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1 LIEO GINNSIO JOPO STELLINI Piazza I Maggio, Udine Tel Fax odice fiscale Indirizzo Internet: - PE: PROGRMM SVOLTO NNO SOLSTIO 2014/2015 LSSE 4^ SEZ. PROF. MTERI SIR MNDLÀ LINGU E LETTERTUR INGLESE Udine, lì 11 giugno 2015 Dal testo English File Digital, Third edition Elementary Student s ook and Workbook, ed. 1

2 Oxford: File 1 My name s Hannah, not nna ll over the world Open your books, please PRTIL ENGLISH UD 1, settembre novembre 2014 STUDY SKILLS: Everyday life objects, a memory game (the strategy of the net) File 2 writer s room Stars and Stripes fter 300 metres, turn right REVISE ND HEK 1&2 DESRIING ND DEFINING: o riteria in describing (from general to particular; from outside to inside) o Describing people, places and things ( Word Grammar djectives) o djectival order ( OVEROMING LEXIL PROLEMS - SPEKING o Description o ircumlocution o pproximation o Definition o Opposition o nalogy o Generalization OVEROMING LEXIL PROLEMS REDING o Grammar function of a word o ontext o omposition GRMMR: o identifying /non-identifying relative clauses o word formation via prefixes/suffixes ( Spelling) o imperative form (Take Me to hurch, song by Hozier; Imperatives round the UK and US, Power Point presentation)* PRONUNITION: Silent Letters ( - Spelling) UD 2, novembre 2014 gennaio 2015 File 3 Things I love about ritain Work and play Love online 2

3 PRTIL ENGLISH WRITING: rgumentative text* (Power Point presentation) LISTENING: Dying rt (Speak Up October 2004)* File 4 Is she his wife or his sister? What a life! Short life, long life? REVISE ND HEK 3&4 GRMMR: o Who and What as subject or object of a question o Idiomatic uses of be/have File 5 Do you have the X Factor? Love your neighbours Sun and the city PRTIL ENGLISH UD 3, febbraio - marzo 2015 SONG: Without You, by Nillson (pronunciation of can/can t) GRMMR: o State vs dynamic verbs ( o Present ontinuous for Descriptions * (Power Point presentation slideshare)* VOULRY: o Raining in My Heart, song by uddy Holly o (weather and seasons) o (weather forecast) o Dress odes* (Power Point presentation + Susan ates - shopping for clothes) File 6 Reading in English Times we love Music is changing their lives REVISE ND HEK 5&6 TLKING OUT LIKES ND DISLIKES* (Power Point presentation - SONG: Such a Lonely Day by System of a Down GRMMR: Someone That I Used to Know * (Power Point presentation the simple past of regular / irregular verbs) UD 4, aprile giugno

4 File 7 t the National Portrait Gallery helsea girls night to remember PRTIL ENGLISH GIVING / SKING FOR DIRETIONS: o o Destination Impossible USING LONDON TUE ND MP: London Sightseeing* (Power Point presentation) File 8 murder story house with a history night in a haunted hotel REVISE ND HEK 7&8 VOULRY: Houses and furniture ( Gli studenti hanno svolto gli esercizi e le attività proposte dal libro di testo (ommunication, Writing, Listening, Grammar ank, Vocabulary ank, Sound ank e supporti multimediali di corredo) su indicazione dell insegnante, nonché dall eserciziario, relativamente a ciascuna unità didattica. Ulteriori esercitazioni per il rinforzo degli esponenti grammaticali, delle funzioni linguistiche e del lessico sono state tratte dai seguenti siti didattici: - skillswise GRMMR EXPONENTS verbs paradigm and functions of each voice vs verbs (interrogative and negative forms) have got vs have idiomatic uses of have and be linkers and/but/because/in fact with identity of subject who/ what as subject or object of questions relative pronouns who, that, which, where, when, whose (identifying/non-identifying relative clauses) djectives and their order in the sentence 4

5 word formation (prefixes/ suffixes) Present simple del verbo be: negative/ affermative form Subject and object pronouns and possesives Present simple of verb be: interrogative and short forms be fond of/ keen on/ crazy about/ can t stand etc. + ing Demonstratives this/that/these/those Imperativs, let s a/an /the there is, there are possessive case Whose? Present simple: affirmative and negative form Present simple: interrogative and short forms Time (at, in, on) and place (at, in, to) prepositions Word order in questions Frequency adverbs and phrases state vs dynamic verbs Present continuous Present continuous and Present simple contrasted and compared an e can t Likes and dislikes + ing There is/are/was/were, some e any + plurals Past simple: all forms (regular/irregular) onnectors and linkers signalling sequence, analogy and contrast (first, then, however, moreover, ecc.) ountable/uncountable nouns a/an. Some e any Quantifiers how much, how many, a lot of/few/little/a few/a little omparative/superlative adj Translating the Italian molto LEXIL RES Personal and ordinary objects ountries, languages and nationalities Greetings lassroom language colours djectives Feelings Family Daily life, jobs, school, clothes,uniforms and dress Weather, seasons and dates The house and furniture Prepositions of place and movement Food and its containers OMMUNITIVE FUNTIONS 5

6 sking and living information about people Talking about position of furniture Greeting people Talking about nationality Talking about days of the week hecking in a hotel Offering Describing people, places, objects Spelling words Identifying objects Ordering drinks and food Talking about breakfast, meals and favourite food sking about people s diet Talking about family relationship, possession, work and daily life Suggesting and answering Telling the time Expressing likes/dislikes Planning and making agreements Talking about ability pologizing uying things Telling stories Talking about dates and months of the year Expressing judgment sking and giving street directions Talking about past events Talking about food and diet, indicating quantities and measures omparing and contrasting 6