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1 * *> -.t!^m*-(*»*-.»^*r»<»-k<v. >-»;*',*t< -t~' f*"vj V **-.** jooxes reman.rwrfc :,¾¾¾¾¾J stpry^'. L'j^.^-j.'^V t.t*>\.-:. -tf ^., JL]- f & -..:--.1 ^_".¾ -^ - ' 'V J zmy\msn patty rpkn shell,;' Volume 26 Number 39 Monday, October 29, 1990 Westland, Mchgan 54 Pages Ffty Cents?.*+3M**KK.a4*<**;h*«*>»-\»*j,M:< to k! -. places and faces (»*.. j., zaww vvarkatfuflwrt-^ra can make Wes^d (.: : nr^r r.r.r ; fnal stop Wenes-.-tV -<na c:: : )«l a specal f cat V '.'Center mercnar..s m: offer a tfvcetrck-or-trea- bag tc chjdrers n costume and the shoppng tr«! ' 1J-8 p.nj.'.and wll tw takng 'complmentary p;<:'.urts of young ghosts, goblns ar*d rven Bart Smpsons as a keepsake lor parents. ; N OTHFR center news tle call s out for carolng groups Who want to perform at tb* mal tlurlng the holday season. \ Schools, cvc organzatons, church groups, scout troops and Other non-prof t organzatons are welcome. Carolers wll perform from!atc November untl Dec 24 nterested groups should call KmmFFoman. 42S-&001 durng busness hours, for nformaton : SATURDAY u 800¾, tom^day at Paperbacks N TMogs n Westland - The bookstore on Wayne Road. between Joy and Covn, wll boat local authors, Lnda Lang Bartll. Allboo Knght and Maranne {WUlmaa.. " t Tbe store wll also feature jxrtwwand other nprr.l lterary type actvtes noon-j p.m,1 ; For nformaton call the store. /4&401S: ' - > v X AUTO MECHANC and <? auto bddy students at the Wllam P, Ford Vocatonal/Techncal, Center have some fresh "meat"to ^orfcwth. ; The Wayne-WestUnd school : board Monday approved [ donatwm of» MS Lncoln /Contnental and two engnes for ' auto sbopstudents. '* Tbe Lncoln was doanted by -D.L. WaUate of Envron. nc y? The two engnes were donated by the CPC-Engneerng Dvson of General Motors r^.-the CTY wu close ts * Marqpette transfer ste for the season 1 p.m Saturday, Nov 10 ;' After Nov. 10. resdents may Use a landfll of ther choce to dspose of grass clppngs, leave* branches and other materals taken by the transfer ste -.s The transfer alte wll reopen next sprng. V.FOr more nformaton call tbf 'department of publc servces T'S HCK)P tme agan The sxth annual Paddy's Pub th-e«-oo~three men's basketball tournament wll be Nov The tosrwsy to co-sponsored by the Westland RoUry Ctab and the /d ty* narks and recretton oepsrtment. r- 1 TesBM atsrestsd n regsterng for the cocnpetuoo may sgn of at the Baley Recreaton Center JkWSl Ford, through S p.m Tharsday, Nov Cost b J0 per team, whch ncludes t-«hrta and trophes for wnners and rsnoers- Up n each dvson ; *>THEWAYNE- VESTLANDvCAwU begn a new sesson for Brmmng lassoes Monday. Nov Classes are avalable for age M months to sdsjts. To rtfteter or for mors ntonaton call tw Y THE WESTLAND Otssrvw ww SM of mors hsn f* wtrd wtamrs rseopted by H*> Kssp ttchcsn BeatfM Kgaswtkj*) st tfc* grwp'ssanul Tta Obnerrer WM cted for lb Don tb6 trck y-' By Tedd 8chne!dor staff wrter W?'Y.* 9 0tan 6 y B on y ou ' Gho llsh 9 reetln 9 s from^n& Observer & Eccentrc. eek vacancy on schoo Money problems n the Wayne-Westland Communty Schools haven't dlsuaded resdents from seekng a place on the school board. Eght people appled for the seat vacated by resgnng member Kenneth Barahl), Tom Svtko- - vcb, assocate-superntendent f>r_ad^nstratlonj saldfrlday. '':.'.'" Although less than half the 17 applcants for the last vacancy, nterest n tbe openng ddn't surprse Svtkoveh. '*t tells me there's stll a lot of people out there : nterested n gettng nvolved n what's gong on lnthe dstrct and n the educaton of ther chldren," Svtkoveh sad- Turnng n applcatons before Frday's 4 p.m. deadlne were:.steve Cabrera, Rchard C. LeBlanc, Roberta Paquette, Lnda Pratt, Laurel Ralsanen, Mchael Reddy, VckL. Welty and James M. Zoumbarls. UNDER MCHGAN law, the board.may vote on a new appontment Monday or at a regularly scheduled or specal meetng wthn 20 days of Barnhll's Oct. 23 resgnaton. Pratt, Ralsanen and Reddy are the most wellknown canddates. Pratt of Westland s a local busnesswoman and has been actve n PTA. -Publc4ntervlew8 0f-the.candJdateswlllbegn7 ^, ^ ^ ^ 1 ^ 1 ¾. ¾ Jun6 ' S ^ 1 ^ p.m. r tonght at the school board offce?. " **" ' " - ^ ^ ^ ^ f ^ ^ ^ P ^ " ^ ^ - ^ ^ - ^ - member Leonard Posey, apponted to a vacancy t wa3 unclear Frday whether all ntervews last December and elected n June. - * would be conducted on the same nght or an add- tonal sesson would be scheduled. - Please turn to Pago 2 Judge orders vacant school repared By Tedd 8chnelder staff wrter A Wayne County Crcut Court judge Thursday ordered the owners ^ f t h e v a c a n t Cooper School-buHdngto brng the property up to code wthn 80 days or pay for ts demolton. Judge Kathleen MacDonald also ordered developers Massoud Yono and Robert Asmar to post a $100,000 bond on the property and secure the buldng and take other safety measures wthn seven days or face stff fnes. "They can no longer st and wat for thngs to happen," sad Charles Bokos, Westland cty attorney. They've-got-to_g t on ths and make thngs happen.". Meanwhle, Yono and Asmar's plan to convert the vacant school buldng on the northeast corner of Mlddlebell and Ann Arbor Tral nto a strp shoppng center ht a snag Tuesday when the cty's plannng commsson unanmously recommended that the Westland Cty Councl turn down ther request to rezone the property. The councl s expected to vote on. the request next month. THE CTY has fled sut aganst Massoud and Yono, who purchased the school on a land contract n 1988, n an effort to have somethng done about a property t consders a dangerous eyesore. Prevous owners Russell B. Armstrong and the Lvona dstrct are named as co-defendants. The school dstrct, n a press release ssued last week, requested that the current owners "voluntarly meet ther oblgaton to mantan the property^' MacDonald ssued Thursday's rulng after property owners faled to comply wth condtons set down at a Sept. 26 show cause hearng. Those condtons ncluded: Please turn to Page 2 By Tedd Schneldor staff wrter Wayne-Westland teachers voted taday to contnue workng and to seek a state medator to break ther deadlocked contract negotatons. But the teachers refusng an ntal proposal rom a unon barganng team to extend ther expred contract untl June whle negotatons contnue authorzed a strke f no settlement s reached. No strke date was set, sad Wllam Reece, presdent of the Wayne- Westland Educaton Asssocatlon. Some 1,050 full- and part-tme teachers have been workng wthout a contract snce classes began Aug. 27. Reece sad no talks were scheduled ths week and further talks would probably be postponed "untl we can get a medator." A marathon-barganng sesson last weekend faled to yeld an agreement. "Up untl 4 o'clock ths mornng we really thought we had the possblty of gettng a contract," the unon presdent told about 800 teachers before the early-mornng vote n the audtorum at Wayne Memoral Hgh School. Reece sad ssues, "95 percent of them economc," were stll on the table. OUTSTANDNG ECONOMC economc ssues covered salary and most frnge benefts, ncludng longevty pay and workers compensaton. A dspute regardng elementary teachers' plannng tme has yet to be resolved, he sad. Reece sad there have been no new dscussons regardng a possble mlllage electon, a proposal rejected by teachers after *he school board ted t to a one-year pay freeze. "(The unon's barganng team recommendaton) wasn't an easy decson," Reece sad. "We started wth the dea of no contract, no work." "But we eventually decded t would be better to go back to work whle we contnue to negotate," Reece sad. The recommendaton to return to work wthout authorzng a strke was wthdrawn for lack of support, accordng to a Wayne Memoral teacher. Reporters and televson camera crews were barred from the meetng. Please turn to Page 2 llm.-.'»>.f 'v.! ::v,tfr» ZX3 Analyst: Crss won't hurt ncumbents wharsnsde By Todd 8chnodor staff wrter Although they expect to gan some support from voters fed up wth the month-long stalemate over the federal budget, challengers for local congressonal seats know they stll face an uphll battle. And a Bloornfleld Townshp poltcal analyst sad ncumbent Congressmen n those races are so well entrenched thaht would-take a '-'porotttw! WJP M 0EFJCT ltlcal earthquake" to unseat any of them. : -"t's gong to.be_very hard, n the Frankln Hgh band marches to vctory Frankln Hgh School's marchng band earned a frst place poston at the John Glenn Hgh nvtatonal Oct. 20. The Patrots, whose school serves tho northeast secton of Westland, dsplayed ther musc, marched, and maneuvered themselves nto the frst place fnsh n Flght, whch conssts of bands wth memjbcrshlps from 75 to 110 muscans. '. To top off tho wnnng streak, tho Frankln band took four capton awards: best marchng and maneuverng; best color guard; best wnds; and best drum major. Tho Flght partcpants at tho nvtatonal ncluded Lvona Stevenson, Westland John Glenn, Fcmdalo, Southfeld, Mllford and Frankln bands. The band members, wth the faml* les and frends who cheered them on, returned n such a Joyous mood that one of tho parents treated all to a pzza and pop celebraton. "Ths, week our band really has a lot of awards to talk about," sad drector Joan Seay, "and t ddn't Just happen to fall n ther laps. They have worked hard and dlgently for ths recognton. All are commtted to makng ths tho best marchng band that Frankln has over had." Seay credts tho excellent staff of nstructors made up of young college -.. «.»»!, m,m <*< PJea$o'turntoPoo,o2 metro (Detrot) area, for challengers to captalze on dscontent wth Washngton," sad Jack Casey. The budget Congress approved Saturday cuts $40 bllon ths year and $500 bllon n fve years. n that same tme, the defct s expected to rse from $3 trllon to $5 trllon. THE NEW BUDGET rases tax rates for the wealthest people from 28 percent to 31 percent. More taxes wll be added to gasolne, beer, wne, lquor, cgarettes, arplane tckets, and luxury cars and boats. Medcare deductbles are ncreased and Medcare taxes added to hgher ncomes. Votng aganst the budget were Reps. Wllam Broomfeld, R-Brmlngham, Denns Hertel, D-Harper Woods, and Carl Pursell, R-Plymouth. Votng to send the budget to the Presdent were Reps. Sander Levn, D-Southfleld, and Wllam Ford, D- Taylor. Casey sees voters n those dstrcts Please turn to Pago 2 Buldng scene 1F Calendar 6A Classfeds C.E.F Auto... C.E.F Employment... E,F ndex 9E Real estate E Creatve lvng 1E Crossword 3E Entertanment 5D Obtuares 8A Sports. 1C Street scene.' 1D Taste.....'.... 1D NEWSLNE SPORTSLNE CRCULATON CLASSFED Quck, Easy Wnner Dnner Recpes Every Monday nsde TASTE : < <:"''^\'J ' -X- /-!. \ - w+a&xtfavtfalwj'jk,*, ^ ^L; -l^uja ART EMANUELE/eUfl photographer The Frankln Hgh School marchng band struts ts stuff durng tho Westland John Glonn Hgh 8chool nvtatonal. N T!^^'WaB»tM8!Bg«>ftKW!W;f8WagBK'W«aB

2 2A(WP O&E Monday, October 29,1990 Contnued from Page 1-2nd, 14th 15th, 17lh and 18th - optng for the status quo on Tuesday, Nov. 6, unless there's "a poltcal earthquake n the eght range (on the Rlchter scale)." He cted factors ncludng well-establshed ncumbents,wth clean reputatlpns,* the way Mchgan congressonal dstrcts are drawn and the lack of hgh-profle challengers. NOT THAT people are satsfed wth current leadershp, Casey sad. "t's the nsttuton they are ralng.aganst, Congress as a whole, not 'ourguys,' "Caseysad. A challenger would have to be a dynamc canddate from outsde the poltcal world to captalze on the current stuaton, sad the poltcal analyst, former owner of Southfeldbased Casey Communcatons. A "George Romney-type" who swept Contnued from Page 1 Turn on the electrcty 9 Connect.sump pumps and pump out any standng water ; pr. Secure wndows and doors ; ' Replace mssng manhole covers : Actvate the alarm Hre a securty servce to watch the buldng. Begnnng Thursday the owners wll be fned $500 per day for each day those condtons haven't been met, the judge ruled. They wll also face fnes of $500 per day f the bond hasn't been posted. nto the governor's offce n 1964 on a wave of dsenchantment wth government by votersr Republcan Blane Lankford, a Royal Oak busnessman runnng aganst Levn, sad he has been callng attenton to the budget defct and what he^ sees as nequtable tax rates snce sprng. But he sn't sure how many votes t's gong to wn hm "even though now, all of a sudden, that's become an ssue. "roncally; t (dscontent wth Congress) could work for ncumbents," Lankford sad. "'m afrad that people n ths dstrct (whch ncludes Southfleld,.Lathrtp Vllage and Redford Townshp) are so pssed off they just won't vote.".walter 0. Brggs V, a Democrat challengng longtme U.S. Rep. Broomfeld, sad people are upset wth the lack of leadershp n Congress. That should bolster hs cam- Not all legslators happy wth budget By LoAnno Rogore staff wrter A federal budget package amed at reducng the federal defct by nearly $5 bllon over the next fve years through tax ncreases a;d beneft cuts receved dvded support among local congressonal delegates. Both Mchgan senators. Democrats Carl Levn -and Donald Rlegle, voted aganst the budget reconclaton bll, whch receved Senate approval on a vote. -An attempted murder, orgnally reported to ', have occurred outsde a Garden Cty bar, appears to have actually happened n nkster, accordng to [polce, :,;:: A 33-year-old Westland resdent told offcers early,oct. 23 that he felt a sharp pan n hs rght shoulder as he left Rogala's Bar on Ford Road wth bs brother, 26. "The brother" told us that t actually happened n nkster near the Henry V Bar," sad Detectve Sgt. Davd Harvey. Polce have not been able to ntervew the vctm, who s n crtcal care at Garden Cty Hosptal, he sad. nvestgators want to verfy that the vctm knows who shot hm and doesn't want to prosecute, Harvey sad. "We are currently attemptng to turn the nformaton over to the nkster polce department," he sad. AN ATTORNEY for the developers told the court hs clents were workng to secure the buldng. Earler attorney Ron Paradosk sad a snafu wth Detrot Edson prevented hs clent from gettng electrcty turned on n the buldng. The plannng commsson made ts recommendaton to deny rezonng the property from low-ntensty offce/commercal to low-ntensty commercal durng a specal meetng Tuesday v Buldng, drector Mchael Culllty told commsson members that there s an overabundance of commercal Frankn Hgh ban Contnued from Page 1 people who worked hard for a common goal wth the band n achevng :these outstandng results. / Frankln Saturday hosted 16 bands n the Flght event n competton for the Mchgan state champonshp. The four bands who make the fnals wll contnue n evenng competton at Plymouth Canton Hgh. Frankln started marchng band competton n the corps style n 1986 n Flght n for bands wth 70 n hs comments opposng the package, Sen. Carl Levn cted what he termed a too-heavy burden on mddle-ncome taxpayers'wthout enough taxaton oh the hghest ncome bracket. "The gasolne tax ncluded n ths bll represents the wrong tax at the wrong tme," sad Levn. "t comes on top of the Saddam Hussen gas prce" hke, whch has already pressed the patence and stressed the pocketbook of mddle and low ncome Amercans." The vctm and hs brother told offcers that they had not heard any shots or been nvolved n any dsputes durng the evenng of Oct. 22. After leavng the bar, the par had gone to ther Westland resdence where the vctm awoke coughng blood after sleepng for a couple hours. Doctors at the hosptal frst suspected the man had been stabbed. After takng X-rays, t was determned the man had been shot twce, possbly wth a 9-mm gun. chool repared or fewer members. The Patrots have competed n Flght snce Ths year the band's overall fnshes n weekly compettons have been: second n West Bloomfeld; thrd n Mlford; thrd at Clarkston; development n the area. He sad one strp mall, on the north sde of Mddlebelt and west of Ann Arbor Tral, has been completed but vacant for months. "t (the school ste) would seem sutable for development as an offce, ether general or medcal," Culllty sad. "t would seem prudent for developers to conduct a market study before attemptng a project on the ste," NEGHBORHOOD resdents came to the meetng and spoke about traffc and other concerns a commercal development would create. But Asmar sad several major tenants, ncludng Perry Drugs and Blockbuster Vdeo have expressed an nterest n the project and a commercal strp center was "the only alternatve" for the property. The Cooper School buldng has been scarred by a seres of floods, fres and other vandalsm ncdents snce t was vacated n 1972, sx years after a new school was bult across the street. Homeowners have been fghtng snce the md-1980s to raze the buldng. wn second at Lnden; and frst at John Glenn n Westland. Future performances for the Frankln Marchng Patrots wll be the Lvona Holday Parade on Nov. 17 and the McDonald's All-Amercan Parade on Nov. 24 n Chcago. 8 seek Wayne-Westland board vacancy Contnued from Page 1 Ralsanen also appled for the 1989 vacancy created when former board member Terr Relghard Johnson bseruer (USPS6&3330) Publshed every Monday and Thursday by Observer & Eccentrc* Newspapers, Schoolcraft, Lvona, Ml Second-class postage pad at Uvonla, Ml Address allmall (subscrpton, change of address. Form 3569) to P.O. Box 2428, Lvona, Ml Telephone HOME DELVERY SERVCE Newsstand....percopy,50$ Carrer... monthly, $3.00 Mall. yearly, $55.00 All advertsng publshed n the Westland Observer s subject to the condtons stated n the applcable rate card, copes of whch are avalable from the advertsng department, Westland Observer, Schoolcraft, Lvona, Ml (313) The WesUand Observer reserves the rght not to accept an advertser's order. Observer & Eccentrc* ad-takers have no authorty to bnd ths newspaper and only publcaton of an advertsement shall consttute fnal acceptance of the advertser's order. «^j^"^tp^m B UPHOLSTERY SHOP Vst Our Workroom Our Work s 'BETTER THAN NEW" r ml WP nam n w\ c wwwm rrmwntt 10% DSCOUNT ON ALL FABRCS Servng the Metro Area for over 10 Years Flvo Ml Road (noxl to Zlmma) LVONA was elected to the Westland Cty Councl. A Westland resdent, she fnshed a close second to Posey n the June electon. Ralsanen of Westland s employed at the Observer & Eccentrc newspapers n the producton department. Reddy, a Westland fre department battalon chef, also appled for the board vacancy last December. Paquette of Westland and Welty are also prevous applcants for Sprng prevew. Saks nvtes you to be among the frst to enjoy a prevew showng of the Sprng/Summer 1991 Collecton of Escada by Margaretha ley. Desgner Collectons. board vacances. Zoumbarls, a Westland resdent, s employed n the engneerng dvson of that cty's publc servces department. BARNHJLL, a fve-year board member who announced hs resgnaton Oct. 8, s movng to Northvlle. The dstrct s operatng under a $7 mllon defct and has made $5 mllon n budget cuts for the current school year. (Surplus funds were Jon us n Troy on Wednesday and Thursday, October 31st and November 1st, for nformal modefnjj throufjhout both days. Our Specal fscada representatve wll be avalable to assst wth specal orders. Des'tRner Sportswear* Second level Somerset Mall, Bg Beawr at Cooldge, Troy. used for the remanng $2 mllon needed, to balance the budget). Student programs slashed ths fall nclude school-funded sports and extracurrcular actvtes at the junor and senor hgh schools, one class perod at the junor hgh schools and two-thrds of the elementary expressve arts program. palgn and that of other challengers, he sad. BUT HE SAD he wasn't sure how much the hghly publczed, monthlong battle between Congress and Presdent George Bush over a defct reducton plan would affect hs race. " do know one thng," Brggs sad. " see Bll able to get lots of ar tme (on rado and televson news and talk shows) over ths." Brggs, lke Lank/ord, sad turnng off voters especally nformed voters was a worry. Casey called Brggs an attractve canddate. Brggs-s a descendant of the former Detrot Tgers owner and auto suppler. He s related by marrage to the late Mchgan Sen. Phl tffen Contnued from Page 1 The teacher sad the moton to luthorze a strke was approved "almost unanmously." Several teachers left the 80-mnute meetng about 10 mnutes before ts concluson, apparently headng for ther classrooms, when t became apparent there would be no strke. STUDENTS ARRVNG for 7 a.m. ("zero hour") classes expressed concern about a possble strke and relef when teachers voted to return to work. One junor sad she couldn't sympathze wth the teachers. "t's lke ther money means more than our educaton," sad Mchelle Haner, Hart. Brggs also has the deepest pockets and best poltcal tes of any challenger. But he's young (33), runnng as a Democrat from a Republcan famly and "has had trouble gettng hs message across," Casej sad. Republcan Burl Adkln3, challengng Ford for the second tme n two years, sad people n the 15th Dstrct (whch ncludes Westland, Garden Cty, Canton Townshp and the southern half of Lvona) may be ready "now more than ever" for a change n ther representaton n Washngton. Adklns sad free malng prvleges and other, ncumbent-only perks make success dffcult for any edtor of Wayne Memoral "H- Lte" student newspaper. "One of these teachers makes more (money) than both of my (full-tme workng) parents combned," Haner sad. Haner also plays flute n the Zebra marchng band, whose members were forced to come up wth $210 under the pay-to-play system. The student-supported sports and extracurrcular actvtes are part of 5 mllon n budget cuts mplemented last sprng after two tax ncrease electons faled. Other students, mostly senors, wondered how a strke would affect tradtonal year-end actvtes and whether they would be forced to spend ther summer n class.' fcwwffllmhmjmubmmhwhbwm em9>!r#a<!»t5kw«j«*<a'.»«.'»««a<r»r' WTfflWttBfWM A RESDENT on the block of Hanover told polce she was mugged and robbed outsde her home Monday nght. The vctm, 22, was treated and released from Annapols Hosptal. A wallet contanng $45 cash, a damond rng valued at $1,500 and a watch valued at $300 were stolen, the woman sad. Offcers at a nearby traffc stop notced the woman lyng on the -ground near her car, pollcereports sad. The woman,"who was ncoherent when offcers frst questoned her, eventually told polce she had pulled nto her drveway about 11:30 p.m. After gettng out of the car, she notced her dogs barkng and heard someone, apparently an ntruder, shout "She's home," the woman told polce. The woman sad she was attacked by two undentfed men, who punched her n the face. AN NKSTER woman sad CHRSTMAS OPEN HOUSE & SALE Ths s the BGGEST BEST AND LAST Open House! FRDAY, NOV. 2, A.M. - 7 P.M. SATURDAY, NOV. 3, A.M. - 5 P.M. You won't beleve what we have to sell - from furnture to ornaments We wll have a whole houseful of goodes x and many, many specal prces ana Close-oulsl There s ample parkng n the church parkng lot, entrance to show s free ana complmentary refreshments. BRNG YOUR FRENDS AND ENJOY T! THS S THE LAST OPEN HOUSE! her car was stolen Tuesday nght from the parkng lot of Festa Lanes, Ford. The woman sad the locked 1989 Chevrolet Blazer was stolen between 6:30 and 8:45 p.m. SOMEONE STOLE an \ Observer Newspapers rack, complete wth money and papers, from the Ram's Horn restaurant,, 8590 Mddlebelt, Oct. 18. The value of thefcoxrock;chatn, and money n the box was estmated at $400, polce sad. " A MAN was tcketed Oct. 19 for possesson of a dangerous weapon ; after beng stopped by polce for a routne traffc volaton.! The drver was stopped on ; Glenwood at Venoy for not havng a lcense plate on hs car., Whle talkng to the drver, the ;; polce offcer observed a nun-chuck- (a martal art weapon consstng of % two stcks connected by a chan) on ^ the floor behnd the drver's seat MCCLUMPHA * PLYMOUTH, Ml Gt $ n (313) ^¾ ^311 JL VST WTH.:. PAULA THE WTCH,,^»: SPECAL V3's LV TRCK or TREAT WEDNESDAY, OCT. 31 6:30 to 8:30 P.M. Come show us your costumo on Halloween nght and moot "Paula the Wtch." ^ ^ ^W Pardo/ Garden Cty MACLEAN HUNTER CABLETV

3 Mayor stll tough on By Mare Chostnoy sloff wrter t's been sad that there's a specal place n heaven for parents of handcapped chldren.» f so, then there must be an extra 'specal spot n heaven for an unmarred wcrtnan who wllngly chooses to adopt a severely handcapped baby, a baby whose future s totally un^ known. Meet Chrstne Klemola; f you have a tranable mentally "mpared youngster attendng Webster School, you probably already have met her. The school serves students n western Wayne County. Snce 1977, she's been a specal educaton teacher n the Lvona school dstrct whch serves the northern secton of Westland. f yoy attended a recent board of educaton, jjou also met her. She was one of three dstrct educators named as Teacher of the Year for the school year. KLEMOLA WA$ cted for ber an "exceptonal edu'bator" for workng wth her students ^b^ve^nd beyond the call of duty," for beng a "joy to work wth," and for beng "one of those rare persons you hope to meet n your lfetme." As she stood before the trustees to receve her ctaton, those n the audence couldn't help but wonder about the baby n the baby carrage she had pushed nto the boardroom. Meet Rachael Klemola, the prde and joy of her adopted mother, Chrstne. Seventeen months ago, Rachael was born n Mchgan wth a rare chromosome dsorder, one suffered by only about 45 people n the Unted States. Because she's mssng part of a chromosome, Rachael has faced multple medcal probjems snce the day she was born. The chromosome dsorder affects each chld dfferently, so only tme wll show just how Rachael wll be affected. "Her medcal future s totally unknown," Klemola sad. "'ve read the bographes of kds wth the dsorder. Some walk; some don't. Some can be tolet traned; some can't. Some chew; others can't. However, all of them are severely mentally mpared." Before March 1990, Klemola and Rachael had never met. But n August 1989, Klemola had contacted an adopton agency, askng to adopt a handcapped chld. Her request was the fullfllment of goals she had set for herself as a chld, when she Often vsted a handcapped chld near her home. She knew back n elementary school that one day she would also take care of a love a handcapped chld she would adopt as her own. She also knew that she wanted to' spend her lfe teachng youngsters who had specal needs. KLEMOLA PASSED the agency's nvestgaton and then wated for the call At the same tme, n another part «Mchgan, a famly struggled to /ake care of Rachael, who was born 1989, wth her bladder out- sde her body. The famly also had [two other young chldren to take of as well. ler parents love her but Rachael's ^Jjecds are greater than they?ve. The doctors told the brth 'when you take her home, /ll de.' Her mother tred, but Rachael lterally was dyng." A couple came to Rachael's rescue, gvng her the "round-the-clock help she needed to survve. The couple also helped Rachael's mother make the decson to gve her chld up for adopton. n March 1990, Klemola got the call for whch she had been watng. "They told me all about Rachael. read her medcal records. Then they asked, 'Do you want to meet ths chld?" met her at the couple's home, and went wth her n Aprl on all her doctor vsts. Rachael went back-and-forth, between her guardan and me, for a month." Then Klemola sad yes, she would adopt Rachael. "t just seemed lke the rght thng to do." Rachael arrved n Klemola's Ypslant condomnum on May 1, her frst brthday. "That was her brthday present, gettng^ new mom." FOR KLEMOLA and Rachael, every day brngs ts own set of problems. Sometmes Rachael has trouble swallowng; other tmes, she has trouble breathng. There's also the very real possblty she wll suffer kdney falure and sezures, but so w > -' ". '. 'M. - '..».! JM JAGDFELO/staff photographer Chrstne Klemola shares a specal moment v/th daughter Rachael at home. far nether has happened. "Her name means gentle lamb and that fts her personalty. She's a peaceful, contented chld. can't help but love her. She has brought joy to lots of people, and her mother s happy that she s wth me. Her mother has vsted her." After Rachael arrved, Klemola took a leave of absence from her teachng job at Webster. Ths year, she s workng part tme on a oneyear project to develop a new currculum for the school. She spends mornngs wth Rachael. Afternoons, she works on the project at Webster, and a baby-stter takes care of Rachael. "My job s flexble enough that f Clues sought n woman's attack Rachael needs to go to the doctor's, can change my hours." For takng care of Rachael, Klemola receves a subsdy rom the federal government. The baby's medcal blls are pad by Medcad. Klemola admts t would mpossble to take care of Rachael wthout the help and emotonal support of many others, ncludng her parents and members of her church. "t would be very hard f there was no relef. f you're gong to adopt, you need ths support or, as a sngle parent, you'd bum out. "But f you can rely on lots of people, t sn't burdensome. 'm on the go a lot, and take Rachael almos everywhere wth me." ordnance volators ByTcdrJSchneldor staff wrter Mayor Robert Thomas sn't backng down from hs get-tough polcy on ordnance volatons. But Thomas sad Monday 18th Dstrct Court.offcals may have msconstrued hs. comments regardng the elmnaton of plea,bargan agreements for alleged volators.. And the mayor sad he was "slghtly offended" that Judge Gal McKnght crtczed the polcy publcly n remarks from the bench earler ths month. " ddn't change the court's polcy, took steps to change the way the cty does thngs," Thomas sad durng a press conference n hs offce. 'The judges can stll wrte (a tcket) off." Thomas actng on a campagn pledge he made last fall to clean up the cty's physcal appearance has ordered buldng nspector Mke Cullty to ssue more tckets to resdents and local busnesses for ordnance volatons. The mayor also nstructed cty attorney Charles Bokos to elmnate plea-bargan agreements for such volatons. The volatons are msdemeanors punshable by a maxmum 90 day jal sentence and/or $500 fne. UNDER PREVOUS admnstratons, the cty would often dsmss a tcket for such offenses f the stuaton was corrected wthn 30 days, partcularly f t was a frst offense. McKnght, durng an Oct. 4 court hearng, crtzed the new polcy as costly and unfar. She also sad the court wasn't formally notfed of the change. 'The court cannot presume to fgure out what's gong on n another branch Of government," she sad at the tme. On Monday, Thomas sad although the new polcy appled to all alleged volators, t was desgned mostly for repeat offenders. Potental volators stll receve a warnng from the cty before they are tcketed, he sad. Thomas sad he has twce requested -meetngs wth court offcals to dscuss the polcy snce McKnJght's crtcsm but he hasn't receved a reply Ēdward Gunther, admnstratve assstant to the mayor, sad persons n Norwayne and other areas of the cty have been consstent volators and that the new polcy should "shorten the amount of tme t takes to get thngs corrected." Thomas sad Monday t s too early to montor the success of the change. The most publczed cases under the new polcy have been aganst Worldwde Auto and Truck Salvage on Newburgh south of Cherry Hll and Blarney Bay Pub on Warren Road, whch s co-owned by Ken Mehl, Westland Cty Counclman. WORLDWDE OWNER Barbara Taylor pleaded gulty Sept. 25 to seven ordnance volatons regardng fre regulatons and other cty codes whle an addtonal 10 tckets were dsmssed. The case aganst Blarney Bay Pub, whch has been cted by the cty for ncomplete landscapng, an unfnshed parkng lot and an mproper dumpster, wll be reassgned to another court. McKnght dsqualfed herself from the case Oct. 4. The judge cted a conflct snce the partes nclude representatves from two branches of government routnely nvolved n fundng decsons for the court. Free vdeos for mltary offered Have a relatve or frend servng wth the mltary overseas? The Westland CATV/Communty Relatons Department s offerng a chance to send a free vdeo message to them. The department wants local resdents to brng ther famly photos, drawngs or specal messages to the Tonqulsh Center studo for the makng of a maxmum fve-mnute tape People can then send the tape overseas. Appontments for the tapngs must be made by callng Dane Abbott or Davd Monak at durng busness hours. The studo s at Warren Road between Venoy and Wayne Road. Westland polce are stll lookng for clues n the OcL 18 attack of-a woman near her home n the Corrado Park area. The park s just south of Joy, east of Merrlman. The woman, whose struggle to fght off her attacker probably avoded a sexual attack, polce sad, was also punched n the face. She was taken to Garden Cty Hosptal for treatment. Polce sad the attacker was a whte male n hs late 20s or early 30s, about 6-foot-1 and 210 pounds, wth a clean-shaven face and shoulder-length har. He was wearng a dark joggng sut. The woman escaped after she kcked the attacker n the gron. The man "may have trouble walkng for the next few days," she sad. THE WOMAN told polce she was walkng on Gladys east of Flamngo when someone grabbed her from behnd. n the struggle, she was thrown to the ground. When she started to scream, the assalant stuffed somethng n her mouth and punched her n the face. He then started draggng the woman nto the adjacent park. The woman contnued to fght back. At one pont, she grabbed on to a rubbsh receptacle at the park's edge, but the attacker managed to pull her away. Moore sad the woman kcked the man n the gron and fled to her home: _ ~ ~ Anyone wth nformaton about the attacker should call Westland Sgt. Mchael Terry, Churchll Hgh plans autumn cabaret! Churchll Hgh School's vocal mu-!sc students wll present ts autumn ; cabaret Tuesday and Thursday. ' The cabaret wll open at 7:30 p.m..'both days at the school, on New-> ; burgh north of Joy. The hgh school serves the northwest secton of Westland. ; As the audence sts at tables munchng pretzels and drnkng pop, Choralatlon, concert chor and Contando chor wll provde fall musc rangng from Brahm's "n Stller Nacht" to. "Shne On Harvest Moon," "Moonglow," "Old Abram Brown," to selectons from the ultmate Halloween muscal, "Phantom of the Opera." Tckets are $2 and can be bought at the door or n advance. Call the musc offce at S0 for nformaton. The Lttle Theatre wll be dark wth trees and fog and several other surprsng lghtng effects, say concert manager Mchelle Deahl and set desgner Denns Remer. Solosts for the concert are Robn Allson, Shelly Weed, Km Ktchens, Jason Corney, Amy Meldrum, John Faulk, Rachel Wlson, Stacey Kng, Mchael Cook, Mchael Domng, Chad Vtarell, Cherl Worthen and, possbly, Count Dracula), sad Patrca Hutchson, vocal musc drector. nstrumental accompanment wll be provded by Caryle Schobcr, Mark Adams, Becky Roberts and Becky Becker. HATS WTH SCARVES...HOW CTY CHC! The functon of an ear-shelterng scarf combned wth the fashon appeal of a brmmed fell hat! The eptome of wnter warmth, by Berner. Wool hats wth attached acrylc /ersey scales. Top: Bowl crown hat. Red, black or off-whte. Bottom: Boater n grey, black or burgundy. Each, $30. Jacobsonf 73 John Glenn students earn all A's Seventy-three John Glenn Hgh School students receved all-a report cards durng the last markng perod. ; Sophomores wth 4.0 grade pontaverages were: Jennfer Bccher, Deborah Coole, Stacey Dcrose, Nell Duncan, Yvonne Garca, Jll Gordon, Jessca Peters, Patrca Polaczyk, Alsa Shyu, Melssa Thompson, Ryan Zantow and Jonathon Zyck. '.. Junors who earned lop grades taere: Jule Ayers, Robert Bloomllcld, vona Cbullk, Alca Embury, tor Malman, Carl Kaser, Jacke ftazalch, Matthew Krlzan, Denns Lttle, Qhad Morarty, Wcnd Mrolnskl, Shannon Mulvany, Kenneth Renard, Pamela Smth, Grayson Story, Melanlo Thorn, Dawn Wcnsko and Anna Zhao. ; Senors who receved 4.0 were: Davd Arbour, Danel Babcock, Mark Baker, Chrstne Boyd, Dlonna Brady, Amy Burket, Chrstne Cclrelll, Davd Day, Anthony Donnelly, Bran Dormanen, Deanna Ducher, Jennfer Echols, Sarah Erspamcr, Monca Evans, Amy Ftzgerald, Andrew Gagne, Robert Galbralth, Ernest Green, Vncent Orleb, Mchael GrJgg, Jeannne Gullott, Jule Hamrlck, Lsa Haver, Cheryl Hayden, Dor Helbg, James Johnson and Jennfer Josln. Also, Theresa KennlcotC Legh Lax, Robert Lnkovlch, James Long, Danel Monforton, Wllam Nchols, Rodney Pcrson, Slmmls Prasad, Davd Rappaport, Deborah Reed, Scott Roklta, James Sanders, Chrste Smonson, Matthew Sypnlewskl, Mchael Wcll3 and Dawn Wlson. Wayne Memoral grades soar Twcnty«flve Wayne Memoral Hgh School students earned all-a report cards durng the latest markng perod. Sophomores wth top grades were Valerc Dcvore, Erca Schmtt, Robert Sharon and Danel Wllklhs. Junors wth 4.0 grade pont averages were Ta Battle, Sara Burkhcrt, Renca Coombj, Mchael Dlmltrl, Tanla DobrowolsM, Adran Garza, Stephane Llm, Thomas Mclntyre, Eustaquto Pacot, Melssa Taylor and Jennfer Woytovch. Senors earnng All-A report cards were Roxanne Cooley, John Dumont, Steven Hurley, John James, Shelley McKnght, Hans Modlgh, Dclalna Nabb, Suzanne Relsscnwcbcr, Andrea Toupln and Mchael WtkowsM. We welcome lacobson's Charge and Amercan Evpress*. Shop untl 9 p.m. on Thursday and f rklay. Untl 6 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.,:.

4 :&AL>±^^&ay > } M & ^ ^ ^ >:>,-.^ ;-; dl^u 4A(W) O&E Monday, October 29,1990 -! Tr@@8 planted Stottlemyer Elementary School students. had help from Bll Lawrence, head of tre Mchgan chapter of Global Releaf, n the plantng of 30 trees near Central Cty Park last week.' Also takng part n the envronmental project were West* land Jaycees and state and cty offcals. The trees were donated by a company that makes women's fragrances. The frm wll also donate part of each purchase to the Global Releaf project, whch has had more than 11 ml* lon trees planted natonally. r< car On August 31, The Kroger Company formally acqured Great Scott! n the Detrot Area. n the nne weeks snce, we have worked hard to brng together The Best of Both Stores. For 73 years, Kroger has been commtted to brngng Mchgan the best possble servce, varety and qualty to gve you total food value. Now, our commtment extends to our new, bgger famly of stores. Come to Kroger. We're ready to serve you, now, more than ever. N* Man of a thousand faces for hre Westland'8 Nck Smos expects to be very busy between now and the end of the month. that's because Smos, who works at the Ford transmsson plant n Lvona and has almost a lfetme.! experence n costumng, s makng hmself avalable for hre for the Halloween season. Ever snce the mld-'sos, Smos has been fascnated wth Frankensten's monster, Dracula, mummy characters. wolfman and USNG HS magnaton he expermented wth what lttle makeup supples, were avalable to create hs cast of "Monster Characters," such as a werewolf, a vampre, a Frankensten's monster, Phantom of the Opera characters, a mummy, onearmed and teenage hunchbacks, a one-eyed dwarf and a mouthless, bald Martan. -These and others novrare aval-" able for partes or other Halloween specals by callng Smos at The one-armed hunchback character appeared on a Detrot televson show, "Morgus Presents," whch once ared on Channel 2. He also had a guest spot wth hs orgnal Spder Man on Soupy Sales' TV program. So realstc are hs characters that whle n Flnt pluggng "Blood of the Vampre," Smos n costume actually caused a grl to fant n front of a neghborhood theater. Unfortunately, the grl was the polce commssoner's daughter and Smos was asked to leave town. EARLER N tme, Smos appeared at Detrot nghtclubs n costume as the frst Batman to appear n Mchgan, a slly Zorba the Greek, an exotc go-go Grl, a green leprechaun and several other -characterzatons. Hs most popular acts were "The Transformaton of Man nto Beast" and hs mummy act, n whch hs left arm s rpped off and dscarded by a wolfman., Whle workng at Dodge Man n Hamtramck, and as a dsc jockey at nght, Smos became the only DJ to do horror makeup n hs act. SMOS HAS appeared on several televson shows, such as "Detrot Bandstand," the "Tom Shannon Show" n Canada, the Vrgna Graham talk show n Chcago, and several other TV and rado spots. He appeared on "Nght Court" as an actor. After a serous car accdent n 1959, Smos put away bs actng ambtons and took a job at the transmsson plant. But now, facng an early retrement, he s ready agan to become a man.of & thousand faces. Program planned for sngle parents "Bouncng Back" s the ttle of a four-part program desgned to help sngle parents overcome the hurts and confuson followng a dvorce or break-up of a relatonshp.. The program, open to the publc wthout charge, wll be held at Westland's Stottlemyer Elementary School, on Marquette, half mle south of Ford- and - between -Wayne Road ctsfrj^cfaa^m^^^^ and Wldwood, Westland, on four consecutve Tuesday nghts, startng Nov. 8. The program, planned and sponsored by the Huron Valley Regonal Councl of the Parents Wthout Partners, wll be held 7:30-9 p.m. on Nov. 6,13,20 and 27. The workshops are desgned to be a non-professonal support group for the dvorced or separated. Speakers lunch menu for senors The senor ctzen nutrton program wll serve these hot meals the week of Oct. 29: Monday Barbecue beef wth bro, potato wedges, mxed vegetables, orange, mlk. Tuesday Turkey Tetrazzln, carrots, lma beans, pear, mlk. ;..!<;'v.l^sayw.'rwa^^^rra.-^'rts'es^^w^^rrw cable TV Wednesday Baked ham, au gratn potatoes, Mandarn oranges, brthday cake wth ce cream, wheat bread wth margarne, mlk. ' The Westland Communty Relatlons/CATV department has an JJLpjrn^p_e_caJ Report (cty- 9 p.m. Town Meetng nounced the Channel 8 schedule, subject to change, for the week of today 11 p.m. Cty Department Update (pofnances) through Nov. 4. lce) MONDAY 5 p.m. Move "Phantom of tho Opera" 0 p.m. Move "Nosferatu" 7 p.m. Move "Metropols" $ p.m. Town Meetng 9 p.m. Specal Report (cty fnances) 10 p.m. Cty Department Update (polce) 1,1 p.m. Halloween Kds' Safety 11:30 p.m. Anythng Goes (Don Jones) TUESDAY 5 p.m. Halloween Kds'Safety 5:30 p.m. Anythng Goes (Don Jones) 9 p.m. Move "Phantom of the Op- <Sra" 7 p.m. Move "Nosferatu" 8 p.m. Move "Metropols"' WEDNESDAY 5 p.m. CtyfDepartment Update (polce), 4 - $ p.m. Halloween Kds Safety 6:30 p.m. Anythng Goes (Don Jones) 7 p.m. Move "Phantom of the Opera" 8 p.m. Move "Nosferatu" 9 p.m. Move "Metropols" 10 p.m. Town Meetng 11. p.m. Specal Report (cty fnances) v THURSDAY 5 p.m. Specal Report (cty fnances) 6 p.m. Cty Department Update (polce) 7 p.m. Halloween Kds Safety 7:30 p.m. Anythng Goes (Don Jones) 8 p.m. Move "Phantom of the Opera" at the workshops wll be people who attended smlar programs and were traned as facltators. The speakers wll deal wth the dfferent backs of "bouncng back," sad Kelly Gorney, PWP councl spokeswoman. nterested people may obtan more nformaton about the program by contactng Gorney at durng the evenng. Thursday Pork chopelte wth gravy,, mashed potatoes, mxed vegetables, cantaloupe, bread wth margarne, mlk. Frday - Dll baked fsh wth tartar sauce, potato wedges, coleslaw, apple, corn muffn wt mlk. Meals wll be served at noon at three locatons: Westland Frendshp Center, on Newburgh north of Marquette; Whlttler Center, on Ann Arbor Tral west of nkster, and Krk of Our Savor Church, on Cherry Hll between Wayne Road and Newburgh. EEE5E [^^^.TKec^jjr-jJrt-^^ewsas^mw-sJ'j.wwjwawCT^K.n 9 p.m. Move "Nosferatu" -10 p.m. Move "Metropols' 1 11 p.m. Town Meetng FRDAY 5 p.m. Town Meetng 6 p.m. Specal Report (cty fnances) 7 p.m. Cty Department Update (polce) * 8 p.m. Halloween Kds Safety 8:30 p.m.anythlng Goes (Don Jones) 9 p.m. Movlo "Phantom of the Opera' r p.m. Move "Nosferatu" 11 p.m. Move "Metropols" SATURDAY* SUNDAY 5 p.m. Move "Metropols" 6 p.m. Town Meetng 7 p.m. Specal Report (cty fnances) 8 p.m. Cty Department Update (polce) -"--. :.._!, 9 p.m. Halloween Kds Safety 10 p.m. Move "Phantom of the Opera" 11 p.m. Move Move "Nosferatu" No Purchase Necessary. Entry Blanks Avalable n Store. Drawngs To Be Held Saturday, November )0,1990. r T 'ANFSH TRACK SPECAL BOAT 25 H.P. Motor Trollng Motor Traler Much more 4 Days/3 Nghts n Beautful Orlando, Florda BOWL TR 4 Days/3 Nghts 0 2 Reserved Seat Tckets For Rose Bowl Football Game 2 Reserved Seat Tckets For Tournament Of Roses Parade Bread Mlk Eggs ce Cream 20 Wnners Of Each category T..f T.l'BEg,'U '.f.-l!1! JJLM 1 SPRNGDAl V % LOWFAT X^22a fbb. WTH COUPON """" J...T..L'J.H o o o LOWFAT MLK ^. _.«t^ Gallon VA^m ^A^V T Jug ^ ^ ^ 1 ^ j L Umlt t Wrtfc Coupon. Umft 1 Cwpoo Per famh. 1 PrlcuOood Mon.. Oct. 39 TKruSun. Nov S*)«cl To AppllcaW* Sut» An4Uc*T*>t>. J QJ fcso n MHtHTTl'-UmrrrffEW'B-m.. -.,nu. M mm.n-u-^,,,.,.,1...,...,, r,.,,.., >...? Jlnwny HALF PRCE! Fresh, Grado A Chcken Famly Pck HOUY FARMS, SPLT BREASTS pssracaaatts Shelled, Fancy Bulk WALNUT MEATS Lb m SAW ' 14 t ^*mum»mlulngmm«mm.l Jmuyn«j w rg»j^r XEEECEEEBSm "T 6.4-Oz Tube, Assorted Varetes AM TOOTHPASTE, BUY ONE, GET ONE, pmfflme, PSTON TV SPECAL B\ 9402 Sprte. Caffene Free j Det Coke, Det Coke Or ' / cs ttnea c SE2> tuzflllbod ***» nc^' vrwv.t! **.y.1'arww.rr«.» wn-» t ;-. t.; r.-j. * \ Fr< Fresh, 5Lb Or La rger Package ASSORTED PORK CHOPS 9405 Kroger 0 GRADE A CLASSC COKE j J 1ARGE EGGS! 8 Pk tt-lter 5 Dll$ l L/cpU!U f fe'^^ft*'^''''"*-1 Mc«Otrt\Hv>. CX. H TVv»«v, H<rr. *. 1W \~ t^hctttayyuoy^thtt A/>4 Utl Ttm.' J. QvonUlWt j 89* Pu.! pozon' Depot Carton fssssfemsarsra?^^ " " B» ' «fjuxmch wweft wb «nthl«you t«pwcfut M Mv«l fc» «<«pttdp«mm. CopyrljM UjO.Th KfOj/r Co. lh$»ut DOUBLE,, COUPONS ' -vr'" UO*&V*. MON. 29 TU». 30, l # VSM^PS"- #' W«r«hmfc. hkm 0«* V«A. <Xt 2» t**,', *,,.«, nt/ **)t<l T» Arp*b<«tm, AM tmd T >. OCT. - NOV. WD. 31 THUM. 1 FK, 2 SAt. 3 SUH. 4

5 Monday. October O&E *5A By Jance Bruneon and V/ayno Poal staff wrters - Dsappontment regned among area fnancal experts last week even before Congress fnshed work on the new federal budget. Congress reached agreement on the new budget Saturday afternoon proposals nclude a new 31 percent tax bracket for hgh ncome Amercans, up from 28 percent, reductons, n some tax deductons, a new luxury tax on large autos, as well as boats and arplanes and Communty servce offcers wth the Wayne County Sherff's offce wll once agan use metal detectors to conduct candy checks to ensure a safe Halloween for trck or treaters. Offcers wll check candy 5:30-7 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 31, at two Lvona locatons: McDonald's, Fve Mle and Mddlebelt and the Wayne County Sherff's Park Staton, Edward Hnes Drve, at the corner of Newburg Road. Wayne County Sherff's Deputes are also dstrbutng free reflectve bags and safety tp sheets to area students. Safety tps nclude: Never go trck or treatng alone. Always be accompaned by an adult. Don't stay out too late. Always let your parent know the route you are takng. Wear somethng that shows up SOLD CHERRY CURO Start or add to your przed collecton wth these superb pece! Reg. $2100 other expensve tems new taxes on gasolne, alcohol and tobacco and rased the exempton level for Medcare taxes. Even wthout.fnal detals, area fnancal planners sad they were profoundly dsapponted the debate had centered so heavly on new taxes. "The U.S. Congress s only nterested n addtonal revenue, not reducng any fat n Washngton," sad Norman West, a. certfed fnancal planner based n Plymouth. "Ths new budgef (f'passed) s actually gong to ncrease the defct. Cuts of $500 bllon over fve years are to check n cand n the dark. Cross the streets at corners and watch for traffc. o Don't cross between parked cars. Take masks off when you cross the streets. o Have your treats checked at a precnct or mn staton for razors and pns. Throw away candy that s loose or torn n the wrapper and candy or popcorn that s not packaged. o Be a good ctzen. Don't do trcks or vandalsm f you don't get a treat. o Watch out for others. Help smaller chldren f they need assstance. Report vandalsm or fres to the polce or an adult. Never accept rdes from strangers. Don't go nsde anyone's home. tll nowhere near enough, the way Congress spends money. Three tmes that amount, $1.5 trllon, would be meanngful." <J RASNG TAXES on the wealthy may be poltcally popular, but won't be effectve, warned Pat McWllams of Captal Fnancal Plannng, Lvpnla. "f they (the rch) get taxed more, they always get more breaks,". McWllams sad. "Everyone's gong to pay more and. the average guy usually pays most, percentage-wse, anyway." ' But not every fnancal planner was unhappy wth the new taxes beng proposed. "t puts taxes on people earnng $200,000 or more a year. 'm not n that category," sad Stephane Erckson of Money Concepts, Westland. Erckson, n fact, argued aganst some budget cuts. "Medcare shouldn't be cut. Too e^m^m^r^^ many elderly need t," she sad. "New taxes on beer and cgarettes? really don't care, but 'd hate to see taxes on gas ncreased." But Erckson agreed wth Presdent Bush's call for a cut n captal gans taxes. "'d lke to see (captal gans) taxes dropped from 28 to 15 percent," she sad. "That would beneft a lot-of mddle-class (people) and below." ANOTHER TAX on the well-to-do - a 10 percent luxury tax on expensve automobles could keep people out of auto showrooms, one dealer warned " don't thnk the tax tself s that bad, t's the percepton of the tax that could be harmful," sad Don Massey of Don Massey Cadllac, Plymouth. " don't thnk most people fully understand exactly what's been passed. don't thnk we fully understand. The dffcult and harmful part s people could be steered away KNEE PAN AND FLUD N THE KNEE Flud n the knee causes pan as much from ts sudden occurence as by ts amount. The normal knee holds a s h cc of flud: ndvduals can carry as much as 100 cc n the knee jont and experence rttle dscomfort. Yet 5-10 cc can brng that same person to tears' because of the pam that flud creates f flud accumulates slowly the knee jont adapts, f the extra flud comes n a rush, the jont capsule dstends; ths sudden stretch causng great pan. Tears m knee lgaments and frays n the jont s cartlage are also reasons for pam. n these crcumstances there may be no extra flud n the knee. When you have flud tn the knee, your doctor asprates the jont to wthdraw the flud. Ths procedure releves stretch on the jont capsule; at such tmes njecton of the knee wth a sterod helps to prevent the reaccumufaton of flud. When there s pam n the knee, but no flud, your doctor puts a needle nto the knee, manly to nject sterod. The medcne does not "lubrcate" the jont, but acts to sooth stes of rrtaton n torn lgaments or frayed cartlage. The njecton wll ntate healng and end dsablty. ^ ^:1^ 33ESEEE K ' (from new purchases) because of percepton. t could cause a lot of people to subconscously stay away." Area Congressmen splt on the budget vote, as they dd on earler, rejected, budget summt agreement. Carl Pursell, R-Plymouth, who voted aganst the ntlal package, agan voted no." Sander Levn, D- Soutbfeld, who voted n favor of the ntal agreement, agan voted yes. Wllam Ford, D-.Taylor, voted aganst the ntal agreement, but voted yes ths tme. Lke the fnancal professonals, Pursell sad he was dsapponted the debate had shfted to taxes, nstead of spendng. Spendng blls would ncrease spendng by $32 bllon, accordng to Pursell's estmate. "T'S NOT gong to help the economy f we can't gel a handle on spendng." Pursell sad. Pursell's dstrct ncludes northern Lvona, Plymouth and Plymouth Townshp. Ford who represents southern Lvona, Westland, Garden Cty 'and Canton, "beleves t s about tme to stop spendng on a credt card and passng the bll on to hs- grandchldren," accordng to a spokesman. Levnsad the budget package, whle less than perfect, was the best Congress could expect. "There's no real alternatve," Levn sad "t's not as far a package as would lke, but we have made t more far (than the orgnal)". Levn's dstrct ncludes Redford. s 600 Rebate ON A NEW BRYANT DELUXE FURNACE AND AR CONDTONER CONVERT TO GAS Change Your Present Ol Heat System And... SAVE 30% On Heatng Cost EASY FNANCNG FALL FURNACE TUNE-UP Call now for our tune up Save heatng dollars wth a clean, effcent furnace We don t jx*u cll paoducu, we o^e* ccunpvu. Denmark Heatng & Coolng Abruzz Orve Westland, Mch ^^ty >.»,! f--v-< ^"--'-J REGENCY /SHZS^JE ^CRUSES /^v^:v--vl-hv' s 1 wv,n--h.t-.j^t -vwtp^v. wt-xt-sutja ;Z32E2ESEES22mS!22EEE2EE5 ATTENTON: ALL PAST REGENCY CRUSE PASSENGERS REGENCY CRUSE NGHT- NOVEMBER 1 at 7:00 P.M. CALL FOR RESERVATONS AND LOCATON... FREND AND RELATVE WELCOME FREE ADMSSON TRAVEL UNLMTED t.vszt: - -'. WWMBMWHWMWUWBMBWP KBfflBWa»R6«H Lvona Mddlebelt Road (South of 8 Mle Rojd) H. F 9:^ T U U 9 :10-* 50 EESS j w! MMBMamw^<aM»y«y.a»asgs^sf^;swng^ RETf tl^l6b ^R OF THE YEAR NTERVEW WTH EXCTNG RETAL COMPANES Free Admsson ntervews Conducted Free Parkng Door Przes l, w w r " ""'" ' N THE'GREATER DETROT MARKET' WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7th SOUTHFELD CONVENTON CENTER DAYS HOTEL WEST NNE MLE ROAD BETWEEN SOUTHFELD RD. & GREENFELD RD., SWt^tt^MCfG^^^:!:^/,:]-, Sponsored by The 6Uart Croup f YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND. FAX Oft WAL YOUR RESUME FOR MMEDATE OR FUTURE CONSDERATON. Postons Avalable for All Areas of Retalng MAL TO: THE 6TWQT CROUP EMPLOYERS: NORTHWESTERN HWY. F0R PARTCPATON WEST BLOOMFELO, Ml NFORMATON FAX: CALL: 1-80O TUAQT GROUP Mwccsrvr ccjmym HUMAN RESOURCES OUT PLACEMENT RECRUTMENT ADMrMSTRATlO.V PLACEMENT COUNSELNG, _,. CAREER EVENTS Alleanpta tr tfltl cyperhtty r»vo/-e» TX/Slwl Cnmf fo/rt>e5v njv u*m unsolrcltj kucftonna. EussMah^.A'A* ^. fc.*..mjmu.,1,u^m'^-^.^-:^ t&nnoaenhrdp&:ust'*t ^!-y\^.a-t:rrrtr^ W/0 MF<bR T. " Crowley's new Men's Store opens November 9 at TeMtvelve. Be sure to take tme for a vst. - 2 >- " play hard. work hard. And expect the same knd of effort frommy health plan." -~ ~ want a health plan that's on the job when 'm sck or when 'm well. Everyone expects to bo covered when they're sck, rght? And t only makes sense to be covered when you're well, for thngs lke checkups, lab tests, x-raya That's why sgned up for Care Choces HMO. 'Care Choces s everythng barganed for. 'm covered for preventve care for onty a small co-pay. can go to some of the best doctors and hosptals around for my cam And oven get dscounts on certan programs that promoto a healthy lfestyle. Naturally, 'm covered for hosptalzaton and emergency care worldwde, "Another thng s, wth Care Choces, save money over my old plan. And save aggravaton. There's not much paperwork. And f have questons, can call my local representatve and get the answera "So, f you were to ask me why have Care Choces Health Plans, 'd say, Because t's health. coverage that works' * Talk to your benefts representatve to make sure Care Choces s offered where you work. Or call Member Servces at (313) or for more nformaton. Care Choces HEALTH PLANS Your plan for today... and tomorrow. l/ocal Partcpatng Hosptals: Catherno McAuley Health System, Chelsea Communty Hosptal, :.; Salne Communty Hosptal, McPherson Hosptal and Brghton Hosptal. Care Choces s sponsored by Mercy Health'Servlces. Copyrght C&re Choces Health Plana \9QO, A

6 mm ^umu^m^um^ Su^zx yj-j J-; 'C-'r'- - * -^-- 1 "- - V- 4j>U-<lW. ^ '^ ^- P^PP^^ 'ud&l eaflv.o) ; O&E Monday, October 29, 1990 pr@gr ] :; 1 -: 12 \ > v - - h, < 5 : Kv. YOUTH BASKETBAU. Youth basketball league regstratons ' are beng accepted. by the Wayne-Westland YMCA, 827 S. ;Wayne Road, one block south of 'Cherry Hll. The league _ls open to,boys anttglrls n the thrd through sxth grades. For nformaton, call HAUNTED, HOUSES Through Oct. 31 Westland Jaycees Haunted House wll be drectly across the street from Westland Cty Hall, Ford Road west of Wayne. Road and east of Newburgh. Admsson s adults $4, chldren^and senors (over 65) f 3. Haunted house hours wll be 7 p.m. to mdnght Frday- Saturday; 7-11 p.m. Sunday-Wednesday; and closed all Thursdays. The Wayne-Westland Famly YMCA wll also have a haunted house n ts barn, 827 S. Wayne Road, south of Cherry Hll, 6:30-10:30 p.m. weekdays and 6:30-11:30 p.m. Frdays and Saturdays. The house wll 1 be open Oct. 25-3L Admsson s O HAUNTED HAYRDE! Through Tuesday, Oct The Garden Cty Jaycees and the Dearborn Heghts Jaycees present a haunted hayrlde fnd pumpkn patch for ghosts and goblns of all ages n JParkland Park, Ann Arbor Tral 1½ mles east of Telegraph, Hours wll 'be 7-11 p.m. Admsson for the hay- Vde s f 3 for adults and $2 for chldren 12 and under. For nformaton, call Ellen at or Tm at MLLONARE'S PARTY. Frday, Nov. 2 A mllonare's party wll be 7:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. n. Hawthorne Valley Country Club, on MefrLman north of Warren Road. Admsson s $7.50. Proceeds wll support the Y's ndan Gude program.. HOLDAY BOUTQUE Frday-Saturday, Nov. 2-3 The women of the Garden Cty Presbyteran Church wll hold ts holday boutque Frday 4-8 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. n the church, 1841 Mddlebelt, south of Ford. A famly style dnner wth roast turkey wll be served Frday. Dnners are $6.25 for adults, $4 for chldren. Admsson to the boutque s free.' # ROAD RALLY Saturday, Nov, 3 A road rally n the western Wayne County area wll begn at 6 p,m; Tckets are $15 per person whch ncludes pzza and salad. Cash przes awarded. For reservatons; call Rhonda at or Lynda ft before Oct. 26. we Need volunteers love Happy Campers! WLDWOOD CRAFTS Saturday, Nov. 3 An arts and crafts show wll be 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. n Wlldwood Elementary School, 500 N. Wlldwood at Cherry HU, between Venoy and Wayne Road. 0 ST. DAVD'S BAZAAR Saturday, Nov. 3 St. Davd's Epscopal Church wll hold ts annual bazaar from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. n the church; Marquette at nkster Road. There wll be a raffle for a handmade wall hangng plus other prkes. Lunch wll be served durng bazaar hours. O FRUT SALE Saturday, No.v. 3 Garden Cty Hgh School marchng band and color guard students wll be sellng vases of Florda oranges and grapefrut door to door n Garden Cty. Delvery wll be Dec. 8. Oranges are 11 per case and grapefrut 9 per case. Proceeds wll go toward the students' annual band competton. To place an order by phone, call Casse Butcher at O BAZAAR Saturday, Nov. 3 The Unted Methodst Women of Garden Cty wlt have ther bazaar 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. n Garden Cty Unted Methodst Church, 6443 Merrman at Maplewood. There wll also be a lunch of homemade vegetable soup, turkey crossant sandwches and homemade perogesat 11 a.m. O BLOOD DONATONS Saturday, Nov. 3 Blood donatons wll be accepted 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. n Good Shepherd Reformed Church, 6500 N. Wayne Road. Walkns welcome. For appontments, call FOREST HARVEST Sunday, Nov. 4 - A "Forest Harvest" tour lookng for fruts, berres and nuts wll be n Hollday Park Nature Preserve. Tour wll begn at the Koppernck entrance at 1 p.m. For nformaton, call Wayne County Parks and Recreaton at AEROBCS Monday, Nov. 5 Aerobc classes begn at the Wayne-Westland YMCA, 827 S. Wayne Road, one block south of Cherry Hll. nstructor wll be Dane Roberts. For nformaton, call O SWMMNG Monday, Nov. 5 Swmmng classes for chldren 8 months old through adults begn n the Wayne- EZ t '-->,'-j.. communty calendar Non-proft groups should mal tems for the calendar to the Observer, Schoolcraft, Lvona, Ml The date, lme and place of the event should be ncluded, along wth he name and phone number of someone who can be reached durng busness hours to clarfy nformaton. Westland.YMCA, 827 S. Wayne Road, one block south of Cherry Hll. Regstratons are now beng taken. For nformaton, call O GARDEN CLUB Monday, Nov! 5 The Garden. Cty Garden Club wll meet at 7 p.m. n the Log Cabn at Garden Cty Park, Cherry Hll at Merrman. The meetng wll feature a cannng demonstraton by Georga and Agelne Scappatcc. For nformaton, call Jan at or Dasy at O GED TESTS Monday-Tuesday, Nov. 5-6 Lvona Publc Schools wll offer GED tests 5-10 p.m. at Bentley Center, Hubbard. For nformaton, call O FRANKLN BOOSTERS Tuesday, Nov. 6 Frankln Hgh School Vocal Musc Boosters wll meet at 7:30 p.m. n room 508 n the school. O BOUNCNG BACK Tuesday, Nov. 6,13, 20, and 27 The Huron Valley Regonal Councl of Parents wthout Partners s sponsorng an admlsslon-free program, "Bouncng Back," for sngle parents. The four workshops s desgned to help sngle parents overcome the hurts and confuson felt durng a dvorce. The workshops wll be held.7:30-9 p.m. n Stottlemyer Elementary School, on Marquette, between Wayne Road and Wlldwood. For nformaton, contact Kelly Gorney at evenngs. O COLLEGE PROGRAM Wednesday, Nov. 7 Schoolcraft College's Women's Resource Center wll sponsor a program for adults who want nformaton on enterng or re-enterng college 9 a.m. to 12:30 1 p.m. n the college's Lberal Arts Buldng, Room LA-200, on Haggerty Road between Sx and Seven Mle Roads. For nformaton, call O VEGAS PARTY Frday, Nov. 9 A Las Vegas Party wll be 8 p.m. tl mdnght n St. Bernardne Parsh, Ann Arbor Tral at MeTrman. Admsson s $7 and ncludes $3 n chps and refreshments. Proceeds go for general parsh expenses. CARNVAL Frday, Nov. 9 A school carnval wll be 6-9 p.m. n Farmngton Elementary, School, Marquette. There wll be famly fun, games, food, raffles and crafters. O CRAFT SHOW Saturday, Nov. 10 Ketterng Craft Show wll be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. n the school, 1200 S. Hubbard, a half mle south of Cherry Hll and half mle west of Merrman. For nformaton, call or O OES BAZAAR Saturday, Nov Order of Eastern Star's Chrstmas bazaar wll be 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. n the Garden Cty Masonc Temple, 1740 Mddlebelt, south of Ford. There wll be handcrafted tems, bake sale, hot lunch, games and psychc readngs. O ARTS FAR Saturday-Sunday, Nov Ss. Smon and Jude Church n Westland wll hold ts arts and crafts far Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Sunday noon to 5:30 p.m. Eght-foot tables are avalable for $15 on Saturday, $10 on Sunday or 20 for both daw. For more nformaton, call Margaret at or Rta at ''M WONDERFUL 1 Tuesday, Nov. 13 A spaghett dnner and presentaton, "'m Wonderful," wll be 6 p.m. n the Maplewood Communty Center, on Maplewood west of Merrman. Tckets are $5 and must be bought n advance at the center. Performance artst O.J. Anderson wll llustrate to young vewers self-esteem, magnaton, creatvty through hs one-man extravaganza of songs, games and skts. O CRAFT FAR "Sne J lostlolbs. wth ^utr/system added somethng new to my wa bathng suts." 'My wardrobe used to consst of Mu Mu's and Sack Dresses never even owned a belt. magne how thrlled was to put on a bathng sut and be complmented on the way look. Nutr/'System made t all possble. They helped me lose the weght and gave me confdence and self-esteem. So much so that was able to enter a beauty contest. was second runner-up, but felt lke the wnner." Saturday, Nov. 17 Memoral Craft Far wll be 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. n the school, Marquette. Exhbtors are needed. There s a $15 per table rental fee. For nformaton, call O MORE CRAFTS Saturday, Dec. 1 Crafters are needed for the Hamlton Elementary Craft Show. For nformaton, call Barb , Bobbe or Ed O CHRSTMAS BOUTQUE Saturday, Dec. 1 Lather School's Chrstmas boutque, Marquette, Garden Cty, tas table rentals avalable at $20 per table. For nformaton, call Brenda at O TOPS Thursdays - Take Off Pounds Sensbly meets at 10 a.m. Thursdays n the Log Cabn n Garden Cty Park, Cherry Hll and Merrman. For nformaton, call or O FTNESS GYM Monday-Saturday The Wayne- Westland Famly Y wll sponsor a ftness gym open 6 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Saturday. Daly guest pass s $5 per vst. For nformaton, call O PLAY/LEARN The Wayne-Westland YMCA s acceptng regstratons for chldren RETAN JUDGE HAMMER judge Rchard L. Hammer. Jr. 21st Dstrct Court Garden Cty ages 2¼ through 6 years of age for ts Play and Learn Program. For more nformaton, call O DANCERS WANTED The Polsh Centennal Dancers are acceptng regstratons for fall. Stu k dents ages 3 through adults can learn Polsh folk dancng, Amercan polkas, along wth a touch of jazz and varous routnes. For nformaton, call or Q CARDAC GROUP ' Mondays - A cardac support group meets the second and fourth Monday of every month 7-8:30 p.m. n Garden Cty Osteopathc Hosptal classroom No. 1, 6245 N. nkster Road at Maplewood. The group wll offer educatonal and emotonal support of cardac patents and ther famles. O HARCUTS Wednesdays Harcuts are avalable 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. n the Frendshp Center, 1119 N. Newburgh. Cost s $5 for men and $6 for women. Perms are also avalable. For nformaton, call O OPEN SWM The Wayne-Westland YMCA has daly open swm avalable 7-8 p.m. Monday-Frday, and 1-3 p.m. Saturday. Famly Swm s 8-8:45 p.m. Frday and 3-4 p.m. Saturday. The YMCA s at 827 S. Wayne Road, Westland. For more nformaton, call * Rated OUTSTANDNG" - Detrot Bar Assocaton * Rated "PREFERRED-WELL QUALFED" - Cvc Searchlght * Dstrct Judge * Former Assstant Attorney General, State of Mchgan. 13 years * Practcng Attorney For 15 Years Pld for by Commltee to Retan ludge Hammer, 29J55 Maple»ood. Carden Cty. Ml «4U5 Derby communty Bngo 1279 UNVERSTY AVE. W. WNDSOR, ONT., CANADA (519) PLAY U.S. - WN U.S. $_WN S/W Starts e p.m. $ WN 7s/ Book Bngo 7:30 p.m. $ WN 2nd Book Bngo 9:00 p.m. FREE PARKNG $!Q( QJKgKf $ np(rw(n(@(knr 2 - $2, Books 2 - $1,150 Jackpots WNS WN $ WNS rm m s %oo^ sun Deer* pampers are happy campers and t's no wonder because most severely asthmatc kds are forced to spend ther summers ndoors. At Camp sun Deer? asthmatc kds ' ages 9-12 partcpate n a varety of outdoor actvtes, but they can't do t wthout your help. The lmtatons and doubts they face can be dmnshed by a volunteer who cares. Your partcpaton at Camp sun Deer* can make all the, dfference n an asthmatc/ chld's summer. For more detals contact- Ajpooptovar/. «XJMduaf«w Try the Nutr/System' Crave-Free" Weght Loss Program that ncludes a varety of delcous meals and Cravng Control'' snacks; nutrtonal and behavoral counselng, lght acuvty. and weght mantenance. Don't Wat, Call Today. Our clent,., Lauren Scott. -lost 70 lbs. We Succeed Where Dets Fal You. nutr/systcm weght loss centers < AMERCAN: LUNG ASSOCATON Of SOVtHtAlT Hrwo\ west Ten Mle Road Southfleld, Ml : :S13) 5S9^00,,- == SfXxe contrbuted by the publsher napubkservke L- HffW CwpGnettr'- M/3/W Ov*r1tOOC«nt4r*tnlarn«l!ootlly. LVONA Lvona Plaza Fve Mle Rd. 1/2 OFF NUTR1/SYSTEM PROGRAM SERVCES* $oetalo!!cf<tocjr»urt«rud«fw e«m of NUTRA OthoprC*lncf!eCt«llh.t:*8<>*M0'! m0nt.v;»lkloftty^ WESTLAND West Rdge Shoppng Center Warren Rd.

7 Monday, October 29, 1990 O&E 7A Cy Tm Rchard staff wrter PRESEASON SALE C&ll tor a FREE Homo Estmate Stay Warm Ths Wnter nsulate your wndows wth FLEX-TTE Magnetc nteror nsulatng Panels B Stops cold drafts B Reduces sweatng & cng H Warms cold door walls O Saves energy Q Greatly ncreases home comfort D nstalls over e&stmg wndows "Don't replace your wndows NSULATE them' ASPEN BULDERS Telegraph Rd., Southfeld Judy Hughes, challenger pcllate court judge). You need tral experence and common sense." BOTH BORE chldren whle attendng law school and had to fght for ther early jobs. " was frst n my law school class, the only woman," Boyle sad. "Out of 350,1 was the last person to get a job. 've never forgotten " fought off fve local attorneys" to wn the Barry County prosecutor's electon, sad Hughes, admttng she was somethng of a carpetbagger for beng new n town. The ndana-born The male canddates ddn't show up, so the female canddates had a love-n. * Slate Supreme Court Justce Patrca Boyle, a Demo«ratlc nomnee, sad "On crmnal matters, she wo.uld be smlar to me.". Judy Hughes, a Republcan nomnee for the hgh court, sad "'m not runnng aganst my esteemed sster. There are not many cases n crmnal law where dsagree wth Justce Boyle." They went on to prove t n a dscusson of "basketball score" prson sentences. Not showng up Wednesday for the fomm on the Unversty of Mchgan-Dearborn campus were Justce Mchael Cavanagh, a Democratc nomnee, and W. Clark Durant, a Republcan nomnee. Under a qurk n Mchgan law, Supreme Court canddates are nomnated by poltcal partes but run on a non-partsan ballot. THE SENTENCNG queston was rased by one of Just a handful of students attendng the sesson. The state's hghest court threw out a tral court's sentence of hundreds of years of a man convcted of stabbng, kllng and robbng. " wrote the dssent," repled Boyle. "The tral court had authorzed somethng that couldn't be done (sentences runnng beyond lfe expectancy). But the legslature had authorzed any term of years. lost 4-3." " would have joned n, the dssent," sad Hughes, addng "Some members of the court have been erodng the authorty of tral judges for 20 years." The canddates ddn't dscuss workers compensaton or unemployment compensaton cases, where Boyle and two Democrats have lned up soldly aganst three Republcans. Justce Charles Levn, elected as an ndependent, has been a swng vote. On crmnal matters, however, Boyle votes wth the most conservatve members of the court. EACH BOASTED a tough-oncrme career n other ways. Boyle sad, " worked on the Crmnal Sexual Conduct Act (of the 1970s). t assures a woman's sexual hstory can't be brought out n a rape case. t's one of the most sgnfcant accomplshments of my lfe." Hughes sad that n Barry County she successfully prosecuted "a drty drve-n move west of town. The drve-n flew n lawyers from Calforna and Georga." When the place burned down, Hughes sad she helped prevent ts beng rebult because t was a non-conformng use under the zonng ordnance. Boyle: "'m the only justce wth sgnfcant tral court experence." Hughes: "You don't necessarly have to be a tral judge (to be an apt rr A^.'X^ mm^?mmm - -^- 9 Patrca Boyle, ncumbent lawyer also sad she spent her junor year of hgh school n Japan, "mmersed % n Japanese culture." COURTS ARE heavly burdened, they agreed. Boyle sad, "The system s extremely overburdened too many cases, too much tme, they cost too much." Boyle called for "equtable fundng" of the tral courts - crcut, probate and dstrct. Outsde of Detrot and Wayne County, local courts are fnanced by local unts, wth wde dspartes n caseloads, pay and facltes. =/5P PLYMOUTH= ^^=S^ FLOOR COVERNG We've Moved...Across the Street! Plymouth Road (One block West of Farmngton Road) a W :VV- -.- : <~ 4 -W\ -..-, -» */ ^-A / 5, V,.- -V-*"* V l J Vv'..: V V /-. - -* (? -. " : / ' < ' " - *> >' A /- - ^ : - ^ - 'v/v - : -' '*$ >'.,.-:.: v.^ / >. ; ' ' - : - ' ' * v.k^m^rl - ^m-n - - *- / "? 9 5 v«chares W. WARREN JFBLEMSVC \<m SOMC.UT ftul(jj) JH1 tutuad. (Jl) 3*1»11 Men. f you're about to turn 18. t's tme to regster wth Selectve Servce at any U.S. Post Offce. V,' V FRST CHRSTMAS ANGEL FROM LLADRO Ths graceful angel s meant «> stand on h,gh as a tree tbppcr Or she'll tand alone as a tatje fgurne tv^ustels handcrafted handpamted porcelan A collector's delght SUO Gft wrapped n our famous s'llu-r box r A «*C t's quck. t's easy. And t's the law. '" /r h, new releoses tna* KKU\ DtCXTWCfr WKWUJ mocxttfvu* &VAA CA1WCUU nwu wrw KXUTVRTUl uvwxma [Hsppy KaltonKenl ^apcfotet Formal Wesr ft Coatumo? FORD RD Between Venoy & Wayne (Opposte North Brothers Ford) Complete Lne of Rental Costumes From $ (Largest nventory Ever) MaVe-Up Artst Avalable HATS MASKS MAKE-UP ACCESSORES Extended Halloween Hours: M-Sat. 10 anv9 pm «WB^5(«M^«3««t^WWWMW^ BS»fl»aq«TfaWS«lt FDELTY BROKERAGE are an even Why You Should Know More About t. Sometmes, a lfllc-kllown mrstmeht can offer you a lot of hp benefts. Lke the nsured tax-free unt nvestment trust. Now, Fdelty jons wth John Nuveen & Co.. nc. to offer yo a wde select on of nsured tax-free unt trusts. Tmely payment of tax-free nterest ncome-guaranteed. 1\vo of the leadng names n tax-free nvestng-fdelly and Nuveen. Call or vst our Soutlfcld nvestor Center: Frst Center Offce Plaza Northwestern llwy., Sute auwe^w Fdelty nuostttwnts* Broker/go Sorvlco* COOB: OEN/UT/ Call of send for jvur FRRF. Nuv«n TK Klwhkh lkfudo pn^nxuv AH alm: al cmnsvnd (\ vsc* hc^scrcdlhf PM<f*«5CJrH*ll\ Nf>rfln\t>r,<<rMP<ln);jny nn«(\ ncome cmcd on \mvn nvestments s (ret tw\ federal but nu\ be Juh.kc u M JC and x jl jvr> \luucl >l bmxl nsurance do<5 (Vol gua.rar.e4 the nurlxt vjtuc o(k tru>t urt>.«hxh w «h tfunjo n mfkrtcoodk>ns.n>r(pr«'njkxfanbc nude v to am lr\mrvr's Jth;!t«lonxvl t<o.fmnxn\ ndcuybrukerajesfohccs.lftc. M rvmnshlrcswr^m.vholm M-mkrWSf.Src Get an nterest credt of up to $50. Put (he equty \xx lavc n. your home 10 work for you wth a Comcrea home equty loan The nterest may lx* fully-t;xdectuahle* - UJV.1 f you apply x.-tween SeptemlxT P :UH N'ovemlx-r 16, l ( >^), you'll receve ;n ntcrem credt of up to SS(V* * And (:omcno. jy\ - es you these lour luas to chtx^se fronv nr.m CU:DT.N:-A ov<nt tm'(s\(xx)(>s20.(m))<ca>sscr. -*-..- >#* -.,~t t\,*tj f^.r.v-.u't 1,», -»(N *.' '«'S-l by dxkk or DwM. VSA am -Ql n' L1NF.-/ ovdt (SJO.tXX) to S2(X)JXX))yxm access by cfxxk HXHDKQt't'lY NSTALLMENT LOAN-/! fxed'-fxynent. fxed rate loan n amounts front SS.(XX)toSSO.(XX). Al'TO KQt'l'lT l.oan-,-1/nxy/- rale loan to lx> used topurcbas' a car )(>n may txnrtnc ttf) to fx* maxmum atwlable equty \\>u l.-atv n yxtnr xme ComenQ\ Where the bottom lne s you...* '*»> --¾ "a '..^O.- ^-,^ 'sc the UKMKV to coasoudte other hgler nterest rate loaas. make home mprovements, \x\y for educaton cx x?vses, or even buy that dream c^vwhatevef ecd you nglu have, a Conerc home ccjuty kxm nukes a lot of sense, ttccusc WKM t comes to lx>rro\vng money. tlkre's rn) place lke home. To learn nxxe or aj^j^ly, call or vlsulk Comerca bnux:h nearest you.».v.m ^../sj.«> *->* */< J l.fv> *A n ^^V >-»-»-.-- -Sr U\ fc> ^j n *X«> >-V,.4% v- 1*J ~r» t n ^ 4%*. K-1») * SV.M f.ts

8 [^!;l^lt*su'.. -^U^ tamz&f mm^^jj^m^m^.ttr'+*. *^^jfc'k»*. ^r^^r*4^c»4c^j & & & & ^ \' -f- ^ 8A(W.Q) O&E Monday. October 29, 1990 roup wants help to A suburban group wants the publc's help n sendng mal and a package to every U.S. servce person connected to Operaton Desert Sheld n the mldeast. 'Frends of Freedom s the Lvona chapter of Operaton Cooke, founded by Laura Czarney of Berkley, mother of a solder on the front lne n Saudla Araba. Yvonne Zaplnsk, chapter chajrperson, s seekng volunteers to work on varous commttees ard busness stes wlng to host a dropoff. Zaplnsk also needs donaton of food and non-food tems and s acceptng cash donatons to defray the cost of malng packages and buyng supples. Checks may be made payable to Frends of Freedom and maled to post Offce Box 9503, Lvona M To nqure about a drop-off ste where, food or non-food tems may be donated, call Anyone havng a servce person n the gulf area who would lke them to receve a package or have a pen pal may send the name and address to the above address. THE GOAL s to make sure that every mltary servce person connected wth Operaton Desert Sheld receves mal "and a package. Food tems desred nclude snack sze frut cups, juce boxes, ready to eat cup of soup, Graham or Saltne crackers, nuts, hard candes. For cookes call for specal nstructons. Non-food tems nclude: bege color tolet tssue; purse sze facal tssues; tral sze toothpaste; -lp balm; Q-Tps and bandages; santary napkns and tampons, small balls and Frlsbees, AA and nne- VDlt batteres, lned wrtng paper and envelopes, word games and puzzle/wordfsearch books, used paperback and magaznes. Al packages are censored by the Sauds when they reach Araba, sad Zaplnsk. For4hat reason, she sad, magaznes carnot be graphc and book content must-notlave excessve romantc or graphc descrptons. Books on relgon lke Bbles and prayer books aren't allowed. - v E *»?,TU''». L'<P,11.H M. jp;,, <"j^v\ "'."k' t'.'m 1'M^,'LWL w '-"ry^rtr'.*f'f r,, ; *,,. r *,,,y,,.¾ a h,-., t.., r.,-.. ;.,,. ;-n.v >.,f -.,.,,,,,,,,,,..,. vyy,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,-r ^:-1:11 " GEORGE E.BARTON Servces for Mr. Barton, 80, a former Garden Cty resdent, were Wednesday at the John Santeu and Son Funeral Home wth Rev. Roland Troke Jr. of Tmothy Lutheran Church offcatng, Bural was at Pakvev? Cemetery, Lvona.' Wr;. Barton/^who lved n Garden Ctyfor-;6<>.years before movng to Fflftbht, Oho, ded Oct. 21 n Washngtonvlle, Oho. He was a machne repar journeyman for the Ford MotohCo.-..,.. Survvors nclude hs daughter, Evelyn Cascaden; granddaughter, Nancy Chamberlan; and two ssters, Rqlh Fsher and Leona Pena. Memoral contrbutons may be donated to the Garden Cty Oddfellows organzaton. THOMAS KETH MLLGAN Servces for Mr. Mllgan, 29, of Westland were Wednesday at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Farmngton Hlls, wth pastor Ralph Unger offcatng. Mr. Mllgan ded Oct. 21 n Garden Cty Hosptal. He was a jantor for EBS Servce and member of St. Paul Lutheran Church. Survvors nclude hs parents, Rchard and Helen Mllgan; two ssters, Patrca Ptera and Margaret You may ask for agendas Under provsons of Mchgan's Open Meetngs Act, you're enttled to receve notces of government meetngs. A publc body, must mal notces to people who, on an annual bas)s, request such notfcaton. Underle act, payment of a reasonable fee may be requred before notces -' CTY OF GARDEN CTY November S, 1990 are maled. Ths provson apples to all local, county and state governments. At the local level ths ncludes cty councls, school boards and varous boards and commssons. Locally, requests may be submtted to the cty or townshp clerk, or'to the school superntendent. NOTCE S.HEREBY GVEN Out th«mayor lad Councl of Garden Cty wll bold a Publc Hearng o November, l»s9, t 7:10 P.M., to le Councl Chamber*, at the Cvc Center, «000 Mddlebell Road, Gv<5eoCUy,MkM«an. ' To solct Publc'comroenU oa le Salary Ordnance change concernng the Polce Of fl- Mrs Assocaton of Mchgan Cler k-dtspalch Unt.. - ' ' ' " RONALD DSHOWALTER, Cly Clerk-Treasurer Publsh: October J9,lt»0 - - > Hold a pece of tape up to your eyes, dm the lghts and try to fll out your taxes. Now you're seeng thngs from her pont of vew. Seaman, and two brothers, Rcahrd and Mchael. Arrangements were by Manns- Ferguson Funeral Home, Lvona. MLDRED L.WETZEL Servces for Mrs. Wetzel, 90, of Garden Cty were held Oct. 22 n Austntown, Oho. Mrs. Wetzel ded Oct. 19 n Garden Cty Hosptal. She was a 75-year Garden Cty resdent and a charter member of the local MOMS (Mothers of Men n Servce) chapter and a member of the" auxlary of a veter-. ans group. Survvors nclude seven grandchldren and fve great-grandchldren. Mrs. Wetzel was preceded n death by her husband, Ralph; and by three sons, Charles, Donald and Norman. Arrangements locally were handled by the R.G. and G.R. Harrs Funeral Home. MARE J. VAN ORDEN Servces for Mrs. Van Orden, 91, of Dearborn Heghts were Frday at St. Rchard Catholc Church, Westland, wth Rev.' Wllam Smth offcatng. Bural was at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfeld. Mrs. Van Orden ded Oct. 23 n Carlsle, Pa. Survvors are two sons, Harold of Carlsle and Robert of Dearborn Heghts; 11 grandchldren; 14 greatgrandchldren; and a sster, Olve Brennan of Toronto. She was preceded n death by her husband,- Harold, and a daughter, Betty. Arrangements were made by the Vermeulen Memoral Trust 100 Funeral Home, Westlaqd. CTY OF GARDEN CTY The Cty Hall wll be open on Saturday, Nlovember 3.1 WO, from 8:00 A.M. lo 1:00 PH. lo receve Absentee Ballou for he Electon to be held on Tuesday, November 8,1890. PuMsh/Octooer 1» and November 1, UJO. CTY OF GARDEN CTY PLANNNG COMMSSON NOTCE OF PUBLC HEARNG November 8,1890 NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that Regular Publc Hearng wll be held by the Plannng Commloo at the Councl Chamber* of the Cvc Center. «000 Mlddlebelt Roa'd. Garden Cty. Mchgan oa THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 8,1 WO, at 7:19 PM., for the purpose of bearng and consderng all comment* of all penoos nterested n or concerned wth the followng request^): tem Proposed ZonagTe t Ameadmeot ZA-1 8-8J40S Consderaton of proposed Tet Amendment of Secton , Wall and Screenng Requrements. tem -SO-Wl Ctrdea Cty Osteopathc Hosptal» $ Locaton: 8MJ fkster Consderaton of (a) determnaton as to whether project s a ma)or or mnor change to the estlng PD (Planned Development)»lte plan; (b) PD Amendment and, (c) Ste Plan Revew to coostrvct a ne» loadng dock and electrcal servce buldng n t PD (Planned Development) Zonng Dlstrct- Tbe applcant'! submttal materals are avalable forpobuc revsw at tbe Garden Cty Plannng Offce, 6000 Mlddlebelt Road. Garden Cty, Mchgan,(111) 51J All persons nterested n any of the above are hereby nvted lo attend ths Publc Hearng and be beard- - RONALD D SHOWALTER Cty Clerk-Treasurer Posted: October 1». 1*9», -. Publsh: October 19.1M0 Blanchard to speak n area Gov. James Blanchard wll appear at a legslatve breakfast Wednesday sponsored hy the chambers of commerce of Westland, Lvona, and Plymouth. - The breakfast wll be served at 7:30 a.m. n Laurel Manor, Schoolcraft west of Newburgh. A breakfast buffet offered at $15 per person. Reservatons may be made by callng the Lvona Chamber at Blanchard, a Democrat, s campagnng for hs thrd term as governor. The electon s Nov. 6. Tell us about your event Faced Vrtt the prospect of wrtng your frst press release n the nev. future? Dqn't despar. Don't dsparage your fellow club members for gvng you the task. Arm yourself Wth a paper and pen or typewrter and answer the followng questons. You'll be well on your way to provdng us wjth the necessary nformaton. What s the event? o Who's sponsorng t? o Who afe the partcpants? When s t takng place? Where s t occurrng? At what tme s the event scheduled? Why s ths event takng place? Where can people buy tckets? How much s admsson? Who can the publc call for further nformaton? Please provde the Observer wth the name and telephone number ofa person wth whom we can verfy the nformaton) f you are submttng a photo for our consderaton,' please keep n mnd that black and whte pcture^ reproduce the best. Snapshots of large groups don't reproduce well and aren't,consdered sutable for publcaton. As a rule we don't publsh photographs depctng Use presentaton of checks or plaques. f you want us to return a photograph, please ndcate ths on the back of the pcture. dentfy people n the photograph from left to rght and by ther frst names and surnames as well as by the towns n whch they lve. Trusted Homo town fjayspopcrs hot Moan Busness DATL TMK 'LAl'K ZONNG BOARD OF APPEALS CTY OF GARDEN CTY NOTCE OF SPECAL MEETNG November 7. 1S50 7J0PM COUNCL CHAMBERS. Cvc Center Ntddlebell Road. Garden Cty. Mchgan Sutler s.r,efeby gnen tha th* Garden Cly Zonlr.g Board ol Appeals wll hold a Me«lng to consder he matters sed on the followng ajerxls at the dale, tme and locaton shown above All parles wshng to comrmn on a pcblc bearng em arc nvted to attend tte mrelr.g and be heard For further nformaton en any agenda tem lsted below please phore the Offce at<jj)51j-88{l AGENDA Roll Call (o:nrn«orxr$ Bngham JaeVson 'umb. Reed. Smth. Spang. Whte Allcrrutcs RebertM.h Sparls 1 Coosderatlon of Mnutes: [em )1-90 OOlTo approve he Mnutes of the Regular Zonng Board of Appeals Meetng held September Pl'Bl.C HEARNG: - N'eu tems Jcm 1190 Ml John Sjolflu& Sons loc. ZBA 9019 Locaton J»lr.ksler Road Consderaton ot a Nonconformng Use Esparuon Permt under Secton (B) to construct a garage addte-n to hou>e funeral tome related vehcles n an R-l Zonng Dstrct Applcant seeu Board determnaton pursuant to Secton 161 OJ* A) of the Zonng Code Legal descrpton Aereage. Secton 1101B. XF118» Ol S 000 tem Mr. Rchard Sweat! ZBA Locaton 2859«Block Consderaton of a Dmensonal Varance from Secton to construct a resdental addton that»ou!d result ma total lot coverage of 11 percent where30percent s the maxmum allowed) Applcant seeks varance consderaton pursuant to secton 161 OSOxDjol the Zonng Code Legal descrpton Lot L Blalack's Garden Cty Addton Subdvson tem -90 OOlMartn B Nash ZBA Locaton JH62 Balmoral Consderaton of a Dmensonal Varance from Scctoo D) to conslnjcl garage addton that would have a 1 fool sde lot lne setback where 1 feet are requred Applcant seeks varance consderaton pursuant to Secton (D)of the Zonng Code Legal descrpton W. 1! feet of lot 2777 and the K 50 feel of Lot Foller's Garden Cly Acres No 18 Subdvson J ADJOURNMENT Publsh October 29.1*90 RONALD D SHOWALTER Cty Clerk-Treasurer Almost ever)body has to fle taxes, but not everyone can do t on ther own. \t>!unteer and help make someone's taxes less taxng. Call WO. ^,. ERKA'S Lf ERCl! P P ER PlYOUTH ROAD.*.'-' ' ' UVONR Next to Sportsftuthontyn UUoodond Square \ Hours: M Closed;' T & F 8:30-6; UJ & Tn 11-8; Sot 8:30-4,- Sun )0-2 0RAWD OPENNG SPECALS f5 OFF $ 'JKKL,'! HARCUTS 1 '/ OFFER EXPRES J OFFER EXPRES ~ HARCUTS.,. $ &6oJTu P :~ Barber Cuts Perms Color Bradng faxng Frostng Mancures tll.1 CTY OF GARDEN CTY REGULAR COUNCL MEETNG October 1,1990 V. Tbe Mayor and Councl of the aty of Ordeo Cty met la Regular Sesson o October 1,19J0. at 710 Pf, ) th* Councl Ctamben of the Ctrl* Ce'oer, WOO Mddlebell Road. GardeaCUy. Mktlgan. H-.J tr.tst* An SutSud-as, FAG Pr^l- Strkes '5 (1 REGULAR OOUNCTtMEETNQ Present were Mayor Plakaa, Cooocltmemben Scalldbef g. Ntmneley, Majka, Breen, McDonald, and Keth. AW present *er«cty Manager Austn, Cty Clerk-Treasurer Sbowalter, CHy Attorney Mack, fcman R«our«Drector Noel, and Assstant to U* Cty Manager Myer*. Mfted by Breerc lupported by M»Jk* RESOLVED: To approve th«mjnotcs of the Regular Councl Meet- ngcf September J7, l»m, a> presented YEAS; UoarJmeof W<Ae4 by McDonelt; supported by Ncnneley; RESOLVED: To pprova th«aceooou Payble, u luted. YA$: Uo«n!m«uj M^Jed by MaJ**; ««pp«f led by McDooell- RESOLVED: To»pprov«th«request by the Detrot Area Councl of.)j«boy ScoflU of Amerca for permtssjea to»*ll *bo«r tklto doorto-dw from September J J, through November >, HJ9. VEAS: Un»nlmou» M«led by McDcoell; wpportcd by ScMldberg: RESOLVED: To modfy rejolotloa wmber»»0-h7 lo arfrd le conuaet for oo!y the Mplewcod Ceotet Archtectural Servce* to Cart* t Assocate*, the tofysx tjponjb!* b!*jer, n (he amount of MW 0¾ ** recommended by the Cty Attorney and Admlnlttrajlon. YEAS: Unaolmo=» M^ed by SckMberg; ttpportcd by Breen: P SOLVED: To adopt the resoluton topporllng the mplenxo-,ut(oa of a cnrblde yard waste composng program, u recommended by (be Act»J Tas«Forw and the Ad*lnlrtrll«t YEAS: Urjnlmoo Mdjed by McDooell; acpportus by SchlMberg: RESOLVED. To award the contract for Mcrocomputer EJ^JUOO Kardwara to Arlflgloo Oorhpoter Prod*ct*, lha kret respoejlble, n lb«amount of 47t per tojrd. > recommended by the AdmlnUUtloo. YEAS; Unanhnooj Maycd by MaJ>a; aopported by McDooelL RESOLVED: To award 0* contract for en Anmal Control VeWcto Bot to fchroer Mactltetarlng Company, th««o!«bdder, n the amoont ct VM M, M recom-, menvled by the Admldjlratkv YEAl Unanlmow Mojed by Keth; aopported by McDocelt RESOLVED: To award lh* coourct for Demollloo f Abandoned Bofwln Footng*»* "«* RmwoM to Captal Wreclng Company, th«ao!e bdder, la the amount of tj,4to.w. u recommeoded by the AdmlaUtratlca. YEAS Unanlmouj KoVed by Breen; wpported by McDooelt RESOLVED: To adoe< tha Centennal J(blle«ProclamaUoo for DAR, as recommended by the Ctalf. YEA& Unanlmovs V<)t4 by Kunneley; aapported by_bc«a RESOLVED: To approt gong Wo Closed Sewloo lo dl<o» lulloqand UWf WfotJaUoo YEA& UnnlnxwJ ' >J ' *J., RONALD D.SKOWALTER, * CltyClerk-treawrer ^001^0^0^1^1^9 1 magne you're a parent, checkng on your baby n the mddle of the nght. You wat for the sound of breathng. A cry. A coo. Anythng. When SDS (Sudden nfant Death Syndrome) takes a vctm, there s only slenced v t's commonly known as' 'Crb Death." The death of a seemngly healthy baby for no apparent reason. SDS s the number one cause of death n nfants from one week to one year old*... causng more deaths than cystcfbross,clldhood,- cancer and heart dsease combned. Over 7,000 babes each year. Ths kller strkes quckly, quetly, wth no warnng. A SDS baby des wthn seconds, usually whle he's sleepng. He suffers no pan. He doesn't cry out. One of the most dsturbng facts about SDS s that there's no way to predct t. No way to prevent t. Not yet. But there s hope. Wth your help we can fnd the cause and.thexure.-^ '.-^.-^-..^.^.., J ^.- Donatons of your tme and of your dollars wll make a dfference. You can help save a lfe. Then we can all hear the sweet sounds of a baby's cry. The Southeastern Mchgan Chapter of the Natonal SDS. Foundaton For more nformaton or to volunteer your tme, call (313) or toll-free (800) 221-S1DS l, r».<

9 8A*(P,C.R,W,Q-9A) O&E Monday, October 29, 1990 Here's how Observer & Eccentrcarea members of congress were recorded on major roll call votes between Oct HOUSE: To Cut Defense The House refused, 201 for and 215 aganst, to cut 2 percent across-the-board from the $2$8.2 bllon defense appropratons bll for fscal 1991: The cut would not have affected the Desert Sheld operaton n the Mddle East, whcb s funded separately. The bll (HR 5803) was passed and sent W conference wth the Senate. Countng mltary fundng n other blls, the Pentagon's frst post-cold war budget wll total $288 bllon, about 4 percent below the comparable 1990 fgure. Amendment sponsor Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., sad "every dollar we spend on... land wars n Europe s a dollar thrown away from Amerca's future." Opponent Tom Lews, R-Fla., sad "across-the-board cuts are dangerous" because they affect vtal programs as well as lesser ones. A yes vote was to cut the 1991 defense budget by 2 percent. Votng yes: Carl Pursell, R-Plymouth, Denns Hertel, D-Harper Woods, and Sander Levn, D-Southfeld. Votng no: Wllam Ford, D-Taylor and Wllam Broomfeld, R-Brmngham. To Cut nteror Bll - By a vote of 167 for and 234 aganst, the House rejected a proposed 4.6 percent cut n the fscal 1991 appropratons bll (HR 5769) for the nteror Department and related agences. As later approved by the House, the bll costs about $11.9 bllon, up sx percent over the comparable 1990 bll. - Sponsor Bll Frenzel, R-Mnn., sad "a modest 4.6'percent cut... s certanly warranted n these tmes of fscal despar." Opponent Ralph Regula, R-Oho, sad that "we have worked hard to keep the totals down" n Appropratons commttee craftng of the bll. A yes vote was to cut the nteror appropratons bll by 4.6 percent. Votng yes was Pursell and Broomfeld. Votng no was Hertel and Levn. Not votng was Ford. Covert Ad To Angola By a vote of 175 for and 246 aganst, the House rejected an amendment to end covert ad, reportedly $60 mllon ths year, to the UNTA forces fghtng the Sovet-backed Marxst government of Angola. The amendment stpulated that any contnuaton of the ad be openly requested by Presdent Bush and publcly approved by Congress. The vote occurred as the House sent to the Senate a bll (HR 5422) fundng the CA and other government ntellgence actvtes n fscal "f t makes sense to provde ad... why should t not be dealt wth n the open?" asked sponsor Ron Dellums,D-Calf. Opponent Henry Hyde, R-ll., sad Amerca s "commtted to fghtng UM-D holds dedcaton The Unversty of Mchgan-Dearborn, dedcated the school's newly renovated admnstraton buldng n ceremones Frday. The buldng, constructed 31 years ago and formerly called the student actvtes center, s the frst phase of an $11.7 mllon campus renovaton project started n The renovated structure now houses executve offces and faculty offces, studos for the arts and classrooms. Future buldngs slated for renovaton nclude scence and oornputer buldngs and the student servces center. There's A Ghost Present Y our jprlf wll be moved y,hen jpu ;.' ejpfrjen«the flasse- Rof-Ho^ce, the 1909 Slyt'r Ghost. Joned rfspedyefyfor ts. slver lw<t^ c$e&&dlna^ut^f~' smooth L :..'rm'v. ('mfake ;W e:.:.. Sjlyer. 'M.^. Gho.V-. t>_ \f'as bom to cater, d oh eh(e tuntee^':, \ : ';?'.. v :, "-" '. ;-' /-'-.'.-V,''.'- \ ' ''\' "* ' ' ' The S\ve^Ghf^^^D<ca]^yCl<u}lcCar.:. Museum kw-d hdsvjblffer tuoundrg fat...; Epenefffofjwtyjfa. >/; Sfuseum/Domw.Cjyajot ftrchucftyr'ty.. & DeshthDqrotftgm ' Farm andxtjoasthe all jlftvth "$op.' : k,' - \'.".'.;".«:',;:''-'.'-/..'.' o : :;S' '.'V.^--- US-21 ^^Arhr^^J^^^^,:^ "-.: east to Eart\<vtRd, north] (oske Fjfffns,, ; :'' Guest mfotmbn.rwj^slss^;^.'" / Hours: hon-frl jofflom-sto pft'\ Weekends 1200 noon-soopn Roll Call mporg * Communst Tyranny, whether t s n Afghanstan... Camboda or... Angola." A yes vote was to end covert ad to ant-marxst rebels n Angftla. Votng yes was Hertel, Ford, and Levn. Votng no was Pursell and Broomfeld.. Cvl Rghts Bll - By a vote of 273 for and 154 aganst, the House approved the conference report on a bll (S 2104) makng t easer for mnortes, women and others to seek redress n the courts aganst job dscrmnaton. Presdent Bush has sad he wll veto the bll because t could lead employers to adopt personnel quotas. Reversng Supreme Court decsons of recent years, the bll shfts to employers the burden of showng challenged personnel decsons were made out of busness necessty rather than bas. Another key provson enables plantffs to collect puntve as well as compensatory damages f they wn ther sut. H-.;l.^U!lftL->J.«H'S.«!H!.J"WL».1HJm.F.-J.l'f"H>.W Z3 Supporter Augustus Hawkns, D- Calf., called t "publc relatons, the bg He technque" to clam the bll would lead to personnel quotas. Opponent Harrs Fawell, R-., sad "smply statng that ths bll s not a quotas bll does not mean that t s not a quotas bll." A yes vote was to approve the bll Votng yes was Pursell, Ford, Hertel and Levn. Votng no was Broomfeld. SENATE ClvU Rghts Bll - By a vote of 62 for and 34 aganst, the Senate approved the- conference report on a bll (S 2104) to combat workplace dscrmnaton based on race, sex, relgon, natonalty or color. Sxtyseven votes are needed to overrde Presdent Bush's promsed veto of the bll f all 100 senators vote. The cvl rghts measure counters Supreme Court rulngs that have made t more dffcult for plantffs to fle and wn job bas suts. t also adds puntve damages, of up to Mercy Hgh School s A Catholc College preparatory school for young women. Gve Your Daughter a Lfetme Advantage OPEN HOUSE November p.m. Hgh School Placement Test November 17h «8:00 a.m. Wllam Leo jgsja l a ^n B/Qgl S k SnQlffljr. E?FOR PROBATE JUDG >o d <tx b, ** CoKoro" f o> Axlj* <cyv..»e«'o Jo J)J! O»vo. MJ n»!r:n'mjm.'.'.vlp!.'mjj'.-:4'..j>^."» :..'-;.». -..Jr«n«.'n'H»?j.j«;ryrBHPCT'rg>4>T'r!t) Mercy Hgh School Efeven Mle Rd. Fa/mngton Hlls, Mchgan (313) $150,000 n most cases, to the remedes avalable to those who wn ther case. Supporters sad the legslaton protects cvl rghts wthout mposng affrmatve acton quotas, whle opponents sad employers would resort to hrng and promotng by the numbers to avod costly ltgaton. The presdent's "veto vow reflects busness communty crtcsm t s a quota bll. A yes vote supported the bll.. Votng yes were Senators Carl Levn, D and Donald Regle, D. Aborton By a te vote, the Senate faled to table (kll) a req urement that medcal authortes notfy at least one parent n advance when a daughter under 18 s scheduled for an aborton n a federally funded hosptal or clnc. Parental approval of the operaton would not be requred. The amendment was attached to a Department of Health and Human Servces appropratons ^ ^ &? >Z W ^u& mmmm^ BUY QUALTY bll (HR 5257) later sent to conference wth a House bll contanng no such provson. t would become the frst such requrement n federal law. A yes vote was aganst the parental notfcaton requrement. Votng yes was Levn and Regle. Stealth Bomber By a vote of 44 for and 50 aganst, the Senate refused to lmt producton of the B- 2 or Stealth bomber to sx planes rather than the 75 copes, the Ar Force wants bult. The amendment sought to sgnal an end to B-2 producton whle preservng the techno-, logcal base that the taxpayers' $27 bllon nvestment n the Stealth program has bought. Before the Cold War ended, the ultmate msson of the radar- vadlng plane was to delver nuclear warheads deep nsde the Sovet Unon. Ths vote occurred as the Senate sent to conference wth the House a $268 bllon defense appropratons bll (HR 5803) for fscal p^^0f 0UR M0 FU * ««2 *&P V ''SfcV'C^" * ' 50% SAVNGS O?* "55»» v Fur prxre re t: her kmcn Wl a he!s 20 yun. Ho»*ver. he tnppm *.->d rtxbtn hj\e betn lc*n$ TMXK) hercsultrapdlyru:r. poets. At Dnnch Fun you <tn ule»d>».uge of EhQClKMl Vllvf vrf the Curtrn Rock Bonom PncrV Uhelfd Oscar de la Renta Couure Mnk Jackets W pcruj mtr^cttnt $2,497 cfflaa _r^w^5^j? 1990 NBD HOUSNG CONFERENCE ^6SK A Home s The rcan uream. Prcet are gong up and only up! BLOOMFELD HLLS Moo. 10 nu -6pLOV DETRorr 7J?3Thvd Ave Duly lotm. - 6pj-a Tbur. 10 urn. - 8:30 am. SPECAL SUNDAY OPEKNG 1 p.m. - J pjn. ENDS SUNDAY N DETROT Botb Stnt Clou Tudaj, Octtf<r30 DftfKh><rro frantn a ajjdc at25 c-s Kcepud " 1,>* C A 3/w Concerned about the market? Do you want better results? Reduce your rsks wth 5 smple technques even your broker or fnancal planner may not know. Call Mark D. Stenberg, CfP Regstered nvestment Advsor S@9-$203 Mr Sten&crg 15 a Regstered Representatve of TTAN VALUE EQUTES CROUP. Member S P.C *? _. ^^-j.umf.u'ulm-ju.'w.f.vl-t.m-.em A Nehtmare. BUYjmmM^AmROA^JLA^TjnAJORJREJ^m! ^O^-0FF r "^^^ ^ «^ -1 ' 4 WHEEl COMPUTER BALANCE AND 1 ROTATON Regular $30.00 WTH THS COUPON-EXP. H O/E WTH PURCHASE OF COMPUTERZED ~11 FRONT END REGULAR $31.00 VALUE ALGNMENT " 14 OFF ' \ Wn THS COUPON EXP » O/E /Haxfr Tre C<D BSBBBBBtn Cordon 67*;So«loV>olML Fwmlnytoo MOUGrondRhrtH w**nond M2WW.Worf f» LUBE, OL & FLTER MOST CABS A UCfT TRUCKS WTHHUS COUPON- EXP. MS 90 Soufh/lcJd T«fe9fOph w/rt. X «-m.-t.c0 P.nv SJtlO0trn..e»pnv Q/E To help solve ths problem, NBD Bank s sponsorng the day-long 1990 Housng Conference on Saturday, November 3, at Unversty of Detrot Mercy Conference Center. Conference workshops are desgned to help Metro Detrot: NDVDUALS determne how much _ they can afford learn how to buy a home and sources of fnancng C0MMUNTYCR0UPS acqure and rehabltate properly f obtan fnancng for development projects CHURCH LEADERS start ther own housng development projects buld and stablze neghborhoods AND DEVELOPERS transform housng development nto profts obtan nnovatve fnancng Workshops wll be led by communty and relgous leaders, representatves from Detrot, Cleveland, Chcago and Pttsburgh and NBD offccrs.thc cost s $15 for ndvduals and the frst person from an organzaton and $10 for others from the same organzaton. Scholarshps are avalable, lb regster before October30, call _... ^ Xhone s the Amercan dream. Let's turn those dreams nto realty. The rght hank can make a dfference, r ) - *,. * -. j -'! t t t. *»'.» * t-

10 -. ' - -. ; ' ; ' ' ' ' ' ^ ; u 8A**(F-10AX*10A) O&E Monday. October 29, UKUMBHf / n! «... > -;;.' v. : ; ' Cash Down Payment Refundable Securty Depost Opton Package 363A Savngs Total Cash Due at Lease ncepton ncludes Frst Month's L^ase Payment 1 Total Amount of Payments 24 Monthlyvjfease Paymertts at 2 WHY PAY FOR THE WHOLE PE WHEN YOU ONLY WANT A PORTON? You want a new car every two years or so. Nov/ can have one. How? Only pay for what you use. how t works. We take the total cost of the car, then deduct the guaranteed future value. Your payments are the dfference, plus a lease charge based on the total cost of the vehcle. So your monthly cost s much less than wth a conventonal purchase fnanced over the same perod of tme. The benefts go on and on. f /^ c ~~-~- ^ l: _J you rlere's V;. U :j Lz~J^ J^. * YOUR CHO FOR T SET 11 pll 1 1 ) m WHEN YOU BUY.^ra.-r C,J.^,^,>.J.L.. n-.-,*** 1U >^twhu4r.t- J.d» ALL WTH AUTOMATC TRANSMSSON AND AR CONDTONNG T) Fnlflff) Cash Down Payment Refundable Securty Depost Opton Package 172A Savngs Total Cash Due at Lease ncepton ncludes Frst $5, $ $ Month's Lease Payment 1 $5, Total Amount of Payments $7, Monthly Lease Payments at 2 $ : >, : Cash Down -Payment Refundable Securty Depost $ Opton Package 451A Savngs $ Total Cash Due at Lease ncepton ncludes Frst Month's Lease Payment' $3, Total Amount of Payments $7, Monthly Lease Payments at' $ *sr<m^2 $3T039T26- j^«b!amwr «sjsg:m*:3<;» ^ -^^33^^^-^^^^^1 1991SABL ^T*3Wpf-3«***j^ 1991 LNCOLN TOWN CAR PLUS % r $ ffllll 1 «Cash Down Payment $3, Refundable Securty Depost $ Opton Package 262A Savngs $ Total Cash Due at Lease ncepton ncludes Frst Month's Lease Payment' $3, Total Amount of Payments $7, Monthly Lease Payments at 1 lc-^.^jh'svlrw* &fct#by^ fm^ M $ Cash Down Payment $5, Refundable Securty Depost $ Total Cash Due at Lease ncepton ncludes Frst Month's ^ Lease Payment' $6, Total Amount of Payments $9, Monthly Lease Payments at' $ , 0EM.gE3 : ANN ARBOR Apollo 2100 W. Stadum Blvd. 668*6100 MlHlS ETROBT BJM [l.a^m[flsc5y[l1f.flere.-caheat-deals'arb M ST DEARDORf DETROT OETROT FARMHQTON Krucj Bob Maxey Park Motor Bob Dussea Mchgan Ave Mack Avenue at Cadcux Woodward Ave Grand Rver Ave Opposte Palmer Park 474* *5000 ADDTlONAt PROGRAM NFORMATON: Cuslornor Cash Bockdkoclly fromllncotn Mocury on SV9t mod0twlha24monm fo'dcfodllredco/pollood;$600ontopogs.$?50c«sow9gs;$5c>oongfqn<jmoqu!»ls. 1 <l.300onrowncotcujlofr>of Cash Bock con be oppllod lowosdpaymont, refundable tocuflty depost ond flat month* payment 04 you moy koop the con, for con bock ond tpoclol 1901«t»rm you must lok«now vehcle dottvery dom ddale tock by 12/((/90. 'for Cuom8fCon8ack(foml(ncolnMofcuymok»of8to\lpurchot<)oronew'9(GronoMofqjl$fromdootontockby</l(/9l. Total con duo ot looso ncepton lncludo 0 lotundoble wcuky doposr cosh, down poymont ond flrsl month* OOJO pdyroonl. noaso paymonl U bosod on MonuSoc fver"* Suo^oslod Polall Ptco.$t?.525 ontopogs,$1?,629onsow«gs.4lj.w7oncouoau. $21,625 ongtond Maqus S. ond on Town Ca,ncludng opton pockooo KNlno. j pe model 04 thown abov*.too$opovm<>nllr>clvk^$o\)s!lnolk)ncnao^»b^excluo^jt;k),loxoor>dl^ 24 monln closod ond Cod Capo) looso from ford Credll. lessee may haw ho opton»0 puchoso no cor 0» looso end ot 0 prce lo bo nogollood wlh tno dooto ot looso nc opton. However, lessee hpj no obtlgotlon >o purchoso ho car ot loo? 0 end. lowco s losponslblo Sot excos v,«a ond lea JO.OOO mllot b fto lotol mboooo ollowcd wth on $.11 pot mllo choroo over looso subjeel lo credt oppfovol ond nsurotmty 0» determned by ford Credt Seo your llncofn Mercury dcolortorms prtco ond ternu $00 your deed ortordololb. umm&) MUlfc^ TB-l! GOf^Mt^R GARDEN CTY t S(u Evans FwdRd. 425*4300 PLYMOUTH *. Nnes Park Ann Arbor Rd. (at 1-275) 425*2444 WATERFOnO Mel Farr 4178 Hghland Road 603*9500 ROCHESTER Grssman 1185 South Rochester Rd. 652*4200 ROSEVLLE Arnold Gratot at 12 Mte fl<j ROYAL OAK Damond 221 N. Man St. at 11 Mle 541*8030 SOUTflEM) Star W. 12 Mle Rd. 354*4900 SOUTGATE STklnMNQ HEGHTS SfuSvans Crest Fort St. at Pennsylvana Van Dyke at 15½ Mle GQ00 TROY Bob Borst 1950 West Maple 643*6600 VPSAHT Ses 950 East Mchgan 565*0112 v

11 - ' ' ". - ' : - 1 a J -_- _.. '.. ' : - '! :-^+-, -. '- ' '.!>«-.. : ; r..-.\:-.: -'^-u' ".:'!; ,..,,. 3 :-.v..-\ : LC^J Monday, October 29,1990 O&E V 1 ^--< -^ MV1 1¾ N'l! / /" [ J lje bsjeruer & Sccentrr 0 DCcusjjapers Ethel Smmons edtor/ u s & < $ 1^^^^-^^^^^-.^^1-^^-7-^ taste buds >: --ty chef Larry Janoa llata; ry nutm Durng a recent vst to the Eastern Market, bought my frst pumpkn of the season. Small n stature and somewhere between the sze of a one quart and a two-quart saucepan, ths burnt-orange-andbrown speckled harvest vegetable ended up as a velvety soup that was as savory as an appetzer as t was sweet as a dessert. Sure, the pumpkn tself was the manstay of the soup but just couldn't resst commentng about one tny ngredent that made the soup so memorable. t was the chrome on an automoble, the crspness n the new sheets. t was the smell of a bakery or the sharpness of a new knfe. sn't t amazng what an ota of spce can do for a recpe? n ths case, however, an ota of nutmeg has the potental to come across more lke an avalanche. Ths s one potent spce that has the potental to make a statement by a smple gratng. The tall and beautful tree that bears the nutmeg has a yellowsh frut that resembles an aprcot. When the frut reaches the peak of rpeness, t splts open to reveal a nut covered wth what looks lke red lace. Ths crmson web s mace, the sster spce of the nutmeg that surrounds a tny shell that encloses the dark nutmeg seed tself. Grated mace tastes smlar to nutmeg but s more pungent. THE NUT MEG s then dred n the sun for sx to eght weeks, durng whch tme the kernel shrnks back from ts shell. The shell s then broken to reveal the oval, furrowed, graysh-brown seed. Larger seeds are sold as spce whle the smaller ones are pressed for ther ol, whch fnds ts way nto soaps, perfumes, ontments and medcnes. Ah, but ths potent lttle seed carres a dark cross. Nutmeg contans a narcotc chemcal known as myrstcln that n large doses can be harmful. Cakes and teas contanng.hgh amounts can brng on hallucnatons. But, lke other such chemcals, myrstcln has nasty sde effects ncludng headaches, nausea and even death. Today's cooks need not fear these sde effects snce the amounts used n recpes are rarely enough to create problems. One person would have to eat the equvalent of two whole nutmegs before any symptoms appeared. Because small amounts are used, t s always preferable to keep whole nutmegs and grate only so much as s needed at one tme. Once ground, the flavor deterorates rapdly. What s the flavor that s perceved? Personally, my mnd conjures up a musky, aromatc warmth, wth Just a subtle hnt of nutlness. Not only was t notceable n my pumpkn soup but the talans use nutmeg n pastas, meat stuffngs and vegetable dshes. The ndans nclude t n ther rch curres. My favorte bartender, Hanna, uses t to spce up her tropcal hot coffee drnks, wth Just a dash beng sprnkled on the whpped cream that nevtably gets strred n. You don't have to have ah _ ethnc orgn to enjoy nutmeg. Roasted chcken stuffed wth a nutmeg-scented pllaf gves a new accent to the ordnary. All the fall harvest vegetables, especally the typcally bland squash, can beneft from ^brushng of butter and a sprnklng of nutmeg. Even frut lke bananas, pears, pneapples and apples can have ther sweetness brought to new heghts wth tho addton of a grate of nutmeg. n my opnon, there's no spce more adaptable to a wde range of dshes than nutmeg. You can pck up a small nutmeg grater for under f 2 at most houseware departments. A Jar of nutmegs (about 10) wll last a lfetme. T'S THAT TME of year agan when the' pumpkn s kng. Pumpkns are Jolly and brght but a bt scary and unsettlng at the same tme. Not only do they symbolze the abundance of the autumn harvest, they also sgnal the death of that colorful season and the onset of wnter. They offer one last glorous, rapturous burst of fery brghtness, before the bleakness of the cold days that lay ahead. What would Halloween be wthout them? Black wtch robes and whte ghost sheets just wouldn't be the same wthout the orange accents of the jack-o'-lantern. Everyone knows how good pumpkns taste. Pumpkn pes, cookes, and breads make our mouths water. And pumpkn butter spread on hot toast for breakfast helps dull the chll of the autumn wnds we have to face when we go out for the day. The taste of the pumpkn s delcous, but don't overlook the pumpkn tself as a decoraton to cheer the sprts ths tme of year. lke to use pumpkn shells to hold all sorts of thngs. Remember the old nursery rhyme: Peter, Peter, Pumpkn-eater, Had a wfe, and couldn't keep her. He put her n a pumpkn shell, And there, he kept her very well. t would take a very bg pumpkn to keep a wfe n, but there are a lot more practcal uses for pumpkn shells that are a bt smaller. Pumpkns can be hollowed out (be sure to remove all seeds and pulp) and used as bowls or tureens to serve all sorts of soups and punches. Others can be lned wth plastc cups or contaners, such as ce cream palls, butter tubs or cottage cheese cartons, to make great bowls for servng salads, desserts, nuts and caramel corn. f you lne the pumpkn, be sure to cut both the pumpkn and the carton to ft exactly, so that t doesn't spol the appearance. Pumpkn shells lned n ths way also" make Terrfc - flower vases for fall centerpeces. f you lke, you may decorate the outsde of RECPES the pumpkn wth waterproof markers or acrylcs and make t look lke a jack-o'-lantern. CREAMY PUMPKN SOUP These are good for elaborate adult partes, Ths soup s wonderful made wth fresh chldren's partes and famly suppers. Or, use cooked pumpkn. But don't try t wth canned a smaller one to hold just enough spced elder pumpkn, or you wll be terrbly dsapponted. for you and your specal someone to drnk together n front of a fre. usually make a lot of t n October when Gundella the Wtch (and "Ktchen Wtch" columnst for Taste) recommends ths spectacular, smokng Wtch's Brew, a fall punch wth sweet cder, cranberry cocktal JM JAODFELO/»t«H photoflrajtfw On the outsde, Home Sweet Home restaurant wears the formal facade of the stately Whte House-style manson t once was. But t's not as stff and formal as t mght look. nsde, the restaurant s teemng wth lfe. t's frendly, nvtng, charmng everythng you would expect from a restaurant that proclams homestyle cookng as ts specally. n an edrlter lfe, the restaurant was a formal place, red velvet dfapes and all. But for the past three years Steve Romanlk has operated t a9 a casual, moderately prced restaurant an mprovement that must help, old Charles Rogers, the orgnal homeowner, rest n peace. Rogers, a dary farmer and the nventor of condensed mlk, bult the house n the late 1920s and s sad to have desgned the home's dramatc, gently curved center starway wth a weddng n mnd. That ddn't happen n hs lfetme, but today many a brde has posed on that starway. "We lke to thnk Charle's ghost s happy," sad manager Don Maaur. WEDDNGS AND other prvate partes are n tho daytme. The restaurant s open for dnners only Tuesday-Sunday. **18 the pumpkns are plentful and freeze t n plastc cartons to reheat and serve later for Thanksgvng or Sunday suppers. 2 pounds fresh pumpkn, peeled and cut nto cubes 1 large or 2 small yellow onons, cat up 4 medum potatoes, peeled and cut nto peces Salt and pepper 3-4 cups water JM JAQDFELD/staft pholograpfe*-. juce, frozen orange juce and gnger ale, served n a pumpkn shell, for a Halloween party. The restaurant's homey mage s reflected n ts menu too. Turkey and meatloaf arc among the most popular tems here and no wonder. The turkey comes wth homemade stuffng and the meatloaf s served wth genune mashed potatoes and gravy. The meatloaf, ncdentally, packs a Utle kck green and red pepper that adds a surprse zp to the entree. The shtake mushroom soup holds a surprse also pepper and Tabasco sauce that wll lght your fre. Actually, t's not too hot, lust seasoned enough to add nterest to what could be an average soup. The mushrooms, by the way, are grown by Romank hmself. Wley's spcy chcken, on the other hand, s desgned to brng a tear to the eye. "A real meltdown" s how the menu descrbes ths tem. t "wll slbke the fre n your palate." Need we say more? There are no surprses n the chcken and dumplngs dsh, Just extremely tender chcken wth vegetable and gravy and a dumplng sllng rght n tho mddle. When was tho last tme you had dumplngs good dumplngs? One taste of these and the memores wll flood n. FOR THOSE who don't have fond memores of homo cookng, there are grlled tems, hamburgers and dally specals such as the lake perch, swordfsh wlh Djon sauce, salmon and veal chops. The restaurant's own wsww^^^fe'a*^ 1 quart heavy cream (can use lqud nondary creamer. t's cheaper and better for you.) Grated natmeg Chopped green onons for garnsh Combne pumpkn, potatoes, onons, water and a pnch of salt n a saucepan, and brng to a bol. Smmer over low heat untl the vege- Please turn to Page 2 DJonnalse mustard sauce enlvens fresh fsh dshes We also recommend the mxed grll n whch the shrmp, chcken, zucchn and carrots are chargrlled and brushed wth a garlc-mustard glaze. Broadenng hs menu, Romanlk recently added "home" dshes from the corners of the world such as pork tenderlon marnated Chnesestyle and a Moroccan-style chcken wth cllantro salsa. t seems there's somethng to sut everyone here. One word about appetzers plentful. They're enough to make a meal. A half-slab of rbs s served, for nstance. The onon nest fnely slced onons that were lghtly breaded and not the least bt greasy easly fed four. Though you may have to return a few hours later to have room for dessert, try the browne. t's the smoothest, chocolatest browne around well deservng of all the prase t has garnered. Top t wth Guernsey's vanlla ce cream and Sander's hot fudge and you have a madelnmchlgan delght. t's hard to say whch s most nterestng here the menu or the house wth all ts neat touches, such as the brd house and doll houses n an upstars dnng room and the almost-complcto border done n crayon. Qulls double as wndow treatments and antque lamps and furnl- Ploase turn to Pago 2 s^e^sssgssa

12 2B* O&E Monday, October 29, 1990 Just no place lke n Home SweetHom< Contnued from Page 1 hre are scattered aboyt. The only concluson we had s that we have to keep comng back for both the food and the vew. Detals: Hvme^Sveet Home, Nne Afj'le Road, just east of Nov Rbad, Nov Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 4-10 p.m.; Frday 4-11 p.m.; Saturday 5-11 p.m.; Sunday 4-9 p.m. Reservatons accepted. Prces: $5.75 $ Vsa, MasterCard, Dner's Club, Amercan Express, Dscover. Value: Terrfc. Good food at great prces Ratng: -A-** Ratng Gude. * Average (lots of places wth smlar qualty)». Good, *** Very Good Excellent. * * Consstently superb a rare honor. ' lavory secret s nutmeg See Larry Janes' column "Taste Buds" on Page B. CARROT ORANGE COOKES» These cakelke cookes are a good use for leftover carrots. The kds wll never know and the aroma from the nutmeg wll last n your ktchen for hours. 10 carrots, slced VA cup sold vegetable shortenng % cup sugar 1 egg, beaten to blend 1 teaspoon vanlla 2 cops all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon bakng powder ¼ teaspoon fresh grated nutmeg Yt teaspoon salt % cup chopped walnuts 1 cup powdered sugar 2 tablespoons orange juce V* teaspoon fresh grated orange peel ;M M$^ rv -n mm N WAAfltM foro Cook carrots n saucepan of bolng water untl tender, about 15 mnutes. Dran. Puree n blender or processor. Preheat oven to 850 degrees. Grease bakng sheets. Beat shortenng wth sugar, mx n egg. Str n vanlla. Combne dry ngredents. Str nto batter alternately wth carrot puree. Mx n walnuts. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto bakng sheets and bake untl lght brown, about 20 mnutes. Combne powdered sugar, orange juce and orange peel and str untl smooth. Spread atop warm cookes. BUTTERNUTSQUASH WTH APPLES, NUTMEG AND CRANBERRES 1 targe butternut squash 4 Granny Smth apples, cored and chopped. h cup sugar 1 teaspoon fresh grated nutmeg 2 cups cranberres ¼ cup (1 stck) melted butter Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cut squash n half. Place cut sde down on bakng sheet. Bake untl tender, about 1 hour. Meanwhle, combne apples wth Y* cup sugar and nutmeg n saucepan over medum heat. Cook untl juces evaporate, strrng frequently, about 12 mnutes. Set asde. Combne cranberres wth remanng V* cup sugar n another heavy saucepan and cook over medum heat untl juces evaporate, strrng frequently, about 4 mnutes. Peel the skn off the squash. Cut squash nto, 2-nch peces and,place n a 9-by-12-nch bakng dsh. Combne wth apples and cranberres. Pour butter over top and toss. Bake about 15 mnutes and serve hot. Hold a pece of tape up to your eyes, dm the lghts and try to fll out your taxes. Now you're seeng thngs from her pont of vew. Almost everybody has to fle taxes, but not <. ' '.everyone can do t on ther own. \b!unteer and, help make someone's laxes less taxng. Call ; ' A PoW< &rvxe d TTS PtWcaron 4 459* canton Center Rd. 1 /4 Mle North of Ford Rd. "Look For The Barn" lnt«rr\al R*vnu«' C Contnued from Page 1 tables are very tender. Usng a blender, puree together wth the cookng lqud. (Or dran, savng the lqud. Mash or beat the vegetables untl smooth, addng a btof the lqud at a tme, untl all s blended together.) Brng to a bol agan. Str n creamer, and smmer, (do not bol) for fve mnutes. Add salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste. Pour nto an un ; lned pumpkn shell. Sprnkle wth chopped green onons for garnsh, and serve hot. MUSH-NACH A LA CREME Ths s my son's fancy name for a quck, and easy but dfferent, homemade cream of mushroom soup wth spnach. Made n mnutes, t s absolutely delcous. Even people who as a rule don't lke spnach eat t and ask for more. Ths soup looks beautful served n a hollowed-out (unlned) pumpkn. Melt 1 stck of butter (¼ pound) n a heavy pan. Add 2 cups slced button mushrooms and saute. Add 2 crushed Knorr's beef boullon cubes. (You may substtute another brand, but t won't taste as good.) Add 1 can chopped spnach, lqud and all. Add 1 quart lqud non-dary creamer Te a pece of dry ce n a small net bag...t wll chll the punch and gve off a beautful (harmless) spooky mst at the same tme. (any brand, but thaw frst f frozen)..or use one quart.of coffee cream (too expensve and not as healthy). Season to taste wth pepper and seasoned salt and heat to very hot but do not bol. Pour nto your pumpkn she'll and serve at once. doubled ths recpe and served t to 18 people for dnner Sunday. There was not one drop left over, and everyone wanted more. WTCH'S BREW A really good fall punch. Use dry ce to create an unusual smokng effect. 1 gallon sweet elder, the unstraned knd, for better taste 2 quarts cranberry cocktal juce (unsweetened) 1 large package frozen orange juce straght from the contaner do not add water 1 large (2 lter) bottle of Vernor's gnger ale TTT -7TTTT:':' '.L rtv,* -.-:^,1 rrr^<*j7r^ttr~ttt-.vv;-'-.' ;..:'.' --J ;y-.j-..> -*- 1 - *-' *.*...»-- 1* \ *- - " -^ *- * * 1J * ^-^-^- ' " ' ' ' " " * '» -r.fc..,-. y. ktchen wtch Qundalla Mx together n an unlned pumpkn shell and add one jar spced red apple rngs; juce antoll.. Te a pece of dry ce n a small net bag. Cut up an old onon bag or the lke and n the punch just before servng. t wll chll the punch and gve off a beautful (harmless) spooky mst at the same tme. Dry ce can-be bought at Joe's ce on Plymouth Road n Detrot or at most ce cream stores. STEAMNG HOT SPCED CDER Ths s the easest and tastest recpe for hot spced cder have ever come across. Make a very strong brew of hot Constant Comment Tea (no other knd). Use 3 bags for every pnt of water. Add tea to an equal amount of cder (unstraned type s the best). Heat mxture to just below bolng and sweeten to taste. Pour nto a pumpkn shell and serve hot. Ladle nto mugs or cups and serve wth real or candy cnnamon stcks as strrers. CARMEL CORN 'A cup whte Karo syrup 1 stck (V pound) margarne or butter 1 cup brown sugar ¼ teaspoon salt h teaspoon bakng soda 1 teaspoon vanlla 3 Y» quarts popped corn 1 cup peanuts or other nutmeats (optonal) Place margarne, syrup, sugar and salt n a pan and brng to a boll. Boll fve mnutes, strrng constantly. Remove from heat and add bakng soda and vanlla. Pour over popped corn. Mx well and spread onto a cooke sheet. Bake at 250 degrees for 30 mnutes, strrng every 10 mnutes. Cool before storng n artght contaners. Cut fat by usng meat as flavorng n sandwch AP To trm the amount of fat you eat, use meat to add flavor, not as a man ngredent, recommends Martn Yan. Yan, one of TV's most popular cooks, s a member of the Project Lean team of cookng professonals, who are encouragng Amercans to lower ther fat consumpton. Yan's str-fry recpes use small amounts of lean ground beef n a flavorful sauce, makng a terrfc new beanand-beefburger wth just 25 percent of calores from fat. ZPPY BEEF AND BEAN SANDWCHES ¼ pound lean ground beef 1 medum onon, chopped (¼ cup) One 8-ounce can red kdney beans One 8-ounce can tomato sauce 1 tablespoon brown sugar GT OUT OF THE DARK; Tn«COASUT«< lrky rr.a'.on C'Jtog *-J en'^hjer. you wlh hc'^y! conjure»'o»m:<» ; lt*trc«t/wt.«-.g ; Censwmer nfwmaton Center Dej. t0, Pveblo, Colorado (100» Mon.-Sat. 9:00-8:00 Sun. 9;00-6:00 Prces Effectve Oct. 29 Nov. 4 MEAT - FSH - DEL - PRODUCE BAKER Fresh - Lean GROUND CHUCK 5 lb. Pkg. or more M du! «:lb. Lesser Amounts Grade A BONELESS PORK LON ROAST $1.69. lb. :l--h03m3*»sa7:: U.S.D.A. Grade A Boneless UTTERFLY TwraVWd^fc, New York STRP STEAKS \v EgLtdfeMc^tr^;^hM:r,7r^^!;jr^r &&>* v W h 0, e TURKEY lb. flfc^b. :t^jtw^^<^^atfek^wtwj llml^wfwt[. W, f r m.. ) J Large Alaskan KNG CRAB $A AQ &o&olb. ess tsss m em tm urn t^ PUMPKN Wth Every $ Purchase Lmt 1 per customer Mon.-Tues.-Wed. Wth Coupon Only ma mt tm ma ma em em ma EB 1 tablespoon prepared mustard 1 teaspoon Worcestershre sauce Few dashes bottled hot pepper sauce Dash pepper 4 French rolls or kaser rolls, splt and toasted 1 cup alfalfa sprouts or shredded lettuce (optonal) T VteBLa lacwc0 l?r Mon.-Sat. 9-8 Sun. 9-6 Prces Effeclvo Oct. 29-Nov. 4 n a large skllet, cook beef and onon untl brown. Dran. Wpe skllet wth paper towels. Return mxture to skllet. Str undraned kdney beans, tomato sauce, brown sugar, mustard, Worcestershre sauce, hot pepper sauce and pepper nto meat mxture. Brng to bolng; reduce heat. Smmer, covered, for 10 mnutes. Smmer, uncovered, 3 mnutes or untl desred consstency West Warren Westland Merr-Warren Shoppng Center Local Fr^sh M AT,^DEt.lw SEAFOOD, FRUT & VEGETABLE STbR^ Grade A Fresh CHCKEN DRUMSTX <.-;'*JM3SW*WJ*1Wv,V, U.S.D.A. Western Gran Fed Beef BONELESS ENGLSH ROAST B lb. U.S.D.A. Western Gran Fed Beef LEAN BONELESS STEWNG BEEF U lb. Oscar Mayer DOMESTC 0LED HAM $ 2 2M AanA«r lb. ea, Lmt 25 wth addtonal meat purchase-excludng sale tems. JH Specal Attracton! Spoon meat mxture nto rolls. Top wth alfalfa sprouts or shredded lettuce, f desred. Makes 4 servngs. Nutrton nformaton per servng: 406 cal., 23 g pro., 55.g carb., 11 g fat (25 percent of calores from fat), 46 mg chol, 170 mg sodum. U.S. RDA: 16 percent vt. C, 40 percent thamne, 32 percent rboflavn, 42 percent nacn, 11 percent calcum, 25 percent ron. Repeat of a Sell-Out!! U.S.D.A. Western Gran Fed Beef,.r^. W Jfc! 0LE BONELESS mom TOP BUTT! Lmt 1 Slced FREE nto Boneless Srlon Steaks & wrapped n 1 package only. Ground Fresh Many Tmes Daly Our Extra Lean Hamburger Made From )UND RO 5 lbs. or more 1 o # ^ lb. Lmt 10 lbs. Ground Fresh Many Tmes Daly GROUND TURKEY 5 lbs. or more f b. Lmt 10 lbs. Llparl MUENSTER CHEESE $ 1 a 69 Lmt 2 lbs. lb. =3 U.S.D.A. Western Gran Fed Beef BONELESS NEW YORK (TRP STEAK $ 4 H 39,b. N mported New Zealand ORANGE ROUGHY FLLETS 9 1¾ 5f lb. Genune daho BAKNG POTATOES 5 lb. Bag Lmt 1 See the ^¾ *r Oscar Mayer Wenermoble! Date: November 1,1990 Tme: 10 a.m.-12 noon Place: Bob's Farm Market WE RESERVE THE RGHT TO LMT QUANTTES ALL SALES TEMS AVALABLE WHLE SUPPLES LAST. * :- A

13 n Of all the holday celebratons held throughout the year, Halloween s the one for whch am always the most organzed. Rather than wat untl the last mnute,.plan and shop ahead so as to avod any last-mnute dsappontments. Now must confess, ths plannng has nothng to do wth costumes as the boys are old enough to do' that on ther own and, besdes, they never lke my deas anyway. To be more specfc, 'm referrng to the "treat" part of ths much-antcpated day whch, as the mother of ths famly, have taken upon myself to be n charge of- Havng stockpled candy snce md-september, have only had to replace one or two bags for those that somehow mysterously dsappeared. Hmm, now who could have eaten all that candy? n any event, we are ready for the onslaught of trck or treaters who wll be knockng on our door n only two more days, and hope you are ready, too. Ths week's Wnner Dnner was selected wth the thought n mnd that t would be a great menu to serve on Halloween. n addton to beng delcous, everythng on the menu can be made n advance, a real plus for what s always a fun but hectc evenng. SUBMTTED BY Joyce Temple of Canton, who has collected recpes for years, her menu for mostaccol, herb sour cream bread, home-style salad dressng and cooke puddng parfat s "most-a" delcous. Mother of three chldren, Temple partcpates n an nterdenomnatonal Bble study group and teaches a Sunday school class as well. She also enjoys qultng, cross-sttchng and craf twork and lkes to go antqung. Wth her two oldest chldren nvolved n the Plymouth-Canton Marchng Band, she s on the Band Booster Board and volunteers her tme to help support ths competng band, currently ranked seventh n the naton. n two weeks, the band wll host the state marchng band champonshp. t hopes to hold onto ts frst-place ttle, whch t has held fgr the last four out of fve years. Havng moved 13 tmes n the last DZ- Z322S2=T *$&%?. C=J D 0 rrrr 'y'.'j'tvf $ ' ^tt fa m y- tes ted wnner dnner %ff Betsy,.. 1¾¾^ [ ;-^Br@fhen ^^: mm ^T^&^m #13¾ BLL BRESLER/slalf photographer Joyce Temple serves mostaccol wth herb sour cream bread, tossed salad, home-style salad dressng and Halloween candy or cooke puddng parfat. 19 years of marrage, Temple s an expert on movng. She and her famly lke ths area of the country, have made many frends and feel very nvolved. Thnnk you, Joyce Temple, for sendng n your famly's favorte recpes, and congratulatons on beng ths week's Wnner Dnner Wnner. wsh you and your famly all the best and hope that the marchng band does well n the upcomng competton. Untl next week, here's hopng that your chldren brng home lots of candy and, most mportantly, that they share some wth you. Happy Hallowcer. Submt your recpes, to be consdered for publcaton n ths column or elsewhere, to: Wnner Dnner, PO Box 3503, Brmngham All submssons become the property of the publsher Each* week's wnner receves an apron wth the vwrds Wnner Dnner Wnner on t Recpes Ctetjer & Tttttnttt Wnn^rDnner MOSTACCOL An easy-to-make one-dsh dnner, ths recpe serves 6 afnd can be made ahead and frozen. 1 poundground beef - '. ^ cup green pepper, chopped ½ cup onon,chopped : 2 cups tomatoes, 16-ounce sze : 1 can tomato paste, 6-ounce sze \ '/«cup water '. Grated parmesan cheese 1 bay leaf ' ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon pepper 4 cups cooked mostaccol (8 ounces uncooked) M pound Velveeta cheese Brown meat slowly. Add green : pepper and onon and cook untl tender. Str n tomatoes, tomato paste, water and seasonngs. Allow to smmer 15 mnutes and remove bay leaf. Layer noodles, meat sauce and Velveeta chunks n a 2-quart cas- serole. Repeat layers 2 or 3 tmes. Top wth grated Parmesan cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 mnutes. Serves 6. HERB SOUR CREAM BREAD 4½ cups flour,dvded ^ cup sugar 1 teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon marjoram leaves ¼ teaspoon oregano leaves ½ teaspoon thyme leaves 2 packages fast-rsng yeast 1 cup sour cream V cup water 6 tablespoons margarne 2 eggs, at room temperature Set asde 1 cup of flour. n a large bowl, mx remanng flour, sugar, Monday, October O&E *3B salt, marjoram, oregano, thyme and yeast n mcrowave, heat sour cream, water and margarne to degrees. Str nto dry ngredents. Mx n eggs Mx n only enough reserved flour to make stff batter, cover and let rest 10 mnutes. Str batter down; turn nto 2 greased 1-quart casseroles. Cover and let rse n warm, draft-free place untl dou-. bled.n sze, about mnutes. Bake at 375 degrees for 25 mnutes. Remove from casseroles; cool on wre racks. Makes two loaves. HOME-STYLE SALAD DRESSNG 2 teaspoons fresh or dstaft mnced onon '/» teaspoon garlc powder. 1 tablespoon parsley flakes ½ teaspoon salt 1 cup mayonnase 1 cup buttermlk (or use 1 tablespoon vnegar plus enough mlk to make 1 cup) Combne all ngredents and str untl well-blended. Chll before servng over mxed greens of your choce. Makes 2 cups. COOKE PUDDNG PARFAT 1 small package nstant chocolate puddng 2 cups mlk 5 Chps Ahoy cookes ½ cup CoolWhp, thawed Prepare puddng as drected on package, usng the 2 cups of mlk. Break cookes nto small peces and mx wth the CoolWhp. Dvde 1 cup of the puddng between 4 dessert dshes. Place v t of the CoolWhp/ cooke mxture on top of the puddng n each dsh. Top wth the remanng puddng Chll 30 mnutes. Makes 4 servngs. hoppng Lst 1 pound ground beet 1 green pepper, 1 onon 16-ounce can tomatoes 6-ounce can tomato paste Grated Parmesan cheese 8 ounces uncooked mostaccol 7? pound box Velveeta Cheese Flour. Sugar Salt Pepper 1 bay leaf Marjoram Oregano' ; Thyme Garlc powde'r Fresh or dred parsley Mnced onons 2 packages fast-rsng yeast Margarne 2 eggs Sour cream Mayonnase Buttermlk Mlk CoolWhp 1 small package nstant chocolate puddng Chps Ahoy cookes Notes X.^r.tjr;»j!..*»»n:n; m'wm:j^-frm;l.-rm-jyf^t.'ft;^w,m'^^-'n'..^";jj>mj MV.-M. JUM^-f-ty -ESS **»:««&f \ Cookbook hghlghts foods from East Coast regon AP There just s no thnkng of the Chesapeake Bay wthout thnkng of crabs. Unless you thnk of oysters. There are plenty of other foods typcal of ths East Coast regon cole slaw, stewed tomatoes, baked fsh, ham, rabbt, black walnuts b)t t s the crabs and oysters that are so allurng to the dner and to anyone fascnated wth a way of lfe that has become endangered. Soft-shells and boled crabs, crab mperal. Raw oysters and oysters roasted over an open fre, scalloped oysters, oyster stew, oyster stuffng. rh^wfgffdperv t SHORRERS rj.'tlh- '!. * ' '.* >*' vlet Us Shop For You" s^rntff Specal Delvery Rate For Senors Por a FREE Shoppng Gude or nformaton ^mmzaffl ^: Fax SERVNG THS AREA FOR OVER 3YEARS ^^ l:'.!u^-l^hrr U t L.J.U.UP-H >fl.wh'mg,,,,-,1¾ Wllam Leo mh, EfFOR PROBATE JUDGE to A kr \>t '** CfAoV)" fv K.<fj«Cow »0 &- OH. Ot»» NJ4»?1) t-t,'u'.f Mr.f.AM.-Jtaahamaja GOTTSCHALK TURKEY FARM Wll have premum qualty, fresh dressed turkeys for the Thanbgvng <- Holday Reserve Now! : / These are the gems of the Chesapeake All of these are n "The Chesapeake Cookbook," (Clarkson N. Potter, New York, $30), along wth much more. More than 150 recpes take the cook from the frst settlers of Maryland, Vrgna and Delaware to today's nnovatve dshes. THE LAND AND water have provded resdents from pre-colonal tmes to the present wth an abundance of provender, both cultvated and wld, say authors Susan Belsnger and Carolyn DHle U.S.D.A. Choce Beef V BONELESS SRLON STEAK $< " BV&V& lb. Oscar Mayor.. ' COOKED HAM 5 M. 19 KOWfllsk'S 6^¾ carf* BOLOGNA $ 2. 9 Great on Sandwches TGER CHEESE $ b Slced. Chunk nxj^sflnrwjpgakguaag Recpes jn the cookbook are dvded nto two sectons Frst s a seres of menus for Chesapeake-style feasts, a crab feast topped off wth a skllet peach cake, warm goose salad and oyster chowder for a holday dnner and Joyce's vnegared ham for a hunt breakfast. The second s organzed tradtonally, by course. The authors say Chesapeake cookrjg s based on three tenets Respect for local ngredents; close observaton of the matter at hand, whether t be bread or goose, and a regard for the taste of thngs themselves. Prces effectve Oct. 29-Nov. 3rd Call us for your specal needs Among the recpes n the secton are pckled oysters, cornmeal waffles, soft-shell clam chowder, crab cakes, smoked blueflsh and rabbt frcassee. THE DSHES ARE nfluenced by mmgrants from Germany, taly, Poland, Afrca and other places. CRAB MPERAL 1 ^4 pounds backflq crabmeat 2 tablespoons mnced sweet green pepper 2 tablespoons grated onon 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 8611 Llley Road Canton Across from arport n ho Golden Gate Shoppng Center Joy Road & Llley U.S.D.A. Choce Beef EYE-OF-ROUND ROAST Amlsh c «CLOSED HALLOWEEN EVENNG AT 6:00 P.M. lo go home and servo our ghosts and goblns. Thanks $< WHOLE FRYERS SPLT 6^ ^ BREASTS 9! *B lb. lb. t lb. GREAT DNNER DEAS! Stuffed Whole FRYERS Stuffed Center Cut PORK CHOPS... b> SEE THE OSCAR MAYER WENERM0BLE HERE TUESDAY* OCT. 30th FROM * 1 P.M. tll 3 P.M. lb. 0 lb. Homemade POLSH or TALAN SAUSAGE $ 1n88 lb. Reg. or Sweet 1 tablespoon dry.sherry Dash of cayenne ¼ cop heavy cream Salt and freshly ground black pepper Vt cup fne dry breadcrumbs 3 tablespoons unsalted batter Pck the crab carefully to remove the cartlage. Keep the meat n as large peces as possble. Soften the green pepper and onon n the 2 tablespoons butter for a few mnutes. Mx the crab, softened vegetables, parsley, sherry, cayenne and cream. Season lghtly wth salt and pepper. "BG PORK LON SALE" SRLON PORK CHOPS WESTERN STYLE &BS $ 1 B T T b. LON END PORK ROAST " 1 ^ 4 9 CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS "^ 1* 1 9 LON PORK CHOPS Hamburger Made From Fresh GROUND. ROUND $ 1.@3 Famly Pac 5-7 lbs. Only $ S L 3 9 U.S.O.A. Orado A Pork Bone-n Country Style 'SPARE RBS $ 1.27,b Boneless Country RBS *1.47 <b D. Just before servng-,-preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Fry the breadcrumbs n the remanng 3 tablespoons butter over medum-hgh heat for mnute or so. Butter 6 to 8 cleaned crab or scallop shells, or ceramc bakng shells. You may also use a l-<juart bakng dsh that can wthstand very hgh heat. Mound the crab mxture n the shells. Sprnkle the breadcrumbs over the crab. Bake for about 10 mnutes, untl the crab s bubblng and golden brown. Serve hot. Makes 6 to 8 servngs. From New Zealand Very Mld ORANGE R0l!GHY $ 4.29 b. : H0K FLLETS b. Great for Hors d'oeuvres JUMBO COOKED $HRMP $ b. SEEEEEE3T3BHB f j t.'* \

14 <?. *;*' - \.:'..' e. fey»<^.ff^&^^^^fe^y^rw-'^ : J^Uj^J^fV^'^-^1-48* ^ O&E Monday, October 29, 1990 $ n AP - Natonwde, peach producton s a $360 mllon ndustry, turnng out an average of nearly 1.3 bllon pounds per year over the last s){ years, Peaches orgnated n Chna and ^were ntroduced nto ancent Persa. Confucus referred to peacbes, or tap, n hs wrtngs from the ffth. century B.C.. n keepng wth ther delcacy, t's best to resst the (temptaton to squeeze peaches n the market. They ' bruse easly. Don't place great emphass on red color, lookng nstead. for a creamy or gold undercolor and a sweet fragrance; both more rel- 1! able sgns of rpeness.* The followng recpe for Classc Peach Melba b provded by the Natonal Dary Board: CLASSC PEACH MELBA Water 4 large (about lv* pounds) fresh peaches 1 cup granulated sugar ^tablespoons lemon juce 4 cups water Raspberry Sauce (recpe follows) L cup Vanlla Yogurt Sauce (recpe follows) 1 plot premum vanlla ce cream Fll a large saucepan halfway wth water; brng to a bol. Add peaches; smmer untl the skn loosens, about 1 mnute. Remove peaches wth a slotted spoon; rnse wth cold water. Peel peaches; cut n halves and remove pts. n a.large saucepan brng sugar, lemon juce and the 4 cups water to a bol. Add peach ^halves; smmer, covered, untl tender, about 5 mnutes. Place peaches and lqud n a covered contaner; refrgerate untl ready to serve. To serve: On an ndvdual dessert plate spread one-half of the plate wth raspberry sauce and the other half wth vanlla yogurt sauce; top wth Yd-cup scoop ce cream; cover wth a peach half. Garnsh wth fresh berres, f desred. Makes 8 servngs. Nutrton nformaton per servng, ncludng sauces: 244 cal., 7 g fat. Raspberry Sauce - One 12-ounce package frqzen unsweetened raspberres, thawed (about 2 cups).,.- 'A cup granulated sugar teaspoon vanlla extract n the bowl of a food processor ftted wth a metal wng blade or n the contaner of an electrc blender, pro- : cess raspberres untl smooth. Place a fne seve over a small bowl. Press raspberry puree through seve,, dscardng seeds. Str sugar and vanlla extract nto raspberry puree. Makes about 1 cup. Vanlla Yogurt Sauce W cup vanlla low-fat yogurt 1 tablespoon granulated sugar n a small bowl combne yogurt and sugar. Makes ½ cup. Nutrton nformaton per servng, ncludng sauces: 244 cal,, 7 g fat. (Recpe from: The Natonal Dary Councl) A sweet and tangy Peach Corn Chutney provdes the perfect accompanment for peppery Cllantro Grlled Chcken. CLANTRO GRLLED CHCKEN WTH PEACH CORN CHUTNEY '/* cup ol 2 tablespoons fresh lme juce 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cllantro or 2 teaspoons dred cllantro 1 clove garlc, chopped* ¼ teaspoon ground cumn V* teaspoon cayenne pepper Salt Pepper, freshly ground 4 boneless, sknless chcken breast halves Peach Corn Chutney (recpe follows) For marnade, n a blender or food processor combne ol, lme juce, cllantro," garlc, cumn and cayenne pepper, salt and pepper to taste. Blend untl smooth.. n bakng dsh, arrange chcken n sngle layer. Pour marnade over chcken. Cover and refrgerate, turnng once,.about 1 hour., Prepare grll or heat broler. Grll of brol chcken 4 nches from heat, turnng once, untl lghtly browned on the outsde and just cooked through, 3 to 4 mnutes per sde. Serve wth Peach Corn Chutney. Makes 4 servngs., Nutrton nformaton per servng: 175 cal., 65 mg sodum, 73 mg chol., 7 g fat. Peach Corn Chutney 4 fresh peaches, pared, ptted, cut nto H-lncb peces (about 2 cups) 1 cup corn kernels ft cup dced red bell pepper M cup chopped onon 1 Jalapeno pepper, seeded and dced. h cup dark brown sugar 2 tablespoons dstlled whte vnegar '/* cup fresh lme Juce 1 teaspoon grated lme peel or zest. 1 clove garlc, mnced ^4 teaspoon ground gnger 'A teaspoon cayenne pepper 'A teaspoon nutmeg, * n medum saucepan, combne all ngredents. Brng to a bol over medum heat. Reduce heat to low and smmer untl mxture thckens, about 20 mnutes. Cool to room temperature and serve wth Clantro Grlled Chcken. Nutrton nformaton per ^-cup servng: 70 cal., 25 tug sodum, 0 mg chol., 1 gfat. -! t. : t. 1 " J r t '.: - Colored leaves, cool days, crsp ar and football games remnd us t s perfect apple-eatng tme. And, of course, fresh Mchgan apples are the best. Bake them, sauce them, juce them, freeze them or dry them just eat them and enjoy them. There are apples for all meals and they can be fxed n a varety of ways. Apples are fllng, not fattenng. One medum apple contans,about 80 calores. An apple s about 85j>ercent water and low n sodum, and contans a lttle potassum, vtamn A and ascorbc acd. The skn s hgh Jn pectn and a good source of fber. Apples are a prmary source of quck energy from ther natural frut sugar to satsfy your sweet tooth wthout addng empty calores. Another bg advantage to apples s that they help clean teeth and breath and massage the gums. Eatng a raw apple for dessert wll ad n removng food partcles from your teeth. BAKE THEM. Use apples for specal occasons, or any tme, n pe, dumplngs and cobblers, and numerous more ways. For a pe; allow about two pounds (sx to eght medum-sze) apples for a 9-nch pe. A baked apple need never be plan. Core the apple, fll cavty wth orange juce, cnnamon or nutmeg and rasns, and bake. Mcrowavng baked apples la a quck and easy dessert, or the leftovers are perfect for breakfast the next day. Try poachng, apple wedges n -eder-and-season wtb nutmeg. Per-" feet for dessert! SAUCE THEM. Hot applesauce wth chopped walnuts served wth a warm bran muffn and hot coffee for breakfast what could be better? Applesauce can be added to meat loaf, breads, brownes and cakes, or, made nto butter. Make applesauce a la mode by puttng chlled applesauce n a sherbet glass, sprnkle wth nutmeg and top wth a scoop of vanlla ce cream. l,'.--:; sd^y.-ao, auarr- sun Los Theleke -^ «^2^ ' horne economst, Cooperatve Extenson Servce t's easy and quck to make. Place about four large apples, peeled, cored and quartered; onefourth teaspoon cnnamon; one-half cup water and about three tablespoons honey n blender. Blend untl smooth. Ths makes about three cups ready-to-eat applesauce. For a wonderful sweet-sour glaze, add mustard and pneapple juce to applesauce and drzzle over Chnese vegetables and noodles. Applesauce added to tomato sauce, lemon juce and spces wll gve your barbecue sauce some zng. Two pounds of apples (sx to eght medum sze) makes about three cups of applesauce. JUCE THEM. Try poachng fsh n apple juce or cder nstead of water. Your taste buds wll be happy. Mx yogurt and apple juce wth cnnamon and nutmeg or curry powder and onon for a tasty vegetable dp. Equal parts of apple juce and yogurt also makes a low-calore, del- JG-lElElaE3G3Ea tv ALU ABU cous frut salad dressng. Don't forget a glass of cold, refreshng apple juce or hot mulled cder for those really cold football days. FREEZE THEM. Cut apples darken when exposed to the ar, so coat slces wth lemon juce, other ctrus juce or vnegar to prevent brownng. Dran well and freeze n freezer contaners or bags for use later. One of the best ways to freeze apples for pes s to lne the pe tns wth fol, cut the apples nto the fol, add sugar, flour and spces, and wrap to freeze. The dea s to keep the apple fol package the same shape and sze as your pe tn so when you want pe, you make your crust, unwrap the apples and they can be slpped nto the crust and ready to bake. DRY THEM. For the perfect eatthem-anytme snack, try dryng apples. COUPON ca ns ca ca E Ea ES E B Brng n ths ad and Q Mon.-Wed. 0 receve * off Thurs.-Fr. e your order 10-7 B Sat G OR 0 B" 10% Off Senors. Celebratng 31 Yean g $ One coupon Servce per person per vst, COUSN JACK PASTES n We don't clam to be the best We'd rather let our customers be the judge. 0e#M4> *f^#mtysa&fe Beech Dal TRY FRESH blender applesauce,./tasaca f 13S3EararamEU2 uay remftffmtrrtr'^n t E9 V.TT^ Eft! ffl"*f f.';7u EEH pfc*^ B-kJ Tfce '.. PORTERHOUSE MEATS Whole Mew York Strp Lons 4% J f ) ABB W W lb. Cut & wrapped free. Wth Coupon Expres S. Man Plymouth can so EEj era ssa rss^ e QcarracaE3B3&ta STANDARD FOOD RflKT, Ford Rd. Garden Cty SA/TW Locaton lor 20 Yea/s Farm Fresh WHOLE FRYERS 59*u> Smoked PCNC HAM 88«lb. Fresh BABY LVER 78*.6 Blade Cut CHUCK ROAST *1.18b UmlUPum Tender Jucy SRLON STEAK»2.69 * Hamburger From GROUND CHUCK *1.38.b -DEER PROCESSNG- Extra Fancy Cut We Afa.t* OeerSusage We Garry Western Beef U.S.D.A. Grade A -Coupon* Explr# Hygrade HOT DOGS 88* b. ROUND STEAK M.88 lb. Fresh Pork Center PORK CHOP 1.99,b Lquor We Accept Food Stamps f k ff \ 2SB12&L ONT0N!M«rtfr.-»B3gB VEN mm**** vlmmwfmmmam fol Oroctry Un«Fr#h Meat* Produt* Otll Lkjw But A Wn* Ulto - 0>ENM0N.-SAT.8AM.-11P.M.«SUNDAY9A.M.-10 P.M. LOCATEOAT 8177 SHELDON RD.. JUST S. OF JOY CANTON Home of $50,000 Fama & Fortuno Wnner A $1,000 nstant Tlc-Tac Cash Lottery- Whole Beef Tenderlons %s d $ S 99, ; Lous Rch Turkey $ 3.49 lb. 12-Pack Specal m 5.99 $ plus depost' Grobbol's Roast Beef $ 3.99U. Longacre Chcken Roll 4 9«f b. Colby Longhorn Cheese $ 2.49 lb. Peps Products Vernors 6-Pack /b Lftor $2.18 WE FEATVftZ USDA CHOCE MEATS +dep..' Fresh Lean PORK STEAK»1.39 lb. GROUNO TURKEY 98«b. Fresh FROZEN MEAT 25% OFF fwjeffm VSA Peel, core and slce apples, and soak them n lemon juce to keep from brownng. Dran. Dry n food dehydrater untl no mosture s left n the frut These can be eaten for snacks or rehydrated for pes, or whatever, later. FOR APPLESAUCE, pes and desserts, choose a frm, tart apple. r Apples that hold ther shape are best for bakng. Some great snackng varetes are Red Delcous, Golden Delcous, Mcntosh, Jonathan, Northern Spy, Wnesap and Northern Spy. Good choces for freezng are Cortland, Golden Delcous, Jonathan, Rome Beauty and Wnesap. Ths s not an all-nclusve lst of 1 *r vt-rt" T Now 9 t doesn dfference!! lx- \ MM. Here's how t works: Frst, you must have a touch-tone telephone. Then, all you do s call us remember, t doesn't make any dfference f we're not here to place an ad, cancel one or. change somethng on one you've placed earler. Let's say t's eght o'clock at nght and you've just realzed that the cupd on the clock you're sellng plays a tn whstle. t's a good sellng pont, so you punch up our classfed number and wat for the operator to gude you through the steps for changng your ad. Have n mnd the exact nformaton you want to gve us, speak clearly and a bt slower than you usually do. And that's t. f t's after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, your changes wll be made for the next Monday paper. Or, f t's after 5:00 p.m. the varetes avalable. There are many more. What better, easer snack can there be than an apple? They transport.wth no fuss or mess n a brefcase, pocket, bag or purse. Today, as n colonal tmes, the apple s stll one of Amerca's favorte fruts. Don't forget, buy Mchgan apples. on a Frday or the weekend, your changes wll ht de Thursday papers. Pretty neat, huh? Of course, our Classfed Ad Takers are here every Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. untl 5:30 p.m. and untl 5:00 p.m. each Frday. But now, f you mss them, you can stll do somethng about your ad at your convenence.. <Bh#tt\)tv & Htccenttc!1 Cl As fyf VWW^'WWP'WW'. M.1..m J.Lnu--l'l!rJ, WAYrte COUNTY QAKLANP COUNTY ROCHESTER-ROCHESTER HLLS ^ ftfc..bfwm»hww.wm»m-b«^,., &J,, j,,,., ^. ^ ^ ^ ^. ^ ^ 1 ^ ^, ft^^mmlmmam SCOTTSH BAKEHOUSE BEDFORD BRMNGHAM Fve Mte Road : 300 Hamlton S CANADAN \ BUTTER TARTS,rw U - ^- V flgg^g? for al your bakery needs... Gft Baskets/Specal Orders mported Specalty Foods Shepherds Pes Shortbread & Cookes flw Scotch Meat Pes Scottsh Pastres Cnnamon Rolls Brownlos EVERYDAY:

15 : ;U^&^^s4 4 -,'^u j *> SJJ;^.^*;L H- v^rrtx. &t Wf^t-ft^ -v^hj-' r ^J^lf tys&t Monday, October O&E SB :1.- 'U' ood values from Cru de Coudelet n Rhon Mdway between Avgnon and Orange on the Rhone Rver's left bank, Chateauneuf-du-Pape's approxmate 7,500 acres produce some of the Southern Rhone's best red wnes. The appellaton draws ts name from the runs df a castle bult durng the 14th century Babylonan Captvty when the popes.were French and Avgnon was the papel seat. Buldng the "new castle," a planned summer.resdence, was started by Pope Clement V, wne afconado and former bshop of Bordeaux, where Chateau Pape-Cement stll honors hs memory. The Chateau de Beaucastel estate, one of Chateauneuf-du-Pape's fnest, s managed by Francos Perrn. t s EZ cookng calendar O LABEL LNGO Learnng to read food labels s the topc of "Label Lngo," a program at 10 a.m. Monday, Nov. 5, and 6:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 12, at Weght Watchers Center at Bloomfeld Towne Square, 2141 S. Telegraph Road, n Bloomfeld Hlls. nxr-"^tsr.?r,".-y-rrt-.r-:<..-..y ZJ ^r^r focus on wne \' t/ t ( p'p&^lq y'<\f tf^v Eleanor ^ ¾ fe Ray.Heald acknowledged that the Chateauneufdu-Pape produced from, the Beaucastel estate s the flagshp of the" Perrln's lne. Cru de Coudelet comes from an extenson of the Beaucastel vneyard on the east sde of the twtf-lane» Route Natonale No. 7, whch dvdes Chateauneuf-du-Pape frorn the Cotes du Rhone. t s made from dentcal 7TT The free program s open to the publc. There wll be an explanaton of the percentage of fat n favorte foods, as well as defnng food labels such as "lght," "lte" and "low cholesterol." For nformaton call Weght Watchers, grape varetes and vlnfed n exactly the same manner at the Beaucastel property. CRU DE COUDELET offers a superor buy to the knowledgeable consumer. Because o/ ts Cotes du Rhone appellaton, t does not command the same prce as Beaucastel Chateauneuf-du-Pape, grown a stone's throw across the road. After graduaton from the enology school at the Unversty of Djon, Francos' brother, Jean-Perre Perrn, founded the negocant frm of La Velle Ferme and set out to produce nexpensve, well-made Rhone wnes to sell by drect mal to French enophles. Ths dea grew wth the years and today Jean-Perre has receved acclam for the value-prced Rhone wnes shpped to the Unted States. Wfe 100,000 cases exported to the Unted States annually, La Velle Ferme s the largest-sellng Rhone wne brand n ths country. As a negocant, Jean-Perre s adept at selectng proper.frut and well-made young wnes for blendng to make consstent qualty wnes regardless of the vntage characterstcs. He has acheved ths, and the La Velle Ferme wnes exhbt fresh frutness and charmng appeal at a modest prce. "The future of French wnes les n the Southern Rhone regon," says Jean-Perre. "Great Burgundy and Bordeaux wnes can be' purchased by the wealthy. They can afford to buy most anythng. The great value wnes come from the Rhone. My am s to produce a bg mouthful of wne for the money. "T'S EASY TO make and market a good wne. There are fve essental ngredents: older vnes pruned correctly, reduced crop load accomplshed by bunch thnnng after the crop sets, harvestng at proper grape maturty, sortng harvested grapes to nsure that only the best are made nto wne, and sellng off any wne that s not up to standard for the label." -, -? WNE SELECTON OF THE WEEK We have tasted the current release of all the La Velle Ferme wnes. They are flavorful wnes that represent a qualty pour /or the money. n the man, these wnes are meant to be consumed, not cellared Cotes du Luberon Blanc (>6); 1988 Cotes du Rhone Blanc Reserve ($8.50); 1988 Cotes du Ventoux Rouge (J6); and 1988 Cotes du Rhone Reserve ($8.50). The wnes of La Velle Ferme come prncpally from the Cotes du Rhone regon, a 140-mle extenson of sun-drenched clffs along the Rhone Rver valley from Lyon to WNE BULLETN BOARD Support publc rado' staton WDET by attendng Festval Espanol from 5-8 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 4, at Too Che2 Restaurant, Sheraton Drve, Nov. Chef Ed Janos wll prepare the Spansh taste treats to accompany wnes from the cellars of the. Merchant of Vno. Cost s $35 per person, wth all proceeds gong to WDET. Tckets avalable at all "Merchant" stores, Too Chez restaurant or by phonng Avgnon. As the rver flows south, the red wnes, n partcular, become meaty, bg, rch, robust, and structured to match the hearty food of the regon. L@w@r Tw By donatng your used car. boat, real estate...end receve far market value as a tax deducton whan you temze. GALL VOLUNTEERS OF AMERCA U* *OM v.-!,.! new products O CAFEE STRAOA The brew Cafee Strada, whch contans 100 percent Arabca beans, has been added to the gourmet shelves of Hudson's Marketplace n metropoltan Detrot. Ths" premum coffee s handroasted n small batches; screened for large, unform szng; computersorted for color, weght, hardness $ 1g0 oo DELUXE FURNACE SALE 1. Hgh Effcency 2. Low Sound Lov(H yr. HoaJ Exchange Warranty 4. Compact Sze 5. Easy Mantenance NSTAUD AND RUNNNG FOR AS $ LOW AS 1195 UJ^ c5y perrvj tttt MODEL WSSC040 Retta* oftwed by de»:e/ CombkuOon ol Cvrer end dttfer /e6»l. YBU/^TgRSP H«tlngA \^_^ycoollno.lnc. Convnfccm* ROv-'S* Garden Cty Canton Twp ea.seoo and mosture content, and darker roasted. Fve flavors are avalable: Colomba Supremo, Zmbabwe, Sumatra Lntong, Premum Blend and Premum Decaffenated Blend. Twelveounce bags sell for $ r Marvn Wfhdmrf "l AN ENERGY SAVNGS MASTERPECE FROM MARVN '.The Marvn Slngt-Ctde s an energy.mvtng has one sldng *ash and on* fxed one. Wood.n, constructon ffjlflwns-. ^^¾¾ features mantenance free exterors n 4 colors. Best ol al. t saves you money, loo. '. You can do the job easly wth our expert advce Vst Our Showroom nstallaton Servce* AvalUbla TM WWOOW PRODUCTS W.Wa/reo 'r,. Oca/born HeJght AftJMH t U ccej.277^280 B W jj r LOSE WEGHT WTH MEOCN You already Know what you should eat. Knowng what to eat has nothng to do wth losng weght. DET RESULTS MEOCATON PROGRAM can help you. We a/o Boa/d Certfed n Weght Reducton Wedcno. CaJ us. *ME01CAT0N PROGRAM AM Mlddlcbett Uvonla ^fcfe* ll.u'kr.'!'mwnun',w.' v v, :." *».sn. t>...jwy.. J -.mjjrf..»'-<p.ttw.rwnbkj«.j f ft \f" H ^¾¾^ J jjj-fo-a.hgn^hkk. "? " vr9kk - S "TMRw -0Wk HK» ^' y HVAVJHk. d^hjl *' J 'HrVSBfl Jlfl VgW flhvb >*-?: ^m DANE M. for PROBATE JUDGE ASSSTANT PROSECUTOR CHEF OF DRUG FORFETURES WFE, MOTHER, TWO CHLDREN GRADUATE MADONNA COLLEGE P*Jd k* 8> Coovn/tte* to B«c1 Oarw M. Halhsway 2&29 DJrM S!<x Rdg. Oetrort, W 4*22«Br ajyr-jsjwjvfl^aju.rtttt.ww WE'RE B A WNfpFOR OUR WuNG TPS. Crowley's n<$pmftf*m $&* now carres shoe*/ Fro? rom wng-tps to h-tops, we've got all your favortes. So step nto our new dgs November 9 at Tel-Twelve. ^ - ABT:'.-.'"K, w-as.. mmfm*,*r>*^^*~b*w,-- «.-:-^ ' ^ lashma out The next tme everyday pressures buld up to the pont where you feel lke lashng Out STOP! And try any of these smple alternatves. You'll feel better... and so wll your chld. 1. Take a deep breath. And another. Then remember you are the adult Close your eyes and magne youre hearng what your chld s about to hear. 3. Press your lps together and count to 10. Or better yet, to Put your chld n a tme-out char. (Remember the rule: one tme-out mnute for each year of age.) 5. Put yourself n a tme-out char. Thnk about why you are angry: s t your chld, or s your chld smply a convenent target for your anger? 6. Phone a frend. 7. f someone can watch the chldren, go outsde and take a walk. 8. Take a hot bath or splash cold, water on your face. 9. Hug a pllow. 10. Turn on some musc. Maybe even slngalong. 11. Pck up a pencl and wrte down as many helpful words as you can thnk of. save the lst. 12. Wrte for preventon nformaton: Natonal commttee for preventon of Chld Abuse, Box 2866L, Chcago, L THS WNTER OUSANDS OF CHLD WLL BE STRCKEN WTH DABETES. REAL TRAGEDY BEG EN THEY'RE TREATED OR THE FLU Durng flu season thousands of chldren are strcken wth nsuln-dependent dabetes. These chldren are usually between the ages of 5 and 16. Unfortunately, many parents and emergency-room personnel often confuse the warnng sgns of dabetes wth theflu.or, n some cases, urnary tract nfecton. 're major warnng sgns for dabetes to watch out for are: frequent urnaton, excessve. tlrst, extreme hunger, dramatc weght loss, nausea and vomtng. As well as rrtablty, weakness and fatgue. Generally, these symptoms appear over a three or four-week perod, but don't appear as suddenly asflusymptoms. f the clld s not treated mmedately, ls or her blood sugar can go out of control leadng to what s called dabetc ketoacdoss. Wlch n turn can lead to dabetc coma. The warnng sgns for dabetc ketoacdoss nclude excessve urnaton, great thrst, stomach pan, nausea and vomtng, dehydraton wlch can lead to dry lps and sunken eyes, rapd breathng, followed bv sleepness. So ths wnter, do sometllng to really protect your chld durngfluseason. Learn the symptoms of dabetes. A message from the, Amercan Dabetes Assocaton. Mchgan Aftlfto, nc Thrt tttxserxta &x*'t ty ls» p^»'v.t.

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17 hmtmr gfeuspapers rj%j LS) BradEmons edtor/ NCLUDES CLASSFED f! Monday, October 29. J990 O&E T (L,W)1C By Stovo Kowalekl staff wrter,redford Catholc Central earned a lttle redempton, a Catholc League ttle and a ^berth n the Class AA football playoffs Sunday nght at the Slverdome. Could CC coach Tom Mach thnk of a better way to spend an evenng? L."t was a great nght for us, a super nght," sad Mach after CC overwhelmed Detrot St. Martn De Porres, "We can call ourselves Catholc League champons, whch s the best feelng and our numberone goal. And gettng a berth n the playoffs s just frostng on the cake.".the wn pushed CCs record to 7-2 overall and sends the Shamrocks nto the frst round of the Class AA playoffs. CC, the fourth-rated team n Regon 2, wll play No. lrseeded Ypslant (8-1 overall), ether Fr- "day or Saturday at Ypslant. Plymouth Canton, despte an 8-1 overall record, must watch from the sdelnes after fnshng be-" hnd CC n the regon.. De Porres beat CC, 8-0, earler ths year and that's what made ths vctory even sweeter for the Shamrocks. t was the sxth Catholc League champonshp for Mach, tyng hm for thrd on the all-tme coachng lst wth Walt Bazylewcz and Mke Boyd. The Shamrocks played wthout talback Mke Thomas, but wth an ankle njury, and wde recever/defensve back Jack Davdson (broken collarbone), but one could hardly tell. Senor Arshon Stewart stepped n and ganed 124 yards on 25 carres and scored one touchdown for the Shamrocks. CC, playng wth three new starters n the secondary (Brett Walter, Frank Yokum and Matt Roney) managed to outgan the Eagles, n total yardage. The Shamrocks ran 62 plays from scrmmage to only 36 by De Porres and also held De Porres' fullback Shannon McLean to only'37 yards on eght carres. De Porres startng quarterback Melvln Sturdlvant ddn't complete a pass n 11 attempts and the Eagles were zero for 12 as a team. "Our team slogan ths week was 'Bg payback, bg payback,'" sad Stewart, who had 75 yards on 18 carres by halftlme. "We owed them somethng. knew had to work hard, the team was behnd me and just went out and dd t. t would have been a downer for me (not makng the playoffs). Ths s my thrd year on the varsty and felt owed myself to make t ths year." Fullback Jon Barbara scored a rushng TD and ganed 69 yards on 16 carres, whle backup Bran Chaney had 28 yards on sx carres, all n the second half. The runnng game was so potent that quarterback Jason Carr needed to throw only three tmes, completng two for 26 yards. Carr scored a touchdown oh a quarterback sneak and threw a TD pass of 15 yards to tght end Mke Grmes. The other Shamrock ponts came on a 39-yard feld goal by placekcker Kerry Zavgnan. CC's domnance showed n the thrd quarter when t ran 19 plays from scrmmage to only two by De Porres. The Shamrocks, who led 100 at halftlme, took the openng kckoff of the thrd quarter and drove 64 yards n 12 plays to lead Carr capped the drve by rollng out to hs rght and fndng Grmes n the corner of the end zone for a 15-yard TD wth 4:15 left n the thrd quarter. "We talked about that at halftlme," Macr sad. "We wanted to take the frst drve am pound all the way down!eld and score, be cause De Porres could have gotten rgh back nto the game wth a long run We really came to play. We attacked them more ths tme. don't thnk we realzed how good they were the frst tme." * "f there's a better team out there, we haven't played them yet. We're just comng nto our own." An ntercepton by Roney, hs second of the nght, set up CC's next score. Another long drve ensued and Stewart capped t by scorng from the 1-yard lne wth 10:02 left n the game. The Shamrocks closed out the scorng wth 5:40 left when Barbara galloped 18 yards through the De Porres secondary. CC scored n the frst half on a 1-yard quarterback sneak by Carr and Zavagnn's 39-yard feld goal. Thomas sad he expects to return to the lneup aganst Ypslant. "'ll be back and ready," he sad. "f we come n and play tough we should blow them out." By BradEmons staff wrter T'Westland John Glenn won more than a cty football champonshp Frday at home. ; The Rockets fnshed the regular season wth an 8-1 record and ganed helr ffth state playoff berth n sx -.years wth a heart-stoppplng wn over rval Wayne Memoral. ;,"Tm happy for our players be- cause we operated under pay-to-play (because of mllage defeats) and you ; don't know how that s gong to affect your program," sad Glenn ' coach; Chuck Gordon/ whose team [nearly squandered a 2,4-0 lead- "The players worked ther fannes off and the atttude of these guys has just.been great." Wayne, whch fnshed 6-3 overall, was also fghtng for one of the four '.post-season spots n Regon n of Class AA. -The Zebras mounted a sterlng ; second-half comeback and nearly Won t after Greg Carrlco scored on.a/-2-yard run wth fve mnutes remanng, pullng bs team to wthn ;f0,ur ponts, ["".QN THE ENSUNG kckoff, Joe Umottlepounced on a Glenn fumble aj'the Rockets' 27, puttng the 'Zebras n prme poston to take the ;lead. -.; After three plays for a total of 1 mm-.-:--^ f ttb :/,,,1 M, sf#-*> /fla/l Rff.-,/! ; vvv, P :. ' *.,y) -] yard, Wayne was faced wth a fourtb-and-8 stuaton.. Quarterback Jason Wetmore rolled out and hurled a pass to Greg Barnes n the left corner, just nsde the goal lne, but Glenn's Gary Chmlel came out of nowhere to break t up. "He (Barnes) had a couple of steps on me," sad Chmlel, a junor defensve back, "But jguess \l was lucky that stuck out my hand and ht the ball. When got back to the sdelne 'Coach' (Gordon) got a lttle bt because ddn't follow the tght end out rght away." Wayne was never able to get the ball back as Glenn, helped by a roughng the punter call, ran out the clock. "'m very proud of the way we came back, even though we had some obstacles to overcome," sad Wayne coach Chuck Howton. "We threw the ball to our best recever. (Barnes)-and we threw t rght n there. t was that close." Glenn came out of the shoot quckly, buldng a 17-0 halftlme advantage. THE ROCKETS captalzed on a Zebra turnover on ther ntal seres when Davd Kng ntercepted a pass after t was deflected by teammate Alonzo Jackson near the lne of scrmmage. t took Glenn only four plays to score as Tad Quattalander, who led all rushers wth 101 yards n 15 carrps, scored on hs fourth attempt, takng a 21-yard lateral pass from Lawrence Scheffer wth 8:10"to go n the frst perod. The Rockets made t 8-0, scorng the two-pont converson (a run by John Ward) after Wayne was penalzed for lnng up offsdes on the extra pont.. ; /:"' v Early n the second quarter, Chrs Bandy booted a 34-yard.feld go to ncrease Glenn's lead to Another Wayne turnover set up a Glenn TD Just before the half. Wetmore was sacked by Sean O'Bren and Dave DeMara recovered the loose ball at the Wayne 6. Wth 1;56 to play untl ntermsson, Ward scored hs second TD on a 2-yard run. (The extra pont was no good.) Glenn took ts openng possesson of the second half and marched 56 yards n eght plays, capped by Scheffer's 8-yard TD pass to Steve Fuller. whq_jumped_ hgh over a Wayne defender tftaul n the ball. " Bandy's extra pont wth 6:40 left n the thrd quarter gave the Rockets what appeared to be an nsurraount- k leads Spartan '9 Tod Quattlander (rght) of Weatland John Glenn follows the lead block of teammate Ed Jeannn (No. 31) durng Frday's cty champ!- able 24-0 advantage. BUT THE MOMENTUM clearly 8hfted later n the quarter when Wetmore hooked up wth Llmottle over the mddle for a 62-yard scorng strke. (Wayne mssed the twopont converson.) "They ht that long pass where thought we had t defensed well, 1 ' sad Gordon. "But he (Llmottle) bounces off two guys and he's gone." The TD seemed to gnte the once lethargc Zebras. " Wlth-ltT34-Temalnlng nthe fnal perod, Jerry Rogers (96 yards n 18 carres) busted up the mddle 20 yards for a TD. Jermalne Ells ran pv Steve Kov/alekl hard," sad Stevenson coach Wally caught up to the pass and pushed the half. Mdfelder Dave Nordwall ht staff wrter Barrett. "On any gven day, everyone shows a good effort on our club. Gross. Roy put a ball past Gross, but a : ; -Matt Grodzlck took the Class A We all know for sure that we haven't " was just n the rght spot at the Groves defender cleared t before t ball past Falcons goalkeeper Dan the crossbar wth a shot and dstrct plaque home wth come close to our potental. We've rght tme," Grodzlck sad. "t was could cross the goal lne. hm Saturday, after Lvona Steven- been wnnng but we've got a lot of an excellent pass. He flcked t off Other than the wn, Barrett wasn't son blanked Brmngham Groves, 2- growng to do." hs head rght to my feet and ddn't too excted about the weather condtons or the offcatng. The Spartans,0,'at Northvlle Hgh School. The wn moves Stevenson nto the have to do anythng. Todd worked,the Spartans owe much of ther regonal, scheduled for 6 p.m. for t all." were gven folr yellow cards, compared to only one on Groves. Success to Grodzlck, so t's only lt- Wednesday at Ypslant Hgh School. Sophomore mdfelder Adam ',tlng that the junor forward keep the The Spartans wll play the wnner of Plchler fnshed the scorng n the "The most pleasant thng about today was we get to practce Monday," plaque at least temporarly. Saturday's Ann Arbor Huron-Brghton game. Ths was the seventh from a bad angle and scored wth he sad. "Ths s the stffest wnd second half when he drlled a shot ;Grbdztckl, who has scored sx goals ;drj:ng the post-season, gave Steven- straght trp to the dstrct fnal for 11:45 left n the game. ever coached aganst. t's swrlng ' son a 1-0 halftlme lead and the Spartans domnated the second half n 9-1 overall. venson's 12 th shutout and got help save, our lves. The reffng was terr Groves, whch ended ts season at? Scott Plaegenhoef recorded Ste and we couldn't control the ball to ;wnnlng another dstrct ttle. The Spartans elected to go aganst from Stevenson's last lne of defense, bly nconsstent and unrelable." -.The plaque wll eventually go n a strong wnd n the frst half and whom Barrett calls hs "Monsters of Groves coach Phllp Douse gave 'Stevenson's showcase, next to the were held scoreless untl 2:20 remaned when Grodzlck scored hs Bran Mtchell, Scott Wggns, Ryan and Gross. " thought wth the talent the Mdway." t nclude defenders credt to Erc HolllSr-Jeff Oconor est of the school's soccer trophes. ;.; "Whether t's Grodzlck or 'Joe 13th goal of the y6ar. Senor forward Carrlere and Tm Lampl. Stevenson has and the wnd, there 'Smth/1 always look for someone to Todd Krzlsnlk headed the ball over a The Spartans had several chances would be a two or three goal dlfference^douse-sald. ;corne along n October and play Groves defender and Grodzlck to buld on the lead n the second hamrock kckers wn dstrct ttle By Bll Parker lalaff wrter ";WUh eght mnutes remanng n Saturday's dstrct soccer champonshp game at Royal Oak Kmball, Rcdford Catholc Central coach John Boots was sappln-flve wth hs startng' forwards Scott Lcadbelter and Dana Orsucce. The celebraton had aftcady begun. ; Catholc Central exploded for sx fgbal3 Saturday as the Shamrocks :jwo/- ther second-straght dstrct.^champonshp wth a,6-1 vctory. /oyer Class A defendng state cham- // bl6n Troy Athens. (CC won the Redfofd Unon dstrct ttle n M9.) CC, f ' on the season, advances to tho Troy Athens regonal whle the Red Hawks fnsh the year at V-Theso M6 both very good hgh 7 thnk we ran out of good tuck charme. They are a very good team and they were fred up to play.' Tm Storch Athens coach school BOccer teams," Boots sad. "t came down to emoton, or a bre^k. Tho last tlmo we played Athens (earler ths year) t was a 1-1 te, t just so happened that we were lucker today. The next tme they may beat us e-.» OC GOT A huge emotonal boots less than two mnutes nto the game when goale Jeff Sawlckl came up wth a bg savo Oh a pont-blank Bhot by Athens* Dan Dubek. Moments later, Wth tho Shamrocks on the attack/matt Kopmeyer punched n a CC goal off a scramble n front of the Red Hawk net for a quck 1-0 lead. s ^ Catholc Central made t 2-0 wth 7:49 remanng n the frst half when Brendan Sullvan ht Joe Sebestyen wth a pass n front of the Athens goal and Sebestyen beat Athens keeper Matt Cooper wth a shot to tho rght corner of the net. The Red Hawks fnally got on the scoreboard wth 3:28 left n the half when Jeff Eckhout redrected a corner kck from Todd Peterson past CC keeper Jeff Sawlckl. E3l CATHOLC CENTRAL broke any momentum the goal may have gven Athens seconds before the half ended when Kerry Zagagnln lofted a free kck n front of the Athens net and Dana Orsuccl banged a header nto the back of the goal for a decsve 3* 1 lead. Zavagnln added an nsurance goal n the second half when a corner kck deflected nto the Athens net off an Red Hawk defended. RJch Watus scored CC's fnal two goals as the Shamrocks controlled the acton throughout tho second half. " thnk we ran out of good luck charms," sad Athens coach Tm Storch. "They are a very good team and they were fred up to play. We ddn't come n wth the samo emoton level as them." /l-waf - ART emanuele/etett photographer onshlp clash wth rval Wayno Memoral. Qreg Carrlco of.the Zebras moves n to.make the atop. n for the two-ponter, cuttng the defct to The Zebras kept up the pressure, recoverng a Glenn fumble at ther own 40. Wayne then drove 60 yards n nne plays, capped by Carrlco's 2-yard TD run wth just over fve mnutes to play. Lookng to cut the defct to two, Wetmore rolled out on a sweep, but was stopped short of the end zone by Glenn defenders Kng and Ward. " got after them a lttle bt at halftlme," Howton-sad^lBut t was for the senors' sake more than anythng else, they were playng for the last tme. "We just blocked well and Rogers started runnng well (n he second half), and we made some of our breaks. We wanted to be more of the part of the Glenn-Wayne tradton." MEANWHLE, on the opposte sdelne, Gordon could see a vctory and state playoff spot slppng away. "At halftlme we were confdent, but we knew t wasn't over," sad the Glenn coach. " knew wth ther speed and ther athletes, we were not gong to completely shut them down. thnk they have better speed than we do and they got ther speed nvolved. They ht on a few thngs and t happened so fast." Chargers np For for dstrct crown By Ray Sotlock staff wrter Lke a car that runs out of fuel, the Lvona Churchll soccer team lacked energy n Saturday's Class A dstrct champonshp game. Nevertheless, the Chargers sld past Dearborn Edsel Ford, 1-0 n a game played at Rcdford Unon's Howard A. Kraft Feld. Churchll coach Mark Mason sad hs team was stll fatgued from Wednesday's 2-1 wn over Plymouth Salem n the Class A dstrct semfnals, but was pleased wth the wn over Ford. "We gave Salem everythng we had Wednesday," Mason sad. "Today, we were a lttle tred. Actually, we were qute lucky to get ths wn. Edsel Ford played a great game. They kept comng at us." THE CHARGERS, overall, advance to Tuesday's Class A regonal at Ypsllantl's Shadford Feld. They wll play the wnner of the Flat Rock-woodhavon dstrct champonshp game. Churchll's only goal came, fve mnutes nto the game when Ford was whstled for an nfracton. Ths gave tho Chargers Scott Lamphcar a penalty kck and a chance to take a 1-0 lead. Lamphear was successful by bootng the ball past Edsel Ford goalkeeper Kerry Noland. " wa3 real upset wth that call," Edsel Ford coach Don Gcmmell sad. "You do not make that knd of f»*w»<«*a««w^wj«:*««<*««ws*w»a r call n a dstrct champonshp game." The remander ol the game had each team gettng excellent opportuntes to score, but beng stopped by defense and steady goaltendlng. Churchll junor mdfelder Mke Gentle had numerous opportuntes n the second half, but could not convert. "We played them tough," Gcmmell sad. "They arc a good team, but not out of our league and thnk we proved that here today. f wo could have gotten a goal, the whole tempo of the game would have changed." CHURCHLL GOALTENDER Jeff Cassar was _also successful n stoppng a strong Edsel Ford attack n the second half. "Jeff played well,". Mason sad. "He made nce saves when he was called on. f they would have gotten a goal the momentum may have shfted and wo would have been n trouble." Mason s hopng to get the Chargers some rest before playng n Tuesday's regonal. " am hopng that wo can get some rest for that game," Mason gald. " really thnk that wll help us." **** uttttfltfuarlfcfc flfa y ^ r f. ^ j ^. * * * * rtrdf'nlrm S..«utj ~Jk ^. M -f ^. ^ ^ / ^ ^ 1 ^ -..^,J.^ mtmmam^ \ tofllnlmtftf^^1*-^'-^"^

18 ^C<L,VV) 0<&E Monday, October By barren A. Nlchola staff wrter. What a : way tp end a hgh school career. Senor quarterback.kendrlck Harrngton scored ora 1-yard rollout play to the rght wth one second remanng Frday to lead Lvona Carenceylle to an Exctng wfn over Redford Thurston. th? touchdown capped an 8-play, 98-yard drve wth less than two mnutes remanng and gave the homecomng crowd reason to be happy. " was gong to fake t and throw t to (Ken) Bazzy because he was open," Harrngton sad.. "He was open, but saw a hole, made a pump fake and took t over the lne of scrmmage. Harrngton fnshed wth 104 yards on 20 carres and two touchdowns on the ground. He also completed four-of-fve passes for 173 yards and another touchdown. The wn was especally satsfyng for Harrngton, a four-year letterman, who played both ways for the Trojans. A HALFTME speech by Trojans coach Mark Ladd helped nspre Harrngton and hs teammates. "They walked on our feld and kcked our but n the frst half," he sad. "Our offensve lne was hangng wth thers but they ddn't want t. A bald head (Ladd's) and some tough words can do By Ray Setlock staff wrter As Garden Cty defensve coordnator Roger Wlkes walked nto the coaches offce followng Frday's football game wth vstng Lvona Frankln, he quckly glanced at the chalkboard whch contaned defensve formatons. ; t's uncertan Whether Wlkes was tryng to run the 6-2 defense through hs mnd' or whether he was just tryng to memorze t for next season. Whatever the case, the 6-2 defense and every' other formaton the Cougars used worked n ther favor. Sx Frankln turnovers and an nablty to move the ball aganst the Cougars stubborn defense resulted Harrngton pulls out vctory wonders." '. Clarencevlle, whch fnshed the season at 5 j 4 overall, traled 21-8 early n the thrd quarter before rallyng. Thurston's Walter Hughes ran 56 yards for a touchdown on the frst play from scrmmage n the second half to gve the Eagles the bref comfortable lead. * That set the stage for Harrngton's late-game herocs. Wth 2:48 left n the thrd quarter, Harrngton found Bazzy for a 79-yard touchdown pass, cuttng the defct to Bazzy, who caught two key passes on the Trojans fnal drve, fnshed wth four catches for 173 yards and a touchdown. "THEY HAD BAZZY n bump-and-run coverage all game, but Kendrlck (Harrlngton)4eld the ball too long," Ladd sad. "He told me he could beat them long and (on the last drve) he burned them long. " wasn't worred. We score n bunches and thought we were always n t." n an 11-3 non-conference defeat for the Patrots. "Gve ther defense credt, they played well when they had to," Frankln coach Armand Vgna sad. "Just when we thought we'd break a bg one, they would brng our guy down." Garden Cty (4-5) broke the school's ntercepton record, pckng off fve Mke Gleger passes. " WAS REALLY afrad of ther quarterback comng nto the game," Wlkes sad. " told the guys durng the week that they could be facng the best quarterback of the season on Frday. We worked hard all week and developed ways to contan hm. We used deep-underneath coverage whch may have caused hm to overthrow the ball." Garden Cty scored wth sx mnutes to play n the frst quarter when senor fullback Khald Amer broke free and hustled 14 yards nto the endzone. The two-pont converson was successful wth senor talback Bran Norrs scorng to gve the Cougars an 8-0 lead. Robert Johnson's 19-yard feld goal got the Patrots on the board wth 9:57 remanng n the frst half. Garden Cty kcker Kurt Buterbaugh connected on a 26-yard feld goal later n the second quarter to gve the Cougars ther margn of vctory. He capped off a drve whch saw quarterback Nck Mutafs complete a par of nfty passes, ncludng one of 15 yards to Jeff Feta. Farmngton closes season wth wn North/Farmngton fnshed ts "t was a frustratng year," North ',' football season wth a wnnng coach Jm O'Leary sad, recountng record Frday nght by beatng host games n whch the Raders could -^Soulh Lyon have won orshoulchave^layed better.. Matt Mummert and Jack WJks : combned for three touchdowns " thought we ^ould have done a -'? all on 1-yard runs for The Rad-lttl ers, 5-4. The Lons end up 4-5. wth these kds has been a real better than (5-4), but workng pleasure. t was frustratng because we havfe great kds, and you want to see them wn.'' v North took a 7-0 lead n the frst quarter when Mummert capped a 14-play, 53-yard drve that ate up more than eght mnutes. The Trojans started the fourth quarter wth a 14-play, 85 yard drve that was capped wth a 1- yard opton play by Harrngton wth 6:20 left n the game. Harrngton mshandled the extra pont attempt that left the score at Ladd sad t wasn't the best defensvely-played game-he has seen. The Trojans defense, however, rose to the occason stoppng Thurston on four plays nsde ts 10-yard lne wth 2:20 left n the game. The defensve stand led to Clarencevlle's fnal drve. " thnk we played very poor defensvely, but we played good when we had to n the fourth quarter," he sad. BEDFORD THURSTON, 2-7 overall, was led by Hughes, a senor runnng back, who ganed 178 yards on 19 carres and scored one touchdown. He also caught four passes for 48 yards and another touchdown, whch came wth 3:29 left n the half that gave the Eagles a 12-8 lead. Thurston's frst TD came wth 6:50 left n the frst quarter on a 4-yard'run by talback Paul Jaremsk. Harrngton, though, was the savor for Clarencevlle. "He's a great player," Ladd sad. "He's everythng to our team. When Kendrlck doesn't go, our team doesn't go. He's a qualty player." Mutafs completed sx-of-13 passes for 48 yards. FRANKLN HAD numerous chances to score n the second half, but couldn't convert. n the thrd quarter, Frankln had the ball at the Garden Cty 5 yard lne, but Gleger was pcked off by John Amer. "The reason threw the ball n that stuaton was because knew we weren't gong to run two plays nto the end zone on ther goal-lne defense," Vgna sad. "t's just unfortunate." Gleger completed four*of-13 passes for 37 yards. "Ths s a bg wn for our football team and program," Garden Cty coach Bob Eslmnger sad. "t was a character wn. We rose to the occason." By Noal Zfpeor staff wrter Lvona phurchll football coach HerbOsterand was n the Halloween mood Frday nght and he had a trck wattng for cty-rval Lvona.Stevenson; Osterland decded to use star runnng back Mke Brooks at quarterback to see f the wlnless Chargers could, surprse the Spartans and get on the board early. The trck worked as Churchll jumped out to a 14-6 frst quarter lead. t ddn't last long, however, as Stevenson regrouped and scored 28 unanswered ponts en route to a 41- '26 vctory. The season-endng wn gave Stevenson a 5-4 overall record and mproved the Spartans to 2-4 n the Western Lakes Actvtes Assocaton. Churchll, on the other hand, fnshed the season wthout a wn n nne games and at 0-6 n the WLAA. "t means a lot to fnsh wth a wnnng record and t's great for the kds," Stevenson coach Jack Reardon sad. "We're losng 18 of our 32 players (to graduaton) ths year, but tonght we executed well and the blockng was fantastc." STEVENSON, WHCH had lost four of ts last fve games, took the openng kckoff 62 yards n 11 plays for the game's frst ponts. Junor talback Chrstopher Leht scored the frst of hs four touchdowns on a 5-yard run. Leht rushed 17 tmes for yards. "t was the best game of my career so far," Leht sad. "Chad Myers s the best blocker 've ever seen and he opened some huge holes that anybody could have run through." Churchll ddn't waste any tme gettng on the board as Brooks, playng the last game of hs hgh school career, sneaked the ball n from fve yards out. Joe Cecelon's extra pont gave Ch urchlll a 7-6 lead. Brooks completed slx-of-eght passes for 58 yards and carred 23 tmes for 141 yards. Two mnutes later the Chargers ncreased the lead to 14-6 as junor Ryan Kukla blew by Spartan defenders and ran untouched for a 65-yard touchdown. Kukla carred 17 tmes for 164 yards. As the temperature decreased, the numbers on the scoreboard contnued to ncrease. On the frst play of the second quarter, Stevenson quarterback Ryan Furkas ht a wde open Paul Rockwood, who tptoed down the sdelnes for a 57-yard scorng play. After a faled two-pont converson, Churchll held on to a lead. - THE SPARTANS'^ defense held Churchll agan and when Stevenson got the ball back, t took only three plays to take the lead. On a draw play, Lentl scampered through, a huge whole and scored from 69 yards. Furkas connected wth Rockwood for {he two-pont converson and Stevenson led Stevenson scored ts fourth touchdown of the half, drvng 70 yards n seven plays. The drve was capped off by a sx-yard run by Leht, who broke several tackles to get n the end zone. The converson faled, and the Spartans led at half tme. The Spartans took only 1:36 to score on ts ffth straght possesson. After runnng 33 yards to gve Stevenson a frst and goal, Leht scored from one yard out. After Furkas connected wth Rockwood on another two-pont converson, the Spartans led Churchll made a game of t, as Brook3 orchestrated a 14-play, 64- yard drve, captalzed by a Kukla 6- yard touchdown run. The margn was closed to The combnaton of Leht and Rockwood put the game away, gettng the Spartans on the board one more tme. After a 32-yard Rockwood run, the senor ran up the mddle and over Charger tacklers for a 25-yard score. Douglas Carmack's extra pont gave Stevenson a lead. "THEY RAN A lttle more than we expected, but what we ddn't expect the most was them scorng so quckly," Osterland sad. Churchll fnshed the nght's scorng, as Brooks made several cuts and broke three tackles for a 50-yard touchdown run. "t was a wde open, good, hardhttng football game," Osterland sad. "As far as our overall record, you don't see mprovement n the team. nstead you see the mprovement n ndvdual players. We wll struggle next year a lttle but our younger players wll mprove. "t's hard to lose a great player (Brooks) but that's when other playera rse to the occason." ESTATE PUNNNG FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMLY A FREE AFTERNOON OR EVENNG SEMNAR SPUMORED~BY ComerQ\ N COOPERATON WTH THE tafertet&ccentrc NEWSPAPERS R O 40 R. 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19 Monday, October 29, 1990 O&E (L.W)3C n n WL AA Stacy Pras fnshed fourth to grls team champonshp. WLAACROSS COUNTRY CHAMPONSHP MEET (Wednesday at Cass Benton) GRLS RESULTS Team standngs 1 Lr.ona Ste.ensoo (S). >71 ponts: 2 PlynvDuth Canter) (PC). 84; 3 P)movh Sa'em (PS) Waled Lake Centra) (>VLC). '20. 5 Wa!!ed Lake Western (WLW) Farrm.-gron (F) Northv!:e (N Ncth Farrrvrgtcn (NF). 18 l. 9 Lvon-a Frankln (LF) Westland John Gterw (JG) Farmnglon Harnson (FH) L/vonfa Church!) (LQ.32. ndvlduaj fnshes: 1 Jennfer Ray (WLV/). 1^15. 2 Wendy Proos (WLW). 1*44: 3 Ta- '.batha Belcher (SVLC) Stacy Pras <LS). 2031: 5 Stacy Henett (LF), A.J. Kortak (LS) Healher Meyer '(PC). 20:51. 8 Tracy Mtchell (NF), lana Borodsch (PC) Corey GueA-c* (PS) t. Jenny Weh (NF). 21:12: 12 Amy Smlh (PC).2t:16: 13 AS.soo Davs (F). 21: Marce Oat (N). 21:17; 'S Sherre Howa/d (V/LC) Stacy ' Wmboll (PS). 2127: 17. Co"een Otwje (WLV/) GaH Grewe (LS). 2129: 19. Becky Adamcryv (LS). 21:34: 20 Cher/) Casarofl (F) Emly FarreN (PS). 2V35: 22 Ju'e Cullng (PS) : 23 Sher -1 4^»Ltt^*:w^aw?^ O WRESTLNG CLNC The Mchgan Wrestlng Club, featurng coach Dan Severn, former World Cup and NCAA champ, wll stage a clnc (all ages) from 8 to 10 tonght at Schoolcraft College, Haggerty between Sx and Seven Mle roads, n Lvona. The cost s 10 for non-members. There s no charge for MWC members. O U-D BASEBALL NGHT The Unversty of Detrot baseball fund-raser, featurng Hal! of Famer Robn Roberts, former ace wth the fess m 1.:-:^.4:^^.^::^-:..^^ mm fwr't'^'-rr 1. 1! JOHN STORMZAND/slaff pfologrephef lead Lvona Stevenson to the Y.ta'o (F). 21: Carre Oeehan (LS) 2' Anne Obb'e (PC). 21 SO BOYS RESULTS Team standngs: Wated Lake Western Plymouth Sa'em. 66: 3. Plymouth Canton Farmngton. 137: 5. Lrvona Franklm Lrvona Stevenson. 167: 7. North Farm- 'ngton Northv'e. 190: 9 FarmogJon Hamson rvooa Churcha Wated Lake Central. 276: 12 Wesland John Glenn. 329 ndvdual fnshes: v BenGoba <F) ;t Crosby <WW). 16:19; 3 Jell Grosso (WLW). 16:28. 4 Mchael Ream (PC) : 5 Jm Sweeman (WW) ; 6. Erc Currow (LF) :7 John Thomas (PS) Patterson (PS). 17: Rodney Wesake (LS). 17:16: 10. Steve Coon (N) Derek CutfnJ (PS). 17:18: 12 Ch/s Crosby (WLW) Malt Wrght (WLW). J7 24; 14. James Carnes (PC) ; 15 Dave Clmard (F). 17:31; 16. Brandon Keeney (WW). 17:33; 17. Davtd Yack (PC) Steve Boodreau (PS) Jason Zydrskl (FH). 17:49; 20. George Bracken (LS) Art SchuetzJer (WLV/). 17: Andy HeHmefS (PS) Josh Ount* <NF). 17S8; 24 Chrs Nelson (PC) Jayson McDonald (PS) Phladelpha Phlles, wll begn at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 13 at the Polsh Century Club, 5181 E. Outer Drve, Detrot. The cost s (50 per person. For more nformaton, call Ttan head coach Bob Mller at BACK-TO-BACK Greg Baughman of Lvona completed two marathons n the span of a week. He ran a 3:02 n the Twn Ctes Marathon, Oct. 14 n Mnneapolls-St. Paul, Mnn, and covered the 26-mlle Detrot Free Press Marathon a week later n 3:19. Chevy Engne Kts! Camshaft & Lfter Kt Camshaft features: duratons 290 degrees, valve lft.446. Lfter features: Hgh RPM ol motorng (Offer expres 11/15/90) ONLY $54.99 AE&teA mm y^m/^ 350 Re-Rng Kt ncludes gaskets, rod bearngs and pston rng set (Offer expres 11/15/90) ONLY $38.99 Spray Pants umm Cans feature tho unque FANSPRAY valve. Choose black or whte pant, or red of gray prmer (1202.) Offer expres 11/15/00 $2.88 North Troy Auto Parts 6045 Rochester Road Troy Because KTC are no mlmpcxtaj* rxut& fc By C.J. Reak staff wrter Surprse, surprse, surprse. All three were lackng at be Western, Lakes Actvtes Assocaton cross country - champonshp meets Wednesday at Cass Benton. The closest anythng came to what mght be termed an upset was n the grls' race, n. whch favored Lvona Stevenson had a tougher-than-expected tme before clamng the team ttle. As the totals were beng calculated, Spartan coach Paul Holmgren was vsbly worred. He wasn't ready to accept a vctory untl all the results were n not after hs team posted 71 ponts, far more than he antcpated. "We've got a chance," he sad. "Bu^. we weren't supposed to have just a chance." No, ndeed. Stevenson was supposed to wn handly more lke Walled Lake Western dd n the boys' meet. To say the Warrors domnated wouldn't do them justce; they treated the 12-team race lke a dual meet. Seven of ther runners fnshed among the top 21, thus reapng ether all-wlaa or all-western Dvson honors. WHCH MEANS two all-dvson runners (Brandon Keeney, who was 16th, and Art Schuetzler, who was 21st) ddn'4 even count n Western's team pont total. The fve Warrors who dd count all fnshed n the top 13. Bll Crosby led Western, placng second (16:19). He was followed by teammate Jeff Grosso n thrd (16:28). The rest of the Warror pont-scorers: Jm Sweetman, ffth (16:57); Chrs Crosby, 12th (17:21), and Matt Wrght, 13th (17:24). Farmngton's Ben Goba was an easy wnner n the boys' ndvdual race n 16:00. The top two runners n GRLS BASKETBALL Tuosday. Oct. 30 Lrv Carencevk'e at Hamtramcv 4pm Huron Vane/ at Taylor Baptst Pv 5 30 p ^ S'f*!d Cvlan at Luth V/esand 5 30 p.-. Garden Cty a Lr/ Stevenson 7pm Lrv frankln al Lrv CNjrchrll. 7pm U Farrr.ngton at Redlcd Unxx. 7pm D H Crestwood al Red Thurston 7pm BeCev.'e at Wayne Memoral. 7pm Rj-t Powers at Ply Canton. > pm Pry Chrstan at mrrvac. Concepton. 7pm Thursday, Nov. 1 Ltv Clarencevnoat Avondae. 7 pm A HARVEST f fc; CRAFT SHOW v<. at X LAUREL MANOR \ \ ''" x- - Y^ Banquet Sunday, & Conference Nov. 4lh Cenlor;s'/- s }?\ 10 a.m.-5 p.m. r^ V^' Cnrl^., hm, ^K ^-»^ k Admsson S1.00 Adults ncludes dbor prze lcket *y % Grt to tho frst adults through the door. (NO STROLLERS PLEASE) s s? r> >~ vu; ««' H m t ^=^^1^ l~_11?r'^ Vr For exhbtor space --^ call after 5 p.m. rt> 390O0 Schoolcraft Lvona ^-] v? mle west of Newburgh ^ S ^ ; L^_ tj- ^t^j^eaj^^m.^v.^ta:; H *m*^^t*am*m**m!.w Mpaw*tw the grls' race were nosurprlse: Jennfer Ray (19:15) ard Wendy Proos (19:44)/both from 0Western. They were the only two grls to crack the 20-mnute barrer. Western's overwhelmng domnance left boys' coach Denns Keeney searchng for motvatonal tools pror to the meet. He fnally ht upon somethng. "We talked about havng all seven (runners) up n the top 21," Keeney sad. "That's what fred them up wth. But ddn't know f that was really attanable." Hs runners proved t was. They scored just 35 ponts, easly outdstancng runner-up Plymouth Salem, whch scored a very-respectable HH2E2EEEEEE5 the week $head Record Unon al Garden Crty. 7pm Otx F ordson a! Wayne Memoral. 7 p m. Farm Harmon el Lrv. Churcha. 7 p.m. Farmngton at Westland G'-e<v\ 7 p.m. (CHSL A-B OMson Playoff* al U-D) Dm Maran vs. farm Mercy. 7:30 pm. Lvr,.,.w'M.j->.»w.'rwwa^H»r^MJ'ww»<^s^^^ PLYMOUTH CANTON was thrd (85), wth defendng champon Farmngton fourth (137), Lvona Frankln ffth (144), Lvona Stevenson sxth (167), North Farmngton seventh (173). Northvlle eghth (190), Farmngton Harrson nnth (223), Lvona Churchll 10th (267). Walled Lake Central 11th (276) and Westland John Glenn 12th (329). n the grls' meet, Canton the defendng champ challenged the Spartans but couldn't overtake them. The Chefs fnshed 13 ponts behnd, wth 84. Next was Salem, thrd (101); Central, fourth (120); Western, ffth (124); Farmngton, sxth (129); Northvlle, seventh (149); North, eghth (181); Frankln, nnth (196); John Glenn, 10th (292); Harrson, 11th (320); and Churchll, 12th (321). Stevenson' close call was n part due to Carre Creehan's unexpectedly poor showng. "Our No. 3 grl (Creehan) was n the top 10 last year," sad Holmgren. Creehan placed 24th Wednesday, wth good reason. "She was sck last week, but ' thought she was recovered," explaned Holmgren. As the- runners crossed the fnsh lne, Holmgren's concern grew and grew. " was a lttle worred, especally where Carre placed," he admtted. "Actually, was qute a lttle bt worred." BUT EVEN though she was underpay Creehan's showng (21:43) was good enough. Stevenson's top runner was Stacy Pras, who fnshed fourth (20:31). Other Spartan scorers were A.J. Kortnk, sxth (20:46); Gal Grewe, 18th (21:29); and Becky Adamczyk, 19th (21:34). Other top-10 fnshers n the grls' race were Central's Tabatha Belcher, thrd (20:09); FrankJn's Stacy Henett, ffth (20:46); Canton's Heather Meyer, seventh (20:51), North's Tracy Mtchell, eghth (21:00); Canton's Lana Borodtsch, nnth (21:01); and Salem's Corey Gurewcz, 10th (21:02). Western's showng n the boys' meet carred more frustratng news to the rest of the WLAA: Only one of the Warrors' runners (Jeff Grosso) s a senor, meanng sx wll return and, no doubt, domnate next season's meet, too. 'Ths s probably the best team 've ever had," sad Keeney, who coached two prevous WLAA champs. "Ths s the frst tme we've ever had seven people ths good." Other top-10 runners n the boys' meet were Canton's Mchael Ream, fourth (16:35); Frankln's Erc Curnow, sxth (17:05); Salem's John Thomas, seventh (17:08); Salem's Mke Patterson, eghth (17:16); Stevenson's Rodney Westlake, nnth (17:16), and Northvlle's Steve Coon, 10th (17:17). (Western Lakes Playoffs) U Farmmgton at Pty Sa^eov 7pm W L Western al Ply Canton. 7pm Lrv FranWn al W L Central 7pm Northv-e a Lrv Stevenson. 7 p m Frday. Nov. 2 St Agatha at D H Annapols. 7pm Huron Var^y at B H Ftoepe*. 7pm Sunday. Nov. 4 (Catholc league Champon&hps el U-D'» Carman Hall) C-0 Dvson faa. 2 pm A-B DMsOft fnal. 4 pm. WE BULD GREAT ROOM ADDTONS GRJEENHOUSE/SOMJtUMS BQTWt SKAS(M (^Q^-o-F*»f.<tl.l.l.l«n«--nt'''. CONSERVATONS UNLTD. NC TELEGRAPH at 9 MLE SOUTHFELO nmbutum<<hmr4*«w $WM Wl^^W n***wb(!b DBD Q'S'T R'0 M' S '" NOVStvlBER WlNTER! WARM-UP SALE 1 FURNACES NSTALLED FROM CASH W CARRY FURNACE SALE Utr-H t p««cls<t^»f-hoo«l^f». 50,000 oru OS050BA... Ts.ooosnj osorsaa.. CllXOA.... MEDA FLTERS For Honeywell, Carrer and Spaccguard $^>395 Reg t»m-l)1»»! g@9< R*g 429^ x> «499 COMFORT SET* WWT1 ROOOtA DGTAL THERMOSTAT """ $^4 99 A«4 n» w ^r B Complete Lne of Parts Avalable For All Popular Humldlflors Sale Ends 1U17-90 M5M ft? SWN FVj (00 M n\k*vn ELECTRONC AR CLEANER R*a (» l~l!»**j 10» $«r\k) wtco SAVE '80 t#c^ %OFF All Marm Ar Plpo & rutng$ \Vnh Purchst* of Any Fvmsc* A.0 S.-JC'*aO\y ofngas WATER HEATER C. CtthNCtrry S-jj-yttOO -049 BBRGSTROMS HEATNG COOLNG PLUMBNG 522* N A(B*tf S O" MST*n.*Ttf)fJ O' Pf.lUKl «UPN«r<» AlHCONOl'lOMtK.. 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NOV. e JSCfU Sat rwv. 10-l?r.'OONf 3:30PW. 7:30PM Sun NO"/. 1:30PM... S.O0PM Erc Curnow of Lvona Frankln fnshed sxth overall n the boys ndvdual standngs.,. BLOCKBUSTER n VDEO'*- *JC6«5!KVT WXONTV20 WNL.J KDS'SHOWS SAVE $?.00 ONKDS UVD» 12 wv> coupons torn BLOCKBUSTER VDEO TO GET YOUR TCKETS N PERSON: JOE LOUS ARENA BOX OFFCE and a.1 TCKETMASTER ousets ncludng HUDSON'S 2&*ss* va nm^m HOUSE (s tr>v«cf-x-gf «*J*tf «/ cu'tts) BV PHONE: (313) or n Canada (519) Moa-SaL 9 AM to 9 PM/Sun. 12 NOON to 6 PM -Uso VSA or MftST fl-card (S «rt«* CAl-ff* *43t4 «o ph<y>» crten) nformaton: (313) Group Rates: (313) «1 SEATS RESEfNEO PRCE L\>CUK>E$ XW $8.50 $10.50 $12.50 tor SPECAL MKS1DCSEATS CALL (33) 4$mtorlnCtr** (519) COt-»r A-*** An w r=e»» *mvt cn e5wfc.formro5hsslyotl.1nt ro ducts MX PRCKS SHOWN GOOD THRU 11 4<M Motorcraft SPARK PLUG $UPPR$S01 Motorcraft AR FLTER falwj M* rsrw,t<"»o»nhrr.k*fvm_o ~~ $^25 Mt»* >***-* C«.^»* T*r* CANTQN AUTO PART* A SUPPLY t?00 CAXTOK CtKCft PO*0 CA.VTOH. 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20 l : 4C{L.W) O&E Monday, October 29, 1990 Ja. HE DETROlt BOWLNG Councl wll host the Hall of Fame awards dnner ore Sunday, Nov. 4, at the Polsh Century Club, located on'e. Outer Drve n Detrot.., ;.' Awards wll be preserved to Terry Grant, Marge Lews, Harry Campbell, "Bob KwlecleD, Jlrn Bennett, Rchard Maer and Ron Sebel- The annual event s always one of the hghlghts on the local bowlng scene and just about everybody who s anybody from the spott wll attend to help honor those-who have earned ths a ward. CocKU.l)3 "wll -be served 5-6^rt, followed by dnner. Tckets are $25 and can be purchased from the GDBA/DWBA offce, at Greater Mack, St. Clar Shores. For mo're nformaton, call Terry O'Nell, a masonry contractor from Soulhfleld, took' home the frst. place money n the Md-States Masters, held Oct 7at the Avon Recreaton Center.'n Rochester Hlls... CWeM beat Lou Dupuls of Wndsor n the fnals to receve the wnner's check of $1,500 and the draggng rghts as champon. To obtan nforma-, tlon on competng n future Md-States, call Al Belawsk, tournamnet drector, at The yellow sheets are on the bowl- lng counters for the 41st annual Ham-.tramck Sngles Classc. However, thngs are dfferent ths year becuase t wll «take place. n Hazel. Park not Ham tramck. ) Unque about ths tournamnet s the (enormous prze'lst,''wth more than >$280,O0O pad out so far n Frst [place s $50,000. The ABC/WBC sanctoned tournament runs through June 30. 'For more nformaton, call * The Schaefer Beer Mchgan Majors -Tournamnet n Grand. Rapds was well- -'represented by some of our local heroes on the prze lst. Those Observerland representatves ncluded: fourth place ($600), [Troy Stus of Garden Cty; seventh ($300), Jon Reed of Redford; 13th ($100), Tony Stpcak of Redford; 14th ($100); Ken Kosslck of Canton; 19th ($100), Jon Helns of Rochester Hlls; 26th ($70), Doug Splcer of West Boomfeld; 35th ($50), Larry Fran23 of Redford; and 46th ($50), Dave.Manz of Westland The frst annual Greater Detrot (Bowlng Assocaton Mxed Team-Cham- ponshlp'wll run Feb. 2 through March 3 «at the new Cloverlanes n Lvona. The event features teams made up of two men and two women and runs.ln conjuncton wth the 78th annual men's GDPA Tournamnet one of the oldest and (most popular bowlng events n the natlon. The mxed team champlosnhlp offers a jtop prze of $4,000 (based on 500 entres) J and has an entry fee of $10 per team. t s " handcapped at 90 percent from a scratch v total of 880. For more nformaton, call Athe GDBA offce at Wonderland Lanes wll host the St. ; Jude Chldren's Hosptal beneft Nov Anyone wshng to sponsor one of the ; chldren n the^und-ralser, should, conrtactken Bashafa at ' " ; The "On the Lanes" fashon show wll take place at Merr Bowl and the Dress Bart on Monday, No, 5 at 10 a.m. Come on ladles ths s your tme to be a model. Reserve a space by callng 427- ; Coffee and cake wll be served. me gan new ela: d 2CEEL ~sns pn alley Al Harrson BOWLNG HONOR ROLL. Country L»nes (Fa/dUngton Hlls): G<eecf*'6 M'cd - tw Sw*. 279/740. Carl Hansen. 246/70S; 8» P*Ol)\ 246/67«; Davd HeaV. 222/592. Tom GO«. 244/625: Ed WrgM. 248/628; 63/.«Prleskwrv 210/ 545: Roman Sup(Oft. 2S6/SS1; Helen Svfwon. 207/. 571; Mary O^csk). 208/532:- Al CK 231; Ron B'a.TChard. 245/641:.Vem Goodoa 253/616. MarVn Smh! 219/602 ' 6'Nj 8o:r*Hhood Edde Jaco&son teagoe Larty Horn 232/678. Ste^e AjT-starxS'g. 223>39. Mar* FUppapod 231/630 StevO WeVfcerg. 254/630. Artdy Ru{)jn. 223/627; Denn,s las'. 617; Dave Ra*%er. 617; Boo 278/616. Mark Ro-*e. 234/602: Ffcck Wodman. 231/600 VUvj Dr^ers Joe O'Oohefty. 222/616; Matty G093. 2lO. John AJyarado. 254/659. Country KeflCS Denrrt Harrs. 235/694. Wa'l Wch. 255/661. Bumper Bo-A'ers M.Ve MamLn, 100. LK-.efs.ty Wn's League Chns Wa>er. 288/749. Tm $m:h. 279/730: Frank Sem* J(. 268/686; La:ry SUeurer, 258/680 Me/o Hghway league Due Summers Country Pfeps Oonoe Havoy. 164/409: Denns VxJa. 137/359 Hlgn School League Keh Jones. 243/586. Ju'e Wrght. 2»9; Oax Stanely >KJ/$<5ay Senas BobTougas Drakesht/e Lanes (Farmngton Htlj): Tuesday Mens Juaor House League John Florw. 300/735: Wayne Clarke. 276; Mark Ecste. 264/695. Jack McHa'*, 256. Wednesday Merchant Men's League Ken Studt Dave Burke Bet Are Lane* Fa/mngtcx): Tuesday Senor House League Scon Hone. 266/688. Ma/c Soomon. 686; Bob Hanson Jr Me< PartOvtcn. 269/678: Hal Pertman 255/673; Ted Goldberg. 669: Tom Jenkns, 256/ 665. Caryl Ror:ns. 661; John Robertson Tom ORourke. 659, Larry Bashara 657. Mart HOAes. 655: 8:3 Oyer. 650: Mark Abe's. 265; Kenny ATen Redtord Lanes-(Red loro"): West Sde Lutheran league Ron Bruhan. 232/666. Mark Krohn, 616; frank djaslt, 591. Wondorfand Lane3 (UvonrjJ: Hawhorne Squares ~ Ma Vaughn. 265: Tuesday N^gh! Oasc Denny McOocad. 755; JJT Cagnon. 266/673: Ken McM,'«sn 655: K4S Bowng Team 1171 team game>»241 set >.tayfowe/ Lanea (Redford): Frday Mxers Tom TO»y Monday Senors Ray Brtgas. 230*36: Jarv WoefAe. 217/627; A) Thompson, 218*27. Anga Berluca. 222/601: &n Brecker^dge. 212^07 Fnday Senors Jarv WoehSe, 24l63: Rjcha/d Zaenera.->. 214/628. Detrot D«sel Men's Tro Cassc Bob Drsgansk. 237/726; WEamGateghe/Jr ?18. Cfovertane* (Uvonla): Classc Mxed Tro Dsna Manm-Jones. 279/684; Rck McCardy Garden Lanea (Garden CrtyXT.GLF. JJnCeneskl 300!80. Westland Bowl (Westland): St. Med League Mark Amy. 241/706: MJceTnkham. 243/701. Frday Twn Parrlsh E/n'e A/bogast 287/736: BrvceEckhold.257/718 (151 ov»average). Lad<>s CUss* Tma Ba/ber. 277/707. Tuesday 630 Men's leagus Crag Senkowskl. 269/729 Super- Bowl (Canton TownsMp): BS Ssey 237. Town & Country Lanes (Westland): Tuesday Nght Junor Ctass:c League. Paul Zemensk, 300/693 Woodland Lanos (UvonJa): Wes Crucago Sunday Morr^ng - Ken Kubt. 257/696. Men's Tro Oan Emmett. 246/688. Early B-ds Ade'e Gray, 231. Senor House League Darn Clarke. 690 MjdVbghters Denns Montgomery. 280/685. Tuesday Deco Denns KotakOA-sXL 745 Wonder Women Florence KakJ Sun/sers Sene EngebreJson, 225. Mom^>g Stars Sharon DuUa Alternoon Oerghls Meg$ao"e* Easy RoCers Doug Lobb. 247/670. Ford LTD Salared Men'* League- John Burton. ZlOtrpfca'.e. Mcrrl Bowl (Uvonla): Men's Senor House League Randy SmUh. 266/698. Earry Ftsers Mary Cartn Oak Lanes (Westland): Sunday Classc Don Korona. 241; Roger Hee Tom Leonard. 246/715. Tuesday Ngnl Latfes Tro Dawn Morrson. 202, Mary Brown, 201: Jan Mclntyre, 201; Darene Pontek Tuesday N^hl Men's League JVn Hardy. 230; Bernard Antonea, 257; Dave Marfow. 23). Loyd Axfme. 244 Tuesday Bowterettes Jure Robnson Wednesday Lad«s Paceselcra Tna Cox. 202; Sra/on Behrnge Wednesday N"ght Men's league - Mark HeSaH. 234; Bob Pummll 23?; John V/e:ss, 233; Bob GraczyK 237/6/6; Reed Posh. 245 CTY OF BRGHTON CALL FOR BDS NSTRUCTONS AND SPECFCATONS FOR "V-BOX MATERAL SPREADER'' The Cty of Brghton wll receve bds, Monday through Frday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:D0 p.m. at the Cty Hall, 200 N. Frst Street, Brghton, Mchgan Copes of the bd specfcatons are avalable at the above locaton, Bds wll be accepted untl 1:00 p.m. November 9,1990 and at the tme publcly opened and read aloud for furnshng the supples or servces specf led heren. SPECTFCATONSMUST BE MET AT THE TME OF THE BD OPENNG v BDS MUST BE ENCLOSED N SEALED ENVELOPES MARKED: "PROPOS AL V-BOX MATERAL SPREADER" ATTN: CTY HALL; SUB^T BDS TO AND OBTAN NFORMATON FROM: Jon E. Stoppels ' Cty Manager 1 ' N. Frst Street Brghton, Mchgan ; Ext pub!u2>:oclob*rlmj99 DAVD BLACKMAR, Drector of Publc Works Crusaders, SC spkers hot There really s nothng left for Schoolcraft College's volleyball team to do except try and stay sharp for the Ratonal Junfor College Athletc Assocaton Regon 12 tournament t wll host Nov Other goals, lke wrappng qp another Eastern Conference team champonshp wth another unbeaten season, (the Lady Ocelots have not lost a conference match snce Tom Teeters became coach jn 1985, A strng of.53 straght), are worthwhle but haven't been too challengng., For example: SC hosted Delta CC, the thrd-place team n the conference, Thursday. Teeters thought t mght provde a test. t ddn't; the Lady Ocelots romped, 15-3,15-1,15-2. "We played very well," sad the SC coach. "They were not strong, no doubtng that. You'd thnk they would score more ponts than that just on our errors, but we just ddn't make many." Elena Oparka, Angellette Love and Karl Domansk paced SCs attack wth fve klls each. Love also had four servce aces and Domansk collected four assststo-kls. Jennfer Sproul had three klls, 19 asssts and two aces, and Lsa Domke got three aces and three klls. SC s now 30-3 overall and 9-0 n the conference. Aganst NJCAA opponents, the Lady Ocelots have a 15-1 record. Currently ranked fourth n the NJCAA, only one team Mam Dade-South has had a more consstent record n the NJCAA n the past fve years. MADONNA VOLLEY BALL: Dana Hcks was unstoppable Thursday for Madonna College, whch toppled the Unversty of Wndsor, 15-7, 12-15, 15-8, 15-9 n a non-dstrct match at Madonna. Hcks, a freshman, collected 28 klls (a.523 kll average) n he vctory. Krlsty McFadden added 13, Evette Sluder had nne and Melssa Mars fnshed wth eght. Jenny Sladewskl (15 dgs) and Penny Baker (13) paced the defense. The wn rased the Fghtng Crusaders' record to enterng Thursday's NAA Dstrct 23 tournament match Wth Sprng Arbor, whch Madonna wll host at 7 p.m. Man/nltfhdowS DOUJU HUNG WNDOWS THAT BND OVER BACKWARDS TOPUASfYOU. Ths s the doublehung wndow that tlts for easy cleanng. Every Marvn E-Z llt fts perfectly because t's made to order. You can do the job easly wth our expert advce V$t Our Showroom nstallaton Servce Avalable tm WNDOW PR00UCT3 f. Bftrm W. Warren vvkssslf 4 ' Dearborn Heghts Kflwv-» or Call hrne surpr ^t was a frustratng nght for Uvonla Ladywood n tbe frst round of the Catholc League's A-B Dvson grls basketball playoffs. The Blazers couldn't overcome foul trouble Thursday, fallng to AA Dvson champon Royal Oak Shrne, Kathy Offer scored a game-hgh 25 ponts for the Knghts (13-3), who move nto Thursday's semfnal round aganst Harper Woods Regna, begnnng at 5:30 p.m. at the Unversty of Detrot's CalhanHall. -, " Ladywood, whch slpped to 5-12 overall, was led by sophomore Mary Jo Kelly and Rebecca Wlley, each scorng 11 ponts. Tracey Mocon added 10. The Knghts Jumped out to a halftme lead and led before coastng home. Ladywood second-year coach Ton Gasparovc cted a wde dscrepancy n fouls called. \ "tt was 12-4 (fouls) aganst us n tbe frst quarter and t was for the game," she sad. "We had two starters n foul trouble and we were tryng to be aggressve, but we couldn't." CANTON 59, CHURCHLL 36: On Thursday, sophomore center Stephane Gray led three players n double fgures as Plymouth Canton defeated Llvoola ChurchJll. Jule Ncastr, a Junor forward, added 16 ponts and had 10 rebounds, and senor guard Mary Barha had t ponts and 12 asssts for Canton ( ). ChrstDa Garry, a senor center, led Chorcb- 111 (7-9, 4-7) wth 15 ponts. The Chargers mssed the eghth and fnal playoff spot D the Western Lakes Actvtes Assocaton n a tebreaker aganst North Farmngton. Canton outscored the Chargers 13-7 n the second quarter and 20-7 n the fnal perod for the wn. "The kds used the same game plan that they've used all year," coach Legh Langkabel sad. "They got the ball nto the post" On Tuesday, Canton wll host Walled Lake Western n the frst round of the Western Lakes Actvtes Assocaton playoffs. FRANKLN 49, W.L WESTERN 39: Lvona Frankln used an frst quarter advantage Thursday to hold on to a 10-pont wn aganst Walled Lake Western. Junor guard Dawn Warner scored 18 ponts and 12 rebounds, whle senor forward Jullanne Stcslak chpped lo 12 ponts for Lvona Frankln (13-J, 8-3). For Walled Lake Western ( ), Junor forward Dawn Godfrey scored 13 ponts and Junor center Jen Gross added 11 ponts. Last seasons all-conference player Holly Mller was held to seven ponts. "We jumped on them rght away," sad Frankln coach Dan Freeman sad. "The key was Patty Warner and Shea's defense on Holly Mller. She's a great shooter and penetrator. "We have one more non-league game at Churchll and we want to wn that one for the cty champonshp. After that, t's the conference playoffs and t wll be a dogfght. A lot of teams are playng well." W.L CENTRAL 49, STEVENSON 47: Walled Lake Central used an 16-8 fourth quarter run Thursday to beat Llvoola Stevenson by bucket. Karyn Koslowsk scored 18 ponts and sopho-. more guard Cndy Muha added tne for the vctors, now 9-7 overall»dd 7-4 n the WLAA. 1 SCOTT D. KAPPLEH, M70J Stvta MUe Ro»4, SeJltHO.Uvoolt.MckljNLjUlSt -STATE-OF MCHG/WTPROBATE"COURT COUNTY OF WAYNE, Fle No. W-S59.JJ3 ESTATE OF CHARLENE FRANCES ROURK. Demsed. Socal Securty No MJ-JJ CLAMS NOTCE NDEPENDENT PROBATE TO ALL NTERESTED PERSONS; Your nterest n the esute may be bured or affected by le followng: The decedent, whose lst known address wa S»(0 Tecumseb, Redford, Mkhlgu tt. ded September», l»0. Credtor! of be de«ased are notfed that all clams ajal.-bt le ejtate wll be forever barred unlru presented to the ndepeodeat pertooal repres'aave. Beverly Red or Sercoe Roork. 1M» Sovx. Redford, Mcfc ad <8JJ», or to bou the ndependent pereonal representatve and tbe Wayne County Probate Court, Detrot. Mchgan wtha four months of the date ofpcblcauoaofhlj ootl ce. Notce U further gven that the estate wu be thereafter assgned and dstrbuted to the persons enttled to t Attorney: fcott D. Kappler (P-11750X 3970» Seven Mle Road, Sute 1«, Lvoea. Mchgan 4JJJ Telepbooe No.: (JlJ) (61-4SOO Newspaper Observer tt Eccentrc Publsh: October }>. J}0 Confnent Cablevso OF SOUTHFELO N COOPERATON WTH. TW (Bbtofttt & ttttwtxt NEWSPAPERS nsraj &OS$KmM$lll WESTERN LAKES GRLS BASKETBALL FNAL PLAYOFF SEEONGS (top 8 qualfy) Plyrrvxlh Salem. '. to-1 Plymouth Canton 9-2 Lvona Frankln 8-3 Lvona Stevenson Noftrtvle... ; Walled Lake Central.* 7-4 Walled lako Western North Farmngton Lvona Cnurcrl * WestandJormGlenn Farmngton r Farmngton Harrson 1-10 LAKES DVSON CHAMP Plymouth Salem.. ' WESTERN DVSON CHAMP Plymouth Canton,. 5-0 Central made 17 of 27 free throws. ncludng sx of 10 n the decsve fourth quarter. Stevenson, whch canned 10 of 14 from the lne, commtted 21 fouls to Central's nne. Laura Zatorsk and Jenny Audet talled 11 and nne ponts, respectvely, (or the Spartans, now 10-6 overall and 7-4 n the WLAA. 'We got hurt on the boards n the fourth quarter because of the way the game was called." sad Stevenson coach Chuck Hebestrelt JOHN GLENN 65, FABMNGTON 59: Junors Cathy Mruk and Carre Rachwal talled 17 and 15, respectvely, leadng Westland John Glenn (6-11, 3-8) to the WLAA wn over the host Falcons ( ). John Glenn used a scorng advantage n tbe frst quarter to beat Farmngton, whch had four players score n double fgures. Senor guard Kerr Owczartak led all scorers wth 18. Sster Km added 11 ponts and 11 asssts, whle Kerrl Fnlayson and Tammy Allen chpped n wth 10 ponts each. Wth two mnutes to go, Farmngton pulled wthn two, 61-59, but Glenn Mruk, a junor center, scored a basket to ce t for the Rockets, who faled to make tbe WLAA playoffs, LNCOLN PAUK 41, WAYNE 39: A furous fourth-quarter rally, sparked by Mchelle Ernst fell shot Tuesday as the host RaJlsplltterj (12-4, 7-3) came away wth the Wolverne A League wn over Wayne Memoral (S ). Ernst, a senor guard, scored all 16 of her team-hgh 16 ponts n the second half and her defense (fve steals) spearheaded a scorng edge n the fnal quarter. The Wayne guard connected on a threeponter to gve the Zebras a short-lved 37.3«lead before Lncoln Park, behnd pont-guard Melssa Toth's game-hgh 17 ponts, ncludng three crtcal free throws. For the game, Toth ht nne of 11 foul shots. As as team, the Rallspltter* made 18 of 25 for SCOTT J). KAPPLER, Allon>«r,.J«J«S S«ve«MUeftod.Salle J58. LhocU,Mkkju 4J1SJ STATE OP M1CH1GANTPR0BATE COURT COUNTY OF WAYNE. Fl«No. to-t6.1h ESTATE OP WLLAM LAWRENCE ROURK. Deceased. SocUl Securty No J7JJS- 200t CLAMS NOTCE NDEPENDENT PROBATE TO ALL NTERESTED PERSONS: Your nterest a tbe esute may be ban-ed or affected by be followng. Tbe decedent, whose Ust known «<Mrcss u M«0 Tecumseb Redford, Mkhlgu 4313». ded September 1», mo. Credton of the dectascd re souled tbt all cllmj lnst the esute wlu be forever brred lftle presented to le ndependent pertooal represeouuve. Beverly RtU or Sereoe Roork, 114» Sjou, Redford. Mchgan <8jjj, or to both the bdepecdeot personal repmenuuve r>d le Wyfte Couaty Probate Coort, Detrot, Mchgan 4812», wthn four moothj of the dale of pumjcuoo of ths polce. Notce s further gven that the estate wll be thereafter asslgoed and dstrbuted to the pertoosentuedtoll Attorney: Scott D. Kappler (P-41750), J87CS Seven Mle Road, Sute «0. Lvona. Mchgan 481». Telepbooe No.:(JlJ) Newspaper: Observer A Eccentrc Publsh. October 1»,M0 MMEDATE ACTVATON & DELVERY OF PHONES^ \tvyott^* tt ' 72 percent. Wayne, meanwhle, was eght of 17 (47 percent). LUTHERAN NORTH 63 J CLAHENCE- VLLE 32: n a Metro Conference «ame Thursday, host Mount Clemens Lutheran North (13-3, 9-1) used a game-hgh 21 ponts from freshman guard Wendy Thursam to turn back Lvona Clarencevllle (2-11,2-9). Sarah Herueman and Chrs Brnker added 11 and 10, respectvely, for the Mustangs, who opened up a 26-4 frst-quarter lead wth a potent transton game. Rhonda Saunders paced the Trojans, who took a wallopng at tbe hands of North n an earler meetng, wth nne ponts. ' - Lcaodra Hoffman arjd Danelle Rose contrbuted eght and seven, respectvely. HURON VALLEY 43. MACOMB CHRSTAN 36: Westland Huron Valley Lutheran outscored Macomb Chrstan, 13-5, n the fourth quarter Frday to post a wn n the Mchgan ndependent Athletc Conference Red Dvson. Huron Valley s 6-10 overall and 3-4 n the Red Dvson. Sand Dengel led Huron wth 1J ponts, whle Jenny Preskorn scored seven ponts and grabbled a game-hgh 15 rebounds. Jenny Martn led Macomb wth 16 ponts OAKLAND CHRSTAN 54. LUTH WESTLAND 47: On Frday. Oakland Chrstan outscored host Lutheran Westland, n the second half to stay undefeated n the Natonal Dvson of the MAC. The two teams were ted at halftme Oakland s 15-1 overall and n frst place n the Natonal Dvson at 7-0. Lutheran Westland. meanwhle, fell to 12-5 overall and 4-3 n the dvson. Stephane Locke led Lutheran Westland wll, 19 ponts and teammate Krslen Strang contrbuted 16. Laure Ales scored a game-hgh 23 ponts for Oakland Chrstan ^ Yue.t N0V.lJ,nnw N0V. JOE LOUS ARENA THE ^tertjer&xccentru NEWSPAPERS :.;r??< Tkm 4>oo4 Pt*a TV U U MM WR FAMLY NGHT Tue. NOV. 6 at 7:30 PM ON ALL FAMLY NGHT TCKETS wth DSCOUNT COUPONS AVALABLE at FAM DSTRBUTORS REGULAR PRCES: $ $10.50 $8 50 COUPON PRCES: $ $6.50 $4.50 ALL SEATS RESEflVED PRCE NCLUDES W DSCOUNT ALSO APPLES TO LM T 0 NVM8ER OFMHGS1DESEATS CALL BOX OFFCE FOR DETALS. CC**-*y Artn.A.Mc»fcyt% p.'tsnj&y Cl»3t«rcf ntrmhj<ll> Or\ t n n.-«!r.nntmh't,u',»«n.lul»«mnj...p...,...l.ll- memekf Dscount Mufflers [" CompleteExhaust l System Specal AW looff $! $ 1 Per Axle 'ncludes now $hoo» or pads, _ *Sy«!emmuUnc4ude; '.;.*> resurfaco drums or rotors, repack Z Muffler, Tell Ppe & Exhaust Plpo wtfoel boarngs and nspect enb'ro Ow Coupon Per V&bM& system. Seml-metalllo extra. OffeTs"vald thro7gm 2/30/90 at partcpatng locatons only. «peda/. Offers vamwh coupon orvy. Not vald n coojunctlon wth any othor aovortfsod Redford Townshp West 7 Mle Brakes _ {Juncton of 7 M. A Grand Rvor Ave., n Radford Oaks Shoppng Center) Lvona y «^ Plymouth Rd...( Mmm (Berwoon Stark & Farmlno ton) Ask About Our Natonwde Lfetme Guarantee ^^^ff 0PENM0N.-SAT.8AMTO6PM ndvlduajry OwnodftOporatod Copyrght Molnoka 1990 FOOTBALL The Prep Bowl Watch t On Channel 11 Oct. 31 at 5;00 p.m. Nov. 4 at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 7 at 7:30 p.m. CHECK YOW LOCAL CABLE LSTNGS FOR TMES AND CHANNELS O* \50 te let OO^lV^l^oo* up * VO -uvcr. M bttb *% cwaw* : lobuc Sef* 1^ a * 15 Ser oney* a \ wade W p \^e«tt«ch *: w»n <* ac NC^r.lcrte^ue^^ #0 vr»v slop W A- C UvavT c^or -^anv o\b otter- MOBe COMMUMCATlONt»n\»ctvt» Beeper Specal!!! dgtal dsplay pagor only $60* 'wth on» year olmlmo purchgto n advance CAR FONl a>mnujn)caons.nd A Partnershp of Amertlech and Cncnnat Bell /e d^<flk6l s Exuf/tKCtf LATHRUP VLLAGE Southfold (1-690) HOURS: MON FR a\m-6pm; SAT 0AM-3PM 10:

21 A By Jance Brunson staff wrter n spte of strong objectons by two trustees and the announced resgnaton of one, members of the Schoolcraft College Board apponted a Plymouth frm the college's legal representatve n a 5-2 vote Wednesday. Law, Hemmng, Essad & Polyczyk was approved from a feld of four frms, over objectons by trustees Jack Klrksey and Harry Greenleaf who supported the larger frm of Plunkett & Cooney of Detrot. Klrksey, who serves as toard treasurer, announced hs resgnaton effectve March 29, The announcement came pror to the vote because " have lttle doubt how the vote wll go, and don't want t seen as, 't ddn't go my way.' " Board vce-presdent Jeanne Stempen moved to approve Law, Hemmng, Essad & Polyczyk. " feel strongly about a local frm and feel the qualfcatons are there," she sad. Board presdent Mary Breen and trustees Wendell Smth, Mchael Burley and Thaddeus McCotter, a law clerk for the competng frm of Brashear, Tangora and Spence of Lvona, supported Stemplen's move. fn comments pror to the vote, Burley sad he consdered sze and local tes of the Plymouth frm. Smth sad he also consdered sze, local tes and the frm's former experence n educatonal matters. " DONT FEEL we have had a postve experence dealng wth the second largest frm n Detrot," Klrksey sad, referrng to Schoolcraft's legal representatve, for 20 years, Canfeld, Paddock and Stone of Detrot. The frm was also under consderaton Wednesday-. "But to pant all large frms, wth' one brush s not a logcal concluson," he added, because a large frm lke Plunkett -& Cooney has more resources and s better able to provde servces at lower fees. "We should not pre-prejudce ourselves." Krksey also expressed "regret" wth board procedufes n securng new legal representaton. "t took us B1@W a year to get to ths pont. We reluctantly entered nto the process." At an Oct. 17 meetng, each frm was granted a half-hour ntervew wth trustees Based on the ntervews, Greenleaf sad that whle he favored local frms, the "strength, dversty and depth of experence" dsplayed by Plunkett & Conney convnced hm to support the frm., n response to Krksey's and Greenleaf's comments, ' Stempen sad, "The frm nomnated does muncpal work extensvely, work wth colleges. There s a depth of experence. Based on that experence, ths frm s qualfed." Krksey asked that McCotter refran from votng because he s employed by the one of the four competng frms. "THERE S NO conflct. have nothng to gan," McCotter sad, addng he ntended to support the Plymouth frm over hs Uvonla employer. Other trustees concurred. "f there s no personal compe'nsauon, see no conflct," Burley sad. Representatves of each frm was present Wednesday. Breen thanked each for ther earler presentatons. Law, Hemmng, Essad & Polyczyk s expected to assume legal dutes "as soon as feasbly possble," accordng to Schoolcraft spokeswoman Saundra Forek. Concern about legal representaton durng earler land development negotatons led trustees to consder new representaton, she added. Monday, October 29, 1990 O&E (P,C,R,W,G-5C)*9A r»- Unons back Metro Arport bond ssue n a Jont meetng Wednesday, leaders of the AFL-CO and the Trades Councl pledged support of a request by Wayne County to sell $100 mllon n bonds for mprovements at Detrot Metropoltan Wayne County Arport. The ssue wll appear on the Nov. 6 ballot. The Metro Detrot AFL-C^O supports the bond sale, presdent Ed Scrbner sad, because \t beleves the economc future of southeast Mchgan hnges on arport expanson. "No sngle operaton has such enormous mpact on the entre regon as the arport. And n a slumpng economy on the verge of recesson, 1 thnk ganful employment should be at the-top of, everybody's wsh lst," Scrbner sad. "A lot of people are talkng about qualty-of-lfe ssues concernng the arport. But you can't approach a qualty of lfe wthout a job," Scrbner sad. The Metro Detrot AFL-CO has 400 local afflate unons wth over 340,000 members n Wayne, Oakland and Macomb countes. za Wllam Le@ f. gf FOR PROBAtl JUDGE faa 1c br ** <o*so!o«lc Jv<Aj» Co"""- 'O 80. *)4' CV.>< «JJ <6?JJ _. ;!»,; '. ;> '... 'M!4U!...n.».«. ;! f/leatt/s/tt/ / C A tf^s 'fy/'s""'' './(/j/t'/lv/' >"c'jn uttcn/ft/ FREE CONSUTATCf. WTH AS) WtSt/C PEWAS'ENT COSVETlCS Locked T\ That s My Color Salon 1257 S MaflSt. Plymouth _._...._fte$930 tuon DOLLAR ARANCE volunteers Who Lovetmwv Campers! rog. and orlg. prces Sun Deer* campers are happy campers and ts no wonder because most severely asthmatc kds are forced to spend ther summes ndoors. At Camp Sun Deer? asthmatc kds ages 9-12 partcpate n a varety of outdoor actvtes, but they cant do t wthout your help. The lmtatons and doubts they face can be dmnshed by a volunteer who cares. Your partcpaton at camp Sun Deer* can make all the dfference n an asthmatc chld's summer AMRK AN :fc.unu ASSOCATON. or sonxnr nnmf.*\ west Ten Mle Road SOUthfleld,M48075 (51 S SAV* controvtco Cy (he pubmer a J pubx f<ywce Look for those specal yellow and black clearance sgns and fnd unbelevable savngson top brard sports equpment, fashon and more! ntermedate markdpwna may have boon token. Not responsble for typographcal errors. Store stock only. No Ralnchecks. MCHGAN OHO BRMNGHAM: 13 Mlo & Southfold Rds (313) FLNT: Oonesco Valloy Mall (313) TROY: 268 John R. Road (313) DEARBORN: Falrlano Town Center (313) HARPER WOODS: Eastland Center (313) _. NOV[: Twelvo Oaks Mall (313) STERLNG HEGHTS: Lakosdo Mal (313) LANS'NG': srtsrfgj Mall (571) SOUTHGATE: Dx Tolodo & Eureka Roads (313) ANN ARBOR: Brarvvood Mall (313) SAGNAW SQUARE: 2892 Ttabawasseo Rd. (517) WESTLAND: Wesland Crossngs Mall (313) TOLEDO: Talmadgo Plaza (419) Fshng mcrchandfao not avollablo at Brmngham WE WELCOME THE AMERCAN EXPRESS* CARD. 4 1 For more detals contact- '!-

22 6C(P,C,R,W.G) "S,'f, *".»' ~''"^-"'"' r-'j^-'.m'.v.r.'^a: O&E Monday, October 29, 1990 a As space permts, the Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers wll prnt wthout charge announcements of class reunons. Send the. nformaton to Reunons, Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers, Schoolcraft; Lvona Please nclude of the reunon ana" Jhe frst and last name of at contact person and a telephone number. 6 ASSUMPTON GROTTO..v The class of 1950 wll hold ts, re- ; 'unon Saturday, the Bar- ^jt'orf.hojuse, St, Clalr^shqres.. For *-';m6re nformaton, call Anne, or Paul, G BRMNGHAM GROVES The class of 1980 wll hold ts reunon Frday, Nov. 23, at the Troy Hlton nn, Troy. For more nformaton, call ; O BRMNGHAM SEAHOLM The class of 1971 wll hold ts reunon n For more nformaton, call (800) o Jhe class of 1980 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Dea_22, at Farlane Manor n Dearborn. For more nformaton, call (800) BLOOMFELD HLLS The class of 1965 wll hold ts reunon July 14,1991. For more nformaton,call (800) CENTRAL. The, January and June classes of 1950 wll hold a. reunon Saturday, Nov. 17, at the Tarn O'Sbanter Country Club, West Bloom feld. For more nformaton, call , , or O DEARBORN The class of 1953 wll hold ts reunon Frday, Nov. 23. For more nformaton, call (800) DEARBORN EDSEL FORD The class of 1981 s plannng a re- Unon for For more nformaton, call (800) * DEARBORN FORDSON The class of For more nformaton, call Dane (Stephens) Rader, , or Dolores (Wojclk) Lops, ;;, -.'-. The class of January 1965 wll hold ts reunon Frday, Nov. 16, at the Park Place n "Dearborn. For more nformaton,- call rma (afrate) Cerronl, , or Vrgna (Maran) Koch, the class of 1941*111 have a reunon Frday, Aug. 2, 1991, at St. Clement Hall, Dearborn. For more nformaton,' call Dale Johnson, DEARBORN HEGHTS RVERSDE The class of 1980 wlll'have a reunon Saturday, Nov. 23. For nformaton, call Judy. Neam Folk, DETROT CASS TECH The class of 1970 wll hold ts reunon Frday, Nov.-23rat-theRoc-- stertall n Detrot. For more nformaton, call or DETROT COOLEY t&s' : The January and June classes of ^J965'wU hold a reunon Frday, Nov. rsj23, at the Nov! Hlton. For more nformaton, call Lynn and Bob Rlv- ^ re, , or Greg and Mara ^Campagna, The class of 1975 wll hold ts ^reunon Saturday, Nov 10, at the 3w$heraton Southf eld (formerly Mchl- 5yfean nn.). For more nformaton, call -^ $ & ' >. ' :! ' - '. ' ' - -. '. %? DETROT EAST CATHOLC '^ The class of 1970 wll hold ts re- bunon Frday, Nov. 23. For more n- :formaton, call Ron Wllams, 526- t5j««- : -; ;.«<. DETROT EASTERN ' > The classes of wll hold a ^reunon Saturday, Nov. 17, at the Assumpton. Cultural. Center, ^Marter Road/Sant Clar Shores. For more nformaton, call Terry (Des- Rlvers) Edwards, 885*2562,, Earl Antonell, , or Don Bummel, DETROT HENRY FORD The class of 1975 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Reunon, P.O. Box 681, Hamburg, Mch "'' -/ The January and June classes of 1971 are plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Gall, , or Mary, the classes of wll have a reunon June 29,1991, at the Troy Marrott For more nformaton, call Fred Mengel, _.._ DETROT MACKENZE The January and Juno classes of 1045 wlh hold a reunon Saturday, Nov. 10, Monaghan Knlgbts of Columbus Hall on Farmlngton Road n Lvona. For more nformaton, call Elane Kostal, , Frank Haase, , or_ Bd Horn, The classes of wll have a reunon Saturday, Dec. 1, at the Warren Chateau Hall,. Warren. For more nformaton, call o The classes of wll have a reunon Saturday,-Aprl 27,.1991, at the Warren Chateau Hall. Warren, For nformaton, call Rta Whtley, DETROT-MUMFORD The class of 1970 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 24. For more nformaton, call Cll, , or Chapel, Detrot o The class of 1960 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 24, at the Sheraton Southfeld Hotel. For more nformaton, call Rose Meckler Schussel, , or Caro Owens Rosenberg, O DETROT NORTHERN The classes of wll hold a reunon Saturday, Sept. 21,1991, at the Warren Chateau Hall, Warren. For more nformaton, call O DETROT PERSHNG The class of 1950 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 10, at the mperal House, Fraser. For more nformaton, call Angle, , Ada, , or Paulne, DETROT REDFORD The January and June classes of 1951 wll hold a reunon Sept. 28, 1991, at the Kngsley nn, Bloomfeld Hlls. For more nformaton, call Pat Smth, , Judy Robertson Nehoff, , or Bob McGugan, Marner Ct., Northvlle or The January and June classes of 1971 are plannng a reunon Oct. 5; 1991; at Roma Hall n Lvona. For more nformaton, call Wendy Mane Slelaff, , or Kathy Roth Majawskas, The January and June classes of wll have a reunon May 19, 1991, at Roma's of Bloomfeld. For more nformaton, call Bob Johnson, , or Vlrgene Jones Wrght, DETROT SOUTHEASTERN The class of 1981 s plannng.a reunon. For more nformaton, call Demetrla Johnson, , or wrte P.O. Box , Detrot v The classes of wll hold a reunon SaTurdayTNov. 10." For more nformaton, call (800) DETROT VANDENBERG ELEMENTARY A reunon wll be held at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 24, at Vandenberg School. For nformaton, call O ESENHOWER The class of 1980 wll hold ts reunon Frday, Nov. 23. For more nformaton, call FARMNGTON The class of 1940 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call or FARMNGTON HARRSON The class of 1980 wll have a reunon Saturday, Nov. 24. For nformaton, call Donna Lombard, , Ted Kallgren, GARDEN C^TY The class of 1965 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Judy, (after 2 p.m.), or Carol, or o The class of 1956 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Glora, , or Jean, GARDEN CTY EAST The class of 1975 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 24, Holday nn, Farmlngton Hlls. For more nformaton, call (800) O GROSSEPONTE The class of 1959 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Tom Teetaert, GROSSE PONTE NORTH,. * The class of 1980 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 24. For more nformaton, call (800) GR088E PONTE SOUTH The class of 1980 wll hold ts reunon Frday, Nov. 23, at the Detrot Yacht Club, Detrot. For mor6 nformaton, call (800) GUARDAN ANGELS The class of 1955 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, NoVr-10, at the Fern- Hall Country Club. For more" nformaton, call Joanne, HAMTRAM.CK The January and June classes of 1945 and 1946 wll hold a reunon Aprl 21, 1991, at the Amercan Polsh Cultural Center, Troy. For more nformaton, call Art Skorupsk, , Bll Hapuk, , Henry Golata, , or Clara Jablonsk Hylensk, O HARDNG ELEMENTARY JUNOR HGH The "class of 1961 wll hold a. reunon n July For more nformaton, call. June La Perre Weaver at O HAZEL PARK The class of 1980 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call (800) O HOLY REDEEMER The class of 1970 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 17, at the Holday nn-lvona West. For more nformaton, call Pat Underwdbd, , and Joe Mardeusz, 355r5742. O HOWELL The class of 1970 wll have a reunon Saturday, Nov. 24, at the Knghts of Columbus Hall n Howell. For more nformaton, call Dan Wolff, (517) , or Schlusler's, O MMACULATA The class of 1968 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 24. For more nformaton, call JOHN GLENN The class of 1981 wll hold ts reunon n For more nformaton, call (800) e The class of 1971 s plannng a reunon. For nformaton, call Mke, , or Peggy, O JOHN KENNEDY The class of 1970 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, wrte 1970 The Class Reunon, P.O. Box 805, Northvlle *" LAKE ORON The class of 1980 wll hold ts reunon Nov. 23. For more nformaton, call (800) LAMPHEER The class of 1980 wll hold ts reunon Frday, Nov. 23. For more nformaton, call (800) LVONA BENTLEY The class of 1965 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Sandy (Brumm) Rockwood, , or Glora-(Schalekf-Gumeyr » The class of 1976 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Steve Dutcher, or Cheryl (Adams) Magalsk, LVONA FRANKLN The class of 1980 wll hold ts reunon Frday, Nov. 23, Laurel Manor, Lvona. For more nformaton, call Lorl Tochman, , or Ron Pcard, LVONA LADYWOOD The class of 1966 s plannng a-reunon. Send name, address and telephone number to Ton (Manac) Knechtges, Dept. 2000, P.O. Box 39114, Redford o The class of 1965 wll hold ts reunon Nov. 11. For more nformaton, call LVONA STEVENSON The class of 1971 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call , The class of 1981 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call (800) OAK PARK The class of 1960 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 24. For more nformaton, call Charlotte (Wse) Berman, The class of 1980 wll have a reunon Saturday, Nov. 24, at the Troy Marrott. For nformaton, call Pam, or Judy, OUR LADY OF SORROWS The class of 1970 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Kerry Feten, , or. Nancy Thelscn, The class of 1971 s plannng a reunon for August For more nformaton, call Theresa Regan, , Jayne Toomey Henderson, , or Tcrl Edwards Lynn, PLYMOUTH The class of 1971 wll have a reunon Saturday, July 8, 1991, at the Novl Hlton nn. For more nformaton, call Pam Cunnngham, , Phylls Maycock, ,. Tcd^Pulker,.mOSl^or^Brenda Johnson, PLYMOUTH CANTON The class of 1981 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call (800) O PONTAC NORTHERN The class of 1980 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 24. For more nformaton, call (800) O PRECOUS BLOOD ' An all-class reunon wll be held Frday, Nov. 9,. at Monaghan Knghts of Columbus Hall, Lvona. For more nformaton; call Tom Watters, ' -^?- O REDFORD UNON The January and June classes of 1941 arc plannng a reunon for July For more nformaton, call or (517) o The class of 1981 s plannng a reunon..for more nformaton, call Bran MacNamara, , or Patrca (Mulka) Barrowclff, O ROCHESTER The class of 1950 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Dck Brode, , or Duane Pelter o The class of 1980 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Crag Barnhart, , or Matt Hare, O ROMULUS. The class of 1971 s plannng a reunon. For nformaton, call Deborah, after 6 p.m. O ROOSEVELT The class of June 1970 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call (after 6 p.m.) Mary Jo, , or Alana, O ROSARY * The class of 1966 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, wrte Nna Snatra Hrc, 7123 Buckthorn, West Bloomfejd ROYAL OAK The January and June classes of 1941 wll have a reunon Sept. 14, 1991, at the Somerset nn, Troy. For nformaton, call Harry Blar, , or Bob Dondero, ROYAL OAK DONDERO The January class of 1959 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Carl Hoops, ROYAL OAK KMBALL The class of 1963 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, wrte The class Reunon, CBC, Box 287, Ortonvlle The class of1979 -wll hold ts reunon Sunday, Dec. 23. For more nformaton, call (800) o The class of 1971 wll hold ts reunon n For more nformaton, call (800) O ROYAL OAK SHRNE The class of '1980 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 24, Farnas, Berkley- For more nformaton, call -Cndy Walsh Dllon, o The class of 1985 wll hold ts reunon Thanksgvng F)r more nformaton, call Kathy Jardn, O ST.ALPHONSUS All classes and parshoners wll have a reunon Frday, Nov. 16, at Monaghan Knghts of Columbus Hal, Lvona. For more nformaton, call Tom Watters, The class of 1980 wll have a reunon Saturday, Nov. 24, at St. Sarks Hall. For more nformaton, call O ST. ANDREW ELEMENTARY School reunon/open house s beng planned. For more nformaton, wrte Holy Famly Regonal School, 1240 Fornglewood, Rochester 48063, , or Karen Moosekan, O ST. MCHAEL OF PONTAC All-student reunon s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Shela O'Connor Damano, , or Mldred Hensel Reeve, , or Box , Auburn Hlls O ST. PATRCK, WYANDOTTE The classes of wll hold a reunon Frday, Nov. 23, Wyandotte Yacht Club. For more nformaton: Rose Ann (Maureen) DeSana, , or Rchard Rollng, SCHULZE ELEMENTARY The class of 1955 wll have a reunon Saturday, Nov. 24. For more nformaton, call SOUTHFELD The dass of 1971 wll hold ts reunon n For more nformaton, call (800) O SOUTHFELD-LATHRUP The class of 1980 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 24, at the Hyatt Regency, Dearborn. For more nformaton, call or wrte the Class of 1980, Sute 101, W. 12 Mle, Southfeld O STERLNG HEGHTS The class of 1980 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call or O THURSTON The class of 1970 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Debbe, 537J348. The class of 1960 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, call Mare (Myers) Nashlon, * The class of 1975 wll hold ts reunon Frday, Nov. 23. For more nformaton, call Lynne Graff- Headapohl, O TROY The class of 1975 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 24. at the Knghts of Columbus Hall, Clawson. For more nformaton, call Rchard, , or Lnda, TROY ATHENS The class of 1981 s plannng a reunon for W91. For more nformaton, call (800) UTCA The class of 1980 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 10. For more nformaton, call (800) O WALLED LAKE CENTRAL The class of 1975 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 24. For more nformaton, call Ann (Galarneau) Long, , or Joane (Stewart) Paulson, O WARREN The class of 1980 wll hold ts reunon Frday, Nov. 23. For more nformaton, call (800) WARREN WOODS The class of 1980 wll hold ts reunon Frday, Nov. 23. For more nformaton, call (800) o The class of 1975 (wth Tower Hgh) wll hold a reunon Saturday, Nov. 24, Gourmet House, St. Clar Shores. For more nformaton, call O WATERFORD TOWNSHP The class of 1970 s plannng a reunon. For more nformaton, wrte The class of 1970, P.O. Box 1674, Pontac WATERFORD KETTERNG The class of 1970 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 24. For more nformaton, call WAYNE MEMORAL The class of 1965 wll hold ts reunon Saturday, Nov. 24. For more nformaton, call Jance (Vckers) Fluhart,

23 tmmtttmmmtoh p$**0+^m : *»*'»' r+^l^j^^l^-hj* ^^t^r^^.jth-v'c^^j'^^w'j^ 'A -, ;.r/^-:':--: r-**'^'^-"- -** *< ' -' *- ' wl'^'r* 't 'n V- c '-r-sv - rl-v' V- <» \'-vf' 't-'^-r' '-M^', "f«*' J C'» : *' Q't jv V,- ' ^[ -V-w^'t**»> " Monday, October 29, 1990 O&E (*7CXF)7C W«ttT<J'SM^T«' *«^»'W««><«(1!RW««!^C1»' l:«wws>(2=-** 3m^!rs^r n^-'t^^^vatv? 7131:1 *^ Whle your cookhg was supposed to help you wn someone's heart, t may also help you destroy t. Because a det that's too hgh n fat may ncrease the rlskx>theart dsease mwell_ as certan knds of cancer, Fortunately, you can help reduce your rsk smply by eatng a low-fat det contanng lots of fruts and vegetables, whole gran foods, lean meats, fsh, poultry and low-fat dary products^ _._. L For a free booklet on how to reduce the fat n your det, call -860-EAT-LEAN. Don't let yourself be counted among the thousands of people every year who lterally eat ther hearts out, P Ml EAN 'A

24 1¾¾¾¾¾½¾ ^-^--...,u.-v.~ ^¾! * ' '-'n 1. '* '/.,,' ' f.'f l^-^m,* u f»s f--r ^^ Fsff *-*. * *» -# *!«* «** ' -l': ''r'-^-l 4.w~^4- l^j.^ ^l yr*».«^*v<#' t ak ^ ^ ¾ ^ ¾. tk-.:l'?.ls;' 8C* O&E Monday. October 29, 1990 CE^SXEEZE.'-j-'n m.^r rttv! - nrr.;".. ;.'y, '-> ;...y<tttrtts ntttt 32= * - > ' '' ' TTTT-^-J v>»...".v.,-..1..'r;... J'M^.LJ.'.^, rsc TOa ra S v Eppa H.' 1 m * jj Oakland County 591^0900 Wayne County Rochester/Rochester Hlls ^^:-.^/¾. r."?.w'* "-^n 11 n 1!>. '-".y.rvyra- T ' '^TT" *"'-'.'V, 1, r*' ' T" " - ' - u ' '- ; f.. : >, -rr»--t.'.. ; r^.-t-,r.",»tf" «23Z ZZXllSlV»tr:mT>;wf)'!j"^''.-"Tv r-wff,--!y<!'r f?t".lf»-f,.;h^t-'t»h8.wjtgrall Auto For Sale ' n. ' ' ' Help Wanted BUY T. SELL T. FND T. -SECTON C^.F EjF Home & Servce Drectory F Merchandse For Sale Real Estate Rentals "T-gj^T''a,j j :J CLASSFEDS ON PAGES Ths classfcaton contnued from Page tf. f.. ; ' ' :. U - T ; v-y;; 11, 868 Ford EXP power brakes, automatc. AM/FM casselte. sunroof. $ PowerBraes «, ' Steel Beted RjflTres 2 f»r» Double WJ Cargo Bed 19 8-Galon Fuel Tank Dual Outsde trors TrV.edG'ass 5995 Net 'Te'tscopk; Rado Antenna Bench Seal w'adj. K«jdresa Ojr.KgM Ren** Mrror < Dual Sun Vsors lotkbecova-bc 866 Ford E EXP mpg. 5 speed, sunroof. 2nd. owner. 85,000 hghway mles. Ne* tres/brakes/exhaust. No rust. $eo or EXP Good condton. 5 speed, exceonl transportaton /besl. Message FARMONT 1978, 6 cylnder, new tres/brakes/st/uts/shocks. clean. $600. Alter 6pm, FARMONT. 1979,' 302 automatc, ar. power steerng & wndows. Good condton, $1, FARMONT wagon mles, stck, good shapo. $1150. Eves.' FARMONT: auto, power Steerng, brakes, 4 door, 4 cylnder am/fm. $1200. After Cgar «e ugher Passenger Assst Group Roadsde AsssVanca 3608Warraftry AV-fMETR-prep ftea^asmockeflaxs R«a/ Step Butper Prep Even More Cost After Rebale. KJS add tax, ttle, destnaton MADE N AMERCA ROG1N BUCK-SUZU M Wavne Road* ,.K. wayne Hoaa WESTLAND-WAYNE AREA 666 Ford f ESTVA, Slver. 5 speed, er. loaded, tow mles. Excellent runnng. $3, FUTURA mles, oood condton. $1300 w best LTD Statonwagon ,000 actual mtes, excellent condton.» LTD door, power brakes 4 slowng.' AM/FM.' ar. automatc, $ 00, After Sony. $ LTD 1986 W&QOO -power steerng 8 brakes. onv mles. Luggage rack,$4995 Mnes Park Lncoln-Mercury x1.400 MAVEfCK t'exas car. run* good,$ MUSTANQ.OT'a { cnooselom. $8295 North Brothers Ford MUSTANQ Of, Black, automatte, slereo, ar. ala/m. $6500. Can after 6:30pm MUSTANG QT whte. 20,000 mles, excellent condton, summer drven Onfy. $ MUSTANG LX faslback, full power, extended 5 yr. warranty ml. excellent condton. $8, MUSTANG garage kep. classc, sacr rce, $1,500 TYME MUSTANG halchback. good condton, $ MUSTANG aulomatc. ar mncs. 35 mpg. Cheapl TYME AUTO MUSTANG GLX, Convertble. V6. loaded, automalc. stored wnters MUSTANG 1983 GT-Alr. tow mles. $3500 or best. Excellent condton. After 3pm or weekends MUSTANQ automatc, ar, prced to sell. $1588 LOU LaRCHE CHEVY/SUBARU Pfymouth Rd. - JusJ VYcsl of MUSTANG 1986 LX hatchback, good condton, cassotle, ar condtonng. 4 speed. $3, MUSTANG 1987 LX-37,000 mles. 5 spood. casselte, great condton. $3950/best. After 6pm MUSTANG Door hatchback, charcoal gray, excellent, mles. $5, MUSTANG GT. blue 4 sltver, 5 (ter, S speed, loaded, remote Alpne ejarm wth power locks, Alpne slereo. tnted wndows, louvers, now tres, $10.600/bes Automotve ATCHARNOCK 866 Ford MUSTANG, GLX Hatchback, 4 cylnder, excellent condton, load-? ed. sunroof. 49.OO0 mles. $2, MUSTANG 1588 OT. Blue/Slver, futy loaded, automatc. ar. llt, premum Sound system, sunroof, extended wa/ramy. pampered ear. much more. $9850, MUSTANfl 1988 OT convertble - 5 speed, red. lealher. mn condton, rr,'es. $11, MUSTANO-1988 LX. 45,000 mles. 2.3L E.F.. Gray, loaded, llt, cruse, 5 speed overdrve. $8, MUSTANQ LX, 11,200 mt. wtte. pofrer package, tlt,cruse. 6 speed overdrlva.^ PNTO wagon, good condton. Be^lofcA PNTO call for more nformaton after 7pm PR08E 1989 LX. ar. cruse, llt, rear defog. am-fm m:les. $7, PROBE: 1989 LX. Whte, auto, ar, sunroof. Excellent Condton! $7,500. CaJ PROSE automatc, ar. From $8990. PR08E 1990LX-6cyl. From $9990 Jack Demmer Ford PR08E 1990 LX. loaded, every opton, car alarm. twrght blue. $11,500 or best offer PROBE LX- V6. power everythng, sunroof, brght blue Cafl after 6pm. before 9pm TAURUS 1986 GL 4 door. dean. $5995 North Brothers ford Ford TAURUS L- Ar. automatc, cruse.' cassette, all power, excellent condton. $ TAURUS 1989 SHO. power modnrool, lealher, Jfll sound, warranty, btack. loaded, $ Must tell r-bjrd 1983 Hertage, v-6. (oaded.$ T-BRD Black exlerlor. red nteror, loaded. $3500. Call T-BRO 1986 turbo coupe, red, automatc, loaded. $5200 or best offer. Call alter 6pm T-BlftO Loadod. low mleage: Excellent condton. $10,000. Can Tom MarlnSS 5pm: T-BRP 1689 SC-5400 mues. Load od. stored wnters. Perfect $18,000 or best TEMPOS To choose from; PNTO dependable wheels, $5,495 engne excellent, good rubber, automatc, am-lm casselte. $400 or best North Brothers Ford 42M376 offer TEMPO'S lo choose, from $8395. North Brothers Ford TAURUS low mles, mnt condton, lke new. askng $9, TAURUS X. 8 passenger, loaded wth everythng, best offer o\«r $5, TAURUS $7995. Jack Oemmer Ford loadod, from TAURUS 1990 GL's. $10,988 or less. BLL BROWN USEO CARS TAURUS loaded. 2 to choose. $9995 North Brothers Ford TAURUS 1990 "SHO" - black, feather, and only 30 mles! $ Jack Demmer Ford M»m:w«mBy,-M wlt mm t.t]>wu«j«j»n-t; 1989 CAMARO RS Automalc, fully ecjupped. brght blue. 9,000 mles FORD CONVERSON VAN Tu-tone panl, sofa bed. TV, Atar set up. 51,000 mles» ROCZ28 T-op$. Black Beauty. 34,000 mles 1987 OMNr, Automatc, ar condtonng. 41,000 mles LAW AUTO SALES MCHGAN AVE WATCH FOR FALLNG PRCE BUY A 1991 CUTLASS CALAS FOR ONLY OFFER u PER MONTH OR CUTLASS j.' v. > J *T«9 PER MONTH FOR QUALFED..-FRST TME- BUYERS?rrz ENDS NOVEMBER 26 $ AlPhA WC" w EOUWEO SoNOfTlOSNO.mmmmtm Mchgan Avenue **%***-?* Dearborn ptl^nwgenefatronof T OVER 's N STOCK AND READY TO GO! 1990 CUTLASS CALAS COUPE Power brakes, power steerng, 2.5 fter EFl engne. Stock #2255. SMARTUASE 7495* x \n x ** pttm(*\b 1990 CUTLASS CERA Electrc rear defo, P18S/7SRM tres, opton package, 188 ar condtonng, automatc AM-fM slereo,' power slerrlng, power brakes Slock «500A...' $ 9495* Rebates 1990Oldsmoblles Hew & Demo. ' CUTLASS CALAS Consumer Rebates $2,000 CUTLASS CERA $2 000 CUTLASS SUPREME $2,500» EGHTY EGHT $1,500 CUSTOM CRUSER $1,500 NNETY EGHf * $1,$00 TORONAOO $2,500 SLHOUETTE $1,500. 'See Slos person for detaut, 1990TORONADO, COUPES 6 New <l Greal Savngs FJample: opjoo package, R. wa y power eeat, l'um. package, power runk, ld pufldo-at, n$j'rj9 aulo, day/' rtgh mrror, remote Jocks, toc>w package. Stock- #2191. «18,192 pfv AM, H9,fcensafter rebate _ SLHOUETTE MN VAN tngln* 31 V* V«. 791, n cdrxtuonw, AM,' fu t'.treotjjsj'uldoor lock, t ««jy fttrr? wtxtl. Vjn-.lnjm»+*«H. p<n-u door kxk», cn/* «ont/ol. po»*»ln<kw.». power»!». j'^arc tn WnSm d«lo««.s^o<k *»64 MR A77* SMARUEAST J,O/ '299 y '**per rnonlh 1 T- "'^BFyty^: nl "** * "**«1990 CUTLASS SUPREME COUPE 6«och lt«. 'jrfro'n *., AWfM 'vto. w/»'(f'og v*«(. (xj'n»'«%%'*r\. fr.l>< rr-rratf, Ucr.Vmr ro«r r-lt. cot» corlre-', co<rv»n>-.c«c/rvp. body k>«rvcjdog pclj*. door «-}s«fjh-4 rr<*)<-g p«chjf '«<< ttv +V&*»-%^V-T wovojo«r. v y ^. ^u\» S»c» /J0C"J L 1,972* U OVO-k?S! AST,,"- ^ per monh t. P*yr»M«b*d onmsfl*. ktt n w* tfj/v *r«5 *{&<»H fjttoo/ rrt-:*».. 'lnckd 1U rv*«fx^tr nd m-x/k^w* tu'*, jc-sl add u«1^ 1'-»»v«j«rd decr*r.on th*a«. ^M U». W. Sc«ns««nd etfw of len*!»oypn«o M Dor<h 0*»!«psrtopjtoo rrjy cor.jymtr. f<-j.-klng t JJ A.PA,*c* CO-</K r»'«far menv or Auflut 1»M *M\ n\ down 'Coltd *t4 f*«s* n o/j»''+d cv%:<yf-en lt:«pjyrrwt < r-.o-.rt, to coo P#yn«r<. TO<J ftf^tntt mors<f pr/r X W. >. A«UL, t&$. c«n«and Mn»r rr.:» fcrjrjon. f/ Mr rr.* lor ttatu Lot* hs t*> oworcv W cv<oms» t t^torjj K^(W-*T«r«bn»d on M S ftp. of B»* modd ^ckxtr^ dtt«c>*8» lent»nd. Un««htt e>«opson lo pveh»»»umtfmu pfkra or jrnvj lass H Trr«&sjtt Rrt,«f«oT %KO sryj tfftetb'* l»do<y rtbles of 1?S0 loujt. SM d b* r*graf,t4 wv\ s* <tvtkm< nc«p<<«. tttt rttpontv* 1tu <e»v for co^p'f' ovo. J. eu pusl u>» rrn d«^«ry from stock b/ Nov«rr.*r. t HU. ll pjyt*nl m lck»x» V4 txkj r«^jnd«b>«jkurlty d«po»t T» «1 Vf) lo <Ju»' V <«" t''<x*4l «ml So«< H BoruS R»&:». $«Ot'K tor «VH. oral pa>t*nl», rrv^f*/ x 4» lm«p»)f.-*-rf lub'^l to 4% U p^> l<*r.u pj»m tra l-r* po'w pvt<pat>on msy a"«cel. TEMPO: automalc, power steerng/brakes, ar, am/fm stereo cassette. $1400/bcst TEMPO 1984 GL. ar, slereo. Good condtlonl $ ROB'S GARAGE W. Seven Mle. Redlord TEMPO. 1984, GLX, new engne, under m.1es, runs good, needs mnor mechancal. $1,000 or best TEMPO 198S GL - 4 door, automat c, mles, clean, runs good, ar. (ll, am-fm cassette, new brakes A muffler. $1, TEMPO 1988 GLS - automatc. ajr loaded ncludng power scat, real clean. LOU LaRCHE CHEVY/SUBARU Plymouth Rd.. Jus! West or TEMPO 1988, red. excollenl condl lon. d03n, aulomatc, e!r. $*00/ best. Mus sol TEMPO GL - 4 door mles. $6,500. Ca.1 between TEMPO 1990 GL - 4 door automatc, ar, cruse, tt. end much more. $6990 Jack Demmer Ford THUNDERBRDS 1990'S - specal pvrcnaso. loaded. $9995. BLL BROWN USEO CARS THUNDERBRD. 1986, TURBO Excellent condton, stored wnters-. $5,000 or best olfer THUNDERBRD Sporta Coupe, 302. V8. loaded, low mlea, Florda car. $8, THUNDERBRD excellent condton, loaded, power everythng. $9,900 or best offer. Cal 553^0776 THUNDERSlflO 1685 Ban, srtver metallc, mles. $5000. After 6PM THUNDERBRD loaded. $9495. North Brothers Ford THUNDERBRD 1988 Ban, V-8, fulfy loaded, upgraded stereo, new tres, ejarm. Good condton, slver w/ dark grey, $3500. Eves THUNDERBRD alloy wheels, loadod. From $9990. Jack Demmer Ford THUNDERBRD 1988 Turbo Coupe - red, 6 speed. $7695 WOOD MOTORS ZEPHYR WAQ0N 1981, LT door Lncoln CONTNENTAL black, wtdlewood leather, garaaed. sharp. 44,000 hwy m«es, $13,900, CONTNENTAL 1988 "Sgnature Seres"-loaded. $11,690. Jack Demmer Ford CONTNENTAL Sgnature, moonroof. $14,900 WOOD MOTORS CONTNENTAL Sonature, black. $14,900 WOOD MOTORS COUOAfl'8 AND THUNDER8RDS Several lo choose from, call (or detals. Hnes Park Uncofn-Mercury ert.400 GRAND MARQUS door, V- 8. eulomatle. ar. stereo, (ll, cruse, power wndows, locks end seal, luxury nteror and formal roof, alumnum wneels. Only $3,495 Jack Demmer Ford AFFORDABLE USEO CARS LNCOLN blue, new llres & tune up. runs, askng $ LUXURY CAR REOUCTON SALE LNCOLN'S and CADLLAC'S 'M-' 89'a a/e beng offered al reduced prces. Those vehcles wll be-dsplayed on our lo 8. clearly marked wllh old & new prces for your shoppng convenence. Buy Now & Save $$$$$ Whle They Laslll Example: '88 SEOAN DeVLLE only mles. Was Now )3.688 HNES PARK LNCOLN MERCURY 40601AnnA/borRd. Plymouth, Mchgan al Exl MARK V ,000 hghway mles, loaded, excellent condton. $5900 or best offer. Must sen MARK V 1986 LSC, loaded, dark grey, exceonl condton, tlebarted. $8350 sacrfce, garaged MARK V, SC. moonrool. every opton, perfect condton. $12, MARK Vn 198¾ LSC loaded. $14,969 Jack Demmer Ford MARK V 1990 LSC only 9,45$ mlos, shny black, call lor detals, nnes Park Uncofn-Mercury exl.400 MARK V loaded, tow mles. $16,950 Jack Demmer Ford MARK V door, lasl of he bg ones, rde n style. $6,395 Hnes Park Lncoln-Mercury exl 400 MARK V CART1ER loaded, new pa'nt. clean n & out. Runs good. $2,000 or best «TOWN CAR door, orgnal owner, 48,000 mles. Royal Sloe. $5, TOWN CAR, 1981, full power, low mles, mn, must tee. $ «TOWN CAR, 1985 Clean. BtoornfcM 1W1S Owner. $ TOWNCAR 1S88, Swnjtore Seres, whte, loaded m'es, mn condton. $10, TOWNCAR:' 198/. Excellent condton. 41,000 m'es. Florda Wnters. Mdnght Grey. $12, TOWN CAR loaded. From $18,«50. Jack Dommor Ford Lncoln TOWNCAR clean, $5200: Alter 5;30pm TOWNCAft Cartlcr. leather. J8L? audo m'es. $11,000- Leave message TOWNCAR dark brown, mmaculate. $ Can after 6prn TOWN CAR, 1988, sharp, loaded, sum oof. leather, $\ TOWNCAR 1989, power wndows/ doors. AM-FM cassette, leahw mles. $17, TOWN CAR FuH po-ver. lealher. $18,900 H,ne» Park Lncoln Mercury exl Mercury CAPR Am/fm cassette, ar, 4 cylnder. Real clean, runs good. $2,500. After 6pm: COUGAR, 1983-Automatc V6, new front tres &' battery. GootTcondton. $2, COUGAR loaded mles, tooks & runs greal. $ COUGAR 1987 LS. ah optons, garage kept snce new. sacrfce, $4,950. TYME AUTO COUGAR 1987 XR-7. loaded, sunroof, all new tres, clean, excellent condton. $ COUGAR LS - Black/Black ml. loaded. Mutt sell $14, COUGAR 1990 "LS' - brght red, alo/wheels. $11,990 Jack Demmer Ford Automotvo M«tfW-f. < l <-K«l "'yw-'-r, '-'' f-'''!t'.v»>"»'».rhwtt'."-.v.-, ':'.J ' r.- «^»,'VJJ..-.--^1 ',-,-,.1: 874 Mercury COUGAR 1985 Turbo coupe, fully loaded. Extra sha/pl $2,350 TYME AUTO COUGAfl'1986. V8. excellent condton, loaded. laupe.$ COUGAR LS, July loaded, black smuaed slmualed " top, Ttanlan. mnt. low mleage. $ GRAND MARQUS, 1983 LS - 4 door, loaded, moon roof, excellent COndJlOn. $2, GRAND MAROUS 1988 LS. tan. excohent condton. 62,000 mles. Askng $6900 or make olfer ' " - GRANO MARQUS 198; - Loaded, mles, excellent condllon. $8500 or besl offer GRANO MARQUS Door, super clean, loaded. SENOR OAned. $2,195. BOB JEANNOTTE PONTAC/GMC TRUCK. Plymouth, LYNX 1981 Wagon orgnal mles, one owner, ar, moonrool. very good condton. $ 1400 After Spm MAROUS door, aulomatc. ar, stereo. tjt, cruse, power wndows and locks, wre wheels. OnJy $3,295 Jack Demmer Ford AFFORDABLE USEO CARS SABLE 1986 automatc, ar. steroo. H. cruse, power wndows and seals, electrc mrrors, black and snarp. Onty $4,995 Jack Demmer Ford AFFORDABLE USEO CARS Mercury GRAND MARQUS 1984 LS. loaded. $34O0/best. Also 1985 Colony Park wagon, $53007besl. Also 1986 Grand Marous. $55O0/be'st. Prfvate party. Days eves e*>.* *>. «-mmw e,, V 874 Mercury GRAND MARQUS 1990 "S" loaded. $11, Jack Dommer Ford S Automotve mzz^mmmmmm FRST TME BUYER» \ POOR CREOT JUDGEMENTS BANKRUPTS Call Me Today Grand Master-20 Yrs. Experence MM^^MM&M^MM^M OOmo*. clomd end to** pra4¼ use U^ r'prjrtwr* *» rmurxfabl*»*c. d«p. LM**«ato^tlT, nd r» poo*rb$» tor onttr* v t mna \**t. 10* pc rot trm 79,000 tt. 8wm ol pyrrrtc t)m<rt 60. Prkt*. ncm* ^Mtc Oo4ton to burcrwm at *nd of SM* for orfdaterrrtoed tnwwt to QualMt*d ttrrtfm** onfv. Plut freter*. - :. Mchgan's Largest Toyota Dealer PAGE TOYOTA On Telegraph between 8 & 9 Mle Rd. A W # J L ^A^^JL ^ ^fs^bob DUSSEAUS -Ssr *&#& "YOUR DSCOUNT DEALER" e*"«"vew> YEAR-END CLEARANCE!!! 1930 LNCOLN TOWN CAB Comfort 4 convenence group. S.ock-, ~ WAS $29,156 $0< o c o. SAVE $6297 4tl,o0» S»w»^»«««8n«nwa^Mugtts«f -^"-^ 1990 COUGAR Leather, mooaroof, keyless* entry, hgh level AM.TM cassette, power Steerng. Stock # NOW WAS $20,147.. SAVE $ ,267*.l-aartSssSdaj^B'a**^,'-«as \.tf»» \f» NEW 1990 LNCOLN TOWN CAR SGNATURE AnB-lhS, moorucol, memory teal vj:«m mbmock-bras, JSL toond t, t' tb t rouch mors. Stock # fw WAS $35, _""". SAVE $8000 $ 27,492 E lau^.^-^-^r'.-kuu-.-..^y^ NEW 1990 SABLE LS 4&j pacug*. 3 «B«engne. Slock #5081. WAS $20,080 NOW SAVE $5081»14,999* 7 lo choose t (rnrr «trtag. «^fcmqs«?s5s«a«asa/r«*ad«a-,yaj«aj: # 6 * LOAD E D WTH OPTONS 1990 GRANO MARQUS LS 172 package, conventonal spare, dual power seels, auto clmate control, premum sound.. WAS $21,599,. - ¾ ^ SAVE $ , COUGAR XR7 Moonroof, JOL, Ltathwr. Stock # WAS $24,685 SAVE $6895 NOW»17,990* 1990 COUGAR 263 package wth moon roof. JBL compact dsh. Stock # WAS SAVE $ COUGAR 262 psckfg». powl enfenn*. Stock / WAS $18,352 SAVE $4935 NOW '13,417* NOW 0j CONTNENTAL SGNATURf Loaded. Stock # WAS $31,731 SAVE $7206 NOW»23,525* 1990 LNCOLN TOWN CAR Comfort 4 convenence group, leal net anl-lock brkas, JOL nstallaton # choose. Stock NOW WAS $31,996 toaottl* SAVE $ ,260 ^kuwktku-^e.wnrfafeaot' 1990 TOPAZES 363 package, ar, automatc, power lock*. 3 to choose al smlar savng*. WAS $12,743 WOW """. SAVE (3190 '9553 ' y«t»««a^! n'-w.ttfmj 1990 COUGAR 263 package. Stock # NOW WAS 119,4«HO net * SAVE $5477 O,90/ 1990 TOWN CAR CARTER Loaded. WAS $32,885 SAVE $7424 NOW 24,461- BOB ouseeau LNCOLN MERCURY MERKUR Grand Rver at Orchard Lako Rd., Fnrmlnglon Open Mon. & Thurs. tl 9 P.M. TOP nm An nm vm.n TMKH O M SP» ra rv A > a n» ; A»,<, * MrK,V% "> n/l.,t.l,,, \,.,,(,, DETROT AREA CALL ^

25 ^^^^^^^1¾¾ t'r't^ '-'. l ' '- -t : -t- : t- [ 'f '- ' : - T" ' - V '** ' '"'' ; ^'^^^f-^yw^^t^'.^^^^^^^va^^jj^'-y^^^;^ Monday, October 29,1800.,0& *9C cpraa Gpsra.cp^Bpraa G«3 m&a mm mm AU T <TSrth.<a»rrTrTn'V^CT«J^T7«^fo Jcw..'R;. - ^fcy-^gtrtrj _ ;r>r?vrtf«t-r**cff -;T,;a~.. ;M>rt,V U 5! - '} * ' " 1 m---' - > ^ t^ff'v.-^.u-.n:-^, (. ma: W»»-lNfcRFW>-<* - ' vt 1 '-'M-r.^^'-.-t-tft, v t-jvt-^-,:^ Um^^^s&^l^ ^..'. ' - r -'M!»:.:.'.* 1 l- 11,! m ; "eesrs4/.es, SERVCE / / H^ SELECTON.,, WE WON'T BE UNDERSOLD!" NEW 1990 SENTRAXE &%, TREMENDOUS-SAVNGS dn-'all MODELS' 32S, Convertbles, B Seres & 1 Seres ;? 13: 'f! M 3 S; Atr condtonng, front wheel drve, 3 year/ 36,000 mle "Bumper to Bumper Warranty. Stock # ^^o S w N $ 159- Ma [P J^NEW «240 sx se? NESfcWSfl fpgkup TRUCKS [& Stock jmflpsff 'r?! " ¾ *' - * j f *'! 1!'^ ' ' ' -'' S 14 others 1 j- NEW ZX v A AJr, power»leerlng. power 4 wheel dltc br«k«, 3 y«ar/36 ml* 'Bumper lo Bumper" Warranty. Stock # )900 TO OWN PER HO. r NEW 1996 STANZA XE4 DR. Slock *00t1 $40 jsoa 12, others to choose NEW 1990 MAXMA GXE AJr, automatc, ttereo casert*. loaded. 3 yeaf/ mle 'Bumper to Bumper* Warranty. Stock # _. LEASE»336** PYMT. TO OWN PER MO SO ller. DOHC 24 vafv* V T-top. ar. full power, loaded. 3 year/38,000 ml* "Bumper lo Bumper* V/a/ranty. Stock #1003. MOO** LEASE '439** TO OWN PER MO. ms&kmt NEW 1990 */<! 2 a J tta^l Loaded- Stock ' '339** Ll^X^^-.lMj:<!ljv>!«-d«l^aUlL4U^J,M> 'Plu* Ux, Ws. Rebate nduded. Dealer partcpaton may affect consumer cost An uvu mbjoct to pror M.'«. "Lea** dsclamer - Lease based on 48 monuu closed-end leas«. F.r»t monthly payment, and aocond depost {te-curty rounded lo nearest S2S0O ncrement over monthfy payment). Plus Ooenso fw requred at ncepton. m3eao» mufon of mtes per year wtn a cha/je ol r> over rrul per m!». To 1 to lota bl payment, muttpry 48 tmes moothfy payment lesseo subject lo oredrt approval and rejponsbte for excess wear and tear Lessee has the opton to purcnasa al teas* end at < prtc» of formula to bo negobatod wth the dealer at ncepton. $2000 Down on 300 ZXorrfy Rebates apply whera appfcabse. "HGHEST REAL DOLLAR PAD FOR YOUR TRADE" GRAND RVER AT 10 ML! ONLY THREE DAY! DAY, OCTO O'AKLAND COUNTES ONLY AUTHORZED BMW DEALFRSHP SERVNG METRO DETROT SNCE 1964 NOW N BRMNGHAM Convenently Located on Maple Just East of Telegraph 4065 Maple Road, Brmngham OPEN LATE MON. & THURS. EVENNGS UNTL 9:00 P.M KV ft t^ 1 l» ^-- MONDflV * TU SDAV U DN SDAV 9 o.m.-9 p.m. 9 o.m.-6 p.m. 9 o.m.-6 p.m. «5»«% tter WNTER B COMNG LaRche SUBARU PRESENTS T'S -4WHEELEfflVETNNTEfr M.E lannke 1990 SUBARU JUSTY'G'L 4 WHEEL DRVE Automatc, stereo, tnted glass, power brakes, wheel covers, rear defogger. Was $915! '- M@w $ 7995^ l»w«h'l.'lwwbj nw'hwmg ACCORDS! --^Ou^^ 't&agarjtfrefmhuu^gvj** WAS»13,622 Hm * 1,729* Stock #2075 npnn^afflpav f. ^7pf ff^ymnp 0 MPG UP TO 52 HWY. 0 HONDA VALUE 0 GREAT SPECAL SAVNGS Blue AkBKMMaB^^,.W.fc>fcgA-fct«..Jf'j;^a CVCS! WAS»10,991 NOW $gg 39 * Stock #1480 Blue twmhfwb-mwbqw f-ds-j^l'tutmalrfl m.l^.w...a.lll J..H mtlumanrp PRELUDES! WAS»14,994 mv H2 } 97T Stock #2370 Grey 150 N UJ HONORS FT SMLFR SQVNQS lunshne HpnoA---. The Happyface Place "We're n busness to make you smto" ~-j 1205 Ann Arbor Rd. r== ' W SSJ JH^^^^MJWJMWMPMWWWBWWWWWB J \ s 1990 LOYALE WAGON 4 WHEEL DRVE Power steerng, roof rack, ar, cruse, cassette, power brakes. Was $12,874 Mow 1990 LOYALE 4 DOOR Frool vyteol drve-, automatc, stereo, rear detogger, po\m slerng end brakes, 3 to choose from, very low mles. New Was $11,400 Was $0995 Reduced $ SatoPflc 79S ;>v 1990 LEGACY SEDAN LS DEMO 4 WHEEL DRVE Power steet,lng, wndow* and locvs, ar, cruso, sunroof,' ahmrwm wheels, stereo cassette-. Stock ws304. '. Was $17,163 NOW $13,699* SUBARU'S CO N PLYMO Umtt, UBARU METB0 96T-4' wm^m 1989 SUBARU XT COUPE, ( omo Pow#r fclberno, wndows and kxks, thr, c*ssetlo. lght blue. Stock w$6t7. Was $14,012 NOW'9989* ^'vd Over $490 «M>Mtl» m-m -. < '* '<, t' - ^ - -v3r.! r ;. r 1 * ' "'. - ; ' : ; '» ' t t.t-; 1 ; «-! V V-. r 7 ' < r ' *! 4 ' '! :M l' \ Wymoutfl Rd. WymoM» j^...? $: ^mh ^Vm&ff*% Swtch lo LdRchC Swtch to LnRlcho Swtch to LnRclo Swtch to LoRtcho Swtch r 'wj^'.'./. 0

26 V: l f} t., -.. h s - \ \ A V 1 \ :1'- : \ t?>! 300* O&E Monday. October 20, J4 Mercury LjfNX. 199?, tt. automatc, runj -opod, $500. L«3v9 moswoa. -; 6»<W3.tVNX door, hatchback. automatc, «!r, 1 owner, km mllsw*, 12»5.» LYfJX 1»SJ. r*w Ue» A brafce*, ajr, looka oocxj, depcrkjabjo t/ansporta- ;o^, $5O0/bc»L « LYNX 194«, 2 door, automatc, "34,000 mtes, very clean, warranty notable «MARQU3, 1983, hgh mte*. $1,600. y; j»arqus M power 'fl'l* l UV«new. $499 5 JSUNSHNE HONDA -: SABLE, 1987,»JMX. Customzed, jtyed wndow*, monochromatc. -Sterol Must Kot Onfy mlea. S91-09O5 ' aflar 6pm: " ^BLE 1987 LS, «.1 oplona, powor moontoof, 4,000 hghway mllej. JEjotEwt. B«t Offer., «ABl 1987:13, laupo, "rr.e*.' bucket testa. Exco!kr>l condnwrt. $ 00. Cafl after 7pm A8L S Wagon.- fun power. Ac«4 dmh..«7,995 ^- Hnc* par* UrtcoJn-Mercury «x.400 ABLE EnoWenl cond- Jon, loaded,- elecldc sunroof. ^ mtle, asmo*} $6500. day* TOflf /.. evc»3w-53u 'SABLE-1988 LS'Weoon. 'al eva.1- "tttt optons. 24,000 m'fea SABLE 1990 OS- 4 door automatc. 6 cyt. ajr. cruse, tlt. $5990 " Jack, Demmer Ford -.' "721*'6SQb ^TOPAZ1984 Svper dean, 5 apood, runs well, $ ' ; v.n. ' Nssan OATSUN Automatc, oood transportaton, $650. After 6-30pm MAXMA, 1989, SE loadod. Mather, automatc, ar.ll lock brake), mj.$ NSSAN: 1987 Cent/a. Rod, auto. stereo, m!e». $4,500. CaJl NSSAN ZX. t*<n turbo, 6 tpood. Week. $32,900 WOOD MOTORS ,^-^. WSSAN 3O0ZX, Mdnght bluo black, t-top», cathor. alarm, a/n/lm c*ss«ll».e<}ua)ror, dlolal (.'graphc da$h. loaded. $ NSSAN 300ZX btjck/an. $ apeed, Yokohama tlraa. non amoker. excellent condton. 22,000 mlea, $21,600. Can anytlma leave mosaaja PULSAR-1983, rrvjca. 5 apc-ed, tt. avnfm atereo. flood condton. $1, PUL8AR NX, ted, 48,000 mls J, excellent cond.tton. Ar, AMFM caasstte. 32 mpo. Best offer. Aft*r PULSAR J987 NX SE. ar, 6 apeed. l-topa m, excellent condton. $ SENTRA-1983, $750. Neoda engne work. Cody n excellent condton. 5 speed, amlm TOPAZ 19M mles, ar. fub CALAS A cylnder, automatc, Tpowt*. cfoel/onlc am-tm casaetle. 5 slver, dean, new brake* 8 batt«ry.»?sed. eneokent. $ ?- 45^000 rrve*. H350/offer TOPAZ. 1963,. power ete*nno. & brake*, automatc, ajr; 4 door.'rust- -proofed, no accdenta, 83,000 nvtes, -wea mantaned. $ OTOPAZ 1990 GS - automatc, ar.,en»y mle*. $ to.thoosa fjonu '» ' "".-' Mne* Park Lncoln-Mercury exl.400 tlraceh 1989, black, 5 apood, excellent condton, loaded. $6400 or best offer. Uvona 522-^196 TRACER 1989, 2 door hatchback. fcxcecent condton & mleaoe, many *xua*. $6000. After 6pm ZEPHYR 1982 Good condton, flood transportaton SENTRA red, automatc, at. Low. tow m!je* $4963 ACTON MOTORS Oldsmobllo CALAS 1988 SUPREME-Automat- c, ar condtonng, power stoertng/ brake*, tlt wloej. Stereo cassette, alumnum wheels Very clean. Low mleage. $4600/besl CERA BR6UGKAM V-8. Hofday package, loadod. $4288 JBCkCauleyCnevVGEO CERA S. 4 door. V6. loaded, sfver/flray nteror, 5,500 mle*. $11, CUSTOM CRUSER " atalton wagon, excellent condton. $3000 OrbCSL CUTLASS SUPREME Door coupe, ar condton, automatc, power steerng and power brakes, steroo. body mokfno. super condton, (ow/nles. $3,188. BOB JEANNOTTE PONTAC/QMC TRUCK Plymouth, sm^hwsmeamng! a «->^c^4w 1987 GMC S-15 EntndKS^ttb, 44 fun* Clm'< mt%, ay. ht power, Ul cnm: cum*, cp. Wck. TTV-TMCU PONTAC GRAND AM SE COUPE ma»». Ut, crud*. power wln- <S9» and oocr locks, uunt. tjjvt None fner « ¼ MERCURY LYNX 2 DOOR A*, automc pe»*r slewng. e- t*r.». sa.000 rna«$, raaj r>^«.» FORD ASTRO SANTA FE Vm cony«rs<ox H trt*h cals* con-»0». S». CMS««. ~» FORD CARGO VAN Auvxnuc, lc«u $«94. runs good. 1989BOHNEVLLE8E Spr lo*s*s txtjo^ng rsmott rkto. pow»r sstj, k*x*$* ncx. power >"rv50*r "»"65eV dels. Rt, crujs.»«r«octje5»'..".v-.'.-' Specal» THUNDERBRD TURBO COUPE on* <rnn* n-j!»». buc*. uv fool vx) mx*. ' PONTAC SUNBRDGT COUPE Mr, tut powtr. cstwtt. Sale Prce « BUCK LESABRE T* wt««>>» controt. po»«a. p<?«r«r door loexs. svmoum»ts. en» cwn«r BONNEVLLE LE ra. 1«wnMt. crjht convot. p<w«< wndc-at, powtr door lock*. poww SSJ. txrwrvm wtwt's PONTAC STE BUKk. *up«kk»(j»<l MERCEDES 190"D 5spt«d. tunrool, thsrp. '9995 mr MORAN ^ Telegraph Q - Q Qfnn V2 Mle N. of 12 Mle &OO m WJU\J HT H. / = m =s B GONE!! BY WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 31st 6 p.m. FORGET WHAT WE'RE ASKNG FORGET WHAT WE OWN THEM FOR "JUST MAKE" AN OFFER!! '86D0dge 600 ES Convertble f87 jleba'roh'cdupe. Promum, 42,000 mles -, ( '87 New Yorker Blue, one owner l'83 LeBarOn 4 door, loaded, 48,000 mles 85 New Yorker Red, good runner ['87 Plymouth Voyager LE s>tvar/ woodgraln 875th Avenue One owner, 47,000 mles 875th Avenue Black, loaded T88 New Yorker Now body style, 27,0001 mles '89 Relant 4 door, 7/70 warranty -J'89 Plymouth 'lyr Acclam Power wndows! H and ndl locks, tlt, cruse DEALER REBATES Avalable & Can Be Used For Your Down Payment!! '» \R\NV.To\ 11H..S «nffysf.f-lpol'f.vmol 1! GRAND RVER AND MD0LEBELT Oldsmobllo CERA BROUGHAM a.7. power wndow* 8kxk», po*er seat, cruse, very nce. $4985 JsckCeu'eyChev./GEO CERA door, loaded, low ml, new tro*, more. melculoush/ mantaned. $.54O0/offer CERA dark blue, mock convertble lop. aft power, very sharp. $4000 or best offer CUTLASS CERA Excellent condton, afver oray. $2750 or belt offer. Ca CUTLASS SERA door. AM/f-M cassete, very clean, mantenance. $ ; CUTLASS SUPREME $850. Good transportaton- Ajk lor Nancy at or CUTLASS SUPREME: door, 42,000 mlos. Automatc. ejr. $4500 or best offer. CaS CUTLASS SUPREME e-'r. Ml power, nce ca/. $3995 JackCatfeyChevyGEO CUTLASS SUPREME: 1989 nterna- tonal. Loaded! Warranty $10,200. Cart leave roessaae CUTLASS SUPREME 1987 power steerng/brakes, cruse. AM/FM. art rnllea, body excellent: very clean. $7200/besl CUTLASS SUPREME SALON doors. 1:1«new, loadod $5995 TENNYSON CHEVY CUTLASS SUPREME door, low mles, loaded, extra clean $9888 ACTON MOTORS CUTLASS Call lor more nformaton after 7pm CUTLASS 1963 Supreme, ar, stereo. Very ceanl $1,795 ROB'S GARAGE, W. 7 M le. Rodlord DELTA mm good, mle*. $ DELTA *- Royal Brougham, fufy loaded, new tres, wheels 4 brakes, very clean, low mles. $ DELTA Coupe - black, loaded, dean. f 3 suspenson. $6966 ACTON MOTORS DELTA 88, 1989 Excellent condton, loadod. 24,000 mles, must sen. askng day* (Hugh) eve* REGENCY 1990 Sedan, lealhor. full power, loaded, mnt executve car. $17, REGENCY 68, hke new condton. 4 door, new brakes 4 tre*. nclude* al optons, $ REGENCY Brougham,* door, loadod mles. Slver/ Rght gray $15, THESE 11 CARS HAVEJOBE- ROYALE 1987 BROUGHAM - ar. auomatc. cruse, llt, power wndow* 4 seats, power locks, cassette mles. Uke new. $9950 CRESTWOOD OOOGE TORONADO $2400. Excellent condton, black, mle*, or trade (or van or pck up TORONAOO mle*, wre wnoots. mnt condton, loaded. $ TOROMADO mle*. leather, power seats 4 wndow*, power lock*. Stereo cassette wth equalzer. Lke new. $9950 CRESTWOOD DODGE TOUWNO SEDAN mdea.dar1< blue. $14, Plymouth HORZON door, automatc, AM/FM. run* good. Good condton. $800 ' « HORZON. 19S3. good shape, only mle* Askng $ HORZON 1985 automatc, onfy mlo*. nce and dean. $2,995 Hnes Park Uncotn-Mercury ext.400 HORZON 1987 Excellonl condton, 5 speed, low prce RELANT 1981 Statonwagon. a)r condtonng, new tre*, relable, $900 or best offer RELANT 1987 Automatc, ar condton, spoda. $3,995 FOX HLLS Chrysler-Ptymoulh SUNDANCE door. ar. automatc, steroo cassette, tlt. cruhe, mllc-s. very good condton. $4500 Ca-T evenngs VOYAGER passenger, all optons, low mleage, plu* more. Mus *Ht.$ Pontac BONNEVLLE SE fog lghts, k^gage rack, deluxe stereo system, an opton* or BONNEVLLE SE door, electrc atar, phone, new lre*, good condton, call Mor, thru Frl BONNEVLLE SSE leather, electronc compass, absolutely loaded. Super low mle*- $13, , Olr. BONNEVLLE 1988 SSE - leather, moonroof. extra*, mmaculate, mnt, warranty. $13, BONNEVLLE LE..loaded. new tre*, excellent condton, must aefl. $8, BONNEVLLE 1990 SSE. black, leather nteror, sunroof, gold wfteet* ml. GM executve BONNEVLLE 1990 LE Sedan, whte, loadod, excellent condton, low mle*, extended warranty. $14,495 or best offer. Day*: Ove* BONNEVLLE SE ml., red. loaded wth optons. GM Execu- fve'a car. $13, BONNEVLLE 1989 SSE. burgundy/ camel leather, loaded, securty alarm, car phone. Excellent condton. $15, BONNEVLLE 1987 SE 4 door, auper loaded. V-8. must seel Onfy $9795. TENNYSONCHEVY FtERO SE. V8, gold, automatle, ar, cas»ete. excew condton. $ FERO fusl mles, ar. am/fm stereo, ncest n town. $ , Dtr. FREBRD FORMULA 1969 T-!op». V-8. loaded, low mles, $ 10,995. TENNYSON CHEVY FREBRD hlghmnes.new6n. C'ne Mock, $ FREBRD 1986 Exce>!onl cond.oon. 61,000 mte*. Sporty. New brake* 4 shocks. J48O0/n«golab!« GRAN0AM LE, good condton, $4500/bes1 offer GRAND AM loaded, 8 mo*, warranty excellent condton. $5,000 or best GRAND AM 1988 $B, 2 door, fvffy loadod, 4 cylnder, excellent condton, now mufrter & lre* ORAN0 AM, 1987, LE, 2 door, loaded, dean, hghway mhe», new tres, brake*, exhaust, $ GRAND AM 1989 E Coup* - rectory n«w, low mle*, ar, automatc, on>y$865s. ACTON MOTORS GRAMO PnX 1981, whta wth red nteror, mles, V6 auomatc. AMFM, tn. ar, cud**, new brake*. wfe's ce/.l 1800 or bal RA.N0 Pfl«1968- Automata, poww steorng/brakea, V6, tut,»'f. stereo,ceerdelog. tean& run* * ceflonl. $3695/bel «880 Pontac GRAND AM 1986 LE - loaded, extra Sharp $4848 LOU LaRCHE CHEVY/SUBARU Plymouth Rd. Just Wesl ol GRAND AM Ooor, automatc, ar condton, tut, stereo, cruls*. rear defros, console, body, sde moldngs, deluxe whoel covers and more! $5,495 BOB JEANNOTTE PONTAC/GMC TRUCK Plymoulh, GRAND PRX E 1989 Power wndow* and lock*., tlt, cruse, cassette. $9,495 BOB JEANNOTTE. PONTAC/GMQ TRUCK PJymouth, GRAND PfllX E - 2 Boor, loaded. 3.1 ter, japphlre blue Mus sell. $8, GRAN Prx 1989 SE. loaded, leather, moonroof. trp computer, premjurn sound. $1? LeMANS door coupe, power steerng 4 brakes, cassette, and much more Gas mser, (ust mles. $ CKr. PARJSENNE- BROUGHAM fujty loaded.^very good condton, hgh mleage but well mantaned. $ PARSENNE 1985 Staton Wagon. dalty drver, good tres, a'r, power seals. $1,800. Call bctwoen «am- 4pm Mon thru Frl PONTAC , E, V mles, GM ee<. ar. automatc, plus 22 more optons. Non-smoker Spotless Darx blue. $9, PONTAC STE Excellent condton, new tres, brexos. and exhaust syslem mle*. $4?O0. Before 5pm Alter 5pm Pontfac lemans low mles $3995 SUNSHNE HONDA PONTAC LE - automatc, ar, pewor steerng, brakes, tt. cruse, power door locks. $4>950. CRESTWOOD DODGE PARlSlEHNE: 1954 BROUGHAM. 4 door, loaded! ExceTenl condnlonl Must Se«l $2, PONTAC E 4 door. must tell, $ PONTAC cytr^jer, All power, lt, ar. anvfm steroo. new tres 4 brakes. $2.450.days H Afler6om PONTAC E'4 Cylnder freeway ml.. ar, tlt, cruse, cassette. Clean, good tres, nonsmoker, $8,650 8am-4pm PONTAC 6000, mj. a!r. automatc, dk. blue. 4 door, very good coodjton. $4, PONTAC LE wagon, loaded, 3300 actual mles. GM execuyve. wtfe'a car PONTAC E. exce'lent condton, loadod m-1es Ca or after 7pm 4 woekeods SUNBlRDSE ar. extra*, very clean, low mhos. a must see car! day* eves SUNBRO CONVERTBLE - 4 c/jnoer. automat c. all optons, clean $ SUNBRD 1S86 GT. 5 speed, a^r. cassette. $4,995 Hrnes Park Lncoln-Mercury exl 400 SUNBRO Just 9900 mles Sport rod, automatc, power sleorng 4 brakes, ar, tnted glass, alumnum whoels. cassette rvr 880 Pontac SUNBRO GT. b'ack/*;>ver. 5 speed, po/e/ steerng, brake*, exccrenl. $ TRANS AM, black, t-top*. automatc, best oler TRANS AM 1990 loaded, best Of-, for Toyota CAMRy 1986 loaded 2 lone bro?,n. $65O0/besl offer CEltCA 1984 GT hatchback. 5 speed ml., no rust, ar, Alpne cassette, best ohe* CEltCA, GT - 5 spood re%s. 1 Owner, ar. power wndows 4 locks Velour nteror. Lke no-*. $6, CEllCA 1987 GTS. red. 5 spood. loaded. mnt condton. onn mles. $ Toyota CEllCA 1985 GT - Usck beauty. $3995 SUNSHNE HONDA COROLLA Run* good, dependable, good shape, best oler COROLLA door. 5 speed. ar. am-fm cassette, excellent, mle* $5, CRESSDA door. Must tee. hs» an optons Sale prce - $6808. ACTON MOTORS TERCEL, door. gre3t condton. $600 or best offer. CaS 6ue between toam - 5pm TOYOTO Cemry E lhback. loadod. excc-lenl cond.tkx. $3500 or best offer. Eves Days n.v l wz77s"t. n ^1-^:t^g'-;a:-j:r:^;5y^.vr Vllage Ford Pays Your 1st two payments - up to $ 2S per payment poor Credt NO credt Cars ^Trucks under ^ttogedbrd n Dearborn. CJ? We have to be better Mchgan Ave. V* mle west of Telegraph ^SSm^fTH^-^- :-*«..--L-=&*.-^-- ^:^^1-:^1-^1.-5^^^5-^:^^11^.^.- -..'-,> ':! "-r^ UNCLE LOU SEZ. ABSOLUTELY A BEST BUYS!!!? UNDER 1991 GEO TRACKER 4 wheel drve, 5 speeo slereo cassette, alloy v/heels, black. Slock #T7192 1st A ^ ^¾. ^ ^ ** Tmo $ WAS $12,049 Buyer ^fr^gr^&^br SALE $10,509* 1990 GEO PRZM 1.6 L engne, 5 speed, stereo cassette, power steerng, wheel covers, 6port mrrors. Stock #4786. ** 1st Tme * ^ M < K U -'ASS< rt 79 Buyer CAVALER 4 DOOR Rear defogger, automatc, ar, power steerng, brght red. Stock #4520T. ** 1991 GEO METRO WAS $10,088 NOW $6686* Rear defogger, 5 speed, competton blue. Sport strpes. Stock # st Tmo ** WAS $7586 tjryvr -- c 882 Toyota CEllCA 1987 GT automatc, ar, cassete, onh/ 22,000 mo», 2.lo choose Ca.1 now. SUNSHNE HONDA COROLLA 1987 LE - 4 door, automatc, ar. stereo. $5995 WOOD MOTORS Volkev/cgcn CABRWET 1980 conrt/tbte. mm cooctton. w!3 sacrfce. $3500 or best RABBT 19S3GTl.'5sp««d. no rust, good gas meao*. good cond.ton- $ RABBT 1984 GT - 5 spoed. sunroof mres on no* engne. $2,97J/bes After Cpm VANAGON automatc, ar. TERCEL-1989, 3 door. 4 spood. casselte, lew mkes. r^w tres 4»xhause, ecocenl condton. Must mles, excellent condoon. $4.5O0.rm or454-9l37 toe!$4,900/bcsl. C BETTER THAN JEEP J'.l/UY, BRONCO EXPlOaER. BLAZER 1^'..^ V\ -«R M'-^m '!? r.:; 1 'll \ ' ->«.. '^'-^yy^^-y^a : :j^ ^^^.^^.:^^.,1-^../^^^-^11 )M? McpTovGuyxm/ 1991 BRAND NEW 4 WHEEL DRVE KtdfcM? UuX S4 TJ'J - M«u KMk^H O.»'<r tnt t'jtrtra WKtt t-se tun - Cs fmuvtl too] U) rur.'* rn HAtrtttll-s'.-.f < s ]1l(r.:sT -.t f&efj MW<-t> C.';n fj<'---r4 f«a tn U3J U'l u* t f>fr.-m KU -f»a.s\<rtr»«c.u t LOOK 4 OOOHS Cccu Unt ltl*tu frra JU*j LK^ K>: - r»» So S;ar lw ft! *r:= - t,vv JUtlt>fc-J u-.» Htr.t >UxZ?u tft... PfcS Tl U rrjll Out E. Mchgan Ave., at Wyne Coenff s Largest Wayne Road suzu Oejtwwp yy.e^juanp/wayne AF A., fsjmmr^^wd^ y->--t:- s& «v ;-r- ' > -v r.' 1989 CORSCA DEMO r^^ssmo^ttvym-^ V-6. rear defogger. ar. automate, lght equpment, cause, ttt wheel, much more, dark blue Stock # GEO STORM ** WAS $12,636 SALE $9989* 5 speed, sunroof, brght red. Stock #4698T. 'st &/&k 8988 ^. &l O^ ** Tme $ Buvor WAS $11,030 SALE $9583» ERLEA 1991 CORSCA 1991 BERETTA 1991 LUMNA *J AYMENT PAYM Kl ~ * (4 DR.) (2 DR.) * * * PER MONTH 48 MO. LEASE Ar, cruse, tlt, delay wpers, mats, defoger, console, automatc.? v 48 MO. LEASE * * * PEfl MONTH Ar, cruse, tl, delay wpers, mats, rear defogger, automate> console. M. {4 DR.) ** 48 MO. LEASE Ar, floormats, tlt, cruse, cargo net, defogger, V-6, P195/75 whte strpe tlreg, Automatc. PER MONTH BEST BUY JF.STJUY BEST BUY BEST BUY BEST BUY BEST BUY 1990 CHEVY C PCKUP W ^h ton, V6, automatc, P225 tros, rear stop bumper. Stock #T6192. WAS $12,678 $ Get The Lease Story From The Experts Why Lease?. Avod Sato Tax j- No Down^apent- - Lower Monthly Payments No Major Repar Expense New Car or Truck Every, 3 Years.' No Resalo Rsk As Wl'lj Ownng Good Fnancal Plannng Leasng to not roscvcd (or Hecta nnd companes nnymofo. n&foro vo* m^ = purchase anywherr*, <««- «- - «-««* ^,- *\<\ G us show <.:. n.j «aa m 1990 LUMNA. APV Deep tnted glass. 7 passenger, ar, stereo cassette, power wndows, enrse control, power locks, ma/con. Stock # WAS $17,310 L Tony's' Specal $ Specalzng n GM Suppler Plan MANUFACTURERS REBATES CARS 'WLumlna "91 Lumlna - - "SOCamarO 81 Carruro Cavatkr W>*91 Corlca '90 6«rtta '9t Beratta ' '91 Caprtca GEO Storm Mttro '90 PrUm '91 PrUm '90 Tracker S voo MOOO * >. TRUCKS t :;:J LaRTche ma LOCAL M ETRO S Ptymouth Road, Plymouth - ~1**»^,. -'ht««lllamtmt,«m««l«tt*l»h «NMM, l 25*?^ff2, -2.,,, % * ^ '«" ll"** > «W > H» l t ) > l l l l «l l, «. > ^ w l w FW» 1990 CORSCA LTZ 4 DOOR Rear defogger, 3.1 V6, automatc, cassette, power wndows and locks, cruse, tlt wheel. Stock # st Tme $ Buyer, * * WAS $14,983 NOW $12,989» "FRST TME BUYERS" F YOUVE NEVER FNANCED A NEW CAft Oft TfDCK "90 Astro <6C0 91 Astro '500 ^GVn MOOO '91 GVAN "500 SO-S Bluer 4 Suburban MOOO 'W9 Pkkup full $U«.'automat(c '500 "90 Pckup full U«,Wanoal '500 W^SOPklup MOOO 90S-Blaz«r2OoorM000 '81 S-8l««r 2 Door '«0 - rm»*'$ - }'< l-4.-j- <v a c p-..- HAVE NO PROR CREDT HSTORY. AflE EMPLOYEO AND HAVE THE ABLTY TO MAXE THE PAYMENTS OUAU- F1E0 OlTYERS CAN USE FACTORY CASH BACK AS YOUR DOWN PAYMENT ANO OR.VE AWAY ANY ONE OF OVER 300 CARS ANO TRUCKS ALL PRCEO FOR NO HASSLE SHOPPNG SOME QUALFCATONS APPLY ASK FOR OETAS CAVALER CORSCA BERETTA '90 BERETTA *91 STORM METRO «.t: RST T 1 M E BUYfeRS OR COLLEGE GRADS" Get An Addtonal $600 Cash Down For a Tottl cf: '1100 MtOO MJ50 '1100 « '90 PRSM '91 PRSM '90 TRACKER '91 TRACKER 2WD '91 TRACKER 4VV0 '91 S-10 PCKUP ' teoo M600 ATTfrfU'rarkaw r+r*t «#*» ATTENTON COLLEOE ORADUATE8 SAVE $GOO TWJW»HM«H;W**U tuafh^ajp.'-, A?kebcut G!r!AC'«CoHeg* OrtnJuat Flnsnc* Plan *.. ^~^^^^^_.. _, m**f9t**hfv B_ ,-.-.. ^-wm^ w-w -. ~~ *r*ww r* r-^^wf^v.r^. L^jntWKatttMMMLjroctSfhalUmn^.^ luwf.-rm-^mtr^wmgft-n.trtm.*.,-^. trt^y^^r.f^->^.^t-r r n\^j^*- -y "- "-ll^rr* ^ftf.lllo- -6Mlla- Nc.yM-14- LOU LenCHB 0 '6 M - 6 Mlt» - A Ml* JEFFRES. 4t N Plymouth Rd. ± Ann Arbor fd. KH S8 U3 ;

27 * fctt Ay e^r>-^-u^-r-: r r-'*-\,1^ f'-f-rt'^hy'l'-r'< v'r-t'-'j--: : - -'r.-*.-'.' -- K'.-. t f»v».-' ' f.- t-j' ;-;; ^tj^j-^>^»a»y^:,;^ _» ; (.-, rt.^v^^v-'c.^rw-'k Mondav. October O&E. <!>!je (Dbupruer & tscmtrtc 0 Problems, problems s the puppy's potty tranng gong badly? Doe3 Fdo fegn deafness svhen gvng a command? Do you feel your lfe s beng drowned n pet problems? Barbara Bocc has a few answers. Sound nterestng? Then see Page 6D. XeuSMnpera ** 10 By John Monaghon specal wrter When the neon lghts are shnng and the mrrored ball s turnng n Ed "BlalhTsHowroom, you may thnk you've stepped nto jukebox heaven. A nckel or a dme s all you need to fre up Glenn Mller or The Supremes. But walkng away wth a jukebox for your own home requres a bt more captal. Blan, Detrot's kng of jukeboxes, has been trackng down, restorng and sellng vntage Jukeboxes for 20 years. He began hs career n a Pontac flea market and now works exclusvely out of several storefronts on Gratot Avenue near Sx Mle n Detrot. Over the years, he has restored close to 2,000 jukeboxes, servcng restaurants, homes and even customers as far away as Berln, Germany. Accordng to Blan, more than half of hs sales are to people n Oakland County suburbs lke Rochester, Brmngham and the Bloomfelds. "My wfe and went to ths place lookng for an nexpensve newer model machne," sad Gus Doerfler, a paper sales manager from Rochester. "But then we saw ths and knew we had to have t." A metallc clank echoes at the bottom - of the con box of hs crca 1950 Rockola Rocket, settng nto moton one of 25 record selectons, vsbly spnnng through a wndow n the front. THE CENTER pece of Doerfler's basement rec room, t s surrounded by a black-and-whte tle floor, a soda counter and pctures of Elvs and James Dean. For hm, the jukebox recalls hs chldhood. "We used to go to a pzza place about as bg as ths room and, of course, t had a jukebox," he sad. A smlar sense of nostalga got Blan nto the busness. "When was a teenager, my mother had ths restaurant wth a bg wooden jukebox n t," he recalled. " wanted to fnd one just lke t By the tme had found t about eght years ago, and just a mle away from here, already had hundreds of machnes.", Wth hs slck black har and gravely, tough-guy voce, Blan, 65, s a perfect complment to the machnes he sells. Ho estmates that he has 800 machnes n hs 18,000 square feet of storefront and warehouse space. Pontng to one of 50 machnes that lne hs panelled showroom, Blan conducts a bref hstory of jukebox stylng. "The value of a machne doesn't depend on how old ts s," he sad, explanng why the '30s models/ smlar n desgn to an old rado cabnet, can be obtaned for consderably less than the neon and chrome gems from the 1940s and early '50s. PERHAPS THE best known of these s the Wurlttzer 1015 of The crownng achevement of famed desgner Paul Fuller, ths bullet-shaped steeple of wood houses glass colored by green, blue and red flashng neon. An electrcally operated bubble devce runs up tubes along the sdes. Jazz gutarst Earl Klugh bought one for hs home n Bloomfleld Townshp and stocked t wth 78 RPM recordngs of Count Basle, Duke Ellngton and other jazz greats. "There's somethng ntangble about the sound," he sad. "t's certanly more fun than playng your stereo. As a muscan, apprecate that unque, bassy sound." Perhaps the last great jukebox desgn was 1961's AM Contnental, a futurstc bubble-topped model wth aquamarne accents. Hotel manager Bll Klrkhuff has one n hs Art Deco-style basement n Brmngham. He's got t flled wth everythng from Patsy Klne's "Crazy" to the Pet Shop Boys' "Opportuntes." " orgnally bought t a9 an nvestment, bumt's grown nto somethng more,"hesald. '" "'' " - ~" Unlke earler models, the '60s and '70s machnes no longer allowed the player to see the record selectons spnnng. Please turn to Pago 6 A crca 1950 Rockola Rocket s the center pece of the basement JM RlOEfVstatl photoflraphw rec room of Gus and Ellen Doerfler of Rochester. JM JAGOf ELO/»t««ptotogrepow Flanked by some of hs merchandse, Ed Blan leans onascoburg rvmoo-a.tho frst 100-play jukebox manufactured n December >:

28 ^^4¾¾^^¾^¾^ >^>! ^^^V^^f^^ fevt^j^-sv^s^t 4^4^^fcv4Wl^ Sr^Xf,- 2D** 0&E Monday, October 29, 1990 *M**ld*"^B»^^^^->»VJ«^^t.t.t.h.t ^^»^-^wa..,wj»^tjl^u^>^«^~«^..«^».-ato J 11,7^1.-.ftv'A.'SJ: U: ^fr-.-y.^x^^.-fa^^ -TTTTT*!;"-yy ",-rrm Bg daddy Kane and muscan, arranger, composer and producer Quncy Jones study and Can a polte, upward moble, successful professonal fellow fnd love and happness wth an older woman who sells hamburgers at "The Whte Palace" (A, R, 100 mnutes)? You betcha, frends, anythng s possble n ths mad world of ours, partcularly when Hollywood tells the story. Max Baron (James Spader) s a conventonal young man whose wfe, Jane, was klled n an auto crash two years ago. Asde from hs work, he's reclusve land stll mourns her despte the efforts of hs mother and frends to fx hm up wth all the elgble young lades n St. Lous. A few mssng hamburgers lead to a confrontaton between Max and Nora Baker (Susan Sarandon), a watress at The Whte Palace, the lo* cal hamburger Jont whch s much more lke the Whte Tower than the Rtz to whch Max s accustomed. arrangement durng a moment n Warner Bros.' "Lsten Up: The Lves of Quncy Jones." rom Despte the argument over greasy beef,- Max and Nora quckly fnd themselves enjoyng her bed n a one nght stand that s both erotc and humorous as well as extremely satsfyng for both of them. Qute unexrhnb.5:.«;,h.lf,.*..'!*l*,j«.l'v'.m K'.!.«!.'.V.:-* Gradng the moves A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ c c- D+ D D- F Top marks sure to please Close behnd'excellent Stll n runntng for top honors Pretty good stuff, not perfect Good Good but notable defcences Justa cut above average Medocre Not so hot and slppng fast The very best of the poor stuff Poor t doesn't get much worse Truly awful. Reserved for the cotossaly bad ^ * ttoadvancedscreenng ] ol lywood ntc pectedly, however, Max returns for more and more and more. What began as a drunken qucke evolves nto a serous relatonshp complcated by Max's upper-mddle class Jewsh background and,nora's wrong-sde-of-the-tracks Chrstanty- Ths may all sound rather trte, but superb performances by the entre cast, an approprate muscal track and dscplned drecton of an excellent scrpt equal a fne producton whch has a lot to say about obsesson, socal roles and the ways n whch people torment themselves and one another. WTH THE excepton of the leadsj^ and Eleen Brennan as Nora's sster, Judy, a clarvoyant, the cast s largely unknown but far from unaccomplshed. Ther long lsts of credts reflects consderable experence and t shows n the strongly realstc, appearances they make. Often flm characters, however nterestng, appear unreal. Not so n. "The* Whte Palace" where all have a Please turn to Page 4 ALTERNATVE VEWN' F"-r-T [,-t.^-uv!;' y-t**,'1 fct»f- ;v»^-^" jr;-.».= -.-^4. '.'...-r:.-..r::-.! " ' '- M 1 v.'-' -.JQ- ^ '-.^ rn-' ".' "-'» :f'h.:^r,,rf'4-,f,;:-t r -:n: r';-!?.; ",'!"";",-f ' - r,*! J 1. V.-V ; T.T1- f--,.-1 L T-'^':,,,,.'-- ;,h.y LV,'' '-!' -,-T ^A; r - ",-,-..< "" : ','?A',.- ;,, J?-.-,^.1.-,-,1,.-/1--,-, ".'V-'V -V? '?' ',«, /,- 1 ' 23 oman? By JohnMonaghan specal wrter A good man s hard to fnd. For. Klavda, the 43-year-old sea'mtress fcrone of "Lonely Woman Seeks Lfe Companon," the sjtatement couldn't be* more true. Tred of clatterng around her apartment, she posts sgns throughout Moscow, advertsng for love. Her frst respondent s no Prnce Charmng, but an alcoholc ex-crcus performer named Valentn who shows up" on her doorstep. Even though she bops hm on the head and throws hm out, he's persstent, and a relatonshp slowly develops. Made n 1987 at the dawn of REEM SCEN glasnost, "Lonely Woman Seeks Lfe Companon" s a charmng, ntmate v comedy that proves that shortagesof love know no boundares. t play3 Frday at the Detrot Flm Theatre. Even after Klavda and Valentn get closer, socety frowns upon the relatonshp. Frends say she can "do. better" and call Valentn "a socal paraste.' 1 ' She starts to have doubts also. " don't know what to save anymore," she cres. " need to be saved." Then she consders the alternatves. A sort of Communst scout troop called the Young Poneers decdes to take the lonely woman under ts wng. n one touchng and funny moment, the squeaky clean Poneers even serenade her. - At the core of the flm s rlna Kupchenko's performance. She cap-, tured the best-actress prze at last year's Montreal Flm Festval for her portrayal of a prm, weh-dvessed woman wth a good Job. and a large apartment n overcrowded Moscow. "Lonely Woman"* predates and also complments "Lttle Vera" (1989), the equally nsghtful look at a restless teenager n a small Sovet ndustral town. Both characters could easly exst n Western ctes. " sensed that people had a great curosty about the dally lves of or- Please turn to Page 4 : > - ^ EEEESEE ^rrnum E - J'-h'nj DETROT FLM THEATRE, 5200 memorable account of a young "To the Lmt" (USA ), Woodward Ave., Detrot. Call 833- brcklayer who s elevated to stardom by the 1950s government n Poscreen Omnmax flm combnes through Aprl The latest bg for nformaton. "Lonely Woman Seeks Lfe Companon" (USSR ), 7 and 9:30 "Leaves from Satan's Book" (Den clmber, sker and ballet dancer wth land. ($4/audtorum) amazng footage of a mountan p.m. Nov. 2. A gentle Sovet comedy mark ), 1 p.m. Nov. 1-2 and 5 the nner workngs of the human about a 42-year-old Kev seamstress p.m. Nov. 3. Drector Carl Dreyer body. who posts notces around town to adapted Karl Franzo's "Sorrows of meet sngle men. ($4/audtorlum) Satan" for the screen n a story HENRY FORD CENTENNAL "Gong Places" (France ), whch traces the weakness of the LBRARY, Mchgan, Dearborn, (Free) 7 and 9:30 p.m. Nov. 3. The fully restored verson of Bertrand Bller's trayers of Chrst, Mare Antonette, "Gertrude Sten: When Ths You human condton. Satan lnks the be unnervng comedy about a par of among others. Kckng off a trbute See, Remember Me." (1971), 7 p.m. overage Juvenle delnquents commttng a seres of crmes. An early, rectal hall: Nov. 3 performance wll ddly speaks of her lfe and works n to the great Dutch drector. ($2.50/ Oct. 29. Author Gertrude Sten can remarkable performance for Gerard be n the audtorum) Pars durng the frst quarter of the Depardeu. Also starrng Mou-MJou, century. sabelle Huppert and Jean Moreau. DETROT SCENCE CENTER, ($4/audtorum) 5020 John R, Detrot. Call LVONA MALL, Seven Mle at "Man of Marble" (Poland ), for nformaton. ($5 adult admsson, 3 and 7 p.m. Nov. 4. AndrzeJ WaJda's $2-4 chldren) Please turn to Page 4 VDEO VEWN' tbawst-],,a.':n.^3m^-*^v,j8^a GbssB^aa«^^ By Dan Greenberg specal wrter Depctng the horrors of the Holocaust or of any other genocldal tragedy s a dffcult task. How can the unspeakable be spoken or shown? s t possble to represent vsually atroctes that the mnd cannot comprehend? The best efforts n ths regard focus ther energes on the calamtes vsted upon a few ndvduals. One man who has suffered and stands as a symbol for mllons s a character to whom all vewers car* relate. "Murderers Among Us: The Smon Wlesenthal Story" (198¾. color, 157 mnutes), to be released Wednesday by HBO, s a docu-drama recountng Wesenthal's (Ben Klngsley) search for Justce followng hs May 1945 lberaton from the Mauthsen concentraton camp. The flm chroncles Wesenthal's story from that tme as he began workng wth the U.S. Army War Crmes nvestgatng Dvson, hs foundng of hs now-famous Documentaton Center n Venna and hs devoton to trackng down Naz war crmnals and seeng that they are tred for the atroctes they had com-' mtted. A vald flm about the Holocaust must avod trvalzng characters by gvng them a commercal, Hollywood-lke appeal. What ths flm does qute successfully s show us people n hell, and * the devls that put them there for no ; good reason. \ V Tue., THRU N0V.W w N0V. O LOUS ARENA nwrnjjto ^-AV ~Y Produced by KENNETH FELD THE tober & Eccentrc NEWSPAPERS -- t VA W1 «*>" y'.-r?'- Th* Goo46tn Tfc Hl^ht Prlctl WJR *AWO? PAMflLY MGHT Tue. NOV. 6 at 7:30 PM THE LTTLE ^ ft W.wm\ r.-/.:¾¾¾ CHP m l:sgm:rantl:ks "-"^ &5;.:-.,-»/ :: ' ON ALL FAMLY NGHT TCKETS wth DSCOUNT AVALABLE at F&M COUPONS DSTRBUTORS REGULAR PRCES: COUPON PRCES; $12.50 $8.60 $10,50 $6.60 $ 8.50 $4.50 ALL SEATS RESERVED PRCE NCLUDES TAX DSC OL[NT ALSO APPLES TO LMTED^ NUMBER OF HNQSDE SEATS CALL BOX OFFCE FOR DETALS A«!,«!*,. ""*, < 11 '.ps jnfl >K( <J.JV O t(y nf.

29 Monday. October * * ~. F! '-' -'--' ' ' ' 113 -h N CONCERT J.^,: r :. J-.f ^ P ^ ^ ^ ^ - ^ 1 Many punk groups have dsappeared, some have mellowed and some have ded, but Socal Dstorton s crankng out the same amplfed snarl. Dstorton outlasts ts punk begnnngs By Larry O'Connor staff wrter A chunk of hs left ear s chewed off. A scar on hs left hand remnds hm of a self-nflcted knfe wound. He's been n jal and through treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. The punk lves, whch s qute remarkable 10 years later. Many played the part of the anarchc, venon-spewng muscan, but Mke Ness of Socal Dstorton lved t. Ness' career was marked by a long lst of bar brawls and run-ns wth the law. Then the punk met the Godfather of fate. Ness got clean, put Socal Dstorton on the road agan and sgned a record deal wth Epc. Amd the skeletons of the punk Seeng the show Who: Socal Dstorton' When: Tuesday, October 30 Doors open at 9:30 pm Where: Blnd Pg 208 S. Frst Street, Ann Arbor Call 99S-8555 for more nfo. Tckets are m advance. movement, Socal Dstorton s crankng out the same amplfed snarl that put the L.A.-based group wth the ranks of the Sex Pstols, Clash and the Ramones. Many have dsappeared, some have mellowed and some have ded lke Sd Vcous. Yet, one of the punk perod's most vrulent outfts contnues on a major label no less. "Yeh, t's werd for a band of our calber to be sgned to a major label," sad Ness n a telephone ntervew. "Out of the hundreds of bands that came out of Orange County, (Calf.)... don't know what to attrbute t to. All ever wanted to do s be n a band. don't queston t. 'm just grateful." NESS HAS sad thanks - not by turnng gratutously sentmental but by beng the truculent frontman that brought Socal Dstorton out of the Los Angeles punk scene and nto the forefront. The band released "Prson Bound" (Restless/Engma) n 1988, markng a comeback of sorts. Untl then, Ness' lfe remaned a sordd tale of drugs, alcohol and bust-ups. Hs most notable bar bout took place outsde of a Costa Mesa club when hs left ear was btten off. Ness' wld mood swngs could partly be attrbuted to a heron addcton, whch he kcked nearly fve years ago. n the recovery process, Ness learned a true rebel ddn't need to be hgh on smack or stumblng drunk to be an outlaw n the eyes of others. "Prson Bound," n part, chroncled those self-dscoveres. But Ness wasn't happy wth the outcome, deemng the 1988 release as "too mellow." Please turn to Page 4 Playng t hot wth thechl Peppers By Larry O'Connor staff wrter Before he talks, Chad Smth wants to know one thng: "Dd my mother call you?" Well, errr, she dd. But any mom would want to brag about her son who's a drummer wth one of those long-hared, funk-punk ensembles whose last record went gold, whose collectve mugs are plaster on every musc magazne and whose vdeos radate on MTV. The drummer of the Red Hot Chl Peppers breaks out n laughter. The past year, well, has been a rock'n'roll odyssey for the Bloomfeld Hlls natve. Smth, 28, a 1980 graduate of Blodmfeld Hlls Lahser Hgh School, tou d as a drummer wth several localbands, most notably wth Detrot rock'n'roll war horses Toby Redd from Tve played n lots of bands and stuff and pad my dues, to use a clche. wasn't lke, "Wow." But, n a way, t was lke that. was ready for t.' Chad Smth But lke many a local rocker, Smth grew tred of the smoke, haze and general malase assocated wth the bushes of the local beat. He scrammed. Smth loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly Hlls (actually Los Angeles) to attend the Muscan nsttute. He found hlls, swmmng pools and move stars. But, better yet, Smth heard about some well-known outft lookng for a drummer. He tred out and "got the gg." A month later, the Red Hot Chl Peppers were n the studo recordng what would be ther most-successful album to date, "Mother's Mlk." Then Smth and the group were whsked off on a year-long tour, ncludng stops n Europe and Japan. EVERYTHNG HAPPENED fast. Smth could handle the pace. "'ve played n lots of bands and stuff and pad my dues, to use a clche," Smth sad. " wasn't lke, 'Wow.' But, n a way, t was lke that. was ready for t." The queston, though, was more lke were the Red Hot Chl Peppers ready^ for Smth? After all, hs pror experence was wth straght-ahead hard rock bands. The Chl Peppers - albet qute loud are a funky, punky outft appealng to more of an alternatve/college crowd. Smth was venturng nto unchartedlfrrtory: "He heard of the band, but wasn't partcularly a bg fan of thers. ~~' " just went n and jammed and rocked out," Smth sad. "They just started laughng hystercally. They couldn't fgure out f was good or just wld." Please turn to Page 4 SOUL ASYLUM Sou] Asylum wll perform wth guests, Drvn* N' Cryn', Monday, Oct. 29, at the Nectarne Ballroom, 510 E Lberty, Ann Arbor. Tckets are $11.50 n advance For nformaton, call CONDTONZ Condton? wll perform wth guests, Vrus B23 and Church, Monday, Oct 29. at Club Hedelberg, 215 N Man, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call ' O GOONSKWAD Goon Skwad wll perform Monday. Oct 29, at Rck's Cafe, 611 Church, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call O CULT HEROES Cult Heroes wll perform Monday, Oct 29. at Blnd Pg. 208 S. Frst, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call O SOCAL DSTORTON Socal Dstorton wll perform Tuesday, Oct. 30, at the Blnd Pg, 208 S. Frst, Ann Arbor For nformaton, call O SKN YARD Skn Yard, Toxc Shock/Sub Pop recordng artsts from Seattle, Wa., wll perform wth guests, Vertgo and Just Say No, Tuesday, Oct. 30, at Club Hedelberg, 215 N Man, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call O JUCE Juce wll perform Tuesday, Oct. 30, at Rck's Cafe, 611 Church, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call TERRANCE SMEN Terrarce Smen and the Malet Playboys wll perform Wednesday, Oct. 31, at the Blnd Pg, 208 S. Frst, Ann Arbor. Przes wll be awarded for best costume. For nformaton, call Q TRP SHAKESPEARE Trp Shakespeare wll perform wth guests. Uncle Green c Juce, Thursday, Nov. 1, at the Blnd Pg, 208 S. Frst, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call O SPEAKER'S CORNER Speaker's Corner wll perform wth guests, Happy Accdents, Frday, Nov. 2, at the Hamtramck Pub, 2048 Canff, off For nformaton, call O JOHNNY CLEGG & SAVUKA Johnny Clegg & Savuka wll perform Frday, Nov. 2, at Royal Oak Musc Theatre. Tckets are TOP HT ^^^^^1^1^^^.^,^^^^^^1^^^^:^ Best-sellng records of the week. 1. "Prayng for Tme," George Mchael 2. " Don't Have the Heart," James -ngram 3. "Love and Affecton," Nelson 4. "Somethng Happened on the Way to Heaven," Phl Collns 5. "Close to You," Maxl Prest 6. "ce ce Baby," Vanlla ce 7. "Theves n the Temple," Prnce 8. "Black Cat," Janet Jackson 9. "Romeo," Dno 10. "Oh Grl/' Paul Young (Source: Cashbox magazne) For nformaton, call O 10,000 MANACS 10,000 Manacs wll perform Frday, Nov. 2, at Hll Audtorum n Ann Arbor. Tckets are $ For nformaton, call 763-TKTS. O POLSH MUSLMS Polsh Muslms wll perform Frday, Nov. 2, at the Blnd Pg, 208 S Frst, Ann Arbor For nformaton, call O GL SCOTT-HERON Gl Scott-Heron, the mnster of nformaton, wll perform two shows 8 and 11 p.m. Frday, Nov. 2, at Alvn's, 5756 Cass, Detrot. Tckets are $10 n advance. For nformaton, call O DE V/ARZAU De Warzau wll perform wth guests, Dessau, Frday, Nov. 2, at Sant Andrew's Hall, 431 E Congress, Detrot. Doors open at 9 pm Tckets are $9.50 n advance For nformaton, call 961-MELT O OASS Oass wll perform wth guests, Stephane and Clff Moner, Frday and Saturday, Nov. 2-3, at the Brd of Paradse, 207 S Ashley, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call THE BLANKS The Blanks wll perform Saturday. Nov. 3, n the Communty Concert Seres at the Art Center Musc School, 3975 Cass Ave., Detrot. The show marks the ffth annversary of the Communty Concert Seres and several performers such as Sean Ftzgerald & Frends. Swamp Beggars and Chrs Real For nformaton, call or O THE REMANS The Remans wll perform wth guests. Hungry So Angry. Saturday Nov. 3, at Hamtramck Pub Canff, off For nformaton cal O DEREK ST. HOLMES Derek St Holmes, formerly wth Ted Nugent, wll perform along wth Gary Rchrath, formerly wth REO Speedwagon, Saturday. Nov. 3. at Key'West Club, W. Sx Mle. Detrot. For nformaton, call O DEEE-LTE Deee-lte wll perform Saturday, Nov. 3, at the Latn Quarter,_3067 E._ 7>anH Blvd., Detrot. There wll be a specal fashon show featurng Cnderella's Attc and Salon Kennce- Basbar. Doors open at 9 p.m. Tckets are $7.50. For nformaton, call 961^ MELT. La \Jr%2fr\JLa abahsjw15hp"s«!!s«35j!b9rg6y>«--rf*es»w5(5 Here are the top 10 songs recevng arplay on "Detrot MuscScene," whch s heard 4-5 pm Sundays (repeated pm.Tuesdays)on WDTR-FM "Come n DrnvtK " Wr 2 "Scary, Scary," J«rr> VUc 3. "Madam Frankensten." Paul Karla 4 "Bullfghter's Dsco." Jack Rubles 5 "Heart of Love," Standng Shadow 6. " Could Bury You." Phlneas G8ge 7. "Ths Man." mtaton of Lfe 8. "Don't Get Klled," Andy Beckman 9. "Ghost Shp," Gargoyle Sox 10. 'The Gates of Hell," Scott Cannbal REVEWS w^^^(^h';4!hvf«^^tr.;j,^^.,;-;-.n-mm.-.! ; : ^n^k^tm ^ lu^l:-- ^^'^^!U,r, :.MU': :^M.^;,m^kUrKl^U4:^^^ DREAMLAND -? Black Box HEAVEN OR LAS VEGAS Cocteau Twns THE CRMNAL SPECAL Senator Flux Every so often, nto the lfe of an album revewer there comes an album that truly pleases the senses. do t wth my voce," Katrlna sad. "Dreamland" by the talan band The other band members are Mlrko Lmon and Valero Semplcl, and Black Box s such an album. Soulful snger Katrln Qulnol has a oddly enough, ther muscal background s rooted n classcal musc. refreshng exuberance n her voce. The frst two tracks are enttled Though that would be hard to determne from the effusve style gener "Everybody Everybody" and " Don't Need Anybody Else," and they ated on the "Dreamland" album. kck; off ths album wth spce and The last member of the band, Danzeal'; They're classc dance tunes. f elc Davol, co-wrtes most of the you go to a dance bar, you're bound musc wth Semplcl. to hpar them, and f you've been to There s enough varety and nnovaton crammed nto the powerful onetcccntly, then you already know what mean. tracks of ths album for me to gve t KJttrln Qulnol was once a French a 9.5, on a scale from 1 to 10.. model. But her muscal nfluences They also dsplay an ablty to are taken from Englsh and Amercan, pop culture. slow t down. "Fantasy," the only cover tunc n the package, orgnally Yet the band's frst ht sngle, performed by Earth, Wnd and Fre, s slowed down a bt, but stll remans danceable. Also the ttle called "Rde on Tme," off the "Dreamland" album, was not sung -rackj.'^reamland!! s a soothng lttle mood pece. byj<atrl04un, but by LolcattaJpU, "loway, who frst surfaced durng the Amercan dsco craze of the late Ths album s Just plan good lme musc. enjoyed t qute a bt, thnk 'W»,,, you wll too. "Because 'Rde on Tme" took off Joseph Hoffmann fo quckly, we ddn't have tme to re To the frst-tme lstener, the Cocteau Twns provde a dazzlng atmospherc array of gorgeous sound. The musc s accessble, but are the Cocteau Twns? Beyond the swrlng, mult-colored cover art work, lttle nformaton s avalable about the vaunted new musc outft. Ths s by desgn, of course. The more obscure, the more mysterous, the more from whch legends are made. And, deservedly so, the Cocteau Twns have ganed exalted status for (her musc. At what pont, though, docs beng coy cross nto beng a snob? By purposely portrayng yourself as an engma stem from tryng to hde the fact you're really qute ordnary? Better yet, how much arc Cocteau Twns really Cocteau Twns or the, creaton _of_4ad_rnastermnd-vo Walts-Russell? These arc not crtcsms, mnd you, just mere questons. Muscally, Lz and Robn arc flawless. "Heaven Or Las Vegas" (Captol/ 4AD) s swrlng, orchestral and lovely wth a broodng undertone that leaves Cocteau Twns wholesomely ntrgung. "Heaven or Las Vegas," the ttle track, shmmers wth brllance as Lz's ethereal vocals provde an equnox of tranqulty. Lke many of the numbers here, the sound s both surreal and uplftng. "Fotzepolltlc" reveals somewhat of an ntrospectve sde to the Coct<?aus, at least the closest thng to t 'on ths LP. The echoed nature of the - musc-carr lend tselho nterpretaton as far as lyrcs arc concerned. And, of course, the words are not provded wth the package. n the Coctcau's mnd, ours s not to ask but rather to enjoy. Lorry O'Connor Lke Congress locked over a budget, Washngton, D.C.-based Senator Flux appears to be n a bt of quandary. "The Crmnal Specal" (Emergo) possesses those elements that made 70s psychedela great whle mantanng ts "new musc" sensbltes and playng such nfty nstruments as the oboe and saxophone. That's a remarkable feat n tself. Whle Senator Flux flbusters, though, somethng comes across qute clearly these boys' vocals can be damn rght annoyng. Granted, a golden voce s not a prerequste for a career n rock'n'roll. Senator Flux's Davd Lcvnc and Jeff Turner tend to sng n a nasal whne, whch can grate after awhle. That coupled wth some rather overblown nco-polltlcal lyrcs (after all, ths rbafa from Washngton; D.C.), provde some rather monumental hurdles for Senator Flux. All that sad, ths band docs have some endearng qualtes. Manly, those can be heard n the uneven, qurky beat they lay down. The sax and oboe also provde a beatnk feel to some of the numbers whereas scorchng gutar lcks help prop up songs lke "Fallcrness." Ths group's talents are better utlzed n straght-ahead pop styltngs. "Post Scrpt" and "Grey Eyed Athena" arc as ndelble as one could ever wsh to hear. _ Unfortunately, J>cnajor- Ffujt.'_. "sbngwrltlhg lardefrrof Levlne and Turner would rather concentrate on beng muscal revsonsts nstead of beng Just a good band. Too bad, somethng tells ts they could be. Larry O'Connor

30 wmwwwmwmww '&0.f.L'«W.y^ kj'l g'r^. >."y'. n& ^1^^/^^-^^¾¾ -^,. t v-fc-- 4D** 0& Monday. October 29, 1990 mth hot wth, Contnued from Page 3 f. any thng, Smth provded some 'comc relef to a group endurng a tragedy. Gutarst HHel Slovak ded of a heron overdose n June The band was stll n.shock over 4he death., Red Hot Chl Peppers are>anxous to put "the past behnd them. The band s busy wrtng songs for a soon-to-be recorded new'album. ; Rck Rabn (Slayer, Danzg) wll produce the project. Also, the band has left EM and s negotatng wth several major labels. ''Wth 'Mother's Mlk,' we were just gettng to know one another," Smth sad. "t's a whole dfferent thng now. We're a band. We're wrtng songs together." Wth the release of ths next album, Smth wll have come full-crcle wth the Chl Peppers and hs musc career. He's consdered one of the top drummers on the crcut. "'M SUPER lucky," Smth sad. "People just move out here and say, 'Here am,' standng out n the street wth ther gutars. There's so many muscans and so many bands. t's really compettve." CREEN SCEW / W: mt J N$>&l&fc\> : V.:, \ < 0¾¾..v^-fffV* -, >. -, mffl'x M Chad Smth, (lower left) a 1980 graduate of Bloomfeld Hlls Lahser Hgh School, toled as a drummer wth several local bands, but nov/ s makng a name for hmself as the drummer for Red Hot Chl Peppers. As a result, people lke Smth and groups such as Second Self have to move to Calforna or New York n hopes of makng t. Smth has. So, hs parents can stop worryng. Smth recently flew hs mother, Joan Smth, out to New York for a party celebratng the band's gold record. He also recalls how hs father. Curt Smth, used to go behnd mssmsmszms^mszzmmmm&nmzzzxmmznz Contnued from Page 2 Mddlebelt, Lvona. Call for nformaton. (Free) "Zegfeld Folles" (USA 1946), 10 a.m. Oct. 30. MGM recaptures the famous days of Flo Zegfeld n ths star-studded revew strung together by a feeble plot of three grls whose lves are transformed after beng recruted nto the Folles. Wth James Stewart, Lana Turner, Judy Garland and many others. nformaton. ($4.50 general, $3.50 MAPLE ' THEATRE, 4135 W. students) Maple, Bloomfeld. Call for show tmes. ($5.50 general, $3.50 twlught) "Henry and June" (USA ). The frst flm to receve the controversal NC-17 ratng s the story of wrter Henry Mller (Fred Ward) and hs bzarre relatonshp wth hs wfe (Uma Thurmond). Drected_by_PM Kaufman. ' ' "Mller's Crossng".(USA ). Joel and Ethan Coen have created a stylzed portrat of a mob boss' rght-hand man (Gabrel Byrne). The most accomplshed work so far from the talented young flmmakers. "Fantasa" (USA ). The 50th annversary of the Dsney classc, whch teamed the studo's best anmators wth well-known classcal musc performed by Leopold Stokowskl. MCHGAN THEATRE, 630 Lberty, Ann Arbor. Call for "Seven Brdes for Seven Brothers" (USA ), 7 p.m. Oct. 31. When Howard Keel decdes to look for a brde, hs rowdy brothers follow sut n ths entertanng Stanley Donen- - drected muscal. "Chnatown" (USA, ), 7 p.m.. Nov. Z. Roman Polanskl drected 't_hs_superb_detecllv.e-story,.set n a drought-strcken Los Angeles of the 1930s. Jack Ncholson stars as the gumshoe who dgs too deep nto '!' r [, T--^^'.a^^T.r-:tn^'^r3w4c>f-aj*«.-cv(N»!»«>w<T»«.»^r««^<t- STREET SEEN Dense Susan Lucas ' Our ntrepd Street Scene reporter s always lookng for the unusual and welcomes comments and suggestons from readers and entrepreneurs. Send those to ths column n care of ths ^m$plpetr $chtowfaft, Lvona 48150, or call ,' Ext,331. Summer memores Ah, the sweet smell of wld!lowers... Just the thought conjure up pleasant remnders of summer. That's what Marge Plarck of ndana has done wth her "Memores of Summer^'She gathers the flowers throughout the summer, dres them, then artfully arranges and frames them. No two are alke. Prces range from $24 to $70. At tho Apple Wreath, VV. Seven Mle Road, Lvona. Toddlers Toggery Moms were lookng for them, but couldn't always fnd them... one-pece overalls for the hard-to-ft toddler. BabyBaby n North* vlle now makes custommade unsex overall outfts ^ specfcally desgned for. that hard-to-ft toddler. The one-pleco outft provdes comfort and extra room for your actve baby. The full cut overall s of a durable ^cotton-hwll."wltrrljertler 7 rbbed bandng at the e08 and adjustable Velcro shoulder straps. Szos 12. months-to 5. From BabyBaby, 133 Cady St., NorthvUe. Cal 347-BABY, Baskn-Robbns to fnd empty gallon ce cream contaners for hs 7-yearold son to beat on wth Lncoln Logs. "My parentjlwere worred about me, beleve nw^he sad. " always played drums at partes and n bands. They were really super supportve. They thnk t's really cool. They're ecstatc." ^ 1 ^ ^ 1 ^. ^ : ^ : ^.s^.-^yk-yrrrr w^y-n Fa ye Duna way's prvate lfe. "Koyaanlsqats" (USA ) Nov. 2 (call for 3how tmes). Phlp Glass wll perform hs famous soundtrack lve whle Godfrey Reggo's flm unreels behnd hm. The non-narratve flm soars across varous Amercan landscapes. Based on the ndan word for lfe out of balance. REDFORD THEATRE, Lahser, Detrot. Call for nformaton. ($2.50) Laurel and Hardy "Our Relatons" (USA ) and "Block- Heads" (USA ), 8 p.m. Nov. 2-3 (organ overture at 7:30 p.m.). Two of the best-loved Laurel and Hardy features. n the frst, the boys dscover rther long-lost twns. n "BlocX-Heads," OUle fnds Stan stll - marchng -n- the- trenches-20 years after World War s over and takes hm home. John Monaghan ALTERNATVE VEWNG EH3 >^*«rt^t^»9»w«h»!abbw!l«* Contnued from Page 1 dnary people n the Sovet Unon, beyond the poltcs," drector Vacheslav Krshtofovch sad n ntervews at the Montreal Flm festval. Oneof-the-flmmakcr^s-best-deas s placng a hdden camera for ntmate, uncensored vews of cty streets. He depcts dramatc shortages of consumer goods, and even shows men lnng up n front of lquor stores. Some femnst vewers may have problems wth Klavda's nablty to functon fully wthout a man. Yet ths "Lonely Woman" shows somethng unversal about all of us. "Certanly, the desre to be loved s somethng that anyone can relate to," sad Krshtofovch. Ness gets Dstorton on road Contnued from Page 3 Those themes of emergng at the end of the tunnel of a turbulent past persst on Socal Dstorton's self-ttled LP on Epc. To Ness' lkng, the release 13 anythng but t^ame. The album ncludes a cuttng cover of Johnny Cash's classc "Rng of Fre," revealng Ness' love of country musc. Lke country, Ness spews out some vvd lnes about dancng n lfe's darkest corners n hs dstnct nasal growl.."drug TRAN" s a btter number about the realtes of substance, abuse. Sngs. Ness wth the voce of experence, "The tran passes through the graveyard/may the loved ones rest n peace/for the last slop. baby-js, a.volent crash/and" hard tmes, they may never cease." Aganst tho cascade of Ness' crashng gutar work, the number has bte and echoes punk musc's belter days 10 years ago, "Somethng has defntely been lost n the transton throughout the years," Ness sad. STREET rre?.?.^:=;y.:,y..7.-»^ ' -^ - >r ' '! Don't let crtcsm b Dear Barbara, My husband has been ll for many years. am a young woman only n my 40s. Recently, met a man that lke very much and have spent a Utle tme wth hm. t would be mpossble to dvorce my husband. How much of a role should allow (bs other man to play n my lfe? am lonesome for male companonshp. Sad Dear Sad, t s sad that lfe presents us wth dlemmas- lke ths one. Readers have often wrtten desparngly of ther less than satsfactory optons. Readng t>nly slghtly between the lnes of your letter, surmse that, because of hs llness, you and your husband are unable to have a physcally and emotonally ntmate relatonshp. am assumng that dvorce would be mpossble because there would then be no one to care for hm. You want very much to do the "rght" thng, but n ths case, the sacrfce necessary seems an ntolerable bur-' den. You are rght. t's. And so you are sluck n the unenvable poston of makng a decson for whch you wll be, crtczed. Any advantageous decson contans some negatves ths one more than most.. As long as you know that you are ' dong the best that you can do for you and your husband, then the crtcsm of those who are ncapable of understandng should not control your lfe. Barbara f you have a queston or comment for Barbara Schff, a (raned therapst and experenced counselor, send t to Street,_.-, J Sense, Schoolcraft, Lvona Barbara Schff :..:,^,!:. :.,.-^V^.^,...^^;s;;:^-v s»n.-::-.:^:.' : -fl^ f, ;,,.'.jl, 1..,. Jmm AHhl^.W^ -,.. ^W&NW :mm ^1¾¾¾¾ '.fj'j'/^sv.'. :r>*s^f $-!'' '03 T e '>,*** ~ ^$ 'V.r/.wHfc ;-. v^v v Wp A* * < ' H? \-- : t" 0 * - A- &3 - ty& W» 'jjjfa (* ; r -v-v<r*' ;^H^Ht J ' " JV - "/ ^^^-.-'." '..-^ ^ -kmsfm}^^ ( ^^: ' --:r.m W^'r" ss^...;:; m v M ^y- :-^y, y\ m^0mh :.y\ Max (James Spader) and Nora (Susan Sarandon) frst meet durng an argument at a fastfood restaurant n "Whte Palace." GRADNG THE MOV a^2.!lt s5y»*«:)ss^.»^ffl^1«vft3?^^ vxsttxmmk Ccmllnued from Page 2 compellng and endearng realsm as f they were actual folks next door ordown the block. That qualty taken wth the strong performances by Sarandon and Spader-result n a compellng portrat of two unlkely lovers for whom audences wll root. Brdgng socal and cultural gaps, to say nothng of a 17-year dsparty n ther ages, s no mean task but dong so speaks volumes about the power of love. That's what "The Whte Palace" does so well. Krste Alley s developng an unfortunate knack for appearng n slow-paced, humorless comedes wth unbelevable characters and exaggerated plots. The stran of acceptng the Turner famly of doctors n "Sblng Rvalry" (C-, PG-13, 87 mnutes) s almost as much as ac- -ceptng the relatves that - vsted" Krste n "Madhouse." MARJORE TURNER (Alley) s marred to Dr. Harry Turner (Scott Bakula) the youngest of a medcal clan composed of a father, Dr. Charles Turner Sr. (John Randolph), mother, Dr. Rose Turner (Frances Sternhagen) and sster, Dr. rs Turner-Hunter (Carre Fsher). rs has n tow a husband, Dr. Casey Hunter (Matthew Laurance). She's a partcularly obnoxous and pretentous lttle snt. When the famly sn't demeanng Harry (the youngest), they're busy treatng Marjorle worse than hred help. But tf^dfs.^ ^f%^» t's OK, she's not a doctor. These sterotypes characters and stuatons are so overdrawn that they're smply rdculous and not at all humorous. The Turner famly busly prepares for the return of the favorte son, Dr. Charles Jr. (Sam Ellott) who has been off somewhere n South Amerca dong medcal research. He's the oldest and favorte. Meanwhle, Marjore's younger sster, Jeanne (JamlGertz) s a freesprt who counsels Marjore to have an affar and loosen up. One thng and another, she does and you'll never guess who she pcks, albet unknowngly. The complcatons are unbelevable and nclude an ncompetent blnds salesman, Nck Meany (Bll Pullman), whose older brother, Wlbur (Ed O'Nell) s n lne to become the-tewn Vpolee-chefr^These-two are embarrassngly slow and smple n everythng they do. WTH SOME sophstcaton n wrtng and drectng, "Sblng Rvalry" mght have been a clever comedy, but Carl Rener (drector) seems to have lost hs touch. Apparently, he beleves anythng he thnks s funny wll get laughs. Not so, Carl, there are the small matters of pacng, tmng, humor and understandng that smple-mnded TV stcom stuatons don't play well on the bg screen. There needs to be some exctement and tenson to get laughs. Are you concerned, aware, nformed? The recent deluge of Quncy Jones materal s now complete wth hs appearance on the bg screen n "Lsten UP: The Lves of Quncy Jones" (B +, PG-13, 110 mnutes). Ths enlghtenng documentary s also -very entertanng and leaves vewers baskng n the warm glow of Jones'musc and personalty. "Lsten Up" s the famlar story of one man rsng above unpromsng orgns and ganng fame. However, t's not the chroncle of Jones' Lfe that makes ths move specal. The manner n whch hs story s told makes the dfference. Throughout the flm, Quncy Jones travels around hs old neghborhood n Chcago and those scenes form a drect relatonshp wth the reflectons and memores that he shares wth the audence. MANY OF- -Jones' famly and frends, ncludng Ray Charjes, Mles Davs, Ella Ftzgerald and ce-t, contrbute to the mage of Jones as a muscmaker, composer, producer and wrter. The numerous cuts to performers sngng and to old footage of brass bands playng provde an upbeat tempo. The quck cuts and frenzed camera movements add to the flm's knetc energy although at tmes the pace s too rapd for clarty. Overall, "Lsten Up: The Lves of Quncy Jones" s full of style and substance and proves the song true, Quncy Jones s "Back on the Block,' - both personally and natonally. ' Last of a free fve-part educatonal seres for the communty presented by ffnyjs&tflvh/af Maplegrove ALCOHOL & DRUGS: USE AND MSUSE Tuesday, October 30, 7:30 p.m. Moderator: Panel Southfleld Hgh School Audtorum Lahser Road (corner ol Ten Mle Road) For nformaton: Presented as a free communty servce by Henry Ford Maplegrove and 46th Dstrct Court ' Substance Abuse Task Force Brmngham Publc Schools -Cty of Lathrup^/llage - "~ Cty of Southfleld Oakland County A COMMUNTY RESPONSE What wo are dong/what needs to be dono Judge Stephen C. Cooper, 46th Dstrct Judge Wll nclude communty leaders, treatment professonals and school substance abuse coordnators Substance Abuso Servce Observer & Eccentrc Nowspapjrs SouthTleld CrTamber of Commerce Southfleld Parent-Youth Gudance Commsson Attend as many sessons as you can even f only ono... ~ BUT COME!!!! M9s*J>tA«ujaweBw»MmKa **?- Southfleld Publc Schools Sduthflold Townshp Vlfage of Beverly Hlls Vllage of Frankln 7-Eloven Stores

31 n Monday. October 29, 199b O&E *5D ;tarclom ByLoralnoMcClleh staff wrter m TER GOAL S to star n a *' P3 TV stuaton comedy and she's clmbng up that ladder byway of the local comedy clubs. "That's how t's done. Bll Cosby dd t that way along wth dozens of others," sad Lsa Goch, whle tryng to laugh about the cold she has. "Some clmbs are harder and take longer than others, but the (comedy) clubs are where the TV talent agents come to look. "They're there lookng for the next Roseann, so that's where you've got to be." Goch was born and rased n Warren. Sngle, she lves wth her parents and uses her lfe "as a sngle grl tryng to save enough money to buy my own house" as the bass for her after-hours lfe as a stand-up comedenne. " wrte all of my own stuff," she sad. "t's all stuff from real lfe. That's what know and that's what wrte about. "Marred women can relate to t and so can men. t's become lke a sgnature. And what does Goch have to say about her lfe? " TALK ABOUT what a drag my lfe s, she sad. "'m so lonely don't have anybody to see 'Ghost' wth and everybody tells me that's not a move to see by yourself. When say somethng lke that everybody n the club gets sngle-orented wth me." Goch gets her hghs from makng people laugh, or f not laugh, then second best, makng them feel better than before. "'ve had people come up to me after the show and say 'thanks for makng my day better,'" she sad. "People who are n the mddle of a dvorce or a bad affar have told me that they were able to forget t for at least for a couple of hours. " do a bt about Pop Rocks (can- GVE BLOOD, PLEASE. Amercan Red Cross Eh XmRSfctojft QRLD -tut use Produced by KENNETH FELO For Lsa Goch, dong the club shows gves her mmedate feedback. People come to laugh and "that's what v/e do," she says. dy) n the show and sent a pack to a frend who was havng a rough tme of t. She remembered the show and t gave her a pck-me-up. "Even dong somethng that small to make somebody feel better makes me feel better." A graduate of Cousno Hgh School n Warren and Central Mchgan Unversty where she majored n journalsm, Goch uses the same phlosphy n her 40-hour a week job as a copy wrter for Bruce & Chato, aft advertsng agency n Bloomfeld Hlls. " do the funny, the cute, the humorous copy, at least hope they're funny, cute and humorous," she sad. BELLE TRE, Thornapple Valley, Vernors and Fretter Super Stores have been exposed to some of her recent efforts at beng funny, cute and humorous. r>wljll«jl «.W>m».»M^Jl^g»MJ'l^ 7 wrte all of my own stuff. t's all stuff from real lfe. That's what know and that's what wrte about' Lsa Goch "Dong the club shows gves me mmedate feedback, she sad. "People come to laugh and that's what we do." Her bggest successes wth the most fun crowds has been n the Looney Bn, she sad. Her favorte comedenne s Paula Poundstone who she watched every tme she played n Chapln's and s now clmbng up that comedy ladder whle lvng n Los Angeles. DNNG & ENTERTANMENT /~ *\ 9: 't. 9 0 HJZL COft/JDY CLU T^^A^\r'^A-;\"'^"\ZZZ Here are lstngs of some comedy clubs n our area. To let us know who s appearng at your club, send nformaton to: Comedy Lstngs, Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers, ScHoolcraft, Lvona CHAPLN'S EAST Bert Challls wll perform Wednesday-Saturday, Oct. 31-Nov. 3, at Chapln's East, Groosbeck, Fraser. Show tmes are 8 30 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, 8:30 and 10:39 p;m. Frday and Saturday.For nformaton, call CHAPLN'S WEST Susan SmJth and Gltter wll perform Tuesday-Saturday, Oct. 30-Nov. 3. at Chapln's West, Telegraph, south of Sx Mle, Detrot. Show tmes are 8:30 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday, 8 and 10:30 p.m. Frday and Saturday. For nformaton, call O CHAPLN'S PLYMOUTH Don Hepner wll perform wth Wednesday-Saturday, Oct. 31-Nov. 3, at Chapln's Plymouth, at the Radsson, Northvlle Road, Plymouth. Show tmes are 8:30 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. Frday and Saturday. For reservatons, call O MANSTREET Malone & Nootcheex wll perform Thursday-Saturday, Nov. 1-3, at ManStreet Comedy Showcase, 314 E. Lberty, Ann Arbor. Show tmes are 8:30 and 11 p.m. Frday and 7,9 and 11 p.m. Saturday. For nformaton, call The duo wll also perform 8:30 p.m. Thursday, op O BEA'S COMEDY KTCHEN Mke Bonner wll perform along wth Tommy Chan and Downtown Tony Brown Frday-Saturday, Nov. 2-3, at Bea's Comedy Ktchen, 541 Larned, Detrot. Show tmes are 9 and 11 p.m. For nformaton, call O COMEDY CASTLE Mke Rdley wll perform Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct , and Fns Henderson wll perform Thursday through Saturday, Nov. 1-3, at the Comedy Castle, 269 E. Fourth, Royal Oak. Show tme s 7 p.m. Tuesday- Thursday and 8:30 and 11 p.m. Frday and Saturday. For reservatons, call O JOEY'S LVONA Norm Sralz wll perform Wednesday-Saturday, Oct. 31-Nov. 3, at Joey's Comedy Club, Plymouth Road, between Wayne and Levan roads, Lvona. Show tmes are 9 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Frday and 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. Saturday. For nformaton, call < > -3 <D <4fcv<S*P mam Gerry Grossman wll brng hs brand of humor to Mss Ktty's Comedy Club n Oxford Thursday through Saturday. JOEY'S ALLEN PARK Steve Gates wll perform Wednesday-Saturday, Oct. 31-Nov. 3, at Joey's Comedy Club and Sports Emporum, Southfeld Road, Allen Park. Show tmes are 8:30 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday and 8 and 10:30 p.m. Frday and Saturday. For nformaton, call JOEY'S ATTHE ROXY Tm Barterfeld^pll perform Wednesday-Saturday, Oct. 31-Nov. 3, at Joey's Comedy Club at the Roxy, Haggerty Road, Bellevlle. Show tmes are 9 p.m. Thursday and 8:30 and 10:45 p.m. Frday-Saturday. For nformaton, call O HOLLY HOTEL Peter Berman wll perform wth Ren Brown and Troy Gtndy Thursday-Saturday, Nov. 1-3, at the Holly Hotel, 110 Battle Alley, Holly. Show tunes are 8:30 p.m. Thursday and 8:30 (no smokng show Frday only) and 10:30 p.m. Frday and Saturday. For nformaton, call G/m/ You may not be able to enjoy p - - gp" ' : «v t just once. A -~<f<~-s: V*: _ -.,1. FALL.0^ ' JJt LOBSTER *?W*?-^ -¼^¾-v <j\ FEAST fflfc::>,*?f%- y " ^-^¾¾^^J *'"? > >?. -v \«*. ^'v./.r^^'.s-.v^ ~0am6mG%m A MARROTT HOTEL OAKWOOD BOULEVARD DEARBORN $ untl December ENJOY T ONCE OR ONCE A WEEK. A Trah Ltve H'. lb North AlUutlc Lohsc* served»1h vegetable, pouto»nd bread sa a«s& ;ERANf; Tuc. NOV. 6 thru Sun. NOV. 11 Joe Lous Arena TUe. NOV, 6 < teertercv*tmln't 7:30PM rettlmmmswbulor WR JfcMt wxeoch-w ^T-^VP' Vlf* Ob\ttvt AEccenlrlc ^ ^ lawjwjr Rado FAMLY NGHT AL TCKETS MOO Off wth cwpqflt from f&m DSTRBUTORS Vfcd.NO/.? '7:30PM Thu. HCW.8... :00AM r 7:30PMt frf. NOV.9 -?30PM SaL NOV. to.-ttnoont 3:30PM 7:30PM Sun.'WW. 11 1:30PM...500PM trr-"c*ff s? 3 * BLOCKBUSTER S&ktA ED *VDEO. ( ^» JSsShn WXON-TV20 ///A///»fM W/y/LW WNC Rado KDS' 6H0W 8AVE $2.00 ON tods VNOER 1»#> coupons torn BLOCKBUSJER WEO TO GET YOUR TCKETS N PERSON: JOS LOUS ARENA BOX OfflCE «nd $1 TlCKETMASTER OvCc-U -.r--jpt.:' ncludng HUDSON'S &$JU Srm\ andharuonyhouse (strct ch&-g*»djcd»t ou'tt) BY PHONEj (313) or n Canada (519) Mon.-Sal 9 AM to 9 WSun. 12 NOON to 6 PM Uso VSA or MASTER CARD (ttntc* tfu,v» *SJed to /tfx** Ofdc n) nformaton: (313) Group Rates: (313) ALL SEATS RESERVEO PfVCE BKLUKS W $0.60 -$ $12.60 ton spcu rm'soe teancau (j a) us M u h c*n*f* (n») rttt Co*-*/v**t M b»>o*«^ P *-**** 1¾ kf M«ra H*S*tCKfc» * Bta'.-uw \ X DON'T GET LEFT OUT X1 N THE COLD... ths Chrstnas season. Whether you're a store owner or a shopper, you won't want to mss out on the Observer & Eccentrc Holday Gft Gude conng Wednesday, November 21 Just n tme for bg-tme shoppng-our Gft Gudes are always packed full of deas for your shoppng lst. The deadlne to advertse n Gft Gude s Tuesday, October 30, The deadlne to shop s Monday, December 24, To advertse, call n Oakland County n Wayne County 3^-Mftm!'''»» '-'''"'-''ft'-'t'^' "" "* 1 "'-"'-"-''"-'^""'"''**''"* An nvtaton to Few dnng experences compare to what you wll enjoy at'the Chambertn: market-fresh meats, poultry, fsh and vegetables prepared as you lke them. Specaltes that > v, cjurf $ ro^tgm tack of Ja7\b/ ; :\xte Vrydtln^^^reslvsaute- j ^¾ ed (:qfqrac!6 brook trout, baked shrmp en chemse. And Servce thafs attentve, but not owftk>d, Ths combnaton of Old World r servce, a superb ktchen and The Chambertn's atmosphere explans why once ; s ntroduced to the Chambertn A. $o many people come back agan and agan. 22$00 Mchgan Avenue, located n the Holday ton Dearborn. For reservatons, car ^... ^.. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^. ^,. ^. Not offered n combnaton wth any other dscount, or on Holdays. & T;\l>O\»h 41^4^11 1 No cash vaue. Deraton dale: 12ttV?l. AfpJcs to dnner only. fkso present ths wth your chock. Umrt one coupon per couple/ JLCt\

32 . * ' ' ' ' *, v«4^^ M^.'&^^ V^V»**+^4 *"****-'* V.'Sk/S ^r^h* 6D** O&E Monday, Octobor :VV.- ; * " * '. v : «*<*, AJ v. - : ^ 4 ^ -= S&f*' ; k!-' : ^r.l'.jlf' v : ^- m.\- -. ::-1-^^::- 1¾ km* *' l.^-j -/-¾ U^MBf^^M^ - -» 2f tack of Hotvsefran ^- Unhe Markng?> Submssve Unnat Dsease. nduced fear nduced Separaton Related^,;.:-.-/' :.'v.-. f-^f" '. : :. ' >. " -,-V,;&* * m\-:t, ^m :^^¾¾¾ ' 1 *. ' j* ;Vy<;y/. '}': Jule Graham of Royal Oak and Barbara Bocc are all smles after successfully solvng a solng problem the former was land terrer, Abby. M. photos by BLL HANSEN havng wth her 4-month-old Hgh-,^ em By Joanne T. Sobczak specal wrter " have potty traned three kds," sad Jule Graham of Royal Oak n a breath of frustraton over her unsuccessful attempt to tran her fourth. Graham has three chldren ages 10, 8 and 4, but t s her 4-monthold whte Hghland terrer, Abby, that was the problem "chld." A dozen pet owners as well as Graham sal around.actable, one Wednesday evenng at the Traners Academy for Obedence and Behavoral Scences n Madson Heghts to learn and dscuss why ther dogs just can't control the urge to urnate wherever they want. Barbara Bocc, owner and nstructor, knows exactly how t feels to be drven mad by such pet problems. She has rased many dogs, and her dedcaton to these anmals developed her present career. Tom Maxey of Frankln turned to Barbara Bocc for help wth McDuff, an 11-month-old Bchon Frese who had a tendency to gnore commands even when t meant hs lfe..._l'we must learn-how.dogs thnk rather than expect them to understand how we thnk," sad Bocc at the begnnng of the b-monthly house solng-chewng clnc, one of several servces offered by the school. "These puppes come nto a foregn envronment when they come nto our home. t's up to us to be the teachers." She breaks down the problem "However, t s perceved, what s desrable to humans may not be desrable to dogs. And what s often undesrable to humans s often very desrable to dogs. To them t feels absolutely wonderful to ur- rtate-and-defecate-on-your -dnngroom floor." EVERYONE, ncludng Graham, s laughng as Bocc adds: "t s desrable to them because t s out of ther way and out of your sght and probably because you are a crazy person for yellng at them." Bocc, whose academy has eght other locatons and graduates 2,500 dogs annually, nstructs the angushed owners about the crate tranng method whch usually solves the problem n most cases. t renforces approprate behavor whle preventng the undesrable. Graham was already famlar wth crate tranng but was followng the nstructons of a pet store salesperson. t worked for ther now deceased cocker spanel but not for Abby because she was also solng n the crate. Accordng to Bocc, crates are not useful correcton tools f the pet was bought from a pet store (where Abby was bought) or kennel because the anmals have lved n n cages. f the-pup's frst weeks were ntally n a cage, the crate becomes nothng more than a smlar envronment. Followng Bocc's suggestons, the next evenng Graham attached a sx-foot leash to her wast wth Abby at the other end of t. Together they spend three hours every nght, at half hour ntervals, gong outsde to assure elmnaton occurs there and not n the home. Graham has been keepng a schedule n addton to ths "umblcal cord" technque. There has been some success but the road s gong to be long... and wet. TRANERS Academy not only offers clncs on house solng, but also conducts home and show obedence classes, behavoral counselng, n-home tranng, nstructor programs and most recently Pets n Pctures, a talent agency for "star" pooches. Tom Maxey watched wth amusement as hs wfe Alecla and ther dog McDuff partcpate n an advance show class. McDuff, an 11- month-old Bchon FTsse, was worryng the couple. He would generally gnore ther commands even when t meant hs lfe. McDuff passed begnner level classes and rtow was enterng canne collegate turf. "McDuff s a very docle, nce dog, but we lve n Frankln where there are no fences," sad Maxey. "He wasn't lstenng to us; he wouldn't come," hs wfe sad. "There ^ere stuatons where he would be n danger lke gong near the street. We wanted hm to be more obedent for safety." Maxey- sn't-worred about hsmacho mage as he gves McDuff a complmentary bg sraootch. "He's great now, bg dfference," he sad. "That's why we went on to take an advance class. He was able to understand us and we were able to understand hm." TROY RESDENT Phl Jannes was teachng McDuff and Aleca Maxey as well as 15 other dogs and masters that nght. Jannes spent seven years learnng the dog obedence trade after hs dog chewed up the famly couch. Along wth two assstant traners, Jannes demon- -stratedleashxotrectton: "Tmng s crucal to all exercses you teach because when the dog makes a mstake, you have to be there to correct t," he sad. "Once ypu correct, you have to prase the dog as soon as t s dong t'rght. f you mss t by half a second, t's too late." Barbara Ellco, admnstratve manager at the Mchgan Humane Socety's control locaton, took advantage of a free tranng gft certfcate she receved from Davd Gustner, drector of behavoral counselng at Traners Academy. Ellco was shelter manager at MHSNorth when Gustsner, who s also drector of publc relatons, vsted the organzaton to explan the center's programs. WTH ALL HER years of exparence as a humane socety employee, Ellco admtted beng at wts end wth Gnger, a German Sheperd-Husky mx that MHS rescued from a playground n Pontlac. The wlggly female was 8 eght days old -when found under-a-slde. EUcotook her home and went through the exhaustng hand-feedng route. "We had her n a shoe box wth a heatng pad," she sad "She would cry just out of lack of companonshp, so got her a couple stuffed baby anmals. also began brngng her to work." Gnger spent ts frst four months n her offce and then n MHS' kennels. Ellco thought she knew everythng about crate tranng. She certanly read plenty of brochures and books on the topc. And ths wasn't the frst dog she fostered. But regardless of all her knowledge and efforts,gngerwasfrmess.- - "She was unsocalzed; she had very few manners and lacked so much confdence that when you walked up to her, she would roll on her back, put her feet up n the ar and urnate," she sad. "Sometmes all you had to do s come through the door and she would urnate everywhere." Gnger's bad habts ncluded urnatng and defecatng n her crate and chewng an area of, Ellco's sofa and the leg off the ktchen table. Ellco was plannng to put the foster pet up for adopton, she felt the dog defntely deserved the free offer. Perhaps you are lucky. Your dog may be close to perfect and Just needs some polshng to smooth out the "ruff" edges. Traners Academy has the staff of 50-plus nstructors. But an mportant ngredent for Fdo's success s the owner's commtment. f you are wllng to work wth your pet, the sky's the lmt. Jukebox: A bre ol lector Wth a swft smack, The Fonz could make the Sccburg Model C Jukebox n Arnold's start to play n. the televson show "Happy Days." Tunes lke "Blueberry Hll" and "One, Two Three O'clock Rock" would fll the hamburger Jont. The cracklng sounds of 45s playng on the Jukebox have become a Jhlng of past.; today, jukeboxes flled wth compact dscs gve the customer a choce up to 1,200 tunes rather than the 100-The Fonz had to select from. ' But at one tme, vnyls were the manstay, of smoke-flled roadhouses, sock hops and malt shops. The frst modern era Jukebox was 'jbullt n 1934, but jhe musc machne's popularty ddn't take of/ untl n ts heyday, 50,000 jukeboxes were manufactured annually and there were 500,000 n dstrbuton.. The "granddaddy" of Jukebox manufacturers s Wufllfzer," whch domnated the Jukebox ndustry through the 1940s. Wurlltzcr manufactured classc jukeboxes, ncludng ts hghly przed But even though the 1015 was a classc, t had a few drawbacks. t played clumsy 78 rpm records and ts selecton was lmted to 24. n 1951, Sccburg ntroduced 45 rpm records. They were smaller than ther cousns, the 78s, and cheaper to manufacture. They also spawned Sceburg's Model A Jukebox, desgned to play 100 selectons. The Sccburg Model A scon rendered the Wurlltzer jukebox obsolete and wthn a short tme gave rse to the B and C models. Jukeboxes were the manstay of con-operated busnesses untl vdeo games came along. Between 1972 and 1982, the demand was for vdeo games as opposed to Jukeboxes. Today, Jukeboxes arc becomng collector's tems. t's estmated that there are 20,000 prvate collectors n the Unted States. And for collectors, the cost depends on the Jukebox beng bought. When t was frst made, tho classc Wurlltzcr 1015 cost between $ A few years ago, one n mnt condton had a value of $15,000 to $20,000. JOHN 8TOnMZANO/H*f1 ptotoo/ epto Bll KlrkhuM of Brmngham has a 1981 AM Contnental, 'musemaker: Contnued from Page 1 "The companes thought the publc was too sophstcated to bo enthralled by a pece of mechansm," Blaln sad. "Actually, t was Just a cockamamle excuse for buldng cheaper machnes." NOW, WTH THE prce of a vntago jukebox rvalng that of a new car (a clean Wurlltzer 1015 sells for about $13,000), customers are lookng to tho newer, less expensve alternatves. A model from the '60s or '703 can bo obtaned (ncludng delvery) for around $500. Chrstmas s an especally busy season for Blaln. Last year he was makng delveres at 11 o'clock on Chrstmas Eve. He remembers one clever customer who hd a Jukebox behnd a panelled wall n hs basement. When t came tme to open gfts, he smple removed a bt of panellng and revealed hs surprse. The dmly lt back rooms of Blaln's operaton are overflowng wth machnes, some completely strpped for parts. Others wat for a fnshng touch to make them operatonal agan. "They're lke a fne cheese or a bottle of wne maturng wth age," he sad. "'m Just watng for them to reach tho pont where they become collectble." 11:^

33 ^S( By Mary Jane Doarr specal wrter CHGAN OPERA THE ATRE s 20 years old and general drector Davd DChera wanted to remnsce. Hs eyes lghted up as he mentoned Gerald Scarfe's "Orpheus n the Underworld." He s proud of the sell-out Pavarottl concert at Joe Lous Arena. Hs favorte producton n the last 20 years? Davd Alden's 1977 "Faust" or perhaps t was RhodaLe vne's "Magc Flute." "Ths s gong to be a year lke There are so many artsts on ths roster on the threshold of major careers" sad Dr. D (as he s affectonately called).over tea n the breakfast room of hs Bloomfleld Blls home. He has a lttle less gray -wth a new short har cut. -. ' DChera earned hs reputaton for dscoverng talent n 1976 when Leona Mtchell, Maranna Chrlst03, Catherne Malfltano, Nel Sblcoff, Kathleen Battle and Rockwell Blake debuted n the same season. " have only heard one "Butterfly" enjoyed - that was Korean soprano Kyu Do Park who sang for us n hope ths one s of that qualty." DYNAMTE JAPANESE soprano Yoko Watanabe won a 15 mnute standng ovaton at the Kennedy Center recently and s sngng "Manama Butterfly" n Mchgan Opera "Theatre's producton at -Masonc Temple ths sprng. Alessandra Marc proved sensatonal last summer n Santa Fe n "Aradne au Naxo3" whch she s sngng for the opera theater ths sprng. - For the season opener "Rlgoletto" Frday, Nov. 2, another new star Maureen O'Flynn wll sng Gllda. D Chera s convnced of Romanan emgre Florn Georgescu's talent and has hm cast as the Duke.. " thnk of all the artsts have worked wth, have enjoyed (Joan) Sutherland the most," sad DChera who Just returned wth, hs daughter, Lsa, and 90-year old mother from a famly reunon n Australa, George Gaynes played the role of Horace n the 1977 producton of BltzsteTrTs "Regma," oneoflhe-rrrany Amercan operaswhch MOT has champoned. There he vsted the legendary snger for her fnal stage appearance n "Les Huguenots." Last sprng, he especally lked "Romeo et Julette" and s brngng "Les Huguenots" to Detrot. "French opera has been underrated," sad DChera whose frst language s talan. "We have been overwhelmed by sngng n the talan style comng out of the Caruso era. We have lost apprecaton for the stylstc snger, where there s real balance between words and mu- Stage and screen star Edde Bracken wll play the role of Cap'n Andy Hawke n "Showboat" Nov at the Fsher Theatre.?c, whch French opera was always based on." The Bonynges (Joan Sutherland and her husband Rchard Bonynge) and the DChleras became frends when she sang "Anna Bolena" upstagng the 1984 Metropoltan Opera Tour. " dd t purposely," sad DChera. "The Met tour had deterorated very badly n terms of the artsts, the qualty. The week after the tour, whle t was stll fresh n people's mnds, brought what thought was an ncredbly magnfcent producton to Masonc Temple." MCHGAN OPERA Theater actually began n the early '60s, when DChera joned the Oakland Unversty musc faculty after earnng hs doctorate n muscology from UCLA. Hs Overture to Opera seres took one act operas to schools and communtes. He convnced Barbara Wllams (famous for her Toscann recordngs) to sng the mad scene from "Luca D Lammermoor" and darngly toured an ant-war Kurt Well opera "Der Yasager" durng the Vetnam War. Aganst the backdrop of the Detrot rots, DChera and hs wfe, Karen, founded the opera theater. The company debuted Mara Ewng at the Detrot nsttute of Arts n an Englsh verson' of Sarber of Sevlle." A budgeted f 80,000 and 700 subscrbers formed the bases for the company^ ~~ 'The amazng part was that we had a second season," sad DChera. "The DA proved problematc for securty reasons. We had the good for* tune of gettng Musc Hall. Karen always tells the story about takng some volunteers to the second balcony to take up the rug. They found 30 years'accumulaton of drt." There were few employees other than Bob Heuer (now general manager of the Mam Opera). Karen was a full-tme volunteer. "As look around the country at the opera companes all see s my former employees. feel lke the San "Francsco Opera s the MOT outpost," he sad referrng to former Mchgan Opera Theatre employees now workng for the country's thrdlargest opera. Sal Mneo's drecton of Menott's "The Medum" (1973) s one of Dl- Chlera's most chershed memores. "When he got here, the 'Mary Doerrs' were out ntervewng hm," sad DChera smlng. " was stll charman of the musc department at Oakland Unversty. After one of those ntervews Murel Greenspon called complanng that Mneo sad he was gong to teach her how to act. The two tolerated each other, but the Davd DChera, founder and general drector of Mchgan Opera Theatre, now celebratng ts 20th brthday, was surprsed when t made t to a second. Joan Sutherland and her husband, conductor Rchard Bonynge, and the D Chleraa became close frends through her appearances n "Norma" and "Anna Bolena"wth Mchgan Opera Theatre. effect on stage was so wonderful." "Tosca" s the "Othello" of the opera stage, an opera often plagued by mshaps. Ths was true for the 1972 "Tosca." "We were havng dnner at the DAC when got a phone call from the truck drver brngng the percusson nstruments from Flnt. The lghts had gone out and he could not Mchgan Opera Theatre wll contnue the celebraton of ts 20th brthday and the upcomng produc- tlon of "Showboat" wth a party, "Natchez n November," 7-10 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 8, aboard the Star of Detrot. "Showboat" opens Nov. 16 at the Fsher Theatre and members of the cast, ncludng Edde Bracken and Ron Ranes, wll bo on hand to greet guests. The Star of Detrot wll re tn docked throughout the evenng. contnue down.the expressway. Bll (Byrd) sad we could re-orchestrate the percusson musc nto the trombone secton. That's what we dd an hour before curtan tme. remember thnkng 'so ths s how ths busness operates.' Lttle dd know." THE CURSE OF TOSCA ht the 1987 producton. Three sopranos and two tenors were hred before fnal castng. Openng nght, Charles Long took 111. DChera told the audence n hs front-of-the-house comments to enjoy "Tosca" because t would be a long tme before he mounts t agan. " decded to share the drama. 1 had a'sck bartone on the etage, a bartone oh a plane, and a bartone on the way to the theater. People have told me that performance was one of our most exctng." - Of Hhe many Amercan operas theopera theater has champoned, Bltzsten's "Reglna" 61977) s a favorte. "t s a bttersweet memory. had put so much worwnto makng t specal. The cast was for my thoughts perfect except for one person Joan Dener (Lalume n "Ksmet"), the ttle role. chased her all over Europe to sgn her wth us. heard she was a nghtmare, but hred her anyway. She caused so much agtaton had to let the stage drector go, whom greatly respect. t was such an unhappy experence." on the rver so no one wll mss the boat. Local rado and TV personaltes wll attend, the Red Garter Band wll be playng and numbers from "Showboat" wll be presented. A menu of southern specaltes wll be served. Attendees are encouraged to wear festve summer attre; the shp wll be completely enclosed and clmate-controlled. Tckets are $35 per person. To order, call MOT Specal Events, At far left s a pcture of the 1980 producton of "De Fledermaus," whch ncluded a roster of local and natonal celebrtes. The threesome n the foreground s Mchael Van Engen as Frank, Barbara Melster as Adele and the great comedenne mogene Coca, who downed her way through the part of Prnce Orlofsky. State Sen. Jack Faxon, D-Southfeld, had a role, and Joanne Danto, prma ballerna from Mchgan, starred. At mmedate left s a shot of the 1988 producton x>f tho same opera wth Joanne Worley (center) n the troueer role of Count Orlofoky. K ~W

34 A, t<j-x-vrwr??\».tj Monday, October O&E 2E* / / -) L- :x J--- exhbtons Ths column runs weekly n Creatve Lvng. Send news tems about Oakland County events, to Tfe Eccentrc, 805 E, Maple, J3rmngham Send tems abput Wayne County events to The Observer, SchoolcraftsLvona Attenton: Creatve Lvng edtor. OtVONJA CTY HALL Tuesday, Oct. 30. Fall art show of VAAL, Vsual Arts Assocaton of Lvona, contnues through Nov. 16. Recepton 2-4 p.m. Sunday^ Nov. 4. Marjore Chellstorp s the juror. Hours are 9 a.m. to 9.m. Monday- Wednesday -and J9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday and Frday, Fve Mle and Farmlngton roads,' Lvona. TOWNSEND HOTEL Thursday, Nov. 1 Pottery sale and show of functonal and decoratve work by 11 potters contnues through Frday Lynn Gray, Carole Berhorst, Dee Woods, Mxe Hockman, Marsha Fscher, Dec Walters, "Prlscllla Eggen, Lynne Howes, Nancy Stockmann, Jo Shelbels and Mary Ann Grauf. Hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Frday. No charge, 100 Townsend, Brmngham. O PRNT GALLERY -Thursday, Nov. 1 - Orgnal antque posters by artsts such as Cappello, Vllemot and Colln are on dsplay through December. Hours are 10 am. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday, untl. 9 p.m. Thursday, Northwestern, Southfleld. 0 ROCHESTER HLLS CTY HALL ; Thursday, Nov. 1. Pastels by Renate Wechsler are on dsplay through December. Hours are 8 a.m. to, 5 p.nvmonday-frday, 1000 fto- - Chester Hlls Drve (off Avon), Rochester Hlls. 7 <' O~0.K.-H ARRS - ; Saturday, Nov. 3 Pantngs by jjarnes Del Grosso and Vladmr Get- ~\ man, New York artsts, are on ds- { play through Nov. 24. Del Grosso's. -stll lfesjn ol ncorporate classc and non-tradtonal-subjects, and German's landscapes n ol make reference to Mondran and-turner. Hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday- Saturday, 430 N. Woodward, Brmngham. O HABATAT GALLERES Saturday, Nov. 3 Two-person exhbton features works by Davd Huchthausen and.wll Papperhemer. The Scale Detal Exhbton features small peces by 50 artsts who usually work n large scale. Recepton $ p.m. Saturday. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, Northwestern, Farmngton Hlls, O TROY ART GALLERY Saturday, Nov. 3 - "The Beautful World of Japanese Prnts" (18th- 20th century) contnues through November. These are museum qualty prnts by Hroshge, Kunlyosh, Kunsada, Yoshtoshl and many others. Openng recepton s 2-5 Saturday. Regular hours are 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday-Frday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, 755 W. Bg Beaver, Sute 131, Troy. O U-M TRACK & TENNS BLDG. Saturday, Nov. 3 Ann Arbor Wnter Art Far contnues through Saturday, Nov. 4. Hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to' 6 p.m. Sunday, Ferry Feld on State Street, Ann Arbor. 0 MADONNA COLLEGE Saturday, Nov. 3 - Holday Craft Showcase contnues through Sunday, Nov. 4. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. wth dfferent exhbtors each day, College Actvtes Center, Schoolcraft, Lvona. O ROCHESTER COMMUNTY HOUSE Saturday, Nov. 3 14th annual Handcrafters' far wll be 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.,*816 Ludlow, Rochester Muncpal Park. 0 COUNTY GALLERA Monday, Nov. 5 Jured exhbton and sale by members of the Needlework & Textle Guld of Mchgan wll be on dsplay to Dec. 13. Recepton 6-8 p.m. Monday, Nov. 5. Hours are 9 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday- Frday, Executve Offce Buldng, 1200 N. Telegraph, Pontlac.l. ELZABETH STONE GALLERY Watercolors by Hans Wlhelm, contnue on dsplay through Nov. 7. He s ab award-wnnng author-llustrator wth an nternatlonabfollowng. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, 580 N. Woodward, RENASSANCE CENTER. Photographs of Mchgan muscans by Barbara Wenberg-Barefleld contnue on dsplay n Tower 300 through Monday, Nov. 5. Ths exhbt s part of the "Year of Musc" sponsored by the Arts Foundaton of Mchgan. O SUMMT PLACE MALL nternatonal Salon of Photographers contnues through Oct.30. The award-wnnng photos are on dsplay n the mall between Hudson's and Montgomery Ward. Hours are 10 Q: 've just been promoted and am startng to st n on lots, of busness meetngs. 'm naturally a very sby person, and 'm afrad my comments won't sound as ntellgent as those around me. So far 've hardly sad a word and now people are begnnng to notce bow quet am. Help! A: You've been smart to spend a lttle tme gettng more comfortable whle learnng the ropes by watchng and lstenng. Remember that everyone n those meetngs was a newcomer at some pont, and t's only when you are more relaxed that your mnd wll be at ts best. Before attendng each meetng, fnd out what's on the agenda, nform yourself about the varous topcs and analyze the pros and cons so you can be prepared ahead of tme. Durng the meetngs, gve your full attenton to what's gong on. 'm a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. Sunday, Telegraph and Elzabeth Lake roads, Waterford. O SCARAB CLUB* Mchgan Photography Exhbton, the club's 21st, contnues through ;Nov. 17. Exhbton crtque, 8 p'.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7, Hours are 11- a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, untl 8 p.m. Thursday and 2-6 p.m. Sunday, 217 Farnsworth, Detrot. O ARANA GALLERY "Tea for Two" brngs teapots by more than 80 Amercan artsts to the gallery through Nov. 15. There are some nnovatve expressons of the teapot n ths show. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday, 386 E. Maple, Brmngham. sure you try to do ths but perhaps your thoughts are nner-drected nstead of beng focused outsde of yourself. Lack of self-confdence tends to perpetuate tself by causng people to retan themselves nsde a mental prson of nner-drected thoughts. f you entertan such anxetes as, "Wow, that really makes sense, why ddn't thnk of that?" you are smultaneously deprvng yourself of the opportunty to use that tme to analyze the current topc. There's no surer way to make a mstake than to concentrate on makng one. remember workng on a standard typewrter n years past. The more mportant the document, the more nclned was to make errors. fnally realzed that nstead of concentratng on each word as was typng t, was thnkng, "Oh, just know 'm gong to make a mstake" and sure enough, dd. (Thank O OAK PARK LBRARY Drawngs and watercolors by state Sen. Jack Faxon, D-Farmngton, wll be on dsplay through Nov. 14. Hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Frday, Saturday and 1-5 p.m. Sunday, Oak Park, Blvd., Oak Park. O GALLERY 22 Group show wth works by Don Hatfeld, Davd Schmeuer and Jm Osthoff contnues through the month.. Hours arc 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m Monday-Saturday, untl-9 p.m. Thursday, Frday, and noon to-5 p.m. Sunday, 22 E. Long Lake, Bloomfeld Hlls. O HLL GALLERY Pantngs by New York artst Glenn Goldberg are on dsplay through Nov. 17. He does enamel and pencl on wood wth an engagng, contemporary approach. Hs work s n some major museum collectons, 163 Townsend, Brmngham. O ROGER RAMSAY GALLERY Watercolor pantngs by Robert Wlbert of the Wayne State Unversty art faculty are on dsplay through Nov. 17. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, 212 W. Superor St., Sute 503, Chcago. O COMMUNTY ARTS GALLERY Part by Part: An exhbton of part-tme faculty, from Wayne contnues through Nov. 9. Ho'urs are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., 450. Reuther Mall, Cass at West Krby, Detrot..' O THE ARTSTS' GALLERY Ths new venture represents 23 area artsts. Regular hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.-monday-saturday, Applegate Square, Northwestern,- Southfleld. O BRMNGHAM BLOOMFELD ART ASSOCATON "Faculty " features works by more than 80 sklled artsts. Contnues through Nov. 10. Gallery hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. MondayrSaturday, 1516 S. Cranbrook, Brmngham. MESA ARTS Pantngs on wool by Cathy P. Aten are on dsplay through Nov. 17. She s a Santa Fe artst who grew up n Bloomfeld Hlls, Frankln Road, Frankln. f-',.h,»' r wy.w--'.-rw.l.'vt.lj-.^t:*--:- :±...-,',.;-,-, u.- 1!.',^ ;.^-..-:,-,- organzng Dorothy Lehmkuhl God for the wonderful word processors we have now!) Students takng tests suffer the same malady. nstead of calmly takng-one queston at a tme, some people get flustered, half-read a queston, panc, go on to the next, thnkng such thoughts as, "There's not enough tme to fnsh" or "'ll never pass ths exam" nstead of calmly tryng to fgure out the answers. What they don't realze s they are losng precous tme by wastng t on negatve thoughts nstead of usng every second by concentratng on ^'":-"-^ the task at hand. f you prepare for your meetngs, shut out the luxury of allowng your ego to get n the way and get yourself wrapped up n the dscussons at hand, 'm sure you can turn the stuaton around quckly. As the old sayng goes, "Wherever you are, be there!" To enroll n Dorothy Lehmkuhl's last two classes, "Organzng your Possessons" and "Paper Paradse," at The Communty House of Brmngham, call UlMWWWWHajtWVMMUJWlBalOT MCTw.asBKraMf'rarrffffvwsfM^ HtMKU''WU 3VM 3t*»!l*"fa 7 03flM*rtWl"«Ufc»»-J*3*WM«rftH>»**;N*M' A 'v < Mt f: BUY T. SELL T. FND T. CLASSFED DRECTORY AutoForSale Help Wanted SECTON Home & Servce Drectory Merchandse For Sale Real Estate Rentals 312 Lvona ALMOST ',* ACRE Of Country sue- 3 bodroom charmer. 2 car rround* rage, basement, modern Mlchen carpel. Much Morel $37,000. E. of Farmlngton, 9. of 8 Mle. Come Seel 0*rw - Agent. Call ' BEST BUY Prce t educed en spacous Coventry Qardon* splt-level, mantneance h60, updated ktchen ft bath, at) wndow* replaced, roof 4 year* old. mmedate occupancy.» WWlby. 522:901«-<, BY OWHER-* bedroom, V* bath, 2 ttory. 1*1 floor laundry, wn dec* on 2nd floe/, alleched garage. Fenced large lot. W «t V»- <- v.- %.': CHCAGO. MEP.BJMAN ArUona : mmedate Possesson. Newly decorated 3 bedroom brck ranch featur ng cornrs ar, 1½ bath, screened pato, new carpetng, Vcar. ADAM9 REALTY - « Colonal PresUge fjorlhwest Lvona brck 4 bedroom on a/> extra tol. Vh bath, 1st floor laundry. chefa dream ktchen end, neolraldecor. $159,900 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, ndependently OATWJ and Oporeted FAMLY A FWEN03 Room for everyone U\ ths 4 bodroom, 2½ b»tn Cofonal wth laro* ma»ler bedroom aolte. formal dnng room, tl floor laundry. Aw enjoy tm openett from th«norlda Room.»139,000. CENTURY 21 Hartford South GelExcltedl -' Hot often do w«oot art al brck and < earn'rwo ranch wth replaced fur- >> ' me* arxj roof ahnowa for tveh an * aftordab!* prtc*. Baaement la fn- : shed. Just M*d and *«0 fast, ;,:> Morth Lvona at $65,200, '2 The Prudental V Harry S.Wolfo, ;J" Owned and Operated -Ju^k- S- 312 Lvona fstgos-fefflbsffte^ ra'ot [ - C,EjF- E,F F F? COVENTRY GARDENS ESTATES mmaculate pnta/d colonal on an extra wde lot wth alda entry gare$e. Spacoua master bedroom wth prvate bath and dressng room. Home lesj than 4 VT». old. Shows lke a model! $176,900. Century-21: ROW LVONA - A cathedral wanng crowns the 20x19 great room wth freplace n thla 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch n Uvor.a Fkat floor laundry fnshed basemont. 2 car attached oarage and central tt are ncluded at $139,900. WE3TLANO Th'reo bedroom colonal n Brch K.n Eatatea. 1½ bathj, attached 2 car garage, famhy room wth woodburnng flreptaoe. nevr ceramc foyer end ktchen floor, mrrored closet doora and apedanesa. $«9,900. * NOV! Colonal wth large country ktchen, natural fveplaoe n famly room. 4 bedrooms, master aute and much more. Don' wat to aoe ha one! The prtoa s rght. $ 158,900. The Mchgan Group Realtors Lvona Ranch 3 bedroom brck' ranch w!th famty room, central a.'r, and 2 car garage. Orea letna for kds backyard deck Overlookng park. S'jpw cwan home bvm n $123,500. The-Prudental Harry S, Wolfe, ndependently Onmod and Operated 312 Lvona Budget New Home Bggest new constructon bargan ol Western Lvona 3.bedroom, 2½ bath brck colonal, 1st floor laundry, natural freplace, tun basement, oak cabnets and 2 car attached garage. Prme wooded lot. $103,900 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, ndependently Owned and Operated BY OWNER A/den. 3 bedroom^xbath.juftched-breezeway. attached 1 car garage, completely remodeled ktchen, new carpet throughout, large lot. $79,500. Call lor appontment "COUNTRYCHARM" Mantenance free Colonal olers 3 bedrooms, updated ktchen, carpel throughout, pato & garage. All on a tastefully landscapod lot. $79,900. CENTURY 21 Hartford South Klda Sleep Alone Wth a room ol hlor own n ths apadous Lvona 4 bedroom brck ranch. Full master bath, fnshed basomenl. Florda'room, alumnum trm and 2½ car garage. $106,900 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, ndependently Owned and Operated LVONA 2 NEW SUBS Cape Coda, Ranche«, Colonals Move Rght n to lhl» 3 bedroom brck ranch wth an open floor plan. Country ktchen, huge 5 car garage, located n an area ol hgher prced homes. Easy access lo and JeHerles freoway. $94,900. The Prudental Harry S.Wolfe, ndependently Owned and Operated One Look tays t all n ths mpeccable Central Lvona 4 bedroom brck, 2½ bath hom«ncludng * prvacy master bath, famfly room,'brck fvepleoe, 22 fool country ktchen and 2 car attached ga/age. $125,900. The Prudental HarryS. Wolfe, ndependently Ownod and Operated Ravne Lot EvtrytMng and mora la ncluded n ths spacous 4 bodroom, 2½ bath colonal on ebsoumory magnfcent lot. There a/a J ftrepaoea, cusom cherry Mtchen cupboards and oorarnlc floor. TNs horn* la aharp.»189,900 The Prudental Harry S.Wolfe, lodependeny Owned and Operated * ).»! J.U^-ll Place your Classfed Real Estate Advertsement n more than 160, OOO \ affluent Suburban Detrot Homes 302 Brm'ngte'vKoorr.feM 303 West8o<mrad-Orch3rdlexe 304 Farmr^torvFa/mlngton KTj -105 BrgMon.KarWftd.Wa5edL«LeVe 306 ScurthMd-la'.Vup 30? $ouh Lyon. M.lford. Hghland "308 Roches'.er-Trcy 309 Royal Oak-Oa Park HuMnglOf Woods 310 VVutom-Cornraerce-Lrgon La>9 311 Oakland Co.-ty Homes 312 Uvona 313 Canlon 3!4 Plymouth 315 Northvla-Novt 315 WesllardXatfenCrtv 317 Rcdlord 318 Dea/bom-Oearfrorn '-'eguts 319 Grosse Ponts 320 Homes-WrjT* County 321 Homes-Lwgson County 322 Homes-MacOTb County 323 Homes Washtena Cwnty 324 Other &jbvb3/ Homes 325 ReaJEjUleSavlces 328 Condos 32? Ke-*Komt Bdders 328 0up!ex«4Tcwnhous«330 Apartments J32 MoMaKone 333 Northern Property 334 Out Ol Tovm Roperty 335 TkneShars. 335 Southern rvoosrty 337 Farms 338 Country Homes 333 lotsacrtaoj 340 lake R-rer Resort Property 342 lex Front Property 348 Cenelerylol 351 Busness 4 ProresvonaJ BuVnoj 352 Comrr«-cs!/P*tal,353 ndustrtal/rva-ehouse S'e or lese 354 ncome Property 356 nvestment Property 3S8 MortoJoeMj/xJConracl 3 0 Busness Oppcrtu'Vtej 361 Mrx«yloloarvBorro-/» Aeal stauwtr.ed 364 lb!no.s Wanted fl BUY T. SEU T. FND T. C ASSFU.D t ^M 312 Lvona Mood Quck Occupancy? Call lode/ on hl» wonderful brck ranch \Mth many updalea ncludng vnyl thermo wndow* and atorrr.a, e«ferlor doora, roof, dver and aldewafk, central ar w<h eectrono ar flter, water healer and the tst goes on. House sfl* on oversed lot and s n prme 4 M3e/Newburgh. area. Cah' last alt The Prudental Harry S.Wolfe, ; tndependenlfy Owned and Opera od PLYMOUTH CANTON westetoomfelr^. BLOOMFlfelD FA^UQTCH UVONA 400 Apartments 40) Furnture Ren'Jl 402 Furnshed Aprtmer.lj 403 Renlal Agency 404 Houses <05 Property ^<orml 408 Furnshed Houses 407 MoMa Bores «3 Duplexes 410 Flats 412 T<mr^ses/Co«JomWums 413. TVr* Share 414.SouVvern Renl».'». 415 V"acal)On Rentals e 416 Hals 1w Re s>dev4 to change BlRM EQUAL HOUSNG OPPORTUNTY asj^* -&t^^ Dsplay Advertsng ROCHESTER 419 Wot-le Home Space 420 Rooms 421 LMng Quarters lo Share 422 War.tedtoRent 423 Wanted lo Rent-Resort Property 424 House Sfpfp, Servce 425 Convaescenl fmsng Homes 426 Home Health Care 427 FcsterCare 428 Hor«for the Aged 429 GarsjevMtrJ Slcrage 432 Corvnercal/ftelaa 434 ndustrat/rvjrehovse Lease or Sato 436 Offce Busness Space AH real esttte «d\ctwn$ m ths newspaper s sutyecjwtss^owar ft Hcvsr>g Act cl 196$ aft/crt ma*es t llcgtl to a<f>-ptn«"an/ preference. -mm-on o/ dscrmnaton t>ated on /ace, cdor. wtyoo. sex. haadxsp. ttrnw status ot natonal or>! n. of ntent.on to msat any svth ptdccnce, mtaton ot dsctmnatoo." TNs newspaper Kn not kno*o$!y akcept any a.dvtrnt\g for real esta'.a nnfeft s n volton ol tho la* Ovr readers are hereby Mormed tha an dt-chnos advertsed n ths nerrspapes ra tva»ab!a on an <vjua/ opportunty bs's A advertsng pvbhhed m The Observe* 4 Eccentrc» subject to the cond-tons stated m hpp«cab«rte card, copes of»mch are avatabe from tha Advartsng Department. Observer. A Eccentrc Newspapers. 362&1 $choo«crart Ro»d. Lvonu. Ml (313) The Observer & Eccentrc reserve* the rght not to ecceo! art eovertset' order. Observer & Eccentrc Ad-Ta^er* hav» no emhoory 10 bnd ll*s newspaper and only pvbsceton ot en advert-semen tha consttute fnal acceptance ol the advenser'a order. 312 Lvona FRST OFFERNG mmedate occupancy on ths 4 or 8 bodroom"ranch, famly room, V batha, large ktchen, dec*, 20x30 shed n yard, askng»m,90o. Cat: E6TREM8ATM Century 21 ROW t^tuqtwaeammlaajattafjug 312 Lvona. The Park Place lookng lor 3 bedroom, 2½ bath ranch wth an open Boor plan? Your aearch wlfl end when you t<>9 Ns fabulous home at laurel Ernes. Oreal room wth corner freplace, unque rwa oft of Mchon ard 1st floor laundry. One of 1 now and enctng floor plans prced at 1164,900. The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, ' 46M660 ndependently Owned and Operated 312 Lvona ^ LVONA - By Owner. 3 bedroom brck ranch n desrable Rosedale Gardens, Fu% basemont partally fnshed, remodeled ktchen, hardwood floor* throughout, famly room n knotty pne. $69, OWNERS TRANSFERRED Must sacrfce ther 4 bedroom. 2½ bath sharp colonal at 5 M3e/Newbvrgh. Can nowf TNs house MUST SeuT»l Carol Fodrtoo C MURY 21 Hartford North PRME LOCATON TWj brck r enert<*prc«tt erylhlng you need n ths 3 bodroom home wlh basement, lamly room, huge ktchen and lovely roed yard all Tor M COLDWELL BANKER Schwetzer Real Estate "SHARP" FRST OFFERNG Brck Ranch offer* 3 bedrooms, large ktchen. 1¼ baths. fub basement, lencod 4 landscaped yard. 2 car garage. FHA terms. $ CENTURY 21 Hartford South Snuggle Up lo the woodburnng freplace n the Jvng room of ths apadous Rose- K da)e ranch. YWH love the meucukxjs.y landscaped yard, wotmentzed deck, landscape fght*, newer furnace and roof. Don' mss toolng lwsonefor»w,900 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, ndependently Owned and Operated Towerng Troe9 Lef you know your n Northwest rvonja'a Woodcrock Fe/m*. Park. KVe aeuog for ths goreou* 2.J00 Muare h. 4 bedroom 2¼ bath brck colonal. s! floor laundry, central ar and an nower carpetng, yev warranty The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, ndependently Ownod and Operated W1LOERNES3 N LVONA? Yes. you can have t n ths mantenance rco ranch. 3 bodroom*, natural wood door* 4 floor*, country ktchen tor l*mlfy gottogethera. The basement s flnfshed wth room tor study or computer buff. Pkr* comfort of attached garage wth opener. «1,900. Century 21 J. Scott. nc Canton Famly Szed 4 bedroom. 2',» bath, brck home wth Sol* of room, large room 4 lots of updates, fa/rtfy room wth freplace, fnshed basement, 3 car atlached o wage 4 fenced yard. Applance* ncluded n a hoge ktchen wth cathedra comrwj. Home warrar.ty" ncluded. Askng $127,900. «5021. Remerca HO OMCTOWNREALTOftS xac&^gsa**-**- "V. YOU MAY PLACE A CLASSFED ADVERTSEMENT FROM 8:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. MONDAY - THURSDAY AND FROM 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. FRDAY DEADLNES' FOR CLASSFED "LNERS" MONDAYJSSUE: 5P.M. ER1DAY- THURSDAY SSUE: 5 P.M. TUESDAY O ONE CALL DOES T ALL OAKLAND COUNTY WAYNE COUNTY R0CHE8TER/R0CHE8TER HLL Canton BELOW MARKET R CANTON - * bedroom. 2½ bath Colonal, frst floor laundry, fnshed basomen, attached garage, must sem , J3 CHALET N THE CTY Unque chalet «rye brck bedroom home. Feature* bodroom and fufl bath on man floor. Court locaton, famly room, freplace, 2 car attached garage. 1 yea/ buver protecton plan. $99,900. N-150L-C ERA COUNTRY RlDGE FOR ALL SEASONS En)oy the famly room wth freplace now ersd Florda Room next Summer. mmaculate 4 bedroom, 2 bath Cape Cod n encolent a/ea, close to everythng. $109,900. CENTURY 21 Hartford 8outh HOME PERFECT A *paclou* 4 bodroom ouad level n a great neghborhood. Many upgrade* thru-out. Famly room w' freplace, fnshed basoment w/wo bar. 2½ baths, fantastc deck & much mora. Askng $ HEPPARD n Ground Pool Horthweslern Canton large 22O0 square ft. 4 bedroom brck colonal, 1st floor laundry, 2½ baths, fnshed basement and central ar. Oel ready to splash nto rent»ummer. $127,500 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfo, ndependently 0*ned and Operaled JUST LSTED Fantastc Colonal wlh nearly 2,300 K} A.. 4 bedrooms, wth tfan master bedroom wth *o much morel Hghly motvated aeter*. Home wartenly provded. Atklng only $117,900. O*0«P. Ask for.. KEN RYAN Remerca HOMETOWN REALTOR PA1CEOT08EL Owner ha* been transferred.'beautful 4 bedroom, 8V» bath, colonal. Has new wndow*, floor» waa coverlrtg*. Central ar, flnnhed basoment. $121,900. «8-<O0«313 Canton WOODED SETTNG backng lo park. Stunnng 4 bodroom, 2½ bath Colonal. Move-n cond.uon. Huge masler sute wth' walk-n closet & bath. New carpet throughout, all wood ktchen cab)-' nets.? car attached garage. Quck occupancy. $116,900. Remerca HOMETOWN Plymouth GY OWNER-BEACON TRAL * 4 bedroom country colonal on a' wooded lot. large deck ft a 3*4 car' garage. $189, Woodogh' Way. For appontment 459-OOl Custom Throughout Ths s country fmng wlh he best, custom desgned New England»sJt, box home anyone could want, lo*, cated KJS $ mnutes from Plymouth, and s decorated to perfecton.. Many extra* nclude crown moldng., 6 panel doora, fnshed walk-out, basement and an absolute dream, kfchen. Plymouth achool* and mall'. ngs acre fol end prced *1 lus. $249,900. / <. The Prudental: Harry S. Wolfe, ndependently Owned and Operated ' EXCELLENT NEGHBORHOOD " 4 bka from downtown, updated bungalow wth 3 bedrooms, 2 baths,"- new e«jpanded Mtchon. osk floor*, fln'shed basement, backyard deck.' $121,500, « fn-town PLYMOUTH ' Brghl & sunny 3 bedroom WWamSv, burg Colonal on V* lota wth park-, Ska prvate yard (stately tree*..1*» colorsl). Walk lo.townl Formal Tre* place. HvoVood floor*. Sunporch^' CMcony. 1 yea/ e4d furnace. Updet-., *d ktchen» bah. Le* oc cha/m..magne porcelan, bras*. «,. youl$149, J-02M V V 'S SHARP 3 6EOROOM RANCH '' bull n 19JJ wlh many extras.": «9,500. Pleas* cafl for ^ appotnlment *>- LAST CHANCE :: On Ma beautful 3 bedroom. 2 bath..' 8"» ca/ garage 6aJem Twp. ranch. *> Plymouth tchoo*. 2VJ acras, Urge > fenced backyard, rwge.-peo4. r' crcle tsthr; hesl A contra! arwy 1 < yr» old. mmedate occvpaacy, > move-n condton. Flrs steduj- $150, week* left to *c«*(-' $ H. Terrtoral. House - now lor renj $900 mo. 454.M42 /

35 314 Plymouth CUSOM BULT CAPE COD 2 years new. >> acre wooded lo. p<vm road. 4 bedrooms. 3 baths Features great room w/18 ll calbodral ce.'!.ng, oak woodwork and man/ mors leatures» N- 46SHP ERA COUNTRY RJDOE DEAL Beautful 4 bedroom Beacon Tral lvyt.9 featurng 2½ bar-,j. afga lam- :/ room wlh f./cp!aoe, 1st floor s-jhdry. custom drapery, over 2.3O0 sc t. ne-ner centra) a!/, lorrr.y dmuv) room, ceramc to,er 4 hl-lway a-d 2 ca/ attached garage Tranqul cul-de-sac sellng wth superb landscapng Askng J a»22. Remerca HOMETOWN Qualty. Throughout Trj spacous 4 bedroom Colonal formal largo ktchen' p;try. ne-n 2'S batr.s huge famly room Rlhlrepface. al ne* (lockng, punt 4 landscapng $ Remerca HOMETOWN Norlhvlle-Nov ev OWNER-Bcautful 4 bedroom. 3 baths, large ktchen new w-ndows 2 > attached acres Open Nov < 7-5pm $179, NO«THVLl.E- Stan»our hot-da>s w--'n» home Ths spacous bf>ck mantenance lro*^canch has an open C V»fOrrvy*3C^> 4><<droorn$. 2'^ Mtr-.s hardwood floor E-ERrtHNG s ne* Otc7>**d 2's c.=.- garage a sme::j of the Oder Mt lt the- ar Shown by appotntrmyt Open Mouse s stfl scalable Nov pm NOV TWP. 3 bedroom ranch m B'ookf>n farn Coner t.reploco. forda Room lo* townshp taes Jus reduced- $17?.900 (W440) CENTURY 21 WEST. SC Westland Garden Cty BEAUTFULLY LANOSCAPED '2JO SC t. 3 bedroom. 2 bath 'ar>ch *-,h 2 ca-' garage, tn.shod tsomenl. pool, contra! a.r. elras Ct-en House Sun t?46 Don't MssThoBoal o.- h's charmng updated bungalow There are 3 bed'ooms ard 2 fut baths, a full basement a.d a 2 ca/ gs'age Total updathg ncludes no-* oa* cab-nets n the ktchen, a new roof and furnace $60,000 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe ndependently 0*r\ed a->d Operated GAROENOTY eeler than ww sta/lcr. updates gore A few features te sdng. p^o out wndu-*-j. electrcal, plumbrg, remodeled ktchen and bath f.'usl see to apprecate. $63,900 Century 21 DYNAMC REALTY, NC mmedate Possesson pn ths 6 month old. an brrck. 3 bodrobm ranch wth tu'l basoment. noutat decor and wondortul country krtchen Prced to sen qutckty at $82900 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, V/ostland Pardon Clly Famly Room Ranch Wcstom Westland brck 3 bedroom wth a roomy open floor plan and Charmng country decor wde lot wth garage He-* vnyl wndow* and ncludes hom* warranty. J65.6O0 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, ndependently Owned and Operated Famly Room ' Wlh Freplace fnshed basemref. remodeled ktchen end balh. ne-a» /oof. furnace landscapng and more n ths 3 bedroom brck rancf wy> 2 car" attached grage located n a QgaSlr neghborhood Call 1«mora data's today $89,900 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe rdependentfy Ovmed and Operated Pc.-fect Home lor the (amty ;tna fust wants to mo.e n and do nothng Ths house s petted m every way. ncludng new lurnace and centre) 4;/ n wotman/cd deck newer cement work and overszed garage There s a comp'ete 2nd ktchen and lu! bath n basemne Afl custom decor and blnds w-.l atsy Ona slung and l'» sold $72,900 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe ndependent!/ Owned and Operated REMODELED KTCHEN Ranch wth 3 bedrooms haa much to otter RemodcJod ktohon wth oak cabneu. remode:od bath. n&*& w.r.dows. deck overlooks large backya/d $63,900 CENTURY 21 Hartford South UNDERPRCED Lr.onu Schools. 3 bedroom. W, tatn home Lsted ths wock. Attached garege FamL"y room Oont desy. just $ Century 21 - Dynamc WESTLAND ty 0*ner. 3 bedroom, large ktchen, pato, appfanoea Hay. 2 ca/ oarage, workbonch, woodburner. $74, WESTLAND - 3 bedroom brtc* utlj- v room 2'S ca/ garage, cornor fenced (ou new furnace $$9,000 negotable $3200 DOWN ' $525/MO. Westland - brand new 3 bedroom b'lck ranch tu'l basement, pant 4 te for part closng costs Ross P.oalty BEDROOM BUNGALOW An new ktchen cablneta wlh doorwa.' loadng to dec*. Overacted garage (2424L mmedate occupancy Home warranty ncluded $69,900 Century 21 DYNAMC REALTY, NC BEDROOM BUNGALOW An new ktchen cablneta wth doocwaa leadng to dock. OvortUed garage <24<24L mmedate occupancy Home warranty nckdod. $69,900. Century 21 Dynamc Realty, nc Westland Pardon Cty SUPER VALUE n lhl» 3 bedroom alumnum ranch Newer furnance & crcut brake/*. basement, 2 ca/ garage. mmedate occupancy. $54,600. FABULOUS 3 bedroom Bungalow, large lot. frst (Too/ laundry, havdnood floors, deck, overszed 2 ca/ oarage. mmedte occupancy. $62,900. Century 21 CASTELL WESTLAND A NEW COMMUNTY SNEAK PREVEW Prevsc* 5 new exctng models, h basement. 2 ca/ attached ga/age. large master bedroom lulte and mora From. $74,990 Oel tn on the ground ftoor MLLPONTE Redford A Lttle Bt Country and a whole lot of value Ths custom bun't ranch alts on» 'A acre ol beautful property overlookng goll course lt» mantenance free and updated wth Slalnmaster carpet, ne-n-er furnace, roo*. and avrmlnum trm There s a natural freplace and 2 car garage A beauty at $105,000 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe ndependently Owned and Operated Fnest Offerng m South Redford. Qualty bult 3 bedroom brck ranch, remodelod ktchen, mcefy landscapod yard, blown n nsulaton, now drtvo-way. nowty Tnshed ha/dwood floora. basemonl. 2 c&r garage and more All lor $84,900 Open Sunday 1-4 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe ndependently Owned end Operated STARTER Hard to 5nd brck bungalow. 3 large bodrooms. dnjrvg room, farrury room, den 80 f wtde lot + g-a/age Offered at $54,800. Century 21 ROW Dearborn Dearborn Heghts BY OWNER Grayflctd. U. Oearborn Hetghtt. 3 bedroom brtc* bungalow, rntshed basement, large fenced lot 2'<s ca/ garage. Oca/born Schools $73, CLASSFED ADS GET RESULTS 318 Dearborn Dearborn Heghts LOCATED H - Dca/born Heght* Custom Roman ranc on.5 acre 3 bedrooms. bath, 2 Java Many updates ncjudo furnace, central a!/ & roof Fnshed basement much morell REMERCA Executve Realtors Hornes V/ayne County Great nvestment your lookng lor a home to rre m or rent out ths- home can be Just wha your lookng for 2 bedroom brtok ranch w(h basc^r-enl f you need tovmj cat lor detats $34^900 The Prudental ' Harry $. Wolfe ndependentf/ 0*ned and Operated Mrs, Clean Specal! Super sharp spacous 3 bedroom n overlookng beauttuubackya/d VA Or FHA terms welcome N-ce home at $56,900 The Prudental HarryS. Wolfe ndependenth/ Owned and Operated WAYNE - BY OWNER. 3 bedroom. 1-s bath colooaj. 2v car attached ga/age. ta-mjy room wth Trepace fvushed basement wth 4th bedroom, sunroom. wooded lol $128,000 Can alter 6pm Brmngham Bloomfeld BEAUTFUL NEW Custom bult Colonal 4 bedrooms. 3'-s bath. Bloomfetd K^s schools $4 75,000 6rokersproeced BRMNGHAM Quarton Lake Just lsted Des^ner pc-rteel 4 bod room, huge gormet klchen. an season Florda room, dramatc master 3 freplaces, central ar. 3 car garage Best buy m town'$ RCHARD COFFEY RALPH MANUEL West Bloomfold Orchard Lake Overlookng Orchard Lake Custom contemporary 1986 bu;t brck cchotaf 3,000 so/ja/a f 4 bedroom w.h 3 lutl and 2 ha,'l fcjths f^u'sr-od tase.t«n1. s ROOT Laundry, whrlpool tub. olf<e lot! and cathedral gret room 1ST SHOWNG $429,900 The Prudental HarryS. Wolfe, rvd&pcnd&ntf, Owned and Operated 304 Farmngton Farmlrgton Hlls AMAZNG $124,900 magne»tng m FaVm-ngton H.t's -n a ne*t/ constructed 4 bedroom. 2. bath home Cuslom ktchen large roc room»:tn t.reptace 4 wa'k OM to back, certra! ar. vaulted ce tr-g a." on a large landscaped homeste m ne«sub Brokers we'-come CaT Scol c» Mark (or an app at Farmngton Farmngton Hlls FAR^.'GTON HLLS NCE STARTER HOME - On Double Lot Large scroened-ln porch Fa/mmgtonH.LsScroolj $59,959 th-339) CENTURY 21 WE8T. WC FARMfKJTON HLLS JUST REDUCED fabulous 3 bedroom 2'.> bath corlemporary Features 2 car garage, ceramc ue. whte lorrr.lca kttf.en. 2 dock*. Berber ca/peurvj. sprnkler system and;mcre Owner AnnJous't Askng $1/9.900 VASK FOR SHHLEY OR SAM CENTURY 21 NORTHWESTERN or « JUST LSTEO - th.s 4 bedroom brck 4 CoonJl Rocor.tly rerrode^d end f^-.'a/ged f«e»j!ral decor located m farmngton Hlls on e'mosr 3/5 acre A apptancc-s ncluded REMERCA Executve Realtors U ' AFFORDABLE - very nce sub S ol Eureka and W ATTRACTVE 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 ne* ho water heater, encrg/ effcent hot nater baseboard feat ^Tly $69,900 Sharp 3 bedroom ol nkster Nce deck o» docx-wa car ranch- full.basemenl lam.'r bnck ranch wth fnshed basement room w'.ln lrcc'ace. fenced yard and garage. 100 yds to Weslern trocs $138,900 Or.nor Golf Course BARAMGTON GREEN SUO MMACULATE REDUCED* Fredercksburg 3 Bc-droom Colontal wth f :nx>g Colon aj. 2 GOO sq bedro-om room, trple lol S more S Redford 2'v balh. cent/el tt 2 car gara-je locaton Cat for more detals large crxmry nchon Custom bu:t CENTURY 21 TODAY $ lghted dock wth a beaufu landscaped yard 0»ne< t/anslered John at ReMm ? BLOOMFELD TR-LEVEL Uke new nsde and out Spacous home n graoous area Owner transferred Must sol $209,900 Ask 'or Roseanrv Cooper RED CARPET KEM Assocates. nc JUST LSTED Bloomfeld Vnage Charmng 1927 Style Tudor, large lvng room wth beautful marble freplace wth custom oak mantle. Outstandng dnjng room wth ha/dwood floors 4 French doors, newer ktchen by Roya) OaJ< Ktchen. 3 bedrooms, new central ar A truly delghtful home wth ne-w teatures too numerous to menton $239,900 CALL SHARON KPTYK The Prudental Great Lakes Realty THREE BEDROOM BRCK RANCH Famly Room. Attached Oarage Large Treed Lot Pembroke. $103,000 Ca West Bloomfeld Orchard Lako W BLOOMFELD (Maplo/F»/mlngon> mmaculate 4 bedroom. 2% bath colonal w/tmge master sute kvckjcnng bust-ms & prvate dressng ktcx central ar, newty decorated n neutrals w/recessed lghtng Howe/ appca/vcea & furnace Best vaxe n lubl W. Bloomfeld Schools. $160, «BULDERS MODEL On gom coarse H :n«ol Coppercr ecu Subdvson scj! homo AH a.t-er-.t«s Landscapng and ar condtonng $3?9.9O0 Broker parlo pbon welcorrod CaN ? BULDERS MOOEL On gol course. HJs of Copper creek subdvson. Farr.j^gton H.?.\ sc f ranch wth frasned walkout krwer cre AJ a-mervdes. landscapng. 6 a<r condlonlng $339,900 Broker pa/topat-oo we^ome Caa ? BY OWNER Large enecutrve 4 bedroom colonal a vew At Ha:stead 4 9 M^ mmedate occupancy $159, BY OWUER. Open.Sun 2-5pm Open Sal by appontment 3 bedroom. 2 bath brck ranch 2 car attached garage $127, CANTERBURY COMMONS SUB SP3O0US 4 bedroom cotortal on commons Lcofy horr^ w/den. lam-»y room. 2 5 balhs Move m c x>d>lo" $184,500 by owtver COUNTRY N THE ClTV Gorgeous acre wooded lot 1 3 bedroom, larrvry room, central a!/. 2 cargarage. dock*-.g 6 much more $126,500 HEPPARD COUNTRY LVNG n the ar Updated ktchen ard floor, updaltd bath ncludng plumbng Hardwood Moors throughout ths lovefy 3 bedroom ranch $ COLDWELL BANKER Schwetzer Real Estate FAMLY WANTED to play n doub'e lot and enjoy sunporch. 3 bedroom bungalow, basoment ga/age at aordabe prce' STOP your search lor the perfect fam-v hom* wlh $«vn/tems club 4 tfomer,a/y aa m «ub. fabulous master sute, a.1 apptances. prtvao ya»d. basement, warranty, move m coodtonl Century 21 Home Center HSTORC HOME, compteery renovated. New OOJ. kjtchcn. carpel. Natural oak woodwork Must see Askng $135,000 Open Sundays 1-5pm ; >Jeper>denlfy Ormed and Operated *-. jrn."k uew4m,m.'»v.!»,wr,n w w-1 f''.rr/».jena8mr M^!l.UtJtJ.'BBWnaueW»WMltf.!JM1LH»SV«flt<.SWS<5glM«MlWaKlL^ What f we told you that you can now call 1 us 24 hours a day to place, change, or cancel your Observer & Eccentrc Classfed Ad? No, we ddn't change _or deadlnes, we ddn't even bend them, they're stll the same* we dd somethng a whole lot better. We nstalled an electronc answerng system that's on the job 24 hours a day, every day. Here's how t works: Frst, you rmst have a touch-tone telephone. Then, all you do s call us remember, t doesn't make any dfference f we're not here to place an ad, cancel one or change somethng on one you've placed earler. Let's say t's three o'clock n the mornng and you've just sat straght up n bed rememberng that you forgot to place that classfed ad for your snowmoble. No problem.just punch up our classfed number and wat for the operator to gude you through the steps for changng your ad. Have n mnd the exact nformaton you want to gve us, speak clearly and a bt slower thf\n you usually do. And that's t. f t's after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, your changes wll be made for the next Monday paper. Or, f t's after 5:00 p.m. on a Frday or the weekend, your changes wll ht the Thursday papers. Pretty neat, huh? Of course, our Classfed Ad Takers are here every Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. untl 5:30 p.m. and untl 5:00 p.m. each Frday. But now, f you mss them, you can stll do somethng about your ad at your convenence. Deadlnes* For placng, cancellng or correctng lne ads: Monday ssue: 5:00 p.m. Frday Thursday ssue: 5:00 p.m. Tuesday Wfostt&}tx-&Eccentrc m " 1 B AD V R T t S T T? WAVNP COUNTY 'OAKLAND COUNTY * ROCHESTER-ROCHESTER HLLS ! : " ",,., LMJ_!MJ.j^fHmwH--"^** ^^"" 1^^ s.yvfl'ypqh'.a."^^*! /JUU, BEBS8 Lltle Charmer Ecetent starter rorr^. r«al arx) Clean? t«droom kunga'crw on a good s/cd lot Andorston wndows maes o< low heatng b.:s vral 10 srv--pp.r.g n<} buses $59,900 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, ndependently Ooned and Oporated MCKXE8ELT4 10 MLE 2 bedroom ranch $4000 down lard contract terms vanreken Pey New Constructon Exclusvely Lrve n a masterpece Bcrd rorve o/ a knd horr^ n Farn-Lrvgton H.:s most eckjs^ new devetopm#nt tr Des-^ner-EslataSutder. Robert Novak From $500,000 CALL NANCY MEtN.NGER or or "PRCED RGHT" OWNER ANXOUS mmaculate cock home features Country X'tcf>en prus dcorwall 3 large bedrooms lamly room 6 Frepace att^c^*d 2 car ga/age wth opener, c-eautfutr landscaped yard OnJy $115,900 CENTURY 21 Hartford South Brghton, Hartland, Walled Lake BEAUTFUL Updated farm home n downtown South L>on teaturcs 3 bedrooms. 2 baths, formal du-uno room, country ktchen, kywg room wth wood stove, den 6 r.rst floor laundry Large fenced yard $89,500 CENTURY 21 Ha/ttord South-west BRGHTON land contract Remodeled, sharp 3 bedroom home. AppSances Across from aj sports lake $6000 down BRGHTON TOWNSHP BuMera Ooseout Pleasant Va^ey Rd. south ol Commerce Rd sq t 4 bedrooms. 3 batha. famjy room wlh freplace, prus much more Lst prce $178,000 Make an offer Terms rvogouabe. Fodgecrest Homes nc. 6js_2346 Sprawlng Ranch War-ed Lake 3 bedroom plus den. brck ranch overtookjrvg ho pa/k. and pond Basement. fus master batlv s nooe laundry. ta/rvsy room wth r^eptace. ajurnlnum trtm auvd ga/age. MUST SELU $92,900 The_Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, ndepervdentry Owned and Oporated TOTALLY UPOATEO KC-H ceramc baths. m/bje entry way. wde open floor plan Tducfna (am-y room wth freplace. Screenod n porch, vovory ya/d and overszed ga/eje $ (Mtn CENTUftY 21 WEST WALLEO LAKE Move-n concttlon. lakeland H;'S Estates. Brck ranch, 3 bedroom. 2 fus bath, cathedral ce'jvg. central ar. laroe wooded lot on cul-de-sac $113, Southfsld-Lathrup LATHRUP VLLAGE ANTO'ELL BlfLT CUSTOM QUAD large beautful corner lot. S ol 12 K'le. W otsocnhhod 2400 scj fl 4 bedroom. 2 balhs. 2 hat baths Far.lasnc ccsrom kucw w/bu- n"s laroe famsy room, dnng room. Multple freplaces 2H ca/ oarage Ar Offered at» For appl. BLL MANON LATHRtJP VLLAGE sq ft. Ranch, large fenced yard, central ar. 3 bedrooms, t-vtng room w/tveplace. dnng room. Fla. sunroom. large ktohervbreaklast room. 2'4 baths, basoment rec room w/fveptace Owner SHARPl 4 bedroom. Colonal. 2½ bath, brand new European ktchen, afl etra leautes. backs to commons Mus seel» South Lyon Mlford-Hghland ALL SPORTS M-KEFRONT Spectacular conlemporary utuated on a gorgeous prvate an sports lake Very cozy expansve home wth qu'.ty workmanshp throughout. 2 Story greal room wth Trapezod ah wood wmdow-a, natural Rreptace and huge country ktchen. MUST SEE THS GORGEOUS HOUSE'» Can our for addtonal w aterfror.t proper tes n K'ghla.->d FAYE JONES fleal ESTATE FARM HOME OH 6 ACRES. large 4 bedrooms. favnoy room, sunroom. dmlng room. Nrj-ar roof 4 septc a'so 3 ca/ na/age Owner says sefl Prlcec! «1 $124,500 CaJt Norm S»eb. Century 21 Hartford SoulhWesl Rochester-Troy BEST BUY S TROY 3 bedrooms. '-t- baths,»>j condtoned, Replace, backs to woods. Troy Schools»l0j; BY OWNER, Rocheslw H;^s Ranch on large to!wth»u» baserrtr.t & garage.» TROY-6 PXK. RANCH Cul de-sac tvle lot. Ok floor a A levevy blends Uuvoul. neutral docc*. f/rpa<e. ar/e'ectronc»v cl6ar*r. rusbase5t*nt» TROY- EmeraM Lake custom Spansh style ranch on the lake. Move n cond lon. 3-4 bedrooms, 3 M ft Vt bs'.h, compfetcy fnshed Vra, 1 * ovt lower kev-e, cmtcvn n rrora thrvoul, upgrades thrvoul. Mus t«« Lttle Creek»275.0CO TROY - Open House Sunday 3 bedroom ranch, VPCl,/ecl ktchen, f.nlshed basem«nl Mus t»0.»7».2282r WELL GROOMEO 3 bodrcom ranch lam.ry room, attached tjarge. fenced n yard, on quet»tr««t AJ appj*nc«s mmedte rx<ue,ncy.» After 6pm Royal Oek-Oflk Park Huntngton Woods ROYAl OAK. Colonal, S bedrooms. rvng room, dnng room, large ktchen basement, parage. Reduced» Owner ^ Wxom-Commerce Unon Uke ATTRACTVE A»*«m*tntl)ne<J llartry rvo.te Features (Wepace, sharp new ceramc t>a!\ cornp«teh/ redone knehen tn gyaoe. lovw Straps L«V«hrrv0^go»»4f.000. (P-9C6) CENTURY 21WEST k Monday. October O&E *3E CROSSWORD PUZZLER ACROSS 1 Orent 5 Pan 9 " About Eve" \ - ptat. 13 Fate 14 nsocl 15 leaher bolt 17 Saves 19 Fruts ot >o oak 21 nqul/es 22 Substance, vgor 24 F8fOe slands whrlwnd 25 ot consent 26 Crcle part 27 Surgcal sttch 29 Phys 31 Choer 32 Latn conjuncton 33 Neon symbol 34 E-mcl S ' -. 'll.*<* p 3«-l- K:*yf, 58. " ' R flghtless brd 35 Prnter's measure 36 Perspres 38 Dvng brd 39 Dstress sgnal 40 Greek.letter 41 Land measure 42 Bark clolh. 44 Hanks/ Hannah llm 46 Manage ' 48 Pgpens 51 Sheryt - Ralph 52 Falsfer 54 Graded heraldry 55 State further 56 Goes asuay 57 Wndow DOWN, M.'j 16 1 Btter vetch 5 ; s 20 U" p 32 1$ E 17 1.*. w k 33 % s 6 Artowor to Prevous Puzrlo tl B S A E N A G T L S E -:.;J R A 'AV u R : A L E fn 0 T tt!,p W fn V o" ZJ E V E A R E S ll m v E SMH N Q 0 1 U T A N N E A S E Sfer" 25 F R E A M E R \& T 0 O T S Rrver sland A thm. gratng sound nstruct Pad notce Wuscel nstrument Garden tools m*' 'kt 54 N fffl : : ' '.: -vj t 3! :.-r> L 1 E 8 A 1 T S rv '"n n 1 F t R S la^m WM X 1990 Unted Feature Syndcate P R E S E N T A C T S '4 Q U 1 R E F C E P A P C U R E S 1 E $ E V/ R E [Ll E L ) E N fr A 1 L E E S P 1 R T F T R A P S frl D S R L E L S?T S 8 Rver n Germany 9 Msuse 10 Vc-getabe 11 " Than Zero" 16 talan rver 18 Ncolas ot Wld at Hea/1 20 Way 22 Pee! 23 Tehran's country 25 War god 27 Sttches 28 "Wal Dark" 29 Su!!en n aspect 30 Enflade 3< "Toe Tme 36 Float m ar 37 Come on the scene 39 Haste 41 Showy flower 42 Weght of nda 43 mtated 44 Mx 45 Equally 47 Gnger 49 Arlne nto 50 Sun. ta!k 53 Q-T lnkup Complments of The Brmngbam-Bloomfeld Board Of Realtors BB REALTOR 310 Wxom-Commerce 328 Condos Unon Lake BULDERS CLOSE-OUT UNON LAXE SQ M ranch. 3 bedrooms. V* baths. tus basement. 2½ ca/ ttachod gvege. paved drtve-wty. carpetmg. staned woochvofk, freplace, wood wtndovr*. paved streets Many atrasl $ ol Wse Road. W. c4 Ca/c4 kake Fvoad J.T. Kedy Cstom Homes 353-5«7 311 Homes Oakland County BtRXt r. CuJKVn 3 WAoorrWcy home. Fatuous famffy room. la/g«rrmter bod/oorn. cer-.t/aj ar. 2 car oarage. On c/uel tree ned brvet»9s.« $» CHARM AWO STYC abound H thfj [ euceptlovaj 4 bedroom counotr colonax Neorty 3000 scj ft on 3 acres n Clarston Oak trm, crewn moldngs, and leaded glass wndows are (us few ol the outstandng features Large partly fnshed area over the 3 car ga/age s kje-sj for addtonal bedrooms or n-law qusrtera.» The Prudental Proctor, nc CUSTOM NEWLY bubl country home so. ft. wttt bam 6 10 acres, near Hactey Jusl reduced Now» Other Suburban Homes For Sale ATTENTON: DO-T-YOURSEUERS Cal Mes Homes and fnd out how you can burtd your new home wthout tyng up your money. Brochure Nce HOME, ecenent terms. Located m ruoe area. CaJ after 4:30pm weekday*. Sat & Sun anytme. Ask lor Add* Roal Estate Servces FL'lD OUT HOW TO OWN YOUR OWN HOME CaJ Bob Waun, FVst Home Specarst". VJlage Mortage Condos AUBURN HUlS-Atl/ectrve 1 bedrccvn plus den. O applances, carport,»37,900 Ronl wmh purchase opton»vaab-'e «BRMNGHAM CONOO Newty remode'ed 3 bedroom townhouse, wooden deck, new applance*. wawng ct.stano* lo down- OWTV Open house Sat & Sun. 12-5pm 1603 SoutnV<dRd.» BLOOMFlElO HLLS»7000 Oo-wnf Spacous 2 bedroom. 2 bath, lormaf dnng room, 2nd noor urjl wth prvate basemonl Poof and carport.» BLOOMFlElO KLLS HUNT CLUB MANOR ON E long k. Spacous. 1sl f«oor Condo 2 bedrooms, charmng porch off fbrary. appfancrjs, a> N«w> Decorated. Fun basomen Carport. Wondeful Vl«w of Grounds, front 6 back. Pool ProfejsJonaTy managed. Offered at» BlllMANON: FARMNGTON Affordable Condo m the $30,000'* CaJ Greg ERA ORCHARD HLLS Farmlnglon Hlls RETREES metculous 196«buM 1 becvoom wth prrvate entry laundry factes tn \h» urv a-nd cvport» The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, nclepondenlly Owned and Oporated LAKE ORON Opon Sun. 1-5pm Keatlngton FUnch Condo. bedfoofns. gsao*. C4>ntral ar, newer cauxelng»n<j»r>c>5anc«s l*.v«prhr- PegetowJSoV Modorn Ranch 1985 bult 2 bedroom ground fvx* unfl n North Fa/mlngton H:s. 2'S ^8t^4, fnshed bs»en>eyvl, fl/eplac* and garage.» The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, f rvjependonty Owned and Operated 8LOOMFEL0 HLLS. e/ousrve txecutrre corvdo. beau'-fjl «e-w. second floor. 2 bedrooms. 2 baths, shown by appontment $119,000 Eva BlOOUFlElD - 2 bedroom,!% balh coodo w/prrvate envy, garage. deck, freplace & frushed baserrent Neutral decor.» Open Sun. 125pm FARUNQTON HLLS: Currently leased. 2 bedroom, 2 bath- Poof. Tenns. Mlco-ovev epptances & drapes.»69, ANO CONTRACT TERJJSt Awvd wtrv«ng coopax. UstaKAy decorated 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, walk lo everythng downtown feyv wnl e ry/tek tw $ytn JUST LSTEO A cory 3 bedroom, n» bo\h brtc* condov Open foo/ plan, R/eptaoe, central».'/. p»uo. basement Seoer want an oner. Askng HEPPARD UVONA - ROOM TO ROAM Brght, am/ and open 1 bed/oorn, ground foor end urvl Appta-cc*. trple doorwal to prtvale deck overlookng landscaped court, poor 6 clubhouse. Huge master bedroom/ waa-ln closet, cenval ar & covered parkng Owner headed Weal - Lett talk Askng» rvonta - WOOOS condo Choce 2 Mxroom end un.1 Approxmately 1.375»q ft Beaut.M clubhouse w/ year-round kv-door pod. Sauna & exercse room. mmedte occupancy. Open dajv 12-5pm_ Unversty Part Or, Ra-'ph Hosxnson. eontner-.taj;>ge-a-Rcsty Co LVONA - 2 spacous bedroom towthouse type. Wonderland Ma area. Prced below market at» GAC Managment NEW CONSTRUCTON Westland.» Venoy. 2 bedroom. 2 bath, approxmate 660 SQ. ft ncludes basomenl mmedate occupancy. Open -6om Joe Kortn O0or O Norlhvtre Hghland Lakes Largest model wlh attached garege. 3 bedrooms. 2-4 baths, country ktchen, large pato and Ml basement» CALL V1NCE SANTON CENTURY 21 Hartford South NORTHV1LE - KNGS MLL CO-OP 1 bedroom ranch, central ar. basement.» cash, prce negotable. Also. 2 begvoom. l bath townhouse. Part ajfy fnshed basement» cash, prce negotable OXFORD-Ex ceptorujj end-unt coodo. 3 bedrooms, V. bath, fnshed basement. Prced bo?ow market va)uel» PERFECT LOCATON wth tvona Schools. Ranch style condo w-lth 2 bedrooms tmd 2 M bafh* WeR mantaned a,d ncefy decorated. A apphances and much morel JUST LSTED for» ths 2 bedroom. 1.5 bath brck townhoue condo. Neutral decor. Sel n country atmosphere Won"! last long' REMERCA Exocutlvo Realtors REOFORO 2 bedroom, new cajpe new vnyl floor. Rent»600 y< h opton lo buy for» land Contract terms ROCHESTER by owner. 2 bedroom, 1½ bath, ga/age. mmacvfala, central ar.»h,'te kvotor.» negotable Plymoulh Townshp A ateaj n Ft/movlh cornry. Best prked 1987 butt 1 bedroom tovmhouse. Fnshed end ca/petcd. alached garage. ncludes a comprete home wa/renty. Corpofa'.e tras'ar Mus be som lasl» ' The Prudental Harry S. Wolfo ndepondonry Owned and Operated SOUTHFELO Spacous 3 b«- roons. 2W bath. fwsted basemenl. ttached ea/»g«wth courtyard entry Eve* WESTLAND For»*> or fent wth opton to buyl New spacou* *cj. ft. bl-tevel condo, 3 or 4 bedroom. tot balhs, fruvt carpetng, ccntra»tr, prfvat* 4vu-»noe, Ma ol ya/4 apaoe. deal for 4h rlng or orea mother-n-las* Quarter*. 174,770 wlh apodel rjljcrjunt on Moo"*!. MUST SEE TO BEHEVE CaH lo vew modol 8*m-5prf 42$4)H0 326 Condos NOV! OPEN SUNDAY NOON Old Orchard Condos. 10 Mle. Just W. of Haggorty. Newly remode'-ed. open hoor plan. Custom cabnets- Oak Boor tn ktchen 2 bedrooms. V^ batha. parta3y remodeled basement. For more Wv lormatoc caj communty (55 + ). 2 bedrooms. 1 bath, convenent to stoppng & X-wsy.» CeJ The Oppenhcrner Qoup lor further nlormatlon mpeccably PlYrroulr Condo nu&ytalnerj corvdorns. num r»mrr«jrvrty. Thl» unt leajres n open. *pacou» noor plan rjecoraleo \n tort neutrat color*. 3 bedrooma. gjulhftnd 1,400 agm/a teeof vng apaoe, TT* unffa locaton offer* a beaybful vew o/ feed rtvne and lots or prhacy. 1109,900 The Prudent/al Harry S. Wolfe, rdepondentv Owrved and Op«ft'.o0 : SOUTHFELO-TFFANY SOU AFt ' 2 bod/oom, brtc*. 2¼ bath, r*+*t ca/petng. ktchen appranoes, at- ' lached ga/ge, partaey f^rhea bsement cjuc* possesson, owner motvated. Staten Rea.ty Duplexes Townhoueea PLYMOUTH DUPLEX bedrooms. c^od"*ocauorv. $92,600.» down land cont/act Red Carpet Kefm Apartments CONGO CONYERSON-Buy 4 unt luxury condo buddng lor» sefl off a» apprased value. Fnancng avalable Moble Homos For Sate CANTON Pa/kwood 14x70. 3 bedrooms. 2 Ml baths, expando on Eyng room» Patrot. 14x84. 2 bedrooms.» CANTON Retrement Communty Mus sea.» Easy fnancng Wonderlnd Homes CHATEAU NOV!, 83 Redman. 14 x 60 2 bedroom, a>, garden tub, Ut apposnees. washer/dryer. fvepao*. deck- WH pay all dosng cosl, *ev curlty depost» COMFORTA81E 2 bedroom, retreroenl cc^vrutlfy. Approxmate Y»1- ue» Terms tvajlable. Also w«trade lor * ca/ MOBLE HOME 14x70 - Rudgate. Sterlng Heghts, Utlce schools, 3 bedrooms, 2 balh*. woodshed, deck,» or best Ca)17e MONARCH X bedroom, washer, dryer, ttove, frg, wndow ar condtoner, low lot pay. ments» negotable NOV MEADOWS MOBLE HOME COMMUNTY The New Amercan lfestyle We have new and pf e-owned homes tor aa>. Home ownerahp for less cost than most apartments. Country rvng Beautful Clubhouse Play Areas RV Storage Heated Pool-NEW Pro*ess!onaJ Management.NOW OFFERNG A $1200 RENT CREDT f you move your rxjw or cjueflod ' -owned home nto our eomrrvu.-m^- % Use W"nom rd. EJU oft 1-66 *-ejt on Grand Rver 1 mr-«to Naper Rd. t^en«ov1r^ rpsa NOV; OXFORD, 1974, 14x65. Mus». 2 bedroom*, garden tub. atov». refrtaoraor, central»r. $10, PRESTrOE 14X70. 3 bedroom, J. bath, 2n8 constructon, vnyl *V<Jlng, hrngt* root. pprta.xe*, We»t»ncl Meadow*. $19.» PRVATE PARTY»1» pay cash lor your used mobb«horrv* QUALTY HOMES" Novl/Farmlnalon A/oa W» hav«tmo«scjoctton 4 pr*- owned rnartufacturerj home* sted from at low a» $)4,000. AJ have at lest bedroom* and *vxn» hsv* 9 Ml bath*. AH reatur* many xt/** M few h4rv» lmmed»t«ooogpyv ey. Flnanclrvj awaublo lor those who Qu&tfy. CaS Jo«nn«, « \

36 ABU O&E Monday, October 29, Moble Homes ForSalo Repossessed Moble Home MUST 6E $010 ' t "A3 S, WHERE S" ' (mmedaleh/by lender.' Sae pres-»5,900 or BESTOfFER 1975 CHAMPON ATLANTC, 65x14 Nce locaton n area Jark VYhltson. Rudgate Mux*.' Wrter otter* lo be sent to: CTCORP HATJONAt SREVTCES 207 YV. Man Street Salem, VA or contact JamesCcr (703) Reference: 355/ SCHULTZ 1987 Deluxe. 2 large bedroom*. 2 MS bath*, central ar, freplace. Laundry room, sp6nar>oea stay. Serous buyer* UNBELEVABLE HOMETOWN. USX presents a x70. 3 bedroom. 2 bam, shngled roof, lap s!d/g. ncludng lot renl lor under $450per month Northern Properly ForSalo ANTRM COUNTY-10 acres, partly wooded, hardwoods. rocjno. beauu- M vew for cabn or moble. Excellent deer huntng area. $8,995, $100 down. $100 month on a \\% land cont/ect. Ca3 WMwood land Co., Southern Property CtEARWATER. FLA. - Eldorado mobce home. 12 x 48. completely tgrnshed. screened porch, carport, 2 sheds, noxl to shoppng mafl 4 theaters. $5900. Have photos to show. After 6:30pm aorjoa NEAR FT. MYERS 1 acre lot on canal. $7,000 down. Assume payments $6r7month. Alter 6. (313) FLOFOOA; Port Rrchey. Moble home n an adult travel park Pa/k Model. 35x12, attached Aorda room, furnshed. Lovngly mantaxed Southern Property LVONA OFFCE SPACE: 6 Mle/ Farmlngten. 2 room*, 392 q. tl 132«per monlh; 3 room*. 584 sq. ft.,»476 ncludes free lobby 4 ktchen. Call Ken Hale.. \ Oayj: Eves;2Bl-*2U 338 Country Homes ForSalo: BY OVyNER 5 ;woodod acres, 3 bedroom ranch, out buldng, vtr/ prrvate, nvany extras-owftermusl sefll $124, «339 Lots and Acreage For Sale ATTENTON BULDERS Prme Frankln Vllage ste.' 1.4 acres. Renovate or buld new. ' 6SS-2779 BEFORE WNTEf SEE-.. ' BEACH Rd. between Squa/e J.ake Rd. 4 S. BNd. Adams 4 CoeHdge. Near Nature Area 4 Pne Trace Golf Course. 125x FULLY MPROVED LOTS FOR SALE Some Walk Outs AUTUMN RDGE SUB. West Bloomfleld Karen Shepherd MLFORO: BEAUTFUL 1.52, 1.57, 1.97 acre parcels on Stonecrest at Cooley Lake. 1 mde N. ol the vl'jage. Adjons stale land, 250k homes, rollng troe lned, walkout slles. surveyed and perked. $45,600, $47,100, $59,100. Owner NORTHFELO TOWNSHP 5 and 10 acre parcels. Beautful vew of golf course. Perked. Land Contract terms avalable NORTHFELO TOWNSHP 18 ACRES, rollng meadow, stream', woods, perked. Land Contract NORTHFELO TOWNSHP 20 ACRES, heavly wooded, ravne, stream, rohng terran, perked. Land Contract S. LYON - off Pontlac Tr&T. 2-1 acres, natural gas. 63«v0247 SOUTHPORT 1&2 BEDROOM LAKE FRONT APARTMENTS.' :. from: Heat ncluded n Rent All Lakefront Apartments " Washer & Dryer n Every Apartment Thru-Unt Desgn for Maxmum Prvacy, and Cross Ventllallor Cathedral Celngs Avalable Central Ar Condtonng - ' - Prvate Balcony or Pato.' : Modern Ktchen wth Open Bar Counter Arport. H tumc4 OL WtON. \ CCOftSt : rt sbuthpofrr 10*1«WffONlUTAOMMl MTBorr»] ""«T4CVT" utrno Auvoxr On 1-94 North Servce Drve'Between 1 Haflgerty Rd. & Bellevlle'Rd. Leasng Off ce Open Mon.-Frl at. 10-5, Surt numt J APARTMENTS L.,. at * s Fn ATTRACTVE ONE & TWO BEDROOM $ APARTMENTS fro m CONVENENTLY ^ LOCATED NEAR EXPRESSWAYS & TWELVE OAKS MALL ' ' On Beck Road. Just North of Pontac Tral n Wxoty OPETMONT^SAT. 9 6 * SUN " Equal Housng Opportunty 339 Lots and Acreage For Sale NORTH TERRTORAL 4 US 23 area, several wooded, rolng peeked parcels. Le/vJ contract lorms avalable ' ROCHESTER HLLS.- North Oaks, one o( Oakland Count/a most exclusve developments, has only 10 spectacular nome sues remanng n phad featurng streams, trees, walk-outs. &.alf utltes plus strct archtectural controls. "A development of beauty, vrtue 4 ntegrty". Can or vtst Ovloo Rd., W. ollwernols, Mon, Tues.. Wed Sat.- Sun NORTHVH.LE - Pkkfc*d Meadow. A secljded 4 exclusve 12 lo development on 25 acres. Just a short bke rde (o downtovjn Northvfle. ncludes streams, forest, walk-out basements, uncompromsng archtecture 4 eh uwles. Next lo Edeyderry. Teke Valenca S..ol 7 Mle, turn rght at Pckford. Danel B. Bums Broker ROCHESTEfl SCHOOLS OAKLANO lovely buldng parcels, acres., land Contract. Nghts or weekends. Owner \ SYLVAN LAKE 3.19 ACRES - ORCHARD take RD. 389' frontage. C-2. Presently Landscape/Nursery Busness.'$950,000. Terms. - Can R W.Watson Executve Propertes, lpc: S. LYON, NEW SUBDVSON Home stes offered n Counlry Lane Estates. Beautful, gently rollng. 1/2 lo 1 acre parcels. $ $55.90O. From downtown South Lyon go west on 10 Mle approxmately 1 mle and enter Oakwood Meadows Sub by turnng rght on-oalevlew and lake to en tr ance ol sub W. BLOOMFELO - A unque opportunty. Lots (of sale lo hdvduas and bunders, $65,000 and up. Exstng new homos n sub. range from approxmately $300,000 to $400,000. Beautfully wooded, large 100 ft lols. Sower, water, paved streets. Bulders terms avalable. Carl Developer at Lake-Rver-Rosort Property HARBOR SPRNGS exceptonal, wooded, waterfront lot on LMlte Traverse Bay. 1 of the last ol ts knd. Doug Wood Have Your Own Hotlne To What's Happenng - n Your Neghborhood. Call For Ho/ne Delvery! Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers Lake-Rver-nesort Property TORCH LAKE GRANDTRAVERSE BAY WSETSDE MODEL H.0ME. roughed n. chalet style, 3 levels. 2 freplaces wth docks, ready to fnsh on a 10O'65O' lot, beautful sellng, 3000 sq.ft., you fnsh wth from 3 lo 5 tfedrooms. 2 to. 4 bath*, a*] cedar s:dng, PeMa wndows, leldjlono freplace on man f^oor. locludod n prce. fcsjs $250,000. TORCH LAKEXOT. best buy on the lake 100' frontage, perked, ready to buld on. North East sdo - $85," S.00O-- short term L/C avalable VAROUS HOMES on both Easl and West Torch Lake rom $179,900 to $350,000.. GRAND TRAVERSE BAY between FJk Rapds and Charevotx. varous lols from $ 110,000 to $250,000. GRAND TRAVERSE 8AY lot Just north ol Elk Rapds 100' - $125,000 L/C terms avalable. A LOT OF VARETY S AVALABLE. COME UP-AND LOOK, NOW S A GOOD TME TO MAKE OFFERS. REAL ESTATE ONE OFBELLARE (Ml) Lakofront Property APPROXMATELY 5 ACRES wlh 150 ft.'frontage on 100 acre all sports laka n Lapoor County near Goodrch. $165, BEST VALUE n Harrson Twp.. Prce reduced $10, sq. ft. colonal wflh 60 ft. on deep canal. M ll on dollar vew of wld ffe tanduary. Scolt Rogers, Century 21 Mr. K ELZABETH LAKEFRONT Sq. ft., 3 bedroom. 2 bath ranch, large master bedroom overlookng lake. $187, UNON LAKE Lakefront Ranch Frst Tme Offered By Owner 170' on the Lake 3 bedroom, 2¼ balh custom brck rench. ready to move n, prood to son. $390,000. Shown By Appontment only. Call: Maryann Newbury ,awM>WMmS8w/^at»^. n.....r..m PLYMOUTH/CANTON Apartments XOCATON LOCATON Mnutes from , "Dscover the Great Outdoors" Beautful Naturally Wooded Settng" Pcnc Area & FJBQ's Tenns Court Pool & Saunas Seconds from Bke Trals Basketball Court Chldren's Play Area Vertcal Blnds Spacous, newly decorated sutes wth dshwashers & mcrowaves ndvdually controlled heat & ar luxuryfor^es$ FROM * On Ford Road, just east of Daly 9-7 Saturday 11-6 Sunday lh5 usa^senszcsaa^ss^sesas^sansszcrss. Tttergj SPRNG NTO WESTLAND. T'STUVETO MAKE A SPLASH! Welcome to the warmth of our ndoor heated pool, clubhouse and/jrt?«? "health club!. HEAT NCLUDED Spacous & 2 bedroom hgh rse apartments offer outstandng balcony vews DKALJOCATON Walk to WcMlantl Mall ;md oru' 'onvenenl-s t Close to 275 & ( )4 Tfj/VESTAND 'A ^TOWERS A P A r? t M- { N r s 721^500...,...^-. "ModcTs Open Da ly. located one block W, of Wayne Rd. 'between Ford and Warren Rds. l.lmlled OffeC, New Rcslrlenls Only!, cr-'m 342 Lakofront Property CONTEMPORARY 'LAKE HURON CONOO Port Huron area. Sandy beoch, vaulted cengs. ceramc ba\h», Unfouo oak trm. Fnshed towerlevef for guest 4 more. Call Bll Ga/rellson, Real Estate Master. 1-98/4600 EveM-98' CUSTOM BULT contemporary wth 5 skylghts, marble %er, whrlpool bath end s and-up'shower n master balh. 2 wet bars. 2 freplaces, dec* by lake end much more. $299,000. F-13SH-W.. CANAL ON* CASS LAKE 3'bedroom ranch, 2 freplaces. 2 car 'attached garage wth extra buldng for boat. 2½ baths, deck, large lot. $191,900. F-160L-W ERA-COUNTRY RDGE NEW RESORT CONDO SUTES FURNSHED FROM $33,900. (Quarter Ownershp) The Water Street nn on Lake Charlovox n Boyne Cty 1(800) TWO LAKEFRONT HOMES! PNE LAKE - New Constructon 3500 sq ft $525,000 UNON LAKE No-* constructon 5600 sq t $625,000 Tr-Mount/Aspen Const Mchelle 348 Cemetery Lots CADLLAC MEMORAL Gardens. West. 4 lots. Garden ol Chrtslus, Secton J.,»247. $500 each. Calf or eves. CADLLAC MEMORAL Gardens. West. 4 lols. Garden of Chrlslus, Secton J..»247. $500 each. Call or eyes. HOLY SEPULCHRE Mausoleum, sngle crlpt, $5,000. Call after 4:30, al day Sat or Sun. Ask tor Addle OAKLANO HLLS - 12 Ml 4 NOV n Memoral Gardens, secton 324. plots $200 e*ch. 3494, BU8.& Professonal Bldgs. For Sale NORTHVLLE - Man Street locaton so. ft., zoned commercal, perfect for ofdoes or sma-t busnossos. Ample partng $155,000. Shown by appontment. Call after 7:30pm: Commercal/Retal For Sale LOOK FOR More Commercal Property Advertsng under Calsslflcallons # Don't mss readng our Colorful Buldng Scene Secton every Monday & Thursday 353 Mortgages a Land Contracts BARGAN Cash lor exstng land contracts Second Mortgages. Hlgtest $$$ Perry Realty CASH FOR LAND CONTRACTS. mmedate Phone quotes! Won't be out-btd! Mortgages/Refnances. ' Mortgage Corp. of Ameroa. v"-, ptmt : ; ' 358 Mortgages & Land Contracts BUYNG'4 ASSUMNG Mortgages. Please call John at < ' BUYNG LAND CONTRACT MORTGAGES, FuO or Partal. Call FRST SECURTY SAVNGS New home or refnancng avalable. Frst fn cuslomer servce. VYWlamF. Klderman F YOU HAVE SOLO your home 4 taken back «mortgage wta buy that mortgage lor CASK Can Busness Opportuntes ACCENTS Boutque- and Slender You, 6 tonng 4 massage machnes, usl off Man St. n he heart of Rochester. Can Sharron O'Angola ERA Meadowbrookfordetslls ADULT FOSTER CARE homes. Bellevlle area, $80,000 cash or terms, lease, vacant nksler $80,000 cash, or terms, 6 beds, vacant Wesland $65,000 cash or terms, occuped. 6 beds, RCA 2A contract; Red Carpet Ke4m WJt Coop. Mr, Wllams 274-3)41 ART POSTER 4 PCTURE framng busness. Company reorganzng as franchse 3 exstng locatons lor sale, exstng stores n Detrot. Royal Oak 4 trvonla. Cosl ncludos store fulurcs. nventory. 4 tranng. ncome polentlal of $1,000 or more per woek. Cosl startng at $35,000. Call AVALABLE SHAREO EXECUTVE Offce, busness, answerng servce, secretary servce. W. Boomfold BUSNESS OPPORTUNTY Are you a sdf starter? Start wth an opportunty whore the bonefts ere yours, not your employer*. Start now. Can tor a 24 hr. recorded message DON'T LMT YOUR EARNNG - POTENTAL. Own and operate your own busness n a fast growng mul- U-bUllon dofar ndustry. For more detals from a recorded message can Entreprenoers/Buslnosa People How would you lke to tap 4 dg on a gusher. Cel. Mr. Johnston, Thura., Frl.Sal.4Mon NVESTORS WANTED experenced Manager/lnveslor team wll buy undorvaluod propertes. fu-vp, lease % return secured. CaJ PCTURE FRAMNG-Well establshed retal custom 6 do ft yourself store located n downtown area of affluent Detrot suburb. Good lease. Secure customer base. Major equpment recently purchased. 288 E. Maple, Sute 230. Brmngham PRESDENT...Of your own flnanctcal plannng center. We wta raln you to help others n ther fnancal plannng and buld a prestgous busness of your own n your area. Fufl or par tme, deal for husband/ wfe teams. Opportunty Plus. Money Concepts SMALL MFG. COMPANY for aaje n Traverse Oty, Mch. Repfy lo: PO Box 1209 Traverse Cty SUCCESSFUL JOHN DEER consumer products dealershp n Macomb. County, well establshed, good locaton wth Mure growth potental. 11 you are serously nterested»nd foancady qualfed please submt nformaton to P. O. Box 130 NewHudson ML W ^ WM'\ 1 and 2 Bedroom $Q f Apartments "Less than 5 mnutes fromnovl& Farmfngton Hlls" Convenent to TWelve Oaks Mall» Cable TV Avalable' Dshwasher» Pool Prvate Balcony/Pato Varety of Floor Plans Avalable» Ar Condtonng Open Monday Frday, 10 6 Weekends, 11 - S KQUA. HOUSNG OPCORTUMTV SXXXZXEZZXXtsSEXXZEEBSBXB eanxszebees COSSSZBSSEE LVNG You CAN Vl 1 & 2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS FRO* HEAT NCLUDED Beautful Settng n a Great Locaton! AT PONTAC TRAL & OECK ROAD N WXOM MODELS OPEN Mon Sat 9 6. Sun 115 t 0 «^ - M * 360 Busness.. Opportuntes. LADES. Earn up lo,$30k per year wth revotuntonary na.1 care product. Call Glenda UQUOR 8T0RE-L010. n exomonl loeafloo.keogo Harbor. Ca or MALL LOCATED busness waneo. stand or small MOTEL - PRVATE (Canada) New 50 unt luxurous rln. Excellent locaton near, Stratford..Ontaro.»3.5OO.OO0.00(U.S) RESTAURANT/ST. CLAR AREA Full servce, wth caterng' sq.fl, seats 100. $245,000 cash. Alter 9pm VENDNG BULK CAN0Y HOW SWEET T S Featurng M 4 M Candlos. Exconont return on nvestment. Mnmum nvestment of $3000. Local locatons are provded. Ca3,9am-5pm Money To Loan -Borrow ALL HOMEOWNERS $ Speedy-Cash $ Any purpose, towrates, credt corrected, E2 debt consoldaton. EXPRESS MORTGAGE Money From Your Home Fast CeJl 369-CASH (3*9-2274) BUSNESS LOANS Fundng up to$12 mnon. for nformaton appontment call SBLA«am-9pm COMERCA Moble Home Fnancng For nformaton Equal Housng Lender TWO PROFESSONALS seekng $85,000 lor Fteal Estate. Wn pay 11% Real Estate Wanted AAA HV6ST COftPORAnOM UUca Rd. «1 Van OyV». Why sell L«nd Contract at dooun? For a belter rwa. ceul CASH TODAY OR GUARANTEED 8AE Alo f n Foreclosure Or Nood Of Repar Century 21 CASTELL PRVATE PARTY 1* nlerestod n purchasng propcrtje* whch nood repar or a qvrc* closng. Can Mart «400 Apts. For Rent APARTMENT8 AVALABLE: Town a Cognl/y Apt*. 16«15 Tde- Oraph, Sludlo bedroom*. H&nlng at HV>. utltes. appuanee*. wndow treatments. Offce hour* Mon. thru. Frt 9m to 6:30pm. Open Sun. 1J AUBURN HLLS Bloomfleld Orchard Apts. Spadoua 1 bodroom apartment* from $ , nclude* heal, gw & wa\or. ennd* ncfuded. Pool + laundry facolle* & more. Short lerm. furnshed unt* avalable. Open 7 daya NOW 400 Aps. For Ront ABSOLUTELY APARTMENT : NFO! Save Money! Save Tme Open 7 Days TROY Rochester Rd SOUTHFELD Nortnwestern Hwy CANTON G » Ford Rd. NOV Across from 12 0axsMa3 CLNTON TWP Garfeld APARTMENTS UNLMTED Tne Easest Way to Fnd Your Now Apartmentl Auburn Hlls/Ponllac October Specal $50 OFF 1ST MONTHS RENT LeateA Beautful Townhome All the comfort* of prvate home ownershp wthoul the hassle. 2 Bedroom* Full Basement NCA-OT Applance J Dshwasher Central Ar Mm BDrvd* Prvate Drveway $505 month WOODCREST COMMONS AU8URN/ROCHESTER GRAND OPENNG 2 AND 3 BEDROOM LUXURY TOWNHOUSES Now England archtecture feature* 1500 aoft.. lormal dnng room,»padouj du%ete. 2¼ bath*. tu» H* washer/dryer, blnd*, covered partng, health dub. pool, spa and tennl* court* ere you/a to enjoy n the center of Brmlngram/Troy/Rocho»- tor area. AvondaJe School Dstrct. VST OUR MODELS TODAY WESTBURY 'TOWNHOUSES SQURREL RO.S OFM BRMNGHAM COME SEE! We've made some provemenl* you're gonna Ske. Come»oo: we'ro msure Specous 2 bedroom apt*. Newfy remodeled unt* New exortor Bdhtlng New Lend scapng Mature tree* across the atreol from aloverypart/ BUCKNGHAM MANOR-^ Call Clauda Today at BRMNGHAM - Elegant Vctoran 2 bodcom. mcrowave, dshwasher, aecurlfy alarm system. mmedate occupancy. Downtown Brmngham. MerrlB 4 Southneld OPEN! HLLSD A P A R T M E 1 M T S ATTRACTVE ONE & TWO BEDROOM APARTMENTS w FHOM t «nv<»nunl To l.*k< a s( luvltc CMls sun, X- Kt' F4. on Arr.s LAKEFRONT APARTMENTS FEATURNG: Washer & Dryer n ry Aparmenl Cathedral Celngs wth Unque Accent Wndows Avalable Swmmng Pool and Clubhouse Cable TV Avalable Prvate Balcony or Pato Central Ar Condtonng Slorage Area n Each Apalment Renlal Stone Rdge Aps ' Mon. - Ft Sat 10 g W J W g T J j ffb f*! jus e'asl of Hllsde 5 Sun. 1 5 D Peacoful Farmlngton Communty D Clubhouso wlh ndoor pool, sauna, now exerclso room a Heat ncluded! &fetk>l 1 Bodroom «535 2 Bedrooms '600 1 Bath 2 Bodrooms '626 2 Baths- PRAKESH1RE -P«ff«Cry"$fll8t«rJ fl«x( lb ft* Drakethlr Plata Ju»1 tastol DraVt- Opon Mon. thru Sal ur> » fasr-ynsfffeeway 400 Apa. For Rent BRMNGHAM Dckjxa bedroom, central el/. Wall lo thoppng. Heal 4 vator ndudod 1625 ptr month Sharon ORMNOHAM/OOvnUOWN Sludo apartment avalable 1»4».0{J n Nov. J465 renl..j650 securljr doposl flopet* Call ;d-6333 BRMNGHAM HEAT NCLUDED Ava:ablo nc*. lraury 2 bedroom townhouse. covered pa/kng, defune ktchen, lertced-ln prvacy pato yard. tr. p<l»*l» basomevt wlhwasher 4 dryer hook-up 4 prvate entrance. Cable. Ho pels. 1 year lease. $795/rr>o.EHO Located near Perce 4 14 walkng Cslance lo downtown S shoppng BENECKE&KRUE BRMNGHAM Large 2 bedroom, central ar. close to town Avalable mmedately. $570 mo Manager. 643-O7S0 BRMNGHAM Lncoln House Apts. NEAR DOWNTOWN 2 bedroom wth seh-ceanlng oven. rostlroe refrgerator, dshwasher. blnd), central heal 4 ar. storage $700 TOTAL MOVE-N BRMNGHAM, lovt-ry 1 bedroom $525 monlh. Carpeted, nowty decorated, balcony or pato Credt re port reoulred 301 H Eton. 35ft-2600 Eves $ BRMNGHAM - Marmora Of. Spacous 1 bedroom, new ktchen, updated throughout. Balcony, pool Avalable 12/1/90 $535/mo nclude* heal 4 water BRMNGHAM - Oakwood Manor Furnshed tun (urn! shod Deluxe 2 bedroom, central a!r, patto. storage room, ca/port. S800-$8S BRMNGHAM ONE MONTH FREE RENT Ncwry romodotod 2 bedroom apartment* JuH E. of Adams Rd. near downtown Brmngham. Rental rates nclude, heal, water, verllcle blnds, new ktchen, new applances, mrrored door* 4 upgraded carpetng OPEN SAT. For furthur nfo call BRMNGHAM ONE MO FREE RENT Brlghl, 50* contemporary townhome 2 bedrooms, walk to downtown, woodburnng freplace, romodeled nteror, central ar. prtvae entrance* Landscaped pato, basement wth laundry hook-up 1 to 2 yr leases ollerod. Can Mon thru Fr. lor appl OPEN SAT BRMNGHAM PLACE Luxury aps n downlown Brmngham. Studo bedroom apls avalable ndoor partng BRMNGHAM SHORT TERM LEASE Avanable lor 1 monlh lo year elegantly furnshed t bedroom unt Perfect for transferred execute Cell: DENNS WOLF LCENSED BROKER HALL-WOLF PROPERTES BRMNGHAM Telegraphs 14 Mle Spacous 2 Bedroom -Apartments & Townhouses From $865 Heat ncluded THE GLENS OF BLOOMFELD BRMNGHAM TlMBERLANE APARTMENTS hn he a/1 ol town»atuectlve Unts Vertcal Blnds Oshwasher Dsposal Central Ar 1 Bodroom - From $600 (1 Mot Free Rent Before Oct 31) Ca.110 vlovr «Eves/Weekends: BrmWgham/Troy ADAMS CBEE\L APARTMENTS 14 2 bedroom apt* m the Brmngham/Troy /Auburn H's area Ar condtonng, dshwasher, mcrowave, mn Wnds, washer/ dryer n each unt. Pool, tenns court* and much more. On Adam* Rd. between South Blvd. 4 Auburn Rd. Hours: Oally 11-5 Sunday by eppt, (closed thur* BRMNGHAM. 1 bodroom. wel decorated, dshwasher, mcro, mk blnds. Heal 4 water ncluded. Assgned parkng, waft lo town. J560. $ BRMNGHAM: 1 bedroom or 1 bedroom wth den. $ per mo Oas heat 4 water ncluded plus garage. Avalable mmedately. Bruce. $47 -«454 or Manager BRMNGHAM - 2 bodroom townhouse. VA bath, newfy decorated. new applances, garden settng Close to town. $7007mo BRMNGHAM E. Mapte. 1 bedroom, carpel, blnd*, dshwasher, carport, central ar, plus more. No pet* Lease.»500 $ BLOOMFELD CLUB BLOOMFELO HLLS LOCATON SPACOUS 1,2 AND3 BEDROOM3 _ FRWW5 MONTH FREE RENT [newlen srts only) CARPORTS THRU UNTOEStGN OSHWASHER3 LAUNDRY FACLTES STORAGE FACLTES BEAUTf UlLY LANDSCAPEO POOL Call Gerry CANTON CARRAGE COVE LUXURY'APTS. (LLLEY 4 WARREffl SUPER 8PECAL on 2 bodroom opts. (lyr. tease oofy) {Menton ad tor H mo. Free Ren) NO OTHER FEES Prvate Entrance* One Bedroom- <v5.900*q ft. Two Bedroom»S S. Ft. Verlcal b!nd* 4 ca/porl Kluded We offer 0 month lease* h two bodroom parvhcnu onfy. fvoseooher ly managor. 44W. Carkon GREENS LAXE APTS. Oyerslzed ± 4 J.tXKlroom apartmer.t»,-«fanmg hom H45 pe> month, laxefronl»vtng. tl-too Cahlon FARWAY CLUB QolfeldoApts. 1 & 2 Oodroom Froe Oolf Hoat & Hot Water Frco Carport ncluded

37 400 Apt». For Rent BRMNGHAM 2M7 6- Map:*. 1 bedroom, carpet, M.Td». dlshwssh- «r. storeo*. heat rtdudocf. LCJSS. No pels.»475 CV-7079 BlflMNQHAM E. Mapla. 2.bedroom (ertvcxlc-.'e<l, ca/port.»tor- «4«apse*, gas & vrmm WAded.,1600 pw month. J4M024 CANTON FRANKLN PALMER From $440 Free Heat Quet Country-Settng OPEN UKTL 700 P.M Oshwahor» Spacous a SoufyJ-coodtonw Awnwts Pp<*S aun>ceb;o-l a/o«closets Petssttlona.valabls On Palmor, W. of Ulley D4.1Y9-7 Sat.Sun CANTON VLLAGE SQURE F(om $440 Free Heat OPEN UNTL 7:00pm Great Locaton Parte Settng Spacous B<k«Tral Heat Poof TennJs Sauna OsJwasher Mcrowaves Sound CoAdlxye-d CaWe 00 Ford Rd Jus E ot 1-27S Dally 9-7 Sat & Sun Canton WNDSOR WOODS LUXURY APARTMENTS Bedroom Apartments From $475 wth carport Vertcal Bl^dJ Througfyxrt Ou:el Soundproof Constructon WaS to Shoppng Oft (rva/reo ootwocn Shedon/w:«y Mon -Fr. 9-$pm. Sat A Sun 1-Jprn Evenng appontments avalable CANTON 1 bedroom turnvheo & unfurnshed apartments avalable Cory just tk noms wth your own entrance. ntfe llory tmng. attc Storage A much more Easy access to major freeways CaJ or vsrt today Mon-Fn 10 6<*n As* lor Pat HEATHMOOREAPTS (located on Kaggerty Rd. S ot Ford) CLARKSTON Sprngfeld Oaks Apts. 2 bedroom. $ month free rent. erjd». wasner/dryc* hoc* up. sett cleanng oven, froslfree refrtge/ator. dsmvahor. lots of storage, carpet. &Y. 1.4 m 3.esrf otl75onoue Hghway Almost new. must soot CM Oawson CLOSTERS TOWNHOUSES OPEN 12-6 H of KM^.E Of Crooks HEAT NCLUDED 2 bedroom. 1% bath luxury townhouse. Futy equpped ktchen. M basement wth washer 4-dryer hook-up. ca/pon. centra) M. cable, prrvate pato wtr fenced n backyard $695 per month ALSO Same townhouse p*js lam"y room & newly remodeled ktchen Cable $775 per month. No pets EKO Ask about our Sr. allen dscount. 1 year & 18 month leases ava-abe. 8ENECKE&KRUE Clawson/RoyaJ OaX 1 stop apartment shoppng. Come Sunday. Nov 4th. 1245pm Offce buldng at 4000 Crooks. Royal OaX or caj lor appontment AMBER APARTMENTS CLAWSON: Spacous «bodroom. Balcony. Close to epressway 4 shoppng $475/mo. Heat ncluded. Fercon Management: COMMUTER APTS. Royal Oak. 560 Sherman. Spacous 1 bedroom, heat, applances, freplace. pat>o. Near < _ Peafbo(nte*ojs CARRJAOE PARK APTS CANF1ELO DR. W Comtort and Style»r«featured n our TWO BEDROOM APTS The L-vV>5 room-dnng room area provdes a lar^e orest tv.rvg area that leads out nto a prvate pato or balcony. Large closets, celng fans, modern applances n the ktchen Large storage area, laundry facltes Lovely new carpetng, vertcal fcfnds. 24 hour mantenance Close to shoppng, arport and a!t freeways Just a few left at a specal rale Houra Mon.-Sat. 9-5, Sun DEARBORN HEGHTS DEARBORN CLUB FROM $450 FREE HEAT Spacous Great Vaue Heal»AJ»»Poc4>Cab!e Some 2 bedrooms VA balhs Townhouse3 Avalable Just N of Ford Rd. 572etrJute*Rd Open Dally 12-7PM Sat. 4 Sun. 12-4PM - TELEGRAPH/SEVEN MLE AREA Comfortable 1 bedroom apartment for rent UtKUes ncluded. No pels. $340 mo. $355 securty ETROT - 7 MLE TELEGRAPH, lovefy \ & 2 bedroom from $400- $450. ncludes heat 4 water, $ FARMNGTON HLLS - Greenwood Aptsron 8'Mr!», W. of Frmlngfoo Rd OeJuxe 1 bedroom apt. over»0 «0rlt lnc*ud9s washer 4 dryer n each unrt A* apsxances. shades & rod» Close to shoppng GRAN0 RJVER - MlDOLEBELT GREAT LOCATON CEDARDGE OeKne 1 * 2 bedroom unts FROM'$510 mmedate OcCupSncy NCLUOES: V«t)c»l Wnds, carpetng. pstlos or b*!conj«t wth doorwsts, Hotpofnl ppoances. securty system, storage *!lh)n apartment. Enter on Tulan* 1 block W, of MMd'ebell on the 8. kje of Orand fl'ver. Near 8ot«ford HospttaJ. LryorVa Man ft downlc-vn f a/mtngton ModrfopeAo'a'f 1-5- EceptWedfteday OFFCE: FARMNOTON HLL8 From $475 Froo Hoat Large 1A 2 Bodroom 1 or 2 Year Leases VLLAGE GAKS j 400 Apts. For Ron! Dearborn Hs. ENJOY PEACEFUL LfVNQ CAMBRDGE APTS. Oulot communty surroundngs, beaufutfy landscaped grounds, excellent locaton. wthn walkng dslace to shoppng, church, restaurants, spacous 14 7 bedroom do- uxe apts. No*fy modernzed Olf.ce Hrs. 9-6 Mon. UVu Frl Sal 10-4 Yor* Propertes. nc. BEST APARTMENT VALUE FARMNGTON HLLS TlVlBERDGE DELUXE 2 BEDROOM UNTS $555 (Llm.ted tmo otter - t mo tree rent wth 1 year lease r*«tenants onjy) ncludes applances, vertcal bnds, carpetng, poof, close n Farmngncc MH> locaton. Enter East ol Orchard Lake Rd Fotsum S of G rend R; Model Open O.f/ 9-5" F_xcep V/aOnesday ' FARMNGTON HLLS - 1 month tree to new tenant wth t yea/ le-ase 1 a 2 bedrooms, applances, central ar. blnds, washer 4 dryer hookup, carport No pets J490 & $550 per monm. Evenngs fwwk' ^ R : Apte. For Rent FARMHOTOM HLLS A RANCH 4 TOWNHOUSE COMMUNTY Elegantly desgned 2 or 3 bedroom ranch, or 3 bedroom lownhouses. 2½ baths 2000 sq of rvng space, whrlpool tub. fub basement. 2 car ajtached garages. From $ COVNGTON CLUB 14 Mle 4 Mldd^beJl FARMNOTON HLLS CALL FOR THANKSGVNG SPECAL '600 sqfl. 2 bodrcom. 2 bath w/ wa'x-ln closets, covered pa/kmg washer/dryer, vertcal bnds, attended gatehouse, and a 24 hour mon,ore<) ntruson and fre alarm FROM $855 SUMMT APTS/ N6R1HWESTERN4 MlDOLEBELT FARMNGTON HLLS CALL FOB T HANK SCV7NO SPECALS Now England charm - new 15O0 sq t bedroom tcanhhouses 2'- baths, spacous master bedroom sute, washer, dryer, fnds and covered parkng FOXPONTE TOWNHOUSES Hasted& 11 Mle ^m$m&$vz- ;/^K»^ ^2Do SEdtjwpHrcysm?J * 4. J : * jfl1s4y«? ' r^ftttv':- lywa^nb^ MCRO^AVPS CA3LB AVALABLE AR CONDTONNG Laundry. Facltes: on'premses FROM ONLY s Man Street Daly 10-7 Sal. 12-f Closed Sunday ^www^wrn'r'-b.x* *l.t,3*l. lawmhsm APARTMENTS & ATHLETC CLUB Spacous 1 & 2 bedfoom apartments, each wth afreplace,mn-blnds and ba'cony or pato. Prvate athletc dub featurng year-round ndoor-outdoor poo), sauna, steam bath, whrlpool and exercse toom. Secluded settng amdst woods and duck ponds. Pets welcome Senor crturen dscount CONTNENTLY LOCATE0 OFF WAYKE R0 BETWEEN WARREN 4 JOY. NEAR THE WESTLASO SHOPWJG REfHAl OfTCE AS0 kfoor OPEN n AM-8 PU. MMEDAT : ' f~. VML Nov/L WESTGATE V From *475 Area's Best Value Quet Spacous Apartments Attractvely Landscaped Lakes Area Near Twelve Oaks Mall Central Ar Pool Carport Walk-n Closets Pato and Balcones OH Pontac Tral between Beck & Wesl Mln. from Daly 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.. Sal. & Sun p.m. Open Untl 7 p.m »l ^»»J-M.<^.kl.'.'l..t'M'>.S.U-lv!^.Mf.:->Jff-«M''J 400 Apts. For Rent O FARMNGTON CHATHAM HLLS Central Ar Condtonng FREE OARAGE On Selected Unts FREE HEALTH CLUB MEMBERSHPS Heated ndoor Pool 6aurus Sound 4 Flreproofcd Conslrvchon M«rowa ves Dshwashers Free Hea;h Ckjb Member&rVps Luxurous Ulng at f.ffordabl«prlce? STARTNG AT $509 On 010 Grand Rver bet Ckake 4 Kalstcad Open Oa'ly 9am-7pm Sat llamspm Sun 1Jem-4pm FARMNGTON. HLLS - 1 bedroom at $445v no securty deposrt. nckkej heat. e.r. epp.ances. carpetng Cable TV avarable FARMflGTON-Ouet complex, f FARMNGTON HLLS - s.-na» tuclo bedroom. $460 per month Ke3t 4 apt Ecckjdod wooded area near 8 water ncluded Ca Mon thru Fr.. M.le 4 Mddlebelt Workng mature 8-5pm tndrvdual. no pels. $3?5/mo ncludes ulfes. 1st 4 Jast mos rent takmngton - bedroom,-1 bedroom wth den or 2 bedroom Gresl plus $)50 depost Can Alter 5pm locauoo. Oulot butdng Carpo<3(garages Ca» for deta-ls 4770S7 -». MJTWL'J'C.',. WESTERN HLLS APTS. SBECJAL $ 100 off each month wth ths coupon HEAT & WATER NCLUDED You Can't Afford Not to Stop By Cherry Hll & Newburgh (Lrpted Specal Offer) {»!«< -.^11 vj..wfwf.nwwen n-wr»w:-t"f 3 ^ ^MMrtc.M-LvJMvKUMVk.mrmMVMtfJmtvTjK^. WESTLAND A WLOERNSS APARTMENTS Warren Ave.. E. of Newburgh across the street from Meljers. Spacous 2 bedroom apartments wth.2 bathand.prvate lauhdry.rooms. rmomffmmmm MOVE N FOR s 650 Call Mon.rFr. 9-5; Sat 9-1 p.m. ^ a^^^ljrakl'gbmrfmfrpm^mfbr.^affflhv^-tj^f.g LOOK HERE FRST Fndng the perfect place to lve s easy. \ WARREN PLAZA APARTMENTS 10 Mle and Hoover Convenlontly located near and 2 BEDROOM UNTS NCLUDES HEAT FREECABLE TV Ar Condtonng""""" C'arpotrh'g Applances 'Dsposal Storage Facllltlos Laundry Swmmng Pool Tenns Courts Offco opon dally 8:30 a m.- :00 p.m. Satufday and Sunday 1000 a m.-5:6o p.m. rwmjtffr' FERHOALE - large ttud;0 apt Freplace, heat 4 waer ncluded, teundrylacbtms $375 54S-S463 THE CHARM 400 Apts. For Rent Farmlngton H.Hs BOTSFORD PLACE GRAND RVER-8 MLE Behnd Botsford Hosptal SPECAL 1 Bodroom for $469 2 Bodroom tor $ edroom for $689 PETS PERMTTED Smoke Detectors nstated Sngles Wetcocne mmedate Occupancy We Love Chldren HEAT 4 WATER NCLUDE0 Lrronla Ou>ol prestge address, tj cond- \<of>!s<q. carpetng, stove 4 rttrtgerator. a5 utes except e^ctrtdty m- ctuded. Warm apartments Laundry lacl.lles For more nformaton, phone ndependence Farmngton Hlls f ARM.NGTON HLLS MaperWge Aps M,d<):e-. bell 1-2 bedroom/2 baths, carpetng, apc^ances. cenraf ts. car port avlsble $450 4 $ SO LVONA AREA - 1. J 4 3 6edroom. tndr^ldual washer/dryer, u-parate wvt/ance tor each unt Tenruj court. r*-tmm;ng pool, clubhouse, carports 4 garages $550 and up Ask tor Move - n Specal CaJt OF ROCHESTER The Best Value n Town 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Near Downtown Rochester Heat ncluded Free Cable TV Swmmng Pool Easy Access to -75 & M-59 Ar Condtonng Cord 'Rdge ^ ^ APARTMENTS x j ^ At Second 4 Wlcox Weekdays 8:30 to 5 Weekends 11-5 Or by appontment 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments from s 410 Heat ncluded Stoneybrooke APARTMENTS South of Joy Road, West of -275 Open Monday - Frday 9-5 Saturday 11-4 ^^^ fafr»3b NOV! - FARMNGTON tyawucmtdct/t A Communty of Terraced Rental Apartments Folly Equpped Keoftt Club Central Ar Cond^KHwng Two Full Balhs - Sfp»«e Entrances Carport ncluded - Washer Dryer m each Apt Complete GE Ktchen ' Range wth Self-Cleanng Oven Self-Defrostng Refrgerator and Freezer But-n Mcrowave & Dshwasher From s 695 Handcap Unts '620 Open untl 7 p.m Open Daly 9 am.-7 p.m. Sal. & Sun. 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Pavlon Orrve OH Haggerly Rd Between 9*10 Mte *1 MONTH FREE RENT WESTLAND C-.-.*K» Warren Rd. West of Merrlman 1 & 2 Bedroom Apts. from $ 40S HNES PARK APTS Heat ncluded Mon. - Fr. 9-5 Sat Lmted tme. New Rosldonts upon sgnng 1 year leaso. Selected unts: Eoul Housng OpporturVry C/H Farrnlneton/Novl C/H MTHAM EMS VALUE VALUE VALUE Compare ths J Attached Oarages y Sold Masonry Constructon y Soundproofng y Large, Laxg*. Urge Apartmonts y Hoated ndoor Pool & Saunas y Central Heat & Ar y Free Health Club Membershp y Prcnlc Area y Mcrowaves & Dshwasher* STARTNG AT $ 509 On.Okt Grand Rh/w totem Orekt & MslsteKJ Qslry 0 h.tx-7 p.m. - 8«t 11 e.m.4 p.m. Sun. 11.m.>4pjA. C/H Call C/H ' 400 Apts. For Ron! FARMlrfGTON HLLS Sub-let 3 bed/com. 2 bath, 2nd floor Apartment. t4 4 Orchard Lt*«Area $1.050/mo. Securty depovt requred. CaJ «FARMNOTON f lewty decorated 1 bedroom apartments. Carpet, vtrttcle bnds, central heal & ar. epphances. From $440 NO PETS! GARDtM CTY 1 or 2 bedroom. Nc-*ty decujrated, heal lurnlshed. Ho pets*»*c»la$430 plus securty (-2144 REDUCE0 SECURTY 1ST MONTH RENT FREE t 4 2 bedroom apts -from $505/mo V«n<al UJ-K3S 4 heat ncluded Frankln Sq ba of M.dd'.obel On 5 MJe Uronj 400 Apts. For Rem OAROV art Lurv* Apartments. Aulumrl Spec^. 1 bedroom, $395. CeJOoO/ LVONA'S FNEST' LOCATON Merrlman oornpr 7 Mle Umlted tme offor:'1 month free rent wth 1 yea/ leaso. new tenants only. Deluxe 2 bedroom, 2 bath $620 - ; All applances Vertcal blnds *Pool Nearby shoppng MERRMAN WOODS Model open 9-5 except TJartday Olffcr): r m*m Free Heat Quet Country Settng Spacous & Sound-Condtoned Apartments Pool Sauna Cable Large Closets ; Dshwashers Pet Secton Avalable On Palmer W. of Llley Open Untl 7 p.m LNCOLN TOWERS A Frendly Homey Atmosphere Studos, 1 & 2 Bedrooms From $380 FREE CABLE TV Hat A Ca<ftonjng Apoyaj, rctfnj Ctotaste e Otsoosal Carpng Affttes Corrnrtj Rooo TV & C^rj fcon - rw«j Sara ftoom SJorso ku He&dSV.T.-ngPcol Lncoln Rd. at Greenfeld Mon. thru Frl. 9 a.m.-6 p.m fcjtra/ Housng Opportunty BEST APARTMENT VALUE N FARMNGTON HLLS Charmng 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments from '475 Featurng: 6 mo. 4 1 yr. leases avaabo Convenent to freeways, shoppng, and busjnosjdlsuku > Centra) Ar Condtonng Prrvate BaJcony/Patlo Svrmmlnfl Pool CarportsAvartable Beautful Landscapng Located on 12 Mle Road between Mlddlebelt & Orchard Lake Roads. Open Mon.-Frl. 1-6, Sat. & Sun EqusHous^^Opporun.ry 77 boautful acres of park and recreatonal paths - Four Seasons of "actvty wth comfortable lvng n a specal neghborhood atmosphere n Farmngton Hlls. Excellently servced and mantaned 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and townhouses. Easy and quck access to 1-96 and drect routes to the arport, downtown Detrot and Brmlngham/Southfleld areas. 9 Mle Road 1¼ mles west of Fa/mlngton Road. A UZNS DEVELOPMENT CALLTODAY Monday, Octobor 29,1990 O&E *5E AJ "OA(\ * NOV * WATERVEW FARMS Mnutes from 1-96 and Twelve Oaks Mall Lakes Area At Watervew Farms, wth all ts convenences and luxures, you'll never feel the need to "get away from t all." 'Tenns Courts 'Storage Locker Ample Closets 'Swmmng Pool All Electrc Ktchen Laundry Facltes ndvdually Controlled > _ -. Heat and Ar Condtonng * - FROM M30 Pontac Tral between West & Beck Roads Daly 9 am.-7 p.m. Sat. A Sun p rr. 624^ Apts. For Ront LAHSEVGJUND RlVEA Beautful t bodroom,»/th refrlgorjtor & tove, cerpeted, heal & water furnshod. H;oe t/ea. Must see Cepoo* UVONtA : DON'T WAT The-Zra 90¾¾ ral. Spa- Ccvs 1 «nd 2 bedroom apa/tments. Oon'»&. CcM now 10 fnd more about: Our spacous Vnj. Canxf nd-jded. Ven<cal Mnds ncluded On-ste pc/je erea *<th brboo^es. Great kxaton near Lrvo M&tAzX Ask about our move-n specal. WOODRDGE Ce? Ethel at Apts. For Rent LVONA HEATJNCUOE0- RENT FROM»4«SECURTY DEPOST $150 Spacous * 2 bedroom apts wth p!u<j carpel, vertcaf bnds, sef cle-jny^ o.-on, frostfree refrgerator. dlfvashor, tmp«horage. r.tercom, carport, cf-jb house, sauna. «xerdse room, tenns courts, heated poofs " On se:ected unss oot/ NORTHV1LLE AREA. Sublet, kuury 2 bodroom 2 bath.»185 K ft AvaJltbte U-A/ Attrectrre terms «NORTHVrLCE- Studo.apartrr^nl n Vctoran home. dcnm'ofm locaton $-425 p*u» u1>l;t«s No pets Leave Message 699,5524 Ssotsdah Jlpamenfs Newburgh between Joy & Warren From s 445 FREE HEAT FREE COOKNG GAS VERTCAL BLNDS t j 1 & 2 Bedroom 1¼ Baths Central Ar Pool Laundry & Storage Tenns Carport Clubhouse Cable Ready to-. Model Open 9-5 Daly 12-5 Weekends 'nuut)) -".r- E?n 313 WHTEHALL APARTMENTS, Luxurous 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms >2Fufr Baths Heat nduded on - Carports select unts 1 Free Cable TV Walk-n Closets Healed Swmmng Pool La/ge Storage Areas Applances, ncludng Laundry Facltes Dshwasher 4 Dsposal Communty Room West 9 Mlo Rd. at Provdence Or. n Southfeld Dally 9- Weekends 10-5 WpwjsH!»H»*!r)ggBBgW'r'^''PJa - Westtand - HAWTHORNE CLB The Best Value n the Area Just Got Better We Had: - Ar - Dnng Room Celng Fans - Peel - Cable Avalable Scenc Vew Best Servce We've Added: BLNDS BFnOQOr.* CE!! MG FANS M.Cr^O'.\ /t OVENS ( < :." r, < 5 ' 0..H ::.. >. :. f-v, -^.'"! ' > :* < ':. '. :>!''.. J" j"~ f' (.1 )!l 'Ol! \e ' 7560 Merrman Road Between Warren & Ann Arbor TM Ltaly 9- Sat & Sun 12-4 A P ME NT $ located adjacent to aartrab; Too&d rfws Park, economcal, 1 and 2 bedroom apartotols tn tornhooxs. Comfortble lvng vll ar coatttoong, prme twjcoflles, huge closels, beat ncluded. Also Cabk TV, 2 srmmln$ pools and aerobfes Gtatss center. SMART stop at the front entrance West Warren between Mddlebelt and Merrman Roads AUTO. DETXtomxvr r.?3sm^a».ws^ma»j3??j'-r?^- J.j Wndemere Apartments LVNG YOU CAN AFFORD TO ENJOY New 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartment* Avallablo Convenent To Shoppng And Expressways Cable TV Avalable. Prrvate Balcony/Patfo Ktchen Wth Open Bar Counter Dene Avalable " 'm Bathe Avalable, And More...VHft U» And See For Yoyreelft On Halstcd Va Mle North of Grand Rver FROM $460 OPEN Mor». - Frl. 9.6; Sat. 10-5; Sun tqual HOUSNG OPPORTUNTY -1.:^\.! 1 5

38 6E* O&E Monday, October 29, Apte. For Ront 1 WOHTHV1L.E. 1 S 2 bedroom aps avalable. $505 <o $585 per month ' ncludng h«at. 1 yr wse ,- Madson Heghts'. V - SPECAL T $50 SECURTY -. 'GREAT LOCATON :': LEXNGTON ''- ; VLLAGE " _.j,. ncludes: '^KeJt Stove & refrgerator \P'oof - Newty decorated - SmoXe detectors- QB- BEORODMAPAflTWENT FROM $ and 14 kv.a across rom Oafcland Mall NORTHVLLE GREEN Deluxe 1 and 2 bedroom apart- 'ments wth balcony porch overlookng runnng brook. Ort Randolph 818 M.e. -* m:le W. ot SheJdon Rd. Walk to downtown NorlhYHe. RENT FROM $520 SECURTY DEPOST $200 ncludes carport, plush oarpelng. sjpplances BEAUTFUL WTH YOUR OWN WASHER AND ORYER 400 Apts. For Rent LVONA Suburban Luxury Apartrrenls 1 Bedroom-S450 Carpcled tb/oughout, applances. dsposal, sr. condtonng. Heat S water ncluded. Parkng 145S0FAP.FELO UVONA-7MLERD. GRAND OPENNG 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath $635 ncludes washer 4 dryer n each apartment Carpetng. verucaj btnds, deluxe applances, balcony. p3tk>. Swmmng pool, tenns courts, communty room Near shoppng CANTERBURY PARK 7 Mle Rd.. corner Mayfeld between Farm!ngton4 Merrman Rds >todel open dafy 10-6 ' except Wednesday NOV: SUB LET. 4 mos. Hghlma Club. 9 Mle 6 Haggerty. mmedate Occupancy at Dscount Prces. 2 bedroom. ajl ameottles :.H. J..-,. -41 *C'. A BEAUTFUL PLACE^TO LVE 1¾ " >. O'-K «t, '<««-,' C.'V 400 Apta. For Rent NOV/LAKESAREA. WESTGATE V from $475 AREA'S BEST VALUE Quet Spacous Apar'tment; Attractvely landscaped. Lakes Area Near Twelve Oaks Central Alr-Pool-Carport-Walk-ln Closets Patos and Balcones Off Pontac Tral bet Beck 4 West Ma lromj Oa.ty 9am-7pm Sat & Sun 12-4pm NOV- WATERVEW FARMS from $430 Country setllng. Lakes Area. Kear Twelve Oaks Malf. Spacous. Sound Condtoned. Centra) A!r, Pool. Tenns. Cable. Lots of Closets. Pontac Tr. bet. Wesl 6 Beck Rds OPEN TL 7PM D3:fy 9-7 Sat. & Sun 'v«s'jfr'- -v^s'.!.'*>!v! k.-v* CHbOSE OUR M nestled n a settng of lakes surrounded by beautful landscapng. 'LOCATED N NOV ON PONTAC?,TRAL.1 MteEasroTBeck Rd. OPEN DALY'9-6 SUNDAY CENTRALLVTOCATEr N WESTLAND 1 & 2 Bedroom Freplaces Avalable Pool*Tenns Court Clubhouse > Central Ar,* Dshwasher Dsposal Laundry Facltes ' Beautfully Landscaped Wthn mnutes of all major hghways Ask Abour Our Specals VENOYPNE& APARTMENTS S' '.S\ " x fel A YORK PROPERTES COMMUNTY ONE MONTH FREE RENT S&t v A A A Apartment lvng just got b etterr When you make the Crossng your home, you'll get more than a new address. The Crossngs at Canton offers 19 dfferent floor-plans wth 1 to 4 bedrooms. And whether you choose a 2-level townhouse or a luxury apartment, the renewed beauty of ths charmng rental communty shnes through n every one. These^ apartments and tbwhhomes - are the largest n the area, yet are stll ncredbly affordable. 'Dscover these features at The Crossngs at Canton: Dens & Freplaces Fuy-appllanccd Ktchens. Patos or Dalconles Central Ar Condtonng A Clubhouse wth sauna, ndoor pool, exercse room, and morel. 'New Resdents Only El CertanCondltons Apply Vst The Crossngs at Canton today. We're just 20 mnutes from Ant.Arbor and downtown Detrot, yet comfortabty away from t all. From 1-276, just ext Arbor Rd. West to Haggerty Rd.. follow south to Joy Rd. then east to The Crossngs. Open Mon.-Frl. 10 6, Satr 10-5, Sun Phone today, -. Professonally managed by DOLBEN Aps. For Rent Madson Heghts FALL SPECAL CONCORD TOWERS t 4 2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS ncludes Stove 4 relrlgeralor Oshwaher Carport ntercom Ke-Aty decorated Srr.oke detectors» Sprnkler system FROM $ and 14 M.e Next to Abbey Theater Novl ABSOLUTELY ' APARTMENT NFO! Save Money! Save Tme Open 7 Days TROY RochesterBd SOUTHFELD Northwestern Hvry CANTON Ford Rd. OV Across from 12 Oaks Mall CLNTON TWP Qa/ned APARTMENTS UNLMTED The Easest Way to Fnd PLYMOUTH Vour New HERTAGE Aparlmentl APTS s pleased (o offer FREE BASC CABLE*, wlh the sgnng of a 1 year lease. Pleas* call 455-2T43 or stop n Moo thru Frl 9-5 NEW TENANTS ONLY. Cash back bonus, along wth cable lor 1 year lease. F rent s pad ont tho 1st! 400 Aps. For Rent Northvtr.e Tree Top Park HEAT NCLUDED Natural beauty surrounds these apartments wth ve* of the woods Take the fool brdge across l ha rolng brook lo the open park area or us' enjoy the tranqulty Of tha adjacent woods EHO 1 8EDROOM FROM $485 2 BEDROOM FROM $555 (Ask about our Specal) Open dary 12-6 Wed. 4 Frl. by appontment Sal. 0a/n-5pm. Sun 12-5 Located on Nov Rd W. ot 8 Mle BENECKE 4 KRUE NOV $300 MOVES YOU N Spacous 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and unreal 2 bedroom townhouses < Great locatons - near Mnutes from 12 Oaks Max. Ful ba semenls n the townhouses wlh washer/ dryer hook-ups Vertcal blnds ncluded NOV RDGE On 10 Mls between Novl Rd 4 Meadowbrook PLYMOUTH - BROUGHAM MANOR APTS.» BEDROOM $435 2 BEDROOM $475 ' Year Leaso. Heat 4 Water Pad Adults. No pots PLYMOUTH - large 1 bedroom tq. ft., contra) ar. dshwasher, dsposal, bafcony, pool, laundry n basement. $510/mo. heat, hot water ncluded. We pay your frst months rent. Avalable now Apts. For Rent NOYl TREE TOP MEADOWS' Qud, convenent lvnn, comes these never bunury apartments n desrable Nov Features nclude Over ste rooms 4 balcony Delu»e ktchens Ar condtonng Wndow treatments Covered parkng Walkng d'mance to shoppy. reslaurans 4.Houses of Worshp Easy access tot3 expressways. Ho walcr, These unts are freshly panted, clean as a whstle and oler 'good vakje'at great prces EHO 1 BEDROOM-$535 2 BEOROOM - $595 (Ask about our spcoas) Open da ly 9am-6pm Sal 10-5 Sun noon-5 BENECKE 4 KRUE PLYMOUTH CALL NOW! All our 2 bedrooms are rented so call now about spacous 1 bedroom apartments They won't last long Spacous 1 bedrooms 900 sq ft Neslled m resdental a/ea Comenlenl to Ample storage/blnds ncluded Heal ncluded Prvate balcony V Ask about our move-n specal Rent wth a 1 or 2 yr lease TWN ARBORS Ann Arbor Tral just east of Haggcty Call Mary PLYMOUTH - large-1 & 2 bedroom, an applances, central ar. off street parkng, walk lo downtown $535- $560 + securty QUET DSTNCTON N THE MDST OF PLYMOUTH Spacous 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. A communty settng near downtown -P y m o LLth-H ea L ncluded^ Full applances. Ask about our specals ffl«^^b*>atw "!1 s» 0 ''f)* ; 1*11-'W! ' PLYMOUTH MANOR APARTMENTS mm ^KWMS& av A uwm >m. C-^WaO Quet ntmate settng. Large 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Close to central Plymouth. -SeparatC-enlrAnces. pool and other amentes. Ask about our specals W*':^sT!^'"^!, T w^r^^! ; 'T^*''*'' ;,^'-'a*^s PLYMOUTH HOUS APARTMENTS A York Propertes Communty OPENNG PHASE Al KOM AVALABLE EXPERENCE THE ELEGANCE OF An exqustely panoramc 105 acre communty perfected on the shores of Lake Success, nestled nto scenc tmbered vews. Park Place of Northvlle establshes a tradton of unsurpassed excellence n apartment home lvng. LAVSH 1 and 2BE0R00M APARTMENT HOMES '16 Contemporary _ floor plans > Euro-stylo cablnoln/ > Coramlc tlo bath and tub enclosures Cathedral celngs ndvdual washor and dryers Mcrowave ovens n unt storage Prvate covered parkng MON.-Ff)l. 0-7 SATURDAY 9-6 SUNDAY 12-5 *^!^M3«ar8B!a8fl«ra(«T5!fS«a«5-jFSr5a8* Fully equpped ctubhouso,.,ax work-out A.tnn'm room \ Aerobc classes Walkng/Joggng tral Sauna & Jacuzz Pool wth lap markers Tenns courts Volleyball ph. Drectly accessble to 1-275,1-96, M Apts. For Rent PLYMOUTH. K<e 1 bodroom close to do*mo*n wth applances, laundry, cable. Avalable Nov. 3 $445 per month, nop«lj,. 4M-743 PLYMOUTH - Old Vllage Ono bodroom upper, nce area, walk to everythng mmedate occupancy. No pets. $400 mo (6 PLYMOUTH Trl flex, large, clean. 7 bedroom, ar, applances, washer 4 dryer. $550/mo plus utltes 4 securty. No pets. 459-OS54 PLYMOUH - J bedroom duplex Stove, rtfrlgeralor. carpal. $400/mo '+ lease 4 securty Also. Canton - Vbedroom Plymouth Square Apartments QU6T COMMUNTY N PAflK SETTNG 1 BEDROOM APT 0 FRST FLOOR SOLARANTLE NEW CELNG FAN VERTCAL BLNOS NEUTRAL CARPETNG 0 CENTRAL AR 4 HEATNG O DSHWASHER 4 DSPOSAL O WALK TO SHOPPNG NO PETS POOL $455 PLUS UTLTES 9421 MARGUERTE (Off Ann Arbor Rd. 1 block West of Sheldon) M0NTHRUFR9TO5PM Closed Sat and Sun Plymouth Twp. CARRAGE HOUSE APTS. HAGGERTY & JOY PHASE NOW LEASNG LUXURY 2 BEDROOM UNTS ndmdual laundry room Apphamces O Vertcal bljds Mode*open daly 2-6 Sal. Sun CALL pontac ORCHARD LAKE ROAD near Telegraph. Beaulful woodod Ktng. 1 bedroom apt. Carpet, Ar condtoner. heal ncluded. FROM $375 ORCHARD WOODS APTS Apt«. For Rent PLYMOUTH gve ON THE PARK Startng from...$435 Heat & watcrmcluded. Senor Dscount. Central ar. poo), securty Pl/rrjcuth fd. Apt PLYMOUTH. Mayflower Hotel. $4 50 monlh Oaly room servce. 24 hour message servce. Color TV No leases mmedlato occupancy Creon or Mare PLYMOUTH. Plymouth Hlls Apartments 746 S. Mll St. Modern 1 and 2 Bedroom O WASHER-DRYER N EACH APT. ACCESS TO AR CONDTONED FULLY CARPETED DSHWASHER ONO PETS FROM $ PLYMOUTH SENOR CT2EN Specals Spacous bedroom apartments n qule communty. Walk lo shoppng. Central ar. dshwasher, carport, pool. Avalable toquafnodappocanls. ' PLYMOUTH-Spacous bod room apartmonl-qulet complex Ap phances. heat ncluded, alf, $465 - $515 per month. Applcatons PLYMOUTH bedroom apts avalable Also furnshed 1 bedroom. Featurng Quet slnglo story desgn Prvate entrance Prvate patk> Ullty room w/laundry hook-up Storage n attc PRNCETON COURT APARTMENTS On Wlcox Off Haggerty exl 12 AT JOY RD 1 bedroom. $325 + securty. Cle-n. quet Fenced parkng 4 cable ava.1 able. No pets Westland HUNTNGTON ON THE HLL ' One Bedroom Specal! FRST MONTH'S RENT Free Central Heat Cable Avalable Central Ar Condtonng Pool. Beautful Park Solng - Spacous & Elegant Storage Dshwashers Vertcal Blnds On Ann Arbor Tral, Just West of nkster Road Mon.-Fr. 9-7 Sat. & Sun The charm of Northvlle at affordable prces. nnsbrook. The best and the brghtest - apartments, fresh wth- newdetals to complement your lfestyle. 1 Bedroom *'4ao 2 Bedroom - 2 Bath M 518 3; Bedroom - 2 Bath M 6fl Prvate Entrances Tenns Courts. Clubhouse Pets Allowed Specals on Selected Unts Open Sat. & Sun. NNSBROOK APARTMENTS nnsbrook Drve Northvlle, Mchgan OH) *r*t e?!w:t.y» r*r*»^>»p$,a!». V PLYMOUTH Hcrtst Club the pcturesque communty f Plymouth wlh ts Colonal.rm, unque shops and lne restur.nls. Hlcrest Club s close to everythng yet secluded n ts own park-lke sellng. BEDROOM SPECAL $100 1st Month Rent plus Blnds & Mcrowave /rwh'455 $200 Securty Depost Ar Condtonng Dshwasher USMAN PlymouTh Rd, Fast of J.ggcrly) Sal Sun Apts. For Rent PLYMOUTH HLLCREST CLUB 1 & 2 Bedrooms From $455 Park settng Spacous Sutes '.Ar Condtonmg-OuWoor Pool «mmaculate Grounds 4 fldgs. Dshwashers Best Value n Area Near Pr/mouth 4 Haggerty Rlsman Daly 9-7, - Sat Sun PLYMOUTH t bedroom - spaaous clean, quet, realty nce Ol<j VXage area Heat furnshed $460 plus securty No pets AvalableNov PLYMOUTH. bedroom. Plymouth Rd 4 Holbrook. Stove, refrgerator. ar cond.loner. walk lo town Avalable mmedately, no pels. $425 plus BEDFORD AREA Telegrapn-5 Mle 4 2 bedroom. clean, decorated, qulel. carpet, ar condtoner, blnds, heat ncluded For mature, professonal peop'e wth re!erenc«s. From $375 PARKSDE APTS FtEDFOFlOAREA THANKSGVNG SPECAL NO SECUnrTY DEPOST' FROM $395 Fre«Hea Large Bedrooms Cable fteady wa:k-n Closet Lghted Parkng or 2 Yea/ Lease ntruson Alarm System FROM $385 GLEN COVE TELEGRAPH v. mles of REOFOP.D TWP AREA COUNTRY KOOSE bc-droom apartments Heat Carpet Vertcals Kjlcncn applances Pool Cable ready FROM $ Hours Mon-Frl 9-5 REOFORO TWP Beautful Lola Park Manor A Cjulet wefl mantaned Adult Communty, has a lovely 1 bedroom apt avalable. Please caj Rochester A MOVE TO GREAT OAKS S THE RGHT MOVE! MakeGrealOaks Your New Home Before December And The Move s On Us!! Call for delays Oakwood Blvd Rochester Presented by The Fourmdabe Group A MOVE TO Essex of Hampton S THE RGHT MOVE! Make Essex of Hampton Your New Home Before December 31, 1990 And The Move s On Us!!. Caflfor detals Vllage Crcle Rochester Presented by The Formdable Group A MOVE TO Tmberlea S THE RGHT MOVE! Make Tmberlea Your New Home Before December 31, 1990 And The Move s On Usll Can for deta-s Tmberlea Rochester Presented by The FourmJdabe Group A MOVE TO Oaks & Woods at Hampton S THE RGHT MOVE! Make Oaks & Woods at Hamplon Your New Home Before December 31,1990 And Tho Move s On Us!l Ca.1 for detals Dorchester ' Presented by The Fourmldab'o Group ROCHESTER WUS - large 2 bedroom apartment. $4B5/MO No p*ts. ncludes heat 4 wale/. Avon Courl Apartment FtOCHESTEfl luxury 2 bedroom apsrtmern. freplace, washer/dryer, oarage Nop«$$93S/mo. C«'l FtOCHESTEfl - 1 bedroom upper. 8'dlng door onlo b&jcon/. par* ve*. Near town $435 ncfudng heat 4 water FtOMEOVUlAOE Brand new 1 bedroom pa/tmenl $425 mo. + uttjes mmedfae oc- Cupancy. Call:., ha ROYAL OAK s AjrnbswadOf East. 1 bm, Soulh W 13 MM on Qreer.rcld Rd. lovc-ly 2 bedroom apartment*. New carpclng.vfctkhbllfx. RE0UCE0RENT 1ST 3 MONTHS LOW DEPOST vroyal OAK Cmpbel Maoor jpt 1 bedroom apartment «V». We. $445 per monlh, heal mcud- ** ~ ROYAL OAK/CAWSON Doggy, Doggy, wher» *:» you lve? AtArtber Apartment* Permsson thoy os-e ? 1 OAK Ne*fy decorated bedrooms. «tarttng from $490 ^. y^" K*" * *-»tw. Mon. m.9-5pm,sat, tt-3pm ROYAL OAXNOnTH-neal nce dean, m/at,, bedroom,»r. tor-!? or ' «''M>t parkng. No petal 1460 mo mctudashcal. S2J-9O0S

39 400 Apa. For Ront Romutu* OAKBROOK VLLA 2 and 3 bedroom torny-ousea Rangng rom»399 to $0O fkkte ej uwhes Open Moa, Wed, Frt. Tuo*. & Thur*. 8»t. Mtm-2pm BRAHOT. 9am-Spm «am-6pm Closed Sun. f41-40s7 ROYALOAK4CLAWSON Freplace*, vertcaj band* & k>fu m mart/ Amber Apartment*, 4 2 bcovoom*. Pel? Aakl SOUTHFELO " ~ FROM t MLE & LAHSER 1 & 2 Bedrooms Lovety resdental area Covered parkng Welt appolntod clubhouse ntruson alarm COLONY PARK 355, Apa, For Ron! ROYAL OAK. dean 1 bedroom, culet comynunrty, Crooks & Webstor,»34 pfv* ulstlcj. $ outM!e!< ABSOLUTELY FR 400 Apa. For Ront SOUTHFELD. HDDEN OAKS APARTMENTS FALL SPECAL! ONE MONTH FREE* (Any month of your choce) OE sppdance*. ceramc bath central ale carports arable, ntercoms. pauos/bajcock-j Handcap urn* avalable 1 BEOROOM from $495 2 BEOROOM from $ Hour*: Daly Sal 9-2 Yre wa be dosed the (ocowng Saturday* 9/22. 8/29. 10/13 10/20. 11M0. 11/17. 11/24 (Closed Thur*. 4 Sun > ' based on 13 month occupancy New tenant* only APARTMENT NFO! Save Monoyl SavoTlmo Open 7 Days TROY Rochester Ftd SOUTHFELD Northwestern Hwy CANTON Fcrdftd NOV Across from. 12 Oak* Ma3 CLNTON TWP Gar reld Troy CROOKS & WATTLES. RENTFHOM «560 SECURTY DEPOST»150 luxury 1 & 2 bod/com epartment* wth plush cvpe\. vortcal Mndl. gourmet ktchen*, den*, locked foyer entry, refrldgerator, range, dshwasher, csrbage dsposal, con- 1/aJ heal and ar r^ndtlorng. carport, tenns court*, twmmng pool. cable TV ara;teb!s. laundry ttahcs Monday. October O&E *7E 400 Apa. For Rent -APARTMENTS UNLMTED The Easest Way lo Fnd You/ Ke* Apartmont TROY SOMERSET AREA -Spstou* decorated 1 and 2 bed room apartmonl* & ttud.cs- Arr.try te* locluda: Owner pajd beat Swmmng P6o laundry lecr.te* Balcones or patos Parkng ntercoms Dshwashers OUposaJa Ar Cond Honng ' * Clow to thopptog 4 expressway Wndow l/ealmonts from $495 monthly VltLAOE APTS Open Mtyv - Frt. 9am-3pm and by appontment $200, DEPOST (wltt approved c/c-d) Westland Estates 6843 Wayne (Want lo Hudson*) 1 bedroom from $430 2 bedroom from $505 ncludes ar condtonng - heat - carpet - swmmng pool. Cable avalable.. No pels Apta. For Ront WESTLAND - 8ARCLAY HOUSE 1300 depost wth approved creo large super dean 1 bedroom $420 ncludes heat, carpet mte/com. 2 car parkng Nopc-fs ¾ Y/ESTlANO - CAPRJ APARTMENTS 1 bedroom Marlng al $4 20 Heal 4 watw ncluded Specal $200sccutty depost 'Q SOUTHFELD NORTHAMPTON APARTMENTS lahser Road near One Center Drve. Deluxe 2 bodroorn apartments. $545. per month SOU7HFE10 ONE BEOROOM SPECAL $450 ntruson alarm Free hoat Walk-n closet WELLNGTON PLACE lahser near 8¼ Mle South feld ~ ~ PARKWAY APARTMENTS Would you Cke to Bve RENT FREE lor FULL YEAR? We3. N can happen? Because when you ksasa a spadou* 1o/2 bedroom apartment between now & October 3Ht. you' *utomalca.fy be regstered lor thj ooportufty. We're open Monday thru Frday. Sam-Cpm. Sal SOUTHFELO - spacous aptj. Specal - $200 off 1 A 2 bodroomj from $460-$605 mcjudea heal, water 4 Pool SOUTHFELD t bedroom erasable Prvate entry way Heal, water, btnda fckudod. Washor-dryer hook up He* applance* 750 M. leet. Very very PR- VATESpodaJrete*. V/AXEFELO APTS SOUTH LYON - Two large bodroom*, tufy carpeted. appcanees. ar. heal & water ndudod $425 mo. Atl6/5PM SOUTHFELD PARKCREST MUST BE OVER $0 YEARS OF AOE FROM $655 Dosant 1000 to 1200 aq.ft. of luxury 11 2 bedroom*. waft-n cfoset*. et- valor*, covered parkng attended gatehouse. (wtmrrung pool 4»odal drector. 11 Mle & Lahser Please CaA lor Our Brochure Sutton Place Full Sze Washor 4 Dryers n your apartment FREE HEAT SENOR CTZEN DSCOUNT FREE OARAGES 6 COVEREO CARPORTS Rversde Drve, Southfleld E«l on 9 nve fd between Lahser and Te^graph (opposte Plum Hottow go course). WAL LEO LAKE WALNUT RDGE APTS. 1 MONTH FREE RENT Large 2 bedroom ncludes heat & water Near Twelve Oaks Mall Sr. Dscount WAllEOLAKE/W 8LOOMFELD Large Quet 1 bedroom, apt. Heat ncluded, cable, ar. pool. No pet*. $420/mo WAYNE - Corumtxj Apartment* 1*2 bodroom apartment*. N'^ory decorated, wth appcance*. $375- $425 + deposrt Rforcoce 6 credt approved V/eslland FORD/WAYNE RD AREA Spactou* bodroom ap:» Amemt«* mcvda. Ca/peCng Osh*asher Park-hXe settng Close to snopplng OOvtner pay heal COUNTRY VLLAGE APTS Y/estand HAMPTON COURT APARTMENTS 1&2 BEDROOM APTS, From $415 (1 bedroom aps *<; ft; 2 bedroom ep:» 10CX) KJ t p\» large»a.')<-!n steals room) BaJcor-Js* - Cerporl* SR. CTZEN SPECAL Lkr^.ed tn-^. nc* res:dent$ on.'/. 2 >es/ lease avlabla. dscount on ren CaJ lor d*:a.-*, Beaulllully landscaped wth pcnc grounds and pool. Convcrventry located crll Ford RC CHockEast oty/arr^ 402 Furnshed Apts. For Ront LVONA. MJ». Cl*n etdctency. tell contajned. (or person. $335 per mofth nclude* uttte* Securty depost reo//jed. 452-S27S 404 Houses For Ront FARJ^NQTON HtLLS - 4 tod/oom brx* exocutrre home, atuched garage. 2½ bath*. 2 rrepace*. la/ge tamjy room. dock. eo appr.anct* Moo Fn Sat 9-SSun 9am-5pm noon-spm Westtnd T'S HERE!! The apartment you'va been lookmg (Or bodroorr.s. bucony/palo. targe ctosel*. extr* storage. wa.t to tan Waynewood APARTMENTS 6737N V/ayr*Ro' SOUTHFELO: SU8 LEASE. Ava3- b:e Nov 1. $ bodroom. 1 bath, freplace, ar, washcr/dryor n unt. Must lease CaJ rx SOUTH/ELD 12 MLE & TELEGRAPH ASK ABOUT OUR SPECALS RENT FROM $575 SECURTY DEPOST $150 Luxury 1 «2 bedroom apt*, wth plush carpet. TertteaJ-fcKndj. govr-- met ktchen, tell cleanng ovo/. rost tree refrgerator, dlsmrabor. k-tercom tystem. lot* ol doset* 4 carport, communty center, exercse room. *euna 4 heated pool. Guarded entrance. ntruson alarm lystem SOUTHFELD 12 Mle & Northwestern 2 Bedroom Apartments from $560 Heat ncluded FRANKLN HLLS APTARTMENTS Mon -Frt. Sam-Spm Sal l0am-2pm S Lyon Pontral Apartments 1 bedroom...$410 Heat ncluded 1 MONTH FREE Ask about our SENOR PROGRAM On Pontlae TraJ between 104 n MJeRd*. n S. Lyon WAYNE - Large 1 bodroom. Clean, outel. aj eppdancc* ncluded. CeJ WAYNE - Mcrtgan A^e. 6 Wayne Rd*. 1 bodroom apartment, appetence* ncluded. a3 utltes pad $300 por monta WAYNE/WES TLAND; Extra nce 1 bodroom unrt*. SmaJ apt. bu3dxg Of> Newburgh. Newty renovatea Spoctal lerm* for over 50 CaJ nowt Umod offorl No securty deposl t QuaSrtod » 59t-0165 WAYNE. 2 bedroom. *tove. relrgorator. $400. Pay your own uttles. Great locaton for bus route Call Mon Fr TAYLOR 1 & 2 8edroom Apartments From $360 FARLANE APARTMENTS Mon.-Frt 9-5 Sat AMBER APARTMENT COMPANY TROT 8TROYAL OAK 3807CROOK&RD. Corner ol Chester(l3y M3e> Flreptaoe* 4 Poot* TROY - clean, 1 bodroom. free neat. applance*. Cable, mcrowave, drapes, aecure. country locaton. $460, TROrS NCEST - t bedroom apartment*. ncludes fua *tred wasfer 4 dryer n every apartment, carport. heal water, central a>. dshwastter. and other applance*, vertcal Wnd*, balcony, and pool. aj lor $810 per month- Oufet aeoure. we3 rruna^od vnaser complex. Step up to Qualty. Step up to ChurchH Square Apartment*, deal tocahon. 1 b<k. S of Bg Beaver, betwoon Crook«4UYerr>0S BARSUDORARMS 50% OFF Frst Month's Ront Wesland 2 bodroom apartment, dose to tho^fxna 6 school*. Heat/ water ncluded « WESTLAND PARK APARTMENTS Across (rom Cly Park (Cherry M) (between M<Jdlcbo.t 4 1 & 2 bedrooms, 1¼ baths Pool, Vertcal Bllnd3 Secured Locked Hallways HEAT NCLUDED From $445 Monthly or l«ss WESTBLOOMFELD Large 1 bodroom. den apartment* wfth prvate, attached garage 4 opener. Full tte washer 4 dryer, mcrowave. mj-j 4 vertcal bqnds Ftonta* (rom $740. FREE RENT UNTL DEC. 15TH Thornberry Apartments A Vllage Greon Communty Westland BEAUTFUL landtcaplng s knt the ueotnnjng. Spactou* room*, heat pad. Veruce bond*, ce^ng an. Too many loaturc4 to lt CeJ Lucy now for fus datal*. Waynewood APARTMENT8 67J7M. WAYNE RO WesUand -GALt-TODAY And let u» tea /ou aboul our «pachxn cable reedy apartments. Heat pad. Affordable rent* and more. Cellng lan/mora. C«a Lucy Waynewood APARTMENTS 6737 H. WAYNE RO Westland DON'T MOVE unj you've chocked out tre best. cellng an. closel* galore. 2 pools, wndow treatment*. Excellent loca- 0on,ete._.e!c. etc Waynewood APARTMENTS 6737 N. WAYNE R Westland SPECAL ON SECURTY DEPOST $200 1 MONTH FREE RENT ON 1 BEDROOM APTS. Lmted tme only WESTLAND AREA POOL Club Houso. Pato, Pets Allowed, Ar, Carpet. FREE HEAT 6 HOT WATER 1 BEOROOM $445 2 BEOROOM $495 BLUE GARDEN APTS. Westland* Fnest Apartment > Cherry Hfl Near Merrtman Oa3y 1am-6pm.-S«t 0am-7pm WESTLAND- Venoy 6 Pawnor. bedroom ep3rtmor.1 $340 month. ncaxjes heat 6 water WESTlAND-2 bodroom. 2 bath, wew overlookng pond Near Westland Center. $525 per month + utjtle- CaJ eromngt Westland WAYNE/FOR0 RD AREA Spsdcv* bedroom apt*. AmenJtles nclude: Carpetng Prk-Oceetung Ctos» to *noppfrg. AO«norpaJdne-t COUNTnY COURT APT WESTLAND WOOOS APTS Spadou* 1 and 2 bedroom opartment. AmoTL'tlos nclude; OCarpeUog Owner pad beat Pool Laundry lecfeue* ntercom FORD A WAYNE RD AREA Evenng A weekend hours WESTLAND 6200 North Wayne Rd. STUDO $3J5 t BEOROOM - $435 2 BEOROOM - $460 FREE HEAT A WATER $200 SECURTY DEPOST lw!tf> appro-red cred.1) Senor QtecounL Pool a ar dose to West!a/vd Snoopng Center &^mmm^m Let classfed help you buy or sell your way nto savngs wth our comprehensve lst of avalable goods and servcesl teetter & lecentrc GLQ651FED ADVERTSNG «; w; juj.f.1.1 JlUM Oakland County S91-0ftQ0 Wayne County Rochester/Rochester Hlls 0J Oakland County Wayne County Rochester Westland THANKSGVNG m your ne* aptrtmenl a poss-ble f you pul your appfoslon n now 6«approved m 24/hrj A hosvy Oeco- '«ed so/>eaky den apartjr^n s «r-tv.g just for you Waynewood APARTMENTS 6737 N WAYNE RD ROYAL OAK: bedroom Apartment* (rom $540 mo Short leases awa/awe Dshc*. color v. mcro*a.-e Can 10am-epm SUTE LFE Ekwjt^jfr Furnshed ' Byrn^gha/n - Pj7 ;al Oa> MoV-.thf, UsseJ lrr^ne<j:te occupancy Lo-r.est Rales TfOf 2 br-droom or. goll course t>e3utjful >e«rom balcony ccmr eter/ lurrw«l Dec Mar 1 850/rr^>r,c>Jde4heal Houtos For Rent BERXLEY - 3 bedroom bungak-*. r'j\6o* t-lxds. ftpp.':ance's. v^ry den. no sa/ag«. $650 mo t'4 mo securty BNGHAM FARMS area" 3 bedroom rancr horr< on lot*, 2 acres Fu3y attached screened back porch 1 block lo Elementary Schools 2 m;!es to shoppng area Srown by appontment orjy Can welbar $12Q5pus&ecury Evon^gs Days FATW..NGTON Orchard La*e/10 M:e are*. 1 bedroom, larrjy room. $450 month Houses For Ront. ROOESTER HLLS - Executne tkxr.e so t. + walk-out basen-.ent 4 bedroom. 3'A bath. 2. -caf-gar*ge on Ctrton Ftrrer Profese.'onaJly docoretod end landscaped Close to M Lease term negotable $1.600/mo F6R7DALE don. 3 bedroom 2 story brck. 1¼ baths, wth eppfcances. nce erw $700/mo CaJlatlerSpm fernoale 9 M-e/p.cecst. Extra deart'4 roorr.y 3 bedroom, bateme<1 $575 Plus securty 53^6768 GAROEf( C»rv Spaclou* ^4 bodroom home Attecr^o 2 cer gtrege on s/ge k> V/as^.er. dryw. slore lnt,wcom ttereo systom thru-out $600 month pws TJ'JCS S«x/nty e»;uj6d no pets CaS 5pm-10pm GARDEN CTY 3 bedroom ranch Kr3 03Svrr</t no pels $585 nxxtn pj^s vjc\raf GAROEN CTY 3 bedroom, carpeted. fuj basement, epprances. $600 mo 1st mo 4 mo securty Oooosrt Wep'c-*ood GARDEN CTY - 3 bedroom, tul baemcn top.':rcej. l car deschcd garage AvaSaoenow $650 mo Lease - tecum, Westlnd WARRS FARMS APARTMENTS Movo-ln Specal 1st month free Spacous 2 bedroom un,ts only Ou< 2 bedrooms nave 2 M or 1'/ baths AJ un.1* nclude washer, dryer.»orbces Centre) ar and apsvances Ca3 for appo'-ntmenl. Hours 9am-5pm closed Wed 6 Sun Furnshed Apts. For Rent BRMNGHAM 4 ALL CTES HOMES FOR RENT SEE 10OS WHERE TENANTS 4 LANDLORDS SHARE USTLNGS FREE CATALOGUE e84 So Adams. B/mngham. M BRMlGHA^ er>ck 3 bedrooms 2 car garage AJ applances Fenced yard Greal neghborhood lor ch.1- dren WsAmg Ostance to downtorm B.rmj%gham $960/mo S3 BRMNGHAM - Clean, oraty panted Ref^lshed hard'ood floors. rugs. 5 applance*. 2 bodrooms. den No pets $645/mo « BRMNGHAM, dose to transportaton. 2 bedroom bungacrn. relrgorator. stove, basement, fenced yard $675/mo Ca ABBNGTON LAKE Relocatng'/ Temporary Assgnment? we have corporate apartments tor short lorm lease Fut?y furn.shod house-»a/es. f.ate*, lelevlon. *ter<o and rrucrowave From $695 Convenentfy Vxatod m western suburb. e«y eccesao a.11 way* and arport. Pet* we^»me n seloctod un,'t* Ca3 anytme APARTMENTS MONTHLY LEASES 18 PRME LOCATONS Fnshed wth housewares, tnen*. color TV 6 more UttrtleJ ncluded FROM $38 A DAY MlN MUM 1 MONTH Bedroom Apt* Unmatcnod Peroral Servce Evenng Appts Avalable Executve Lvng Sutes A.E., M.C.. Vsa Accepted AU8URN HLLS - Executrye 1 bodroom. nowty remodelod 6 furnshed Queen bed. mcrowave, washer 4 dryer. Short or long term AVALABLE NOW1 W. BtoomHeld Pne Lake fronlege Unkjue Executve 1 bedroom»tudto Apt located on prvate 2 acre wooded lot. Dot>gnert own furnshngs AJ housewares. TV. cable, etc $595/mo. M no answer, leave mosaege Brmngham D<rrvntown MONTHLY LEASES 1 OR2 BEDROOM Furnshed & Unfurnshed Starts et $32.50/Day UTLTES NCLUDED EXECUTVE GARDEN APTS BRMNGHAM OOWNTOWN 1 bedroom completaqf furnlsned. lnens, "ctsrse*,"" ofttrect parvvw. laundry. Snort term avajabje. $750 per month ncludes utttes. Securty deposrt BRMNGHAM OOV/lfTOWN. on Townsand St. chvm;ng 3 bedroom house. harcuood foor* 4 rjepace $t.150pormo uules BR-VNGHAM OOWNTOV/N - 2 bedroom rxjudng jtore 6 revgoralor. bascrr^nt, $725/mo Cat after 6pm HOMES OF THE WEEK FARMNGTON - 1 bedrooom condo. lurn.snod */>*3t 4»aer r<*jded CkjbhO'jse w/tf>-<kor pc-c* No pets $SOO/rro TROY 3 bedroom colonal 2* balh f4v^«d baserr«nt 2 car ettacl"*d ga/ege Ne/ long e*e 4 Lr.ornoss $1.100/mo WATEVORD 3 todroom. 1- balh. double garage H.ghes r^at bj $50 last».n:tr A» appl:ar<&s Near Duoe 4 Scon Rd $.000/mo MONTH LEASE OR LONGER HARRMAN REAL ESTATE H. ROYAL OAK or * bedroom. rrm Nov Bruce. Brck b-jngow. 3 2 baths, avalable per month Call Proporly Management NORTH ROYAL OAK, 2 bodroom, elr. oak floor*, carport, alarm. tl4 car garage, new Mcton epclmce*, many arr^rjtes. $750 < ROYAL OAK - charmng 4 bedroom home 2 car garage. Walk to dorvnto-r.n Royal Oak noyal OAK 3 bc-d.'oorr.s 2 ctr garage Basement rtmed.ate occupkney t725 month SOUTHFELO - A Aha-'P 3-4 bodroom ranch CeUng fans. H bat/. a-r. 2- car oarage, r^* eppesncos, U/g4pa,o l876/mo SOUTHFELO - Brmngham schools Beautful 4 bedroom rer<h w/lam, room $700/mo CeJ Morv Fn.9m-5pm SOl^TKFED Evergreen erea. 3 bedroom ranch, large fenced ya/d AB app.';noos, 2 cerport. chldren 4 pets o> $950/mo SOUTHFELO - 2 bodroom. modern balh 4 kcnen, screened n porch Gas freplace, a^. apptlar,ces. attacnedgarava $575 rr^ NKSTER - Attractve 3 bedroom ranch. fuo basemw.t. lencod yard. mmodue occupancy, opton lo buy avaable NKSTER - Nce rx-ghborhood. 2 bodroom..applances. ne*ty decorated, large yard Opton to buy $400 mo *- dopos-t SO LYON cake prtv-jeges Slate grey wat-out ranch 4 bedrooms. 3 baths. ta.-r,rty room, freplace, central tj. wet bar. tauna. all applances 2300 fcq tl.$1200/mo D4 H PROPERTES ABSENTEE OWNER We poraonallte our servce to meet yourteasng4 (nanagemont need* Broker Bonded Spoda-'uung n corporate ramferces Before makng decson, caa us' D&H ncome Property Mgmt. Farmlngton Hlls Furnshed Houses For Rent BELLEVLLE-2 bedroom brck ranch»,1lh 2 car garage Large fenced w*d. Water ncluded $650/ mo.cse(ter6pm CASS LAKE - canal ront Ne^Capx Cod wth 3 bodrooms. 2 baths, freplace 4 yea/ round Fla. porch Has everythng- 6-7 N months lease a: $1.2S0/monU) + tecuntr depos.t Shorter lease avalable LONG LAKEFRONT-4 bodroorr.s BeaulM reed settng Sunsel v-o* Dshes. Unens $1,600 per mo prus utl.ues Short term OK S YrATERFORD. Lake area mmacu late 2 bc-droom. nce ftome Oct thru June. *500 Adult* No pels References CaJ ¾ ' 407 Mobllo Homes For Rent SYLVAN LAKE - 315AVONDALE 2 bedrooms 1 bath, ftreplce Garage La>e pfrve^ej Cute, dean $750/ TAYLOR - Nee 4 bedroom, lenced rard. 2' car gvage unrr^cf-ate ocojunfy Opton to buy eva.vb!s Sw« TELEGRAPH/Grand Rrrcr. doan 3 bedroom brck home w-lh 2 car garage $500 rronth p!u* securty TROY - Lrvornots near Watte* Attractve 3 bodroom. tv, ta!h colonal Garaoe'. basement, epptlance* lease. $95v/mo BRMNGHAM - For lese Perce S. 2 bedrooms. fu3 basement, gas 7*3t. central e. applance*, al new nsde, dose!o downtown $795/mo After630pm BRMNGHAM N-TOWN. Large lot. 3 bedrooms. 7 bath* n procos* ol total renovaton Completed H 60 days $l500/mo BRMNGHAM - ruce 3 bedroom. fuj balh home wth lamfry room 6 Treplaco. Ful basement, fenced yard. Hcaroveoe $1,000 month FRANN1EWOOORUFF MAX BROOCK. NC. BRMNGHAM Walk to Oowntown CharmVvg 3 bedroom. 2 bath. nteror desgner* home Furnshed opton $1300 month BRMNGHAM Poppteton Park. Engfsh Tudor approx 3.5O0 tq ft BeautArJy docorated. 2 car attached garage, pool, t flreptac**. large enclosed porch. $3,500 t month BRMNGHAM - u/lahsor 4 bedroom brck cooaal. lamry room, hardwood ftoor*. M was brck Vepace. l*t. floor laundry. 2'/4 baths. a.1 appoances $2000 O 4 H PROPERTES BlRl^lNGHAM - 2 bodroom. basement, garege. lenced yard, carpel/ wood floor*, appeances. mmedate occupancy. $766 mo LAMSER/GRAN0 R/VEFt AREA Rent w.'optxy 2 bodroom. 2 bath. fj-eplsce $425/mo» srxx/rty dopovt CeJ Ager. LAKEVLLE Lake. 10 mnutes N of Rochester Furnshed laketront 3 bedrooms. 2 bahs. Jacuxn. hreplaoe. 1*1 floor laundry. 2 car garege No pots $1,050 mo Uvonla - M.dcnebc'/8 MSe Attractr»e 3 bedroom bock ranch, fun basomont. lenced yard, mmedate occupancy. $ UVONtA RECEVNG APPLCATONS Open for nspecton Thyr*.. Fr. 6 Sal Nov a,-n-6pm NOLA (S ol 5 m3e; W ol Newburgh) 3 BEDROOM RANCH. Quet neghborhood, newty upgredod ktchen 4 lam.'ty erea wth Treplace. ful basement attached 2 cer garege Appaances mduded. Chldren acceptable- No pet*. Securty recjured Lease. $1050 month AvaS. Dec 1 LVONA-Sharp 3 bodroom brck ranch. (amjy room. 2 baths. Ml fnshed basement, appnancas. 2 cer garepa. References, securty $900 utl/tscs or LVONA, sharp updated 3 bodroom house, rushed basomont. gvege. mmedate occupancy. $765/ mo far* tame depost BRMNGHAM: 2 bedrooms. lus basement, lenced yard, newly decorated. Avalable Nov. t«t.»700 mo. 9$t Cote. CaSe-r**. «74-111«BtRMDGHAU KANHA 6T. 3 bodroom. 1½ bjth. rve-ar pant 4 carpetlna. n-lean tocauor, $1000 montr LOOMF1ELO 11¾ 4 bodroom colonal. 2Vr bat*.*. CnJshod basoment.»t400/mo. South Eastern Heal E»- Uttlnc tl20 UVONtA. Uke ne«. 3-4 bedroom home wth basement.»700/mo. $ M4o 4 Mddlebefl Rd area. CaS Pam Yager Broker, TROY, new rancn, 3 bedroom. 2 bah. attached garege $995 Troy, ranch. 2-3 bodroom. basement, oarage. $ TROY fry/ COaNEFt executrve ranch w/deck overlookng pond. V/hlrpool tub. overszed greatroom. 20 t ktchon. formal dnng. 3 bodrooms. 2V* bath. flexjwe torms. Just reduced lo $ SOO/monlh LOW RENT WHLE BUYNG! 2 bedroom Mob^e home Westland area LO«move-n regotlabt lorms Duplexes For Rent UlLFORD - large, clean. 1 bedroom apartment 3 block* rom do*nto«r Mav S. $550/mo. ncludes a3 uc les No securty dopovt needod No pet* ? PLYMOUTH - 1 bodroom apartment, applance*, nan downtown rxe area, no pet*. $460 per month plus securty TROY 3 bodroom*. 1V» baths, fuo basement, applances, tt. drapery $750 per month WARREN AVE 4 Evergreen. bea-jutul 2 bodroom duplex, garage.»pp3- ance*. no pot*. Fu3 baement, securty depost $4SO/mo WESTLAND: Wavne/ford, ruce area. Large dean 2 bedroom, laundry room. $550. nclude* water No pets. CaS after 6pm Flats TROY 3 bedroom, v* bath. 2 car attached garage wth opener, range 4 dshwasher, ar condtonng. 6 dock $l200/month TROY - 3 bedroom cotomaj Appetences. 2 car garage, large treed lot No pets $825/mo * *oourtty. Leave message. 68S-0987 TROY 4 bodroom colonal. a> condtonng. $1.500/monU\. South Eastern TROY 4 bodroom colonal, 2900 *<J ft. 2'* baths, den. dnng room, large larrcy room. baaomenl ar. dock, alarm. $1,500 mo, » WALLED LAKE, newty remodeled house 6 bodroom. 2½ baths, ovor- Uzod laundry room, ktchen. room. $1500 mo. MXe WARAErlOALE W ol Southr^W. 4 bodrooms, bsu\ M basement. Garage, new no-wax Hchon Boor. dean. $550/monlh. Oave UVONtA. 3-4 bedroom brtc* ranch, paruafy fwshed basoment, 1V) bath. famcy r*lghborhood. « WARRENOALE W ol Evergreen. 3 bedroom brck- Formal dwng room. CrepLace, foyer wth coat dosel BEflKLEY-taarT.lng 2 bedroom lower unt Lvng 6 dj%lng room. khcr>a\ fu9 basemont. hardwood ftoor*. reshry panted nsde, new eppe&nces nclude washer lryv No chldren or pet* please.»535 + securty BERKLEY 2 bodrooms. garage, V- lease.»595vmo. ndude* heat. Quet 4 ctoan. no pet* Phllp*, wockday* 10am 10 4pm 395-8O02 BRMNGHAM N-TOWN: 32» VV. Brown. Lower unt Ne-«carpet, rtew pant, central ar. 1 bedroom, fun basamont Nov. t.»660/mo. Jorry: Robert GARDEN CTY- A loww 1U or tngle room lor rent Al applance 1 mduded For mtormttlon on prloa c*3 or tea-re message PLYMOUTH - Large 2 bedroom lower m lown Separate dnjnrj roam, basemon. yard, oaraoe.»645 uu.ue».nopet*.6^" " ~ t T28 PLYMOUTH Starkweather, 3 room upper»450 pfc* tecurty, heal ncluded Leave rnessage. : PLYMOUTH 413 SUrkwealb*. Ne-«ty remodeled koww flat 2 bedrooms, basomont gvage: apptanoes.»6o0/mo. Evea. « «- OCOREDFORO :b& UVOHW - S bodroom brck ranch, fenced yard, bajevnent Joy/KU 7*4, no guts*,»650 por rnontk KKdeo wtlh new nevwax ftoor. Kew 10»«rt> Rfver/Uhaar. Lowtr 2 earth ton* carpcung. ftasemenl 2 f «?T*. *tw 0»/»8«- H«*1 Jvjudof) car pa/eoa Meat tor professonals 1 *^s P<* monm ^7 or reuree*. trjso/montrt. FtEDFORTsTWP Oav% *40» "tom'ww. Tt: WATEFLFOnO 9 bodroom rcma, 1 basv. vvg room, lamsy room, large, lot»600 per monta Cal S'^ter Manapernant day* BRMNGHAM. OOWNTOWM 1 bedroom «xecuuv* rental wth «3 aroorvuos. Outet, eoganl 4 exceptonal. $99$/mo BRMNGHAM PUTNEY MEWS > Completey turnlshod lownhouses. 20 decghtfu 2 bedroom unts. TV. d.shes. tnocs Extendable 30 day leases Great locaton From $ BRMNGHAM SHORT TERM LEASE Avalable for 1 month 10 1 year eega/lfy furnshed 1 bedroom unt Perod lor tranjlerred erecutlve CaS- - DENNS WOLF LCENSED BROKER HALL-WOLF PROPERTES BjmJnghamAV. BloomWd BLOOMFELO LAKES APTS FALL SPECAL ON RATES 3 corporate apartments ava-tabe n a smalt prtvate quet complex STUDO»550 -»650 ONE BEOROOM:»550 - $650 TWO BEDROOM: $650 -»700 Heat 4 water ncluded. Washer 4 dryer on man floor AJ apartment* futry furnshed wlh desgner - decor nteror*. ncludes dshe*. Rnons,»Jver, etc 4 are cable ready. deal lor executves or busness persons relocatng ntovea. Cleanng servces avalable Beach prtytopos on Lake. No pets, ptoaso Excehen on-ste managernenl. month lease ava.'ab'e 10 pua.r.ed apprcanl* Schroder Bfvd. 2 b& N. ol Orchard Lake Rd. off Cass Lake Rd FORAPPO^TMENT: FARM.NGTON H^s, Orchard take 6 12 MJe. 1 bedroom lurnlshcd apartmon Lease 1 year.»500 month. Utltes pad by tenant. Oay*. 72J-30S0. Eve HOME AWAY FROM HOME, NC Short Wsse Elogsntry furnshed 4' equpped 1. 2 or 3 bedroom apt*. No pel* From» Home Sute Home MCHGAN'S FNEST FURNSHED APTS. Qualty lurnlhlng*. fully eoypoed ktchen*.»nen*. docorator tems 4 cable TV. MONTHLY LEASES FROM S35/DAY AE. M C. Vsa accepted. WEST BLOOMFlELO-Nfrwfy decdrted basement sot n beautful home. Krtohen and la'jndry prtmlege*.»3?5/rr>0 whch ndude* uts.te* Westland FULLY FURNSHED CORPORATE SUTES Westland Towers Ovx 1 a.vj 2 bedroom furnshed Corporate aparlron!* lake the ncorv vtmlence Cvt Ol your fe\xev<>n l/ansrer. O<xor»tor desgn hgh rse apartment* feture luffy c^u'pped khcherv* wth utenj'!*, mad servka. ndoor heated»wtmo-,lnfl poot tenns, exeertsa and tauna. Month o rror.tme *$a avt'abe W',a.nd To-*-*r» 1* 1 bfk. W ol W)-n«fvd. b*!w«y\ ford 4 Warren M*.Ct»7J1-t500 $400 Furnshed»tudV> apartmer-,1 kxalpd downtown ro)-»l Oak. S«p«r*<«\»<jr>4rr and ttorage racute*, r/l Street ptrklnp,»v oondlttonlrsg. No pet*. Adu-t bundl.ta. AppOcartl null max* al kll» por yew lo apply. Lease. Ca< Resdon MarUC*, BLOOWFlELD rult8. Brtghl ay 3 bedroom ranch. FVeptaoa, attached carao*. H baths, basoment»950 por/mo. LCchaol eloomfleld TWP. - 4 bedroom ranch, greal room, ettscrvx) gvaoe, Brmngham address. 1 V> acres, L&e prtvsege*,»1 loo/mo LVONA. 4 bodroom. fenced yt/d.»625 tecunry 4»625 mor.lh. AyaJ- PlelmmrxEalryy UVONtA - * Bedroom C«p«Cod. Ho pet* por month. 1 Month tecurty. Ce WAYNE-targ* VVtortan, taroom.»525 f>«r mo.»775 aocvfy. No p«t« targe 2 bedrooe brtca dolux.* MfJt, tveptaca, loyer wtth coal doe*. Master bedroom «nh dressng art*. Bathroom «1171 turjt n eovneoo tfesk. AJ «pp5- noes ndudng wasnar 4 dryer. Mot for professforua. (oss/manm. CaJ Dave « BLOOMFELO TWSP - WeslCbestor VCage 4 bedroom, 1½ bath ranch- Al applances, tveplace. 2 car garage. No pet*. Avalable Nov. 15.»1.tS0/mo SO BLOOMFELO 8 yr old eonlemporary. dean, neutral tones. 5 bedrooms, offce. 2½ baths, tveplsce. deck. 3500»q ft. $ CANTON - 2'b drj5ccv V, bth. 1 acre, newty decorated, central locaton (between Beck 6 Canton Center Rd.)»700/MO. mmedate ooevpancy or CANTON" 4 bedroom, 2½ baths, formal_tf>ojng. room. 1 jt foor. wdry. Trepace. Fenced yard. 2 car garage»t0o0/mo CLARKSTON - ExecuWe estate CUrkston schools Easy access to - 75 Short term lease CaJ F 6 M Property Management COMMERCE LAKEFRO.VT 4 bedroom. 2 bath on 4 acres»550 mo CaJ from 12-6pm only DEARBORN AREA - 3 bedroom, basement fenced yard, rm/ Farlane, spotless. $495 per month OEAR80RN HEGHTS. 3 bodroom. ppcances, carpeted. 2 car gareoe, fenced yard. 1¾ mo*, securty $ OEAReORN HEGHTS Cute 2 bedroom ranch, garage. utafy room, lenced mmedate c<cup3rcy. Opbon to buy va'ab'e. $ DEARBORN HTS. S. Beaut.fut 2 bodroom. Everythng new. Garage- No pet*»495/mo. -f H rr*> tecxrlfy. Ava-">able TELEGRAPH/SCHCOLCFLAFT 2 bedroom brck, new carpet 4 pr.t. remodeled knehen 4 bathroom. good ne'^borhood.» TELEGRAPH 4 5 MJe area. 2 bedroom* (doa housa) and oarage, new carpet, pant. Wnds. Reference* re- Ou'red. Ror.tatlh Opton «TELEGRAPH/5 MLE W. Parkway. 2 bedroom*.»280. pk/» securty Agent «Sx MtE/Teegraprv Salem. 3 bodroevn, b«sryr.ent $425 month. $475 tecurty SaOOCRArT/OUTEft DR. AREA 3 bedroom wth 2'>1 car gereo*. dean 6 sharp $425 plus securty FENXELl- Teleoraph area, bedroom txvk, M basomenl,»395 mo tecurty. Sect'on 8 okay DETROT. Ctapo and Outer Or. area 3 bedroom w-:th basement r^eptce and carpel»375 depos and»375 month rent FARMNQTON MLLS Oft Northwetlcrn llwy. 2 bedroom. a.-m>y room. altkhed garaga, 1 acreofand»950mo FAflMlNGTON HLLS 2 bedroom, countertop ra.->ae 4 blrhln even, palk>. lenced yard, no Mt».»400 mo pkj* depos.1 AflerFM FARMNGTON HLLS - Wth Opt'on lo Buy. 2-4 bedroom bunga!ow wth grage on large lot.»750 per month. Karen Reeber FAFWMOTON H.n*. 14 mf«4 Orchvd. } bwroom Exoeflent tohoo*, country *trhosphera, hlca yard. No pet*.»650 « FARMNGTON HLLS. Da*» 4 1J M.Te. Bl*«\t4.3 bedroom, Mng.'dlv mg, (tmfy room. 8'4 <w 0*/»a«, *-t.»ppf!lc*».»12» month. 56J-5e7$ - - FARMNGTON HtlS 3 bedroom brck, 1V. bat\ ovaga, tent/al et, tov* 4 rldv*. JrVthM basement 3001T SNaw *»}c*. «895 + tocvnlv. O*y»474J150 «v«*. 47«077«OARDEN CTY. attractve a bedfoo.v tt* bstemenl hew carp«tl"«fl t car oaraga, ryvcod >a/d, no pen, MSpX/trxvrty. «21-0*57 GORGEOUS METAWORA lease wtth opton to buy. ' Lakefront - nem 4.600» trj. ft Oak door* and rvn Ovouphout. 4 bedroom. 3 bath, deck*, 3 car garage. Horse *taj avalabl*. $1,700 por mo VY^T_BLOOU l l-f*-8-edroratd. brck quad level, tarow famsyroorn, fvepfae*. 3 ful bath*. 2 cay artaeftod car age, tnterpom, tprtokler ayttama. Close to Northwestern llwy. AvaJ-, abr* 1*1 w-eok of Nov ; MLFORD - 4 bodroom ranch, attached garage, stove, refrgerator. 2 acre lot Hckory FCdge. VA mccs S. o* M59 $795 p\rs tecwrty E»-crJr>gs, Days, NORTHVULE DOWNTOWN - utte plclcel lance. 2 bodroom, 2 bath Oup'ex, great room, ktchen wtth freplace, ttt foor laundry Basement 4 2V«car gvage. $1100/XO Ava.v ablenovl WEST BlOOMflElO W. Maple Rd, older ttyle 3 bedroom, attacnod garage. 1 bath, rvma room, dvlng room, basemert on 1 acre. mmedate oocupsney.» WEST BLOOMflEtO SCHOOuS-3 bodrooms, 1 bath. Lake prtvceoes. mmedate occupancy.»850/mo ptusdepos-t WESTlANO Uvonla School*. S bedrooms. 2H car gvage. stove, refrgerator, lenced yard.»660 mo plus securty NOATHYUlE - Pheasant H.C* co«v ternpprary. Wooded settng. Cathe-1 drej oe-g. r^rsrood^bor* foyer/ ktchen. 4 bodrooms. 3'* baths. 2- way freplace, 3 car garage $2*00 D 4 H PROPEATES WESTLAND - Nonryne 2 bedroom, fenced yard. Palmer/MerTtnan arev $395/mo *»395 depost References. No pets NOV! - Executve 4 bedroom 6 acre ra.-ch- Gate socurtty. apptances. fnshed a.'kout baserr*r,t ettached garage. $l399/mo NOV - Executve 4 bedroom. 6 acre ranch Gale securty, applances, fnshed»lkou1 basement attached garage $ 1399/mo OAK PARK - Cute 2 bedroom Ranch. Fenced, carport, carpetng kmmeda'.e occupancy Opton to buyav&lab!e.» OAK PARK/North - 3 bedroom brck bungajo*. fun basement lenced yard, tde drve.»6o0/mo. CaJ Mon-Frt. 9^ OLO REDfORO - 3 bedrooms. VA baths. NS-M carpetng. Fencod yard. Basement»525 tnonlh fars socurty depost ORCHARD LAKE FRONTAGE 4 bodroom*. 2.5 baths, tease»7.000 per month. ASK FOR MARAN BEER The Prudental Great LlVes Realty or OXBOW laxefront. 2 bedroom. fu«basement nc*ty remodeled»6?9/mo ? PNE LAKE - lesse»/op!'on to buy Charmng 4 bedroom lakt'rool home. 4 car garage W. BkomfleW Schools.»1500 por mon 1X PLYMOUTH - Neat cory 2 bedroom. lormaj dnng room, basement Qvte a/ea. No oarage No pel*. Nov, 1.»660.'mo PLYMOUTH TWP. 3 bedroom, attached gvapa. /Uty room. Your tppfancc*. fenced yard No pel a lmmed!*!«ocoupsney.»700/month fa/» toourty PONT1AC: Elogar.l older home w/ Urge room*, 3 bedroom* Oood locaton- AtlKned garage $590/mO Mr* Sm'th REOFORO 3 bedroomv 1 balh. No pet*, no smokng»500.'mo C^: dt *\* ROCHESTER HfllS: Adams/Auburn Rd. arev 2 bedroom house. Ava^abV* LTVnpdatoNr. CeS WESTLAND - Wayne/Warren area. Clean, v-ery nc* 3 bedroom," V*' bath, basement, contra) ear. tp&- ances. 2 car garage, lenced yard. Must have socure empsoymon 4 references.»850 mo + Soourlty. CaJ after 6pm WESTLAND - 3 bedroom ranch, central a>. Refrgerator, ttove 4 d.shwasher mduded. WaTk lo etemenlary scroot»625 mo WESTLAND - 3 bedroom. VA t»w lamjy room/kreplaoe, 2 car gvage, convenent locaton.»625 tecurty WESTLAND - 3 bodroom. 1 bath, basemont 2 car garege. targe lot $625/mo + $625 tecurty depost Cal after 5pm. S WESTtANO - 4 bodroom colonal on large lot Attached ga/age, M bath.»eoo/mo + tecurty deposft- Ca egen WHY RENT? $800 per month buy* you hsf ownershp n 3 bedroom ranch wth famly room, attacrod ga/ag«. Urge lot BROKER W BlOOMflElO 2 bodrooms, carport, fenced yard, new carpetng 4 buc-ln oven, lake prrrseges. W. Schools» W BLOOMFELO - takelronl beauty 3-4 bedrooms, 2 bahs, W. Bloorr.Bdd tchoos.»900 per mo W BLOOMFELO LAKEFRONT Seer*; wooded» erlronl lot Newly modernzed 4 landscaped. 3 bedroom. VA bath, tvepltoe, famffy room. 2 cv ttached oaraoe. Lawn/ t-ow care.» W BLOOMnElO boaulm 3 bedroom, 2 b»l\ 'A car caraoe. home w.'ces* l**a acoes*.»1050/mo. leave message W BLOOMFELO, FV* lake prtvfloges. on 2 ttrxt, 3 doorwaj!*, 3 bedroom*, beautful vew-*, very prvate»1250 perm* W BlOOMFElO on Cass lake, 1'.» acre*, 1-2 bedroom*. Vt bttft house w/gs/ao*. ts50'mo. Bcfora Aler 5pm W BLOOMnnO.prtmalocBtlon.J' 3 bedroom, tv* bath, ranch. 1 tor* prkate treed»«75/mo./optorv mmedate occupancy ROCHESTER-N TOWN 3 bedroom brwk ranch rec room n M basement tlacned garege. eppranc**-»850mo.car1fl(y6pm ROCHESTER - 3 bedroom, 1½ btth CoVjnl*t 2 cv fs/ega, deck, wtl b»r. cent/l av, *c ft. ftexjbl* lease,»v*.abl*,l995-/mo ROMULUS - By Metro Arport. 4 bodfoom housa wtth 2 bedroom apartment up, t car garage. Oood lor offce or wt\»t«y*r. «<1-1«t«or FtOYAL OAK n conwrrfer.t locaton 3 bedroom, basement, oarega, *-»*hrx/d<yw, 4 oentrjj»lr.»750 utltes or ROYAL OAK, 14/Wood-r.vcl. Ncwty drkorated 3 bedroom ranch, «t- tcned ar*o«, washer, dryer.»825/ mo, C»1*T\t* PM W. BLOOMFELO. Execvtv* 4 bedroom cofonat, 2 V bath*, central rjr, rrep"*:*, rt^-oul balcony. We4 bar. tudy, 2 car caraga,»l650/mo. p"u» tecurty. 2954)313 Or after 7FM « W. BLOOMFELO: Greer A HJ^er area- 3 bedrooms, 2V» bath*. Parage, appsanofj,»e00 per mo»t Ustf^clepo»7t.C«J W. eoomnr^-unhjrnlshod Hammond. levefront, 3 bedroom. 2H bal\ la,t9y room *1th t\epla<«, <JWng room, don or offce, ba$4vmont. 2 car attached gvaga 'ToyJ tor nk* nduded". 1W tecurty.»1,200 mo. Avalab* now Proporty Man8em8nt BEDfORO- 1 bedroom upper flat, *J50ma + Hmatacyrrty rtepot AlcULue* nokjded. {^uvshraare-tpmr Mr^64~ FtOYAL OAK CtesA charmng up. per 1 bedroom, fardwood fsoort, bonds, 4 appssnosa. Mo pets. leas<.»3607mo ROYAL OAK * Upper bedroom, charm, apptance*. Greal araal No pet*.» utftc* WAYNE - Oulel resdentaf negrv borhood. Cnarmlng home *rfth covered front poroh. neutral decor, tome wood Boor*, and ne*-er neutral carpet Cute yard wth pato UPPER 1 Bedroom Avalable Now - Smal. cuta and cory. newty patnod. ml-j bcnds, ttove, rlde. end 1 car garege.»375 ncludes gas 4 water. LOWER 1 Bedroom AvaSabte Dec Spadou* un.1 ncludes formal dvjng room, neww ktchen wn ttove and rldga, basment»tth washer/dryer. 1 car garage»495 ncludng gas & water. CaJ Sherry Uodorwood RE/MAX 100- WESTLAND CENTER Area. 3 bedroom, 2 batf. al applances.»*?5 pftrs tecurty depost. No pet* Townhoum* Condo* For Rent AUBURN HLLS. SOUTHFELO FARMNGTON MLLS Outstandng bedroom townhouses 4 rand** wtth ateched garages, M amenrues. Wesbury-Auburn Hs Weatr^snone-Sout7,fefd 350-J256 Foxponle-FarrrJngton Hs Summt-Far m^ton H* Covngton Ctub-Farmlngtor! H* KAFTAN ENTERPRSES THE TOWNHOUSE SPECALST BELEV1LE - AvaSab»e kmmedatofy. 2 bedroom, 1½ bath, 1800 tcj. ft, condo overtooklng Beflevla Lake, etlached oarage for wnter tme protecton. 15 rnlrxrte* lo Ann Arbor, 15 mnute* to Oot/ott Metro, 15 mbv ute* to Flvmrxrtr. long lerm or trort lerm lease possble. (1100 a month. CU ' OELEYKE^-Enjoy lake Jvg t. lhl» tpaclou* one bedroom condo. Heat 4 water tncrudod. dose to X- *.»)», $525. Call Axfy BRMNGHAM ONE MONTH FREE RENT Brght S0'» contemporary townbome. bedroom*,»raft 10 downlowtv'»voodburnlrg Brepfac*, remodeled htoror, central ar, prvate entrtnee*. landscaped pato, basemont ww laundry hook-up. 1 to 2»T. lease* offerer}. Cal Moa thru. Frt, for eppl. OPEN SAT BRMNGHAM ONE MONTH FREE RENT Brtghl, BO'e coftemporary lownrom«. 2 bedroom*, wajv to dewnlown, «*oocfturnfng frepao*, remodeled nfeflor, central a*, prtval* nlrarcw*. larxlscaped pato, basomen trlth leundry hook-up. 1 lo 2 yr. lease* offered. c*j Mon. thfu rrt. for»ppl. OPEN SAT BRMNGHAM «TOWNHOUSE l»rpa 3 bodroom, 2 batk M basemont, Ctose lo 1own. AvtSab^ m- - fr*#8lev. *'*' P* rnonth.- Man«}«r, O BRMNGHAM. 1 MO. f REE RENT. 3 bedroom, 2V» bath towhoma, nee/ Maple and Adam* Rd. ThU conlemportry tcmrhom* ta* newty ramod««d tntaflor, featurlnrj 4 Euro ttyte ktchen, asmood upplunc**, neutral carpetng trfoughoul aad mlrrprecl closet door*. A»*O prryate ttreel entranc*. pato, contra) a*. 4 basement wfth laundry hook-up*. For *ppt <*». OPEN fat. ' ANCK.OADS, HOMEOWNER3 le a professonal less* 4 rnanega >NX» proporty tor you. Carpenter M*rv>gernent 6 < BLOOMnElO CONOO 00 lak«, t bedrooma, 2 bath*, lake prtvseg**, *lr, no pet*.»775 month, heal kv Hudod. Pool OOMFEOHL8 avefrcot condo. 8 beoroom*, } balh*. 1200»c ft, U appaanoe* lv ckjdng mashar 4, dryer.»1000 month lr»c»ud heal 4 carport. <» or2Jc>6«30

40 ^^^^1^¾^¾^¾¾^¾½¾^ Lku- ^^^U^^^^A^y SfVr''^ :A'.'.:.::.( JU-V.A'-L:. «.,-».-. w,;«r» $ BE* rr-rrrr 7C.TSS.tS: O&E Monday. October TT^r TO WN Send your name and address, en a postcard" to REDWNG TCKETS. The Observer A Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcrall Road. Lvona. Ml Then watch the classfed secton every Monday ana Thursday When vour name appears, you're a wnner 1 (Due to hgh demand, we as* that there be only one entry per fam rr.".».v>-wr rrnr- ".v.:t!! ll» '.**.! ' : ** > '!. 'V-Tf, -'t.' vt.-tyt.-' --! " -! ~rrr. 412Tov/nhoueo3- Condos For Rent..BRMNGHAM» Avalable now, 1 bedfoom epartmon wth somj prvate basement & ontrance. Newty remodeled kchen. 600 sq: ft., only $ bodroom townhouse wllh ga/ago. prvate entrance 4 prvate basement wth. washor & dryor hook-ups. $58S/mo. Ths complex s wagng dstance to downtown 4 shoppng. No pels. lease. EHO BENECKE&KRUE BRMNGHAM'S BEST GETS BETTER NEWLY DECORATEO 2 or 3 Bedroom Apts. Townhomes (wth F ufl Basomenl) From $700 Month nvnodate Occupancy =Oo9 Month Ff eo Rent Leasng Hours from SanvSpm Dary SaL 2noon-3pm or e&n BRMNGHAM. 2 slory. 2 bodroom. Applances + washer/dryor. basoment. Separata utfttles. $700/mo. negotable. The Homo Co BLOOMFELD HaLS 2 bedroom, 2 bath Condo on all sports lays tq. ft, ncludes wsfw, dryer, car port, heat 4 water. Cat) Pam between 9-3pm: BlOQMFlELO - nfoa 2 bedroom 2 bath uppor unt wth formal dnng room. Convenently close to shoppng & expressways. Avalable mmedately per month ncludes heat 4 water. ASK FOR SUZ CENTURY 21 NORTHWESTERN ClARKSTON condo tor rent. 2 bedrooms," VA baths, fnshed lower level wth walkout, new carpet 4 pant. $700. per month FARMNGTON HLLS bedroom ranch 4 lo*nbouses, 2¼ baths sq.ft.. ^2 car attached gar eg*, fufl basement, exefutfva communty from 1475/mo COVNGTON CLUB M;!e - Mlddlebelt Townhouses- Condos Por Rent FARMNGTON HLLS - t bodroom. ^sl floor laundry (acme*. pato. carport, 12 Mle 4 Orchard lake. $540. month ' farmngton HLLS - 1 bedroom, ar.'carport, pool 4 tenns, mmedate occupancy. $550 water 4 mantenance foes ncluded FARMNGTON HLLS 11/MDDLEBELT Never lved tn Brand New End Unt Ranch. No stops. 2 bedrooms. 2 baths, screened porch. Vew. Sharp. Mus have one occupant 62 YEARS OR OLOEA $650/mo. Dorm a Schupp: OO0 COLDWELL BANKER Schwetzer Real Estate FARMNOTON/SOUTHFELD - deluxe furnshed 2 bedroom. 2 bath wth attached garage. Avalable Dec. 1-Apra FOR RENT NEW TOWNHOMES WEST BLOOMFELD UNON LAKE AREA 2 bedrooms 2 full baths rufl basement 2 car attached garage auto garage door opener dnng room central ar condtonng wa* n closet J range, dshwasher refng.. mcrowave nature set lng mn-bands pond vew MME0ATE OCCUPANCY $79SPER MONTH BULDER Open dary 9-5. Sat. 10-2PM NOftTHYULE - NORTHRJDGE Esates Condo. 2 bodroom. 2 baths, ktchen appaancea. carpetng, ar. pool 4 carport. Avalable $675/mo or NOV). 2 bedroom townhouso. attaohod garage, applances, no basement, 9 ML'e/Haggortv. $550 month Wage Wood Ordo RE0FORO 2 bodroom, new carpel, new vnyl floor. Rent $600 wth opton to buy lor $42,500. Land Contract terms ROCHESTER HLLS for lease or sale. 2 bedroom. YA bath. 1 story condo, all applances ncluded excepl washer A dryer. $700 mo ncludes heat 4 water. Days, Townhouses- Condos For Rent NOV!. Twelve Oaks Townhomes bodroom pwnhomes. fully equ'pped ktchens, laundry hookups. mn blnds, basements 4 carports. Novl schools. Chldren welcome Haggerty Rd.. (ust S ot, 10 Mle Open Daly 1-5pm." (Closed Thurs. 4 Sun.) NOV - 2 bodroom condo Attached garage, heal tnchjdod. $775/mo Ca N. ROYAL OAK LUXURY TOWNHOUSE LOVE CHLOREN 4 PETS 101 AMELA 2 Kng szed bedrooms, spacous rvng room, t'e vestbule. wood burnng freplace/log holders, formaj dnng room, 1 'A balhs. waft to wall custom closets, alt wndow coverngs, fully carpeted, dshwasher, sell clean oven, refrgerator, targe pcturesque wooded yard, basement, cenl/al ar. $ ROCHESTER HLLS 2 bedroom. 1¾ bath, fnshed basement, garage, freplace. $900/month. Call after 7pm ROCHESTER. Condo wth new ktchen 4 bath 4 earth tones throughout 2 bodrooms. walkng dstane to town. mmedate occupancy. $595 month. CoMwen Banker Schweuer. Cathy Young ROCHESTER, 2 large bodrooms. 3% balhs. all applances, full basement. Outdoor mantenance SOUTHF1ELD: Great Locatonl 2 rbedroom. rvng, dnng room, all ep- llances. Carport. Prvate entrance. 595/mo STERLNG HTGS Mle/Ryan. Luxury 1200 sq.f. basement, 2 bedrooms, 1½ baths, washer/dryer, pool. $675 mo. Froo heal. Oplort lo buy. Days Eves WESTLAND * For rent or rent wth opton to btryl New spacous 1,600»q. ft. twovel coodo. 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, ptush carpetng, central ar. prvate entrances, lou of yard space. deal for sharng or great mother-ln-law quarters. $74,770 wth specal dscount on Model. MUST SEE TO BELEVE Call to vew model 9am-Spm Townhouses- Condos For Rent SOUTH LYON-Country settng 2 bedroom ranch style. n6w decor, utlty room 4 hook-up. ar, pato Very prvate. $550/rr.o TOWNHOME! Stop 4 see the best vahb n to*n homes n Novl. 2 bodrooms lull basement vertcal blnds ncluded Novl School system ' Best Manage? n the cty NOV RDGE 10 Mle between Nov Rd 6 Meadow brook Open 7 days Call Marlyn or Glnny W BLOOMFELD - Msly Wood Complex. 2 bedrooms. 2 baths, apartment style coodo. garage mmed.ate occupancy. $700 mo or WEST BLOOMFELD Bloomfeld Hlls School Dstrct Large" 3 bedroom townhome wtr attached garage, full basement, pato, clubhouse, pool, tenns court. From $950 Mchgan Realty Company Call WEST BLOOMFELO - Chmney Hll 2 bodroom, 2 balh, freplace, basement, all applances. Lke r>o-,v. No pets. $1,000 per month WESTLAND PRME 3 bodroom, V/t balh. basement, carport, applances, clubhouse. pool. $700 mo f you have a job that takes specal qualfcatons, classfed s a great place to spell t out, Classfed takes the work out of searchng for qualfed employees. Call today. ctetttrt CLA66PED fldyeftt6ng 644*1070 Oakland County 591?090p' Wayne County Rochester/Rochester Hlls y &&m^& * P* Tut*o*v ro T)uf^ 412 Townhouses- Condos For Rent WESTLANO 2 bedroom wlh art applances, washer/dryer, blnds, pels ok. t yr.» securty Avalably Nov. 1.t629/mo Southern Rentals BOCA GRANDE (Gasparllla sland). Fl - 2 bedroom, gull front condo for rent Pool, tenns, deluxe. Days Eves BONTA SPRNGS Condo on beach avalable n Dec. for holdays. Can sleep Southern Rentals W. BLOOMFELD - 2 bedroom. 2 bath contemporary ranch w' attached garage. Kds/pet ok. $700. opton lo buy HUTCHNSON. DSNEY/EPCOT - Unversal Studos 1'4 Mles away. Luxury 2 and 3 bodroom. 2 bath condo. washer, dryer, mcrowave, pool. Jacuu. tenns courts. $495 and $525 Week. Days : Eves DSNEY WORLD - Orlando coodo. 2 bedroom. 2 bath, pool, tenns Openngs n Nov. 6 Doc. After 6pm FLORDA CONDO - seasonal or ycarfy. 2 bedroom. 2 baths, conv plelefy furnlshod, washer, dryer. Covered secured parkng. Pool, tenns court. Convenent locaton. Walk to shoppng. 1 hour from Palm Beach arport FLORDA - HAWA Northern Mchgan - Europe Carbbean - Mexco - US. West CONDO 6 VLLA VACATONS Sk - GoJ 4 Cruse Packages Ar - Car - Crvse Reservatons SUNCOAST TRAVEL HUTCHNSON SLAND Florda. Oceantront condo. 2 bodrooms, 2 baths, fully furnshed, tremendous ve - *, avalable mmedately, 1 mo. mnmum. $1900/mo NAPLES FLORDA-Attractve 2 bedroom condo. Fully furnshed, clubhouse, pool, closo to shops and beach. $900 monthly. Avallabo Feb.-Aprl. Days eves FLORlOA - ST. PETERSBURG sla Ooosol Lovely furnshed Oult V.;a. Healed pool, -not tub. muc: more. Jan. $1500 ' S FT -MYERS BEACH condo Estero sund T bedroom. guh sde Tenns, pool. Cart after 6pm CENTRAL FLORlOA - Luxurous vlla Convenent to all attractlons. Ctoso to Dsney Wcxld. Elegantly decorated 4 furnshed Jacuz. clubhouse, goll. tenns, swmmng Near Bayhll Country Club. $3200 mo./ollor SLANO-Oceantr'onl. luxurous condo, 2 bedrooms. 2 balhs. pool 3 mo mnmum. Jan/ Mar or KlAWAH 1SLANO. SC. Seoc one to fve bedroom accomodatons Pam Harrngton Exclushes MAPLES. FLORlOA. 2 bedroom. 2 balh condos. on golf courses, tenns, swmmng, beacnes. $1900 per month MARCO SLAND. FLORDA South of Maples. Soutr Seas. 2 bedroom, 2 balh. on the Gulf overlookng pool. Furnshed; 2 tvs. vcr. mcrowave. Sleeps 6 Nov - May Can Bob or Lt Days Eves NAPLES. FLORlOA Townnome. 2 story sq ft 2 masler bedroom sutes, lakefronl screened lanal, exqustely furmsfved. pool, tenns, bkng Avalable Occ.-May.. $2,400 por month. Canceled 1(813) NAPLES. FL- Woodmore Lake. Excellenl condton 2 bedroom. 2 balh condo. no pets. $1500/mo. Avalable Jan thru Aprp S. CAROLNA - 3 bedroom. 2 balh goll course coodo near Charlston. ke new. off season rates. $3S0/wk. or $450/mo. plus utltes 3 mo mnmum TAMPA AREA. Fla. Moble home - 2 bedrooms, furnsned n nce p3rk wlh pool Ar condtoned. Mnmum 4 months VERO BFACH. FLA - 1 bedroom, neatly furnshed, all equpped. Plenty ot shoppng, restaorants. golfng, fshng, beaches. Smoke froounl. 1',» hrs. to Dsneyworld Vacaton Rentals ACAPULCO CONDO. gorgeous bay vew. W! trade for Puerto Vallarla. Carnbbean. or Florda oceantront. Or rent $600 week BOYNE COUNTRY - 6 bedroom, color TV. VCR. dshwasher, cross country, snowmoble outsde your door S BOYNE COUNTRY - Deluxe condo. fulfy.equppod. cable TV, loft, central sk locaton, sleeps 4-6. Spocal season rates FABULOUS SUN VALLEY, DAHO Snow at nght - Sun n the day. 3 bodroom condo. prme locaton. Skng al ts fnest. Calf GRAND TRAVERSE Resort Condo n)oy fa.1 colors. 2 bedroom, 2 balh, sleeps 6. Newty furnshed. 4 pools avalable. Wnter rates HALE Famly gel away weekend n the north woods. 5 bodroom cottage. ndoor pool, woodod erea , HARBOR SPRNGS. Harbor Cov* luxury condo, tloeps 9, ndoor pool, recently remodclod. Avalable for Fall 6 Wnter rental HUNTNG. 6KHNQ LODGE n Antrm County. Stoops 6. comptatoly furnshed, tor w«ck)y or weokend rentals Call t JON US FOR FALL COLOR Stay al New Resort Coodo Sutes The Water Street nn on Lake Charlevox n Boyne Ofy 1(600) SH^NTC_CRE r_-schus*_.mountan Chalet. 4 bedroom. 2½ bath, completely redecorated, TV 6 VCR, wth a3 amentes SK COLORADO. Copper Mountan, luxury 3 bodroom condo, base of &kl Eves or weekends TRAVERSE CTY S NEWEST BEACHFRONT CONDO HOTEL, NORTH SHORE NN Spectacular bedroom coodos on the beach, sleeps 4-5.Fut ktchens. VCR. HBO.-Oafy from $69. Weekends from $79. Woekty from $ TROUT CREEK CONDO Harbor Sprngs. Ml Adjacent to Mdwest's best skng - Boyne Hghlands, Nubs Nob ndoor/outdoor 4 ndoor pools, f.tness center, 10 km crosscountry sk tral, meetng rooms. 1-3 ± loll condos wth freplaces, whrlpools Plcas&ntvlew. Harbor Sprngs, Ml (600) Rooms For Rent ATTRACTVE CLEAN Prlvae entrance,furnjshed,s!eepng. VA Frve Ml./Newburgh. $60 weekly BRMNGHAM - Bedroom + offce avalable n Nov. Excellent locaton n a sp3douj home. Professonal porson only. $700/mo BLOOMFELO HLLS- Lone Pne.6 Frankln Rd. Extra nce furnshed large room. Prvate bath Lnens 4 ut.tej. Some kllchcn prvleges Mature employed gentleman, nonsmokng-please. $60 wk. References requred. Please call after 3pm FVE MlLE/Telograprv Furnlshod room. Mate over 50 Ktchen, laundry p/mleges. $60/wk. Reforeoces/ Securty requred FARMNGTON: Attractve room, maple furnture (desk, bed, dresserl homey atmosphere. Engneer preferred. $70 por week. Cel LVONA - room wth prvate bath for older adult. No smokng, no drnkng Garage ava'lable MADSON HTS. - room for female only, ktchen 6 laundry prvleges. $265 mp. + W utltes' JS NCEST Westand A/es - Furnshed room, ndudes utltes, ktchen and laundry prvlogos $75/wk. + securty. Cabto. Non-smokcr OLD REDFORO - nce unfurnshed basement room, ktchen, laundry, 'A balh. Non-smoker. $260/mo ncludng uw.tes. $65 securty RE0F0RO AREA Pfymoulh «Te!e- )raph, nce furnlshod room, utltes J nduded$65wr>ek + woek securty REOFORD-daytmo worker. 25 yrs. 6 older. Furnshed, share half balh. Some household prlvhogrr laundry avalab'e. Laure PEOFORO Pleasant sleepng room for workng lady. Telephone, ktchen, laundry foom p.lvlleges $65/ weekly. CaM-6pm, ROOM Fema'e. no smokng, Beech dah/41-96 area. $65 week SPACOUS SLEEPJNQ room, completely furnshed, n downtown Plymouth, for mature workng lady. Monthly rates, for nfo, WAYNE targe room, ktchen & laundry prvleges. Un-tes ncluded. Male. $65 per week WESTLAND: Furnshed room, M bath. Lady, employed d«y$, non smoker, lght ktchen. prmogos. $60'w*. + dvpost Lvng Quarter* To Share FREE EXPRESS FOR TENANTS" Featured on:'kelly» CO." TV 7 AH Ag«j, Tastes, Occupatons. Backgrounds 4 Lfestyles. HOME-MATE SPECALSTS $ GreenrVrJ Rd, Southhetd Lvng Quarters To Share Classfed Ads QET RESULTS Classfed Ads ALL CTES* SNCE 1976 PAY NO FEE Untl You SCO Lstngs ol QUA4.FEO PEOPLE- SHARE LSTNGS« FREE CATALOGUE 884 SO-Adamj, Brmngham. Ml. CANTON MOM wth 2 chldren seekng to share home. Large prvate bodroom 6 bath $375 mo + futltes FARMNGTON HLLS-Roomale lo share spacous 2 bedroom. 2 bath apt. $350 + '/4 utmos or after FARMNGTON HLLS - Employed non-smokng male socks same to share 3 bedroom home. $275 mo. + '/> utltes. Alter 6pm: FARMNGTON HLLS - Vllage Green.. Professonal non-smokng female wshes lo share 2 bodroom. 2 bath luxury apartment. $400 month $200 securty. Month lo month lease ok : F YOU'RE dean, honest 4 relable you can share ths 2 bodroom apt. n Rochester. $300 depost, nogotfablo. $75/w*. '/J electrc LAKE LVNG - Non-smokng male to share house near Sylvan Lake wllh me 4 2 cats. Preler person n recovery. $200 mo. plus securty. Can Brent-leave message UVONA - lookng for a dean 6 professonal workng person to share my home. $350 plus half utltes 4 securty depost LVONA - Male to share large luxury home. deal for student or young mature ndvdual. $250 mo ,23 LVONA: Wll share 3 bedroom brck ranch wth workng porson. ktchen prvleges. $375 month. Can LOOKNG for thrd female to shard 3 bodroom homo n Uvonla. mmedate occupancy. No pots. Cad between Eve MALE, 35 wshes to share Farmngton Hlls home wth female, Must be employed and lke cats. Prvate room. $250. per month + securty depost. References requred. After 5pm PLYMOUTH: Rent to responsble adull 3 bedroom Colonal. Prefer fem&e, 25 to 35 yrs old $300 plus /, utujos. Can PROFESSONAL, non-smoker to share contemporary furnshed home n Mford'Leke Sherwood, references. $375 plus 1/2 utltes PROFESSONAL PERSON, wta share 3 bedroom home, Southfeld MJ8 mme area. $300/mo.. Or* ehbd OK PROFESSONAL FEMALE wshes to share 2 bedroom decorator furnshed Plymouth condo. Non smoker. $320. plus phone PROFESSONAL FEMALE yr» to share home wth same, near 12 Mle/Greonfleld. References. $325/ mo. + H utltes. After RELABLE woman to share a 2 bedroom apartment n West land. $217 month plus utltles. Heat and water ncluded ! 19 ROCHESTER area. $250/month + securlty depost ft 'A utltes. No pets. Calf before tarn, or after 6.30pm ROCHESTER - Prolesslonal male lo shara 2 bodroom townhouse. $300 por month plus 'A utltes. Non smoker. Avalable mmedately. L e ave message ROOMATE NEEOED, prvate bodroom 6 bathroom. $60 per week Weslland. before epm, alter 9pm SNGLE FEMALE lookng lor same to share home n nce secton of W Dearborn. $300 month plus 'A ul tes SOUTHFlELO AREARoom. $250/ mo pfus 'A utltes. Can. ask tor Stuart or SOUTHFlELO, Female 3 bedroom. 2½ bath townhouse. Freplace, cathedral celngs. $275 mo. Days; JLonetla Eves SOUTHF1ELD. 28 yr. old female wshes to Share 2 bedroom. 2 bath ncety decorated apt. w/responsb!e porson Master bedroom w/ prvate bath. $330/mo. ncludes heal/water. Pool/sauna, more. Ref erences. Barb: TROY -Responsble woman wanted to share condo wth workng woman end alert, educated quad. Free room 6 board n exchange for tght housekeepng and some personal care. Nurses, student nurse or equtvelent preferred TROY - Roommate needed. Somerset Apts. 2 bodrooms. 2 baths TROY 2 females seekng 3rd. female roommate. 3 bedroom ranch. 2 full balhs. + freplace. $268 + 'A utltes or W. BLOOMFELO - Large furnshed home. pool volley ban. $375 mo. + 'A utltes. Avalable Nov. 1st. days, eves Wanted To Rent YOUNG MAN neods room to rent near Downtown Farmlnglon House. Sttng Serv. RESPONSBLE COUPLE, n early 60'», wn houscsl for wnter months. W. BoomRetd, Farmlnglon Hlts. Novl. VJckl or Foster Core ADULT FOSTER CARE HOME n Uvonta, has openng for older male clonl Some «r.he<mor accepted. Prfvata pay Commercal/Retell For Rent CANTON SUPER LOCATON, free start-vp rent, 2000 sq- fl A up, $6. Trlpte net Westgate Plua. CAnton- FordRd. Don DOWNTOWN WAYNE. 15 X 80 stora n busy Kroger-Porry strp confer on Mchgan Ave. tn Wayne. Ample parkng, good traffc, reasonable rent. Caf FARMNGTON HLLS 10 MlloRd A Grand Rver RETAL SPACE FOR LEASE Saver at cholca locatons From ft. Now ava'aba *lth exoewnt 10 M'a or Orand Rver Exposure. CERTFEO REALTY, NC FOR LEASE Sq. FT. Retal space. Downtown Brmngham Hgh traffc. Completely renovated, dscounted rata. Contact: DanteJ T. Jacob Farbman/Slen ft Company (313) HAR SALON.».600 sq. ft slora n busy Wayr* Common* Shoppng Center on Mchgan Ave. W. of Wayne Rd. m Wayne. AH plumbng ft electrc m place Commercal / Retal For Rent BULDNG FOR LEASE. Ava.lablo Nov. 231 Pfymoun Rd. Plymouth/ Presently 6 4 L Radator. For nformal on call DOWNTOWN ROCHESTER FOR LEASE 0 Beta-t - olce * Servce Medcal Csfe/Od Locaton COMMERCAL sq t 5 Mle 4 Beech Daly a/ea FARMNGTON - prme retal, ready tor move n 1000 sqft., full basement. Also otfce space for lease Call lor detals LAHSEVGRANO RVER AREA Store tor rent w/opton lo buy buldng Buldng has 2 stores 4 3 apartments. Can LAHSEFl/8 MLE Corner Sq t. deal lor beauty salon, sportng goods, frut market, vdeo store, ocl mmedate occupancy MAOlSON HEGHTS - now leasng new retal or medcal. On John fl. S of 12/lle. For more nformaton call PLYMOLTH/DOWNTOWN Ouanl snopplng mal, 725 sq fl sq. ft. Excellent pa/kng. Call Oeborah tor detals SHOPPNG CENTERS FOR LEASE B'oomfleld. Maple 4 nkster. Rrvervtew. Grange 4 Kng SS5 WLLAMSTON. MCHGAN KELLER'S PLAZA Jon our growng lamlfy Of shops: Tradtonal Treasures. 'Beetl Sportswear Outlot. Pultorlng Pal's Gfts. «Swoet Georga Browns. Prelty Punch. 15 unque retal or offce spaces avalable. Excellent locaton, good growth area. Spaces (deal for several types ot busnesses: ethnc restaurant, candy store, clothng outlet, orals, bookstore, professonal offces, nower shop, gourmet ktchen, bakory, antques (ma-) Can soon for best avalable space sxes. Contact Mrs. Keller. nokemos nd./warehouse Lease or Sale ARPORT COMMERCE CENTER Award Wnnng Development ndustral Sultos M-59 at PONTAC ARPORT 1200 sq tt. $800/mo. complete Olhor sutes from 1600' sq t. Can Al Montatvo APPROXMATELY 2000 SQ. FT. ol lght warehouse space, heated, n Farmlnglon Hlls area. Truck well avalable. Gross lease for $600/mo. C« CTY OF PLYMOUTH New 1250 or 2500 M.ft. warehouse wth offce. HVAC. 3. phase FARMNGTON HLLS ndustral Park sq. fl. warehouse plus 250sq. fl. offce. Truck door. Avalable: answerng servce, recevng, delvery. Monday-Frday NDUSTRAL FOR LEASE Expressway exposure. Grand Rver/ 10 Mle area- 1,576 sq tt._wtth 300 sq.ft. of olhce. CartlLrthura ManagemenlCo SPECAL! 3 MOS. FREE RENT CANTON OR NOV near 275 Offce 8 warehouse unts. From sq.fl. Answerng Servce also avalable, mmedate occupancy. For more nformaton call: no answor can: LOOK FOR More Commercal Property Advertsng under Classfcatons « Don't mss readng our Colorful Buldng Scene Secton every MondayA^ursday^ 436 Offce/Busness Space AFF0RDA8LE-FRENDLY EFFCENT Brmngham offce space at Or<a Plus. 920 E Lncoln. For mmedate occupancy. 10x20 - $660 10x12-$350 ncludes receptonst, alt utltes. Jantoral (24 hr access) Secretary 4 phone answerng on premses AFFORDABLE OFFCES llvoola - Redford Townshp. Froe storage ANNOUNCNG Maple Busness Center ol Troy. Best rates n town, no lease necessary sq ft on Maple, near Uvernols. From $235 up per month. 646^0139 ANNOUNCNG Shared offce space from 150 SF MontWy or long term leases Oxnplete secretaral servces Best buldngs n the best areas TROY, SOUTHFlELO. CANTON. FARMNGTON HLLS. LVONA ROCHESTER KLLS. STERLNG HEGHTS, ANN ARBOR nternatonal Busness Centers FRST N SERVCEO OFFCE SPACE (l8c' brokerage otflca can also assst you n locatng largor space) AUBURN HLLS on Opdyke Rd. across from Holday nn near Unversty Or. $250 per month. 4 rooms avalable. Utltes ncluded. Can or BERKLEY Quant, hstorcal buldng offerng 600 sqft. ol executve Sp»C«. AH utltes.»mp!«parkng. mmedate occupancy BRMNGHAM DOWNTOWN Upstars spacet\3x 15) for offce or retj-.$ S. Woodwa/d mmodl 819 occupancy Canton-Ford Crossng Executfva offce sulte»altrbclfva new buldng Just mnutes from Pton tyct parkng Brokers protected Act nowl $9 95 sqft CANTON Shared axecury* sutes wth»rxr»- tarlal servces from 150 sq. ft. Prm* Ford Ftoad locaton, DOWNTOWN DlRMNQKAM Prma Sutes 1120 sq. t. up lo 6100 q fl. avals bo. Great vews, com- P«ttlY«ratos, convenent parkng. Ml servtc* buldng. Ocean Or/«Returanl. coflo* shop, slock broker and beauty/barber bumng.»oxt tocrow'v*- 280 N. Woodward ahop n 438 Offce /Busness Space DENTAL OFFCES rom sq t New bu.klng. excellent locaon and parkng, fnsh to sut. Buckngham Offce Park. Jeltres 6 Mdd'-obe-'t. Lvona ' DOWNTOWN BRMNGHAM. 280 N Woodward N.oor/t'a!d out t.l20sq sulewth bathroom and fully equpped ktchen Conytoent parkng, full servce buldng Rent. $1,867 per month ncludes lantoral servce and alt ullles except electrc. Any term lease, mmedate occupancy OOWNTOY<N BRMNGHAM offco lor lease Approxmately 400 sq ft. mmodate occupancy DOWNTOY/N - PLYMOUTH Oflce space fry lease 1100 to sq t Can Oeborah lor detajs DOWNTOWN PLYMOUTH Otrce space 3 separalo sutes tsosqlt. Excellent parkng FARMNGTON Excellent Downtown Locaton Great Ve-*. Low rent sq ft. Avalable mmedately FENTON- Hghly vsble pfoesslonal offce space n new buldng Wd desgn to sut. 1,975 sq.fl. Can Mr Jones. (313) UVONLA - For lease, mult-use offces. 3 standng buldngs From 500 to sq ft lev an al 5 m.^e Beautful locaton, cheap rent' Can or LVONA SCHOOLCRAFT 6 NKSTER Offce space n actve coner 795 Sq ft formerly attorneys Offces sq. ft formerly dental dnc. excellent condton Also 700 sq ft for retal Brokers protected Can LVONA sngle offce, west sde, near X-ways. $250 a month rent rv cfcdes all but phone Phone: or UVONA.* ndvdual olfces wth wndow. 12 x 15. new 1 story colonal buldng 7 Mla/Merrlman Professonal use, reasonable LVONA sq.. sute, low rent ncludes an bu phone, soma free rent. Phone or Offce and secretarat space tvajabta n beautful Southfldd law-oft- ce. Conference room, copy Tfufchne. etc Non-smoker OFFCES N W. BLOOMFELD Orchard Lake Rd. Prvate entrance. 600 to 5500 sq. ft Penthouse Offce Locatod n Troy. hts 850 sq. ft ponthou'se has a natural skylght. prlvae restroom and shower end s located on the 3rd floor, deal lor advertsng, graphcs, or art studo Very favorable rate SQ FT. ol offce space, at or part. Man Street n the Cty of Plymouth. Corner. locaton wth great parkng. Call Joe MenTk. REAL ESTATE ONE, PLYMOUTH - FREE RENT Frst ft last months r«nl rco. Approxmately 2000 sq. ft. al $10.95 a sq fl. Can now PLYMOUTH OLD VLLAGE sqft ol space (6 offces!. $7 sqft plus Utltes PCYWOL0H sq. ft. offce wth possble addtonal space. Great partng, access to M)4. Nogotab*. Rosle or Paulene PRESTGOUS TALL OAKS Small offce for rent. Perfect tor manufactures Rep. Secretary/Fax 6 Coper avalable. Can PRME Bloomf.okl Htls offce space lor sub-leaso, below ;ma/kel prce sq. ft. avalable on or about Doc. 1st REDFORD OFFCE Fve Mle Rd. West Ot Telograpn 2 rooms + n-sul storage and bathroom. Prvate entrance, carpetng and blnds AH utles ncudod $375 per month. CERTFEO REALTY, NC REDFORD OFFCE JOY ROAD W-ol Telegraph Beautful 2 story buddng Underground parkng Carpetng 4 bnnds _j Lt sgnage 2 room sute and up Lowratelndudesa.tull.tes ' CERTFEO REALTY. NC REOFORD: Professonal Olfces Ffve Mle. W. ot Telegraph. 2 Large Rooms. $250/mo. Called ernoons, ROCHESTER HLLS 240 lo 480 sq. ft. space, m the M-59 and Crooks Rd. area Answerng servce avalable $150TOTAL For offce wth watng room m Downtown Royal Oak Avalable mmedately. Can Sue SHAREO' OFFCE CONCEPTS Executve Offce leasng At t's Best. 1 Prvate offces Professonal 6 atonttve stat Full servtoo buddngs NOV (» Mle a-275) BRMHAM (Woodwa/d al Brown) SOUTHFlELO Brdge S ndustral center. Small busness sel up 1600 sq. feel. (t,000 offca. 600 warehouse) Overhead door, ea/m.$1,000 month SOUTHFlELO - WE are close to 1696, US10. 4 Southfted Xway access. Abundant parkng close n. m-. medate occupancy from $11 gross Sq ft. ava'ab'e 310, ,474, $ Hotl Offce Bu ; ldng Co., W. 10 M'a at shsor, J58-055S SOUTHFlELO 12 M.!«4 Southfldd Rd. offces sq ft $750 per mo. 763 sq ft. $600 por mo. Oays: Eves 4 Weekends: SOUTHFlELO 12 Ml* Rd. near lashor. 4,466 sq ft suts, ncely lad out and decorted avalable Nov.1H. reasonab 1 * rat* any term leas* W. 12 M.'a PT « SPECAL! 3 MOS. FREE RENT CANTON OR NOV! near 2/8 - effw;* 4 wrenous* unts. Front ,000»4 ft. Answ-trlng $or\^ a'so avatjb'a. tmmodata occupancy Fwrnor«lntorrfBllonca9: f f>0 entww <«*: : TROY ~ ~ Bg Beavor Road. Executve ^, from 150 sq.ft. wlh secretaral aorvk»» TROY - sublease 6l7sqf. $500 mooh. 2 offc ra recepton area M prma M» servce bu«dno MJ6668 W. BLOOMFELO - Shared offcl wllh 1 other buslnsss. Compft!. wth computer sot up and secretaral orvtco*

41 \ "1^'^,-n-yr?^? '' ' -T^V-..1-^-.-:.. t. --^ r rr f~? "7T r 7 Monday. October 29, 1990 O&E *9E ra HQL'A% m&b REAL ESTATE/FOR SALE &. REAL ESTATE/FOR RENT See ndex.n Creatve Lvng Real.Estate Secton EMPLOYMENT/NSTRUCTON 500 Help Wanted 502 Help Wanted-Denfa/Medcal 504 HefpWanted-O!ce/C 'cal 505 Food-Beverage ' 506 Help wanted Sales 507 Help Wanted Pa't Tme 508 Help Wanted (Domestc 509 Help Wanted Coupfes 510 Sales Opportunty 511 Entertanment Suat.ons Wanted, female Stuatons Wanted. Mate Stuatons Wanted. Male/Female Ch.dCare Elderly Care A Assstance Summer Camps Educaton/nstructons Nursng Care 520 Secretaral 8usmess Servces 522 Professonal Servces 523 Attorneys/Legal Counselng 524 Tax Servce ANNOUNCEMENTS Personals (your dscreton) Lost Found (by he word) Health. Nutrton. Weght LOSS Announcements/Notces Glad Ads Legal Notces nsurance. Transportaton/Travel Bmgo Cards 0( Thanks n Memonam Death Notces MERCHANDSE Aucton Sales Collectbles Antques 703 Crafts 704 Rummage Sales/Flea Markets 705 Wearng Appa/e y.':*xm 500 Help Wanted ACCEPTNG APPLCATONS lo< tndscapc/rrgston labor Postons Stan at $6.50 hr. Apply n person. Klmer* Landscape Ladd R<J. Wa.led Lake ACCEPTNG APPLCATONS Retal»)«spersof. Futt/part tme Ktchen Qlarnour. Ftedlord Grand Rrvcr. Appry w.thln. 1-3 Acceptng Applcatons Ful and part tm«$s an hour o stan Must have pryjkaj or medca) prob-'em to appty «) ACCEPTNG 100 Workers Now! mmedate Openngs $50 Bonus Starl»or* today'n tre UvonJa area perlormlng _l«hl pack agn} work. All rufn avalable ncludng weekend work OonH mlw ths opportunty. Appry Mon Fr. 9am-3pm at: SOMEBODY SOMETME Mddtebelt Parksde Pavllon Between 6 & 7 mle ACCOUNTANT - CPA Assstant lor computerzed rjrn Resumes to Husban. Todd. Parr. PC W 8 WJe Rd. Fa/mnston HUa Ml ACCOUNT REPRESENTATVE DouOlJ 4 Lomason, «o,uary 0 U suppber to the domestc automotve, ndustry, las an m/hedate openng lor en Entry Level Account Bepresenalrve n the SaMs Ocpartment Tne porton b located at the Corporate Offce n Fa/mlnflton HJ». A deoree n eusness/enrjtneorlng s preferred wth emphass n the area ol cwvnunleetlor. Atong»tth beng a serf-starter, the canddate must have past busness experence n a 6a!es-re!a!ed functon and a mecharjcaj apttude»th some manufacturng epcrlence Oua-'Red ctnddates ptese «end resume and sa'ary rr>qu!r6mer>l» to- Personnel Department Ooug'as & tomason Company 2<600Ha?«oodCt. FarmJngtoo Hl«j. Ml 4833S An EOvM Opportunty Employe/ ACT FAST FOR FAST CASH Shorthand 60 to 80 wpm < TyptJ - SO V-pm Oala Entry Word Proce«or«Telemarketng These posllron and many more avalble rrjncdatery AH Job* are M lme wth compewrve wage* at top pompan:c* Utn-ze your dorlcal tkp* and gel a Jump on the hocday cah crunch Ca.1 no-«- these Jobs won't last East Sde 48 )-8760 West $"d«f UTUFtE FORCE TEMPORARY HELP SERVCE Hover a Foe enae l_j r.!-.1-:-.- -:J REACH MCHGAN'S FNEST MARKET FAX YOUR AD Oakland County Wayne County Rochester/Rochester Hlls a...» -!! r-.t- nsensn 706 GjrageSae-OaVand County 707 Garage Sae-V/ayrve County 708 Household Good-Oakland County 709 Household Goods-Wayoe- County 710 Mlsc for Sale-Oakland County 711 f/sc for'sa!e-wayne County 7^2 Applances "'3 Bcycles-Sale & Repar 714 CuSness4 Equpment 715 Computers "7-16 Commercta-ndustra Equpment 717 Lawn. Garden A Snow Equpment 718 Buldng Materals 719 HO Tubs. Spas A Pools 720 Farm Produce-Flowers. Plants 721 Hosptal Equpment 722 Hobbes-Corns Stamps 723 Jewelry 724 Camera and Supples 726 Muscal nstruments " 727 Vdeo Games. Tapes 728 VCR. TV Stereo. Tape Decks 729 C8 Rados Cellular Phones 730 Sportng Goods 734 Trade or Sen 735 Wanted to Buy ANMALS '38 Household Pels 740 Pet Servces 744 Horses. Lvestock Equpment AUTOMOTVE/TRANSPORTATON 800 Recreatonal Vehcles 602 Snowmobles 804 Arplanes 805 Boat Oocks. Marnas 606 Boats'Motors 807 Beat P3rs A Servce 808 Vehlco/Boa Storage 810 nsurance. Moor 812 Molorcsces. Go-Karts. Mmtxkes 813 Motorcycles. Parts A Servce 8 14 Campers/Motorhomes/T-alers 816 Auto/Trucks. Pars A Leasng 818 Aulo Rentals easng 819 Auto Fnancng 820 Autos Wanted 821 Junk Cars Wanted 822 Trucks for Sale 823 Vans 82* Jeeps/4 Wheel Drve 825 Sports A mported 852 Classc Cars 854 Amercan Motors/Jeep 855 Eagle 856 Buck 858 Cadllac 660 Chevrolet 862-Chrysler 864 Dodge 866 ford -872 Lncoln 8 74 Mercury 875 Nssan 876 Odsmobe 878 Pfymoulh 880 882 Toyota S84 vokswaqen BUSNESS DRECTORY 3 Accountng 4 Advertsng 5 Ar Condtonng 6 Alumnum Cleanng 9 Alumnum Sdng to Antennas 12 Applance Servce 13 Art Work 14 Archtecture 15 AsphaM 16 AsphaM Sealcoamg 17 Auto Cleanup 18 Auto 4 Truck Repar 2' Awn.ngs 22 Barbeque Repar 24 Basement Waterproofng 25 Bahtub Relnshng 26 Bcycle Mantenance 27 8nck. Block A Cement 29 Boat Docks C Bookkeepng Servce 32 Buldng nspecton 33 8udng Remodelng 36 Burglar Fre Alarm C7 Busness Machne Repar 39 Carpentry 40 Cabnetry A Formca 4! Carpets 42 Carpel Cleanng A Dyemg 44 Carpet Layng A Repar 52 Caenng - Flowers 53 Caulkng 54 Celng Work 55 Chmney Cleanng. Buldng A Repar 56 Closet Systems 57 Chrstmas Trees 58 Clock Repar 59 Commercal Steam Cleanng 60 Constructon Equpment 6 Decks Patos 62 Doors ^j^z^hfsss.'n'ttul :>, >' /:.JT-r fl' h' Help Wanted ACCOUHTANTVCPA ConsuJtng f^m seeks creatve and motrvalod person nrlhl 3+ yra. CPA etpereooe and RS work experence Sond resume to Box 612: Observer & Eccentrc Ncvrtpapora Schoolcraft Rd. Uvona. Mchgan 48S0 ACT MMEDATELY Poruton eontrotvera noeded for the Wayne & Washlonaw County $1650 PER MONTH GUARANTEED No experence nocossary. company wn tran Hgh school graduate! wtfeomed Must have refabte transporaton A be able to *ta/l mmodlatofy n our dsplay department PakJ vacatons, company beneft aher 90 day* Wa)T«County 52-S460 Wahtena* County. WS-O109 ACTVTES ASSSTANT Currently toeklng en AetMtea A»- tjtant lor Cambrdge Court AJhemer'a unt Canddatej w!3 po»- t«s oaoence, tact, maturltv. rya- Mty. rlondry rjuposftfon and carng atttude lor Alzhemer - * patent*. Canddate! may apply tn per ton CambrdoaEajt. nc oQutndre Madon Heght*. MM8071 M5-701O " An EQuaJ Opportunty Employer ACT NOW 90 PEOPLE NEEDED General Labor worker* neodod lor PACKAGNG V1DEOCAS5ETTES m UvonJa Oays. Ajernoorvs. or Mdnght* 10 hour shft* workng 6-7 day* per w eck SteJdy. Long-term ajlgnment LGHT ASSEMBLY n Canton Day Shft (8-4:30) Steady, long-term assgnment eonusejavaj'abta Appry Today! UvonJa W Sx Mle Rd Westand Yc'eyne Rd. KELLY Temporary Servces Equal Opportunty Employer M /F/H ADA HAS JOBS Permanent, temporary assgnments m the Souhhetd area. Complete beneft package ncludng pay ncressos. LGHT NDUSTRAL WORK Apply wthn Tues, Oct between 9am-t 1am and 1pm-3pm Evergreon FkJ., Ste. 400 Traveler* TCAW Just S. of 11 M^SouthfrJd. An EquM Opportunh/ Employer AGGRESSVE, MOTVATED ndl- \ldval* wanted lor manager tranee poston* n retal department tore. Mus hava hgr school educaton «roabte t/ansportaon. Apply n per. son Mon. thru Fr. 10am to <pm. 87 Manufecturer* Drlv*. Nr*- burgvchorry Hul area. Westland. 500 Help Wanted ACCOUNTANT. Farmlngton CPA frm aock* ^j'ty person wth 3 pfu* yr*. exportenoa to become part of our team ACCOUNT CLERK CTY OF FARMNOTON HLLS Fufl tme. TEMPORARY Account Clerk posrtjon n Treasury drvulon Prevous cashor. terer. and eccountng/bookkeeptng exporonce requred. Good customer rotaton *kh! lor extensve contact wth publc. Hgh School Graduate orc<5urvatent. Salary J through $17,802. Applcaton* accepted ta 11/2/90 Apply n wrtng or n person to. Personnel Department. Cty Of Fermvgton MU* W. 11 Mle Rd, Farmlngton H.fs. Ml 4803«ADULT ARTS* CRAFT8 NSTRUCTOR Poston begns Jan Stfary negotable. Appry to Oty of Troy Per*onn«(. 500 W. 6¾ Beavor. Troy An Equal Opportunty Emptoyer AGOOOJOB Fufl or part tme Casher*. Qas Pumper*- Stvdenta over 18 and Senkx welcome A GOOD JOB S HARD TO FND Vctor nterm Servfce$ Makes fl Easy GENERAL LABOR mmedate Hre An EQual Opportunh/ Employer ALARM NSTALLATON Due to rapd expanson n he Securty feld. Guardan AJarm ol Mchgan has a need for aeveral nsta-aon toctjlcan* Only those ndvduals who a/e hjghfy motvated, have experence or academc tranng m the e-'eet/one fdd need appry CaJ or tubmt resume to GUARDAN ALARM COMPANY SouthfeJd Rd Southfold. Ml AWETrCAfrCRAJfETlOO^J for-grr perencod Fabrcator. Layout Man. Shop 4 Feld work. Can. leav» mesaaoe ' AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNTY Experence m basc plumbng helpful Must have basc tool* A truck. Wn tran rght person. Contact Sandy APPLY NOW WHAT'S THE EASEST WAY TO EARN HOLDAY PAY 4 What'* that you *ay? You haven't a duet Then come to Future Force Where we have a Job Just for you 1 Our beneft* end bonus pay Are beyond compare So come & toe u» -- We're the servce lhal cares! Bnng you state D end todal securty card Must have relable tra.-sporuton Westland Taylor «Red ford FUTURE FORCE TEMPORARY HELP SERVCE Never A Fee UfMT CLERCS Earn Whle You LearnJ Harpor Hosptal s actvoly seekng conscentous and dependable Nursng Unt Clerks. Prmary responsbltes nclude: scroenlng phono calls; greetng patents, famles and vstors; transcrbng doctors orders; and nputtng/retrevng patent data from tho Hosptal nformaton System computer. A hgh school dploma or equvalent s requred, as well as: successful complqtlon of readng comprehenson tost, cgblo ponmonshlp, excellent nterpersonal sklls and avalablty tor mandatory orentaton 4 wooks/full-tme. Monday-Frday, 7 am - 3:30 pn. Sovoral part-tmo postons avalablb on all shfts to accommodate school schedules. Paldjn-sorvlco tranng provded.. -.v : -_._,_..._ nterested applcants call Deborah L Anthony, Human nosources, At (313) , or apply n person to schedule for tostlhg/ntorvlow. Horpor Hosptal, 3990 John R.Dotrolt, Ml j n Pursut of he Best Member of tho Dotrolt Medcal Contor Equal Opportunty Employer 500 Help Wanted ARPORT SECURTY Must'be betweon year* old and rve n Wayne County (not Dotrorll Ca» E/r^loymcnt A TraJnVg Oesgn* An Equal Opportunt; nry EmplOyOr ALL SHFTS AVAJt>BL $5-$6/HR. WAREHOUSE WORKERS tmmed ate openng* Relable transportaton requred. Brtngafrtendl ARBOR TEMPS An aggressve & dynamc leeder n the gasome/convenent»tore ndustry. EMRO MARXETNG CO * expandng rapdly & noed* hghly mot.vted ndmdual* who are reaoy to grow u» STORE MANAGERS f you are a brght & enthusastc *c(-*tarler we want to la. 1 * wth you about a poston on our Speodway Starvtn Marvn unrtod team* n the metro Detrot area. You *houjd bd managtmant. calber, atrongly motvated, lookng for advancement, mature & herd workng. Related retal or fast food exportenoa U desrable. We offer: Exceaent advancement opportunte* Startng tllary of S 5-S Commsson plan Comprehensve frnge benef* Pa>d holday* & vacaton* P«-sse send your resume to: MR KEVN JUDO WORMER DETROT. Ml EMRO MARKETNG COMPANY ANMAL HOSPTAL need* full tme techncan and receptkxat. Epencncod only. Ca.1 or tend retume Meadowbrook Anmal Cfnlc 2905 Wa-ton. Rochester HM, Ml ANtMAL PEOPLE Kennel Ade* wanted. Sesta Kennels Farmnglon H!*. Can. 9am-6pm « AflrCASLE-part-nma lot fetal store n Troy area. Artstc background helpful, musl tke chtjdrcn ARCHTECTURAL DRAFTSPERSON tmmedale tut! tme poston ava.table wth expandng restaurant cha^v Mmmum 2 year* experence. Must be a creatve semtarter. lamharty wth AUTO-CAD a p*u». Submt resume to: SWSS PRETZEL ENTERPRSES Telegraph Southndd. Ml. Or contact.rule at: lor appontment ASSSTANT CONTROLLER Skjrvfcant opportunty n downtown Oetrot m the fnancalaervsce* ndustry. CPA requred. MBA and experence n fnancal *ervcej desrable Send resume n confdence u> : Assstant Controfer PO 80x737 Oetrot. Ml ASSSTANT for busy h*."r tlytlal. Oood pay. Farmngon H?* ton. Ask for Ede , Oraperes/Slpcovers ACteanmg 64 Dressmakng A Talorng 65 Dry-wall. 66 Electrcal 67 Electrolyss 68 Energy 69 E«cavalng 70 Exteror Caulkng 71 Fashon Coordnators 72 Fences,. 73 fnancal Plannng '5 Freplaces /6 Freplace Enclosures 78 Frewood 81 Floor Servce 87 Floodlght 90 Furnace nstalled. Repar 92 Furn.-ture Fnshng A Repar 93 Graphcs 94 Glass Block Structural etc 91- Guss. Stamen/Beveled 96 Garages 97 Garage Dow Repar 98 Greenhouses 99 Gutters 102 Handyman - ma-'e/fe/rae 105 Haulng 108 Heatng/Coolng 109 Home Grocery Shoppng 110 Housecleanng 111 Home Safety 112 Humdfers 114 ncome Tax 115 ndustral ServK* 116 nsurance Photography 117 tnsu!aton 120 nferor Decoratng 121 nteror Space Management 123 Jantoral 126 Jewelry Repars A Clocks 129 landscapng 132 lewn Mower Repar 135 Lawn Mantenance 138 Lawn Sprnktlng 140 Lmoys^e Servce 142 Unoeum 144 Lock Servce 145 Management 146 Marble- 147 Machnery 149 Moble Home Servce 150 Movng Storage 152 Mrrors 155 Musc nstructon 157 Musc nstrument Repar \«' vlmtqk.-t r.t -?* 500 Help Wanted AMAZNG! New & upcomng dstrbuton company growng faster than expected. mmedate openngs n: Customer Servce Delvery Sa!e3/Markellng Management Must have own vehcle. Call today (or ntervew APARTMENT MANTENANCE TECHNCAN Southfleld. Mnmum 2 year* apartment experence. Own uansportauon & tool*. Neat appearanoe. feood atttude & aerf motvated. SeJs/y ccjrnrnonsuratd wth expertonce APPRASAL TRANEE FtymovrU otfloa ol natonal organzaton need* 2 M tme career mnded person* woqng to work hard. We oner tranng, earn «rhs«you learn. Potental tvl yoa/ earnng n execs* Of» CaJ Ma ASSEM8LEA3 FOR (grt asenv bung. 5 poston* avalsota, retlreoa wtleome. CaS between eam-spra $ ASSSTANT MANAG EH Otd Stone Credt Corporaton of Mchgan, one of the naton'* largest home equty lendng frm*, rva* potlton open n our Sovthfled offce lor an assstant ma/vager. A mnmum of 3 year* experence n 2nd mortagagee or consumer fnance requred Excellent company beneft* Equal Opportunty Employer M/F ASSSTANT MANAGERS WLD CRAZY 8REAKTHE910 5DRAG wa have The best atmosphere n town. 15 postons avtalabta. Earn M75-J600 w*ly. wnte n t/ewng. Ho experence necessary Mus en- Joy Roc* "N Rod atrrtosphore end workng wth opposte *ex For ntervew CaH SuUe at ATTEfnON: Experenced Producton Supervsor Wooded Electro-platng knowledge roqutred Must be avajtabe lor U ahrt* Startng pay $10/hOur. Apptlcalon* by appontment only. Mus have own transportaton Ca3 between»am 4 3pm «ATTENTON HOMEMAXERS Needed "tor cleanng ha.twa>-» 4 laundry room* n apartment complex. 6ay work.»5.10 to *5.30 per hour. Pad holday* 4 vacatlona. c«s Mon. thru Frt 6am to 3:30pm. 42^-4343 ATTENTON HOMEMAKER We're seekng an event* planner to *ea Sv» entertanment (show*, act* 4 bands) lo corporal* 4 prvate partes. You must be tet-starer and a people person wth exce'ent communcatjon»kks. UnCmted ncome.»traghl commsson. Art exctng career ask tor leure. ^^lll> l l'.!f.,.v»^,,slxullllub*'l4.m».*»anjllljlpjjl.jmm...1.f.lluf- Manager End User Systems Mlesel/SYSCO, a dvson of (he naton's leadng food servce dstrbutor wth $7 bllon n sales, has an mmedate openng for a Manager-End User Systems at our headquarters faclty n Canton, Ml. The successful canddate wll possess a bachelor's degree n computer scence or equvalent experence (a mnmum of 3 years) n BM and COMPAQ. Models AT through 3S6. Must be profcent wth nternal/ external user nterface, techncally sklled n Clpper programmng, PC communcatons and Local Area Networks (Novell). Responsbltes nclude drectng project and program development actvtes for all mcrocomputer/personal computer-based systems, provdng consultng and tranng servces for all user departments, and supplyng programmng and telecommuncatons support for all mcrocomputer applcatons. We orfer a compettve salary and benefts program. Qualfed canddates should send resume and salary hstory to: Human Reourtt. P.O. Box 33570, Detrot, M , MESEL^ SYSCO Food Servce Company Sbfcl t ' L w EQUAL HOU8NO OPPORTUNTY HTtL «rupp.-tw -T ' 1-:.-:7ur New Home Servces 165 Parhng - Decoratng 166 Party'Ptannmg (Food-Ftowers-Sevces) 176 Pc-St Control 178 Photography 180 Ptano Tunng-Repar-ftelnshng 181 Pcnc Tables- ' ' 198 Plans 200-Plasterng 215 PlumOng 219 Pool Water Ojtver-v 220 Pools 221 PorceanRefmshng 222 Prntng. 223 Recreatonal Vc-n.ce Servce 224 Retal Hardwoods 229 Refrgeraton 233 Roofng 234 Sossor. Saw A Kmle Sharpenng 235 Screen Repar 237 Septc Tanks 241 Sewer Cleanng 245 Sewng Machne Repar 246 Sgn Pantng 249 Slpcovers - 250 Sola/ Energy 251 Snow Blower Repar 253 Snow Removal 254 Storm Doors 255 Stucco 257 Steel Lamnatng 260 Telephone. Servce/Repar 261 Televson. Flado A CB 263 Tenns Courts 265 Terra/ums 269 Tle Work 273 Tree Servce 274 Truck Washng 275 Typng 276 Typewrter Repar 277 Upholstery _. 279 Vacuums * 280 Vandalsm Repar 281 Vdeo Tapng Servce 282 Vnyl Repar 283 Ventlaton A Attc Fans 284 Wallpaperng 285 Wall Washng 287 Wasner/Dryor Repar 289 Water Softenng 293 Weldng 294 Won Drllng 296 Wndow Treatments 297 Wndows 298 Woodworkng 299 Woodburners 223= 500 Help Wanted ASSSTANT MANAGER Applcaton* beng» ctpted lor Aststant Manager and Med-cal CoordJ%ator postons (n a Dearborn Group Home DMH certrfed. MJHmum o t year experence Bener.t*. Ca3 between eam-4pm ASSSTANT MANAGER tor convenence store, part tme Mus be frend?/ and w'-ng to work Flexble hour* Uvona area. WJ tral the rght per*on Ce Sue Mon.. wed & Thur*. «-4pm only : ASSSTANT STORE MANAGERS to $26,000 STORE MANAGERS to Prevous supervsory experence m grocery, hardware, he--lh 6 beauty. etc a plus. Openng* m an area* Exceftent benef* A bonu* plans Emptoyment Center, nc ASSSTANT TEACHERS & Substtute* needed for F»J Nur*ery/ChBd Cere Program. W. Bloomfefd area. Call: ATTENTON 40 PEOPLE HEEDED FOR SPECAL PROJECT Ne«RctaJ Store n Oakland Ma needs h&'p to bu3d racks, stock hofvts, tcket merchanctje 4 unpack boxes. SU day assgnment - Day ahr; earn-5om Aflernoon sl\ft. 1pm-10pm. avatatle. For more nformaton please cal KELLY TEMPORARY SERVCES 295 Kd*. Sute 100. Troy An Equal Opportun,ty Emp(oyer AUTO 600Y MAN needed fun tme Must have own tools 4 year* of experence. Beneft* Westland AUTOMATC SCREV/ MACHNE Tranee Day sh.fl Full tone. Benett* North ndustrtaj Dr. north ol Grand PJvcr between Haggerty and Halsted >UO MFCHANlC fry hgh-volume Berkely repar shop Mus be fu?y certf/ed/experonce Evenng shft. CaaPhU AUTOMOTVE DETAJLER Gordon Chevrolet has openng tor experenced Detal Man n the Body Shop Outstandng benefts and hour* Contact Mr. Hawk. Body Shop Manager AUTO PARTS COUNTER PERSON Acton Nssan-Volvo needs experenced Nssan or Volvo counter person for our targe servce department Contad Steve Ssrtort AUTO PARTS OELrvRY OfWEA for he Plymouth area. Must have good drvng record B 4 F AUTO, 100 Slarkweathcr. Plymouth Help Wanted ATTENTON ndvdual scc-kmg a reoardmg tu8!rr<5 career tn real estate ta-'e* ncodod tor the rapdly growng Uvorva/Redford Off<oe of Mchgan* largest real estate company w* have the programs and resources to get you startod a* quckly as pots>be Hgh earnng potental for quashed appocent* Call Mr BC-J*JSS for personal ntervew REAL ESTATE ONE An Equal Opportunrty Employer AUTOMOTVE PANTER Must have 5 year* experence, reterences and own equpment AUTO PARTS Counter Person - Must have experence Growng company expandng rt'» operaton otterng M beneft* Ca AUTO PORTER flooded lor used car department Must be rentable and have good drvng record. Ask lor Greg: LVONA CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Plymout Rd AUTO RECONOmONNO - Fu3 and part tme postons ava-^bfe for car cte nng. Ws tral- Plymouth e/t AUTO REPAR SHOP neods person lor shoo dean up 4 ^art drvng Fve M2a. Uvona AUTO SERVCE OEPARTMENT acceptng epp&ceton* lor casher and other clercal coton*. Wa are e hgh volume, customer ortented busness Uval offer* pleasant wor*. mg condlons, excellent boner.t*. compe wve» ages. 4 more Apply n person to Crestwood Oodge Servce Department Ford Rd.. Garden Ot/. for knmed-ete ln:er>scw A1 WNDOW Cl EANNO Yrf* are lookng to hre 4 tran ne-«professlonsj resdental wndow cleaner*. No hgh rtse»-ork re- Qulred ExceCent pay and ber*m package Must have own transportabon « E0/8ATMSH0P Seek* mature M and par tme sa'es and tlock help for deson Store Fa/mngtcm. Troy 4 Nov! Farmlngton Novl Troy BNDERY/PACKAGNG GENERAL CLERKS We need hard workng employees nterested <n M tme work tn Uvona area. AppScaton* accepted between 9- n» m. and t-3 p m. Mon Wed r>*n rotabte transportaton a must A8 shft*. Brng pctvre O ra Socal Socurty card. Corporate Personnel Servloes Mddlebe.1 (2b?kS.S. c4 7WJe) NO FEE EOE FOR OUR NEW STORE AT MU (Comer of 12 Mle & Halrtead) FARMNCTOfl MLLS, MCHGAN r-f0r THESE PART-TME POST0NS-> COURTESY CLERK (BAGGER) CASHER PRODUCE CLERK FLORAL CLERK SALAD BAR CLERK MEAT CLERK DEL CLERK DRUG /CM CLERK CR0CERYCLERK CAKE DECORATOR SEAFOOD CLERK BAKERY CLERK M9TO TOUT TK «<A$0) TK POT 200 */PU0Wr$ TJU «arvt A (OVTOK wo F«A rf 10ml u UTTD of uc-«wa w, ntttwj Ar wrr «<>««loanos. *0 -wus TO W CN rwrf«/or-o$st3unt$. met MUCH RECRUTERS Wll. BE AVALABLE FROM 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. DALY fow/ Opportunty employee M/F &OJTHF<t.Dr: YOU MAY PLACE A * CLASSFED ADVERTSEMENT FROM 8.00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. MONDAY - THURSDAY AND FROM 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. FRDAY O DEADLNES FOR CLASSFED "LNERS" MONDAY SSUE: 5 P.M. FRDAY THURSDAY SSUE: 5 P.M. TUESDAY :1TX w;fxf& VSA'! C \- JJ-..JLS UosrorCord A. advertse; pub'shcd m The Ouse<ve-' & Eccenx s subjed :o : r -e condtcvs staled n the 3pp'cat>'e ra'.e ca'd. copes &! wch are ava'ab'e from the Atfvertsng Depa.t-f.env Ooseve' A Eccentrc Newspapers, SdvxKraf: Road, Uvryva.M 481SO. (313) The Observer A Eccentrc reserves the rght not to accept an adverosc's order Observer 8 Eccentrc Ad Takers have no a-jjorry to b-nd th.s newspeper zr4 o-y p^b'caton of a advea-serr,ent tha constjte accep'.^-ce of the advertser's cder The Observer S Eccentrc w.1 ssue c/ed.: tor typocj'apnca! v oherertrys only en tj^frsfnse/ono! an advert sement 11 an error occurs. the advenser must novty tne Cos'.ry^e' Serves Deparre*! m dme o correct the w bekye he second nscton 'Sf fhca.xa g w * S 2 2 S E nm _Jt^j^mWjBMa Jm eg ta> 'Q l fr V^r *% Auto for Sale Help Wanted BUY T. SELL T. FND T. Home & Servce Drectory Merchandse For Sale Real Estate Rentals 500 Help Wanted AUTO WRECKER DRVER Large Amoco Servce Center ha* Openngs for wrecker drtvor and bght mechancal Oay tvft. Oooo pay and bener.t* pfu* growth potantal. Apply. Tef/Wape Car Care, corner Telegraph 4 Uape. Brmngham AVERAGE \ 10 HOURLY 4 MORE No epersence necessary f you can rad & ta."k on the phone 9 to 3pm 4 3pm to 9pm " «BASS PLAYER lor workng band Classcs/ Southern Rock/Ortg'nal. Vocal psys. bvrt not requred. Greg. South Lyon 4* BEAUTY SHOP MANAGER 70*A. Also two beautcans, must have clentele. Same locaton 15 yeer*- 32*-7633 BRMNGHAM CASHER/OEL/PRODUCE FuJ or pan tme, beneft*- Experence needed Top ages. ExceCnl workng cond-ton* M Ke?y BODY SHOP PORTER Fua tme Only energetc need to appfy Stv Lncoln Mercury BORNQ MLL OPERATOR - Brdgeport ms operator, lathe operator. Val-U-Too* 4 Gage Joy Rd Westland SECTON C,E,F E,F F!""'">»'» ^'»"» *.f?a-nw- m fvor CLASSFEDS ON PAGES nls dassfcauon cor.unl^d on Pjje 2F. ft'w, j--w;.t.'>.'p».n..nng 500 Help Wanted AVALABLE POSTONS at local -servce *s*;-an Drve wa/ Attendants. Wrecker Drver 4 Nght Manager. Must enjoy dealng wth the puwc Apply n por»on: 12 Mle 4 Evergreen Shea BR:DGEPORT HAND - for tool work, must be eperenced.'spcsr^too. Plymouth BROKERNEEOEO Charles Schwab 4 Co. currently seekng Seres 7 Regstered Rep Admnstratve and tale* background preterred. Pteas* rush resurr* to JJ Roy, 2000 Town Center. Sute 170. Southfcld. Ml CASHERS and STOCK JON THE ARBOR TEAM Mchgan's Company of the Year has many opportuntes for mature, dependable cashers and stock help. Arbor Drugs offers employee dscounts, flexble hours, pad benefts and a clean, pleasant atmo* sphere. Cashors f must be at least 18 years of ago to apply. Openngs n Redford, Westland, Lvona, Farmlngton and Farmngton Hlls, Northvlle, W. Bloomfeld and Plymouth, Apply n person at your nearest Arbor Drugs. JflBngrmsn 'wh&ffweffjjrt DRUGS, NC. CovtOppotv.Vtyenp'cytf

42 ; v 10E* 6& Monday. October $9,.1990 'W frm-a j > > ' >< ; >. />. -. J*-* ^mj^m & mmmmmmmm sa& WffslM^^ -mm. -mm VE&mtk L ^ 1 = ^,. ^ :, ^ ^ ^ ^... ^ :, - 1 ^ - '.vjf ; ; -> r V REBATE / W'--1'990-TEMRO ' "' : r " ; : * ^My-^M..:V REBATE' #:.<(;. A^'j t'.>. Power brakes, rack & pnon steerng, rear wndow defroster, AM/FM stereo, console, courtesy lamps, reclnng bucket seats, flp fold rear seat, sde wndow demlster, BSM. Stock #2609. S <f l WAS $7091 Automatc, a5r, power steerng and brakes, tnted glass/ console, llumnaton, power door locks, llt wheel, poty cast wheels; lght group, rear defroster. AM/FM stereo cassotto. Stock -# r:"-.*. S WAS $l * PROBE MHAlS^ykCK «& ^. ^ REBATE X r-m.'/slt ^Ulfh V A H K.¾ H f<& g'a% >v v^rc^r- '.»/. v..-^^-.v «.-?. f/f. - ". f f - f-m \RE9ATE \ Autornauo, rear aerroster, power steerng and brakes, tnted glass, body {sldo moldngs, console, performance nstrument cluster. Stock #1507. V S WAS$12,657 Power steerng, power brakes, tnted glass, automatc transmsson, ar condtonng, clearcoat pant, cluster lght & tlt steerng, nstrumentaton & dgtal clock. AM/FM stereo, body sldo moldngs,' exteror accent group, chld C,J:> safety locks. Stock #7701. WAS $15,370 ^ "A ^,..%%\ f r^^m:^mew.1991; ESCORT LX ( ¾ ^ REBATE 7 TTJ " «r/j}\- ~- 4 m»,^^, //.'* : -'-"v V^V-:\ fjr-.'t// -ff;c»- r '; $ 500^:\r:Sco!rrf.x Vv REBATE / 4 M)OK : ¾ NEW 1991 ESCORT GT DEBATE } 2 Dd6 "HATCHBACK AV.. U.J l. NEW 1991 ESCORT LX 4 DOOR WAGON Power steerng, power brakes; tnted glass, console, automatc, ar,fghtgroup, convenence group, rear wndow defroster, deluxe luggage rack, body sldo moldngs, reclnng bucket seats, chld safety locks. Stock #S524. WAS $12,171 S * Pe«r etwlfg. power brakes,; t'r.'stl tfw. r>v -wtx-krr defopoor, tgh! Q'OUjv convert erne* oroup,!?, recsa'nj bucw seals, AM,TM stereo, body sck mcwvga, cvao 4,-^»'. cow»n4 cm1d Mlefy kx>u. Slock #5036. WAS $ '-.:^:Sr^x-t <.:,-:K'fW-99 nooo mtjt^m REBATE V. p*m. -B^SSBSBr'»M Prelerred equpment pckbs*. cutlom trm, overdrlvt l/ansrrvslon, bljck fear step bumper, powoe r>&xe. tntedp&js. spoler & dome lgm. antl-tocl brakes. nterval «-!pers, nstrumentaton 4 soufl plates. Stock #S662T. WAS $8953 S ); V. -/ C - /f: V'-' P*A«tfMrng, powor brakes. Ur.lMl tf**'. '*& wndow defrojlw. Dghl QfOup, eonvtalenc* grcxjp, aulomat<;. ar. AMTM ttweo, rcccnng bucket»eau. conso.'», body sd«moldng & cwd»afcty lock. Slock #W82. WAS $11,345 m oo REBATE >*.l/'fv'*>^n, ' -PWUH.:-v'vf >.-. \ S.l -V,''^/ '- rt".,y\v NEW 1990 F-150 STYLESDE.PCKUP AnWock brakes, rsvvrnentatort, acutl ptfxs, a/genj r«ar step b^fl1^p ^' 0%-eroVrye transmutoo, ^fov<j re^ar *WJow, custom trm, haavy <Juty s*(vo* pacxago, dekrxa sryted t^ftsets, speed 'control, tlt steerrvg:wheel. AM.7M stereo, Gjh"-jroupr 'cowen'eoo* or«*. hjr.dtnfl packege., sw4sa-ff*ay rrtrrors. Slock #73{«T, -: -^: ' '''' - ^ WAS $13,958 S $ 9404 P&f-xr ttterng, povrtr brak, Crftod B'SSS, *^. AMTM %U<eo csett*. tl steerng, speed control, tachometer, fojlamp*, reu tpocer, ajumnum.wt^tjj, conaot», l<cjm orovp, rear»*>>ow dtjogflor, premum sound' sys;«m, hxojy»nvenef)c«oroop. body ejde mofe&^s, port pertofrrustot, bucket seat*. Stock WAS $12,796 ' j ;'< -: >'. s 5*$sr t REBATE V 10,170 NKWOOOMK-O!;TY.,-rj!'or- ^fckur nstnjmcnta'jon & enrome front bumper, power stecrog & brakes, cargo bo Eght, coutesy lghts, dorr* 1-gM rear s!ep bumper, automate tranvrtsson. rear wndov*. MTM S'.ereo. :ghl convea'ence group. handhng package, tvrfng mrror Stock M?72T WAS $15,672 > S. '? NEW 1990 AEROSTAR EXTENDED : «' // ' V- $ 1300 REBATE ^JL,»1000 REBATE A&Kr^./ ' VV* f - Dual captan.chatra, ar condtonng," prvacy gtas wndowav^hor wper, speec control, tlt steerng, AM/FM stereo ca$sette, olectrto rear wndow defroster, body sde moldngs, clearcoat pant, euper coolng power steerng, power bfakes. enu : tock;.';bfakos,... front spoler,'courtesy.<% *. lghts, dual mrrors.& nstrumentaton. Stock #7864T. S $17,799 9 Power steerng & brakos, tnted glass, lght group, nstrumentaton, console, alumnum wheels, rear spoler. body sde moldng, power wndows and door locks, speed control, AM/FM stereo cassette, premum sound system, ar tractlon-lok axlo, rear defroster. Stock #1827. S WAS $16,421 n,-' ;--:V ;: :"\> ; ; t - : - ) - - " ' ' " hwm'-mm.pnobu m 2 wmu UMcmmoK ;»" ^$1000 V REBATE ;.-. M^ \ $ 1400 v \ REBATE J MEW 1990 THUNDERBRD V Powor steerng & brakos, tnted glass,: automatc transmsson, Good Year Eaglo Performance tros, 15" alumnum wheels, AM/FM stereo, lght group, tlt steorng wheel, roar wndow dofrostor, consolo, fog lamps, spoler, BSM, cargo cover &, overhead.consolo, performance nstrument cluster. Stock #7019, ' S WAS $15,768 <-' ' 6 J ^«f :) t!\ f '*)f Hm*} Aulomatlo, ar, powor steerng and brakes, Untod glass, power door locks and anlonna, courtesy llghls, console, Clearcoat pant, body sde moldngs, nstrumontafon, rear defroster, cast alumnum wheels, luxury group, power drver^ seat, AM/FM Bteroo cassette. Stock #4212. S $ WAS $17,334 13,021 trv TO "7.9 APR fnance lor 43 months on appro-red crcd. Avalable on select mode's. Sw dea'ev tor detals. Prevous sa,'e's exctuded. PKs tw, tt!*, fcens* & dest^'jcn. Rebat*. H eppvcaw*, nduded. RetsS «a!es only. Pcvr* may not represent actual vehcle. Oea'er dded opt<ns Onfy. Sa!* ends OtWW- lowolakg fto., "HOOAH11 rmaplbro. WUtfJ-UL-? ta Mte to. MLver'sM m-m HUL rnff- TANK Of Ct A *» vv 11 h» v f y fvv v' ptr h,s from stock Thp DOtorshp Wth A Hc.vt TELEGRAPH RU. Jusl North of 12 MLE RD., SOljTHFELD OPEN MON. & THURS., TL 9 P.M. LrCTMt S RVKC GtlARANTEt or ^vvvvv^vvvvvvvvwvvv^wwvv^vvv v

43 «-J j4^te^^ ^4^*^b4M^t^-S4v*$^ u-'j^tj-'l k^l H '-<&\& $&&$ 'H^S^t ^'>^^<V*"»^V?^'bkvs, -ftt^s.- Ml} #bseruer & Eccentrc &euspapefs. t» < t * 1¾ s Marlyn Ftchelt edtor/ CLASSFED ADVERTSNG tu- - "-. - * - -! Monday, October 29, , E 'u'^ms -..1 ^^TK^r"' r ^r-.-t ^. '-,-,-,. --. * ^ff fl'll'l ^W **1F vlong before a bulder fnshes a house, efforts have been n the wofks to sell t j By Gerald Frawley staff wrter Homes are stll sellng albet at a ^modest rate *- but bulders are workng harder at t than durng the bulldlngjwom of only a couple years ago Today's market requres new strateges. Scott Jacobson, presdent of S R Jacobson Development Corp. n Brmngham, sad home sales today start before the frst two-by-four stud s naled n place. Bulders rely on marketng research frms to provde nformaton on what customers are lookng for, demographc studes to ndcate where the people are or where they're gong. And even n today's hgh-tech nformaton age, they rely on years of experence and the ntuton that comes wth t, Jacobson r'the key to sellng n any market t-r depressed or boomng s to fnd gome way to create exctement for the product, he sad. "Fnd somethng or do somethng below-market nterest rates, no mortgage payments for three to four months, anythng to get people to look at your product." > AND THE PRODUCT s always a good place to start, accordng to Davd Botsford, the sales and marketng drector for the West Bloomf eldbased Classc Constructon. A "Do we need another apartment buldng n ths area? Do we need another luxury development? Do we need another luxury condomnum development?" he asked. Answerng ft; few smple questons leads the (jullder to what type of product wll Bell. u n the past, bulders let the economy dctate when they could sell, he «ald. "Bulders go nto busness durng good tmes and go out of busness * t durng bad tmes. Bulders thnk, f ''m a bulder, not a marketer/ Well, Pm sayng you have to be a marketer f you're gong to succeed," Botsford sad. Postonng, Ronald Stone, chalrman.qf. the advertsng and publc relatons'frm Stone, August and Baker n Troy, sad s one of the.most crtcal aspects when sellng a home, regardless of whether ts a boom or bust economy. "f you can buld up your credblty, you wll get people to come out to your product," Stone sad. POSTONNG, qute smply, means placng a product n the publc's mnd and gvng that product a good percepton, he sad. Stone sad postonng requres two thngs; knowng a product and targetng an audence desrous of that product. "Look at t ths way, you're obvously not gong to sell a $60,000 car to a guy who makes -$20,000 a year "Once you dentfy your target, t's relatvely easy to reach them," he sad. The tools are many. Demographc studes, focus groups, post-purchase ntervews, and even drect mall to areas wth people n the target ncome bracket, Stone sad. Rado advertsng, for example, gves a product frequency and remnds people the product s out there, Stone sad. Rado, also allows an advertser to focus more and drect advertsng to a very select audence. NEWSPAPERS, on the other hand, offer more permanence and mmedacy, he sad. Newspapers can offer maps to the development, provde a permanent record of the product and help people draw comparsons. Televson, Stone sad, s rarely used n advertsng home sales because of costs and dffculty n targetng an audence, but t has a smlar effect to that of rado frequency creates famlarty. Product advertsng, Botsford of Classc Constructon sad, has a place, but s not the only way to sell homes. "f want to get someone to look at my prod^qu Mjave to sell a lfestyle." Advertsng that stresses features, prces and locaton are frequently used, but may not be effectve, he sad. "Ads wth floor plans and square footage that's really bulder language beng sent out to nonbulders." Showng what lvng n a communty means golf, swmmng, nature trals and locaton relevant to shoppng, busness and recreatonal amentes get people to take a look at a development, Botsford sad. "They double my traffc flow." ADVERTSNG MAY get people out to the homes, but gettng people to the door s only half the battle, -John Shcchan, sales and marketng drector for the Brody Group n Bloomf leld Hlls, sad. Sales people have come a long way n the last decade and what they've learned s beng put nto practce now", he sad; Wth fewer buyers and more bulders n the market, competton has changed the market over the years. n the past, home salespeople had a prce and stuck to t, Sheehan sad. "Now bulders are wllng to take an offer on ther product." These changes have changed the sellers job from that of bascally takng orders to actually havng to sell, he sad. "(Home) salespeople have to sell themselves, ther product and ther prce." To be successful, salespeople must transmt honesty and ntegrty, Sheehan sad. "You can't "come across lke you're gong to take ther tenns shoes.". THE ABLTY TO lsten to the customer and get to know hm/her s probably the most mportant qualty a salesperson can ask, Sheehan sad. "You don't talk about yourself or your product untl you do that." When the tme comes for salesperson to begn talk, he or she should be well-versed n the product^andable to demonstrate a home'sfeatures, he sad. n the past, t wouldn't bavebeen uncommon for a sales person to st at a desk as the potental home buyer wandered amlessly about the home, Sheehan sad. Jacobson agreed. "You just can't st n a char and wat for a house to sell tself." n addton to havng enough salespeople on hand, homes and developments are desgned to gude people through and gve ample opportuntes for nteracton between salespeople and customer, he sad. But t takes more than sklled salespeople to sell a home, Jacobson added. THE-MODEL-home-4s-st sental sellng tool, he sad. "t's part of the overall presentaton people want to walk nto a house that looks lke someone s lvng there." "My merchandse costs have gone up dramatcally," he sad. But t's worth t, he added, because today bulders strve to not only show ther homes off,.but to show the homes possbltes, he sad. "People can't vsualze as well as a professonal decorator can," he sad. "Decoratng can make or break a sale." Botsford of Classc Constructon sad n addton to sales people and dressng up a home, the home sellers have to be more customer frendly. "We're open every day from noon to 6 p.m. or we can set up prvate appontments," he sad. "A lot of bulders are open dfferent hours each day, are closed some days that not only makes t dffcult for the customers to buy, but t can also be confusng." The more nconvenent a home s to buy, the less lkely people wll buy t, he sad, addng ts easer to go to a bulder who 13 convenent. Maybe you can help me clear up tome tax questons have regardng our home. My wfe and sold our home about 11 months ago and bought a more expensve home, n part, to avod havng to pay a tax on the proft of our home. We have now found that we may want to buy a larger house. We are concerned that f we sell our new bouse now we wll have to pay a tax on the deferred proft because we have owned our new house less than 24 months. When you sold your frst home, you correctly deferred the proft tax by purchasng a replacement prncpal resdence of equal or greater cost wthn 24 months before or after the sale as s permtted under the nternal Revenue Code, Secton But the code provdes that you can only use ths once every 24 months wth one excepton. There s a tax deferral on a sale n less than 24 months f the sale s because of a job locaton change that qualfes for movng expense tax deducton. That means that your new job must be more than 35 mles further away from your old home than was the old job. Fnally, to avod havng to pay the tax, you are advsed to wat to sell your current home untl you have owned t at least 24 months. f you cannot do so, you may lease your current home to a tenant, perhaps wth an opton to buy, untl after your 24 months expres or you may buy or lease a larger home so you can move now. am advsed that several tax court decsons ndcate that a temporary rental of your old home, whle t s avalable for sale, wll not convert t nto a rental property and you wll not lose a tax deferral of Secton 1034 of the tax code, the "roll-over resdent rule." You are advsed to contact your tax advser concernng-these transactons. We are ntervewng management companes. Four of the fve bds we receved were wthn $1.50 per unt of the other. The ffth management company s $3.75 cheaper per unt based on specfcatons for the management contract that our lawyer prepared. The board, to no one's surprse, s gravtatng toward the cheapest one. am wary because beleve you get what yoo pay for. How do J convnce the other board members of ths? There s always the school of hard knocks that wll serve to teach drectors that your belef s correct. Unfortunately, too many hard knocks can run a condomnum assocaton. Moreover, because of the frequent t3=z **?" *'* condo queres Robert M. Mesner turnover of drectors of the assocaton, what one board learns s not always transferred to the succeedng board. Smply put, some management companes, lke some lawyers and CPAs n the feld, ntentonally bd n at prces well below the market to get the account. Then ether the management agent does not delver the servces promsed (because t realstcally cannot afford to do so because of ts low rate) or t rases the fee after t has gotten n the door of the condomnum. The management company may even have many accounts (about whch t boasts) that t has obtaned because t appeals to the frugalty of many communty assocaton boards. But can t and wll t be able to delver the servces? probably not n the long run. He who charges less knows best what hs servces are worth. We have an opportunty to buy a tlmeshare that gves us the chance to travel to Maul n Hawa. We have beard t s a beautlfa) area, but 'm wonderng about the lablty of havng a condo there. What do you thnk? A tlmeshare n Maul, a beautful but expensve sland, as n any other place, should be revewed carefully by you before purchase. Check to see whether you wll be able to trade the use of your tmeshare for other locales n the world. The state of Hawa has a condomnum statute regardng condos, and there are lawyers who specalze n condomnums throughout the slands. There s a substantal condomnum boom n Honolulu wth the attendant condomnum assocaton problems, ncludng mult-mllon dollar constructon defect ltgaton. Robert M. Mesner s a Brmngham attorney specalzng n condomnums, real estate and corporate law. You are nvted to submt topcs about condomnums that you would lke to see dscussed n ths column by wrtng Robert M. Mesner at Telegraph, Sute 467, Brmngham Ths column provdes general nformaton and should not be construed as legal opnon. Ktchens, retrement topcs of 2 semnar What's cookng n ktchen desgns and retrement plannng are topcs of upcomng semnars offered by the Bulders Assocaton of Southeastern Mchgan. The New Generaton Bulders Councl of BASM wll host Bonne Upton from Kltchen'Supplers, Bran Burke from The Burke Agency and Tna Funn from Beaver Dstrbutors. The semnar wll be from noon to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7, at the Guest Quarters Hotels, 850 Tower Drve (off Crooks below the 1-75 nterchange) n Troy. Regstraton fees, ncludng a buffet lunch, are $10 for BASM members, $15 for non-members. The retrement semnar wll be offered on Thursdays, Nov. 1 and 8. Each program wll be held 8-9:30 a.m. at the Claron Hotel on 12 Mle Road at Orchard Lake Road n Farmngton Hlls. Regstraton fees, ncludng contnental breakfast, are $10 per sesson for members, $20 for non-members. Package rate3 for both sessons are $15 for members and $35 for non-members. For nformaton on ether program, call Polluton-soluton: Take t personally jj,.. 0 Don't ho part of the problem of '(wllutlon, global,warmng,and the }greenhouse Cffectr be part of the BOjlutlon. 'ft You can apprase your habts and how they affect the envronment, accordng to an artcle n Country Llv j lng, and follow the conservaton motto to reduco, recycle and reuse. You can make a dfference by makng changes n your home, on vacaton, at work, n the yard, when S shoppng and n your free tme, j Among the thngs you can do at ;home: '! * Recycle everythng you can! newspapers, cans, glass, alumnum *foll and pans, rnotorol} r scrap met* als, used automoble tres and n* vtftgate local recyclng center* 'UatUelterns your garbage hauler ^-"-oot Use phosphate-free laundry detergent and dsh soap, avod pestcdes when you can use a flyswatter and clean wndows wth vnegar, water and yesterday's newspaper. Use cold Vratcr n the washer untl t s essental to use hot. Opt for cotton dsh towels and napkns nstead of dsposables and gve cotton dapers a try. Dspose of hazardous substances such as pant thnner and furnture polsh on desgnated hazardouswaste-collecton days nstead of puttng them down the dran. STORE FOOD n reusable contaners and return extra coat hahgers^o-the dry clcanersr -^- "^ Get an energy audt from your utlty company, have your water heater nsulated and set at 180 degrees. Lower your house temperature by one degree per hour for every hour you are away or asleep. When on vacaton; turn down the heat and turn off the water heater before you go. Make sure plastc trash doesn't end up n the ocean and cut the rngs of all sx-pack yokes. Leave anmals and plants where you fnd them. Don't buy souvenrs made from wld anmals. Stay on trals and don't ltter. At your busness, start an offce recyclng program. Use scrap paper for jottng notes; ftcuso manlla envelopes and folders. Use ceramc coffee mugs nstead of throwaway cups. n your yard, cultvate plants that provde food and shelter for brds and other wldlfe. Put up brd feeders and blrdhouses.. Pull weeds nstead of usng potentally toxc herbcdes. Learn about natural nsect controls as alternatves to pestcdes. Uso natural fertlzers such as organc manures. f you must use pestcdes, herbcdes or fungcdes, don't throw leftovers n the trash, down the dran or nto a storm sewen Dspose of them on hazardous-waste-collectlon day. ADD LEAVES and yard debrs to your compost heap or take them to a yard debrs recyclcr. Burnng refuse creates ar polluton. Plant Bhort, dense shrubs close to your homo's foundaton to help nsulatoaganst cold. _-.- = "^""WfeT'"shoppng, avod one-tmeuse goods such as paper and plastc plates and cups. Don't buy tems wth excess packagng such as ndvdually wrapped cheese slces. '.^v ^^.f.u.ujl^^^l^^^ PRME CANTON LOCATON FROM $ GQ,500 Ranch, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Models Prvate Entrances. QE Rofrlgorator, Slove, Dlshwashor, JL_ Mcrowave, Washor & Dryer Cathodral Celngs.Carport Dally Thurtday) _JL_ 1L J-^-LJL nf nn SALES BY CENTURY 21, HARTFORD SOUTH, MC.» mr* * f- r n-*---"'" *. l..»»-*.>.fc>.*.»<*..^.*.> ubp^uwtnaw m mtam^

44 &^j^^^&^^ ^*!:a:!a~:^/ «EWP5 V^.rr^t ( - 2F* O&E Monday, October 29,1990 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^, 1 ^. ^. ^ ^ :.. ^. 1 ^ : ^ BT"T f;vrtv*t':taft CLASSFEDS ONPAQES Ths "clmlflc^m contnued frompajese. too Help Wanted BRDGEPORT OPERATORS 'BENCH LEADERS' MACHNSTS Mnmum 5 yr*. ex per Wrce Wages equal to abuty. Steady Work Apply n person^ OXBOW-^ ' MACHNE PRODUCTS 6«10 lenewood, Weslland 500 Help Wanted BOlER/REfRlGERATlOrr Operator Famlar wjh pneumatc.control Possess low pressure bohe/operator* floonse and refrgeraton B- eense. Compettve benelt*. $12.68-$13.70 per hour, Appty at:. Plymouth Canton Schools, 454 S. Harvey, Plymouth. BOOKKEEPER..Computer A bookkeepng experence. FuH lma. Lfvona area. Please call between: 8-5, «BRGHT outgong person to lake rw dust/la looo Qjfl order* for establshed Brmngham frm, now 1¾ Ch/Mma* CAUL TODAY Work Tommorrow ASSEMBLERS 25 OPENNGS CALL KATHY WOLVERNE SUBSTTUTE to wtxk on errbn-call ^ass: Bus Oftvers,.$7.75 an how. Cafeterls Help, $5.25 «n hour. Custodans. CANTON RESTAURANT n neod of $950 anhour end Per epro- personnel for mantenance and fesslonals. $6 a/fnour. Apply n person: Nor1hv 9 Publc Schools. cleanng respons.'b!;ty. Appty Jn perton 45?M> Ford Rd., Canton, acro&s 50W.Ma:n,Northv;^. tnrrrrrml ABUNDANCE OF JOBS Packagng Lght Assembly Bndery Long term assgnments avalable *n Canton, Wayne, Lvona and Taylor areas. No experence necessary GENERAL MANAGEMENT SERVCES Farmngton Road, Sute 104 Lvona, Mchgan No* A" Agency Pq.l Opportunty En'Otoycf Never» Fee Dstrbuton \, Supervsor Mesel/SYSCO, a dvson of the natfon's leadng food servce dstrbutor wth $7 bllon n sales, has an mmedate openng for an aggressve, professonal ndvdual to assume supe/vsory responsblty n our warehouse l^localedncarlon,ml. ThV successful candldale wljjaye prevous supervsory experence n "a food-related n- - dustry, possess excellent communcaton sklls and be avalable for any shfl We offer a compettve salary and benefts ^program. Qualfed canddates should send resume and salary hstory to: Human ^emurcea, P.O. Box , Detrot, M MESEL SYSCO FpofJ Servce Company n s;* " EOE OffceMax, nc. RETAL OPPORTUNTES FULX OR PART TME.MFW STORF OEENNq n Farmngton Hlls mmedate Openng for the Followng Postons: Cashers Servce Center Assocates. Recevng & Stockng Assocates Sales Assocates... OfflceMu s an edtlng new deep-dls<omt offce supply retal chan wthfven the Detrot area and»111 soon be openng n Farmlneton Hlls. We reed people who want to learn, pow and have fun dolns H Wort for an exctng new company that s changng the way people shop for offke supples. Ths s a ground floor opportunty for as-. sodate* who want a fast track opportunty for success.andgrp*th. Apply n Person: ' 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (Mon.-Frl.). 3l30ORexwoodAve. Farmngton Hlls, Ml,_; Behnd Comtrca Bank RewoodAve. Also Postons Avalable at The Followng Locatons: Soutrtfleld Lvona Madson Heghts Equal Opportunty Employer THE HOTEL BARCNETE ' W ' ' COMNG TO TWELVE OAKS LATE 1990 Prestgous, elegant Nov hotel seekng superor servceorented.ndvduals. Jon us n provdng our guests wth unsurpassed hosptalty. We offer a comprehensve beneft package n a supportve work envronment..: Postons avalable n the followng departments:' '.* Front Offce - Reservatons * Guest Servces ' * "* Housekeepng - Laundry Restaurant - Lounge Banquets Ktchen * Bakery Engneerng Sales Nght Audt Apply n person only for A prelmnary ntervcv; Tuesday and Wednesday, October 30 & 31,1990 -' 8:00 AM. - 5 :30 P.M! Schoolcraft College - '... Lberal Arts Buldng, Room LA 200 & Haggerty Road Lvona, Mchgan etytopp&turtycmploytt.'mtlc-rcn'llchndxtpfcd Oakland County Wayne County Rochestqr/Roch^ster Hlts 500 Help Wanted BUlOEf LOOKNG FOR: Laborer* or experenced help. n roofng, fencng, A constructon. FuH lme wth benefts.' BUSNESS'-N Farmngton' Hlls need* depervdabjo person for computer and tght warehouse work.' Men-Thur*. 8am-4:30pm.' CABLE NSTALLERS mmedate- openngs lor experenced cable nstalor*. Ablty to ctmb A work n hgh places, change A remove equpment & troubteshoot Must nave vam drvers lcense A good drmna record. Vehcle A oqulpmenl'w.t be suppled by. company. We orfor excellent benefts A edvadcerpenl opporturvtes. Send resume or appfy n person to: Wreless Cable Of M Melrose. Sovtbfled eoe ' CARPENTER'S HELPER full lme, start $5.50 per hour, wll tran. Uvonla area. Call after 5, CARPENTERS - rough carpenters wanted, at least 1 yr. experence n new homer CARPENTERS Rough framng exporenoe. Canton area. Ca.1 Evenngs 8-6:30pm CAR WASH ATTENDANT Over 18. Part tme. Flexble hours and pay. Must have good work references East Mchgan Avonoe CASHER/CLERK. Startng salary $5 plus per hour, pad vacaton. Apply: /-Eleven Store, 001 Wayre. Lrvonla or Ford, 0a/don Cty * CASHERS* farmngton HCts Co. has mmedate full or part lme openngs. Well establshed busness - good startng wages plus bonuses. Bke Cross/ Blue Sheld avalable vacaton pay free unforms. Perfect hour* for Students. For appontment Holp Wanted CASHER Large Amoco servce center has openng lor casher. Evenngs 4 weekend part or fun lme. Good pay. Apply n person: Tel/Maple Car Ca/e, 15 MJe & Telegraph CASHERS Busness s Great! Postons avalable: Lot Attendants. AH shfts; Cash!ers/Ce.Ters, an shrts; Stockers. 4AM shft. Appfylnperson: PACE MEMBERSHP WAREHOUSE Haggerty Rd. Farmnglon H.Us CASHERS Over 18 yevs ok), full or part tme. $4.60 to start; $5 alter 6 month. Exce!!ent_ benefts. Apply n person Sav-On Drugs, Telegraph at Maple. Brmngham. "CASHER/STOCK Full tme. Apply: Orgnal Bulk Foods Grand Rver. Farmngton Hlls CASHER- $5.50 per hr. Afternoon shft. Soulhfeld servce staton. Servce staton experence necessary CAULKERS WANTED - No experence necessary but hopfut V.n freln. Can alter 5pm CERTF1EO MECHANC-Auto and truck repar. Ca.1 end ask for Dave, CHANGEYOURUFEJ Start a new career n real estate today. Call Carol et Real Estate One, FARMNGTON YMCA s lookng for adults wth a mnmum of 60 semester' credts n Elementary 'Educaton or Recreaton to work n Letch key program. 7:5am-9am, Mon-Frf; 3-6:30pm. Mon-Frt Good pay. Call Lnda al HER STOCK CLERKS PART TME Must be 18 years or older. Heavy lftng requred. Good pay. GROCERY BAGGERS also needed part tme. Must be 16 years or older. Apply at: SHOPPNG CENTER MARKET 425 NO. CENTER ST. '- NORTHVLLE STOCK CLERKS PRODUCE CLERKS DEL COUNTER CLERKS CLERK CASHERS SHOPPNG CENTER MARKET has mmedate part-tme openngs for stock clerks, produce clerks, del counter clerks & clerk cashers. Must be 18 years or older. Heavy lftng requred. Excellent pay. $6.00 per hour to start. Premum tme (tme & a half), for Sunday work. Very flexble schedulng avalable. These are year 'round postons...not summer Jobsl Apply n person at: SHOPPNG CENTER MARKET 6433 ORCHARD LAKE RD. (at 15 Mle Road West Bloomfleld) Mortgage Loan Closer NBD Mortgage Company s seekng experenced Mortgage Loan Closers. To be consdered, you must have at least 1-2 years of mortgage loan closng experence and excellent communcaton sklls. We offer a compettve salary based on experence, and a comprehensve beneft plan. f qualfed, please send your resume and salary requrements to: C. Jennngs; Regonal Human Resources Offce; NBD Bank, N.A.; NBD Flnan clal Tower; 000 Tower Drve; Troy, Ml AVF mmm tfmmmm^ m\wumvws& H0MEMAKERS! STUDENTS! RETREES! DO YOU NEED EXTRA DOLORS FOR CHRSTMAS? MMEDATE TEMPORARY OPENNGS The followng store wll bo havng ON THE SPOT ntervews, Wednesday, Octobor 31, 1990 from 11:00 am. to 7:00 p.m. for Cashers Sales Floor Stock Team '.- <'* Food Servce Grand Rver Ave. Farmngton Hlls, Ml TARGET An Equa Opporturtry Employer,,.;_- - %MMMM n m^mfffm^mmmp^f0annmm,k,ymkxmrm^ 500 Help Wanted ' CAREER OPPORTUNTY AVALABLE Major Consumer Products Co. ndustry Leader for 32 years. West Coast Headquarters., Natonal Dstrbuton - No Re-fccaton Necessary. A Busness of Your Ov»n Sales ana Slc Management Responsbltes - ncome Potental: $60,000 PLUS ' NCENTVES: CAR & TRAVEL F NTERESTED CASHERS & ASSSTANT COOKS Please apply n person: Alrtnes Parkng 8325 Merrlman Rd. Romulus, CATALOG ORDER DESK Do you want X7-l8ru.1 How about a great offce envronment wth your own deskl We need full tme people to answer ncomng cafls horn customers respondng to our natonally advertsed products. Complete tranng + benefts n e luxurous computerzed offce. Can CKLO CARE ADES Chld care center has postons for ades to work 5 days per week carng for nlanl/loddler aged chtdron n a group ecttng. Hours are a tpl shft workng 8-10am and 2-6pm or workng mornngs 8-10 or afternoons 5-8 or 3-6. Apply n person at Seton Daycare Center/A DMslon ot SL Vncent & Svah Fsher nkstor, Farmngton Hlls; between 12 Mle 4 Northwestern. An Cqual Opportunty Employer CHLO CARE STAFF; Part-tme, for Uvonla pre school. Afternoon. College chw development requred. CaJ CLEANNG PERSON NEEDED FuH tme, pcrmanonl, for luxury apartment communty n Novl. We Supply the materals. You supply your dotal'ed & resposlbje 6ervfces. Mus be neat n appearance, dependable 4 enjoy cleanng n J resort type atmosphere. Please. ca! 9arn-6pm CNC LATHE OPERATOR Entry level poston. 1 year experence mnmum. 65 hour work week. Proft sharng program, excellent medcal benefts, pad holdays. Apply n person Ventura ndustres Globe Rd.. Uvonla * C SOP Help Wantod CHRSTMAS HELP for Dsplay Co Must have ov.n transportaton 4 be wllng to work weekends CLAMS ADJUSTER For Soothfeld Le* Frm. 4-5 yrs. experence n Personal njury Clams. Good benefts. Salary negotable. Contact Judy CLERKS AND' LGHT ASSEMBLY \ Mora than 20 portons avalable! Varous posltonj ncludng producton and wrappng. Please call ENTECH SERVCES, NC CLERKS For thanksgvng Holday Project $4.50/hr. Tranng for ths 2-3 week assgnment begns Nov. 8 for retan outlets for Melro Detrot. Dutes nclude: recemng merchandse, weghng. 4 packagng food, or takng phone orders, casherng. 4 customer servce. TS Offce Servces Troy/errrtngharrt... 5S Uvonla/Dearborn COLLECTOR For Credt Unon n Farmngton area. nsde collectons for past due accounts. WH be responsble for department. Call COLLEGE STUDENTS $7. TO START Hour Weekly Marketng Ocpartmenl. Tranng provded (no telemarketng). Msy slart mmedately. Serous nqures only- Uvon:a Rochester ASSSTANT MANAGERS CASHERS For Fast Growng Self-Serve Gas Staton FARMNGT0N/LV0NA AREAS RETAL EXPERENCE HELPFUL BUT NOT NECESSARY GOOD STARTNG WAGE ADVANCEMENT POSSBLTES FOR HARD WORKNG NDVDUALS * COME JON US!! Apply at: W. 7 Mle, Uvonla Farmngton Rd., Farmngton CLARK OL & Refnng Corp. ACCOUNT EXECUTVE We are a leadng natonal servce frm specalzng n unemployment compensaton cost control. We provde unemployment tax consultng and analyss, clams admnstraton and the most professonal management reports n the ndustry. We offer a poston n the Detrot area for a sharp and aggressve ndvdual; a busness related dogree preferred and 2-3 yrs. customer relatons experence requred. Must be wllng to travel and relocate: We offer a base salary plus bonus, expensesfenda growng frnge beneft package. BsntBTtfStomer relatons sklttandrrtvf to progress wth a growng organzaton, send your resume and salary expectatons to: Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers Box Schoolcraft Lvona, Ml grarjvvmttt B»»*'«e»V3l«H>Ma^-?««««M»^«l*S»»Ml^l»«W***-'^'^ 600 Help Wanted CLEANNG HELP /weded for Novt apartment complex^ Sorro offoa work possble. For nformaton plea* call CLEANNG PEftSON for *p«/tmenl complex n Wesland. Parllm«. Call. 426X1930 CLEANNG - SUPERVSOR - part lno, 5 nlohu per \MX*. ts to *tart. Calf Larry 455^768 CNC Mll Operator, 2nd SHFT Redford locaton. CNC W Jl Opotato/ wth mwmom" 3,yr». exporter** ooodod. Mus bo abfa to read prnts. We offer full beneft package* CNC OPERATOR fabrcator wltft Wntrvjy 647 O CNC Plasma Pwr>ch Lookng for experenced operator. Blueprnt readng & par nspoctkx exporenoe mandatory. Basc trgonometry 4 programmng *kms a plus Fufl bonoft packago ncodlng proft harlng. Ample overtme avalable. Wa,"*d LaXe 313-O COACH - Orl» Varsty Hgh School VoftoybeJ. Academy ol The Sacred Heart. Bloomfleld km. Pan tme,- Ooc. - Feb. Jormle Te/ry; 64, CONCRETE CONSTRUCT! TOH 1 LABORER. Experenced. References requlrod. Call , evenngs after 6pm, CONSTRUCTON LABORERS: Roofng Company. Must have transportaton. te.00 to start. CaM CONSTRUCTON LABORER flooded tor general contractor. Full tme temporary, posslor/ pormanont. $6/ hr. Apply M-F 8-zpm: M. George Constructon, Northwestern, Hwy, Sute 106. Farmngton Hlls. CORPORATE TAX MANAGER Corporate accountng offce, for a natonal transportaton company, noeds qualfed ndmdusj to prepare end supervse ts tax related areas of corporate payrod, federal and state ncome and state fuel arvd mleage taxes. Please send resume, references end salary requrements to: Tax Manager, Corporelste Accountng Center, Mchgan Ave, Wayne. Ml, COUNTER CLERKS Full tme, good pay A al benefts. For locatons n W. Bloomfold & Brmngham. Apply at Ma KsJ Cleaners W. Maple at Telegraph or 4307 Orchard Lake Rd. CrosswlndsMaJ COUNTER HELP neodod-fus tlrne for Health Food store. Must be mature. Experence hotpful Ask for Tom COUNTER PERSON - A rehable person wantod for full or par Umo afternoon help n dry cleanor*. located al Grand Rver, n Farmngton Klls. Excellent pay and benems. Must have transportaton. Apply n person al ndan Vllage Cleanor*. or can Jane at, COUNTER PERSON NEEOEO For re tah sales n plumbng and healng. Monday-Frday. 8am-5pm. Saturday Sam-4pm COUNTER PERSON Relable. Ful or part tme tor Westland area Dry Cleaners COUNTER PERSON (or cleaners n WesUand. Full tme. days, 7;30anv-4pm. Exporenoe oroferred W0 COUNTERPERSONOEU Full or part tme. Experenced or ww tran. Moo-Ft. Troy.- Benefts. Can 1-4pm.. 6* CUSTOMER SERVCE Manager to $30,000. dogroe preferred. 2-5 yr*. supervsory experence Steven J Greene Personnel DANCE NSTRUCTOR We wffl tran the rght ndvdual. Full or part tme. Sterlng Heghts A Northvlllearea « CUSTOMER SERVCE TECHNCAN Ten year old company based n Uvonla has an openvg for a Customer Servce Techncan. Applcants must be poope-ortented, have at least a 2 yr. degree, mnmum of 5 yr*. exporenoe n electroncs, as well as mn & mcro computer repar. Salary to match expertse. Exoefenl beneft*, tend resumes to: Reflable Busness Computers Newburgh Rd.. Uvonla, Attenton: S.P. Manosky DATA ENTRY OPERATOR Our admnstratve offces located n the Laurcd ParX complex, has an mmedate openng for an BM on-one Data Entry-Operator.--Experence desrable /8.000 strokes requred. ExceRcoJ beneft package offered. Send resume to Otfco Laboratores. Attenton: L.M. SkrycW. P.O. Box Detrot, Ml DELVERY/ADVERTSNG. $250 $500 weekly. Full tme days, vehcle requred. Ca.1 Mon. & Toes. only. 8am to noon «eoeo*e»»6e»eoooeo«oo6«<)oooo 9 «o»eaeeoo FARLANE TOWN CENTER Ths leadng specalty store has the followng career opportuntes avalable. Fne Jewelry Desgner Salon Gfts Sportswear * Cosmetcs Chrstmas Sales - all shfts Weoffor: Compelltlve Wages 30% Dscount Strong Benoflt Package Flexble Schedulng * Career Opportuntes Pteasd apply n person Personnel Department Monday-Frday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Falrlaje Town Centor Dearborn Equal Opportunty Employer eoo «ooo««*6ee»0»» «500 Help Wanted CREATVE PERSON WANTEO: TO make gft baskets. n our Gdurmel shop. Flexble hrs. Appfy n perton, Morchonl of VW: Southfleld, Northwestern H*y. CUSTOMER SERVCE' Northw-ost dstrbutor requres a full lme customer servce person lo\seveop sales (cads A mantan contact wth «x!jt)ng. accounts. WtH requre development of company poflcy 4 product. knd*1odg«. Entry level poston. Send M resurne 1o P O.BOX 413. Farmnglon Hts, Ml s " ' An Equal OpporturVty Employer CUSTOMER SERVCE REP For busy Southfeld offce <A large buldng materals company. Apclcants must be dependable, poopleortonted. and experenced w1tr> varous offce equpment & procedures. ExceTent salary & bonedts. Cell Susan at Customer Servce Representatve Great Opportunty! Customer Servce Represent a trres needed for wes known Lvona Company. Applcants must be outgong, people orented, and ab!«to work under hgh pressure hour work woek. Can Susan (ordotajlsl ENTECH SERVCES, NC DEL A MEAT COUNTER HELP Expertonoed. fub 4 part Ume. Canton Country Market " DELVERY DRVEfl - Must know Metro Detrot aroa ncludng. Plymouth, Dearborn, Uvoma, E. Detrot Mt. Clemens. & St Clar Snores. Must have oood drmng record. Starlng at $8.00 hr.cwt OEL1VERY PERSON Southfold travel agency noods fub lme dosvory person. UgM offce work $5.50rttf. Rellroea welcome. Ca.1 Tetsuo *9 DESGNERS CHECKERS Automaton Weldng Fxtures We offer Blue Cross, dental, le, aoddent/sjcknes nsurance, retrement, and overtme. NDUSTRAL SYSTEMS, NC Keel. Plymouth. Plymouth, Ml, DETAL CAD OPERATOR Eoctrca/pneumatc control system. P.L.C.-5 & shop floor experence a plus. Cel. Morv-Set. eam-spm DRECT CARE ADE To work wth mentally mpared chbdren A voung adults. FuB tme A weekends. Excellent opportunty for cocoge eludent. Our Ledy of Provdence Center, NorthvCe DRECT CARE/ ASSSTANT MANAGER Mature, dependable person needed to start Nov as group home Assstant Manager. ndmduaj mult be hgh school graduate. OMH certfed, current n frst ad, CPR. have excellent drmng record aad have at least 2 years drect manageral experence ncludng: staff supervson, clent programmng and moov caf coordnaton. Compettve startng salary, ptus benefts. Can Mon. - FrT.,8AM..5PM DRECT CARE fun tme poston. $5 25 per hr. workng wth mentasy ll adults. Hgh School, some cocoge and Mchgan* drvers rtoense requred. Call Pam; DRECT CARE NSTRUCTORSnoodod n the SouthWd area. Entry lovot- motttat-heanh" BetdrTnqutrva contact: KJm or Pam el 557-3S40 ORECT CARE STAFF Noedod mmedately for smab group homes n Plymouth and Dearborn Hgt*. areas. Ful and part tme, aftemooru. mldnlohts & weekend shfts avalable. Must be hgh school graduate, fully traned, current n CPR, Frst Ad and have good drvng record. $ bcnefs to start. Cat!: Mon.-Frf DRECT CARE STAFF ~ For group home n BeHevflle. tfrona A Canton. Prevous experence wth the devetopmenta'y dsabled preferred. $5.2$ to $5.65 an hour lo start. Oood beneft package. Cas Robert Mckdson, between 11am A 2pm weekdays, OJRECT CARE STAFF for sem ndependent apartment complex, workng wth development ary dsabled, lor sleep over mldnlgm shft. Prefer tralnod person. Qarden Cty area ORECT CARE staff neoded for Canton A Westand group home workng wth developmental^ dsabled edutts. Afternoon postons $5 50 to start. Frnge benefts A advancement opportunty. Can Sherry at DRECT CARE 8TAFF Fua tme mdnght A afternoon shfts, for two Group Homes, n. Unon Lake. Must have a vald drver'* lcense, good drvng record, be S. ov older. $5 25 lo start, more t traned, great benefts. CaS Kathy, or Mary, ORECT, CARE STAFF for group home north of Rochester. FutTume afternoons A mdnghts, *.'sd pan tme, $5 per hour, benefts alter SO day* DO YOU HAVE MONDAY AND THURSDAY MORNNGS OR AFTERNOONS FREE? Want to earn extra cash? An Adult carrer route wth the Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers can be the soluton, n Just four hours a day, twce a week, you'll earn the extra cash you want wthout sacrfcng your tme to the demands of a full tme job. nterested persons must possess a polte busnesslke atjtude^bo self*motlvaleav and have dependable transportaton, Schedulng s flexble. CURRENT ROUTEOPENNOS ARkN: D Oakland County FOR MORE NFORMATON OR TO APPLY, Call ALSO SEEKNG: Substtute adult carrlors for all areas, dutes same a9 regular adult carrer but on call only. D Wayne County FOR MORE NFORMATON OR to APPLY, Call 1*L V 500 Help Wantod. DRECT CARE STAFF Wen managed area group homes" servng devetopmtna.'y ' dsabled ' adult resdents seek care gvers lora varety of shfts. Compettve wages wth excellent benefts. ' ' '' ' Cal 10am-4pm.: BeSeV.le ' ' Dearborn Hs " Redford WesUand DRECT CARE WORKERS Full tme A put tme postons to work wth dsbtod adults. $53$ an h/mo start, $5.65 perhf. eher OMH tranng. n Canton ca3: n Plymouth tah: 4*9-6*43. Equal Opportunty Employer DRECT CARE WORXEH tor group home n Dearborn. $5/hour to start, no experence necessary. CaB for n. tervew. 10am-2pm SPATCHER For evenng poston. Pan tme for heatng A coolng company DOO QROOMEft. expe-rtenoed. pan tme, needed lor Westtand pot shop. Amazng Anmals: Ford Rd AskforSueorHancr DOZER OPERATOR Experenced only. mmedate Openng. Apply m person: Klmer* Landscape Ledd Rd, Walled lake DRAPERY Experenced person for drapery workroom, fub tme. Knowledge of decoratng and wallng on customer*. AHo poston for urmng A cuttng DRVE/COUNTER Person needed to work counter A make lunch-llme delveres wth own car. R.1.K/S DRVEfl For medcal equpment co. Must be reponsbe 4 dependable. $5 00/hr. + commsson. CaS from 9&m-1 lam, Mon-Frt DRVER full A part lme lor arport transportaton. 25 year* Or older. Clean drvng rocord. C-1 chauffeur lcense. After 5pm, OfWER Part tme nght*. Cofloge Studont pre'erred Good drvng record requred. CaB between 5pm-7pm * DRVER Prntng Company n Farmnglon Hlls needs TuO tme drver wth good drmng record DRVERS. DSPATCHERS 4 MECHANCS - For growng tab company Calf Mon-Frt pm for appeoaton OflTVERS NEEDED fun a pan tme Must ha^ fun sze vans Great for retrees DRVERS NEEDEO Futl tme. Benefts. Uvonla area. Ca.1 Mon.-f rl. 830AM-5PM Ex. 28 DRVERS New locaton. Pns One hrng drver* A pzza maker*. Appfy n porson at 221 Wayne Rd. WesUand. DRVERS (two) part lme. Mon. thru Ft. CoOoge students welcome to apply. Contact: Carol, between 6am-1 tarn DRVERS We are a leadng carrtor n the ndustry haulng refrtdgerated freght lo the Mdwest and East coast areas. We are lookng for those drver* that want to (on our team. We provde runs tha get our drver* beck n ths area faster than many other companes that keep you out there tor 4 weeks or more. You must have tracor/' experence, DOT certfed, dean drvng record. Rooter experence a plus. We provde mleage pay. drop pay. and medcal' and hosptalzaton nsurance. Come lon our team by ca-'nng Dck Wats al: 1 (800) DRJVEA/VAN A natonal company seekng a dependable drver for the Mchgan A Oho area. Must have a vald drver* lcense A good drvng rocord. Some overnght travel requred. Compettve rates wth bonerlls. Repfy to Box 614, Observer & Eccentrc Newspaper*, Schoolcraft Rd. Ltvome, Mchgan DRVER WANTEO Full tme poslon for Oak Park company. Cal tor more nformaton DRVER/WAREHOUSE Troy Computer Company. Part tme day*. Call Mark Oonegan DRVER WTH VAN needed for package -A-heght deflvery- tew model. V or 1 on van needed. PaM percentage. Ca.1" »5 DRVER $6 per hour. Medcal beneft*. Appfy 8am-3pm.. Mon thru Frt. Breckenrdge. 2/110- TroBoy Or. Taylor. DRY CLEANERS Counter poston avalable morn^>gs A afternoon*. Nce workng envronment Good pay. hotldlay. vacaton. For ntervew ea» Mr. Currer at ELECTRCAL ESTMATOR Ltvonla contractor noeds experenced estmator for commercal nsttutonal projects. 425*-l01t ELECTRCAN MUST HAVE L CENSE- lcensed Journeyman, resdental work, Western suburbs. Medcal benefts. Can ELECtftlCtAN Must be experenced n resdental 6 have worked for contractor. Can 6am-noon ONLY TATEOFTHEART EECTROQAVANZNO) LNE Seeks degreod canddate n Electrcal Eng'neerV>g or assocated feld. Poston requres mnmum of 2 year* experence n PlC programmng, e'ecronc troubleshootng. AC/DC drve control* and robotc*. Programmng n C or Pascal a pfus. Send resumes lo: Double Eagle Sled Coatng Co Mlter Road Dearborn. Ml ENGNEERNG ASS'T, YaaVl E03 Engneerng, nc. ha* an entry levet poston open for an Engneerng Assst *nt. Applcant should have board draftng experence. *om«cad experence t also herpfut Please tend reumo wth alary requrement* to: HVMAN RESOURCES 0EPT. YAMK EOS ENGlNEEflNO CORP Hfogerty Rd.. Canton NO PHONE CA118 PLEASE ESTMATNG POSTON Experence' n estmatng or b*u«prnt readng 1. Plumbng background helpful. Ca«aW 'EXPEOTOR SouthWd frm l\ seekng»n epedlor tor an»fl*rn6on thn. One y«v experence n Ar'.Fre'ght handlng OrafA/rATl preferred. r^mnrfu Compute opertton /taar*t' experence he'pfu.»ary and h* beneft p»c pkkem. Send repoftte tor- Epedtor, P.O. Box «441, Lathrup ' Vrfage. Ml. 4607«ENGNEERS.. -POLYUEr\S/MATEftAt8 ' ;- - Engneer* wth J-4 yrt. pofymer»x-'' penle n desgn or manufacturng - o work for 6¾ 3 corporaton. BS w MS,n chemcaf or mtlerta't engt- - heerlngfelured.. ENGNE EXPERENCE Mechancal. EVctrkal Eettronc," Manufacturng and CM engneer* - - wtthjwmoraotthelooowtng: - ' ; rl y AutomolY* Combuston Englne>- '' C>e%e!opmentof Eectrono % " - Control Engne Management '."*' ntf»tod»ngne«xp«rleoo» ' " P" Send or Fax ft mm* to: PERSONNEU UNLMTED 30100VanOA»,Suft»2O»,., A W*rren,M » Ftmm-ASU - t "

45 500 Help Wanted Monday. October O&E *3F "ELECTRONC ASSEMBLY Ertv level pesaon lor CO* Sowng experence prefe/cd Fun 4 prt tmfl Postons *va'!ab!9 K J t.* Engneer* V/ 9 Mte,10.1. Ml EMPLOYMENT SERVCE/SALES jon the world'* largest employment srrvtce and place engneer*, manutclyrlng. aa'es or offce personnel. Ss'cs experence desred Salary commssons, bonuses, boners' namng. Can SNELUNG&SNELUNG EXCEPTONAL NDVDUAL rv>>jfrd for an gup/ntm leasng Co Must hv«2 yts experence W Ad/vnUtrBUve. Cred.l, of documonlat.bns. Futf lme Ca3 Ta/oet fc-ja'f"-onl Leasng EXPERENCED.CARPENTERS 4 hef-erl n&odod (of contractc* specallng, n nsurance re pa/«fu» ;.T,«hourly postons >es/ around»c/k. Pay from 16 to $10 depend- <na r experence 4 ab.'ly. Please cas rom 10am-3pm. Moo. thru Frr Experenced Managors RETAL STORES.To S21,000 NofSo Prevous 2-3 yr* management - bed/balh, housewares, of related retal experence Co!V»a can help RBS ASSOCATES AQY.540 4)30 FACTORY JOBS. n Uvonla a/ea Must be between year* dd and lve n Wayne County (not Dot/Ol! Call Employment 4 Tranng Desgn* An Equa Opportunty Employer FARMNG TON YMCA lookng for adujt* who enjoy workng w-.lh chddrefjjn Letch key program. 7l5am- 9sm, Mon-Fru J-6 30pm. Mon-Frl. Good pay CaS 4 ask lor Lnda at 5* FLE CLERK vye.are seekng an ndvdual lor an enry level pos.uon m ou/ Records Management Servces Oeparlmen Qualfed ndvdual wll ton 4 fle actm* motgago accounts; process requests fo( records materal; norf'«nto exstng accounts 4 operate l-ghl offce equpment The ablty to work wthn an offce producton cn-.-ronment a must. Tho ndvdual must possess good communcaton/ organtjatonl sk'ts 4 be sdlmot/vatod. Lftng w.n be requred. as wen as va'd drver* lcense Ftecord*. hlng or mcrographcs background woutd be benefcal. A compettve beneft package la offered Qualfed canddates should apply Mon-Frl. 9am-4pm Human Resources FREMAN'S FUND MORTGAGE CORPORATON Fa/mngton Rd. Fa/mogton Huls. Ml Ecul Opportunty Employe/ M/F/H FNE JEWELRY STORE Sc-cks dependable 4 outgong person for permanent full tme poston Lvona area FTNESS Ready For A Rewardng Challenge? A cyoer wth FHness USA Health Spas s exctng, satsfyng end most o a? - fnancally rewardng plus a challenge, provdng the hghest Ouatty of servce to ou/ membors Fncss USA needs enthusastc, determned. an-oroous lodmduals»t>o have the conmenoa to succood fnancla-ly. Your success s based tolefy on your effort and absty to appfy»f<at you have learnod. ll't 100*/. up 10 you Wen gtve you evorylhng you nood O succood. Complete professonal Ua^ng. tne fnest stale of tn«art equpment m the ftness ndustry, and an award wnnng commttment to member sats facton. So lafce the charcenge and make he commttment W«offor $7.00 per bou< to start. 3 or 4 day wort wock. deluxe benefts and guarantcod edvanconvenl basod on your results. Appfy Tues.. Thu/l-. Sal Wayne Rcod. WesUand FTTER -E-Aporonood»<lh t{nu> conveyor Appfy at Auburn. Dct/oll «11 FLOOR SUPERVSOR Must be expcrcncod n all aspects ol floor ca/e Mus bo ftexbfo. Good wages and benefts package avalable for rght ndvdual Please ca.1 befwoon 10am 4 5pm « or FLORAL OESlGNER Experenced and enthusastc. Full tme n Southfleld. Ca3 for an appomtment «FLORST 0ESK5VER Bloomfeld Hlls Forlst toeks eportenced (loraj desgner. Poston olers opportunty n party work and &a lacets of floral desgn. Extensve (rlnge benefts Salary negotable. For ntervew contact: SS1-«250 FLORST Experenced sales/desgn help wanted Part tme, flexble hours Sovrthred shop. For appontment ca JOBlST HELP WANTED Red(o(d - Southfeld a/ea. Fua or part l/ne Pnter Flower Land F0REMANSNEE0E0 n our Sngle Spndle Oepl. 4 Muttl Sornd'e Oopt Must haveexperonoa n repar, set up 4 tool grndng. Sngle Spndle Oept. also requres cam makng experence. Postons*/e a.1 phases of Screw Machne Departments. MULT SPNDLE OPERATORS Experenced machne operators ncodod for days and nghts FULL ANO PART TME POSTONS avalable at Wnchester and Meadowbrook Mas- Retal Managers, Assstant Manager* 4 Counter He*p neodod lor Chrstmas Sales. Please can Joanne Etrown betwoon l0am-4pmal Exl «FURNTURE REPAR 4 REflNlSHNG Wd establshod an grow'.ng co. lookng for experlenoed furnture reflnlshor good manaoomonl and organjatlonal skds EjceRonl potental CaJ»$84*4ll GAGE MAKER Lalhd'mlS or grnder exporonce lor shop'm Wared take. Blue Cross/ Blue Sheld, vacaton H * GENERAL LABOR * Farmlngton KlKs Co. has mmedate Ml o/ par tme openngs. Welt eslawshod busness flood startng wage* plus bonuses. Blue Cross/ 6>u» Sheld avalable - vacaton pay - free unforms. Perfect hour* (or eludonl». For appontment GENERAL LABOR Flodlofd manufacturer has postons to fn lor gonoral laborer and shpplng/fooer/no. Experence n 'ne tool end (J 1 * ndustry a plusv Good bcner.t. os«rtm«end opportunty lor advancement Hourly wage commonsurela w!lh exportence. Call 2-4pm at 535-W84 GENERAL LABOR For tast-cjfowtng. hjgh-tech Hoof treskw faclty n Pt)Tnouh are*. ' > GENERAL LABOR V»rl«y of postons coon m western tuburbv \)p d 5$ hour* per week. Musrftav* foftab'* ranspo/hton. Cal for drectons: GENERAL LABOR Machne shop n Farmlnolon Ht*. f uh lme, cvor tme avalawe. B*r>«- _CU,»4 S0-$ t*, A{*f. tmq North ndustral Or. North Ol Grand frver betwoon Haogrxty and H»l»l»d. GENERAL MANTENANCE person warned M kne. Must hava mnor (fjortonoa wth electrc*!, pkjmbng. carpontry. Ca» botwton 10am A Spm OfM GRAPHtOABTPOSfllON fc* 0/owVw company n Tfpy. Product!^ akfls & expertonoawth Wa- Cnlosn * nocoossry. Send rasuma to: Box «570. ObMrVor A EcoonlnVj K^ppara. 3«2$1 Schoolcraft Rda>Von!a,MrvhkjafT4«1W GROCERY PERSONNEL Par lma attwrx>of\/eva<v ncja. 1»y*af«cW«r. No experence nacatry. HatvY lfttno raqurad. Strtnfl pay l 00 an hour. Apply m per»ofv FOOD EMPORUM OMllOcVNowburgh 500 HolpV/ahtcd GENERAL HELPER UgM mantenance and grounds work for Fa/rrt^gton atlj apartrr^n! comple. Fu3 tme. CaS Mon.-Fr 9am-5pm An Equal Opportunty Employr* GENERAL LABOR Lookng for choce assgnments wth flexble schedulj^g 4 top pay. then Jofnou/teaml Vctor nterm Servces Equal Opporturvty Employof M/F GENERAL SERVCE HELP NEEOEO Fu3 tme tor Goodyeaf Servce Center mmedate opea^>g Advancemonl oppoftunrtes. Ask lor RJC* GLASS 4 MRROR NSTALLER 'needed for busy" wea estabcshco glass shop. Exce-'an boneflt lor experenced, tetl moth-aled ncrrld uajs Soulhfed area GREAT JOB For energetc counter person. 2-3 days a week n smaa SouUBeld bakery GRNDER HAND - Mnmum 5 yr* experence Lathe exporonce helpful. Compettve Pay 4 Bonefts Uvorta a/ea CaS M:k»: GROUNDSKEEPER NEEDED Full tme lor Nov! apartment complex. For more nformaton please ca GROUNDS - Responsble hard workng soll-motfvatod ndmdua needed a suburban apartment complex. For nlormstlon, cej Of UPSCALE SOUTHFELO SALON lookng lor Ht'j Dresser* and Assstants Great growth polontlal Can RECEPTONST - pa/ lme poston open tor Ph.Hp Nolan's SaJons. Enjoyable progressve workng atmosphere, apply a any locaton - Lfvonla. Fa/m!ngton Hlls At HAR STYLST- For professonal har salon. Lvona. Fa/mlngton A/ea Gua/antood hr /commsson Sto-la ASSSTAJ.T Wanted for Novt Har Sak>n. Good pay. Can Lnda betwoon HAR CARE lcensed cosmotologlsts wanted Pad advance tranng. hospta r ueton 4 dental. Good hourly wage, bonuses 4 much more. Ca-1 loon ryan assocates 1-8OO HAR DESGNERS tz Cut nc noods Har Desflner* lor busy Salon Hourty plus commsson. Westland HAR DESGNERS wh cdontele. top commsson MANAGER guarantoo/commlsslon. S. Redford Twp HAR ORESSERS wanted lor Charsma Salons. NcM and Uvonta locatons. Great educaton and growth potental HAR DRESSERS nooded n beauty *atons, Wa-led lake 4 West Boomfe^d Ctent* are waftng. Commsson 4 hourly pay. Receptonst poston also avalable- CaJ: HAR DRESSER Wanted - Good Workng condtons, largo *hop. Some clentele preferred Days or alter $pm. HARDRESSER WANTED Motvated professonal wlh clentele for downtown Royal Oak Salon. Please can HAR STYllST-Ba/bor or Beautcan wanted at very busy shop. CCentel* watng. The name of he thop s Share Your Half Plymouth Rd.. UvonJa. Ask lor Joanne HARSTYLST - Have Fun at WorKJ Areas newest kds half sajon s look- X o add you lo the^ (raned, creand Fun Lovng Team ol sfy- Ut*. Salary -t oorrvnlsslon. Pad hol- 4 vacatons. Hearth tonefts avanable. CaJ Sue: HAR STYLST/MANCURST For modern Canton salon. Top pay. Ask for Susan or 459-2¾¾ HARSTYLST Mature, lor *alon manaoemenl Northland HAR STYLST - NAL TECHNCAN 4 Par tme Receptonst Greal workng condton*. Fa/mlngton HTa. Top pay HARSTYLST Part or fun Urn*. 60% commsson. Busy Wonderland Man. Closed Sonday*. UvonJa, 2«M130 HAR SYLST. expereocod. M or part tme lor watng cfentefe. Beneft* ncludng ncentve program and educaton. Re-ont/y tylst welcome. Artste Wonderand Westland HARONQE CHUCKEft OPERATOR tor precson machned alrcrafl parts. Exportoncod. Fu3 benefls. Kytrol Manufacturng. Ga/don Cty a/ea 261-W30 HARDWARE MANAOER - experlencod; lor store of 15 employees near N. Pontlac Send resume o; PO Box Utlca, Ml 4*318 HARD WORM - GOOD PAY Makng wreaths 4 grave blankets SacJ FTowertand Mle Rd Just W. ol Telegraph Rd HARDWORKNG noodh/ ndmdual o do phone work. Ths person wu be tradng computer equtpment wth ouf customer base. No experence requred Wll Ua!n. A poslthfe atttude s nooessary. Send resume to Mr Hopper. Amercan Computer Exchange, Orchard Lake'Rd. Fa/mlngton Hd* HEATNG 4 AR condtonng person nooded lor servce 4 nstallatons Know'.edOA ol duct work fabrcaton helpful, experenced only HEATNO 4 COOLNG TECHNCAN Mus have own vehcle and tooa Pay rata based upon experence. CaJ Paul 4 Sons HELP WANTED Over 400 Job Openngs Factory Tranee Dfaftng Hosptal Electrcal Tranee Assembly to»15/h/ *10/hf»7.50-9/h/ /»* $8-10/hf And Many Mora Va Tran Caa »95 Fee Calf Today Foe $95 00 JWAooncy EXECUTVE HOUSEKEEPER txctng oppottunty av*!!ab«to t hand»-0ft workng professonal wth a mnmum 2 year* execwlfva exporonca w/exc*«onl reforenoas. ExoeConl beneft*. Send rasome 6 salary hstory to: PO Box *X Park. Ml EOt RADSSON SUTE HOTEL Guaranteed ntervew We a/a currontty Wrng for the fytowtng poston*: a) Barlonder, Part Tkme F\A Tme Sorver.AMAPM. (Startnfl waoe $4 25/hr.) Desk Ork. Part TVna Jjost^tess^farTma.^ ExceTenl waoe A beneft*. ntervew* w«t# held Monday, tom 5-7pm; Tu*sd*y. 1-7pm. AppolntmonU not neoded. Apply at: 3752«Grand PJVor, Farmlngton Hll* t HOTEL-. MANTENANCE ENGNEER Tha Holday nn, Doa/bOrn s nox acooptna appnatky* lor N* poston el Manlenanca EnoV«y. rv* and part tma poston* tvaaw*, Uvsl havt worklna. know^edoa ol 'OCtrleal. pkjmnng, haltng and coohna. Must ba «v»**b!«to wort w^kdy-a, wookend* and hosday a* KedVd. PaJd vacaton* and M beneft p«c*ao«av*s»we d hosa who qvtjtfy. Appry k\ per*oo to; HWOXV NN, DEARBORN Par tonnot Omca Mchgan AY* Morv»frt,»*m-3pm. An Eoval Cworturvty Employer 500 Help Wanted HELP! 30 OVEfl Y.EGHT PEOPLE V/»'l pay you o lose lbs. n he nexl 30 da>s. usng the now Del Dsc Pr ogram Hl-LO DRVER Neod exporonced drhor lor fast paced, hgh eccurecy kvjustrtaj producton. Hgh school dploma A thlt flexblty requ'red. Sond resume A salary requrements O: Hl-Lo Poston. P O Box 97. Wyne. Mch HRNG HOUOAY HELP HOW! W» are now fulng postons n Troy. Des/born Heghts. W. Bkxjmf^d. Uvonla, Brmngham 4 Rosevte Transportaton s a must. Brng n * plclwe 1.0. A sodaf securty card. Appfy n person b/stweon 9m-3prn al the fo!o-*'rg locatons: Schocnhcr Warren. Ml (n PnebfooV PU?a) Woodward Peasanl R,doe. Ml, betwo&n9vta 10 Mle) THegraph RedlOfd. Ml (n 0-^ Hrxlage Plaja) HOMEMJKER-S OELK3HT Flexb'e hours, no loxporonce necessary. $400-$12O0/mo part tme. FuJ tme also avajabe HOTEL OESKCLERX/AUDlTOn Hrng to/ elthef fuft tme porton. 3 afternoons. 2 mldn^hts - or 2 part Una persons Appfy wluvn. Days nn Plymouth Rd.. Uvonla HOTEL POSfTlONS FRONT DESK SUPERVSOR HOUSEKEEPERS FuU sorvloe kraury Hotel has mmedate openngs for hese M tme postons. Gre3l benefts! Plesse appfy n person el. The VVYNDHAM HOTEL Crescent B/vd. Nov. M (n Hovl Town Gener) SERVTCEMASTEfl al St Mary Hosptal Applcatons a/e now beng accepted (Of lufl 4 part lme openngs on the day 6 afternoon shfts n he housekeepng department You ma-/ apply Mon thru Frl. 8.00am- 300pm. housekeepng dept.. St Ms/y Hosptlal VV. 5 Mle Rd. Lrvorta. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE HOUSEClEANNG PROFESSONALS $4.65-$8.2S/hOuf ncludes drve tme New auto furnshed Pad houdey/vbcatsoa Dontal/beneft* Can Monday thnj Frday The Mads nternatonal HOUSEKEEPER ForCS Lake Country Club now hrng Apply n person. Wednesday thru Sunday 1401 CKb Drve. Bloomfeld HH* (off Scjuva Lake Rd. Ml W. of TeJographL HOUSEKEEPERS Hotel, motel 4 hosptal experence Caa Domestc Servces HOUSEKEEPNG Seekng exportoncod housekeeper lor long torm ea/e lact.ty located n Farmlngton. Can F PUNCHNG the tme dock gets you down, caa the amazng reoor d- ed messago revoa-lng dettts NDUSTRAL CLEANNG CO. needs dependable poop'* for 1st 4 3rd shft Jantoral postons n Troy a/ea. Startng pay $4.50 h/ plus benefts. CaMon.-Fr. eam-spm NDUSTRAL HOSTS: nsla-lauon. repa^, mantenance. 3-5 yr*. experence. $14-$18/hr. Travel to or relocate md Mchgan S even J. Greene Personnel UNTED HEALTH SPAS Uvonla- Enthusalstlc women 4 men mstuctor*. Fu» tme avasabla. Can Paul Mon- Frl betwoon 12-10pm NSTALLERS for Wrnjow* 4 vnyl tdng, own equpment, own l/ansmportaton 4 refer once* NSTRUCTORS FOR MOOELNO. Actng. Make-up Artstry, and Sort- mprovemont noodod. Experenced only neod apply NSURANCE ADJUSTOR (nsde) Some experence Mature preferred. $ 9K range. Pud beneft*. No fee. B.HAML PERSONNEL NSURANCE A0ENCY dos-'res n offca auto n home customer servce fepfesentauva. Requrement* a/a flood customer relatons and ohva XB* for an automated agency. Experence or wfl l/ajn. Send resume and sala/ay requrements to: Kurth Aoeocy NC Warron. Garden Cty NSURANCE AGENCY Customer Servce Represenatrve Part tme (approxmately 20 hr*,) for Farmlngton HCs Pfoporty/casuaffy agency. CSR experenoa a musl. Ask for Mr. Acca/do nsuranoe-exporonced Only AGENCY POSTONS SouthRe-'d Uvonla - Troy Del/oft Oea/bom Farmlngton Commerdal A Personal Lnes CSR's- Marketng-CtalmvRater* CONCORD PERSONNEL Mddlebelt Rd NSURANCE Group Underwrtng Managor MWmum 3 yra experence and Group nsurance. o manage underwrtng department, tor brokerage frm. Strong analytcal skes wlh rnanaoement experence. Salary o $40,000. Fee Pa'd by Employer ALLSON PERSONNEL 3000 TOWN CENTER. SUTE 770 SOUTHFELO. Ml NSURANCE - f you are an experenced personal or commercal Bncs Customer Servce Rop or successful producer, we would Lke to help fe nsurance agences. A companes n the metro area fnd YOU Our company pad foes are.ow. so we g«thefo&ordora. Cal Ann BeD M^ch. ns Per sonnel Servce Tdograph Rd. Sute 2835 Brmngham. Ml NVESTOR RELATONS company *oekbg quashed customer servce representatve wth Hewtolt Packard man frame experence to work n fasl paced clent orented offce. Ma' resume to: Per sonnel offce. 35 W. Huron, Pontlac. Ml 4*342 JANTORAL HELP, part tme, up 10 5 hour* por nght. Mon-Fr. Transportton a musl. deal lor couples. Start al $5 por hour. Call JANTORAL PEOPLE needed for prestgous offce bundng n BJmngham. $5 per hour. estmated 30 hr*. per wook. Call between 9am-nooo Only hard worker* need appfy. JANTORAL SPECALSTS Part Tme, posslb-'a fus tlm* n near Mure. Weslern aububs! Crub. wax A strp floor*. Flexble ht*. Nght* A aarf/mornng. $7-$9/hr. Experence a pkj. but not necessary. We wu trlan. Call Joe JANTORS WANTED Partlma evenngs J08 COACH - PART TME 0AYS Supported employment for por*on* wfth mental and physfcal handcaps-. TraWnd lochnlqucj, wrtng &a% and rwabla lansporlatlon r««5u!red. Meal lor cotloga sfudeol or homemaker $$mjobs$$$$$ LGHT NDUSTRAL W* have GREAT Job* n tha mmedate a/ea* nowfl Flexble how* avalable. a)tqp-pay_ TEMP MEO NSURANCE CASH BONUSES HOHOAVPAY OVERTME PAY Cal for yourappontmontloday'l ' SNELLNQ TEMPORARES Uvonla, Southflold, NEVER A FEE KNK08, a S* JFL Fun Servce Copy Canter * how aotoptmfl applcaton* lor errfloymeha. w» a/a fxlng lor qvalnod C+nd'dStM to M <M Ml or part tma povton*. (P/amlum pay and bonef» a/a ofwrad for Ml tma postons). Appacatlon* art rvcrw b«na accepted. For consk}«rtk>n plessa cafl: HolpWentcd NSURANCE La/ge nsurance agency s sockng professonal, eper>encod pc-f*orj-*l due o ou/ contnuod (jro*th. FULL TME 4 PART TME HOURS AVALABLE Commercal Cuslomera Servce Reps Data Entry Clerk > Accountng Clerk REQUREMENTS Oala entry sklls 2-3 yr*. busness experence 'General knowledge ol nsurance operatons Exce/enl communcaton skns SON SMOKNG OFFCE EXCELLENT BENEFTS ' Please send current resume wlh tetter outnng Sllafy hstory Donna Economo MEADOWSROOK NSURANCE S66?0 Ttroaraph SouthfC-VJ JANTORAL (Up to $2300 per month) We have an excellent opportunty for a quslfod 2-3 person clearng crew or servce lof-one or more Ol our Dctroll e/cs locatons. Applcants musl have commercal cleanng experence (wth references) and own all nooessary oqupmenl. Qualfed apptxanls appfy Fr. Nov. 2 bouoen 7-9am al. FTNESS USA HEALTH SPAS 7677 Wayne Road (Westland Center). WesUand Attenton Vce Presdent Ftness USA Spas PO Box 2659 Farm.ogton Hlls. Ml KEYPUNCH 4 Kcylapo Oporator* Day* and afternoons avalable Fu3 tmja poston. Must bo experenced. Farmlngton area J6Q LAB TECHNCAN NOT f*!d. assocates dog/fe des-rod Metallurgy 4 computer exporonce a plus Send resume to K J Law Engneers, nc W 9 Me. NcM. Ml LAMNATOR for cabnet shop n Uvoma. Fun lme. 2 yea/* experence LANDSCAPE MANTENANCE Co sockng relable, mature persons tor outdoor work FlexblO hour*. Ml or part lme Pay commensu/ate wth experence LAP HAND -1 O on precson gages Full benefts. Only experenced nood apply CaJ betwoon 6am-4pm. Brmngham *4 LATHE HAND-CNC 4 conventonal. 5 yr*. experence requred Beneft*, ovortme. proft sharng Apprr. 613 Manufacturer* Or.. Westland LATHE. MLL or GRNDER HAND Mnmum 2 yea/* experence. Apply at:g4r Tool 4 Gage Schoolcratl. Oet/ort LAUNDROMAT ATTEN0ANT Northvne a/ca. Hour* flexble. Caa LEASNG AGENT/ GENERAL OFFCE Part tme hour* per wock to/ beautful new apartment complex. Must be personable, mature and able to deal wth the puboc Salary commensurate wth experence. Caa for appontment LEASNG AGENT - pa/t-tlme. Weckonds 4 some afternoons Out- *tandlng phone manner. WordPerfect preferred. Auburn Has/Poolac area. CaJ 10am-4pm LEASNG AGENT - experenced n Sales. Must have some knowledge of real estate. ncludng but not Emted o model dsptayfleasng Westland a/ca. Caa flam-5pm LEASNG CONSULTANT - Weslland apt. complex, part tme - afternoons, eve*. 4 weekends. General offce Some *a?os exponeoco tvtprul Dependable 4 pleasant personastyamusl LEASNG CONSULTANT Establshed 136 apartment home communty m Canton Twp. has lmmedate openng for experenced Leasng Professonal/Resdents' Maneflor. Poston requres outgong detal orented ndvdual, who enjoy* plannng and parbcpatng n socal even* wth resdent* thf ooohout he year and takes prde n pertormlng the routne work accurately and tlmery. ExceSon oral and wrtten convnunlcaflon skks, wth a proven track record of successful work experence, a must Please send your resume and salary requ!/ement». n confdence, to: Attn. Chuck. 333 W. Fort St.. Sute Detrot. Ml LGHT ASSEMBLY WORK FuS tme.»ome benefts. $5 por hour to Start. Appfy at Crestvlew Ct. Farmng on Hls. LK3HT NOUSTR1AL Long term assgnments 3 shfts. Uon 4 women. Can ETO Temporary Servce LGHT NDUSTRAL OPENNGS Crcut board manufacturer offer*: Steady employment-satsfyng )ob Pad medcal plan 6 lfe nsurance Pad vacaton 4 hooday* P/ofl sharng On the job tranng $5 SO/hr. to»lart. wth revew* Appfy at: Captol, oft Fa/mlngton. Lvona No celts. LK3HT_MA1NTENANCE Fu-t tme temporary. Pantng, etc. Mechancal abty helpful. SoulhleJd hgh rse aps LNE COOK: BroOor. Sauta. Fryer. 1-2 year* experence nooessary. Pay commensuf ale wth experence. Appfy n person: Amantea Restaurant W. Warren, Gvden Cty LfVE-N MANAGER For a/ea motor kv. Experence be-'pfu but not essental LOW PAY LONG HOURS HARD WORK Ca/oor opportunty m heatng 4 codng. Ws tran MACHNE OPERATORS Exper lenoed mvlu-spndle opor ator s needed lor day* 4 nght* MACHNE OPERATORS (Lght) Expandng Troy Corp ho* mmedate oporjngs on day 4 afternoon *.M(t*. Houfhr wage ± overtme A beneft*. WJ tran. AppCcator.* accepted 9am-3pm al 317 Park St.. Troy. (3. MS M^e. E Of UvwnoJ*) MACHNE OPERATORS No exporonce necessary. mmedate openng* avalable day A afternoon shft*. 40 hour week pu* overtme A borrtft*. Fa/mlngton HH* MACHNE REPAR njoeton mdd«r wlh state-of-theart cqy'pmenl ««ek» an experenced MschJno rtopalr porton. Oua'^ed canddal must possess experence n tha / par and trouble»hootng ol njecton moldng machne* and auxpla/y eqypmcnl. Mutt h*\* knowledge of *'octrkal and pneumatc lystems. Pkasa *end resume or apply m person to: A-LNEPUSTCS Plymouth Rd - f^j-rnouth Mkr^tT Attenton: P**onn«l/M»chn4 Ropslr MACHNST lor 8rf.aH CKM roorn. Mutt know how to operate BrkJoepOfl M:S. servce grnd /, ba abta o re d prnt*, mka lod d«- tah», repar».-n»sl cfe* A tool*. Frnge*. Apply 8-4. franvrm fastener Company, C-c ch0*7y. MACHNST must (x at>>* 1 rvn brdgooft. avrftos fnder, Jalha, drlt. pres* and read b»j«prnt*, Oood pay and b n*m». Tnsor area. C*$Mon.-Thur*. M MACHNSTS (ENTRY LEVEL,.»9Hft. mmed9ta ponnfl* lor hdrvwua'* wth 8 latha axperenc. Afternoon *NN. Farmlngtof HJ"» (oca- HOA. ve«tlm«a morelca* Holp Wanted AACHNE CENTER OPERATOR V/th prograt^hlng experence on Fenuc conuols, CAD experence a plus. Overtme, beneft*, long term opportunty. Oca/born AACHNE OPERATORS oro*lng company n Lfronla and Hon. Aflornoons ard mdnghts, l/tj Can Chryl al Unfforce MACHNE OPERATOR ndustral Job shop needs macfne ope/ator wtth eb-.rty to do accurate set up work wlh qualty orentaton Hgh School dploma 4 good work hstory roqyred. Send resuma la Aeropsce Dopl. P O Box 97. Wayne, Mch. 45(44 MACHNST Experenced n runnng smaj shop Creat -^ tutufng. SC up. dfclng. lappng, brdgeport 4 toruonlal mllng, experence necessary l<walodg«ol speeds 4 tee lor av mlnum 4 sttn'.csj steel requred You must be awe to sel up repctatrve processng of 100» ol prts lor effcency A. accuracy SPC knowledge a plus Steady work, non-aulomothe. Salary commensurate Mh abltes Send resume 4 salary hslory»632. Observer 4 Ecctct/C.Ne : flspapof» Schoolc/aft Rd. Lvona. Mchgan MACHNST 4 MLL HAND Wanted lor small precson tool shop tn Fa/mmgton Hlls area Muy have eporoncel Forest Manulacturtng MACHNSTS 6 months expofenc«. bosy Fa/mngton Hhls automotve W9 t/aln CNC. to $280/*k plus overtme Ca.1 Kofy at Unfcxce MACHNST - to work m tool room 2 year* lathe 4 brdgeport experence desred Some wesdng experence helpful bul r>ol necessary Permanent poston n growng company tor creatve hard workng ndvdual Sond resume to: Aero Oepl P O Box 97. Wayne. Ml SECONO MANTENANCE person for apa/lmcn complex n Fa/mngton Hlls Must have 3-5 year* exponence 4 own tools Must trve onste CaJ MonThuf* MAL ROOMCLERX Brmngham olfce sock* full tme Ma Clork lo process outgong maj and njn day company errands Must be hgh school graduate wth neat' appearance and good drvng record. Work Hour*: Moo - Frl.. 8 AM - 4 PM wlh requred ovorumo on Frday e-rcnlngs ExceCont beneft packega and startng wage $5.75 per hour Send resume or appfy n person wth Personnel Managor Tdograph. Sute Brmngham. Ml. 48O10. MAL ROOM COORDNATOR $6.00 per tt.. Mon. - Frl l-5om RosponsbJles nclude-, takng ma-t to post offce, major contact for UPS. usng fax 4 posaoa machves. copyng la/ge project*- For ntorvvc* appontment ext 345 MANTENANCE - Assstant lor 116 unt apartment complex n Farmngton HJs Some outsde work and mnor repars MANTENANCE ASSSTANT Must have own hand tods Appry * person at a HazC-crest Place Aps 100 Hzetaest- 1 block N ol 9 n-oe on west tde of John R. Equal Housng Opportunty An Equal Opportunty Employer MANTENANCE - experence h drywa3. eloctrcal 4 ph.xbng helpful, hr) tme poston al Westland apt communty Benefts avajawe MANTENANCE - Must have tods. Caa Mr. Anhut at Mnor Repar* MANTENANCE PERSON-experenced n apartment property Medcal 4 dental nsurance. Uvonla a/ea. Ca.1 betwoon 11am-4pm MANTENANCE POSTON FuS tme, musl have experence Beneft* ava.\able. Apartment communty n Tf oy «MANTENANCE PERSON flooded Exporonce preferred. Fu«Une. For apartment communty n Lrvonla Help Wanted MANTENANCE - Establshed 138 unt apartment home communty n Canton Twp. has an openng for an expornced Mantenance Person. ndvdual musl have»vong mechancal background and know HVAC. apartment turnover and be w-;*»r.g to panl. H you are dedcated, hardworkng and want 10 be part of ths learn orented work enrronmcr.l. please c*< MANTENANCE MECHANC Ese Sped'ty Products, fvofvod n tr^ de-.thoprr^yt. mnutclu/* tnd salts ol sealans and adhesve* lor OE74. s«ks an txpercnoed Mantenance pe/ton lor our Pt/mouth lao.ty L>te<s.fed dutes wj mckude prev«rt.-^e and >out/^ rrvslntonsnce of machnery, shppng' preparaton and tlcng order* lo varous departments, forkbft operaton and uh-. loadng of heaf/ edu-pemnt and Supples handng o* cherr^cals used m eqv-pmen cleanng Forkl.ft erpc/ence s roqgred. we ofler a ojfr-petuve sa/y and compfthons/ve bcoef.ts package For mmed_ate conjderalon. pleae caa (313) ESSEX SPECALTY PRODUCTS A Subsdary of The Dow Chcm>cal Company An Equal Opportunty Employe* MANTENANCE SUPERVSOR Fc* Property Management Frm m Plymoxrth a/ea h/s a *«k. must hrve truck 4 some tods Must be sell motrvaed. reabe 6 capable d dagnosng «epcdtmg repar*, bolh on mterfor 4 exttnor d Condo bu.ldrf^gs 4 grounds $9 00 h/» mjeage lor foh person Serous m- qu/csonfy Cal MANAGEMENT TRANEES RESTAURANT To $22,000 1st yr. Fee pad THS S NOT FAST FOOD! Greal ua;nmg program. Rap.' advance 1. Top benefts! 5 day work wack. Need 4 yr related degree wlh restaurant experence or heavy prevous restaurant management Fast food management experence welcome' RBS ASSOCATES AGY Help Wanted MANAGERS & SALES REPS A/e you lookng to double or trple your kkome m the next yea/7 you e/e a hvd worker end a person (Ml makes thngs happen, we want you. To take a further look at ths amazng opportunty. ca3 Ms Tr/ocak MANAGER TRANEES GRLS, GUYS $375- $600 wkl/ average ea/nmgs Due to Outstandng expans'on. nlrxnalal F/ang/ance Co needs ambtous people rr^rodalefy. Vs/ouS postons open from ground floor to UppV mans-gerrcol Musf eofoy musc lun and workng wth people. No experence noce-ssary. we w-l ra-n MECHA7SC ^^xroncod. heavy duty truck mechancs noedod tor rrjdnoht sh.1t Appfy n pe/ton 6 F Cogs-»153. Wayne. Mon. Tt\.. eam 4PM Carre MARKETJNG ASSSTANTS. Lookng for 2-3 hrd worker* 10 r^p w«h multple marketng tasks AW-ty lo thnk last, (ugg* projeclss and type usr^g PC word processng toftwa/e Part t^ne tn:ua.fy. may gorw to tuu mve depondtfg upon tkss 4 des/e lo learn. Send resume o Pat Watkms. Creats-e Marketng Consullanls W. 12 MJe Rd-. Sute 102. Southheld Ml MARKETNG RESEARCH Part tme pot-tons open m Brmronam 4 V/a/ren Day. eenmj. woekend hours avajabe No sales, (trclfy research Weekdays MANAGEMENT Work ta a posrlrve entfeprenoural atmosphere, should enjoy motvatng poop! 4 understand the benefts of heth. nutrton. 4 flness Telemarketng exporonce helpful. Mrrunum of 1 yr. management 4. savss experence a must Opportunt«s uvmled For pefonal nter- >tc«ca.1 Monca at MANAGER/MANAOER TRANEE To hre, tran. 6 motvate sales staff No exporonce wfl ran. Openng new offces. Can MANAGER RETAL ENTRY LEVEL - To $20,600. dogrce requred - To $19,500. degree c 2 ys exporlerce. Beneft* Steven J. Greene Personnel managor* 4 assstants needed for dothftj chan. WJ t/an For ntervew. * MANAGER Young corporaton Dctrdt metro a/»a branch omces. No essary Bf rruvgham Dearborn Lhronla Pontlac TRANEE expandng m the need lo open 2 exporonce noc MANTENANCE PERSON needed for apartment convryxty n Brmngham. Experence n lawn ca/e and pcx*a! apa/tmcnl mantenance helpful Good salary + bone'ls MANAGER wanted lor group home located m cty d Wayne Excellent salary + M beneft*. CaJ anytme, MARKETNO REPRESENTATVE The Heatherwood. Metro Dcworts Fnest Senor Retrement Communty. s lookng lor a MMmo marketng Rep. Must be able to work a flexble schedule. Excellent Hourty plus Commsson. Great Benett*. Please sond resume lo THE HEATXEflWOOO: CMC Center Or, Soulhfeld Ml MARKETNG 6 SALES DRECTOR POLYMER RESEARCH Local porymor research frm seeks drector lo oblan research contracts rom ndusuy. government egenoes and kxjndstons Preforrod canddate has cccnt contacts on local, nabonal and nternatonal levels or abafy to eooressrv&fy develop these Bache-'o/* degree n Chemstry or Engmoo/ng and execcent communcatons»kts reqv'j'ed. techncal background n polymer -related areas preferred Send resume wth salary requrements to: B Mlbauor Box Wesl Cvsy Drve Oet/OL Ml MARKET RESEARCH FRM noods Weekend Phone tntervewef* Saturday 4 Sunday only CaJ Sandy 10am-4pm wockdr/s MARKET RESEARCH FRM socks mdvldvajj for part tme Day 4 Evenng Work ndvduals must have excdenl phone skcs Typng and computer eutporonce a Plus Perfect lo» homemaker*. students, retrees end those re-enterng the Job market Cal Sandy 0am-4pm weekdays MASON LABORER $5 50/hf Mu! own car 4 be over 18 CaJ betwoon 7pm-9pm only Workng WesUand a/ca MEAT CUTTER Experenced M tme Certon Country Market MECHANC Natonwde truck leasng company hrng Desel Mechanc Phone» Holp Wanted MATERAL HANDER Need at least 6 months w/thouse exporonce lor ths long term cont/flct poston. For mmedate ccosdoraton. atk lor' And/. Consultants 4 OesJgror*, Ft/a Mle ftd. Plymouth Ml MCHGAN'S FNEST candy shop sockng sales clerk Al 3 locatons Plymouth. Ml Clemens, end Taylor Permanent and seasonal pa/ lme.caaoense MCROFLM 35MM CAMERA OPERATOR/KEYPUNCH Full or part tvre, evc-nlnos Experence h*lp!uf Detal orented Appfy QlendDe. sojth d (56 be t*-oon. logr aph 4 Beech Oa>y. HARDEK3NER/ASSOgATE Needed for progressve bvtf salon W< offer educejon. mcenlr/e programs and a»anmg ccertle to t quck learpr^ outgong and aeattve Desgner Appfy n person s The Mane Conneclcn S corr*r Grand 6 Haogorty Pepper Square Ma] MORTGAGE LOAN OFFCER Establshed mortgage bartng f./m s seekng an experenced Loan Offcer to servce SW Oakland County We ofler en ego/essve pay scale along Ka corr.pany support Contact James Montroy lor yc-jf conf<jor,t;al mlerve-* MORTGAGE LOAN OFFCER Experenced loan offcer wanted lex progressve mortgage broker wth open to/rltofxrs Corroarry ofle/s excellent commsson structure, bonuses lor performance. B-'ue Ooss/Bk/e Stuetd dental 4 expenses Corr.pany has ebdrty lor pactng re«oen;al ne* construeuco 4 comrreroal loans Please contacl Robert Drury of Kalhy 2eh Fnancal Assoc Mortgage Ccxp 330 HamJlon Row Brmngham NAL TECH NEEDED For procyessr^ Northv.l^ salon CaS Cam MT. BRGHTON Taxng sppdcatons lor tus ad part tme he^ msde and outsde jots avalable Everyone must brng a Socal Sourry Card and Drver* Lcense or pcture 1.0 or Brth Certfcate Hrng eges 14 thru sorjor cru- JCAS Takng eppceuon on Nov 1st l/om 4pm-8pm and Nor. 3rd rom 9am-3pm We wj hare the followng openngs Cas-Mor*. Food Servce. Chartrts, Sk Rentals. Snowmaker*. Mantenance. Bar. Sk Shop and Janrtortal For more nformaton cafl MECHANCS ASSSTANT 4 pump attendant Experenced preferred Uvorva area Auft* Mooa. ask lor Garyor Randy MERCHANDSNG REP We're lookng lor en enorgeuc self starter to merchandse exstng prerecorded Audo Departments n the Dot/oft a/ea Entry level pos/lon. salary, car. benefts Merchandsng exporonce helpw bul not necessary Send response to: Sales Manager Th St SE. Grand Rapds. Ml MOLD MAKERS- UPGRAOERS. EXPERENCED BENCH HANDS MACHNSTS mmedate openng lor quaf-ed people n Novt a/ea mdd shop (Just off 1696). Top benefts 4 pay. CaS NANNY OF AMERCA s lookng lor competent, carng ndrrduajs *ho have a basc love tor chldren, no experence necessary We tran you at our expense to become a professonal nanny F^/Part Tme Work Avasabe Semof Ctzens Welcome Ho-'p Ca/e to/ Amerca'* Fam".es Caa today NATONAL NVENTORY FNANCE company has an openng for a dstrct sales represontalfva lo pertorm nventory mspeclon Need a hghly motvated self starter wth oood communcaton sk.cs Exoclent opportufty for advsncemenl Some fnancal background helpful Send resume lo: P O Box LMOnla. Mch. 4815lAn Equal Opportunty Employer 500 HolpWentcd MORE GREAT PEOPLE wanted, resdental tome dcrnvg. weekly pay $ $176 Part tme, «.» l/a-v. car ncedrxt Mary Mads Mortgage Branch Manager Lvona Jo.n Countryrlde. Amerca* la/oct ndependent rnortgsge bankng corporaton - NYSE lsted, wth more than 100 branches nat>ona3y - and you/ "d/eam Job". We seek an ndmdual w'j hands-on experence m process^g, under*ntlng and FHA. V* and Convtr.tonaJ resdental mortgage loans D^pcl Endorse-, men Certfcaton s requred and f*!d ongna>on expe^sneo s preferred Ou/ Managers do H ej m smaj, euoromc/s.offces They have the euhonr/ lo orgnate: process and fond loas up to $600,000 n ther branches The salary rewards are Substantal. ncudr.g companysponsor ed mod <-a! /dent a /l! e msu/ance, prof.1 s> /xg ret/ement and other ber<:fls For consderate*!, submt a ch/onotogxa) resume w-th sa'ary hstory to Sandra Qunn. Vce Presdent. Dtp! 33/BM-139. PO 8ox 7137, Pasadena. CA ho-^ FAX (818) Resumes must nclude salary h.-slcv-y lo be consdered No phone calls wj be cccep'.od COUNTRYWDE Mortgc\oe>Bankers An Equal Opporlun.-ty Employee NATONAL COMPANY c/eauhg a Casual Labor Force lor wa/ebouse work Aflernoon 4 evenng shfts Compeltve sa'-ary Send resume to: Fesea/ch Drve Farmnglon. M Attn Personnel NOW ACCEPTNG applcatons lor future poston wlh pus'jc thormolornvng ptan seekng ambtous hardworkng assstant lo a fofrr^n Potental tor advancement Mechancal and electrcal backg/ouod hc-lptjl Appfy at W 8 Mle, between am-4pm. dajy. NOW HRNG SALESPERSON Full Of D art Tme STOCK PERSON Full or Part Tme For Premer Lghtng Showroom APPLY AT: 8R0SE ELECTRCAL 7 Mle at Newburgh LVONA NC TURNNG OPERATOR lor precson maehmed tjrcraf part* Expencnoed Fu$ benef.ts Hytrol Mnvtacturng. Garden Cty area OFFCE ASSSTANTS for nternatonal Dental Laser FVm. Computer skrs useful Pan tme, good lor students retrees B/mlngham area. Ask lor Gert $ OFFCE MANAGER/ASSSTANT: Organzatonal skll*, payba*. recev8be, bookkeepng, computer lteracy helpful $ Growth potental. Rob OPTCAN DSPENSER Experenced. Excefenl salary 4 hours PANTERS/ EXPERENCED Own transportaton, good references New resdental 4 commercal Start mmedately. Eves ' NEW CAR SALESPEOPLE Lfrona dealershp s n need d motvated vocal people to sea new vthces. No experenoa necessary. Must ba ambroous, wtnng to teanv and possess an ab&ty o get along wth people. Good commsson plan, demo plan, and medca nsurance plan avatabla Contact John Ssvnmu. Uvonla Voaswagon Mazda PANTER wth experenoa Oryw-aJ, plasterng, as phase*. Good t/«.sportatlon. Steady work. Must ba dean 4 neat tn eppearanc*. 6etvJ resume t -. Cardnal Conlractn LTD Mjnger. Uvonla, Ml PART TME Program Coordnator or non-c*of.t aeffa/a group. Computer orented, vdunleor recrutment, publc fetaton*- AVrS E. 12 Mle. Warren Now ^ou can place r^-^ your Observer & Eccentrc Classfed Ad 24 hours a day Here's how t works: Frst, you must have a touch-tone telephone. Then, all you do s call us remember, t doesn't make any dfference f we're not here to place an ad, cancel one or change somethng on one you've placed earler. ^etstay t's 10 o'clock at nght and you've just realzed that you forgot to nclude the fact that the car you're sellng has ar condtonng. t's a good sellng pont, so you punch up our classfed number and wat for the operator to gude you through the steps for changng your ad. Have n mnd de exact nformaton you want to gve us, speak clearly and a bt slower than you usually do. And that's t. f t's after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, your changes wll be made for the next Monday paper. Or, f t's after 5:00 p.m. on a Frday or the weekend, your changes wll ht the Thursday papers. Pretty neat, huh? Of course, our Classfed Ad Takers arc here every Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. untl 5:30 p.m. and untl 5:00 p.m. each Frday. But now, f you mss them, you can stll do somethng about your ad at your convenence. <0h$tx\)tv & Eccentrc j e L AS : r f t* A n v R n rw 1 WAYNE COUNTY OAKLAND COUNTY «>rb*»wwl»m.m.*lltlm^ ROCHESTER-ROCHESTER HLLS g«lbftm8w l ajlm»fflauaw^ f

46 4F* 04\E Monday. October 29, Help Wonted OL CHANGE TECHNCAN PennZCx locaton, experence necessary, M/parl tme, apply b per. *on-34650w.8m,!e. Farmlngton H3s OWNER OPERATORS FCEET OWNERS AT, TRTON TRANSPORT WE OFFER: $500 Fuel sgn on bonus 95*perm)lo A 1! mles loaded or empty Weekly pay Fuel end cash advance program ' taspa/mlfspald- Seadyyear around work Group health plan Attn company contrbutons WE REQURE:, 198J orneaer 3axJe tractor Good drvng record % «At (east lyr. verfable OTfl - experence» Pal drug screen Jon a team ol professonastha specalze n nter mod a/transportaton' ' We need tractor* MMEDATELY. TRTON TRANSPORT Ca.1 Safety Depl.. Mon.-Fr An Equ'al Opportunty Employer 500 Help Wonted PERSON or coupfa wanted (or part tme offce cleanng. 5 njght per wk. Mddlebeft 4 Plymouth Rd. area CaH between 10am 4 5pm PERSONS wanted to drve trucks, toad 4 unload (cod n UvonLa. Ca.1 after 6pm MMEDATE EMPLOYMENT for mature phone, canvaser. permanenl poston, excenont salary plus commsson, from our Dearborn Heghts home mprovement company. Must have good phone voce. CaS Carol or Jm PHOTO FNSHNG Fufl tme postons avtabje n a professonal photo fnshng lab. No experence necessary. Must bo able to work overtme and some Saturdays..Startng pay $5.02 per hour. Rases 4 promotons based on palofmance. Oay end afternoon shfts ava.1- eble. Apply North Amercan Photo Schooler aft. Uvonla. Ml. PANTER'S HELPER. Full Tme, mnmum 1 yea/ experence for a busy Redford auto body shop. Can Moo-Fr, 8:30-5: PANTERS Several openngs avalable for experenced house panters. Must be good wth a brush. CAU NOWf ARBOR TEMPS PATTERN MAKER Experenced n boat cover 4 complete top fabrcaton necessary. Year-round full tme employment for Natonal Marne Canvas Company. Benefts. Send resume, tot CPC Captal, Oak Park. Ml " T PC DESGNER Engneerng company seekng ndvdual wth electronc background to draw schematcs' & do prnted crcut board desgn work. Knowledge Of MS COS 4 AUTOCAD a plus. Send resume to K J La-* Engneer* w: 9 Mle, Nov!. Ml PHOTOGRAPHERS For Rochester portrat studo. Great opportuntes. Can ' PHOTOGRAPHC RETOUCHER Experence necessary. mmedate openvg. Caa Sharon or Usa PLASTC NJECTON MOLO SETTERS A Wostand Plastcs manufacturer s acceptng apptfcatlons for Mold Setter* for the day. afternoon and mdnght shrts. A mnmum of 2 yrs. experence n Mold Settng s requred. Exco.'!enl benefts. Apply n person at: nterlock Corporaton Mare St.. Westtand (South of Ford Road, between John Hlxfload). 500 Help Wanted POLCE RESERVE The Charter Townshp ol Canton s acceptng applcatons for S Voluntary Polce Reserve Program untl Nov. 1, Mnmum requrements: U.S. Ctzen, 18 yrs. of age. Hgh School graduate or GEO equvalency. Apply Personnel Departmont-Canlon Townshp, 1150 S. Canlon Center Rd, Canton, Ml Help Wanted PRESSER NEEOEO For Cleaners n Walled Lake..-WH tran PRESSURE NEEDED - Experenced only (or dry cleaners n Westtand PRNTER Full lme press person needed for growng prnt shop n Garden Cty. Mon.-Frl. 9-5: SO PLUMBER-Neat and courteous for servce work n the Ann A/tor/Ypsllantl area. Must have own truck and tools wth a mnmum of 5 yt*. experence. Steady work avalable. Call efter4pm PEOPLE to pass out flyer* to busnesses concernng bowlng (No tollng). We provde transportaton. Mon. thru Ft 8-8 hour* per day. Work T day of all 5. Pad dally. $4 per hr cash. Appfy Plymouth Rd.. between 9am-3pm. " PERSONNEL COORDNATOR Corporate Personnel Servce*, a fast growng temporary personnel servce s lookng for a brght, ambtous person lo staff our offce n Lfvonla. The deal canddate should possess the followng qualfcatons: Experence n temporary placement' Sales experence «Strong nterpersonal swus Excellent communjcaton skns '" «Good typng 4 organzatonal.'.; abltes ; > '. :' Word processng experence v 'helpful -..',. Please send resume to:. CORPORATE PERSONNEL '. - SERVCES '," ^)Dyke,6ule <; «Warren.Ml48093 {. PHARMACY TECH Fun tme, flexble hour*, salary dependent upon experence A beneft requrements. Company pad benefts 4 employee dscount See Mr. Motl or Fenske, Sav-On Drugs Telegraph el Maple, Brmngham. PHONE RECEPTONST/Telema/- keter. $10 an hour. Settng up appontments, company leads. No sales, no cold casng. Evenngs requred: Uvonla PLACEMENT COUNSELOR- A major temporary servce n the Uvorla area needs a self-motvated, energetc person to" fll our clents requests for temporary personnel. f you enjoy workng n a fast paced envronment wth busy phones, call for an ntervew POLCE CADET The Cty ol Farmlnglon Hd Ponce Department wll be acceptng applcatons lor the poston ol ponce cadet The dutes.performed are non-hazardous and dversfed, ncludng prsoner processng. report wrtng, assst ctzens at the command desk. etc. pappgcetons for cadet wll be released at the Polce Department'* command desk from October 25, 1990 through November Applcatons must be returned no later than 4:30 PM, November 28, Quafrfce lons: Mchgan resdent and Unted Stales ctzen Mnmum age of 18 Graduated from h!gh school or equrvalenl by Jury No crmnal record Vald Mchgan Operator'* lcense Good drvng record Applcant most moot M.L-E.O.T.C. requrements and pass the preemployment readng, wrtng and physcal sklls test and submt proof lo the Departmert pror to employmenl Cty ol Farmlngton Hlls W. 11 MJe Road Farmlngton HE*. Ml Producton Contrdller. Our Producton Control Department has an openng for a canddate who possesses goc-d 'communcaton, 'man and computer sklls. ResponsJbues wn ncode producng woekty producton schedulo' reports and monthly forecasts, control and mnmze ob solo sence. montor and control progress of engneerng changes. A Bepholor'a Degree n Materals and Logstcs Management and APlC's certfcaton a pks. Please submt resume WTH SALARY REQUREMENTS or apply n person at: Human Resources Department AMERCAN YAZAK CORPORATON 6700 Haggerty Road Canton, Ml No Phono Calls Please PRODUCTON SEWERS NEEOEO mmedately. Sew: from your own home. Mus have serger 4 o*h sewng machne Call Of PROFESSONAL PERSON wth de desgnng/fool makng background lo run small de shop for medum Szed slamplng plan!. Taylor localon. Call Mon.-Thurs PROGRAMMER ANALYST. BM/MVS/Cobol $33,000-$39,000 FEE PAD CALL FAX GENERAL EMPLOYMENT WEST. 9 MLE SUTE SOUTHFtELO,Ml PERSONNEL AGENCY 500 Help Wanted PRODUCTON LNE WORKERS Troy manufacturng plant needs Producton Worker* for all shfts. $5.50 en hour to Start. Clean, smoke tree work envronment. Overtme requred. Compettve beneft package. Send letter or resume lo: Producton, P.O. Bex «1946. Troy, Ml PROGRAMMER/' ANALYST : Our nformaton System's Department has an mmedate openng lor a Programmer Analyst. Tho qualfed canddate should have 4-5 years experence of programmng n a data processng center, work experence n Cobol and Busness Bascs programmng, work wth a wde range of systems <md'experlencod wth project management and documentaton. Salary range $ per year. Apply n person to complete applcaton or send resume to: Human Resources Department AMERCAN YAZAK CORPORATON 6700 Haggerty Road Canton. Ml No Phono Cans Please PROGRAMMER Rapdly growng Uvonla based frm lookng for a hard workng, dependable person for an entry le.-cl 8asc programmng poston. Excellent growth potental. One year programmng experence desred QA TECHNCAL REPRESENTATVE Our nternatonal Company has an entry level poston n our Qual.ty Assurance Department. Requrement* are: Blueprnt readng ablty. Customer 4 suppler relatons sklls S PC knowledge helpful. Ablty lo travel as requred Mnmum ol en Assocates Degree. For mmedate consderaton, send your resume WTH SALARY REQUREMENTS or apply n person a,:. Human Resources Oc-pa/tme^t AMERCAN YAZAK- CORPORATON 700 Haggerty Road Canton, Ml No Phono Calls Please -An EqaaJ Opportunty Employer 500 Help Wanted RECYCLNG Mantenance Holp Wanted Mechanc/Weldor Recyclng experence helpful, but not a must. Please forward resume 10: Dstrbutor* Recyclng W. Chcago. Detrot. Ml RETAL GENERAL MANAGER MulUoullel - womens apparel experence $40K mnmum plus perks. Full benefts. No fee. B.HAML PERSONNEL Help Wanted SEAMTRES3 Experence preferred for alteratons and ropar* for dry cleaners. Weslland Area RESDENT MANAGER tor a coupo or/sngle person to manage a mn storage faclty. Apt provded Good salary. fyou know a ltto marketng and havo common sense end want to work hard 4 make money, ths s for you. Please caltcharlene (313) RETAL MANAGEMENT Growng wornens fashon specalty Store chan wth 22 locatons n Mchgan haa mmedate openngs lor management postons. Pror retal supervsory experence dosretle. Must be enthusastc and fashon orented. Al reples held n strctest confdence. Send resume to: Mr. O.Goldfarb HAOLEY ARDEN. NC P.O. 8ox 2669 Uvonla. Ml RETAL OPPORTUNTES TOY LQUDATORS. Amerca's. fastest growng toy outlet chan. s now ntervewng for full end pan lma posuoqs tor the'r soon to open Chnslma* Slora n BLOOMFELD : HLLS Thoe postons are temporary, boh fufl and part tme Weolfer e«ccllent sa'ary and bcnjms. Quolded applcants should ^ppfy n person al BLOOMFELD VLLAGE SQUARE t 4107 Telegraph-Road Bel/.Sen 9.00am 4 6:00pm begnnng on Thursday. October 25. Equal Opportunty Employer M/F PRODUCTON PACKER Growng future orcotod manufacturer has openngs for producton' employees lor elf shfts. 2nd 4 3rd Shft* offer premum pay. We offer a good wage 4 beneft package. Excellent opportunty advarcomcot. Apply n person Mon.-Frl, 6am- 5pm Hlx Rd.. Weslland. PRODUCTON - 6 month* experence, Farmlngton Hlls, wll tran CNC. Call Bryan at Unlforce POWOER METAL Manufacturng s now acceptng appocatlon* tor powder compactng or ess operator* 4 set-up person. Knowledge of powder metal 4 rrydrawfk; presses very helpful. Good wages. KAP (Wth dependent coverage), vacaton polcy. Appfy n person at Duramet Corp., Stephens, Warren." PRNTNG - entry level, mechancal experence helpful, wn tran. Plymouth. $7/hr. CaJ John at Unflorce PRNTNG: NEW SHOP need* exporlenoed team. Pressman 1-2 color experence, counter, typesetter, keytlnor. Call between PRNTNG PRESSMAN: Export enced. AB Dck, sngle cofor. Farn> HglonHDs.Ca.1 4J PRVATE trade 4 techn^l art school 1* seekng ndvdual wth some know-lodge n the art ndustry, workng wth grant* 4 orgnatng proposals. Must be good negotator 4 posses* some admnstratve abute*. Please caj PRODUCE DEPARTMENT Manager wanted for salary poslon. 6 days per week, begn mmedately. Call 8am-9pm, Mon.-Sun PROFESSONAL Movers/Drlvera. 1 year experence requred wth professonal movng company. mmedate openngs PROJECT ENGNEERS Rapdly expandng njecton moder wth state-of-the-art njeclot moldng equpment, CAD systert. black boxygray box project* and Q-1 statu* seeks motrveted, aggressve engneer* wth experence. Qua.1fed canddate* should be able to take project* from desgn through tool buld to fwsh product wth customer nterface utllmng the "cradle to grave" concept. Our strong engneerng commtment and manufacturng strength have made us a leader n our feld. For an opportunty to be par ol our dynamc growth and to partcpate n and be responsble for moanngful and nterestng project*, please tend a resume or letter to our Personnel Department outlnng your experence or ea3 Personnel drectly to dscus* your qualfcatons and fnd out more about the opportuntes we can provde. Wrte: A-Une Plastcs nc Plymouth fd. Plymouth ML (313)4S>0113 Attenton: Personnel/Product Engneer* PUBLSHER Busness Detrot, Metro Busness Magazne, seek* to fj poston of Publsher. Experence requred. Send resume and salary requrements n confdence lo Bustoess Detrot: Evergreen, Sute 303, Southfeld AUn. Bll Oorn. QUALTY CONTROL NSPECTOR Entry level, nghts. $5 an hour. Experence helpful, but not requred. Appfy n person al North ndustral Dr., H. ol Grand Rver between Haggerty and Halsed. QA. NSPECTOR to eudl nternal qualty systems 4 do parts nspecton. Hgh school dploma 4 snf flexblty requred. Send resume to: QA. Manager. P O Box 97, Wayne. Ml QUALTY ASSURANCE SUPERV SOR S.W.' Wayne County, New Boston, Ml. planl. Experenced n eulomotfve qualty fequlremenls. layout* 4 audt. nspecton dultes, 4 lamnar wth layout lab requrements. ASQC member wth certfcaton preferred 4 plastcs background. 8end resume to Box «604. Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd.. Uvonla, Mchgan RECEPTONST Needed for full tme poston n busy W. BtoomfteJd salon. Experence necessary QUALTY TECHN1C1AM Uvonla company seeks onry level qualty techncan who wn be ex pandno etatlsucal programs usng BM PC, updatng procedures and records, and assstng n basc tran log n PC usage. Knowledge ol physcal testng E Salt Spray-Humdty end lab procedures a defnte plus. Must be a good organzer and growth orented. Compettve bencnt package ncludng commsson rembursement, Send resume n confdence to: Qualty Human Resource* Manager P. O. Box 2454 Uvonla, Ml ROOFER REPARMAN Must be all around reparman for resdental repars: roofs, flashng 6 tdjg. 10 year* experence, wn consder less dependng on ablty. ExccOenl pay and benefts lor rght person. Please call lor ntervew between 6am-11am ROOFEfl/SHJNGLER Experenced wlh truck and equ'pmenl Must be dependable. Wolverne Sheet Metal, please can betwocn8anv1am SALES ASSOCATE (or Nov computer store. $5/hr. Md mornngs lo late alternoons. Up to 20 h/s per week. Some weekends. Wll tran/ cangro*.call REAL ESTATE STAFF APPRASER TRW RELS, a fast growng natonal rosldenlal apprasal company s sockng an experenced stall appraser for (s Mchgan Please send resume 4 apprasal sample* lo: James D. Power, SRA Northwestern Hwy.' Sute 110. Southfeld, Ml RE-HA8CO-ORDNATOR Seekng full-tme help, lo work n rte Metro area, as a consultant and coordnator, for auto njures. Startng salary $38,000, wth excecent benfts. Please send letter of resume to PO Box 8007: Novl Ml ATTN. D. BaUey. Retal STORE MANAGEMENT AUGUST MAX WOMAN, a dmson ol Women's Specalty Retalng, s a last growng specalty store concentratng n woman'* fashons szes We offer an envronment where enthusastc ndvduals can use ther sklls to the fullest potental. We currently have Management opportuntes avalable at our FARLANE TOWN CENTER store. Hgh energy, proven experence n women's fashon and the ablty to motvato other* are key requrements. you love lo sen and are lookng for LONG TERM career growth, carl Susan at (313) or send your resume to: AUGUST MAX WOMAN, J335 Falrlane Town Center. Dearborn. Ml AUGUST MAX WOMAN SCREEN PRNTER n North-scsl Octro s epandlng Us operatons and has openngs lor the followng Screen Prnters & nspectors - Pror epe'ence preferred, but wll tran tre rght ndvduals Send resume: S.K Y. Sakaya Burt Rd.. Detrot. Ml Or can for an appontment:592-h60 SECRE TARY/ADMN1S1RATVE ASSSTANT Asssts corporate fnancal consultan!. Compuler experence * must. Ablty to meet and work wlh people. Fnancal or bookkeepng kno-aodge a plus. Send resume: ASSSTANT, 1338 Chestnut C/de. Rochester H.s, Ml SECURTY OFFCERS OENSU, NC. contnues to expand! Wa need mora qualty relable peopta who are serous about the socur- ty/safoty Held and want to work at exec-vent actfye accounls. DEHSU, NC. apprecates ts employee* end provdos: Above average pay. pad vacatons, tranng, unforms, medcal program end rpore. Full/part tme postons Ret:rees welcome (Ms descrbes you. call no* for an ntervew SCREW MACHNE 15/8-2 5/8 Acme Grdley automatc Sel up and operate. Mnmum 3 years experence. Afternoon poston Only those wth experence need apply. Top wages and benefts Appfy ot: Qualty Screw Products, Schoolcraft. Lvona. Ml. SALES ENGlHEEfl wth estmatng experence for eloc- rlcal controls manufacturer (OEM). Should be famlar wth machne tool 4 J..C. Standards. Please send resume to nternatonal EJOCtrc Controls,' 302 Robblns. Troy. Ml SAW BLADE manufacturer requres experenced Sawmaker/Sharpener for all type* ol saw blades. Please apply at: Knkelder Saw nc Ronda Dr., Canlon, Ml, SEASONAL 6 FULL-TME EXCELLENT EARNNG OPPORTUNTY FOR MENS WOMEN. Ea/n abovo average ncome wtle workng ndependently lor Natonal Corporaton promotng products n local branch ol Amrcca's al volume retal chan durng the Chrstmas season begnnng md-november. Average earnngs last year were n excess ol $650 per week. No experence, nvestment, or travel requred Free tranng. (A lew full-tme tra.e postons also ava :!able) Applcatons accepted only at the lme and locaton ndcated betow. DON1T.U1SS THS GREAT ONCE A YEAR OPPORTUNTY! Mon. Oct. 29. at 7pm. at the Bosl Western nn, 1331 W. 14 Mle Rd. Madson Hcghls Ambassador nternatonal SECURTY OFFCERS Frank's Nursery 4 CraMj. nc. the naton's tatgest nursery and crafts specalty retaler, s seekng competent, professonal ndvduals to staff a ne*ry created n-house securty torce at ts Detrot Corporate Offces end D$lr1but,on Center facltes The deal canddate wll have a hgh school educaton, good wrtten end verbal communcaton and proven demonstrable nterpersonal sklls ExportoKe s preferred but w-j tran tho rght ndvdual. The openngs avalable a/o for regular full-tme end roguar part-tme portons to cover all shfts of the 24 hours a day. 7 days a week Securty Department operatons. Applcatons for these openngs wll be taken ONLY on the dales and the hours lsted: Frday. November am to 4pm»Saturday. November am to 3pm Sund8y. November 4, am to 2pm Frank's Nursery & Crafts, nc Nevada Detrot, Ml (No phone calls wn be accepted) Qualfed canddates wa undergo a thorough, extensve background and reference chock. Frank's offers a compettve wage and comprehensve benefts package. 500 Help Wanted SERVCE TECHNCAN for Eradlco Pest Control. Weslland area. Mus have good drvng record. Y& tran. Auto 4 ynlform furnshed. Company beneft*- Appfy at Eckles, Plyfnoulh or SET UP OPERATOR - experenced n set up, operaton, 4 mantenance owae 1AB. 2AB «!ng'-e tymlt automatcs. Top pay. lua benefts day shft. Dearborn SHRT PRESSER 4 ASSEMBLERS Wll tran. Up To $7 per hour. FuU or part lme postons Canton area SHOP HELP Full tme: $5-$7 an hour. Some delveres. Please cas (ask for Sheryl or Steve) SHOP MATERAL ASSSTANT Dutes nclude nventory, cleanng and local delvery. Troy. Qal Help Wanted SPEECH 4 LANGUAGf>,» THERAPST /*" To work wth an enlerdsc-pfjnary learn o» professonals. n a cortmu rwty based head njury rcco/erno program. Experence wth ths poou- ^¾ 00 'v C,J > '* lm P«'«l'v». Tf)«canddate should be able lo devefcoe 4 supervse a Pf cgr am wth mnmal supervson. Cornpet.. the Sala/y 4 Excer^nt Benefts. Appfy to Box 572: Observer 4 Eccent/c Ne*spapert 3*251 fjchooloart P / «Mchlgan SNOW PLOW OAfVERS Wth truck or wthout, good pay. lots Of hour* SOCAL WORKER CASE ADE - lor Refugee Foster Care Program Assst n cultural adjustmenl. transport. 4 organzes group events lor teen Vetnamese Refugees. Part tme -poston. fus lme f fkcnl n Vetnamese Experence wth teens and or refugees preferred. Resumes to: Karen Thomas, luthcrn Socal Servces ol Ml. 2O7O0 Greenfeld Rd. Ste 400. Oak Park,.M SOCAL WORK luden s n need of someone lo wrte an Englsh Lterature paper 4 an organzatonal paper. 4-5 pages each SOMEONE TO CARE Help someone who really r.eeds you by provdng loster care for an adult wth mental retardaton. Work n your own home and ea/n over $ per year. Ca-1 Homcfnder, Oakland, Wayne County SOUTHFELD OFFCE complex has openng for experenced Mantenance person Carpentry, electrcal, and plumbng a plus Send resume: Northland Of. Ss 510W.. Southfeld. Ml SPEECH PATHOLOGST 15 wanted for lopg-term substtute assgnment wlh Southfeld Schools The rale ot pay s $78 a day. to begn mmedately. Qualfed canddates should contact Raymond EUhun, Personnel Offce Southfeld Publc ScSools " An Equal OpporturtyEmployer START MMEDATELY 10 people needed lor a fun part lme job. No sellng n research department. No experence necessary. Eves 4 weekend hour*. Can Mr* Askew at SECURTY/PART TME Evenng Hour* For apartment complex Call SECURTY OFFCERS NATONWDE SECURTY ha* unarmed postons ava-lablo n the speca'zod areas ol hosptals 4 ndustral, securty. We offer starlng salares ud to $7/hr. Company benefts 4 assgnments dose to home. Appfy Mon.-Frl. 8:30am - 3<50pm al W. 10 Mle SoythBcd Telegraph. Sle. 304 nternataj Offce Plaza Taylor Van Dyke Warren Carpenter Rd. Arm Arbor SECURTY OFFCER Must have 1 yr. experence, car, phone, proper D. n the Southfeld. Novl. Wxom area Up lo $5.50hr. plus benefts. Call SECURTY OFFCERS lor Telograph Rd. area car dealers. Full 6 part tme, nght 4 day shfl weekends open. Gas allowance 4 hourly rate* up to $5. Call SECURTY/PART TME Specal Securty Personnel needed Jot trade 4 expedton shows. All nsde work el hotels 4 conventon centers n Wayne County. No polce type unllorm requred Work at your lesure. See hlereslng shows Earn your holday money now. Must be 18 year j or older, no crmnal record. Please ca.1: SEEKNG Hghly motvated ndrvudats nterested n tranng lor 1. management poston wlh one ol the fastest growng marketng organzaton* n the country. Exceron ncome potental. Send resume lo: Worden 4 Assocates W. 12 ML Rd.. sule 102. Southflefd. Ml SERVCE REPRESENTATVE parttme. Seekng self-starter to merchandse area stores. deal for homemakers. Call: SHPPNG MANAGER: Fast-paced company, Mus have experence Start mmedately! Good Wagea 4 Beneft*. Send resume to Grand Rfvor Ave. Sute 299. Farmlngton Hlls. Ml SHPPNG 6 RECEVNG CLE/tK Southfeld Company 6oek» Shppng 4 Recevng Clerk. Applcant must be energetc, responsble and mantan a good drvng record. Some heavy lftng requred. Fufl tme wth flexble hour* ncludng some evenngs 4 Saturday*. Send resume to: Shppng 4 Rocetvng Clerk. P.O. Box 300.Sou1hnold. Ml SHOP HELP - Ambtous ndvduals lor machne shop work. Hands-on opportunty, mechancally nclned, "w-tllng to partcpate n several phases of toolroom actvty. Full tme poston, complete benefl package ncludng 401K. SouthOeld area. Contact Ken SOCAL WORKER n resdental treatment center servng adolescent dennquon male*. Master* degree and experence preferred. Startng salary. $22,000. Call Greg Chapman, or send resume to: Boys Republc, W. 9 Mle. Farmlngton. Ml STOCK PERSON Full tme, experenced. $5 to start Some beneft*. Uvonla area STOP STOP STOP STOP READNG ALL THESE ADS Professonal retal sale* - earn up lo $35K per year. Many boncflj. pad tranng, pad vacatons. Apply at: Waerbod Qaflery Schoolcrall, Uvonla. STORE MANAGER - ANN ARBOR- $18, years experence as small store manager. Ray Greone Personnel STOP!! HELP WANTED 500 PEOPLE NEEOEO -"" FOR NEW PACKAGNG POSTONS N LVONA & WESTLAND Long term jobs. All shfts ncludng weekends. Excellent opportunty to earn steady $$$ Apply Mon. - Fr, 8aro-4pm Mlddlebel Between Mle BENCHMARK AH applcants requred to show Mchgan State 1.0. or drver* lcense 4 Socal Securty card SURFACE GRNDER Mnmum 2 year* experence n H.SS. form tool grndng. Mlford area. Benefts STOCK CLERKS ^ ¾ M Tme Opportune j Hghland Superstores has part A ful tme eppprtunltej to, lock tc/kj el ts corporate olues n Plyrcur Prevous stock/waehouto «UDC<ence preferred._. W.e oler en except off^ctucmy to work n a dynamc, last pacedtruronmenl. We also offer a gervaous employee dscount ptn Ptcsa send resume or apply n p^son ndcatng part or fus tmo prefervvce 10: '- «HKDHLANO SUPERSTORES Corporate Human Rcsoufcejs 909 H. Sheldon Ptymouth. Ml An Equal Opportunty f mp:o/e/. STU EVANS LNCOLN-MEBCUfY" Mechancal Prep Techmcru needcd lor new car department MJ5 have own tools and some cc/fca lon*. Good pay and excelent work. ng condtons. Appfy m person Ford Rd.. Garden Cty SUBSTTUTE TEACHER Vsta Mara, a prvate ros.dontra treatment center and schcer servce.150 grls, has openngs for substtute leachng povtux-.s 0 complete the academe >C,. n-o-.,. gan certflcawon for tocc-xary educton requred tt ntersjvjd 4 qualfed please send resume * tn salary hstory to Personnel Cc*,,*. nator, Vsta Mara w Wa^en Ave.. Doa/born Hs. Ml Equal Opportunty Emporcr M/r, M SURVEY RESEARCH TECHNCANS Flexble schedules!«c* "The Bes! end the Brghtest". Abe to work 4pm-10pm or 6pm- 10pm durng the week and ETHER Ja-n- 3pm on Sal. OR 1 lam-5pm on S-jn lo do survey research lr.6<-vkr«-..->g codng, data entry n our ne«growng Uvomj Operatons Center Excelronl compensaton and wofkng condton*. Some typng nocessarry PC experence desred. Send resume or letter of nterest to Market Strateges ftukr^. on Rd.. Uvonla, Ml cr,ccj lor an appotntmerl ' TEACHER ASSSTANT for N0.1 area preschool Afternoon Nxrj Background or experence wlh chldren preferred 47WUJ TEACHER ASSSTANTS Needed for Toddler/Preschoot. Exportenoe necessary. Good ope-nv rtry (or advancerr.ent tmmejj'e openng. Appfy at: P.O. Box 55." Brmngham. Ml TEACHER <- Needed lor 2/2% yr. olds. Cexlto tton/za Endor semen L hc-'pfuf" mmedate openng, good for advancement. Appfy lo"t>0 Box 55, Brmngham. Ml ^ TEACHER Part tme mornlno, pre-school teacher. 25^30 rn%^ wecwy ffjv. have Assocate'* or BA. n CMd DoYOlopment or Educaton plus* experence. CaJ 459-5J30 TEACHER Prmary grade, experenced, certfod. suburban prs--s school, P.M. Sessons. Call 9 am-12 noon TEACHERS - For learnng center «1 W. Btoomfed Englsh (Secondary certfcate). Strong Math (Algebra Oeometry). FlexJWe artor scrocj hour* W TELEMARKETERS NEEDED Hourly wage pfu>. 5 day* toa.t- 4pm. Mus have excellent phone sklfs. CaS Sandy 0am-4pm weekday* 827-2*00 TELEPHONE NTERVEWERS Pleasant work for brght, artctfste cater* wth experence n leephon* sales, eppolntmont* or research. No Sefnngl $6 per hr. to start, n Farmlngton. Can day* ^.-:-.?.rrrr»«.^r^v^*na:*»^*4^»x«laaa^^.^lj.^vt^fwwatautt'xjazmr'^vx^tfa TELEPHONE WORKERS No experence necessary, no sellng. we tran, part tme. Parted for homemakers. Houry pay + bonus Calf The Amercan Councd ol the BJTVJ Thrft Store. 9am-6pm Mon hru Sat t-^«:!>>w:5^j»^#tr;*:«^pr?'. l!ars«r»;5c!«a'»=!.-j-*u«^«3 Accountng Servces 1 s E DEAOUNES; 4 P^.TUESDAY FOR THURSDAY EDTON / 4 P.M. FROAY FOR MONDAY EOTON ACCOUNTNG &TAX SERVCES by experenced professonal. Small busness and start-up stuatons a specalty, Alumnum Sdng AAAA ALUM/VNYt SDNG Trm, Gutters, Shutters. Repar*. 20 Yr*. Exp. Free EsL Vc ns. Oakland Cty area. Alum* Enterprso AAAA ALUMWNYL SDNG Trm, gutter*, replacement wndows, doors, decks, oarages, repar*. Le./ ns: Free Est Ken AAAFFORDABLE MPROVEMENTS PROVEN QUALTY RELABLE SERVCE Can now tor your FREE estmalel " " ' m 4 vnyl Sdng, gutter*, top qualfy wood 4 vnyl 'wndows, On alumnum 4 vtnyt sdng, " wood4w replacement wndows, bays 4 bows. Lcensed nsured Reference* D.T.L. ENTERPRSES ALUMNUM 4 VNYL SDNG Replacement wndow* & doors Lcensed 4 nsured Jerry or Alumnum & Vnyl Sdng, Trm & Gutters A9 Work Guaranteed Fuffy nsured References Lcensed BuOder : Crestwood Constructon \ \ ALUMNUM 4 VNYL SlOlUG Trm 4 seamless guter*. Rdplacomen wndows, lcensed MANNNG CONST VNYL 4 Alum, sdng. Gutter», trm, enclosures, roofng 4 related work Applance Servce QUALTY APPLANCE SERVCE Washer*. Oryera, Dshwashers, garbage dsposals, range*. Tony*!: Of 454-1?28 15 Asphalt A 4 J ASPHALT PAVNG CO. SeaJcoatng 4 repar*. Comm. & Re*. AA work guaranteed. Can now lor free est Of T135 Amercan Asphalt Pavng Co. DEMAND lh«professonals" ReWdentlal/Commercfal. Free EslVWork Ou ar. Can How4 Save $t». : ' DOMNO CONST. CO., NC. -ASPHALT PAVNG- Sne* 1968 Resdental 4 Commof dal. - Free E»tlm»fos ' EAGLE ASPHALT Corrvrtl/ReasyOua/ «5-20«1 PAVEMASTERS Specal thru Nov. Qualty *lno» 1JC0- lave on resurfacng, new constructon, stfacosng, repar*; CaS t* bosl before lh«rest. S34-W2S Classfed Ad» GET RESULTS ausffedad* 24 Basement Waterproofng ALL TYPES OF WATERPROOFNG QuoJttntt>ul Free Estmates Peter Maut A-1 WATERPROOFNG 15 years experence. Free estmate Reasonable rates. Art work guar BASEMENT LEAKS REPAREO Of elnj 4 Sump pumps repared. 30 YEARS EXPERENCE Earf H.Jensen WET BASEMENT PROBLEMS? NATONWDE SNCE 1958 FULLY WARRANTED LCENSED ANSUREO B-DRY SYSTEMS « MACOMB WAYNE OAKLAND 25 Bathtub Reflnlshng WORLOWDE REF1NSHNG Bathtub 4 Tle Reflnlshng Chp repar*. Free estmates. AB work warranteed Brck, Block, Cement. AAA A CUSTOM BRCK WORK - Specalzng n as masonary repar* 4 new constructon brck sdewalk* also chmney 4 porch repars, brck addtons 4 ftess tmxk. Free Est. Can Keth AFFORDABLE TOP QUALTY Masonary 30 yr. Porehe* Chmney*. SkJewa'ks/Drrveway*. Brck/ Block. flebvftd-repajr, free est. Klann Constructon Co, RVEWAY6. garage*, walk*, porehe*. found attons.brck 4 Block. Ucensod Free EsL UNVEA3A CEMENT CO. A FREE 4 FAR ESTMATE on *9 cement, brck 4 block work. Porehe*, walk*, drveway*, chmneys 4 pato*. Glass block* 4 brck payer*; RosJdontla 4 Commercal. Uc. 4 m*. Call anytme ALL BRCK & BLOCK WORK Also repar of chmney* 4 porehe* ' Free Estmate*. BRCK, BLOCK 4 CONCRETE WORK Freplace*, footngs, block basemen!. Ask for Karlm BRGK REPARS.Chmney, porch, slops. Brck sdewalks, concrete drveway*, sdewalk* and pato*. 28 yew* txporence. Frta estmate*. Ken DOGONSK! CONST. Brck,- Block, C«rn«nt Work. Porch*!, Orlvaway*. Chlmnay Foundaton, Excavaton 4 Haulng Lle.&msd EMH CONTRACTNG NC Comont A Masorary Aft Repar* "Small or Urge Drrvowsy* 'Retldental, Pato* "Commercal Step* «tndu*trta foolng* fut.effcor. Porches Hcensdd Floor*,." ^nsured Waterproofng Backhoe work WORK MYSELF FREE ESTMATE Brck, Block, Cement BRCK WORK, cement work, tuckpolntlng, brck paver*, masonry realrs, wood decks. Mo Job too smatfl Planka-H-8e*rd* 466-4\H- - Garages*Deck* S Chmneys Repned or bult new Screened Cleaned ROOF LEAKS STOPPED Senor Ctzen Dscount CROWN CONTRACTNG Frank Vento Masonry & Cement Co, nc.» FOUNDATONS * ADDTONS * WATERPROOFNG * DRVEWAYS * GLASS BLOCK * BRCK PATOS * PORCHES DO My Own Work 34 Year* Experence ' FULLY LCENSES 4NSUREO Free Esllmales TALOROMANA CEMENT CO Yr*. exp. Garage, drveways, patlo. Garage rasng. Lcensed. Bonded. nsured. ' LAM8ERTO CONSTRUCTON AU TYPES OF CEMENT No Job To Bg Or Small Free Est. Uc 4 nsured $ MELONOBROS. CEMENT CONTRACTORS 3$ YEARS EXPERENCE Garage, Drveway, Patlo Porches, Brck & Block Le, Bonded & nsured Free Estmates or Bookkeepng 8vc. ALL BOOKKEEPNG SERVCES Small busnesses, bvhouse of out, pjyrca. taxes, reasonable rale*, dependable senor ctuens Bldg.ft Remodelng ABLE ANO READY TO W0RKW1THY00 Home Town Bulders 0«Btunk, Ptymouth ADDTONS KTCHENS BASEMENTS * DECKS Deal dlrecl wlh owner *nd gel lop qualty at a ford able prce* ':. Fre*Estlm«te*.LJc./lns.... _ A FAMLY BUSNESS RON DUQAS BLDG Crown -Lvona A PERSONAL TOUCH* KTCHEN3, VANTES, COUNTERS BASEMENTS, COO R3, REPARS VNYL 4 PELLA WNDOWS Uc. 4 nsured 28 Yr. Experence AFFORDABLE 8NCE1G84 GENERAL CONTRACTOR rvmodeflng Repar - Bldg. (From 8mell 10 laroe). 42r A KTCHEN SPECALST Refeclng or New Cabnet* ' Dshwasher tr»ler»tlon Formca Counler* Bldg. & Remodelng MWM.MH'.BWW.CM.JmaU.MM.l *.l ^ ^ADDTONS* Bedrooms Famly Rooms 10 yrs. experence. Le. 4 nsured. Free Estmates 4 Desgn Cell KRSH CONTRACTNG CO A:C.. Assocated Carpentry nstallatons KTCHEN 6 BATH SPECALST Brchcraft 4 Poneer Cabnetry Craftne Wndows Free n-home estmates wth our professonal desgners. Le. 4 nsured 20 Yrs. Experence BASEMENTS Fnshed 4 Remodeled Free Estmate CONTRACTOR - Relred/Ucensed Complelo Remodelng Ktchens, Bathrooms, Addton*. Wndows. Enclosures, Awnngs, etc. Marv D & B CONSTRUCTON Rools, Sdng, Basements Roc. Rooms. All types. Complete modernsaton. nteror/exteror Pantng HOME MPROVEMENT Basement remodoung, bathrooms, roofs, vnyl sdng, alumnum trm 6 repalra. Far prces, 18 yrs. exp. John Mewsted HOME MPROVEMENTS Basements, roofs, elec., plumbng, etc. ns. work, comm'l renovaton. Be, ns. 15 yrs. Reas. rates. CaH C. Roberta: , or HOMESTEAD BULDERS NC. Ktchens, bath*, addtons, rec rooms, replacement' wndows, docks, lcensed, nsured and reputable T COSTS NO get 1st class workmanshp. FRST PLACE WNNER Ol two natonal award*, HAM LTON ha* been sfsfytng - tujtomerslof ovar35yr. FREE Estmates Dos»gnj. Addton* Ootmer*. Ktchens'Bahs. Porch Enclosures, etc. HAMLTON BUL0ERS Call hra. RE0 ROOM. KTCHEN 4 BATH SPECALSTS.A«_Remodeng. _ TONY REA CONSTRUCTON CO Complete ktchen remodelng. Custom cabnet* 4 counter tops. Free estmles. Senor dsc Carpentry ABSOLUTELY ALL HOME REPARS nslaaton*. Remodels. Fnshed Bssements, Ktchens, 4 Baths. HANDYMAN JOE Lcensed 4 nsured A HAMMER r-or HRE AS Carpentry* Replrs Coda VWatlonj. n! 4 Ext Plumbng 4 Electrcal ALL AMERCAN CARPENTRY 1 Ktchens 4 b«s*m«n(. 20 Yr*. Experence. DOOrS, wndows, ftt. Ext., plumbng 4 electrcal Carpentry AFFORDABLE Beaut LfjjJ Fnshed Basements References. Free Estmates. Dscount over 350 so, ft BARRY'S CARPENTRY SERVCE 10 Yrs. Exp. Ret. Remodel Specalst: Ktchens, baths 4 basements. Free Est. Work guar CARPENTRY - FNSH OR ROUGH Addtons, ktchens, drywa. closels. pantres, basements, decks, "no lob too sma.1" Uc JUDGES CARPENTRY Ktchens. Baths. Rec room* Small Jobs accepted KEN FlERKE LtC.-lns Carpentry. Decks, gutters, rools. alum sdng, rec rooms, wndows, doors, elc. Reasonable. Free Est SMALL JOB! ALL HOME REPAR QUALTY CARPENTRY TRM. CABNETS. STAR RAL SMALL WORLD SMALL JOBS DONE EFFCENTLY 6 PROFCENTLY BY A LCENSED CARPENTER WALT: STAR RAL SPECALST Replace those ugly ron re'ls wth beautful oak or brch rats. Gerard Pethof, TEDKLNGLER CARPENTRY 4 WOODWORKNG Qualty furnture 4 cabnetry desgns Superb Craftsmanshp Rec rooms. Basements, Ktchen*, Belhr corns. New 4 repars. 44 Cabnetry & Formca AAA KTCHENS c\ BATHS COUNTER TOPS c\ CABNETS FRANK RASHD Days Ev ALL FORMCA ktchens, balhs, floors, counler lops. etc S0NATURE WOODWORKS Custom furnture 4 ceknoll Wood* 4 tanvnatc-s. Perfecton's! n dosty* 4 executon Carpets CARPET, VNYL, TLE. CERAMC 4 MARBLE FLOOR9. Sales. nstallaton. 27 yrs. *p. Showroom Uvonla. Mck Gavn: COLONAL CARPETS Carpel*. Lkveoeum 4 Hardwood Sa'o, 8ervc«4 nstallaton Call Steve al Carpet Cleanng A Dyeng AFTERGLOW Professonal Carpel/Upholstery Cleanng. Mng RoOm/Han. $24. Bedrooms Truck Mount. STEAM CLEANEO Carpel Cleanng & Dyeng AN ALPNE FRESH CARPET steam cleanng servce, rooms 4 hab. $35; truck mounted ecjutoment. Any sofa *30. Anytovesoal $25. Any char $20. Peak of dean Carpet Layng & Repar ALL NSTALLATON 4 REPARS Pad evaawo. AH work Guaranteed. References. 4 Yrs. Experence. Call Dave ANY CARPET NSTALLATON 12 YEARS EXPERENCE Chmney Cleanng, Buldng, Repar ALL CHMNEY Work. Repars. New. Caps, Flue Ppes. Brck Work ALWAYS A CLEAN SWEEP CAPS 6 SCREENS NSTALLED MLLERS CLEAN SWEEP Chmneys Repared or bult new Screened Cleaned.ROOF LEAKS STOPPED Senor Ctzen Dscount Lcensed 4 nsursd CROWN CONTRACTNG Chmneys Bult new 4 repa'»y Wll beat any prcel Senor ctzen dscount, lcensed 6 nsured. BEST CHMNEY CO. Doarborn Southfeld CHMNEYS-PORCHES BRCK RESTORATON nebul, Repared, Leaks Slopped, Tuck Ponllng, Flashngs, Cleaned 4 Screened. All Work Guaranleod. ft<x> Eslmates. lcensed. nsured HGH HAT CHMNEY SWEEP Rancaps, Damper*, RepaVa Guaranleod no mess. nsured le.(»2776) Draperlee 8llpcoyera/Clng. CUSTOM DRAPERES 25 Yr». Exp. My workroom specalzes n vssnce des'gns, swags, bslloon. cornce boards, etc. Your fabrteorour*. Freecsl Drywatl DRYWALL 4 PLASTERNG New 4 Repa'r*. Hand or Sprsy, Taxlurng. AcouJtk al Cel. k. Guar. 30 Yrs. Exp , or VlNCE'S PLASTER 4 DRYWAU REPARS No sandng, lcensed 4 reputable 3, t Dp/wall New 4 repar plasterng. tsptng, GJtturzmg, stucco. 2 of more $50 6adv Electrcal ABSOLUTE QUALTY NSTALLS Resdental - Commercal 7 days Lcensed nsured Guaranteed UVONA ELECTRC COMPANY AAA-1 ELECTRCAN Low Fan Prces Reasonable - Le. - Free Es. Call Mark: A 4 A ELECTRC Res. 4 Comm., breaker 4 fuse panels, plugs, volatons. Le. Low Prces. Free Est. Anytme ABOUT TO CALL an Electrcan? 30 years experence. Resdental/commercal, foo estmates. CaJt: 8am-5pm or ALL ELECTRCAL REPARS 35 YRS EXPERENCE Lcensed and nsured. Volatons, servce changes, decoratve 4 securty rghtng, senor ctzen dscount. DAVD MOSS BLL OKLER ELECTRC Res. 4 Comm. - Uc. 4 ns. Specalzng n old homos ELECTRCAN NEEDS your work. No fob loo small. Cellng fans. 220Jnes, ropalra, etc Caf Gary, 7 days 532-6CO0 J. C. Prce Electrc Ho job too bg or small Free Estmates Sr. Ctzen Dscounts: ROWE ELECTRC 4 SUPPLY Electrc Contractng 4 Supples Resdental 4 Commercal Van Oorn, Wayne Excavatng BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG FAR PRCES' EXCAVATNG Trenchng Gradng HauUng Tracker Consl: EXCAVATNG - Gradng, Backhoe work. Trenchng Ppe Pullng 4 Truckng. BG OR SMALL JOBS. HACKEftSERVCES QUALTY SERVCE SNCE Fences KMBERLY FENCE Many styles: custom rod cedar, stockade, mantenance free ron. Osl* Repar frewood AAA-FREWOOO SEASONED MXEO HARDWOOD $50 DUMPED. $60 8TACKEO CALL ABSOLUTELY Seasoned t yr. Splt, mxed hardwood. $65, face cord. 4x8'xl4-16"-Jof more $60»a. Frt«doffv. Canton, nearby ADMRE YOUR FRE SUPER WELL6EASONE0 HARO-BRCH-FRUT HACKER SERVCES ' QUALTY 6ERVXJE SNCE 1»<6 ANOEOS SUPPLES >' Seasoned Fre*ood. 1/8 Cord-$10 1 Face Cord (4>8'xl8 L pckup $ J f*c«cord, deffvered $69. 2 fee* cord* do«v*fd -1120, 3 face cord* dehvered $ lao* oordl do'rrored.wo Frewood HMUWH-', 1. '.'f'.'r.sam ALREAOY SEASONED AH Splt mxed hardwoods dc5vered. 1 (ace cord 4'x8'»16-20', $55 FREWOOD Mxed hardwood - $55 lace cord (4x8x 16-20) delvered NOBLES LANDSCAPE SUPPLY SEASONEO FREWOOD 6 COAL OeVery or Pckup PAUL BUNYON TREE SERVCE Seasonod mxed hardwood Pck up or delvery SEASONEO HARDWOODS $57 a lace cord 14x8x16-18) Oak avalable $70 a face cord. Free LOCAL delver SEASONED MXEO HARDWOOO $60 cord, 16x4x8 Free delvery - Frultwood eva.1abt* Northern Tree Car* Floor Servce A 8ETTER FLOOR SANDNG JOB Old floor* our specalty. Slan work beautfutfy done. Also new floors nstalled A-1 WOOD FLOORS ' We nstall, sand 6 fnsh, an typos ol wood floors. Custom work a specalty. For Free Estmate call B&B WOOD FLOORS nslaaton 4 Re fnshng B4CWOOO FLOORS Over 20 yrs. experence. m$taj!. sand, slan 4 fnsh. Owned 4'Oporaled, Ben/Carol Paynter AN0Y HARDWOOO FOOR Fnshng - Hardwood floors mslawd, llnlhed, repared. Dvson of Desanlo Constructon HARDWOOO FLOORS PEROD Custom colors ar* our' sped ally. We lnjts», sand 4 fnsh an fypes of wood. Free est SO Furnace nstall Or Repar FALL8PECAL$39«5 Furnace vacuum dean 4 check-op 60 year* Famly Busness. Can anytme Furnlturo Flnlehtng A Repar REPAR4 REFlNSH FURNTURE Any type ol Canng and Rush Garage* OARAGE DOORS & OPENERS W* sen 4 servce an makes ol garage doors 4 openers Alworkouar. Partl4UbOf Wo'll boat your bosl deal nsurance work On* day servce SAVE MONEY FREE ESTMATES SHAMROCK DOOR Classfed Ads GET RESULTS Classlflod Ads 96 Parages GARAGE DOORS" Electrc Openers " Trapp Storm DOOM ^ Entrance Doors,- -^1 nsurance repar*.» nstallaton 6 Servce.. Lcensed snce uc «06WJ' ALLEN OVERHEAD DOOR Co j Uvonla J Ann Arbor » 99 Gutters CLEANNG. REPARS. NEW. HEAT TAPES. SCREENNG DEPENDABLE F GUTTER CLEANNG SERVCE, Free estmates Ask lor Marly 58M* GUTTER CLEANNG 6 REPAP Roof 4 Chmney Repav Tree Trlmmlna Leav* Message. Paul 272-: LVONA GUTTER Seamless gutter*! sdng, tr roof*, cleanlnfl 4 all repars Sr C zoo Dscounts. Free Est 474-6^10 OHMER GUTTER SERVTCEJ Guers cleaned-repa'r ed-scr eer- New gutters- Root repa» [ Free Estmates «? 102 Handyman Mate/Female ABSOLUTELY ALL HOME REPA' S 4 nstallatons; Plumbng, Elect. <. Carpentry 4 Much. Much More HANDYMAN JOE A n Lcensed 4 nsured. : 624-T879 ACE HANDYMAN nstallatons, applances, le pf»on 1e'e<u1e*lf»paVs. _ Caa Tony or 454-V^6 ALL HOME REPA1R3 4 PANT^ Done quckly Al Reasonable rt KEVN J A-1 HANDYMAN.._, Eloctrca. plumbng, carper-jry!' cod* volaton correctons. Oc'J' For servk* eel Bob, 281,-090 DUT-ALL Horn* Car* 4 mpfevemenl, Pa'ntk^, Orywa". PJumbtno.'EF Phone anytme: ' S6>4a5 FX: lghts, Ttnt, lock*, DrAT Dryers/Y/ashers, Garage Phones. Electrc. Plumbng.Me' Partcular. 8cotry. ' 47^ 0ENERAL Mantenance 4 Decoratno, carpentry. Hone? work. References. '* ' re«es. James HOME /leparva.lmproye Carpenlry. Elecl/lcal. Pkjmryrj lnst*!"*ton, etc. Free Estmate*. KETH KRAFT. Resdental Mantenance SfJec*' Handyman Servce > Honest. QuaKry Workmanshp, R f able. James Keth, Your Craftunt LAROE OR SMALL, W,e WlotfV - From the rool d the bajer)^ Senor OUcounl nsde 4 evl,-la JMrf MULT-SKllEONOfY] Seeks al type ol home n, modornlzton. E»tma!»* nth CaJlle* 474- Rotlred Handyman Al types of worv ; % >. "t «.3-

47 r-cvtjj** '*&*r5ty*-*&\ 500 Mp Wanted TEACHERS AJOS - Par tn-* m. Wonlessor School, Wafed lake/ Wasl BrOOfnfteld area. Experence, ntlt chsdren requred "TEACHERS ADES needed (w fwmftsoo HJ:J Nursery schoo FuU & par lme CaJ after 04" TELEMARKETERS A/«you lookng lor * pa/-urne )ot) «vttfl Ml lme pay? f you e/a "Experenced and Enthusastc" «,«hava Uv» opportunty for you 1250 $400/11)(. + cash bonuses > $*tng appontment*, no sa.<e* Workng afternoon* hom 3pm-9pm VA Kcekends. Cfl (or utervew -Mon-Frl. from 12pm-5pm Ask for 'fl^fy t TELEMARKETERS Wort from a/ea oftoa. J4 5S hour lo start. Yog fnust be 18 Approxmately 23 -four»<>ek. After 4:30pm $ TELEMARKETNG - RETRED»<hopf teachers & senor cttonj wanted lo* phone screenng poston*. Mo tam* Ca3 pday TELEMARKETNG - Bloomleld H:B». Afternoons and evenng* 1560/hr. CaJ Nelson «1 Unlforce TELLER PART TME Poston avalable «1 our Lvona offce Canddates must have good math, atral tkflj & publc contact experence Prevous tener erponence requred. Pad vacaton and 401K plan AppJy m person. 10am- 3pm. Mon thru frl. OETROn SAVNGS BANK Mdd'.ebertAvonla An Equal Opportunty Employe* " TELLERS - A local Savngs Bank L» seekng par tme Te.ler lor openngs m he ftoy- elotk Offce. Part Tme Employe* benefts KV cfvde employes tree checkng, group kf«nsurance, aeoced pad holday*, toooo assstance pad vacaton and other* The deal canddates wn have a Kgf School Dploma and have prevtou* customer servce as wefl a* cash handlng experence' n addton. $0Od COrnmonlcatlon SklKS. typng ablty end math aplrtude are requred. Qualfed canddate) thould tend ther resumes lo Box 62^PStet\n ft Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd. Uvona. Mchgan 4S150 EEO/AA \ Monday. October 29, 1990 O&E *5F 500 HelpV/anted TTLE EXAMNER Tn«Company located on «.est ade (cokng lor e«perlenood Ttle Examne* Excellent opporlunty lor ho rght p«r«on mmedate full tme DO S' tjon avalable AJ nqures confdental. Ask for Don TRACTOR TRALER DRVERS Be a part ol natonwde corp. We exc«< n team managed transportaton Ex«r,on startng pay. bonus pay, g/eat beneft package» state ot the a/l eoypment Please sendresume lo Mpo Transport S Telegraph. Ste 100, Taylor. M or appry n porabn on Mon Oct. 29 orrfy rom 9am-11am. TRAVEL CONSULTANT Pressure Free Corp. Travef Summo/aOfl. Well establshed downtown uave< agency oev«a tuk lmo seasonal travel, consultant wth > summe/a ort The successful canddate wll have a mnl/num ot 2 yra' expe/teoce at a travel agent and p05s*sa good organzatonal, cusomor contact end teephone sklls. Corporate travef experonce aad krwo*1- edge ot A>oao CRT system prelorred We offer compettve compensaton- end benefts Cv employees are aware of ths advertsement For confdental con sjderatton c l Mon Frl. 9am-5pm 22S-4544 Travef Jon The Agency That Has He!pod Busness Treve'e/s For 150 Years Thomas Cook Travo u seekng en ergetc. deta.l orented canddates for fus and par lme opporturvtes m the lo3owjg postons NTERNATONAL TRAVEL COUNSELOR O RATE AND TARFF SPECALST VACATON COUNSELOR 9 CORPORATE TRAVEL COUNSELOR We ofler the most complete beneft package lo nclude 100% tuton rembursement. Medcal/DontaJ nsurance, matched company savngs p!an and more. C*a (313) )9. FAX resume to (313) or send n confl denoelo: Thomaa Cook Travel 4 Parklane Brvd. Smte $00 Dearborn. M48126 THE GVNG TREE TEL TWELVE MAU W* a/* expandng & hava teve/aj openngs n d.ffernonl categores Assstant Managor Sales Fun or Par tme Flexble schedulng ava.1ab» Please appfy n poraon or cea THE GREAT CXVDE. A U Of M 4 WSU store s openng a new tore al Summt Pece Ma. FuB and part tme poston* tva-table wta advancment potentla). SeJes export enc* pfelerred. but not essental tntenrtewt «rh be held Nov 1 & am-8pm. Summt Place M&jl n C^mmunrty Room A. Nov pm. TOOLROOM HELPER Exprtenced onfy. Oay shft Manufacturng fec&fy Normac nc., 720 E. eaoflne Rd.. NorthYOe TOOL MAKER Prototype job ahop nvolved n mechjnlng engne and drfveraln castng«must have, experence m CNC set up and programmng MuSt be cepable of rapd advancement TOW TRUCK DRVER Must have experence. 'Brmngham a/ea rom 3pm-l2pm 64«-4774 THE TROWBRDGE The tnest n senor rvtng has tun Cme posnona avalable n the transportaton department Compettve yrages. ecedent benerta. Can?5f tor nformauon. TRANEE REQURED lor u» Wade rnanufaclurlng shop. BajJc engneerng skll requred. A tranng ofven. Appfy at: KJhkeldor Saw nc, 8200 Ronde Dr.. Canton. Ml TRANERS Are you lookng lo tupplemenl your ncome'? Are you ava-labe Mon-Frt eves? Traners noeded lo tran csanng custodans Must be flexble & wtang lo learn. CaJ TRUCK OR1VER - Furnflure delvery and warehouse. fus tme Good beneft*. Appfy (n person Classc ntertor», MWldlebert Rd. Uvoma. TRUCKORVER Ught truck dfmng and buddng mantenance Apply n person Stcgner EJeclnc, ndustral Rd. Uvona TRUCK DRVERS WANTEO Must have chaufleura Bcense. Rentble ransportatlon 4 know trtcounty area Appfy n person Mon- Frl. betwoon Manufacturer* Dr.. Nevrburgh/Cherry Hdl a/ea. Westand. TRUCK DRVER - to drve V. on pckup, for hl-loch stool treatng laolty. n PhTnouth area Must be lemma/ wth Detrot Metro area. Can TURRET LATHE «3 warnor Swasey Set up and operate Mnmum 3 years experence Afternoon poston. Only those wth exporonce need eppry Top weges and benefta. Apply at Oualty Screw Product* Schoolcraft. LNona. Ml VCR TECHNCAN EXPERENCED Beneft*. exceoent wages, exporlencod m afl brands Please can Mr Bob Gbson for an ntervew VENDNG ROUTE DRVER To dean 6 fn vendng machnes. Must have good drvng rocord CaJ between 9anv pm VETERNARY HOSPTAL RECEPTONST - Experonce hop- M Mus have good skt;* n pubc relatons Bloomfted Townshp After/pm VOLUME SERVCES s now hrng tor as postons ncludng Management 4 Supervsory Staff Part tme, reasonable houra Great second ncome Day 6 evenng hours avalable Apply n person al the Palace Ot Auburn HUj or cal Warehouse Employees NEE0ED FOR AFTERNOON WAREHOUSE SHFT. Should have order lnng experence m a fast paced warehouse envronment t6 50/hr. lo start. 90 day ncrease. ececcnl benefts. For owe nforma Hon. can betwoon: 9:0OAM-11:00AM, on Tues., Oct. 30 MACAULEYS OFFCE PRODUCTS PHONE CALLS ONLY 500 Help Wanted TYPOGRAPHER/EXPERENCED Mnmum of 5 year*. Ablly lo operate CorrpugraphC ntegrator wth Power Page a must Oualty conscous 4 wtongness to work overtme f needed. Pay s good as you are. Send resume lo. Box a600. Obaorvcr 4 Eccentrc Nowspaperj Schoolcraft Rd.. Uvonl*. Mchgan VETERNARY ASSSTANTS Part lme poston at our Canton 4 Frsor anmal hosptal* Must be dependable. Lke anmals, able lo clean 4 work wthout constant supervson. nterested canddate* can PVH belwoen 3-4pm. Mon -Frl. ask lor Marlyn Voofter at WAJT STAFF - Part or Fufl Tme Mus have experence n Banquet or Ala Carte Servce Apof* el. Botsford nn Grand Rve/. Fa/mnglon HJ.'j WArTEO hardworkng men and women for constructon cleanng crew We spocalue n speod cleanng newty b>j.t home* 4 apartment* Ow offce s located n Uvona Transportaton necessary mmedtatsopenng Hetp Wanted Dental-Medcal ANALYST Full tme poston tor Medcal/Dental Clams Analyst 2 yer* experence requred Con-pany offer* M beneft package. Excellent workng onvronmer.l n e« company Salary con-jnensurete wth experence. For personal ntervew, ca.1 Lnda at ASSSTANT PRACTCE MANAGER Fu3 n-* porton avalable w-:h an mut-sc-ecty nternal Medcr^ practce m Farrrtngtoh H,"j Pra.'lous eperence n account* payable, payroll, and e3 aspects ot oomuertjed medcal b";ng * preferred Otgaaatona skn*. typng and management sks* are helpful to prospectve canddates Please send resume to Box. d Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Fd. l/vor-ja. Mchgan Help Wanted Dental-frtedcal OENTAL HrOlOE ASSSTANT Are you a brght personable, motvated t&)h schoofcomrnurjt* college p/aduste who would Jte a ca/eer n health sorvlco? To learn about an exct^vg tranng opportunty n a hgh qual.ty dental spoda'ty ofr<«.caa ¾ DENTAL HYGENST Part-tme poston erasable (or a personable, motvated ndwluaf to Jon our rtfl't offce staff n SouthWd. Ca WAREHOUSE MANAGER For sh'v png and recevng Must have experence wth UPS and truck ahlpp-ng CaltCharloyC WAREHOUSE PERSONNEL Nov! busness equpment dcalersh.p s lookng for a deaj orented person for lght mantenance 6 delvery dutes Good drvng record necessary Excellent entry level opportunty. Benef.t* Cat FocX Sewck WE ARE LOOKNO FOR MATURE. DEPENDABLE, responsble ndvduals to f.b poslons n the!o-3owmg area* m our warehouse Recevng Department Shppng Department Order P«ker* 6 Packers Mantenance and Delvery Good workng condton* $6 00 per hour. Appry Mon. thru Sal anytme at Heslop*, nc Hes.".p Drve. Nov) (between Hon 4 Meadowbrook Road*. North of 9 M.le). WNDOW CLEANERS Tranee* or Pros, students»ecome Can X-TRA $$ FOR CHRSTMAS S6/HR&UP Appontment Settng No sellng No experence necessary m epandng Westand offce For ntervew caj Tcwos YARD HELP NEEOEO Large suburban complex n Canton Male or tema^ welcome lo appry Call Glen or Wanda ZAMBON OPERATOR WANTEO Part tme employee lor evonlngs/ wookend* Detrot Ska'.mg Cub of Btoomfeld HJt* CaJ ask tor Ron betwtson 1l-4pm Help Wanted Dental'Medlcal ADE - part tme lor ndependent physcal therapy omc* n Southfcfd- Wfl l/ajn the rght person Call Suzanne ALLERGY CENTER Certfed Medcal Assstant WJ tran n varlou* skes Typng necev sary. Please ca ALLERGY (RN, LPN, MA) Wanted tor busy Allergst Experenc* preferred. Fufl or part tme poston* avalable 2 offces Salary 4 benefta commonsurated w/exporence Ca (ask for Jeanne) ft not avalable leave message, you* ca3 w3 be returned Ann Arbor Area PATENT ATTENDANTS MMEDATE NEE0 FOR Compansh p /Ob se*v* t on CALL MON.-THURS. 9AM-2PM Oearbom CABOpOOY SECRETARY Fu% tme posfoon (Mon-Frl) ava,taw» m the Cardology secton of a multspoca/tv prvate practce. Canddate must have knowledge of medcal termnology 4 dsease process, typng 4 organltatonal sxjus. excellent phone communcaton s*a:s. Exceoont opportunty tor an ndvdual seekng contnued growth n cardology and n research Please tend resume to: MCG Grand Rver. Sute 306. Farmlngton H.Cs. Ml BJSY OB/GYN *> Southhefd wartl RN or LPN Benef.ts avalable Sa'lry r -W0lable Some Saturdays Can Mon Fn ' between 1am-4pm BUS* OFFCE r>ocds ambloy person to Co 1rp-ng 4 fjjrj Please can M;ke or Lnda Plymouth/Canton area CLERCAL PERSON NEEDED wm basc oflce skks lor Medcal offce, on Tues 4 Fn Wn ran Can M F OENTAL ASSSTANT Experence prewred SpoaaMy offce m SouthfCd $7 lo J«per tv mnmum Call Shrley OENTAL ASSSTANT Part tme. CDA or ROA pre ferrod. o* year rrjn.mum ejperence Saturday 4 everuog txxjr% Ca» lo* applcaton OENTAL ASSSTANT Urtque. career orented ndrndua who has dev,te goals m ma%d. noeded lor a progressve denal practce Must meet qjal.fcalons. ncludng at least 2-3 y<». experence and be wllng to expand your deals n denhstry Benefts package. ncludng unt/orm ahowance to fub tme canddates DENTAL ASSSTANT Part tme afternoons 4 evenngs $4 50 wth mert ncreases Des/born DENTAL ASSSTANT FuU lme, epcrenced lor group practce m Boomhcd HJJ. Salary negotable OENTAL ASSSTANT Full/part tme. Great work place - rendly poop^ Good pay Benefts Experenced a MUST Canton Ondy DENTAL ASSSTANT - FuU tme experenced wth some receptons! dutes lor new Nov dental Days Eves OENTAL ASSSTANT Our growng Canton practce s searchng for a cheerful. onorgetk. Assstant Cha;ftde experence preferred for our team-orented envronment DENTAL ASSSTANT Progressve Fa/mngton HJs offce Part tme poston for epevcnced. dependable, dedcated, 6 energetc person Xrays No Sat or evonlngs DENTAL HYGlENST - Wanted lo* fun roslon n downtown Rochester practce Please can DENTAL HYGENST for lub tme poston n Lake Oron general practce OENTAL HYGENST for frendy Westand offce Fo* Thursdays DENTAL HYGlENST Part tme For rendfy Lrvorua offce Please cal DENTAL offce n search ol gregarv cvs. organsed, mature person who s nterested n workng m a ron! desk poston whore pauorvt servce * our frst 4 foremost prorty We desra someone who socks 4 enjoy* ncreased responsbclty Experence preferred, flexble hour*. T Degervhardt. DOS 4 Team. Troy DENTAL RECEPTONST - Experenced, part l^ne. lor newt/ remodeled W Des/born offce. Some computer knowledge helpful Top pay lor rght ndmdua DENTAL RECEPTONST, part llmov eperlonce preferred, flexble hour*, lor pleasant Wesl Dearborn two dentst offce BeneUs OENTAL ASSSTANT, experenced. 4 days a woek. tor unque. Dearborn. rnptant dental offce. Bonerls. Sala/y negotable )0 OENTAL RECEPTrQNST Canton. Part tme evenng*. Approxmate hra 3pm-8:30pm. Tues.. Wed 6 Thur*, occasonal Sal. 9am- 2pm. Ca.1 Ocborah DENTAL RECEPTONST experenced. fus Joy Rd 4 Telegraph DENTAL RECEPTONST. Fua front desk pos-ton Troy area Experence requred ,- CMALYSlS SeH-motva'.c-d.- creatve nd'nd'jal wth sales eperence to ma/ke f>a.ys.sprobram Please send resume 634, Observer 4 ccennc Nenspapor* Schoolcraft Rd. LKorJa. Mchgan OMC HEALTHCARE CENTERS V/OOOLAND V/ 8MJ9R0 Detrot. Ml Phone ) Medcal Asssant or L<«nsed Practcal Nurse nternal Mod one - Fut Tme Ped:anc* - Part Tme Atl:!:atod»Hh the Detro Medcal Center. An Equal Opporunrty mptoycr FARMNGTON Denal Practce Very updaled. progressve. rondly offce has fuq lone'posbon avalable Th.s s a Fror.t Desk pos-ton wth err*hass on patent collecton Experence s essenta Sa'ary commensurate w-.lh eperence HK3H TECH NFUSON NURSE for fult/psrt um«err.pjo-vment for w novalfve. rdn>ca.7y orenlod nfuson con-pany Please send resume to. Box 634. Observer 4 Ecoent/e Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd. Lrvona. M/Cf^gan HOLTER MONTOR SCANNNG A part tme porton (2 days a week) rs avalable for an e>pcrenced ndvdual m hoer scarnjg FN CCU experence Or CCVT welcome to appy Ptease send resume lo MCG Grand Fuvor. Smle 306 Farmnglon H^s. Ml HOME HEALTH CARE ADES FuU or part t,me hourtr (en sfulls) 4 24 v kve n asslgnmenls m prvate homes J retrement resdences located m We>ern V/ayne 4 Oakland Countes Good startng pay whh regu'ar mert reve-ws. ncrytrvn 6 rensdorlabon a. r c-*ance EMPA<ARE HOUSEKEEPNG SUPERVSOR FuU lme must have experence 4 be relable Good management skfs a must Lahser H as Nursng Center HYGENE ASSSTANT Establshed Canton dontal practce s lookng lor a conscentous, energetc assstant to help the hyg:cnlst Dental background helpful HYGlENST Futl-Tme. Part-Tme Lrvorua a/ea Ea/n $25 to 430 an hr. or more, on our lberal salary and o* a percentage Our practse la growng wth our soft tssue management program We need * hlghh/ skted and morvated person. Can ask lo* Cheryl HYGENST Poston avalable. fub o» part tme m a mut facet offce Top pay. Excellent benefts n a Oua'-ty orented prectce LAB TECH/MEOCAL ASSSTANT 3'-» days a week lor lab poston m West Bloomfcd nterrdst'a offce Experenced Only LPN's-$14.75/Hour Be a member of the o Team! Wesl Bloomfcfd Nursng Centv. no/ Map<e and Drake, has lust ncreased ts wage package for LPN'* ready to meet the challenge* provded by the recognzed leader m Skcod. long Term Care Afternoon staff postons avalable from $13 50 to $14 75 per hour CaJ Mrs Mancuso O* Mr* SubOtChat or appfy m person al 6445 W Maple Rd.. Wesl Btoomfeld MARKETNG REPRESENTATVE Do not appfy unless you possess the folo-wng Quafcetor-*: Med<a Offce Management Medcal nsurance Processng Computer Know He* ' Salary pfuj commsson Send resume Telegraph, Sute 353. Brmngham. Ml Kelp Wanted Dental-Medcal HYG'ENST- FuU or part tme We are lookng tor lhal specal person to become part of our dental team C&3 our Dearborn offce betrveen 9-4pm Bene Ms/bonuses HYGlENST - day/pe* V* fo* grow./>j Perodontal specally practce m lo) Pret&r ndvdual desrng to e.entuary make ths a ful t^r.e pos.tjon Hoever.»J cons'de* a'l mtl-vated. grega/ous, non- VT<,»mg f^rvktuas wl'ng to loam and lesch other* S LAUNORY/HOUSEKEEPNG Appf/ n person al, Marycrest Manor M.dd'et*.!. L )- on s LPH».MEO-TECH» Pa/ttT* Etarr.ner for nsurance Recent blod dram experence. EKG Utce 4 Slerl-rv) Hfs Ca3 Jane MA OR RECEPTONST wanted. hex_-ble r<mrs, luj t^ne. larr^r^r EKGs venepuncture YM tran Ask lor Shrley MATURE. Fun jne PT Ade lor outpatent orthopodc ctmc Contact Cndy MEO.CAL ASSlSTANT:Fu!l tne At least 1 year experence Good w3ges 4 workng condtons Royal Oak a/ea Can Artene MEOlCAL ASSSTANT Must be erperenced FuU lma and pan tme postons ava/abe Famy precca N&v. Dearborn Ht*. Ftedlo*d o«<es Please cas MEDCAL ASSSTANT or rrxeptonst. must have eupcnorce. 12 M"4. Nonhneserna/ea MEDCAL ASSSTANT Part lme tor 2 oll>ce Pulmonary/Alter gr pracbee Knowedge of clncal procedures prelerred but to trawn r«jht person Please (orwa/d resume and salary requrements to W 12 Mle Rd. Sute 300 SoutMeld. M MEDCAL ASSSTANT FuU or part Brm.ngham OBGYNolfce Ca Paula MEOlCAL ASSSTANT, mature, experenced m venapuncure. EKG. lor GYN o'fee No wx<kends/r>o eves Troy area Can Joanne MEOrCAL ASSlSTAfT Part-tne erereng 4 day hrs lor Gar don Cty (army practce Excellent benem! MEOCAL ASSSTANT Experenced n OS/GYN tvl tme poston (or busy OB'GYN olhcev Lvona Salary and benefts negotable Can Barbara MEOlCAL BLLERS/FUJ-^ Co,,, Acceptng resume* for personnel who thrve on a chalenga and adapt wca to changes Must have at least 1 year OME Cxllng eaperonce We are a stable OME company whch offer* compettve salary and booef.ts Please send resume 6 references to Fordson Health Car, Mchgan, Dea/born, Ml Alt Jean Clevengor MEDCAL BLLER - fufl tme lor busy farru.y P-actte m vraled Lake Knowledge WT-eeer ol MBA. Can 624- Lsa 1526 MEOlCAL BLLER for busy ENT off- >ce m Farrrvnglon H:s Experence wth all nsurances preferred Knowledge of MBS System helpful. FuB tme wlh benefts Call for an ntervew MEDCAL BLLER Part lme, wth eperlonce Lrvon-a pedatrc offce Ca* Karen MEOlCAL BLLER - experenced Farruly practce m Canton Excefenl benemj to proper person CaHaler 7pm MEDCAL BULER - pos-ton lo* mod<al equpmer-.l con-^any Mus type wpm Physcan* offce experence a plus. Part 0* Ml jme avalable Send lesume and references to Personnel Drector. PO Box Southfeld MEOlCAL BLLERS - Mus hare 1 to 2 yrs experence BC/BS. Modlcare. and Medcad. OR CommerckJ nsurance Our cenn are major cfcnjcs...doctors, and Southfeld/ Lvona hosptals- More experence, extra ncome. 0» tuj tme placement ava-abe CaJ Carol Or send resume to- Tempro Medcal Southheld. Sute 315. Southfod Ml MEDCAL LAB TECHNCAN Experenced n ab areas ot the laboratory lor a busy nternst offce Ful tme. day s.vfl For ntervew caj Kelp Wanted Dental-Medcal MEOlCAL ASSSTANT Poston avalable m nternal Medcne lor a M-tme Medcal Assstant n the Woodland-Nov Center Please contact OMC HEALTH CARE CENTERS WOODLAND 41935W 12M1LER0AD NOV. Ml Aft.lalcd w.lh the Detrcvl Medcal Center, an Equal Opportunrty Employer METjHCAL BLLER - To t6.50/hr Lrror^a area 1-2 yr» experence FuJt^ne Bene/.u Steven J Greone Persorwe* MEOlCAL BLLNG CLERK Epenonce preferred Ponac A/ea Can Darn lor appontmon! MEblCAL POSTONS N ALL AREAS Y/VJ ge the one you want 1 rom $15,600 to%t30.000, AH serv>ces cha/gos pa:d by tlvevcompartes Do you neod a change and tvt experence as a Medcal Assstant or EU'e*. Cental Assstant or n Nursng. caa mrr^d alefy for more nlormauon SNELLNG&SNELLNG MEOCAL RECEPTONST 4 days, one tale evenng Experenced, some txllmg SmaJ fr*ndy offce Forappl ca MEDCAL RECEPTONST Are you a mouvaled. enthusastc person? t so»e wan! j-ou to )0>n our team at Garden Cty Orlhopod< From desk duues and compute* entry efxmence requred Good benet.ts Mon-Fn Ca.1ljr<3a MEDCAL RECEPTONST needed for phyjjcans off<ce Pan lar.e Ptymoulh area Experoncod or^y Ask lor Nancy MEOCAL RECEPTONST lor busy specalty offce n Southf«d. full tme post.on; no Saturday* MEOlCAL RECEPTlONST/lronl oflce - Data entry, scf-edulng 6 telephone Pleasant personaaty a must Troy e/ea. Ca3 Adnonne 6am-roon MEOlCAL RECEPTONST Fu«tme pos-ton (Mon thru Frl avalable w.lh an expandng mulh specalty nternal modcne practce m FarotngtGu Huls Pretou* expenence m schedjllng 4 medcal tx'l.r^ preferred Please send resume to MCG Grand Fuver. Su.te 306. Fa/mjngloo H^j ME0KAL RECORDS CLERK ) ART OR AflT ELGBLE Suburban localed Rehabltaton Hosptal seeks a Qualfed/experenced Med<al Records Clerk 1. ART or ART elo/ble preferred for a heube part-tvne day pos-on Please torwa/d resume to Hjma, Resource Depanmon: SouhfKrtd FtehabJtaton Hospta Fostc* Wnter Or SouV.feld. ML or Sue Centre-! ART Help Wanted Dental-Medcal MEDCAL SECRETARY growng center To $9/hr Ca3 Merv alunforce 4/ MEOlCAL SUPPORT euer* Modcal Asslsta/ts Receptonsts OulsH,nd,r>g opportun.tos. suburban locton. great sala/es/pcrks' f you have eporor^o n a offce, lot us cor.tden 1 a-ly represent you AS fe<s emplo/6r pad Cor.tact M:::.e Monfora HARPER ASSOCATES 2987QM.ddlebcll Fa/mjngton Mch Help Wanted Dental-Medcal MEOCAL rxrrunotog/ secretary, word procesor Suburban tosptals $36O-$400/wk Cell Coloen at Ua-torce MEOlCAL TRANSCRPTONST Y/drd processng expeter,c«re qu red Long end short term rnr.po 'ert assgnments Cal! DAVS-SMTH j MEDAL PERSONNEL S f<v»ce ] MT 4 1^.T 83 Shfts Apply m pc/.- son Oelrr>t B-omedcaJ Lab ' Fre<roay Pe/k Or Fa/mnglon HJ.s lome/hasteada/ea j NURSE ADES We r.ced carng rdrtduals ' ' o sfow corrpassor for the tldcvl,. cupcronced or wl tsn Af-ply L*- lk-n *on thru fn el Grecrf.tld belv-v-ln M-'e f NURSE, RN ldepefdent COMnAClOHS PBJ lmc/flo N:chls/N.o Vc-etrfds rcu' Surgc-ry ar.d/c/ Chal R/.-.K* Efcvc-v<e Ve re-.-d sharp. asscrl.e nurses to sud.! bj:s fo* a natonal compe// trjrv.->g the elf b'sjra/rf.c- ndustry Llm.1- ed tra.o n rc-q-'x.a' area requjed Sc-nd res'-rr.e w;l co>c-r leller hgmghlng qualf.caons lo AMERCAN Ct-AMS EVAlUATrOlNC )415 V /'2r<Suec!.Sj:le270 Oar Brook. L Ann!/.0r.{.-s! Oe-g onel Mr.sgc-: lupscs/medlcal ASSSTANTS T>c-d o< Hgh. Stress pos-ors? Work n a rv^ac-d f-^vlr.e alr-ospfb/e Ojnse-.r«9 «.-.', c-'fts m a very r.occ',0 tc"j No le fc.fc-'.rgs. f<kda>s or Surda,s Pan 6 Fu"! t^r-e_ pos'l-o* s a<3_'at:,e t,-'.t\ <uw- &},Z'4.b"*f'l l'j> n.v,'.-.s!«3 r^;.,-,0- jal Hourly par <'cm c'.d b^-,c- r ::s Cs" M-j'.ca j 6 NURSE AlDE/O.'d Care lo* d.s abed mol^er 4 cr^dron Dearborn Hs Exce'ent pay 6 benefts Emoa Care NURSE ADES FULL TME ALL SHFTS Appfy m person al Marycrest Manot Mdd'ebell. Uvur.a NURSES c SuC-ufbar 'Aatea nc'-»b., -!at,or' Hc.-st>ta v;-»n. r- ^ s L v ' 5 O-KJ VA tor l-j 'l'<~ <' & r -<l.(-v.- l.mjr-- UVS'C'S bj;*'v VO.J day RN post.-:": a:s'. a.!'3le <* ra r..^ ^,, >^ Pk-jve f v».-c tlev,r..j :o H-jT.j' rtcsx-co 1^.-/^^11^-^-1- Souhc-J Fu-fl<l^-'.!a^lOll HCS^S 2v< r J 'C/SlC-r W/.tr-r f> ^.^(11(..-0 M <a.j;s L o.'»c- 11.* lys..j 0"e ' " './X NURSE ADES & ORDERLES Full and par tme openngs avalable on all shfts. $4.55 to starl plus benefts. Wll tran. Apply n person: Ca/nelot Hall Convalescent Center, Ann AfbOf Tral, Uvona NURSNG ASSSTANTS' C*--ltd 'lysc ALss'a-. lor day ; 4 FM y.t Y.'. a-a,-ujt -a-tr.g 10- W«Z 1 PC*C'Ct*J s-'-e 6S'e<: r. t<v.r,-^. r^ CV'JK 'l^'s. -5 AS$JSU'^ ' Tranng yass C s'5'l JlO" Apphy n PC^SOn.tJd-ot-'e' f.'ursj-^j L are '.--e- 'V) M.dd'«t<-<: L1.CK-..3 M, CCflCE MANAGE" lex t-ndoo-r* of<e MJS' t-f e- K.-<*'';ed -. a:- Of<e lv'<l-7 S Sa'3ry* CanSh-o'. :3:-:0^ NURSE ADES ' Up to $7 50 Expc-rence req-j red. Home Ca/e. duty sta'mg ' a-vens. J55'$94/day Mea.'th Care Pro'ess-ona's W 12 M.le. rjso Soulhf.eld Mon 6 Fn or 3 5pm Vllage Plaja. c Dea/born Mon hru Thurs 9-2pr Harper. Harper Woods Mon 4 Thurs 9-3pm MEDCAL SECRETARES and t/anscptormss Ma;-or health care nsttutons $9/hr CaJ Lynn at Unrforce MEO-CAl SERCERTAHY For computerlted surgcal offce n Royal Oax Compuler bfrmg expermce Competnrve salary, n-^dcal nsurance and prof.t sha/»j Send loter or resume 10 box 602 Observer 6 Eccentrc Nevrspapors Schoolcraft Rd. Uvoma. Mchgan MEOlCAL TRANSCRPTONST/ PROOFREADER - Natonal ranscnpton company seeks qualfed medcal ranscrplonsl/proofreader Must b* hghly sxced n all areas of medcal termnology. Cal Oanr MEDCAL TRANSCRPTONST Soulh*est Suburban hosptal seekng a ful tme senor medcal transcnporvj $18,900 lo $20,600. exce/ven bencfts Send resuma lo Recrutmon Resources. Med<af f>vtslon Southfeld Rd. Sute 315. SouthfeM M48075 OrcalCndy MEDCAL WEK3HT LOSS C/Vuc has fufl 4 part tme pos-lons avalable m our Pontac 4 W. Bloomnetd cfcnjc* Must be a graduate of a certfed school 4 have vena puncture exponence. no nghts, weekends 0» hofday». Good benetts 4 hourty wages, CaJVafat NURSES ADES-Full Tme Part tme - fe hours avalable Eperencs not necessary W!ra,n Soe Carol Bro-nT. NGHTENGALE WEST 6365 Newtyjrgh Rd Weslland. near Joy Rd An Equal Opportunty Err.plj,f» Telemotry/Step-Down Unt RNsand LPNs Trva urvt has new open-ngs lo* Rfls and LPNs who are mlerescd r\ a RexWe wort scheove through our «vhousepoo We offer Hgher agency pay ret*s Fanbe schod-j>'j>3 Contract to only or* un.t lor greater taboty Please can Joan Harrson. Nurse Recruter at or send resume 10 Botslord General Hosptal Grand fver Farnvngon H^J. Ml An Equal Opportun.fy E-mptoyor Operatng Room Nurses tp/-- deed S Jcjs^pf. Morcy Mo:p-a Po' s a'c'j^--^ a $5,000 ' bonus 10 opv-ronca O f* Nu-SCS».t>o qvay O-j' 12 O R su res w-ll f>ov>00 vanty r- a p-c!ess-o""-a'"y cha'^/vg r.j e-.-uorjov^.t Erce:x-nl sa'/y a'-d L-f-cMs K!tVf-S'e3 f l!~:s ClCt.^ opportu n.y p'-c ase cs' tr-e Njte Rrxru-tc-rs at 13 O K ST. JOSEPH MERCY HOSPTAL S»0C.VC-OCA.-rj Avenue rona^ Ml <634 v9?-5 An Eq-a' Creel unty En.p:o,e OPHTHALMC TCCHN'C'AN _ FuS t.rr.e Mus refract Sta/1 nvne da'.cy C«Dense, m SoutM.e'd. lor tflervrr* NURSNG ASSSTANTS EXPERENCED eefe-woods Contnung Care Center ts seekng tu«and part tme epertenced nursng assstants. AJ tf-.l aaable. Slate certfcaton classes ava.labl«10 become certfed nursng assstant. Ca/eer advancement avajabje For more fcformauon. ca3 Ka/en Schubert at ORAL SufGFRY Asss-t - For Royal Oak erea Ful t-rr-e excellent rj^ge bent-'.s /.**.-enced n dental preferrco OSHOOONlCRECEPTO'.S Our busy r>ltr-<3on'.k: Olf<e s searcrv-v; lor a 0.31,1 wet organzed. e»tretey c.-pat-'e s^'-stan mg parso.-. who '^ y.-f a 6 : >r>j are chrerlj 4 prod-kt/.-e u-fl* p-fs-sure er-.,o)».>kmg vth :r,dm ha.e ep*. ence m Onhod'X-tcs 6 K'-'.-r^ ta travel. p^^s«ca"l U.s/y V tsm PARTAL WAXER e>perrt;nced. pa/t l-ne for Gden Cl> lab f nterested cal Perry PARl-TME Even-.-gs 4 Sat lor busy Oea-bcn r~ec*-ce oftree W tra.- m r«jrs,og ooprtrr,cnt Ask lor Lynn Or Beverly PHARMACY - YOurtS FREE 1 For rgh ty-armacst Full -ne for ndependent drug Store 60 prescrlpt».-,s per day CaT RECEPTlCVST: FFOtn DESK Person, fo* busy W. BocvT.f.cld nlemls Experenced wth Peg Board. Blue Cr^j 4 Medcare Forms Pa/tl.-r.e.Cnl GZZEBSCmS -^->.!fl'>««^>«-t5^4«a«b«*«>mm.»fl»*wb^««ra»jstr"rhs!?w «!M..'.*.a4V4-lttASl.JlLL^FVtSV»AJl#^!l..L, n:ll.:l<.tt Mt»»«x«d9>Trr»vKr24tt««p>»'<<7>»«««;{Mr«*<«.*?<Hx4^^...>rft.--t--,-SS BEECBEQ9 DEA01NES: 4 P.M. TUESDAY FOR THURSDAY EDTON /4 P.M. FROAY FOR MONDAY EDTON '. rchww!wmwm.m«j,»t.fw-!l fh ft. W T.f <^s»a><a4y j * n# XN-V*»:< «<a &wr*t&nxa* *w;r y^.va^*.**>rtw^*n4,j<ny':'tf-.-f»^»«rf---< mluwbs.n»n.«.nfw '.tlf^jm-llw.l.l^hh.-'r' uv}r.mwk\f*mumlfw*h.-y.>*!y\vl^>v» ^^ ZB= Tvawnm-.trt 105 Haulng A~4-f4ALH.N0 Mayng. Scrap mol. 129 Landscapng anupf vrmpvapn 135 Lawn Mantenance A.A a>rr»gr-»pcrnxrcptc; 165 Pantng A - Decoratng 165 Pantng & Decoratng 165 Pantng & Decoratng 233 Roofng 4 H 4 -ncaratf RnOFlNfT 260 Telephone Servce &-ftepar EC 273 Tree Servce Pt TPF rfp t»r* tf. Cleanng batements. Garages. Store*, ate. lowest prces n town. Quck servce Free Eat. Servng Wayne 6 Oakland Countes. Centra) locaton or J All TYPES OF TRASH loadeo 4 HAULED -- SmaJ szed contaner* for drop cfl f** up servce DSCOUNT HAUNG 4 MOVNG You name ft..we haul t an. large or una*, low. low rates. Free est For last servce can \ Complete new 4 renew landscapng, soddng 4 seedng Schrvbs 4 Trees. Landscapng supples. Underground sprlnloors nstalled 4 servced. Tmber Work. Trenchng, Downspout 4 Sump Pump bural Dranage problem somng. Beckhoe work, tractor work, ppe puxng. truckng - BG OR SMALL HACKER SERVCES OUALTY SNCE 1948 landscapng, weekly cuts, shrub trmmng, fas cleanup, snow removal Froe Estmates COLLEGE BOYS Raxng leaves, cleanng gutters, power thatchng DUMP TRUCK 4 END LOADER FOR HRE-24 HRS FOR A10AD OFF YOUR M WO CM Take-AWay Trash Servce W or W» «pochj2«n 1 tkrve pck-ups, prompt wrvk* to Troy, Rochester - Bkrtlnsharn B'oornfWd areas Affordable landscapng By lacoure Custom new landscapng Old landscapng restored. Trees 4 ahabs nslaned. Custom o^skjned beds. Decoratve Stone. Sh/edded Bark, Retanng Wajl; Brtck wa»- way» 6 Patlot; Soddng, oradlng. low found a Lons repar ed. Trea UlmrYtng & doarvup work, landscape archtecture avalable. Commercal grounds malnt. Commercal anowptowtng 4 aa-tnrj. $ FAll CLEAN UPS by ENVY LAWN SERVCE Lrvona, Bedford. Northvttle $ tree esl. DC. na GORDON S LAWN 4 HOME CARE Lawn rrualnenance. fall lertung 4 clean-up. landscapng, tree 4 shrub Ulmmng Snow removal A BETTER JOB REASONABLE RATES SHUR PANTNG nteror - Exlerlor Stanng Plaster repar'4 dryoaa Spray textured cefmgs Ppe* Hangng 4 Removal Alumnum Sdng Refnshlng Your Satsfacton gua/antoed wth a 3yr wtltten warranty FREE Apprasal DOUBLE (J) PANTNG CO Gua/anteed lowesl ratev Senor d scounts Lcensed 4 nsured FRANK'S PANTNG SERVCE (for people who want ther home to look lke a mnon) FRANK C.FARRUGA PRECSON PANTNG. NC. nteror/exteror Corrvnercal/Retdental Stanng - Power Washng Dry WaJ Plasler Repar W apapertng / Removal References Tear-ofls, Re-roofs. Repars Seamless gutera/le 4 ns. Neghborhood Const Co AAA A. VELASCO ROOFNG Re-roo-'s. (ear-ofts. shngles, flat roof spodajsts. A work guaranteed Sne* PHONE 6 JACK WRNG 4 REPAR, resdental 4 s/naa busness, reasonable rates CaaDc* See YeSow Pages North Oakland Free Esl^nste nsured TV-VCR Rado-CB FALL SPECALS V4V T/oe Servce Tree Trmmng. rce 4 Stump removal r.s Free Est ACE ROOFERS EXTRAOROHARE ExceOent rob at a reasonable prce Roof remova.'s 4 skyfc$hts welcome, Ref be. ns. Charte MARK S LAWN CARE Complete yard mant lawn cuttng. Fat cleanup, gutter cleanng Sncrwpowlng. Fo* true est M S. COffTRUCTrON Trash & concrete removal Hautng. gradng Oomrtv A fe*. Remodelng Mark All-l-00 LAWN LEAF CLEANUP BEST WORK - LOWEST PRCES. CALl NOW - GARY «R 4 H LAWN CARE 4 S NOW REMOVAL. Fan clean up Gutter Clean. Shrub removal 4 trmmng Dsc. Rates ot ACTON PANTNG nteror - Exteror DrywaB4 Plaster Spray Textured Cengs Paper Hangng 4 Removal nteror 4 exteror Sta'ntng ALUMNUM SDNG REFNlSHNG Qualty Work & Free Est. Lhonla Royal Oak HARTMEER CUSTOM PANTNG Complete pantng 6 wa'paperlng servce European tra'ned 11 yr» exp Eugene TROY PA'NTlNG 4 WALLPAPER MMEDATE SERVCE FREE EST -CALL HOLDAY SPECALS nteror Partng Fast Neal 6 Depondabe Servce Establshed Snce 1965 Free Ell Tom Yrs. & Stll Palntlngl Fast 4 neat Mamfy Fles H you wa,->l l done yesterday. caj us AFFORDABLE ROOFS 4 REPARS Qualty Work 6 Materals 20 Years Experence. Frc* Est * TV-VCR REPAR * n home servce Free pck-op 4 def.very le. - Sr. CXscounts 32 yrs exp 7dJys-M3ce , STEVE S TREE SERVCE Tree's, stomps, sh-'bs removed. rm/nej Free Est nsured. Frewood $45 detvered Seve Tle Work 277 Upholstery 138 Lawn Sprnklng WEE HAUL Trash Removal Basement, Attc, Yard R«s.<dental or BuWlng Stes fast Servce. ReworeWe Ratea m Heatng A Coolng Apple Landscapng & Dversfed Servces landscape Desgn & kjatalon Sod 4 Seed* Clean-ups Tree 4 Shrub Malnt. & Removal Prvacy Fences Wood Deck* Cooc/ete Gravel Drfves Thanx* to our Customers, we hav«expanded our sorvtoo to belter tl your roods. Foe Ell AOMtRE YOUR LAWN Sprnkle* nstallaton, servce 4 repar, wtnterltlng HACKER SERVCES QUALTY SERVCE SNCE 1946 SPRNKLER SYSTEM BLOWOUT Wnter l?e. CaH 9a/n-5pm Fantastc Prces 50% Off Estmate Today -Palm Tomorrow NTEROR-EXTEROR COMPLETELY NSURED AH work fuvy gua/anteed FREE ESTMATES « «JU S PANTNG Oua'lty Work References Compettve Prces - AB Areas Free estmates Photography ALL ROOF LEAKS STOPPE0 New Roofs, Seamless Gutters Vents, Flashno. Drp Ledge. Valleys Guaranteed. References, Free Est Lcensed AAA TLE WORK Ceramc lle repays, showers, ktchen backspashes. bathroom desgn 4 r6modelv»g Free Est EXCELLENT PRCES ON LABOR 4 MATERALS FREE EST Pckup 4 DcL.ery. Af! your uphot steryneodsl 669-0lO or KRK ENTERPRSE OUALTYPA1NT.NG RESDENTAL -COMMERCAL FREE ESTMATES )3 WEOONG PHOTOGRAPHY AT COST Please cal for mlormabon 4 to see samples ALL TOPS ROOFNG Resdental Convnorcal All work fuffy guaranteed tc 4 nsured Free Est AA CERAMC TLE Bath remodelng, ktchens, foyers, showers, glass btoc* New 6 repar Regroutng JOHN JC S UPHOLSTERNG Home 4 offme furrvture. boat nterors, furnture repar Free Es'..mate$ Plasterng ^ 1 OUR WORK GUARANTEED hjrak**,»v condttonera, bosera, cwstom ahoet melu. 24 hr. servloe. QvsStyrfxsrt. ^.14/, COMPLETE FAL CEAN UP GREAT JOB. LOW PRJCES FOR FREE ESTMATES PLEASE CALL ROCKY AT WE - FX.- T lawn Sprlnklor Servce CaJ for Conveneol VWterLng of your lawn sprnklers ALEX'S PANTNG 15 Years Exp nteror/exteror Free Estmates LOW RATES PANTNG. PAPERNG Plasterng. Repars 4 Wa.7washng * A-1 PLASTERNG 4 0RYWALL * Oust Free Repas fe* Est. Water Damage. Texture. Pant Peol. SMALL JOBS WELCOME Cert.fed ns 31 yr* e*p APEX ROOFNG. NC Oua'.ty work completed wth pnde Lsc.-Vs Famly owned Far prces Days AnyVne AA KANDAH THE Ceran-^. mosac, quarry, ma/fce Rernodel baths, loyera. ktchens Repar*, ret. est Chuck MCHGAN e 1 Ou8l fy UphOSlerng fast Spr\ce low Prces Free L-home Est HEATtfrO-AC-HLlMlDtFlERS VMta.Utlon. Sales & Servce low Pr&M OuastyWork Uc«M*J M7-076S FAL CLEAN-UP An types ol odd (ob done. Cone/efa & shrub removal. Dralnego problems repared. 6oddngVRoddng. Leave Message Ptut Housekeepng Servce A-1 Export Wa!lwashr»o, & Pantng free Pam Specal «59 43« MARCl 6 DON Panters tor all seasons avalame RrxorrvTendatons JACKS WALL REPAR Speca'nng n dust free dry* 11 **' * pfaste* repar* Hcensed/lnaurr-d Small fobs welcomed ROOFNG - New - Repars' Ttar-offl - A Specatyl Gutter*. Vents No lob loo bg or tmatl fro* Est ACE TLERS EXTRAORDNARE Tl'e. marble, re-groul. repar Reasonab"* prces, references, froe est. Ca.1 too *.-,>tme Vdeo Tapng Servces HEATtNO. AR» DUCT WORK Honest, r»sab» wprk «1 * l»jr prce Oc*n«} 4 nsured 464O Housectoanng AWERWAN PERSONAL Touch mc Convner cl»l -Resdental Cleanng Sx* Can Jew»1: 69t-1970or * CtCANNQ HOMES 4 OFFCES CoMpfeU Servce. Good Prce, 0000 Work. References upon requvst. CU Sandy « NOBLE'S LANDSCAPE SUPPLES BOULDERS OecoratfY* ft Drtvaway Stone Tppsoll Pet-TopsoU Mx Shred Ba/ktWaJl Stone nterlockng Paver Pato «> Bvxd10 landscape Tmbers Ptck-uporOeSvory CLEANNG BY AUDREY Resdental ft commercal Fre«estmate* touroue PANTNG n Busness lo* Over 30 Ye an nt-exterlo*. Qualty Work Reasorv b'e Rates Can^e M4S PANTNG. 20 Yr* Exp,1nt 4Exl Qua; ty Work Ret. Neat free Est Fred or Mk* PLASTERNG 4 DRVWAU RepaV*. addtons, new work Al work guaranteed Sta'alC COMPUTE ROOFNG Ne#. rercof s 4 repav* Rool lea/ ol 6 reptacement spcoal- Ul Oua'.ty work, reasonab'abrlcea le 4 r.s Ca.«bet*T>on AL CERAMC Ktchens. Baths. Floor* Orywal repa>» Uptrend Vdeo Productons AJfordab'e Vdeo Tarng Servces fora-^y occa^'on. Ple: 9St-55SS 284 Wallpaperng CERAMC 4 OnrWAll REPARS New Ceramc, Tub 4 Shower Regroutng 4 RecaulXng. Custom. Balh Rernoderng. le. ftel ABEUERJOB- WAPAPERM3 4 PA'NTlNG Pvper Str[<).g. Paster Repar*. E«ce"e-. Ftcfcre-KCS. S Yrs. Exp. le. Don o* Movng & 8torage 609 M0V1NQ 4 SERVCE NC Any Sre Job Reasonsbt«Rates Shor Notce Servce Free E»lmata- nsured BRUSH PANTNG CO. rterlor-exleror free Est Work Guaranteed le. 4 n*. Low Prces PANTlNO BY M-CHAEl Slrtcth/ Hghest Quaty nl 4 Ext Stanng Stucco Paster Wafpaper removal AJumlnum s-'dng ref*lsh.'ng 4 deck pr*sen,'ng. Fce Est Water damage, k* work, plaster. ng. pantng, repa'r* 215 Plumbng. COMPUTE ClEArNQ W4 C«r»»bou1 yoor home & cfloa Y*'c4rt oulhk-n thorn «Jt. Suburban CofYTl CHvtoq N-HOME ClEANlNXl 77 Dependable, r*ftwe,honr>l. WtkfAry, M-WOekry, moflrry. PryTt- 0V1^ ljyooj«, Canton A ra/nvngtor. C/cfyrt;45^7?21 Oob:451-O»71 NOW S THE TME to h*v«professonaj landtcapo desgn»*rvc4 turn your cvdlnry yard nto * shov-cae rvvvonmeot lor your home. We htvs 18 ye/ of K ofessrorv*! expeflerc*»pe<»njng custom stone ft brkk pt»o» ft w*vw*y», tetawng waff*, plantng* & *p<wwlhfl»yl»n». for re* osllmafacan: Orpv* Rf» Desgn * Servtc* 6*34} J MOVNG ft HAULNG Mom* ft Ofrce Movng. Oa/age 4 Octx* RomovaJ. Qu>ck. Effclen 4 Re!ab!e.Fre4'Est 4M-06SO CALHOUN PAN1 NG 60S OFF W.NTER PRCES 15 Yr* Exporonce For Fee Eat: Caa R<k PANTLNO ntorof Oualty Work Plaster Repar Orywan *) fcf Qusrantced ; EXOOUS MOVUfG LNE local, long <t!»l- OfTlc* A rejctenlal Oulfty rhcw «1 krw prce, $<0/hr. Autumn Spe<l»J A/yllrne NDEPENDENT MOVNG Frc«Estmate* nsured lkon$4hmp9cl-198?6 - Courl»ou». C*r»fvl 4 Compelont LOW RATES CALO'S Custom Pantng Company nc. Ws are»1 m the kt 4 ext pantng Our reputaton speax* for t sell. eel now set up lor Free F*J 4 Monday tstm»'cs Ask ul tbout ou» o'atog PANTNG nl. Exl work, low rates Free Estm-.stes sento* d.scoun « PANTNG 4 STANNG nt/et partng 4 custom wood stanng E«p. *th ret low rate* free est ClMV CALL SAM'S PLUMBNG. Wat** heater*. Sump pump* Dsposals, faucets, To'et* Sewer* cleared or tpked- Na (cb too sm&t SOUTHFlElO FARMNGTON TROY NAPER'S ROOFNG State lcensed Fully nsured O 35 years experence CERAMC TLE WORK Frw Estmate*. JSyr. xp. Ma/b 1 * ft Slate. Fenton. Ml Ca.1 anylme; (029 AH R^f.l ts TLn^e To Do RgM WALL TO WAllCOVERNG RUH 2Sl-53>3 JOAN O-M-ZccchlnCo Ceramc Tle 5. Marble nstalled. Free Est R & L ROOFNG Qua'.ty work, guaranteed, fuck Goodman J 8 TflECOMPANY QUALTY CERAMC TLE Ful.y llcened 4 nsured for Estmates. easa-n CUSTOM V7AllPAPF.fVN3 k-.leror Pa,-,1-r-j- Pj-er Removal 16 Yes/sl^pCrc-Ce, STEVE S ROOf NG OF l\'0nu\ Shlng'es. fat roof*. lear-0tf Al work guaranfoed le 4 ns. EstlbT shod MARBLE & CERAMC Custom njasatxm froe Estmates 4 Rcasonab'e Rates Can John after 6pm. 336e*9» WALLPAPER REMOVAL NSURED ARNOLD GOLON Paperng. R«rov*l, Pantng. Plat (rng, re-'at^drcpav*. OUAUTY HOUSE ClEANNQ Professonal Experenced 13544)»«* J2V2234 OftQGRAOfrG BACKfllllNO.FTUCHfTft GRAVEL OErVERED. tcenceo BLfllDERft DEMOLTON MOORE'S MOVNG ft STORAGE Apa/1 men t/>(om«/0fv:« CHARLE'S PANTNG Quant/ wn*k, go<xj rate*. Senor dscount FrM»stlmatf» Jantoral U-w. ATTENTON BUSNESS OWNER! When h«m*nl*n«rx4 ot j"ouf *- t*wr*rvt«rt matter*, can MDn!«- f&fx* Mttar*. lne.l Compwta lanl- or4»«yyo», mytr - CONTROLCEANN0 SYSTEMS OvkSty, (JependabRty, por tonal. *-r>0yuv», fflcent oft»c4 cleanng f: T0PS0L SPECAL* T Yards Screened Top Sod Del.»95 Plantng - OrdVg ' Tractor Work Randal Landscape Farm. ft. Bloomfefd A/e* $ 152 Mrror* CHRSTOPHERS PANTLNO SERV. Exportsnterlot. loytsrttp. ExcefJent workmanshp. Reonab'e. References. SM 4075 PETERSON PANTNG CONTRACTORS,_ nteror, E>teror Pa'nt-g Wal paperng ft Wa"p*P«f removal Dryw»* rr^avnd Mtuflng Guaranteed lat'jlectort and servce Tolaly nsured Home moder- Uatonandepal/*. ( ABLE PLUMBER CALL-JM: Yrs eperence lowprkes 1 OependabVprompll Sr. f>sc VAUGNN s noornq SERVCE Best P/oe* lor professonal work. DKOunt* va'ab'e k ft n* Fr04E»t THE TLE ADY OAaMy profess'ona) work. By Le Bu'-der Contractor Complete remodc^'ng. Al t'e ft marble Cal leava messago Wall Washng Plumbng 4 Sew-c* Cleanng flepa'rs 4 A'terat>n>. Remodefng New 4 repar. Shng'o*. Tat tarrng. cedar, guttera 4 retsled c»rpcr-,try nsurtncaworv 471, Wa : NtJshlng. wndow 6 ng (rv-uv f.-vg Pa'-lng h types olrpa'r* TLE SETTER ta'an craftsma.\ marb'e. vnyl. Quarry, any knd of 1¾ lowftte* Wndows CUSTOM MRRORED WAllS BJ-tg>d doort and g'sts tbfe lops nsu'a'.ed g's 1» DscouM prce* M M-1309 TECKHClfeAr MANTENANC* CO. «*Yhg W*ryr> ft OfAUftd Couotle* &(f^rvtoer<c*t «135 LawnMalntonanco BQ8KYUWN8ERVCE f «1 Cleanup Pow*r Rak* rtevcomn Classfeds WORK ToPae*YouTAdCa AYLTE PANTNG CO. ResMentlal ft Commorctat. nteror ft Exteror Stanng Cutom Co>or1ng ava'abf* n* Free Est PROFESSK>NAl PANTNG Exper wp<k. Reaonabf*. 25 a-ra atpedence. Ask for Bob European Touch WALLPAPER-PANTNG GA21NG MARBHTjNG FREE ESTMATES NSUREO STEVE'S PANTNG SERVCE WE DO T AL 50% Off NT/EXT.»15 Year* Exp BERGSTROMS Hot Water Today! 40g»nongs»wter hestfr repfacemenl specal $ plus tax Cal by Spm Mon-Frl for»m* dly msttaton. Putty le. ft n* Sowng Machne Repar 273 TfcaServcd ANY BRAND TUNE0 UP N YOUR HOME - FOR ONLY $8 M fe* Cat. Add Honal Work Needed SEW PRO, NC A-1 CONNOUY TREE SERVCE Tree Removal. Trmmng, Slump Removal ft lend Cewng n* freoesl CLEANNG Causng. Repar*, Pa.-,-,!ng Ar.yth.-g concernng *'ndc/-» tO0 2(3 SnowRomoval AAAA NATlONAl TREE ft STUMP Removal, TrVvn'ng. Topp'ng NSURAWE-lOW RATES FmE\V0OD0efh*rr>d SUNSHNE WNOOW CLEANNG Rfs'dcr.l, Commercljl. SM^'ecteng-ara.-.tped. Freeeslma'cs. S?2-0*-6S PLUM B NG WOrvKOOS'E Reasonab!* rale* fat tervce Na obloo»m*r (-9 BOB S LANDSCAPNG Snowp<cy.tng ft»vtlng CorrvnercJat ft nckjtrla. Apt, condo*. street*. nsured ACE STUMP REMOVAL ShrubftTree Removal Tr-nm!ngftBrush Chppng 6<f>? W.NDOWflEPlACCMENT Woodoolr.yl. RONDUGA3 8U1LONO 8S8 Crc-A^, LK.v.;* Stanng. Wood Rep*<en-*nl Deck Cean.-vd. Brysn ft Roffrv A"u--nVurr 5<d : ng PaWng 233 Roofng BON0EO4 NSURED M«MMa«MMM>1BaOTV««MM*r2 «A0B1T TS ROOf W0 ft StCXNO - 0>d. r*w ft gua/. rr>p*v» Gutter* ft akjm Um, avm ft vnyl vvjng low prlce*. last *erv. Ret Al work ouar. f»mtf o*ted. Ft* esl CASEY'S SNCKYPLOVYLNO CoavTujrcfal ft nes-'dentlal FtosonaMo Rale* Cal Cra>g *l 6»2-8S 9 AFFOROAOE TREE 6ERVKE Tree* Trlnvr*d ft Removed. Slump Orlndrng ft lot Clearng. SonJo* 0«- tount rte»sofvab!«rale» COMPLETE SNOW SERVCE Commercal owco*. condo*. and»pa/1rnon1*. txperenc*. depond- *b^,24tovr»er\^» AN0REYV8 TREE SERVCE ~ Tre* ft Stump Rrynoval Trmmng ft Toppng f rt4 Est WeDoGOOdWorkl HRVO Your Own HollnoTo WhorsHcpptKnj n Your Neghborhood. Call For Homo Delvery! Obscrvor a. Eccentrc Newspapers Jj»l»HH*l fclluwr^mh^hap-a^l^bb r

48 6F*.502 Halp Wanted Dental-Mcdlcal PHARMACY : TECHNCANS, & CASHERS Part tme poston* no* avalable..4* Flexble hour*, no Sunday*, Holday* Of evenng* A»/V rjl Clean- pleasant ton* workng condl- >pply n person at Mod",ca) Center.Pharmacy, 22341W. 8 M a Rd. Oo-.trolt, (lobby ol Woodland Medcal (Center) of MedlcaJ Center Pharmacy, 4160 John R. Detrot. (Lobby Harper Prelesonal Buldng).,, PHYSCAL THERAPY ADE needed to work n Detrot area nursng homo. Mus have xperlertce. Refer*nce* r equtred. CaS 'PHYSCAN'S ASSSTANT needed Tor.rx s y mut ptysfcan* or thopedc practce n Art Arbor ere*. HospllaJ and offce respons<btuc*. Ex ce:: en l ' tatry and beneft package. Send credentals and salary requrements xlo: Box $80; Observer A Eccentrc.Newspaper*, Schoolcraft JW. (t>vonla. Mchgan POLSH c< Rusn speakng lady to 'asslsl alert 90 yt. c4d lady w/mfnor physcal problem*. Oak Part. 3 day* 'l»ft>,ctjl Radology ' Regstered X-Ray Techncan Coverage needed (of outpatent X- Rav Department Monday - Frday, 4 PM. - 8 PM. Addtonal hours are avalable m the npatent department de sted. ARRT requred, hosptal experence preferred. > <Peasecall Barbara Gorgo at k lor mora nformston. ' : Botsford General Hosptal 28050Grand Rver ' Farmlngton Hf.*, Ml ; 'toequajoppcrtuntyernpoyer O&E Monday. October ft) 502 Holp Wanted Donta-Medlca RNS-LPNS-GPNS Sklled nursng faclty n Lvona soeklng full and part,tme Nurses. All shfts. Compettve Wage3 & beneflts Flexble hours. Cell for appontment. Martha Felosak, RN Holp Wattled Offce-Clorlca! ROCHESTER - Orthodontc 'Assstant neodod 2 day* week tor progrossrve, growng praetor experence preferred, bdt wn tran he rght por son. Call EmUy SPEECH PATHOLOGST $20 hour. Part/full tme. Work wth treatment team n growng head njury program. CaS TRANSCRlPTlONlST Part tfne poson avalable n tho X- ray Department" 1 for Medcal Trantcrlpllonlst a the Wpodland-Novl Center. Ple35»call DMC HEALTH CARECENTERS WOO0CAN W. 12M(LER0A0 : NOV, Ml Afflated wlth'the Dolrol Medcal Center.,an Equal Opportunty Employer. : RECEPTONST We are a team od-,«n!ed professonal alaff kn Roches- ) lor. We need a. People Person" to Make charge of our patent communl- L catons dutes - tuff tme benefts. /Caa Moa hru Frl., 9am-1pm ULTRA SOUND TECHNCAN for moble servce, fun lme. Compettve benefts and salary. Caff WORD PROCESSNG - medcal center. Up to $11/hr. Call Harrot et Unlforce ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHNG! Clerk $12,400 Ptomotable entry level spot/general offce, lght typng. Customer- Servce $14,500 Excellent communcaton sklls lght compuler experence wh growng company Admnstratve Assstant $.18,000 Prestglousfrm. plush offce, typng o< 60 wth WordSfa/ or WordPerfect or Lotu* Sales Socrelary. $ Fortune 100 company noods socretary wth good customer servce, fgure apttude 4 computer lterate.. Top Benefts Wth Suburban Frms We have represented qualty secretares 4 frms for 23 years a take your career noods serously. ALL FEES COM PANY PAD PERMANENT STAFF Farmlngton Hlls Southfleld Help Wanted Offce-Clercal BLNGUAL SECRETARY - German Must have techncal German,-70 + typng.; an n one program word procossng a phjsl Salary to $26K. Ful corporato benefts. 8. HAML PERSONNEL HelpVVantod Offce-Clercal X-RAY TECHNCAN for Northwest Detrot orthopedc su/goon* offlco, part tme. Tu s A Thurs, Sam-Spm. Caa Mon thru Thura XRAY TECHNCAN PART TME for Dearborn Mammography center. Good hours, excellent pay. ContaclOndy X-RAY TECHNCANS. MedlcaJ company n Soulhftetd sockng rogserod Or regstry eogbla techrocans for ful tme poston, salary 6. good benefts. Day & afternoon shfts avlable. Call Sue a353-15s XRAY TECH wth Mammo experence nooded part tme n pleasant No^l offce. CallRefta ACCOUNTS RECEVABLES «Customer Sorv^e/Coflecllons ENTRY LEVEL We are a Novt/Wxom area servce company lookng lor 'team players" to Jon our Recevables, Cuslomcr Servce. Collectons Departments. You should bo organzed, ambtous and possess a ploasanl personalty. Experence a pfus. Call Personnel, Mon-Tues., ACCOUNTS RECEVABLE CLERK Full tme poston avalable n Nov area. Seekng person wth strong accounts recevable background n- lydng cash applcaton 1 account reconchatlon. Roqu'res 10 key calculator 4 typng sklls. Some computer knowledge requred. Send resume wth salary nlstory to Box 620 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd. Ltvonla Mchgan TROY CPA Frm has a fub tme openng (or a pa/eprofessonaj n e small busness department. Full charge bookkeepng, payrofl taxes 4 computer usage experence requ'rod. Salary opon. Please conlact Mr. Brooks to arrage a personal ntervew el BOOKKEEPER - able to make oul nvoces by hand, for a wholesale food company. Accounts payable, recevable, typng. 6;:30am-2:30pm, Leskofsky A Co. Wholesale MeaL Detrot BOOKKEEPER - Bu«y Southftold based property management company noods brght, deta-orlehfed Bookkeeper. Please ser-d resume to: Bookkooper.'P. O. Box - S07l. Southfleld. ML BOOKKEEPER/EXPERENCED Approxlmalery 20. hours, a week. Flex lme. Qvalr^atons JncJude: Computer lterate wtlh MS 90 software experence. Resume to: P. 0. Box Uvory. Ml, eookkeepepjof FrCE MANAGER Accounts psyable/recefvabte. paylol fnancal statements, lght typng, computer background essental. Call Resumes wll bo requred. CLEftCAL SUPPORT Poston n Nonhvle nsurance agency. Send resume to: P.O. Box 250. Northvle. Ml CLERK TYPST Brmngham area, good phone, computer A typng sk.ts a must elerk/typ(st growng Troy/Auburn Hls. to $7/hr. Caa Joan al Unlforce 646,8500 CLERfVTYPlST. Rapdly expandng Oetrol based Frm seeks entry levol dork lypsl Canddate should possess a mtn. typng speed of 40wpm. good phone sklls A general clerlcaltcnowledge. Excellent advancement opportunty. Ths pqsaon s full lme wth complete beneft package. Please send resume to: Clerk Typsl P.O. Box 779 Detrot. Ml COLLECTOR. A progressfre natonal leasng company s lookng for a results ortenlaed ColloctOf. A mnmum ol 1 year of commercal collectons s requred as wefl as famffa/ly wth an automated system. Plesase forward resume n con!ldence"lo: Attenton Controller. PO Box Framngton HJ. Ml Help Wanted Offce-Clercal DATA ENTRY A PREPCLERKS needed mosl have refab^) Uansporlalon. day & evenng shft. Wnom arex MGM Offce Servces OETROT advertsng word processor. Wn tran DW V or WP 5.0. $7 SO/hr. Call Jean at Unlforce " EN F)GETC otr«:* dertc. malt room helpful, expandng company. $6/Jv. Cafl Ellen al Unforce Holp Wanted Offce-Clercal FULLTME POSTON For a flexble, motvated ndvdual lor a SouhKold frm. Mus type 60 wpm. WH tran on Lotus and Word Perfect. Mus possess good communcaton and phone sklls. Salary and boncfts. CaHJaner8anv11am ENTRY LEVEL. CLERK $12-$14.O0O FEE PAD Suburban manufacturng compony olers a very pleasant nppy envronment Excepona benefts and computer tranng. you have at least 6 months offce experence and typ^no of 50. call Shrley today, poston s avalable mmedately SMELLNG &SNELLJNG FARMNQTON HLLS BOOKKEEPER Rcstauranl experenced preferred, apply n person. Ocean Grlle Brmngham RECEPTONS-Clerca) dutes-, fun ; tme. Mus bo dependable A organzed. Caa Moft-Jlrl. AJyl ory. ' Rochester are« "RECEPTONST- «-fub Of part-ume \kr busy-pedatrldaaj offoo. No 'medcal bdnerft'appfy or tortd resumo to: 511 Pofoe, Brmngham, {Ml , v" RECEPTONST - fu^ tme. Mon.-Frl. ;«$7.60 lo $8.00 per hour. Typng refqutred; knowledge" of peg board A,'Jnsur^npe lorm* preferred. Lvona area. ' Help Wanted Offce-Clercal ACCOUNTNG CLERK/ BOOKKEEPER-Growng company seek* accountng clerk and bookkeeper to add to t* corporate staff. Excellent c*portunrtjes and compensaton. Send resume* to: P.O. Box Troy. Ml > RECEPTONST j.optra'rnotogy offce.' $ per '.hour. Pad frnge*. No/ee.. B. HAML PEffONNEL C JNJST \» RECEPTK5r~,. 'Ophthafmoogy offce. $ por hour. Pad frnge*. No fos. ' 6. HAML PERSONNEL» r RN- ASSSTANT ORECTOR \ OF NURSNG jnservc* Oroclor. Northwest Oo-,t/<xl. Church related nursng home /eqore* an n-servce Drector. CUn- JcaJ certfcaton preferred. Teachng ^experence a pfus, excellent salary jand beneft*: Send resume or apply n person Monday-Frday 8arn-3pn Evangelcal Home Del/ol efoow.cvlefdr. Oelro. Ml 4823$ t. -.. RN Jfor OB-GYN pffoo, try FarrrJngon HK*, 1 to 2 day* per w«k. -: RN FULL-TME/PART TME OAY SHFT - Good startlrfl-rale 4 beneft* - See Mr*. Martn Drector of Nursng NGHTENGALE WEST 6365 Newburgh Rd. WesUand. near Joy Rd. An Equal Opporturtty Employer ACCOUNTNG CLERKS We ere seekng degreod ndvdual* wth knowledge of accounts payable and rccofvable. You must be woa organled and deta.1 rontod. Compuler experence a must) We have bolt long and short term asslgnmonls avalable. Cad today for an appontment FOSTER-DAVS Temporary Personnel. nc ACT QUCKLY! SECRETARY $16-S FEE PAD Easy gong, frendry company needs easy gong frendly Secretary to assst Good typng a musl lo handle a varety of offce dutes. Don't let ths one got a way! Call Carol Monroe el SNELUNG&SNELLNG FARMNQTON HLLS "-> ACCOUNTNG CLERK We ere lookng (or a lake charge ndvdual, capable ol month?y close reportng to nclude accounts recevable, for a smas offce. f you are detal orented and posses* basc accountng end Lotus 123 EXPERENCE, submt resume, delatwg work hstory and SALARY REQUREMENTS, to: Offce Manager, Rotunda Dr., Oearbom. Ml Equal Opportunty Emptoyor Mmorlty/Female/Handlcappod/Vet Accountng Clerks FufJ Tme Regular A Temporary Opportunte* Hghland Superstores has tuo lma regular & temporary opportuntes for ndvdual* al our Corporate offce n Plymouth. We are currently seekng ndvduals wth accounts payable; accounts'recevable, or goner a) accountng background. We offer an excellent opportunty to work n a dynamc, fast paced envronment We also offer a generous employee dscount plan. Please send resume or appfy n person to: HGHLAND SUPERSTORES Corporate Human Resource*-AC 909 N. Sheldon Plymouth. Ml 48170! ftn-lpn-meocalassstant for Dermaotogy offce. FufJ A part Ume. 2 poston* open. Medcal Assstant mo»t have Dermatololgy experence. Pleasant workng cortdt- ton*. Salary based on experence. (Brng resume. Caff 10am-2pm RN'S (Come Jon our staff at our progres- <srv» skrled nursng center n Westfern Wayne county. EjtceEent wages fand beneft* offered. Al physcan* avalable. For more nformaton cafj: ext. 33 t RN'S-LPN'S Excellent rales Bonuses Healthcare Professonals.SouthHeld jharper Wood* Jpearborn rf. RNVLPN'e/GPN'a japply m person: - r- Borfa Health Care of YpsDanU * 28 S. Prospect " YpsllanU, Ml ' RN's -$19/Hour f "Geratrc nursng gve* me more ol }a chance lo be decson maker." J'thl* s what nursng la U about," f"our faclty specraftees n very JskHed, hgh-tech pattern*,' drecuy llrom hosptal*." These are ^;sl sorrve of the reason* our Nurse* en toy workng t West BJoomreld Nursng Center. We have Just ncreased our wage package for RN's ready lo meet the challenge* provded by the recognzed leader n or Mrs. SuboUch et or K n por«on et 6445 W. Maple est Boomfed. ' ' RN'8. Poston* avalable for expert- Jenced LTC professonal*. Soekmg ' Jntonnce drector, Remeon 6uper- ^vsor and RN tor medcare unt. New }-wage A beneft package. We ere J»oc>lng (nctrvdu*!* wth * strong JcommfTmen to provdng exceffenl. patent care. Please apply»u ;ML Vernon Nursng Cener, «6715,'Greenfleld botweon 10 A 11 Mte R.N.orL.P.N.. Mdnght *hft. ' Hope NurrJng Care Cener Cherry HKRd. WesUand SPEECH THERAPST/Pathofoglst -,3 day* wt. w/mentauy mpared jchfldren. OUT L»dy of Provloonce vcener. NorthvHe nruNSCRPTONST rnedca/, expe-.yence necemary. Major modkal N>entor. Up to $ 11/V. Can Pat at Afnfcvce ACCOUNTNG Great opportunty wth en aggressve wholesale dstrbutng company n accounts payable and recevable departments. Computer experonee preferable, experence n one ol the locowtng areas preferred; chan drug stores, supermarket, mass merchandsers, wholesale dstrbuton or manufacturng, pleasant work envronment and excedenl benefl package. Send resume n confdence wth salary expectatons A background to: Box «630 Observer A Eccentrc Newspaper*, Schootcraft Rd., Uvonla, Mchgan ADVERTSNG RECEPTONST Fast paced 8Joomfle!d Hlls Advertsng Agency seek* fun lme receptonst Excellent phone and cflent communcaton sklls a musl. nterested, enthusastc applcants con tact the offce manager at BOOKKEEPERS We need your experence Temporary full tme postons avalable n accounts payable, accounts rocefveble, payroll 4 data onlry. Whle sockng he rght permanent Job. showcase your skns to new opportunes as a TEMP. Computer experence a plus. Can or send resume lo Noreen: ACCOUNTANTS ONE Northwestern Hwy.. Sute 202 Southfleld. Ml Employment Agency Foo Pad ASSSTANT BOOKKEEPER wllng to learn 4 lake on responsbltes. Some typng. Call Mr*. Fox ATTENTON SECRETARES TROY - LEGAL SECRETARY For senor partner, labor experence, shorthand pkj* WANG. $26K plus good benefts. BRMNGHAM FRM Strong ltgaton. Up to $27K plus great beneft*. TROY - 2 month* Ltgaton asslgnmonls. WANG experence needed. PROF. EXECUTVE SECRETARES 5 years plus experence, 2 spots. Large corporaton. nternatonal 4 fnancal background. CROSSMATCH PERSONNEL, NC Of send resume to: PO Box 5219 Uvoma.Ml All tee* company pad ATTENTON SWTCHBOARD OPERATORS Exporence needed. Musl be able to handle mult-fne AT6T system, wth head gear. Long and short term assgnment* avalable. Call today for an appontment FOSTER-OAVS Temporary Personnel. nc BOOKKEEPER We are one ol S.E. Mchgan's largest local accountng 4 consultng frms lookng lor a fut-tme Bookkeeper. Qualfed canddates must be able lo do ah aspects ol bookkeepng ncludng preparaton of he goner a) ledger up through fnancal satomont. musl have computer experence 4 a mnmum ol 2 yrs. bookkeepng knowledge. Salary commensurate w/experence. Qualfed canddate* should send helr resume to: Personnel Department. MSW Orchard Lake Rd.. Ste. 200, Farmlngton Hlls. Ml COME GROW WTH US SHELLNG TEMPORARES Has mmedate needs for: Roccpl-orUsts Word Processors. (To $ 12 hour) Secretares Typsts o> Legal Secretares Data Entry We offer: TOP SALARY 0 HOLOAY BONUS O REFERRAL 80NUS 6 SPECAL NCENTVES TROY DETROT BOOKKEEPNG DEPARTMENT Needs clerk for data entry and fjng hr*. per week. $6.50/hour to start Cell Mr* Rose at USY ONE PERSON OFFCE Fun tme. Bookkeepng, contractor and compuler experence helpful. Type 45wpnV Sell starter, own transportaton. Send resume lo: P.O. Box 391. Farmlngton. Ml., An Equal Opportunty Employcr BUSY Southfleld olfce seokmg prompt dependable person wth good phone sklls and general/csercal exporence. Can Mrs. Mles between 3:30-5:30 PM ACCOUNTNG OFFCE Tefograph/ 12 ML area. Seek* bookkeeper w/ e blc accountng experence pre- TM ruvhuhrt 2Sfl.9YtO ADMNSTRATVE word processng secretary. Growng dstrbutor. Up lo $20.rx>0/yr. CaB Chrt* at Unlforce ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT/STENOGRAPHER Female executve/busness owner need* assstant wth strong shorthand or machne transcrpton experence. 110 wpm ptu*. Typng/word processng 65 wpm ptu*. Evenng schedule: between 4pm-2am. Mon.-Sat. We wfl be flexble n establshng elher fufl or part tme schedule. 25 plus, hour* per week. Excellent benefl package A negotable startng wage. Call. Personnel Manage/, daytme*, at: or send resume* to: Telegraph, Sute 4601, Blrrrvlngham, M ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT Hghly vsble poston wtlh major edvertlslng agency. Challengng and dversfed dutes. Good secretaral sklls rvoeded. Benefl* nclude, medcal, dental, opucel, RX. 2 week vacaton, tuton. Fee pad.. To $24,000. COB Barb, SNELUNG&SNELLNG ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT H you can handle a busy offce, wth responslblsje* ncludng data entry A order processng, dspatchng, r one nqure* A general secretaral clercal dulle*. then tw» opportunty maybe your*. The (deal canddate should have tome experence n offce procedure* A be able to work ndependentfy handlng many hmc lon*. Exccflenl personal communcaton skns are a must Salary, benefts A opportunty for personal growth are aft you would expect from an ndustry leader. For prompl conndontlal consderaton, forward your resume A»a'ary requrement* to: FEDERAL APD/NSC 24762Cre*tvewCt. Farmlnglon HH>». Ml Attenton: Larry T. WhH* 502 H*fp Wanted. Dental-Medcal. Assocate Drector of Nursng Servces Expandng, kllod 'long-term faclty currently vndct renovaton s 6oekng a nursng professonal who.doslres fo obtan a challengng poson wth an exctng now managomonheam. Tho Weal canddate wll possess: ' Knowledge of State A Federal Regulatons Ablry lo functon usng a team approach Ablty fo ba 6upporth/e of staff and resdents Excellent communlcatlon sklls Supervsory experence n a fong form ea/a.settng s preferred. f your experence and knovrtedge prepares you lo assure a hgh standard of resdent care conlact: Pamefa J. Thorp, D.O.f. Oak Hll Car Center Grand Rver farmlngton, Ml A GREENERY MANAGED FACLTY 'T- : ATTENTON TYPSTS/SECRETARlES LEGAL/MEDCAL TELEMARKETERS WORD PROCESSNG/ SECRETARES WORDPERFECT 5.0/51 OSPLAYWRTE 3/4 LOTUS MCROSOFT WORD (on Oecmale/Madntosh) SYMPHONY NB2000/4000 MULT-MATE DGTAL DECMATE mmedate openngs, lop pay. vacaton/holday and bonusl Call today for an appontment FOSTER-DAVS Temporary Personnel. nc. AUTO CASHER Redford Dodge dealer needs sharp ndvdual for *ervce/part» casher. ncludes evenng hour* 2 nghts, and half day Sat Excellent pay A bonof;» Cahfwnnnolntnwf AUTOOEALER Has openng for experenced new A used car costng postons. Dealershp experence' preferred. Good salary and beneft*. Apply: Bob Sak* Motor Mal Grand Rver, Farmlngton Hll*. AUTOMOTVE OPPORTUNTES Several exctng A challengng opportuntue* exjsuor top-notch clercal A admnstratve personnel, mmedate assgnment* avalable workng on-tle at major automotve companle* end»uppcer» for topnolch clercal A admnstratve personnel: - General Offce/Clercal Data Entry Executve Secretares General Offce Receptonsts Word Processors Specal noed (or ndvduals wth knowledge of Mcrosoft Word, Free Lance, Cxcotl software. Long and *hort-lerm assgnment* avalable. Generous wages/benetl*. Please CAB' TECHNCAL ENGNEERNG CONSULTANTS THE EMPLOYMENT CONNECTON ' AUTOMOTVE Suppler seekng mature per*on lor typng. Wng, account* payable, account* recevable oo PC. Must hrre organzatonal ablty and communcaton skll*. Top pay and frnge benefts GenoraTOr., Pfymoulh, Ml BLNGUALS (JAPANESE) TRANSLATOrtS/NTERPRETOnS Techncal experence. To $3JK. Excellent beneft*. CLERCAL To $25K. ExceJlenl bone ft*. Pef*onnot System* NATONWOE COMPANY * cur. rentfy seekng an experenced eookkeepor who * 8M lerst*. Our Wayne Ml branch offer* tra'ntng, ex- Cerent pay, M beneft*. Send resume ncludng *alary hstory lo: Manager, P.O. Box 9283, llvon!s.ml48l50 CAREER OPPORTUNTES GALORE ALL FEES PAD Secretary $17,500 Clercal $12,460 nsurance Secretary... $18,000 General Offce $12,750 Legal Socretary $24,000 Clorcal/Bookkocper.. $15,000 Secretary, $13,140 Want more money, belter benefts, greater advancement potental? Look no further, we have more full tme openngs than applcant*. Typng of 50. Call lor appontment, 85T SNELLNG&SNELUNG FARMNQTON HLLS COME ON-LNE WTH KELLY We are n nood ol operators wth 10- key style keyboard for day and afternoon shrts. Must have KPH + Poston needs RECENT experence Call for an appontment lodayl Uvonla Orccnler 33133Schoolcfaft KELLY Temporary Servces Equal Opportunty Employer M/F/H ENTRY LEVEL! FEE PAD-$ PflOMOTABLE SPOTS FOR someone wth fgure apttude, and deser lo learn Accounts Parable Front Desk Secretary Receptonst Sales Secretary General Offce $ J $15,000 $12- t4.5o0 $» OPEN For nfo on these and more call or DOROTHY DAY PERSONNEL, NC. ENTRY LEVEL FLE CLERK wth tho Accountng Offce lor a natonal transportaton company, opon lor a person wth accurate flng sklls. Permanenl full lme poston wth startng pay $4.50 per hour end good beneft program. Send rcsumo to Fle Dept, Mchgan Ave.. Wayne. Ml, GENERAL OFFCE CLERK Full-tme for Farmlngton HUs Accountng Frm. Llghl typng. Mng, good phone manner. Send resume all: ANsoh Northwestern Hwy. Sute.200, Farmlngton Htlts, Ml '. GENERAL OFFlCE'-Verlod dulles n Trby publshng company. ncludng some typng Smalt, casual offce. 30 ht. flexble schedule. Wtt tran. $5-$6 pe* hour. Send lettrv or resume to: CO Rochester, rrj. Troy General Offce Clerks Fun Tme Temporary Opportuntes (Afternoon A Evenng Work Hours) Hghland Superstores has fub tme, temporary opportuntes Jor ndvtdua.'» el our corporate offce n Plymouth We are currently seekng ndvduals wth general off<e background,, * We olfer an excehenl opportunty lo work n a dynamc, lasl paced envronment We also offer a genorous employee dscount' plan. Please send resume or apply n person to: HGHLAND SUPERSTORES Corporate Human Resources-T 909 t. Sheldon Plymouth. Ml Help Wanted OllcG-Clorcal LEGAL SECRETARY/ EXPERENCED V/antod for smaflor Southfleld law praclce. Musl have a mwmum ol 5 years experence. WH pay benefts and good lafary. Experence s a must Call or send resume lo: Offce Manager SouUfleld Rd. Sute 200, Soulhfled, Ml LEGAL SECRETARY wth executve skns wanted lor prncpal ol metfum ste professonal pracuco. Nov. Northvtfe area. Organzatonal sklls, shorthand, specdwrtng typng A transcrpton sklls desrable, works wcl undor pressure CeSAnn NDEPENDENT nsurance adjustng company seekng dependable selfstarter who can type 55 plus w p m. Dctaphone experonee a musl. computer knowlodge he'pful. Addtonal dutes wll nclude phone backup, mal dstrbuton. Send resumo and salary hstory lo: N. Laurel Park Dr.. Sute 333. Uvonla. Ml An Equal Opportunty Emptoyor CONFDENTAL SECRETARY Perform all dutes requred of a Confdental Socretary to the Plant Manager. Producton Manager and lor other stall. Prepare confdontla reports and docurronts. Type 80 wpm. Shorthand wpm. Sklled n M ultma e, Lotus 123. Ablty to prortze and organze work wth Eltlo or no drecton. Supervse and coordnate heavy word processng workload. Transcrbe fnshed copy from dctaphone. Assocates Degree n Busness or equvalent Exceptonal Englsh, grammar and wrtng skll*. Experence n personal computer, busness and offce practces. Requres fve or more years experence as an executve secretary. Mall resume to: Howmet Corporaton Box»722. Plymouth. Ml Attn: Met. O'Maney DoptlOOO CHURCH SECRETARY Part Tme $8.25/hr. 4 days. 4 hrs. Typng, flng, phone. Cal Forest Park Baptst Chruch O6O,C1aude CLERCAL ASSSTANT A prvate Southfleld laboratory socks a Clercal Assstant for data entry end wde varety of clercal dutes. Experonee desrable, but ndvdual ntatve; flexblty and a desre lo learn are ebsokrtely essental. Mon.-Fr, 10-6 PM. Caa 8:30 AM. -4:30 PM CLERCAL ASSSTANT To $7.00 hr No fee leaong txxthleld lrm ureat oeneftsl Careor growth! Neod good typng, good Englsh, 1-3 yrs. sold clercal exporence. RB3 ASSOCATES AQY CLERCAL, evenngs A weekends, data entry, phones, Flng CLERCAL Farmlngton Hlls Company has openng for mature, happy, and outgong person lo help manage small busness. Dutes lo nclude llghl bookkeepng 3-4 days per woek. Send bref work hstory lo:' Northwestern Hghway, Sute «119, Farmlngton HUs. Ml CLERCAL OPPORTUNTES Ga'e Roseerch nc., a major publsher of reference nformaton for lbrares -and busmesse* worldwde has clercal opportuntes tha re- Oulre excellent wrllon, verbal end typng sklls. These enlry level postons offer excellent bonefts ncludng medcal, dental, optca! nsurance, tuton assstance and flexble work hours. Please tend resume and coverletter wth salary requrements lo:. OercaJ Postons GALE RESEARCH NC. 835 PENOBSCOT BULDNG DETROT Ml CLERCAL-PART TME for nsurance agent Typng, flng, some compuler knowledge. Northwestern AMlddtebetarea CLERCAL/PART TME 3 day* pot week, have own trassocaton. Wxom area. For appontment CLERCAL-"PART TME Southfleld offce. mmedate openng :30. Mon.- Frl.. Flng, typng preferred, good phone ska* CLERCAL Permanent part lme, wth varod dutes. Send resume lo: Offce Manager, P.O. Box 23340, Detrot, Ml., BOOKKEEPER FuD lme. Collecton experence requred. nsurance experence helpful. Excofenl benefts. Plymouth. CaH Grace \ BOOKKEEPER - fub lme for *mah nsurance related offce. Musl have experence wth lotu* or»mhar wrnpuler *pread.*heef. Oule* to nclude: A/f A7P, bsnk recs, COfflpulor nput. Beneft* mcfudod. Send resume A alwy requrement* lo: Bookkeepng Poston, 1680 > Newburgh. 6ult«1M, Uvonl*, Ml BOOKKEEPER FULL TME farmlngton Hfl* Real Est (a/property Manaoomen frm need* Bookkeeper wth 3-5 yr*. experence. Musl be experenced n payroll, payrol (axes, and automated bookkoopng. Please»end resume KY} Salary requremont* lo: CERTFED RtALTY. NC. Bookkeeper Poston We*f 10 MUe Road. SulteJOO ' farmlngtoh H» Ml., 4833$ CLERCAL POSTON;»m*tl plastc* Co. n Plymouth seek* an ndvdual» Clerk. Shoud accurately typo wpm. Mulhave good vole*. Knowledge of BM PC preferred. Poson requres a hghly organzed ndmduaj wth the ablty lo work welt under pressure. Conlact JR et CLERCAL/SALES nclude* packegng. computer, efc. for wcker warehouse V Rodford Part tme leadng lo fufl tme CUSTOMER SERVCE Represenlattve-Exceent cc*rmurleaton sklls. nsurance and durable medcal equpment knowledge helpful, but wll tran. Send resume 10; Manager-Customer Servce, Farlane Homo Medcal Supply Mchgan. Dearborn, Ml EXECUTVE ASSSTANT/ SECRETARY Hgh growth company tocatod n Farmlngton Hrlls has an mmedate openng lor Executve Assstant Secretary. E<perlence wth Wordpertect 5 0 or 5.1 requred, musl have good communcaton sklls, 6 be a sell starter. Compettve salary and beneft package. Send resume lo- Prestge Foods. nc Orchard Lake Road,- Ste Farmngton Hals. Ml EXECUTVE SECRETARY/ OFFCE MANAGER Requrements: Excellent Sklls Wordproccssng Some 8ookkeepng Sell Starter Organzatonal Capablty Mature canddales are welcome lo apply. Send resumes lo: Browne Assocates. Sute 100, 525 Y/oodward, Btoomfeld Hvls, Ml EXECUTVE SECRETARY/ OFFCE MANAGEMENT Manufacturers rep agency needs fub lme person wth EXTENDED EXPE RENCE n tochnlcal sales olfce nvolvng automotve supply. Farmngton Hlls area Please cel, EXECUTVE SECRETARY - part lme for dynamc Real Estate Company m Southfleld. Must be dependable Hours 9:30arr-2.30pm. Knowledge bl word processng (preferrebly Dsplaywtte) 4 organzatonal sklls EXECUTVE SECRETARY TO $28,000 ' A career Secretary" wc be wen rewardod wth hls professonal engneerng frm. Supervson one of he challengng responsbltes. Generous benefts nclude proft sharng. Call 8ornlce at SNELLNG&SNELUNG CUSTOMER SERVCE REP' A hgh energy level, mature ndvdual * needed for our rapdly growng Soulhneld servce organzaton. Musl be self motvated, organzed and have excellent communcaton sklls. Offce and phone exporlonce necessary ncludng typng skns. FuH lme poston avalable wth ben-' efts - day hour*. Pleasant, nonsmokng offce. Wllng lo tran. Call Rose, Oam-noon CUSTOMER SERVCE REP lor Southfleld Offce of expandng natonwde company. Must have excenenl phone manner, ablty lo organze ano process wrtten lorms. Employer pad famly medcal coverage ncwng dental 4 major medcal. Compettve salary. Can MlHe Monforte tor detals et HARPER ASSOCATES Offce Placement 6poca!ss Mddebe Farmlnglon Hlls, Ml OATA ENTRY/BLUNG CLERK needed for fesl paced vdeo dstrbutor. Tvplng experence a plus. Pleasant personalty A good customer servce sklls. Appfy n person RJchfteld Cf. Lvona. CallRoso ext. 18 DATA ENTRY Brmngham. $7/hr. Call Mary Jo al Unlorce OATA ENTRY/ CUSTOMER SERVCE A dynamc dstrbuton cener located n Farmlngton Hn* ha* an mmedate opportunty for data entry/ customer servce clerk. The successful canddate must have data entry experence as won a* the ablty 10 work web wth customer*. The poston requres extensve te'ephone work and good customer relaton* sklls. Typng sklls would be helpful. Thl* opportunty oler* excenon frnge beneft* and salary commensurate wth experence. nterested epptcants should call 8am- 1 lam, Monday hrough Frday., Equal Opportunty Employer M/F OATAENTRY Exporence necessary, Can ETO Temporary Servce An Equal Opportunty EmptOyor DATA ENTRY Permanent part tme poston avauable for person* wth experence n on fne database key entry. Flexble daytme hour*. Send resume, or fll out applcaton between eam-spm, Mon. - Frl. at Pck Pubfcalons Greenfeld, 8ouuW,d. Ml (bfk.s. of 12 Mle). EXECUTVE SECRETARY Souhfeld servce company seek* brght hard-workng ndvdual lo assst presdent Dutes wll be dversfed and challengng. Excellent secretaral skll* requred. Qualfed canddates must be wllng to work flexble hour*, be selfmotvated, and organzed wth attenton to detals. Send resume lo: Exocutve Secretary, P.O. Box 300. Southfeld. Ml LEASNG CONSULTANT FuH tme nooded lor suburban apartment compfex. Must have people sklls and typng ablty. Leasng experence n<jt pooossary. For nformaton call Or BUSY Farmlnglon Hlls ttlgalon practce seeks lopnotch Legal Secretary wth mnmum ol 3 years experence'. Excellent growth potental. Salary negotable. LZ LEGAL SECRETARY - Tranee (or non smokng law frm n Tfoy. Musl have 1 lo 2 yrs exporence. computer skns necessary, hgh school graduate wth hgh academc credentals. Ca3 Bar b LEGAL SECRETARY Southfeld personal njury frm socks secretary wth el least 2ya Personal njury exporence. Must have WordPerfect experence. Top salary and benefts. Cafl LEGAL SECRETARY $19*$ APMNlSTRATVE ASST: Strong sklls. chalcng'ng/suoursan post lorv CORPpRATE: 5 years, partner poston. FLOATS: 1 year. g««ra! law. 65 wpm typng. LTGATON. 60 wpm shorthand, 2 year*. partr>er poson LTGATON: 3 year*, plush partner poston. REAL ESTATE: 3 years, partner. poston. WORO PROCESSORS years legal RECORDS CLERK POSTON Send resume to: Arthur Thomas Executve Search Tcwn Center. Sute 2333, Soulhfeld, Ml or cas HelpVVantod Ofllco-Clerlcal OFFCE MANAGER Fast paced Southeast Mchgan sales offce need* a problem *ofve* lhal works well under pressure. Telephone sklls A good nterpersonal sklls are a musl. Word processng a plus. Major medcal. Salary commensurate wth exporknc*- CaJlKathy ext 333 OFFCE SECRETARY UEEDEO To perform dally functons tor a local Lvona transportaton company Dutes wn nclude: typng, computer nput l.«ng A commuacatng wth nter offce personal lor afternoon shft. Prevous offce experence s roqukcd. Can lor ntervew appontmcnl alter 2pm LEGAL SECRTARY TO $24,000 Prestgous suburban hrm. Your past medcal malpractce experence and good organzatonal sklls qoalfes you. 35 hour week. Benefts nclude: modlcal. dental. 40K. penson, proft Sharng. 2 weeks vacalon plus 12 persona) days Fee pad. Call Kelhy SNELUNG&SNELLNG MANTENANCE CLERK Farmer Jack/A 4 P. the largest supermarket chan n Mchgan, has an openng lor e clerk wth good telephone 4 typng sklls lo assst thettatf of ths busy department A compettve salary 4 oomprohonslve beneft package wll be ottered to the successful canddate. Please send resume or letter n confdence to: Personnel Drector. Farmor Jack/A 4 P. P O Box Detrot. Ml LEGAL SECRETARY lor Troy taw frm Word processng A shorthand requred. 1-2 yr*. exporence. Legal background preforrod. Non-smoker. Send resume to: Secretaral Commlloe. P.O. Box Troy. Ml LEGAL SECRETARY. mmedate openng. Southfleld lawfrm.3 years P.. plantff experence. Word processng. Conlact Alce LEGAL SECRETARY Wanted for Troy Pertona! njury frm. Mnmum 2 3 yr*. exporlonce LEGAL SECRETARY 1-5 year* experonee. Salary commensurate wth ablty. Malz 4 Rubn PC. Ask for Annclte LEGAL SECRETARY Royal Oak frm seek* Secretary wtlh personal njury and word processng exporlonce LEGAL SECRETARY Nooded for Brmngham Law Frm. Workers' Compensaton experence preferred. Salary commensurate wth experonee LEGAL SECRETARY - Part tme. Personal njury, worker* compensaton practce for Soulhfeld attornoy. WordPerfect 5.0. experenced only. Call LEGAL SECRETARY A small Southfeld Law Frm Mnmum 1-2 yr*. legal experence n general practce A P. Word Ported 5 0 preferred, wtlh great telephone skns EXECUTVE SECRETARY Top notch, well organzed self sarter wn assume 1hl» mmedate oponlrm -- Old Redford area. Executve level clercal A admnstratve sklls are essental. Superor typng, composton 4 communcaton skns are a must. f you are accurate, thorough, free to travel, and work ndependentfy as wt.l Al conldenla.'ry send resume 4 salary requrements to Personnel Drector. P.O. Box Detrot, Mch FALL N... lne to KMn our learn ol lop temporares. We have clercal postons avalable for. Genera! olfce/fyplsts. part tme Swtchboard/typsts, kng term nventory dspatcher Call now for an appontment. TEMPORARY RESOURCES Lvona - Farmlngton Hlls Southfeld Troy FARMNQTON HLLS computer dstrbutor * lookng for an experenced sales socretary wth mtn. 3-5 yrs. sa'es offce experence. Must be able to handle multple Job functons wh very lttle supervfs'on. Careor opportunty. Excelfont salary 6 benef.ts. Please can Lnda al FLE CLERK Fsrmlngtoo krs corporal* olfce seeks experenced fe clerk. Accounts payable background helpful. Non smoker FLE ROOM: Support poston avalable lor hardworkng, sof-motlvatod ndvdual. Applcaton* accepted 9am-4pm: A6,S, W, 6 Mle Rd. Oak Park. LEGAL SECRETARY TO $27,000 Work for easy gong Sr. Partner. Several yoar* modlcal malpractce needed. Lot* ol varety, excellent opportunty. Benefts nclude proft sharng. Fee pad. Can Barbara SNELUNG&SNELLNG LEGAL SECRETARY Senor partner n Downtown Oefense Frm s lookng for a secretary wth a mnmum ol 3 year* modlcal malpractce legal experence. Compettve salary/beneft* pfus travel alowance Exceflen opportunty lor a hghly motvated ndvdual. f you qualfy, ptesso send resume lo: Offce AdmNslralor 1700 Penobscot Buldng Detrot. M.T<9tte. LEGAL SECRETARY TO $24,000 FEE PAD Full benefts, flex tme. 401K and prescrptons. you have 2 plus years legal experence and Word- Pert eel, 5.0. call Clare today, SNELUNG&SNELLNG FARMNQTON HLLS OCTOBER OPPORTUNTES 2504 Secretary/Processor. $19, Career Secretary. $18, Personnel Secretary. $20, Word Processor. $18, Clerk Typsl. $ Top salares lor WordPerfect 5.0. Lotus 4 Macntosh packages. Compettve salares plus benefts ALL FEES COMPANY PAD PERMAMENT STAFF Lvona: Troy: OFFCE ADMNSTRATOR/ BOOKKEEPER $24,000 FEE PAD Busy suburban frm olfer lots ol varety lor a fun charge Bookkeeper wtlh admnstratve capabltes. FuH bonefts and computer requred Call SNELLNG&SNELUNG OF TROY OFFCE ASSSTANT - FULL TME Southfleld locaton. Entry level pos ton. Must have prevous offce experence, good math ablty and 10 key calculator sk!!* necessary. Responsbltes nclude swtchboard 6.varous clercal dutes. CaB before '11:00am OFFCE ASSSTANT, tun or part tme, Farmlngton Hlls nsurance egcrcy. School hours possble. Ufa 4 modlcal nsurance experence helpful. Send resume to P.O. Box Farmlngton Hlls, M OFFCE HELP, experenced, pan tme ovonlng* and weekends Apply Lasky Furnture Plymouth Road. Uvonla No phone calls ptease OFFCE HELP Typng, compuler background.' or-" ganzatlonaj sklls, excellent commuruceton and phone sk:s requred. Tel-Twerve area PERSONNEL.DEPARTMENT 'SECRETARY $.18,000 Opportunty n the exctng work} ol advertsng lor e skkcd Secretary who ha s per sonnet e»p«rleoc e Cal SNELLNG&SNELUNG - PERSONNEL OFFCE CLERK Par tme. 3 days a week Entry levet w-;«ban AppScatons accepted Mon -Frl. loam-noonfrt.'y. Bortz Health Care ol Ypstar.t 28 S Prospect YpsJanl. Ml RECEPTlONlST/SVrTCHBOAfO Short and long term assgnments n Wayne 4 Oakland Count/ ETD Temporary Servce RECEPTONST - PART tme eves Mon-Thur, 4pm-7:30pm. Sal. toam- 12 Typng requlrd. experence not necessary CaB Pal Mon. Thur from 10am-4pm RECEPTONST - TEMPORARY lull lme poston n Brmngham la* frm Dutes nclude handlng mu:t tne phone system, mal, data entry 4 nvocng Good Ulephone typng sk'ls requred CaS Pal Mon - Fr RECEPTONST Uvonla Chropractc Olfce Wn tran Appfy Mon TuOS. Wed. 4 Fr. from 91pm or 3^ 5pm. at W. 5 M. Rd. neceptonst/s*1tchboard. epo rlence nocossary. grownl hgh tech Up to $8/hr Cat Marge at Unforce RECEPTtONlST/s/rtchboard. rmjt.. pla lnes. Nov techncal, to $6/h/ CsU Susan a Unforce RECEPTONST - rendh- Southf<S<J o"«ce. To$7/hr Cal E:en at Unforce RECEPTONST/GENERAL OFFCE Typng 6 10 key Sklls needed 5'^ days week, benefts Startng a<.e S6/hr Reply lo: The Controller 3180OW SfAleRd. Farmlngton. Ml RECEPTONST Medum sze company located m Lvona has an openng for an e>perenccd receptonst Soma ryprg requred Good salary and benefts. Send resume to P 0 Box 598. Obsorver A Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd. Uvonla. Mchgan RECEPTONST/CLERCAL For a growng Mchgan Busness Assocaton m Soulhfeld. FuB tme poston, frnge bonefts. Wordproccssng and good phone sklls needed Send letter of mqu're/resume wth salary roqul/omenlj lo: Box 606 Observer A Eccont/c Newspapers Schoolcralt Rd. Uvonra. Mchgan 48t50 RECEPTONST Downtown Brmngham Mon-Thurs eves. Sat RECEPTONST/CLERCAL Part tme. Troy ttt RECEPTONST. Part-Tme evenngs, lght olfce work, typng. flr>g. etc 2-3 days, Nonhv::o area OFFCE RECEPTONST Plymouth company desres experenced receptlonlsl Ths poston requres good eommuncaloo and offce sklls. Send resume to: Affjack 4 Company. 377 Amela. Plymouth, Ml ORDER ENTRY CLERK - Entry level. Full lme poston avalable n Redford Townshp for clerk/receptonst Typng wpm and experence wth 10 key caluclstor requred. $5.25 per hr. Ask for Dawn: Ext ORDER ENTRY/FOLLOW UP Fast paced progressve Troy based specalty advertsng A ncenuve awards company has an mmedate openngs tor a relable person who s sol mofvaead 4 has excellent wttlen 4 oral skks. Dutes nclude: orrw nput v»<vw r^^.., P,^-. cessful canddate wn be organzed, work welt egalnsl deadlnes 4 be abfe to type 45-50wpm Salary/benefts. Call Betty. Mon. hrv FrL 9;30am-4;30pm LEGAL SECRETARY $26,000 Ugaon poston offerng challenge and prestge. Excellent beneft package. 35 hour work woek and specal perks CaB Mark Or send resume, 3270 W. Bg Beaver, Sute 147. Troy, Ml, SNELUNG&SNELLNG OF TROY MAL CLERK Nooded lor,lasl paced Brmngham law frm. FuH lme temporary, whch could load lo permanent poston. CaJ Seve Multer NATONALLY RECO0N7E0 MORTGAGE COMPANY Lookng for a personable, Outgong self-starter wth'good typng skn*. Ba/k or fnance company background preferred. Dtver»fod dutes, excellent salary and boneft*. Careor opportunty for the rgh person. Send resume or background Wormalonto: B. Kushlm c/o The Money Store Newburgh Rd. Llvon*. Ml OATA ENTRY-lo $260/wk. Can Elton el Unforce CLERK/TYPST Attorney, n Farmlngton Hll*, wll fraln for h* offce, typng A spellng skn* essental. Experonee not requred. Startng wage. $4 2$ per hr. wth regular ncrease* CLERK/TYPST PUBLC RELATONS Farmor Jack/A A P. (he largest supermarket chan n Mchgan * n neod of a *uppor derk for our busy pubflc rol«ton» dep»r1mont. The major responsblty wll be lo *ss'» our customer* w«h *ny queston* A (pedal request* that hey may have. Excellent t«!«phon<\ manner* A good typng skrt* are musl/ A r^nvomrve»a*ry A cemprehensfv*) benefl* package w) be offered to he -juccessruf canddate. Pessa «ond resume n confdence lo: Poronnot Drector Farmer Jeck/A A P POBox334<6 Delrolt, Ml An Equal Opportunty Emptoyor. DATA ENTRY $7 PER HOUR mmodlal* oponng*. Long/short term asstgnmont*. ARBOR TEMPS, EARN CHRSTMAS CASH We»re seekng poople who have * pleasant phone manner A can rpe 35wpm lo work n long take A Crook* area D»y» elernoon A weekond shft's svafsbl*. Cal fodsy for an appontment CD Temporary Servces nc Never a fee EXECUTVE ASSSTANT * needed for a growng medcal equtpmen company. Musl h»v» excellent admnstratve, accountng, computer, typng and organzaton *khl*. Good alary *nd beneft*. Please send resume end (slary requremont* (o: Peronnol Drector, P.O. Box So^fold. Ml, GENERAL CLERCAL Part Tme AppPcanl should be sol motvated lo assst n a one person offce. Dutes wn be answerng telephones, processng customer order*. nvocng. «c. Computer epertence preferred. Send resume lo: Sun Chemcal, Globe, Uvonla. Ml GENERAL OFFCE Par lme, nonble hour*, excetlentfor student or homemaker. Farmngton Hlls GENERAL OFFCE CLERK Fun lme. Know'oelge of WordPerfect 5.0 helpful. Appfy al: Lberty Corporate Telegraph, Sm'te 2631, Souhfe'd. GENERAL Of FCE Natonal frm n Southfleld need* brght, capable person wth data onlry sklls. Cat 353<3O0 An Equal Opportunty Emp'Oyer GENERAL OFFCE Red lord OCS lon, full tme poston. TrP'nO, to key *nd lght bookkeepng skns requred LEGAL SECRETARY for 2 attorney offce n Southfeld. Ss'sry commensurate wth experence. Ce'l Mr, Alport HEALTH NSURANCE- Secretary/ Adm!n>lra!or. ndependent broker neod* he besll S»ary pv» portorrrv ance ncentve*, Bocome a part of our growth. Musl be poople, computer, A nsurance *m* f Prymoulh, Northvlle are*. Resume for confdental ntervew to: Jay Sfeody, Helm 81. Plymouth. Ml LEGAL TEMP/PERM W* have boon advancng he careor* ol legal socreta/le* snce Now s the tmo for you lofndout wta we can do for you. No charge* or fee* lo you...ever. Can or submt your resume n confdence lor permanent or lemporary oppor untes. PERSONNEL, AT LAW 3000 Town Center, Sull* 2560 Souhfe'd, Ml 4807» (313) One Kennedy Square, S* Celrol, Ml (313) FAX «(313) $ PRODUCTON TYplST Word Processor. Uvonla. nsurance termnology helpful. 65 wpm + typng. $ 16- $18K range. Full benefts. No foe. B. HAML PERSONNEL RECEPTONST/Swdchboard operator for Soulhfeld mortgage company Experence prelerred RECEPTONST/GENERAL OFFCE wh exporence A good typng skes Frnge benefts Send resume or apply al K J lew Engneers. nc W. 9 M.le. Nov. Ml RECEPTONST - Soulhldd area natonal frm. Sharp professonal, exco.lent phone sklls. >gh clercal requred. Send resume to: Northwestern Hwy.. Sulla 300. Soulhfeld. Ml Alt Offce Manager. RECEPTlONlST."w1lh soma clercal and computer experence, to work near downtown Detrot Hours 630AM-SPM Good pay end benefts. Resumeto:Box6lO. Observer 4 Eccenlrlc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd. Uvonla. Mchgan RECEPflONST/SECRETARtAL Plymouth area Typng 50 wpm Phone sklls. Mature/prolesslona atttude Ous'fpd aooy-nnn S«AO resume or ef^y wthn: Human Resource Manager Port Street Plymouth. Ml RECEPTONST/ EXECUTVE ASSSTANT For Dearborn nsurance sgency. Full lme. Responsbltes wfl nclude transcrbng, computer nput & answerng phono. 3 years offce epe-,u-"«"> -"' ry. Sa'ary s open w/ os.ce S^WSjWW ons, " ' Word Processors Data Entry Operators Clerk Typsts Experenced Telemarketers (Day and Afternoon postons) Beneft package offered GENERAL MANAGEMENT SERVCES Farmlngton Road Lvona, Ml Ho An Agency Equal OpporturUy Employer N>ver.1 Frr* MALROOM.. OPPORTUNTY Exconont entry level poston for weft groomed lodmdua to jon our matroom tsft «1 ou/ world he»dquarter* n Sovthflofd. Dute* n- Clud* openng/sortng ml A»ervtnj M backup for dstrbutng m»* throughout he bufldlng. Must b«t team p!«yor. No experonee nece*- lary, w u*n. Complete bonefl package nclude* medcal, dental, prescrjptlort A luton rembursement. Reply to: MALROOM OPPORTUNTY P.O. COX 2227 SOUTHFlELO. Ml BLNGUAL SECRETARY German Manufacturers Bank has an mmodlato oponng for a BLNGUAL SECRETARY n the nternatonal Bankng Dopartmonl. Ths poston roprosons an oxcollont opportunty to ontor tho fast-paced, challengng and professonal almosphcro of a growng fnancal nsttuton. QUALFCATONS: Typng wpm requred, shorthand sklls doslrablo. Profcency n Gorman and ono to two year's prevous secretarat oxperenco strongly proferrod. Good verbal and wrtten communcaton sklls rcqulrod. Compettve salary, floxlblo bcnoft9 packago and opportuntes- for -career growth ore avalable to tho successful canddate Ploase" call for an appolntmont or sond' resume n confldonco lo: Tonl Tldwoll, Human Resourcoa, Manufacturers Bank, 411 W. Lafayotto, Dotroll, Ml Equal Opportunty Employor M/F/H/V. C^UH' rubumm BBB^n WBff'.TO.ya

49 504 f alp Wanted Offce-Clercal pnoperfy MAHAGf,R.Experlencod Property Manjger for mtrltlp'.«*. r te*. Kno-Atodge ol accountng end mantenance. Send resume and salary requrements- (o: RK4A, 650 E. South Brvd. Troy. MJ RECEPTONST - Advertng to A pleasant voce 4 sm*e s needed tl our fron desk to g/et vstor* & events n our fast-paced SoutfBetd otf<e. Experence oo a s*cf)bo«d system preferred. Beneft*. Send rewn» to 0o» 58«. Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd. Lfvona. Mlcf*gan 481SO KECEPTlONST Needed, partllme four* 12-$. Ou^j nclude: Dstrbutng m), f.-ng 4 per-oral $ffc«functons Apply between 8-4 at 1717 HamCn. Rochester Hlls. 504 Help Wanted Offce-Clercal Monday, October O&E *7F RECEPTONST - OEHERAL Offce Fal paced growng frm noods en twg**, team orlontod ndmdual rusponsbrtlca nclude answerng phones, typng, data entry, flng end othor dutes aj needed. Computer experence a plus-. Submt resume end»s.'&fy to: Oaleseo/ nc. 37M2 K Tech Dr.. FermJngton!(<:!». M Attenton: Joyce Felo RECEPTONST For SoylMefd la* frm. Uoht typng requred Exceflcr.t beoe t». Salary. commensurate *h et'jty CaJ MoodayFrlday.9am-3pm RECEPTONlST/OEnERAL OFFCE good communcaton suts, protos, s)onaj appearance. rteodty. 103 Tex Servce/Amercan Express Corp eoe RECEPTONST Rccepto^st/Swltchboard Operator needed lor tares corporaton wth offces n SoutMdd. NovT Bloomfeld HSs Cel RECEPTONST/Cterlcal/Typlng/ Personable/FuttLme Mrtonum 45 w.p.m.. dversfed poston, case records, mlsc clercal. 2 year* experence mnmum. EOE Resume* only Green Road Coursng Center 2O0uGrcen Road. Sute 250 Ann Arbor. Ml RECEPTlOHlST/TYPlST Small Lvona contractor seek* experenced person lor part tme poston (plus or mnus 20 hour* per v,cch Word processng sklls helpful Conlac Jmmy or Ha/old 8.30x-n-11.30am only « or send resume to: "12845 f armyvgton Rd. Lrvonla. M RECEPTONST - poston avalabta for mature person n vory busy DpAMotm Brmngham real eslfle offce Typng must, excellent telephone manner end basc computer knowledge a plus. 40 hr. *eek lv Wudng Saturda)-*. Onfy those *oc<- ng permanent empfoymonl ncod eppfy Ask tor Nancy RECEPTONST/NVOCE CERX Natonal cnem!cal company lookng lor professons per»on (or receptonjst/lnyotce dork potuon. Excellent pfvone sxp» are e must Typng requred. TMj poston o!fer» a conv peuth-a aalary end complete bcoem pvago Respond m wrtng wth tajarv requrement! end OD hstory to. scot Speoaty Oases.?90 Comt>orme/e. Troy. Ml RECEPTONST/TYPST Enthusast* person wth a professonal appearance end atttude s noeded to porlorm fuo-tjme receptonst, word processng and data entry dutes tor Southfeld legal toftwa/e dvulon ol Smon 8 Schuster. Wang experence preferred; typng W*pm. FuB benert package ayajjable. Send resume lo: Master Data Center Northwestern Hwy.. Ste300. Southnetd. Ml Attenton Marketng Department. Receptonst/ Swtchboard Hghland' Superstores has en opportunty av'awo al ts Corporate ofl- <e m Prymolh Ths ndmdual w«oe responsble lor operatng a swtchboard ««erk1ng es Receptonst tor the merchandsng depl. Add<tlot\al dutes nclude compteung computer projects ulblng- Word Pcrlect A manframe systems. Requl/emonts nclude Roceptlonlsl end/or Swtchboard exporlonoe. «- eeflenl convnonlcaton skus & attendance record, typng of 40wpm. a word processng experence. Knowledge of Word Perfect a plus. We offer a compofttve wage * berv ef.t package n a fasl pac*o. dynamc work envronment. Ple-aso tend resume or appy kn parson lo: HGHLAND SUPERSTORES Corporate Human Resouroes-R K)9 H. Sheldon Pfymouth.M48l70 An Equal Opportunlry Ernptoyer SALES ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT PART-TME Batosvrlle a subsdary of a Fortune 400 consumer products manufacturer currently eeoklng a Sales Admnstratve Assstant for a part-tme poston n our Uvonla, Mchgan off- ce. The qualfed canddate wll have outstandng clercal sklll3 (word processng, mcrocomputer experence), a postlvfe, problem-solvng approach for dealng wth customers, and the ablty to work 20 hours a week and ndependently n ths offce. Specfc responsbltes nclude: mantenance ol regonal customers' sales fles and clercal support to the Regonal Sales Manager. 8atesvllle offers a compettve compensaton. nterested canddates should contact Mary Ann at , Monday thru Frday, between 8:30 AM. and 5 PM. Equal Opportunty Employer Mnor ty/rernaje/hantfjcappod/vet 504 Kolp Wanted OKco-Corfcal SECRETARAL/RECEPTON for md-st* manufacturng frm. Entry level, experence preferred. Send resume (O: P. O. Box 103. Wlxom, Ml Attn: LoretlaSur SECRETARY/ FLOATER Guardan ndustres a world leader n the glass ndustry s seekng experenced Secretary lor ts corporate headquarter*. Sofd secretaral end communcaton akkls rue requred. Profderv?y.ln WordPerfect end delaphooe a p*j$. The duraton end type 6< assgnments w!d vary throughout he year. Please send a letter or resu(h«w'jh compensaton requrements lo: Robert Merrck OOARLMAN NDUSTRES W.«MJe Northvlle. M An Equal C"pportunty Employer SECRETAfY-GrowlAg company seeks executve secretary to manege offce staff. WordPerfect and lotus a plus. Send resumes to. P.O. *ox M77 ^Troy*. Ml 480¾¾ SECRETARY NEEDED for Southfeld law offce. Conlac Mr. Cohen SECRETARY One person offce n Radford FuB/part tlme\ Please c«3 after 6:30. * SALES ADMNSTRATON CLEJW mmedate lua tme poston avasene n growng manufacturng frm. Ncod capable ndmdual to act es support to sales staff. Offce dutes nclude, handlng customer cans, creatng letter*, proposals, and reports on Macntosh computer. Persons apprylng should be organzed and have a pleasant phone personalty. Apply n porson at BELANOER. NC OohenyCt, NorthvCe. NTERNATONAL SALES Secretary wth mntaum 5 year* experence Knowledge ol WordSlar. Ttfe* «hv ternallonal documonlallon requred Frnge benefts. Send resume wth sa.'anr hutory lo Box 63«, Observer & Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolaa.1 Rd. Lvona, Mlohlgan RECEPTONST/SECURTY PART TME EVENNGS Techncolor Vdeo Cassette of Mchgan. nc. a leader n the home duplcaton ndustry s currently seekng a Part Tme Evenng RecepOonlsl/Securlty Employee. The successful canddate wn possess a hgh school dploma or equvalent. Prevous sv.chboa/d/ receptonst experence requred. Good nterpersonal, oral end wrtten communcaton skns a must Ths poston wta consst ol oporatlng our Rotm twttchboard and actng es the Receptonst/Secu/ty Offcer n our Lvona lachty lobby from 5~8pm. Mon-Fr. For mmedate consderaton, please submt your resume wth *a.'ary requrements or eppfy n person lo: TECHNCOLOR V10EO CASSETTE OF MCHGAN, NC. Secretaral CENTRAL NTELLGENCE AGENCY ' Support the CtA You can loo. FV>d djvenrty. Professonal satsfacton. Exctement. And a personal role n supportng Amortca' securty. There ere lew )obs anywhere that can offer you he cha."<onge and rewards that are your* when you Jot" the Central kv leogonoe Agency. We need talented men and women who lake prtde n dong work that maler* OpporturtUea ere avalable now W the Washngton, OCJ Northern WgWa areas. Postons era ava-tabte lor: Secretares Clerk-Typsts Al postons requre U.S. ctzenshp end he personal ntegrty noeded to tuccessfu?y complete mod leal end securty processng. nductng a polygraph ntervew. AddUonany. yog must have a hgh school dploma or GEO. Please send your resume lo: Personnel Rep (P0131 P. O. Box 1255 P.tUburgh. PA We wl respond wthn 30 days to those rudgod to bd ol further nter est The CA s an Secretary (Part-Tme) Masco Corporaton, a Fortune 250 dversfed manufacturer, has en mmedate part-tme opportunty avalable for en experenced Secretary. The hour* lor ths permanent, part tme poston ere 3: pm, wth some flexlbfjty. Workng m our Corporate Loga/ Department, the deal canddate should type 60 WPM. have good spellng and organzatonal sklls. PC end prevous toga! experence. as woo es Shorthand, era requred Ths poston s accompaned by a compettve salary. Please send your resume n confdence lo. Human Resources- DeptND MASCO CORPORATON Van Born Rd. Taylor. Ml Help Wanted Food-Boyerago ACCEPTlNO applcatons lor part tme work lor. the ne* Sub* *y Store n Plymouth. AM shfts Flexble hour*. Cel 3-Spm ABES PASTY 8 SUB SHOPS Part lme days or even*. Westand. Garden Cty or Lrvonfa. Can 10-2pm, Of anytme ALL POSTONS - ALL SHFTS Appfy m person > CloverdaJe Cafe 134 No Center. Northvue ASSSTANT OAY COOK- Mon -Sal 24 hr». Experenced or wn tran Good workng cond.llon*. Nov area- Please can Brdget or Frank ASSSTANT MANAGER RESTAURANT mmedate openlrg Seelung malure, responsble person to asrjl ger^ral.manager n operaton of tub servce restaurant Good hour*, good starjng pav. bcr>ers. Send resume lo Box 628 Ooserver 6 Eccer,Ulc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd. Uvonla. Mchgan BANQUET» LNE COOK Ful tme Experence preferred Good Beneft*. Ca.1 Chef John at Botsfordmn BANQUET SUPERVSOR Hourty wage Must be ava.!t^e fua tme nclude weekends Apply n person: Noon - 3 PM. Mon. Tue. Wed. Mayflower Hotel. 627 W. Ann Arbor Trel. Ask lor Joanne BANQUET WAJT STAFF Hourty wage FuS or part tme Must be ava:lat>!e nghts end weekends No experence necessary - ws tran Excellent HoWdav money lor Homemaker*. Appfy Mayflower hotel. 627 W. Ann Arbor Tral. Plymouth. Ask lor Joanne BAR HELP 4 KTCHEN HELP Bar help, full 6 part t«ne Ktchen help, pan Ume day* J R'S Lounge Help Wanted Food-Bovcrega DSHWASHERS/MANTENANCE. n!ervle/.lng lor day* 6 nghts Apply m person oetnocn 3 & 6 Mon. Uvu. FrL Golden Mushroom Restaurant corner 10 Mle & Southf-ed. No phone ca-* please please FOOD MANUFACTURER located n P^-moulh needs oeneral producton tra packagng hop Up lo 40 hr*»k_ CeJ after 4pm: FOOD SERVERS mmedate A part Urne openngs lor day & evenng hr*. al drand Rr^er Vllage m Farmngton K t. No experence necc-ssary, StarUng wage $5 per hr. Please apply n person at: Grand fthor, between t Halstead 6 Drake. /OOO SERVCE Clercal Host/Hostess. WJ perform general dercel functons wthn unt act es Hol/Hosless durng d^>n»r tme Hour*: 12: pm. 4-5 days Please appy al: Ovtc Center Dr. SouthfleJd or eel after 32 noon, esk for Mr* St/eda An Equal Cvportun.'jy Employer HELP WANTE0 UNE COOK. WAT STAFF. BUSSERS. VALET ApcJ-y n person between 2-5 Mon - Frl. at Soz Executve Lounge W. 6M.le HOLDAY NN ol SOUTHFELD mrrvg AM WAT STAFF BANQUET SETUP* COOK. Good wages. Pan lme 6 fua tme Appfy n person: Telegrapn HOSTESS - Now Hrng al Forest take Country Oub CKb Ortve. off Square take Rd. kjst W of Teogreph n person Wed-Sun 505 Nolp Wanted Food-Boverago RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT ARBY'S ROAST BEEF Sybra. nc.. on* of the nat>on'» Urgesl franchses of A/b/» Roast Octl Restaurants wth over 150 unts hss mmedate openngs t ts mar^gement t/aln>gprog/am We offer a) Startng salary commensurate wth experence ncentve bonuses Comprehensve nsurance package 0 401K retrement program Stock program 5day/45/hr workweek Frequent salary re<"**s Rapd advancement Qua-fed applcants *3 possess perlous restaurant and/or pror management experence. cocoge level educaton s a p*v* but the dem to advance m a progress-re company s most mportant. f you are nterested n these entry pos»- oons. please cafl Mchcte Cocna or send resume (o SYBRA, NC S Dort Hghway, Fcnt. M BARTENDER Lunch Shft MON -FRJ Experence nocesary OCEAN GRLLE Brmngham BARTENDERS- Copa Lounge Schoolcraft. Attractve responsble person able to work femb-l* hour* (32-35 hour*). Ca.1 lor appontment. 533-«450 BARTENDERS 4 PZZA MAKERS Part tme, erenlngs and weekends tor Fe/mngton HSs bo-wcng center. No experence necessary SECRETARY/RECEPTONST: Ught offce dutes. Fua-Ume. Westand area. Mus be neal appearng Need Work-a-hofcl CaB ECRETAHY/RECEPTON S T Uvonla CPA frm has a fua lme openng for a mature, dependable person wth 1-2 year* experence. ndmdual musl have strong telephone sklls, word processng (WordPerfect 5.0 or 5 1) and dctaphone experence. Good gramma/ and punctuaton»k3a. Must be wea organzed and accurate, wth attenton (o detal. Send resume wth salary requromonls to: EPPS 6 COM PANY. PC Sx M3e, Sute 205. Uvonla. Ml ECRETARY - type 50 worn., word processng helpful, general offce dutes. Start *5.50-$6:50. Appfy: 6-5. Professonal Servce ndustres, Cepllol. Redford. SECRETARY We have en mmedate openng lor a secretary wth t/cog organzatonal end communcaton sklls n our nventory management department Prevous offce) experence requred. ExceOont typlna sklls (60 wpm). experence wllh Mcrosoft Word end Mcrosoft Excea or Lotus 123. We otfor exoobenl salary, bonem* and workng condtons. ncludng tree parkkva. Send resume to: Human Resources Department NVETEOH 1400 Howard Street Dot/ol. Ml SECRETARY - word processng. WP 5.0/5.1 or DW V. Unverafty sellng t400/wk. Cel Jerry et Unforee SECRETARAL - Smal archtects offce. fus lme. Answer phone. Bgh typng end Mng. CeJ for appontment Southflekl Attenton- Human Resources 39O00 T MJe Road Lvona. Ml Equal Opportunty Employe! Mnorty/Female/Hand)capocd/Ve» SECRETARY Attractve SouthfWd offce s n need c4 an addtjonaj Secceury. Pos! on TYOfves heavy word processng respons bu tes. WOMAN PERSONNEL WV Nortrrwestem Hwy. Sle. 109E FarmJngton Hls, M M24>9fonrVa.?-M».W>«Me jta&cc/ Receptonsts,.Swtchboard Operators Needed Kelly Servces s currently lookng lor Swtchboard Operalor*. Receptonsts, n the Lfvonla. Plymouth and Canton areas. These era long end short term assgnments wth 8 months pror experence necessary. For more nformaton, please cefl lodayt Lvona Olfkenter Schoolcreft Westand Wayne Road KELLY Temporary Servces Equal Opportunty Employer M/F/M a/a a" Permanent Placement whose fees are ehv-ays pad employer. SECRET AftY/CLEfUCAL lor mortgage company n Southfeld. Typng, photocopy 4 busy orvtervlcw phones. SECRETARY - Entry level, peasanl phone voce, organzed end quck learner. Credt Counselor*. nc. Southfeld Secretary EXPERENCED. SECRETARY needed for last paced SouthfWd offce. Applcant must be organzed, posses* good grammar 6 communcalon skns. Fun tme wth beneft*. Send resume & aaa/y requrements to: C. G Clark. $ Mle Rd,»30. Farmhgton HJfl*. Ml SECRETARY - EXPERENCED Part lme poston avalable. Cefl for morejnformauort. Troy SECRETARY Frst of Amorlca s Mchgan'* second largest holdng company wth many opportuntes for advancement. f you have experence n WofdPar/ecl, type 50-60wpm (shorthand a plus) 4 enjoy workng n a professonal atmosphere, apply ' 535 8e. Man, Pfj-movrth, Ml. SECRETARY. 3 days, Troy, experenced secretary/word processor. Quety poston n professonal surroundngs. Good grammar bascs and experence n WP 5.1 end Lotus. Harvard Graphc* a plus. CeJ C.J. at - $ SERVCE REP' poston avalable - fu3 tme. $6 50 per hour. Rase after 60 day*. Knowledge of transportaton ndustry helpfut Typng requred. Caa Km «29 $$ Need Extra $$ Chrstmas Money? We have openngs as nrfts Please appfy n person 8URGERKNG Grand R.ver Farmlngton. Ml BUS PERSONS. OSHWASHERS Part lme eves. 4 weekends. No experence nocessary. Ram'* Horn Ford Rd.. Dearborn Heghts BUS PERSONS Noeded lor day and nght shfts. Responsble, mature atttude Experence preferred Apply et: Golden Muslwoom W Ten Mte. Mon.-Frt. botwoon 3-6PM. BUS PERSONS. Wal Sta.f 4 Cooks mmedate start Apply between 3-5 enydav: Lenny'* Luxury GrM W. 8 Mle. (Lahser 6 Teographl CANTON BG BOY n noed ol a lev. good people. Cook*. Wal Staff. Bus. (Xshes. Afternoons only. Apply n person Ford fd. Cenlon. across rom Mel)ert. CASHER-Food Preparaton Person. Nce carry out restaurant Wages negotable. Llvonla-Farmlngton erea EXECUTVE CHEF Exctng opportunty avalable to a hands-on workng professonal wllh a mnmum 2 years executve experence w/exoesent relerencea. Exceaont benefts. Send resume 4 salary hstory lo: P O Box Oak Perk. Ml E.O.E. CLAM DGGERS RESTAURANT n Fermlngton now hrng part lme bus help. No experence necessary. 305SS Grand Rver CLUB WNTERGAff^EN > W. 8 M3e Seekng expertneed nght manager, fufl lme, appfy n person. Lookng lor Cook* - day 4 nght swf. ful tme. Some experence hefpful. Caa before 6pm HOST PERSON SUPERVSOR Part lme poston to work n senor ctzen dnng room Must enjoy workng wth seruor crltzons W3 tram. Mature person desred. Appfy n person. Frankln Club Apts Frankln Rd SOUTHFELD HOTEL POSnONS CAFESEflVER OSKVYASHER S.-naJ hjb servce luxury hoter has mmedate openngs lor these fus tme postons. Great benefts! Please appfy n person at Tho WYNOHAW HOTEL Crescenl Blvd. Nov, Ml (n Nov! Town Center) KTCHEN STAFF COACH'S OEU Mu'.rwood Square FuO or part tme cook* 4 d.vrr sher* Top pay. LNE COOKJ Experence preforred. but wl^vg to tran the rght person Clean, common seoce. hard workng and ambtous. HOMESWE THOME W. Nne MSe. Novl LOOKNG FOR EXCTNG chatonges end opportuntes lo grow 4 lea/n? Jon the Ground Round team! Lookng lor Mornng Jantor* (up an hour). Oay Server* (homoma>er»-great opportunty whde kd* are k schooq. Cooks wth loader sh> skns ^(up to V36u v woekl Hosts/Hostesses wth personalty that pay* (up lo 16 hour). Flexble schedules 4 excecent beneft* WJl tran f m?zng to ghe your best. Appfy m porson 2-4 pm or 6-10 pm, et GROUND ROUND 3310 N.Woodward ROYAL OAK MANAGEA-Ej«>oroncod for short order restaurant. Retrees welcome season. AprU-October. Rocheator/Auburn l-fcs area. Salary pfus percentage. Send resume to P.O Box Pontlac Ml MANAGER. 3 yrs lood management experence. To $22,000. salary/bonus. Benefts Steven J Greene Personnel MAROS PtZZA now hrng lor general work, day* 8 evenngs, nqure wthn, PJymouU" Roed.Uvont* STRONG word processor, major advertsng. Up to 10.5O/hr. Call Sue at Unforee SWTCHBOARD OPERATOR Fast paced vdeo dstrbutor needs experenced swtchboard operalor. Merln Please eppfy n person at V>deo Trend Rchly Cl.. Lfvonla TELEPHONE OPERATOR ExceOont opportunty, wn tram. Southfleld area. Day, evenng or m.'cwght shft 5956 THE PLYMOUTH Communty Chamber of Commerce s lookng for a M tme receptonst. ExcoRont typng 4 gramma/ sklos a must. Cafl between 9am-11am or 3-5pm TRANSCWPTONST-Psychologlst'* offce. WordPerfect 50 experence necessary. Pert tme. Strong typng Sklfla (60+ wpml Resume lo: Offce Manager, 5745 W. Maple. Sute»200, W. Bloomneld. Ml TYPST 4 computer entry trom dctatng machne. Experenced. Ful tme, free parkng. Send resume to GLHS Grand PJvOr. Detrot. Ml or C4J 88/ , TYPSTS 6 Swtchboard operalor wanted for natonal company located n Southfleld. CaS Pat 351-6*04 WORD PERFECT or Offcewrter. Detrot and Btoomreld advertsng agences- Vp to tlo/hr. CaR Conne at Unforee SALES SECRETARY A natonal fcholeja.'e. dstrbutor has an mmedate openng for a sales secretary. ResponsbPjOes kckxsed era typng. f.sng, and general clercal dutes. Shorthand aptusl Experence wllh lotus. Word Perfect, Flr»t Choce»/ desl/ed. Communcaton and organzatonal sl>t e/«a mull. Pcate send resume wth sa'ary requfemenlslo: SAl 9 MANAOEft; P0 00X33105 OEtftOT.M.<8?3?. EOE.M/FrtUV FAST PACE0 BRMtNGHAM LAW Fvm r>«eds Otctaphorte TypHt/SocretrY. Oood clerk*! kf* fequred. Good pay wllh ecetenl bener.t*. C*J»St«v»Muf<ef SALES SUPPORT SECRETARY $16,000 FEE PAD Speed wrtng or horthand needed for basy tubufben real esla offce. f\a berhft*. tut ttlvy rr/«w and lot* of v/kty. Suzanne at NELUNQASNELN0.,-_..OFTROY funoraslnq 6ECuETAnY M lrna a hon proft hesfh agency. Experence tv word pr oce ssnr tapng eoopm, pk-ssanl lelephone rnahhw. KnowedVe ot Wabetet H, an stel, but not rerjuved. ' Amercan C»»b»te» Aocltlof, 8ovWWd. Can Cmdy () CONSTRUCTON OFFCE loomna lof aecrefary wftf expereoc*. Ful leleohqnt respcaswl**, fypl'^ and elhor dfvorrted ckrt 1 **. WWlo/d locetlon. Conttcl Jeannln*. > « A. SECRETARY: For leasng Department of Urge shoppng center developer. Urt-num 2 year* socretartl exptlnc*. lotu vrordst**, dcaphone necessary. M benert package, Send resmta»o:8ox«16. Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapera, Schoolcraft Rd. Cfvonl*. Mchgan 451 JO SECRETARY: FuHlme wpm. accountng background, some computer exporlonoe. Aggressve. (^R,e4XforCharle*Horr, SECRETARY: FuB-llme. For tm»h Fvmlngton HJl Law Frm. CaH bet*-oon and 6pm. 63t-T602 SECRETARY Ful lme pesuon for dynamc mar k«tmg offce m Farmlngton HH*. Exoeflenl typlnfl *k and word processng experence requred. Pleasant phone mannef and axcecent COrtvnurMcaton *kk» mult. Please can 1 60O-JW-O0O8. (Oept. W-95X EOE. SECRETARY-NSUtVLNCE Property experence, 65 tange spkg. Fgure apttude. $16K farge, M benef.t*. Nofee.. B. HAML PERSONNEL SECRETARY NTEANATrONAl CORPORAtlON MsJor corpor»',on ofar adyarxemenl and top beneft* that ncfuda funon rembursement, frm aeeka e«taongp/ere*!<>r\ wth 1 year* experence, *5»pm typng. Can Arthur Thoma* Executh'* Search at, ECRETARY NHonal corporaton»eek» r romotew* *«r»t*/y»rth typng o< 5 wpm and tornptrter axperftce, lotkandtuwort. reja»«vjrvm4 0<ca* DrVERSntO RECRUTERS CO.»7780 Nov) Ad, S*. 10*. NpvLM4«3»-342r AJFeo«Co,>ay J44-A7<X) WORD PROCESSOR Needed for long 6 short term assgnment* m Wayne & Oakland County. Cell ETO Temporary Servce WORO PROCESSOR- experence necessary. Plymouth. To»22,000/ yea/. Caa Jane al Unforee COMNG SOON WONDERLAND BG BOY (Wonderland Mall) GRAND OPENNG mmedate openngs are avalable on the day 6 nght shltta lor aj postons Flexble hours 6 days lo r,t your schedule. Appfy al our Plymouth al Farmlngton Rd*. Bg Boy ARE YOU AN EXPERJENCeO Cook? Went te ca't* a gw^ wage? Apc4> agenow at Ramshom, Telegraph, usl N. of 6 Mle Rd, COOK - EXPERENCEO For p-m. shft. Mus be a team person Apply n person; Tn Lzze Restaur ant 10915BeCevCeRoad BeDevfle COOK - FULL TME Benefts. nsttutonal cookng. Ask for Mr*. Soon, 9-4. Mon. - Frt 941-S10O COOKS Day* 4 afternoons. Excclont pay 4 workng condtons- Golden Lantern mle Uvonla. COOKS * DSHWASHERS Fu9 4 part lme to start. Fua beneft*: vacatons, unforms. hohd«y pay. meal plan. Appfy n person, Mon -Frt 2-4pm THE GROUND ROUND 17050S.Laurel Park Lvona. Ml MATURE, FRENDLY responsble worker to serve es General Ury Person lor smaj ceetera. Dutes lo elude ced preparaton. ne servng end dshes. Shft * pm Mon-Frt No weekends or hooda-ys. Meas provded. Please csj Ba Qa- ngham lor an ntervew, eflar 2pm MAX & ERMA'S 13 a Great Place To Work To fnd out why - eppfy le person el: Orchard Lake Rd, Farmlngton HJS. We need Food Server* (wth some day avalablty). Busser*. Hosts/Hostesses, and Lne Cook* lor all shft*. RESTAURANT Ve de France Currency has operw>gs for Cashers Cooks Lne Servers To lej/n more, apply n person VEDE FRANCE Twelve Oaks Nov. Ml or VE DE FRANCE fartane Town Center Mchgan Ave Dearborn. Ml Equal Opportunty Employer M/F/H/V RESTAURANT - YOUR EMPLOYER OF CHOCE... EL TORTO you're seekng ajun and exclng work envronment and a great group of people to work wllh. we h3ve the lowwlng FULL AND PAAT-TME openngs: WATERS/WATRESSES BUSSERS ROSTS/HOSTESSES OSHWASHERS COCKTAL SERVERS Er",ergetc and ambtous le^m member* en^sy: Compettve salares Flexble schedules Medcal nsurance Credrt unon Food dscounts Pad vacatons Extensve tranng Appfy any day between 2 4 4PM EL TORTO Evergreen Southfeld. M An Equal Opporturvty Employer SNACK BAR HELP Approxmately 12 tv» per week. Westand area. CaJ Mon thru Thura.9t STEAK & ALE Prep Cook*. Une Cooks. Dshwasher*. Busser* 4 Server*. Benefts, plus pad vacaton up to an hr. Appfy n person al (across from Oakland Ma3>588-44S Van Dyke STOCK 4 CLEAN UP - Good pay. company beneft*. Fun or part lme Southfled localoa. Can Sd or Harry at NEAT OEPENOABLE lood servce employee needed for Canton uts offce cafe'.erta, Mon. hru Frt. work week. CaS NOW HRNG Food servers, host/hostesses. Apply Monday - Thursday. 2-4pm. No phono cans, please. Carlos Muphys NmhfClttm Hwy Southfeld NOW HRNG Ml tme Bartender* and Watresses. AppfK efler tsopm. Rockway Cafe. Morvthur* Ford fd. Westand esk tor Dorene or Larry. NOW HRNG - Men and women lor Bar help and wat staff lor nght*. Apply n person; Body Rock Cafe W. 6 Mle, Detrot NOW HRNG Moderate volume French restaurant acceptng applcaton* lor food preparaton postons n the ktchen. Fut tme avalable days or nghts. Some experence necessary. Appontment* onfy. CaB for ntervew, esk lor Greg Goodman. 453-«260r POT WASHER 40 hour*. Mon. thru Frt also part tme ktchen help tl nterested eel Mon. thru Frl.. Tarn- Ham COOKS. Ml tme, experence requred, day* 6 mdnghts. Buspersons. part Lme 6 M tme, no experence nocessary. Apply n perton only Ramshorn Mdd'ebet. S. of Joy. Weslland. COOKS 4 PREP COOKS Excellent startng pay and beneft* PaM vacatons and unforms. AM and PM shft* avalable. Appfy tt Smth Bros. 6 Co W. fvaplo, Troy, corner o* Crook*. WORD PROCESSOR Experenced k mcrosoft wprd. mmedate openng a fast paced co nesume to: General PhyJcs Corp, Attn; M. Donnett, 545S Corporate Or,»203, Troy, Ml YOUR SKLLS PAY HOLDAY BLLS WORO PROCESSORS S10.00/HR Can Csherlne WOLVERNE $$ HOLDAY MONEY $$ Now acceptng eppfketon* for Word Processor* legal/mod leal Transcrptonm Typst* 0»t» Entry Operator* Oerkl rtecepoont t *^S wft c h boar d Operator* GREAT beneft* andflevwehour' Temp-med nsurance, cash bonuses, boway p*y and overtme pay. SN EL LNG TEMPORARES rvone, Soulhflefd,352-1JO0 NEVER A FEE COOK Wanted for day*. Mon.-Frt Experence needod. Located n Novl area MMEOtATE COUNTER Help - ful 6 part tme, flexble hour*. Great for CoCege ttudent*. Apply: Bagel Factory W. 12 M.e, Southfeld. 8A0EL SHOP h* part lme bakng poslkxj. 4*m-1am, wll lr»!a Appfy. The Bagel Factory W. 12M.». South Sed. COUNTER HELP Part lme, lunch. Apply»n person- Tubby'* Sub Shop MhJdVbeft. Lh-on* DAY DSHWASHER Mtur* and experenced for Plymouth area restaurant C*lt Tuesday hru Frldsy between 2-4pm, ask lor Chef Tom DEL HELP WANTED -15 per hour. Fufl or part tme. Flexble hour* Apply at: Oagwood* Do* Grand aver, Farmlngton OETARY AJOE dependlb*. SpmfJpm. 7 days, 14.60/hf. PfymouthCt. Nursng Center CXNtNG ROOM MANA0ER3 Hotel, rettturenl 4 prrv»l* country ckjb opporluntle*. Mull h*v«polshed mage, know sen-ce 1 wnes. Call or *end resume lo Harper Assoctte,' M 1 "^*^*. F*rrMngtonHKs,Mlch4» OtSlftVASHER/COOK wanted, part Urn*. Must have own transportaton 4 musl be responsbfe. WATT STAFF - Day* 4 part tme weekend* FOOD HANDLER NEEDE0 Part tme. Mea* 4 unform* fum'shed. AJ shft*. Appfy n per*on, 7-10am end 3-Spm. 33<6 S Mle Lfvon/a and MWdetxt. Farmlngton»«!». PREP COOKS Appfy R.K. - * The Restuarant Orchard Lake 4 Maple Roads W. Btoomr^ld M9 RESPONSBLE PEFSON 10 work late hour* n downtown BtrmnghaT restauranl CaJ Ed betweon 2-5PM at, RESTAURANT- Jon Dca/born'» newest end most exctng talan restaurant Hostess (Host) We,1Steft4BarStefl Busser* Cook* O shw ashor * - J an! or Bookkeeper WATERS/WATRESSES NEEDEO FOR AFTEJVOON WAREHOUSE SHFT Should be used to workng n a fasl paced envvonmen{ per hour to start, 90 day ncrease. exceoont benefts. For more nformaton. caj between; 9:0OAM-11:00AM. on Tues., Oct. 30: MACAULEVS OFFCE PROOUCTS 96T-5136 PHONE CALLS ONLY 506 Help Wanted Sales 505 Help Wanted Food-Beverage RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT - OPPORTUNTES KTCHEN SUPERVSOR HOST/HOSTESS f you posjota a des/e to ca/n and grow, are mature tra have a postve atttude. Ue people end are w'.ng lo take charge, ths krtt mght be the opporturtylor you Appfy n per son to Helen Rowr^au 0crural Manager D. DENNSON'S SEAFOOD TAVERN Laurel Park Place. Lrvor\S SUM/e6l-275 (next to Jacobson* An Equal Opportunty Err<3kj>er SEflVERS 6 HOST PERSONS. : Fu3 4 part tme, lunch 4 djver. Appry n person McrvFrt 2-4pm The Ground Round Orchard Lake Rd. Fa/mlngton Hlls WAT PERSON Fua or part lme. Day* or ff^hts Oetueole workng conctllons Appy >n person. Koga/V* Restaurant Teogreph. B^rrwngham V/A7TRESSESAVAJTERS Days 4 afternoons Good pay Exct-^enl lps Golden Lantern mrte. Lvona. WATRESS /WATERS Now takng appscelons for mmedate ernc^oymer.l. 11am-3pm s/v'fl end pm shft to wor* n senor otaens dnng room Vfa tran Good workng condtons meals and unforms furnshed Appry n person Frankln Club Apts Frankln Rd. SOUTHFELD Waltstaff, Bussers, Dshwashers, Set-Up Crew. & Set-Up Supervsor FULL APART TME Flexble hours. Appfy n person: Lend Manor. Banquet Conference Cento Schoolcraft. Uvonla WAT STAFF. COOKS. 8USPER- SONS - Experence helpful. Days/ evenngs, fua/part tme Sagoo* Mddle ben. Farnxngton Hls. WAJT STAFF 4 COOKS - Experenced, days or nghts. Appfy at. Mrry* FamJy FtestauranL Plymouth Rd. or CJ Y/AfTSTAFF - EXPERENCED Appfy n person Oouay* Ford Rd (W. of Morrman). Garden Cty WAJT STAFF - Experence prelerred. w3 tran Ful or pan tme Appfy 2pm-4pm. Mon-Fr. Coech«Dcfl Y/AJT STAFF - full or part tme Appfy m porson. experence a musl Mama rtva Pfymouth Rd.. Uvonla. WAJTSTAFF NEEDED Appfy n porson between l2-7pm Telegraph Road. Have fun whse you work! WAT STAFF Part tme, day* and nsghts Appfy 9AM-2PM: The Derby Bar MkJdlcbel. LJvon-a. 506 Kelp Wanted Sales ACCOUNT EXECUTVE SALES Career opportunty wllh Southeastem Mchgan's largest suppsor ol Hgh Tech Telecommuncatons equ'pmenl Networks, and toftwara. Hghest corrvrsslohs k the kduslry wth bonus ProTt sharng. 401-K retrement plan. rrxjcwcal/opucef/ nsurance, car allowance, and expense rembursement C«3 Dave Fsher at tl 400 to arrange en appotnwent. ADMSSONS DRECTORS Barbcron has openngs lor fashon corvsdoo* experenced salespeople You w3 be respons-'ble for mot jg students m mode^ng and personal development cusses. You musl be assertve end have good dosng skn* lo Jon the tales staff. AJ leads furnshed, pleasant workng condtons, and top earnng potental. CeJ Ms. Wrght ALARM SALES MuftSgard/Audo Alert, Mxntgan's fastest growng securty company s lookng for an ndmdual wth elarm sales experence or a strong sales background. Wa offer salary, commsson, car avwance 6 medcal benefts CeJ Ann Davtt Help Wanted 8atQ8 ACCOUNT EXECUTVE Become part of the pacesetter organzaton U he sales recrutment feld. SALES CONSULTANTS offers professonal tranng. fu4 benefts, management opportuntes end outstand^g earnng potental. The successful canddafe wm have a (/ack/cc&rd n tles end U-«deske lo worc ta/d to be a wnner. Cell; ACT NOW HOMEMAKERS we nood consultants lo sf<ow affordable fjoh fashon e-aplry 4 eccessores flo nves ^1^^-, or AOMSSOfl ADVSOR R6spor.s;bM. career-mnded, energetc person to work n prestgous, exctng modevg/ca/oer ccnler. PanvtuS lme Flexble hour* Appearance mporjant Mtane Modelng 4 Cercor Center. Farmlngton HJls/S.ythf^fda/ea ADVERTSNG SALES MANAGER Busj-«ess Oel/ort, Metro Busness Magazne, seeks to fl porton of AdvfertSng Sales Manager Experence requ^ed Send resu/r* and ta'ary roquj/err^nls n confdence.lo Bu$u-*ss Detrot Evergreen. Sute 303 Southfeld A tn flloom A GREAT PLACE TO WORK' t you are consderng a ca/eor n real estate, caa Joe Menj at REAL ESTATE ONE We oflcr a complete tranng program to start you on a long term. fbgn-ncome career. ALVN'S BftDE n B^mmgham. Responsble mdmdua lor ta^s poston Must fsvo experence Benefts rojded Leura ATTENTON Career Opportunty Fl/n yejr ncome 125K lo 150K plus No experence needed WS tran 24 serous people CaJ Mon. Tues. Wed ATTENTON Oue to Co expanson Hosptalty Communcatons Group wu add 2 people to cur local offce who can stert work hs wrxk. Good atttude end apperence a must Please cel Tom Coleman: Mon-Fr. 9am- 6 30pm ATTENTON PEOPLE N SALES How would you ke to make 30%- 60% commsson on easy sa^s??? Ce3 Mr Johnston Mon 6 Thur AUTO SALES - kt^nodlate poston lor salespeople wth some sales experence We offer 5 day work wook. lop commsson, ful tranng 4 benefl package, demo ncluded. Tlrod ol workng Saturdays 4 Sundays? Appfy n porson to R. Chaudon Lou LaRche Chenolol-Subanj Pfymouth Road Plymouth 503 Help V/anted 8alee A NATONAL NSURANCE CO. 1» expandng. Start own agency, par tme ae-l^g aj E/ves. TreWng and fnancng «"APPRASAL TRANEE"' Local offce of Natonal Organzaton needs (2} fus-tme ca/eer mbtded av dvtduls wtlng «p work hard. We ofler Traner Eern-Y/Me-You-lea/n. choce of locaton. Potental 1*1 y*3/ earnngs n excess of $26,000. CaJROYHACKEfl ART GALLERY Oun«e taes. very hgh earnngs, must have proven outsde tales record No art experence needed Teste n color 6 balance mportant Callng on corporate presdent*, rapd edvancment»rth growng na. llonal tre, arts company Mr John T CABLE TELEVSON Contnental Cebevtson b lookng lor Sales Representatve to market our servces n W. Boomf$!d. Exceflent pay try} beoefts Cortect V/a-yne Hajklns et 353"-6044 CAREER OPPORTUNTY J 4 L ndustral Supply an estabtlshed 4 last growng r.d'jst/1*l supply company, relocatng to the UvonJa e/ee, s lookng for addtonal people to grow nto professonal Tele-servce Sales Reps FoGowng product tranng you wul jon out reptdy expand^vj sales staff wth good ca/eer opportuates Experence n ndustral sales 8 dea.'*"j wth f/e pub< ts necessary CaJ ext 206 CHRSTMAS MONEY-approxlmate- V 20 hour* per week representng our natonally known product* at exhbt department stores, catalogue stores. opportunrues to earn lo 1600 CeJ CASH & CARRY RUG CLEANNG COUNTER SALES The Orgnal Hagopan Cleanng Servces s lookng lor motvated persons wth good math apttude, congoma manner and sales abfl-ty for Counter Sales et ther Brmngham Showroom Some heavy kftrvj requred. Exee^snl talary/oommston end bonelt packaoe wth advancement potental Enthusastc onfy cal Ken 10am-2pm at CHUDKS Ful or part lme sales pertor.s for better retaj womons store m Brmngham. Experence preferred' Hou^/ccvTmrsJon/benefts. Caff lor nlervlc* appontment CLERCAL PHONE WORK Growng company s lookng lor out gong kdrvduas lo do extensve phone work! Telemarketng or phone sees experence a roust per week. Southfeld. C« START AT THE TOP Now ntervewng For A Few Select Postons FREE* PRE-LCENSE COURSE We offer the bggest & b*s\ lcense 8»*r00l n the state. Oay or evenng dasses talored to your schedule. Classes startng now. 'Small refundable matera] charge Full-tme n-offce tranng to help you to a fast start 2 Lvona locatons n-offlce relocaton department essa Hartford South, nc. Call the Proven Professonal Frank D'Angolo ART VAN FURNTURE Are You Lke Me? 'm 33, have 2 chldren, and want the better thngs n lfe. My carefcr rewards me well for my efforts. work between 42 and 46 hours n a well-dsplayed showroom. enjoy people and get great personal satsfacton from knowng ther lves wll be better for havng purchased ray product. presently earn n excess of $2500 a month salary plus commsson and 'm not the hghest pafcl salesperson n my company. also have a full benefts package ncludng major medcal, prescrpton, dental, and even proft-sharng. f ths sounds lke you, we should talk. NOV Mr. Sherdan WESTLAND Mr. Webb LVONA Mr. Phllps Appfy n person a Mchgan Ave. DeSrtorh RESTAURANT Shouldn't You Be Workng Wth Tho Best? When comes to ejuasty. come lo Red lobster. There'* no place better. For fne dnng. Or excofent workng concmlon*.. Openng* avalable. ) Hosts/Hostesse* Walere/Weltresto* Bus Person* Day 4 Nght Ktchen Cart ender* CttNera 4) D< swashers D*y& Nght ut ty FoodPreparalson lne Cook* Waefler : Ful 4 part tme rtexlwe hour* Orest startng»slfvy Tranng 4 AoSancernon Meal rxoount* Pad Vacatons/Monday* a) Proft *harng/»avn0» plan EVbftfytofOrcvp Hes-th/Oontal nsurance Oel wth the bo»t. Dscover f* Olferenoe c-ua.'.ty can make Appfy n por*on Mondsy Frday. M PM. RED LOBSTER 2«S80 Pryrnouvh Rd. rvorv*. Ml An Eoual Opportunty Emproyer fcvort ORDER COOK lunch lme, «d«y» per m*. A/chle'a Coney Wand, «433 W. Mae Rd. OvorJa «A DOZEN REASONS WHY A SENTRY SALES CAREER MAKES SENSE FOR YOU - LVONA AREA.-" Wo'ro a' $2.5 bllon, full-lne nsurance company lookng for ndependent ndvduals wth tho dfvo to bo tho very bost. We offer 1. a comprehensve portfolo of llo. group, aulo. homeowners and commercal nsuranco products 2. company-pad salos and product tranng 3. drect flold support 4. the opportunty to control your hours/ncome lovel 5. rapd advancement potental 6. a base salary (not a draw) plus commssons 7. producton bonuses 8. producton ncentve awards 9. an n house sales load program 10. company recognton 11. group lfo. modlcal and dontal benefts 12. a company penson and 401 (k) plan For a no-obllgatlon. confdental valuaton, please call or eend your rosumo to: SENTRY NSURANCE &1600W. 13 Mle Road Sullo 127 Farmlngton Klls, Ml 4&334-21S5 1* Equal CpporturVty Employer M,f 1 "' '!' 4JW» " ' ' " PAREERfSALES OPPORTUNTY; For nearly 40 years a tradton of qualty Real Estate Brokerage has been our Hallmark at: Wer, Manuel, Snyder & Ranke, nc. Work wth some of Mchgan's hghestearnng Real Estate Sales Assocates. t's contagous. Due to an extremely actve resdental real estate market, a lmted number of sales postons are currently avalable. For nformaton about tranng and opportunty, call: Rochester Bll Jamnck Troy/Brmngham/Bloomfteld Hlls Jack Cloud Plymnth/Northvlle/Canton Jerome Delaney 455*6000 West Boomfleld/Farmngton Blrmlngham/Bloomfeld Hlls Paul Koepke ^WElrkTMANUECrSrmfc^^^ L r NTERESTED N SELLNG REAL ESTATE? ASSOCATE WTH TWO GENERATONS OP SUCCESS Well-traned salespersons have an advantage! Excellent tranng programs! BRMNGHAM JM SORRENT1NO ROCHESTER PHL CANDELA LAKES AREA CHRS CORNELL NORTHVLLE CHUCK FAST PLYMOUTH JM STEVENS TROY JAN ORUP1DO BRMNGHAM JOAN DOWNNG BLOOMFELD HLLS CHRS LE1SMER WEST BLOOMFELD - JACKE STEUER NORTHVLLE DAVE SNELL PLYMOUTH DARLENE SHEMANSK TROY CONRAD HELML1NOER LVONA JOANNE DRYNOELSON OTHER LOCATONS LLOYD EDWARDS DRECTOR OF RECRUTNG AMEVKftQf 1KE *t«s ttsancul KTT»C* K l ' BANKCRO SCHWEfTZER REAL ESTATE k Mtofet tott H frnm f**** 4bttot fa^ fcat-a *JOS* l»t 23 OFFCE8 ^. T

50 jrprr-rrrr.--"""-.: : :;* ; :, : ;. : :.- -Tr^.nr,.-r:.:.. ^, 1 ^ ^ 1 ¾ ^ ¾ 8F* O&E Monday, October , f- :-!..' y ' ' -.','-... "'.'1 " ^1. 1^. r'.nr Tr^^' "-A.v".'' -*. "S r * :\ TO WN Send your name and address, on a postcard, lo RED WNG TCKETS, The Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers; ' Schoolcralt Road, Lvona, Ml Then watch the classfed secton every Monday and Thursday When your name appears, you re a wnner' > to hlflh demand, we ask that there bo only one entry per fam y»^l^.vj.,,'.f,vr.,,.',tf:-r.^.yr^aja Help Wanted Saloa ASSSTANT MANAGER & Sales.Fwpla 'for Brm^gham specalty elore. Experence preferred. Can t0artv5pm... v ; r, A4W RESTAURANTS - Asslstanj M^nscer*. experenced - only. Call Kalh/ Mon.-Frl 1-Spm B-UNGUAL. SPANSH- MEXCO.. fcxpndng local catatog/servtces.busness klo Mexco. Nood people. n. both USA 4 Mexco seekng busness ent/eprertourshlp 4 fnancal '.freedom. Contact* we Scorns ass Jf ;-.r:»~l'^.t' 'f V^LL^ H3232: 506 Help Wanted Sa(08 FOOD SALES (Route Sales). you a/e a drect s&'es person we have the product. ncome opportunty rangng (rom $<05-J6OO PER WEEK We otter: Hgh Repeal Busness Company Vehcle sso weekonds or nghts Manegmenl opportuntes Excellent benefts For ntervew call Mr. Brady between 10-4pm at l^*jrh4k^**m*ttr^**m&&l*k*mm.*^mtt***^*m*t& 508 Help Wantod 8ales NEW HOME SALES FABULOUS OPPORTUNTY Experence preferred, not essental., for ntervew consderaton send r.o- Sume-O: ' Eden WNetetd The Selectve Group 2765$ MWdSebelt Rd.. Sle Fa/mlngton HUs, Ml No phooe cans please! YES WE'RE PROUD! Century 2J-J. Scott has been cho- *en by Century 21-Grcal Lakes to -.- be vtdeoed es an example ot an upgraded offce mage.. You could be a part ol ths professonal offca located at: >-6765 MERR1MANRD.. SUTE»03 GARDEN CTY - Four prvate offces w be avalable. arte/ Jan tst. Al our mnmal rate, you can be slfmated wth ths ''trend * settng" offce, and haw the pres- * tsge nat fs bocom/ng unaffordabe ^ wth tho 100% offces. «Call today lor the begnnng of the «new you. Classes weekly lor updat- * ng and contnuous learnng. Phone * or send resume to the attenlon ot B Pernor Joanne. * ;" Century 21 J. Scott. nc. ; * 6755MERR1MANRD. 5 SUTE.103 * GARDEN CTY, Ml ' FURNTURE SALES DESGNERS Scott Shuptrne We have Desgner Sales Pqstlons at our Nov! & BJoornfcJd «tores. We a/e lookng for experenced Desgner 4 Sate* Professonals wth desgn skns to o!n a very progressve company sellng qualty name brand furnture. f you wan! lo mprove your ncome end you e/e wlng to work hard, we would lke ta> wth you. We offer* excellent workng condtons, top commssons, draw 4 benefts. For ntervew. NOV!. Mr. Mc Eechln BLOOMFED. Mr Keefer, HGHLY MOTVATEO SALES Person wanted to sen new homes for leadng developer. Proven track record n new home sale* roqured. Send resumo to: Box 476 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd., Uvonla, Mchgan V' CHLDRENS SHOE SALES VFufc/part tm*. Downtown Farmng ton. Daly: 10-6pm; Frf. 10-9pm,,Sun.12-5pm, : v H.CNC-CAD/CAM ^Lookng for ah. aggressve, self ^starter to sen dgtal read but*. CNC A machnes 4 Cad/Cam systems n,»the Western suburbs.- Experence B canng on a machne shops a must.1 Please send resume to: - s Senlery Machnery n Schoolcraft n Uvonla. Ml ", COMMSSON SALES % Machne Tool s-one to three year* experence n vsny related feld. College degree n preferred. Send resume and hand > wrtten cover letter to: a - PO Box Dearborn Hs. Ml »' CONS0EPJNQ A CAREER. n Real Estate? For coffee 4 conversaton, Cafl Donnlj Cohoon: u * V '* > CREDT CARD TERMNAL SALES»(p yow a/ea. Part or M tme. Com-, <plete tranng. Send resume to: Mer- /chant. Fnancal Servces, 1MB t. Forth 6l/0tt. Rochester Ml 4B30T CUSTOMER SERVCE * '/$.4 A ANorthwes dstrjbuo/ rerjulre* a M < tme customer servloe person to dev< vetop sales leads 4 m&jnlan cont act 4wth exstng accounts. Wll requre *developmenl of company oobcy 4 < product knowledge. tr\\r/ fevol poraltlon. Send lu!) resovne lo P O Box» 413. FarmJngton HHs. Ml T043. -,. f An Equa Opportuntty Emptoyer OECORATOR SAtES,Part tme, flexble hra. Expandng vretaber needs safes decorators «xdutfvery fc* MadSdn Ht» 4 Roches- <;ler locauon. RetaJ sale of wajjcovervlng 4 wlrtdpyf (/alments. Excellent "(wage 4 commsson structure, Call j Personnel * DOYOUNEEOMONEY72 ^Career opportunty now exsts, Na-. 'joonal Manetlng Co. expandng nto ^DetrotMetroa/ea.^ EARN $6 PER HR t: OR MORE "Fu4 tme postons avalable lor.mlchl9an, a ta/oesl Florthelm Deal- ^«f. mmedate openngs wth ue- ; meodou* opportuntes lo* advance,merjt m men* shoe sales. Exporlr.eooe desred but walng to t/aln t, brflhl person*. Pad heafth, dental, btfe nsurance, vacaton, plus other r>. frnges. Apply (o the manager al our rsbley* Store* n Twelve Oaks, Oak- «; land or Wondertand Mass, K f. EXPANDNG SERVCES 3 MCHGAN '.:,: J mmedate openng for dsucl sales J manager. Canddate must be expo- ^rtenced n Seamshp Sales/ ('Marketng.» - -.., EXCELLENT BENEFTS. COMPETTVE SALARY. V Send resume wth salary hstory to: >*' :'; MAC. BAXTER '*, CQMNA? W.HggnsRd. «600 ". > NO PHONE CALLS. ^ Expect the best. ^There's another champonshp team,tn town. For FREE PRE-LrCENSE /Valnlna to OuaTfed ndvduals and > FREE TRANNG after leonslng. cell <,ouf KORTHV11LE offce manager: CHUCK FAST ; '.*.-." / Coldwell Banker. * Schwetzer Real Estate * 230FrTCE3 MPROVE FOR 1990 Try a career n sales or marketng Several d«ere/t postons open ncludng management. Agent nterested n developng our leasng end management, moble home or condo dmslon. Call the professonals lor art ntervew/ at Remerea Executve Realtors. Ask for Mr. Leonard or OPPORTUNTY f you a/e a talented, ambtous person lookng (or a professon n Real Estate, call our offce today for a confdental ntervew. Our offce s desgned lor excellent tranng and unlmted ncome potental. Ask for Ceorgette BUbrey. Century 21 DYNAMC REALTY Help Wanted Sales Personnel RECRUTER Prestgous Trm seeks person wth great people skus and sales experence. Excoont earnng potental m today* fastest growng ndustry PHONE SALES/WHOLESALE GROCERES A BloomPeld Hls Company s lookng for an aggressve sales person lo handle an establshed Sales terrtory. The rght person wtf fnd excellent workng condtons, salary potental 4 benefts by ca-llng: NSOE SALES Comfortable offces n Troy and Plymouth, leads provded, base commsson earnng* ol $18,000 + bonu* 4 benefts. Non-retal sales exper enee requred. Troy Plymouth NSURANCE SALES Buld your own bvslnoss. set your own hrs. and fnancal goals. We offer free tranng and offce space NSURANCE SOLCTORS Brmngham PC agency,wants lo servce qualty book of busness mnmum volume wtlh low clam loss rato. Staff 4 companes avalable lo open new door* 4 expandyour market*. SoOcflorretan* ownershp. Outstandng commsson splt For hghly confdental nervfcw can Jack O'Connen «JEWELRY SALES - Part lme sales person. Must be frendly, but ag- ^ esstve. Appry. GoM tala, Uvonla an, 7 M3e 4 Mddlebeft KOHL'S Make your season brght. Add varety and enjoymenl Jo your Chrstmas Season 4 grve your Holday fnances a boost al the same tme. Put your skts to work n one of the many exctng holday postons avalable: Sales Assocate Casher* Slock 4 more. Compettve pay. flexble schedulng, mmedate dscount. Apply wthn: Kohl'a Westfand Mall - NALS, LUME'NALS Love beaut M alls, lke money. CaS, - « NATONAL COMPANY Seekng fve Professonal Agents (or the Wavne/Oakand County area. AH tranng provded, televson 4 drect mal lead program, annual "oonventloh. advanced commsson, day lme ecmry. CaS. Morv'-Frt 8am-4pm. 1-8OO Ask for Agency Departmen a 150. NATONAL NSURANCE CO. We Provde Complete Tranng.»500-$ 1000 Per Week Commsson. We Provde Leads. S83-9O90 NEWLY LCENSED N rtcal COTATEf Don't make that frst mstake n your new professon. Jon the Wnner*. Unque tranng program and a Sales Manager who cares, plus the top producers n town., DON'T GAMBLE WfTH YOUR SUCCESS. CALL ME TOOAYH Sue Kelly REAL ESTATE ONE. NC. OPPORTUNTY you are a talented, ambtous person lookng for a professon n Real Estate, call our offce today for a confdental ntervew. Our offce s desgned for excellent tranng and unlmted ncome potental. Ask for Georgotfe Blbrey.,1 Century 21 DYNAMC REALTY, NC OUTSOE SALES Representatve. 3-5 yra experence for a servce busness. ExceOent salary, commsson, company car + beneft*. Contact Randy or send resume to: P. O. Box 730, Plymouth, Ml All employess know of hl* ad. PHONE SOLCTORS* Self motvated ndvduals needed to call companjo*. Expensve phone work.$7-$10hr EXPERENCED SALESPERSON,,'VVefl groomed, for fne mer.»/wom- /enj specalty store n downtown Br- >mnghanr -' Call: ,.- FNE JEWELRY SALES tt\m tme fxnuoo. Nd experence ^nocoessary. We Wll tran.,j.l. Mchael Jeweler*. «64-4)84 PR PERSON or Sales Person for Occupatonal Modclne Experence preferred. Clnkvs n Royal Oak 4 Uvonla. Can M. Georoe: *3 '' FLOORCOVERNG 2 -.' 8AE3 PERSON.3$ yr. commercal experence ree,qured. Commsson 10% FREE TRANNG t/or qualfed ndvdual sockng a (/ wardng M lme career m real a- Vf*(a!*» neoded for the lop roal tete offce n Farmmfllon, part ol /Mchgan's laroesl real estate com- '.aany. Tranng program* and resource* for Usl start n a great h ASKFORMR.SEEGER. < FARMNGTON/» FARMNGTON HLLS J ' REAL ESTATE ONE Jv\.\, TME tale* per*on needed at thbdrert'* bolque n W. Bloomfleld. f»t»ll experence requred. Open» t*, per week. Closed Sunday*. Cal Gerry al « L>. AQREATPLACETOWORK Vf» W» tran you 4 *)ar1 you on a wg term, Ngh ncome career. Otastee tertng Now. Call Terry Real Estate One!., ¾ rt» YOUR need* a/e les* ^ M M.OOOdontrejdonl A/e you *l«*dy, orgsntod 4 talented n *Mfes? Our company h*» been b pusmes* over W year*. Safe* Counsefer wanted. We wn Ua'n., Y(N9 Chapel Cernetary. Can -9W VVEOlATe FULL 4 PART TM- ***t poefton vwbe wth an #tt>hh*4 Uvonla retal furnture fen* WW frtm. 8enlor», fxwernak- %m? c "^!n->& Part Tme Retal Merchandsers Terrtory: Trenton/Monroe/ Rlvervew/ Woodhayen Want a part lme sales poson that offer* fextftyandmr.hmen? Youjusl found t al Hershey A* a Retal Merchandser, you'l sell and merchandse Our products, work wllh store rnaneoemenl d assure MebKlry, and merchandse, poson, and efmfnate out-of-stocks.. To qua'fy. you'lneod: Ah nleresl n tales StrorwcommvnlcattonsskW* Ro!*Dle transportaton. wth adequate nsurance A vald drver'* lcense Ablty 10 work ' 20 hour*/week Wanl lo fnd out more about hs "weet deal?" Send a kstlef of ppbcatonlo: J.V/.,Her*h*y. Chocolate U.8.AA Eureka Road. SuHe 613. Taylor, Ml 4» 180. (Cnddate* m whom we a/e nterested wfs be conlacled wtthln 10 day*.) An Equal Opportunty E/nployer, M/F. Women and mnor- He* are eryourajed to apoty. Hershey Chocolate U.S.A. REAL ESTATE CAREER NGHT f you've been thnkng about a career n real estate, then Jon Cenlury 21 Today for a candd approach on what t takes to get tartod- We have a great tranng program; our new ajent* alone sold over $7 Mllon n real estate n Tues. Oct O0pm Fa/mlngton Rd.. S E.. comer at 6 Mle n Uvonla Cell Bonne Davd lor reservatons: CENTURY 21 TODAY: Offces n Fa/mlngton tfls. Southfleld, Uvonla ano Redlord. REAL ESTATE SALES FflEE TRANNG Formal' classroom and n-offce tranng. Setf-moUvatod UdMduals can ozn hgh ncome wth unlmted future earnng potental. Call Bruce Century 21.You/ Real Estate REAL ESTATE SALES $25,000 Guaranteed! f you always wanted to start a career n real eslale. but (ell you couldn't take a chance on a tower frstyea/ ncome, now 1» the lme to get started. Call Trcha at lo fnd out about our guaranteed ncome program, and start mmedately n a career Held ol unlmted potental. REAL ESTATE ONE. EOC RED HOT CHAN RETAL SALES Anxous lor opportunty? Show how hot you realty a/el Only the terrfc need eppfy. Can REGONAL MANAGER: We are currently expandng. nto the Detrot Metro Market. You must be an exp^le/wed"'manager'^r Ma/fretng 4 Personnel developmen 4 nood to make $70,000 yea/. Complete Benfts, Commssons 4 Bonus for those who qualfy. CaJ REGONAL SALES MANAGER ' Growth company n g/owth ndustry has an openng for a regonal sales manager lo nterface wltn a dstrbutor network. At least 50% travel. Poston ncludes: tranng program, car, expenses, salary - commsson schedule 4 frnge benefts. Prefer engneerng background and/or flud power exporlonce. Send resume lo: Sales Manager, Ace Controls, nc., P O Box 7t, Fa/mlngton, Ml AH reples confdental. SALES ASSSTANT -. part-lme assstant lor sales model offce n t esldental constructon. Call fehefdon Roll 81(313) , SALES CHRSTMAS ONLY Temporary, part-lme sale*. Hu/. 16lh-Dec. 28th. Sel Jewelry tor Mal Store Premolton. $8.00 Manager. $5.00 Employee. CALL HOV/ WEEKENDS ALSO 1-« «78 SALES CONSULTANT Wth exdtng, expandng company. Must have sense of style, love of dower* & a pleasant personalty hr*. per wk. Ths! s the Blossom Dvson ot Bjk 4 Morgs/y Call for appontment.^ SALES EXECUTVES Sea a delnquent account, purchase s/vlce.. Extraordnary commsson. Mr. Johns (604) SALES MANAGER - hgh energy, experenced sale* manager needed wth hgh moth/allona! skll*. nsurance or (elemarketna experence e phj*. bonus, beneft* 4 more. CaJMrTower ALES MANAGER A leadng OEM suppler to the domestc automotve ndustry has an mmedate'bponjng lor a Sales Manager wth a proven record of leadng he ectrvhes of a learn ol eocounl manager* callng on Dearborn O.E.M. Qualfed canddate* wn possess degree n busness/engneerng, effectve leadershp 4 communcaton skns, have-5-7 years progressve sajej/sams managemen experence canng on O.E.M^S. Product knowledge n decoratve 4 soft trm, stampng 4 metal assembles. Preferred qualfed canddate* please send resume 4 salary requrement* to: Box 618 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspper*, Schoolc/art Rd.,'Uvonla, Mchgan An Equal Opportunfy Employe/ 'SALES McroAge, one ot the computer ndustry* leadng sale* org»nu:auon», seek* addtonal sales achever* to Jon our expandng operaton. V/th the rght atttude and desre, you CANsuocoedl McroAge ea/rte* the ndustry"* leadng product), Apple, Compaq. and FeVett-PKka/d. CM salos force * supported by local and natonal advertsng vertcal market Programs, tranng semnar* and an rvstora techncal support ttff. Beneft* nclude; vacaton*, health plan, and proft sha/lng. ' send resume n confdence lo: McroAge Computer Center* 797 C. Bg Bearer Trey, M ALES REPRESENTATVE One of the area* most luccessm salo* team* h*» openngs (or entry level safes poston to market Canon busness 'system*. We v* lookng for 2 goal orented ndmduats wth a t/ong desre lo succeed. Marketng expoftonce or corvjge hefpm. W* provde a M tranng program, e«- celen comoenston,»aary 4 expense*. Cal o* send resume lo. Mr. Ed Ward Northwestern, Southheld Ml SALES REPS OUT8OESALE8 TO $52,000 (b»se salary lo $32,000 pk* commsson). 3-3 year* experence. Cxcefont tranng, beneft*, Degree preferred tevon J Groenl Poreonnol SALES CLOSERS " ARE YOU PRESENTLY EARNNG $75,000 A Year n Commssons? f not, we have postons avalable now n ths area for exceptonal salos closers wth a proven track record ol 3-5 year's experence who can prospect and close. $75,000 n commssons or more plus year-end bonus ncentve program No overnght travel Recesson/Depresson proof ndustry wth hgh demand f you are a Top Salesperson, we want to talk to you now. James F. kfccormlck. Exec. VP P.O. Box Columbus OH :'-;yjyrc 507 Help Wantod Part Tme ACCOUNTS Rocelvable/AccounlS Payable, part tme Farmlrtgton HCs a/ea. hours flexble, epprox hrs /wk. no weekends Compute/ expcr«yco nocossa/y. Startng salary: $6/hr. Hy James, nc Help Wanted Part Tme ADULT MOTOR ROUTE DRVERS wanted, bolh AM & PM for Lvona. Redlord. Plymouth 4- Northvlle areas 261-SS99 ASSSTANT lor va/ely ol general offce dules 1-3 days/wk Mus be flexble Call Pat. ntro Marketng CASHER Hgh School Cafelera. hours 10:15-1:15. $4 75 to start. Redford area. Call after 8:30AM CKllO CARE HOME has mmedate openng for mature assstant locate lot nfants.-7:30am-1pm. Mon-Fr. Ths poston ws be M lme n Jan. Leave message CLERCAL 4 TELLER POSTONS AVALABLE PART-TME Rapdly growng fnancal nsttuton s seekng norvldua's who enjoy customer contact, have good mathematcal skha 4 proven knowledge ol busness machnes. Apply at Frst Of Amerca Bank, 535 So. Man. Plymouth, Ml SALESPEOPLE Exctng new product/servce. Experence not necessary. Huge market Great potental. Mr. Ka/f. 9-5.' SALES: To $30,000. Degree 4 1 year outsde sales experence. Base plus commsson. Benefls Steven J Greene Personnel SAME OLD SONG AND DANCE Cant get a Job because you have no experence. You have experence but the hour* a/cn't rght. The hour* e/e rght but the pay s lousy. What a/e you supposed lo do? CBJ or after 6:00pm. We have the )ob for you. No exporlonce t* nocessa/y, we provde t/enlng. Hour* easy lo ft nto your schedule. The pay 1$ grea.t, plus you'll gel bonuses and more. Fnally a Job tha'* perfect for you. Call us todayl SGN SALES Sgn company lookng for a hghly motvated self startng ndrvdual wth sales background. Can Mon. thru Frl. 9a/n-5pm SPRE SHOES s now hrng for experenced Sales People, Casher*, 4 Manager Tranees. Full 4 part tme postons e/e avalable TELEMARKETER, last paced envlronment, salary 4 commsson pad on repeat busness. Send resume to: Horr Automotve, Box Detrot. Ml Aftn: Rchard AJston. 1st yea/, $20,000 potental. TELEMARKETERS NEEDED ^ growng; Natonal Wholesale Os- Suor. Tele-sales 4 or Fragrant sales experence requred. Weu establshed customer base. FuR or part lme avalable. Call. Carolyn Adams TELEMARKETERS Experenced only. $5 an hr. guaranlee. $20 plus potental. Bonus prog/am. TAPS benefts. Mus have physcal or medcal problem to apply. Call Mr. Rose, f TELEMARKETER-PART TME Do you enjoy challenge, varety and success? Poston open tot experenced telemarketer lor nteror desgn frm end ravol agency. Experence preferred. ' Call or TELEMARKETERS $6 per hour plus commsson. Oay or evenng hour* avalable Must have excellent phone voce and a sales ablty. CaJ mmedately lor!ntrrvtaw TELEMARKETNG. Ca/pet professonals, experenced only need apply. Oay* 4 evenngs. $7.50/hr plus. Uvonla TELEMARKETNG, PART TME MEN 4 WOMEN Experenced n phone callng. Gua/anteed salary + commsson. Fletreea - College Students - Homomaker*. Go wth the wnner. Belvedere Constructon TY , ( ) Extenson 35. Naom TREOOFTHERATRACE? A/e you generatng the ncome you want? Uvng the lfe style you would lke? $10,000 plus, pet mo, possble wth courage lo cas WHOLESALE 'REPRESENTATVE The oldest and la/gest cellular dstrbutor n the mldwesl 1» expandng t* Wholesale Sales force. We are lookng for an aggressve salesperson wth 2-3 year* experence n the celkrla/ market place. Good phone skn* a must) Wholesale background a plus. Poston aaow* lor unlmted ncome potental nckxlng salary, commsson, expense* and bcnef.t*. Ths s an exeewent opportunty for the ghl person. Seno you> resume to: Attn: WHOLESALE MANAGER P.O. BOX 490 TROY, Ml $ /YEAR AND STLL UNHAPPY? Experence an ndustry currently creatng 20%" ol the napon'* mllonares wth a kfetfyfe second to none. Rated by MoneyWorld magazne as the «1 leverage vehcle of he90».cafl l f;8094 $2 MLLON N SALES GUARANTEED! you've ajway* wanted lo start a career n real estate, but felt you couldn't take 4 chance on a tower frst yea/ ncome, now * he tme to gel ttarledl Cal Mary Ann Crawl at to fnd our about our guaranteed sale* program and sla/l mmedate.'y n career feld of unhm/ted potental. REAL ESTATE ONE 507 Help Wanted Part Tme ACCEPTNG APPLCATONS $5 per hr. 10 sterl. Mus have physcal or mod'eel problem* lo eppv. CONSULTANT need* lop-notch admnstratve assstant n Brmngham home offce. Par lme, flexble hr*. Respon»!bHt«* nclude edtng, formetng dctst/v* proposal, presentaton*, chenl bwng 4 eppovlmenl MlUng. Should know PC, OOS pfu*. lofu*. Ha/bard grephk*. Good organzatonal *kf(». Send resume lo World Cf»J* Technology, 10OO S. Woodward, S*. 105, Brmngham, Ml4600». Carp: - _ t-tw } ' AVALABLE MMEDATELY Permanent, ps/l : tme employee consult*n<» needed fo M «ftornoon *hft». Mus have excellent wrlten 4 verbal cornmunlcatort skm» 4 enjoy workng wth peopfe Ore»t lof college *tudent» and retxeo*. Can for an appontment / CLEANNG PERSON lor Small restaurant n Fa/mngton area. Flexb** hour*. Cal Mr. Rxhard *t COLLEGE STUDENT WANTED lor part-tme warehouse/olfce assstant at very pleasant Lrvonla advertsng offce. Lookng for responsble, noat, well-organzed, trlondfy person able to work wed wthout close supervson. Hour* are flexble lo moel class 4 exam schodulos Daytme weekdays only no evenngs or weekends. Car requred lor dercvere*. We prefer student* who wll want part-tme work tor 1 yr. or more. Ca.1 Karen McCauley: STANEO GLASS SHOP - flexble hours Must have experence n staned glass. Glass Cralt, Grand Rver, fa/mlngton SWM NSTRUCTORS 4 LOCKER Room Atendents. Part tune Plymouth WY MCA SWM NSTRUCTOR - part-tme. WS current lfeguard. CPR 4. Hrst ad roqulred Apply n person Uvonla Famly Y Sta/k Rd. TELEMARKETERS - PART TME $4.00 per hour + commsson Apply n person or phone W. 7 M.le. B 132. Uvonla TELEMARKETNG Part trrne poston open n an establshed telemarketng program for a major beverage company n he Plymoulh a/ea Flexlbte 20 h/. schedule Unlmted earnngs. Call JohnH ext 217 TELLER Part tme poston s opon at our offce located n Novl on 10 Mle Rd. al Mcadowtxook Poston olers publc contact, wth excecent workng condtons 4 compettve pay end pad tranng program. Canddate* must have a good malh apttude and lght typng ablty. Cash handlng experence desrable Part tme poston requres full day* of work on day* scheduled. Appry n porson 10am - 3pm. Mon. thru Frl FRST FEDERAL OF MCHGAN W. 10 Mte Rd. Novl. An Equal Oppor 1 -'.ty Employer COOK/COUNTER HELP WANTEO at prvate socal dub n Wetand. evenngs 4 weekends, must be at least 18. dependable 4 flexble COUNTER CLERKS Part tme or alter school 4 Sat. For locatons n W. Bloomleld 4 Brmngham. Apply at Ma Kal Cleaner* W. Maple Al Telegraph or 4307 Orcha/d Lake Rd Crosswlnds Ma CUSTOMER SERVCE Poston nvolvng Dght warehouse work n Uvonla. 2&24 vt. per week. Call Al 8:30am-5wpm DELVERY PERSON NEEOED The Ann A/bor News s n nood ot dejvery people n the Plymouth/ Canton a/ea Frday afternoon. Sat. 4 Sun. mornngs. Approxmate pay $75 per week. For more nlormatlon please call Joo or Deanna: ? DEMONSTRATORS Needed tor Kellogg promoton n local super markets FOOD DEMONSTRATORS Permanent part lme, demoslretlng product al a/ea retalers. Can Dane al: GENERAL OFFCE - Part Tme Good organlratonaj sklls and attendance noeded durng lunch hour*. Mon.-Frl.. n non-smokng Brmngham ad agency. Flng, typng, answerng phones, offce experence helpful GENERAL OFFCE Part lme for Purchasng Department. Typng and frng. Flexble hours. Retree welcome GREAT LAKES ENVRONMENTAL r oup needs canvasser*. Earn $10-12 an hour and help clean wpoo' own backyard. Tom: GROCERY PACKERS PARTTME 16 years or older. Wll work e/ound school hour*. $4.25 per hour to Start. Appfy n person. FOOD EMPORUM 6MLE&NEWBURQH HOSTESS/HOST part/futl tme. days, responsble mature, some experence requred. Apply Mon.- Frl. Golden Mushroom W. 10 Mle, (corner of 10 Mle. SouthSeld Rd.) - NSURANCE OFFCE needs expertenced. Customer Servce Rep. Afternoons. Personal Lnes nsurance background essental. References LADES gve you/sdf the perfect S ft, your own busness. ScD ndorcovorwear Lngere at home partes. UnHmrtod ea/nfngs, (roe l/ small nvestment LEASNG AGENT. Enthusastc person needed lor part lme poston al kxxury hgh rse apartments n B/- rrtngham. cas LEASNG AGENT Experence necessary- For ntervew, can Wednesday, 9am-5pm LEASNG POSTON Part tme, weekends. Experence preferred. Apartment communty n Troy MANUFACTURERS BANK Has part lme entry level postons avalable on the afternoon, (4 PM AM. shft) n our Uvonla operaton* center. Good math skll* and prevous experence balancng fgure* usng a cajoutalor preferred. AppBcants must be avalable for 2 weeks of pad Ml lma tranng. We oflor e compettve salary and possble growth no futl lme poston*. Beneft* nclude health nsurance al group rates and fufly pad te nsurance. Fo/ consderaton, nterested applcant* may contact Jan Schat at Equal Opportunty Employer Mlnc<ty/Femae/Harxflc*ppedA'et MCHGAN HUMANE Socety seekng par tme kennel altendanl rom 6arn-10am. Appry n person Marquette, Westand. 72(-7300 MOTVATED NDVDUAL needed for Mantenance Staff el Uvonla Health Club. Evenngs 4 weekend*. Student* welcome lo apply. To sotup ntervew call: PERMANENT PART TME DAY8 $5.00/hr. servcng Costume jewelry, average 33 hr»./mo. n Pontfac. Average 60 hr»./mo. n Novl, Yps'Hanll. Ann A/bor. Call Mr*. Black between 3pm-5pm PHONE OROER PROCESSOR Excofent pay 6 commsson*. Mon. thru Thvf*., 6pnv9pm 4 Sal., 10am- 2pm. We wll t/aln the rght person*. Ce» for d'rec lon* RECEPTONST PART TME/JOB thar)ng opportunty. Uvon* e»ecutve offce center has an mmedate part lme poston for telephone antwerlng/recopton*l. We requre a dependable ndvdual wth prevou* experence answerng multple lne*. Please cal after 10 AM RETREES Earn a $1,000 pot month workng your own hour* TELEMARKETERS Part lme, Mon.-Thur*. 6:30-8:30pm 4 6al. 10am-1pm for A-1 Cletnng System*. No experence necessery. $5 «n hr. plus comml»s!on TEMPORARY CLERK Cemon Townsh'p H acceptng applcaton* for he poston of Temporary Part-Tme Clerk. 20 ht$. per week. $4 per h/. last dale for flng: Nov. 12, Appry et Canton Townshp Canton Cento/ Road.Canon Ml. Arjfqual Opportunty Employer TEMPORARY PHONE SALES n response to Advertsng Leads. Call Paula TRANSPORTATON NEEDED For vsually handcapped women n the Fa/mlngton Hlls area. Tuesday* 4 Thursdays 3:30-6pm. $5 per hour plus gasolne. After 4pm TREATMENT TEAM POSTON workng on* on one wth specal needs youlh placed wllh foster famles Permanent postons n Detrot and Western Wayne County. Afto/- noons 6 weekends Vald Mchgan drver's lcense. Ren able transportaton requred. Call extenson 223 or Help Wanted Domestc LVE, N COMPANON needed for lght housekeepng, meals, record keepng, some typng. n exchange for prvate room, bath, 4 weekly salary. No smokng LOVNG 6 MATURE Babystter/ Housekocpor, 2-3 days a week n our W BtoomCeld home Honsmokor. References LOVNG RELABLE Babyslltor/Lght Housekeepng needed n Lvona home for 8 month baby, part tme. Good pay MALEAOE lo care lor ncapactated gentleman n Farmlngton HJts MATURE ADULT needed m a Soulhfle.'d home to babyst our 2 chldren on Wodne sdays from 8am-4:30pm.Call MATURE responsble sller lor my 2 chldren. Prmarly weekend*. Bloomfold Hlls. Adams 4 Waltes MATURE WOMAN neoded lull tme to ca/e lor ntant n my Troy home. Lght housekeepng, non-smoker, own ranjportaton. References necessary MOTHERS HELPER needed lor 2 chldren n our Farmlngton Hlls home, approxmately 2pm-7pm. must be flexble must have relable transportaton. Cafl Helen day* (00. eve* NANNY NEEOED am an onergetlc 10 mo. old needng ca/e Mon. - frl My mom pays $5 h/. Troy a/ea. References. Call morr at: NANNY NETWORK, NC. Top Salary - Nannes. Housekeeper* & EJderty Care. Mature, relable, Uve-ln/ouL tuo/part tme NANNY/STTEfl - lor 4 mo. old h my Rochester Hlls home. Mon-Fr.. 7am-5pm. References 6 experence requlrod. After 6pm only SNGLE. mkjdkj egod woman lor companon, room, board 6 wages. Non-smoker. Nce home. Uvonla. For nformaton, rwce MONTHLY house to house delvery n Lrvonla. Can Amercan Flold Marketng WORK APPROXMATELY 20 hour* a w-eek. Opportunty fo earn $400- $600 a month lo start mmedate employment. Cal Help Wantod Domestc GRANDMOTHERLY TYPE needed (or occasonal afternoon/evenng babysttng lor 2 smalt chldren. Near Adams/Wattles BABYSTTER for ntant n W. 8oomr<Hd home. Mon, Wed. Thur* Own transportaton. References a mum Call Suse BABYSTTER (Grandmother type) 3 days pet week, for 6 month old baby. Our Farmnglon Hll* home, (8 mr* L 476-2S03 BABY SltTER. mature edult. lor 10 yr. old grl, prefer my N. W. Uvonla home. Frl. afternoons 4 Sat. Kathleen BABYSTTER NEEOEO lor nfant n my Northwest Lrvonla home. 3 days per week, senors welcome. Relerences BABYSTTER NEtDEO m my Troy home. 6-5pm. Mon. Frt. Somerset Malt area References requred. Call after 5pm: BABYSTTER NEEOEO n 9 Ml«/ Tclograph home or your*. 3 mo. old boy seeks dependable lovng care begnnng Jan BABYSTTER NEEOED PART TME Pavon Court apartment*. For 3 yr. old boy. Late afternoons ABYSTTER NEEOED FOR f armjvqton Hlls home. Full tme Mon. - Frt. References 4 experence HAH/ blllfcr. relable, experlenced. lor 16 mo old boy, our Uvonla home. Non smoker, hr*./ week. Pleasant settng BABYSTTER WANTEO to babyst outsde ol your home. Experence n chld care requred Flexble hour*. $5 perl/ CARNG PERSON noedod lo babyst 2 yr. old n my Brmngham home. 2-3 days per week. References requred. Leave message CHLD Care and lght housekeepng wanted n my Farmlngton Hlls home on a part tme bass. Must be avalable Tues. 4 Thur* CHLO CARE for 16 monlh old Lght housekeepng, non-smoker, part lme, days 10 hr* now; 25 hr*. startng Doc. 1. References CHLD. CARE nooded-responsbte, experenced edutt wanted lor full tme day care for nfant, startng n December. Call COMPANON needed for partally handcapped lady. Free room and board. Negotable sa'ary and day* off. Drver* lcense helpful. Nonsmoker and non-drnker a must. Sandra or DEPENDABLE young lady lo assst healthy senor tady. Weekday* 11:30am-1:30pm. MchJgart-Morrlman a/ea. Eve* 6pm-7pm "GRAMNDMA WANTEO" 10 care for 7 month old nlant n our Farmlngton Hals home. Pay negotable. Send experence and references to: Sute H Mle. Walled lake. Ml HALF TME NANNY needed lor a S month old, n our home, afternoon*, teacher's schedule, /(orthve HAHOYPERSON/DRVER par lme. Bloomfleld KD* He"p wth heavy housework. Good pay. CaflattoMpm -' HOUSEKEEPER - cookng, cleanng, ronng. 4 laundry. Mon.-Frl. lve-n or stay through dnner. Good pay. Boomred Hsa/ea HOUSEKEEPER-Dcpendabfe. hones!, hardworkng. No laundry or cookng. $50/8 hr. Sat. Reference* requ'red. After 6pm HOUSEKEEPER To lve housekeepng. Some <duft eel!ont'*a!a/y and accomodatons. Ca.1 Mr. Davdson n. Lght t ca/e. tx- HOUSEKEEPEn WANTEO: 5 day* per week, Bve m or'out. W. Btoomfeld couple, wth 2 young chldren. $185/negotabe.Ca!l HOUSKEEPER: for Cleanng 4 Cookhg Approxmately 9 hr*» day. Mon thru Fl. Can between 104 6pm, LVE N NANNY - Nonsmoke/. Ejtcdlenl pay 4 pohu*. W. BloomfteM, 2 kd*. Chld ca/* experlenoo preferred. Start Jmmed'etefy « LOVNG. Nurturng Nannv/Housekcoper to provde care for mo. old 4 7 yr. o'd n our Norlhv'e home fbam-epm), begn Dec-JJusLhSyj loheb'e ransporlatlon. Wfl pay fof the rghtqualfcaton* MATURE COUPLE or mature women over 40 wanted lo lve n for chfld cere and house management. Nonsmoker. Mus Speak good Englsh. C»1 Mon.. Frf. 9AM 5PM MATURE NDVDUAL heeded lo care for nfant n my home. Must be dependsb'e. have reference* 4 own transportaton. 13 MM/Tefegreph area Can ( TROY MOM needs mature adult for full lme chld care for nfant n my home. Own transportaton 4 references requred WANTEO N home stter Mon.-Frl. 7:30-3:30. 6 yr. old 4 5 yr. old. Must have own transportaton. References noeded. ChorryHU 4 Hut a/ea. Call after 4pm Help Wanted Couples APARTMENT CARETAKER COUPLE Large suburban complex n Canton. Experencod only. Apartmenl plus frnge bonef.ts. Cell Glen or Wanda APARTMENT MANAGER COUPLE For on-ste poston n NorthEast suburbs. Hghly mouvaed couple wth marketng sklls. Ablty 10 type, make mnor healng, plumbng, and electrc repars. Salary, apartment, and Blue Cross. Send resume to: Paragon, Box 3083 Brmngham, Ml w.'.»j.'r:w.*b.t r-«a-ffj»jg«-g^rt-r^"jj ^>.v,rr»py.'<>'.w.m,. 512 Stuatons Warrted Femalo CARNG MOM wshes to babyst: lots ol TLC. Meals. actmtos. references Days or evortngs. Rodford Townshp.- ' S37-«9p5 CHLOCARE - Canton near 275. large, den. made lor kds home. 7 yea/s experence, all ages. days, excellent references CHLO CARE n WesHand. Wayne/ Ford Rd. a/oa. You/ transportaton. Any age s welcome. Excetlent ca/e and refe/ences CHLO CARE: N W. LrvdrWa. Hate Openngs For AD Ages, ExceHen! EnWonmentl Cal) Brdget atler 6pm CHLO CARE - rcdable Mom wshes to ca/e for your chld tu3 tme days. 18 months lo 5 ys. Can Joanne n Canton CLEANNG. HONEST, dependable. OWn transportaton, references. Mon. Thuts. 4 Sat. weekly CLEAN!/JG LADY FOR HRE 4 year* experence, references, and reasonable rates. No Job loo smal. CaHanytme EPENDAL6LE MOTHER Of 6 month o'd grt l* nterested n ea/ng tor 1 other nfant. Non-smoker. Pf/mouth/Mddleboll Sue you have a hectc scht-duck)? Oo no! have lme lo clean? wll do t lor you. For condo*. apartments 6 smeller homes can Lnda EXPERENCED. DEPENDABLE, refned lady desres general cleanng. Wed. Thurs. Frl, Sat. References, own transportaton GARDEN CTY MpTHER Wshes to babyst. Days, Mon-Fr. full or part tme. Cherry H3 6 Venoy a/ea. Non-smoker references HOUSECEANNG 4 Commercal Daly or Woekly. Lrvonla. Fa/mlngton. W. Bloomfcld area. References Can HOUSECLEANNQ Experenced. ReJabe, Reasonable Rates Ca HOUSEKEEPNG TEAM WANTS TO ca/e for your home weekly or bl-wookry. Honesl, relable. 4 references. Lor LEAVNG your home lor extended season or vacaton? Don't leave t unattended. Responsble adult wth excellent references for house sttng servces. Cafl LOOKNG to clean busness offces oo weekend* Uvonla. Novl. Farmlngton, Westand areas. Honest 4 dependable. Reference* LOVNG Mom wants your chld, any age lo care lor. Redford/Uvonla area. Smoke free, super dean envronment. Afler 9: LOVNG MOM wshes lo babyst. Experenced, excoflenl references. 100V. dependablty, lots of TLC. Ford 4 nkster APARTMENT RESDENT Manager Couple, knowledgeable n mantenance, offce 4 supervson. Excellent salary, apartmenl 4 benem* APT. MANAGER COUPLE Meal for semj-retl/ed couple who would enjoy beng resdent managers ol Fa/mlngton Hll* apartments. Wrfe handles leasng and offce; man. general mantenance. Luxury apartmenl plus salary and medcal nsurance. Experence end references necessary. No pel*. Send /esume to: Box 626 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd., Uvonla. Mchgan COUPLE NEEOEO to manage 60 unt apartment complex. Must have prevous experence. Salary + apt. Please cal Slecey at: CUSTODAN COUPLE lor senor hgh rse apartmenl bondng n Pentac area. Custodal 4 mnor mantenance skns requred. Uve-ln poslon wth good beneft*. Send re- """ "«'^ *rr"f "' pr> v** P Pontlac,M46343 MANAGER COUPLE - small complex n W. Detrot. Dutle* ncfude; offce, leasng, mantenance, ground*, cleanng. 4 pantng. Experonood preferred, wll tran. Salary + epartment/utftle* MATURE COUPLE lo manage 3«unt n Westand. Very tttle work. Salary plus apt. No experonce necessary. No pets. Sond resume lo P.O. Box Uvonla. Ml RESDENTAL MANAGER COUPLE unts. $20K ra.nge pkj* apt. plus perks. No lee. 8. HAML PERSONNEL Sales Opportuntes OPPORUTNTY TO EARN $1000- $3000 mo. lo start. Management poston* now open. Experenced mantgers are now averagng $46,000 eyea/. Call 625-4) Entertanment ANY OCCASON 'Dsco - Rock* 'Bg Band* Top 40' P/oD,J. $150.00/up CAROLE'S MUSC FOR LFE. Soto Planlt or Duo/Tro/Qua/le. Bach to Booge. Jazz 4 Classcal. AH Occasons, lesson* also EXPERENCED PANST. wm (May easyhslerwng type musc for your party. Cafl Morr* ' H AV NG_A_H Aff alfjlg ap Sound your OJ connecton. have prcfesslonarry OJ'd over aff*v». Date* «tw avalable. Jerry, RTA KRSCH The Musc lady. Chldren,* programs. Sngng, guflar. dance, pvppelt. stores. Schools, parte* Stuatons Wanted Female AMERCAN PERSONAL Touch nc. Commercal-Resdental Cleanng Snce Cad Jean al: « ATTENTON! Effcent Housedeanlng Servce. Excellent reference*. Reasonable rales. Call Barb AVALABLE Oc. 30. Young woman wshes lo cloan home* or apartmenl*. 6 yr*. experence. Referenc- S* EXPERENCED LOVNG Redlord mom wll bbysl, 5 4 Beech area. Reference* furnshed BABYSTTER avalable Mon.-Frl. for a down to earth famly. Housekeepng ncluded. Excellent reference*. Owncar. Cell Pern BABY STTNG, ncohsed home. *ny age. Knows nfants CPR. ryonle. Prymouth 4 Canton. 24 yr*. experence. mess»ge Shrley BABYSlTTWO^OUf transporutlorv exeedenl reference*. 0 year* experence. A fe l»mlry envlronmenl, car*. Uvonla «BETTER MADS ClEANNO We work dr cheap Gn certfcate* avattble 427-6?S CARNG Mom w» ca/e for your chldren n a kjvngenvvonmenl; nfanl* or lodder*; M or part tme; experenced; W. Bloomfleld MOTHER OF TWO wt ca/e lor your chld. Full or part tme Beech Daly 4 Grand RJvor. scros* (rom Stuckey School. Experenced, references Elderly Caro A Assstance A Carng Person, n Your Home NURSE ADES HOMEMAKERS-LVE-NS Basc home cere : Hospce care Dsabled person assstance 41 Hospl al rele a se care Dsease ca/e Companonshp 4 domestc Trans port a on Traned, courteous personnel, bonded 4 nsured AvaaaWe 24 hours a day. 7 day* a week, an a/ea* EXCELLACARE LOVELY PRlVAl E room lor ambulatory senor Nce lmlly home. 24 hr. supcrvson. Reasonable, prvate pay Lcensed. Uvonla Educaton A nstructon A+ MATH TUTOR Certfed Teacher. Grades Experenced Farrrunglon HAS area A-1 TUTORNG Elementary, Sped al Ed. Readng Specal altenuon lor your ch&j. Certfed leacher CORRECTONS TRANNG Prepare lor a Job n correctons at Schookreft College. Over 1300 Jobs, compettve wage*, good beneft, and a Super retrement program. A 16 week accelerated tranng prop/am begn* January 6. For addtonal nformaton make reservatons to attend an orentaton sesson Thur*, November 8. at 7 PM. SCHOOLCRAFT COLLEG E 1751 Radcl f Slroet Garden Cty. M Data Entry Desktop Publshng DOS Word Perfect Lotus Payment Plan* Avalable APPROVED FOR UAW TRANNG Job Placemen! Ass!stance.D.E.A. Career Tranng Oak Park EXPERENCED TUTOR Certfed Grades 3 thru 6. A* subjects Your home or mne EXPEflT TUTORNG h Math. Algebra, goomet/y. advanced math. Lea/n wth Understandng. Experenced ? Gstewary Monlessor 8choot-AM Program-nfant. Toddler Day Cere Center. 6 weeks-toddler. Carng, experenced staff, lcensed. Ftrt and part tme program. FrenJUJn area convenently located lo Northwestern-12 M (e GUTAR LESSONS Taught n your home. AH eges. Many yea/*. flfl Vne experenced teacher. Reasonable rate*. Can Bob at: MOTHER OF 3 would lke to ca/e for your chld. Uvonla a/ea MOTHER OF 3 yea/'old wn grve lovng chkdca/e m the 7 Mle/Beech Daly area, day* 4 afternoon* Dropns welcome. Call Sandy MOTHER WSHES to Babyst n Westand area. Provdes meals Reasonable rales. Can or leave message PERSONALZED ClEANNG done the Shelley Ma'd Way.nsured 4 bonded. Experenced wth references. Free estmates. 756^-3664 PET SfTTER 4 Baby Utter seek* part tme work. Brmngham 4 Royal Oak a/ea. Please cal Cathy after 5:30pm SELF EMPLOYEO WOMAN wll clean your home or offce. Free estmates. Satsfacton guaranteed references Stuatons Wanted Male ACCOUNTANT - Prefer corpora- hvn AB nhaw rvhkng l.rrn? day* per week. 10 yr*. experence College graduate OFFCE DUTES Hands-on experence n an areas Computer background Chld Care AN EXCTNG 6 FUN F1LLEO Envronment provded your chld. Lrvonla. Non-smpker 4 reference* ARE YOU N NEED OF QUALTY Chrtdca/e? mmedate openng* for ell ege*. nksfer Mm. Chcago area. Excefen references BEVERLY HLS Chld Ca/e Center, e non proft organleton, has openng* lot chttdron eges: 6 week* - M years. Developmental program. a uanfled stefl. nutrou* meals, ear 14Mte4Lahser BRMNGHAM LCENSED DAY CARE ho meals 4 6nacks, age* 0-5. Cell anytme CHLD CARE ha* openng* for nfanl* lo four. Certfed leacher on staff. Art, musc, language, etc. W. Bloomfcld area CHLO CARE PROGRAM - for»oos 6 week* fo 8 yr*. ol age. Certfed Teacher*. Part tme 4 full tme program*. Located n Uvonla ? OEPENOABLE lovng Mom wn provde qualty tare lor your chld n my lcensed Westand home. Many reference*. $65 week. Joan Gstewary Montessorl School-A.M. Program-nfant, Toddler Day Ca/» Center-6-w«ek*-Todd!er. Ca/lng, xperencetf Hall, llcencd. Full and part tme program, frsnkfn rea convenently located to Norlhweslern-T2M/e LCENSED FAMLY Day Cere ha* fun lme openng*. Acceptng chldren 4 wkt/pld - 8 yr*. t4 MUe 4 Orchard lake area NANNES 4 GRANNES WANT EO Fu*. tme, part lme 4 tre n. Suburban Detrot area. No tee. C»H: Mother* lttle Helper, t 0660 NANNY NETWORK, NC. Nanne*. Housekeeper* 4 Elderly Ca/e. Uv»-ln/out, fu«tme/part lme. Pre-screened. Call PATENT 4 10VNG CARE lor youf nfanl, lodder or preschoofor n my clem lamy centered daycere home- 22 yr*. lcensed daycare provder. Oultlahdlng reference*. Crook* 4 15 Mle area. 4)5, Eldorly Care & Assstance A BETTER WAY... Keep your loved one* al home FAMLY HOME CARE Nurse owned opertted (455-lOVE) Outlned, 8up«rvlled, nsured health care p^onne. 24 hour cere. A free Nurw Assessment VSl n your Home HOME HEALTH CARE Screened. RN «u&crv1sed, nsured Ade* Myrso 24 hour*. r dayl Prfesslonal Helth Care Per*orv>el EARN BOOKKEEPNG New Concept n Fast 4 Easy Home Study. Free nformaton. Cal: Advanced Accountng MATH TUTORNG ACT. - SAT Program* MA - M.S. Degrees Experenced Teacher MSS D. wll make readng, wrtng 4 arthmetc a brewe. Tutoral Servce. K REGSTER NOW To jon us m developng sko* m he followng exctng careers: Buldng Trades Hotetmosptaty Medcal Assstant Busness School Computer School Graphcs/Prntng Norte AMe Next sesson begn Nov. 6. Redford Unon School* Pea/son Educaton Center Beech Oafy Rd. 519 Nursng Caw AFC HftMF Fry TK«FHarty M^wyconstructed. Openng soon. Qualty care, vood food. ru»tk>,-e4egant decor, on beautful Kelly lke near Hotly. Mch. Prvate 4 sem prvate room*. C*U313-e HAVE OPENNGS for male 4 lemale. Prvate or sem. 24 h/. cave. 5 Mle* W. ol Prymouth. Country lvng Secretaral & Busness Servces Affordable 4 experenced word processng, spreadsheet, transcrpton 4 more for you/ buslnes* letter, report, term paper, resume, etc We have customzed telephone answerng ($32), FAX copte*. malng labels, text merge. bu*nes* card* 4 letterhead, package shppng, bv* mall 4 offce rental* W* prnt L*se/. nk et, wde carrage. SECRETARAL SOLUTONS NOV: VLLAGE SECRETARAL SOUTHFELD: )4, SECRETARAL SERVCES Resumes. Dctaton, Bookkeepng on lotus. Word Processng Our computer flexble hours Model Offce, nc. $ TYPNG DONE BV MARY letter*, Resume*, Apprasal*, etc. Cal Mary Professonal Sorvlcoa CALLGRAPHER Hof!d»y Card*. CerSc*le». Award*, Eto. Reasonable t*te». Many Hand*. Cal Sandy Attorneys Legal Counselng CfVl RGHTS tmptovmenl Rght*, Crmnal. Bankruptcy, Per tonal njury. Attorney Robert l«vl Personals ANYONE WHO HAS HAD Un»»ll*. factory tuslne* wth Dean Wtler' stockb/oker»ol Troy, tah BOWLNG MtXEO LEAGUE: S l*m» needed tor alternate 6.30pm 8al nght* at Superbowl. Cat Debbe (ertompm)*! 45)-1725 OETROlT PSTONS Season tcket*, lower bowl Excel. lenl leal*. Or wffl l/*de. 65)-342) NEED SPONSOR for Boy* Hockey Mte Team (*» Year*). Make l boy»h»ppy.c*jlm»rk* «NEW KDS ON THE BLOCK TCKETS VEGAS NGHT h~ Sal. Nov epm-mldnlgm tt the FOP 130 H»B. 390) H!on7». of 10 Mle n Fernd*}*. Admsson ). Free Refreshments, Sponsored by rerndtfe_em lodge $>».^ ^7. $50NfReEMERCHANO3B " Jusl (w htvtng party wth ChrljtmaA/ound; The World C«H Karen B«*rd 34(4)420..LOSE WEGHT.. WANTEO: 3«people fo lose lb* n next 30 day* wth brand h*v» CHET DSC PROGRAM. Natural Satsfacton gu/anteed. Earn $11 *youles*l 4M655J 43)4)011

51 vs» *~t-^w4v4«: 600 Personals NEW KDS TCKETS - 3 ttu. t\h row, upper bort. faoa prce. NovemtX* )5msrx>w «4 PSTON SEASON lckols 12) 1Wt 602 loata Found FOUND CAT. t>ro*fl Samow ma* bro^n n*a com/. Ato/ VSaoo Condos, Ptlme Rd. CentoA N2 FOUND Grl's Wcycfe r,ear (8 UZa Lfvernols. 82S-435 FOUND: MALE Golden Retreve,, 12 Mle/Woodward area FOUND -»hte & orar\j«cal - m>, 4 mls A Grand fver. Thvra. OcL. 1» FOUND: Young lemala tt*phcf4. Ho Collar,6 M'«4 Tet«o/aph «/«a. Call 53MJ076 FOUND Yourv). g,'ra> & ntute Ml, dodsaetf. very frmndfy. 13 & Soutrvfc'd. 42-<»9? LOST CAT WhMa*th oranja spots,on back, cwanoo la A head. Answers!o 'Squeaky". $200 Reward. Ca.1 - ^ } LOST CAT f<yna)o. ore/ A tan tabby, ted coof. Squara La* A CooSdo.oare LOST; Klters, lemale. tger strped A Wat*, vfuta paws ^rey Hrer/ recr area October 24 6* LOST MALE chocolafe tab. 80 los needs, heart medcaton, last teen l«l*»ard. 4CrooVs, Troy LOST Mak> Yortle name Sparty. 4 yr». old. Square Lex* A Rochoster Ca!t LOST - Msrto snce Tfurs njgft, 10/26. GoJdcn Retrever, red. ma'e. 2 yr$. old. vcnty Woodward 4 Long LaVe Rd, 8toom5e?d H?H. La/go reward or Eve* LOST. - Sprnger Spanel. female, brown 4 whte. Ann Arbor Rd. A Beck. C* LOST (10-16) BLACK cat Frosl Jr. Hgh ares. Long hay. sma.1 sua. neutered «603 Health-Nutrton Weght Loss VC TAN NY-Lfetme V..P Mombcuh'p. Also, accepted at eve* awaod clubs. $750 AkforFCck: VlC TANMY MEMBERSHP: (2) «- Lowrentj-jaJs. vppackaae.. CaJafterS VTC TANNY PRESDENTAL membefshlp, 3 yoa/l left, can use al very local on across USA - $ Free racquolba.'! usage. Can leave message V..P. Ve Tenny fcfetme/l/anferabte mcmborshlp lor sa-'e Can't fnd a belter prtce. U nterested, after 6om. contact Debbe al leave name A phone numbc*. 603 Transportaton & Travel ARLNE TCKETS (2) Mala 4 rema.'e, Nov. 6. to Tampa or ANYWHERE H US. MEXCO or Carrbbearv 1 round trp NW arlnes, t <5eadkn« J LAS VE0AS 2 TCKETS. Leave Nov. 2nd. return No*. 7th. $200 round trp exh tcket Can O0 610 Card of Thanks Thanks 10 St. Jude lor prayers answered. AO ; 700 Aucton Soles AUCTON, SALEr Saturday. November 10th. ' 1990al 10OOAM.,. Locallon: W. Ten M.le Rd.. Fa/mngton. Ml between tnkster 4 Mdd!ebe(t.. Nne Fve-Speed, gas. 65 passenger - Busses, one gas. lour speed, twonty - passenger, hand<appod ccjulpood - bus, two Chevy Pck-ups. two Vans, lour Cube Vans, offce equpment, computers, typewrters, desks. chajra. and other mscejanoous '. ecupment. - BX Ferguson. nc Collectbles COLLECTORS OoChouse, handmade, wooden. 2fu3fl. furnshed Some tems from England. 453^8122 DCKENS VLLAGE - Lookng to buy old peces. Caa FEDERAL Duck stamp/prnt, AWeraon Maooa sgned»944/ $1,000. After 6pm FRANKLN MNT falcon 4 owl, porcelan bsque, orgnal cost $100 each, beat otter HUMMEL FGURNES {4k Mn coodrtlon, reasonably prced. Call: MARLYN MONROE OoB. $150/ best. Gone Wth the W«nd book, moton pcture edton, $ ORK3WAL G.t. JOES, (20). wsh much equpment, A vehcles, sold complete onjy RALROAD LANTERNS, horse cc4- _ la/s. wood panea, Ford eocectrbea,» precson tools. 23S13 Plymouth, E. u o.t.uj)aph. $-5da:ff.. WNDSOR CON-SPORTS CARO. Fa-thow, Sva.Nov. 4. K7C Han GoyeauSt _ S. of Tunnel Free. 702 Antques ANN ARBOR ANTQUES MARKET- - The Brusher Show, Sunday. Nov. 11, 5055 Ann Arbor SaTme Road. Ext 175 ofl Over 350 dealora n <jua^ty antques and select conec- - bles. Al tems guaranteed M represented end under over. 5 AM. - 4 PM. Admsson $3. 22nd Season. The Ortg'nal!!!! ALL ANTQUES BOUGHT. Postcards, old move magaznes.., antque & paper dons, toys, Shdry chna, mltary ALL DEPRESSON ERA GLASS SHOW AND SALE N«v. 3 A Saturday. Sunday 10am. to 6pm. OEAftBORN CfVTC CENTER Mchgan Av». Oe/born. Ml. Mch. OepressJon Glass Socety's 18th annual show. Donaton $2.00. Glass repar and food avalable. ANTQUE CAROUSEL HORSES, exlremefyrer* ANTQUE Dental Char, rltter*. excer^nl cond«on, tost offer.... dy*, 5S eves. M1-55J4 ' ANTQUES-BG SALE Oct. 28 through Nov. 2. Th«Yeflo* House Antque*. 125 North Washngton, Royal Oak. Up to 60¾ Off orfcfnaj erc* oh a great aelecton o<» antque furnture, oak, pne, prlmfuv». VTctortsn. and o//ts, psclures. glass. fo» «rt, etc. Open 7 days..lanvspm. M\-2t6S ANTQUE SHOW A COLLECTABLE 8ALE: 7h yr. Nov. 3rd, 11-fl, Nov. 4t\ dswson KofC KaJL «70 N. Man. Admsson $» 60. Door Prse. ANTQUE SHOW presented by The Blue Water AnOqve Dealer* Assoc*-.atlon. Sal. Nov. 3rd, 10am-6pm... 'COCA COLA Anftdue AdVerts-'ng Show -Nov. 11,»-2,W*!erf0f<» CaHfordeta-s «DOLL A BEAR SHOW/8 ALE - Antqu* A CoftKtNe such» Barbe ^ A 01 Jo«. Sunday. Nov. 4, lom- ' 4pm. Romas O BfeomWd B. Telegraph. Aft* amajs. ' Admlsslor-$} " MR GENE FLORENCE wl be «uto- > - graphng copes ol Ns new book En- * cylopodta of 0«pr«ss!on Olass. : Wel, Nov. 1 at Burton Oa-^ery m ' Phmouth. For more nformaton c*» % FURNTURE SALE on al pn* and French antqu**. Selected *<, cestortes UM rt»*! JpO.N. 'WoodwvrJ,Brmngham $ : NEWWORLOANTQUE OAllERV..101 UnTver f lywest, Wndsor, Onlfsrjo. 00*>fl Out.ol busness, - OvMlng wf» b* (lemofshed. 8pedal H«. Up to 74H ofl. Closlna Nov. 1 J, ¾ bargajrs EverytfVna musl po to the bar* wafts; lamps, pajnv -fnas, <hand»llef». «tmo»pfef» clock, Kr*er> A frwre. 8<A> &*oy. bookcas* w/b«y*!od tf ts A <*rvklno». 180 YM'» otd (70'lontf,.CVNoh 16" rjeop) A-1 oohdltlon., Open tun 6pm, Morv-Sst. * Anllquoa BEAUTlFUfc Antque bedroom Ml, 6 peces (Jl maf&h, nandcarved oax. $1900. Ca3 5-6pm BEAUTFUL 5 pece carved»0!!d oak <SMn) room M. Unque. Mulseef OAK Hutch Commode Bom exc4&mt corxoort Crafts ANNUAL CHR3TJM3 BOUTQUE; Sat, No/. 3, Sam-3pm. Hardn Park LWfed Method ;j Church W. 11 Mu«Rd, Fa/mV>gfoo Hlls, CHRSTMAS BAZAAR Sal. Hov.3 10am-6cvn. Sun. Uov..4, tpm-$pm MckwuJ*, Joy/Farm!ng'.oo. VYesttand. Beautful hendcrated tama foe hocday gmng. CHRSTMAS BAZAAR Homemade A v>hta elephant, baked goods A refrcshmcns. Presbytertan VHaoa, Oarfed. Redford, Nov. 2, 9 30 to Kov lo noon. CHRSTMAS TEMS Mus* bone*, wreaths. slghed toy* A mora Valued $400. askng * CHRSTMAS SHOP AS decoratve tems CRAFT BAZAAR FR1, NOV AM-4PM-. Amercan House- Rellrerrvcnl Home Mddlebe.1 Road Lvona Ch/pstm3s A wood crafts for mora nformaton caj CRAFTERS Do you manufacture craft tems for stores, shows, etc.? We are your toesale source lor craft suppbeaw» carry an extens/ve Kne of wood pants, stencls, slk flowors. rbbora. wreaths, seasonal, fabrc pantng etc % Dscount oft rea.1 Ta D requred. Churches, schoots also welcome $50 muymum. No chldren under 14 a/vowed n warehouse. Monday thru Frtday. 800a.m.-4:30p.m. Boutque Trms. nc Ponllac Tral. S Lyon CRAFTERS NEEDE0 lor holday W- tarre Bshop Borgoss Hgn School- Doc For applcaton caa: CRAFTERS WANTED Sat.. Nov Frst Church of God. Fermfngton H Js. $20 per table. CaJKeurle CRA5T SALE: Nov pm. D«coratod baskets. Chrstmas decor A creatve gft tems. 246 Old Perch Rd.. Rochester HCls. CRAFT SHOW Jured qualty. Nov am-4pm Oxford Mddle School KOOLakevOeRd. HAN0MADE QULTS lor sale HOLLY DAYS CRAFT SHOW Nov am- 4:30pm.. Nov 11. 8:45am- 2pm.. St. Ker-neUYs Parsh Hall, Haogerly Rd.. Ptymoulh. $1 donaton 48cr4flers. Laurel Manor CRAFT SHOW. Nov. 4th. l0-5pm SchoolcraJl near Nowtxjrgh. Uvonla. $1 Admsson ncludes door prze raffle tcket. Can lor nformatkx after PEBBLE LANE Arts A Craft Shew Nov t-2-3. Thura. A Frl. 10-7pm. Sat. 10-5pm. Brmngham Untaran Church. Woodward A Lone Pne, Bloomfeld H3s. Froo admsson. TABLES AVALABLE: St. Thomas Aqunas Chrttamas Arts A Craft Boutque. Ooc. 1st 4 2nd. Deadlne Nov. 10th WATERFORD CRAFT SHOW Nov. 2 A S. Frl. 5-9pm. Sat 9-4pm. Jured Unco 1984 Watortord Communty Center. M59 A Crescenl LakeRd Rummage 8ales & Flea Markets BLOOMF1ELO HLLS East HCs Mddle School njmmage sale. Saturday. Nov pm. Corner of Op<JyV» * Kennslnglon. FASHON SPREE 90 Hug* Onca Year Sale Ne-r* A gonlfy used desgner clothng, furs, rewouv, men's suts, teen A chldren's clothng, some household tems. Sat, Nov pm /$5 admsson Sun Nov 4. 11em-Tpm./»dmsslon re*. Mchgan Slate Far Communty Arts BKlfl. Vsa/MC - no checks. For nformaton RUMMAGE SALE FrL Nov. 2. 9*m- 4pm. SaL Nov. 3. 9a/n-noon. half prce on Sal. St. Matthews Unted Methodlsl Church, W. 6 Mfle. W. o< Mddlebett Rd, Uvonla. To bonel Mathods ChDdrens Home. RUMMAGE SALE/6th ANNUAL SL John Bosco Beoch Oafy. between 1-96 A Plymouth. Redford. Nov. 3rd. 9am-2pm. 705 Wearng Apparel FULL LENGTH mnk coat w/sable co8v. uze 10. aporasod $4,000. $25O0/best.. Evenngs JUST N TME for V* Season. Prtcod to sea. Beautful. Custom desgned. M length mnk coat, to be worn day or nght $1150 or best otter Household Goods Oakland County ANTQUE Map?«dVuvj room labte. 3 leaves. 8 newt/ covered chars, buffet. $1000/b64l BAKER DNNG SET - Round (able. 2 leaf*. 8 cha-'rt. large buflel $ HteEOROOM SET: kng headboard, trple drcser. 2 mrrors, ohct, nght stand, BEDROOM SET - Queen. French Provencal, $500. Occasonal chars. $200. orental rug J, $ BEDROOM SET SoM oak trundle bed, chesl. ^ghntand. Excellent condton, boslorfor, BEOROOM Set- Unkju* dark Vakwood, quad dresser A draner dresser, double mrror, headboard (queen or double) $400/best V35 BEOROOM SET 6- p!ecos Bo/s trundle bed. ttmc/jt. dressers, desk w/bookshclf. $ t-9281 COMPLETE Dnng Room (R-Way brand), 1950 Vmlage furnture OjD before flam or alter 6pm CONTEMPORARY OFF *hlt» Mng room seclona). swvel cha>. yr old. $1100. orgnal $ CONTEMPORARY DNETTE sel Hafan made, 36"gass top 18¾½ on Week tubular steel legs. 4 chars. 6 months old $ CONTEMPORARY dnng room table wth 8 caned chut glass lop. chrome A cano base. $450. Ca.1 eftor 4pm. 84>7262 CONTEMPORARY laquer rouger. kng. 7 ploco maaler bedroom sute, gorgeous, pad $6,000. askng $1,500. Black kng waterbed wth heater A vbrator. $ d-rtng chars. $ CUSTOM enteranment center $500. Two couches, burgundy. $500 pr. Ca3 after 5PM DNETTE SET Ethan AlSen. dark pne, l/esle tao4e. deacons bench. 2 chars, musl se^l DNNG ROOM SET. laba. 6 padded cha>s. dsh hutch, dark oak Very good condkx $ DNNG ROOM set. wood laba wth 3 Jcaves; 6 padded bege chars. Excd! on t cond, on DNNG SET. (Drexel Accolade f) Frutwood. 46" round pedestal table " leaves, 6 thurt. torvt. rghted chna. $3990 Hexagon cof ^6,9^1^^ ORAPEflJES «custom w/swags. exquste. 26 rt $ x 45 noraj oa pantng, coordnates. Kng antque aatn bod spread. New brass freplace set 2 antque punt stands. Sleeper $75 ftetrtgerator $85. Mowor$ ENTRE CONTENTS Of a 46 room motel (was moved lo Estate's Outlet Schoonherr, N. of 9 Mto). For quck dsposal: ncludes outhde/vtsde doors, wvvdows. marble.ans. TVs, drapes. toces. snks, ESTATE SALES HOUSEHOLO. MOVNG. OR UQUOATlON FREE APPRASALS. 48 HOUR PAY-OFF (20% FEE) EXCELLENT eonduon; queen sofa bod $100. freezer 10 3 cu ft. $120. mcrowave cabnet $ FNE FURNTURE; Drexel grand V.3a socreta/y desk, dark wood, tradtonal stytuv). lghted glass door hutch, drop Bd. 3 drawert. matchng char, $2,100. Unque talan»hne washed pedestal console table and mrror, wth shea motf. $300. tadanate oocan wood and cane settee wth rust upholstery. $200 Call after 5pm FURNTURE COLONAL; dnng room set. dry snk, tressel table, end tables. Best Offer TALAN Crystal Chandelers <2L and 2 power lawnmowers. All offers consdered. CeJ JUST N tme lor the hoeday. Gkls whle bedroom furnture. $100. Peach Bvtng room 4 dnng room carpet. Dyng room 18x13. dvjng room 12x11. $100. ron Mountan ceramc dshware, 12 place seltlng, $125. every day stanless flatware, $30. CeCng fan. $25 CeJ Card LEATHER LOVESEATS - Dove gray $800 for par. 3 Rattan bar chars, new $25 ea. 1 almond PVC door wan bcnd. new $100. Chan saw $ LEONARD BERRY ANTQUES Now Conductng HOUSEHOLD & ESTATE SALES 251 MERRLL-UPPER LEVEL BRMNGHAM LVNG ROOM set. 3 pece, dark brown, good condton. $ MUST SACRFCE - 2 sofas. 2 pav curtans, rods, shadea. 48" ktchen NTMATE ARPj^Rfl "lyt"<c"/ ' 4«u w<6uus.a..)s. UL'.aum Sale. %50 oft rj mer chand^e. Hems. AJ n excellent condton. Desgner brands. 1 l-5pm: 646^9004 MNK JACKET. $200. Mnk A reather slroser length. Autumn Haze, $350. Sure NEW RANCH mnk jacket lemale pell, never worn, beautful. sbe8-10. Jay, RANCH MNK Jacket sze excellent condton. $400 Pcasoc&a: WEOONG DRESS: Mormald atyto. Slza 6 Pette, fveadpece. New. $2,000 Worn once. $ WNTER COATS - GMS. Excenent condton, szes 18 mo. to 3T (London Fog. Rothch3d\ Eves: BEAUTFUL NATURAL slver (Ox fngortlpped length fur. 2 yra. old. worn twce, perfect oondhon. vau* $2000, tefl $ EMLO Pucd orqnajs A other fashons. Pette, smal A medum. Przes negotable. Lke now $ FORMAL DRESSES - exoctenl condton *z«9-10, worn one* for proms. Prces negotable $ PURCHASEO EARLY-90 Chudk'a Ebony Longhar Beaver. M length, sze -8. $ $ TRADTONAL weddng dress A ved Mnt condton. Sstn 4 lac* wtlh beautful beadvg on front *c* tran A tleeves. Sure 13. Pad $1000. askng $600. Leann*».1pm Q»xt.419 After 2pm S Gar*go8a!os: Oakland FARMNG TON HLL8 Movlna 6a!«. youth desk, bookcases. Qualty toys, mlse Thura, frl, *m Sat MWfcc-ztood. 8 oy 1J & MlddrObOtt - v Sun. Nov. 4th. loam-spm. AmerfcAft FARWNQTON KLLS: Mosna-R*- ** Leg^5r1 Halt S SlrMl. Port Urlng Thu*. & Sal, 9-5pn\ Orcon Huron. Ml. Admsson $1. KJ Sub Park lane, furnture, 3 b>. Two aef-prope-ted mower, gas orf». many household hem*. ROYAL OAK Movng. 8aJ«. Nov. J» 4, 1 lam-5pm. Bedroom furnture, mattresses, couches, fugs, mso. MS Royal. 8. of 1 J. W, off Man. 707 Oarage Sales: Wayn* DETROT, mmcu'at* Hrt ol Mary School. Garag* Sa 1 * A Uv* Aucton.Sal.Nov pm. 6 M.Te/Oreen'Wd «tVONtA M0V1NQ Sal* Nov 1-2, 9-9. OeneraJ household, furm'tura, dlshos, rugs, clothng *t Nola, 9 Of«M'* WOf Rewturgh. PLYMOUTH-MOVNG. Nov. «-3,»5. lak* Potnl* Sub. Haogerty 10 6 Ml 10 Msjcvr*. 8. to Crabtre*, 708"Houeho!<Go<>d Oakland County ANTQUE EMPRE dwnfl * (. beautful A urjqu*. Tabf*. «Chalr, buf- W, chjn* hulcm25o $ BEDROOM 6ET. klnoslz*. fta-lan Provncal, wflh 2 nv><»'» ft d>. dr«s*er, thfflorob* * mattresses, $600 or best Offer «bods, snk/stove/relrlgerator urvs. (eloetrlc or gas), bodspreads. boddngs. lamps, etc Open l0-6pm dary. HEADBOARD 1-5pm Sunday. Also, offtce <Jesk. fudge's char, storage A fjlng cabnets OAK WALL UNT - full bed. wth frame, antque tewng machnes, roll top desk QUEEN SZE waterbed. bookcase headboard, mrror, new healer, $225. Can: after 5pm. SMMONS HfDE-A-BEO 81". lght green crushed verve!. Hardly used. $245. Caa after 5pm SNGER sewng machne, 3-4 thread serger. new, sta n box. pad $500. wu sea lor $ STUOENT DESK wth hutch A cnelr. $ WHTE AUTOMATC TG ZAQ aewtng machne. Oetuxe features. Maple cabnet Monthfy payments or $49 cash. GUARANTEED UNVERSAL SEWNG CENTER Personals 703 Household Goods Oakland County SECTONAL 3 PECE; Flexstod 00 orsde febrlcl ^avy duty sprngs A frame work, scotchoua/ded. Le4lhcr rocker redder: noutce. peach. Also to cornpr,men a room 6x9 area rug.$l5j SOFA, blue floral wth malchjng loveseal. goodcondslon $ SOFA, chocolale trov.n. l yr old perfect cond.lon. rom Art Van. $300. Bo!gerrxrj".er$10O SOFA. Matchng Cn> 4 Sue*> Lounger. $600. loveseat $ TV/O DRESSERS. $25 eacn. cokee lwe-t^o: 2 rrosalc tables. $15 each; 2 earrng cots $20 each; desk $40. 2 reg/ar bod frames $15 each, Medterranean 'la,->e coda/ CheM~$90. Ater 6pm «WALL UNT, kuchen table A chars, other household Kem» Good condlon W. Bloomfcd ttez Household Gootfa V/ayne County ANTQUE dnng room carved oak-- 8 chars, laba, chna cabnet $1.200orbes1 After 5pm ABY FURNTURE. «asset a*, d'esser A matcnng rockng cnalr. Can BEOROOM SET Conemporary oak Oresser. mrrors, nghlslands. queen headboard, matresses. frame. Lke new $650 Before 8pm X SPRNGS, new. wn. $50. exercse bke, ncarrr new. $ BUNK 8EDS - l*e ne* sturdy oak $ CHRSTMAS QJ! 1o» someone spodal? A contour cha,r o % prce, used excerenl condton COUCH Clayton-Marcus, loreeal end lab^s. cofee laba. la/yboy char, reasonable COUCH Sectonal, hunter green. excer<nt condton. $ DNETTE SET by Broyh3. double podesal table. 4 Wndsor char*, lke new. $490. Sofa by Thomasvl.te. tradtonal stylo. $139. Smas roctop desk. $ DNNG ROOM SET. Elhan Allen pne, oral labte. 3 lej>^s. 6 chars 4 butts!. $3,500 t new. askng $1, DSNW3 TABLE A grls bedroom furnture. Call FREE2ER - 10 cubc ft., large wooden desk, green was snk 4 bo-let. Ha/mon wood/coal burnng stove wth glass doors 4 som brass trm Please cafl after 5pm: Elhan Allen Quocn Anne. Sof-d cherry Oue«n sze. Perloct $ LOVELY REO VELVET hde-abed Also, large Chnese style end tabl? $ MOVNG SALE-Bassc cr.b. dresser A malt/ess $100 Wood swng set $150 OE gas range $300 Gars 16 bne $ PNE DNNG Table, formca top. 4 chavs. good condton. $ SECRETARY DESK Maple. Etnan ATen. $1000; Maple crb. $150 Please eaa after 6pm SUPER SNGLE waterbed tor sale. best oflor. Good condrton. Can lor more kformatlon TRADTONAL mauve colored, matchng sofa and loveseat $950 Ca* after 6pm, WATERBED queen, headboard. 6 drawer base, padded sde rats A healer. $300. After WATERBED - SUPERSlNGLE. complete wth bookcase headboard, padded sdes, daymaker mauess A healer. $80/best Msc. For 8a1o Oakland County A BREAK FOR Grandparents & Senors Show your AARP or olher scr^or ctzen card or sgn our grandparent pledge A recerve: 20% OFF on practcally everythng store*de Ooa*. Don Clothes. Bugges A Beds. Trunks. Trajs. Telescopes A Mcroscopes. PUymobfl. Brto Wooden Toys. Ravensburger Games 4 Puzzles. Puppets A Maronettes. OoO Houses A Mnatures, Breyer Horses. Oecast Cars A much more Best the holday crowds A save 20*A on Mchgan's largest selecton ot qullltytoys. "Dotng Grandparents Sale' endsoct31 Do8 Hosptla) A Toy Sold-er Shop W 12MJe. Berktey Mon.-Sat, 10-5, Frt 10-8 FOR SAtE: 4 thermal core garag* doors w/etoctrc door openers A tracks 1?' 12 2", 8 yrt tf-j 4 ynu musl remove $1000eacr\ Exce-lent condllon HOT WATER HEATER Sears. Kenmore. 52 gallon, electrc. Only 6 mo. old. $ SMPSON Power Washer PS, used 3 tmes, gun tps, two 60ft hoses $ TV 19".credeaza. tables, lamps, mrrors, etc Sports equpment-toboggan, grf a Schwnn, toys TWO 30 ga-ton.aquarums wtth hoods, stand, many accessores A books-$ WASHER. $125. Dryer. $25.. Hon lateral r.le. $ «711 Msc. For Sata Wayno County BLUE ROGE ful vew freplace wood burner, (usl tke new. used one wnter. No-* blower New. $1450. wn sell lor $ HARVEST TABLE fttth leavm $40. Left handed set of go" dubs $ J*,>.-^.*w<«pq.7VQT*?r^r»1 p-vmll DSNEY ON CE TCKET WNNERS Lawrence Anderson Shloh Ct. Farmlngton Hlls, Paul Arsonnult Blue Skes Uvonla Grog Goragoslon Tecumseh Redford Msc. For 8ete V/ayne County BOAT A RV 8TORAGE - $10 per month. Pr,TOOulh area Lghted. lenced. eocured. V/a shrnk wrap Save ths adtcaj CHLDREN'S Ha.1or.c-en costumes. many hand-sewn, $10 each Grl's ce-skatng or dancng cotumes. $10 Grl's Reldefl fgure skates, sue 2'A. $35. Welnut formca tafc'e w/ leaf A 2 chars. $ NOTCE S HEREBY that the contents Ssled bto* *. be sold to he hghest bdder by seal bkl.lor cash onry al Srurgsrd Storage toy Rd. Canton. Mch, on Nov ember 23rd al 12pm Davd Strong. A-49 ec-droom sot. dehumd f>cr. ktchen chars A mce household Eng^erng nsulaton 0-39 nsulaton. (oofaj Syppfcs A shelvng^ RECLA1MEO BRK1K lor sa'e Oovor ed Can Oays Applances ADMRAL askng $75 Frojtlree refrlgeralor. 6M6664 AMANA FREE2ER 18 3 cu ft. conlacl 1/ nthe uprg/.t. $ e63 AMAHA REFRGERATOR 2511 s«3e by sde, water A >ce m doc. a^nond color. Jt'enew. $ FREE2ER Norge. 20 cult $275 Tappan elect/c" 'ang«/tuc/o*ave $750 Both Ue new Applances FRDGlDAlRE nefr'doeraor Frost-tree, t'jnond. 9 mor.r^ olj. $500 Survay gas slo-.e 2 >ej's old. e«cel!er cor.d*lon $ GE dr,cr. v.tu;e. $50. tct"tm con d.lkn GE 36. soc 6r-S'Je»vr..:e rc!<<;- erator Exccr.enl cor<;.tkx-, Best fcf- cr after 2pm KENMORE WASnEK 4 Ot"lf<. 2 yrs $500 Ca MAYTAG qn d^e SCK-X! comj.trot, $125 Cas ? MAYfAG V/AS'tE'R'Vrn n, POOL Dry" Workng $60-"t-.» Ca FREEZER. Uprght 16 cubc ft WESTNGKO'JSE f-&j* s--o* t. Wards, wrue. excellent cond.lon s-oe. coooe/ $8 5 Kt-r.»-c^e e c<.'--. $ range coop«r $rl' **? 'vs* BEDROOM SET-4 p:ece gnl gray wth gold tones Bookcase fun sae FR«DA1RE rdngeretc*. Tappan j V.'»' T E «3sr\«' - r<«s ^-'::-' v.\ bed $ M68 slo.e. Vrtvrpoo wasner Rod*ooo $35 r.h.e a->er.e--r 5->.<5 - ' pcnc tawa. bar-b-que 295-!443 lon$25 Ale. 5P^- 5/2-'?".c Shrley Straka 1225 Bradbury. Troy Nancy Nolson 8138 Elmhurst Canton Wllam Lndzlck 6576 Tmber Rdgo Brmngham, Ploaso call the promoton department of the Observer & Eccentrc before 4 p.m. Tuesday, October.30, 1990 to clam your free tckets , ext. 404 Cohgratulatons 712 Applanco8 MCROV/AVES P.ctrj-,.1. se.e/aj to cnoote from starlr^ al $50 G'j rantt-od REfRlGERATOR/STOVE Used V/.lpcx^ makhng gold $65 CSCh Oax olloe deck $ SALE - nebut retrgerators. f't-eztrs. m>cro*«avej. TVs. vcn». Sfcroos.Ve also c-jy rebud- 6t:«4pp.l-3r«s 2 60t Souu.f.eld fcs66groenf'c-<j« SEARS KtrjTore. Normal sze, jtacnab'e. wasnor 4 Ooc 5 rr.on'.ns '^ 5350 or txollu Busness & Offce Equlpmonf v ST ';GHOUSE MOCXJLAR OFF- C -.'f,u'( '5 stat<y--s askng S50 pe- o- $2 000 for r.-r-0'.e C^:*ao Monday. October O&E *9f 714 euslnossa Offce Equpment TYPEWRTERS TYPEWRTERS TYPEWRTERS ' Prces You Won't &er,ove" CENTRAL BUSNESS MACHNES busy cal Computers AMSTRAD PC 1640 computer MM. exce-h-snl condton. wlh se.-eraj software packages B«st oler Lea.e message COMMOOORE 64 Color rrrfyvtor. dr^e. prnter soflware. $500- Or best Alter MAVTAG Wasf«r c:t<t«: Or,tr (2) $400 ejch lb t-'-r-tr'».lra la/ce c&^y.j) **.'*. $300 c COMPLETE Oataponl Tu'bo. wash. $700 S3-0-<C bestcttr 66e«-3 HAW/OAJKO a86o0 syslerr. wh termj\a 1» ar.d MOVf.G MjSf SC.L Ol.-c'-^c-r 2 -»'^r cx-cmg pre>s good cor^jr<-. SWO0 o< t-:-3t Caa pm. WATER HEATER BooJltr or cc prr.ter ExceCtnl cond lon C^J bet»ocn2-4pm Slrx - 'Jnocrf 27 :u*' %'! : ^/ 5-Oe mercaj storage tan>. Elo:- water. >c«t*.ere->* ooo/: jfjokj $'200 >wm''>c»aj.c» 4.MOr CO>.'ME,RClAL U.cro»a.o!.' >-. fr KW 119 «l FWuO Almost nost r :». $700 ; 4^7-»'.f, Cjry t-* ctrrk^r.o g-> x3 cc-^-o t >" COf^PUTEe MB EGA. color - ooo FS 14.EXP 10 button. sla;n- $350 morvtor 3^J and 5'. drrvt-s 1MB :\s 3 jt-fo'd $650 Vm 717 Lawn - Garden ; cull. so".d s'a-e a.-.^av: t'--- FfAM. MS t/a-j^e PVssonc pnr.ler, rrorrx'c $'25. 4?»-65t" p>js nyjrt. rk>e $1700 0«best Oler Farm-Snow Equp, O'F^CE C'tAfS 'lary 4 crvxr*. BEFR1DGERATOP - GE «" > ^- FORO TRACtOR 2fp 50,: - o 4 ^ 2 see vrr, oe-ge 2 '-C* 20 l Cu&< M rosr.vs! 48' sno«uce sneepc-' ua.c 3-3*t< f»«*e New? J750 re.c<s3t,«docrfs $>!>". tt--oj5 MACNTOSH PLUS Computer!»;Lh $lbo0/ofle- C-c ". -6*.-C- * ' CT*gc!.sc CJ'.e $750 REfaDGEP-ACR ).r.-_t. Olft FRX3EPAroM-15 C-J f sjs-t, V. fr pm Pt'OTOCOP.ER-Boyal SS LAWN TRACTOR 11r.p.r.Jusf.. free. e<ten*r> coro-:.->^ '~ engne 38 dock cao-je- a'6-.trr.e.-.t Exoe.':t-nt'$750 Jl--'Vj -. s.'-r-*.-<o& p'lotocop-er e«c,rcn! 4250 Af«fs^'. 542 '- v--d.t.vt- v.'df used t? 0C* Ce.1 USED BM XT. 20MB. 640K - $625. BM al 20MB 640* w'mono montor - $875. 8M at 30M8. 640K. w/ s-oe 30 Mag< C r <- r gas -sr^e e LEAF 6LOWEP. Gan ry. ce ce'.&r-t $400 Al:<>- t^r~. 1Y- ' * '.' S-EEt- e<ocut.e bra socrotanal tke new $ <-5' t'^ /tody&r- oc-.k a-'-d rnacnr.j c-c-dc--za VMT* /mono rr/ys.or $1549. BM PS/2 SNO.VBLO.VER-To<0'Se-s rtkvm) - $925. BM PS/2 e550/031 AV 5t5-900 E.e 3< /021 - $1200: BM VGA /18 horse PC-*** pass eaj> :c Morulor $325. BM Qu;et*n'.er w' start uene* $ 0'fc<-st 433.1:4 = sr«e-tfeeoer - $250 BM Proprner $24». 1DM OuC-:«.Ttor U Cortacl o< Debbe WM FOttJBR FBREff Pr4 E T 716 Commorcal 5 ndustral Equp. FOR SAlE. 310A. JohnDecr*. /cctfx. 4 way front loader and backh je l extra bucket plus 1990 Hjrsl naxj«t/a. ; ler.$ >54 GOOO rr.achlnory and t-qup<r.t.-, Many tools and!cutters m Tool 4 0.& Snop. AJ must gol 562-T35 SHEtVrG. PALLET RACKS " Carloer Rcks, fn Bones Harrd Trucks Ex 673 STORAGE SHELVNG, u' u 4'V/x 16'Lx8 H wrth dockng work bc<rcf-<s Oays after 6pm S2 USEO PROFESSONAL ct<:«cean'j%g rr^chnts w/allahrr* -.- TRACTOR - O.cse 16«P : crv;-?. w/oader Roto^rej Ne^ $9,000 ':,- el. rr«j3t u. Afte? 5cvm 455 S-C? O.sney Characters and 1090,1990 The vva : : Os^e)' CcT-pany ax. ce Pc"! es Presentaton ce and HoJday On ce. re Tuc. NOV. 6 thru un. NOV. 11 Joe Lous Arena THE taber & Xccentrc NEWSPAPERS AMRAD-0 74 r~ -*~. J -. FAMLY -S --^.'" wtn H' Th* Oood fftoxt Th Tue. NOV. 6 at 7:30 PM 13 ON ALL FAMLY NGHT TCKETS wth DSCOUNT COUPONS AVALABLE at F&M DSTRBUTORS REGULAR PRCES: $12.50 $ $8.50 COUPON PRCES$8.50 $6.50 $4.50 ALL SEATS RESERVED «PRCE NCLUDES TAX DSCOUNT ALSO APPLES TO LMTED NUMBER OF RNGSDE SEATS CALL BOX OFFCE FOR DETALS L bttxtotv ^E3X3533W&*!XT3t Send your name and address - postcard addressed to sst^^srcrrres.m..'''wl.htl.n-yjj,'!' 9 f ncludng your zp code - on a jsney On ce Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Road, Uvonla, Ml PLEASE ONLY ONE POSTCARD PER FAMLY We'll mpartally draw names for wnners from your entres. Watch your hometown newspaper Classfed sectons/ where we wll prnt wnners' names. f you fnd your name among the classfed advertsements, call , extenson 404, and clam your Dsney passes. t's as easy as that. Monday wnners must call by 5 p.m. Tuesday. Thursday wnners must call by 5 p.m. Frday. Passes wll be maled to wnners. & -Eccentrc CLfl66FED ADVERTSNG : 1(1 <* l^a^msmammttbaaa «* * ^yt* AA ' '.»» Oakland County Wayne County Rochester/Rochester Hlftp DBA01NE8:5 P.M. TUESDAY FOR THURSOAY EOlTlON /5 P.M. FRDAY FOR MONDAY EDTON %. l ^ f b. r V "tf m m

52 QFAv 717 Lawn*Garden., Farm-Snow Equp. RYAN Rder Aerator, footf condton. ; SWAPPER; 6 h p. rdng lawn mjj-ef. Runs, Good! $250. Cell after 4: Buldng Materals o.4. A^3. Te LBUL P N Q s 2»x24 to 100x200. Commercal. AO. Crop Horace. Savo thousands on factory specals. Delvered, con-»tructo<j. Can Ken w Steve by ALUMNUM $ONO, 8 rvchss to *eahem2ft.kmg. loop'oce-s ' FlBERGLAS NSULATON»10 per bag. SWeu, 3(t-4ft. new, $7.50 P«par. Dscount on bulk OAK FLOORNG. Tftm 6 dmenson lumber n stock. *!' Wholesaler* ces. MT Hardwoods nc: 517-5J v. RALROAD TES Woffrtankod Tmbers. New or used. DeEVery avalable, Any' quantty Op$n6days. * ;24x2«clear glass leaded damond) pane. wlndowpanelj, n orgnal t&sh. $ 50. Prus 13-20x?3 pares el tame -»420. Excellent condton, leave message *9 719 Hot Tubs, Spas a Poole POOL COVER- 24. round «0. goctf condton. Pool ladder, excpflon condton. $60. OrtBf accessores. f>38-:- O&E Monday. Oclober Flowers-Plants Farm Produco PUMPKNS PUMPKNS PUMPKNS 1.000'a of pumpkns. 69 cents 4 up to Sagl FlOAertahd Ml. Rd, W. of Telograph Hosptal-Medcal Equpment COMMO0E ON"WHEELS: Used 2 months. Ortgtnalccst. $265. wl set) for $ 100. Call GER'A1fl;C CHAa 3 poston rec lner, very good condton, $350. Alter 3.30pm WHEELCHAR GOOD condton. $200. Transfer teal tor bath. $< Jewelry DAMOND RNO. 4 carat, apprasal value, over $14,000, wll take reasonable oler. Your Jeweler to verfy. Ca3 anytme 650-J634 XADYS ROLEX watch, stanless. $700: lady* Roex replca, $ LARSE pear shaped weddng set w/ 2 damonds; 8¼ carat Blue Topaj;wtn smalt damonds. Large selecton of other rngs Cameras-Supples COMPLETE DARK Room equpmcnl - Color 4 blacx 'n Whte. Wtf sol al or part. Alter 6pm VlOEO CAMCORDER; VHS Panasonc Full ste. Extras ncludng csa and telepholo lenses. Morel 42M Cameras-Supples 2 Whte Lghtnng WL wth modelng lamps, bult n slave unts, stands ncluded. Call Muscal nstruments ANTQUE Slelnway Pano - early 1900'«uprght, good condton. $ OABY GRANO PANO - 70 year* old. dark fnsh, new bass strngs, newkoy tops Negotable BABY GRANO p'anp, 5 ft.. 4" long, walnut fnsh, good condton, $2, ALQWN AqROSONC PANO Oar w3nut. Good condton. Wth bench, tunng and movng. $1, BALDWN Orga-Sonc" Organ for sale. $ BEGNNER.PANO Wtf) beocr. strong tone, good touch. $500 tuned and moved EUECTR1C PANO - Korg 2500.lke new. MD compatble. $ FENDER TWN Reverb 135 watts, must sell due to angry neghbors, $ GREAT - player pano, excecot condton; $1100 or best offer. < GUTARS Epphone electrc semhollowbody. beautful $425. Sgma 6 strng acoustc Lke new $375. Both wth case. ' KNO Alto Sax. caso 4 musc stand. New 'ds. lunry). PW'^ cond- " Muscal nstruments KOHLER - CAMPBELL Splnetl p. enowllh bench. $ «rKOHLER 4 CAMPBELL console lano4 bench, very good condton LOWREY PANO - Used. 8 yoars ow.ue new condton. $ PANO SHOP Clearance. Several nce grand*. Somo new uprghts. Hgh gloss fnshes, Call untl 9pm, message: PANO. - uprght, excellent sound, mahogany wood, caned logs. Tunng hammer also. $ SOHMER 5' 10" ebony Grand, bult Recontfy Tefnlsnod 4 rebult. Prvate owner. Gary TADASH CONCERT uprght pano, black mrror fnsh. Pano lke new, J29Q0. ' WURUTZER PANO Spnet, lke new, edull owned, medum bror>n, f sears Old, $ WURLT2ER PANO consofe. $900/of(er.- Mahogany WURUTER SPNET PANO, exceenl tone. $495. ' YAMAHA EBONY GRANt) PANO. 5 ft 7'lrvcfccs. Good condton. $2,995. Wth bench, movng and tun^g Classfed Ads GET RESULTS Classfed Ads 727 Vdeo Games VCR's- Tapes TURBO GRAFX-16, Goncsls. Nntondo. Game Boy, lynx new & used Buy, sell, trado. Best prces Plymouth Rd. Redford TWO VCR's -511 moves, 3 bookcases, sacrfce, $1500. Koep fryng VCR, TV, Stereo, H-F, Tape Decks NEC "color tv wth remote, walnut TV 4 VCR cabnet, excellent condton. $ TV VDEO CENTER - 25,, eo!of montor, recorder, slorege_sland. Camcorder 4 accessores. Cost $2300. Frst $800 takos Sportng Goods GUN - 8ERETTA 16 guago over/ unfer 98 thack onyx. Brand new. Stan box. $ GUN SHOW/SHELDON HALL Plymouth Road/Farmlngton Lvona. Nov 11. 8am-3:30. Frco tables. Dealer reservatons HEAD SKS wth Tyrola 420 bndngs 4 Scott poles $70- Helerllng bools && 10½ $60 4 Tocnlca boo*s sesv>$30. Alter HOCKEY EQUPMENT- Cooper, goale, trapper 4 blocker. Junor models. $100 Celt POOL TABLES All slate, antque, ultra modern. - bar sze. Floor modef demo's Eves: CHWNN AR-DYNE oxeccso b-ke, low mleage, prstne <-<w,<v wtte. $ Sportng Goods DROWNNG ABoll Hunter. 300 Wnchester Magnum W«therby Supremo, varable scopo. Hard case, new last year. $500. eroan^g BPS Shotgun, 12 gage. 32". lke new. $250. Call Fprandays POOL TABLE. Brunswck. 8ft slate, $ PRECORE 7166 starmaster. $250. A*ay Octagym rowng machne. $75. Alter 6pm SAVAGE RFLE Model 99. Excellent shape. $ SOLOFLEX., Lke ne*. al attachments. Sell or trade TRAMPOLNE $350 Nssc-n. 6x9 mat WlfCHESTER Mode) Magnum, never r.rcd. MQSsberg Model U4LSB T2 target rfe' Remngton 22 seml-ajtomatlc. Borclvsr^Cotta 12 gauge, double barrel shqtgun, engraved. She*pT:ned gun case. cleanng rod and Cash only. Ca.'!-7PM-8PMOnry mm Express model 4, doer rfle, 3x9 Bushnefl scope, shna. shells, hard case, excellent. $400, V/antedToBuy BASEBALL, lootball. hockey, basketball cards Any sports memorabta. Topp cash.w!l travel PNBALt MACHNE Any condton. W1 pay cash C'mon clean out your tasementl Jm: TOP PRCES PAD: For Old Toy Trans Lonel Amercan Flyer, rves. "'n Toys Also Wanted To Buy ACETYLENE weldng outft, woodchpper, enowblower, leal blower, drll pross, traler, shop machnery, power tools / or. Vox, Grelsch, & Pjckenbacker. Up to $5000 cash pad OLD TOY TRANS Lonel. Amortcan FT> cr. Old loy». Prvate coleclor PAYNG TOP DOLLAR for clean L.P. records. CO.'*. and cassettes. Frwrwrneplchup. ^ Household Pots ADORABLE KTTENS for good homes : < AH lookng ADULT CAT- Noulerod. doclawod. lovable, to a good homo. Afet AX6DALMAT0N PUPPES 6VVecksold, AKC. GOLDEN RETREyER PUPS, wormed, roady to go. $ AKC Home Rased Mn atvra ' DACHSHUNDS or SCHNAUZERS Champon Sred Puppes Slud Servce. Groomng., Bob AlbrecM: AKC. Norwegan EJkhound Puppes, cramplon sred, homo rased by responsble 4 carng brooder or AUSTRALAN Shepherd Pups, (Ausse) Blue Merle A Trl. Male 4 female Regstered or BCHON FRSE: 6 mos. old femalo. whte, house traned, needs good home. Larfla cage, bod ncfude-:. $400/bcst. Call ^ 738 Household Pots BLACK LAB mx. male. a.mll/ dog, needs' a good home. 3',4 years Great watch dog BLACK LAB puppes. 12 weeks old, cuta as can be. Guaranteed health, $ NO FLEAS on mo, please Rocky neods a good home 5 yr fd neulerod malo cat. shorlhalrcd, has had shots. Wonderful companon, lovng dsposton CHNESE SHARPE - Female, 2 yrs. old. MaWa offer. Puppes & slud servce also avalable CNOW-BKw, J«najL_ >J<C_ regstered. 3½ months c-'d. excolfcnl qualty. Can 292-O029 CHOW PUPS 2 bkjtrs.-1'cream. $ btacks. $300. All males. Alter CHRSTMAS Cocker Spanel pupp!<». AKC, adoptable Nov. 6. $50 depost wll hold. 5 majes, 1 female Oays ves< COCKER PUPPES, maes. AKC. Suf, ejccllcnl dsposton, thots COCKER SPANEL-Bulf/whlte. Female, 7 mos Call afkr 3pm,. K, : COLLE/SHEPHERD Mx. 10 mo a'dfemale. tpayod & all shots, good Wth chldren Partally housebroken. $50. After noon DACHSHUNDS - mn, black 4 tan loojhar. cmalo, B3 GERMAN Shcphc-rd-AKC. 7 morvh ma'e. champon parents, excellent temperament Eves GERMAN Short Har Pups - AKC. wormed, shots, alt females. « Household Pets OOBERMAN PNSCllERS Qualty puppes rom murt-ltcd proven parents Bred for desrable phys ; cal 4 mental characterstcs Call; (313) EXCLUSVELY lor good home, go-'den retrever puppes. $ 100 Call FEMALE cat. decfaaed. (frontl Spayed, exfrcmer/ affectonate and frendly, Owner regrc'tluly fc<yh to lad a good home. 923;3099 FREE KTTENS to good homes. 9 weeks old. Canton GOOEN RETREVERS: AKC Pa pers. champonshp bloodlne, shots, can alter 6pm GOLOEN RETREVERS - male puppes. AKC, g-jarantecd. champon S:/ed..$ GOLDEN Retrever qualty pups. Champon Wood vnes. AKC.»eady Nov. 15, ? GOOO HOME: For 2>lltns:.«wVs. old One car>co, one grey. Calatter6.' HLALAYAN KTTEHS-8Kes and Seals. $200. -Downrver- area' Call between 3pm -9pm KTTEHS - lovable cut-os. Shots, wormed. 6weeks ok) LABRADOR Pups, black. AKC. dewcla*s. shots, champon Woodl.ncs. $ Call LHASA APSO Pups - AKC. 7 weeks old. home raled, all shots Health guaranteed «' r n f Even people wth no tme to shop can shop classfed. When you can't get out of the house, pck up the phone and check the many great bjuys n the Observer & Eccentrc clasfed secton. ' ' gaata^aejae^^r^vpgfav!aujj^b'a^r^abaak>arf^»^ ggw/at-vgv.'.-.x.-'.) v'm -j 1,!.^:::^ u V V V y A teeruer & %mnttt CLfl66FED fldyert6ng 64-1,-1070 Oakland County Wayne County Rochester/Rochester Hlls DBADLNE8:6 P.M. TUESDAYTO'ntHUnSOAY EDTON /5P.M. FRDAVFORMONPAV EOTON \ '. x - ; " ;:

53 »1^*4^4 ^-t^*a>^v *& 'f- : ^:¾! - t\ : :. r 738 Household Pot» >^f-v»^4^(j4; ^tl^v^j^^^^ ^>4 s^4-v^&&^^^ -^-P^ ^*y tlv^>- * l>suvtrtm^^t 1¾ MNATURE SCHNAUZER3 7 w«kt old, Wck mala. AKC. shot* rased wth TC PEKNGESE pupple*. rased, adorable. AKC, horns Auto A Truck Parte A Servce PERSAN KTTENS Whle, 6 week* old. CFA, $200. HlmalayaA lemjl» 3½ ye/e $ QUALTY GoWen Rotrlover ma!«. pup*, 8 week* old, AXC, OFA. Vel checked. $ $ ROTWEllER. tomae. $125, very s*t«l dog. no young cmd/en. SertouJcator*. $ HH T/U. AKC. 10 wtek*. vc checked fvl tbot. 2 macs.\ 1 fema*. <250-$3O $MH TZU Puppes. AXC. shot*. 4 (amae*. 2 ma*», a wto* Putm cel after 6pm SHJH TZU pup,, AKC. shot*. 7 wocks old. 2 males, 1 female. $300 each ' SBERAN HUSKY. f\ mown old male. AKC. black/whlte/tllver. K TO A Good Home Mxed breed dog. 3 yes/ old. ma!o, g/eat house dog. yen wth kds WANTED: Englsh Bu Dog or Boxer, wn be tovee), kept nsde & we! cared (Of. Jess afterj, YORKSHRE TERRER puppes. AKC'ctuaty. tny homebred beautes, males A females. Ready 10 be loved. L/vor.t YORKY PUP8 - Adorable 8 wke. champon [ne. thou. $350 Stud Msrvce. After 5pm Pet Servces OOO DAYS Yea/ round obedence dassos. Puppy through advanced. New dasses startng toon. Call GRAND PRX 1981 U,Vd automatc, pan* or whole, $500. « JUST HEADS / stock, tested up. Vsa-Master Accepted CM (00 NEW GENUNE Durannor lor «' bed Chevro!cl/GMC8l/uck.$ Trucks For 8alo FORO 198«f 150, 4x2, 302. V8. 4 tpo&, po*er ttoertog A brake*, 78,000 mles, new dutch A battery. Good larger lre* on wbtte whoe*. Vnyl nteror. beduner, new gun metal metafo pajnt, never aoued, «xc«bert corxsucrt. $ FORD 1990 CREW CABS TRUCK ACCESSORES 8ALE N you tt kx*lr>3 (or ar>/»cc«5»ory [or your p^k-op <on' mlas tw On* Day W«/ehou$4 Clea/tAc* ot'a. Acc«JOrU» your truck from f/on) (hood protocor) to res/ (Hep bu/npera) at belo-«ewt prtcea. Stl Nov. 3 from 9am-2pm. Normal bualrwsj h/a. a/a 8:30-5 Moo. thru Frt. 0001^^^ Amercan Aftwmarkct. r>«. forrrxxr/ Amercan Oeaer Accetto/aa V/obb Or. V/esUand UflUTY CAP lor pckup. $ 150. Runnng board*. $50. Day*, ask for Oa-'eal WE BUY JUNK CARS, VANS A Truck*. Any condton. A fwt 2 hour pdwp and ktant cah Ep-»ort\ Del/ol Auto Fnancng A OUARAf TEEO AUTO 10AN No one refused. $5 00 pet c*j. moneybeck ouaunjee Autoa Wentod OOO GROOMNG - mol broeda. Wejtand. Garden Crty area. $2 0«wth ad. C«J for an appt PROFESSlO.AL OOG TRANNG Oona n your home. Guarenteodt Houebreaklng On Command. One apot n your yard, terry, Horsoa, Lvostock Equlpmont HORSES- '4 Arab. V» Quarter, black. Ng & beatft, asow quary. 7 mo old Coll 8 4 yr. old Gre«n Ma/e. ch or best offor $000eachr. 800 Roc.Vohlclos VOtKSWAQEN 1980 DUNE boggy, rvmj near exc«?.er>t. $1000 or OGJ offer Snowmobles- JOHNOEERE. l982440tra.^r-relx. electrc tart, hot grp* + cover. E»- cedent cond.tlon. $ SKCOOS - 18S9 Mach Forrnuta Pk/j aoml race/. Ca! Mr. Smth»-5pm SN0WM08LE TRALER - E*t/e Ma. aurge brake). CeJ aher 4pm. $ YAMAHA SRV - $2,200. A1W> Yamaha SRV $3,300. Both ke new. Caa after 4pm: ABSOLUTELY HGHEST DOLLAR PAD FOR OUALTY AUTOMOBLES We tea vrfth confdence, we buy wth ntegrty. P.e_ase caa Jeff Benson: TRANSPORTATON WANTED: Runnng car tor bask; transportaton WANTED AUTO'S & TRUCKS BLL BROWN -USED CARS Prymoulh Rd. Lh-Onla F350. Dual FU4/ Vrneela, 4x4. XLT, Dtejo*. 460, av end k*< hrre under 50 mrel St $15,900. Jack-OolTmef^ord "" »2. *9* rom FORO 1985 F50 *Ort van, V4. r<r# JaaU*. low rt*». runs g/ejt. ^ ' 350-9«2 FORO 1990 F150.'«V, tll. Crufso. cawette,' dual tahk*. «.000 mres. Ca.1 for MtXt.^ - SUNSHNE HONDA GMC 1987 ScbOrban. «ton. tat, lnt, &. heavy duty t/aber package, one owner. $<5,000/besL GMC Af AR - loaded m : >j. $12.M$ TENNYSON CHEVY GMC, 1989 S-15 - Al/. eulomakc. 4.3 ter, dgtal dash, tm/lm caatette, t/tler package & more. Loaded. $9.6O0/bCJl. 534^)572 K-8LA2ER 1987 Shwedo - aj the toy*. lowml'ea- $10,588 Jack Cauley ChevVGEO 855^>04 LARAT PCK-UP XLT 19*) All opton*, $.000 mloa, $ FOX HLLS Chryter-Pfymoulh MAZDA 1990 Pckup. Tnted V.ndovr*. AM/FM, 5 epood, fner 8 cover mbcs, $ NSSAN 198$ PCKUP - $2995 SUNSHNE HONDA Monday, October 29,1990 O&E *11F t / 23 Van» FORO COfyERSlOM VAN 1989 Fufl power, fextteot le an. $11.«50 "CRESTWOOD OOOGE 42^5700 FORO *0/*; van. CuJ'.om frleror. $ FORD 1985 wth char h. 8 passenger, ar, $4,000. CaJ betwt-en 6am-4pm Mon. thru Frt roro, AER03TAR..XLT ml., loaded, good condrtjon. $ Sports A mported Cora ACURA: 1938EOENO. Gold Cloth, moon root. $14,900 or best offer. Can or ACURA LEGENO - 4 door, cloth, automatc, turvool. exec^ent condton. $ /best ofler S Sports & mportod Car* MAZOA «automatc. ajr, stereo $5995 SUNSHNE HONDA ACURA or. 1 / 10,000 rrjos. Don't ml* th* on^ E-Z f^nanc^g, warranty. $ !/.. ASC 1989 McLaren - red. an convert/bt«tpotess. $23,500. $.000 rrjes. top. loaded MW ». body & engne excedent, tunrool. Alpne tereo. ne* dutch, rast ten. $3000.' FORO 1986 F-350 cube van wth lt. kja> conddon, best offer FO*f^19&9. Cargo Van. poy»of ttersrsngvvae*, a^ mje». $ FORO 1989 Super Wagon - 15 pav tongor. low ml:ea $ Jack Demmer Ford FORD 1990 E150 Super Cargo Van" m.le*. $ Jack Dommer Ford OMC 1983 US Conrrerton. Mfy loaded, exce'onl corvmlon. Must tee GMC V. ton work van automatc, power steerng & brakes. $ rx OMC tarcreft OT. loaded, toesor.t condton. $9,200. Call or day* NSSAN 1987 vrlth cap. southern truck. excecent condton. $5200/ best offer Junk Cars Wanted Runn>>gor Not $ pad. Fast Servce CaJRudy AAA AUTOS Aaron pay* up to $50 more for Junk. runnng or reparable car*. 7 day* 24 hr* ALL AUTOS «TRUCKS Junv. wrecked, runnng. Top Dollar. EA M Auto Part* JUNK CARS WANTED Payng up to $35. Free Towng JUNK CARS WANTED DeadoreJlve TOP DOLLAR Pad For Junk Car*. Cat T 4 M Auta Boats A Motor* CRE3TLNER - 198«. 16 ft 9*, 30 h p. Johnson. EZ toed t/ater & many extra*. $ ERCSON 35 Sloop, beautful, k greal condton, very wed eoyppod. $35,000 or best offer SALBOAT ' desel. wc8 eovpped, exoenont coodton. $23,000. CaJ Hed ScaNymph. MR. 20 HP. Marner. HummngMrd CR, Nnnkota trokng motor, battery A battery charger, traler, rod holdera, boat cover A more. $ SPORTCRAFT N. nboa/d outboard, cuddy cabn, traler, exl»a».lfte new. $14, TARCRAFT 1973 hum, 1/4.-,0/, 50HP. tkl ttereo. $ N.. ajuml- Joh/son, fuh/ Trucks For 8a!o CHEVROLET SLVEflAOO crew cab dua.'ty. fu3y equpped 454 engne. Must Seal $12,950 CRESTWOOD NSSAN 1990 Ha/dbody, ground ellect* and tpocer*. Cutom pant. Amercan racng mag*, and radal QT Ure*. Super hot! Just mles. $12,000 va«ue. onry $ !r. PCK-UPS - SmaJT modvn. largo. Bg lefocloa 20 to chooe (rom. BLL BROWN USEO CAR RAMCHARGER 1983, 318. «!r, rw* rebult l/an». am-fm cassette, good cond,0on.$ BLAZER (port package. V-«, 5 speed, many extra*. $6895 JackCaufoyOevJGEO « Pckup - V-«, 5 speed. easette. very dean. $4 568 JetkCBuJeyChevVGEO x4'* & PCKUPS. 15 to choose from, startng at $3,695. CRESTWOOD DODGE OMC TAfCRATr OT Converson Van, fulry loaded, gpod condton, whte wth blue nteror Prced to toll at $8900 or best offer. Weekday*. «-5pm: OMC SAFAR. 7 passenger, loaded, many extras, very thl/p $ LUMNA 1990 APV - C luxury trm. 7 passenger, automatc. por«er steerng A brake*, er. pow-cr lock* A wndow* Tut cruse. CO, and more Absolutely loaded Dtr BMW tpood, tonroot. fj, a'p^>e am-fm ttereo cassette. rxt conlmental trea; excejonl. to.000rn.vs. $7450 or b«t ofter BMW. (965. J18. blaovan. 5 *f»ed nvlcs. ne«tres. o/ Cond.Uon. $ «375 BMW *. bront. km fr^e. $19, or B.MW. 1987, Convortbe. Clean, lo* mle*. $18,500 CeJ Mr. Nerhoor: ext. 26 BMW r*. Red w/ tan leather. 5 toeed mflej Sunrool $16,000. Evenngs, BUM tpcod. loaded, aunroof. ne* tres, mnt cond.ton. $13, *0 BMW FA - tyorujt. A-1 S19.6O0 WOOD MOTORS BMW SE - frjlomat*. red $ WOOD MOTORS BMW txcnm. 5 spoed $24,500 WOOD MOTORS MN VAN3-9 to Chooe trom. startng at $4,995. CRESTWOOD DODGE PLYMOUTH 1986 VOYAGER SE - automatc, ar. 1 owner. excecent condrtjon. Onry $4950. MORAhl MTSUBSH PLYMOUTH 1987 Voyager SE. 7 pasaenger. emfm stereo. a>v V6. popular oqulpmenl package. Clean, good mt-eage. $8,700 Ca Vans AEROSTARa - Spocal purchase. 20 to choose from. Extended. 7 pastenger, A eonvertson*. Oreat prce*. tame day fnancng. BLL BROWN USEO CARS DOOGE CHEVROLET automatc overdrrvt. 4 cylnder, extra dean. $ CHEVROLET Pck Vp Truck. tteo tde. $ Call tter 5pm CHEVY TON Dual wheol. 14' stake truck, automatc, power, 350 engne. $8,495 TENNYSON CHEVY THOMPSON Fbherman, 1/a.Ter, 170 Merc. excefenl Extra*. Chuck }: day Boat Parts A Servce ALL BOATS-ALL SZES Wntertoed A Stored Same day dscount wnterzng Shrnk wrap protecton nsde A outsde storage Same day tervce on most make* A model* The on-v complete Marne Servce Department n Mchgan! We want your busness! WLSON MARNE 6095 West Grand RN-er, Brghton Monday A Thur«- dy, 9 am, to 8 pm.. Tuesday-Frtgay. 8 Saturday, 9a m. lo 6 pjn. 803 Vehcle A Boat Storego 1 STORAGE Boat*. Traler*. Tnjeks Outdoor. wej-cghted. aecured. EJectrcfty avalable. 5 acre*. Jeltre* A Telegraph area CHEVY. 198«. ½ ton pckup, 350 V. 8. automatc, ar. am/fm, bodrne/. cap Eve*.» CHEVY 1958 V ton Pckup, ar. automatc. V-8. doth nteror, bedlne/. stereo, power tleerng A brake*. super dean. $7995 BOB JEANNOTTE PONTAC/GMC TRUCK Plymouth, CHEVY x4.6" bed. 350 V8. hghway mle*, excellent condton, a opton* *4 CHEVY 1989, 8-10, V-6, 4 3 fuel nfecton, am-fm tape, mle*, cap. tke new. $ OAKOTA x4. power steerng A brakes, V-6. much mora. $9650 CRESTWOOD OOOGE OAYTONA PCKUP 1BS9 Tu-tone pant automatc V6, long bed mre*. only $8,499. FOX HLLS Cfwyter-Plymouth AEROSTAR 1987 V6, wndowvan. 8 passenger, good condton ml. $«.500. Caa betwoon » AEROSTAR 19««XLT. boa*, power brakes, wndow*, lock*, ar, am/fm cassette. $ «AEROSTAR 198«XLT Edde Bauor package, power wndow*, end power lock*, tt, ervue. atereo cassette. wth eo^allor. dual ar, M power, bcavtm. CaJ now. BOB JEANNOTTE PONTAC/GMC TRUCK Plymouth, AERQSTAR 1989 XLT - exlended. loaded mse*. premum aouftd. runnng board*. $13,500. day*. 657^400. eve* AEROSTAR 1989 XLT. 2 ton* blue. loaded, axeeftent condton. $12,600 or best offer. Day* or eves. A weekend* AEROSTAR 198» XL 4 passenger. $10,900 Hlnes Part Lncoln-Mercvvy exl400 AEROSTAR 1900 Extended Wagon* 7 passenger, loaded. $ Jack Oemmer Ford ASTRO 198«Captan* char*, smoke gtas*, loaded, complete servce hstory. Tyme doe* t agan...$1,000 below Blue Book. N* s not como-on, crry $4,500 TYME AUTO «PONTAC TRANS SPORT: 1990 SE. Low mses. Extendod Warranty! ExeeJontl CaJ PONTAC AFAR Convert-on Van. loaded. U* new cond.ton. $6595 SUNSHNE HONDA SUBURBAN GMC Serra Classc, many opton*. t/shor package, mnt condton BMW 533L Beck. rod leather ml., no wnter*. $10,000 frm. H «or MERCEDES BEWZ SD, ch ampa^n. $10,675 WOOD MOTORS MERCEDES BEHZ 198«560 8L AMG. tgnal red. super sound system wth CO, ona of * knd. A must ce $49.9$$ WOOD MOTORS MERCEDES turbo, dark red. Georga car. excesont condv Hon Record*. 111,000 mle*. $12, MERCEOES crtm/ltn. mmaculate $9300. Home after 6pm JO work$73-4l52 MERCEDES 19S mles, negotable 420 S EL, t!!,"er. loaded. $35,000. $ MEflySjR 1987 XR4T1 - Lke new, automat*. Sunroof, whte, ne* tre* A brakes, cassette. $585$ ¾ MTSUBSH GALLANT 1959 OS sunrool $8695 H,nej Par* Lncoln-Mercury exl400 MTSUBSH 1950 ECUPSE OS - automatc, a/, cruse, am/lm cassette mes Onry$ 10>00 MORAN MTSUBSH MTSUBSH 1990 MRAGE - 2 door. automatc, ar. am/lm cassette, axcelent cond.ton. Onry $7950. MORAN MTSUBSH Bulck LESABRE UMrrtO SEOAN 19S9, mle*, futt/ 0/ dark blue 'pp*d.$ LESABRe CoSoclor'a^d.llort, Servfor'a ca/. 4 door, dark blue wth vnyl top, rnvrt cond.ton mles. $5,600. After 5pm, LESABRE 198$ - 4 door, mlted, loaded. kjlher, tn'sa. Mus tee. $4,725. Brmngham'. « LESABRE. 195$ 4 door. V6 automatc ml., loaded, t owner, excellent condton. Must sell; $2500, 63«-«739 PARK AVENUE-1987, Wmj rush hour nto prush hour. Leather, sunroof, ar, cassette. $ PARK AVENUE. 198$, fuff/ loaded, Stver. po*cr teet, good tre*, exoefcnt condton. $5, PARK AVEWE lotdod. Very dean; excct^nt corcd'jon. $7500. ' «PARX AVE; $3600. After 6. uanportaton REOAL purdj* btlltt. run* greal. $600 or best. Ca3 Keth after 7pm 425*7121 REGAL 197«. good transportaton, good runnng CAT, $400.'CrJ after 6PU REOAU 1985 LTO $4,000 ml, t>. po*w steerng A brake*, good cond.ton $3, $ REOAL 1990 Grand 6por1.0U execute car. mnt condton, futrv loeded. g/ey mso. $13^ NSSAN 1966 PULSAR NX - Sport coupe, automatc, ar. pv*u steerng 6 brakes, cassene Gas mser. $ Olr NSSAN 1966V* 300ZX Turbo, 6 speed. Loaded. Mnt Condton ml. Must See CAPR, Ar. fua po*er. am/lm cassette. Look* A runs very good. $1.600/offer CORVETTE 1974 Coupe. *3ver. automatc. Nce carl Base engne, very good ahepo A more $5,500 or best Ask for Wal CORVETTE. 197$. Stngray. Whle/ tan rales, t-tops, ar. alumnum wheel*. $«5O0/besL «CORVETTE 1976 New Ure* and whool*. whte. T-tops, $ CORVETTE SSvcr Anfrcrsary Good condt>on ml. Mujl tea. After 6pm 59?-0879 CORVETTE 197«COUPE, loaded mle*. excecent condton Only $7095. TEHNYSON CHEVY CORVETTE lone vlver. real sharp. $12,500. CaJ after 5PU: VOYAOEft LE. ful power, excellent coodrtlon. $ VOYAGER Avlomatle. a/ ml. Must sen. $12,500. ExeeOent condton Joeps A Other 4-Whool Drvoa AMC Eaoef. 4 door wagon. ar, Ut, cruse, mles. 6 cylnder, automatc, very d&an. many new part* Just nstalled by Oyde* Frame Shop. Run* great. $2200 or best offer. Before 7 PM. « After BLAZER 1989, x4. loaded ) lowng package, exoelent condton. $13, $ BRONCO spoed. a/. ncely mantaned, $599$. 3 other* to choose from Hne* Park Lncoln-Mercury «xl400 BRONCO 198«- excesent condton, fuuy loaded, new tre* A rm*. Best offer. After 6pm BRONCO B l9 0- ust 900m3ea.4 wheel drfve.power wv>dow» A lock*, automatc, ar, loaded. Luxury trade-n Dtr. ASTRO 198«. work van. Only mfles. loaded, $4.600/best. Cafl after 6pm ASTRO 1987 CL - loaded. 7 passenger, tu-tone pant, extra dean. LOU LaRCHE CHEVY/SUBARU Plymouth Rd. - Just West of All 60AT8 A RV8 $10 per month lghted Fenced A Secured BOAT 8TORA0S AVALABLE. New bumng, heated. Westand. Please cajarer6pm OUTSDE STORAGE lor RV camper*, motor home* A boat*. Westand area WAYNE'S NDOOR STORAGE $60 per month Boat*. Cart Dry. Safe Plymouth, Canton area Motorcycles Wfnl-Blkos HARLEY 1981 SoorUter mt!, mnt orgnal condton. $2,975. Evens HONOA 350, rvn* greal. need* battery, askng* US SUZUK 1987 OR 200, excesent conduon. $775/T>est. Must ted 455^)703 WANTEO: Brlls\ tajan and European motorcycle* and part*. Cash watng. Ken Campar, Traler* AMotorhomea Camper Traer, 17ft. telf-contaned, toep* 6, bl mount, load level bar* and tntl sway bar, new lra*, good condton. $ 1, OOOGE CUSTOM VAN 1989 E250 Automatc, ar. al cower bufl n TV and C8. Only 6000 rnbes. OrJy $14,900. FOX HLLS Chrysler-Plymouth DODOE 1983 RAM 50. 7* bed, 2.0 engne. 6 apeed, good condton, excesentmpq.$19o OOOGE 1985 Pckup good condton, $3800 or best offer. CaJ before 3 PM, 729-3«13 DODQE 198«OAKOTA mbes. Eke new. $5995 North Brother* Ford «DOOGE 1989 RAM V» Ton Pckup, automatc, ar. Cke nowl $899 5 Uvonla Crvyter-Pfymouth E-150 CLUBWAGONS 1987 «M - 2 to choose from. $10.69$ North Brother* Ford «FORO F V-8. automatc, ar.ttereo, duaj tank*, dean. Onry $4.29$ Jack Dommer Ford AFFORDABLE USED CAR FORD RANGER XLT PCK-UP 19S9 lo* mle*, power steerng. «apoed. $7,495 TENNYSON CHEVY FORO RANGER XLT, onry mles, manual, excesent eontfoon, $3, ASTRO CL,» passenger. oaded. excellent condr Transferable warranty. $13,000 Eves ASTRO-1689 Conventon vt mles. fuv loaded, tv. Mus tool $14, CHEVY : V-S. 4 speed. longbed. fbregtas* cap, garage gfrkept. Mnt. After 530pm 453-«248 BEAUVLLE 1988 V-4,, «BEAUVLLE 198«- «passenger. 35,000 mbes. loaded.. Must sen, $13, CARAVAN 1939 LE - V-4. pow* seal A wndows, power door lock a, lft, crvse. cassette $10,950 CRESTWOOD COOOE CARAVAN E- ar, atereo, 7 passenger, extra*. $ CHEVROLET. ASTRO. 1957, Van wth hydraulc lft (desgned wth chmlnmlndxcan CHEVY /4 ton, partal converson, power tteerftg/brake*. automatc, mantenance record mbc*. $ «CHEVY,198«M sze van. mnt condton. TV. ce bor, hgh mle*. New engne 6 tre*. l M BRONCO XLT good. $1,650 or best 351M. runs BRONCO V-4 automatc Western plow. $12.99$ North Brother* Ford CHEROKEE excecent condton, run* great, new brake* A t/es. $ CHEROKEE 1987 La/edo. 2 door. 4x4, askng $ CORVETTE 1984 loaded. $11.68$ Jack Cautey Cnev./GEO rod. leather CORVETTE, 196«- Loaded, lots of exl/as ml., leather. excebenl condton. $15, CORVETTE, red wth tan leather. Bote ttereo. gtas* lop. $12, CORVETTE Coupe mses. Mfy loaded. $28,600. Cat Jm at «FREBRD 1991 FORMULA V-«. brght red>7.000 mj.. loaded, t-lop. $14, HONOA ACCORD: 1987 LXL mses. Grey. 5 tpood. sun roof. a>. cassette, cruse. $9, HONOA ACCORD door. 5 tpeed. $2,000. CaJ after 5pm HONOA 1983 ACCORD - euomatlc. ar. ttereo, low m3e*. CaJ now. SUNSHNE HONDA HONDA 1985 Accord. 4 door, loaded, automatc, tuper dean.'askng NSSAN ZX t-lops, leather, and all the rest rrwes. Prced lo sea. ACTON MOTORS PORSCHE tjver. mvt cond.ton, orgnal ml. stored last 12 yr*. $9.850/best PORSCHE leather, loaded, mmaculate. On* owner. Records. $13, PORSCHE 198«944 Turbo - super low mtes. Stored - covered Moor*. Warranty. E-Z fnancng. $15.69$ , DV. ROLLS ROYCE Sfrer Shadow u. loaded, tun/oo*. gorgoov*. $32,000 Day*S «SAAB 19* ar. custom wheels. 5 spood. tk* ne-*, $ H704 SAAB Turbo convertble, red/tan. excellent condton. $21.950/best SCORPO startng from $11,989 SCORPO startng rom $796«20 m stock.» as low as 1,500 Jack Dommer Ford SUNBR CONVERTBLE eyunder. automatc, al optons. dean. $ TOYOTA 1983 SUPRA. Leaded. $2500. Can after TRUMPH 1976 TR7. burgundy. 2nd owner. Low rttfe*, many new part*. Could be a great car agan. $650. CO Ken VOLVO Staton Wagon 1977, wo3 mantaned, excellent 2nd car. $3,000 frm Ca! VOLVO WAGON tow m2eage, excellent condton. $7500. Can VOLVO m.-**. Wagon, loaded, «VOLVO OLE. Fu» optons. Beautful. CaJ afternoons, «& $ / HONDA 1985 Accord LX, tow mseage. very doan. a must toe $ HONDA 1985 Prelude. 75K. ar. power sunroof, new dutch A ures, dark blue-$5700/besl HONDA 1985 P/etude mjes. 5 speod, ar. am-fm. no rv/l Good condton. $5, HONOA 196«CRX St. black. a>. tereo. power roof. excecent condton. $5, CHEVY BLAZER SLVERADO 4X V-8.automatk},a!r, tereo cassette, Ut. cruse, power wndow* and took*, aumlnum spoke whooa. black- and sharp. Only $8,995 Jack Dommer Ford AFFORDABLE USED CARS FORD RANGER x4, Loaded. Super Cab, 5 speed. Sharp! ml $7.695/offer FORD F250 shape run*. 6 ft. ptow. $3, x4. Good western snow GEO Tracker convertble. redavhtte, cassette mses, excellent. $ OMC JMMY x4 Gypsy, red. loaded ml. excellent condltlon, $11, OMC 1985 Jmmy x4. 28L. V6. automatc, a>, n. cruse, am-fm cassette, new tre*. $ SUZU 1980 l-mart. 4 door, automatc ar. $3329 WOOD MOTORS 372*7100 SUZU 168«Trooper, 4x4 a>. cruse, am-fm cassette, tnted wndow*, fub gauge*. $ JEEP CHEROKEE Whte. 5 *peod. Poneer opton package, M.OW mses. $10.9¾. « FORO 150 XU 1950 larol pck up. 300, fuel njected, 6 cyonder, «ulomatlc. $12^00, 69J.19M COLEMAN. 1C95 aulomatlo fold down camper, Wrtsmsburp. top et the fne, cort MW $1/.600,»'J «oj $4,760. Dofuxt campng mdude a queen ted. seep* «. bathtub A shower. CU VctorW**l. 45^395 JAYCO ft.!* new, no msesge, new awnng. $10,000. Cat ' «! NEWA KTCH1KER 6th WheeL 1982, 32 ft., aleep* «. teh* contaned. Ex- C«n«ntcond.torv$8, » OPEN ROAD P*A up tafnptt, heater A Hove, $ SCOTTY N-. W t*1 contt'ned, M bath, 'MO* 6, lk«new m and ou. Tandem axle. $3,760 or best. Can anyme T TAOAlOfKl 1973, 1»ft.»eff «xv ttrned, overte frdge, electrc brtk**. t'oep* «. awnng, exva?esn,nyed*p*lnt.$19o TAURUS 19/», 81ft. ROOT Ar,»wn- na. escape «, dout^ dv>*t1*, fuffy MWeonta^ Mvl 40«lo lppfed- te-m.woftxlt TRAVEV TRALER. 197«. 2JFL, te/v dam txs*, Heap*«, roeov awnrv many extra*. $M50/b*t. 7414)295 TRAVEL TRAflEft 1M9.24", nteror near exceren. 1»" utlty t/***f, 8V a<de*. Both (or $1,650 or best offer. 63»-»1<e 610 Auto A Truck P*rtA6trvlc9 FORO F-250, W 10(1 pck up Ranger XLT/t/aer package, (wtomalo, power teorlng. brake*. 390 engne. $« FORO 197«F-350 Stake l/ve*. stool tdea. good ke* & condton. $ FORO 197$ Pckup wth cap, 6 CYU/Yder. automatc new tre* A battery. Very dean, no out. $950 frm. CaJ after 5PM » FORO Supor cab short box. wtjte, tow mbcaoe on «rebult 302 engne w/recetpu. H FORO, 1979 F250.' 4X4, «utomau0 tr*nsm*son.$l! ^«4<5 FORO 16*5 RANGER X. V6, aulomatlo, ar, urt. a* po-wer, Lear cap kne/^13500., «$ roro 195«nanger PckLto,»ulo-.._«... t$r>. *n«35«^465«rvw 999V r*«v** r PV^-WX, % matc, power leerlngybrake*, * «x». 4 thunder, o/««l on e**. de* rungreat. 3695/be«t.. 35«-4 for0>. 198«F1W8UPERCAB,4x4, «0 F1, tvlo, overovn/s bn>*e/t«. am/lm catsette ttereo, 8 ft bet, w/c*p,$ »-7?«1 FORO 198» 8TX Ranger. Touch 4 t 4, av, «xter>ded cab. Rodbar MC*. eg*, attended warranty, $ CMOon 47M858 FORO $ Fl»- Ohty 12 mdeal Jack Dorrtmw Ford rUN0PftXW7» rreru«p.t4vo Aner«>6J»4»«4 r-150 XT 19M AV, power tock and wndows, $7.695 North Brother* ford CHEVY 1960 Lumlne, APV. GM ex-, eoutve. Must* aej. 7 passenger. loaded, 5100 mles, askng $13, CONVERSON VANS «5 10 choose (rom, 1987 and n«w*r. Mty equpped, from $ 11,9 50. CRESTWOOD OOOOE CUSTOM VAN 1984 WeO equpped. onry $5.69$. FOX HLLS Cnrysksr-Pfymouth M-3171 DOOGE Orand Ca/artn. 196«LE. Loaded. exoeoenl $l2.400/bet. Oay « Eve*.«$t-«37» DOOGE 1983 Wndow Van,»xc«p- UonaJ condton, ful power, ttu *k A heat, mfe*, new brake*, $3700. W«lt)*nd Mtl area DODGB 196$ CARAVAN automatto, ar, $4995 Lhrona CNysJer-Nymouth 6^^r604 rjoooe, 1W««, floyn 6E package.»v, cru'e. low peckage, mr*e», «xc«r*m c^ftdlor $7, «DOOGE 198«Ram Converson AM/FM csmttt*, ar. burglar teevrt- 1y Harm, 48,600 mbe*. took* or#u $4*00. ', 437^448 DOOGB SSO mn. 1 owher, new tvw*. JOmog hghway. t«0»ft»rl T-5774 FORO AER03TAB 194». power ssette, 3« \vvrv,»»w, W"w steerng A brake*, am/lm cassette. MM&OO/t**! * " ""^ FORO toonottne, « V-» ComwDon Van, 6J.000 actual mbe*. clean, rte* lra*, mull aee, 46O0/b»»l. $ OMO, 1943 PCK-UP 4X4. fu6y toaded, TV* pro pfow. ExceSent ruv hlngeondhton. $5, f roro 19««C*;f> Wagon. automatlo- njgh car>, ar, XL and tow rp«* Jack D«mmef Ford 721^6560 JEEP Cherokee Ld, prty, loaded. excecen condton, $14,000 or best offer. Day* Of E\f>«A woekend* 65X228 JEEP OOMMANCHE. 198«4x ml., 4 cytnder. 4 toped. $5,600 Eves. 641-«517 HONOA 1987 ACCORD - 4 door. ar. asoys, tow m e*. excolont condlton. Only «7350. MORAN MTSUBSH VOLVOr9«3 er. sunroof, $8.000/best. OLE. loaded, leath-. ar. heated seats «852 Classc Car* AMC: 1963 Rambler. Runs and took* greatl Automatc flat head 0 cytnder. $9S0/besL RrvERA 19*3. Loadod BJv* Bkje Wre Whoefs. $3500/bosl After 5pm Chovrolot CAPRXE, ml. no rust Flord* car. fu-f/ toaded, new tres 4 ahoefca. $3,000/best «CAPRCE 1968 Ctassle Brougham 18. V«. loaded. *V.e, «4,000 m***, new cond.ton, $9, CAPRCE 1900 BROUGHAM L8 4 door, che/coa! Off/ nrt ml s metal- Be. fujl 7,000 mf-es. Absolut err loadod. «13.99$. 72«2OO0, Or. CAVALER Z24, 1$6«- Red. Sporty. AJ dgtal. 5«,/«roaot. Must soe.- $4.000, Can John, S CAVAUER btua, e>. sttroo/ C&sselle. good oord.ton. $2500- « work CAVAUER 1S63. 4 tpoed. Mt-fU easjetle, 30mpg, very good condton. $AJ0.. ' CAVAUER.!6S«. R3. 2 door mses. excetsnt condton. $3600., * CAVALER charcoal gray metbc. automatc, po/ror tteernj. brakes. A took*. Ar, am/lm stereo, k/xury nteror. New ca/ trade-n Just $ ,01/., CAVALER Ra3y Sport. 4 door, try, dew. toa'dsd. t/ansterrable warranty. $ CAV/AER Fu3 power. *unroof. aj opton*. 32,000 m).. w/rahty. $7, CAVAUER 19S9 Z24. Extended Warranty. AM-FM cassette, survoot. fu3 power, mnt. $10, RJVERLA Ora/ wtth landau OQ. "loaded, excesent condruon. $4,500. After 6pm: RJV1ERA 1955 ExoeSent condton, must see 10 aporedj'.e. $5,600 CaJ after 6pm RVlERA mles. bur. gundy, exoefent condton. $3600/ Ofler R/VERA aj power, tunrool. am/fm cassette C8, coocort sound. wre whoef*. ExcoHeot cond-ton, no rust. Wghmteage. $ «SKYHAWK 15«$ - 4 door, musl sesl Low mfles. a>. automatc $458«ACTON MOTORS SKYHAWK 198«. 2 door. 23,000 rrjlea, automatc, ar. Kt, crutso, eoctrlc door lock*, am-fm ttereo cassette A mora $ SKYLARK, 19*9 Custom, loadod, automatc. V-4/ntoh output. $9,000 or assume lease, cat Cedllsc ALAMTE onfy m.tes. both top*. beauwul $18, BROUGHAM 198$ O'Elegance m'les. whte, burgundy velour. axcefer.t condton, $8250 or beslorfer CMARflON ExcClont condton. $ COUPE DEY1LLE 1984 trto*»nte.,exc«flonl condoon, m3os, 1 owner. $«.500. J ELDORADO tapphra black, maohng leather, toaded. axoe3ent condtoon mses. $ After 4PM *y* 87M9Z4 FVEETWOOO Coovertbka: Good condton, runs wefl, $4,600. Cal evenngs: ^ atetwooo 1980 Evougham, rw* good, drtyes aa ne*. askng $ 1,600 orbesl offer $ FLEETV/OOO 1987 Brougham, powder Mue, loaded, leather, mn, 37,000. owner. After HURST CHdsmobfle, 197», mses. Wack wtth gold, exceser.l $4600/Otter : SEOAN de VULE Platnum, vnyl top. mn wrvjnjon. loaded « « SEOAN DEV1LLE Black, beck, leather, ml $17,700 CaJ after 6pm SEOAN OEVUU 1990 ExceOent condton, whte wth grey ksaher. «500 maes, $20,000 «50-013«SEDAN DE YULE Loaded. bkje/whfa leather. 7^00 moes, $ Eves $ CADLLAC 1969 convertjb!*, new tres, battery, afternator A exhaust $ CAMARO 1967 mnt mtes, $7500. condton, CAR HAULER (endosod) " / axle, loaded, ramp door, 46" tde door. $10,750. ANer 6pm, HONOA 1987 ACCORO LX - fus power, automatc 5 to choose. SUNSHNE HONDA HONOA 1987 ACCORO 00 - Sght bege. 4 door, h* al opton* ncludng moonroof. Factory new. $696«ACTON MOTORS HONOA CMc 4 door sedan, 5 spoed. good condton, new dutch, $4900. After 6pm HONOA»1989, Accord. LX1. 4 door, w^te. automatc, ar. sunroof, excellent Low nvtesge. $ *309 HONOA 1939 ACCORO LX - automatc, ful power, tow mles. $ 11,49$ SUNSHNE HONDA HONOA 1990 C(V>C m30s, tk* brand newt $7650 ' CRESTWOOD oooqe JAGUAR XJ4, 19*6. Vanden PUS. excclent condtton, mk>*. $18, JAGUAR. 1979, XJ8 - Oood condlbon, ehampa*ge wth Uack mertor, $6.600.CallEvos «47-236«JAGUAR 1988 XJS - black, $ WOOD MOTORS JEEP RENEQA tofl lop, metal door*. 6«.000 mrte*. $ ^* JEEP 1977 CJ3 V«. power tteer- ng, ttck, 4x4 specal. 34"lr«*, t\n, hardtop $ JEEP 198«Cherokee, 4 wheel drve,»r, ttereo, exce"ent condton, oreal for wnter A famsre*. $6800. Eve* *0 Oayt JEEP 198«Commancne, 4 wheel drfva, 4.0 Star. 5 apocd. amfm castetta, extended warranty. $7,400. CaJ $ FUMCHARGER 1664 Automatc ar oond; con, toaded. orvy«7.69s FOX HLLS Chrysler- Pfymout h fjl-3171 SUBURBAN f 20. power brake*, tcerlng wtwe*. overdrve. New lre*, a-n/fm fadto. very good cond.ton. $3,400, CaeolaflerJ: UZUK. 198»..«oov*l.ble, excellent condton, whte. $5300 or offer. PkemkMYt message, S TOYOTA, EXTRA Cab - 4x4. N*-* engne and bed. $7,250. Days; Eve* WAQONEER LMTED navy fcve wth fan leather, loaded, many extra*, mutt tea VYRANOLEfl LAREDO N, loaded. Exco«en4 condtton.17,400.,. 632, WHEEL 0(WE8 «F250'*, F)50a, BRONCOS. Bg aetectoa. BLL 6AOYYN tjsto CARS » MS 8p0rt& mportsdcar r ACURA 16««NTEGRA 18 8 door, 6 eptod, ar, crvta. tun/oof, excel- tnteondttort. M» klaseratl 1689 TO Beautful royal cabernel 2 2 turbo. 14,000 m**, excolent condton, an optons, « After MAZOA QLCLX speed 4 door, tow mleage, ar, am/lm c*»- aette. $2,200. After 5pm CHALLENGER 1970 Speefal Edton. CaLfoma car.-no rust. 31«. power steerng A brakes. a>. new orgnal vnyl lop. tuper ntoe, no dents $ , CHARGER 1970 RT 440 Magnum. "Texas car. automatc $4500 or -* «+ «63 760» CHECKER Power steerng/ brakes, seats, meter, lump teat* mues. $1950. Beeper CHRYSLER 197«. NEW YORKER. 4 door, loaded, leather, maroon. For parade* and show. Mn. $4, CUSTOM CHEVETTE ncludes 3 8 kter V-4. 6 speed. 10 bol rtn end Custom psnt-whee-'s-lnteror. Excedent cond.uon. Over $3,000 nvested, askng $ SEDAN Da VDe very dean, $ wtfe'» ear, SEDAN 0 V1LLE mn condton, loaded, moon rool. 29,000 mass SEOAN OEVlllE exoecen! conduon, mt, leather. mean toadedl $10, SEOAH OEVUJ 1989½ ftotewood Flremut, leather, mje*. wfe'*, car. Smoke-frae- Mnt, $20, SEVLLE 1964 Degarrta, alver/ black exteror, sunroor. black leather nteror, loaded SEVLLE, SaVer, ml. fygy loaded, exoesenl eond"rtoa 16AVAJ/0W.Ca*anyUn«Mb-lW SEVLLE c*n*w, «2.000 ml., tmuated convertble, mmaoutote condton «7.600, SEVLLE. 19«$: Sa/kOewood, leauv er, moorvoof, extra dean, loaded. fttnew, $7,400. « CAVAUER 1990 SEOAN -to*,to* mles! RemanVw factory warranty. $7968 ACTON MOTORS Dodge ASPEN runs great, no dents, tome rust, 3«.70O m.les, $ OAYTONA CAROL SHELLY upor thrp, onfy $8,959 FOX HLLS : : C^vyter-Plymouth ', l-3l7f- DAY.OHA, TURBO 2-40,000. ml., mmacu'ate. $4,000 or best '' ' Ca.1 afer 3pm " OAYTONA Nfcwengna, pover ttocrng/brekes. a/. a'jtomalc. am//m rad^o w/cessele, sunroof, burgond/ $4500/best After 6 weekdays " DAYTONA red & ready.- $5995 y- SUNSHNE-HONDA OAYTONA 1689, loaded. 5 speed. black wth T-'.ops mles. CO playof. a-'arm. $10, $'. OAYTONA 1S89 Blue & gray mcs. 5 spoed. An. cassette., $6500. Waled L#ke ^»7*4* OPLOMAT ,000 me 4- door. «/ r*«trts no rust, excd-^. lent condto $ DPLOMAT pcmrcr ttau. *v>- dows. kxks. Ut. crmse. cassette A mora Ortf/$7950 % CRESTWOOD :- (X>OGE CAVAUER door, automatc, a/ rrvles. &.* new $8,650 CRESTWOOD DOOGE CELEBRTY 1668 EUROSPORT onfy mse*. frj power. $9168 JackCeufeyChevyOEO CELEBRfTY 1887 EUROSPORT tow mses, V-«. black, ert/t loadod, dean. $6444 ACTON MOTORS CHEVETTt 1930 runs, n«od» tome work, good tres, ne* batle/y/ brakes.! 2 75/bcsl.»34-820«CHEVETTE a-jtomatc. a>. am/fm. power tteorlna. $ 169 $ Jack<^9-/CocvyG 0 « CHEVETTE Low mflos. excoftom condton, $99$; «07* automatc, ar. *tereo, only $2265 JadtCau^/ChevjGEO CORSCA CL 196« mje*. toaded. GMPP. $6695. Day* Eves CORSCA 158«LT -»-«. ar. ut cruse, very dean. $5544 Jack CexjJey Chevy OEO CORSCA 1954 LT Automatc, ar condton, power wndows and lock*, tk. enjtse, ttereo. cassette. V6. sport* package, and more. BOB JEANNOTTE PONTAC/OMC TRUCK Plymouth, GEO TRACKER LS. tonvorubla, automatc, tracer package. $9900 or best MPALA barret good wnter UansportaOor, $550. or best Offer. After Spm MPALA V9,229 engne. *utorna'jc ranamjssjon. power tteor- ng A brakes, ar. $ «^93«MPALA; av condtoned. Oood condton. $950. C4J LUMNA APV 19«) exce3en condtoh, 8,000 mes, most opton*. wfte/rad. « LUMHA 1990 Euro Sedan, whte, loaded, exoetvont. GU axecutfy* ml,» LUMNA 1690 Euro Sport, t9ver wtth maroon mertor. loaded. Low msoaoa. « LUMNA "Whfta. toaded." GM txoevrtve. tow msaage, axcefent car. $11^ MONTE CARLO runs good, good transportaton, $ MONTE CARLO. 197«. 305, ttle rvst, hgh m3ea A* *. $650 or best leave message: 464-A583 MONTE CARLO 1630, very dependable, VS. ga/age kept. $2,000., MONZA 197«very rtaable t/arv poratton, machatcafly tound. $300. Ask tor Brad NOVA. 1688, CL Hatenbaek - Automatc ar. p<r*w tocta, ttereo, ml $4^ «NOVA 195«. 4 door fatchbac*. warranty. tow mle*, new tre*, ar. ttereo. axceeenl $ DOOGE S3 good cond.tkx. powor sloormg. brakes automatc. aa^. $ DODGE door. boge. cruse, a/. door locks tn. am-fm. good cond.ton $1250' ? DYNASTY loaded, ut ne«lowmes $9995 Lfvonla Chrysler Plymouth LANCER 1966 ES Turbo. Maroon, tpoed. power locks/wndows, a/ tunroot. cassette mles. $3500/o*3t Mus va fast MlRADA Exc«3enl condrton ar, crus*. poww steerng/wlndaors 318eng'jn $2.500/best OMN 1954 automatc, ar, tape doc* mles, needs wort $500/be s. After 3pm OMN automju. v. am/fm. dean-great buy. LOU LaRCHE CHEVY/SUBARU Pf/mouth Rd. - Just West of OMN 1958 GLH Turbo. 5 tpoed. ar, excesent condton m3cs.»4.000 (Oawson) SHADOW ES Speed turbo, am-fm cassette, moonrool. ar $4,495 CaJ after 6pm SHADOWS to choosa trom. ttartng at $6,950 CRESTWOOD OOOGE SHADOW automauc am/lm cassette ml new brake* A trut*, extended servce warranty. $5400/best SHADOW 1988, red, 2 door, power steerng A brakes, ar. 5 pood. AM- FM. $4500 or best SHADOW turbo ES. auto. ar. ttereo. new tres. 40,000 ml, great buy. best offer. CaJ Tom 477-*650 SHADOW auomae. ar, cassette, black cherry-no chrome-noe Wh<*!*.AM S2;PM SH ELBY PUytoy* pc* ol lha year lor eocecjor Sacrfr« TYME AUTO «SPRT 1989 * 4 doo/. automatc power steerng A brake*, tt. crujse, *Jr, ttereo Ford COUNTRY SQURE pastenger wagon, loaded. excecent OOndrDon. Best Offer CROWN VCTORA LX ml.. black, toaded. Great buy -onfy $12, «164 CROWN VCTORA, door, tow jrtse*. toaded. al power. Must toe to apprecate. $ CROWN VCTORA LX Door, toaded $ 11,29 5 North Brother* Ford CROWN VXTORA Door, loaded wth coach roof. $ North Brother* Ford CROWN VCTORA 1997 wagon. onfy mles, drves and took* new. $«,450. Hno* Park Unco^-Mercury ext 400 CROWN VCTORA door, automatc ar. ttereo. low me*. Onfy $3,495 Jack Demmer Ford AFFOR0A8LE USEO CARS SPECTRUM Rod, mnt con rson, «tpood, am/tm ttereo. runs U»brn,vjMJ. $2, FORD. 1924, T COUPE Soft lop, excellent cond-ton, complet* mechancal restoraton. WVe wheef* A starter accessore. Best cash offer. CaJ Don. eves: «52-252«GALAXY V8. automatc convertble orgnal mses. Cafl. Cort HURST OdsmobHe ntfe*, black wth gold, eceflont $6800/Ofler : HURST OMs 1973-btack/gold^rtglnaf engne/l/ansmsson. low moes, excenent!$6600/be»l $ MODEL A FORO, Deluxe Coupe wth rumble seal» C*J MUSTANG 1967 OT-Black. fastback, tog Kghts, rear defrost fun* wel Best offer T-BRO 196«After 6pm 350 engne, «t$00. THUNOERBRD: 196«," Hard Top. Good Condtton. 390 angma. Fwfy loadedl $5,000. CaJ 6 lo 4pm. k?onlhrufrt MAZOA RX7 198«- ar, ttereo/ca*- telle, power tteerng A brakes, HawaHan blua met»., 'c new EagJe OT'a avjmvxm wheola $599$ , Otr. MAZOA 1984 OLC. «0,000 mflet, ar. AM FM atereo.» MAZOA «U Tourng Sedan, ar. am-fm cassette, equaxx-»r. crvw, ax/mnum wheot*. ettr»a EUcoSent.» MAZOA 168$ RX7 5 apoed. ar mf«s,»449$ WOOD MOTORS MAZOA 1987 RX7 Turbo - ful power, prced lo»em6r9s - - SUNSHNE HONDA MAZOA 1988H, RX7 coovertb 1 *. Wee*, wth grty leather, cd, phone, f*r*g**tored.»1»,600. «47-641«MAZOA 960 MUtt. bk>*.hard top. automatc, toaded *, axended warranty, bell Offer, MEffCEOES 8ENZ E. gray, Unted wvxjow*, axoefenl eondflon, mbet,» 17, WJ0 rlerc DE8 BENZ Ct WOOD MOTORS MERCEDES BENZ L b-'kk, tow ml!**.»39,695 WOOD MOTORS MERCEOES, 1677.«80etvtomato, cj*a,\ $7,000. BCyOftdof Amercan Mot on ALLANCE. 1953, RENAULT - 4 door, fxer upper. Best offer. C*j after 10am; ALLUNCE 198$ convertble. 6$,000 mles. Exl/a s.s4/pl 35 mpg. $>J250. TYME AUTO RENAULT ENCORE 1984, 4 tpfced, fed. 32mpg. axce-ont *^f* 855E(tgl9 PREMER 1985 to»d«d wth trrerythna, 4 door, eotfeo co-kj-toa new tre*, 40,000 m!vs», $7, or «850 Bulck CENTURY door. *1 power, cru'a. ar. rear dsfrost H\ oood contft)0a.$ Of best CENTURY' 1882 lmted. Extra detnl$l.«95. ROBS OARAGE 28tCOW.7M>a,F»«dfcrd CENTURY 196«LTD, tow ml** loaded, tvstproofed. Exoe-Vn condton. $4,650, CENTURY-1988, LTD. loaded, 4 cys-der. 4 door. a rv«r, luggage fee*. *" -795«$3,000 rrv l 1,4.J50., CENTURY 19J«, mje*. P*r*- er ttrerlng, brtkes, an-fm tereo, *>,«mora» ^0107 CENTURY UM M« m*«e, automatc a*, am/fm ttereo, r«, crvja, tear defrost. Jvsl»7M5, 7r*2O00. Dtr. ORAND NATONAL, 16J7 loaded, moonrool, a'arm, tad. 84,000 ml., $9,600 W best offer. «7(V0MJ SEVU.LE 1990-whKeVwhRa, 17,000 mses. Bosa tpeakert, «52-37«! 880 Chsvrolet BERETTA QT 1964, V6. 5 tpeed, loaded rr&a $4300. Peasa ca.1 A leava messaga BERETTA-1944 GT. 64,000 rncat, poa-er wlndoavtocka turvool, xoeflenl $«.700/best offer «BERETTA 1964 V-8, a!f. automatc crvse, Ut cassatta mt**. mu»l to*. Onry $ TENNY80N CHEVY ERETTA, ml. power tteerng A brakes, ttereo A rear dalost. $4,000 ncgotabla *37 BERETTA 1959 OTU - $10.55$. TENNYSON CHEVY toaded. BERETTA 1990 GT --» r,*ratr, toaded, to-ar mbeaga, brght red.»10,600- « CAMARO 1979 Z2S, aj opttona, pfu* T-topt, dassto or great for )usl crv- Wng. $2,450. TYME AUTO CAkURO Red, camaro tover't doflghl. Mn condton. «2.000 orgnal ml., nteror Bee new. New brake* A tl/ea, $3,300 or bett offer » CAMARO 1964 Sharpl$2.250v TYME AUTO automatc ar. «55-556«CAMARO ROC-2 - el brand new paln fust dona th* WH* by Chevrolet NVret one around. - topt, tbtokjtfrv b*t«4.» CV. CAMARO 1984 R3- Automatc red, avm, loaded, tow trte*. $ CAMARO 1989 RS automatc av, many axtr t*. Grett buy. $377«LOU LaRCHE CHEVY/SUBARU -PNjmoulh Rd..Ml WfStOll-»f«" 453;460O~- CAUARO 1691 ROO t-s> tbjolutefy lotdad. Jvtt 4,000 f?*** H hew.8r.-a al»!>,79j. eetler hurryl 72»-2000, Otr. CAPRCE CLASSC door. V«, toadad, 7*.000 mfe*, txceoont condltton,»4900. «34673» CAVAUER 198» automata, a*. power tteortng and pow«r brtxea, ttereo, TMT oefrost, rmh let!*, fvted glass A mora $3,f}$ BOB JEANNOTTE PONTAC/QMC TRUCK Prymouth, CEUBRTY tfoof, Ct, t«, v- «, 84,600 fm. PK/mb VtS m«!<h!^b valour nteror. Automatc crv'**, n, tnted wv»dame*d. Pcntt teats, VrlndO**, brake*, door toe*.*, tvhk jd, AM/1m tterao. K«n/t*«* fadto. Tdo wndcon.»7fx». CeJ John llloar»7prr^ws>m, M1-81M SPECTRUM 1987 automatc av, caacett e,onry m2e*.»4895 JackCJaufeyOhavyGEO « PECTRUM 194«Turbo S tpeed. cruse, ar*, cassette, 2 door, httchb** Tflgtafcy mses. $5900. After Spm « Chryttof CORCOeA: xc*!lant Condton. FVrt» 1500 or best. CaJ , or E SERES rrjrrt condton, auomae 4 door wth power toe**, ar..emfm. Oelr/»V>or*, no» tv ev axhaust/lron bftkea, to* mfeaga»3,600.after«, » Ffth Avenue 1947 aulonute. ar. po»v wvdow*. and toe**, leather, loaded, onfy»7>9 5. FOX HLLS Choster-PJymoutf 455^ UBARON: 1984 Town A Counl/y ttattonwagon. Htoh mnea, tc*ded ExceCent thapel» LASER R Turbo. CO player. toaded mdes, Was 17,()00 Sale « FOX HLLS Chrysler-Plymouth LASER 166«XE, flash red. automatc turbo, tjr, toaded*,»570o.shefuytown*h^ « UBARON 197«Wagon. tow mnaag*. neodt t«ma body wort good condton.»1200 or best E BARON 196«OT8- Turbo, 6 tpeed, leather, tvnrool, toaded. Sharp!» lebaron 198» - 3 door, tharp! Aulomtc >. 1«, cruse.»3800 UvoMA f^ler-prymouth «BARON, 198«- 4 door, excecent condton, ml., a>, atx/fm,»5.0co.afttr8pm.» U BAROM, 1937 OTS, 4 door, automatc ar. eoeoent oorxnorv pow, *r opttona,»5,393..»$$-421«e BARON door, 4VO00 ml, am/lm cassette, a'r. $8,603 C4J after 6pm NEW YORKER, 19S4 t Oas*. tow mwoe, maty axtraa, good condton. $ After Spm NEW YORKER 1M2. «1.000 m«e»v»2200. Cel avantng* r twekenda « NEW YORKER 18«7 lotdod, onfy»3*9$ FOX HLLS Chft-s'er- FlymouAh *j*»*en wnnn twm anwf^**j*jjn_a _nja WDodj4) XfRES.' fv.. 1W5. Automatto, powar tteermg'brtke*, «xc>e^*nt conu. l>on,veryn**tf+.»1900, « AAES 19M. t - 4) -door.,5 condtsvv f5.rxo mfflaa.»1,600 C»lt*twwn»-», >2* Aat3, 1957S P, txoe^enl condlt'ov»v, anvtm.» C-aH or after Tp/rt A waekend*»47-070«cosouest T81. 1?M - FVld, turbo nnercooky, fr4.. oraet ccndll 1^ >*ry Ce»h. W.M0. Can after»>f>prt»w«*day», « ESCORT EXP Sunroof, automatc, cruse, am/lm. new Ures. brakes m««s»4000/bast ESCORT GT tpeed, ejceel- U MK. *} tj,'. T0.CO3 r.ts- $34CW ESCORT GT 1984, greal thape and mpo., red, crulte, ar end mora $9,600 rrwtos New tre* A batlery. $3, ESCORT OT, bkj* tun roof, a'arm tytlem, mjgj, new tre*. $ ESCORT. $ Staton Wagon, ESCORT 1953 Wagon. 4 door. a/. automatc rone*. 4 cyuusv. $1000. After 5pm ESCORT automatc, power tletrna/braket mle*. $1,375 TYME AUTO ESCORT tuck shft. 3 door httchbaca. new tres, onfy mpes- $1,150 Ca«, *2M536 ESCORT 1984 WAGON Great condtton. all optons mtes. $2, ESCORT, Speed, ml., new urea A brakes. Runs great tookt great. $1,600/best ESCORT. SSSVl. GT took alke, many optons mdudmg *>, sunroof, cassette. $1, ESCORT t door, 4 tpeod, good cond tton. hgh m'los, 3epondab!e.$l ESCORT 19J4 L, 1 Owner! 2 door, am/fm. Automatc ne-«brakes, exhaust A battery. Very good, oondron. $3.000rt**l offer ESCORT GL wagon, loaded, rustproofed, extended warranty,»42tj0 or best offer ESCORT OL: Great condton, onfy m. automatc. av and now tee*, $4,000. Dtys; Eves ESCORT 1987 GT. power tteorlno A brake*, exoelont cond.uon, AM-FW»!ereocasjelt*.$42O ESCORT 1988 GT-5 tpeed mlev Mta, new trw, sunroof, b/a. lereo, tlt, crv'se. 0»a $6300, no ressonat^a oftcr re^sod. Mus telh ESCORT 19S4H GT. ttereo, ar. loaded, hew condtton, ml. $«250/best offer. « ESCORT 1989 OT ttck. red. loaded, mantenance record* avaab!*, 1 owner, $4, ESCORT 1990 GT loaded, onfy «500 mv*. N'<«sl n town, Lutyry trade-n C*\ EXP cylnder, a-jlomblte, tunrool, httchbecfc, good condltton.» EXP, Run* txce-vl. Am/Tm casmte. av. rebuot angna. CaJ after Cpm-$600or belt MORE CLASSFEDS ON PAGES Wt tljtlflvlfw tendnutd «flp»9»jc \ & m^t mm

54 Haft f^b^a^feamutfllmttfetttlkl natt am &&& JMS gbm mf&am flflrt> * BaMM<h MrMll ; **t* Xf'>< ^pm^.v^^^^^y^^r^^v^?f* O&E Monday, October ;r u ~ t> - ^^C-^<. -%^<^>f:^^-^-^--v^-y^ v-1 -fttrrf, ft r u [J A \\J 1991 LUMNA ' 4 DOOR CORSCA U 4 DOOR S H bastf^s Was $10,100 Sale Prce $7629^ 1st Tme Buyer $7? 120* 1991 LUMNA r~ w. j^a. APV T.f^sss 8 *"* P,7183M- Sale Prce Z^jZ - --" ) r o» ma'.-swe*»*»» Was $14,660 -^fsss- J T &vy&fcws CAP«,CE 4 0OOR SEDAN,,^. *. SH^* wss-' 4 - ^swl^was $17,969 ^ ^ Sale Prce ^ 1 5 ^---- "& w W 1991 p CAMARO t \ R S» " " v< *2& ^¾¾¾ 52¾¾¾¾^ - -» S.eP.oelyj^ ^^, ^,, Mu. e*ar* '^^^rfr's%w <»«^S5S 3te??« Waa $ Salo Pr»co $84g*.p ^mmw^m^,om CHVROUT- ^ Horn o* * h.99 WtontS Demo RWtf p af@r for.detals!!. ^ 1991 ~«= FLEETSDE EL PCKUP JC& js'srasrss.-wsa - - Was $8707 Sale Prce $7183* 1 8 t Tme Buyer * Mr. 1« BERETTA 2 DOOR. V COUPE.UUF -1^2¾^ 1 L-«^^JS^T^^^St,»*. «f r»v c*fr l»nl rr^p»»-t«>» k"j ton* "sx* '^,,>, Was Sale Prce $9622* 1st Tme Buyer.*w«"**2 t«* «ASTRO VAN. _., ^ CONVERSON sssgfes?? sa,epr,ce»o* 1 at Tme Buyer 1^!^'~ GEO PR»ZM HATCHBACK ^.^sre^ tftrto *> «"'*^ Was $12,109 T Sale Prce $9597 t Tme Buyer ^' 3.j - phl?&te 1990 METRO LS 2 DOOR,. C0U!L s^^^w-"<^ OV-** 1 *** t^ltnf **v»* "^, t f ^- SEfc*'*'* e Was $7946 < Safe Pr/ce $70J7 7/ 11st Tme Buyer ' /. * :< j : rt.<- :-,>'1,--- :: > / t JT y /ft MEVKOLKT ' rr^yat^"' j'-,;' 1 ;' ' '.% \ rj'p.-.k, -. :>-.- ; '; 4.: 1 '«.. -[>,-; ;, : \ ' :[v-f^-^>u$j*r ^:/ ': ^L ; ; lz ' : - : ". V'Hl>^^#<- &*U-tf--' ' -' '- W&tmM,~o % -^u''/ ['-%,>:-' ;! -- r ; r'-'-- "' ' ' - -> ;..' -.: ' ' -' - ;"'-» - "f-v^-v^"''-' -^f'-^.'v'^'.r'-.m-/ ^-^^---^^^^^^--^(^ ^^^^^^--:/-^ r'k-v^- :: ;^--' : -- ;: ; ' ---¾ - : '. f ; :<,^t. -.:^ :^11-:-^ v :.^^^ ; ; >;..: ^ :> v-^::-;.-pa.o;o^-:^;. (.-,.-:^;r^^ ;..,. - - ^,-C-S.R ^--^.,^.,'.jo. GM QUALTY mm, \ SERVGg PARTS t^w t~y -., ;., <> ( ;'».- <.:. ',,-'.'.. - ^n'ntvrt^rxtw-pr^tmrptr* -- >" '»! -.Mll.lftJWy 1!»»afcj»f ^-.».1 M WM.. -P. '- -,. am WHHHHUWpWMMWpW-^P^MU^PlM^lWM h lt^tme.tqplay A UE.r5MAX A GR AT J> AU' BRoac>HT TOVoU &V ^lt.l. gjgwn PORP ^r u^k.,1,.! k?' (r.1«n V, 1^-? l f ;-.: - LL BROWN FORD ET SOMETHNG EXTRA,<K-;sl. W STAYWARM SHOP NSDE On Mood»y and Tturttfav ' nlghh from 6:)0 t» --» pm and ab day Sa^wrdaa;. Our 9»r*9««rW b# pa«k4el w1«> Van Cotrfr****, M Prced To 8««. ATTENTON FAMLY TRAVELERS, TALGATERS, SKERS. SOCCER & HOCKEY FAMLES - WTH THE PURCHASE OF ANY NEW VAN CONVERSON THE WEEK OF OCTOBER 28-NQVEMBER 3 YOU'LL RECEVE YOUR CHOCE OF A RECRE ATONAL GFT LKE SKS, GOLF CLUBS, HUNTNG GEAR OR A SHOPPNG SPftEE FOR YOUR NEXT VACATON! WE WONT HAVE THE CHEAPEST PRCE, BUT WE'LL HAVE THE BEST VALUE FOR THE MONEY! SAVE THOUSANDS No hagglng all varn have dscounted prces on the nrlndarekl Van converson rape wll be he*e to Answer any ouesttont Spece! lr» terest Ratel AEROSTAR ECLPSE VAN CONVERSON Afr, crulbs. tlt wheel, tnted glass power wlndowannd locks, lght proup power mrror*, stereo cassette, 4 captans chaws rear mrrors, rear seat bed.runnng boards, unque desgner pant, mag wheels, electronc dash and more Stock *111$8 WAS s 23,532 ^ceayea 7 fl!dm torv a aconver» 0 J ^ buvcrs only. TH13 n ^»"V^sf -^ Nov. 3rd 10-3 ^.v YOU PAY 15, VAN EXPRESS BflONZE EXPKSS Ar. auto, electronc oa*m*ta, captans chars, seal bad. CAM, sport wheel oovem package lght conveohmce 0"Oup Stock *l 1623 WA8 41, ; $ 13,689* 3AtTht$Prc*V'x >MMd 40 Conversons On Sale! ECLPSE BVOUAC VAN EXPRESS A sale s only as good as the product you offer. Wo carry Eclpse, Bvouac, and Van Express. See the rest-buy the best-we can sell you tho most practcal or tho most luxurous van, Seo for yourself. *» OBLEMS «* VM *^te 1990 TAURUS LX STATON WAGON 3.8 L ED, V8tafordvt*e, prwun sound sysjem. ' reo ratfo w8 casstce, speed control, fear defroster, t sbpa; trort 4 tw now mas, Ek/^ued 'wrv tern, autolamp system, cast a>jrrenum wheels, P20V.^15 8SW, rear j^vxlow wpvrasttef, rear facng 3rd & Stock #7681 W A S $ 1 9,752 YOU $ 14,890 PAY 1990 MUSTANG GT lte, power equpment group, power locks, sde wndows, ^ speed control, AM/TM ;sette wth clock, rear wndow defroster, lower -dy sde two-tone pant Stock # WAS $16,429,Z ^2,594* 1990 PROBE GT A «50 Se-<fc/«n net. ttx»wo# vpefj'rt^, speed cc*v. fc*er *trw UK pw» *Mm andtocks,dvel ftjm.^:«d rrrrco, *MTM {««Ea»* rxenvun scwj. pxv Vh J, electronc tmrt control ar, antj-lock tnung s>-stat. 5 J m-ajjl tr'wnfuoa Slock # V2 WAS $18,839 W $ * 090THUNDERBRDLX 5 to choose from /less entry, power wndow, locks, door, sscnger «eat/ant&nrw, premum elecuonlc sjctto. cast alumnum wheels, clea/coat a!nt. WAS $19,381 YOU PAY ROvVN f FORD 13,995' M j 1 8ocurlty total Duo flouol DEPOST AT NCEPTON ESCORT ' TAunu8 «1 PROBH PttEMPO 1 TBRO $150»5M $22«$200 $300 $800 11M $1000 $1000 $1175 RANOER teo «eoo AEROSTAR $275 $neo 1891 RANGER 4X2 XLJ trm, xtcrrt'n. e«t DLTVUT»t<{-j. sp S\ twtrcrtc AMTU stt'm -J casstwooe. lo*t/ tccot Ups SST<M <& } ft* V.-&71. (tvrt tear»up bmpe/. po»tr svenng Sa. * 2m WA8 $11,792 voy $ 7 gg@* *suv? TAURUS 4-D00R SEDAN A* comtonng. nt *v>do» <:et;ost**. prt «rp«. po»«(toor fcxkj. 3 W. tn VS tr<«. j^«^t< 0*tr<J(M tvs. tort»,(j rer r«or rrja. spert CortT«SfX #J<96 WAS $15,870 $4< 47@* PAY. U lk^pg 1991 THUNDERBRD twtcne KWU StfftO *S> CJSStr.t a-l^lv. frwy tc*n **!«$ KA 'ty»r«jj-«tf«^ostc<.xxf group. u$l \r»rut *V!s. <AH*. H ran floor mw. ntomx 00 >-a.twsj<y\ pc»fr kxt troop»>roo»r SSt #2794 WAS $17, t M. -. -r.'f.-.'..^ ll " f "l ESCORT PONY 2-DOOR WAS $7920!& u $ 6S7CS)*? ** & KV»anrr <W»fly rrt»w» *t# Bflf. Oa»»^~ W *W> 4tM. (VJKV WW Mfkmm 1991 PR0BE6L20OORHATCHBACK T«etjrr^ c<trm». «} cbhr. corntrmnc* jfotfl 1 trw fosj. ecw rjy»roy* delta 4 *. «<«) wrtoc M (Cft'jowj S*#?5*2 WAS $14, TEMPO GL 4 DOOR SEDAN /jfcovx r*'*n«. m»-wl c«r»o( w confocrr^ PO*^ tock flro-.p. tfcal tfrcvx tfyoo* rwrorj bt slmflng m?*h. p</,tst»ve. tev»r^c«fefrostt', B-SM C5-t>- ''Ml C«.*KW *vrmt t'^jcrtc A.V tm sa-to»n ctswtcoa tvt tra r«* fc%» rats, tkjfw rxttc n«-t 5¾ *?^ WAS $12,825 YOU PAY mm 1991 AEROSTAR XL WAGON * <6->Kon-9. ptux fftj*. C«!je pjsl sv(<»pe?<j c«reo*v» «tyh.».'j :< GO Jr-Tsoft. t'^vt'jrk ear»a3cm &(.«:J*. f«\x AUU VTN, <4S«:». cvxh. Sa. #2(*4?. WAS $17,319 r _. 3,868' 1¾¾¾ "'" 1991 OUT-OF-TOWN CALL T6LL FREE -r^..^ AFetmftm^Sm atfmmat QwfVDV*m3 9*w ^1 T# WP$$W» ^-^ r?"" OPEN MON. & THUrtS. 'TL 9 P.M PLYMOUTH RD.. LJVONA FREE TANK OF GAS WTH EVERY CAR OR TRUCK PURCHASED <J <u*tor turn(w»w»e ******* tttf dlm* MW at f OMU «MOV MM* l«w»toss <*" - t* ttfetuma* ttut MMHN) tmtw* B VH* : J«M»V uaw «q>f<m«m *» wmmmjymn r«««t>rhm EXPLORER 2 DOOR 4X4 SPORT A*>rdK. t. crus«. «.'{-^rvj:»>. pmw xl}, r«* *n'<r. *<^»"d tff'cs'c. tory» n^h. <fsu:«s'.x» #?9 J WAS $19,940 ^, 17,284* fc- ' f^»5». ~- :^.-1,;^-A!.;;ps jfap?^vt..~. 1 w ' w^^t** 1?' ^1. -^^-r.^,^ ort.._-_a 'V.u_ J --^^ rffs. -. 7ftr;l ffr^... Mm S-----'. - :- ^E'vt*-;

Craig Webre, Sheriff Personnel Division/Law Enforcement Complex 1300 Lynn Street Thibodaux, Louisiana 70301

Craig Webre, Sheriff Personnel Division/Law Enforcement Complex 1300 Lynn Street Thibodaux, Louisiana 70301 DATE OF APPLCATON: Craig Webre, Sheriff Personnel Division/Law Enforcement Complex 1300 Lynn Street Thibodaux, Louisiana 70301 N GENERAL EMAL ADDRESS: For Local Calls - (985) 532-4380 (985) 446-2255 (985)

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Instructions for Contributors to the International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies

Instructions for Contributors to the International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies Instructons for Contrbutors to the Internatonal Journal of Mcrowave and Wreless Technologes Frst A. Author 1, Second Author 1,2, Thrd Author 2 1 Cambrdge Unversty Press, Ednburgh Buldng, Shaftesbury Road,

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Academic Standards and Calendar Committee Report # : Proposed Academic Calendars , and

Academic Standards and Calendar Committee Report # : Proposed Academic Calendars , and Unversty of Rhode sland DgtalCommons@UR Blls 2004 Academc Standards and Calendar Commttee Report #2003041: Proposed Academc Calendars 200708, 200809 and 200910 Unversty of Rhode sland Follow ths and addtonal

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QUICK START GUIDE v0.98 QUICK START GUIDE v0.98 QUICK HELP Q A 1 STEP BY STEP 3 GLOSSARY 2 A B C 1 INSTALLATION 1. Make sure that the hardware nstallaton s performed by a certfed vendor 2. Install OTOTRAK app from Apple s App

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include a comment explaining the reason and the portions of the pending application that are being

include a comment explaining the reason and the portions of the pending application that are being Page 1 of8 Federal Communications Commission Approved by OMB Washington, D.C. 20554 3060-1115 (February 2009) FCC 388 DTV Quarterly Activity Station Report FOR FCC USE ONLY 1 FOR COMMSSON USE ONLY "LE

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RIAM Local Centre Woodwind, Brass & Percussion Syllabus

RIAM Local Centre Woodwind, Brass & Percussion Syllabus 8 RIAM Local Centre Woodwnd, Brass & Percusson Syllabus 2015-2018 AURAL REQUIREMENTS AND THEORETICAL QUESTIONS REVISED FOR ALL PRACTICAL SUBJECTS AURAL TESTS From Elementary to Grade V ths area s worth

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Approved by OMS 1[f0R FCC USE ONLY I 15 (March 2008) ]1 1 FOR COMMISSION USE ONLY J FILE NO AKZ

Approved by OMS 1[f0R FCC USE ONLY I 15 (March 2008) ]1 1 FOR COMMISSION USE ONLY J FILE NO AKZ DTV Quarterly Activity Station Report 0 l.cfm?printform=y &... Federal Communications Commission Washington, D.C. 20554 rllicensee Approved by OMS 1[f0R FCC

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By BErrY DEBNAM. Meet David Diaz

By BErrY DEBNAM. Meet David Diaz Release Date: Aprl 1-7 14-1(95) Especally and for famles ther e 1995 by Unversal Press Syndcate By BErrY DEBNAM The 1995 Caldecott Wnner Meet Davd Daz The Caldecott Medal s presented each year to the llustrator

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Bachelor s Degree Programme (BDP)

Bachelor s Degree Programme (BDP) EEG-01/ BEGE-101 Bachelor s Degree Programme (BDP) ASSIGNMENT (for July 2018 and January 2019 Sessons) EEG-01/BEGE-101 ELECTIVE COURSE IN ENGLISH School of Humantes Indra Gandh Natonal Open Unersty Madan

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Product Information. Manual change system HWS

Product Information. Manual change system HWS Product Informaton HWS HWS Flexble. Compact. Productve. HWS manual change system Manual tool change system wth ntegrated ar feed-through and optonal electrc feed-through Feld of applcaton Excellently sutable

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S Micro--Strip Tool in. S Combination Strip Tool ( ) S Cable Holder Assembly (Used only

S Micro--Strip Tool in. S Combination Strip Tool ( ) S Cable Holder Assembly (Used only Instructon Sheet LghtCrmp* Plus LC 408-10103 (for Jacketed Cable) Connectors 18 AUG 09 Rear Protectve Cap Termnaton CoverG Boot Connector Assembly Crmp Eyelet Duplex Clp G Connector kt s shpped wth these

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Meet Author Joan Bauer

Meet Author Joan Bauer 46- (0) release dates: November 0-6 Especally for and ther famles e _ by _Syndcate C 200 The Mn " - Pbonng Company nc. By BErrY DEBNAM from The Mn " - by Betty Debnam C 200 The Mn P_ Publshng Company nc.

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online ORIENTATION GUIDE onlne ORINAION GUID eet the eam Resources Orentaton Sessons Fnal Steps Page 1 Page 2 Page 4 Page 5 elcome to Kean Dear students, elcome to Kean Unversty! You have chosen wsely; beng a part of the Kean

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School cuts threaten accreditation

School cuts threaten accreditation fflmmbhurwt-n» m Mwahfcfc^ Goober and the Peas: 1991s best band, 6D v- Regonal draws, 3C amd* flunaarrnnw n anwewnnrr m. m*.\. Wnters the tme for homemade soup,.b w JrK& o Volume 26 Number 73 Monday, February

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Product Information. Manual change system HWS

Product Information. Manual change system HWS Product Informaton HWS HWS Flexble. Compact. Productve. HWS manual change system Manual tool change system wth ntegrated ar feed-through and optonal electrc feed-through Feld of applcaton Excellently sutable

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roils wjnv 1**. i^*j*^2*it^.,as^s*^«?' Family, friends mourn murder victim

roils wjnv 1**. i^*j*^2*it^.,as^s*^«?' Family, friends mourn murder victim ,^K W W_ W\*> ^ *?* ^^ ^^^P^^p^p^l K P F P P P P p p ^ n v ^ v p p p p p P P ^.-. 7 PPPP -. * Whch #r^del s whch at the auto show, D V,, (., ::V-\MU rols wjnv.. \ - < * Dels offerngs lb -Vr,- r c» - «Volume

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Conettix D6600/D6100IPv6 Communications Receiver/Gateway Quick Start

Conettix D6600/D6100IPv6 Communications Receiver/Gateway Quick Start Conettx / Communcatons Recever/Gateway Quck Start.0 Parts Lst able : Conettx System Components Qty. Descrpton Conettx Communcatons Recever/Gateway AC power cord Battery cable P660 I/O cable P660 Rack mount

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tj tj D... '4,... ::=~--lj c;;j _ ASPA: Automatic speech-pause analyzer* t> ,. "",. : : :::: :1'NTmAC' I

tj tj D... '4,... ::=~--lj c;;j _ ASPA: Automatic speech-pause analyzer* t> ,. ,. : : :::: :1'NTmAC' I ASPA: Automatc speech-pause analyzer* D. GERVERt and G. DNELEY Unversty of Durham, Durham, England ASPA: The Programs Snce the actual detals of nterface samplng, dsk storage routnes, etc., wll depend upon

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tb'r4*rte; c T I O N S

tb'r4*rte; c T I O N S 33 - t Q: When you frst became nvolved n art, was t through your father's work, or was t through school? A: I've been makng objects, whar 1 thought was art, snce 1 was a ktl. I'm a good example of the

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CITY OF PHILADELPHIA CITY OF PHILADELPHIA CITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION Celebratng.the 25th Annversary of Amercan Theater Arts for Youth, Inc. WHEREAS, Amercan Theater.Arts for Youth, Inc. (TAFY) s the non-proft producton ccmpany

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Analysis of Subscription Demand for Pay-TV

Analysis of Subscription Demand for Pay-TV Analyss of Subscrpton Demand for Pay-TV Manabu Shshkura Researcher Insttute for Informaton and Communcatons Polcy 2-1-2 Kasumgasek, Chyoda-ku Tokyo 110-8926 Japan Tel: 03-5253-5496

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Product Information. Miniature rotary unit ERD

Product Information. Miniature rotary unit ERD Product Informaton ERD ERD Fast. Compact. Flexble. ERD torque motor Powerful torque motor wth absolute encoder and electrc and pneumatc rotary feed-through Feld of applcaton For all applcatons wth exceptonal

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Turn it on. Your guide to getting the best out of BT Vision

Turn it on. Your guide to getting the best out of BT Vision Avalable n Bralle, large prnt and audo CD. Please call FREE on 8 8 15 for your copy. Turn t on Your gude to gettng the best out of V.2 28656 Enchantng flms to entertan all the famly Flms

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AMP-LATCH* Ultra Novo mm [.025 in.] Ribbon Cable 02 MAR 12 Rev C

AMP-LATCH* Ultra Novo mm [.025 in.] Ribbon Cable 02 MAR 12 Rev C AMP-LATCH* Ultra Novo Applcaton Specfcaton Receptacle Connectors for 114-40056 0.64 mm [.025 n.] Rbbon Cable 02 MAR 12 All numercal values are n metrc unts [wth U.S. customary unts n brackets]. Dmensons

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Hybrid Transcoding for QoS Adaptive Video-on-Demand Services

Hybrid Transcoding for QoS Adaptive Video-on-Demand Services 732 IEEE Transactons on Consumer Electroncs, Vol. 50, No. 2, MAY 2004 Hybrd Transcodng for QoS Adaptve Vdeo-on-Demand Servces Ilhoon Shn and Kern Koh Abstract Transcodng s a core technque that s used n

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Choose the correct word or words to complete each sentence.

Choose the correct word or words to complete each sentence. Chapter 4: Modals MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the correct word or words to complete each sentence. 1. You any accidents to the lab's supervisor immediately or you won't be permitted to use the facilities again.

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I Grosse Pointe News

I Grosse Pointe News Grosse Ponte News VOL. 44 No. 25 Grosse Ponte, Mchgan, Thursday, June 23, 1983 42PA0M for your nformaton By Tom Greenwood Funny stuff Those ol us lookng for and needng a good laugh could do worse than

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ne ec. 2, c ar GE .. "' P: i g. -, i., SOS a (o M-tist"lle, ~~~~~~0 1 v 0

ne ec. 2, c ar GE .. ' P: i g. -, i., SOS a (o M-tistlle, ~~~~~~0 1 v 0 .. r*-bht - _--_ VOUME 93 NUMBER 20 -MT, CAMBRDGE, MASSACHUSETTS FRDAY, APR 27, 1973 FVE CENTS 1, eot#c; o. ^ By Paul Schndler Emly Wck, professor of 'o o d ch e m stry, former Assocate Dean of Student

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Technical Information

Technical Information CHEMCUT Techncal Informaton CORPORATION Introducton The Chemcut CC8000 etcher has many new features desgned to reduce the cost of manufacturng and, just as mportantly, the cost of ownershp. Keepng the

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Lost on the Web: Does Web Distribution Stimulate or Depress Television Viewing?

Lost on the Web: Does Web Distribution Stimulate or Depress Television Viewing? Lost on the Web: Does Web Dstrbuton Stmulate or Depress Televson Vewng? Joel Waldfogel The Wharton School Unversty of Pennsylvana August 10, 2007 Prelmnary comments welcome Abstract In the past few years,

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Iran rectcor deal stalled

Iran rectcor deal stalled "tyrrannous" "Contnuous News Servce A trnob - snce 1881 "tyrannous -OED 31 VOLUME 95, NUMBER O MT, CAMBRDGE, MASSACHUSETS TUESDAY. MARCH 11, 1975 The Cambrdge YMCA may be used next fall to house MT students

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Color Monitor. L200p. English. User s Guide

Color Monitor. L200p. English. User s Guide Color Montor L200p User s Gude Englsh Frst Edton (February / 2003) Note : For mportant nformaton, refer to the Montor Safety and Warranty manual that comes wth ths montor. Contents ENGLISH Safety (Read

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Q. YOU SAY IN PARAGRAPH 3 OF THlf PAPER THAT YOU'VE "t... _. ------- -~---------.--~-.-...-------.."-.-"---.~,-~.-".--.---..-..-.~-.--~.~-------"..---+-...---" --_... l... l.... BY MR. MURRY: 0. Q. BUT YOU DON'T REMEMBER THE ST~TSTCAL DFFERENCE STTNG HERE

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current activity shows on the top right corner in green. The steps appear in yellow

current activity shows on the top right corner in green. The steps appear in yellow Browzwear Tutorals Tutoral ntroducton Ths tutoral leads you through the best practces of color ways operatons usng an llustrated step by step approach. Each slde shows the actual applcaton at the stage

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i: p oxis spe :DPt ce teor

i: p oxis spe :DPt ce teor r CAMBRDGE, MASSACHUSETTS FRDAY, MAY 4, 1973 _ -- -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -- 1.TTMF o VrT~AAD:.r, ',,...--........ : p oxs spe :DPt ce teor xnnng Offce rele ses report; no fundng yet avalble FVE

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Professor of Electrical Engineering

Professor of Electrical Engineering Contnuous Snce 1881 News Servce N61, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cam Massachusetts Volulme 96, Number 31 Bgj ' Blde61-rBaarb Tuesday, September 21, '197 h~~~ A A_ E- Tle presdental campagn debates are the frst

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Sealed Circular LC Connector System Plug

Sealed Circular LC Connector System Plug Sealed Crcular LC Connector System Plug Instructon Sheet Kt 1828618- [ ], Receptacle Kt 1828619- [ ], 408-10079 and EMI Receptacle Kt 1985193- [ ] 07 APR 11 Plug Kt 1828618 -[ ] Cable Fttng Receptacle

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zenith Installation and Operating Guide HodelNumber I Z42PQ20 [ PLASHATV

zenith Installation and Operating Guide HodelNumber I Z42PQ20 [ PLASHATV Installaton and Operatng Gude HodelNumber I Z42PQ20 PLASHATV To vew the extended verson of owner's manual that contans the advanced features of ths TV set, vst our webste at Ths

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FrepesEeBewns. aboard about above according to

FrepesEeBewns. aboard about above according to (prep.) FrepesEeBewns A preposton s a word that relates one word to another word n the sentence; prepostons are used n phrases. Trme after lunch before the party untl nextweek durng the move Drecton qlthe

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Following a musical performance from a partially specified score.

Following a musical performance from a partially specified score. Followng a muscal performance from a partally specfed score. Bryan Pardo and Wllam P. Brmngham Artfcal Intellgence Laboratory Electrcal Engneerng and Computer Scence Dept. and School of Musc The Unversty

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T541 Flat Panel Monitor User Guide ENGLISH

T541 Flat Panel Monitor User Guide ENGLISH T541 Flat Panel Montor User Gude ENGLISH Frst Edton (June / 2002) Note : For mportant nformaton, refer to the Montor Safety and Warranty manual that comes wth ths montor. Ths publcaton could contan techncal

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System of Automatic Chinese Webpage Summarization Based on The Random Walk Algorithm of Dynamic Programming

System of Automatic Chinese Webpage Summarization Based on The Random Walk Algorithm of Dynamic Programming Send Orders for Reprnts to The Open Cybernetcs & Systemcs Journal, 205, 9, 35-322 35 Open Access System of Automatc Chnese Webpage Summarzaton Based on The Random Walk Algorthm

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User s manual. Digital control relay SVA

User s manual. Digital control relay SVA User s manual Dgtal control relay DISIBEINT ELECTRONIC S.L, has been present n the feld of the manufacture of components for the ndustral automaton for more than years, and mantans n constant evoluton

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A Comparative Analysis of Disk Scheduling Policies

A Comparative Analysis of Disk Scheduling Policies A Comparatve Analyss of Dsk Schedulng Polces Toby J. Teorey and Tad B. Pnkerton Unversty of Wsconsn* Fve well-known schedulng polces for movable head dsks are compared usng the performance crtera of expected

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Statistics AGAIN? Descriptives

Statistics AGAIN? Descriptives Cal State Northrdge Ψ427 Andrew Answorth PhD Statstcs AGAIN? What do we want to do wth statstcs? Organze and Descrbe patterns n data Takng ncomprehensble data and convertng t to: Tables that summarze the

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Modular Plug Connectors (Standard and Small Conductor)

Modular Plug Connectors (Standard and Small Conductor) Modular Plug Connectors (Standard and Small Conductor) Applcaton Specfcaton 114-6016 04 APR 11 All numercal values are n metrc unts [wth U.S. customary unts n brackets]. Dmensons are n mllmeters [and nches].

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INIHODU~IION AND NOI[~ OJ KJUN~ HO rahk HAROLD COURLANO[R, C[N[RAL [OITOR INIHODU~IION AND NOI[~ OJ KJUN~ HO rahk Covel desgon by Ronald Clyne , ~ C» ==-== :' C ::::J FOLKWA YS RECORDS FE 4424 ~, C C.., -- s;::: :- C I:) : C I:) ~..,.,---, a,

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A Scalable HDD Video Recording Solution Using A Real-time File System

A Scalable HDD Video Recording Solution Using A Real-time File System H. L et al.: A Scalable HDD Vdeo Recordng Soluton Usng A Real-tme Fle System A Scalable HDD Vdeo Recordng Soluton Usng A Real-tme Fle System Hong L, Stephen R. Cumpson Member, IEEE, Robert Jochemsen, Jan

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