Kingdom Five Departed SAMPLE. A Rhythm Poem for Percussion Ensemble. By Dr. Michael Varner

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1 Kingdom Five Dearted A Rhythm Poem for Perussion Ensemble By Dr Mihael Varner This omosition is a Rhythm Poem similar to the Orhestral Tone Poems of the Romanti Era The Program Notes should be made available for the audiene and erformers to best assoiate the individually titled setions Although the ork tehnially has Seven Movements it is erformed ithout breaks Kingdom Five Dearted is an ensemble for nine erussionists featuring Membranohones and Aessories only The semi-classial aroah to the instruments enourages the erformers to erfet their Orhestral style aroah Good Luk! Player 1 Player 2 Player Player Player 5 Player 6 Player 7 Player Player 9 Instrumentation: 2 bongos, 2 Conga, aanese Temle Gongs Snare Drum 1, Metal Pies Snare Drum 2, Timbales, Brake Drums, Lion s Roar, SlaStik High Toms, Muted Cobell Lo Toms, Sleigh Bells Timani, 1 Brake Drum (Shared), Triangle, Cymbal inverted on 29 Timano Bass Drum 1, Castanets, High Gong Bass Drum 2, Tambourine 2, Lo Tam-Tam Crash Cymbals (hand-lates), 2 Susended Cymbals (high and lo), Violin Bo Duration: 5:10 Mihael Varner

2 Performane Instrutions Gong/Tam-Tam art: Hold Triangle Beater in one hand and Gong Beater in the other Strike the Gong, and aly the triangle beater lightly to the Gong fae on the Donard stemmed notes The effet should be a Sizzle Syntheti Sound lasting until the next strike Timani: Cymbal Inverted on head Carefully hoose a thin Cymbal, invert it on the enter of the Timano Using Yarn Mallets roll on the edge of the ymbal late and sloly Glissando the Timano Pedal u and don Timani: Bol: Using the Felt end of the Timani mallets lightly strike the Bol of the drums Timani Feature in Creatures of Darkness: This should be very rominent omared to the Texture surrounding it The + notes are to be layed Center, the o notes are regular beating sot Pithes are to be arefully observed and notie hether the Glissandi are to be struk or rolled This feature should use a more dense/artiulate mallet Membranohones in Creatures of Darkness The X head notes are to be layed ith one hand hile damening the head ith the other Regular head notes are layed oen and slightly fuller Bass Drum 2 in Pursuit: Mute the head slightly for larity on the trilet rhythm Final Challenge: Combat This un-metered setion should have eah layer enter by their numbered ues The Notated attern should be reeated multile times until all layers have entered An inrease in seed and volume should our The desired effet is Heterohoni ith eah instrument maintaining its on ersonality and also somehat Chaoti On Cue all layers hange to the roll Cymbal: The Performer should hold the bo in one hand and Triangle beater in the other erforming the metal Beater arts on the dome of the ymbal Tom Parts: All drums of the High and lo toms should be graduated from 1 through

3 Kingdom Five Dearted A Rhythm Poem Dr Mihael Varner Bongos 2 Conga Temle Gongs Snare Drum 1 Metal Pies Snare/Timbales Wood Blok Brake Drums Lions Roar SlaStik High Toms, Muted Cobell Lo Toms, Sleigh Bells Timani, 1 Brake Drum Triangle, Cym, inverted 29"Tim Bass Drum 1, Castanets, High gong Bass Drum 2, Tambourine 2, Lo Tam-Tam Crash Cymbals, 2 Susended Cymbals, Bo? 1 Snare Gates of Kingdom Five Vivae j j j j j j j j j j j j j j sub Timbales sub Cres Molto sub Cres Molto sub sub Cres Molto Cres Molto Cres Molto Cres Molto Mihael Varner 2005

4 2 Kingdom Five Dearted B/C SD1 SD 2 HT LT Tim BD 1 BD 2 Cym? 1 Sus ym Mysti's Bahanale Allegro Wood Blok to j Castanets j 5 triangle Tambourine 5 Mihael Varner 2005

5 Kingdom Five Dearted B/C SD1 SD 2 HT LT Tim BD 1 BD 2 Cym 2 5 Snare lae ym on tim to Bass Drum "ting" (Edgeta) rim rim j Reg j π π π Mihael Varner 2005

6 Kingdom Five Dearted B/C SD1 SD 2 HT LT Tim BD 1 BD 2 Cym? ^ Í Wood Blok j j 5 Senza Rit Frottez (late roll) & Mihael Varner 2005

7 Kingdom Five Dearted 5 B/C SD1 SD 2 HT LT Tim BD 1 BD 2 Cym &? P To metal ies To brake drums to lo Cobell, Yarn mallets to Sleigh Bells ymbal inverted on head to High Gong To lo Tam Enter the Underorld: Caverns of Ie Moderato to 2 sus Cym temle gongs Soft Mallets Soft Mallets Soft Mallets P P f F metal beater F F F Violin Bo F aly Triangle beater to gong, see erformane notes aly Triangle beater to Tam, see erformane notes Mihael Varner 2005

8 Dr Mihael Varner, Perussionist and Eduator Dr Mihael Varner has been Diretor of Perussion at the University of Texas at Arlington for the ast 5 years He holds a Bahelor of Musi Eduation from Boling Green State University, a Master s in Performane from The University of Mihigan, and a Dotorate in Performane from The University of North Texas Varner released his latest CD in 201 featuring his on omositions With a long history as an eduator and liniian, he has been invited to give resentations throughout the United States, aan and Euroe fousing on develoing musial exression In reent ast years he has resented by invitation at the Euroean Musi Eduators Convention held in Frankfurt, Germany, and Musi Eduators National Conventions as ell as State Musi Eduation Conventions for Connetiut, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and Minnesota He dras from 0 years exeriene as a erformer resenting reertoire from every musial style inluding Classial, Contemorary, azz, and World beat He brings to eah style of musi an unequalled sensitivity and exuberane Dotor Varner reently resented a series of leture/reital tours throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma Dr Varner's erformanes inluded resentations on aanese marimba omositions, and a demonstration of the develoment of solo marimba literature in the late 20th entury Exerts from Dr Varner's tour erformanes an be vieed and listened to by odast at the Vi Firth Website He has erformed hamber musi and studio ork in the Dallas/Ft Worth area inluding aearanes ith the Fort Worth Symhony Orhestra During his time in Mihigan he as rinial erussionist ith the Kalamazoo Symhony Orhestra and Prinial Timanist ith the Kalamazoo Chamber Orhestra Dr Varner has been a member of the UTArlington Honors ollege faulty sine 1996 As the only musi faulty member to be an honors ollege rofessor he as hosen as honor faulty member of the year for teahing exellene in 200, the first year the Honors College named a reiient He ontinues to be ative nationally in the field of marhing erussion adjudiating and resenting linis Under his guidane the UT Arlington drum line has been nationally reognized erforming at numerous marhing exhibitions inluding the 192, 19, 199 and 2000, 200, and 200 Perussive Arts Soieties International ometitions He has orked ith renoned drum and bugle ors, inluding the DCI hamion Chiago Cavaliers and the Toledo Glassmen Dr Varner ontinues his interest in omosition by aeting frequent ommission from university and high shools aross the United States He ublishes many of his on omositions and has also released orks through Southern Musi, Studio Four, and Permus Publiations Varner s interest in orld musi led to a sabbatial in Nigeria and Study-Abroad lasses to Ghana His artile Skin That Seaks as ublished in the 201 Perussive Notes ournal In 2009 he reeived a Faulty Develoment Leave Grant to aet an invitation from Obafemi Aoloo University in Nigeria to ork ith their faulty and students He maintains an Artist relationshi ith Remo Heads and World Instruments, Vi Firth, Yamaha, and Sabian ymbals htt://utaedu/faulty/mulberry/aover

9 Ensemble Mihael Varner Musi Imagined diversions Contemorary Quartet features families of erussion instruments: membranes (bongos, snare drum, toms, bass drum), metals (susended ymbals, China ymbal, hi-hat), and oods (laves, oodbloks, temle bloks, log drums) A ide range of olors and textures based around the Rondo form using as many variants on Seven as ossible Eah erformer lays the tambourine giving lots of oortunity for various Tambourine tehnial ork (TEXAS UIL LIST, CLASS 1 $500 Kingdom Five Dearted A rhythm Poem for 9 Perussionists A fantasy tale ritten in Perussion sounds, featuring only Membranohones and Aessories in a Semi-lassial vein (TEXAS UIL LIST, CLASS 1) $500 Arabian Skethes A erussion ensemble for eight layers based on danes and rhythms from the Mid-east The omosition for estern erussion instruments features the "Doumbek" hih is a goblet shaed hand drum Mid-eastern "Zil" and "Riq" an be substituted for the Finger ymbals and tambourine if desired for a more authenti effet "Arabian Skethes" atures the "aura" of the fabled Mid-east desribed in novels and legends Grade 5 layers $500 Tala Exeriene the unique asets of Classial Indian musi! Based on a rhythmi attern of telve beats divided into grouings of 5 and 7 subdivided into Written for stritly estern instruments, Challenges the ensemble to rhythmi reision and ensemble aareness offering a small taste of the relentless energy of Indian musi! Grade 5 7 layers (TEXAS UIL LIST, CLASS 1) $500 Phantasm III Phantasm III is an imaginary "movie sound trak" featuring the idest ossible variety of intriguing sounds and olors From its first moment ith all erformers exloring every imaginable ossibility for susended ymbal through a finale of satial sixteenth notes Phantasm III drives forard ith relentless energy Grade 5 7 layers $500 Celestial Elements" for 7 Perussionists and Snare Drum Soloist Written to sotlight the snare drum, eah movement gives the listener a different vie of musial and tonal aabilities The movements an be erformed searately "The best vehile for shoasing the snare drums sound and olor that I have ever exeriened" Rihard MaDonald, Diretor of Perussion Studies, Winona State University, Minnesota 1 Earth Reflets the orhestral role and sound of the snare drum Grade $ Wind Highlights the sound olor asets of the snare drum Grade 5+ $2000 Fire Aggressive "outdoor" harater of the snare drum Grade 5+ $2000 Sorery! Orhestral style ensemble ith 20th entury harmony, and a driving timani ostinato (TEXAS UIL ENSEMBLE LIST, CLASS 1) Grade 5 12 layers $000 Mushroom Sou A flashy fusion omosition featuring bass and drumset ith ontrasting musial setions 11 layers, bass and drumset Grade 5 $000 Soul of the ne mahine A ontemorary ensemble for a younger grou, that features a ide range of olors and textures (TEXAS UIL ENSEMBLE LIST, CLASS 1) Grade - 7 layers $000

10 Mihael Varner Musi Solo The Silene Beteen Advaned Multile Perussion Solo ritten for toms, almgloken, and oera gong This is a minimalist set u that exlores an inredible voabulary of sounds and effets $2500 FireStorm Very Advaned snare drum solo taking the marhing idiom to ne dimensions $1100 Winds of Change Advaned Conert Snare solo featuring every imaginable soni ossibility $1100 Challenging Horizons Snare drum olletion of 11 solos rogressing from intermediate to advaned featuring the latest tehniques ombined ith good musial hrasing (TEXAS UIL SOLO LIST, CLASS 1) Grade -5 $1200 Bamboo Dragon Challenging Multile erussion solo for onert toms, Bass drum, temle gongs, and ood blok Wide variety of olors, featuring setions Requiring extensive hand indeendene "the sounds of the orient!" (TEXAS UIL SOLO LIST, CLASS 1) Grade 5 $100 Counterane II Advaned snare drum solo highlightig both the visual and exitement of marhing erussion Grade 5 $950 Available through your loal musi store or diret from: Mihael Varner Musi University of Texas at Arlington Musi Deartment PO Arlington, TX htt://utaedu/mvarner/aover