m. ndoor g( Outdoor pool Tenns Courts Convenent to expressways & shoppng Socal actvtes Plus much, much more Ml Arr.«r<:» Mgt. Corp. Grand Rver afj Halstead Roaf you pan. move nto Your home s your, palace n he quant resdental area of Brmngham n the prvate splendor of Buckngham. Here,- you have a park complete wth rollng cc>urtrysae, tan trees,.- walkng trals, just across the moat. Here, the nterors are. fresh and new from the most modem applances to the best lghtng fxtures...from desgner carpetng to contemporary vertcals. Here, too, a two- -g^,«^ ^ - - bedroom apartment offers OUCKUlffllSll much more than s commonly >5Vf onn - expected. Wth Jusr $299 n A U2JJ r move-n costs, Hurry. Dont Apartment mss out onths royal offer Twn Arbors dhooso a luxurous oneb^room apertment n tho charmng.tesdental commuftty of Prymouth,wth frt«m$h and many comforts of home. Tre locaton $ near -275 and -96, shoppng, banks and restaurants, too. Theres a Clubhouse for year round fun. And a beauflfuhy-landscaped backyard youll love. Call and youre on your way to beng $600 rcher. ;,. - - WooctTrdge Or choose an extra4arge two-bedroom apartment rght near the Lrvoroa MaM and -696 They offer two large baths. The mastf bedroom has a large watn closet Thems covered parkng j for your cortve- ; nence And a futy-ecmpped * ah^ectrc ktchen rtdudng a cmsttwaarw. Cal and start thnkng of a the ways youd Hke to spend $600 t \ - >A ] y" r.-..3 r._. «MM r^al ^y^a-^^ L. MU M^Uytt)«u4tk < - - * * * - - _ ^

32 vw mm*** ^^««m«pw^m«p«*«m«vmp mmmmmmmmmmm mmmm mm mmmm W- 7. ; «V... H lt l r nf. ; l? :-- f V 4E* f O&E Monday, Januarys, Apt.ForFfrnL LVONA u. HEATNCLUOED* V RENTFft0M$4S5 ; SECUWTy DEPOST $50 Spacous 4 2 bedroom apts. wth plush carpel, vertcal bands, sol cleanng oven,- f(onfroe refrgerator -, dshwasher, ample storage, ntercom, carport, club bouse, sauna, exercse room. tenns courts, healed > pools, : :, JoyRd.W.dNewburghRd. on select unts LVONAS FNEST LOCATON --Merrman cor ner 7 Mlo" MER RM AN WOODS mmedate occupancy ; Large 4 2 bedroom deluxe unts. From $560 per month > (Ask e&»u Our spec al lmted tmeofer)..-.,«. ^ j. Adull communty -» AJ applances..»vertfcal bnds».pool.,. Nearby shoppng, t M odd open 9-S except Thursday Offce; NEWPORT CREEK APS, V WNTER SPECAL- - : Free Heat.. Free Carport \ One Bedroom from...$460 Farmlngton HKs/l>vonla Area Fa/mrv5ton Hal/Lvonla Area NORTHYULE Large deluxe bedroom. Freplace, deck overlookng -slream. $S60/MO., heal nduded. AYalktodownlown ApJt._For Rent LAURELWOOOS APARTMENTS. Cof(JlaHyVvHe*youtoan OF-EN HOUSE on Sal., Jan. 3h boh*, the hours ol 2 noon 4 3pm. Come walk hru our spadous, furnshed model We otter a gft lo the frst 5 people. Coffee 4 doouls wvo be served n our Clubhouse, Come Jon m at..; Laurerwoods Dr.; corner oj 2 Mle 4 L truer. For nformaton, call Northvle Forest.Apartments & 2 Bedrooms. from...$487 AVALABLE NOW! ncludes porch, or balcony, swmmng pod, communty buldng. Storage area...,,." TV- OPEN DALY WEEKENDS: BY APPONTMENT 4^ NORTHVLLE. One bedroom, avanable mmedately through May V Woodland Oen Aps.»540 per month.-, NORTHVLE-2 bedroom. ½ Ol tw* unt ranch. Clean, /}ulel. resdental area. $440 per mo. phs Utltes and securty:..... ;, rw^otpfttcatftwetetbdroora apr--majn Boor.. $345: pet month plus securty. Heat tnduded. Pets allowed. : NOV/LAKESAREA* WESTGATEV,from.$475 Ar JEAS BEST VALUE «Oulel«5pac(ousAparlments At tractrvey Land scaped Lak es Area Near Twelve Oaks Central Ar-Poc+Carport-Wafk-ln Octets Patos and Balcones OH Pontac Tral bot. Beck 4 West Mn. from Dally 98m-7pm«$at. 4 Sun. 2-4prr R? Farmngton Hlls < CHATHAM HLLS st Month Free 200 Securty Depost FREE GARAGE wth selected unts (or year Free Health Club Membershp Healed ndoor Pool Sound & Froprooled Constructon Saunas«Mcrowave* Dshwashers From s 520 On Old Grand Rver between Drake & Halstead Daly 9 a?m.-7 p.m. Sat. a.m.-5 p.m. Sun. a.m.-4 p.m. Call (A PA B-.T M EN T :^) 990 SPECAL (fmted Tme)».**/ & 2 Bedroom Apartments HEAT AND rebtcal BLNDS NCLUDED Pool* Tenns Courts Ar Condtonng 6737 N. VttYNE RO. VVESTUN0 South of WMllandMall;.;.. MODEL ONOSPUY. 7 DAYS, tjo otl frst S r-omht rnt for new rssldtnts oh ens ytr latss. -Model Hour* Mort-Sat 0 4 Sun 2-4 0Rl«fWS 400 Aptt.FOfBM NEWEKQLAr^lMCfcls^La 7^ Clawon.2 r^rocyn.hfcl, and, water nctuded..qoo so. <yv ¾ NORTHVLLE AREA. bodroom Apt. avalable, $485 par Mo. ncludng heat. l.vr. lease. Pleasecal: W50 North vwe Ttv^v.* ;". ASKABOt/>/ ff v-., OUR ROU0AV SPECA^^ These nevrer becvoora 4^4rVjv*nts are located n the con vflsg4> ol NorthvWe on Nov! RtfTf^t t4?6t «Mle, 4 have ascenc, naural ««ttng, complete vlh «lru/n 4j«rk. No pets. EHO. $445/rhc<*-SrV ). vearlease/ ; ; : / v ^ : e-\ OpenOaty 0aM-toft>-:. " Sal. 0-5.>...fdr, jwv> BENEJCK644<BUE /--:343- PLYMOUTH: Desrable bebrron aprtmertl,- carpeted, ;eppvlnc**, m u«te^avajat*lmme*leteryr M57rM. + depj*ft. -.; 4".PLYMOUtH^l,, -BROUGtfAM v ;-V- MANOR ¾ AgTS.-v^w eeoroomt4>5?t 2e ORdOU$47& f >... Year Cease. Hat 4 WateVMd Adufta. No pets?<--*s-. :455-25, MOUTH :/ WWltL L6R(=ST^ cuj&r K :^ Free Heat-. SPEClA;:.> $200 Securty rupaslt Park *ettr»g«specous.sutte*. AkCc<KjlUorWg«OdlrOO>P(>o» mmaculate Grounds 4. BWgs. Beat Value n Area,-,-r ^WearWYmouth-Raggerty Rlsman., Dally \4 64..?-4 KlFo^Ront ottfjset -... rr rh r-.- _.. ^ // APT ^LOCATOR.- -OrfcSfop;Apt. Shoppng - f ;,- Sav^tlme & money! ;. Weve personally n*. :; epjsced all tt\e propv.oenkw tor you;-and. WeHheJp you fnd,; trrebestl.. ^ Oyer 00,000 Choces AH pf(cea Areas»C0mpetq nfo, Photo3!.* ;. "--» :/ Free, personal ser- vce.prevew apart- / ment8 from the 7. oomfort of our off* /&?.. - ^APArlTfvlENTS : / UNLMTED :.?x>..... JBDUfkftElO OFFCE," ^-92MHoHhV«stern K*y., j/ TROY OFFCE ^ flocnoserRd. ~ 7 CANJON. 427 Ford Rd CUMTONTWP.. ;, Oarneld *566 PLYMOUTH m dh/. 2 bedrooms, appanbes, central- ar. skylghts, carport, prvate entrance. $>25/mo. No SrnoWng^rpols PLYMOUTH, MayflOWO*- Holol 760 month starlng. O&JJy room servce. 24 bou» message servce. Cokx TV. No leases. nvnodate occupanyv. Oeon Sn-rfth NOV WATERVEW FARMS Frcn S 435 Country Settt.r Large Area Naar Twe!v«Oak* Mad Spacous Sound Condtoner Central Ar Pool r «nnf - Otshwasher Los of Clonals Pontac Tral tvvw t t West & Beck Roads Daly 9 am. 7 r... Sat. & Sun. 2-4 p.m. Oper Unt ; 7 P M. 6.?4-O00d Wll ^M^f-.KUW S :^LXV / :/^0^(/M- \ 77lO y/u/vptyg/qos WO K \ Comd home lb NortrryVood. and \ ^. enjoy pufc^nvereht.locator, V u and many e$a. [ NQftMfrDOD \J /^p l ^OYAtOAK^y ; -> WOODVVA^P N^flTHpfll MLE V S E N O R S JST FOR \ O n the New Yeat The Woods of Westland, a brand new Btnlot* ctzen apartment communty, s now avalable for occupancy. Move nto your new apartment, home n tme to enjoy the new year ; Optonal Meal Program j Communty Areas Emergenty; Call System Naturally Wooded Ste.Actvtes Solartrtr*, Landscaped Courtyard On-Slte Management Mn-Models Avalable & 2 Bedroom Floor Plans from $550/month (heat nc.) v - ; ;.;V : 2r^^rl^flments "/ ^ FREE*HEAT!; WATER & BASC CABLE 7 fswfmmln6,?6dl*alrcono;hlonlrg.--» AppUaffO)M/ t#ptt)4 * Laundry & <; \ ^StoraffFrttflue** Ca/ports. Otf^HoWjSr^,e:30-5K)0 /^f^km^ / l-vla^^vc-^s WOODS orwtmh! ol- Come home to The Woods of West^dt/f *} 3r*-/t^/..CftQft > n ^!»,V030 Convenently located on foy Ttokf. }..;; between HlxRoadanrJ -275 n WestU-rrJ ( r A!. C l. O S F. T () T o \v V E T A K «K O M ; X P : N S \ Experence luxury apart* NX Kmvr Whrlpool applances; self-, ment Hvlng at ts fnc»t. x x lnuv l cleanng oven, 4 cubc foot self-.. Tastefully dcjlancd, convc defrostng refrgerator, duhw&herrj nlently loeatea, securely protected.., ths l> Fountan Park nsulated steel entry door wfthdead^bob^ garbage dsposal and rnctowavr; <hx$\ t. > Nov!. Youll be proud to call t securty lock Sound con&toned tloorft"! \ your home. * walls Prvate patos ex bakonles SwfrK f * Choke of spxoos or 2 bedfoom «partmonts wth one or two baths Washer &. <n*l»e_ ;. -^, xnlngpool dryer (n ta<h «panm*nt Prvate entrance r to each apartment. Ktchen complete wth. f ;V. s. \ 400 Apta. For Rent ; >NOVh WATERVEW FARMS from $435 Country tollng, ekes Area. Near Tworve Oaks Malt, Spadous, Sound Condtoned, Central Ar, Pool. Tenns, Cable, lolf ojclosets. PooUac Tr. bel West 4 Beck Rds OPEN TL 7PM Dary 9-7«Sat 4 Sun. 2-4 PLYMOUTH LVE ON THE PARK Bedroom-$435 Heal 4 water ncluded, carpeted lvng room 4 hall, central ar, kchon burt-lns. pokng, pool. Ready tor occupancy. See Manager Pr/mouth Rd..Apt PLYMOUTH S FNEST Carrage House Aols. bedroom ncludes heal. Ktartlng at $ brand new 2 bedroom unts also avalable. Can Plymouth ~\ * $ REBATE Lovety bedroom apartmons wth FREE HEAT, fnfnutes from Quant prvate resdental.area wth neghbors you wn treasure. c«j TODAY TWN ARBORS APARTMENTS PLYMOUTH- bedroom, heat, ar condtonng, pato, applances, storage, cable, yr. lease. $399 mo. ptuj SOCT^tydepOSlt PLYMOUTH bedroom aps. from $435; dlshwashor 4 carport ncluded; washer, dryor hookups; senor crtaen dscounts Plymouth Square Apartments QUET COMMUNTY N PARK SETTNG BEDROOM APT. WTH BALCONY Vertcal blnds throughout Noutral carpetng Walkng dstance to shoppng. Dshwasher 4 dsposal Central ar 4 heatna_ P««t-. -., Nofets:. -. $460 PLUS UTLTES 942 MARGUERTE (Off Ann Arbor Rd.. b» W.ol Sheldon) MONTHRUFR.9T0 5PM Closed Sal.and Sun <:) 400 Apl. For Rent N0RTHYLE/NOV. SpadOuS 2 bedroom/2 bath apt avalable. Walk n closets,-custom ktchen.4_pan- rys. vercal Mnds, cathedral cetf- ngs. Your ktty cat s wetcome.$650 a month- mmedate - ooeufcecy. Contact McheCe. Woodta dtand avn Apts.._/ PLYMOUTH Plymouth Hlls Apartments 748 S. Mll St. Modern and 2 Bedroom Washer-Dryer n Each Apt. Easy Access to -275 Ar Condtoned Fully Carpeted Dshwasher & Dsposal No Pets From $445 Daly Mon. -Sal. t-sjh (accept Wednesday) pontac ORCHARD LAKE ROAD nea< Telegraph. Beautful wooded settng. bedroom apt. Carpel. Alt eondrlonef, heat ncluded. FROM $375 - ORCHARD WOODS APTS PONTAC: gracous stud» apart mont, nce ktchen, n Hstorc dstrct. No pets. $3507mo ncludng utltes. Can Mrs. Smth SO REDFORDAREA Fenkell E- o( Telegraph SPECAL $200 DEPOST, (wth approvod credt 4 ths ad) Safe buldng wth secura fenced parkng. Large extra dean, newty decorated. bedroom trom.$335 ncludes heal. ar. Cable avaname REDFORD AREA Telegraph-5 MJe. 4 2 bedroom, clean, decorated, quet, carpet, ar condtoner, blnds, heat ncluded. For -matua^jxofesslonal people wth references. From $365. PARKSDE APTS Redford Manor Joy/lnkslor Road. Deluxe 2 bodroom. ½ bath apartments, large closets, plenty ol storage, cable TV. excellent transportaton. 2 WEEKS FREE RENT SECURTY DEPOST ONLY $ Lakefront Apartment Lvng Cable TV Avalable Convenent to Wostland Shoppng Center -/ Thru-unt desgn for maxmum prvacy & cross unt ventlaton Swmmng pool & Clubhouse " Storage n apartment, Balcony or pato Ar condtonng Dlahwashers avalable FREE APARTMENT LOCATORS» tme & money ^Oncn 7 days a week," Complete nfo & photos All prces & locatons or jqltas^ Unlmted rate APADTMENT LOCATORS SotttrxlrJ/«28<*.7. Tfoy/3726Rrxb«st«fRd. Can!o/4}7 Ford. Rd. Clnton T»p./5<5870 Grfletd M t e M M M M O U M H M Call For One Bedroom Specals PfttureThs h Northvle.. mm : \woott\.(otnhytrltng... ^M>,;;J->;.*; Har--275, wth ^j^-..^ tnnn, vtntnnt, \ W ^ -. r>v".-."" ralforjoggng/plu. txclttg rtntal rtsdencf. lojlh loasher/frytr, wndow frtalmttfs.. frtplacts and ^;% tathfdral (tlngs. ¾ ^.Loclfd on fj Mle between Nurhvlltf FOVNWN rwhj/mfly flw: < :> PARXWtT l«4<lnfl Center open Mon.-fr. 0-6; Sr rttm. - V,,,,..,, jfrw: Lmted6no., MfUtoOH TELEPHONE: 348^ WfavUtABttrrllft. unoetra 420 Founta.n Park North Nov, MH805p<^ Premluml" Open Mon.-Fr.-0am-T5:30prnSat, dsat.-sun. " -2pm-5fcj).-^^mmmm^m^m :» :.tfjl<l f.-- f c - *, :*. :: AjM\\S-/;/* -Z^-J^,,*&%n,-t#: -,7^.2 _- -.._._,..,/.,_. M.";" ll >n<, \ nv\. l!)l \.LOCATON Wll M.W, :,- : V.J..l.- - tfttmmmmmttfll \ AnRACTVE & 2 Bedroom Apartments rrom $ h L ANDJNGS Located on Wamn Rd. between VYsyne & Newburgh Rds. n Wettland Open Moh. Sat. 0 6, Sun. 2 6 Phone: 729*9630 t -...^:: Apt*. For Rent PLYMOUTH MANOR 4 PLYMOUTH HOUSE APTS. Spacous 4 2 bedroom epts. Prvate communty atmosphere 4 Close to downtown Plymouth Pool 4 other amentes Heal ncluded UPey Rd. Just 8. Ol Ann Arbor Rd Call A York Property Communty REDFOROAREA FRST MONTH FREE FROM $375 Free Heat Large 42 Bedrooms Cable Ready Wek-ln Closet Lghted Parkng or 2 Year. Lease ntruson Alarm System GLEN COVE -, REOPORD THEATER area 6/Grand Rver). Unque rental opportunty. 4lh Boor studo. Carpeted." appftances. beat ncluded, cat ok. $220, $330 depost, mmedate occupancy. Squeaky dean RECfORO TWP: Beautful bodroom apartment Swtrnrnlng pod, cable TV, heal ncluded, carport avalable. Please c*» ROCHESTER HLtSKftlVER OAKS COMPLEX 3 bedroom. 3 bath, 2 level executrve luxury end urtl. Sublet from Jan thru June, securty gate, and access to pool, excertse room, dub house, tenns court $, ext ROCHESTER-JANUARY SPECAL $00 Securty Depost wth approved credt 4 2 bodroom Aps, on Pant Creek across from beautful dty park. Walkng dstance to downtown. From $4257mo. ndudes heal 4 water Rochester/Troy.FREE APT LOCATOR One Slop Apt Shoppng" Save tme & money! Weve personally nspected all the propertes for you; and well help you fnd the best Over 00,000 Choces All Prces & Areas Complete lnlo.4 Photos Free, personal servce. Prevew apartments from thecomfort of our off- ce. APARTMENTS UNLMTED SOUTHFELD OFFCE Northwestern Hwy TROY OFFCE 3728 Rochester Rd CANTON 427 Ford Rd. CLNTON TWP Garfeld RomuKrs OAKBROOK VLLA 2 and 3 bedroom lownhouses Rangng from $399 lo $500 nclude* a" utltes Open Mon, Wed. Frt Tuea, 4 Thurs. Sat. am-2pm 9am-5pm 9am-6pm Closed Sun. 5O0BRANOT ROYAL OAK CAM ELOT APT8. Quet, bedroom. 850 sq. ft. Dshwasher, skylght, pantry, walk-n dosets, dnng room. deck, blnds, pod. Heal ncluded. $ Scofsdah Jlparfmenfs Ndwburgh between Joy A Werre From $ 445 FREE HEAT FREE COOKNG GAS & 2 Bedroom ¼ Baths Central Ar Pool < Tennla Carport* Clubhouse Laundry & Storage * Cable Ready Model Open 0-5 Dally 2-5 Weekends Model Open 9-5 Daly t=j Ot*MrJuf»!y MOVK^J \ NUV.«- HQ^ff,.^ > $00 t,sccnl>! WNTER N WESTOAND CAN BE GLOROUS Welcome to the warmth of our ndoor heated. pool cttbhouse and free health, club! ^ HKATM r.l DD >[u UM..,^? K.M.>m hjh.,- > : TMfts!ft- -ll.!r., j; ;!,, e «..M l. ^^ \ >l fu WESTLAND AATOWERS. A P A f M { N S Models Open Daly. - Located on Yale Rd,, one block V/. of Wayne Rd., belwccn Ford & \%rrcn Rds. lmted Offer, New RcMccnlsOnU: ft 400 Aptt. For Rent REGENCY APARTMENT8 From $445. ncludes heat, carpel. wndow /ealmenl 4 apprances. Can 0-5pm ROCHESTER HL8 large 2 bedroom epl $485 ncludes heal 4 pets. Avon Ct Aps ROCHESTER HL8-$00 cash to assume my lease thru Aug Luxury bedroom. bath, freplace, cathedral oefllngs. morel $765.* ROCHESTER- bedroom apt. m town newly remodeled. $425 mo NORTH BOYAL OAK: Oulel 4 Clean 2 bedroom apartmenl Heat ncluded. LarJa slorage, no pels. $525 per month AMBER APARTMENTS Royal Oak/Oawson/Troy -stop apt shoppng. Somethng lor everyone. Come 8unday Jan 4. 2:45pm Crooks. Royal Oak orcalfforappt/ ROYAL O.A. CLAWSON 4 TROY Freplaces, vertcal blnds & dshwasher n* many Amber Apartments.! 4 2 bedrooms. Pets? Ask! Days Eves ROYAL OAK - Great locaton Large, brght, spacous bedroom, newty decorstoo carpet 4/tardwood noora. Extra, storage. $4/5/mo ndudes heat OOlet complex. No pels ROYALOAK MLE & MAN ST. Beautful, spadous 4 2 bedroom apartmeos. Carpeted, decorated. storage 4 laundry lacaes. FROM $430 Evenng 4 weekend hours WAGON WHEEL APTS SOUTHFELO HDDEN OAKS- APARTMENTS GE applances, ceramc baths, central ar, carports avallswe. ntercoms, patos/balcones and Va. Handcap unts avalable. t 8E0R0OM from. $455 2 BEDROOM from $ Hours; Dafly -6, Sat. 9-2 (Closed Thura. 6 Sun.). SOUTKFlELO 2 MLE & TELEGRAPH Ask ebout our Deal RENT FROM $575 SECURTY DEPOST $50 Luxury 4 2 bedroom apts. wth pfush carpet, vertcal bcnds. gourmet ktchen, sefl cleanng oven, frost free refrgerator, dshwasher. ntercom system, lots of dosets 4 carport, comrnuntty center, exerdse room, sauna 4 heetod pod Guarded entrance PM mstruslon alarm system selected unts oory Southfted FREE APT LOCATOR One Slop ApL Shoppng- Save lme & money! Weve personally nspected all the propertes (or you; and well help you fnd the best Over 00,000 Choces All Prces 4 Areas Complete nfo. & Photos Free, personal servce. Prevew apartments from the comfort of our offce. APARTMENTS UNLMTED SOUTHFELO OFFCE Northwestern Hwy TROY OFFCE 3726 Rochester Rd CANTON 427 Ford Kd CLNTON TWP OarfWd Apt».FQfR»nt ROYALOAK MLE & MAN ST. BeautM. spadout 4 2 bedroom apartments.. Carpeted, decoraed. storage 4 laundry facltes. FROM $430 Evenng 4 weekend hours. WAGON WHEEL APTS ROYAL OAK- 2 bedroom lower, freplace, ar, vrasher. dryer, no pell, non-smokng, $450 t securty depost. Avalable Feb.. " LAURELWOOOS APARTMENTS ScvthfWd. Spadous 2 bedroom. 2 bath, laundry room ndudes washer 4 dryer, gardon pato 4 balcones. Jacuzz, swmmng pod. Beautful dubhouse. Lots of Socal Actvtes. Carports. Securty Alarms 4 much more. Stop by at LAURELWOOOS Rental Offce, Laurehvoods Or.. SoulhrTeld, Ml. Rental Offce hours: Mon-PH.9-5; Sat. from 2-3 For nformaton, ca SOUTHFELO FREE RENT - from $635 t BecVoorn/Oen 2 Bedrooms Covered pa/kng Clubhouse 4 Pod 24 H. Montored Alarm COLONY PARK 2MLE4LAHSER SOUTKFlELO - bedroom, $460 up. 2 bedroom - $545 4 $605 ncludes heal, water 6 pod SOUTHHELO-l bedroom. st ftoov unt. Poof, ar condtonng, carport. storage, great locaton. $495/mo SOUTHFELO - 3-M!e/Souhf>e!d Rds 2 bedrooms. 2 Ml baths, applances, storage, -carport. $595/rno. Can after 6pm SOUTH LYON, targe 2 bedroom, heat a" water ncluded, carpeted, applances. $400 per month T SOUTH LYON- bedroom, unfurnshed apl. Avalable Jan. Apptlanoes furnshed. $350 mo utltes & securtes STERLNG HEKJHTS. 4 Mle. E. of Van Dyke. Modern l - 2 bedroom, carpellng. no pets, no cleanng toe. from $ TELEORAPK 4 7 MLE Area One oomlort&ble bedroom wth heat 4 water tnduded $340/mo plus securty. No pels TOWN 4 COUNTRY APTS Spadous studos and ooo bedrooms, exceflont locaton. Heal 8 applances ncluded. Oflertng wndow treatments. Starrng at $290. one mo. free rent to new lonans onry. Mon. thru. Frt. 2 noon tn 5pm. Sat 9 td. closed on Wed «65 Telegraph TROY -75 & BG BEAVER SPECAL WNTER OFFER. FROM $499. SECURTY DEPOST FROM $235. ^ URGE - DELUXE" & 2 BEDROOMS UNTS FOR LESS ½ Balhs m 2 Bed Unt FREE HBO. 4 Carport New Vertcal Blnds Washer-dryer/some uruls >24 Kr. Mantenance > Great Storage space Large wa-"k-ln dosets Balcones. Oduxe Carpetng ndvdual Central Ak/Heat Deluxe Applances ncludng dshwasher 4 dsposal Ask about our.. WNTER HEAT SPECAL Short or Long Term Leases Sr. Cttbens Wetcomed SUNNYMEDE APTS. 56 KRTS= ( bfk.-*. ol BW B^wv. between UvernoTs 4 Crooks! TROY - North. Wnter apartment sale. From $375 per month. Studo and 2 bedrooms avalable..48s TROY-SUBLEASE Uta Msy st bedroom, furnshed. Somerset Apartments. -^0¾ ^¾ TROY 4 ROYAL OAK Presently avalable- 4 2 bedroom apartments. Freplace, oak floors or carpetng, dshwasher, heat, water, cookng gas ncluded n mos. Many wth vertcal bonds. PetS?Askl AMBERAPARTMENTS Oay* Eves: WALLE0 LAKEAV, BLOOMFELD Large 2 bedroom." Heat Tnduded Podt, ajr, cable, etc No pets. $ Westland Huntngton On The Hll Spacous & Elegant SPECAL NO SECURTY DEPOST From s 460 Free Heat On Ann Arbor Tral. Just W. of nksler Road n A Beautful Park Settng Central Heat & Ar Condtonng. Dshwashers. Pool. Sorngo, Cable Avalable Mon -Fn 9-6 Sat. 2-4 Other Tmes By Appontment WHATS NEW " ABOUT THE SPRNGS APARTMENTS? New buldngs featurng: Washer and dryer n each apartment $ Generous storage space AndLot8~Moro... W$ nvte you to vst our Lakefront Apartments at The Sprngs so we can show you our charml & 2 Bedroom Lakefront Apartments from $425 Located n Novl on Pontac Tral, -». Mllo East of Deck Rd, /ftt S[ Jg / T - V; ^ m ^ a _ ^ m m m m ^ ^ t m t ^ ^ t m m - m m m a m m m a m m m m m m a ^ ^ MM

33 ! T" 400 Apt*. For Rent TROY An establshed "apartment communty n a convenent locaton. THREE OAK8" V mle E. of Crooks on. Wattles at TROY.SOMERSET AREA Spadou*.decorated and 2 bodroom apartments 4 Studos. A/nonl- Ueslnduda: Owner pad heal SvrlrrvnlngPoof Laundry fecllles Balcones or patos Parkng. nlercoms Dshwashers Dsposals Ar Condtonng Close lo shoppng & expressway Wjndow reatments From $49S monwy VLLAGE APTS OpOn Moo. Frl. 9&m-Spm and by appontment 3«2-v:«S BARSUDORARMS NOW LEASNG from 4W Westand, 2 bedrooms, heal & water (pcjuded. Close lo shoppng 4 SCbootS. Chldren 4 smalt pets welcome TOWN & COUNTRY- APARTMENTS Spacous 4 J Bedrooms Newfy redecorated wth Vertcal Brands & celng tarn, neat ncluded. Close lo Twelve Oak* Mas Pontac Tral, botw. Seek & WUom Rds n WOT. Caa From $450. WALEO LAKE - bedroom eondo apartment on lake Applances, mmedate occupancy. Cal Mon hru?r. eam-5pm WATERFORD TWP auble nce 2 bedroom. 943»0, fl. nexl to pod on Caw Lake»55 heat mcjdod. Avalable Feb. Lease ends Aug 3. Pnone after WAYNE; ntown. at bus stops bedrom. stove 4 refrgerator. No pets $290 + securty. CaS: 6S4-$855 WAYNE. Furnshed 4 unfurnlshod aptl from $45 weekly to $350 per month ncludes ut&tles WESTLAND ESTATES 6843 WAYNE (near Hudson!} Only $200 depost/approved credt bedroom from $420 ncludes ar condtonng - heat - carpet - swmmng pool.-no pets Westand FORD/WAYNE AREA Spacous 4 2 bedroom apartments. Amentes nclude Cerpetod Decorated Part set lng Close to shoppng Close to express-way Owner pad heal COUNTRY COURT APTS A COUNTRY VLLAGE APTS Wesland FREE APT LOCATOR "One Slop Apt Shoppng" Save tme & moneyl Weve personally nspected allthe propertes for you; and well help you; fnd thebestp Over 00,000 Choces All Prces & Areas Complete nfo. & Photos Free, personal servce. Prevew apartments from the comfort, of our off- ce. APARTMENTS UNLMTED SOUTHFELD OFFCE Morthwest ern Hwy TROY OFFCE 3726 Rochester Rd. CANTON 427 Ford Rd CLNTON TWP Garfeld ; Westand.» HAMPTON COURT ; APARTMENT8 /"The Place TolW m Westand. * : Spacous & 2 bedroom* *l (J bedroom; 760 so., fl; 940»q. ft.), (2tedroom:Over00O»q.n.). Balcones-Carports, SV.mmfnq Pool & Park Areas. Storegeln your Apartment FROM $45 J ford Rd. Wayne t Mon.«Frt. 9aro-$pm Sat. & Sun. -5pm Evenng appontments avalable WESTLAND PARK APARTMENTS Across from Cty Park (Cherry WO (between MkJdtebetl & Merrlman) & 2 bedrooms, ¼ baths Pool- HEAT NCLUDED From: $445 Monthly or Lease Westand VENOY PNES APTS. A beautful place... to fve. Centrally located m Westand ljbedroom* (son* wth tveptaow] Pool, Tenns Courtt, Club House. Central Ar, Dshwasher, Dsposal, laundry Factttle 6e»vrtfuBy landscaped A York Property mmunty { WESTLAND WARRS FARMS /APARTMENTS Spacous 2 bedroomr bath { and V* & 2 bedroom, 2 bath { unfla or»ty.*a*r< about ow wnter specal. 8hort-term t leases on eelected unlta.j WESTAND WOODS APT8 J 6padov» and S bedroom apart,. ments, AmenMM nclude;.carpeted Decorated ^OvrWpaMhoal.... / v FORD & WAYNE RD AREA *.Evenng a weekend houra / 400 Aplf. For Rent WAYNE. Wayne RdVMcMgan Ave area. Own a bedroom, ar, heal 4 eppsartces ncluded. $390 rnd p> securty WESTLAND CAPR APT8. 2 bedroom unt atarngat $470 $200 securty depost 26-MlO WESTUND. HUNTNGTON ON THE HLL On Ann Arbor Tral JuslW. ol nkter Rd. Spacous AEleg ant - -SPECAL NO SECURTY DEPOST Free Heat n a Beautful Part.8eltng STOP BY OR CALL Moa-Frt. 9-6 Sat. 2-4 WESTLANO SHOPPNG CENTER Area - J 4 2 bedroom apartments, $485-$5&0 ncludng he«l Mo pots. Please caflr Of Westand SPECAL ON SECURTY DEPOST $200 Lmted tme WESTLAND AREA SPACOUS 4 2 bedroom aptl. Carpet, pato, ar. ckb house. FREE HEAT 4 HOT WATEfl BEOROOM-$43S 2 BEOROOU - $460 BLUE GARDEN APTS. WestUnda Fnes! Apartments Cherry Hal Near Merrman OaJty am-6pm. - SaL 0am-2pm WE8TLAND - Wnter Spodals. At Ncrwbugh Colontal Apartments Onry /2 securty depost re^ucrod. bedroom, clean, qutel. Att/acttv«mcJudes carpet, eppcanoes. prtvate entrance. Senors welcome $ TYESTAND BARCLAY HOUSE Extra large, supev cean bedroom $430. nctjdes heat, carpet WESTLAND / 6200 North Wayne Rd. STUDO $395 BEOROOM.$435 2BE0ROOM-$4$0 HEAT 4 HOT WATER NCLUDED Carpetng, applances, swmmng pool. 2 car partng. Close to Westand Shoppng Center W. BLOOMFELD A BRAND NEW LUXURY 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT S AVALABLE NOW N W. BLOOMFELD AttacTod garage Washer/dryer CxAxJod Fufry equpped kltchen/mlcrowvj Prvate entrance W. Bloomnod schools 4 much more._ Can Today Chmney Hll $299 MOVES YOU NTO BRMNGHAM Lovely comfortable 2 bedroom apartments wth a fresh new look. New appeances, new pght futures, new carpetng, new vertcals and much more. At located n quajn old Brmngham across from a beautful neghborhood part. But hurry LMTED Otter. Cal649*6909 BUCKNGHAM MANOR 40 Furnture Rental FURNTURE FDR YOUR 3 Room Apartment For $0 Month ALL NEW FURNTURE LARGE SELECTON OPTON TO PURCHASE GLOBE RENTALS FARMNOTON " 8TERLNQ HEKHT8, SOUTHFlELD TROY Furnshed Apt8. For Rent ABBNGTON LAKE Relocatng? Temporary Assgnment? We Kara corporate epartmens for short term lease. Fufy furnshed wttf Snens, housewares, utales. televson, stereo and mcrowave. From $495. Convenent. ly locatod n western suburb, easy access to ell x-ways and arport. Pets welcome n selected unts. CeJ anytme APARTMENTS MONTHLY LEASES 6 PRME LOCATONS Furnhned wttf» housewares, nons. color TV4 more. UuKlea hdudod. FROM $36. A DAY Unmatched Personal Servce Executve; lvng Sutes Best Royal OaX/W Btoomfed Fury furnshed luxury & 2 bedroom. Color TV. Spedal wnter rate. from $ ors90-390«beverly HLLS- Cte*n basement apt. freplace, garage space. laundry, non-smoker. $425 per mo. After 6pm BRMNGHAM - DOWNTOWN t bedroom executve rental wth al amentes. Quet, elegant 4 exceptonal. $050 per month » BRMNGHAM PUTNEY MEWS Completer/ furnshed townhousos. 20 deflghtful 2 bedroom unts. TV, dshes, mens. Extendable 30 day leases. Oreat locaton. ¾ >m$ BRMNGHAM - 2 bedroom townhouse. Sharp. Ownor taxng sabbatcal. Short term tease OK. Cleanng servce, great amentes FARMNGTON HLLS. Part Mofot. HBO. phone servce. uwlles. Wk. rates. Effcency $35:. bedroom apartments $t75: No depost Grand Rrvor FARMNGTON HLLS. bedroom lor sngleperson at 3077 Grand RMx. furnshed ncludng utltes for $365 per month HOME AWAY FROM HOME. NC. Snort lease. EloganUY furnshed 4 equpped. 2 or 3 bedroom aps. No pets From $ NOV and 2 bedroom fcrxurousry furnshod executve sutes. Monthry leases. Amentes. Close to -2?» and mnutes from 2 Oaks Malt. SAOOLE CREEK APARTMENTS On Novl. bet Mle OOWNTOVN PLYMOUTH. 2 furnshed apartments, utltes ncluded. $700 and $500 a month. Contecl M/. Croon Smth SOUTHFlELD - furnshed bodroom basement apartment. AJ ut>8- tes pad, off street partng. $300 por month + securty SUTE LFE BeautfuOy Furnshed Brmngham Royal Oak Monthly Leases mmedate occupancy Lowest Rates ; SOUTHFELDS NEWEST COMMUNTY Wesuand FULLY FURNSHED CORPORATE SUTES- Westand Towers Ovr and 2 bedroom fumlshod Corporsta apartments take the nconvenence out of your relocaton transfer. Decorator desgn hgh rtse apartments feature tuoy equtppod ktchens wth utensls, mad servce. ndoor heated swmmng pool, tenns, excertse and sauna. Month to month lease avalable. Westand Towers h - M L w. ol Wayne Rd.. between Ford 6 Warren Rds.CaJ APARTMENTS 2 MONTHS - FREE RENT Effectve rents from $580 a month Washer and Dryer n Each Apartment Brass Cellng Fans and Mn-Blnds Decorator Wallpaper.... s..l_ Covered Reserved Parkng Fully Equpped Health Club & ndoor Jacuzz Freplaces wth Custom Mantles Berg Rd., Southflcld, Ml." Take Northwestern (US 0) to Lahser Rd.. go south to Northwestern Servce Road, then west to Berg Located adjacent to naturally wooded Hlfes Park, economcal, and 2 bedroom apartments and townlpuses, Comfortable lvng wt ar condtonng, prvate balcones, huge closets, heat n-. * eluded Mso Cable TM 2 swmmng pools and aerobcsftnesscenter. SMART stop at defrontentrance! West barren between Mlddtcbclt; ^Merrmaj Roa<ls AUZNtS DEVELOPMENT, wmmmmmmm 402 Furnshed Apte. For Rent PLYMOUTH - nce, large, furnshed ttrjlo. ncludes ax ulahes. $450 plus securty W. BLOOMFELO Condo: 2 bedrooms. 2 baths, completely furnshed. Month-to-Month.. $ Houses For Rent BRMNGHAM: Beautful 3 bedroom home. n desrable subdvson, 2 blocks from downtown Bfcmlngnam on Maple $2000 or best offer. CaJ c* BRMNGHAM Classc brck Tudor, 49 Hanne, 2 blk». from downtown shoppng djscuct 3 bedroom, freplace, m bath, newty remodoled ktchen. lonced n backyard. Move n condton. $,750. No house Lke H. locaton unbeatable. Ca3: or BRMNGHAM: DOWNTOWN. 3 bodroom, ab applances. 200 sq ft Rocenlfy renovated. $4S0/mo. rrvnedate occupancy BRMNGHAM - downtown. Charmng 3 bedroom, * bath, separate garage, basomenl. CaJ BRMNGHAM Englshtudor. Newty remodeled 2 bodrpom. )½ bath, den. sttng room, breakfast nook, deck, 2 car garage, basement, a) eppbanoes. avalable 2/t/90.$lOO BRMNGHAM GUEST HOUSE. SmaS. prvate 6«secluded, t bedroom, fcath, ktchen. Mng room, workroom. carporc Many new leatures. Ho pets $625/mo. CalafterCpm BRMlNGKAM: ntown, charmng, updated 3 bodroom. 2 bath w/futl fenced yard, garage: schools/shoppng nearby, reduced for mmedate occupancy, $950/.T>O BRMNGHAM, ntt shoppng 6 park. 3 bedroom, sanded floor*. «j appaances. redecorated. $ BRMNGHAM-Rent or buv ths charmng rerovated home 3 bedrooms, bath, garage, closeta galore. wa.t< to town BRMNGHAM SCHOOLS-Cranbrook sub. 4 bedroom quad-level. 2200sq.t.. $l200/mo plus utltes. CaD 7. :30pm /644-4,659 BlRMlNGKAM-V/aTk lo town. Newty decorated 3 bedroom. 2 bath, remodeled ktchen Garage and basement $050/mo BRMNGHAM - Wa3< to town. cha/rtlng renovated 3 bedroom home, 6 X 20 freplace tvlng room. $ BRMNGHAM. 2 bodroom, remodeled, appfancos. garage, basomenl. prkale yard. $675 plus securty. Oays. 64S-3663 Eve BRMNGHAM - 2 bedroom newty remodeod. vaulted ceongs. loft, spacous dock. 2 car garage $600 mo or ff BRMNGHAM. 3 bedroom. bath ranch. Attached oa/ege. famly room, apotanees, $900 por month BLOOMFELO HLLS. Rent wth opton to buy, hardwood floors, washor/dryor, 3 bedrooms. $695/ mo. mmodlate occupany CANTON NORTH - TRANSFEREES Short term lease ll May SUt 3 bedrooms, famay room, basemont, 2 car garage. $650/mo. plus utes. No pets Houses For Rent BRGHTON: M<*3 4W.; Exeoufrve home, 4 bedrooms, 2 M 4 2 hat balhl. 2 famly rooms w/ frepace*. attached garage. Stove, refrgerator, deck. acre, beautful 8ub. Lease: $ securty. Days, ^4-559, Eves, CANTON. Sunflower Sub., 4 bedroom, ½ bath, colonal, den, ar, fveptace, no pets. $300 per month.»55-tw4 CANTON 3 bedroom, famff/ room, fut basement, ranch, applances ncluded, $700/mo. + securty depos- «,lrw7vedat»occup«hcy COOUOGE & 4 MJe. Royal Oak. Furnshed and 2 bedroom apartments, heal ncluded, from $ Or293-5f69 DETROT AREA. 2 bod/ooms. $7$ rqonth. CaS anytme DETROT- Evergreen 6 Warreh. 3 bedrooms, washer. dry6r. stove 4 refrgerator. Pocemans neghborhood, $ DETROT - Warren -4 Evergreen area. 4f bedrooms, dnng room, ktchen wth no-wax floor, basement, garage, very dean CaS Oave DETAOlT 8 Mle 5 Ponts area. 2 or 3 bedroom, $450 per month plus securty depost DETROT - 6 Mrte 4 5 PoWt 3 bedroom, fnshed basement, applances, garage. $560/mo. plus securty FARMNGTON HfL l/lls - Spaddus 3 bedroom brtck. -2¼ baths, applances, ar. freplace, basonenl. 2 ca/ garage. $ socurty. Oays. 474-S50: Eves FARMNGTON HLL8-3/OraXe. Large 4 bedroom Tudor backs to commons. 2½ baths, fam&y room. (- brary. neutral docor. dockng, central ar. $900 per month. 0 4 H PROPERTES FARMNGTON HLLS - 3 bedroom brck. 600 sq. ft. fenced, stove, refrgerator, central ar, basement 4 blocks W. of Mddlebol ofl Grand Rfvor. very dean, $695 + socurty. Days FARMNGTON HLLS - 3 bodroom brck. ¼ bath. 2 car garage, refrgerator. Hove, dshwasher. 7 mo. tease. Avalable Jan FARMNGTON HLLS-2509 Hancock. N of Grand Rver. E of MOdebet. 2 bedroom, fenood yard, garege. No pets. $525/mo FERNOALE: 3 bedrooms wtlh basement No garage. Country ktchen. Roorrryl» Mte/Hflon. $ HAM TRAMCK-Real sharp upper, 3 bedrooms, lots o storage, refrgerator 6 stove, lencod yard. $250 por month, plus utjues HARRSON TWP. - tagoon frontage. 3 bedrooms, dnng room, carpeted. fveptace. vt baths. Boatsp optlonal $760/mo NK3TEA - 3 bodroom brck, basemont. garage, lencod yard. $550 mo. + securty + utatos. Petconsldored SCHOOLCRAFT AREA; Freshly pantod alumnum ranch- Move n condton. $360 month plus securty LAKEFRONT Sylvan Lake: 2 bedroom contemporary, lotus Lake: 3 bedroom contemporary. Coda/ sland; 3 bodroom ut-krvd. each $350. D4HPPOPPRTES Nov/Lakes Area WESTGATE V From $ Areas Best Value Quet Spacous Apartments Attractvely Landscaped Lakes Area Near Twelve Oaks Mall Central Ar Pool Carport Walk-n Closets Pato sand Balcones Off Pon.-c Tral between Beck & Wnsl Mm from ? - Daly 9 a n» -7 p m. Sat Open Untl 7 p.m beautful acres of park and recreatonal paths Four Seasons of actvty wth comfortable lvng n a specal neghborhood at- mosphere n Farmngton Hlls. Excellenty servced and mantaned and 2 bedroom apartments and townhouses. Easy and quck access to -96 and drect routes to the arport, _ downtown Detroffahd" Brmngham/ Southfeld areas.. 9 Mle. Road, VJ* mles west of Farmngton Road. ^ CAlt TODAY 47&^664 K P ^ 4 Son 2-4 p m M AUZNS DEVELOPMENT. forhed»>o mm fjstt VlteWW! and 2 Bedroom Q Q C Apartments from WW t/ wf, honef^dga w / v ~fr~ wrr \) S >V >^ uuu r/m) L u ¾¾ P^H^ ^m T Convenent to twelve OUks Mll 4! "Leas than 5 mnutes fromnovl& J Farmngton^ H///S".» Ceble TV AvellaWe Dlehwasher FXK) Prlvnjte Belcony/Pato. \frrtty of Floor ^ - ^ - ^ - - -, Plant Avtltable, 624*9445 Ar Condmonlng y *.? ^-. Op«n MondaTy" Frday, 0 «6 WfMtnd,.$ ^ m m t m m m m a a m t m mm atllalawhlamalalual mmmmmmmmwmmmrmm -H 404 Houses For Fent FARMNGTON A OTHER AREAS TROY -.4 bodroom colonal. % baths, famly room wtlh freplace. Attached 2 ca/ garage, formal dnng room, fcra basomenl, new carpetng. $00 mo FARMNGTON, Uvonla & Soutfled 3 bedroom ranches startng at $750 month HARRWAN REAL 6STAT E HAZEL PARK 3 bedrooms, newty decorated kterlor, $500/mo. frst. last A securty, possble opuon lo buy; NKSTER - Attractve J bodroom, r,repace. attached garage, fnshed basement, ren opton lo buy avalable. $590. 5KJ-9055 LATHRUP VLLAGE - 5 bedrooms.3 baths. 3 tveptaces, 2 car garage. ndoor swmmng pool. Befora 6pm Alter 6pm UVONtA-Upper flat. 2 bedroom, stove. refrgerator, dshwasher; lower flat 2 bedroom, stove 4 refrgerator. Attached garage. Oneyr. leases only, locaton near Westand Matt rvonla. 400 sq. ft. 4bodrooms. basement garage, SSO securty depost, no pets. mmedate occupancy. $650 per month. CaJ between 6-0PM UVONtA: 2 BecVdom Brck. ¾ baths. 2 car garage. appbances, ar. basement 50 sq ft $650 + securty Day :Eve UVONTA - 2 bedroom, newly re^ecoraed. ^replace, garage, applances $650 mo. near expressways rvonta. 3 bodroom brtc* ranch, ¾ baths. fu3 basemat, VA car ga^ rage, fenced yard No pets please. Open house. Applcatons accepted Sun.. Jan PM. 989«FarmmgtonRd. $775month fvoula: 3 bodroom Brck Ranch, n desrable sub. All eppgances. Central ar. Near schools. $450 plus securty depost No petjt UYONA - 4 bedroom brtck colonal. 2A baths, appaances W. of Levan. S. o 6 Mrt Rd. $200 per month UVONtA: 8962 Hugh Dr. 3 hodroom. rvng room, ktchen, tun bath, fnshed basement. $50oymo. Cat: MADSON HEGHTS, nce 3 bodroom ranch. appuances, faundnr room, garage, fenced yard. $525. Majestc Propertes nc H0RTHYLE - Custom 987. Neu- t/al 2 story brck colomal 4 bedrooms, lbrary. (amby room wth Fledstone freplace, marble 2-story foyer, deckng $2400 per month. 0 4 H PROPERTES NORTHVLE. Oowlown. 3 bedrooms. car garago. backl to woods 4 ravne. $700 por month. Eves. 4 weekends NORTKYLLE - lexjngton Commons. 4 bedrooms. 2½ baths, large am8y room, freplace, tbrary. formal dnng room, partally fnshed basemenl $400 D 4 H PROPERTES PLYMOUTH: Beautful 3 bodroom Ranch. % car attached oarage. basemenl Pets avowed. $9507mo. Cal Kahy P. or Bob. Mon-Frl, 9-5pm,*t T 404 KQUMlFwkft- HORTHVLLE. 2 bedrooms, famly, room, garage. Downtown, great locaton, great vew, pet* allowed. $750 pot month HORTHVLE» 2 bedroom lower ret $49$/Mo. ExoeCenl older home. Wafk to downtown N. ROYAL OAK% Clean 3 bedroom, garage, basement, famfly room, Beefy located. $400/MO. Cal,..,.> OAK PARK 3 bedroom ranch. V* baths, newty remodeled. Nce c*ean area. $495 pkrs V mo. tecurth/. Avalable January PLEASANT PJOGE-Smal 2 bedroom. $460 per mo ptua frst and last «PLYMOUTH - Beautful country house on 0 acres. 3 bedrooms, gaage. basement mmedlata occupancy. CaB 425-0«PLYMOUTH - cute t bedroom, appeances. treod M. wasoyg datence to town, fu basemenl, securty, $650 rnonlhfy OT PlYMOUTH-downtown, 2 bedroom alumnum aded, stove, refrgerator, washer/dryw Wcuded. $600 por mo. * mooth securty depost. year Darleoe at» work4s3-600 Of horha PtYMOUTH-Urge 2 bedroom, formal dnng room, basemenl, garage. Excellent neghborhood. Lease, securty. $760/mo. AvaJable Feb.. No Pets «or QUALTY ABOUNDS n NS -esqutse custom bum Tudor on a gorgeous wooded lot Prvacy for tha securty aonseous person. 24 hour securfty attendant 4 bedjpoms. 3% baths, formal dnng >bom. 6brary/study. Master bedroom wth freplace, dressng room and Jacuzz. Offerng t year lease, possbly socond year. $2450 por month. CaA Nancy Petruoefll. COLDWELL BANKER ~ REDFORD AREA - 7*34 Salem. $500 per month plus securty. Newty decorated REDFORD TOWNSHP - 2 bodroom, ar. carpeted, basement, 2 car parage, fenced yard, dean, $600 month. AvaSaMe Jan REDFORD TWNSHP 3 bedroom bunga&w. w/appsancea. Fnshed basomenl, 2 ca/ garage. $675/mo. plus securty or 635-*453 REDFORD TWP. 2-3 bodroom*. basement, garage, washer/dryer, stove, remgorator A mcrowave. No pets. $425/mo. Cal REDFORD TWP 7 MSe A nkster. 4 bodroom. ¼ bath. Arepalc*. garage, newty renovated. $725/mo, plus V* month* securty REDFORD 2 bedroom, garage, fu9y carpeted, $500 month. st last A depost No pets REDFORD. 3 bedroom brtck. basement garage. mmedate occupancy. $650 mo. pkrs securty. ROCHESTEfl-Rancf home wth 3 bedroom*, vt baths, central ar and fnshed basement ca/ garage, fenced yard. excccent condton. $975/mo. Ca3 before 6pm ATtereonv WESTLAND HAWTHORNE CLUB FREE HEAT* $ 200 MOVES YOU N Ar. Best V.-uu p ool. Cblc Avalable - Scenc vew. Shoppng Close Bv 7560 Merrman Road Between Warren & Ann Arbor Tral Daly 9-6 Sat. & Sun 2 4 JBrtstnl j quar? APARTMENTS \TTR*4CTVE l & 2 Bedroom Apartments from $ 445 Cable TV Avalable Prvate Balcony / Pato Walk-n Storage"Boom-_J " Wthn Apartment Central Ar Condtonng Swmmng Pool Socal Actvtes Convenent to Express ways & Twelve Oaks On Beck Rd., Just/torth of Pontlac Tral n Wlxom Monday, January 8,090 0 E *6E Mall Open Mon. * Sat. 9-6 Sun. 0 * 6 NOW LEASNG SOUTHPORT tfc^a 2 BEDROOM LAKE FRONT APARTMENTS from $455 v:; Htat ncluded rn R*ft All Lak«froot Ap«rtmtnt» WMh»r a Orytr n tvtry Apartment Thru-Unt OMty for Maxmum Prvacy and Crow Vartllatkm. Cathedral C»lllno> Avalttbla Cantral Ar Condrtlonlno Prtvata Balcony or Patlo Modem Ktchen whh Of>en Bar Counter 0«ttA ^^kw to*\ k*t<x\ M UtNKt 0*. ^ %}** M»OH.s- SOUTHFOHT Mtworr ^ f «worr arrwp A^^Vft On «North Sf rvk* Drtvt Htwnr H*09*rty fm. A gewrhh M. L***^ Otflc* Op«n Hon. Frt. 04 M. \(hs, *tm. U Hou«4>«ForR*nt ROCHESTER HLLS 3 bedroom brtcktenoh, attached gvage, aj applances, central ar. $050/mo, ROCHESTEB. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car attached garage, applances, over 3 acres. $950 month. Days ; eves H ROYAt OAK - Small 3 bedroom ranch, -car detached. No basement Fonced treed lot. Fesh nteror, aj applance*. Mnmum 8 mo. lease T $6M. pfus aecurtty depost Good reference*. No bg dogs. Evenngs,. / ROYAL Oak/Ctawsort Clean 3 bedrooms, ttt bath*. Avalable Vnmedl- «ery. New carpet. 6-2 mo*. $760 per mo. Cal Manager SOUTHFELD-Very dean 2 bedroom.ranch, targe famly room. ap» pranoas, ar. garage, large lot. W2S/mo. plus securty SOUTflPlELD - 2 bedroom brtck ranch, fresfny panted, garage and fenced yard. Ava.lable mmedately. $5«0»month + securty SOUTHFlELD - 3 bedroom wth garage, on corner lot, dose lo schoos. awlrtu* V* month aoeurry Avalable January UTH tyon 2300 ft* ft newer waft-out ranch. 3 M baths. tam»y room. freplace, sauna, r/ot bar. 4 bedrooms, lake prtvbege.»l2o0/cno.. 0 & H PROPERTES STERLNG HEGHTS 7/Dequlndre area. 3 bedroom custom quad. ¼ baths. ax applance*. 2½ car garage. mmedate occupancy. $S50/roO DEARBORN HT8-3 bedroom. $450 monthly, ktchen apptanoes, no pet*. st 6 last months securty depost REJ5FORD: 3 bedroom ranch. 2 ear garage, fenced yard. $«50 + securty depost No pets. Cal TROY. Emerald Lakes. 3 bedrooms, famly room, freplace, pato, fnshed basement central ar. attached 2 car garege tease. $000 monthly 4W0Curty. Cal Ken Crger after Reman Partners TROY - Maple/John R - 3 bedroom brck ranch. FemBy room, freplace, deck, central ar, 2 car detached, basement U appaances. lencod yard. $900/mo. DA H PROPERTES TROY-New 3 bodroom ranch, tt conduonsng, 2 car garage, $000 mo. Southeastern Real Estat e « TROY. mmaculate colonal, 4 bedroom*. V* bath*, central ar. fnshed basemenl. laundry room. No pot*,$ 200 plus securty Howe, Fy Rent TROY, 3 bedroom*. 2 fus bath*. Svl- ng room wth fvrapace, ktchen wth eatng area, aj applanoes. 2 car attached garage. 679 Bur.erTSed ( btk. 8. of 0¾ Beaver, W. sde of Crooks). $950 per month. CaJl to: Wettman, owner-agent TROY 4 bedroom cosonla, 2V* baths, f amty room/fr place, formal dnng, U Boor lajftdry. fnshed basement, central ar. Good school tocatoa $,400 mo WAUP LAKE. 3 Bedroom, 2 story home. $500/mo. pks utltes WAYNE - 2 bedroom, garage, very cmar>. $495 plus securfty. No pet*. CJVlck, WESTLAND-Cozy 3 bedroom home Newty redecorated. A» appfances, large lonced yard.,flo P»ts. $650 plus securty <& WESTLAND, Wryne/Warren area Clean, very. Alee 3 bedroom, ¾ bath, basemenl. central ar. eppgances, 2 car oarage, fenced yard. Avalable now! Must have secure emptoymenl 6 good references. $ securty. Eves, WESTLANO 2 bodtoom duplex Fun basement prtvatat drve, uodaleo; ktchen, and appeances Convenent resdental area. $500/monh. Cal 72-8 WESTLANO-2 bedroom ranch, $500 a month, st 4 last psoohs rent pjus securty. Westand schools. Cal. anytme, leave message. " WESTLANO. 2 bedroom, remodeled, new carpet, floor, refrgerator 4 wndow*. Stove. Fenced n yard. $460/mo. P*JS last months 6 $600 securty. No Pets! WESTLANO- 3 bedroom. Wth opton to buy. wv fnance. $ 00 mo. CalJmdayme^3l3) or Eves {33) J5 WESTLANO - 3 bedrooms. 2 car p- rage. Wayne Rd. 4 Cherry HA $550 per month plus wanes 4 securty WESTLAND 3 bedroom, garage. lenced double lot Applances wth mcro-wave. yr. lease. No pets $525 por mo. CaS W. DETROT. Joy/Evergreen area.. 2 & 3 bodroom. $430 plus securty Wont lasll Cal BEST APARTMENT VALUE N FARMNGTON HLLS Charmng & 2 Bedroom Apartments from 475 Featurng: 6mo. & yr.teasesavalable Conventenl to freeways, shoppng, and busness dstrcts Central Ar Condtonng Prvate BaJcony/Pato Swmmng Pool Caroorts Avalable BeeutM Landscapng Located on 2 Mle Road between MkMlebett & Orchard Lake Roads. Open Mon.-Frl. -6 t Sat. & Sun. 2-5 "> tnrwwwtfwwyv^^ Meet new frends md relax at... u.xt: t<mkd\&2 datum ApMlm&dt F*m$360 HEAT NCLUDED Conyehltnt to l^^vtrw \^W"^ ^we^ m E)cprw##*yt MltrM OfOu#vK Swfmmtrm Poo*»#*oonv ot Patto C«M* TV to»*m CfajtotWMM 9oCvM ACVVVnWC At Ponttac TrraH and Bwcfc fk»*d«>n Wftom (Frry /-M at avc* *B#rf fwn je WM## FtMtn to POtnl9C wwtf) Op«n Moo. Sat t «Sun. - S Ma*, ) :rv,,t*.v»--.7>;;;rr.-.:c»-vj-;:(.;.

34 * _!..*...JJJSff!^FTWW!W? T»,7P"Ty,- J - Ul Jl...^*^^9pp f.-^- SE* 0&EJ Monday, January 8^ Property *. Management.V ABSENTEE OWNER : NVe perjcnall* our servce lo meet ; your leasng & management need*. L? Broker - Bonded..j 8,peclalltng. n corporate t3rer»f*ree»..«before makng decson, can u»l D&H, ncome Property Mgmt. FarrolnQtor Hlls :-h, 40«FQrnls^ed Houses > For Bent./ARMNGTON HLLS:? bedroom «prlck. av bath, basemen, appflyances, ay, freplace, 2 car. gvege *- securty. Short term. y)ay>,474^so; Eye* ROCHESTER HLLS - Month W : month so..-ft. ranch. 3/4 bed- -. rooms, 2 tu«. 2 hall bath*, freplace, wet bar, fnshed basement 2car. attached gaxage.$000/mo. P 4 H PROPERTES Townhouses* Condo* For Rent BRMNGHAM - 2. bedroom, m bath townhouse. Basement afl ep PBance*, $625/monlh BRMlNGHAM-2 bedroorr apl. tyk».~ Wndow treatment*, freshly panted, : appaanc**, heal, water, carport. $595 per mo BlOOMflElD Hlll8-l*ke >. ronl coodo. AS apphancej, ncludng washer 6 dryer. Carport, heal ncluded or Jt^07 Moble Homee < for Rent ">" ~ f RMNOTON HlllS- bodroom Me.home. $65 por week ptu* tles. Doposl ev references re-. qured. No pels. Call between 6am & ;.2pm or 6pm a 9rjm ; 408 Duplexes For Rent ; <..BRMNGHAM-Deluxe 2 bedroom,, - :*mbatf^.*ppjlance*. ^amttyjoom, r^-^wr^rroorn. reeroom, garagje.,» >8mafp«l?$ ¾ J.,d3RM!NGHAM tower 2 bedroom,. -yflnlng room, applances, hardwood H/toor*, freplace. No pet*. Avalable yan.. $735+utBUes fcanton - 3 bedroom, ful base-; ment, flood beatng/ar condtonng ^system. Excellent locaton. $7457 mo, securty depost voarden CTY 3. bedroom, VA Abath, cent/a ar, full basement, eprphahce*, lawn care ncluded. Fresh- Jfy decorated. New carpetng. $700/ jmo.raftary Real Estate JNQRWAYNE-2 & 3 bedrooms, re- fmodeled, utoty rco-x large yard. {New carpetng. frestv vslnted. Nce hocauon.from$439/;>o JOAK PARK Near 696,2 bodr ooms, *fub basemen L $500/«no. ptouutes *~ffand securty. Avalable Feb.. -V ± PLYMOUTH - Comfortable, exdu- >*rve downtown area. 3 bedrooms, ^applances, basement, garage, yard, }$550 +utltes. Np pet* v-. PLYMOUTH: She!don 4 Juncton.(area. Small, clean bedroom, utlty aroom. new carpet. No pets. $40. +.,ga* 6 electrc BLOOMFELO HU.S - Concord Place condo. t bedroom pw loft Central ar.ato wth gas grn, 2 alory Mng /oom, track fghtng, hardwood floors, custom mfrrof work, $750. (.-: CANTON Condo 3 beovoom. VA bath. Avalable Feb.». $600 plus utltes After 5pm leave "message,.... CtAWSON-TOWNHOUSE LOVE CHLDREN4 PETS, 447N.Boche4l6rRd."* AX luxury, custom bult.. 2 KJngsze bedrooms, wahto wall dosets,. apadoos Mng room, wood burnng freplace, dnng room, V4 baths, ktchen snack bar, buflt-ln book shelves, prvate pato, bedroom bacory, casement * " ; ; _ FARMlNOTON HLLS- Orchard Lake-a bodroom, ¾ bath, basement, garage.conemporary, alt applances. $900.», FAftMNQTON HLLS- bedroom. Jtc)0jaJa ge_ enough lo put table, dnng foom. Daytme Or Eves FARMNOTON HLL8/YV. Bloomfeld Condo. t bedroom/bath. Mrrored, new carpetng, alarmed, eppgences. mmacuta te $ ^092 FARMNOTON HLLS 4 Mle - Mdd)ebo!t Deluxe bedroom, bath, condo, pet OK. st floor, prvate pato, carport. pool lennja,$62s/mo $otthe>n Rental! DSCOVER FL0R0A8 BEST to the tremendous response we ye had n ths area "we wt be 4ttng a specjatprevlew" presentaton about Keys Qata. We nvte you lo attend ths. nformatonal (non-seong) present auon of our ward VfWJng homes a our fne cc<rvr>unrn whch has been the cov. er atory of Fkxtda Bulder Magazne. See color audo-vsuals a hear about our rnurtlmfllon -do9a/ dubhouse a Flordas newest gorf a tenns ck/b now under constructon). We have H all Flordas best loce- Uon. weather, communty a the prces are rght. We offer beautfut corv domfnlums, vutas a sngle famly homes startng from $53,990. Jon us for a presentaton al the: NOV HLTON 2 HartertyflK. (-276 at 6rnOe ext) Thyrs. Jan..,7:30pm. R.8.V.P.LYNNorLlN0A Toll free t ext77 BOB Of.TOM.(33) OmHedSealng Reservatons requred 420 Room For Rent 6 MLE a TELEORAPH AREA, betweon 7 a 8 mse on lahaer. $60.00 per week. Cefl a/ter 6pm. Mo<v-Frl, W OAAOEN CTTY non amoklng woman, dean furnshed room, ktchen prvleges. $60perweek\ ?. NK8TEar7 Mle-Furnshed basement bedroom wth V* bath, howor up. Employed gentleman only. $65/ week + securty LAHSER a PURTAN area. Clean room let employed person. $65.00 a week plus depost nckjdes ktchen pftvoeges. Celt «UVONtA, prvate entrance, bath, furnshed sleepng room, by 696 a 275. male over 25, no drnker* or smoker*. $75 weekly: UVONA PRVATEENTRANCE A balh. Clean, furnshed seoplng. Va -96,-276, Fve MW. Newburgh $80 Weekly UVONtA Wonderland. Room, klchea, laundry, home prtvdegea. no smokng, female. $ PJSNEY/EPCOT. - Luxury 2 and 3 bedroom, 2: balh condo, washer, dryer, mlerowate. pool, lacurrj. tenns courts. $495 and $525 Week. Day*; : Eyes FLORDA-HAWA Northern Mchgan - Carbbean : Mexco. U.S. West CONDO a VLLA VACATONS. Gott a rulse. a sk packages --Alr-~ s/ Crutse ReservaJons SUNCOAST TRAVEL , « FT. LAUOEROALE/BONAVENTURE Florda. 2 bedroom luxury condo. Prvate entrance. Avalable March. GoM, tenns FARMNOTON HLL8 lownhouse, 2 bedroom. H bath, attached garage 6 basomenl 6 month lease preferred. mmedate occupancy. $000 month. Mark Oomer* etcondomlnsp Network HARBOR SPRNGS - Ha/bor Cove luxury condo. 2 bedrooms plus loft ndoor pool and spa. 5 mnutes from BoyneNubS NORTHVULE-2 bedroom*, ktchen. Bvlno room, dnng room, central tt. $600/mo. plus securty. Avalable feb..9am-5pm, PLYMOUTH: BEOROOM, appfl- /ances. Newly decoratedl Nce area. J$460 mo + securty. No Pets. QaH..-. >; -42^736 WESTLAND/N0RWAYNE-2 bedroom duple*, carpeted, panted, (fenced backyard. Securty depost. No pets. $405: :40 Flats BERKLEY, large 2 bedroom flat wth freplace and garage. New carpet, fmnds. Year lease,-no pets. Pay own electrc and gas. $650 month, plus "securty. Days ¾ "BRMNGHAM downtown! Lovely 2 tbedroom, bath flat wth garage a basement laundry. $700 plus uttl- >0es. 356? BRMlNGHAM: n-towtl. 328 W. -.v Brown. Upper unt 2 bedroom*. rewty decoraled, new carpet, all epphance*. $ 795/mo. Avalable -Jan. 5., , :. " DEARBORN, 3 bedroom vppet Hal. hardwood floor*, freplace, leaded -glass wndow*, stove, refrgerator, -;$450 per mo. + uube* 6 securty. ^.No pels. Can after 5pm NORTHVLLE: 2 bedroom Townhouse.. V* baths, basement End unt AppPanees. ncludes heat, water a mantenance. $790 plus securty. CaJ NAPLES FLORJOA-Foxflre, Golf Course C<5rnmun)ty. 2 bedroom*; 2 oaths, mcrowave, washer a dryer, dsrrwasher, golf, tenns, heated pools, Jacuzz. FuOy furnshed. Cal cortect NORTHVLLE- Furnshed, room. $60 pec.week. Wagon Wheel Lounge, NcrthvDeHotet2l2S;Mala - - ^ REOFORO - Male daytme worker. 25 year* 6 older for a furnshed thorn. Hart bath. Laundry avalable. LOrt, 633:64 42 Lvng Quartere To8ha«FARMlNGTONflLS Fomale desre* same to share nlcefy decoraled spacous apt $320 plu* utbltlea. Evenng*. 47M627 FARMNOTON HLL8 female to share home w/»ame a 5 yr old CNW. Furnshed bedroom w/prtv»le ba^$240mo + HutWtea Pay* 64V9077Even>>g* FARMNOTON HHL8- Female seok- ng tame, non-smoker, to saa/e now 2 bednjom. 2 bath, turnlshea luxury apt Many exlra*. $365 t V uthltles. 8epar«te phone Hne. Avalable Feb...::, Lvng Quartere To8nare SHARE 2 bedroom, warmly decorated Weslland apartment $350/ mo. all ncktded. Female professonal ordy^j. ; < ^9 SNGLE FEMALE seek* same to share house m Redford area. Oarage, ktchen a laundry. $300 mo. ncfudesuujtle* OUTHFEL0: Furnshed room. KMchen, laundry, employed mature female, non-smoker preferred. Avalable now. $260./rrx> FEMALE NEEDEO to share 2 bedroom apl wftrt *ame n Weslland. $25 *ect»rty pm $25 rent FEMALE ROOMMATE NEEDEO 30tsh. to»eek or share SouthfleM area apartmenl. Non-smoker. March FE.MALE ROOMMATE Novl. 2 bedroom condo. $330 plu* half electrc and securty depost.- Must tke anmal*. { V ROOM lor rent for responsble adult. Krfchon a laundry brfvoege*. $200 per month plu* W utlltle*, $200 depost ROOM lor- rent, $55 weekly. C*3 Sat a Sua, 68 day, Moo. Fr, after 8 PM. Fern ales" only. Brmngham area SLEEPNG ROOM for non smoker a non drlnrer. Farmlngton Klts. $60 week, plus securty SOUTHFlELD-rcom n quet area, $230 por mo. Snare kjlchen/laundry/batlv H uthte* N. HUTCHNSON SLANO/Vero Beach, Fla.: 2 Bedroom/2 balh ocean-front Condo, pool. $495Jwk. Avalable 3-te: ORLANOO/OSNEY - 2 bedroom. 2 bath condo. pool, teons. Specal prce. February open PUNTA Gorda: Furnshed apts. mo. or season. From $690 mo. CounuyCtub Jvlng. 46 poot 4200 dubhouse.etc Some wk. rental* ex. 709 or NOV Twelve Oaks Townhouses MONTH FREE RENT bodroom townhouse*. Basemen t», washer a dryer hook-ups, fuuy equpped ktchens, mn bunds a carport a Nov! School*. On Haggerty, S. of 0 MBe. $695/mo. Open Daffy -5, closed Tburs. a Sun NOV) - 3 bedroom condo, $000 per month. Depost Short term SARASOTA-LDO KEY beach front 2 bedroom. 2 ban. Avalable weeks Of March 3 a Aprl 7. $90 week. After 6PM Vacaton Rentals BLUE MT./COUJNGWOOO Condo* a chalets avalable by the weokendaveek. Sleepng eccomrnodalonsto20. TR-V TWO room* for rent, ladle* preferred. Warren a Westwood, Dearborn Heght* area. $250 _ph\r* /3 utltes plu* securty. Ca» UTCA SLEEPNG ROOM - ktchen a laundry prtvoege*. Rent negotable. 739-T324 WAYNE - large clean furnshed room. Ktchen RflvOege*. gonteman preferred. $60 per week nclude* ultttesaeave message LAKE/RQNT.heme ort U&A_Qrfon to share wth another female. Professonally employed, oear 6 neat $350/MO. -fr Hutkte* UVONtA. Person wanted to share rm?3 bedroom home. $350/«o., securty depost requred. Close to expresaw^y* NCE HOME n Farmlngton. V. acre wooded W. 2t>edroom ranch, $325 per monlh.frst,fast a *ecurtty. ^ NNETEEN year old female lookng for roommate. $275 per month. Ask for Cndy. Western HU* Apt*., Weslland OLD REDFORO - wb share 3 bedroom home. $273/mo. plu* securty a hall uu&tle*. Female preferred PLY&OJTH HOME To share, $65 week plus securty. 453^6958 PLYMOUTH - MALE roomat* to share modern 3 bedroom home. $276 plu* 73 utute*. Avalable mmedately. CaJ Roger WESTLAND-Wevna a Cherry HjS area. Nce furnshed room lor workng von-smoker/non-drnker. $70/ wk. + $70 securty Lvng Quarters To Share BOYNE CfTY-luxuryskl condo. 2 bedroom*. 2 baths. Avalable week, fy or monthly. Maxmum 6 person*. Call BOYNE Country, 3 bodroom*. 2V4 balh* ranch home, on Walloon Lake. 4 mse* 8. of Petoskey. Weekends, week*, day*. D»y , Eve* PLYMOUTH CONGO» mmedate occupancy, ar, 2 bedroom*, applance*, laundry area, prvate pato, storage. Oean. $900 mo PLYMOUTH - 2 bedroom. 2V4 bath condo w/2 car attached garage, al applance* a wndow treatment*. $695/mo. Cat Ray Lee, The Mchgan Group, Realtors * E. OEAR80RN. VPPV\ bedroom. $350 per month plus fjhue*. Nopet*.. f PLYM0UTH-2 bedroom. Jower level wth washer a dryer. $750 per mo. pluauljlte* FERNOALE - bedroom wpor. ^Beautful woodwork, 2 baleone*, 7 garage, newfy redecorated, washer/ fdryer, many specal feature $365/ >MO. plu* ulllue*. No pet* RVERS EDGE OF ROCHESTER HLL8 2 bedroom koury rental townhouse* n a quant country *erung along the Canton Rver. Short lease* avalable. mmedate occupancy. Some executve unt* furnlshed ^GARDEN CfTY-2 bedroom lower, «newty decorated. Freplace, *tove,. refrgerator. $595/mo plus electrcal and securty. r ALSO, 2 bedroom upper, refrgerator, slove and carpetng. $450/mo laecurtty , GROSSE PTE. CTY : 2 bedroom upper n good area a locaton. Applance*, prvate laundry, parkng. extrea, $ BOYNE COUNTRY. Very large 8 bedroom, VCR, color T.V. Rec room., foosbal, dshwasher, mcrowave BOYNE COUNTRY Bed a Breakfast Outey"* 6tale Street nn BOYNE HGHLANDS and Nub* Nob Slung. Luxurous accommodaton* nclude furry equpped Ktchon, freplace, whrlpool tub 6 vew* of *kj elope* from condomlnkjms. For reservatons a nformaton, cal Trout Creek Condomnum* BOYNE HGHLANDS - Luxury chalet. 4 bedrooms, 3 tuo baths, sleep* Q. Heated garage. Week or weekend*. -.-^ ROCHESTER HrUS-Oakbrpok eon do. Ranch style, 2 bedroom, 2 baths, 2 car oarage. Al applance*, heat ncluded. 6 mo. tease. $600/ mo ROCHESTER HLL8 Condo. 3 bedrooms, 2½ bath*, 2 car garage, year tease, $950. per month or BOYNE MOUNTAN SKNG 2 bedroom, 2 bath Boyn* Orfy condo wth a* avnenfte*. 6 mnute* from the mountan * TO CHOOSE FROM Featured oru "KELLY a CO." TV 7 A» Age*. Testes, Occupatons. Background* a lfestyle*. HOME-MATE SPECALSTS Southfetd fd.. 8outhflold BRMNGHAM - lemale, non smoker, to share 3 bedroom house wth same. $350 per mo. plus depost a H utmte* BRMNGHAM: female nonsmoker, quet, clean a responsble lo share large 3 bedroom apartment $225 month ptu* H utfue*. AvaSabe March PLYMOUTH, roomy 2 bodroom apartmenl, $60 per week + phone. Cal after 7, 459- your -(076 PROFESSONAL FEMALE lookng for same to share home on lake. $325/mo. Securty depost V» utote*. Reference* PROFESSONAL, nonsmokng, straght male for same. 3 bedroom condo, attached garage, laundry a den. Tech Center - Warren. $400 plus naf uttue* TELEGRAPH a 4 MLE. Ranch sze deluxe apt. BeautruBy furnshed., Large porch, pool, lennl*. Workng female Only, $365/roo TROY - Professonal r>on-srnoklng female Ranted to share 2 bedroom Somerset apartment TWO professonal lemale* lookng for 3rd roommate to share 3 bedroom home m Southfjeld. $325 mo. nclude* uthjues but no phone. Cal after 6PM or leave message, VAN-B0RN/8SECH area. Dearborn lls, house 0 share. $225 month + 4 utltes, securty. Even* WESTLANO clean, responsble female Jo share 2 bedroom apt. w/ same; tent $235 +futltes. mo. securty. Ca- 6? leave rnsg. WESTLANO. female dsha/e 2 bedroom apartment, $250 + H utbtlea. BeauUful lakefron vew. Cal Lorl al WEST SDE Area - Female wth chld. $ 65/mo. everythng ncluded. Can from 9am-8pm Wanted To Rent 432 Commercal/Retal ForReht FARMNOTON HLL W.0 Mle Rd. fust E.of Orchard Lake Rd, former locaton of Stedman Auto Supples. Zoned 8-3, 8,32v*q.f sqh mezzanne, large retal dsplay area n front w/>varehouse/ shop/offce area n rear. Paved parkng. Tax* over axlsltng lease or, new long term lease negotable. Phone LAST PRME SPACE AT FordRd.aMlddlebert.000 M. ft. Cal GARDEN OTY ". Approxmate*/ 000 aq.fl free landng buldng Hgh traffc area across from Garden Cfty K8. Farts or Jm, LARGE COMMERCAL apace avalable. ndvdually alarmed. 24 hour access. Close proxmty lo -275, -94 a M-4. Al weather road*. ForkkTt avalable. 8tow a Go Self 6tor*g*. Ptyrnouth REOFORO TOWNSHP Fve Mle/Beech Daly ~V 600 sq ft $600 per monut CalMr.Reld REDFORD TWP. - oh Grand Rver, deal locaton for any busnes*. 3 bubdlng* ^00 *q. ft Plenty of parkng, reasonable H0PPNG CENTERS FOR LEASE eoornfew, Maple & nktter, Rvervew. Grange a Kng SOU7HFEL0 - Beauty Salon for rent Completely furnshed. Share wth one lady. Own csenlefe. $305 per month or ROYAL OAK - deart 4 bedroom brck home, central ar, *tov*, refrgerator, dshwasher, washer, dryer, freplace, basement mmedate occupancy. No pet*. $700 month. Can 9am-5pm TRAVELNG 27 yr. lemale want* rent/share w/other female who travel* alot Brmngham, Troy, R.O. area. Leave message 2, WANTED 2 OR 3 bedroom house to lease n SouthflekJ. After 6 PM. Fern House Sttng Serv. HOUSESTTER avalable January lo June. Mature professonal man. Please call evenngs Home Health Care PROFESSONAL Female *eek* same to share prme Southfled apartment Less than halt rent Free heat new furnshng* PROFESSONAL PERSON wanted lo *hare spacous home n Southfeld. Cal Tm at or PROFESSONAL QUET non amok- ng female lo share 2 bedroom apt n Royal Oak. $262.50/mo. plus securty. Heat ncluded PROFESSONAL WOMAN wb share W.Bloomfeld 2 bedroom/2 bath Condo. Clean a furnshed- Walk to shoppng. Avalable now. $350./mo. + depost Leave message for Chert, BRMNGHAM: Mce home, dose to town. Fenced yard. Pel* O.K. Cable TV. Al prmjege*. $275Vmo. + ruu- Ue*. Ask for Rob, BRMNGHAM 2 Sngle whte straght male* seekng aarne lo share 3 bedroom home. $300/M0. Tom or Re CLEAN, RESPONSBLE Stralghl male noodod> lo share. 3 bedroom home on Unon lake. House ha* garage, dock, hot tub, and mora. $400 month + V4utHu**.CeL DOWNTOWN PLYMOUTH: Female smoker lo share wth same. $300/ mo ptu* securty. CaJ after 7pm, PROFESSSONAL non-»moklna fomale , wanted to share 5 bedroom, 2 bath apartment $2507 mo. + H uttue* UVONA-PLYMOUTH area. Prvate ohloe*. $250 monthfy, lease. nclude* phone answerng, secretary servce avalable Fo»ter Care ADULT ELDERLY FOSTER CARE NeWfy Bcertsed home. Ownod/oporated by experenced Nursng Home Admnstrator. Clarkston area. 2 prvate bedroom*.»eml-prtvale. CaB 9am-5pm Mon-Frl., Jeanetta, or 5-9pm, Katfty Oarages & Mn Storage LARGE STORAGE 660 sq. ft -$285 9 MSe 6 Farmlngton nd/warehouse Lease or 8ale LVC-NA - Approxmately sq. ft. ncludes 2 nce oftces, lease avalable, reasonable. Day*, ; evenngs, REDFORO - l-95/lnk*ter For lease: Egh ndustral, muttlenant »q. ft., from $600 per month. Free rent flr*t monlh. (33) Offce Busness 8pace ACCESSBLE Brmngham modcal buldng. 2 small sute* avalable now - $500 each. Large sute avalable Feb. $2000 Call ACCOMPLSH SUCCESS or your Busness n prestgous Brmngham. SHARED OFFCE CONCEPT8. nc. provdes fulf-servloe Secretaral, telephone answerng a conference fecstle* to sut all of your busness hoods. Choose from a varety of Executve Offce Sutos, locatod at: Woodward, Ste. 000 Call Joanne Blnette Offce /Bulresa- Space BRMNGHAM CPA wlfl share offce space. Prestge buldng. fw>v» confdental. BRMNGHAM Premum buldng, ground level, ampleparkng » BY 8rLVEftCOME- loft a man floor omoa. $250 mo. plu* ute*. Vctoran house. Paved lot a prvate erv tranoe or DOWNTOWN ROCHESTER Offce Condo for Sale FARMNOTON Excellent downtown locaton, beautful vew, low rent, 40-,300 sq. ft avaflabl* mmedately FARMNOTON HL8 One offce n sute. mmedat* occupancy. st floor, conference faclty, ^tmes ndudejlntjordaberent FARMNGTONHLLS Offce avalable, perfect for Manufacturer* Rep, Secretary, Fax and Xerox avalable FARMNOTON. long lease avaabej 7000 sqjt plu*. Prme retal store n downtown Farmlngton. 40 car parkng FRANKLN/Southfeld..000 sqft. sute;.-medcal/professonal; outstandng locaton, access. A parkng: owner occuped bldg MANUFACTURERS REP DELGHT Startng from $225 ncludng utft- Ue*. Ford Rd. a Mddlebeft. garden Cty. CalU GARDEN CTY Sngle room offce space. Startng from $250 ncludng unttle*. Ford Rd.aMddebottCel LATHRUP VLLAGE.700 sq. ft. 2nd level, very desrable offce. mmefdate occupancy, ample parkng, Southfled Rd.. between a 2 MS* REOFORO: 3 $2257mo. + v, utles. Cal after 6pm Commercal Retal For Rent Roommate to share dean, 2 bedroom home n Dearborn area. Ful house prfvoedgs, garage. $32J/mo pfu* M phone, securty depost Glen, leave message ROOMMATE WANTEO, $325, lease, non smoker, splt utrue*. 2 bath, 2 bedroom condo. Near expressway*. Can after 6pm SEEKNG FEMALE, non-smokng roommate lo share home. Fumshoo room avalable, pets welcome. $250- Uvontaarea SQ.FT. HOTEL - lobby-level space avalable Jan., 990. deal for Florst or Car Rental Agsncy. CaltaWEson ext 7460 The New Shoraton SouthfeldHotel DOWNTOWN ROCHESTER FOR LEASE Retal - Offce - Servce - Medcal.... Great restaurant locauoa ANNOUNCNG SERVCED OFFCE SPACE... Now Locatons throughout The Metro Area for smaller Executve Offce noods. Sute* from 50 sq.ft. wth shared telephone an-.swerng, secretaral servce* a con- \ forence facfme*. Flexble shortterm lease* a growth opton* to conventonal space. CANTON, -276 a Ford Rd. FARMNOTON HLLS, Nweslern TROY. Bg Beaver Rd..ANNARBOa8.6UteSL OPENNG SOON N STERLNG HT8.. n prestgous Sterlng Town Center Cal: nternatonal Busnes* Center* ATTENTON Brmngham executve* sq. ft executve offces. Secretaral a telephone answerng servce* avalable. Cal CANTON -,Uaey Professonal Center. UDey 6 Ford Rd. From 600 sq. ft a up. Best rate* n area. Prme locaton. Broker* welcome, wn pay 6% commsson DOWNTOWN BRMNGHAM Up lo 5200 sq. ft. avaable. Wn dvde, compettve rates, convenent parkng, ful servce bulk)ng. 280 N. Woodward UVONtA DOWNTOWN DETROT Attractve ndvdual Offces ndvdual offces 6 Sute*. Full Ume ot a* needed wth complete busness servces: telephone answerng. word processng, conference room. FAX 6 more. Cal or Slop By HQ SERVCES & OFFCES Laurel Park Place, Lvona Openng Md January Renassance Ctr. Tower 400, Sute UVONtA - near Wonderland Plymouth Rd. 600 Sqft. ExceOen parkng. Compettve rata Canner Management LVONA OFFCES - 3 locatons: 7 mbe/mlddleboft. 5 mbe/mddoboft, 5 mde/farmlngton. From 2 room* to 5549 sq. ft sute*. Frst das* space from $ to sq. ft. Cal Ken KaSe or Mke Tomes. Day*: Eve* 28-2 UVONA PAVLJON- Executve sute*. $ month. Free conference room. Celt UVONA sq. ft. flexble offce space for lease. Schoolcraft frontage. $.500/mo. ncludng utat)e». Contact Oan Bergst/om OFFlCE/CUNlC Downtown Phmouth locaton. Tracy OFFJCE9 l/m. 8LOOMFELO Orchard Lake Rd. Prvate entrance. 600 to 3200 sq.ft OFFCE SPACE - n professonal sute. Sublet lo Manufacturers Rep. or professonal 4/Orchard Lake Rd, Farmlngton HB*. Telephone answerng servce avalable. Mr*. Pke, Offce/Busness Space -$ LVONA PAVLON Specalzng n offce space under,000 sq.ft. Lowest rates n Lvona. Free conference room, onrslle restaurant ¾. K< "J* «t <V NOYl AftEA-offce space, recepetlon area, ample parkng. $4O0/mo. ndus tral Park. Near expressway.- r, ,-:^- 3: OFFCE SPACE the best lease rate* avalable on Northwestern Hwy. n 8oulhfeld. Temporary space, 30 day* to 6 mo*. Prolessbnal. furnshed - unfurnshed, phones, conference roorn, optonal, secretaral space. 353>300«5 PLYMOUTH - AvaHawemmedately. Beautfully redecorated 5 room sute n prestgous area. Prvate entrance, bath, heat 6 ar condtonng. Approxmately 00 sq. ft for $ 045 per month-$l.4s/aq. ft PLVMOUTH/OOYVNTOWN Only 2 plush execulke offce* left. 75 sq. ft up sq. ft Great lor Sales Rep* 6 smeft busnesses. Can Deborah for detals PLYMOUTH/DOWNTOWN 3.sutes- 940, 660 a 540 sq. ft. each. Exoefeot parkng. Close to bank* 6 post offce PLYMOUTH - Just redecorated. 550 sq ft. sute - deal locauon. Prvate entrance. $0.65 per sq. ft. nclude* laxes. plus utltes PLYMOUTH PROFESSONAL OFFCE 8PACE $7 PER SQ. FT. ExceSent Locaton Beauuful Docor Lawyer*. Doctor*. Dentst*. Engneers, Manufacturer* Rep* - nqures to: P.O. 8ox373 Plymouth or cas: PRME Brmngham offce sute. 400 sq t avalable Feb.. Renovated buudlng. N Woodward locaton. Furnshed or unfurnshed. Orv sfte parkng PRVATE ndvdual offces lor rent Renovated buldng. N. Woodward locaton. Furnshed or unfurnshed. On-ste parkng r ROCHESTER - room offce n nonsmokng sut*. Avalable Feb. Copter, tax avalable $60 pe«month. uttjtos ncluded SOUTHFtELO/LATHRUP Smal offce* for rent. $60-$ 95 por month, furnshed, secretaral servces avalable *34 SUTABLE for attorney*: personal offce, shared work area, use of secret artal/answerng servce & copy machne. $650/mo. nclude* al ute*. Wayne/Westland, 59S-8222 THE SUTE PEOPLE" At Concord Center ol Troy want to help you rng n a successful newbusness year wth two specal offora.. One Month* FREE rent wth a sgned 6 month lease n our executve sulle. 2. FREE Faxng Otler Monlh of January, cal lor detal*. -" TROY/BRMNGHAM - nstant off-" ce. receptonst, telephone answer- ng. utmes ncluded. Secretaral servce*, fumltur* avalable TROY offce space n prolessona sute; secretaral support, conference-room, ktchen, fax a cooler. W Bg Beaver, close to TROY OFFCE SUTES Attractve. Maple 6 Crooks. 200 ft. and up. short ce long term Best rateslnarea TROY STARTER OFFCE SPACE. 350/mo. nclude* utltlo*. Great area. Can Bat OROey ORLLEY REALTY WLXOM Appoxmalefy.000 *q JC- Large recepton. 2 offce* and large conference room. Sub lease terms avalable. Cal, , M-^-^B-^-^-^l^^ BOYNE-PETOSKEY, Sk chalet. 4 bedroom*. 2½ bath, comptetery furnlshed.c«j after 6pmJ Townhouses- Condos For Rent ROCHESTER. 2 bedroom*. V* bath, basement attached garage, washer /dryer, $650 per month ""AU8TJW HU8<Adam*/Soulh Blvd. Luxury 3 bedroom, dnng room, central ar, deck, applance*. $665., AUBURN HLLS FARMNOTON HLLS -.. SOUTHFELO" -.,, 2 a.3 bedroom townhouse* ranches, fu9 amentes. KAFTAN ENTERPRSES.: BRMNGHAM - downtown, luxurous townhouse, 2 bodroom*, 3¼ baths, sauna, appsance*. freplace. terrace, courtyard, attached garage.. $550/mo. Plu* securty. 646^904 BRMNGHAM Luxury 2 bedroom townhouse. Cov ere-d parkng, deluxe Wlchen. fenced 6> prvacy pato yard, ar, prvate basement a entrance. $750/mo. n eludng heat a ho water. EHO.-- t BENECKEaKRUE >... BRMNGHAM.. LUXUROUS TOWNHOUSE RESDENCE FOR LEASE of 6 lownhouse* n ah unquely eslabbahed development overlookng a pcturesque waterfall wthn walkng dstance of down own Blrmlngham. The man level feature* a tmng foom wfth freplace, dnng room, a large bedroom, dressng room, walk-n closet a fufl bath comprsng the master sute. A 2nd ful balh serve* the. 2nd bedroom a vstor*. --. Tbe-lower. levelconslsts. of.ajarga recreaton room, 3rd bedroom a tufl bath, a Large uthty room a walk-n storage closet. Prce: $700./Mo. plu* utltes. Onry avalable.-, WaterfalHa BRMNGHAM Newfy remodeled 2 bedroom townhouse, prvate entrance*, freplace, central ar, pato, great toceuon.,\ mo. free rent to new resdents for Bmlted tme. Please cal « BRMNGHAM, near town. BeauUful bedroom condo. $575./fno. rv. dudee heat, water, ar, carport, applance*.. mmedate occupancy , After 6pm, BRMNGHAMS BEST -;/ GET8 BETTER NEWLY DECORATED 2 or 3 Bedroom Apts. A Townhome* ;.. (wth Fufl Basement) 8PECALon APARTMENT ; MONTH FREE RENT Or FREE Washerft.Dryer ; Frorr $650 Month mmedate Occupancy Leasng Hour* from 9am-5pm Daffy Sat 2nooo-3pmercafl \ ROCHESTER-2 bedroom lownhouse. ¼ baths, basement, appftance*. carport. No pels. $660/mo., securty, references , ROYAL OAK - Beaumont Hosptal area, bedroom, new carpet a appoance*, heat furnshed. No pet*. Mature adults. Rent, $460. mo., SeO $4,500. Term* 64f-98 ROYAL OAK: Brand new Custom 2 bedroom, ¼ bath Townhouse*. Loaded wth amentes. No petal SHORT TERM LEASE Maple a Decker 2 bedroom condo, attached garage, basement. mmedate possesson. Rent negotable. Cal Florence Abel. BED CARPET KEM Assoclates.lnc. 855-S00 SOUTHFELO 6 AUBURN HLLS a 2 bedroom apartment*. Completely furnshed. Short term lease avalable SOUTHFELO CONGO - bedroom, central ar, dshwasher, <^bhoo*e, pool, newer applance*, $495. per month. Weekday* SOUTHFELO. Custom decorated 2 bedroom. 2 bath, cellng fan, dshwasher, wnrjow treatments, modem lghtng. wallpaper n bath* a ktchen, much more. $675. CaJ weekday* 9am-5pm SQUTHFELO 2 bedroom, 2 bath cohdo, 2nd floor, Al ktchen app6- anoe*, clubhouse a pool) $650. per month. st, last a securty Cafl-....<" SOUTH LYON, new condomnum. 2 bedrooms, 2 fun baths, laundry room, aft ktchen applance*. $725 month TROY :NORTHFELD Hft* luxury condo. 2 bedrooms, «bath*, washer/dryer, pool, tenns. $650/ mp. Cel after 6pm, TROY- 2 bedroom, M bath condo. $600 monlh. mmedate possesson. Call Uverne Rusk or TROY, 3 bedroom. V* bath. ah ap- -emnce*. central ar, basement pato, carport. $760 mo. No pet*. Day* : Eve»,689-m7 TROY - 3 bedroom. 2¾ bath, appfl ence*. basement, deck, garage. $776/MO. pkr* uuhtle* and *ecurrty depo*.aftef6pm \ UNON LAKEAV. BLOOMFELO BRARWOOD TOWNHOUSES Spaclou* PrNat* asbedroomt Attached garage* afreplacesavalable. Fufl basemen*. From $665 Codey lake Rd. W. of Htler, BRMNGHAM- bedroom condo, pplerow. $600 per mo. ncfude* heat a wafer, do** to downtown Bfrmlngham CLAWSON! CLOSTERS 4 Mae a Crook* Area 2 bedroom townhouse wfth famly room, H bath*, Mry aqutpped kltohen, M bssement, carport, central **, prrvatepato w hjencedln beclryftrd. Heet fnrashd. $745 EHO \ BENECKEftKRUE ORAYTON PLANS- New 2 bedroom, 2 cm o*f»ot, a* appaance* ncluded.,350»q. ft. $,75 mo. A*k for Ak*n kwre message.? ot, FARMNG TON HH8 2 bedroom ranch wth M bteemenl. Al appftanoe* n*w. f965/mo; A*k for Ray Lee at: The Mchgan Group, f w- «0/», 6-92O0 WE3TLAN0 J bedroom condo, rvng room, dnng room, ktchen, ove, r ef rfger ator, carpet ed, no pets. C*l Dave ( W. BLOOMFELO: ft*m w/oplon to buy. Man floor 2 bedroom, 2 bath, garage, wndow treatment*, appftanoe*. $876. or $64, vthefn RetfatV CACUN CONDO-Prfv«t«6 ter ckrb. 2 floor*, ktchen, dally mad servce. Sleep* maxmum 6. March 0-7. $203.., » CAPE CORAL, FL condo. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, poof, mtcrowtv», avalable monthly now to rent or lo buy o/ COCOA BEACH, OoeahsW* fur. hwed condo. 2 bedroom 2 b jff, 45 mlnulm to Epcot $400 week. $ 000 rnonrh. Jan. A Aprl DEEftflELO BEACH, FL- Furnshed 3 bedroom, 2 bath apl. O- nterco*- l*t. Ave*eb*a Feb. Mar a Apr. Mnmum 2 mo. $,200 mo. AvaKeWe 2 round (rp ewft* tcket* frfetro to Lauderdale at cost CANCUN MEXCO-2 bedroom luxury vtfta to the Royal Carrbbean. For week of March 3. CompleOey furnshed for 6. $ DEER VAllEY/PARK CfTY, Utah: 4 yr. old luxury condo. 3 bedroom*, 2 bath*, loft, Jacuxd. laundry, on mountan, sk to Deer Valley lft*. Wfc mnmum $250n!ghL Leonard SmtUX (33) or HALE - Famly get away week ard n the north woods. 5 bedroom cottage,ndoor pool, wooded area HARBOR COVE, Harbor Sprng*. Condo. Sk woeks/weokend*. 2 bath*, sleeps 6. cable, mcrowave, hot tub, POOL HARBOR COVE Harbor Sprng*, luxury condo, sleep* 0, mnute* from Nubs 6 Hghland. ndoor pool asavna HARBOR SprVws area-cozy 3 bedroom, sleep* 6-6. near Nub* Nob a Boyne. Avalable* weekend*, weekly or monthly. No pet* HARBOR SPRNGS. Blrthwood. Large 4 bedroom house, 3 bath*. Cloje lo Boyne Hghland*. By owner dscount : HARBOR SPRNGS, Harbor Cove, fully equpped 2 bedroom condo. Sleop* 6, mlnules lo Boyne Hghland* a Nub* Nob J70 HLTON HEAD, SLANO God/vacaton condo March 24 thru 3 Beautful locallon HOMESTEAD CONDO - Sleep* 4. Jacuzz, freplace and deck. Futtv equpped. Low rate* «HOMESTEAO CONOO-Uke McNoan, slope* a trals at your door. spectacular vew of lake Mchgan: Days Eve*, HOMESTEAD lakefron condo on Lake Mchgan. 2 bedroom. 2 bath*. A l ementtlea. Takng wnter a summer reservaton* HOMESTEAD RESORT-Gon Arbor, ML 2 bedroom*. 2 balh on Lake Mchgan. Cross country, downhh kng. After 6PM, HOMESTEAO. SKNG 8elect from apadou -6 bedroom condos for couple or group. Great rate* a deal locaton HOMESTEAD. Terrflo condo at top of slope*. Walk to (ft*, sleeps 2-4. Ful otchen,- 2 b*lh*,~fvreplac«, $300/we*kend. dscount for eddl. tonal nfcht*. day* LAKE CHARLEVOX furnshed 6 2 bedroom condo* wfh freplace* or 2 bedroom collage*. Great skng a anowmobfllng MAU CONDO - Deluxe bedroom. Jacuzz, tenns, 300 ft to beach, summer rale* startng May st. $55 p»t day for 2 people HANTY CREEK-Schus* Mountan Chalet. 4 bedroom, 2½ bath, completery redecorated, TV 6 VCR. wth all amenhle*. 357-?68 SKBOYNE Stay at Hew Resort Condo Sute* The Water 8troet nn on lake Charevotx n Boyne Cty (600>45«-*33 TRAVERSE CfTY. 3 bedroom vacaton home on East Bay near swng. Quet, prvate. Av*Jt*btj» weekly/ weekend*. After 6PM : WNTER GETAWAY Sard Lake nn, 6loney Shore*..2, 344 bedroom* Stoney Shore* or) lake Huron: 2 bedroom cottage* RoomeFof r>nt BEVERLY HL8: room wth Mch- «n, famffy room and laundry prmkwe*. mmedate oocupancy. Ca after 6, or leave me*mge, BRMNGHAM lovefy home. dean. ouw room, employed gentleman Only BRMNGHAM, Off Woodward. 2 room* evalable n 3 bedroom hov*e.bent$26t+mute«,. - >,VA BLOOMFELO HL8- Home Kk«at. rno*ph«ra. ProfeeslonaL $6$ week, Many extra*. Can lof* Aft* 6pm CERTAN NGS take classfed, for nstance. ts sellng goes on and on. The next tme you have somethng to sell, check t out. Classfed wll put your ad n the hands of people who are ready to buy. And tll keep workng for you untl you ttake a sale. Wth classfed, youre the boss. tetuer & ctmtrt GLR66FED RDVCRTdlNG Oaklantl County 89^»00 Wayne County $ Rochestor/Rochostor Hlls % [ H vv tr v-

35 -e--~ -..-/ -}- Monday, January 8,99p O&E *7E ^ Oakland County REACH^GHGANS FNEST MARKET ^v^^fax^oufr^ EQUAL HOU8NO OPPORTUNTY [ % y *; NDEX REAL ESTATE/F6R 8ALE & REAL ESTATE/FOR RENT Seelntfex la Creatve Lvng Real Estate Secton EMPLOYMENT/NSTRUCTON 500 Help Wanled.502 HelpVYanted-Derta/Medca 504 Help Waned-Olfcc/Cerca! 4 05 Food-Beverage. : " 06 Help Wanted Sales 507 Help Wanted Part Tmo 508 Help Wanted Domestc 509 Help Wanted Couptes 50 Sates Qppotluny 53 Entertanment 52 Stuatons Wanled. Female 5*3 Stuatons Warned. Male 54 Stuatons Wanted. Mate/Female 55 Chld Care 56 Elderly Care & Assstance 57 Summer Camps 58 Educaton/nstructons 59 Nursng Care 520 Secreta/al busness Servces 522 Professonal Servce* 523 Attorneys/Legal Counselng 524 Tax Servce ANNOUNCEMENTS 600 Personals (your dscreton) 602 Lost 4 Found (by the word) 603 Health, NullKJn, Weght Loss 604 Announcements/Notces 605 Glad Ads 606 Legal Notces 607 nsurance 608 Transporlaton/Travet 609 Bngo 60 Cards of Thanks 62 n Memoram 64 Death Notces MERCHANDSE 700 Aucton Sales 70 Coleclb/es 702 Antques. 703 Crafts 704 Rummage Sales/Flea Markets 705 Wearng Appa/el snmmbsnsaebsesssn 706 Oa/ago Sale-Oakland County 707 Garage Ssnj-Wayr.o County 708 Household GoooV Oakland County 709 Household Goods-Wayne County 70 Msc. for Sale-Oakland County 7 Msc. County 72 Applances 7 3 ecycles-sales Repar 74 Busness 4 Olfce Equpment 75 Computers.. 76 Commercal-ndustral Equpment 77 Lawn, Garden S. Snow Equpment 7 8 Buldng Materals 79 Hot Tubs, Spaa & Pools 720 Farm Produce - Flowers. Plants 72 Hosptal Equpment 722 Hobbes-Colrvs. Stamps, 723 Jewelry 724 Camera and Supples 726 Muscal nstruments 727 Vdeo Games. Tapes 728 VCR. TV. Stereo. Tape Decks 729 CB Rados. Cellular Phones 730 Sportng Goods 734 Trade or Sell 735 Wanled to Buy ANMALS 738 Household Pels 740 Pel Servces 744 Horses. Lvestock Equpment AUTOMOTVE/TRANSPORTATON 800 Recreatonal Vehcles 602 Snowmobles 804 Arplanes 805 8oal Docks. Manna* 606 Boats/Motors 807 Boat Parts 4 Servce 608 Vehcle/Boat Storage 80 nsurance. Motor* 82 Motorcycles. Go-Karts. Mnb 83 Motorcycles. Pars* Servce 84 Campers/Motorhomes/Tralers 86 Auto/Trucks. Parts 4 Leasng 88 Aulo Rentals. Leasng 89 Aulo Fnancng 820 Autos Wanted 82 Junk Cars Wanleo 822 Trucks for Sale 823 Vans 824 Jeeps/4 Wheel Drve 825 Sports 4 mported 852 Classc Cars 854 Amercan MolorsrJeep 855 Eagle 856 Bulck /-»lllm ll»l)ul.jkhhwj>.»h-<!fl.jhwhu..fw»*w».. lm.»)m»«l»l 858 Cadllac. 860 Chevrolet 662 Chrysler 864 Dodge 866 Ford 82 Lncoln 874 Mercury 875 Nssan 876 pdsmobte 878 Pr/mouth 880 Pnnlac 882 Toyota 384 Volkswagen BUSNESS DRECTORY 3 Accountng 4 Advertsng 5 Ar Condtonng A&^Aurnnum Cleanng.-"^ 9 Alumnum Sdng. 0 Antennas 2 Applance Servce 3 ArtWo/k 4 Archtecture 5 Asphalt 6 Asphalt SeaJcoatng 7 Auto Cleanup 8 Aulo 4 Truck Repar 2 Awnngs 22 Bar beque Repar 24 Basement Waterproofng 25 Bathtub Refmlshng 26 Bcycle Mantenance 27 Brck. Block 4 Cement 29 Boat Docks 30 Bookkeepng Servce 32 8uldnq nspecton 33 Buldng Remodelng 36 Burglar Fre Alarm 07 Busness Machne Repar 39 Carpentry 40 Cabnetry 4 Formca 4 Carpets 42 Carpet Cleanng 4 Dyeng 44 Carpel Layng 4 Repar 52 Caterng - Flowers 53 Caulkng 54 CelrtgWork 55 Chmney Cleanng. Buldng 4 Repar 56 Closet Systems 57 Chrstmas Trees 58 Clock Repar 59 Commercal Steam Cleanng 60 Constructon Equpment, 6 Docks. Patos 62 Ooors 63 Of aperes/slpcovers & Cleanng 64 Dressmakng 4 Talorng 65 Orywall 66 Electrcal 67 Electrolyss. 68 Energy,69 Excavatng 70 Exteror Caulkng 7 Fashon Co-ordn%tors"". 72 Fences, 73 Fnancal Plannng 5 Freplaces v 76 Freplace Enclosures 78 Frewood, «Floor-Servce J Flpodlght SO Furnace nsfaed. Repar 92 Furnture Fnshng 4 Repar. 93 Graphcs.94 Glass. Block. Structural, etc 95 Gass. Staned/Beveled- 96 Garages 97 Garaoe Door Repar 98 Greenhouses 99 Gutters 02 Handyman male/female 05 Haulng 08 Heang/Coolno 09 Jtome Grocery Shoppng; 0 Housecleanng Home Safely 2 Humdfers 4 ncome Tax 5 ndustral Servce 6 nsurance Photography 7 nsulaton 20 nteror Decoratng 2 nteror Space Management 23 Jantoral 26 Jewelry Repars 4 Clocks 29 Landscapng 32 Lawn Mower Repar 35 Lawn Mantenance 38 Lawn Sprnkfng 40 Lmousne Servce 42 Unofeom 44 Lock Servce, Management 46 Marble- 47 Machnery 49 MobfJe Home Servce 50 Movng-Storage 52 Mrrors 55 Musc nstructon 57 MusJc nstrument Repar 58 New Home Servces 65 Pantng Defcoratlng 66 Party Plannng (Food-Fowers-Servlcej) 75 Pes! Control 78 Photography 80 Pano Tunlng-flepalr-Reflnrshlng 8 PlchtcTaWes 98 Plant 200 Plasterng. 25 PlumWng 29 Pool Water Delvery 220 Pools 22 Porcelan ftefmshjng 222 Prntng 223 Recreatonal VehWe Servce 224 flotal Hardwoods 229 Refrgeraton *, 233 Roofng 234 Scssor. Saw 4 Knfle Sharpenng 235 Screen Repar. 237 Septc Tanks 24 Sewer Cleanng 245 Sewng Machne Repar 246 Sgn Pantng 249 Slpcovers - Sewng 250 Solar Energy 25 Snow Blower Repar 253 Snow Removal 254 Storm Doors 255 Stucco 260 Telephone. Servce/Repar 26 Televson. Rado 4 CB 263 Tenns Courts 265 Terrarkjms 269 Tle Work 273 Tree Servce Truck Washng Typng 276 Typewrter Repar 277 Upholstery 279 Vacuums 280 Vandalsm Repar 28 VWoo Tapng Servce 282 Vnyl Repar 283 Ventlaton 4Attc Fans 284 Wallpaperng 265 WaH Washng 287 Washer/Dryer Repar 289 Water Softenng 293 Weldng 294 Wefl Drllng -*- 296 Wndow Treatments 297 Wndows 298 Woodworkng 299 Wood burners YOU MAY PLACE A t * & $ <XA8SF D ADVERTSEMENT FROM 040 A*.-** P.M. MONDAY"THURSDAY AHornom 0OOA-**V 5:00 P.M. FfttOAY DEADLNES FOft CLASSFED "LNERS- MONDAY SSUE: 5 P.M. FRDAY THURSDAY SSUE: 9 P.M. TUESDAY AS acventsmo, pubtehedlh The Observer 4 Eccenlnc s svfcject to the condjons staled n the appfcabte rate card, copes ol whch are avalawe from the Advertsng Department, Observer 4 Eccenlnc Newspapers Schoolcraft, Bead, Lvona. Ml 4850.(33) The Observer & Eccentrc reserves the rght not lo accept an advertsers order. Observer & Eccentrc Ad-Takers have no auftorty tobnd fasnewspaper and wry pvb-cator, of an advertsement shall conslu.e fsa\ acceptarce ol the advertsers order The Observer & Eccentrc wll ssue credt tor typographcal v other errors only en thefrslnseroool an advertsemenl fan enor occurs, the advertser m ust nofy the Customer Servce Department n tme to correct the error before the second nserton m 500 Help Wanted A 8U5Y COMPANY lookng for ambtous, dependable, people hourj per week No weekends. Lght housekeepng wth the txptmn Mad" AUDTOR -nformaton Systems Manufacturng. 3-5 yr. experence CPA or CSA- $45-<60K mnmum. Fu8 corporate benefts. Fee pad. B. HAML PERSONNEL ACCEPTNG APPLCATONS for feld observer, poston nvomng Governmental contracts. Extensve travel. hlgft school Graduate. CaS tor nformaton between 9.30am-3pm, Mon-Fr SW-0300 An Equal Opportunty Employer ACCEPTNG < APPLCATONS Natonal Promotonal Ctrtpnqn. hrng m marketng and sales. Entry level and many postons avalable. Must be sn&rp and energetc. Base salary, $ a mo. Benefts package and tranng. Cafl ACCOUNTANT/CPA 3 yrs. puboc accountng experence. Strong SU tax Jeackoroyrxl.»35-60, , J Steven J. Greene Personnel. J. ACCOUNTANT.Entry-level. College Degree rehred. Poston offers opportunftv.for advancement n a growng CPA.frm. Send resume Estes Orchard Lake Rd.. Ste. 3. W. Btoomfleld, ML 4A322 ACCOUNTANT.,3-S yr». experence. CoOoge Oegree requlred Poston offers opportunty rfpr advancement n a growng CPA tfrm. Send resume lo: Mr. Estes Orchard Lax* Rd, ^te. 3. W Boomfeld. Ml. 4M22., ACCOUNTNG ASSSTANT fufl tme poston open for Assstant Kp Accountng Mgr. Basc account- JnTfcrwwledOe, BM computer opor- "alon. a varous admnstratve du- "tles. Send salary requrements 4 re- >ume tor Awtec Keel SL, Prymouth. M» Attn: Human Resource Drector _ ACCOUNTNG Start Poston openng So* Ad - nsurance Seefon ;$ ACT FAST$ - PACKAGERS ;We havo mmedate openngs at a major vdeo comyany. Must b«abl«to work *Jong term n lha Westland ;area. You must have a relable car. Dont mss ths ^excellent opportunty.- Ap-.ply Mon. - Frl. 9-3:30 SOMEBODY SOMETME 8320 Mlddlebett Parksda PavWon Beu*en.7Ma« ACTVTES ASSSTANT NEEOEO.must have love & compasson for ledetty resdents, weekday nghts A.v>-eektnds- Experence preferred,»5-25/hr. Must4>» txotwe, Apply at Prymoulh Cl. JM Plymouth JXtWyM- 45JW50 Detrot ^OMNSTRATVE AS83TANT -needod (or electroncs company n Jroy. Should rwvs soma customer servce bactoround and computer -perlenca. PosfOoh wol mova you 40 Florda by Sept/990. salary»«7.000 to» « \ ADVEf\TlSlNO ORECTOft >V<aJor flnandsl nstrfuton requres Career orented person lor tnhousa -advertsng producllon. Must ba fa- Tnrasj wth dveo mtl and all other Mcdlss. Mr Ern 3«9-955 #. 500 Help Wanted Accountant Amcare Home Hearth Besouroes s currently seekng an Accountant Poston responslbtlues nclude preparng monthly tral balances and lournal on tros, preparaton and anarytls ol genera lodger accounts and other relarcat dutes. The successful canddate»u possess a Bachelor* degree n accountng end one to two years of accountng experence. Computer sxss bv cfcdng Lotus?3 requred. Ptease send resume 0: -¾ Human Resources Manager Amcare Home Health Resources nc. 34e05T»t>tv«M!eRd. Farmlnglon HBs. Ml 4» An Equal Opporlurtry Employer ACCOUNTANT/JUWOR Farmlngton HOs CPA" rvm has opontnos for accountant/pa/s professonal and Junor accountant. PdbOo accountng experence requred. Permanent poston wth gross potental. Salary and beneffts commensurate wth ablty. Resumes to: Tama & Budaf. P.C Mlddlebert Rd. farmlngton HJls. Ml Alln: Jeff AOMNSTRATrVE ASSSTANT J $35K-WJ tran Cal Today fee»95.00 : JN Agency AEROBC nstructor* AttenUonl Losl your dub? Lost yeur classes? Wa need you. Good wages. Pryrnovfarea A frendly Westland offlca needs a mature person to answer telephones Ml tme, 8-Spm. MorvFrl. 3.65/hr. nqure at 987 Manufacturer* Dr.. S. of Cherry Hat, E.ol Newburgh, or cafl and ask for Brenda or U 72M572 ARCRAFT REfUELER - part tme Poston startng at»5.50/hr. Must be able lo work any shft. Appry Butler Avaton. VYBow Run Arport, Just off Ecorse & Bode Rd An Equal Opportunty Emptoytr ALTERATON PERSON NEEOEO for Hyatt Ory Oeanors n WestJand. Flexble part tme hour*. Cal ALTERNATOR 4 STARTER Rebulder. Experenced! Flexble hour*. nquve at 3*53 Ford Rd. Westland. Call AN ASSSTANT MQR. Major Retal Chan Co. wll tran No fee Salary to $8,000 plus Recent coteoe oreds or 2 yr*. college f reaj management experence n any flem. Westland. raster. Southgate, Uronla, Troy. 0«arbom. Madson Heghts, Uttoa, Wanen. Slerttng Hetahts. etc.. et< RBSASSOOAJESAQt: etc A NEW DECADE A NEW CAREER One ol tha mjovests leadng anv ptovera o( tha_hand*appcd has.j mmedut* openngs n the Metro area for... MANAGER TRANEE. AoVancemenl lo Manager h 3-4 months dependng on abates. $20,000 pkrs st year potenual Bonuses, benafts & mora. Sales 4 management experence preferred. Must nave physcal or medcal problems d appry. Ca4 Mr. Rutherford. -4W ,. APARTMENT CLEANERS Wanted lor detal cleanng n vacant apartments. Experence htpful. Good ctesners a musl Please cal alter 6pm Ask lor Bob ^ :. MANAGER TRANEES We aro art expandng marketer n the gasolne/- convenlent store feld lookng for enthusastc career mnded people to Jon our management tranng program. Tranees atar at the store level and move at ther own paoe through vared levels of responsblty. There s excellent opportunty for advancement nto the areas of merchandsng, audtng A dstrct management. Benefts ncluded consst of the followng: ".» $6,000 to $20,000freyear salary Health a Lfe nsurance. Pad holdays 6\ vacallons Sck pay Retrement program. _ Related experence and/or college a plus but not requred. For confdental ntervew aerfd resume or atop at My of our Speedway stores to pck up an applcaton «\ mah to: Mr. Dav«Ecrwurde 0/0 EMRO MMt#Hr>fl Co. 2»SPoflH<w Tral W^kdlsk^MK^o^ JotnTh* Wnnng T**m. Cj.lO«<<tur«jtffr>jye : 500 Help Wanted ALTOSOLOST Salary poston. Frst Ccog/egat>ona) Church. rehearsal on Thursday and Sunday servce A MAJOft RETAL CHAN SEEKS Managers to» Assstant Manager to» Managemenl Tranees to» Prevous retaj experence n groceres, dscount store, health 4 beauty ades a plus. Fvfl boncw package 4 bonus. Emptoyment Center nc AMERCAN HOME CLEANNG s hrng House*eopors. Great pa/plus benefts, full tme Mon-Fr. Must h3ve ov»n t/anjporlaoon ANNOUNCNG FREE TRANNG for Lald-Orf Workers nformaton Processng. Copor Servce/Repar. Credt 6 Contnung Educaton Classes Hart n January. C«J WCC Job Tranng Schod NOW (33) to sgn up tor nformaton sesson & scholarshp eppocatlort. An Equal Opportunty Emptoyw/Tralner APARTMENT CLEANERS References, redabfe ransportalon. Ask tor Bob before ^728 APARTMENT COMPLEX GROUNDSKEEPERS nooded lor trxury complex n Farmlngton.»4.50 ^an hour. 40 hours per weok.- Plus benefts APPLY NOW MMEDATE OPENNGS. MEN 4 WOMEN _^ ALL SHFTS/ALL AREAS APPLY MON.-FR. 9-AM4-3PM Pcture D 4 SS Card requred Southfeld-27W. OMJe Ml(e6Lahs r Personnel Pool Temporary help snce 946 Never a toe ARCHTECTURAL ORAFTER wth 3 vr*. experence n commerc- buldng wortn) drawng preparaton for establshed Brmngham archtectural frm. Respond loavsox 940 Observer 4 E<xenlr"4Haewspapers Schootas^rRd; Lvona, Mchgan 4850 ASSSTANT COSMETCS BUYER Assstng Head Buyer plus counter work. Brmngham area. Excellent salary 4, benefts pkrs opportunty for advancement Send resume ndudjng salary requrements to: S*v-On Drugs, 650 Telegrepn. Brmngham Ml 4600 ASSSTANT DRECTOR OF GRADUATE ADMSSONS A prvate upper dmskx busness college seeks Assstant Drector lo mplement admssons polces, assst n budgetng for ervoflmenl recrut and counsel students and ad n developng marketng plans. Bachelors and Masters degrees re- OutrdoTort* mus be n Busness. Some experence n hgher educaton admssons and/or ma/kstng educatonal program desred Work- ng knowledge ol data processng preferred. Send resume to: WALSH COLLEGE Personnel Oepartmen 3438Uverno(s Troy. Ml 46064,, EOE 500 Help Wanted APARTMENT MANAGER 68 urvts. Clawson. Mlchlgaa Healng and mantenance experence APPONTMENT SETTERS $6-$9/hr Phone botp needed lor Westland offce. Part lme ev*es. 5pm-9:30pm. Must have pleasant phone voce and be at least 6y*. old. Call: Mrs. Kennedy Sl APPRAJSOR (REAL PROPERTY) CTY OF TROY Must be hgh school graduate or hare GED. Requres background m apprasng 4 accc<_llng7boo*jseeng. Exporlence prefoned. Must be a Level certfed appralsor by the Stale ot Mchgan. Salary» to»33,209 per year. Apply by 4pm. Jan 6, 990 to Personnel Omee. 500 W 6¾ beaver Rd An Equal Opportunty Employe/ ART VAN FURNTURE Openngs n ratal store layout Canddate must have extensrve exporlence n retej dsplay. nteror desgn or a degree n Desgn. Excellent opportunty lor recent gradual*. Poston requres the abnty to coordnate and dsplay rurnltura groupngs and creatvely accesaortra. Mutt M capable of takng nstructon* and translatng nto a fnshed product Salary commensurate w<uy experence. Beneft package ncludes major modcal dental, pad vacaton and proft sharng Experence only need appry. Cal Randy Reagan. «9-200 ASSEMBLY Back 0 school Fu 6 flax tme. Perfect for students 4 workng mothers. Apply n person Mort-Frt Blnds 4 Desgns, W. 8 ML Rd., Just E. e4 farmlnglon Rd. ASSSTANT FLOOR MANAGER Lngere. Must enjoy people and selung. Wl trax nght No Surv days. Appry at 32 Mal Sl, Downtown Rochester or c&b Ext 02 MTZELFELDS ASSSTANT MANAGER Local womens health dub now hrng assstant manager for our Sterlng Heghts locaton. Salary wth regular morasses plus commsson. f you are experenced n health UVs s the perfect opportunty for you. Cal Susan *t am-5prn ASSSTANT MANAGER - FWsy he s seekng an Assstant Manager tor the fne J«wery DepL at Lord 4 Taylor n Tworv* Oaks Ma. Management or Jowery sales experence ts hepfut. -Weekend 4 ; evenng hours requred. Great ctfportuntty for advancement lor the rght person. Salary pkrs commsson. Contact Mart reland O0 <xt 25 ATTENDANTS Full Ume poston* avalable formale or female. Apply n person: Colony Car Wash, 302 W. Ann Arbor Rd.PVnouth ATTENTON GENERAL LABORERS Warehouse work avalable.» per hour, long term. mmedla a openngs. ARBOR TEMPS ATTENTON HOMEMAXERS Tran for leader postons. Csssn halfway* 4 laundry rooms n apt communtes. Day work.»4 90 to»5.0 per hr rp«ld hobday*-* vscatkxvcal Mort-Frt,eam-3:30pm.<-< ATTENTON: Weal for rtcmemaker* who cannot get out lo work. C*J for th«purple Heart, no settng. Ca4 9-J5.Mon.-Frt ATTENTON Start tomorrow n Our telephone order department No «x perenca.»5-7.00/*. plus benefts. 2 Mda/Greenfted ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Guardan Photo, a^natlonally recognzed leader n the Photo Processng ndustry, s currontly seekng a postve, outgong ndvdual for an mmedate full tme openng as a clerk n the Accounts Payable department. Accounts payable, 0, key calculator & computer data nput knowledge la helpful, however we wll tran the rght: person. Canddate must be able to organze work load end bo accurato wth numbers. We offer a frendly work onvronmeft and excellent employer pad benefts ncludng: health & lfe nsurance, pad vacaton, short and long term dsablty, mert ncreases and more. nterested ndvduals must send a resume ncludng hourly wage requrement to: W. 9 MLE ROAD -Mp^rHVlLLE,Ml 4887 Attffjon: P«r»o<v6l D#p3«rf)eol v 500 Kelp Wanted ASSSTANT to Plant Manager. Order raw materal, press acfteduftg. shppng. Computer subs necessary. Good growth opportunrty. Resumes w/sajary requrements 0: Metro Stampng 6 Mfg..._, FuOerton Rodtord. Mt ATTENTON STUDENTS WNTER OPENNGS S8.0TO8TART FuJ. 4 Part tme, may become permanent. E-aes/Marketmg Deot. Cat no».9sm-6pm, ATTENTON: workng Supervsor (or Telemarketng company. Hgh enerperson, management orented. K expandng company. Experence AUTO only. Redtord. Sade JonesS ATTENTON: 8 TO 2 MAKE YOU NEW YEARS RESOLUTONS NOW Learn nr.ekjos Start a new career Be on the road to success HOW: Enrctt kt FREE tnslnkv. Urvted openngj kv CONTACT Accountlr^computlng WordProcoaalng BuCdlngmatnanano* CuBnaryArt 4eatnoccup*con Aulornechanlc Auto body repar Prnt technology Wayn* Wallsnd Communlly Schools lor qualfcatons ACTNOW CALL An Equal Opportunrty Employer AUDTOR/CLERK Servce Corporaton seeks hardworkng ndvdual for Audtor/Clerk poston, responsble for audtng and mantanng computer contact records. Good math skbs requred. Send, resume lo: P.O. Box 300, SouUvfeld. ML or cal l.ext 7 AUOfTOR-NTERNAL nformaton Systems Audtor. *45K mlrlrnum. Ful corporsl* benefltj. Feepald. B. HAML PERSONNEL FAST GROWNG metro Ford deafersmp s lookng for Autowesn-Oetsser, no sxperence necessary. Ap- n person: Tom Hober ford, 3«00t W. 0 MBe, farmlngton HSs. AUTO BODY PANT SPRAYER fantastc opportunty wth natonwde company n new fmd. Excellent pay. Truck tools provded. PermaCeram;97tV3 AUTOMOTVE ACCESSORES Sd Savage Auto Dealer Supply has trnmedae openngs avt-able for mature, sell mouvated ndmdua*. AutomouVe parts 4 accessores background t plus. OUTSDE SALES PERSON nthemetaarea^ V. TELEMARKETER DftVER/SALES PERSON Apply m person or send resume to: 2765NortMneBoed Taylor, Ml 46» 500 Help Wanted AUTO DEALERSHP Expandng dealershp has several M tme poston* wth general oho* experence now open: Accounts payable, car batng, costng of car deals. Appfy n person or send resume ta Offce Manager OonMasj^yCedSaclrc Ann Arbor Rd at -275 Plymouth, Ml 4870 AUTOMATC Screw Macrune Operators. Cone shop n Dearborn Heghts area requres exporonced MOra-Spndle Bet-up/Operator for dayshrftcaeam-4pm MECHANrC-CertJfled- and ambtous. Good pay. busy shop ALTO MECHANC certfed 4 experenced n dagnostcs, FarmngtonKSs Automotve TECHNCANS VAJ.V0UNE NSTANT OL CHANGE seeks ndvduals wtth mechancal skes/ab-ty to fo6ow procedur fu«4 part tme. Good pa* «beneft*. Pteeae eppv el any convenent locaton. VATvOUNErlNSTANT OtL CHANGE.. Equal Opportunty Employer - Mnorty/female/Handcapped/Vet AUTO OL CHANG B TECH 6 Manangement Tranee. Now hrng. Compettve startng wage based on sxperence & moth-ebon. Rapd advancement, opportuntes. Appry: Unde fafs Olfco, 3647 PMroulhRd.UvonU AUTO PARTS OeBvery Drver, Plymouth area. Must have good drtvtna record. B 4 F Auto. 00 Starkweather, Plymouth AUTO PART8 Drver good drmng record requred. Westpotnt Motor Supply W. 6 MM Rd. farmlngton HBs AUTO PART8 SALVAG E YARO s lookng for person wth good speak ng. voce. Experence wtth computer* preferred. Apply n person: Harry 4 Sons Arto Pvu, 26W0urr>rt. n Wanen r»~rv SJ%~ "^^* a ffo v* / AUTO^ORfER Lookng for M or part tme. Must be S yr*. old 4 have good drvng record. Good organ_s0on wtth advsneement coporturvtes. Pkuse cal Kevh AckJns, Servce Manager, at Temarofl Dodge. 8outhfekt ^. AUTOPOTER Must be heal and prompt, wtth good drvng record, good benefts ard workng condtons.- Apply h person to: Hnes Park Lncoln /Mercury. UsedCarDept Ann ArborRd. PS/mouth (at -275 Ext 2) - -AUT6 TECHNCAN HondS dealer needs experenced slate oerufled techncan to prep new car delveres. PaM hourly pkrs ttrnnlssfon and benefts. Contact Jm Nanys at v AUTO TECHNCAN -RtusToe stale cercfed. Please c*s for eppowement. SUNSHNE ACURA 47 Q*n() OPPORTUNTY S KNOCKNG GMS NEEDS 250 PEOPLE FOR LONG TERM LGHT ASSEMBLY.V0RK NO EXPERENCE NECESSARY M yrvj re * * V :,.- y,..!!.tt:!,"!t ( l«,plr*..<,j:- : \! l,!"*( r-)-( Htvrj H.UK;. r-, A,,), r> \ TOP PAY EsLST H M - -» f t ; >>v A ; O.\ >. - >:.:-:v [VMN:C<N CALL TODAY GENERAL VANA. V! \ SJ RATES mm 500 Help Wanted AUTO SERVCE PORTER ExceOent startng pay and benefts. Appry n person: Jm Fresard PonBac. 400 N. Man Street. Royal Oak, Soe Dave St/kes. AUTO TECHNCANS - mmedate openng for certfed euto technldans n tpp notch faeffty. Great pay. beneflkwork wtlh the best MarchTVe Co. Rck Bob AUTO WASH HELP WANTED. Full Una - male or lemale. CantonA/ea AVALABLE poston lor ambtous persor fu» or part Ume. Producton 4 lght assembly work, must knew typewrter keyboard and be rr^crsncbylncflned AVERAGE *7 AN HOUR. Sma3 Uvonta sandwch company neods assstant managers 6 food prepers. Part-tme mornngs, leave message BAR & COUNTER Person lor UvonU bowlng center. Day* BCYCLE ASSEMBLY Techncans lo aervlcemeor ratal account*., tmmedlete Ml/perl lme openng*. Must have own car. for ntervew cal -45M95 BRMNGHAM MARK T-Meat 4 defl departmenl servce counter. Top wages. benefltsc-.pad vecaon. Ova Ved porscnnel only. Ketryat BRMNGHAfvl CECLLES NOW HRNG Cosmetc Fragrance Sales, ful tme, experence prefened, but wl tran, flexble schedule. Cal lor Wo Woodward, Brmngham, Ml BLUEJEANJOBS" URTO$5/Hft WOLVERNE TEMPORARES BUY T. SELL T. FND T. CLASSFED DRECTORY SECTON Auto For Sate Help Wanted Heme & Servce Drectory F Merchandse For Sate Real Estate Rentals 500 Help Wanted BAKERY HELP WANT ED Ful and part-tme days avalable. No experence necessary. Ackroyes Scotch Bakery. Fve mle, Redtord. Ask for Terry BOOKK PER: CPA and management consultng frm, located m SouthfeM, H seekng an experenced bookkeeper. Responsbltes nclude bookkeepng, payables, processng payro and beneft forms. end data entry. Mnmum requrements nclude Assocates Oegree n accountng. 5 + yrs. of bookkeepng and computer PC experence. mmedate openng. nterested canddates should contact An Mtchell, Sr. Consultant, Grant Thornton at: E OC 500 Help Wanted F-C CODY 4 FRAME TECHNCAN wanted for shop. Hgh qualty, a must or BOOKKEEPER f u l charge bookkeeper for resdental home.bubder n Farmlngton Klls. 3 hrs/day. 5 days a week. Sen? resume to Ely Tama, Mddlebett Rd, farmlngton H,LLS, Ml 4806 Attn: Bookkeper Poston BOX Of FTC- ATTENOANT 40 (v. week. 7 day operaton, arternste schedule*, pleasng personalty essental, casher experence helpful, some typng, must be mature and dependable, start (6 per hour, Rochester area An Equal Opportunty Employer DRUGS RETAL MANAGEMENT OPEN HOUSE OURFUTURESBRGHT... jamertasvs 22ndlJaraest, ndusty-leadng drugstore chan s lookng for retal management professonals to sn^re. n our growth and success throughout the southeastern Mchgan area, anrj beyond f you are a hard-workng team leader wth management experence n a fast-paced retal envronment, our stores may offer the challengng career opportunty that you are seekng.. Our representatves wll be avalable to meet wth you at the followng locatons. No appontment s ncessary; however, you can call ahead for an appontment or more nformaton at 33/ Wcdtoday, January 0,990, from. 9 a.m. to. 4 p.m. Holday nr - Sonthrwltl Telegraph (South of 2 Mle Road) Frday, January 2,990, from 9.m. to p.m. Holday nn - an 320,^5 Van l>ykf (fwr-m 3 a»d 4 m *<»*) f unable to attend ood r»«um«or a compltd applk^noo to R4KaH Manag^rntn Po«Htoo, Arbor Drugs. nc Kuman R^^ourcw D«sp«rtmtrt, P.O. Box 7034 Troy Ml ^-va----,-:_,-«-uk vxvc-3 ;K;: j_>l,v.f.; ^^nm^^m^m 7

36 ; : : [ - l s r!?.{.. j l_! ) f.} t!: t : : " mm^m. *m*^^^^^^^w MSSHHBBHBSMHpfPp^ffP^T.LJ....., *. r; :- l H- \ j j»t t ; - % * \ s 4 * -. av f <. ^ -.- l V " T ^ f!!l H! H \ \ j» ; : <» t «*! t... _\ffcj 8E* O&E Monday. January 8, Help Wanted FULL Oft PART-TME POSTONS Gve us a Cjal or come on r to our store -located at the cornqrof Warren and Newburgh -Rds. Well answer any of your questons about employment at Mejer and help you fll out an appldaton f you wsh.. ts that easy to get you on your way to a new job today. OUft BENEFT PACKAGE features Hosptal^ Prescrpton Medcal Dental PadTranng Optcal Pad Holdays Penson Plan Pad Vacaton For more nformaton on securng your future wth a job at Mejer CArLL 33^ f L- V 500 Help Wanted A WN - WN 8TUATOH - TT* Sl«- Wy Group 4 )ro«lo W0. Wp»- 0>aJtz«n ah ctttgortej ol twnpor try employment, horl 4 kxw lerm. W«u>ey experence^ clercal, (Salt entry, lght rtdutrto. receptonst*, BABYSTTER neoded lo help n 0»y CereHeme. mmedate povtloo, Ml tmej Fa/mlnaton H.n». Ca.WSt-8232 BODY people needed lor restoraton *l>op: 5 yr». experence; w/own 0*». MusfeereOaWe 4 oonsejenllous. Oey or ftlojl»nlt« BOOKKEEPER Ml charoe through fnancal aaemenla wth computer bsckoround lor medum *e restaurant. MS-eSM eftlogepoat/lathe OPERATOR At least 3 year* experence, full benecu, Redrord a/ea, cafl between- 9-2PM BROOEPORT OPERATOR Experenced oo progres«ve de detells. Afternoon thll. VTcouMJndv*- trle». Fartnlnaton HB» 47"-50r feuftoefl KNO - Uvonta franchse s lookng for botb part & hs Ume employees for an anfts. we art also lookng tor manager*. Good pay. excellent benefts. Komomakera, Sr. ctzens 4- students are afl welcome. Call Mr Salem after 2pm BUS ADES Apply Bedford Unon Schools M99BeochCaly S.o(7M..Redford CAFETERA GENERAL HELP Call between am only EEOE CARPENTER - Commercal and resdental experence requred, References- M CARPENTER - EXPERENCED on deck* 4 ovy*-»t, wth references. Laborer also neoded - experenced wllh references CARPET NSTALLERS Ocod relable worker* needed year round CARRERS WANTED For early mornng vehcle delvery of USA TODAY. Route* now avalable n all area of Oakland County as well as Plymouth 4 Lvona area. Drver* must be avaflawe Mon thru Frt between 4am>7;30am. ftebano vehcle 4 prool Of nsurance necessary. CaD Cathy Rubn or Jeane Taloya Help Wanted CANVASSERS for company n Gouthneld area. We need 3 more. 0 per hr. To Ml appontment c«s : CARPENTEAS/Laborw* wanted tor toaela/tea. c<emarve»nq, & word resdental rough carpentry. Wages fxotx&tromlq ««t up an appt. commensurate wtlh experence. n our 8outMWJoffle«/C)353-78r8 Beneft* CNEAS the vmotm peoo* CARPENTEA3 WANTED Journeymen 4 apprentce*, t resdental. Can P*fe 45 CARPET WORKROOM - lookng for measure person, carpel 4 vlnjl n- taller*, warehouse help, only experenced need apply. Mon. thru Frt CAR/TRUCK PORTERS Poston* now avalable al McOonald Rental*. Fufl tme, compettve salary 4 beneft*. Must be 8 or older wth excellent drtvtno record. For apbt. cal CARV/ASHOETALEfl Or helper, start mmedatfy. Redford Twp area. FuB & part-tme. Can A ask for Kurt or Ba CASHER - Nooded lor aulo dealershp. Mu»l be-customer orented and wtntng to work. CRT experence hejp tm,.accuracy a musll Apply n person to the Servce Department al CRESTWOOD DODGE Ford M. garden Ctty. No phone calts please., - CASHER Permanent^ M Apply a Lnens 4 More. Wonderland Man. CASHERS V. w *». w n ^^r!!!." tme. Farmlnglon Hlls company has rufl or tlme poston open. Flexble C». perl oct lor *tudonl». Earn op -to t5 an hour. Blue Cross avalable CaS: 855-3*40 CASHERS lor *el< serve gas»la- Oons/convenJeoce floras, ruh 4 part tme, daysra evenngs, good (ob for retrees, good startng pay, apply n person only. Dandy Gas Statons, M&e al nksler and 3425 Ann Arbor Merrlman.. CASHER8 Fun or part tme. Top wages. Ber«- flt*. Bonuses. Experence lpreferred. Brmngham. KoOy at CASHERS FuB or par tme. Mdnght*. Also flexble day or evenng hour*. >r">» tran respovnwe person. MoM Mart, 2 Mae fd. at Fennlnglon Rd. CaflAnoeat., WORK WTH WNNERS!! Postons open for Hourly Producton Personnel NatonSrNumber One Unform Suppler Clean Workng Envronment wth Frendly People Benefts, Proft Sharng and Securty Hours: 6:00 a.m.-2:3g p.m. Please call between 8:00 am. & 2 noon Extenson 33, FARMER JACK and A&P SUPERMARKETS MMEDATE OPENNGS FOR ENTRY LEVEL POSTONS NO EXPERENCE NECESSARY -JON THE NO. SUPERMARKET TEAM Promotonal opportuntes Flexble schedules Scheduled wage ncreases based on senorty A dean, frendly work envronment Apply at your nearest Farmer Jack or A 4 P Supermarkets and see the 8tore Manager for addtonal detals. An foua/ Opportunty Vr&eyv FNANCAL PLANNNG ASSOCATE Coopers & Lybrand, a "Bg 6* Publc Accountng Frm, s seekng a hghly motvated ndvdual for our Personal Fnancal Servces Group. Your major responsbltes wll be: Generatng fnancal plans through the use of approprate software applcatons. Assstng wth specal project work. Dong basc research on specfc tax, nvestment and nsurance ssues. The deal canddate wll possess the followng qualfcatons: - Bachelors Degree preferred. 2 to 3 years n Fnancal Plannng. Completon of a mnmum of two parts of the requrements for CFP or ChFC desgnaton. Experence r fnancal analyss, basc accountng and ncontejaxaton. Profcent utlzaton of personal computers and software. We."offer a competuve _ s"a!ary"^hd beneft package. Please.send your/esume and salary requrements fn confdence to: - MareA.Heshczuk \ GooperS Coopers & Lybfaod &LvDrar>d WO Renslwaow Center v : ". Detrot,Mchgan4$ Help Wantsd C Aft WASH - fupcrlenomhep Up to ts.nv. Booyj A corrvrvmtorw. Overlng. fob A.p«r-tlmo. M»l«or lemsj*. Apply V perton: Cle4rtM»chln«CMW»»h. *. 3M8 plymoolh M., W. of Ft/mtratort; locafedln Acton OWvT^>ott«;:. CASHER FULL/PART TME For Soutfn«<J Aulo W»V>. Afternoons m 7pm & vrtekend*. Ouod orowth potental.-celt ftu Auto W«V> for»ppolntmont borweon 0-2pm. -, CASHER Needed eh tnlft. M or pa/ lme. WS t/ajn, MoM Sutson. 4 Mle end WOodwMd CASHER (fteleurmt) Mon. thru Frt. Hr». 03O CeS before Hem or after 2pm EQuel Opportunrty Employer M/F CASHfCftS^-FOf lull tme or pert tme. Come o/ow wth Amooo. Oance ol edv&ncement. S WOe k Fermlnoton. Scf>oola»(t A Fe/mlnaton. 2 MM a Orchard u*e. All ehlfte evejuwe- Amoco Staton*. CASHERS - M or part lme, Wftt eve-ewe. come o/ow wth Amoco. Apply et Mlddleoelt 4 Ann Arbor, TraJL MddleWt & Ford. Schoolcraft & Farmlnoton Rd. Amoco Stallone. CASHERS mmedate poston* avamable. MoM Ofl, 3K20 Schoolaaft.4 Merrlman,Uvona. Compettve wage and beoent peckeoe Please apply n peraon. CASHERS People *tw a/e dependable, laxe prde m thel/work. can wort wthout dose supervson 4 would lke opportuntes lor.advancement are hereby nvhed to K*> the SPEEQWAYTEAM We have part tme 4 M lme 00¾. lons avalable, full tme would n-" dude benefts; pad vacaton, health ksuranoe, pad awc days, etc. Startng w»ot» $4.00 per hour wfth reoula/v scheduled mert revew*. ApppMon. thru Frt, at the tooowtno. Spoodws: ><hta<4oc*llqn: 3 Mte & Orctvar dlakerd. CASHERS/8TOCK PERSONS Fun/part Ume. Flexble schedule*. U to start Overtme avalable.. Apply at Joe Randaaoe* Frut Market, 670 Newburgh Rd. el Warren tnwestand.., CASHER WANTEO. ". Pan tme or Ml.tme. Good pay. Company beneft*. Please eel : ask (or Sd, Harry or Bob CECLLES Now hrng Stock/Casher, part tme or Ml tme, day* end/or evenng*, flexble schedule, experence desred but wh tran. CaD 642-5(6 for nfo 650 S. Woodwa/d, Brmngham, Ml CHEF Fnancal Offcer sought (or rapd growth hgh tech company n Troy. Sales»5 mnon lo to malon. Mnmum qualflcaloft* CPA/MBA/5 years experence. Send resume to: Automaton Oata Corp., 233 Chcago Rd.. Troy. Mch : CHLD CARE professonal nooded td teach young chwron. Must be avalable, to work rom pm-6pm, Mon.-Frt. Experence necessary.»4.50anhr CHLO CARE Staff**! Assstant Drector*. Ful/parr-tme. Open 7 day* 6 nght*. My Place (Just For Kds) Northwestern, 8. of 4 Mle W. Maple at Lahser. 600 rftlp Wanted CASHER & STOCK For parttlme, t4 end up dependent vpon, ftupertenoe and beneft e- quvemenls. Casher* must be t year* old; tocfc 0 yeem old. Company pad bene Ms and employee dscount. Apply n person ear-on Orufl*. 650 Teleo/«ph al Maple, Brmngham CHCO CARE SUPERVSOR B«ohelora degree requred ncludng 2 hour a or more of chm development houra per week before 4 after school Respond by Wed, Jan. 0 to Debbe Shepa/d, Adult 4 Conv munlty Ed.. Troy School DUtrtd. 67&-7M2 f AHVmaUveArtlon/ Equal OppOrturSty Employer CLARON HOTEL Ol Farmlnoton HU» U cwrenty coeptng appocetlon* (or the fooowlng: OesX CterV*,. Befjaft. Nght Av^t end Room Attendant*. PJease appfy lo P*f sore Claron Hotel, 3525 Twefv* M(«Rd, Farmlngton HB*. CLEANNa/MAJHtENANC lor Farmlnglon HU reaj estate offce, Mon. through Frt., 4 hr*. da^r. Ask (or Mark or Jerry CLEANNG-PART-TME or SouthfekJ Beauty Spa, Wed,».- 5:30pm; Tues. 4 Thur*., 6pm- 6:30pm. Must be responsble 4 have relable transportaton CLEANNQ PERSON to work m apartment complex»m Westland. Some desk work. CeJ»4 leave message;, CLEANNO PERSON (or apartment complex lr> Canton. Some offce work 4 leasng. Fut lme. Hoorty wage. C«a Carol P CLEANNG PERSON e wanted (or daytme Jantoral poston. Cafl 0AM-5PM. « CLEANNG PERSON needed - fu«tme lor luxury 8oulhfetd epartmen communtty CLEANNO PERSON needed al Uvonla health dub. flexble hour*, evenng*, (rng* beneft*, deal (or cccege student CNCMACHNST Set-up and programmng, Vertcal Machnng Center*. Prototype castng ejperteno*..overtme, beneft*. profl thartng. Uyonla e/ea COLUCnON AOENCY, fuoy com- Pute/Ued and Expandng,- lookng for A letephone oooeetora - expererxsd Onry - nce weekly guarantee pujlberal commsson pad weeuy - 30 yr. old company and a leader m the feld. 5S7-66O0 COLLECTOR Aggressve, experenced person needed lo work on automated *y»- lem. Must b*tbta to handle hgh volume 6 produce resulta. Full tme, permanent poston avalable. CaS Mr. Soort weekday* before AMet COLLECTOR(S) Natonal Codecton Agency located n Southrleld area ha* openng* for coboctorts). W* ere offerng cooector<s) to work n an atmosphere that s oondusfve to success. Salares range from $64«per hour pu* generous bonu* end beneft*. Cafl Mr. Cohen COMMERCE TWP. manufacturng frm aeek* qoafled-lrvjmduaj for qualty control dept Mathematcal eboty necessary. Prevous expertenoe m h* area a pfu*. Cell Thadat STOCK CLERKS SHOPPNG CENTER MARKET has mmedate full tme openngs for stock clerks. Must be 8 years or older. Heavy lftng requred. Excellent pay. Apply n person at: SHOPPNG CENTER MARKET 6433 ORCHARD LAKE RD. (At 5 Mle Road * West Bloomfleld) * CLERK CASHERS STOCK CLERKS PART TME Must be 8 years or older. Heavy lftng requred. Good pay. GROCERY BAGGERS also needed part tme. Must be 6 years or older. Applyat: SHOPPNG CENTER MARKET, 425 NO. CENTER ST. NORTHVJLLE 2 : : CHLD CARE A PROFESSONALS BEAUMONT HOSPTAUGERBER CHLDRENS.CENTER needs ndv-kjua* «0 work a* Ca/egher* wllh young chldren. Canddates must enjoy workng wth chmren. be Cncere, warm end dependable. Fua and ^art tme poston* are avalable as; LEAD CAREGVERS Edufcfctlon prtftrred,a888tant8. > COOK» CLERK WE WELCOME SENOR ClTlzeNS"" Tc* more normaton about avajbe poston. contact the OERBERCHLORENSCENTER at 98-O02or send a resume. o:30n.llt)ey.centon,m 48l87...,. VL fw-scjsmt CAuceAu, _ "Gorbttr ChtldrenW Center* ; fqvt) Opportunty Empkytt DO YOU HAVE MONDAY AND THURSDAY MORNNGS OR AFTERNOONS FREE? Wanttoearnextracash? An Adult carrer route wllh the Observer & Eccentrlo Newspapers can be the soluton. n just four hours a day, twce a yteek, youll earn the extra cash you want wllhoyt sacrfcng yoor tme to the demands of a fulltlmejob. nterested persons must possess a polte busness-lke atttude, be self-motvated, and have dependable transportaton. Schedulng s flexlbre. ; CURRENT ROUTEOPENN08 ARE N: Oakland County. FOR MORE NFORMATON OR T.6 APPLY,.- :.:-,. Call v. -.-.: *00 ALS08EEKNG: * * Substtute adult carrers for all aroas, dutes same as regular adult carrer, but on call only. ; A V D Wayne County FOR MORE NFORMATON OR TO APPLY, Call f; «rr-^ "Tr.w 500 Help Wanted COLLECTOR FULLTME Progressh-e btnklocaled n Hamtramck * teeklng an experenced M tme Collector. Canddate musl have dh-ertmed CoCectlon background preferrably from t fnance company or fnancal bsltutton and exoeoent verbal and wrtten communcaton»khs. Salary commensurate wth experence. Send resume and *alary hstory n confdence to:... Human Resources-COS. P.O. Box 6823 troy, Ml Equal Opportunty Employer M/F COLLECTORS flnandal subsdary 0«fortune 200 company has mmedate par tme openngs (or experenced telephone coooctor* Your work h»*. */e lexlble Exceftenl work envronment t) Compettve wage* Suborban Troy locaton For wrther nformaton can he Human Resource* OepL ol Oana Commercal <*<edt * A OANA COMPANY we are en affrmauye acton equal opportunty employer COMMERCAL CLEANNO Part tme, ere*. flexble. Uvona. Wayne. Top pay. Leave name, number > COMMERCAL SEWER needed, lor downtqwn Manufacturng "company. Experence on an overcast machne necessary. Please cafl ^^ COMPUTER TECHNCAL Support Representatve. Mnmum 2 yr*. DOS experence. Async or Blsyne communcaton* experence preferred. Please sttte seary* requrement. Send resumes \o Box 02, Observer-4 Eccentrc Newspaper* chootcref Rd. LMmla. Mchgan 4850 * 600 Help Wanted COSMETOLOGSTS - Fd tme Earn more 6 learn more at Snbads, Har Studo*. FerndaJe, etoomhod,. Rochester. 8fd. Terry ! COSMETOLOOST8 Tked of part tme dead-end Job*? Tme lor change? M you re 8-* censed. John Ryan Assocate* of-* (er» pad adranced tranng, bene-. fts end Ml tme opportunty.! C*J COUNTER CLERK -" Ory cleaner*, part Ome. Perlec lor). maufe. dependable person. For n-) lervtew, eel M/. Hoetel at 473-0(. COUNTER CLERK (or dry deaner m: BVmtngham, afternoons ; COUNTER HELP - For Ft/mouth; area dry cleaner. Full tme day*. w\< tran H necessary. Cafl Mon-Fn. 9-pm 45S-S7/ COUNTER HELP.-. Mgl be knowledgeable wth electronc proj- * ucts..e. vdeo, au^o. compuer Mull be good wth customer cell tlons. Fu? tme. 6 day*. fuj benefts, Seady empoymenj n Oea/bom Heghts CaDave, , LABORE COUNTER PERSON 6 PflESSER Entry level )ob avallal^e n growng For dry cleaner* n Plymouth Expo-* constructon Co.. much room lor edvancemenl Startng salary (6 per ronce helpful. Tels Parkway Clean-* ers Northrffe Rd hour. Please nqure at CONSTRUCTON WORKERS Experenced ft remodennb. Mus have own toot* and truck*. Pay besod on experence. References. Keego Cons trud on CONSUMER RESEARCH kmervtcwng poston* open, part lme m Brmngham. ho tales, atrlctfy research, weekend help especally noeded-cafl: : CONTACT LENS assstant vatoe. Earn (6-S3 per hour. Must be dependswe. r^or part tme CORPORATE FUND RASER Mchgan Opera Theater seeks an experenced Devofopmen professonal as Drector of Corporate Relaton*. 3-5 yr*. corporate fund rasng experence most. Requrements nclude ebffty to nteract wtlh corporate executves, experence n mouvallog voluteor*, computer - teracy. and superor wrurg sxbs. Send resume, *alary requrements and a wrtlno sameole to; Steve Suskln Drector ol Development Mchgan Opera Theater 659 Second Ave Detrot. Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer COST ACCOUNTANT $24,000 PLUS, FEE PAO Large growng suburban company oners better than average benefts jftcjudsng proft-sharng and a generous bonus. f you are lookng lor rapd edvancemen and have 2 year* experence a* a Standard Cost Analyst lor manufacturng company, can Shrley tody SNELLNQ&SNELLNQ FARMNGTON HLLS COUNSELOR Establshed cerwr school, located n 8outhfold. rads energetc person to work n Student Servces.! Dutes wtl lnc#jde advsng 6 overseeng^ Students* actmue 4 retenton; Bachelor* Degree m Counselng or relatedfeldrequred. Cell Ms. Albert COUHTERHELP For Uyonla Ory Cleaner*. FuO or part-tme. Day* or Aflerhoors. Cafl COUNTER HELP Vdeo sbre. computer experence? helpful, part t^ne, mostly evenngs, good hours, good pey. Apply Value - Woo PkjS Mle Rd. cor- - ner el Heggerty or 6U2 Mdo*- bcfl.llvort* COUMTER HELP V/AKTED at dry denors located n FArmmaton HX 6 Oearborn. FuB end part tme postons. Cal VWu COONJEft PERSON needed. M or. part tme. CompeLuve wages. Can. between 0am-5pm. Con tec Oary-.: or Jay: COUNTER PERSON reeded for re-" sponsble poston n a growng Prntng operatort Good speuer. a Must fton-frl. 9-5:30pm CURATORAL ASSSTANT Archves 4 Lbrary. Henry For Muse-- urn 6 Greenfeld VAage. Dc^rborn.- MlcWgaa t year contract poston." TNs mult-phased Job ws nvolve or- ganlrjng and catalogng a cofoconol 9th and eart/ 20th century advertsng artwork, ephemera, photp- - graph*, and. artfacts of the H.J. Helru Company, usng ARGUS, the museums" CoCectlon management computer system, and actng as coordnator for a smajs exhbt to bo nstabed.n Helru House n Greoo- J feld Vftage. REQUREMENTS Knowledge of standard archval and/or museum lystems and proe*-^ dure*. Abtty lo use computer sy*-* terns. Hghly c*gar>u:ed aelf-slarter wth god communcaton skns,, ablty ¾ work ndependently and* comp^e a varety ol spodaued. but releted tasks. Prevous museum) x)t cooecuohs management expertenee desrable. nterest n hstory ol adverlslng helpful. STARTfWl, DATE; mmed^tey. Sendteller and, resume descrbng quajhcatxxs by Jan Drector Of Personnel, Henry Ford Museum 6 Groenfteld VHage, P.O. Box 970. Oearborn. Mchgan An Equal Opportunty Employer CUSTOMER SERVCE REP Fu3 tme poston n Troy. Pleasanl phooavoce CUSTOMER SERVCE Busness 0 twsnes* organzaton seeks, enthusastc ndhtdua? to Jon our coent servce team n a marketng capacty. Ths hgh vtcaty poston requres strong communcaton 6 organzatonal skns. CoGcoe degree 4 related experence preferred Compettve salary 6 benefts Please send resume to. Metro trad- Hg Assn ndustral Dr. Medton H*. ML 4607 MORE CLASSFEDS Thl clldclon contrhmd on tog* m^rnvrnmafflab CNEMARK THEATRES NOW HRNG Rapdly growng Theat/e Chan s lookng for energetc, honest, dedcated wnners to tran as MANAGEMENT TRANEES. CONCESSON ATTENDANTS & USHEBS. Benefts & advancement possbltes. Exctement & challenge guaranteed. Apply n person or send resumo to: Mrs. Prestage TERRACE THEATRE PLYMOUTH RD.«LWONA, Ml 4850 «>MWW^.-W-fl-WM>H GROCERY PERSONNEL Full & part tme postons avalable. :. Heavy lftng requred. No-experl-; ence necessary. Must t?e 8 years: or older. College students welcome. $6.00 to start n nost cases. Applyat: <- - : FOOD EMPORUM W. 6 Jrlle ftd. - Lvona ; «k Where ExperlencPaysl: Amorsur, a leader n the property/caeualty nsurance ndustry s commtted to excellent servlco to our customers and n the development. of our employees. We currenuy have opportuntes avalable n our Southfleld Oata Center for: Senor Programmer Analysts Senor Systems Analysts x x Senor Programmers Wo are seekng Data Processng Professonals wth 3-5 years experence to work wllh multple* large BM manframes n an MVS/XA envtronment.v utlzng CCS, JES2, TSO/JSPF, wth SNAATAM, and ACF/NCP n a natonwde communcatons network.. Selected canddates wll holp represonf Amerlsure as a\ leader n the 60s whle enjoyng our; complote beneft package ncludng: * Excellent salary wth mert based ncreases * Choce of Comprehensve or HMO medcal ; nsurance.» * Dental, Lfe, Dsablty nsurance * * Heahh and Dependent Card Rembursement Accounts, ) -. 40tK and Penson Plans j * Tuton Rembursement * 8mok«-free envronment "* The deal canddates wll bo contactod tor an" ntervew after submttng a resyme n confldorlce" "o:. -.- v<. ", " ; N.Wylonls : "Amerf«urd Companes Telegraph Southfleld, M fcjuw Opportunty Ernphytt. %

37 ^m^^m» "u» -,.,,,,,,,,, P«> ummn.n.tumu^^ftn ) j H.,..» t >»f^^^f^^^^y^^^^^^^^^^^»ppy^^^^^^^p^wpp^^^w^wpp^ ^wp^p;p»p^^p^p W " «> « , /. \ mwhhh Me #baeruer & Eccentrc fcteuspapers n^rrrp^^faga^^rrra^^ fsg^p^g.tjehaggrt: *. A r^^asa ft ffcj H Ml ll Marlyn FHchett edtor/ %.: - --Jh?,/:> >T{,^«.^V:.yV",*,v. y, ^mm^r^f^f.w? tmajnawjtfr MB«BM Monday, Januarys, 990 O&E * : - **F n tune Developed by Redco of Troy and desgned by Roasetl and Assocates of Detrot, Ralegh Offcentre represents a long-standng relatonshp between the two. Desgner smooths path for buyer By R Jettng specal wrter Anyone who has bult ther own home knows that the angush some- 4 tmes can outwegh the celebrty,; Affer all,_who knows gong n the dfference between three- and sxpenny nals, or why 220 wrng s preferred over 22? Then theres cabnetry to consder and skylghts, plumbng, ppes, floorng, applances, electrcty, nsulaton....,wth lterally thousands of decl- 4 sjons_to make durng the course of \ constructon, t s not uncommon for t e new home buyer to become ntmdated and anxous about makng the rght selectons to complete the project. Wth changes and upgrades expensve and tme consumng, new home buyers may want to consder hrng an nteror desgner at the blueprntstage to help allevate the potental for mstakes and assst n pullng the ntal components of the house together. "For most -people buldng ther frst home, t can be the most traumatc experence of ther lfe," sad Barbara Goodman-Krass, owner of the Colorworks Studo of "nteror Desgn n Farmlngton Hlls. "n some cases, ts worse than gettng a dvorce. "f the home buyer and bulder are not communcatng correctly, there can be tremendous problems, almost to the pont of amexfcan standoff* We can cut down on the mscommunlcatlon -and help people make the rght choces." PROR TO ground breakng, the new home buyer must decde the locaton and sze of everythng from freplaces to shngles, s there room for a whrlpool? And f so, how large? A furnture layout must be confrmed. The bulder must also know the locaton of all snks, tubs, showers, tolets, faucets and shower -beads. Floorng choces need to be specfed wth regard to type, materal, sze, shape and color. "Theres Just so much to consder that people are oftentmes overwhelmed," sad Goodman- Krass, who has been n the busness snce 976. "People are gettng Jt from all sdes. f they make a mstake, t may cost them twce as much to correct when the house s fnally complete." RECOGNZNG THE problems a new home buyer can come up aganst, Goodman-Krass s offerng a "bulder-desgner package" as an opton for buyers. The package gves the new home buyer professonal desgn assstance from the start of the project, and the bulder works wth a lason who gudes what the buyer wants and what the bulder s wllng to provde. - ^ The package can be mortgaged or pad for as an extra n much the same way a buyer selects a custom trm package. THE ASSSTANCE of an nteror desgner would help save tme and money" for all partes concerned, sad Terry Nosan, vce presdent of.nosan/cohen Assocatons, a resdental bulder n West Bloomfleld. Nosan/Cohen recently agreed-to offer the package n conjuncton wth Colorworks. "The Job of buldng a house requres a lot of coordnaton, and to us, tme s money" Nosan sad. "Sometmes a Jobxan be held up because the buyer cant get wth ther nteror decorator untl nextweek, and we need to know ther decson today. "Ths s the flrs^tlme weve had a program lke ths, and we beleve t wll help tremendously n educatng the buyer as well as makng sure there s enough lead tme to get all the materals before theyre ready \o be nstalled." :V A Nosan/Cohen house usually falls nto the 200,000* to $400,000 range. ALTHOUGH COLORWORKS may be one of the frst to offer a formal plan, area bulders and desgners, partcularly n the hgh end of the market, have worked together n a smlar fashon for a number of years. "Thats how weve worked most of our homes snce we started," sad Gerry Brody,- vce presdent of the Brody Group, Bloomf leld Hlls.. "f you have a bulder and an archtect, thats only two parts of the puzzle. You need an nteror decorator to make sure the flow of the home and furnture relate_ to the whole. "By usng both an archtect and desgner at the outset, or workng wth the bulders themselves, a new home buyer tends to get the best product avalable." the most froma ^ tenant needs By Dale Northup specal wrter Every once n a whle a buldng comes on the scene that transcends the stereotypcal glass boxes that lne our busness corrdors. The Ralegh Offcentre by Rossetl and Assocates of Detrot s a case n pont. Set back from Telegraph at at 0 Mle Road n Southfeld, t commands the attenton of motorsts wth ts crsp horzontal lnes. The wndows appear to be stretched between the support colmns. Corner wndows on the top :hree floors at the north end of the buldng contrbute to the vsual contnuty. The spandrels are clad n glass and separated from the wndows by a 5 sll creatng the lluson that the buldng s taller than ts sx stores. The vertcal and horzontal members of the facade are covered wth eght-nch square clay tles that lend the appearance of brck when seen from a dstance. The south end of the buldng, whch s the frst phase of the 300,000-square-foot. project, steps up and out on the upper four floors and rests on promnently vsual columns. Phase two, accordng to Marsha Fsher of Farbman/Steln and Co., rental agents for the buldng, wll be dentcal n the reverse. The two buldngs wll then be connected wth a sem-crcular pedlmental cap. An open pedestran plaza below wll provde a vsual lnk wth the parkng lot behnd the buldngs. As part of the same lnk, a concave glass facade above provdes a pleasng entry. Two convex glass entres add to a subtle play n spatal gymnastcs. Tenants are occupyng the frst phase; phase two wll be begun n the sprng. RALEGH S beng developed by Redco of Troy. Other projects nclude the Amerltech buldng, Top of Troy and the Volkswagen buldng, all n Troy. Rossett and Assocates, desgned these buldngs also, and they represent a longstandng relatonshp between -the archtect and - clent. Every commercal clent s nterested n the leaslblty of functonal offce space, but Redco also has a senstvty to desgn, both of whch satsfy the needs fo the tenants. Jason Horton, vce presdent for development of Redco, says t s mportant for the developer to create a buldng that s pleasng to the prospectve clent. Ths s accomplshed by a senseof dentllty that Ralegh has. The old credo, "form follows functon," contnues to play an mportant role n commercal archtecture. Algs Bublys, project manager for the buldng, says there s consderable competton n the offce market, so t s mportant for the developer to create a qualty product. Some of these features nclude desred square footage per floor, accesslblty of elevators, lobby features, and exteror landscapng. The elevator cores of each buldng are drectly behnd crculafsobn bes sheathed, n glass that provde a vsual connectng lnk on the frst three floors each sde of the plaza. The buldngs are totally connected above the lobbes on floors four through sx. The functon of the buldng does ndeed dctate form. Ralegh satsfes the functon wth a smple form complemented by good elements of desgn and further augmented by a productve collaboraton: between archtect and clent to mark a buldng that wll contnue to grow wth tme. > Dale Northup s a college professor and archtectural hstoran. Competng nterests n mxed-use condos Would you tell me what s meant by the concept of a mxed-use condo, and whether there U any conflct n, developng such a condo projectbased on your experences? A mxture of uses resdental and retal n a condomnum concept creates competng nterests that should be addressed by attorneys who prepare condomnum documents. A mxed-use condomnum s one that usually. combnes resdental unts wth unts of a commercal nature. n a hgh-rse project, there.may be retal stores on the ground level wth resdental unts n the rest of the buldng. An exampjejrtpotenllal conflcts, center around use of sgnage for the commercal store, whch may be. precluded by the resdental part of the condo. condo queres Robert M. Mesner The answer s smply to have a set of documents drafted that foresee and overcome these specal problems before they arse. Robert M. Mesner. s o Btr-, mngham attorney specalzng n condomnums, real estate and corporate law. You are nvted to submt questons forxhs column by.wrtng Robert M. Mesner, Telegraph Road, Sute 467, Brmnghart] 4800: Ths column provdes general nformaton and should not be construed as legal opnon p-p*"w9x*.«w. FLOOR PLAN AT. DOUBLE CARPORT v.< -\r* \r An exact rectangle provdes the greatest economy n borne constructon. There are no nsde corners to turn, stock lumber lengths may be utlzed, and a straght gable roof canbebullt. /, The house can be constructed on * ether a crawl space foundaton or a slab foundaton. The bath la compartmentstyle, vrtually provdng the accessblty of two full baths wth only one tub to purchase, and. the tub area s totally separated. The lvng room s adequate for famly lvng. The ktchen s a good sze and ncludes an eatng area that s sutably szed. Laundry facltes are tucked away behnd blfold doors near the ktchen area. The house has three bedrooms; the master bedroom ncludes a walk-n closet and drect access to the compartment bath. AU^W.D. Farmer.plans nclude, constructon detals Tor energy effcency and are drawn to meet FHA and va requrement*. For more nformaton, wrte to W.D. Farmer, t P.O. Box , Atlanta, Ga «> PRME CANTON LOCATON Wth Large Natural Park Floor, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Model9-3Floor?lans ; - Prvate Errt«4ncea > GE Applances Cathedral Celngs Carport -./ A From 77,400 OPEN 2-5 Dally X^ kl2l L., J Jlk nr. : j ^= emt* H* zzu hr/rrr;: pr.: SALES BV CENTLtaV ZU HARTFORD SOUTH. NC. > V ( mftmt^m *ftl^***fctf**a**m

38 W^*» ^ ^ * p ^w^npppotpp mm mm* L--ab MvfOd T - a ^ J. mm» -^0(,,^,,, u -\\Y, kw»r j^m/nt Vh"j M N M M ^ M M M ^ ^ -....»- ; ^. - - : : <..,. t>*. > ; ^ - H_ - -.: h. ^ BUY t SELL T, FND t CLASSFED DRECTORY 500 twp Wanted SECTON Auto For Sale F-C Help Wanted Home A Servce Drectory P Merchandse For Sale,Reat Estate Rentals CLASSFEDS Thl clflctlon contnued from Pagt 500 Help Wanted.. COUNTER PERSON lor dry cleaner*, great wages, pm- 7pm shft avalable. Ferrnlngton area COUNTER SALES. Aunt Claras Bakery & Cafe, Downtown Rochester, mornngs, fub & part tlmo, great worklngerrvronmenr, CUSTODAL SUPERVSOR - Start $4,000 wth benefts, nght*. Apply n person UvonJa Famly Y, 4255 Stark Rd. :.. CU3T00AN-PART-TME. (or large Church Complex deal for College Student -fe.&tlre*. Must work weekend*. Lfvonla Help Wanted CUSTOMER SERVCE, Dearborn based natonal company ha* full tme and part-tme postons avalable lor 600 number phone representatve*. Experence necessary. Oreat workng condtons. Celt Usa betwoen 9am thry am ext 34 An Equal Opportunty Employer CUSTOMERSERVTCE REP Must have good communcaton sklls A desre to serve customers- Some Audo A Vdeo Consumer Electronc Product background helpful. Full-tme poston ww overtme & beneft package. Caa between 9-t am, Moa-Fr., ask for Jack,.., CP.A-Experenced Tax Specalst for Oakland County CPA frm. Marv ager poeluon leadng to partnershp. P.O. Box 65. Brmngham, Ml OATA ENTRY OPERATOR 2 years experence. Part tvne, days or evenng*. SouthBeld area. Ask for Soeree Customer Servce Staff Supervsor The past twenty-seven years n the natons thrd fastest growng ndus-. try has proven successful for Norred temporary servtoea. Currently our Sales exceed $400 mnon and our goal s to reach 9600 mllon n 990. ^Curfentfy we have a Staff Supervsor poston avalable n our Detrot/ Dearborn area offce, RespbnslbtSttes nclude nervlewlng A testng applcant*, heavy customer servce contact over tbe telephone, admlrv st/auve and manageral responslbbltle*.kfeal canddate* must have: - 4 year degree. 2-4 years Customer Servce/Offce Management experence. Offce Automaton experence.; Your.valu able experence enttles you to an ndustry leadng.salary end benefts package. For confdental consderaton, send resume and salary hstory ; to: Duane Green, NORRELL TEMPORARY SER VCES, 550 Slevenson Hghway, Sute 30, Troy. Ml NO. PHONECALLS PLEASE. EOE. DATA ENTRY OPERATOR - Progressve hgh tech frm n Southflekf *, seekng an ndmdual for onlne Computerzed Data Entry. The deal canddate wu have recent computer data entry experence. Word processng experence s helpful but no a requrement. Send re- ~ sumo ncludng salary requrements to:. Data Entry. PO box»45, Lathrup VWege, Ml <. CUSTOMER - SERVCE, HEPS Budget Rent a Car s sookng Cuv lomer Seryloe Rep"* lot ear rentals. Must have oood eommunlcaoor and math akb*. and a dean, neat appearance. Beneft*, plus kxenuve*. H nterested, please apply: BUDGET RENT A CAR Mchgan Avenue.-";_ Wayne,M4664 An Equal Opportunty Employer CUSTOMER SERVCE COORDNATOR We ere a hghly respocted nat temporary help company wtff.mmedate opportunty for a results orented ndmdual nterested n workng near Lvona. Poston wtj nclude recrutng, ntervewng, testng, hrng a placng of qualfed applcants. Strong orgarustonej & good verbal. sklls are. essental. Mus have a mnmum 2years related experence n a servce ndustry or human resources department. you e/e lookng for aca/eer wth tremendous growth potental, caa be^ tween 9any5pm, «7 Vctor nterm Servces An Equal Opportunty Employer /-DE LEADER Experenced on progresslvedes Jo supervse he afternoon shft. Vtlonat--t!oyftJ ndustre*. Farmlngton Hlls -* Customer Servce. BLOCKBUSTER VDEO. S LOOKNG FOR Customer Servce Representatves FULL & PART TME Days-Nlghts-Weelcends BLOCKBUSTER VDEO s the natons fastest growng vdeo "superstore" concept, emphaszng selecton and most ktsportanty. customer servce. As a Customer Servce Rep you wll receve a compettve salary and the advantage of flexble schedules. Ths s an exoocent opportunty to work n an exctng envronment. APPLY N PERSON 0AM-0PM BLOCKBUSTER VDEO 36W. MAPLE BRMNGHAM Equal Opportunty Employer Mrwrtty/Female/Handlcapped/Vet OAYCARE COORDNATOR poston for elementary age n smal Monessorl School n W. Btoomfetd area. Experence wth ohbdren requred. Ce5eAM-3:30PM Help Wanted» DE MAKER/CHE LEADER Expandng & crowng company wants qutfed a experenced person for new de construct on Days. Excellent benefts.apply: «- Warren Products, nc Old Base-lne Rd, NorthvUe. DRECT CARE POSTONS Avalable n Redlord group home. FuK & part trrte avalalble. Oreat benefts, For more nlo Drect Care Staff for group homes n Canton 4 Bellevne. Prevous experence wth the development ally dsabtod preferred. Oood beneft package 4 tranng, provded to 5.65 an hour to start. Can R. Mcketsen betwoen am a 2pm weekday* RRRS EOE $00 HeS Wanted DRVER a At around person. Must t^y9 good drmng record. Please cafl Mrs WrtghL : DRVER Oood drmng record a must! Wn also functon as X-ray asstant to techncans lor portable )$-rey company. Excellent tranng provldodwtth good benefts. Apply n person only Mon. - Frt, 9am-3pm. The Nursng Home Group Teegrapf.(between 9 a tomlex Southfeld. Mr. DRVER NEEDED For dally delveres. Must have good drvng.record and vald" drvers lcense. Call ; - DRECT CARE STAFF needed for new Westand group home. *ar shfts,»5.60 to start plus benefts. CaJ DRECT CARE - Teach lob skats to developmentally dsabled. Adult work program. Experence requred, Excellent company, benefts, fun tme afternoons. CeB Mon-Fr, 6am- 4:30pm DRECT CARE Wth menally mpa-ved grts/young women. Are Lady of Provdence Confer, NorthvlBe. Saturdays 4/or Sundays 6am to am or am to 7:30pm. Supervse and assstance n dally Bvlng skfll*. CaS Sster Theresa 9-5pm DRECT CARE WORKERS Human servce agency wshes to hre people who have a sncere and carng desre lo work wth ndvduals who e/e developmenlally dsabled and lve n resdental settngs. Fun tme postons avalable mmedlttofy. Frnge benefts are offered. Call Jorry e or Becky at DATACOUECTONS NO SALES WLL TRAN Part tme evenngs and occasonal woekends. Clercal background preferred. Must have excellent readng sklls. Cafl Laura weekdays only, «:30am-4:30pm DATA ENTRY TYPlST-Experenoed. fun or part tme tor vdeo outlet Lfvonlaarea CUSTOMER SERVCE REPRESENTATVE PROGRESSVE s growng fnancal servces company wfth ah mmedate oprtoq n our Lfvonla offce... -«We are lookng for a hghly motvated ndmdual lo perform varety of dutes nckxjng heavy phone work, CRT processng and problem solvng. Qualfed canddates wu possess: Hgh school dploma or GEO Prevous phone experence Record d dependablty CRT experence plus Progressve offers exoeflent benefts nckjdng vson and dental care. you are nterested, please can Sue Turk lo our Cleveland offce on Tuesday mornng, , betwoen 9 AM. and 230 PM. only at , Ext A non-smokng offce. - -». - : The Progressve Companes We Vve up to our name An Equal Opportunty Employer OE8URR HAND - Mnmum year experence. W» tran. Apply betwoen 6am-4pm, 865 Globe Rd., Lfvonla ADMSSONS COUNSELOR You enjoy the people sde of marketng: vstng stxjens n Mchgan Hgh Schools, Commuty Corteges & Busnesses; talkng wtth enrollment plus prospects on the phone; organzng oh campus events. You lke havng the success o( your work measured by the results you acheve. Some evenng & Saturday hours ft your flexble ^schedule. You have a Bachelors degree 4 work experence that wll help you succeed n student recruttment you ft ths profle, aprvate college n northwest Detrot has a poston that mght be rght for you. Send a, fetter tellng us why you are the person we. are lookng for and your resume to: -"-?.- : v-; : Box 3a-: S 6 fertrer & Eccentrc Jetotfpaper* 3625 Schoolcraft -,: --^-Llvbnla- Ml f ; METER READERS ;:«, deal job openng for entry levej employees, or those attendng nght school. ) Full tme employment readng utlty electrc meters n Oakland County. Must be excellent physcal condton and wll-" ng to work outdoors n all types of weather. Musthave relable transportaton and a vald, Mchgan drvers lcense nsurance and regstraton.. > Startng pay $5.50 per hour plus benefts and mleage. nterested canddates call Mr. Green, 8-5, Mon..thruFrl, DREGTOR OF MANUFACTURNG - ; Medum. szed manufacturng company needs hrghh/mbtjvated, self-startng ndvdual for the poston of Drector of Manufacturng. deal canddate wll have 0 years plus experence n manufacturng envronment. Unon hop. Canddate should possess degree n: ndustral or Manufacturng Engneerng or equvalent. x KnowledgeaWe m plant layout, desgn, MRP 6r equvalent manufacturng control systems. 8uperlor benefts,. ncludng 40-K. Salary commensurate wllh experence. Qualfed applcants should submt resumes to: -. Box 0. / Gbttbtt & ttttntxt JlttotwptM 3625 Schoolcraft Rd. rvonla, Ml 4850 DEDCATED WORKERS Lathe/MMng caschlne operators a Grnder operators, experenced. Opportunty for many hours. Apply at RANTOM NC., Cherry (Jl& M. (at comer ( Rdge RdX Canfon. Ml. DEU COUNTER PERSON FuB tme, days only, Moa-Fr. Oood pay. Troy area DELVERY PERSON. Art studo needs person wth good drvng record and knowledge of Metro area. Drvers wth over 2 pts. neod not apply. Benefts ncluded. Call Detrot A/ Servces; betwoen 6 and 4 pm weekdays al exl 263 DELVERY PERSON - fus tme to deover ejrlne tckets to corporate accounts ol busy NW suburban travel agency per hour plus mbeage. Can tort; OEMONSTRATORS PERMANENT/PART TME *7. per hour plus commsson. Work n a wel known" department store weekends and/or evenngs. Can VAX APPLANCES: «TOLL FREE. ; Mabox^ddresa: Equal Opportunty Employer DRECT CARE. WORKERS Needed for group home n Uvonla. Fua tme. Al shfts avalable. Must be et least 8 wth hgh school dploma or GEO. t5 an hour to start, more f traned. Call An Equal Opportunty Employer DRECT CARE WORKERS Group home for^derty n Farmngton Hlls fun/part-tme, mdnghts. Call between 6am-5pm DESGN CHECKER Experenced n automatc gagng machnes and/or specal machnes (5 yrs.l Overtme avalable, benefts, 40K plan. Send resume and/or m a t KJ. Law Engneers nc. W.8MSe.Novl,Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer DESGN ENGNEERS ELECTRO/MECHANCAL FOR TER OEM Muft functon Swtches a Controls. Salary $50,000 plus. Permanenl. Excellent growth a benefts. Cafor send resume to Mke Natonwde PersonroL nc Van Born R6. Taylor, Ml 4880 DESGNERS We have mmodlate openngs lo the followng DESGNERS Palnl spray booths, ovens, duct work, shoe) metal structure*. 3-S yrs experence. ntergraph s a ptus SENOR DESGNER (Prme PQOS Het a! dampng Oogree preferred.. DESGNERS Automalod assembly Conveyors Welders --- AMPR0 SERVCES. NC 2690C<ooksRd Sufte Troy, Ml (33) An Ecjual Opportunty Employer DESK CLERK We need professonal people to answer ncomng cars from customers respondng loour nauonaff* advertsed products. We offer W-W/ lv, your own desk a complete tranng, benefts a a luxurous envronment. Can DESKCLERK WBtraln.AptrfyMolelS, Grand Rver Avenue. farmlngton Hns.. DESK RECEPTONST poston avalable at Lfvonla hearth ckjb. Flexble hours nclude evenngs a weekends, deal for college Student. Can, DE DESGNER,., DETALER Experenced On progressve des. VTcoun ndustres, Farmlngton Hlls DE MAKER for small metal stampng plant Mutt t\*v» abuky lo buod hew des and mantan exstng tools, Sne A progreserve. Job shop experence hetpful. Appfy «t: 8uoher fool, W. 9 Mle, Fa/mlngton Hlts. DRECT CARE Wrect Ca/e Workers needed mmedately for earl lme mdnght a weekend shfts at small group home. Must be fufty WCL8 or M0RC traned, hgh school orad A have good drmng record, fl.25 to alert Cafl Mon.-Fr, 9am-5pm, «DRECT CARE Needed lo work wtth rjevefopmenlaffy dsabled adutts n Nov! group home (near 2 Oa*a Man). Fu«part lme postons, 5 per hour to tart Must be at (east 9. have Moh school dploma a vsfld drvers» cense, CM weekday* An Equal Opportunty Employer DRECT CARE STAFF postons avertable n Dee/bom area lo work wtth bend«capc*d adutts. No experence necessary. H*. Room lot advancement for carng dedcated kv dmduafs DRECT CARE STAFF needed for group homes located n Norawfm & Canton. For mora nfo. can NorthvHte, EfUebeth Canton, Barfc DRECT CARE WORKER lor group home n Plymouth area, assstng female wth menal retardaton 4 physcal dsabljrjee.. Start $5 per hour. Benefts a pay rase after 3 months. Call : DSCOVERY CORNER seeks a warm, carng ndvdual to teach young cmdren.-musl have experence. $4.50 an hr DSPATCHER FuS and part tme Communty EMS of Novl fs acceptng applcaton for M and part tme Dspatchers. Experence end EMT Lcensure preferred. Excellent communcaton skns a must. For addtonal nformaton, contact Usa at DSPATCHER TRANEE No experence necessary. Wllng to lea/n. Must be able any shft 4 have own transportaton DSPLAY t MERCHANDSER En try-level VS Fasoners.tnc-a leadng nat hardware products dstrbutor seeks dependable, hard-worong person to s^t-up our dsplays n major home n^ovemonl centers. ReBabfe auto a f*0t of nsurance requred. We offer a eomp«tuve salary a car allowance. For more nformaton please call Mr. Larry Swlngholm on Mon, Tues. or Wed. Jan 8,9.0th rom am-4pm An Equal Opportunty Employer DOMESTC VOLENCE SEXUAL ASSAULT AGENCY Due to new rxogrammlng he followng postons wtf be avalable. COUNSELORS MSW. m related human servces ftesdprelerred. RES0ENCE/NGHT MANAGER Bachelors dogree n human servces feld pr efcrr eo.- Full a part tme postons avalable. Experence wth sexual and domestc assault survvors preferred. Resumes only, no cajls. nclude cover letter ndcatng desred poston. Frst Step 638 Farmlngton Rd. WesUand. Ml 4665 An Equal Opf>ortunlty Employer. DOORKEEPER NEEDED Responsble mature retred couple lor senor dtlzen buldng. Must be avalable lor evenngs a weekend dutes^ along wth mnor jnalntenance. Free apartmenrat utltes. Appfy to: SlalhakJs nc Allen Rd. Trenton. DO YOU NEED CASH TO PAY THOSE HOLDAY BLLS? Then brng your drvers Rcense. socal securty card a lunch because YOure gong to work. Apply now lo be placed mmedately n a Ught ndustral Job. S4-S5 startng pay w/mert rases AB shfts avalable No experence necessary FuB-lme, long-term essgnments leadng to permanent postons avalable WESTLAN TAYLOR REDFORD FUTURE FORCE TEMPORARY HELP SERVCE NEVER A FEE" DRVE R/CUSTOMER DELVERY WAREHOUSE A Waned Lake/YVUom area marketng and servce corporaton s lookng for neat and dependable ndvduals for ts Customer DeOvery Deo!./ Warehouse. You should enjoy pubbo contec, be at least 9 years old and have a good drvng record. Ths s an entry level poston provdng opportunty for » ORVER/OELVEflY PERSON Full tme. Chauffeurs lcense a must. Must have good health a relable transportaton a references. Heavy lftng requred 6 dsys. 0 A Woodward area. Call Judy DRVER. FULL-TME poston (or Photoftnlshlng comparry. Overtme requred. Oood drmng record, Must. Slert: *«Thr. Rases A promotons based on.performance. Appfy: North Amercan Photo, 2745 Schoolcraft, Lvona DRYER- Large local Manufacturng Co. seekng an an season drfver wttf 2 yrs. mnmum of verfable experence. Mutt be rammar wth DOT huardous materals.regulaton. Knowledge ol Compressed gases hefpful. Requtstlofl « Send Resume to: Box 978 Observer A Eccentrc Newspapera, 3625, Schoolcraft fvl. UvorS. Mchgan Equal OppoffOnty Employer Mrf DRVER Leadng beverage operaton lookng tor experenoeo deovery drver for route sale* poston. C or Chauffeurs Boenae requred: OependsbBtV a must. 6-9 dsy work week. Oood benefts. Send resume lot -. Retal 8ale» Manager P.O.BOX29 Pfymouth, Ml,4970 DRVERS A DSPATCHERS, also part tme typfs. For growng cab company. Call for adpucattorv 477-4J35 : DRVER OWNERS NEEDED. For expedted ar freght pck A delvery, Vans, small trucks. Set rales. Call > DRVER POSTON Part-tme. UvoNa area. *8.25Vhr. Retrees welcome. CaJ (<x ntervew Help Wanted ENGNEERS, Brake Engneers for large manufacturng company n Northern Suburbs seekng: J Teal Development Engneer 35-55K Customer Servce Engneer 30-40K Full Corporate benefts; agency loo pad by company.. * B.HAML PERSONNEL DRVERS Domlnos s hrng sale drvers for deovery. Earn up To 58-9 per hour. CaJ sfter 3pm DRVERS lor handcapped vans. Good drmng record. Please call between 9am-4pm DRVERS Must have good drmng record. Loadng A unloadng trucks. Some warehouse work. WB tran. Fu9 benf package. Troy locaton CALL PG SERVCES CORP. P.O.BOX 4267 TROY, Ml DRVERS: On call. 9am lo 6om. 9am to. 9pm. OeDvory throughout. W. Oaklandfcountyor W. Wayne County. Must have relable transportaton. 30 to 50 denvores per week. <5 per deovery plus tps ENGNEERS We have (mmedale openngs for he lotlowtng ENVRONMENTAL ENGNEERS e>$uper fund experence s a plus Waste water experence - /CVL DRAFTSPERSON. CVL TECHNCAN Survey experence WELDNG ENGNEER - -4H«Ser weldng experence. PRODUCTON," SCHEDULNG Ford producton schedulng system Short term assgnment Retrees welcome PROJECT ENGNEER FacSles Power dstrbuton desgn AMPR0 SERVCES.NC 2690 Crooks Road Sute 307 TroyvM (33) An Equal Opportunty Employer DRVERS - Truck drvers for a Ml. based carrer. Must have good drvng record, home most weekends. Flat/sled experence preferred. At least yr drvng experence requred. Pay based on percontage. Addtonally medcal and dental benefts wth retrement Can Personne(beNrt>on9am-4pm DRVERS WANTEO Oprnlnos Ptaa n Wayne. Earn up to tl per hour. Must be 8. work nghts A weekends, have own car wtth good drvng record. FuB or part-fne. CaJ 2-4pm or 0pm- 2mkWghL DRVERS - We warn you for desgnated route. Our vehcle, 2 plus/retree welcome. DMV requred DRVERS... Hungry Howlos Ptaa Earn up to $07nr. Part or fub-tlme Ten Mle Rd.. comer of Lahser.Southnod DRVER WANTEO lor afternoon shft. Excellent drmng record a must Appfy n person: Detrot Bo Lab, Freeway Park Or, Farmlngton Hlls between 9am-3pm. DUNKlN DONUT now hrng afl postons. 68 Telegraph Rd. Redlord Twp A Ford Rd, Dearborn Hs. Apply n person. ELECTRCAL/ ELECTRONC ASSEMBLY Bund electronc essemboos A prnted crcut cards. Tech school or related experence. K.J. Law Engneers nc W. 9 MDe, Novl. Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer ELECTRCAN Poston avalable for ndmdual wth mnmum of 3 yrs. experence workng wllh hydroocs, pneumatcs and control panel wrng. Medcal benefts and pad hoddays- Send resume lo: P. O. Bex 94, South Lyon. Ml 4878 ELECTRCANS (Journey Levef) wllh Cty Lcense. Rcwe Electrc. nc.. Wayne. CaJ ELECTRONC TECHNCAN" lor ndustral nstrument servce. Must have mnmum of Assocate Degree or 2 yrs. equvalent experence. Send resume to: Sutngs nstrument Systems. 465 Leatdae. Royal Oak EMPLOYEE BENEFT Rrm^ooklng for aggressve take-charge ndvduals wtth excelen analytcal. mauv maueav A communcaton skns. Applcants must be able to type 60 wpm and work drectly wth company executves after tranng perod. Ths s a permanent, fub tme poston offerng excellent growth oolentlal for an analytcal person wno enjoys workng ln<sop6ndentfy. Please send resume wtth salary requrements to: C^tove,-P.O.-Box 7007,-Troy. Ml , EMPLOYEE PLACEMENT COORDNATOR Serf startng, hard Workng ndmdual needed for a growng ternporary errployment agency, vereatoa job responsbltes that nclude reerullemert. ntervewng and placement ol appflcans, along wtth c"ent contact and devetopmenl Applcants shoukt possess assocfates degree, good nterpersonal skrl» and the abffty to work ndependentaly. Also requred are so&d work elhlca and the abffty to work Over lma as needed. Prevous background n personnel/employmcnt an added nko. To be consdered lor ths challengng post on send resume and salary requrements to: G. Cousns 2400 Southfleld Rd. Sute 35 Southfleld Ml ENGNEERNG" Our Product Engneerng Oept. has an openng for an Entry Level Engneer. TNs poston nvolves heavy lason work wth major automotve companea. A mnmum c4 an Assodates Degree. n Engneerng requred. Oood draftng sklls and SPC knowledge heprul Strong communcaton and organzatonal sklls mandatory. Please send resume. WTH 8ALARY REQURE MENTS TO:..." Human Resources Dept. AMERCAN YAZAK CCrRPORATON 6700 Haggerty Road Canton, Ml 4887 No Phone Cans Please Ah Ec^al Opportunty Employer ENGNEER/SERVCE A fast growng precson nstrument manufacturer based n Farmlngton Hats requres afufl tme axporenood Servce Engneer wtth a strong mechancal/electroncs background. 8ome travel requred. mmedate openng for qualfed applcant. UrWlodMetrology ESTMATOR /or mld-sfred commercal general contractor. Must be able to coordnate sub-trades A etmate nteror carpentry. Mus: be experenced, -fompettfva salary wth benefts..can /feave msg. EVENT REPRESENTATVESenthusastc A outgong wth Strng communcaton skbs to organze large fund rasng project. Excelled! experence and career opportunty. Full-lme, temporary, M/hr. p*u» mbeage. Send resume o. J.W. Personnel. 77 W.. 6 Mle.»920. Southfleld. Ml ; EXCELLENT WAGES For spare tme assembly work: Electroncs, crafts, others. Ho experence needed. Cafl , *! 03 EXCTNG CAREER n t/tvel. Cor. portte Sales Representatrvea needed. No- experence necessary. YfA tram. Send letters and resume lo: omgobe Enterprse Travel Lmted, 2280 Mchgan Ava, Dearborn, Ml, ENTRY LEVEL EMPLOYEE CONSULTANTS NEEDED - One Of the fastest growng temporaw help servces n the ndustry s lookng for n-house omployoe consultants to ntervew, screen A place our temporary emloyoos. Qualfed ndvduals wtfl possess excellent wrtten A verbdt sklls & the ebqty to efoctvofy A effcently deal wfh the publc. Mus enjoy fast-paced work envronment A phone nteracton. Postons wtt be avals We m Westland. Rodford A Taylor. CaJ now for an ntervew Expandng retal ard buoder operaton seeks brght, hghly motvated ndvduals to fa mmedate openngs for Full Tme Retal Sales Part Tme Cashers Experenced Cajners wn start at pet h/. After a orel t/ajntng peroo. e transfer to our Redlord locaton s possble. We oler exoofont compensaton and benefts whch nclude: Flexble Medcal A Dental nsurance. Dsabtsty Benefts, Pad Vacatons, Lfe nsurance, Proft. Sharng and 40,(K) Savngs Plan., Please Contact Manager Erb LUMBER CO. 970 Farmlngton Rd. Lvona, Ml 4850 An Equal Opportunty Employer EXPEOfTOR - Southfleld frm s seekng an expedtor lor an afternoon snlf. yr. experence n ar freght handlng preferred. Computer operaton experence hefpfut Salary A fub beneft package. Send response to: Personnel Oept. PO Box»45. Lathrup Vllage, ML EXPERENCED BEAUTY 8ALON Roceptlcnst: Full-tme. Novt/Nonhvffle area^caj for further nformaton EXPERENCED PRESS PERSON for hgh quasty prntng center. CompetUve wage a beneft*- CaJ SoWhfeld EXPERENCED PARALEGALS 3YR. LAW3TUDENT8 Needed tor documenl producton, summarzaton, research,. codng. and ndexng. Long and short term assgnments. Excellent opportunty to work n Metro Detrot law frms and corporate logadeptsrcahtor an appontment J J6 Legal Personnel Pool Temporary Legal Support Never a lee FABRCATORS WELDERS Structural steel fabrcators needed for company n Western Suburbs. Company Just relocated lo /vew bundng. Great modern workng condtons, excellent pay based on aboty. deally 2+ years experence. CaS today for aj detals. THE EMPLOYMENT CONNECTON FACAU3T wth ecfulpmenl A eftootele. Newfy bust "establshed" 8agonas Har Salon northwest Lfvonla. Renl or commsson FTNESS NSTRUCTORS WANTEO New health cfub - openng soon. Must have experence.,..zj^ FLORAL DESGNERS Head A Assstant postons. Excellent benefts,* plus dental A salary. Experenced and qualfed desgners ovy. Appfy al: Ca/dweH Florst, 3209 Wymouth Rd. UvoMa Food Servce*, NO EXPERENCE NECESSARY Keffy Servces has openngs lor food servce workers to staff postons at a varety of Troy area corporate cafeteras. AD openngs are day shft, no weekends. Relable transportaton a must... Cat today lb schedule an appontmen.. Troy KELLY TEMPORARY SERVCES The "KeCyOr" People The Frst And The Best" Not An Agency, Never A Fee Equal Opporfunlty Employw M/F/H FREE MARKETNG TRANNG (WESTERN SUBURBS) r Local Offloa Of nternatonal organftatcn need* 2 M tme career mnded kjmdus* wtfflrtg lo work hard and be traned (or ncome n excess of $23,000 per yea/.... CeU Mary «25-765«FRONT DE8K CLERK Postons avalable for outgong, arv thuuastlc, detaled orented profe*- sonat person. F\A A part tme. Compettve wage A oood benefts, Contact or can. Drvry na 679 W. Bg Beaver. TrOy, Ml FULL SERVCE OA8QLN8 J9LAN0 attendants. Ml A part lme, good startng pay, appfy n person dnfy, She- Os* Staton Mwcfttbeft t 4 Mle Rd..ACROSS Rear of eftlp 4 Turn asde 9 Tenns stroke 2 Key lme. 3 Chor voce. 4 Exst $ Pcks up, dnner tat? 7 Marred 9<3otf shot 2 Teutonc dety 22 Monster 25 Deface 27 Assstant 3 Vase 32 Profted 34 Tellurum symbol 35 Transgress 36 Press for payment 37 Note o! scale 38 Memory 4 Kln$- 42 Short jacket 43 The sun 44 Ventlates 45 Fulfll 47 "Empty " 49 Scuffle 53 Sewng. mplemeht. 57 Sudsy Drew 68 Spear 60 Vast ese - 6 Oolonfl 62 The Ram 63 Sorrow 00WT4 Sutable 2 Evergreen tree 3 Golf mound 4 Aleutan sland 5 Prests robes -6 Prnters r measure 7 Ter 6 Woody plant 9 Young boy - Answer to Prevous Puutto Nj A D R A R T ^ r^h H ESBSE ±mp / s E l rmr W l l u " T E S T. * T * NllR w E / T A A > L :6¾ \M E E RE N3BLA j_lla T L T Dl [ojr R E T R A R E N ATT NUH K PP E M 0 RO0 SfOl N P R D 0 E BK A N D L S E D C S E E D S L T R T P A W E N E E D L E A D S 0 Unt of Norwegan currency Artcle of furrtlture 6 Slrnlan 8 Sewer 20 Sunburn " 57 «! TT *r\. Extravagant; bzarre Welcome Hosp. attendant Fragrance That thng Heslate Prepares for prnt Storage compartment Merrment Dspatches As far as Electrfed partcle Agave plant Consumed Spansh pot Bshoprcs Make lace Rubber uoe Ocean Hearng organ Condensed mosture Game at cards Opposte ol wsw Nckel symbol Unted Feature Syndcate Complments of The Brmngham-Bloomteld Board Of Realtors REALTOR 500 Help Wanted FTTERS A WELDERS Experenced only. FuB tme poston. Overtme pay A benefts. Send summary of experence A wage requrements to: Box 992, Observer A Eccentrc Newspaper* Scnoofcrart Rd, UVOOJAT Mchgan 4950 FLORAL DESGNER Experenced desgner, hnovarve. creatve, possble manageral poston. Also deovery person, (flexble hre.) Farmlngton HO* FRAMER - Experenced, fd tme needed for art gasery. Graflskas Art Gallery. 26 Merrfl. Brmngham FRANKLN FTNESS A RACQUET CLUB s lookng tor mature and responsble people lor desk help, rue or part tme. Appfy n person: Northwestern Hghway, Southfleld. FREE WEGHT/NAUTLUS nstructor. 2-3 eft or noons per wk. Approxmately 20 hr» per wk. Some experence necessary. Recquettme Health r>jb.uvonla.lynn, FULL JM E HELP-WANTED tor General Shop. Fabrcatng and Press Operator. Must be Ayr*, and over. VUng Buldng Ford Rd, Garden Cty. No phone applcatons FULL-TME MANAGER PART-TME SALES FANNE-MAY CANDES JJTeeklng relable canddates for fuo-tvne Manager A several part.lme Salespersons for our soorvtb-beopened store n the Wonderland Mas at Plymouth A Mlddlebelt Rd*. Enjdy great workng condton* A our deucsous candy, tool Please apply n person at our other Lrvohla locaton: FANNE MAY CANDES U MDe Rd Lfvonla An Equal Opporturtty Employer. FULL TME or part tme delvery person. Must be dependable and have a good drmng record. Cafl between 9-4pm. : FULL-TME SHPPNG A Recefylng person wanted n busy retal stor*. Days only. Reply to: Box 960, Observer A Eccentrc Newspaper* chOC4crefl Rd., Lfvonla. Mchgan 4950 FURNACE CLEANERS WANTEO Motvated mdmdual* needed for heatng and cooong company n Farmlngton Km*. Experence helpful, but not necessary. Above average earnng petenlal Above average ndhdual* need only appfy Company traln^ and company truck provded. Ask for Kendra FURNTURE WAREHOUSE HELP- Ful lme. Appfy at: WBUrft 0 Frank* Furnlur^, Wayne - Rd. Wayne. GENERAL BULDNG mantenance 8now plowtna and lawn malntervance plus. Property rr^naoement company. Can 9am-3pm GENERAL HELPER. for BoulhfMd apartment complex, fvt tme, w«t/aln. CaJ Mon. thru Frt. Sam to 6pm358-"5W3 An Equal Opportunty Employer GENERAL LABOR asslgnmenu m Wayne and Oakland countea. - A» Shfts »5/rw. ETO Temporary Servce «GENERAL LABOR-Mstuf* person lo work n screw machne shop: 9 days, benefts. Swss Amercan Screw Products Sheldon Rd. Canton. 8 Ol Mchgan Ave. 500 Help Wanted GANTOS... where Fashon becomes a career opportunty! Part-lme Sales A Casher poston*. Flexble schedule ncludes evenngs 4 weekends. Apply n person: GANTOS. Wonderland Ma. Lfvonla GENERAL LABOR Farmlngton Hlls company has full or part tme poston open. Flexble hours, perfect lor students. Earn up to $5 an hour. Blue Cross avalabe. Celt GENERAL LABOR Successful manufacturng company seeks part kner for lght assembly. A. M. avalable. Pleasant noo-smoklng envronmont. Phone between the hours of 2-4PM GENERAL LABOR Machne Shop. Farmlngton HBs. FuB-tlme, overtme avalable. Benefts. Start *4.5045/hr. Appfy: N. ndustral Dr. North or Grand Rver betwoen Kaggerty A Halslead. GENERAL MACHNE OPERATOR needed for day A nght shfts. Funtme, wllh Overtme possble. *6 Vhr. to start. Farmlngton area. Please caa betwoen 9arn-4pm. Mon-Fr., ~_ GENERAL - MANTENANCE Staff needed. AS shft*. Excellent benefl *. $4-53 hour. Please appfy n person: Claron Hotel, 3525 Tworve Mle Rd, Farmtngton Kll*. GREAT SCOTT Wn be acceptng appocauons tor an postons at our Farmlngton HAS locaton - Mde A Mddebeft. Tues. A Wed., /9 A t/0 and our Plymouth locaton - Ann Arbor Road 4 Sheldon Road. Thur*. a Frt. / A /2. ntervewers wm be there 0am-4pm only. Flexble ftours. HomemaXors, Senor*,. Hgh School Student* welcome.. An Equal Opportunty Employer GRNDER,3^ rv»rlfvu»/j,*, < Experenced OO G nder on Carbkje. Novl area GRNDER/SURFACE Urooa based company seek* experenced grnder lor hgh speod toou. Wrt* to: Box 669, Observer A Eccentrc Newspaper* Schooler aft Rd., Lfvonla, Mchgan 4950 GROUNDS HELP Needed mmedately. Mantan ground* al strp shoppng center* m Oakland County. Pfesant outdoor work. 6 per hour, plus benefts and vacaton*. Please apply ** 373 Northwestern Hwy., Sute 200, farmlngoh H«*. " OROUNOS/MAlNTENANCe -?u% Urn* for Canton are* apartments. Must have own tool* and transportaton. Call GROUNDS PERSON FuS tme poston av*n«bs* wth taal? rowng property management fv m. tart the new year oftrghtcan , OENERAL LABOR Metal processng operaton near Brghton. Nght shrt. t925/»tart. Resume lo: 9000 KensVglort. BrghlogM49H9orcal ^ GENERAL MANAGER tor excavttng ontador lo perform the followng functon*: QeneraK busng*, negotate sale*, comple bd* and estmate*, general supervson and cheduflno of projects. Send return* and salary requrements to: Eastwood Excavatng no, Akport Rd, W. Traverae Cty. Ml 49*64 wmchwtx be held n strct oonfkjtrke. OOOO LABOR WANTEO person for khchen h*4p, MfveVy and anf orel eervke*. Mutt be awe lo do some kftkng. AppV W. Oghl MH Beech A nkster. Corhe to back door GRAPHCS DESGN POSTON tor Oueffty cvttomef»«rvc4 erjeoted ndmdual. Prrrou* MacMlosh experence a mutt m H a wwrxvg peraonetry, mdmduaf w«provde ru>c^^rl^.er*^j«la promote rten tewkjue* AtsohnoTogy fo a o/owtna cjuttomer bate. Reply to box»4. Otferver *l o- centrc Newspapers, «75 Schooler aft Rd, Lrvonla. Mtongan 4850 GROUP HOME DRECT CARE STAFF Home* n Dearborn Hs., Redlord A eepevtt* soek Care Gh^ers workng wth Developments!!/ Dlabled Adults, Varety ol shft*. Compeuve waoe/benefa. Cal9am-4pm277-9l9J or ATTENTON 8UPERHARSTYST6 Wanted for a new professonal hsr»*lon n Farmlngton HHs, " ^ HAR DESGNERS/NAL TECHS wth clentele, rermmglon HWs sakxv, Orchsrd Ltke Rd. tooh commlsllon, mhed offer. fu«benefts, pad vacaton.» HAR DRESSER NEE0EO M A P»rt «me. dsy or evenng. Canton redatkrorsharyl 4J HAR DRESSERS ASSSTANT mmadat* openng, M tme pest- Horv, cfportuntty for char. C*» Edle atdanjej.sakm HARDRESSERS Assstant needed. <**«d. w fjajrl STYLST A Assstant Royal C* tejon or r Help Wanted HAJR HAR HAR Stylsts tor very busy Lvona salon. Fun/ part rme. CaJ day* after ecm HARSTYLST ASSSTANT needed lor Salon Kenr.ce Bashar Farmlngton H.s AsklorSherrl 932-n?2 HAtRSTYUST/Barber or Beautcan wanted a very busy shop. Oontea watng. The name ol the shop U Share Your Har PlymouU Rd. Lvona HARSTYLST BE YOUR OWN BOSS Rent your hajr stynng Staton. Resonable. Can A ask lor Drew HAR STYLST, exporenoed. must be a career motvated ndvdual lor progressve salon. Benefts. Artste Westland HARSTYLST A MANCURST lor new salon openng al 7 Mle & Merrlman. Hgh commsson, bonus on retal. Pck your own hours. Ca3 Chuck S,«. HARSTYLST Part tme; Exctng opporrunjoos to Canton area. CaJ 98-69¾.. STYLSTS Are you lookng (or a nsw job for the frst of the year? Are you tred of your employer takng a hgh percentage of your earnngs? We are offerng: 60% commsson/employed, 70% commsson/ self empfoyed. Monthly retal ; bonuses, personal lablty. -flevlbje hours; advanoed educaton, personal assstants avalable. Must have clentele. ExcellentLfvonla locaton. Great atmosphere... No hdden stpulatons. CALLTODAY.W HAR DESGN HAR STYLSTS (3»th rjentete for Farmlngton flls saton. Up to 76¼ commlhlo.. Call Tu*«. thru 8sl pA., HAR 8TYL8T8 A Nan Techncan needed lor establshed»ajon n Wayne. Ca» lor ntervew HA)RSTYL5T8-TV»d or 60H Ol ronng7 Wf wm guarantee 9 per hr n our buty Canton *alotv Flendry pror«ts! atmosphera wfw llexblehjur* HAR STYLST - to take over M cnentele. Part or M-tlma poston vatbl*. Closed on Mondays. OsrdenCttVare#.( 26J-2070 HAR 8TYLST V6 RENT CltAR n *nthu*l«)c Salon-Boutque m mo* area <H Plymouth. Be your own 459 HAR STYLST Wth ojenlet*. Modem *pac>ou* neve ore^ 6^9609 tfeflet*. Modem *p*< salon. Top wages and»r<ent>v* gram rtechesfsr, HAJRStYLSr Wth acme CUentel Hgh oommreston. Char rental*. ReaeonabM. FarmlnoaftHaa, Ut&., ^HARSTYLST, t wanted wth color. perm and har cuttng exptrlenca for eslabflshed talon m ^nwrvnortnvth Area. TopoomfrvHlor.Don (

39 SOOMpWntrt VonJsl Lcensed, flexble howate* cedent earnng* wfth commlwoo tn career POWMH. Pleasant pto- Artste Uvonla Ma HAR 8TYmT MANAGER Wt e/t ntervewng (or the poston o«vceptonls/mtnager. Must be censed. pkr* wet versed n product Sffjg^ty*y. r^ HAJR3TYU$T wth co«ntj«only. Newly bunt "estabbshrxr Saoona* Har Woo northwest Lvona. Excellent commsson. 4)7«J-77 HARSTYLST wth conetele preferred. Start n M vch. Commsson* negotable. Beneft* kx*ud«l/oadl. cal, denal Ayacetton pay. Reply to the Ha* *tudto, W Jmh, Lfvonlaor.CatRon WATERFORO TOWNSHP ndependent nsurance agency need*t career mnded professonal wrtf»om Property/Caauarty background to manege commercal hoyse account*. Salary, package betefh*, pleasant work erwvronmen A growth potental make (he en exceaenl opportunty. Send r *sum«lot BERKF6L0 A CO Pontlec take fd. Pootlac; ML HAJR$YL$r8 For new salon n Garden Cty, excellent opportunty lor ambfuou* ndvdual*- Cal Tuosjhru Ffl llam-6pm HALLMARK CAR0 8H0P Sales poalon. FuHJmo days. Experence preferred. Card & Orft Center. Grand Rver - Hafstead Plaza. Fe/mlngon., HEALTH OARE PROFESSONALS VV» need carng poople wth good hearth cara aula to provde foster car* lor adult* wth mental retardaton. Help someone who. reasy noeds you. Share your home and earn almost $2,000 per year Cal Homeflnder n Oakland Wayne HEATNG DRYWAU. FOREMAN Hgh enorgy, hands-on resufts orented, "gel the (oo done rght" loader wanted lor last growng organzaton whch spetfajjes n palmng/, mantanng and renovatng apartmenl complexes and commercal bumlnga. Mus t>e experenced n «upervtslng multple crew* at loo arte*fc Wayne. Oakland and Washtenaw Countles. Mut personally have experence n pantng, drywafl repar. nstallaton 04 ceramc tle and carpet cleanng/ nstallatlone and some rough pkmbng, as wefl as a mnmum of 3 year* supervsory experence. Must thnk S act as a manager. Submt resume. n complete confdence, to: Box 996, Observer A Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd.lhwa. Mchgan 4550 Our employees know about ths opportunty. ^ NCOME TAX PREPARER Expersnotd. FuB-Ume, durng Tax Season. Flexble houra. Uvonla/ BedfortfBHLCeJ: WCOUE TAX PREPARERS Wth experence o work Ml or part- Urn* m our JJvoort or Detrot oftoe. M. Dunn A Co. 6»268? or NSOE 8ALE8 COORDNATOR 2 Yra. experence. 6-9K range mnmum. Fee pad. Cd\ beneft*. B.HAML PERSONNEL nstaller-servce Company that specalzes k the offce systems ndustry requres.(nsasauon/servlee personnot- ResponsbBUes nclude nstalta- Oon ot new end used equpment, and servcng exstng equpment. The successful canddate wn have good mechancal and problem servng an&- Ues. along wth basc electrons capabaues. CALL SCOT SORENSON HEAVY DUTY MECHANCS Must be experenced on Desel. Truck 4 Heavy Duty Constructon Equpment Also Hydrauacs/Pneomatca. NW suburb. Must h»y» own looa. Top benefts. Good hourly rale. Unon Shop. Fees pad. Can/tend resume to: PtryDs Gazrerty Natlnwtde Personnel 2505 Van Bom Taylor, Ml 4«60 5«5-535 HUP WANTED - For Zerbos Heaflh Food store. Mature person, M or part tme. Some experlorke holpful Ask lor Tom HELP WANTEO- Fufl end part lme casher*, 8 yr*. A older. wtb tran. Cal Roshoon. 354-«05. HOME FOR THE AOEO noeds dependable persona lor the looowtng poston*: Reflet Porter. Weekend Housekeeper ANurse* Ade. Experence preferred. Pkvase eaj Sue RSeyat HORTCULTURAL TECHNCAN Local nteror Lendaeeper seekng quanted. MaMlenance Techncan to servce end mantan tropcal plants. Approxmately 20 hr*. a week. Experence preferred. "Must have own trentportaton. Flexble hours. Please cea 54M050 NSTRUCTOR REWARDS Based On Achevement START AT 7/HR PLUS Management Tranng Program (Company Pad Health Care A Lrte nsurance Pad Vacatons A Hood ays 3-4 Day Work Week Our 00% promote from wthn poftcy provdes achevers wth contnuous growth A rewards. Openng* - Lades DMson. M you enjoy workng wth people A would tke helpng them mprove themserves. tns ca/eor opportunty a wallng for you. Must be ft and took t. Apply: Frtness USA Health Spas: Mon.. Wed, Frt Mchgan Ave, Dearborn 500 H«lpWanfd NSURANCE 6ERVTCE Represd**; Uve. Aggressve employee benefts consufung frm rs Troy seeks e Group nsurance Servce Representathre. OvUes nclude actng as lason between ponoyhodor A nsurance canter, coordnatng employee meetngs, nterpretng plan language and other nsurance edmlnstrauve functons. The successful canddate ws have several y«tt experence n group nsurance admnstraton, along wlb organzatonal skrts, wrtten and verbal communlcelon ekhs. 8end resume and salary requtrerr>onts to: Group 8ervloe Manager. P.O. Box 7007, Troy, Ml 480W-7007 Monday, January 8,990 04E *3P- 500 Help Wanted NVESTGATORS Needed lor survewance. Part A Ml bme. Experenced ortfy X>B COUNSELOR needed permanent full tme Mon-Frl., 6am- 4:30pm. Bechotors Degree requred A ebuty lo work as a team member. Entry level poston wfth excellent benefts Send rejume lo_f6rnd&fc School* : Project Job*, 2 W» f M*. Ferndale, Ml J.C. PENNEY OPTCAL deparlmenl now hrng hm/part tme dspensers Pafd tranng pro&am. U por hr to stan. Appfy at a locatons. ^KDSPORT8" Fun A Fttnesy Center, n W. 8oomflefd. seeks staff drector A nstructor*. Poston* nvolve extensve ectmty.wfth chldren ages 6 wk».-!3 yr*. Oove«n Elomonlary and/or Physlcaf Educaton s preferred, along wth experence n chadrwt* programmng. Exctng employment opportunty for dynamc people who love chsdren. Send resume, wth letter, lo: "WDSPORTS" OreJce Rd.. W. Bloomheld. Ml, Tuea.,Thurs..SaL Rd.. SovthfWd Telegraph NSURANCE Commercts end personal CSRa. commercal pkg underwrttera and raters. Exportorcod only neod tppfy Fees pad by employer. Excellent benefts. Cal or send resume to: Sarbara HB, Kng Personea. P.O BoxWHf. Warren. Ml HOST/H03TES3 Award wnnng bulder lookng for an enthusastc person wtth customer servce/sales background lo greet customer* n new W.Boomfekj model home. Afternoons end weekends work. Ask for John RADtSSON HOTEL OF PLYMOUTH Now acceptng eppocatons for»am/pm WAT PERSONS HOUSEKEEPERS UNEOCOK8 Apply kpersort - t NorthvBe Rd.. Plymouth. ML t47«7f HOTEL POSTONS AVALABLE.The Wyndhem Garden Hotel m Novl ha* the followng openngs HOUSEXEEPER3 DSHWASHERS NGHT AUDTOR (par tme) Excellent beneft* A waqes. Please caj lor formaton EOE M/F/H/V HOTEL POSTONS Aggressrve ndvduals nooded for the New Radlsson HoteL Detrot Arport Prevous experence preferred. Caterng Sale* Manager Assstant Housekeeper Hotel Sale* Manager Server* A Cook* Send resume or apply n person, lo: eooomerrmanrd. RomuSus.ML46l74 nsurance COMMERCAL RAfER Aperfsur*. a \M6tt n the nsurance ndustry, has an mmedate career opportunty for an experenced commercal Bnes rater. The qualfed canddate must possess a mln. of yr. experence h the ratng of commercal package A monocne property poodes. Youl en)oy workng n our new A trondfy envronment, whle recemng en excesont salary A beneft package tha ncludes choce of comprehensve health nsurance wth rembursement account, 00* tuton rembursement, dental. fe A dlsabf- Ry nsurance, penson plan and much mora. youre experenced wth property A taberty ratng A want lo Jon our progressfv* organzaton, please send your resume, n confdence, to: M. Reamer Amersure Company W. 2 Mae Rd. Farmjngton Kns. Ml 4833 An Equal Opportunty Employer NSURANCE CSR. large accounts. 30K range. Benefts. Fee PaM. B. KAML PERSONNEL KNTTERS "- Hand or machne. CaB: LABORER To porlorrp routne manual labor and mantenance work n a varety of Townshp operatons. Must have drtvers Bcense and exceoent drtvng record. $6.36 per hour, plus excellent rlnges. Apply at- Canton Townshp Pertorrtol Department. 50 S. Canton Center Rd. before Jan An Equal Opportunty Employer LANDSCAPENURSERY NEEDS: SALES FOREMAN ESTMATORS OESK3NERS RRGATON A NURSERY STAFF Ful beneft nckde pad vacatons company vehcle, BXe Cross, expense account, bonuses. Full lme Experenced onfy. Cflmbol Landscape, nc. Crlmboll Nursery, nc. Crlmbolt rrgaton, nc Ford Rd. Canton4687 (2 mle* W. ot Canton Center Rd.) HOURS 9AM-2PM OAJLY LBRARAN ADULT SERVCES: Permanent part-tme, 24 hr). per week. Some afternoons, evenngs A Sat hr*. occassonal Sun. hr*. Mus have an MLS from s\ ALA accredted - brary school. Strong publc servce OrlenUtlon. Good verba) r^mmunlcaton skks. Reference experence preferred. $0.60 per hr. Deadnne for applcaton * Jan 2th. Apply to Rebecca Havens tem-coughjlrr: Assstant Drector. Canton PubSc Lbrary Canton Center Rd. Canton ML LGHT NDUSTRAL Manufacturng faclty has producton poston* avertable (or ambtous hardworkng ndvduals who are lookng (or a company whch olers a startng wage W >5.60 per hr. plus 25 cents ncrease after 90 day*. Opportuntes o advance based on demonstrated abttfy. hosplta.zaoo hsurance. attendance, safety and producton bonus Apply n person Mon. through Frt.. 8am-4pm, CAT Glass Company, 360 Rdgeway Court. Waned Lake, Ml «..Lght ndustral EXTRA GASH. EXTRA MONEY! rere are dozens of easy (ot» wajt- V*l for you rght now at KeOy Servces! No experence necessa/y. no specal tranng, needed! Kety Servces has an mmedate nood lor Bghl ndustral workers. n Fght assomny. )antora, packng, shppng, and many other areas Cafl KeUy Servces today, and get on our Esll Both long-term and shortterm tots are usuaty avalable, but dont wat! For your choce of easy )obs that can make you extra casn easy, call todayt Uvonla 522-3S W.SuMMftU. Garden Cty Fcxd Rd. KELLY TEMPORARY SERVCES The "KeO/Glrl" People "The Frst And The Best" Nof An Agency. Never A Fee Equal Opportunty Employer M/F/H SCO Help Wanted Mal Room Clerk Hgh school graduate or equfvaen nepded to Jon our maj room slaff al our world headquarlers n Southfeld. Dutes nclude processng ma» A mantanng postage due account*. Mus be able to aft heavy parcels plus work as * learn member. Ho experence necessary, wll tran. Complete beneft package ncludes medcal, dental, prescrpton A tuton r elm bur somen. Reply lo- MAL ROOM CLERK P.O. BOX 2227 SOUTHFELD. Ml MANTENANCE experence wth carpet cleanng A tle floor buffng equpment preferred. Mus be aba to work a very flexble schedule. Day* A evenlng ncludng some weekend work. 30 : *0 hours per wk. wth excellent pay. Contact Dversfed Metro M anlenance al : feav* message MANTENANCE Manufacturer of leavng equpment has openng for ourney eloclrdcans, experenced n. electrcal mantenance. Mus be able lo read electrcal dagrams and to kstal ejtcftlrlcaj controls on machnery. Dutes also ncude regular mantenance-apply al Draw-tte Van Born { Help Wanted MANAGEMENT AREA COORDNATOR We are currently n the process o expandng nto the greater Uvon market. JWe are lookng lor top love managers wttb a sales and busness background. You most nood tc make a mnmum of $70k/yr. Com plete benefts, ear/expense bor$ J commsson and overrde lor u\ who qualfy. Ths s not a sales lon. CaS? MANAGER Marketng and Saes Small furnture mfg company look ng for aggressve, experenced kvd vdua! to drect safcs and marketng eflorls. Experence wth mfg reps furnture trade shows, advertsng and/or catalog sales preferoed. Yoc w-ajje-vseop new markets and coor dnate sales to producton from metro Detrot sales base. Mnlmurr 6-0 yr* experence. Send resume 4 salary requrements to: P. 0. Bo> 276. Taylor. MJ48,60 MANTENANCE PERSONNEL needed for medum szed stampng plant n Canton Must be experenced wth pressroom equpment, a strong eloctrlcal background s also re- S jl/ed. Top pay to qualfed person ood benefts Appfy at Greenfleld De 4 Manufacturng after Jarr. 2, MANTENANCE PERSON (o work n apartment complex n Westand. Must be expereced n plumbng & electrcal repar* A have car A tods. Call: MANTENANCE PERSON Full tme. Jantor. Swooper. Truck Drver. WJng to work overtme. ncludes benefts MANTENANCE PERSON wth experence nooded for large apartmenl complex n Rochester Ca MANTENANCE PERSON tor apartment complex. Farmlngton Hfls area. Experenced and must have own tools Housng not ncluded. CaA Mon-Thurs MANTENANCE POSTON Large ftness center noeds part tme help wth cleanng A equpment mantenance. Contact Steve Fenby. after pm Mon. Uvu Thur ext4-5 LAND SURVEYNG MANAGER FuJ supervson ol surveyng operatons, protect set-up, feld schedulng and techncal assstance. Checkng of Anal drawngs. Potental lor growth, competuve salary and benefts. CeS Nowak A Freus Corp. Royal OkltMl LATHE HAND. M.-fl Hand. Surface Grnder. Experenced Job shop only apply. Overtme and benefts Harbrook Tool nc. Novl LATHE HAND Must have 0 yrs. experence, must be frst class as woo as rotable and dependable. Royce Tool Corp, 3700-Amrhefn. Uvonla. block N Of Plymouth Rd.. block E. of Newburgh. LATHE HAND - Wffl (ran, some experence desrable. Wage based on experence, bencgts. Farmlngton 477-: area. 243 LATHE HAND wth experence for precson gauge shop n Uvonla. References nsurance-experenced Only AGENCY POSTONS Southflefd - LJvonl* - Troy Detrot Dearborn Farmlngton Commercal A Personal Lne* CSR-s-Marketlng-Ctalms- Rater* CONCORD PERSONNEL 9500 MxKBePottRd HOUSECLEANERS-Part tme. Plymouth Canton area HOUSECLEANER3 Part tme, good pay HOUSEKEEPER needed M tme aflemooof for majloursng.home n Plymouth HOUSEKEEPER Nursng Home n Wayne s seekng a ful tme temporary housekeeper wth floor care experence. Apply n pernor* Wayne Total LMng Center. 4427Venoy v Wayne, ML, 48M No phono eels please! An Equal Opportunty Employer HOUSEKEEPNG ASSSTANT Contngent To* work every other weekend end hosday oo the day ahff For detal* contact GARDEN CfTY HOSPTAL (Osteopathc) 6244 K.lnfc*ter Road GardenCtty, Ml l-3300.exH277- An Equal Cyportunfty Employer HOUSXEEPWO - flexjble hour*. good pay A beoeflta. Apery n t*- *W-TneGu**tylnn, 69M8.L*Wrel Park, Lrronla. HUMAN SERVCES Need mature person* to work fuj or part tme, afternoon and/or weekend ankl a NW ere* group home wth dmloprntnuy dsabled aduh*. Mutt have good ovmng record. Beneft*. No tuperenoe necessary, w* tran. Ce Mst Smtth,»65-56 or HVAC Servce A nstaser. Some experence or trade echool greduate. Steady work, good pay. Ce«622-«0. NSURANCE: EXPERENCED ONLY We are a corporaton of The ndependent nsurance Agent* of Mch., a servce orented company. W* need commercal end personal Bnes customer servtce representatves, rat ere, producer* ana underwrter* for the metropoetan area. Snce our fees (al company pad) are so low, companes cal us frsl so why dont youl Cal Ann &* Mch. n*. Personnel Servce Telegraph Rd. Sute 2635 Brmngham. MJ 4600 LAYOUT NSPECTOR Large njecton moldng faeffry s seekng an experenced Layout nspector. Canddate wb perform dmensonal layout* on plastc part* ead castraton of measurng equpmenl mcmcvja) must be able to read blueprnt* and know geometrc loterendng. Experence wtth CUM would be helpful Please send resume ejoog wth salary requrement* to: A-Une Plastc* Plymouth Rd. Plymouth, Ml, 4570 Attenton; Personnel Manager NSURANCE Urge nsurance Agency to seekng qualfled,- professonal nsurance Staff due lo contnued growth: STAFF ACCOUNTANT 2 yr*. Accountng experence Company-traned Experence n Lotus -2-3 A computer ledger < ^ RATER/PROCESSOR -2 yr*. Date Entry traned UNDERWRTER 2-3 yr*. Property /Cesuafty experence Company/Agency background Strong oroantutortal/ commurjcaton skm* WORO PROCESSOR -2 yr*. busmeas experence, watrakv ".- - Accurate typng akbts Excellent language A»pefang akn* ExceSeot eeneftt* AvaaNe. > NOffSMOKNO OFFCE Please send current resume, letler outlnng salary hhlory. D. Eodnbmo Metdowtrook nsurance 24370MorUrw**temHwy. ; SouWeW. ML 4607» wth MMEDATE OPENNG lor handymen for local reeteuranl Mvst have teewe^ knowledge. Good pay whh benem*.ca* - ^ ^ MMEDATE OPENNGS. REOfOfOAREA One of the leadng empfoyert of the rujndcepped needs M tme A a pert tme employee*. Hfgft eomml*- lon, cuaranfeed wege, bonus** A more. Must have physcal or medcal problem* to appfy.cel WSTALLATWN eupervtsor-mutt know «tepectt of c*b»* letevwon htttdlaton, good drver* record, tobege or»om«ttwna And euperyh^e^rt*k^c*«tcr^ j o t06, : NJECTON MOLONQ PRODUCT EN0NEER3 Raptdfy expenovo njecueo mo»der wfth *<»e-ofthe-j fhjecftoo momtv equkrntrrt, CAD system, btoek tyw/p/ay boa PtPJecH And Ch *tut eeet mottnrttd, a^greeerrtengveert wth erperlenotx OAeMed cendwtte* anoum be *c*» to lake project* trwn deekjrt «*ov9h»c4 M d to rweh produd w*rh cuetomw tnterteoe vwrlr* the "oredh to OftvV:?****.. Ow etrone; engfneertne wwrftwrt tnd menvfeofurlrta ttrtnath neve med* u* feeder k eurtkfm. For en Ofporhrtand lo prmmhh trd 4 ^ / ¾ ¾ Ubk* Wm**>0* >rd WerfetJnej profscte, peeee Mr4 m t m or MSr» ovr Pereortnef OyeYlrnerrt owtmng ydur tnrperleno* or ce,hno<*l*m*s* 4ft«M»» your buamceton twj f** cwl more bout the opjwtunwm m cm provde. ; Ml, » 3 NSURANCE MARXETNG REPRESENTATVE ExpenoVg property/ceeuafty tnsurtr h SoutWWd he* an openng n ft* Personal lne* Marketng DepartmerLPceWwreporUtomeDVeclor of Mwketlna.RetponelbeTtle* nclude proeptcuna tor A appontng new egents, regular A frequen follow up wfth agerrts, A tejee mouvetlon. We ofler eompettrve saerte*.«fu emptoyee btnefh program A a convenenv ttbtcthnt A ccmtortawe loceoon. Reply n confdence wth rt> turn* A salary hstory to: Box 00, Otetrver 4 EcoenVk) Newspapers. J62M W>oolor»n Rd, Uvora. Mchgan 4850 LAUNDRY AD & HOUSEKEEPNG AD PART TME PossTbfy work nto rul tme Apply at Unversty Convalescent A Nursng Home, Fve Mle Rc^.LrvOok LAUNDRY PERSON noedod, fu8 tme afternoons (or smaj nursng home n Plymouth LEASNG AGENT Experenced wanted for NorthvtS* apartment complex Call Palte at LEASNG AGENT Needed part lme for apartment/ townhouse communty n Brmngham «LOAN OFFCER Major fnancal nsttuton wta tran a career orented person. Excellent salary, ncentves A beneft package. Advancement to upper management. 8A or equvalent tn real estate sams. Mr Lomas MACHNE OPERATORS No exporoooe necessary. mmedate openngs evaftabe. Day A Afternoon Shfts. 40 hours por woek plus overtme and b»^e.ts. Farmlnglon Hlls MACHNE OPERATORS FuJ trwleady employment, for machne operator* tn metal machne shop. UvoWa/Farmlngon area. Day A afternoon snfs avalable. Experence heptul CaJ Mon. thru Thura MACHNE OPERATORS CNC operators lor producton work. OualfVed appfcanls to have a mln. of 3-5 yra on CNC machnng A turnmo center*. Workng knowledge of SPC e plus. Startng salary n accordance wtth experence level. 50 r». + work wk. Beneft package aflw 90 days. Apply n peson at 2540 Gendale. Redlord MACHNE/8AW OPERATOR Fast growng company lookng for dependa"ble ndvduals Must be tranable and famoar wth measurng nstruments Good bone fn and workng condtons. Starlng wage. (6 per hour. Apply n person: Befanger nt. Q0 Dohaney Ct. Northvffle, MACHNE SHOP Entry fcrref machne operator* (msj,, drns. etc* Experleroe preferred. Must have basc math skks. Startng salary M per hour, more H experenced. Beneft* after 90 day*. Appry n person-at 2540 Gendae, Redlord MACHNST EDM OPERATORS CNCpPERATOR TRANEES CALL MANTENANCE 2 fuff-tsne" postons avalable tor qualfed, hardworkng people. Ardmora Center. Cal Bruce MAJOR SPECALTY RETALER has openngs on ts dstrbuton center team tor the followng Processng/ markng supervse Backstoc* repentshmen supervsor The rght canddates wfl be hands? on serf starters. Demonstrated experence n defj^g. communcatng A mplementng effectve basc methods n a producton envronment that has resulted n major productvty mprovement s necessary. Experence n both soft A smaj hard goods s nooded. Superor people skjs are essental. We ofler a unque challenge for the rght. son. Ten us how you can meetour chalenge. Wrte to: P.O. Box 5246, Urona. M 4650 MAJOR UNFORM relaa chan lookng lor responsble people lo fjl postons n several metro area locatons. Fua/part tme. Flexble schedule. Compotttve salary. Contact John Nelson for personal ntervew MALE EXECUTVE seeks personable, poltcal, and professonal ade. Flexble skns end houra Drvng and typng necessary. Resume to: P. O. Box 30. Farmlngton Has. Ml., MAMMOTH VTOeO-* now hlrtg frendly people who Dee lo work wth the puboc Part-tme postons wtth flexble hours are now avajlabte. Appfy at: 3072 Ftv* Mae Rd, Uvonl* MACHNST-Medlum slt Wtaorfl company lookng lor experenced machlnlsl 3-5 ytut experence on brldgeport mm*, engne lathe. CNC lathe experence helpful. Wage* negotable, w/experence. Medcal and other.frtnaes. AppOcaton* are belncj eoceptd t: NLB Corporaton, Beck Ro\. Wlxonv Drecton* can be obtaned by cajsng LEASNG CONSULTANT F/t tme poston tvasanewfth fast growng property management frm. Start the new year ofl rght cal LQHT NDUSTRAL UP TO $6.50/HR. General laborer*, warehouse worker* A lorklft operator*. mmedate long-term assgnment* avalable. CafNow:, MSS Groonfleld. Sute 62 Southfled. Ml or LGHT NDUSTRAL 20 cooetort needed mmedatefy n Uvonla erea. long A short term poston* av»b* We. MANPOWER TEMPORARY SERVCES 4000 Town Center s S3. Southfled NSURANCE Personal ntcffc Central part kv urancewk for Sandy «SUf\ANC. F^rmcyth agency r^ cpenlng lor pert-tme ccmmertca CSl Mr. Roger* 459^434 WSURANC6 Fvoceseor Commwctl Une*. 647K mwmum. Pad beneflt*. FeepeW- ^ B. HAML PERSONNEL JANTOfllALHElP t\a ttne rrtdnlghts. Cerrlon, Oar den Cty A Ftmw^tdn A/ee*. Cat behr«ennr-4pm JANtTOfSAL MAJNTENANCB We heve tn opeono lor A r**et*e experenced larttorlel mewenence for dey*. Oood FtVrTtM^dfl MN ATM. 4¾ Mr.rVjdrlgu* 476-*0» JtWtLRY BEPAlH-ExperlerKed bencft person needed lor rep** * * * * * Ht*w. Vtry pletmpt far* person tfep. Muet be ten mouvtt- d-aakfofpamart JfO OFWOtR, mnmum «yeer* E ajperlertee; AJ benefw*. eteel» Otvge, M77a Ptrttr. rteterthm, 47l-6<<4 LGHT NDUSTRAL 8TAFFNG needed for smmedtale openngs n local retal dstrbuoon center. Must be»e«ttartno, energetc and dedcated. Good startng wage, beneft* end generous employee dscount program. nexperence necessary, wfl rek Fast learner * eohool or»d or person between Amrheln, W of Newburgh, Uvonla MACHlNST/Mll HAND Hon producton dotal work 425^060 MACHNSTS Manufacturng company n Redford. needs al around Machnst*. 3 yr*. experence on CNC mll*, Brdgeport A surface grnder* a must A lathes experence a plus. We offer ful beneft package. Cal WAS Turrerttthe. thread. Experenced MACHNST toolroom A onry. Apply at Gatco, Ann ArtXrRd.PtymdutA MANTENANCE lul lme, loroeneraj buddng mantenance, PMnouth area. CaS Mr Crowley An Equal Opportunty Employer MANTENANCE Lookng for a qualfed ndvdual wtth prevous hotel mantenance experence. Ful tme Afternoon poston avalable. Must be outgong A learn worker; Possbffty for»dvvtcemenl 8erd resume or apply k person Mon. - Frt, lam-4pm at The Remade Hotel Telegraph Rd, Southfled. - An Equal Opportunty Employer MANTENANCE poston enlarge apt communty m Westland. lul tme, benefts avalable, 65.60/slart ptnencv necessary, leemer * bfus. Hgh equrvalerrl appry n n 7AM-4PM, 3670 UGHT MANUf ACTURNO Ful tme. Downrver Are*. Expert- ftot wtth thop tool* - grnder*, bed Sander*, band tew* hetom.» 50 an hour whae tranng. 6 per hour prt benefu* after 90 days. Perodc mert (tfses. Send brer letter detcrbtng work experence to Box 950. Observer A Eccentrto Newsptpt(t, ohoolcrtft Rd, Lfrortt, Mchgan 4650 LNOLEUM NSTALLER HELPER Wl rakv Mvst be at least 7 yrs old. Near 9 M8e A nktr. Ask lor Denrryat LOCAL OfWER needed, estabf *hed Redford busk-***. Ful tme d«y pu» overttme, M beneft*. Start mmedtttefy ¼ LGHT NDUSTRAL. JOBS mmedate Openngs Ful Umt long term temporary posltfom lor d*y, tflemoon»hm» tvtlable n UvorVt tree. Mus be punctual, dependable A have own res-»t*», (raneporaton. Some of the ppaltont ffty requvt Wmg. CORPORATE PERSONNEL SERVCES EOE NO FEE MANTENANCE PERSON - Needed, lor royal oak condomnum complex hr* per week and on cal after hour*. Mvst be experenced n general mantenance and repar, also mvst be relable, end have own ransportattorv Cal Patty MANAGEMENT - GREAT AMERCAN COOKE COMPANY n Tef-2 Mafl offer* assstant manager opportunty for experenced manager or ndmdual wth potental. ExceOent salary Good Beneft* DeOdous products Clean operaton Ma houra Appry o DaneOe. Mon. thru Thura luam-7pm. An Equal Opportunty Employer MANAGERS-RETAL Cosmetc Fragrance Ghaln To $7,000 Fee Pad Due to expanson chan desres persons wtth prevous cosmetc. ra grance. or H A 8 AJd Managemen experence Would consder (ashlor retal management background. RBS ASSOOATES-AGY MANPOWER needs Cghl ndustral wcrtcrs lor long A shorf term assgnments Acceptng applcatons mmedtory AppTy al Ann Artxx Rd «09 Uvoma. near Nowburgn Rd MAPLE DRUG STORES has openngs lor cashers and stoc* help. fleuwe houra. Farmlngon/Grand R^er Farmlngton/Drake vrestland MARKETNG f >-ou are a Marketng or JournaTsm c/aduate. a gnkjue opportu.-vty exsts Clobaf mfgr. requres wrtng amly. computer sklls. 40 wpm and year experence. CaJ) or send resume to: WaJ Colmonoy Stephenson Hwy. Madson Hots. MJ Marketng/Sales Feld Management ntern Poston A Natonal Program! To qualfy for our 24 month management (ranng proc/am. you must have: A 4-year cosege Oecyee. preferably n busness, martetng or educaton And ether 2 * years rub-tlme. post coceqe worv/nvvaor experence l graduate degree A M8A, teachng and/or sales background s a plus. Send a copy ol your resume to: Denns M. Hnes. CLU or CbFC The Prudental Tm borand Offce Park 5455 Corporate Or.»303 Troy. Mchgan An Eqwal Opportnlty Employe MARKETNG SUPPORT Natonal company located n Btoomfdd HJs s seekng an ndmdual wth Oe looowtng^ exoefent eommonlcauoo skcs. graphc knowledge. Ad Apency experence. Send resume to- BCEl S. Telegraph Rd, Boomneld Kls. ML 4603 AtL:MS-Cudde MASSEUSES Top earnngs, ful or part tme, no experence needed, wb tran. Cal after 2 noon MEASURE peopto A eeumator* needed for carpel A vnyl Management, - JON THE TEAM THATS CHANGNG AMERCA VALVOUNE NSTANT OL CHANGE s sootng quasnod STORE MANA GER TRANEE and ASSOCATE MANAGER TRANEE. FYOLr. - Have A hgh school educaton Have some experence n a retal or servce ndustry. - Have mechancal skb* ANO YOU WANT: CompeUUYe wage A benefts On the fob tranng Potental lor advancement VALVOLNE - TWSTANT OL CHANGE, a leader n the quck kbe ndustry, needs yout Please aend your resume to: Southfled Rd, Southfled, Ml Attn; Curt Bale VALVOUNE/ NSTANT OL CHANGE Equal Opportunty Employer Mrorfy/Female/Hardlcapped/Vet MANAGEMENT Several opportuntes For manager* and tranee* wth fesl-tooo* and lul servce restauranla. country dubs end hotel*. S6-$30K. Cal Arm Mare Prevost, Harper Assocates, Mlddlebeft, Farmlngton Hats. Ml 4608.»32-70 MANAG ER RET AL - To»23, year* management experence requred Steven J. Greene Personnel " MANAGERS *3 OPENNGS Average earnng* $ hr. lo start For nformaton cal MANTENANCE Plymouth Court, t long lerm hearth care center has an openng n the Mantenance department. You must be at least Jtyr* old; completed hgh tcnool and have tl least two year* experence m mantenance and power plan! work. A thorough knowledge ol general mantenance tuch a* bootra, heatng and *V condttong unt*, refrgerator and treezofe and electrcal wrng * needed. Outlet w» be per. loaned nsde «Ad outsde the center. At pan of Hearth Care and Retrement Corportton (HCRV the sxth largest provder of long term beeth cart n the Unted States, w* art able to offer * pompeutv* compensaton package ncludng a good salary, medcal benefts, *<7y«noement potental. Job satsfacton end pleasant workng conaton*. for consderaton contact:; t r. Chuck Ronayne Envronmental Servce* Drector P/mouth Court lojhaggertyrd.. Plymouth, ML 4870 (33) An Equal Opportunty Employe MANTENANCE TECHNCAN To perform rttlou* custodal JarvTorvel manual labor and rnelntenanc* tctmtet tl TowneNp racmee. Must htvt.dfvert totn*e end exce*em drmng record. Re*al«d experence preferred per hour. p4u» exce»ent frnges. Apply tt Canton Tc^m»hp Ptrtorvel Department, Canton Center Rd. before J*nS?,l WO An tqutl Cyocytunrty Employer MANAGER TRANEE. ExcepUonalfy last growng rent-lo-own company m Ferndale Ml. Mus be hardworkng A ted-mouvated. Must have own transportaton lo A from work. ExceOent opportunrty lor advancement. Appry n person at: You-Can- Rerrt Woodward Av*. MEOHANCAL ENGlNEER-Hotel experence preferred but not requred. Applynperson: TheTownsendHotor. 00 Townsend St Brmngham MECHANC - Experenced n Aghl constructon equpment, mantenance and repar. Excellent benefts, 40 hr. week.. Apply n person 6am- FrC 2056 Mddlebert noon,Mon-F Rd. S. of 8 Me. Lvona. MECHANlCS4eavy and Sgh repar. Must be state certfed and experenced wtth 25k pka startng aaary. C& lor appt MECHANCS HELPER Ful tme poston. Good pay. n person Waftons Shea. 0 M2e Orchard lake MESSENGER wth car. Mon. thru FrL. Noon to 5pm. (M Ken Schublnor, EUJotl Travel METAL FABRCATOR Manufacturng frm n Novl has an openng tor a M tme person for metal -fabrcatng A-prodvcton work, f nterested please cal METER READERS. Outdoor work, coverng routes, walng up to 0 mes per day. Canddates must be ryyscaby ft Sett-Starter* wfth rebebe vehcles. Applcatons accepted at 5620 LBey Rd, Ste. 8, Canton MODELNG NSTRUCTORS Part-tme. Experenced n Runway, Prnt, Make-up A publc speakng; to teach personal rjeveopment A ntense workshop*. JuOe., Mortgage MANCURST Lcensed Nal Techncan needed for nal dstrbutor, fu» tme, txperence ol nal products necessary. Cal Teresa. «*n>2noon MANCURST Part-tme, tl least 3 yr*. experence. Farmlngton Ha* talon. Cal Mon. thruwed, MANAGER TRANEES Put your college degree to work through a career path desgned lor upward mooolty... Our average tnnua growth rate ha* always boon A drect result of our employees" growth tl people. So wteve emptemented A career Udder -whch promote* employeet MOH from wfthtn based on MMdue performance, Our on-the-job tranng program cover* every tsped ol our busness: Management, Admnstraton, Sale* tnd Customer SerW* Wth 00t ol branch offtce* and.000a 4 empoyee acros he US art expected growth meant exceptonal t^nvcement and earnng* potental. ENTRY LEVEL MANAOER TRANEES need... A 4-yeer coe>g«degree. Excehnt Mrnmur*:*t!on and vfwwl ^t ^fl^»» Ambhvn end motrttoo. Cuene** educeton hefpfta f you are teekng t greet opportunty h the Metro Are*, cal us MON DAY ONY. M PM. 4 PM. «PM. JtHJ7930 or tend your resume la ENTERPRSE COMPAY. P.O.B«4«4 Lh-ohrAMt,4«M LOAN.OFFCER Were the naton* last est growng, prool ol our ab&ty lo provde a Krl range of progressve servces, and now, you can Jon us as t Loan Offcer. Were seekng professonals wfth t mnmum ol 6 month* experence wth FHA/VA end. convenoonal loans, The successful canddate»4 have strong communlcalon skbts and A hgh decree ol terf-molv*- t>on.-: A* a natonal fnancal servce* nsttuton, we otter an excellent compensaton tnd benefts package. For consderaton; please contact Undt Oonsmort at (J 3) CenTrust Mortgage Corp Orchard H Place, NcA Ml An Equal Opportut^ Employer CenTrust Mortgage Corp. NEW YEAR & A NEW CAREER? Tred ol the promse*? W»nl real responsbfftle* and real money? Enjoy retakng tnd people? Oo you have yehvae? f to, tend resumes lo: Cards Of Gtass, 20 Tr^rlert Touer Evergreen Rd, SouthBed NOW HRNG FOR FULL & PART TME POSTONS FKJxbte HoHe, Competlttvd w«9«* end btntflts. Frhtndry wrotklnfl onvlronmwt. Apply tn p4h8oh:, NOV) Kmart \ NOWHRNOFO FULLTME $TOCK REPLENSHMENT POSTONS HOURS: <0*?M. - 7 AM. 4DAYSBERWEEK Exo^r^nt w»o>6\ b*th>fhs Appty n p«x eon NOV Kmart 500 Help Wanted MQMT OPPORTUNTES Restaurant/Relall Chans All Fees Co. Pad Tr*C*nog A24K435K Resteuran) Tranees l6k-)6k Workng Chef* *25K-t5K CosmetJC/Ffsg. Managorll5K-lt7K Cotme tc/fr ag &^ycr 2 5K -»5K Total Oscounl Chans l6k-jl6k fwon Je*elry Jl5K-20K Fashon 5K-$ex RBS ASSOCATES AOY MOOEUfO SCHOOL noeds.nstructors!! Applcants must have experence n jp«modelng ndustry. Teachng Motons requre the ndvdual to be mature, attractve, and avaawe -oo Sat. Cal Mst Wrght, BarbUon $chool, MOTORCYCLE TECHNCAN b noedod for our large dealershp. You must posess mecnanlcat knowledge of cycles. Experence wth Honda Cycles preferred. Apply at Honda Cty: Mchgan Avenue nfcsjer.,- MULT-FUNCTONAl.POSJTrON Mature setf-starter vranted. Dutes to nclude: ground mantenance ol arcraft! general home repars; lawn mantenance and offce related functons. Excellent startng poston for a petton wher enlqy challenges. Plenty of overtme. RefaWa. transportaron a mus. Please tend resume to: P.O. Box 300. Southfled. Mr NANNY OF AMERCA Lookng for competent carng ndvduals who have a basc love for chldren No experence necessary. We t/am you at our expense to become a professonal nanny. Full/part tm* work avalable Mature hgh school senors and senor ortaens w«:come Hotp care for Amercas chjdren. CaS lod ay NATONAL RETAL CHAN Rapdly growng, ncods managers, assstants & sales. ExceCont salary, bonus 8 benefts. Outgong, ted drected. $crrt resume to: Stenberg Enterprses. 609 Ylnger. Oearbom. Mch NOW HRNG. $3.60-$8.80/Hr. Westland offce now hrng pleasant phone voces Par lme ere* Must be at least 6. Pad weekly. No soung. Call Shrley a* S OFFCE CEANNO Part tme. Evenngs and Day NOrthvBe. Ca OFFCE CLEANNG Part-tme, afternoons Lvona area- Retrees welcome. $67v. CaB for ntervew OFFCE CLEANNG 20 mmedate part-tme openngs n Lovan Rd.. Uvonla area. Early Evenngs. Mon. thru Frt. Mature adults, own transportaton. 4.75/65. per hr OL CHANGE TECH No experence rseessary. Farmngon Has area. CaJ. 6S-O906 CML CHANGE TECHNCAN New Penruot locaton. No experence necessary. Ft/J/part tme. CaJ for ntervew afler 5pm. 42S-$925 OPTCAL DSPENSER Needed as soon as possble n AKen Park area Must have 3 years experence. 26-M4 OPTMETRJC ASSSTANT Fu9 tme. Tue. 6 Fn. pm-6pm. Mon. & Wed. 9am-5:30. Sal. 0am-2pm. Farmlngton area ORDER DESK RECEPTONST Must be experenced, type 55 wpm. fu> tme, noh smoker, wtl be computer traned. Apply Flo-Tec nc M4e Rd.. Pr,-mouu\ ML ORDNANCE NSPECTOR To enforce he vwrtou* Towhanlp ordnances. Must have evfvwr* loanae and excefenl drmng record. Related experence preferred,.72 per hour, plus excellent frnge*- Appfy at Canton Townshp Personnel Departmenl Canton,Cenler Rd. before Jan. 22,M0 An Eo^. Opportunrty Emptoyer PACKAGNG DEPT. Fast ryowlnp company ha* tut tme afternoon shft erasable. Canddate should be personable, htefsgent & able to aft up* to 75b*. Afthough ths s an entry level poston the rght person»«have the abcty to move up. rapdly wthn our company. These art permanent postons ov lerlng compettve wage A sow beneft package. Please appry k) person or by resume to: Paychex. tc., Ste 0, 6960 Orchard Lakt Rd. W Roomfletd ML PWrffERS/FOREMAN Needed lor NorthvSe rental propertes. Mus be experenced. Reply tl P.O. Box 2, Northyroe, ML 4667 PANTERS - Re*Men«al/commer. cal Experlonce preferred. Must have own transportaton. References requred or PART-TME Pleasant Uvonla offce s acceptng eppnc^orsshor-prkne-^veracatoo poston. No tales rrrflrvedtgood wpoes and flexwo hour*. Cal Otan* behteen 0am & 3pm, MonthmFrt PART-TME poston tvartawe for responsbe pferson to do mlsceftanoous tght shop dutes. Flexble hour*. Plymcuth area PART-TME, RETAJt Week day afternoons A M days Saturday*. Good workng COTKHllon*. Southfled. Caa 6:30*rh- 2J0pm PERMANENT part lme hours/week. Rng, counter work, some typng. Truck drmng abfltty necessary. SeSevBe PERSONAL Fnancal Counj«(or needed lor naton - * largest r»on proft consumer credt counselng gency. 4 year degree.exceoent communcaton A ntath sklb necessary. Entry level poston n cur Troy offce, « $8,000. Send resume lo: Personnel Credt Counselng Center*, Novl Rd, Sutt* 250, Novl Ml PERSONNEL SUPERVSOR Qualfed personnel supervsor to coordnate hourly employees human resourses program. Mantenance of personnel Re*. controsng Cfass.c*ton tystems, absentee follow up. hearth and safety poftdet, shop commttee chav person, eta are tome of the responsbltes of ths poston. ExceBent typng tn* are also requred. Please cal or tend resume la Meadow* FYoductt Of Ml 230 FranMn. Del/oh, Ml » PHARMACYTECH or Assstant Fu» tme, fex*!e hex*, aary dependent upon experence and beneft retrement*. Full company pad beneft* end emp!o>«e tf sooun. See Mr. Mot or Mr, Fenske tt Sav-On Orugs, 650 Tetegraph tt Map!^ Blrmr^jharn. PHARMACY TECHNCAN3 A OErVERY PERSONNEL Ful tme portons t/t ava*»we lor neat. dependaw* pertont, Urcnta tret. Experence not necessary, we wtl tran. Exce«ent bene^ta and compet.rv* WSOM for M tme employee*. Any nterested person* thoud cal the Drector d Pharmacy Operatons-. between 0AM fftx, 422-J30 PHOTOGRAPHERS Amateur*. M trr>e exce*«o r^ge and medeal bt^e***. Tro* sr-trrg,»sjo He 6 d ; «*b*ty m^rrrxee. You ktusl have 35mm,!»* A le^ee*. pkr* dependebe trantporletorv WW \«k\ the rloht person*. Cfttrx drectont 47»?«$ PlASTrCa FOR*MAN h»**»,terwa* A repldv flrow*<g p*ew*ce»rw*»«r>trve/appt ante m*o7*wcu»»t H OK- (entty twktg tn e^pwlenuad Fr*wmen-fT*e*e or ftmet*. 0>^a^ed can ddte mu*l be ln}ect*on moldng ccerehon, ye^te mo*de, SPC me*t^e%, V*u* t teedmg, trouweehocrl bewk; hydrawft A e*ecwc«l ck-cwte. me*mem product ^utlty ttenderda typervte4 pwtonnef.. Exo^tnt frj^e benefts. Dend fetume W: Pteetlct ObertHon Menaoer, 770 Mert 6, Westttnd, Ml Help Wanted PERSONNELANALYST The Cm/ of Brmngham s seekng eppccetlons for a newfy created potjton of Personnel Anafys.the postlon wtl te responsble for t wde varety ol personnel related dutes. Mus have t Bacheore "Degree wtth a major n personnel management or closefy related held. Pror experence n personnel ws be consdered Computer knowledge A skll preferred. Pay range *» ,387. Submt resumes no later than Jan. 6,. 990 to Unda Nuzzo, Assstant Cty Manager. Cty of Brmngham, 5 Martn. Brrnngham. ML PERSON OR COUPLE wanted for offce cleanng, par tme evenngs, 6 nghts per week. Plymouth. A Mddlebert area. AJso needed for Cherry Ht & Newburgh area. CaB349-32!0 or63t-3070 PHONE SURVEY/PART TME. 0 OPENNGS Enthusastc phone voces needed tor expandng Westland offce. 6pmfr.30pm: $360-j9/hr. Excellent alter school or extra job. CalJudrh $t, * PHOTOGRAPH EfWOEO Mnmum 2-3 yrs. experence on ndustral 2 pece sjstems. Some weddng experence helpful but not requred. Orentaton, tranng, and references rec)u/ed. Good pay. Please, - only relable experenced persons need apply. $ PLATE FTTERS, WELDERS LABORERS Needed lor last growng manufacturer, day and afternoon shft Medcal benefts and pad hoodays. Pay negotable wth experence Repfy lo 245 S Mfl St.. S. Lyon. Ml POLCE OFFCER Canton Townshp ts acceptng appscat>orvs tor PoBce Offcer from canddates who possess the lodowng mnmum requu-ements: Assocates degree n related feld. MEOTC crrtcatlon/academy graduaton. Satsfactory completon of MEOTC. wrtten and physcal exam. Salary 62, per year, plus excencnt (rtnge benefts. Apply at: Canton Twp Personnel Oopl 50 S. Canton Center Road Canton, Ml 4658 Last FBng Oat* Jan An Equal Opportunty Employrx POLCE OFFCER The Cty of Garden Oty b seekng qualfed black/whte/other mnorty applcants for employment wthout regard to race for the entry leva poston of PoOce Offcer. Applcants must meet the followng mnmum pro-app&catjon requrements: hgh school degroe or equrvaenl 20/20 vson or corrected to 20/20. MLEOTC Phvscal SkJBs and Readng/Wrtng Test Certfcaton, vasd drvers fcense meetng mlnlmom drvng requrements, tnd have a record free of arty crmnal convctons. Startng salary ol Applcatons taken durng ths perod ws be used lo establsh an esg>bdty fsl lor future Wrng. MWmum drmng requrements and pre-employmont requrement* are evaeawa al the Personnel Offce. Resdency requred after ernpoymenl AppOcants must provde orgna MLEOTC ftryslcal Sxks and Readng/Wrtng. Test fortfcaton and.a vad drfvera Bcense al the tme ol appocatton. AppOcants meetng the pre-appgcatlon requrements w3 be gfven a wtltten test on February 5, 990 cased the Law Enforcement Canddate Record. Several communftes wa be gmng tns same test on that date, t you have epp&ed n these comrsuntjes, you may take the test at one locaton and you score wtb be shared by el commurv-jes for whch you have made appscauon. Applcatons era-table and taken n person only at Cfty HaH MkJdebef Road. Garden Cty, Mchgan through January Monday-Frday between the hour* ol fcooam 4:30pm. Equal Opportunty Employer M/F/H 500 Jfelp Wanted PRNTER - Ful or Part-tme RYOB3200 wth T-H*edor AB Ok* Ma 5 yrt/expodence. Health,. dental, pad holday* A vacaton*. CaUJm, PRNTER - Motvated, qualty COrW tcous. Experenced prnter on tch. «75. Exoeeenl benegts. Apply n person Amercan Speedy Prntng, 950 $. Telegraph. Bloom feld Ffns. f\. PRODUCTON Good work. Good people. Good. * pay. Good benefts Clean H-Tech * Ptaht. Second A Thrd shfts. $7.75/. taperhr. 275 corrdor. Please send *, resume to: Producton, Box 24 Ob- * server A Eccentrc Nevrspapera. -* 3625 Schoolcraft Rd.. Uvora... Wlchlgan 4850 * ^ -< : A / r. PftCOUCTlON/PLANTMVUAGER For Woodworkng leccty n Northern suburb. Must be hand* on person, experenced n all phases ol producton controlsead Rosume: Box,956 Observer A EccentrkC Newspaper*, choolcr*ft, Rd., Uvonla, Mchgan ;> PRODUCTON WORKERS - needed lor Troy plastc* plant. Staffng lor new shft aa shfts avalable, clean work envvonmenl.. ortrtme requred. $5/hr. to start A compettve boneft package. Send resume, to Producton Une Worker*. PO B> o 946. Troy, Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer f, * r. * ^ > -. >a «j a PROGRAM ADE/DRECT CARE Urona group home. tuh tme mjd- X t shft. OMH tranng A vdd ^asconseamusl PROGRAMJ^ER ANALYST, HOW S THE TME-TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR EXPERTSE WTH HP 3000 COBOL $30,000-$40,000 FEE PAD v Some of the benefts that are offered are proft sharng. mondvy < bonus, blueuoss/bluashfeov *J dontal. optcal, major medcal. He" nsurance, vacatons A morel?- CALL t GENERAL EMPLOYMENT J 77 WEST 6 MLE ROAO J SUnE 039 P SOUTHFELO. Ml * PERSONNEL AGENCY J PROMNENT AREA bulder seek*. ougo«r>g person o greet vlslora at luxury model home n Rochestc^, and/or Bloomfed. Hours 2-8. ev-* eryday except Thur*. Career poten tal for w3jng. hardnvorkngrv>rtdu-: al Cafl _ ( PROTOTYPE MACHNST Brdgeport and Lathe. Experence n castngs and Texture work. Ovortne. benefts, proft sharng. Uvonla area PROTOTYPE SHEET METAL. A A B bench.. upgrader*,. tub benefts. Send resumes to P O. Box 20 Observer A Eccentrc Nowspapor* Schpotaaft Rd.. Uvonla, Mchgan 4850 PROTO TYPE STAMPNG Co. n" Southfetd seekng experenced sheet metal mechancs and bench hand tranee*, CaJ ^POLCE OFFCER The Cfty of Plymouth s aoeur>0 mnorty and 9?+r appfcants tor the poston of Po&ce Offcer. Deedflne for submttng applcatons * Monday tl7 PM. Thf* t an entry level poston wtth top pay ol $33,7 after 4 year*. Typcally work a 2 hour shft wtth every other weekend off. Mnmum qualfcatons nclude: Hgh school dploma MLEOTC certlfkod or certfable (requres graduaton from po6ce academy). ExceEent physcal ooncstoo. Vson correctable lo 20/20. No pror convctons ol any felorry or of serous msdemeanor* ndung OUL, suspended loense, larceny, etc Atkfr&xvslo^sVabtoquaVcatons: Mnmum of 2 year* of eouege. Relevant (ranfog n specalty area*. Relevant work experence. Appontees wtl serve a one year probatonary- pedod--appacej PROGRAMMER ANALYST STATE OF THE ART SHOP! - YOUR EXPERTSE WTH COBOL OR PL-: and a relatonal database on an BM manframe s needed! $30,000-$45,000 FEE PAD OUTSTANDNG BENEFTS AND COMPENSATON! CALL GENERAL EMPLOYMENT 77 WEST 9 MLE ROAO 6UrTE039 SOUTHFELD. ML PERSONNEL AGENCY wm be requred to comctel* wrtten test. Oral ntervew board, psychologcal testng, exenstve background nvestgaton and physcal examnaton nductng drug tcreon- App6catlon* may be obtaned al the Plymouth PoOoe r>partrnert. 20 S- Maln. PrymouuXML, 4670 between the hour* 0830 AM. and 4 PM. The Cfty e* PfymouV * tn Equal Opportunty Emptoyer. PRESCHOOL TEACHER-,.. heeded, experenced end/or degree preferred. SoutMted tree, PRESS/BNDERY PERSON To run cutter, collator, folder, ttcher A make deflvere*. Fut ume. 464^920 PRESSERHELP For Uvonla Ory Cleaner*. FuJ or part-tme. Day* only. Cat * PRESSERS A COUNTER HELP lor Carrage Aaner* n Plymouth. No ejtperence necesary. Apply n pertonorcal PRESS OPERATOR POSTON Must be able to run 3965 tek,»650 A.B.>ck,96SR»k.Mu»tt>epf0dvrO- Dve A wflsng to work. 4 color xpertenot hetptul Oood pay A beneft*. Ask for Frank al PRESS OPERATOfVOeneral lebor lor tmal ta-nplng plant. $4 per hour, ladles welcome. Day* 7am- 3 JOPm. Apply tl: SuCher Tool»56«W. 9 Mae, Farmlngton. PRESS OPERATOR J-5 yeert txperence desred wfth tome A B Dck 6650/360 experence requred. TEX, 430 or 26 experence helpful. Metal p<see a p»u». Were looung for someone proud ot helr workmtrshp A wwng to Seem a unque operatng system. Repfy to box»94 Observer A Eccentrc Newspaper*.»625 Schoolcraft Rd. Uvonl*, M<cWo*n 4650 PRNTER A$gr*wlv* m ptert #*p n Uvon* lookng for en AB Ok* 6640 Put Operator, 2 ye** experence, (T-Heed e«p*rence p»u*} for *nemoorvs. Ca* efter 9em. y e»t?** PRNTNG - Cuttw~**^F>»-t experenced tn tvttto & nw ew cjery work. Kola. C*»»*rt - >? ajnn«,.?^< PROGRAMMER ANALYST SYSTEMS 38 OR AS/400 #30,000^9,000^-: : rouwrfobexpomsc -". b the key. j thlt stale of the art shop that crfcrs cheflenge.. EXCaLENTeENEFTTS. ANO COMPENSATON - CALL GENERAL EMPLOYMENT 77 WEST *MHE ROAD SUTE 039 SOUTHFELO."Ml PERSONNEL AGENCY PUBLSHNG COMPANY seek* producton manager. deal canddate. wta posses* strong ccrnmuncatjon skks and knowledge ol graphc arts. Send resume ta ar. J. Modrafc, 600 N. Crook*, Ctawson, ML, No phone caes please. ; PURCHASNG Great opportunty wth Manufacturer n t27s orrldor. OK verse E^ylng/Admln/Clercal re- spensbflrtes. Gross potental. Purchasng A computer experence re- qured. Good salary A benefts? Congenal staff A work atmosphere. Please tend resume n conndencel - to: Purchasng. Box 24 Observer A Eccentrc Newspaper*, J625f SchooJcran Rd, Uvortk, Mchgan 4650 " " - ^- PURCHASNG 7 Troy based Audo Vsual dealer seeks t purchasng agent EectronJca related experence preferred. Resume lo: ". \ Cfh/ajmatJorCo. 57ParkSt Troy.Mt460«3 QCaOORNSPECTOR \\ lockng for person lo mtptct.. ejectrcal termlnas, plastc nsult-..,- tort and amal taaembfy* sold lo the J, automotve and tppftnc* market*.. Must be famttar wth as hand hek{ cagee. ndcator*, comparator*, etc.. The )fo requres recordkeepng and. atter^on)o organzed Stag ol the records. SPC experence tt betpm.. Day poeflton av»9«bte. - Esejefcentx frnge beneflts Send resume lo Box{ 964 Obeerver A Eccentrc Newspaper* choc*crafl Rd., Uro-.; hlt4.mlowg*n4850 r - Q/O NSPECTOR -- For teroepace rrranv<acturer. WHr-. mum ol 2 years experence. Wt oler exoe*ent beneft*. Apply Atro- Spm,865 0k^Rd,Lvon* ". QC NSPECTOR tor small metal ttamplng ptal Knowledge ol L-^pectlon tool* A blueprl.t reedng neoteeary. Mutt be te*l motvated, experenced n SPC helpful but not neoeeeery. Apply et: Sueher TOM «56«W. 4 M#a, Ftrmlnglon H<*». OUCK 0<L ATTENDANTS Fun tme. Must have ranepcrtetlon A be rehewe. Experence n***ed. Farmlngton H*a OAtettr>CCTOR«Subutben Met* Slw«««n«.._ eeek* to emp*> *«««romduele l/o the 0*rt»tv Conrro Oepl. Knowledge cl geganc * 6 p C nee- ry. Ccpe»*"»* np hewed en e«p*rex* "» «*" m person, between tun <cm > Pt>TOuth St««p%»K* *f»> ArbryrV «>v»nou» «S.x *> ~~~ RECRE.AT0* OlPECTO«ASSST ANT t\n nafc 2!» J * * t a l t lng svuav ro ard mm Q h- *>/«t TMV* rv+rr tl A Hega» tnq - *t> We *<u «nt C» R <Kj *# ww ov^^^t ^"<^oto^ n t Cm "J *«r» *>J»54) rr>,y** *>fh Njrj^g W>T» -«ft-. 7(^-/7»"" JS^/lTW^ o»:»e»*/r..(u.k»%» no»t -TFCX»*OA»«<V4 > e pf»rvom»s«*$t»h W< w"* rw»toc»w"wv rk** r ync xr»n» Mme^ f^ertarxe \<*** HK t> wqukwe W* tr»*r>. Oo«d OVK*<e wl "nuw rterhjaa No*^* \-^$ WK ^MJ^eWWl^M 47A-O670 PROGRAMMER ANALYST 3M4 bol Or RPO-3 C 8«w«ry t30» M* Cat/»er>d reewwe e M Oar*«N». CetTCS 2906Vtrtont Teytor.Mefm twe-tm..j..m..... y- llmm^ _M J - : A.,^ ^,.-^- - J. \

40 **pn*p^^^^pp^«wv*wpw«94hjppl!v*pwp wmmwmwm"*-^- mm 4F* O&E Monday, January 8, H^pW»nt*d RECEPTONST To work 8-«hour* per week on the day»nfl Some weekend* requred. You may apply n person or contact: GAfO&CTY HOSPTAL (Osteopathc) N. Wtter Road Garden Cty, Ml t-3300.*xt427r Aft EqueJ Opportunty Employer RECE7PKWST. poston lot hgh school Student for har»*jon. Eyenlog*ft Salt, Mutt be outgong, good wttf number*. hav«own car & V) a. fanatc about detab*. Apply n pe<- on, Tuea., W»d. * Thur*.. between 3pnv6pm. Mart* Connecton. Grand war at Heggerty. Pepper Square MaJ. -.;.; =.. RENTAL AGEffTS. McDonald Rental*» art expandng organzaton n he car/truck/van rental busness. Our 8 locatons n & around Metro Detrot ar* n need ol people who ar«organzed ft hava ton-* ctoteal aub, *r* wn tran u*n to do the rest. FuM a par tme postons avalable. Major medcal ; beneft*, pajd vacaton*,-opportunty fc< edvarkerr^l CaJ for appt 349-,400. REPAR TECHNlCtAN - - Sates offce»e*k* an rvflvkjuawtth mechancal apttvde to repar & calbrate precson measurng loot* * nstrumentj such as mcrometer*, tcefper*. elc. feflabl* work habt* a.most. TN» r* an entry level poston wth an excellent opportunty for ad- Yancjament ft ganng tome nsght. nto the replevy expandng metal workng ndustry. ntervews wll be held on Tues., Jan 8 from 9am 0. 4pm at MT Corporaton Fve Mle Rd.. Plymouth. 600 MpWanW. SECURTY ; C^flcera needed to work accounts n. the downrver area ft western *uburb*. -,. LJpto$6*ta/tngV*ge Put & part UmerV*, PaJdlralnlng / Pad vacaton, - Sr. ctzen* ard tornemaker*. welcome - "" Apply Mon. thru Fr. berwoen - e.00am-3:30pm... NATON WDE SECURTY 055 Allen Rd. «208.;.. AflonPem W.0Mle -:.. Southfeld $00 HdpWanlttT TEACHER ASSSTANT nooded tor Plymouth area daycare. Part lme hour* 3PM-6PM. Call between 9AM-4PM,, TEACHER FOR Uvonla Pro-School. 6:30*m-2:30pm. MoathruFrt.... deal lor college student. Also part tme substtute* needed. Call or»t SECRETARY/RECEPTONST to answer phones ft do (ght typng, other *MB» helpful Must have rleat eppearanoe REPOSSESSOR SKPTRACER Experenced Held adjuster. Must have own ruck. Experenced. Sktptrecer wth, good communlcattcr skas and collecton - ;background. 45M77 RESEARCH METALLURGST J40K range. Benefts. Fee Pad. ; B.HAML PERSONNEL RESTAURANT MQMT TRANEES $8,000 to start No fee THS S NOT FAST FOOOt Great tranng program! Rapd advancement! Unt manager* earn to « WWSl Top benofttst 5 Cay wort: wee*l Need reeled college degree and restautanl experence (wat ttatf, management, etc V RBS ASSOCATES AGY RETAL-Day* or evenngs, to 6 p.m. < M or part tme, wages & benefts. P.O. Sox 640. Rochester. M RETAL MERCHANDSER To Servce local Mejw stores for one week Fayoo promooon; also need full tme Faygo 6 drug store. merchandser*. Start $5.50 per hour - mfleege, Oay* - Tues., Wed. -Thur*., 0-4 NTRO MARKETNG CaSKathyat 54O-900 SECRETARY/RECEPTONST Accurate, versatle secretary/receptonst needed for avowng temporary employment agency. VYM conalder fua tme or flexble schedule epptcans "who erawwlng to do what t taxes to get the lob done. Growth potental wthn the secretaral area. Requrements; assocates degree. 45 wpm typng, word processng experence, good phone letfvuqye* and strong nterpersonal txffls. Must be able to workwell under pressure, handlemultple prortes and be flexble. * -» To be consdered lor thts chadong- ngposton send resume and salary requrement* to: O. Cousn* 2400 SouthfleW Rd.Sute3l5 Southfeld Ml SECURTY GUARDS No experence necessary. mmedate openngs. Senor ctzen welcome. Must have dependable transportaton SEEKNG Lrve n Nurses Ade tor Mon. thru Frl. Job ental*assstng76year old, 00% alert wdow sufferng from Emphysema. Osteopoross & pror stroke causng mlted mobttty. Ou- Ues to nclude: personal assstance. cookng & lmted housekeepng. Must be a Bcensod drver, references requred. SouthfleJd area. Call Mr Eaton weekday*. eam-5pm Weekend*, SERVCE MANAGER - March Tre - Goodyear, noods a brght, energetc person lookng for rewardng career as an auto servce manager. mmedlala openng. Rk* Bob SERVCE STATON ATTENDANT Needed fus or part tme. No experenced necessary. MoM Staton, 4 moe 6 Woodward SERVCE TECHNCANS -wanted for heatbg & ar condtonng. Mnmum year experence noed onjy apply. Poston* avalable n servce 6 m- staltallon. Ca» between Mpm, ^axt562 RETAL SALES Do you enjoy helpng people and, solvng problems? Then, Mchgans jnost progressrve Offce Product* OeeJer rw*d.s you a* a FuB-tlme Salesperson. 54.0/hr. to start $4.50 after 90 days; Medlcal/Oenta) beoefl*. adyancement opportunl-. le*. Employee dlscounl n n person:, acau)e/s Offce Products 759 E. 8¾ Beaver, troy Ask lor Gordon or *., " 4374W. Oaks Or., Novt -~y AskforCney- " SHFT SUPERVSOR Producton machnng faclty requres workng Supervsor lor second shft operaton. Experence on CMC machnng 4 turnng center*, producton mlls. & drll* a must knowledge of program edtng, lootng, & SPC a musl Beneft package consstng of health & lfe nsurance & pad hofday* after 90 day*. Pay rale based upon experence level A proven absty. Apply n person at: 2540 Gtendale, Rodford RETAL SALES 2 Oak* Mafl, Nayj. Startng pay S 2O0-S3O0 per wfc^^ dependng upon experence, nclude* other beneft*. Wrl tran. Ask for Ed RETREO PERSON for Mantenance of W 4 NW area r^ndomlnfum*. Mus t^\«own tool* & transportaton hour* per week. Wrte for* Cohen, PO Box 76, Berkley MH8072.,., RETREMENT HOME Lookng lor weekend hgm person. Frday* and Saturday*, 7pm to 7am. CalCarolat v REPAR M^N -Ntoeflng rented. must no shngle* and flashng. Ex.ceOent p«y, benefts, WOr*. year round ROOFERS Relable roorer needed. 5 years mnmum experence.. Please c&l ROUTE DRVER A leadng dstrbuton company * lookng lor defrvery drver* lor route tale* poston*. Qualfed canddate wth have C- Bcertse.and a good drvng record. Dependablty a must. We offw compettve wage* and beneft*. Send resume to: Route Drrvw. PO Box OetroH, Ml ROUTE8ALE3 Leadng beverage operaton lookng for ejperlerkecf-deovery rt*w* for royle sale* poston. C- or chauffeur* Bcense requred. OependabS- > ty a must 6-8 day work week. Good ) beneft*. Send resume lo: Route, afe*, P. O. Box 828, Detrot, Ml f48206 SALES CLEAK -Must be 8 year*,or older, mature and responsble,.apply at Tobacco 6 Gfta, Laurel ;Park Place Ma8, Uvonla. 8ALE3 PERSON - Goodyear Ser vce Center lookng tor brght, ener getc M tme **lesper*on. mmedl- ;*te openng. Rk* : - Bob ^ SALES PERSONS WANTEOfor Pet Supply 8lore*. Ful or part- tlma: Experence preferred but wll tram rght person*. Apply n person: "Specalty Pet SoppBe*, W. 0 Mle, Farrnlngton HD* Or Sheldon, Plymouth ; > -!SALES SUPPORT.Whether you are lookng (or a fun or part-tme poston, we are nterested n you. As a Qualty Leader n the Fajhlon ndustry, we take prde n Nrng frendry, hetofut people provkfng an r<)porturvty lor personal & professonal growth. We offer exoet- font benefrl* nckxflng merchandse -dscount, pad vacaton* & hoodsy*. nterested applcant* are nvted to apply lr» person at our._ Human Resource Offce. Crowley**, WJdwood Plaa, Ford Rd. Wastland. Ml. Safes/Waretouse The Uvonla branch of our organzaton has an mmedate openng for the quaebed canddate. Outes nclude nsde wholesale and ratal sale* of pant and related product*, shppng, recevng, tntng pant and detvere*. Prevous fetal panl«nd warcoverng experence a deflnjteplu*. Gftdden, par of the largest pant wmparr/ h the world, offer* a competrth* salary and a complete beneft program whch nclude* * savng end rrvestment plan, dental Plan, educaton assstance, ptu* mora. You may apply Monday through Frday from 6 a,m,.-,6 pm. *t:! TheGlldden Company ;. > 950Farm!r>gtonRd. ^onla,m4850 Equal OpportvrVty Employer Mlncrlty/FemrfenandlcappedAet EAM3TRES3 M/F For Plymouth re* dry cleaners to work m plant or reparsftafferatlont. Cafl 40r-Frl,9-pm > SHPPNG DATA 8YSTEM8 NETWORK Corporaton located h Farmlnglon HMs ha* poston avalable n ShJpplng/fleceMng. Experence helpful. Send resume To: Oat* System* Network Corporaton, Gra/v drtver. St*. 350, Farmtnoton Hffl*. ML AtlenUorvANaget. SHPPNQ/RECEVNG MANAGER Entry level poston. CcSege or 2 yr*. experence requred. Send resume to: Plant Manager, P, O. Box 5065, Southfteld. Ml., SHPPNG/RECEVNG CLERK - wth general labor dutes needed for ftghl movstrfal. Apply n person: 4666 Grand Rver. Novl.or call: SHPPNG & RECEVNG poston wth dstrbutor of ppe, fttngs ft varve* n FerrnJnoton. FuS tme entry level poston, offerng salary & excellent beneft*. Mooney Process Equpment Co W. 8 MBe, Farrnlngton,Ml..,.-.-- SHPPNGA//AREHOUS6 PERSON For large computer company. 8end resume and salary hstory to: Mcrolab, 2375 Research Or., Farmngton HHU, Ml SNOW PLOW DRVER Nedeed part tme. Uvonla area. Experence helpful, but not necessary NOWSH0VELERS Wanted. 87 pw hour. Westlanderea. "" SPORTS OFF)CtAL8 needed, wa tran. Baseball, Soft bal. Football, Basketbal & Wres^ tbng.cafc STEEL PLATE BURNER Panegraph or CNC experence prelerred.w" n thru 2" plate. t 22r STOCK DEUVERY Good pay, flexble hour*. Apply n person between 9am-5pra Efros Orug*. 0 Mr)e 8 Greenfeld, fouthfleldt TOCKyDEUYEflY Good pay, flexble hour*. Apply n person between 9am-5pm. Efros Drug*, 0 Mle & Greenfeld. Southfeld STOCK/PARTS CLERK Hghland Super* ore* ha* an mmedate openng n ts corpora la offce n Plymouth Tor a»tock/part* clerk. Ths poston requres at least 6 months tf oefc/warehouse or related background. Part*; knowledge help-, M. We offer a competltrve wage & excellent beneft package. Please send resume or apply n person to: HGHLANO SUPERSTORES Corporate Human Resources-PC fwan.shewonbd- - Plymouth,Mloh4870 An Equal Opportunty employer STOP Readng an these Classfed Ads. Now hrng - Deffvery & Set-up *- Tpwsonper*on,tlvonla SURVEY ASSSTANT to extract Wormaton for medcal recordvand label blood specmens. 40 hr*. pw wk. for approxmately 7 mo. Experence n handlng conndentle nformaton helpful. Send let tar of nterest detalng experence: Southeastern Ml Health Assoc, 5 Taylor, Room 229B, Detrot, M48202 TANNNG 8ALON, part tme day* venlng* - -weekend*, 4.60 per fwur.cauajv TAX DRVER WANTED to drve n the 8outhfWd area. W4 tram, Cal between Warn- 2pm TAX PREPARER > for accountant* offce. Fut or pan Urhe. Experenced TAX PREPARERS Experenced for hgh volume, modern locaton*. Hgh earnng*. Day*, : Eve*, 4 S9-858 TEACHtfl - Cerlned Teacher requfred for Prvate Educaton Center. Experence n Jr. Hlgh/H 8. Study 80*, Math. Language. Flexble, part-tme, afternoon ft evenng hour*. For appontment, calk 8yfvan Learnng Cenlw n Uvonla, EAM3TRESS WANTED N Jump *vn», NorthvHe. 4 or ECURTY OFFCERS -!NO, e»kna addwonej people for M part-tme.p*»d tranng, above avwhsdtf prograrhe, unforma. txo^errt aeetgnrr^enta n Novl, Warren, M«d»*on Ml*, othw auburben locaton*, ff you _» *4ncer», dependebf* 8 want fo Vortt for a.profs^wtaftwagly/ efety org*rt*0on tha appreclfte t** wrt 4oyeee, cast now for an nter- Jtlew. fettree we*;om< jccuflrty; PtWONHtt- Ouerd\j Conoeefed weep on* perrnft.. othert crjnewererj. Am prlt work. Ca4 Moo. thru. Fr. Wwn * 3pm or*v t, «CUf«Y v#wrttyfl«**rthft#w^#dfcuvooto A %*jma *<m. M A p#\ t<m4 * - " a a a. * * - - " a., «- J ^ fwnw"* «T*wofP. novny w^9 ^^^^^^jm -^ a a a - erf j j e*^* * * ^L^^k *- w^mwq On PQCOTOn. rtmwmw C^ OV" ^f) Prt m 5l^»» MOO. thftr) rf. Wf m*rew*rmahort «} TEACHER3 ASSSTANT wanted. Do you have specal talent wth cmdren? We are lookng for you. Preschool n Plymouth *"* t**t% teecher* assstant 2-8 day* PW Please contact between -5,, TEACHNG ASSSTANT for Krk n (he HHH ChrWen Mur»ery Sohool. 3 momtng* cw wee*. Experence h workng wth preechoof cnwren and good orgenrxatk>n«akr*«preferred. Send resume to: Jan Eaon, Krk m the WW Nursery Schopt, 340 W. Long Lake Rd, Bsoomflefd H»»,M480(3 FAST GROWNG metro Ford deater*np * lookng for axperfenoed Ford/M^cury Tech*, txoeferrl pay, good workng condton*, day or nght ahrfl *v*a*we. Apw to person: Tom Hotw Ford, Y/ 0 Mfle, Farrnlngton Hf^*. * TEACHERS 8.CARE GVERS :. needed for qualty chld care center. Educaton and or experence necessary. Downtown tree, Cal between 9ama,4pm TEACHERS Full 4 part-tme, lor prtv»t* Nursery School* n Farrnlngton Hlls 6 Novl. CaB9-5pm, or TEACHERS/SUBSTTUTE A* area*. $49 per ddn>. Rodford Unon. Schools 64J9BoechDary. v TEACHNG POSTONS - Futt Tme Avalable for natonaf/y-accrodrted. Nursery School w Uvonla. Startng pay based on educaton. Great benefts! S Help Wanted TRAWL AGfflWY-MANAOER^ Growng Farmlnglon 4g6ocy-ha*mmedate openng lor hardston maneoer. Mus have domestc & Wternafona experonce. Apply n confdence lo: Personnel Qepl, Box 7, farrnlngton. Ml TRAVEL CORPORAflON ha* openng* for reservaton sale* agent*. Become a member of the learn of Mchgan* largosl, tour op- erator. vvppbcants must be artculate, deary -understood: on the phone. (Computer experence helpful. Wa wl tran on our *y*tem. Fu* & part tme poston* avalable. Please phone for appontment. MS Green. HMHF TRAVEL TRUCK DRVER - Farrnlngton Wa CO. seekng qualfed Truck Drver knowledgeable about Detrot Metro area. Good drvng record. Cal for ntervew TECHNCAL RECRUTER * Jon the $2 bllon search ndustry. Recrut aulomouve engneers, sale* people, for.major automotve suppbera. Acnlevera can expect to»art\ $345,000 per monu.after.tranng. ncludes: Salary. fua_bttel*_ tr>cessful *ale* experence requred. Cafl SNELLNQ&SNELLNG PERSONNELAGENCY TECHNlCtAN aranee) - hloh loch. frm m Troy b sockng en ndvdual for entry level poston to operate techncal rjqopmenl A chemcal and/or mechankat background helpful but nol necessary. Tranng wtu be provded to an ambtous, serf startng ndvdual. Salary 8 boneft package. Send resume ncludng salary requrements to: Techncan, PO Box «45. Lathrjrp VSege. Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer TELEMARKETNG FULL TME Dearborn offce expandng new department. Salary and commsson. $7 hour guarantood. Call Mary Boan at ext 44. An Equal Opportunty Employer For wrte TECHNCAL WRTER aoftwwa developer to v»w rnahuaft for bvsnet* ExpwtenoawftJ desktop pwmahffg requred. Beneft*. Send reaume (o: ABC Computer Servcea, 7«Orchard Lake M 8f«v 303, ww Bwwnfw## M 4W?«TELEMARKETNG POSTON avalable for a person capable of automotve accessory telemarketng-. Canddate should have good verbal & wrtten sklls, experence n electronc data entry ft a proven successful record n ths typo of sale*. Compensaton basod on salary plus commsson. Resume ft references requred. Mt. demons area. For eppt. cad 9am-2 Noon, TELEMARKETNG Detrot Symphony Orchestra Ha s now ntervewng for part tme telefundraser* for our South Held offce. $5.00 pw hour plus commsson Flexble hour*. nterest n the arts hetpm. Experence preferred. deal for tudents, homemaker*. retrees. ft second ncome seeker*. Cal Mr. Sharpe Moa - Fr., between 2-5pm at MUST ENJOY TELEPHONE WORK An Equal Opportunty Employer TELEPHONE NTERVEWERS Marketng research company soeks experenced ntervewer* to conduct research»rudlea evenngs and Sat urdays. ExcoSont startng pay. 42) Uvonla TELEPHONE SOLCTORS Part tme, $3.50 per hour, plus bonus. No aotano. We tran. Must bo able to.c*as Prymouth. Canton. Farmlnglon, Fermlngton Klls and Uvonla area*. CaR The Amercan Councfl ol The Bnd. 9 AM. - 8 PM. Mort-8at» TELLER.. Fua tme teoer, credt unon experence oreferred. Ful beneft*, no Saturday*. C«j e-5pm TELLER - Part-tme poston s open at our offce located n Bloom Held Hlls on Woodward at Long Lake Rd. (H Moe). Poston offer* publc contact wth exoeoenworklng condtons ft compettve salary ft beneft*. Canddtesmust have a good Math ap r tltude ft Dght typng abuty. Cash handlng experence desrable.parttme poston requres Mt days of work oo day* schocwed. Apply n person, 0am-3pm.-Mbn. thru Fr. FRST FEDERAL OE MCHGAN 50 Woodward Avenue Bloomfteld HJ* Ah Equal Opportunty Emplovw TELLERS Full and part tme postons avalable (n the 8outhfe<d, pontlacftdetrot area**. Prevou* experonce n cash handlng * preferred but nol necessary. Canddates for part tme postons must be avalable to work 20 hour* each week and 4-6 weeks fut tme hour* for (ranng. Good math apttude and good communcaton skds necessary. Stop by any one of our branch locatons for an applcaton or the personnel depart mentat: Frst Federal Savngs Bank ft Tru$l 76 W.Huron. Pontlac. MCH An Equal Opportunty Employer THE MARNES ARE LOOKNG for a few good menft we are lookng for a few good programmer*. Our rapdly growng Prymouth based company 6 lookng for experenced RPG programmers who have boon n the busness envronment ft know the mportance of gettng a job done correctly ft on tme. The career growth opportunty a* wed as flnan del c^porlunltles are avalable lor he rght people. Send resume wth salary hstoryftrequrements lo: : 0? Supervsor, 6645 General Dr Plymouth, Ml TOOL & DE MAKERS MOLD MAKERS LEADERS BENCHHAND TRANEES CALL TOOLMAKER HARDNGE LATHE OPERATOR BENCHHAND : LAP HAND 7 yr* mnmum experence, excellent payft beosft*. Apply at ARGAOECO 270Glob*. Uvonla, Mch.-- (btke-ofnewburgh). TOP SALARY - Nanne* needed. Experenced wth chldren. Mature, relable, Bve-ln/out, fut/part tme. C«* Th* Nanny Network, nc TRANEE NEEOED lor keyunlng, camera work and techncal Kfustratlog. Cal TRAVEL AGENT - Brmngham agency. seek* experenced agent wth corporal* "and "vecator background. Apollo. Monty TRAVEL AGENT - Full ft part-tme poston*. (2) yr*. experence preferred. 8»bre-lraJned., Farrnlngton Hlt* agency. Cafl Tammy TAAVEl AGENT Fufl tme poston. 3 yr*. mnmum experence requred. Data* helpful. Can for ntervew TRAVEL AGENT MANAGER for lesure offce, 8abr*. Salary pkr* commsson. Can Mr. ScbubWer, CKOH Travel, TRAVELAGENT Mnmum 2 yr*. expereno* n domettlo and nternatonal travel. Capable of Operatng Sabre. Contact Chart** Rartdofth at TRAVEL AGENT Outstandng Mt tme poston n Oro»*«Poma for very experenced Agent TRAVEL AGENT8NEEDEO Experence preferred. Send lettw and resume lo: UnWob* Enterprse Trtvw Umtted. «80 McMgart Ave,p*erbom.M,4824. TRAVEt AGENT; Top quary. Dependable. Aggrestfv*. Personabl*. Apo«o.W.Boonfled. CaHPhyW*, TRUCK QRVER8 Ortvw* M#)«for OTR flatbed. Must be 23 yr*. or older and have vartflabk* experence along wth a good drvng record. W* oner pad mecdcaf, holday*, vacaton, along "h a retrement plan. We hve good dean equtoment tvaflswe aw) ready to drtve, A (teeth*utlng trammg program r* ayaaane. Pt««call TRUCK ORVERSAVAREHOUSE Help needed for locaj food dstrbutor. Apply n person Merrlman Rd., Lvona..- TRUCK ORrVERS.- Delvery routo seekng experenced straght truck operator*. Mus have a dean drvng.record. Heavy lftng ft chauffeur* fcensa requred an hour plus benefts Ford Rd, Garden Cty. Mon thru Fr,.9am- 4pm.. JTPA FUNDEO -TRUCK MECflAMC s needed for our growng fleet. The/ deal canddate wl3 have experence wth dfesel ft gas engnes, complete truck mantenance 6 body work. Knowledge of refrgeraton a plus. We_ offer good benefts ft compettve wages.send your resume to; Personnel.Drector, PO box Detrot. Ml., TYPESETTER- PubCshlng Co soeks fub tme Typesetter experenced on the Macntosh. Knowledoe of pagemaker s essental. Send resume to: Mr. J. Modrak. PubSshlng Corp. of Amerca, 600 Crooks. Clawson. Ml VCR CAM CORD TECHNlCtAN Experenced. Good wages ft benefts VETERNARY ASSSTANT Veternary Assstant* neeoed M tme at our Southfeld dme, ft part tme weekends at our Pontlac clnc. Must be dependable, kxe to dean, ft be able to work wthout constant sopervlslon. Must enjoy anmals. nterested.canddates please caj: PVH between 3-4pm, Mon.-Frt. ask lor Marlyn VoeOer WANT CASH? WERE READY TO ROCK We:v* got Jobs watng - rght now - wllh good pay n a professonal offce settng (no pzza sauceo- An you nood s some spare tme and you can earn money for the car. dothes, or tckets youve been wantng. Were otterng evenng hours, group actvtes, valuable experence, and a career opportunty alter graduaton. Were ready to go rght now. Oon t mss ths chance.. Lets rockl Can or after 5pm. WANTED helper*. Rough carpenters ad WAREHOUSE ASSSTANT Manager for tool and compressor dstrbutor nooded to fooow up orders and delveres. Send resume to: General Manager, 4343 Normandy Ct, Royal Oak, Ml, WAREHOUSE ft DELVERY Person noodod for natonal furnture retalor. Appncans should be able to organze ft communcate wos n addton to handlng the physcal tasks ol warehousngftrecevng. Contact Andy, or man resume to: Ethan AJlon Veronca, Uvonla. Ml. 48S0 WAREHOUSe>OEtJVjERy., ;.--v No experence.wtl tran, good drvng record a must WAREHOUSE HELP Pckng order* slockng shelves, msc. dutes. $5-V6 pot hour wth benefts. For Fragrance Company at 2300 Hlltop, SouthBeld WAREHOUSE HELP nooded at an art ft draftng supply company. Apply n person at: Great Lakes Desgn Supples Stamford Court, Lvona. S. of Schoolcraft. block W. of Farrnlngton WAREHOUSE OPERATOR Hgh school dploma (or equrvalont) must have experence drvng hl-vo fork Eft. Fun boneft package. Apply. Amana Refrgeraton. 304 Schoolcraft, Uvonla. WAREHOUSE SUPERVSORS FOOD NDUSTRY Excellent opportunty wth major regonal supermarket chan tor professonal warehouse supervsors. Musf have 5 0 years experence supervsng. TWs progressve company, wth modern equpment, new fxtures ft computerzed nventory control system has mmedate open nos. Qualfed canddates are nvtt- Od to respond wth adetaled resume ft salary hstory to box 22, Observer ft Eccentrc Newspaper*, 3625 Schoolcraft Rd.. Uvonla. Mchgan An Equal Opportunty Employer WAREHOUSE SUPERVSOR Westland Toy Dstrbutor seeks a hands-on supervsor for dary actmlles to ndude-smepfng 4 rocefvtng, pack out 6 essombfy, nventory control, slock managemont, growth plannng, end mantenance. deal canddate wn have a mnmum of 3 year* warehouse experence, the ablty to supervse others, and he desre to accept new challenges. Math skns, postve atttude, and depends baty are a must. Ths s an opportunty to advance wth a rapds/ growng team A resuft orented company. Annual salary of 6K wllh pad vacaton ft hofldsys. Benefts package after 90 day*. H yov are ready to move on. where your performance wtl make a dffer ence, please forward your resume by January 8th. to: PrtsclflaA. Rankn. MAN STREET TOY Abruzz Drve, Westland, Ml 4665 WAREHOUSE Wonderful opftortunle* for male or female person on the mdnght shft st ths modern faculty. Full ft part tme avalable n order fllng and clercal Support Job. Clean frendly work envlronfnent wth pleasant surroundng*. Excellent pay ft beneft*. *f n person, Frank W. Kerr Co., 55 W. 6 Mle, Novl WATER EXERCSE NSTRUCTORS Must rjsve CPR ft advanced Pfe *avng certfcaton*. Mus be 8 yr* of age or older. 4-6 hours per week evenfng*. $7-$9 per hour. Apply lo: Cty ol Troy Personnel 500 W. Bg Beaver, Troy An Equal Opportunty Employer WE8TLANDAREA.», NEW HOME BUlOER warn* capable repar perton to make home repar*. Must have the ablty lo schedule»nd fofowvp servce*. Call Bell* Constructon: WESTLAND OFFCE $3.60-$8.80/HR. weokend help needed. Fexfbe hour*. No *otng. Ho experence. Pad weekly. Mutt have pleasant phone voce and be al least leyr*. ok).ca»mr*.antoontt: Help Wanted WE ARE NTERESTED n a few good men. preferably earty rotree*, anxous lo gel ther skujed hands back to Work agan, buldng machvory. Flexble hr*. Call WORK A LTTLE OR A LOT We have a varety of assgnments n Clercal ft lght ndustral postlons. Never a lee 4 no contr eel. Roceptlonlst* Typst* Data Entry Operator* General Labor Vctor nterm Servces Equal Opportunty Employer M/F 502 Help Wanted Dental-Medcal ABCAftEJNC. RNS/LPNS NURSE ASSSTANTS MALEATTENDENTS MMEDATE OPENNGS ALLAREAS COMPETTVE WAGES REX8LE HOURS Cal Mort.. FrL 8: ACTVTES ASSSTANT FuS-me poston avalable to work wth EWerty n Nursng Home. Seekng outgong, creatve mdmdua. Apply n person: Mddlebolt Nursng Center 4900 Mddle ben Rd Uvonla, Ml ALLERGY TECH RN/LPN/MA. West. N. West area. Must have prevou* experence n ax aspect*-of allerges. Part or fufftlme. Salary negotable wllh experence. Phone Mon., Wed.. Fr. ask for Sam WNDOW/DOOR ASSEMBLYft earvce People. Experence only. Attractve package for the rght poop*. Cal: , $00BOMU9-90DAY8 No eve*, weekend*, Naton* largesl hou*ec«ahor». Car necessary. \ WORKNG FOREMAN/Suporvlsor needed n (he Traversa Cty are*. Mutt h*y» experence n: wafer and sewer nstahalon, earth work, road buldng; materal handlng and management. Resurne and salary roqutramenl* should be tent to Eatwood Exc*v»Jdng, no Arport Rd, W. Traversa Cty, Ml ard ww bt MB n Krlcf confdence. -.., ANMAL HEALTH TECHNCAN Lcensed. ExHJrcnce necessary. Can: v ASSSTANT MANAOER needed for a dermafology clnc lr\ the Allen Park area. Must be expertoncod and enjoy workng wllh people. Contact Lofty ASSSTANT/MEDCAL, fus tme pojson open for rght person, must be hard worker, have pleasant personalty ft be dependable ft responsble, can Help Wanted Dental-Medcal DENTAL ASSSTANT fub tme poston for Troy famly practce. Good hours. Great workngcondtons. Experence preferred OENTAL ASSSTANT - M lme. CDA/ROA or experenced only. No evenngs or weekends. Excellent salaryftbenefts. Ann Arbor > leave message $66-32 "DENTAL ASSlSTANT-Farmlngton Our progressve Dental team s sockng an enthusastc, people person to hdp provde qualty dontal care. nterested? CaJ OENTAL ASSSTANT Seekng an exceptonal* Team.Person focusng on leadershp ft expert Communlcallon.Emprasls on contnung educaton, carng ft qualty. Should be career.mnded, personally stable 4 heah-centered. Confdental reples to: Box 04. Observer 6 Eccentrc Newspapors, 3625 Schoolcraft Rd.. Uvonla. Mchgan 4850 ASSSTANTS - nterested m spend -ng^our work day n a beautful new Brmngham dontal offce? Patenloronled general practce socks a fua tme experenced chalrslde assstant. Must be mature, enthusastc and wen organzed. No evonk>gs/ Saturdays. Good salary and benefts. Please call LLER-PART TME wllh knowledge of -BC/BS, Modcare, Medcad. Must have computer knowledge. Call Karen betwoen 2pm-8pm at BLLER - Permanent, part lme tor busy MO SpOdaKsts n Southreld. Experenced. Manual system. Bllng, postng, status, fortow-up. Can Paula/Sandy SLLER-RECEPTONST needed hours weokfy. Experenced n thrd party bllng 8 loner* up would be helpful. Or - * offce located n Uvonla near Jeftrles. Sue, bflng MEDCAD BLLNG Amcar* Home Health Resources, mufll-chaln home health durable medcal equpment organzaton sponsored by he Sster* ol Mercy Health Corporaton, s lookng lor a qualfed ndvdual lo process Medl cald bffllng. Thrd party medcal blang experence s requred, wth at least t year n Medcad bllng. Computer knowledge would be helpful, as won as an educaton background n busness or healh admnstraton Well match your sxns wth a compettve salary end exceden benflts. To apply, please send your resume lo: H\tnan Resources Manager Amcrare Home Health Resources nc Twelve Mle Rd Farrnlngton HOS. Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer DENTAL ASSSTANT POSTONS The Unversty * of Mchgan DEPARTMENT OF RESTORATVE DENTSTRY The Unversty of Mchgan Department ol Restoratve Dentstry s sockng chalrslde Dontal Assstant to partcpate v he delvery of fourhanded dental servces n a dversfed general practce mode. A wde vsrfcty of opportuntes d further develop experence end tranng. Fu3 and part tme postons ava/labla mmedately. Address al nqures and responses lo. Cheryl Morosco. Department ol Restoratve Dentstry. School ol Dentstry. The Unversty of Mchgan. Arm Arbor. Ml.. 46O9-072 and/or can (33) Pease reter to K>b poslng»a v(-t-oe A non-dtscrlmlnatory. emvmalrve acflon employer. 502 Help Wanted Dental-Medcal COLLECTONS/THRD PARTY PAYOR FOLLOW-UP- DMCWOODLAHO HEALTH CARE CENTER..- NOV! -» Clnc/Hosptal collodon* ft health car* nsurance-bllng experence necessary, Conl*c4 Jack Hsnley, at AlflaledWth The Detrot Modcal Center An Equal Opportunty Employer OENTAL A$SSTAHT:-Are you en experenced Assstant.lookng lor an opportunty to expand skks 8 advance professonally n a hghqualty Specalty practce? f you are also brght, personable, motvated ft sncerely carng about people, can Dense. l-5prrfweekday*. 357-OS90 DENTAL BUSNESS STAFF person desred tor computerzed general dental n westland. Pror experence a must. Are you outgong wllh good communcaton skws? Do you w6rk well wth others? Salary commensurate wth ablty. Flexble hours and d»y». Please call trone at ,- "OENTAL HYGENST Upbeat, neat person sought for provenlalrv* team orented practce Own operatory end assstant _ln computerzed 2 doctor Dearborn Offce. Flexble, hours. Exceftew bonefs. Newer equpment DETARY AOS FuB ft part lme for noon lo 6pm shft. Appf/ n person. Venoy Contnued Care Ceoler Venoy. Weyrw.M OENTAL BUSNESS ASSStANT Our 5 Mle-Telegraph denal offce s seekng a part tme or full tme team member. We are lookng lor an enthusastc- person wth good typng and organzatonal sklls. Dental nsurance experence pre- terred. Computer experence a plus. Jon our team! Cal DENTAL Henry Ford Medcal Center-West Bloomfeld* mult spodafy dontal efnlc has an mmedate openng for a part-tme Denal Hyglenlst & a part tme Dontal Assstant to work 2 day* porwock. DENTAL HYGENST - requres current Mchgan lk?enso wth a BS n dental hygene prelerrod. DENTAL ASSSTANT - Requres completon ol dental assstance course mos on-tho-job experence. Please send resume lo: HENRY FORD HOSPTAL EMPLOYMENT CENTER MlcheleChoulnard 292 W.GRANO BLVD. 0ETROT. Ml Equal Opportunty Employer M/F/H DETARY FOOD MANAGER FOR NURSNG HOME Must be certfed NGHTENGALE WEST 6365 New burgh Rd Westland, noar Joy Rd. An Equal Opportunty Employer DO YOU LKE AJpfl. Up and About Elderly? youre answer s "yes." and you are a retred person or a mature nterested person. would Lka to talk wth you regardng a poston ol Resdent Assstant on Afternoon or Mdnght Shft, part or ful tme, wllh attractve wages and more n our boaulful home lor the aged. Please call , or apply k\ person up to 4pm at W-vtworth. Uvonla. ", DENTAL HYGENST needed lor preventve orented practce n Dearborn Heghts BUSNESS OFFKE-Pathmt* account* manager for mulu specalty cfmc Strong medcal batng and credt management skns. Must bo famlar wth computor*. able to <Semonstate ablty to communcate elfectrvev wth physcan* and 3rd party payers. Type 60wpm. All reples confdental. Send resume to: Mark Saner. Box «954. Observer ft Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd.. Uvonla. Mchgan 4850 CHROPRACTC ASSSTANT Doctor woftng to tran. Full or part tme: Send resume to: 5825 MkJdlebeft Rd.. Uvonla. Ml 4854 CLERCAL HELP noodod at medcal offce n Oak Park. Knowledge of computer* and medcal bunnghepful Qaa 0-4 PM DENTAL ASSSTANT/PART TME Oral surgery offce. Denal experence requred. CaB between am- 4pnj DENTAL ASSSTANT Undervalued? Unapprecated? Can for. a.wonderful change. Experenced. Fu8 tme. 40 hr*. Farrnlngton Hlls DENTAL ASSSTANT - Farmlnglon Hlj* are* Expertoncod chalrslde for 3* day week^mon-thur. Mostly crownftbrdge practce DENTAL ASSSTANT Great part-tme poston for expert enced team player. Mon thru Wed, 2-7pm. Pam OENTAL ASSSTANT Experenced onlyl Busy BettoVJe practce. We are lookng for that»podal person. Benefts DENTAL ASSSTANT Full tme. Energetc per»on. Experence n expanded dutes. ExeeDeol salary ft beneft*. For Farrnlngton HUUoffC*.,,., OENTAL ASSSTANT EJtperonce preferred, lor Waterford offce DENTAL ASSSTANT Experenced, Ml lme for Brmngham offce. Also Rocoptortfs needed DENTAL ASSSTANT - Rochester. Fufl or part lme, experence preferred but no the essental ; evenngs DENTAL ASSSTANT wanted, experenced for quafty practce h NYV Uvonla. Call or after 7pm DENTAL ASSSTANT/Receptlonlst For oral surgery offce. f*a lme wtth excellent frnge beneft*. Experlencod n dontal preferred DENTAL ASSSTANT Experenced. TrS Cm*. DoarbOrn Uvonla area. Opportunty lor advancement DENTAL ASSSTANT Experence preferred. fus tme, W.Dearborn offce DENTAL ASSSTANT Tet-Twefv* area,»ome exporonce, fufl ft part-tme. Frendly, energetc. Cafl Monday, 2-7pm, DENTAL ASSSTANT Central sterwzaton, M tme poston «Y*> able n ft growng practce. Excellent salary, Medcal, dental, 40K ft tuton wan beneft*. Experence pr»?ert*d. Oood *ons* of humor A ntatve expected (^ DENTAL ASSSTANT outgong, postve, mouvsted ptt~ On needed (or frendly Westland practce. Must hava prevou* dental experence, Aprox. 30 hour* a week. No Frday**. Sat. a month. nterested? CM DENTAL ASSSTANT Goner al practce n Brmngham empathzng cosmetc ft famly dentnry ha* mmedate openng for tharp (ndmdus. Experence preferred. Oylgong personalty amut. Cafl today OENTAL ASSSTANT. Start the New Year fresh wth a wvrtfng r>h6dontk5 team. Mutt be self moovted and have substantal ortho xperenoe. Top afary. Reply to: Denal Referral Servce. 855 W. 2 MM, Southfeld DENTAL HYGENST Plymouth/Canton area Flexble hours ExceC«rl pay OENTAL HYGENST. progressve Canton offce, lookng lor an enthusasle. people orented porson to Mn our preventalfve team. FuO or part tme Flexble hrs DENTAL HYGENST Lrvona general dentst socks qualty ooro-ortcned hygonlst for 4 day run lme poston. Attractve remuneraton Can fo< nlervsew or DENTAL HYGENST need*} Tor Southfeld area- Approx. 30 hr»./wv. Bone Ms Startng Jan Slh DENTAL HYGENST W. Bloomfeld area, every other Saturday, hall day. Ca« DENTAL HYGENST Part-tme. Frendly, congenal offce. Uvonla area DENTAL HYGENST Part tme, needed lor progressve offce n Farrnlngton Has. Call OENTAL HYGENST 3 days per week, excetlont Royal Oak famly practce. Prefer Mon. Tues, Thur. Please caj OENTAL HYGENST Rochester area 2-3 days per week. n 2 doctor preventatve practce. Cal for ntervew OENTAL HYGENST lor Rochester general practce, part lme. Tues. ft Wed. 3pm-8pm. Alternate Sat. 6amlpm.Ca»Arene DENTAL HYGENST - part or fub lme, no evenngs or wookends, salary open. Ann Arbor offce OENTAL HYGENST*" 3 days per week. 4 Mle/Ryan area. Please can DENTAL HYGENST Par tme. Preventon orented famly practce seekng enthusastc ndvdual to complete our team. Northvale area. Please can OENTAL LAB Techncan. Crown ft brdge toch needed lor Proslhodontlc offce. Ful tme. Experence preferred; saary-ft.beneffs commensurate w/experence D NTAL RECEPTONST: Are you an experenced dental receptonst lookng for an openng n a hghqualty lndepend*ttsactc«where your professonal manner and your organlzatlonaj and communcaton U.E$ wn be notced and valued? f you are also brght ft personable. depondabj* ft responsble, motvated and sncerely carng about peopa and dental health, can OENTAL RECEPTONST Newman Famly Dental Center n W. Dearborn lookng for experenced Dental Receptonst n at phases of the front desk. Good pay, grea patent*, greal dentst*, great team. Cafl DENTAL RECEPTONST - Mature person. Compuler experonce. deal opportunty for advancement. Ful lme DENTAL RECEPTONST Frendly, experenced, M tme professonal needed (o jon our excellent tatl. Must be able to run front, desk, type and be woflng to work on computer. Possble manageral dutes. We enjoy havng fun whle workng hard. Great hour*, excellent ply and beneft* » OENTAL SECRETARY/ASSSTANT m Lrvona. Our busy perodontal off- ce s searchng for a myll talented person to be utlzed n our busness and assstng departments. Th* ktee! candd tes should be brght, en- «ro«te, and have mnmum 2 yrs. dental experence. Computer experence most benefcal. w» offer a M lme poston wth excellent beneft* and salary. No «v* or S*turday*. Ask for Debbe» DMC WOODLAND Health Care Center NY/AREA NUCLEAR TECHNCAN Part tlm*. regstered or eflgtw*. Call X-RAY TECHNlCtAN 2 poston* v»bbuj. Ffl tme, no venlng*. Can Ron, txt 87». < AffKtedwtth Tha Oetrot Medcal Center An Equaf Opportunty Employer DMC-VVOODLAND HEALTH CARE CENTERS LABRATORY CUR Southfeld. PN/MA-ENT.NovT LPH./MA. fuflftpart-tme, N.w.em PN, nternal ModWne NcM. LPN-Rneumatology.NOYl.. Affbtaled wfh The Detrot Medcal Center Conlecl An Equal Opportunty Employer ENERGETC CARNG home, xare needed (or frendly, alert 65 year old woman wllh vontbator. WH /ato, non-smokng LPN or Ade. CaD Louse. Ctarkston FRONT DESK PERSON-Mature ndvdual lor busy neurology offce. Experence- necessary. Knowledge of MBS preforrod. Excellent benefts, salary nogotlable. Ask tor Bev at FRONT DESK RECEPTONST hart day por week - Y/ed. 2-6pm. Specalst offce n Novl * Call; Sandy after 5pm FULL-TME RECEPTONST Experence preforrod. Famlar wth nsurance Bttng. Rochester area. Calt9-5pm HENRY FORO MEDCAL CENTER WESTLANO " " The Westland Medcal Corner s seekng en RN lo work part lme wth benefts. Hours are flexble. Experence requred n CU. CCU or ER. QuaSfod applcants please cafl WCeLass HYGENST wanted n N.W. suburban Oetrolt GP offce, perodontal specalty offce experence requred. Al else negotable, eggressrve root planers/sealers. Reply to Perodontal Thdtapy Poston. 37 E Man S Northv0e. Ml HYGENST Voul tool comlortawe n our offce Wott establshed amfty practce. Farrnlngton Rd. and 2 Mle area. Mor. Tues ft Thur*.. 8AM-5PM. Can NSURANCE Cterk/Roceplonls Part tme, oral surgery offce hrs/wk. dontal or medcal backr ound requred. Can between: N THS Hourly evenng entry level poston, a canddate wb nsure the accurate processng of medcal Ws. utlzng publshed fee schedules/ guldefmos. Other actvtes wa nclude bllng nput, proofng system output ft developng customer servce sktls wth carrers/provder*. Send resume to: nracorp/ac- CuMed. 262 Central Park Blvd. Sute 500. Southfeld. Mch Attn: B. Peruskl LAB TECH Expandng Farmlnglon HKs based otologc practce has M tme poston avalable lor ASCP or HEW Cerlned Tech/vologlst to operate new laboratory. Venpuncture, routne chemstry t$4 hematology experence requred, as wea as Strong nterpersonal and organzatonal skrt*. No holday* or weekends Send resume ft salary hstory to. Personnel Drector Mddtobelt. Farmlnglon Hlts, Ml, LCENSED NURSES Work where you make a dffer ence! We are a 230 bed premer skflod nursng faclty wth h* eye onthe future. Postons are avalable for qualfed Dcohsed nurses on he lollowtng shfts. Afternoons, ful or part tme. Mdnghts, fujl or part lme. We offer flexble schodunng and partal shfts, compettve wage and benefts and a thorough orentaton. Pease apply at: Westland Convalescorf] Center, 3637 W Warren. wefsnd. LVE-N NURSE AOES- $70-$75Perday. year experonce. good cookng 6 homemakng sklls requred. Allen Health Care LPN/RN. tu*. tme to part tme. West Tral Nursng Home. We are a small basc care faclty n Plymouth n noed of a charge nurse. To schodue an ntervew call Drector of Nursng at LPNS AFTERNOONS/MDNGHTS FULL OR PART TME Good startng rata ft benefts Mrs. Martn, Drector of Nursng NGHTENGALE WEST 6365 Newburgh Rd. Westland, r*ear Joy Rd. An Equal Opportunty Employer LPNs West Bloomfeld Nursng Center, near Maple ft Drake, has openngs on alt shft r lor Ml or part tme LPN*. Salary $.25 or 2.25 wthout beneft* Oay»; and 82 or wthout beneft* Afternoon* ft Mdnght*. Please cal Mra. Mancuso^r Mr».SubOuchat LPNS.60* 3.50 per hour.. Geratrc, hgh lech and staff refjel nurse* needed n Oakland and Macorrb Countes. FJoxbe schedule* ft monthly bonus. Alen Health Care MASTER LEVEL THERAPST for outpstent substance abuse cfnc. Adolescent end «dutt treatment sorvco*. Experence preferred but nol necessary. ncentve progr»m wllh good benjft*. Ca* tor more nfo. Art Equal Opportunty Employer MEDCAL ASSSTANT.». fufl lme, beneft* Pedatrc Offce, F*rmlngton area. CaR MEDCAL ASSSTANT Part Ome. Rochester Hll* : nlernljl offce. Venepuncture, EKO. Cafl after 6pm MEDCAL AS88TANT-E.p*rlenced, for Uvonla phytwan. Venepuncture, PFT, EKO, x-r*y. Cal MEDfCAL ASSSTANT Needed lor Troy Physcan. Must have knowledge o( EKG. Hour* MorvFr,C*» MEDCAL ASSSTANT lo work week nght*, e-wpm. n Lrvona Pedatrc Offce. Must hve completed MA. Course ft h«v*»ome related experonce. CaD Gal MEDCAL ASSSTANT - for Podratry practce Experence prferred.f/w. Detrot MEDfCAL ASSSTANT or Nure, for Uvonla offce. Experence necessary. Excellent opportunty. Pe*** tal between 9-5pm MEDfCAL A8S3TANT Fr* tme wth offto* fadlotogy axperenc*. For physcan offto*. ermmgham Help Wanted Dental-Medcal HOME MEOCAL equpment company n Walorford s seekng a full tme Modcal B-ter. Medcare experonce preferred.: Excellvnl beneft! Pay commensurate wth experence. CaJ durng.normal busness hours foranlnlervlow MEDCAL ASSSTANT Plymoulh/Southfe-d area, full lme. famly practce. 2 yrs/experlenoa n Xray, venaponclure. EKO MEOCAL ASSSTANT - Part tme, for W. Boomntfd area nternst. Mon, Tues ftthurs. V/jng lo work back ft front. Experence preferred MEDlCAl ASSSTANT for busy $ doctor offce Fufl lme wth excellent benofls, SA/ary negotubfo. Ejperencod n venapuncture Ask fw Bev at MEDCAL ASSSTANT Roceptlonlst tor busy dermaloogy group n the Provdence Hosptalarea Experence requred Call between 9-5pm. Sherry ex Ma.rtha ASSSTANT - part tme, Lrvona Podatry ohce MEDCAL ASSSTANT nddd&tf tot Approxmately 2 to 20 hours per week. Experence preferred but not necessary WU ran rght- person CaH MEDCAL. ASSSTANT Full tme for dcrmatooglsl olltce No wockends Some ejperlence requred Send resumes to: - Ollce Manager. S5S0 Plymouth Rd.RedlordT*p. Ml 48239, MEOlCAL BLLERS-Must be experenced v>th 3rd party tunng and CO-9 codes Mnmum 3 yrs experence. Knowledge Ol computers helpful Type 50vspm. ExCfcKenl salary and benefts AM repocs confdental Send resume to Mark Saffer, Box 954. Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoocralt Rd.Lvona. Mchgan 46SO MEOlCAL eller-computer experence essental Knowledgeable n a* phases ol modcal bllng Modcare. Medc^d^Blue Sheld, commercal -fuhlynsfor large subspecalty practce 3/Souhed area. Excellent salary, benefts MEOlCAL BOOKKEEPER FuH Charge, wllh computer knowledge for part lme work n med cal offce Experence preferred MEOCAL OPPORTUNTES Recrutment 4 placemenl (0< lull or part tme postons Nurses Medcal Assstants Techncans Transcrptonss Medcal BCers Receptonsts Experenced only Excellent salary 4 benefts CALL MEO-MATCH Help Wanted Donlal-Medlcal MECHCAL ASSSTANT. Needed or full lme poston m Wosland podlalry ollce. You must be experenced and wllng to loam a varety of new sklls. We otter * great workng atmosphere, good salary and beneft package. Please send rosume lo PO Box 97. Westland. Ml MEDCAL BlLlER/Rocepttonlst Detay-orlented person wth experence n 3rd Part nsurance Companlaa 4 *t>l.ty to work welt wth people. Excellent salary ft benefts Send resume to: Box 799. Observer ft Eccentrc Newspapers Schoocralt Rd. Lvona, Mchgan 4850 MEDCAL OFFCE EMPLOYMENT mmedate placement opportunlles lor Mdvkluas eper&oced n Admssons Collectons lospxlal/physlcan BrJng Medxal Recepton Medcal Transcrpton Earn great pay wth no lee Can a TEMPBORopresentalve today TEMPRO MEOCAL RECEPTONST/ JRANSCRPTOWST Jof outpatent orthopedc physcal therapy olfce >0 Soulhfetd full lme. Mon hrough Frl wth benefls t yr %pcrence requred MaJ resume to Sute»209. Pme*ood Plaza Grecnl.dd Rd. Souh leld. Ml MEOCAL TRANSCRPTlONST Oay and afternoon postons, (par 4 lullttmel. avalable wth a growtny mult specalty nternal Mod<ne prvate practse *Ple3se send resume- nternal MOCKVW Cubcal Group. 280SO Grand Rrver. Sute 306. Farnvngton Hlls NURSE ADES - Earn up to $7 &n hour All shfts avalable m you a/ea Must have year eper>ence Sgn up bonus expres Call Peggy today NURSE ADES Top pay Lvona - prvate duty. Part lme, weekdays 4 weekends (<pm- 2mkJrrfght) CaUPoggy NURSE AOES $6-$6 25 por hour. year experence requred Flexble hours and monlhly bonus Alen Health Csre MEDCAL PERSONNEL wanted to perform moble nsurance exams, part tme n Detrot 4 Dearborn areas Must bo experenced n venapuncture MEOCAL RECEPTONST lo wofk week nghts. 6-lOpm n Lvona Pedatrc Offce Computer experence helpm Can Gal MEOCAL RECEPTONST - mu_sl have yr experence n medcal or podatry,offce. Knowledge ol health nsurance a plus Must be hard worker & dependable. Call MEOCAL RECEPTONST neoded for busy urgent care faclty n Lvona Experence nocoessary. flexble hours, compettve salary and benefts. Ask lor Torn MEDCAL RECEPTONST- For Surgeons offce. Typng, knowledge of Medcare 4 Blue Cross necessary. Experenced persons nood only apply. Ca. lor ntervew MEDCAL RECEPTONST Full tme, busy doctors offce Must be organzed and be responsble, ablty to communcate a must Some experonce preferred and compuler knowledge helpful ConlaclUsa MEOlCAL RECEPTONST-Full-tme postons. Mf). avalable wth a grow*.ng mult SpoclaJty nlornal Medcne prvate practce Prevous experence n recepton schedulng, swtchboard and computer bllng preferred Please sond-resume to nternal Medcne nterna) Clncal Group: Grand Rver. Sule 306. Farmmglon Hlls MEDCAL RECEPTONST Pror experence preferred Computer nsurance background Fuu lme. W Bloomfefd MEDCAL RECEPTONST/OFFCE Assstant for medcal offce r Brmngham. 3 hr*. per week. Wll tran qualfed ndvdual MEOCAL RECEPTONST - To Sf hr. Type 50wpm, benefts year experence requred Steven J. Greene Personnel MEDCAL RECEPTONST fun tme wth exceucnl typng lor physcan offce. Brmngham MEDCAL RECEPTONST needed N cosmetc surgorery clnc n THE blrmtngham area. Must have clercal and compuler sklls Please contact LoRy MEOCAL RECEPTONST Expedent n tront desk dutes mmodate openng. Doctors offce n Pontlac. Excellent psy and Can MEDCAL RECEP0N ST Furl tme n top Dermatology offce n Farmafhglon Ws. Must have al least yr. medcal offce eperence or tranng and type and least 50wpm. Calt MEDCAL RECORDS - A 20 bed long lerm care lac^-ty, located n Wayne. s seekng an ndvdual wth nursng home experence or equtvalenl lo take charge ol the medcal records department, AR.T certfcaton requred. Salary commensurate wth experence. For appontment, call MEDCAL SECRETARY For Uvona/Southfold Pedatrc offces: For k-.fofmatlon ca)! 59l-O220oreves MEOCAL TECHNOLOGST (ASCP or equvalent), experenced for group practce ehnlc Lvona (8 MJe/Farmlngton) no weekends. Can Shela between 030AM- 330PM, Mon-Frl MEOCAL TRANSCRlPTlONST Ml tme for busy ent offce n Southfeld MEDCAL TRANSCRlPTlONST JON US Were a Medcal Records Corporaton and weve been servcng hosp. ta* naton wde for almost 20 yrs. f you have experlenc* transcrbng medcal record* or radology reports, you can earn more wllh us W* also have an excellent bonems program and flexble hours lo sut your tf stylos. f we h*v* pocked your nterest cafl pal Hood al Medcal Record! Corporaton MDWEST HEALTH CENTER 6050 Schaefter ^Dearborn Ml 4826 W«are lookng tor: Modcal Assstant*, M tme Appontment Center, M tme. for busy outpat lent cknk; LPN* RN» Oettan, part tme Waolfer:-. A pcassnt modern work place Good Hartng wages Beneft* W«prefer experence Send resume 0: Admnstraton, Mdwest KeaHh Center. NURSE ADE FuS ft par lm*. Experence preferred but w«raln. Ongong classes. FrankBn Manor Conv*%scon Center, Frankln Rd, SouthfWd. Ml. (behnd Holday rmv rnurse ADES er* needed for home car* Case* n western W*yr>* county. Flexble sohedu- Bng. Excellent pay scale. Transport*!ton */low*nce. Beneft pckag* for 20 hour per week or more. Experence necessary. Unted Home Car* An Equal Optyrtunty Employer NURSE ADES & ORDERLES Full and part tlma openngs avalable on ol shfts. $4.30 to start plus bonefts. Wll (ran. Apply n porson: Camolot Hall Convalescent Center, 3500 Ann Arbor Tral, Lrvona. 62M444. NURSE ADS Full 4 part tme opennc,j. All smls Apply m persoo.... Venoy Conmued Care Center 3999 Venoy, V/ayne. M Nurses A>do HOMEMAKERS STUDENTS Have you cor\s>dored a job helpng others help themselves? We are lookng tor carng ndvduals to ron our health care learn and become a par of Oorvln Convalescent and Nursng Center Because we care for he elderly 24-hours a day.»«have the unloue abrty to oler e wde range of schedulng optons We now have part-tme optons avalable that would be deal tor students and mothers wth chldren n school vrhte earnng a nce supplemental ncome you can experence the tootng that comes rom helpng others. you»ould L\«more rlormaton about wtat we have to offer you. please call or stop by Oorvn Conva.escenl and Nursng Center Eght Mte 8 MddebeJl Rd Lrvona. Mchgan An Equal Opportunty Employer NURSES ADtzS NEW STARTNG RATE Full tmo, experence not necessary Wut tran. Seo Carol Brown NK3HTEHGALE WES 8365 Ne*burgh Rd. Westland. near JoyRd An Equal Opportunty Employer NURSES ASSSTANT-Part t,m* afternoons, 4 day* per wk. ncludng some weekends. Small 29 bod nurs-. ng tacamy. S, Annes Mead. 606 W 2 Mle. Southfeld. 9am-4pm. ntervews. NURSES Fun 6 part tme - an snls. Corr.petnr.e wages 8 ber-^dts Shft premum* Weekend bonus Flexble schossung for tnlormaton. call or apply n person. Venoy Contnued Care Center 3999 Venoy, Wayne. M NURSE SUPERVSOR - poston eva.abto n home ca/e agency. Requres 2 years nursng experence ( year ol whch musl be n home health care) Outstandng salary & benefts package ava.lablo NURSNG ASSSTANT ALL SHFTS Unlverty Convalescent Center Earn whle you learn! C.N A. tranng provded to an qutthed applcants Slop n and talk to us about Jonng our dedcated, hard workng learn. Applcatons accepted between 9am«pm al West Frve M3«Road, Uvona. orcaa Kethy M.mnaugh, RN at NURSNG ASSSTANTS West. Bloomfeld Nursng Cent^ near Maple & Orake has openngs on alt shfts lor full or part tme Nursng Assstants. $5.75 per hour. $6 00 per hour after 90 days. Please contact Mrs Ploskonka ^ Nusng LPN Oorvln Convalescent end Nursng Center, a 32-bod sklled nursng (a- Ctty. n Lvona, currently has an openmg on tho 3-J shft for a l l- tensed Practcal Nurse. W«have 4 fus tme end part-tme snu open, n addton to health nsurance beneft*»e oler the followng... CompeUve salary Shft and weekend dfferenal No benefts wage opllon " Tuton re<mburscm«nl Pad VAcaton»Skk.Pay For Consderaton, please conlecl: Mrs Carol Lttleton, RH Drector Of Nursng Oorvln Convalescent and Nursng Center Eght Mle ft Mddlebolt Rd. Uvonla. ML v E0E V> OPTCAL DOC ha* mmedate openng for fecoplonst at Twelve Oak* ma» locaton. Warm and outgong personalty requred. Opllcal experence helpful. Salary, commsson and f/lnoe benefts. For confdental ntervew call Cheryleal OPTCAN..-. Experenced, full tme Optcan to»ork n busy offce. Cal Danny or Susan,, OPTOMETRfc ASSSTANT Farmkgton (flls offce. 20 hrs. a week «PERSONAL CARE ADES AH shft*, kva tns,- «xccf!*nt pay tcae plus mcons-es 6 proft har- ng Can PHE0OTOMST3 We are now acuyofy revewng eppmcatons; nccnvepay ft bonu* program for most postons. Apply m personal: 7»l5AnehRd, Allen Park (between Southfeld R<J. ft Champagn) -.. Perry ComforlCare lab PART TME PATENT SERVCES REPRESENTATVE Home Nutrtonal SorvVc**, kvc. seeks an ndvdual lo»»*h n th* orderng and trackng of p»tl«nl d*- Hvero* The *pprv;aftl must be a hgh Khool gradust* possetslng compuler *pltud» and typng **. Knowledoe end pror experence n medcal fad preferred. Pease»end resume lo: HNS, Haggerty Ro»d. Sut* Q-, Farrnlngton Hrs*, Ml ATTN JOYCE. HACHOLOG CALTECH NlCAfT" SouthRcld s/ea Cln6 has lnmt>r>dl-»t* openng lor a Cert,f>ed X-Ry Ttcl lo work weekday*. Must be experenced wth Mmogr* >h«ft Upper /Lower Os. Ca« RECEPTONST pall tlrhe for busy ophthamoog^l ofce n Brknlngham. Typng nocossary, nsurno* kno-medge preforrod

41 *^p»-^w^^p«p mmmm mm 502- Help Wanted Dental-Medcal OAKWOOD CANTON HEALTH CENTER 8 mmedate opcrtnoj for, he fouowng ootons. ConnoQn, Rogslwed X-ftjy Tech. Contact J7TBr6>.n:* Permanent p/ltma clnk rwrta. (LPN/RNHor nternal mocdno offce. Pwmanenl parl-tma certfed medal assstant lor mutltpccsll/physkvr offce. ContactMj Esservnach«r 459(34 ORTHODONTC ASSSTANT Our tnjsy Olhodonlc otfca $ Marchng lor a fun Mo)l<er>org«tc poton. pref«r«t>n/ wth char swa eupcrlence. who enjoys fas P«o» We offer s chaleoglng cartw opportury n a team orented envlrorut.en Pkae can G:orla between 0m-pm PHARMACY -TECHNCAN Coma cm trfl leader A r< (vome nfuson ndustry We so** n Outgong ndvdual to osusl n the p/epa <alon and dc-r.-very o» panen V medcaton Certfcaton and rv e«- perence pre tor red CaJt or *ooa resume to HNS.?>20O Hag$r.-rlr «oad Smte B, Farmngton Hrtj. Ml 4&33 ATTN VKE"(33) RECEPTONST Noeoed or bv*y doctors offce located m Lvon:a Epenence a plus CaJ 47M344 RECEPTONST fa-t:mc tor Opftru.To<og/ practce bsod m SoutnWd Answerng tfc!epr,cra3. appontt^nt schedulng. data enlr f.lng & lghl t)-p<ng Great *^k atmosphere Fufl beneft pack3fl» Cat Stacy RECEPTONlST/Wedcal Assstant lo* OBGYN offce m N Fa/mngton Hts Pa/l tme, epcnence- helpful RECEPTONST full tme, for physcal norapy clnc Pleasant lelophone technque essenlal Knowledge of modcaj termnology & bllng hepful Wlng to lea/n Caft between 9-5 Won-n REGSTERED PHYSCAL THERAPST Pan tme to lead department >n award wnnng subacule/long term cae tacl-ty ResponsbMes»--:t nclude daty nter, enlors wth tta ents and staff... partcpaton n" panmr.g ne tacty»<^de rehabltaton program Hours fle«bl«you may choose -Wll requred S, days per week. Mon -fn. 3-4 hours per dar Please appfy n person Westland Convalescent Center. 363?VV Wa»rcn. westland, bet*een V/ayne 4 Nenburgh RN-ASSSTANT DON NSERVTCE. Eperlence preferred but wll tran a motvated ndrv^ual Ca: Franklm Manor Convalescent Center RN ASS T DRECTOR of NURSNG For 20 bed long term care lacrtly located n Wa>ne Compettve «ages & frnge benefts for more nlormaloo. call DON at RN - DAY SHFT. LPN - Part lma. Alternoons 4 MdnJghts Nursng Ade Dart 4 Afternoons, mproved saarcs and benefts Appfy n"persofl Hope Nurs-ng Care Center Cherry H>n. Westland RN FULL OR PART TME DAY SHFT (jood rale 4 beooms See Mrs Mau" Oector Ol tusng NGHTENGALE WEST 8J65 Ne*burgh Rd Westland. near Joy Rd An Equal Opportunty Employer (\U Fufl-lme aod part-tme day poston*. (M-f). avalable wth a growng": mull specalty nternal Medcne prvate practse n Fa/mngton Hlts Prevous eportonce n adult nternal Modclne Nursng, Oncology. Gastroenterology, or Pulmonary nursng preferred Please tend resume to nterna* Medcne CfntcaJ Group Grand Rver. Sut* 306. Farmngton Hdlj RN/LPN ""J Full and pv tme, day sjws. Brae Bum Nursng Home. «3? N Woodward Boom^efd HU. RN/LPN Part Tme. Appfy n per ton et: Marycrest Manor 54 S MkJdebeM. Lvona RNS-LPNS-GPNS Sklled nursng faclty n Uvona seekng full,and par tme Nurses. Day and Afternoon shfts. LPNS earn $0.00 an hour. RNS earn $.00 e,n hour, plus health and lfe nsurance beneflls. Call for appontment. Martha Felosak, RN RNS West Boomfad Nursng Center, near Maple 4 OraVe. has openng* on an shfts lor fu3 lme RN a. Salary SS or $6 wfthoul bonef.t Day*.»8 or $7»r(thou Aflerncons 4 mdnghts Psese can Mra Mancuso or Mr» Subollch at R N. tor Growng Pedatrc Prectlco -n W. Boomfefd. Part-tme. Mon. & Wed. 2-eorf: Som^ Sal 4»acaon coverage CaJt Nancy SMAL PLEASANT offce needt A»- tstant lor fvng and medcal bhng. NW Detrot SOUTHFELO modcaj evaxratlon, center seekng X-Ray Tech lor par! tme poston. K/ow^edg«ot modca techncan dutes desjrab«. * SUPERVSNG. X-RAY TECHNCAN Stong. nnovatve Xr«y TechnWan noeded to be responsb* lof «40 empfoyee X-ray OefX. Mol h*y» proven ttroog management baefce round wth erceflent people»ks». tajor Medcal, Dental 4 Lfe nsurance beneft* combned wth art»xceflent salary. Send resume* to: Attenton: Manager, 55«E. 8¾. Beaver. «03. Troy 480*3 VETERNARY REC PTK>NlST/Kenne Assstant. "Full Trrva flexble hour*. Strong Vaterlnar/ hosptal X-RAY {CertfkxJ) Tech nocderj 3 day* n Ho\ offcfl $75 bonu* to h!<0»: 624-2MJ X-RAY REGSTERED TECH. Mammography, pa/t t>t>«flexble hoot* Uvona area. 522*590 X-RAY TECHNCAN needed (2) pa/l-urr* bosjkm avaftawe lor Ccrl^«J RadlologY Technfcar,*» the fa/m*noton»w» MorcyCare Famffy W^d<c^ Center. Send resum* (o: MercyCare, 00 Woodward Ave, Pootac. ML X-RAY TECHNCANS Long end short term lomporary esslghmont*. Call DAVS-SMTH MEOtCAL PERSONNEL SERVCE H»lpW«nt»d Offce-Clercal ACCOUMTANT/Off»C MANAOER fasl o/o*v>g MrouJb«r>rwj*l-ervc«tompany H loovlng for!* charge CXhc4) Manager. SorxJ prof laary Nslory 4 fasum* to: Mr. Orwo, P.O. Bot 005, VYUom. M4$09« ACCOUNT -v.- EXECUYlVE $25,000 PLUS, FEE PAD Trernendou* C^re* opportunty n an «xcenen orcmlpo Ttftf*»fw$- (ryt Neoded:»ha/p. upbmt. djtaherj 0d-9»ll«f V^th (( 4 (J****»h<l Mm*»a)e» badtorouhd. Cal WcW now,m36w.. 8NELUNQSNELLNQ FARMNQTON HLL8 Monday. January 8,990 X)&E" *5F 504 Help Wanted Offce-Clercal ACCOUN raut/bookkeeper Fufl charge, fun tme perjon wanted torfthotesaje/dstrlbutlngcompany. Dutes would nclude General Ledger. Account* Payable, etc. Computer knowledge requre. Send resume to: Oovgla* Deal, c Huron Va-Tey Sa-es. nc Prnceton, DearbornMt»,MM8t ACCOUNTANT Experenced n «mall busness m okkoopng Job cost/data base 3 *. BMc computer* tystem r^prul. FamJar wth constructon trade QuaTfed applcant* should tend co-rer letter /w resumo 0 & H Rahman, 095 Unon L&Xa Rd. Unon lake. Ml or can ACCOUNTANT tot Accounl^g frm, ejperlonced. fu3 or par lme or retree, opton to buy ACCOUNTNG Career potental n the edtng hotel ndustry Rad^son Plaa Hotel at To«n Ccr,\tt has cr*"oog;ng career opportun;tjes r the accountng depa/mcnt Successful canddate most be setf motvated and have a proven record of a stable educaton- 8f/Work background Experence n a sensce r^)jstry s preferred PAYROLL CLERK -3 yrs etporlence wth payroll appkauons. preferabf/ wth KRONQS tme keepng syslem, 0 key. some computer background. ACCOUNTS RECEVABLE GLERK -3 yr» eperlence m aceountj recevable, computer background helpful We ofler a sof:d seevre bcr*f.ts package ncjudjg modcaj. dertaj lfe nsurance proft sharng " 40Kplan free meals roduced oo<n tales a otner Radssor.s educatonal rembvrsemern career growth nterested qualfed appucams please apply n person only Mon thru Fr 0am lo 4pm. Porsonnof Oopa/tnxmt. Radsson Plaa Hotel at To*n Center, 500 Town Center Soulhfetd Ml Equal Opportunty Employer Mnonty/Femae/Handcappod/Vet ACCOUNTNG CLERK Master Data Center a dms.on of PrenKe Han Legal 4 Fnancal Servces, s sc-ekng an Accountng Cerk wth these qualfcatons Corr^>!eted college level raccoontmg courses * Exce^cnt <rrjlen and oral "commun5calon sklls * Accounts PayaWereceh-abes and Bank Rocondlaton eperooce preferred * Accurate typng/data entry skns. attenton to detal * Exposure to PC equpment. prefers bfy Word Perfect and Lotus -2-3 We ofler oompettrve saary, tuton assstance, and a comprehenshre beneft program f Uvj poston nterests you. please send resume and current salary to Human Resources. Master Dala Center. 29(00 Northwestern H*y o300. SouthfeJd. Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer ACCOUNTNG CLERK To assst accountng department m varous tasks Computorled system for-account* payable and rocorvabte. Expertenco preferred Salary, benefts. Ask lor Carol ACCOUNTNG CLERK Experenced n computer entry, typng and 0-key hrs. per week Stnd resume and sajary requrements to Tyndd Photographc Wayne Rd. Uvoma. Ml 4850 ACCOUNTNG CLERK!c- bus/ B:r mngha/t law frm Experence wth Lotus horpfu: Oues nclude assst ng n ho b-ng process, prcpa.o uon o schedules and account* pa> able Send resume to. Smpson a Moran. 555 S V/oodward. 5lb Brmngham. Ml., All: Kathy ACCOUNTtNO DEPT ol large Real Ealate Company noojds brtghl ndvdual eager to team and tran a* assstant n rocofvables, payable*, and other accountng fundlon*. Pror educaton or tranng helptut. Send resume to: P.O. Box 849. West etoomrxhd. Mch ACCOUNTNG SECRETARY $6,000 FEE PAD Nce poston ohortng ( M ol vartoty Accoontng and cterlcaj responslblte* a* we!) a* computer. Great beneft*. Call SNELLNG&SNELLNG OFTROY 504 Help: Wanted Offce-Clercal ACT NOW OFFCE ASSSTANT POSTONS A varety of openng* n the *uborb* for_ typng ol 50. word processng, accountng, general offce or receptonst akts Experence neceaaa/y. Salary to $ & pad beneft*. ALL FEES COMPANY PAJO PERMANENT STAFF Farmngton Hlls S.outhfleld An Equal Opportunty Employer ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT New Farmngton Hd* JewoVy store took* responsble porton-tor account* payable, account* rooervabte and nventory control. Must posses* excellent organlratlonal sklls and be detal orented. Computer experence nocessarycej ADMNSTRAYVE SECRETARY Prymoulh area desgn frm seeks top notch secretaral support lor busy fasl paced desgn deparlmen And top executve management Canddate wll bo rwjvjred to posstss computer profcency, excellent nterperaonal. plannng and organzatonal sklls Strong typng and busness wrtng experence a must We offer a complete beneft package. Please send, resume and safay re- Quremens to: Box 666 Observer A Eccentrc New»papers Schoocraf Rd. Uvonfa. Mchgan 4850 ADMtNSTRAKvE SALES Assstant Growng Southfed Company needs a mature person to assst wth Admnstratve detal <n Sales/Marketng Dept Must be capable of teamng Qu<kry. workng wth Salespersons 4 Outsde Vendors Even temper, exctfcnt phone por} na. r rty. ablty to use Englsh correctly. Word Processng Exporonoe wth Sales Admnstraton not requred Ths rs an excelont poston for a person wth -2 yr». General Offce or Socr e arts) experence to develop skts 4 assume responsbtftes. Plc3se submt resume wth complete work experence & salary hstory, wth cover letter descrbng your sklls 4 accomplshments for the past 2 yrs Resumes wthout cover letter wt. not be consdered Salared poston, full beneft package No weekend work or travel Normal hour* Resuma must be receved by Jan 2lh. Ropry to Box 964. Observer & Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd. Uvona. Mchgan 4850 ADMNSTRATVE-SECRETARY Drvson ol Automotve Company has a need for a Secretary to work n Cu^tome, Support Excellent compensaton for ths challengng poston utlsng Word Processng. Secretaral 4 Admlnstral/tve skn* Send resume to: 77 Stephenson Hwy.. Troy. Ml 4&083 ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT/ RECEPTONST Part or fun tme BJOomfed Hs k> caton The pcrloct cand.d3;e would have excellent telephone sklls, basc word processng skns and some knowledge of bookkeepng. Saary commensurate wlh ablty Send resume or letlor to Oomery Company FrankJn -Rd.. Sute 50. EUoomfeM HTts. Ml ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT - flexble person needed to perform varous offce functons. Applcant must be lambar wth Apple Macntosh dctaton equpment, computer termnology 4 general offce procedure* Applcant* wth cocoge experence gven preference Typng 60 wpm. 5 yrs experence requred Sond resume to Wrght Systems. AJln. Dane Marlt Shetdon Rd =300 Pfymouth. Ml ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT, l 7 -.!^r fwf* covnmunc*-," L, RoyaJ Oak basod company Super tt v 3oaelary--utth good ttons skhs. Word Perfect, phone and Executve Secretaral sxlr*. Saary basod on experence. Send confdental resume to: Wanda, SocuTlty Corporaton. 505 E, Mle Rd. Roya) Oak. Ml ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK wth aome knowledge ol computer bookkeepng tmmodlale openng, resume 4 wage requrement* to: Barbara Nles ComptroDer. St Mary* CoBege. Orchard Lake. Mch 4S033. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - Computer entry, experence, detated. neat 4 wllng to wort n a hgh volume flow Excenenl beneft* 4 w^ges Send resume 4 salary rtquftment* to: Offce Manager. 50 Cleat, Plymouth. Ml ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK Experenced Account* Payable Ckxk needed lor mmedate openng. General Offce: 4 CRT Oata Entry experence requred. Salary commensurate wth experence. Send resume. ncludng salary hstory, to: Dopt. 68. P.O. Box 394. Rodford. M ACCOUNTS RECEVABLE CLERX Needed lor man offce of muft plant manufacturng co. Computer bllng 4 customer cofocton experence helpful but not ncc«t4acy. Excellent math skn* a must. Resume to: Mra. Maln. Unque Fabrlcatno. 60 W. Hamln. Rochester Hfts, Ml ACCOUNTS RECEVABLE Southflofd Property Management Company has an openng for an Accountng Clerk spedamng n.,» Accounts Recevable. Experence wlh BM P.C., a bkj Plus. Wa offer an attraclve employment package. For confdental consderaton, please tend your resum* to: Contrctfer, Southfed Rd. Ste SouhfoJd, ML ACCOUNTS RECEVABLE Farmngton. {5,600 mwmum. Fu9 corporate benefjt*. Fco P*W. B.HAML PERSONNEL ACCOUNTS RECEVABLE Growng horrva medjcaj equpmenl tompany ha» en mmedate openng lot* *n nnovatve, hands-on pecformer. Must b«lamlbv wth computerjed M5ng tytlem*. Competltlve talary 4 bonent*. Send resum* to: Fordson Health Car« Mtchtgan Av». Oevborn, Ml <»U9 orcaftodaertones G4 ACCOUNTS RECEVABLE CCE.RK Canton *f«a manufacturer has an mmedate M tm<t cper*g lor an experenced Accounts Rooorvable Cert; to handle data ervtry lor an on. Bn<t system *n<j general ecoount^ dulej. Must have eccountng experence, be good typst end be fuont wth cacutator*. ExoeOent beneft*. Send Msume to: M- Oomeler, Otaw-rna V«rt Born fl*. Canton. Ml 48*4 AO AGENCY wok* M lme Receptonst. Bookkeeptna and typng»ktfl» requred. fus beneft*. Sehd resume d P. O. Box 7, Troy. Ml ADMNlSRATlVE ASSSTANT Must have bookkeepng, computer 4 Word Processng experence. Hon amoklng offce located m top o* Troy BuOdlng. 8eod resume, wtth»alary requtromenla, to: Noetlce Corp, AttohOon: Peraonnet, 755 W. Bg Beaver Rd, Ste. m, Troy, Ml : ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT. We ere one ol Mlchlgsn* largest local eccountno frms, lookng lor an edmlnljlretrve assstant lot Our 70 per»on bffce. The appflcenl ahoyw hav the lobowtng qua) fvelkjrts: ExcopllonaJ typng end orotnlonel»klt» end be profcent on WordPerfect S*fe/y oorrrnenjurate wth experence. Qualfed cehddte»oum tend ther resume* te:. PeraorrlOepl.MSW, \ }85M Orchard lake Rd Butte 200 fa/mnjtoo KfH, Ml 480«\ J AOMNSTRAfrV?ASSSTANT -tot EtJrmlngharn property maftagerrent frm. QuaSfm ndmdusl mvjt h»v4 good <vgan(*tor\»l, math & phone ktfts. 8aa/y eommen»ufte»rhh «*»e»leoo». tloo wnoker 45-2 r ADMNSTRATVE SECRETARY" Needed k* Southfed manufectur. er» np. Fun. fat p***d femffy orenlod envvorvnenl. Strong word procesuno; regutred: Salary open, exoetlenl beneft*. Contecl Wendy: \,< ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT Exceflenl opporlunlty lor experencod ndmduaj wth hgh corporate communcaton sk3», an abty to wrte and a desre to learn and be responsble tor nternal operaton*. UnUnvtod opportunty W qualfed and wnng to work. Salary commensurate wth eburty and performance. Send resume to: Personnel P.O Box 300. Southfed. Ml ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT SECRETARY $8,000 mmedate openng for your stable secretaral background wth good typng 4 word processng. Growng suburban frm offer* excebent beneft* 4 advancement. Call Today. ALL FEES COMPANY PAD PERMANENT STAFF Farmlnglon Hlls Southfed An Equal Opportunty Employer ADMNSTRATVE SUPPORT One ol Detrot* fastest growng contract employment servces s lookng lor a top-notch edmjnlslretfve support ndvdual to Jon our learn. Thl front desk poston b n demandvg. fast-paced offce. Requrement* nclude pood offce skh*. typng and receptonst experence. f you ere professonal and artculate, we want to meet wth you. Ths permanent poston" tj both challengng and rewardng, and has an excefenl advancement opportunty. Please cab to scnodue an ntervew - ask lor June. -- WE PUT EXPERENCE TO WORK. ENTECH SERVCESrLTD ADMNSTRATVE CLERCAL OPPORTUNTES Ketfy Servces,»nc U «leader n the temporary help nduj/y and» company tha «experencng contnued growth n response to the expandng need* ol the busness communty., We have, and art enllc»palng. several ful-tme ckclcal poston* at our corporate headquarter*. Theseposton* requre oood flng skt*, mathematcal apttude end typng speed ol 35 wpm. Data entry experence and excefent communcaton *ksl» are ajso requred. We offer a compettve salary end cornprehentrve beneft package aod advancement opportunte* based on good Job performance swd vabene opportuofty. you ere qvaffled end nlermted n any ol the above r^r^ortunhte*, please appfy n person between * em.. 4 pm. Monday Frday rx send you» fesume to: brptoymenl RepresentatNe CO KELLY SERVCES, NC. 899 W.Bkj Beaver Rd. Trey.MM80M An Equal Opportunfty Emplo)-** A0 specalty Vm, n 8outhfe>d socks M charge utt secretary 3 yrt. rnwmum ontoe expertence ln> CludVtg «>m(xrtry, QrowVt opportunrty.»t«,m0 pkrs ber>ew», Cell anytme S57-8M ADVERTSNO A0ENCY kkang fy reoe^tlonjt/t)f*t Mvt demonstrate professonal phone svf?t K word processng e<perlenc«hetom. CsflMaryet 357-7/00 ADVERTSNOAtVlSORS Kandflno large vohjme d ncomlnj/ outgong phone ten*. Mus type 45wpnv Above vtoge seery plus pood Commsson*: Fufl tn*4k*t h frkvge behefh* pm prot amrlng t> 00H tuftop ft-nbvrsemenl pro- Ortms. NtoeWe offce. C*» Ky r. fedorw " Help Wanted Offce-Clercal ADVERTSNG A0ENCY Part-tme poston n Brmngham. RoqurejfUng,lght typng, copyng, runnng errand*, answerlna phones on occason, research A other msc. duues Please can 4 ask, for; Nancy or Judl, ADVERTSNG AGENCY Recepllonlst/Qeneral Oltlce n Farmngton Hals Must be personable wth good typng 6>!j. Word processng a plus Salary commensurate wth experence Cell Sandy Obert AOVERTlSlNO/DESWN STUDO Experenced Secretary /Receptonst noeded for general offce worx n Sojrthfeld. txceoent organzatonal & communcatloft sklls a musl. Part tme hrs. pet week Call between 0am-Noon A GOOO START, f you are mature enough to work ndepondonuy 4 confdent enough of Start av entry leref. we have a place for >ou Appfy at 300 South State St.- Wot-.-erne. To*«r. Sute 500. Ann Arbor nterest FSB. An "Equal Opporlur.ty Err>poyer A leadng nternatonl -Tradng Company Kas an mn-kxjate nood for the folto-a-lng povtofts. EXPORT TRAFFC COORD.NATOR Jo handle the coordnllon of shlprnent* from suppler* and preparaton of export shppng documentj and traffc luncton* Experence preferred. RECEPTONST/TELEPHONE «OPERATOR Fun tme experenced receptonst wth mult-lne telephone Swtchboard experence ndvdual should protect a professonal mage, be cordal and have a pleasant telephone manner. Good typng and general olfoe sklls requred Send resume wlh salary requrement* n confdence to: NTRA CO CORPORATON 40 Allen Drve Troy. Mt. 460*3 Or for appontment call: (33)585-«900 ALERT Roceptonst/Socretary needed for Novt offce Pleasant phone voce a must. So 50 an hour plus many beneft*. Call SS ALL-AROUNO PERSON for offce and sales Mus oe able to lake phone orders t>po ln.o<«s and some retal sales FuQ tmo. dowtown Northvlle ALL AROUND SECRETARY TO $8,000 At last! A secretaral poston thats jusl "not typng"! Word processng wll be part ol your day along wth other nterestng respohsbstles Hurry CaS Bornlce. J53-2O90. SMELLNG &SNELLNG ANSV/ER OUR PHONES You dont have to be crazy to work here, but t helps! Poston as receplonst/typjt wth major company requres exceptonal phone sws. accurate typng and knowledge of offce machnes Excellent beneft*. Can Ex 22 or send resume lo: XX Coofdge Hwy., Oak Park. Ml Alt. Crstle Dvbber. An Equal Opportunty Employer APARTMENT LEjRlNO Consuflant/ Offce Clerk, part tmo. ncludng some weekend*. Canton area. CaB ARBOR DRUGS OFFCE CLERCAL/SECRETARAL One Ot.A/VcrCo s fases jroa,-., drugstore chans has fuq tme gen eral offce, accountng clerks, account* payable clerks 4 secretaraj postons avalable at our Troy coroffce, Most postons requre entry level experence. We offer an excellent beneft* package, compettve pay 4 advancement opportun- Oes n an attractve, modem offce settng. Respond by submttng resume 4 salary expectatons to:. Oercal/Secretartal Arbor Drugs * Human Resource* P.O Box 7034 Troy, Ml 46O07-7O34 An Equal Opportunffy Employer A/R ClElX. Farmngton HEs company seekng ndmduaj wth strong typng sk n* 4 computer experence to assst Accounts Recevable Supervsor. Send resume to: Northwestern Hwy. Ste Farmlnglon HlL*. Ml AL; A/R ASSEMBLERS 4 Bght machnst lor Plymouth/Telegraph locaton. 2 shft*. Can Onfforce Assstant Manager/Receptontjt. Wanted lor growng salon. Mus have good Judgement skm wth ttle supervson, telephone/bookkeepng skn* hefpful. Wn tran. J4.50-M 50/hr. based on experence. Evenng* ask for manager after 4pm ASSSTANT - Promnent Chcago group w/tocej branch offce need* sklled personable word processor. AWa to handle executve level ctlent*. drect work output, end monftor telephone check Bsts. Fee Pad. St. ClaJr Shores Troy Harret Sorge Personnel " ATTENTON Begn the 90a wth an exctng new oareert We currenlfy have many lanlasuc dores] cfporturwte* evaawe wth varous dynamc growng companes. Lunch hour appontment* avalable. Al lees employer pajd. Can 4S SNELLNG4SNELLNG ATTENTON GENERAL OFFCE" $4,500 We have permanent openng* ncludng benefts n Troy for canddate* meetng the lobowtng requrements: - f»mwmum X yr. offce experence PC experence Typng SOwpvn Customer servce background Qualfed canddates must pass testng. C*l for en ntervew. Evenng appontment* avalable. -. ALL FEES COMPANY PAH) PERMANENT STAFF Troy 6S An Equal Opportunty Employer AUTOOEALEfl Casher /phone survey, part lme, epprox. 25 hours, must have ocod communlcallon skw* & neat appov- nce. Garden Cm/, C«J Gary AUT0OEALER Suburban OM dealershp requre* expertenwd eccount feeelvable person end OCS operator. Factory rcoervabje exporenoe hepful, deajerthp experence s requred. Cet offcemaaaoer O AVALABLE POSTON lor»mbl- Wou* person M or par tme. Offce Clercal, possble to work round school schedule, we spoken, sell motfvsted person, mut be»we lo type, Me, svuvwr phonos & convnunjcate wth other people AUTO FLEET ADMNSTRATOR: To assst n contactng lease company* end dealers lor quotes. KnowVdoable m euto nsvrsnoe, ebavty lo Me tjalm*, wo?* srlth repar shop on mantenance. Keep updated eocurate records. Know condtof ol SO tar floel. Cornfutef knowsedoe requred. Outes to nclude other gerv eral offce responsosltee. Hgh energy seff starter, pood rxrnmun!c«- tkx* sv»» and btty to pel along wth other*. Send rmume to: T.P.O. P.O. Box LMxMa Ml All/8. A WELL establshed mortgsg* company seeks a proormsfve rvjmduaj tot k teerettlel poston n rtowftwor Oelrort. Upward mobftty possble for the rght ndvdus. Exce»ent convnuncaon»vk>* ejood wth worttng Mowedg* c* Word Perfect essenta*, long hours a. d*- mendng nork. Salary wth ncentht p**rv Send ftrtum* lo: (Jomrherlcel, 3300Penobscot Bldg Oeroft BACK-UP/ASSST!.. FEef>AO-$6-$20,0OO OOfl mss Ws mportant opportunltyl Wfl work n etecvtfye lute esssthg 2 top-level exewuve s«cr»- tarys Asknj lor *v. U^bMl" person wfh yrs, e>per«nce pxn eood skhjs. 6*r*flt» swj M.LJ overtlrh*. North erta, e494?»7<y«*2-05w DOR0THYDAY PERSONNEL, NC. 504 HelpWfnted Offce-Clercal ATTENTON SECRETARES»6,«40-» FEE PAD Fast growng company has mmedate oponlng n ther plush corporate offce. Typ&g 50 wpm.. plus, offce experence helpful. Ths company wu offer you great beneft* and opportunmo* to advance. Can Arene now SNELLNG&SNELLNG FARMNGTON HLLS ATTENTON: SECRETARAL POSTON Exceflenl opportunrty to t<an a Btoomfetd Hd* CPA frm that s currently n the process ol updatng our word processng programs. The successful eppocant need* to have good secretaral sklls, knowodoeabte ol Mcrosoft Word 5 0. s very flexjble, and a team poyor. n return, we ofler very attractve benefts package.** postve workng envronment end a oompoutrve salary. Send resume to. Helen. 600 N Woodward Ave. Sute 50. eoonfcldhjj. Ml 4803 AUTO DEALER RECEPTONST Progressve Southfed dealer needs a personable. c*nsden )ou* ndrvtd-" ual lor a fast paced, swtchboard Lght typng requred, excellent benefts 4 pay. Call Barb at Tamarotl Dodge A VARETY SPOT! FEE PAD-$8,000 From "Meet 4 Greet" to takng note* at mootng? Never a dus moment here Should have at least 3/>T». offce experence wth typng (70) and lte shorthand. Best n beneft* e or962-4)565 DOROTHY DAY PERSONNEL, NC. BEGN THE NEW YEAR WTH A NEW CAREER OPPORTUNTY! Many poston* avalable m the Westland. Taylor 4 Garden Cty areas. General clercal: 35 wpm w/data processng experence Typsts: 50 wpm plus w/data entry experence At FUTURE FORCE, Temporary HCp Servces - we offer flexble schedules, fuo tme work 4 long term assgnments CaB Lennore now loranappt FUTURE FORCE TEMPORARY HELP SERVCE NEVER A FEE BG 3 ^ AUTOMAKER Top pay. (o hour) Every Frday 4» HoBday pay *> Long term assgnments Free tranng WE NEE0 EXPERENCED: WORD PROCESSORS DSPLAY WRTE V NB WANG" WORDPERFECT DEC.MATE ACCOUNTNG CLERKS - SECRETARES LEGAL SECRETARES TYPSTS. 55 wpm SNELLNG TEMPORARES CALL TODAY Troy Detrot BLNGUAL (German) - ArJmJnsltratrve Assstant to Presdent. Top secretaral skjfu. WordStar, Lotus, Symphony. Shorthand a ptus. *30K mnmum. Fufl corporate benefts. FeepaJd. B.HAML PERSONNEL EHLUNG CLERX Typng soood 40wpm, accuracy a must. Must be lamnar wth computers 4 possess basc math sxjhs. Tel TwerVe area. Cal Martle Woods» An Equal Opportunty Ernptoyer BLLNG CLERK responsbltes wtx nclude, assstng n dady and end of the month balng, customer contact, resomng beng problems. Elected canddate must have yr. experence n budng. must be a self starter. Computer experence, Lotus 23. and Word Perfect Send resume to: Personnel Department. Reaftron Corp MJe Rd. Radford Ml LUNG CLERK Koong Artsts Supply Detrot s currently aooepung applcatons for a M UmeCommercal Bang Clort. deal appftcan should have batng experence uuszlng an BM or compatble computer system. Wage commensurate wth experence. Medcal, den tal & K«nsurance beneft*, pajd holdays, vacaton* 4 porsonal days. Please cal Mr*. Long lor an appt, Mon. hru FrL, alter 0am AUTO OEALERSHP noed* experenced Boosjreeper lor luj lme poston. Contact Beth lor ntervew between $avtv-4:30pm at -^ BOOKKEEPER Account* recevable, account* payable, computer lu^owlodge. EHoomfleJdarea : -6 TxpersxvnoS 7! BOOKKEEPER - experenced" thru tral balance) 4 PA. reports. Must have background tstth mfg tacarty and experence wth computer*. Uvona area BOOKKEEPER tor Southfletd law Vm, experenced, fhust know Lotust CaS ""."" BOOKKEEPER (or Southfed CPA frm. Must have at least (3) yrs. experence, be able lo prepare Payroe Tax Return* & have computer apwude. Opportunty lor e^toanoement Send resume to: Personnel Manager,»00 Northwestern Hwy, Ste. 250, Southfed, ML 4*034. BOOKKEEPER Fufl charge wtth computer experence wanted. M Ume lor Oearborn based steel broker. Send resume & salary reojuvrarnent* lo; Box 4359, Dearborn, Ml «2«. BOOKKEEPER Ful Ume, Send lesume 4 salary hstory to: Mkxolab, 237S Research Dr.,Farm.K3ts,ML45v24 BOOKKEEPER M charge through fnancal statements wtth computer background for modam sze restaurant S33-«39«BOOKKEEPER full charge for gourmet bavtna corrovy n Uvona f\a Of part Ume. BOOKKEEPER Fu4l Chvoev thru monthfy ttnandsl Slstementa Compvter experteooe a must 3 year* accountng experence wth references. Cowge level educaton preferred. Can 2: pm, BUUKKttHbH mrnedtate coenkvj for Bookkeeper/ OM Frldsy, n rvowa area. BM, PC tperenoe hefpful Send resume to P0« ; fyoola Ml. 465 BOOKKEEPER NEEOE0, M Charge by growma retal ohatrt Southfed locaton, areal growth potental. (Send resume, lafery reqvtrerftehts lo: CEO. P.O. Box 464, feouthfwd, Ml or tad 353^662 BOOKKEEPER nwd-d for 6ovlhtVM temrxrary servce} compan/. Psyro*, /VP, A/R, compvlef t*w* rtkjvtred.morparttjme, 65JO405 ksookkeeper W* art one M Boutheest Mchgan* largest local accountng frm, fcx*. *->g /or M Urn* booueepe/, Qu*Jfted cand«d»t*» must be **»«to do all aspects ol bookkeepng»ncvdv>g praprttlon of the (jfneral ledow, up uvougs ftnancsj staterrenta mmt rave computer exper>nc4j and rhtnkmvm o4 9 yra Sty***epna kno*4*dg4. Salary rxmmtnturata wtth expartente,. Qu*<HW caodjdate* anxm»«nd thev paeurn* to; Per*Ohnet f>»p«rrnt<l, M.8.W., 255*0 Orchard Lrt* Rd.. Sute 00, FarrnbvjtonHfls.UtlMtS. 604 Help Wanted _. OMcrCJrlMl BOOKKEEPER - part tme, growng. successful busness noed* competent ndvdual to be responsble for payrof. accounts payable. & bllng, knowledge ol WordPerfect 4 Peachu00 software a defnte pu*. Poston olfcrs schodulng llexjblfy 4 pleasanl work envtronmenl Contact Chrstne Barry between 9am-4pm^ BOOKKEEPER/SECRETARY Computerzed offce. P.O experence preferred bul wtfmg totraln. nventory Control, bankng 4 payroo For corfldental ntervew, can Jelf BOOKKEEPER/SECRETARY for s-tal CPA Trm. Must have apttude for Accountng 6 professonal appearance BM PC. 4 WordPerfect experence hetpm. but wta. tran qualfed person. Resume to: J.R. StocheH 4 Assoc. PC, 755 W Bg Beaver. Ste. 6t4. Troy. Ml. 480*4 BOOKKEEPNG ASSSTANT Farrrungton HJlj. Part llrne posrtjon wth medcalolflce Comput,er accounts payable, payroll 4 general lodger. 2 noon-5pm. Mon thn^ Fr. pleasanl surroundngs/good beneft* Cal Poggy (or appt BOOKKEEPNG aerk W. Bloom feld Area. Begnner or lght experence. $ 50/Hr.. Ser^fM Fee pad B.HAML PERSONNEL BOOKKEEPNG CLERK W. BoomRefld Area Begnner or ught experence t6s0/hr, Benef.ts Fee pa^d B.HAML PERSONNEL Bookkeepng Partal bstnos of postons FULL CHARGE to*25k BOOKKEEPER to $23K ASSSTANT BOOKKEEPER 0 J9K PAYROLL 0J8K ACCOUNTNG CLERK 0»7K ACCOUNTS PAYABLE to$5k SALESrUSE TAX lo $23K Have A Happy and Prosperous New Year from your Stall at Robert Hall of Ml Northwestern Kwy. - o250 Southfed. Ml AH Fees Company Pad Part of World* Largest Fnancal Placement Network BROKERAGE POSmONS Commsson clerk Sales Assstanu Bank Reconcffatlon Clerk $S-H7K 3J-J8K $-$3K Empoyor pad loo - Send resume to: MAFKET MATE RESOURCES. nc PO Box 09006«Rochester HDs. M BUYER/ CLERK Guardan ndustres has an openng n ts Purchasng Department lor a Buyer/Overt. n ths new poston. you «be enterng purchase f eq.utsbons n our on-w purchasng system. n addton, you w*j be ptae- ng^end expedtng purchase or dors. The canddates selected wu have xceflenl verbal and wrtlon communcaton skns. Pror data entry/typng experence requred. Spread sheet knowledge helpful. -ese forward a resume to Kobert Merrck Department A GUARDAN NDUSTRES W. 9 Mle Northvae, Ml CAMP SECRETARY - Excellent 0«. toe skhs. 2-3 day* per week, now thru June v4- PM. June-August 8 AM. - 4:30. Send resume to-. Roepe* Summer Day Camp. P. O. Box 239. Btoomfetd HSs, ML CASHER/SWTTCHBOARO Experenced lor motorcyct* dealershp k Farmngton Klls. Ful or part tme. Apply n person at VV. 6 Mde,w:c/Farmlr»gtonFtd. CHOCES... Thats what you get wtth KeCy- Servces. Our Job* pay wed and offer beneft*. Were now hrng: Receptonsts Typsts Swtchboard Operators Poston* */«located n Troy, relable transportaton requted Can today to set up en appontment Troy KELLY TEMPORARY SERVCES The "KeCy GM" People "The Frst And The Best" No! An Agency; Never A Foe Equal Cwrtuntty Employer M/F/H CtNTAS CORPORATON The Naton* Number One Unform Superor * seekng rut lme Goner al Offoe/Cercal Help to start ts now Westland Offce. Please can between 8Artv2noon exl 33 Clercal Choose your next job wth Kelly Start earnng good pay lodty n one ol these lemporary assonment* through KeOy Servces. Receptonsts Oata Entry Operators -- Swjtchboaxd Operators Word Processng Operators Typsts Clerks Ke0y can place you n the poston that rght lor you»w\ advertsng, communcaton* and ovanutkturva companes. Cal KeOy loday and fnd ouj mora about these Jobs. Farmngton Ht*.. Southfed...., Boomfed.... Pontac..., «KELLY TEMPORARY SERVCES The Kt*yO*l- People The Frst And T»*B*sr Not An Agency, Never A Fee Equal Opporlurvty Employer M/F/H >- aewcaucomputert Part tme, (possble M tme), Mon- Fr, -30-5pm, f3a*jc computet skr.s and word processng requred. %S/ nr.caaoorothy CLEPJCAl/CREOT POSTON (or dels*, ortenled person, pood phor*. typng & cornpuhr «>p«rtenoa needed for professonal Uven» ptymouth offtoa, can Unforoe tt CLERCAL Experence wth CPA fvm txeterred but not requred. necbv* hour*. Salary Estea, CLERCAL FRETTER. NC. fvm an snmedw* part-llte Openng for embwou* person lo handle fr-ttora clercal dutes. Good cv»om*t pnone r««- tohs, WW. and c**h experence a musl. Apj*y n person: FftnTER SUPERSTORE 4V^Te4»f*rhRd. OftroK Ml. acwcal>futltfm< Typng «gnt bookkeepng. Should have some computer lu-«whdg«. Natonal Boattand 47ft HelpW«nte<...^OfftM-CMcat-.-** CHRSTAN HEATl^a CO. seeks a brght conscentous pereon lor ther grl offce. Bookkeepng helpful. Cal for appontment FULL TME CL&fwCAL poston. W. Btoomfed area. Can CLERCAL AJ0E - fub tme entry level person noeded lo mantan We* ft provde clercal support. Organzatonal skbs requred. Car necessary. Contact SyV.a Gleasco Mon. thru FrL betwoen 9-2 noon Clercal CLAMS ASSSTANT Put Your Sklls- To Work Wth Federated Mutual We have an "knmedale rub-ume csorcej posrbon avaawe n our ctams offce localed on Wdshlre Drve n Troy. Prmary poston responsbutles nclude sortng ma and Tlng correspondence Some typng * also requred. A professonal manner and appearance are mportant. We offer compeuthr* earnngs and many valuable benefts- To arrange for a personal ntervew, contact Lnda Oeef. Clams Coordnator at (33) FEDERATED MUTUAL NSURANCE COMPANY An Equal Opportunty Employer CLERCAL/Data Entry Well-establshed, crowng Oak Park-based frm seekng dedcated tndrvdual Should be delall-oronlsd and have good organzatonal & math skjcs. Oata Entry experence requred. Startng: $280. per week + benefts. Send resume to: P.O. Box 654. Southfed. ML clercal General Clercal Opportuntes you possess accurate typng ol 35-40wpm. excellent communcaton skn* and a desre to grow n a professonal busness envronment we have some excellent opportuntes. Poston* nvolve openng/sortng departmental mat, fjng. answerng telephones A other clercal dutes. Prevous offce experence preferred CRT experence a plus. A complete beneft package s offered. OuaSfled canddates should apply Mon-Frt9am-4pm_ "Human Resources FREMANS FUND MORTGAGE CORPORATON Farmngton Rd. Farmngton HHs. Ml 4808 Equal Opportunty Employer M/F/H CLERCAL HELP MTl Corporatonfc»seekng a fufl tme employee for our offce. We are the wholesaler for measurng nstruments and deal wtth our dstrbutor* m 7 states. Salary $,000 or mora per month, dependng on capabote* plus ful company beneft*. ntervew? ws be held on Jan. 2 (Frday) botwoon.9am-4pm. We are located v.msew. of 6heldon.Rd.. MTl Corporaton MM Rd. Plymouth. Ml., CLERCAL HELP Alort. responsble person lor general offce dutes. Part Ume poston, ev^nlngs/woekenda Must have rateable transportaton. Apply n person: New Vert Carpet World Plymouth Rd., Uvona. ask lor Stephane. CLERCAL HELP - FARMNQTON Mature responsble person needed for general offce dutes n our carpet store. Part tme poston evenngs and weekend*. Must have ratable ransportaoon. Cal Jacke for apposntmehl 737-7SM Clercal Help Wanted We need experencedtodmdualsfor Secretaral A Receptonst postons n Metropoltan Detrot areas. Typng 50wpm plus basc computer skns needed. Lono &. snort term assgnment* avasabv Top pay, top compan/a. Cal Sue or SheSey at DPR «aERCATMAlLftOOU Some typng. Entry level poston wth a growng frm. Great beneft*. Send resume to: Personnel, P.O. Box 5077, Southfed. ML, 480S8. CLERCAL OPEN HOUSE We ere conductng a search for canddate* for our lop ccent companes- mmedate openng* for: Secretares Word Processor* ReoepOonJst* Bookeopor* Wed. & Tnura\ Jan. 0 a ; ; llam-tpm. refreshment* served. f you are unable to attend, send - resume or cal. 344-«700 DVERSFED RECRUTERS CO Novt Rd-S a. 04 NcM, Ml 4«O50 Al Fee* Co. PaJd CLERCAL POSTON Farmngton HAs locaton, data entry & general offce work, M Ume, exceoenl benefts. Ask for Mr. Barak, V CLERCAL POSTON open smmedstery. General offce dutes; computer entry experence a must; sub-contract ejuperenoa hetpfulcab CLERCAL SECRETARY part Ume, basc luvswledoe oj.wordstar 2000 word processng, Al between 0-3 Moft-thruFrt - ~ « Clercal Temps Long Term AssJflnmenta *nvtedtat openlnfl* for experenced word processor* arttf DtaptaywTTt*- fv. Major r»rporsuon n Troy, ExceOenl pay. Great wortng condton*. Ful tme emptoymanl Cal Sue at OPR «CLERCAL Wonderful cpportunlty for male or f ert)as* perton srtth good fflot aks* to provde clercal support functon* lor our warehouse operaton on the mkjrvohl shn. Fut 8 part Mma rva#- ane. Person musl be data*, orented to handle vared paperwork functons. Modern fecaty wth dean frendly work ernvonmenl ExoeBent beneft*. Apply n person, Frank W. KarT Co w. 9 Mae, Novt " CLERVMESSENGEft Southfed general practce law Vm. Ful or part tme- Must have own car. 6S2-O400 CLERKTYPST. Fnancal Plannng tvm. n Bloomned Has, needs part-uma Recep- UorvjL Must have good telephone voce & typthp, *k»*. Cornpvlar exporenoa f.mpfut Flexble hour*. Cak Omdy. « CLERKS Art you avalable on short term nolce? Southfed clent treoventfy eafts last rnlnuta ror rrval room bo*f, ««be awma ereatngf Ce* today. oum tona. Hour* vary, %* be most ol the day. Need 0 b* alert Bound ntereatngf Cal TR Temporary Resources Lh-orV* Fstm^on H** Souhfle>d. f Trey W«9J0 An t<juel OppOun«y fj^cfh curkmnst WOMrtQ * OOlOWfln9 lktt\ PG&t W* er«t^pw {90 *«pw-.) to type report* and occeerjr**; *^tr«t pnooea. vontemwtw* rovetvo w J-9«. Evos*w*t bera^a a^d o4vor- ^sttkwtor rvr.-t»r>«schedvonff. Pleaee *end reeuwa *e: Menage* of Hurnanflaeevroaa,SOU. * saatew- - Al$ ENOMttA*, O^rvde**, Uvorta, M 4*50 AA Equal Opportunty Emftoyff \ y h-- - K~- J X- S04 Help Wanted OffloCfvrcal CLERCAL Troy based company lookng for reaoonsble person, typng and phone SM* essental. Cal Tracy betwoen 9-5pm «9-263«clercal V Word Processor/ Typst Growng natonal frm seeks protctpn Word Processor/Typls for our Detrot/Troy branch. Canddate must be accurate and posses* excellent typng speed (85-00wpm). Word processng knowledge a.must a* wel a* eb&ty to work ksdependenll/ n a Us-paced envtronmenl. We ofler excellent benefts and salary commensurst* wth ablty. Please contact GENERAL REHABUTATOH SEflvpes. NC Bg Beaver Rd.. Ste Troy. Ml Attn: Sopha Stemplen. An Equal Opportunly Employer CLERK RECEPTlONST - Needed lor typalng. bffng and computer work Must have own transporta- Uon, wu tran. Send resumes only to Glora Kay Southfed Rd, Southfldd. Ml48075 CLERKTYPSTS. OPEN HOUSE Mchgan NatlonalBank s seekng Wghfy motvated ndvdual* Tor entry and md-level poston* k Farmfrgton Hdls a/d SouthfWd. Appfcantsmust hava hgh school dploms. prevous oflce/clerlcs experence and typng sklls of 45 WPM Al successful canddates ws be tested lor substance abuse Qualfed appecant* may send resume or Stlend OPEN HOUSE. Tues. Jan O0-7:00PM MCHGAN NATONAL. CORPORATON Employment Dept N S. 0-6«27777 rksterrd. Farmngton Hffl*, M (Between 4 2 M3e Rd*. en tor Last door front of busdng) An Equal Opportunrty Employer CLERK TYPST We are seekng a hghly motvated ndvdual wth excellent corn/nunlcatlon sklls & accurate typng eb&- ty. General accountng a personal computer knowleoge & experence requred. Responsbltes wa nclude processng purchase order* -8 nvoce*, generatng report*, answerng telephones, mantanng department fles, placng servce call*, supply orderng, and greetng both nternal & extomal vstors to our corporaton. A complete beneft package s offered. Qualfed canddates should eppry MorvFr. 9am- 4pm. Human Resourfta FREMAN 3 FUND MORTGAGE CORPORATON Farmngton Rd. Farmngton KSs. Ml 4608 Equal Opportunrty Employer M/F/H?3*» Constructon Lendng Admnstraton Major Mchgan Savngs 8ar* * lookng tor talented, personsbt*. career mnded person torlts rapkfly ejrpandng constructon tendng dvson based n Troy. ntal responsbllrtos consst ol assstng senor executve n processng, evaluatng * dosng Con»uT>ctton mortgages. Canddate must have the potorjsa to assume cornpet* responsblty wtth n a retauvey short perod of Urn*. Prevous processng - and dosng experence helpful but not necessary, personalty & marukgoment poterv, Ual *r*much mora mport-... *;: : v \ -.-. ;-. ; Cbod startng salary a benenta Excellent c portunfry for substantal advancement Please send resuma * Lea Brown We Pre*. Constructon Lendng D&.N. SAVNGS BANK 67 EAST BKS BEAVER ROAD TROY. MCHGAN HelpWented Offce-Clercal Cerkr.20 CLERKS No Typng Requred H you have a professonal manner and can commt to a 6 monh assgnment, Kelly Servces may have the assgnment lor you. start January 5 good organzaton sklls Pleasant work * envronment no weekends v day shft Tre poston* are located n the Troy area Relable transportaton a MOST Call us today formore nformaton. Tro/ KELLY - TEMPORARY SERVCES The "KeDy Grl" People " he frst And The Bes" Not An Agency, Nevor A Fee Equal Opportunty Empoyor M/F/H CLERX/TYPST Otlrotbased frm seeks Entry-levt Clerk/Typst. Canddate* should possess a mnmum typng speed of 40wpr>. good phone manner S general ctorcal knowledge. ExceBont advancement opportunty. Ths poston s fus-ume wtth a complete beneft package. For consderaton, ptease send resume to: CLERK/TYPST PO. Box 779, OeVOt. M 4823 CLERK TYPST mmedate openngs n Detrot & Suburban Areas Must type a mnmum of wpm. and have excesenl communcaton skcs. Can 9am-3pm for appontment Temporary Personnel Servce* NO FEE EOE CLERKTYPST Large nsurance Agency t* seekng a quafed Ckr* TypsL ^t>» deal canddate w-3 possess -2 yra busness experence, typng skb* of wpm 4 have prevous Oata Entry experence. ExcoCent benefts ava^abe. NON-SMOKJNG OFFCE Please send current resume: 0- Economo Meadow-brook nsurance Northwestern Hwy. SouthBefd, ML CLERX TYPST - person offce n Rodford. Noed experence n normal offce equpment Can for appontment. Oexco Corp Telegraph Rd. --" CLOSNG SECRETARY needed lor real estate document preparaton. Prefer experence wth ttle nsurance company. Brmngham S CUSTOMER SERVCE Mature, relable. Good wfth people, telephone 8. flflures. Accurate, attenton to detal Hon smoker. Send resume: Mr» S at Jobar nc. NEXU3 of Mch evontaro W. 8 Use, BouthflaW, Ml CUSTOMER 6ERVSCE REPS ft) for Southfed. OaJc Park «orp. Good communcaton & keyboard knowt- edge, oompany tranng, run tme A 4 hr.shft* avalfable. CoOege student* welcome. Cell AXUon at Unlforoe 64«-«50 Have Your Own Hotlne To Whats Happenng > n Your Neghborhood.; Call For Home Oeltveryl Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers ; RECEPTONST Progressve nsurance company n Southfed s seekng a Receptonst wth at : least one () year experence as a Receptonst or drectly related experence workng wth the publc. Accurate typlng,(3&; wpm) and an apttude for detal work requred. Excellent beneft package. Apjly Mon. thru Fr. 2-4 pm or send: resume to: -./.- CUNA MUTUAL NSURANCE GROUP Human Resources & Benefts 5600 Provdence Dr.- Southfed, Ml ; MORTGAGE CLERCAL OPENJOUSE ndependence One Mortgage Corporaton, a subswla/y of Mchgan Natonal Corporaton, 3 seekng hlghry motvated, *- ambttjous team rnembera for entry and md-level clerlca) posl- Uons. We have a varety of postons open at our Southfed Gallerla Offcehtre locaton. Compettve pay and an excellent benefts package s offered. All successful applcants wlt be tested for substance abuse. Our Corporate Employment offce wll be open lo accept applcatons and conduct ntervews on; Tuesday, January 9,990 4:00-7:00 pm &7777 nkster Road.. Between -2 Mle Roods Enter last door on front of buldng. an njual os>portvnlty»ms>»oyer SECRETARY/WORD PROCESSOR We are seekng a brght energetc fmwv*r>u4» to {on our eecreterftt dsff n our p4e***tn txt t«*rt paced offce. TW«pOSWOn StpfXrt* «hlc/ ***> prot#»aj0jns»( rxjustrw m»r**t re»*>»>rch ««CKHtw mcfode phone»»nfw»rng fwnt corrt»ct) h»*»vy wort prooeeevtg (enp#r>«r><- -am>s*r«d *>o<s tr**»rr»r>fl*m<»r»te. S#*»ry ntgotubfe r»#p*r»r»n<j upon ««p4»rt«**c«and erttutlaem. Ex^»»wv b*n^*n nc*udr*g pam v»c«<k)f Upon 6 mootha *r*+m*mry dam lumon refund polcy * n Q scocn mvdlcel rwnb\r»«rneo< t#*n Sawvf r utr* to SyM* OorM DucH«r Reaaarcrr Cof^fMny *no. TUgra*». SM» 300 nmnglwtv Mt 4000 <w» *» m+*m M^ A * ^, a..» _A»^. _A -A UsttMtlAsMsMs* aaaa^ks!

42 p,m[ m? H «w m.rn.-m,r*.m,..*. wn»w.». <m. mw^.m^r^t^m. -n, * ^Ll^J^w^l^l.^^mf^^^^^^^^WWH^^WWr ung) j^^^^f^y^^^^>y<^^ww^py^p<;p^bp»yt-^»» ^."»-...^n H w "»6F* O&E Monday]; January 8, HtpWanM". Ofttct-Ckrtcl CUSTOMER SERVCE Plymouth based commercal desjgnj_ex.pandr>g Rochester Hll* frm end manufacturng frm seekng to seekng experenced data "enuyfor 6 ful tme Customer Servce pos- v Uon. Requrement* nclude: typrfno, trong cornmurdcaton»ka*»«the -.baty to learn quckfy h a fast r paced atmosphere,. Experence betofvt but not a must, Wllngto trek FoM company beneft*. 8alery.. commensurate wth experence. Forwa/d resume and salary requrement* to: 8ox"966 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspaper*, 3625 SchoolaartRd. Lvona. Mlchkjan 4850 COLLECTON FRM n W. Mle/ Sputhhekj ares lookng roe qualfed person wfth word processng, daq entry, & secretaral skn*. Must have at leu V year, of sobd work - experence n these areas, Compenr e^alkxn A advancement wju be based upon experence, skn, a - tnajler our systems. Beneft* ncluded. Cal for ntervew, Customer Servce/Sales Suppport -.Excellent organzaton^ and verbal ^ommunjcabon skmj a must. Mall. resume to:.. o.. C. Loughren, -.«Copy Duples mg Products r 265 Mefrow :. -* Southfed, Ml CJSTOMER 6EftvTCe-antwer lele-. phone," lake order*, assst custom- ers. 8<c. Furl tme, wll tran. Start at $5per hour. Apply at: 866 Hub- bard, Uvonla (between Merrtman & Farmngton.N. o( Plymouth fd) - CUSTOMER SERVCE/OFFCE MANAGER - FesJ growng Suburban. rrhjtu-s«ac«c«tpanyljjc<)wnflfor a lake-charge Offce Manager. pror salary hstory & resume to: >lr. Green, P.O. Box 005. Wuom,.-Ml r>.l. CUSTOMER SERVCE/ <: RECEPTONST "Major company seeks. ndvduals who are personable and dsplay a professonal atttude for postons for downtown and suburban areas..exceptonal phorxpakllu, typng 45.jlnd the ablty to.greet and drect clentele necessary: Excellent bene-.ft* & salary. Can or aertd Resume to: Nancy Barr a Asaod- -aje*. 2983«Telegraph, Southfed. tjl; Fees etaays comoany cgad r : {PATA ENTRY CLERK Due to unprecedented growth/ an excellent opportunty has developed for an afternoon Data Entry Clerk, tpcaled at our plastcs faclty n Can on. Ths person should have knowledge ol BM 34,36 or 3*pre- -ferred; workng towards Assocates Decree or Assocates Degree n Basc Accountng or Data Processng a plus, Exoofent work envronment «M beneft package starts day one. AS qualfed canddates send resume, by -8-90,0: CHVAS PROOOCTS LTD Morr3. Sterlng Heght*. Ml, 48)76 OaryO.Celestln. Corpora! e Personnel Orodor OATA NTRY - Computer Operator for busy dstrbuton company. Experenced, accurate, attenton to detal, no smokng. Send resume to: Mr* S. at Jobar nc W. 6 M3e, Southfed. Ml DATA ENTRY lor major credt man-, legement company, detal orented..bgft typng. 8280/wk. Lvona. " TlWf Call f ore* DATA NTRY V Full lme. Southfed locaton. Must have excellent math ablty and calculator sklls. Prevous offce experence fx eerred. Send resume ncludng salary requrements to: P.O., Box 609,.SouhBefd. Ml., OATA ENTRY a general offce akn* needed for smaff offce n Uvonla. Approx 5-20, hour* per week. Pcase can Mrs. Adams OATA ENTRY -must type 45 wpm, short a long term. ETD Temporary Servce t-. -., * DATA ENTRY OPERATOR CPA frm n ScuthMd lookng for ndvdual wth Oat* -Entry experence on P.C- wth bpe*ke*png knowledge. Send resume to: Per- -eonnel Oept., Evergreen Ftd t e. J608. SouthlWd, Ml ; OATA ENTRY OPERATOR Relable, effecen, neat appearanoe for fast-paced front desk beauty buslness. CaB Debra ? ~ DATA ENTRY: Operator, experenced for full-tme entry level poston, wth specalty health care benefts company n the Southneld area. Send resume to PO Box 647. LathrvpAWage. Ml DATA,. ENTRY OPERATORS Jmmedate openngs n Detrot and -Suburban Areas. Mus type a mlnlmum of 35 wprn. Mutt be wllng to work weekends and holday*. Call 9am-3pm for appontment. -METROSTAFF Temporary Personnel Servces foe NOFEE "DATA ENTRY PERSON -.qualfer jpns: sharp.telephone & organttatphal skbts, data entry..a ablty to work kdependenuy Send resumee to: Box 978, Observer a Eccentrc Newspapers, 3625 Schoolcraft Rd. Uvonla, Mchgan 4850 : An Equal Opportunty Employer -:. OATA. ENTRY p&tor\ for mjero-computor frm, full frne. Send resume a salary hlslory to Morolab Research, Or., FVmlngton Hffls, Ml DATA ENTRYAeceptonlst pos«lon T6 start mmeoatoy. Must have ex- eeent math sklls, knowledge of ectourrls payable and ablty to learn.quckly. Good benefts and opportu- - nlty for adva cement. Can Data Entry. -Start the New Year WthKelly *A Kefty Job can help you earn exlra money...»word Processng Operators ;.(0l8playwrte4c\ f r: WordPerfect) Data Entry Operatora (Hlfjh producton KPH) > Uvonla >> -98 Offcenter. ^ 3333 Schooleraft., "KELLY TEMPORARY SERVCES The "Kefty 0W" People s The FJrt And The &esl", NotAnAg«ocy;N«verAFee Pquef r^porfurtfty Employer M/F/H $04 rwpwanttd Ofllc^Cr^rcal DATA ENTRY rufl tme. Mgst have 2 yr». expertence wtth mnmum of SOwpm wth accuracy. Excellent organzatonal skns, detal orented end have experence wth Word Perfect Salary to 448 a year. Send resume to:. Market Mat* Resources, nc. P.O. Box 09006«Rochester Hll*. Mr46309-O066. Attn: BT8 Manager OATA ENTRY mmedate openng for fun tme poston wthgrowng CPA frm. Computer knowledge of accountng and bllng program needed. Accuracy, attenton to detab and general clercal ovtfes. Salary commensurate wth experence. Send resume and salary requrement* to: Qambka a Borsvenu CPAa Telegraph, Sute 2725 Brmngham. Ml 4800 OEPEN0ABLE PERSONS heeded Day* or Afternoon*. Must have 40 WPM typng. Please contact Mon.- Frf. tam-3pm :,47-08 DESPERATELY SEEKNG SECRETARES TYPST8.., RECEPTONSTS DATA ENTRY WORD-PROCESSORS t * We offer eye, health and chm care a* web es.-frday pay, For more nformaton contact the Southneld Offce. THE BEST TEMPS N TOWN WORK FOR: OLSTEN TEMP. SERVCES Dearborn Detrot MadttortHefghts/SM Troy/Auburn Kns EOeM/F/H/V /-9930 to fee DCTAPHONE CORP., a Pjtney Bowes Company, has a clercal posucn avalable n our sales/servce offce. R&ponsJbtGtfe* nclude bllng. cooecuon. data entry, typng, B- k>g a heavy phones. Excellent benefts. For mmedate consderaton send resume a salary requrements to: Dctaphone Corporaton 2780 Greenfeld, Sute A Oak Park, Ml Attenton; Jacke No phone cabs please. An Equal Opportunty Employer DSPATCHER/ RECEPTONST $4,560 FEE PAD Frendly, cheerful famly owned Farmnglon Kn* Servce company offer* ful beneft* and a rase after 90 days. f you have an outgong personalty, sparklng amse and can type 50 wpm, ths to the career tor you. Can Shrley SNELLNQ&SNELUNQ FARMNQTON HLLS ENTRY EVEL Customer Servce Ftep. wth data entry experence helpful on BM Mc nlosh, typng 48 wpm, good telephone voce, good organzatonal, flng- and customer servce (klts. Must be personable and work wed under pressure: CaflMr*,Kaseta»t ENTRY LEVEL SECRETARAL PO STON avalable for energetc person. Typng 65 wpm., shorthand 80 wprrupteasecafl ENTRY LEVEL 8ECRETARY needed for Executve" Asatojantm^rapldfy growng BoomWd Kll* offce. Must have experence wth WordPerfect Can Judth, 0AM-5PM ESCROW SECRETARY $20,000 An excellent advancement opportunty wth a branch ol a large company. Prepare dosng packages on real estale transactons. Great beneft*. Fee pad. Cal SNELLNQ&SNELUNQ AN EXCELLENT Career Opportunty la awatng you n our Farmlngton HWs sales offce. Must have mln. 3 year* clercalexperence ejong wth excellent typng 6. phone sklls. Benefts nclude proft sharng. Nonsmoker* can Unda at EXCUTVE SECRETARY OFFCE MANAGER mmedate poston avalable for an experenced executve secretary wth 3-5 yr*. experence to M the poston of executve secretary/off-, ce manager n Btoomfleld Km* *port» frm. Shorthand speed 60-20wpm and typng 70wom +. Send resume to: Offce Manager, 390 Enterprse Cl., BtoomreW Hfflv M4603 : EXECUTVE secretary a admnstratve assstant wth bookkeepng. $3-*600/mo. n Warren, ca» Andrea at Unlforce Executve Secretary Experenced, blefflgent. mature ndvdual to assst Presdent of fastpaced nsurance company. Ablty to handle pressure, overtme a must. Send resume to: P.O. Box 300, SouthReld,Ml, :. EXECUTVE 8 ECRETARY Brmngham frm seekng experenced secretary wth shorthand, accurate typng (60-65 wpm), MUX A processng Word Perfect, good communcaton a organbatoftal»*bs. Send resume wth salary requrement* to Box o 8, Observer & Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoofcrefj Rd., Uvonla, Mchgan 4850 EXECUTrVE SECRETARY Must be experenced a have outslandlm secretaral akbs along wth knowledge ol word perfect 6.0. Pr>" sftjor demands reeoonsble person wth ablty to plan 4 functon a* admnstratve assstant n growng sale* department. Reply to Box 990, Observer 8 Eccentrc Newspaper*, choc4cr»ft Rd., Overt a, MerUgan4a50 EXECUTVE SECRETARY - Person needed for hotel regonal offce. Experenced n al phase* of offce procedure* ncludng typng, fmg. good communcaton tkht* a a pleasant persoosury. Computer knowledge necessary. Send resume or apply S person Mon. - Frl. \ anv 4pm at The Ramada Hotel, Telegraph Rd.. 8outhf)eld. An Equal Opportunty Employer o GMC WOODLAND Health Care Centers JSpMlNOTRATrVE SECRETARY - 2 rear* experence requred. Word proceselng experence necessary. Experence Jn health car* settng a pm- WECuTve ASSJSTANT 3 «*/» experence requred. Shorthand and word proceetttq experence neceetary. lotu* -2-3 and experence n health care Matng 0 pm. ACcoumBPAYAeeacRK f^neral ACCOUNTANT r 8endrMum*fo: 4935 W. 2 Mm Rd. NovLMl., Atf: Human Rejource* Ore** ArnWdWtlh The Detror Medfce Center An Equal Oeportunfty EmpfoyW EXECUTVE secretary 8outhfleW, typng 65 wpm, shorthand 00, experenced 8 professonal, beneft*. $2u^0OrF*epaM SECRETARY reoepuons. BoomfSeW Kul*, axoeflent poston for outstandng, experenced per ton, typng 60 wpm. Word processng, good grammar 8 proof reedng Jons, beneft* Fee pad RECEPTONST Southftefd. typng, phone (kts, experenced n meetnd & gretlng people, beneft*. $6,000. Fee paw LOS BAY PERSONNEL 80UTHFELO FARMNQTON HLLS CAREER OPPORTUNTES ALL FEE8 PAD OeneralOflV* Accountng Clerk..., Oeneral SecrKary... 8,000 Account* BecefvaWe.., 5,600 Reoeptortjl. v..... : 2,480 Secretary.,,,.,.., legal Secretary.... ;; R*x«ptlc^st/uV*n.Offoe ; 7,000 Medrca Receptonst,.. 4,660 Want belter pay,advancement portuntoe* end beneft*? ffyou type 60 wpm., reed no furvx 85-36«for an cpovrtmen. SNELUNQ8NELLNQ FARMNQTON HLL8 504 Help Wanted V Orfce-Clerteal EXECUTVE SECRETARY/. ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT Sales and Marketng Executve n establshed, fast-growng company located n Northwest Wayne County s seekng an experenced Executve Secretary/AdmtntsrsUve Assstant. Professonal canddate to have a mnmum of 5 year* Executve Secretary experence wth word processng and Lotus -2-3 knowledge. Must be mouvaled self.slarler wth excellent organzatonal, shorthand and typng skta and have the ab&ty to.r^ornpfle report*, handle correspondence, mantan Confdental records and perform dversfed admnstratve task*. Excenent oral and wrtten communcaton skll* a must. Compettve beneft* package and comppensaton commensurate wth experence offered. Send resume to Box 952, Observer 8 Eccentrc Newspaper*, 3625 Schoolcraft Rd, Uyona, Mchgan Help Wanted Offce-Clercal GENERAL OFFCE Rochester Hll* small company needs organzed self sl*rt*r. xpenv ence wth Database software helpful Part tme, flexble hours. Mr, Boesfer OENERAL OFffCE/PART TME Flexble hour*. Some experence helpful. -N OENERAL OFFCE Ful 8 part-tme mature person wth basc offce sklbs. for furnture store offce. Redford area. Chrl* Help Wanted Offce-Clerlce! NSURANCE. SECRETARY/ASSOCATE Auto, ere, fre ar>dheahhlnsuranoe experence helpful. Normal offce k&s necessary. Must be able to talk erfectfvery n person, by max and on the phone. We are a medum sue agency m the Oet/oft area, wth natonally known company, look- ng (or a prolesslonal person to support agent tale* actvtes &7 504 Help Wanttd- Offce-Clercal GENERAL OFFCE and Accountng Cerk* wanted, full and part tme. Compettve wages. Apply at: 29 Telegraph Rd., Sute 263. SouthfleSd.M, GENERAL OFFCE Mature person. Must be wwng to learn 0 lne swtchboard and other varous offce functons. Can Bonne weekdays only EXECUTVE SECRETARY W. BleomfWd country club aeoks experenced Exocutfve Secretary. Full benefts. Shorthand a must. Resume 0: Box 2, Observer a Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd., Lfronla. Mchgan EXECUTVE SECRETARY POntlac Area. Shorthand 00 wpm Vnlnlmum. admnstratve skss.-doc-.mat* W/P. $30K rang*. FuH corporal* benefts. Fee para- B.HAML PERSONNEL EXECUTVE SECRETARY Needed for advertsng agency n Detrot Renassance Center. Qva- Red canddates must be sell-, motvated wth attenton to detal. Requres: Accurate word processng skls*. fjo-aowpm (Word Perleel a pmfc excellent communcaton and organu* px.mnmum 3 yr*. related exporence and the ablty to work ndependently wth mnmum supervtson. $«f>4 resume to: (No phone cans pleased Karen Ev^ncho BKM & M ADVERTSNG 30 S. Frst St. Ann Arbor, Ml 4804 An Equal Opportunty Employer EXEC.SECTYTODuR FEE PAD-$8-$ Wll berghthand lo brllant executve. Must enloy deat:ng wth people and wffl need word processng, type (50k 8ght shorthand, along wlh good experence. Best benefts or DOROTHY DAY PERSONNEL, NC. FAST PACEO OFFCE NEEOS Mature adult. Fun tme. 5¼ days. Must have good health 8 rebable transportaton. Typng, calculator, phone, bookkeepng, penmanshp sklls -Alt a must- 0 8 Woodward area. Can Lb FLECLERK/CURRER For Brmngham law frm. Must have relable car. Salary commonsurale w/experence. Mleage & benefts pad. Conlact Faye at FLE CLERK FuH tme, needed at Corporate Offce. Must have good fgure apttude 8 knowledge of calculator a typewrter. We offer good beneft*. Please call ext. 35 Erb LUMBER CO. An Equal Opportunty Emptoyor FLE CLERK Part-tme for smalt Brmngham Law Frm. Typng and good organsatonal skrts requred. Salary based on experenced. Please can FLE CLERK - Permanent part tme wanted n (he Plymouth area. Flexble daytme hour*. Wll tran. Send resume to: DSA. P.O. Box 525, Sduthfeld. Ml., RLE CLERKS - M tme. Doctor"* offce. Assst -wth phones, other Hgh offce dutes. No weekends, no nght*. New buldng on Northwestem near 2. Mr*. Barr FLE CLERK Work whle the kds are n school. Part tme needod al Corporate Offce, 5-20 hour* a week. Addng machne experence. Please cel ,exl 35 Erb LUMBER CO. An Equal Opportunty Employer FLE COORDNATOR Guardan ndustres s seekng e Fle Coordnator for ts Engneerng Department. Responsbltes nclude: preparng blue prnts, flng, orderng supples and answerng telephones. We requre generaf offce experence wth blue prnt exposure helpful. Canddates must have exceoent organuatlonal and mng *ka*.. nterested applcant* may forward a resume to: Robert Merrck - Department B GUARDAN NDUSTRES 43043W.9Mne. Northv;e,M.,48l67 0 FNANCAL CONSULTANT ASSOC. Advance your secretaral or bookkeopmg Job nto a career. Assocate poston asssts consulant n settng up csent Fnancals on computer. Experence n fnance and computer* a must: wfcflng to travel the 4 county area, ablty to meet and work wlh people, ncome based on hourly brngs to clents. Send resume to: Assocate, 338 Chestnut Crcle. Rochester Hll*. Ml ; FRONT DESK RECEPTONST $2,480 Ught offce experence hooded lor ths fast-paced sales offce. Respon- Hbffljles nclude front. desk end swtchboard. Nce beneft package and advarcement potental. Can ) SNELLNQ&SNELLNQ OFTROY.«GENERAL CLERCAL. for natonal Credt Reportng Corp wpm, entry-level, wu tran. Nce workng condtons. Good benefts. Day or evenng hrt. EOE. Mas resumes to: TRW, Atf.: Jm Keck, Northwestern Hwy., Ste. 0,. -Southfleld,Ml48034 GENERAL OFFCE - kx Troy ttle 8 abstract company, must have some rnortgage/escrow knowledge, type wpm. 4,660. CaB Ton! at Unrforoe GENERAL OFFCE help needed for pleasant Farmlngton H8» offce. Typng, fbng, phone. Computer experence a mutt. Send resume to: P O Box 679, Frankln, Mch GENERAL OFFCE Energotlo, serf startng person need ed for fast paced offce. fm tme poston tvaltabt* H pur Customer Srvlce/Conecton- Oeptrtment. Send resume to: P. O. Box 6336, W. Btoomftefd, Ml, GENERAL OFFCE/SECRETARY For non-»mokng Farmlngton Nuts CPA offce. Dversfed dute* ncludng: word processng, good grammar a basc mtth»u*. Ablty to follow drectons a Wnk on you/ feet. Full or part tme. Cal General Offce Cle.rk Southfleld CPA frm teem hghly organtted 8-moth-sled rkfrvldual for lernportryjan. 5 thru Apr. 5)fuBtlm* Clercal poston to perform mscellaneous tdmlnlttrtlfve dutes. Attenton to detal as we* a* ablty lo foftow drecton* a must. Compenutlort from lo 6.00 an hour. f nterested, pe*** conted Ma. Gedda between.0am and Noon at , Ext.XM6 or tend resume to: M». Gedda, P. 0. BOX 6«, Southneld. Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer. GENERAL OFFCE/RETAL. For pktur* frame shop. Be accural* wtth number* a experenced. Ret- *W* a perontbfe. Approx 30 hour* per wk. Between t-«pm OENERAL OFFCE/TELEPHONE major fnancal nsttuton requre* career orented bxfmduam who po*- **» good oonvnunlcmlon ekb*. Ex"- ceaent (alary a beneft*. GENERAL OFFCE Good typst. ExcoDent workng condton*. Send resume ncludng salary requrement*, lo: Detrot Door-4 Hardware, 700 E. Lncoln. Madson Hts., Ml GENERAL offee-farmjnpton HMs. Need mature non nvokng person lor kjtt bookkeeplrtg. typng, telephone. 8 *ome errands, {car neoe*-»*ry). Mon-Frl, 8-5pm. Salary tommensurete wth «xperence GENERAL OFFCE Must know how to type. Genera) off ce dutes: flng, answerng phones., etc. Apply n person: 0.0¾. Glass Stark Road, Uvonla. Located n Acton ndustral Center GENERAL OFFCE Southfleld company ha* M-llme. entry* level poston lor relable kvdl vdua). General otnos sklls 4 CRT exporence helpful buf wm tran Pleasant phone porsonasty. e Must Startng Salary a week. Can Mon.-Frt.9-4pm, GENERAL OFFCE Part tme permanent poston. No experence requred. Must dependable- Apply n person Mon. through Frl.: Kwlk Prnt Plus 3335 Ford Rd Garden Cty be GENERAL OFFlCE/COMPUTEfl Fun tme. Must have experence workng m busy offce dong varous offce dutes such as typng, flng & bookkeepng. Some experence n data entry on computer. Cafl fe» appontment: Nadlne Austn. Rlemer Floor* nc Telegraph M. t BloomBeld Hlls. Mch GENERAL OFFCE Manutacturer/Dstrlbulor n Southfeld s lookng for person wth good offce sktts. Qu&Eftod canddate must have typng, flng and some computer experence helpful. Ths as ground floor opportunty wth a rapwry growng mld-stte company. Send resume to: Personnel, P. O. Box 5085, SouthftokJ, Ml.. 480S6. GENERAL OFFCE Alert. ntellgent ndvdual nooded for busy Computer Servces company. Good telephone, offce 4 Word Processng skhls requred n addton to basc bookkeepng. 7.50/hr. to start Reply to: Box 4, Observer 8 Eccentrc Newspaper*, 3625 Schoolcraft Rd.. Uvonla,. Mchgan 4850 GENERAL SECRETARAL-Troy based co. n ndustry entertanment s lookng lor an entry level professonal wth typng sklls. Famlar wth word processng, has exwbent phone manner and s flexjbkj. To work n an up boa l, hectc paced offce envronment. For more nformaton can Cyntha at GROWNG FNANCAL servces company seeks an energetc offce servces c$erk. Responsbltes kv dude sortng mal. nventory control of offce suppces, workng wth man machnes 8 buster*. t you would kk* to be consdered lor ths entry level poston then send your re- *ume and/or cover letter to: Personnel Manager, PO Box 70. Troy, Ml An Equal-Opportunty Employer HELP, WANTED PART TME RECEPTONST wanted for f»*tpaced Farmlngton Hos Real Estate offce. Good communcaton and typng *kb» requred. mmedate openng lor 2 evenng* and every other weekend. Joan HRNG NOW! NORRELL SERVCES s lookng for dependable employees for the lonowtng Jobs; GENERAL CLERCAL CLERK TYPST OATA ENTRY OPERATORS WORD PROCESSORS CALL FOR AN APPONTMENT NORRELL SERVCES HOTEL SALES SECRETARY-needed. Good typng entphone/roceptlonlst *ko!s requred. Exoeflenl benefts. t6-$6.q0rt>our. please send resume lo; Claron Hotel, 3525 Twelve Mle Rd., Farmlngton Hats, M Attenton: John Wld f a Job * what you want - a ob s what youl get! WORD PROCESSORS Dlspujrywrt* Mcrosoft Word Muttmate Lotus -2-3 WordPerfect CALLTODAY 853*8282 SNELLNG TEMPORARES YOUR SUCCESS S OUR SUCCESS N TH3 Hourly evenng entry level poston, a canddate ww nsure the accurate processng ol medcal blls, uwng publshed fee schedules/ gudelne*. Other actvtes wll nclude blung nput, proofng *y*tem ouput 8 developng customer servce *kffls wth carrersvprovlder*. Send resume to: ntracorp/aecumed, 262 Central Park Bfvtf. Sute 500. Southfek), Mch Attn:B.Perusk 990. JOB OPENNGS LVONA RECEPTONST NOV CREDT PROCESSOR $4,000 SOUTHFELD 6ECRETARY - Fortune FARMHGTON 8ALES SECRETARY S 8,000 Plus many more, let our.experenced consultant* do the search for you. W* have 23 year* exporence placng offce support «l*rt. Dont mss out! CsSTodryl Al FEE8 COMPANY PAD PERMANENT STAFF Lvona An Equal Opportunty Employer, JON OUR Wnnng Team SECRETARES.CRT OPERATORS Word Processors Long and *nort term assgnment* k al area*. mmedut* openng*. Top pay. Pad vacaton. Can today for more nformaton Personnel Pool Temporary He*p snce 946 never a lee Cal Mr. Stevenson, LEGAL SECRETARY 3 attorney law frm n p(e»«n Farmlngton HB* Offce part. Requre* mature per»on wth 6uwpm, word processng mfy, beneft* W 60/nt. A*k for ! Theresa JOBS OF THE WEEK Legal Secretary. To $26,600. Corporate/Tabor experence, work lor Sr. partner, lot* of varety. Legal Secretary. $25,000. Corporate, lax or real estate a plus. Suburban locaton. Para-logal. To $24, year legal assstant degree. Suburban frm Word processor. $22,000. Desk top publshng experence. Excellent proof readng skn*. Adrnlnlstrauv* Secretary. $22.000^ Traned n legal. Type 65. Opportunty to advance. Meda Secretary. To $7,000. Ma)or advertsng agency. Lotus experence needed. Quck hre. Accountng Clerk. $4,500. Large Southfed frm. year exporence qualfes you. ALL FEES COMPANY PAD Call SNELUNG 8 SNELLNG LEGAL SECRETARY KEYPUNCH OPERATORS - Start the New Year oft rght at ndata Corp. We are lookng lor experenced operator* at our Uvonla loca Uorf.Ca.lnowat: * LEASE DOCUMENT PROCESSOR for expandng Leatfg company. Offce experence necessary. Good typng, a Must. Resume to: Box 08. Observer 6 Eccentrc Newspapers ch0olctaft Rd.. Uvonla, Mchgan 4850 LEGAL SECRETARY - experenced n ltgaton, famly law. Fvmlngton Hlt*, rjompetltve»a!ary LEGAL SECRETARY for.brmngham law frm. yr. mnmum worker* compensaton exporence preferred. Call Sandy tt LEGAL SECRETARY Experence requred n coooctlons and WordPerfect Hardworkng and serf motvated onfy LEGAL SECRETARY for Southfed law frm. Utlgaton experence as wca es word processng background. Excellent salary 8 beneft* LEGAL SECRETARY - Wth -2 yr* exporence nooded lor Ctawson defense frm. Salary -commensurate wth experence. Non smoker preferred. CaJ Lynn at LEGAL SECRETARY Permanent part tme. WordPerfect skus for attorney n Estate Plannng and Qualfed Plan*. Pleasant offce, Telograph near Maple LEGAL SECRETARY Ful or part-tme, for general law practce. Experence requred. Excellent tklrs 8 computer experence necessary. Non-smoker. Southfleld Ask for Dane LEGAL SECRETARY - 65 plus wpm, darlng salary $6,000. ExooOent boncft package, Pontac area. 8erd resumes to: UAW GM Legal Servce*. 950 N. Cass Lake Rd.»5. Pontlee. Ml Attn; Mss Lackey LEGAL SECRETARY: For 2 partner* lor md-stod Southfed frm. Utlga- Uon experence needed along wth ablty to perform Job functons wthout supervson. Shorthand necessary. Peasant surroundngs n Town Center BkJg. Call Km LEGAL SECRETARY for partner of Southfed defense frm. Excellent benefts LEGAL SECRETARY For Troy l*w frm. Experence essental, ltgaton and corporate. Dsplay Wrte 3preferred. Please can Jan LEGAL SECRETARY -For senor partner n personal njury law frm. Executve dutes, lop salary, frnges, future and *ecurfy LEGAL SECRETARY wanted, lor aole practtoner, salary 6 benefts commensurate wtth experence. Great place to work LEGAL 8ECRETARY for medum ta* law frm k Southfleld. WordPerfect knowledge and legal exporence necessary. Strong typng sklls a must! Exoefont beneft package. Cal Offce Manager LEGAL SECRETARY: For 2 partner* for md-szed Southfleld frm. Ltgaton experence needed along wtth ablty to perform Job functons wthout supervson. Shorthand necessary. Pleasant surroundngs n Town Center Bdg. Can Km Legal Secretary 9 $28,000 J Executve offce n prestgous corp. WM consder non Jegal f hghly tkfed. Real estate/tax background a plusl Cal Lorl AVOSON LAR0 8 ASSOC. LEGAL 8ECRETARY Prestgou* law frm aeok* Secretary who possesses -2 year* GtgeUon experence pkrs exoeoent c/emmar and word processng»kj)!».8eod re- *ume to: Admnstrator. 300 E. Maple Rd.. Thrd Floor, Brmngham, Ml LEGAL SECRETARY Major corporaton seek* Senor Legal Secretary wth outstandng admnstratve ablty, ltgaton experence requred. 8end resume to:.-- Arthur Thomas 8 Assocates 4000 Town Center. Sute 678 ^ Southfed, Ml Or Cafl LEGAL SECRETARY -3 year* legal experence sought for prestgous taw frm. Pleasant workng envronment and surroundng*. Compettve salary ptu* comprehensve beneft*. 8end resume to; Arthur Thomas 8 Assocates V 4000 Town Center, Sut* 678 Southfleld. Ml OrCal 35M40 LEGAL- * SECRETARY $25,000 Ths suburban law frm Wn progressve atmosphere wtu apprecate your»klfl» and experence. Dont ml** out on ths onel Cal Maram, SNELLNQ&SNELUNQ LEGAL SECRETARES: Large detroh j*w frm * seekng legal secretares wth experence n workman* compensaton or domestc relatons for t* Btoomfeld Hll* locaton. Mnmum 2 yr* experence requred. Excellent beneft* plan. Superor offce automaton equpment. Compettve salary. Send resume lo Box 26: Observer a Eccentrc Newspaper* Schootorafl Rd, Tjvonla, Mchgan 4850 LOOKNG FOR A CHANGE? Southfleld Law frm teek* energetc *etf-*tarler lor Utlgaton and Worker** Compens*Uon. Salary commensurate wth experence. Gary Elsenberg; P.O LEGAL SECRETARY Southfleld l*wfrm teek* mtturt ervergetlo qualfed secretary wth»evertf year* responsble, legal exporence. A Dependable productfr* a flexble peron for dverse responslbtmet wth attenton to detal, grammar, word processng a organbalen*! aklt* essental. Must havt personal ntegrty, be professonal a po*rlrv* n demeanor a posed wth good nterpersonal *krl*. CornpenuUon commenturste wth queunc*- Uon*. WW consder onfy qualfed applcant* wth reeume*. A»k for lh r*fmh LEGAL SECRETARES ALL POSTONS FEE PAO legaton.. Oeneral... Real Estale. Corporate. 23, ,000 Many more poston* avalawe al wth top frm*. 8uburb*n and downtown locaton*. Fv* beneft package*. Cal or fax your r«- ume, « SNELUNQ&SNELLNQ ;. OF TROY Novl Per sonal njury Frm. Great locaton Novl Rd. Openng for <-rofesslona! legal secretary wth BM PC skrt* a dct«- phone. Walng to work hard mama! pleasant *eumg. Must have 0 2 yr pror experence n product lablty & medcal malpractce. Salary up. to $20,600. Cal LEOAL SECRETARY, experenced, wanted for busy downtown defense frm, excellent skn* requred, capable of makng ndependent decsons. Good beneft*, good pay. good people. Pleas*.send resume fo: Offce Manager. 700 Penobscol Bdg, Detrot Ml LEGAL SECRETARY A successful law frm n beautful offces has an exctng openng wwch ncludes-job securty. WDMAN PERSONNEL DV. 373 Northwestern Hwy. Ste. 09 E Farmnglon Htfs, Ml We are a Permanent Placement Agency whose fees ere always pad by the employer... LEGAL SECRETARY Two Altorney* left ewe frms 0 start ther ov. need a fuu tme legal secretary lo help therr bullae busness, commercal and complex product - ablty ltgaton practce. Promse excellent team work, professonal relatonshp, bonuses, and lar rewards. May lead to an offce manager Poston. Mastery ol Word Perfect 5.0. kterest n computer software, good grammar and wrtng Sklls a must. Mnmum 5 year* experence n Busness Law. Real Estate, or complex ltgaton wtth hgh Qualty lawyer*. Startng at $25- $30,000 per yea/ (or more dependng on qualfcatons). Send detaled.resume n confdence to: N. Peter Antone, SoulMleld Rd., Sute 300. Southfed. Ml (Movng.shprtY. to Northwestern Hghway, ""Farmlngton Htfls) 504H«lpW$)nt*jd. OftrCt-Ckfto! OFFCE ASSSTANT Ful tme. Southfleld locaton. Prevkxj* offce-experence necessary. Good typng and phone skll* needed. Must be detal orented and have excellent organtauonal skh. Send resume ncludng aalary requrement* to: P.O. Box 509. Southfleld. Ml, OFFCE ASSSTANT/DE CLERK. ful tme. Varous dute* n busy law frm n 8outhfleld. Eager to work, re- *ponsbte and detal orented person. Exceflent beneft*, Cal Offce Manager at OFF)CETHEP-FU or part lme. Hour* walng to Decollate. OutJe* ere: Computer nvocng, word processng, tana, etc Send resume or cal and ask or Seve between 4pm- 6pm for appl ndustral, Uvonla, Ml OFFCE MANAGER - very mature & rerabfe ndvdual for rental leasng. Payroll, computer, much publc contad. Send resume wtth salary to: Offce Manager, 4066 Newtand Dr.- West W. Bqomfed OFFCE MANAGER/800KKEEPE.A Fal growng suburban mulb-servce company * lookng for a lakecharge Offce Manager. Send pror»a!ary hstory a resume to: Mr. Green. P.O. Box 005. Wxom, M48096 Legal SENOR LEGAL SECRETARY Delense ltgaton offce ol major nsurance company s sooktfg qu*3"- fed canddate wth mln. 3 yr*. related experence. ncludng yr. togal Typng 70yvpm strongly preferred. Word processng skll* a plus. CtUens nsurance Company of Amerca otters and excellent flexble beneft package ncludng dental, proft eharlng. penon. and educaton relmbursemenl. Salary oommonsurate wth experence. For confdental consderaton send resume end salary requrements to: Ctzens nsurance Company Of Amerca Manangng Attorney 787 N. Laurel Park Dr Sute 365 Uvonla. Ml 4852 Equal Opportunty Employer M/F/H PAYROLL CLERK Troy based rehabltaton organzaton s seekng a ful tme payrol dork to assst fnance manager. nr^drvtdua*" wth 2 yr*. busness/accountng degree or equlvalon experence wta be consdered. Compettve salary and beneft*. Experence wtth computer* a pru*. For tmmodl- _ate consderaton contact Seve Potrowskl. Total Therapy Management nc Troy Center Dr. Sute 29.Troy or " J.el SncHlng Temporares help you take your flat step n the rght drecton for the 990 *. ft CEPTK)N3TS.. OATA ENTRY SECRETARY SWTCHBOARD ACCOUNTNG CLERK CALL TODAY SNELLNG TEMPORARES YOUR SUCCESS S OUR SUCCESS PRESTGOUS Brmngham law frm, lull tme. Phones, copyng 8 general offce. $900 per month plus benefts, to start Contact Marytou -or Teresa MAL CLERK - GENERAL OFFCE. Fut fme lo/ Southfed Synagogue. good ryput. computer experence.»5 50 hr.. bonefls eftor 90 d«y*. Send resume to Box 96 Observer &.Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcreft Rd.. Uvonla, Mchgan 4850 MANTENANCE SERVCE TECH Mechancal background. Must be hardworkng & dependable, Trov area. Cal tam-5pm MANPOWER Moods typst* mmedately for long 8 short term assgnment*. Fro* word processng avalable H qualfed. Cal (or an appl MARKETNG COORDNATOR Secretary - Troy locaton. Press releases, market research, clercal support. $20K mnmum Company beneft*. Fee pad. B. HAML PERSONNEL MEDCAL ASSSTANT Full tme poston lor general practce. Experence pretored pm MORTGAGE COMPANY tn Southfeld seeks ful tme offce dork. Mortgage experence requred. Good benefts/please send resume or apply at: -Marathon Mortgage Corp, W 2 MJe Rd.. Sut* 200. Southfed. Ml 48034, Attenton F. Smth NCE PLACE TO WORK Frendly people, good work envronment Beneft*. Fun-tme. Answer Ehones. Also Sat. work avalable. loomfeld Hlls, OFFCE ClERtCAL Permanent poston for person to do ffng end varlous other generaf offce functons. Attenton to detal 6 accuracy a must. 8 Mrle/lahser area. Phyfl* Meadows Ext. 300 OFFCE CLERK Part tme or full llmo Busy CPA frm n Southfleld needs an energetc person wth postve alttude to assst t* fle room, run errands, and perform mscellaneous offce dute* a* requested, ff nterested, please cal Ho0y Koss-el FoOmer, Rudztwlc 8 Co. Aft Equal Opportunty Employer OFFCE CERK Troy Law frm needs derk foe copyng; feno. etctsalary negotable ext 325 OFFCE - deel orented ndvdual for busy Uvonla offce* Account* recevable, some data entry, people orented. M tme OFFCE HfLP for local Ute nsurance agency. Outle* are: To prepare and close Broker* closng packegos. AHo. to do «9 phase* of an Escrow Oept Experence preferred. Mr*. Ferrs lor hervew OFFCE OPERATONS MANAGER for growng sales 4 servce organzaton. Dutes nclude phone work, typng, and general offce operatons. Dedcaton end experence are necesstes. Reply to Box «860, Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspaper* Schooler*!! Rd, Lrvona, Mchgan 4850 OFFCE PERSONNEL n doctor* offlee ful lme wtth typng skut*. Send resume lo 7288 Shefdon Rd., Canton. Ml 4887 OFFCE TRANEE good typng,:pc computer famkarty, good w/meth. Appy al: Carpet* _pf Farmlngton, rpetl Rver, Farmlngton, OFFCE VARETY $4-0,000 FEE PAD Enjoyabte, buy. growng servce rv duttry offef* N* wonderful oppof. tunfty to (ola.ther tsrt. Great beneft* rvducflng 0 pad homay*l Some background n owoe work and typng of 50 wpm. w» get you n n* door, Cal RJckf now NELLNQ&8NELUNQ FARMNQTON HLL8 OPERATONS CLERK fut lme ch»rvjngna posllon s svahabl* at our bank n troy. Out*- *d canddal* must type M wpm and have good mathemttcel tfcjrt*. Nt poston H deal lor person v/bo enjoy* a varety of rhponsbfltn and can work wtth muttpt* prortes. Excefent beneft package. For ton*jder*uon plea** cal our Personnel. Oepl Mon-Frl durng regular butne** hour* *fc , Exl. 28. Equal C^pportunm/ Employer M/F PARALEGALS - 2) poston* open. Experence preferred. SovtMleM Bankruptcy frm. CO: John tang*, 35u-8220l PARALEGAL FOR RENASSANCE.Center law frm. Experenced n mmgraton and oorporateard**..opportunty to create and mantan computer data base ol busness cfl? ents. Send resume to: Karln A. Roosa. Raymond 4 D»«n. 400 Renassance Center, Sute 2370, Detrot Ml PART-TME Recepton/Fle derk. Typng end word processng helpful hra. a week. T*yor area. Cal Personnel DepL S4O0 PAYROLL - Mus have experence processng mulu state payroll, payrol taxes 6 general lodger reports. Workers compensaton 6 unemployment processng. $ company pay* our foe. # Personnel Place PHONE ORDER PROCESSORS Heavy customer contact, lght record keepng. Part tme could lead to tv9 tme. Wa tran. The rght persons could make between $5-$7 per hour. Great poston for students, homomaker*. retlroos. For. drec-!tons,cal RECEPTONST Brmngham frm seekng sharp, mature por»on wth excellent phone manner* and typng skrl*. Knowledge of WordPerfect helpful non smoker. Call 54O-6070 RECEPTONST - excellent opportunty tor student*, housewves to earn extra cash. ETO Temporary Servce R CEPTK)NST/TYPST For Brmngham law frm RECEPTONST Ught flng. Dghl typng, fun tme, beneft*, reply: P. O. Box Detrot RECEPTONST/SECRETARY Troy are* sales offce. Answer phones, typng, fung 6 general oftwe. Experence preferred. CaH Mr.Honer for appontment RECEPTONST/CLERCAL Fua & part tme poston* avalable n Farmlngton HS*. Busy swtchboard. Dght typng and general offce.caljudy RECEPTONST Responsble energetc ndvdual for fast paced athletc dub. Fun and exertng workng envronment. Prefer experence. Ask for Lorl RECEPTONST Part lme, hr*. per week. Dutes nclude: answerng twtchboard. typng 6 varety ol offce dutes. Farmhgton. Cal Conne RECEPTONST Entry level poston for receptonst m Oetrot law frm. Experence not requred. Please send resume to: Receptonst, Old Brdge. Canton. Ml RECEPTONST 6 rme phone system, typng, Bght bookkeepng, computer akfs wu be uttoed. Exporence,preferred but not requred. Beneft* ncfuded. Send resume to: Controller, p O Box 354, Novl Men RECEPTONST SECRETARY Southfleld e4v*rts!ng/pub0c relatons agency need* experenced receptonst-secretary. Salary negotable. Send resume to: Hedge a Co. 26 Evorgreen, Ste 300, South feld. Mch <. Attn: Pat Flcker. RECEPTONST - manufacturer* rep agency desres sharp ndvdual wth pfea%anl personalty for fast paced offce to answer phone*. ExoeOent grammar a spellng skns necessary. Accurate rypts mmedate openng. CalEslherat ¾ RECEPTONST leadng natonal computer manufacturer needs an energetc, experenced phone receptonst. Compettve salary. mmedate start tme. Reply to: Mkxolab, 2375 Research Otve, Farmlngton HDs. Ml RECEPTONST Fun tme, mmedlal* openng, beneft*. For Uvonla based offce, must be outgong and have pleasant phone personalty, lght typng requred. 8end resume* 0: Perfecton Auomouve, 2445 Levan Rd.. Uvort* RECEPTONST Southfleld property management company»eek* a professonal, outgong receptonst wtth ptu* yr*. P8X experence to handle busy swtchboard, some Bght typng, exoeoent salary a beneft package. 8end resume a (alary requrements to: Personnel Dept, Amurcon Corp Evergreen,»3Q0,8outh(Wd. M) RECEPTl0NST/8ecr*tary/TyplH for local CPA frm n Lfvonla. Send resume lo P O Box 823, Plymouth, M4870. RECEPTONST/SECRETARY mmedate openng for Ml lme poston, wth prowvvg CPA frm. A»h*rp.depend*ble per»on wth good typng»*k». knowledge ol YVord- Pertecf, telephone»kh* and clercal dute*. Salary fc>mmensur»t» wtth experence. Send reeume and salary requrement! to: Gtmbka a Boltvenu. CPA"* Telegraph. Sut* 2725 Bkmlngham,M4600 Receptonst/Clerk Entry level M lme needed tt Corporat* Offce. Mutt have exceeent phone a organtetlonal tkm», be dotal orented, good typst knowledge ol 0-key a dtta entry. W* offer excedent beneft*. Ptease cal , ext 35 Erb LUMBER CO. An Equal Opportunty Employer RECEPTONST - N.W.»uburb*n area company hs n mmedate openng for a professonal receptonst wth good offce *k»*. entry level postlcr wth flood potental Typng wpm. computer. l*r**,good beneft*, SECRETARY fwp poaftjont n Farmlngton HSs area for professonal Hcrtlartw, wpm. tomputer lter*t*. WordPerfect pfutl Good verbal wrtten *kw* a mutt. Safar** atar al $8, Good growth potental potental and *xe*8*nt workng tmotpherf. WW the new fw brng career growth? Are you reedy for a change 7 Several other opportunnte* a*orr^*t4e.c^p*mheno for nttm ntervew AMERCAN PERSONNEL 504 Hdp Wanted 0HrC«-C«rlcal pjloqaammer/ahalyst CrTYOFROYAlOAK -v Salary $ to $27,34 (currently botna negotated). Exponent -frnge benefts and workng condtons. Desgn, develop..mplement and support local government nformaton tystem* usng a UNSYS manframe, COBOL CANOE, COM3, OMS, WFl. UNC). Also utll* SM compatable mcro computers and a Novell network. Bachelor* degree n computer scence or related feld and mnmum ol year of M tme work experence requred. Cope* of cobege transcrpt* necessary upon applcaton. Must complete applcaton tt Personnel OoparlmenrCty Hal. Room 6, 2 WKtfam*. Royal Oak before 4:30pm, Thur*.. Jan 8lh For further nformaton cal An Equal Opportunty Employer RECEPTONST/SECRETARY wth bookkeepng experence lor steot company n 8ouu\r.e!d. Accurate typng (numercal) and good phone personalty necessary Goner al offce dutes. Excellent benems. salary open. Call Shvon Smth lor appontment RECEPTONatJeeded lor front offce of tn&ck manufacturng co. Dutes nclude MjWertng murt fne phones, typng 50 wpm.greclng vstor*. Pleasant personalty & good phone manner a rnjst Some experence preferred. Send resume to. Evette. Unque Fabrcatng. 60 W. Hamln, Rochester HSls. ML RECEPTONST lvonl* CPA frm seek* experenced receptonst/secretary. Typng/word processng and general offce experence preferred Send resume to: 60x8956, Observer & Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd.. Uvonla. Mchgan 4850 RECEPTONST/TYPST Must be effcent & nnovatve, wth exoeoent phone skus. Cal JO *t: RECEPTONST Ful tme-. ExceCenl salary & benefts Royal Oak area. CaB Barbara RECEPTONST Experence preferred. Sma.. busy Southfleld Law Frm. Cal: John Lange RECEPTONST/Phohe Operator, fufl tme, the skes should nclude typng 6 some compute* knowtodge Cafl M. Jofy from 9-3pm RECEPTONST Ught typng; some computer skls. wll tran. $5. per hr. to start. n Llvonta RECEPTONST/SECRETARY Lrvona Real estate offce. Typng. 40 hours. Mon hru Frl.. Can Shrley at RECEPTONSTS Postons avalable luu tme, long term. Ught typng and flng heprul. ARBOR TEMPS Help Wanted f - OfflM-Clerlcal RECEPTONST The Charles Kent Reaver has a r»r» full tme poston greetng our customer*,-answerng can*, bookng appontments, typng gem report* and workng wth gernstones. Experence preferred but wll tran rght person wlh goodvork elhsc. nce appearance, attractve speakng vofce. able o work under pressure and can type 40wprn Non smokers only. CaH Mr. Lews, Tues-Frt. :30-430pm at RECEPTONST - Consuttlrn frm has Kf lme poston avalable lor a person wtth a professonal appearance. Dutes nclude: answerng phone, greetng clents, typng A mantanng the once atmosphere. Salary commensurate wth experence. Send resume 6 salary requrements to: Personnel Manager. PO box Farmngbtn HLJ. M RECEPTONST A temporary servce n the Lvona area s lookng lor an rcceptxxlt Responjbaes ntude applcants 4 schedulng err.p:oyee5 lor lobs. Mnmum ol year otfc-a experence You must have execnom comrrturtcetlon sklls 4 enjoy wo<kng wtth people Ths s a permanent poston tor an ea/ry brd. Cafllo* an mervkrw RECEPTONST - Koentg Alslj Suppy - Dot/ol s Currently acceptng applcatons tor a full tme telephone Recepfcomst deal canddate should possess an exceenl phone pertonasty. should have lght typng experence, rrjvg. 4 good orgsrvaonaj skm Pro»6o experence a must Medcal. Cental 4 lfe nsurance t>eno-ts. pad holdays, vacatons, persona) days Please can Mrs Long lor an eppt Mon -Fr. alter 0am RECEPTONST PART TME Entry lev^ porton avalable lor offce n Troy (Mon -Frl rom 0am- 2pm) Canddale must have ece lent communcalon sklls and the a&.lgr and desre to work wth the publc Qualfed canddates please can our Personnel Offce durng regular busness hours at Ext 28 Equal Opportunty Employer M/F.RECEPTONST- Upto$7.00/Hour Long term, full tme or part tjrr.e postons avalable Can 3S WOLVERNE TEMPORARES RECEPTONST SECRETARY lor W. Bloomfeld Real estate offce lor evenngs and/or woekonds. Can Mr. Rlordan at Max Broock nc RECEPTONST/TYPST 25 hour*, a week. Temporary poston n CPAfcrh. From^l-90 thru Cgj/d lead Jo permanent part lme. T /j/ 462-)097 RECEPTONST/CLERK TYPST Type shpper*, answer phone, drect cels, general olfce dutes. Full tme. Southfleld area. Good benefts. Call Personnel alter AM RECEPTONST Ad agency, word processng experence a pkrs. ExoeOent Salary, bonefts. Southfed , An Equal Opportunty Employer RECEPTKJNST/OATA ENTRY Fun tme wth benefts Acceptng applcatons from 0am-2pm. Carkfft ol Oetrot, 4348 N 94 Servce D?.. Bellevlle. ML. 48. RECEPTONST For hgh volume travel agency n Royal Oak. 2 yr* experence on 20 Bne swtchboard. Salary, 6benefts. Cal Mr. Wolf* at RECEPTONST/PART TME ExoeOent opportunty for ndvdual re-enterng busness world. Natonal company. 9am-pm. Mop.-Frl ught clercal dute*. Dorothy to RECEPTONST/SECRETARY Apply now lor mmedate fuo tme openng n Farmlngton Hlls offce. Pleasant phone skus A good typng tktt*. Salary negotable RECEPTONST: General ollce tkhst typng,.answerng phones, fl- pg. assltt n accountng area-and some d*ta entry. Cal Mon thru Frl. 0am lo 3pm RECEPTONST NEEOED VYe are lookng for an ndvdual who kes challenge* 8,varety, can type 50 wpm 6 has some compuor experence. Please contact - Kethtoetv VUlage Mortgage Co RECEPTONST Must be experenced on very busy PBX swtchboard. Must be cheerful and frondy. Send resume to: Offce Manager, 2W5 Melrose. Southfed. Ml RECEPJQNST/Qenerel Offce. Smal fast paced offce located n Southfed needs cheerful, experenced phone operator. Qood salary and benefts. Ptease cal Mr* Kay between 9AM-2PM. Mon-Frl RECEPTONST Ful tme lor auto suppler on Schoolcraft Rd. n Uvonla. Pleasant phone voce A some Bght typng requred per hour plus bonefrts. 8-Khgual a bg plus. Contact Sendee Brosch RECEPTONST Fast paced Southfed company teek* Receptons/Oenera Offce Clerk wlh peasant phone manner and front.dsk appearance. Hour* vary. Send resume to: Personnel. P.O. Box 300, Southfetd, ML, RECEPTONST Manufaeturer/Otslrbutor n Southfeld * lookng for person to handle, phones. Weal poston for person wth- ght typng and some phone experence. Send resume to; _ P*r«Onnel, P. O. Box Southfed, Ml; RECEPT]ONl3TAV0R0 PROCES SOR needed lor a 4 attorney law frm n Farmlngton HJts. Entry level poston wth dutes ncludng phone answerng, word processng A fhng. Hour*: 8*m-4pm dally. Please contact Ktthy or Shela for an ntervew al RECEPTONSTS Country Oub located m w. Bloomfeld teek* receptonst*, day*, evenng* and weekend *hmt. W tran. Resume and/or letter of ntroducton to box Observer A Eccentrc Newspaper* choo!cret Rd, Uvonla, Mchgan 4850 RECEPTONST Growng oompany needs organjed person to answer phone*, do flng ard torn* typng. Ful tme poston, great beneft*. Send resume A wage requrements to Box «896, Observer & Eccentro Newspaper* Scnoolcrtft Rd., Uvonla, Mchgan 4850 RECEPTONST-SECRETARY Full-tme poston avtfttbl* for Farmnoton Hn» Tax Attorney. GOOd typng A tpefung tklbs, a Mus Accountng/Legal experence helpful but not necessary. Word Processng experence mandatory. Salary commensurat* wth experence^ RECEPTONST 8ECRETARY Typng 45^ wpm, good Oroanltetlon tkffl*. twfchboard, good phone «**. -^ SAES SECRETARY Typng 65-7$ wpm, good orgtn*. tlon ttnl*. word processng experence, *horth*nd,- xcenont speller. C*l Helen* RECEPTONST - CLERCAL COLLEGE 8TUOENT PART TME - Lfvonla. perfect poston for the local tofege student. Mondty thru Tnurtdty, B 8 P.M., 8»turd*y 9-5. and Sunday 2-5, lookng for the bubwy personalty - mum h*v* good typng and phone **»». Pecmtnenl potltlon more hour* n the tunvner. Cal 4] and ask for 8u*n. RECEPTONST A TO $6,640 FEE PAD Great locaton, brttt pay, gr*st lobl Ths poston reoutre* etcefent people am and typng of $0, Com* n now lo our pffloe and apery for th* po*mon and many more. Cal K*lN*, , 8NEUNQ 4 SNELLNG FARMNOTON HLL8 RECEPTONST/ MA.L ROOM CLERK 2 run tme postons avalable vrt>cr rt>quwed typng sklls, good telephone/communcaton skhlj. as teal as the ablty to nterlace wth all types of mdmduas n our recepton area. Beajtful workng envronment m Auburn H.ns. aong wth compettve company pad benefts and annual salary of $7,000. Please send resume along daytme telephone number n confdence to Box 28 Observe* 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolerart Rd.. Lrvona, Mchgan 4850 An Equal Opportunty Employe/ RELOCATON FRM ACCOUNT MANAGER VYel-estaW-shed. progressve company seeks ndvdual lo manage corporate accounts & handle relocaton process ndvduals apprylng, must have: -3 yrs Employee Transfer/ Relocaton or Real Esata experence Exce-ent convnuncelloo 4 people skns L?aderesh^> qualtes Ablty to orga/vte 4 handle detals Excellent salary 4 rewardng career opportuntes -avalable. Send resome 8 salary requrements to PO Box 827. VY. Bloomneld. Ml RESTAURANT Management Tranee postons avalable! Good starlng wage A frnge package. Cat) Carol SALES ASSSTANT- For smal tal paced nsurance A nvestments nonsmokng offce Telemarketng, customer servce A general orfce- Good phone sklls necessary. Cofnfxjter 4 word processng a t. nsurance A nvestment background helpful. Hourly bonus Troy locaton. Maran 6:3Gam-3pm SALES ASSSTANT STOCK BROKERAGE Leadhg NYSE Mornber frm has an mmedate openng for a Sales Assstant to work n ls busy Farmlngton HJsolUe ExceHont typng and communcaton sklls ere requred Prevous Brokerage experence a plus. youd an opportunty lo advance wth a ¾ rowng company, contact: lal Therry, Roney 4 Co SALES SECRETARY For Rochester Manufactures Rep. offce. Requre, good typst, pleasant phone voce, cprflputer experence helpful. Mnmum 28 per hours week. Caa for ntervfew SALES SECRETARY Part tme, needed for Offce Automaton Company. Requrements are typng 45-50»pm. pvwsanl phone voce, approxlmatey 20 hours per week. Salary commensurale wth experence Send resume lo: Grand RAer. Sute 303. Farmlngton H-ls. Ml SALES SECRETARY needed for nsurance company n Fa/mlngton HRs Must, have recent experence, type 50 wpm. good telephone manner, work wefl under pressure and knowledge of word processng Lotus -2-3 and desk top publshng helpful. We btfer a compettve salary and good workng condtons. Please cal Sue al SALES SECRETARY Challenge and an opportunty for advancement- u -ottered. Enjoy workng wth cbenls and usng your good math end computer skns. S to sart wth fast ncreases. Good beners. Fee pay. Cal Eesnore at SNELLNG & SNELLNG SECRETARAL/BOOKKEEPER lor advertsng specalty compan/* computer experence necemry, Troy area SECRETARES ~ After New Yttt dread/?... *nd youy* «at the k5b you tfrstked last year 7 f you are a we4 wt<y$, experenced Secretary wth knc».odge 4 WordPerfect 5 0. lotus -5-3 and Excel, we have exceflent payng Job* for you. A c*s lodty could have you startng out the New Yea/rght, THE EMPLOYMENT CONNECTON, SECRETARES - word processor* lor rlatona construoton ecrfpany. MuldMale or DW 4. Rolm swtchboard a pkrt, 360-$400/wV. Cal Carol at Unlforce SECRETARY for Southfed offce needed, fxecfent typng A phone tvys requred. Cal gpnne827-7_80 SECRETARES large Metro corporaton n need of experenced wtlf strong word processng»kl<l*. Shotlhand a pks, tvplng mnlmum 60. Poston* open n bcth downtown A 8outh- Wd. 8al*ry»7, Exceptonal b*n«m*l Ctl or send return* to: Nancy Barr A Ateclttes Telegnph. 8ouhfed, M, : Secretrres/ Word Processors Work for reputable frms n Farmlngton Hn* as a secretary or word processofl Poston* requre "60 wpm typng and once txperlente, Weed processng /»mng offered to ouasfed cthdwstejl Both lohg and jnort term employment av*p*w*. Please cal u od«y for an appont. mentl.. ^ ^ WE PUT EXPERENCE TQ WORK. ENTECH SERVCES, LTD ,-^.- 3 j..j:.. V: :

43 Monday, Januarys; 990 OSE *7F 504 Help Ranted Offce-Clercal SECRETARES.._ Full&Part-Tlme A leadng natonal property manegemenl fwm. headquartered Vt Det/ota northwest suburbs, ty* operv mgj lo/ 2 Socreta/te*. Both posslona reo.ut/e mnmum 65wpm typng & experlorto* wth lotu* & WordPerfect n * fast-paced envronment. The M lme poston also requres occasonal dctaphone use. Please send resume wllh salary hstory & requrements lo: Box 8. Observer a Eccentrc Newspapers, 3626 Schoolcraft Ad. Uvonta, Mchgan 4«SO Equal Opportunty Employer m/f/v/h SECRETARES - word processors. WordPerfect. OspfJy Wrt*. Mummate. Word Star. Oocmate. medcal termnoloy a plus, M-$ 0/hr. Can Marlon al Unforce secretary Admnstratve Secretary KeBy Temporary Servces s a leader n the temporary help ndustry and a company that l> experencng contnued growth tn response lo the expandng nood or the busness communty V/e have a Ml tme career opportunty tor an Admnstratve Secretary m our Servce Department * Truce to lour years related expert, ence Kuttn a fast-paced corporate envronment l> requred wth sound personal computer eperlence The deal canddate wn possess excellent commonlcetkv! sklls and be hghly organuod. courteous, analytcal, creatve and assertve deal canddate- must have experence workng wth confdental materals We offer a compettve salary and benefts package f you are quasfod and nterested n (Ms opportunty please eppfy n person. Monday- Frday Oerwoen 8 30 a m and 4-00 p.m at Kelly Servces, nc. Employment Representatve 999 West Bo Beaver Road Troy. Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer 504 Help Wanted,, Offce-Clercal SECRETARY/CLERK TYPST Northwest Metro tt*. WvJMduaj possessng excefjerl typng, verba*, derfcal ft telephone ajuot. Knowledge Of trtde OT-RV tomer servce Work pnt. Very tte weekend or overtme work. Please submt resume & salary hstory lo: Box 694. Observer Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd.. Uvonla, Mchgan Help Wanted 0fflc*Clerlcal SECRETARY FOR WEST sde luxury condo development Word process- V%g end bookkeoplrg skns necessary. 8«od resume to: box 930 Observe/ "ft _ Ecoehlrlc Newspaper*, 3625 Schootaafl Rd, Uvonle, Mchgan ECRETARY Oet/ort-b*sod FlnanctAl kuttulon has an openng for a full-tme, hardworkng seff-sts/na person wth accurate typlna skds (50WPM) & Word P/c«essng experence (Word Star, a Plus). Person should, have ne a baty lo lake on varous respooslbfutes & have an cucofont phone manner. Canddate* w» have the potental for advancement n the fnancal ndustry. For consderaton, aend resume lot 8ECRETARY P.O. Box Ool/olt, Ml SECRETARY for keel msuanoe agency. Troy area. Par lme Strong oereal wth sales related sk»s. m- centtve bonus avasebt* SECRETARY for wel eslamshed, 5 secretary Btoomfleld HJs law frm. Typng (65 wpm) and word processng sklls (WordPerfect) a must. No prevous legal experence requred SECRETARY/BOOKKEEPER 9am-4pm. Mon thru Ft Experence (xetet& Ltvowa Elks Club Contact Tracy SECRETARY/BOOKKEEPER lor Btoornfofd Ht!ls Offce. Ablty to type 45wpm accvralofy. Ask lor lorl SECRETARY/BOOKKEEPER for collson snop Must have experence, salary negotable. Send resume to Showcase Coflslon Mle Rd. Warren. Ml SECRETARY Experence necessary n computer, fnancal statements, payrol. payables, recevables, typng, general olfrce dutes. Qualfed appdcants sne-d cal for ntervew SECRETARY Fu«Brno entry level poston avalable SouthfJetd tocatoa Oood typng suas are requred Shorthand hetpful Must be able to work rxlependenoy. Excecenl opportunty lor the rlghl ndmdual. Salary to commensurate wth experence. Send resume ncludng salary requtremonl to: P O. Box 509. Southfled. Ml. 4806«o SECRETARY - Full tme Openng avalable lor experenced secretary wth local frm. Must type wpm ft possess general dorlcaj skds wa be requ&ed to perform typng. Kng & some phone work. Stenography a plus bul not rer rea ExooDonl benefts avalable pay commensurate wth experence lor qualfed persons. Respond wtth resume la Personnel Oopt. P 0 Box Uvonla. Mch. 485 An Equal Opportunty Employer SECRETARY, ful tme for nsurance company. Fufl benefts wth pad hoodays. Typng, phone 4 computer sklls netpfuf Square lake/woodward a/ea. Atter 2pm onry SECRETARY Growth oronted subsdary of Huntngton Bancshares located n Farm- ngton Hts has a career opportunty for an experenced Secretary. Canddate ahoud possess professonal and customer rotaton sxms and excellent typng ablty. Bankng or real estate experence preferred. We offor a comprehensve benefl package nokjdng pad vacatons, (nodcal and dental coverage and educaton assstance. Salary commensurate wth experence Advancement opportunroes lor the rght ndmdual. Please submt resume wth salary hstory to: Human Resources-SOE. P.O. Box Troy,Ml Equal Opportunty Employer M/F... SECRETARY Growng company needs organzed take charge person wtth excosont telephone skns and PC expertonce. Knowledge of wordprocesstng and Lotus 23 pkrs. Work nvolves varety.and challenge rs good, offce envvonmonl. Compettve pay and benefts. Send resume and salary requrement* to: Lynn Boanofl 733«2 MM Rd. Surta 200" Southnetd, Ml SECRETARY Health promoton company needs brght, versatle, porson. 0 ptu* wpm:.wordperfect preferred. Norv smokng offce. Send resume to: A..P M Evergreen, Sute 200. Southflold Ml SECRETARY mmedate openng Southflold. advertsng agency - meda department. Great organzatonal skns wlt he<p you land ths poston n en exctng hold. We are watng lor you to come n. lake charge and organze vour new offce. Mus enjoy workng ndependently n a fast paced envronment. Ratable. Need lotus and word processng experence (Word- Perlecl). Beneft package. 8end resume to box 962 Observer & Eotentrtc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd.. Uvonla. Mchgan 4850 SECRETARY/Part Tvne. Good typng, shorthand, or dldephone, wth math skns. 9am-2 30pm $7/hr. Troy area Call lor appl SECRETARY Mortgage Connecton, nc., a whouy owned subsdary of Unted Savngs 8ank. FSB. has an knmedete openng for a M lme Secretary wth a mnmum of year offce experence. The quafnod appocanl must be a self-starter wth typng aklbs of 60 wpm., excellent spellng and grammatcal sklls and enkjy workfog wth poople. Word processng experence a must Poston offers complete beneft package and salary commensurate wth experence. For mmedate consderaton, please cal lor an applcaton or send resume lo: Mortgage Connecton, nc. Attn: Human Resources Northwestern Hwy.. SL 20 -Farmv>glon Hls. Ml., 4808 (33) An Equal Opportunty Employer SECRETARY noedod fun tme for Plymouth company. WordPerfect experence helpful, 50 wpm typng speed, professonal appearance and good organzatonal skcs are requred. ARBOR TEMPS SECRETARY/OFFCE Coordnalor Farmlnglon Hlls based company needs a mouvaled hardworkng porson, BM PC experence preferred Real estate experence helpful. Good pay 4 benefts for the rght porson Help Wanted Offce-Clercal SECRETARAL/CLERCAL Lookng for a challengng an rewardng poston Natonal nsurer s seeklno persons to operate local offce, /vfcvdua need To posester focuve cornmunjcetjon skes, strong foya aptlude. operate calculator, hahde money eftdenry. type wpm, professonal appearanoe atttude workng knowledge of PC. Send resume to: Unted nsurance Co of Amerca, d/eenflod. Sle. 35, Southleld, Ml or call Ms KeCey betwoen l0-2am only Equal Opportunty Employer M7F SECRETARY - good shorthand, typng 8. word proeesstrg skds requred for Troy Real Estate developmentfl/m.conjt/vcooo background helpful 37½ hour work woek. Send resume lo Box 972. Obsorver 8 Eccentrc Newspapere Schooler alt Rd. Lrvorta. Mchgan 4850 SECRETARY mmedate openng Mus be good wth people. Frendly & hard worker. ExceCom typst. Shorthand helpful A We lo work ndependently. Wages & benofts commensurate wth experence Send rosume lo P.O. Box Ferndalo. Ml SECRETARY - large Real Estate nvestment Company bas an mmedate openng lor experenced secretary Applcant must have excellent word processg. typng 8 dctaphone stlls. Real Estate background a pfus Excellent salary a beneft package. on smoker preferred Send resume to: P O. Box 849. West BloomReld. M«h SECRETARY needed for manufacturers rep m a small quck paced non-smokng offce. Experence requred Send resume to RAO. 58 S Eaton. Brmngham. Ml socretary OPPORTUNTY KNOCKS! $2,480 FEE PAD Jon t/us busy work place as one ol ther key employees Ths s the perod Job tor a hard workng ndvdual who wants to work ther way up. Plenty of advancement potental, salary rases twce wthn the frst year and great benefts H you possess word processng knowledge and can type 60 wpm. caa Ju2e now at Evenng appontments svajable SWELLNG &SNELLNG FARMNGTON HLLS SECRETARY Performs a varety ol secretaral dutes, ncludng typng, answerng telephones, orderng supples, openng ml. photocopyng and settng and mantanng nes Must present a professonal appearance. Good organzatonal and communcaton sk3s requred Typlna & computer skjs necessary. Send resume and/or ea3 lor appontment: Oouo/as Ocal. c/o Huron Va.Tey Sales, nc Prnceton. OearbornHls, Ml SECRETARY - Permanent Part Tme Troy law frm desres brght, soft" starter wtth exceoenl spefung, typng, gramma/ & organzatonal kjds to handle recepton, phones, con- puer bsng 8 support dutes. Legal experence a plus., WordPerfect preferred CeS Unda at: Holp Wanted Offce-Clercal SECRETARY Phone Coverage, typng/word Processng, peroral-offce functons. Troy a/ea. Cal Km, SECRETARY RECEPTONST Suburban real estate offce seek* fus-llme porson wth accurate typng sklls. CeS Jonftuudat ECA TARY/ft CEPTK>N3T For Farmlnglon Ha* manufacturer. Responsble for order entry, telephone and etc. Advancement opportunty. Fvf beneft* An Equal Opportunty Employer SECRETARY/RECEPTONST Nov) busness frm seek* entry tevel person, fumlme. Must have hgh school dploma & typlng experence. Begnnng wages wtth fus benefl*. Cal Personnel Oept, SECRETARY RECEPTONST - nternatonal sales offce 8 marketng company *uppfy"9 OEM manufacturers has fus Ume poston open for a secretary receptonst. Strong offce, word processng 8 nterpersonal sksts. Exceflenl benefts. Located m Plymouth area. 8end resume lo JJox s)?0. Observer 8 Eccentrc Newspapers. 3625, Schoolcraft Rd. Uvonfa. Mchgan 4850 SECRETARY/RECEPTONST - needed for targe Southflold based company. Mujt possess good typng, grammatcal 8 verbal convnunlcalon sklls. Salary commensurate wtth experence M nterested caj Natonwde Securty for appl SECRETARY/ RECEPTONST Home Hul/ttonal Servces, nc. seek* a professonal ndmdual to answer phones, fde and perform general offce functons. Excellent typng/word processng and nterpersonal sklls are. requred. Come (or a dynamc team where you wa receve a compettve salary and exceoenl benefts. Send resume to: HNS: Haggerty Road. Sute B-l. Farrrtngon HHls, Ml 4833.ATTN: TOM. Secretary/ Receptonst Lookng for a poston n a smel offce wth a varety ol asslgrvnonts? We have k/st such an opportunty. Ropak Corporaton, a leadng producer ol plastc contaners b seekng a Secretary/Receptonst lor Rs Materals KandHng Sales offce n Southftofd. Poston requres a sett-starter who enjoys workng on a varety of task* n a busy sales envronment. Canddate must be able to type 50 wpm and possess exceoent telephone skbs. PC knowledge nooessary. Mcrosoft Works desrable. We offer excellent salares and borv efrts. nterested eppflcant* -should send a resume or apply n person to: ROPAK CORP 8470 W. Ten MBeRd Southfled. Ml Attn: S. Mfton * Equal Opportunty Empoyor UrT 504 Help Wanted Offrce-Clerlcal SECRETARY/PART TME - mmedate openng 3 day* per week n 8ouufleld. Mus be experenced, mature, have Requres WordPerfect.-Par-commensurat* wth experence. Can Mr*. Jennens Help Wanted Offce-Clercal SECRETARY Pontac based bank has mmedate openng for secretary. Canddates must possess good secretaral and comrnunlcaton skhs wth excecent oroantzauonal ablty. For conflden- Ual consderaton aend resume and salary requrement* to: P.O. Box 686 Pontac. Ml Al: Human Resources Department An Equal Opportunty Employer SECRETARY, Prvate Ml. Cocege sseck/ng Secretaral poston for new Troy loca- Uon. Requjements nclude excellent typng. communlcaoon Sklls 6 word processng knowledge. ExceCent beneft package. Send resume lo: Drector. 4 Rvard. GfOsse Polnte. Ml By Jan 26, SECRETARY/RECEPTrOHlSt - Oood typng and phooe skks. peasanl atttude and abbty to work lodependonuy. Real estate background preferred but wllng lo tran rght «v dmdual. Rochester a/ea SECRETARY/SUBSTTUTE Type 50. word processng Bedford Unon Schools Beech Oafy SECRETARY ONTS Consumer Sales Orvslon has an mmedate openng lor a Secretary who possesses communcatons, computer /word processng, good organzatonal and correspondence sws Salary commensurate wth experence. nterested appocams please send resume to: ATTN: HUMAN RE SOURCES OEPARTMENT. SONY* CORPORATON OF AMERCA TOWN CENTER DR.. STE»00, NOV). Ml We are proud to be an EEO/AA employer, ft/f/h/v. Also, we mantan a drug tree workplace and perform pre-employment substance abuse testng. SONY SECRETARY V/e are seekng an experenced ndvdual wth excellent secretaral sklls to work n our delnquency admnstraton a/ea. Qualfed canddate must be capable of operatng an BM Word processor/personal computer or somethng comparable. Lotus s requred. The ndvdual wb handle dversfed secretaral, clercal & admntsuath-e dutes, scmetft a confdental nature n support of several major departments We ofler a complete beneft package, qualfed cenddaes should send a confdental resume statng salary requrements or apply Mon- Fr,9am-4pn\ Human Resources FREMANS FUNO MORTGAGE CORPORATON Farrnlnglon Rd. Farmlnglon Hlls. Ml 4808 Equal Opportunty Employer M/F/H SECRETARY Muft-state tale* organuauor wth corporate Offces n FarrrUngtort KSls has «n mmedate entry level poston avalable for a secretary n the /etaa department. Requ/ernents nclude good phone manner. tycsng SOwpm. statstcal typng helpful, oroanuatlon 8 nterpersonal skns Word processng requred. AT least 2yr». clercal experence necessary. Benefts nclude, cash bonus, proft sharng and nsurance package. Send resume wth salary requrement* n conmenoe to: Personnel Oepartment^RTL P.O Box 600 Farrrtngon Hlls. Ml 4808 SECRETARY/RECEPTONST Dependable, delu-orented person needed for mutu-lask poston n professonal busness offce. Must be seasoned typst wtth secretaral/ /ecepllomst abltes. Word processng experence end famlla/ty wtth number* desred. Abfty to change pace wtth workload s mportant Send compleed resume ncludng salary hstory to:. Doughs Deal, e Huron Valley Sales. nc Prnceton. Dear born lt*, Ml SECRETARY/Sausecal Typst needed for SoulNleld Ceruf-ed Pub- 6c Accountng fjm H you have e\ ceftent typng sklls, ere detal orlenedv 4 have an enthusasm lowa/d learnng,we noe YOU. Applcants should possess: a mjn. of 3 yr». experence n aprolesslonal offce settng: workng knowledge o* WordPerfect or other word processng programs (a must); computerzed accountng packages (helpful). Y/e offer compettve salary & beneft package commensurate wth experence M&a resume to: Rubenfaer 6 Assocates. PC 3000 Town Center. Sute HOt Southfeld. Ml SECRETARY TO M/HR WJt/a^ Can Today Foe»95.00 JNl Agency SECRETARY - type wpm. word processng on BM PC helpful. 30 rv» per week, 7am-5pm - 8/h/. Can Susan «Unrforce SECRETARY wth accountng bacs> ground and computer knowedge. Govomment experence a plus. One person Uvonla offce. Good salary and benefts. Send resume to: Box 968. Observer 8 Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd.. Lfvoma. Mchgan 4850 _ SECRETARY - word processor, for advertsng agency. Laner - wo tram. Temp lo perm Ca3 Betty at UoHorce SWTCHBOARD/Customer Servce Entry Level A Wafted Lake/Novl area servce company has a fuj tme entry level openng for Swtchboard/Customer ServVoa. Customer contact 8 assorted other offce luncljona. Opportunty tor advancement CaB Ms. MEs, TAX ASSSTANT Temporary fu8 tme posfuon UsUng thru Apr! 5. Dutes hotude copylr>g. flng. nlormaton retreval 8 errandv f nterested, send resume lo: MCKNLEY ASSOOAT es Tax Assstant Poston P.O. BOJT8849 Am Arbor. Ml Help Wanled Offce-Clercal SECRETARY Troy property management offce. Excellent opportunty for experenced secretary, flood lyplsl, strong engjlsf. fettw wrtng and wordprocesslng skns a must. Send resume and salary requrement* lo: Dawn Prtcbe, 8445 Corporate, mll».troy.m480m SECRETARY W. 8LOOMFELO. Typng, computer, professonal attre, las paced, no beneft*. Please caj: 855-0» STAFFfK) COORWATOR wanted" lor temporary nursng servces company n SouthfWd. G/eal opportunty wth growth potental. Fu8 or part tme SWTCHBOARD OPERATOR Permanent fufl tme poston lor Our wordwtd* headquarter* located n Southfed. 6 /NT experence prole/rod, but not essental. Euceplona), telephone manner 8 typng 30wpm. ExceOenl benefts & pleasant work envronment Send resume lo _ SY/TCH BOARD OPEFATOR PO Box 2227 Southfledt Ml TELEPHONE NT RVEWERS Pleasant work^ for expertenced, brght, artculate callers. Days or evenng, no sellng. $5 hr. to start. Mle & Orchard Lake Rd. Call Edna TELLER CREDT UNON Part tme poston avalable to work at Provdence Hosptal Credt Unon. year recent credt unon TeOer experence, plus 35 wpm.. accurate typng speed requred. Knowledge o«world System and all credt unon operatons hghly desred. Apply at our Employment Offtoe. Mon - Thur*., 9 AM. - 2:30 PM. PROVDENCE HOS PTAL 600 W. 9 MJe Ftd. Southfed, Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer TEMP Placement Specalst Our Rrm has mmedate nood for.person to ntervew and place Temps. Ths s a tu»t«ne posfuon. Experence s musll ARBOR TEMPS TME RECORO KEEPNG & BLLNG Computer knowledge mandatory. Wayne law nrm. contact offce manager TROY frm s seekng a dependable, detal oronted porson to work h busy customer servce dept Must possesss excesen telephone 8 clercal skas to handle heavy coort contact Knowledge of vdeo tape* or vdeo communcatons helpful Pror customer servce s requred. Must be able to work some overtme. Compettve saary-8 benefts. Send response ncludng salary re-" quremenu lo: Customer Servce, PO Box S W452. Troy. ML Help Wanted Offrce-Cferkal SPREADSHEET EXPERENCE 0rgrjt energetc person needecf* experence n formattng on LOTUS Or EXCEL Long term assgnment, convenent locaton. Cat now for en appontment TR Temporary. Resources Lvona - Farmlnglon HU* Southfled » Troy An Equal Opportunty Employer TELEMARKETNG REPRESENTATVE PART-TME Advertsng Agency * Untps:Ceco Communcatons, a subsdary of Llnta»:Campbe!l- Ewad s lookng Tor Vart-ume Telemarketng Representatve- Background n lefemarkellng helpful; pleasant telephone manner must. Hour* are 2prn-8pm. Mon-Fr. nterested applcant* may apply n person or send ther resume to: MS. KethertneA. Szfs* Clercal Recruter UntasCampbeu^EwaJd 3cU»VanOyk«- Warren. Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer ENERGETC Typst wanted lor Brmngham law frm. Must type 55 wpm & oe serf motvated. No legal experence necessary. CaJ between 8-0amor4-5pm TYPST/ PROCESSNG CLERK Clerk typst needed to process membershp and subscrpton app«-~ catons, plus a varety of mbceuaneous task*. ExceOent grammorarjd telephone skbs. typng 50 wpm. apttude for math, computer or data entry preferable. Requres 24 yr» pertnent exporenoe. Old ftedford area. Cal Barb. $ , exu82 TYPlST/TRANSCftlPTONlST: Alo Clercal/fEng 8 Bght typng. Salary commensurate wth experlenoa. CaJ WORO PROCESSOR - for assgnments n Wayne and Oakland Countes. ET0 Temporary Servce «WORO PROCESSORS Al systems, el areas. 80 pern/ ExtraSlaft Word Processors Up to $0/hr Long & short term assgnments evahabta. CAUL " WOLVERNE T00AY n TV QgAOMNES 4 P.M. TUESDAY FOR THURSQAY E>lTlOf4 / 4 P.M. FROAY FOR MONDAY EOTON 9 Alumnum Sdng AAAAALUMNUM/VNYL SONG Trm, gutlors. replacomcnt wlndcw*. door*, docks. Repar*. Uc. k. Free Estmates- Ken 42-33» ABSOLUTE LOWEST PRCES Sdng «7rm Gutters»WV>dows SAVE 30% ON LABOR NOW 0 T.L ENTERPRSES ALUM & Vnyl sdng. Gutters, trm, enclosures, rootng 8 related work SlOMNO 8 TRM SPECALST Seamless gutters & enclosure* Storrrt wndow* 8 door* Uc/lnsured Applance Servce 33 Bldg. A Remodelng COMPLETE MODERNZATON PRCED WTHN REASON COM PLETE0 TO PERFECTON CUSTOM KTCHENS or Lamnate your exstng Cabnet* rormca TOPS - REC ROOMS WORK MYSELP O. BOWYER Eve*. 6» CUSTOM 8UUXNG REMODELNG HARCO CONSTftLWTlON ; SAME DAY SERVCE A«major appnances etpertfy re pared Low Low Rates!! WASHER-DRYER SPECALST * Ovor 0 yr» experence. Al worx r ua/antocd Super low rates REE phone estmates Basement Waterproofng A- WATERPROOFNG 5 y/s. experence. Free Est., fleasonaue Rates. Senors dscount AS work guaranteed 834-J385 BASEMENT LEAKS REPARED Drans 8 Sump pumps recalod 30 YEARS EXPERENCE Earl H. Jensen WET BASEMENT PROBLEMS? NATONWDE SNCE 95S FULLY WARRANTED LCENSED &NSURE0 B-DRY- SYSTEMS MACOMB WAYNE OAKLAND 27 Brck, Block, Cement A FREE 8 FAR ESTMATE on ab brck, block, foundatons 8 cemen. Resdental 8 commercal. Be 8 ns. Cal anytme S70 BEST CHMNEY CO Repared or budt nem Saeened.«CtearVed ROOF LEAKS ST0PPE0 Senor Olden Dscount CRO^YN CONTRACTNG EMH CONTRACTNG. NC Cement A Masonary. AlRepar* SmaRorlaree Ortvewayt flesldentlal Patos. > <ommercla >Sfeps -ndustral : Footng* «Fast, effwenl Porches lcensed floor* :. -nsured WalerproofVfl fackhoawork WORKMYSaF FREE ESTMATE , DESGN! BULD COU0HUN CONSTRUCTON CO. Custom framng 8 fnshng. Renovaton, convn. 8 res. EHjBder.O^orc^CoughTA Carpentry PROFESSONAL NTEROR REMODELNG Speda.Ung m ktchens, bathrooms. 8 basements. Specal wnter prces. OuaSty Fnsh Carpentry. 5* SMALL WORLD SMALL JO S3 DONE EFFCENTLY 6 PROFCENTLY BY A LCENSED j CARPENTER WAT: NT/EXT. remodelng, addtons, fnshed basements,.restoratons targe 8 smal. roofng, general constructon. Free est T COSTS NO get frst clas3 workmanshp st place wnner of 2 natonal awards. HAMLTON has boon seusfylna customer* for over 35 yr*. Deal wth the owner. Free desgn 8 free estmates. Al work guaranteod. Oynpetluvefy prce J-O BULDNG Ktchen* new 8 ref adng, bath. 8 basement, remodelng. Addtons, 8 dock*. 4 yr* exp. Use ft ns. $ KTCHENS. BATHS. BASEMENTS REMODELNG. ExceOent referral lst. Lemer Servces, nc KTCHENS A BATH REMODELNO Tubs, Tub Surrounds, DrywsJL Also other types ol work. Free estlmalos. CalJoa LAWRENCE COMPANY Al types repar* & remodeflng nsde 6 outsde Uc 8 nsured REC ROOM, KTCHEN 8 BATH SPECALSTS. Al RemodeRng LOW WNTER RATES REMODELNG & REPARS WOODDECK8 REPLACEWENT.WNDOWS -SONOft TRM- COMPLETE HOME MPROVEMENT LCENSE0 CALL JOHN REMOO UZATrON3 HOME MPROVEMENTS Offces Basement* Rec Rooms Ktchens Bathrooms < Free Ouotes 7 Years Experence. C*l Rec rooms. Basements, Ktchens, Bathrooms. New 8 repars. 40 Cabnetry & Formca AAA KTCHENS 4 BATHS COUNTER TOPS & CABNETS Dshwasher 8 Applance nstajtabon REC ROOMS FRANK RASHD Days Eves EXPERT WOOO FNSHNG. * Restore. Beftnlsh, New Work Archtectural. Cabkwtry, Furnture Carpets MANNNGTON. Armstrong, no wax ktchen vtnyt SALE 20% OFF. Ouponf stalrvnaster carpet, ceramc We, free est. 27 yr*. axp. Showroom n Uvonla. Cal Mck Gavn Carpet Cleanng & Dyeng AN ALPNE FRESH CARPET - steam cleanng servce. 2 roorps 8 haj. *35; truck mounted equptpent. Any»ofa 830. Any loveseat 825. Any char»20. Peak of dean Rug Cleanng, nstallng. Floor Stnpplng, PoCshlng, Reflnlshlng. 44 Carpet Layng ft Repar 65 Drywall ALL YOUR PLASTERNG 6 drywaj noods. Low rates, qualty sorvvse, textured celngs, $ or Furnacft nstall Or Repar DRYWALL RNSHNG Textures & patchwork. Free estmates, reasonable prces. CaJ John DRYWALL 8 PLASTERNG Now 8 Repars Hand or Spray. Texturng Acoustcal Cefl. uc Guar. 30 Yr*. Exp , or tapng. (ex< New 8 repar posterng, turtrng, tucco. 66 Electrcal ABSOluTEQUALfTY ELECTRCAL Resdental Repar* ft kuta.stons Ucensod nsured - Guaranteed AAA WORK By Sgma Electrc Resdental, conv mercal 8 ndustral. Free est. Lcensed 8 nsured Aft A ELECTRC Res. 6 Comm. breaker 8 fuse panels, plugs, volatons. Uc Low Prces Free Est Anytme AJR SYSTEMS - FURNACE SALE Al Furnace Repar*. Custom nstasatloa Furnture Fnshng ft Repar FURNTURE 8TPPNO. cabnets ard hardwood floor*. Pck up or on locaton. tract vary rnuoh-lom others wont touch. « Houeceanng AFFORDABLE CLEANNG Servces Resdental cleanng. Cal for free estmate. Bonded CLEANNG SERVCE-House*. apartment*. Offces. Wndow*. ovens, refrgerators. Reference*. 0 yrs. experence. Susan OAYHOUSECLEANNO Uvonla 8 Farmlnglon area. Gel the cleanest house n town. Cal Shrley or BrerxJa REPAR 8 REFNSH FURNTURE Any Type of Canng and Rush Glau- Block Structural-Etc. PLATE GLASS REPARS: Storm wndows, fogged, thermo glass, doorwan*. Wood wndows/sashes, storm door*. Glass laba tops, beveled edges. Mrrors Garages Able 6 Ready For Your Electrcal Job. Uc. ns. 8 Guar. Free Est SHORTAL 8 SONS ELECTRC Honest tamy busness About To Cal An EJoCtrdanr 25 Yrs. Experence. Older.Homes My Spodary. Free Estmates. Al Types Of Work A FREE ESTMATE A Ucensod Master Reasonable Prce Cal alter 8pm BLL OKLER ELECTRC Res. 8 Comm. - Uc 8 ns. Spedaftzng n old homes. Vsa ft Master Charge accepted J J. C: Prce Electrc, Smal Jobs Welcome Free Estmates Sr. Cluen Dscounts;" AAAA JERRYS CARPET nslal Rest/etch Repar* Al Work Guaranteed References -Jerry Ta>5 988 wmerr>tscovnt Addtons, rec rooms, dormers, bathroom*..ktchen* are our tpecl- By. Ue. ft. ns. Kettha Home lmprraementketthky $9 Carpentry 33 Bldg. ft Remodelng A FAR REASONABLE PRCE. CaWnet. Counferops nstafled Balhpanesj and Ceramc TV* Oryw*». Tapng, Fnshng Suspended Cedng. BtsemanlS lcensed Contractor A FAMY BUSNESS RON DUQAS BLDG. A PERSONAL TOUCH* KTCHENS. VANTES, COUNTERS BASEMENTS, O0OR3, REPARS VNYL* PELU WNDOWS *. L*«ft nsured 2» Yr. Experence 42^5526 ALL HOME WPROYEMENT8 L»c«n*«3 ft mursd SsveCalLHrVrt Dennl* « All TYPES Of flemoocung Cuttorr C*?*h<y> dormer*,»dov tlon*, garages. OuaUfy fwsh work, ktchens, basement* ft bathroom*. Custom wood Mm, A Pf*ft*rY*r> snp Guaranteed Mo. A (naurad, Robert PaulConVKlor* » A WORK, A PRCES Al work, saroe/sma* Job* w**oorn«4 Addton* ft rwrtod. Parlnora, adng/ovywafl^hndows/masofvy, *«. lk^»n*fw*corhm. HM.RosftftSoft*; Sonsj ctch * KTCHENS * Work. MyMff / Cabnet rwfsclng rormjcftcoufrlarl AA AA 30% labor prce cut Basements, Baths, Rec Rooms Free est. ChlaraveH Bldg Co. ABSOLUTELY Al Home Repar* nstallatons,. Remodel*, fnshed basements, ktchen*ft bath*.. rlanoy-man-joe Ucftln* » AOOfTJONS, DECKS ft REPARS Basement Oxrvarslonj. lrrs. experhnce Cal Jerry Evenngs A KTCHEN 8PECAL9T flefadng or New Cebtne -. Formca Countert DtshwasharlnstaltaUon $ AUnPE8C+CAftP MRY ExceOent Mrkmanshlp. Reasonable prtoe*. No Job too»m*» or too bsa. fcu after 8pm: BASEMENTS.* BeauVM fhshed basement*. New cvywal concept* or fjaftetno. flrar lac**, ceramc W*, drop cefelnga. rm»" cokx TV wth Order 0v*t 495»4- ft Rec rooms, kttchen* ft b»ths, Aflordab** prce*. Oua*ty work ft rnawrlala. rr»a *«m«t».. Referenota, Ucenaed. Cell: CARPNTftV FNSH Oft ftouoh Addtona, Qchena, cvywaft, closet*, b»s«rfert», raplaoemaftt wtndowt lkkn0k*«00»rh»«. M J KEN FltflKe Uc-kM- Carpantry, Dec*.*, gutter*, roof*, alum **»v, r#c rooma, wwows, door*, ate. f»«e«on»b»f Fr#«f *t W 7-2 3*0 MLL WOfWS ft Cvstom VYpodworklng. 4/4 rpugh lumber, red ft wt*«oe*. cherry, hard/soft mpta, t«. Dfr**n*4«n lumb*». JOrtta MaVd- *«c^.»06h8»«r, « V>~ exdco«wtk)f- ; FtfWO^LTYCArVtNTnY oo FA&SONO meoprry^ CALteTtvl 58-HH --./-. AAACARPEtflEPARS Seam*ftReslratchng Al Repar* DAY SERVCE - ALL WORK GUARANTEED ALL NSTALLATON 8 REPARS DAVES CARPET Pad aval. Al work Guaranteod. Ref. 3Yr*Exp. rn*.cal0«y* Chmney Cleanng, Buldng, Repar Chmneys- Repared or buflt new Screened Cleaned ROOF LEAKS 8T0PPED Senor Cftfceft Dscount. _ Lcensed ft nsured "CftOWN CONTfWCTNQ Chmneys BuCt new 4 repar/ Wllbeat any prce! 8«r*3r crttxen W»oun«. Ucensod 6 nsured. BEST CHMNEY CO. [)68/)0^.-292-/722 8outhfH) d CHMNEYS-PORCHES OnCK RESTORATON nebvn, Repared. Leak* Stopped Tuck Pontng, Fleshng!. Cleaned ft Screened A5 Work GuarantetcL Fr»e Estmate*. Lcensed, snaured W HGH HAT CHMNEY SYYEEP Rasncap*. Damper*. Repar Guaranteed no mess, Wur»ct Uo, (ltlt) «454^557 M-8M 62 Doort Mftoooooooa Res; Door RepsV lock smthng lock ft Door* Wafted (Al Types! Oe*dboft8p«!e)sl. 45(-88*4 «Drepeflee SWpcwft/Clng. KU9TOMORAPEWE3 25 y**f t arperlerxe. Our work/oom - lhaftwat concept*. Ow yovt*. DeoorKOf Bervtoe »». ft Y«)*rK*. Hratky**, funakes, Our lebrc or SPEEDY ELECTRC Commercal/resdental, flood lghtng, bucket truck aval Bght futures, drots added, computer crcut*, emergency Bgh tng. « Frewood *AAA Amercan Frewood 00¼ SEASONED *Oak «Maple «Cherry* * Cut * Sptl «Delfvered * Haoa cord 4x8x8-8,857 -wouandscounlwstacklngaeal*-. Servng Oakland County CALL (7 DAYS) ADMRE YOUR RRE SUPER WELL SEASONE0 HARO- BRCH -FRUT HACKEfl SERVCES QUALfTY SNCE 948 ALL AREA DELVERY Spt mxed Kardwood*. $40 face Cords:(4x8x8-l8*ach). S or 328-4»58 RREWOOD&COAL MUM Hardwoods ft Brch HardftSoft Coal. DeBvery Avalable: NOBLES SUPPLY, MCXE0 SEAS0ME0 HAFtDWOOO. $55. Per Face Cord (4x8x8) For Free FAST OeCvery 834-l»5a MXED SEASONEO HAROWOOO $30. a(*cecord<«8x4l Pck-uponfy SEASOflEO 0FY FREWOOO Seasoned 2 year* $55 per cord. 4x8x») Seasoned Frewood 00H6PLftOAK $59 «5 per face cord BlRCH-$83 per face cord Lucas Nursery 4680 Ford Rd Cen!on ( EAS0NED FREWOOD $55FAC CORO FREEOCLVErTY M2-M53 8 Ftew SanrJc* A BETT Eft FLOOR SANDNG,K>B OM Door* our apedafty. Stan work beexrumry don*. Also new rtoor* ln*ta»«d.. 4>f-77J8 A-tWOOOFlOOfAS Wa r»ta«, a*nd ft fvjth a* typa* of wood. "Custom Work at AffordaWe PrlOHlFrwEt AN0Y HAFtDWOOO aoor F«V (thng H*/l^rood floor* trtatotl rtnlshsd. reclrftd, DMlon of DM«toCoMlnCuOr\. 622-» t RASHD BULDERS Taylor Garage Door Dsl. Openers^ part*. Steel entrance and storm door*. Remodelng of old garages, t yea/ warranty, part* ft labor. VST OUR WAREHOUSE. Free ES. BEAT ANY DEAL.47*4848 GARAGE DOOR OPENEfl NSTALLATON 850 SEARS, GENE, STANLEY 20 YW EXP GARAGE DOORS ft OPENERS. SALES SERVCE ft NSTALLATON SPECAL: 5x7 rased panel stool sectonal, $425 nstated. ALLEN OVERHEAD DOOR Co. " Lcense»0680 t Snce &84 UvonU Ann Arbor ^ GARAGE DOORS Steel Entrance Doors Guaranteed lo beat your best deal or w»l gve you oarage door opener FREE!. Save money, cal us AS TT New* Used Par* nt. Work SHAMROCK DOOR CO Handyman Mafe/Ftmato ABSOLUTELY Al Horn* Repar* and nstsaaoor*. Plumbng, esectrto, carpentry, basements, rarnodeftng. HANOY-MAN-JOE Uc&lnt T9 DU-rr-AU Home Car* ft rnprcvemenl Pantng. Drywafl. Plumbng. Etc PfXtteAryUm* D J.HANOYMAN: Pantng, ElectrK cal, Plumbng, Ceramlo Tee, Orywaa, Carpentry, CompM* Horn* BerSovabon*. Free Est. Aes ^CONTRACTORS Electrcal, pkjmwng, carpentry, ft code vtotauorte. etc Res, Comm. For servce cal Bob REMOOEUNO ft REPARS Kltchertt, drywas, bath, basements Al home repetr*. Uoensed. J*n 72*4)458 REPAR* REPLAOCMENTa Ught Cartentry. Flumbtog, WalU EtecWcelftGlase Oofdorv Retred Handyman All types of work «H*wWng A- HAUltHO Movng. Scrap met- J. Cleanng b**ernant Oa/aget, Stor**, etc loweet prtoea n lown. QukA aervtoe. Free Est Servng Wayna ft Oakland CourrSt*. C*nVel locaton / 85M38 COLLEGE 8TUDENT wfthyurawflhau. Cal Daft: <x6t2-4t7 f OR A LOAD Of f YOUR MNO C^Ta*e-AW*yTr#^Serylc« » or M2-247 Wp»cW««lo tkne pv*-up«, prompt aervlo* to Troy, Rochester. BkTrtrSgharn - WoomfltW are** WtEHAUt Qaraoe, baeemert. yard dearvup. FkHWenel or contractor eft* cherv u*. L.^kV ^ ^»Ml rt *- * - -* - * - Up. Mrn (WOWV ftw pnowk J83-8M0 ^W.. 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Gerald Brenner, CPA ; nsulaton REDUCE YOUR HEATTNO COST by nsulatng your attc ft exteror wafts. Fnancng avsjabte. Donaldson Co.» Jantoral ATTENTON BUSNESS OWNERS Malnt Matters nc, Completa lanltcrtat convnl terv. Famly owhed. New Year. Otsc Movng 4 Storage 803 MOVWO ft SERYlCe WC, Any Sn M - Reasonable Rale* Short Notce Servce Free EsBrnau.lrvnxwl EXOOU3 MOVWO UNE Local, long tfst Offce ft resjdenual Oualty move al low prce, $34/hr. Wkler SpedsAnyllm* MOORES MOVNG & STORAGE Apartmer, homeftoffce $38p«rhour, Mrror*. CUSTOM MtRROREO WALLS BWoM door* and glass table lops. Dscount prces «Pantng & Decoratng A BETTER JOB...,., REASONABLE RATES SHUR PANTNG nteror. Exteror Statnlog Plaster raps* ft ovywaft fsprty!*xurtd cefltnga Paper Hangng ft Removal Akxnlngm Sdng FwfWsNng Your 8*t)*r*ctlon guaranlaed, flh yr. swrteo warranty FREEAppralSftJ Fantastc Prces 60% Off CstlmaH Today Pafcl Tomorrow mentor-exeftjon COMPLETELY NSURED Al workfuty guaranteed FREE ESTMATES s22*-ww.m7.74w.v CALOS Custom Pekng ft Wa%>aper Wertof ft ExHrVot. n doeertt matter we guarantee cuatomer satttfacton.»w» art-h Merkx tfecoratng. PfcttmmU hot* W rteeonebfc r»t* la^athow rt^ftjve detlnftky Of pahjacwor*! COLOR PLUS PaJnthg & DeooTftfHftg * nteror Specals * &#tjnt«of*, W<<»tl *t*^fr^ _.. Trm C*rp*n»*r 0 W«W» fw. lyplw. Vtw Evt «^34^243 HS PaJhtng Co. ntutor/exterlor, wa repar*, ful prepalauon. quabty work. Free esl Reasonable. Rel. John nteror & Exteror Pantng and Drywal Repar. For Professonal Results Caft JMS PANTNG Quafty work doesnt mean hgh prces. Free estmates. Complete hartcmtvanservtoes. ALL AREAS. Cal, LOW RATES PANTNG. PAPERNG Plasterng. Repar* ft Waffwashlng PANTNG BY MCHAEL: Strctly Hghest Oualty. H 8 Ext. Stalnlng. Stucco. paster. Wallpaper removal Arless Spray. Free EsL PANTNG ft DRYWALL REPAR. Ne\» Year"* *pec*l Repar holes, nal pop* and cracks. Al work guaranteed/ * PANTNO OuaMy work, reasonable. Ptasler repar. References. 7 Yr. Guarantee PANTNG ft STANNG ntvext pantng and custom wood stanng. Experenced wtth ret. Low rates, free esl Cal Mace PANTNG. 5 ROOMS lor $200. NEATNESS ft QUAUTY. Mchael : QUAUTY PANTNG _. Thorough preparaton for. That professonanoolc. Neat, reasonable, work rnysoff. " " 684-6; Free Estmates PANTNG Smal ptasler ft drywal repars, Oualty Work at Reasonable Prce* Senor Ctzen* Osoounts. Other Servces tocjra. -.- Scott $ Dale SMALL TOWN PANTER Servng local communtfy wth professonal work. Free Estmates. * 25 Yr* experlenoa SMALL TOWN PANTER aervtog local corrmunfty wtth professonal work. Free Estmates. JSYrs-axperlenc* TMS PANTNG Resdental nteror pajntlng/stalnng. Neat, ratsonabte, OuaSty work. FreeesUmates UNVERSTY PAJNTNO Ol* The Only Way To Got Custom Resdental/Commarclal Pamung. Professtonal Resuft*. SattsfactlonOuaranteed Yr«.& Stll Palntlnol Fast ft rteel. MsWy Rea. K youvtvrt k dona yesterday, cal u* Pteetettng * A-l PLASTERNG^ DRYWALL * New ft Repar. Water damage. Taxlurng. No»«ry«ro. Work myself. 80 yr*. axp, Lc/lrv. f/*e EaL PASTERNO ft OfTrWALl Repefr*, addwofts, new work. Al work guaranteed Slatalla VNCES PLASTER ft DRYWAll REPARS rlo*arvjrcvlk:*rtsed8r»pvt*t*e V. Tot* *5 or 4J-83« Water dvnag*. ns. work, plasterng, panty, rspfr*.»w*^»x t*j»*7! nnnum asphmwng X ALS HOWE RtPAR; F««x^s. 0*,-- OkgaW««X)S«Hft ^D>^w*srert Repered. ft Repteort. Or»*n c**wmng. No Servce CfwgexAl 8MJ92 EXPERT PLUMBNG AND HEATNG CO. t>»pth«}«*»»j^*«ypumt*g, h«*t- ng ft pooav^g aenrsoa. Ok$ or new. Rva. or Oomrnx DraM flkaenng ft y^y. ****$ ***&**}** yo_y\*t* JWrtPfK*. LVwH*j#<J MajvHr Pwrnt^r, CrtMr.Frt^Jmw..-.;- « Plumbng ABLE PLUMBER CALL-JM: Yr*. experence. Low prloesl Dopendable/prompU Sr. Dsc BERGSTROMS Hot Water Today! 40 gallon gas water heater t^acemertt specal $ $AVE $60 Cal by 9pm Mon-Frt for aame day nstaaaton. Fty Uc ft am CALL-SAM^S PLUMBNG Water heaters, dsposals, faucets, sewers. No ob too bg, no Job too smal ; For emergency servce, c«l GARRArTT PLUMBNG - Completa plumbng A dran servce- ADC. ft ns. work welcome. 24 Hr,- servce Free Estmates. Lcensed aervtoe, ] GARY3 PLUMBNG Lcensee] master plumber. New A Servce Work RemodeUng PLUMBNG WORK DONE, Reasonable rates. Fast servce. NoJobtoosmaJL R ft S PLUMBNG ft HEATNG New Baths AfareeoM Rep*** Water Heaters Dsposals Faucets Heatng ft CooOng Repalr» <.e5m Plumbng ft Sewer Cleanng. Repalr* ft Alteratons. rtemodeong. 233 Roofng AAA EXPtRT ROOFNG FreeEst Re-roo(* and. tear-off*. Alum, gutters, sdng, kt pantng. BuWer. 20 yr*. axp. Rel. Chuck Burns or A+ A+ A-r QUALTY WORK! MODERN ROOFNG OF UVONU Shngles ProfesskmaBy nstalled Tear Oft* our Specalty. Al Types Ol Repars FlaRoc4SpecUfsts Member of BR B. Uc. A ns. Free Estmates ALL ROOF LEAK8 8TOPPEO NEW ROOFS, Seamkssa Gutter*. Vents, nsshw. Crp Ledge, Vafteys. Guaranteed, References, Fn* Est Lcensed APEX ROOFNG. NC. QuaBty worltcompletedwflt >Mer Uc.-lns. FamOy owned. Fa* prces. Oayv EV««J BEST CHMNEY CO B ft L ROOfTNO- New Repar*) Tev-offs - A Specaftyt Outlara, Vents.No lob too bkl or *meft Free Est JM3 ROOFNG Tear-ofts, Re-roofs, Repar*, U- censed ft nsured. Free Estmate* Located h Garden Cty New ft repar. 6Nng><*, fat tarrvvg, cedar, gutter* ft related carpentry. nsurance work AAA A ^ U ^ K A l & ^ A t a ^ *W U4HV WlWfmg JERRY 8 DRAN/SEWER 8ERY)Ce Beat prloea. Al work guar. Spec**!: any drsm 833. Typcal man SWUM, $48.2nd dran $2W Off, 72* Sewng Mac M M ANY BRAND TUNED UP W YOUR HOWE FOR ONLY $8 M Pre* Est H AddWonal Work Needed 8EYYPRO,NC nfll e9>tkjl^am a^k^a^atkvjlxaa^j 99 «W JW neflwre LlCOURE LANOSCAFTNG Snowptowlrg/se". Corrwn-nd D»scount CO laydscap* work ertfetad by Feb 2» , **»«$ PROFESSONAL SNOW PLOWTNO COMMERCAL ft REfMCWNTlAL All TYPtS Of EOU<4»MfHT REMOVAL AVAUAtXf HACKER ERVtCt* «^*a«m OUALfTY 8»»*"^»** 28 TV-VCR Rado-CB «TV- VCR REPAR* n home servce Free plok-«p ft dedvery. Uc - Sr. Dscounts. 22 yrs. exp. 7d*y*-Mlke, Tle Work ACE TLERS EXTRAOROtNAfRE Te, marble, re-grout repar Reasonable prces, references, free awtcalleeanyurne CUSTOH" C6RAV0 A MARBUr SETTNG Referral Lst rralawe. Cal Bob, CERAMC TLE New ft repar CLMZecchMCo. Cerarrtlc Tle & Ma/ble J. 6. TLE COMPANY QUAUTY CERAMC TL Fuffy Lcensed ft knaured For EsOmales, cal Jm SKYUNETUE Bathroorn ft ktchen Le nsulaton Lcensed 6 nsured 0\arty**orkmaftsh!p TROY CERAMC TLE CO., Foyers, KM chens, BaUvooms, Ceramc T» ft Marble msteflauon. FraeEst Tre#8efYte* A - CONNOU.Y TREE SERVCE Tree Removal, Trmmng, Stump Removal ft Land Cleavng. na.> Free &L AAAA NATONAL TREE ft STUMP - Rarneva TrlmrrUngVTrjppJng NSURANCE - LOTTFLATES f no answer » ANDREWS TREE 8ERYCE Tree ft Stump Removal - Trmmng ft Toppng. Free EsL WatoQoodWorkY SCHLBE TREE CARE Trmmng A Removal. Dead weod- ng ft Cabftng. Stump Removst $ Yrs. Experence. FuBy anaurad. 8*nlor Ctzen Dlacounl T 277 Uphotetery. J.C/S UPHOLSTERNG Home ft offce furnture, boat ktarf ors, fummx* repar, ft** Estmate* Vkfeo Tapng SefYrcesj CLARE VOEO SERVCES Waddng*, Sport*. Specal Occason*. $50. - $00 OFF AWecV«ng*.C*l WatfDMMrno A BETTER JOS... WALLPAPERNQ ft PAlNTlftO Paper Strppng, PlaeUr Repak-*, Exoaftaft Raeafanoaa, 5 Yra. Exp- Uc Don or, ALL OUR WORK GUARANTEED! Paperng. Strppng ft Hexng. Pleatsrlng ft PaaStlng. Exp. - Uc. <MJo«MKar«rv ALLOW A WOMANS TOUCH. WsftpayarVg»wd p**4kg^ matee. Casj aner po «7. EXPERfOfCEO PAPtw HAMOCT FAST RESULTS A OUA.rrr WORK «5- PArNTNG ft WAU Po^CWSO Frae UW asaa Lew % M M»r». Expertanoe. Cal PAVLH3N DESGN AWAlLCOVHWNG Pre nxnr^r. ft Oeye-4»t-4T5J WA LPAP «ROJOVAL ABHODaooax 200 ^¾ ^^^^¾^¾ PHO»«MCK8». r-f) fl*a>0»*»m 0m C^C^U W»««tTlfmOW l**»tsxa"to» KrSrHtM e> R*»*DrTw. Anewertng Mart**»AX Uf*«.M ft Securty > f»a ftftvatt) Paow^nc Wawavw SMSa*) a JW WAUf ftf GET RESULTS l v.u

44 mmmmm wmmm wmm pf«mm«n^«^w \T~K~ 8F* O&E Monday, January 8, rklpwtntod Offlct-CltrJcal v TRANSCWPnONST, Mujt POWM Uroftfl dw * «od wcfd proc«««ln9 txltl*. v "«oc«wflh offle«peocedyro requred -prn8t«professonal SsvtMled frm. ^-OtfH - >Sg-O550. f - typst Part lrrw days ex «ven- ^ f>g»- ExoeOen»poof & teller com-,. v #* S<j^Uk» & Woodward *ard A/M. Are*. JM-J924 T ~ WORDPROCESSEfl/aECftETAftY _, v. BartorTMaow, Mchgan* eooond ^,-: la/ot prvately held company haa «3. an mmedate openng for a qualfed.--wwdpfocm»v»/secretary; Canddate must have the fooowtng <jgal(j- -. caton*; ; #3-4 yra yrh WordPro." - «- oesjna $yj»: Expe/oooe y. wll/ Mult-Male a pfua V,, Type6S-70Wpm Vc^ wortc well ndependently. : Excetten Qenefal Offce - r *WJ», :. _> ^..,. jrou process these skuu. please -.- ->> resome;rt conrfdonce. lo:....-;: ; r :"-., Drector o Hum. v Resource^ -..- : ; Barton MaJctfCompany, >:/.-;: ST777 FranMJn Rd.^ -." : SoottfteljJ.M ,, WORDPHOCESSOS, mmedate openng.. Se* Ad ruutartce Secton (Ca*«500). VY0RQ PROCESSORS., y mmedate, flexble, part-tme pot- ; lons & M tme poston wth bener;> ft* avalable for mature. Ocganlzod, : s. aetf-motrvaed. ereer-orlehted ca/v -. > ddatea nterested rt growng n a -x, fast-paced oroanuatlort. Accurate v^yptng *WK* ol SSwpm «must. Call - _ Kany Wlson, 6am-/pm al tyl.word PROCESSOR. ^-, Oowntown Oelroft law Arm la look-.*^lng lor «permanent Ml tme and _. permanent part lme evenlng/weekr. «od Wang word processor. Mus be j-^.fnatur*, responsble and experenced, taw background a must. Re- ;v*ty lo Bbx^ Ms; Obsorver a Ecoort- - - rfc Newspapers, 362S* Schoolcraft -Rd.Uvonla.Mchgan48J50, <> WORD PROCESSORS -vexceneot.assgnments exst lor *: "word processors usng Word Por- : fec, Msclntosh. Mcrosoft Word. -,- and Lotus Farmngton Hfls.,-and surroundng areas. Great pay ^, and benefts! WoVd processng,: t tranng avalable to qualtfled appl- cants. Call today for a personal n-. vtefvew. :; TS Offce Servces, nc An Equal Opportunty Employer ).< $ Cashers $ ndvduals needed for ma)or car. wash n Oetrot Metropoltan areas. S4.60 per bourpfus benefts. Must. have -.. year casher experence.. Must own transportaton. Can Sue -"orshebeyatdpr Help Wanted /Food-Beverage APPLCATONS BENG ACCEPTED. for the looowtng postons: Oay -. - wafstaff, day 4 nght busstaff. nght : Sne cook, please appfy n person: < Merfwethera Restaurant, ^Telegraph, 8oul)Beld, betwoon 2pm-5prn. -ASSSTANT MANAGER - Sharp,.enthusastc, servce ortented Wl- : vmuat lor upscale hotel restaurant, Food 4 beverage management ex- " parlance requred. Best Western - * Greenfeld nn {-94 el Oakwood) ATTENTON WAJTPEOPU - Do you enjoy workng w f senors? Were lookjng lor Servers n our dn- ng room, M 4 part tvno; Wll /am. For further detals please contact Don at: Franktm Terrao* Apts. :- : Wp Wanted Food*B»v*r«g«ACCEPTNG APPUCAT0H3 lor lood servers, busser*. d)*j*a»f>r* and meat Counter sales. Fun or part tme. Tre SteaX Factory, ^ ^Ar6<-W- Restaurant" currently has e.xceflent opportuntes lor restaurant manangemenl. We offer: :-, < Compettve salary Growth opportunty Excellent compensaton program We requre: Slong communcaton akla. ^.--. Ablty to motvate others AbEty to provde cvslorro/ & employee salfacuon Pease.forward resume to: ;.. A & W $5 Dxe Kwy, Drayton Plans, Ml 4802vorcanusat : 6?3-fl 505 rwp Wanted Food-B4v«f«fle 6JU KUAPPS W UVONA located at the corner ol -274 & Sx MDa, h nowhrng lor noon tme Hoslperson and Busser poston. Good pay wth excemnt beneats- Ko experfenc* neoded. lor.we have our own t/alnfrkg program. Appry anytme or U " ^ ^: jerry or Annette 4&4-»W euroeft KNO now hrng. ah shfts, Ml tme. Startng (5 per hour. Apt n person: Burger Kng. 327 Grand rvver, Farmngton BUS PERSONS & CXSH WASHERS wanted. Day & rjghl shfts. Apply n person: Pymouth tendng, $0 N. Man, Plymouth. COCKTAJt WATT. STAFF- ParVfvl tme, Have furl wtffo you work. WW tran. Appfy n porson, p4rrt7pm at Chapfln"a Oemedy Ctob. M90 BAOEV SHOP n Southftefd has mmedate counter postons... ASSSTANT COOK Telegraph Rd.)ust$.o 6 Mle, Apply 8j: 2455W. 2 Mle at Days. FuH-tlme. Ctanc/a. Telegraph.Orca*V , BAGEL SHOP s now hrng fun a : part tme baker tranees.. *; 9aJ (orlnformatlor,. 3S2-$e95 f~~r - BARHEtp.:..:-. FuB tme. Good pay, ooodjlps. Appy nrerson: Oood^Hme Bar, : 35685Pr/mouthRd,tvohla. ".- BAR 4 P22AMAKER3 ; For Farmngton HUU Bowtngcenter. Hard workers cal...;«^^4^2 BAR STAFF, WAT ^TAFF. CQOK8 Appfy wtthm between 6prr-0pm: Re r«keyboard lounge, Wayne Rd. Westland /) BARTENDED WANTEO 4 nghts a wook. Appfy n >e*«rt: Coopers Arms, 306 Chester. ^ BARTENOER mmedate openng, son. Mtch Hocrseys, 2 craft Rd, Uvonla - 65t-226«n per- School-, BARTENDER Must nave experence..-- Part tme, weekends CaB Dane at Botsfordlnn BARTENOERS are now beng hred. We w9 tran you. Great for college studonls. Also hrng wat staff for days 4 nghts. Appfy wtlhln: Wo/a Japanese Steakhouse, 6825 Mddebelt, Uvonla. Ml. - BATES HAMBURGERS Mle, Uvonla Help wanted ad shfts, full 4 bart tme, meals 4 unhorrhs furnshed. Apply n person betweon 6am 6 am 4 2pm 4 5pm. - BLLKNAPPS RESTAURANT8 NOw hrng for tub 4 part tme BUSSERS COOKS SERVERS - HOSTPEftSONS : =t>lshwash 3 We offer flexble schedulng, pad tranng, excellent wages 4 managemonl opportunfues tor motvated candd ales.many benefts avalable. Apptynowl Orchard Lake at 2 Mle Grand Rfver at Halstaad EvergroonatUSO 35»3660 BOB EVANS SOUTHFED WW5 Now hrng experenced server* and experenced grn cooks,-am 4 PM. Apply 0½ MM 4 Telegraph. BUt>0r8 FARMNGTOfJ HLL8 NOWHRlNG WATT STAFF. BARTENDERS Flex hours, excecent worwng condtons. Apply Buddys, Northwestern atmtddebett. -. BUSSPERSON FUH or part Ume, some lunehes requred. J7 per hour guaranteed ClOVERDALE FARM dary restaurant and ce cream parlor** new Owners are teeung relable people to Jon ther stafft Flexble hourr whle your chlmreo are n school. Al postons avaflable. Please cal (or ntervew RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT FULL A PART TME, ; McDonalds Restaurants n West Suburban areas, ere lookng for aggressve, hard workng people to fll management postons. Experence s preferred but not necessary. Excellent career opportuntes wth good pay and benefts. \ CALL FOR NFORMATON Equal Opportunty Employer MCL CAFETERA : HOMEMAKERS, SENOR CTZENS START UP TO $5.00 PER HR. More than Just food and money". We have part :and full-tme posltjofu wth schedules-to meet your needs! COUNTER SERVERS - Serve the best qualty n ^ tromo-cooked food.* - ;.../.! No experence necessary. Rase potenoaj al all posftlorw up to 50«per hour wthn 8 rnorrth8 of hre. FULL-TME BENEFTS: 30 to 40 hours per week Hearth nsurance 70% pad v HoldayPayStlrreaperyea/. V Free Meals. Free Unforms. ^.Retrernen Program Sck BenetHa,:. ~~PMT-ffMEBENEFJTSnoo2SboOrfpsrweek -- "; Spedat Day Hours for Homemakera and Senor Ctzens Schedules to meet student needs. We slop servng at 8:30 pm so students get home early. ^ttprcemeals - ^.Please can or apply n person between to AM. < and 8 PM. Ask for Mr. : Thack4r or Mr. f3owrnan. TEL^TWELVE MALL ; TELEGRAPH ROAD AND 2 MLE" RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT ARBYS ROAST BEEF SYBRA, NC. one of the natons leadng rdrtr chlses of Arbys Roasl Beef Restaurants, wth over 50 unts, has postons avalable rt our management tranng program. ; VVeOFPER: ;.0 Startng Safary commensurate wth experence. O ncentve bonuses,--." D Lfe, health; dental packages - D 6 Day/45 hr. work week >.. * D 40K retrement program \ D Stock program D Pad vacaton after 6 months. D Frequent salaryrevfews \ -, O Excellent advancement opportuntes Qualfed applcants wll possess prevous res* ^aurant experence and well developed com- munlcatlon sklls. f you are nterested n those, entry level postons, please contact: Mlchele Collns (33) or 8«nd resume n confdence to: SYBRA, MC Dort Hghway,: Flnt, Ml V COOK 4 Osrwasber NghU & Wat person dlv, part-tme. Appfy n porson C.j; H\n4 a Mlddlebott. - COOK-FUU TME WAT PERSON-PART TME Btamey Bay Pub 277Sg.Wcs\Warren,WestJand -.-,"-.-; COOKSlunch 4 Dnner ahjfts ~ avatabte. Experfence necessary. Appfy m person 2-5pm. -. OCEAN ORlte North Woodward Brmngham k.,; COOKSl PANTRY 4 BUSSER3 Compettve wages 4 benfts at Oakland Countys fnest R. K.s COOKS. WAT PERSONS, BUS PERSONS Experence preferred. Appfy wthn: FbrdRd. Westland..-.- COOK8/WATSTFF Manfy daytme shm. Good pay. Experence preferred but not necessary. Call Mary or Tom or appfy: Damond Vun Bad/*, Prudental Town Center, Southrfetd. COOK WANTED, hjfj tme. Apply n person. Staffs Lounge, 863 Newburg. Westland, COOK. Fua 6 part tme. Startng wage, $6.76 per hr. Apply m person The Box Bar 4 Grfl, 777 W Ann Arbor Tral, Ftymoutt Ann DAY HOST PERSON Good pay. ^ Mon-Fr. Cfanc/s n Farmngton Hms. " OEL COUNTER persons, short order cook -. Full of part tme. Mon-Fr days orvy. Experenced or wtl l/aln. Borteflts. Troy, call f DNNG ROOM and Ktchen Help. AppCcatons are beng accepted between 2-4 PM.. Mon. - Frf.. Food Servce DerMrtmanL Presbyteran Wage Garfeld, Bedford. DfSHWASHERS START AT «.50 PEfl HOUR Taxng appscasons lor rut tme poston to work h senor ctzen complex. Good ; workng oondkons. Meals 4 unforms furnshed. Apply nperson: Frankln Club Aps 830 Frankln Rd. SOUTHFELO DOMNOES PZZA Now hrng. Earn $M0 per hour Flexble hours EARN EXTRA CASH M-tO per hour, plus benefts. Flexble hour*. CaB Tom between 0am 4pm Experenced pastry assstant needed. Flexble hours, rut Ume poston avaaawe. Apply n person to 795 R f«a S. Plymouth, of cal ?«FOOD PREP PERSON: Oay and evenng shtfu avalable, Mayflower Hotel l\ Plymouth FOOD SERVERS & 0SKWASHER3 Ml part Ume StW. BJoomlWd Retrement home. Mus have relable t/anaportaton, no xpertanoa. Cad Paul or Jan at: eat-**** HELP WANTEO Snack Shop Work from 7am-pm, makng aandwfcnas, stackng stock and handlng regltor. M.50/hr HOLDAY NN UVONA WEST s acceptng appocauons tor the folowng poswons: Restaurant Server* Casher* Buser* > Room servce attendants Ktchen UUty We offer excedenl benefts, thdud- ng 2 week* pad vacaton after yr. Pad howsya, free meals, unforms, & hearth nsurance. Please appv n person al Mle. LKonla Equal Opportunty Employer M/F HOTEL THE BERKSHRE HOTEL U lookng for rlendry. outgong, happy people. Bartender EjceBenl wages 4 beneft*. Please appfy h person at The Berkshre Hotel 0H4Telograph Equal ppportunry Emptoyw Wf» 505 Help Wanted FoodBeverase FOOD SERVERS HOSTESS/HOST COCKTAL HELP Fua a par tme, flexble hrs, Compelltrve pay f tl9 - good workng condtons, appfy Mort thru TtwrsTbe-" ween2-4pmat " - CARLOS MURPHYS Northwestern Hwy HOST PERSON» Nghts and weekends Mon. - Frt, days. Experenced. Appfy n person, leather.bottle Farrnlngton Rd. Uvonla HOSTS 4 WAT STAFF Appfy al Best Western GroonWd nn, Oakwood Blvd. (ABan Park). Retrees Welqomel HUNGRY HOWES NOW HRNG For hslde 4 delvery. you lke to earn cash and haft run too fusl can Greg now for an ntervew.. Westland area MANAGER <J yra. food management experence. Career opportunty. To»20,0000 tran Steven. Or eone Personnel MARO8 PZZA Kev Hrng Orfver». pay: M-M/Tr. Apply wtthln; 3547 Plymouth M at Levan - MAX & ERWA8 rdw Mrtng lor ad ktchen postons 4 hostpertons. AppN n person: 2pm.-4pm. Mon.- frt W. 6 Mle fd., Uvonla, n the Laurel Park Race Ma MCJOES New Farmngton, H«s Hamburger sports Bar. Wanted; Bscfender*, watstaff 4 ortfl cooks. AskforSUceySJ5-3S NORMS OTST6H BAfl now hrng fus tme 4 part tme day 4 nghts lne Cooks, Dshwashers. Pantry. Applcatons accepted Mon- Fr., 5-5pm. ~ South teld. «0 FrankSn Rd.^ 347^442 NOV HLTON We are currently lookng for qualfed people to f the loftowtng postons DSHWASHERS. ROOM ATTENDENT8 COOKS BANQUET HOUSEPERSONS nterested ndvduals may apply Mon. thru Frt, betwoen 0am-4pm - NO CALLS ACCEPTED Human Resources Oopt. NOV HLTON 2 HagenyRd. Novt, Ml EOE M/F/H NOW HRNG Arb/s ol Garden Cty-* lookng for team players. Part-tme and tub ome postons avalable. Apply n person Ford Rd- Garden Clty-$ An Equal Opportunty Employer NOW HRNG Bartenders, WaHstaff. Appry n person at Key WesL W. 6 mle. block W. of Tofograph. Now Hrng WAT STAFF Apoty n porson, Toes, thru Thurs., aftor 4pm: Wvor Rock Cafe. 673 Frankln; H btk. ol RonCeo NOW NTEflVEWNQ FOR: Assstant Baker/Prep Person Please contact Chef Tom PAPA ROMANO8. s now hrng nsde 4 Dottvory Help lor day swf PASTRY CHEF: Mayflower Hotel and Round Table Club n Pfymouth. Wages nogotlaba/basod upon experence. ntervews menl CaB //." At \ fmuburgffts by appont- PZZA Cook, drver, supervsor needed lufl or pan tme. Advancement opportunty. CaB lor ntervew-. Unon Lake Ptaerta PZZA MAKER - experenced only. Full Ume. Dearborn fts area. Cal after 6pm PREP COOK- EXPERENCED Full or part tme. Please appfy n person CMc Center Drve n SoythneW. RESPONSBLE Mature person wanted to bartend, nghts Mon-Fr., experence helpful, but not requred. Salary negotable, Uvonla area. Call after a.m RESTAURANT HElP mmedate openngs lor restaurant holp. MusashTs Japanese Restaurant RESTAURANT HELP Embors Oefl now hrng cooks, wat stall, bussers. dshwashers, casher*. FuS or part Ume. Appry Meadowbrook Mal n Rochester. Ruby Tuesday v Restaurnat TWELVE OAKS MALL Now Hrng AB Postons FuU-Tlmeor Part-Tme LNE COOKS-$6.75 DSHWASHERS»$6.00 HOST STAFF BUS STAFF WATSTAFF Apply n person daly 2-4pm.. SALAD PREP. Work m the pleasant atmosphere ol BUQOY WORX8 RESTAURANT. Mon. thru Frt 6:30am to 2pm. Apply n person weekdays 2-5pm. Comer 03 MSe 4 Orchard Lake Rd. comma ONCE AQAM TO BEDFORD The natons fastest growngdouble drve-thru s now hrng for an shfts. Compettve wages, pad vacatons, pad Brthdays, promotons from wthn. Great opportunty fo grow wth a young company. Apply n person 9 am-7 pm, 7 days at the on-slto constructon traler - see Judy. * 4330 TELEGRAPH (Telegraph and 5 Mle) OPENNG SOON N GARDEN CTY The natrona fastest growng double drve-thru s now hrfng for all ttrfts. Compettve wages, pad vacatons, ptm Brthdays, promotons from wthn. Great Opportunty to grow wth a young company. Apply n person 9 am-7 pm, 7 days at the on-ste constructlof traler or call Bo at: FORD ROAD / GARDEN CTY Help Wanted Food-Beveraga RE8TAVRANT BURGER "KNG HRNG ALL SHFTS We are lookng for hgh school and cofloqe students, homomakers, senor dozens and art enthusastc, moursled people *ho work well wth the publc. We offer e) Fua tme/part lme posfoons Flexble hours - Regular mert revews Free meals ard unforms Vacaton pack*9e Opportunty to advance nto man.. eoement Educatonal Assstance d FrtenoTy work envronment - Peaseapply al: BURGER KNG # WkWleber R<3. Uvonla BURGER KNG An Equal Opportunty Employer Restaurant FOR HEARTY APPETTES OF ALL AGES f you **nt the fner thngs n fle, work wth one of the fnest restaurants anywhere. Red Lobster hs exceptonal opportuntes lor people ol an ages. AJ uyou need s energy and en appette lor success. Openng; Avalable: Watters/Wattresses Bus Persons - WeoHer. Fun and part Ume Flexble hours Great startng salary Moal Dscounts Pad vacatlons/hoddays Tranng 4 revews Proft snarng/savngs plan Elgblty lor group healh/denta nsurance You know what good eatng s an about Come, and make rt an everyday axpertonee. Appfy Monday - Frday. 2-4 F-M. at: RED LOBSTER W. 2 MDeBd. Souhnod. M. An Equal Opportunty Employer RYANS FAMLY STEAKHOUSE tecomlnfl lo Westland. We are Cur. reny NrVw (or as postons. Wa oler good sfartlng pay and excellent benefts. Apply n person Mon-Fr, 9-4pm and 8at Warren Rd, comer ol Warren 4 Wayne Rds. SALAD/PREP PERSON Wanted for fub servce restaurant n Southfeld. Excellent workng condtons. CompelUve wages. Compfct* c*jb membershp upon employment CaB axlm SHORT ORDER COOKr Part and M-lme. nqure al Teds Pub 4 Caf a: Man, Ctawsort Can Mlchele, SNACK BAR HELP-Mafure person, day shft, 44 per hour., Apply on Wednesday* between \0am-2pm, Cherryha Lanes, 300 N. nkster. Oearbom Hs. ALSO. SATELLTE BOWL, 2M5 Mchgan Ave. Oearbom Hs. evenngs poston. Mon, Wed. Thura. Frt. : : SOUTHFELO 8TEAK 4 AL6 now hrng experenced cooks, 5 to 7 per hour. Also dshwashers, watresses, and a part or lufl tme bartender. Please apply between 2 4 4pm. Mon. thru Tnur. STATON 845 NOWHftJNO Une cooks, Host/Hostess, Bartender*. Wafsarf, Salad prep. Oay or nght shft, full or part-tme. Apply wthn, 2-SPM. any day ol the week. 445 Starkweather. Plymouth KHstor- c Old Vllage STEAK & ALE s now hrng for postons ol Coc*.s. Bussers, ttshwashera, Host/Hostess, 4 Servers. Great pay 4 benefts. Chock us out Appfy at Orchard Lake Rd. 4 76^*440 STEAK & ALE PLYMOUTH s now hrng for the loflcwtrfl: Lunch Walt Staff Servce Assstants Dshwashers Prep Personnel Pay rate up to $7 per hour Appfy n person Mon-Fr 2-4pm ANN ARBOR RD. (at -275) TEMPORARY POSTONS AVAL ABLE lor Walt Staff, Bartenders, Cooks ffoshwasber*. Oood salary. Must haya transportaton. Some experence necessary. CaB lor ntervew. Frst mpressons Temporary Staff Agency THE CLARON HOTEL of Farmng- on Hlls s currently soakng enthusastc, qualfed, experenced ndvduals for the fwlowlng postons: Host/Hoslesa, WaHstaff, Bus help, Bartender, Banquet Waltslafl and Housapersons, Al shfts. Excellent benefts. Please apply n person: Ctarton Hora Twelve Mle Rd., Farmngton HHs,. Tre Pckett Sute nn tocafed n Romuk/s, Ml. s acceptng apptca- ton* for the poston* of: Oea Cafe Atlendanla FuB-tme. Some weekends. 8ome nghts. Experence helpful, but nol necessary. WBtraln. We offer an outstandng benefts package and bonus plan. Please apply n person from»;0rje^:wpm, Monday through Frdayat:. Pckett Sofa nn 8600 WJckham Road Romulus. ML 4874 Equal Opportunty Employer M/F TUBSYS 80B SHOP, Needs M A part tme help for. nght*. Apply at 6344 Mddebelt, between $ 4 4 M. Lvona. WAfTPERSON Days and/or nghle. Experenced. Some bartandrg exporter** preferred. Clancy* Bar 4 OrW ; WAnPERSON Full and part tme. Appfy nperson The Box Bar 4 Or«. 77 W. Ann Arbor Tral, Plymouth WATPERSON-Fufl lme axperlenoed lor breakfast. Appfy n person at NorthvWa Crossng or can WATPERSON W*yflo*«r Hole! kt Wymovth. Two shns cocktajts and on* lo two shfts bartendng. 4M-6M WATT PERSON Mull be hard worker. Chatler* Lounge, 7640 N. Wayne Rd, Wesland. WATPERSON Par tma nght* and days. W» tran. Appfy el: Hero"*, Plymouth Rd. Uvonla, Ml > 4f5-l430 WATT PE RSON3 - Day shrfl Earn up to»0 (*r hour ncludng lp*. For ntervew \afl Soba Coney sland, Pymouu\Norhvfflaarea /»-224 WAT STAFF 4 BARTENOERS AM 4 PM shft* avalable. Apply wtlhln. Mon. thru Frl., 2 e 6prm ^ Unda Loues, 2544 Plymouth ftt. Radford.. « WAJT8TAFF& CASHER HOST PERSON Oay Shn. Put lme Walt Person, part tme Casher/Host parson. Appfy n per»en Farmngton Bk " Farmlogton Rd. (near 8 Mte] 505 Help Wanted Food-Beverage WAT PERSONS 4 BARTENDERS FuB tme, part tme lor a casual dnng atmosphere. Apply n person; The PX Bar 4 0r», 8490 Ford Rd. Just W,ot Southed Rd.- WAT PERSONS needed lor Days endlf7oefendstp&7t"tme: Appfrln person please: Bench Pub Mle, Uvonla. WAT PERSONS Remodelng...ow taxng applcatons and hrng for evenngs. Mr. M*es 4 Jlmmys Nexl Ooor. Apply wthn; Jmmys FordRdWesMahd. WATSTAFF F,ull & Part Tme Postons mmedate employment, to work n one ol SouthfWds lovelest Vatremenl complexes. Excellentworkng condtons. WW tran. Benefts. Moals 4 unforms furnshed. APPLY N PERSON;.. Frankln Club Apts 283Q Frankln Rd. Southfeld > WATSTAFF/LUNCES 4 DNNERS StArt the year off rght; Jon he team al Mal Brady/* Tavern, 323 $oulf»r>eld. BrmlrVham WATSTAFF Sweet Lorranes Cafe was selected "Reslaurant ol the Year" by Octro! MontMy Magazne. To malnlaln ths hgh standard, we are lookng for qualty ndvduals to M" Our sfarf. Thf»\(s an excelenl opportunty lor the rgw persons. Please call: to arrange for nlervlew. TnrTESTLANDCOTTAOE NNP22A Now Hrng. Earn up 0 $0/hour. Fufl/part-tlme. flexble hours 6643 N Wayne Rd. Wesland Help Wanted, Food-Beverage WATRESSES 4 WATERS FuS and part tme postons. leal appearance, experenced. Oood wag«s. Apptv n person: Soulhfleld Manor, Telegraph Rd., Southfeld M WATSTAFF-fOSTlON AVALABLE Many ol you have appced here before.wthoul success. We lnaly have an openng. Apply n person Mon.-Frl.. 2-4PM. at B«au JaOs, 408 W. Maple. Brfmlngham. WATSTAFF WANTEO No experence necessary, Ngh sfttt. Apply n person WANTEO - Oay watstaff and host slalf. nght walbfaff, host staff and dshwasher. Responsble adults please. Call Farmlnpon OShaehans. Orand Rver and Drake Help Wanted Sales ABLE person; exoettnl dlcllon. 9am-3pm or 3:30pm-9pm. Top hourly rate 4 bonus. Experenced only.redford. KeBy ADMNSTRATORS to $3,000. per Week 0 neodod n Metro area Nowl Warel(y A CAREER n Commerclsl/Vduslral Real Estate Sales. Learn how to earn money & buld lor the future. Experenced or wn tran lcensed agents. Call BjTt ORlOy Qt prvate ORLLEY REALTY SALES 689^6644 ACCOUNT EXECUTVE -.Computer graphc desgn frm s sockng an AE wflh at least 2 yra ol graphc desgn sales expcflonce. Mus be wscng lo assume major responsbltes Please send resume to: Charlotte Murphy. 30 W. Long lake Rd. Sute 240. Troy. Mch An equpment leasng dvson of a Fortune 50 bank s lookng for-an nsde marketng assstant. The dynamc ndvdual should have a mnmum year sales/customer servce experence. Salary and benefts. Send resume to; LEASE FRST, VP GROUP P.a Box 2962 Southfeld, Ml CHAMBERLAN A Leader n Real E$tat9 Brokerage Snce % COMMSSON PROGRAM CHAMBERLAN, REALTORS announces a 00% COMMSSON PROGRAM for SALES ASSOCATES. Opportuntes to soar to fnancal heghts as a lcensed Real Estate Assocate can now be yours. For nformaton about our prellcenslng class, our tranng program and CUT 00% commsson plan, please call fpr"a confdental ntervew. Brmlngham/Bloomfleld NANCY LEAVENWORTH Troy V GARY NEWVLLE West Bloomfleld CHARLENE CLUCAS Chamberlan, REALTORS NTERESTED N SELLNG REAL ESTATE? ASSOCATE WTH TWO GENERATONS OF SUCCESS Well traned salespersons have an advantage! Excellent tranng programs BRMNGHAM JM SORRENTNO NORTHVLLE CHUCK FAST ROCHESTER PHL CANDELA LVONA DON KAMEN BLOOMPELD HLLS CHRS LESMER PLYMOUTH DARLENE SHEMANSK OTHER LOCATONS LLOYD EDWARDS OFFCES TROY JAN GRUPDO LAKES AREA CHRS CORNELL AhJttHrfr^ftft, toom/tota.w. Natonal Sales Organzaton "the New Opportunty of the90s!" Explore a new sales frontlertwe are the communcatons company for the 00^8, Complete tranng QUarantced ncome Plan Local Poston Management Opportuntes NOW NTERVEWNG Call now/or appontment and receve drectons to our new faclty t Call Sam Johnson 33/ An Equal Opportunty tmplojr 508 Help Wanted 8ales ACCOUNT EXECUTVE SALES Career opportunty wlh Southeastern Mchgan"* largest mt&** ol hlghtoch telecommuncaton* equpment, networks, and software. Hghest commssons n he ndustry wtlh bonus, proft sharng, and expense rembursement plan. Prefer saes experence wth a techncal producl letscornmurtcatkjos ndustry s doal. C&H Mr. CVsen to arrange an eppolnljwnt 6: A FANTASTC SALES Opportunty! Waler 4 Ar Mraton ALLSTATE HElOHBORKOOO OFFCE AOENT - No nsurance axpertonce necessary. Sales or management experence helpful. Degree eferred. EEOCM/F. Contact. LaPeugh Br AMERCAN EXPRESS DS/Amercan Express s offerng a fnancal ptannlng/notkbrcker career wllh management poferuar: Substantal salary and bonuses Oegroe and 2 years.sales or prolosslonal expo-^ce requred. Call lor confdental ntervew. MR. KEND Help Wanted Sales BETTER HO ANDWfl CHlce provdes FREE PRE- LCENSE tranlng to Qua-Hhed ndr.duas and FREE TRANNG! after lcensng. Ca» our NORfHVlLE orl-... tea manager: CHUCK FAST SCHWET2ER REAL ESTATE. BETTER HOMES ANO GARDENS 2 OFFCES ALVNS Responsble person lor Ml tme sales poston *t AMns Brde n Brmngham Must have experence Caa Magge or Laura Amblous, rlendry persljtanl person needed mmedlatefy lor memoral counselor. Unted Memoral Oardens or s OassJneds Work Buy t. SeB rt Fnd Call Today , "REAL ESTATE COLLEGE" Obtan your "College educaton free and enjoy the hgh ncome potental n your frst year. Sales postons arc avalable for those ndvduals.vho warn lo belong to n? ar*chs most u-lq.e R"aJ Estate company- CALL FOR THE TME AND DATE OF OUR N&XT CAREER NGHT. rondomlmum NETWORK START AT THE TOP Now ntervewng For A Few Select Postons FREE* PRE-LCENSE COURSE We offer he bggest & best lcense school n the state. Day or evenng classes talored to your schedule. Classes startng now. Small refundable materal charge Full-tme n-offce tranng to help you to a fast start 2 Lvona locatons n-offlce relocaton department 00¾¾. sexlzjyt^l Hartford South, ^nc. Call the Proven Professonal Bll Amc Farmngton Rodd TERMNX NTERNATONAL W are growng & our growth offers opportuntes. We are seekng careermnded outsde sales people n our Nov branch offce. WE OFFER: Excellent salary, commsson, auto allowance, full beneft package, complete tranng, strong advertsng support & a sold lucratve future. YOU PROVDE: Outsde sales experence or a desre to learn, strong personalty & postve atttude, good verbal sklls & a desre to help people. For confdental ntervew, call or send resume to: TERMNX NTERNATONAL Heslp Nov, Ml fletaa SOMEONES MSSNG We Thnk ts Tow Ktchen & Bath Sales One of the MkJwesfs leadng, hom» mprove- ; ment center chans s seek-. rtg aggre$$jve : - customer orleo- * ted nrjvlduajs. j Full and part tme postons avalable. Compensa- lon based on commsson wth a weery draw, * Experenced preferred. For consderaton send - resume to: * 3507 Mddle Belt Rd. Uvonla, Ml 4850 Attn: Yas Abdallah CAREER SALES OPPORTUNTY For nearly 40 years" atradton of quafty Real. Estate Brokerage has been our Hallmark > Wer, Manuel, Snyder & Ranke, nc. Work wth some of Mchgans Nohesu earnng Real Estate Sales Assocates ts S5tt 8,0 V 9 t0 an ^tremely? actvl.resdental real estate market, a lmted S b M l 8a, f $ P 3[,lon * we ctrs avalable..for nformaton about tranlno and opportunty, call:.! run,n 9 Rochester..,- dllljamnlck «: 3 00 Troy/Blrmlngham/Oloomflold Hls ; Jack Cloud ^ Plymouth/Northvlllo/Canton Jerome Dlaney West Bloomfold/Fflrmlngton Blrmlnaham/Bloomflold Hlls 455-«0OO « WEft. MANUEL. SNYDEft A RANKE NC REALTORS

45 Monday. January O&E A9F $06 Help Wanted Sales " ACCOUNT SALES RapWty expandng securty and nvescaton frm lookng for motvated, proven, experenced sales resp Fastest ndustry. Unlmted potental Oawptutcommljsof-^- Benefts. Celt lor appontment. Mon.-Fr, pm-spm. - HUFFMA3TER ASSOCATES «$ Help Wanted Sales S V X» - A OAEAT OPPORTUNTY! Zee Medcal Servce - FV»t n Care. Frst n Commllrnenl the natonal leader M provdng fast eld and safety products to busness s seekng an ndvdual to Jon our Accdent Management Team. ndmdval must powers the louowtng skms. f>h-etasuc<:cod$ Oeaha Thnker Behoves n Customer Servce Self motvated Enthusast* Goal orented.. n return you tm receve alt company nsurance, vehcle, expenses, comprehensve product uanng. rrjanagemenl opportunty, commsson & bonuses. Can Mr. Kraft. Mon or Tues. 9am-5pm A GREAT PLACE TO WORK AMBTOUS? CONSCENTOUS? WE WANT YOU" - nvestgate the exctng world of rea/ estate wth MCHGANS LARGEST REAL ESTATE COMPANY REAL ESTATE ONE! Tranng Program Call Joo Mtfnk. Mo/ Plymouth/Canton Mary/Terry WestlandGardcn Dry AMEFuCOFFEE CORPORATON A flc*mg dstrbutor of natonally nw»n consummate svoducts and sf vces s lookng lor Sales Ftepresenatves lo develop no-* accounts Salary plus commsson. $20,000- $ frst year potental. Extensve tranng, prolocled terrtores establshed accounts Management opportuntes. Can Tm Pagol Won-Tues. 0anv2pmat A NEW CAREER! ROUTE SALES Brand new concept, lecently wrtten up me Oakland Press We offer- salary plus commsson, pad vacalons, benefts, management opportooles Current poopk) earrtng $J5.00O-$3S.000 Forute/Ylew ctf «Fax Beueen 0am-4pm NCKOLA FOODS AN NVTATON TO CHANGE YOUR LFE Fnancal rewards. Fnd ou more about a career wth a No system n -real estate. fflee pre-gconse ra^ng (smal materal charge). FuO lme tranng 0 g/ve you a fast atar. Can PHYLLS STUZMANN lor appontment CENTURY 2 Hartford South Bocome A Real Estate Professonal CAREER NGHT Thyrs, Jan..7pm C NTURY2l,,lada,nc W Nne Mle Rd Fermngton Hr&s (Just W of Fa/mngtcn Rd) For reswvtlofltwofmafjoh: CaJt Rose between 0-noon or 2-4pm BULOER/DEVEOPER seekng a Sales Person to tea new home constructon m Plymouth Hours -6PM daly, except Thursday*. Need not be lcensed Prefer experence. Salary <* cortvnlslon negotable. Company expandng Other opportunllo* avalable lor long term employ. oes. Send resume to P. O. Box 45 Plymouth. Ml CAREER SALES nsurance sales and servce represent/ves to can on establshed accounts Cotocton commssson, and sares commsson along wth a generous bonus program No safes experence necessary Polentlaflrst year earnng $ up Excellent frnge benefts and penson program rf you thnk you tan quallty. Ca5 Mrsftoweat UNTED NSURANCE CO. OF AMERCA SNCE 99 An Equal Opportunty Employer 506 Help Wanted Sale* GO FROM HOMEMAKER lo money maker n a lew short week*, local real estate offce t* expandng, needs career wnded ndvduals, wtlng to partcpate n free, on the Job tranng program. Above average earnngs, flexble houra. For ntervew cal ROY at OReAT OPPORTUNTY (OfTefl motvated ndvdual 0 sol gft tems. Oakland. Wayne and Macomb countes. Commsson base. SueWfJ-M+O CAREERS N real estate Exertng framng programs Have your B- cense n 30 days Oavs. eves, t Sat. classes C&. 685-) CAR PHONES Earn J2O0 per day commsson scflmg H phones Very easy tales ntervews dfy a 2 00 sharp At 2769 Melrose Off Laher 0* N olsmje - ALLSTATE CELLULAR CEMETARY SALES COUNSELORS Leads provded WJ ualn«.west ft Norlh suburbs Can CEMETERY SALES am nteresled n hrng experenced sa.esporson who 0 wllng 0 work & wants 0 earn n excess ol t5o0 per week A product everybody needs 4 no competton. Ask lor Mr Lake WORK WTH THE BEST! Century 2 Advantage We a/e members ol Board of Realtors and an award wnnng offce Qe aware ol how successful you can be. Ask lor Barbara. 526M«20 CHNA 8 GFT SALESPERSON Heslops at 2 Oaks Maa s lookng for Homemakers and other motrva.ed persons lo Ml f\ra and part lme Sa^s 4 Stock postons Compettrte pay * benefts Apply n person COMMERCAL BROKERS REAL ESTATE Remax Assocates, the 00% commcsorf compatry, s formng a protesslonal. hgh-och commercal department, nterested m an nternatonal comapny that offers 00% comrrussjons? CaJ Jm Leahy. Broker, for a confdental ntervew. Ro-nvax Assodales Brmngham APARTMENT FURNTURE REMTAL. sc - Needs a s/varp rental/sales agent for suburban showroom. Experence n mootng puboc. good telephone sk Bs 8 general offce procedures requred Can lor appontment between -<pm "APPRASAL TRANEE" Local ofce ol Natonal Organlaton r*eds (2) tua-tme career mndod m- cvtduals wllng lo work hard We oler TraJnry Earn-WTtle-You- Learn, choce of locaton Potental st. year earnngs n excess ol $22,000 Cal ROY HACKER APPONTMENT SECRETARY Epertcnced. 3 hours, evenngs <om your Lrroola area phone. «per hour APPRASAL TRANEE - local offce o natonal organualon needs M Cdroer mndod ndmduala w-3- ng lo wort hard We offer tranng. n-whue-you-kan potental Ht year earnngs n excess ol $2,000. Cal Rose J>, ^K ARE YOU LOOKNG FOR A SALES JOB THAT OFFERS Salary t commsson x bonus. 2 Excellent renumerallon. 3 «day work week < Repeat Sales- Car requred. Call (or appontment ARE YOU lookng lor a Urjmondous career opporturvty wth exceflonl earnng potental 4 a comprehensve beoert package? s securty & growth mportant lo you? Wfry not look at a team o professonals at Rollns, nc. the natons oldest ft = rated servce company n Amorce ts subsdary. Orkln Lawn Care, s seekng SALES PROFESSONALS o jon Amercas fastest; growng lawn care company. CaJ for nterv<ew at « or ASS0CtAT6 SALES Prestgous natonal company seong to busnesses Wokng for exportencod outsde sajea pefson. Benefts, bonus, expenses S salary. Wrl ten reples only to 576 Fa/mlngtonfd.Lvona. Ml. 48S4 COMMERCAL REAL ESTATE Souhfed brokerage frm noods exporloncod agents for ncome property brokerage and leasng Lberal commsson splt. STRATH REALTY COMPANY COMMSSONED SALESPERSON For advertsng spocatty busness m 3 M/Southflod Rd "area, nexble hours, no travel Call Pal 540^600 CONTNENTAL CABLE VSON has an mmedate openng for ful tme sales representatves. you are hghly motvated and a self starter lookng for a career that wll reward a wnner you owe t to yoursom.» come n for an klervlcw. We ofter an exocflont beneft program. CaJ Nc* today lo dscus* ths exdtlng opportunty 5*3-353 An Equal Opportunty Employer. - AfTrmaUve Acton Employe* CORPORATE ART tale* person to work for prestgous Detrot art gallery. ExceTent pay & benefts. Mr. Burke GRNOER SALES MANAGER Koyo, world das* manufacturer of centerle** grnders and surface prlndort, ha* an outstandlrvcj oppor. (unty for a Sales Manager or 8aJes Engneer based n our Detrot head offce. Strong background n grndng machne sales preferred, salary commensurate wth experence. Send resume m confdence to: Koyo Corporaton, USA - Machne Tool OMslon P O. Box )6fl Southfcld. Ml, * GROWNG 00% ANNUALLY Natonal record management frm lookng /or mature, experenced rep tocovcr Metro-Oetrotj Base + commsson + expenses. Cell Mchael HOTEL SALES/MARKETNG PERSON Professonal, energetc and experence preforred. Send resume or apply n person: Summtlnn of Lvona Plymouth Rd.. Uvonlt you are Old. Rch, reured. bored A can sell & prcvnote now products & nventons. Commsson. Call L A. Schott. Energy Equpment Corp. 535-S455 NEEOHELP My busness s explodng) Work at home! Work at the offce! Just workl $400-$200 part-tme.:»3000- $6000. fub-tme. CeJ NEE0 HELP. Work from an otftc*. work from home, part or full lme. Earn t40o-$6000/mo. Full tranng CaH anytme NSDE SALES Wed establshed natonal company noods aggressve nsde tales poope. We offer a salary and commlslon program. Safe* experence s necessary Submt resume to: LAC Sale* Nortftwestern Hghway. FarmlnglonHn. M 4608 S HRNG NOW We have mmedate openngs n our phone marketng department. You w^l work out of our Uvonfa offce. Job requres good phone voce and relable transportaton. These postons are Weal lor students, retrees, and bomorrlakers. Earn up to $0 an hour plus benefts. Mornng 4 afternoon shft* avalable. Can today between 0am 4 5pm. Ask for Wendy, LVONA CAREER NGHT f reodom. cha3engo* and vrtually Emjtsess earnng potental sound exertng, then lon u». Otsoovor how Century 2 today can put you n control of your own real estate career. _e WHEN: January 7. Wed. 7 PM. WHERE; 722 Farmlngton Rd, Northeast comer at SU M2e. Call Bonne Davd at Century 2 Today lor reservaton*. 988, 967, CENTURON Award Wnnng Offce LOOKJNO FOR A CAREER NOT JUST A JOB? nsde Sales/Telemarketng poston l* avalable. Hourty + ComrrUsslon. Experence requred. Celt: Larry Nygard, Mchgan Busness Systems LOOKNG FOR teacher*, renere. 4 recrufler* to hop expand local busness network. Must have desre lor a sopoodary ncome 4 enjoy ntervewng people. CaflMr Dassowsl MAKE-UP 4 SKN CARE SAtES Part-tme. Must have experence. For Southflod Beauty Spa. Please call MATURE PERSON to work n lewd ry store n the Southflod area. Ask lorgtty CORPORATE FNE ART8 SALES Major art dstrbutor has openng* for experenced outsde sale* poople callng on corpora twn*. Experence n offce ecjupfhent 4 Otne* corporate needs helpful. No art experence needed. Exekjsrve terrtory. Oraw lo very hgh commsson. Mr. Allen COSMETC/ FRAGRANCE store* n ma]or ma-ls needs experenced Store Managers 4 Manager Tranees Salary 4 beneft*, great growth potental. Mr. Flescher Desgned studo n Oakland County sockng JuS~ tme 6a)e* person. Space plannng and nteror desgn background requred. C* lor appontment ORTVER/SALES $600-$800 per week. Food company lookng for a lew hard worvng people. Wltng to tran, fun coverage beneft*. For ntervew cas «EDUCATONAL SALES. Part tme. 20-2$ hours per week. $250 a week guaranteed f you qualfy. Excellent tranng and beneft*. Teachng background helpful. CeJ - 665^60? An Equal Of>portujvty Employer. ATENTON CANVASSERS Wanted!! Eager people to Jon growng bu3dng company. Earn up to $0 an hr. or more. Can Mark at $ ATTENTON: F YOU a/e currently - censed a* a Ufa 4 Health and/or Popcrty 4 Casualty Agent or Soldtor, or been nvofyed n blher facet* of the nsurance ndustry. 4 wantng to advance n your career 4 reach levels ol ncome that you (Jeslre, then At*, s the pfaoa for YOU. Hearth nsurance! dsabfflty,- f* 4 40K sva^able.fcr personal & confdental ntervew maj your resum* 4 taary hstory lo; ALA, Buckngham Ave, Sute 5, Uvona. Ml 4854, Aln: Pertonnol Manager BEGN TH 90S! WTH A CAREER NOT A JOB M 5 men 4 women era beng selected to s/l ther marketng cafoera wth M 8 8 (part tme poston* avalable),tfkjh.ncome potental. BE AMONG: THE FRST For mora nformaton 4 nervlew ta: Uon. hnl Frv, 0am-3pm "~344^28jor BETHEBEST Oo you etrlve to be tho 8ESr at wbal you do? Would ybu lke to -be traned by J MCHGANS LARQESt REAL 8TAtE COMPANy? Potontlal frst year earnngs n excess ot $25,000, Call Gus Seegef 477- REAL ESTATE ONE, NC. EMPLOYMENT CONSULTANT Now * the Ume to uteyour 5 yeara offce and/or tale* axpertence to start a new career. Enjoy hgh taena potental pecng people n the utfce clercal feld. Permanent Staff s a-lea dng employment agoney. st year potental $20,000 + Medcal, dental, proft thwmg Pad tranng j»mouvaonal contests 4 ncentve* H youre nterested n ht* chadengng ea/eer. CaS Today. f armng on H»2 8outhfle(d EXCEPTONAL SALES Opportunty Rochester 4 Tcy ttu. PttVhM tme. 2,000-35,000 * year. Exc«nenl benefta Sale* axpertence not essental. Teachng, counsecog or wnvmunlty work helpful For fcv terve* startng Jan 8. Rochester : Troytt5-t6a EXPERENCED SALES PERSON to. Operate one of our drect mal advertung busnesse*. Mus be able to (»> respontbsty of rurnjno the total buslnes*. -8OO-J flnancal PLANNER ExpanoVg Farmlngton mto fmarv 2al servce* Arm * seekng NghlY mouvated MMduat Mnmum 4 years *ucc***fuj eacperence h brofceraoe, nsurance orfnanclaf»ervtow. Send resume lo: Larry Herb, CLU. JKW Northwestern fwy. 6«00.. Farmkgton HM, Ml 4808 MERCURY PANT COMPANY MchloarV* fastest growng pant manufacturer has mmedate openngs for pant-counter sale* personnel. We would»»to ta* lo people who have, prevous exporlonoe wth ndustral, commerca) and home decoratng product*. Wa w(j also gve M consderaton to those ndmduals who would be nterested n pursung new career wth excellent pay, bene H s and opportunlty for adyanoement.. Respond wth letter or resume to: METRO DETROT CHSTRJCT MANAGER U300SCHAE/ER DETROT. ML.48J27 An Equal Opportunty Employer MlLANE MOOELNQ * lookng lor admsson* 4 prornooonaj personnel. Contact Joe. 3*-25 ORENTAL BUSNESS NETWORK Expandng both locally 4 n Pacfc rm countres. Seekng ambtous people wth background n busness, managemenl 4 sales for the development of new natonal 4 nternatonal membershp warehouse network. Exoeflent potental. Call: OUTSDE SALES N north/northeast suburb*. Vantoozen System*, a leader n provdng soluton n nformaton/record* management ha* a career opportunty for a sale* representatve. The deal canaddate should have a computof syvstem* background wth outsde sale* experence) n any type of offce systems. Wa a/e a growng company wtth room for advancement. Compensaton package ncludes base salary. ccvnmusjon and aj expense*. Hearth nsurance and penson. Mal f«suw lo: VanLoojon Systern* _ 28«Farmlngton Rd. Uvona, Ml 4450 PR03 ONLY-Exparlenced 2-3 year*. Commsson up to 30% Day* orty 6*m-$ptn. clbobal: 422^3377 PUBLSHNG COMPANY requres M tme Telemarketer, 6AM-5PM. 8 per hour + bonus. Ejrperenoa preferred. For appontmentcaft 42S-»533. BRANCH MANAGER Experenced Manager lo lead a hgh vbfjme offloa. ExceSent compensatc^lrx3ulrle«cor(ldonual.e0e ~ Ca*. Mr. BarVett REALESTATEONE 6R0AL C0NSUVTANT. noeded for busy FarmSngtoo Hat* salon, ft* 4 par tme openngs, Must be ougotng. dependable Mendry. Experence preferred, w* trao. C*» bt#m between lu*m- 6pmdaVat, 65-5H CAREER SE LUNG noedataesassooatawtthapfov en f«ord of rjutswe sale* «xp«rl- once. Eegant-JtVoducls, nawal company,.»»pen»e*, bonus & Mlary. Resume* CAN 0: 57«Farmmgton Rd, llvoha. Ml CAREER NGHT N FARMNG TON HLLS B* your own boss- C*» Y<X*JCM. knot* Earn whal youva <** worth. Coma to our career.ntoht (o Warn mora f yog av* WarMled n career n real estate. WlltN: January 8. Thutsdsy. 7 PM WHERE: 2854 Orchard Lakt FW. $un»». Bet* **! t * 3 Mje, east ade ol afreet. C»» Bonnla Davd at Ctnlvrt» Tody. J)5J-XXX) for f»j*ry»uonm - >M*mCENTUftrON Award Wnnng Offce FLOOR COVERN0 8AE3 PERSON Must ba axpertenced )n dealng wtth bumert and ther cujtomora, Arto, hava knomtedge of meajurtng, bk»a phnt* and astmalng. Contacta already esebflthed, A anoera desra o succeed can brlno wrjtmrted earnng power. 68!avy plu* commlstlon. Call for appowrnant afl<* J30pm,lJ)ennlsRem«y FORTUNE 600 COMPANY - dstrbutor ot People. TVne, M«4 other megkrlne* seek* part lma merchandser tvpervtsor. Mus work Thora. 4 Ft 4 hsva raabte tranar rtaton. 8/hra. per week, */hr. 24 cent per mse. Send raaume to: TOS, 4*30 Brougham Cl, «2. runout* Ml, 4870 : FURNTURE 8AC3 Must b» axptrlenoad, M or part lma. ExteBen ea/nno*. No &** day*. BedHmd- Clawlon ¾ GARDEN OTY Wndow Company now Nrta profesalona Phona 8olonor ft CanYatser* GLAMOUR/FASHON.ndutr/ seeklno Adm*»»on AcM*or» work h N -Mcrtlnfl w<ykj p rnodeflnc) A fashon achool must pave tale* axperlerk*, commfwlon ^^^¾¾¾ OLAMOURfFABHON ncjultf/ seekng Admlson Advsor 0 work n the exdno world of modelng A fashon «cn»», mrt hava aalet axparlance, rxmmsetor p»v» bonut, PVmovth- 453^700Troy MX* AOfvEATPLACeTOWORK Wa wfl tran you ft atar you on long term, Ngh axon* career. CUfee starlng Now. CM Mary or Terry,ftaeJ Estal* One, 3^2000 REAL ESTATE AGENT8 (Ful Um«aoonu only) nterested n the fact* 4 coats of the Re-max 00% commsson plan? {our comrnhslon* start at 00% on the frst day). Cat Jm Leahy. Broker for a confdental ntervew or a reaarvaton fo our "60 Mnute* wtth Remax" rrenlng Wed. Jan. 0, &qrnar- atlrm.troy.. Re-max Assocate* /. REALESTATe SALES MANAGER Natonal bvbdmp company desre* experenced salesperson lor he-«constructon. Send resume to: Sales Manager 373 HorthwestamHwy. Sunat59W. Farmlngton HA*, Ml 4804 RECRUTTER > lookng for aomeona wth telepnona toscftaton akn* to work wttmn tha oomputer ndutry. Send raaum* Am«j «*n Computat 8«f lc« W-0 M#a, K 2W. Bouthflad, 48078, orcel Dan at FtETAa SALES r Ful 4 Part-Oma. Tba Tew Stora at laurel Park Place Ma Where Work la Play", 37(5«W.S MtM Rd. Uvona RETAL eoulevaro WWXAl, MJcNgans largest brdal t&*«h lookng for experenced rata* p»opkk Wt hava cwrant opertnm n the»o*owlng daoartmarta» vartoua *>c*tv>\**ndre-reh,8sle»/br)d»lconauttant*, cashlera/cuatomar relaton* and rnanagemenl Wa off** competjtlve wage* wfth flexble acneduh*. Peaaa can MonJca at «42-40 RETAL 8AES Orcrwlng btverao* company seek Vc) a sales parson for pra-ael poeruoh. FeaponsbMtle* nclude aervkksg large ft amaft greoary.arxwot*, merchandwng 4 aohwno new busne#*. Bom* *>* axperleno* fxehrred. Good benama, reputao** podvct*. wnd reavme lo; r ^ Rasa*. Manager P.O.eXaA Pfymovft, Ml, 4470 RECRUTER To $50,000 Ch/namlc. brestlglou* search f/m wth over 30 yrs. ndustry expertse * undertakng an exctng expanson n our offce servces dvson. Wa a/e lookng for progressve, commtted rvjvldu&ls wth sales experence Degree preferred. Supervsory poston open for person svflh agency experence.,cs Manage/ Q HelpWuntedSah)! REAL ESTATE ASSOO. BROKER or Salesperson wanted. Experenced m apartment buffetng 4 commerdal sales - suburbs. Self-motvated, energetc. Send resume to: 4000 Town Center, Sute 90, SouthfeSdM4507S Real Estate-Gafeer- A/nbKlOu*? Conscentous? We Want Youll We wq tran YOU and start you on a long term hgn ncome career Cal - Mary Ann Grawl Farmlngton/Fa/mlngton HJts REAL ESTATE ONE REOFORO CAREER NGHT Change vour lfe n 990; consder a career n,real estate. Earn what youre worth, work Jrxleoeodorjtty. Come to our career rtghl tofndoot how Century 2 can help you get started. v WHEN: January 6. Tues, 7 PM. WHERE; Fve M3e Just W. ol Beech Daly oo north sde of street Calf Bonne Davd at Century 2 Today lor reservatons. RETAL 8ALES Flexble hour*. nght. No Sundays. Must enjoy poope and semng. Apply at 32 Man St., Downtown Rochester or cal Ext 02 MTZELFELDS RETAL SALES M>KEMONEY ELECTRONCS/APPLANCE AUDO/COMPUTER SALES PERSONS you are a hghly motvated person, ths s an cpporlunlry for all the career growth and fnancal advancement you deserve. We hava outsandng benefts: medcal, dental, lfe nsurance, proft sharng, retrement plan, pajd vacatons, merchandse crsount*. and a NEW MORE-LUCRATVE COMMS SON STRUCTURE! CeJ Dave Manx- al or apply n person at: FRETTEfl SUPERSTORE Telegraph Rd. Soulhfdd, Ml. RETAL SALES OPPORTUNTY (Of energetc, serf starter, flexble hours, salary commensurate wth experence. CeJ for. appl. Ronne* Jewelry retal The Dearborn Bookstore b operated by FoOett CoDcge Store* Corporaton, one ol the largest and most successful bookstore operator* n the naton. We have your opportunty to Jon us on the ttversty of Mchlgan campus, LEAD SHPPNG/ FtECftVlNOCLERX Enjoy an actve work envvcrvnent We have an opportunty for you to work wth both ncomng and outgong materals n our shppng department Prevous experence b preferred. Requres some heavy frrtlng. Foflott offers compettve pay and good beneft*. Apply n person at DEARBORN BOOKSTORE, Unrverslty of Mchgan Campus, 490 E»- ergreon Rd.Dearborn. Ml Equal Cvportunlty Employer M/F/H SALES/ACCOUNT EXECUTVE- Growng Southflod vdeo producton lacftv seek* dynamc aale* person wth experence n producton. Send resume along srtth salary hstory to: Sales, P.O. box 24. Southflod. Ml SALES ASStSTANT-lor furnture manufacturer. Must hava offce sy*- tem and computer knowvooe. Ask forcta/a,9am-5pm, ALE8 ASSOCATE Mchgan* largest real estate company ha* openng* at n* Uvona/ Bedford Offce. CaJ jofy Befus* for a confdental ntervew. Tranng avalable. REAL ESTATE ONE Sales Coordnator Global manufacturer of aerospace) products lookng lor an-ndvdual wfth 2 yrs. nsde tale* experence. St/ong wrtten 4 oral wrnmunc*-»on ska* requred. Must be able to compose letlera ft type 40wpm. Contact Sandra GacorrUn at SALES HEU> Apply HPerson: PPSlDENT TUXEDO Farmlngton KB* 8AES HELP needed mmedately. Experenced. exceoent program, straght commssoa You can make upwards of $ per day f you want to work. Good company to work for. CaBBS SALES MANAGER needed at Pro Health 4 Ftness Center, experence) necessary. Contact Wck t SALES MANAGER._ Ramada Hotel, Southflod aeeka a serf motvated, results orented molvdualforposton a» sales manager. Must hava pror hotel sale* experence Send resume or apply m person Mon. Frt, lem-4pm at The Ramada Hotel, Telegraph Rd.. Southflod.. An Equal Opportunty Employer SALES PEOPLE Hgn earnngs and growth - potental Health car* beneft*. Pad vacaton* Pad sck day* 40-Kpan. CLYDES CARPET ha* eajea poston* avabable for eoff-motvated career-mnded people who hava the desk* to succeed and enjoy workng wtth people. Apply m person: Clydes Carpet* Plymouth Rd.. Uvona. Aak for Manager. SALESPERSON Aggressve salesperson needed for growng company. Onfy selfmctvatadra^appfy SALES PERSONS Part Urne, W*ow Trae. lamlregemah SALESPERSON WANTEO tor wkv dow replacement ten-perry, plenty <>f»eada.tcoov*wplu*rx<rvrt**lon. Cal now, ask for Krt SALES POSTONS lucratve terrtory open, (a* heard on Paul Harvey, no ovacnloht (rval complete tranng program. Wa are an aggrlsarva company n Am Arbor lookng for 6 sale* people. Advancement oc^xxlunftle* A aft promoton* from wfthtn. tjperteo 4jpc4 neoessary. Company ttafnng provded, pad nsxxaooe, vacaton*, A ncentve prod/am*. H you want to assocate wth people who apprecate you, dont m** ths career opportunty. CatTftt 5500 Sate* Ropresontatlves North Amerca a Numb* t KonJc* Copter and facafrnft* deaf* la lookta (or.motrvafad and career OrentaxTlr>dN4dvaH. We of**f an «xo*»«nl tranng propram, guaranteed monthly beee, fygh oc«tvnf»»fon*, hearth and dental beneft*, ratrement and prom anar- ng program* a* we! a* axce*«rt ac^ancemen po**r«t»*. FTeeaa can tort WasVup al Abftn f3ut^e»s Cooler* An Equal Cvcxrtunrty Emptoyer, SALES RETAL SUNDAY BEST A new (4rtf*p4nM>0eM»«* ha* mrnadah ocanan* n local Mat lot rnwtura aduft ^aptcyla^who w MffH back n^lh* axyst forpt»tut pan Urna tvahsaa*. fjaavy. Oomm Hon ft frnm bajoevrt*, f^jt rnarylav, caft FVxanot Harrta. M 3A4-T00, xt tm 606 H«lp Wanted Sale 8AE3 PERSON WANTED, applance and electronc*. Aggressve per son needed, experence b a plus, commsson sale* and Blue Cross. Can for an appt. between 0 and 2. ask for John Mstak Waft era Home Appsanoa 3«5 Canton sorachajn 8AE8 REPRESENTATVE Experence n rohebbleuon a must. Exceflenl salary plu* bonus plan. Send resume \cr. Box 984, Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspaper*. 362S 8choolcraft Rd. Uvona. Mchgan 4850 \. 8ALE3 REPRESENTATVE A growth orented Unen 4 LWorm Rental Co. ha* an openng for an experenced»a)e» person. Thl* dynamc ndvdual wl be responsble for sersng our servce n the Ann Asbor-FaYt-YpsllanU area. A compeu- Hve salary, commssons 4 atl/actrvo beneft package t> the reward for frceoence. nterested aales professonal* send resume to: HR Department. P.O. Box Detrot, Ml /SALES REPRESENTATVE NEEDED For fauonalty known frm. Hghly motvated serf-starter to generata new accounts. Ful beneft package wth expense account and base-salary, plus commsson. Send resumes lo: ( Personnel 7200 W. 0 Mle Sute 03 8outhfletd. ML SALES REPRESENTATVE A progressva fnancal servces corporaton b seekng an ndrvdua wtth a st/ong sales background and hstory of perormanoe. Poston requres an enthusastc, ambtous, and success orented ndvdual Experence n the fooowtng b of great value: nstalment Bankng Fnancng Auto Sales nsurance Sales Company provde* extensve tralng for the rght ndrvdua wth opportunty lor advancement Unlmted potental, salary plus commsson. Please forward resume to: P.O. 8ox 3CX)»Souhf!old. Ml SOUTHFEO CAREER NX3HT f youve ever thought H was lme for a career change, ths could be your YEAR! rxepcvdence, recognton and prosperty are Just a few benefts that ooutd be n store for you n reel estate WHEN: January 25, Thursday. 7 PM. WHERE: W. 2 Mle, E, of Northwestern Hwy, 8. sde of 2 Ua. Bonne Oavtd at Century 2 Today for reservatons. S PORTNG GOODS SALES REP Se9 apparet 4 equlprnont lor sportng goods company lookng to expand. Part or M tme. Set your own hours. f nter est ed. cal TELEMARKETERS AS. an hour plus oommlssloa Mon. thru. Frt 4 to 8pm. Troy. Ctawson area Help Wanted Part Tme CLERCAL Days a wook. Dcta phone. Word Perfect experence a must. Offce located n Madfson Heghts. Please cal between»-4pm An Equal Opportunty Ernptoyor PRE SCHOOL GYM NSTRUCTOR - Actvjuos nst/vclor for Pre school dasses. Days. WfJ tran. / W y Uvona Y. 426 J Stark Rrf. [pmer-servtcel for am** prnt toop n Fa/mlnglon, Mon.-Frt Flexble hours. Experence helpful. Cal between -5PM DENTAL ASSSTANT/PART TME Oral surgery offce. Dental experence requrod Cal between am- 4pm «DESK CLERK "~ Mornngs. 6:45 to noon /hrs/ wk. Raquetoefl Farmlngton Do You Have Monday & Thursday Mornngs or Afternoons Free? Want to ea/n extra cash? Homemaker8, Retrees and Students ths s for youl You can work as an ndependent contractor about 4 hours a week for $32.00 tf you have a staton.wagon, van or pckup truck. For more nformaton on becomng a drver n: Oakland County call: Wayne County call: OBSERVER 4 ECCENTRC Crculaton Department DRVE-N TELLER needed to work Mon. Wed. Thur*. Fr am-7:30pm and Sat. 9am-:30pm. Challengng postons for a mature hardworkng ndrvdlal who enjoys workng wtlh peophtmust be accuracte wth fgures, have a postve atttude and be professonal kn atttude and dress. Apply at Communty Federal Credt Unon. 500 S Harvey.!>ryrrouth Ml EARN M-$ 2 HOUR Part lme evenngs. Flex hours avalable. Can lead lo ful tme. Exco3ent suburban locaton. Cal Mke -8PM EXERCSE ROOM ATTENDANT Flexble hours. Apply n person Lvona Famly y, 4255 Stark Rd. FEMALE CHROPRACTOR tn Farmlngton noods part tme offce help FTNESS NSTRUCTOR - Tues 4 Thur*. 9:5 am class. Apply n person Lvora Famly Y Stark Rd. GENERAL CLEANNG Evenngs, flexble hours, Mon.-Sat Cal « TELEMARKETERS persuasve, outgong, glfte/gab. Evwlng/wookend faxjr*. JcVff + bonus. loa fnancal Servces, cfj Mr. Merger , TaEMARktTlMeF- Establshed na- Uona corycarry needs teemarketvg personnel. Salary phj* bonus. Bouthnetd locaton. Cal Lsa for personal ntervew. $ TELEMARKETNG Permanent part tme, am or pm shfts avasaba. Apply Mon. thru Thur*., pm-4pm, 224A MJddobeft W, Gvden Cfty. \ TTLxUlARKETtNG S5 an hour to start plu* bonuses and commsson. No experence necessary. Workng hour* are *:30am to 3.00pm 3374-D Farmlngton Rd.. Uvona Ext 5 TELEMARKETNG $0-$2anHOUR: Dependng on eboty.,top commsson, hgh repeat sale*, ouaranteed base salary, fjeneftj ncluolng medcal. An establshed 0 yr. ok) com* parry ha* part tme, fun lme operw-gfor. ~ - _ - EXPERENCED TELEMARKETERS Flexble hour*, proft sharng and more. Must have physcal or medcal problem to apply- For ntervew cal, Mr. Reed. t-avo TELEPHONE BALES - EUpareroecJ No cold can*. Our csent* cal you. Growng marketng company b lookng for aggressve, mooeymouvated ncmdual* to *efl our product n the entertanment ndustry. W* provde cal* per day. Top dosert only, need apply. Salary pluscxynrnlssjon. Cam ub to t800. weekly. CaJ Dan or Qreg, TELEPHONE SYSTEM SALES wa tran ambtous. mteogont people, AvaJabto to start Jan. 22nd, Outsde Sale*. Salary + commsson. Cal for appoktmert, Werner Communcaton* TRED OF THE RAT RACE?»0,000 plus par month possble wth the courage to cal GENERAL OFFCE - Plymouth comparry needs part lme clercal holp. flexble hour* 4 work days. Cal S.M.F. nc GOOO YEAR SERVCE CENTER lookng for brght, energetc afternoon safes help. mmedate openng. Canton. 454-O440 HRNG Retrees, Students 4 romernaker*" a you would Ska lo earn up to $7.50 per hour, hb b the Job lor youl Lookng for people who lke to la* on the phone and make money whle dong ft mmedate openngs for the rght pooote and you Just mght be one of (hem. Chock t out 2 sftffls avalable anv3pm and 4pm- 8pm. Cal today, between 0am- 5pm. Ask for Tm Fobom. Farmlngton KCs HOMEMAKERS. neod $** lor holday o5s7 Be your own boss, pck your own hour*. Oroundhoor opportunty. No nvestment. deovery. coloctng. Cal Creatve Home Partes for management nfo NSURANCE C^EfutyRecwtlonst Part tme. Oral surgery offloa hour* per week. Dental or medcal background requred. Cal befweerr Mprrv Help Wanted Part Tm*, KSUfUVNCerHOUSE NSPECTOR needed. Part tme- No experence necessary, wd tran. Need dependable car. Please cal and ask for property dept at - 35 f-2900 EOE NSURANCE OPENNGS - 2 part tme staff postons for a major nsurance company agency n N.W. Farmlngton Hdl*. Compensaton 4 lob dutes to be dscussed at tme of ntervew. Hour* 4-8pm. For further mformauort please eel: JANTORAL part tme, evenngs. Mus haw own transportalon, Uvona area. Cal Mon. thru Frt. 9:30am.;30pm LADES gve yourself the ported gft, your own busness. Sel LkcWcoverWaar Lngere at home partes. UnOrnfted earnng*, free tranng, smal nvestment TRAVEL AGENCY - CXrtsJda Sales Requres sales background, Commbson plus travel beneft*. Cal lor detals WEWANTYOU K you have the desre to earn $30.CCO-5CL000 yearty and work hard our 33 yr. old company wo tran you k our feld of sales. Must be a postve serf ^tarter. CeA..- > S2$^339 S07 H«fpWan!td PartTlm* ABLE paeon; exceflenl cbcuoa 9am-3p*3of 3.30pm-9pm. Top hourty rat* A bonus. Experenced c<fy.b*<fcrtk*4ry: AOVTRTTSlNGLroeSGN 8TUOK) ExperlercedSexyetary/Receptlonlsl needed for jjenaral offce) work n fouthfwd. Exceert organteatlonal A oonvnunlcauon aktt* mutt Part tme hr*. per weak. Ca* between loam-noco ATTENTON men A woman needed to do part tk-rw general offce -* ^ THE WYNOHAM GARDEN HOTEL n NcM bcurrenuy lookng for a part tme nght audtor. Muaf ba avaftable Fr A Sat nght* from pm -7am, Pror audt or boc«*apng axparhoa prtfar^hawa* cat 844AM0 Of KaTtNtf av*rf0f n^ljotx. EOeMTF/rUV/ BONAVENTURC SKATNO CENTER n Farmnotor Has* * acoaptng apf^cartorwmtmpceftloocjww trafnoaa BCOKEEFtR a^rparlanoad. 6om*) afhroona fof arnaft frm > SouthAasd. 8TRATTH REALTY COMPANY 6JA-857V eookkeeper Part-tVna. Ealab- ahad law frm, 3 MN A Norhwa**- arn Hwy. General accountng, computer.ttaxwary.. 4)2^5000 CAMEO UNOCAff - Of*ar* party plan bualrw^* for Jua. a>vrr»atmant Cat Nowt you a or THRTY FVE year ow leader, m tha pamt body A aou*>m«nt nduatry. la lookng to add Wa hava a part t*r>a daroa poamon open n the pmuawrvj dacartrnent tor an a«gr««atva ndmdwaj who daatraa fo lon Na laanv H tj4a at apply at Mortran Auto Palm v--, 800 Market 8, Lrrorwa, a ol FVnouth F»d., t bkxk W. o< lavarv Wa are laklnrj appttoatjona on Tues., January 9,9*0, betwean 9am-4pnv Waar**nEEOCFjT**sr*r CteAhWO^WOW and coupfcm naadad for avananc) offloa deanko h FlYmowh.» COMPUTER OPERATOR BM 38 axparanca hekpful Uvona offlca. 894)32 EARN EXTRA MONEY cwtvbflng ft>4^4vrrr4>t on»««mf9h«r] roul**. Rexl- ^rkxrrt.froa^llrtoofcor«crnfl.w«j^txxra^tfe*a. ArrwrC«n Rad M*fc«tfng 04^S52O LARGE SUBURBAN manlne church *eek» person to dvect senor adult mlnbt/y program A n-home vstaton. Send resumes A nqures l«senor Aduft Search, 98 Blackburn, Urona. Mch UFEGUAR0 A SWM nstructor* - Hour* vary. CPR A certfcaton requred. Apply UvonU Y, 4258 Stark MARKETNG RESEARCH FRM seek* phone ntervtewora (no sates) to work part tme evenng* A weekends k Our Farmlngton Has offce. Pleasant vote, hourty wages A kv centve*. Please contact rxs, from 0amto4pm OFFCE CLERCAL for accountng frm. Taegraph/2 Mld area. Typng tax return assembly. Flexble hour* ORDER CLERKS - needed k our Uvona offloa. 9am to 2pm. Mon thru Thur. AS.GO an hour to atar Cal Mr, Roger*. 9am-2pm, OftQANST/CHOtRDftECTOf, - S Tmothy Presbyteran Cfmrch. Wed. evenng chor at 7:30pm. One PART TME CLERCAL hour* par waek. FsaxJble hour*, plaaaant offloa, deal for Mom wtlh cmdran n school March TVa Co, Ann Arbor Fd, Plymouth. Contact ESeen for appl ^^ PART TME HELP for Southfled FLV. De4aar*h^>, Part* A Warranty Dept. Profcent A agcjreaafva leepfvona»*» raarad, flexble hours, atartmo aaary «X69 par hr. Cal Bran for Wervfcfw PAfTT-TftW JHWERY Flap for NcM area for major rtepartmam store. Ovtlee nduda marclancflalnc and, nventory. Mval ba ftexfck* / hr. Cat between 8-Tpm PART TME. Offloa A cornputef heap. Mual ba ctxtacastttjou* A raa. aota, Experanoa not necessary. CaftThura,Mort,Tuaa.Dafa PART-TME ONLY Producton po*l- UOna open at Uvona prntng Co. We neevjrt^bta persons to wevka* day on Mon A Toes, and aho Frt anernoon*. Must ba *b* lo ba on your laet al day. No other ckbt requred. CaU for an appolntmanl flam lo 3pm, J, Defuxa Check rrlntara, EOE. s PART-TMEWfEXENODfWEFt Ouarcaan Photo, a leader n the photo pfocaaalng ndustry H rvrrantfy aooepong appocahon* (or part tme rjrtvar*. Muat hava COOd tlrfvao raoorra fteaporvs^t^forpjek-upand dafvary on an ae^abaahad fovtat Oc^nparryvaNcfawlNprcorcled. Appfyk person: OUAftWAN PHOTO 4304JW9MH.6rK>..NORTHYKe Ml 4867 (3l3)34»670O MRMANCNT PAfU TM Drfvar naadad 6:»-7:3Aptrv. Mon thru Frt. h Troy - Wmnoh»m area. Must ba ratable. Perfect (oh to upc4amanl daytme wage*, Cal Mark at 842 5OJ0 PERSOHAUTY A Orga»*alonal B^ayarjjw j^ferpart t»wa Cvatornar oarvoe poawon k Uwrwa.- k-ckjdys fkjht bookkaapfng A typng n addton fo taaaphore ft^w up*. loam-^pt ptaaarrwd 4-5 day* aach n&k mesudng Aal j wth aoma tx***uv*4fta>«64>2-»» PERSON *9jM ctaaong n our daycara carrkaf an raovl 4 -Apm., Mon thrv Fr, 0 houra par wa»k. ^ *. RECEPTONST/SECRETARY 25 la 30 hours per week now thru May-for-local CPA frm.-send resume to: Plymouth Rd. Sulla 6, Uvona. M4650 RECEPTONST «em-3pm, Mon.Frt. Perfoct entrance level poston or for someone wfth - yrs. experence. ^ M5e/ Southfled. CrJ Dart al RECEPTONST for hearkvg ad off ce. Clear speakng voce, fng. seflng balloros. 2-4 hour*. No Sundays. hooday*. eves Senor*, accepted RECEPTONST - Real Estate offce needs someone Mon. thru Fr. 9amlpm. Some computer experence preferred Ask lor Cheryl or Ward RECEPTONST -CLERCAL. COLLEGE STUDENT. PART TME - Uvona - perfect posluon for lve local coflege- student Monday thru Thursday. $-9 P.M.. Saturday 9-5. and Sunday 2-5. Lookng for the bubbly personalty musj haxe good typng and phone skts. Permanent poston - more hours n the summer. Cal and ask for Susan. RETAL MERCHANDSER: For a major Greetng Card Co servcng accounts k the Farmlnglon, UvonSa, Belevffe and Ann Arbor areas. CaS RETAL MERCHANDSER PART TME Kmberty-Ctark has 2 mmedate long term, part lme postons for a el a3 merchandser who WJ audt product dstrbuton, prcng, shelf management nventory 4 eel at rela outlets. Terrtores a/e open n east Oet/oft 4 the western suburbs (Uvona. Westland. Ann A/bor). Oualu flea lons requred are excellent communlcauon 4 nterpersonal sk *. prevous sales 4/0r merchandsng experence. nter est m part tme-work only A r Cable transportalon. Work week wot average 20 hour*, compensaton ncludes an excellent hourly rata of pay. vacaton after year. ncentve program. & ^0«per busness mse drven. Send resume to: Klmberly-Ctark Corporaton Congress, Farmlngton Hfls. Mch. 480*8. Those consdered w!l be contacted wthn two weeks An Equal Opportunty Employer RETAL SALES Mature, experence n reus* sales for chd/ens store-n-l+rona. Please cal for further mormaton.98-7 SALES TRANER aoor COVERNGS New York marketng company seekng Detrot based traner to work wtth sales personnel n leadng natonwde retal chan on an on-gong bass. CoGoge educated wfth experence n leachng. retalsng. 4/6r sales tranng preferred. Must be an exceoent communcator wth aborty to motvate peopto. You wll be professlonasy traned. Schedule flexble wfth epprox. 30 hr* per wk. Soma t/ave. Car a must No sales. Hourty rale plus expanses. Ths b a part tme poston. Wrte: Pat Johnson, TMQ. 477 Madson Avenue. New York,HY 0022 SECRETARY/PART-TME: Hr*. flexble- Good, nol last, typng noeded. $7/hr. Souhfetd offce. Caltor appontment SECRETARY - W. EUoomWd. 30 hr* per wook. typng 50 wpm. BM PC. drversfled dutes, some experonoe, ru. Fee pad Lob Ray Personnel SECRETARY 4 hour* daffy, 5 day* a week. Flexble hours General offce, Cal Betty Van Keuren Mon, Wed, or Frt. before noon , ext 9 SELUNG. AT RETAL STORE part ume. 5 hour*. Mon. thru Frt, mature pcrson, Cal 0am tl 2pm, K SEffOrf Westland male needs daffy holp -2 hour*. Cal Pam after ». SKNCARE8ALES. AavrArtlonary producta. Part-lme busness can be handled for down A t looymo. A2-3AV50 par Mo. posslba. Wont Warfera wfth present ernploymool SMALL CONGENAL Offce hvnovt needs rendry person for part-uma order takng and telephone sales. 25 hrjjweek , axt 290 SOMEONE TO STT wtth male rrysm, Mon. thrw Thur*. evenng*, 7-0pm; Sat, 9:30am-l^0pm. No expereooa necessary. Own- u-ansportalon. $4.50 per hr TEACHNG POSfTOW-Evenlngs. Teachng Cert, requrod. Experence preferred. Send resume lo; Southfled PubDc School* Adult Educaton Program t&57sw.9m3ard.. SouthWd. Ml Attn: Mae WrlghL Program Mgr^ TELEMARKETERS WANTED. Part tme, flexble evenng hour*, Hourty pay plus bonus, fjouthfleld area, convenent locaton. Major securfoe* broker age flrm. CeJoeGadon TELEMARKETNG Coordnator. A telemarketers for non-proft chjdrena agency fund rasng. Mon, Tues, Wed. 5:30-6:30. No *e«ng. Coordnator must ba Ngrvy motvated, dependable A orgartrod wth experence. Cal TELEMARKETNG from your homolead generatng 5.00/hr. pkn cornmlssoa Oakland county or Uvona onfy TELEPHONE RESEARCH Work your own hour*. CaKng wthn your locale. No seong. The Research Group TRANNG A Treatment nnovatons b eeeung experenced part tme *taf to work wtth farnbaawho hava deveropmentaby dsabled chldren and young aduft*. FtexJbl* after school and week end hour* rrvafubte n Walarford, PonOae, Hawl Park, Troy and Warren. Experence and ref aranoaa a must Mary VALET PARKERS Flexble hours, for Coftage Student*. Hourly pay. Cat or85-.s34 / WE ARE locmng for an aduh carrer lo datvar approxmately paper* n tha fv«oum*orthv*la arsa. Must hrra * car. Aak for Mr. Hartford at OBSERVER AEOOENTfVC Crculaton Oaparlmant $80BONUS.800AY3 Part lma people No evee, weekand*,- Naton* large** houaecsaanar*,cavrwceaeary $ Help Wtnttd fa^ A _ ^ ^.. A ^. DOflltnC ADULT eaby8ltter for nfant A loddtar * my Pfymovth home. Ml Ume, Mon. thru Frt raon amokar, : ADULT lo cars for Want n my W. Bfoomftatd hofna. FuAttrfwvoam ranaportatlon and rafarancaa. Non amokar. laava meaaaga AFFtCTrONATE MATURE STTEfl for 2 A 7 yr okj otrts, my Canton " 7-5, vwaakaapno ,845-06¾ homa. Mon-Frt, 75 lop wage*. AFTER SCHOOL how*, Mothars Haapar naadevj. 3 chadran, ftaxlba A elepeodeba*. Flymcvlh, 453-8A ADES NEEDED All$»*fTeALVEW9 LfVONA TAYLOR FARMtNGTON HllS.. FttDFOfW Needed lo aa*w our cfvnts nhome. Expartanta heeded. Good wag**, heath kauraooa. Cal EXCELACARE SERVtCfS 50d Help Wanted Domestc AFFECTONATE MATURE tller lor 2 yr. old boy n my Westl»nd t^m, 2 day* per week. Hon smoker wth references, BABY STTER - For 2 month and 3 yr. old grls n my Ewmlngham/ EtfctfmSeW-bomo.^erttma. -non* mokef BABYSTTER for BloomfeK/Brmmgham Area. 8 dr olderwth own transportalon. Referral* 4 must love kd*. Leave message BABYSTTER - ful lme. Possble lve k. Mon thru Fr. 2 mu* Fa/mlngton Rd area. Car 4 references a must. After 6pm BABY6TTER: FuJ-tme. Mon thru fr, days. n my W. BoomBeld home One 0 mo. old. Good pay. Caafter6pm BABY8TTER/HOUSEKEEPER NEEDED, h< Ume, days. SovthheW Hon smoke/, own car. polce clearance requred, aaby&ner/ught Housekeepng, my home, fun-lme. 8 mo all day. 6 yr before/after school, own transportalon, references, non smoker, experence w/nfants BABYSTTER - mature lovng person to cars for toddler n my Uvona home Good day hours 4-wages. Great for cotsoge atudent BABYSTTER - Merrma/VPrymout* Rd. area. 8 mo. old. 8am-2pm, 3 days every 2 weekt, BABY STTER - Needed k my S. Redtord home. For 2 boys, age Mon. Wed A fr. 6-5pm. Start md Jan. Please col BABYSTTER NEEDED m my Frank- Bn home lor 2 cfdjdreo. eges Non smoker. Mon thru Fr. 8am- 5pm. experence 4 references requred BABYSTTER NEEDED: For 8 mo. old chad. n our.home About 30 hrs. per week. Non smoker. References necessary. Cal BABY6TTEA NEEDED - Mature. non smoker lor 4 yr. old 6 4 month ok), 9:30am-2:30pm n our Westland home BABYSTTER- Needed lor / ¾ Westland home. Mom works part afternoons and part days. Must drve»nt be dependable CeJ Glna at 358-7O0Oor BABYSTTER: Plymouth Canton area. Dads at workl Put chld on School bus. 4 meet lor pckup. Free between hr*. Eves BABYSTTER to care for my 2 ch»- dren n my Troy home, Mon. thru Fr, ful Ume. Please eel after 6pm BABYSTTER wanted mmedately Tues 4 Thur. 8am-Spm lor 6 month old baby boy n my Farmlngton Hlls home. Cal after 6PM BABY SmER WANTEO k my Royal Oak home 2 or 3 days a wook for newborn. References requred BABYSTTER - or 2 days per week. My Rochester Hl* home. 3 chldren, Non smoker, own transportaton, rtfrranpes CARNG BABYSTTER needed, 4n our Uvona home only. 2 days, 3 chsd/en 6. 3 A 3 mo. Summers off. $30 per day. Non-smoker, references CARNG, responsble person n Randolph School area to watch 8 yr. old grl, 6am to 8 or 9am, 4-5 days/ wk. and transport to school or latchkey. Cal after 6pm, CHLD CARE/ COOK/LVE N Top *aary end beneft* for the rght person. ChDd ca/a for one 2½ year old and newborn. Experence, mature, references end drver* Boense requred. Non-smoker. EUrtrtngham. -CaJ Mon.-Frt,-9-5 PM CHLD CAR -ferna)e adum to ca/a for smal yr. handcapped chd, lftng b requred. Weekend* only. Own t/ansportauon and reference* emuu44perhr CHLOCARE- For 9 mo. twns n my Nortftvaa homa. Hgh pay A benefts, nc* aatttng. Traned or experenced. Lovng, non-amoker. eva out, ful tme, permanent rafarancaa requred. Ad 42CQ. Cal CHLD CARE n our Plymouth homa for 6 month son. Fufl-tme days. Non-smoker preferred, references requred. Aftar 6pm CHLD CARE m our Uvona homa for 9 month twns, Mon. thru Frt. 7er>5pm. ExceAent pay. Non smoker wtth experence A reference* CHLD CARE Bght housework. Experence requred. References please. Serous nqures only. Cal between: Oam-Spm, Moa. Tues., Thurs^orFA CHLOCARE my Farmlngton Kb home, 2 chldren, non smoker. Own transportaton, references, salary negotable. After 4pnv CHLD CARE-R UABLE lor 2 ChBdren ages 3 and S n my EUoomfleld home. Mon.-ft* 8em-6pm_ Must hava car A reference*. Cal Jean. 848^6348 or work EXCELLENT CLEANER. 7:30am-- a0atcja*9y/$6 per hr. Bedford area. Experenced only. Own car. Reference*, ma COMPANON - ADE, for a young fuxndlcapped woman, after 3pm, W. EUoomheld area, requrement* are Patence A o^pendabbty. Work Eves, COMPANK3N/VE-N ADE lor elderty women, non smoker A reference*. Nce home m Troy COMPANON needed for much loved 84 year old Grandma, responarbstlea would nclude, cemparaonshtp, assstance n dressng, meal preparaton, and aoma AgM housekeepng. Uve-4n or commute. Salary negotl able. Please cal after 6pm DAY CARE Pert tme. My Lfvonla home. 4 day* weak. Bhr. p/dey. txcestent pay. Alter 7pm OEPEN0ABLE CHLD Care needed n my noma. 2 gka, 3 A 8; Tuaa, thru Frt, -^W^Opm. ASThf. 6 A Newburgh area or DEPENDABLE - now-amoker wanted to aft ww my frendly 4 yr. old and 2 month old Tuaa and Thur*. day*. 8-Sprn. Uvona Energetc peopto needed from 9-3pm, Mon-Frt. to do cleanng. Nce workng condtons. Oood pay. Must have own car EVEWNQ CLEANERS Headed, hrl A part tme, good pay, flexble hours, Uvonle A Farmlngton area*. Ask for Mark 352-?547 FEMAE, NON SMWERwarrtad lo cars for toddtor A fw^wbom n my W. Bfoomflad home, Mon, tfvu Frt Exoawant wages for lovng, mature, experenced person, fafararacea f+* qukadlcel FOR W month o*d, 7:30-S;»epm. MovFrt. Matvra l<o»v-arr»okar, jreur homa or mna. Af*sx Apm FUL TM rfoueckkpc»vc»*d Car* for 4 person fame* (nckedkg one 7 yr. c*d boy A one Mam. fmrmlngham t^^- Muel fwflra raasranc- ^t ba a non amokar Awana to conaant to a drug test, A have drver* fcwoee. Uva-ln aooommodatjon* arsnebte FUlLTlVf Nanny to care for Out 2 chexfran and^home n farmlngton Ht**. Prrrata room and bath p»u» samry. f>e a rnembw of our temfy. Petr or Hafan. Day*, M 500 EV*.8«^« Help Wanted Domestc HOUSECLEANNG- day a wk. 6Joomlkld Hts area. Cal alter 7pm HQU8EKEEPER, Lone. Pne, MkJdlebett a/ea. 3 day*, own transportaton,/eoent reference*. / Cal after 4pm, -^^ " " HOUSEKEEPER/STTER Permanent, rve n or out, excellent wages, non-smoker, must th9- floomfletd area HOUSEKEEPER 4-5 day*, own t/ansportaton. nonsmoker. Farmlngton Hfls. References requred NFANT CARE HEEDEO Oays. My home. Cal after 3pm NFANT Cere needed Mon-Fr 730-6pm My Farrrungton home or your* Mature. resportslblepetson wtth relerences Cal LGHT HOUSEKEEPNG... For womans locker room, full or part daytme hour* Appty wthn, Frank-" En fucq-jet Club Northwestern Hwy, Southfled, LVE N,raxT>panlon/hOus<*&eper wanted forrnatu/e woman n UvoWs area. Must have own transportaton, non smoker preferred. RefererWc-s requved UVE-N COMPANON Housekeeper for ekjerty lady/8 M;e 4 Haooerty area. Good home 4 Wages for wa. consderate person, 6\Jays Da/S LVE N.HouscAoeper/ChUd Care. 2 tchoolage ch3dren and t Trre month. Prvate quarters. Brmngham area. 5-6 days, top salary, references or UVEN. mature. responswe. lovng person noeded long term; references/experence a must; good salary: W. Btoomfold; alter 7pm: UVE N STTER/Housekeeper. long term. Mus have ca/. Farmlngton Hms. 4 4 Orchard e/ea or UYE N - 5 days, home care tor wheelchar bound woman - wl tran to learn Traoh 6 Vent Care. Must be mature, non smoker, drve 4 have exoebent references. Cal Marty days eves LOVNG MATURE NON-SMOKNG Person lor ca/e of ntanl. n our Canton home. Weekdays. References requred. CaJ MATURE LOVNG person to ca/e lor boy 7 4 gn 4. o»n transportaton. Westland. y " MATURE LOVNG person to care tor boy (oducaby cnentaffy mpared) 4 brother. Mon-Fr 3-SPM. Abo school V days 4 vacatons. Nonsmoker, own transportaton. Fa/mmgton Hls. Cal after MATURE NANNY needed m our Fa/mlngton H2b home for a 3 monlh old nfant 4 fght housekeepng. Must be non smoker 4 have excetlerrt references. After 7pm MATURE NANNY, part tme, 3 Chadren hrs per week. S6>or hour. Car 4 references. 8 MUe/ Telegraph area. After MATURE PERSON needed to cere for 0 monlh old k rrry home, Mon- Fr, 9-5prh. References ard own transportaton MATURE PERSON wanted lor new cleanng company., compettve wages. pajd mleage, great hour*, retrees welcome MATURE WOMAN to care for nfant n my Westland home. 3-4 days per week MATURE WOMAN to car* lor nfant n my Brmngham home, ful tme weekday*. Non-smoker, own transportaton. References requred. Cal anytme MOTHERS HELPER NEEOEO. chad.. Uve-ln Moa-frL Salary negotable. Watertord area. References requred MOTHERS HELPER- For yr. olds M-F-, 7-3pm. n our N. Dearbom Hg^ home. Car A references needed. Dependable mature apo*- CanUslOukTcaa A CARNG NANNY needed k our NcM home for weft behaved 8 yearold, 7am-4:5pm. Salary. Expertevxa.^eterences requred )9 fuunnyaousekeeper. Uve-kVout (also Surmertlme tv*- n) posloon* avalable. Babytttrvg experence a must. No lee. Mothers Lttle Helper NANNY WANTED n my Northvffle home for 3mo. old grt. 7:3O :30. Mon-Fr. ExceOent pay. HoBday* A vacatons pad. Non-smoker. Needed mmedately PROFESSONAL COUPtE seeks housekeeper,ful tme. Some d/mrkj A eght cookng. Orchard Lake area. Must have references RESPONSBLE MATURE (ndrvdual needed to watch 2 good young chdren A dean 2 day* a week. Nqnsmoker.YVesteoomned SEEKNG experenced rttn-smokhg woman to care lor 2 pre-school ors. Lght housekeepng. W. Bloomneld. 4 days/week. Own transportaton. PosalbBty ol Cve^rt durng week. Salary negouab4e. Evenkgs. weekend* >8 STTER/Housekeeper. Non-smoker to car* for 2 quet chsdren our Fa/mlngton HD* home. 6 day* 2-6PM, f^l housekeepng SPECAL CARE GVER needed for dabetc 2yr. ok). 7J0-4:30 Mon-F/ My Canton home. Non-smoker. 0*\ car. References, 454-9H7 509 Help Wanted > Coplet ASSSTANT MANAGER COUPLE* Dependable couple needed to assst n tha management of ettrectve apt compter, located n growng evbyrben area. Experence preferred but not necessary. Salary, apt., frnge beneft* 4 opportunty for edvencement, can between 0-8 2«f CARETAKER COU*n.E Wanted for Marann laanor Apartment*, SaMry plu* *pwtm«m For WormetfmcalSuaanna *7swa40 CARETAKER COUPLE to ealet manager n memt«rt«nceoff>oe ckaanlng. Aparsmem, aa^ry A utsv be* nclwded. fln can e^woo CARETAKER COurLE* neeoeo ror trveewenc aperwrwa complex. Apartnvrt ptu> af*r». a &3-sm CARETAKER COOPLE Needed V* t»» *r aparwwa pfsx n»««..* wragaa ntauda partmenl and. BMn CeS for nsarvew « MAMA96H COU*n.E Poawtc» M as apartmer - oempan Xr ow^ata saanager Cou> pk*. Dx^ae kvsaas*>* wtekwenenoa.. Arft^ea wor*. ssaaawa), caarteal dw> Na A deerw^a fa»awwt rwavme tec " CfPrrJb f*>u.ty. NC., SMW 0M*> Sw»e wn. Fermralur >*+* H. «V24,.^ a-- -<nr J rtf8wr«rmn»wfv.^^, ^ prv**»nht ^v -*0xr% -^orrv>»<3 (<+p* f*»n»*n * «rv«^ «p< --^n". muy Oooe txvw«no(nr t mer*ea*>q awa* *^^* *^wad«xt No p*«dmary ** Oee* 4 X* pkwuflae )n<<wnm P»C Km vwatx a>"*v«<w M> «ar><o HOUfJeKFf 0 *" Hous«a.wap<rcj po»nr»> "»n m ru* bweff*»* p"w*"»<*> r«l>d. TrarteonrwBr*»»*«xrwfor the A**) * Ww a» P r*>n>m m»wa SarH 3 aa.taa* 5 MOtWPCff/T" "an tw-e *A«r (on, reference*, leave A "TFACHtR MOM need* C*r*«e! Nanny n our Pa-mrflhem how>e for 2 ch»**n, 3 A 7 veer cad*. 7:SOem- 4 30pm, Mon fr, own traneporta- rftejejewqsw SM4 S«J*r* t WORK^c<XPf~eewV* KWV^.. mefvre. non»"w*»>g wornar w care lor out b4*y n our ptyt~»/w> Kerne (lakepenta srwa) ***** 8:8em 5.48*m, Men -Fr. Yov o«w en*> **«< mmt P«*W*- ; n^we* *<««aawe awn 4TS T» ^XfkFKFFPeaa >? -t>m» - S»r.»^J H«h -wcmrw Ml «m«dk«r f h«r * tewk unmwlc of KoueefwM -V4ud*nf c**entr«leur *->»<-«xcmtbmm errejwaw ntwate mmn"^* w M yew M * * JfTwrxOOO»<e» t anasreaawwam OAcxr «aaufjsc "O* net tents*» rjmq/tteyrayea twn w- fteegs* Jesn» caaaseal. M 0k> m.naar,.cahaharapw 4» oaats FUU TfMC»a>)a*a n my C*m noma. 2 a*o. ass aasjy. Mual ba aaja* so werk* fkhttja* homrs. MM*4 heaa T^r"^w^^^f^r*A"4*>v sj^w **^"*^fw^r"^w"w a^asw V^w^af^V $pm..--., J97-07J..- "-".V..._,-,4)--^ - ^HHataSW^JHsU a\fh "ss^r^" klaaaa Has. ajs mm^h MfMf faftf«flfmf*«f*«- -.!:. - V-.,>- : r-4^: ; VK-cf~<^-V,L-;t-A L-lk^L A ^--3^^-JSH^fAt^- ^kal-.-vk^d

46 ^. ^. ^,, ^. - - ^ J.f.r..?. J.;..» ^ ^^ vw. T^- VT^^^^^^^^fT^^, ( / ^.?.f,f ^ *.T v? 3 \ 3 3..«W*"****^!* JX W f Pjl.--. J - J JU.lH..H. W.J.l. r- ^ -. :! t ; QF* ^ 04E Monday, January 8,090 5 Stotttofte Wanted..:. Fernet*.- : :.-. ; -"-. ASeOLUTeHOUSEClEANlNG Peraeoafeed»o your eervlc*. From oettng to loors. K youre mcmrg, OJSv^N 4 Wndow*. «447 AMOLUTELY ALWAYS. VV«prov^tf* hghest o/jatty n domeatw casentog eervtoee. Reesoneble. y^k FUN FLUO OAY AWAJT8 YOUR CM* h Uvonlev Heefthy envron- ffl«r*. Exoftng ectmtlee & lot! o to*.****** AYSfTTlHO: Mom «eara for y*»r cnm, fuevpart lme, expert- need day oar* worker. We Of TC, n*r*wo*v.we**lard , CEATFEO NURSES Aeewant - Matvre, experenced, dependable, raferanoee, seeks ful tot*. any shft. Uwrj»«rw«.-.,..:...,; «CHllO CARE by experenced & lov- ngmom whd la not hppy «Hth W4rt»d«yc«f». QUt work fou*«ca«of your* 4 mlr*. Record are*. C-Wwroh..? CHLOCARB n Fermlnotofl Hke. Aaaa«me. 4 up. Actvtes t*} hot mtaa. Car between 7AM-6PM, Mory-frt.,. 4TS45» CHlLOCA8E-kan<«lfwood sub. ferrotrtgton Bd between 2 8, 3 MaUovlnaratherw»watch, tor* thutm full o» part Ume. Mon.-Frl Ctndyat v *89-««46 CH 0 CARE -a M Urn* openlnge, gee. to 4. good.ratea nclude* nnajs 4 snacks. Canton area :.-:-..--:: ^ «CLEANUW -.-;--.. Fvt ua n your bud0«t»tnl* yaarl For horn* or ofno*. Start at $40. a -OabWa. ;. 4S5-02O9 CUEANNQ: raapofawa woman daaraa work, own tranaportauon.. rafaranoaa. Cal a/lar 6pm CLEANNG: Tuea, Wad 4 8aL week, ly (vmma. Truafworthy. Depend- Wa. Referertoee: Own uansporta- Uorv CaS Alma CRADLE $ONO WFANT OAY CARE Developmental Home Car* Troy Beaumont Hoapflal area. Ca* (33) DAY CARE North Radford. Moa-Frt. «am-«pm. mfanta to 6 yra. MeaJa crafta, fun tme, experenced. Yout tranaportaaon.,; ,CXf> WENCEO ho<«ekeeper, general cleanng, reeaonawe ratea, wtawy or W-weeJoVTcal FORMEfl PRE SCHOOL TEACHER, <)t* care n Orrhlnaham for 2H to 4 year ow.acftool year onry OAROEN CTY AREA <}uawy Chfldcera n a aafe lovng atmoaphere, M 4 pert Hrr* openng* HOU8ECLEANNa-Raaponalbla. lady wffl dean your home. Refereno. ee, Cal vlaataavennga at rtuetlone Wanted Female HOUSECEANNG Effcent 4 expendable lady would tke Jo dean your hous* Lrvorla. WeeBend 4 Bedford. Cal HQUSECLEANlNQ fry honest, d*- pendabte, experenced woman n Plymouth area. ReforonoA_Etsase cmdaoeytv. ** «HOUSECLEANNQ-ha/dwOrklng, dependable,- references. Watt Bfoomfletd, Farmng loo 4 tvona areas preferred HOUSECLEANNG Weekly 4 Bweekly. References. Reasonable LJVE-N companon housekeeper avalable mmedately. Odor o«nu*- man preferred. Excellent referencee 4 experence. Cal (4 LOYNQ Qrandmotnar wu babyak your onsd. 6(0^.-4 yra.; anacka, hot urvma A actmtaa. Ful tn* only, Plymouth a/aa. 454-U2 LOVNO MOM OF wn ova lor your chbd. Maa*,-fun flamea & aotmtaa^ Noo-amokor. Warren & Mtddtetwttara* MATURE - ejparencad ladywtl alt wtth your cmmren for vaoauon* & weakanda, own t/anjporlaooa rafarenom MATURE WOMAN wffl watoh todd>ar 6 daya per week.. SoutMWd area,.your tranapoflaoon perwe**nefldt«bla.., 357-0M MK3HTY MAJD3. We a/a a amal learn ol hardworkng carng ndmduaw reachng out mff day m laama o( 2 to cooquer the dvat ot prvate homaa. Wa are raaaonable, very dependame and ready to help your home. Cal Carol at MOTHER haa 2 M Ume openlnga. kxa ol lov*and attenton. References. Bedford, 7/Qrend R/ver area MOTHER OF year old boy 6 3 year Old grl would lke to babyst your 2 or 3 year old. L>vonla 6 MOe 4 Levan area- Ful or part tme MOTHER OF 2 now acceptng cmdren for chod ca/e, warm atmoaphere, Radford ara Beech, References avanable RESPONSBLE FEMALE eeeklng to dean your resdence or offce. Reasonable.rales. Own transportaton.. $ WLL BABYST rufl tme, weekdays. Ptoase ca9 Ja leave message at, 69^030 YOLNO MOTHER has room for 2 or 3 more chldren. fu8 or part tme. Your transportaton. References. 9 Mae/MttMbeHerea CLASSFED ADS QETRESULT8 53 $twflon» Wanted.",-Mlk/ vv\-> ABLE. OEPEN0A8E maa wanta CRT data antry work. Exparlanoad, llwowahoura. 6W-3M7 55 Chld Caff CHLD CARE n my canaad-south^ flald nomsrohoaraannold a/aa. yra.- axpertanca. Ful tlma only. AoaaSmo.&up. 6* CHLO CARE PROGRAM. lor aoaa 0 waaka lo 0 yra. ol ao«. Carlnad Teaohara. Part Uma & M Uma proflram*. Localad n Uvonla OAY CARE m my Jkonaad homa, bv vla to 3 yra otd, 4 tnoo an Draka. W.BoomWd..- 66^)625 ^CENSEO CHLO CARE Prvate home n W.eoomfWd kxated on 2 M acrea o wooded property. Educatonal 6 enrchment program* (hat nduda - axardae bakng daaaea, aummer ga/densng & nature aludle».aflea3aup LCENSED DAYCARE, prvate home, ful tme openng*, kvanta lo 3 yea/e. EverythJng furnlsaed. 7:5 05:30.2 mbe/lr*»ter LCENSEO OAY.OARE-Daya, ful tkne ooly. Craft. wo)ect» and other fcm actmue. 7.MU4, between Beech OaryerWlnkler OUALfTY CHLO CARE n my.- Hoenaed home. Fun, art 4 acuyoea, meata ncluded MBe ex)t- Warren s. J74-92 QUALTY CHLD CARE. planned actmtles. chrstan home, former beset teacher, 2 openngs. Canton. 455^23 THE NANNY NETWORK, NC.. Nannlea 4 Mothera Helpers Uve-ln/out, full tme/part tme. Pre-screened, Cal Elderly Care & Atalttance A Carng Person n Your Home NURSE ADES HOMEMAKERS-LVE-NS n your home or hospfta) room Personal Ca/e-Meals-Housekeepng ReD able. Courteous Servce nsured. Bonded. 24 Hr. Care Farmlngton HB Brmngham EXCELLACARE ALL AREAS A Free Nurse Assessment Vst n your Home HOME HEALTH CARE 55Eld4KtyCar* a\at»ht*m>ce MCCALLUM8 ADULT F09TER HOME hat vacancy lor aanlor lady/ Saml-prWata, atala Bcansad. Watarlordaraa *0«SJMducatlon _ A nttructroa EXPERENCED TUTOR Qradea 2-6. Your home or mne. Kelp m Remedal or Home work. Certfed teacher, ; FREE COMPUTER T RANNO lor quasbed Wayne County resdents, team Word Processng. Free pucement assstance after trawng._,., _ AppOcantmusL- * Be between 64 2 Lve n Wayne County (not DoUot) Type at least 35 wpm (applcant wffl be tested) Cal Employment 4 Tranng Oesgns ^ ^ ^ NJUST7WEEK8. BECOME A TRAVEL-AGENT. EWott Travel School OverlOOHouraof Sabre Computer Tranng MATH TUTOR Al grades, At Your Home Ctvarene after 6pm MATH TUTORNG ACT. - 8 AT. Programs M.S. - MX Degrees Experenced Teacher PARALEGAL TRANNG 6 MONTHS lmted seats. Job assstance, fnancal assstance (f qukttftedx CALL Professonal Career nsttute Approved by The State of Mchgan PRVATE TUTOR need help n math, roadlng, remedlas? Certfed, TUTORNO for mddle school or hlgh.achod atudenta by Groves Sr. honor Student Secretaral* Bujnet* Servces LFETME RESUME $25.00 TOTAL ProftMlonal 8#rvtc*t ETO RESUME SERVCE Professonally prepared, fast. ouasty servce. Laser prntng. ^ Open dafly 9-5 <25-J LoatA Found FOUND v Youno.male cat on 2/26, yeoow coda/, black 4 whrje wth aome brown, near 7 Mftel. Farmlnglon LOST - Black Cal medum, long fr, Answera to Krby. Mlselng Jan 4h, PERSONAL TRANER n troy, E Be. J-rewa/d. Karen 8+M t»-^ *ror»gerrrnusa«ar4"d«fned. on kulnxtton. provde the wbpower. MusdeCoach. 68K Attwrwy Legal CounaeHng LAWYERS WHO -GET RESULTS 966 Metro Ttmea dlvoroa lawyer p theyeer. Al legal matters. Frst vst no charge. Joel H.*Gboclman 399r Pertonala FOSTEHPARENT8. LSSM ts.looklng for famfles to become Foster Parents for nfants 6 atbong groups. Tranng 4 relmbursemenl provded, Ca/ HYPNOSS, WOBK8 M«ke 990 Your Year. Weght. SmeAlng. Stress. Sales, Hypnotherapy, Confdence, Concentraton 4 more. 653^8,3 SOUTHFELD MARKET RESEARCH Co. s lookng for males 6 femsles 6-40 lo partcpate Vt varous market research projects. f you qualfy 4 would Kka lo be placed V our data bank 6 be pad for part please cal us al 3 8TOP SMOKNO LOSE WEMHT 8orve personal problems wflh hypnotherapy. Start the 90» rght! CfWcal Hypnoss ST.JUDENOVENA May tne Sacred Heart Of Jesus be adored, glorfed, loved 4 preserved throughout the world, now 4 forever. 8ecrod Heart Of Jesus, pray (or us. St. Judo, worker of.mkades, pray for us. Say ths prayer nne tmes a day. by the eghth day your prayer wfl be answered. t has never been known to fajl PubBcaton must be promlsod. My prayers have been answered. TEACHER: W. Btoomfteld. For agebra and readng. Socondary cortncate. Flexble hrs. after school. Cal THANK YOU SL Jude 8 Hory Splrll for prayers answered. E-Hendorson. LOST COG-Smas black spent* mued. Near Orand Ftfver/HaJstead on 2/28/89. Contact LOST; dog. amal black Cocker mx, whte chest, g/ey a/ound mutde 4 eyes, pounds. cooar wth tag*, lost -5-90, yenoy/cherryhll area! Reward/: LOST medkjm brown dog. whle front paw. Red cobar 6 ftea cola/. Hubbard 4 Schoolcraft, LOST MEDUM male podde-creem short ahagoy. front tooth mbalng. Telegraph/! ml.peppy- 853^25 AOSTl SBERAN HUSKY, reddsh wth blue 4 whte eyes, on Deo, 3sL Ann Arbor RdV27S area. Reward. 464-*5 or LOST-SP Perry cw skates m black bag. Sre 6 H. Lost at sandrtngham Way or Quart on LOST WHrTE CAT. Area Of Merrtrran and Warren, please help fnd fw(lghtenng)flound, 42U7659 LOST: 2 yr old female YorkJe. Answers!to Msty, m \he yadnfry o( Brandt and RossaM n 0vden Ctty. lloorews/d REWARD! LOST mwatura female dog. 3 yra. 8hort lal, floppy eara, NondCOa.74lnkter Health-Nutrltloh WelflhtLot AnENTlON LADE8 ONLY Post hoqday message specal. $50 message now 35 n your home. Cal _ LOSE WEWHT/ceOuCte, nches 4 foot great wth homeopathc det dsc program that controls the appettcaubea 422-o PATJENT8 NEEDED for research study Bronchts, WalUng Pneumona. Patents wtl be treated free of charge. For furthor nformaton cal legal Notces FOR SALE 985 BMW 38. Acceptng bds Contact Joana at Loc CredrtUnJon Please Take Notoe that on Feb The Space Place setft storage wn oondocl a safe by aucton by sealed bd for cash only at Telegraph at 0am lo satsfy the aelf servce storage len aganst Oeordan Reynolds, contents of unft Lege! Notce* A SPECAL MEETNG of the Board Of Dtrectora Of The Suburban Mobt- ty Authorty for Regonal Transport (atloh «scheduled for Tuesday. January at 2pm n the au^ hortt/a man conference room kv cated-on the 3th Boer of the-frt Natonal BuSdlng, 660 Woodward Avenue, Detrot. MU The meetng s oper to the pub&c and copes of the agenda wtl be avalable 44 hours pror lo the meetng. 606 TrantportatQn A Travel ARLNE TCKET: -Wey DeUoft to Dales or Tucson. Jan. 0th.»80. or best offer AUSTRA TRP lor 2 ncludes round rtp arfare, breakfast 6 t>6lel accommodatons for 7 nghts. Must be taken Jan 8th thru 26(h 500/ best DELTA.. way, Detrot to ABantf, Georga; January 7, 990.»00. Can FVE TrCKET8-Southwost AWnes Round trp tckets Good through March*, ONE WAY Eastern - from Detrot to W: Palm Beech a January 30th. $ ONE WAY to Daflas/Ft. WoruVAustlo. January llh, $ ROUND Trp SW Arlne tcket by $ SK COLORADO-local akl club has 6 openngs lo M Sleamboal Sprngs sk trp Feb $599 ncluded al but meals. After THREE tckets. 8outhwest AJrtlnes. good now thru March 9. No restrctons. Ask for Lort TORONTO - REO WNOS TRP $ 29 per person. Bus tcket end hotel March 3rd. Cal: Aucton Safes ANTQUE AUCTON Frday nght, Jan. 2,6 PM; prevew 6 PM t rornofus Pr()«rt>srva Club, 5800gaRd^RomuKO.. Take -94 to Kaggerty Rd. ext, go left H mle to Huron Rrver Dr., then lett agan» moes (o 6 Pont ntoraodon, turn sharp left, youre therel Fne antoue tumfture 70 Collectbles BASEBALL CARDS for sale. Al pre 980.After6pm HUMMEL PLATES - 97», 96 n orgnal boxes. $25 each. Also Lenox slemwa/e Antque! ANTQUE MAPLE baby cradle, unutual trge sze, excellent condlon, /42 ANTQUE Mexcan ermore; handcarvod door/sldes; Vrought kon ha/dwa/a; 50"x 24"x 87"; $2500 or best ANTQUE SHOW al Bljrop OaK lagher Hgh School Harper (near Moross 694X Harper Woods. FA, 4 8at, Jan. 2th4 3th, am- 9pm; Son. Jan 4th. tpm-tom. SELECT QUALTY DEALERS Free parkng. Door donaton $2.00 nformaton. 6*672 ANTQUE SHOW A SALE MACQMB MALL Jan. -4 Qratot at Masonc. Rosevtle. Tbur.-Sun. dorng n>a.l ly. Free admsson. MafrTfted wllh anllqo^j andcooecble. Glora Slogon, Show Manager LOVELY VCTORAN soles 4 char, excellent condlon. $975 lor the par, can delver OAK HOOSER cabnet, good condljon. $ OAK TABLE. 48 b). on pedetel. 4 chars. ExceOent condton. $350 negotable. After 4prM ROBERT BATEMAN Onor 400 to choose from. Al secondary market. Dealers welcome. Carrot Assoc Art Gallery ROYAL DOULTON vase, cvca 900. Mn. 23" hgh. $ Crafts FOUR HARNESS floor loom. Le Ocrc, excellent condton, tools go wth, $700 frm Wearng Apparel BEAVER careoa. styled for today. Sze 2. Perfect shapeacpralsod $2500. askng $ 00. Wt CHRSTAN DOR plum wool coat, sze 6-0, never worn, sweatora. skrts and dresses rfake fur coat, whle wth black ks, hood, modkjm fts ladles ncludng Screened, RN supervsed, nsured beautful bano, over 5 vntage rados, antque toys, qualty glass Ades Nurses FVE PROM dresses, sze 3. Pnk, TWO VC TANNY VP arfoata 24 houce - 7 days - - deep purple. Bght blue, whte w/ membershps. Dscount«d %50. ware, crvtf war tems, Vctoran SOUTHFELD NOV black polka dots, greon " hangng lamps, antque advertsng COVER LETTERS Mlo Hgh, contents of unt 305. Alexander Brurnm. Brumftt. contents of unt plus the unque. Terms; Terms: Cash. fox. trmmod n blue fox. ne^et n<net ncludng auto related, prmtves, FUR COAT - ful length Wack dyed Tj MANUSCRPTS VKJ TANNY VP Ufe tme member- exandor y V jmobb^mn shp tor sate. $000. Cal Jerry After 335. Davd Evans, contents of unt For a free pctured flyer, cal worn, value $4000. Bon Bol offer lakes (Porsonnd LASER PRNTNG 6pm or 5pm98t Professonal Health Care Personnel Kathryn lodco, 78 Ford Van. DOUGOALTON. DOUGOALTON, t, K, cal eafl botweon 5pm-9om Wearng Apparel BABY CLOTHES WANTED) Earn cash tor your outgrown chbdrtfta clothes, (Wants to lo"s). V/a sen your "We new" dothes, eo^rfpmont4 toys on consgnment. Baby BabyT-33 E Cdy, NorthvHev Nock 8. Of Man COYOTE suofler length coal, e&e small-medum. Orgnal cost $500 rom Grosse Pte. furrer. Must sal - allerges. Askng $600. After 6H. DESGNER WEODNQ GOWNwhte, sue 6. Pad $200. askng $400/besL Vol ncluded, lyssa org- nal, gorgeous Garage 8ale»: Wayne MOVNG 8AE-Thur», Frl 6 SaL Jan am-4pm. Antques. 840s-76rpm records, dshes, glassware, furnture, loots, etc 2478 Donald. Redford T*p. 708 Household Goods Oakland County ABSOLUTELY 8EAUTFUL, brand new kng bedspread. Custom, auhted; whle, moua. $ J3 BEDROOM SET - al wood. 2 drfcsser». hutth. bed wllh headboard. $99. After 3pm 855r9436 BEDROOM SET 5 pece wood, perfect condton After 6pm BELGAN Provncal Dnng T*ble. Buffet. 6 cha>s. $400. Green vnyl couch $50, BLACK olasj. contemporary dnng room set. seals 4. very good corxflon. $75; 2 cellng futures-brass, lor dtrfng room or ktchen, $25 each BLUE mm-prnl sofa $300. Brght blue sofa wflh red trm $ Cubc ft. almond retrkdgerator $50. Al exceoenl condlon. After 7PM. or leave message CONTEMPORARY LEATHER rvng room furnture n very good condton & assorted eudo 6 vdeo components. Very reasonably prced. Cal after 6PM Contemporary sofa, loveseat. 2 rwtever chars and formca table. Southfdd ESTATE SALES BY DEBBE Households apprasals, buy Outs Hem to wttoe house. 20% lee Classfed Ads GET RESULTS Classfed Ads all n classf e!.-; V^.! " bcycles \ < :- ;- ;.-. t \ >j, ^ >. t CLfl66FED HDVEQT6NG? Oakland County Wayne^County ^ Rochester/Rochester Hlls j^~ 4>«M>V*«H t*<n fc* OuHJ » w,m m~4m\m..,-..-,: :^r::-fe ^

47 p^mw^^m WPP 708 Household Goods Oakland County BRASS HEADBOARD, kng *U», HOQwbtlotltf.." CONTEMPORARY OESK: S drawer. /ofl top, acd oamntth. char, 2 year* old CONTEMPORARY sectonal. 7 peces ncludng 3 gas* topped upholtered t«w«*. Aher pm CONEMPORARY black, 3 pece sofa. kfve«*l & char, pad»4000.»0 taka J WO frm. Mus *eh DNlNO BOOM- Mahogany Aw 0 Char*. Chna Cebtnot & Buffet. WrJ *ep*r»te,fmlu*t6q DNNQ ROOM, table A butfalby FUlr- n Walnut 6 rosewood w/ chroma base*. hand-mown crystal chandeler,. fve-pece sectonal, Kenmofe washer 4 dryer. Weekend* OWNG ROOM t^ble-contemporery r ass octagon top, chrome base. 4 rre char*.» Household Goods Wayne County Monday, January O&E * * F. COUCH. Char, Ottoman, end («b(«, ljv ^.,* 4 "^- ""V kmercan $50; dnng laba 6 6_ct>a!r»_0*k. Oonfemporary 250 al n good,,. dtlon. both *eu (or»350 « BABY CRJB wth ches,^,,^ Uka new. Smmon* COUCH & 2 matchng char* excel- wt wod.uoo.»oo. AnUque map* V.aUe bed frame.» DNETTE SET.»450. Couch,»250. Anwerlng machne.»75. Excellent condton, CKhlNO ROOM - oak Ubfe & «char*.»700; 3 Ktchen or bar chalr»,»?5e*ch DNlffQ ROOM set. hckory. Butlel law«( 2 leaves). cha>», chn* cabt^ net.»900., 4S4-<683 DMHQ SET: Contemporary, walnut drop teat table. 4. cha,*. chna, leal & pad!»500/best After ESTATE SALE WATERFORO - Slang) *«/» brown shot wth gok). m."* gtas*. mug. some furnture. ryed-sat> l0- pm.$j75l offaortr EXERCSE BXE. Tuntur>»20. La/y f/oy char, kke new. green rv&ughyd*.» f(ve PECE Kng-Ufa bedroom set. excoften condndn. sold oak.»750 Call afler 4pm. " 85-24*2 FOUR black contemporary dnette th* $2O0. Tno Mack & chrome d/lng cha!r*"»50 Two matchng bar HOOU } 00 Call AM 8PM, FURNTURE, applances and took for sate owner relocatng Can between 0am-$pm GE *lde-by-sde refrgerator. 2 years new wth cemaker & con ronence door»50 Also Queen mattress & oo sprng $45. Evenngs or weekend*. " - * deal for students: 3 pece aecoonal.»65. Swtvel rockec-w/loot aloof.»25. CaJ after 5pm $ LAOY KENMORE washer & dryer, both»250. Oak table. 4 chala.»400 Oak buffet.» LARGE SECTONAL SOFA wm matchng tables Slate blue, custom made, excellent condton. Game table 4 4 chars. Mack lacquer, brass 4 glass. ke new. After 6pm LKE NEW. 3 pc. sectonal grey wool couch. year old»7500 new. Best orer or MANY household Hems:ncludng relrtgerator, bedroom sute; sofa. l987bucklesabre NEW SOFA; French bedroom, double, dresser, lamps, table. 4 chars; msc. Must sell. Soulhfold OAK FNSH youth group. yr. old. twn bod. frame, nlghlsland. dresser/mrror 4 Chest.»800-. wckor crb wraached drawer*, converts to >outh bed. mattress 4 matchng wcker dressng table.»425. Fsher Prce car seat.»25; Eureka Mtey M.te vacuum. hp.» OFFCE DESK, 5 drawer, black t eel. woodgraln formca, plus swrvo arm chax»75. Sear* cotdspo chest fre«or. best offor. Leave message OUEEN sta mallrcss A box sprngs, good condton, $20. nte&evlslon (apes DOUBLE BAR BO grd wth cover 4 wheols. fcropane gas. 2 yttart old.»300 new, askng» DUNCAN PHYFE mahogany wth 4 chan, chna cabnet 4 bvffel»400/bcs otter FOUR poce wrm«bedroom set wood: fun sue headboard, good condton, negotable KfTCHEN CABNEY&44 ft. ox.» n wt^lpools >as oven.»75 Butcher block reproducton.»75 Utlon mcrowave n almond hood.»20 Steof double sr*;» LVNG ROOM PLAYPlT. 6 pece. earthlono. 2 wcker chars, must sofl tynq room set. S ptoce. sofa, lovesea. cocktal lablo. 2 end tables.»600 A Kef 6pm. 4S MAPLE OHNNQ set. end 4 cotlee tables, ktchen dnette, sldo by sde frdge. Amana mcrowave, cabnet, gas tawnmower. ubta saw. small froejerelc RUSTC FAMLY ROOM turrnture. 3 pece. bege^nue. exconent condbon. best oflor SEAR SEWNG Mach<r>e. good conduon. 2 yrs old. 8 strlches. ree arm J95 Call 474^)44 SSNOER Surgor sowng machne 4 spools. Ue ne n63 SOFA & 2 chars good condton. Reasonable WATERBEO. Kngsae Deluxe, headboard. 2 drawers,» Msc. For Sato Oakland County ARLESS PANT Sprayer, hal gafloo per mnute» APPROXMATELY 00 sq. yds of now certfed Dupont Slalnmaster carpet and pad. earlhtones 750 sq fl of 2 X 2l.le RUNSWCH slate 4x6 pool table»495. Snowbtower 5hp rotatng auger type»275. Pmbafl machne 25. Color TV»50. VCR»50 Monllor 2color» CRAFTSMAN 6-½ nch Jonter/ planer wth stand 6 lockng wheel*, kke new.»250. st-268 ROCHE BOBOlS marble dnng room tame. grey/peach, ovaj. wth 4 hand "carved twan char* wth grey crackod Lacquer fnsh and peach leather J2750. Glass top coffee table wth square marble podestal Pmk formca table wth leal and 6 chavs, a-ncod upholsery.-*o0o. Mahogany executve desk, 6 x 3 tt, $600. Ponable wooden showceso. M sc couches SERVCE tor ptoce set Royal Daulloo fne bone Chna. Englsh Rer-alssance pattern, Lke n -«. Askk-g»l999. CaJtater5PM SNGER DtAL-A-MATC h rag sewng machne n modern MMrt cabnet - makes desgns, appfques. buttonholes, etc Flepov sessod Pay off»54 cash of»6 per month Guaranteood. UNVERSAL SEWNG CENTER TEN pece modular group: La-Z- Boy. 2 contemporary char*, lovesea. couch. 4 tables 65M680 TWO KARVAR0 bed frames & bo» sprv*3«.»25.e&ch*el UPRGHT SECRETARY wth hutch, eecuuve desk. Glass pedestal dnng room table, coppertono double door relrtgoraor wth cemaker. rou* bed VERY OOOO TO MNT sobd walnut 4 mahogany desk*. 0. cheap, won, -reryreasonsna.prvate WORK BENCH blue couch 4 chajr. tcecenl condton.»475; Tunturl 202 rower, used twsc«.»7$; 2 Wue lamps»20; Kng Burt wcker char, cushon 4 tde table» Household Goods Wayne County BEDROOM SET: Dresser wth mrror, chest, bed, frame & mall/ess 4 bras* headboard,»225. Cal after Jpm COUCH, love seat, blue plad; rose hgh back recflner. ptne round dnng table. 2 char*; a beautful corvdfjon Oay* 347-0; eves PLAYPEN - Uke new. best otter V)C TANNY VP. Hetme momborshlp. PVsase can Msc. For Sale Wayne County COMMERCAL garbage dsposal. 3¾ tp.. 3 $t*se,»250. Scar* etoc- rtc motor. ho..»60 Eloclrle motor. /4 hp.» OESK3NERS4SEWERS Drastc Reducton on Desgner Fabrcs. CaS for appolntmenl FABRC - V/> yds of wool check pattern, woven m Scotland, cost»450. best offer NEW CLEAR SPAN RGD FRAME metal buldng. 40x60. wth 4 tt. eave hefghl 2x4 truck door. mmodatory avalable.»3.000 or best offer. CaS Don at MBM Fabrcators SUMP PUMP for sale. H hp tutable lor Ml ste ranch.»2757besl Corv lecterter «34 VETERAN AN0/OR DEPENDENT Prlvata oclor scholar*h!pj evaaable n aa Relds of study. For nfo tend SASE to M. O. K. Enterprse*. PO Box Redtord, Ml Applances- AR ponotfroner - large room. AMC* CAL0RK5 gas range, ne-w. yr. old. extononl condton, atoond, GAS ORYER, Frodare. whte, good condton. 00. Canton area. After 6PM JENN AR bult-n»ov*.»25; KrtchonAJd "dshwasher,»75: both f^>c<jec<^.l>ontpjymouh 45^-5554 KEHMORE SELF CLEANNG; EJeotrte range. Kenmora 9 cw. ft.refrgerator. Both Qcta.»395. Kenmora gas dryer, washer.» KE7JMORE WASHER Seres 60, space uvtt, whte, lke new - used onry year.» KENM0R WASHER 4 D«W. M- *ae. Brand new.»550. (set) or best offer or Crafts jfr an sfert»rrffec«ntrc#. cassred_ eature ^ov^o^^^^^vlo SALE ONY $2.99 S930Or*»»«#mtttf»r d?&ut wwy ftvlm lam«<«v*nt«<r<>ch4jtm b«xlf >rt4»4«fmby Y % n t-o,^t^ n» prry t* SOStlTf^t*. Ut fnt*mm»nt[mnt ar m\m* bn U «r#jhf» ttvty «r» Wr*<fo*?B>4 M na4aft-ank fhaa^la fuk* ^SSW^ 72 Applances GE GAS ORYER. JSeayy 6Jtt. tx(/» laroe caoach/. ~ -*6lv2638 KENMORE- washer. heavy_my, *W0r 6lgnatu««tecu5e "dryer, %uy r bothtweeoeot 63M068 KfTCHEN-AlO Portable Oshwasher. W«stlnohou*etf-<4ear> electrc range.»00. ea, 459-5«3 MAYTAG gas dfyer, approx. 7 yr». Old. Work* porfoctfy,»75. A«e< 5pm or Susan NEW HOTPONT 3 cu «. refrgerator»200. New Samsung Mcrowave»76. Royal commercal vac»200. AT4T Sprnt Phone System»750. CaaAM-8PM, «Rebult refrgerator*, reeer*. atoves, mcrowave*.»tereo*, TVa & VCR». Guaranteed/doOvered. AXan Applance, 2(60t SoulMefd, lahrup Vaage TWO Whte Kervnore eectflc range*.»225 6»200. whte G.6- refrgerator,»200rvyhlle dshwasher.»00. Stanless snk.»30. After WANTED RebvUdable, Refrgerator*.Freezer* 4Stoves 4 Tale model, Portable TV* WASHER, dryer, stacked. 8 mo*. old. warranty. Mus sol - askng eve/weckonds.76sr2294» Busness & Offce Equpment CASH REGSTER. 2 departments.»350. Store futures. *o5d wood card rack. Some rrusooffaneou* rtems CaJ CLASSC 8lhC«ntury style mahogany executve offce furnture set. () 6x3 table/desk. ( 6x2 crederva. (2) oxtord guest char*. (H matchng pedestal type desk char, all Bemherdl. never used.»0.000 value, wll tacerftce» CONFERENCE TABLE. Dansh contemporary, 3/> by 9V.. e. wood. 8 upholstered arm conference char*.»550. Pontrac area CUSTOM OFFCE Furnture- Contemporary Formca- Art equpment. shemng. tables 4 more CUSTOM offce Tradtonal furnture 4 offce equpment Also offce refrgerator and mcrowave oven Serous buyers only caj Mon.-Fr.. 9am-5pm: GESTETNER Model 2005R coper, cost new» prced to sell -»500 cash OFFCE FURNTURE SALE Desk* rom»99 Chars from»09 Conference tables from S )49 CORT RESALE CENTER Northwestern OFFCE FURNtTURE-OOOugh char*, desks, fle cabnet* 4 msc Hems to equp a small offce. Call for descrpton 4 prces Computers AMGA 500 COMPUTER wlh megabyte memory. 084s montor and software»900/best APPE/Madntosh. SE20. plus laser prnter 4 mcrosoft word aoftware. Purchased now June S89. Negot). able. 645-WSr BM PC JUNOR - 640K. montor, keyboard* dsk,» MAC NTOSH plus computer. mage Rder. second dsk drrve. hardly used.» XT COMPATBLE wth hard drve 6 color montor»900/best After 5pm Commercal ndustral Equp. BOOM TRUCK for sale ex rent Please can Ken at FO ST-tNDUSTRJES Comparator. 4" SOX. 989 model wth extra*.»3500. Baldor grnder wth»l*r>d mcron damond wheel and SO Grt Damond wheel.» or /7 Lawn Garden Farm-Snow Equp. ARJENS SNOWBlOWEfl, 20" HP. electee»tart. tetf-rxopefled, txe now.»200. After Spm, JOHN DEERE Show Blower, 8 HP, 2 stage, electrc * tart, used loss, than 5 hr*.,» » SNOW PLOW complote 8 ft western for Chevrolet (GMC) t/ucfc *600/best Buldng Materals OAK FLOORNG. Oak trm, wanscotng A d^tvervslon lumber n tlock, wholesale prces. MT Hardwood* nc Hosptal-Medcal Equpment SEAT LFT chav by Jonah, used 6 mo*, new coodtorl. Royal Blue. Can Hobbles Cons A Stamps CASH FOR basebaa. footbal & hockey card*, also con eooectlon* RECORD SHOW-JAN. 4 OoorrxUe*. Ton* ol Record* 9AM-4PM,VFWHaJt Gratot Between Ten A Ft who. RosevtBe 723 Jewelry ONE lados 3 carat p$a/ shape yetlow gold damond rng wth 3 baguettes. va.kjed»30,000, askng J lr.000 or best/one man* 9 carat yeflow gold Corum 0 dolur U.8. con watch wth gold band, cost» askng»7 $00 or boj/ono»«l of damooo *lud earrngs,»^ carat* each, S cost, askng»6500 or best Can Mon.-Frt. 9-Spm ROLEX men - * two lone 8 kl watch. Excellent condton, must tt* CameraSSupples ECA R-43. wth 28mm wtde angle, excooent condton, (500, -, MOVE CAMERA & Projector Slent, sev*. loom. 0 or %X laa new, no BgM necessary, l?5 or best after 6pm Muscal nstruments AREAS LARGEST SELECTON Outtry used pano*. From» Mchgan Plarv Co.. Ftn«plano»now BALDWN BABY GRANO PANO Ebony fnsh, xoaflen cooduon *th bench»6450. Mchgan Pano Co, $ CHCKERNO CONSOLE Ptano. walnut, axcetaht cooduon.» » DRUMS-LA* ne-#, Tama 2 pc. C*S after 6pm, 64l<»0» PLAHO, 922 Uprght Good COodJtkxv»300 32A-9008 QUALTY USEO PANOS apectaft- ng n rvfwshcd Baby Grand*. ABen Pano Co Orchard l*«rd. 2cA»HclGr*rtdF0r*r, WALNUT pano *fth b#nct\ 4 yr*. old, xceent condton, p»ld,400. *«kjng».000 «2-202* WURLT2ER COr»oJ«p»»hO, good cooduon.»2800. CaJ afler 4pm. 47^-W4» 729 CBRadfoe CeHwftfPhorxt MT6UeSr«*t»f«A rack»y* M m- ckjde* e*wnet, pr» amplrvy, dsc C4«Y«< & dovb>«t»p4 c«s*«t«deck,»2w0cvbt « Sportng Goods GOLF CLUB3 AmerfcahUdy W«Jw Hagen U.4,6 *ood». Z- ron* wth bag andecvor*. Also-dual -wedg«andpu«eyrj Tradoor 8ell PCK UP truck»tor»ge box wth bull n cooler, new n carton, Ar Compressor, cherry pcker.»now blower, 972 Trumph convertble, garden tractor, weghl lftng outft, cutoff saw, A-frame, BendomaUc tax ppe machne, portable dshwasher Wanted To Buy A-OUTBOARD Boat moort A tank* wanted. 3hp to 6hp. Evlrvude, Johnson etc. Cash watng CASH FOR; Wanted; Old Chrtstmas Hem* (Father Chrstmas, fgural Bohtbub, ornament*, elcj CHNA/DlSHES-Full/partlal *et» Lenox. Cajtetoo. Metlox. Nortakk and other*. Cash p<ud LONEL/AMERCAN FLYER TRANS and accessores. Any ege/condrton. Top cash pad OLO Fountan pens. Zeorth, Scott* McMurdo, Capehart 6 Stromberg rados: tube N-fa.. 68t»7tJ3 WANTEO - old *t*reos and mono ooupmenl. separate component* WANTEO. Snowmobles, motor power equtpmont and msc. nem» Can FRSalvage at WANTED; Toy tran*. Lonel 4 Amercan f (yerjwy condton. t>l«ces/sets Also Model CV» « WANTED Used furnture 6 antque*. Days After 7PM Household Pets AKC LAB puppes, yellow AKC Lhasa Apsd pup*. 3 males»200 each. 2 females»250 each. Vet checked AKC MNATURE Dachshund*. Schnawer*. Rottweler*, home rased puppes. Stud servce, groorr^ng. Bob Albf ec/t ALASKAN MALAMUTE puppes. AKC. great g<fl». BorJoy BEAUTFUL MXED lab pups. 6 wks. old. SoOd black and socd brown.» or BLUE PONT Samese ktten, short ha>. Utter traned, exceptonal.»50 0» BOSTON TERRER, male. year, shots, houscbroken. paper*, very actve.» BOUYlER PUPPES-AKC. champon sred. 9 wk*. Ear*, tal done, shots guaranteed. Show 6 pel BOXER PUP - male. 8 weeks old. champon Wood One» CHNESE SHAR-PE. female. 6 weeks, massve wrnkle*.» CHNESE Shar-pe* puppes, we have wrnkles. Regstered. 9 week* Old. S20O-S45O COCKER SPANEL FomaJe 3 yr*. Nood* good home. Very (rondry. Great wth kd*. 729>4JAt COLUE - AKC. 8 week*, fomaje. sable 6 whte, adorable,» COLLE PUPPES AKC. sabte* 4 tra. st shots 6 dear eye chock, CUTE, SMALL FURRY PUPPES- Vecdnaled. veternary chocked, "o select homos onry DALMATKDN - 5½ mos. old. good wth chldren, housebroke. must scfl.»200 frm. 422^5377 TO A good home - mxed puppes. 6 week* old. males, lemajas. CaJ after 4pm TO A good home. 0 mo. old terrer/ mx pup. female, great dsposton, housebroken. (OwnerUTV GOLOEN RETRE/VEf pup*. AKC.»200 tor males.»250 tor females. Caa after 6pm GOLOEN RETREVER. boautful male puppy, AKC. shot* GOLOEN RETFUEVER PUP3. AKC. beautful, shot* and wormed, male* 4 females -> 47A-70O6 GOLOEN RETBEVER - AKC pupptoa, bom Oec. 9. Oreal tor Valerv Une* Day.»250. depost w9! hold. Hotry. Ml or HMALAYAN PERSAN-thOw, breodcr*. pel quasty. $00 A up. Prnts 4 hybrd* pm to 0pm, let rng LABAOOR RETREVER - Gentle, mannerty, needs good bom* mmedately Ask for « LHASO APSO pups. AKC. 7 week*. Dartng, sbedess boauttes.»300 -up LOVEBRDS: Blue A Black M\sk Lovebrd*. Hand-rased babes., Campers, Tralers & Motor homes FOAOMtW- MotOfhom»- 975»5500. Good shape Auto & Truck Parts A Servlco FRESTONE radal *no* tres, wh tewajts, o* mleage, 5 boft mount ed balanced,»85 set MEYEAS 7W foot plow.» Auto Fnancng BADCREDT NO PROBLEM! Cell Mr. Sbolton OR Dealer 820 Autos Wanted "TOP CASH" For Your. Used Car or Truck 984 or Newer. ART MORAN PontlacGMC FORD 568 F350 CREW CAB automatc, ar mle*. $0,988. Jack DemmBf Ford WANTED, AUTQS & TRUCKS Bll Brown -USED CARS Plymouth FKJ. Uvonla Junk Cars Wanted ALL AUTOS 4 TRUCKS Junk, wrecked, runnng. Top Oooa/ E 4 M Auto Pan* ALL JUNK CARS WANTEO Runnng or not. Best prces pad. Open 24 hr*. 7 day*. ^ ANY CONDTON Junk Car* Wanted. Free Pck Up flons Towng Caa Anytme: WANTEO Junk cars any condton wth ttles Pre Towng 522-5S Trucke For Sale - BAD CREDT OK FORD 989 F-250 4x4 TOYOTA x4 FORO 988. Ranger FORD 988 Bronco XLT 4x4 GMC 988 S-5 Jmmy 4x4 DODGE 988 Dakota 4x.4- CHEVY 987 S-0 Many Other Choces Down payment t takoover payments. Natonal BRONCO D XLT. ar, mrlos,» Jack Demmer Ford CARGO VANS Low mles. Great work vans. From Jack Demmor Ford CHEVY C Custom Oeluxe. Exoeflent condton. Power loerng. brakes, 4 spood a/to. Low "mrtes. Cap A bodcner.» CHEVY mles, exceflent eondvuor.»3800 or best otter ; CHEVY. 988 Pckup. 350 V-8. Must Soe.» JackCevleyChevyGEO CLUB WAGON. 985 Van. 7-passenger, XLT, loaded.» VLLAGE FORD LOT CO. 986 Pckup. Automatc moes.» JackCeuleyChov/GEO OOOGE DM 982 or Ml work truck,»2.995 FOX HLLS- CfwysJer-Ptymouth DODGE 98 wprk van. 3\J on. Rebult transmsson, run* great.» DOOGE, 946 D-250 plck-op wth cap. power steerng, brakes, amfm stereo.» DOOGE. l98toakota LE Pckup. Automatc, ar, cruse, cassette, V6. 2 lone pant, alumnum wheels. Don" pass ths or* up. onfy $6,995. CRESTWOOD DOOGE FORO RA7WER Blue XLT Sopor Cab, Exceaenl CondJOonl AJr. stereo cassette. S speod. Cap kv duded.» MALE cat*. 2. neutered. VA yr*., lovng A playful, would rather not eeparte. To a good home MALE TOM, bg. U oranoe. great personalty, neuter ed «NEWFOUNDLAND puppes. AKC. champlorhne-. gua/anlood PROFESSONAL 000 TRANNG Done n you/ home. Gua/enteodl Hcus^eaklrg-cn-corrrnand. On* Spot n your yard. Larry SCHNAUZER PUPS AKC regstered, black, males $250, females $300 : SHH-TZU Pup*. AKC, thpt*. Aso aduft* A tny types female puppes SBERAN HUSKY PuM.;male A female, akc, shots, CT>amplonsh^> bloodlne fl 34: After 6pm « TAN0AR0 POODLE/BLACK LAB, Have paper*. To good home. Mu»»aerfe«. FamJypet* » 740PetServk«s TWO DCO KENNELS, ex2ft.»200 eacklftanew Rec.V/shfcftt UTlLrfY-RV endomd unn«. dust axle, wn accomodate 2 targe anowmobtle*.» SnowmoWres ARTKJ CAT PANTHER, 97J. Run*. $250, *J4 JOHN OEEftE 960 TraJlflr*.»800; 975 Rupp 440,» pece tras- «r, $250. After 6pm: 47^28»3 SKJOOO. 978 tv«r«t 340. hot grp*, «xo»n«nt, $4 76 or best 478-A37 TWO SNOWMOBLES, /Vtlo Cat A Yamaha, 400 mfe* on each, $2495. V 4M-A464 YAMAHA SRV 962. A 983 Excel HL hot grp*, cov^r*. n*w **\r\ *We B traler, » 804 Alrplenf s LEASE J944 CESSNA TURBO 20 Lo*d*4. nck.d^ng ttorm (cop* A eolor radar. Hangered at Oakland/ PdntlK>. T«rm*r»»a»llSp%B53-»400 0 Vehcle *Y Boat 8totl9«. AAA8TORAQE / Boat*. Traler*, Truck*. Outdoor, *<» ffght-d. eecurm De<trkftyv>rt)»*.8a<rf*.. JefTr»«AT»l»gtyh>r»a Mn «MOTOrvjvfve FORO. 978 FtOO- 6 cycnder, 3 tpood,»625. FORD 974x4-V8. 4»peed.$425: FORO, 980, F *po6d, AMFM stereo, power brakes A steerng. Good condrtloa* FORO. 980 F-50. V-8 automatc, ar, 2-tone. aouthem truck, extras, excellent,» FORO F wheel drve, heavy duty, ak a new,»2, J089. FORO 989 F350 SUPER CAB - XLT, Oust rear wheels, av, automatc, captan* char*, and onry 2 mbcsl»7.$00. Jack Demmer Ford Trucks For Sate DODGE , dutomatk; 36, 5$ 0*mBe*.-assgns btt.warrarty, red wts deluxe trm. V/agonwheeU,»6600 or best DODGE, 988 Rarnehorger. Automatc, ar. V8. one owner. Lfte Ne«r orrfy»8,995 CRESTWOOD DOOCE FORD RANOER XL 985. Two-tone grey, aulomatlc, 6 cytnder. al power, ar. tt wheel, cruse, dual tanks, cap. Jxceflent condton.» FORO XLT 985 LARAT PKX-UP Automatc, ar condton, cruse, am/ fm cassetta. 6 cyccnder. ro8 bar, rafy wheels-, whte lettered lre*. 6porty»7.668 LOULaRlCHE CHEVY/SUBARU Pt/mouth fd - Just West Ol FORD h ton pck up. bg 6 automat*, outstste truck, no rusl».325 _«UtAUTO 45"S-S FORO 989 -Super Duty" RoCback 2 car hauler»dese. a^. XL and only 700mes» " Jack Demmer For.d GMCJMMY 988-4x4.0,psy model, red 4 3 Her engne Very clean.»2.300 Can after 6pm GMC SERRA CLASSC PCK-UP 987 Automatc, loaded. 4x4.ft WL clean LOU LaRCHE CHEVY/SUBARU Plymouth Rd - Just West of GMC v. on wlh dump. 4x4, 350 engne. 7½ Mover snow plow, needs lra.-vsmss;on.».250 Wxom GMC. 968 Serra P<*.up 500 seres, 8 ft bed. power sjoerwg. power brakes, stop bumper, onfy ml^s, one owner. JAVE.»7.995 CRESTWOOD DOOGE HC desel engne speed trans. 22 ft. van body, fcft gate, excellent condton, lease mantaned. Fresh panl S3 50 Evenngs JEEP COMMANCHE 989 loss than 00 mles, new warranty and fvvanc- «^g»7.995 FOX HLLS Chryv^-Plymouth MA20A club cab mjles.»4.00. Mu*Woa. 64&05 r cap. ar. aulomatlc. amfm «tereo.v>ew tres, dean.»2900erbosl ^ RANGER, 984 Pckup. V6, automatc eesserfe.»3,685. Jack Cautey ChevVOEO RANOEfl 985. V6, automatc, new t-es. extras. excx*ont condbon.» RANGER Blue, fber glass cap. runnng boards.» VLLAGE FORD LOT SUPER WAGON V-8 Passenger. automajc. hgh capacty, ar. From Jack Demmer Ford TOYOTA 982. truck SR5. 4 x 4, 5 spoed. anvfm. brvshgard, wnch, dura Sner.»2500 or best TOYOTA 985 Pck-up. 2 whool drve long bod. Many extras. Excellenl condllor.» Vans AEROSTAR XL 988, aulomauc, black mles. 7 passenger, am-fro cassette, power steerng, brakes. a>.» AEROSTAR. 987 XLT, loaded, mle*.» AEROSTAR 988. Loaded. ESP ptu*,$ or beat offer. ~. CaT»3-638«AEROSTAR S88. Am-fm cassatte, power optons, cruse, runnng boards undorcoated. great condltlon, m3e*,»r, AEROSTAR 988 XLT 7-eassenger. 24,000 mles, Sharp! $0,900 Hnes Park Lncoln-Mercury exl400 AEROSTAR 989 Converson Van - 4 Captan Char* and Bed Seat. Extended Van. Loaded and onv 60 m2e$t$ Jack Dmmer Ford ASTRO-SAFAR 66 Aerostar, 7 psttger $7, Astro LT. 7 passenger $0, SaJar, 7 passenger $2, Astro, 7 passenger $3, Astro LT.oadod $5,590 JOE PANAN CHEVROLET Telegraph at DOOGE CARAVAN 98«Automatc, ar, ttereo: Hurry,» HOLDAY CHEVROLET Vans ASTRO CHARSOT -CONVERSON 988 loaded. Clean. $2,666, LOULaRlCHE CHEVY/SUBARU Ptyrnouth Ftd Just West of CHEVROLET /4 ton. Van, mdes ar, exceben! condton.»6600.»» CHEVY Van. Tra-Tech converson, speed, O.O.p. CaJ after 6PM DOOGE CONVERSON VAN 984 captan char, loaded. Cal lor detal* FOX HLLS Oh/ys5r*-Pfymoufc DOOGE, Grand Caravan. 989 LE. loaded, exotflent condton, 7 pas- onger, V-B, 4 spood utomaoc, cruse, cassette, sunglass, much more, extended warrantor.»5950/be*l OOOQE B85, Corrrerston 250, as powtr. look* and runs good, new Ves, 83,000 mbes,»6, FORD CLUBY/AGONXLT passengor, V8. avtocnallc. overdrve mles.» FORO 984 Converson van. bay wtndows.- captans chaw*, actual mces. Uke buyng a nerl one!»3.e95-. TYME AUTO « FORO STAflCRAFT Converson Van, exceflent.condtoo, owner, My eoupped, 4 ceptans char* A «ofa, luggage rack A ladder, to much to Ksl. beautful luxury Van. Must see to eppreda te.» LUMNA APV m3os. fuffy loaded,» HOLDAY CHEVROLET NO CREOT CHECK Ford T989 converson Toyota 987 LE 4x4 Down payment plus take over paymenl Natonal PLYMOUTH VOYAGEFt 988- FuBv loaded ExceCent condtjoa mles.» PLYMOUTH VOYAGER LE. 984 Excellent condton, loaded w/ alarm.» VOYAGER low mbes. ar. power steorng/brakes/locks/wtndow*. 7 seat, crutss. am tm stereo. wtle* car VOYAGER 987-Automatc, ar condton, 7 passenger 4 to choose from - V6 FOX HLLS Chryver-FTymouth 45S VOYAGEA 989 automatc, ar condton. 7 passengor. power lock*, balance of new warranty 9 9 fnanc- ^ "FOX HLLS Chrysler Plymouth Jeeps & Other 4-Whe«l Drves BLAZERS/JMMYS 69 BlaarB 0. loaded»3,990 6AJ!rnmySl5,loaded $2, Bluer 80. loaded $0,793 87Jrnrny$5.l04ded $0,790 JOE PANAN CHEVROLET Telegraph at BRONCO f X4. Aulomatlc. V-6.*tereo. $4,690. VLLAGE FORD LOT BRONCO. 988 XLT. 4 x 4 automatc, touch drve, rust proofng, pant protecton.»0.900.»8-489 BRONCO H 968 XLT- 6 cysnder. automatc transmlsslorx touch d/tve, loaded, warranty, body protecton, mfles.jl2.e00 Eve BRONCO XLT. 98«, 35 engne, loaded, mnt. new. Ore* 8 brake*. $9200. Mus tea *3 BRONCO, wheel drve. XLT. extra aharp. V-A.» * VLLAGE FORD LOT BRONCO»89 - XLT V-B. ek\ $4,969. Jack Oemmor Ford * > = DOOOE RAM CHARGER X4 AutomatJe, elr condton, $0,695 FOX HLLS- Chrvser-PfymoAJth »6-37 DOOOE RAM 988, H ton, excecenl shape, runs great, marry extras, $4TS FORO 989 F50 4x4 SUPER CAB XLT V-A A* and Ohfy 20 mflesl $3,969. Jack Demmer Ford GMC 4X4 PCK-VeWgh *J«rra 937 calfordetass GORDON -CHEVROLET^ ON FORO ROAO N GARDEN CTTY 42-92Q l3rrtrue-.jeeflo>$44, through^ Ocwpment? Caforfactsl l ", , Ext 34» JEEP WAGONEER Mnt condvtlon, orgnal mscs wfth car frf>oh*$ J#4>ps4%Other "4Whe^B»ves GMC Jmmy, black, gypsy package, lulry loaded. Askng W^95, ? JEEP. Cherokee, ^ 964. Pcwor steerng/brake*, new eng^e, 6 cylnder, $ JEEP CHEROKEE 988 UmJed, fu«power, sunroof. $ or JEEP GRANO WAOONEEa 984. Loaded, rebuat engne, new t>es. shock* A more. $ JEEP REflEGADE 950, CJ7, new ckjlch, trev $2900 or best offer. - * JEEP 96 OJ5, Warner hubs, lock out hub*, hardtop. Look* and runs cyeatl $,650 TYMEAUfO SUBURBANS 88 Sfrarado. 4x4, loaded $4, Slverado. 2x4. loaded»5,990 87So6ll*da>2x4 454V8»0.990 JOE PANAN CHEVROLET Telegraph at S-0 4x4 988 Extra cab. sport package. Puffy loaded.-must soe HOLDAY CHEVROLET TOYOTA tpeed. Cap. ttereo, mjes, clean, new Urcs. breke».» TOYOTA 96«.plckup. VcxkKCdted. cap, bedsner. am m cassette, new brakes. 7,000 mles, excecenl condton.» port8& mported Cars ACURA 988 ntegra LS..5 door hatchback, toadod. lke new, m3es.» AUC S. blue melanc/ Wue leather, loadod. exceoent cond,ton.»9400 or best offer AUD 4000 GT 985 Sunroof, ar. cassette, and more.»6.50 HOLDAY CHEVROLET AUO door,» BMW S35S.988. aulomatlc. loaded, extended warranty. Wred, for phone,»20.900/best. Pat BMW 733V979-Excenent oond.ton, mles, mantenance record* CORVETTES 72 Coupe. Loaded» Coupe, "Rod.-» Convertble» Cooverbbe» JOE PANAN - CHEVROLET Telegraph" al CORVETTE, 965 Roadster, 327 S65 HJ>, 4 speed, al number* match, $9,000 or best offer. CaS after 630pm. (49) CORVETTE, 987 Convertble. Automatc, ar. low mbes, $22,995 ; North Brother*Ford CORVETTE 990- MUSTSELLConverUbVx brght redh*ttfte top/red leather nteror. One n contest/never drtven. Serou* onry OATSUN OT 30, 98-5 speed. Well kept, runs excesent,» t<2066 HONDA ACCORO 984- Fantastc runnng 5 speed hatchback mles. Red exteror, black doth nteror. $ HONDA CMC LX door, 7,000 mbes, ar. Alpne stereo A eouaszer. etc; whfte/blue ntortor, 4 kv whootsalres. adjustabw seats. & new, 6 speod, 6 varva manual, $4, HONDA CMC jragon. 5 (peed. ar moes. retabe.» HONDA Prelude,:-945. Stereo, unroof, extra <«*rv»swo/nmo0- aba HONDA PRELUDE 987-6L> 6 speed, black, exceflent condton,.espower, - - : HONOA PRELUOE «pe«d. Exoeflentl Alarm A tape. Pampered carl$4,400,... ; 355-«?M SUZU HMRK door, 5 speed, alarm, Calforna car ml, Exe«"*nt- condton; $7000/best, _ SUZU mpulse 968, nvnaaata, warranty, sporty, loaded, lotus handbng. sunroof. $ MAZDA MATA mres, package A, ar, mfted ssp.»8300 WaftarSpm., UA20A loaded. mmaculata condton, $3,850. TYMEALfTO MAZDA manual S speed. exoebeht condton, 4 door, washed offer ejsporsa-^-^ mported Cere MERKUR Xfl4T - 3~Z choose from» :; Jack Dernmer Ford.,.,: SAAB Turbo, exoauent condton, run* perocvy. 4. door, leather nlerlor, tutvoof, pa4«d, 56Krn2es.» * :H < 4»r-,t 5? 4^*. 4H> SCORPO 989 Tour j^g Package, Ford Motor Corrpany Car*. Frem $3, ; : Jack Demmer Ford,: ; STERLNO 987- Loaded, red wtlh moon roof, /lew tres, new batery mbes. $S.Q90 or best offer Of SUBARU x4 staton wagon, low mles, excellent cbndoh, $7200 or best olfer. Eves. 673 A29 TRUAPH 976 SpHfrft RoadStor convertble, absov.ety no u*l, actual mjes. Fun n the sun wth ths one! st»2.000 lake* TYMEALfTO Classc Care CHEVY TKrya 97 Florda ca/, power steerng/brakes, ar. am m, exostlenl conduon. 307 rrotor,»3000/best. After 4pg>.^4-554 MARX. V 978 luxury trm; pnfy orgnal, owrer mles, collector r-jaty. Cell lor detal* - Knes Park UncobvMer cury ext 400 ".A >0 *4> +y: f"* -!v3> T 4A/t 4f»> du s J,"*. *«( W -^rr * * tj* \t* 854 Amercan Motors ALLANCE - Renault9?5. PL. 4; door, automatc. r, 68,000 m/es,.. new tre; battery, good f/ansporta- * T tfon, $ 300. After 6pm T.TN ALLANCE Gold. 4 door, ar,; stereo, casselle. kr* mles,»2480. (^VLLAGE FORD LOT? ENCORE (Renault)..4 Her. engne, 4 sp<sod manual,»m m stereo, fabrc seat*. 3 door hatch, black dear coal w/gokj plnst/lplng. yr/ warranty," exeetjont ^condj- t*on._»2s00. : 437-6^49 SPRTT Southerner. Excellent condton. $ or Bulck»- S JV v.k f.» ~* Tl r :.*v rrk «A>. - *j> CENTURY 984 Automatc, ar, stereo.» ^- HOLDAY CHEVROLET J*2> \X CENTURY 984 Custom, power,.. *loerlng/brake*. excellent ccod- ;"> lon,»3500/besl After 6, "^. CENTURY door Umrted.; ^- Fuffy loaded. V mles, war- <>>V ranty left.».950. V? ^r> ELECTRA 984- Wagon, power stoerlng. brakes, wtndowrs, lock*. anvfm cassette. UL»3,000.. Home 477^025 Work LESABBE LMTED door, fun power, dark gray, loaded wth4 extras» :.-. e26-223jl L SABRE, door. powhy wvxjow* A locks, u. cruse, pow*- *eal A more. 34.0COrrJes.»8.495.> Bob Jeaonotter?"!? PONTAGGMG % Rymoulh, Ml * ; PARK AVENUE loaded, exceaenl condton.»5.00. CaJ after REATTA 989 Sport coup* Low_ mneage,"gm «xee. "car. "ncludes press kt photos, extras,» Days Eves. A weekends REGAU 98. low mses. New brakes, good tres. Needs engne. work.»00. CaS REGAL 989 Grand Sport rmes. 3 yr. warranty. Metafle black! loaded! $2, RVERA 987. frembt red, leather accent nlerlor, extra dean, loaded, $2,000. After Spm,..-,42^075 SXYHAWX, 9A5 Lknted, AJr^ ttor- o, pow4t tteertng. power brat** tfca Haw, bnfy $ :-:; <> /.CRESTWOOD-:... DOOOE - ; A SKYLARK. 88- Al Blue,.has ejlll opbons,- 6JDQ0 mses, run* good J*»«)nn/be5tofler.»-* 350-2)5-856 Csd4llac.BAOCREoaOK Urnoosne 987 super stretch Oown paymenl phs take, over" pajmentnatonsj M488 COUPE OEVMXE EHack. Loaded. Non smoker. Leather, wea mantaned.» OEVJLLE 985, txoejlant condton, wre wheels, loadod. $ ::-.: EL DORADO» 945, Southern car. Eju»0ent condtoa» «, Or MERCEDES SE, 4 door sedan, 6 cylnder, automatc, am-fm radvx, ar. dean, $,600 or best offar.afterspm KtSSAN CEWTRA, 9S4 4 door. 5,000 mbes, loaded, but no power tteertng. $3,600 or best PEUGEOT 983,505 STL *«man- Uned. black beauty, loaded, low mlea, $4200, or PORSCHE 987»24S - red, 5 *peedl low maas, Max sound system, bra. $000 A take ovqr payrnenu T3-$59t FLEETWOOO 987. Rear wheel drve, loaded! Black w/gray nteror. $ After 6pm, FLEETWOOO Brougham loaded, exceflent condton, 55,000 mses, $7800 or best offer SEDAN OeYlll 989. leather. mmaculate, whte;» Evenngs A weekends.: SEDAN DEVLLE Color. Woodland Hue. loaded, clean, new pant» : SEVLLE wej mantaned. *8- ver, owner mles, $4400. ; After 6pm Rec. Vehcles WN DNNER FOR TWO **,,.- *» DCTtCHT SBSOOTWflflDN (33)3«J-2000 Send^^ your nome and address, ncludng you> tp code, on a postcard.addressed to: ; ; ^ * JACQUES DfMCRS OMERVK A ECCENTRC NEWSPAPCRS 3*525 $chootera«road Uvoolo,M4a50 Well mpartally draw names for wlnrrers from your entle?: Watch ycxr r.orngtown ^wspoopr Crossfled sectons where we wll prnt the wnner* frame*. f you fnd your name among the classfed dch/erttements, col 59^23O0 «>^ 404,ar>dck5myc<jrprfee Wnners wll appear on Thursdays For Ths Contwt».-, One entry per forrt»vp4e<»e,.4jr ^lma

48 : 5 r " H. : % ;t * -U.-M, w^rff^-*.*!*!» m M** w^^^wmrnfmrwrn^j^-^-yv- C ^ r- ",vf ^mm^^^jfm^^f^mfp^^m% )... j "\ -<: "V <** WT.MWWW.^- - u, U " *! 2F* t O&E ^Monday, January 8, " 858 Cadllac? FLEETWOOD. W 0Eleo.ance.f ASTRO VAN 95«Lowmflo.W * Bleck/btack leather nteror,chaul-.* leur d/rren, 73,000 hghway mles,, excellent condrtlon,.», * SpmMon-FrlAsklorMlrtKO r SEVLLE 98«, black sapphre A b!ue leaher, 33,000 mle*. AsUng *8.800.Callbelofe9PM ¾ 860 Chevrolet automatc, mod more, $5,499 GORDON CHEVROLET OK f ORDR0AO N OARDEN CTY Chevrolet BARETTA" 5E dean, new lfj, flood condton, orgnal owner.»7750., «CAMARO 969. Boat offer) After 6pm, Chevrolet CAPRCE CLASSC 985 staton wagon, Mly loaded, low mbeege, excellent condton, $5, CAfh(CE fk(ce 98«CUsjtfl wagon, fght brown metallc, wood gran. M power, ar, em-fm stereo. $8900. ; : ZX TURBO SAVE $ TURBO Platnum/ Leather, Electronc Package, Speed, 4200 Mles 90 MAXMA GXE $ 000 Rebate 89 SENTRA"E ZX Rebate excl %»rbo J* Plymouth Road Lvona SX SE nvvv $ 750 Rebate 90 SENTRA : Standard $ 500 Rebate Customer Satsfacton Dealer,nDetrot! - No One Else Can Make That Clam! Plus tax. tlllo, destnaton. Prce ncludes Acton Nssan rebato. CRESTWOOD * Announces GUARANTEED REBATES** 990 DODGE SPRT 4 DOOR Su>er Dscount Pactaga Ar Condtonng Automatc Power Steerng S Brakes.Tt Wheel Cruse Control -AM/FM Stereo Rear Defroster WAS $2,739 NOW ONLY $ 0,867* 990 SHADOW 2 DOOR LFTBACK Automatc w. Cfoth Rec&w Buckets PowerSteerng * Power Brakes AMTM Stereo Rear Defroster $ ONLY 8645 Wo roed your trade-n! Top Dollar Gven! Free 3- Month/ 3000-Mle Warranty! 00 Clean Safety nspected Cars, Trucks and Vans to Choose From!! 5 STAR SERVCE AWARD WNNER NEW 990 DODGE CARAVAN A/OW_ ONLY 2,565* at ths prce VHm TAWWS Aulorpmc, ar, crull* tentrol. atarao, only ttt/x rr**. Oct Own* bstuty. «AW*5495 vomua. UBAftON COUPE Aute(T4V. ar, K, crutu, po»»r wlrv*7«t tvfccta, (ct, m&f to > o.vtr69ds WFORO F-l»$tttflCAB XLTtAWAT V4.»<AxT\»!e, ar. l*, nto*. rxxwr rvvsewt 4 axs, tovgut cap. OMV8995 wrofto Fl»<«MUWAT Aulomtl«, v-f.»k, M» «,««. rg 4 b<v«t, UK. Wf. lew *.**». *<w*7895 Package Ar Condtonng 7 Passenger Automatc AM/FM Stereo Rear Defrost Power Steerng & Brakes Full Sze Spare. 7 at ths prlco. M000CE SPlRfT ts TUflSO fulr/ *^ulptll. On* OUT*-. Ur4 OOctSKn. onr 0,995 H DODOS SflRHU Au*om».l6, ft,- vh, crul. c«tl»^». pet»^t» l.-xj kxvl, UrtfXt.»,<X»rV *4 w 0,495 ;ACVRA HWALS Ablcmle, tl, crvt*. <tl»!!«, bftjm t«<j, 74 o*r>k c*r,«.(nh eoftd.flofl.- 0^^^,495 DOOGE SHADOW ESTURW 2000fl Af, t/t, erv»». cm,», fclck" b«k^y. OMV5,995 CRESWQOD.SATURDAY c [*. MJSC 4 ".^:;t, t - V W?«S0 FORD ROAD GARDEN CTY DODGE ADVANCED CREATONS CONVERSON VAN.Cruse Control Power Wmdows AM/FM Stereo 4 Captan ChaJrj Fun Rear Bed > Runnng Boards Ful Carpetng RoolRkk Bay Wndows SnackTray - WAS $22,445..* ONLY».4,445* SAVE $ DAYTONA 2 DOOR HATCHBACK Automatc Ar Condtonng THWheel Power Steerng 4 Brakes AM.TM Stereo, Dual Power Mrrors, UgMPackage " ONLY $ 9640* VOOOGEOUN 4D00f Aulomlle. fr, pow mrng na bf»k»», n M rcw.llr+t OwrS.OOS TD0O0E- CARAYWU 7PASSW0W Aut«mn«, (!(, M«l( *Vw}«.».»oc*» tn tut, tetm c».*kjt- #m< $8,995 : wchavsra NEW YORKER AN0AU fu» po*». eo«ewrv*, mw cwv d«on «>M.r «,988 *MOWC»00 SERRA PKX-UP H tov ufcmft 4^, ^<r*r r*«f- ng 404 jvk. h«tvy ca/r p»c*-»8«, onjy «000 ms*». AYtl»7,995 SERVCE HOURS 7:30-5:30 TOLL FRLE OUTSOl ;>( THOT S60 Chevrolet CAPWef, W4C4t4t»6l«UonW»gort. VS. utomstc,»v, power teerlng-tk4>.«4-vjkk>*t-l0ck»-40*4. * M»*«oa«r, p>0v»«r nv6o(v0«r, only W.<»5 CRESTWOOD DOOOE CAMARO 98.. V-«, «975. Of>0- vetl», POW &olh pxxltttp^ W CAVAUER WAOON 984 Automat. le, tr oofkjuof, prtt«<l to-4*a, t.s LOULaRCHE CHEVY/SUBARU P^tnovth M. Just West ot /^SC CAVALER Z24 89V«.54peod.»V. W Vd. «utom4tlc 4Jr» V0, «utom4tlc, tt. S8.790 JOEPANAN CHEVROLET Telegraph at CAVAUER 984 Automatc, ar, 4tefeo , HOLDAY CHEVROLET 474-0S00 CAVAUER, v 985 4lattoo waflon, (fc^l whoel drlva, em-tm. economcal,» CAVAUEA 985Aulom«UC, tk, and 4terO0.» HOLDAYXHEVROLET CAVAUER 986 L Aulomallc, H power tocka, ttt, cnjfse, much rrxxe.» JckCeuleyCftevJOEO CAVAUER 987 Z-24 oowpe. aulomauc. ar, power wndow! A locka. cruf}*, Ut. very dtan, low m)es.»6500. Alter 4pm: «CAVAUER 987 Low mbes. a;. axomatc, ate/eo a/xj more.»4.999 GORDON CHEVROLET ON FORO ROAD N GARDEN CTY CAVALER , loaded, wltn ajl extras CELEBRTY EURO 986. eceflent ooodruoo, weo malnlajnod.»5200 or best otter CELE8RJTY Fu!7y equpped mbes. a^ung "l»4>" 00 or bet ofler. After 6pm: CEE8RTTY, m!jes, «xua dean.»6.285 («204 A JackCeuteyChov70EO CELEBRTY 985 Luxury edton. fuffy equtppod.»3.995 HOLDAY CHEVROLET 474^)500 CELEBRTY door. Wua. automac. e/r. atereo. Only ( VLLAGE FORD L0T2 278^700 CELEBR/TY 985 Eurotport coupe - 4 cyender, 4 4poed. elr. power W!Adows & loefca. cruse, aurvoof. alumnum wheels, new tres.»3500. After 4pm CELEBRTY. 985 Weaon. Gold, automatc ar. atereo, 6 p&ssengor,»5360. VLLAGE FORD LOT CHEVETTE 986. ExCeOeol condlllon! mlle. Autorrutle.» or best CHEVETTE 986 Automatc, atereo. exceflont buy at»2.95 GORDON CHEVROLET ON FORO ROAD N GARDEN CffY CTATON orgnal ml., new braxes/exhaust, runs great, no rust. Sharp.»J CONVERSON VAN 984 3/4 Ton. loaded al»5.499 GORDON CHEVROLET ON FORD ROAD N GARDEN CTY COPJSCA 989 Ar condton, ater «0. only mles,»8,689 LQjJ LaRCHE CHEVY/SUBARU Plymouth Rd. - Just West ot CORSCA, 988 CL. Automatc, ejr, many extras.»7,88. JackCevley Chev.#EO CORSCA 989 T. Loaded. V-6. utomatlo, ar, cruse, tat. power door locks, buckets, consol. sterto. tnted gtasa & more. ExoeOent corv dttloa GM exocuvre owned car.»9200/besl LUMNA A.P.V. Chev/a New "Al Purpose Venlde 60APV.GfaY2toneCL. Gray 2 tor* * 5, APV, Maroon»5.490 JOE PANAN CHEVROLET Teefl^Ph at MONTE Carlo ,000 mfle*. ar, cruse, power wndow*, very dean,»4700,/wl MOWTE CARLO, dean.» owroom NOVA speed, *>, t*r*v ateerng/brake*, stereo. 4 much, more. SpedaJry prced» PAOE TOYOTA NOVA door, axrt.0, ar, atereo, newer Urea, brakes. Run* & looks great.» NOVA: 987. Exceflenl condton. 9 AV, am/tm stereo sr $3990 SPECALS 67 Chevy Sprnt. AutornaOo,»3.«90 65 FWaCoup "Stck," PonUac( «6000 )LE J 3, Camaro Sport, "SlW," :3, Caprce 4 Door, Loaded. W.990 JOEPANAr* j. ~ CHEVROLET" Telograph at W S4990 SPECALS to Chevy $prnl Turbo &edrurn,AJr FrxdEXP.Ar TeuruaL8,AV 4, Celebrty Staton Wagon 4,990 85Votk8dro co Ma»J«RX7 4,«*> JOEPANAN CHEVROLET Telegraph at -696 ~ «CAPWCC Orgnal owner mbea, good condton, rvrvj good,»000? * Chry»r*f CHFlYSLEfl CONVEftTlBLe 989 Aulomate, ar condton, turbo,» powe/»3,995 FOX HLLS Crwysler-PrymoutT PUSTEFt 987 automatc, dean, W.M ).99 J FOX HLLS r>^ysler-pfymowth M37 FFTH AVENUC, 987 Automatc. «Jf condton, al power,»5.09) - FOX HLLS. Chrysler-Plymouth s «6-37 Fnn AVE 985. Vue, Oood condton.»3900 or best otfer..s4m58 LEBARON Convertble Turbo, loaded, m*e». owner. CxoeSent condton. Askng» After S TUfSO LASER W Loaded lo the mx, tewmoee,»2,499 - : GORDON CHEVROLET ONfono ono noao N SAROEN CTY Dodge AftJES low rrucaoe, A- condton,» ASPEN utom4tjc. power»teorng-bfaxe4, oood aaapo.»425. After 6pm *.CARAVAN.» S84 55,000 mles, COLT, 979. Runs»*e new, MlcneUn tres, owner, cmch brakes, body mnt,»500. P4t OAYTONA 988. excellent condton, ar, automatc.- emfm, low mles.»6, DODGE RADER 987 4X4 Automatc, ar. stereo, must 4oe, only»7,995 PAGE TOYOTA YNASTY 969 Automatc, power wndows and lock a, ar condton,.000 mles, new fnancng - balance of /70»9.995 FOX HLLS Chryver-Plymouth LANCER 987 Automatc. a> condtllon. crulje, tll. Am/lm casetle. sharp.»5.757 UHJLaRCHE - CHEVY/SUBARU PrymcvU Rd. - Jusl West ot ( OMN 983<Jood corxjon, new dutch and exhaust.»300 or best. C«3 Joe after 6pm OMN 984.Automatc, atereo. new tres.».995. HOLDAY CHEVROLET OMN. )987, automatc, ar. power Heertng & braxes, emfm atereo. charcoal grey.»3550/bej OMN, door, 6 speed, power Seerng. power brakes, sunroof, cassette, onfy 30,000 msos. one owner,»ave.»3.488 ; CRESTWOOD DOOOE SHELBY CHARGER 985. blue/suver. excotlenl condtton. ar. new Ea- /.» SHELBY 985 Charger, excellent condruon, ar. now Eagle VRs, extended warrenty.» Ford COUGAR: 989. Loaded! Must seen Reasonable offer mles. Ca3 evenngs or weekends CROWN Vctora Whte, M power, leather seats, foadod mles.» CROWN VCTORA Full power mles, nce cjoan car. Can CROWN VCTORA, 988. Bege. 4 door, loaded.» VLLAGE FORD LOT CROWN VCTORA Blue. 4 door. ar. stereo, non-smokef»,»5,450. VLLAGE FORD LOT CROWN VCTORA door, charcoal, power everythng, clean.» VLLAGE FORD LOT ESCORT GT Super dean.»4.995 North Brothers Ford ESCORT GT 986. loaded, power steerng, brakes. a!r. Sony am-tm cassette.»4200t>esl offer ESCORT GT 989A-brght red. loaded mles, 4629S BO ?7 ESCORT ExVa Cleanl 35 mpg.»,000 TYMEAUTO 4^ ESCORT AulomeUc ar, power sleertno. power tx brakes, one mlntoon- owner, onry 2J.000 mles, droon.»ave,»2.495 CRESTWOOD DOOOE Ford E8CORJ GT. 989½. Red. loaded, 6600 mros, wfe) c«/.» ESCORT L7983, 2 door, aucfc. runs excellent, oood vrlnler car.»950/ best ESCORT L 985^-5 apeed. new jrea. power W 4kes/4teerlng. 64,000 m«e4»2^ ESCORT Pony 986, A speed transmsson, excellent condton ml,»2600. After 6pm, } ESCORT 982. AX optons. nteror/ exteror very good condton. Needs engne. st» ESCORT, door, automatc, ar, stereo, onfy».990. VLLAGE FORD LOT ESCORT Great shape, runs good, low mleage.»00 or best offer. Can after 7pm, ESCORT Grey, 2 door. 5 speed, runs good,».790. VLUGE FORD LOT ESCORT- 984 GL..Automatc, ar. am-rm casse e, mnea. v ESCORT. 984; 4 door, automatc, ar. good condton.» or ESCORT 985½ L. 4 speed, dean, very good condton.» ESCORT 985½..9L 4 speed, am- m cassette, now exhaust. Wnlog ben. & brakes,» U -03? ESCORT door, sharp!»2.795 North Brothers Ford ESCORT, door. 4 spood. ar cond.tlon, dean,» VLLAGE FORO LOT ESCORT 986- owner. 2 door, am/tm cassette.»2,900 or best OHer ESCORT ar. power steerng* automatc, nce car. 70,000 mfes. $ ASTRO CHAROT CUSTOM VAN Tnted g!a$3, delay wlpere, 4.3 V^6, automatc overdrve, ar, stereo cassette, powor wndows/ locks, cruse, tlt, rear sofabed, 4 captans chars, full pant runnng boards, full nsulaton. Stock #T Ford ESCORT, door, automatc, power steerng & brakes, ar. M.980. VLLAGE FORD LOT ESCORT 988 EXP. Loaded, excellent,, lake over»224. payments. ncftjdeswajranry. t jdeswajran EXP 986 \ tvo rvory. dark red nteror, tots + 4poBer,»2,350 of extras TYMEAUTO Jport. Autom4l)c, ajr, cassette.» VLLAGE FORD LOT EXP 967 Escort mbes, 5 4peed, many optons. Excellent! t6.000/best, after 6pm FARMONT door. 4 cyunder auomatc mk«a. Nce,» ! GUANAOA, 980, excesenl condton, no mv eh new parts, see to appredat* GT PRODE Sunroof. Must so3! Black. Loaded! ^ LOOKNG FQR SMALL AUTOMAJ- CS? Prced reasonable. Some wth warranty, some wthout Tyme has many lo choose f/oml TYMEAUTO LTD CROWN VCTORA mles, loadedl Uke newt»6, LTO WAGON 982-V8. power brakes/ste ar condtl lonlng. Southern car.» LTD Whte. 4 door, tt, automatc overdrve, clean VLLAGE FORD LOT MAVERCK 977. eondluon. Low negotable. automatc, good mleage.» t-m MUSTANO 960-automa and runs goodt Why pay».076 TYME AUTO Ford v LTO 960 Wagon. Body A nteror n.; good 4hap«, needs engne work, as. f» 6pm-0pm ,) LTO, 986. Whte. 4 door, automat- le, ar, loaded.»4,760. VLLAGE FORD LOT MUSTANG OT speed, 5 Wer, 4*rer. loaded,»6500 or best. Offer: MUSTANO 976- AutorMue] power. 4teerlng. brakes, am/fm cassette,» l-»23 MUSTANG black, mles. excebent condton. Florda car.» MUSTANG 98 -automatc, power stoerlng 6 brakes, ar. Cute ttle red carl».400 TYMEAUTO O003, MUSTANO 98.Black, 4 speed. V/rTng to 4*3 part! Comptote,»300. Noeds some repar MUSTANG LX. burgundy. 3» v-6. dean, atereo. new tres. 50,000 > mres. loaded.» ,- MUSTAHG mhos,;. dean,»4,795 North Brothers Ford ^ NO CREDT CHECK Mustang t988lx5.0 Escort Nrt 988 0T,Ot.pllsU T-Brd 986 Turbo coupe. Many other avtos to cnoose. Down payment plus take over paymonts. Natonal O/ MORE ^tl CLASSFEDS Tbl^cluHclon ^cofurvoed on, P fl«%j 7*5." vrptjm*t*m**um*wkrmf AUTO SHOW SPECAL!" Double Your Pleasure Sale Sunshne Acura Suzuk wlw MATCH Vour DOWN PAYMENT or TRADE N Allowance up to $$2^00$ $ Thats rght $2500 s worth $5000 on SELECT Acuras and Suzuks. ALE EMOa 8«nnUy /3/90 sunsmre ACURA-SUZUK Grand Rver. East of Drake Farmngton Hlls Phone: OPEN SATURDAY 0 to 3:00 ANNUAL JANUARY RED TAG SALE Retal: Dscount: Rebato: $20,68 $3,900 $,000 NowM5,78 50* 98S CHEVY PCKUP 4x4 HEAVY DUTY 3/4 TON Stereo Cassette, Scottsdale deluxe frt appr., sldng rear wndow, auxlary lghtng, rally whqets, delay wpers, tnted glass, 34 gallon tank, heavy duty heater, gauges, stab, bar, summt whte. Stock #T3238. {-.»4- M Retal: $7,52 Dscount: $2,032 Rebate: $500 NOW4, NaUOES NO CHARGE BEOUNER 989 CORSCA HATCHBACK Rear defogger, V-6, automatc transmsson, ar, stereo cassette, power wndows/locks, cruse, tlt, auxlary lghtng, delay wpers, black. Stock #670. Retal: Dscount: Rebate: $4,67 $,270 $,000 NOW M, CAMARO RS Power locks, removable roof panel, rear defogger, ar, cruse, cassette, tlt, delay wpers. Stock #655. Retal: Dscount: Rebate: - NOW H,689 $3,742 $053 $000 r 989 CAVALER 224? Bear defogger, V-6, 5 speed, ar, cassette, cruse, tlt, delay wpers, blue. Stock #675.. Retal: $3,405 Dscount: $30 Rebate: $000 NOW $, CHEVY S0 PCKUP 000 payload, 6 speed, AM rado, large fuol tank, rear stop bumper,- full sze spare, Steel Gray. Stock #T3008. Retal: Dscount: Rebate: NOW $ 6,989 "SWTCH TO LaRCHE" $0,229 $240 $000 ~^E.OU L*a nche CHEWJaLBT OPEN MONDAY A THUR8DAY, tl9p.m. LOCAL METRO S Plymouth Road Plymouth *plus tax & llconso -...t l t+ J.f_l«t_- - -* «l«ll^ - f ^rrms. t; rv«vov-«s "KvOSoX^JT tt,, A Corner of. Plymouth Road 4 Haggerty " ,..., _, *)?. km m a m m t m m t ^ m t m t m t ^ m ^ ^ ^ MfettH *fttf*mltta*** m ^ ^ m m m a m m m

49 ll n mnk lllellflllll JANUARY 6-4,990 OBSERVER & ECCENTRC NEWSPAPERS MONDAY, JANUARY B, 9au

50 * L Bg Dscounts on Eclpse Bvouac and Van Express Van Conversons 4.8% A.P.R. Up To 48 Months 990 VAN EXPRESS AEROSTAR CONVERSONS Ajr. cru*». Lt wf>«e( tnted g»«oo*rtt wtndowj and kjckt fgw group oower mrrcwt. tt«<eo cajjatte < Cplanj char* ttu Mat bed rurwrtg oo*rd» unqlfc devgncr p&jnt. m«j wheels electronc d«h»nd more Stoc>»8?63 f/?/s WeeA-s Spec/a/ V4S $23,272 LESS REBATE $2000 NOW$-f CQH* STAY WARM! SHOP NSDE! On Monday & Thursday Evenngs from 6:30 tl 8:30 P.M. C Q _ Our Garage Wll 990 VAN EXPRESS BRONZE EXPRESS H TOP Ar cassette, cruse, tlt, power wndows and locks, lght group, drapes, valances, quad chars, seat bed. quck release seals. 9 color TV, rased roof, automatc overdrve Stock #8200 WAS $24,630 YOU PAY $ 8,290 6,690 Qe Packed Wth Vans, SEE OUR VAN EXPRESS & ECLPSE DSPLAY DETROT AUTO SHOW HALL D, NEAR ESCALATOR Your Factory Authorzed Dscount Dealer for Eclpse Bvouac and Van Express REBATE ON MOST MODELS 4.8% APR for 48 Months on Taurus & Aerostar 990 TAURUS 4 DOOR SEDAN Otord Whle Crysta 3ue cloth seats 3 0L 76 jomac over d- ve ^20570(^4^ black tres cruse rear defrost. a"» Slock #8252 WAS $4,994,890 YOU $ PAY rr^=^2t 990THUNDERBRO STD AM-FW stereo -rassono $-way power oassogo seat, rear dofost oo*e equpment youa cy group front NC<K -nats utomatc overdrve :^st aummum whees cruse - tll whee. pow.r wdows Stock «7499 WAS >?.990 $ YOU PAY 3,690 _995_ SCQRT LX 2_OOOR HATCHBACK WTH AR v.n,h "xxltfva VO-^rj KJ ;ss >3f.t \?«<ng ^tcva ^n^er ;^ J*:T*>S. s^-n^^ ator jfooo J:a4 aocn -n " >»eme*3 ayw e 3"»l jeojnfy <jffxd JJ* prnoe rwro acury *ee< covef *J WfM > %oea»e :ereo cas «rt* Slock» «649 WAS.?0^4 " "-"> YV YOU ^AV -.- ***]L vy/j\^> 7990 $7000^¾^ 990 BRONCO 4x4 990 AEROSTAR WAGON $450 REBATE ROWN OK) Colh captan chars vee ar. XT mm. hgh gwuo tachometer. AMFM cassette.dock. P20S 75R5SL whrte etter m season tres, speed controt llt wheel, power wndow* and locks, rear delroster. rear washer Stock /8634 WAS $8,799 YOU $ PAY 3,890* WAS $7,67 Oual captajn chars, f passenger. Ar. pnvacy glass ea/ washer/wper deluxe oamt stnpes, cruse t <jtofna:c overdnve. AM-FM stereo cassetlecjock. rear defrost power convenence group Stock #8020. YOU PAY OUT-OF-TOWN CALL TOLL FREE OPEN MON.& HURS. TL 9 P.M. TUES., WED. & FR. TL 6 P.M PLYMOUTH RD.. LVONA Sjtr puc t tnclmfn»f tyflmtnl ot»r>> <(b*(l and lrx»rll»tt to B B f Don tergtllodd n Wt nddtltlntltonthng All pror Kt* nd Kt. tchdf d. 9*3 RANGE" 4? S»N» <. * ^ - *«- >^^ ^. -*~* a * v O * KJTK">*" <W l^ -**. «>»r^jkv«*^ks * -.>J~ * V4S J " <«VOU OAY *0 * - > SO ">* >. «*. r*» -X».JVoJ--*«- "»- :) ^ «C* 4, O * v -»" t- *j. t»j -v v**; -***. *-. * ^«-. **«V *!* j * «*^«o- -TY ^«j,,^ *45»» -» l?! 9790* $ 3,390* $500 REBATE { T -L. ^ g - y ^ f^c ^oaff^5 990 SO AUTOMATC STVLESO 3C<U e.a^u T^t* >* T.-» --».» «t ^--.-»«r^^«-kc«;>.*.,., U*V * *-«J -«v * fy«< -J*<* < * - -* * K L- -¾ ^S. **" ^.* * -.^VT\«,.». v,.^»*.. x.-* *V> -V«\ ( - ( > OU»4* v 3,090*?9<>0 oflost >OC?«A**^"V **?r" **-"-/T.JX*., OU " V SPECAL BROWSE 990 TEMPO GL 4 300" SEDAN X jty*tr.x» y> * *-.*«.u?^v*. -v. or* u K"( V J-OVTJ -J«««< jc* tag* v»m l V swec vs#c* «( -"S; ->V»* JJ>T«<!) ">> ^ Mm) vr> >X- * V>. ** f.sst.v4s JJOS - sacan* s 9690 /0(/ p 4 / s 8690* 990 OR0BE GT-2 000R-HATCH8ACK Car te down net. trp computer, roar washer<wpor. llumnated entry system, cruse, oower wndows and locks, dual llumnated vsor mrrors. AM/FM cassette wth oremum sound, power antenna, vehcle mantenance montor, walk-n passenger seat, clmate control ar. ant-lock Draktng system. Stock * WAS $8,923 YOU $ PAY 4,390 UfCTMt $ RVJC CUARANTE Browse our New Storage Faclty wth over 500 Cars, Trucks and Vans on Dsplay. 7 Days a Week. 7:00 A.M. tl :00 P.M. FREE TANK OF GAS WTH EVERY NEW VEHCLE

51 Monday, January 8,990 AUTOSHOW Page 3 THE NORTH AMERCAN NTERNATONAL AUTO SHOW N DETROT JANUARY Tradton fegns tor Show and 90 years "We n tht transportaton ndustry are tht most enved busnessmen on earth No othe actvty of an ndustral naturt s a* much dscussed or so frequently m the publc conscousness. Somehow t s,#.fundamental human trat to be excessvely-proud of a handsome, worthy conveyance and to communcate that prde to the neghbors." C.W Matheson. general sales manager. Dodge Brothers (930) go Cadllacs fewest concept car. Soltare, combnes sleek aerodynamcs and advanced engneerng concepts, ncludng a V-2 engne, for the ultmate personal luxury automoble- Among ts many advanced features are Gearng up doors equpped wth hnges that electroncally slde the door forward and out for easer access. A sngle sheet of glass that darkens automatcally n sunlght stretches from the cowl to lock panel. Cars, entertanment share spotlght OBVOUSLY, Matheson came from an era precedng the Envronmental Protecton Agency, ntense nternatonal competton and the ever changng stresses whch envelop the global automotve marketplace of the,990s. - Yet. f you-ask-roger Smth, Donald Petersen ana Lee acocca f they can. relate to the enthusasm and prde exhbted by ths early ndustry executve, we would guess that they would agree.. _. After all more than,000 automo tve executves who wll descend upon Detrots Cobo Hall for the 990 North, Amercan nternatnatlshow now n -progress, realze. the/^cjnqlogjca[ scope o\ the automotve ndustry has been drven by the forceful, can-do atttudes whch transcend mere publc personas. For every John Dodge and Henry Fefd on the automotve horzon, there was a C W Matheson who translated the, research, desgn, preparaton and qualty ol the fnal product nto sales for a hungry motorng publc. The 2nd North Amercan nternatonal Auto Show, sponsored by the Detrot Auto Dealers Assocaton (DADA). shares many common trats wth pre-"motor Cty" automotve shows of the early 900s. THE GOAL THEN, as now, was to create nterest n an ever-changng ndustry, to nspre the curous sprt of potental automotve customers, and ultmately, sell them a car. The poneer and foundng fathers of Detrots automotve snows was a bp ^cyde. salesman. Wllam E. Metzger Please turn to Page 2 :t:u»un:ty\svtt-mrv^ TM AND Ann Barrett, n need of a mnvan for ther expand-^ ng famly, took a lttle dfferent approach to shoppng for a few vehcle. "Thjs was our frst tme enterng the famly-car market," sad Tm, a 29- yedr-old prm producton coordnator. "Nethe Ann nor myself knew what to look for, so we fgured the auto show (n Detrot) was the best place, to start. t contaned all tht nformaton we needed under one roof. Actually, the Barretts shoppng method s rather common. More than 70 percent of the surveyed attendees ol the Detrot Auto Show (now offcally known as the North Amercan nternatonal Auto Show n DetroJ) - buy vehcles wthn the followng yea. accordng to a 988 survey by John Glmore & Assocates Ltd. For the Barretts, howeve. t only took one month to buy that mnvan. Ths year the Barretts plan on takng part n another trend gong back to the auto show for ts entertan ment value., "ALTHOUGH WE ALREADY own a new van. we had such n good tme last year well be back for the 990 show," sad Arn Barrett. 29, a contract admnstrator. And the Barrett famlys latest addton. 0-month-.old Hannah, wont need a stter when her parents head down to Cobo Hall. The 990 show wll at- tract even the lttlest Barrett. n fact-, the 990 auto show s con- er. co-charman ot the 990 show. The auto show n 990 s the bes entertanment $5 can buy," sad Bob Thbodeau, the other co-charman "There wll be dance acts, magcans computer-smulated rdes and more." OH YES THERE WLL be cars galore - enough to satsfy the dscrmnatng tastes n the famly- The entertanment s the added bonus tha puts tht auto show over the top n terms o famly amusement- Sngers dancers and magcans art.mong tht many ways auto dsplays draw crowds. Chevrolet dsplays wll feature the Rhythm Brothers, a malt tap-dancng - duotthe^maraudng-mm-- ers. < unque act of three male sngers an<t dancers " accordng to Gale & Rce s Sue Auten; Mark Sweet n come dan and magcan; and a contemporary, all-female dance group known as the GEO Dancers. The Toyota dsplay wlt nclude the Team Toyota dancers, who perform on two turntables n the MR2 and Celca dsplay. The. Celca wll also be the focus of Toyotas 6-foot-hgh, threelevel walk-up dsplay wth a nne-foothgh turntable, hghlghtng the Cellcas appeal to sports-orented and fun lovng lfestyles., /Among tht celebrtes attendng the auto show wll be Debbye Turne, who may be seen Jan. 6 packng her 990 Mss Amerca crown toward the Chevrolet Crovette dsplay. Aufo racngenthusasts wll have the opportunty to meet ther heroes n the flesh from.tnung the famly-event tradton establshed by the Detrot Auto Show, appealng to lttle folk, teenagers and adults alke, accordng to Davd Fschthe good ol boys of the NASCAR Wnston Cup seres to the cosmopoltan starvof the Formula One crcut. "Famlar names nclude NASCARs Bll Ellott and Geoff Bodne. NHRA 989 Pro Stock champon Bob Gldden. SCCA compettors-tommy Kendall and Dorsey Schroeder, and Formula Ones Alessandro Nannn. As an addtonal bonus, some of the cars that compete on the worlds most challengng courses wll be on hand. Burgeonng technology nuts wll be mpressed by the hgh-tech Sco Robot n the Lncoln-Mercury dsplay. Ths wonder of modern technology actually nteracts wth members of the audence, functonng as conversatonalst, stand-up comc and dancer The challenge for most auto dsplay personnel, accordng to Fscher, s suc-. cessfuhy mnglng famly entertanment and autontottve marketng needs. A MT. RUSH MORE replca, for example..served as a.curtan for an unusual unvelng. the 989 ntroducton of the Dodge Dakota pckup, sad Tom Kowalesk, Chryslers manager of producrptmufrefaj6h$.; The facade of Mt, Rushmore splt n the mddle between the faces of Lncoln and Washngton, allowng a laser, lght and fog-enveloped Dodge Dakota truck to emerge. Another concept gettng attenton these days s nteractvedsplays. exhbts that encourage partcpaton or that expand on product magery. At the 989 Jeep Wrangler dsplay, show goers were encouraged to hunker down behnd n smulated steerng con-. sole. Lookng through the wndsheld, the "drver would "see" the road and "steer" the vehcle over, around and Please turn to Page &

52 Page 4 AUTO SHOW Monday, January 8,990 Where to fnd exhbt ^4- touoa lt! QMCTKUCK J7 gyaw«r l S~»M L* k «J"* Cl r _ ALFA ROMEO» H9 t AUD l ^ w J l_ BUCK BRTSH AUTO MANUFACTURERS ASSOCATON evv.etrt. ft«v* **v»r *ap**7rt«starvf K * NSSAN 7 >u» S * r t (3 Y SUBARU Jtuzmar/fc SAAB VOLVO j 9 3 r j M- j PEUGEOT s a, on HONDA HJ«0 >n OOOQE " " l"-l *f --=^.=^^=- ^ " *-»?«* * 3-.»,..--^ Arrow MANTM J00 «$ U! -=» lt"l S j * CENTE CENTER FOR LOUNOE CftEATTVE STUDES JDE8 * " WwuflwrlE.LltlfMWmT.MA.gUg^ FORD 4 C»C OH) an» *f«j- / tt» s, MAZDA TMt» ACURA > NFtNm k Q.M. <tax»!» RAOO T.V. r p>.mmuwm«wm ) A8C on 9 j = 5 TOYOTA W^ MFTSUBSH CHRY8LER- PLYMOUTH am?l OLDSMOBLE nw MERCEOCSBENZ 4«BMW Hll LEXUS 5 - ]«CADLLAC J St t.a* ft»» _ J b!-, lm ^-. r-rr CHEVROLET MOCC l#*s.v^-u^uncoln-mercury Vv/ ; -.-^: P0N7AC raw» **» J FORD )000 VOLKSWAGEN - V. *» " * ^EP-^AQLE * r! " HYUNOAj >, JM nr * SUZU u X,. t 990 LEXUS ES250 *322 MONTH ) FREE LO AN ER CARS <D FREE PCKUP & DELVERY FOR SERVCE n lkl _.,, ATTUC nm ATUBM, MJM AO e N METRO DETROT 3 N STOCK AT THS PRCE * OTHERS AVALABLE 3) NO CHARGE FOR MANTENANCE OR OL CHANGES FOR LEASE TERM WTH ALL THS EQUPMENT 4) FREE 24 HR. ROAD SERVCE 24Vatve40HC 56HPV-6 GUARANTEED N WRTNG. LEXUS OR L.RKeSD * Hall Road (M-59 and M-53) (33) ABS Ant-Lock Brakes Ar Bag 4 Wheel Dsc Brakes Cruse Control 2 Tone Pant 5" Alloy Wheels Power Mrrors Power Wndows Power Locks Ar Condtonng Maple Trm AM-FM Stereo Cassette wth Dolby and 6 Speakers wth Power Antenna Automatc Rear Wndow Defoggor Fog LampsTnted Glass Full Sze Spare Tre 24 MoMCosed End Lease, Pfus Tax, Tle and Plates. Lease Paymens fgured wth $3,500 Trade Equty or Down Payment. Zero Down Payment Lease Avalable wth Approved Credt at Hgher Month?/ Payment. COO b Flrsl MonUy Paymen, Down Paymert. $350 Refundable Securty Depost, Tax, Tle. and Plaes.Tolal Lease OWoafcm$$322 PlusTaxTmes 24 Month», Plus $ Mtespef Lease Term whrmnalwea/andtea/,(>ua/aneed Purchase Opton at End of 24 Monthsls $4.69. Offer extended through wmm^mmmmmmmmmm^^^mmmmmmm^^^mtm^tmmmmmmm^^mm,

53 Monday, Janua^ 8,990 AUTO SHOW Pege5 Actually about the only jjng that snt new about Chevy ths year s our logo. Brng your track shoes. YouVe got a lottosee at the Auto Show More new Chevys than ever before. New features lke Scotchgard TV Fabre Protector on select models, new advanced engnes, new unrustable materals. And-the new Corvette ZR-. And thats just for starters. New Lumna APV and Coupe. The Lumna APV: Wth body panels that wont rust and optonal modular seatng for seven.. Youve never seen anythng lke t..:¾^ The Lumna Coupe: a new dmenson U^J^ for those who love to drve. New All-Wheel-Drve Astro. Chevy Astro s the frst Amercan compact van wth the superor tracton of all-wheel drve and standard four-wheel ant-lock brake system? New S-0 Pckup. A new aggressve sporty look. Hgh-tech 2\VD or 4x4. Nothng n ts class has a bgger engne. And t can tow up to three tons ncludng people, traler and cargo.avhen properly equpped. OF AMERCA S WNNNG. TODAfS CHEVROLET We could tell you about a dozen new Chevys. New features - that make drvng easer. And make your vehcle last longer. But come on out and see for yourself. When t comes to new desgns, nnovatons and pure drvng pleasure, nobodys wnnng lke The Heartbeat of Amerca. ChomJct, he Chcvn*t «nbfcfn. Cooke. Lumfrvu Astra Caprtcr. S-0 and ftztf art rrfcbjc rd l/adcmarfcs and Choy b a radctrvu* cflhe CM Corjx * 9S9CM Cofp AH R(f{hls Rtscrwtl KxrhxksWhrr CM products Lets fcl loj»rthff...buck* up New 4-Door S-0 Blazer. Amercas favorte sport utlty vehcle wll be avalable n March wth 4-door convenence. n 2-wheel drve-or as a 4x4 wth standard shft-. on-the-fly nsta-trac.,, ^». t *..» <*.*..*. New 99 Caprce. / Thssprng Chevrolet wll ntroduce the all-new. sx-passenger. UoarousCaprlc^. ts as smooth-rdng nstlslcoklng.;... v../

54 Pago 6 are swow Monday, January 6,990 WHEN THERE 5 Ut SEE YOU AT THE NORTH AMERCAN NTERNATONAL AUTO SHOW T Bl lmmel Jl»T^MM.Ml«J»lJ«M««. a^^^ Auto show entertanment Contnued from Page 3 above hazardous terran. When the vehcle ht a r-ock or dp n the road, the drver would feel the mpact. Potental consumers would walk away wth that magery fresh n. ther mnd, Kowalesk sad. At the 990 Jeep Wrangler dsplay n Detrot." "drvers" can compete aganst sx other drvers n a race across open desert. The scene wll change dependng on how the drver brakes, steers and accelerates. The 989 General Motors Desgn Center was the forerunner of ths years much ballyhooed Concept Center. The Desgn Center featured GM artsts and engneers n the actual act of creatng new desgns and clay mod els of new cars, whle the Concept Center features recent advancements n electroncs and safety features combned wth magnatve body stylng, creatng ngenuous and fun vehcles for the future. Chldren and adults alke wll marvel at the Concept Centers exposton of todays desgns for tomorrows vehcles. Ar bag smulator THCHJUUTDWVMC MACHNE; "YOUR AUTHORZED BMW DEALER" Bavaran Mo tor Vllage 2477 Gr*tofE**t Detrot, Mchgan 4802 Ot* mk tout tf -^, U e Grtfcx Ave Ext»-SEW..T-:~.<5- - Wr^ =.»-.-«au afsks^awsa n» MmM!#m^y -.-*.»-.... MM r^th- 77VE GUARANTEED REBA TE THE GUARANTEED REBA TE TAYLOR Ueep T- Eagle "The Hot Ones On SaleW 990 TALON 4 cylnder, 5speed, ar, cruse, powder wndows and locks, rear washer/wper and defdgger. /2.5 ltre $ 990 CHEROKEE 4X4 engne, 5 speed, 2,995 M ** #%v^*a* X. carpetng, trm rngs, defogger, Q Q Q K / P205/75R5 tres. Stock # ,599 $ Stock #7354L H u «drves home message n an effort to spread the message that ar bags are a safe and relable form of supplemental occupant protecton, the Amercan Coalton for Traffc Safety nc. (ACTS) and TRW Occupant Restrant Systems wll dsplay an ar-bag smulator at the North Amercan nternatonal Auto show now n progress at Cobo Hall n Detrot. The smulator, whch wll be n the Ford Motor Co. exhbt area, wll deploy a drvers-sde ar bag at regular ntervals throughout the auto show. "We hope the smulator wll help dspel common msconceptons about ar bags and ncrease publc awareness of ther effectveness and value n frontal collsons." ACTS Executve Drector Phl Haseltne sad. One of the most mportant messages Haseltne hopes the exhbt wll convey s that ar bags are a: supplement to safety belts, not a - replacement. THE LEGEND AND NTEGRA. CARSTHATBREAK NOT TAYLOR Jeep Eagle JEEP HEADQUARTERS H 200 Telegraph * Taylor 2¼ mles South of Open Mon. &Thur$.-tJ9 p.m. Tues, Wed, Fr. 9 (o 6 p.m. *Rebale» (nckxj^d, faa lax,ttjaand Alt CWYSltA twlotus WUCOV \W net JWJT bnteu - Unf llnoy* f youwanled (o drve a truly satsfyng car, yog had to gve up some thngs.,lke.your golf game and yourhousc. But,the cars ranked rncst satsfyng n Amerca for the thrd year n a row accordng to J.D. Howrand Assocates Customer Satsfacton ndor survey cost much less than you mght hnx.tcst drve the j * ««-% A 990 Acura Legend and ntegra and gel the ultmate n satsfac- /\L-LJ l"l/\ (on and pcrfornunccwthout payng the ultmate prce. Pnxsk*] aqfledpafontuvce. TamaRDFF THE GUARANTEED REBA TE THE GUARANTEED REBA TE "vhn %t r.-^^v>,^^?.^{vm/.v;v.^v;.^.^w7 r f.vv«^;var/->.;-rt-?,-. :.v,. v //.,.,.y.v/7a J.*» vv..wv : ACURA GRATOT, MLE S^OF EAST DETROT ACURA/ r >,> >,% t * > j > 7T7TVV» ^ V k».»,,,-» V. t» t r*tt:

55 Monday, January 6,990 AUTO SHOW Page! vv ^^rprr^! U ^ ll- H!?S>, $6 BUY NOW "\nr /m SAVE! Vst The Auto Show Here! 990 FESTVA L 2 DR. $,000 REBATE 990 ESCORT PONY 2 DR. H.B. ^.000., REBATE. RANGER 4x2 $,000 REBATE ^¾ -,-^Tsr..n 5fHke<; oocy>(!e rod - S"..;jes COJrte^y hghts (Pr.hMQ tuckr-t e.v-na C^::»sfc( SlOtk *238 WAS $6579 S $ 4994* 990 TE 4 DR. PO GL DAN $,0* l< Overdrve transmsson, power brakes, rear defrost, rado, consolette. reclnng bucket seats, sde wndow demster. Stock#2409 WAS $7956 s PROBE GL, 2 DOOR HATCHBACK $,00 nun. St.t,<" u..* a> V tqj.o-ne": yc? 6G.40 clot h SO! b^r - :" U-y. -.. c-ro ;,-:,r b>^[) no^pe- W FU SVfA) v.v :: ^-.-" {v.vf-* >v-r->."c -. All!....>)» *P:sv T WAS $2,63 s s 7584*!! 90 AEROSTAR WAGON Automatc, ar. power steerng, power brakes, power locks, dual electrc, control mrrors, tlt, rear defrost, tght group, bodysde moldngs, speed control, polycast wheels. decwd luggage rack, tnted glass. AM/FM stereo -cassette. Stock* 2058 WAS $2,868 s $ 8664* >; WAS $, 925 s $ 9694 v Tnted glass, captan chrs. xl trm, 2 bench seats, automatc; overdrve transmsson, AM/FM stereo cassette, clear coat pant, spoler, converson group & nstrumentaton. Stock #999T WAS $4,667 S ",727«SPECAL AUTO SHOW SALE Detrots On Amercas # Cars & Trucks * wvvvvvv 4 ts Af* Vx lor 4» /*sorc^ <* «p. t*4 S«**V t< tf«***s Prr^ VVr ljcf./f JJTJ, P-MfeCestM JCN J**^XkS C*< -K»0 VsJ <>*<«* f <r/ W W W y l<y*3um^d.; ^*^5s &$-+±L.!4ns FORD rhr/v,.v>>. V f>».f-.^f ^- (Mtf ANK O* ^^ ^p CAS.v.»^..- TELEGRAPH RD Just North ou2 MLE RD SOUTHFlELD "* * " :, OPEN MON & THURS. TL 9 P M UftTlMl MRVKt CUARANTU or hnnnnpww wvwwwwwww*www

56 AUTO SHOW Monday. Januarys, 990.n.lHL.Lmm.M..HtJ.LLllLH.KHH.*!.! ansa Te rods to tal p pes ts all covered EO ByDougFunke staff wrter THE NORTH Amercan Auto Show, now under way at the Cobo Conference and Exhbton Center, offers somethng for everyone, organzers say. J Afconados can ogle more than 750 cars ncludng 990 domestc models. North Amercan ntroductons of foregn vehcles, and concept cars not yet n producton. "More new cars are beng shown here than any place n the world." sad Bob Thbodeau. co-charman of the show and the owner of a Ford dealershp n Center Lne. That ncludes both street cars and concept cars, he added. Nearly 50 ntroductons, ncludng 20 concept vehcles, are expected to make ther worldwde or North Amercan debut here after the frst of the year. "F YOURE a car lover, theres so much to see ts unbelevable.^ sad Davd Fscher, co-charman of the auto show and owner of an Qldsmoble/Volvo dealershp n Troy.- "Theres so much to look at for a car-buyer or anybody nterested n cars." Fscher added. "You can lterally come and compare the world-* automobles at our show." A new twst ths year s a desgn and concept center wthn Cobo. General Motors ntends to recreate the manufacturng process and actually assemble a Buck Reatta on the premses. People who dont know a te rod from a tal ppe can people watch more than attended last year meet celebrtes lke Debbye. Turner. Mss Amerca, or gander at Jocal personaltes at one of 25 remote rado broadcast stes n the cavernous hall. BUT THATS not all The Lncoln Mercury exhbt wll feature a hgh-tech Sco robot that wll dance, tell jokes and nteract wth the audence. Chryslers Jeep Wrangler dsplay wll offer a smulated computerzed desert crossng race for several players at a-tme. Sngers, dancers and comedans wll perform at many other exhbts. The cars, however, are the bg attracton." " thnk were showng the tremendous talents avalable n an ndustry." Fscher sad of people who make cars happen. "We have the greatest resourcesn the world n*our area." Surveys ndcate that most vstors 4P the auto show wll be n the market for a new car ths year or wthn a couple of years. Thbodeau sad. "They can st n cars, touch them, feel them. Thats great motvaton {to buy)." Fscher agreed. "Theres a lot of ncentves that are -V New addton gong to run around the show." he sad. Companes wll be gvng out a lot of thngs to brng people nto the showroom." The auto show wll be open 0 a.m. to 0:30 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. 0:30 p.m. weekdays. Admsson s S5 Chldren 2 and under accompaned by a parent are free. Vstors 65 and older also are free. For 990, The Grand Prx lneup has three new members ncludng the four-door sedan. Other changes nclude a new, redesgned analog gauge cluster, wth redesgned pod swtches; and a 2.3 lter 6-valve engne. ALT Snow SPECALS T; BEST n \ s OV Tll; BEST tmrs & KCKS 990 ESCORT GT AM/FM/4. speaker stereo cassette, tnted glass, cruse, nterval wpers, tlt wheel, rear defrost/mght/ securty group, ar,.9l EF HO 5 speed manual, P95/ 60HRx5 black sde, wall tres, premum sound system. Stock #364. WAS: s,944 YOUR $ PRCE 8997* 990 TAURUS "L" 3.0L EF V6, automatc overdrve. P205/ 70R4 black sfdowals, cruse./ear defrost, ar, power door locks, clearcoat pant. Stock # ,-. -"; WAS: $ 5,397 S. $ 2,86* W/BEBATE DEDUCTED OR 4.8% APR FNANCNG** luhujlh! M-V- V.»,>>$.* V*. fl.ftfmkt. 990AEROSTAR EXTENDED LENGTH Dual captan chars, 7 passenger, ar, prvacy glass, rear wper washer, cruse, tlt, XL trm, automatc overdrve. AM/ FM stereo cassette/ clock, rear defrost. Stock #6604. WAS: *8,473 JSStt 4,475* 990 F-50"XLT" Larat trm,-.brght low mount swng away mrrors, handlng package, lght/convenence group, AM/FM stereo cassette/clock, cruse, tlt, ar, power doors and wndows, sldng rear wndow.. 5 speed manual overdrve, auxlary fuel tank, chrome rear step bumper. Stock #85)2. WAS: 5,588 aafo,48o* 400 PLYMOUTH RD. PLYMOUTH Plus tax, l)0*, destnaton. fl«- bat» es»jgn$d lo deal*.. M.*% Fnancng Ava-taW* up lo 49 month* on %«kd tnodeu.,,.. * P)" Featurng: G"tow. nc> "Olde Town on Center" 3 N. Center Downtown Northvllo Celebrates the 990 Auto Show AUTOMOTVE WATERCOLORS by Barbara Demgen - Jan. 2-4,990 plus 55 addtonal artsts n all meda, ncludng sculpture an^ jewelry - M> -u**. >l«l*>llll -W*

57 Monday, January AUTO SHOW See a show of superor qualty. The 990 Bucks. Ths years auto show s your chance to see the latest edtons of Bucks premum automobles. Accordng to one measure, an ndependent survey* Buck ranks among the most trouble-free Amercan car companes. Restyled LeSabre. Dscover the new look of Amercan qualty. Buck LeSabre. The 990 verson of the car J.D. Powerrankedthe most trouble-free 989 Amercan car And now. wth LeSabres new formal stylng,frontand rear. Amercan qualty has never looked better... - Dont mss ths years auto show. And dont mss the 990 Bucks, automobles wth superor qualty. ^ *J).ftr*WrrAssoateslM9lrwdQul>ty Survey a _. ^ ^ and Deambet 4M Based oo ow-no-aporwd prob^tm ¾ GcutAmertcmfcad brars to durng the;fm 90 day* d ownmhp t~sl TC^*T^ Stylsh Century. See the new Buck Century. Wth a fresh style and so many luxury features-standard, youll know why ts AmercasfavorteBuck. And one of the best values on the Amercan road. Fun-to-drve Skylark. Look nto Buck Skylark and youll fnd all the style and qualty you expectfrombuck for an affordable prce. Skylark has everythng you need n an automoble. And then some. J *»-? * l959gmc<xp Allrtghureserved LeSabr*. Century and Skylark are regstered trademark* <rfg«fler»lmotoocofportttoal«*g«utogeow buckkup. T - > * > : > : >. >, >.,.. VV > M, n.»,» <»,, ^»,V >. ^ > ff f f 4" /> {*? <> <.» t*.» * «< < NORTH AMERCAN NTERNATONAL AUTO SHOW JANUARY 6-4 See your dealer for terms /TTT._ j> t ofths Lmted warranty ^yosssj^ ::.{,3.;;: ^oeo^fal.;. DETROT, M. M * -v. :<u- t f * * \» * J-.

58 Page 0 AUTO SHOW Monday, January We nvte you toslam our doors, kck ourtres,batten our hatches and be totally blown away T±e new lne of mport-nspred vehcles Over Chevrolet/Geo dealer locatons. (Thats larger han Toyota. Honda and Nssan combned) The newest sgn of quolty. precson and fun GeoTrockerlS Geo Stofm GS:. > r. * ( )? W J,7 " At your Chevrolet/Geo deolers....- f * G P " /m ls... *, -,..,.>.. -W ^vo^vvvv^vv-/. ^XW^tf&ftkV&V-PVVftP* ^ Ueccrodlr/-Wj r^-wot^er TSl*. && Wc;o<>dr^ra$kVr^, /.,.,..j,,..-. J.. ^. *..

59 Monday, January 8,&90 AUTO SHOW Page We Thank the 35,852 HAPPY CUSTOMERS of Jack Demmer Ford from the 80s, and look forward to makng you one of our SATSFED CUSTOMERS OF THE 90s " \ r ** 990 AER08TAR 7 passenger, ar. prvacy glass, fear wper/washer, tut wheel, cruse ufs< control, automatc, hl-cap, ar. rear defroster. Stk. «687. MAU rm 9 l3 95 WA8$7,039 A. TJABJ. nnto VJREBATB H990 CROWN VCTORA 4 DOOR 302 V-6. automatc overdrve, speed control, rear defrost, lght group Stk. «909. WAS $8,87 NOW ^4,395 V^ 989 MUSTANG LX HATCHBACK Ar, llt wheel, premum sound, power locks, cassette, cruse control, rear defroster, power wndows. Stk. «4434. WAS $2,473 NOW SB $ 8585* 990 RANGER $ spoed wth overdrve, black, all season radal). AM rado, custom trm. 8tk.«02. WAS $837 NOW $000 REBATE TAURUS GL Ar. cassette, power wndows & locks, power seat, tlt wheel, speed conlroj, 3.0L V-6 engne, cast alumnum wheels, lght group 4 mora. Stk. #4556: WAS $8,40 NOW ffl $,495*^ FORD ESCORT THE BEST SELLNG CAR N THE U.S. FOR THE 4th STRAGHT YEAR r ^v 989 MUSTANG LX CONVERTBLE "Santa Specal." Cassette stereo, speed control, premum sound, power wndows, power locks. 302 V-8. automatc transmsson. Stk WAS $9,252 NOW $ k rob 5, RESTVA L PLUS Dual mlrrob. wde body moldng, style wheels, consolette. tachometer, rear defroster, stereo, all season radas Stock «08. WAS $737 TOBr REBATfl V NOW $ ESCORT LX Automatc, ar, stereo, tnted glass, power steerng, rear wndow defroster, dgtal clock, lght group. Stk.»223 WAS $0,560 $000 * N0W $ 7395 OVER 50 ESCORTS N STOCK \r ^ / 990 ESCORT GT Cassette, speed control, tat wheel, premum sound, rear defroster. ntermttent wpers and more. Stk. «080. WA8$r884 NOW [S $ 8595* 990 THUNDERBRD Power wtndows/soats. cassette, luxury group, whte sklewafl tres, wre wheels, premum sound. Stk.«07. WA8 $6,869 NOW B $ 2,695^ Y/. SPECAL VALUE TEMPO 990 TEMPO GL 4 DOOR Ar. power locks, dual mrrors, tll wheel, lght group, rear defrost, speed control, cassette, poty-cast wheels, luggago rack: Stk. #758. WAS $2,305 NOW vffl $ 895* 990F-50 Tnted glass, power steerng and brakes, cargo box lght, vents, 5 speod, radal tres. Stk. «997. ALL THS FOR ONLY $ PROBE GL Tll wheel, speed control, cessejte, premum sound, power locks, convenence group, defroster, alumnum wheels. Stk. «032. WAS $3,525 NOW ^^0,495: DEMNEM (: <.ll. *» \ MCHGAN A PLANHFAOQUAFUFRS -.,...,,.. Across from Fords Wayne Assembly Plant MCHGAN AVE. AT NEWBURGH ROAD WAYNE, Ml «*»,«VV^UM * FORD *-=»-< 989 PROBE GT CO player, trp computer, speed control, power teats, wndows A locks, Lmted ejlp axle, prtvacy glass, power 990 BRONCO XLT/AR llumnated entry, ar and more. Stk. locks & wndows, captan chars, cassette, deluxe wheels. Stk. «342. «307. «WAS $8,696 NOW WAS(#«8 NOW SH3.495 mm7,295 ^ ^ H H M a B w ^ a M w N l l M M H M M Lvona Plymouth D*arbom, Ann Arbor Ypunh B*fl«rlta North vlla Mom C»non WMlUrxJ AT JACK DEMMER FORD...SERVCE S AN ATTTUDE NOT JUST A DEPARTMENT! RECPENT OF THE 988 0UALTYCARE PRESDENTS AWARD.

60 Y Page 2 AUTO SHOW Monday. January 8,990 around for the 990 Auto Show THE HOTHAMEtlCAH NTEHUTWAL AOT0 SMW $ parkng Day parkng (0) Day/evenng \ People Mover track \ People Mover staton People Mover staton for Cobo Hall X_A s auto show has a colorful past «L Contnued from Page 3 saled across the Atlantc Ocean n 895 to wtness the worlds frst automotve show held n London. Whle n Europe, Metzger learned frst hand about the poneerng work of Gottleb Damler {co-nventor of Mercedes-Benz), who had developed an nternal combustve engne n 887. Fascnated by the potental of ths new technology, Metzger sold hs bcycle shop and pursued the "horseless carrage" concept full-tme. *-- n 899, Metzger formed a partnershp wth Seneca G. Lews of the Fletcher Hardware Company. Together, they organzed The Tr-S^ate Sportsmans and Automoble Assocaton for the exhbton of sportng goods and automobles. Securng the Lght Guard Armory, the humble begnnngs for todays bllon dollar extravaganza, Detrots frst auto show was under way. Wthout the beneft of tradton, buldng attendance demanded creatvty. Apparently, Metzger had a lttle P.T. Barnum Afrcan game trophes were lent to the show, whle Lews company provded the cuttng edge n fshng tackle and huntng bows.. And, to keep the cyncs happy, Metzgers old cyclng colleagues pro-, yded bcycles whle local farmers dsplayedcpjandcrafted "engneless" carrages to round out the show. Metzger receved complants concernng the "Jack of.horses and lvestock." The automoble ndustry was represented by two steam Mobles and two Waverly electrc vehcles. Usng metal rollers, Metzger dsplayed the power and effcency of hs products. Common to todays consumer publc, the natonal audence was not easly mpressed. BUT, METZGER WAS elated^ Lke all vsonares, he realzed the - horseless carrage was an evolvng scence. The former bcycle salesman and future father of the Cadllac Motor Co. knew that the seed had been planted n Detrot.. To realze how large the automotve tree has become, n 900 there were only 8,000 vehcles, n the Unted States, the same number vyng for -hghway space durng todays Detrot rush-hour commute., The DADA formed n 907, poolng, the resources of enterpreneurs who would become synonymous wth the automotve ndustry. Names lke Ford, Oldsmoble, Buck and Cadllac were all represented at Bellers Beer Garden, the 907 verson of Cobo Hall. The early DADA Auto Show programs featured more advertsements >for. wooden wheels, lvestock, bcycles,. land parcels and clothng than t ddautomotve lneage^ But, as the shows evolved, so dd the ndustry, Leadng up to the World War years, the automotve aftermarket made ts presence felt n the advertsng pages. Frestone, Cameron and Compound sold tres, engnes and accessores. Show attendees also were offered a full-lne of motorng garments to protect them from the motorng hazards of open cabs. The evolvng technology of the combuston engne lent tself to the entrepreneural whms of the Wrght Brothers as they explored ar travel at Ktty Hawk. Mltary planners njected the power of ths technology nto World War n the form of tanks, planes, jeeps and transport vehcles. Spoken wooden wheels gave way to rubber tres and steel rms. Candle burnng lamps gave way to headlghts. The horseless carrage desgn gave way to ndependent frames accompaned by sprng suspenson. Advances n sheet metal and pan technology were dsplayed as manufacturers attached components ndependently from the vehcle, frames. Two-cylnder engnes evolved to four, sx and ultmately eght-cylnder engnes. And, wth the mpact of Henry Fords assembly lne, care manufacturers could prqduce 4,000 vehcles n a week nstead of a year.. And* the launchng pad for all of -these-nnovatons-took-place-at-the ~ Detrot Auto Shows. n fact, the compettve fres of the worlds automotve companes spurred great secrecy as the shows evolved through the 920s leadng up to World War. Lsten to Walter J. Bemb, an Honorary Lfe Member of the Detrot Auto Show Commttee. "We would move our dsplay cars nto audtorum under wraps and those wraps would stay on untl the openng gun sounded," Bemb recalled. "You rsked your neck f you tred to lft the coverng off of a compettors vehcle." The automotve ndustry slumped durng the depresson and dedcated tself to the effort of helpng wn two World Wars. Due to these nterruptons, there were 7 years where no Auto Shows took place. But, wth the renewed vgor, confdence and prosperty of the post-world War era, young famles purchased vehcles as fast as the manufacturers could produce them. Durng the 950s, engneers created bolder desgns, as vehcles were efrblazoned wth brghter two-tone pants, tal fns, and more powerful engnes. At that tme, the DADA competed wth New York and Chcago for event recognton and prestge. The Detrot Auto Shows home durng the 950s was at the "State, Fargrounds, at Woodward and Grand Rver. Due to ts lack of dsplay space, the Natonal Auto Show was held n New York.

61 Monday, January 8,990 AUTO SHOW Page 3 Wth Spectacular AUTO SHOW SAVNGS REBATES UP TO 250 L FNANCNG FROM 4.8%. PERCENTAGE ANNUAL 0 RATE 990 ESCORT LX 2-DR. S*. #0047 Was $9,636 Dscount $,637 Rebate $,006 Now»6,999* 990 PROBE "GL" S* «0057 Was $4,34 NOW Dscount.. $,95 Rebate $.000 *, TEMPO "GL" 4 DR. Sfc»0449 Now Was... $2,868 Dscount. $2,869 Rebate. $.000 8,999* 990 RANGER XLT SA.KM544 ~ Was $,799 Dscount... $ Rebate $.000 $ 8,99* 990F-50 Was ^ T0,5<>5 NOW Dscount»385 Rebate 750 >9,299* 990 TAURUS 4 DR. Sft. «550 Was $5,08 Now Dscount... $2,082 #.. <**mx Rebate. $.000 $"H AEROSTAR7PASS. S*.»T02t8., Was. $6,776 NOW Dscount... $ O fflft* Rebate $.000»2,999* EVEN VORE ON ms HUNDREDS MORE CARS, TRUCKS & VANS N STOCK NOW AT SMLAR SAVNGS!!! FESTVAL (PLUS) Stk. #9360 Was... 8,335 Dscount»856 Rebate»,000 Now $ 6,499* TEMPO GLS Stk. #9665 DEMO Was-»2,947 Dscount»2,548 Rebate..»,000 NOW $ 9,399* TAURUS LX Stk. #9995 DEMO Was»8,593 Dscount Rebate 4,94,000 Now >3,399* Was.- PROBE GT Stk.* ,8 Dscount"...,882 Rebate...,000 NOW $ 3,299* YOUR DOLLARS TALK LOUDER AT MCDONALD FORD THUNDERBRD SUPER COUPE Stk. #9883 Was*...»23,263 Dscount. 4,564 Rebate..:...»,000 Now»7,699* Plus lax, ttle, lcense, destnaton, "andassgnment of debate to McDonald Ford X Convenently Located 550 W. 7 MLE NORTHVLLE Bttwden NorttwHte W. * SntWon Rd. On* Mock Eatt of NortftvMte Downs

62 Page 4 AUTO SHOW Monday, January 8,990!^M>»Mf^J>l»^^*Wep»lMTOW*tHl»rlWW.P. ;rel!.l«9 st orq jujr for cu jpcr H ENRY FORDS adage - "any color you want, as Jong as ts black" has*-been lad to rest. Snce the all-black Tn Lzzes ofthe automotve ndustrys nfancy, a ranbow of colors has exploded upon the..scene, makng the hghways, byways and auto shows of the world a Techncolor affar "Cars are what people are or what they warn to be." sad Robert S. Daly color marketng manager at Du Pont Automotve Products Fnshes Dvson. "As a result, we are seeng a wder range of colors that range from somber tones to more flamboyant shades." Those who attended the 989 North Amercan nternatonal Auto Show n Detrot wtnessed the flowerng of these new shades, a trend that wll be contnued nto the 990s. The Quasar Blue of Fords Splash and the Brght Lme ol Pontacs Stnger concept vehcles appea» to the sport-mnded baby boomer whle Hondas palette for ts Acura boasts a brght teal, a honeyblend color or a dstnct canyon "blaze" red. - ALTHOUGH THE RANGE of colors avalable on hew cars s greater than before, cost cuttng n the md- 80s has actually reduced the number of pant optons for consumers. Subtle changes n color have been replaced by a broad representaton of the spectrum. "Whereas automotve companes once offered as many as 8 color choces per ca accordng to Daly, most carmakers today offer between eght to 2 colors. The narrowng of choces better enables carmakers to coordnate car nterors and exterors. Daly sad. "What we are sayng s a common car platform wth several dfferent nameplates s usually offered n eght common colors." he sad. "Each dfferent namepjate may have one or two extra cerors that are exclusve to that partcular car.". New technologes envronmental concerns, automotve cost conscousness and aerodynamc automotve desgns are stmulatng the rapd changes n automotve fnshes. Vvd pant jobs came about partly because of the ncreasng use of plastc body parts and the envronmental hazards of pant by-products such as volatle organc compounds emssons. (VOCs) solvent VOCS ARE REQURNG the pant ndustry to change pant applcaton methods x to reduce hazardous waste. The need for pants that can be cured at a lower temperature s necesstated by the expanded choce of plastc, composte and other metal-substtute materal. The ndustry s respondng wth several alternatves, the most prevalent beng water-based pant systems. Waterborne basecoats reduce pan solvent emssons from assembly plants whle resultng n more durable, longlastng and true-to-color fnshes when used wth state-of-the-art clearcoats. Waterborne basecoats also cure at lower temperatures requred by metal-alternate body parts. "Waterborne technologes are openng up a new realm of color optons and effects for auto desgners and color sts." Daly sad. As an example. Du Ponts waterborne fnsh technology produces metallc fnshes that an brghte. more reflectve ano more flatterng to aerodynamcally styled automobles than tradtonal hgh-solo pants "Waterborne pant* combnt dura blty ano aesthetcs wth cost effec tveness and envronmental and ener gy conservaton." Daly sad "New coatngs chemstres ano latest state-of-the-art technology wll be settng the color pace for the 90s" sad Bran Stewart, assstant manager, PPG ndustres Troy-based Advanced Color Stylng Center for Automotve ana ndustral Coatsngs. "t s our responsblty as color dgsgners to create new and exctng aesthetc effects through the use of new technology and accurate color forecastng." Accordng to Stewart, ths s accomplshed by studyng color trend nformaton from the fasffon ndustry on a global bass. STEWART ADDED THAT color stylsts n workshop sessons n such assocatons as the Color Marketng Group and the nternatonal Color Authorty also are used n establshng color drectons- These assocatons consst of many stylsts from a, wde varety of ndustres that deal specfcally wth color for ther products. At these workshops, they dscuss and share color trend nformaton and work out a publshed color palette that serves varous ndustres wth a bases for future color drecton. * Car colors usually are decded three to four years n advance. Because ol ths enormous lead tme, ndustry specalsts lkt Stewart and Daly art forced to predct publc tastes. "Generally. r look to 0 the world o hgh fashon sac Daly "That V where new deas ano new trends seem to start. Wt- also have an expermental factor, relyng on staff creatvty to. product new colors that mght spark future trends What wll be fashonable n the 990s? "The evoluton of green comng back to the automotve color palette," Stew art sad. True greens absent from the marketplace for almost 20 years, rdng n on the cre*st^of greener blues. There also wll be a contnued popularty for redder/blues pushng ther way rght through volet. * ; Daly forsees a contnuaton of the 50s retro-look; turquose, pnks and aquas. "Well be seeng a lot more Europe an and Japanese mports wth colors appealng to North Amercan nches " he sad. "The Japanese market wll contnue ther obsesson wth all thngs Amercan, and carmakers wjlrespond by offerng cars wth more pronounced colors rather than the tradtonal whte. European colors, for the most part, wlt be somewhat lveler than the somber tones of the past. ncreasng use of waterborne pants wll gve added glamor to tradtonal hues." r Lghtng the way Chevrolets 990 Lumna famly of vehcles wll be on dsplay at the auto show. Shown here s the 2- door coupe (front) as the Europmodel; the Lumna APV (left) and the Lumna 4-door sedan. Standard features nclude Scotchgard fabrc protector, rack-and-plnon steerng, four-wheel power dsc brakes, four-wheel ndependent suspenson, AM/FM stereo rado wth dgtal clock, two-sde galvanzed body panels, ntermttent wpevd, dual mrrors and composte halogen headlamps. ""fflnwrnmnnmnnmammbbay t? "-. : ;. -^:-.::-.-. S, - ;. -,,. : ;., ,., - f$l >pt*t*k* **»>».«\r.>*.lk.p.«am. *,*.«> fc. » V»». B. A. *,».«>.».*.*»* «* «\»«.«*fc»l/l\kh6»ll.«.» * <. *A.. <» Bfl.».M,., <.AAHH.».*.».».<.».»,«,».M» H H U «U. H»»»

63 mjmmrmffm^ffmwfm m. m 0mmkm m ^g^raj^w^ra V*TV 990 RANGER 4x2 SfVLESDE PCKUP H4 Wheetbase XT Tnm P2S Stool *vn.e lettered an-season tres Deluxe Two-Tone Power Sleenng Chrome roar Step Ekmper AM FM Stereo Rado wrtl cassette clock 60 «0 C*oth Spn Bench Seat Cast Alumnum Wheels Deep Osr S speed Ove*drrve Transmsson Sldng Rear Wndow 2 J Me* EF -4 Engne - Tachometer WAS S 687 HfCKEY DSCOUNT S2688 FACTORY REBATE 000 SALE t^nj?a m&m X&?^^^l^ Wr^. Over 60 Cars & Trucks n Stock ALL ALL NEW 99 R5 ^¾. Wt Wa %0 ffc E vc fla ^m BO 99 ESCORT SEE THEM AT THE AUTO SHOW STARK HCKEY FORD WLL TAKE YOUR FACTORY ORDER NOW! f ^^^^^-^7^¾^¾¾¾¾¾^ ^Jrl ^ 990 PP.08E Gl 2 O00R HATCHBACK Automatc AK Condtonng Bucket Seats Tlt Steerng Convenence GfOop Tnted Glass 2 2 EF Engne Rear Defroster WAS HCKEY DSCOUNT FACTORY REBATE Automate OverrJnve P9S70HRU Sack Stfewafs Ajr Condtvonr^g Stereo Cassette Ktth Pemmm Sound AJurrcruT Whees $(4.674 $ $ NOW.,626.75* 990 TAURUS GL 4-D00R SEDAN Wth Cast Alumnum Wheels aach Cotn spn oencn seats p &-.n\ Sr.oe Aj condtonng demote "oe C>Oor Stereo *th Cassette 3ec«:0 Release Speed Control "owe- Ooo- _oc*s tea V.ndo* Defroster SuVray D o*6 >ve s Sea _>grv roop p 3*e S^de ^Vnooxs 0 :!e- ^ Vb^^e ^uamatt: CVe r d»» transmsson 3?06&»tS ->;> v3efff.res ^3ST ALtmnjrr /Vnee> ^-^fejs,^,.* t> "-»,*,,.".-^5¾¾,,.». rtfmfc tsnp*- ^^mg9 w WAS ^mr _S: 03-5 X) HC<Y J;SCOJNT S> SJ 2¾ -, -AC DRY RE8ATC S000 X) NOW $2,88.75* 990 AER0STAR WAGON ;adlal> * a.sservge A ^->ndr!on,rvj "vac >.s!»* _VL-OO«/Vane.Woe....»eun -*A<v Stnyes Soeeo ^<>:ro. l ^ te- engne Al/lOTUt^. >/erjrrve T anst.s SOr. 7S 70H.MS. sac s:dewa dr seaso *M ^M Stereo Cassette C*oc«Rear Wm.o* Oeroste WAS HCKEY DSCOUNT FACTORY REBATE tres S $2928. $000 SALE 3,349 CLARENCE KRUSES. 5» S> ^990 BRONCO 4X4 - -*»- /J -v33* _JC" >Ou0 x.o^j.v^-tg ~~ WAS.. H.C<-~Y D S3DJNT : ACTDPr DEBATE SALE tactometer >M M $:er«> Casser.e Coc«>&> S»s$. K.-\:t. ener A! >eason r.- e» -uggao* ^ac".». - } Lryt >$peeo WS.% ^rer-jove $9886 S S.2S0 $3,299* 990 TEMPO GL 4 DOOR SEDAN. ^:)*e.oc«s 3ua Rernote Vaors Tl Seeng Rea/ Deogger jgr: COoo? 3. <= HSC * Cylnder AjtomaK WAS HCKEY DSCOUNT FACTORY REBATE NOW K- Condtonng»&s TO««8ao S>dewa:s ecso -uggage flacn AM FM Stceo Cassette C»oc* r»prvcast Whe«(j Pamt Stnpes Crxnse $2,868 $2,572 $, * 990 ESCORT LX 2-D00R HATCHBACk Automatc Ar Condtonng Cotn.ow 9ac«3uc*et» Voe vnv Bodv*de Mo^d.^gs <M cu 4 Speaxer Stereo r-med >Jas* o«er Stee^rg nerva; (Vces WAS HCKEY DSCOUNT -ACTORY DSCOUNT NOW Rea Oettost nsnjmef.atxv Group 4 Ogta Coc«.Ovemead Console Oua: Electrc Mrror* urury Wneel Covert 9 E c 4 Cyoer 3< S 70R)( «Bac* S:d«wa:-s ^ S $, $, J * 990 F-50 4x2 STYLESOE PCKUP <". Tno ^ng- Ort-rrvxmt swng tt-my mnors. larvj ng Pa;nage -leaonner nsygjon ac>8ge ->gn ^on»-en;ence Group -AM fm Stereo Coc* S^eeo Control T* Whed Oe uxe A/gen: Sryed Steet Wheels \A rter EF -6 Engne Spoed Manua CVerdnve transnusson Chrome Rear Step Bumper WAS $3,932 HCKEY DSCOUNT ~ $3483 REBATE $750 NOW 9699* SEHABLA ESPANOL MLE AT GRAND RVER >5S8. OVERaOYEArtOf SALES A SCRVCH ~*r

64 X ; Page 6 AUTO SHOW Monday, January 8,990 r l MMmmmmjmm (^rjjll&^lftof^^

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Craig Webre, Sheriff Personnel Division/Law Enforcement Complex 1300 Lynn Street Thibodaux, Louisiana 70301 DATE OF APPLCATON: Craig Webre, Sheriff Personnel Division/Law Enforcement Complex 1300 Lynn Street Thibodaux, Louisiana 70301 N GENERAL EMAL ADDRESS: For Local Calls - (985) 532-4380 (985) 446-2255 (985)

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Instructions for Contributors to the International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies Instructons for Contrbutors to the Internatonal Journal of Mcrowave and Wreless Technologes Frst A. Author 1, Second Author 1,2, Thrd Author 2 1 Cambrdge Unversty Press, Ednburgh Buldng, Shaftesbury Road,

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Academic Standards and Calendar Committee Report # : Proposed Academic Calendars , and Unversty of Rhode sland DgtalCommons@UR Blls 2004 Academc Standards and Calendar Commttee Report #2003041: Proposed Academc Calendars 200708, 200809 and 200910 Unversty of Rhode sland Follow ths and addtonal

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QUICK START GUIDE v0.98 QUICK START GUIDE v0.98 QUICK HELP Q A 1 STEP BY STEP 3 GLOSSARY 2 A B C 1 INSTALLATION 1. Make sure that the hardware nstallaton s performed by a certfed vendor 2. Install OTOTRAK app from Apple s App

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RIAM Local Centre Woodwind, Brass & Percussion Syllabus 8 RIAM Local Centre Woodwnd, Brass & Percusson Syllabus 2015-2018 AURAL REQUIREMENTS AND THEORETICAL QUESTIONS REVISED FOR ALL PRACTICAL SUBJECTS AURAL TESTS From Elementary to Grade V ths area s worth

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include a comment explaining the reason and the portions of the pending application that are being Page 1 of8 Federal Communications Commission Approved by OMB Washington, D.C. 20554 3060-1115 (February 2009) FCC 388 DTV Quarterly Activity Station Report FOR FCC USE ONLY 1 FOR COMMSSON USE ONLY "LE

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S Micro--Strip Tool in. S Combination Strip Tool ( ) S Cable Holder Assembly (Used only Instructon Sheet LghtCrmp* Plus LC 408-10103 (for Jacketed Cable) Connectors 18 AUG 09 Rear Protectve Cap Termnaton CoverG Boot Connector Assembly Crmp Eyelet Duplex Clp G Connector kt s shpped wth these

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AMP-LATCH* Ultra Novo mm [.025 in.] Ribbon Cable 02 MAR 12 Rev C AMP-LATCH* Ultra Novo Applcaton Specfcaton Receptacle Connectors for 114-40056 0.64 mm [.025 n.] Rbbon Cable 02 MAR 12 All numercal values are n metrc unts [wth U.S. customary unts n brackets]. Dmensons

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current activity shows on the top right corner in green. The steps appear in yellow Browzwear Tutorals Tutoral ntroducton Ths tutoral leads you through the best practces of color ways operatons usng an llustrated step by step approach. Each slde shows the actual applcaton at the stage

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By BErrY DEBNAM. Meet David Diaz Release Date: Aprl 1-7 14-1(95) Especally and for famles ther e 1995 by Unversal Press Syndcate By BErrY DEBNAM The 1995 Caldecott Wnner Meet Davd Daz The Caldecott Medal s presented each year to the llustrator

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Color Monitor. L200p. English. User s Guide Color Montor L200p User s Gude Englsh Frst Edton (February / 2003) Note : For mportant nformaton, refer to the Montor Safety and Warranty manual that comes wth ths montor. Contents ENGLISH Safety (Read

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Modular Plug Connectors (Standard and Small Conductor)

Modular Plug Connectors (Standard and Small Conductor) Modular Plug Connectors (Standard and Small Conductor) Applcaton Specfcaton 114-6016 04 APR 11 All numercal values are n metrc unts [wth U.S. customary unts n brackets]. Dmensons are n mllmeters [and nches].

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eek vacancy on schoo * *> -.t!^m*-(*»*-.»^*r»

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School cuts threaten accreditation fflmmbhurwt-n» m Mwahfcfc^ Goober and the Peas: 1991s best band, 6D v- Regonal draws, 3C amd* flunaarrnnw n anwewnnrr m. m*.\. Wnters the tme for homemade soup,.b w JrK& o Volume 26 Number 73 Monday, February

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Conettix D6600/D6100IPv6 Communications Receiver/Gateway Quick Start

Conettix D6600/D6100IPv6 Communications Receiver/Gateway Quick Start Conettx / Communcatons Recever/Gateway Quck Start.0 Parts Lst able : Conettx System Components Qty. Descrpton Conettx Communcatons Recever/Gateway AC power cord Battery cable P660 I/O cable P660 Rack mount

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T541 Flat Panel Monitor User Guide ENGLISH

T541 Flat Panel Monitor User Guide ENGLISH T541 Flat Panel Montor User Gude ENGLISH Frst Edton (June / 2002) Note : For mportant nformaton, refer to the Montor Safety and Warranty manual that comes wth ths montor. Ths publcaton could contan techncal

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Turn it on. Your guide to getting the best out of BT Vision

Turn it on. Your guide to getting the best out of BT Vision Avalable n Bralle, large prnt and audo CD. Please call FREE on 8 8 15 for your copy. Turn t on Your gude to gettng the best out of V.2 28656 Enchantng flms to entertan all the famly Flms

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Meet Author Joan Bauer

Meet Author Joan Bauer 46- (0) release dates: November 0-6 Especally for and ther famles e _ by _Syndcate C 200 The Mn " - Pbonng Company nc. By BErrY DEBNAM from The Mn " - by Betty Debnam C 200 The Mn P_ Publshng Company nc.

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Product Bulletin 40C 40C-10R 40C-20R 40C-114R. Product Description For Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV and Latex Inkjet and Screen Printing 3-mil vinyl films

Product Bulletin 40C 40C-10R 40C-20R 40C-114R. Product Description For Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV and Latex Inkjet and Screen Printing 3-mil vinyl films Product Bulletn 40C Revson D, Effectve February 2016 (Replaces C, Apr. 15) 40C-10R 40C-20R 40C-114R Product Descrpton For Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV and Latex Inkjet and Screen Prntng 3-ml vnyl flms Quck

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tj tj D... '4,... ::=~--lj c;;j _ ASPA: Automatic speech-pause analyzer* t> ,. "",. : : :::: :1'NTmAC' I

tj tj D... '4,... ::=~--lj c;;j _ ASPA: Automatic speech-pause analyzer* t> ,. ,. : : :::: :1'NTmAC' I ASPA: Automatc speech-pause analyzer* D. GERVERt and G. DNELEY Unversty of Durham, Durham, England ASPA: The Programs Snce the actual detals of nterface samplng, dsk storage routnes, etc., wll depend upon

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I Grosse Pointe News

I Grosse Pointe News Grosse Ponte News VOL. 44 No. 25 Grosse Ponte, Mchgan, Thursday, June 23, 1983 42PA0M for your nformaton By Tom Greenwood Funny stuff Those ol us lookng for and needng a good laugh could do worse than

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ne ec. 2, c ar GE .. "' P: i g. -, i., SOS a (o M-tist"lle, ~~~~~~0 1 v 0

ne ec. 2, c ar GE .. ' P: i g. -, i., SOS a (o M-tistlle, ~~~~~~0 1 v 0 .. r*-bht - _--_ VOUME 93 NUMBER 20 -MT, CAMBRDGE, MASSACHUSETTS FRDAY, APR 27, 1973 FVE CENTS 1, eot#c; o. ^ By Paul Schndler Emly Wck, professor of 'o o d ch e m stry, former Assocate Dean of Student

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tb'r4*rte; c T I O N S

tb'r4*rte; c T I O N S 33 - t Q: When you frst became nvolved n art, was t through your father's work, or was t through school? A: I've been makng objects, whar 1 thought was art, snce 1 was a ktl. I'm a good example of the

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Technical Information

Technical Information CHEMCUT Techncal Informaton CORPORATION Introducton The Chemcut CC8000 etcher has many new features desgned to reduce the cost of manufacturng and, just as mportantly, the cost of ownershp. Keepng the

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CITY OF PHILADELPHIA CITY OF PHILADELPHIA CITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION Celebratng.the 25th Annversary of Amercan Theater Arts for Youth, Inc. WHEREAS, Amercan Theater.Arts for Youth, Inc. (TAFY) s the non-proft producton ccmpany

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Approved by OMS 1[f0R FCC USE ONLY I 15 (March 2008) ]1 1 FOR COMMISSION USE ONLY J FILE NO AKZ

Approved by OMS 1[f0R FCC USE ONLY I 15 (March 2008) ]1 1 FOR COMMISSION USE ONLY J FILE NO AKZ DTV Quarterly Activity Station Report 0 l.cfm?printform=y &... Federal Communications Commission Washington, D.C. 20554 rllicensee Approved by OMS 1[f0R FCC

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3 Part differentiation, 20 parameters, 3 histograms Up to patient results (including histograms) can be stored

3 Part differentiation, 20 parameters, 3 histograms Up to patient results (including histograms) can be stored st Techncal Specfcatons Desgned n France Wth a rch past and a professonal experence bult-up over 35 years, SFRI s a French nvatve company commtted to developng preon In Vtro Dst solutons. SFRI has bult

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User guide. Receiver-In-The-Ear hearing aids, rechargeable Hearing aid charger.

User guide. Receiver-In-The-Ear hearing aids, rechargeable Hearing aid charger. User gude Recever-In-The-Ear hearng ads, rechargeable Hearng ad charger 400973011US-18.08-Rev.A.ndd 1 01-08-2018 14:18:12 Left Hearng Ad Rght Hearng Ad Seral number Seral number Model number

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User guide. Receiver-In-The-Ear hearing aids, rechargeable Hearing aid charger.

User guide. Receiver-In-The-Ear hearing aids, rechargeable Hearing aid charger. User gude Recever-In-The-Ear hearng ads, rechargeable Hearng ad charger Seral number Model number Recever type Left Hearng Ad Low Power Medum Power Hgh Power Ultra Power Seral number Model

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